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The Fernie Ledger 1907-07-27

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I..philosophy, of.Sgcialism, cne.gets   a
| different idea,: past h-s'otlcal -'ev-
fciits,-and that 'ns'ead of events f'ue-h
aa the* disco", ery of America by Co-
luin" usf telris ihe* outcome of an in-
'"divi'duaj. mind,".there were '"great fro-
nbm'.c'causes which; led up to 'M'i'h
'.' n effect. - '"',,'.
,, .Socialism,"' to many , ninds,    was
■ si mmed up as government ownership
'.".•/"•  -",'-.   -t—.,i,i, . ' _ of ut litl a,   'butyto'.tn   enquiring
-/. .Laat"iloiiday afternoon the,people jtWa er ;It" rwaenta-itsilf-as "a deep
■-;at Coal Cr.ek were startled i.y a i8liencSundertakng to e'xilain" the
■..■^^'•^itVw^^'^tlie^Quakli* of jevoluVion of:scci.ty from" the tree-
4 " dS^^i,«/ 3\V"' >a"0^re-h^'agC3-to:the:cul-
j.    Dishes rattled on .the Bhelvea- and *":*,,;•■ *.. „-„,,,'„*t .-.   :       , .,
^ the ahooicwas sororci le a. -to te< *"; d J*0*?0*.0' ,.h« Prca ?* ^nera-
■felt jall"6ver the place. \ \"y "7 '*¥'""• t.on,-:,P0_ll".tI?5 out thecauses   which
Number 2 Mine Has a
Buiislp; With Fatal Re
for One Man
it;. As every province, has its own
pro'.lems'n th's regard, every province, fhould le well represented at
ths com-tntion. - -,t
The Slogan of Uie Masses in ; *^
the Pass for Aug. 5th-
Get in line. -
too,' the reports cf the    pro-
oucuti'.es as to t1 e i.rogr.8.3
lof  the 1:0 it c'al    action,  determined
upon : t tl'e Victoria convention will
be "of gre t and.  enduring int:rest.
The mover* en's and U4teranres of the
re.resnaties cf the   I i eral. and
—— jCtns r«.il\e    parties  indicate Very
7 .»   „ ;clearly that we will.have a general
Ab a result of the correspondence Ielecti.w;for the;Dcminion parliament
between'. H. W. ' Herchmer,. secretary 'iu ihS03.\ Th's means that the Win-
of the- Mitotic Asacci.ticn, and' nipeg ' convenfon of the annual oar-
Alderman. Tnt:s, wilh, the secretary . liament of labor. will Le the only
of „tl)o , Oali'ary 100,000'Club, the _ &ence  that the representatives'   of
$2.00 a Year
Area a Mile long and 1-8
Mile Wide—60 Houses
"•   up hi Snioke.
-. Miners, on '(he ,hcr ;'h :"s'e"e ti lC -. • e
;*-.Jar so/distinctly that th.y. at -flr'st
J thought-the'.'disturbance had  occur-*-'
\ rtd in No. 9 mine. ■
-..    . , -       .A?*--* .-v-- .* •      ,      •', ' ■
'.:■,  It was soon- learned, however, that
;,t'e cause, was a "bump" which'   oc-'
, curredj in'No, 11 r.ohvin the   third
eat enr y in the "hi_h line'
. trkt of No. 2 mine.
effects'and in   turn liecim.*
t 3S-.
causes.'71  . .v .     .,."•'."
Ca.italisra had been necessary., in
the'economic evolution, but was now.
,ncarinK;its,end,,and, 'old
«*■ n, tottering pn to the grave
.Yhich awa'ted :t. .,-:.,....
: The " lecturer " w nt   into subjects
date'of.that club's visit'to cur city labor, 'thrctuh their :Dominion leglsJIurned fiScety untlr.
has, be<n changed from .the 7th   to la'io la* or body* wil have cf   re-!«.,J^IJ, J
' ^«oo .the* 5th; soVthat our Calvary visit- !v;e^g t-lS'd^ i?"L * p£ I   S^nd^tri
-   ,,       ors wi', be    ,ith us   on oar'.Oivlc j Miic^al executives reject (c'in-' AorllZmT^oTl^ ti'
*ary;; in holiday deration. ',      .ije'Wlent. Doli'tl.m  Miir,   ^  tnt7 1!      °.      bS»  but  a'J  llv
A sreciai to The Ledger from Victoria, on the'24th, stated" that a (K
bro!:# out in a blaekamlth *jhop.   in'
Uie-. old Albion Iron Works on Store
'i'street    at 2.30   p'^rn.' Tuesday,   and
p.m. before it
got* within" control.
ere   .-an-
■1 he roof on . th.s' room, was aboiit', *       WCre. deep' and in 8:me   PlaCis
aix feetJhi> and the r'-'dm wrasome-Irtistuibed o*-c's*c6mplacency, making ]
240^ fe-'t in .depth. ,     •*>, '*       ;us re-llize that some'of our. chcri=tied
. .    . dependent political action,  and tak-
!, Secretmy Hercainer:has been" act- ing" s'^ch Iteps as th y deem ncces-
ive in the matter,, and has received sary to compUt-j th2 wtrk, Th-re
•n3i,ii'ks from Sedretary Webst:r of fore, :t is c f ptramount'importance
th- lOO.COO Club", .rs to ,t'.e' re»,uU- ;th:-t at least every Trad-.sand lab-
tion go eni-g the lose reel. .mcjs,:.or-Council, fiom Halifax in the east
the, pnes, ami also, regarding thc to Victoria in the west, should to
has:ball and l.crorse gfmes. „,." : ' Ircpres ritcd.iy'tho very test men.
As a result we are lively "lo have-i
lost   and     no
will leave Calg-ary at midnight on Sunday and arrive in,Fernie earlv in the '
morning on Monday. The excursionists
will be in Fernie-until earlv Tuesday '
morning. - '1 hcjvwill stop over in Frank
oh Tuesday--, moniiu- for breakfast.
They will l)e in Madeod for luncheon,
ai.d lli»h River for dmner, arriving ia
Caljcary for the evening*.
The round trip wiU  be about tea
■Jollau «nd a half-including sleeper."
, Tlit socretary of the Hundred Thou-*""*
saud Club is desirous of applications'
for berths at an early'date, so*'that-
proper-arrangements can be made
Secretary Webster, of tbe 100,000 "■
Club, received a letter on .Tuesday from
the secretary of the Fernie Athletic
Association, stating thev were holding
a field day of sports on August 5th, the
rerme civic holiday,- and asking the
club to change the dhte of their excuses    were j sion from the 5th of August to the 7th •■
,,   „ . -    seri°"-*y hu»7Mi'.WebsteiVoiitl.ereceintofthi8letter'
though one woman Lecoming ten p:r- j linincHatelv     '    '    " tni8'«»er,
arily   cra?ed   had . to. le ta'en
charge by the police*to prevent her
running lacs into'a turning house in 'Culir-n-v
hopes of sa\ing some personal efleits'i
of"'value.      .- . I-
The first
wired   that the 5th was
in . agreeable to the club, and on'this date,
-'or the 4th,  the excuiaiou. will  leave
-Morning Albertan.
' vere -'; wor*'''$■g in
l.r'de.-'.ls.arc not vh'at we imagine them
e  yo". r
is-is the
ecfffiiy lierchmer laforrced 'The K'aniscd la-.or mrst keep up with tho , ,.lld an' eigllth cf ft mjle
Richardscn came' ou't Zl'rS**   °» ™* ^ night''Mr;'bsbome [^ '* ?* "* Lt <he da^'      ■        T
.was a car near.. ,Two'6tLe.-   miners■ P-ald'a"'Isit to the "cave-men"     of :
■aere sit-ing^t1 e..entrance ,B:^CoA'^^i^eo.vo an r.ddrcss   on 'ZL^"*^ "n^ 7 "^L' a^ly J'roc'BSloa-.  Lt:» «■ ^   for yu-to
ing thlr. lunch, ^nd;*'in,■answer^ "t-n"": "^-Cla6s Struggle"'before'a laree ."!!„?..  1!   ,°_tr.eJ tof- »•'.^w^ J Jnveigh against i njust laws," cr   the
ilichrrds-'n's enquiry  told  him.,
car hiid jusl^gouc
down Vth • htm tor. wail; .the   com-
Jn^Ci°|' tj'e-;next-_car.   Thty* had notKT*"" "~'*'-•»•** v.**°*l'','uul'1 «-;ture.
|^i^'4imore^han'-two or thr ef min- f- T5 ^^^^ni?4ithrough ^tfall
Doa't be content to aa7 that there ! a-e~ t "ii'^Tll^T f ^ d"?" ! ^l ^^ ^ W,i:d S0CialiSt 1,'ctUf:
will'be enoueh there without' ^ ,^UT£ SiV* >' CtaS?I al?^uestf "^^
cwn    d le,at . present. , ■  The district 0 — wM ^ • ue8d«J
grcwing time;- and    or-, tl-nded wus ne rly a.mlle    '
Struggle"' before' a large , 'event
ludu-nce.   Mr. Os'orne, who was not i-nd L rn^'r.-   w   *.   i. k   -' - " * ' - r - - 	
out, so he-7sar i!eHne we»- did"^^o .himself'.jus7s^^' ^^^^"^'^ ^'^ * """^
■'       mious night     but       w,  .,       t"atht l?-tball priw.. ways.-and.m ans to bctti
- "'Sac, .. out      AI,  these th,n;&. polnl .to & grand ,. lg,1=*tlon
tice as. on' ,the pre^ i
;povcrt-_ele£s.'jave?a.splendid lecture.
from  outside  points, jmtthods'-of tlie'employ'crs.'uuless you
upon    the
. "i" iite"J«wi)Vn*tYe l ump occufrLd, knock- '7a8^he ^-^ .rf.'wor: es' to" orgaa-
'n^.them over • nd.ex'.lnguijlin^ thev a"dj remuin'--tniQ to their , class.-
lights ip,vtheir lant-.rns: One oLtheij The-lcctu™ >hs folUwed by an m-
lutn succeeded in rtli>jbting his lamp teres'lnffdiscus!on- ■■--' +
and t-ej imm7diStcly5'enter'ed Yttia | ■$? ^u^y"'^. Mr.|Cs' ornjl will
i. pniiin-i'*"*.;? «Vn il i.i-..:-'  -.i'-'c-L  6Peakioiv''S-.>'ciai{sm.aittd Civil Law" "in.'-'''' t'h'e''Mtnei8!_Ii  "
in, vain
them.and af lor trying in, vain . to
" get-to liim, the gas'and dust dtovc ! Tho oItl Parties Jn England exper
*%n?-,.HlJ*-;. R a:ue,v,or'i-w.-s.-.ieguri". ^nced7a. rudc'Jolt'cn July- 4th} when
,> at" once. a;ii all, 'the', men atopped.j ^.e.te.. flllnS'.. Joel, list: and .„, trades
forking Tit the conl.        .'   .'"' j "n'oni tr was fleeted foi the Ya/.row
,^ There w.:b a heivy reck fall -vhicii  dlviBion'     ■*»'<!* on   the   l'th Victor
7llocf'd up tlero:m; and it was njt ,Grayso,n' Soci.list, was;."(l cted   for
day oi sj,ort-=, i'nd Fernie ihoiild outdo herself rs hostess tp her, \i;itors.
0 The palmary lCO^OO (Club" asked.for
and ha-.e-1.een'"supplied with .large
posters'" aril programme cards, „ and
we,„may;l:oc for, .a big ciowd torn
nl". ' long the line *on"-the 5"th'.; Hang
,y ur banners" on."the outer wall and
f:r Fern'.e.'- ■''■'■--     '.     -■-.-•■    *
better yourself.
irom ' the  general "'abor
mb'.emeat   not   ' only, wea!"ens your
<~wn qrganizati n, .but-helps, to   de-
s rcy the movem nt -i'self. ,,
j'   The  buildings  destroyed,
jef much value w.'th-a few exceptions,-
;>nd the collection of.shacks.nnd Love's on Ch-tham'st-ejt'which '
j. .- a„ "lost .interesting and
in   length ; instructive speaker.   Ho did not indulge
in. width.    ! in-undue flippancy, bui traced
the pro-
were  not | gi'ess of the workers of the human" race
through slavery and serfdom to 'their
present   condition,   pointing  out .vtho
causes which' led to the.liberationfi-om
c, ----- Tjesday afternoon, that
^bo'dy of.Mr. Bell w.-s;ered. ,""
*-When found and oiamincd It *=ras
'-scc-n-thath* had not been 1 i lad by:
vfalln„' dr r c"e or, of- tlm'ers, d1-
.,though a piece of Urn'er was "ound
• lying i'c.cbj liis., lap.
". Ha evidently wns suficcutsd by i au
,or foul air the bump had : iv
"'urrod,. "',,"■- •
-,.   A c roner's Ji ry was summoned hy
if.'-r; n r"   Dietsdell,,, 'conBlsling   ,\t
Mcnurs. Hawcy, Brown, W. O. Imsb,
.,.1. H." M.   Murlin,   H. A.   Wllkca,
i-.'ohn Hunt*' ond-J. E. Lcncast'.r. <
'   The jury met Welncsdcy 'e-en'nz,
•:an!1,.,.aXt',"rf tikiiiff tlie .evidence-   of
°Minj    'nBreutor     Thomas    Morgxn,
..Wm.. Rlch»,rdHon,  Thos.  Dahn    and
John MeWinient, thoy r.tu:ned   the
l-illowlug yerJict,     '
■,'• '.'<Ve,   the   i;aderji(.nei   .'ury, .In.!
thatVeie aed, „Oeorge Bell,,camo:to
his death in No. 2 mine,.Cool Creek,
■on Monday, July 23, 1T07, by asphy.
^slciitlou by gas,, fried, by o bump,
twhich archly nt wob eiilira'y unavoidable.   Hurry Brown, W. O. nos», J.
H. M, Martin, H. A. Wlites,.   Jthn
Hunt r("Jt'_n,'Lcncns'er.''
Cucsioned n ; to: the - cause   of
lu p , Inspector Morgan tt ted that
tht>- were caused by bob pressure..
Asked,-If there waa any remedy, hir0^
the'!Colne Vclley, Vpr'shire.
'4  '    "    6-
The Eloquence of Haywood's
leading Counsel. ;
■itittd there wnu i-oij' th t he kn.with * ,f y,u 1I11 I'wwcod you- will
ef unleifl It'te't'e toring ct holen In■ '-l! '"'• Mt>T 1"°'<'iunt ot the worH
the floor (dirfl'ue.the nana-a ''rom',r thc l,ore' and aBP|rntl3B« ot the
. Below we reproduce from the Dnl'.y
News ».. portion ci Mr. Barrow's
clos'ni rem'ur'.s to. the jury in" the
Kajrwo:d trill, and the Lehger re-
Krcts1 Its' U'c'i of space to reproduce
it. in fill:,   •"■   „■." -   .' •
Mr.'s speech, ta' en os -a
whpl\ way the most (lo;uont i.n 1
ale that las yet Leen delivered,'.in
t'i._B C(lebr£ted casj.
Mr.'.Darrow mtde a.most eloquent
clcaing. He said in part: "But It
Is n t for BiUHiiyfoid I ple:d," hi*
crlid, 'or for'bls widow or bW or-
,hana. If he diet t u thoiss nl men
who work in the mine3 will send
their, mite *:• t'j support this widow
und lhe . little, ones, and a million
people..wl.l, send th ir me8sa;,ei   of
fcym.athy,"'i" don't plead for   Hoy-'Vlr*> 0,id '0,rl7 accessible,   loth   as
T'on't .luin'-t for a'mom>int'to..coat of tronaportation nnd time,
"        '.— "'■ "■     *■■.   ■■ '•*' '     "     "        . j*'  ii ' ■*
"''Cl'*" } ii-i.-t-     ".  ■ •• " s"-*w" *ei
Office-";of the Secretary-Treasurer,.. P.
I     :0;.-.Bra7eT'Bl5.   '■   -    .- \-';:-:    '
j-  ,;-;';.'';Otta\vd,- Out., July 25,-'.l?07. '"
■To;- .the, Otilcirs'- and   MemV.ers-  of
i   Trades and!   Labor   Councllst:Nation I Trade. Unions, Federpi*"ia-or
""Uhl'ns'yk'nd , i'nt'ci;pationai '"^"Local
..Trade TJnlons in the Dominion-; of
Canada. .   ,     i -. *
_ ■■>        v *      y	
Gre.tin<:      •        '.....„ ;  ., ,
Felk w Labor Unio'nl' ts'' and Broth-
ers,— :    v' ■     ',.....       '. ''
. The twenty-third nnnual session of
the Trades and Labor Congress of
Canada will convene in the Legiala-
li e Council^ Cham'er, Broadway,
Clty.of'winnireg,, Produce of Manitoba, 1 e^inninpr,ut 10 o'clock, Monday raornin?, „Bert. 15th; l'O;,": end
will c'cntlnue in s s ion from day to
day„.uritil the.tiiRlneas of the convention has been completed,
L's: year, netwitbstnndlng the
feet tint th* conversion was*held ui
the west of Canada, 'nume'-y,
it Vlctcrb, tho con-ention, fcoth ,n
point of nura'iers and onthuiirsm,
excelled any hiug in the .hls'.ory of,
ori-anlzed lit'or in Canada. .
With t'e cjnveitioa in Winnipeg,
the future capital of, the British Km-
"- Yours faithfully,
'-   '■"•'      s,President,-'Montreal.
JAMES ,SIMP,SOw.7--.'  .  '-y-'j.  -.
Vice-President; Toronto.
M. DRAPER, ":. ; '.. - ?
Pccretary-Tre.-isiirer,  Torqnto.
funeral of the Late Geo.
Killed in No. 2 Mine.
wholly wiped "cut, wi'l be no lc.-3-j to i tl,0*iC conditions and showing the .level
thj city, though entailing scrae 1 £sl 0P»>eiii of the present condition whicli
,cn individuals. - J he atatcd'to'.be the result of capitalistic
■\m There isB urgent need of a better ; cultivation, and his hearers a
w, tor supply at .Victoria, and this ^1L';i1 ,nil".v ''""HS to think about. .' •
conflagration, coming E0 soon after! J1*:,-Osboni is the most* reasonable
ancther which occurred in the same iand.''Philosophical tslker,, upon the
section of     the,Tcity    will probably i Socialistic propositions of to da v chat
■ start the civic Hood circulating and ; we'!»V9 heard in _ Fernie. .Hisiccture
7r_es_ult_inJ lnnir-nocriofi_Vm^- i_was_entirelv_frp,»_fi-A'r.'*.J._ o,,;.^... s.:.^___
.being made;      .7 ' •-. bitter mention of any kind and his very
j - A   pu'.li;   me.ting, was called   for 1 evid<r"t sincerity and firmness''won for.
■ yesterday afternoon  to  d's:uss  ' the  '"'n tllC! closest attention and respect of
1 wat r Question;" ,. '       hi** hcni-ers, _..''",•
-—-~i>- '      o       ",    Mr. Osborn lectures asralnito-innri-ow'"
HUR«,ED SUMMONS TO roilONTO | S'^S,,"' "!?„**ffl L?ifa
Fernie, ,B.  C,   July   22-(World's! ll0"SlJ t0 ,,ear '"'»'■     "  "   '   °*   '■   '■
Special ,Service)-G.  G.S.   Lindsey,"' v ' *— o—   7.
I roar,  Hayw
but f. are
useful dies on earth,
woull hn'
o nflnamant.
Large and attentive nudle e ■ have
keon the rule at the meeting* of Loenl F.rnlo 8. i>, of 0„ held Ia Pernie
anl Coal Crwk,
Last dun-lay Mr. D, M'n'on rave a
splendid.address e ti led "KoelnliHm . H>ro«Kuaiit the ci/ilxed world 1l?y
IneylU'Je,'' ■■howln.** the evolution ol ara woBilttlnu a' out ,your ' verlict.
competitive rapltnllsm to monopo- ■,f you decr e ,,fl d,,lth' thft "Pldcrs
Hatlo capltnllem, which is embodied ('"<J vl,,tur*'J f' W.ll street wlll aend
In the j?! {untie trusts nnd Is tlmiat- "I> pot,m of PrnlB0 fB(1 whores o,*
cnlng to reduoo mankind to a very n"" U*e vl>0 h,te Hftywo-d Iccmiso
low order of clviUsatlcn by taking ',,C Wor*if8 for tl10 i0^ mml ot pral'*-
uway all incentive out of nv- Thn 'put " yi,u nct*u fc tU'8 mFn' th<>r«'*»r«
■»P akcr   m.intnlr.ed   thnt the onlv ,mmm*    vl nwn out on   the bioid
this ...L,m .hii    "Bd„,we*?P ™M» the earlh. there are
1**1    ?.    '    "d n"0W a" m,>««*> ««n nnd
i»cc«as   to the ttim-h of yiroi-o*- .. '     , . ,,       __ . .   _
ZUh*(lt ,.,   f Um° iD thd hta'«F.,tl«lr hands nnd imjorln*
'« L «m        n.?rft ft wnl ,IVftt,on B1V6 D» H.ywooda lfe.»
of mnn Ind would be nccompl'thed.   ,  &	
Mlsii Cwsy HeConrl, aecoirpanled On nrrlvol tf the ibarter, Tl.e Le-
/i- . 1 Mfun by Mr8' 8ln,P,l0n .ot'uaxxtoi Tropellet Co., Limit d. will
Coal Creek, santr "MftrKiierlte" and plire t> HmltH nnm^r of sh-ir-s ar
"Kreejs a Dird." VM ,ach ,„ Fern.e,
On Tueaday Mr. J. TJ. OaVorn^, «h*.     fi... ■ motions rnd ("rawla
blind oralnr, pal J
pwe«nt    heurd    a   aummarlilnit of your it If.
eau ea    that led up    to W« cllwt (   ThU »a,iy *:e a ehance tn a lifetime,
which !■ inown as floclallum, 'finh/ferf^tfonit   token   at   Cm
Osbtrne ahowed ho*  in    tleMofa's or at P. O. Wataon's.
all- raat ^records "iheiuld la irotten.
,Tlie ujiproachlnu convention iVci-
p et d t) be a climax of the,: ttn\t
od can die, If he mu t, were of orgiinlmtlon for the past 25
are, o u*rs who will ilve I years In Canada. Your hody c^nait
.f he dies und tlicy will come to take .afford to he unrepresented,
his place a- (I enrry the banner whiiih While thc organisation of the
he lot Call. I plud for the poor rnd W-crs hm gone on moat success-
t»e weak rni the weaiy. The eyas of!fully, the efforts of our ojpjn nti
t'e world are upon ycu tonljht, you jba e navor l.e n greater or moropro-
twelve men of tho jiry, and ihere-1 nounccd, and the necanalty for da*
tier Uio Knxliah    tongue la ipoien |touch
The ' funeral of the lite George
JBc-ir last!., Wednoiday at 2.30 fi'ta;
was at ended by Gladstone Union lu
a body, several hundred ot his >uln-
inp; comrades being in ,'ine. The ;>ro-
cussicn fermed nt lhe unde taking
rooms of Scott nnd Ross, and waded 'by the Bnlvution Army niiuJ,
marched/'to the M-jthodlst ehucci,
wherj a sh:rc und impicESivo t,n:r-
ui s rvice was conduct-.d and an ud- dellvei'trd ty Rev, H. L-shl.y
H;ll.   , „.'
Once more tbe church was densly
pce'ed ,f,nd liundrods ot people could
not Mt inside,
Tho sympathy of the whole -1 om-
munlty kosj out ti the widow,
three yo* u;r ch:ldren and other relatives.   , "    ,' (,
Mr. Bell h<"d ! e n wor Ing In 'he
Coil Crec'-: mines some three or f jur
j ears, and Mrs, Bell, with her child-
re i, had followed from Fnrlanel, arriving a year ago In My,
Lit le did s" e In.w of the grim
fate thnt was awritlngher lo.lag
htmba'nd and the, burden of grief' no
ju-'deily i liced upon her will" he
hard to tear,
The that contilned oil that
was motti'l of O orne Doll was laden with flowers, tributes of ''Ou*n-
l.erland Friends," comrades from bin
old hone h Cum'erland, Enulind,
Cienernl Manager, R Driunau, Super"
IntenUenl; and. A". Clauer, chief accountant, of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Com-
pany, left on yeflterday evening's east
bound express for Toronto, where thev
were called hurriedly. Manager Llndso'r
has been quite unwell, and le travelling
uiuler the care of a trained nurse.-
.Monday's World.   '
* Fornle, July 23.-6. G.S. Lindsov,
Jfoneral manager, R. G. Drlnnan, general superintendent, and A. Klauer,
chief clerk of the Coal Co, left for
Toronto last night en a buaiiieM trip.—
Nelson News of Wednesday.
City Fathers in Regular Session
Site for Gty Hall is Off
Does tho News' Fertile correspondent
sleep over 8unrlav?
The miiniclpal laxjls'lature met la
for'regul r sesflon'ThurBdLy, night wtta
His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen' Gat a, Mclntyre", Tuttle, Trltja
and CCuntl in their places at ,**ho
ccur.cil loord. The mlnutea of prev-
I.mb nv.ctinfis were re.d nnd approved
Tho Mayor appointed Al'ler-ncn
Gates and Mclntyre a coaimittee to
nt' ny thc city engiteer to en-
down   deep
womfn   and
pmy for you.
women and'children
you   to
•nj-'-KjiV*':"*-* n
Wo lioiiuht hfuui' H-nli-muilo cliitlilng,
|    ltc<*nvi«p thoy Yo\,\ U ihc*p-
j 'Twan nf llm p'un*»t Hliodily
!   And It nevor mw a snoop.
(Utl a It ti le re/rd in the consider-
;iitlou of all these greit nun Urn,
! * Tlio laws pnKS-jd duriniT tho last
s aaien of ihi Dominion pnrl amont,
as will as those enacted If tlie various rrovmclal le-,'1 I. lures, will uf-
( rl mi c'.i room (or diHciifliloti, nnd
will require the derolae  if  th) he«t * Tlicv usiil In*"had a liiri''iln.
'Xauxttihi i.i the world of labor,     a>tn     'il «• i-"Hoiri«*t ol n»i« lor,
> It. thereore, th.t y.ur delate. , ,5'T|^;; JttStfu go,,
pre rn b.ind. . I)l(ilillierla, imctfirla,
One of tho lm:>ortnnt <\\m-     Sclntku ;iml iiiiiiii|ii"j     !t
ttona t> come leforo th> con e.itlon , ^nroiiiotor ataxia-
V..I be   the policy.of   the Cu.«rc» I ,,Ja%*nK?m!r *""*»
toward.**   immutafon.    The   ad;-,nt .   The amallpox nndln grippe;
ot tho'aanda of immigrant*, nnd the ; A onA cane of ineniiigltiH,
piomibd   of   tljoiifinmis    iiior^. hiue   ./-,f •''•''I ft !;cv.<-,» .vwi'tnp.
If f« arot nc/irlntiii/i,
A united meotlnpr of thn British and
Jor%n Bible .Society B.C. Branch wis
hold \yedncfldny night In tlio Mothodlst,    ,
Church.   Rov. Bowen, of Vancouver iQllre ,ut0 tl,e iro'/nR of the weigh
«gont for tho locloty for BritiHh Colum' IMnlB!i'
hlLJ.!!!, IT"!: •nd. m''1' a vor*vl  iA n'olon l) read the PfPoaedl-r-
whatltlshopodmaybodorio. !ing of hcnit *  or tbo purch«9   «'
Kev. .Williamson,   of  tho  !taptlsl|whut w* knLWU   "8  *•»«   Henlereon
Church, was mado aecrotary of thoi'Lt 'or a ■It? t r city hulldlnga was
1S™iTC\°,thBMC,,ty'Md,twB,',e d n atht tlme «rd »•■»•  ^ favor,
determined oiavo quarterly inontlnirirn *.      a   .. , i . '
«o bo h.ld altorn atoly ,„7o dlffi    ^TrU        xT^     ^  rUt*
I'liiirchoM tI*' Trltei nnd Q11..II,
Kevorenda Wllklnaon and lUlf>iiro;   The t0 * tl *"• t '»t» committee of
lirespnf, and tlmrft wasa good turn o.ut,V'e »h«l% * th Aldrrmm tiuail   In
'S„C,,.,?<,P•?^,,,, .  u Pr*" eW. tri open and cor.'.de-r t-n*
llianoxtmee hg of the noeletv will.'..   »       ., ...
„ _. b- i..i«i 1. tb. p^kVtwl» o^tVIVh TiijST",       p   ^ot clty aw
George Bell was a young mnn a #1! ""•; W«l«HMd«y after quarter day.     ' -CI,,M,
J27, In the full prime and vinor   of ,.,.|hfl.',01,,cJr.0/ Hi« "oclety la toincroaae    .Upon r,HlDK the eoramlttta report-
favoring tv.e applt-
niel McDou>.all  for
ihlsf at a i.ilnr;'
The council adopted the report of
! •• P«'r year. ' jlhe oomimtt e 1 nd    Mr. MeDougai:
I   A piiMii'fltloiiiimlortheiiiaiiagmiieiit will l.e the ue-v fire  hie'.
'Or   tlio   t!fy.|f,l</    ..1,1.1,    t.   I.' r   n        ,'
ik.-o-i«i**; -..p^iiv ^r;;;;.,;!' K,,!)tt,i:e Mnt ln bu n,,Koju^
lkiinwlndgo,lHfiup|illndnt M centM M "Wtrmnn,     wh.rh wni accepted
] year, which Is w«|| worth the prlco      i"0-1 Monday ncjt waa   npioln'el 1*
,    Iter. Uownii Ih nti Kuglltiliinnii who'the day fjf nominating m nld'-rmn-
jlms licuii  so  long iraiiaplantwl" Imo'fot tlit \aeancy, „nd In cuaa an i-lrr
1 WAftlem <*rtll nv tnlifl Vo 1  ..,.,.( - f
tl.owo«t».,dI«(ndoM,ay„ipfttl,v wltl,>7 * ™*™>y '""«** *""»
all that In wemnrn. III. lecture waa.Ut was "ft ("r ho,,,,nK ,hc *leslio1
niOHt unjoyahlo and full of liiforiiiatlon, ftn'1 J* w- N>'"*" *'"» appdnted   ».
— "■ I. a «« turnng oilicrr.
cumtnp.a 1 mi los'inx support will Lo
grevJotialj, inl,-fl(,d.
Thi! rneinhnri.iilp fee Ih1
oralTr   Z\ »' v,' ,7.    J'   ,   : ,  '" '°"a m <***la** Wl» ^ l'«'»»«l*.*>   ul   thousands    ...or,, ha*. ./.■' »Vh ft V?" yCU ,n<''
oraur, pall ft vjalt to Ftrnle shown on application, so you do not irou*ht lhe imnlantlon ouritl-n 10 !IW «•*'»«»''"•.      ,
rave an ,a«?drees <o "Hlatorie Invrtt in » ho'« in i,« ».. »,*   . ';ou'?ni,ine "mmJi.ration quean.n 10     And rliniiinntiMii tw ugej
naiisrn " and    otJoHw   ™ Z .« #1.. *,.     I *      "? -1 or 8 l,,,J ^^tont, and t-.di.y It inn'-a as |*r*«Irl« mango and Mulches,
■f    £.,1    .   proU-,'!n«BJ'.Mt '«> th« ^-r, b"t can Judge   for one of   th« iro.t dlfthult pro'leum     And to innkn him crin
aieondad   ly ALUrman    Trites,
A meeting of tint excursion romiulueu Mnyor was Jiibtructcd t> aitand
thr rn.iy/r rnd
confronting   or»anl:ed lihor, nflcct-
"eg, oa  t diKt, eur va,ea, our hours
u*U4l ,b( U' or, in luct every ComUUon Hint
aurrnnJs ua In tbe ale of our lab-
_,       .   cringe
Tha microbe* nnd lim-llli,
Thay pnU'rwl hlm full wc,
A. A nl t|,p*M»c„'ii \" c!<.thii:-r
Yon lti-i ki»»'ii i>uv no mori».
:of the Hundred Tliotinaiiil CI11I1  was imitation to thr -m.iyr rnd   iM*
h*»ld Imt night, when the oxcurnlon to m«-n of frnnhrook to I e the  gut*r
j Feriilo was dlsctiHscd, with Mr. Proctor t of tbe city of F*rnle during the C.
I of the ('.•uieii.'tr il«*[«ntiiicnt ol tin; C, Is IUlld;iy on Ang, S.
_ '* "* !   Tbe   mntt«r  ol aewdr c no.'Ctl
i   Tho pen-tlr- ol Fernie aro anxious to {with the new mains was left    *•<
j have tha Calgary excursion to th« pAHi: the city engineer    until tha   dtr
;on their civic holiday nn August Mh. eonttlCtlof bylaw Can U o'mA.
Lincoln Wajreworker. The atiggastton la that tha Mcurslfiri    Thc council thfn adjournal, •o
"    It
v       -,0
Labor Notes
\'. oe -v igostiumsnt' authorities,
through, tbe cjmmiss'.Qn'r of labor,
are about to 1 e^ln an iniuiry
Many of. them are worked, out and*,
unable tola";or when they ought, to |
be in their prime, and they'end   by
" ecoming vagrantB. <•*>•-■."' •■*
Th se, are all m.'.tters which will
be confirmed and set forth in official
form by the work of the investiga-
child and woman la'.or condi'.i.ns in'tors ^ 6Ummcr and fall.   Senator
the "United  S'.ates, as rso.ided for  a. J. Dever'dge in the Post
by an act of Coa„re a pass:d   last
winter.   I em informed thr.t the in-
vestlgati.n   has been   planned,on,,a ,CHILD LABOR, REGULATIONS
.„*"._—, But if it's from a SealedXead Packets
thorough   and  camirvhenslve, s:ale, |
and I ba.e e ery reason to Icl'.evo
th't   the results     will"   justify thc,
hopes* of   Tre.ident-'Roose.elt and
myself—which  are  that t;.e gr'our.d-
No boy or girl under fourteen ivears
of.ago can be employed in a factory, nor
under sixteen years unless lie has on
file graduation papers showing that he
work, will be lad for les'fcl-itk n next ; _us l)een pasgej in the fourth grade of
winter which wil j.ut an c'..d to this j t|ie public schools. How'much better,    which   is    e.ting into our j this is than in Pennsylvania, where nil
social s.stem. ,*'■-,
.   One re.bon for th's cfflcl.l iniuiry.
* was 'oiiue- in the, inaccuracy* of., Stan,
tii',1:" garnered by the cens.'. bureau.
--st.Ai.lc3 .which, however, are.bad:
en-.'i h in themselves. .For instance;*
- iVic. cens"s ot 1900 shows that there
ar* not far from 2/00,000 children in-
khe Uni.ed Slates under the age ot
16 years ,woivingj at gainful occupations, and that of these nearly 700,-'
000.are cm'.'1. ye I "in industries other
than-a.; r cultural.
It is ho purpose ol'my proposed'
leg latlon lo strike at the., employment of ctil'rrn cn.age.1 in agriculture. I do not for a mr'ment pr>7
tend- that chil'ren on the
farm is lad fcr them. I thin'c it is
the unlv rsal ex;:er'cnce that where
chl'dren.are employed, within their
strength' aiid in the '.open' air the4-e
can t le rno better experience for
them.      ,7
What 'we are trying to reach is
child labor in min s, facto.i a and
tha swea'shops.
The" census   does   not   show how,
many thi dr;n under 15 years of age
are engaged in this form of slavery:
It would'be bad enough if„we could:
, heUe'-'e that the num'.er was limited
to the 703,000 who appear in vhe
census figur'.s, .but there .is not n.
man or' woman who has investigated
„thia   wlin does n'it_know_
that only a part of the, chilhren 'so
employed  were returned tb the cen-
boj_s are, fduijteon-. yeans iold!> :No. boys
nndjgifjs-can hp employed (or less than
$1.25, a week, and;,there, must, be an'air
iiual,increa8^(o'(not lpss thaniv75 cents a1
wee^".,.;,Atitweiity they^muBt be
|eai"jl.W.2!> aiid at-t^enty-one at least iS
a we:k. All ,boyc?,-,,gjrls. an,d women
employed in .^factories. must,-have a
weekly half, holiday ^and the six full
national holidays without deduction in
wages'. . >.*..,
My mare, a very valuable one,'was
badly bruised and cut by. being caughi
in.a wire fence. Some of the wounds
would not heal, although-1 tried inanv.
different medicines.'' Dri''Bell advised.'
mef to ui-e MINARD'S'LINIMENT,
diluted''at'firs',; their stronger, as" the
sore's began to lopk' better, "uiifil after,
lli'ree' weielis, __tiie sores'h'aye iiealedjand
best of aH the Jiair is,growing_«_v'ell, and
is Npi;; VyHlTE as is most always the
case in, horse; wouuds., i *.
F. "M:  DOU.CET.
Weymouth   ■'-,  .  ...:,..-     fi  '■■ "*.'
,  .. v  o    ;' f'.io.;  .-i -.-■'-' '>'•.   •
-»-   PEOPLE  ^ILL-TALK-       :.
.,   -.-     fi •-.      . ;•>  yrli      ".   ■,'•■•'.    ■   "
\cm, may ,get through.the w.orld,, but
ff *; 'twill be yefy,8low,'    - ,.'  *"  V,, ,-
If you listen foall'that is.said as you go;
' "' in'a"stew— "_;" _'_ .''*.,'-_" '  .V
For 'meddlesome■ "tongues...must ^have
something to do— °l' ?'
And people will talk.    ,
the teapot results Will bo unequalled.
BLACK .;   '."•■*: MIXED', v- . -   '''GREEN'
' at your grocer's °-
Highest Award St. Louis. 1904
" p -*  i .it-   ^i
'    " • - "" " 4
With Special  Reference to "Mail -Order Houses" vs. Local
' > ,',: -Merchants. • 7 «...' : '"-,.* ',
;A.prqmiaent,,inventor recently, 'said:.'.'Th-.*re was ii a tirnt when a thing
that was'rgood would,sell itself.: Tim esihave -changed, Now a good thing
must;,be pushed—and. I believe that the;best, way to push a good thing is
to advertise^' • .   -j  ,-'-,-.",   .-:'■■)■>  >.*    ■'•,   ';-.   ■' 7i',.j'\'   " '  . .' .-i      ...-.:;
The-following; text ^ is*, takeai-from-alittle booklet. "The Town-Crier," recently* 'distributed to the hardware'trade by" The Yale & Towne Mfg. Co.
of New York;';. -     . V ' .."*■■■•'.;,"'■■     , -    •'*  .- «,
'1 he   -Town-CrierJ was a'1 highly'; im-
port:*s>t maa for1 the merchant,"of his
•%•• * ;,i:-;r-:yy-. •■■    .  ' ■.
, Hejclanged hjs|.bell to...arrest a":ten-
tion,jand.thereup<)B .the good people
poled   their   heads,,out   of tbe    win-
dows;'stopped_ on'-the sidewalk-if they 'reach,.people, at their homes—tags"and.
Crier"  do'you   employ?     rTriere .  are
many kitite"  ^in  this 20tli  C*eiitury-
-* -    ■- *,       '.  -       -.    j -    - . .
newspapers,' display cards  and , sample*. 7" ,  '-   "    .'"",-."-'"    ■
•''Vi ■".••"■■ c        'i    -   ,      I      •.*   :   V ", -,  • ■,
.   ihen, „vtoo,    there  are the  yanous
products" of .the,.printing, press ,'..tliat
sus enumerators. °
Ta're tne state at randem rnd s:e
how the census figures appear under j  ■     , .
In! e?ti_ation.   ,The inum:rali:n , e-.f /f^ and modest, you'll have it pre-
■ 1900 giv b Mirylnnd t-'s having some
o .er
The a ce.:sus
5,000 chi'dren at worlc.
bulletins of 1S.05 show
5,553 chil'ren under 16 years at work
in Ma ylind, of whom S^W, were employed in Baltimore. . But in 1906
the M-uyl nd law was am.nded, requiring ch.ldrcn under 16 to secure
pcrm'ts testifying to physical and
educational ,re:,uirftm nts. ' Aft?r the
law had Un-   in force   alout   five
. niont')?, „ more    than 11.00J p:rmits
. h.'d...',.een..grnnted..and some. l.COJ^re-
fus.ulj. Ho we sol that .in. lhe State
of,'Mnryiniid.the ,1910 census, 100
per.cent! wiYntr. ', .
,' *Ta'_.o'unb)th'r instnnco, dri?.wn Irom
NbrthOn'rolinn. The census'bulletin
of il'J05 gives tho num'jcr of male3 in
co-jtin mi'ls' in North Carolina us
fil,231. Thit, labar commissions of
North, Carolina reports, 44,222 oper-
all os, which would malio 52,025. for
tho ml'.lb in the same rnfo,
So ters'is llgur,:s purperiin/ xo
Kive'the tot .1 o* children employed
In southern cotton mills, ns for example, in. thn-Slates bf North Car-
qljna,,,South,Carolina, Ala'.nmannd
, Georgia, show about 30,0C0 ho employ di Put those who have 'uvcBtt-
ri'ted'coi'ditouH r,n the (rroiind'ond
whohv.e not Ivc.i willing to" tako
tb returns offered them by manufacture ,ri w.lio are interested In supprefl-
win; some of tho .truth, report that
the, , lowest possible catlmiite, .cx-
cludlne o/. ory possible fraction ,of
nhlldren »\ho are r^ie.stlcna'.lo ns to
ago,-ma'cs th» number at "east 60,-
» 000.
So it mi cms the cenHiiH,' bad
as It'.lfl mi It is-s t:t,illy ,
Inacuiirntc. Anybody who litis stud- ;
led the unction knows why It Is |n- ''
accurnte. Piilse certificates, which'
nro unhers.Ii the lildlnir of children '
wh.n the factory ^nsprctor comei; ,
th: rcll.ince of constiH cnuiiieratorB ',
upou ro?orts of lnti>r,si.t.d parties-
all thes; naturally acted to five '
tnl;- a fraction ol tho terrible truth. '
Tho r,tnBi>pi-qt(-(.  t„ tl i-cr.y  v'. .v.Cm \
and women who lin-e M'-en yr-nrn fi'
1 ivcstlBiition to till* subect Is thnt I
there nre today In this country not
leas than 2,1100,000 children .>t worlt, •
of whom more tli-n f»f0l0*i0 nre  em
i ),rX
The beilt'i and lives of thousuuls
of child! en are s:«?.rlliecd yearly to
the t,roe1 of eonsclanccle.-s
Not    on'y   rirr vr&'/e,   i,tt,l   li\|n-,
standards fi,r ndul'i reduce I by cbild
tobor, ijut ti-8 coautry la r<d>b*d of'
Its coming veneration. j
It is roM.ed of (ta strong: m*n and
sturdy women. {
The children   aw rohbed of  their'
That jour humble position is only
sutned—        „ "" *        . -  ," *
You're a wolf In sheep's clothing, or else
■ you're a fool, ., _- •    '
But don't pet excited—keep perfectly
Por people will talk-.
And then, if you show the least bol* ness
of heart,
Or'a eliffht inclination to take youi own
'part—  7'
Thoy will call you an nupstart.Jconcelt< d
nnd vain,
But keep straight ahead—don't stop to
, oxplaiu-B      ,.:',.„
,    For peoplo will talk, ;>
i  . .    - -I,-,-'.*,,    ,       ,,     *
If threadbare your dresn, or old-fashioned your hat.v     ,.
Somoone will surbly take notice ol thnt,
And, hint.rather'atron_r you can't pay
your way. ■ ' ;
But don't get excited, whatevor they
For people will talk..
If you dross lit the fashion don't think
to ortenpo,
For they criticise then In a different
You're ahead of your monns, or your
tailor's unpaid,
But mind your own buelnoss—thorn's
iMUjrht to bo made—
For peoplo wlll talk.
they wjre riding - or 'driving, and lent
an'.attentive - ear-'-.:,. i- a,.-. i,7>
Then the Crier was in his "glory;',.
He rolled out his listof lost child"-
ren,; animal.-;, and articles.
He gave, cheering news of the safe
arrival of the '  last  packet  and   held
envelope carrying    your
back till the'lust,, for' the "sake ofein-
pliasls,  the sales, of., the day and 'of
the morrow.,*      '
., Mr   Merch.,nt, hud lived in l1'^"1'  ■'■ „     .i  i
TowniCrler tlJ,1 „ l,0'w -pVoiid ^J^.\*"-^\ ?™
Would have felt wh,n his. llell . 71 -1lb8 r -J-"*"-**1 &*
o(ti",, a_ud your. iMjmc,, nnd the jwares
you,sold, were.exploited, lo the',! Us-
4v,     .„.„ . iten'*1Jf,  folk—each OU4.'a possible ,cus-
Now,tlio>8twaytodol8todoa8youUome*. „
Pi.-.?U!°L««i it        . ,,".'   Ho'w'■"«'■ yon Wdhiivc' Ixcii If
lffBhH?i«iy°U     V'00n0, W,ll,,,BRW'^    y™   ™t  your■ business
or 55?^s- .w,*... so, Jsr ^:Mryou"rlvd iM
But dnSfS'tak to,»top tl»em-lt ain'ti:'?,d"y,i; °f ih<)'[™«^ ,»"'
nnyime- • .     i'"1 '.•      , '•"■   / •" ,     '       ■; -V
For poopls will talk. '' "ul .^"l^-^ill- Hw.-ln liou«^''w«lk
it0 ■■.»<!-fro on the'Streets, mid ride up
■Wiw itii>m*w*mmmmmmmsmmm*m*mmmj "ud dow"» «■" «'' yore—lioWiidityH'chli'f-
i ly on street com.
\t And liiininn nature hasn't chanced n
little bit;
!   lo the ol,I times It flocked to    tlio
suU'S of the Crier braii__lit,   t0    their
attention, nnd Ignore*! the places    lu*
failed to mention.
Simply beamae'. tlio Crltr was
name nnd .address'] illustrated cittii-
logiies: ' leaflets';1 :' ''"l:ooki'et3_,\ flc'ilon'
with a Imsinsss motive; leafle'ts, to 1>c
eudesed, In' pnrocls nud with' bills,
just a lew words and a picture to
catch the eye,   ,7 . . ...
These are, some  lew of the - modern
Criers;   "S ' ''
* *  * 11 • ,
. Aiid,'like the old'Cri-e-,-, they." tell
a';oiit you 'and your goods.
Do you make use of any or all   of
rivals   .-have
.„«, ■ .   -. throated    f«l-
'rol*B  lows they are.
'Toko, Jor^MtHncc., tlie t groat.. 'Mull
1  .
I'l'J   "  iliil
"•f OMl'Tar DavlVAtlVM.
' ' 4-. 1 ' . I •     . .
B "BNsaat tMiita-iMsriik
■&-*«t***m ■ o»m tm
Inm hiihiii isi-aatapi ***** nato at %*m **i
HmikiU mm*k% m-4 a ti *nht*k m mAtAh uti,
h «f tu*s,*m*m,NtsIlliaH -; -j-:u;:
- PttsU ti la rak b O».i0*0m tsttimmmiti k la ^
" da*a>*fft>aw4 taWv«a4*1ai"*a^iai!aa4*i iwiii Utsm
' atiMa *tspt9*% **m ***m**f* eam sat Spsii'SF aa-MiaaB h o**x              _
hbrtoe.' .""'... '■     : •■•■'i50,vi; o''J n-.oi;i-iJl4 ^'ViRO;"/!
t-itwafar^-* ,js  ,iioJ,:lrt"-ui',  m "'■ xa    . » i r/      ■:•• i.,.*.•■*.•'"-v*3 f-'
Kr*«« It HftoMr wl-MUa li sxmaaat'M **»*r**k*t*m*m*o**m***^jt***wiiii
v lot t.rwl.m 4U*tosl-i™X^t^ito<m**M MekmriM. - llja.«w XW i**#***s» t*T \
^rooms, -vatbr-clomts, viiHaU, KiTOfiit itni-fVrr6il'io6Mt,vSuY.'
iy tn nnml fUlifciHii ijmimi aaM be *m,n*am,tr*m:*i*tmxtit.p'+* **V)
lowlai proportlMts    *''""'
g -.   v;*:t; ..ImMmmmM!
*'- ,    ,•   IplntKYtM-,       ,,.    .,       ,    -.,,    ...   ;    l||
miua« tperaatauMir a l-«».iM mlaaaa*. .      ,, ..,.;;- ., „,,.',
4i".- '•   , '■ "   '  .-'■     o*-'    -'•  iri     ""=,'   '•-"   ,   '    ..   '•       -
,"   taVt AN* lA-aW 1* ««9» ' '.
' ■ '• - v  'oomoss* *»■'' ■-    '   £lt'-t-
ll    ';'•'-.;
!i« »v
H» E. Suddaby
I'jPOUNO bottle
ni." t' Id ''-',■*' 1.'■•'.''•
ul i''3i"
J5   11
»  .J
"1    il
i! s*}lii
"auci 3-j-.''
ti '-."-
o.i. o/l-l
iii. il'1 iii
f     i
-Ola D*oa:!) jal --u-i
0 ,,-;,:;
J.Ui       .''J-.,-'        5
l.- ,wj\ -■; ij" i -
1 sill ^nt*.i' i)'-'j r,*
i.v.I..*»  uUi* tttitUt
Your Hair
| Is It inclined to run swiy?|
Don't punish It with a cruel
brush and comb! Peed It, nourish It, save it with Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new Improved formula.
Tfcsa yoyr hair vlU rcauta *i
home, on your head, where It
belonis. An elegant dressing.
Keeps the scalp healthy.
Pou Mt changt tht cthr of tht hah.
Order, Houses
,.rft <
3-1 -
Fore and Aft
and   if  you   do
same    way you
your   garden , the
.   .       will have   a   good
showing. We have a good showing of
Garden  Tools,  Garden;: Hose,
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Plardwaro and Furniture
r«r»uU wlth«M> liolllt
•       Ihnw u U T«<U "
- - <MUr
*Uu\ ll.
reucu ta«:lr ro-»Jotit*#.
Ta cartalnlf b-ttllert thli, or we would
nal uy to, Ayer's Hair VIjm. as new
■ide from eur new Imerored formula.
It • ireit ereparatlen for the hair sni
-1U4* by th* t. O. Ss** O*., Um*U, *m*j-—
Are tli.-y {.'•ettlnff luwlness, In town ymi ought to h.ive?
Mi-si Iil:ely tlu*y are.    „
litre is a letter to tlu* editor of thc
Adrluii iMich,) Press may ma'ie you
1>iit on your tliinkiiijr cap. "     jP,
"' mnimnoth citiilojjuw lmve!-
1 rpii Ismiwl nml diilrfl-iM^il <\w\ $ <Z
p' lirln^s 0114 nr all of ih-ro, '
postpaid. I huve catalogue's (icin '
K'Veml hjiisis, mid they an nil aim j !
a' out the snini- line, nil j;lv,n_r ns-'
Hiirinice  of   a, of (•owl ;
rO  i1«  ni'rl   f.,lr  nfii-f."!     'I'I,  ,.      ,-,*;• !, J '
with tfonwnlv'iitv nnd curioilty, nre
im'jujrt.iiit factor* Jn ]>l,icii'ig 'nnltra
with catalogue lioiiees,
•Mr. Kditoi, were I to th-.oflfts on"
prcacnt conditions, I .should »,ty tlmt
the times do n'it  look propltlmia for
Meats, Ebbs, Butter,
Poult-ry and Tlsh
'Wliy riot-trV'tis and be'eonviheed tlmt WlA't il'ioy sny IV the truth1
Our prices arc'the mo<it' rcailoiiublf In Kwrnlij. Phone No it
call ai lhc shop on Victoria nveiiuc    \ .,., „       ;.,.. ;
Dominion IVIeat Co. Ltd,
Phone No. 4
Victoria Avenue
We   have removed   our   splendid stock of
Drugs,    Stationery,    Etc,   to   the   stand
got In touch Wif,h the pco-
,j)le, to jjlio  them sufTicIint and defi-
,   , r.,*.^   , lhc local mi-rchant.   He fuih, and has
only knwn form of ndvertlnlni- ih^n > f.tilc^l, in
utiH/ed. b
A pretty Kofd oue was thc   Crier, j nite information relative to "his hxxtt-
la%' j ••"*■*•   ■'« got volumes from the mall
• m, v..,.,.„n   nvr rooDM oi   m«p   .   i - «T—   «..- ..-..«i     ?\ Z™ couW ft,k   Wm fjiie»tfon< onl.r    houa.-a, 1mt   often    not   even!
reu.c!>. thAt m.t^.n- : ~)uil.i>..ih.i TL VzJ.\"t' aaw * mi """ IT'"*"* fuiutfy papcru,
Tho Rank of Hnmllton, vtliero wo will as uaual bo
plcnscd to, meet you.   Remombor—next to
of Hamilton
The Palace Drug Store
Wlut son of «   modernised
qui -iciuctiut -toucct of
'town lnform.iti';n."
Advertise  in   The  Fernie Ledger       ■■»
„,.#,"**>,.,.. ~
^•t"^..... j .
iMBM-rsBi VI     ,       1
tafl"f"''7'"a*i"'„.. -> Bi-.'* 4J ■ - v   -
'"', "7< '", '*77..-   '*' -"--' v;»-''„    '-A ';;'"*". '""7
e advertiser and prospec-
V'.i " '" ■. ■■' "",h-y -,-     rV ■ \      "-. ,*■',  *,  ' ;■" .' '' / '* *"/.': ■ *'V ' '   ;  7; 17 „i is—
eventually make a sale.
1 •    " ■' i "   -1   '.' * " ■   '    '''      '■ ''
"'       ,        *,,-."        ■ ' *■     , -  * -     ."',''
from advertising in this   paper   are  Sogion  and  while this
may sound like laying it on, we can
■w-1 *. jit.
*,...... *. .f* *
Jn   aLJk
t      •,.„l*.»*'*w„4ft„ .K  , .» 4.fl4^.'.%,4.4.*^- 4.^ ,'..i|.l,,.
-   (->   ' '
>,   .       y ,-»»        .    *     ,   'i
', ,.*',, v
i •. '.*
i    ... i    «,
'far Eft
Has the largest circulation in the Crows Nest Pass.
 ©©es, ;int© mure homes in > Fernie than: any ether
<(,»,*>   4.        n'?i(^  Is    «.  n>l *-- |   **■*    i
Aa-i is the paper that mast people r»§»",
m    »? i   v   i,   , ■ ...,. >'•, *  "" . i    .*    ,, ,,
.00 a Year
, i,        ;     ■ ■ i,
Eight   Pages   and   all   Home   Print
^  -__--_-_^ _____ ___ ___     j'	
,,t; I   r
is complete in every detail.    Bring along yo,ur next order.   Stationery
is from highest quality of Stock.   Have a Look.
lv- I   , ■    ■ ...  'i- I o
L*J  K»wiw»ra'!^,-:-'':«i»«M--CTK»^ (¥}
V ""^^ K^ w->sM r^.-. •*'''V""'K^A
*» i*  i" ■   i      ■ ;    „     ' ,  ,.,'  i > t     ,      i ' - * \:   o
\Labor Notes
Many of them are worked out and
unable to la": or .when theyOought to
:l>e In their prime-,'and they'end   liy •'"
y. ecoming vagrants.'  j
authorities,...   Th ee'   are all m:.tters which will.!
FERNIE LEiyEjR,--ffEJRl^ 1907
■ ' - -~    ;      "*""   ?■»*--—»-("   -" ■ f JT'-t  -*""*".   """"■*"*   ««- *•     ■        ~
4,    t   ,* - 7^7 t>      •■ "■
But. if it's from a Sealed-Lead Packet 4>f
c:'mmlss'.on;r of labor, _ be confirmed .and set forth in*officialJ
e^ln an inquiry, into ^onj, by the work  of the investiga-|.
; through^the
s are about, to     _ _#   ._..    „.  v_w  o_  .
child and„womm la", or condl'.l.ns in 'tors' th:s summer and, fall.   Senator!
the United   Slates',  as rso.ided  for  A. J. Beverdge in the Post. ,7*
■. by an act* of Con_re a pnss:d    last;        .„ ■    '-''
'winter.   T pm Informed thr.t the In-| .-
has been * planntd on a   CHILI) LABOR. REGULATIONS IN
thorough    and   comi r^hensive  s:ale, J
and I ,ha'.e e' ery reason to lel'evc ■•  Nq ^ o_        ^ ^ ^
tht   the results   .will    justly the |ffl[ a„e can ^ p]    ,     din*a factoi,v i)m.
hopes   of .rre.Ident    Roose.elt and.. nnder,slxtoin yca„ UIl|csg (l(J ,,;_.- op
mys-elf-which  are  that.t.e  ground- J (|,0 nriatiUation papers showing" "that lie
work will be la d for ldjitlaticn next j h,_s been passed in the fourth grnde of
winter which wi I tut an cs.d to this , t|ie public schools.'   How much better*, .which   is    e ting into our   this is than in Pennsylvania, where nil
social a.,stem.
One re-.Eon for th's cftlcl.1 inquiry
was 'oiivic" in the inaccuracy, of,, sta-i
tis'l;   garnered by the* cens.: bureau
—hi.tii les which, however,   are bad
i'0-.'i h in., themselves. .For instance;*
'  ii.c ce«5-s o( 1900 shows', that there
am. not far from 2,r00,p00 children in-
the Uni.ed'States uncler the age   ot
".   16 years wor. ing at gainful occupa-
"* lions', -.-nd that of these nearly 700,-'
000- are cm.l.yel in industries other
than agricultural. '"        , "  '.
It is., no   purpos? of my proposed
leg  latton to strike-at the employ-
,ment of.   dil'rfn cn.agel in    agri-
,  c-lture., I do not for a
.' tend that woil ing  chillren on   the
'farm is, lad for them., I thin'c it is
the-unlv;rsal  ex;cr'(ncc that where,
chl'dren are * employed within their
strength and in the,open air    the.*e
can     te-'no.    bitter    experience for
them. ...    ■   '
What -we are   trying to   reach'is,
child labor in mins, facto.i s    and
th'a swea-'shops. .> '■
The : census ,doc*s   not   show how
many Thi dr..n under'15 years of age.
ore.engaged. in this form of slavery:
It would"be bad enough if"we could
helie e „ that the num'.er was'limited
to   the 703,000'   who appear- in'vhe
?   eens-is* flgur.s, but there is not '.a
,„  man or woman who, has investigated
...   this   question     who. does nit know
^^that only.a part of-theTihfihren^ so.,
employed  were returned ■ ti the' cen-
" pus enumerators. <,
Ta're me state at random rnd s:e'
how the census figures appear under.
. * in e;ti,ation.    The  cn'im:rati:n    of
'0. 1900 giv b Maryland rs having something o.(.r 5,000    chi'dren at-work*.
The    census bulletins    of 1E05 show'
V 5.553 chil'rcn under 16 years at work
in Ma yhrid, of whom 3.6G6 were em-
, ployed   in    Baltimore. , But in 1906
the M-nyl nd law was am.nded, requiring    ch.ldnn under lfi to, secui-e
■ permits   testifying to physical   and
educational re.jUirem nts.'   Aft?r the
Jaw had le n     in force   alout   five
-■ i'r.ont'"s*,.-more    than 11,00) p:rmits
".h.dv;„e*?ii..granted.and some l.rOJ.'re-
fus;ilj   Ho wc so3'that In the State
...of, ^arylandj he 10t0 census w,.i8.100
per _ cent, wrirntc.    '      "   .     .        _
'Tai'^e' linotirr 'Instance, drawn from
North- Carolina. - The census hulietln
oii 1905 gives tlie mim'jer of male3 in
coifr.-n mi'ly:.' in North Carolina- us
81,231.    Tho labsr commission:r'-of
North. Carolinn report's, 44,222   oper-
afi es, which would ma'.:c 52,025 for
Iho tnl'ls in the some rnt'o,
So cers^s figures purpcrlini io
■give thc tot.l o* children employed
In southern cotton mills, ns for example, In. tho States bf North Car-
plina,, South _Cqrollnn, Ala'.ama and
Georgia,.show about 30,0C0 so employ At Cut thoHe who have Invest!-
gstod condlt'ons m the groiind and
who' hi'.e not t-.'o.i willing to take
tlm returns offered them by manufacture ;u who arc ln'er;stcd lu suppressing some of tho .truth, report that
the4 lowest pr.BHlble tstimiito, ,ex-
elui'Jnj-; "o.ery posnlblo fraction of
children it ho are qiie.UlonaMo at to
agb/'mn^cs tin immbf-r at 60,*
000, ' *
So It wcems thnt the censiia,' bud
as It Ihrt rtl'.la no It Is-'s totally
Inacciirntc   Anybody who hns   stud-
led the uue.tlon knovrs why It Is Inaccurate,    FoIhu   certlflciites.   whicli
nre uni'.ersil; thu liidiuu of children j
\\h.n the factory    insprctor comei;
lln relhince of    cowmb enumerators
upon reports of Intor^t.d purtlos- I
nil   tlies**   naturally acted   to ,lvo'
i nl: a fraction ot the terrible truth.
Tho fonsori'iitivo tostlmonv of man f
and women who have
i ivcutigiiiiun to thl< sub
tlKrc are today In thi th..n 2/00,000 clul
of whom moro tli n .V.O.OOO nro  em
lloye-d in (ai'torle*!, tnlm»R nnd oif(.^t
The he lit!) and lives of tliousiii Is'
of cluldicn are s.*nrltlccd yearly »o [
tin ^rcol of cnnsclenct'le-s empiov*- ■
(•rs.       , ;
Not on'y nrc waue.*i nnd Infn-ji
ntdiidanl.s f.,r i dul s reducsl by child '
Iftbor, but th« country In r^hbH of '
»• coming ,:tni*ratlon. i
It is robbed of, Its strong: men and
i-it'irty women
boys are,foyijteeiyyeai'S'old!' -No. boys
nn'1j8.Ws'c'ln.l?JB employed (or less than
S1'?.?..'*' "yeok, and;therQ; must be nn.'aii"
nuayncij-eas^o^iiot l^sa than!v75 cents a'
*ee^;l---.Atjtwenty thjey:m'ust be paid n't
leas,t_ 84.25 and at least J5
a we.-k. Xn.1b9,y£,i,£jr_s*and women
emplpyed" in ..factories. must ,-have* a
weekly .half _ Holiday, .and the six, full
national holidays without deduction in
wages.",   .
"WIRE. WOUNDS     '   ',
My mare, a very valuable one, was
badly-.bruised and cut by being caught
in a wire fence. Some of the wounds
would'not heal, although-1 tried many
different-medicines:' ' Dr?;.Bcil'advised*
diluted"■arfirsl, then s'trongel; as', the
sores,begajv to' look;better,- uiitil alter
three weells/jjie sores j.iave iiealed'and
best of all, the jiair is, growing^-eli, and
is.NO^ VVH^TE as'is most always the
case wouuds. ,,."""  ; "i - ' -
Weymouth- IV .  .. o ,"    .:,- ':, "1-
the teapot results will be unequalled
■*-       at your grocer's   ',   ,
,      Highest 0 Award St. Louis, 1904
-"   ••     -       -■       i     e.   ;J.°'i i, .1 l-i     . ., ' :■ ,   ,       ,
,     ^PEOPLE  WILL =. TALK-
.r   • ."'   i: -,     ,-'■>' '»'U    ' i -'>t*!'-' "-'■
ion may rgot through.the world, biit
'  .^'twill,be yerysjowV '    .     >; ;,j;"
If you listen to all thatis saia as you go;
With Special  Reference to  Mail Order "'Houses''vs.. Local
..." .,    "   ••.'-■•Merchants',,   -
'A'^ti oWl->T«r IHrv^tKivc.
,-7ii i •M~«^_n_ ,.„.:..''
■ate H%amrH4
k *m» Mt Wa, m aklwMs
fowl It to n(v to to.M-Mtaa lyjiinwlii a b, „«t —p.i».BiIM> -». w
"-4t#»«^l«t^>^,ari'1btfiAiilt^w«u4. ksimu**m*t^titt**m******
*********** mi****** imi mom*T9*n*,l*m m*sm m ttmt*u0t****iw»*U*U
NbrtM. - " .-Jcci.,*j sri,l  ti.joni-.jlfl iWtuoJi j'-iji
' t is****** if ti **wk**i Ow mitktiit mm,*to**»0**mo iu	
i.tUUttw. a    nitd-'rl »J<s lo ii. u    , ■  ,. .
» ' iWttPh^toto^^f^'^**^**** bM»ai1.,aa       _
* -r-«--L^r-.-a.^r.   ^ j -b - i—i r * -1fi Musi iBisiuiLur )tisiisrJ --
•vim Xut&i*±iiUi*^-ti*4rts»^<*nm*Osa ****»***. Jtjt.jfjw IM lH»»ni»t Wa
Far, ill ctaml L<bM»Mk**c pispkw 00* Umo wo* «mw (mm >i»>jn*t *o\*s* *»Vj
Far, ill patnl .<lilafwtl»4
'lowloi preporii*ait J''"
,.l nUMMtsM to
,1 elot Krttt*,
. maUog ipfrntUMHlr • t »H< i
•WIAN0 KA-fV T» Woks*
i -
,A,:pro.minent',inventor recently said: "There  was. a'timt  when, a ■",thing '
i.ha,t was,good would-sell itself.   Tim ess. ha v«'changed.-Now.o a good^ thing
,niust;,L-» pushed—and    I believe, that the'best-way to push a good thing is,~
to advertisei'.' .'    -i  ..lS,    •': -i,; ■_•     -\    i-   ,   t.':-. j- , -,-:    ;.; - ■ ?    -;
The/following > text -is; taken* from'alittle booklet'; "The Town-Crier," recently; distributed ' to the-hardware trade by-The Yale &.-Towne Mfg; Co.
of New York;'.b..- '  '.•  ..        ■•,- ..    °Y    -  " .*' V .■ "   •   ,'
' The   -TdwB-Crier'Vas a''highly  im- main for the" merchant of his
day-      - ,U,S-:;:  - :-i';:7       '.•'"
He i cla*gedk his -..bell tq,, arrest attention, j and thereupon the good   people
Crier   do'you   employ?;   ','There .,-.. are
many kinds      in . this' 20tri   C-entury-
"*■    1        .- *   l- , ■ IT* ".".,-(
newspapers,   display cards and  samp-,
•■'J '..-'        I ' '.-.' " "i   '   L-"    •     • .-„
Then/ T , too,    there', are _the  various
For' .■"meddlesome' tongues ..must 1 have
something, to do—fl *
And people will talk, .
If quiet and modest, you'll have it presumed     -     ,'■*'.'•
That jour humbio position is'bnlyao
,   sumed— P ,   '
You're a wolf In sheep'a clothing.'br else
-   you're a fool,
But, don't get,excited—keep perfectly
For people will talk.
And then, if you show tho least bol. ntss
of heart, -   ..-"'. .1
Or a elijfht inclination to takeyotu own
par'.- '  ,       ,, : i
Thoy will call you ini upstart,*.coiicelt< d
and vain,
explains- ,,..,,,,...
For people will talk,
po'.ed ' their heads put of the win- products of''the".printing! press7-that
doVfSi st0PP^ on the. sidewalk if they j reach" people at "their''* home's-^-tags and
wefe'a-foot; reined.Mn 'their horses if   labels Ijebring  your_namel-anil ''"•"»-
they w:re riding .or.: driving, and.lenl
an. attentive:ear. r.(. :-.,- .^   r  ' -- '.
Then the Crier was in his glory. ■
He rolled    but his listof lost children, animal."! and articles. "   ".
He gave checringnews of the. safe
arrival of the    last packet and "held
If threndbare, your drew, or old.faBh-
Ioned your hat,       ,..,
Someone wlli'suroiy take notice of that,
And, hint. rather~otronjr- you can't pay
your way.,   ■ '  '
But don't get excited, whntovor they
For people will talk..
"dress;      aa .-envelope .carrying    your
name and ^address; illustrated
lii-jues: ' leaflets^'-" liooklets;''
with a business-motive; leaflets, to be
enclosed In parcels'- nud with bills,
just a fiw words and a picture to
catch ,the eye.   ,       .
These"are, some  fow of the  nvodurn
CriersVi*S ' . ,
.Arid, like   the  old, Crier,   they' tell
a'.out yoii 'anil'your goods.
Do you make use of any or all   of
out, .-id your nqmc,', and' the wares i1.0?.1^ '?",'"    ' ,' !
! .7.1 7...'      ..•   >r».'... «■    "R vw.«« |   Take, .for^Mtaiice,. Uic ./groat * 'Mull
lank till the last, for the sake olem-
pliasls, the sales, of the day nnd 'ol
the morrow.;      '   '
If you dress In the fashion don't think-
to eticapo,
For they criticise then in a different
shape:   .
You're ahead of your moans, or your
tailor's unpaid,
But mind your own buninesu—tlioro's
naught to bo made— .,  v	
For people Will talk, .   |y?u. >Mf wew.exploited to the.' lis
m      .i   .    . . ten lug   folk—tnch o«7a possible rus-
Now, the best way to do Is to do as you tomer..
f ,   I
Hn Em Sietidaby
' i*    'i       'nrlt   f.'-.v '!-".
i, Mr ' Merch.,nt( hud. lived in I   «  '   ■ , ■  .,
Town^Crler tlmesV ;,l,ow   prot'd yo" I '^-•"^vbor tlmf your, rivals,, . Hav,
would have felt,,when his /sell. ,rnng '.l,lB,r' 'Lrkt^md lW «iro»t«I    fel
How sore you  would- have' been  If
But don't think to stop them-lt ain't I;'  /.
nnu nam  I l'""*« 1
any use—
For people wlll talk.
or lz?£% raMt,„„-l..i.<,H.i';i°lcfM ,ht r- ■» *"■.*- .,,
of abusei j   ',,,.'.    "  •;' ,.••■•„
'..lh.ed.iyo; of the    ,Town-Cricr   are'
•  ■   .      .- !.t- '
t   But^ooplc-istjllilivei'ln linu.sji;"wnlk
I to i,»d fro on the streotH, nnd ride up
nnd down ns of yore—iuiwaditys'cliiff-
ly on.street cars,
_« And human nature hasn't cliam-ed n
little hit; b
i   J« the ol.l times- It flockod to   the
suits of the Crier brought   to   llieir
attention, nml Ignored the places   he
failed to mchlrmi.
.'iiuijily w.mse ,tli-e Crier wns   the
Order Ilpuscs,,
♦ '
and   if you jio
same,  way you
your,   garden   the
will have   a   good
.showing. We have a good showing of
Gardeii  Tools,  Garden- Hose>
':;;.   Lawnj Mowers, Etc;^"" v:-";
n an v
$cn#n I)oprs[,r Screen Windows
■     .      ;.*«:...,:'ii '^''.l!7^^   '"  ;
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cil    n
Hardware and Furniture:
.".fl fl
■im   ri n'
I ►'••        ^V        "-lii   .'".'J—••  I 1 l|       |i I i       i     ij - ,i l>
Vieor, new Improved formula.
Then vour hnlr will rprrmfn gf
home, on your head, where,ft
belongs. An elceint dressing.
Keeps the scalp heilthy.
Pou mt thangt tht ctlor eflh* hair.
formula with **** kslll*
O     ihow it u r*ur "
l/V/O   '•■> ■!■ ttMBlli,
.V umiuhn,'
Are th.-y, ifettltiR Imoinm In town you oinjht to h.ive? lllidy they nre,.
Hi re Ih a letter to t-lui wdltor of the
Adrian (Jflch.) Press may make you
put <vn your tliiiikinji, cup.
'Ih h' miniuiKitli ■.•iit.ilojjuv*.'- h.ive
jl.ccii Issuwt nntl ilisliil'iited, nml n brings on*) or all of -th"in '-
lioinp.iHl,, I Ivive cat<ilo>{Ue's licm i
i-.-vi'i-iil h.just-s, mul they nr.* nil nlr.nj ;
a* out the sarin* linM ,ilj |>iv,n_r «»•'.
surniioe of n sjU.irc, of (jo-wl ■
i o d» and f-tlr pricts. 'I'll »*. ■
ivith i-onivnljnci- ,iiid curiosity, arc ''
ImjKjrt.itit factor* in placing' v.rdurs'
wiMi CiU'aIo_;iit; huiip.   ^ j
Mr. lSditoi, wore I t'o xluorlte on I
present conditions, I should say that '
(the times do n'»t  look propitious for!
; the loenl merchant.   He fails, .md has
IS WHAT .I'EpPLE SAY ABOUT OUR  ■       l"    '
Meats, Eaus, Putter,
.    Poultry and i risirt
: Why not trj- urnnii bevonviheed tlmt wlA'l ll'ioy say Is'tho trutl/lr'
Our prices nro llie inoit'rcas'onitble in Fernie. Phone No 4 or
call at lhe shop on- Victoria avenue     .. „,, ( /
1 4.
Dominion Meat Co. Ltd;
Phone No. 4, Victoria Avenue
.       , -——-■■■.... in,   .     1     .J, ...a^HL-q       j .-.V    I.JV.U     1114.14,11,4111.       IIC   I'.lllS,     .IHO   Hat
only known form of advertising then I failed, to pi In touch wlUi tlie jv».!
m* . ^ ,-,—rT,  ni." , I»Ic, to give  them stifllcimi and  defi- '
Zuifi?!YAlt%^ °Be W" **   C^!-'l"ile '"'-mntlon relative to t ^
j eitde From eur ne**- improved fermuls. I   »'    , (J    . i,ncM'  Me *9t v"''"n« from the mall i
' i'-^W.-?!*-!!.^?-*. ™r »°e balr ana I h , lou enn}A Mk   Wm qaeillont ord.-r    hoiis.s, Imt   often
not   even
The children   «e rohW ol   thrtr! £.1.^^ Wm q«eiUon» ord.-r    hoiis.s, Imt   .>ften   not
childhood c.d nre old Wore   ioly^l:  %l^ to word, from   loc... mer,h.„M„    w„ ;
Maeh fhHr rrxnfoHtf. I «—»«<«**,*»*,0. i,„o\,. r^,..'   "^t_ '   »l * family p.ipew, our rtrUte\rt.t\ totircn of'
Wlint sort of «   modet»i/.«l   Tomi- town Informatl"n." i
We   have removed  our  splendid stock of
Drugs,    Stationery,    Etc, . to   the   stand
Next to
Tlio Rank of Hamilton, wlioro wc wlll ns naunl bo
pienscd to, meet you.   Komember—next to
Bank of Hamilton
Tho Palace Drug Store
*y^,   n
-   H
Advertise  in   The Fernie Ledger        i
J„ . -. I ,-fc..
.'li'i* <i\
I ll    '■
•FERNIE' LEDGER,; FERNIE, B. C, JULY 27;   1907*;
-4-*""   „«<*<-;•".•
..^  (.j..-,. .;J,-**j.
?r* i*
: s ,< \.'..Tf,ii "1
• *» •!'->*-:->,'"
,\\ -*( "
* "'"        -     l-     '" (t * * ' '~ ' ( 7 ^ V" "ft 1 '' *" '        vf i-.. -,
tb^ man who does not
*>-     (i-
"\,7<"s,-. -j*^' cf-4'i-,. o"7_^   ,-7i"*^*i^-yi*,'fr' l£.* •*■■■**$*;■*■!■,' "&
*«    <u    ,>-?
!    ^-'".''^"«*W";""- .!■ '\«v;i*i-;,,!"};' *"•*•■* ^r>r"^" •■ •S'.-:* 'vV^^-'.-V'1'"' -:- §i ::^:-y;
•' "-■ f'HBHBi^HV-flHi "*■■* ■".' ^'-77'-
J' 1 -   • 4^s*Wsmm^sW^sW--Wk\U-:-.' ■     *7
1 ('    « I.' !<-t
„,*.     J-?
«!    >      fe,
.*3 .
. 7
-  --      , oi' - -    -  1 - .       "    ^
4 V * bs
' -    '. 7 """- ,'"*-■."*?"*', ""•
,. 1 - j.
■. i1
A-. -
f.v   -   ^i->% i  '.   '    »- j :••    ' ?'    " 7*
I 4"' -I--3£ tf7":??^* 7-*M'7f t'4
«*? •; "»i,,
... -i <«., >■
* C"   -' l . <S        4 *. '
, V-'
-"i,   '  w
is the link ti
*.',\      I*,  . '       '   ■; •vi'fT A     ^    f ,       '' *      '  J   , V(V   ^ '»    *
tive CBJStOSaie
from advertising in this   paper   are  legion  and while this
may sound like laying it on, we can prove
riregs tlie advertiser and prospec-
i". •   '" ,7"*'   §-       '*■ "  •   •**!■ ..*'"      -7   ■'   "      ' ""**- ''■   "•'"'"' '•       • t - <''".,    •,     '   *'      '"■  ' - -,'   '"''V*    ' '.     . >. °   ', -     '  '"-7    J "' ,   "
jMElei^ii^ ';ev@iityallv make a sale
*i . +
vantages Derived
* HUH .-*-",!
  ■- . .       .   ^0*W.'. ...... - ■>  ,-ft'i    .  .. , ,   ,',',"
the Jargest circulation in the Crows Nest Pass.
Goes into more homes in Fernie than any other paper.
And is the paper that most people read,
,-' fii'1
u* i< •Wf^"    1   1  **** (Ji;i«f "1   W* *   '
tl^*-_£*•<>     •***
Eight   Pages   and   all   Home   Print.
n. fl m^jsyjs*
■_. 0*mmsfam**m*mW00*M
MH ▼ MNHnnBiHI VI -    ■■■
is complete in every detail.    Bring alono; your next order.   Stationery
is from highest quality of Stock.   Have a Look.
, . • •   .   .r. ft.
a £m*t~~**twsr'■****' -y*'**   ww-;w^ ^r-y "»-vw --»**ir'->-»tur  •ww''*w*V"wo*ir'-w»''v<^i<^ w
fa .^^.   *i     «jf» *&*     7 w     *   «->•    1.   *-> '*»'   ;     *fa»   ;     *s»     ,   *<*'    ,     *-»*   .     «.»      „*-'L^4.i'^wJL.WwiLrf'*ww*J^*'JW*'Wu*wy'*MW^
* i. „
7. j " - , . ,
»"„ *'
■"ti •>
1 *,
. -0        -sti
wW*««MwM,MB«W,- ^4tt4^,W»8IUW,"*WS#W$'^^
biW||»||IW^*yj^4-;^W "*"*""     -•■--''.■'■^Ma^^"^1^*^^';''^-*^ ""'
■|i  -»  ^lAiJ.pfl >i
», 1! ,'    I*
a*- *■   "p--,     .      -**■ *■" serf*. -       y,
The" Fernie Ledger
$2 a Year in Advance
ti ,    . .» -
lined rvery. Saturday  frcm  the Office of
Publication. Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,,   -
. Fernie, British Columbia.   *
All changes of ads. must be in rs follows:—
Page.-. 2 and J, 2 p. m. Tuesday ; pages » and 4, j
tju. in  Thursday, and page ti, 2 p. m   Friday.
\Ve will Le unalile to injure change unless
this rule in complied with,
"Legal "advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Bates for contract advertising on application at office of publication, Todd Block. -
D. V. MOTT -,, :--.    - . EDITOR
SATUHDAY,  JULY 27, 1907
Heal estate in Edmonton must have
been great bis.-'   Jnst  now  a slunk
exists and moat of the sharks are taking
.« rest.   The city has stopped all work
on its new street railway and other
improvements for want of monev thev
say, and just at present there are a large
numbers out of work in different trades,
and Kdmonton is apliicc. for the wage
earner to steer'clem- of for awhile.
The mines in this "vinicity produce
lijrnite coal of rather a poor quality. At
present the  principal   uiaikut  is  the
Canadian Northern," Kail way  and llie
city of Edmonton.   Mining so far has
been carried on in a primitive fashion
along tin*, hanks of the Sibkatchewan
'j river.    Jl    *,. , - ■     'i        n ■       '.-,''.-,„
"I    At Marin vii'c the coal is being mined I    Ev-**'"y mother of small children knows
J from shafts,'althouiih the deepest shaft j how  l*itiil are the   summer; months.
, The firat mayor ol Fernie was elected
on a "platform of his own making which
declared him- to favor municipal
ownership of water, light and telephone
plants; hut he repudiated* the whole
job lot bf election promises and put the
city to an expense of nearly $3,000 to
prevent.the carrying out of ore of
these projects. -.Yet he would speak of
those Italians as "hoboes". , The
Italians can stand it.
Thousands ol" Little Ones Die During
the Summer Months.-'" -
A, larger surplus than has been is
announced for the fiscal, year ending
- June 30 by, the British Columbia
government. Even its friends of the
opposition acknowledge, if they are fair
that the government has been conduct'
ed on a business-like basis i-ince Premier
McBride took' the =reins.—Phoenix
Pioneer.-      _>• ••
The Ledger does hot wish to quarrel
* with the Pioneer, or the government.
The Pioneer is endeavoring to praise
but the Ledger wishes to remind its
' worthy contemporary that a surplus that
is larger than ever and which is made
up of cash received from the alienation
of timber.lands at more than the yearly
ground rent "charged for them is not
,   an indication of a business administration bnt the reverse.   The timber lands
of B*.i*i**li  Columbia are fast slipping
from the hands of the province into the
"hand.-, of private individual.-, who.are
.  paying large sums for them but these
, large sunis do not go into the provincial
treasury.   The system of disposing of
the timber lands of this province is the
worst possible system, that could have
been adopted.   The province disposes
of them, not to the highest bidder but
to  the ' man who stakes them and it
charges him. a ground  rentof such
,   proportions as to make it impossible tn
hold them for future use. ..The staker
* must" dispose of the lands because he
cannot hold and operate them.   Thc
—i-man-who-buyB'them off-the staker-pays
a big price to him for what he has done
and then having paid this big price and
having to pay an excessively high
ground rent, the new owner proceeds to
take off his timber as rapidly as possible
" , and 'vitliout any regard whatever to
rcni'v ing tho timber or protcctiuj- 'the
• younger growth.   His high ground rent
.,   compels him to realize as rapidly as
possible. Every square mile he de
yiwUeij lie throws up as" useless to
■ him nnd stops that ground rent. The
I'.esu.i of, such ;i pnlicyis to get into the
proyiii'-iaMnmsiu'cr a' gronlor surplus
than ever hut nt the "expense of an
asset which should ho protected rather
tlinn destroyed
- .Undor what tho Pioneer Is pleased to
call n .'iisincBB administration the timber regulations have been so arranged
so far is but 30 feet from the surface to i Dysentry' diarrhoea, diolera infantum
the coal." The. seam varies from 10 to land stomach troubles are alarmingly
14 feet in_ thick lines', and ii fairly i'lean,l*frequclU ilt ,_,;__ i;mc- and loo ofie'ii a
In places the coal is but 8.feet from the
surface, and when a place caves it
leaves a hole on the surface. It appears
that when the coal is taken out the
land will be completely ruined.
The output of the mine™ at Marinville
at present is about 100 tons per shift ol
8 hours There are no miners' cottages
and very few shacks; some are living in'
tents this summer.   ,        "        = . supposed to le a boaiding
house to accom uodatc 100 men. I have
been in logging camps and construction
camps among Japs and Chinks, but the
bunkliouse at Morinville minCB takes
the cake acd ia a standing disgrace to
the company owning the mine1'. Miners
and other workmen can never he con
tent in such surrounding;*, and we will
kick and .igitate until i proper_:remedy
is applied ,   '     » , . *' - -.
Quite a number.of old minors from
along the Crow, were met with . Most
of,them have taken up homesteads in
Northern Alberta, and - appear, to. be
satihiied with the country..
We,held a meeting at the mines
which arc situated 4 miles from Marin,
ville village, at which all the men
attended a'.id signed the rill, and we
organized the lirst Local Union in
Northern Alberta * with* 110 members
We got the management to concede the
agreement will be made with the mining
company. Efforts will be made to com*
plete the organization in this northern
Held, and other Unions will he, established at other'points near-Kdmonton '
District No. 18 has now 17 Local "Unions
and is'still fnrginp ahead in spite of
preachers and false prophets.
Yours, etc., , |
A   CUAL   DI-oOK'lL!
precious little life is lost after, only,'a
few hours illness. The mother who
keeps Baby's Own Tablets in the house
feels safe. The occasional use of, Baby \s
Own,. Tablets prevents stomach' and
bowel troubles, or if the trouble comes
I-       ° '       - r ' '    .        --
unawares, the Tablets will, bring the
little one through safely. Mrs. Geo.
Robb, Aubrey,' Que.; says:—"! have
used Baby's Own Tablets for stomach
and bowel troubles with the best results.
I feel quite safe when I have the Tablets
in the house." , Sold by-medicinu dealers or by niail at 25c a. box from The
Dr. Williams .Medicine Co.,Brockville,
Ont.       ".* r     ,
SEALED TENDERS nddre^ed to Ihe nnder-
. signed, and endorsed -'Tender for.P.ulilio
Building, Cumberland, B.C.," will be received
at this office until'Monday, August 19, M07,
inclusively, for the construction of a Public
Building,'Cumberland. B.C.
Plans and specification can' be seen and
forms of tender obtained at this De[>arinient
and on application to the Postmaster at Cum-,
berland.    - , ,   *. ,-, -.     •'
Persons tendering are notified_that tender...
will not be considered nnleWmnde on-the
printed form .supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures, " '       "
Each tender must be an
accepted cheque on a chartered bank, made
payable to the_qrder of the Honourablalthe.
'Minister, of Public "Works, equal "to "ten-per
cent (10 x>."..) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the party tendering
declii.e to enter i.ito a contract when called
upon to do so, or if he fail to complete the
"work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted the cheque will be returned.-    < ,
The Department does not, bind itself to accept the lowc-it or nny tendor, ,->
, .      By Order,
,      '     ■ FIUCl"), GFX1NAS,   .
•   ' Secretary.
DoiMUtincn't of J'nblio Works,   ,
-    Ottawa, July 10, i(t07.
Newspapers inserting this ndvertiipnient
without authority fi-mn tlio-Dilnirtniont will
not bo pai'l for it.
'■ as to destroy ovory incentive to protect
and renew this great ussutt as it is
taken from the land. High ground
rents make largo present surplusuos,
but they also compel tho man wlio pays
them to cut awSy his timbor as rapidly
as possible without giving him any
biisis UDon which to depend in reforesting, or so cutting hla timbur ne to pro-
icrve tne young growth. If thn
government had adopted <* tho0 most
excellent system in use In Ontario,
placing thu ground rent at a mere
nominal ligiiro nml securing Its revenue
Hnrplmi from bontiNcs which have gone
Initend Into the pockets, of private
individual!), tlie provincial surplus
would have been much larger than it Is
today and thoso parties owning (he
timber would have nn incentive to pro.
nerve rather than destroy their limits
ns they nro now compelled lo do to
■top high ground rents A largo
mn'pluB In tho provincial treasury major may not mean that It Ims been placed
thoro hy good buolnoBi inotliodi. A
system which oncourago tliu destruction of tho beat atmott tho provinco lint-
without any provision for tho ronowal
of that assot can hardly ho called a
good binlnoss'Hyfltoiii.DHpoclally whon
thoio who are', onlflisted with the
transaction of tlmt iIuhIiioin havo had
before tlicm tlio tyttr-ui of Ontario
-which is the Jox/ict* 'hivernal of tlmt
business system Wlf'd by ourWlhy'' '
FATHER,    MOTI1I-R,    &   CHILI*)
"'All Curod- by Ziiiii-.BuU.
" is iho best lunisohold balm
ever brought into a home." Such is
the opinion of Mrs. Sarah McDonald,'
of Birr (Out.).' She says: ''My little
girl had a severe and obstinate rush on
her shin. I applied Ziim-I*tiik a few
times and the skin trouble, which had
dolled all other remedies, went away
like magic. Soon afterwards my mother
burned her finger, Znm flub was np-
plied, and immediately eased the pain.
My father got scratched with barbed
wire, Xam-Biik closed the wound,
prevented blood poison, and healed the
injury in quick time, I consider that
for skin diseases and inquiries Zitm-Biik
ib really wonderful.'' ■ ,
For eczema, abscesses, summer skin
troubles, insect slings, sore feet, chafed
places, cms, burns, bruises, clc, Zam-
Ruk is n sure cure. Also for piles. 50
cents per box, all stores and medicine
vendors, or Zani-Huk Co,, Toronto,
■«|np«pMMMHWP I   1       J    I TO
I , ,    ,
Anylliln/f In the above llnaylono-Ht
' i        rfAKOiinbh) rntt'i
Tonts, Awnlnns, and all
onnvos -floods mndo to
A. T. Milne. Gcnimel Streotyl^iim^,,,--^^
or at Trites-Wootl &-Co.
Conl.—ConllniuN muy bo puroluuod at fw
per 111110 for coft i-niil und i-ai' for luitliniuite.
Not nioro tlmn !I20 110:0s can hfl nciiulicd liy
onn individual Or company, Iloyiilty nt tho
rnluiirtoncoiiUnortonol :',0«) iiouml', shall
ho collected on tlm Brossoutjint.
KQuurtx—A I roe minor's cortlllcuto Ih -rniiitud
upon piiyniont in iiilvuiico of tli per iinnrm for
1111 imiivlilniil, mid from m to UOOrer nnnvm
I'or 11 uompnny uct'onlin(f to cupitiu,
A frou minor, having riliioovorpd mhioral In
placo, may locate- n olivim 1..100 x l,Mo foot. •
Tlm foe for rocordliiff 11 claim Ih ii").
At luiut jlOO must bo oxpomlod on tlio
oiicliyenror paid to the iniiiinu rocordnr In
llou theroof, Whou ttVJU luiu noon oxpondod or
paid, llie locator mnyjnpon hayinu a survey
mndo, and upon complyint- wltli otlior ro-
ipilroiiicntii,purclin(o tlie Inmiatfl nn acre:
Thu patout provided, for tho paymont of a
royalty of DJpur cent on tlio hiiIoh.
I'r.AtKn minhitf nliilmn ifonornlly nro 101 foot
nqnnrei entry loo tfi ronowubloyourly,,     ,. -. .
A freo minor may obtain two loase1) to
ilredizc fur aoldof llvo mlleacnoh for 11 torm nf
twenty yenrn, ronewnlile at tlio dhtoretlnil of
lio MlniHtur uf tlio Tntorlor,    '   -
Tlio Iohkoo ulinll Iiavoiulroil«c Iii onorntlon
within one'iiijftHon from the date of the Iuhnii
for each live n*.ilq«, Kent til «ini>or annum for
iiiinli mile or river lennod, Itoynlty at tlio
rate or VJ per ncnt oolloetod on tlit nut-put nf.
ter It. iixcociU tw,o00.
W. W. Coiikv,
Dupjty Mlnlntui* or tlio Interior,
N, 11,-Unuutlioi-lKCil imblluiitlon or lliU nd
vci'tUcment will not bo pnlil for,
Offices: Office, 6.       Stable 241
y, *         ■                                                                                '
'■'''.'-■   .'.■'   ' ':■''.
~-                              -.         *         ,  "
•*-''.-'     ■'..-.      ','»  '        •   , ,'""        ' v- '"
\ i\J E   are   * now-'* i n-
* V V   ,.   stalled   in   our
new barn, opposite the
old-' place,; and ",haye;'_;a.
complete;V. new. outfit'.7-
which iff always at",your-,
service 'for. livery,; cart^-j
age or baggage; * We'";
still have the office "up .
town where orders may..
be  left. .     *      .;"•,■
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams^
;   Silks, K-lusliris, Prints.   \
Jtadies'^Tailor Made Coats & Skifts ^
Ladies':8hirt Waists in Silk, Lac^;
'^;1'^£^?Mtislin,''Lawn,retc. '-. ; ''VZ
Headiquarters „ for • Trunks,
^7    Gases and Valises.
\;Q,'CA'RD ;
Express and Baggage Transfer
Drayiiigof nil kinlls   Aox\>i
Telephone 57 or call  a
Ofl'icC'i   Northern Hotel, Fernie, U. C.
i'i. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
.-4. .    ,     -, 1
Pl'-M, Specification* and Eali-
HiatM furniibtd om•-application.
: PltBtr of GOOD DRV MJM.
Arinltict    aii SapcriaUtstnt
,Off«M at laal'laMt,
DAKICR ST."- '       FBRNI8; B," C.
frlnml, tlm rioimiir,
Nj/ik— I his jm|iM'\vill not Im ri'Upnii.
;lWi' lyl'lbl; I'Jui'.n,*'' <,i/'l(;.i(i(,e*A|i,«iviti|
liy cfirroRponilnnl*-,
IMinmiinii, Attn,,
July 17, 1IMJ7,
by loenl ii|iplloiill«>ii«, n« tln>> eun-
nr>1 rnniili llm illnnn«nil portion of
tlm nnr. Thoro U only ono wny to
uurn ilmifiujMi', ami tluu in (>> 1:011-
■ntltntloiliil ri-'ini'illiiH, lli-iifiinnw Ih
j cntiRPd by nn Inllnmrd condition of
'tho miiouofl lining of tin; ui«trioh!an \
Whon thi*
TAKK not Ico Unit tliu Mot
1   Co'.ofKIUrnmitliJ-n.'*"
lint- iMiiiiiifiiriiirfirK, intjkii'
uniii'liil taiiliir lli'Diui' lo c,
llinlmrfrmn tliu fnUdwtnff
-wwL., ,
u**i.»iiiTifuwroi»ii-i 1 ,....,
iiiimi nr li»>w td Klk Hlvcr, (Iipiico rollnwlnv'
llm lmnl( ul I'.lk lliviir in unit 1'ilv ilii'i'i'iliH) l.
'I'luiiim nioro nr i<i«» lofliu nnrlli \wmt iiiirnor 1
11IT I. (117.1.1 liniH'ii t.nnth 4iii'linlnn nuir* nr lj"<n,'
' tliiM'."C'('ii'.t <'i(*linl".. t!ii,.|i'.|'i'-i>'ii,li 11 i*li;iln-.'
1 tlllilli'l) Wimt M i'llillli»4)i |n')Till.'iil l*i,i!ui,(J'i.i i."
men I. ' 1
.MO'l'r.lldl'l.'J'uS IfVMIIKHl'u.,
, .r.'iVi U  H. I'"- '''ii
llllll..' til'.  ITMl il>l" n'.llM'f.    1"l"f       ■'*
mso-mm-.* * •* 'v*w «
'lo Consumptives
-The uiidoralKiKxl luivlng been ra-
Viiitni-1 <ui '"'•tnlio..  Whon thi*    tnho Ih Inflnrnml -rfiornd to Imnlth by Blinplo* morinii,
j.uiioi MKiKar, ' j-oiriarj a ruteWI-Jfi msk-J or   I;::    *;;•*■•   M(f«iibti    tot   Wi-ak*; >*ai»
H-ye Hint returned Irom oiirfartlicet, porfP(jt h«»rlii«f, txxxi when It In en- -with a m*v«re luntc ftfloctlon, nnd
nortiicoilcAmp.wheieUieyminellutilto.itirriy olwnd, denfneki U th« result, that irrniil AUxxxtitn CONBUMl»TION,
coal and ffrow ifood hay and (mosqiilt-, and uiiIohh tho Inflammntlon enn bo;ja nnxloua to mnko known to h|
<xi), Marlnvllln |« an old Fr-mich- takon out and thin tulto roitorcd to follow aurfurora tho meant of euro
Canadian BrltUment and tlie HlefipleU U« noriunl condition, hearlmt Will do To thonn who doalro It, he wlll
village I have ever atruck In my travels j doatroypd forovor \ nine emeu out of oheerfully aond (free of ohargo) n
(n thc CaniuHun w«t. Tbe country Ih ten are
<!xci)iidlnuly fertile; all around, an'far nothing
jw tin: cvi'.cuuri'Hcli.MVttneUUolgrain   °r 'tho mucuoa aurl'noca. . TION, A&TIIUA, CATAUUII, JIUON
liay in<«dowa and poplar ffrovca    \||     Wh w,•, ff,vo 0,,a iiunirea DoIIbiw CIUTJS and nil throat   nnd    lung
iti* toimiTH appear well to do and look 'or any ewe of d-wifoew (eanaed by'MALAWBft.  He hopoa all •■ifipr.-Tfi
catarrh) thnt cannot ho eured   by wlll try thla Uompdy, aa It lu Invnlu.
Hnll'a Cntnrrh Cure, BenA for clr- able,    Thoae dealrlng thn proncrip-
eulara, free. tion, which will   cent thn nothing,
f. A, CIIKNKV k CO,, Toledo,   0, and may    prove  a   bliwlng,    irlll
Taku Hnll'a, Family Villa for ron-iplenae nddi-paa
'' • • Drooklyn, N
oO Good Woo^s'v'
in on wanted by
■JMio Klk Lumber
Co, Apply at tlio
Office or at Hoy-
The Elh Lumber Co., Ltd.
'     /.-WHOLESALE
-A.3STID   RETAIL        .    , „,   ■ '
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork; Mutton, Veal an-d Lamb on
•hand. Hams,, Bacon, Lard, Butter and' Eggs.   "     ' ...     . .'- ■
. Fresh, Smoked nnd Salted Fish; always.a
good assortment.   Try our Mince Meat,
., S.iurkraut and Oysters.    ,  ,
a-7 u -n
Home-Plade Candy
. I Jim now .prepared to supply you with home-
made! Candy, and guarantee satisfaction. Drop
in and we'll show you how its done.
TOni Beck
Too much Vitock compols us to innko n -'o por cont reduction on prlooB-
(lurliiK tlio month ol July.  „ ■
.Shoos tlmt orlulimlly boM for .fft.CX) arc now Boiling
(<)|   p 1 1 , 1)1*1     iHIIHIIIHMMt   I   1   «   I   t   I   IMIIIIH   I   I
4iic   uuU   hu'tilllK „.
! mijoos that orlirlnully sol<1l tor
f I tJ| t« mi It*       Hill* II       <
$3.00 nro now HolHnK
tr%| or 1
'-*4Arki>*'a'^tt *Vr
fCrntC  8, CI'Q/Im<! •vlsctFonscr. Traalis. -S;j!: Casca ami Travelling Ibj*;.
apply on overythlnff except rcimlrlnj? and Shoes tnado to ordor,   No |?ood»
11 chnr-ffed.  Cotno curly while wo lmve your size.
fat, wnll ami finppy-f noliorly appoarH to
\t* in a hurry or tn rr»-t about thc fiituro.
Thf crO|»» looli fine, n\thtixtnh aomewliat
!«<•*!, fhe scarou ao fnv hultv-i mvA, ami
juft at lime of writing thi* rain ia pour-, ttlpatlon,
ln« ilown in Kilinnnlon. I   Hold ),y «)riirirl«ta, 78e
J Cigars, Tobacco,
^-S-XT-XS" Sr'..'''."Xwn0Unsi Cio-arftttes & Pines IiSiSl*me lnu'*"'' »«•.•"•-'*.«»" «e nn
but nn   lntlnm',1 eondlllan thajr vllMlnd > oure for CONStlMP. UlgdlOllOa   Ut   I IJJOO|   •renow 1BU.W
X^islSffl'W. R. McDougall,
in our Hno that Is nt   - O      '
Thoro I
The Shoemaker
W, A. 1M1KAM, Ytuxv.
V. PHONK.fll,    -     -    Vrsmw, B. C.I
Phone 10 for Printing '-•"■ «-.
^RmE^JBPGER; FERNIE;: B. C, JULY 27, ^907
'  -\ft
Feriue's"  $
. -'-   Mrs*- E. Toiid has a few 25c. Cushion
-  girdles left. .\ .     *   '   ; *_*  '
Don't foigieit the   date   of
.'civic celel'iat'on", August -5.",
A* full stock of children'.- wliitt dreases j s\i,
'   aiul white uiulerivu.u-at .Mraii E. Todd's 155
J "    • ,.        .  ,    "  - .     i -gift
Have you made that entry in.someJ.iJV-..   *;<.
of the events,on Civic Holiday? ! <£'   ==:=:-
" "    ""'     .   ■■ ,-*■'.    W
Just a few 25l\ sun' hats left
at Mrs" lv Todd's.-' '     ■' *'   '
The Artistic Millinery Emporium
Victoria Ave.'
Mrs. Waggett's Second Years ^Clearance Sale
bf Summer Season's stock
Fernie," B. C.
Are' you 'preparing to win some
,„ §1,500 on thtji 6th, of August?        |
*" .        '        '• "   -  J   "   , - I
Head the .posters    and  programmer j
for, the Civic Holiday  sports,  Aug. 5.. j^j§
Tho Varsity liat is the leader and can
he fiutvhased from Mrs. E Todd.s in up
to* date style., 7 . -  -"■
Read Tom-Bec'-'s new ad.    Ht   is  ™-
preparing to \6tufl you with   good'«!Sft
Just arrived a'beautiful assortment1
of flowers for'■ midsummer at -Mrs. E.
- Todd's. 7   .''''.. '•■■■''
T? ■"■sike »™>™.for «>" Fall and Winter season's display/the ladies
.  ■ of rerme and districts, again have the opportunity to purchase
at prices far below present values, from fresh >and 'up-to-date «tock'
1 his opportunity ofi'ers only once a vear.
TlieSale at'Reduced prices will commence     ,*<>'"
Saturday, Jiily 20 and continue until
Saturday, August 17
Want of,show space compels the sacrifice.   '"' ,        .,
Ladies will realize that Ready-to-Wear and Trimmed Hats are reduced fortius sale, to less than cost..     -     .. ■ ,
*-*   Children's Silk.and Washing Bonne's, Kid,' Leather and Cloth Caps'-
o,   c.S-      !■*■ "]anu,'«ct1l,rei2 toda.vs prices.    Ladies Whitewear,   Blouses
■$**$   Sk.rts,.Collars, Belts, Snmmer Vests.-latest patterns-choice mater-
Whiitewe r, ; Underskirti,' Hosiery,
Cow.ts arid Hose Supporters at half
-price"— Mrs., Wag;eL's on Saturday.
■' Yon can always sret'the latest Pillow
tops and always* the largest stock to-
select from iii l-'eriiie'at Mrs. E. Todd's.
, Bills are out an:.ou icing a boxing
contes; to take place here, during the"i *£*,
M y1"*™'8 **""?•? nd Washing Bonne's, Kid,' Leather and Cloth Caps,-
± c.S-      !■*■ "]anu,'«ct1l,rers toda.v** Prices.    Ladies Whitewear,   Blouses
■SK, Sk.rts,.Collars, Belts, Snmmer Vests.-latest patterns-choice ma
^ lal—bought before the great rise in prices—below.old cost prices."   ,
A> A few Underskirts, remnants of.Ribbon, Silks; Chiffon and all-over
$ t Mcleat Sf*A reductions, although there has been an  enormous rise
■»•; in the producers markets.     "   .       '*'..".,
**"   Q> jrens'.Hose; Haf Pins, Blouse Sets, powers; Feathers;   Plumes,
Ladies Gloves—nil ai clearing out'prices.!-,     '-- ,
ft - Please note-Prices al this- Sale are absolutelv ior Cash;    No booking
su. at sale prices,    .-,...• ■•,.." 6
WC-- ■ - - -   '
pa , .      ,
'£    '      :: 7   -1-' T.-W. Block,-Fkknie, b>C.
%  P.   Eckstein
'    " '        Y»        ' ""'"'' '   '       '     ' ■ .-
Barristkr-at-Law, Solicitor „ '
Rooms 1 lis, Henderson block. Fernie, B.C.
Latoe & Fisher
Trading   Co.    Block;
IJ., C.
Kt*E8,K.c.o J. S.T. Alexander
Ross & Alexander
,"•   . •       .FERNIE, B. C.
OIHce In L-fT. W. Blook, Victorli Avenue,
,'-  -.The;-;-'- ."    .}
Elk   Lumber Co,
, .  ". Limited
flanufacturers of
4*   *|*
Ci ic Holiday celebration, between j«^^^»^^'^^^«^
James Bu r ws  and Barney' Mullen.
On ..Thursdaiy evening Mr. Fred'I
Wayle t and Mis« Jcnniy1 McDonild ' Deer River, Minn.', Juno 15, 1907.'-
were unitel in"marna.e at the r« i :Eiler's show coinpauy placed'here last
dence of Mr. Charles Weyhtt by Rev. -.Monday niffht piTsciiting'their live act
Mi. Grant. ■-.,   *     ,, .       ■   ,   - drama "The, Kiiijr of the Cattle Rih/?,"
iii a very creditable manner. Tlie com
panv is but lately, from'the "southwest,
where this plot of the play is laid, and
• Mr. J. EwI.ig,.one of our respected
citizens,   Is.   preparing  to.ta^re    hie
• family' to Nahaimo to. live in   lot-\nn„B,'atB-n, B-     ,,.<>■    -    , -    .'
xre.   Mr. and Mrs: Bwing have':nade f £? IlltZ*        ? ^l?™0'
many friends\ in Fernie   who - will '^l, "^, "f        '" "'"' OIC,,estra-
mis; them) b^u   they will wi^h. tSt/W l?6rl,1,T ^f^ b«d
f de artin^- ' fri6nH«, V' i,7„„; • V     :TMond!|y niffht.-R-ffonil attendance was
dc,arting   ..friends    a  happy    home j h,d am, ag|de from thfi {m t]iat t^,
whe e\'i;r.they;go.,;
~T7\ir~0rment. mallager^racrTirdian
Head opera house,'.sitva- Ko" company
that has ever played iii re-
■'ceivud so many encores or so-much
U.>|jlau6«-as tho ""Pride cf New York
Co.,1' which will 'nflpcar at 'the opi-rn
hoiiBii on-Mpnday July 29th.7' •     j
Mrs. U: Ben'lay is again . iri the'
e'ty visiting old friends aft-r an a".*- j
s:nce ot s ver..l ye rsf *L»t ice,' l,cr !
' aatiRht'sf, .is with'her'; and, they are '-
quests   of'Mr, mid jMisi Al.xn*.ler. '.
■ Mr.. Bern ley ;'s enga%ed]in t;:.o h.r.l-.
ware h'u&'ness-at Djysland,  Al".ert,'.,
__, whore ■ the family now makes t'-ieir '
'homo. .   , '. " '
noise of the.rain heating'1 on" the'canvas
"prevenfe"d*^TrIe_fmnT7lie^ri7^T^ the
best advantag-e, everyone expresses
themselves as very much pleased with
the 6libw'.'
'Miss M. Phillips "wits in town "yester-
d iy.'_     *',..,'"
Mr. Weaver, of Victoria, was in town
Sunday,' ' ', •      ■ , .-
Mr. \V. Thorpe spent-the wool; eii'tl
in .WifiluiM1.' -
Mr. ,1, Af-'iuiw, nf Wiililo, wiis in tn«;ii
mi Wcdiiusdav.' , I-   -
, "=.Mr.'.l. L. McDoimhl and family .spent
:.Sunday In Kiko.
j    Mr. liowtkm, of'Vancouver, wns in
j Elko (lui'Ing the week
Mr, A. C. Woods spent Tuesday nnd
Wednesday InForiiln.
H. A. Wil ins:n, "ri.'.ht'-of-w.iy. aiid
tax coininis loner-i for the ilivat
Kor.hern ralirond; Mr. An:U-rsoa, of
the    righL-of'wny    nt.'fl," ,and ' *Mr7"<,!"",u,",«
C'ui ley, one. if tho coh'r^ctors wLo,]'  Mr. J. W. Heniiott, ofjievolstok'e,
"will   Le   ontaged    on    constriiofton I win in town Wo'dnoHday.
,.wor-c bttweon: Iiew and Michel,, »„» 7 Ml.; Fr0(1 Hoo Jr   of Ko08vill
in t.wn eatly in  the week-on lusl- | |n ElkoTues.lny.
ucss couuectel with the organisation '
of the wor Ing-forces   on   the   tho
lino. - j   .
Mi 3.   ,1.    \\,   Wnll co     w.18    'At I    Tho pinning- mill  liim been  cloned
H.nw" Lhc lirst, tlmt' bn Wedno-day l,lown two ,ln'V« tllifl w«ek',
oftorno:n'.    She was drjesed in     a'    Mrs. Murphy, of-Morrlnwiy, wns vlelt-'
he ut fill enihroidorod whlto   muslin | \xx^ lier limbnm! hero Wediiewlay,
gown, and  wns busy receiving   hor-1    ... „ ,„ .,„,.    .      . , „
guests    fPoin-4   ub 11     about 6.30. !    *£ , 'J LmZ ilT"^ °f S-""
Thorp wuoVjoul fifty or sixty pros- ] br°°k' 'H v|8|l,"«.M,,»' »> 11 »>«;«»««« It 1,.
int.  Tho ■ house was tnstff.illy dec-'    M»'   ^* A.  Klln^eiisinltli ni'id Miss
ornt'.il wiih ferns, ros2s nnd a. vai*- : Arm-Rtroii|rw«r« Fiirnln visitors Tiuiiidny
itty of ui'd llowors,   Tho tea table"    Mr, niuiMrn. I'M, of Colomnn, passed
w.8 nrtlrticnlly nrrarged with sml-   tlii'Oti«li ISIkoon their wny to Spokane.
inx find American beauty roses. Mr<s,      ,,,,,,     , „,      . .     .
 -                             !   Mr. .loo 1'ngli, of Okotokfl. arrived in
j town last Friday to look niter his mill
I out nt Hock Creek.
•^       *■   * v -
J-  Barll0P?  L.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
^^" tt
L T:-,\V__- ,.Blo,"k,; opposite the   Banlt
•'- , Office hours—8 a.m, to 8 p.m.
Offiob Houbbi-       e loto 12 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m
^ 6.80 to« p.m. '7
Ofiice in Alex.-I. ctt'g biook
over Slum's Bakery.
Dimension  ,
7 -  'l
Lumber &
5 Mouldings
All our   stock   is., last   year's
cut and well seasoned
Sale of
FT. Bell. -        ° A.Wildman
Oontinetoi-s and Buildeis
Kstiinates Furnished
Residence— Corner Howland Ave. and '
;" ...Mclivoy St., "■■ '      .;
P. O. Box 355      -.';.        Yerols., B. C.!
* We are.determined to g
^LJ'JcLo-Lounlclot hlbouncL^i n'd
-^ —, __,        ^ - - *f-       —    -    . r- -
leather bound book's-and
offer/them them "at just
one  half, price    '."   -
Vou who. buy'
agents have now an op-;
port unity"  to   get some
.rare snaps ' from our library edjtions and .pocket
classics, all books marked in   plain   figures .and
'you just'pay half.- ■'
7 Builder and Contractor
*nie, 3B. C.
«J» t|»
Estimates,elieeirall_4 frivo.n and work
promptly executed, to the satisfaction of our customers.
Chas:  Gilbert
Tonsbrial  Artist
Only'Union Barber' Shop in   the city
and work here is done in first class"",;
style and at reasonable prices.   -
Look for  Card  in  Window
A Good Way
to! please careful lioniaekeepei-s is to
pivelionest wei^lir..' Oh, wedon'tsay
that all butclifi'8. don't do this, bat
we cannct help (occasionally oyer-
Under new management ■> .
Well farpi8hed rooms.. The table is
supplied with the best the market '
^affords. "The bar is supplied :
. with the best wines, liquors and cigars.
Ilonry" ,'Job son )'.o',r;d    ,te-vf„wliUo
Mis.     Liphnrdt,"  Mi/iu Klrlipatrlclr, i
I-ml MI'iB Wliliristir r.ulBtcd.
Mr. .lolin Mott mul Inniily npent Sinn
Clurlo PfolUots of thc contract-' ' «r. jom aiotiBiw wniiiy npuntMin.
ln»s llm. ol A, Outline & Co., wlio':'1'1^ "^ ,!*t1 k c«"t'"? lho ttS ft,,d the conflict ftr the cowtru^ ' w^lchln«,h^!»h «^ V^ ,.,V:
t on of tho 2,1 mllcfli of new road.: Mr. V. ltobu'i'tH mul MrJ l''di«y liave
from licio tj MIclU'I, lins boon in the ' lu-en linpm'vlnff' tlio lnoKii "ol.tholr
city d rln; tho f.ropart of ths w.«'; , li'untiiri with fresh uontHof
ma1 Iok i.i proliminnry ftrranftoiiunti
for tho lo liinlni* of active jpcra-
tionii on tlio II» conttnet,
Mv. i-i'fulli tt Ib a vtry Inisy nun,
tjnlc'r and ac'U'c, and Iihh In a hw
«Inj-H_ .iccomi liBliod a nro t do*il of
wor',' ' ;
..Act'.'I work will lie, In In n votjy
few doy,*i nn i wil lie i-u-hod viunr-
'dii-iy 11' the end.
Mi-, t'f 11 '.It l*:ft Tluumlay uiorii-
lii"* ovfi- tho O M f r Snn'-nn .iiil-
wrll Ib l'-icl; s in, und P.rilo
: Mi'H, <l, Hhnbury, of Hrnmlnn, nniveil
in Kiko l«»t Htniilay.* u'nil will xpond
*«*vorril wwks. hero for tlio bunollt of
, -Tln^KlliobnNebiill tenin will piny two
gnuii'H tmnnrrbw nt 10 a.m. and 2 p.iu,,
ono .I'niiiii wilh'the Kureku Niiiii nnd
min with Pernio.
An 'K'L'lilnni liiippiMiuil out ill I'li-'li
Uinl I.lvin^MoiicV mill, whli'h tnino
ni'iir i"i'*iiillliii» In m fiitnliiv '\'li*'Tl'iin.-tnii
wai   t-h-inu'iiiiiur  tin-   c'iw   \shen   tlio
"Seeing, is ,beli<;vin6"
The Fornfo Drugstore ^
i:e a uriftt *'o il ul liim while   thn   iniu'l|iii('ry wiih m'l'ideiitnlly started,aiid
ronil  k I c n .- I ullt. 1  hiuvnB thrown over one unV niul hudly
" ■—()■—* *—■-
ritoM niis".<r'
'TIIK  fllltL
imin lmlli h'x* nud would have koiio
over tlm liirue unv lind not Mr, l'ti^h
KMXiihX dim In the " nfek of tluwi,''
•i.i»jj;»i>    "*»."♦•.»•»' isiijii-. •• iiir-iniilio'ii • a
l'rl-co" w. put cin hist nlvlit to j *     _.Vom „ia „„„■„„, r(';port of Uo,**j Cm
crowded hoiiM.   Tho pliir 1. one.of .lie ,n|H,ion(jr Arm„tfong „ ,„ K,ennc(1 „,„,
bout of iho cAiniiniiy• repertoire »ixi\ithm nrfl ,n fort,0 on ,hfl K|k
nrnlBlml ui.Bt .it<s|.«ntcrtftli.ment.   It, r|vor m COil |l(.onKt,H t0Vfrlll^ mm
tht l.l„l, »ffln.l„m»l^ r-vrle piny*. ;mcnl ftml vt0lir,cu..B wo^k In U\lt
riinrownBtio nun t%^(iw nniiBrk KmM 0I1 0„ „,, of „,„„ , , J
or ««.r, Ih, whole eaUt-.u-n, .Xroog nr,A .^ a,„ |ft ,,,„ ^     '
th. rn wmp t one i.iHinte ohlnllmiMH.      ,.„,■■,„■„„,, M,,.v,yH fftr rni|,.on(|lj ^
""'        °' runiiliiij the I onml-ny lineno| tin* laud
Hend mo your iihiiio and tlie
iiiimcM of A reputable people n« iiiiil I will forward >iiii n
prnpoftitlon to net .ni my igont nud sell
my ^iiOiU In your loenliiy.
A hotel that fur»,i*h.S "quiet,   com-  Troryl^h^'oi'tZ^ZriZ I^Mrii-wnt 15
„ ,.,,,.      ''  ,0"   """«" "'■I"*   0"   llll'KO   IfllldS  I.A8   <l» Knvt-'Mrd mi*r«r    \K\V YlllHtf /'ITV
nodiou *c<oi«mod*tloii   for iu   pat- ..„_....* ,,„„ M|f ,,„,„,„ n(       ^ w||0;-»- M-t«»nlhli«rr, M.H ViKKtm
row U . trturc* of ple^ture    to tkt M._, itnn „,„ t,M,j(ll| mi,, w|j0 „,, ,„ # Jly <*-:<•>»
ir«i-ellfnff pnhlfi    S.irli <i one h  tli*- ponkfr.n to remm the vA|.UaltoiWvulbp
King "Kdw^rd IToU-l, of Ftrnit..    ti-r- tm-in sxxA put iliem on thn prniliii-lnir
tii.-r tippmitt poHt f-ffiti*, i^tnl I'otil prtffrllw in iIiIh vullny.
FOR |2.00
.VVltli a diainoml rlnjr l rovim
frcoJiowtOHoouro a beautiful com-
ploxlou. DiaiiiondH nnd exqiiJNlto,
ooinploxloii nre both desirable. An
opportunity to every .womiuii.lH now offered for obtaining botljijr' Tor $'2.001
offer ii 12 Kt. Gold Shell Hliiff,
shnpo llkon'holclier, with aTlffnny'sot-
tli)«r, set with a jfcniilne diamond
nnd will floiul free with every order'tho
recipe nnd direction*, for obtnlnln'u ft
faultless comploxlon, iSnslly uiulerstood
nml Hlmplo to follow. It will snvo tho
oxpoiiHo of CronniH, CoBinetlcH nnd
lllonehei, AVI1I free lho ukin from pirn-
pleu, Illncklinnili, etc, nnd ffivn lho skin
bonuty nml BoftnnsH.
RING to   Bfiinnintowl   by  tlieI
liiiiiiufacliii-cr to benHi-oproHoi.tiMl |
mid Hhonld any piirchnei'rhuiliBiiiitlellt'il,
I will cheerfully roTund tho moiioy.
l)o not lot tlio price load you to
jdoilll't tll«   f,'<:lllllll('IU\*,S   III*   Vlllllf
oTIIiIh rliiu1, ii*• flin iiliovo I'Miiv.intuM
I I'ctcct.i mid nverv purelwiM'r
hciul mo l^'J.OO by niiiil nml trilai
iiilviiiita^o of'tlilHolVor, /in tho time
'o limited. Si'iid nl/.n of finder for
whieli liu*; Ndnxireil
»2F.nM'.Mnl-S|r«i!t       Now York City
-' h WILSON GRAY   , *
'Inns drawn and ivsii'males given
. of Jiillray St. and  Howland Ave,
Fernie  B. C.
get to telling their experiences.
Another Good Way
to please is to supply only" the  best
'meat.   II you trade with us you, will
learn just what wc mean bv these
_ two. "ways" QUALITY and QUAN-
j-TITY will be a little more than you;
j expectr      .   n       >     " ■    "    ;
I .. ' .-     I
j Calgary Cattle Co. '
Jas. Severn, Prop.
- :    *  FERNIE, B.C.
p. o. e.
Moot*ili-iit fi-Mity Jn ouoli in I. 0. 0. F.
R, TI. Mooro, '     W. Kouy,
Worthy PrcHliIbnt. ) Wortliy Sooiotnry,
(Formerly tho Owl)
The Owl   Restaurant
which,has recently
■\yjll be more completely
uiMo-datc than hns
been the case in the
past, The new proprietor,    ■
John Taylor
WINE   »v.,
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of   -
Solo Agentfi In KnHt Kooienay for
Wholesale   Dcaltrt   uti   Direct
InpertiKt ol
lEoenj attention. ■
7 »
i «»__
Rooms reseroed by tuire
A pleasant home  for the
C. L. WHELAN • . Manager
i-athoniTk iluUh mxTtftiW~7~
Crow's    Nest   Spuolal
Miner's Favorite OlQars
Hotel, Hosmer
,   Open Mny 1
liveiylliint,'  new mid
livery ticcomniodiilioi)
for thu public.
linr NtoCiioU with thc
lincsl in tho hind
The A. Macdonald Co,
(Ik'iid Offlce, Wlnnlpw)
will be pleased to meet! »     ,     ,r
..        .,* ,    ,    Hmnrlu's—viiiicouv-..	
llie old patrons nnd nl-1    t-Mmonton, Aim. A Kononi,Dni,
so now ones at lhe ok1'
or, NcKnn, Fernie,    "^ ' •• §0 M OI©
Best of
Fernte,  B. C.
l'Vrnli\  H. C
44'l      1
(..-nip .vi4ip|)ii\-.
Gold   Medallist
lute or South Kensington
V.ofr, W prcpiircd to lake
orders for u limited iHinil>-
vr of Portrait Paintings.
l;or,piirtIk-iiliir-4 ndJrcHii Ilox 431 Pernio or nm he ween nt tlu* I!, t:'. I., A.
Hull Coal Creel-?.
Tomatoes   '
and everything in our
line can be found thc
freshest at our store.
vr, McDougall &
lvO*fl(f     ihO      I    OlllVOT [Mlid* »»"♦ >»»W li-'f »*>* »>fH noil l, ^. tV   ,
ivi <iu 1111  1 ,i-ujj*,*v,** ' j,„(Mi „»„.       ,»A«. m.i'iuii.1  Ligars, 1 ohaccos,
, *    *»n  n*i l<in»»r i»»j.(in«i*rlt l(.r urir rt.   .,
j rnnlm.;l»(| l,y my »if#, KlM'*', Mrflntiiil-I ]
liar Miiji|.lli'il with the iK-ft ot Wines
l/'pH'I'l   Hli'l    MCtil'H,
Dining li'xim In connection   *
Fort Steele ;
1 ■
1-Vrnle,   It. C.
Hrpu-vrs of K\\tA  I'iiie  l-iij'er
and   Aerated   Water*).
Itottlcd    (JooiIh    11
 ""?■■ ——
Afln.ird'i  r.ililm'iit    t\\t*» DI^MlKfla.
HtfHll 6,
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for the most reli- ||
able news. .%
to the
and we
will do
the rest
"So t!ank I God, my birth "
Pell not in.isles aside-
Waste headlands of the earth,
■ To warring tribes untried.   _:
Si;rely in toi" or fray, ?-
-   Under an alien sky,   "' ,
Comfort it' is tb say,' -,
■*! ' I I
Of no mesn'country am T.'
v ■ t" tl-..', surface only of the .metulifer-
ous   measures    h:s been .scratched
Life is^real. t.Five.miflUtc8-nqw:are.jrare Uacher.'fmay her tribe.increase),
aB"valuable; as iflje^minute^ -her. little; floc*<7into'.4_.the.
oily;* 'and* 'as'""i?6terit' bf/pcBto'rilityV-i&eidsf'tnd' teaches them''to-'name "and**
-These are. no Bi'.le times when meii j love every British Oofpmbla bird and 1
lived'and;worked two or three nuuJ: jflow*.r. r; t-'"' ',/ -" ■""• .*     __•;., .,„ <7- , ,,j
red "years;* and if we would   do"' any !,:; We'should ma',e'-'our children, rea-
good in our0day. we,must a";out. .ir.'lize", that Destiny .1 as   not intended
i'lici sxea. ot merchantabletimber in 'now.'some of us could, count   grey > them _to ■._ :•   ';"■;'
Anitii a; our niines have produced a'hairs before we *wcre seized   of -.this , "Hous; close in a wayside inn, ',_
.qu*i>itor-o£*,a billion dollars, .and   as" -*ruth',-und-this change brings   us   to | "   Or drowsejy a dying fire."   '-
the fact demand,' "What sfcps should They come ofa of wcr'.ers, and i
lie taleh'    to se:ure the. pernr.n^it to whom-much is glen of them   is ;
th's     ''eh.ries   add   to the,, world's 'Vit__*.being of e'.'ery min', and wom.-in    As Br tish subjects, J
we l.Va'yeiry tale of s*x millions ,fn Brit sir Colv.m':ia." ,   ■' they ; eloiig to the gr.atest commer-
"rnd.yctof our'tlree-score; of. food j   Wo j,aye e umerat.d the multiform  ciil ur-t on of the world;-An'i.lo-Sax-
.*->,» "*ofi «   '■iUf'Uhxii nro'vin'ce 'fiphes the-salmon has only be'ntik- 'factors of the. economic wealth of'.'thi ons, they are of the domin nt race;'
J ne  naxi e-uorn  -oi   una  jji-uviua.'i, ,  , . ,
wh   is7 11 cnou-"*h to look alout him   tn in earnest.   Agriculture and fruit .province,     but the  , gr atnsss of a Canadians,    they are -.ssentially,   a
and ^o  think * may -well  exclaim   return annually to   he farmer   over | crj"u'ntry in thc last analysis does not sel -governing- i*eopl?, a free .people—
'"Fa'r ■'•' our'lot   0 goodly   is  -our .6ix millions, uni1 one, tithe,only,- of  de.end'u;.on its material, resources, they "wi 1 be called upon     to   make
1 heritage!" -,_.
"Is.Br'fs1! Columbia;!' we are as'
Fernie^s Best;
Friend    is,   the
°f  de. end u
the land is settled upon,*, and   not "_t der'eds*upon the-character of its  the. laws under which," and protected
k'_ ' :rie-ten h  of  lhat  is unher  cultiva1 'people. ■ History i-> mankind's   mes- .by, which, th y will :i.'e.'   Tell   them-
in n'ia»"n1flcence of cuin dc: osi s,.magneti; and"nemct t-i nat'onal (.haract r'has l.e.n built up ,them' realise in'o -what;•_a- glorious
8cenc*W and di-erBi'y-^of natural iron of the bi.hest-qualify, pyrites', through s:nig;les and .poverty and {brotherhood - they are ...born, they:
weafth>'s- there' any' other- corner; or" asbestos/plum:ago, mica In 28-in-*u''--^hn^ of conditions,. . Not once/™* are.sprung, from earth's noblest
this good world by Nature'so richly" shtets' '^g i* deposits >-; of gypsum.. 0i twee, but many times have we , -the good-- h ing Alfred; "de Mont,
- ' .;        native -41ver, amalgam,-,ores of mi*.n-:Beea nations'    out of their very.,fat- -io*"1   *he Bather, of   the Commons;
'•..anere, chiomic iron ore, all;  these, ucss decay.   Per head' of population j John   Hampden;   Laiim.r, and Rid-
dowered? •
One   firm foot   on   the borders' of
Alaska,- the .other on,.that imaginary
dividing    line between    Canada., and'
the United, Stat'.s, her back resting
figftinat.. :the everlasting .hills,*, her
face turned  westward, looking   into .
f -        , ...   <i
the   future, ."serene,., indifferent   to
.await de.elopm.nt.
.' the'of,,rritish Columbia today , l*l): Nelson .-ni the Iron1 Du'e;   the
Building   ' mitcriaie of 'unequ'aiicd..ij.-lhe largest in-,the w^rli, amount-gallant*   Sidney, on Zutph.^n's ,;field
('uality—lime", fireclay; fecment, mar-; "ing'to-close!, upon 2300."   Should   * he j dying in agony,that another^s tn'rst;
ble.'traiute  and sandstone, lime, the!, development of o our natural re'sourc- j m'fch't   be     quenched;    silver haired
Douglas fir and the pulpwoods, ' run es and the intrusi.n of thousands of!*.|Caxtpn,. in the "old Almonry lending
down o':ligingly to the sea. * |*e>v people increass that trade3  toO"*' the Vumsy, types'* of our {first
And in the     sea"swims untouchedJ600cr 51,200 per capita■,,,would.that]Printing  .press;.,  Wilterforce, 'who
all up >he scale of Nature from sar-  wij.Uti'" without concomitant . me itA  niadc of slaves   free men;    Florence
dine.  to. each, l.t .whale   enonomic  awakening   and   character,  develop-1 Ni8h "ingale     and      John    Howard,
wealth, that woull enr;ch f.n, empire, -ment sjell 'well-being''  for British   briniing life an 1    hppe and courage
Wi'.h,this     p?ethora   of poten'.f;'! Columbia? ,   "'7 .,'.'. *to* the dying .and, the, soui sic':—her-,
weal h   'are we i-haring "ratc&bly   in!   1, think not.   Mr,, Flumm.rfelt de- \oes on. the battlefield,- -martyrs for
the genoral r'rosveritV'. of-Canada?"   xn nds'.s'ri'.e   at*'the roat of things ! tha faith!.-..,,-".".  .-'-,, .
_, J.;'      „ .   -    -•'     -    > .,   and louch°the verities-of life.   If- che
Perhaps not. • i     ,        . • ,-.,-.
,    ,   ..'      ,   -.-   object   is merely to teach, min--'.-)
"What- s re.iuired-to. bring   a'-.out „i,i„'. ^'   '■,-, y
„ ..   • , ., . .-.. .    „,,   *        . „      -. ma e a;li in-; then let-us re^t as
Bngl:ndB, .three-:irclnnd8k''and.   f our ■-the; d sired condiiion? '-   -    >  we'are.' Thre ;are no'pcor.-'in"fi^t-
Sc:tlands';*:;and-;,when'.,we;have' these j, I-,'wouLl ;s:iy ihat"as a.province we  ish coluinbia, ^and we'can joV aloW*
nine countrierin, there""will-be   no -need' publicity.. To act-.and,,l,e*ld,1 ,n     comT,arutr - ^if.jrt- ;■;,; :^;s
danger, of. tbtir dropping, out again   population, two" ihin^s are ..a veded-  thr.e meal, , & dRy for ug &n> ;n    to buih,    a„ miUioil:doll||[r    hajl on
or falling e-lge, for   there  first,, to lia :e: natural   ..advantajes;, f.jrHllo 1;.xulious „a lo^.iit9 and  -the   mud, flat ■, rnd'    if politics en-
'Fate,    Bhe s'tteth" " at the*;,Western
Gate," the warder of the continent. I
^British Columbia, brave young giant- ,
!ess, is-fitting'   mother for a   hardy ,
" a free people! " I
. j ."We ha e  the largest province    in
the Dominion.   British Columbia   is
i big enough, to to. place ,in
; it side by side at,the same time two
.D <.
,    =■
'    ll
•   ,
, • ■■■'jo-it:
- X
*■■ -'*.. .
,- -■*
.    K
.   ', c        '
If    * "
■•■ .,<•
-   ,    f.
N   *
With them as we look on the scroll
or-the past unrolled, we are Very
proud,-as -we loo': forward to"' the |
road we are opening ,i.-p for tbe chi'd7j.
ren ,we, arc "very, humble.'- -y  ".&  -**',* - "*
If commeice iis"'eriter.rfsing.enough
Ijwill^ still be.-5,000. siuare   m'les-  of. _ second;  to l.t .the world * know .we  tpa bre'il fast" on Sunday;'*•' ■
.country' uncovered.
! • j. " '.,
j: As rea.'irds location, Fate has p'ac-
i ed us at the nerve-centre of thing's.
'I land-hemisphere,    sa, British'  Colum-
. jbia .'b ."at"the heart, of the" Empire,
; being s.t at .almost- equal distances
| from India, Australia, and the "A\nh-
rrl ,nd. - / nd  we are in tlie tenrpor-
latc, rone,  the zone.-of'the thinners,
; the ci-lt'^red,     intellectual and iro-
greFsi e    l eople   cf ,-■' the    race—the
■' world's worVers"- '•
i    We have in our wondrous   system
of lihd-loc'ed'  fiords, ■ ;isiand    aijd
' rnninlind, some 7,000 miles of coast
line, with the full-'sweep of the,' Pacific, is : r.,c'ng hrez s modified by
the warm waters of tho  Japan cur-,
. rent  •■     , -   -
' *Cce ns no     loinjcr 'separate,' they
,'oin conLinents,   Looking-acrots - thc
water to the ml lions of our British
.cousins in     India,* in. Hongkong,' in
JAustrnli.i, nnd "the Isles, of - tho Sea,
|\vc catch br.'ef prophetic gllmpso-j of
' thnt commercial.grcfttiiess which t|ie
Pacific h .'ust l.OAlnning tb waft   to
■'our :»lio,res'.    '.     ', '"'■
Some one onco, in der.'sion, railed
British  Columbia "a  sea ot   m?un-
t'*li*H,"'t nd .It.'.lfi true wq havo n;>',
! our Khure of the rollliv: priiliios o!
tho   :io..t   Noithwiflt    Nature v.' t'.
prod4,nl    hund has  I'lvon us treas-
liro   In tho     foro.t we. lth   of   the
!e.uih'H, surfaco, In tho wondrous fish
life of tho ocu.,n i.nd tho Inland wat-
'erwnya, but n third, a greater
1'nrt; Ih .hidden deep In earth's I cr-
om, Jt Is fi'om.ho;*,mljxes more than
fiom might tine that Frltli-h Oohn-
; bin \yill derive her materia! w-jiltu' n grfiit nation.   Let un accept an
. a bountiful utft from the hnn Im  of
jUtitrous Nature our moiintnlPB; they
nre^nurseriei of  great rivers  which
[■pour -htlr■ tribute Into three ocuns;
,»nd   In, th lr   roc y   em'race rhr/
hold   a   mi eral wcnlth mcond   tn
none In tlm world,
Tn n niBiHiirc the mountaini Hcp-
.unite us from the.rcHt of the   Do-
, m'nlon, thnt    roc' y rampart would
e *m    to declare   that ' north   uml
!'Oith mid wcHt rnther thtth to   lho
eimt should our future comtmrco he
r-oiiuht,   Hcaward wan our trado In
. Ihe old dnyri, to the fnllforiiin -,'old
fli'MH, to the fro on nilnoiof   ilu.i-
shin Amorlcft uml to minelrt Honolulu,   So seaward today dcntl-iy calls
; Our riuniiicrcliil futurfl would M-cm
ro be liiwrout'lit with tint of Ainu-
,kn rn:l Mnslco with thn hungry
nunlts i f the pi lent.
! "no hniiptUl •, ns yet hardly «iiibh-
»d nt nr«> niir ri>«i.iircpo WrlM-ib
Col mil la's   ro il   devo J n   arc   I lx'
| enough to fill the world'* wants for
In .training ton
full sweet womanhood, a verile man-
have .them. _ 'ihe .prairie ; The ho;e of ^.^ -fc^ ^-^
were seized with this truth', sonij-Itf her JhiUren,'1 These,"" mare -than
three or.-four years, ago, and a de-. coal mensures or .g ines of loj,dly
termined "propaganda'- of ; puo'; -.ty s^m^ „r ^^-nfiin.;' n^. T^y..
has r:s-il an unprecedented rush are her richest h.'S3t- .Th(J most per.
to posscsj-these'xlds;- pixing'qir.sti.ns of today will oe'ln'.
the great central,wheat belt cf Can- the h, m]s ot„our -cljlldren for-^ ihe.scene today of the great-, ,tion after W(, arc du};t and our   ^
est economic t"e't.,in. the world's his-  awords "rust    	
tory.'* -
■' With a'. di;er..ity-of - .af.ractloM i,oad( lB our mjhB ft -natlon>
that thc prairies can .never hope to | .GnntMB tho ^MtiVM environment,
ofier, British Colum'.ia has^ seemed rc hor. giant mount-line, loiie ia'-e;"
to-wait for bo.*, e sod-from-the-mn-■ ^3 iUshing rivu-s and'lush vall'ys'
chine' ,to'atrl-"e h:r hour of dxstinyr Nritiu'elintuidcd tli's Pacific' province
Tro ion:; a-itode.t vi'ol.t, the truni- :1o Cradle a people big- and hroifd and
jiet flower, vould be se isonable^vari- unselfish.-To this end we want an
i.'ron. The-time is.ripe to-cry, -vlr educational system, from po'li-
v.rcf n the marl,et. A"M0oro',s tics; we want as 'teachers'men and
polky-,of publicl'.y should be Inau t- womo 1 ,-bij Cn,u h to I now their
ur-fid ly thc.gove'Dment. Thc work power and', th ir hi'h privile-e
already accomplished, and that with seed of*too truth that
very limited nvans, by tho ^Tourist ' dollars do not spoil "well-being" •
associa'.ions of Vanco'.uor and Vic- r that-this soiry scheme'-of thlnss em-
toria should convincingly prove* the braces more than making a living-
wisdom, of th s. On/a .larger sc.lo, that we are liore for a decier pur-
wlth w:dcr;scope,.ti'..o rroVince could 'pose-to ' li-.-e a lif>. Thoy must
work. Illustrated-lectures could bo'teach' our boys and girls that in th*
undor-a' en>ln-America, Burope.»und de p st nnd truest b mo ejeh of us
Australia and the Far I3ii3t- -the [is our brothers (cooper,, that iii tho
thro, whout irovlnc.s co;aider that final*analysis' nothing that Ih selfish
tho money ihby, spent,on, the, WoW cui survive, "be that s.lftBhn:ss nat-
ern Canada* exhi':it nt-tho'Miinn jx- l.lonal or- -individual,, and that all
hi'.ition will ro in in -an SO-fdd bar- ji.iir-s.ions' *n'ust bo sot'.lol.not by s,elf,
vest. Authors ""arid ar't'Ui'';'by n sys- interest; buV'b*y' justice, liy inercl'ful'
to.ii of ni*ji:oy boniiprs, should bo'on-'cons'deriit'ons nnd *i n"t-metccniiry'
coura.icd to icll tho st-ry of Bi'liifih'-nhnB.-- *'/' .'.-■■, - -'
Columbia, Its s:inlo charm; *,ts ell- Wo .Wftnt ,„ F,rl'tlRn columMa
m.ilc, its manufacturliig.-anil commercial losfl'lhll tlos,   •
s-.once-,. itself in-.,':a. stone palace of
eqal cost,. , e-en'   now,,,'somewhere
amid: thcoa": groves- .tof Victoria r
should le building -the Ralls of" the..!
B_ritish^.ColumMft  unU-prgity,  °   ne'.v
Inoldentiilly, wo nod ,to bo' sc'hvd:
oursel.oi- with tin ndc:-uatb cohojp-
tton of the blgncue of our heritage.! .
Somo one locally Biig.CBied, list
year thnt the old C.indra Stre.t cemetery ini,ht be Bmsotli'ed off nnd
made 1n n "rest place." R'.st-plncc
forgpbth? A rcBt-placc ' would seem'
t-.i'me the,very Inst,thins that we
nn n, jooi'le n:ert. • wo want Botiio
prophet full nf \er 0 nnd foicc niul
lnitint'. 0 to nrlBo In o;r mldbt nnd
vlth 11 0 conl from tho altar  htlti.'Whool irogranmicB Bomo of tlio dry
iu Into tlu .»It tl ty of a   \l.,on;i« |l)0nos of tho ^Uoy> ani (rom    tho
nllv n vu, u ro ligation of fact Vory heglnnlnK lot our, children rta
".liU   wo.Id b n>   blot for   us   ta
hi "in'-, •
an used public opinion, and wo wt.nt
our broadest-minded and ilccpost-
thinking men to forego'pcrsjnnl
(•use and take hold of tho holm.    <
Our hope is in the Jiomes and in
the ncb.olo, H ro' and not ih Che
ban'; cl'.arlnas and customs' returim
our nnti nnl diBtlny Ib even now being wrought out. If ever a* ne,w
c:iintryhad an opportunity of evolving a Bcbb'ol Byet'in to meet Its own
neodi, Jrltl h Columbia la that
country, A peoplo somewhat, npnrt,
wo can I.fiord ti sl;u,:h off from oiir
ll"e that tlicy rnovo In a live world. tho mcBBiiKo wo bring thcm.fro.n
a mloRlone far.her on '. 0 (f   good
It morinB Intcnuily ami mom i,o;d." 'cheer, nnd rcmom' or that It Is   tho
"Does the <Il.ll-.;iiity Hi in tho lack
f4> t cf I-Iim   who brought Rlud   tld-
vital, growing ins'.itution -dedicated
to  the mal ing of. men "and "women,*
nnd full of the; mellow jniceVof   life". |    .... ■     "-   -
We .have til-ed university and writ-j * *   ' •
ten' university,-and-in'-"th3 Tcmpis- of \ T-f^/^ f-^1 ■
the Wise at, James Bay h'^s U.ri de-' |  [   €   1 1' I   I
bated uni" ersity for more than   one!        .  V l^
decade.- When we' relilly want "it/we-i      ■' v ' .
will siinply start, to build i*-.'   * |    ".-     -    •'    '   '   ■.
, Mr.'&himmerfelt'said'ihe ob.ect of I ,
his 'letter,, wns; ''rt'o " mate" min    anil' i",:
women thin'-."   When we do this,''"
."Thpra   shall -c.:mb from  out ' tMs
* , n ise ot etrife'and rronnlng
A broader ., nnd   a.juster brother-
ho-id, (i       -. ,   ;     -
A deep equality cf aim postponing'
All s ifish  see' in;c to thc, general j •
■ "■   good; , j
Thoro : hall como a time, when I n wl- |
(,dgc widt  extended ■ '        j
Sin" s man's pi nsure   in  tho Iralth,
And nl! shal' bold Irrc ocably 1 lend-
 edi        „ ''•' ',
T'o   individual  and  the "cammon-
Try a Ledger Ad.
To 1 he Ollli'orn nml Mnmliei-M  or J'-if,trict IR
1'. *l. \V, tit A.   '
NOTICK |h liiijC'l'iy |-Ivf*ii Hint tlu* i-csulnr
niMtlnil-n nt Iiul|i.vim |.oi<i,l 4*11 V. M, W of
A, will in intnro I10I1H1I on tlm llrnt, nml
tliltil »iitiiriln.v kvuitliiK-i In tlie nmntli. In.
•*'•'««■ "r ''io miiioimI nml liuf, SunilHvnhlf.
IOIO. •  '
o ' • Fralerniilly Voiu-h
y, riiAt-ii.T.i.,
KlN.Hl.-fV J.tM'Al. 4.'ll.
IngB ih..t nre b.atit ful. .N'ne tlmuH
Cut of t n If you make a child 'nippy j
vol lm 0 m.ido him li-roil.   All    thn
of innnufiicturcH, trur.Bport.itlon,
popuhtl n, ln'.or, avuila' Ic ^npH'il,
or lii' ouivelVfR?"        "       -   * ■■
"The fault, tl. nr Ilr.itiis, Is'not In \ grand 1 tuiiLy i,f this fivoro.l land iu I
our ctiiv,   but in oni'solvc-."     w'o lost to     tho children II wc cannot J
huvc incut of un Iron titiU'ht tho ';-!• |contrive to Ut them live to Ka- '
licy   (hiri ilfu Ih  n ' Vftl-i  'ot ,lure's hunt,   I oftin thln'i a   chil.l
Karii,"'. a "fl otini: kIiow," ,i   't'mo H-tH more uplift from tho nix
nnd pin:tr nf '■ rn' nt.'oii," nnil  w» -\-   wi*ft' H'ln HUmnn-V when he    Wftndt-rH
pans! t,   widtinir   for,  toi^e. mrfnt'nt will,   than during   the furly-nlx
chan.;e to 1i» wroiipht iiprin ub wl.h- 'wee's when wc < htcmlMy "eductte"
, otrnMiihs, wc have tbo Rnftto»t com- out.
him within wallH.„.ni:s.ln;;N on that
No Seedleu Plume; No PHleen
Applet, No Cobles* Cof»Hu»t old
rellelile verlttlee at wenomhle
pricet. y«rtlliurt. Bee Supplies,'
Spray Fumpa. Spraying Material,
Cut Flowers, etc. Oldest titab-
lltkttl nurstiy on the mainland ol
D, C. Catalogue Prte,
•flmii-hi-.!?-*'" r.-nst Pt-td TTr,««<<»i
Vtweouvtr, 1\. O
Y. S,*—If your local merchants
. Jo not handle uiy needs, send
direct, We prepay fifty packet*,
niBortcd vnrletlci ol garden seeds
In jfi>. nepirf -"irttril ntnrk'i, to
your nitrest post ofiice (or li.oo;
twenty pttcktt* for 50c., trial col-
P^^^;Tlio [.edgcr wants to spend the next ten years in helping 55^
I i{e.uiThei.c.iKor|;to build and beautify I;ernie.    Will you help us
Ifor lionltliy mm i ji'    ...   .,.-£■      '      -i
t'i)o,.uhu' vipwn i*ll>0U Xv,it' (,° ,l now.,
tO (lo it ?:|yoh win ii a 41
fit iii Tho Ledger f
■•y   r  <■
'«-*-  ['. "/ • * *
*»»**«***^ - **
_>wu   xv.a,  uu  n  uuu. -     ,     ^ -| See if y,„, <mn'r, I
w\) yourcye on. The iVe'lr-vr arid waiciv Fernii- gro\v.i|^*~^*,^****l
**m "?i
FERNIE, LEDGER,  FERNIB,; B. C, JULY- 27,- 190}'
$ 15QO      ift   Prize   lytoii^y      $ i 5O0
Football $150, Baseball $1501 Hosie Reel Races $250
v      ■■        >■■. ' ' . l    J
*«       '   •-     ii     . ■ -. .     . •       , " *'/"-,.' v .     ' - ' °
►, Hurdle Races, High Jumping, Etc.
Horse Races, Foot
" Jt-   J      jr.  ;'*   « Y/y'J
#1 all Railways
K\^**; J'Jb o3*i-ri-*:.>-
*    "    1 #i*
;ra '^y"-^ i'7:']£^ -'"."fi'?;:*.:?rfrl£-~ -*1 -
a,5iO*"j ^XP'n.
7;£"■■../  ,.-Svi)v  j>:;*7
-*■"*-  "        ""'   '-*■-
.-^-Si.,i li'.l ->, -v-    ■ -* t^i'4- .'*£■
il    bi o;i= ';.:.-
•7," A.";".-"!ni 1 -' -    *"t.'-.'  '-I *    ' ■---*i'i- t ,'i- ■ ■-, .* ..f     ^'' '---*-    , *-.".., v
Small Bils for Full Particulars
_k H        ■      ■^fc:''   i'i '-*;1-'''
the Day.
■Jl.fy "-'
-| . i'-*sii4>.ti .vii/. 4i_;'a a"-rrT"rj   inr3"--
~*i  •'-!  ("-   iifj*      i ;•/?'  IS» *   ...i '"1 •   ."
Address Entries
Communications to   7
ii W* HERCHMER, Sec'y Fernie Athletic
,Viil  -A),'i)
■'■ -.  '
.1 . « ■ i .
-:.,-j .. 11. -j   1.
*,*'»   ,€,■■
ftiM^   .,
Ml     f.
1 &
,■1     e-i.
I.rflb^'l n't*. .t*'"*1 «U"1   In
,J.     --(   ,»»-f "*"
How Ik Canadian North
West Looks te an
1 ,
Weyburn, Saskatchewan, June 17.—
Western Canndh hns been advertised as
heading, the procession vn- America in
, the matter of tnxation, nnd the western
provinces lmve In fnct taken one step in
the right direction—though , a short
step. Ij" They lmve abolished luxes on
farm Improvements. But If they stop
here tl.ey will have done little to command^ admiration." Their latid tax Is
not nil ad valorem tuff,. It is uniform
°on nll'jfarms. according to area, whether
the value bo $5 or 956'per acre. The
towns und,villages arc bound-to the
old personal property.,la* as firmly as
are those in the States, ■
Tho Provincial Inhd tax hero Is only
$8 per quarter section, which offers hut
a slight' che'ck to Yhe holding of'Idle
lands for speculation, To this, to be
sure, must bo'added school and road
taxes,'- but tlioi- aggregate, perhaps
amounting to ten cents nn ncrc annually, ii not operating" b* prevent alien
and rion resident .land-owning to any
appreciable extent.
Many of the towns are growing
rapidly, and are taxing themselves and
Issuing bonds for public Ii.rpr6vemcnt»"
' Here the full effect of tho tux or) Industry is seen. 'Though house rent is
enormously high, building lag* and
iiifri behind tin* nncil Everybody- who
cun do mo I* rfmtlng his savin-.,"1" Into
town properly and then leaving it Idiot
Perlinps the heaviest burden of all
tlinl Industry here has to bear is tlu*
tariff,    Thai, coupled with excessive
Ul-igilX V-tUTt"****, UWKth   il\lllj' pMOIlW)
ao lo 40 per more costly than il
might otherwise be, No greater de-
mCjiHtration of the vitality of the Canadian N'nrlhwest could be miked than its
own growth nnd prosperity in the lace
of such violations of economic laws.
The hepe for the future Is the plainness with which tiles'.' things nre
exposed to view. Hundreds of farmers
who came here from the Sink's have
been transformed from protectionists
into radical free traders hy no argument
wagon or the $50 added to the price of
a- binder,' even though those articles
may be manufactured in Canada. Every
farmer is also ready, to defend bis tax
exemption on principles of justice and
sound public policy. . Not one but will
tell you it would not be right to put an
extra tax- on him for increasing the
value of the foreign-owned farm across
the road. Cities 'with charters of their
own-may exempt improvements from
taxation, and sbme, '•_" believe,!have'
done so, The principle once admitted!
the step is short. n_n'd easy to a 'single
tax on land values;'"      .- • ■ '.* ;-.-,, ■■
The most-anomalous condition of, all'
hero is thc scarcity of,)a'tidit
empire innocent of- the--plow,
with a'sparse population icven in thc
richer sections clpse jo, the, railroads,
farms draw"- tenuiusW-N't'-rentar'.of'ione'-
third of .the crop;, an'd'.nuthe 'rccenl
opening or the DoultliobC'r lands men
stood ,in liixp, fpr/40,hours through a
heavy rain in order to get their Jiome-
steads. Canada libs'rcpcii'tou' the railroad policy.of the,United Slal-'os and
granted -ji,600,600 acres to. lier railroads. Besides this, _i_iao acres,In
y'towns'liip hiivb been allo'ted to tlie
every township
Hudson Buy Company, Hpniestcadcrs
are goinp*' a- hundred miles 'from tlio
railroad to get Innd, nnd it Is ostimnted
that tlio uyailablo Innd (it for.a_;riculturo
cannot Inst ten years longer.
Largo,blocks ot land have been purchased by syndicates at nominal rales,
and resold to sol tiers, These exploiters
may, on the whole, be. .considered a
benefit, for the counlrv al largo and
lho settlers Individually have profiloJ
hy their'operations. But tlio purchasers for a permanent investment will be
:*. _"-w':u,;i.,.,.l .n^ui^i uu ilic I,(lid,.    ,
Tiikb-ii nil in .i/| wi'intcrn Citiiiida has
a groat future-— if silic will but keep her
land in the hands of her people.
vi Watch it Increase, au you have to Vt
ii"-.. do with a Sayings  Account is to* start it and ,
^4   keep it  going—then   watch .it   grow. -Doesn't'-"■
It,   take long for., it to. count up to a considerable
i 4''"amount—- then you see the  advantage—the wis"-
l\': dom of saving. „, '    :;
I f, $1 • Ops an Account with The Home Bank of erc^a
■5 ?'•'■■' ' j". h.' MARS-HALL, Mar.",,        rc^nlc  Branch   \[
m h'Wft'r,'•"■
.a /'.'i 1
:1V-.t l,\^77i
, p-t 1. ,.
sX *V WAIOR, Preild*nt   	
AUDL UIUD, Qeneral Huu(«r.
A«'' JL nUtLAKD, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000-000
Cheap Round-Trip Excursions
St.  Paul,  Minneapolis.   Duluth,   Chicatro,  Omaha,   Kansas
City, St. Joseph, St. LouIh,*' Atchison,
, , . , Winnipeg and Port Arthui*
On Sale
_ Joly 3. 4,' 5.       Aogust 8, 9, 10. v.« September It, 12,, 13
Plus $10 for t.he ronnrJ trip.   Correspondingly low rates to
,„.,.•,, all other, eastern points.
I- Going-transit 1, (10) days. - JFInal retorn- limit (00) days
•—""   '''ofsaler', Stop overs allowed at all
" .. points within limits 	
For' particulars call on or address  ' ._.
H, L.  BLACKSTONE, Ari., I'ernie
I.   IM     X    'd   vJ 'C     fl' I'ii
Brucbes throughout Canada, and In the United States and
4-    1
WovAsiwn may bo trttiutiact«<l by mail with any bwwfih
xjSoIui Banlc Aooounts may bo, oponod and depostlfi
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention is paid
to out-of-town aooounts.
Font to nrimoli
Oi 8.  Holt,   Mnimgor
Tho numbor o,f dontlis oi'ciirring
iimon'; young children during tho Hummer month-* iv simply nppiilllng, In
lhe citv »f .Montreal last u-cck, 175
trhililron under the n^o or live yours
iliud, and nearly nil the deaths wen*
due to hUiniiicli and howel trouhlch.
Willi oiJiiiHiy tiiru must of thi'su little
liven mif-ht have been saved. Wnlcli
the food given (he Iittlo ones. Da not
feed menu; tee that the milk given i«
pure, and give an occakional done of
Baby'-* Otwi Tahlett, it medicine which
surpluses nil others in prcvenlin-,' 11 nd
but tlie extra $_jo vl.ity muni pay for it curing slonmch nnd bowel troubles.
, Scott 1
& Rossi
I Undertakers L ,Embalmers|
The Calgary Marble & Granite Works n
^ The Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson jjj
§ Sarnies Cai k Seei at (be Office. Pilfers 11 tatty's \M £
Wanted for FeirHito
and adjoining country to roprp»ont
Otnadt'i trofttt NunsrUi
Trcoa of right slzn nnd ago for British
Columblii planting, Grown on limc-
gioneBoll; hardier and longer lived
than coast ti cos.
A  pcnimnont situation \  Territory
roBorvcd s Pay weekly 5 Free outfit.
Write for'pnrflculnm
Stone & Wel-HngteR
Foniliill Nur»ct('iefi
(liconced by B. C. Governmont)
Toronto •- Ontario
Jly IT—3m
'PAKKnotiiinilint Wm. II lliirion.of frim-
s. l.niok, II, I', (Krii|niU*jn di rk, InlnihU to
itpply for « mM'nl*il llinlier llceiiM over tlio foi-
ln**il,W'lllM fllml Ii4l.'l»,      ...
Cnmuii'iicliiir »t u |ki»I |ilii«ilt>l «t tli<iiiurili.
•iv»«t rnrnrr of f.ot flsll. Mi«n.« ti'Tlli iilglilv
',hi) iluiiit, lliuiug «a»l i;l«ln> C-". ^Imlu-t,.
tlimirr »(»tilli ulttlilj- 'ni) rliHlii*, ilii-i,4ii Wfi.i
*ii«lilV(»o)rlinliu to l.nlnl or ronimenffmsnl,
anil i-<iiitiilnlii« *lx Imiilri'l hii'I forty H«r**,
mo-ml.... U,M   „   wnros
./am) "tit, nor.
Tlm llmo fur inniiiitnoliif tint puMfr-MilAii nf
tti««il,h\i!i>iititii IT iiflDiiile.l to tli»i-"tli iJiij-i/f
Jdlv. tWl7.
j v. Aim-vmoini.
A»ii»U*ilCoriiml»«li)ri»rof l.»n<lil- V^nrk*.
Summer Excursion Rates
! 1    ',
Fornlo to
I*rt Wllllu.n
I'ort Arthur
Ht. Paul        1
KIoiix Oft
?»i. l.i>ui» 91511. Chk'4go jvi)u, Oldiu'.i
$7K'55' Toronto $7.1.50. Muntrual
$)*o, St. John $90. Ilulifiix $</i,Ko.
New York $y6.
Ticket-* on Suit* Inly j, 4, 5; Auguot H,
0, n»; St'pit'iiiln'r rr, u, rj,
l;ir»t t'litsu Round Trip 90 IXty Kimit
Coir*»[>mi,||rif rtnlurllniu froo. »l! Ki"»t«nty
jxiltiU   Til-knit HT*ll«t.|* for lak« r.iat*)
irinlu linir m*»li *inl Mrth* on l»k«
it«t«<r(.   Tbroufb r»U.
<|uol*<l tn »ny tUti.>n
in OuUrlo, tjutly* or Utritim* Pr«t-rlut«>
J. rt.CARTKR, I), P,A.,K»lwn.
It. rtKAWNO. Agt, f.tulu f    -   a
News of the
1   Only six fancy parasols left at Mrs. E
-Tod-.IV. -      - -\ ",
"MIes    McKinley   left"' Tuesdny
Cal ary.
D,)*i'i forget ih'-'*-'
holiJ.-iy, ^uijusi 5lli.
to of Forr.L' Civi.:
Pollc: Magi trate Wh'mster ret'rn-
{'dfrom Winnipeg Tuesday.
,    i,       '    '        '    .      ' " ,  c
Mrs. I'oulthardt r-.turned , 'rom
"Wlnnipe.-; Thursdoy mornin-*;.
Mr". Pletuher? of Hosmer, -w,is a
-Pernie'"'ls'.t.-r on Tucad y,
1 » ' ^
Ch-rks McNa'-i, of Waldo, vas in
town agat'i durinj the wre'1".
Mrs- J.L. Mclntyre is visaing
filcndt-- at Pincher Ciee":'this w o'a
"   -4 '
Tt'is now Hen. J: W. Bowser, attorney general of British Crlum iia.-
Mr. -inJ Mrs.* Forster, of, Spar-
wcod, were rem e visitors yestsr-
Mrs J. R. Lawry rtturncd on Friday morning from a -short, trip
Nels *u.   o "...
Wm. Gr.ham, r of-Cclem?n is in
.town.: tending t-ie District 18toard
me ting.        - „ _
The Pi s' yteri n     Sunday school
*vyill,'ta\e an excursion,tb Elko next
/I'ues-'ay.    '.
_.    ' Cl
Mr.- M. A.-K'astner mad'* a hurr'edl
business'trip  to    Crow's Nrst    I-st
_, Tuesday.   .   ' ,* v,.
Mr., and Mrs. F. H; KE'lle'Tcturnud"
„1cb. we.'-"-, from a ;h:rt visit to Wist
"Koctenay. , *  '
The' Bapti.t Sunday school spent
Thursday afterno n picnicing down
Nothing, has 1 een hel rd",'from ,the
Ftrnie to'ard 'ot trade-.'- Is it out* on
. a \ acatioa? ,        '    .   *    -     ''  '..
John Sulli" an, 1 o-jrd mcmver for
Micliel, is in the ri'y att ndin-;   the
■ S
,"".''•■■    *'
;<i*W£:*vT.-".' wi*"'
s west iraoing
■.,--    ••  .' ••   *   7- '   .7 . -,7     "V'   O
Fernie,   B. G.
->-'. '■!'
Pay Cash.
Prompt Delivery.
W. J« Blundell, Post Of f ice Block.
Eiler's "King: of the Cattle Ring'!
Under Canvas
."■*- Fernie, Friday, Aug. 2, One Night Only
30     PEOPLE
Concert Band and 0 rchestr&
i*     *     i -    t.
Street Parade!iatlNojcyn.:i
|ONEY Saving: opportunities make it worth while doing
your trading here. In addition to the best quality procurable we offer one hundred cents worth of honest value*
for each one of.ycur dollars. 7/    > V
, We solicit your business and .'guarantee that we  can  save
you:money.    .'., y'"y- '■■-.'■. '„-" .   - ,;~ .■'.-'...'•' *"'";';'•     '/.•*'
For the" most. up-to-date showing" .of Furnishings examine oiir prange.
.;/, 7 "'-'-- not hesitate to put your money and your confidence", in
You. need
most-popular company travelling;
It is right in style, fit,* tailoring" and'.value., " This is.the reason' why you can't get the
,        same  value elsewhereo that you do get if the suit bears the" Campbell label. -■*
Wen's   Suits   $8.50   to   $22.50
' ■    '- ' -- . *   '       - t, ,     -■ „ '   .-       '■
Men's  Black ;Sateen  Working 'Shirts, full size,   well made and finished, every shirt-
.',,'*-. ;■'.-' guaranteed, made- of the best, material ■■& "_..".:'• '-. ., „
75 Cents to $1.25 "'•,
-iieti's Lijjlit colored-Shirts,witir cullar attached" in**
;   plain white and fiincy stripes ,   . P
\ ' '7-Wto"$2;7£'"~*y  1, ?
1;. "7'     •-:-   -■.-.■ f» '"'v^y*    . >ff?  ',
Bovs' Overalls  all
sizes in" Black and Blue
a ■
per r pair. 50c
I ri U^ni.b;ll r.-n<l_ di:u,.bt.rArrived last c'aturday and are the gue3's
of M-Ib^ Tonn-.l'. ' "
F. ,H. Sherman, rresident -tf District* 18," tome up.from Lethbril^e
Thursday niornin?. '■   ■   _-.'•'.
Mrs. K. Rogers, wife of Pcs'.mst-'
er Ro';ers, of H'.sncr, was \i:-iting
"I'ernie friends yesterday.
Vlce-PrrMd nt John Galvin   U   In
t:wn.*.'o r.tcnd a'board ms.tinij ol
, District 18, U. M. W. of A.
Qua,htl .'eo of 1 uc' le' errle3 ore 1 e-
Ing Lrou. lit   nta the city.'   This    Is
golnjrito lo a 1 orry ye r.
i* '
Mar; Dr.m, edit r <f i|U;    "'rank
Paper, was on oiir slrect-i Thursday
lifter..ooii shaHng hands with f.'Vds.
Son^e of t'e Pernio l.dies hayethe'
era ej.f;r croqpot almost as hmlly
jib thc!;'nje» had nt first for l.o, liu.';.
Inte/.-atlonal Board Me•nher P.t-
leisoit'arrt'-el homo this morn-ng
from u vnit, to Lothbrtdco rnd other
locals, y.
Vr .'•". Worry y; wlfo of cne
of FoTnie's old ^own mi»rch:iil8,
(• 'n town ih's veok vl-iting with
Mor..*, than a hundred tenms aro ex- arrive here to *n:a?o In
rlKht-of *t\y clenrini? and j>radios;
riext W<e''. ,'•
Mr. .'A*. 'J.'Mott nnd 0. H. I'lo.i ton
w«ro In town Thursday nnd xxvlt tx
trio   to   Mt-le', ritum'nff to Bile,
niout'i yoBt.'rdoy,
11, L. Ml'ler, of T»')cr, Ih attending; thn hoard modling ot DUtr'.ct
18, ro.'rescnt'n^ the L.thlrid;,e district on the l>o.i rd.
4T, A., Macd n II, occr. tiry of District 18, U, M. W. of A., In In the
city in attendance upon t'-e mectlns
uf tho dl'til t lonrd,
A'dcrnwn Tuttle h 1 re l.i;n:d thi
j-'oal ion of ijnme warden lor tbl<«
dlBtrbt, »nd A, fewln hr« len .1,)-
polntid lo tbe position.
.'eodle M y, thc fl «m nthi-oM
chill «t Mr. tnd Mrs. L. K. McDoi-
aid, died 1 i-f-t vr*Ani*Atxv n't^nir,
•ni't wis lurl«d Thutidi.y,
All Uic ln«l moia'era <f District
IS etcoi»t the mcm'er from mih-Ala-
trlrt Ko t, nnn'deid, wore pmunt
it 'he loinl me t'nu yontordiy.
Mr*, 'lurry, IMI   and   Mra. |*tH>«City Hall, l-wi*.of which «t«rv i>ar-
Clam (<rmed    thcniael/ea    In'o     su"n i* h*r*Xivnnniif.i ta t«k« noilto tint)
■. i»  t.iincu    iii4.iiiB(;i4 cs    in o     »j govern himself (iBcortlln«ly
prl ate picnic party yralerdny   pnd'
«cnt I'owi) l»y t'i« cool runnlnir iri'l-
er* rf the Rile ttlow lhe bin mil at
8 4i.n1., and put In a pleoitint morn*
Ins 'n the r.<imp,iny of ' f e wlLl.**
" Oi "Wednesday a't-1.30 a v-.ry da'nty
luncheon was git en by Mrs. Trites
in honor of .Mrs.* Oemptell, !who . is
the g.U£sl of her 8"ster, Mrs. "Bonnell.
for two or three niehths.1
The regular mo- tins night of the
Re", ecca lod-,e No. 20 has been cliang-
et fr.m the firs' and thi d Monday
nights iu e'&ch mc'nth to" the first
aid third Thursdays, The first meet-,
ing und r the ch.nge wi'l le held
Thursday e.enln;,  August "1st.,,
 0 .
* 1.   -     ,1      . , --   .
The government of Italy* has taken
over nil of the telephond systems in the
country arid there will,now be one
ciiinpany in place of seventy-four.
"; ,' -——o—*^—-
LaBt Saturday fJoal Creek journeyed
to Michel - and in one of the fastest
fe-anien of the i-ensnn pulled out winners
by n score of 2 to 1.
Fernie was. scheduled to play at Cole
man but'failed to do go,- thus frivinfr th _
game by default,   This places Coleman
a close second in the league and the
finish will be watched with Interest.
■'•Pernie plnys at Coal Creek tbday and
hope to a;ivo n good account of them
selves, It Is said there is nothing id
uncertain as a horse racoor nn election,
The same might bo true of tx football
match, ao cheer up Pernio. - '
Below we give thu standing "of this
diHtrlct to .July 20th, 1007:-
Toam Played Won Lost Dr'nPts
Coal Creole-,...',..8     8     0     0.0
Coleman 4      3     2     15
Pernio -A      1 0     2
Michel • 3     0     I      I    „l
•■FOR -SALB"-"-^"--'-"'
FURxrrrnK, for  sa t,k "at - oyer. -
Pallet; Avenue 3 doors irom Fernie Hos-
pitnl.   ' ,
nenrly new, In liest of order.   Applv f.pdner
oniee. . ' m:.,vtl
Summer showing ot^Drygdb'ds\atxquickrsalepricesl? be cleared -at* half price five;
f'dozen-Children's Colored Duck, Chambray and While Muslin Dresses.
N. Howbrook. Fernie,
£* try. .House is prnctlcully new having
Beoij., built loss thnn a your. Located on
liiinu of Elk river nonr G. ^.bridge. For particulars address or apply to tho " Fornio
Ledger. ' jso-tf
rr-i HtmtrRl hougowork.-Apply Mm, A, B.
i rites. , >*
Public Notice I
J- tlie hlntoM nfpt|1eMunUilp(ill»y"of the
nilyn-rPernlt Mint I raqulro the pi««»nc« of
tlm-nil Rlftf-torn at tlieOIty Ilnlliln the »«ld
City of Purnlu f4n
Monday, July 29tli, 1907
nt lKo'olooliiioftiUPfnillo HtMidnrd tlm«) for
11* piirpoM ef elMtlna a penon to raprntont
tlmni In tlni Muiiloliml Cuunotl mt AliiBrman
fur tlio ronMuo of tlm turni ol Kx-Aldbrmttn
The Mode of Nonilaitton Shall be
ft? fottov/s:
, ThrCitnillilKtMitmll lm nomlnntnd In wrlt*-
•**'i "••* »ijl>,.f*ti«tti tut nuti»i!ri(i«4( ii) two
votorti of tlm Mtml-'lpullty ** prnnAior nnd
lint Olllitr At nny limit Xtftwimn tludat« nt
iintico «iM 1 p. in, il'Moirlo Mnnditrd Tluin) of
thAijiit-or nonilnatloii, ami lu iliu ovmit i.r»
piill I'MUif ii«p(t<i»ry mipIi poll will lie o|v«n«d
™ r.. . West Femio. well Hltuatod. Lot
IW, Block S, and Lot 5(6, Blook fl. Who will bo
tlm luoltv one? Titlo absolutely oloar. Writo
to the owner, W. .r.TwIss, Vancouvor,
-7* itlon in camp, Can handle 7fl boardors.
Has IU years experience. Address Fernlo Led-
tier, . .^1 , ;.<>•*: • ..iy'(4',-.-.'' - .    ,/;i.   >'*' *., <,
m„ honfleV„or4,£lu ?°11 ol""'P' Apply P.,II.
81iormBp,.Wj(stp«rnle. •   .      /J im
11 iii	
Noraian Rusk
Qonoral. I)laok«mlth
•■:•■'   R«palrln8f,   etc.
horsie Shoeing
" "a SPECIALTY   7,   '
Conior of Victoriu Avonuo A Jnffrtv st
Good, reliable, head galesraiin In
Groceries and DM'Koods for Wcot
Cftnndlnn Mutual Co operntlvo Trad
inn: Co,, Coleman, Alberta. Address
•tatlna- experience and antnrv. with
references to
John Notman, Sec.
'White:Muslin;- nicely'triuimtd with Valenciennes,,
""'lace and Insertion," reg-7$2 25" _    .'_." j_J»«i    4 g"'
White Muslin trimmed with lace and.   -gj j   Ajfl
insertion, reg. $1 95, quick move priceu^ | H||||
Linen. Crash.Sailor Suit trimmed .with., ** .-gE
red piping,'reg. $2.25, quick move price   | 0Dv
K Navy.Blue?Cambric Sailor nicely trimmed with
,white vesting, regular $1.65      —- ; ■ - --ftfllik;
Quick move,oprice.....  -•"• v.UCr
Ladies-1 and IWSsses Wash Goods
■ Ml8ses',Black'and White* Cheek">Cambric in Peter
Pan-Btvle with short sleeves,'red-
piping, price. ''	
Misses'-Sailor Suit', in plain Cbambrays with pleated skirt and short, sleeves A lift
Ladies' White Muslin neatly tucked and' ,'trlm-
' med with lace and insertion 0% Ajfl
Price........*..     a.UU
Ladies' Black and White Sateen1 with.-self
strapping and black piping: "-" ■-- a giA
Price       O.DU
Boots and Shoes
A careful consideration of shoe claims will lead you to select one of oiir well-known makes. They will be
found to" be loyal servants and faithful. friends, and, at the same time will make, no exhorbitant
demand on your pocket"book;-  • j ' '. \:.~, '.-■'„
The.Artisan Working Boot for men.   Made of solid,leather and cannot1 be equalled for l'Ard wear
and durability.   The Walkover, The Packard, The Traveller, tine  Shoes for, men.   The  Art,   The
'True Fit, The, Royal Purple floe Shoes for Women. , ••■;,.,•■      ',"^
GROCERIES ■■/-!7 /
We search the markets for high quality table supplies, the best at the lowest possible price being our motto
Red Raspboo'Hos,  Poaolies,   Plums,  Aprloots,  CherNes,
Orangas^ Bananas^ Crab Apples, Cooking Apples,
Croon Corny String Boans, How and Old Potatoas.
Imprted Kippered Herring and Herring
, In Tomato Sauce, per tli,.,. : I...
Sceloy's Extracts, guaranteed the best,
quality, 2oz......  >.	
Socloy's Extract, guaranteed the best      *%£*%
quality, 4oz G,QQ
1 lb. PlneBpplcs, highest quality
pCl*      till t * * •   iiilHMMHtllllMlM
til ******** ******
Royal Household Flour
Guaranteed the best but costs you no more than
Inferior., brands. The truo flour for tho housoho'd
unequellcd'forbread'and pastry. *-
50 Ibsaok -1165, 100 lb Sacks •■••v^-.OO
Creamery  Butter
Try  Windsor Castle Creamery Batter, put up
mexpressly for oursolvosand received direct from
tho Creamery every few days * *9ft'tW
1 riwO por lOftfitt 1 111 • u3 mm up
On August lit.
Qualification for AMerman
Aft*r th* lint UanlclpRl Elprllon, Xh« por-
don,) n-ulltu.t to lm nomlnstcil for nn<l nlvatml
«• Alit*rm«n of micli oltv »li»U l.e «nrli ixnon*
in at* mul* llrltUli »iil>J»ct» nf tlm full ««« of
fNiutv-'-r.* ytsArt n«>» <H»<iiihIIii«.'i uniHr
1 nny U *, nnd to h»vt h»«n fnr the tit montht
Chf.f enjtlneer i,a 1on.tructlon
Ihlfln, li* htta '•'••-/ to VtU \t>tk
nnd h>« teniil * iuit or room* la
thu pott oflte* lit etc to ft o»*H 00
bind uarU.-« dannc the foB'trimtlon
of '.lit tzttoiAoti ti Ml-bfrl,
n»«r pr»e».|lni» th* ,{«y of tinmln»t(on th*
luiia ItwUtiy
. ■-, -_,.."jr in ih* city i.r tiu
»»•*»«•;* v*lu*. on ih* Unt Uunlelp«l A«««»i
tmt-te.r,\'t nviiU'.r, in fliii"
of hn-l «r.r*«t !>>?■;-*•?? tiMfofp't.v !'f 'li*
..-,..._,.»,,..,.,„ ,,„ ,.„v Munwipm ak*«>
ment HdJI, of Flv* Hiuiilr*-! liolUr* o^ mor*.
ov.r »nl »l.ov* *r,y rMri.Un-d 3n,l»ji,*iJt ,^r
eli»M*. *i*'l who *t# othcrwl-.* ntidlKl-nl *<
mntil'lp*tviit*r*, M.CA k«J4.e.lj,».li,** I,.
John W. Nutin.
Shoemaher Shop
(U|i|i. l>, IJunia & Co'i ofllco)
1 liu ownur Imi worked 1 vuarH |
In Y.i.'iiiv ,U*}y, stal in \ho\iatq1 ,
to 1I0 nil kinds of repairing nnd;
now work.
Stork Opera House
One Night Only
Monday July 29
The Girl
The Store Willi the Fish Pond
Mill \iq presented by the
hide of Now Yoik
Ben Giflliotti
French Tuition
Mitdnme Marie Mouclu«t
•flwMlimfc of tho UuUcinU.v, <,r
I'ailx (I'mnet*,
TeriiiH on Apiillcntiloi*
n   , .    Piettv Glrlf, Clever Comedians and
*'trillC i R.-.tonrMil «ft1rti«t«   Vnw <*!rtnf»a
4 ■ - '    • "■
Everything new »nd
Saat* on Sale Fernie Drugstore
Tickets i $1.00, 7.r»c, Children flOc ,
■RMylti'ii U fl l.iit'l nf Iih' ivnaim. Ifi
fifuifit the mlnli.'iuni pay an lionr for
j prhtern, rnnfert ttlmlitr*. !>Hintnrt« nud
J l)rt|l■•rm«k*•r^ ji 7 tenia—i'ii ce»iU for
, ii-n Iin»r»—anil of hUt-tumUlm, lock-
' «>niih<, <**r|)*i)tfr*, mst-ii.*, [MmAmtii
AddrfHH lleiir uf Cut hollr-Glitir^li' *ii<1 Wfclridj»ii.«.)<-eut.-..
Although \v«r h.ivc said nothing to you
previously about Fishing Taoklo-- yet
\v<? v/irh you to hn'ov; wc arc ir. the business
tvj-llj un up-io-Jaic a^'or-ltiicfU of T«ick!c.
Seeing is believing; Feeliig is the Entire Truth
Sec our windows for samples and feel our
RoH«5 for proof thnt "fo hn.'jd.'o n^thiHr* but
tl*je best, and at more moderate prices than
has yet been asked.
m the sroRe with the eish pond window
Hordworo      Tinsmlthlng      Plumbing


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