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The Fernie Ledger 1907-09-28

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 -' -■*,
■rf .»■* & ,
-ts' V-""..--."
Vol; ill No. 6
Fernie, B. C, September 28, 1907
\;..      t^r^9^l".00/a,.YEAB
:Much Business .Transacted-
Some Amenities Explained.
. The City Council met in session on
Thursday night last, when a large
■amount of business was transacted.
Esports from fife chief, resignation of
•city clerk,* stumping- in Fernie" Annex,
financial report, for 1907, and_ street
lighting,, being the principal subjects
dealt with. Thoso present: The Mayor,
Aldermen   Tuttle,,   BleaBdell,   Quail,
, Trites, and Gntos, Alderman Mclntyre
being absent from tho city being the
only'absentee.,-  * '■
After .reading the minutes of the 'pre-
•'vious.meeting, tho reports of the fire
7 chief -were considered. *
; 7-The bribing of the telephone' from
upstairs toHlie ground floor,- placing
buzzards in firearms, houses not slcep-
" ing in the fire linll, were granted.   Tho
i raising of the hydrant opposite tho post
office, which is' useless in Us present
o position, and declared by AldermaH
•Tuttle" to bo the fault of the city, "and
the removal of the hydrant in Victoria
Avenue to a less dangerous place, were
' disciiBsed, and the Clork"was instructed
,to write City Council on the,matter.
Leave of absence was given the chief
from October 2nd _to the 10th to go to
the, Coast to fetch his family, J.„W.
Nuiin»to assume »charge ■ during „ the
chief's absence...        ,  ■-.     »>>
The U. M. W.'of A. will soon flnd if
tho Industrial Disputes,Investigation
Act is bf any use to the workers. Two
disputes are in course of investigation
under this Act.
President F. H. Sherman and. Mr.
John R. Macdonald. having* failed to
agree upon a chairman for the Hillcrest
board, the Minister of Labor has ap
pointed the Hon. C.W. Fisher, Speaker
of the Alberta Legislature, as chairman.
Mr. Fiaher should make a good chairman. * He represents the Banff riding
in thc Provincial House; and is a Btrong
Liberal. ...,*:",'.
The application of the Hosmer Miners
Union for a Board of Investigation
under the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act has been granted. F. H.
Sherman will act as- arbitrator ,for the
men.and Frank B; Smith, inspector of
mines, for tho. company. * They - are
now couforiiig- "tvith a view of recommending a suitable person as chairman.
We wonder why every coal company
suggests'Chief JusticeSifton, of Alta.,
as chairman of'these boards.
•, The city mines, Edmonton," have been
organized by Organizers' Pattersori'and
Galvin, .iiad a charter has been applied
for. This makes another Local Union
to be attached* to District No. 18. '<>   .   -
Tho Strathconamlne is again working
about 80 men. , .This is tho mine where
six inch lost their lives recently owing
to'the pithead gear being burned down
and , only one shaft as • outlet „being
provided. '*'.-','
Four men cut of a total of six working
in the Pnrkdale mine;-- Edmonton, were
1- , •
Morinville Miners Petition on
:.'   Asiatic Labor.
The following resolution passed'by
Morinville Miners' Union has been forwarded to Sir Wilfred Laurier:
•• Whereas the time has arrived in
the history of Canada when the Government must choose between an" Asiatic
or a Caucasian British Columbia;    » .'
And" whereas the present influx oi
Asiatics into tho province, of British
Columbia must inevitably lead to constant clashes between the" two races,
resulting   in   rioting,   destruction   of
property, and murder;  7 ■
Aiid whereas this state of "affairs
threatens thc solidity of the Dominion
and must result ultimately in the seces*
sion of British Columbia or war with
Japan;   '        ' „ _.
And whereas*it is the working man
who is called upon in tho time of war
to bear the brunt of the lighting, and it
is labor that backs every fund for the
repayment of expenses incurred by war;
And whereas war is hell;
,..,' And'whereas it, is the belief of the
working men of.Western Canada that
these.- unassimilable alien "races are
being allowed to enter Canada to suit
the convenience of rail way"coi"t",6ratious_
lumber operators, and other trust con-
corns; • ."" yf'--   i . ■
And whereas it is now a matter'of
choice with the Dominion Government
.whether they'should decide with Cana-
.   *-**•
A° Society That Badly- Wants
Wiping off the face
of the Earth.
The following is a-verbatim copy of
the notorious j.'pink circular" that is
causing immigration .troubles in the
(Emigration, tourist, and colonization)..
. President—Rev. J. L. Brooks, Christian Union Social Service Farm Colony,
Lingfleld." „ '•"       .' ,_  '
Yiccpreaidents—A. Armstrong, Esq.,
F. It. G. S-, Liverpool (Presbyterian);
Rev. „W,. H. Booth, Southend, near
London (Methodist); Rev. J. Mathiesox
Foi-son', Liverpool (Congregationalist);
Rev.- J. McLean*, Mount Florida, Glasgow (Baptist).  - ' .  ..
Managing Director— Mr. Walter
Stark. - "        '
Dear Sir:   '    '
British Columbia is the largest but
least ^developed province,, of Canada.
Being further west than any "of the
others, it has been left until the last to
recoivc__thG' attention it deserves.
It's magnificent Rockies and beautiful
scenery have been',thu admiration of
tourists and other globe trotters for
years, but the serious colonist earnestly
bent upon makinghis own" fortune has
overlooked its advantages; comparatively few have gone so far West, and
.these _are interested ' iu mining and
n    A Visit of Inspection.' .
.Recently tho President of the British
E. T. and C. Society took a trip* to' the
The  Metropolis   of   Southern   Alberta
.- '--*/■
Xlfe^Ritt^urg  of Canada
*!... With its, great, coal, mines, unexcelled agricultural: district, its railways with
their divisional points here, .anil its many, great and. flourishing business establishments,  has its great future assured;: '   ,
■  : ''• The man who   invests his money in
Lethbridge. to-day is the rich man of
Wotoh This 8pnoo Nox't Wook
i. * ' ..   '. •    .,
Tho letter of resignation of tho City
Clerk, Assessor, and Collector,  was
then road, * Moved by Alderman Gates
and seconded hy Alderman Bloasdell,
that tho reslipiiUioii bo ae'ebpted, nnd
that a successor bo appointed
Tho, Mayor mid tills was tho lirst
Intimation of Min Impending resignation
ho had*heardi Mr. Nunn had done his
duty to tho cily faithfully nnd well, and
it was with rcRrct- thnt thoy received
tho 1'osignntion,
Tliccetimatosfov the year prepared
by! the Flnafico Committee wore placed
before tho Council.
^ ■
(| ";      KHT.MATR8, 1007.'
'j  " .HXl'liSrilTUHH!
Polloo dopai'tmont—
f Hnluriun,'.' W.ooooo
! Magistrate ,    -lttOOO
' Rent of lookup     120 00
, Light, water, nnd hoatlng.    17ft 00
i Keep of prisoners     150 CK)
'I <Tall bulhllii(f.,,, ; 700 U)
Fire departmnnl— _
■""Chlolf, 'driver,' men'at ruiiB.\2«b28 00
Ileal orrtato—
Paymonlonilumplngffr'nd   lfifl lift
interest*.'.,,.';..*.........    21113
School Board' estimate 7,900 00
Priming nnd silver tiling.,,. v,  ¥W uu
IJicvCioil*. •_«.■( mmi.mi     UXJOJ
General expenses,.,  *Bifl 74
Legal eip«♦,«*«„,,..,'.  7(3000
Street numberliijr,.,,.,,,,,.,. 170 00
trcctsand stddwalkfl,',,,.,'.,. 1,100 00
S*v.*i;/—'C.tol.-. Wi ittMOttit., l,A*4)\*i)
Salary—City Bollcltor  „ 160 00
Debentures, interest, Sinking.
Fund....,,,,.,,..;,,..,,. 5,140 60
Moving scales,,.  8000
Donation!...'  20000
Harness and wsj*ons  W»00
GradingiImgUIn Annex,.... 60000
fituble nrppniai , ,. BIO 00
burned by o fjas explosion Inst wool-:.
This Is another mino working with only
ono shaft as outlet, contrary to the Coal
Minos Kc/yulatlnn Act. Wlint aro you
dolnuf, IMr. Inspector, to mnko those
companies observe tho law and protoct
tho lives of tho workers?
Trado is brisk in the district, and
sovcral coal companion nro busy developing tholr mines. Tho Hinall mines in
tho Taber nud Woodpecker districts
complain of u scareily of good ■ pick
minors. ;.''''     .'  7   ..   .'
The mar.8 mooting at Tabor was
largely attended, and wns nddrussod hy
District Prisldont F. H, Shonnnn.
ComnilUees womappoiiiledto hegoliato
(Contlnuod on ptgo S.)
Iu another column will bo fouiiil au
aiiiiounceinont of Ihe rutiromnnt of Mi'.
•). W, Nunu from the position of dark,
treasurer, nsse«sor, nnd collector for tho
cily of Pernio. Cillzons generally will,
wo fool Hxxrtt, rngrnt Mr. Ntinn'ri decision,
hecaufo"'Pernio is,losing n popular
clllzon nnd one who took jjt--*-iit interest
In Fornle's wolfarb, doing particularly
admirable'work on tho_ fire hi'lgade.
Wo understand ■than" tbo'boaHh of ono
oi Jdr.' *Suini8 larniiyia tho cause of
dian workingmen and pence, or with
the corporations for an Asiatic British
Columbia and ultimate war i  ■
Thoi-eforu bo it resolved: That we,
the Morlnvlllo Miners' Union, No. 21178
of tho U. M." W. of A,, regard ns n
national menace lho delay of tho
Dominion Government in the fnco of
such 11 crisis, and as citizens of Western
Cannda wo call onyon, Sir Wilfred
Laurier, your Cabinet, and thn Dominion Government to tako irnuiudlatu
action to avert a nationnl'calainity.by
paoRlii".; an Absolute Asiallc Exclusion
Act which will for all time proBorvo
.Wostovn Ciinada to tho .white racesi
and thlH resolution Is passed with the
full knowledgo that tho over ready
argument of 'Imperial rencons' might
bo brought forth to answer IhiH, ns It
has served to answer otlior similar
resolutions, hut with this fetich wo
have little patience and Icm fnitli."
Triton-Wood's millinery parlor wan
ablaze ot color on tho opening day of
H.»t,.   f.lt   «.|1l!-»....  , ,».     't\,i.i.    ...     .
 •»■>    ......i*.w»J    i».W-      U4.44J    V..V.
fectlons In all (he iateat stylos were
tastefully groupod and arranged, and
the ladles of Kernie showed tuelr appreciation by tttondlng (n Urge uumbers.
To a more man a hat on a stand, how
over beauUfol. la A very Impersonal
affair, Thero is only one placo for a
hat—on the head. Of this combination
we arc the( better Judge. Music wa»
provided in a very dainty anil rosy
toroot ? tea and coffee and otherdeiica
ties were served.
J. Montgomery, of Kallspell, Mont,,
tho well known expert in brickmaklug
nnd brick machinery 'linking, was at
tho 1-Vnilu hotel this week, Whilst in
tho neighbourhood ho wont over the
silo of Hi 11 proposed brick factory here,
and took uomo samples of the Ferulu
clay to his owii works for testing.
Considerable comment has been
«rou«e<i ef late ov«r the fact that -rattlf-
have been etraylng ovor the jirass patch
around tho Coal Company's ofllcu. Now
m*i no amount 01 )nayiug wm Ueiip
"Ginger" on his own preserves, tlie
obvious retort Is that a rail right round
the green mlghl help some, and the
owners are not like people who can't
do it. "Ginger," who hi.* tasted that
grstxtx onre, Vnnw» It In th« tttMxteit fn
Fernie, b«ing in the nature of forbidden
fnilf, and Mr which ha gladly Tind^rgoe.i
the Ignominy of tho pound. Dut because
-"Ginger" Is tha culprit, whv should
every other horse be blamed for tha
indiscretions ol" Ginger"/
North-west of Canada, and having heard
of the prospects of an early development
of the fruit industry in B- C. decided to1
personally look into tho matter.
His First Surprise., *
Leaving Manitoba, Saskatchewan;
and Alborta before winter had fully
given way to summer, travelling.by
the Canadian Pacific Railway Co.'s main
line express, he very soon reached their
celebrated hotel at Banff, P. C, away
up in the mountains, and thero found
lucious grapes growing on tho verandahs of tho hotel eut of doors. *
lhe casual tourist passes through
this wonderful country without seoing
much of tho interior, finding it sufficiently interesting from the observation
car of tho C, P. It. train without stopping
off anywhere, But this gentleman,
being a kcon observer with practical
knowledge of fruitgrowing, and having
gone out for personal investigation in
tho interests of tho better class of colonists who ask advlco of the British 13, T.
and C, Society, spent considerable time
in the fruit sections of that province
Tho following aro a fow of his conclusions:
B- C. hns a climato very similar to
that of Great Britain . "no (severe wintor.
1), C, is open all the year round for
work, and there Is plenty of it at high
wnp,03. (This Is confirmed by tho Apont
Qonornl for tho province)
■ 11. C. is thoonly province in Western
Canada that can grow choice fruit in
abuiulanco, nnd tlun'o are splendid
prospects, (Thoro Is a protective tariff
on imported fruits from U. S. A,, which
filvi-B a j>ront advantage to tho II. C.
fruit grower),
11, C fruit I niul h He botwoen tho high
pouks of tho Rockies aud henulllul
lakes with cool refreshing waters passing through, Thero aro good Hteain-
ship and mil wny liorvlcos,
11. C. fruit ranches aro about 10 acres
ca'-h, and when cleared are cosily
worked, nnd give promise of healthy
nud happy occupation, superior association, with highly prolitabli! results in
1) O. is tho British Province of Canada, very few foreigners aro there except a fow Clilneso and others who nro
engaged becaime British workmen and
women aru no tcami.
IS  C fruit vanchiiiK land is being
hnnirtif in*, vitvy fn*-* nt •HT, pov (icm,
sfcy''t'21 ateirUnpr, pins interest and the
coBt of clearance. When cleared It soon
becomes profitable, and therefore valuable.
An Ideal Proposition.
"\vx.f.t> J*- 7» r>, \),n vwXfXprtX r.t \\m.
British K* T, and C. Society mot a
gentleman who is an •nthusiastlc fruit
rancher near the beautiful town of Nel*
sou. This gentleman has spent many
months selecting choice locations ln the
forest for fruit farming, and is now
busy developing his plans by which he
will settle groups of Britishers of kindred
spirit who can noon have pretty little
homes of their own en ten-acro strips of
this land, each called a "fruit ranch,"
(Continued on page 2,
JCreneh Srattern Jfats
Hats made'tb-your* order in the very
latest design and.at prices which will
please  you. , ",- i   ;
Coat <& o/ciri ^Display
, Up-tOrdate garments, made by the best
■*,tailors,   and  guaranteed   to'fit.     Come
- 4   in   arid   look   them  over.    ■   ■    " '
\w Jfall Clothing
Overcoats,    Boys''Tweed Suits, J Boys'
Buster  Brown  Suits,. Boys' Overcoats.
•    ' o      <*  ', ' ' '
Goorythlng  fyetv  and . 7//>-to~date
Jjhe Urites"Wood Co.
Mr, Albert Slater, of Cranbrook, is
visiting Mr. and Mi-b. W, H. Campbell.
Tho finest selection of Combs and"
Ilnir Pins in tho city ut Mra.   10.
J, S. Shoppard, of Calgary, ronleslnto
agent, epont.nfow days iu town this
Something good to amoko—Crow's
Nest Special und George's Kxtra.
Try tliom.
Last TuoRdny was dog shooting day
iu Pernio, nnd quite 11 few citi/uns
woro engaged thoruat.
. Mr and Mrs. T. lilggs gave an 1m-
piomptii ice cream social on .Saturday
last,   Wo unloved it iminonsoly.
Patronize liomo Industries, George's
Extra and Crow's Nest Spoclnl. Cull
for the hcRt and help Fernio grow,
•' Scotly" Mlntou is carrying Ids 11 r 111
in tx sling, thu result of 11 fall from his
pony al thn race' nn Garibaldi Day.
On Sunday evonlug, In the llapll-4
Church, {ho pastor will preach on the
subject " The Sabbath ns a necessity of
inan's nature."
Ernest Parkes, city otliccr, took two
prlsonorH to Nelson ponltnntlnrv this
week, and during his visit to that citv
was an interested spectator of thu police
Imhrlgllo thoro,
Last Monday night Victoria Avenue
had quite a metropolitan air. Many
larrft* pIMpi penld Tint bonot ot "ior«
people on the street.
Coal Crook Itugby football team aro
ready and waiting for tha Fernio bunch.
It Is tip to Mr,. Biggs to get busy, as tho
Crook I tea aro getting anxious.
Wo aro informed a gentleman, until recently connected -with tho press
In Kernie, Is about to Interview Hod.
R.L. Borden with a v!ow to establishing a Conservative paper hero.
Another Whale story,
M. MacGlbbon, lato with Longhoed, •_
Bonnott; and Co., of Calgary, is entering
tho office of L. P. Eckstein ns managing
clerk. " ' '    .
The Non-Collupso Hair Pad for
pompadour and Marsailles wave havo
.lust boon imported by Mrs. E. Todd.
Tho Ilov. Hugh 11, Grant, of Fernie,
has been appointed chalrninn of tho
jointcommitiopofopuralors and district
ofllcers, which meets the second Monday
of oach *nionth.
The regular inonthly tea, of* the
Methodist Church wlll ho given by Mrs.
I). V. Molt, on Tuesday, October 1st,
from fl.''") to i". In the afternoon, and
from H tn 10 lu the livening. All aro
A largo and vory ehoieo selection
of Plumes,. Qtillls, Wln^s, Hat Orna-
ineiUs, niul Hat Pins onn he had at
Mrs. I-). Todd's.
The young Liberals mot on Thursday,
night to receive the report of their
coiiKlitutlon coiiiinllti'c, and adopled .
hsiiiii with mxnv few ninondineiits, The
club will moot fortnightly, hi>glntiiug
with the second Monday In Octobor,
whon olllcors will hu elected and the
organization completed,
With ihopaiHiiig of another paynight
we lm vi) to cniigratulnte Pernio on Its
good bearing on that occasion. That,
two or three ofllcers working nmongst
men. of many prajudlceH and enmities,
nnd wmn rM4'i«,M,»,4ii. o|iftn tfn,i'»«pn   c".r.
Kccomptinh  so inurh ahows that our
forco though few i<i fit,
Just arrived, another shipment ot
bountiful pattern lints nt Mrs. E.
A, L, I'reiton, genoral agont in Wiu<
nlneg for tho froo lino, was In Fernla
tlils weok looking after tho Interests of
his litis. Mr. Preston lifted his eye.
brows whon Informed of the amounts
of last .Saturday's paysheot, and balng
somewhat ol tx. nature lover was enthu*
elastic of the autumn tints In our valley
andon.tholowcralopeaol the mountains*
Do not forgot that Mrs. E. Todd
bufcioll lino of Berlin Wool In All
*.*yr- i-es=
(Continued from page i)
near,to eaclvother, and within a short
distance of Nelson, -with its .0,000 inhabitants. He has also a model ranch for
.the benefit of the. settlers, .and will give
.them thp,best poesible advice as to laying
.out' their property and' buying fruit
.trees economically .-'
-Selecting Suitable Colonists.
He has authorized the Society to
select a limited -number of suitable
Britishers and send out to him; * Ho'is
more anxious to welcome the right
class of settler with but modest means,
than to encourage undesirables who
can command a-considerable amount of
money; he therefore offers the following
generous arrangement:
Only £20 Absolutely Necessary.
Instead of charging §100 per acre for
the ten-acre ranches, plus 6%, or  7%
interest, he has authorized the Society
to sell a few ranches at ("75 per acre,
when brought- into;;existence"did not
apply to Canada, and;M:hat ,-roime"''"few
years ago, in'-'respprise'to the, repeated
expressions'of public opinion, and with
a view of affording.to. Canadian' producers "an opportunity bf the growing Japanese trado, the Canadian government
became'a' party to the .treaty, and that
it -w'ae unanimously ratified by the
Canadian parliament." 7777 7     '~~
"The treaty has proved of great
advantage, and our trade with Japan
under it has considerably.increased.
Yoii base your appeal.for the denunciation of the treaty on the allegation that
a crisis has arisenin British Columbia
by reason of'.the unprecedented infliix
of Japanese. Whilst it is true-that most
regrettable incidents have lately, occurred in, Vancouver, there seems reason
to dembt that the cause was the influx
of Japanese, as I am in possession of a
telegram from the mayor of Vancouver
which hns been rendered public, which
expressly avers that the disturbances
were directed against Asiatics generally
i rather than against Japanese. Under
such circumstances any precipitate
action might be regrettable, Mid before
free of interest, upon the condition that i committing' themselves to such a course
each purchaser pays.the Society a-'de- tho government think'that they should
posit of ?10 (say £:> 2s.) on account for-. ca,efai.v Squire. into   causes  which
"c,the ranch, and thereafter'to pay $10 per
.month  regularly, .either   to  tiicm in
■Britain (if the nurchaser does not "scil
soon after gay in g deposit) or to him at
Nclsonj"un;,il fully paid.    Of course,' if
tlie. colonist can' hike  £50 or £100 or;
even more with iuin, so much the better,:
but an accepiable applicant with only,
•• £20 will not be n-fused. and need not
hesitate to go.
The actual fare from Glasgow with'
one of tlie British E. T: andC. Society's j
parties is only £12.Ss. 7il. third class on
the steamer and colonist on the l'ail, or
£14 18s*. 7d, ealoon, second class on the
steamer-(there.is no first:'class), and
colonist; on the rail to Nelson, B.' C.
Thus it will be seen that the purchaser
, will have sufficient money left out of
the £20 to pay one or even two instalments oh the ranchbefore. sailing, and
cover his personal expenses to destination.
Work at 12s. 6d. per Day, with Free
-Board and Lodging.
, This gentleman promises to'meet the
' colonists on arrival at Nelson aiid give
them free food and lodging7at. his own
- ranch for a day or_two"so that they can
—io6k-arour^d~befoi^Tertiing~Ub"wn to
work, and then employ them preparing
fruit ranches, building, etc., for. the
whole of their time, or part time if they
prefer,,at iJH per day, plus food and
lodging, so that they can easily earn
more than enough to pay 'the • 810
monthly instalment! for their own ranch
and to pay for clearing same and building thereon, or. they can" work part
time sufficient to earn enough to pay
the instalments" and clear. their-own
ranch, building the]r home with some
of,tho_.)VGp,d.thprcon,,■,'... ; ..'V'-.V'"
. If on arrival a purchaser wishes to
mnke'nn exchange of the ranch allotted
bim.for one elsewhere eo as to be next
to|a friend, this will be arranged if at
all ...within. reasonable. possibility;. indeed, tho proprietor is quite anxious te
give every facility to make these settle*
monts profitable and in every way congenial to tho colonists'goingout to them,
Men with wives, or even families of
grown up boys nnd girls, enn all do well
in B, O , as labor is very scarce and
dear throughout tho wholo province.
As tlio Society will doubtless, have a
- large' numbor of applicants for the
ranches they have authority to sell
upon theso advantageous terms, it will
bo nccoesary to bo prompt; preference
will bo givoii ln,rotation. There will
bo six parties sent out, all sailing from
GJaegow by largo and fast steamers,
' viz :
AuitUBtuid and 17th,
. September 7th and 21st?,
October 12th and 20th.
To secure berths, if going third class
£1 each deposit will be necessary, or
second clas«,£2 each on account of tho
steamship fare, in addition to the,first
payment of £2 _2s. oh account ol the
Yours truly,
BlUTif-.I K'. T. & C SOCIETY,
«.. ,    .Per W.Stark.
»aly 80th, 1007.     .
] within tho recent past havo caused a
'greater, influx   to  our 'shores   than
previously of Oriental people.
'    (Signed)  '     V'IL'"I"1D LAUIilE'l."
posture., It* is impossible toi'tell'how
much I suffered, day arfd'nigiit, :week
in and week out.. The^pains.were dike
piercing swords. I had medical attend"
ance, but it failed. „.-.Then I tried medicines, advertised to.cu*;e rheumatism,
but with tho same result—money wasted. One day when hope had almost?
gone a friend advised me-to try Dr.
Williams'.Pink Pills. I told him my
experience with other medicines, but
he assured me that these pills would
cure rheumatism, so I sent for a supply.
After using a few boxes I -was able to
leave,my' bed, and from that'on my
restoration to health was rapid;' I am
now ne well as ever I was, and have not
had the slightest touch of rheumatism
since. Tho change they have wrought
in my case is simply miraculous, and I
can strongly, recommend Dr. Williams
Pink Pills, to anyone suffering from
any form of rheumatism.
Rheumatism'is rooted in tho blood.
Rubbing the aching limbs with lini.
ments and outward remedies cannot
possibly cure it. You must get the
rheumatic acid out of the blood, and
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills7e the one
sure medicine to do this, because they
actually make'new' blood. -That is why'
these pills cure aiuomia, headaches and
backaches, neuralgia, indigestion aiid
the secret ailments that make.miseral.le
the lives of somauy women aud j-rowing
girls. - Sold by all medicine dealers or
by mail at'50 eon Ir a box* or six boxes
for S-' 50, 'from Tlie" Dr. ^YilliaiW
"ucdici'-e !Jo , Broekvillp, Out. J  -.
- Uf
_5J»»*- ■■
.-^ESTABLISHED -J 867,-'
-•.   o ..wi -. liiL ai.-i;
B. E.-:WAlKER,rPresldent:;-: -:-,:- .-
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager/
j A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of."
late of South  Kensington '*'" ■
„ Eng. is prepared .to  take
• -orders f.-r a limited nunih-,."
"  .. er of Portrait' Paintings.
For particulars address Box 431 Fernie or can be seen at the C. C. L. A.
Hall Coal Creek.  .   .
'Branches *- 1
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - -,-- ^5,000.000
total Assess;: ;H::1i1^O(t.0|5%
      . Y>- s!*"'i'i.'l ?■'U "'  ■?  * 3   P
ilfew-4 Second Hand!
, Branches throughout Canada, and in the United-States'and, England
;     '  -     • ■ 7 """'   --"•"■•       h'      '.'84      ',-
Deposits cf $1 and upwards received, nnd Interest allowed tat;
current rates.    The. depositor is subject to no delay'whatever In
the withdrawal.of thc whole or any portion of the deposit..      7
Fernie Branch
G. S.   Holt,   Mnnngor
.% Stoves, Musical Goods, Etc.
' ♦ •
AU kind of-joeds handled on , ■♦•♦
7 Commission.   ' «.♦
♦        11.'Al. TERRY      -*
«:• -      - •..*>.
•> Nest Door'to'Inipcr'ntl IL'-tel   •:♦
**• ■, ' ,.  "  '"<>
«$  — ——-—•..,  ■ :-—-
•f Watch it Increase. Aifyou, have, to
.It *\ V/'M  I
Ottawa, Sept. 21.-S|r,Wi)frid Uurlor
tihfc »*Tit 'Mt 1(ilUiwm_4j t(*U'3r»rn }p Mr,
Vervllie, M*-P-Vln reply to » rpqueii
frprp.tho dominion, Trtrfc's and Ltio'r
Congr^ijii   '*■       ':"'"'.   ",'    ',.""
'         Ott«*trj,'Ont»J3api.Sl."
"AlpboDRO Vcrvlllo, M I>„
'ttmtiti'i »nd Labor OonftrttHn
W-..'," '.■'■'"    " .."     *
"I hnv.t /rtvoii duo poneldorntlon to
your* r<."iut'»t tli/it immi'dl/tto «(oj_>« he
taken to-'* tiiriitluata tlie trttttj'i With
General Manager of Granby
Company on a Visit
to Fernie.
It now seems assured that,there will
be no more coke shortages for British
Columbia smelters that are supplied by
the collieries of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company. For some time past
was securing* large interests in this
company, and it is now.known that the
Granby Company bought outright -a
considerable block of the shares of that
company. F. H. McGuigan, oiie of the
directors of the company, retired, and
Jay P. Graves, general- manager of the
Granby compauy, was placed on the
board.   - .   - ;
A week or two ago Mr. Graves visited
Fernie and had a conuultation with G.
G. S. Lindsey, th6,;'manage£.of the coal
.concern, and it. ia) pretty, well-known
that'Mr, Graves is a man who'does
things and has iittlo time for posing ae
.a du&irhy director, an increased output
of coke is alrcrtdy beginning to be folt
at all smelters having contracts with
Ili8.'Crow'fl^Kcs*t"P«ss ConlCompViTyrit
also goes without saying that no further
coke'shipments'will be mado tb Moin
tana 6iiie'.tern till British Columbia reduction worl>8 are fully supplied.
As everyone in, this section is fully
aware, tho Granby and other smelters
have had periodical troubles oii account
of coko shortages, Tho Grnnby 'directors stood this stnte of affairs ns long as
thoy cared to, and then simply purchased an interest In tho big coko concern.
Competent judges havo stated that tlio
Crow's Jfest Pubs Coal Company owns
tho most valuable and oxtehslvo conl
measured in tho wost, It is now a certainty that tha concern will bo conduct*
ua hereafter In a busliioss like manner,
and that its first business wlll bo to dl^
coal and niako coke, rather than' to
play tho game of politics or make
trouble with employees, .Control has
not been secured outright, but Itr is
understood tho Granby 'fou.pa.iy hns
j>ut sovoral hundred thousand dollars
'- lx-~ 'company, arid "-'-—-1--- ■-• »'-
SS3 ^^^^^)^^&S^^iSSS!^i!^^^K^SSmfXS^^^
.* A'>
' "■:>
■ \tf
i V-
do with a* Savings 'Account'is'to start it'and it
keep it goingf-rthen watch it. grow. .Doesn't ..&
trike.long-for it ,;to,: count up' to a considerable, |j|
'amoiiiil—th(Sn, you. see the 'advantage-1—tlie "wis- £(>
dom   of* saving..    _•,■     ,„,.,'     .   ^ - / ^*
■$1 -Cpcss^ri Account with" Uic ta' Bank of Canada fg
Tcrnie   Branch
*       „-     * -,    •'     ■ ._       K5_        ,      "
\t.<- •.'* 4V*.*,  t.1.
For Three Months
In tbe'company, and tho voice of Mr.
Graves will- bo heard and his Influence
felt in the conduct Of th« company—nil
of .which, It li helloyed, will lie Jo the
bcn«St"of_ 'tho'in-B^AUt/urouii' ihJliiln_Br.lo;
dns'try of Brltlili Columbia. '
■       .1        .Htf-l   4 .(    (     ,   . • ■■
A Sovere Ctsoof Ulieutn»tlHm Cured by
Dr. Willianis'IMiiU Pills.
"For many weary months I siiffured
untold agony. I could not walk. 1
could scarcely rnlso raybulfiton Mtttin'pr
poatur*,, I wm under' medlctl care,
but In v»lo. Finally 1 tried Dr. Wil«
llami' l'ink Pills, and* they havef
restored me to my former healthy con.
dltloo..*.; - . .„,.-.,..,
1 irbi^str^iijr ftpiemeiit vai made to n
ri|Wter ircci!|illy' J;y .Mr. Cliftrliis S.
Ked'doy, forincrly of.Kliiffstbn, N. S,,
imi now .'viiii* nt Von Mainliiiu*.   iir.
Keddety In a eafr*titcr liy trndn, and (»
now'Abls t6 wofk every dny.   Ho add» r
'••ICannot iprak too h\eh\y of Dr Wil*
hums' rink Pills, as they cured me
after other modlclne failed.   Whllulj
waYm'ihV at '^ftitr^fi'ii,' '"S. .«.•', I Wis'
solzeif'with''rheuTna'tiMn'lu its tno«t
vjofiyir lArnM  1 w.n'fvimp^llfd to take
to rr'iy bed and hr ni'intlis (UtAiiiri*
Valid.-   I Wits io weak that it was dllll*
we will
to The
rate of
" receive   subscriptionslc
Fernie Ledger at the ,
One Dollar a Year
We   want to double
of subscribers.    Seize
portunity   and get the   paper
with all the News
Send   your   name   into
Manager of The  Ledger.
We have just placed in stock some
of the latest fads for printed, matter
and guarantee  satisfaction. ........
will stand Rail-
mad inspection
a 20-Year Gold-
'''•■■-.'     " .*"'r    ' ,r»    ■       ••.   ''      =
filled case for
$30.00 at
T!jf v "^S?     J-«P H ARbf S
■ ;-GQ-od^ii^e;7-;-|,he^ewcic^—
Two car loads just arrived.    Come in and take
your choice while our stock is complete at .,,
QTr-A-IHi'S   Hardware & Furnlturo
t      ,.
I    ■ X 1 *~\ i'   H i V
i' --F
I*resh and Salt Mef|ts.    Poultry, and
Fish.    Fresh-Eggs nnd Dairy Butter.
Phone 4
Victoria Ave.
i>j» ,t\*t]ti
M vlir.iwfhCT -rnhdrTTi^i-VM'nHW'Htl lfo«St--LbTVrj-W^fc"T^}ttiir;W4-
MM      ■■■■■n \J     Var     mtMtm  MM   K*w
     ' ' ' '      '      *i
J .,,.'■! .        .
Peaches,    Pears,   Plums,   Apples,   Oranges,   BnnHinas,
Lemon.*.,   Watermellons,   Cantaloups,
nil at right prices.
and   Grape   Fruit
ao   oaisTs
Japan. 1 would obtervothat tbll treaty i cult (or m« to ralietoyieU,to a sitting!
I CiTlyl..     ■TT'-n'i,}Qj* ^^~
H' ,H *Ttr?tIIj^X^H i
flninpflniM onn tif'tx ''hitttTi'1 l»V <m*V-'
Iri'r wh'-ro)mthinlm hu win tfi't thn bui-t
at tha chi>ap"«t price. MA* always
wisest fn firm his suro ol tho quallty.sud
than study ih« prlco prft|»r.il!lrtrt nlfrcr-
viirilf, tVe llrntslm -sx jrlvliifr tho
publle puto druRi, ond. coinpouudliiir
thitni v-trofully-aiid correct Ilv accordlnir
to prrscrlptlon. Thnn we fix tlie prlca
to ftllnw ourselves Uio ■»insll(>«t mnrjzln
of workinff profit (hereon. I'liat U why
uur atuiclsiio poimlar.
The  Polaoo Dpuo Storo
Ttt. 1t    If. r. MsLsta, Mffr.
\J 1
Tv r^:-FitatE,I^^ SEPT. »8, -1907.
c ■    f
District bf East  Kootenay,
Southern Division. ,
TAKE!   NOTICE tnat   Michael P.
|Bogle, of Fernie, B.  0., lumberman,
intends to apply for a special.. timber license  over' the  following    described lands:
Anticipated! wsth -deEight by all who Esse., it.
•.. -The
.;. *       . '    ...      o,
♦ "■ '    '
♦:•'•* '   Co.,  Ltd. *- ■
J -ALEX. McDOUGAU, Pres: & 6en. Mgr.
! V
1., Commencing   at a post planted
about four- miles north of the Inter-
,' . Savor- soSd'by poddiars or'inVbsslk;'•     !*afonal *?xf^ y™'f°ut [°Z. >
■»    ■ | miles  east of the sub-lot line 4591   •!♦
Lead'l?*sekefs Only,, .E-Sighost Awar-d; .S$.'LGM!3,*1J9§4..of the south, .fork of Gold creek;
m      '   '      ~ ] .     - thence north 80 chains; thence east
80, chains; thence south 80 chains;
By. ail
ROYAL LOVi.ISS    '-.'",
""7   ■*'    AXD HELPMATES.
' Few husbands are so deeply , arid
ideally in love -with their'wives os
King .Victor Emmanuel of*Ita'y iis
jvith Queen Helen. And on. t'.ie- ■ tier hand, Queen Helen ..f. regarded as
tho ideal mother lover ot-..Europe. .
The    husband*--anil "   wife feel'" they "world,
htipc* a' common 'i'fc_-.wurlr   ^o^ u.\7  •  l-Yoim.-. gid
thence west '•'_ 80' chaius to" place   .of.
" ;.     •'.     ,       ',"■"■ j comm-rnc.msnt,   and contains about
I bad caused anyone sorrow, but   I ! 640 acres more or'less, .       *•'',.
like to know'when I have made any- j . Luc:tled  j'uly 2lY,  1907. *
on3 happy.'       ■ A
"The object of government is- lo
tr-jtect and upbuild • tho ■ home. ■ A
happy, homo is a kingdom, of hearts.
"It'is"thi; iiu'ty of the wife to keep
care from -tho! husband in tlio home
and his to keep care from he;- in i'"V
jranuf.nctui'ersofaijd '   .   *•*
Dealers in .j.
.-   :*
. .*>
Kousrli & Dressed Lumber .•.
.Dimension & Bridge Timber •>
Piling,  Moulding, 4 Laths, ♦
-    ** '      Shingles  and  Ties.
- r '-• ist .a r
10 •;'!''■'■ ' '"" '""■'"  '"
Undertakers ■:&.■ EmbaSmers I
*   AGENTS   FOR*   *
The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granite Works
The   Kootenay   Marble    Works,    Nelson
Samples Can fee Seen at lhe Office.       - Parlors in Lundy's Block
».*©^.^a^^a^.-ia'^*c&i*>Kfe»*. -c^.xs^'**^-^'%!^.'^!^.':3i<^.'tS^*-5^M^
2. Commencing .at a post planted'
about., one mile north' of the inter-
nat'onal Boundary line * and about
tno miles east of.'the. sub-lot.line
45'J1, and atout four miles oast ot
the Yank river;', thence 80 chains
west; thonce 80 chains'south; thence
'I Telephone Poles a Specially. I
All Orders Promptly Attended
..   "    •        to ■ ■    ""*■"'
, 8J ch;;ins e:ist; th°nce . 80 chains :
shculd know more of'nortii to . j-ia'ce 'of commencement,;
not alone for their family, -but'" for ■b.-.uscwoi-.t urd the care of tho tonic ■ cont.4ir.in3 a: out M0 acres, more cr ,
the- go:d- of all the ^copb of i'7!v..:i beli •*■,-•.'-   it is    «s*-c:itiai  ,all cn"    ' ' 	
'We strive' to live j tlioiild 'knew scv/in.*; and cooUina'. lx
less.      .-      ;  _   ,.-
■Located   Ju'y. 25i>I, • li'07.
,, The Queen says:
"down s-llishriess."       .       -'-',      -       jdo:s..n;t lower them to know this.
'.     Victor,Erbi-anuel   met .Helen,    ot j:t. (Al.rH to m^ke them bolter worn-,- <$.. Comm.ai:inJ> ut a i-vst    planted
"Ivon'taie:ro, at. the court of, St Pet-'en.   .     ' "     ../: a\out on- mile  north ,0:.. the Inter-'
crsl-iur;...  and*     at ones fell    ia love j    ,,Tb. Vi.rjrsl filing that can happen..';national  Boundary lin:,   about    one
with  her. »He  was  then, but  Prinoe_'to- a' ,,.0ilian is, t0 T-e'idls.'.'-I''never ireile est "bf     the sub-lot  lino -1551,
■ wish' an :'.Uc woman liboutuiie.;' .'An i and about free miles east', of   tho
' - idle Voiuaii is,cither unhappy   <r a i '"*' river;   tlunce  40  chains, west;
mis.j'hit't-uiakor.*,*-1 ",*.'"•■ -      - .thence 80' chains north;     thence i!0
bf Naples and slid but a, little prin-
o-s,- but they ..were .rnnturilly attracted,- nnd although for 'political rers-
ons every ell'ovt wnsfmade to.prevent
their .itiarriase,'loyc triumphed in
tho • end. ' 'They ' love oath otliep, ■'
said the people of Italy, "and wny
should they' not marry?"
It "is-told that shortly after ihfc'r.'
•raarriajc the Queen .said to'-"the
King; '    - - ••;■*• ;*--. 7 :■;. *
"You. have yom* "affairs-of £*state'
and" I havemy |}ous2l'ol,d-:.duties,-,_hut
nrajtnejv enbughT.VouKlit :we;-not' to'
"a'n'mnre?   Should" not _more_ of.   our
Queen' Hfl.hc'is'i'so, *'fond  of
life that',slie-'has "oven had  a
_;0)nu : chains, ejst;  the.ice 80 chains, north;
little IthcnCG; '10 chains , east; thence SO
i kitchen'constructed in close proxim- -cliains ,suth; thence-20 ."chains'west;
ity to'the royal apartments Where, .^ice, £0 chains, south to place of
ui'acd'by':t\vo''ftmale cooks, she Can i-Commen,cernPnt> and containing abou
pfepare"•cortain'^eVshes^OT herself610f acr*'S. more or less.'. , ,. •_
and -. tli'o King... She ; also maintains | Locatrd. July 23rd,. 1907.
a small sewing'class!'and "looks j-ttf.r I   •'* ., _   ,. ■'■ ■    ■
ail'the linen "supplies"" of'the    royal j   4*. Commeacing. at a post, planted
* ' ■. Spokane, .Wash.
I Sept. '23-Ocf ^ 5 ?-l-
^-;,     ..',190.7
J     ^-•■^-^■■■■■-^■•■-i'-'Ofc'S^
■WJ*'i.*--ri*!JlS*l*i«w''i,yl*«,' j-**X '^'i^'Ji^'^m^^Air'
1  *f*
mc*w »J.auK -», w.afcf<i»if»lira m*sw*ui
j about five-miles north, of the'Intcr-
fr'Qorgeous ■ E=Nak»0ps-.J. f
.CurnivaS ;
time be oecppicd?j
In' reply,'"lie said
""Wcir.'ii you, can-find the.  hours,;
ixialte out a programme.y.^^C^flJ.,^;
■    In the cpurse of' a few. days' . the
Queen said .to the King:
• '■'1,liere"ar'c ' io many' poor'people''
I "find should be'visited.   Then there
ar,- the" factories' and great places, oi .one day, she - aaid'.to them
IndHstr*-*:'wn   nutrht- trii knoW.rab"OUt.*.   "i.:
•■-        ..,.,'"»,''     7       i national   Boundary, line,7md   about'  „:,-^-wU-i™_*-	
She ss lond  of    horseback riling,   ,<*- ".:■;■-'? ,•,    r  ■>' •   , ,  ,.    -   : ■■»»•.;„„„. 'r\.:if:
 .         .     .       .  , .  i. ..              *■   . imir miifg p-ict. nf the-su-b-lot—hne4-*t*—rA-inePs—UrsUs
walkuiK uiul bathinjr, an3    <ne    e*n- '-.Tnv •   _•   .,'■■•.,     \  -,      . „ ,--,   ♦:♦    * •■
industry^' wc ouplit; to* know {about.*;
"AtaS tweiBhould-BO'to^the-hoBpltifiV^i*&f9#*™PW&Jl
and^Wif^they-are kept"in? proper your*:heulth!'wJll;i{p:a-.
condition.   I think,  too," as' We can ward making.the condition-ot your
wSTianp und batbing, _an3 7n"e
courages among'all'-'women-' "with,
whom Lshe com5.sj.i11 contact.' ihe'l.'.ib-.
ita cf ph3'sie'/il_?i.exercise.C..'She has
made 'lequcsts'1*' "Ho two classes' of
girls in her domain formed "to study
physical** culture. -.*" -   -- -
Receiving a., party ot.young hviies
You tiocd"to have strong ^bodies
The ..state ,.. of
long' way to--
flnd.t'mo we might visit,-all parts of
Italy and, know more, ot, our people.
That   ia^all'l'can think'"of at'""tlie;
;present-time, but.it should kcop,".!?
l)U8y', for many'seasons."
"I quite, agree, with- you,'.', said the
King, "and we'ii,.'try to nccompllsh
all we can" of iti"\ ' ._"'■   ';
In c-nsoiuencc nil It:ily hns come
to know*''tlio two'sovereigns, ni who
find no occupation' so humble hut
that tliey can inquire into its nature nnd encourage it's performer.   ,
On ond of thc,r journeys the Queen
cams uprn n te.im-tcr who had been
thrown from his wagon rack und Injured, M'jdleal nld wns slow in
t'omiri'-'. nnd tho Que"n, toarinj? up u
1-ir.t pcttieei.it idle worii l_i.ell__i.-n the
turf and bound the" mnn'fl woiindn.
He kiv.'ff 'who she w,*ib imd whlspbr-
od: './     '" "  ""'    '
> ('od to Hood to you, my lf.dy."
"An'dr,' you .hii helnfnl' iho ' oUiors
whcii'iiuv n.'.t.l Jiclp," w'i'H ('^' <i.»M
'response ;
The   (jucfi     hnn    writion     'nine
-mind. You> should not bo afraid of
the sunshine nor, of, getting around
a go'od;,de_\l. ,.A. woman in her place,
must be as strong as a' man or she''
cannot do her proper work. It is tho
woman'who Is ashamed' to use btr.
body that breaks down and becomes
useless. ./.Cultivate, . good<■. health,
yoiing la'dics;" "   ■
In .tho Ions-years . of married life
enjoyed by. tho royal couple, those
closjst to them say no note of dis-
corii ha« over struck. She ciUIh him
"Victor," nnd to him sho Ib glways
4591, on the south fork of Gold
Creek; "'thence' north , 160 * chains;
thence east 40 chains; tlience south-
ISO chains; thence west 40 chains to.
place- of comincnce.n * .t containing
a'jout G40 acres, more or .less.
"Located July.25th, 1907.
6." Commencing, at a post planted
about six miles north of the International Boundary line and. about
ii.ur "miles east of the sub-lot line
4591,"on the 'south fork of Gold
Creek; thenco 'west 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains;! "thence east 80
rhains; thenco north 80 chains to
place of commencement, and con-
ttinlng 640 acres,'more or less.
.,'' Located July 25th', 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted
about six und' ono-half miles north
of tho International Boundary line,
and about four miles oaBt of tlio sub-
lot lino 4591, on tho soiith.fo'rk of
Gold Crook; ' thenco west 80 chains;
thonco south 20 chains; thonco west
SO chains;    thonco south 40 chains;
•;Hcl:'n," They have kept the ideals
tli culler dnys companion., with their I*1"*60 ° Bt 80 chalnsi thenco" n=>rth
prncticnl life work, nnd 11 that won j2" chuins; " thenco cast 80 chains;'
new fame nnd respect for the uiiwit |thMC0 "ort1.1 ^0,chains to   placo   of
Horse   Races,   Etc.,   Etc.
♦> For Premium List; Ofiicial Pro-
•!•"..g-ram and anv other.informa-
♦  mation addrees -      ;    ;,".•;..
*J^        ',''  Sec'y & rigr.
*> ■   220 Hu'ttoii Block,' Spokane ,
•j» »>j*>*j»*>j*>»>j»»>5»«>5»->5->*5»*j»*>5»»5i>*>5» •J*»J* •*5*>»**-i5-> •♦♦♦♦♦•U**?*
1.1 -. 1 1.
The A. M-acdpnald Co
(Head. Office, .Winnipeg);
Branches—-Vancouver,. Nelson, Ferule,
Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Out.
Fernie, B. C.
Wholesale  Groceries,   Flour,, Feed &
Camp Supplies .     ■.<
ot the i-Uuiio e*f Savoy-
comrr,cncemont, ennta ning 040'acres,
I moro or losn.
i   Incited  July 2,'.th, 1907. .. '
i   Dated Au.rtiBt Pth, 1907.
!   .    \       ,   MICIIAnL  P.   UO(.SIiI3.
"One of tlio thrillin-; attractions no-'!'
cured by AUinngo.* Cosgrovo, of tho j
iipolinnc Interstate Fair tills yenr is j
J( , .thnt of Hurry Uretun, who plungen 1 -Notice ™ ^thy ulvcn that.30 lays j
t'.ou-l»tB of her nwn r.n llio^ Iwme -fuwn ft )it,j0p jnclln0 on nn mitoin;. ,aft-p d.t,. I Intend to apply to ihei
nml l.w diitlcR.' They arc times ■ .^.^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ un Uu);Ho1,. C;hlel OmnmlaBionor of Worka;
prt.Bsloni,i»f n   pun. woin.in   and ,a , ]o .Jo'-fe.ot.cliaKm !r°r " ■»**tnBa to f,rofll)cct for co^ "»(1
Ilf','.'  Tn   trw I
l.cliuvi'i' In n filmplo
i<he eiys:
'■Oronti.cm Ih imt In the crown. H
hi In tlio tlu.uijhls and arllonn ■ ' I'is
onovho wo.irfl It. '
"The love i.rul rrsprrt of my h)iHr.,,1]s^
band T lust dei-in'; then, tliat of my -4 ■'
••I wmill never' wiwh t.i litioW tlmt
ilher HMi.  Thlii is one of tlio ...out , ■"'tM'1,",m  ou 1,1C billowing    lpndn,
WSNE   *SOv  Ltd.
Wholcsalo Dealers unci Direct
°   Importera of
iiuKuisi4ci'ri?ft ,
The-, weary"; traveller 111 so.ircli o( a V*r>'.r
""- -iioiiie,-. plenty to eatand somotliing gosd" to
**-! l-i»ilr_-_cli/*inJ/"-I—-rm—t-s\
——; wi-iJirv-^sj-iiuuiV..—ftU\	
The Kino; Edward Hotel
J. L.   Gates,   Proprietor
Fernie,-. B. C.
Corner Hanson St.
' & Victoria Ave.
ft'..'YJj-:M?A    |\ 'f&QMW c*n l)U.V ndv*rtl"-ifiR npacc, but it can't buy *t
..,..'. -*',-,',.". lyl    Ivs   fjuwlcr n-utury'o tactx. ...'ul itco.-d ol woiulun'iil tmA
t'-l'-yYi:-\%j    i,VA   nliiioflt  inirnculoua uurra of lho   most dlilicult nnd
|:i%^;;"!,-)i:«s^'|    InlrlcAtO'Caeen of throat, Inns/uid htomach troublos.   flucli in
ji*-,Vc*.--j:r..'.>,(j    reycIiiHc'H rirwd.   Tlioiiwuidu of wu'i h j-iwn up by Iwiding
''pv,':,.;l:-;-.'.!',i.,,-l    doc.toriinfl liopcli'Frtnrid'ineiirabloliavM Ikhui nulckly mid [er-
■ f7r-:---'"-V.-Sij    niari"iilly rarfi',1 by I'liycbinc   it i;i en iiifallililq remedy for
coujilm, rolilfi, r,roii(:liii.i"*, pri'-uiinini.i, miiiMiiiiptlnn.'Indicivtion,
.w*u,ifGp|'ctl,<* and idl wui'tlni,' dic-'ii^'-i,
"Mvmii li'nln tmllilr ibiiHli itii'l R »i'->ln wnrlli llvln.-."—Mm. J. ftich-
d.oi'-rr*,*!'.*. funtfJ uttciupUd,  mid  the
pKii. t.i in tho ditittict of lii-lUnh Co-
1    t- /■•>
Sol'. A,*jpnt-j in
d:i-in: riilir, w.in.lH now nt lhc .••i7,'llnlh' IJ1,ck  '&i':i'  eommoiiclili? at*: A1IOAD1A?
.nut Kootoimy for *■
\MOiisi waukkshA
,a Ur-iinda tu-ctlun hi:, iiudiiio, Imd had  n I"*"1 t,,n,lloii nt nr ,,0;,T twolmllcn
nurtli ol Nob. G7 find 68, lioinv* north
o:u>t cc'i-jui' olW. W. .1, Mor.iH.in'u
ricvci'iil   tiarmw  ''BCiiyirn.   Jlroton    lu
now   rrrovt-riui;   from    three
Vrqlan rljiH,' fa.«t'dn.'d  In a   r«<*i.t'rlnlm; Uu""° H0,,th 8() chMnB; them-o
nedd-nt .-.I lho Iowa Htite Fair.        ,,';t'    ''»   ihilUv-    thrnCo    north  60
clia-.r.B;   tliencL'   weat   80 cliainn   I
Vlflwi!i'».i1e    Dcnlci.1   and   Direct
hnixrtcii ot
'/■.i, - ■.
•■   fj'
■ :T
+ 1* **,.-*,i^ *.j^» -4.wK«i|t.ff **t*m*
Fifty Years the Standard
v< Hage.uow.lrww,
I   When tlio niaflilii'.' i-PuoheH tho lint-
toii> 4-,'f thu in el I nu and atariH on iln
I wild   jiliinpo   tlirimrii-    spiira It   '.3
ItrnvrlUn-j at tlm ratn-cf B0 miles air
hour, po tliVitrthe flnnirvr to thn rid-
H in. c'ihj of the ^llRlitcat mlna can
1 ...
i/4,    .(.Oil   l>     •<|'|'4tvi.lt4.4i(
TU iiiMlilut Uotj-J id oiiiuii but different   f 10111 moHt machines une<l ln
jV'prk of thls'ldml In that it Is    a
[real   automobile,   drive).-by a  -3fr
{force i>owi!r engine.
vDurlDff tlio eecond vtclc of tlio fi.lr
MJsa nrcton will perform the fent of
linplnir tho imp on n bicycle,   Llkp
lijer brother, sho is a daring performer, nnd will make (thu name rlda <n
a*, bicycle ns    Unit  _ made ';>y ler
brother la tbe automobile  Tbe (cut
in' a ImriytdQUR   , ons that requires
rturh ntrve' nnd -r-bIM. -Rath .ntt-**** J
tjbns will bo rcen in front   of   the
•f*^anl «t»fli1."'bcfp'{:^n*.the list  of
J" *wtytoU$mA»JyyJ V&,3i»rmt-
I tot iWWmi*%»'«t>oitcmi t#
ih* Mt.
imlnt of coinracnccmtnt,
.Located    this Ctli day of AiiKiiflt,
A. W. Ilelden, Atjent,
\Y, W, 4T, MorrBon, Locator.
°.M. Kerr & Co;;,
Contractors, and
Villi  4,|l'l,'*l   (.111 »)..'.. !i,\,-,      I^X'tnl, [J |U     , .'.. llll'ltlV'li4l', N,H.
ti.ll liof'iii 1i">i lim.   IWm'4.1 Iw. ; ".Myli.'i,"* r.*-..i,i-w><>':*ii. MAbcll
rliiii'   lii'ir><'li.liii.".-Si:<. J. l!«i.,;- B <-.'''-t \.-'.\;; I'i).* lillii-." -II. 1.,'jbblni,
ci, Hi". k\lll<>.          *                           ( l.inli-'.li'li-iT, OIK,
"Alu'i* ml 1114- C-i.ril v,*..'Is .,'I'*.;*- i 'l-M lilnc   l*.-i*1| i n-llfn."—A.Wal-
clili-.'.'lny luiij-* i.u' \w»U iiml tiio l.i I i!jii, '/1 nn,"Aitll H,, 'l'i,i|-wi»ii),
Pcychinc Never r.U!«     Pi'ycliluo Una no SnbstUut©
•■    -       AT AU. OKAl.nRS,  HOC nml  $1.00 A HOTTUl      •*'
l)«. T.A* SLOCUM, 1 Jmltctl, 179 Iliiij; St. \V„ Toronto
• ii'
On«paek«« .
kllUd * buihtl
Ho."p*r piaV-i*, 0 ?lV«cV»td fottt 6.
mxm*^m*f*\*x***mw*mtmM 1
Plan», Fjittiririitlonii find VM\-:
utttt (arniihcri on application;
Pltaty o! GOOD DRY LUM-
.'     V. \, K8BJI,  ' ' '   *
Anliltut    aai a«i»riaU«*Uiit
IMBm »t iMrfluot,
BAKmt'BTi    !"     rBRNIB, Di C.
Phillip Carosella
• *,•,'       #*.   O"     ■
'        Weioiwsuio
TiTiuoiissK irniiv. isiiUiWuv
Cno^f, , Jwt,: Spools!
.'ii'i'^yT'"**. ^-^fen - tv,""*'*)**. w* ^
Minaret FavoHtt Olffai*
Ml VJ-K>tr>, ww'p, wbm Sit*b
\      Gwl's f-a-mbfttofs
.    .. ..,..* -,ii..-***-*...      . -
,    ■  1 .   ■( 1 ■ -. •;
.." ' "    r,
nini-i **r loiiiii, o.:o.
B    H0 UOKINfl-NO (1'HINIMNO.    I
I   Vnuwnnt comfort-nml itntlNnrtlnit I
1 of cltnii) smooth olinves  «very|
utortiUiL;, s
'Tlte Cur bo Magnetic Is tlio only*
OUARANTBOD To rive thli.    *
The secret Electric Tempering
Joiltlvely merges every off
Iff? nt enrbort •'!!)?   17*f of
s(4«f) - Iivto .,Uij» ^ meUlr.f fffvlo-K
dIamond»|lke lierdinese
threufthtftit llie' bl*di«iom *-
tMitsobiqlutthf, JffpO«HM«
with tiro tempered vtee.1 used
In MakNg ell other'tototw,1*   ^
am test. Ull*,, raror via your J
own hnnie«-or have youthstho*
use It on you. ! Hecwre one 30 '
,;.ji« W-.i it, «*w* * •
rfryj Ledger Ad;
CJ 41.
4LB* »"•*.»..
«    *»
.?yv L.'u^«.tasi.;
J«ri.= Ki>ii.~JV3tt*Siii«s,>^>JV^„„1,h,
s;«a5s«K»aiais:;sjt-aOT aiBe3ae£2BSH!SISa"CSB!taBa^SS2E£27. -"X'
fernie Ledger; FERNi^;B.^c;,SEPT/a8^; 1907];
the Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance
s-ery Saturday  (rom  the
cation, Todd Block, Victori;
Fernie, British Columbia.
leaned every Saturday  (rom  the Office of
Publication, Todd Blook, Victoria Ave,,
All changes of ads. must be ln as follows :—
Pages a and 5,2 p. m. Tuesday i pages 3 and i,
Jp. m. Thursday, and• page li, 2.p.m. Friday.
We will be unable to insure, change unless
this rule is complied with. " .      ;   ,
Legal advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion ,8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Bates for contract advertising on application at office of publication, Todd Block.
T. T. JOHN,       F. H. SHERMAN,
Editor -     Manager
. <UN|g^_^^^gEC>
FERNIE, 2314.—Pres:, Jas. LancaBten,
Fin. Sec, Thos; Biggs.
.   HOSMER, 2494,-Pres., Wm. Taylor;
Sec. Wm. N. Reid.,.'  "-
MICHEL, 2334.—Pres.,,Win" Colgre-
houn; Sec, Charles Garner.
" COLEMAN, 2633.-Pres., W. Haysoni;
Sec., Wm. Graham.
-' FRANK, 1263.-Pres.,
Sec.,, Goorge Nichols.  ■
LILLE, 1233.—Pres.,
"Sec, A'.' W; May.
BELLEVUE, 431,-Pres.,   ,      ^     ■
. Sec.,.Fred Chappel'l.
- HILLCREST, 1058,-Pres.,
.Sec,      ■•   -
LTJNDBRECK,    2275—Prei,    Alex.
McCullock; Sec:, Peter Blake.
.LTJNDBRECK, 2352.-Pres._ William
Steep; Sec, Stephen DaTies.
* WOODPECKER, 2299,-Pres.,
Sec, Andrew Wilson.
MORRINVILLE, 2378,-Pres.,
Sec, T. Meir.' '; .      ;- '
Sec.,     .;        7' '• ■<•   •
CANMORE, 1387.-Pres., .''-'■   -
BANKHEAD, 29.-Pres._C. H. Stanley;
Sec, Fred King.
TABER,  102.-Pres._ T. Boyle; Sec,
.   Wm. Murdock'. "
LETHBRIDGE,   574—Pres;,    B.   G.
Hamilton; Sec, Charles Peacock.  ',
TABER, :1959.-Pres., Walter Vertf;
Sec, Robert Doodson.
CARBONADO, 2818.~p're8..
Presidents* and' secretaricfl.. whose
Barnes do not appear on this list are
Ha-nestc'd to forward them to this
office lor insertion. ■•>
Continued inquiries reach ns for
.the foregoing information.
i -ji.
On another pngo of this issue will be
found a reproduction ot tlio celebrated
"pink circular" which is causing so
much trouble- in Nelson, another party
of deluded immigrants having arrived
there this week.
In nil probability the Rev. Mr. Brooks
will turn out to bo the Bame gontlomn**,
that Labouchore in "Truth" roasted
moro thnn once, who, apparently having
exhausted the Enullsh market for fraud,
has now turned liis attention to British
The original circular is typewritten,
presumably it Is too precious tx, document
to place in any printer's hands. And
the mau who wroto it is, of course, a
rogue, for whom thrashing would only
be a pnitlmo and drowning a luxury.
Whon tho Rov. Mr, Brooke saw
tfrupwi growing on tho roof of tho hotel
at Banff, he was probably drunk f too
much of tho julco of tho ffrnpe must
have entered hie poetic «oul as ho
looked through the roof of bis hat.
Brooke sayi ho has an Ideal proportion,
which means that each of these intending Incomors muit pay 110 as deposit
ln England on a fruit ranch which for
all practical purpose* might ae well be
situated intkemoon or on the roof of
E;a2 lit/.t. with lho gi*y*t. For nobody
Bopwe Me to locale thorn, uusauwhile
Brooks is getting fat on that flO arid
tboVould-be ranchers are doing section
wolrk on the C. P. It.
Sat tUc.wu. of ihu -whole thing is
where Brooke promlws the Immigrants
that they will be met it Kelson by a
gentleman and be given free food and
lodging for a few days whilst thoy look
round before settling down, They nam-
saw the mythical gentleman, but they
had.Iols of time to do the settling down.
Fofonea Brooks inadverteatly told the
truth. •' Let -m Itfft *• e>lU fevt mm
tM&oVM00,> ••» - ., .— ■i - * *<i *"><'+
'<   * ' '    ,.       ' *i>. ■   * :, t'-*t    .-. * ' ■>
The following letter.has been handed
ub for publication, and it is with very
great pleasure that we give it1, the publicity of our, columns. Wo are, pleased
always to do what we can for the
amelioration of poverty or sickness,—
Ed.     -     -    , '   -
To the editor of " TYe Ledger."
Dear Sir:
I wish to make an appeal through
your columns on behalf of the poor'1
of Feruie.., In view of the approach
of winter, the Ladies' Benevolent
Society will- bo glad to receive donations of clothing (new or other*
M'ise) to be distributed among those
families who happen to be in want.
Parcels Bhould be left with Mrs.F. "
4J. Watson, president of the Invest*
igating Committee,
Yours truly,
, . C:'l. ALEXANDER, ,
" lion Secretary ,
*    t    Ladies' Benevolent Society.
Fernie, Sept. 26th.   . ,   •'.
,   -a    . -
.'   A       ' -,   ,-   •
-Indianapolis, Inr.,  Sept.  10,  '07.
To  The .- Officers  and  Members     of
Local* Unions, United Mine Work-
. ■ ers of America.
Greeting: ' "        ''       .
.Pursuant to a resolution adopted
Sy _ the eighteenth annual convention, United'Mine Workers of America/- the International ''Executive'
Board instructed your resident officers to re-establish reciprocal relations with the Western Federation
ol Miners, and to arrange with the
officials" of that organization a, basis
upon which transfer cards would be
accepted in lieu of" initiation fee.
Conforming to these instructions,
the undersigned, entered into correspondence with the , aeting president
of the Western Federation of Miners, and later held a conference with
him in Denver, Colorado. At this
conference,     an    arrangement*, was
.TY\{±(\a TOn/irflJiw -fill KAonQA^inA^AiinAH   .
*.»•*!.—n mv»-w(J j-44--uiiTj—*.j^aytj\j\ii. »'C~OlK**il—
izations were to accept cards,, subject to the laws^of the various district, and local organisations. Therefore, , local unions * of the United
Mine Workers of America are hereby
notified and instructed, upon receipt
■of' this .communication, to" accept. in
lieu of initiation fee, the working
cards issued by local unions of the
Western • Federation, of- Miners. However, • 'the*/ following;;.;' roeervationp
should lie.observed: ■■ '■ ■ * _,
" If a"~cardv' presented to a local
union by a member bf the Western
Federation of Miners shows that he
is less than three months in arrears
for. dtles, such arrearages should be
collected by bur local unions. If a
card Is more than three months in
arrears, it cannot be accepted at
all." . ',',.''
In districts having special laws,
govern ng tho admission of inexpar-
ienced men, such laws shall continue
in force as at present; that is \o
say, li a member of the Western Fed-
oration of Minors presents a Bmolt-
crmnn's or millman's working card,
tho district laws regulating the employment and admission of non-
practical mon must be complied
Fraternally Yours,
International President.
dorsement of. the American Federa-
ticn'of Labor, and consequently" our*
endorsement. "
We desire to have a report of all
money ■ contributed by our district,
sui.-district and local organizations
for the support'of. this strike. You
art; therefore, requested- to forward:
to this office a statement of * the
amount donated by your body for
the support of this strike.. It is important that we should have "this
When making donations for that
purpose please fill in the following
blank.and return to W. B. Wilson,
HOC State Lif? ...Building, Indianapolis, Ind.. -'.      '"     .
,    Fraternally Yours,   •    __     .
Internationa,  President.
'    International   Sec-Treas..
United Mine Workers of America."
Contributions to the Commercial
Telegraphers'  Union..
District  No Amount ,	
Sub-Distriet...Dist.     No...Amount......
Local Union No...Dist. No...Amount...
Sept. 10, 1907.
To The Ofllcers nnd Members of Tho
Local    Unions,      United    Mine
,   Workers of America.
We arc sending you "herewith an
appeal'for aid ..from thc National
Organisation of thn Commercial Telegraphers, whoso members <yro now
on -strike.  Tbo appeal has tho   en-
Not a drop
of Alcohol
Domrt preterit* very little, If
u        '01    *""*'v *-****   »'*-'*"**"*   mmhwMwM)        0,Mw/V
I prefer Mre-fig loales aad ftjtert-
iivei. -Tfatt-!4-vdrta keepltag
wHth modem medletl ideiee.
It explain why Ayer'i Sir-
upirillt li noy midf eoUrely
r»ic traai - »icoboi, Ask your
dector.  FoUov hJi idvlce.
 mm t*tms)»*
WSmmiUk mXmtOsX
vers wAapu
UttkrM thert la lallr tttiee ef ne bev*
els, mImbmb j*4**** m tbtotboi.
Methods Adopted to Rob the
; Working Man.
Conspicuous among the enemies
constantly preying upon the' wage
earner while he is fighting the bat,
tie of organized labor is.the .investment swindler. He has all. the craft
of a wolf, his purpose seeming'- to
be to attack the workingman from
the. rear while'his. attention is absorbed by the forces" facing him.
And' these promoters of the',  small
i"»4:a hucu 4. on luuiiug—^gallic——uct v 6"
grown so in numbers, in ooldness''
and in sunning that their attacks
must receive attention before their
depredations amount -' to quite as
much' as the. losses which might
come from unfair wage wage scales
or unjust restrictions .upon labor.
When a workingman engages in a
struggle to "advance the cause of
organized labor he feels, that he is
doing something substantial for him-
belf, for his family and for bis fellows.-And so he is; but "if he turns
over to the fake ''investment sharp-,
ers all tde concretr, results of the
advantage thus gained, how 'ar
ahead is he? ;' -  ,
It is time for tho wage earners of
America to awaken to tho fact that
tbey are being systematically swindled, out oi millions .of hard-earned
dollars" every year. Unless thoy
arouse themselves und perfect their
savings they might about as well
gc back to the old labor .conditions
since there 13 not much practical
choice between giving tbo fruits of
honest toil 'to nn overreaching nnd
unjust employer and handing them
over gratis to a systematized project for' swindling,
In my opinion there is no class of
people so fit to drink tho drogs' of
human contempt ns aro thoso who
glut themselves upon tho small savings which tho wage workers have
slowly and patiently put away-, in
tho family stocking. Aud if I could
know that this word of warning
would bo tho means of deterring
worklngmon who rtnd it from "Investing their BavlngB without first
making a thorough investigation of
the proposition offered, I should fool
that I had rendered 11 sorvice to thc
wngc earners that I could lookback
upon always with satisfaction.,' „
Thoro arc several ways by which
one can tell whether or not an investment offered him is sufficiently
solid to warrant1 his putting his savings into it, . 1
In the first place,use all the sober,
common 'sense you have, nnd ; this
with a realization of the fact that
as, you cannpi bargain. ndvnntnRe-,
ously an an individual with the em-
yAfytr Tho hires iuafire'-Ss il ata
Mil {* fTt-jvcTicrirHl in ihr art. of $«-t-
tinjr. the most for' his1 money, neither can your untrained common sense
be a safe guide when It comes to
dealing with" men whose business Is
4o tlUfetuble, Co to a^nan whom
you know to he ah boneet man conversant .with money lind corporation
matters nnd who can detect an investment fraud at n glance, Common
senBe-ttie shrewd, natural ability to
form accural* JudRmenta-U always
at a 'disadvantage unless one ha*
lie best information upon which to
net, and about the most It can   do
Chicago,  Sept. 2, ..1907'/
To Organiz?d .Labor—Greeting: 77 /
The Commercial. Telegraphers' Union: of America is now engaged in a
life andcdeath struggle with the
Western Union ■ and ..Postal Telegraph
Companies and the Associated press.'
The fight was not of our seeking,
came as a result. of a,lack of good
faith on the part of both telegraph
companies in negotiations with oiir
representatives.    7.    .-    ,   ■•      ■ -*',
On account of the peculiar work
performed by these companies., and
tho faft tha* Weir'service cxto:ds
to nearly every "town..in the. United
States, every point is, affected to a
vaiable extent,ranging from one person in a small town to nearly 3,000
in "New York City. Every Commercial telegrapher in North America
(including Canada and Mexico), some
28,000 men'and women, .are indirectly involved in this strike, as „ wefl
as 47,000 railroad .telegraphers.- '
, Over 80 percent., oi "the commercial telegraphers are-*n , strike, ■ or
over 90 per cent, cf those directly
employed by the two companies arid
the. Associated Press. . At the inauguration of the strike we were
over, 50'per cent, organized An ,the
commercial comuanics. Our members responded to the strike t-all
unanimously, and those telegraphers'
who were not members responded in
greater percentage 'than almost any
other union could command—90 out
of every 100 walking; out. )
, Our organization has been, conducted in 'a conservative manner
since, its inception five years ago,
and it has,been our desire to continue along the. same lines. However; the'fight was forced'upon, lis
and we are going to* do everything
in our power to win-it. We have a
combined 4 capitalization of ■* over
?20!>,000,000 opposing. 'We are ". con-
fidont of, victory and will win if our
sister organizations will assist us. ■'
■ 'Wo ,arc "contending 'for.-principles
'-^-have-rVite.—to- every- trades^unionist;-"snd'
a defeat for us would be a setback
to the entire labor movement.
. Our demands are: *   .        ,..
An eight-hour day.
Equal pay for equal work by
women.        . .    »
"' Fifteen, per' cent, increase.
That. the company furnish - the
This contest is now in its third
week and sooner or later victory
may hinge on our ability to keep
our people out a week longer. The
companies intend ,to starve us out
if they can.
Our treasury,, contained a creditable amount .. at the . beginning of
:thls trouble^ but the drain has . already proven a heavy one. We will
need assistance and appeal to you
ai a sister organization for what
finunclal aid. you can render us at
this time.
Our flght is won now so far as tho
sticking of ohr membership is concerned, but we must keop the companies whipped until they nro willing to settle. ,
'j'r. (V this wo must support our
mnribcrs; to support them wo need
turnip ■ therefore wo 1 sk your aid,
Wo trust that wo will hear favorably from you and assure you that
your aid will he appreciated.
Jifake all checks payable to Wesloy
Russell, General Sccretary-Treos-
cr, Room 930 Monon Building, Chicago, 111,, and notify S. J. Small,
President, same address.
Trusting you wlll at onco    tako
whatever Btops art necessary to se<"
cure no appropriation, I remain,
Sincerely and fratcrnal.y yours,
General Sec-Treas.
Approved-S. J. Koncnkamp, Acting
Chairman General Executive Board,,
I **""' ■■ "O"	
■    c ^.3ST3D. BETAXL "
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply; of Beef,'
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and EggSi
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always !a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Vancouver, Sept. iB.-"jUat put
mo' down ns saying in plain English
that I don't K-lve a damn for tbe
whole Grand Trunk Pacific outfit,
Despite its hostility, tho next issue
pfjmy newspaper will he printed in
Prince Rupert."
Ultlb nub llit), foiciuie language
used today by Jolia Uounloa, ts-ai,.
P.F., who sails for the north tonight
on 'the Princess Royal. "All that
talk1 about me locating my plant on
a house boat In tbo harbor of Prince
Rupert is nonsense. I am going \o
camp there nnd all the influence of
President Hays and hla assistants
'cuts, no ice' with me. Tho railroad
owns all tbe land there except the
ocean reserve. When I landed there
I got frostily turned down' hy Utr,
Bacon, tbe O. T. P. engineer. Aa
an old   timer I took my medicine,
  ~   *.*,;fTne antidote, in'oath drastic,    will
for • man otAtt i-aeb/ rirrtmstaeeM, br adroirlittred l*t*t on. I an t*>
.tt-rto rca a tww*m*p*» ta*re   ts4
Look Up
Victoria  Ave.
'•-"<•"   when   you    require   -
anything in
Boots? & Shoes
Trunks, Valises
& Suit Cases
Lowest Prices.      Qoods Seld for* Gash Only.
W. R. NicDougall
Express and Baggage Transfer
,4       ' 4    *     \, „
Draying of all kinds  done promptly.
Telephone 57. or call a driver
Office :   Nertheim Hotel, Ecrnie, B; C,
.1      *•
Anything in the above line done at
\  reasonable rates
Tents, Awnings, and all
oanvas goods made to
7   order
A, T. Milne, Gemmel Street,
or at Trites-Wood & Co.
Coftl.-Coal Und* may hs imrohaiml st 110
nor nore /or noft coal and ISO lor snthrselts.
Not mora than sua nore* can lis aequirsd by
ouo individual or company, Royalty at th*
rate often eenta psr ton of i,000 pound* shall
b* oollootod oa tb* iron output.
QunrU-A fr«« m lri*f* eartlfloat* i* trant*d
»pon paynwnt tn adyanos of |Sper annnm for
an Individual, and from ISO to 1100 per annum
for a company according to capital,
A fres minor, bavlnrdl«oov«r«d min«r*l In
plac*,may looau a olalm 1,(00111,500 f«*t,
Tht ft* for rtoonllni a olaim I* |5,
At l«a»t 1100 minth* siptndtd on th* olitm
•ach year or paid tooths minim r*oord*r tn
lieu tliarepf, Whis 1400 ha* n**n tipindt.1 or
paid, ths locator may J upon havler a *urv*y
mad*, and upon, esmnlylnf with other rs*
quIremtnti.pnrohaM yh* land at It au «,er*.
Ths patsnt tirovldi* for ths, payuiat of a
royalty of l) per otnt on ths sale*.
- PtionmlnlBf elalmi f*n*rally ar* Ulf«t
wjuarsi sntry fs* |5 rtntwabl* y tarly,
A freo miner mar cbUlstwo Usui to
dndtifurfoldofUvsmllaaMohfora tsrm or
m*u|i ivi f|w*M ws m t« mSmsswm tsmvts iui m  IWTtso  VI
twtnty man, rentwahl* at th* dlwrsUoa 0/
bt lUnfiUr of lbs Inferior.
Thy hues abtnhavsadMdatin entnUoa
within ons uaioB from tha dats oi thslsaa*
for each t\v* milet. ItonUI |10 per aanum for
tach snll* or river Uaatd, lloyaltyatthe
rate of i| per eent eollected oa ths output af*
t*t ft. «Tr»»ii« tin mo
W.W.Coatrr, n
, .   l>4iiutylf.Dl«urortbelnUrtoi,
*; B, *~Unautbo»li«d pulilcatioa of thU «Sft
vertliemsBt will not ii paid for.
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
The Elk Irumtoer
€0. Apply at the
Office or at Hosmer.
The Oh Lumber Co., Ltd.
Fernie, B. C
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
There U only one place in town
whereyoo can set good reliable
•roods in oar lice that Is at
W. A. INGRAM, prof.
PnoNR 91.    -    .   Fnuris*-, b. 0
Shoemaker Shop     ;
(Opp, P. Bnrns h Co'e office)        *
The owner has worked 4 years {
, In Home, Italy, and la prepared }
to do all kinds of repairlar lad ;
new work.
B*»! OigHotH
IN THR UATTRn ef Tb* Dritl.b OslambU
JUllway Aet,
AND W Till UAWinoMb* lln* of railway
of ths Or**'* Nstt Bouthern Bailway boa*
tlm^m*S^!ttSmlf^n ^S\ ^ ^VX,*"0
•Pr;*1^'^' *Jj* Motion of th* Iln* of railway
Dats4 IkUMJb iay »f UtAmUt, UU..
a. Ui *umm,L,
MUMsv t^Ofsp^tMmH ******
*«y.»* TW'fJnilWBl t \ i
$. tl
*\mt f% to* Ism, 0* w ff%   y
' M
■ -\
Easy Terms |?
'< 1 immw)wm***m*w*v**t*w
A few food lesldentlal lots,
well situated from 1180 to 1900
• ■ iffiRNIfis B,-C.tv tSEPT^''^,-i9b7
Italians Hold Gala Sports on
Recreation Grounds.
Under the Auspices of the
_'■'->   _   . "-        ■.    ■.,,**   -..'-'    '-,   .       ■   "
Cranbrook Conservative Association will be held in the
NEW    OP|R A    HQU S E
Cranbrook, B. CM
1 st, 1907, at 8 p,rn.
The Italiau Society of Fernie celebrated "Garibaldi Day': on Monday
laBt on the Recreation Grounds'. Tne
weather was perfect,' and owing'., to
the kindness of the mgnagcnient of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company
inclosing down The mines for. the
day. a good attendance was assured.
Michel and surrounding camps sent
their contingents;'
From the Carosella Hall, which
was gaily decorated with evergreens
and bunting, the members of the
society, headed by the Fernie (late
Italian) Band, paraded the principal street on'their way to the Rec-
retion' Ground. l.The appearance ot
the society was a signal iov% the
j commencement of the sports.
, Tlio following were, the prizewinners of the contested raees:
Horse-.race, . one mile dash—1st,"
.Girl's race—1st, Lucy Wild.    *
Ladies' race, marrie'd—1st Mary
Men's race, 100-yards—1st, Galett;
2nd, H. Brown.
Sack race—1st, Kenney; .lbd, Clayton. ' " ''
Running jump, 18 ft. .7*"in.--Is».
H. Galett; 2nd, K Lock. «'
High jump—1st, Kenny; 2nd Bow-
en. ,
Potato race—1st; Bo wen; 2nd,
Clayton.' •'"..'
The,, tug-of-war was won by the'
Italian-team."     .
After the conclusion of the. sports
the Italian society-in'a* very sporting way put up $20 -for an. exhibition   run-by, the    Fernie   hose reel
team.   The_men7who_went_tn Nek
recent contests
.   (Continued from page 1.) ;
'v kevenue:
Police court fines.'.... 12,500 001
School grant from Government 8,800 00 j
Liquor licenses'.  .j^qo oo !
Traders' license's..:  1,200 001
Dog taxes ....",_    2000o|
Road taxes.. , sqooo:
■♦   4
, .        '    12,100 00
Balance to bo raiBed by ta*a-
••on..\. '.. M.ooooo
4*26.100 00
,.?G()6,*120 00
.'. 790,670 00
♦12*1,250 00
Aids. Quail Tuttle-That the report
of the Finance Committee bo adopted.
At this juncture Alderman Tuttle
rose and referred to" a , letter which j
appeared in "The Ledger "'of .Sept.. I
14th signed by Mayor Bonnell. A lively !
diBcussion ensued. Many explanations j
were inade on both sides.
The Mayor told Aid. Tuttle that he j
was.willing to accept tiio explanations I
given that there was no conspiracy, aa
appeared from the letter in the Ledger ,
on the part of tho aldermen to retard !
the business of the city and to make a
public statement to that effec*.
Council went into ' committee on the
whole to consider tenders for the con
struction of the,septic tank, Aid.. Blcas
dell in the chair.'
The committee recommended that
the tender" of Harry Oldlaud at 55,510
be accepted. Their report was adopted.
The Council adjourned until Saturday
28th. ...--..• '
ffevnie, m. c.
-IKings   Hote
:as •*—' -    •
the presence
among us of ■""
1      '' '
1 '*   ■* , ■
, > . ,r ^ , * 'i
Leader of the Opposition in the
House   of   Commons  at
Ottawa, who will be
accompanied by
The Hon. Richard McBride,
Premier of British Columbia.
son to" attend the
there represented one side aiid
mer who remained home formed the
opposing "team. The home-staying
boys won, and no wonder after what
those who went „to' Nelson bad- to
Put up with in that city.
In the evening thc Italian ■ society
gave ia' dance in the Carosella Hall,
which was largely attended by their
A word of praise is due to the.
committee for the way they carried
out., thrfr programme.
A hotel that lurniuheB quiet, commodious accommodation for its patrons Is ii source of pleasure to the
travelling public. Such a one is the
King Edward Hotel, of Fernie, eor-
■er opposite post office,
This Great Meeting   will be addressed by Mr.
R. h. Borden, M*. P., the Premier and others.
,.'' .  .     *        ,.    '   - ' " '•<        • it-
^."l^iS^y invited'to: attend.   Specially.
Reserved Seats for the Ladies.
By Qj-der of Executive,
Fountain Pen
"|"TilS "special" Fountain
Pen ii nude cf the,,
finest grade of Para
Rubbtr, and is fitted wiih
a Mk, solid sold pen with
Tridium lip, which assures
a steady flow cf ink.
COMPLETE with  a*
safely   clip  which
holds the pen securely In .
the pocket, ih« pries' is
|N larger sizes ths Sovereign may bt had for
J 2.00.
Dint) for ou'
Handion-alr llluitrittd
Ryrie Bros.,
154.(58 Yon|e St
Thos. R..- Turhbulli ■ colporteur of
the Canadian Bible. Society (affiliated with the British, and Foreign) is
in town selling Bibles. He was present at the mid-week' service in the
Presbyterian church and gave'an Interesting address on its work.'' „On
-fll-.Y4.-low_.nn *.**..«.<» _..*»4. nrt___- •	
-u-Muujjwv.iuu 5j—kjc^n.^-*?^ue~ib—ex-~
pected. to take part in the service
of the Methodist church, and goes to
Coal Creek"'for Sunday ° night. He
expects to make a house to house
canvass of the town?. His headquarters is at Edmonton, but he travels
through Southern' Alberta and East
Kootenay in British Columbia.
Fernie, B. C^
The beet dollar a day hou_e
in the city.
Well stocked bar.
Liquors and Clears of tho
;•; .highest quality.
Bar supplied with the best of^ Winee
-Liquors and Cigars.
Dining Eoom in connection „
Hotel!, Hosmer
 -Open Mayrl"-^-^
Everything new.and
Every accommodation
.     for the public.
Bar s.octed with the
finest in the land"    ..*"• "
Fit for a King
The meals that yon buy
irom qb nre fit for a kinjr.
We boII nofhlnff that Is
nrt the beat, that Is why
. we have bo many, pleased
cufltomero. Let tu de-
, mtnatute thli fact by ■
trial. Polite attention
nnd prompt service.
Calgary Cattle do.
Under new management
Well furnished rooms.   Tho table la
supplied with the best the market
affords.   Tho bar Is supplied
,    with tho best wines, liquors and cigars.
Jas. Severn, Prop.
■        #* "i
jl Co-operative & Trading Co., Ltd.
»'.   »
Eoery attention.
Rooms rescroed by wire
A pleasant home for tho
_. . . ■ w*
C. L. WHELAN . . Metisgw
= t
Dry   Goods,  Groceries   and
Gctneral Merchandise
f      Hotel
i \   Th« Motel of r«rnl«
The centre oi OoaunereUI
a&4 Twirl»t Trade
Colilnt  Uneie«lled
! | S> r. WeilittM
roS sissKKcaoBM^MssSKraCMSVSS^^^^
\    * ,
w *t»
. » •
;*"■'    " notice v;.•"	
"* The- '.oil iv ing'notices of-'.coal and
; petroleum locations    in Block    Ko.
,,4,533, Southeast   ., Kootenay, British
'• Columbia,  commencing at ,,the' claim
Jno.'1 Jones, Ko. 13, which is located approximately 5 miles down   the
Flathead river from  the east    side
£gBR»^ •
'VX.Y*Y*NOTICE;;.;. '.:'.';
'21. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining No. 2J,'southeast side, and
is southwest ' corner of Mary Hewitt's -claim, thence east' 80 "chains;
thence south SO chains; thence' west
80 chains; thence north*80 chains to
Jioint cf commencement,
•notice; 'YYr
JACK H. WILMOT," Locator. "
■ A1.-W. BELDEN, Agent.    •■   ■
Witness—Thos.  Slater.       .,/'    7
32.. Commencing, at-a post planted
adjoining Claim No.  31, e^st    side,
line cf the Flathead .Townsite,-   aad j.   Located this'1st day of Aug. 1907.
the remaining claims     as numbered j* *     MAT.V HEWITT, Locator.   ■
are staked  one adjoining the  other j     ■   j_   w_ BELDEN,, Agent,
following down the.river, thus pro-jwitnrss—Thos.' Slater'.. ' ''
lectin,; a claim on each side for the '
uumjers   ucmed, . anl.  also   iu the
same manner on, the creeks'' describ-
ed,0 the.same leing confluents of the
Flathead river,     v--
'    vY     A. V".  BELDEN.
"Ayent for Claims Nos. 13, to 50 inclusive.  *
'N0'TICE":;"~ .*'7'"*
Located this 3rd, day,of Aug. 1907.
. CHAS: H. .WINGATE,,. Locator.
*    * A., -W.; BELDEN, Abent.   '->. •' ■
Witness—Thos.  Slater.-tJ-■ ' *7
»&.'"' '"■**«" '■"^•i ""'" VA^TSVpr*;"/-. , ,,'?.;*■
thence east 80 chains;' thence north
,.82. Commencing at a post plantai
80 chaxns; -thence west- SO chains to  nortluof Homer.""' J.1 ShinS^claim^■
.point of .commencement, making, 640 No. Cl,.,*and is^the southeast corner*'
seres, more or less:,. , i-        .-    ,   « Ipost'of Mrs.'PhoebV Shinn^oiaim-- ''
■ Located this-or.h day of Aug., iS07.   thence running west 80 chains- thenco'=
BRULE  CLENDENNING,., Locator.; north     £0   chains:    thence    'JTZ >
-     A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
chains;    thence    east 80
j chaias;   th.nce 'south  SO  chains,,  to,;.,
point  of  commencement,   containing '"
NOTICE TS hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to -apply
to the Hon.' Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works i'or a license to
prospect fcr coal and petroleum on
the  following  described  lands,  situ-
. . -42. Commencing at-a post planted
and Le:ng tue southwest cdrner post-east adjoining'No. 40, and being the
ol 13. C. Lan3try's claim; thence ;LOrthwest corner of.Evan Frazier's
running north,, 80 "chains; thence east j claim;, thenco running east SOchains-
Sfc^ ^T2^^JT^TTB^ m\*°toi,*"»o west)   53.Commehcing at a post plante*, C40 acres, more or leSs   i
80 ch-im-.to   point   of ! K  cha-as; thence, north .80 chains to  just   west of  Claim 'N0;  12. cf . j. |   Located ,(his fof  ay  cf An*   1-107
Point of commencement. IClcndi-nning,   .and  being  the uort]-- j   MRS. ■ PHOEBE -SHINN   Locator -'
19077cast co.i.cr post of A. Worth ' .,el* ;     ,   A..W. BELDEN, Agent.       '
j den's claim; theuce running south SO  Witness—Thos7 Slat. r. ' •    "
i - ■ — i thenco • west CO chains; theu'eu *nniih ' 7„   ,, "'
. Agent.     ;    .   | Witn:ss~Tbos._ Slater.   ' ■ '    !S0 .nk.im,'  ti,™,,. „-J Bn. ..,,,,. .7   '. ^ c*-™***cncin> at* a post planted
"^ Z^ZLfZt i,^ "S   ^   ** 0£.AU8USt' [' ^ *" « *« Aiig.
torthwe-st cornerof Rocena Hew-     .     B. C./LANGTRy,; Locator.'   '       ' \ f f BELdS^V T^'
cl-in,; thence, north. SO chains, .        A. w, BELDw  '>v.- .   ,    _   L "   ^ *' ?D ™N A^- *
22. Commencing at a post planted
thi nor
thence cast £0 chains; thence south
S7cluiu:, thonce west £0 'chains to
point of, commencement.
Located t:-is 1st day of Aug. 1907.
P.OCENA' HEWITT,   Locator.
•'   A. '\\V DELDEN, Agent. '
Witness—Thos:' Slater.'   -> 7
23.-Commencing at a post planted ff^ZSJ  "*""     ^ '—   '^  8° ^ tbPBM" ^ '»»' ™*«"^
Witness—Thos.   Slater
33, Coinm
i cj-rncr
I thence
80 chains;  thence e^st 80' chains to '^
ms; thence oast  just north of Clum No   53   '.iein«-'«   '                     vuuins' vo l'01nt     ol,;
on Eouth si:o cf Flathead river from f  Loc,ed tllis ^ ^ ^ ^ \%£?? , *o ^t. of Commence-, (claim *■ A. Worth   Beldea,   "nd   J '3? ™*T* ^ ^
ate  in  the     Dhttict  of  . Southeast !01alm  No'   22-'and   ''oh,B  8outhea8f}]907.   "'     ,       ,  .'                 '    'T   ^f      * t            ■', '    .     .  ■■ q *   (»£ . ■ »?  Mutkeast '.corner  post , of ^Loc .fid .this, 5th" day :of Au^. -1907 :"
Kootenay,   Bri;iSh'Columbia,   jSlofli !^^ of EUwteth.S. Olark's.clalm;       .  - LEWIS  P.  LAPSES,  Locator.*!          7^*^ AMJIAiV Loca^    "
4,593.   ■               -      '■-         .              tbence    running^   north    ^.chains;:      , *A...W. BELDEN, Agent." '         I""    1^,?.^^^ -
-,P    '                  - ■                .          '*,,   tbrnce west SO chains; thence, south I v^tress-Tli-c   9i-tn-       '                 ?'r,.                ^-wjj^.n, A;,en*.. * SO chains;    thence     cist 80 chains;' wit *-(•■=• ■   Th-"   «i'-+       "                '   "
13   Commencing at a post planted^ ch:Jns;  thoacc' Cast M cbains   to;V'ltLCSS_ ThuS'  ^   "      „ .   . '      ;.WiUKSs-Thos.   Slater.   ,    '      ■ "tlullcc 8puth 8, tLalLB ty ^    J   ^J* 'cs TT1^-   fcl'-ter.
on l'latlieaclirau.5 miles from Flat-, point of commencement. !    J"' Coiiimcncins: at a post planted     4*1. Commencing at a post planted 'i comm.ncement;   ' making  6;0   "ncris      G''' 'J(-'lumo-cini. at a pest planted >
head- t.wnsite down Flathead river,!   L-jcuteJ-*this 1st',day of Aug? 19077 ^in^S- Claim'Ko. 33's post, west  cast tf and .cdjclning <N0. M ,■ and'is "more « r Lsj.    ,' ,' ^cst   (f 1'U-rm.n   Ammann's cluiin, "
i*5i-Je, and ia the northeast corner .of .iho northwest comer-of Coral-Buch-'j-   Locate!"this Ith' day of au>.,* 1907. INo-'63' aml is* two miles south     off
!jVrs-   Lt-''''is   ^t'lU's   claim;   '  thence ;liol-'s claim; thonce, running cast SO '' -'    ARyfN(;.   HoTlE ■  Loc'tor   ' '1K(1't-e-.st 'cornor pest:"of'' John'And- 'S
of the   ,Jn-j.  Jon;s     claim; _'running _.Witn ss-Thos!'" Ckic.-.    '.'.      *     '      ■ |run-:ino south '8'J ch-iris; thence we">t ! ehains;'' "ther.ce   ., south-, SO   chains;'    '   '   "'
thence, south 80  chains;   thence w^st .. ' "    '     .       ' 80   ohains;   thcn'ce   north "80   chains- ! thonce  west 81 chai
80   Umins; . theace' north   SO,, chains; | J^.;;'°r™fn^ ,U :l. ;,ost" I;1"ntei|, i th'-nce 'cast  So'c4-*ins  to  point   .of   ?0.   th-dna '
thence east°S0  cliai:i:i  to  point     of'"     ~
commene ment.
Ljct:te;l this 1st day of Au.4. 1907.
„,„.,.    jL,,jCUT:ea..tijls .ist ,clay of Aug. 190
and* being stsiko.l  on east-side of riv-;:SLIZABBTH s; 0LARK, Locator,
'■cr,   being  tae northwest corner post     ,    , A,.* W. BELDEN, A.-ont.
'     JN.O.   JOKES, Locator.'    *    ' ,
A. W.  BELT.EN, Aucnt. .    "    '
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
14. Commencing' at a post' planted
on north ,si.le of post No.  13, 'being
n:,rther.st ,    corner   of   Ena  Brown
claim,   lying'     west   of /Jno. • Jon::s'
claim; tirciico rannfiig west SO chains, :
theuce     running    s-juth.'  80   chains;'!
to poi,-t
'Locitcd  this
'    C
MRS.    LOUIS ' STUTZ',   Locator
A. W.,BELDEN, Agent.
j   v.-    *.».,,,      VW3U      OU      4.-41. LAili       LU       iJ
I '  . ' ■
, commeaccmcat. c
■    Located t' is   2nd   day cf Auhust,
■1307. *"   ' ■'-•''.
'ad.icinin.j'P,j&t 2':,   s.mth  side,    and'
!-'_eing  northwYst  corner post cf Thos.
Lite's  claim; the-c*  lunu'iig' south
fO  chains;      tluncj  west  £0  chaias;
thence. n;rlh "80 • chains;  the-'nee e::st
'-&> ch?ii^s to p^irt of.commencement.
Located fiis.lst day of Aug. ,1907.
,       THO8,. LARGE,,, Locator.
A.' W. BELDEN', .A°eat7 "■'„''
,J 'Witnc-ss—Thos.  Slater.    ■ .        , ...
' .   ...    lO.st l.an'-: of Flathead River, aud is ; thence wost
2}. C'omme-ncirig'^t a'post; planted J t|.0-,.
im; thence ruining east 80 .Point .cf comniejiccment.
A..W. LELDEN, A^ent.
ins; thence., north Iw.tncss—Thcs.   Slat.r. 0\-
of coriimoticc- ]   55.* c'om'meflcing at a" pose planted
- 'two  mil?s  west  of post's  cf  Claims
t*:d this crd d'.vcf 'Amp 1907 i-v       n    -o   e..       ,   .,
,°^T;,: :^"™LjS'   Localor-.!tho-n-i*|hTesf corner, pest of Elmer
A.   *,,. Jbi-jji^EiN, Agent
Witness—Thcs.   Slater.   '•
Jouc-s' cl.a;m; thence running oasc'.-O
chjins;      thence"  south'   80    cliaics*
:Wtn-ss-lhos.  Siatcr.   ...    ,      .        ,.  45   Commencing at a post planted |thence west SO .chaius;  tlunce* noryi
!   ;^. U-nimencing at a post planted .north" S1de of Post     «, and being iso cliains to     -^of commencem-ia;
;adK.imng  ,.,.  3^s south ..side.'  and .southwest-corner of Ray Kaufman's !maM,Ig c40'acr,s m^rc or~lfiS5;' '*;*    . ,    j
iSta^J   oa.the^lathcad  Trail.,   on ;tlaim: thenoe r?nninB north 80 chains |   L Ciltcd   this   5th dny of Au-.. 1907. ^ C5' ^^ncing- at a^post' pla'nted'^
ers-n's d:i*n No. 38, mil being the.-
,sJut.beastcorn:r pns't of Henry Hel- -
im-r's claim; the.ee running west 80-
chi.iiii;     tutneo _. north    SO   chain 3;
thenoi east SO  ihains;  tlience  iouth ~.
:<-0 c'-nius to point gi ■commenceuH'iit.,'-s
^cout^'ninj fi'40 acres moro or less. "
Lociiecl   this  Slh  day of Aug. 1907.;
HENRV T-IELMER,  Locator."    ""
;     ... A. W.'BELDEN,  Agent.
!Witness---Thcs.'  Slater.*" 7       ■? ~     '"
chains;- thence south
-sELMER  J ONES,'  Locator.
,. • •            ,,.-,-*,-.       ,    ■   1     ■   -°u'hwe.-3t corner of H.  O.  Gail- ' ^ .chsin^; thonco*-east,£0 chains   'to-'!  ','   * A   w   -RTrr-nr-v   '*-     1.
adjoinin; _n:ith  ado  of, clilm "state 'hand's ciyv~- ,v,^- '.w*- j..ii nK 'T;n1nf ^\y, „...„_..," *S     'M.   s' A' w*' BELDBN,.,Agent.
t!;c-nco;'ruaning.o.st 80 chains; t\;e;ce .^[J^Y^-YiL? ^Y'Yy^^i-Y^'l    f1*1^.' thunw Wti* -83 chains; then : - Located this 3rd  day of' Aug. 1907  *-   1 n':BY KS,»Shtr-"
.at or   near   the clj.u     of Htrman-;
.„ ;^UnLll-|"s      .'^-    «... being-,Ath9:
; fnpthvrxSt.clrnerVp'bst of Mrs. .Kcr-'
riinain;»norlh Sj  chJins'to point "of
.  D E.\A BIIOWN; Locator!
,. A.' W. BEL'DEN, Agent.
'r.er. of '■'I'rbd'   "Tf.   Gaston's  claim;
I wost   80    chains; ; thence , south .  80,!>
mm6nccmor.f. .7 - -    7' , *-   - ..     , thenco-running e:st 80' cMins-thence !c^in3rto point^f^commencemeat.'  . "j- * ' A.-J
Loca'tel.this 1st day of Aug'.' 1907.': -n°^a    8'-l .cn„al?sj   , thence, *\ve?t SO j   Lpc'lted thia   2u{1"  dav';o{ Ausrust  !Witne;s--]
"    17v.   r>7iAT4-\T- t*     4.    -       ' chains;. th:nce  south   80  chains     to  'mr*-;       '■    -     -      .      ■-•    „-      --   .    . y-y'r,
„ Jii.NA BllOnN.  Locator. •   1 ■--..■■      .-...-..-        1J_0(. . ... . ■    4 . fni-n
chiins;. th:nce. south   80 ach'-*ins
1 point of- commencement.
iykMii&iL-^£^.£J7dav_o0.u ci JI0J.
-.W. .BELDEN, Agent. '
-Thcs. * Sl-itef:.'.- 7'i..-     ,
Commencing at u* post rlanto.1
m-.u Animnu
•claim; thence' run-7
i adjoining , Claim   No. 55,
_\U-i ft\AQ/i^niL.^-, C*l 1 i ^ ■ •    ■*
-if-i-^ntfaa—ri""u»'r-piaLuiT-T' —>	
..--... -      1        .FUED7W.' GASTON,   Locator.
15. Cqmmsncing  at a post  on the j '       A.; W. EELDEN, AVeut/''-''   '
south side of Flathead,, river,"about  Witncss-Th;s.-,Slat;-r."'"" '"' ''":  z'':  '
1 milo east of claim .No. 14, and being the northeast corner of .-Henry.
Hewitt, junior's, claim, thence run-
ning south 80 chains'; '-thence west,80
chains, thenee.north 80 chains; thence I ™-g() chai
east 80 chains to point-of commencement. .     ,
'Located .this 1st-day of'Aug. 1907.
. . . HEiN'RY" HEWITT, Jr.,'Locator
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness-r-Thos',, Slat-ir.  ,; ' '
2G..Commencing at.ia' pest" plantc'd
adjoining;east, side."of," Claim tfo.'24',
and beingf.uorth'easj; .c.brhe'r. '^f^MrsJ-
Thos. Large's ciaim;""thence" running
thence south '"80
cha'ns;vthence' west 80 ehains; theace
north-80 chains-.-to,-point of ,ctom-l
meheement."' ;   " '.,*? ;''".■;. ;    '"' ~i   t- "
L.cuted'this '"ist" day.-cf Aiig.'lS07.'
MRS. THOS. LABGE, Locator.-;
„        . ,      A. W. BELDEN; Agent..
16. Commencing at a post planted 1 Witness—Thos'. Slater. "■"'
adjoining     the   claim    (No. 15) of j   27.- Ccimmericlng^t a'^post 'pianted
H nry Hew.tt   Jr.,     on the, north,  0nVFlithoatf^ail"BouV aud""* ad
being the sjutheast'corner of Henry "    "" '        	
Hewitt's cluini; running thence north
80 chal:is; thcaco W03t 60 chains;
thenco south 83 chains; thenco oast
joining Claim 7 No.,. 20,  and    being
uouthwest  corner post of  Jay Yoo-
maii'B claim; thence running   north
un   ,   .     . I80 chain's;,'  thenco   oust 80 chains;.
-0 chains to point of commencement.   thenco S0,Jth f0 chainG. theuce west
.Lochtod this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
* HlflNRY HEWITT, Locator.
A.  W. BELDEN, Agent..'
Witncss-Thcs. Siatcr,
'£0 chains to" point of commencement.
Located this 2nd clay of Aug. * 1907.
A.  vV. BELDEN, A|>ont.
17. Coinmenci-ig nt fl post planted  Witnoss-Thos,  Slater.
adjJnin,^ i^st No. 10, which is thu
ri -li.  07GUILLIAND,'i Locatori
_,—___r^ttr—»rs-j3iiljD !.u\~Agent7
Wiiness-Thosi, Slatsr,.    . ......
.. 3o." Commencing ,at a post planted
adjoining, Fost No. 35's, south side,
and is the northwest,-corner of, Swan
Pete:scn's claim; -'thence':* running
east 80 chains;';- thence south . 80
chains; thence,west 80.chains; .thence
n:rth 80 chaincs to point of, .com--
mencement.; *,,   ,;.,_,;,
Located this'2nd   day   of August,
1S07."  ..-' .'*.,   . .-..   ■    .->...-.
'   SWAN PETERSEN,  Locator. -
,    A.  W.  BELDEN;. Agent.
Witness—T^lios.. Slater.   ,
, 37. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining. Post No, -36's,,* west sido,
p'ncV Lelnj northeast corner post, 'of
isaac Waldrou's:, claim;: thenco j tuu-
nlng north 80 chains;-thonco,*.west 80
chains; thenco south 80 chains; thohco
cast''SO  chains "to'point  of     commencement.
Located this 2nd   day* ot August,
A.  W, BELDEN, Agent.'
W IncRs—Thos. Sinter.
which'  is |I1?ne °-st 80 ch:'ins-- t'lcnce south. Wrt,
■'■ ";;s!uth of it^vand\ljeing'the' southweit;]^111*^ lh™ce "^cst 80^chains; thence,;
...   r, . ■. ■-  -Jcorner^post- of 'Geo"7->E.   Schriober's''nc,r'll-'-S(!-(,h:iin^i-0' Point''-*of.   com-7
tb. Commencin-i at a post planted ,cbim;     thmce.    'rimi;inrr ." uortv R(1 , mencement,     containing    C40   acres,';-".
adjoiuing Nov 44 on north "side, and
is—tire-norEliwest  corner "H^7*u-tlniT
1owns:nd's    claim;  thence    running
east , £0  chains; ' thence 'rnofth-=i80=
c-hains; thence west 80,chains; thence,
.south  80  chains  to, point- of    commencement.,     ! -■
Located- this 3rd day of Aug. 1907.
.     ARTHUR-.,TOWNSEN'D,; Locator..
...A'. W'.'BELDE'n, Agent.	
Witness—Thos.  Slater.'."
! 47.' Commencing at a post planted,
s'jiith and adjoining     Claim.No. 42
and 43, and being the northeast corner-pest of Ella Townscnd's' claim;
thonce.   running "west   80   chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence east
80 chains;'- thence,north 80,;'chaina, to
point of eipmmericemeht,'-**      ■7,7'-..'
,  Locat'ed;;this 3rd 'day of'"Aug."1907.'
V_   ELLA TOWNSBND,, Locator. '
!   A. W. BELDEN, Agont.
Witness—Thora. Slater.'1
•18., Commencing at a post planted
just nortii of Post No. 47,'"and being
'tho'    northwest , corner .'of   Frank
him;      thence-     running "'north'80
ihaina;-. tbaiice_ci.st_8n_f.ii£i 114 a^__-i_ii c„
Witn:ss'-Th3s."' S-lati-r.
.-16. Commencing at a post" planted'.'
adjoining the claim of Henry Hel-*i'*"
mer,, No., G4, on^the south,,being ih*i{
northea'stTcornerpost of Mrs. Louie i;-
Larson's clfim; thence running 6.*uth*,'.'
SO chains;''  thence■', west 80 chains;';
south'     SO chains;    thenco    west 80 I  -L".Catecl  t'-'is 5th day  of Aug., 1907.3'
jhains:*V.to .*the.point, of*commence-- |^|.vHERMAN AMMANN.^ Locator.^ ;
ment,   making -  640 ■ acres ?more- ■ t r -j ^.v- •A-,. ^; BELDEN. • Agent,
less. .- '
Located this 5th "day of Aug.", 1907,"
"GEO.  E.   SCHRE1BER, *Locat)r«
' A. W. BELDEN," Agent'.*..-..   ,-
Witness—Thos.*':Slater.   --•'•' '.- *'- u -*■
57. Commencing at a post plantsd
west' of Claim No. 55, the claim of . 	
Elmer .JoneB,:,-.andibelng-"''.the' north-' *hoi}C6 north 80 chains; thence east-
'east corner "> post -of ^MaVe*"'OaBS's':80''cll'ainS' to point of, commence. "
claim; thence running south F0 Jzxl0"3t» containing 610 acres more or [i
chains; thence,, west 80 chains; thence !lfB,3
north 80 chains; thence oast",180
chains • to pcint* of "commencement,
niaking 640 acres more or Us3.V
a Located this.-.Otli'dty of Aug., 1907.
;'  MADGE CASS, Locator..
A, W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—ThoB.  Slater.
B8. Commencing „t n post plunted
adjoining nort'i side of Claim   No
Located this 5th day. of,Aug., 1907. •*.
\MRS. LOUIE, LARSON,,. Locator. "5
"i-MW- DBLDEN,'::Agent. i-'-d    >
,Wi;hbs~Thos..;Slater."; ^[ \„'";i   ■ i;
C7. Commencing nt a post' planted *.*■
at or near,    and adjoining Henry :;
Yeoman's claim, No. 28 on its west'--.
bide, ami,Loin* tho northeast co:ioc i
...  Post    of Harry   Muuson's   claim; '.
   5''- the dalm'.of'Madge Onss, nnd ts  thtnee   running-'   wcBt -80' chains;  ''
Swcn y's clnlm; thenco running north ;tl10 sol'tho.ist corner post of W,'W,  thenco sjutli 80 chains; thonco ,o*st
80 chains;'   thonce   west; 80 chains; \h'    Eln«i''s claim;     thonce running _s0 chains; th;uco north SO chuins,.to ",
thonce south 80 cliains; then«o cast;wcst   80 chiiins;     thenco    nortii 80 ! Foh.t'   of'coinmchsement, containing  ■•
SS. Commencing at a post planted !,  B8i ooinmoaclng at a post planted 70 chains to point of commencement. icl"-ins; thenco onct 80 olnins; thenco .MO neivs more or less.
claim of Henry Hewitt, on the west, ,vtBi  ri,u rf  ..n(.*., vn   9i   nni1 ,.„,„,. ;       '       "   '■-•- >■■-, — ;  - - *" v...*...,,,
nnd  Loin;- ioiiU.wibI ctriier pt-jf  of     -• • ■ " p   •    ■   v     ?' ,T ' f.djolnlnK No. 37, south, and is   tho i;  Located this Sr.l dny of Auff. 1907. ■B0,lth 80 ohnina to point of     com-'   Locnt.d  this cth day of Aug.   1907
John   .J,  l-Lwiti'H  cl.imith ncrua- 2*!^,n,1?^ v!.,/!1'       °"    B°", i^rtlicist corner of Jno. Andcrpon's !      '.FRANK  SWENEY,  locator.      'moiom-nt,  mnldng  0-10  nwcB inere.i      * .HARUV MUNSON, Locntorf'
>'ii'bJ n rth fcO cJU-ib' tbonci. oist io 11 Ii?'' lO-'Rt coinor pact of ; rl,llni;     t,i;,ieu   ninni       I30utU    80 ' A, W. PELDEN, Auent.     ...   ' "
ch,i",; ihc-.ee u Aio     'U^UuX " "nZ   1 \    ^   f Z ' ?h ' ' *> tllLnco WBt 8'J chains;,thonce ; Wit =o-^Th;:s, sinlo .
niaiAinmit.     ' .       „ '!       7       i    . 7,        ,?', :chr'la" to ^'-Ud »f commenceincnl.    ,8-jUlh  of  .CUm K0,  48, uiul  boinr     ■
L'^c teli-islsi'^yof Au,:. 1L07. ^^'1 '' L [J.0CI^(1  tl,,B 2ml   tlay  o£ Aiigust7Uio sonth^-st corner of Otto    G«*- : Witn ss-Th..
.*. li'-.iVlTl', Locator
i'i.i.i*!.N, A..,c„t,
•    .iUJJX
.\. x..
VivuwiJ-Vi-ica.  fsl.ilrr
1 i   *';,>-. mo..f in
Ml.'..imng f;o.;i..h ri-Ie ot No. .17,   tho
•li.i'i . f .Mi. ./..-noi'Itr.. ;,ni l-Mirth   itnr h.-tu;. c in r  -f Wl'i.in ll,
In:nttd thi.. 2nd dny of Aug, 1907.'
■HIilNltV    YKUMANS,.. Locator.-j;
'.,  .V..DHLIJBN, AROiil.
t 11 pf.st j)l,.uU'd   Wliiioo.'i—'fh'H. -Sl-itir,-   ':'-"'--     •
80 ch-'a'
JNO.   ANliIOIiaON,   Locator.'
A. W. 13E1.DISN, AROnt.
iWiln-n'i—Th'H.  Slater.
„   'A'', (.'onimonciiv, nt a post planted
ill. (.imimfnclniT nt n pout --l-inted , [wo llllllB ,:1, orilVey,rd 0mi]{ fraia
.-Uolnlir' l-.Hl.,Kn. )!7 on notHh bMi-, iFlnllio.id Rl/cr an.l Trail o.,Hl,  and   -        A. W, DELDEN', A-oiH,
■v,irs,|ll,„.f,n7,„v,R,   '■ndfIMl.ot^t^stc^oror^ul,;lj(,lll/;    |urlUcilBl fiI   JoBOph .WltmM-Tho-i.  Sl.tsr
N t-lmi'M
■->r ica^' A. W. llMLDEN, A'-ont.
Lcatfd this rth day of Alive, 1907.  Witn r,r,~ 1'lios.' ShtT.,,
Wi W,  0, ELM FIR, T.ocnt-jr,       \' ta   n,w,.wptn.. „4   "       ,    ,    , ,  '
■ 1, 1 Oi i^oiii.iK'iicin^ nt n  Dost nlant A .
A. W   ll-RLDEN, A;oit. .     • n.uttm-n - rr,,,,.,MT ,        ,,     ;'
fKijoui 11.; Harry Minis :n's claim Nu, :
f't on il)*.' r.urlh Aia, and holng tin *
t    c.-rnor    post  ol    Monty' '
:;   1 hot: 's claim; thmco. rim 11 in.,"- nortii' '5J- Com lurcliu at u peat ]hat.*l  s intlu'iist
Oiro  OLRllO'lH,  Loo.itor.        niiiniiij i.arth 80 rhitins; 1 hence 0 .nt  (., ,it .|nin- «jft nPP B mn1.t „- ,
a   w   -m:->! !->i.*m    1 ... 111* iiiiii-*; mii ncr.fi nini'i or 1
■'"»■<■   iii'.ith   iu   cluiinri
m   ilnti
T7r* to 1 I•:f.-j Iht.rli.y of M\-?. 1007,
WM.  il.  I1I..W1T1*,   Li-ntnr.
A    \V, Itlilf.DWN, A';cil..'
Witn ni-Th'jfi.  Ml iter.
H, Cwiiiiiii.-ncl.i.*., nt n '_> ist pl.iiUcd
on li
•"^'J.nen' (.liim*; thonco runnln;; oust F0 ,   M.
nienl. . .   ." .
il* eiitcd thl-i 2nd dny of Aii;;. 1907
J     J,OlJ..,<3 HTU'JVi, Lodiilor.
1      A. W.  i..HLni'..V. Ai'onl.
Witncfis-'PlioB.  H'litnr.
-30, C'oinimncint,' i.t n. poHt adjoin- 'WHn-Kis-Tli-'fl.  Blntcr.
W    f'ha':
t'l'K- I ,
Luciitcd   thin  3rd  dny   of  Augiifli,   tli-i
c.'.st Su chain.,; two mil.a weat lip tlie . uiul. tivm ,Uinis fl-iim- i-iwn,,.-, ,.„,„i„„ - *
-he:-o loutb 80 ch.ins; (hcn,o west ;C.,.t.a* n.mi'or.,1 r.6l 60, 57= nnd'^,'m Tin ' ^Z^lTmc^Z
«i5h..„H.to-placo,oI cominenccmcn... I.mdj^ tU->..uuihw*t ccrnor post «,»«..!« «!."."„■ Ineo tS
■J.oc.itJtl   Ihis cth dny *,f M\<\.,  1907, *
MONTY A DA MR, Locnt'ir.
A,  W.  IIKLUFuV, A'-ont,
Wiinc.-fi'-'I'l.oH. Hlitnr,
«.:i. tVinmo.-.o'iiK at a. post plan ,ud
r-nc i.-.lli n. vth t'.r Monty Adamn'ri
cljiini  Xo.  G.H, un i l.oin.; two 'iiilfea
i-o chnuia; 1.1.0 ico. 114 nth 1.0    c'ii.'.us;
theiiro woh.  8) ch.,itii t-i point,   of'
jMinu'iinliiu nt 11 pout pi mtcd  coniin.no nioi.t.
wi-.l  P.-i rhMJiw; then:n norlli   li,m,co" w-'at "0M1 In ^'tlirnoa nrvTh   "■''',,"i     T™*  ' UMUl   l"   ,UMIU'  J"fit "°"lh lf N"' ",'' ",1(1 l,°1"-' &*     lK'c'lt;rt tl'*' lt!l «^nf All;-" m>-
'"i,M    ,"   l''1'1""    ,lf   ■''•"iii.'",).C"   SO ch i.w'     fi ihl...7..'     rolmn/no'.   [l^ ^      ^ °hft,ni"   thrnM n0rU'   nop,hwr8*  °"v'"'  Pf-Bt  rf M,B.   Oltu WIM.IAM  A, WA'I'.-oN, Loc ,1 ,r. '
1 U ' '     'omiiK.uo ,w.    ,»...-,.„,lu    ]iulnL    t,,  oon.iacncc-'C!ct;»i';.'h clnlm; l,l,,„c,, ,,,„„)„.. onBt . ,  .   A.-W. HISMMON, A-,onl.. . :
8f< .{■h-ilno; -tlniico uoiitli 80 r*iUl 1 nn:-'WIfneno--Th.-n.  I'-Ut-ti -
t0 th-2mLZtV?i U,C,,C0 "°rU'     J,', 1oln""no,n-! at » 1,wt "ljntttl  «orU» of/t.lo'aouU.o";Bt corner':^
tlf.ciniiifl ty point of canininiiceiuonl-.   ml oinliu (hum Nn. n:t mi llu.oulli  (,f ,.1. ,.1 lm v,,'  fH   „_, ,,,',,
A   w   ,m„Pv    v      1    1 -'^tul<,,l*l,'"r,ld^f''Ai.^ 10077^!,, .n.lU'lii.Ml.o
A.  (V. 1.U.LJ.KN. Aront.   -       ;   M.Hf),  OTTO  ClW^OTIt/Xocntor, IpoBt.   uf   -Mr,.' Pro,!    W.  G,«t-,.i'P ,,0Ht '"'f ^
•.floHiina Clnlm,No. 17, hcbn^lns to l^ No. 2J o„ >ts west side,* nnd he
"'»" ■'. n.:wlil, fiouthoMst il.lf, bo*;in",? Iho'iiorllio-iBt corner of' Arthur
jnrf c.iitl,e.,Ht rorner of   films;   W, \^ynom'o    clnlm;    thence   runnln
oil   UM:"t T WCBt 8° 0,,nlnB; lK0Utl1' M-'chalMj -thonce 'wcot '
11   ^ D.u.ii.op culun, tl«ocu   eubt 1 fiulns;
.lOSl-'rjI   JONHfl,   Locator,
"""" " w.   ,1.
A   W   ni.-i i.rv   *Mn( , , Mnrrl.'on's ■ clilmj ' thenco runnlnu
,.  „ , '   ■■   >„■ A- w. UhLDliN, Agont. cl.uni; thence riiiinlnir 0 ist 80 cIluuh;  ,UBf  80     cliiilns'     tlmnM*. -.-.nti.  cn
10. CJommciicln..,* nt a pout plnntort Witne3-.--T.10s. BIntor. -*    ,thenoo s nth SO chuinR- thonco wi-'at■• 1, ."     ,, ' - 80Mth 80
il   ,:',_.   ,\.   I. :■_!?.' -*,!.,        iihnlus; tbquco oast 80 chains;, thooco
thonco.  north   80
Oft     „!,,......      14 Ik.         "'"""'I 4.44UIJ4.U.        UUItll OU VUU1I
iE        l-"^^'^^'!1'-^ tiB8t* *° cbalDs'to.-point,
Pcln   of eoj,.moneeinenl^ ccjmmcncoment.  *
., 1 ham, w. L13A, Locator.        ,-     AnTHnn "NiawHnM*. T,nrBf«r,
^ '-.A'.^m^DIiJN, AUont,        ..   ,   ,   ,A, w.-DELDHM. Airmit..
uMjvrwihto. ^nut,; (< > tj   ;,   WitncBST-Thos. Sinter.     '
2D*.OuinmoaelB-| at a post planted
fidJoipln-*t.'en,\lra Ko. '10; V6ut!i,-*nnil
is northennt comer poBt of Olara'H,
Lbii:r clnlm; thonco south 80, chains; ..„ „ „„ wo,ucr vag
Mnce wrst,80 cliains; thonce north "of' Jack H. Wllmof. clnlm: thanci*
^0 ch.lns; th.nco eaet 80 chnlnn to .running north 80 chaine; thenco went
P Jut cf r,.mmcM«iMnt., JH»..??inln.;    thstxo* mntb 80 chninn;
Ihcwo cjet^ ,80^ chnlns to ipoint   of
»,   ,,       —         	
\Ul Oonimencln-f at i\ poet plantocl
,bn ,tho wcet hank of PlfttheRd rlvor,
nd/oininff Claim No, 28, south side,
and helnK the Boiithwcst corner post
Loe.-iti.il this iHt dny .of Au«. 1907.
*;, VlAIlAi H. tJjJA, »Loe*tor.
chr.lns to point of commoncomont.
Loeatod this flrd dny of August,
A. W. DELDEN, Agent.
Wltneso-Thos, Pinter.	
41. Oommencln', nt n post planted
adjjlnlni: No; 40'ii, e.'Bt.Hcb, nnd is
stnked nr*rth alilo of river on hnnk,
atul In ooiitlwcut corner of CIkih, H.
Wln-joto-fl clnlm; thonc,o rnnnlntj enst
•■"."■ - 4«,"j ""■-•' "yf-* ,***■ ",-»■» —■• |> uwcmviij tum um any 01 auk,, 1907.   *•<
. . corner ATllS. FR1UD." W. 6AS'l'oN,'Locntoii ,-    w WJ'MOnmHnw tnMtAr
of Joromo Drumbener's chim^tbeice , ;    A. W. DBLDEN, Agent. . .    ,|        A\  miSmLnt !
runn'nB north 80 chains; tlience'ciiBtiWltncss-Thoa.' Slater!      "   '        !-' "'      ' ' Amt'
0 chalnn; thenco aouth 80 chains; ; Cl. OommonelnB nt. a pnnt plants
ILmc ww chBiM to point oJ.ndJoinln.^ Malm No. CO, hoing Mrs.
4tjramen-.)ment, contninln'j 040 nres'Prcd Gast.n's claim, to the   west-
™fS.-°/.i,B!iB,i   M.   .    '. . !wfU(1 thewsf, nnd being, the north-
..f5«ftt«_* thli Bth flay ot Aub, VP7. enst   corner  'post   of   Homer j.
JBROMR   DnUMHELMiJI,, Loea*,.»r.
' ,'' A, W, nBLDHN, Ajont.
WltheBs-Thos.  Sinter.
TiS, Commencing   at   n   pnnt junt
Shi'm'B clilm; tlior.ee mnnint. south
WltncBi-Thes; 'Slater.
70. Cqss:scc:Iq£ at a uo»l iiiuuttd "'
ndjoinlnjr corner post No. G9 of tho t-
cla,jm of Vi. W. J, Morrison, which '}
is.'on the south nldo, nnd being the i
solithenst cotTiur post of Henry CJ ir- ■«!
pentcr's clilm; thonce runnlnjr west ;,
80 ci,a;n«; tljenca north fiO   tbnlns;>.ljainlnj- Clnlm.No.* BI, 9l Jerome Icotit-iinlm; c4o'
*«*Wt-<'0, chains; thenc^^th.lDr^helNr, >ioutl,Vrird 'of'iSiW claim, ! "Located this
lift      rhnlna       *~    *.    I   J.-f    .      "■   -  -* '17          "* '     *"''''<   !      ••■""-IllEll     T.IUH uvn I BT    OJ Allff.. ISO
IT ,t0 p0,nt   of C0Wn"nc«-J«nd|beln? tho northweit corner post;        HOMBR .T   RHTKN  Tnrnfh*-.
80 chnlns;   thonce,.. w*st 80 ch.ilns; 'an cjItl(ns;    thence north 80 chaina;
thsnee north 80 chiins; thence 0-.it | thenco east £0 chains; .thenco nouth
fO Mnlrm In p.iint of fommenoemont, |£0 dwiiiw to p.ituL of commencement,
" " J-cr"-B moro °r l'***   ImnWlrw C40 acres more or les*.
Rlhilay of Aug., 1C07.'   Located this Cth dny of Aug., 'tO)/,
HENnr ■»0AnpBi*wB^#UiaPA!::-ir*'
; it
'■:.i\ II
Mix This. Simple, Helpful Recipe
< aKHomeandt^ ;;
• ffBRKlfistf DGJg*Rr^ERNI^;,^.^,,,SEBT. aS, -.907
^y.A5^/"ui*s..^.?imP.1y..!.urP«s-J.ture^hiS'Struggle,,through early life,'attendance. ', Questions' and discus-
ing, the relief being effected without; fti^tt-VWIifttfto heritage''bIoiis inVited. ' '       — —
the slightest injury to the, stomach  with .no clue except a birthmark ?■
or, other organs
-.Mix, some, and'give it a trial. It
certainly comes highly .recommended.
It is ,the„>prescription ot an eminent
authority,, whose,"- entire reputation,
it i1*' said, was established by it. ',
A „druggist' here at home, v;hen
askeh, stated that he * could either
piifcription for our readers, a so
supply the Ingredients or mix . *irie
go:s to Europe,' discovers be is     a
h:s arm. • After "years of struggle he'
--son of Von Bock of*    Germany,   re-„
turns to. America as "such, meets out
.  , Caftefhall. Nfld-
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited?*
Dear  Sirs.-While in   the  country
last summer! was badly bitten by.
justice to hispersecutors and claims 'mosquitoes; so badly that I tl.ought
.Get'from, any " prescription pharmacist • the,, following:
Fluid- Extract  Dandeloin,   bne-half' recommends it as harmless
, ounce; - Compound Kargon 'one ounce;
Compound   Syruo Sarsparilla, three
ounces.     m '
; ..Shake well in a bottle' and take a
teaspoonful - dose- after each mi>al
and at bedtime., " ,
The atbve is considered by,an eminent authority, who writes in .a
New York .daily paper, as the finest ;'play, '."A   Messenger
•prescription-'ever written' to  relieve !cheerful   pictures cf
the girl of bis choice
. Boy."
„.    .      . .     .      . .. .._,_._..' real life,
backache, kidney trouble, weak nlad-!sweetness,,of pure affection' and
der and,all forms of urinary difficul-   liviv, of "the domestic    hearth
'tes.'*   This rhedjeine acts promptly"'bright-; ned Ly. the sense cf .the, comic
The usual weekly meeting of ' tne
B. P. of' C. ,was held, in the union
hall last Sunday,*'the attendance be-
inj, smaller than usual owing to it
re'ng announced as a business ru'jt-
i"i- Hjwever, it was' proposed to
It is claiming a good deal to say   turn the meeting into an'impromptu
that there     has   been   a new   idea   propaganda    ' meeting,     and       W.
evolved in stnge life, but that claim- Dickinson .was, elected to the   ch;\ir.
is   certainly   iiufcstan'i,ted   in   1 lie,Those-    sailed   upon     for   speeches,
'ih'j  sonrs   and recitations were W.  By-
cm the eliminative tissues 6f the kid- Jruther than the ..tragic. It would be
neys, enabling them' to filter' and j fitting fcr'the opera house manager
strain the uric acid, and-other waste , to', put" these words above, ths '.leer,
'matter from tho blood, which causes j'"Abandon", cpre aii ye who enter
rheumatism. ,' " *  .- 'here,.' when this bright, joyful,com-
- -.'ai*. persons who .tuffer with -.ho,'rely cames to town. The story is of
"ilVictions may, not feel.inclined    to   a* boy who was thrown "on the mercy'
.place much confidence in this, simple • of  the    world,    having  been- stolen-
the mends, J. Harrington, J. Shooter,
the W. Minion, W. McLaiichlan and.-, J.
nil Blakemore.- The'meeting was '.ufcer-
cs'ing "and >_. instructive" from " tlie
start',* and demonstrates there , are
Ihosj connected with the Fernie
branch .of the S. P. of'C. who know,
hew to handle a suhiect when called
upon-at a moment's notice;arid keep
r.n ftudi-nce, interested at'the same,,
time. 'Next Sunday W.-\ McLtirichlan
is to be the speaker,"his s-ioject le-
.mixture, yet those who have tricl it 'from his perents in his,infancy, pic-'it :'s expect-rd there will  be a large
I would be disfigured for a couple of
weeks. I was advised to try your
Liniment to allay.the irritation, and
did so. The effect was more than I
expected, "a few, applications coin-
plesely curing the irritation, md
preventing * the Mtcs Irom becoming
sore. MINARD'S LINIMENT is also
ago'j.l article to' keep off the mosquitoes.      LYours truly,    '
W., A.V. R7
0 ;  -—0 7 -
Portland,  Ore.,  Sept.-21.—A_ spec-
Visit the
«" , " ii
Spokanie infer-State
**■ i " o
at Spokane, Wash.
SEPT. -,23rd. TO   OCT.   5th,   1907
September 21st to October 2nd inclusive we will lmve rate of
'/   One frire anil one-third for the round trip.   '
° Good returning: October 7tli "
ial from Seattl? say's that seveuty
seven Japaness ' "arriving in Atlin
Thursday to" .work in6 the mines
were escorted '' to the river seeamer
Gleaner by three hundred whites
yesterday and started back toward
Vancouver. " •      ,
The white miners served notice upon the Japanese that if they.did not;      '
stay away violence would he shown i „-
in   protecting the  diggings   against! '„ pj*E
Asiatic labor.' '; ■ • : ■'" [?M:
The Japanese area almost destitute;    ' ££•§
and will be turned loose at J' Ska?- !
way.   ,      ' " .-     .. i'From
September 2f>th  tve
Round trip.
will have.0rate. or   One Tare for the
Good returning October 7th.
For particulars call on or address
,.    .   H.'l.   BLACkSTQNE, Agt., Fernie
or W. A.  ROSS..A..G.P. A., Seattle,,,!
!TS:^,»-^r. -ft ___
France.: Holland and
-  .   Japan 7*
a*BnB2&>3&ss5g^^ | " . 'fp^ppQ |
" tJ   "PLANTS!;
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, /Bee 'Supplies,' Soray
Pumps, Sp'ravinfr Material, ' Git
Flowers, etc. Oldest ■ established
nursery on the-mainland,cf. B. C.
Catalogue free,
,     Nurseries -."'-.
,   Greenhouses and Secdhouses
    *. VANCOUVER,   B. C.
Incorparated under the EeWs  of British  Columbia.
SQC'jred in Canada and United Slates Patent Office.
.I?i-e-id.}iit—VV.   H.   Whimster,  roMcj >Ifig;i>!r':{c.." "'■   ""' " J
Vice President- A. "'W. - B.eascleli, .Ex Mnyur of,' Fernie.' /   \
■ ti-easiirer—T.   Beck",   Merchant, Fernie.
i   Secretary—M.- Kastncr,   Feriii..'. . -.• ..    „
T5lFeTtoi-s-AV^T"Ophardt,   Jene!l..-r.
Joe   Aie.lo, Merchant.   ';'"
"'     L.   G.   McDonald,   UlneUemith.
C.. O.   Demaurez,   Jew-Slier."
Wc are now prepared to place 3..000 shares only (fully paid jiip.and nonassessable) on the market; the proceeds of which are to be used to build a
propeller big: enough to demonstrate the7practicability of the iaVentibn.
't^^      ^ it tho Patent^pfflce  75%   of all  money  is
invested'.'directly or indirectly in patents.
■" V   -i",r-''; <-,"'• a - !i    ■'■• --"''ii')  i   .    " '       *- ■■-   '-■'.'   ' ^ '-7--*- ""' -.-      •«■•''•■
All big inventions have been sneered at and turned down, and stock went
beg'ging at a low price, and not ones person in a thousand took axivantage of
the opportunity to buy the stock. For example, Mr. Westinghouse, inventor of
the now famous air-brake/ was kicked out of his own father's factory. Kelly,-tho
inventor of Bessemer steel, was called crazy. Bell Telephone stock went begging,'
as also thousands of others too numerous to mention.
Mostly all the big fortunes have been made through patents", or brains
as it should bo called.
60   YEARS''*'
SECOND -glass;
Rcrtui-ctr Hates   from   Eiusteni
, Points   on  Sills'*   Daily    ■
S<-'|!tcink'r l?t to October :11st
Montreal $40.10
O.t-.'i'wn ?44.S5 ,   '
Windsor .
Correspondingly   Low   Rates
* *..Intermediate Points '
Soo-Spokane   Serv cc
^l*!llP^10iM/4c^_n*l-^^A_f?^.«., :..j,J i_^.l'__
—i.~-»-.....^v-«.i-i)i,v.;^.4.|iirjii-J itIlU""lUB~
Fastest between Sp;kanb and
the Twin Cities  - ■■'
xaot Marks
Cop-'bights ic.
Anrm.* nntUig t. flirtrh itnd !>iecrlr,iliin imfij
;'ilokly Aw-truiln r.iir o;>imoii tuit wl;etli«'- i.'.;
iiKnniion iniroL'«liiyTott!i!i4l:«..Coiriu.urilc-v
•loltonrrcilieontiueiitliil. KjtKf'.flORo'i fmeiitt
,*d% free.* Olrttit bvi*—
I'fttmts uken »hr
; Bvi'ikf.r for/.i-jTlnciiaUnt...
ihrcutli AIudi. *x5j. rweirt
,^.,_..„.,„, *,.thontchArre, t;tb»s<    ...,;,
Sci«ntif ;c ^wcricait.
A handsomely llluitrated vooVif. - T.nrseit tit.
eultilon ot mit iqlentljo louru*L Termi, IS ■
yew t (owe noDtbn, II, Bold br B) newidealer*.
£Coj|e'Bro»d^ Hew York
The Ciiniidian Pacific Operates    -
Standard Sleeping Cars
,  & Tourist Sleeping Cars
On ' Two   Diiily , Transcontinentar
0     Trains in each direotion   °
For Kates, Reservation-*, anil nny information.
,    ilr«lr«>l,H|i|,lv
0. S.-'KYKH, Dnpni Tli-liot Am-wt
E. .1. COVLK, AG, J'. A., VRiieouver.cr
. "JOHN MOID, D,.r.A,XelLon.'      •
What is a stockholder in our company?   He is a partner,
represents his interest.   If ho wishes to sell his stock ho can do so,
are open to every shareholder for inspection.
I '* ' (rll
Buy at once ail yom can afford.
His stock
The books
■I- t
In about three months' time you may have to pay 500% moro for stock.
Stock purchased now may lay the foundation of a fortune for life.
This new propeller will, in our opinion, make a groat saving in coal and
machinery, and on that account leave more spa^p for merchandise In a vessel. It
will ^ at any^ijee^ as it can bo repaired in case of
breakage at sea or elsewhere without going into dry dock.
For further information apply to any of the officers.
Selling -Agents-M. A. Kastner, C* 0. Demaurez.
fkmim Propeller
To Consumptives
Tbo undorelgucd havlog boon re-
fltored to health by slmplo monnn,
lifter fiiifrorlng for Hoveral joo,r«
, with n severe lung nffcotlon, and
1 thftt dread dleoaue CONSUMPTION,
In anxious to make known to. his
follow sufrorore tho moans of ouro.
To thoflo who dcBlro It, ho will
ohoorfully sond (froo of ohArgo) a
copy of tho prescription usod, whlob
thoy '.Pill find a ouro for C0N3UMP.
TION, ASTHMA, CATARRH, BRONCHITIS nnd all throat and luog
UALADIES, ile hopes oil Bufforori*
will try thfs Romody, as It Is Invaluable," Tht**ao dOBlrlnjc the presorlp-
tion, which will ooflt tbo notblnn,
ftjid may 'prove a 'bliisinir, ' will
pleJuo' addreif ' ■   -' '    '••■' "-  ;;   ''
. i.'M
!.   ' "i   ■  i . r. ,      ■„ -i   . i
All work guaranteed'
Victoria Ave, Firnje,,Bvci
I .r->>*i
• "(# '-'
■■ :i*' '  * '  "-..'.
JQjJbVJLN -i-.'H \        j3.
I Stewai**'^
...i... i
' ' ...... 'i
P. S.-You may count on C. 0, Demaurez to make this invention a grand
success.—C. 0. Demaurez.
I; This is a home company, and we will try to keep it so'..
m *      '7'  '\4\w   ..',   t     ... .,..,-.;
Just arrived n large
and fresh ..stock of
Stewart's celebrated
Chocolates. All the
f.iW.riie tlavorj*. ;.o\v
on hand.
^V**t**^* *■•"*.**(**»* *»,v^f**>*4.*it* rt.
1 -»it ^4> * t » «n  t j -
MoDouQnll & Co.
Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc.
FOR $2.00
With a diuinoiHl rlnjy 1 reveal
froo howtOKccurcnboautirulc'om-
plr-xlc... DlinnondH lintl oxquiHlto
uoini.'lcxioii nro both iIgbIliIiIg. An
opportunity to every wotnnn Ih now of*
fo.i-ftd for ohtnliilnj, both. .Tor $2.00 1
offer n 12 Kt. Gohl Shell Hinjr,
Blmpo like a holcher, with aTlffa'iiy snt-
tlnjr, set wiih a kciiiiIiio (liuiiioiHl
niul will soml fruo wilh every order thn
rcclpo nnd directions, for ohtnlnhiK ft.
faultless complexion, easily undei-siood
nnd Himplo to follow, It will snve tlio
•xjioiise of Crcnms, CosmetieK nml
UlcnciiH,- Will freo tho rI'Iii from plm«
pic***; Rlnckli(!iuli,'cte.,nn(l plvo thc Mn
bbnuty nnd inftnoHfl..-.-    .- <
and ihould nny purclinierho'illiiiihtlilled
;I wlll ch««rfiilly refund tlio nionoy,
I)o,uotJAt tlicprieo Jvnd<you.to
doultt.-tlie K«!nulneric-«n.or vulue
bftliUrluirt au.tho iboro frug^ntea.
pro^tfa e*^li nri«l.., every pureluHijr.
Sqnqme^a.OO.byinriil ana t«'|. ,
idyiintniie of tliln offor, «n the tl.. u
(Ulkrl.ifels'(YcM'','''  ;    '
-•'•''V/cJdsfeLEV'   „
fl2 Eni>i' 2Hrd Ptrcot       New York City
fiend me your-unme un' tlie
:ir.r.u^cil' ?, ,rti>aUlii« ix-yplo •.•
•"I'.Ii'W.pb md 1 -vill iPTwnnl fun «
rro'pr«NlHoh to «et' ni. my Vijj-on.' nnd cell
my R-oodi la your locality.
Department 16
ni Ew.Vi.-iiM SiJ*tii, "Sl-AV *jOHK UHY
'"'li   "   %
Norman Rusk
i "      *-
Gortornl iirnoksmlth
' R«p«lrlh-jj,' etc.
Cc*»».ir i f Y'uiorm Au-tiue A Jaliuy it
-i.t is^ytsstuAiiSubiiifs^
Newis of the City
For. Sale.—Household goods of ■ all
kinds, including furniture, carpets and
rugs, china and crockery ware, kitchen
uteps"il9 and garden,tools. Apply after
8 p.m. at 26, Walmsley street, second
house from PresbyteriRn Church. Terms
cash. . •; "
Wanted.—Dressmaking by tho day.
Apply Miss Schwartzhoff, at Mrs. John
' Wanted.—Woman for general housework. Wages satisfactory.—Apply
Dr. Higgins. •-■■'.*
Wanted to rent.—Comfortable
house, 7 or 8 rooms, modern. —Apply
W. S. Stanley, "Ledger'; office.   -
Don't forget to read Mrs. E. Todd's
* With" respect to resident minister
B't' Michel, Mr. Kinney's successor at
the Methodist* church is expected to
arrive some time during October.
The Varsity is still one of the lead-
ins Hats,- but the Cheyenne is newer
and can be had in up-to-date style at
Mrs._R* Todd's. ' „ •■
The Benedicts of Fernie gave a dance
on Thursday evening last in the Stoik
Opern house. Everything went merrily
as.a marriage bell, as should be the caso
when the Benedicts are at the helm.
The bachelors started the ball rolling,
. and,it is now the ladies'turn to complete
a-trinity'of successes. Dancing commenced at nine o'clock and was kept
up to the early hours of Wednesday.
During an interval of daneina* a dainty
. supper was served. The Mazzanobilc
Orchestra supplied the music.
.The stock of millinery, etc, shown
- at Mrs. E.. Todd's is all strictly new.
■Pure Gold Creamery Butter "3
New Laid Eggs, per dozen .
Wild  Rose'. Tea/per lb'.
Specials for Saturday
Golden' West   Washing Powder,   3 lb;   package
regular price 25c. '   Saturday..............  2©C
McLaren's Jelly   Powders,  regular price two for
•25c.,,    Saturday only 3 for........... .*>..,  25c
PuyforCh        YHm  J.   BLUNDELL        Prompt Delivery
■iij '■:
W. J.." WriglesWorth, D. D. S,
Office HoURSi-        8 Wto 12 ii. m. 1 to 5 p. m
6.S0 ton p.m;
'■   Oliifio in A'ox, t ok'sliioek    ,
over Sliur.'. Unkerv.
FKHNIK.   '    -
B. C
To. His'Worship the   Mayor1 and
,   Aldermen*. City of -Fernie.*' -
Gentlemen: ' ■'       , •>
I beg herewith lo tender lny resignation as Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor,'
and.Collector,for the City of Fernie,
,-•   November.        \ ■  ',   Ul-
• .      Yoiys truly,     •'
: '.'-     "   =■' .  ..    J.'W. NUNN.'
.'   Fernie, September 20th, 1907. , "■
_ o- ' .**
The Pernio Curling Club met on
Thursday night iu tho Provincial Court
t house for. the transaction of business.
A committee was appointed to go ahead
andJbuiUl a rink and form a joint stock
condpahy. Tho members of the committee . aro Messrs.r Lawry, Creo,
Pollock, Aca, Johnson, and Rev! W.
Grant. It is intended to have if bowling
green in connection. .
It is hoped that the stockholders of
tho proposed rlhk company will strongly
consider the advisability of putting up
a rink or rinks thnt would allow skating
'■■ and hockey ns well as curling, and in
this way nil the citizens of Fornic would
derive n benefit nnd pleasure not possi-
-1 bio under the iit pros-ant proposed
Tho Motor Veil can bo mndo in
anv length or nnv shade nt Mrs. 'K.
, o ■    '
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's  Nest   Trading   Co.
»    Fernie,  B. 6/
Townsite   Agents'
Ferine ar.d Hosmer
Fire, Life'&.Accident Insurance"
" TUo Government of the Province of k*-l£.l9h
Columbia - hereby oflTera. a reward of five
Hundred Dollurs for the arrest, or for .information lending- to the arrest and > delivery
to a Briti*ili Columbia Constable of Patriot
Mullen, who Is char-rod with -.the murder of
one Anmelo Orlando on the lit-/day of Sentem-
hor, 1007, at Michel, in the District of South
Eutt Kootonay^rovince of British Columbia,
,   Dosoriptlon of Patrick 'Mullen is as follows:
Nationality,Irish.    ■-'  "    .-"
Occupation, coal miner.
Aro 20 yours,    .,
JToiuht; 5 feot fl Inchon; weiuht Ml lbs.
Complexion, fair j hair dark, inclined to bo
ourl.v. ■       ■    ',
Wns clean shuvon'on 1st instant..
Wnrt. (in rlffht hand at point or thumb.
Whon last soon, woro brown ohoolc coat and
tro'mow of kiimo inntoi-inl j brown hoots, and
round, uroy felt but.
Warrant. IhshpiI,—Hoport any information
imp.ndiatol.v to . ' *     .
,1.11. McMIUIn, Chief Cnnnialilo, Ferule, IX,
(J,, or fo llm umloi-Hiunud ;
liy m-'li'r,   .
,■  , v. y. nusaKY,
Kuporlntondflnt Provincial l'ollnu,
roviiK-lnl I'olir-n llppnrtmont.
VicUiil.*. II. O., Sept. U,U'07.
A    -
' r       ' ','
The Crow's Nest Trading
■;   Fernie* .EL^G. ,
DO you earn your money easy ? -;-.If not, but rather by hours of constant toil
and labor, it is incumbent upon you to obtain for your dollars the biggest
and best values obtainable. Small savings on'each: purchase accumulates into
snug bank accounts. "Let us supply you with the best qualtty,obtainable and
at the same time save you money. .
Our Fall Display of
should interest you if you are considering the purchasing:
of seasonable, clothing. 'Our range of patterns and
fabrics will please the most exacting.»'We can give yoii
perfect fit-even if you do consider you are hard to.fit.'
Styles, materials, fit and workmanship cannot be excelled
rr«~#pp» - and our prices, value for value, are the lowest. '
Men's Suits $8.50 to $26.50.    Men's Trousers $1.40 to $6.50
'* Will ''double the pleasure of your summer
outing. Ws have t.hcm
in all sizes; from0'tho
Brownie to the latest
No. 4 Folding- Pocket
Kodak.' They sell always' at catalog price.'
We have a full lincof
photographic supplies,"
Films, Papers, Developers,   Mounts,   Day-
. .liffht Machines, Plate's
Tripode, etc.   etc. •   "
■ Cyll and see them. ...
;    Boys' Clothing
We have just opened up a choice selecr
tion of Boys' clothing, in new .and very
'  - stylish patterns.        7   ,'
j..Boys' Norfolk tweed Suits, very   .-.     £_C JCft
serviceable and dressy.    $3.50 to! J%PB9U
Boys' 3-piece Serge and Tweed
Suits.   84 to....- ■:	
IN. E. Suddaby
Fcrnlie    Drug   Store
Hunt. J,l--Uroen, Martin Potor-aoi*! , by ,o0ft. ftppll0fttlon8( a9 thoy oan.
lirlilc, MJhh Halmn Mntfolk, formerly ] not roaoh' tho dlHoafiod* portion -of
of Finland. Wedillnj,' took place ut:t_l0 oftr, Thoro la only ono way ti»
M.H, Tiiry'H, lUiv. Vi. h. Hull tied ■ ouro deafncfls, nnd thnt Ib by con-
the J not. A numlicr of fi-lciids took;-8t|tutloniil romodloB, Duafnous . li
part, in'ih? j.tyful event, mid uftor-'. cftusod by an infliimod condition' of
wnrilii mi down to a bountiful m.p-jlho n,u0l,Ofl lln,"B of tho euHtnohlnn
tnlio.   Whon thin   tubo la Inflamoi
trou hnvo n runiblliiB wound or   Ira-
Hupt.   21-rirec-n, Daniel Cmnpboll, '] fortottt haiirlnni, nbd whon it In on
(if   Coiil (.'reek; hrlilo, Minn Eleanor
lliichnnnn, both formerly of Cuiribcr-
'tlroly oloflo'd, donfiious iu tho roault.
nnd unlcfls thn Inflammation onn bo
tnkon out nnd thlR tubo rostorod to
land,   r.iiKlnnd.  WoiMIiik took pinco  Ufi norm„, oonaitlon, hoarlng will bt
at Oonl Orcpk.  A number or frienrtn| dentroyod fornvcr i nlno onsen out of
■rmony wuh pcrformrd by Uov. W. 1*.  ton nro oniiRod by catnrrli, whloh In
and li'lntlviii wt'ift jircHunl. Tlm cor* \ nrithlnR but nn   Inflnmod oondltlon
Hull.    An   nmplo inblo wan nftnr-  of tho muouos surfnoo*.
ward, ,t»re;id for tlio weiita. :, Wo w,n 8lv» 0»«> Hundred Dollar.
I for nny omta of doafnoim (ontinod by
—-v.-::l -j.......... j.t.ijl^Ml«,B„..M,B„.^J; wnt.Arrh) that oniniot bo ourod   by
mm*mm. IT*.-Zmm "-.m.'_'_.."_'.7^ < null's Cntnrrii Ouro.  Sond for olr-
THE CITY OF FERNIE ou.an>, froo,
I*. J, CHENEY & CO., Toledo,   0.
Tako Hall's Family Plllu for oon-
•Itipation.        ,., , 4V:••:,•■•)•
tioiu t>y orugci«t*,. 76c.   - . .,   - ,.
L.  P.   Eckstein
',i Barristbr-at-Law, Solioitor
Koohib 1 & 8, Honderson blook. Fernie, B. 0,
F. 0. LAWE        , ALEX. I. FISHER, B. A.
Latoc 5: Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading   Co.   Block,
Forniej B. C. ,   ■
Sweaters for Boys & Men
Boys' Jerseys   and Sweaters,_ with Polo   collars,'|
and button on shoulder
75c to***...;.- >; :'...........7.
Men's English and H. B. K. madei Sweatters in
Grey, Fawn and Red.' ffi*»  Ap'
,$1.35 to...:.........,   $Oifi.D-
Ross & Alexander
J'-EHNira, It, 0. .
OIHco In h, T. \V, Jlloclt, Vlutorln Avemio.
n, w. hi:ii('Iimi:h
Ofllocfl over P. Unnm' & Co'a Block
Victoria Ave.
B, C.
J. Bnrhor, l.d.s., o.d.s,,
\t T. W    Illoclc,   opposite lhe  Hunk
Ollli'u lidiiru-H ii.m tn H ji.m,
is "a-th ing or beauty
Cer Good hose ATtfowe
■y 4
,'S '-.
Dry Goods
Buster is' wrong. • .Some
'hosiery may "be a thing- .ofJ
c beauty,  and while" it   may
Ig^l beajy, UMs- not a joy.; for
\W~'»YYrzveiTyl!\~o p:
piece"or"\vomen s
and especially child's ap.-*
parel, endures . the strain
that hose must.". We have
hose lhat ;we can recommend and you can depend
upon the quality being good.
Ladies' Black Llama tall fashioned.   Price.......................60c
Ladies'  Rib Cashmere,   spliced
. heel and toe.   -Price .....50c
v jrocKii*.c^-.<4io«ftieHt.im,»rTHiBuiT«aeMw^c<>.cHicAoo. .
Children's Rib Cashmere, sizes 4i
to7j. , Price  ..20cto30o
Children's plain CftBhmere, very
- 'durable, sizes 4 to 8
Price  20c to 35o
Grompton's Corsets
Alexandra in heavy Jean with rust proof fillings,'
Inexpensive, yet very durable. QE**
Prico      Qjjv
Phonac in heavy Joan, puarantocd to Kivo^ tho
boat of satisfaction and wonr.
j nco i •«»»i,, i»11 -i • ■ * * * i»•,, i, i,»11
*$ 8 n*bi«9
■ f
C/C AlaRraco for tho medium  figure made b
finest English Coutil in white, fcd   t*fm
Black and Dove.   Prico. ^ | „ f Q
C/C Alagraco for tho full figure, mndo of English
Coutil and warranted to pleaso. £0% "99*
 ''- *y9£ia I v
M0-.TA COFFEE, tho best quality wo oan buy nt
nny price, you may pay a bigger price clsowliero,
but you cannot purchnso bettor quality, a 0%-
Prico per lb "VUG
Wo can  help you commenco tho day well by
supplying you with Griffin's Sliced Bne-on &, Ilnm
..  .1
Sa&urdlay Grocery Specials
'A lb tins Cronm Sodas, rog, !15c, special 2fic
Limndry Soap, rog. 0 for ..fie, special 8 bars i>r*c
importer! Fronoli Sardines, 2*tins. lTic
use uofAL^iowCml^wu^r
\v, ii. f'AMiiii.r.r.
Ai'i'r.rriATroNH wir.i< m*: ukckivko up
to Tlnirmlay, Hniitflifilior idlli, 1(k)T, tor
Ciltootor Tor tho CU.rof Kernio,   '
.1. W.  NUNN,
City Clerk,
± * by ,i respectable «ind
experienced person.
Mrs. W. (Nurse),
"Ledger" Ofiice.
i**""'!'!!' ,111111 IIIIIHII
•mt. miniif
Try a Ledger Ad.
Fort Steele
Fornle, II. 0.
Brewers of Extrn Fine ljtger
and   AiTAted  Waters,
Mottled   apodM   n    Spoolnlty.
IMlKM,, ' A.W'lM'iMAN
Coiltl'H(!tOi;H  1111(1 ifllildlMH
I.Htliiiiiti'N FiirnlHlietl
Rusidt'iico—Corner IIo\vlnnil Ave. niul
: • Mclivoy St.
l\ 0. Box 355       ...       Fernie, IJ. C.
I'lniiH mul   I'.hliiimics on Appliciitinn
liesUleiico yd Ilowlniul Ave.
J, Wilson Giiav, Ahciiitrct
Fernie 13, C.
One Cent a Word
w, a;.conkell
Builder and Controctor
KetimntoB cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to thn natln*
faction of oar onotomera.
Oni< Inxortlon not. le-* tlmn vAo
**    woi-lc-A'-ply to Mm. ilntn.
FOIl 8ALB, UHAHHKIN (OltlZZr.V), 7(1,
Kiln, from tip of nnmt to tall   Hhut on
I.Unril IUn«».-Appl.v l,eil«er.
110V.-b.    1»
r. o. c
ilooti(Imt rrl'Ujr In eieh month In I- 0. 0. P,
!l. H* Moors, W. Ktmy,
WorthyPn»l-.--nt. Worthy B^Mt.ry,
Vt   f»r mnn nrnl **»lf».—Apply •• I,»<l«iir"
Read the Ledger
Some, people may think there
is easy money in train robbing
but if those robbers had only
known of the easy money wc
aie offering in the line of
aluminium at a. low price with
20% off, they would never have,
attempted such a hard task ns
the holding up of a train. Don't
forget the iti% off all sales.
Whimster St Co,
lUadquarlera for Mint and Mill tupplU*


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