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i»«wi*wii» ifci^**i*wwiiin<t,i»*teiryaei)'rr w»rf
....-A -rfT,^
Vol."II No. 51  '■■»&S2*+
Fernie, B. C.," August 10, 1907
SI.00 a Year
Enthusiastic Crowds Watch the
,7Ws4lany,fc te;::
;;.: tests J Witnessed ",.-;:
'*• Citizens' of   Fernie   should   return
thanks to tlie. weather 'man-'for"liis'
great .clemency, on.. Civic   Holiday,
-, Whether he,*w'a's tired after his strenuous
life of late ahd-appointed a deputy for
..the day; who like some,other people of
.'.whom we have heard lost the key of
the hydrant-at the critical'moment, ,we;
ao not "know, Jiut'the result"'aftor:ii
" a.m.  was a comfortable and a sporting
,„ -day of clear sunshineand a breeze that
tasted sweet and enabled the committee
to carry "out its program without the
gloom of umbrellas or the prickly heat,
of raincoats. ,'. ' ~ ' '
The excursion of the Hundred Thousand ".Club   ofj Calgary v. at   the'-", last
moment, fell --through,  but the., towns
<   along the' Pass sent -large contingents
and.the city*- was crowded -willi- sight-'
' seers. _       ...     ' '     ; 7'    • 7* '
The stores and private houses were
 iti tlsni;rtil}-;u(;uul€iivu77<uiu-iii4r-iK_siuciii.-«-
vied   with ■ each   other . in'"producing
• •" plC-asing effects,   the,,C.   I'.   R.   depot
_ being especially good, and it gave visit-
■ ors arriving hy rail an excellent foretaste
'-4 s - V    *-
«  of what they might 'expect at the hands
•of.a city giving itself up to the pleasures
of a civic holiday.    If the committee on
.some   future, civic holiday, saw  their
, way to offer a prize for tlie best decorated  building, great tilings might be
achieved in  this line and we should
have the same rivalry in house decoration as we now havo in a hurdle race
or a football mutch.        .. "  .
Tho program of the day consisted of
football, baseball, high, jump, hurdle
' i race, broad jump, tug-of-war, i'oo yards
race, Oddfellows race, huh and hub
nice, pony races, Indian- horse race,
horse races, wet test and in the evening
boxing ivnlcnls.'    ITap_*ily .ilu.' day vi'iis
" free from accident,-ind inching occurred
,. ' ** .      - ..
to mar the success of,lhe celebration,
jump. - Thomas failed lo clear 5ft. iiii.,
when McDonald clearing -5ft.-.ain. ran
out easily, Thomas second. ' -   ","
1.45 p.m.,. 120 yards Hurdle Race.
Eight entries in this event. . First, McDonald, Cranbrook; 2nd,Manahan,
Fernie. -  McDonald won easily.
2.00'p.m., Running'Broad Juinp,'-*4
entries. First, "McDonald, Cranbrook,
18ft.-1 j4in.; and, Wilson,. Fernie,'18ft.
8in.-'3rd, Manaham, 17ft.,iin. -Wilson
made a second effort to win, but having
sprained his" ankle was* handicapped
*and;Could not reach his form, ;,„■ ". *
.'\2.15 p.m.,'Tug-of-war, Fred Waters'
.team v.,P..BurnV,teaoi. ..This was the
event of the day.- Vorbyi. long minutes
beef was up against- the tall timbers. It
was a great struggle", before Waters'
Elk" Lumber team pulling, on cleats
was declared Victor.'     * ■  ■ ■       '"   .   v
A Formal Agreement Reached-
Interctage of Cards
v Arranged.    *   ;
Notorious Train Robber Breaks
Jail   :  :
Secretary Garfield Says That
Government is in Real
Denver,*.Aug..7th.— A formal agree
ment was reached today between John
Mitchell,  president of the United Mine
Workers of "America, -and -William.Di
Haywood,  secretary "-an.!   treasurer of'
Riverside, Cal.,sAug.,.8.—Ih an address la t night bef .re the cham'.er
Vancouver, Aug. 8.—Bill Miner, t'.ie
notorious Kamloops train root or
and threo companion?, escaped f.om
the* New Westinir.Btc'r penitentiary
at 4 o'clucit this- aft rno";n. Up "to
the present, they have'not'I'ecn captured; althou h Uie neighborhood is *
troused'ind every 'pbssii-le euftrd ardl*' commerce,' Jthn R. Garfnld, 83C- | V
policeman'who can le secured   has'lretary of the interior, alluded to tie _->.•
eea  rounded  up -and pressed   -into  fine impis'ed  en  : the o Stan:'ard    Oil j-.j.
Co. at, Ciiic. go ycst.rdy.   He s id | Y,
together   with' 'three
2.30 p.m,  100'yards race, was vvon I t"ile western Federal ion of Miner's, for' c.nvictB, J.',W." Cl,,rk, W.  J. "Woods
Hot Weather
'The decisit n and fine aro. tbe end
byj. McDonald," of Cranbrook, in io 3 5
seconds, "H;, Cattell, Fernie," coming
second, aiid J.. Wi Nunn. third. McDonald-won easily and the other runners who were-bunched together came
in in the order.'named.' ..-. ,'_,
, 2.45 p.m.,.i-mile race. 'There were
six entries for this racc-^J. McDonald,
Michel; J. M. McDonald, .Cranbrook;
Nesbitt•■Telin'.-Alex, Frances, Indians.
Al thc start the Indians took the*lead,
passing and repassing each other in the
first'. and , second run'.',- In the"'- third
round ■ Nesbitt "malic* a "fine spurt and
took the lead for half a round, when he
'was overtaken by J. .M. McDonald who
.won.'Nesbitt being second, Indian third.
3.00 p.m., Oddfellows'*-Race, 100
yards, 5 entries, won,by Mr. Kenny, of.
Fernie. J, W. Nunn was second, Time.
11 •;-•■; seconds. .' .'.-'      	
an  interchange  of cards * between the
- j and  A.   V.  McClosky,  were  wcT'.iiig
two. organizations. ' This mailer h..is;in the; penite-.itifr/ Iric'-; y rd. 'Ihcy
ol a lung ' fight;- • and will tcaeh'  the ; •>
people of -thin country" th. t m *man,-
lhe lr'ck smo'.cstac'v and rscr.ped iri:
to,, another   field1   of     the'* prison
1   jMaiu Street..
4.00 p.m.,""Hub and Hub Race, iwo
entries—Fernic'and CrahbiookP'Furnic""
won.    Time 17 4-5 seconds. '.
"4.15 p.m., Pony "Race, ist, Brownie,
ridden by C.Higgins; 2nd, Horman
boy.' ,   '„ .'       ■   Y- ■
4.30 p.m., Indian Horse Race,    ist,
Jollibarmi, ridden by Jack.  - ,
4*45 p.ibii' Horse Rnco,"^-mile, two
heats,    ist heat, Putteese first, Pollock
second.    2nd heat, Deaii Swift, T. B.
Final, ist Dean Swift, 2nd.Balilie,
. s p.m , Wet Test, won by Cranbrook.
been between lhc luo organizations for
several years aiul nol until "the la'sl
annual convention was the matter given
any support. The agreement made lo-j"f.rounds. Although this'yard".is sur-
day,finally disposes of.the question und jroun-Jed >ith" high fe-cin", the fu-
from now on any member of either of giti.'es mana;edp ti" rcle th's and
the two organizations .who finds himself L-*"" cleir, away. " „   » ?   ■
outside the jurisdiciion of his particular Their a'_s-'uce.w s first nd'ed'at 4
body mav affiliate wiihtlie sister organ-, o'(.l_ ck. arid an_ 'alarm* jas immedi-'
ization'by merely depositing his car*J|--'t ly turmd in.- All the priBon:rs at
and will be entitled-to lhe protection !wor". in-t'e grovn's were mui-tefed
given other members.-     - arid marched ]ice\  to'th-; „pen'tenti:.
- - °     -.' ■    iiryrnd t'-e    whole force o? gu-rds
s t t\w rk to find the' missing men.
appar.-ntiy , exca-ated .. a:h le'nea*!1'^ or little.' is abo^ ,the biw.   The
■ ♦:♦
Western Coal Operators and District No. 181
Fine Program of Raoing.
Parade of Indians, and Baseball
-- ;0. W: of A. MeeTatBanff „
,;/.-YY   Next Weeh. ' ""
The Joint ;Co'mmittee of lhe VVeslern
Coal Operators'Association and-District
No. 18 U. l\l; W." of A., will meet on
Monday, August 121I1, at Banff. ;The
operators'represenlativssare Mr, Louis
Stockett, Bankhead"; Mr. 07E. S.
Whiteside," Blairmore; Mr. R.'G, Drin-
na'h, Fernie. . The miners' representatives are F. H. Sherman, Taber; J. R,
Galvin, Fernie; J. A. Macdonald, Blairmore.,. ■ There are several disputes lo
be dealt, with and various matters in
connection* with the general agreoment
lo be decided,*
Standard Oi' Co. and pothers . like
that great corporation have" . gone
ahead on, the theory that they were
so powerful that they could do
things the ordinary corporation
could not.'-We are showing then
they cunni.t.".'      * ,* • c*, •**
!   As: ed if the prosecution could col; ■ «j.
lect the "fine, Secretary Garfield " re- ; *
plied-. ,;-    ** w        =: j %
j   ' Yes, you may be aesured we can. i *__*
•    I v
And   there are ten    thousand more ; ,♦.
, counts hanging over them on wtiica   ♦*♦
similar fines can-be levied." a* „      *
j   Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 8.—John D.~
Rockfclicr,* upon learning'- of the fine '
! imposed upon the Standard Oil Co. !
-.today. iiaid    he  had    no "comment '
Children's Straw Hats   I
■ ""      •'' ■     ■ *
50c for 40c *   75c for 60c, $
Ladies' Print Dresses
Sji2.25 for 4$ 1.75   ■ 7   7'
Wife of, Weil Known Citizen
Passes Behind the Veil..
■I ,   .       ,
Margaret, wife' of P. V. Whelan)
passed away al 1.30 p.m. on Tuesday
last after an illness extSn'ding over live
months, leaving a baby girl.- '
The body was taken,east on.Wednes
day accompanied -by Mr. Whelan, and
will be laiJ to rest at Napanee, Out,,
on Sunday, amidst home surroundings.
Mrs. Whelan*,(nce Margaret J, Dewey)
was but twenty-sis years of ii'gc,
for a trip tomorrow for the Oalgary
viators over the compi'.ny's lino to,
**kw tho crops,
The'*'Indian parade t'rough the
etrocle dally, in \yh,i:h l.COO Bloods
and Flegan Indirius In'full warpaint
is a si., ht "th t   is wcrth traveling
j  Ihivid eds of miles tj see,   lho   city
j 1 and 'cads tho parade, 'which ,is com-
,,.,.,,   L&h rid«c»   Au8-    7.-Tho   second :p,,8 ,i 0f wnrr'icw dec'el out in all
except Hint the baseball match b.l.«l:day tf Southern Al'-erta's iii   fair'.the nphndcr ,t the red   man cf  the
for   tho   evening , was,'postponed  to was  attended   ly   upwards cf 3,500'prist, fie co nml w.-.rliV i\  cn'r.st
pco.'lo.   * • -i- j with thn receful costume, of   tho
"The r.cinB proirnrame ' wlis^ per- hundreds' of spect t rs who tlinns
haps the lest tho fair has over held, 'the,a enuo-i of the rrocrsaion for
The cowboy relny' roc, which was two milts. .Fully 2,000 Indlvns nro
the premlei ovent; wns run in 4 min- encamped In wliw.ims and tents out-
ti'ds IB s.'conds, nnd was won by J. jslilo, tho city.  A hie pew-wow   mil
^n fire dunce is lu-ld ,in tlio cvonlng.
' whatever ■ to   make concerning  ^the
'imatttr '    .   ' :.o_     "*    -~    ■      ., ;' ^\:
j   Mr. Roekfellcr did not pky' "golf
this mrn'ng, as has .1 e:n Irs daily,
cus'om si-.ice h's t-rrival tt   F.'r'st .
?Iill.   7 '■
New Y-.1"'-, Aiiir;. 8,—News of the ;
unpreceden'eI fineimprscd upon,the;
St nd rd Oil' Co. 1 y Jud; e- "Landis ;
in-the Unit d St-t s c;urt ,* t „Oh,i-j
ca^o w'-s recfi"'ed in.Nt-w Yorlt with
exe't d inter st.   -
Ari""b'n\'ial of the St-ndard Oil" Co J
said t'-e amount of the fines evidenced the injiist'ce ti t'-e„ comprnles.
' 'The* amount cf -Ji d e L'ndis'
fines'' s»id fie cfllci 1 ru'lioritv ,
tidy, fcr' t" ccompiny, ''Is ' ffty
'• I'lmrs the ivahvi., of  the oil    can led
lire broke out nt the roideiico of urider   the    Indictment.,.  rIhe .totnl
Charles    Richards,   nf" Hans.uK v-ih'C i f oil ws $-57000.   For cell
another date to enable the players lo
cool off.    '    '
Thc Italian Band In the leadership of
IV I'astu rendered a choice selection of
Inspiring music nnd nt night' the city
gave itself up. lo a lavish display of
.•The following contests were pulled
■off on the Recreation1 Grounds, commencing rit!'io n.in.    .-
10 a.m., Football Tournament, I'ernie v, Coal CrceU. Conl CrocU won
1—0. The gnme was not n good one Doundnry
to watch; it lacked speed' and Conl
Creek did nol play up to oxpectiitlni.
Still their coinliiniilion wns hotter limn
iVwc'l,  wl.h'W.  Austin second,
4.00, nnd Laliderty third in 4.20.
Tho Tnd'sn relay race wns a closo-
ly contested event, and was won In
i* mlnutOB 13 secundfl, which "wns
two sxoqds -I etter than tho cowiioy
relay rnco.
The 2,?.;i t ot or'puoo was* won hy
Diy,     tlnie   2,27J, with
Oleuryvater' second 1 nd Hen O third.
slrcel, on Wednesday morning 111 itbnuj,ci-r if ojl, v-, Iiud at
eleven o'clock, -7    '        '    '"; Ji Vc ",oon   ftnrd '20,'
Flames were discovered in the dollies j w !l :° Ln'on ll l,-n
bureau in the sleeping portion of the j Circvlt   (aurt
lious-o, and wearing apparel to the viluei wn t1l!l*
of $$00 wiis .destroyed.     Fortunately
the fire did nol penetrate lo the living
rooms and was' extinguished by  lhe
chemical engine of the cily lire brigade,
At  the first ombre-nlc Mrs, Richards,
with a considerable display.of ricrve,
turned tlio garden hose on the llaims
nnd greatly subdued them,'
(a'Thursday a. sham battle will
'. e held, In which over 1,500 warriors
wil pnrtlelp.to, while n sculp d.nce
lm 7e:n arr. n,;elfor the ovcnlng. ._,..,„        ,.
The txhi-.it> of Rreon crnins   and With SeriOUS Crime. . Vaucouvor,. D.    C,    Auk.    8.-It
gr.Mcs aro without d u't ths finest   «m™ l"-^ wo11 n88Uro,1 tu fc M"! ft
eollcetUn tlmt Irs over loon  rotten i " - ■ •" , tl>,", n,"''». t'10 «n*y IT*"n who *vor ! ♦[■
to';clhor ir. the hist'r/ «l Southern |   St, NorLrrh Aug. ft.—On .July 29, !defca'°l W1U "■ c'l"llldl'"•. thfl loenl, j,«
Aforla.Kvery Hroelo of tv:n and ' Clothlldo (b rett>, a nlnetein-yirr-'IoBB'dl"t nco r,lnl"'^, wlU ,0 hcro to   A
Nineteen Year Old French Girl is Charged
With Serious Crime.
n'cul. M50, wo ,'
00.   >n I'U'PO l'[
Un'tesl    FU. t s '
7     Avre I-i/    l«t'
it will  1 0 i".tc-rcrt  rt   enco
cr wheth-r thc full tlm r.lkwnd ly
I.w will le ia''en will le ('ctennincd
hy onr by our eot.'nfl 1 in rhicnno."
* 'I^ 00 for 4$ r. 50
Ladies'0 Knit Underskirts"
roc for 5c"      15c for. ioc
Men's Straw Hats
$2.50 for $1.75"
$1.75 for $1.25
$1.60 for   *;oc     a
35c for 25c
y' *      1   ■*"    4
Hen's Colored Shirts
Stiff Ppspnij all "sizo.s
|r.5« for 75c
Boys' Wash Suits
$2.00 for $1,50
$2.50 for
i v
! V
1 V
1 ***
Labor Day at Vcnoouven**.!
All Swift Runners Coming
f*r the  Sports,
7 '
Hil( mile Anah wns won hy Frlnr j_.rft|n ftB Wljj ft9 crrn tint Ims been'old French ill, living at her lath-
Charm In 65
Cress scc.nd
seconds, with
grown   n Al'ortn, S;s'.t{.tobownn (iirjtrs Lome i.t s.ctl.n 11, run e 2, of
Penile and undoubtedly the bent lenm 1 |L""' 'X^""'  4?,Mi,l:1,i" )?" "p   °,n iM nl °'ft l' ,on «'»«'>»(«• ;W<st JnSalV, gave 11 th to a child
                           '                      jWhtcr Orcas nnd rullcd his horse In j   Tho   ',fi
11   a,m,,   Baseball, North Star of
l"ll<o v. Ivurolcu of Montana.   Tho {(nine
wns a-fair exhibition of bnsoballund Denver Diim
sniiio neat plays were pulled off, 'The 1.20;     Anitii
lleldlng on both •siduM was Himppy nrdfhior.o third, constItulIn
up lo the iivcr/iKi*.    HIUo cxrulled nt ]cl1 ■* rnre* ,  "
the bat arid hut tor tlie sharp neldiiiK j   "^^
of tlu; Jui re kit tiie »corc iiu'uht <m\ef,™ Jr,'"
txetnown more.onc hided.   Onl> hW",   P"l!fe ll't«I,t"^ »«| pool sc'lln:;.  d
:,...  .t^'Tlio IiTo     ownoni rcfusnl to raci*' „u
A'.Hnhy of     dulry products, j which bIio'Ih nllogoil to hmo burled
ve, ctnM s, piiiiltry 1 nd in a nuinure pile n'.out sixty yards
live st ck ipeiVn     volume) f r   tho di t nt from thc limine.   All the r.st
thrfl-.'fjnarter    mile   dnBb ' rfohn ■■ of the soil a-d snnthlnc of Jcf tho f mily wore In Winnipeg   on
cot nr».t plitcn,- tlmo j souihorn  All orb.   The hundrods of'th.it dny.   U..011 the r.tiirn   0'.   her
scconl,     nnd    Hoyal j,Amerlc,Urf win vist'ed t'e 1 Ir   nre stflU-rfl, it wns io:icid 'ih.t hIio w:.s
vorJ' hi. lily pie sd wth the, a rloiltur;*!   di, ut in-tbii-.g wis b;.|<1 n'.out th
, th© first beat,  AH .lets wcrf denlar-1 tm \\ fru;'8
I'd eff,
Tn the
iPcsTiltlcs of tho dis'rlct.
,. viiuiaiihi -U|.c-«.-hir4 uu..-;   The H, h 1Uv,r iiUC[,ofi..f. to.uii. who
flmln; t> iitlvnioiu,    u-Ji n(^ro ^ p|aJ1 t,fc LCi(l tc-m hm, to.
fihd fj tuin up, nud
inniiiKs ware \An\vA  and .when  the
North Slur went in lo but fn liu'ir limt
hilf ilm Ki-nn* stooA i—(> at'ninM rhi'in.
iintll the pfol allinj? was rsumod,
nnd for n, few mlm'.tB :t loolo-.l
4,     h*.Y    It.,*.'. Ul*,     , l4J„t4l.U....C     «,.S.,t    C'j     Ilh.
* One man and two on bane was U»o;Carad ofl, Ttlfl ^-tUiXx, however,
! MiinJIiiK when one of the Star drove j 0[ hro!«-ir.ftking being illcj-nl, was
; the ball over left liclJ nnikrajjii,' honie»|.defe:rrd until the'evening, when n
"' -milking the tcorc 8—<i In 'their fnvourij meriting wne nrrnnped with thei'po-
; Nothing Impnciit'd n^iiiti and thc Ku-jllce author! i_a ly the directors   of
• irol-as went out, the  f,u'r.      Tlm    rookm/iVcM    were
The evening Knme between the win-!t*«re'ors pllcwed to rfsume e.lllm
.. t-Mi-HofllM lUurhluK*;game ..ud fttnVsVi ?■? ,fl fI*b-t*ie ttn-ferrtanfllB?th t
I  otiiietonii»brupr'iermlnRtioi^fiirvhr{.tt'(eIy pef* B,,Jjp  «*»ura**l '»» w«j?o«>-
out* rea»on«i, but will he replayed oni"     *5r*i
some foturi* occimion. \
Amons* thn    vlsltorn   to the'fnlr
lid fj turn up, nud 1 s n ri-
tr.t tn.-.nj', visit ti ,1^ d's.i;.pid:.tt-i!.
Tlu- ' nso' all jnme ' etwe n C'ul nry
.nd thr 'ncal t«:ni w.s wltnffR'd 1 y
t\x p'nc'ed inmost nd, and a condly
mim' er <n tho bleith r• nrd In rlrs
rnd i.iitomo'II s, the pliy t.iriMi,'h-
out w -s (nt. Mtrr.'inn pitched for
1/thbrld;-* nnd By'-es fnr ■ Cnlirnry.
On I- nry w« n 1 y V runs t'« 3.
AW/rJK.vr oy thb high t.t\'r?i.
Tet 1 Be'inper^tlj^.minur who UU
w»ll«t Jiimring ofTth# trnln nt the
mn.„   iih.K'hinm   tthsis.^witFt'* B0'!c«"i"■Bn3r prominent  "tltl-'hlf-h tinm    rB Wedn
wenriee in  ihis ewni-Tlio.n*e   h. e tr _,. ,. thfi „.„_„.-       *«thl |t0B0.   ,    Af... h[l .,,
com:cto in   the   l.lg   chnmplonshlp'
11110 t 111 dui  thi* lUiHplcon ot the Vi n >
coiivcr .'tAl.tlc Club en Labor D;iy. !
i   Siipt. W. F. Flndlny, of the Van-j
■c u cr -Vth'etlc flu'*, received n lo'.-'.
' ter fdr-y frrm Mr. W
i physical   duo1 tor • of
Athle'le Cliih, aslilnc
'e s nt   to Cnlir; ry t'i run n'/nliiBt
fliirh nt n blc nthl t'e e rnl'-nl
tui uiy lii.u  i>  il.iK'OK   ••'iil*» ,   11.e
?*." 111 • Jl :■-..';.'.", i''!' r-rcn'ly •*■• n
llio 0' c in Io ilinm-1'n'-Mp t" V"n
nl"1*", t«-i f'"l"nrv on tint dny t'i
nm avfilnsf-'Fturn. If rhrndlcr r-o's,
nn hn viry pro' n" ly will th'. t five-
rn-if tut shiwl". ' * a ,'ifc.ii t.»-..•*
'•■nd fflt Mm» wnuhl Ve made,. M.
thou h fl e irllrs In-not Chnndler'-*
hrs't ■ dl»itnnrfl-2R miles would suit
hl'i '»t'i»r.
j tn return f< r - f'hnntMer'n vl«lt tn
A Inry wn*? empnnnrred nt fit, ;cvlg-rr the AXhUtlr. Huh nf ihtt
Norbeft j«et:rdity, which brought ln;f_ty wn rro'n'ly ««-d Arthur T..im
the folfowinji ver-lkt "We,nnd that ( t„ v.-nc uv,r ti, tiVe part In.the Mr
Cloth! do Chr.tte KUilty of con- }!,r.inth-.n r e* h're tb«t i-by. Uirsh
ceaUn; thp birth of h»r child hy rn„*rt „i»0 \„ indnrrd in rom<»-st
burylnj the bedy In n pile rf   m*n- j-^t « K'rng   HT-rt ^ni be wil"
m tt v.  On An'.list 1
the iif. ut were di'rovi-rcd    In    the-
im.nur-' pile.     The Klstfrn hos tnti-d
ft" out brn In: the mater up until
. unday nl.l-t.   C'laiiMo, r.p n 'oin;,.
i.tvestl nol, idmitt.d th: t   sho   h,id
cl *.n Mrt.h to thi* r'lilil, hut *.t,nti»d
ih'it'il had lech de.nl at the time nf
l.irlh.    The   'isttrs   then" vtrxt for.
their brother,  who was wurl'lng on :
a tftm a'out a mile nnd a half distant
O. Flndlny,; y
thc Oal^nry ; X
that Clpndler I y
to i •:•
Lots of other
bargains, caH
in and look
tern Over.
I   Aft-r
«»i*y mirnin*? ure tt*\t hr* fiber's h:n«e.  W«r*c
•ror»b!y ».t the Irmmerd to it. the it Vep.t..o»der »ur-
;t.-- «n*<*"re, hi'".  An<1
f -win* r-'ripfrx    f*
Fttb t.hr«i «tmh
•rh-nM'r. Thiri
Xo »*b r    v'tb' o<*r
.HrMiwi^^vwniiu^MHwiw. _TW^rrTTrndriMThofi<'*nd,*Hn^ tltnt-ftn Awe    fcund neesrry ipcrformM f; d".t«rmln"» Whether * the ■ /j,,.,,, ,**,,. 'nt.,\ ,«nir nu f-r >u*
Samuel (Indian)     The In Jinn showed <.-.„■„,  r • offlrhVs 0! th-v A-  H. ftr, r mpnt if hu loft le.' b.H w;*y U-i chill w« 1 de»d or all'-e   when hue-'
ro.*r form and t-uil after taUinjr Wfond * -fl Co.. of this etty, ha?*'urtAnztA ,tw #* th» nn' I* ind t»*p • n#*. 1>A."
1 •     ,
■ f 'i-ri li- n-.*--
'ft!'**'    '"«*"
rnni.   -hrv] I    t f,  fl).
I Wood Co.
1 .      ..
"      ELKO   NOTES
, Mr. John Guest left on Thursday"
lor' Jaflray. ': '*" _
Hits Jtne Phillips went,home on
*. visit to her parents., .    ,
Ernest McKee was visiting .his
parents'last  Sunday.
Mrs. Millet,'of thc Columbia hotel,
was in Fernie Wednesday.
Office of thi'SecretaryVrreas'urer.-P."
' 0.' Braver 515. "'- . ■ ■*8-
Ottawa, Oiit., July 25," 1907.
Fellcw  Labor  Union! ts and  Brothers,—     '     ; . _ .-
Greitin-;;.                   ..' *,
The twtnty-t'iird nnnual session of
the. Trad*es and Labor.. Congress - of
Canada will convene' in the Legisla
fv" -'
a gueBt of the El>o Tuesday
The. Presbyterian     Sunday   school j
was picnicing'in Elko Tuesday.
Mrs.  Telfer,  of Fernie,  was visiting ,Mrs.  James McKee-Tuesday.
Mrs. " Holbrook and -son made   a
flyng visit to Fernie -'Wednesday.
'7 Mr. Bennett and Mr. Halliday, of
'Baynes Lake, spent Sunday in Elko.
".   Mrs. Hurtz went' to Cranbrook to
;* visit her daughter Thursday   morn-
*'ing.   . 7'; ■■  ■
'" " MrB.' Bowser
-.guests    cf Mrs
. Saturday
tie   Council   .Cham" er, , Broadway,
Mrs. Griffith; of Baynes I.aVe, was, ^ ffInnlreg|. Pro,lnce 0f Man-
- "' ""** ",1"** rr"nn'1nv ' ' 'ltbba| le-innlng at 10 o'clock, Monday m-irninj, So.t.'lotbi TO?, md
will continue in s 8.ion from day to
day until tbe business of the convention has been,completed.
Lb-; "year,    notwithstanding   the
feet that th2 corive'.tion was held 'n
tbe extreme west of Canada, num'e'y.
at Victoria; vthe convention, both ,n
point   of numbers * and- enthusiasm,
j excelled any'hing in the history   of
] organized la", or, in Canada.      -
With-.t':e cbnve-ition in Winnipeg,
■■   :- ;'"   the t'ltuie "capital of the British 1-Vm-.
and daughter *«■"" Ip^ afld.,a'irly accessible, J toth- as
Klingensmitb last, to. ^ o| itranBportatlott,and:,time,
., I       ^ * ** *" , '
Its Purity," Flu'"or nnd all-iomid D.-licio'iisness stands ntirivull,*d
Lead Packets Only.      BLACK    .tilXED or GREEN
Never in Bulk.    At''all Grocsrs
Total Assets,*- 113,0.00,000.
23, U. M. W. of A.
all- past,Records
Mrs. Mackay. and children returned Tlie approaching, convention
.should Ie iroken.
'   I " ' ' 1    / .        i
i6   ex-
" Saturday after a
week's outing   at
p":ctd;t^ be a climax of the "great
wbr':. o( organisation for the past 25
-Mr.- and -Mrs."-*-. Stephens, ot. Fernie, years in" Canada.   Your jtody c?nn)t
were'grests ot    Mr. and Mrs., Roly I aflordoto te unrepresented.    '.   _.,
Monday: * I , While,  the,    organisation, ro! ..the
Mr. Fred Rob was visiting hisfam- -wor-ew/hasigone on most, suceeiw-
At a general me sting on July 2nd
the following members* were: elected
aB'vofflcers,of th'is'localV'*'-v '"'"'•''   h:\
' President--C.i ,.H; "Stml'.y.'"" -. "'*'
Vice-Pre ident4w. Fisher. . '',,
Financi l'f Secretaryr-Fred .King., ,
. Recording Secretary—F. ,"Dyson.  ,
Pit' Committee--John  Murray,   J.
J. Cole, John Serra.   . *. ,
Finance .Committee—John  Harper,
Fenwick,Charlton, J; J. Cole.      -
Warden—T. Causey.   ;,    '    '
Conductcr^-W., Belsh.-
ily • at   Ro;sville
Tuesday. ■
Mr. and Mrs. Smith and daughter,
of Elkmouth, attended the party
last night.
Mrs. ~Z. Campbell and daughter
were guests cf Mrs. Holbrook Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Klinsensraith has a new phonograph, and as the old saying goes,;
"It maketh music all. the day."
; Mr.  and   Mrs. 'Wesnsr     and Mrs.
Ryan, - of 7 Wardner,  ' attended  the
party given at the Elko last Friday
,-. night.    ' "      ....-,'     '        <*
.   Mr. Chas. Yeaudel and Mr. Thorpe
l-«'.ent_Bjindsy st Roc'c Creek" fishing !
and made  the big icstTcatch "of "the ^
season, ii ■ i ;
' The Pugh and Livingstone mill has |
closed down on account of shorta?o
Monday and ,fully,/''.the' effortsi   of our opponents
'litre never*'te:n greater or more pro
nounced, and't'-.e necessity -for cl:B2
touch anionjst all btanches (_of labor
in eery'part,of + Canada has   never
l-.een m re marked; ^Mtttersi'affecting
'the every-day life'of the,'toiler si will
be-the'subject'of' discu'ss'.on.on*'each
'day of thc convention, and"the': im-
iportance  of  your'organization ' en-
titl's it'to' le" he;rd-in the consider-,,
ation of all these great questions;.
'' Tbe laws -"'passed-; during-; the;/ last
s ssion" ofj-his Dominion parliament,
as' wdl'-aa;those.enacted by the various Provincial legi liturcs, will-af-?
I tl' mvc'i roDin for discussion;: and
[-will require-the ixerdse^.qf   ths best
: . _.    .  i   : • .1 -, -1     ' *   1-4. -'..  .,      o».\
rtaOugn'u-m~iinj_\v ui 141—ui- muui-. ^- ».-.-
'.'to'it,.tliere'orc, th-.t your delegates
are en hand.   _, -   " '.     -,'.*.
One  of.the  most.' important AUes-
tions"to. come before thi con'eatlon
.-;    -      ••        __?_• i    *.*:       °-     -". ,
One Arrested on the. Streets of Lqn-
4.   don. for' Begging.    .    7
■ will be, tbe policy of
the Congress
towards immigrafon.' The, adv**nt
of thb"sands of immigrants, and the
promise of thousands . more,' havo
Lrought Lho iinmi-iration ciuestlcn io
ths forcfron!;', and today it ran"'8 as
one of 'the iro.jt' difficult problems
confronting    oi*(;ahi-ed  liibor,  afiect-
of cars.   They will now run a bush I
cam*) for the time being
Capt.   A'-eromMe.   and   friend,    of
London, EnJ, ud, crj taliinj ii tour
through   Canada",   and  have  stopped
of: at Elko for a few days.   They are
"re-isto'red i.t tho Elk hotel.    -■
Mrs.   Kilntonsmith^   of    .the  Klk
hctel,    gave a party^'last    Tuesday ; Jrg, as .'t .doc'srour \->a"C"3,-ourJiours
ni-jht.   ' Mrs., '.Kl'ngensmith    is    a'je-f la'or, in fact every condition that
charm'n-; lrst"ss,     She had    muny  surrounds us in tlio S'le of our lob-'
(iiicfits, l-.ath from her own' town'and_'<:r. .As every, province has its   own
a gro-.t many from near-by towns, .v'prb'lcms 'n th's regard,' overy prov-
very pleasant t'me.was spent by, all. ' inco'diould 1 o' wdl represented    at
-. ^ .tlii coiK'ntlon.
j.  So,'too,-ths-reports of the   pro-
'vjnclal o'i'cuti'cB as to t':e iirosr^si
!'of thc I'.Qitcol   'aotioi,'determined
Aug.. l.-A youn-j miner by ' ,,pon . t lJ;c victoria convention will
London, Aug. 5.—A pathefc. story
of a, starving clergyman, was told st
the Cler'. cnwell police court yesterday, when Robert "-Wheeler, _. a," pale,
white-haired, man-of 62,-,in < shabby
clerical attire, ' was* charged with
be:ging.;> ',  .** , ",       ....   *'
A constable had. seen him, accosting people' in Parkhurst road,' Isf
lington, and ".when arrested he said
he tad "camed'-.nothing' since"'Whit-
siirs-de, and"that he was literally
food gi'en to. him.at the police, station. f.His destitution' had so affect-
eel him that he could not give on account of himself; - . „
Mr; Wh'.elcr was discharged and
handed'over to thc,care of the court
ln'ssioii.fry' ' ..*
-       E O- "
Wirmipe;, Aug. 8.—A party of .90
Bukowinans arrived here,last week;
m-iny of' them. be^ngoflressed in the
national, garb' of Biikowina' .The
dress, especially; ol the younger women of the country, .is exceedingly
strikinr, end the immigrants ,' were
watched with, the utmost interest;by\
the travellers ..who happened yo be
it the depot.when the""train arrived
Irom tneeaBt.. - ■-. ■
.' Bukowina lies to the east of   Ga-
licia and Hungary, and is an integral part' of the kingdon of Austria:
The   men did   not   wear distinctive
dress, but the women appeared' in
the apparel    Worn in   Bukowina on
great holidays. ,, This dress consists
of a-'lin'enwaist ond o'tirt, •'the*', s'drt
being    cut short    and   waist being*
made,, wide    with     flowing sleeves.
I ThfBs slerves are richly embroiderel
with bright colored silk pd' . wool,
and. with   shining  beadwork.  "Over
the'.white, imen waist.there is worn
a i-leeveless coat of sheepskin, which
is   usually ..also'"- richly  embroidered.
No he.d covering of any kind-   was
worn by any of- the women, and several of.them were without shoes. ',,
B. E. WALKER, President    -
, ALEX.- LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
.    Branches *;■'
Bribes tUrougUout Canadf^tbe United.SUtes^d E^-,
* < —,,L ' .-7
liness may be transacted by mail with anybraach
SliU or withdrawn by mail.   Every attention is "^
to oa*^of-town accounts.
Fernie Branch','"   .■.'. :,■-*,.  - V   :'i? $ G.'s. ?-:H6lt^ ^nnaffor^r
•«$'. "'•   •-■•• ;- '       ;'*ii"".^'i'\s;''Mv    ?b.il «- *?i
:,WatcHi-*it Increase! ■ :ah ...you haielitoV
a Sayings' Account  is to start-it and
$1 Opens ah Account withJheHomeBank of Canada
the n-iir.c
in tbo,   O.
mlno,  wns
of,,J)z:o'n Pito't'.k, wc-r'c-
A" tl. &.   O. company's
found c'crt In the ' mine
be of'gre t i:n'l enduring lnt rest?
Tlio.moyci:>en,B'.nhd"u'.,toTnnros of tbo
ro.rcsn'fiti cs ef the 1 i' cr.il' and
0. nsr-i't*'e ' p.irMes in-'iCAt,o very
dourly tlr.t v;6 will havo a nonortU
diy. E.-Ulc-ico wns tnVcn, aftor !,icc(.i n jor'tho Dcnilnion parliament
v.bic'i tbe jury returned n vordlct of hl lhr0s, ih'B m:ans that ths Wln-
nccidcnUil death by stopping into '7wil_0._. c.!n7cnt'on of tlio nrinml oarer SR-cut filled with grs which   wns ' j^mont ot ]ft..or wju ]e n10
yesterday' mornin"*-.     Coroner   13cnch
v?ns not'fled t:nd hold nn-iiviuost to
" " *'"■ DI3AD IN.BUSHEiS.
"Wol6ltiy, 'Satsk., ' Aug.* "5.—Word
was brought into \Vols:ley at 3
o'cloc'c Saturday • nfternocn of thn
murder of ltosio Mo-jr, the sevo'h-
ye'ir-ol.l daughter■ of Mrs. Moor; a
German, living .a' out 17 miles south
of her.-.- The child was-ra"seed,.at 9
o'clock Friday niornliii;, and found
by hor mother and &randmoth;r,'
Mrs. "-less, a':out 9 o'clco': Saturday,
morning in a hole s'x InclieB deep
rnd ihr o fe;t Ions; at tlio cd:o of a
slough, whore t'*.e l.Uehos wore very
tide'', two mi,lcB from' nny-dwel'ln-?.,
.The body hr.d been roughly crushed
Into the hole and only covered with
sod,   Ono" arrest haB l,eon made.
    _...._ le
not properly prot-clcd by the co.il' cirnc0 tlmt the representatives
company, and recommended th.it
more care le tikon by tho flro Ijojjs-
•cn in cb rgo to b-o that places sucli
os a'jovo mentioned arc hotter protected.
Tho mln'rs' union and the   town
fire brigade held a meeting this week '
to r.rranio for a cole'rntlon   to   be '
beld   In   rr;n't tn   Sept. 2 (Labor J
Dnj).  Iiivltutlons wlll be Bent out
to tho   Biirroundlng towns invltinjr'
tho unions to participate In tbo eel-
f-r tion.  A Mr tlmo Is expected,
Mrs. Dr. O. H. Mnlcolmeon gave n
bridge curd party   nt her residence
taut evening.  An enJoyaUe  evenlnt?'
wfie stent
Bw;n.'ln; n atleH nt his play, the
little Bon ol Mrs. L. Webeter, 559
BeHncur Btre.t, Montreal, struck
b'e mtther a blow over the eye, ln-
flict'nj: a niety -jae'i.  InBammatloii
followed, and t*io wound looked vory .■'"* the tnovem nt leelf
i c'y, when a box of Znm-Duk   woe Yours fulthliilly,
givtuilit-O.        il.6   paid   *»<*»   bvoUcil i.'»Ul *IU.'«.♦-,   • J—r*- ''-i •• .   •'
la'or, thrcuih fielr Dominion 1oc;Ib-
lalio la" or body, w_U have cf ro-
v.'owlinj tie wor't done by tbe pro-
\i-icial exec tlvts with rcapoct lo independent political' action, nnd taking B-:cb tteps an tb.y doom nccoa-
B.iry ta compUti tb) *w.r'', Thiro,
fore, -t Ib if paramount importance
that ut Icjb'. every Trade and labor Council, from Halifax ln tbeeaet
to Vlct rin In the west, fbould he
ropree ntcd iy the very test men.
Don't be content to pay tbnt thsro
will be enough there without 3 oiu
Ha e yoir cwn d lejtnti prcecnt,
T ii la the crowlns: time, t\o& or-
i;nnlJ!cd later muet keep up with tho
irocceeion. It it ub lem for yen to
Inveifih apnlnst rnjuet laws, or the
methods of tbe employers, unices you
do your part in passing upon thc
wayi and nrane to better yourself.
Is:l:,tlon (rom the general 'abor
movement not onl/ weV.ens your
own oruaiTttiti n, but hdps  t-)   de-
Rossland, D. (J., Aug, n.—Shortago
ol curs hs lopt down tonnage at
tho mince and smelters horo and
olsow&o'e In this district. Tho trouble Ib thit tha col'icrlcR and coko
manufacturers have not kept puco
w.th tho mince nnd smelters.  Ex-
I-'liiL'.del.hia;^. Pa.," Aug. 8.—M-irc
than a th-jusind, personsTwere~iailed'
last''.yeir in.the coal mines of Pennsylvania, 'according to the annual
report just ifc*sued'„by James Roderick,' ch'ef of the department of
mines.' The stat'stics show that of
five hundred-'and fifty-seven persons
killed at anthracite minB, two hund-1
red and for'y soven wove tho rosult
of the victims own :■ e trel.ssnsss,
s'.xty-niao to ■ carelessness of others;
one .hundred . and''oiehty-eight uni-
voidable, and 'twenty.six ■ resulted
from accidents for which,rcsponslVU-'
;ty could not.V.o fixed.
C'hvcl ixicl. Alia. 9.--Accord!n;    to
local ..c-jal   shi'pp;rB,  tbo Northwest
will nuffo;' a nioro Rovcro coil fnm'.no
during'the coming winter'than   the
rccora-I ro "iking ono last your, whicli
cost so many H'ch.   It is «,"o:brcd
th t   tho. inability of the r.ilio-.ds
'to Biippiy'tho Lo.its with enough co.il
and'lho prent demnnd for oi-o,    oe-
ct4slon:d hy the cl'B'ns of tlio■ mines
and the stri'-o of tlio oro Vmndlors,
'will IrbR'a'-out a far-roacliinR chart-
a'.,c of,fuel r.t the upper l<il:cs, With
to:d f:rtuno t'10 ro.in out  l.cyond.
this upper hkes wlll hivo from 3,-
000,000 to 5,OCO,000 tons of coal less
than it will roqulrb, according to cs-
Ohio shippers arc rushing fuol tn
tbo upper lake ports in every vcrbjI
they can charter, and since tbo , opening of nuvlintion shlrmorits to
tbo l:cud of tbe la'es are conslder-
nbly grca'or at this time thnn    t\
do  with. _.. _       c.        . ,
keep, it   going—then   watch   it   grow.    Doesn.t
w   take long for it* to count Yap/-to a considerable:'
M   amount—then  you, see the  advantage—the,wis-
W„   dom * of .saving;" n "7    '
^       J. M.  MARSHALL, Mgr., JTcrnlc  Branch
will  stand   Railroad  inspection ■
a 20-Year Gold-
filled    case   for
:   $30.00 at
Thatl^eep      |_IP H ARfcTT^
Gopd TimC        The Jeweler    ^
A , •      1'    ' ... •""- a.
1 "•
' iO
Pore and Aft
and ..if  you   do   your   garden   the,
„ s.nnie   w'ciy' you' will have   a   good
showing." Wc have a goocl'shpwing of-
Garden  Tools,, Garden   Hose-,
Lawn Mowers, Etc.
Screen Doors, Screen Windows
J. D. Quail
Hardware and Furniture
cuso of coal and cole companies is
that elnco the.strike ended they have. ,,„._, B.v„ v.  „ _
be:n unable to pet as ninny men as your ago.  Dut the demand for ore Is
needed, and this they allege Is   the B0 *((.en und no much time hf.s    nl
cuubo of t'e Bhorlaje of coko, The
Northport smelter'hns closed down
one furnace, and hns only n email
supply ol fuel on h'.nd. The Qran'-y
plant at Grand Por'/s has abut down
three furnaces, and nre running closo
on coke. The .Trail plant has only
n nmull supply on hnnd. Tho situn*
tion should te remedied. The mm-
aj,cre cf tho socKers recen*ly vint";-
<d Pernie nud mcci/cd promiso of n
lettcrment In future from the management' of the Crow's Nest Pnss
Oonl Company.
re:dy te.n lest that no owner ol
big orc-carr'ers who lo not under
contract to carry coal will wait for
conl londs nt hwer lnl:e port-i.
i.k.,..il ,'i.ii .al.'}' tl't hulm two yu\
uo," s.ye Kt3, We"e'er, "and beal-
Inp eomme-c-.d. In four or five days
tho wound was closed, the Inflammation Rone, nnd there wne only ft
iVi'l'l   -.v".   '»,.-C       fck.*uMkk.i      'Mu,<tt   twi-
ceeh bid been. Even this mark i*
tow gone. Zam-Buk it such a wonderful hejUr It ehould be la erery
home where there are eh-ldrrn."
Zara Buk le mide (rom eonecntrat-
ti herbal r»*tnt*R, snd enlts' thr
Underwit skin. Cures eroptious, beut
tr>ot*, ide re, r'H^wftrm, mmtm,
j.]] c, chiifed plures, tort fett. H
takes thi pitfn* from a stlnjr or horn,
tools ttunlinm phtchM, %knd makes
ltd, rv'tKhiekli ittooth 1*4"*▼ *I#*ty.
Bactl^M Ut tMlirra'd Uvitt iktn.
A If b*o»m stiA drnf f 1sts, KcV A hot
or Zace-Bok Co., Toronto, forprie*.
Three for 11.28. ,
VrmldMit, Montr«il.
„     Viec-Prtsldont, Toronto.
■ —       0   -
J't-vii».* ltiit^i-5.* ca>, n»".--s..
Gittltnlete-In June, .08, I hid my
be-ad and wrist hltt.n nsd hsdly
manitledbya vicious horse. I suf-
ftred'i'raatly tt ae-eral days,' and
the toftb cuts refund to bail until
•your apsat rave me a bottle of Min-
ard.s Liniment, which I t«;an iislng.
Thn effect xr»* mnjflwtl; in five hours
the lain hud re/tted and in two
weeks tlie v»und« • lu.d eoropltte'y
haal'.d »ed my- band and arm were
aa will to •"•?.
Vowrt truly,
A. V. ROY,
Carriage Ifaker.
at, AdC fnc, !'- Q. t.
Syiavy, ' S.'S.IV., Au«. 0.- fftb'C*
btat Cb.trlie Towns ly two Itn^ths
In the r.\et t t the world's seullln-;
champions* ip today on the rnr.imat-
tn irJ-icr.
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
(tail's furn'wWnss
Meats, Cffffs, Butter,
Poult,ry and Pish
Why not try us imd be convinced that what ibcy sny Is lhe truth ?
Our prices nre the mom reasonable in Pernio. Phone So 4 or
cull hi llie hbop on Victoria avenue '
Dominion Meat Co. Ltd.
Phone No. 4 Victoria Avenue
NO, «2
The weary traveller in search ol it jrnod
home, plonfy m rtxt nnrl somcthhiflf Ifooil to
drink should fto to
The King Edward Hotel
J. L.  Qates, Proprlittor
Cortwr Hanson $t C'  f.;^   a   r
ft victor)* Avt. rerniPt. d. v.
We   have removed  our   splendid stock of
Drugs,    Stationeryt    Etc.,   to   the   stand
Next to
The Ibink i-l Hnmirton, where we will aa t»n»l b«
jdenwd to wet-t yoa.' Remember-next to
Bank of Hamilton
Ths Palaea Drug Star*
4|» -* •   . 1** ^O* I f>       I
">       ♦*»*
i   n-% .. '■ff3^"w*o'*iS!*aas£ttS£^
\u»y|lll».^*-i*«(n'-"VJ.^w|-...  4e.m*.
••7 7.
*.>**} /
lost in lhe Bush Aimlessly for Several'
* Days Without Food. . -
ot vantage en an old.fence or .gar-
Lage box, or from the,pages   bf an
old-established     -and '  trustworthy
newspaper,   makes, allv the'-difference,
in the world Lctween ill-advised pub-
"I'ity, and successful advertising. "Ah
adveriiscme-t, lile a-man, may   te
j judged from the company it keeps,
j and advertisers could save a lot ."of
,     Bt°vy -nuncy if they did riot lose Eight of
of the danger's faced by prospectors ■ fch_   fac<., -
Cobalt, Aug. 8.—A thrilling
if the dangers faced by prc'sj
and 'others in the Larder Lake.country comes from Wendigo Lake. „   *
It seems that two French-Canadians, by name of Joe Landreau, of
St. Aguthe, aud Max Bedec,, of Fort
Coiiknge, left Wilson's post ofiice,on
Weudigo Lake, to'tramp" 20 miles
along the-wagon road to Larder
La'-re, where they-were to cut wood
for a sleamloat company.   They had
" ft   ~, . _ ,  *
r>* ■*' -    *■   _     ■> *• ■
iO- •      ,   ,  r
Very Little Interest Manifested
in Contest.
to undertake
Bowser '. '.'..
Kin^sley   ...
Majority   Lr, B-Wser...
.2364 I
, 551
j..    ■ st*
the , -ii?
s'* <t* st* st* \t* <t* \t* \i* si*^s*iLStz£'£$l£*sl*sr*^Z*sl*sZ*.si*^*^.'i* \U <t* \i* <r* *.i»
The Artistic Millinery Emporium
Le somewhat daunted
the tr p as things are.
Alcng with this comes ..the sugge;-
iion recently   made.with   respect to
a ,dri,ew--,y and   park in ccnnect'.on
with Fairy  Crock. Falls. *' Why
v-:,lue of this us an cssst to tlie'city
c-in  cc.rccly  be  reckoned  up.    'lhc
lumbering industry   on its own    ac-
comfc is hewing I s way to the Falls,
and, lief-.ni, we   "1 now  it  w'fe"'  shall
wake up to' find thst some   of   the
mest vdua'.le,    tenitory from    the
scrnic.s'.andfoint—and let it be rc-jilj
1   So little interest wus'tu-en in.the   mem'.ered-.th.t<the7cencry will for- \Hi, .       . -     „        ,    ,   --
.el.c.i.n on Saturday that barely a   ever contribute an asset fcr Fernie-"! $ , ?_l. Cnfes ,:'r below present values, fronl fresh  and  up-to-date stock
"' <^f    I his opportunity oners only once a year, o
Victoria Ave. -
„• ,, ,o        oooo  . "-' Fernie, B. C.
Waggoti's Second Years Clearance Sale '"
of'Summci* Season's stock
rV'0 make ivoiv; (or (be Fall and Winter season's display, the ladies'
■*• '   of Fernie and districts, again have tlie opportunity to purchase
Berlin, ' Aug.   4.—Ei^h'.em     wer
killed and     22  injured in.a  mining bundrel chi en. were in the vicin.ty ,wil*    le  m;rred  teyond     recovery,.,^   The Sale ai Reduced prices will commence
ditv-st-r at Houburg.        ■   •■■"<•■•        - °*  the c.ty hall on  S..tarday, e\ea-rwhen govcrnm nt. aid "iright be    in-i'i*-, " , '        "
-". "' ;ing to": get thj r.Buit   of ths*"poii. vo ed-'o'reser.e this as au immem-1 ft ',.,    Saturday,  July 20 and continue until
t5!".s'-;:.t.on,  Aug.  l.r-F." B.   South, j The ,Q^al vote recorded w.s^nlt far'erlal p'ess s i'n for the people..
provincial inspector of mir.es,    who :{r£m es;iu_at.B made during t'.e day, ■    1 hiv« s^id njthinj of Mount Fer
Saturday j, August 17
traversed a few miles when they 4wero | spent most  of'.last week in    Eagle j ;'ml-o.us.rv..t,...6,wor ers found con-'. lie' will awa'-'e to the importance ofj_$,   Want of show "space coinpels'tbe sacrifice.     .,   ,
ovci taken'by a wagon, *the driver" of ,'La.e diatri.t l.o'ing over | a recent  sidera" lc   difficulty' in inducing; even  l:er position and-realize herself? Wo'iC   Ladies will'real'ize that Ready-to-Wear and Trimmed lliits'are red-
which volunteered to.show them .'a   discovery  of>co*l,   reports  excellent'18trong. 1-('rty * suppcrt rs   tb'   leave  have "possi". iii ties within, re: c'.i that   *{**. need for this sale, to less than cost.
***■_ Children's Silk and Washing Bonne's, Kid, Leather and Cloth Caps,
•If less than manufacturers-todays prices.    Ladies Whitewear, ; Blouses,"
■".!£ Skirts, Collars, Belts, Snmmer Vests'""—hitcsl patterns—choice mater-
short cut trail' blazed,'through the ;prospects of a,.large depcs'.t. He al- JLuslricss' cr i.le sur* and \isit the'non^-I '.eg pi.rdcn,* here .and there
tush, ly which about three miles ] so-v.'si'ed Caldcr's'miv-e, and says j"_, £y h n for the "purposi) pf.vot.'ns., individuals {.re. partly seued of the
would" be saved.  ,'    . -,   „        * | that indications there also" are &ood  r^ rcsuit7einj afcregone coplns- j situation—seems, to have, dreamed of
„.      '"'•     .7"  ,'    .., ^   "   ,„   *"   "'land would seem to show, a coal field  * ,   . d   " •      --
They scarted all right, but     soon ; r ....      .   lon* e cn ■ina
lost- their way'.- For. two" days-they-j °£ -& mikS -m, nt^ -.■ -'    "-    ..     . »«.«« ry that
"wandered., without   food.   -A .small.;  "stonewvU,. Aug.. 3.-A few ■ miles j , The res.lt of.the, elesti-in w<*s"first .ity; ta at our doors. . «   in the p'mducers inark,ts.
terrier with them they once thought -U(rth 0f here, was on Thursday last  announced-.-]., y World report rs,   who't    I have;falud uoth ng. of Mount, Fcr-, £  .• '   ■    -> .    ' '        ■ "    ;     ..,
r-„..-,,7- ,_.-■    ■   u-..-.~-W;,; had" the correct tot.ls two minut.s  nle or    the    Lizard Range.   'I need ,"?»   Chi drons Hose, Hat I'ms, Blouse Sets, Mowers, I-eaihcrs..
:a  cen^re-! ij;-*.''. Ladies Gloves-^-all at clearing-out prices.    ."       *    -. .
Xo hooking-
i kluiil   thought it'un-"Where'   are the  business  men?   Now 1 Hi.   «al-bou{rhi before thc great rise in prices—below old cost prices,
t he'siould vot.7 is  the  ti::i)  to ' act.   The ' oppprtun-   *{>■ -^ few Underskirts/'remnants of Ribbon, Silks, CliilTdn  and  all-
<i*».   Lace at threat reductions, although (here has been an  enornious rise
,of, kiU'nj'to e;it.     -iv  ■■       -• ;;- * '" ! was'  the - scene- o£
, Then.Landreau     played?.'out,-   and'.; tr!i£edy, .......
L6Ui camped '.for several -.tours. , He-', e-.e.c! maternity, committed sumde
w'mins  their; aimless iramping sthey ib>' l'an*iing,-It is ^thought' that tiie ^
had to wi"!dc thi'ou*,h water"_  above ,
their i noes f<.r   a'*milc'or' mofif't'o '*')0t   •
get' around a, hill.
a he.-.rtrending-'
as a Galici-n woman cn the' after the Lst Lox was flashed. The' bardly  s .y that Fernie  is  a iwuLi«.w
oflici^l*recount toak pl.ee t'lis'morn-   fcr I'mountain   scenery .in   all; direc- | Ht.. Fleasc note—Prices at this Sale are absolutely for Cash.,
in:- r,t'.{he.,ccurt h:us?,, tut ■h'.-'d not .tioris, and whole families would_ ^.be \H*,. ut ">al6 prices. """'■     -'    -■
.',', only'too glad to make this. •■ their
summer headquuriers if the . advantages •were"! nown.*   But alas we have I v*> --     , "      "" "L*"- T. W: Block, Fprxik, B.-C.
medicines which* she"drank  'by- -the-^een cbmpl.ted "at noon
ustead. of' small dcses,,:.de-.|   Immediately, the  result'had .-leen
\ ranged her, and when.no' person was 'ann.un'ced     on    Saturday    evening,
, .    'present sLe ended her-ife. .       *Hon. M*. B.wier spoke a few words
This crusted -Landreau; complete-, ■ YA  \\ >*"->- - *"V ■' "iof Hh: tf s to "the electors from    the
ly,  and--hc luy  down**  to': die.    He,,   Edmlnton.-.'AUg.; .*■ Aug.  -;-4'r:Tbc.isl..ps £ £-e cit   hp]li; ■
handed ,Bedeck his money and'watch, ' Cardiff •    Coaiiiig   Company,   nvhosc ]- "*
..    --v. ,ii-4--     ■ -.- --,.    j. -, - .     ... „)i Pr.min'nt Sccahs s claim not to,
sa*d. gcod-bye and bade, hinv-go on.mines are --.ituatcd a.outfour, miles j;     ,.."'.      ,     ., ,      ,   ,,    A -,-   '
,. ..       ..  .. , .,,.-, ...... « T4T    .„-,.ii,    i Lc di hcrtm-jd.   Although the total
and.save lumseif if he could. .,| ... -south ol tie town of Morin.'ille, onj . -- ...    . ■ •      ° .     „
' '" * '[Vot;   pcLed iy    them    is 1.S3 than
sions, they
the - unde*
no hbus:s to-rent.  ■■,»        * }ft
[    I am sir, yours f-lithfully, ^    "'*■
:\    ..       - -, LASHLBY HALL.
' ~° ,
Llii'iHBitlD'Gu"   NOT'KS.
"ft- '
- i>*i>
"''**   »
t Hi,
Hi. .
■ **iV:.
/tv *.
<ia \t* <t* st* \i* o* ».»> *,v 4i*4VV/ \t* st* i \v s1* <t* av \t* <»> «* \t* *v *y* <t* av va   ,
*■■,> <iv <t> n\ /iv «-i> <i\ <*iV <i-» <i* <iV *-av /i> t(" *-i-v <i\ «*i-> «-*-> ^-v ^\ /iv <i* *-i\^iV <i> <i\ <t* v.
-, ,;.* .-:       ?jt ■;-,'■ .1 ■;■,   ,-      ,, "■      , ,     c it.    n   xt   -id- m *"ui>J    puncu   iy     taem    is  j
Bedeck "rolucfmtly*'consented*1 •=anaitbe-norlh.rn.branch of the C, >   B . -        ^ ^
mtinued- through  f.e  dense, brush,   have compl.tcd a new,shaft;, jind the-,   ■      ^    c^s,k;tioil -;n. tt
...    ..    _j-i   .     .'      . .j      _, ,.        ...        j-i. .      1  ^.il^)»    ,,v,rt    rtM,   inn    ll.^c    1  /inn    4411* Pl>fi    1T4   ! ... .-     .
, Fre 4umtly he * would
hope thit s:*me'6he,
' be within earshot
'and  with- bis*prayer
that'* s' ouid    he  e. er   aTaiu  regain",
civilization he-would give   all -the,
■ money - he\ possessed—-"3.75—to -,-some;
■ dcs:rving"'ch~arity.' "'   f   * ''"'-"'777 ■
^onietime later-his prayer     was
' L;.thlrid;.e,"   Altu.,'Aug.   3.—Pr'es'.
Hoiik,   of  the* "firm  of Houk  &  Co.,
fct lefore it reach s -the'icoal scam,",
which Varies in thickness from fcixto*
fourteen fe.t     '-   _-■''   \',. _■_ -_ 'l-;.'-7
" Bcston,' M'rss.,- Aug; 3,-rPiv'e Chinamen were i-rrest'id fd'r.-iSaiirder in a
■-Easwci-eur^He'reacned^a £trcam"?ah(l ra"id in Chinatown lest; night;'which
came acrcss a" canoe belonging ,to a ; Wil),  the, worst" massacre that, ever
■rparty of pre. specters* of the .'Buffalo j 0Ccuri-id 'in'the Ch'nese section; Ohe
Developing Company. Bedeck then|j7a|_ vVonr, a Chinese slave girl, the
showed h's real nicttle by promptly j farne 0f - whoss beauty had spread
stumbling back through* the".bush ' from*Los Angles.to -New- York, was
twa miles,until he. found Landreau,
whom he carried on his back to the
•stream.*,Thbn, guided by, tbo noise
of blasting, tie paddled down> stream
to the*'enmp. There the party, consisting" of J, Boyce, C. Wi Evans, P.
J. Dwyer and J. McGregor, took
■care of them.
Bedeck said that the second night
they were sleeping without food they
*aw-a hr^e be:.r closu to them digging shruls out of a-log." They also
saw several n-.o.se. Lcndreau threw j
'■ away bis pr,c'« cf clothes worth $1S. >
Had. Bedeck not came  across   tho
prospecting .party   Landreau   would
-no fit have gotten out of the* woods
all e.'
the cause of the, trouble.On-Leong
Fonj, a weiltny ; New.York Chinaman, sent an agent to Los Angeles
to get her. The agent fell in "love
with' the girl; they eloped to Boston
and surrounded themselves with a
fiction. Yist-rday there;was alight
for poseo s'.oa ot the girl, and   she
• *'. i _*'    u,. '-.       ' "•       *'        .- ing :drunk, aud iufcrmed the    police
."■ilTHB^lJBAUTlBS   OF,.-' FERNIE,""■ -: tv at Houk "supplied "them  with   |iq-
.;     "■="•'' '**-  "   •"" '   ■ ■   "     ', uorr" The-cse'is appealed. •
To; Th6 Edit.r:- ;  , , j ■ LUh- ^ .-' ^< "^ ■ ^
&lir,-r-l  ha\e  just  come    irom    a_^tpji-oLJhc_Ai:_erjtaIBail^
Trip,   or. partial  trip,  to  the "Three   rigation.Cimpany-s.-mines at-Lett*-{3
Sisters, in company with' Prof.' Bur-
wasp,'and am'so impr.ssed with the
import, nee,of the mountains:and dis-
bridt,e is 700':tons per day,, and is
being taken as fast'as mined- by
de.lers- in   .the   prairie    provinces,
iy "*^v.-,*" *
pcsitoss.d'caino.nct uputa her,ex-,
"tatlons, innd she lcft.,.iTho -jothej*
\**;y      Brandon, „ Aug.   8.—Two    t.irtriors
"\  from Nesbitt were "n tlio c!ty Satttr-
r day   se:,rchln.c   Icr   tholr'  missing
wives. Tho wives hnvo npjjnrontiy
.not found m.'rrlajo tlio Ido. J. st-ti
thoy imn.'.inod, One of them had
been mun:cd biit,'''A':webk7,titivln*!
conio from'I3n3Innd to most, her liuA.'
band harp.,.'His .representations ...of
quantity of tins world's goods which
iromajt jjaifj h|o*j^iiJrrlc(_l '|or iboii|
a yotu'i^jjji. had.;*11\. younj eon ,t.\OAV
sl.T weckj-'oid. ' ■      " '    • .'
'tbo'first lady In quoatlon,"tbo victim of a lius'-fiud'a financial (airy
titloK, took the -' train for Brundon
lafat Woilnefidt.y, with all hor lag-
i;nge, which Is not in tbo C. P. R.
de;ot liorii.
Tbe other wifu started to walk in
from Nca'.ltt, but so far ns Is known
hits not yet arrived. It hns boon
1 HiippnKcd now thut bIio repented tbe
error cf h'.r ways nnd retraced her
r.ols. ,    ■ "'- ,4 •
.*"el.on, Aug. 9.—Plans nre now on
foot for the organization of a provincial. a3s:c!ation of the fire chiefs
within British Columbia, and the
initial meit'ng will probably be.held
at, Nelson during the , nnnual fair
wco*'. in Seftlmte1. Each depart*
mont is to havo ono delognto, and
tho outl|ne f :>r tho organization , Is
already well in hind under tho direct I ;n of Chief Savage, Grand
Fcr' s; Chief Martin, lksshnd, and
Che! Mnckuy, Kamlo;ps. It is und,
erptood th. t cither Chief Dcesy, ol
Nel on, or Chief Watson, of Now
Wostni'notc-, will. 1.0 tlio lirst prodl-
dent of the" new association. 7 *  *
In connection with, tho mooting of
tho chlof3. nrrun'icmonts ere, bolng
mudo for it tournament nt wliich
flrvi teams from, all* point's of .the
province will ctnt^st for lipnors .In,
fy:tfious lin s "incident tp'.ftro h'i;ht-
:intfj ■-S'-v"-'    '   "
trict generally for" the City of .Fer- ; Neismith, general -manager,- saysi°the
nie, th'..t I am venturing to _ trouble j oar supply, is all ri0ht.   The mine is
you wth , this communication.    Of , working, every day to supply the de-
orie^thirg I am sure, the City   afm nd, ar.d the output will te. .in.
Fernie ti,s not waled up to her im- 'crexEed &i more .men can he.had, tho
pc rt nee "from the prlctical point of  scarcity . of   lalior   lelng   tho only
Aiew. .Whm Frlncipal  S-pprell   was j hindrance': to a possible output    of
through,   recently,   hs   went,, away ,i_200 t*.n3 a d y.
lrimful ofenthusl:sm over the seen-,    _ -',.,  ,.       : '
ic quali.les offered.  A similar   e*-!Le ^"L^*3- i»f- 4--The c,ty   P°*
j lice raided a Chinese gambling, den
here on Saturday night." Twenty-
two were crrested, including "a..banker.  Three,escaped in the scramble.
The offenders .will te arraigned, at
the police'. court on .Mondayf
;i.   y
7 "
•. -.-
j ■- *
ii. ;>
■x -J
ux \
■7',AGENTS   FOR  . *       .
.. ^The   Calgary., ^.ariole   8c   Granite.-Works .
..t y The , Kootenay, ."Marble ' Works,    Nelson
Samples Can be Seep at the Office. ^    ' Parlors in lundy's Block
was be ..ten to de th in the   murder | Periencc wa8 recordcd la8t year   in
counec'.icn witn a distinguished vis-,
itor c nnected, with a sist r ehurch,
who went sj far ns to say that, we
did not need to go to Banff for scenery.  A Irl.f interview, I thin1*-,   ap
peared in tho Freo' Pros3 at the
t,ime, Lut neither then nor since has
it appe.rod that the situation has
I oen fully s hed from , the standpoint cf the intores's of Fc:nie,
Now, Forni-, I bo,' hnvo to say,
is Teally situctol. We hive maj!-
nificont . mountain scenery' w.'thin
view at eny t'me, opportunities for
iv.ount ln climbing, thut'senrcoly any
oilier c ty "n Hrltish Ccl.m'ila can
offor, With many It would seem di'at
mountain dim' in? !s tlmply a sort
of hrrml s-j cr.izo, r.s though It wero
an ntlnlr apart from tlie round of
1 fo of. tho cri'n'.ry cit'zen ef e„rth..
13ut tno thug 's certain,, the,, timo
is -'comln
. ili4.v» nffor iime i mtomi to iijiply '
IIpnontMo Chief Commlsslouor of l.iiniU nml
. ilnyit nftor ilftte I Intoml to nnnly to tlio
Workn for n linnnso to proKpont for conl ami
palroloum on tlm followlnofdoHoriboil liiniin
Bltunto iii 8, K, Knotonny ilUtrlnt to wit i
1 Commonolntr nt n post plnnlo.1 nt tlio » w
oornor of tho \V T,' Wurxon clnlni, iiil]iicent. to
tlio h a corner of lot. HKfl, tlintioo nurtli 8ii
cliiilu«,tlioiic(ih(iutli aiclmlns, tlioni'o wont tVi
chnlns to pliico of oinnnioncumeiit. contnlnlnn
niflflfiroH mom or loan.
Piitutl tills l.tluluy of July. 10ii7.
\V. T, W'litnon.rocntor
Cliin. Rolililnn, A«ont
2 Comirionotiig at i\ post jilitntuil ut tho n o
corner of tho liUInKKtono cliilm noxt to Ilia
« w onrm:i- of lot ll*,*"* nn Iliu Platliiiiul rivor,
thont'o (.oiith t-0chnI«n, tlimu-n vnmim ulni'im,
-tlionoo nortii Rueliiilns, tliunco wist no cliiilnn
lo plnno of orimiiiancomont   coiitiilnfiiK Dl'i
...    ,,...,   . Heron nioro or lowi,
, and  Is not fur d stant, j I'nuMililiSJiuliInyof.ruty, i:i.*7
wh'on wo sliall iiavo In Canada   nn j ,T ffittn^Jlf
N0 t  -(mm*,**^*   NO HONING
These razors are tempered at hard as flint by our cxclusivo
secret process of electricity. You can obtain ono on 00 days trial'
from your dealer without obligation to purclmso.
0".   ID.   QTT-A_li-.
awukcninp; of Interest' in mountain
elim'l g.oucli iti,', f:.r, many'Eurp-
peais, is asB.ciuted with SwlUor-
Innd. _ t ',".*'•
Thoro Ik no question that" from
now on an incre sin? num' er of.visit t-HWlil i,o i ttr.iclod ti themoun-
t*ins_of Hr tlsh Colum'.la from til
pnrts ef the JSmylr.', not t) siy tlia
,1 Cominoni'liiit nt poitut'tlioii woornor of
thi!ill, Onto, diilm at or nonr tlio no oornor of
,1, i.lvlnmton'ii pliiiin, tlifiiifo Honrli^iclinlns,
thonco uantSiclmtiiN, tlmnoo north di olmltm
.tlionci) v-Okt Cn elm Inn to pluco of orinimunoo-
mont.contnlnlnff'irinoroii inirii or loin,
Dilteil till* Jiiuldiiv or July, l»i'7 *   •
I'.diti'. IiOffttor
(linn, Itulihliu, A«ont
At, n mo.tl'ig of tie ejccutlve
committt'O of tlio Nelson Bo:tt Club,
held in Dr. Hell's' ' office at noon
WcdnoJduy, tlio projirummo lor tho
midsummer rc^otti\ on Thursday
nfrcrn:on wis drawn up, rs fellows'
Men's.single ennoo race.
Men's loubk* ct noe race.
Ladles single can.e r..cc,
Ladlos double cr.noo r.ico.
Mixed douUei ciiuoo nice.,
TiltinK compttltlcn.
tiwimmlnj race.
'Iu i i««ce  vto..t ov. oi»     turn  thli; , pruisinj ttti country
I OoHimoni'Ini-lit « prtit pliintAil ot tho n w
ooriittrnftlinJ, Al'Irluluilnlm.iiiljiuiflU to thu
upI'onior po«t uf lot \m, thuiico «oiitli A)
('liiilim, thonco o,'i»t Kiolnliu, thuneo iiiirlliHi
._ -i i     mi - ii     t i    ii  i       olinln*. thoiu'o w-uit *i cliniiuto tlm nlnfoof
World.   The   recently   formed   Alplnn i rommnnci'initnt,obntiiinlnir m-int-ru» inoruor
Club Is jiopul.rl*lni{ tlio    Canadian jj}'^,,
Rec'lee quite outsldo tho l.ounds of
Cun dn, nnd thc C, P, It, and other
trniisp-.i-titl'ii   compiinleH   nro   lo*
till, lt'lli ilny of Jtil.v.l'i'.T.     "
it, Alilrli-h. Locator
■    Clint, ItoMilmi, Anfiil
!i ComnKuiclnir nl n pott plnntml nt the » w
cormirnf Iliiiilii|in,(l0fnl clnlni nt or tu.nrthn
10 CommDiielnit'ut uiio»t plnntcil nttlm n i
iM-rnurgf F,\V. hbuldiiiiti claim stur uuur tin
Llnniri'   tn   turn   tht-lr  i ti.ntiin     <n   'i t t-iin.rr uf tho A.(l(n/ili.'iiiliii,tti«iii*M north ■ .uulli huclinlii.. thiiiicu we.t i*n;lmlli., ihmii'i
IjlUlllUn     IV    I.UIII     Ult-ir    l.i. UIUII. U       .ll  , Hll nllll iliu. ttinnr.»|4|iiit Minliilllly. 11,,.,,„„  v.mll,     nnrlli M.4 ..IihIiiu  I I,,.ii„„ ,,„.( tl.lr.|nllll. Ill lillll-A
tic S-.UIC dlrcctkn.
Hii ('hn iiih, thonco 1'iut Nn'liiilim, thuu'ii -.oittli
, NirlmllU, tlmlil'ii  44-|.,(>il I'llllllU tn till.  |il;u*li
. iif «iiiiimui<L'oiniiiit
, Imtcil Hit. Wnl ilny of July, llm'
- - -   ji--
John (looil. Locator
('I'ii". H11I1I1I11., Asent
t'llfl  IxtXa,:
I   Icdtnd c r.oe r^ce for tm.ll c.sh
!»»»■••. ".
For all tbe a'.ovo races e.itil.s wl 1
1 be recel* ed at the post.
The  T.litf  cf  ncri-fapcv  ;..!vtrtl.i
■'nr rn fi'iMitRt other f'irmti ot mlvpr-
tlsing Is fcrchly illustrated   In  tbe
recent expeiie'nce of   the' merchants
Of Butte, Mcnt^nu.    Owlrp;   to    n)
st i e the publ,cntlon of the   Butte
•l w'eels." Tbe'mtrchents, tbus'de-j   °« A- '•«• W'!I nct «H ltirt*r- nml
pri ed of tbelr ordinary adrntliln-f Capt'. a°M  4,nd K'!   S' Fra8tf  M
mediums, find   to'' derend for their \W***'
publicity upon liU'.ojrrts nnd dodR-;   There w,ll nlsj Le three four-oared
cm.  Now   thj'y report thut durlnu races tnd ilngle txull.races,
this peiled    thiir . business fell of! *   As eco of tho prinelpnl o'ljectn nf
Uut whut  ore
New c.mlder   tbo Importance   of
all th's   to   tho citizens   of I''en:l?.'
Wlut aro we doin; to r.tu-iict   \U>.   „ .. , ......
,,. , .     ....   i   "  '•omiiKiiKluM'iit a pi«t phiDiMlnt tho n n
llt.IS,    In   n  PllVLtl  Wiy,  no  UOUbt, Iruriurr nf tlmClm.   Ilolil.tn'M clnlin. nt or n*ur
i|r«t!4l.!nrlo   „t   ..a    «»*    H„,,„-    ♦Ir.i.l    „(   I 'ho ► 0 CONiOrOf lllll lM,VliIl|lllHi_tlll.**lrt> »   Utll
iir.oniiiutis cLus nre novcr tirea oi m0 chnin., thmipn «-o.r n rUin. ii<bhoi>
, i.ui Hi »j vi nin.i, iiibiiwo tail c-'clntlri* tn tim
I plncoof r(immtm"(imiii'.»,nr,t',tiitiiln(ti',( i acn^
, iinirts i,r turn).
! MiiXu'X thi. Mrd-lay (il,Tulv, V"l
j   * Cha., Ilniili[nii< Locator
i '  L'htt. ItoUilr.t, A«rt«
7 OoiiiiMiiioliiit at a pi.t plaiitoil at. tha n w
cornor of tlio A. lio'Vl claim at or ntar Hi* a n
coriinr of th«i>. (Mt* rlitlm, llier.ee noutli ft-i
ascent with ,ts own su-lme »w«ra.|t.j;;,,n;;fte;^,»i'r^^^^
Will    y;u    inrdon     me,    sit'.    H j yomm«nc»m*nt, cont»Inin« (•MNer«»mor«,«r
cuniorgr jr.w.hUuiuinrii claim st or nuur nin
ho oornor of tho 'A.Moml claim, thoiicii hoiiIIi
ft) chnlun,   tlionoo   wunt- AO-clialn.,  thonoo
north   Ho c'IiiiIiih, thciicH in *.(  hi* elm Inn to
,placo of  cnmnioiicemont oontittnw uiiuirrm
mom or lot...      ....
Ilatoil thin Knl tlhy of .1 nly, li"|i7
.  )•' \v, Slmliloit, Locator
"•linn, lloliiiiiu, Anoiit
'    "   ,      . ' '
Commonolnir ntHjio.l plantoil at tlm n v
(<orn«r or thn Kllmi (fooil Halm at or mmr llm
* w comor or tho J. A. (foul iilalm, IIiihiimi
noutli Ho ohalm. tlionoo emit H<) i'lit|im,lh"ni,«
north Hiichalnn, th*n«ii w*»l Horhalm. to thi>
plai-oor ooninionromoiit aniitninlii-rilKi aerui
moroorlo.i. , . ...
DatuJ thU t-.tnl day of July, l"o7
Mllra (looil, iioi-ntor
Chun. Kolihlii.. Arfoiit
X'j C(iminoiicliu( nl a po.t |ilnuti»l at Ummi o
uotnor of tho John Ainlnr.oli olnlm, at or m'ar
tho .0 ciiiiiei-of K.W, Nliii|iliin'» chtliii, llii'iii*«
north Ho i..iinlu«,tlii)ni'iiiMi.lH.ir.|mliiiilo pliti'«
cf poimni'imnmont roninlniinr iliu net** tooro
nr li'»*.
LatO't Oil. I'Mlnlny of.luly, Hi'T  ,
Jiilin .Snilor.nti, i.fx-ntiit
Olinn. HdIiI'Iii*, Aiffiit
1.1 Commoiiafiii/iit"anii.l iilnntoJat thn n w
corntr ot tha l'a\ll.il'oiial<tuon cUlm.ut or
near tlismicnrniiroff, W.SIioMon'i. i-lalmi
l|.f.Tin* t.\,t* *-1 r-l,nlll.I
ire da «,; ia, a t rrtct.cu' way tu-
waft's ir.a'iinfc ft understood outside
thnt fernt- It Ideally sUutteJ for
that (re t st of nil privileges, tlio
r.ady    ccc.ssl'.llity   of    mountain
throuuh your columns I venturo   to \ i>«"«HhWK..rililayof ,i\A*.x»ii
i.i    .   ^u   '      ,l    .i.- ••   .in   I A. (looil, Locator
siiy tint the -lothcrities nnd   cltl-. nm. Hoi.i.ln-t, A««nt
tens of* Fernie need wnklni; up    to i   „ c.imm*nrtn(r nt n i.o,t idnuto 1 nt tha n wr
their "own interests.  A few hundred j «;,"1ril",1r''['•'*,£•*•/-'?/'-' ,cliliTr?,.?I "•*r KV
i n ii nirnar of tho A. (1 >•>') t-ialn*. th*ni*# ..mitli
17 (tiimninnRlnir nl n [net pliuitinl nt (lid n w '
comor of.tlui A. I'lolmrto i'liilm, nl or nonr tho -
k w oornor of tjm Hurry Huuho.1 c.lnlin thonco
ihOUth Mielinini, thafiRO oaet HoiihnlnH.tham.'O
north hiiflmitiM, ihnni'o wi'it Hoi'lialtn to Hi*
piano of ooniinoncuiiiunl, iMiiitulnliiK ill') iwto-t
morn or lo.. .   , ,
Pntoit till. ».*>! It ilny of July, I!«)7
. A. t'niliorlo, Locator
'   ['ha., lt_i»hl'_ii._4ir<_ii{
Id ('oninimu'lnu at a po»l planto'il at tlio n a
of tlm .Mr., K. ,M. Llvlnjr.tmi rlulm nt or nonr
tho .a rorimr of tho ('iHIiitIihi lluin! clnloi, ''
thonoonoiilliMMihaln.,thonco ivimt H,)uhalu.,
tliom-o north no chalim, tlmiin- oi.t Hichalm
to the plncii uf i*iiininoiu'oin»iit, contalnliiK
Ui'Jitcrv. morn nr lo..
I Intel thli aMh ilny of ,| ul v, l!«il'
Mm. I*:,M I.IvIiiuiiIiiii, Locator
Chn., l(oliliin*t,Ai*oni
I'.' CoiniiMHii'hirf at n 11»it iihiiiloil nt tho n w
coriinr of th«T. Ilaillavolafin nt arnoar tlit* m
wif.rmr of thr Nml MiVuntrii' i lalin, llioiiin
»iiilt|iN>rliiilii.,tlii,tii.ft on.1 hu chultn, thonco
north •viohaln*. thuneo .vn«! Mii.hitli.k to pUi-o
of cuintntiiiciiiiiiiiit,
I Intel tlil.V.'.llililny.ir.liih-, \"1
T'llailloy, Locator
. t'liitii, Holilittm, Awniit
■jo Cotiiiiiiiiirlnir at n po.t. plniitfT I at thn . \v
I'liriifir nl -Iri'j it. Wi*litr'.,lr,,i;li4im at or uoar
tho .ocornornf IhoT, HaJiov claim, thonco
north Mii(*liiiltn tlmnci. num u i i.'i.ilni   n.i,,,;.,.
noiiiii Hocliaiiu, tjiBiK-evcutt ttichnim lu plaa*
*         ""-   "  " '""'  or
^lOTra^fJ^,,,      i";i'nl,U^,^lo^y:«o'r,J,.Looa
Cbai. Itol.l.ln., A«
n Commtnclnff at a po.t nUntivl at tint n «
ornor of.the.Jmnrw MiiKUU-'tt claim at or
marth»»iti'o'riii>l>or»li*'*rii y,» j i,.i.-.i ,.
»iiti,iii... tlioiiiiiinH.t Hur'nniiiv tiioiicit nortii
oi Jin/, i.»'i
[iatill flonaj'lwjn,Locator
Chat, KolUr.t, Aftr.t
H Comnmnciiii-atainut platittitatthouw
comar of tho Harry UmbIiok claim ator ti«ar
th<t micnnmrof tho Davtil DonaliHon claim,
truiticn nonii «iM;hatli»i1tiiilirii na.t no cViMlim,
thtnc* noutli (Wchain.. iHanoa we»t»joji»In»
to tha plaro of commi-iictipunt conlaliilnc
ii|o aorm mora or l««. .
JiatH Hit. nflih Jay of July, l'»'7 ,
Harrv Ifiinlia. Locator
Chat. Itolibitii, Agont
IS Cumm«n<lnir at a poll plant**! at th* n *
corner nf inc Katli«rlr«(ioo4 claim.at or n«ar
thi* »a rornor of tint John Artilcr.'-in rlalm,
thoncn noutli Huclmln., thonco w»»» *.ichain.
.dollva   would   construct a   toukIi  ,  	
fwm 20 to 50 per cent.  The Toronto ; the   retattn, n«t   t> < eneourajln,., wou, tftn trnH whfch would be   an | *??tt.&^^^^^
Mall nnd   Kmr»rc. commmtln!?   on _prrflcl»nty _ _:_n jn ir«.-* anahlp   nmonj ;'Mimeil(H_ ubwt'(iir ad'ertnlnt(.     Ah.- l,ir '""J,*-     ,. .. ,_,,„ i«.»»a«.r»_iiiM._raoi_lc»a-- •
c'lntlii, ilmiic* Montli.Uooliain., tlionoe woit H'i
chain., ilii nr* north Koch* In., thane* «a.t m
in*; 4tn aora* mor* or I'i
.............. . ytltj
JJaUd tfiliYlfii\iXiy It Wl
UMSt   Ufor* the   eyes ol   r«jdtr-*7|icd«r   tte test etrcTinistm.ees~y<'^l*a   draw'n:   c»rl for
Whelhir It icicber them from a post s'bl*.
nil  srts  of) ••**♦'• thlatlrildsjr-»r Jnlr,l».T
itavrllrr. ond four! t*. who   would
A«ti«* Ali'li,l*i<"it\, An*i\t'
Cli*«. P(il.l.(l..,A«4itit
, a«-rn» mitr»-.. —    ^
l)*l*l IhtiiUh «l*y of Jatr. I*-;
N**l Ur.Uuarri*. l^>cator
rdlr. tn"i7
(*,VcKtl(i«tt, l^oatnr
Chai. Itol.liln*, A»«nt
f       ■    ■> ,!' -,- -, ,'       t
tl (Ixnhnntclnjat a |K)«t plant* 1 at Ilia n w
colntr of th* t>, A. I.anlni'. claim at or near
th* k «rrnrn«r of thn T-, HaJla*/ 'ttalm, ltwii.e
noutuamthkllm, thencooatt tuMlmliU, t)i*nr*
nonJi *)chain., tli»ne»,Mr*kt m chain* to tin-
plauoof i'omin«nc*m*nl tonlnlrilnn* nnnt-r,-.
more or■)••.. ,-    > •    /     •"* ■;
Ualn-I tin* e-Mli'da-f.gr July, l!k>7 .       lt    .
''     !    ,    '   ■fc.A.Un«i>r-?.l*wa:-tor-!
j   ii   "* t    ,.fti": ,•"*»»■ JBoliHn*, A*«o*
ii aomtn«i>cln< at a |«>ti tt4»ila4 at th* u t*
euttiM of th* .r Om.tvail alalm at or r,*»r
th* »«eorn«r of Ih* T. HailUy claim, tl^iu*
»outli aof*li»iri»,tli*jic« «a«t tk>chain.. tli<*n<«-
north Hocbilni, thonra w*.t do chain. t<» the
pl*c« ot u.ir.ii.»iiC4»uiiiil, OuuUinlfif i4o acr«>
mora ->r !**•
Utclthl. tMhtUyofJut*.,l!i«r
V. Omnt**<l, I/««tcr
Uut. Hot-hlo*. A»*6».
'" (
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a'Year in Advance .
Ji&ned every  Saturday .from   the  Ofiice  of
•Publication,Todd Block, Victoria Ave,
Fernie, Brit UK Columbia.
-This paper' will not te' rcsponsi'-.le
for bp-n'ons e^priissel l-y. its corres-'
ponderits.'"   ■       .     '   :• ".      '
--V   -
• Locat'.d
iao7. '■ "
this   29th -day. - of "July,
""Tit -ess—Th
A. W.. Belden, Agent.  -
John    Hewitt,  Locator.
:s.  Slater. •
All changes of mU. must be In as follows :—
Piipes i mul S, 2 p, m. Tuggilny ; ]'iicci .< pnil •!.
Si., m. '.Vliursilny, and page ti, 2, p.m   Kriiluy.
\ve\vil! i-e uiiiiMc to hi.suru cliuiiKO unless  rr_  mu-  T? -.+„,.
thi-.rule i» complied with. *=   ,   u i0   lne  ij  ,t01-
LoimI   ij'.tvertUins  li cents .par noiip-iiicil       Sir,—Would .you  be so'kind  as  to
Ims lirst insertion,,"! cents per line ouch sulise- -
quent ii.scriiou. " peimit' me   a  sir.all  spt.ee in  your
Batfl* for contract .•vlvortisins on anpliea-   vnluahl.-  paper    tl   ",'Xpr.S.     inv   "cl-
tieni ut oilico of imbliciitiuii, Todd lSlutk ! *    * " ■   *'   * ■ --
■ !in b 'n   - -—"
T. T. JOHN,    * F. H, SHERMAN,     j gtr ets
Editor   •    " Manager j uex <•
e ard
:.nil tn;
to tbe cr.nditic.ns   ot
•-cllin,  in Fernie An-
The best item of news this ,week
Is that the Grand Trunk' will be
compelled to run a' two-cent-a-mile
passenger s:rvice for the people of
tbe .frontier countries-* of the east.
That a two-cent^a-mile passenger
»ate will „ be a boon to people
Who have up to date,paid 3 and 3Jr
per cent, a mile, no one will deny,
and it is1 lor. certain the forerunner
of a two-cent-a-mile tariff for. all
?■ At present nil passenger traffic originating in Michigan for Canada is
corred through the Dominion at a
rate of two cents a mile, and the
passengers at this cheap rate occup**
similar seats and the same cars with
Canadians who are, taxed 3 to 3 J
cents a mile.
-•*■  Anomalies'    of  this,  sort * usually
meet' with a somewhat sudden death
and it IcoVb as if the worker soon
Will l.e a'jle to travel round and explore the country be  is upbuilding.
Mr.  Hays,  of   the  Grand    Trunk.-
,   has lest his appeal, and has only one
thing to do.   He Irs ti climb down
and he mi_ht as we'l-'smile while he
.   Is doing it. , - 7'
are about one hundred people 1 i \ in ■" down-in the annex, and
not a fctro t or road.le..dinj to the
Cow*. Siidi a 6t*.it"!,of affairs is ;i
shame and disgrace to the powai-s
that be of the corporation. ,
"I have noticed that during ''ac
time of an election that the different
candidate.- for position'go round the !8C,chains, theuce north SO chains to
■"*.o. o.'Commencing• -at" a post
planted c_t or-"he.-.r adjoining claim
2 of 7ohu Hewitt, on the south, be-,
ing tf. B. cor.".post; thence west 80
4,hains; thence,south SO chains; thence
est 80' i.haiiu; thence , north, 80"
uU..insFio_ipoint of commencement.'
' Liic-t'd' tr.is ' 29th    day   of July,
1.0.'.' -      ■   '
*   °,       ''    A. Vi. Belden, Agent.
.,    ' Pearl N. Be den, Locator
Witness-'-Thos. Slater.
4._ Oontmeucirig lit a post plante-.l
adjoining No. 1 on the south', and
bong the N. WJ cor. of Wm. Kohl-
haufl s claim; thence east 80 chains;
thtnee ixuth HO chains,  thence'.west
-    TOILSOME  PLEASURE.     .  -
"Wert is difficult, but recreation to
most ;:eople is more difficult.—
''"Hiallhv"-Resbrt.,',i'"  •     .  '
A child, ot the land .of. the biggest
th:-gs cn onrl'i,'bestriding t'-'tf At-*
lantl-' ii'e.a Ooioss 's,' while the two
hem's hurts'.roll, (Tout him shnklnj.
with la-ghter, Mark Twain is the
ente 'e :co'rdii.le "of the Arijlo-Saxon
poiples.—' No-v'Age." -
—.—   —o	
'    THE CREED OP .EMI'IRK.-'' ""
Impor'nl'sm h « IccDino tlie creed.
ol e'vry thli'ing Briton; oven thi*
moBt 'iadl;(sM'li type oi Littlo
"]Tn..lnd r cnnnot avoid thinking and
t-l'-in?- a'.out the" Empire as nn act-
ur 1 fact in wc rid 1 UBincsfl nnd world
pol'tic-f.—'Tanndn." .
From th: Ha'.ue conference has
been se t f r,'U tlio idea of arMtro-
t!on letwcen nations. It is still undeveloped, but will gcln ground and
will iiltin-ut ly suppress war. But
tt is idle* to endeavor to transform
wr Into u sort of courteous nnd
hunrn'tr\r'au due'.—'Titlte Repub-
H„ue," Purls!
t*:wn promising all kinds  oi  things
to-the   electors   to get their vote,
aind> when they are.'tlect'.d we*  hear
no more of their promises,   and his
memory, f..ils him or something else
._ There   is   no     excuse    why th:se
streets sh-Iuli not be cleaned in the
annex.   There h.*.s sbeen two hundred _
dollars  givcu  awuy  to  the  Athletic
Associ .tion for  sports'which   could
have helped*to pay part .of the   expense   in   ' conutcticn   with    street
cltanin^-,   and  I -think,  Mr.  Editor,
it woi'ld i e a gcod thing ' for   the
ratepayers to have a l^wpassjd thi-.t'
no rnon.y should I.e spent or   given
away (.th iwise than for. city•■■ pur
poses-, „ „ 5 -
. Not long a;o a certain gentleman
said, through one.of our local papers, th'it there was tb ■> much money
spent in wa:es, etc.   He went on to
say that, if they were going   to   do
anything they would have to be eco-
noriiical,'and first'one and then   the
oth r  hnd  h's  wa^es cut down.    I
thin'",  Mr.  Editor,  that the  gentle--'
man I am,alluding to'is just*the reverse to le n-c economical.   He   has
wasted   m* ney    by giving it    away
which culd have l.en letter spent-
It-would not hive looked so bad.'if,
had leet turned over to ""some char:'
:ta';,le fur.d,-..l)Ut it 'was "us,t the opposite   it we t irt-"i the pbe'-ets   of
a certain clr.ss.
Why  can't  we  have  thi  prisoners
doing the ci'y work*' cleaning streets
etc.,  instc*:.d':of' filing gardens ,, and
lawns.   I noticed thoy .were employed n arly a: whole * we:k' fixing    up
fie recro tion grounds.   This    is- a
d.wnri^lit Flame nnd Should   not i,e
allowed, •' ectius1?.. it; i^.-privt-.t-j^prop-:
erty.'   ,:    _      .* "-.-,.7 j-  V.;   -v,■'":*. .,
" It 'is to. 1 e hopeftlnt the "gentle- -
iren-wlio h-_>.ve control of-afl:i-B!will
£et-a, mo.""c,,rn and In thc * right', .di"1
recti n','nnd try and remedy things.
Thi n'ing you "-'"ri ■* nnticipation,„for
t'ie pu'lica'-icn-of the'a*'o"e'■   ■:._. .»')
-., " ,; Your,:,  Etc.,
''•'"    " ''."',.'..': ANNEX.-.' '
F.rni , U.  C, Aug. 97      ''-'"•<
• „..   ,.        , * ■-• , o-j.^.-...'";^,;'-. •_
I point of cc-mmeucement. ■   ,
I   Located  .this   29th . day^  of Julyi
11907. ■" ,   .'    .
j -   7 A.'W. Belden, Agent...
j  ,. Wm.   Kohlhuuff,  Locator,
j Witiuss—Thos.  Slattr.'   .-
.£>.,   .
No. 5. Commencing at ' a post
planted .adjoining Wm. Kohlhauff'si
coal claim on the southland being'
the N. E... cor., post claim-^No. 5; i
thence south 80 chains; thence west !
SO chains;- thence north 80 chains;1
thence cast 80. chains to point . of i
commencement. a'- i
Located. this ' 2Sth day' oi   July, '
1907. ,     " ■  ' j
,     '       -°  A. W; Belden, Agent.       |
Mis.  Wm.  Kohlhaufl, Locator. !
W'tness—Thos.  Slater.     ". .
0 '" ,
No. 6. Commencing at ■ a post
planted adjoining post No. 5, Mrs.
Wm. Kuhihaufl's claim on the west,
being the N. W. cor, post of Chas.
H. Jones'' cl im,*: thence east ?0
chains; thencvv south .80 chains;-
thence west-80 ch-iins; thence north
80 chains to-point of commencement.
t Located    this   23th day   of    Julv,
io-.   ,   " ;_ •'   :•
Ai W. Belden, Ac.ent.__
7.     Chas..H.  Jo-es, Locator
are now installed in our
new barn,".0bpp:;site the
old- place*," and have a
complete, new outfit,
which is always at your
.service for.Jivery, cartage or baggage. We
still have, the,office up
town where orders may
be   left.. '     ■ ..■
7. Co-.'.meneing at' a'post- planted
at or. near ■• adjoining claim No.' 5,
and' being ' the N; E. cor. post of
Be nice Belden's claim; thence "west
80 chains,; therce."south'-''80 chains;
thtnee cast 80 chains; thence north
S) chains
Loc ted
190 \
Handley Bros,
Phones: Office 6.
Stable 24
,,." to po:nt>', of com'mence-
this'' 29th*-' day of   July,
Tho jouth cf tcd?.y wh-se hr^lns
nrs bis only negotiable ibb t must
mn' e bis refutation, amiBB bis for-
txir.e, derive his enjoyment nnd
pi nsur: from his IjubItbb nflnlr-i,
nnd bo rend-, to risl^n his place
when he Jo fifty or sixty yearn obi,
just when the n.nnil man Ih at h's
lest, j'.nt whon he haB lived
e-oiii/h ty pi ss ss B:iund nnd rapbl
Juelpmiit—Pressor MnVcry, ctuot
ed ly   'The Wkctrlcal llevifw."
Th:it„ women aro tccom'n?,",moro
lo" a' lo ovcry day is proved by Hio
fact that oiie has to go hack to such
an est n:t type as Mrs. Chaudlo (or
un cximplo of—shall we say an iver-
t Ik tiv-i married womrn? Nowadays Btich n i yro does not oxlst.—
' Miidjino.''
NOTIOK Is hereby given that SO
days after date, I intend to apply
to the lion, Chief Commissioner of
L nds for a license to prospect for
conl nnd petroleum on the following
Innds, flituato in the district ol
South WcBt Kootemy, Br'tlsh Co-
1. Coir.niBiicln^ at a post plnntcd
nt or near li miles south of Flat-
Head townsltc up a creek, ' of n |
mle eoutb of a treeit, commtncln.:'
at this 8. Y„ cor, poBt; thonco nm- j
nlng north 80 cliuins; thonce e'-flt SO I
A.  W. Belden, Agent, '
"l-     ; Bernice Be'den',,-Locator.
.W'tiiess-Thos.   Sinter.   •.,..,     - i;
j 8. Commencing at n post   planted
nt or near ndjcinin-r'^clfiim No, 6 on
tho ,*-:ou'li si-'o, aud tein;i"the N.W.,
cc-r. post of Geo,' t' Bel.lcn's claim-,
thonce eut ?0 ch.ilns; thenco' south
8.0   clmii.-";     thonce west 80 chains;,
thence n^rt'1 "'80"cha'ns'to-"thc,',point
of commencement.      ■••' '
; Located   this   2'th7day of July,
WO", *   7
A, W. "Belden, Agent.'
Ooo, ,T. Beldon, Locator.
Witness* Thcs.   Sinter..
9. Commencing at a post pbinto.l
at ,cr mar I mile north .cf No. 8,'
nnd leiii-r thc 8, W. corner of Gert-
ivde Feld.u'a claim;.thenco north 80
chains,' ther.ee o:st 80 chains; thenco
couth 8'j chjins; thenco west 80
choins ti io!nt of commencement.
Loc ted th's 29th .rtoy of July,
A. Vi. Belden, Agent.
Gprtrudc  Belden,  Locator.
Witness -TboB. Slrt-r..
| '-' "     ' '"
Coal,—Coal laiuls may bo lmrehasod at. JlO
t>cr acre for soft coal Hint $20 for, anthracite.
Not more than 820 acres can be acquired by
ono Individual or company. Royalty at tlio
rate often cents nor ton of 2,0(X> pounds aim 11
ho collected on tlm RrosH output. -
fcQnartz—A froo miner's certificate is srantod
upon payment in advance of fl per aiinr.m for
an individual, and from ?n0 to tlOO per tiniivm
for a company according to capital.
A freo miner,' liavliiR dii>covered minoral ln
placo,may locate a claim ],IHKi,x "J.,,100 feet,
Tlie foo for reoordinu a claim is ii, ,.
., At least $100 must bo exponded on the clr.iin
each year or paid to the mining recorder In
iiuu thoroof. When (frio has oeon expendod or
paid, the locator may,|upon having a- survey
iniule, r.nd upon complying with other re-
1uiromentu,puroliaao tlio landatd an acre.
The patent provides for tlio payment of a
royally of i**. per cent on the sales,
IMiACKinnliil'ig olaimsgenorally arelft'i fcot.
60,iiaro| entry foo "rS renowabloyearly,
A Iroe miner may obtain two Iuiimh to
dredge for gold of Jive miles piic.Ii lor n term of
twontyycarsiroiiewaliluat tho dlhcrutton of
,ho Minister of the Interior,
Tho lessee shall have a dredge in oporatioii
within one season I rum the date of the li.'iisu
for eaoh ilvo milei.. Rental tidier annum for
each mite of river leased, Kojulty at tho
rate of 1!J per cent eollcctod on the output af.
ter It oioocdn ilO.OOO,
„ " • "VV. W.CmiKV, ■    ,.
, Depvty Minister of tho Interior
N. I),—Unauthorized publication of this ud
vortincmont will not ho paid for
—MMiijiiiniiiiiii mtmumsmstsasaaes*msp<*m
TAKE tiotie* ihut the MotHloulton Iiumber
Co„orBlhmnuth, ll,.0„ nouup»tlon Iuin.
b«r nrnnufitoturers, intends to »pply for it
hucoIh.1 timber license to cut und curry awuy
timber from the following described lands t
10. Commencing: at a post planted
ndjoining No. l» on the enst, being,
tbe B. W. cor. post of Anna.Belden's cl iir; t'e-cc ncrth 80 chains; -.--,„,-*, -.	
mencs woet K0  I'lnlns;  thence  south | llie lmnkofiilkHlver in easterly illroetlon«"
Commenoing at n post planted nt the north
wfst corner on T li mta. thenoenerth lnohuliia
80 eh ins; thence e*st 80 chains   to
point of commencement,,
Loci-ted   this  21th &iy   ot   July,
A. W,' Tlfldcn. Agent.
Anna ilolden, Locat r.
Vi'Hnt-SH-TlioH. Slut r,
■.' . Li3Sia:ia?E3ij' "'
>      * WHOLESALE
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a'choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb' on
hand. Hams, Bacon,.Lard, Butter and Eggs. *'5'
* ' t   * r '   ' 1
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always ji
■good assortment.    Try oiir Mince  Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Home=riade Candy
~ , - .       "       . . i- • . _ -
. .. Icam.now prepared to supply you'with homemade Candy and guarantee satisfaction. Drop
in and we'll show you how its done. ""'*      *    ■
Tom Beck
Look Up
7 W*
*■> ,7 '*   * ri
Victoria Ave.
vvhen   you
Boots? & Shoes
Trunks, Valises
& Suit Gases
Lowest Prices,    n Goods Sold for Cash Only.
■ 111
Express and Baggage Transfer
Drnying of nil UlnJs   done proniptly,
Tuleplione 57 or call a driver
Office:   Northern Hotel, Fernie, B, C.
Anything- In tho nbovo Uno done nt
,' reaBonnhlo rntee
Tents, Jtwnlnflft, and all
ennvat goods mndo to
A. T. Milne, Gemmcl Street,
or at Trites-Wood & Co,
-I. um no loiifiur nnjiniiHlliUi for nny (lfllit.it
nontriniiflil liy iny wllii, Krnnc.nii Mollonnlil
Mrl'luill hli« linvlnir Inrt mv deil nml linnnl.
JiinaH, llHi,. ,IAH, Mi'l'lIAlli
Xuet weei a,man wne nehtni* trom
a row "oat <n tbe lake nt NclHon.
L'efae Vo Ud teen Un-**; enKace.!
tbuB'ft rook rolled down (rom the
Bummlt of the mountain and drop-
pud »n'o thc lalie quHj tA:§o to tho
BtBhermnn'B hoU. In a ft* mlnutee
the rock wna followed by a. mnn who
ntao went plumb into the water.
Tb* fluherman hnirtened to the nn-
ffrtiinate tntxo't reieue, . When the
m n had rtcov«ed from hl^ Immer-
t-don nnd hnd recained'edtiie{onin«t«,
Yt looM flret ut the tnumlt 0! the
roorintflln ana* then' at,,*ait,,ri«w«^
Tie* N «aJd w*flrtlfT-TJiit frtto
|on(_. jcliait'B;   thence
thenco weet PO
Lnentd    thin
"D..V-J V,
Bouth    flo   chnlnfl' '   11 ■ (•oinmonfMn.: nt n post iilantol
rlinlre, to point   of ii'dJoliilt.R r,os'; nml cl-ilm Ko, 10 on
jthe lo'iih, nnd lein.i, lho N. B. c;r
2:)th- dny   nf .Inly,!of M-ry    0,  tkdd'n'B dninv  fe:co
wt'Sit   ftf) e'nl'-B!     therci!    Boiith 80
cl'ninn. thenee cnHt 80 chninR; thonen
Mf»rth  ii'   *••**■ ip.i   l-.i   jintnt   nf    i>r\n\
Ijoeiitfil   t'iR   2Hh   di>y   of    Inly,
A   W. Belden, A-ent.
M ry Bold'n, L:cator.
IPJIti* p  TK'r.   Pt-ter
W.   Belden,   Afcont.
ti*it\jn*i*i*thil   L*jLt*t *>* *
NOTJCB ia hereby ulven thnt 30
dnys nft'.r date, I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chiel Uoinrniaoioner ol
*l,nTirtK fnr n Bppnee to ,nrnfiTif''*.t for
conl and petroleum on the following
Innda, situate in the district ol
South ■ffieat Kootiniy, British Oo-
Ivrn'1,1, Block 4r.93,
3. tioniuonelnsr at 0, poat pknto.l
at or near adjoining post Ko. 1 of
L'avld it, Ife Oannliu- claim on thr
weat, beitfij-- H. II. eor. post-, thenee
korth M ehiihas; thenee' wist X0
tksias;    thfne«    aooth, M   chains;
st— Irult tuu* lo44y.»» •MSfalA**"'' *•
0llll.1 V•*.IV**?t "r *""• tutlisiiortli wm,! I'onmr
(1/ T (j 017ft, thunnuiontn 4')ormin« mora or limn,
tjiiiiiiKi cant 4(i nluilm-, tlmnou mouUi 4i* chalnw,
iliimcewiiitt Hii oliultit- to point of rommonun.
Jiiiiu 14,11*07.
j    uorr-noujiTON uimiirii oo„
.■'"''> O.H. Moult on
j    Hiitcil tlilw Hill ilnynf,l\ni«, 1IKI7,   j
f nmvii.nmmmmtiimmmmmmmmMmm^mi^m*.^^mmm*mmm^m
. fEUKKiiotjj'ollilit. Wm II  llurton.ofOrHii-l
.  »    Iirnolt, 11,0 , W'l'iiiiulI'tn ol. rk, IntoiutH to t
,i|i*ily Inr 11 Htmi'lal lunlnii* tluoiiHu oviirllui Cot.
: luwinu ilOhCTllicit IhtiiIm:— |
rnmiiiaiinlnir at n pout. |iUr,t**l nt tlio nortii. |
I   »1<.»I   4Hlill'<   OJ    UU.   il.'.i,   ,'...„. 1   .,..,,),  t,fci,i,
Uno I'liniiiii tliiiacc mut H'nlit.y (no) (ilinlni,I
(liuiniii Miuii'f titiiily {>,-', ihitit.*, ilt.,i-t, m,t.
■ iilntiiy (nol iiliHlnii tn iiolnl of pommoni'iiinitiit,
I inn) tnntulnlfiB nix liiiiulreil uml forty Hcrim,
I morenrloiiii.
.funa Mh, IflOT,
'   Thn tlm* far uommennlns the pulilloiillon of
UI.«»i,oytnoU(»it«Uiid.dioth.y»o,,iny.if taken out and thia tnb<* restored to
fl. Kerr & Go,
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Etti-
mttti furnished on application.
tt. A. Knttlt,
Arekiteet    aid SaperiaUttdeat
,,   OOm at laaliMiea,.
by loon I npplloatlonu, ns thoy onn-
not rcnob tho_dlflonacd portion   of
tho onr,  Thoro"Ib only ono way to'
ourn dunlnoBH, uud that U by obn-'
Btltiitlotial    roniddliiB,    Dunfnnus  Is
onusod by an Inflnmod condition of
ihe uiucuim I'.iAiib ol tU •.uslc-i-.hhs]
\\i\tt\.   When  thin    t«l«* Is Inflnmod'
yon hnvo ft rnmhllng; nonnd or   lm-
porfeot hiinrlncc, nud when It In en*
tlntly Qloaod, donfnons Is tbo result!
and unless tho Inflnramntlon can bo
12. Commeiieln-T nt n post plnntsd
iidjolnln,* No. 11 on the enst, he'.n»?
the N, W, eor, .of the flnimj thenre
e,ist ht chains; thenee scuth f)0
chains, thtnee west 80 chains; tho.i**«
north tn chftlns to point of om
tneneemtnt. . • ''**■ .'r-'''-
* LoenUd tbiS 39th day of July,
IM7. . ..... ..»	
.7  r, AIlMHTnONO.
A»nUt»nt Commlulonar of Ii»ndit It Work*.
A. W  fWrUi, A«ent.
Elfiui(ttt*' Jo«a,"'l>«allio»i.x (*<  .
Witai^-1^?1!l1ai#r,      hw""M"'-v
Toth* OMoirn sni) UrmUw «tJ>UtiXat,'U
tl, M, W, of A,
NOTICE ,l« herthx f lv*n that tbt r#|rol»r
n*»Urnr* tit nill<iv»U"lx<Pi,1 431 t!. U,fW.of
A will tn fiituH.lt* h*!A on tJh*   «r--».mndJ«ot*M   tram
Wirt m*t4*y swiTiiit. In Um wania.X. <^u**f9>J'9*'
****& of t^*iM>»MHliBn*l, Uit XJsMsfsshs;
TnUtrssllf Vawt'oru
1 . . thtMaWitM,
Its norruol condition, taearlnir, will be
destroyed foroyeri nine asses out of
ton are oauaed by entanh, which la
nothing bnt nn Inflamed o-.ndltlon
of the mneaot) enrfnees.
We will fl»e One Hundred Dollar*
for any tstf of denfnose (eAused by
catarrh), that cannot be oared by
IfaU's Catarrh Core. Band for dr-
•   '-'.l*  .Vti^ii  t**iout* 114
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
Tho Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
Office or nt llosmer.
TIip. Flkliimhi>rCo,ll(l.
fernie, B. C
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
* xTboro la-only one place In town
whawyott ean net (rood reliable
.ffftodilnsoar line tha^ U,at
4 1   I.,
w*. •*ry*y,{mfLA*l,\vUoritMluyt .,■,
,'H>**^aV'*«ii,"^*^'*"•»" «*i«Hai»»t,    ■-,  -^■Vt0sttwK'%iiQ;4 it.
i ljJJ,MIIIL,i,JJ|lll.|IM.i4.vL
uA.w«w»UMKMM4d fi -,~^A,\ hi     1
.    Y°   lyij:^
.ai.s-™.-^«]Ai4i^-^»y^tu«»^^m,.^mwl„^_1;,.»v     —t.:; ft-- -■-". I .■■^.«nTC--^-*i-JJr>.-a.tfv*i*-t.-.JiA> ,^<A-,.
Fifteen Cars Go Under at Proctor.
The- first, serious accident" to cars ;
■ in transit oa the lake between Nel-
son aud Kootenay Landing occurred
late Tu.sduy ni^ht at Proctor, when ;
a targe w th fitce.n cirs a'.o jrd sank ..
in thir o.n feet of w.'.ter r.e-r Prcc-!
tor.'    Luckily    cIb   cars    contained '
nothing but coal and co'.:e, and    no
real damage,,beyond the dchy will'
have been    affected by . the unlucky1
and unusial accident.
This i3 the flrs: accident that his
occurred to C3*rs in transit on Koot- '
enay 1 a'-e sine; the service st rted.
with the fxcept'on of a',barge spring- -
ing a "leak some six ye-rs a'-'o   and
having, to le bech:d.   TVre „was a'
bare sunk tit the slip at Kootenay
Landing on.,M'rch 22nd 1-st,    when,
thirteen  frpight  cars' were  submenu- - ■
ced,  I ut t'ljs.'barpe,  6r  course,  was {
not in tr;-rsit at the time.   This is i*
Oapt*3in Or'r's first accident since his !
coming t^. the lake,, some seven years
ago.        ''["•-      ' ■     •     '   , '    !:,
. .   '■-—— - - -I,
 ._ I
.   *    ,  . -(       - .       ,--' \i
On* anotacr page will be founh an!'
ad. 'or a patent" propeller* for" steam-
' bo:.te.   The,, iinsthod adopted in this i
I -CeLE-BK AtlQ' iV-:
* ,'■*■' - ■        .- ■    "    ■■ -■
% Monday, Sept. 2nd, 190T
*   ■       AT   CRANBROOK,   '&.,.€..    .
♦*♦ , 0       1
♦ Under  Auspices  of  Trades   aad   Labor   Council!.
.\> ■ -,        . -
°   Sports  to  be'" held on   Recreation Grounds.
Good "seatiiiij  accommodation. • Special     -   .
•■    Train   will leave   Fernie and inter-.
•; ,. mediate points' in the mornings
returning   in  the  evening.
See-posters for Events "
T.J.   DORIS,     ri.   WHITE,
Vice-Pres.      Sec-Treas.
e3 a crowd of enraged longshoremen
from taking the law into their own
hands'.     • ."'"■'
Carl  Neils:n,   a     SwediBh   sailor,
Coleman', Aug. 8.—Tlie Internation-
invention id .simple in iti mechanism, al poal **nd Coke Campany have dis-'S8:?e!l eight-year-old Annie P,ittma'n
and up-;n the authority of-"Mr. De- .charged 20 chute laborers who refus- (as ■ Ehe wa3 playing near the Rector
maurez we. are assured. it is reliable ,ed-to "wol'k underground" more than,islree'<_ pier of the Baltimore & Ohio
in action.   The distinctive fe-ture of !8 hours. , . railroad.   Her  screams   brought   \a
this jropcller is that it'wcr's from " The agreement'tetween the    com-! crowd  of -'anjry lonrBhoKmen,   who
the inside of the boat.   It will effect !pany and the miners* union provides  set upon Neils n and beat him   un-
'for, an 8 hour bank to bank day,, it  mefcl'ully.    He protested.his   inao-
Will double (l.o plea-
■""puro of .v-mr KUininot0
outing. WoliHve ihem c
iu nil sizes; from  tlu; .
- Brownie in the latest
" No, 4 Foldinjr Pocket
Kodak.   Thev sell always at catalog price.
We havo a full lino of
photographic supplies,
Films, Papers, Devel
opcrs, MountB, Daylight Machines, Plates
Tripods, etc. etc.
, Call and see them." .,
Fernie    Drug    Store
■l/«.<*%/%%'%%/% -%/*/**-%-%,--»>?..:
Tlle ■*'-?
Lumber Go.
Hanufacturers  of
Lumber &      p
All our   stock   is. last   year's
cut and well seasoned .
ffevnie, W. C.
■ o   ,
a gre..t saving in coal and nnchin-
ery, and could always te repaired at
■•a.   Mr.  Demaurezwill be   ple:sid,;of the men
to furniBh' all information and show hours
! teini purely ..voluntary upon* the part "cence.
to work more than    8
the design-j
of his. invention.
.   • i, -"-.
Unl.sbrtne matter is speedily   settle:!, serious compl'cations will arise.
District  Seretary  J.  A.  Macdonald
lis    at    Col man     investigating the
It is indee.l a pleasure to, note the
rc-appearance of the famous Juvenile
„ 3B,.6toni ns,   who.    are  now  making
their "homeward trip for their vacation. ■ Their evgareme'nt. here is; for
 Monday_(_Aijg,l,12i'" latJwhlchl timel,,
\ they will- present- ^Olivette,"   which
- ie infe.ted  with     bright, .new    cos-
., t»mes7nd, le..utiful  sitt'nrs.   Babe |
- M. son' -wfil ap^eir,.'as '.'O'.iyette,"
■ daughter of the Seneschal, and    all
the ot'lbr favorites will be seen   to
., advantage., ■   This will'heCtho
app ar.nce of the \vhole company,
-The CaU'ury. Da'ly News' soys:
"The large nnd enthuslnst'c audience that l:st night gre,!ited7the
Bostnians on the occasion of their
rc-apprar-'nee,- was an excellent tri-
■ bote to-the*-histrionic ability''of-, tho
clever children which .compose .-the
company.1 ,    .,
Rcscr ed so:ts can bo secured   at
Fernie Drug St:>rc.
*   . '    * o	
Denver,   Col.,  Aug.   C—There *'w'a8?
lit lo ctun.e in the strike .situation
' on the Colorado and Southern   today.    Euch Hide to tho controversy
■In nw.ltin; the result'of the corres-
ponde.ee n.w going on b:twcon th?
company's o'Hcers, the,loaders of tho*
men rnd tho Federal officers, who
have aouftht to end the trouble by
nitdl..ti n. The railway company h
h;ndlng some frclaht, nnd declares
New 1'ork, Aug. 2—The murder of
Tiuie^'""gh"t-year-oTQ—Katie- Pritiscli"
icr,, who. was, found yesterday choked
to de-th with her own^hair ribLon
land her body,"mutilated,-,-in a "hark
{cellar on First Avenue,', has    called
j forth->today e>ery effort of the   on-
.      [tire,,police department to find.,,  the
'fiend'   who* has   been satisfying '.his
murderous .appetite in the strangling,
and hac!iing: to pieces of his victims. I
Two men aud a woman are being
held'jh'c&tody.on the suspicion that
they'jiuay .know' something oi. the
girl ii death." ' Tho ."'woman, Anna
Messno.', was .arraigned in the.court
nnd h'.ld without bail for the coroner, She was. ta' en to polico head-
ciuarters and w.is- closely questioned
hy' det:ctive-'. . She admitted that
she know Gatana Rippolono, a cobbler,1? and Ins ' employee, GulsBcppo
jl Bpnfanto, both of whom are being
detained by thc police. She said.sho
had.'te.'r. living (or s.'veral days; at
he I'ouse where the girl's body was
found,       ;
- Other Recent Crimes,
Tho la'Oit distovcred 'victim, like
the two young women murdered, had
ken Bhoe'ingly mi'itrcnt:d lolore
jdo.tth, iind t'.o body hnd been mu-
'. tilatcd when Wo was extinct. * Tho
Ithreo murdcre aro  Btrik-lngly  Blmil-
Kittanning,'Pa., Aug. 7.—A tele-
phene mescage from Kelly, afteen
milcB south, reports a, paBsenger
wrec: on the Pennsylvania road.
For persons are said to te killed
and .eleven injured. . "* „    "
-At the Pennsylvania offices the fol-
lowingi^statement_was7made: HAcr,
c'de'nt due to a freight car which
jumped the'^track. Our. report is two
lull d andoeighteen injured.'.'
Pit'sburg, Au";. 7.—A reliable :report from Kittanning "sjy's that 14
are dead fi the Pennsylvania wreck;
Hiram,*   Ohio,    Aug.  7.—Pittsburg
f.ycrrNc,.. 23. .on:-jthe Erie railroad,
n • rrowly escaped a wreck".' * A"   tree
j trunk was draged across tho track
and chilned, '      .
Section,men stopped ,the flyer until" the tree was removed.        '  ' Y
- h.  ?.   Eckstein
Barbistkr-at-Law, Solicitor
Kooms l&3, Honderson blook. Fernie, B. C.
Latce 8c Fisher
Crow's   Nest » Trading   Co.    Block,
"        Fernie,  B.. C.
J. S. T. Alexandeb
Ross & Alexander
Ollice In L. T. W. Block, Victoria"Avenus
X Barber-i l.d.s., d.d.s.,
Y-Y'^ DENTIST'   "     '
I.,, T. VV    Block,   opposite the   Bank
Offico hours—R n.m. to 8 p.m,
A Good Way
to please careful housekeepers is : to
pive honest weight. Oh, we don't say
that all batchers don't do this, bat
we cannot, help occasionally overhearing our lady friends when they
get to telling their experiences..:.   .
Another Good Way
that tho bi.slnc.Bs handled todayj*, ^  LaRt ^^ nlght ft   ^^
' >qb   strun;led
in a Twonty-eecond
a'.out   <-n:-fourlb   of   the
^■^^p^^W'-Jrtwct   lo,rdin« hoi.ee.    Tho    ,ext
The ralwuy ■*:■ »J^ »" ^' iaontai the body'of un nnldentillod
ting enough conl to keep running the -       c^m   t|)
vnrtoUB   nlnitrlri wh,eh, depend   on I •       . reftrw       .„
It, and there will te no Bhut down •    ,- • •
of nny, important Industry m Denver |B st >",» ■ r et'
for tho present.   | * Cm 1 Prl ichlor, the father of Kntlo
Following ere the .term* of aettlo-'ifl » hura-worklnK man. The girl
ment rnfd to te offeted hy tVe lead- |Wt her home ut 3-19 Bait Tb rteonth
ere cf the mm for the consideration strot laat Thurwday night to piny
ol MoH.r8. Nell nnd Knnpp, commin- In «*• Rtrcet, When ahe fulled to
fl ncr of la'-or and rhdrmnn of tho .return thc father notified tho police,
Intrt to commerce eommlaBlon re-ji'iid n General alarm was eent out.
Hpectlvely ,The borty WftB yCBlor<!l(vy f'i6coverod
Vieo-Prceldent PnVerto nit in«f.!within a Hock ot her home nnd
(.et tt onco the 2 cont« dlffcrcnti'-l >CArcoly a hundrod y.mlB from the
th t tte men nre contondlnR for, location ct a plncnrd placod hy the
OalHn; cf u jrenernl conference of 'fnthtr, ealllnB-attention to the rot
MiJwuy mrnn-ers of ihe went at thnt hla child wns kit. H w tho
Bait Lake lnRlrte of !>0 flnys. If thoy l ody culd h^.vo rem-iin«-d undificov.
»7re«'l with tho terma demnndod l.y t«d !**r n week Is not explnlned.
the men nnd nre will nt? to r"* thorn Wvrne than Ilorlln.
'nt • ffl'Wt the two(eont«i prnnleil by .y0„ (,nn flfty (or m0i«. Ooronor
the Polurnrto •& floiithorn Ve con- !jjftr'.uri;fr do'lnriid, "thnt tho
tinned. If tro conference of men and <h() crirncti jn yitrlln which the news-
tar.T.:i:.crs crme to ncm- ftli"T nr-r«n. |JijijU|t Uie u;j ^ Uu auL lu>,
mf."+ thcr trnlnmMi nri* t,-> nMilnhy , j... t.bonpriJi(U.h p»rt nn hnfl nn the
tho reanl*, nnd If a re:1n«tlcn I" y,„r:cr of this (.drl. The coroner
mude, tho Oolcrado ft Soutborn mon; wouM „ot   perm'it h«r hody to   ne
The cilmn occurred In a Bcctlon ot
If lhc skies look dull,to you,s " * ''
Get to work; _
If the atmosphere is blue,"        .     ,!
Get to work.
Postering your discontent
Will not piiy the quarter's rent.  ,
Try, to gain a nobler bent-
Brooding doesn't help your cause—
Get lb work;
Nothing gained by picking (laws-
Get to work.    -.
Weak nrc (rumpled by the strong?
Art a victim of man's wrong?
Stand the storm, it won't be long-
Get to work.
If success shull come, you must
Get to work; ''
There's no other wny, but just
Get to work.
Though It brlngH.po wealth nor fume
Much or little, just (he same;
If you perish you'll die game—
..    ' Get to work.
to please is to supply only the best
meat.' If .you trade with us you will
learn just" what we mean by these
two "ways'\QUALITY and QUANTITY will be a little more than- you
expectr .,._..
Calgary Cattle Co.
ej» '.*    «?$»
Under new management
Well famished rooms. - The table is
supplied with the best theamarket
affords.. The bar is supplied    -
with the best wines, li-
' 3, quors and cigars. ,    . ,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
W, J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
OrFioK IIoubbi-       8 soto X2 a. m. 1 to 5 p, m
. ' 6,80 tos.v.m,
V..     ' 0fflco ln Alex. V,' ek's Brouh
;.;'        , over Shim's Uiikory.
PBRNIE, ■   , -,      -.       -     -        JI. 0
-:> Contractors mid Bulldors
Estimates FurniHliod
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
■J      -a McEvoy.-St.    ,
P: 0. Bos 3SS       ...      "Pernio, Ii. C.
,   Builder and'Contractor
Eetlmatos cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to the oatta-
faction of our customers.
WINE   CO.,  Lid.
.   Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of
014) TOM
Solo Agents In Kust Kooteimy for
Wholesale   Dealm   tltd   Direct
iMportim ol
.i A
-   -  FERNIE, B.C.
Eoertj-attention. , ,  ,
.  ^____ i ii'.
Rooms reseroecj by wire
A, pleasant home ' for the
traueller.      ' r ,'
C. L. WHELAN - . Manager
nre to nenept the reduction.
llAVWOt)!* "l".1TT",'Nr0 VOTl fyrtTtYXV*
Bnlt Lake, VU\x, Aur. 8.—W. D.
Haywood, Berretftry'treaeurer bf the
W-itern Federntloti of Minern> wheft
ne'Td ly the ^pseelit'd Preee today
ne tvthe tmb.i-#.'rmwi-*..tliat- "«:fUC,h n,pt*J th»t.«.,e,renioy»,ofthe
wnit.Kolic lo-trte;* hnirtiwlti-ithe ^rwd the-»rtwt wf .nippolono M,
tnoet cAoe«d it-.rtot. «•..   i *•,. ,y   ,
liu- tm-nb rnd Vnown nn the
When newe of the finding of tho
httl" rno'n hody -spread through the
the nMRh'orhood, excitement roeeti
The color In ii link- fjono,
The IhrcadH Ik'^Iii io hIiow
Pdr more than when I ptlt them on
.Some thirty yuan* n^o.
I It'll a proud nnd stylish chap,
And m'iule a gallant heaii;
Dm lime and hup lm\e thinned the map
Of thirty years iigo,
The coat in Kivinn al the scams,
Mv I'lhnu'i-, tiwn vlll «lin«*'
Hut I can see it in my drenim
As- thirty yearrt npo.
The button*! nre HbsorleJ now;
They were a perfect row ■
And fiit^il hpitor, you'll itlloti',
Some thirty yearn ago,
This vcbt ik lljjhter, nnd the—well.)
You need nol |<o below—
Vou hardly tlilnlt I was ii swell
. .Some thirty yenra «ki>.'    *■ '
Offlecs ovor P. Harm' A Co'e Blook
Victoria Avo.
B. 0.
CREE   &
r-,lro,M*o& Accl
dont ItiKuranco
Townslto  Auents
Fornlo and IIoBmor
OrowfA    N«»t   S|Molal
WW**9* fmvwH* Olflam
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head Ofiice, Winnipeg)
BrnnclicD—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie,
Kdmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Ont.
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Everything new and ,
Every accommodation
for thc public.
Bar siocited with the
finest in thc land
Kings   Hotel
Fernie, B. C.
Fertile, B  C.
irtrlk* fc««r-i*Tti 'ttiil Hl"*bln'',:it"nii
to m*jm*i><t*im******w*t '*<*v »•« >ttMtu>ui tod*v, *u tMyjij
\o*^oMKAm-*y0ty^.      ■    Mo»m»9 »nb** •tJ0*.&totVW*l.i
'  ■    « ' '   '-♦'*• ,
 ■ ' .*,   l.t*kbk*
Ah, cMb'ttfli-rlotlt; and wO<jl_w)ii,u-<ibt,
i. ■ Nol -ihoddv then; you kiiow,'' _ •;.,.
TIm»poxXiml • Th*v nrV-wtio full-   '•
W. II, rUMIIIKU, ,1. WII.MUM (111' V
l'lans   and   lii.riniatc*.  on   Apfillrallon'
Kvuldcnce 76 Howland Ave.
J, Wilson Grav, Auoiiitkct
FcrrJc  3. C.
GrocurleH,   I'lour,
Camp Suppllui"
Feed & i "ftr supiiHed with tlio beet ol Wlnw
i Liijuora uml Clflram.
.^Y'Z^^ D*,,r N<"•*
Us*\*ttr*% trU*i In *uh montb in 1.0. O, t.
■'•■ *'*•*■'»    Wnll.''*    •*    '
E, H. U«a*«,i ,,,;    , ,.i„ .   1' AVfJt***,
and everything in outline enn be found the
freshest at bur store.
TrlcDoueall &. Co.
Clgrin;' -ftfctt-Mfc-vEtfc-}
ii*. iit'.iiiii
'■'   Dining Koora In connection
Port Steele
Brewery Co., Ltd
Pernie, II. 0.
Breweri of Eitru Fine linger
; . -and   Aernled   Waters,
PottliMd ,0«*A|,
rwi.t.t... ■ -
i t, Bptctohy.
.fin '
' *%t*Sw\l\t*\**tm
(,ii»i* Jh-<> :•.'•'
MU 6
. <•>
$k Read The Ledger $k
for the most reli- W
.-"--       -   -■-      ■ -fl?
;•**•*£ able news.       ,   %k
Men have, their "eagles'' c-nd their
| owls," ' their. fivt.rnal this and
I their ! rc-ther th.t. Why should • not'
: women amuse and "e u.fit thems.l.'cs
■iii t-ie.samc way? 'Th t.tlvy.are cn ,
I tiroly Yin to do so was fully dem-
i* ns'.ra'od. «.n Monday aftcrno'n at
'tho rccertkn given ly Mrs. Davies
! to Mrs. Diginan and Miss Lindsay,
• i>ri6ident i-.nA Ire surer res-rective^y
! of the Wcinens' "National Counc 1 of
0 nadi. '.'hut the .reccp'.kn was a
i s.orefs toes w thout saying when th'j
' parti.s- who h.d. it in hnnd nn
. kno.wn. , <    *
|    ?'ol;ody    'new just   wh. t* w.s the
' i"i0uiflcanee   of t'e ,:Art Ass. cl a tion
; of,Canada-'   or   theQ Women's  Conn
}til/* so fiere wr.s .'.ufiicietit cu.i:s't/
;»roused'to tdd'interest to the    oc':
,c.-sl:n., Vhat ,'S tlir-'Wojicn's Coun-
' dcil?  -Its proper name is the Nation-
[■':1 Council <f the ■ Women of C:.nada'-
It is a branch of. the*,Int:rn3tlonal
, Council,; and was f rmed and ,<.r._an
■ ire', 'y Lidy A' e7d3'n' dur'ng    her
' resid nee in Canada.
"|    It ,'s cliaiicred   ,by the "Comin'on
;,G'o"ei'n ViC-nt, , and    its   'Oh:'e_3t__ is to
'gither  together  rs  irany   -as*„pos-
'! s'ille .,£,the'" ri ht Kminihe mind*.;'of
Can da to discos subject's cf-mutu-
tl merest and '■ to' fi.rm the ne:cs-
s ry or_'an z t.c'iii to Ccrry out tlic'r
viewd. ,."-,.".
,, Thj' Intuitu ti nr.!." C'ouncil .s prob-
' a\ly the-'m:s': i..t«r stirg," t'ou.h
! per' a]'s r.ot the"..,most'■. usi ful,' of
i hem -,-il. It .'s-::d-ni)cs'ed! of n,.t'.on
j «1 c'u s, ;'nd t v"" nt:Vs iv n • n ti:nsc.f
'■'he worl *.' ari'.i"U>rt's:'nlea,;n*-,.,t".'-
■"'■ zt mee's'qiii^ueriniul." At'"one'' cf its
meiiiirs ui Enjl-.nd it was*. j\ceiyed
ij.y-.Hi-r Ma'esty the late;Qu en 'at
4W'nds;r C sli: .lit a no'a'.l.. i.atlie'."-
-ing. At''its' f'jlLw'n.*; "me" tin?;'., in
*Be lin," _ lhe _.Empress" of 'Germany
J'.avc-'a linrdcn' pa'rty"f7 the;' ccuncll;
I a d Icth Uose'ioycl" l'-'di-'s'"took -a
lively in ercst in.ar.d ii.crcasctL, the
pr sti.e i_f' the work.   ■**
to the
and we
will do
the rest
io ,'e.held in-TorcntOf.in-1909, and
L dy Aberd ei_i rojess to. charter
a steamer for t" e exclvsV: e purpose
of bi*'n_ini the1 Europe n d le^at's
ta America.."Th y will pio'a'ly em-
bar'c at-Boloupne, France. Among
th m wlj !'e h>'B,r, ness Vcn Sinner, ;■ rcsrbiit if the'Womei's Pe'ace
and Ar'itutlon Soc'e'y. of Aus'rla;
B.r.ns-, Vi.n Gouffen'-irg, < I Hel-
singf rs, leudcr d'tre tit Sdc'alist
women ele ted to '.the Finnish lejis-
1-tiir ; the Cou.t ss I'asolina, of
Rome, i:6t'd In cennection with the
fcrmat n of t'*c Italian lace schoal;
the Countess i'p.ilttts, ot s:.me
sch.ol the Countess; Brugazza;, tho
C.unties A n , cf Ho:endorf. ('nl
many othor clc er En'^l'sh tnd'.cpn-
t nln 1 ludi s of the no* i.i'y'.   '
A vlco-e.al roe. tion will Te given ti tl'em at Ottawa, and they wl 1
t ii r CV nada in tha i t.r sf of ;thi
women and the Women's Council, a
speci 1 'rain ' olrig asi-l. no:l for fio
pur, oso.
It oms evident fist Fernie shoi U
&ei c the, o.iprrt nit/ to frrm u
branch ot the council, especially In
Viw cf tho tour oM'O*), when the
form t!<n of a branch would un-
dou tc*"y r suit ,n n \l.it from tho
Intern.it.on ;1 Coimcll,.
"O.i.'■■ ■ -■,
It is und sputed 1 y economists
tiat Rlr'ardo's "ircn law" of supply and demand governs the labor
rcarkct aiid puts la\or power :n the
Fiine cktej,cry ' of • commodities as
had, co't n, 'pig 'r..n, etc'
It is well to ex:m*nc ciipitalistic
conomics, for it •.& there' one sees
(he causa which will-usher in the'eo-
operilivo commonwenllh. Let. us
consider, one phse cf capital'stic
Cai,ltui;s:n has dovelopcd, this ' ln-
cius'ry .'y improved .methods cf-pro-
(.iiction an 1 dist'riLut'bn, nnd seeks
t<.; produce a al i at a minimum Gof
cost, . nnd although * this Is accomplished iy a cerla'n " disregard of
humi,n life, the commun'.ty tencflts
in a degree by capitalist enterprise.
What.'is'conrus-.d for? The generating'of motive--pewer, l-.eat and light,
i lso there., • are by-products which
have a- commercial' value.Now, to
mai'-tain thc enormous armyo of
wjr'ccrs en_a-ed in' the coal industry, me.ns a vast a" s.r'dnj of capital, .with .'.on immense waste ,cf
tine. nat;.*riar,and la'or, and 'tis
all, th S3 lhat capital seeks to.-clim-
i'n.ite'-t.T o' ta'n' trofits.
Capitalism hrs sounded the death
'ineli of'the'ccal "industry," and [be-'
fere a decade-has -prssed we shall"
sfo the gradual intrcdnct'ori" of elec-
tr'eity to , f llfill "the' fr.nctiars . for
which we mine coal, it is-easier to,,
tr nsmit a'* horse-power'fcr motive
i.r h:at'purposes l,y a copper wire
than' it -'"s ;o_ ent-iil'aH"th'c la'.or,
ihat ensues' l.y using,.,railroads, etc.
,: L sten to* v.hut'Ed'scn's-".ys: ' I'ex-.
; cct- to see ■ tl e direct;generation, of
electricity from coal by a che.i'p process. ■' Imagine■"wli.'.t w.ll lc''thb'.'coh;;
sequence'; ;then.. Locomotivcs'will be
thi own" upon tlie' - scrap heap,- all
tr ai- s will be rim by electric ty, no
1 to
great power;, pi*, n's^.'*' establ'shed f at
the mouth cf ,'mii.e?,1 from"which
electricity will be sent* out 'over the
country* by ■ wires. There--will" be no
^ j$ Farnie's'-'Best
.«J{-W Friend'   is'-jtlie
•••m,:1T  .-LEDGER -" -
of safety and secur-
tlie   accumulations
A\o° work and save.
A place
* ity  for
of all who
' -r
Deposits of any amount accepted and
interest-paid 4 times a year, at highest
current rate. -   -   -   -   -   •.-■•-   -
J.R, LAWRY  -  ...-    AGENT
f -*|\fcTn   "I Jill Mil   »'^W^^^^-^«r,-,yT T-w-    ■!, .■IWIM„BI..I.I.M, I    ii,,    I|MM',T   "
ape3ioaaw?gij«.utg^i-'--jiu-wj J4-i-^R[J
ss^s3»«smMi««ii«T3s-:A-.ivj,tiais.c'4;c»WJ.J H
will °coal 1 e la'"or'ous'.y. trans-
poited  to cites,  biit t-:ere'will    l.e
IlKASON.   •
Th r,- is• wide"'" divergence' cf opinion, al o muclt, srojjiih tlc'n ns to tho
ultlm to'-Vtf'i't of:"i*ne m6'vcm'i'.t
col.'cd Biiki'listi: tliat*' Is 'ftk'nr fl'.,Co
In every known'clvUi'*dd,cdiint.rj'', rVirl
declalm.cl „a;n!ni(t .-.from tlio., pint;
form, pul'-it. and prcBB re illo_.l,,n,l,
ntholfi'ie end' tiipnualhle, nnd do-
fent'd md ilei'ol'nhod lii n hnm'reil
wer.lj rom'fttn, .t, Phcnlx-lll-o, rlei
from .'t; neh a e'.r n.er th:n e.'cr.
Sccl lli.m rs iv factor In motlorn
thou, ht m-ist hu mo*', nnd to mott
I', enc needs to rnderelmd Iti prln-
clpl s.
The pro'-oit r.rdcr tit thln'.s Is utll-
it rlnn, nnd.ita mlHs'on ie ti itllzo
■rill thin; s of uno nnd the economic
vhich o't ii rro t.?rmel CGpttiTn'l:,
nnd to oxiflt is such miiHt product*,
or, T 8hoi.ll nny, demnnd ''sirplim
v:.!'it." ,-   -       -
Thi- fift'dMis vn\\\t is n t rrc t el
hy cnp'.tal, hut hy InVor, which
**hlcb is c mpel'cd to produce sur*
plus vnfiie by the • fnct of: ei-pttnl
ovmlng the means  nnd Instruments
•if In^iinl^i. T-I .- ».,!«„ ll., ,.., 1,
 *.~.-}.      L.^1 .V* ,      h«w».»£,      W^V     i«^*
er do* is paid wnses (wb'ch Is really the out of productlm of lntor
I»ower) rroi'.nccd by the latorer, nn
Is nlso the Biirplus vnlue ot profit.
wagons w.ll be propelled by electricity,
cooling and allhcusj illuminations
ly electricity, for.it will .te so cheap-
that, it can le used by the humblest tenement dweller. V,-"' .
■ Shirs will no'longer be driven by
steam." Electricity will be their
ir.oti".e power, and then it.,will be
possible to cr,ss the ■ Atlantic in
three days.
Mr. Bdls:n also, points out that
nt.-.etntlis of the power obtained
from,coal is lost ty use of .boilers,
whe.ls and dynamos. The: certain
ad.ent of electricity is a cause for
those who earn wa»es in order to
Jive 1 y following the coal industry
to consider what will be their position when millions of their kind are
denied the_rlght to work, for capitalism will n:t, and never did, con-.
s'.der what lecoines of the laborers
displaced hy, machinery and labors
sa\in-j dovices.   .
No right-thinking porson will re-
Rret the-p:s.in-j of coal'productions
aa a comnrjdity, but the danger lies
In the jroposlt'on as to whom wlll
l« tho owners of llu vast enterprise
so, vi'al to'tho community. Shall it
bu mcn:pollzed ly tlie fow, or will
the odiicutcd prcloinrht rise nnd
tale'over what 's a-ssolutoly necessary to their very'existence'. Let
mcv mal'o myself clear ns to what z
niflan hy "tho proletariat?"'Tho real
mo.n'.r.g is "propcrtylcss worlfor,"
l.ut tho ftcco'ited definitlpn,, nt, t{ic
present lb' Mei-oryi-ody who in order
to. live must earn .watea, .or salar-.
I am not dr-iwlnjr an alarmist plc-
.turo" In: attomptinj*; to forecast ono
plnFo of tho evolution of n soolnl
Industry, but wish to point cut to
my rel'OW'Wcrlfors tho possible danR-
or r.-f c:irllnll8iu shutting off tho
m<anH Ly which* bo msny nro do-
pendent In ordor to live.
It Is In oapitil'Btlc doi'olopmcnt,
osreclally In tlio nliov-o enso cited,
tht mnl.'cs ono so opthn'stlo ns to
the fiituro   r,f   the fioclnlist propn-
foclul-sni Im Inevltnhlo.
Gold    Medallist
Inteof Soulli  Korislnprlnn
Knif   i« nrprviri.,!   to   tulj,.
orderji for ti limited iuiml>.
cr of Porlmlt I'aimiii^s.
For particulars adJrehK Ilox 431 I'er- 1f|*if
nie or can be seen nt ihe. C, C. I„ A. ' I I V
Hull Coitl Crock. , .     J
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A hotel thn' furnishes quiet, commodious accommodation (or iU patrons Is 0, source of pleasur-t to tht
travelling public Such a ou<s is the
King Kdwacd Hotel, of Pornte, corner <ipnn«lt>', pn»t office.
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nio«tin«N nf llilluvu* J.ivil 431 l'. M, U'.of
V'M» I'       I, » I.**, *• "i,,!
** »»k.    t>*    Itli.W.itC     -Fit',     tl^t,M*>     lJt*      UU.( h*|.«44     -Al.'h
tliinl f'Ati^ln.v dMiiiiiiir* <u tlio inniitli, in-
M("ml ol tlie sftcotiil «nil lint 8un(l*i,v(itjl'0'
Krutiirnally Vour*: , ■
P. CiiAi'i'Kr.t.,
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".< ',  •r,»»vo<>'.
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H hi TlipTMgSr
M Sco if yoittiOri't
Ledger and watch Fernie growJMmm^ '■•K^^f"'.-"..''-?;^^^^^^
.">-^": ■ ,'■■*." j*.1
Coal From Vancouver oh Mines
Ready for Winter./
- - . - ,1 . .
That    Vancouver    may    look - for
. some relief of -the coal situation to
the newly  ot-ened  Niccla  Valley    is
news, thut-will Le received than'::
fully by 1.Cil.householders.   To Biy
that the, ccal thbrta^e of this   ctn-
tin.nt,  pusent and prospective,    is
alarmlnj,  is not to overstate    the
fact*; and the prcepecls that a new
mine, close to tiie city, will be able
to   assist  in     supplying  Vancouver
houses next winter iB encouraging.
. Mr. B. Cl. Paul'ner, who .returned
4%   few days'" ajo   from a visit to
these, mines, and who has since   become fln.ncially interested in them,
Is authority for the statement that
Vancouver fires may Le burning Ni.
colx coal next.winter.   At   present
the   company is '-.. still   developing,
though as it is working in a.wond-
erful seam of good coal with a   face
. etihteen and, one-half feet high,-it
il   getting   out a quantity of fuel,
'■which, the4-C. P. R; iB taking..  At
present this has to te hauled half a
mile by wagon, but in. two, months
the railway trac"; ,.w:ll te right into
, the mines, when fie shipping to Vancouver' will become* possible. '
...This, much l-.ovo the strictly, local
end , retail point cf view.    Further
than this, the new mines are a wonderful   rich  property,  especially    in
* these.days when co.il ism;re', than
ever-king,..and a too'd de:l of Van-
"  couver money is interested.' A Seattle man who came over ti this city
• recently .. tnd ;L profeesed    scepticism,
put $40,'80 into thV-. company_? after
,. seeing - what it had,   Local men are
in control, Mr.  John He.dry . leing
president,, and'Mr. ,W. H. Armstrong
.vice president.     ' *   '"        '       -,
'.   A'uniiue, and great* advantage the
" mines pcss:s8 is;,th'e, fact th=.t" the
,  coal1 can be mined . entirely by grav-
'& . ltation.; The   tunnel <? slope's upward
French and Spanish Allies Bom-
:;   bard Moorish Sultan's   ;
Mud Huts. ■-•: ■
end half a s;uadrbu of Shahis, -Al-
E.eri..n cavalry . in ' French' service/
"Part of .t*:cse' troops, will be emtark-
cd" iit' Ora'n", on toard^'cruisers. the
remainder 'it"Algiers'on transports.
FUEL   SUPPLY.   -   ,    ,'"
Cues a0a ii Munito".a end the Province ol St.s'_atchewan are sounding
'a wainiug note  -.s to an  -..deiUite
-11—     7,       . b Pply ol coal for'the coming  win-
■ ter.    Tho  uncertainties  of - clim ite,
Tanjeiu, Aug. 8.--The "Frcnih together, with a vast " increase,, of
cruiser Galilee was lorn'ardins the popuLtioa and the demands ot now
Moorish quarlers of Casa Bltncn ' ;n '.ustrlcs nre d-.n...ers net likely to
nnd tho neiih'.orhood    of tho,   city  i_e ove.r.ok'cd. !
whtn tlio. last steamer, • which     has (    Mines   have  not     only  to  supply
just arrived lelt that port. ' the.o   increased * demands,    tut    to
The Ka'.ylee attacked Oasa Banca Vuil(1 "** !-tt'res •*■» case <"-f emergency,
and the Moorish authorititB applied To add0l° the seriousness of ihe
to the commauder cf the Galilee for , Quwtion, wood is reported to je
assistance. Ho' thereupon landed 60 | very SCurc(' ™* v«y dear. The *■ cs-
mcu and a Spanish crifiser 40.   This  tm.t b recci ed so far show a seri
from t'e mout':_...■ At prcs:nt there ii
only the, one,'through which coal-is
bel g  taken  out, Aiut  another „' will
■meet it at ri^ht angles and through'
both cor.1 and, if the mine should
become wit, water also will run out
*- by -gravitation without the'application of any powo*.-. As a r.sult of
such, advantages the co.il of this
company can le mined fcr a", dollar
a ton.
landing 'party was fired on by the
Ka"-.>ylcs, and Beven Frenchmen, including au officer, were wounded.
The cambined forces of the French
and Spanish partly cleared the city i
cf hostile, tri'.esmen. Guards" were
then placed a';out the foreign con-
sulat.s, aLd then the, Galilee opened
fire with her big guns on the rebels.
L:.ndon, Aug. 8.—A special despatch'received- here from ■ Tangier
today. de3criling the bombardment
of Casa. Blanca says that the French
cruiser Bu Chayla>and the" Spanish
gunboat Bon Blvario participated
with the Galilee in the bombardment
of the villages surrounding Oasa
Blinca, which were destroyed by_;the
fire.,of the w.rships.
During" the l.ombardment., large re-
ii.forcemeuts of;.tribesmen came .up
and many o! th;m were billed or
wounded. -
The Casi Blanca battery joinei iu
the firing on the foreign warships,
where ap on the , guiis of the French
and, Spanish"cruiters were turned on
the bat'.ery, which.scon caused the
Moor.sh., commander to-send a mes-
sag; to the'French admiral re-ouibt-
ihghis pardon., This was refused,
crd.r' to tht Moorish ["commander to
surrender himself to the French con;
sjI. , '.'='-     •   '
Paris, Aug. 8.—The expeditionary
f.rcc to le sent to Morrocco by the
French' will conrist of two battalions
cf, Algerian sharp* shooters, a bat-
tali, n cf the f;.rel_n loston, making
a total of 2,500'infantry, two ,bat-
ous dropping off from" last _ year.
Tie fuel inspector of.Winnipeg has
prepared a Etat.mmt in which the,
visble.supply is set forth and infor-'
motion [ten ty t'.e various dealers. This report shows a lamentable want ol cars. Vey shortly the
Bra,in',in the prairie provinces'* will
le rushed through to the head' of
the lake 8 I ef ore the season closes
down, and the uue'.tion of transportation will le immensely complicated. ■'- . -, y.. '   '■■
Stt'.lers in the isolated districts
cf Saskatchewan are almost unanimously ,of opinion that, they cannot remi-in on their hom:Bteads unless there ,is a solution of the ' fuel
ques'ion, .either ly miring or railway . transportation.        °    ;
You may
Need It ■'•"
Ask your doctor .about the
wisdom of your keeping Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral in the house,
ready for colds, coughs, croup,
bronchitis.' If he says it's all
right, then get a bottle of it
at once. Why'not show-a
Ijttle foresight in such matter's?
Early treatment, early* cure.,.
We publish our formula! '
l     Wj bunlnti'alcohol
W    from our mcdiolnti
Wo ur(« you to
..coniult jrour
3 U LLET \ N
rea? Northern Ray
Cheap Round-Trip Excursions,
■ -^7Y
St... Paui,   .Minneapolis,    Duluth,   Chicago,   Otnuha, -Kans-is
■'■   • *•    City, St  J iseph, St. Louis,- ■Atchison,
Winnipeg and Port Arthui*
On Sale
Many a boy is called dull and stupid, i
when the whole trouble is due to a lazy !
liver.'We firmly believe your own'doctor will tell you that an occasional dose '
of Ayer's Pills will do' such boys a great '
deal of good. They keep tne liver active.
~ruu»*r.fh» J, o. sr**o*u
. ■'                                     ^>
'■♦*■'-   ■■"'-.       "■ ■          -,.-   ,     .V
I,     "     . The " ■■
i'.Fernie Lumber
♦:♦         Co., Ltd.
:|: ALEX. McD0UGAUf Pres. & Gen/Mgr.
Manufacturers of and
Dealers in   "    "
July 3. 1, 5.        August 8. ,9, 10.   .     September 11, 12, 13
Plus ?10 for the round trip.   Correspondingly low   ratea to,7
all other eastern points.' *      ,,
Going transit limit (10) days.,, Final return limit (90) days
"   from date of sale.   Stop overs allowed at all
points within limits .   .        	
" _ For particulars  call on or address
.l " -     H. L.. BLACKSTONRj Agt.,'Fernie
'■*  ff!-'r*rl"
Rough & Dressed Lumber       ' J
Dimension &* Bridge Timber .*> j
, --     V' -  '" v
Piling,. Moulding, Laths, •J*
The summer monLhs, are,a time of
£.nxi;t"y, for mothers because they are
the most dangerous mont..s   in •the',.»V
year Ior ba:.ies and young childreia. j *t*
Stomach and  bowel troubles    come '
^nic -ly during the hot; we-thei-   an;
almost' before . - the mother, realizes
that there is danger. "the   little one !*:*., ^ ,     - „ ,     .       ,   ,   .
m y Le b"ey-nd . aid.  Baby's - Own ; % AUj Orders Promptly Attended ♦
Tablets will prevent   summer
.."    .   Shingles  and -Ties."**
" ■...      ... -   -_     ,,    , .2      ♦>
-^™~~~~  ' v
"" i 5: telephone Poles a Specialty,:!:
plaints it' Rlven^occ_a.s_Lon'illy.._lecaus_e_
,y Tci. 3
Fernie, B. C.
they; kcej>" 1.the stomach and. bowels
iree from offending matter. And the
Ta'.lits' will cure these   troubles    if j ♦<t*.:»*><-t«X*<M>*<'<,^<',*»t"J"X"J''<*V
they come suddenly.   The wise. moth-  _   '       	
of "should l.C:p those Tablets always has the guoraiitee ol a governm:nt
at h. nd cud give them occasionally j analyst that tliiB medicine does not
to her children.. The Tablets, can be j contain .one .particle of opiate or
given with eiual success to the new- harmlul driig. Sold by all medicine
b:rn, ba':e or the well-grown child, dealers "or- ' hy ma'l at 25c. a box
They always do gcol—they   cannot" from lhe Dr. W,iUiamB' MedicLe Co ,
No Seedless Plums. Ko Fitless
Apples, No Cobless Corn—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable
prices; /Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,
Spray Pumps, Sprayisg Material,
Cut Flowers, etc. Oldest. established nursery on the mainland oi
B. C. Catalogue Free.
Greenhouses and Seed Houses,
'Vancouver, B. C.
P. S.—If your local merchants
do not handle my seeds, send
direct. We prepay fifty packets,
assorted varieties of garden seeds
in 5c. papers (tested stock), to
your nearest post office for $1.00*.
twenty packets for 50c., trial col-
■>.■<*■} i- ■-    -r',1 i:-i-i'-i* , 'a iSK!,ttVr
Fernio to
,0   $38.25
Port Arthur
St. Paul        *|
Duluth    ^
j.    $48.50
Sioux Citv-
'   ft
iterics cf artillery, 300 light cavalry I possi'.ly do harm, and   tha   mother  BrociiviU?, Ont.
Hollow Ground
As Illustrated...
Set of Two in
Leather Case-
Double Concave for
Extra Heavy Beards
^ ' Carbo Magnetic
Strop Aide
3.00 4*
..,de Marks
.... __.>i*RICHTS<i.O.
■ Anyono flonrtlni! nskclPlmnd 1 iscrlinlon niiiy-
nilclily iisoorliiln our oiiluimi tun wheilici- mi
nivuiuImi Is iirohnlily piiioiiiii*i o. f'oiiiniinilPii.
lionsBLrlctlyconliUoiitint. HANFROOK on I'nientc
Bontfroo. OlilOBt iiiioiic)* ruriiiiiuruiKPUleiiiii.
rutoiiw tnkon tfironeli .Miimi & Co. rocolvD
special notice, wltlioucclmri.-j, I  tho
A hnndsnmoly llliifltrnli'il wiii I ; • r-'tniilt.
ciilotloil of uiijrRiiliinLIJa li-im-ii j. 'I liiiih, it p
yo.'ir i (oiirriioiillifl.il. Hold uj *»ll iinnM'cnlcn
""""N4Cr..*-'='^ New York
^P Si
mumRit YEAR
^    RAZOR
Will Last a Lifetime.
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS haVe rtvoluUon'ied totot maklny-they »re TEMPERED BV ELECTRICITY, wlilcbls
OUR OWN EXCLU8IVE 8ECRET PROCESS-the tte:l used in their manufacture is of tht finest English and
Swedish make* This wonderful discovery is the resjlt of veirs of experiment and study, and at last there has been
produced * razor that will shave any beard, NO MATTER HOW TOUGH.
ELECTRIC TEMPERING adds CARBON to the steel> whereas tempering by fire, (the only other method known for
Centuries) DESTROYS the CARBON which Is the life of steel. All other makes of razors must be HONED AND GROUND
often, as their blades will NOT hold an edge any length of time. CARBO MAGNETIC RAZOR8 do not require -HONING
or GRINDING during a lifetime in private user they are all temptrrd alike, every pirt oi their blades being subjected to
METHOD, the most expensive grinding known.
YOUR DEALER will deliver to you one of these CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS on 30 days' trial, wi'bout
obligation on your part to purchase*—take advantage of this opportunity*  Break away from the barber habit t   You will save
Call on our ftrjicitntathrtn in your town, and request a copy of " Hints On Shaving *—This booklet illustrates the
romct rasor position for shaving every part of the face (ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN FROM LlFE)~-tt also tella
you HOW TO -STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY} should out 4ealer be out of them, drop us a card, and we will tend you
one by return matt*
Firm of A. L SILBERSTEIN, Hakers,       J     H     Oltflll
  4SO-461 Broadway. N, V.  *^#      *-/•      \^I4C1.II
To Consumptives
Tliu uiidurfllgiicd having boon ro-
(■Aorod lo lio'Uth by Blmplo nicanu,
aftor flufforing for sovcral .yoaru
with a severe lung affection, and
that droad dlBoimo CJONdUML>TION,
In anxious to mako known to bis
follow Hiifforora tlio moiuiH of euro.
To 'thoao who doBlro It, ho wlll
choorfully eond (froo ot ohargo) n
copy of tho preoorlptlon used, which
thoy \vlll rind a ouro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATAl'JW, DRON-
CUITI8 and all throat and lung
MALADIES, Uo hopes all sufforors
will try this Roraody, an It Is Invalu-
ablo. Thoao doilrlng tho proscription, whloh wlll cost tho nothing,
and may provo a blosBlng, wlll
please address
Urooklyn, N. Y.
St. Louis $56'. Chioigo,,$6o; Ottawa
$78.5*5. .Toro'nio $7^.50. Montreal
$80. ,■  St. John $90.    Halifax $96.80.
New York $96.       ■' ,*■'"'"
Tickets on Sale [uly 3, q, 5;^ August 8,"
q, 10; September 11, 12, 13..  ■'-.
First Class* Round .'Trip "90 Day Limit
Corrospoudiiiff reiliK-tltms froni i\ll Kooteimy
poiiitn.  Tickets aviiiliiblo for liike route
including mci'.ls uiul births on lake
dteamers.    Tliroui;li rains
iiuotod to nny station
in Ontario, Quebec  or  .Maritime   l'rovincoa
(Formerly tli« Owl)
The Owl Restaurant
which has recently
will be more completely
up-totiate than has-
been the case in (he
past. The new proprietor,
I^Ia^mi    mT*T*n%, tfii**%,**m
Jj>%js»ii iii m    11 vlmy 0mijt<•*■
will be pleased to meet
thc old patrons and also new ones at thc ole'
Best of
.1. S.CAItTKU, I), l'.A'.,Nul»on.
K. HKADINO, At-:., I-'ernlo i-
FOR $2.00
With 11 (liiimoi)".!-' rhifr' 1 revwil
froo'liow'toiicc'iiniii liciuitlful eom-,
ple.vlon. Diamonds ami ox(|iiiwltc
coinploxioii mu both (k'Hiruble, An
opportunity to every wonuin Ih now offered for obttilnini* Imlh, For $2.00 I
oiler n 12 Kt, (Jold Klicll Hlntr,
slinpo like n belcher, with a Tiffany Hot-
thiff, Hot with a troiiuine illiiiiionil
and wlll Hiinil free with every order the
recipe aiid directions, for olitalniiiK n
faultluBH complexion, easily, understootl
and Himplti to follow, It will wive tho
expoiiBo of CreamH, Cnmnclli-K and
Bleaches, Wlll freo tlio skin from pirn-
plct, ninckhcadR, etc., and _;lvu the skin
beauty and BoftneHH.
RING lH (riinritiitoud , by tho
iiMnufucturer to bo sh rcitroNontcd
nml should nny parehsserliudiiisatlsfiod
I will cheerfully refund the money,
Do not let tlio price lend you to
doubt tlie H-euiilneiii'NH or value
of this rlnjr, ftH the sbovo Kuar/intc''
protect)) each and every purchaser.
Bend me $2.00 by mull and tako
Hdvutitiifrc of thlK offer, h» the time
Is limited. Send hI/o of (inner lor
which riuK Ih dcHlred.    ,--,
112 Kant 20rd Street       Now York City
Hend 1110 your name and  the
;an;caof ." ri-jiuiiiblc joccplc as
ri'forpncft *xo\ \ will IotwrtiI you n
prnprmltlon to act nm my a^ent and Hell
my (.oodi In your locality,
Department lt>
id t'.%h",Uii\i Suti-.f, N*.J*iV \Xii\ti. CiiV
Jly fr-Om
(_•■ trwwmtnr       ' 1 [■^■^■■^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *. ■.*. 1 —ihm-..„»i .        -^mara^ .--*-» »• ■-. —
^Read7 tte £Mge$ for all the -NewslR^ «* ^W
Norman Rusk
General iUaoUsmlth
Repalrlnj;,   etc.
Cotucr ot Victor!* iLveaae A J*fir*y it r ■    ;   ,'      ' '     V- * !■■'«""■• -',*"',
News of the City
Ee ,d the Crow's Nest *".d. for Sat-
' urd y values.
C Bui-loy:'cf Cr. n roo'*", c lied on
fri.nds Ci i: Holidi.y.
' Mr. Tom Whrlnn is in the city
from W.*.17ce, id-ho, for a few days.
G.  G.   3. Lindsey, K.  C, and R.
(G. DrinnVn and D. Davi.s, oi the
Cr.w's N\8t Pass Coal Company,
have I,ft Toronto on their return .to
JTeinie. ''   ,, .*■
Fred'. Dalzell' returned ,the .'prairie
i. Thursday mcriiin.-;* af.er a lew .'day's
visit in ttyc city.   He reported crops
al lio'iin* very £,o:d,and in consequence - tha farmers are' happy.
'-- The officials cf the court licuse
- ,were Lusy yesterday moving into ihe
To'.'d BI. <*'■-, where the busi ess of
thecourt will te carried ;6ri during
•the co". six', ction of the ne'.v court
The' Methodist Sunday School picnic
. excursion to Kiko will take place Mon-
''day, lijtii of August. A special coacli
will be atlached to the regular passengers "west and east bound C V. R.
Tickets, adults $i.o6, children 40c, may
be obtained from the officers and teachers of the Sunday School. * '       _
The MisB.s- Iih.ta Tcdd and DoUic
Barnett, assi.tcd by a':out twenty
of th'.ir >ouni gii'l friends, are giv:
inj their third annual' 'concert and
"ent.rtainment iii ; id cf the Child-
*ren's;-OrnhE.nage of Vancouver in the
Pay Cash.
Prompt Delivery.
0 •    ,
W. J. Blundell, Post Office Block.
I THE DEftAyi^EZ *
I Propelling CO;, Limited.
♦ '
opera  h:-ust; on -FrIcTayr^iS^3fa—Sf^-;^
Au...us4. ,The entertainment will co'.i-
•' elude witV the jel.r. ance of the
" opaxtt-i    ' Fkr'uda,"   cr    The Rose
and- rearl"." Fr.m thc''l.revicus sus-
-.cessis achieved iy thue young   lad-,
ics.wo fejl s'.irc they will have , a
■ bum-e- hoiific, jind tint a des'.-rvins
clini'.t/ will receive an:ther su'.st.n-
tial die j:o.   ■      ■
., In ■ presenting this instrument to the public  we  appeal   to * the  ,gfood   judgment .of
, sensible., people  to its, merits.
It  embodies,   we  believe, * a*"far. better and'
;. more economic method of the propulsion
of steamboats than1 has hitherto been obtained..   A   glance  at";-the'* design . should
.-..convince any mechanic of its efficiency, etc.
Do   you realize   that "by, .investing'"Sio or,
■;$ibo, now   it may   in six mbniifs - bring'as
many  thousands,;* * Investigate  for yourself;
- ♦ '•
You can easily increase the purchasing power of your dollars by allowing us to cater to your wants. We purchase
all supplies wholesale and turn them over to you plus a
small working* commission. Get the benefit, a dollar saved
is as good as a dollar earned. \ \
Campbell  &  Faultless
Yes Sir, wejean fit you with the best tailored, best
material and best,pattern ready to wear clothing
in town. „ We offer for Saturday's "selling a num-
I ber of Grey Worsted Suits, very'swell pattern and
made up in the newest style.     Regular $16.00
Special $12-00
•$ . '■   , ,-4 J*
Men's Trousers in Tweeds, Worsteds,'and Serges,
. . good patterns arid perfect."fitting ' ,  '-   _
Price $1.40 to $6.50
We have now. in stock the celebrated Garhartt
Smock and Overall in plain blue and black, also
blue with white stripe. Safety watch pocket and
detachable buttons, extra.good material and \-veU
made. Specially adapted for Engineers, . Firemen and machinists.'./.      ,.   .     °        ,  ,      .'
'. ., Per Garment $ 1.40
::"   Suit 2.75 ■ -y
no hole   in 'the,ground,  no. cat'in" the bag;-
Jim Bin own und B.n..ey Mullin
met at a si', rring e-ont st tt Fernie
t'.'e ni»ht ol Civic HoUd y. They went
the limit, 1& rounds, and it \v;.s called
a draw; un arranged if heith men
kept their feet nt flriish. Mull'n was
linoe'eed d.vvn Lur ti.rcs in the last
round. , Burrows'was down for a
count of 'ight in sumo round. C n-
Jos', wus f. Ht nt tinus, warm in
s;os, and eery'ody wns s t'slcd.
In a pr lim'mry Kid Tutch, olFr
nh-, ,-md Kid Buwen, if Co 1 Cree'-,
st od up f r ,n .lit rounds. Tn tho
s:e. nd round Bi.wen wns 1 noo' el
or.t ly a. s_ l.r -1 x's.
The liflli iinnuiil celehntlion nf ilic
Michel Miners' Union, No. i^, U. M.
W. nl' A., will be held ul Michel 011
l.ihor l*>:i", September .Mid. A |*iiod
p/'^uf mimiv Iiii*. beer pri'vided, includ-
iiif.' jn opi' ■•. nn'in;.'. tiiH-of-wnri fool-
ball, etc. Ker'nie lir.tss Hand will be in
attendiiui'e. .Special rates will be avail
able on trains east and west. I'ull
puriienliirs will be announced later.
SHARES   $1.06 .EACH
A Limited Number Only for Sale  atQ'
Crce 4& Mrffutt, F G. Wntsnti, A. ,\V. .Bliv.s h* 1, W. 1[. WliiniBter
1   A  C   Liplmrdt, 1.. McDonald, TI105. R^ek,' M   A.  K-i^tner
4,     and,from the inventor
a .,        - •;•
$50 Reward
Strayed from our Camp near Kiko,
on 5th May, 1907, tJiic Uay Mare* wilh
while stnr oh face,' branded on riulu
>lioiilder, weiubt about, 1,400 lbs. ■ One*
Hay (ieldinK willi while htm' »i" ""'<■'<
Ir.'Jide'dnnrif'blhboi.ildeT, wei^hl abnul
1 ,.|no I'.'.M, One Dark Hay, Mare, brand
itu'.;;,tincl, wi'tijlil nbnut i.fioo lbs,
Ilor.se-s were well broken and shod
when they'left.
The above reward will be"paid on
their return,
, The Pugli & livingstone Lumber Co., Ltd.,
Kiko, H. C,
Stork Opera House
flonday, Aug. 12
Mrs. A, J, Buc'iley him \o n in-'
dlspe-8 d for the past two weeks.
Bern, oa Friday, Am;.. 2nd, to Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Ross, of tho Queen's
Ht:l, a i-on.
Mrs, Hiui,ra\e Ih In ' ttwn on a
sh rL visit to her pannta, Mr.,,nml
All The 1.0.0. F. Plums in One!M- *•H wbl,n8 er;
Ku/thtr rt-diidlons In liiwn mul(«IIU
w.-Uk, children'H silk mul wnslilnu hut**.
Don't iiiUh llie cliiinio,- Mrs. Wri^e'll.
Leili ild.o, Auk. T---'lhe ftll.wlnu
wub thc i-«<t ol tbo i-lcctl a d ni-
flceru 11 the* Grand I.od;.,o ot Allorta
I, 0, 0. f. tjdny.     *'
Orand M st r, K. Y. B'.er Drewn,
Mel, od; ropnty C'r. nd .Vimler, .r.
W. Mit-.liull, r-iilunry; Orand ^Vnr-
don, V, C. Fronch; Wi-tuflKtwin;
Ur.iiui Heei'et.iry, U. K- ''.i)d.4i«i <-'«J'
i;nry, Or nd Tro. flunr, H. .1, Ad-
uiio , Cil:,,ary, (!r. nd Heprosent.*
t tivi-i, \. 13. .Mny. Kdmonton, i.nl,",!- on P"^1 S-
It, ,1. Mtiir.rt, 0-ilf.inry. „ —
CiMiibmnk will celebrate Labor Dny
i under tlie ausi'-ia-** of tbe Tra;k*s urd
' * ,•■'.,■ ('(inn,-It ' Srnrli- wlll be held on
1 the KiM'ri'iii'win ('himiiuI-. A *.p;c'n!
', M'lvice of trains will run, Remember
ilbe dati*. -Se-pli'inbei' Jtiitl, xtjoj.     Se-c
We have-them.           »         ,    .'Y-'       -.7   -
i_^^__ls=A*j.tisan^WoiRking_Bbot_fonl        Y
* '   -   °" 7   7 M;iele of solid, leather
Ladies' Dress Skirts
Ladies' lied Amazon Cloth Heavy Box pleated,
flounce and self strapping', very neat (tf»i« •ft-ft
and,dressy.   Price...;* --^O-iUU
Ladies' Naw Blue Panama Cloth, extra fine qtialitv
with tucked "and double hox pleated ^ 0\0*
flounce, very swell*   Price  f .£«?
Ladies'Black and White Shepherd's plaid in best
|, quality goods. , Made up in the newest   A t\t\
dc&if?n.    Price  OiUU
Ladies' Brown Lustre, very fine quality and nicelv
trimmed with braid, very'stylish. , M  0\f*
Price ;:,"*■»■ 151
Saturday Special
Liidies' Parasols in finest quality Austrian Top ,
Regular $1.25   Special $1,'39
Grompton's Corsets
Just I received, another
large] -shipment of this
well-known make' in all
tho latest Parisian'models
aiid made of the. finest
Enf-fHsh Coutil
Plionttc, for "the average
figure with supporters'
attached  81 2">
No. 817, for the full "Ururo
■   ' $1.50
No. 'Ml, - slender fljruro
No, '1557, medium, lifftiro
-.« ,, * $l.7S,.
n       * , ' i •>
Our Hrst endenvor is to secure tlio highest quality procurable, our next to ■•-•■H it at the lowest pos
sible price'.   Our Grocery values aro money mi vera for tho careful house keeper.   Aro you interested
Saturday Specials
Griffin's Breakfast   Bacon   and   Hams  sliced to
your order in anv quantity required'
Windsor Castle Creamery Butter put up expressly
lor ourselves und gnnrnntccd.thc best, P6i' lb, 30c
Choloo Dairy Butter in Tubs und pound prints.
Number one quality.   Per lb  2.r*c-
New   Potatoes
Very line quality and size.   By the* .wok
per lb. 2 1-4o
Sheriff's Pure- Fruit Jelly Powdora
<1 pkts	
Huntley & Palmer's- assorted Biscuits,
reg. .Wc, -IBcond ROc. , Spneial	
' ' ti
Laundry Boap, regular fi hurn for Siio
Special, 8 burs'for ..'...._.• .V,.
The   Famous
Boston ians
Willi iti) (ia- Utile r-iki-iiit.-t
French Tuition f
M'illume Mm-iu Moucliet
Prtiulimt« of tlm UniVLM'Hlty
TorniH on Application
I lOo. p*r paekat, *r » pack-fin far tt*. I
will laat • wHalo aaaaan.
Oh* pasha*
haa aotuallr
Wllad a hualtal I
;    Conl Crool; defimteil Vlrlwl Siilnnl'iv
[ lust on the iVrcno grnmul-- Uy a *enn* ol
'Q to 1.
j    There are no jrmncH whi'dulpil \oAny.
i Next Biitm-vlay this 'lifitrlet complete*.
I tlio son».oti, Michel pUylnff V>rnlo here
Hid Conl Creek plays at Coleman. The
games will hnvo np effect on tlm league
(itunillng »* Co»l Creole trepwy wlnnpre
«nd nwnlt thn netni finnln.
* •Below wo givo th« ntnndlnfr of tlil-
•Jlklrlct to Aug flf (1,1007:-
Twm *      Pltivfit\\,foriTA*t Dr'tiVt-
Conl Creek 4   • 6     0     o    lo
Colem-M •<     V.      1      1      r
Yt<rx\U> «     110, v
Michel f     0     «      1      1
Many Latist Ni^y York Sung Hit*
Music Kxceptirmally Hrlglit
I AililrcHH Itoitrof Oatlioltc* Cliiurt'li
I One Cent a \¥ord
Id v  Inwrll'ill Imi  ll""1 ll"'!'
V\X\i   SAi/.l
Pr'.coai  $1.00,   7fto   .r.0o
A  41 x WI fi*«t, HlMintml In  tU;!  1'i.rnly.
I'rli'B -fM-'i tornu. Apply uo'iKuriilllct.   Attit
Shoemaher Shop
A'   IMUoti Aviiiitiii .tiioor»froni l*«rnl» 11 o».
"•»rlv fiiw, InTnnt or cnlor.  Apply U-tiier
.offlco.'  m*r'.
X. Howlirook. Ktrnle. .   -  .   ■■     ,
(Opp. P Biiriil * Co'i-ifllci.)     ;   ^"x hotel tha' lurnUhci   quiet,   com
Thi' (r>u*nrr.lta« woikul 4:yc»r» iModioiu tecommodatioo  for iu   pat'
-    ■ ii«* ti'-mf, lf«»\* •»>■» m prnpuroil l>0M U f aourcel,o( pl«4iiiire -totHs
!°-i!0^l!iim,,'0/ri,,'aI,lnfr nml IravolHn-f public.  vSnch » one U the
t! Kinji Hdw-r-l Hotel, of FernU,    cor-
Ben Giflliotti Fernie ntr <ippuiite po»t office.
To Those in Need of a Brush
1) L
We wish to draw your attention to thc
ffict that wc are able to supply you with
almost any kind of a Brush tint you   .      I
desire, tor    ... |
Pi'ioos Thnt Will Keep You Awake at Niylit
wishing"that you had called before,'
Oit-r1 Assortment Is Lnngn* A V-Wlotl
Consisting" of over Forly Different Stylus for
•difforent purposes,  and   all   necessary
sizes in each style. ■      \
Some of our Samples Exhibited in oar Window
.   Don't For«^
, ••ir.u.jon5""H'&& B Ei»ffB^ %Ss* t%$f^j7sti,,
Hondtl|uartor» for Mill & Mlttlnn Suppllos


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