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VOLilll   NOi-'5'
&; Fernie, ; B.',C, September .21," 1907.-.'
.**•       u  ,   .    ■'"--.,.    ; . *-    •   ,
An Informal Conversation.
Senator peoreo A. Cox, president, of
the board of'directors of tlio Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company, was a visitor
iu Pernio this week.-* With tho senator
wero P. L. V/att, of- the.Canada Life
Assurance Co,, and George Morrow.
The-party came hr on . the (senator's
private car. , They ,'werQ. the' guests of
■ Mr'. Lindsey.-.., general "manager of-tlie
coal company here. "     ' '     '".' '.""''
Owing to the frequency ,of_* certain
reports that changes in lhe oflicial staff
at Fernie  were 'in  contemplation,  a
• representative of "The Ledger.,'' called
'upon Senator Cox to ascertain his view
on tlie subject." Asked if Mr. G. G. S.
Lindsey wns about* to retire from the
management of*the mines' of*t the company, Senator Cox- replied .with a smile
"That such' reports.have appeared "1
am a'waro. _- But the directors are very
'satisfied indeed  with   what  is  being
-done  in   Fernie,  and  never for one
' moment  had - in   contemplation*: any
action such as was foreshadowed in'the
reports which appeared in the ;" Van*,
couv.e.i"-World" and .were , copied, in
, nearly every paper in the dominion.-i
'Asked what he thought of the property
, of   the"  company round  Fernie," the
senator replied that he bad visited some
of them and was impressed, with their
splendid.prosnects," and 'was- quite Ian"-*
guino of the future of the- coal mining
industry." '.'      .'>;':* 7 "'.<   ■ •-..1 ..Crt7. T-'«
"Whilst on his visit Senator Gfix tirovc
round- the city, and was pleased with
its growth._.,7,j;;>.7    ..._. _"
". <Y- T'^-Y 'Yo .ft-v* a
rf. -lS--^J
Mi*V.ct^i^5J'tlI.*-.Tu J'i^ Passed. „ a way,
.September ,21st, 1906. Fondiy.remoin;,
bered by mother and father.-. Yiiii- ■'''
John Dyaa, member of Gladstone
Local' Union, "No". 2314,' died on
Tuesday'last, aged 64. .;■ Funeral
on Sunday afternoon at 2.80.
The appliciition'of the U. M. W. of/A.,
for a board of conciliation and iu vestijra*
,tion to inquire into the dispute between
the Hillcrest Coal and Coke Co., and its'
employees has been granted' by'the
Minister of Lnb'or. district President
I?. II. Sherman aiid Mr.'J. R. Macdonald
will now havo to agree upon an independent chairman or submit the matter
to the Minister  of^ Labor,  who  will
appoint one. " '■"-,-• 7 '. .
. - .    ti   , ...
The matters in dispute.between the
A. JI. and 1. Company at Lethbridge,
Alta., wilfbe thft subject ,,6f arbitration
nt Lcthbridge on Tuesday next.. Mr"
L. Pi Eckstein, barrister, Fernie, and
Mr. Fred Hopkins, Lethbridgo, will be
arbitrators for the workmen.-   ■
The nominations for district, ofliccrs
for District No.'18-will.ta'ke place before
October 6th. *A11-the present ollicers
will bo.candidates for re election. The
Voting takes place'on Monday, December 2nd.. :',
The employee's at1 Hosmer mines
have made application to the Minister
of Labor for'the appointment of a board
of investigation under .tlie Industrial
Disputes'Investigation Act, 1907..'
The lloi-i'ner-niei cannot." pee why
they .should; woi-k- fo'i; ISssJwages on
tuiitici*Work than is p'Aid "elsewhere in
b o;-   ;••■■; -    ;■ .-".-••; ; ■
Friends of." labor Bhould read, the
speech of Mr. R. 0. Owens, thedelegato
of the Canadian Society of Equity, to
the-Trade "aiid/Labor Congress now
being held'.at,.Win'nipeg
; Premature Explosion With
....   Serious Results.
The; farmers' of Alberta are certainly
akni|fup" to'\h_e necessities* of. combin-
ig\ toVrotectJ'tlrc'rintere3rH;'-i We'hopo
to* Bee a fraJerriaLdelegate, from the'
[Farmers' ;Uuioii --present at?-the ""next
"annual conv.enti.ou of District Ko;. 18,
H-S'.'J^^'-Alin' December;'n'ext.,J.
District No.'18 has 19 Local Unions
within its jurisdiction, with"' several
'others in prbcess'of organization;'"".Or?
ganizers Patterson and Galvin are now
in"Northern' Alberta.organizing, now
Unions in,the lignite';field8;7.-
We" are ple'asc'd' to' no'tlce the great
Mcrease ;;iiV'"tho"'"HuhM-ipt'ions"To " The
Ledger." This ;is as it should be.
Working' men should cease to howl
about the capitalist preBs when tliey do
not' subscribe to "a paper owned and
controlled..by' Union,men nnd wlibso
soje purpose is to uplift downtrodden
humanity, .   „■■   ;
. Another.shocking disaster occurred
at Coal Creek mines yesterday morning,
when one than met his death and another,
was seriously injured. A premature
explosion in No. 9 mine is supposed to
be the cause, but as usual in', cases of
this sort the affair is veiled in mystery.
The name of the*:dead man is P«tc'r
Johnson, and the mosL sorrowful pint
of the affair is that .hit-wife is reported
to be on tho way from Knj-land' to join
her husband ' *TI-u wounded man's
name. is.John Il.-'Doballih'te. and it is
hardly likely that he will live.
STllGlllSiG .IIP
Some. Unfortunate [migrants;
■ <x ■    »
•John Dunlop, tlie immigration officer,
returned fronvhis mission to Nelson last
week. It will be remcmbeied that Mr.
Dunlop ,was summoned to Nelson in
connection' with the Scotch immigration
scandal, several men from that country I.    ■   ;— — — ■--■•*" i-^nvm.
claiming, they were enticed to British and frienc's on Thursday evening in
Columbia   throusrh   false  impressions  0(,fl Fnllnw»-,in"    ™~ «-"'•" «"--
Three Days' Session in .Miners'Hall.
A mine managers' examination, conducted by Messrs. T. L. Mprgan (pro*'
vineial inspector of mines), R G 'Drin-
nun, and'John John,'(of Michel), was'
held in the Miners' Hall here Tuesdav, j
Wednesday, and Thursday of this week. |
List, of* candidates writing in first, I
second, and third class respectively:     j
First  class—Evan,' Evans,- Edward'
Bridge, James Derbyshire,-Dan.EMiott, j
.Tliomas Keith, James Emerson, John
Wyllie;-'       ' "■    , ■
Second class—Wm   Stockwell, Dave
James;   Thomas   A.. Spruston,   John I
Rastinn, W. Lancaster, John Morgan,
Jflhn Russell. ,   ■
Thiul Class—Jas Lane, Jas.'Francis,
Thomas Wilson, Fred Wallace, Joseph
SiiOoU'i'.-Wnn-iut Thomas'. John Marsh,
Andrew Frew, \Y. "Wilson, Ed. Sparks,
James I' ,Hii«l!cl), Moses Johnson, Fred
Jariutt,_Thomas J Smith, T, Cnn'fffe,
Tiion..-™ l.atdiff.*, Richard I-Jirchall, A
Almnr.il, Fred Raynor. Horatio-Nelson,
And Matueki'v, Tliuuias Thompson. '
The result will be known ■ in -about
tluce weeks '      *■    **
vz -I
Fall   Season   1907
friday, Sept. 26-27
/•OU   are   most", cordially
Millinery" Opening  on
invited   to attend"
the  'above  date    ,
'The "Esther-Rebbknh" Lodpn, No.
20, gave an informal"""at home" and
reception to a iiui'nber of Odd Fellows
"Obtained from rea'ding'a "pinlc'Vcircular
written by" the Rev. J. L. Brookij-;
Fortunately, Mi\ Dunlop obtained work
for;all these stranded men, and ,it' only
remains for the authorities to get after
the Rev. Mr. Brooks and his associates.
Miif Dunlop left on Thursday for.'Cran-
LbrOOk_to_in.VA*stio-nfn'_ ■■l4n_niicn_-Ar_'^TT'«„Vl_
W;.Kj'e', another supposed casenof
misrepresentation.. Between looking
after deluded, immigrants and finding
work for,the stranded, Mr. Dunlop is an
exceedingly busy man these days.  ■--,
THo Dominion Government has issued
an: ordoriin-council, fixing tho last
Thursday in October as Thanksgiving
Day. Thc last Thursday is October 81.
• ! .     .     ■'.'..'    . 1 - - ./        ',
Fall riillinery Opening
Bept 18th
Y splendid display of Fall
Millincy is now ready for
your inspection.
A nice selection of all the latest st> les
of trimmed and ready-to-wear hats at
moderate prices.
I have also a very choice selection of
Children's Bonnets in all shades.
Children's dresses, and tha Wnite Bcnr
A large   shipment of.
daiiy,      •   ;   ,   .   .
Furs   expected
Odd Fellows', hall.' The first part of the
evening' consisted-of-an impromptu
programme of addresses, and songs,
after-'which a.very dainty supper was
partaken*of., A very enjoyable evening
.was round-off with a djnicfe, which was
continued-'till the early morning hours.
It was the general-opinion of those
successful the Lodge ever had.
, Programme: Chairman's address, Bro.
Ross;, piano'sojo, Cissie'Cody; address,
Rev. Williamson; song, Miss. Lizzie
Lundie; piano solo, Miss Alice Diithie;
piano duet, Misses"Dolly Barnett and
Rhcta Todd; address, Rev; Wilkinson;
song, Rev. Williamson; address, Bro
W. W. Tuttle.    *
Tho Appellate Court has handed down
its decision in tho case of Snow v, the
Crow's Nost Pass Coal Company, affirm*
ing tho judgment of the Trial Court
which awarded the,plaintiff 8-2,250-00
damages. A year agolast June, Sn»w,
who waB employed as ai dumper on the
ttpplo at Coal Creek, was thrown
against exposed cog wheels, which
ground his right nrm ton pulp up, to
the shoulder, *IIo sued for damages,
and the caso wns tried last Fobruary nt
Nelson' before a special jury. Tho
Company entered an appeal, which was
heard In July at Vancouver, the Court
reserving its decision until a few days
ngo. Mr. L.' P. Eckstein' for the plain*
tiff, nnd Messrs. Herchmer & Herchmer
for the Company,
Tho monthly pay roll of tho Crow's
Nest Pass Conl Co. today Is as follows:
Conl Creek $110,000
Michel    07,000
Cnrbonndo ,.,«.     fl,ooo
Wanted.—Woman for fronorn.house
work. Wnfjei flfttisfnctory,-Apply
Dr. Hlgglns,
Aqulot wedding wns colobrntocl on
Tuesday mornln-f, the 17th, when E, C
Co.,   nnd   Mim   iRnbellt   McDonjrnll
liouso of tlio brldo's pnrenls
Melntyro   wns  tlio   best   mnn,   nnd
Mrs.  Mclntyre lupportcit, tho hrldo
On another ptgo will he found par*
tlcuUra of tho Domaurez Propeller Co.,
which U now on the market, am! Mr.
Deinaurfi* had no mpph e^nnjn^pj j*.
hii Inrcntlon that It U positively^ con-
ta Kloxit, Ho wporti considerable ttWng
locally, and la looking forward during
the next few daya of dlipoilnff all the
•crlpt which Jbe directors have 10 far
intendad to pat npoa the market. Thrae
thouund ahar«i ought not to be difficult
to dispose of seelDfr that some of our
prominent men bsve lent their support,
and we fael sure that Mr. Denaarez la
the oie man who e*n makt tbe tBatttr
- Special,, display, ot   high  class  French  Pattern Hats
up-to-date.'' productions  of out*" own
with' the
Music and Refreshments
Dry Goods
_i.l l!^i___	
mc "^auuVtr
new   importations
Waists and  Furs.'
\ve-wi iir^6nowTOiir
in   Ladies',.Coats.'  Skirts,   Shirt
a .-■■
The Tritcs-Wood Co. Ud.
Ladles'in, senrch of tho most nrtistlc
millinery should visit Mrs. 1-.. Todd's
Wo have been roqucBtetl to mnko
no couiraent on thc IIoso Keel Knees
until next week.
■F. J, Dunn took over tlio innnn^oincnt
of tho Imporlnl hotel yestcrdny, where
ho will mnko things hum.
"The Ledger" ' inkos very grcnl
plensure in conjrratulntlng J. C. Kenny,
the wtll known tailor, on his Approaching mnrrlngu,   Ho is n fortttnnto mnn,
Gnribnldi Day Feto will bo held ou
Mondny. Most people in Femlo know
ivlicro tho Ilccrontlon Grounds nre, nnd
no doubt n R-ront many peoplo will take
the g-nla in.
The Consul General, 0. II. Murphy,
Esq., of Washington, D.C., wns In tho
city for a week Inspecting his ngenclcs.
Mr. Murphy wns tho guost of ,1. it,
Spokane Interstate Fair.   Tickets nn
•*     fi* ""- -■"■,  »••*••• it, w. >j|'ur>u>>iu iiiii;i UIB44J   1 llll.       4lkl44.-4niMI
Olonon, bookkeeper of tho Elk Lumber sale, Femlo to .Spoknno via C. P. H„
Seplomhor 21st to October 2nd Inclusive
daughter of W. H. McDougall. wero good to return Octobor 7th 1 Inre (third)
ninrrlcd hy Father in the l»11.70, single fnro round trip, cn 8cp.
John (ember f!0t!>, good to return Octobor 7th.
The funentl of our late Bro. John
Dyas will tnko plnco on Sunday next,
After tl.4 Wsddlng breakfast Mr. nnd   ?'"«„, 1B P.° ,°B   ,? ™V'
Mrs. Olcson left bh the 0. N,   for ,ho, 2?U,d 0f, 8ef,orabe'' iMvln^tho
ui-OKaiie, where the honeymoon will he u6UCll'iu"M*'i'j"*1,1-? W i'T, Kt'""
^jt-aj, '    hern M the Oladstonp. Lprn* Vnjnjj (jti;
requested to bo pr^jint, Jilso All other
minors and friends.
Next tiabbath morning tho congregation of Knox I'reibytsrUn Church will
go to Uoal Creek to tho opening aorvice
of tha Presbyterian Church there. A
train will leata Fernie at 10.80 a.m.,
returning after tne fer vice, Tho regular
evening service wilt be held.
Through an ovenlgrif/ when we
published our cut of Fertile, we omitted
to mention that the photo -was the work
of Mr. Campbell, of the Palace Drug
Stors. Thaet'twaasaienerallytdmlrad
that we snore on that account regret
tha omission.
Tho bnndlt  John Carrulliers, who
tried the fool hold up gnme in Pernio
thin  yroek,  wis lined S25 and costs.
That ho had his head punched as well •
is aleo a Hourco of sntisfnetion.    '
0\vlii|f to n breakdown in our water
power Inst Frldny night just as wo were
golii", lo press, we wens threatened
with nnothor extinction and Pernio
without lts,Snturdnv morning''Ledger."
Forlunntely, the "Freo Press'' came
to our rescue, and very kindly ran our
Issue 'off on their press, and wo were
su veil. Kindnesses or this sort help to
coinponsato for nil this wet weather.
P.J. Dunn nud wife, who aro well
known In Pernio, nro fititylnsr. ftt
tho Wnldorf hotel. Mr. Dunn will bu
hero some time nnd wo hope to soo lilra
*ottlo4 In south cast Kootenay. Mr-
Dunu went tlirousli tho South Alrlenn
wnr with tho fitrnthconn horse, Mr,
Dunn has been in (ho hotel business In
Wardner, ILC, l-'ornls and latcrly In
Alrdrlo, Alta.
At ri preliminary meeting held on
Thursday night nt tho Wnldorf hotel,
"Tho Pernie Minstrel Group" was In.
a'ugurated It li tho Intention of thin
happy band to convulse Fernie during
tho forthcoming winter, and knowing
Homo of the jjotrttQuion Interested in tho
succois of this group It seems ensy te
ill. For cords of inonibcri-liip nnd otlior
particulars apply to Mr, Hawkins, of
the Trites-Wood Co.
^Tlio night Rev. Lord IllMiop of New
>>t'.ili.*iU«,<;. f.iiu KuuftJIIH) Hili   prCSCti
In Cbrlft riiurrh on Sunday jjc.x|, JJj«
Bishop Is malting t'hi'i Rpeclal vlsltto
Fernla In responta to a rc(jdest from
the Veatry that lio WoUld sjlVo tho
church peoplo of Pernio an opportunity
ol u^Euii* fcuvi weittg ihbir Hittiop on a
Sunday when ao many moro can sttcna*
thttn during the week, Confirmation
will be administered at the morning
aervict, and followed by Holy Communion. The DIshop will preach both
morning- and evening. All member*
and friends of the Churth of Kngland
are earneatlv xxr^taA to atifind thesir
services, nod all communicants are
especially requested to take advantage
of oae service io tba year when they
can communicate with their Bishop.
• "I
Iv* ■»»■—t w*4ufijn.dti,4auia,iHu.e
ia MVMU&«3MtavuUir^.f ««C«,a». ^
» !
.        Iff
4   ,;.
< ♦
-1       jTi f \      **- *
'" ■ 5 '   '' ■*"    ■*
Our Contemporary Seems
^^ Think we are Trifling,
The following is  from  the Frank
: On another page will be found a news
item emanating from the official organ
of the United Mine Workers of America
which has it that in the coming Dominion election which it is currently supposed will be held some time in the
early, part of next year, there is to be
an alliance between the -United Mino
W,orker8_and the Society of Equity, the
farmers organization in Alberta, whereby the organizations will unite in put'
ting, candidates for 6eats in the House of
Commons in the field in the constituencies of Macleod and Lethbridge.
_ In some respects tho.-story bears tbe
earmarks of authenticity, but other
points of view would seem to' cast a
strong doubt on its complete reliability.
The aspect of the ease which would
seem to indicate that the Fernie Ledger
in whicli the item^made ita appearance,
speaks with.authority.'is found the fact
that District- President F. H. Sherman,
of the mine workers/has announced
that he will not, be a candidate for reelection to that office, coupled with the
further-fact that he has taken up a
.homestead near Taber and has given it
ou'tthat he is going to be:ome a farmer.
. The following is from the Winnipeg
Tribuue of Sept. 16.
R. C. Owens,' of the Canadian Society
of, Equity, Edmonton,', ."said . he was
elected and sent there by- the farmers
o_f'Alberta. (Applause.) It was rather
out of the ordinary course of events for
si farmer to attend a Trades and Labor
Copgress. (Laughter.) Nevertheless,
,tjie longer they lived, if they kept their
-. 6f*B open and stheir intellects alert, .the
People did not-^loo^u't^
-a** laborer, but there was no class of
laborers that worked as hard and as
tyn.TibjwS'M'.tEj. farmer, his wife and
his family. Statistics in the .United
1 !■ i-i.".-.- .al'ih'.'d ','•.'■• c'J    ■-"■
States proved that farmers.got the
least pay of any class of .workers..'? He
told farmers-they. ought to be ashamed
of themselves. (Hear." hear.). For the
last forty or fifty years he had had. thc
hope that he would see the day when
farmers, mechanics,and,laboring: men
would join hands and realize that their
interests worked together. Today they
were seeing this arid realized that they
could liberate themselves from the
thraldom, of capitalism.. ,,(ApplauBe.j
Perhaps some of them heard of the
Equity Society.
" As he told his brother farmers, there
was not another word in the English
languago that more aptly described
what they, wanted and what ■ they did
not get (laughter).equity, justice aiid
fair play aud every thing along that line.
Farmers-had no right to complain of
any wrong legislation, if thoy had not
the eeuse to put their own members
there. His idea was that there was
just room enough for. one grand party,
representing all, workers, no,matter
what trade, calling or profession 'they
were engaged in. (Applause.) .The
interests of all following useful occupations were identical. It wasJiUBt possible
there might be a side show composed of
those outside this comprehensive party
of workers, but would it not cut a small
figure? Hitherto they had allowed such
to carry on the partiesof cho legislatures.
Nine tenths of the- voters in Alberta
were " farmers, „ aud there was one
farmer iu ihe Alberta legislature. At
the next' electiou another story would
be toKl, because*' people were thinking
faster in the right direction' than they
were over before in tiie world's history
(Applause)        ,
Some said, "Oh.'that fellow is a Socialist." What was that? .A man who
believed in a:better state of society.
Now,-he-was in favor of a better state
of society. (Applause.) The two old
parties were composed of a few lawyers,
a few tfaders,"a few capitalists, a few
manufacturers and a few scheming
policiane mixed in. (Applause.) Then
why should they act,like fools any
longer? He was glad to see tile women
folk acting with them in the great
reform movement, and he hoped that
universal sugrage would be one of the
maitfplankg'in the platform. Where
Uid~j"n"en.£eH say 1h~it
women ehouljl not havethe same right;
to say something in the running of the
government? ..Who. gave them .the
authority*/'. '-It was ^assumed. 'lien
assumed too much,   (Applause.) • •  ., j
. ; BABY'S DANGER. 7- - ^
•    ' ' , '.' - ' ', '. i
More little lives are lost during the
hot weather months than at any other
time of the year. In the" "summer
months little ones are the victims of
diarrhoea, cholera infantum, dyBentary
and stomach aud bowel troubles. These
come suddenly, and . without warning,
and when a medicine is not at baud'' to
give' promptly tho short delay may
mean death. During the hot weather
months Baby's Own Tablets should be
kept in every home where there is a
young child. An occasional use of the
Tablets will prevent stomach aud bowel
troubles, Or if the troubles come unawares a prompt use of this medicine
will bring the child through safely.
Mrs. J. Renard, New Glasgow, Que.,
say's: "I cannot speak too highly of
Baby's Own Tablets. One of my child-
ren had a severe attack. of diarrhoea
which the Tablets, promptly cured,"
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Townsite   Agents
Fernie and Hosmer
Fire, Life& Accident Insurance.. ,
'Gold    Medblllst
late of South Kensington .
',Eng. is* prepared, to take
orders for a, limited numb-      <*
.   .   er of Portrait Paintings.
> * o I
For particulars address Box 431 Fernie or can be seen at the C. C. L. A.
Hall Coal Creek.
iNew & Second Hahdl
X Stoves* Musical Goods, Etc.*.
•>   AU kind of goods handled on
♦ . ->- Commission.
?   ;   Ii. M.TERRY
♦;♦   Next Door to Imperial;Hotel   •>
v *•*
»               - ~ -     Y.         ,       ,.   0    ■' ■ ■               -                ,  ■* '    - " ■   .
: ^p^rtunities
■■" '•-' *■  —1° .'     ' 1 ■ ■;     ■- , *,..-<   , - :■
.1 ,-j
Fernie, B: C.
MONDAY,     SEPT.     23rd
Recreation Grounds at 2 p. m.
Event Ist      2nd      3rd
i.    Boys' Race,       $500   $300   $   , .
(under 16 years—80 yards) ■    ,
a.   Horse Race     ' 1$ 00 ' xo 00
■■■..•■■   '■"   (One Mile Dash)
3. Horse Race       1*5 00     1000
•:    >    (Indian Horae Race 1 milo) - .
. 1   ■  .-.       •    ■■ '
4. Girls' Race 15 06      3 00
(under 10 yearn)
5. Men's  Race,        5 00      3 00
(•10 years—100 ynrds)
6. Ladies' Race,     , 10 00       5 00     3 00
(unmnrrletl—80 ynrds, must bo •! aturtera)
7. Ladies' Race,        7 00       5 00
(married—60 yards)
8. Sack Race 7 00
9. Running Jump    .5 00
10.   High Jump 5 00
5 00
3 00
3 00
11. Prize Pail Contest 7 00       5 00
(blindfolded—-innst be 5 onirics) .
12. Obstacle Race     1000       700
."   (muBt bo 6 sinners)
73.   Tug-of-War        1500.    1000
Must be 8 starters in two-prize events or no 2nd money
t . »
*msmmm\wmsmmss***wwssms**m*sssaes^^ in,
In Carosellft's Hail at 8 o'clock
For Three Months
.a ii
we, will receive subscriptions
to The Fernie ..Ledger at the
rate of .  .; i ■ :■ ■
One Dollar a Year
We want to double our list
of subscribers. Seize the opportunity   and get the   paper
with all the News
Send   your   name   intd    the
Manager of The Ledger.
'    t \ t     <-
We have just placed in stock " some
of the latest fads for printed matter
and guarantee   satisfaction. . .	
■jn——■—-■>»■—M nr mjMjj
S»!a-!^''. M-tq   ,
B. E. WAIEEK. Preiiflent'","
ALEX. LA2SD, General Manager
"Ai B. ISELAND,-Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000.000
Rest, - t. ;i 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000.000
Branches tliroughont Canada, and lii tne United States and Enclani
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at
current-rates.   The depositor is, subject to no delay whatever In'
: the withdrawal .of the whole or any' portion of the deposit; -
Pernio Branch *>'
G. S.   Holt,   Manager
I?the;home bank of Canada
I- Watch it IncreaW. ah
you have to
M   do with  a Savings '■ Account is; to ■ start ^it and   'i!
&   keep it   going—then   watch   it   grow.   .Doesn't   ^
sfe take long for it, to count up'.td a considerable
$g amount—then, you see'the   advantage—the wis-
sy* dom of saving. '„'".'"■
I $1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of, Canada
|g J. M.  MARSHALL,  iVigr.,          Fernie   Branch
21    JEWEL    ELGIN
will stand Railroad inspection
a 20-Ycar Gold-
Tilled,  case   for
$3cfct3o^r 'f<-^;i *.
■ ii:-l.i}lqj;.A\.  ilii;- . ,.. »   . ■•-.-
_:-[.'ti.iI^»t4r' i'iijldid jjj.K"1';'-'-J
uood -Time
■■f.'>TT ?.:'ii.'l i'i  t- '.'81 '-iit-I ilihhij]
4> r-p--KteMiM*te*t*&to* ♦<ii»'f ♦ »'»♦♦♦»♦ »>'t>:»»#»:,»
-i- -<►:
Two car loads just arrived. =, Come, in and  take
your choice while our stock is complete at
QTJ-A.IIj'S   Hardware & Furnlturn
Meats, Eggs, Butter,
Poultry and Fish  j
Why nut try in und hi* convinced Unit wliht ihoy nuv is Hip truth
Our prices are the' mi»»t reasonable In Femlo. Phone No .1 c
cill nt the s-hop on Viciisrlii- nvcnuo    .
.} or
DorBiBireiogi IVIeat Co. Ltd.
Phone No. 4 ,. Vlctorln Avenue
wLff      mmMmm \J     *-t* ' '■»!■■  *J*   1^*/
. •'     I     " ( X
Peaches,    Pears,    Plums,    Apples,   O'ranges,    Bananas,
Lemons,   Watcrmellons,   Cantaloupe,   and   Grape   Fruit
all at right prices. U      *
s*w3H2dt   I'OTuiVTorcta   a lbs.   as   omnrTB.
Jb? Lt^.JiEvJlN JL Jta
SarnMlmt'fl ouu fio'8 "blttch" by tiny*
liiif wlicro liatlilnkn lio can twllho bent
nt tlio chnapcat prlco, Itia ulwnyn
wlsoat io firm lu puro of tlio quallty.aiul
than mud j I ha prlco propoiltlon aftor*
wnnlr. \Vn tlrat aim al aWiug the
public pnro ilrupro, nri'l coii|inu*nlln*r
them ffinifnlly nml eorrmlv according
to prcucrlptlon, Then wo fl* tha prlcu
to allow ounelvM tho amallent margin
of wort;Inn- profit thereon. Tlmt ii mly
our itoroiaao popular.1
r«i. ts
Drug Gtor*
tt* r, BuLuani Out,   . :\i   4.
'■r.ii:.'■' '".
FKRN1E LEDGER, FBRtfl, B. C, SEPT. »i,  1907
0    • -   - '-■
r-4. * |„
"th   • K'r,,i'",}ri ■ "-    °    *
f .>-,*..-
Far Perfect Flavor
7;, -' /v
Heads.   Every Infusion is Delicious Because
•   ' the, Quality is there.        s
Sold Only in Load Packets. By all Grocers-.
Black, Mixed OP Green. Hlghost Award St. Louis, 1004
, 0 • •    RULES     '"
7 Western Conl Opcv,
( ators Association.,,'
-Joint Committeo.j District • 18, 'United
; •'  ■      j Mim*.' uAVork(*is "of
1   . , , ■. ■{ America.
1. The Joint Co in mil tea shnll (ili-c!;
one cf thjir meiri-*e:'s to pre.i'.cli* ::i c-'ich
nvjt'.'mj-, wh'.'M !-ic. liiflej-enri'M'-J Chnir*
■ num i-5-not cailp.'Uii*. fir.-i lie. ¥holl' limv
ii ii;',!i,t  to  -ji,*-*  U"-:unl jVo'.o,  but not n
. earring vote.-*   "' ■ 7- V -
'*' 2, The Joint C.'.iii!ii!.t'.'.'e ,Flnli  i'k'i-i
.'"oiieo: tlieii-inemlicisto'ael naSi'i-i-e.ir.i-y.*
, fl. IMOulin'f'S of tliu. joint Coir.miUyi-,
v'heii necessary,""tliall be l.eir! on ti.e
-seoond Monday of (inch-month, at siiL-h
■place as may be agreed iij.on'by tiie
Preskleat  and Secretary oi/tl.p"- Joint
.Committee, and unless rooniyV.djoiirned
will .".tijiurn the evening of the follow-
ina Saturday.     '• '*.'„... ...
•i.~'A!l matters' t"o be brought before
the,"Joint Committee for adjustment
shall, be submitted in writing- with the
.4Sncrptavyof the WestevnCoal Operators'
Association, or the Secretary of District
18' of tlie United Mine Workers "of
America, by. the respective - parties, at:
least seven days before the meeting of
the Joint' Committee.* Notice shall be
given.by either Secretary to0, tlio'other
Of-Q-i-iir-Ciil-iinnt-f rt*-l\a_l\**rt»ij*l\f_Kofn'>*A-i-"li"-
Joint Committee,   before   the   Joint
Committee aieets. ■•', •'   "'
5. Either • party -, to -a dispute-may
appear before the Joint Committee and
..-submit such evidence and statements as
they may-choose, or the Joiiit Coramit-
mittee may .callafor. The Joint Committee may n'ppoiuf any of their members
to Investigate-and examine Into, any
matter of dispute and report to the full
committee.''       •        :\"~     ,«-__•-.
" * - .-
6,. The expensescoiiiiected with meetings and the fee and expenses of the
Independent Chairman-shall .bo", divided
equally  between  the   Western   Coal
" Operators' Asscciption and District 18
of the United Mine Workers of America,
but no member..of tho Joint''Committee
„ia entitled to any remuneration either
for time or expenses intending meeting's.
7. In caso of any momber or mem.
hers of tho Joint Committee- failing- to
attend nny  moetitift-, tho remaining-
mombors of either side present shall
appoint a representative to dill- lho
- 8. All votes Hhall ho taken at meet.'
ings Df the committee" by show of
hands, unless any member shnll call for'
n ballot, in which case tho votes shall bo
so tiikon.  ■    ,  .    '
0, All decisions shall bo din writing,
signed by. lho Proaldont iu'td Secretary
of the .Joint Committee aiul sent to the
parties concerned, namely, thoinnnngQi-
of tho company and tho socrotary of tho
local union.
10. Tho Joint Committee shall have
tho power to motto such rules for tlio
regulation of their procoodinRH as thoy
mny considor nocoBsary, but all such
rules must bo 'consistent with tho
agr-aomont: between the Western Coal
Operators' Association and District 18
of tho United Mino Workers of America,
mado May Hth. 1007,
■'■•■: ■■'"STATE-FAIR
' Fii:l;i\~ Octc'.,('i- .1, l-,ni= lii'i-n s-l'.-isiilc
■i* Slate C"l!i';.'4-i Pay l.y the m iii;;-!'.
■lii-nl of-ii;e :v,i.--k.-ii.e. Ii'tei--t«te. i.-'ai'-,
Vi:i*.-ii v'.'iil r-rn'ii in lilar citj'Tin ri.-p'.cni
ber z'A, ior ii pe.'iiiii of ui-u wi-i-hS.' Oi '
iiiiri aiteriioon iiieptovk'juii^ii.^nii'ir'fit,
•ij.eii tu aiii Willis^' men ii;::!e" .'20 yii,;ist
•f'a.Uvj ai.d f.ii- !:riw..i a^re^atin"; i-it,
•v.iii be -heit;-; and it is espceti'd tu
.utr.ict "a great many -of i!ie'V.tudent;'
u-o-n the a'-Vicullurarco'.lejj.e.
AU-of ihe dates at the Interstate Fair
have'now beeii named, and tne follow.-
in^'ib :i'cotiip'.oiu.li3l':    4,  ■   . ,   ■*
Iilondav, September 23,'Enako| s'Day:
Tuekl.-'y.Si'piember. -21. Missouri Day •
Wedneiidj.'y, September 23, Derby-U.ty :
Thursday, September 215, Palouse Day':
Friday. September 27,-Woodmen of the
World Day; Siturday, September 28,
Cocur d'Alene Day; Sunday, September
29, Everybody's Day; Jlonday, September 30, Modern Woodmen Day. Tiies
day, October 1, Spokane Day; ."Wednesday, October 2, Red Applei Day; Thursday, October,^,-Bolster-Day; Friday,
day; October 5,'Union Labor Dav.  '"7
Made irom pure, grape cream oi tartar
"V o "      ,  '/.__-       'fl
1 o
* Makes home baking easy. Nothing
can be substituted for it in making,
quickly and perfectly, delicate hot
biscuit, hot-breads, muffins, cake and
pastry. Insures the food against alum.   .
Pure, Healthful, Reliable
NOTE.—If mixtures called baking powder ar«
oflered you at lower price, remember .
they arc mostly made from alum, a
-* metallic acid deleterious to Ivealth.
-*■-.-'"!'-C'""tj? ir~'ini-"'>Xj r^oo't o njX. I
Undertakers & Embalmersi
The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granite Works        jjt
The   Kootenay   Marble   Works,    Nelson j&
i" Samples Can be Seen at the Office.
Parlors in lundy's Block $■
wv^'rz#'?Z#iritft 'ir^^Vf^y^^.fif/Tt0i^fivn^7^ttw.
cr?a:,'i!i-odK i.a>::.> j>istklct *t":-.":«:«*:*':'^*:'»:":*«:-x-:**:«*:«:*-x**:**:"»
•■  svectonay,
''!'. i.S.f.Ii.-
k   Ul
: | a
s iivrsha}*
• xtitt un!
■very packet .
will kill
more flies than
. 300 eheote
of sticky' paper
' —BOLD BY —
10o. por paokotj or 3 paekota for 20c.
will last a wholo ••aaort.
lhe Kjoughof
Your doctor will tell you that
fresh air and good food are
the renl cures for consumption.
| But often the cough Is very)
hard. Hence, wc suggest thlt
you ask your doctor about
your taking Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. It controls the tick*
Uixg, quids thc coyjh.
Ur3STI03**T  .L^*>3332L
Crow's    Nost   Special
MtaGP's Fovorlto Cignrs
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealora nnd Direct
. Importors of
raisa winsKKy,
'   ■tmMRmtna
Solo AAfentH In Kant Kootenay for
-ffltolaale   Dealira   und   Dinct
ImporUrt ol
TAKE Komii triat Michael P
Bo^le, of Pernie,' B. 0., liim'-.erman
iut:nds -to apply fcr a t special „tim
ter.iiecn3a  over  the   fclbwing    de-   § ALLX. MtDOUGALL,  Fr€S. & Gsn. Hgr.
scriled Ir.nds:'      <>,'. ',      | ♦*♦ ■   •        '
1. Commencin*?; at a' post planted
about four milej north of the International Boundary**line, about four
miles e-;st'ol the sub-lot lino 4591"
of the. south ' fork of Gold Creek;,
thence north 80 chains; thence east
80 chains; thcncc_ south 80,_ cliains;
thence west 80' chains to. place of
corameuc.ment, and contains a^out
610 acres more or less. ,   -, ,''
Located -July 21st,' 1907.    .-    -
2. Commencing at a post   planted
about one mile north of "the Inter-
V 11 '%
♦ Eou»h & Dressed Lumber
♦ -       ■■:,!■•
♦> ■ Uiraension & Bridge Timber
*•*. .- -., Piling, Moulding, Laths,.-.-
*:*        ...     Shingles and Ties.
Wt publltbojiiMMrMttlM
Wt b'Blltl »lMb*|
from wfrtitliH
W» ort« r** U
MBfVll »»«»
Om of Ayer'i PIIU ttbedtlmtivfl1c«aM
an Incfcited flow ot bile, and prodvit* *
fiaUt la»ttft effect tbe dar rellevtaf.
•iWniilii on *ach hot.  Stow it to your
ioehr- He-will nadtttuod, at • |t4M«.
■wiiauammm ttmv* i**m m******
•m. iverr «x Co.
Contractors and Builders
iiat'onal~TB"oundMy^lin4r^.nQ about
two mil':S east of the sub-lot line
4591, and about four miles' .east of
the Yank river; thence 80 chains-
west; thence 80 chains south; thence
80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north to* place of commencement,
containing about 640 acres, more or
less.  .-_*,,
.   Located July 23rd, 1907.
3. Commencing at a.post planted
atout one mile,,north of the International , Boundary line, about ono
mile oast of tho sub-lot line 4591',
and about three miles eas£ o! the
Yahk river; tlience 40 chains west;
thence 80 chains north'; thence 20
chains east; thence 80 chains 'north;
thence 40 chains enst; thence 80
chains s:uth; thenco 20 chains west;
thonco SO chains south to placo   of
commencement, and containing abou
610 acres, mure or less,
Located July 23rd, 1907.
4. Commencing at a poBt planted
•bout flvp mlltB north of tho International Boundary line, and, about
four miles cast of tho sub-lot lino
4501, on tho Bouth fork of Gold
Creole; thenco north ICO chains;
thonco cast 40 chains; thenco south
liiO: chains; thenco wost 40 chains to
placo of commcncoin i .t containing
about G40 acres, moro or less.
, Locatod July 26th. 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted
about six miles north ot tbo International Boundary lino and about
four miles east of the BUb-lot line
4591, on tbo south, fork ot Gold
Creole; thenco west 80 chains; thenco
south 80 chains;, thtneo, eaiit W
(huliu; thoilco north 80 chains to
placo ot comtnoncomont, nnd con-
ti.In'ns C40 ncros, moro or less,
Located July 25th, 1007.
ll. Commencing at n pout planted
about nix and ono-lmlt miles north
of tho'Tnternat'onal Boundary line,
nnd about four miles enst of the sub-
lot line 4B91, on the Booth fork ot
Gold Creek; thence west 80 chains;
thenco Bouth 20 chnlns; thence west
80 chnlns; thonce south 40 rhnins;
thenco o*st BO chains; tbence north
11 fh*.ilr,c; V.ua:c c.c. CO fh^ric;
| th#inr.p north 40 chilnn 1n r-lncn M
commencement, enntnning M0 ncrcR,
more or less.
LoC'itdd   July 2Sth, 1E07.      11
Dated August Bth, IW.
I Telephone Poles a Specialty!
>>, All Orders Promptly Attended ♦
Tel. 3
Fernie, B. C.
%■''' ■-.'-..
y        14th Annual
I Inter=Statel
Spokane, >Vash.
I Sept. 23=Oct. 51
Gorgeous E-Nak-Ops
Miners' Drilling Contests.
Horse   Races,   Etc.,  Etc.
For l'l-otnluin LlHt. Olllelftl Pro-
Kuim nud iuiv othur infornui-
mation nddroes'
Sec'y & Hgr.
220 llutton IJIock, Spoknno
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head Office, Wlnnlpcu)
BrancliCK—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie
Kdmonton, Attn, it Kenora, Ont.
Fcrnlc, B. C.
Wholesale  Groccrleii,   l-'lour,   Feed &
Camp Supplies
■—«—mm l iiinfJ—«—mm I in ^ ■ iii,iij
PUts, BpeciOcstions 'and Estl*
mstss (nrnlihid on Application.
E. 1. KKlttt,
Arrfiltuct    so*. SwpsriAtaKtfsht
OmmOt   tt   ■SftlfaHl.
BiKBt bt.       »munn, •. c.
Jt02 &J04.7
Notico Is hereby given thnt 80 liya
utter dit-i I Intend to npply to lho
Hon. Oik. Commissioner oi \voriis
(or u ..ciuaj to tirofiiicct ^r co... And
petroliitim on tbo followin-g lnnds,
tit-a.-Hte In the diBtviet of -nritlih Co-
lumbla, TJlr.ck 4&D3, commencing at
a post planted nt or utur twolmlles
north ol Nos. 67 nnd C8, hem-? north
•ubt cornsr of W. W. J. Morrison's
clnlm; thtnee south 80 chains; thenee
cut CO chnlns; thence north SO
chains; thence west 80 chtvlns to
point ot commencement.
Locntcd this Cth day ot August,
A. W. Belden, Agsat.
W. w. J. UorrtoB, Loutor.
Vitasss-Tkof. Btnter.
MONEY, con buy tulvortinin*? space, but it can't boy a
quarter century's succenuful record ot wonderful and
almost mlrscuions cures of the   most difficult and
Intricate cases of throat, Inns and ototnach tronbba.   Both to
loss of spiwtito and all watting diseases.
"My ion Iiml t tcnihla ootwh tnd
vu wuu*.. to » ih-iilow,   [ineiora
Ulil lie colilil noUIrt',   lit imuX Pay.
Milnr, Itouml liliii,"-krt. J, lUof.
»r, llrockrllln.
'A.tor Uikliw 14,00 worth of Pit-
      '   XltU
W^n worth IWnr."-lft* I'.
•rdi, Mirrlotu Cott, N.a
," UrJontn tra now toond u ***H >
utur iiidnr i**tc*i1i*«."-ii. UoMiaa,
JirlilKiburs, Out.       "
. "Itiyahlntwvdil myllli*«-JLW»J-1
d^7{^rawdlBt,,Tonata /
chlno my lunin *n **ll »nd lift
Psychine Never Falls     Psychine has no 5ubttKato
AT ALL Dn*VL1!ltS, SOe **A $1,00 A BOTTUB     •
OR. T. A. SLOCUM. Limited, 179 Kin e M. WH Towsst.
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries. BodIs and Shoes
Genl's furnishings
Try a Ledger Ad.
Vou want comfort and sath-sctloa I
of clssn smooth shaves every!
morning. I
The Csrbo Magnetic Is tlio only!
I The secret lilcctrlcTempsrlnj;
po»i«vefy inerici every par**
tide of.carbon (the life of
steel) Into the metaN-givlnjc
dlsmond-llko hnrtfness
throughout the blade-*"some»
thing absolutely Impossible
with tin ts.ii$ccz-l iUil unii
In makins all oilier mors.
But test Uits razor In your'
own home—or have your barber
use It on you.   Secure one JO
m," ~:?Eg4-nqnET4BBH^ h%n i-907
The Fernie Ledger
i" ,$1 a Year in Advance
leaned every Saturday  from, the Office of
Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,
Fernie, British Columbia.
, * -I ' * V
All changes of ads. must be in as follows :—
Pages i and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday; pages 3 and 4,
. Sp. m. Thursday, and page (I, 2 p.m, Friday.
We will be unable to insure change unless
this rule is complied with. ''
Loual  advertising  12 cents per nonparicl
■ line first insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
. Hates for contract advertising on amplication at oilico of publication, Todd Block.   0
T. T. JOHN,       F. H. SHERMAN,
Editor Manager
hibitive .. anil closedr.-.-.ttaeir,..'shops.-'
Since then' the "citizens of Saskatoon
have been, dependent^ uponl'the,..,domestic hen, -the.home-killed, bog and
other ^amateur and temporary .expedients for averting famine. How
popular .. sympathy ., is inclined, in
this Homeric combat of civic dignity
verses breakfast is not disclosed. , ,
FERNIE, 2814.-Pres., Jan. Lancaster';
'..  Fin. Sec, Thos, Biggs.
HOSMER, 2491'.-Pros., Wm, -Taylor;
.,   Sec-Wm. N. Iteid.    ,
MICHEL, 2331-Pres., Wm   Colgre-
"houn* Sec, Charles Gai-nor.
COLEMAN, -2G33.-Pi-es ,'W, Haysoin;
Sec, W,m, .Grnh'am.-    ,.-  . ,    ■ '   ,
.FRANK,"l-263.-^Pres,    -"   7    ,
Sec, George Nichols.
LILLE,' 1233 -Pres., •'
-   Sec;, A. W.'-May.
BELLEVUE, 431—Pros ,
Sec, Fred'Chappcll.
HILLCREST, lOoS.'-l'res.,
Sec'-, _ _ ., ,
LTJNDBRECK,    2275.—Pres.',     Alex.
:'   McCullock; Sec , Peter Blake.
LTJNDBRECK,  2352.-Pres.,  William
Steep; Sec, Stephen Davies.
.WOODPECKER, 2299 -Pros ,
.  . Sec., Andrev/ Wilson.
MORRINVILLE, 2378.-Pres.,
■'.Sec.T. Meir. - \ '■-   .
DIAMOND CITY.-Pres ,    ■
**•    SeC ,      «_<•■ ■;
CANMORE,' 1387—Pres ,      -   ,
Sec, Robert Hunter. °
BANKHEAD, 29.—Pres., C. H. Stanley^;
Sec, Fred King. .,    ,
TABER,  102.—Pres., T. Boyle; Sec;
, Wm. Murdock."
LETHBRIDGE,    574—Pres.,    B.   G.
Hamilton; Sec;'Charles Peacock.
TABER,  1959.-Pres.',  Walter  Vere;
Sec, Robert Doodson^
CARBONADO, 2818.-Pres.,
Presidents and secretaries whose
Sames do not appear on this list are
requested to forward them to this
office for insertion.
Continued inquiries... reach us for
the foregoing- information.
' ''
Several working men wero engaged
by un employment ngency at Calgary
to come to Fernie and work for a firm
of contractors hero. Each man wns
roqulred to deposit with tho agency the
sumol 89.50,, out of which his ticket
was purchased, and the balanco pro*
Buraably retained by tho employment
Din-eau. Upon arriving nt Fernie, tho
mon found tlmt thero wns no work for
them, and they wero loft strnnded.
While the country nt Inrgo Is, cry Ing
out for labor and complaining of tlio
.•scarcity'thereof, it is tithe thnt lotno-
thlng wns dono to prevent employmont
agencies, nnd oven employers lomo-
tlmes, from bringing mon in hore under
what appears to be fnlso protoncoi. We
havo particulars of tho onsen referred
to, nnd nro in n position to say thnt the
men, nil rospectnble looking follows,
wore cruelly deceived. So long ns men
nro tliiiH tronted, employers wlio rcnlly
want labor will iiud It (lilllcult to obtnln
thn Hnino. Tho worklna mnn soon linds
out wliutlior he Ims been (Involved, mul
if hn Iiiir been, Hint 'roc-H a long wny
ttfwnnlH jirevoiitlng oilier working ini'ii
from coming here.    It is time that tho who iif-ruud with cviu-yoiin of lil'-i'viuwH.
nut ho lit leu looked into (Iioko umttors
and did annu'thliig to prevent such
frnudB happening.
Xo'' notice appears to have been
taken of the appeal made on behalf
bf the Crpw's Nest Pass Coal Company's miners to the British Columbia government for u commission of
inquiry, to investigate the cause of
tho many accidents' occurring in and
around the mines.' The Deputy Minister of mines replied to" Mr. F. H.
•Sherman to the cfic't that the mat-
ter wns under consideration. That
was several weeks.ago, "and nothing
has been heard since. This is the
thanlss the miners' get for returning
W. R. Ross to support the McBride
regime. .,*.,.
Arouse, ye slaves! "   '
**s* ,
.   II',*    i     ■ .'ii     .1     Jfllf.     ► .«"*      . •»      .1
levying of Jne money.. Jn „.what ..w.as.
i *< »as fsfioa3..tjr i was*
done in-roakJuE^se ievies, though.rhe, A^v Beries. teatA*bjc.the^CriPPle
could not say it was doue regularly^
became thero was no rule, yet he could'
not'say it-'was-done in.-an illegal or
fraudulent mariner, nor in a manne
which" prevented the plaintiff from"
exercising- any sort of-control over the
levy-which he might, hiiyegot by the
-making of n rule, Thero was n ballet
at a conference as to whether there
should bo a levy or not, and the plaintiff
voted against- it, but a very largo
m.'.jority were in favor of it. hi those
circumstance's, it did not." appear that
anything illegal or oppressive was clone.
He thought that what had been done
there was perfectly consis;etit with the'
objects of tho Federation and tho particular purposes for-which it-was founded.
For these reasons ho was of opinion
that the appeal should bo dismissed.   °
Mr. Justice Phillimoro eoncurr.id.
t The appeal wns accordingly dismissed
with costs, and leave to appeal further
was granted.      '7
Sir,—I am authorized . to    inform
you that Mr.' Stanley, formerly our
president', no longer holds that office in our local for leaving \vith'-i.ut
any explanation why he was leaving.
Also, on the resignation of Bro.
King, our financial secretary, and
how the financial secretary, is '' Jftro.
Fred Dyson. .    " "'    *      -   "'
Yours truly, ",  ,
7. ,-'-" ;-   ',- FRED'DYSON."
Bankhead,-Alta.,   Sept. 18.  1907.
' ° - - *-   "j* .'
Judge Holds M. P.'s noi: Illegal
—Important ;Case
.. Judgment was given in tho King's
Bench Division on Satnrday in an appeal from the "county court of Mon
mouthshire, in which-a miner named
Steel asked the court, to declare that
the South Wales Miner*".1 Federation
had no power to make a(levy for", the
payment of0the election expenses and
maintenance of an M..P. Plaintiff sued
in tho county court for a sum of 4s.,
which he said he had beoh compelled tb
pay under such a levy j'biit the county
court judge having held, as a question
of fact, that the levy had been voluntarily paid, decided thnt it was not
recoverable on appeal.     -,„•.*
On plaintiff's bohnlf it was contended
thnt the, rule on which the -Federation
acted was absolutely illegal and against
the purposes for which tho Federation
existed; also, that tho provision of
funds for the return and maintenance
of members of parliament wns some1
thing altogether outside what n trade
union wns nllowod to do under Section
10 of tho Trade Union Act, 1870.
Mr, Justlco Darling, in giving his
decision at considerable length, said he
could not see tho forco of these contentions. Outside tho rules of the Fedora
tion thoro was nothing contrary to tho
gonornl lnw in providing funds for tho
purpoBo no,thoso indicnted. It seemed
to him that ono wny of regulating tho
relations between' masters and work
men, and work mnn and workman, wns
(o gat laws pasted by Pnrlinmont. If
they wanted to got such lnws passed
for tho regulation of tho relations
between roasters nnd workmen, &o , thn
first step was to got representatives
sent to pnrlinmont In order to promote
a bill, which, when it,became lnw,
would regulate those relations.
Referring to tho claim thnt it wns
unjust that plaintiff should hnvo to pay
.ii - • *v
Rexford Hold-up—Unarrested.
Forty thousand dollars in currency,
the greater part of which was - in'
bills of large denomination,'. is now
declared to be the haul made by the
robbers who-- held up-' -the Great
Northern Oriental limited "train near
R?xford,' Mont., on the morning of
Sept. 11,
This money, according to'reports,
was consigned . by the Commercial
National Bank of Chicago to tbe
Old National Bank ,of this city. .In
spite of the fact that the money was.
consigned to the Spokane bank, the
robbery will not cost the bank , a
cent,. as the. money was,'fully insured in one of the big eastern . companies.   ,      " ...        '    \ ;   '. '.'
The money1 stolen is stated' to have]
been iu four 'registered ' packages,
each' package containing • $10,0007
These were* in' the car which was
present -• a - Recommendation - Card- of
Creek „ District Mine Owners' j<nd
Operators' Association. All men
holding."a recommendation cartf of
the . old series are required."ito go
to the offices of the • association1,
either in,.'"-. Cripple' Creek' or Victor,'
between .August' 18th and 3i'st", te-
tween the'hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.*
m.,*fbr the purpose of making the
exchange. v -    .
.St. Joseph, Levis, July U-,'190<j. ,.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.' ..
■ Gentlemen,—I was badly kicked by
my horse Inst May.-nnd-after using several preparations on my' leg nothing
would do. ■ Sly leg was black as jet. • I
was laid up in bed for a fortnight and
could not walk. -After using three bottles of your MINAKD'S LINIMENT I
was perfectly cured, bo?that I could
start on the road.
-     JO&.DUBE3,   '. ;
Commercial Traveller.
■ n
On account of the Victoria Exhibition,
Victoria, B.C., September 24th'to 28tli,
the C. P It..'will make,,Vhe'.following
reduced round trip'from Pernio, §20 15;
tickets ou .sale 20tli to''21tli, good to
return October 3rd, For the Provincial
Exhibition, Westminster, October 1st,
2nd, 3rd, 4th) 5th, round trip rate from
Fernie $23.65; tickets'on sale September
27th to October 3rd, good to freturn
October 10th." These aro nice cheap
rates to'the coast, round trip ticket at
less than single, faro. Call on local
agent for pnriculnr.8* ' ''.
-A.isrr> RETAIL .
'   -      '    '* l   '     .   -
Meat Merchants
' c ■" r-r > >
L\VAYS a choice supply.of Beef,
Pork; Mutton,-Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.    '•*.-•
OUR,SPECIALTIES:— .'   ■   \
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good, assortment*.   Try our Mince-Meat",
* Saurkraut and Oysters.   *
the,investigation-of the officials who
have been ..working on the. case, it is
believed the ?40o000\was practically
the'full, amount secured by-.'.the' -robbers.. ,       ,-. 7,.i y■ 7  ■
It is not gen'eral.y known that all
currency shipments are insured'," but
such s the case; At present there
are many large shipments of money
beinfc sent by mail from the eastj
owing to the sale of crops which
have!been harvested.  ,
The postal authorities aro reticent abodt the mgtter, stating 'that
oven if tqe claim that'the money
was stolen. was made, it would bo,
impossible to. check on tho matter
until "tho numbers of' the missing
packages ot registered mall had,been
secured and checked back to tho consigner. ,'The government is not liable
fcr loss of registered mail for any
sum 'in excess of ?25. In cases where
mail is sent first-class, registered,
tho government will pay $25 if loss
is proven, and no moro. ,,Thoro has
beon no trace of tho robbers up to
tho preBont, although tho authorities
who hnve the mutter in hand are
exerting ovcry effort ,to run them
money towards tho election cxponson Uo i.»ti,.r
nnd mnlntonniico of a momber of Par-    *
llnminit (Mr. lllehnrilH)   with   whoso ..    "
opinlotiH on party politics ho did nol| ,     „
agree, Mr. JuMlcli Darling mild It wiih     ,"^lf
linponslbln thnt any mini shim d ' bo
repriiHonti'd in .■iivllnniiuit by a ini'inhcr
who iigruiul with cvuryoiui of hit viown,
It wnsdllllcnlt to -see Imw tlm plaintifl, Uettcr wait."
On Saturday, Septonibor 21, thero
will be a joint meeting of the Taber,
Duliock and Wilcock- miners, to nol-
cct a joint' committeo to draw np a
wages bcalo,1 aB the old agreement
comes to nn end on tho Inst day of
October. In speaking to some of tho
men on tho strcot, I find 4n.it" they
nre looking for several chnngos   for
to one   mnn, "you think
room   for   improvement,
Just arrived a large'
and  fresh   stock, 'of
.Stewart's celebrated ..
Chocolates.. All the
favorite-flavors now : •
on hand.       ■■■■■■•■'
McDougall & Go.
Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc.
Tho Government of the Province of :Brltl»h
wlumbliv heroliy offoro a. reward of Five
Hundred Dollars for the arrest, or for Information leading to tho nrjebt and delivery
tp a Brltinh Columbia Constable of Patrick
Mullen, who Is eharcod with the murder of
ono AiikoIo Orlando on the 1st day of September, -in(i7, at .Michel, In the Distriot of South
East Kootonay,Provinco of British Columbia.,
Description of Patrick Mullen is m follows:
Nationality, Irish,
Occupation,ooal miner,
Abo 80 years,,
Holff.it, 5 feet fl Inohos; wolnht IM lbs.,
Comploxion, fair; hair dark, inclined to bo
curly. ,
Was olean shaven on 1st instant. *
W«rt on right hand at point ot thumb.
Whon last soon, wore brown oheck onat and
trousoro of snmo matorial; brown hoots, nnd
round, uroy felt hut,
, Warriinfclsimod.-Itoport any information
JH. MoMlllIn, Chief Conitable, Fernie, D.
0„ or to Iho undorslaned i
By order,
Superintendent Provincial Polloo,
Provincial Polloo Department,
Victoria, B.O.,8opt, 11,1107.
Without n doubt,"
"What nro they?" I smid.
He   answered,    "1 think   you had
Tho new nnd enterprising town of
Bftikatoon prtsentu the world with
Komotbing decidedly new and decid-
oAly enterpriulnp! in tbe way ot
Btrikes. ,Tiie butchom are on strike,
not tbe men employed by tbo butch-,
era, but the butchern themflclvoa.
The city futhers of 8nol*atoon he*
came diBBiitlified with the ton-U-
tlonn under which Maughterine wna
being done, nnd passed a by-lnw to
could Hiiy that it wno n^nliiHt nntural
liiHtlcn that ho Nhuiild bn iihki'd to pnv
when he hud URn.iei.1 to do no byjulnlii'"'
tho Fi'ilisnitlon, Plaintiff Raid lm hod
boon compelled and coerced to pny llm
cuuiiiuu.iuii, nml ** to tlmt, ii iho co*
crcion bail luen jlh'^nl a very ilillewul
quoflllon would havo arisen, Put Mr,
WllllnmH, couniol for Mio plaintiff, had
vory frankly said thnt ho could not
'argue that lho county court judpre
having law!, ..? .i /.ic.*, tliat plaUi;.'.'.'
wna not coorced, tho money could not
bo got back.
ComliiR- to the question of the Injunc
tion, Mr. Justlco Dnrllntf said althoujrt
It wns perfectly obvious tlio money
levied wns for the ptirpnuo of ro'iirnlnt'
anil malnl'-ilnlnp mi-mhors of I'arlia-
nwetid tntm. The hutehwa toamfctjJ-rnfnt.'yel'tberowiisnodi'lliilfnmlicliln-
-uMlar«dy *.tk*..new rttulatloni.. fooi \*r% proyided I;i any -of I^.JtUm for the
I' did not auk him nny moro ijuos«
tlonn. '
Non-union men, rend this and
thln'c how much your employer
thinlva o'-out you,, when ho thinks ho
haB you screwed down to the, Inst
"Ono thousand men at Cripple
Creek walked, out early this week,
refusing to take our cards demanded
byiitbe Mine Owners' Association,
Practically every man that quit has
joined the Federation of Miners, A
week or so njo tho following notico
was posted in Cripple Crook:
by loonj applications*, as thoy onn-
not roaoh tho diseased portion  of
tho ear. Thoie la only ono way to
euro donfnoss, and that Is by oon-
■tltutlonal   romodloH.    Deafnovs  Is
onusod by nn Inflamed oondltlon  of
the rauouos lining of the tuutaohlan
tubo.  Whon thin   tubo Is Inflnmod
; you hnvo iv rumbllnir. wound or   lm-!
I porfoot himrlno,, and whon It In on*
j tlrcly olosod, doafnohs U tbo result,
1 and unions tho Inflammation can be
1 tnkon out and thin tubo restored to
Its normal condition, hearln« wlll bo
destroyed forovorj nlno o»icb out of
ton nro oauaod by oatarih, whloh Is
nothlnB but an   Inflaraod condition
of tho rauouoa surfaoos.
We will bIto Ono Hundrod Dollnrn
for any cane of deufnoss (caused by
crilarrk) th.'U caouol bo cured   by
nall'o Catarrh Curo. Bond for circular*,, freo.
F. J. CHENEY ft CO,, Toledo,   O.
Tako Hall'n Faaally Pills for oon-
Sold by druggists, 7fio.
Look Up
Victoria  Ave.
^when   you_   require
;-        anything in'     .        '
Boots. & Shoes
Trunks. Valises
^ Suit Gases
Lowest Prices.       Goods Sold for Cash Only.
Express and Baggage Transfer
Draying of all kinds  done promptly,
Telephone 57 or call a driver
Office:  Northern Hotel, Fernie, B.C.
Anything-in-the above line dono at
. reasonable rates
Tents, Awnings,  and all
canvas goods made to
A. T. Milne, Gemmel Street,
or at Trites-Wood & Co.
A hotel that lurnloheo quiet, commodious accommodation for its pat-
re ns in n'nourco of  plensurn  to the
All men employed on thin proper- j travelling public.   Such a ono Is the
ty on and nft«r (he firot day of f?cp- Kins Fdfrard Hotel, of  FcrnJc, Cor-.
tcmber^-jfio^-.^'wjU.be^tquired ,;-^o Jier opposite post offlce, ,,;;.    ,.,,..
; ConL-OoRlUniU mn.v be purohsaed *t 110
Mr noro for wft coal and W0 Por Hnthraolt*.
Not more than 3J0 noron oan lie aoqnlred by
0110 liiillvliloftl or conipftiw. noyalty at the
rnto of ton oenU per ton of 11,000 pound* (ball
lie oollnoted on the groan output.
Quarti-A free minor's oortlflonte ia (jnintod
upon payment in advAnoe of tft por annum for
an Individual, and from fftO to tioo per annum
for a oumpany uocordlns to oapital.
Afroomlnor, Iu.vln8<tiioovcrod mineral in
plnco.miiy locate a oliilm l.iV-il x l.SOii foot.
Tlio foo for reoordins n olnlin In fft.
At loiut (SKKi muat lie oxpondod on the claim
oiu'livunror jmd to tho miniim rooorder In
llou tiiiTunr, When »M0 lian noen nxpomio'l or
I'iUiI, the Ipu-itor nmy, .upon liavinu 11 aur'/oy
miidii, uml upon ('omiilylnir with otlior ro*
'lulro'nui)tn,i>*iroliHio llui luniUt »l nn ni're,
Tliu piilmit provldon for tho payment of a
royalty of it per cent on tho union.
I'l.Ai i.u mlulim cilii j ti, *« uonornlly nro lolfaot
Hipmru; uiitry fuu ?rt ruimwiililoyiMily,
A I rco in 111 ur limy nlilulu two luund*. to
drfiliti'for (,'ulil of live imIIi-hciivIi Inr n torin of
iviiiityviMir*, ruiiiiwiililu nt tlio iliaorotlun nf
lio MmMur nl IliuTiitnrlor.
-I'lii' h'.Hi'u klmll hiivoiulrciliiA In oiicriiHon
wiililn min kOHNrinfrnni thoiliitu of tlio luilM
fur t-a'*li iivn iiiili>», lli'iiinl ti'i I it luinmii for
fiirh milu ul rlviir lriii>uil, Ito'iiltyiit the
11110 of V, pur cent uollU'loil on tlio output lifter It UX(:ll4*(U WijiXV,
JJojuty Mlnlntor of the Iiitorior,
N. U.—UimuthorlKiid pulillvutlon of thia ad
vortlnemont will not ho pnidifor
IN TIIK IIATTKH of The Jlritlah Columbia
Hallway Act,
.mt i.v Tun iLKvnm .•.; iu u™ ot*r*t:**y
of the Oi-ow'e Neat Soulhern Hallway Com'
puny. '
NOTIOK la hereby olven that the plan, pro*
.Do and hook of reference duly certified end
•PP/ovi*-.. of the »e«tlon of the fine of railway
of the Crnw'i Neat Honlhein nallwayOompanv
from Kernie to llpimerwaann the llth day of
Mptemher,, lw»7, depoaUed in the Land lte-jU*
try Ollice at Nelaon n. O, aa No. 7»S K.
Dated IhU btli day of V'eptemliar, l«iT,
A.  X. UACNKU.f^
HttXMttir f«r j ),„ (W, y„t e^itta
iXXiU fiallway Company,
5Q Good Woods- .„
meii wanted by
,  ' -ii* '11
The Elk Ifiuiiiber
Co. Apply at the
Office or at Hos»
The Elk Lumber Co., ltd.
Fernie, B. C
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Thoro ia only one place In town
wheroyou can Ret good reliable
goods in oar lino that in at,
W. A. INGRAM, Piwr.
PnoNK 01,    -    -    Fbiwie. B, O
Shoemaker Shop
(Opp. I\ Durna & Co'11 oilico)
Tho nwnor linn worked 4 yonrn
In Itomc, Itnly, mul Is propared
tn do nil kliiiln of ropulrin-r nnd
now work,
Ben Gigliotti
•j**;*^*;**!**;.^.;"!*^ >;<«!M;..X«J''*t,"'t''!*'i'«t«*y
For Sale! £
A few cood lealdentlnl lot*.,
well situated from 1160 to 1200
I Easy Terms
X   Insurance & Real Eslile Broker   & ———. __iTi -i    '    - —      riv "' ■. - •*""" *"* "*        '"**'"w   •*     Of - fca *7 V* •7?'    »
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.   -a / ■•
■ V
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Fort Steele
Fernie,.B,  C.
Brewers  of Extra   Fine   Luger
and  ,AeriUe<J    WatL-rs."
Rot tied    Goods \ u     Specialty,
f^y M'mtm.'maiwmt » % r*\ mr • n
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tfevnie, 38. ,C.
C. \V. DAVEY & CO.
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-JK    44,
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\ > ■. t
Fit for a King
The meats that you buy
from.us are fit for a kins:.
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Calgary Cattle Go.
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Fernie',  B. C.
Bar supplied with the best of Wines
'Liquors andCiarars.
1   ' ,, _ -    v
Dining Room iri connection
'...'.'   The many friends and customers of the Local Branch of theBank of Hamilton will be interested in the above sketch of the
'■'•' ' han™f>menew bui ding recently erected in Hamilton, for transaction'of Head Office business.   Ninety-five Branch Offices throughout Western Canada are directed from this building/which fittingly.symbolizesthestrength and solidity of this progressive institu-
" ''•' * "cl ti■£?*! 1 fairtv-two Million Dollar-i are entrusted to its care by shareholder and savings depositor, illustrates th*-'
confidence of the public in the conservative, business-like management that has always marked its successful historv.
Summit Camp .follows the
Others. ,.
Tljocnix, B. 0„ Sept. 12.-rPropor-
tlcaately with other Boundary
camps, Summit < camp, located eight and
1-nlloB from Phoenix liy either tho
Great Northern'or <•* O.P. R., htxtx
probribJy BUflorod moro than any
other in this section from tbe o-oko
shortogo at' tbo district smelters,
thus throwing many mon out of om-
of employment; and thereby causing
to ub a great loss in wages, which
wo can ill afford to endure; and
"Whereas, tho charter ' of tbo
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company
provides-that nil mines and. .smolt-
ois in Yale and Kootenay shall bo
furnished - first with.' a mimcient
supply of colio'.arid 'coal; 'and
"Whereas, over 27,000 tons of r.oKo
havo been oxportod' to United States
Bmoltcru- during   tbo   present yoar;
"."WhcrcaB, Q. o. S,.Lindsey.manager of tho Crow'B Aost Pass- Coal
ployrhent who wero working in tho
mines. The British Columbia Oop-
por Company lina its well known
wmmn, Oro Dcnora nnd B. 0, mines
In Summit cnmp, and tho Dominion
Copper Compnny has its Mountain
Ttotso mino In tho snmo locnllty, tho
forccB nt nil thoso properties having
boon roilnced.
At n miiHs mooting of tho minorB
held thoro liiHt Rnturdny night, a1
committee, consisting of Qcorgo Mc*
Lcod, Clmrhs Bornctt nnd Olmrlcs
Mco wns nppointod to draw up resolutions of protest to bo acnt to tho
Hon. Richnrd McBrldo, minister of
minoB, at Victoria, that coko should
bo exported whon British Columbia
smeltcrts. woro suffering for it,, nnd
when It In expressly prohibited in
ruoIi a case. The resolutions vcro
nu follows:
"To Hon. Richard McBride, Min-
Inter of Mines, Victoria, B, 0.
"Whereas, thero is a serious.shortage In tho coke necessary to carry
on tbo smelting industry in South-
cm British Columbia, which hns re-
mil tod in a great reduction of tbe
oro smelted, thereby throwing a
targe number of mm working in
and around tbe Summit mine*   out |
Company, baa issjipd a statement ln
tho matter in which ho has. demonstrated that ono of tho greatest factors of tho coko'Bhbrtago in that his
compuny is paying so low a wngo
around tho coko ovonu and loading
cars that men aro difficult to socuro
to perform thin noceBsary labor, and
In tho statement Mr. Lindsoy hns
shown that his malignant linto of
tho working clnsu has, curried him
to nn extreme point vonglng an nb-
Mirdlty, where he evon begrudged tho
fair wages puiil to tlio miner*!   cinl
that the disastrous coal   and   coko •' Messenger Boy," at tbo opera house
famine, of laBt winter will bo repeated, and theso unnecessary but continually recurring famines of coke
nnd coal, which'1 result in terrible
ond Incalculable suffering, when thero
Ib coal enough and to spare in British Columbia to supply tho wholo
country, call for immediate and
sharp, action on tho part of tho provincial govornmonr; and
''Whereas, tho provincial government baa lar^o areas of coal lands
Jj reserve; therefore, bo It
.Itosolliod, that.tho,Summit" Jamp
miners,   in mnss meeting assembled
on Sept. 0, 1907,    urge tho,govern-
end Roxy, and the finding of a Kist-
f-r'B child'are the very.highest scenes
of pathos, and are presented just ns
they ■ were written.—Sioux City
Daily Journal, Sioux City.
"Acting on behuif of your rm-
ployeca, we present . the following
scale of wages nnd conditions of
labor for tho men-employed in anb
around'the roc-'t tunnels ut Hosmer:
By   ;:. 	
Inst night. The plot of tho play is
a realistic prcoontatlon of llfo from
the outside world, that appears so
foBcibly to our natures. Tho kidnapping of two children, with their-
final rebcuo, with a talo of dovoted
and truntlng love that had Ub origin in tho outcast life of thu street
waifs at Plor 4G in tho groat «.ity,
with tbo manly honor nnd final re- Hoist Engineers, $2.89, 8 hours.
Machine    men {4,00
Chuck     Tenders
or     Helpers,,.    , 3,50
Muckers u 3.
Drivers • 2:75
Miners 3,BO
ward of the .kidnapped bootbluck,
who possesses noblo trnito of honor
nnd Integrity, make a drama thnt
fnBClnatcs whilo it ploisas. ' be
scene at tho great Brooklyn bridge,
with night on tho oast rlvor with its
ment to Immediately onforco tho .lights nnd piers is worth tho price
pcnnlty against the Crow's Nest of admission alono. Col. Worry, the
Pass Conl Compnny for falluro to ejot'stl.nl lirnscible but wnrm-
flrst supply its coko to tho nmeltors hearted old mnn who novcr   forgetH
ol Ynlti nnd   Kootonny; and bo    it
•■'RcHoIvod tlmt tho provincial
F.overiinieiit bo urged to Imniisllfi*
tvly put sulllclcnt of its conl innJ.'i
In such stut'i < f development that
tho government cun control nil hiicli
hmeltrrmon by companies with which hltuutions nrislim tn thu future, nnd
ho hns nn connection; nnd "endeavor to pny a living wngo   for
"Wherens, Mr, Lindsey, has, ns wo the mining of conl nnd tbo mnking
nro Informed and believe, tnkcn'nnd handling ol coko."
steps to make arrangements with a | It is understood that the miners'"
Jnpanoso coollo contracting concern ,and smcltcrmcn's unions in Grand
ln Vancouver, A. 8, Tsujlmura, by .Forks, Greenwood and Boundary
nnmo, to supply bis company with FnllB Will shortly take action along
a large number of Jnps; and simllnr lines to the above, Phoenix
''Whereas, considering tbo well-junkn having already poised resolu-
known profitable business done by tions regarding the coke shortage
the Cro-w'n Nent Paen Coal ' Com-1 and ««nt the name to the mnUterof
pany, If Mr. Lindsey poseeBies a mines,
particle of Justice, be will give to
the men now producing and handling
coke a living wage, instead ol their
having to do two days' work in one
In order to eirn ono day's i-tflrva-
lion pay—In which case he will very
quickly flnd hie eojcnllcd Bhorta^e of
hbnr disappearing;, «nd
"Whireat*. fenr bai t«n eipr<iB«d
his war record, iB a wholo circus,
with tho downs thrown in. Tho
canning villinn nnd bin fcmnlo tie-
compl'cc make you shudilcr' ut the
villaiioiis and mtnn, To. enumerate
ronliBtio presentation of nil th.it iH
tlio good features would l>o to givn
tIir* cntlrn Pilot, for tlioni Ih not n
weak plnco in either tho plot or thc
plnyers, while the pnrtlng    of Grit
Firemen • Engineers; 13.16, 8 hours,'
Outside Dumpers, $2.50, 8 hours.
Outside Labor, 12.50, 10 hours.
Tbo Hosmer mines to conccdo the
check-oft" syfit7m,
These txtep to remain in force un-
tl lioth tmncls nro completed.
On behalf of tho Hosmer Miners'
Union, Ho. 2497, U. M. W. of A.
Th it wo nsk for hlnckHmlth'ii
wagon to 1)0 U\ lilncliBinith'H help-
7t'H, $3.25; timber fraincrn, $1; truck-
layers and brnddishmen," I3,.V3; liolst
uieii, 1}3 for 8 hours; tlmhcrmcn,
^:!.50; power hour.c engineer, ft fur
10 hours; fir,men, f270 for 9 hour*;
dumpors, $2,75 for 8 hours vltlin-.it
cover; $2 50 under cover for 8 ho xv*.
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Evciylhinjj  new" anU ,.
~.—•—u p-to^uatc-'T'-T—t~
Every accommodation
for the public.
Bar siocted with the    *
finest in the land
,. Under new management    ■ •
Well famished rooms.   Tho table Is
supplied with tho best the market.
nlTordB.  Thc bar Ib supplied
with tho best wines, liquors and cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
H 0, T E L
Ecerij attention.
,', -I
Rooms reseroed by toirc
A pleasant  home  for tlie
G. L, WHELAN • • Manuflcr
^;i4'Uvl V>ll>(^ll*l4,ik,l4'l*.,IV'i','*   iV>,*V"4V-lk-».(,'»<4,v» V-.V-.V-.V-MVMV^lk*
Western Canada m
Co-operative & Trading   o„ Ltd, ||| FE R N i E
in a Hplendid
"A    Mrssem-er
Gi»irfi« T). Hvfi't, fciippnrtcd by n
rcmarkuhly strong compnny, pre-
Mntcd that vplendid mrlodraua, "A
Dry   Goods,   Groceries   and
General  Merchandise
•»*# *fa
&   The Hotel of rernle    5"
I ?
•j-    The centre of Coromerctal    •;•-.
£ iii.d Tout Ut Trade X
%       Culiinu   Unciceltcil        %,
jl &'
? S. r. WallHce       Prop. f.
' )\
' 'tl
aiaataiMiiHlM ■Y ",!&■■ yr<'ii^ ,;y..n ;mv:ft&rkin$b<}& aiph;
\-0\\ -^^T10!® '—■*•. '..:'
r, TTho toilTftln'g" notices of ,coal' and
petroleum locations in Block No.
4,5C_3, Southeast Kootenay, British.
Columbia, commencing at the claim
Jno. Jones,1 .No., 13,' which is located approximately 5 miles down the
Flathead river from the east . .side
line of.the Flathead Townsite, and
the .remaining claims as numbered
are staked one adjoining, the other
following down, the river, thus protecting a claim on-each side for the
uumbere named, anl also in the
same manner on the creeks describ-
eJ, the same being confluents of the
Flathead river.
.,. ^ '^^'/NOtlCSB^.;/^;;^'
21. Commencing at a post-planted
adjoining No. 20, southeast side, and.
is .southwe.t corner of Mary Hewitt's claim,, thsnee east' 80 chains;
thence south SO chains; thence west
£0,chains; thance north 80 chains to
point cf commencement.      '    "•   -
Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
..  MARY HEWITT, Locator.
A.  W.  BELDEN, Agent.      -     '
Witness—Thos. Slater. .7
' 22. Commencing at, a post planted
adjoining No. 21, north side, and is
th; northwest corner of Rocena Hew-
ittls ci'.im; thence north SO chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south
;v -ft\r/\
.    !8) chain'', th:nce west £0 chains   to
A^ent for Claims Nos. 13 to 50 in- -^ o£ c6mmenwmcnt.      ,
clusivo- ," Located this' 1st day of Aug. 1907.
NOTICE IS hereby given ^that 30
days- after date I intend to . apply
fjo the Hon. Chief Commissioner   of
Lands and Works for a license    to     23  0jmmenclng at a poBt plantea jpoinr of commencement
prospect for coal and petroleum on (^ soUh ^ rf Flathead river bhm |   Located thls'2nd day   of ..August,
■the following: described  lands   situ- jclaim na  te,ng soutlieast ;13'07.- *    ,       ,,'_      _ '•
ate in the   ' District  of    Southeast ; ...
Kcoten^y,   British   Cbiumlia,   Block
4,533.    ■ '"'■'.'
" EOCENA ..HEWITT,  Locator.
A. W. .BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater.
JACK H. WILMOT, Locator.
. A.; W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos."' Slater. .-.
32. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Claim No. 31, east .. side,
and leing the southwest corner post
of B. C. Laugtry's claim; thence
running, .north 80 chains; thence cast
80 chains; thence' south 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains to , point, of
Located th's. 2nd day. of August,
i:o:.   „   „""
B. C. LANGTRY, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.        ,;
Witness—Thos. Slater. ,
33. Commencing at Post No. 32,
south side, and being the northwest
corner of Lewi3 P. Larssn's claim;
thence running east 80 chains; thenco
south 80 chains;' thence west SO
chains; theuce north'80,. chains    to
^Y.l .y:YtftyrWEY2*iyl A
Located this 3rd day of Aug. 1907,
CHAS.  H.  WINGATE,, Locator.
A. ,W.: BELDEN, Aben't.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.      ;
42. Commencing at a post planted
east adjoining No.' 40, and being the
northwest corner of Evan Frazier's
claim; thence running east SO chains;
th-jnee south SO chains; thence west
.-.".■. _^0TiCKr-v\7;7;;j;,;;' y^tW^l~:~' ■
thence east 80 chains; thence nortii     62.' Commencing at a post planted"
80 chains; thence west SO chains to  north of" Homer ,   J.. Shinn's- claim,
point of commeiicemeat; .niafiing 640 No. .61,-and is the southeast -corner.,
acres, mere or less.   . '      ,__     ' post of Mrs'7Phoebe Shinn's..claim;
■ Located this 5th duy of Aug., iS07. 'i hence running west SO chains; thence..
BRUCE  C'lENDENNING;' Locator, ^north     £0   'ehains; -thence : east 8o"'
A.' W. BELDEN, Agent. ,     chains;  th;nco south ,80 chains    to
Witness-Thos." Slatei. '
. 53. Commencing at a post planted.
10 chains; thence north'80 chains "to ; just ■'west .of Claim No. 52 of   B.
''ccrntr-of Elizabeth S. Clark's, claim;
i thence    running     north 3 80 chains;
;th.nce y,;cst SO chains;. thence "south
13. Commencing at a post planted '^ chains;  thence cast 80.chains   to
on Flathead Trail 5 miles from Flat- ■ print 0f commencement. ,'' -
head townsite down Flathead river,
and' ...fco-ng,staler,  being the ncrthwest corner post j    ,    A. W. BELDEN,) Agent
of" thc    Jno. Jones     claim; running,|witn:ss-Thcs.  Slater,
thence south 80 chains;  thence west
SO   cliains;   thence   north   SO  chains; '.
thence east SO chains ■ to point "' ol
"*.     LEWIS' P.> LARSEN,   Locator.
■   A. W. BELDEN,' Agent." .i
Witness-Thos. Slater.
point'of commencement." '" ;-
Located this 3rd day of Aug. 1907.
.   EVAN FRAZIER, Locator.
■     A. W. BELDEN, Agent.   .
Witness—Thcs. Slater.  '
43. Commencing at a post planted
four miles up Graveyard Creek and.
adjoining Claim No. 42, and being
tho northeast corner of' Jesse Bu-
chh.lz's claim;,thence running north.
£0. chains; thence *' west • 80 chains;
thonce south 80'chains; thence east
point  of  commencement;   containing*'
C40 acres more or-less. ..
- Located this 5th day of Aug., 1S07.
MRS.  PHOEBE   SHINN,  Locator.*,,
\A' W. BELDEN, Agent.-
Clcndmning,    and being the northeast covi.cr post of A, Worth    ■iel-
den's claim; thence running, south 80.\Witness—Thos. Slat;r.
thenco west SO chains; thence north)' c3< Commencing at a post planted
80 chains; thence east 80 chains to, | nedr ^o Flathead river, adjoining
pblat of commencement, making 640 j Henry Helmc-r,'s claim No. .64 cn the
acres, moro or less. .east, and is the southwest corner-:f
Located this 5th day of Aug., 1907. Herman ' Ammann's    claim,   theace
A. WORTH BELDEN, Locator.'  ! tunning north SO chains; thence jast*
1 Witness-Thcs. Slutor.   '- "', j SO chains';   thence   south 80 chains;
54. Commencing at a post planted \ thenco west 80 chains to point    cf
just north of Claim No. 53,   being !commencement, containing 640'acres
SO chains   to ' point ' of commence- ' claim of A. Worth  Belden,   arid  U'-   more or-l.ss*.
ment.   •
'. Located this .3rd day of Aug. 1907.
,  JESSE  BUCHHOLZ,  Locator..
A.. .V.'BELDEN, Agent. ' *■
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
44.' Commencing at a post planted
east of'.and adjoining No. 43, "and" is
ing    the southeast  corner post',   of
!   24. Commencing n't a post planted
1 adjoining''Post 23, south side,
commencement.   ,.■       ' '■  '„
' Locate! this 1st day' cf Aug. 1907. :
JNO!  JONES, Locator.
A. W. BELT-EN, Agent.'
Witness—Thos.  Slater. -"     ■  'I
..  14. Commencing at a post planted j
on north side of post No. 13, being-l
'■- being northwest corner post of Thos.
Arria'C,'Horde's claim; thenco running    wes: ■ 80 chains;, thence north
SO chains;,  thence * east SO chains; iwitnesi— Tins." Sl;.tcr..'
i .- ■<
thence south 80*,chaii.s to point   of j
, Located this 5th day of Aug., 1907.
HERMAN  AMMANN,  Locator.   ."
* A. W. .'BELDEN, Agent.
64, Commeicln,' at a post planted
34. Commencing at a" post planted     44. Commencing at a post planted  commencement,     making 610 g acres ;W£s.t   (t '-Kcrman   Ammann's claim,-,
„,,.,,. „      .adjoining Claim No. 33's post,'west'[east of'.and adjoining No. 43,-and'is  moro, or,less. ' : Nol 63, and is two, miW" south'-   of'
down llathead, nver,    >Loc*teJ this ]st day of Aug, 1907. ^ .and -^ ihQ nortlleast c6rner of j the northwest comer of Coral Buch-'      Locatelthis 5th day 0f Aug., 1907.  aortto,Bt cora01. bcst of *John Aad.*
feel on east side, o[ri>-,,ELIZABETH^.^ARK, Locator., . J!rs<   Louis   st,lz,s   claim; - thence'! hol^s claim; thence-running'east SO ■ AR\TN  O.  HOXIE,,Lopator.    ^^ dJ;n ^Yilt, and being the .
running south 80 chains; thence, west J chains;    thence     south    80  chains; |       - A. W. LELDEN, Agent. Southeast corner pc-si of Henry Hel-
.80  chains;  thence  north  80" chains; j theace ..west 89 cliains; thence, north .jWitness-Thcs. Slater..       ,    , :m. reclaim; the.ee running'west'.'80
SO  chains;
thence  'buth'
au   cuuiiis;    iiiuulc   uuiui   ou   4,utiii±;j,     ..    —.    .    ., —-   — i ,. . ■      ■ ., m.r s _ciauu;   me_ce iun.:iu;
thence east SO ehains to point     of j?0   chains   to' point-    of commence- |   55, Commencing at,, a post planted ; chain7 '. taince'    north    I
commencement. 'mcnt-      . "      ".<-,- . j two 'miles west of posts -of. Claims th*enc^  '^ gb -cliains; .the
Lr-roC's" claim; thenco running south !13q-_
Located this   2nd   day of Auhust;
SO chains; th;nce west, SO chains;
! thence north 80-> chains; thence east
180 chains to poiat of ec'mmenccment.
;. Located this„ 1st. day of Aug. 1907.
THOS.  LARGE,, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, 'Agent.
northeast     corner  of Ena  Brown's ; witness—Thos.' Slater.. ' *
claim, lying west of Jno.* Jones' j 2j. Commencing Vat' a post planted
claim; thence running' west 80 chains; adjoin[ns n3rth tide of ciaim - stake
•thence running south 80 chains; j^ N^ ^ and lein, southwest c.r-
tbence,running e:st 89 chains; tbe'acs jncr    cf    Fre,v' ■ w_  Gaston's claim;
running north 81 chains to point of
comme-ncemeutf-"   -..**■    ■
Located this 1st day-of Aug. 1907
!    *'" ENA BROWN," Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent:
Witness—Thos.'Slater.    .'       "_'
1 ner.
thence running'east 80 chains; thence
north" 89 chains; thence west 80
chains;" th'.nce" south'80' chains.„ to
point of .commencement.', , ■"
' L.e;ted this, 1st, day of, Aug.* 1907:
FRED. ■ W.": GASTON,' Locator;
MRS. * LOUIS. STUTZ, Locator.
A. AV. BELDEN,'Agent.
Witness—Thus. Slater. "'..,■
' 35. Commencing at a* post planted
adjoining No. 33's south side, and
staked on the Flathead Trail' on
est tank of Flathead River? and. is
Located this 3rd day of Aug. 1907. jNos. 51,  52, '53 and 51,  and-   being ;_.„ c-:aills t6 point of comniencSuK'r,t.e
CORAL  BUCHHOLZ,  Locator, jthe. nrr.hwost comer'post of Elmer !cont,ining G40.acres more'or less.
A.W. BELDEN, Agent.- [Jones' cla'.m; thence running east !0 j   LoCited this
Witness—Thos. Slater.   .       :    ■. jch„ins;     thence    south   89    chains;
45. Commencing at a post planted 'theace west. 80 chains; thence' north
north side of Post 43, and being
southwest corner of Ray Kaufman's
tluim; thence running north 80 cha.ns
thence; west -80 chains; thence south
^ 15. CommenciFg"at a po¥t on'the-
eouth side of Flathead river, about
1 mile easfof claim .No. 14, and being the northeast corner of Henry.
Hewitt,* junior's, claim, thence running south 80 chains; thenee wcst.SO
chains; t'aent'e north 80 chains; thence
cast 80 chains to point of commence-
Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907;
HENRY HEWITT, Jr., Locator
A. W.-BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thosf Slater.
, 16. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining tho. claim,, (No; 15) of
Henry Hewitt, Jr.,'' on tho north,
Icing tho southeast corner of Henry
Hewitt's claim; running thence north
80 chaias; thonce west E0 chains;
thenco south. 89 chains; thonce oast
S3 chains to point of commencement.
Located t'ais 1st day of Aug.'1907.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Th-js. Slat'.r.
.  17. Comrnoncirig at a post planted
tho ,-oiuhwest corner'of H.- O. Gull- | M <*-n**s; thunCe east s0. cbains:, to
Hand's claim; thence*Waning east 80 jroint of commencement.   , ■     0
„" cn-.ins; then« norti 83 chains; then!    Located this 3rd day of Aug, 1907.
west  80    chains;    thence south    80
chains to point of commencement.
', -Located this. 2nd   day of August,
1307.' ,;   y ' ■"  „
H.  6.  GUILLIAND, Locator.
; A. W. BELDEN, Agent. -• .... »
Witness-Thos.*' Slater.- .   „ .'.
7 A7w. '.B^LDEN7^AgeptT7~      *
Witness—Thcs.  Slater.      "•
: 26.'Commencing at,a pest planted
adjoining east "side of Claim No." 21,
and. being, uorlheast cornier, of Mrs.,
Thos. Large'3 claim; thence-running
east .80' chains;     thence "south ,80
cha'ns; "thence  west SO ehains; theace
north 80 chains'   to point of   commencement. :■-...'
. L-.cated this 1st .day of Aug. 1S07.
• . MRS. THOS.* LARGE, Locator.
"A'. W. BELDEN, Agent,.     ,
Witne:s-Th'cs. Slater.' ,    -- .'    '.
27. Commencing* at' a' post planted'
on Flathead Trail* south;  and    adjoining ' Claim . • No. 26, and   .being
Kouthwcst corner., post of Jay Yco-,
rnon's claim;. thenco running,   north
SO chains;     thenco . onst 80 chains;
thonce south SO chains; thenco west
'£0 chnlns to point of commencement.
Located this 2nd day of Aug. 1907.'
JAY YEOMANS,' Locator.
A,  vV, TELDEN, Agont.   ,
WitncBS-Thos. Slater.
'.28. Commencing nt a post planted
SO chains-to point of commencem-ait,"-
ma'.:i:g C40 acres more or less.'   .
_ •L.catcd" this- 5th day of Aug.',-1907.
'.'"    ELMER  JONES, Locator.
* *'    A. ,W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thcs.  Slater.
56. Commencing at a post' planted
RAY KAUFMAN, Locator.' "        adjoining     Claim
A, w;* BELDEN.'Agent.   .'   „-      gjuth'* of it;'and being the" southwest
Witne:s—Thos.  Slater.*1*    ' corner'.-,.post  cf Geo!  E."- Schrie'ber^s
46. Commencing-at a postr planted  Cl-im; J"   thence     running    north'-.; 80
adjoining-No. 44 on north,side, and
is ,the" northwest\corner, of,,Arthur
Located this 5th'day of Aug. 1907.   .,*
'-.'''   HENRY HELMER, Locator.-
' A. W. ..BELDENp -Agent. '  ,
Witness—Thos.  Slater.   '
C5. Commencing at a post planted
at or' near   the claim     of Herman
Amm'..nn's ■*    No.   '63,    being   . tbe.
ncrt'awi'st corner post of Mrs. Her-"
man ^Ammann's     claim; thence fun- "
ning east 80 chains; .theuce south i.0
No. 55,.which, is  c]iains. fa^ west g0 chains;.thence,
iflini* Ihp Rrmthweit,  '■-,*»-.     ,    ;"       ,   ■       .   .      . '
north;,,SO.,.chains  to point  of.  com-   ,;
Towns end's    claim; thence    running
adjoining P..st No. 10, which is' tho
claim of Henry Hewitt, on the west, jWtBt E.do cf Post No. 27, and being
r.nd l.cing to.itliwcst corner post of najt>Ining Claim No."21 cn south
John J, l-Lwltt's cl.,lm; thence run-1s'tle, l.cln,,' southeast corner post ct
ning.n.rth 80 clul-is; thenco oast 80 !Henry Yconun'B claim; thence   run-
chal'iR,- thenco south SO chains; thence
west SO chnlns to point ol commencement,
Locatod tills 1st dny of Aug. 1007.
'   , JOHN J. HEWITT, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Asoat,   -■
WitnesH—Thos. Slater.
18, Commencing at a post planted
adjoining south sido of No, 17, tho
chlm of Jchri J. _ Hewitt, nnd being
tho nor'hwest com.r cf Wll'bm II.
Hewitt's chlm; thence runnln;; e:\st
f!0 chairs; thence fiouth 80 chains;
thonco wost 8) chains; thonro north
>'0 clninH to point of commence
Lucatol this Ht dny of Aug. 1907.
WM. If. HEWITT, Locator,
A. W. nRI.PEN, Agent.
Wttn.B8-ThoB. Slater.
19, Commencing at it pest planted
r.djolnlng Claim No. IT, belonging to
Jchn J. Hewl'.t, nouthoast Fide, le-
Ing r.utliMBt ccrnor of Chas. W.
Lea'a cltlm; tlKn'!*; west 80 chnlns;
tlrnco s.utli SO chulus; thoace eaat
80 chains; thence nortii 80 chains to
p.lnt cf c.iiiuiui.cciniiit,
L^utet tin* Ux i;i\y of Aug, VM;
('HAS. V.*. LEA, Loentor.
A. TF. RHLDEK, Agent.
W.tDcsB--Thio. Liattt.
20, Onmmftnclnr nt. ni Jtott p1nnti*i1
ndjoiiiiiig (Llm No. 19, south, nnd
Is northeast corner post of Clara II,
Leim claim; llisr.ee south SO chains;
thonce west 80 chains; thenco north
F0 claim; thence east 80 chains to
P lnt of commencement
ning n rth 80,chains; thence west 80
ch Ins;    thonco     south   80   chains;
thenco oast 83 chains to point    of
Located tuiV2nd day of Aug. 1907.'
•HENRY   YEOMANS, Locator.
V.  .V. DELDEN, Agont.
WHnesa-'Chcs.' Shtor.
29. Commencing at a pest planted*
adjoining Post No. 27 on south side,
and is. tho nort'awest comer of LouU
Stuti's' claim; tVeaco ,'r;mnlBg cast,
83 cha'.-s; thuico B-jU'a 80 chains;
thenco wont !0 rh In.i; tbeiico ncrlh
80 ch ins t.» point of commencement.
L.catcd tbii 2nd dny of Aug, 1907.'
A.'W. BELDEN, Agent.
Wltness-Thos. Sinter,
30. Commencing at a post adjoin-
ln; No. 21 on its west Bldo, and being tho norlhost corner of Arthur
Nowsom'u cLim; thenco running
bouth 80 chnL»; thonco west 80
ch-la3; thei-co north 80 chains;
tlience east 10 chnlns to point cf
Located this 2nd dny of Aug. 1J07.
" .VnTHUU.NEWSOM, Locator.
A. IV. BULDBN*. A«ent.
Witn:sj—Thos. SLater.
SI PommP-.P'Tif nt n *v«t pVmtffl
on tbo west bank of Flathead river,
adjoining Clnlm Ko, 28, south side,
and Lelng the southwest corner -post
of Jack H. Wllmot's claim; thence
running north 80 cbains; thence west
180 chains;     thenca south 80 chains;
36. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Fost.No. 35's, south side,
and is .the northwest corner of Swan
Petersen's claim; -thence "running
oast. £0 chains; thence south" 80
chains; thonce west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains' to point of commencement.  .* '    •       ,     "
Located this 2nd day of August,
i:07. ..,,-,-"
A.  W.  BELDEN,  Agent.,
Witness—Thos., Slater.       ■ -, .
37. Commencing at a post plantod
adjoining Fost No.-36's, west side,,
ond being northeast corner post of
fsoac Wfldron's cluhn; '.thonco- run-,
ning north 80 .c'aalns;. thonco, west 80
cbains; the:;c6 south 80 chains; thenco
cast £0 'chains to point of commencement. • " 4*,
Located this 2nd   day   of August,
1J07. " ,       " .
A. W, BELDEN, Agont.
W tiies's-Thos. Slater.
3Sl Commencing nt n post planted
.idjoluing No. 37, south, and'is tho
"northonBt ciorncr of Jno. Audcrson's
claim; thsuco running • Bouth 80
chins', th'.ncd west 80 chains;,thence
north '80„ chains; thonco oast 80
chains, to point of commencement,
LoCkit.d this 2nd   day ot August,
ro7.: • .-■'''
JNO. ANDERSON,* Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agont.
Witn -us—Thus. Slater.
30, Commencing nt a, post plantod
two' mlL's up Graveyard Crook from
Flathcid River and Trail oaBt,' and
being n.rthoaot cornor of Jcsoph
J. no:' claim; thenco running cast 80
chihvr, thenco south £0 chains;
thonco wait 80 chains; thenca north
80 chains to point of coromonco-
Located this 3rd day ot August,
A. W. HBLDEN, Agent.
Wltn.b»-TtKB. Slater. ,t
40, Cotnmencln-j nt a post planted
adjoining No. 89 on the west, being
soutbo..et corner of Wlngate Beldcn'u
claim; thonco running east 80
chains; thence north CO chains; theuce
went 80 rlmlns: thonco smith ,80
chf.ltiH to point of conimcr.CDment.
L'catod this   3rd   day ol August,
A. % DELDEN, Agont.
WltiifRB—Thn-.    Sinter
41. Commenelnj; nt n. poet planted
adjoining No. 40'e, o.^st side, and is
staVed n^rth side of river on bank,
and is southwest corntr ot Chas. H.
Vt'ingatc's claim; thence running east
east' SO^h^insp^thence"north . 80
chains;-' thence west 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains to point of ^com-:
msneement.., -
Located this-3rd day of Aug. 1907.
*   ARTHUR. TOWNSEND, Locator.
A. Y> BELDEN,* Agent. '   °
Witness—Thos.' Slater.   .-        '   ' *
47. Commencing at a post planted
south and adjoining Claim No. 42
end 43, and being the -noHheast corner pest o! Ella Tow'nsend's claim;
thence running west 80.' chains;
tt'tnee south £0 chains;. thence east
807hains; th;nce north'80 chains to
point of-, commencement."   "■
Locat'.d this 3rd day! cf Aug. 1907.
ELLA TOWNSEND,  Locator.-'
,    A. W. BELDEN,,Agont. .
Witnoss-Thon. Slater.
i. "       *c.
48., Commencing nt a post planted
just north of 'Post No. 47, nnd bolng
the    northwest _ corner - of   Franlc
Swcii y's claim; thenco running north
80 chains; . thonce   west 80 chains';
thonce south' 80 chains:'' the'nc*o east
chains; thanceeast 80 chains;, thence
south' .80,chains; thence ,-west 80
chains     to' 'thc\pAint_cLLc.omm_enj_^L
menccment, ■ -' containing    640   acres,
ment,'making ,, 640 acres more <.r-
less! 7 7' .' . . ■ .„ -,•_.'
: Located this 5th day of Aug.-, 1907.
GEO. E; SCHREIB.ER,,Locator"
A., W.,BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater.   ' '     "
57. Commencing at „a post plantad
west of Claim No..55, the claim of.
Elmer Jones, and being thc northeast corn;r post cf Madgo Cass's
claim; thence" 'running south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence oast. 80
chains ' to 'point* cf commencement,
making CiO 'scr-.s more cr l.ss,   ■
' Located this' 5th day of Aug.', 1007.
- MA.DOK CASS," Locator.
.  A.W. BELDEN,'"Agent.
Witness—Thos.  Slatu". -
58. Co'mmeucln.,' at a post planted
adjoining nort'a * sido of Chlm No.
57, the claim cf Mr.dgo Oasi, and is
tho southo.'.st c:rnor post cf W. W.
H, * Elmer's claim; thonco rumiing
west   80 chains;     tlunco   r.orth 80
-.0 chains to point of commencement. |dlftl,18i thenco 0ftst 80 cl^in1s: thenco
Locr.t:d this1 ZrA day cf Aug. 1907. 'south -80 cllBllls to P° nt*.of    com"
y ct Aug
A. W. BELDEN, Agont.,   ...   ■'
Witao::-Thos, Slator. •
49. Oomriioaclnt' nt a post planted
south cf Claim No. 48, and bolug
tho southwest corner'of Otto" . Oer-
hotl's claim; • thenco running   north
80 chiiiis; thonco oast 80 cbains;
lhci:;o south' 89 chalus; thencM west
SO chains to place of commencement.
Located this 3rd day of Aug. 1907,
•  OTTO OERDOTH, Locator.
A. W. .'BELDEN, Agent.
Witncrs—Thos. Slater.
CO. Commencing at a post planted
just south cf No. 49, and bolng tho
northwest ocmer post of Mrs. Otto
aorln'Vu claim; tbence running east
81 chains; thenco south 80 chains;
th r* west 80 cliains; thence north
SO clnlui to point ot i^pmonccment.
Locat:d this 3rd dny ot Aug, 1907.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness-Thos, Slater.
BI, OommcMiclnK nt a post planted
two miles wost up tho crook from
DUthiad River, and being immedl-
t.tely w;st of Jolin Anderson's c)f.lm
mo.-.c m.nt,  making 6*10 iu*res mere
L.cattd tl Is Eth day of Aug., 1907,
.    W. W. D. ELMER, Locator,   ■
A. W„DELDEN, Agont.    ^.
Witncss-Thosi, Sinter.      . .     -.*- -
59. Oomncrcing nt a pr-st plautvl
two mll.s wost up tho „creok from
Clalm3 number.d C5, GO, 57 nnd 63,
and Lclng the southwost cornor post
cf William A, Watson's claim; t:»nc9
runninj north 80 chains; thonco o:.st
80 chains; tl:o.:co scuth £0 t'la'.as;
thenco wost 8) ch..lns to point of
Loc'it-.d this Cth day ot Aug.,'1907.
A. W. DELDEN, Asont.
Wltncss-'Thos. Sl.it.r.
00, Oommcnclajr nt a post planted
adjoining Clnlm No. 53 on tlw i-outh
silc, and being tho northwest corner
poBt tf Mrs, FroJ W. 0;st',n's
rhim; thence running e:st 80 cha.ns;
th:nco s:Uth 89 chains; thonce. wist
83 chains; thonco north 80 chalns-to.
point cf commencement, making C40
acres moro or l?83.
Located this Cth day.ot Aug., 1907.
Lucnto.1 this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
CLATIA H. LKA, tiotmtot.
A. W. BRLDKN, Agent.
Wltntnt-Tlnl. RUter.
tbence east 80 ch-lni to point   of
Located this it\&  i&y of August,
No. 3«, being tho BoiithwcBt corner! MRS. FRED. W. GASTON, Locator,
of .fo:omo Drumlio'lfr'*. cl imjtho*co: A. W. DELDEN, Agent,
lur.nnif north 80 chains; thonce cnBt Witness—Thos. BLtcr.
80 chains; tVenco Bouth fO rluins; i ct. Commencing, at a p«;8t plantod
thenco west (-0, cli8lnsitto point of jodjtl itxjt • kiim ls*o. CO, being Mrs,
c*;mmenc*ment, ccmt.iining C40 rirts'Fred Onstn's claim, to tho west-
rrnri* nr Ion"?. '••"itd   'Vrc-r,   ntirt  .'i»ln-j tbo nort'i-
Locitod this Cth day of Au^r, V07.'east   crrncr    rest   tf   Hcmer-J.
JEROME   DRUMHELLER, Loc*i*",ir. siil-n's claim: thonoo running south
A. W, BELDEN, Acent.
Wltness-Thos. Sinter.
f.2.-Commenclnjf   at   a   post just
80 elm'.nr, ttifxt'eo north 80   clnlns; judfolnln? Clnlm No. 81, of .Terome |cont!nlner MO aer.s mote ot \tsi
thence went 80 chains; thonce south
80 chains; thence west, 80 chains;
th.nce nrrth 89 clnlm.; thonce o.'ist
to < Intra to paint of commencement,
•*•'# clnIns to point of commence:
ment £0 chains; thenee south 80
chitas to point ot commencement.
Drumhell-r, southward ot said claim,     Ijocnted this Bthdny of Aug., 1907.
and fcclng the northwent corner post   .   ,  HOMBll J. BIIINN, Locator.
of  Druce    CleaJsnlnK   claim,   And
ruiinttt?   thecce  south    80 chains;
.    A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witn.M-Th:«. Slater.
more cr less.'/ •"'._.'        ' ■■■;    7.
Located  this 5th day  cf Aug.* 1907..
. . At~Wt*BELDEN—AgentT^^-
Witness-Thos.  Slater... „
CG. Commencing at a post planted'
adjoining the claim of Henry Hel-' '
mer, No. 64, on the south, .being the''
northeast corner post of Mrs. Louto
Larson's clrim; thence running s n:tli
£0 chains; . thence west .80 chains;
thonco n:rth-!:0 chains; the:co east
80 chains , to' point cf cbmmonce.
mer.t, ..containing 610 acr.s moreu or
Located  this 5th day - of Aug., 1907.
MRS. LOUIE LARSON,- Locator."'
- A7W. BELDEN, ■ Agent.
Wi' ness—Thos.  Slater. -
C7.„.Cumm;ncing at a post planted
at or 'near and adjoining Henry
Yeoman's claim, No* 28 on its west
side, and Lclng tho northeast corui*
post of Harry Mun3on's claim; '
thence runn'ng, west 80 chains;'
thiuco south 80 chairs; thenco c ct
SO chains; th:ueo n;rth 80.chain3 to
po!:.t of 'commenccm'jnt, containing
040 ncr.a rhcro or less.
Loeat;d  this Cth dny of Aug.,  1907.
HARRY V.UNSON, Locator!   ,
A..W. BELDEN, Agent.
WitiKss-rhos. Rlrit-r.
C8. Commencing at a post planted
ndjoinlng Harry Munson's claim No.
CT on the north' sltlo, and being tho
8onth,r.st ccrnor post ot Monty
Adr.m's claim; thenco running west
80 ch.ins; ' thonco nerth 80 chaina;
thence o:st 80 chains; thenco south
EOrClnins to p:lnt of commencement,
containing C40 ceres more or less.
Located this Cth dny of Aug., 1007.
MONTY ADAMS, Locator, '
A. W. BELDEN, Asent.
Witno.s-Thos. Slater.
09. Commotclne; at a pust plaii''.o4
cno n.ilj north ct Slonty Adams's ,
claim No. CS, and being, tyro, miles
north of tbo southeast corner post
ot said claim No. C8, and being xho
northeast corn.r poBt of W. W.. J.
Mor.'t.on's claim; thenco runnlnj:
weat 80 chains; then^ s:uth 80
thelns; thuneo east 80 chains; theico
north 80 chains to point of com-
raoncem.nt, mikin** CiO acr.s moro
cr l'.ss.
Located this Cth day of Aug., 1907.
W. W. J. MORRISON, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agont.
WitncB,—Thcs. tiihtor.
70. Com.acnclng at a post planted
.idjblufnj. corn;r ptst No. C9 of tho.
cla^jm cf W. W. J, Morrison, which
la ,->n tho n-mfii o|i1p, nnd •hMnir'thi*
southoast corntr post ot Henry tl i**
pentcr's dim; thence running'west
80 chains; thence ncrtb 80 chains;
thence east f0 chains; thence soiUh
£0 chnlns to point ot commencement,
maHnr «40 itercs m:re or lesi.
Located this 6th day ot Aug.,  -9)'.
HENRr CARPWNTKR,  1,o«txt*t.
A. W. DELDEN,' Agent.
Wit'-CSi-Tho". Si'altr. ,    '.
.. u
/>'£J FERNIE IBtfGErt, PERNIO, B. C, SEW. .1, 1907
&«.    '„■",'
Prepare it at Home by Shaking
Ingredients Well in a
:?".-■.■"    Bottle.       -
>hry"ir%,tfuld' riotbe"a's'-pleri'did remedy
for. kidney and .urinaiy. troubles'and
backache, as it has~ a'peculiar action
upon the kidney structure, nleansing-
these most important 'organs and helping- them to sift and filter from the.
blood the foul acids and waste matter
which' cause sickness aiid suffering-.
Those of' our readers who suffer can
make no mistake i(i giving it a trial.
koq;,-is.,Naal(!J.a &tn
What will appear very interesting to
many people heie is the article taken
from a.New York daily paper, giving-
a simplb prescription, as formulated by
a noted authority, who claims that' he
hns found a positive remedy to cure
almost any case of backache or kidney,
or bladder derangement, In the following simple prescription, if taken before
ihe stage of Blight's disease.
. . Fluid Extract Dandeloln, one half
ounce, Compound Knrgori; one ounce;
Compound.;Syrup.. Sarsaparilla, three
ounces.-Shako well'in 'a'bottle and
take in teaepoonfu. doses after each
meal and again at bed time.
A well known druggist hero at home
when asked regarding this prescription.
"oBtated -that the . ingredients aro all
- harmless, and can bo ohtnined  at  a
: small cost from any good prescription'
pharmacy; or the mixture would bo put
■ up if asked to do so.   He further stated
.that, while'this prescription   is .'often
prescribed in rheumatic afflictions with
*  Bplendid results, he could see no reason
'-'"■■       "
At the'mcetii'g ot Local Fernie S- P.
of C. last Sunday, Mr. J. Harrington
gave au' address entitled "lhe Class
Struggle," and' those who were fortur..
ate enough to' hear him° considered
themselves reward-, d for bras-ing the
elements. . •
The ppenker, gave nn outline of, the
Darwinian theory of the struggle for ex
if-tonce in its lelation to the human family from snvHt.ery to our present ci\ili-
7.al.on.nnd;.tho lirst evidences of-the
class btniggle are to be found in the
warnings of Socrates, who pointed out
to the Athtii.ians.thc danger of the numerous slaves (workers) umuj? and overthrowing the ruling class. Throughout
llie centuries past the class struggles
have been the greatest historical events
alt!'ou»!i the voice "nf rhe worker, has
usually been drowned in the din of the
st'rlio between the powerful rising middle, class, or bourgeons, aiid the monorchia! class. When the middle clasB
succeeded as the ruling power and'in*
au^rated^ttie™Bystem of production
known to.us as capitalistic,-the;class
struggle then became directly one be/
tweeh the exploited workers and,the
master classes, labor and capital. -
.Trades uhioniem is an acknowledgement of the claes struggle, for every
concession made has had to: be fought
for, but trades unionism that does not
carry the class etruggle into the political arena ie doomed to perpetual servitude. Laboring mon, the proletariat of
all nations, are waking to (he fact, and
Karl Marx's ."Vvoikein of the woild
unite, you havo nothing to lose but
your chains, you have a world to gain,'1
is being sound-id where var workers are
banded togeth'ei for'mutual protection
Class antagonisms will only be abolish-
jd by the ushering in of the long
dreamed of co operative commonwealth,
and' so soon ns tlie workers are conscious cf their class interests, bo soon
will thc dawn of their economic freedom
appear. 7        ■      "
Mr. Shooter is to be the speaker a
the meeting of the S. P. of C-noxt Sun-
any evening, and Mr. Williams will Bing
"Asleep in' tho Deep." Trie" subject
underdU'cussibn will be "The tendencies
of- tho. times from a. Socialist, stand
point," and will bo in the-"nature, of a
reply to a sermon preached by the Rev
Wi- Lashley Hall, of Fernie.
Arrangements are beimr made to hold
meetings once iu each-month in .the
Club House, Coal Creek, when Local
Fernie, S. P. of  C. will give addresses
'lii.  J. ,,v «uk_^ --» 4_i ^ivJ4   —;. i i ~Ji |-J.   i  r
"J!.; 7< *v NThe-vX^-v**-*-^
Elk  Lumber Co.
': Limited
'■     rianufacturers of
1 Siding
]. Finishing
i'.''-    ■  ' , .
' I Lumber &
11 Mouldings
(i *.-,  ,
(7   ■
(»     .   •
I». "All our   stock   is   last   year's
(I cut and well seasoned
(I       *■ .  ■   ■>
on the Socialist philosophy'and labor
questions. Thanks are due to the management for this privilege.
incorporated under^he'laws''of. British Columbia._
Secured in Canada and United States Patent Office.
"''President—W.   Mi:; Whimster," Pojice Magistrate.'
Vice-President-AWW.7iBleasdel I,   Ex Mayor of Fernie.
Treasurer—T., Beck,..Merchant, ,Fernie. ,
, SeWtary-M.7jK«stncrtiFernie...!.;'.,. -...?
birectorBf--A7 C.   Llphardt,  "Jeweller:*
".7.7   .■•-JoclAlell^/'MeVchant*. ,"._
' ■   ."li   G. r McDonald*- UlackBmith.
C.  O. ,Demaurez,..Jeweller.
.£. ~S{ •■■'",  M ■
"-.,xi   t-* * * S-*E -1   "-" "\.i-> '■''','
We are now prepared to place 3,000 shares only (fully paid up and non-
assessable) on the markety the proceeds of which are to be used to build a
propeller big enough to demonstrate the practicability of the invention*-'.
^ic^^^ the Patent office  75%   of  all  money  is
invested directly or indirectly in patents.
■i <.
AU big inventions have been sneered at and turned down, aiid stock went
begging atva low/price, and notone person in a thousand took advantage of.,
the opportunity to buy the stock. For example, Mr. Westingliouse, inventor of
the now famous air-b*ake, was kicked out of his own father's factory. Kelly, the
inventor of Bessemer steel, was called crazy. Bell Telephone stock went begging,
as also thousands of others too, numerous to mention.
Mostly all the big fortunes have been made through patents, or brains
as it should be called.
■ "-,..* . ■    '     > ,' , -■     ■
What is a stockholder in our company?   He is a partner.   His stock
represents his interest.  If he wishes to sell his stock he can do so.   The books
liare open to every shareholder for inspection.
j Buy at once all you can afford.
In about three months' time you may have to pay 500% more for stock.
Stbclc purchased ky the foundation of a fortune for life.
This1 'new^propeilor will, iii our opinion, make a great saving in coal nnd
' machinery, and on that account leave moro space for merchandise in a vessel.  It
will go at any speed desired, and is perfectly safe, as it can bo repaired in case of
breakage at sea or elsewhere without going into dry dock.
For further information apply to any of tho officers.
Selling Agonts-M. A. Kastnor, C. 0. Demaurez.
Thft llemaiirftz Prnneller Co.. Limited
ssl      H   M  %mit **%*¥    ^tstr   I   1   IV  '-•fe'% '••Js/W  ww      ^s*f ostmsw 00 *t       ******    *u***f     v-v    •*■»   m    ****    •** ■**>       ^*     *     m
IFIEKltf IE,  OB. O.
P.S.-You may count on 0. 0. Demaurez to make this invention a grand
success.-©. 0. Dema^ez.
This is a home company, and we will try to keep it 90.
B y L-l-ET I N
-■, ■ __'.■,' Visii the; '   -'■.        '   r"
Spokane Inter-State Fair
at Spokane, Wash.
SEPT.   23rd   TO   OCT.   5th,   1907
September 21st to October 2nd inclusive we will have rate of
One fare and one-third for the round trip.
Gocd returninu October 7th '
September 2fith we   will have  rate ot   One Fare for the
Round trip.   Good returning October 7th.
For particulars call on or address
H. L;". BLACKSTONE, Agt., Fornic
or W. A. ROSS, A. G. P. A., Seattle,
From  France,   Holland and
,* Japan     . ■ ■ ■
VWNTSi ••;.'
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
■Fertilizers,-. Bee.j Supplu-s... Spray
Pumps, j Spraviue Matei ial,. ; Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest - established
nursery on tbe mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free,   '-' ; .*-    " D   ;;  "
M. J. HEWRY'8 Y,
- m\r**n**m*** °^«^iiMMIiMslM
■*■* VAneouviii.a. «.-—•-
• llii-w.ilu'j
60   YEAR*'.*'
Reduced   Rates   from   Eastern
. .     Points  on  Sale  Daily  *•■
September let'to October 31st   ', .
Montreal ; 546.10
Ottawa ..:..'..... ,.§44.8,5
Guelph ,
Correspondingly ""Cow   Rates
,- Intermediate Point-j   .
Soo-Spokane  Serv cc
.The Finest on the Coniinet;'" ,*nd*!'tli»
'■'■'.'. ;Fastest between Spokane*ana-'
'* f .''.m the-Twin Citkefl--
The Canadian Pacific Operates!
Standurd Sleeping Cars
& Tourist Sfeeplns Cars
Oa   Two   Daily-5   Transcontinental
■■ Trains in each direction
■ »,?? I'*-
Tri.dc Marks
:   OMIdN-ii'   "
: CoivmiOHTS Ac.
AhyonofcndlnK n slsclch si-.d & ucrlntI.mi mny
I'tlcklr uscertnln o«r oiilntim fMo'whetccr fcn
mvoirtlon lnprobnblrPitoiiiabia.   Communira..
llonmtrlctlr confldeiitlal. KAKC^IOK oa I's'uac
•ont tie*. Uldost niiency tor cecurlry- r.tenu.
Patanu taken ttroueh Muntt & Co. rtcelTO
tptctilnottee, without olmruo, U too   ,    . .
Sdeiitif ic .fluwic-itt.
A fcrmdMrnWr Uliutr*t«d .weeklf,   Lnreeat eir*
euMtlon of any BolentlJo JoinndL  Terma, SS • ■
resrifonrnvontnt.il. Bold by •11 newiattUow.
For Hates; Reeotvations, and nny Information
(r   desired, spply
0. S. FVt*E, Depot. Ticltot Agent
E. J. COYJiE, AG. V. A., Vancouver, or
JOHN MOE, D. P. A, Nelson.
- ■    -       * -      -  *i	
lb 'Consumptives
'■<,'":-'■'.,    .. j .1 j   .'    '*   . -
Tbo underslanod harlog been ro-
otored to health by simple moans,
artor aufforlng for .■ereralyearH
with a severe lung affection, and
that dread dlsoaso CONSUMPTION,
la anxious to make known to hla
follow aufforora tho means of oure.
To   those who   doslre it, ho   will
'FOR $2.00
! With a diamond rlnur I reveal
free how to secure n beautiful complexion., DlnmondN and exquisite*
couuilexlou nre both desirable. An
ojipoituuity to every woman is now offered for obtnlning both. For $2.00 I
offer u 12 Kt. Gold Shell Kingr,
shape like tx belcher, with aTiffuny sot-
ehoorfully   Bond (froo of ohargo) a tliijr, set with a genuine diamond
oopy of tho prcBorlptlon usod, whlob And will send free with every oritur tho
thoy will find a ouro for CONSUMP
TION, ASTHMA, CATAMIH, BRONCHITIS and all throat and lung
MALADIES.. Ho hopes all sufferers
will try this Romedy, as It Is Invalu-
able,7 Thoso desiring tha prs-unrlp*-
tion, whioh will cost the nothing,
and:mar* prove a. blesslDg,, yr\U
please, address ...,, ,_.M4/,'rr. -s ;
'' , £EV. KD,WAnD A. WILBOJf,.
^;• *  ,  Brooklyn,; N. Y.
Union " :;ui   '
. ■   . (I'onnorly - tlm 0,vl)
'Iviic, Owl Koaljuiranl
which has recently
will be more completely
up-to-date than has
been thc case in the
past. Thc new proprietor,
lo^*'"**  ^^'F»V•J<<,fc*,
***** ^-a*-*' *xi  ***0  *0 M    *******  A    o*  <**mst m
will be pleased to meet
the old patrons and alto new ones at the ok'
Best of
reclpo nnd iliructiotis, for obtnlnlny; a
faultless complexion, easily understood
and simple to follow. It will savo tho
expense of Creams, Cosmetics and
Bleaches. Will free the skin from pimple*, Blackheads, etc.,and give the hi*in
beauty,and noftnorig.        ._'!.,
RIN(J, Is * ,guaranteed i by  the
manufacturer to bo agrepresented
and should any, purchaser ho dliiatlillod
I will cheerfully,rofuml tlio money.
Do not let tho. prlco iload you -to
doubt tho /rcmiliic-ncHH or vuluo
of tlilM rlnir* astlio above Kunrantoo
proleclA cm h ' nml every purchnsor.
Hend mo $2.00 by mull ami ta!-
iidviuituirc oi'thlH offer, n** tliu tl o
U limited. Bend kzo of fInk**•' foi'
whit'li ilii),'' U desired,
111! K;^t 1'ltid .-'tn'ot        Nun* Ymi; (,'iiy
Send ute your inline- nn    tlio
mimoHof r> rojintublo peoplo ns
r.-fprrirn'O and I will forwnrd ymi a
I'rnjinr.ltlnn to net n« my n^cnt nnd fell
my goods In your lonilitv.
T. C. MOSELEY     .
,„    Uiipartmcnt 16 ■>
Ji JiAiitii'ird t>tf«cl, SKW XUliK Cl 11'
Jly ft—Sm
Read the Ledger
Nor man Rusk
Gonerol Blaoksnilth
,  v     ! ' -    "■*,   •'."**    ,'    :, •■■   -i       I
R*l*uirii.K,   etc,
Cr-Tucr of Vlrtorln Avenne A Jeffrey it
i-V. i.
iivi»<i»•"t**7*«i»'*.»♦W".* -fi* 'v*->.i *v '.* .***»»i**'»v«t*»,,t» »****'i-v-.'"** «»**i*> *•* •••'
*,'«*«*v '    :»' *,V",,r. „4.k*ft ,"7,.*/iu:,,^^^v'-ii»0iV-«-^**-VK^^^S---t'S
;   jgl. - -        -i ;
-. ■* -.
News of the Cit
• *:* *   '"'•    "•■ ■*7-*'-.\'-'" 7* ■■-- -., i   .:     , ■-,    ...,.-.?;;*>:      .,,-       .y.
For Sale—Household goods - of'all |
kinds,"iududing'furniture, carpets and]
nigs, china and crockery ware, liitchen j *, •♦«
utensils and.gardon tools.   Apply alter ]   *:_
3 pin', at i6,7y,ilnisley stieet,-second j-.♦.
house from rrosbvtemii Church. Terms ,: "J
" 1    - «i
cash.'   ■•'•.- • ,*,
* i <*
Wanted.—Dressmaking by the' day.. *,■
Apply Miss Rclnvaruhoff, at Mrs. John _ *:
Crawford's.  ■ ..*   ,     ',' '  !,      .   **•
IH Wanted to ' ■ rent.—Comfortable ' •:
house, 7 or 8 rooms, modern.—Apply , n*i
W. S. Stanley, "Ledger" ofiice;   '' " ■  ,<
■■   ' BIRTHS        "
, To Dr. and Mrs. Bonnell, on Saturday
1'lth", a daughter.       *    *
■ In.west Fernie on .Monday, Sept.
. 6th, to the' wife cf Fred Shaw, a son.
• t      . ■, ""•
On Tuesday, Sept. 17th, to the wife
of George Moulder, ,1 son.
Oil Thursday,' Sept.. 19th," to .the j
wife ot — Marshall, a daughter.   "■' „ j
On Sunday, the 15th. to the wife of!
Al. liizzutto, a.daughter-.
We have just unloaded a-car of chpic8 Vegetables.
.  AshorcSt Pots'liGesj;. GaSsbsgej, Turnips,.
Beets,    Garrets', '  Omens, r Tomatoes
"'"''        , at lowest  prices.'    Cash Only.
Specials, foi" Saturday
.Golden W'est'Toil'et feoap, rea1. 30o a .box-        .   °'
Special ror Saturday....... :.*: ......
Ginger Snaps   ■                                              "7
' Special' for Saturday, -'ii lbs..■....- ,-.
% ^uytorOnsh ■     *$-?_,_'J,    BLUNDELL '   - P'-°'"Pt bcUvc'-y   "%
No'creclit* expenses and losses, - We, buy wholesale in wholesale quantities for cash';
Wc sell for, strictly, cash—for a small and cjuick "maV^iii*of profit. In nddition'to the
saving,effected by. our low,prices a coupon is given with each 50c purchase, equal to a
further 5 -per'"cent, discount. These are some of the reasons,why-it means money in
your" pocket to allow us-to cater £0 your'wants,-together with the-satisfaction
of efficient .service and. polite attention.  ■     ;     ;   *, ■      -      ".-
■ ujT^itrwijttfci
: Notorious Bandit Reported in
'   Mrs. E.Todd's windows are looking-]
very nice these.days. .   ,'   *      -..'''   ! -
To Rev. I  C, and .Nrs.^Villinmson,!     -^       ■'      '          ■'',.'"
,on Tuesday, September 17, a daughter *    if Bill Miner was concerned in'the
• "Mr. Pat Whelan returned'froin the| lust daring railway liold-up inlNorth
east Sunday morning. , ";'em  Washington,  between .Fernie au'd
;   Copy for all ads. mnsl-bo in not later! Spokane, he must have planned    it
(54***WW. '"•i-'^tv^^EV'EW'i "-V*
Wo would esteem "it'a favor if you would shop as early on
Saturday as possible. This will enable us to give you better .attention and a more satisfactory delivery.
£3, DoN*f~you\
^ NEED 50ME[
than 'TlnirsMay noon,
be strictly-enforced.
This rule must
No.   5  on   Tuesday was dolayed
hours' through, a   rockslide   between
.Michel and the Loop. ..-*  }
Sherlock Holmes has started work. !•
That eminent sleuth has pone into the" v.iiic'ouvcrites
drummer business.
ahead from his liar in ' the -near
neighborhood'of-this' city, for ' on
Sunday,' Sept. "8, the slippery William was living in the deep .dike, on
Westhara Island-.' The hold-up took
place" on Thursday, Sept. 12, and4 on
the     previous. Sunday..,'a party' of
■ Spokane Inler-etate Fair commences
next Monday and Fernie will probably
he tvell renrfis-ehtei.." '        >. >
i-    ■   -1 ->
- Thomas Biffsrs'..brother., was :ohe of
thc arrjvals froin the Old Counti-y on
Wednesday'. "''-,.
• F. H. Sherman went to Taber on'
Thursday evening-train. He will return
-about tho middle-of next week.'
. Thc editor,,'of "The. Ledger" "will
deliver a lecture at the Coal Creek Ciub
on Sunday-ni'jht.'tl'O.'ifKh inst
* Harry Patterson, tho, manager of
Miller and Jtichaids, typefounders of
Winnipeg:' was in town on Friday; *
Charles Towers, of Coal, preek, has
been appointed selling agent for the
Peniaurc/i Propeller Co. for that place.
The streets' looked very busy on
Wednesday last, a lnr_ro contingent of
Old Country miners corning.In 011 the
Dr. Bonnell had a very cheerful smilo
last Saturday and he has our very
hearty conyrntiilations. Wo have not
too many girlB in Fernie.
Miss N. A. Tut ty" hns resigned her
position as stenouriiphcr for, the /,
Macdonald Co to accept a simitar ono
wilh tho-Co.il Co.
discovered. Miner in
the dike. . .
This is no fairy tale. William had'
a snug nest ^scooped out«in .the side
of the dike and''there ^he. lay., tow.,
Afcout 10 feet- of .water. immediately
adjacent to ,his,humble honie provided' a handy .-depositary.-for- anybody
Wlio should be inconveniently inquisitive, and-"those who'!.*,re dv are of
bis- having domiciled himself for-'
some timei on •. that spbt:;are of.'the
opinion that for any .'one who proved too'attentive, 'Miner would quick-'
ly have broken his alleged record ot
oot having ever,killed a man.
Minor's penitentiary socks and his
hat can now be produced by a .veil-,
known Vancouver man. This gentleman was one of the party that happened on Bill's Iittlo homo on Sunday week, and they found Bill had
just finished changing his socks. The
desperado sauntered away Into some
handy., bush and nobody followed
him. nio'ha'si'a nice"moustache now
and decently'. <ong liuir, not a bit
like a.ccnvict, (t will be remembered that before making his escape,
Miner secured permission to leave
hip upper lip'unahuved for somo tlmo
on the ground thnt It was sore, just
as he got permission to work out-
sido cn the ground that standing on
thc ground niad<f his feet sore, Tlut
Will.double the, plea*'
siire of your summer
outing. We have them
;hi all sizes; from the '
Brownie to the latest
.No. 1 Folding Pocket
,"Kodak. .Thev sell al-.
. ways at catalog price. -
Wo have a full line of   '
photographic supplies,
Films, Papers,' Developers, Mounts,   Dav- '■
light Machines, Plates
Tripods, etc.  etc.
Ci'll and see them. ...
CampMf7§ Gi^fhiiig.,;
CLOTHES?-    Our  Fall    display of Campbell's    Clothing' is.,now"
■- art P . _ 1
on u'iew.     Exclusive patterns and  designs  at  easy
prices  on   the  pocket' book.
KSsra-'s Suits .".  v _'-
Men's Tpousops. '. -„
N. E. Suddaby
Pernie    Drug   Store
■■' ■ '.$8.50-to $25.00'
»sira. quality ERgitsh Gord gsasiis 3.25
iStnff'Cnplain CuninhnB, of Calgary,
ciiiiiu in on tho c:ist hound Wi'dncsilay j ilfii(.firowm  moustocho,  -which    was
not mentionrd. In the description of
night, ai,d  loft  again  Thursday  for
i mm IN  FERIi
Picturesque and Impressive Ceremony.
L. 'P.   Eckstein
lloorao ltL-S.Hondorsonblool.. Fernio, B.C.
F. C.'LA WE   C    ALEX. I. FISHER, B.A..
Latoe Xr Fisher
Nest    Trading   Co."  Bloclc,
. Fernie, B. C.
Mackinaw' Suits each ' 8 8.90
Duck-Coats,-Mackinaw lined,"each ;....$' 5.00
Duck Cocats, wool lined, each.....'.."......?.....$-«l_75
Duck Coats," shccp'skin lined,- eacji $ 5.'75v
0   . "We sell the Big 4 Union made Working Glove
, Examine our.slibwinc* of Men's JIiats.   We'have
The Wilkinson in both stiff and soft shapes, also
, J. 13.' Stetson's in the latest styles.,.-   '
$1.00  to  $4.00
_When  it 'conies. "tb_^tab.le^uppji»tkl^\v^belie.ve-4hat^^
able  is." the best no matter the price. "Investigate our prices, they are money savers.
| VRoyal Houseliold Flour the best foi- any household
but costs you no more than inferior brands.- '
Per 50 lb. sack ....$1.55    Per 100 lb. sa,bk...'.i.'.$3.00 *.
The full dinner pail of Cream Sodas, each
We are agents for Pratt's Poultry & Stock Foods -
'Saturday Grocery Specials
Imported Herring' in Tomato Sauce 1     Pop tin
Imported Kippered Herring's \ ■   .
Imported I'ilcards J        15 C.
Seoley's bcst.quality 2oz. Essence.  15o
'" "•■        »  ■      '«'      4oz.    ■" ii '       ." .-.' *25c
Pear's UnscentcdSoap, percake.'.,'
Presorvlnf? Primes. Lombard Plums nnd Greengages, per Crnto
ON THEflK All/sJpS1  ...
Dry Goods
Our Fall und Winter mock of wearables is' now opened up, We shall
be glad to have you come and see'
our boautilul range of tadies' .Juckets,
Skirts and Blouses in the Nortliway
make. For style, workmanship and
material these garments cannot bo
equalled,   Wo inyite comparison.
The Salvation Army ' of Ferule
hold n mnrrhiKO Hervlco Wt'dncB'day
flight nt the Salvation Army. Bar-
racka, when Uiimlmnun tinloh Von*
nhlis nnd MIhh Clara Hlma rcro
united Jn holy matrimony in tho
pit'sonco of tlm HalviitionlNtti and a
l,*r,,o con*;ro«ntlon of friondn.
- Htiiff Captain Ooomhon, who lu
6fc itlonod , at Calvary canin in un
tho (UO from Vancoiivor specially
to conduct tho ceremony.
Ho was iiHuiHtod in tho Horvlco hy
thn oIUclTh In command, Capt, und
Mrs, Juhn-itonL', Cupt. Illckcrts, of
LethlirliU'o, and Limit. Wrluht. Tlio
brido looked very nleo In her Hnl-
vntlon luflslo costume. This novcr
CdBtinn aniilo of tho InMlgnu of ofllco
la wlmt maltcii a Sulvutton Army wedding imiircssivo ami pIcti'MHtine.
ttio decoration of the hall, Ih to be
congratulated on his buccobb. Tho
dr.ipln>r und hlondin^ ol the Salvation Army colors hcin"** very nffec-
A banquet for soldiers nnd a few
invited friends was Riven at I be
conclusion of the service.
Tbe bride and bridegroom were the
recipients of a lurge number ot
heiuitlful presents. To tbe bund o
word of praiso Is due for the wny
tbey curried out their duties.
Capt. and Mrs. Johnstone and
Lieut. Wright left on Thursday for
KeUon and Rossland to conduct ft
month's revival services in tbe latter plw*.
him that emanated from tho penitentiary, had much to do with his
not boin.-; rccoRnlzcd •■ and nppre-
hsndod. , ■
It Is more than likely thnt ' nftcr
hlH diseove'ry a week njjo last Snn-
clny. thoiifth it was not tho first
time thnt people had passed his retreat and had scon him,thoro. Miner
matured his plant, for anothor, railway hold-up, with thc result rolatcd
in Northern ffashlnifton. On tho
tlmt. ho Is moist likely hack again
other hand it Is thought hy somo
by now and may oven today he
drinking n Iittlo hour in some downtown, hotel. Ono thlnp; seoniB cortnln
nnd that is that Dill has the friend*
ship, protection and help of people
rihlo to do liim Ko'rvlce.—Vnncoiwer
-a-  " ' ■
The forty odd tiilnoi'H who landed In
Fertile from Ptnffordsh.ro, r.njrlnml,
this week, loft on Thursday (wonlnjrfor
the Michel canin.
Mr. nnd Mr*. William Jackson wlah
to express their thanks to tho people of
Fernie   for, their  sympathy  in  the
\V,       B0BI-, K, 0. J. S. T. At.KXANDKll
Ross & Alexander
Oilico In li.T. \V. Ulock, Victoria Avmuie,
II, W, liriK'UMKIl
Hlll'.ltWOOI) iii-:iioiimi.ii
UAnnisTEita, Solicitous, Eto,
OfllccB over P, Unrns' & Co'8 Block
Victoria Ave,
FEltNlE i_:   ■
J. Rni*bei**i l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T, W   Block,  opposite tho , Dnnl.
OllU'e houi-n-8 n.m to e p.m.
*• .Jackets^	
....$1.50 to $12.00
 $1.25 to $1.25
 810 to $20.00
Wrapperettes in fancy colorings 32"
wide, extra heavy cloths 121 & 15c yd
Klmona Cloths o( delicato colorings
in tlio latest designs... ,20c & 25o yd
Eiderdowns in fancy and plain colors
f>i" wide, quality the best.
Per yard OOo to $1.25
Delaines in pure wool, prcttv dc-
ym)u signs and colorings. Vcrv Biiitablo
Wl\    for Wouse8,   fci'yd • 50o
"v'T-ji        DInim forgot we soil tho
i*^  ArtlHiui Working:. Hoot for Men
mndo of solid leather.
bereavement of tholr child, who passed
Japt." Jolinstono,' whoi" "undertook j ««■">' °» Hoptombur flth, 1007
W. J, Wriglcsworth, D. D. S,
Orf.'W J.'-i-.','."", IT!; i! .1 .;;. It,; .X^.a.
sjo ton \>.m.
Ofltte In Atf. t «h'iUio«k
over HI inn- .Utsttj,
nnxiK,     -     -     - - -     o* o
II. 1.KM.. A.Wir,i)Uiix
•**■    —■■(>»»—■■»
Coiitructora nnd Itullilers
Ustimntes Purnlslicd
Residence—Corner Howland AVb. nnd
Mclivov St.
i'. O. Uox 3SS      ...       FcnWe, I). C.
Plans and  Ksliumles on Application
Residence 76 Howiand Ave.
J. W11.SON Gray, Auciiitrct
Fernie B. C.
Insurance and Customs Broker
Cr-cV-s (Kw* Trtdlnjf Co.  Block,
Ferale, B. C.
Builder and Contractor
tbtiroHtes clteerfolly elvon and work
promptly executed to the MtU-
fsction of oar otutomert.
r. o* c   - reRNie
tlMtttlrit frli!** In uth mouth is ITD. O. t.
III.II-Kaon..  .-. ,t ■ ..   '   v,.W.Xeejr.*
'■VfcnhtffstUtut,        ' iVmiktlittMimtf,
One Cent a Word
On j InMrtlon not Uu tlitn kM
work -Apply X* Un. Unit.
IUply l*<li*t ottXe*.
rll 8AWC, llEXlM-iRC (aBIZZbTV. Ifi.
lAtn from tip of not* ta tell. Hhoton
l.l««H rtin««.-AppljrUl«w.
WAfiB!*,,-AI'f °^FlcK nov""1" r
Some people mny think there
is easy money in train robbing
but if these robbu.** ...»u only
IcniMv-n of llie easy, money wc
nrc 0 fieri ng in the line of
aluminium at a low price with
20% olT, they would never have
atti»mriii»(! *-uch n hard task s.s
the holding: llP °fa travn* Don't {l
forget the zo% off afl sales.
# Whimster A Co.
T     -      f
ttsa-Je«arter«' fie Ul** «■< Hill •■^lles


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