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A Long List of Events Pulled off
Successfully - A Large
Turnout for the Day
" The Dominion Day celebration 'held
" on the recreation gruuuds here 6 on
-Moaday under the auspices of Gladstone Union, •U'M.W. of A., was. a'-de-
cided success. ,...'
<•   *   The.weather was  'on   its; best    be-
■ havious and the attendance was much
larger Hhan last year.   A large   num-
. ber were down froni- Goal Creek, and
- qdite a contingent came, m   on     the
morning westbound       express      Irom
Michel and other places up -the line.
The crowd was an orderly one,' and
■ everything' passed of! 'without friction.
' The Ideal.,Amusement company had
its village of shows open all day aiul
- seemed tb do a -thriving business,  especially the. merry-go-round.
The programme, which, was" a   very
.long one,  was  carried  out almost  in
toto, only one number    on   the. 'long
list not being' filled. ■ "
-,' There were- 11  entries for  the quoit
match,  Thornton'   winning first     and
Gillis "and lleay coming second     and
'.third.        _     ;   __        *' ...   '   ",,
' In ' ths',football    contest,- aC.      C.
Scrubbs;   of Fernie  took first.     There
.were 0 entries in  this event,
In the  school   boy's   race for  boys-
„   under 1-1,- there were  19 -entries      and
■"    the first and; second prize's, were 'won
by Earnest and/Edgar Dudley.'.       '-'
-   There were Gentries in the,  potato
"Trace, and~WiET_W<arreii worTlsf money.
The 120-yiird- dash, open to all, was
a very.-pretty little-race,' Wilson taW-'
iag>first;', .Warren-'-second,-' and- Bowcn'
third/ Wilson also took first  prize  in
the hop-step-and jump  contest.    Burrows:, taking second..    ."....
■The-  80-yard, ladies'  race .brought
out'13 contestants.   Francis Fox   won
first atid.ETfie John wen second.'   „
•   The 100-yard dash, confined to members of Gladstone union, brought. out-'
seven-entries,   and- it was- a    pretty;
W. Dick second, and Tom Jlowon* "lrd.
■Three teams tri-ed for, the fine tug-
of-was trophy- put up by G. G. ■ S.
Lindsey, but the " P. Bunts & Co.
te;;m had coo much muscle in',I their
iuie^t f -.I'Mhe ollt-tr. u-mvts .ami,.won
easily. ■•
lit the "-Hi r.ic;, open io' all, there
wire 10 starters. This was a u-st, oi
ciuhirplice,, and resulted i:t avicipry
for J. T- Cii'ytoit, ,T.. Hemic"; coming
in a close'second and Penman third.
XumUr 12 on th.- programme did
not tiil ;*ttd was passed  over.
The o* stacl.- rnce -had to Le run
twice, ,TP'.d was won by Clayton.
Dick s.'criiid and Hunt third.
The wros-.l-'ti ■ n hum      was  oni: o(
, thc'iiiteveniitg events of the day ami
brottfht i-tti   s'y   c< nlc-t.uUs   for   the
Ti-i/u. ill"
U, Chirk w.is the victor until he
tru-klcil J. "Moore, oi Conl Ci'y.'l'-, w'im
put hint down twice in two wry i-i'.i'-
little tttssi.!.-,.
Albert "Morris,.- an undesirable, character, was arrested by Chief 'Sampson-and- brought before Magistrate,
Whimster and' was charged with '"■•egging .__ lie, had l>ceu in Fernie , three
hours, and had collected •"tM.35. - The
magistrate, ordered him to -be taken
lo, the station and his ticket lraught
for the other side of the line.
.Edward .lardine was brought- .before Police Magistrate Whimster "on a
charge of vagrancy and was-''allowed
to go on suspended .sentence.
Gussie Clark, charged with stealing
Uie sum of •£*>. was .'found guilty, by
Magistrate Whimster. and fined $10
and costs or one montm in '.jail.
- Three, of tlie prisoners ■ confined in
the city "jail, • named Milne,' Jackson
aiid Wolf,'.escaped 'on Monday while
Ja"erl Johnson and tlie-other 'members of the police force -were, on .the
recreation "grounds loakhig after • the
order of-the big crowd. They, succeeded
lu raising the trap ' door leading- to
the basement' and escaped ^-through the
outside 'doors; which .had been left
unlocked. They got as far as the tunnel below. Swiuton,' where they _, ran
into the aitns'i of  the. law  once- more
The   June  -'Canadian    Picloral'     is
o^    __________ \   •' |f,lli of variety and of greater general
'interest than any yet issued. The cov-
Glorious Weather and a large l^lZ^ %*££
fmUJfl    All  h/Dnk WfOrO Suuthcoiia. and   the Canadians     who
VIUTTU—-HII  LYGlUO  TY*CIC lost their-lives  in South Africa   dur-
rilleU  [XCepi^DaSeDail j vigor, and will rank among the great
■    .' -. » ,       monuments of tlte country.   The   ,Ca-
- nadian public man of  the month  , is
,The ',Coleman celebration last Mon- , th'.Hcn.   Charles    Fitzpatri'ck,/Chief
day was a success.   Fi-ne weather did ! Justice of" the Supreme Court,     who,
a big  turnout helped the boy's along,   during I.ord Grey's'absence in     Eng-
. .The children's  races were   the  ''first   iami [H clothed with all the authority
on the programme.;- . '' ;0f the governor-general.     There    'are
The hub and hub race between - the   some first-class snapshots of the Co-
Coleman and Frank teams was a,close ilonial   Premiers  in England, in which
contest" but Coleman won by 14% sec- lLaurier and Botha  figure largely. 'By
ondsl- -      , .'i 'way of contrast   to the dignified Boer
1 In the wet test the Coleman    'boys V"™*-**. who now  wears  frock '• coat
a cilyi
Wood iSecures the Wood and . cmcceiebrauonoiiAu-f
•" - „,, i ready tor it. . ,
McNab Nabs the Lumber
More Spending Money
* celebrate as
uit slh.   Get
Keith Whimster spenl Dominion Day
| .ii Cole-man. ■
I    A. U. Trite*, aud R. W. Wood  were
Coleman visitors Monday evening;
,     , G. G. Jewell, Manager of the Jewell •
One  more lumber company  has o cu .- . •
.    ,      ,.      ,- j     j   f . i Lumber Co. of Janniv,  was in  town
org,ani/.ed 'anfl machinery, ordered   lor , -   „     ■
the construction of a mill up the riv
er about three and a.half miles from
Fernie. '.
The, new firm is to lie , called the
Wood-McNab lumber company limited
aad machinery for a mill with a, capacity of'45,000    feet    per iday   .has
been ordered. "A spur will be built
were again winners,- having .the water ,and silk .hat, is given a picture show- |from tlle nlain.iine bf the C. P, R.-to
flying in'34 seconds.   0.   '    '       '., „    ■    '•*'£ thc S_™™\ during the war in the ■ the min' s_te all(i t_le llew m_.u.   \t \s
Make an entry for a portion of that
$1500 worth of prizes'to be handed out
August 5th at Fernie.
The'sewer,work is progressing slowly
Gumbo being the main cause of delay
though,labor is scarce.
. Kid Davis is booked to light P. Davis
of Moyie on llie 13th. - The battle takes
i.ough and leady dress of, a soldier 011 • .lv,,p;,fKi , ,..;ii   i;„ r,,,i,aY for  nDcrnt on     1 . w    •      .1      «
.,,„„.,.     n-  -   , :. -        ...      1 Lxpettetip m 111 ,-e ltaay ior  oi>crauon   p uce ra _*,] 0\-ie, st ake si? i^o .00
■-.. . .    ,  ,       ■ .      tlle   veldt... One of ithe.mosl   stnving 7„f„,.n n,«. ,»,a «r m„ ;,„,r 1
vice  carts,, which  must be taken  into     '. ,-       ..''",.      .      ;. .       b :'>eloic the end ol the year
These races' were both run with ser- ,
account while rea-din- the time fig- l)lclurcs>hows ; a London; crowd mas- j i'iins-Feriiie\l)cconies the headquart-' R* H- Uren- wll° has been with A.
ures H Cattell was" the starter for Sed °n 0Ue °£ lhc great s<luares'at a» i'ers for anotlu*r lumber company and ! C. LipharJt for some time, leaves^ for
these-races'" ; open-air meeting.   The, sea _of upturn- | the- sul_'p__y   point   for .another:   large j Ontario on a vacation trip this evening.
• ■" •'■       -    ■'.   ed faces is  worth    studying." Amonr'7n-Hn_. forr„   r,r  m„„ ,   ! „'«.,... *   ^    ,
The Michel football boys beat the lhe Q^r notable m*L ami Spring iT^^^almLn of the imi,- ! ^- ^ C Had£"lg' "^ ,°i ?'
aiid were, brought back to Fernie. | Coleman team in a fine game in which on Mount Royal, the New York Zoo ' inatioI1 when'w" nri-dict tint there'- adv!?rt,s,n& «,ePa«men-- of ll,e Q.P.R.,
Chief Sampton went down' tb , Mor- j only one goal was scored. Consta|blc ■ a modol hunter's camp," 7he Cam- '■ wi„ lw „„ nrmv „, in non' '_,.,__; !"-nJ once edilor of the Free Press, spent
rissey early .Weilnesday morning and-|»ard, of Ktmberly, played centre for-.: ,_ridge tea,t crew, Dr.-Torrcy, the * ,nen in t]1,'''., porljon 0{ \,]lc -pxi Yal. ; a few days in terme during tins week,
with Cvus'table Warren, who had cap- j ward-with the Coleman  boys." famous' evangelist;   ■'the, 'Suffragettes'   ley. 0f which 0" Fernie is  the'   centre, 'and gave-thc L"eclScr officein friendly
tured them,   brought  them'■" back    to      Six horses ran in the three-quarter 1 and th-e London police;  the famine  iii I withiiig' thc n?xt five years.'   - *-i call. ..',,       /-     ,
mile   race,' which was   won by   , Pol-=j China and a new London bridge.  The j    1<et tliem, -come  and earn Ui-eCdol-J    -Miss  Landry arrived from' Toronto
lock's.librae        .  • j woman's departmenV which   inchides ; Jars which -  ma^e up ^,he   commercial j the grsl. of lhis week   and has takcn
Ihere were five  starters  in .the mile"a ptcture of Jis   Charles l-iUpatnck, ^Hfe „lood of lhp city: b„t also let us j ^ n  q{ ^ her ..„- .Mr,
consists   of   timely  fashion     articles j.d0"our best   to   render to'these   earn-| Eck,    '
town. ■' "
They had turned their _ prison garb''
insihe out' and looked-' ' rather seedy
alter their long fast.
.The nickk-in-ihe-slot machines have
turned their backs upon the ,.public
and their faces to-'tne wall.-in all the
■hotels in'Fernie;   ' 7."
; The provincial government have ord
ered .tbera closed in all hotels - in this"
distsict, and soon we will l>e rid of a
contrivance which took • out of" the
pocketsvpr;f6olisli people -t-heir spai?
change and gave back nothing in "return except. a stimulated -desire" to
'continue to do.it over aiid;-oyer'again.
The New Service inaugurated
;   Last Tuesday.
I.ast ""il'onduy night' the first 'Soo
{•ipiikane „ train trave-llin'gi from Spokane  to St, l'niil passed  through Ver-
i'- ';
Tlw    train   lost some tiin? between
flat  race, which  was won by a horse
called,, Baldy.v °'    -
Warren," of Mirhel won^tlie old man's
foot race by 4 yards .over his nearest
competitor.   7w..   ' "'  -
Dan Slavin, of'Fernie, ran in this
race. ' - ■■-•.' -• ... j-,. ' -- t-
ried men's race, Le^mont, of I<und-
breck; Weaver, of Michel; H. "Cattell,
of Fernie, and'. one other; . Cattell won
by six yards,' T.eamont 2nd-,
- , Iveamont won the 100 and 200 yard
■ Murphy,    of   Michel,'   won   the 100
yard fireman's race. ' 1
■- II, Cattell  won   the 100  yard  open
to.all  race. '     ,   ' „' •
The,,tug-of-war on-planks was a
long- contest, the f;nal pull lasting 35
minutes. The Coleman team were de-
clared the. winners.
■Mr. nnd Mrs, W. W. Tuttle, D. Ftir-
gesou,   Hli'Dougiill,  T, Ma/.inobiel    and
several member.1:  of i   his  band    were
, i.
prcsi-iil  froni  Kernie,
The glove cmtast heiwoc-ii   Jim Bur--
sows and  Kjd Il.ivis     in the   evening
wns rather a one-sided affair.       Hur-
and illustrations and suggestions of
interest .to every household,"iriclwlin-V
hints o'n chafing'" dish, cookery', Thc
news of the mouth is given as usual,
and there are several jokes worth repeating. 7 -. ' -
The Ledger acknowledges with pleasure the receipt of a new publication-
cm its exchange table,,
-Westward Ho is the title, and it is
published (by the Westward Ho- Publishing Company,- 536 Hastiings street,
Vaiicouper. '. Mr. WH. Blakemrn-c is
editor-in-chief, -and Percy F."'Goodcn-
rath is the business manager. '
'If we knew, nothing more of the literary . ability of- Mr. Ulakemore than
is to_ be learned from his efforts in
this first number of Westward no,
wc "should be pleased to endorse it as
a most    ably edited    little magazine,
Hut we have had The Week ccming'to j^,iss M'-KinlovVnd u7Ss Uoii nn'*.'w.-"r
our. sanctum   for   a' long .time,  -aiul,!
that bright little  weekly contains    in
stein's office mad? yjicant b\\.'th»
resignation of Miss Oliver. ,     *.
Mrs.' Robert   Ross,  daughter'of J.
shoov the dust   of   Fernie. from their j Dunlop, Emigration-Agent of Macleod,
little tootsy-wootsies, early,   Monday ; died at Cranbrook on  the  morning of
and with    canteens,' -■ hani-? the  3rd  inst.. of.-typhoid   pneumonia".,
ers of wealth "the" 111.1 value- for theii;
A party-'of    ten juuenile Feniieites
mock7s and cameras-slung over their I Mr. Robert Ross is C. "l\ R. car .in-
backs, started heavenward by way j spector with headquarters "at Sirdar,
of Mount Fernie.    ' ' Mrs. Ross leaves a little daughter only ,
Dy a most'-.singular coincidence there !a few mon,hs oldj
happ?ned to be just fi\\j young ladies ; :,■ »
and five young men in that little j T',e special rales, whicli appeared in
party, and the, way they paired off j *■■•<* C. P.R. ad last week, to Winnipeg,
as they started down the grade lewd- j Port Arthur, St. .Paul, Dulutli and
ing to the river* bridge was as . na't- J other Eastern points "'are not correct.
ural).bnd unpremeditated as the bloom- j These rates are: to Wirinipegand return
ing of liowcrs in .springtime.     -"'       j $38.25i porl Arthur, St. Paul,- Dulutli •■
They    bade go-xl-by   to    the lower J nild Si0ux Citv $48.50, St. Louis $S8.oo"
HtraU  01  humanity 'at a   -*uarter    to \ c|,. $6o.;o>0i(awa ¥78.35,' Toron-
eight 111 the mnrring.   Before  stuin-iii'   ,   -• »,  •       ,   eo      -   c     t 1
h ■-■10074.50,  Moiilreal  S8t*,oo,  St. John
?he 'roll   was calkd and il-is-, W'him
slcr,  Miss Ilrown.     Mi>s  Ten    D.iv
\ ed   present   in ^ontl.*
vinliiiiie   acciU;
.while, Uren, N'csbiti, Wliimstvr, Snear.i
each iiiiinl-er evidence of the ability ol ','(I.,. orcj.,j._j
its editor lo lay  Ijefore '-his      readers
most interesting comments upon  ;-,a.s:v
rows ]itit Davis through  the  ropes  in ;in_i cents, written in n literary style !lna l]i:A. lf)f),_  |1,.||)   ,U1(
tlio ,"th rmni'd and knocked him    oiu |not often
   , 1    ■   .    ,   !«*-  .-•-.• -- *i .i«»  -»..-—v .„». v...w.,    met with  in weekly publi
Spokane   aiKi Kingsgati*,   and   arrived] ■ -,,•,,.," 7    .•-..   -.   n'    ,.„^i
' * i>     1 Iwith a hall hook,  winch lath lnm'mtt   cations in the west,
here 3,"i minutes late,   She    made    up
1,")' minutes between here and Mac- j
lend, and urriwd at Medicine Hat ,
practically cil' tinu'. I
Si.me   f0 or 70    p,issengei*s      wen.-, j
a'-o.ir.l   and Ci-iKliictcr    Tom   Craven ]
in ih'.- "th rmni'd.
i    There need he 110 fear as lo the ex-
lei-lluit literary  quality cf  thc editor!-
iiil work to be fouiwl in ^"estward  Ho,
under the guidance  of   Mr.  Ulakemore
Mrs. J,  D,  1'ugli left  for her home !iUid if he can keep his stall of     con-
answered here, here!
\'h,t tlt.-y wanted with an Orchard,
7"p on Mount I'jt-::'.- ■:■ Imr.-I 10 s'iy.
' '1 Im- !-v.7-i
out that the Orehar-1 blussoined out
and bore a l.c-nuttou.*, crop of liu -
ormis fruit, which was enjoyod by
all thc climbers,      ,'.,
; $i>»,oo, Halifax $9'*.So. These -rates
; are (.;ood forlickel* im sale July 3, .). 5,
, August S, ij, 10, and Sepumhei' 11, 12,
and 1 j.    l''ir*it Clii-s   Uouiiu  Tiip,   go
day limit,
The day  was a  pesicti on-..-   fi.r
purprse to  which    thv  tlinil.vr>    tan
it, not inn warm,  alld' i.ccaMi-ii.il  '..iii
w,„s in charge, with Murphy nt
the 1
nt Olcolnks     Wednesday  after   a   few  tributors up'to  the standard of those ; (1 c'i,lU,is    ilnatin-- bc-twix
'"'""'■"   """:-'"  '  "--,--' wi,0   have cimtvibuted     to this    »"••:_„,__ tho sun.'      '''"_'
week's visit wiih her husband
Miss JI.   A.     Clement, our    school 'number, there will 'lxs  no (allure     to
The Cmoier's imjue-i on the oxplo-
sii'it   .leeideiit  at   N *.   0   development
tunnel a'. Coal Creel-: ht-l-d a, se.-sion Inst "
ni^ltt nt ihe Court house, nt whicli Ihe
two survivors of (he nitiistrophe—Kd-
mon.-on. ami Hest—f^nvu theirteslimony. .
Both men swore positively Ihut there
was no powder in  tlti- litnncl etcept
w'l.al wns in llie shot hole.-,    Tlie in-
l   tin in   *-ltiv.-it   WH-. a^.iin   iidjiunned   to   nex1 :i
i'liL'sday at 8 p,m,    I.. P. I'VUiileiii was
The train i-onsisud  ol   live  coaches, j ^.^   k,ft ' ,asl  Tt«Mlny   'fm.    hcv.ilB rwnwlsd so'far «s nunlity of work | ioss "tk» "four i-"oiuH.  w„rkin-r ...
- - - - - ' ft        '
a hiigga^c    and   mail ■ car,    colonist ;
sleeper, 11 ilny coach, a diner, 11 slev.p-
j ef -Hid ■ one of those handsome
• n:,s.'i'v..tion   coaclies.     These  conches,
The hljrh iuiniJintr -contest ,v,-.s .,„.; m.itlc especially fi.r this service, are
other clnselv cf.iiwmtwl ewut nisnli- 1 "'• liiu'11 •»'«• \xxnx\tAivA in the most
ing in a tio'hetwcrti W. Dick and *l. «i|'l'rovt"J style, nml have all lhe iu-w
I»(i] 1( ,'e.|Uipmeiil that ^o io make travel    a
Hnlh these 'brn-s- ,.a- jro,,d clean 'loinfo'ri. The berths in the sleeper
simi-tsm.il, and hi a.n-idvi-aiioii nf !i,re :»M furnished with sepnr.ite elect-
llitrry  l'l-'lliick's age. 17 Viavs he rcr
home iu Colllngwood, Out, is eoneemed,
Mr. .1. Agiu-w has moved his family-    Clive   I'hilliiis-Woolcy,    Mrs,   Heaii-
froin Cranbrook to Waldo. • lands,   .1. Gordon  Smithi  Ct,  Sheldon
Miss I ne,-.   Ilolbrook    visited Fernk*.' Williams, Uaiinycasik Dale-ami C. J.
last wt.'k. , I.ee  Warren  are all well    mul  favor-
Mr.    W. R.    JlcKny    was a l-'criiii! ; ably   known lo western   readers    nml
visitor  Wi'dne.-.dby, „,    I need nn praise-  from   the  editorn     of
Mr, W,   Young,   of Macleod, visited   tavnrite literary wanderings,
'hey   made   lhe usu-iu    in  a   Iittlo   pi'"-'st*i)l   represeiuing   llie .miners, .utd
1   ,ip- ■ Sherwood lleiehmer was looking al'tei
,.  nabli-il ' tin; interests of llie l.'oal Company.   The
" llic-m.to cat    soft   r-iek.s,   took    stt;lp-' jury   ronsisis   of   A.    MeDmigall,   A,
sli')is aiid    shot f-nitpv   |„r f,,,„- ]lou.-s   M.,'thovnu, J, S. Volume, C, J.' Kenny,
mul tlr.11 loj-aii    to  inl-fig-i,™     d.,wn _ j, |.*. Spalding, and P. R. Ltnnlie.   ■
!"!■ liniii-
pctites      which would    huv'
till'    MJ"\l'   sl'lli 1.
fit the mornin-f    ;!iev  \\\
>)i j.iirly
rexpei'tnlilc hmkiiiv    er,vi*v     oi    liinl-
with friends in Kiko last  Sunday.       '    "The  Hat and     the Singing Oirl," ■ JJ,j J'J^:""11:!1 ..°,,..!!1.r  ■,"1"'",'"-v'.! m   last Tuesday.   -Tlmv wrre m^mipanie
■ Mr. and Mrs, W, K. !.._Terry, nr:
10 !,e oitldoi*,*.' hy a lot of kids, took .--
i;:   :o  tl.e  iiiimnii ul" Mount , I'Yrnii
Kiiiily inn.lv a line showiii*.'.
Tlieie were six old iiu.-ii tn try ior
thu old ni.ni,- r,ue, and ,1. Taylor
win     lir-ii-t-i-'i.     with   P. A.skwi'if_lil
I.uey I'll!1!, inni: br-i m(,ni> in th.-
M'hiinl -ill s  v,',-.-,-,   aiul   I'.tiuii.-   Ili'jjile
.••. I'lilld.
Ill the three tiv.le {.o-iis-yuu-pK-as.'
r.iee, d '1. Cliiytnii n^'.rii -i*i-i.*d nrsi,
I'eiinitlii (i.piin_, .-viond „;;.' t'aiur
lliinl.   Tiler.' w-.re ,si'\ ^t.nit;-
Mcl'ui'l.in.    wnir th ■■ dn!<'-!in_.    mil-
Use,    J,   G.ilTlv   i;,lktn_;   -..-^u'.-il   im.nvs.
WftrK'n ,iiid.Uils--n utm tirsrin oiu-
iii   lights and ek-eirie fans.
The wo'i.dwi-rl; is'' fniisheil in' uui-
liu^niiy and the .vats are tiphnlsteiid
in ilu rielu-si dark green plush.
Tlie o'.'serv.ilinli ears are lilted in
p..rt with c inp.iriiiK-iii to ins , an I
h - - n.iling f.1 111s, Minokinj; nvm-
..lld (li.sei \'„tion  rijiims.
The din.rs    ,iiv spaeiuii*. and     im-
li;-lu-il   iiitll    ill-.-   ', k!il   i'i  nen'ive. .
'llu- lii-1   w.-f. iiuii'l  ir.tni nl the iuw
,-ii". !-~i   '-'■*'•*■' wi--t   We.Iii, Mlay  nu-nt
ill.   ; ' .'ill   t'.l-i   ' .Mir-   l.tl.-
,1.   11,   Vi!:-'-  ;.   „lld  Will-  W.l-i  'till, lil'-l
i   .v*,n,'.ri   iiiuiiie   iii l,'i.'*-ui.'  mi th-
Mr,   wlex," McCaig,   of     Kitchener, by,I.  Gurdi..n    Smith,  is a droll   bit
s'l.-ui St'itday  wilh frit nils  In   Kiko. of    woik aloiijr  the line     ol Smith'*
Mrs. G.,.Mel\ec   and   Mr. and     Mrs, tiinniist   liuraiy-waiidi-riiigl.
I,all1, of Kiko,  took   in ilu-  .-puns at lint   w„- cm   n.ii lime, or   emmiuiil
Cu] mill Mirday. tipuit aii   that is pluaMiig  and  gin.ii in
'I.he \,nn,-  l iu'lii-lnr.s nf   Kll.o   gave this lin.t   mnnl «r "t ti nmga/iiie wliieh
n   d.iiue in CnliimliJii    hall      .Mmiiliiy ,\tt linjn: in wi-Umne i:,uh nioiuli-   in
lll-illt, which   was   well   attilidi-d   uit-l utir u.mIi .n.,.1:  l.tl.l".
IP 11.
iu e.  !iin> N.ivirw, and  Wi:i\* net al the
ihi'ee-legne.t rate,  ami Gi.rrie and Al-  ■si-iii-ii ■■>' « lii.ii ol r(;lickiii_i- in.,inN   for health,
leu nc'-i-i-.d, » v.liu navi  lii.-iu ,1 wui'iii Wiivi.me      t'.i      Mr.  1 r«|ii..ri
i"i-,i,.d l,y ,i|l   piis.iu,
Mr   .mil Mrs.   Slui'i'i*   and   Mv
in:    llm its- -.p. in Suiiilny and
<l  <     -   '.'I-      '"r.vl:   (i sit in;.'.    'I'll
were tinl'irl-v,
Mr.   U,   !lii-u ,oi(l  iiiinily  iih
Mi nd i.v ni   h'ni-ii  Ct.'-k,
Mr.  Klin-iii'-iiiiih    .-ini     Mi     '.■' '•,-'•■
are out    in ihe     motuiiains   i-ltml'iiii"
wi- n
1,11. 1    CIlM:
We Will   i-h.-s:'  tills  Ii,m   j-.ll..ri       Pulv-
l.y t.il.ill;.   lhe li.el'ly  tn  ipu,li- a v ei,-<*
il.ill     a     i'liifi-ll    icIm:»    rllt It'll-i
•e .iii,).-., I". Ilii I,.Uiul   by    wll.il
l^llt   '..Il    ill-    "till in,-i,.It    I-ui t,
imps.,11  wi nid |i„ve  im!
ill I'or ,1   '(i'i loiili.f  S,'i.(>    i| ]
ehaiic-d   to mitt    tjn;m  is (h-\   -,'.t i_/
Hu-t\ l.iel;,   up ihi'"i;r,i<l-
! i'id,-e i;< th . ,. -, ni.- .
llm    th.n it -, .,,-.1 ,;
III'Vll'   ;-!sL    l-lli'l.     In*   i,l|,;||
Tll.-si:   viiini,.!* j i-i.),!     to ,
.l.irl,   .-li it,-.  ,-,iid i",-.1   I   ■'
or a tr.-.,     win.!, v,
••nd .ill  ile-l.d il,,
th ia   |>y two of Mr. Terry's sons wilh temlii
|'..,<1   feel  Irom  llie en-t,     Mr--, Terry hi;'
in.-id-.' lhe iisa-nl  helore when   Mom '
l-'i-iiiii  .I'.i-iln,'a .1 in '.imi vi  I'ri'.n fn*'
• 1. 1   , *. ..    . .    •    -
l{; , i".   v. ...il ii  .'.    - li   , ;Si- ;
-i-i'i    ..I.')1.
Id    i-
.1      'till:
I..     ,     ID,
ll ill
••    >' 1  	
,!., v. 11"!.' !>;, '!„n i'i r-«, 'I lu* I.ml_..
!,.,. I: ..'*' 1 li- ■ M'---, Teny woni >'Ii-p
(.!,!■ 1I1 ■ "-in uiii' ."'.I d,t'iii ni'i-r 11
• i-.i'.v 11 ihi: .-ij'.'i'-i'e -i.U- in 11 eii,i-
nl'i-r urn*. ' i-.i|*|i--, 'ml il i- i.ni'iil iii.
'In- did I..., hat 11,1 llu- iiuilli; liilH.'s .-
'•ii'.li i-i  ilieii   Ii-i'ii   li.tim 1 aml.lsi ll
I.ucy Wiiih-  won tir.s;   and   1'lorviiee   iIimi- I'-iniv hoiiu,
Gi-.ili.iiii .--...•..uiul  in the "*0-y,ir-l    skip-     In all "-li.ie titi, our CO p.
ping race  ior girls  lit yeass and und-   the sl.tlino to H.e the new train    and  was won by llu* North Star team
•'i.,Ul   \ ,,li i:\pl, -,-,   ill   |i|ii:.v,
'I'lle  i".,  ll. -■   - I    "In     ', 1 '..'•
In    s iik the miss.i-'u nt  ilu-   Sin,',. 11
m.-.s ,ut   Klhn  \i-iii,:-   tu  \\.ii.in^,|t.i.iii ji.tu  liu-.iin,
Stuh  llnit lis li'.niU'.s sivin
'   ! ',11
III-!. .i'i
'.•- 11:11 iij.'.ia,
- 1 ".hu; ,.'
',-. ill'.- iii.ui ,
IV11   linn   i   1
i -tii. w th- i>i
it   t. li., .. .1   -!,
|<t       s
,' jl .
. I ti,l. .1. I •
•1 II
■ II.
--'. Il.ill
'I |i
: Mi, -v..t Mr , I cm   li-ue -
1 ,HI i-s ,111,1 i-   tin* 1,1. .u;u    |;'u,
j,;.". 1    I,'   Ki - ;-   '-nn   1  1.1 .1   ■
, I., .v.... .,  \>. ,,1 ; Im i-i! ii
.1  i:n-„
Sundiiy und Munil.iy.
1'h-   at     Tlie'l(,iw!«l|,(',iiiitf   p:.i>Ml   M.imlay .Th.  Mij-.Muiiii.il  s|'Ui-ih«rs   1
!'li..sttrei    Crnw's   Si-M   l'.i—     lll'ii*
river   furi-m.iii .nil lutir
l'"t'..l ■     .•:: n'OMi     whe-n X'
f  hi-
t-r.   1 ti
The one-mile hor*j race (open) on
tlu ground* was won hy G, Chamberlain, C.   Mutton .lecoml,
Tltii balloon , asronsiou a ml p.mi-
chuti jump eaine i.(! aceordin-f to
programme, and wm well «xtcutod,
toe halloon vox* up iev*r<il hundred
feet wh-in the atronot mad. hin l.*.ip
to u'ekoiiiu  the bride and grimm
.Tire ivwtl-oviKl trains lmve all hivii
lute, hut'those  (foil))*  eavt as*.* nearly
on time.
Mi, Turney says the raUj ol .speod
(rom CraaUrooli to Fernie *Moutlay
night was alt lw could'auk for. The
run, til mtl«, was ma<lo in one nour
fchtl'.'."!! niiuutcu, which Is n roih! rate
■'Mr. I*"re*■ 1   Hon,   ."Ir1". was   nu     frmn >——o   ■ -■  ■
Roosville  Tuesday  ni|*lit. o Jno l-ernie Aililenr A^aoiiaiioi! liave
■Mr.V. W. Adolph, of  Jlayius ;iulte, ,";'«» in hiuul the prep.irnlloii for Ker
was iu town Thiir»ilny
and he came down v«ry ffidually tt , to trai\-l In tlwie hilU.
first, lut was jfoin_f at a pratty r»p- J   The rr;ad ltd In goc-d, however, and
id rate    when he  struck   terra firuw j ".in*; is made up on     this, portion ol
near the O.  N- track a lew hundred; tl*o mad wntch is lost on the   newer
yard* from th* jrtartin_j p^iut.
, poiliou-..
Ko seriout acckletus rKcurrad, nnd j Out of IhtM tux train* wo^ht (Hi
uo hitch toot p-Uci* in the earrying ! t' u* utxA it Weps «, good b'rg loco-
out of t v<icy lonj |w>jr»«uion».        .|l{ {molii-T lumy to lustra  \Xt*w  up.
Illlpli"-s;< ns-||.,.   th.il   n-i.n|.l   11 .1
their   tial   npiiiintis   ,,f i]j,_,
(•I* liioiiiiliiiiicliiri'hiiii; riVl._.    inr,.,,,,,!, „„.| luiir   ..I   III-     l)
'lhe Kill has climM mninitiiitit, ruvl wure jjttttiux    into ft lnt.it to    rctv.
M      »>,   1i«a   ft v* ftt"'   '*"        * *"    *      »                 '        ' f        '                           *         •    *               ■            t '
"   '        '"t               »-*.* W     l'H»-<illM     ft    llnA          'lii.t'l       *1 ¥*'■■»*"v   ■*■
pleasure to ihe    ulliiiy ol  the    tale, woro working on  tlui  river,  ihe »w
nleV third clvk- holiday. , Tli.ir Imlf ^ ^ TiH^^ l*x "? .lnm > wi"     curttnl    «1'"««> . *«"    *>
' .;  ■        ■ "le lop o-l ,1 mount.nii, mill winch ,v
■,..    „   t      .     . ,     , 7„„,   ;,,, , ._,.„,   o::;M ..■,..'»« «'i»'■*•.1 mo»ii'..un,nnii wnicn are   throwing thein all    Into    the w«t
l,JTr. Hurt/,     has improve,!    llie ap- , piR«   ndvertlsemenl   appear,  ir.   lliji fon,v„ hiiMtn fr(Vn t,,nv w,|0   dwt„ . ^  or*tllc|Bi.i Vk%   mgtiWf ^^
liearimcc ill his store hy Riving it   n
coat of paint,
l*«iie of Tlio Ledger, and if llie energetic'_,_ thn valley,
manner in which they lmve tnken up'
Msirtin TlioriHj'9 cl«TAtt<l    .sluivingts .(lie matter if un indication of what Ihoi
j once and wa.<i  aeen no more.     J • •• 1
' CAhltnnt 1W.IR1 tlrriti? nr four hum'    '
hut Ihoi    The project of euahli.hin-f a horticul-varda l*fo« coin*   down    and   .-
blower Imslcen put In operation nnd Icelebmiion will he. then it will be a'tural society in  Kernie U a laudable '.i.,,.,,,.,     m, *  n*,.,.  1'       »
I. dotaf oMtotttoi work, !rou,JnB onc.    UrRe pMm „re Mflg',on., and the Ledger will jjladly do .1 *,^     "^"^hJ »X   I    <
The    people of Kiko spent  a     f^'iprinled and ProBnui» with full par.icu-m ,,v P0tter ,0 helP '* »,0"«r'    T,,ei(ort to rkch th«m '
hours tlwn at tlie pavilion h* mi  ,„, w!„ ]n , few day|i   m„n j vegetable and fm\x ,|iov in the Ledger;   Tha wmtj8(i<r tt^, lhtmte]Vf    -
In the •.le-.nant pastin.s of tUncm^.    ihunJwd do„BM jn rrize* will be dii-< wmJow  '"*l   ftw aUrac,eJ   no  ,i,l,«. iwimlng ^ tk.   Ihjow or* oii.
8 tributed to the lucky one*. jMllentlon, and we would bf glad to ;„,„,„   it  %ai  Ntailtt,,H ihttt    ,     ,
»pf»l»tlnew.iiifiertMW|fhMror^n-;t4l«o*S*iy  *, putyhi-n'^i     ..
Don tforgetntlie date of Pernie Civic iued effort put forth to encourage theivto w»t t» th«ir reieu* in a *•* :i
kolldav, Au^»t jlh. I growing of fruit, floweri and vetfeteblev. ikoat.   ...
John McDonald, of Wnldi\ the well
known millwright, came up, lait night
I on the G. N. for u. nhorl vliit in the city.
vV.jJXAt'.j FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. ,C._ JULY 6, 1967.-
Labor Notes' ■ :'Wh
at1 sin a
I'residi-nt Y.   11.' Slurm-ai  and V.ice-
ri-v-sid-.-ut   Galvintj went      io "llosmer
/I'hurSl.iy  evening  to- arrange  for   th'j
or„7n>.iii!-;   a   local of the. U.1I.AV
•A. '. .
' S: me cf llu people..of Pinehvr Creek
are Lciuu.iiii ,to kick a'.otit its name.
* ■ **-
V.  W.  Godsal h.ts.joiiud in the ag-
of   it.;t,iou, ior a eluny-e  of liaitte,, and in
• a ktttr   , to"   the '■ Echo" he suggests
.      'Spil/ce"   as  an    iiuprovwneiit . over
'ic-    ,       , ,
lite old name.
cidod  to c.iui-de  ('.', per celll.  udv,,,,,-, ^ .^  says Uut Ul/GlVml  Tl.uilk.
iu w. -cs ,n    "7 iiieetini'   in'Olat^dtv, Pacific  company'spent   lluius.inds    of
to ei..nu-  iu'o  efleet   at  onct.   This   is 'di.liars      iu jjiUiiijj    an    appropriate
the lli.ul'ady.ime ill llu  prVs-.-nt year. " •llK'  |,,r U'*' "v^t'-'ni U'uirnu.s ol  tlu*
The ei.u-.--i-.ii.il ...llei-t.s *-d,(iyii minVrs.
^ou get the very finest tea the woHd
produces,, fresh from the gas'.isKSj, as?
the Sealed Lead Packets
The Scottish ei nciliatioii. hoard
S'.ie. t     Car    -JKnsi*
Kr.iii'.isco, C.\l.,   havitiji In'.U-d   to    se
(tire ilu- ,'--luml ilav   in   ihe  recent ar-
iu*'.v   iri.iiseontiii.'ntal road
Tlu- Ledger doe,-, n.>i .liU  to  bo all .
union of  San   the l:iiic"griini!-.lin_j  with .tilings,    Inn
il   h.s no. et      'Veen  al.le to sie any-,
' tiling  upiiriipriale,   musical   or    l.-eau- _
L if nl   in the      name    that- 'company '
At   youf SGsr'oces's.
jWOTICE i.-. hereby «ivon tlmt thirty iliivs
•-' alter iluto the followinij' (logons' intend
upplyiiiK to thu Chief Commissioner of Lands
ami Works ut Vietorin, 11.0., for licenses to
hltniiioii    priinviliii^s,    will  ask    tlu-   , ou„nl" .a Su |lillh a fi..._r_._. wjU_ ^'j,^, ■-u*i>l^
hoard  ol" supervisor--,  to hiM-rl  an    S-   i0- Ijiij-iIl-ii  its   terminal  cily.
hoar provision.-in its  future  Iranchis-
Neither ' I"'0»I'eet lor coal ami iiotroleuin on the follow-
.     • .    . ,    ,,        „   ,     * imp    rtoierilieil  liuuls,   situate In  13lock MM
call   it a»roe. with  Mr.    Godsal   - that '.".>'»>k «"'-tlie wost side orOrciit Northern ruil-
,,<j,.f, , ,,..,   „ , ,   ,„,.,:    r" ' wii.v.'rom Morrlssoy to Codnr Viilloy timber
npil. a. -, w mild  l.e much  of  au    nu- i limits, Sowtlnjust Kootonuy, British Columbia.
inueliienl   over Pincher   Creek. i'   Commoneingiita post plantoil nt the north
:1*(1 'Sloi-v     -)linni:l   i  ir.,iV,iin„   ' °"st 9ornorof Isaac Wablron's elaim,'thenco
-J"   sunt,   almost a tradition, - runnliisnortliSdchains.thennowostBOohains,
steadily at the  Gralihy  sintller,   lliree   I1.1S ,il that   the  name   ''l'iticher"   was i !1.,el,,eu':outJ1 SO chains, thonco oust RO chains,
Several   'fuhi.ices atv now operalin_j.      .\n
. at the I'.* C.   Copper Company   smelt-','-liven  lo  that  1-eaiitrful  little  stroain |
er,   and three at the  Dominion   "Cop- )'V a party  of  prospectors who camp- [
| to, place  of coimnencomcnt, containing  Gil)
acres, mnro or less.
I* Isaac Wai.dron, Locator.
j    ■ ' A. W. Bkldes, Agent,
pei' Co. -'.smelter,-' a- total of   13 blast '«> on Us  banks.years a^o  wh-.-u on a   •M''-v1<1-1-'7-    .
furiMiccs    at   "the Boimd-airy     district   jouin.y    to    the     norlh   in search   of   " CominoneiiiB at a post planted at tho south-
* -    *   i i       -,, east coiner of P.P. JlcCormick's claim  run-
smelter>,.  A\ itli  one  more  in blast   at   lHilw   grounds.   It was necessary    to ; nhiR south 80 chains; thonco west 8a cliains'
the Granbv works,   the entire lot will . friu... the., hoofs of some ,of, their pack   ^!i5^^*^:^.^
he   in  opcralion.-l'hnenix. p.iotu-c-r. "° !p'"K*s .while camj-cd, at .thai   , place, 1-m0re01'less* „ „ .„„,-„,.      T     .   '
i',.,,i     .          ,i                ,    ,                               . r, 1. JieooitMic'K. Locator,
i ana wlieu     thev repacked   and     sltiii_>- A. W. Bki.dkx, Agent.
Chris Evans., national staticiau     of   t,]ldr io.((ls    U1>0ll lhl,    1)acI;s- o[    Ul(_      -M»y'.™'-
.th.; Untied Mine Workers'of America,1 ponies to resume their norllwrlv i Cominpncinirirta post, i.lanted nt tho north-
.hasMt Tndiatiapolit to'7ive evince ;inarcll. -lh(! pinclK1, wWth '^^ \ p^l^^t^^^^l
at  Hoists City  in  the Haywood tri:il. ' ,n „,•„-„,„ ,„„„ ,    „.„„ . r.  ..,.;„. ! ^!!™,s^* L»^'tllc,lc''*!ist"»"l'»i^.
oi|M corner olM. Millur's claim, thenco niii-,
nun; south Si) ehaiiii,, thonce wo^t. R.) chains,!
tlioncc north Aicliiiiii-i, thonco east 8U chains i
to puieo ol eommeiicemcnt, ninlcins mo acres '
mora or loss. „   . j
...,,. M. Jllllor. l.oealor        l\
May(,l!H..; .    A, \v, Uel.len, Afiont        i
., ., ,i ii
UnnineneniK at si post planted at tho north- i
east corner nf J. H, Wilmot's claim, thenco '
"inning north ,80 eliiiins, thonco wost 80:
cluuns, thenco south Su chains, thenco cast 80 i ■
cliuins to placo of commencement, imiliinir!
WO acres more or loss.
„     , „„. -       .T. H. Wllmot, Locator! 11
May 7,1110, a. W. flelilen  ARent       !
-     *     ' - ■> '  !
Commencing at a post planted at the north- ■!
east cornerof Thornton   Whcntloy's claim,
thonctfrunniiiK south S'j chains,-thonco west!
Sli chains, thenco nortii SO chains, thonco east i
-si) cluuns to placo of commencement. ■    1'
,r    . **, Thornton Whcatloy, Locator •
May 7,1907 A. W. Belden, Agent
Hr-tM UHlHPi Urtsltm* tW* Min H btttw ud Mttr ttuii ier*th«7Hii«rl»l for
aouMkvM OttnhMtH, p4 k tt snsaM. t» wMh «pM, lmm» H 4*u aot Un, to chloride
Of HtM, WPPWU, ttSn kMMM
ftm. It It Mk  Ii Um tt-ute* nnuhM k la ptwlmlXj ihHiiuu, ui w
tfamlMt ** uied fewt-r, m4 It m* M Un trM-td. It It *M Mud* t» Irrimltn H **%» tot
•mtk MttU, tad tenfcn ism M dttmr iOuiMni h ism bm tnrMaM^ tMh vulMble
hbrlio. ., i i ^
• Smsi. • li ki ttwttn. 0* artoniw-r iw»a n«ab« Osi fa • IH ***** It awt dnW
thi odor, i
,     TUri. Ilia
Kraae It pmttaltrirvali
lag InfectloB. eltutlpn, turlrri
For all (ontrtl dl
lowing proportions!
B( BM M8M of
mttaw. TMaaaaajwdasaak,  '7,
■ amu1**! aa ai'-'>af''Mk W mm
tad poaiaikM taalMtlta.   It to (bt Idtal dltlofatitni for
XITCHnp SlUU, 8TORB 1001*4 OVJ.
u, mtLis, oddxiMNBi^^oics iti
la Snsa ad* nw (*ana pnlsmt} ■ ti* M.
1 ttblttpooaM Rfatt.
1 pint Krtii,
nuking tpproxlntlth/ t I-M-IH
In    1,,',^   ll,,      1^« If ,    r , I   *•'--,.-- "«-^-.  "-'  ^.-... ii.-., iiiuill-U   UllSt. OU CiiaillS,
io litj)  tlie, ion- hoots were  left where ;t0 I'Iipo of conimeiiceniein.mnkiDg mo acres
Itis     net impro'aHe   lhat National   they h .d. • hcwi used, ,'ami  were   not ' mM«"wtaM*'    ■   f.,TKHoircubist Locator
B,.nrd Mvm'.erS   Kuirley,   Wooney   and , missed  11]Uil   lhev  wcre  nM ,fl    .    ;.    < ■     -     -       .XW^^^y
.  Wanljoln, will  testify and identify Ot-   for Ulc Mln;i ^^    A man ^ ^ .MayT.i*,.
clun? as ou-  of  tlu-  thugs who    were |,c s,.„t ,,acl<  to  SKU1.c  t,h    "
in tin* employ'of     the   Colorado Fuel !u, lnc i'inciier    _,..-    thus f'-isL-nwl    tf7 i'«1'ui"B-■0"t''R'J='''\'nsV^^^^^
itirl  Iff..,   romn-inv-   -,n-1 1, -livvl   in l-o-.t  ',i       ''    t       ■,      d       .' S *'l!,'"n(-'1     l(~    thenee nortii 80 chains, thenco east 80 chains.
aim lion_ compaiii   sui«J 'leipetl   to l;eat   the creek. -,- a to place ol commencement, makiniiOlO acres
thorn so *unm«rcif,.lly.' '     ,*     j    There   could  ]*  a   belter, name-   se-   m°r°°rlesS'   " ,.   H.O^t-iu.iANr,Locator.
Tlwn.ilicm.il.cxcciili-.-c   board   iticel-   IeCttCl" ,han 1>ilichcr   f«1'   l'!'^   Iwatiti- j May t,1M7. ' A. W. Bi-mibk, A„e.,t.
, ful little   burg, .hul"" do   not    call    it!
,,    Commencinftat a. post planted at tho south-
and tlie * east corner of JI, 0. Guillianrl's claim, thenco
ing was in    sessinn '   at' Indianapolis',
Kust WL.ifc'.::Si'ld..m has a national.cx-■'"&1"t?ee"   or    'r,"i,lce  ^"l'"'1''    W""
"     o:ird met"wl.e„  there  was   a "^f , "uM' ,,e ]'eUtI* t^'-"'either.
alordcujor. J\I6ntleii-loii would ■  be  a
clLii^e for   Hit   better"-and   wodld at
.■cutive .board met when there was a
more complete calm among the miners tli. n exists    at "the present^ time.
Scenting a k-w   minor' grjevaiiocs .in '. Um! Sam^   timc I:c a'     tl'ibute \ ^
*)Vesfi-rn Kentucky  and "'iu  Alabama. '
memory "of the first real  settler
wmplete p.-<ice  reigns \n all coal mii,7| f0/'0"11*1-*;   lost   his   life it, tit.
']'lK regions..» From .British" Columbia j
bulent little, .stream.
CommoncinR at a post planted at tho southeast coi ner of B. E. Palmer's claim, thence
iiinninpr south SOchains, thenco west SOchains,
thenco north SO chains, thonce east 80 chains,
to placo of commencement, niakniR 010 acres,
more or less. -
■■ 11. E. Pai.mbii, Locator
May 7, W07. .      . a. \V. Bhlijkn, Agent
.- r-ommenciiiB at a post planted at the north-
cast comer of Jerry Hayes' claim,- thence
runniiiB north SOchnins, thence west 80chains,
thence south SOchains, tlience east 80 chains
to placo of commencement, making 1140 acres
more or Joss. ..
_"t3^IuT"~nelawat"c aiTd""""m"""l,eniisylva«i!r
the hoird menilcrs repore great progress  and   increasing membership. •*
Good Stock
Thetc    «re,
erf     course,     constant
'       . . .""JKlfltYTTAYKS, Locator
May T, 1007; „:     -   „_      A. \V. BF.t.no, Agent
Commoncirg nt a post planted at tho southeast corr.er of \V. H. Stophson'^claim, thenee
running south 80 chains.thence wost SOchains,
thenco nortii 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
to place of commencement. ..     ■ -
,, W- H.STKPHRoN.'I/oontor
Jln.v i.lltOi A W. Bkldks, Agent •
Commencing at a post, plantoil at the southeast corner of Rolit.K. Neil's elaim.tlienee run-
\es't ■ i'"B north 8.) chnins, thonce-i\e«t so chains,
,,„..    ,■ .   - . .i      ..    ,' '    ' thoncosonth SOcli.ilns.thoiinpcnst SOchnins to
Men. -1 "■»■"» ;1-*"s.llli     says    tlte- bpoUesimut-   placo  ol  commencement, ^nailing mo acres
cltuigcs iii the min-.--forces," the total ! 0r-' tfl;it- is proiiounced richer' than
varying from time to time, but thy-; "'«'.v heretofore encountered on t-h«
following table will give the approx- i properly has been opened up in thu
im.'rtc details: .
i Sullivan,   mitts in ths.-   Crow's
Review.   It    is eslimat-wl   that     then.
tnoro or lcs»,
May 7, 1007
ItoiiT JC Nun,, Locator
<V, \V. JIki.dun, Agont ,
.305,'i.re. 100,OC'i) ■ tons of ore   in   sight   in
103   the lower   wprkings • where   the   recent    ' Coinmoncing at a post pliiiitoiliit. tlio soutli-
"17, ''(liscovcrv was mad.-   =.,,,,1  il,,i   11 ., I SI!.*!*.?."?™0-1:.?!T™?™!!" w»0""h 1'111!"'. f'enco
Cranliy     miiios.,■,,,:   	
Dotuittion Copper Co.
Snowslrie.,..',. ,.,'.,. .:-..,.
Kt-iihv.iy    cf li'i-iictnrs.,
Total '.   	
Tli;   .June  payday
mines,  which will  occur Jlllv   If),   will   ■.'''lmtered   all  thv way  between   the'(10 '    Commencing nt 11 po.,t platnoil at tho north-
cast corner of t)   \V, Patch's claim, thoiiec-
aikI that  tlw or
for the
 I ■•■)()   and 10- niiuc-es .si_lver,   villi
I'houii-ix y°w Kl".tA\: of zinc,   Thv; ore   was
running south 8n cliains.tlionoo west SOehains,
thonco castnrly  8.1 dial
chains to place of commencement, making
nnlv     n ,'ilOiiei-os moi-ooi-les«.-
111        a ! .. Fiiukmak S.v.
 'assays as high as  20  per  cent.'    lead"-1'-""00 ■n"t''lly 8- clmIns' thenco nor'-h- 8tl
ow, Locator
r\, V\r, Hki.di;s, Agont
100 font
(;U. . May 7, im 17
levels,   l.ut it was . riiiiningnni-tliR-ir.liaiiis.tlioVieo'vo-it'si) '.iiains
ill 1'lio.ii-ix,    and,0111'1-'  10.0 foot  level  that the    lar^t* ■: M,<?1'l"!e .:"^,il,,_8'*' «'»«iin». tlipnco" oa*t" 80" ciiiilii
i'iidou',U'.-lly be   the   lai'gvsl   tkit has ''••'■' l'lu
eve.'     UN...I     placo    in Vlio.inx,    a«'>,""-;       7;'   " -■    -^   toplaeo-.f ..omineiai^entV-ni^ii-g^o acres
.*:li jiild run    well   up to  ><|'00,nii(i    f(,r , botly noiv     revealed    was opeuwl   up.   more or loss,  ■
'this camp alon.-,   awl.le   double that ■ O/Iici.ils   uf   the     Sullivan    company   May 7, i:.'-7   ' liVtow! Ageiit*0r
I or the: t nt ire' lliiiiit.thiry.—l'h'-K.-'iiix  I'i--   ^"^'A    -the   other day   Hint it is   by
oncer. ,       .',,    bit' the-bv.st  showing yet  found  in the
', ' (i mine   Iu the  old  working    there   are
,.  Th.*   t'ii-.,nl.y milk's,    whiih ship    as   esiinu'ilii.l la 11..   Uf:
i.'.'.tth ore.  as  the H,   C.  .lopp.-r    Willi-   jn  sj  ■
I ,.ny   .-.nil Dominion   (Ji.pp-.-r   u>inpaii_>   ;ln
hi, lititkiii'i
I:CM   Icn.i   of ,-.r?
over I'Oil.nilli'iniis in
•.- ml ifi,'l, i.i .ils- .'■.•■.■liu,- tli-.' C
I'., iar 'l.'.!l,i_.y .-■..Vi-riif, and Wife il
11.1 I ,r ilu Cr.iit'.v also li ivin» ,111
p.'.:ll*i by th.- ' Cr.at Ntifih.-ni, li-ial
"M.ui.i.i-i- 'lli..;l vi'.s-\V(,nl',l„li,iv.' to blow
i-:.- mo.-.. , : llu- 1 atUr,1, 1 1 uiii'.u.-.
,.t tli '-im-lt f. and .iw.-i' llu C. 'P.
I.s    .--..'.    : 1 , ■.!•■,-   •,,    u* 1111 -li   n .-
.!...>,  '  a   :•. i,-, t
I...S   I i: •!!    ll   II l|''ll_.'
] tt'   ••■•.r.Hy inim'tlf..' tir.tiiby  iniiuH.
'! !i- '.'.   V   ]>    ! a-- Hi-Mi il!--     tun'!-.h "1
.   .-I:'-   ii,    l.i|   i.ifs   daih   l.,|"   th'     ('.1',;||'
1 \- I". ,ld Dr. |. in ti.-, 1 t.i  t!'i-. mm u '.i>.
(l.tilv  w, -i'.'I   bill.    lii,.   ','ih   in '.supply-
ill.il    i-.lt  up     s.v
il.v* i-^ttbu- ni'itlhlv im-etiujr of th--
o.ii-il . I,    'diivi'i'iii-.s   nf tliv   eofiip-any
i- lu-M   sh rily   at thv- ollices ol
mii.tny in ihis   caw      (Hlieials
irt-i.-'v.,r.s.   ol   tlu" i*i inpiuiy   Ww'iv
nm   .lis-'o-u'il to 1 all:  about  tlu-    con-
'iiiii 1; • at tlu   min.   until    altif    tlu*
"■^"'••i:.  ' "I   ■.diuiiuil   ih.,i.   an uiu-v
,■  (iivat  Nonlurn   {,y.u..\ di.t-,,UT\-   has I em   made with-
llll-sl    ill    lllo       l.lll-
tiiiiimoiif-iiig at a iiost |iliint'o.l at the north-
1st; o.iiiiorof.l. II. I'lillinwulor'holnliD.tliuiiuo
ri'.iiiniig north  S.  cluiiu-,,   tln.iici.   wont   «■)
cliaiiis, thuneo si-,iiii,,s.i,'hiiliis, tlionci) cast so
.'li.ilii> tn pliii'i- i,j 1 iiiiiiiKiiiceinuut, nut king
(.1 '1,111'., Iliu. I." ill' ll'»s,
,,,7 •'■ I', I*;|'i-i.iMViiii:ii, l.ociUnr
.Mny 7, l!'i , A. W. I»i:i,io-, Ageitt
f*iimii>,('iit-liirfat 11 l'(--( ].|iiiitul lit |,l:
riWKE no'tico tlmtthe Mbtt-lloulton Lumber
-»- Co., of Elkmouth, B. C, occupation lmn-
Ijor ma:mfactiiii*rs, mteiuls to apply for 11
special timber license to cut ami car'rv away
timber from the following described binds :
Commencing'At a post planted at tho north
west corner on T J, n*'.i. fhoneonorth -10chains
nioi-o or less to Elk Kivciv thenee following
the bank ol lilk Kivor in easierlv direction -10
CrN,'**s morR or ■'<*•■>** to the north west coiner
of r Ij lili.i, thenee soul ii 40cliains more or less,
thenco east 10 chains, thenco south 10 cliains,
thence west 80 chains- to point of commencement,   . - ■ ->
.Tune 11, H.07. .' \. •"-.
„, „        -. per A,,J. Mott,1
J--5 1' .   -     '        G H; Boulton
Bated this 17th day of.I line, 1P07„  -
."   '-■ ,' $t       ■■
._-   •MtftUBf   . . __^; _
Fernie, IB. G,
Coal.—Coal lands may bo purchased at $10
tier acre for soft conl and 420 for anthracite.
Not more than S20 acres can bo acquired by
one individi'al or eorhpany, Royalty at' tho
rato of ton cents per ton of 2,000 pounds shall
be collected on the gross output, ■
Quartz—A Iree miner's certificate is'gnintod
upon payment in udvanco of $5 per annum for
hu individual, and from $50 to »100 per nnni'm
for a company according to capital. „
A Ireo minor, having discovered mineral'In
place, may locato a claim 1,500 x l',!i00 feet.-
The foo for recording a claim is iS.
At. least ,;luo must bo expended on thoclr.itn   <>
-' and
-     •    at :
}MM? ♦H^^^WWWWH^m
oaehyoaror paid to tho miniiiR roeordor in
lieu thereof, When ifi'tii has neen oxpond'j'l ot
paid, tho locator may, upon luivbifj a sur'/oy
mado, and upon eomiilying with other requirements, purchase the land.it$1 an aero.
Thu patent provides for the payment of a
royalty of -JI per cent on thu sales,   _ •
Pr.ACKn mining claims Konorally liro lftl fcot
squuro; entry foo i!i ronowiiblo yearly,
A free miner may obtain twoloasds to
droilge for uold of live milcseiieh for a term of
twenty years, rengwablo at the discretion of
ho Minister of Iho Interior,
The losseo shall haven droiliro in opoiatioti
within one stuison fiiim the date of tlio loaso
for each live niilu^, Itental «M nor milium for
oiieli ' mile of rlvor. k-iidod. Itoyultviit the
rate of 2$ pei* cent eolleoted on tho output nf.
tor it exceed.? elo/joo, o
W, W. CiuillV,
Dep-ity Ministor of tho Interior,
X. J). —Uniiullipiiyeil puhlli'iitlon of this ml
vi rti-c-aiel.l will nut  lu Imi I for.
sJjReail the Ledger;::■
Fore arid Aft
and  if  ybu -do-your    garden, the
■    same_  way you  .will have   a   good
showing*. We have a good showing of
Garden  Tools, Garden  Hose,
Lawn Mowers, Etc.
Screen Doors,Screcn Windows
0 'll* 1
".1 II   Hll'liul'i-
t. n»  ,' ul)
I'm i-ry
....'si iu-.. \v»..-ks.   .Ttiiiji.,. C',:<u'(
! t-.'ideiii •' (,[    ih,.  Sullivan
.M;i:i;i_„ i..ii,;,„ii,i.   \\]\n\\    uwn*
l-.i'i;,   i>nini :|   11', m   ilu- mine
-!'      .-I'tii'   Hi     .!i..,,v,Tv   i.,.,1
1. I), l'iiil.-.v,
-,l If.
■-M'i-   in ■
■I'    Th   h
I-  Ti.Mlli.l
'.ll       i.i
lltl ml 1:
.-',     M.i*
1 ■ 1 r.
!V .til's  —1
..1      .1 ;.
I- ..! ir,. i
'11    -n ■
..■11 l.ti ,
%*.-, 111 ;n,,
l"'.'.V,     ,|S
'i'llllll. I
llu* 1 r
' i-i  we.!;
I'.'i-:t      m.nl.-.
tun.Ii;i: .-I ih,- mim-, ,ii|,l Ivhv.in! nv
'I' I|^, ...*.s;>l.-iit  i..i.|iiij;..|- „|  (,|k. u,|„
I- 11.   . )i-l    .1,. ijni. i.il.ni   , 1   iln> siih-Ii
ome Biscuit
JJarthvaro ami Furniture
'■.omim**.*!'*. •«--r*t»-»n»\.trJv»wv*.#rfw'%'*, iih-i'-.-t- r-,iyir>i. J-"~n..i-i)Jwnwjui
' a'
■i 1
'MM*-wi*rtii'pi«*,T» *r»TB*meun:xmKm\tmm
mrm* *m •mmuvmi* »«**,"•
in M.iy     .
:s i,ti'j:.i\
1      -'.I  ■
• !.'a ■
11 'it.
1 ,.-.
•• u-i  v.-ti.'t   I..,ii7,"
> '. 1 ■ '1 iu- nun ,is, :s i,irj;,l\ Jllle I'll s'lilc >l i-nil niiin-pi tn tli* w.--*.'
,.!.."l . f li lt/slmt, 111.11 in Mniilu* .1
Thai-.- v.-i-r, nlniit III (irn.s ,ni<l II,-
<!i7 nii|ilo\vis .ill.*oli',"t l,y thi- vafimw
ili'i|iut'.'s. Tlk'iv w.iit & m.irl.e.1 ujiwanl
i.l;-mli'iic,v in wayes in lU'nrlv nil liii.'i
ol iinliistry iluriii-r iho mmitli., 'I'lie
utimliei 01 in"*- a^roL*ments with r«-
»iu;ct    lo w.i),'*.-- r«|>orle-l to tliu il
• !.   .II'.-. , -,|l,i l,.l    In    ! ,.
'111.:  i.llll til    ,-.|      ih,
.•ml mih'Iii 1   ;i.i- 111 i\
sV ll!. ll   \l-ll   ". f    1 IV,   11 li-
ill.   '■!  lii-     -i;i.i t- 1-
1 ;. inns   i- n.l'ii, 11
1:i_-,,   Y!.. ;.-,.,1,.  i,j, ,i|j
i-i. Hill    III   l|| '
Sulli-..iii     mini'
111-   ll;;1lli'-        ol
I   .1'.   ill ini*. i-
ilt'l.i.il* ■- il.,-
.-:   ilii- l*t.i|.
,-i   .-wi '.'-.'.niiii
l. U.s   -.1   .,!-.     illllll,,      M,i\ ,    *„1|,1      t(| „||l
•.',,'imi ii iih wi re MHi'lU'il, liMviiiji uvi-r
;*:i. fir if 1 1, us mi Ji.tti.I at ill -imkIu-i- ul
the eluhe n{ Uu- niuiiUi, 'I'll,* (.liip.
nil-Ills  nf  l.llllioil   i||    M;,y   .nniillliU.il tu
hi out »lll,i>MI.
llll-  |)K)[H-|-ly   I.s   Ix*||l_r   Wotliirll .Sll-lld-
tily, tt-iii .ii(.,ut tin nun nt tlie   niun-
jninl 111)  niiii ut  tlm Miicllfi'.   This cu-
I'.irlnicut w,is consider*! in excess m* P*'c'*y of Xhi  tcmi\u is Mttg ilould-
the corrcspouiliiifj |>6ii(rl in any prov-1n' ''""'* w'" ll"l^u •"• llo">-*ibls to keep
ifrus year since 100-1.   NYarlv all   llm ;lllu '"U.'ltcr.in i-.,iilinu»iin o|)emtioii.
ii'iv */jreemeals were on tiie ImsK of, _'•.".*' *'">w'«jf t«l tlie uow oty in tlm,
li-gter vngt vlujilule*.   fn lit,.., major
ily of c.im$ the lnrrea-ici wmc     oii-
Sullivan    li.is Ixen   reflcctol' nn    tlw
I0c.1l ,ilock exebngo,  and tlivru    Iikk
t.iin«l as a result of amicnlile n-a^ol-j.- r1*" a ,loo,■ of ar'^rii f*'"" t'w   »tock
t<ions find   without    friction  Itttwix-n !'lui'l»k' t»« I'asl  two days.
''iiil'lnVir.s    and   i-nipli•>•«.*.<-
M iy llit-re Wfr.. -J-*; worii jipuplt in-
-iiivd in iu.lii<nri„l iurid.nt*-. fifth*-*
il ia'.t,* mt.il .iii-l ltii*; s"„i.uH,,j 1., s._-.
i .tis injur", -.. tt.iilw.,y ,-ini-hnis wvr.*
•, '.3. n,:iic { r io •:.,*...:;..B, .jr,i ,-;„ilv
11, t.i ,1 ■ r,- iiii'tj'e !
Viiiuf.   r.ii'iiu.u-.  Ciiu.. CU*.  liu.
.r_ „     —y       fbrhi Years
*v/p~.^--  O*no far (5Wffw/->
mfizZ      I02M0+,
*W*«    '    AoeiAIDB ST..W..
arc lighlv sweet and wholesome,
while others are sour, heavy,
bitter, unpalatable* The same
flour, butter, eggs and sugar arc
used; what makes the difference?
It's all in the baking powde*
lu>m%9 H g^i^it, V  V^MJillM ILPHkMM l-U V V If # H/tLK(    11
can be depended upon olwayfl to make the food light,
jweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it
is scientifically and accurately combined and contains
thc pur&t gupc crcuu of UtUr, which U the inoit
healthful of all frujt acids, used for a hundred years
In the finest leavening preparations,
Boy only fe&fctag powder whoie fafeel
ahows it to he made with cream o! tartar.
 -MTnwrrwiMnmi ■miiuuiujjlu	
IS WHAT ri-.dl'I.H S.W AIUU'T OV\i
Meais, fii*s*fH«» Butter,
PowStry aii-dl Pisli
Win u,>i try n-
l"Inr |",!'!i-i-. .ir,*
i'!t!l iu lln- -lii'
i't.1 ''-■ i-i ir.ini-i'.l tli.ii '-vli.il i!u-y viy i-. ihv* irtuli ?
'i,• .'.',..-' i\ii-.oii.,W. in K,uiii, i'liinii'\o .} or
,*i \".'.'i-;.i .'- -,,i-..*
, « t-«wi **m r ,-* *tm
DofiTAsnycriT. Meat Co. Ltd.
Phone No. 'I
Victoria A veil 11c
k *    (•>     ' * »m
Norn, — There are many alleged cream of
tartar baking powders upon the mjirket
sold at lower price*, which prove, upon
analysis, to be alum powders In disguise.
Thev Mill not make wholesome food.
We   have removed   our   splendid stock of
Drugs,    Stationery,    Etc.,   to   thc   stand
raexx io
Tho Bank of Hamilton, where wo will aa oaual bo
plenftoi) to meet you.   Remember—next to
Bstiik of Hamilton
The Palaoe Drug Storo
Advertise  in   The  Fernie  Ledger ""■"'■ FERNIE LEDGER;,, FERNIE, B, C.,, JULY, 6,   1907'
.ci.j ■ .'<:*-*■*■**-&-..-eg '^AM^silif^n
from advertising in this   paper   are  legion  and  while this
may sound like laying it on, we can prove
1 Al   ft
V* v     H
1 M    I*
Ha® th© Ingest'"©B^isS-atibmi ik tfete ©rows lest"Piss-/■'   «   ■" ■ ; ; '■ " :   . '•'.
Ko@s""i?«t© mmn -IkfimiBs m F^rale ilhara-'-^w ®%km* mm^er*   '
: '    ".     „ •' ',   .. ,'•■ ;-.■        "' '■■ ,.iliMl is ffee,, pepe^''l:laat mmst -peopleread"
a Year
ft 8®!'*'
jgnt   Pages' and   all. Home   Print.
1       " ,ii   _    '       " _
s a
rfe'VV j#l^ fe^^H
^ iif raj w *'""'
r^   /-«•
m-'"   v** iWv^'^r,'^'*^'"iTOi
ti '$   3
if K *.?
ft- 'V'
•  till M-    ■»»
ft M*
8 __ .„
is complete in every detail.    Bring along your next order.   Stationery
is from highest quality of Stock.   Have a Look.
<\ o        » FERNIE LEDGERS FERNIE,; B.'-'C-i'
6; -19*07 •/ ~\-
_^*_                                                                                                                                                      .                                                                                                  ' I                                                                         _     !■_                                            -I                       .    -
XUo      f-QrniO      -I  Qrl rrQP i t,lcrj**es'   wllicl1 xviil    "*'c-- -,'jreak ou1" ll'he iig'it;''what"'is his w'siy of -lobkiiig
1 I16      lu! llIU      LuU&Ul  fauil th.* hope-   of h.r .'loyal .sons "and -at things,     as ' well   as what, are the
*-^                '..  J    ..   . I.,.-]*       I',.     .1.  .1         ..I...       '.         A.. \.    ..''     ■           .       -r  '    .              ,         '.      !•           _.     .                -.<■'
': d ,ti,-he?iK is th.il    .site
I»-,ucd ovoiy S;i;,u--liii.-   irom
I'uM"c;it.iun. Xi-.l.l lili'i-'!;, A'ictoi-m Av
Kurnio, liritUh ColuiiOii.i.
■ thjre is ill tho worl'tl.
'52 a .Year in Advance i".'.,1"--'*"* 1-"-'-'-    •"-''<-   may   <to    lu-r -simple facts  a':oiit his  claim.   If auy
S-1-m-.lii"-.-   from  tlio Offee of '..s,';iI"'t: "" "-ll-"11^  hum'Utily' ao the best ■ mall in Can idii   knows   'the frame     ol" j
I'm'iul of thi   in'dustrkil   clusfss ' "Mac- I
ken/.ic Kiiii;' should lie the man,  iud,'-
. _' ; ; ,- .       .. „ '/INSUFFICIENT FOOD LEADS  i,,,* by his   work, his   experience    W
Allclni'.u«-iOt;i'..i  iniv: t Le 111 a, follows -.- j     ,., -;_ • , -*  . ■> '       , '»
I'upcs J.ai:J a, -i-. ni. Ti-.- ,.lav;iuiKu*.:t_Hivl4, > ]_ (j  IViUilNY .■ his ri-cord. aloiu.    bo far as  that coes
ii,. 111  Tuur.^l.T.-. ii-.'...i pii^'l, -' '.'■»*   J'l-iciiy. j ... .,   ,     .    1  ,'  '. 1 °  .    ,,  ,,
We will l-i utliilili- lo in^ire cW.miiu uulc-»s 1    ,„     '     " , ■'.- _,    -ho woiud -.he 'a Uboi member, ..all the
«hi,mlei-.Com,.iiedwiil,. ,;- .., -..j   ,'lliere was  aujiiVr   mutiny tit    ^7 more .ilecttve  -toat.se, "his   itttcrctst   it.
problems  has  hcai spontalu-otis,
linsk-.td-Jof l)ein_f   the  only   outlet -of
E-UirOH.afl.iir '™m leaking out." It Spears '.'.Ge't1 tojether 'and trv lo -come to
r^.-^^=^===:=====^y\^ » s-imdron composed of 51 «««...,,.,.,,,*,.■ <lll? lal;or ^U-Uwni s;lvs.
SATURDAY.   JULY 0,   1907      jwc.e    ordered-to fall  an   wttl, nllcs
;  ""'-■     the    inornmjr   m«il,   but , f()m> v(iu,
'■ tli'Jy   cijisidered   that they ■• hud     not
. h .'il siiiliviunt   food   fur  bieaklast  and
The I.ed-er   lays before   its  readj.'s, ; r.'ftis.'.'l   to o'jcy tho   order,   only ■ the
oil' .inothe't-   jiiiye,    a   l«w statislival   '-non-coms"   turning  out.   The  major
f.B(,Ml  u.l'vei-ti-.ini'  li cents iht nnnpiirii-l j nl__,;t -_n., Cam,',    ,j*L. ir   ^ahiafv   vcsUt7 .  7,.
lir.etirat insertion,i5.ui.-iiti> per line eiich^tiW-■ „ ■-    •      '. . f°   ■'    ' r   •'a-.-Oi
quoiit insertion.     *" '      ■   ' t-erd.iv    monmtjj,   alUioui;h    every   el
Hutes for uontnict ail-.-orti_.injt on ai.plu.-ii-j j    t   j ,   <.- -j     u    pj-'ivent
tioiiiu othco nf liuolu'iitioi!, roilit iiloc-k. j y .. ...   1
].). V. MOTT s-. .  .
facts and 0 figures relating'.to Mc ■ ..nine.'iloii;-" - tuul said he wauled" to
grow lii of I'Vntie, British Coluoihia_|!.pi.;,k, to' tluin, nskinjr thi.-m at ,tli.;
f-.nd tlie Dnin'iiiou of Canada, itpon ; sa-.tte time, to coine -out in, a body,
this"the. -lOth anniversary week t-1 .(li; j but. they disdainfully ignoivd his re-
exisieiKe' uf our* yotino' n.itiuii. '' ipiest.   and    rulorled    that' if  lie  had
The HUilerial growth of the .country Miiiyikin-f 'lo.say he tntisl cmiic to
duriii'.r thvsK lirst lofty years .01 its 7,k7i il'.stea-d of tlieiti going to.'him.
exiRieu-re as a ciiifedeiiition has been j The .s.-rge.iiit-m'.»jor then
ph.-tt'imin-.l, hut  c.-.n   n.rt i.-e  taken' as   ?M   ■hem to, forin   up, mini'
a measure -of wh.it islf; enme    i:i
ti-.'XL  ffiiir".rti.Adv.s.
-   Th re    n.-ed ! e no   fears  as   to.
tried     lo
it'   appar-
ntlv m t w.tth' a   little  more success,
Mil   instead   01   pi-ncc-ding    in -patad,;
ii-'der.  'li-.-y :-tlv.inc.-d in 'a ••g<i-as-ynu>-
pk-:>se"   style,   with   th.-ir  h.iiul.s  '5'in
... r      . ■,     ,      ■   , ■       ,„ .   illicit   pockets  whistling  and  "rinniiig.
interest will furnish   the  motive  now- ' . , .     f       .   '7    , ■
,. ,       .,, ,        ,.       ,     . „,    ,,,,       The oiliccrs   eventually  prounswl  to
er whicli   will kec-p Can-tda      at     tlt-j 1      ■ -   '
, - ,r   , ;     r,'    .    • 1   1 ■„      ■ solid a wgg-on   to   Calgary   lor    more
h.ad'of th-  march  of "'material things. ■.    .   ■    ,'"'    , ,   ,     '   ,   ,1
,    ,   .       -,  .. ... .      ...    : fond'and  endeavored  to got the-men
It.is 111  relation to  things ol  a high-.        '  ■ h  .
er niit'ure;   the advancement     of     th:
moral, mental,, religjous and political
■conditions    of   tlte      country      that
anxiety' may be   felt   as to what    th:
harwst of thc  next .-10 year's  may l:e.
The rapidity  with , which' thc     me-
'lf you <lon't we 'will"—punish you?
? No! "V'e .will insist on
an 'investigation which will reveal the
facts,, and il'yott hare ' made 'mistakes ot meth'.ds, tempi-.- or milliners,
we will     show  ih 111 up:"-     *    -*■
It is'asionishiiih how potent this
threat has proved. That iib.i is brilliantly ■ in enioti:.—all tlu' more brilliant 1 ecattse of its simplicity.,. Notice a_ aiu th it it h.ts wijike-d uiiex-
pecletlly well'. It came in just, before
our annual strike crop is due, and it
cut a..sw.'lh, llr-ough llial- crop whicli
,si.i-_.ri.-..d .thofic-wlm t'x;-,ecl..*tl well of
it. 11 k..-.do:l nil .s" u-al „\c'vy . ba.l 11
Striig'gl'.'s. .It pivvciited several situations from" "developing into ;itaiTcls   w
at all.   Wh-.H .1 jiiii-Jic "sor.-Kiit*   turns'! P. CrnipletC,   '   lie\V
ot:e a measitr7 whicli"'works so- well— ■ |j  '«\ llil'h    is" always  al your
all we'can    sty   i.s  thai we* like"   the
sample and^should  like  to order some
more 61 the- goods..
|'Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
Silks, Muslins, Prints.
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats & Skirts*
I Ladies' Shirt-Waists in Silk, Knee,/
.'i." Xlusliii, I,awn, etcr ;   • ■^■;
to yield to discipline, buttithoy . stub- 	
itornlv retits'j'd to allow themselves to .    ,,.,,„ , '.      ■-,     -     ,,    *     ,7       rj,
•    '       ,..„.,- ,,:" J he, Led er k-arnod" som.-thtitg of'the
be  tnllticnc«l,   and-said    they   would 1 '•  ' ■        ,     ■ ,,
. "'   7   -.,"    -l»ol*-*-iiey   of - these .threats, or "gentle
not parade until the food was   forth-   .  . •.,..., 0   .    .      ,,    , .        ■   _.
7      , ,. . r   ,-   I'nlimations' ■  ■during the late nccoti
cnm:n_., adding that promises of  this , „/;„„..  ,_ ,.. °_  ,      . b, ,
chinical and industrial conditions of
the world hive advanced through thc
trenun'dous      impetus      which      sclf-
h.id been made lx;fore.
One   thin j
interest       has, .    seemingly,
ations  betw^n the coal   mine  operat-
iors  and thc mine  workers,
which d'd not   tend' to i    ,. ,   , ..      „   .       ,        ,   ,,
It had its effect   and  probably    was
, .. _,    *,"""      " ";-• I to some   ext-c-nt • the causi  of bringing'
that   the   rank  and " file of ' another '   , -„„M,^„. 1       -,i     .  ,1 1
■ . ja.out an   agreement .without the-aid ,
s,uad.".m had   promised   to     support j of t]i(,      concilia.tio!l  bohrcli   1)ut     ^-j
ran the    political    .and,-social !orcet,"'ll,,im if ,nattere M1,,c-to ll ,TS1S'        Idoubted  very'much at" thi'-' time   aniVJ
and there is, as a result, a condition!   M,aUers „ra"   lnol"e ^^h\y ilater .^ cxpressed 'ourselvc     Ul<. wis(lom of i
_ jut tho  day.   A  more generous supply, | sucl) a* course 4
ot.'fo .d was   forth com ing-i   and  dissat-
,   ,      .,, ,     ,,    .       1; ! isfact'on   is   probably at an   ctid.   for
pie as to what   will be the- result.
,,.,.,     , ■; *-  . . ■   .   .    I tlte  present.—"Mortuii-r Albertan.
' Bt;l tho human    race-is an optimts-*;     ■  ' .,   „ * -.
tie  race,-and   a Vast  majority of  the0 ,.   ■' .     •' „    .:
inWH^nt-peopH of-11,11.7 have f^ith-;     ''"     Another  Shike     ■
euoM-Ji in-lho   ereat   huinan  fami-Lv to     ^'- »  Ll,l;    1>1- 'I'1--;of- \K- "Lmvns "l
bordering   ti])on  uncertainty and    unrest  prevailing in,the- minds    of- peo-
Therc,are lots cf' sitll.men-'.s that
,d; not settle things. - .By "allowing
.the muddy.' water -in a reservoir to
, stand perfectly motionless, llu mud
'will gradually settle lo thc 'liottj-n,
k-avjtiT the  water   clear, hut   tlvj iimkI
•service"'for livery, carl-.,
age- or - baggage. ,.\Vc
still,,have the office up
t ow ir w h e re , o rd ers m a y
be   left.,       '   .""    ■■'»'"
- :^r.
1 nanaiev
uarters.-  for   Trunks,
'i     "--1 « ' i
Cases arid Valises.
l.eiieve th I . it wiH pr--.vc' eai-.Tal to - '""■' '
th- pr-iM 111 s.t '' before it for s-jiu- „P'',,-r
ti  11.       . - '    's
Th.- n.'h spjiniitg    to have   been' out
r;-.n in  lhe   r.tc.:   '.1  iirn.-rfss     bv     tin
l>->    ^   in 1 u ri 1 tntilA rr.\-i is—;—ni -in n.""
.- were exciting' Owim-wlvcs over
ih* "S'-eallwl ' s'rike that ilisturlve-.V
litt wh le western,, half of the Dominion,    Hie     slarlliiv'   anu.'iuiu'eiii'.'iil
ne  to ■ &
'materia!, [ mcch.tiiican and ittdustrial : W;1S ,n;vd:: b-v "il Calgary ^ ■ pit per that
cleiiKitts, the social and political ';U"1'-S lu.-d-lwcit taken lo ship troops,
th .u-ht of Ihe'.-worUl   has  not      beVii   to* th.- l'ass   to   compel   ob-ersvaiu-e  of
I law anil order,,
The absurdity, uf   such .a movement,
■ •M-i m uriTM" mtr\-**vx
hli^iing. ■-- , ' " ,       1
Ths? jligns n[ the times point to; Ur.;
fact that iiilclligciil htimanity is
awakening lo the fad that llt.-s.- new
intlfslria!' conditic-ns brought aljout
l-y the lr"ji)ienduiis forces of seif-in-
ti-r.sl must be met and held in proper ,1 ounds by new ?;-ic:al and politic.1!
The next -10  ye-ars will   in  all" pi'ob-
if il liad been seriously -contemplated,
w'.ik tit,once so apparent, and the
necessity of calling ii])on at'iued men
to enforce law and order in a region
which was so. lawful and so'orderly
its n it to ro.jitire the services ol 'un
ordinary policeman, was so unappar-
cut its t 1  bring upon  those who were
; cil lti.-iii hi'inself   has   contra'cU'd '    tli*;
"mccli.uiic.il and    iiul'1-.lii.il'"s,.."'i!''c lm'1-' im]  H wv"11'1  '* rtn uw
a'ility bring about -the  chin-c    th.il , instiiiiui-iital in iniblishiug such stale-
w.ll e'iiitli/e what lias been  put    rn-t 'ln-nt.s,* tlu- ridicule, which such action
of :-.'! .nee   t jiipnr.irijy    by tlte  'iire-
'jiieii'ltKiii-.l     ad.'iiuc.mc-iii  in the     ntc-
ch nie- si mid   ir.diislrial   mnrcli   of the ' til"> il»,><-ll-'i'  Calg-ary  paper,  the arm
race.       7.   ■
lu   its
i-.tco Cun d.i   ha.-'  ti  thi-  'ti  ''.".•.:•   ,\.-   I"1.llf",'' 'f l1"-'   scrvicis   of   ti cmtc-ili-
Sir 'Wilfrid Laurier      has said,   "Uu'   ali"" 1''*11''1    •sIl,",1',   •'*'   I't-'-fiiirwl      io
•Jul,   -.j.i,.,.,. 1 (.i 1, « 1 : (.'.-h'i'i .," ,Mtl   i•;lH'■,   'll-'  l'":;u"': wlli1'*'   •-''■■•  wAA'w-rs   in
in- ini,hi h'.\v  ad-lel,   "Caiinl. *t ,.i:l 1   l':1111:'' ''"* ""'  lllt-'   P''-'i''i'i-'  luivc   it out
willi tin- o.'iict'i-s   over  Ih,     very 'set--'
iull;. ;';|-Illi ,_ll-esti(ili.
Wh t ,-1 i-at ..s'l'.-pli. if the 1'oyal
Nnrihw.st "MniiiitL'.l Police should
Invu lo hi* fallwl ilium lo discipliiu-
lliu,*v.'  militiamen.
Wlitl if tin- iiioiinud poliiviiK'ii
sltotikl contnu'l the. sniiii: fuver?
Would wi' have to call upon the
regulars (o shout. iIk-ih into a' pi-tict"-
iilile Inline of mind?
Let us lioi'u lhat the grub wan   in-
(iiid   u';''l,st'' '" <l"'tntlty  and  (jiiulity,   inr.l
'at   ill isu    iiiili't'i'iiiuoii   who insisU'd
"i.s sTTHi-n   the   reservoir  an-tnTivj"
cont^in'n le lit.- -w,.t r a.e,ain up.-ntli
r:':;:f';:,?c "f^.'-^r^- .;  ■     | Phonas: Office 6
■lli.-re w.re   riimors   of   th • ■ possible   (jj
v.-ntilatiiiii cf .life   mr-iltr'd-;. and jirac-
lici-s ct'companies, and of  nn-n;     litat ■
S'-me     of    the   odici-.Js   of   the unions
feared an invcsligali-n     l.-.sl.    th:  ro-',,
suit Would   1 c 'disastrous lo   the cause
of unionism   or licit the _,practices    of '
,-oiiie of tin:' companies,  if expose:!    to.
public view,   would  discredit   them lo :
an  injurious extent ..nd'niix-livings up ;
badly. ; :
'I'h-Sa-i things wetv   called to ihe at- j
't.uiion of   th'.1   e-'iior of this   paper, :
lilt h!s reply  to     these  runiori'd tea.-:- :
ons for prevt'jitiiig-1 nu,    -inves'.igaiion
was,   th ,t,   il IrtK',' they   only    -.ni-ded
additional reasons for   pushing  the iii-
vcsti-iition to the  fullest possible  ex- i
-Wood Co. Ltd
Stable'2*1 W-
^t^ss^s^smssss^^isfm^ &■'
Express and Baggage Transfer,
Drayinj,' of nil kinJ-a 'done  promplly.
Telephone  57 or call  ;i driver
Ofiice :   Norihern Hotel, Fernie, 11. C.
Hnl   n.w,' -iironling   to ' the   All-cr- . Ulll;  ,f tJl(! mi|u.  W(;rUers . w..rc ,..,,_,
in ; directed by men wln.'.-w con.l.iet
wi.uiil not i,cnr •■thv .light of im'e.sii-
jViitioii, the U'-it tli.it could Ir.pjvii In
the union would   le   the exposiife j,   i.f
eii s- men.
H nuv nf  ih?-   c-mn,.Vlc--i
111.1.1 ',,;f-is
Use its great fipporttlliity to ie-id il,.:
w. rid in its • -' i;il, pi litiial -fil -.it
diis'ii.-.l ad enticement until tli-se nil'1
Mil!-*- incni*; brin,: tin* --orial, pi,litii-,i!
and iiiihiMrinl i-ntwlitions nbreasl al'
■''the iiiiitii-iiil i'i,ii:liiifiiis -if Uk' country.
(hie hiiiidied years ago public high'
\v.ij\s belonged to llie"1 pco|)]e, but tlu
.id.'iincemeii'. alriig hkcIi .iiienl niul in-
diislriiil Un.« has |ilaccd the
i.rleries " nl -tr.tvct into tli
h' lids oi private owners,
illlO   llu:    Ji.uiils    of    Uu;    people,   for
whim iluv exist, is  ihe end to which  "I""'1  lw««U'f««! I^ire Mwl, got vvli;,l
Uiey will lome.    And with then, will   «'"'iil''"'»"'K «" ««»-»»■
in.   ilu* puiilii* own rsliip of all pnl
mit 11     wlm   Mt'il'c.s     Ilii-
lie mil ii
II 1
1   !l
ih ■   li  In 1,:   lii    iiii.nr-
• -'Mt;'.   (.i   I,|    ,nii   n.        ih
■■■■!•' ii-. I- ■■   I d (Ii    w v. , ml  i' -n- w
la   Ull'    nM-1   ,lli      tlie   r.iilu' -!•-,    ,n    tli •
Oiliers li.ivc beiii timidily Hiking
'li.il' lilsi Meps in ili.ii dili'ctioii 'jniil
iK'H: --f tli in will in\e ,1 l--.ukw.in!
W'Ih-ii     thc
llii'iiin .-- linn*, li   a   siiil.in,'   .-.f.-il.ii,
Ii .-• liim* Ui    |i|i,li-,.11,111|   ..i.ii.' 1
jili.il.i •-.    hau I*-   u ilii   ir'*,   ,iini. I   ■ it'll-
l.il.-r   '
Aiid  li Ij'.s him to „|i|..  vh,,ie i,i   t.it.i.
li d U'.n  guilty of dish.itii.-s-. ,'-ni.fi -11 '•■
i'i;' eiiil   of mil iwfnllv      in .uipiii i'. it-, .-
- f
■.It: lil'.iir.'- of the cciiipaiiii-s  lli.-v  |.,.j.-
''-■■* 1 ti.-fl, the '1.1.-st   that  could    -i.ip.vit'
to  tlle .'.|',c'l;l|.,|:lel:,  of   Mli'h   companies
wotihl le thn -ili'iisrlioii and    cs-ptstire
0? .--.iiiii  jirai'live.s,'"
Such a 'course might he painfully
impkMS'iit tois.-mii! iiidiviilunls, 'but
Uiei-e villi be' 110 doubt as to tho ben-
I'lici il eflei't il would have upon the
com jinnies and Ui-e unions,
The I.ulgcr can hardly ngicv    with
the soiitinieiit expressed  in  ihe - pam-
Ri'il'li   til tli.-     i.Vews    nrllclc,  which i
s iys'
"ti l Wi'.elli.r aiul try to conn- lo
l-I'iiii.,"   ilii' In' or   (U'liat'liiKiil    ,mvs.
"II   Villi    ll .|l't    W -    M'ilI"-.-p|l|||;.||    yoll?
1 '"' '•"''■'.  ***''•'   .". (   will 'iii-i-'i"  .,n
II    .ll'i'*-l,-ill.   II   Ull.. h    IM||    I   ..,-   1   ll,
■''''•*    I'll 1  il \< 1:   li.r'i-'   in,1 le a-':  I, I:. .
I    I", 'li  ■:'  ,     t   im)- (!-   --1    nr.ut:  i-.     •.•■ -
>' I'I   -1I..W    III   III    ll|l.''
Tin- iiii.i-. '-iinti|i|ii,n js c-nlii'i-l au I
m.miviI lip iu any .-.vMcin, pliysicul.
pola.'i.il or iiidn.slii.il,   Uu*  niiii'i'  do-.-;;
a Kerr & Co. j
Contractors and Builders1
■ i
IMuns, Spcclliciitioiis nnd lvsii-
nintts fnrnlsliu'd on application.■
Picniv oi coon nuv u'M-.
Architect    and Superintendent     |
Office tt Kuldcncc, !
»AKKR  ST. PtiKXIK,  H.  C, J
11 1, LIInIITESr)
Meat Merchants
LWAY.S a.choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb, on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard," Butter and Eggs.
I;resh,' SmoUed and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. ■ Try our. Mince •Meat,
Sanrkranv and Oysters.
^,fc*.n*.w«»J"ji*i.'#. iM-riM^n
Now   is   Ycur   Time
To net youv Berries for pvcscrvlnfi;,   1 lmve the Creston Berries,
Btrawborrles, PcucIicb, AprlcotBjPluiriB, Pineapples. Gooseberries,
Tom Beck
Tliu Tuii-nt'i Xiws ,1 1'1'vv diy.s   a^i
|ml liiilu'd    a   luijr   ,'iiiiiii.  to|{iiiiliii_; tli.n i-oiiiipiinii .sptcul nnd jjrow   uu-
I'an.iilii h.is  the  j-rniiiluM   oppoiltui-   priil'ii-'li'   i-' iiiij-i-s    in   Ui.-    Ihniiiii!».ii lii tin- while     l.o.iy in wliicli    it    is
ilylyliij; heloiv ln.-r lodnv tli.it     Ims  c«'incl, in    ill •     cour.s;' of wliii-h    it '•'<■liliii.il is p<-iiiK**.i'i<>;1 willi x\w   pulu-
viir I,imi phu'cil lx-fnrt* n yoinijr   iinl   x»»Av llu- {Dllowiii-r    kIhu-iik-iiis     iv- x\o\\  nud d.-nUi   is tli,- iisnlil
ll, t.   ,       ' imrilill'f        111,-   lini'.-llillM.-       ,-,,,,,'. ,' "!( • \      I       M-u'vu-.i V-  • ■    '     .
:>0 C-Joni! \Yooi!fSr.
imm WiinliMl hy
The Klk Viiunbcr
Co. Apply at tlio
OfHco or at; llosmer.
* t
Tdfi umcli siocli e iinpulii uh to nmlco 11 »i pin* cunt reduction  -m  prlcti-i
<hirln_,' llio imuitli ol .1 tily.
Shoes tlmt oritfinullv sold I'or .ffi-CX) nro now sollinjf
lor,.. :	
Blious thnt orlfjfliiiilly sold for 'f-1,0'3 nro now wMng
ll)\   t* rH*tH»t*t*1*tt , ttH*t*f*¥*tt**t*tt1**l*t lrMMMHIMH|lllitMltM|t»l
tt (! ti
I'I*/V til
l". II
iiltd Vflii'f    n( cv-ct-v      well   vvvltif    nl   ''I'1"   X\\f dc-tniliHitv   (,(   .-li-v-i'l-ii;   th..   Iiiinvdi' rtt it'd-    ilipli-vi.-it   ;-,--: r| ( f,v
hits thai sin-  will  prove e-.\v»\ \u ),tr   ^']tmv  ininiK<i*r nl Inl-or   to   tin-   •
The     I,*>il»cr tnkfs   tin- lihorlv
sllifin of ,1  en' inct mini.sU>r:
■|,ci ns sen  iuin-    M-u't-t'ii/ii'    Kiiijr
i|iioliii_i lln- lust   imiit ifuph   of a vit'v   nu-.t-iiiii". up to tli.. phuis mul iNp^ili
«»' J..   ,,,,.:«»«,.      ■ rll.if.    I..
tc .';-.
.'•.Im M.wl.Mii, eilillid 'Ciu.id's I'os-
M'iliti.-.s nml I'd-iK.1" which iippi*.,rs
in iii- Cinudiiiii *Mnj_n7iii.- for .Ttilv:
"Tin1 i-o'iiilrv Is in  iM-c'1    of   soiitt-1
iMiiiin    in i-!ii/cii*,liip,   i|irmiK|i     the
I'll' Ii.    - - ho !    lln   |-r «,••;   ,i'i!   •!■    1.ni
I'il     Ilii   I'ti-.ii nt     fi vi  is    im'ti     oi
■ !.■'.   '   ■ 1: n.. <i   i.\   I-   ||     '■ !,. 1
• ' ii ii;1  i-j ii<i|-k'-.,  who can n-ii
I il nivri nud ih-.-ir i*in|iltiycri, if \m*
nil! tn jml c- his iiH'ily l.y ih< int-
im-diiUf ri'Milts, hni   if hi- lm'; no-.in-
I'lisll  <l        llll      III   s.i       t. M|HS    |,v      ,;,„.],
,,.!■    .,.• nl'ltl-...! .. .    I .     .     ' •
..... —iir.- '-»'■■ •        .11      ,«,,.
•He li *■ made tlu* condition ol ihe N»-wn itrt.i-.U- quoted, then lit is i.nlv
pliiin'I'.o'ih- tin-Mil.if.-a nj IW.-I 'iL-'s « intnnin iiml nu upcitiinist, , hi-
Mtidy; lint  in thi-  I'lo-vi  ah.11 .  lor lu*   sl>'-"l "   li mIiii«     soivk,   !i ■   h s   ,-,nlv
ll  S  II   *.|liciiil   .irt|ii,|iiii;iiici-     \li(.li     •!
Cui -ili.iii w  rl iii,-jn ,n
l.i iln-   Miiriiini," I'i.it inn-.,   in   it;,
III",      ill    OlIMI   -II,     jjl       A|    VM.I, ;,||   I     _    j
!i .    !,
'V*-<    III
,, 1   Hnl i*-)i 1'. 'ii :-' ■ .    li.
|.t.     llllll'    ,ij,;,|jll    •nlllj U-I ,!
• f • - ■
\ ill
ii'i'ii m'.i.-n'ii_>  tli.m up mi ihut
''■'.•i.e.    in,iy    if-miiiti,'   u-i
lllln'.l'-ll   111 !|-,-llMli
1   .ill i-< i   11, -min .■ -i.
■■■ ,';:", '■ • ' ",•.
M.ii^s   in Ii;*.   tw,|i,,  ,
■K.V I
1 .,     ..
TU» HI. I..h,U«w f«   IU '   Moos tlmt oriicinnlly sulci lor .ta.uJ are now selling        tfO J ft
liic ilH liini-ycr lo,, w.     . ^ $^.^U
ffirnifi   B   C  &'n'0VC'lucll°!wo*'TriW^ Induction*}
    'ipl'l./ on ovcrytliln-af except ropairlni? nml Sliocs inatlo to order,   No poods
Ciears,Tobacco, c^'t"' ^™»™»™m'"m
o      ' ' LOGGEH'S   HOOTS
^lO'arPttPQ   Rj    PlnP-Q T-*oc'**,"*ri l*»-»r- AI«iU<* lit I-o^u-oi-'h SUoc** w*ert*» bo1I1i>j<< at$7.fi4J
,1,-!      ■
■ill   :l   li.
ti«i'-..t   i\\\>
to     it.lt '      t   III
\\ ul,
il.lt 4-
I- -it,* hi  .it mil.'    juj. i,   1 mt ,.<<.-     h-.l-l i"  i'dnsitiil  d',';.iit ..    \„'  ,,  i.**'i.,    tli-   diii.-.-^
th 11 is Ims   tun' t<> tin*  lx'st   inirnsi*- '*'  nds 11 ,-iiii-t Ji-s    ic»,-t<l   '(,1   j.-c-n
•f   Hi.-it    filhm-s,      ilirlr n i(j.,n  nnt <di.-   f_ii.trr.-tiu_r imp!,,mis  mi.l    wi.rl.
•**• -I.   ".'..ti d.i -   'jii**    ,,i vj*,,.i  p,,i.,i. 111.11   .m *< xn-.A tli.- il, x.-si    In--wl.-iljjt;   i»i|iti-<tsi(>n (nr ped iijioii    Hi:-   j'.-i^c.
lilil-'.-    I; r *.;f. ne .. i"-,  lint  ,>f mt',iiu nf wli.it sort of nutti  t:i c.vctt inrty to   of tli.. nl'Uul W.*U*\   uC W.-. iminvu.
':S^SSJ3E.ISSW. R, McDouffall,
piiis i.'H-.'.i' li'n; tli;i: i-i .-il ■'      «-'
The Shoemaker.
wtoic   iii   nnli-i
■k'l.U-,   III'   Will       Vlt      ill,11.1*  Ills   l.tslllli
'"uoxr. III. rnr*yrr,.ff, C.
Phone 10 for Printing "X,
l'aris, July 4—Tlio 100 kilometer
bicycle nibn foi'- the eliaiiii'ionsliip of
Xhe .world was.run today and was
won by 'tliu Engllshikum, Murcdith.
His lima was 1 hour, 2S minutes, 52
■seconds. ' - .,
In   a. hard ' fo.iglu ■ league match
the Corn Willi Lacrosse tua m defeat- -
edlhe. Nationals on the -Nationals
grounds Saturday, 2 to 1.
Toronto, June 29—The Tocumsehs:
deton'tcd tho Toronto's today by 12
-1 .'"'"'"'' " ■   '   I
A.   D.  Seovllle, president    of   thc'
Missouri  Athletic Club, lias received
acceptance    .from  Charles D;  Coch-'
rune,.'of London, Kng., of his offer
of., a purfitt of ten  thousand dollars,
•for a- mulch in Kansas City, bet ween-
Hackeiischmicl    nnd  Lock    for   the
world's wrestling championship,,,the
winner to lake 7i> per cunt and the
loser 25 per een't. ' '
Vancouver,   -July    1—The    Maple
Leafs  of  Vancouver, defeated    tlirs -
Now Weslminster cluunplon lacrosse
team this, afternoon before."a crowd
of. 1-1,000, by a score of 8—1..
London, July 3-ln 'the all-England tennis championship g.-i.mes at
. Wimbledon today,.. "May Sutton' of
California won the semi-final in the.
ladles', singles, beating 'Miss liosf
.jvorth'2—0, the score..was 0—2, 6—a
" Miss Sti'tton will'play Miss Wilson in
thc final end in the event of victory the American player will meet
Mrs. Chambers for (the title »of-
champion. -' '    , '•       ;,
-London, July ;4—"May Sti'tton of
California in the all-England tennis
championship games at Wimbledon
today won the final in the   ladies'
means large against 'them nor was
it a score, that could have-been indefinitely enlarged,?for the Nelson
men kept their rivals busy. Emerson, i-Nelson's goal 'tender, was a
tower of strength lo his team and
saved several goals. "
Visitors and the local team' alike1
played a good clean game and there
were  no accidents to detract  from.
, the pleasure of witnessing the sport.
i • .       H
' San Francisco. , July -1.—Suuires,
the Australian, was- knocked'out iii
the first round by Tommy Burns. "
Ocean View, Kingsidii, July 4.—
Bill Squires, the mystery from Australia, lasted o'lly a portion of one
round before Tommy'Burns, the.Ca-
nadian heavy weight, this afternoon
in the Tight or the world. Fully
nine thousand people, many of. whom
paid -?2() a, fieat,0only witnessed a
minute and three-quarters, of a
fight. ' -    ..
Squires nevi'jr landed a blow and
Burns only n*-few before a stiff
punch 011 the chin put the' Australian down and out.
LP.   Eckstein ,
1 ' ■  .' ■ o
Bar-ristek-at-I.aa'', ■ Solicitor
liooms 1-\:3, l-lt'ii-ioraon blL'L'lc. Fernie, I!. C.
j F. C. Ij.nVK   <•       ALKX. 1. 'FIS11KK, 11. A.
' aixe & Fisher   .
j ' The0',-'
Elk Lumber
«j> Limited
$ riatiufacturer.s  of
Rn\*il Hotel
•D.,vcy,-& WHolnii,  T'h'ps
The line up was as fo'.ibws-,
Coal  Creek
Ma'cdoiiald       -...	
Al'an   '..
"McFagan  , ....
Kellock  ...,
Mulgrew :
Hanson ...,
Crow's    N'ot
Tradini*-    Co.    I'los.'k\
•Fernie,   Ii.  C.
The goals kicked were by
Mulgrew  and Chambers.    .
The Lacrosse game    between the
Nelson" and    Vancouver   teams   at
championship, defeating Miss Wilson . Nelson las'" Tuesday was a fine con
2-0.     .. „ ,    "
New  York,  July 4—James    Beck-
witii, a dealer in fireworks at    No.
2475 Third avenue, sold a package
of firecrackers and,,a piece of punk
to   a "small   boy   last  evening   and
.. went to the rear of,,;the store'. T'ndn
Ju* lifeard0 nil explosion.   Thc boy in
lighting  the punk,, had .thrown   the
.'match into a pileof ro'inan- candles.
test; -Vancouver  won  the game by
a score of 8—5.       .' 7,
Miller ....
Jeffs ..;.;,
Jeffs... C
„""_ roiNT.,
. ...Gibbons
' ... ...West
V.';     Ucss. K.C. J. S.'T. Alesashkr,
Ross & Alexander
'•"-     KERNIE, IJ. C, - '      '
Olilce In  I.. T. \V. Bluck. Victoria Avumtc.    '
J. Barber,
L.D.S.,   D.D.S.
L T.
W    Block,   opposite the   Bank;
Officii hours—Sa.m to ti p.m. !
£ Finishing ,
Lumber &
,    Moulding;
VV.'J. WrJRlesworth, D. D.S..
,     „ - :D'K:)"*>''"'"rXS,'r ;
otir   stool-;    i»   last . year s    p
■cut and well seasoned. £'
-     •     i
•%-ii. <?>^^v *«.'*v«.''**>'?s^.'!3tv ^/-«
v;  .**
ffevnie„3B. C.
S s.-tn j-." n. in.. 1 to S il in ■
il.l'-O to.i u.m. _ \
Oilico iii"A!nx. L ill's liioi:h |j';
ivi-i Slum's I'ulio.-y.
11. 0
!I. Ui:i.i..;, "■ A. Wii.hman
^VC.ixi "•
'Contractors and Hiiilders
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and |
McEvoy St.
P. O. Box
B. C.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates clioorfully L'iicn nnd wur'k
promptly executed to liie satis-  „
faction of our customers.
Chas* Qliber
j.      a Good Way \
i to pleiiS'j careful lio'a'sekeepers is to
! jjive lionest wci_jli.». Oh, we don't say
j that all butchers-don't-do this, but
I'we cannot help occ'casiontilly-over-
! Iiearin-qf our lady friends when they
; j-fct to telling their experiences
; Under new management»
;.Well furnished, rooms.   The table is
supplied with the best the market
affords.   The.bar is supplied*
with the best wines,, li-.,'
quors and cigars.
"Tlte -rest 'ol  tlio stocK cougnT    OTF"
and 'the   oxpiosioii  followed.' lio in an
cnndles, Bky roski'ts and I'in  wheels •
went off wuh a, roar nnd a splittlpr,
For  half, nn  hour-iiiHiue   had  t'hbir :
work    cut    ont  kt'enin  g Iwek    the
crowd or boys that swarmed around
the buriiliiK btilldliiK lookinK for nr
free  "supply  for 'the," fotirth.      Tlio. ■
Ktotik was valued at §000. ..
,Tabor, Altii, July 3-In a football
ftamo played yesterday between the1
Reliance .and .'the Taber rootuall
loanifi 'Reliance won with the score
J3--0, This is the rirst Ranio the.
Reliance 'innin''hns played ulnun Its
.'brgiuiiuiitloii, and the boy.s are duly
elated over their victory.
The football tfiinni between the
Coleniaii and Coal Creek tennis played a't Coai Creek Inst .Saturday resulted In a, victory for the homo
'tinim hy a Bcoro of 8—1).
Kilinoii'ton, July 1—Kdinoiitou took
both the moi'iilni*; and nvonlnu;
|fiuni'H from T.i't'lilir'uln'i.' hero today.
Scorn of inoi'iiliiy; R-aiiti!: "
.     .     ■ ll.   II.
.. KdiiH-ii'loti   i llll) LilKJ CKlx—:i     I)
Lc'lhlirltlKi'   „,.()U)0()Ul)r*)-a     li
KvcnliiK |»aini!:
Kiliiioiitoii   lU()t):'i)l!lx---:t    ,'.»
Liahii:-i.,'g.' .„ i).:i)unauu.i_'j    7    -i
Ktliuoiitciii and l.ethlirhln'e played
two baseball nam en lust TiioMlay,
Score of MoniliiR kiuiid :
ft 11.   II.   V..
Kdmonton  .'.....100\'J00 001-12    (1    n
Lnthlil'lllgi! ... 0120 200 0(10-1:1   ,1*1     1
I'jVenliiK  km nm; >
Kdmonton   1200 01010x-1     1)    2
■UthbrlilK'* ... 000 000 002-2     7
Calmiry, July    2.-In the fiiKtiiHt
McQueen ...
Steel '-.'.'..'.. .
: Debeck  	
:. -.... ivrifCini;r
. ...Douglas
[: -
Napanee  .HoIc 1
■.•ri i"'s uidij!. popiiliir hotel*1
p. I,   Wli-lm, M;t.
o '■ -   -
by  lo'jal  a ppj lea lions, as thuj   cannot, roach   tho diseased  portion--'of
■ihe eiir.   There*is only "one   way to
^eiiri! 'ilntifiii'si. and'th-ii  is .by eon-
■ f-'tituiioiiiil   .remedies.     DeafnosV "is
caused by an- influined condition   of
lhe niucuo-i"lining of tin; -i-ustaclilan
'lube.   When   this    tube Is  inflnnied
you have a riimbllnK'sbiind or    imperfect hiiiirliitt, and wtten it is en-!"
'tirely closed, deafness! i;< the result,'
and unless the iiiflainihnllon   can be!
taki.'n out and this tube restored to
its normal condition, hearing will be,
destroyed forever; nine cases.out of.
ten are caused by catarrh, which Is
nothing but ah    inflamed condition
of tlio nnicnos surfaces, '       ■
AVu wlll give One Hundred Dollars
. for any case of deafness (caused  by
catnrrli) that cannot bo cured   ,by
Hall's  Catarrh Cure.   Send for circulars, free, '.
]', J. CHENEY i&.,CO„ Toledo,    0.
Take Hall's Family Pills for. eon-
s'llpatldn.         " I
■ 8o!d   hy  (Iniggists, 73o . |
^..  — .-   , .|[rM- r      ,,*,,   IW..BIM
.Tonsorial  Artist
Only Union I'.irhei-  Shop in ■- the city
aiid'wor.k here i;i done in-'lirst c-litss
St\le and al reasonable pvices..
'ease is to supply only tlie   best  ^„.^JTO„„_W<..„.. . ". .
If vou trade witli fsAou will
10   ]).
Look for  Card   in  Window
learn* just wliaf we mean  by  these*"   \j 'A    P   A     \j    R    F
two "wavs"QUA];iTV 'and f)UAX--' ^./ x   ',     rx   ' N    f—   L-
■ TITV will be a. little more than ■ you
! expeeti'
I Oalgahy Cattle Co
P.O. E.
Mouts Unit friiliiy In e.wli month in I. 0.
II. II- .Moore, * '    W, K<jii.v,
Worthy I'l-esidont,        .,    Worthy Seow'tnry
(Fornifii'ly the Owl)
iiosk nv:i',i. i*aci
FOR 12.00   :
The  Owl   Rcstaumnl
which has rccunily
1 i
FERNIE  W|NE     C0»    Ltd.
o.K-; '
. j    Wholesale Dealers and Direct
I in porters of
Eceri]-attention.  ,
, Rooms resciTd'd by voire
« , ■■ ■ 1
•A pleasant  home  for  the
tropcller.' ,
G. L, WHELAN •"" - Muimflor
Thi'i'i'     weri-   'iliri 11rii'.*1    I-i
the liosi.' reel rnciiH, tlry niul    wut
'Li'sts,  Hit'    ii(iiii|iiH'uii.';    U'i>nif lii'lni;
Xi'Unn,   KiimIii   and   Uo.-oiliintl.     Tin;
huh niul I111I1 rnei! Loiik plui'
J n.'itrmi'iloii  KruiiiHlH in llm
! niul thr wv.i ti.'-sl on liitkur wiriifl 111 •   _|
7 6'elouk in the ovoiiIuk, "With ll (UlliUOild   riiij,' 1  re veil 1
.   This rnei! wan niallj" run 'twleu iik fpco liou* tosouurit n bcaililTill com>• I
,011 tint firm oeeiiHiini il miomoil that  pioxlon. DIuiiioikIn nnd uxquiHitol
all IlirceUjiimH ciiine away wltlio-i* complexion nm hmh iltHlniblc.   An J
opportunity to every woiiuni in now of*
,')  wallliiK Tor the pint ol Hhot.   On liolh
j ocoiiaIoiih,    iKiwnvcr,    Ni'Imjii   won
oiiHlly,  UohhIuiiiI    IicIiii*; kimhiiiiI and
KhhIo  a   had   'third,      KiikIo   wn«
Kiinin of hall pla.viMl Hi CalKiiry thK imndlwippi'(l hy linvhuc a ici.-l vvhleh
your Mcdlolne lln't-    nu'iiln (Idfiiatiiil   |K Hnlil'm liavi' wi'IkIumI nl Ii'mkI  Kill
llll'   lOUIlIWi   tlllH  llllll!   liy   ll   Hlllll'l!     of
•I tti ;t, Thi' iinnii' wiih si'iinhIIoiimI
I'llro utlmiil. Tlit' fli'».l IniilniV" .Mi'd-
ll'llin Hill U'dl llll'i'i' I'llll llll I'lll-
pn-yVi po'ir Jnilicnii'til nml w|!i|
iIh'owh. Thr- c,-!inie froin lli'Mi to
lhc ninth iniiliii; wan very nvi'iily
I'oiiti'^tt'd, ciieh li'inn ft'eitliiK n run,
In thn ninlti t'liln'/n-y f(ot 11 irond
rnlly and itin- la l>>" i'uiik when tin
a rank tliii'lelon of Prli-f't's the third
IIih.  nmrn  tlinii I'ltlH'i' nf  thn   i'iii'Im
run  hy H*' advi'i-i'iiricN and 11    nl-o.
riiii   willioit   Hr.   Kid .-.1111.
Tin'  wet  H'.-l, liowi'Vcr, Ik ipilli' 11
illli'i-i'i'iii  nfl nr u* may hr -*•.**• -11   i^
ilii*   fniiimiiiK   I'liiidilmiin ;    I till 111	
I Ml yanU; 111 nii'ii; kiivxii to uurry
L'<»I f''"t <>r li>w-i* to li>ilritni 1'H1
yanlH! lay IM) ftn't of luwn; ciiii-
ni.'ttt In hydrant, lu-i'iik ennpliiiK mid
coiincot plpn; Ilnin lo ho taken wlmn
fnveil for i-ihtiiliiiiivi hotli.   Knc $2.00 1!
olVer 11 12 Kt. (Joltl  Shell  HI ni,',
shitptt IIU11 n linlcliur, with nTlffiiny set. |
lin^', hul with a ^eiiiiliie- illintioiid
uiid will ximi'I fti'.n with cvci-y order llm
i'i'i_'ir.i' mill '!iri",ti'Miti, (nr uhtnliiiiii.: n
(,iilt|i'i|.i i-iiiiip'.'Vi'ii1. i'ii;,v 1 ( j it i (*!*■->!, if-f I
uiul .liiiiplii tn f'lihi v. It \\-;!J :-nvi- llm
i.\|i"i«"   iii'   rr-uiui,   (' h iii-iii s    mul
I! i-.li'l.n:.     'i'i'iII l.'i*-' lii.* r.I.ill f 1 < 1; 11 |iii:..
pl'i'-i, Illiii'l;Iii'iul*J, (!it'.,iiiiil •five the .-hill
iii'iitit-.' mid ciftin'--.
RING l*   ir««nnito<'il   by   the
will be niorocomplolely
up-to-chuc    than    has
been  lhc case  in  the
past.   Thc   new  pro-j
prictors, I
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson!
will be pleased to meet:
the old patrons and al-l
so new ones at the ok'
Sole  ^j-i-:.l
in Kit'.t KniitiMiiiy fur
\va rm:
Wltulcftnlu   Ocnlcm   and   Direct
Iwi>ori«i« of
li<W4'«.'*-a'UIWi    .
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
I'ATItn.MI/jK   iloMK   INIHJS'l'lt
Crow's    Nest   Speoiul
Minor's Favorlto Cigars
... .    , , . I uumirut   llllll; 1   11 Iliu   m  in-   lliniill   niimi     ..-.- —
mini wiih milled out In K«>liifc anintid, wut||r h)|iv|fji „„„.„.,_,„ 0O„,,uuKh to imiiiiirwitiii'cr t» liuRsro|iroHuiited
to .'{rd,    Hnorcfl
ll, If. 'B.
Mod. Hal   noiiouoato—1 r> 1
ritljmry  nnotoonn'j;   ■> " 2
Diiatltilott Day at Nchon
Thf' flrxl  nvoiu  of the aftcrnonii
wuh llu* footlinll nmtnli, aMHonlallon
_,.,,;„..._    1„, 1 „.,.,,.•,   (>,-).,)   f'/.i./.l;   ,■;,._.J   \..'
hon, n.'Htiltiiiii; In a victory for   tin
I lm iniiiliv   ih nm tlimaiK onn Hiuioiid niul HliouliUiiy purcliMiicrl:«i||HimtlilU'il
: to ho (UidticU'd for every thread or I wlll dutcr'nlly refund tlio money.
I friic'tlon of thrwid whort; no liom Do not lot tlio prlito load you to
,11) ho nuiiovKii from cart wiititii IM doubt tlio koiiiiIiioiiohh or valuo
,/<•<; ,il filari'tiia• nidi' ni liiiU'.mi, hi ociiilh I'injr, iti tin* n'*nv« ^unrAtt *'
jaddll-loii a poiiilltlon wan mnilo limit- r t ti,i   tmh   ami   cvciv piin-liawr
liitr Hiii-ft-m-MI Him' to .'HI cpnonilH nr Sem, „|0 -92,00 by imill nuA lnl»i-
,,,,ltPr* Mdvaiitlim* ol'tlilnollVi', n*. thi'tiini!
is II111II01I.   Stinl .-I-/.!' of   fln^i'i' fnr
WIIH'll Till}; \i lU'MI'l'il.
Best of
Cure Your
TheA. Macdonald Co
ICvL'iyiliioK  new  niul
Kvi-ry .ii'commiuliiiiou
for lhc puhlii*.
Ihir sti-n'kvd with llu*-
lliust in the I,mil
llr.iiii hi's-  S'.iiiciiuui 1
I'Miiioniiiii, Alia, iV
uiiifi 1;)
Ni'l-nlt,   I'Vli'ii',
K\'iiiii.t, (Ini,
Fernie, B. C.
(iroL't'i'it's,   I'lonr,
Camp Supplies
l-Vcil \'
Tlm fli'Hl to i'iiii wiik .Vi'hioii wlilnli
u-nu  u,i,-,fii|v  r.t.ri-iif)i  '1-.' f".r  "v     ii.mi-
went Inn tin' nox-cli' wiu iuh throiul-
vWiorH hy a scon* of :i-t),    The re !''«' propprly and wtxn tlirn-'l off hy
Hit 11 wiih ne Vim* III doiiht from tin*
very hi'KliinlJii;' of |ihi,t. tin1 C'nn 1
Cri'i'ls nu'ii ki-i'|ihi|j; lln1 hull in their
mlv< ivarli-fi' Ki'oind pretty wi*l!
tli '.vim' ■ tine , T", ii.ittu', li'iv.
i-V'-r, tvn-s a uninl one tliruiiiclinut,
N l.-n-i ifi'ricii i*ii"l-nily outi'ln--'•!
hy tin.' r.'iAliT fin iiiinls a ml lieUer
comhliialloii piny of ih'-ii o|i|Miin<ntN
played with 11 v|ni lo lln' \cr.v finish
and often tiiik tin hall to llie t'lrtl
(.'reck koiI hut won npipr ulilc lo
►pflr»*. Hilll Hit*    «con* wiih hy   no
1 ho  rn/ih of water,     Kimlo, takliiK n-j K,^t Silnl Slrpct
lhe Kiime reel, then run nnd matle
the   tint   Hiii-e"h»fiilly    enntuh    Imt
poiiHiiined :i'l :i-,*i MM-iimi---,   Itusshunl
r;ni  l-is'. ,'iiiit p- rfn.-iii- .1 th    'i-.i   !u
us ;\.r, h I'fi'iil-, ninkiii-.'- 11  the u'in-
'n-r.      S-'enMil   >ii'iin'y   iri'..   _^|\   n   ij,
\\:ii-]n iimii'i' (hi- i'ji'<.'um,sl.'ui'jt'K,
New Veil. I'ity
li. r 1 .;!  Conl  ■Ji-.-L-t; July th.-'^th, i.»
M.'.  iinJ  ,Mis. Jk. I*.   Ki'tnpsi.u), ;i
!~ rt'liy? Dciiuic It h •nuoylug, |
uaildy. And ■mosiJ)', because
it almost invariably leads to
baldness. Cure ie, and save
your hair. Get more, too, at
the same time. Ail easily done
wiih Ayer's Hair Vigor, new
improved formula. Stop this
formation of dandruff!
Don nnt rhunf.' the tnlor of the halt,
rnii»ii wwwi
\jL   J'LfJt &Zi! S ■*"* i' ■*- *■"•«* '«•
J p».    •«& Cfl Ifc^.-J   \J   iiirniinn.ln! »«y«
1V1 ^~ynri-r.*Mi*i<*MKXmir*x-<^,'m*mmmimi%mm
,'J '(ne new Aytr'n Hnir \".\.ot will ccrtninly
1   An this vork, hcfuunc, lirsl of nil, it de
s.!ro>s Ihe Rums
cau*cof d/indriilT,
restored to t pirfecily he«lihycondition
It: C.ft J S.%1 Surer, N!'\V Vi'ltK CITV   —¥•«» bf IM J. C.lj#rC«.,Lo»»ll, ***m.—
f-'..",;(l 1 uc j ..m   untie   .t.i!   !l»«"
it'.iiii'-s nf .*» 1 '*i*irtis 1*1 ** ji; i'|ilt* a*
.1.11>....' ......  .   ■■ .11  ... .,..>,.   ...
.-lop'-Miiuii 11 ret tic inv ;i;;ei,i ..i.'l
i:iv iif-cAt j., vi.it,- J u-.i|itv.
]>'''.'iilinen! !•*>
yvmiult with tick tioitlt
«      Uli'i* It I'i your
and cvorylhin^ In our
lino can In* lotnul tlu-
Ji\'sl',i'st at -iiii' i-iuuv.
Kings   Hote
i'Vi'iiie,   ii   '-. .,
■lOlIN l-i'I-I'lKIiANCIK, I'Hii
Bur iiii|)p!li'il with lhc ln-st ol WUmh
I.i(|ii'ji'K and Clitam.
OiiiliiK Ifooin In r-onnrctlon
Fort Steele
I'Vrnlc,   II. V,
, liceiutic, tlrsl of all, iide- . ,    _«. ..        ft «
.'■rrri^iSiffl*: McDougall &  Co.
lercfc lhe cute.   Theicilpii °
1J     A.|.l!t,l
Fl;.,     1.
Hotlletl    lifioils     11     N|ii>t'|nll.\.
Cigars, Tobaccos, Mu*.       Min.:,!» j.itt■«,*
■■• D"rf'th>*-
•:.u.K FERNIE LEDGER,   FERNIE, B. ,C, JULY 6, 1907
*.V *V \V *V \7j> «.f> \,f \Tf ATj» \Tj> \»> \Tj» \T> Sj/ «.T>> «.V \T"> «Tj» *»>> \Tj» «.»> *T> «>*. V> *V  M,»
»i»^k»^^»£^*^,v^^*"-s^*^'»^,vc"^v«i,'^^^k^,^^^«>|?*5^'^ •5*^ .
■■  <i> *4> <"i*< ^AV <i*» *4> *i* <A> *I> <-iV *I*» *lV <i> <i> *iV *l\ *l\ <i.\ *iS <i> <i\ <i> /Iv «V> *iv   rtV
H'.A  Partial Statistical Report Showing thc Importance of' Fernie-
. I ,.   A Flattering" Position -A Brief Resume of liie '.      •: ■■■
$• eS$ .Watch it.Increase.'-, am .you 1,.™$; to
Province* and the Dominion.
re ib
~i;   <'•*
/i*»  i'i»"
;-£■> '-I**
■ -/IS-   *;i
'^   r.V
do"'' with ■ a  Savings   Account   i.s  to  start  it  and
"keep  it figoing—then   watch    it    grow.    Doesn't
lake loiip*  for  it  to  echini   up  10" a  considerable
amount—-then "you^see'.the   advantage—the  wis-'
doni  of saving.-
1 O
Mmmmmmmii^^ 1 ji Opens; anAccount with The Home Bank of; Canada
Fernie ;
Ftrnii.- has iltrce banks now .jdoittj-;,
business, .another preparing lo ilu
Luiiness, aiul a fifth, which has ' invested in a site wilh the intention of
"doing likewise.
I'ernie" has three railroads-operating
within her limits—the C. I'. II., the
. Great Northern anh Morrisscy, , Fernie and ilic'tcl.    f- °
The Great Northern has a corps of
stirveyoss en_^-«._;'ed in locating iln
lines tip' the valley preparatory to
building 'its -great trunk line through
tolithe prairie and oh to. Winnipeg'.
The volume   of  * business transacted
1 - .0 ....
in Fernie dining the present year will
, total more ' than   $2,900,000;  perhaps
go beyond the '.?3,000,000 mark.".
Fernie has   two  of   the largest  general stores  in British Columbia,    and
dozens   of others      that- do . thriving
Fernie has   two   large   wholesale cs-
•• taolishmMits   with ample   capital     to
■ do a business  as  large   in volume   as
sinews of our ininiuf—home  of  iiultjs-
try, ami   from •t-lu.-ir  earnings    coiik-s
the great    bulk  of all that  goi-s
niak'e Feritic what it i.s.
Feinie has the siie upon which can
lie built the cleanest and most"beautiful city in K.istcru * British Columbia, aiul il has the people who are
becoming self-conscious 'enough"' ;. to
build „ airing with its fiitc buildings,
its. good, streets and- its lieautiftil
houses and lawns.a municipal government worthy to exist amid such
Ten years ago thcre.p was no Fernie; today there is no place like Fernie. ■■ .
...The production of, coal'-^ii Britiish
Columbia in 1S7'7 was 15(>,-lo5 tons-,
in it"S7 it -was ,-lSfi, 142 'tons; *:in 190:'
it was ],3iJ0,2i'i' tons. The output of
coal   at the' collieries   of   the   Crow's
On j  large  wh tie yields*?!") barrels oil j
olaiicl five tons tlriwl. guano.   ...
British   Colmiib.ia's  liwlj-ur  products
value,   lllO.i.   \t%  millions.
; British   Calttnibia's  estiinated    timber cut,   filOil,  COil million feet.
Figuring out  the por,capita production of .mineva.1  mined in British   Columbia     in  '100(5,   shows that    nearly
•*?132  was   produced   for •■ every   , man,
woman  aiul  child in the province.
„ British    Columbia  minis  have,   produced over §100,000,000 in gold.
■   British   Columbia   fisheries have produced   '"100,000,000 worth' of fish. -,
British" Columbia has one-tenth of
the total area of Canada within its
borders. ' ..   ., ':
British Columbia , has more ' than
230,000 inhabitants..
British Columbia produced  last' year
J. M.   MARSHALL,, Mgr.,
Fernie   Branch
f I
■    14A1IAVAYS.
Causda"! has     21 ,:tt3 miles of .' tiiajn ' •&-*!-*'-Mfi'&£!V!$-^
:    <i*# <i> <iv *i\ *i\ /is *i\ «*iV <-iV *f* /jv *4\ *& f <j\ ,n\ fit <^\ /iv <j> <i> «•*> fi> **i> /«> <iv *i%
Nest    Pass ,Coal coinpattv    amoiihteil |o\'er 2(5 millions of mineral jji-oduct.
to   SOSj'.lOo   tons,-  and at   the   present j   British Columbis, has 20 silver lead
rate of., production'1 these  mi'n:s    will | mines  shipping ore.       ..-
litis year almost,, if* not  quii'e,   equal!    Ear* .Grey—"What   I-have   seen and
the total   output'of the   entire" nrov- !learned of    your  fruit    industry   has
nice in lf'O.'..   '
The    propiis.1
inciiiuxl -me to   bcilkvc   tha't
ire the   simarate   streams   of    wealth
any wholesale huusss iit "Western Can- j
TIkvc  will-be  t-x]H*ud-jd    iir   Feinie 'V'^  can be ^-.slest  reiu-hjii .from Yw- j ih:a !low_. irom '-your   iniiur.ils.  . your
duniiir   tli.'   liKsi'in    vcar.-.   titiott'imi)- !"''"''''""'  is.-.fii''t   I'.ei'chiiiig   known    ,u7 limbers, and  your fislierivs,' their joint
: lin_-s tif railways,   and '■•l.Of'ii &miles  of!
sidings,' ■ ,
These railways have cost over , a ,
i.iliiou of dollass. " j
Thirty, per cent, of this cist has j
been    paid    by the Dominion  govern-,
cut.   The government  has spent-Uli
millions on  canals.
...Canada has    pn.dueixl .,a    total     of ;
2"0. millions   in gold,   nearly  half    of :
which came,from' the   Vukpn. (
' Thirty-five  in llions of   this 'product ,
was exported. ; „ I
Ca'iuda     exported   last,    year *>*21,- |
"jOO.OiM)  Nortii  oP mamifactured  , pro: j
duct.   ■' '"..,.!
WIIKAT. '   -   - i
The lot.il yield of wheat in Cana- ;'
da, lflO'5. wns 110 million bushel's.  '    '
C;-n..da- has .the -largest- coitsdculivc ■
wheat field in the, world; it "is '1)00 by '
300-miles iu .extent.   Wheat grows al-j
Fort Providence,'' 1,000 miles' north of :
•       • •    ■ .    .-. I
-Ivdmonton. '■ .;
■Only "five  million,   out  or an area of'*
ITI    millicii-   a civs-of    this   ' western '
wheat ""area is now
l>i\.si-in    year.-,   tijion pub-
nnd '   buildings  over   SlOd,-
B. E. .WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H.-IRELAND, Supe"nt{-cfiel'l of
Paid-up Capital, 110,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000.000
Branches througliout Canada, r.nd tn the United States and. Enfbhd
•      o ,.   -BANKING..,BY,.,MAIL;,,' i •."• - ' 85.  '■
. ^-Business may be transacted by mail with any branch
e-f ft*be Bar:'k,   Accounts may be op .tied and deposits
made or'--writhdra-wn by mail.   Every ^attention ia paid
. to out-of-town accounts.  ■       ,7,
For nio   Hraiicii ' G. S.   Holti    Mnu»H*or  -
ii'iuWr cultivation. . ffi*^^^v^-^-^^ffe-ffe ^■-l&v?&^^^?!&*$*?f
l he    l),ir;ulise    of
:ilte    world ns
!    Then-  are applL*; 'yrowitiji;  in  ;
! in h'ernie   con   a tree   that has
.iL,   aiul    inijilitv  A-cliiiiie  will   be   inferior
■to  '.It..*   sir. iitiis  of national   wc-aUb.-oi
j-;', ' uViiicslie ciiitleuliii.-nt,   whirjt    is    one
en ! tliij'   destinecV to-grow- frotn1  out   ,the
lie works'
-   The      iu'oduci of   tlte   br.-Wery"   aiul
ci^ar -fitctories  of Kernie  amount    to t
S]"'0,00'J  ]>,er y,(!;ir. ''   ,   '...' '. jplanlwl .'1 years.     This  is .remarkable.! orchards . of British „ Columbda."
'-'j'he   -Klk   Valley    contains  untold
' millions/if tons of the-'best steaming-
and cukjn'f -co.il    ou    tlw • American
'TO'tTTTitciTt;     :      -• ~ ^_
The , sawmills of '. the Klk' V'allcv
tributary to Fernie are turning" out
10,000,000 feet of "lumber per mouth,
worth at the ni.il Is "S150,00o, or a
tola"!   for the season  of  §1 ,'2on,0u0.
The Klk. Valley coitUiins out thousand million feet o{ merchantable timber,
when thc altitude, 3:210 fe?t, is'tdk-.,
en iulo account,,and is- an oc'culnr"
d.m:.nstratii.ii that irttit can he.grown
iii-irmTimsrTrcTrTirTjinrTi^JSlTITay    Ya^"
ley, whicli': i.s nearly  1,000 feet   lower
than, Fernie,' ami   itot  surroumlwl ' by
loftyv   mountain  peaks ' covered   with
snow nearly the year-round.
Small fru,its, , vegetables,- exits and
grass 'grow Idxtirieully in the lower
.Klk   valley."
The valley of ih„. Kootenay is capable of successful fruit growing as fat-
north as   Canal' Flats.
An American company- has purchased   a     block  of   lo.OOO  acres- of la ml   <1<*»  «»'"• Kdinbiirg'h last year
I'ernie is .siieroiiiKlod with the finest mountain scenery of any town in
British   Columbia. ■>   ■
I'ernie has more' ilnin a • hundred
business Jii ins, ranging from the largest store fn the province to a1'secondhand store.
There are more than a million dollars invested in "the diftarcitl mercantile lines of business in Fernie.•■
There are five churches in Fernie
whose properly will total iii value
■early §120,000.
Xo where in British Columbia, with
its bikes nnd rivers all tci'ining with
trout, ,is tlii'ie a locality found where
such line fishing and limiting grounds
can" 1 v rt'itclK'il In a morning's tra p
ns fioiu Fcrnii:.
Ui-rt lllack, of Fernie. It,is tli.*. record so far this year in the fishing
line. lie Cituglil n rainbow trout
nimsnriug !12 inches and lipping 'tin;
sciiK'   at 12 | imi mis.
The largest   trout  i-ver i-att^ht iu the
Klk  riwT near I'.-rnie wi-iii|kd  'Jo lbs. !
:'itd nii.iMir.d  over ',', fei-l   in K'lt^lli.     ,
Mr. Co ik,   in;   '. iiipliivi-i, of   tin-     C. j
J', li,, i-aui'lu  tw-,i  ti-.-itu wi'iyhing   I-
;,lld   I*-'.    11---   '■i.-'i    ."':..'|! ■■■• .'.'■     :!;■"
■ 'I'll  '.   v,, l'.'  -,i\- il  <n   tli.-  ytl.-.t i  ul lhe
K.,'v. I  lloli'l bv  \Y.   W    'fun !■ .     m',i.*
tln-ii' w,-,s  prn'ii ji'i. r   i i    ih -I   lintt-''
Tin '■ nn' '.Mu. I  nVi i   Mi,, ;   in   1. ii ,;-i li
Tin* I ii.-i' t   it  i-lil   ti1 ."ii     !-, -ii1   I <.,i
nil--- r.iiiti.iv   in lit ii i ,!i   ('i,ltiin''i.:    ;.n
..ni ul  Fcriii,-    uVi r  th,- I'm- it   N'nt tb
11 ii i ,t'hi,:y      .Sinn.'    nl th.-. ■    ii-„in ,
.it,   tli:,:.- |ii,irl i .  'd a  mi!"   lull,;   mi,l
aii   in,nl    up ul  Ih*in  llll  in   Imi    cat*.
cull jilt      .MilliiiitiL    I'M,unity    |u iuin   th,-
Minv iivigln   is   lo.n'li-il   mirl hhiji|u-.l IwImN of all ii-i f,u tmii;,,  inn ,ill its
limn   I'Yruii*   than Inmi niiy   city   in , miti-s, H,;lil   nil   lis  cities nnil town1.
Itrilisli    Chlui,ilija,
Imi''.   Viiiii-i.tiv-r.
T'A.ni \-i h 11- ■  itaiu-
' C.  i'. I'    i iir.
IBtitish Coluin-bia fruit trees
produce more,... its „ cherry trees
100 jier cent. more,' ,its pear
'tiTes—Jii^-per T7ttl.'' nTCre an;t ltT
'pl-uin trees 200 per cent, 'inp're. than
the fruit trees of the rest of-Canada;
and its arable land grows more per
acre.' CO. per cent, more barley, twite
a's=iiTuch wheat, and two :,ud rr.i:-
fifth times as 'iiiuehlioats as the avei-
agc arable laud of the rest of Canada. . "
llriiish Colutnb'ia look first pri/.c
for fruit in London, Kng., 100.-5 and
repeated the splendid  success   in   I,on-
Tiie claini to l;e the most northc-rlv "' jx"*}.
farmer onn 1 the Xorth " American-'^
c'oiitiiirut    is made     bv    .1. S.   l,aw-   vX-
' 1*. .7-6.)
.-.nee."     In" support of his claim      to .J$i ^^^i^^yX&y ^>$
th.it "title   he   recently  exhibited    at '. Ij-jV ti^^$0^^i^B^^A
Vtrinilion, '.Saskatchewan,    a   sample ■ -^S ■-'^pi(;:^^^^^i^^^^^^^\
irthert, wheat  of W^l,;^ (3'lM^^mM^
he'   grew  on his  farm   ,,al   ^-""j. —i-*.tJ^-"-^'-V^*"Ws^**>*iSiAi
&?-.: .-T''   'Q^.^f v"ivi-"''^ -fe'li,' '-3
of No... I' 1
ity which
l'eace" rivpr crossing-
"51 r.
Lawrence's . A&    ~"
ii -~     t^t.
near Kiko, ami will irrigate ii and
stint small fruit farms on the road
to comfortable competence upon them..
There are large areas of choice fruit"
lands within a ratlins of fifty miles
of Fernie which await thc energy und
cxterprise of experienced fruit growers lo blossom into fruit orchards. .,,
Mast Kootenay 'has thousands of
acres of as good fruit lands as can
1:e found in British Columbia, whfch
will l.e producing fruit of the finest
quality iii large r_imntitics in the
next decade,.
liiiiisli Columbia
llriiish Columbia is- 'll*-* largest
province in the llniiiiuinu of Canada;
it has an area of 2Sl,O0fl .s._u.ir.i
Al ill nigh llriiish Columbia has but
,'i per i-int. uf Canada's population,
and but
ni'i-.i, il  ;
i-.-nt. <>'   C1111.nl r.s   niiitiii.t;   wealth.   It
*-•''■ iniif   th in  mi.' Ii ilf of Can-
•'n-* ■■-■ w     'i|i    '
li    Colili.i"ii.1     has   ill.-     lin.-sl
lit.-      -! -'-t   liiniiir,'.    .iti'l      tli-.
1    -e !!• 1 v  li, l,c   1.,tin,I    1,11   tb -
,11 11 ,li' iu lit.
h      ('  lm. ' •■.-   ;:■  21   lii.i.-,     lb.'
lli;ii-,|i  Ch!i!i.ii,i,i li.t*. 7,(1:111  mil. ^ ol
'. ,1 '.-I i;-,t, ,1 .li t.i,u.' iiji.il 11 ,1 imill 1
ti ip ,11.1,1','-,  i!u- Diiiiiitii'.n,
l'.iii!r.li I'nltiiii'i'.i   has  waif    puwvi-
li-hin .
, gl.il! I "
'• Am rV
i    I'.ii.i-
-:i.'i- i,|
I'I  pel' c 'ill,    ol'    Canada's
1 i-i...Inc.s   iiinfi'  than :iu    p-n-
■i"|-   V-
|>iiss.*d  uvi.-r ih.-
llie   nil.-   1I.1V l.i'.l
I '   !i
und still   lii'.-i   |i,,\mi-  to  >,-!!.
j   Ilrin-li     ('..liim! i,i  j..  th    ni.igiiili. I
Swii/crliioil ul- wiin-rliii
I'.riiivli   C'.liimi i.i   bad,   ih.-
in.- -,   1    n i'i* i-i-    ;,   i'ii
!'ii i-.'  1 'i  th ■ in- t   1!:,.
British Columbia shipped -fisst- car-
carload of fruit in, I ""ill; slvipineuts
V.W'i, 5,0<>0 tons; sluninoiits this year
will !l?e more Utah, double, that
amount.   '
llriiish Columbia had in 1001 half
million apple two; l9fl(i .2J|, million
llritjsh Columbia will, iu ten years,
at present rate of growth, lie Canada's  greatest apple-growing  province.
Tlte Oknnagnn district is the lxw-
ner fruit-growing si-clion of the 1'aci-
fic provinte, and the Coldstream
ranch' possesses thr. largest orchard
in di 11 ;di, and one of'ih*.- largest in
West   Kootenay   his pi-oilttced    fruit
c |iial to      the    hc*4 th.il    has    beon
grown in (he province,„
C.n iila pri.liii',.:l last y. ,ir' lss(i,(lu,i,.'
Iti'l) wiirlh 'f iivl i!l.fi' mil i'i:,ii-ii\i ■
t 11 lit- ;ir..di!i t.
jjj.    ,,i|i,i,,|   ,,..\-,    ,11 ,i- 4..-',.   in   (..ail.i.'i
i 11        ir.aitttfarliiriitg      .iinoi'iHH ''   t"
■'* 0 i.d'i .'.(nt-',   ,.1:    !.':"„! . 1   I'.iilF: :i   1..
whii li   !■. tih'ii   iii.;   I'li-t-. 1  Si M.'.s.   ,.
1  ',' li ■,' ■    :,: ■   li'i11  Ai.i.'i'ii* ,r.    ni.ii-.i'i -.-■
uii iji;.    ■; I.i'i "ii-.,r.ii in--      in   Cii:,-... i 1
V.llilli    Ul'.|.!i.\     |ll,(llili   p.h] 1 ■,   "I iu-    In
dti-ir- .1 pr. diiits nl Ciiii'.ilu iir th-
liist ye ,i- i,| lIu *'fiili 1. iiluiy v,v.*.
Ml.'.!,'.:.-«:,7.Vi Whit will tlt.y b.- in
tli.' bii.t year of ilie viiilui'y/.
Canada Ims l"s,n| I iniiiv s'|)inr.'
iiiiKs nf liiriiury 1 li.iii th-.: I'liin-d
Stiilcs, including  Abu-hii.
■ b
I Mi,
C.n i.l.i
Iii!ir;d  ill.,
Illrlll    V.S.
rii-i-  i
• a   t,;i,li.
,,1i  *   ;   .-
('  ,i„.i
,.:i ,!    .ii.i.i
is     iln  l.llgc   IIM   '.ill      I'llitill
,111.1    lull'.1    l.l.lll'.ll     |s    ClLl-
and he slates that, with a trail to 'M
it, some of the l-.cst land iit the , Ca- . y3
nadiau Xorlhwest would be opened, ; ^i<
tlespite the fact, that it is some 1,500 : §_§•
miles - itin-th. of- the iu,leriia.,t.ional:. .**jvi
boundary. I lix
HANKS. (,(i   M
There     arc H:i charterid    banks    iu
Canada, with      about P,700  branches,
with a paid-up'capital.of "-('5,500,000,
circulation    78   millions, (iassels  95-1 ;
millions,   liabilities 7S2   milljous,   ex- .
cess of assets  over .liabilities '172 millions,    current loins     iu   Canada nlS
millions,    lxtitk 'deposits    iu   Canada
5!'0 millions,   excess of   deposits 'over :
loans -12 millions.
Depositors .have ,02 'millions   on de- i
jiosit in pnst_    'ofiice  and   goveinineul
savings banks in Canada.
Canada has  more  t-linir 1,000 . post i
There arc 27 millions in special savings banks, und '"M0,000,000 1.11 private
I.nhks and loan companies, or a grand
total of 7 20 millions 111 savings
l.anvfi. This is eipial l<i ""100 pet-
head, llie highest, record in lhe world.
Tlie. lirst Canadian census, taken in
Ili'Vi, showed  a    population  of '.!,25l.
-■in' Iiiik it was. 'i:i,:is,v, iu I7:v,i, 12,-
"01;. in . 17(1.1, 70,000; in 17s |, ||:,,j
(1.12; IH I, .IJiO.OllO. ,Al llu lime ol
ijoiiii-dii-iitii.n. lMi7, the, piipula-lih::
\\-i-, :l„"o:),(iU(i. i'ii th M ,,r ,l.*im
ary.'I'MiT,   Ih.'   |)n]ml.ttiiiit   was'   isii-
l.l.lt..,!   t.i   1,:   li, I l-',.'i>l.
KI',V|.:\n'„    '
j     l", 11  (1 '';'       |*.-V...|i|U:   ill   I'M'.!,
11! 1 led   i'tir.di w.';>; ii|::,'i'.;(i,(,,u
i 11  ii..s ;-'->ii,ii.>ii,tiiiii,
j ' )u    l-iis   C, It   da's   debt   Was   ,s-'J2 pel*
hi,id,      Ciiiiid.r.*,  d.-bl  is    iiuw   --JiiT,-
liliii nil 1,   tieai'lv  y.lll  per  Iu'.kI.
il ib. d  I'-.nd,   \i.i*, '••M'i.rO'l.iii'C,   in   Kimi
w.'s ,s|(i,7."iii,niii,i,
Cull ilia's lulal rci ,-ipls <-.iiiiv |»(',s,
■"I, I-J-J.IHMI.IIHO; rxpi'itililtin*. **-|,(IT:.,-
Iil 111,111)0.
The I'liitul States pais ,*ll peiiviti,
nl   Caliidi's    dtiti.s;      (ii-.-.tl   lliil.iin
.•   AGENTS   FOR:-
Thc   Calgary   Marble "&   Granite   Works ,
The   Kootenay   Marble, " Works,    Nelson1   .   ^
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Cheap Round-Trip Excursions
St.  Paul,   Minneapolis.   Dulutli,   Ch'ciiKO.   Ormtha.   Kunsna
.. Citv, St. .losepli, St. LouiR, Atchison,
•■ .. '   .Winnipeg and Port Arthur  ;
July 8. 4,
On Sale
'm     ■     ■    .
fl'.,      August 8, 0, 10.        fiaptombar 11, 12, 18
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Plus ?10. for tho muiid trip.   CorrespondIngly low  niteu to
nil other  cflstern ])i)inls,
Uoliig' ii'iinsit limit '(10) Jiiya,   Final return limit (!*0)r dnys
from (lute ofsnk   Stop (ivors itllowcd at ull
iio'.ms tvitliin HmitK
-I'm- piii'lit uliii'".  imII mi hi  iukiri.'v>
ii, i„ iM..\i,,Kri,'.*Ni-:1
iii   Item
ii I   .
-*V. ,, J*t   !
nu ■ uii-i-
:u ti,'.' i,-
:   l.m.l     .-
,!;.   i'..   ,1
■   mil...
"1   ■*.'., ii
iki   _ M n „.
Dirict   Hervico
Dublin Exhibition
Hilllliilt'i' .SillllilWH
■Monlroiil  nnd (?ii('l)(-'(! to
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Summer Excursion Rates
I   In' i'!'.
t I-.' . r.
;m   v.-iil.
i;, ■  -i-",l,lill   , ,
u'lli    ""'.I    71
IVri 1 lo lo
t'.i; 1,
',; p.
■n.it.'i ■
1., ,iitr.
1-" 1!, 1    1-.   ;li    ! it *i-.'   11:-'
H'.rt  111 Hi'ti li   I'l.ltitulii.i,
Tli.'      ill .t..tits   u.|l,-( tintb
1- 1.
, ,iii>-
I ..     1
1..:- -.1
1   .I-1
:-.'.  v
.  In. >•
1 I
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Hi ■
Vlclr.riiiii    (lurl-liit-,    u.ooo
AMSV, 31 ,.
roi;i in    (Itvi'i    ncti'it',   'M'-'"1
\ i.",;i-.l,iM  ,, v*. .* ■ '"> 1      »»..--
■' '  -.'■•    .';
v-.i.i.'.;.iii (t.'.i:» .*.; -v. i"'.:-ri'
Jl'I.Y   13
wimiiju-K, _ fi-f*n fT.A
i'oM  Arll.ur.^^  /   >'M
-.1, * inn
•<!'■<: ■    ■.';!'
nil    tin
--l,/,1r,',,A*i»     (l
I nm,.
tiinc    wIh-ii    ii))|iiiriunity nf-
(i,!-!.■_■. i, ti•■:»_;  I,-1"
V.llll  *   .it   S-ll'.!,!!''.'!
,n     -i'ii    h.Mi'.n   .iii.i
JM-.iliH),' iinltiltry, .Sl.lils.l.sl.,,,
■'   Si-nl  iiitvli, I'.HM,  jiiiU* 5),0"MI,    willi
■ l! * ' r ' '
illl'.l   ll.'I'
^.1,     jli'lt'm
1     "■ '    -
ycur. ■
firs, tlu l.t-dj-ci will try to lay In:-jl"*- l.oits.
lore Ini* jnililte u mori* ili-Uiik*l nc- | I)ritl>li OoIiiiiiIj'u's .vki fisln-rits,
Ci.iiiiI of uli.iUlure is in .mil abrmi ,**■*: iniii'iij; tliu ninst pnililir in lu-
l-VrniV. 'u-i.rF-l,    irirh *-li..-k«.-i\<l im.vv.ntn^    .nt t
'J'liirf ix an   .iriny   uf   wnrbi  nf   ,»ll jl«i-ilili_{     j"r..*iunls   nf    ItO.flOO    M|ti;t»v
Jii'nrN, Croiu   tl:*.   miiu-.s   in  lilt   "tuv" .mils.i.
tilio -nniWs its Kil.y hrotlt-jr or mm- •.■•'•11 tin,- ^ual ><aliiioii rivt-r-* on l'a-
t-r, ilu-c-llittj' ;n am} wv>rViinp .ilxml ;*••*"«' >-1'»1m- Jm»c lli.ii riw in Hriii-li
iIn-  liitxy rity nf rYrnio,  wliiiilt   rtiini- K'ulnmMn.
I.i-r-. uv.r I.inki, llt,i* wh[ih is cuninj; ', ">st*rs from AtKtutii* 01,1st ulfit
ii ,nh j r_jiJ.1itti uf ,4 iu:lli..u oi ilnl- iilixivjn/ o« Knli-)i Cohiml.».>\ umM,
l.it:. ...i'.li vuuutll, nl" tlvi. )i-«t. (   '•.')   ^Ivtlo vt-tr^  «A|viuin'i    tn   Hril-
TIi-m; fiiimvi v*ns tli-. lhtilUxir. tht  i'Ai CoIuuiIim in l!*ftl;   no  *: |0rt   ftti
('.,11 ii!,i    !.„it   l.."i inli.i'i il .nt.-    tu''.il,. j
.1,11.Hi-       mil*.:1   .Vtlhlr.iliti      I.    l'',ll|;l.i!l 7
"i"i-*>, imi Hi.' llnliMi l',iii|inv ioiiiM.1..
of Iniliai hits I.
Cilll.tlll   is Oll.-tllilll     Ilf   llu.'   UIIM   III'
ilit* lliliisli Kuipitv, or :t, 7I,",.*)7I
.s^ti.tu- mil.-s, lull of which lias 'tiot
>-it 1,tvn  kiirviyii'l   intn proviinn-n,
1'tiiil -,ij» v,i|iil-.il  i.i   C.iti.iili.iii    r.iil-
w«y«,   xl.HIVJ.IMKI.IMIo;   (jross   variiiiij'.s,
."»l2",,:i;ij>iM; worltitii; fxp.'iuf.**, •■<•■''';.•
IvtM.'W   ii.-t ciirniiiitH. M-J.SfW. 13:1.
CrftuiU lu* a !«r^tr jv.n-.ntiigc    of
; uiijjiii).
rtiilv.,«y    uv'l'*!>;«:    pvr    rapilii    tli.m
utiy oilii-r c.iiuiiry.
Hvi'i* :,,XM iiiiL-ii nl luw railway*
uic uiiiUr 4< nitn»ciion n-/tv in Wt-st-
ir«t Curt-id.!.
Sil.im,   *'.('..')  illid   H|iWiinlsi   Swv.llilj^**'.*!.**'      I'''!'""!'1   ):-7h-^'     M«'iiliv.il
Cillllll.   -i'i J Ml:   'I'liinl  <.'lrths,   .*;' J7, U) > -i'S t.     st. .Ii-lin   ''ni,     Hnlil'iv *?nt Vt
:u;(l upn'-inM. iiccoidingto stoiiiiicr,
Motlcrato Hate Service
\ , \,   *ii       ii   :,      1^., 1 *-''*  i;i.i.,.|   i*t      s ,,
iO„Sl   llllll     'IlilN - ill-"    IIIONI    cxli'llsivi;
li*.lk*rirs iii the wotlil.
Tin* vuliii* of     Uu- iis|, pr.Mm t  iu . MONTHKAL    nnd     QUEHKC    to
C.n.-It     sim-.-Coiif.iL-iiiiion    is iiM GLASGOW
millions. (Direct)
C.ltUihl    llr*.    I'»  Ml    l.ivi itilljj   i,-.itnli- ,Iftl0ri.\t. J«06 33
lisliniints, SUiliut June 27
CaiutU Inis Hl,fl0i'»'iiiiui'iiipli»>cil in   KutnUitu ■- July  4
the lislittvj; (ihluntry. UtM_;i hut July  11
Th*  valiii* of th.* f.shin-. A,tiiptmn.t Onednsjcaij},, $io. thlnl c)«8s5-.Y...r-0
f* ia inillirm*.                ,„„,.„,, Vov rcstivutlon of berths and loll
C..ni'Jii in IMS   pro.iiiwl *f.*".«,3iio,- imitieuUtrai>i>iy to
wm «.irih of ftsh. u hbadiM),      W. It ALUN
 — •      c,!». W. Ab».     Ucn. Airt.
Mi»ud# l.lfilmml   tuitt Uiph(lieri«. -              Fertile             Wlnnlf**;
Ticht-isim Siil«Jiily ,1, ^, 5; August 8,
»), 10j SVptcmbor 11, ij, i,i*.
First Class Kouml Trip <ji) Day I.lmi*
Cone.j.oiiillng r*-(liK-tfnii> front nil Kool*r.»*'
jiofnf*.  Tlijlm't' fl,viit|n.li!ii tfitlatu t'Wtt
Snclmllriif m*(il»«»'U-lrili«oii Ink*
»t»ntii(i».   TtironirVi hi**
r*u(.t<-'Ho f.iivttBtl'n
In Ontrtrlo. QctUo tr M»rUirr.« I'ro\lri(M
.». «,CA«TER. V. r.A..X«ltdn.
k. nEATiiyo, Aft., r«rc(«
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Football $150, Baseball $150, Hose Reel
Horse Races, Foot Races, Hurdle Races, High Ji
$ 1500
sj_j>,  LlCo
Special Rates on all rcaiiways
Italian Band in  Attendance During the Day.
See Posters and Small Bills for Full Particulars
Address Entries and Communications to
:'y Fernie Athletic Ass'ri
That Orchard
11 was     not known    inilil  recently
that in Moyie there lives .i man who
'was 'quite'intimately acquainted with
Harry Orchard, and from whom the
latter took his name when lu* changed it from Little'.- During IS')",' Geo.
W. Orchard, now the local manager ol'
the l'orto Rico I(iiinl:cr company tti
"Moyu-, was working for ih« Wayward
I.umhcr coinpany at Pilot Hay. Utile
who is now known as Orchard, and
his alleged w-il'e were hired lo lake
charge nf the euinpany's hoarding
house hy Joint Lynch, who is also
Well known'here, "■Vlun tUo. Orchard
rend the following in thu Xclsolt Canadian a few d.iys ago In* i niedi-
attlv reiiumbetvd lhe facts in tin.'
Mr. Clark, of I'ih.t Hay, ha.-, a
tli.ory iis to lhc icasoii why I.iitle
changed his naiiu- at Pilot Hav, \'hil„-
he was at Pilm Hay a yi.mi;j_li'lliiw
named Orchard c-ainc from the" east,
ami J.itth* l.eoimi! well iici*iia,iiii4'..l
with liim. A lew mouths 1stl.-.-i- I.itih*
arrived in SlKilwiiic aiul clmngiril his
iKiiiic in Oivlinrd, the name ovidetitlv
hating Lo,.], suggested in- hi.s nJ-
•|U.iiiit,ini-i-.*ilii_) with iln- yo'uiijr follow
h.* met al Pilot  Hay,
Out '■(.inil.ii' ..aw mill iiiiuijii.i-r was
t! c 'inilil 1'illnM' U'l-in-d ],,, ur-
i!i.ifl li.iw I-. iiKiii!i'is |,Ittli- 'iiuh.ird;
i|iiit. iliitincilv In si'uil.iii,. ul I-.-;,,
he  s__ld:
"'.In!'- h'A    .■    im.in,     Ik.,411..,,],,,
pack of cards and letting his wife do
the,heavy work. .
Mr. Lyn.-h paid the Little woman
eujugh inoiK'y'to'take her hack to
Ontario,' where the said her father
was lying.,very ill. '   ,
Thc next lu lizard of Orchard wiis
after the opining ()f -..to Haywood
14 Hours a Day
Could you, either through your columns or    by    your jiilluc-ucc,     iiidiuo
some of the  coal   miners1 leaders "or
agents   to pay   ft    visit to this    dis-
tiict:'   There aro   hundreds   of  minors
engaged   lure jusi     now,  and    many
more will bu eitgagwl in llu, near fut-
| ure, and'the "conditions  under    which
i we     are working   arc    th..  worst    in
j.C.iii.ula,   The wages   arc   lhe    lowest
; and   !he,:hotirs of lab0r    the  longest.-
: aim    an-    woi-ving    f,, „.   |n    ],,   11
,hi.-iii.s a day. All 111,- nu'n at*.* in favor
if lhc  tiniuii Mt.iriuig,   Inn  MC|,    _;lll.
is ii ir,-, id    to .spiM|;,     At    the    mine
when- I am   uigagid,   n.uiiu]   Hudson
Hay   Colliery,    which is just   started,
the emplnyi-i-.s    wmid-d     its    to  niw
ihoiii  •.','ilii     p(,mills ior a   ton,  nml,
Ic-sidc-,, thi.t,_.et tin ir ,s|,u'k for noth-
In.'.iiiiud this is   tin.  rule jilt   thiotigh
till-  ili.Ml'U't.  ' !■
n..| in.;      th..( v.ni   will- di-
thing    iu our I ih ,11,  |
HnHu-   I'liM*     s.t'.K.,
■-Kiniii tli-,* Vont.
V   11,11
I'inn, the Prince ami the Pauper, and
a Yan'ec in lying*. Arthur's, Court,
after having received so great au honor from so great an institution, was
admitted to ■ «n audience;" with King
Edward, and thus wc have the icnliiy
of a live Yankee in King Ivdward's
-Mark. Twain jourii.-ycd across, l-ltc
Atlantic in order to receive .what
might l.o termed an empty honor,'aft-'
er having persistently rcfusvd the ap-
paruitly stil/staiutiai Iidik'*' of representing the groat .State of New
York in the  I'm'tcd States s.nale..
Tlmt he exercised the host of judgment in accepting the one and refusing the oih.r i.s iippm-mi, to ail
except tho' professional politician, To
thit cl,iv;'-7 Individual Mich a man us
.Marl; Twain is'an iiiignia.
That an h- n.,rary title coiifenvd by
an iiistilniion of learning amid le
considmd ol more value than a t,-.,t
in the l.'nitul Stales senai- is ,ii> im--
K'S.sil.ility,  viewed Irom the K-vi-I    ,,| :
a Twiol.
• i
Hut ro man,    not  _,, fXCUi.ii oili.-iai '
to become popular and to wield immediate influence and be content to
await the judgment of history marks
the really great and  patriotic man.
That so marked an evidence of the
esteem in which his labors are re-,
garded by t-Iie greatest institution of
learning in the world must be, lo the
nice bare-footed "Missouri boy, a pearl
of greatest value. All g0W{'"Americans - everywhere will feel u little
piotidei ot their country and her
most distinguished humorist, .and will
le drawn a little closet- to ihe .Mother Country, whose gival school ami
great King hayu so graciously honored him. " "
'■' 'O—	
.Nivi'Yors   is'inoK-vnn.N'.
A    Severe  ' Case Cured    by   Dr,
Hams'   Pink   Pills.
Ion I: and a ilisigro-aUe di-.|'i,.siiii,'i,
His inns were always shilling ami
lie would never look ymi si|Ufin- in
the ft ice: Hi- did not. itavo a friend
in tho cniiip. Then ho was crooked
besides.     On    oik* occasion ho hired
.    - -...*   .1,1 ii w    -.Ul    \>4,l/4l  ,Ulltl        tllfll
regular wurkljjH hout.-,. l,Uik M}J
the wood and thi-ji sklppwl out -villi-
out paying the men. HU wlfo, as vtt
thought so thou, wns well liked aiul
wijll thm-glu of hy nil, nml in this
k*.i*.',*»t •Xt-Sti-rCi }_jtaiW irom tlie mau
*he \t-aii living witli.""
Mr, John J,ynclt was hcvii by n Ledger representative the otlver day ami
coniirm*' tho above statement frtrm
the Moyie Leader.
Wr. Lynch cntne fnirn llu-- name
net-jhl.-orhood in Ontario us Ort'hard
(Ilottliy,, unit he gave Orchard a jol»
at tht- I'jlot Hay mill,
Mr, J.yjuii hail n.ur mscb -Onhard
«-r liU Mitn).-,wl wife before, meetinj;'
th.m in Nelson, wh?n- h^ hlr,*lt!.*m.
O^lur.-l was u hiMiifhlvi'sori r>f f,.J.
lov-, who was alw.iy.s ,tn.liii|iUL4iin_; a
■   iViiii.ii(I n i.'ii'tit'Ui Co , Llmltoil.
Del- Sit-.,-This fan j j,fJl t|„-lltt„
di a feiii-c ami |,nu „,v _.ju.s(. Vli,.v
I iid, so 1 coiihl „ot work niidit hurt
me to breathe. I uvd rtu iij,,t|s ,)f
I.iniiiii'iitH and tlu-v did tin* im t'or.d
One Lottie or MLVAUD'H lTNl-
.UIv.Ni' Wrtrmetl nn llainieli nml up-
piled on my hreint cured mc com-
Hoiswnv.  nitfl.v  Vn     V    «
or poldical lif., |Ms h,,d ;l l.aur up-
loriuniiy to judge utiinnIl-Iv of i.\.
-.liaractef of Uml life a.-, it oxjsis i„-
■lay than has .Mr. C1„mu„,1 llM,i' jt js
not iit all Haiti-ring to -,]u. -,,,_ \\,. ],;!c
"I '-'"l'y that h.'* sln.ulil i.in-.. t„ ,,,.
lii iiHo ami 14*i. „,-_• ,, j-,1,-.
It is not ■ ti, t ,. t., n>;:,|, ,.,._■
. . .i, lhat M„rl.' Twain f, „„.
He li is d ne ii or,,-  >|. Min,, j;„ ,| ,t y
! hi-.  1*1. i.i*.,      li   ,-■     . I    ,.   i ... , ,
'*   '        .......   IU   I I,HI . |,.,\ ,-
i""l'.' I'-h  d     111   ,,!!•    , tl,  ,      !,,;,■
I'i" "!',   and  ho  is  iu all pi,,' ;,' ihtv'a-
I W, 11   .iWltlo  01   111.I    I,,. I    .,s   on- ,,f' I,,.
To le a! lo   to mhL'Iu    tlu-   ..Mi'-iiii.ii
'I   that
■ i   ]»:it
j "1 stiil.'ivd mi imn.Ii fi'oiii iiui'iii,:
. dy.-.; e, ./'a that I fi-.ue.l I woiiid U*
:Lome ins,.]].,'' sav*. Mrs. .Alfred Ails
jim, ot V.iriiu.v, Out, "K,,,' mouths,"
^s.iys .Mt-.. Austin, ' I was p.isiralod
;With this troiilili', I not ,*,o 1 ad I
could   Hot   cat     a   nioiitlihil   „|   [li(,l
Without   it  IIO.il 1_\      lIlobillH     ;„i-,      I   was   ,
aileiuil with muIi i.-rribht fnlings ol |
di.vii.c,, ,,nd n.ni.s a that I h.ul to
h-ati: tlu* t.i! ]t; M-im-iim-s wiih jii-.t |
two wi thr.,- ihouUiitiK ,,] j,,,,.| j,,, ,, i
IM" I ll>', " '"..■ WM-, all ,i„ ,| ,„„,. J
■''''I I ,' "' '■'• ->■> v, ak lll.it 1 ,i,ti|.| j,,,i j
''-'I'     -'•.. -p ih    l!. ,,;-,       In   i.,i
casion with good  results,   nW)  at last.
I deteriuined to try them again. I can
say no'hing   better    than that     these
Pills have bent a  blessing to' me,  as
they have made     me a well    woman.
I'very trace     of   the     indigestion     is
gone,  and   my  nerves are   as   strong
and soiiimI   as   they were   in  girlhood,
-Vow I  can cat.anything  that    is    en
the table, "and I got sound, refreshing
sleep al nights.     All   this I owe      lo
the faithful  use of Dr.  'vVillinin.s' Pink
Pills, which   I   shall   never    cease   to
I'r.H'jllian,-,-; l'ink V\\h fill ..the
veins with new rich j\-i] 11, ,,-.\. That
is why lh,y slrriiglhi.n the .nerves
.■lid every organ in t|,,, • (>d_v, "_'],_,._
is why  they cure all doubles"dim   io
lad   blond   ,,r  \ieab,   shall,ivd    llefVes,
such ns aim mi;,, wit|, j,s (..i-indj,,,,,
wearing backiicli.s, h.-adaih.-s ami
sidi-iuh.h, ,1,,-iii.iiiiism and n, ii'i',,!_._iH,
hvarl     p,.'lpit,i(i, ii,„ iiHli^i-Mion,     Si!
■ j Vitus iLui,,  ],ii]-ii,tl iJ.4i-.ilvs
was injudicious enough on one oc
casion to enter U,e ,mr]or wHhoul
WW any warning 0f his approach,
ih>! ciuiMt/uc-uco was that he found
tlte sweethearts occupying a single
chair. Dcejily shoekwl by ihis spectacle,  the old man solemnly said:
"Mr. -Macdonald, when I courted
Mrs. Drown she sal on' one side of the
room and  I „„ thu other.
-Macdoitald's rep.y ■ was—''That's
what I should have done il I had bleu
courting  Mrs.   lirown."
The members of the Federal Labor
union of Medicine, ll,,t, whose mi-tn-
I ers are chiefly elnpioy,.*(l by the oily,
wmi on .strike <-,n Thui-'-d.iy m-jruiiig
last in i-oiisii-jti.-m*,: „f •),,. rjLv ,;„„"
cil rc-aindiiig *tb,: i,iini,n„m' Wage
sob.dub- uhi'h ji passi.fl .',bo„t. Uvn
iiiruiiliN ago. A! out ,V) men are in-
v-il.i'd.       Tlle]vi,ii|,lu      woibs     di-jMi-L-
- 11'. -tl! I .'- and
ih 11. rend, r
woiii('ii and
") i-:,i'    .,
Ii'm-s     ol ,*„,
in -lit  s'; ii I   ilo\.,,.,
};i'""''y jlllat    ii Was
'hi '''    , H..;,.    j-j.i.,-,,
gruwiiij-    io'iI.
H'l-K-'.-l-.,   4!,i|,i,:n|.
intimdiiig   t„   do  so   anv-
*'.      lOlllliH-tMl.*,,       I,!' S,   j,,,1
,   "lfv\'i Ul.,„    ,,„,v   ,,,   1-,11i,llVr,ril ,    ,'„   „,.,
I.tirilm   ' 1,-,' ..I,.,.   ,,,        ,      ,,   , ,', e
nm v.... IM,..-., ,.-i ,:„■ ,;,,„,i„,   ,,i!Kl   ,,   ;,    ' '"• "* Jl";''""" '■•" ■" •'
;:.",".;:»■ ;*■"» - ■■"-«»»».-i^uvi,*-^" ■■'«•"
Pink  Pills   f(1)-   jij,],.   Pi',,.,1,"   ,,,   t|,_ j 	
wi,i|i|,ci around  i,,-],   i,,s.   s,,|,|    ,i v j     . ,,,""'
 "li.NK     ,l,.||,r,   „, |,v „„„, J   ,A   "  "   "■""l   I"'   ■»*'   "  ll-    I    ,
^^r--^r.--^^,'L,y:yy:-■'■-' -	
■I'"'   Hi.     Uilham-'     Med:, in,
■I'.-     tl!,
lhat  1   I,-at,.I
„        . , ,,,v '    ""^'""'l    K-1-..m,    m.i-'.i.. V,-.
i,u'!-'!;""i"YfJ';» ia«h.. _!,... «■:, „.„.. hi-, in.,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,.;;,,
;'i(iil,i'! -' i"-1 «"M»«*- .....i..s..it.,lw,.s:.v.,„ ,.i.,Vv„„„,   n,,,; ,,;
V,  M1'""  ";■   1 »•<-"   Ul.n,,;    m,d  pi.,    b.ily wh„m    l„* .„.,.,«,„ K ,,,.
■l".'  -^"M,!'. lm  it dtdnolU .',|i,|,  „„,  KMlL-rnM,-,,,   u
•' •» "i  «"'I.I h.ul   u-.i-d  Dr,     Uj|   ;MlM|1Mli,,   w„,, nl
''■^'"•*,  l'ink    Pill-,    mi  a foim.i
. "Hi
I'lil    .Hullliil    It--1-    li.-, I;,I i,t       1,
'•I'"1"1      Ili.il mini)     [,.i   ,.,„n   ,
:I"U»     "'■    HIVW.I   hi.    ,,11,1,111
lr"  ,l*'-' Mlli-i.   a    l-.-v.iiii   -(I.
I, i|, .,
m- ,11' lis     ill  IVg.ud   ti
* ,u   Mai'.i,-   H„ri.s   l;,r'.    tl,
 -•■ "A   m tin   (Vi,,,-mo -i 'i',,,,,
"U,'"ll    VOU   n.nt  „      n,,.],,,,,,,.,,,       ,
. ","■-*•  '"■     ««'it.      u.   ,|„    Ko,...,,,.,-
» .v«l| Miinle Worrs,  s,h. n,  ]\,  C."
.'      "'"j     "'•'  Will   <l   Wc   ale  not   w.Vre   Jet...,
hih-Iv   striii
Kll.l^-n   r,Tf  A X-OBSTETl
A Real Live One
On tht USUi of June last, 'Iv'ord
L'niyi-rsity, the oldest educational in-
fctilulVln l-'ngland, (i.nftirid an hon-
Jorary cli-j-ree (ijiiii the world.s ghit-
(i'»t luimorjst, Samuel C. Cluii'.us
|'.Mark Twain., it w„s a lUliiig iri
Utile nn it ■■«!!r ucly j;mv«, .-.„', ,,);
/the  world CHimt-mK.
I   The author    oi  Tom Snw-yer,  Jlr^V,
a wiioaj.1 ciiol lim Jtut illoil from Muod poisonlm,
[mnis.li.wly «f»,r that trlvhl acci.lont. wot.M |,,ivoW
tint maii'ii lifrt     7.,.,„.o.,i. i, i...,... t.,..i... .......     "i
A Chioago chef h.m jtut illo-l from Muml polxoninii
*■•»■• (IJKiij - -'-   ' ■ • -- ' "
My n!\
tint man'alir* I   Ksm-ll'nk'fi Jmit *Th\*\in i'mi^n'nml
dliuia eermi, nn Miom nr« faint (nm, nnd » jj.n.... !_!
*o; ■wiciiuu, while wo «omctliiir<< j[»t germi into" our
fl. i.Up th9,8'10,t1,*'thotil »itruitgla. Ona of RualtBdi
Ifljdlng AMlyitii hMjiroYod thi,? Write to «, K"fli
wport.   Ma«iwbllt, wl.an you mittiii » cot, a bum. »
procewt right twfty-clwnwi tht wr«, thui pravntlug
.(....«/ |.i.i.,,u_,u|.| -.uiiiiiiniiiiin, nml cuiiiiiiaiirn-i to J,,.,,!
Im-ld.-iiully it lain.,,,,,-, „.„,,„.,«, Smt'MM u not lif,:..,.
k.iry io Niiliiri. * li..*,-iliiig proctueii. Svn tret, mininl.t r.fl*r
jii ■nljoiuniK uiliiiun. All mor«» and drin-gl.t-i i.H ftt
flfty conn a Iwx.   Nothing like ii.
THE  KA6Ul'ii*iit  IS   HIOKT
l-,-1.",l,lri*.t?.,,'r.ry* of «0,'!«el,"». B.C, b«l!«vet In nuk-
fcjH* k0P.wn. and we Ho not Ume him t-lther,
Writing of Zam.lliilc, ha tuvai '^ftor • »»ry/»lr tria
I have pro»»,J Zawlluk •mTaantlyuihfatloty    In my
5™?J.1 £UrieUu* ,kl!!.r4!h °J flv# »«•»' iWillian.
doctor had Uanabl. to d«uy good for. T^buM V».
.Lilly I'n.-niiriia.i any jar.on d,  J,,.,,,  X.vii.lluV  In  1',
'.;.'.     11, » ,,,, t„ right.    Kv..ry Urn* „"*","it. "'i,'  '
B atV«lte;   ", "UV Wl'-y ",Jl?   A» ,l"r«' »"'« dr«;
gma hell at oi) centi a hoi. *
a genuTnic orFKn.
T«et Strnm-Bak^Our £■»•»••
vln !H!ifi° u  '    " 70Lu,r Pf',P»',»«»on i« what you clai* ,
>ou ihoald have no ob Mtjon u> Uttlnirua try it tor
Stow Pr* !••""W8Sm,1:
we any.    We aarne!"   Sand! ui one cent tUmp (u> f.
»»,M^*7.i'.'" TB"1' *     »">".wno cent tuimp (U> T'/
Lm ^,l-8'>."••, "■»«»»«I'J»U ofthlapaper, iB,|\
will mail rou a tr*» uUl bo* of,~     " •  ^^ '
•^a^JaaMMMa^^^ A     .' •t-wi^aiaWf-
•""'"« f^er;  uAiUt&ifs*   'ii.m:<;  ,->r   ", V r r.T i:
'  ||. !.••(•  lit  .j,-..    .(.'If;-...!.:!.:-    !;..;.'.       .-..: ',',..
, vsu'-^iaav ft- ,-j
'"■""v v* sU **•*■**'*•:.'■
»;•'*'»"•••#.*■• ri"*****.- 'Orfw**; -n'"-1l»*' e^.v.-'r*'  * '•gMNgr
-• - *. l ' ■"-■.      *• * .'      i . .
"     .       1 I .   .1 I . '     1 .   .'   in .      '.I     ,   .        ' I.     ,  — — — "'    '     '"."     ii      ' '   'i       ' '.   .   -   1 "ri-.t i'i .m T- -   r-1- v?1        ~~K i.
Hii"*-*!'' 'B.'-'GIThVoi'e.'isixliU Dominion
Gobrfi*'Bogle-wei>t-to Spokane on
■° c ** f
Friday, morning, . •.   -
Nliss'Patl.erson left last,night bound
for Dulutli, iMinn,
J. McKenzie left for Truro, N. S.', ,
Thursdoy evening
Miss Adolph of Baynes Lake went to
Brandon Thursday evening.   "
Howell Frechette, has resigned1- his
position with the Coal Co. <-
The Kmpress of Britain arrived at
Liverpool yesterday at 4 p.m.
G.'G. S. Lindsey and Jas., McEvoy
returned from Toronto Sunday.-
"    Mr! Geo. Lewis, from Waldo,  went
to Farnham, Que., Wednesday.
Dr. Bonnoil went to St. Paul on  the
- new lirst Soo-SpoUane . train Tuesday
, night. ■   " *-*>
Mr. Hicks, of the Trites-Wood Co.',
look the fast train for Spokane Friday
-morning!   \        »   ■
Mr. A. Cameron went to Springhill
Junction, N. S.,, Wednesday on a'visit
to his old home. .'■
, F. E. Sim|->son passsed through on
lhe Soo-Spokane eastbo'und "train on
Thursday night.    "
Dr. Cartwright and J. J. Gitpatrick
left on.lheSoo-Spokaiie train Thursday
night for St. Paul-       * '.   _
Ed. Brown, of Coal Creek, left for
Liverpool on Thursday on a visit to
his old country home.    - . *
' Miss Cochrane, of Waldo, passed
through Fernie,enroute to. St.. John,
N.'-B., Wednesday. -■',   **
W. O. Ross! of lhe G. N.. .leaves
for a vacntion.next Monday.    He will
- visit St. Paul and Winnipeg.
"Pare Gold Fresh Oreaniory Bitter,
per lb..... '.' .'. ;...'...
New Laid Eggfs Arrive Daily,by Express,
per doz '.....-: ...; .*:.'..*....■**...■....•;,?.
New Potatoes, this year's growth,
:-' ibs ...:.:....'. .;	
PayCash. Prompt: Delivery.
11 fj*       , ''■
W. J- Blundell, Post Office Block.
Friday for Vancouver1, where they ex
pect to make their home'
■    li.' Y. Brake C. P. R. car inspector,
lcfl'iasl night, with his family for a visit
Ho their old home in England.
Mrs C, P. Hill arrived ori- the first
through Soo-Spokane train Monday
night and is visiting Mrs Bonnell.
Miss Andrews and  Miss Small,  of
Cranbrook,  were visiting,their friends
.lire':Misses Dudley, Dominion day.    .
Archie Leitch, manager of' the Jaf-
fray'mill of theEast Kootenay Lumber
Co., was in Fernie one day this week.
Mrs'.' Thos. While and two daughters ,\vi*nl east "Wednesday evening.
They will visit at" Colling wood, Out.
■ Thc line new observation car, Fernie,
passed Ihniugh here "on yesterday's
train, being il« first trip over this line.
'The Spokane Chamber of Commerce
is arrai'igii.'{ for nn excursion over the
International und'Crow Line to Kernie.
Sir Daniel McMillan, Lieutenant
Governor of Manitoba, stepped' off the
west bound express this morning and
took a glimpse*of the centre of industry
in East Kootenay while wailing for the
arrival' of thc  west bound  flyer.-,
The fast , flyer" No. 7 passed
through.this morning about ,150 minutes
late, having made-up nearly an hour
since leaving Jhe Hat. The*^"observation car Spokane was attached, having
made the trip to St. Paul aiid return.
. The Coal Creek Football* Team ■ and
supporters arrived home from Nelson
on,Wednesday evening andi were delighted with the trip iind' the way the
Nelson Sports treated ' them. - The
game was a very fast one, but the Coal
Creek boys were a little too good for
the Nelson boys. Pat -Mulgrew, .Torn
Chambers _ and .Tom" Banns,-Scored
goals in the game, which "ended in a
win for Coal Creek by.3 goals to nil' '
,. J." S. Clute,' late .inspector of customs for'British Columbia; one of
the oldest   and  .best1 officers- (in*,-the
Dominion, service" '"has * been''   retired,
p . 1
One Cent a Word
One Insertion not less than iSc
.nearly new, in best of order. • Apply Ledger
office.     " ■ m25-tf
Fcrriie, ■■■'Bi,;;.C*
' N.Howbrook. Fernie. *•  u ',   .
«JPO«Jv/ West Fernie, well situated. Lot
22,-Block 6, and Lot 25, Block C, Who will be
the luckv ono? Title absolutely clear, Write
to tho owner, AY". J. Twiss, Vancouver. '
YOU will save money by allowing-,u-% to cater to yourwaiits
at the same  time.yoii   will  lvteivo ;courteoiir^f-sei-Tice,
prompt attention1-and satisf.tci<>ry*<1 rIivcry. _.
\   GENT'S   FOr^-SKiNGS
New and exclusive wearables continually arriving makea our. stool* the most atp to
'date in town.   '-•',.   ■   ;.     7   ».   ;.-"   •*.■".'"-'*•_      "■*"''''•/';'"""!<:7 ,7•■■77,,
ell 4t Faultless ClpjKirlgi
Acknowledged the, best ready-for service, in materia! tt!."style and workmanship
Men's Suits
8.50 to....
&*%*% Etft'  I . MenVTrouMivs
$££05'J  J  $1.40 to...*7:._
Boys' Clothing En Sailors, Buster Browns and Norfolks
New patterns and dressy designs
Price $3.00 to :
work.- Apply to Mrs. Eckstein, How-
,land nvenuo. j22-tf
' » ' itiou in camp.  Can handle "Sboardors,
Has 12 yoass experience- ■ Address fernie Ledger.
house, or will sell cheap.  Apply F. H.
Sherman, West Fernie.
J 15-2
ROOM;.TO RENT.   Apply Mrs. A1. McLean,
Howland avenue.
e<l to .take his places as ..inspector.for-
this province. Mr. Clute is- still a
live and activ? man, and' his successor will have to hustle to improve'
upon.. thc a. service rendered -by^so
faithful a servant as lias teen'.Mr. J.
S.   Clute.! _
Alex, Olmon-j, checkwcig'hman at
Michel, jyot a- little tumble and a big
scare while coming from 'Coleman - to
Michel last' Tuesday. He was out on
the platform of the coaoh and was
thru-Ail off his Lalaiice and took a
header clown the bank. The train wns
stbpj>cd and 'backed up ,to the place
where Oldman ' had parted' company
with it. lie wns taken on board and
brought on 'to M-ieiiel aiid placed in
the h(ispH?l. He was1 not seriously
hurt' and will soon Ixs on duty again.
_ _g?-egIo.-BreweT.y..purse-Containing h arnuli
sum or-money.- Owner may have same "bv
provin/f property and paving for this ad Apply this office.-"-- -»>..-.---. June'8-tf
Norman Rusk
Genera! Blaoksihif h
Repairing,   etc. ^
Cornet* of Victoria Avenue & Jnffray, st
Jast received i.ew, range of Men's Ties in,the newest shades and the folllowihg designs
7   Knots, Stocks, Derbys, Strinars'also Wash Collars, and Ties io match.   ■ '7 -"
■ • ' -**- "^ ,' , -   .       * „i   x I ■■> '""    *-- ■ ->; *■ - '      * r :
^JP   Agents for King of the Road Union, Made Overalls
,,'.;:'.  DRYGOODS   '■?,.
'."■■"} . 'Annual Stock Taking  Sate Xyi--a
<-y    ';•"" . a'" '7      ' ■.    7       .'■■•        -,        •  -■■   .'■   ---TV
On Saturdaj-. the 6th, we commence our annual dry^oods stock taking sale,.whieh should interest"- thdaicbt-'!
ful shoppers on account of the' high quality goods,offered, at prices that will reduce our stock "before-stocktaking commences. Take, advantage of this money'saving opportunity,7for "vour .dollars will Btreleh
around   big. values'at the present time.   / ■"" " r" ". " ' 7 ;*   ' ' ]''y -   '"■ » '7'7C'.
Big Reductions.   Get the Benefit
'Austrian top,,quality warranted, reg.^il -Afi
$1.25,.sale price....... •••■«B| I bIIU
Ladies,-Parasol with'fancy carved handle7finest 7
quality Austrian top, fast colors* reg. .  Ti   pa
$1.50, srie price  | H9U
^BlackLiule.Thread ankle drop stitch effect with
' fancy silk stripe, high spliced heel and "'  jCCjii
too, regular G5c, sale price.      . QajJC
All lace Lisle thread foil fashioned, in very pretty
designs, finest qualify yarns, reg..55c       i|E_fli
rain-or shine- cane handle,*'reg. •■'^■ft AA
$2.50, sale pri6e.'.-...-....„..*..._..*„;.."^tiUO
Gloria Silk 'Parasol in'-faneyi green bardinal, Bavy
a nd brown, beautiful pearl handle, reg -"
T$3.r*0,-sale price.r
Wu have received tho first two hum-
Davy Lynn 1 ft driver, was squeezed 1 lcrs f)f t]ie ,_cw weekly jiublislied   al
in No. (j mlno this nwnintf, and us a ; V(11K,(„1VI__. nmi cullod     Uie >Satunluy
resull re(|iiired a few stitches to his ear.
Rlielu Todd arrived home  Monday
morning from Toronto, where she has
, *Meeluiiiicully, it isn gum to- mnUc
tlit haart of a printer 'glad, mid    the
liccn.iUtPi.ding school during the school {iimttcr it well  lumdlec   aud well   ar-
' Miuuil, .   '
term, 1     * , ,      ,,.        ,
;    J hero is room for good wcokhes nnd
Mi^sClemenl, teacher at  Kiko,  has| (t set,ms to   uie i/etlg-cr   that there
j>one to Toronto lo attend the Dominion j slioiild lie ample MijipurU for a Suu.i.-i,
Kduclioiml Ahsociulion  whicli  meeis 1 _„ ft _,jty ui;c Vancouver,
on July 10th in that city. \   While the Sunset is made up    afu-r
|;Uie .style     of the   Toronto Saturday
O, 17 Spencer, lute of  the C. N.^l . | nl^lit, it can  not l,c said  to !:?     nu
Coal Co. stuff, lias resigned his posilioi'i;j1Jlllulio„ (lf lll|lt palu,_._
willi llial conipany and has accepled a,   ']'],_. j^cr   wishes the Sunset     nil
position on the CnlRary Herald. Ism-cess, anil lmpcs il may l;o nlilo to
1 , .,      risj aft'.i every seltiiiL',
Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Trites and Mrs. • .  _; ^__ 	
Cloih'went 10 SpoUniieon the new Soi.i-
Sjmkaiu'irain wvdiu'siiay morning ^[        WANTED"
•,|H*iul,llu'|,'lonous,|lh in lhat city.        ■
Ll inr1,   v. Il.'ilili*.   lio.'id  i-'aii'tiiliiii   in
Tliose inU-roMteil in the snllingsof Uk1 f inu-r-i'l.'n uH   Dn'goriils   Inr    West
lino 4»f sloaniors can Uocp po-.l-' 1: .n nllan Mlltuiil L'o opisnitlvi' Tnul
The private sale conducted , by   Mrs,'
,  Cieddes.is still on and will bo for-'the"
Next, Ton Dii.vh
Now is .your'opportunity -to get some
lirst class' '
Household Effects
nl a bargain. ,   ,
■   Mrs. A, Geddes,'
Shoemaker Shop
(Opp. P. Bunts & Co'b oliieo)'
Sale, price
All lace Li
and brown,
tion, regular 5.5c, sale price.'.	
All lace Lisle thread very pretty'shades in grey,
and brown, ..wiU'givft the best oi satlsfac-'   Jjjjv
Black Cotton, full fashioned and warranted,, fast
last and stainless, superior finish, reg. ■•!___ ft a
,85c, salo. price....   ...^U^
Grompton's Corseis-
No. 109.0/0. aia grace, ^vthe medium?flgnre,.
made with straight front and dip hip, fr* ft>0\
regular $2.00, sale price ...*.*;.... ^*;$ I iOll
No..357e/c ala grace for slight figufei"1 made^of '•-
the finest, English coutil with hose    "-4"''"M'f9k"
• supporters attached, re¥. *J1.76^sale.prloaV"-1 H4U'
•^ 840 «yi'ala'ff"raceror the stout figure, -otook.
sizes 26 to 33, long in waist and made in14 -:r°M 0%
dark and tf hlto'cdutlls, reg. <j*l'75_' now^'1 '*%{}
No. .107 c/c for.medium flgm-o, mado"of! tli^f• ftnest
' English coutil with hose supporters      '''  'fliifl''-.
uttuchcd, reg. $1.00, sale prleoi.-     0-UQ
,-li -
{&■&* ' 1
-" '^   1
We are Headquarters for
ioo, the True Fit, tho -"Royal Purple' Shoes
skard, Tlie Traveller, Tho Worth Cushion, i
The Artisan Working Boot for Mon
' ■" ■ The Art Sl\oo, the True Fit, tho-Royal Ptirplo1 Shoes for' Women.''"'    ' "   ' ' :""
Tho Walkovor, Tho Packard, Tlie Traveller, Tho Worth Cushion. Solo Fine SI oca-for-Men"
„,- uie Inillfiiii*. poMod ln\(U>; U'olemiiii, AlbPi'ln.   Adiliwrt
h, „ „   , ,,,., M.miiig tixpeiKiioiMiiii   milnry, will
,, (', P, tt. nation. R.i.ronci-ito
oii In- ruiiMiW
every day al l
A 'iiiiifi'by lln1 naiiu' n( Snviitfe wiii
iiijiirod at the mines tlii.*. morning hy »
I,HI   ll|   (U4.I., IU-    •'"4->    >•*'»*•'	
,-unl   1- doing   n-t.'fly.
The owner hns worked,4 y -i-riiyi it..\on ,,-„,, n,
•-•■■••• • '  y <-
none  but   the   best is over placed In our Etcolc,' but wliilo   supplyInu' the- boBt our
prices -mean n suvliig to tlio thrifty housekeeper. '   ■ -u -*
Windsor Cuatle Creamery' Butter received every    1   MO-.IA ColTe will lulp vou to commence the day
few daya direct from tho creamery       Qftfi-.   I  ^vt-11. ami tha prfco tit whlolt It soils onh't   ~~'~'
"bo duplicated olsowhorp, per ib!„. I
\ ,    ',       i. ,     **,   I...0    1
Ben Giqliotti
..tiring ,\nl
mnn iw^a
French Tuition
Grocery Specials for Saturday
v *%Kgi   I   Maple Leaf Ci-ylon Tea "JSErf*
tli it      '•IIMH-vV I        *- *?l '   I »)-*'•»'*» I'ltiiii.ui       , , t 1 ttiif ^tMIMt^yU^
Fancy CnHfornln Prunes.
I'.S ,.. >	
;esi Fernie
Miulame .Murk* Moiiclu*!
Onuliiii*le i,f lb.* Unltci'iliy  of Ql'-PCn       HOUSG
I'llll!. (I'l'.'IIK'i  '
' Tonus on AppMrnlJois
Aililrehs Ki.-«i- !>i .JMliioMcCliiii'ci]
John Notmiin, Sec.
■1 ■■Ji 'Ma,
Ob''-- '** "T,-v G5tl "':,"EK
SiocUh, Asioi'.s, IJ.a!*-;uns and
Ti'tiiMu  pi.1111-;  for
The ®„ S7 K E. L. & §»„ fio,
Can supplv yon with' water.    ' ,   '...
aiMMV at m* r^rifwt* *
pit.il   .il    tiiai;,
j.  H. Cray, Into of Kenora.   «-lio,'| Q    COnSUl'liptiVOS
I ia*.  been engnRcd   in   J. 1**.  Quails
hiinlwHre Hlore for thc hist month, has
,  1 •      . . •>' 1.       •'    iv*"   'five
ramnucil iu*   jwju'O.. »■••*   »■     ■*
with his family for Vancouver.
The I'ernie Foundry made two Inrgo
enstingsthe pant weoli for »'«;C. N.
P. Coal Co, for their 1am at Coal
Credit nilnf i. Bach of «hc« caMlngi
weiRhH 4,000 poundi, and w«re rather
uuwioldly thlngi lo handle,
The buclielorn Ivill given lait night
in the Storlc opera home, wa* « moil
bHIIiant meet**. A very large atttnd*
ant« i^eot an enjoyaWe tventng, which
ktiyUidi' ibctf afOrtff Inte* the Mrly
Sun of llie morning, ai they Hepped
ti»^e rliythrwlcal iriuilc ot M««an.
. The unilorwlKiiotl having boon ro»
fi'lorod to health by vlmplo nioarm,
Aftor auf/oring for wvoral ymxtn
.with a dovoro liin« affuotlon, and
that dread dUioam COKBUMl'TION,
li anxious "to make known to his
fellow ■atifforors the moatm of ouro.
To thoae who iloalr«,lt, ho will
ehoerfolly aend (free oT charge) a
copy of the preaorlptlon uiW,*Vhloh
■they wlll find a cure for COrl&UUP.
CUITIH and all *fl|h»«it antf. 1"Vur
MALADIES*, He hopea all aufferara
wlll try. thla naraedy, ai It U Invaluable. \Thoae deelrlno; tho preiorl^
HIob, whleh will eoat the no thiol,
and Bitty prove a. UomIdii-, wla
pleaie addrtu
B ir -i-i-M^H^rr^
*   '■■*■      "* ^\
■ll* *u.
__fpaTWff|My    t^WT^   WR M »fll  fKr,™
titw,** tar1 ir- u h **r*ani
*IS!fc\ Hhs S?,*-s BsS <i^
,™,._.. - OeaioNO
^^       COIitRI-lHTBAc.
Aui*j,..i iniwi,..^ *»t*...'»n... J 4 '.b.s.a, ..ishtl
luloklr uip>>rliiiii our ni.liiiuii   no itliciln r t.i
Scientific jitWm.
MlfftliiiatMliivMlilf. UrtHtkn
us teolohitr ratj^oati-bla for anv <1»IU
eetilrknUd br mr wlfn, r»ncM UfOonalJ
McrtittU.aao Wing tert; U17 ti4vt *ml 1>ij*k1,
-raaa'l.lWI.   . JA«, UcPHAIL
...  fc..7 »m«ll», H. T^Jiw*^'* I,Ulaie«t Cant CoM», -Ste,
Ko SmiIUsi PI urn s, No Pitless
AnnlM. Kn CnWww Cnm—-hut old
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prices. PettUizers, Dte fluppllci,
Bpwy Puttipi, Spraylag Material,
, Cut f Iowsm, etc, Oldeit «#ub.
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,|lmt. Vo vtoooy fifty packsU,
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la M PVM W^A atMk-,> u
yo«r taawat poat-offiet tor $1.00;
ttmtf paakata kk j«., tria\a«*4-
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We can supply you wilh a complclo line of
of every luqulrud aUc arid sticuntli mul with tillnccasarv aUachments,
such us Couollngi, UuixAi, Nonlei, Sprinklers, tic,
\ •
' ,1 and no increase the beauty and valuo ol* your home*
&   Ott« PHco HHftt,


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