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Man Murdered at Michel on
last .
**,•■&   Jf.   *u
Micliel.Sept.C.—Orlaiidb, tho iteliaii
Who was shot Suuday. night by Pat Mul
Ian, dicdcWednesd'ay inoriilugfroni the
effects of his injuries Coroner Bleasdell,
accompanied by.Chief Mc.Mullan, cajie
up'lrotn Fernie Wednesday, evening,
opening - the inquest, which was adjourned until'next 'Tuesday. The
funeral ;was held Inst■ Thursday under
the auspices of tho,.Michel Miners'
•Union, ,' ' " ,'.-"-' "'••.- -":
'' Pat'Mullan lu still al iarge, the police
having failed' to obtain any traco of
his movements since tho night of the
shooting. , 7 . '' '' :. • ■
. Michel, Sept." 7.—Tho, whereabouts ol
Mullan, who shot the Italian .last
.Sunday,* is still onvoloped lii mystery,
although several officers are diligently
searching for him, "'
Several rumours nro afloat as to the
motlvo' for. tho crlmo, but the police
Attach' no crcdonco to thoso.   .
■■JJnldy" Morris, tho Imperturbable
from Cranbrook, wns In the city this
woek to tako tho Slav sontouced, at the
last Court, to Nelson penitontiary.
A. Oliver, agent of the Washington
Stool and Bolt Company, is staying for
n few dayH at tho Waldorf Hotel, and
will bo pleased to soo anyono interested
iu tho factorios ho is representing.  '
Big Jim McDonald from Canada was
in town on Thursday shaking hands
with hla numerous friends bore. Jim
has secured tho big contract for changing tha grado for tbe C. P. R. on the
Field hill.  ■ • -:
Avery pretty wedding wai coiebritod
At tho Presbyterian Manse on Wodnos*
day afternoon last, whon Mlsa Mary
r Snow and Herbert. Black (nuporlntond-
•nt of thp M, F.& M.railway), both of
Fern.o, ware united In tbo holy bonds
•' ot matrimony".' Miss Ilo'so Snow acconv
panlad hor sister to the altar, and J.
McT.niin vm* hunt , mriri. kttflr thr-
ceremony the happy pair, amidst a
ihowtr of rice, left on tho llyer (or
Spokane and tho Coast*
At what Is said to havo been a largely
.11 attended moetlng, hold on Thursday
toVUkifig,   o-.i.   itti*.,   ft    Vo-utijt    Mwlift
Liberal Club was formed, having for
ita object the holding of debates, mock
parliaments, etc., during tho ensuing
winter months, A committee was
appointed to draft a constitution, and
tho yoxxtxg T.lbarala state that they are
getting ready to meet all comers and
g\v« a w»Mn for tlio faith that U In
them.  "Layoo, Macduff."-
Social Function in the Opera
-'- -- '. - "■.-*■.     y..  ~
House Thursday. Night
Tho bachelors of Fernie, with a Very,
keen appreciation of what is ^odVjritvo
a dance on Thursday night tn the Opera
House. , Dancing commenced at 9
o'clock",■and wns kept "up till tlie early
Most of Fernle's well known citizens
and dtizenesses wero present, married
ladies on this occasion predominating
From the point of view nf the spectator;
the scene, when dauciiig was at its
height, was very effective, the blending
of tho lights and tho becoming costumes
of the Indies making a pleasing picture-
In the Intervals of dancing, tho ladies
served .dainty aiid appetizing refreshments. If Fornlo.has.many successful
dances like this, there will, lie no
bnchelors left to carry on these functioiip.
Tho Northey orchestra provided the
-_.     . ,
Jury, Make Some  ftecommendations to
Avert Future Accidents,
The inquest held In tho Minor's hall
on Monday last on the death of Ifiu-old
L. Hooton resulted In the following
We, tho Jury, find that Harold L.
Hooten came to his donth through
injuries rccslvod while attempting to
board a car In No. 2 mino at Coal Creek
on Auguat 28th, 1007.  No blnmoenn
bo attached to either omployeo or rim.
ploycr, butwo would recommend that
rope riders should bo forbidden to board
cars whilo In motion,, and that tho
bosses should onforo obedience to ruleB.
H. Gould (foreman),
Horaco S- A. Croaoy,
J. P, Houlabau,
L. Carosella,
Itobort Clark,
A. J, Fargurson,
A, W. Bleasdall (coroner),
0. v. tt. wynvRPioNS
Oo account of tho Victoria Exhibition,
Victoria, B.C., BcpUraber -21th to 28th,
thc C. V It. will make the following
rodiicod round trip from Ferule, $20 15«
iickum on fih.« win to 'iHxi, good to
return October flrd. For the Provincial
Exhibition, Wostmlnstor, October 1st,
2nd, flrd, 4th, 6th, round trip rate from
Fernlol28,M. tlcketsonsalaSoptember
27th,to October flrd, good to return
October 10th. Tlmse are nlco cheap
rates to tho coast, round trip ticket at
lorn, than wlnglo (nrc. Call uu local
aged for particulars.
A- large and representative:-meeting
of property owner*-, of the Fernie Annex,
west of the Great Northern track, was
held on, Wednesday evening last in the
ofiice of .Mr. L. P. Eckstein. "MrTBird
was unanimously elected.to the, chair.
„,Afte**.80ine discussion, it was decided
to send a deputation to the Mayor asking him to call a special meeting "of the
Council to consider the claims of Fernie
Annex, and that a deputation of
property, owners should meet the
Council so summoned.
For some unusually magnanimous
reasons tlio property owners of the
Annex are not taxed by the city, yet by
a stranger coincidence they, wish to bej
and when these taxes aro being reaped
they Intend to see they aro spent upon
tho Annex improvements.
At present tho tracks aro impas9nble
containing as thoy do, long strips of G,
N* cars, which compels a pedestrian to
do Imlf a mile of useless walking and
Inst winter nearly caused the death of a
child from freezing. These obstructive
cars, aud. thu ditchwntcr, make it also
Impossible for the fire brigade to bo of
any iinu In case of need. If the resi'
clout-* of the Annex nro prepared for all
necessary Improvements nothing but a
lack of labor should delay matters for
u wock, As fur as we know In 13 (J
only once has such roadlness to pay for
public Improvements been made
That happened lu Victoria. The
Samaratiaii was a Chinaman nnd was
lampooned for Ids impropriety.
We should bo sorry to boh this occur In
Ferule. Tho Annex meeting decided
to run a candidate nt the next Civic
..lection. This looks like doing hoiiic*
thing, but at the same tlmo It must he
remembered thnt the City Council'did
some tlmo ago advertize for tenders for
tho removal of tho tree slumps In the
Annex. Thoy received no replieH.
They did not advertize In "Tho
Lodger," henco tho present dllemnn.
However regrottnblo this mny be, wo
have the assurance ol tho Mayoi that
ho Is In communication with Mr. O'Neil
of tlm 0. N-, and that Mossrs, Guthrlu
have given certain conditional promises
to remove In aomo measure the present
undesirable obstacles
Thn offleara nf OU'rlrf Nn. II worn
engaged for f-everal days Inst week
trying to negotiate a contract with C.
1'. Hill, managing director of the Hill*
crest Coal and Coke Co, An agreement
was finally arrived at, but, a-i usual, at
the last moment C, l\ Hill experienced
ono of his sudden changes of mind, and
flew up lii thc air, with thc result that
there Is no agreement, and the union
ban decided to seek tho operation of die
Labor Disputes Investigation Act, and
call upon tho government to appoint a
commti-MOii, P., H, rilmriiuu, Pre*.
Dint. No, IH, lian been selected by Iho
u.luii.t." union m their ri'i're-tentftliv--,
C, P. may change liis mind again.
. The-J.,M:.HUl.Co,.:is moving to Mc-
Intyre's store^iti the. Cameron . Block
ihis week.,.'    .7   _"'      *
'   , a   - '   i
•■ President Stanley, ..of the Bankhead
Miners' Union, has been spending the
lastrfew days iwHawn.. \      __.■.„
John1 Egerton, who was injured at
MineKo.2 some time back, is improving
rapidly.though still confined to,bed.
October 5th is tho last dato for registration of voters. Working men who
'neglect this will-lose their votes for the
next year.
Tho Presbyterian Sunday School pic
nie on Wednesday was a great success.
Numerous" gnmes afforded the little
ones ample opportunities for enjoyment"
Coleman Miners' Union, 2G33, U. M.
W. of A., held a Bpecial meeting on
Friday night. Bro. John F. Leheney
was elected delegate to the Trades and
Labor Congress to be held in Winnipeg.
Thn decided improvement in tone and
make-up of "The Ledger'' brought ,us
five subscriptions this, week,,_ with
Humorous promises as goon as—well,
thoy saw whether wo lind onougli to
get over Labor Day,   '
■ The stork has put In a busy week in
Colonial), nnd- ns a i-CBult of his laboi-s
tho following fathers are wearing wide
nnd happy smiles: Iilram Gillett for a
fin by girl, Enoch Williams a girl, Kd.
Mllley n boy, and another gentleman In
tho P. Burns establishment was the
recipient of a double present of u boy
and girl.     " '
Improvements are bolng pushed at
the Co-operative storo that wlll grently
add to its nppenrnnce. Mr, Hnmes,
tho manager, whoso life has been nn
experience in tho retail trade (his last
omploymont covering a period of 12
years with Walsh Bros., In Lacombe, 7
of which ho was tipyer for, tho firm)
declares that ho novor saw anything
approaching tlio Increase iu tho business of tho Co-Oparatlvo.*-Sales on
Saturday approximated 1260.00.
Bro. John Harrington, of Fernie, was
tho speaker at tho Socialist meeting on
Sunday evening, and lectured on "Tho
History of the Labor Movement.1' Tho
Minors'Hall was filled,, .nd tho audlenco
listened to tho story of Labor's efforts
(mm « tnun «'hn !'•'<*"" It'and could ttll
of It. Tiro, Harrington (a unr-jU.'Htinn*
ably tho ablest man wo havo ever
hoard deal with this most important
subject. Wo hopo to havo the benefit nf
his knowledge aud the pleasure of listening to hiin n-jnln in thi* uenr fiiniri*, Itrn
.Stanley alio addressed the mooting at
some length and after scoring the
conservative and liberal parties, declared thu sodall-it party to bis the only
workliiKinan'a party. Hro Graham,
secretary of tho miners' union, *ho
\* aUo lacretary-treah, of the Micialist
local, announced future meeting for two
o'clock p. m., on tlio lint and third
Sundays of each month.
, Haryestir.R:will:be completed in lo
days-in Tabor district. Already the.
hum of the thresher can-behWd.-"-The
crop-'iB'a.bumpef o"n'e'.:**.n'd the*farmers*
are'jubilant.? --■"   '■ ,'; "''■    7 -*.
7 A'r-'number-'''of' men* have" left' the
Tteliance' mine owing-to-the company
cpmpaii.v is reported to be in a-bad way
financially: '.This is the only noii-u'nib'rr
mine in the district, and isigoodplacV
for union men to keep away from- '-"'
^District President F. II. Sherman
attended two meetings of Local Union
102 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Stepa
were taken to commence negotiations
forra new,'agreement .with the Taber
companies.,! The ^old."contracts expire
od October 31st next*
R   G   Dujr^an, late pit bOBB at the,
Taber mine, has formed a company'and '.
talfaii.At'nii.tUn.Dnni'in] ■ j-i n t iirl_(~}na L^Am ^==
^unvjiiu i trliiC vi7iiauiiuavi.u~vu'ai~wiM ^^
pany's  mine. on', a' long, leaae*--'-Mr.
Dug^gan will.observe the old.contract.
betweehthe conipanv and the U*"M.W."
of;A; ;
Fresh arrivals of; the'very  newest  u"p-t6-d«ite
Fall  Goods
Ladies; Furs
Storm Collars,   Ruffs,' Stoles, ' Muffs
Ladies' Coats
Tweccis,  Broadcloths,  Rainproofs
Ladies' Underwear
Wool,; Union,  Silk  Mixed
Men's Suits
Tweeds, - Serges,  and  Worsteds
Men's Underwear
Wool,  Union and  Fleece  Lined
Men's Caars* Mackinaws
Coats,  Short and Long, Pa,nts
We    carry    everything    in   Men's   and   Women's
Furnishings.   Quality and workmanship guaranteed.
Prices Right
•4   { «*?   -
1 . . ...    "
A List of Attractions to Entertain, Amuse and
Instruct—Some Incidentals that the
Wise will Stumble up Against.
ft!; '
,    4    ,
It surely is a great show that the
Eagles have provided for their week of
carnival' next week.' Tho Nat lteiss
Carnival Company furnishes the entertainment, and hero are a few of the
attractions:        ,     ' '
Old-time one ring circus;
* Dixieland, a theatre in a Mississippi
river steamboat; with plantation scenes
and songs;
. The Ferris Wheel; *\
Steam Gondolas; .  , -
_   Two   baby, incubators' with   three
'babies—none weighing seven pounds,
attended by two professional .nurses
and physician;
ing - gum, candy, peanuts, - popcorn,
balloons,"pretty girls, gay boys, masks
for those who will;- horn blowing, bis-
ribboned canes for the macaroni and
.all other gay features of,a°gay multitude, bent on fun, amusement, entertainment and hilarity, as is becoming
a civilized community: *"
Meet me at the carnival.
Most liquid medicines advertised
to cure stomach and bowel troubles
and summer complaints contain opiates and are dangerous. When the
mother gives Baby's Own Tablets to
her li'ttb one she has the guarantee
of a' government analyst that ".bis
medicine',' does not contain, one, par•
tide,, of orfate or narcotic. Therefore, she can feel that hefi little
4,nos1are"isafe. There is no iotber
medicine' can ejual Baby's Own .Tablets in preventing summer com-
plaitits or curing 'them if they" come
on suddej.y. Keep a box of Tableis
always at hand—they'may save your
child's life.     Mrs.- 0. E. Hancock,-
„,     ., Raymond,,,    Alta.,    Bays: -,-"1 ,_have
Glass blowers, who blow glass while tfled ,B^.g 0wn Tflbl?ts |or   BUm.
mer : complaints,- constipation-, and
•■> •
' you watch; just as is done in the; big
factories, and.who give each visitor a
free'-glass souvenir; -
Maximo, the,dog. that -takes" the
highest.dive in the world;
-ii, . ■ ■
"Aga," a beautiful lady who is " au
illusion and a dear," instead of "a
delusion and a snare ";
Af big. band that makes real circus
,,_ Two hundred performers;
The electric theatre, without^ per--
formers but.with plenty of people iii
constant action:
'High-class .-vaudeville in  the  Red
..■Pome;    r   - *   . '
_And many other attractions that will
lie discovered day by' day.
The opening performance will be
next Monday evening at 8 eVslock, and
thereafter there will be two perform-
There will be three free sensational
aerial acts before each performance;
Of "course, there will be all the pleasing
features of carnival in the promenades
where there'll be confetti for fun, chew-
B. E. WALKER, President,.
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A.H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and In JheJUnited' States and Ehgtoi,
Deposits of $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at ,
current rates.   The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in-
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion bf the deposit. _-,       j
Fornie Branch
G. S.   Holt,, Manager
sleeplessness, and , always ■ with the.
best1 results*'.' Sold by-all,dealers
ln mediclne'of by mail at 25 cents a
box from The' Dr! Williams' - Medicine Co., Biockville, Ont; ' . . *
■.  7 o   ' - «
Downie's Big TJncle Tom's Cabin
Show, numbering 50 people, carrying two bands, a genuin pack of Siberian blood 'hounds, ponies," donkeys * and so forth, -will give one
night performance under Canvas iu
Fernie on Saturday, Sept. 7. This
is*-without doubj; tEe"largest'and
most perfect'., " organized tent ebow
that has-ever travelled this or any,
ether coantry. Andrew' McPhee, who.
is the sole-owner, is with the show
Wi^eTfTwhichTFa sufficient guarantee that the performance will be first
class in every respect, and fully up
to the McPhee standard. '
Grand street parado daily.        , ".
Admission 25c." and 50c.        - -
Fernie, B. C.
MONDAY,    SEPT.    23rd
Recreation Grounds at 2 p. m.
Event Ist      2nd      3rd
Boys' Race,       $ $ oo   $300   $
(iinder'iG yeara—-80 yards)
Horse Race        15 00     10 00
(Ono Milo Dash)
Horse Race        15 00     10 00
(Indian Horao Itoco„l milo)
Girls' Race 5 00       3 00
(under 10 years)
Men's  Race, 5 00       3 00
(•tO yours—100 yards)
6,    Ladies' Race,       10 00       5 00
(unmarried—80 ynrds, must bo '1 starters)
Ladies' Race,        7 00       5 00
(maiTlccl—fcIO yuwU)
Sr.c!: Race "j'co
Running Jump     5 00
High Jump .       5 00
Prize Pail Contest 7 00
(blindfolded—must bo h onirics)
Obstacle Race     10 00       7 00
(must Iks fi starters)
*3«   Tug-of-War        1500     1000
Must V»e :\ htarter* In two prize events or no 2nd money
3 00
_)   V«J
3 00
3 00
In Ci-iro-MlIf-* s Hull at 8 o'clock
Sej>£. 9; 10, 11
Under Auspices of
Nat Reiss
10 Big Shows 10
Doing all
The Time
200 Actors 200
ir ■•***•* w-**  vr—+ "*v~**-   '
M.     Yf   Jl-^y-W
Watch it Increase, ah you have to
t   -    .
'•sift',dp with a Savings   Account is to],start it and
_S;;, keep it  gting—then   watch ^ it . grow; * Doesn't
If*-; take], long. for. it to count-'.up to a. considerable
^ amounts-then: you see. the  advantage—the wis- -
dom of saving.' *\   _•-"*'.. ;\\- ■ 7,,
| $1 Opens
with The Home M of Canada
j. it. Marshall; M«r.,
Fernie ..Branch
will stand  Rail- .
road inspection
'' a" 2p-Year Gold- "\
. filled^case   for
$30.00 at
That Keep
Good Time        Tn^JeWeler
 ' ;*        •*    '  __ ' * •* *l
" '" ,      — - — ■■■■——   — *™      !■■      <**J 11    -II 11! ■■■■»■.,■■        —■ WI I
Rake us
Fore and Aft
and,, if you do your garden the
same way you will have a good
showing. We have a good showing of
Garden  Tools,  Garden   Hose,
Lawn Mowers, Etc.
Screen Doors, Screen Windows
J. D. Quail
4 4l
Hardware anil Furniture
Meats, Eggs, Butter,
Poultry and Fish
Why not (it us niul lis* coiivJnceil tlmt wlmt they sav ti lhc (ruth ?
Our priiva arc thc iiuvit rcii->on;iblc in Fcrnlu* .'lione No 4 or
rail ul tho hliop on Victoria nveiuio
I.|*4|H nmilVJM**M*»*44*J
Domiinion Meat Co* Ltd.
I'lionc No. 4 Victoria Avenue
Li ljT]—rmq
Peaches,    Pears,    Plums,   Apples,   Oranges,    Bananas, |^
Lemons,  Watcrmellons,' Cantaloups,   and   Grape   Fruit|i
all at right prices, '  ij
BW3D1DT   ^aTJuvaia&   a x^-sl   aa  awxrrve*
TOIMI IBIE3CIEZ1        ^^^!^X!Ej\^0g0000000gg00000000s>000000000tM00000t0m00000i
Think k over. TJila Is fld<lroescd to
all who nro not yet our customon. II
vou plvo our fitoro n trlnl you will Mko our
wa v ol dolttp business, You would not euro
to 'clinnuc lor any other store. E*rly
<*nd Into we study how lo keep our store
iu tho front rank—at iho very bend of
its class. Our Jncrnnsinjf business is evidence tlmt our efforts aro appreciated by
the public.
We will never cense Jn our ciTnrts to make
this the people's most popular druff store in
tho full rocanlnff of the word wliero all can
feel sura their wautt wlll be attended to
jtut right.
Palace Drug Store  _£&?"* *2
W^*WMS^*M*^0*r i..-f
Every Infusion is Delicious and Invigorating
At all Grocers. Sealed Lead Packets Only
Highest Award St. Louis, 190-*
*?' .
i-Ii^I^-JJi HtSlisl* 5t4>Va''aataaVat>*ta i aVaVaV *j> \t> «t> .>> *j*\x* »t> *y> *t*
"So much space has already been en-
~g&ge& for the diBplay of threshing machines and combined,harvesters at*the
..coming Interstate 'fair; which will be
held at Spokane from September 28rd to
October 5th, that the management has
decided-to.segregate the display from
the main machinery exhibit and has
completed arrangements' to turn' over
to the threehing machines and, combined harvesters the new ground which
has just been added to the old fair
.grounds.^ The exhibit will be made
near the new vehicle gate, towards the
0. R.& N*. track.
This part; which will ,be known as
"threshing machine row," should attract the attention of every, farmer
•visiting the fair, as it will be complete
. and comprehensive, showing a great
many different makes of machines All
of the machines will be seen working:
during the fair, and attendants will be
on hand to explain to inquirers* the
different parts of.the machinery" and
the manner of its operation.
Following is a list of the firms which
have already contracted for exhibit
space: J. I."Case company, Minneapolis
Threshing Machine ^company, George
H. Gallagher company, Buffalo-Pitts
company, Hauser-Haines company, In-
ternational Harvester company, Ad-'
varice Threshing Machine company, L.
B. Mack Machinery, company. ',
"Tho main exhibit of'farm machinery
willjbe -made west of tlie grand stand
and'aldng the fence by the 0. R. & N.
track, in practically the same place as
last year. _ Nearly all of last year's
exhibitors have already reserved space
this year, and the exhibit promises to
be a'large and varied one. 7
Washington, D. C, Aog.;2l.—The
conviction is becoming - Btrong " here
that the administration before long
will carry out' its threat " to strike
at "Certain ,; malefactors of -great
wealth," through "criminal- prosecutions - that will probably result in
prison sentences.- Until recently the
talk of criminal prosecutions for "vio-
Made from pure, grape eream ol tartar
FOREMOST -      -
>4 -h
, Sore, hot, aching or bltst;
lercd feet are cooled and
1 healed by Zam-Buk. Store •
ifoll-la, postmen, pollpemon.
Ifarmcru niul nil -who Btnna trvml
walk a lot Bhould test IU valuol
Zam-Buk also omos chaflnB
I Boron, inacot blton, Buno'irn,
I nlcora. oczoma, bentBorca una
I all alcln dlhciwii nnd lnJuvloB.
\ OIvob anBo ln caaos of pllon.
J Mo, a box at nil Btorei, or Zun*
l*uk Oo„ Toronto,
I'AI'HnMfcJ-: Hu.'j'K TJiliUSl-HV
tr:r.<riOKT  labhl
Crew's*  , Float   Special
 ''  ,     AKU  —
ftij.r.&ii"'® Favifcrilo fijfjn.-s
htion of t!u; Shonnan'anti-trust act,
renting nnd t-imilnr cffcr.c:s has
not toon ".taken eery seriously, but
the- dcclaruticiis of Attorney-General
Bompnrt?, Secretary Taft   and   the
Makes home bating easy* Nothing,
can be substituted for it in making,
quickly and perfectly, delicate hot
biscuit, hot-breads, muffins/cake arid
pastry. Insures the food against alum.,'
r -     , -,     .    .. -   *       • .-"*... - 7 ~* ■".
?"  . *.        '-''"'., '■   ■ "
* Price Baking Powom Co.,; Chicaqo.
District of Bast Kootenay,   *
Southern Division.
TAKE NOTICE tnat Michael P.
Bogle, oi..Fernie, B. *0.'_ lumberman,
intends to apply for a special timber license over„ the following described lands:' ■
e 1. Commencing at a post planted
about four miles,north of the International Boundary, line, about .four
.YnUoQ—Aafl--^ nf +hp oiiH_1/SI-—linn— 1KQ1_
of the south* fork of Gold Creek;
thence north SO chains; thence east
80 cksins; thence south 80 chains;
thence,.west 80 chains to. place of
commencement, and' contains about
640 acres more or less.
Located  July 21st,  1907.
2. Commencing at a post planted
about one mile north of- the Inter-
cat' onal" Boundary line and about
two miles east of the sub-lot,.line'
4531, and about four, miles oast of
tho. Yank river; thence 80 chains
west; ■ thenco 80„ chains south; thenco
80 chains oast;1' ■ thenco 80 chains
north to placo ot commencement,
containing about 040 acres, more or
less..- *   ii
Located  July 23rd, 1907. ■-
3. Commencing at a post planted
a':out one mile nortii ot tho Inter-'
national Boundary line, about ono
mile oast of the sub-lot line 4591,
and about three miles cast   o!   tho
| Yank river; thenco 40 chains west;
! thence 80 chains north;     thence 20
k The
♦ -,
£        Co., Ltd.
:^ ALEX! McDOUGALl,,Pr«. i& Gen. IWgr. ♦
■■ -.-"..   !.*!;>. ■  ,  '  .,-'. ._
ft Manufacturers of and
Dealers in. '7.
President himself have raised the In
c.uiry whether    the-   administration  chains east; thenco 80 chains'north
hm-mot evolved plans of a pr<jU.y
definite scrt to l.o,;;in crlm'nnl prci'.*
SL-cutlons of individuals to break up
the-"bad trusts." It Is'said by-ol-
Cclals ln positions to lrnow that tlio
.department of Jus. lea for months
has torn quietly gathering: Information to lo used in criminal prosecu-
(t.'i* rf Individuals,
T&3E PfH.LO.3Ct
mm co., Ltd.    *
AVIioUsrIi''. DciiU'i-s unci Direct
Imnorterd of
.^olo Ajrcnts In K«**t Knotennv for
AHUADIAN   I'AMOlrt \VAl-kl'>.IA
WltoUtale   Vk&Ur*   *»&   Direct
Impotttrt of
<V »J« «J« 'J* »J» »',i *J* <■',» »J» <*,t ,',> »J« *J* **,» »J» »J« »J« »J» tJ« »Jt »J*+
I      Eiotel
wrrz *m »-*» rk i n wc X «
The Mold of Tcrnlc
>3r. to* '.KiiitoevsiivuatMtsi'.vruivutUvi
Tlio centre of Coinmer.cial
iuii\ Tdin-lfi Trmle
f-'ulslnr*   I'pf.vcpllo'l
«!• S. If. Wallace        Prop. •!«
thenco   40 chains     east;  thenco  80
chains south; thenco 20 chains west;
thonco 80 chains south to placo   ot
commencement, nnd containing about
iTIO acres, more or less. •>
.  Located July 23rd, 1907..
•1. Commencing at a post planted
about flvo miles north of tho International Boundary lino,' nnd about
four miles oast of tho sub-lot lino
451)1, on tho south fork ot Gold
iCrcok; thonco nortii 1C0 chains;
IWionco cast 40 chains; thenco south
! icO ch.ilns; tlience wost 40 chuins. to
; pk-.ee of commence... 4 .t c^nttilnln?
,nl;oiit 040 acres, more or lens.
!   Located  July 25th,  1907.
| C. Commencing nt n post planted
I about cix miles north of the Inter-
• nntloiiul Boundary line and about
' four milts enst d lho nub-lot lino
■ 45-ji,  on   thc south    fork of    Uolil
Crcc't; thence vest vO chnine: tlien.Tf
, south SO chains; tlu-nce cast SO
ithaiu.";   thonco north 80 chuiiin    to
r,!.u-c of commenrcnH'Ut, and ■• con-
. Uin'ns t-10 acres, more or Uf-s.
ijUl.u4.V4.     'J 111*.     ..'ill,    i. <Jl ■
' r.. Commencing at n P'->!t vlimtcd
I about nix und one-hnlf mllcH north
I of th? Tntrrn:-t.on.t!  Boundary lino,
and about four mlhs eiint ot the sub-
,  -.      ,~,.        ,,       . ,.   • .-     .t
4J4.    ..t.v     '.vlb.,    KiA    4».     •> .**••»    -  ,.-* ^-
Gold Creole; tlicuco went SO cliains;
thonco s-outh 20 chains; thenco west
R0 chains; thonco BHith 40 chains;
thenco o st 80 chnlns; thuico north
20 chains; thi nee, Cist 80 chains;
thence north 10 chilna to plac-j if
comrr.enccrnent, conta ninic f<40 ncris,
inure iyt hu,
Lceatcd July 25th, 1007.
Dated Aun'Uit Hh, 1*07,
Soutjh & Dressed Lumber
Dimension &.Bridge Timber'
Piling, Moulding, Laths,
.   Shingles and  Ties.
Telephone Poles a Specialty
AU Ordew Promptly Attended
Fernie, B. C. •:•
* Tel. 3
t     "
?•> •> ♦:♦ ♦:« »> *t* »i* ♦ •:• •;• ♦:♦ *:• -:< *:♦ ►:• •:• »:♦ »j* •;♦ •> ♦:♦ ♦
*        14th Annual
! Interstate!
4>'- : '■ ; '—^ : 11    "■-.
The Artistic Millinery Emporium
Vlotoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
Mrs. Waggstt's Second Years Clearance Sale
of Summer Season's stock
HpO make room for the Fall and Winter season's display, the ladies
-of Fernie and districts, again have the opportunity to purchase
at prices far below present values, from fresh, and  up-to-date stock.
This opportunity offers only once a year.
The Sale at Reduced prices will commence '
Saturday, July 20 and continue until
Saturday, August 17
Want of show space compels the sacrifice.
Ladies will realize lhat Ready-to-Wear and Trimmed Hats are reduced for this sale, to less than cost.        - .   '    "
Children's Silk and Washing Bonne's, Kid, Leather and Clofli Caps,
less than manufacturers todays prices.. Ladies Whitewear,' Blouses,
Skirts, Collars, Belts, Summer Vests,—latest patterns—choice material—bought before the great rise in prices—below, old cost prices. 7 -
A few Underskirts, remnants of. Ribbon, Silks, Chiffon .and all-over
Lace at great reductions, although there-lias been an" ehdrmous rise C *$W
.in the producers markets. ..!.,.* •'•■djUi;
Childrens' Hose, Hat Piiis.-Blouse Sets, Flowers', Feathers,,.-.Plumes,", '^
Ladies Gloves—all at clearing out, prices
Please note—Prices at this Sale are absolutely for Cash
at sale prices. '    -
L. T. W. Block, Ffrnie, B.'C
•No booking
.?Ji*       , . L. T. W. Block, Ffrnie, B. C. ..   .   -   ■ ■.  '05
* ., *'1 " "ri
3 j   lil-U*
Undertakers & Embalmers
_^    ___ AGENTS   FOR      -i   ".   .r'..^
The   Calgary.;__ Marble. &   Graniie Works   °,:»
The   Kootenay-. Marble   Works,    Nelson
Samples Can be Seen at the Office. Parlors in Lundy's Bloth
Spokane, Wash.
Sept. 23«Oct. 5?
xvom ww,ji»—w»w
•J. El  LJ^."VvrE."y
-A.G-EiJsrT   -F-EjRisrina   B-uAisrai^
Gorgeous E-Nak-Ops $
f 4AA^/*v»'s'sAA'*»/*\»'**'%/\/<^ ^
MOUSt-   NO.   171
Minci-.**' Drilling Contests
V   Horse   Rnccs,   Etc.,   tlte.
>___,  ">■*-- -■—r-- -*-*"**ii"Trn tpcw itiii-»rii-*tm ■-<»n^i
For Pifiinlinn Usl, Olllclnl Pro*
him ni itini anv otlior Inforinii-
ntf'tUni mlili'ei!,')
!'! Stc'y & nr.r,
*;'t      'i'io Htitlon IlliH-li, r-poknno
The   weary   truvcller in sciirch ol ii   prod
licnne, plenty to out nnd soiucthlnfi. (,'ood to    ''
drink should po to '
The King Edward Hotel
.l.'L.   Gates,  Proprietor
Fernie, B. C.
Comer Hanson St.
& Victoria Ave.
^■fr****** «*#-»«4*H.-*»!
Notice :h hdthy i-l'-'cn Unit 3'j lays
i.It.r diti-i I liitcnd to apply to tlio
Hen.   Chief CommiBsioncr ol  Works
llji   ii   ||4 4,I||,C   (,u  lilu&l'tU  IMi   Cu.ll -tlUi
icUuK-utn  un tlio iu^uv,iu*i    iutuio,
tltunto in tlio district ol Drit.sh Co-
liimhlr.,  Blrck  1503,  commoncing at
n pent plnnteil nt r..r th.it twolmilcB
nirih oi Jus. fc? Mid is, biiing nutui
eu'-t cornsi* <?l W. W. A. Morrlson'n
c'iriltn; thsnee south 80 chains; tlionct
ffikt    lit   du.lri;*;   tlirnco   north SO'
chaitm;   thence*   went   SO chnlns   to
•>/lai i,i cuiiitubuctir.i.nt,
Locntcd    this f.tli dny r>{  August,
J 007.
A. W. Deldcn, Afent.
W, w. J. Morr •:>n, Ijocator.
vitntii-Thoi. 81nt*rt
i Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
(m\\ fnrflkhinc*;
nrt/iNOH jvt iiosMcn, n. c.
Try a Ledger Ad.
Vou want comfort mul mili.'.sctfon I
I of cloiin  smootli   eluives   every I
wi * n. ,,.**., ...i\    j . it
fit.     W..!jrv   ...*.r,l.4. kl^   a*,    iii..
OU ARAN 1 BUD tu Jjivu thin
Tlioaecret lilcctric 1 cinperln i.
positively merges tvery ptf
tide of enrbon ♦ (tho life of
steel) Into tlio met-il-glvlng
dinm and "IJ ko liardnetis
Ihroi'xiunit tnt» I'iuoc'&oiiiD-
tlilne absolutely Imposnlhlo
with fire tempcrod steel used
In making oil other razora.
Hut test this razor in your
own liome-*or linve yourbnrber
uho It on you.   Secure ono 30
*-  ■ ■.     - *— :* FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B.C.,   SEPT. 7,   1907
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a'.Year in Advance .
Ifsned every Saturday  from  the Ofiice of
Publication, Todd Block; Victoria, Ave., »
Fernie, British Columbia.
this rule is complied with
- Legal advortii,in*? 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion ,8 cents per line each subsequent insertion. ,
Bates for contract advertising oh anplica-
tion at ofiice ofpublioation, Todd Block. -•
T. T. JOHN,      F. H. SHERMAN,
Editor , Manager
the no less ludicrous death of the organization, o The union was born nt Nelson:
in'the early part of 1891. As it was.the
firet time the boys had had a1 chance to
join anything except the fire brigade,
mosto! the old' timers of the Kootenay
town figured as charter members. Old
Tom Collins, one of them, confesses that
there was no great need of the organization as not many men were engaged
in mining near the town then, and most
of these were developing their own
properties and so really belonged to the
mine owners class. They joiued, nevertheless, for the fun of'thc thing. They
looked upon it as more or less of a lark.
An asayed named Ellis, who had
recently -come" from Butte, Monte.,
where-a union was in full Bw'iiig, was
the first president. Like lots of. other
good movements the union was shipwrecked on a constitutional question,
The wagon road to the now celebrated
Silver King mine was being constructed
iu those days aud Dan McDonald cut
o:.e foot severely with*' au axe while
working on the construction. That
accident was the real cause for the
"bust up" of the first union.- Dan had
joined the organization in'the first flush
of enthusiasm, but he quickly forgot to
pay his dues. In the opinion of many
members a little thing like that should
not have debarred, him-',from sick
bcnelits. But President Ellis was au
Englishman who spelt constitution withjin^ N* E* cor., post;', thence.-west 80
'* c 	
,    i ***************
'in therPenticton Press of,, July 27,
there appeared some particulars of
the location of four square miles of
coal land, by Geo. E. Winkler and
associates between Peachland and
Kelowna on Okanagan Lake.-,,
* The account was copied into the
.Vancouver Province of July 30th
attracted the notice of- a Japanese
immigration agent, who lost no
time in - sending. the following ' communication, which;fully explains itself. ' ~    ■  _ ',1b
0   " ' P." O.  Box 59ff. "
.Vancouver,   B.   0.,'Ju,y   3Cth, "j.907.
Geo. B. Winkler,- Esq.,     '   7'
.-   rt'nt:cfco'n,-.B. C. '     :   -
Dear- Sir:     - • ,        ■
Having se';n your valuable discov1
• ery.'of.'a" large coal seam in the district-of  Lai".e Okanagan in a news-
., paper published ■ h=re,- ;.I, a repr-i's?^-
tativo , of a ■-. Japanese . Emmigraticn.
'Association" and.'.staying .here",    can'
not hesitate to make all- hasie   to- break t!.c;ifeadl6W./AT'I.*ist tlie"uiiioii'.
ning north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence south 80 chains;
tbence weat 80 chains, .to point of
Located this 29th day of July,
1S07.- ';     ,.      ''■'-.     "^
A.    W..   Belden,   Agent.
David R_ McGanniss Locator.
Witness—Thos." Sluter." "
NOTICK is hereby given that, 30
days after date, I intend to apply to
tht Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands for. a license to prospect . for,
coal and petroleum on the following
lands, situate' ln., 'the- district of
South East Kootenay, British * Oo-
lumlia, Block 4593. ,,
°2. Commencing at a poet planted
at or near, adjoining post No. .1 of
L'avid It'. Mc Ganniss1 claim on the
west, being S. E. cor. post; thence
north SO chains; thence west 80
chains; thenee, south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to point; pf".
commencement.       *"' '    " '
Located this „ 29th day of July;
1907. '     7'   '    ■ -i      ,
A. W. Belden, Agent.
John    Hewitt, Locator.
Witness—Thos. Slater.    4 ..
Ko. 3. Commencing at a post
planted at or near adjoining claim
2 of John Hewitt, on the south, he-
a capital C.
"I would likens much as anyone to.
help Dan out," ho said, "but the con.
stitution says that a member in arrears
is not entitled to sick benefits and the
constitution must be ujjhold,* We can't
defy the constitution-"
John Houston, who afterwards .was
Mayor of Nelson,for several years and
represented die city in tho Legislature,
argued that Dan's mishap gave the
union a chance to show that it was of
spineuso to "the camp.- "Let's fit'the
constitution , to, nieet Dan's' accident,''
he exclaimed, " instead of fitting the
accident into the constitution," ' .
' Ilalfo the' members supported Ellis
and the r'e&t,agreed.with"JohnHouston.
The debate's grew spirited," even-torrid
'on occasion, bin it was iinpossiblo to
chains; thence 'south 80 chains; tbence
east* 80 chains; thence north 80.
chains tn point of commencement.
Located   this ,29th   day "of July,
1907.      ■.,'"'
A. W. Belden, Agent.
, .■; ■■ -V". '.   Pearl N." Belden,'Locator
Witness—Thos. Slater.
"4. Commencing tit' "a post planted
adjoining No. .Ion the south','and
being tte N.' W» cor.'-, of Wm, Kohl-
hauff's claim; thence east 80 chains;
thence south'--80 chains;. thence west
8f. chaius; theuce north 80 "chains to
point, of commencement.-   ' '.,•    ' ■'"
Located   this '29th   day.: of-July,
1907, .   ;; ,   " *...*;. _ *'     '..   ■. '. .._.
A;- W."Belden, "Agent. -
:  Wm.  Kohlhauff, Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater. "' '   '
Wis are: now m-
■,stalled- in our
r new barn, opposite- the
old , place, and have a.
complete, -new, outfit,
which' is always at your
service for livery, cartage or baggage. We
still have the office up
town where orders may
be "left.
ese iaborors in your developing and -impossible* tn obtain a quorum*nt the;
mining- works.   I am. now making a ,      - -       ,
! gave up the ghost and turned over the
preparation   ■ to furnish     men    f.r , mtuoy  |n- ,tg- treagul.y- to  tho  ,oca,
Messrs. Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., ! hospital.-
Fernie, B. C, and still at present in'
'my hand -to many Japanese laborers
that I cia furnish'you as many as
you want at any time. My men fil
mighty an.I siren"-;, and also not
rifr-id to undergo any wcrlc; will i:e
satisfiovl ;u .low wanes compared
with ' white  laborers.   I  should
■    -'....   -t.<,    ■ ..■ .        a      ' .   ;"      _ : _,    .    ' ,
777       •'-  „   .LIMITED.'.,    ■'--   -?Y'''   l- ."'
.J&.TST3D   EEO?uaLlXi_   , ."<,-.
*■     ' ; ..   . - * * ' "■ -
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,-1
Pork, Mutton; Veal arid Lamb on
hand. ^Harris, Bacon, Lard,  But-,
ter and Eggs. ■_)-..'. :    „- ■
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
* good assortment.' Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and, Oysters.   .
Look Up
Victoria  Ave.
when . you    require  ...
anything in 7-,
K °" * ...
No. .5. Commencing    at'    a    post:
.,., . ,      .        planted,, adjoining . Wm.  Kchlhauff'eJ
meeimsi.. -ihe organization,therefore,- coal cMm oa]th6 Bouth> andbeing;i
the JN\. E. cor. -post"   claim No. 5;,
thenco south 80 _ chains; thence west
SO chains;   ° thence north SO chains;
thence cast 80'chains'to point    of
Located   this   29th day   of   July,
1917,     '__,
A. W, Belden,' Ac-ant-
Mrs. Wm.  kohlhauff, Locator.
Witness—Thos. Slater-
Biit Dan riovcr got the sick  benefit |
fund, unless tlie hospital failed to send
l.im   n   bill.—l-Iarchi    Sands   iii   tlm
Canadian Courier.
Lsst  Sunday ■ being "Labor *Sun-
i   Conl*,—Conl InmU mny bo imrehaboil ut $10
' j pornoro -Tor soft coal niul Hi) Wr iintliincito.
'  I Not nioro than :K0 acres can bo ncqnirud li.v
post , ono hidivMi'nl or t'oiupiii'v,   ]to,vuliy,«t tliis |
Lowest Prices
Goods SoEtl for Gash Only.
Express and Baggage Transfer
mtu of ton cents nor ton of1 i!,(kki nouuj-. sbull
tl! ....
I am dear sir, •
■(Sgd.) A.   S.   TSUJIA1URA."
The 1 rln ing in of these hordes of ■
Orlc-ntiil ln'.oivrs in s >' !aciiei-iilly recognized,, .-m nn evil that no one riiii
ho f.Ui.d  wi.l'iiK  t;i naaiinu tiio r<*
E])omi:ility far their import ill r,\,   '
The extr.ict l.olow, from a iv.o ,g-
bug cf the "Vancouver Provide"
may hilp to place tho blamn  -vlifm
it i,=-,nS». It ,„, to .„,,»- u,-.;;.;;;;,i';;'ti,r:;^nrici,"r|i''M'M cn,t s» -1- tte»" -*
n Christian Stundpniht," and .hoy
v.-oi-o, ami.iy' repnid hy hcnrlnK n
splendid S4imcm, which" bhwwed that
tho Bponl:.-u' hid wide views on nih-
Draying of all kinds  done promptly.
Telephone 57 or call Pa driver
Ofiice :   Northern Hotel, Kernie, 13. C.
.   „ . , „ No. C. Commencing"    nt    a
7  day,     and mcidtntally opening     of  planted ndmininp- nnoi- Kn   k    m,.q
want„on a notice from you and fares/that Local Fernie S. T. of S. should Ibc.ing'thc N. W   cor   i-ioar of nimn  ' "P0" 1'a.vmont in lulvimco of Wponinni'.in for
i      ,   .   ,. ,, ,    ,   - ■    1        b "•   *-ul-   l/ooti 01  i*uiiB. - niihiiliviilunl, nmlA-om sftu tofUXU'ernunum
pdvaiiced. - ;not hold.n meeting, and the   mem-! H. - .rones"'* cl.iim;     thenco   east _?o ifornoompuiiy iicvorilinic tocaiiltnl.
Iborn  in  tll3  different   Inctnnrca    tnnir l-vftnino.     ihri„n.-.    „.„n,       cn      4   1 A froo minor, liiiviiiRilIiscovoroil minoi'ftl In
IU-J4H m uu uiuuent instances   tooK.cnains,    thonco   south     80    chains; ! piueo.iimy loentunolnimJ,6uox],.'iiwft-ot.
Y        .   ... .. advantage of, the two days cessa- ! thenco. ,wcsL 80 chains; thonce north I   Tiici-eoforrocbriUniriiuhitmlstS.
°  '"   "'   ' U7' | tion of work and   went   forth   with j 80 ch.'.inB to'point of commencement.' .onehjv-^
i iod nnd gun iu search of sport.     '    !   Located    this   20th day   of   July. I .'ont'li'Tooi.  WhonsS-kiims noon oxpuinlo'ior
i    o , , .. !ii-n-< .    ■ '     imiil, tlio locator muy.j upon having uMiTVi'v
beveral.   went     to   hear Kev.  W, ; ■L"w'' • i, i mmlo, nnd upon comiilyinu with otlior ro-
r ..i,i.„   tt 11     ...    i I ..'■        ' *    to   Tj«i,i«i.    ».- i 1 quii-onioiit»,imr<!lmi'o tlio limit atfl an ncro.
Lashley Hi.ll prwch  a sermon     on A* W, UeWon, AfiCit.       I '.j,,,,, ^ 1,1.0Vl(liJS for- „10 nt f)f ft
, "The TcadcnciiB of the Times from! Chas. H. Jones, Locator ' joy.ilt.v orjiiiurci'iuoniliohiiiu.,., •
! W;tncsfi—Thoi . Sl.ltur ' I    l'l-iciliniiii-lm'clnimici'iiiimllyiivo H> i ft'Ofc
.Mqiuiru; uJilry luu t.'.rcJiew.iMpyu.it-ly, '
I A freo minor nmy  uliLiln  two loin(.*> to *
i    7. Coiumcnclnc  nt  a.  nrmt  nl-into.l ''Iwi'Ibc forRoMof livonillescnch lur n (ui-m uf!
, uiuituunt   nc   a   post  piantdl , twunl.vyciiM,rciiowiUilont tho  illncrotlun of!
jilt  or aour adjoining  claim Xo.  5,   hu MhiibturofiliolJiierlor. j
land beiiiL'    the >J   m   or...      ,,nct-  *t '   TJio losrico blinll ImYcnilri-ilito in nnariitlon,   .     rr.   htm /-> i c^ ..*..
jects   which    orLhoi'dosy     once  ta-   „     .      *;.,  c, ?',J' (?01,     1)0Bt of i within ono »eo?pn fnim tho .late of tlu, ion.-,  A. T. Millie, GcmniCl Street,
,       , .iJemtco JJclucn s  claim:  thenco  west   for cncli ilvo mihw, Huntnl tiniiurniiiiiuu for »,,   ,   . „   ~
hooed. lM „.   .    ,      ' ',„".,, ^tscoiich   milo or rlvor laiibod.   I oyalty nt tha     " nr nt Ti* (es-Wdod & Co.   ''
,,,„„,   ,'     „.     ,      ,.        ' 80 chniub;     thenco south 80 chnins; ; rate or .■; per cent coIIbckhI on tho imtpiu uf-i      01 ai   H lics-w uuuix uu.
It is nov in cider for tho variouH , theI1C0 „„t so chnin8.  then'0 ^ | tor it oxcoch,« ^ ^^ , j -=__=«-====s^^
Btronjr   proUi.lllty   rf   tho Lau-Iop   ions of U. M. W. of A. nnd the W. !?lnthai"S'', l° POint   °' .cominonc°-1 " »«i'"y *""■•■«»•■ "V tho Interior, | DEAFNESS    CANNOT   DE   CURED
'ii*   \r   ,,i4,i   nit-,,,-,...  <-,   .,..4.  i t.    a. ,.„i   i ' '' IN. 11.—Vmiuthoi-lKi'd piihlluatioii of thin mil
K M.  nnd other-, to Bet into touch   .  LoCated    this 29th    day of   July, i vt-rtlMmiont will not ho paUl for, *       I	
wj'h n v cw r,f    s:mlins *ri. wqvkinK 13907. ' !-*-"   ■■""     ...-1 —*...■*...
Anything' in the above line done at
u rcnsonalilo rates   ■'
Tenfsy  Awarina-s*. .and" aSB
castvns yoods tmnlQ to
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications 'and Eatii
matei furnished on application..
Plenty  of GOOD  DRY LUM-1
_     BER ON HAND..
s\,\. KERR,
Architect     and Superintendent' -
' Office at Renidtt.ee,
DAK15R  ST,    ■"'' ' FERNIE, B.  C%
administration    Icing     in  coll t '"-jn
with the rail wny corporations to f.li
British CnlumMu with a cheap -..urn
of .lulorciti.
,mnn to rjrr;a:nt    them at Ottuwn
next Mnrc'i.   St niul M*iyl" ■■ml 'Kl:n*
Ihorley whoro they did,
I A. ff.-Belden, A>;ent*
J lid-nice* Belden, Locator.
I Witi)csu--Tlio8.  .Slater.
Arc you  on
tho voters'  list?
Ah torthor llvht is est upon this  ™L' ^ "ot? In^rTrTiM f a,p1Mt vp,wlWl
Humor hns it that Hill Ilavids-in, !nl or ROar n«.Julnln« claim No, G on
Btn„,!ely.,i,i,ed  i„,h-,x of  JapancHo, iof S]cCiin/,1]r u Jllv:tc(1 to ^li(^. tl.e ,o„lh side, and beinK tho K. W.
ov.,ry d3vcl,i.munt p.int.s to the ho-!FnHt Kootenay in the interests    of  c?r> P°st °f G"°: T' »el'lcn'fl «*»«>>»»•
nnd ' nncinllMi.n.   Till]-
. 80 chnln-Jj  thonco west 80 chains; . ».v»tom.
i-J   hytllii       .  ,vimn  i.   m
liof  that   i!,e  Jnimiu-Ho  Kovornment ' tmdo imlonlBlH und' fiociujlsts.  Hill, .'^cnc10 ,0-,!,t S0. chnln»i  thenee Boutii ' T;i.)H»*«o.!m!?fl!m flro^olwod"^?^^^^^
w-=s»iby loofil uppllontlona, its thoy ertn-
I not roftoh tho dlsonsod portion of
onr, Thoro In only ono way to
euro dcr.fnc-.fl, and that Ib by eon-
! utltullonal remedies, Duafnous Is
' cnuHoil hy an Inflamed condition of
i tho muouos llnlni; of the eustachian
  tube.  When this,   tubo la Inflamed
ruiH  avhji  iik   KKCicivKK you havo a rumbllnB Hound or   lm-
,'j*:,tl,l'.,}!',1:,',,^n<',» niii»wi,.in...M..».iiiy.' p0rfeot liiiarlm*;, and whon It Is on
To Sewer Contractors and Builders
 ______ w   ___  nnd unlcflH tho Inflammation can bo
m„i(M, ,, ,.lo    ,,', ,'""." '  ,«,„]„ in'iB "f"mmuIh "i,'v YJ'YiiiY, :t,lcl,cc north 8u chains to tho point  ; I'l-m- nml »*!im*iiii'»tion» may in -iii. iiiiii  tnkon out and thlfl tubo restored to
mntta  ul ti.lH     inimlpration,    nnd «>"*»» Join of filemls hy his   manly  ,,.  „„„..„  ^lfi\\"."•,_-t-*T_V»V.ViY.V^'/'X^M^^irStA".•,™ "' ,I,M lt« "ornifll condition, lumrlne will bo
hns hroltori f.ilth with Ciumdn in the *iiUhoiinh    dtfcittd    lust   Fohrimry,
iln of filends
tln-ro iiupcrs tu ,l.o no reiiHon    to I«"'"""'    on .labor  riucHllons    whon
ilouht  tlm  tho  Ottawa  government !    ,„ ,.,,,,   , ,    ,
.,,,,, .    Vioi-Uiii.'jueii,    louli      after     ynuf
Ib  in  full  l;nowlodi>o  of  that    fnctivotMi   Tho noxt rov,Blon  w|„  t(U(0
ol coinniciiccment,
'   Located   this   20th
I A. W. Belden, Agent.
dny of .Tu1y,    ti... iow«»t m* i..*,y tu»,.ir.,* ,,.it n-«.*,-,*u.-i)i'J ■*«"■*royed forever; nlno en«cs out of
ii.'ui-iit(-ii. ' , ten aro caused by catarrh, whloh Is
it. iwiKit, cm:.. ,J. w. ni'.n'.v,      ' nothing but an   Inflamod'condition
CSnn   'P    Ilnldnn    T nr-nt^r   ' t'lty KllHllU'Cr, I'ltv L'hill,   of  tllO  nillOUOJI SUrfaOO*.
..nil docs not rrs-nt it.   The Jnp.m- ;pjacc in Kuvtniher nnd tlm lists.will   wUni....-nin«   fiiii./ I*OPWor' ■CityKi,mi.i^-.Oiiin»..Hw.;i..th ih-t.      Wo W|||.B|TB One nundred Dollorf
-•-        ■        ■    --     Bck. ttuncFS "um' HInlcr "-""; 7     ~ , for any enso of dcirnesB (camiod by
■   il. Commoncins at a post planted  cn'tnrrli) that cannot bo eurod   by
tsc povrrnment agreed th.it no more clos-j   Octoher 5th next.   Mr
thnn four   hundred    and r-ixty odd r,,tolll> Viwtorl'i Ave,  also Mr.    W. I   0. Commencinj; at a post .planted
'        'at or iimi
... . ndjolnliig post and claim No. 10 on   Ilnll-fl Catarrh Curo.  fioud fnp nlr,
•Japnnc.,     M,,„ld le permitted   to ' ">'™n**> •«**>** T^cnl I?e™10 B« 'ftt/,r ,nrn,Jl ?"« nortU of **• 87 the rontb, and bein-s the N. B. cor.   IZs, froo " ^
rnltirat.  to  Canada in twelve cal- !P*..0!.0"Jfi.HoAVlaml ^ IlCrn,.°'   "1 ''.i?.?..?.0 fi.l' ^™A' *J*t °< M«-T   O.  Jleldon*. claim;  thenco      P. .T* CHENEY & CO, Toledo,   O.
'and Mr. V7. II. Kvatis, Coal.   Crwfc, ;tua« BeWru'e claim; thence north 80  WCbt
indar monthH,   More thnn that mim-:wjji miistpr    nnv min ounllfled tn : chains, tltnco cut 80 chnlnx' thunr* ^^
i.'otith   8(- chains;     thener   west 80
„i.i .....i- i,iiu.niy diitwu direct from .vote.  Lot    this ho nn   instruction.
•7ni-i.il, (imi     twelve   hundred more Ho,*lster without dclny,
Imvo come from Honolulu.    Ottriwn j, .
tan roiflstoretl     no protest   nf-nlnst ;
this l.roiieh of faith thoiif.li    it   Is
wii-iui./ 4Mii awi.ro of tho turn."        NOTIOK is hereby given that 30 'w'"<<>,<'''>' "Tiies. HJ.'.ter,
.   . ncrll*  JCi  ii'.,.'i'.-,'  J..* i^.ui  ui    cuiii
laaina to point of commencement.     muiccnrn*1
Loented   tlim  29th   dny   of July,     LoCat<_/ t,((s 2,fh ^   o,   J();,
im. ,1W<
A. w. Mcldcn, Atjent. A, ^ noWoUj A     t.
intrude  HM.!,n.  I^nfnr : ^
80 chains;    thence   south 80     Take HaH'fl Family Pills for con-
uiuutiti iijoi. 6i/ cnutr-s; ititnce  t""j'»<mu.
,. .*,,i     f
Pell l.y iVuj;,'li-Ji', 7U:
»***•*>•  nu**m*-*
.:..:..:..:..;.,*,.;,.;..;..; .;..;..;..;„;„;„;.,j..j.,;„j,..,
•.'• .r.
50 Good Woodsmen wantod by
Tho Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at tho
OfHco or at Hos-
Tlie Elli Lumber Co., ltd.
Fernie, B. t
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
There Is only one plnco In town
wheroyou can eotR-ood reliable
tfoodu in our lino that is nt
Where does W. A.
(on this 'lU'ntt'in?
Onllnhnr Ktuud
days After date, I intend to apply
'■ to the Hon, Chief Commlnsloner of
 Lnnds ior » license to prospect   for
""" conl and petroleum on ths following
FIIIHT .MKNKKK' l*M(>\ IX U.C., lands,   situat*   in    the   dtntrirt of
  South VTii&t. Knotenay,  Untinh    l'u
Witne i-ThoB. Slater.
10. Ccrnintncin/ nt n post  planted     12. f'orainencin^ at a post n!nuted y
ndjolninif .Vo. 'J on the cist, hclns ' ndjoinln,* No. 11 on thc east, beinK '/,
ihe   fl. K. cor.   poit of Amu II:1* the N. W. cor. of the claim; thenre -j*
den"n chslir; thence n--rth 80 chain"   eist    b; chains;   Uir-nce    s:.uth S? ':*
thw w."-*. r0 'hif-c;  then'4* :.,
kO cb'iin3; theuce e<mt 80 chalm
pofnt uf c,Ji;it:io:ii:..ULi.ut.
I.oc..tei   this  2ith diy   of   July
..ii.  ih iit!.-,   thrnco. wrFt Ml chriinh; ficice   •!•
At ft time when tiurlMi' (h'tnlls h.-nv*
ramc from M!il«,oi"-iiu-i:ili,^ ilir-Weil*     !• Cowmeiiclfl-,' nt fl pr.*st    pl.inte.1
ptii I'Vilcrntton of Miner*., it In plimMtil »t or near IJ miles south of Flat 1007,
ton-mil thr-liuwrirou* liitl-Ii'Ms which Head town*lte up o creek, i ot   o    i; a. W. Uetden, Aireat.
MTftmrmnlH thr* fermntlon of the first,ml* iouU. ol    * ntt't, eoromtneintr Anna Jlelden, Locatir.
Miner*'Union in Uritlnh Columbi* end /.t this 8. K. eer, i>o«t; Ibmct ron- !\titncM~7*bos. Sinter.
I i
to   nrrth 3o chnlns to point of    torn-
Located thl.i 20tb   diy   of    <Iu!y,
A, W   nel.len, Ajrent.
E!lwl^eth Jonts, locator.
Wltn»s—Tlioi. SInt*r.
r f\^tirvrt"',i
Tor   FfV.i   iHstir.ii.co   fu
it f:;. r a iu.i-: cc ».f i»an*i i;s
fsstrance & Reaf Estate Broker
. W. A. h\GI.A>r, P.toi'.
Piiosk {•!.    -    -    YnnatE, n. C
Shoemaker Shop
"•"pp. V, IhirriJi&Co's eflici'j
Thn owner Imi worked t v.at.
in Itoinc, li«lyfAiidli pn'jfuirod
io do all kind-j of repiitrin*/ and
now work.
Bon OigHottf
Fernie if
Now Being Built; oii the Edmonds Water
, Frasit by tbe InvlndMe Rail Joint
.Company of Spokane.'
With a water front of 387 feet and a
trackage on the Great Northern railway
of 267 feet, a main building 40x120
feet,' the nut.nnd bolt;factory which
has been built by the Invincible Rail
Joint Oo. of Spokano. A. McPhallen,
president, will start about September
7th with a" capacity of a carload of nuts
and bolts por day, and will add another
to' the list*.of _Edmonds'.,,increasiri**-
industries."c -■'   * ■
name an early date in the Fali'.'6n
which three* carloads'of bolts and nuts
could be shipped.        ..-.'. ... ■,.
"While the present shipping-facilities
of Edmonds will raeetall the demands
of the new'piant for" some time, the
company did.not.overlook the water
front when they selected their site, and
they are splendidly located .for .the
erection of a 800 foot dock when shipments by water shall demand ic.    0 °
The factory is being- erected for.the
manufacturing' of nuts and bolts only,
. 'and the company is doing- things in the
righi manner from tho,ground .up.
" They believe in spending money judiciously and makjng every dollar count,
and their plant, offices and grounds are
fitted otit intellijg'ently and practically.
;The company will start operations on
nuts and bolts alone and will install the
latest.and most approved machinery
for that, purpose, but a roller mill plant
^  will bo added.iu-the near future for the
° ■ purpose of manufacturing rod iron for
the factory's use-   Sixteen machines in
all, representing-".five carloads, will be
.used .with which to. commenceopora*
, tions in manufacturing bolts and nuts,
and each machine will fill its specific
purpose.- .Some machines will have a
capacity equal to about' six men and
the product will yield about a "carload
a day.-'-The triple bolt machines have
' three , spindle's.1' manufacturing every
kind of .bolt up, to and including sizes
-two inches in diameter and threading
three bolta at one operation', while' the
„ nutcutting machines will cut six nuts
0 as oho product.' "    "       .
^ -. .The company, will place their product
"■ direct froin the factory.' to the jobber,
and from the outlook' one' can safelv
predic't that in the near future this ne\v
enterprise will bo* one nf th* i™,i ■,,„.
—- —.—.-■■"„-
Phoenix, .Sept; 4.-At a meeting of
Phcenix Miners'. Union' No. 8,' held
August 31st,! .due not.ee of which
was given, a full discussion of the
present .coke shortage ;at the smelt-
era of? Southern British Columbia
was had, together with its effects on
the' number, of. men. employed .in
mines and smelters and the following resolutions were passed and ordered transmitted* to the Hon. Richard .McBride, minister of mines: 7-
Whereas, the mining, and smelting
}nterests of Southern' British ..Columbia are being hampered by a lack' of
coke, which, if-continued, will result
in tho.closing of• all the mines .'and
smelters, and s-   *
Whereas, by this „ coke shortage a
large number of our members are already out of employment,"'and
Whereas, the shortage is due .in
large" degree to. the fact that '27,590
for failure.to provide sufficient coke
fcr the operation, of smelters and
mines in tho'districts of Yale' and
-, .; *        *■■*•     •,. -■
..A general meeting  of the iabove
team. was. held cn 'Wednesday night,'
Chief __ McDonald  presiding. 7 There
wasr ,a full    turn,but of members.
ConsideraMo time was" taken up discussing tho     possibility' of sending
the team to   Nelson tb   compete in
the Pacific .Coast" championship    to
be held there during the fair.- lhe
Nelson authorities have forwarded a
very strcng invitation for, the Fernie team to compete.   Nothing could
be done in the matter, however, as
it is a question for the merchants
to decide, for with one exception all
the members ..of.the team are   employed in various, places of business
in the city, and the sending   of.the
team -■ to Nelson would . necessitate
these men obtaining leave of     absence'for three days.- No  less   than
"three vacancies on „,the. executive 'fell
to.be fill il, namely, president, captain and secretary.   For the .office of.
president,. Chief McDonald was unanimously    elected,    Vice-Captain"   W.Warren was  appointed  captain,"  I.
M.  D.   Wilon-   was  elected- vice-captain, and Robf. Tait secretary.
t ; The $
Elk  Lumber Co.
tons of.coko have been'sent' out,of      Special'mention was made" of the
British  Columbia  to  United  i State a1  liberal  mnnnor  i-n   ,„!„•„•,   *u.      '"'_ .
^ hulustries of the Pacific coast. „..„.„..
mills are', now con jested with * orders,
and there is sufficient''trade on tho
coast to keep the Edmonds plant busy
with its starting capacity withoufcseek-
ing orders Eastward or elsewhere. Tho
firm could tako orders at this sta°-o if
. they'uesired, niicf they recently received
a letter from 11 largo Canadian consumer
offering a liberal premium if the new
company would  take  tho order  and
British Columbia to United iStates'
smelters dvring'the present year, and
Whereas, the" charter of the Crow's.
Nest Pass' Coal Company, provides
that', all* sn'-eltcrs and mines in Yale
and Kocteoay shall,, be furnished at
all times with a sufficient'supply of
coal and'Ccke,- and '   '" '"-'
. Whereas,'-., the .'.'provincial government, having '• large 'areas of -coal
lands in reserve, and we'are of the
opinion -that, it would be well    for
th^roveriment^o^ace-ftese coal
lands..in1 such,, state.cf development,'
that they - could- control ail. Mich
situations arising , in the future;
therefore, bo it' *'   , -   o
Resolved; that' the'members of
Phoenix Miners' Union No. 8, W. F.
M., urge ' that the government im-
riiediately enforce tho pcnalty'against'
the Crow's Nost Pass Coal Company,, as ccntained, in its. charter,
liberal manner ih .which the jii'cr
chants of the city "had contributed
towards ' the expense of the"- ' team
travelling to Cfanbrcok, and ta vote
of - thanks ■ moved , by'' Chief MeJVn-:'1d
and seconded by Capt.'Warrch was
cariied unanimously.
The, question of .'forming an athletic club in Fernie, occupied the'at ten-'
tion of the. meeting" for some time.
There is a ., strong. feeling amoaj-st
is ample r/'om "in the "city, for   such
a-club, whichi.woiild- embrace ' all
kinds of indoor-and outdoor, sport
in all seasons' cf the'year, and now
that the'racing season is practically
over, the,opinion whs expressed that"
immediate steps should'bo taken in
the matter. A motion was carried
instructing thc executive to call "a
public meeting, of all' interested -> to
disc-Mss- the advisability of organizing such a club at an early date.
,'     FERNIE, B.C.
Eoerij attention.
Rooms reseroed by toire
I    # 7«f»
A pleasant  home  for the
traoeller.   '
C. L. WHELAN ■ ■ Manager
r <tt"*i* " fi-i'i 1
■■4tsm.« ^ir&L,-"''  -   '
A Good, -ay   '
to please careful,.housekeepers is to,
give honest vveighf. Oh, '\yo don't say
that all butchers don't do this, but
we cannot help ocecasionally over-
get to telling their experiences, "•-.
Another Good Way
to please is-to supply only the best
meat. If you trade with us you will
le<ai-njust what we -mean bv these
two "ways" QUALITY and QUANTITY will be a little more'-than you
expectr -',
Calgary Cattle Co.
Hotel, Hosmer
.Open May 1
Everything new and
Every accommodation '■.
, for the public. *
ffevnie, 3B. C.
.     CALL AND SEE .
. Bar .stocked with the-
finest in the land
•*•' *♦■
Under new -management
Well furnished rooms.   The table is
supplied with the best tho market
affords.'   The bar is supplied
.-    '  with the best'wines, liquors and cigars.
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Kings   Hote
Fernie,  B. C.       ,
Bar supplied with the best of Wines
Liquors'and Cigars.  '
Dining Room in connection
Fort Steele
Brewery Co., Ltd
Fernie,  U. 0.
■ u
Brewers of Extra  Fine  Lager
and   Aerated .Waters.
Bottled    Goods „. it1    Specialty.
Wednesday, Sept.  11th,  1907
•■ i
The Michel Townsite will lie opened up and lots in thc business portion will lie sold
by Public Auction on thc ground oil Wednesday. Sept. llth. '07.   Sale will
commence at 2 p.m.    Blocks 11, 13. H-, 15,17,18 and 10 will be sold.
One-Third down:    One-Third in Six Months;    One-Third in Twelve Months.
The Crowds Nest Pass Electric Light & Power Co., Ltd,
James   McEvoy,   Land   Commissioner
• <m»om***■<*<**ti"*,**,/****-***+*. <ra»i^*«M^,^^w*5tYMrr''i -t. " fr-qi&nai****- t**#t*i**A#*t'0&*ii****\wst *-^^i^M^f>*T.l!r'*ft**"*'''' ff^oit^f
I?* PC
\f<2 I      7
.The' .toll iw ing ..notices "ol coal and
petroleum locations'!   in Bloclc    No.
4,593, Southeast"   Kootenay; British
Columbia, commencing at. the claim
: "Jno. Jones,* No. .13, which is located approximately 5 "miles down   the
Flathead  river from  the ■ east • ■ side
■' line"" oi' the Flathead~ Townsite',7 and
-tho, remaining..,claims , as numbered
are staked  one adjoining the  other'
iollo'iYing down the river, thus protecting a claim" on. each side for the
'numbers   named,., and.   also ,in..the
same manner on the creeks described, the same being''confluents of the
Flathead river.     , .-■'
' , A. IT. BELDEN."
'Agent for'. Claims Nos. 13 to 50 in-
'cluBive.    ...     , .'■%'*,
"NOTICE IS hereby given that 30
'days after date I intend to "apply
_to the Hon. Chiaf Commissioner of
! Lands and Works for a license, to
'prospect for coal and petroleum on'
' the following • described lands,' situate in the „ District of Southeast
JKootenay, .British Columbia, Block
;-i,593.-.'.   y".       -7 .-*:
!. 13. Commencing at a post planted
on Flathead.. Trail 5 miles from' Flathead townsite - down Flathead .river,
and being, staked on east side oi riv-
21. Commencing at a-post planted
adjoining No. 20, southeast-side, and
is southwest /corner; of Mary,,-Hewitt's claim, .,thence east ,80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence   west
. .-,,  ■ -' , NOTICE.    -^ '
■  - -JACK H. 'WILMOT,-.Locator. "
A. W. BELDEN,,'Agent. _■ '_.-.
WitncssTThos'^ Slater." 7"' '" _"' *"""', '
32. Commeucing at a post.planted
adjoining Claim No. 31', east; "side,
I .     . .-.■<-.» .     •* .      i .. , U4*JI_l*.*XXU^ '   4_fJ4a**^«      MU.      IP.*.,       4/awv. KJ*v.v.,
80 cnains;. thenco north 80 chains.to liiaiVeing.the'soutliwest cdrnerpo'st
point of commencement.
Located this 1st day _of Aug. 1907.'
MARY: HEWITT,* Locator:'
' A.  W. BELDEN, Agent.'
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
22. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining No. '21, north side, and is
thj northwest corner of Rocena Hew--
itfs claim; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence "south
80'chains, thence west £0'chains to
point of commencement.
.Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent/
Witness—Thos.' Slater.""
23. Commencing at a post, planted
on south side of Flathead" river from
Claim No. 22, and being southeast
corner of Elizabeth_S._ Clark's claim;
thence running. north 80 chains;
thence wesV__80 ^chains; thence' south
80 chains; thence east 80 chains to
point cf commencement: ".■"-.  ;.'
Located.this 1st day,.of Aug. 1907.
A: W. BELDEN, Agent.
of B. C. Langtry's claim; thence
running north 80 chains; thence east
80 chains; "thence south 80" chains;
thenco, west 80 chains to point of
commencement.' -. '■"
Located this. 2nd day of August,
1S07. . •; "   * "■
B. C. LANGTRY, Locator.   .
,. A. W.', BELDEN, Agent.     D
Witness—Thos.';Slater.     '    7.
33. Commencing at Post No. 32,
south side, and being the northwest
corner of Lewis P. Larsen's claim;
thonce running east,80 chains; thence
..   ., 'NOTICE7./-7-/'\
- ■ Located .'this - 3rd" day bf -Aug.- 1807..
■_.  CHAS: II.'.WINGATE,  Locator.
' '''•'A."vV.''BELDEN,--«Ab'ent..
Witness—Thos.  Slater.    ... _'
42. Commencing at a post-planted
east adjoining No. 40, and-\being the
northwest corner of Evan Frazier's.
claim;.thence running east 80 chains;
thenco south 80 chains;, thence west
10 chains;'-thence" north 80 chains to
point of commencement, s,
Located this 3rd day of Aug. 1907.
EVAN FRAZIER, Locator.   '
A." WV BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Tbos. Slater.
43. Commencing at a post planted
four miles up Graveyard Creek and
adjoining Claim'N6742, and ..being
the northeast corner of Jesse*" Bu-
chholz's claim;-tlience running north
'  NOTICE:. "
thence east" 80 chains"; thence..north
80 ..chains; thence west SO chains to
NOTICE,^,*  '..
'  G2. Commencing at a post planted-*
north; of-Homer ._;■ J> Shinn|s: claim,; .
point of commencement, making 640 'No;--61,. and;is: the southeast c'orn'en
acres,'more or less.' ,   .post of" Mrs! Phoebe-Shinn's claim;
Located this 5th'day of Aug., iS07. j thence running west 80 chains; thence
BRUCE* CLENDENNING/_Locator.1 'north"-    SO .-chains; . thence ,;east .80'','
--"*•**"■*"   '   ---*■ chains;' thenco  south  80 'chains ' to-
point of commencement," containing
G40,acres more".or less.vs'.;       ■*   '
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos! Slatei   . '    ".-.'■
53. Commencing' at a post planted
just west - of * Claim No. ,52''" of" 3'.
Oleniienningj- and being the northeast coviicr vpost of A. Worth . t-el-
Located  this 5th day! of Aug., 1907<
A. W*. BELDEN, Agent. * .
south   ,80 chains;'   thence   west 80 i go chains;,1 thence'   west ' 80 chains;
er, being tbe northwest corner post
ol the Jno. Jones claim; running I witness—Thos. Slater.,
thence south 80 chains;-thence west
80* chains;- thence'"'north 80 chains;
thence east* 80 chains to point ■' of
commencement. .  '.'    '
Located this 1st day of Aug.. 1907.
-   -JNO.--JONES, Locator. -
.   A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.-*
SO  chains;     thence "west"* 80  chains;
thence north 80 chains; thence east
80 chains to point of commencement.
Located tliis'lst day bf Aug/l907.
14. Commencing at a post planted THOS., LARGE; Locator,
oh north side of post No. 13, being",   ,   ' a.'W. BELDEN/Agent
northeast     corner  of  Ena  Brown's j-witness—Thos.", Slater.'
claim./lying -' west of   Jno.   Jones' j   ^ Coramcncing at a post planted
24. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Post 23; south side,   .and
being northwest"comer post of Thos. .*].   Located this ,2nd.' day of Aubust,
Large's claim;" thence running south \ 1S()7_
chains; thence north 80 chains to
point of commencement.'- _ -
,_" Located tti'is 2nd (lay of August,'
1907. yyyy-yyy ... ; _.'.. ' .
'   LEWIS  P.  LARSEN, , Locator.
- As, W. -BELDEN, Agent.' *"''" /'
Witness—Thos. Slater.  -
- 34. Commencing at,a, post planted
adjoining Claim No. 33's post, west
side, and ia. the northeast corner of
Mrsi Louis Stutz's . claim; . thence
running south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; thence north, 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to point of
den's claim; thence running south'80 Witness—Thos. Slater.
thenco' s\vest 80 chains; thence north
03. Commencing at a post planted
80 chains;;thence.east.80, chains.to  ^ar the  . Flathead river,, adjoining.
polut of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less
Henry Helmer's claim No. 64 on the
cast, and is'the southwest corner ct
Located this" 5th day of Aug.,'1907. Herman    Ammann's"; claim, .theica*
claim; thence running west'80 chains;
thence '   running,   south    80  chains;
'   thence running e.st 80 chains; theace
running north 80. chains to point of
commencement.        -   -
y   Located'this. 1st day of'Aug. 1907.
'" '    . ENA BROWN, .Locator: " ." • '*'_,
... A.'' W7BELDEN, ."Agent.
•■" Witness—Thos. Slater..
15. Commencing at.a .post on the
s'outh_ side of Flathead iiver,' about
1 mile east of claim "No. .14,. and being the northeast corner,,of Henry
Hewitt, junior's, claim, thence   run-
„ ning south 80 chains; thence wcst,8,0
chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
■east'80 chains to point of commence-
>. ment. " '-'•
adjoining' north side of claim stake
of No. 23, and being southwest corner of Fred -W.' Gaston's claim;
thence running east 80 chains; thence
north 80 chaius;r thence west 80
chains; thence south 80' cUains to
point of .commencement.
■ L-.cated this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
.. FHF.n. ..W.^GAST6N._Locator._
MRS.    LOUIS  STUTZ, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN. Agent.-
Witness—Thos. Slater. ,   . '  .     '
35. Commencing at -a post planted
adjoining "No.  33's south side,   and
staked „ on  the  Flathead  Trail   ,on~
cast bank of Flathead River, and is
the southwest corner of >H. 0.- Guil-
liand's claim; thence renning east 80
'-.chains; thenw nortk 80 chains; then
west  80    chains;    thence south    80
chains.to point of commencement.-'
.; Located this, 2nd   day of August,
1907."'      "    '■   ..-*      ':''.''  "    -!'''       '
H.  O.  GUILLIAND, Locator.
'\. A. W. BELDEN,'_ Agent. y\:.   -
_n7;fTioee.^.rrhc><I _^S1fl+.pr, —. . '   -   ■■
'A.'W. BELDEN, Agent.-   -
Witness—ThcsJ Slater'.- r'v    '  <
23. Commencing' at a pest planted
adjoining east side of "Claim No. 24,
and being northeast, corner of Mrs.,
Thcs., Large's claim; thence * running
east * 80 chain's; '. thence south 80
chains; thence west £0 chains; thonce
north 80'chains   to.point of "_eom-
■ Lucato-1 tliis 1st clay of Aug. 1907, ■ mencement'".  ' 7
HESn7'HEWITT, Jr., Locator!   L..cated this lst=>day of.Aug. 1907.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent. '   j- , ' *i_iRg_ THOS.'LARGE, Locator.
' Witncso-Thcs.-Sht:r. j-,    a. W.'BELDEN, Agent.- ■.
IG. Conimencing at.a post planted ;Witne:s—Thr.s.  Slater,
adjoining     tlio    claim    (Ko,  lu;  cf ;   27. Corr.'ner.clnj ot-n p:st planted
1-Icr.ry Hew.tt,   Jr.,     on the nurih, 'c.a. piatlio.id  Trail  s.-.uth,' and-   nd-
hcing the s-iiithc.isc corner of Henry } j fining 'claim.   No.  26,  and • ll'oing
Hewitt's claim; running' thence north ;,outh\vcst  comer, post, cf  Jay Yco:
80'chni'us;     thonco   wc.;t iO chains;   man's cl:-.im;  ther.ce rimnlng ' north | chains;, thsv.ee south '80 cliains; thonce
thenco ■ south SU chains; thence east | s0 c]in[ns;     thence   cast 80 chains; j cast  jo  chuin's  to  point  of     com-
S0 cliains to point of commencement, -thence south SO chsins; thenco west' rnencD!iicnt.
Locatorl ti.is J'st day of'Aug. 1007. ;>(_•) ch.^jim to point cf commencement,
■ IIlflNUY IiKWITT, Locator.       j" L-jaatcd thi' 2nd day of Aug. 1907.
A. w. m-'LDEN. ..Agent.'       _   ! JAY YEOMANS,'Locator.
WitiVWi-Thts.  Slater. -, „ | A.  vV. BELDEX, Agent.   ,
17. Coinmeir.i.ig ut'a post planted ■ Witness—Thos, Slater.
.. ndjolnlns Pv st No. 16, which ,is the '   g3. Comme'iclni at a. pest planted
claim of Heiit-y Hewitt, on the west, 'west eldo cf 1-oet No, 27, und being
and telnj eouthwest corner post of ! adjoining Claim     No. 24 on   south
John .3". Hswiti's cljim; thence run-:B'cie_ hciii,**; soiitho:-:st, corner post cf ! claim;     thenco   runnlug   south    80
nlng nortii SO chains; thenco east SO'TIoiiry Yeoman's claim; thence   run- j ch l lis; tlunce wcBt 80 chains;,thenco
■ chfiinp; thonco south SO chains; thenco injn_r north 80 chains; thenco west 80 ] norLli   80   chiiins;    thonco oast   80
west   SO chains   to   I'oint ot com- *ch".ins;    thonce     south   SO    chains; | chr.ins to pyint o£ commencement.
, 36. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining .Fost No. 3€'s, south side,
and is the northwest comer of Swan
Petersen's' claim; thence .; running
east 80'chains; ' thence'» south 80
chains; thenco west 80 chains; thence
north 80-chains to point of com:
mencement. '
L-jcated "this 2nd   day   of August,
1S07.     '  ,,,
A, 'W.  BELDEN,  Agent.
Witness—Thos.  Slater, .
■ 37. Commencing at n pest planted
ncljdin'113 Post No.. SG's, west side,
Mul-Lelni; northeast comer post   of
Isaac' Waldrou'e claim;' thence   running 'north 80 c'mins; thonce west 80
Located this 2nd   dny   o£ August;
1S07.       „    "
ISAAC   WALDRON,   Locator.
A.  W. BELDEN, Agent;
V/tncss-Thos.  .Slater.'
33. Commencing nt a pest planted
adjoining No. 37, south, and is tho
nortlioset.corner of Jno. Anderson's
thcnce': south 80' chains; thenco east
80 chains 'to   point ' of 'commencement. '" ' '% ■"■ '"■ ' ''"" '
'^Located- this 3rd day of Aug.1907."
:' ' 7 -JESSE  BUCHHOLZ,  Locator.
A'.'"W. -BELDEN,' Agent.
Witness—Thos;" ■ Slater.'•'■    . "     ,■'■*■""
44. Commencing at a post planted
east of'and adjoining No. 43, and is
the northwest' corner of ■• Coral Buch-
hols's claim; thence 'running east 80
chains;    thence *,  south ";80 -chains;
thence west, 80'chains; thence north
80 ' "chains» to npoint  ■' of commencement. "'       •■-' "■ ■'    '
■"Located this 3rd day of Aug; 1907.,
.-' A.'W. BELDEN, Agent;..
Witness—Thos.', Slater.     r,", -■     ■   .
, 45.- Commencing at av post- planted
north, side of Pbst>   43, and.being
southwest corner of Ray Kaufman's,,
claim; thence,running north 80 chains
thence west 80 chains;" thence south
SO chains; thonce. east .80 chains*;to
point,'of commencement.     .. .,,   ,--.
"Located this 3rd, day of "Aug. 1907.
'..RAY KAUFMAN, Locator.", '
"    ' A.-'W.. BELDEN, Agent."   " "
Witaess—Th'os.  Slater.-'1.'
,"46! Commencing at a post planted
adjoining No. 44 onno'rWi side,* "and
is the northwest corner  of** Arthur
T_owns":nd 's   'claim'; '^'tbence' - running
.Witness—Thcs. Slater. ," -'9 •*'■ '■ '• '
• 54. Commencing at ;a post planted
jiist north-'of :Claim"No.' 53/ being
claimed; A;- Worth 'Belden, and :le-
ing the southeast'corner post",'of,
Arvin O. Hoxie's* claim; thenco running west --80 chainsj-'thence notth
80 chains; ■* thence'   east '80 chain's';; Witness—Thcs,"Slater
running north 80 chains; .thence east
80: chains;   thence " south '80 chains;
thence west 80 chains to point \ot
commencement, containing 640 acrea
more or lesfl-    '-*' '■'-■'."■
" Located this 5th day of'Aug., 1907«.
'■'* HERMAN AMMANN,  Locator.'..',
':'"'a'. W. BELDEN, Agent. ; ,'.;..'■ f •'
thence-'South''80 'chair's; to' 'point' .'oi
64. Commencing at a post■ planted'.
commencements -making-GiO   acrtB,^ .,-c{ Herma?   Ammann.a--^^
moro or less
Located this 5th clay of -Aug.", 1907
ARVTN  C.-'.HOXIE;':.L°ocator.
A'.' W. .BELDEN, Agent;"   -  -
Witness—Thcs." Slater. :"':.*,. ; '- '"'
east . 80  chains;:--  thence  north
chains; ■"thence0 west 80 chains; thence
Eouth  80 chains to  point ot    commencement '
Located this 3rd day of Aug. 1907.
-A. W. BELDEN,'Agent,' ' '"'
Witness—Thos.' Slater.
'"47. Commsncing at-*a post planted
south and adjoining Claim No. 42
and, 43, and being the northeast corner
thence south £0 chains; thence east
80 chains; tlunce north 80 chains to !
point of commencement.
Locitsd this 3rd day of Aug, 1907
ELLA TOWN'SEND,   Locator.1
A, W, BELDEN,"*Agent.
Wltn:ss-Thof3,' Slater.
•IS., Commencing- at a post planted ;,
55. Commencing at a post-planted
two miles.west*-of posts of Claims
Nos.* 51, 52, 53;aud 54, and* ' being
the northwest comer post ■ of Elmer
Jones', cla'.m;. thence running east.fO
chains; thence south ..80 ..chains;
thence" west SO chains; thence north
80 chains ..to. point' of. commencem jut,
making 640 acres more or less.
, L:cated  this 5tii day of Aug., 1907.
. ELMER- JONES,'Locator. -., •
A.. W.^BELDEN, Agent..':", ^7 "
Witness—Thos.  Slater, v . ..        ;■-.
56. Commencing at "a post!planted
adjoining ., aClaim -.J$o.x-55,-. which;,:is
s;uth of it, and"„being the southwest
comer post"; of • Geo.. E.J; Schrieber's
claim; * thence ,.,tunning -.%north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;- thence
south ' ,80 chains;,, thence ^.west 80
ment, making , 640 acres- moire ir
less..        ,     "'..'     *; i ■ ...     . .   •
Located this" 5th, day,of Aug.,,1907.
. „'GEO.".,E..: SCHRE1BER',. Locator.
..    A. W. BELDEN, .Agent?.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.  ."    . <* ..-.-',
■ iNo. 6^',' and is two miles south;';'of
', j northeast corner post of John*-. And*
;erson's claim No.'J38, and being .'"ths
-.'southeast corner post of:Henry Helmer's claim; thence running'west 80.
chains; thtnee ■ north1 80 '-chains;
thencj east 80 "chains; thence ibutH
a0 chain's to 'point of commencements
containing 640 acres more, or .less.,
Loc"ited this :,5th day of Augi 1907«
"'      'HENRY HELMER;* Locator.
" A, W. BELDEN, Agent!
Witness—Thos. Slater.., .  '""'
. C5. Commencing at a'post .planter!
at .or   near   the claim**   of Herman
Ammann's   ,*-' No.' 63,    hieing     the "'
northwest comer post"of Mrs.;*Her^
man .■Ammann's ■> -claim; thence run-"
ning ci; st 80' chain's';'' thence south 80
chains; thence west SO chains; thence
north  80' chains "to''point of "coni------
mencement/-   containing    640   acres;.    >
more'or less: ' '     ".■'", "'.7'"""•"'   ,-■'
Licated  this 5th day. of, Aug., 1907*
7^^V7iWTTBELpEN7T-Agent.^    7^7    ~
Witnes's-Thcs'.' Slater." ' ," • ,-  -, ':,-.■
. 66. Commencing at a post -planted ;
adjoining.' the claim of Henry   Hei" ;°
mer; No. 64, on the south, being tiw-
northeast corner'- post of Mrs. Lottie
Larson's'clrim; thence running'fen-th'
80 chains; * thence   'west 80 chains;
57. Commencing -at a. post planted
west o£ Claim No. 55, the claim of, . ,
_,;■        T ,  .„,„„ +,,„   •„..,, ; thence .north SO chains; thence . east
Elmer  Jones,  and being the :ioivi-,i      .   . ■; •   ' -
*.*.' „ ...7..   ■' ^   >' m„j7 -I'o^io'i80. chains     to point   of commence.*
east   corner   post ct   Madge Cuss s , .       ,
.claim;   thence*    running "south    s0 ,jnont,  containing ,.010 apr« more oa
r pest of Ella .Townsend's claim; ichainH; thMCo ^ 80 .cUalns; thence Jl!S3' ' ...........
enco     running     west.  80   chains; ],-•,.     .     ,   .-       ,, fi .    „0 ■
north    SO chains;     thenoe, cast    80
; chains   to point c'f    ccmmcr.cement,
,niaUing G'.O acres more cr 1:sj.
!   Lscated this  5th cky  cf Aug., 3J07■
Swc:*. y's ilslm; thtneo running north
80 chain3;
, Located  this 5th day  of Aug., 1907.*,,
■      A. W.  BELDEN, Agent.. ' ■'
Wi-'ncss—Thos.  Slater.
JIADGU'' CASS, Lcc^tcr. c7' -^-Jmnitncin-j at' a, post planted,'
A. ,W.-BELDEN, Agent. iflt  or  ™w     and adjoining Henry,'
iWitness—Tins.  Slater. ,''    ' ! Ycomttn's claim,' No.' 28. on'its west
!   CS. Communcin- iit a post planted i6icl°' ani1 Lo'n3 tho northenst co.aai*.
adjoining, ncrfi sielo cf Claim   No7'"ost     of ^"'-V     Muwon;B    claim;
mining    west'   80   .chains;
nth £0 chains; thonco.o>et '
Tn7w    ;;            7   fnfljolning.nort-i sielo cf Claim   No.'1'"61' Ul "
north of Pest No, 47, and being ,„,   ..      ,    ,.            .                            thenee -rum
.,-'.-              '       „     ;   "A "le claim of Mntlgo Cass, nnd is 7"*"^ lum
northwest     corner   of' Franl.   ,,          ,,      .                    ,    I ,,,',„   thenco s^ut'
,    , .      ,,            ■■  ..         ,, !tho southo.-.st-c:mor pest,, of, W. w. !uu"v,u °-'''*-
,  on   ,   .       D.    Elmer's'claim;     thonce running I80 clmins; tll2nco 1KVt]l £0 cUnina to
thence   west 80 chains, ^   8Q chnlns.     th£nC(J    riOrth80 jr*olCt    of commencement, containing
j thonce south £0 chains; thenco' cast
•SO chains to point of commencement.
Located this 3rd day of Aug, 1907.
FRANK   SWENEY,  Locator..,
A. W. BELDEN, Agont.     ...
Y.'tt.-io -.-Thos, Slater.
49, Commencing at a post planted
83Ut....cf   Claim No. 48,  and being
chains; thenco onetf 80 chains; thcncoJ640 ncrcs moro or lcss
Located  this Oth day of Aug.,  1907*
A, W. BELDEN, Agent.   ''
Witness-rhos. Slater.
; thenco oa^t SO chains to point    oi
Located this 2nd   day of August, j the southwest corner of Otto   Gev-
JNO,  ANDERSON,  Locator.
A, W. BELDEN,.Agent.
Wil;n:ns—ThLH. Sinter,
[)!j. Commencing' nt a post planted
■   I.'jcato;l this 1st dny'of Aug. 19077 commencement..'
./OILS' J. HliWlTl',' Locntur.    j   hizaUA this t'nd, dny of Aug, 190T
A. W, IlKLDEN, Auent. : HENRY    YEOMANS,   Locator
\WtncKS--ThoB.  Wlitor, - \.  ,v. BELDEN, Agont.
IS. Cotv.moiuinr; r.t t\ post plmited  Witness—'dies. Sl;iter.
adjoining south side cf Nu. 17,   the'   j*9. Commencing nt a post plunted 1 two miles up Graveynrd Crook from
claim of Ji h*. .1. i-ieiVltt, nnd bring   -vljolniir; Port No, 27 on south side, JFlathoul River and Trail east, nnd _
tho nor. h',','< rc crnrr cf Willinni II. '.-nil in tho nrrOvrst c.in;cr nf IjouIs ; hcin.7    nnrihenat   corner of    Joseph • 'Itncrq-ii'.o.?.  .-sinter
Hewitt's clilm; t' cnoe riinnlnc! c.u-t ' fituti'ii i*.!nini| tionco ninnlng   enst,' jrr.ee'  rliim; thenco runwini*; onst E0
SO ch;iiiis; 'thenco 1.011th  in  clmin.-j'so chaive;    thur.ci? r.M.th SO chnlns; ' clu.inr,     thence    noutli   L0   elnin-!;
tliei.ee west Sj chrijii';; llic*.r:c JV-.rth  Uuncc west, id ili..ln:s; thence north   fimnco wo.it 80 chnlna; tlience nortl7nort,lwCBt c'r''01' P(-Hl d His. Otto
'   C8, Commencing at u post planted
lndJolnln-4*; I-Inrry .Mimscn's clnim No.- -
167 on the north side, nnd being tho'
f.O (h.iiii3    i-i  p-iint, i.t i-iiinmoiicc'
LiCitel till:-, 1i-t ih.y of Au*.;. jO'17.
WM, IT, JIKWITT, L. r.-.l.r.
A. W. IlKLDl-JN. A','C.',t.
Willi'B.i-Th r.   :-'!l i«r.
11.   <*; l:ll:tU10l.^:   iit   ,:   ]i   jr.   J>l.iHtt"l
■FCi ch I.u;     t'i lnint of    commenco": SO   clifilr.n to- point   i*f comincncc*
. rucnt. n
L-.pr.tid thh Kr.d di y ot An*-;,'lt*07.
LOVf-' f'TUT'/', Lor-ntor.
A. W. II'I.I.DISN', Aionl.
WI*: r ;---T,Tv-    S-'l'ti-i".
"0. i"i>!iii...!Kln!' r.t ti pou'   ddjoln-
Lr-CAletl   thin  3rd  dny  of  Aiicnat,
JOH.rrn jonkb, Loc-.u-r,
A    iV.  nKLDKN,  A rent
WMivi.  -'l'\\'-f.  Rlit-r.
south 80 chains to point cf    com-
mencnunt,  mnliing  C10 neres mere
cr less.   '
L'.cutcd this Cth day of Aiif,'., 1S07.
W, Wi D. ELMER,' Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.    '„_.
Witnrss-ThoH.  Slate-r.
.bof./s claimrtrCMo^UnnrB7nJrUi!   5'J' Com lur etas, nt 11 pest plwtil  nauthenst    corner    post of    Monty,"
ISO chMnr     thonco   cist 80 chains- ;lwo mlks west "P thc   Cl'ook   from,lAdi'.m h claim; thenco nihning   west
ithex-o'eoulh 83 "chiihs- thent'o WCBt ' Claims-numbered CB, 50, B7 mid, M, ' 80 ch.ins;     thonco ncrlh £0 chnlna;
.£0 chains to PL-CO oi coinmeno-iiiout, !«ml '*flnl- the «-outliv.-e-t «*™« pcst.lh^ic. e r,t 80 clr.ins; tlience south
Located thin 3rd dny cf Aug,'1907,   *'•' W"11""* A, Watson's cl.iim; utuco tOichiins ti point of-commencement,
;     '   OTTO  GERBOTH   Locator.     '  "•■•••In"*; north SO chains; thence o.Ht c( nt'.ininj- r-lu ncns more or less.
I      , A. W. DELD13N, Arjont. iG0 chains;' tho ice suith 10   cluV.ns; .   Located  this CtU dny of Aug., 1907*
thenco west  83 ch:iiii3 to point    ot
■ LocnUd thin rth day of Am:., V.107.
A. W. UI'lLDhlN, A'-'0iit.
WKncnn-'Tli'is:' KL.tr.
CO. '"omintnclng r.t a post planted
jui-'t couth ef No, -1'J, and being tho
Gcr-ln'Vu clnlm; thrnco runnincr cast
8C c'.i.'iinp; tli.'ncc noutli 50 chains;
th-!--" wosl FO chriln-s;  thcr.co north
'MONTY ADAMS, Locator,
A. W. BELDEN, A'-ont,
Wltnas-Thnn.   Sl*,t-jl'.
tlu, I'riiiuner.c'.ne fit a post l,litu''od
mo mil;; ikrth -.f Monty Adams's
claim Nn.  CS,  mvl loin-,', two i.iilcs
i;o, Coninuncli:,T r.t n poMt -i'1-..ntcil north oi the Bonlhcst corner jioat
10 chillis to p-h.t ol cciMiiiTirment.   mHoinln; Claim Nu. OS on thuoulh  nf «.ll •.■I..J111 Xo. CS, mid being the
i.djo'nln-: C'l.iin Nu. 17, Vcl.-inMn-,* tn  iu»
?y on itfi wfst i'l<lf, rind bc-
•lo. Cumiri'ucln--; nt'n po't phinlod
•Tfilin .1. llpwltt, f;-..iu!if'ii.'-t :-idc, l.o-  fir/ Uif i*ovthP.-ini' t* rmr, of Arthur  ntli-'hiin" No. .'9 on tlie >vist, hotnet
I11K e-ulho..bL u-iiii:,' of    CIuih.    \\J: .-.Sewsuirt-B     cl..lm;    thence    rnnnin-;   KoULhect fr..rr.er of Wliumtc Bc-UWa :tvc' "li,ffi wt""   n>i  tlm rrer-l:    In.),'.
Le,',, H,lm;thcnc,  Wo„t so chMnt;   ,ot.U,   ■=,.   cm,lr.;,, then,,    went   M "claim;      lUcncc     ninnin- onst.    80 ' M ;1.und  Rlvor,  nnd  bdn,  immcdl-   M^^^ ^ q[ ^^     MM  lUs „th (by of Au|fi|  mi,
si;*.-, -.Hid i.clii:' tho n..irtliw*...a ccin.r norllic.-.Jt cunv.f post of W. Vi.   .1.
pcfit   (f    Mr.-.   Krcl    Yi',  fl.-til/n'n Mt.! on'i    cluip;     thi-i.co ninnlnp:
tliini; il.inee runniii*, 0 at to rhr.n.i; \us: yi     chulnc;     thcw-.) poutli fcO
thence ii.iilh B; chr.InM; tlu-ucc v-'r-t rh. i".s; thene- c..f-'t f;0 clv..liis; thonco
M. ('f.mntor.cin(,' nt 11 in.it i>l'.uti*.l ^ t^ln**: t,10-('c norin iy ^»-'l»s.^'- iKrth Su   cliniiw to   Pdnt of   com-
point, if tomincnci-iiii-nt, mul-in*  l-lu  mtuccm nt,  mi'i.inj;  Glo acres mere
fl"  lCHf*.
l.oc. t:d thin 3r.l d.ty ol Am,;. 1007.
MRS.   OTTO   C1UUH1TII,   Lor.itoi*.
A. W. IIKLDRN,* Ai-,cnt.
V.'ltiUJS-Th^s.   Slutor
Illjllll Ul   C. lIUli'.F.CiliKlU,
Lociitod this Ifit dny of Auk. lf>07.
fUAS. W.  LEA, Locutor.
A, W. HELBHN, Agent.
Wiln-m-Tlrn.   Fl.t-r,
20, t'oinmoaclns nt n post planted
I   I...U.      I* .     w.* ■    *.*',*
\. r tt.: VtY.y., .wr.t
V'   T   ■*rny,'!',.Tr'riV   T>^'"^t^*■
A, "V. lT.LTIT'S",  Arwt,
'WlliitHi-Tiicp, f!l-iter.
*'   .11. Commencln*: ut n pest planted' Wltn.f.s--Thos. SluUr.
tliisiico fljuth 60 cli'iin;*:; theuce   ontt cli-iine;     thcncii   north   SO   chnlns; j(|.alr.s; t'.',ci'.co north CO chnlns; thenco ,i-t-ely w\Ft tt, John'Anderson's crr.im
M chriins; thonco north 80 cliains to ,thenco   enst  rxi   rhmns to  point rf  uvKt   hu   eimins; tlunce south    ,»o  .^'.^w,**,  ..«-tu-,  i.a- n..u,h,..M. 4i,uiui
.enmmtnetment.. icln.ma to liouit <,i i-oiimi'.'iiCi.-iiU'ni,    ,*• ",<-*'-"* l--n.ii.ULi -, <L...; il.■.*.(.*.
"   Jnentcd thi.- 2nd dny of Aup. 19077   Locate., this   Rrd   dny of Auyust, 1 mnn'm; north SO chuins; the.icc enst ^-HniBs-rUos. Slater. ,
•UVriTn, NEWSOM, Locator.     LOT.                                                  !■""' chnlns;     tUfncc pouth ?o <l»V.ti.r, n. Ccmmcsci**; t,t a post j'1-.r.tcd TO. Com'ifuein? nt a post planted
1     '  A. W. niSLDMs', Attcnt.    "'    J      ' WIN'dATIO UKLDKS, Locnior. ! tlinwe   w-i»t ^ chains to point of ndJ-IMn* <.]...m No. CO, being Mrs.'iiUJdnlu; curau- pest No., CO of tho
fllntrr.                        I         A. W. BELDEN, At-eiit.             ''•» inmeuo-'iiiciit, contiiluln-,' C-10 11 rib Fred nnat.n'ii clilm,  to tho   wes:- ch;lit of W. W. .7. Morrison, which
1 inort cr less. "''-M  thrrerf,  nnd  l.clng  the norx*1!- is mi the s.'inii tAAt, nnu 'inn« tint)
•ll. Commoncln,- nt a pest plant:d !   Uc,le(l this ML .lay of Au-r. 1'07. erst   cuton     pest    of   Uonvv  .1 Houthenst enrnr-r port of Henry (M-
1. nnrtheast «,rner port of HnrnH. :aUjo»»ln8 Claim No. 28, south ri.lr/lnflJMnJn* No. m. est rid,, and „ ; JKROMB   ^UMHBLLKli. Locr.,r. Bhh.i's cl.Im; ther.ce nmnlri;., south iptrrH rtM,«   Jenco ««nn^n* w«l.
I*a.H claim; thonco smith m cbnlns; nnd hcln, the nnthwcBt corner pott<fittM north ride of rivrr on bnnl:,          A. W. nRLDBS, A^ont. chain,;    thence    «r«t «0 ch.,ins rhu!         *™Tl\xoo^*oZi
thonco west 80 chain,; thence   north ,A .Tacit H. Wilmofs tl-dm;   thonce nr,l is sv.itlnvcst corner ot Chis. H. -WltncsF-Thw.  Rlnter. thenee north w dn «S; -thence est hence «,*-t "*«™>J^«^
^ rJnlnrv th*nr, «,*> cn rhnln**   tn mmUm- nurtli SO rhnlns: thrnr-e™t Wlnrntn's rlnim: thenco rnnnin? Mst ''   W. Commencing   nt   ..    post Just, SO flnlr.s to point of commencement. £0 CfilM tu point of commencement,
point cf commencemtnt.                   ;fi0 chains;    thence noutli 80 rha.nB;.8» cho'.nr, tlunce north f.0   cbaim; -odJcininB a-,im Xo. 61, of Jorunc ,coBt;lnlnB M0 ncr.a mere or Usi. imnMns J4" 7"" ™^nJr'f""' „,
1007. thence e-ct  »? H.Mnc t«  point    ,'.f ; tWnce vc-t  «0 eh.olnr; thr,,,, routh   nrumhrlhr, ,,,thwr,rA ot mb\ claim. Looted  this Bth day ot Aue., W07. Locate  this Cth dny of Aw... MM.
icommencement.                                    HO   ch;lns    to point   of commence-.and belt... the northwrj-t corner post HOMRH J. SHINN, Locator.
I   Itfe-itcd this   2nd   Any of Ancust,1 mc-r.t    fO chains;    thence   south 80  ol   Bruce    Hendeninp   clnlm,   flnd A. W. BELDESV1 Apent.
(tdj.'.lnln-.:' f'LIm No, IS, south, and .nn the west bnn'. of Flathead river,.
i.-jc-tfll this 17 -l.iy d Ml;
CLARA II. LKA, Locator.
A. W. BKLBF.N. A-sent*
Wltncro-Th'-B. Slitcr.
'ebslns to point of commoncement,    ' runntn?   thenee   south     SO chains; ■ Wltn-ss-Th'fs. Slater.
HRXRT C.vnPENTEn, TiOcatar.
A. W. BELDEN, Ajjent.
Witr.css-Thcs. Slater.
-W^M^t |.j^-»«aS*.M£*«V;
il i' *••
-1    <
, - ' '*
' .This paper "will not he responsible
for opinions'expresse! by its correspondents. ■ - • ' ; "
To-.The .Editor:  ",■ .    ""   .    "'
Sir,—In a recent issue, of The Led--
articlo, "Socialism Inevitable," "and
to show how fallacious were my de-
Hu'ctions' from the passing of coal
production1 as a commodity, R. I*,
advances gaily to the attac't,'and
Mi nitres, about co-operative. stores.
No', doubt, the ■ writer has a subtle
method of rerunning with which he
can prqba'ily reconcile economics to
co-operative stores,
No argument was advanced to dispute tho maxim assertion that human'labor power is bought and-sold
just like a pair of shoes or a cotton
garnnnt;. „ This evidently is 'beyoid
which clginicd to be a reply to my
R. D.'s depth, who probably is better Qualified to discuss tie great
.vital problems "in the Canadian's
•Blrde-—Eaton's. catilo»ue—and ,were
It not for tho fact' the ten Dr of the
letter expressed t^e stock, in trade
Objectioni to Sochlism. by capltil-
isl apolur.-ats, the, master printu-
would not he,afflicted by; yours truly.
One question as'sed, where ase we to
get:.our; captains of industry from,
under Soai.il'Bm? Well, to be fran'f,
the res iit of the - evolution of-modern , capit ;lism, • are Mailing ' What
Karl Marx' foretold- in' 1810,' "that
capital wiull by .its very n .ture become , more.'.' centralized year after
year. ■' *       ,,'. -^ -; „.   „' •
Frederick". Engel;,-* \vho^ with'"Mark
was cne of the founders of scientific.
Sociali ;m, maintained _ that .the n;xt
step in capital sm is !' state 'capitalism," in which'rthe state, as' a
ruling diss"; in, siciet/,- will tike
orcr fr.m individual capitalists tbe
rai roads, mines, ships, fictorics,
etc., and opsrntc them for tho benefit of'propriety, a revival, as it were,
on a larger scale the republic of
others; tlio wage workers will ' Btill
to und;r an economic master, .the
stats," and, ns a consequence, slaves,
but wi 1 eventually rise and by legitimate methods seize ■ the. power of
government, lo;i3late to their interests, and for the first time in the
history of civilization class antagonism .will te hbol'shed and nan
stand economically masters of the
basis of exist nee—fnb. One ofchtr.
plea thit capitalists aro careful of
their, machines and tools of pro Vic--
tion and would not relegate .tbem
to sera? heaps as foretold by Edison in the near advent,of electricity
ifar industrial and" domestic .usss—in
[short, the-revolution in motive, pow-
' er universally. ., . ■ •
I must point but that capitalists
,'have no choice in'the matter; their
actions ,'ara "determined by.' the -.economics th:y themselves as a. class
brought 'nto existence.- *' •'-.. *.
..En_eis* very ably shows the cap-,
italist position in " the following
statement:' ''We_ have^se3n ,.thatrthe
eve4--increasing :'peffectibility;of modern machinery is," by the anarchy, of
social production, , turned into a
com.iulsaiy law that forces .the ■ in-
di.idual industrial capitalist to always improve his "machinery."''' The
bare pos.i'oi i'ty of extending the field
of production is transformed for him
into a similar' compulsory law."
To tho.cheap giuo that "Socialists
are fit ' the most part ignorant,
hard-working .men," I offer for his
consideration a few of the names of
gro.it writers, scientists and philosophers, viz., G.; Bernard Shaw, Tolstoi, " Priuce ,' Kropatkin, H. G.
Wells, Jack London, Labriola, Ferri,
BeSel, Jaures and Larfargue, also
millionaires Petetsbn, Wilshire,
Phelp, Stokes", and „Hunter, the
Countess of Warwick, Lord Ribbles-
dale and the Duchess' bf Sutherland,
all Socialists. ..."
It is well known" to students', in
sociology that Socialism is accepted
by the "majority of, thinkers untram-
elled by class hatreds' or economic
interests, and finds the greatest opposition at the hands of reactionaries and those of", the "working
Glass" steeped in prejudice and ignorance, aud of such is the nucleus
of the groat, safe and same conser-
valib_ cum capitalist fraternity.
Fernie, Aug. 25, '07.
*'. l_o	
One pi the best dramatic offerings
in the coming . autumn will be *
magnificent production of a famous
play! under the' management' of Clifford Lane Bruce.; . -': - "'**.
.-Having had such a lengthy..experience'1 in the 'theatrical requirements
that "''this forthcoming presentation
wiir:be the s.iccess. ot. the season,
besides giving Canadians,an opportunity to witness a drama which
otherwise would not reach them for
many seasons.      ".;'. 7*  .".
Miss HeLne Scott; .for four years
leading lady',,with Harold Nelson,
has hem' specially engaged for this
tour, while tho other principals of,
ihe company are now being selected
• No return dates will he played, aB
the management is negotiating, for
an 'Australian tour to begin shortly
otter Christmas. *
Namo of play   will be announced
later;       , .
„_ _4_ .
, A hotel that furnishes quiet, commodious accommodation for its patrons ia "a sourco of pleasure to tho
travelling public. Such a ono is the
King Edward Hotel, of Fernie, cor-
nsr oppoelto post office.'.
|: New & Second Hand i
«£ StOTOS, Musical Goods, Etc.-*?*
*fc  V •
All kind of goods handled on
Next Door to Imperial Hotel
The beet, dollar a day-house
in the city.
Well1 stocked bar. .,
Liquors, and. Cigars of the
highest quality.
Gold   Medallist
■'     ' late of South  Kensington
Eng. is prepared to take
17 ".orders for a'limited numb-.
'cr of.Portrait Paintings."'
For particulars address Box 431 Fernie or'can be seen at the C. C. L. A.
Hall Coal.Creek. „
St. Paul;
. -' 1 *      "•■",''
^ .' nnd Return
: $'48.56
„,    ./Pickets on sale   Sept. 11, 12,13 "
Jamestown Exposition
*> Return Limit 90 Days from date of Sale. *■
The above rate is Irom Fernie, B. C. Same rates apply
to Duluth. Fernie to'Chicago and return, $G0. Proportionately, low rates to Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, and other
eastern points.'   .
,"  For information regarding rates, roDtes, etc. write
- . ILL. BLACKSTONE, Fernie, B. C-
or W. A. Ross, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt., Seattle, Wash
The A. Macdonald Co
ij . 1/H_;qj Q(ji.*^i lVipninpef|     1     -    -
Branches—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie,
•"■Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora,' Ont; ."
;.,; Fernie,  B. C.
From  Francej  Holland and
„       -   Japan -,
Seeds Trees
Plants 1
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material,' Cut
Flowers. ' etc. Oldest" established
nursery, on the mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free,;      '      ' •
,       Nurseries   '-_<•'
Qreenhousea.and Soedhouses
60   YEARS'''
<i>AGi"iFJC Ky:
Reduced   Kates  from   Ehstern
1       Points oii  Sale Daily
September lu to October 81st.    '
1 _}
' *? ;
Ottawa ..
Wholesale. Groceries,   Flour,   Feed &
1   . i      Camp Supplies
I don't know, hut vho aro considered capta'ns of finance? Even U^ D. t ^
might he prepared to niines'ich'me.ii \t
00 ItocM.llor, Hurrim'jin, Hill llo*;-
ci*b ot.nl as advanced students iu
H.'0 induutrinl class, and the wji-ll
OW03 to tlu-m gre.t advances nud?,
mxploltors of labor though they aro.
In tho firet placo tluro would lie
no such cap.altiB of flinnco, hr the/
In tho second place, the hRSMi tuujhi
hy thew to the pcoph w'.ll htvo lie-n
i.horoii£hly lo.u-nt and remembered.
Now, R. Ui, 'jUBt a Utile less.n on
tho Socl-tlist pliiLs.iphy.
Soclil'sts do not rovllo and f.-Hi^
iown the vtiMx of Ho.iven ■•PJ'1 _SJ_
these capta'ns cl iniluslry—tint Ib ] Ifc
!e;t purjly n < fmictljn uf ■ an! "(fy
nro entirely a product of capit ilium; jjk
petty bourgo'-tsco and to Mb stlc'i \^U
fTeddy, h'.it wo point o-.it tint Bich |;jjj,
)non nro tho Ino.-ltaM1 onto me ot |-*jj,
cnpltallfltlc proilucthn. and they, jib ' '-■'
1   •,    ,''■'■    ■   ■ '•*-
' and everything in our
line can be found the
freshest at our store.
McDougall & Co.
Cigars, -Tobaccos, Etc.
Trade Marks
.... COPVniQHTS Ac.
Anyone Bonding a skotch find d jtcrlptlon nm*
lionsmneiiT4.-ui«i4ioiiiiiii. nnniuuun*»•• • «■•■*..»
■cut Iroo. OMost nijoncyfor acmrlun* patents.
I'ntonw Ukon tbrouuli Mucn i Co. reco|v«
qxeicl notice, without cburao, il tbo
Scientific Jfttierican.
A handtomoly Itlantrnted week./. l.-ia-eBt clr.
dilation of any nclcntl.lo Journal. Tornm, $3 a
J— "-i.fj. Bow*-""
Correspondingly tLow. Itatcs   from
Intermediate Points   . *.
Soo-Spokane  Service ,
The Finest on the Continent and the
Fastest between SpokaHe and
the Twin Cities-
The CanadianiPaciflc Operates
Standard Sleeping Cars
& Tourist Sleeping Cars
On   Two   Daily    Transcontinental
Trains in each direction
For lliitcs, ItcsorviitioiiB, and nny informatlou
dusiroU, npjily
C. £>. KYPK, Depot, Ticket Anent
-     K. J, COYLE, AG. I». A„ Vunoouver, or
JOHN J1IOK, V, p. A ,Nelson.
'our; fourraontbi
Id byaii noivbi'calorf.
mstM+sw+Mmt m*M*wot*r*J**s m mirxiri
A.   Oliver,   ..gent   of  the Washington  Steel
& J-Jolt   Company, of l.ulmomls,  Wash,,
will   bo in  town.    Those   willing to
investigate a profitable, industrial
,    inveslinenl in factories   lhat ,
will soon rank anions the
tlividend paving securities manufac-
lurinfl'' iron
ami Meel
- ,„ yonv rnmh?   Whvsn?   Ts
I not the head n much hfiiter place I' p"—-1"--— !-'- """""-■ --——--— -"""-- '
for it? Better keep whntis left! ■ .^.j].jj-M..y'*i*'^^J*-i).*-}J^
where Itbclongsl Ayer'sHolrl \l^t&.H^G^^
,vffitWrt.in!iS If Western Canada *
Tl..-. I,
* J* «4(k' J*1   f
if    /Ul.l*»l
k 4 4W4 *» »■»   t4>». "4 y<«4. 4rt4v WI. 4M.JW.Wk
nbout It. Wc speak very positively about this, for we know.
Dan Ml thengt th color cf the halt.
1'oipiult with nt>b titltlt
Bhow u to y«nr
Imktitm iuiVII,
;|■Co-operative & Trading Co., Ltd. j
,     * V? **Mm*mtm*S***mmOmO*M^**1m*Mm1*m*mmXb M*H>1*1 ■■l>l> ^t I ''
Dry   Goods,   Groceries    and
General  Merchandise
Aro you llstloflSi
fas*;od and
^   onorgy
Hiavo you lij.i.bcliOi l*ic.iji .linn
or jniiis In +ho t:hr-tt 7 Havo you
tint -'nll-Ecuo" fcelinp ? Do you
have fltB of nouto pain or wind
nftor lood ?
If no, roiuomticr tliat health do-
ponds on tliroo ma.'n or,:ann—
liver. Ktomnch nnd lnfutinofli
nnd BileaiiH roRUlato oil throo.
Bileans aro puroi/ herbal and
Kjlaw's -rwji'il.t'i are always
host- Don't dully I Write for
samploboxto' Btleann,Toronto,"
(sending lc. *Un.p for return
poatnBo),or 1myn.l)ox fronj your
druRgUt.   ,
jllto.   .'4.  .>-t'l 11.4-, V, t>.4r.'«."J<4., SilllX.
*\y* 1—"J"or licni|i»cl»-*, .k.-ilily, In-
•ligistioii, (.nvl Lilijiniicm I trlwl
many nwdicindi, hut I tiovit mot
wilh ftnytliliij* to c-qual llilonni.
'I'liey curerl irtn,
Of all drugglita at 50c per box.
lo Consumptives
Tho underalghod hoTlng boon restored to health by simple moans,
after eufforlhg for Bovoral-yoarB
.with n eovero lung atfootlon. and
that dread dlaoaso CONSUML'TION,
Is anxious 'to make known to his
follow enfforors tho moans ol ouro.
To 'thoflo wlio dofilro It, lio will
clioorlully Bond (free of ehargo) n
copy of tho prescription UHed, which
thoy wlll find a euro for CONSUMP**
TJON, ASTHMA, CATAltltH, BRONCHITIS and all 'throat and lung
MALADIES, II0 hopes all sufforors
will 'try this Ilomody, aB It Is Invaluable. Tlioso doslrlng tho prosorlp*
tion, which will oost tlio nothlnpr,
and may prove a blosslog, will
please address
Ilrooklyn, N, Y.
(Kormoiiy the Owl)
Tliii Owl   I-lcsiaiiraiil
which has recently
j will be more completely
I up-to-date    than   has
1 boon  ihe  cine  ir.  lhc
1 rw.l.    The    new  pro-
j pric'tor,
Indeed, ihe one great leiding feature ol
our new Kilr Vigor miy wellbe Mid
be thli—It ttepi filling hiir. Then „ ,„
tees one iiep fuftl.tr—It ildi:nituuirr;-j'
rtitoiiriEthe hilr'indicilp too heilihf k
condition. A>k for ''the atvHnxU" |-
John Taylor
will be pleased to meet
the old patrons and also new ones at thc olc'
Best of
FOR $2.00
With a diamond rlnpr 1 reveal
froo howtOKocuro a beautiful complexion. Diamonds nnd exquisite
complexion are both iloetrnble.   An
opportunity-to every womnn i8 now of*
fi'.vcd for obtalnliiR both. I-'or .S*2.00 I
oll'er altSKt. Gold Shell Hln^,
shapu lihu a helehor, with a Tiffany setting, set with a tfcimliio (lliiinoml
and will Keml free with every order tine
recipe and dlruetions, for obtaining «
faultlnis coiiiplexloii, oaslly undfi'stood
and slmplo lo follow. It will savn tha
oxpeiiKo of Cnmims. Cosmotlt's and
llleaches. Will free tho nkln from pirn*
plcb, ISIiicUIiciuIh, etc,, and ^ivc tho nkln .
beauty and Hufliutsri.
RING  ,H    KHiii'iiiitond   hy   tlio
iMiiuiif'notni'vr lo bu nni-«»jircH«*nt oil
and fihould any |nii'c-|iaB(:i-l)i'dissatli*lleil
I will chcorfiilly rcfnniH In* inoiioy.
Do not lot (ho prloo lend yon *♦ "
douhttlio f,'i*iiiiliicii.i>sH ni- \-f1no
of this I'liiffi an tlio nhove -{iiarAiituci
proU'cU 1'iicli and . ovciy pur«;liaM)i,
Send nio $t!.00 hy imill mid till.
iidviiutuuc of this nlt'or, its the tin i«
in llmltod. Bead sl/.u of (iiiKi'r fur
which rltij,' isdi'Hlnjd.
!12 Must 'JUrd Street       Xuw Yorh City
Send tno your iniiiiy nu I tlio
niinii'i nt ."» roniitiiltli' pcri»l«» tt»
rodireiii'o and 1 will forward vou a
propofililon to net aa my -i^-unt and m'1)
my K&odu in your locality.
I>.)|iartiii<M*t 15
T..4-    4-.
•Jly 6-3m
Read thc Ledger
Norman Rusk
Gonern! ftlaoiksmith
1 Repairing,   etc,
Corner ot Victoria Avenue A JaHriy it -a
ok*--*^ wai4,«f„-i4jSav.,ai w".
*" '       *    ■      «        ■ 'I
News of the City
For,, Sale.—Household. goods of * all
kinds, including furniture, carpets and
' rugs, china and crockery ware, kitchen
utensils and garden tools. Apply after
3 p.*m. at 26, Walrasley street, second
house from Presbyterian Church. Terms
cash. - ', "'
''.*• '•>, M
Mrs. A. J. Buckley still continues
poorly. ,.
Jamos On- is away to Spokane on a
holiday trip.
Ernest Kirkpatrick visited his mother,
here over Saturday and Sunday.
E. Kirkpatrick spent his holidays at
Calgary with his brother Ernest.
Mr.-and Mrs. Dumochel,' of, Krag,'
were guests at the Waldorf over Sunday.
'.On  Sunday  night .in   the   Baptist
Church, Mr. Williamson will preach on
" the subject " How to solve, the labor
and capital question."
A cooperative meeting will be held
next Tuesday evening at 7 PO iii thc
'.Union   Hall.    All   interested   in' the
movement arc requested to be present"
Y. F. Parker, of theNat Reiss'Carnival
Co., with Mrs. Parker, has been in.the,
city this week completing arrangements
for the carnival September'Oth to llth.
There will bo a. combined, musical
and flower' service at the Methodist
Church on Sunday, September Sth, at
7.30 p.m. Rev. .Dr. White will preach
in the morning.
At the home of her aunt, Mrs. Walter
Ford, West' Fernie," Miss Mary Ford
and Harry Leaf were-united in the
bonds of matrimony. Rev. R. H. Grant
performed the, ceremony. ,
The date for receiving tenders for
the construction of the septic tank has
been extended from Thursday, Sept.
5th, to Monday, September 9th, so if
any unfortunate person in this town
, wants work he had.better get busy.
9 The city ia serving notices under Bylaw No. 10 for the clearing up of refuse
. and more careful scrutiny of sanitary
Pare Gold Creamery Butter, per lb.....  30c
Griffin Brand Hams and Breakfast Bacon, per lb  22c
New. Laid Eggs, per dozen; "...,".'. 35c
Soo Line Flour, per 100 lbs ............. $3.00
V     " "' 50 lbs....'....'  $1.55.
-day only,
Chocolate,  per lb.
For Saturday only, Lowney's  Unsweetened   J[Cn_
s Nest trading Co.,
Fernie,   B. C.\
_;*   Buy tor Cash
Prompt Bellvory    *t*
~ ~ *|»
*  ■> ■ ♦:♦
"con'aitidSs. ATVytnrtlg~su~Denenciario"
the health and general well being of the
community shdpld meet with, very little
opposition. '".        7.
, Jailor Johnson is doing good work in
his supervision of the excavations for
the foundation of the city lock-up. If
tho prisoners. under his care go on
much longer at the present rate of
improvement, they'will soon be. fitted
for another sphere
, W, Manson, ex financial secretary
and late member for tho Alberni
constituency,* was in the city this week.
Mr. Manson ib taking a trip through the
country inquiring into the rate of wages
in different districts on behalf of the
government, to whom'all information
will be.submil|(ed. '»
Andrew  McPhee's  Big .Eastern  Show
-—-■—    Downie's '—-—.——
Under Canvas
Saturday, Sept.   7th
50  People.   2 Bands,   Genuine
Pack of Siberian Blood Hounds
( The Jubilee Singers.   Marks and his funny donkey,
j Uncle Tom and his Ox Cart,   Our funny Topsy.
ADMISSION      :      25c and 50c
RE you. taking advantage of our. cash prices ? Tn spite ofothe general
advance in the cost of goods, our.prices if anything are lower than they ever
have, been in the past. This is made possible by our modern system of
merchandising—buying and sellingfor cash, together with the big increase
in-the volume of our business. We want to do business with you and offer"
the best values obtainable with efficient, service, as the inducements for your
patronage.    Are you interested ?,.
"Campbell's Clothing
Have   you decided about your,new, fall suit?   Our   display of
„new* fabrics and designs will make your decision' easy,  while, the','
saving .effected by our prices will" make a strong appeal to your'
pocket'book. * ••'     ." ' .""
Men's Suits $8.50 to $25
- -Sole Agents for ;.'.
j' King of.the Koad Union Made Overalls, per pair \  §1.00
Carharrt Union Made Overalls for Engineers, Machinists, etc.
per. suit.
District President Shonrihn" waa  at
'Lethbridgo on Thursday making ar*
rangomeiitfl for n hoard of arbitration
to Buttle the dif-pnto at the Gait mi'ie.
Considerable friction prevails between
tho company and tho miners'union, the
company appearing to want to tako
ovury potty advantage over ther em*
ployues, and at pruMiut inatteis are
neariiig a crisis,
I'reparftt-oiiH art. being made to coni-
nieiK'c ilovrlopiiiuntt. on iniiiiy new euiil
properties in I.utliln-lilso and district.
H. Bum.. A.Wildman
Contractors and Builders
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave? and
McEvoy St. 4 "    ,.
P..O.' Box 3SS       •••       Fernie,-B. C.
; Builder and Contractor.
Estimates cheerfully Riven and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers. , "
Fail Hats Have Arrived
We   are - now ' showing-   some   exceptionally   good  novelties .in
•   '-   both stiff and soft shapes. -     '' „ a
Soft Hats,,new .shapes........'.'	
J. B..Stetson's latest designs, each...;.).:.
English make, Stiff Hats, each ,
$1 to $3.00
...:... $400-
All Wool Blankets
Oar offerings in blankets cannot.be equalled, both quality and
"price being right,  ,
Grey All-Wool $2.50^ $3.00; $3.50^ $4,0-9
Townsite   Agents
Fernio ar.d Hosmer
Mr. H. K, Whimster, onu of Fer-
n'.o'H most popular and pro^rcHfllvo
young; bUHincuii men, and Miss Florence Ilobecca Melntyro, of lloafrow,
Out., were married ut Ululrmoro on
Tuesday oscnini**, Hopt. 3, at tho
roBldcnco of Dr. Mclntyre, hy ttie
Itov, Murr.ty, In the preotneo ot a
circle of intimate trleo'ls.
After the ceremony tho uuosts Ud
justice t'-> u. sumptuous wedding supper, after vhlcl*. Mr. tjnd Mrs. Whhi-
stcr left (cr Cuast points via Oa.**
Bary. Thny fc'xpoct to roturn to
Fernie abou; the 20
Tho LoilKCt* ostenda congratulations,
Fire, Lile & Accl*   p^Q|A
dent Insurance -   UtO Id. LG
Plans  and   Estimated on Application
"    Residence 76 Howland Ave.    ■
J. Wilson Okay, Ahciiitp.ct
Fernie  B, C.
1      '•.-V'* ?iMtMitr****<
r. o. e.
U<iot>.llrMt frlilny in oanh montli In I.O. O.l'.
Ft. II* Mooro, W. Keay,
Woitb-f PfttlJent. Worthy B«or4tiiry.
J. It. Lnvtry and Mrs. Lawry.Uavo
returned from their holiday.
The   fire brigade had a gorgeous
Iithl.Ul.t;   iiaX  XO.i.iiX.    Twcl)   ila'itt    a.\i-
paronlly a contract for washlngr tbe
Methodist church. •
A  . ;
Will double tlio plea*
sure of your summer
outing. Wo havo them
in all sizes; from the '
Brownie to tho latost
No;' <l Folding Pocket
Kodak. Thoy sell always at catalog price.
Wo havo a full lino of
photographic supplies,
Films, Papers, Devel*
opers, Mounts, Daylight Machines, Plntes
'1 rlnods, etc. etc,
' Call nnd sec them.,,.
N. E. Suddaby
fernie   Drug   Store
The; Fall season is Here.1   We are getting prepared with  new goods arriving daily.
. Make your selections-early and get the choice of patterns.    ?
!<%%%%%%-•-». -%%-%•%<
L.  P,   Eckstein
Hoomi m.3,n<(nilerionblopk, Kornlo, HO.
Kimono cloth, 30" wide in beautiful oriental QC A
designs, warm and comfortable, per yd 20 & gQQ
Wrapperettes, 28inches wide, neat and   j jg_
dressy patterns and fast colors; per yd  | ^v
Wrapperettes, fast colors, heavy weight" 4 AlA
and good patterns, per yd.... | _C*-C
Dolainnes In ten different patterns, the
best colorings and designs,, per yd	
Flannelette Sheeting, 72 Inches' wide,
heavy weight, per,yd .'..'...
Flannelettes in cream and white, 32 and   *% AM
34 inches wide, extra quality, per yd. 14 to. | Ow
English Flannelette in fancy stripes and
a beautiful range, per yd. 12j to.
English Flannelette in plain colors, fine   4 0^^
quality cloth, per.yd. H to...................... | QQ
Special for Saturday
Gingham Aprons, regular 35c       ,- '■ AVA
Special .tor Saturday....;..., (wv
For comfort and durability tho Artisan Working
Boot lor Men cannot be equalled. Made of solid
loathor throughout.and warranted to glvo tho best
of satisfaction.
$1.85 to $4.00
The American Walkover fine Shoe for Men       '   '
The Traveller fine Shoe for Men.,
The Art, the True Fit, tho Royal Purple fine Shoes
for Women. ■   •*, '7,
Weston's Wear Resistor Shoes
■For, Children, Misses' and Youths'
Our grocery department Is known not only for the money saving opportunities presented to tho careful
housekeeper, but also for the high quality of ourtablo supplies.
I). C, Potatoos, fine dry mealy stock,        *3|a
By thejaaok, por lb..'  £Q
Sliced to your -order ln any quantity redulred
Just placed in stock tho following Holnz Uolishcs
Miuidiilay Sauco.   Tomato Chutnoy.   Chllla Sauce
nnd India llclisli.
Saturday firocory Specials
Golden West Washing Powder 8 Ib Cartoons....,.20c
Malta Vita Breakfast Food porpkt 10c-
Pufled Ivlcc Breakfast Jfoorl por pkt 10c
Fancy Swoot Biscuits por lb 20o
One Cent a Word
Ono liiMirtlon iiotlomi tlimi ySo
W, J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
Orric-* Housiti-      i vto is «. m. t to 5 p. in
.   fl,M ton p,m,
Ofltce in A'«z. L ck'i »iook
over Mfinn' 1 U»k»ry,
! '
Thu dircctorj ol tlie Deuurei Tin-
peller Comrany met lust Thursday
nnd arr.tn„*e<l for theflntatloa 0! the
company. 1.1. A. Kastner, ot Fernie,
If the tits clary, to whom all en-
qulrlfa abculd Le ndaresstd,'
J. Barbor-i l.d.b., d.d.s,,
L T. W    Block,  opposite, thc Bank
Onto boiir*-! a.m. (0 fl p.m,
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's Nest Trading  Co.  Block,
'•        Fornle, B. C.
V. 0. h\V/K ALIOX. I. TOHRI.. ll.A.
Latce & Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading   Co.    Clock,
Fernie, B. C.
W,     flUWR.K.O, J. 9. T. Auuindui
Ross & Alexander
Of!lc« In t.. T. W. Block, VletoiU Avrniue,
vitXntki), a i'iiist nriAHa onui. ooou
»~    Homo iiiiil O001I VVuiioit —Aiiply Mm, A.
Wantkd, ontrj pou ornkral iiou.sk*
work.~A|iply tu Urn. Mult,
" ilomontlo   Horvatit (iionoral) onn cook,
Iloply liu'lfor olllo*.
Vwv   -nm*   -^—-
Railroad   Laborers
Wanted at Onco
11 at Fernle-i B. C.
For Ore-"*'* Nest •oulharn Ixtintloii
Highest Wage* Paid
Offices over P. Barns' & Co's Block
Victoria Ave,
T«amil«rRr Sarspar Holdcri, ind
■latlon Men
Free TranipopUtHen will be Furnlehed
by Applying to
A.  Guthrie  &.Oo.
FIR-NIK*  ■. 0.
Fall    Shooting
II We have just rciceived our
fall stock of Guns and Ammunition; and would call your attention to the fact that our stock
is complete in every line. Our
lines of Rifles comprises the most
up-to-date and latest models of all
calibres, •-■'
ll Our lines of Shot Guns have
never been equalled in value.-
Now is thc time to buy before the
best values have been chosen,
Sec our windows for samples and
our clerks for values,
HtrdwHro  and .Sporting; floodi


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