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The Fernie Ledger 1907-08-24

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Vol. Ill No. 1     <*&»
Fernie, B. C, August 24, 1907
$1.00 a Year
Some Disillusions, Some Parasites; and Some Advice
For the 'sitnplo reason  that all, or
nearly all, stories of the west.aro talcs
■ of the struggle of life, and the elemental'
passions, where every man carries • the
whole machinery of liis law in his own
•'   two hands,* and where justice is what a
nuin.can wriiijr from his associates by
•craft or force, do those, who only know
the west through the imagination of
-the novelist, conceive a miners' pay night
'  in Canada to be a wild'saturnalia of
abuse?   Nothing is further '.from 'the
— truth.   This* year wq'liave seen pay-
nights  in  Phcenix, Greenwood,   and
. Th'eriiie. • and in these campa we have
. seen nothing but what happens* every
night for the whole month in decorous
o -eastern   cities..., Eight   hours   underground, eight hours in bed,,and ei»ht
hours leaning on u fence, and looking
wise, does not lead to" anything start-
.linglyoriginal. *
Chinese Woman tad on track
i . *■ .f
Near fort Steele Brewery-;
Cause Unknown.
Yesterday morning, near the Fort
.Steele Brewery siding, a woman fell
from the platform of No. 5 west bound
train, where she was found in a state of
collapse by Mr., H. Oldland.
' Mr. Smith, of the Fort Steele Brewery,
was soon on the'scene, and doctors
were telephoned for., Upon their arrival
thoy, ordered the woman's removal to
tho hospital, «nd a rig belonging to the
Dominion-Meat Company, whicli was
passing at the time was pressed into
service,     „ .,-   „
The woman had in her possession a,
ticket to'Kainloops, and was of Chinese
nationality,'   Up to* the, time, of going,
to press the affair is shroudedin con
aiderable myaterv. . ■"','.""- ■ =.
"--      " '      o
At the hospital it was found necessary
to amputate the unfortunate woman's
left arm above the elbow, whilst the
bones of the right arm are also broken,
and she is suffering from a scalp wound.
7 >.'' ViV^M'*-*?^
"Iudecd last paynight iu Fernie, much
■more than debauch, was^a,carnival for
babies.'    Oiie saw' more  babies   out .
enjoying paynight shopping than it was Experienced Officer Who Should. Easily fill
■thought .the city could boast of.. Babies,., ,,     lu. Pacjljon
everywhere, wondering with wide eyed "
amazement what was the matter with
grown up people!' ""Probably iiext'nibrn*.
,pain under thcirpinufore was, forget-
Jng their mix.ed diet'overnight.
'. Tho point we arc aiming at is this:.
fire chief of* Fernie. in July, last, commenced ducics here on Monday last, the
1 England's foremost labor leader, J. Keir Hardie; has come but in a criticism
of President Roosevelt and the work of the last named in his alleged fight against
Mother Receives Compensation
for Death of Son from
Mining Company.
The case of Jessie Livesley v. The
Sullivan Group Mining Company, of
Marysyille, for $1,500.00 compensation
under the Workmen's Compensation
Act on account of the death of her son,
Duncan McKay, who was killed in'the
mine at Kimberley on tho 1st May of
this year, has been settled, the company
agreeing to pay tho full amount and
aleo to pay all,,coats. Mr. Eckstein
represented the plaintiff and Messrs.
Lennie and Wraggc, of Nelson, ' the
company. ■
■ o       ,   »
Italian Imprisoned for Four
Hours Before Rescue.
A serious accident occurred at No. 5
mine, Coal Creek, the* 17th inst.,,when
Joseph Cocciolona was caught in.a fall
ofrock which necessitated the amputation of the lingers of the imprisoned
hand before the unfortunate man could
be liberated. Cocciolona was a prisoner
from 2 am. till 7 a.m., and was in a
very exhausted condition when rescued,
and conveyed to tho hospital.
<..:..;«;..:Mx..:..;..;„x««:'»x»x*<»«:"X'* •*
t       -"* ' .*.
Weather I
♦ *
Three Sisters.   Wc have been offered
ifnr tiio modest Mim of one dollar nn
\V-j have heard'in Fernie during the last iDoiI?allw(igthirteeil veai.s ,n tho firo
few days a good deal about parasites, 1 ,leportment Mt vicloiia its euglucvr and
.and we have seen not a few. **\ e have .,ssi!_ta__t(__,__,fi iieBls-iiiii*r.tliia position
.liad the mvsteiics of sculls, crosa-boncP, | Ml.^ M(_.Doilffnn eiltma tlie provincial
tapowoi-niB, and fake tostimoamlB ex-, |)0|k.0s>aill, was stationed on the west
plained to us in syntax that would have {(;(mst- hf xi^ouvai] which position l.o
turned Lindloy Murrey into n iullnr of. j oUl unti, *,>,_ acceptcl* ,|,„ Fevnie lire
-salt, and Daniel Webster would Imi o |c|lillfa|l,p- Ml._ Mcl'oug.Ul's inn** ox-
itakcn refuge on tho highest peak °/tno||)e|U.n|.eniill Uu, tWl, c,nwog of inib,jC)
1 sci vice should ni.-.ku him a valuable :
,.   i acquisition to the city br's'iulo. !
.impious mixture that will iolieve tooth";J   ,
■ ache, ah.iipen a knife, and cure, house-,; o	
iinaid'rtknee.out of tho sumo bottle. One [
gutillunuiu bail tho sacred oil ol India  INDUCEMENTS
which ho claimed was distilled iroiu | _ .
hiicied    herbs,  from   tlio- receipt'  of!
^olllO  Hindoo rul'liaii whose mime- hu,
bad forgotten, bowline ho never knew j
it.    Another gontleman recllod whut1,
ho culled, miners' bnllaibi with titlesi
like this:  'I Willinm come home, we J
havo  no  llrowood  to  burn, and tho j
speckled hen hns laid an eirg/'aml then ]
bofore the pathos of this domestic ball-id i-
"• wears itself but thu bystander is offered
ut tho modest cost of ono dollar nu
ointment that him tho same effect on a
•cork log iiH it Ima on oho'of bono nnd
Now' does anyone suppose for ,n
moment" that 'thoHo facile i*ent!emen
with tongues of velvet "and eolf-i-ljihtlng
■consciences kno'w-nnythlriff ' tlmt Is
roally worth knowing about ineiiiclno
or surgory ? 1 )«'-yoH •wppoMa'-tlmlrrhh
ffnrjrou'of the in,irkot place t» anything
but Kraft of" tho worst sort? -Is it
became tlieuo purveyors of cart wheel
grease wear tall liirt*,'*frocU.cont8,.fimI
, look art If thoy had (llrieil* o*ff*"hio toil
commandment'), that ynurnwoat earned
money koph their wny?   For. you nre
the trusts.   Mr .Hardie,says that our president "will find, if he means business
cobra when the beast or snake could bo more easily killed."
Ho maintains that'onlv a miracle-could worlfiho'Iiereulean task which the
..        " (*•
president has set himself; that he knows this and that, therefore his sinceriry is
to be doubted.      • , ,   ** -,
. "I do'not think President Koosevclt is the man for this task,"said Mr. Hardie;
"lie is not tho man to ii-zht tho t:-iistsi to a finish, for that his mind is biased has
been shown by his prejudgment ol Moycr and Haywood before the trial; lie ie
not'the man bocaijsc be has too niuch of an eye for' the main chance and is too
deeply involved with the ciipitaliEt side of politics." ,-*-,'-
Children's Straw Hats
50c for 40c     75c for 60c
Ladies' Print Dresses
!|52.25 for $1.75
District Workers Will llovc first Chance to
■ Acquire Lots.
The followiii" circular letter has been
cil ciliated iuiu'iiu the miners' woikin-;
nt Michel :—
To the. Miners and '•'nivloyoos of the
Ciow'tiNest iWl'onl Co,, nt Michel,
,. ..,7T'.4...~.U.-. ,-->   - ••**'* ••- --.•'*•>■- •■'
_, A,loM;nslli,JI.-'Jttl,outiti)-bo Inlil out.nt
Michel aiul 'HlueJYIiit,,, showing  lhe
Jss|}jysiiui-bJ'ii**^**ii''J»' to ikCm-i
paiiy't) otllccs nml In tho l'Oht Ullivo,
* * - .       ,
The prlcoHol lots will ■W,chenp,'nml
as noon nu nrrnngemcntH emi bo made
HicbO lute w'lil bo bffured for snle. In
llioinentitimo'appllcntloiiH- will be received for thu purchui-u of lutM to Ilona
Fide miners und eiiiployeui of tlio Com-
iiuccusjriTy"o'liRii'e«i'iii tlio'moBt weiirl-i I'n-'-V «">>'. ""'I "'« i«'l» »''» bl) t>I»l»u*uil
Pome labor, whether It bo In grant ilieili jof'" otAw ot npP»«itloii
full nf wheelH thnt for ever turn round'
talians Rentier GojDd Programme
'   Alte&ce Thin.
Tho Ttiilian Iln ml Concert, given  in
tho  Stork   Opera Iluiiso on Tuc-diiy
iiijjht Inst, wns n pronounced succcps
from a musical stRiiilpoint.   Thi* band
led by I'. 1'netn if* worthy in every wny
of the city of'l'Vrnie, but from the
monp-rcne-is of the audience the nthi'i"
ni^'ht, we urn a'rnid Fernie is hnrdlv
siipporliiiu so diBintercptcd nn nfjuio*
srnto of miNvlnmi ns It de-wvoa,   01M.
Pnsth's work  na comluctor wo lmve'
nolhliiB but Rood to'sny.'' In rosei-vcd
lore?, nnlujinl.beftrinffi nnd fiwdom
from- •exiifsjrnrh'.nl inovi'inent, ho re*
.minded us of Puss as we snw I"»U(s lust
yen:, j NcWV once did M.'Pntrtndlstrnct
oiinittGiitlo;i Iron) the mu**ic,
Fire Report ReceHved—Septic
Tank to lie ■Proceeded
~Ijpon inqiiiries being made at' the
hospital yesterday, we were informed
that Cocciolona was projjressins as well
as could be expected.
o-*        '  ...    .
 O '. ,
Tho Coal Oreo I; football team lost j •:•
their first <;ai'i*' forlhe season at Cole-' *_:*
man on Saturday-last.' In lho !ir*-t linlf j'.*.
Coal Crock lind the-hill and ihe wind in ■ ':|
their fav»r, but 1110 Coleman forwards, *{,
rmtchi.-si.'d their opponoiit-i nnd put it I «j*
uver them in -irent stylo. Thn flcoro, -1 ' X
_4-(i,-il to 0, can hardly ho tnUei! as an, .*»
indicnlion nf the play.        ' ' _)•*_'
' ' A iiiK.it mutch fur S".0 n side was, ||*
Ipliyed nt Cniil Crryk on Wodiicdny ■ .;♦
,'i>vi!iiin« .1 in'iwcou I'mlily Mucins, (■'■•!•
j Fcrnlc, mul Uich.ird il.iy, of Owil Cn'chi | *|*
! Dining tin1 eaily Hiiu-'',-; <>f 11"' Ki'uii'' *.*•
1 liimhcs wns U'Liiiii^- u to -j, imt. Kay' ;|;
: soon ('■_iwi!h"d and won a well enntc-trd ' .♦.
'j'ain.Mif 41 in:';'    "I lu< L'nal Civi-k ninn   *
! playi'.l a "nod xnmo, but wo are afraid   ""■!
Ladies' Knit Underskirts
ioc for. 5c       15c for 10c"
fa's Straw Hats
150 for
$1.00  for   50c
c for 2-jc
Hen's Colored Shirts
Stiff .Hvxsotn", all ^liizcs
,■? 1.50 'for
Boys' Wash Suits
At  lho. Council   mcethu'   held   on : ho sb-ops ou luupven
Thins lay  iJ^l.t  ihn   fiillowln-r   weie —
[iresddt: Tlm Mnynr, Ablermoii Triti'H, -
iJntcc, Quail, and Tuttle, and tlio City
Cleik. '
After the  minute*-, of the prevlmi'si
nioet'iifj were dealt ■•■i,u   "" ■■■" ' "fl
tho lire chief "on tl
^2.00   for   $1.50
$2. so for   $2.Q0
MIhb  S.  .1.
(leoivo   Xi'tih'lnii   anil
with, thn ivj-ort f'f j Mfiiloy, of Co.it Cn-i-l,-, in*iv united in   ,*i;,
he cDiidltioii of hisit|,0i)nl|(|fl0fil(.1|VUUtl.imni,yoiiM[iiidiiy,! ♦!•
:- Tho K>coiul number on tho pvAflrrftinme
KruckjUH ns \wl)}jt oiie of tho most jpuu*
cnssfulilteniHi Nor Is this to be wondered
nt'i bhjod will tell, Itnllnn operc, Inter'
prcledlby nn Itnllnn baud, oujrht to be
ns nenl- perfet-tion ns posfiible,
l-'or liis kiii«- "Aiu-hou'd," Mr. T,
Illirus, nlihoujjli Kiifft'rlnjr fri-m tx told,
„.( ,    ,,.        ,     ,. received a vociferous eiicore, nnd icn
,,   'I bo fljrrei'iiiont will r(i(|nlro tho ninii;      , .   .. ,iT,10 Wnir"   Mr Mclond
and round, or on nmall ,.1.1. of earth, t0 whoin ,„. lot Is so.d .0 build ,1 «lwol-; ^'I^'U"pipe "i..aMtanollliKlr« "«
ilepiiitmnnt wiia ciMisldcrril, nnd ci-i'tnln
purchiistfl ri'coiiiniended. Moved ,,hy
Aldmm'rn (iiiti'H nnd Trites thnt tlui
report of the'life chief be ht-eeptcd, nnd
referred to the Fin1," Water nud I.ijflit
Commlltte. -   ,      .   -
'City Kntrinecr 1'otler suhmitjed plalic
nnd sprcilicdtioiiN fm- n septic tnuk,
gloved by MesH-p, 'Tuttlii ni.il tjnall
that tho plnim nnd Hpeclll'fltlruiH drawn
by thu City Kiif-lueer fui ihe.si'ptiutni.U
ie accepted.
the mlh of August, at lhc Mi'llibdist
P11 rom in Lre, I-'n.-nli'.    Tliu Ib'V, W. L.,
ll.'illofllc-iatiMl, ■'        ;
A ,N0TI"3I>   mVJNI*
that from sum iu to silim-t you nnMitll, houH.-on tho Jot with... h i-ensom,hle 7   ,         '   f ,    mMm] n,,,,,,,     'I |10 Mayor repnit,,! i]-,.t thc cnn,-*.
coiutHi.tly.ulv 1 ./r« ml'lwiiiij.   0..oit,IMe, IUld thou, will bo ri->ii-lctlonb to , J'p,,'", oVh? for ,.tit,«, favor, wl-J   mill.-.,  <.P-olnii'd  t.i  i.M.'.vh'w   Mr.'AM OIIR      fiWM
. iilmosi led to bo love Imt  .bor niiiHt | lll0 (,«m lllftt 110 ,lqoor fch„„ ,)0 „,,„ ^» ' J-  »    '         *      o  •                   \^  M^  ^ ^      . UN UUK       UYYW
bo nu offence an.  pi. Uhnb, been. u,,1|10u tll« I)IVI1i1!,,h.                              . ,^       I({1, Wh]l{i ,u, iUi,,l|K,( -u,tllls: .                                                                    	
Tho Ili'V.'Dr.  Ilryco, or Miu.Itobn'.J;,.
Colli'co, Wlniilpc",', nnd iiutlmr nf " The
hibtdiy of Mntiltohn," wns In rVrniothis v
wiM'U'Mopplii'.' nt thn Wiihlorf |'lo|i'|.||;J
... ... ,   1  .1  ,  1   1 Dr.  Ilrvce Iuin been vlhllliii: v.irl/'i.H  A
Ahlcrnmii x\.n\U:i,  it'imlud Out l-c!    , /,'.,,, «       ,,   ,   ,,   ,., „   ,»,'
„ ,-,  , ., 1 1   /  1 111     no nts n Iir t «h Cnluinbla 11 thu inU'i'-  V
expf-ctcd tie wi'ch  si'iiles would liu!«'v"'n. .,       , ,. ..„ ,.,,,„    ,,,} •}•
1   . 11  1 ,    1.   .     4 ,.i..i   * cstK of 1 s coIh'i'p, ci,in'iininu duty with   .«.
Ins 1 lei    11 Si'p I'liibi'i'. am    hat   he    • ,   ., ,  ,, .   ../i .„„„■, ,1,..
„    .,   .    ,,t ti 1,        11   1    . 1 n I'Msuro u th n   1 ncra cy Ihroil^h the
cimti'nct with IM/trfiHclln Ior two yi'iiis'l1'       '  . '
iih wci*,'h master hml liucn sijjni'il. ' >",J,11'lHll,H-
its fruit, nt the lirst oppiutiinlty, Ihmj
•onilly untheiod Into the Inp of the Hist;
Vniiisito lhat appears. '
This issue t-oiiiim-'iicch aiiuthef >cni-
f r "The Ledger," aiul now that we
hnvo delivered Jo.iul. la tho Wlinlc, we
trust we shnll lmve fnlror willlm* for our
J'leiisu cull 1111 T. H. Cox ut the Cum- would settle il-wn tn th;« nest numbi r.
pnuy'ij ( nice1 m.il put ,\our linnioduwii N'nr   wiik   Miss   llndiil-hi'-i   sun*/   If h
If sou w,mt a \iA andn-is')*ni ,',1 iiirdii^i'- upprccliiied lp.-*.nii cxpectiiiit iiiidlciMi
iiiciiH  nre  Hindi*  Willi the Coinpimy Mr, McArd's vi.illu s/dn w,i*,iiiifuil!iii
puuliiirlhfluivi.siteoinhoiiia.-ki't vou „.,.|v. n |luj0 |aU; 01. the pn^iiiniu.c,
44'ltt  |,,4 .'vl<,,."l 4-, IM-  '.lu I, ,, t r I    .     I
r . * "'
(ll lipplll'llllnU.
P.dcd -Ht Michel All;*!!--! il.il, I'm,'.
WIim l!:e linw Comes v,;: Will lalfc—at
Present wc ?r: Iisl?wii2.
I '1 lm Ccal Co. ii'iM-i- lo sell the nc:i'i-
'"■niy ("rnund for lln- n'plli- W \,U tn thf
II ii>' at i.-i"' nil in it",
!    lUl Miiti-r fur i.t'i'i-t x.ui.l.ilii;*;-4.I.M.
Illlf   I'itV   J? 1<t    M'l"    ll'i'lllll    I'lT    luillllllt f'lii-M'ii    «"i'.«  n   1     '■ >    • 4 1 1:  i
itiiu im. .••■ woo ii'iiciiily iiil'-MUi'it.-uii > .u-i d, and that wnte, lor (in* * urpAseh ci'i'illii'.'lv pii>m<\iii'-i> nnd mi"('li'
al v<
I't'i '•
1.1  )..*,   Ol    4.
1 mi iiii'iiiiiud ill ll,f 1 nte 01 *-.' I'l'i'Vi'iir potts ol liniH'iidiri!   clinn**'"'. ri'-ii-'in
'oiviiiiiu                                              ii-cr hyilriu.i tloim and i\hat iu.t, of il,c nilli-i'is nl
|    A-ieiyviiJiv-tbht-vciili.^ V'.isbn'iih*bt j   Tiiu cost of Mn-ct li^i.iiu-: to bu aM DiV.trict In, U, M. W 01 A
, to a close with a few nf llm f.iitl.ful j„\.u\\h; Aich lights, *,'->'' icryoni'fiich: of th« report--,"Tlif I.fdufr" U alilf
■?••.••■•■; IK,,-' I".
Mlno ''up.'iliitendoiit,lHt,mil!tl!;r iliirt.|M,ai|,.,|, whilst the Imn-l.;;sir»i.-l!«-ro^.r.'sii*.sri i,ery«*'m • IV.v.-er ».
L    ,„,.!     *\.
t1....        t,
ttn   V'J *1   * **'v* *
lor aii il u'MH worili, y«vc its "IW'd cive
■ the Kin"-",'*
I ' ■■(!	
I "1
III* Honor .Judga Wilnoii will hold a'
Cluuiibt"!' sitting,  on Monday, and n
A Lnwn floclnl will bo hold under tho County Court on Friday of next week. |'
stiUftpkea ol thu  Ladlon'   Aid of  the! *,        .
Mathndltt Church on the evonlfijj of! "      :t>
Tui'mlny next, liio'i/th instant, on thu
].i*n of T. II. White, Ktr,. A b«^|il will
be In atundiincr*. AdroI*idoii*l5 cents.
Ice cream md othcrjintatabjo, itclicnclcu
The fifth mimi/il ttilfhrAtioii cf thr
Co lo install und lmilntuiu. be^otteIt "f A wild desire fur scoops.
Some other bu«liu'iiscoliiiei'le.l to Ihe When iiii.xtltiii'r  »!«■. to lm ofllrlnHy
removal of tho I'rovlin-inl j-iil «'«-. alsn nnnciiuc-ed it will not be omitted fiom
put through Mom tlm Council adjourn- 0<8 volumni of "The l.ed«er "
ed to .Momlny, the 2'Jth. > -       o —
iJllt'luilMlllPM'UlilMl, Xw.aMI, T.M.j -„,,„„„„„  ..«» ..mu'
,  l\V. of A ,  will U h*M nr MW."I /.n'TAKKS IMIIMONRII KOU HIIW <t
1    ''  Jl.aW Day, .Sj-pUjnWr.Sjiil.   A g^Al     ,  .   - , , A mri-iln? of llm mirim ami tnine,^
Tho flr«> lirlffodejiad ji nm on Thura ' j-rop-armm'line been' provhlnl, IiuhM* laborem of Hdime'r wiln*«;hM<J *l: IIftV_ H**.,
ihy oHotnoox' to -tht ^ouse of Mr. W.; iny jumplnf, raclnjr,- tog of-war, foot-     flftv^nitni-nt Api-nt McMullin left w s'Xnt»rx o)x Satm-d/iy fvrnlrijr, Axtgl 51, for *jV
DickMia^Mi-Krwr tttcot.-Hwrmiii dtp' BMI. etci F^nUBw-NUJamlwiil k*-to  Ttt«**^»y !Mr: lho Cotit wher'« *^'t(vnk|hn(»purj*f»M^nlrlor?a>ir>.TrirfaT^ Y
will be on hnnj^AjVC-niirjyrtUa^^ kr.i<[*A r'afeiwl'.lWaVill- tU Uslinn <*h<, tr** milfhtMYYft'Uo.oflliel'.M W>rf A* Mr.lVlirK-itiVrM-ii X
U anticipateit, H|i3i.<MUl^r-Cfi4.flt-7.Ubt tir»'<*Ti*ainAtcd,-ver.v.1»ihMlanmff(»tiib!e on tnili:.* -m*"?. ft«*l;,jyy/fl^ «W Utlciitt'-i"
Wood Co.
Jud^e WiUon.
t s
• 4
1 *if.
9. <** ** >•"
Tllll* ;;, j v ■— v.'xrr:
,    2
■When I found-fifty miles of ice te- i
worries  tbcujhtfu]   Canadims a*good
deal.   Of.ih:t m:re later on.       „    •
'"■■If you ever want to travel through
Nova Scotia on a Sunday you   will.
hne good reason ,to- rtmemter^.- tbe
slds-yin'g that'.,uthe Scots keep''tbe
Sablath    tnd    everything, else. they.
can lsy lmids  on,"      The--, stations
,lwe n ■ Newfoundland  and'- Cape, -Ore- jare *all    dcse,to:l;  . T],ere , t.re  no
ton Isl.nd  ih Mny there came into J trains  'Vumiing.    -From    Saturday
my mind the'ou'ttfry"raised,in Oana- pKni.ht .til'l.^Monday morning     the
da against ihe Kipling" verses callc^nt;nutl:n'1 'railway,, whicli" _s:rycs,
,    ,, ,,   -r "      'tbe' east     from,  Montreal,   running
"Our Lady  of    the  Snows."- I    «■•-'■/ . > ' "!
, ; ,  '. ,t.rough Quc.ee,* New Brunswick and
member what, indignant protests hadjNoVa Scotia). is"outa- business. Nor,
bsen n:adc—nnd my opinion of Mr. is if only iu Nova Scotia, by the
Kipling's veracity went up. All;\v..y, lint' the Sunday Otservnncc
thvough Lbc night     our sturdy    old. |party aro    oLron-.   -'Indeed,   .Nova
.   ,  ■■     -,'       ,- ,4,„'4.i;„j I Scotia decs not ,go so far rs    cer-
.-steamer,     stcel-noszd    and sheathed | , •
. - - .'tain other provmc:s.   In, Toronto a
with grecn-beart; had'pushed its way icLr ym,n    'rccently ,thrc'.it':n:d'   to
among the huge grey floes and hum- irros:ci-.te a*, fl'-rlst who s*:nt flowers
moc's tint str.tcbed as far as   eye- to a funeral, on a Sunday, und.r tbo
could see. 'it was "not a solid sea of jlaw'pr6hi*itln"r Sunday trading. 7
ice, cf coursj.   But,from .the deck-In j   An eVin -„,-.„ -^.^ CflBC happen;
thc n*._o:nlight it looked solid—a mag j cc" in the 3:1x15     province (Ontario)
liificent sljht", but, as everybody told !while I was there.     An   immigrant.
me,'•"mbst" un-is-Jal for thc tinie . 0£ jflom En'lhnd,' who' had" built"   Dlm-
- -,, I self and his family a little   *tvood:n>
year.'! ., .... - ■ -     4.
jliDUsj, Wj-s putting in some wor.e at
Well, after a varied experience   of ; j* - early  on a   Sunday morning—on
his.  own hous3 mind.      A constable
From Ceylon Tea Plantations. are contained in
climates, I have come to the conclusion th:t weather always is ' un-
usual. . When I remarked that the
indignation of ■ Canadians against
Mr. Kipling did "not square with the
fatft tint they -were still * baving
snowstorms in "May, they took    im-
hcard-i cf it,* and told him he would'
be summoned under the law forbid-:
ding Sunday work,if he committed
this grave clle-ics again! '
Very likely the excellence of its
education system keeps a check upon
fanaticism    in  ' Nova    Scotia:  The
me-se * pains »  to impress upon   me I Scot is* just as anxious;* f:r    gocd
that th:s2     were quite exceptional.
Two th:n~s I got firmly fixed on my
mind during my visit.   One was that
schooling'"here'.is he is at bbme. "A
populiti-.h cf EO^COO .spends.£203,-'
000-a jeir upon 'teaching, 0though,
they do not, pay their teachers as
well as they ought. Yet in-- other
provinces th y are paid even worse,
and iii. justice it must be said that,
nowhere else is there a higher general idejl ,_qf culture^ than in Nova
Seatia—nbt even in Toronto, .the
"B:stj"i of Canada,", as it likes ^to
be ' called. ,   .    .'   ' • ,,-
,C^n:di as a whole has not yet
c:'**c"to'a full, understanding of.the
lew who can see any use in imparting to the young knowledge .vbieh
will nor, be of direct service to them
ia' m:,kin. a fortune. The s'ane ma-
t"ilfl s'.i'rit is-'far tco prev u'.nt
ain;n.' He young thjmsslves. Ibc
C^'na"i:;i) 1 oy is not ' cs" good a
■sp:r.sm n rs t'*.e English. He' pl'.ys
gam's to wix r„t"ier than . fr.-r the
•rake of thq game. There is a reason
f r il.U ih the, newness cf the country. L'fe is a s.rhus business in a
lind which lies to te won from wild
mtura. There is real live-cr-'Jic
fi^ht ng to le d;ii2 every day, ' No
re cm fcr dlLtt'iilism. Tho keynote
of character „b'.nlL upon such foun-
d tioni 'fi dc-.illy' e rn,.s'n:s3.
No dou 1 t':c Englishman would Lo
a \r.stly Let er men if he had . tho
C:ir.di.ans d.t:rmiiuticn nnd grit.
Vet it fceins "a lity ill fie same
tb^t Canada should not havo produced n ni.ra "Bportsmf-nliVc','''upii-
it, To ill istrate my mcrming let mo
Rloak of the "\iiw which many Canadians tco': cf GoncM Botha's ro-
rcpti-wn !u London ut tho time of tlm
eclonial conference. Wty should ' tin
enemy le hinirec? they r.Bkoil, and
referred lliterly to thc number of
Ccn dif.na killed r,n;l maimed in tho
war, It wiifi. impussiblc to make
t'.ira underet net tfce En-JllBhrnnn'B
reelect Icr nn enemy who hns put
up a to d flt-bt nr.ftln t■ bim. That
w.b tco d,tubed on attitude cf
mind for them, ,•'■
From which It mny be fathered
ih t wh t ,wc ell tbe pullle ecbool
nplrlt In not very prominent in Canadian eduction. Schools li'ro tho
Upjer Oi.ta.dn Odl cc and Bt. Andrew's in Toronto nre doins wlmt
thy cn t-.) fciit:r*it, and tho tone
it the H0y.1l Military Collo.o, Kins-
Ht^n, 'which iu r.ot s:l.ly f.r ycunic
olllc.rrt, Ih, 1 Iclle.'c, quit) Haur.d.
B t tlrro ,'h iiin.l' loom for two nr
thhi 0 at i-ry part of CVnatbi lecom-jt'-reo jnoro "imlllu ic'..o' U on I ii-
ln . nnn if tlm . ro t imiv-.f ie'.urln.7pri,vd Mnc.li h l'n f.-tx'In ; tbo
•■cntrpi if tin* w.i'hl. Sydiviy nuint ] (ond fn tirtH of our b^h'.ciii nnd ro-
1« a pro'.t c:ty he t'llnkKi a ureal iJpt'tlii)! t! 0 reel, nnd it Ih H.h ttnc
nhl -liUihlln; rciitiv; and nnothcr'th t cndownr.nln for tliln i-urpf.no
Klio'licM 1 ii well. It I-i 11 ;ulet llttln 'ihoull l.o pniildod, ,'C.inudn. lu 'tult*
ll,eo o-.o«i,*h now, lyln--; undor tho rldi ciuii h to all i'i It 11.w,
wooded shore of tho wldeliipic.idln , | ,t ,„ „ coinn,„n m)wUh,i t„,,t
u: uci.ui 1. r.wr, ..ui uii h iii.1,' m* |t*(1,.0 ,M m)t cnon.h oattrpriHo iim-jn^
cu ii,u-J. i.Vi'.*.:*.- v! i.i.,tilh .-.«"|th() WcU-to-iU) in Novn ricnii. Ti,c
,'r-l,J,1-M:i'' jt-c-.itH hivn t'leJr 11 itlon.il chiractcr-
Kccittititi, tin, tho u'tnuKpluio of i& i; il <■, 11 S 11 very ht,ron.;ly de-
liiich prosp i'4-iv-t little mamifacturln^ iviloicd, and tho KnrllHh he't iin'.l-
ri-ntriii-  ir N"W <:inR**riW   Trur,"», Am- ill n.      Cnt tin  mll-i    \Y.r>  M-irlt.lme
.snow"in May is uncsual. " The other
was that Canada won th2_ South
African war... Everyone told_me so:
The truth about'_ the climate „. of
Canada has be:n mcch obscured,'and
for  a  second reason.      The utterly
" wrong idea that * it was a country of
perpetual cold was hindering its'development.' The'Canadians, realizing
this,"made up their minds   to* deny
~ that-tbey"ever"h"ad—a"ny-c~o"Id-weather-
at all! And yet, if Canada did not
have a h rd win'.er, the heat of her
. summer—far hotter"' than t"".e warmth
which much more slowly", swells our
English grain—would n:t give her
the overflowing crops which are go-
, ing,to placs h'cr in the" forefront
arau; the n;tion3 of the-world. If
the thermometer .did not stay around
-' zero between December anil March*
the sweltering .summer months
would    p: rch     and'   dry     the soil.
■ Abund ince cf sn;w gives ample
mois'.ure in tbe most useful form.
Nova Scotia, of .which C;ipe Bretbii
Ishnd, the mest ors'.erly pcrlicn ol
Canada, ■ forms rnrt, has moisturo
c'nou-Ji, but It l:.c'"s tho rich black
sail and [hi wo 1 h-briniins sun-
shiuo of the Ncrtliwcst.. It has n
warm summer «:n'l there is good
farminj i*ll■ tlrout.h the province,
hut not cn tho vsst Nortbwest:rn
Kcnle, norib It such c-sy work, To
cirn a li.lng h rdl/, however, is u
traditicn of the k-'cittiBh race, and
Nova Scotia still lives up to its
name. It Is ttill very l:.roly inbab-
ltcd ly lcaplo cf Scottish descent,
Noarly all fie names emack of banks
and br.es. In tho little club at
North Sydney 1 wr.u nt ence offered
"t'bcn'.tlcnul drln'c," which, upon
in.uiry. I 1.und tn Le yliiBVy. In
uivernl placcu Gallic ucrviceti lire
etill held cn Sundays, and there wns
until not lonb» ngo a little Gaelic
newiiparer pullisbcd nt Bydney,
Bcjiewu-n f„et cn well in every part
of Cnn-.dn. They i,re more ncbipt-
nblc lb n the En.'IIuli. Tlity do nat
Kriimlle,   They fit in,
.There Ih n f,iiiotly tbrl.lnj! air,'
which 1-4.mlndo cn-) cf "t-'cotlnml,
n1 out thc fitn:ill slilpp'nc ind coil
mining tawmi of Cupe Ilrcton iMlund,
Where there Ih iiIro tho fincHt Canadian Iron and i.t« I plant, Sir Willi,nt Vi n Il'irnn li-'."*|!H ftrwjird    to
.    Local No.' 38. '•*'
* l   1 (i 1"
Janies ,Ans.n,-secretary of Ross-
laud Miners' Ui,i;n No. 3?, of.Rcss-
lnnd, Britiah Columbia, in a recent
lett r, -speaks encouragingly of conditions' in h:s district." In his letter'
he says: ■' Tin companies .here have
again "incre"s:d the" wages of the
miners from $3.50 per day >to $4.00;
mue'rers fronr^^OO to.?3.25 per day,
and Ll c'_si*itii helpers from ?3.25 to
?3.50 per. day. I also look' for a
general raise of wages; in", other work,
such £.s 1 carpenters, cnginec-rs and
firem/n, on the grounds that' one
usually-' wor'. s in' sympathy with; the
other. The, city council,'here,' whicli
is c.m.)os"id, from th2-mayor down,
of w.rliirm-.n.'clro raised the pay
of their workmen from?3.00 per day
and nin-3 hours to 53.50 per day and
ei^bt, hours. There is'also .another
large company a':out to commence
operations "cn the California .-- and
Gi nt praperci.-s. The tfause ■ of the
raise in weges.is due to a scarcity
cf him. Ever since Butte' secured $4
per day there, has le:n\ a considerable number.of men who have left
here. Phcenix as'red for»?4 per.,day,
and "after it. was.*gr<inted the * managers'h'ere saw tint if they did-not
do li'ewisc very few miners would
remain. 7- **    "~   ' '■•■"'.'
Ef is Packed in SeaSed Lead Packets to Preserve its Fine Flavor and Aroma.
"B. E. WALKER, President
A1EX. LAIRD. General Manager'
A. H. IRELAND,-. Superintendent of
Branches,,    . '7
Paid-up Capital, "310,000,000
^Rest '"- - - 5,000,000.
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Secr.t.ry Aneen ,'eloss' h's "' letter
l.y de.lsr'n? ih t everythin-j "ko' s'
good, in Rosslsnd." , "
"I thought I m-:st"go cn Euflerins
from piles until I died," siys Mrs..
E. Reed, of Ste nburg, Ont, "cut
Zam-Buk has cu^d me! For years I'
endured a;ony, ,could h-.rdly walk
about, tnl lost all n.y s.rcn^tn.
E'.-crythin-j . I vs d 'sesnud us.liss.
Then Zam-Buk wns recommended,
and I blcs'i t'e day It has' cured
me completely." •',
Zam-Buk is thi fm:st bouaei'.ld
I aim l.n-.wn, uot enly for piles, tut
al! s'in troull.s and disoisss—cuts,
I. ruis.s, soro feet, insect stings, svn*
burn, eczema, etc. 50c., all fctrres,
cr Znm-Eu'c Co., Toronto, 3 for
frank is Writing Life of John D.—Promises
.. to Reveal Hair Raising Details. \
New .Yor:^' Aug. 12.—The World
ycst:rday priut-d' tbe following interview . with ' Frank Itockfeller,
brother- of John D. Rockfelier, con-
tf;rjing» their father,. which has bean
kept secret for a" year and' a"  half
under-agreement with Rockfelier:.
* <•   ."■*-'.      ' -y^i
"My f..ther is alive'and well,"said
Koc'sfel'er.   "He* is'depeadent .upon.
no man. _He, would scorn "the proffer
of finaucial aid ,from John .D. and
would not take. it from him.  •   n'
. "He' has means oi his own ample
for all his n:eJs.    '
"But there is,a reason why I can
not->fct this time t:-ll you wherei:,hs
is. In a few weaks. or months I will
be _, ready to tell a story,„that will
amize and horr'.'fy the whole world.
- "No on-i • ytt knows that I am
writing .the st-.ry of John' D.'s life.
"I finished it "se:retly here in niy
offic3 several months ago,' but there
.inArn inini- nf#.A4 ii-Linn -\w\ 4-Vij-v «*tr»'*l'' •* ¥*rl_
-TT't.A'o,—ml^irlici'l^vu"?—iii—via\y—»r*w* a—ouu-
I am doln;-; i^all over again. '
j    ''Rest,£SsL:red that it will be right
1 this tiin?. ., "*..
"Yes," he continued in a bitter
t n\ ' when I iriake John .D.'s, true
I'life hi£t:ry pu'.lic   and   explain   thc
- facts a" out fit'ier, this country will
be t:o wjrm for its rich:st citizen.
I "Go as'*: Jchn D. where our father
is,   Tell him'thit 1 s:nt'ycu„ , and
''that I daire him to answer.
■ "But the . time wi'l soon -come
when I can sif.ly speak." Then it
will not le s frfrr John D. to ap-
pe r u?cn tin stne's cf any Amsr-
ican city. He would be ston-d' by
th: pco*;l?,( '
j ''Noth'nj: but flight from the coun-
,try to somo foreign land will save
him when the whjlc truth hlin-iwn."
Branches tlirougliout Canada, and in the United States' and En_fton4
BANKINGvBY   MAIL      .:;...: "i::
'lasiness may be transacted by mail with any branch
Off tbo Bank. Accounts may be opeued and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts.
Ferule Hriuich G.S.   Holt,   Slnnnffcr
,sl*si*st*s't*sr*<i*<r*\i*\i*\rf\tj ^> ^> *j*\i* ,<t* <i* va*t>\t>\t>*v-*t> »t> »t>-
,  s *N
§' Watch it Increase,  ah Vou.;have- id'.
do \vit.b,-a Savings Account is to start it arid
keep-«it going—then watch it-grow. Doesn't
take long for it*to count  up  to a considerable
, amount—then  you  see  the   advantage—the, wis-
*: dom1* of savins-.- " , .     ,    '     - .,
" *   ' ■
$1 Opens an Account with Th Home Bank of Canada
J. H.   MARSHALL, Mgr., Fernie   Branch
,-   *    '• ' - ". „,,-,-*      - - - -j_.
'&$$&&$&&£^i&te^li&i&S^^ *i* *& *te*s*<&
That Keep
will stand Railroad inspection
a 20-Year Gold-
filled case for
$30.00 at   -
">'•   A
Good Time
The Jeweler
EL 4>K?W$
No dMud HIM
(•yinar txoout
•JOc. |>«r paeh»t, «r O psitX**** for too.
Will ItMt« Whole HMMi,
Railroad   Laborers
Wanted at tinoo
at For ale, B. C.
'■ <i
For Orow'o N«it •oulhorn ExUntlo-ii
Hlflheftt Wsgaft Paid
T«amti«r«, 0*v*p*r Hald«p«, nnd
•lofloii Hon
ft** TroMnoHotloii wtlloo roMlilM«l
ky An>lylno to
A.  Outhpki  AjCo.
rimiii, b. 0.
•s> *t**;«t- -t—;«;-<*-t* -*•-t- -»t—t—;•<* *t*»t* •5»*t-**j—t—;* -j* •:* -r*<* -t*»;«;- •s»»;-»;*-2- *»r—;• .j»*;*«t**t-**j—»j«*t***;**t-
*"- — S , _  +
Rake us
Fore and Aft
and   if  you- clo   your   garden    the
.same    way  you   will have    a   good    '
showing. We have a good showing of
Garden   Tools,  Garden -Hose,
Lawn Mowers, Etc*
Screen Doors, Screen Windows
J. D. Quail
Hardware and Furniture
Meats, Errs, Butter.
Poultry and Fish
Why not try us mid be convinced thnt whut they say is Hit* (ruth ?
Our pricus are the most ivasoiuiblc In Fernie. Phone No .j or
cull ul Iliu (.hop on Vii'lorlu avenue
Monday, Sept. 2nd, 1907
AT   CRANBROOK,   B.   C. ij:
£ Under Auspices of Trades nnd  Lnbor Council. ?
Dominion Meat Co. Ltd.
Phone No. 4
Victoria Avenue
1 tfff'fflffffffffflfftfflfltrfjffitpciflpff'*?
litrst nml Metm. Tim hu-rciBliii*;
tide rf 'ortnnc Ins not rimn much
In tlio Miirltlim Provlncca nn ytt,
but thiy nrc j-cttln? rciily, to tnko
the currc.it when It u;rvc», «nd of
coutfi) tlio tn-irn ln tin North went is
bouml to bcntflt the trade nnd the
nblpplni; of the -wholf • fountry—bo
Ubj tie tbe direction of trade in kept
taut and w««t. What would btpptB
if tt>« w**t rbould ever trude prlptl-
wt\\y wlib U4 Vtiiiti BUUt, -.bleb
lit* te *Ar** to It, k -»-^iM-Hkif tl*t
ProvlnccH Hlucpy, mil Wliuiiiic"? burner, usly prctcnilH to think they fire
(lead. Hut th y i*o nl n; mhtly
end comfortnLly, cnt'.nt with mod-
rr.tc wc-Uh (thit Ib what tbo west
cannot undrrstind) unA convinced
tbnt slwW end sure ia tbe best puce.
Vou ml.ht tbln-i it ImporHlhle lo
•rouse tbem to,, entbuBiaum if yon
utter iaw tbem at « Seottleh «on-
eert,'» twllog suteb, or otfttyjAoA'
riw't• D»y' 4:»«r.. Toni-ytf^AA sot
t«U l)vn» jVUfWuvtU »lter.li*t;.
Sports'to be lieli! on  Recreation Grounds.
Good seating accommodation.    Special
j...*.,.   u,i, ni44>;   iciiiits k-i*iiu nutr-
mediate points in the morning,
returning- in thc evening,
Sec posters for Events   ,
S.   MacDONALD,  ,
T. J.  DORIS,    M.. -WMITC
-. Vlc«*»pr««*     Scc^Tr«a«,
Think tt over. This M nitilresseil to
nil who nro not yet our customers. If
you j-iec our stora a trial you will like our
way nt 'Uiinj: bibincss, \ ou would uot care
to chnnjjo for nny other store Kjrly
nnd Into wo study how to keep our store
in tho front rank—at the very henil of
Its class. Oar Incronsln-a. buslncsti lo evl-
dnnco thnt our efforts nro appreciated by
tbo public.
We wilt never co»to tn our efforts to maka
thin thc people's most popular draff store in
the (all weaning of the word where all can
feel tare their waiiu will be attended to
JaU right
Palace Drug Store    P**x>*n
&<****<*<***^^ ihovmwtwiimtMo^
England Creates Precedent of
Wide Issue to Protect
"   Workmen.
Thc m:.na,cment cf   the   Spo'.sane
Intcr-jtato Fair will pay a sw ft 1 id- J
Ci' $'-50 for a 20-m'le i*i.*e, or nf.the.
rata'of 537.50 "for. ea'-"h mile traveled.
Th..t   s the sum th;t will'Le paid
ti tlio,    \vinn;r   cf.  the r„l?y rcco,
which is Leconiing a standard     at-:
traction end a-s r.nj Crawin;; .card,
tt tbe lit rs'ute Yair. ■•      /-;     " •> .
This ye r  .the'    sum of ■"HO")', h:.s
8tc ling the,la'.or of.wcrlmcn. The -*™ «PP**opri-.t:d anh will be di.vl.d-.
cd among the fortun-.t'-wnicr^, the-
money being divided'58,-. 25,; 15  aud
10 per cent.   There will te "no    >n-
irjnce fee  charge 1   -,aiuf noi money,
w 11 Le deducted from the rr'zeo.v'in-;
n7s. i-
A't lest a good old British precedent h:.s     le.n     cs'a'.li.hed which!
should &j>i 1 cc-.n3mic'*deli'.'crar.C3 ti _
thc wor'ers of the world, I
At Pre:.ton;, En„l:nd, a company j
has Le.n fined iii thc police court for
theft-- wes     committed '   Ly put'ing
tae':,the hands of a clock to deceive
tlu men into ■vfer" in; linger hour.-.
„   'Fcr ite.iing the labcr cf   workmen.'-"'      " .     -..,''
- That's' the charge every \va;.e e.-.rn-
er must .pr^f.r. *,         ' ;
Never'mind the clcc'.*: hands.   ,',
No _nr t'er wh:re, they point,    so
Ioni-as'a"rii*n wcrVs'fir'wV'cs tic
charge hoi's, good
Conditions'governing .ihe race '"lis
yc r-will te the. same as in previous
years.-. Professional riders and horses - are barred;■* ri'cr. s mV's*:'■""use "a
ccw„oy saddle  weighing, at last 25
'Thc'VorUeVs ,tliomseivW':mii'st'act Vpounds  and  -' m si,   ch.nie  suddks
as i-r-secut'n;   i att.rn y,  'Vitncsr, ! very, h^} niH.\ two miles loins rid-'
.judse and jury, i  ■; V?   '7 4^     ,'JAe?' ^tlcd^y for-lO.days. :Thc;ri:ef
Let th-.m fix'Crmly "the charge   in'jlliUS'' clu-.n;e thc,.siddle unaided, Vut
their mint's. - -      -' . ' on" m:n w;11''-e allowed to h'-rld lhc
"S'e I'm: the laiior "of" workmen.'' ;extri' lla'se and l-ridlcf; n.'dd'not Le'
Thin't it over, yLu .of the   vn_e- ;,ch VACS'.   ',        . *' :.'   7   ".
crninj cl.ss. y       '    ■ -..*.._• Entri s   f-. r the   r^cs     will clcsa"
"How knj doc's your employer Keep '.S-it-Jrdty, August 31, and ths r. ci
vou irou-d tf.er'you cease to earn *w 11'.ho it riel tn Tue d.iy/ Septan-
your: own -wages and a surplus- for , Lcr_ 2 lr ,.,,-,,.,. .;-.-'_: .      ■*•■•'_*■'.; 7:„- ;"•
hiriia-if? "^ ;'v-^-   *. ;  •>   |  -j.-!- *■•"•''"'"'':- L?~r~-~t\^ -V*
What would yov. clUl the t.iking of-*!
'*•> o* *y* *J* \t* vV st* \i* \i* *y* \r* <t* \t* . \f* <t* ^i* *y* aV \ij *t> \j* \i/ <,* ^v *j* . *
The Artistic Milliner'-" ^;;;psr'u|n
Victoria Ave.
Fcrnlo, D. C.
Mrs. Waggott's Second Yours Clearance Saio
of Summer Season's stock
H*. rrO niiiUe room for lhe Fall and Winter season's display, lhe ladies1 "»♦*''
Hi, _of Fcrnio and dislricts, strain have lho opporluniiy'io' purchase    ^j*».
vl> I"! Pr'ces f'ar ''eluw present values, froin fresh  .md   up-io-dalo stock,    ft
I •}'.$ This opportunity, offers only once a year.
\Hi, The Salt* at Reduced prices will'commence
th'..t"'pcrti;'n'cf "your prcduct which"
yju cr.ated  tut. t!id not ,'rcc.ive nh-j •■
e.uivdeiit    -f.-r.:'biit  ','s'*e'.-.ling"*" the ' ,„
-, 0       - > . .
Pure* Healthful, Dependable
Known everywhere and guaranteed a„
strictly cream of tartar, baking powder;, no
.    alum^no ammonia—no phosphatic acid.
Low-priced porvders and those which '   .
^ do  not give  the . cream of   tartar
-  .   guarantee are "made  from «alum.
r?, r  .   *     ,'-- *>'   *- *l "-■ :wJ o
Of what use to give 25 ounces of baking powder for 25 cents if 8 ofHhose ounces are alum?
Saturday, July 120 and continue until
Saturday ji August 17
(£   Want of show space cpmpe's ihe.sacrifice.
^   Ladies will realize that Ready-to-U'oar imd TYi-nmcd Hals are  red-*
W   need for ihis sale, to loss than cost. ""  '- ■   *■
Hi, .
Q '. Children's Silk,and Washing Bonne's, Kid, Leather aiid Cloih Caps,
W* loss than manufacturers todays prices.- Ladies Whitewear, Blouses,-"
Hi, :*SUiris, Collars, Bolts, Summer Vests,—latest patterns—choice inator-
£»,_. ial—bought before tho groat rise in prices—below old cost prices.
^y ' A few Underskirts, remnants of Ribbon, Silks, Chiffon and all-over
*i*» 0 Lace at great reductions,' although there h.-'s been an enormous rise
?].j   in the producers markets.       '.-..,■
V;-?   Childrens'Hose, Hat Pins, Blouse Sets, Flowers,'Feathers,..Plumes,
Hi, , Ladies Gloves—all at clearing out prices.
•iv      . *■  ■    ,, .       -
•*■-•£   Please note—Prices at this Sale are absolutely for Cash    ' No booking
£»£   at sale prices. .... .- * ■ .--7
"§' -' ■ \MRS. WM6ET'<*.
ft     -. ■ '■' .L.T.AV: Block, Fkrme/b.'c.
ft'     '      .'■'■"   ' .    ■'   ■
\1* \1* \1*<l* \t* \V *J* VV4.V «J> VV <<* \t* i \1* \1*\i* <V \1* \1* \1* \1* <l> \V <V *!r o>
'i*» *L\ <i> 'AV /iV 'IV /iV *** *l\ /i\ *t\ /iV «VV f «■»> <iV <-4> *AV <4V *l\ /iV *-i> *AWJV ^v ^v /&
\1* ■
la' or of w:r" m.n?" '
- -,   .       - -o—
W. R.- Trotter,  crgcnisiT:'Jifor   tbe
Tr.-.des Gcn_resj h* s'*'aFrivcd;_iu C.l
£rry.- Jams C;mp':,el', seci\t:ry cf'i'
.the C_l_.ary'.Trades .-and LaVor Coun-
ci!, rojeived a lettcr,.-from him-a-few
diys a o, stiting'°that lis d:sired ti
ivi-:t all \,hc uaicc'meetings'held dii'r-
cept the5,^nv;tation  ,';to sreak. Jn   .^ ^ ^ _A mo^^T.thiJU-
.^.MOYER  NOT 'SPEA'klNG =NO\V.   ■>!
-    7*?   '•J'C, i—'■■■■  ^v»*** '- '
Prcsid.nt-. ai;y-r^" of "the... Western
Fed.r-tion *,of Min rs,' wil' not.   ac-
i id .iy. night, \which' will l.e addressed'
1 y ;Mr."..Trotter,>r-;*''
"«" ••'•'• : *'  •"' <y
-Buttej^a^or—Dty;i^bu'^W^D.-irHa"y,--i i-r-r-= —Tn-r—a-«-"—„_^
r, -r- ^r^ -   —.<•-'' ":-'.'   -   -.-   -   J   iccul-ive w; s c.llcd c nd-*. arr-.n-em'-nts
wood m-.y.-^me.Jhe.e facts    were  m ae-t.v-aiieaYl^e'hii^n S .t-i
stated in a letter fr;m. Moyer.   .to -    T'"   '-'  '
the Labor Dry "" 'cemmittoj cf the
Silver Bow-.-Tradis and'* Labor ■ as-
Moyer stated th.t he did not re- ; - He^ry Elliott, ' Es:i., of Slier-
gard it cs bcin;' in,. gocd t-stc ter 'brook'o,* N."S., ilIn-;ptct:*r.arid,-Siipt;
bim to.til'c fie plvtfera while trim-;: of Bridge Ccn's'.rucl.ion fcr Nova
inal ch.rgcs are pendin-j asakst'lilin .Sco'.ia, s:iys: - ■■
in tic Id ho'conrls-; •'. I-I3 Ktat'd L. "A : L'otLlo 6f ' MINAED'S LINI-
tlut H ywood w s in'Cbic.it o and ■'MENT curo-i m; cf"a very se", ere
on his return, wh'c'.i would tc.inn .s.iiin tf my lej, cic'ped ly a fall
few days; would urdcui-t-.dly . fi.e jwhtlc bniidin-; nrl:-l.l;o at.rolicr'y
the cr,nim',tt e nn tiuwer to thc iii-Tree'", Cuirf.crl. ml Co.",,-
vit .li n  to  scale  in\. Butte    Labor j
?*• -    ■      '.   i ]~  ""."': r;
Mayer,  in eljslnr, cxpi*4'ss:d waiva ,
a-,rrc:latl.n cf the nt'itude of   cr-I OfiAXIJKOOK LAND Dlh-TIHCT
pa'ni cd ' la'or   in'1 tlr.t community", .-"   ■
rnd, ox:r s o\    re'i-jt tlu.t' Cicim-       I3Istr;oi  ol' Kust. Kooti'iiny,
st nco7wcul'd rot p.r.nlt   llm ■ to
' q:mc.   . •''■''
The   wpfiry   traveller in search of" a'•■good
linme, ]*lentv to eat", and something goad, to
•drink-, should-go to-?-    .   .  •
The King Edward Hotel
..Corner Hanson St.
& Victoria Ave.
;  J. L~.   Gates,   Proprietor
Fernie, B. C.
boil Hr. i'i) Division.
I     1.   LC
!■ TAT-fi NOTILU tiut M'cba".l V.
'T.oJc, ol Pkrhb, B. 0., lum.crmiin,
nut .ids t:j i.Pi'ly fc.r a rp'oci..l tlm-
M or ii.'tn33 over the fell, wins da-
The  •Calg'.iry   Marble   &   Granite  Works
.  The    Kootenay "Marble    Works,  • Nelson
Samples Cen te Seen al lhe Office.
Parlors in lundy's Block
iir*&^mv®^mmi?% mmv&mmm
*•:<.:••:••:••:»:»: ♦:•;'♦•:-♦♦■> ,J,,t"t,,x,,>**>
•>• The        ■   •;•
emmencin.'   i.t -iv pest il.nt-id , y
Fernie- Lumber
Go., Ltd.
_ jr.b.ut four m-.loj nortb-'ol the Ir.ter-
,.-,. !n.tifii.'.l Hoiindj.ry lino, fil out   four
Miners Warned;to Keep Away:»>>■- °si«« ^^ nnonn
r ;.of tho t"outh,,..tcrk,.tf.Gold ,0:ojlt;
; tbut:ce , n rtb 80 cUnitts; thonce onst
!£0 iliina;- tb.ncc• floutli -8) cb;ir.s:
j 1 ''.ci!*? .)v -et .'■' W- 0». 1| "* toj. l.lnco of
.commencement, and ..cent:.in? a,on:
■ -■   ;.    ,i, 1 !,:r*—*       <"'   - * i.'"'■;6!0 acres mure''or 1(83,' ,   ,
, A d,BP.tUii,to.,'J.bo.Gl,olcJrcm,..,Qo-.! -■iJ'.c..tcd:ffJiily-''2lBtr-if07.' •-"""''y [y ■
lalt b yj:   1UU mornln**; i,ll tbo eura '.   2 Ooni^.nc'(n.i: fit* ft pcBt   phnt;i  !f ,
ii.u..d tbe-.dtpot W4i-e.la';oll(d-with1      )t Qno m„     wlh    . ^ Int„r. | Y '
iriid-IUafriidIn?; VB.t;y ftwnyl^»'vfe'Yoa 1, .Boundn'rV lino and   alout^f
= Blll on,  Pny r.o .fit-. tvo foVrJ'&Bt of' tlrV* fl'ub-lot lino ; X T
J At-EX.- McDOUGAll, Pres. & Gen. Mgr. $
From Cobalt Until Union
Declares Strike Over.
Dcnlcva in  '    *
>.KoucJ' ADrcnwd Lumber
iln.\s nfiiir iluii' I  iiid'ii'l in iipiil.vii) Hi'
lliiiinriililii C)iiif" riiininli.-iiiiii.i' nl l.iin.ls ainl
Woi'l'-, Inr u lii'i'UMi In |i'-ns|.|)...r  Ini* imimI ii ml
liiitiolulini mi •lie   fnllnivllur t|i«-.i;rili»-'l   lillnl-'
nllmrii in S. K Kiiijluimv itiitrii'l t4i A-il i
-•    ;•	
1 CnniimninInir nt h iii-,! plimlu i fit llm -i \v
linl'lltrul ll/n \V T. WiiIkmii uliilm', iiiliiicuiit tn
till! s n r'.nn'i* nf Int. I'i". lliuiii'u imr'li *
i liiiln*, tlimiM! cii.t Hirliiilii^. iliem-ii niut|i II' ■
I lllii 1-, til.llllll. 44 (Ml SI 1-111411| ^ tn I ll tl.   II III   III HII- .
nun on ne- t, i'w tiilniuif (lln ticroi nuiru fir lm'.
I lit I'll lllikl.-tll'llllt 0f.lll'IV.ll',7.
W T. Wii'.oh, I ni'ilnr -
CIiih. llijliliin-i, Aatuiit '
'3   frnnnit'iii'l'iB ut u )i-i<l- i'ilii'ili..| nt I liu n (•
Phi Slip Garbsella
Lice's asai.si3
Dry GjjJs, Groceries, BantsanJ'Siiies
.Cent's* Furnishings '
OH AN Oil   AT  HOSMER,   D. C.
2   IYiinnieni'l'iB ut ii )|.,<t nlii'ili.il nt I lio ll (■ i _,      '                       |          | «'   I *
Nirni'r nf thn. l.liliiiMiiiut fltl fm  tmv-t  tn t|,i.    1  „.. _          I    . Jm^ii A A
*\y c-nrii. r of lot l!"* nn thn Kliithi'inl rivi/l*, -.1 I 1/ _H         I  H||IJ H Mil
iluiiifHi.iiirtliU'lHiiilii'.. •ln'iii'ii-wiHim ulnlns,    I  «  V W        UUUC.UI I IU i
tliiilli'd iKirtli S'rlnvliw, tliiiutii' 1'ii^t «l cllillii"             v                                    '■"'
You want comfort and satiya 'ition
of clean  sir'ootli   abaves   every
S moruingi
3   Tho Carbo Al*ip;«cttc la tbo only
gnizoi*   UNCONDrriONAl.LV rrrj
2flUA«AN'rJiKI> to givo.thls.    vj
ATliesccretlilcctric'U-mperlng   .CT
'posltiviily iiicigcs every pnr-   *"-"-'
tide of carbon   (iho   iifu of
steel) into tho inetnl«i*lvin{;
d I a rn o n ii «l i Ic o h a r d » c s o
throughout tho bliulc-somo-  /.^
thln«  absolutely   impo.sr.iblo \ft\
with fire tempered cteel used *— -
ih mulilnj*; nil otber ni/.ore. ga\
Uut tost this razor  In yftiir Jjjji
own home»«nr havo your barber
use It on you,    Sccuro ono 30
Cobalt; ttrllo
toti.t'iun  'tj,' ropcrtti   in QtWdpnpo-.a i<vl( m<l'n'ont iair m;it,fl
imrnatln? from milc ownern. Unl:n
1'crnlc, D. C. •;■
y Tel. 3
(.ur iniltB est cf tht* sub-lut   lino
•JVI, tn   ih.'  s.)iith ' fork of   Gold
. •:•   ■ Dlihonslon •& \Mt\g* Timbor A
,.    ■ > •:•
• "I'illnK. Moujcllii-j, Litha, J
,:   -'   'Siilnijiw nnd Tlw. fc
•,-t !«1 L| TdcRKbhe Poles a Specialty!
imrnrttintft-oiii nm c ownoru. uni;«  tho   Vfthk    rlvel..  t^nco 80 cha|n8 ' JJ . _, Y
will pirl'sh whttx Wrico u over. 'WCbt. lU„nC(J ^ ch ,n9 B.nlh; tllonco, A All Onlow Promjrt'y AlU-ntlcd A
(Biiiiod),    Co'.nlt   ^lintr,'.   Unlcn."   g,   cha|nB   0(st;     thjnM s0 eU\M',X l0 %
h nt il-nt it.w.H il.cUrsil that tie north t)    ll;,co o{ ccmmenccment, ' y ■; "   '      '  ?
union li il 7fO m n w.ivln; In   and  col,ftluln%' iv'.out CiO ncr:'ii, mere or
i roil ml (!o';nlt, i nil 400 up tlio Mon-  ,eS8f
tro 1 rlvi-r, ih a min r vb? Iich .'uut     j]0Cftt„, Ju!y 2?nl) 1C0Iv
ioino i'o'.vn (Ii-Jltvfi th.t |r.ict'cilly
nil tbo m.n thro lmo "olncrt   t'a<     3. C'omm nclm nt a Peat   pl.mt.cd
iiuijii. ft" Q"'^ ow m'Ie nort*1 °'- t'10 Ixxlcx'-
On tl-.o Co'aL l.ilo mini f^-ur mi.  na'ion:il Doundury linp, fi'.out   ono
rhl-tu wil lo run In;, d.u'.lj fb f'H  xtHn 0 a', of    tbo sub-lot Lno -IClJl, .
fl Uday on No. . ihaft, work on »a »'.out Uroe miles o,st of tbo Crcor; th .., w..t 10 chains, tbcn.o
which b h ten iv'andoned Hlnco tbo ^ab't river; th;nco 40 chains wefct; o>..th 80 chains; tbmce e.\tt .»
-trll c ■.■■IU Ic cf>tm<*''tH '"t'b t**i»-tb^nfti M rhnUu n«rtli; tlicnrc tin ,^,:-.-: th-wc a*, :U'. ?*> rVi-t1'0 tn
j*-net \\ nt t.rrt y nr.rt ftnVlhp; ton- cbnlr.ii e at: t'.:er.ci 80 chslni* north*' ;^rf t)J Cl.WWJ(.J.(.(.ji1i.i,t. imd rim-
tinned.   A new v-ln Is fcrlnic Htrl.ipcd ; th:ncS   40 ch«,irB     MBt: thence 80 cf ,w->
on the Nlpuflln? nt the loutb end-of ehr-lns i uth; thenco 20 chains went; ,   , ,     '       ,on.
tbo 1 lc\ which Ikb ten traced   on*ihanct ^0 chnins oouth to place   of 1   Located July 2Sth, 190..
t> th* Co':nU Ul:e r*ropeity.    Mnn-1 cbtnmonccment, ond^contnlnlnir about'   fi> CoB,mtac:Bg flt a pofct   planted
tt.i*. r-u-.". *t t   "i * a. c-r d nl-cj    p ° r"'r '■ ^ T' *;r  *^" ,about bIx und one-Wil roi'ie*  «'»H*a
lite and considerably more than   n j   Loo»t.« Axxxy 23rd, x.07. ^. th| lBtrBitoDai Doundary line.
c;r tf B'l'er ore rejdy to ship.  The j   4, Comm.nclnj nt a pcet  plant«d nnd atout four mlln oatt of the wb-
wi:r"c 1 nderjrornil l» proceedinjc s,.t
fsf,ct r Iy.
in |iliii*i,. of I** iHiiioiicuiiiiiiit,   1 i.i.taiiiiiifr ni
iii'ivh irii'it' nr J<i*m. .  1       ' •   -'.
Hiltd.l Ilii, i'.'n.l.lnyof.liilv.VliT      _,
'   .1  l.lvliiu.tiiiio, r.oiiatiir
Clms Itjli)ilii», Atfl'llt
ID Cnmml'iir lAu nt iiVi>»» 1'lniiti'il nl Ilii' 11 " , 17 ■ I'umiiii'licl'ic nt m,|i.h,» ,i>iit !mI ut llm ti iv'
i-uriwr n' l-'AV **li.'! l>-ii\ ^lulm i'nr i-,i-.'i- tin- i-hiiht nf 1 In- A I'n.l.riti. cl.iiiu, »t 'ir ni'ir lint
»u ("irin'r of tlio A. II Ml i.*'iiini. Ihimcu -iiiiiIi ! •. u* ii.inu.rnf thu llnrrv-lliixiui*' i>l»'iln  llin'iicir
.      . .     .      I .       . .1...       ... ..... L....I.    .1..    . . I.A.. ....  1.     Ul.l.*.*J..U.I         »...-l.._t. .....
(:iiu, Itnliliiui. Annul
 I*t   (llllll'tlll lit t 'ill 11 44
i-iiri'iTdl 1 hn.I. A|.|i-Ii*Ii i*liiliii,iiil|iii-i-iif tn iln
1 i!**-n*„,,i.*i.i«,,i.,,.,.„4t .,.i,,„*.,,i .it ti„, ,,.,4- «;■;»:;;,••!/',',•/_\iiW:V:,,u.',.l,i'"i•."iV--*-*"-/*m-"-V-"-
I*   ('iiiniiiiiiivl'ivti' .1 |in.l |ilniitn I nl (In. 11 n
I llm .\lr<. I*'. M LiViniT'lini i'liilm nl nr tiimr
tlm -.„ 1 nrniT nl' (lm I'litlimlini (I.1.1I i'liilm,
'In-nri. vmili > 1 i'Iiiiin■■.Un.inn 14'ini Un.), 1 li,,,
tlini in unilli 11 1 lm in', * Iiihii11 hi .1 *ii i'Iiii ih *
'11  I lm |<liicii nl  i-iilnlii|.|iri-ini.i,l, iinil,1I11I114
II hi'in. im>ri. ..r li*.-
|iiiii-i| il,i».''itli il m*i.( .Iti'v, I-4-;
All.. I: M   I.UiiHf«t .ti, 1,'iiMiti.r
1 In-, |{.«lil.|!., A.',-i,i
a*-out fl a mil n r.ojth of the Inter- lot Hue 4591, on tbe «o«vtb fork   of
a it I .nal itoundary  line, nnd about (Sold Creek;   thence wrtt 80 chain*
four ml • out of    the »ub-lot lint tbe:ce toutb 30 ebilsi; tbenee writ
Ml,   cn the BiUth     fcrk   or Gold to ch«ln»;    tlience ojuth 40 thr'r.*,
  jcrro''?    thenee   north   U0   cbalm; th:nc« • t\ 10 eb tot; th»nee   0 rtli
.tbe-te vu»t 40 ch'tln*', thence eouth 20   cb Ira*    t'*<n?e   et'it I) cbnae;
Cr B'.r:o'f   will   <;elobr.iti   tabor l.o chilai. t'*er.e«' wast 40 ebtlaa to thence north 40 dnlRt to .phrt   if
l)#jr undtr tbe «utplcia of the Tr»*!#*i jpt:ee  cr  ccm*nene*.n. .♦, pr^tilnlnj eomtntoceaie.t, ecnt» b'bj €40 stt.t,
an I LiVir-Co-Suett^'flpotli will "It- 'a':but C-40 iicrta, .more.or lew., > mora or lew. ^ •
' !> Id oft th* imiolUfi'Vt;0'%f$'   A j   lx)eAt«!i July' Jitb, 1107.
yh'.il^ inly trtb, iM.
«-'r! I.ttr-.tc-i j of tMfnt will ra.-.|   S Commeaefaai at'* ft*et fttaatri
ntt«m*wWr. thw dar^, *t»epipmb*r-2nd layout all milra rfortH cf tbc^InUr-1 ^P"^<S *?***' H '
WW., fit} enf. na*nH'ith'r'«a;«.       'natf?n.-}f n.inn«f«r*f I'ne anT'.'i'bout        ' itiTHAEL r. OOGLB,.
M"*f.mcr im.t  ut  I.U  Vi".  tl... ...» m,.|.|, n. -"»   • J" '*' »l»'; I'- "»"'■ «J  ' '     "'    "    '
.•li.iliM.tli..i|.i. (..i,IM.„|,ilii-.tl|.,i  ifi-tli h 1 ii"ltli*«'--lii.|ivilt.*ii"i: H...I ■«<.■■ '   *•.  ■<  '
i*liiilii».ili..|i.'«.w.,.t mi I'liiiiiui.. tli.. inVii-if I'll" ' i''»tiii<i(iiii''.mii!iti'.iiiiiilulii|f'll" n.*i.-.
i*niiiiiiiiiii'iiiii.iit,i'iiiiiiiliiiii'i ill 1 iiiiiik iimiii nr l,',"1"'i".1,!' 7, 1 ,,., i„-
|„,B Diili-il till. .'I|.| il.l.l nl .IrU*. 1' ,
r>.iw*.i ti.ur.'Hi.ii»y or .iitiv. vi.7. 1':|1''1 'i";i',l,.'r''",.";ll„.
( liiu, ItiilliliiK, Ai/rlil      .... -        . .  . 1   , ,   1 . . .1 . .
I.'  <'i.min'in Iiii; ni 11 i-"t I-I ii '• I i'i *' '• " v
.'. ('..iiMiixiwInu «• n 1.11-.I iilniiii'*l'nl tlm s «■  l'!,,'l»-',,f ""• ',",1''14j."'l,',r',!'i' ■',--"!■'.;■■ ",, "■'",
,.(,riiiri.l tl...,l,.|M. limit i'liilm Mm iimiI.i-   """J n.i*r .1! I-.W . Mn*l-I'>'i . • l.um  tli in*.
ill. i*nrm.|..| tin. ,\   II IWufn.  tli,.|,.,.  iDih    .niill|"'.'.l;.lii., H»m*i"*i"*l »•'* "l'i«.   »
in i-lill III-, fliiiltrni'ii.l t'i'Iiii.11,. t licll.'■• smith *• '■,",", "" ' '■■■•■'•.•"'■'"""-■•'•■' ' '. .'"•'"I"!' -
.I'I I'll llll., tl|l*H-'«   44*1..'  HI   llllldl.tiltl,..   |.|  I....II.II1.1.I.. llll'lll    ( ll'.l ll!ll!.4f   .IUI.ll-   111.11*
i;n.rvi;r:;;;;n,;;-.-r..i«.v.,--T.        i'^-,"i-^"i-"i/r-^.!1.l.l„1„il(,!"'u" ■'wl",,:J?v,v,v,i,.,..f
•'•YlYikttfYA^: »':' »^Y± f r\ u... ......»-„.,A„.,.t
I'1    I'llll'lln'lH'll JI  III II l.li.t   l-!.|lll...|   ll   llin II 44»
rninnr nl thn'I   l|,i in 4 ■ ! urn i-i nr 1 ...I llm <
'J, 1 .HI i'| 1.( I In* ,N'i  11  ,M 1 1^11*11111. 1 1 rn.    I Ili.l 1 11
. '! -    .*. .,.,..".,  • ,    ,,.•>.,.....;,.... 1
;."< Ill » 1 i*i| I ill*   Hli'lh |i  .4|i,l I. 11 I, ,1.,, I'I |.lll r,I
I '.li. Mu
I'Iiii-  11..1.1 In.. .Wi- I
|,l    ('l.ll,M,|.I,|.|ll* III  'I llll.*   t*' '"'l' I "'   *'"" I'   f j
il   I'liiiinniiii lni» nt 11 n »l i>!-ni'i' I .-it llm n i* ;   •••  ■ ;"* —>•-* •■> ■ 1—■   .-  .'    . i"
i..,riiiir.iftli..Cliii* Iltliliir-.'l.iii.i m ni i.i-iii-'' "><-.' »t l.i.' I'i'll |.i.i'*ill.'.i. '-.i„i. .' ni;
fl..i.c f.irnrri.Hli.'lMi.l. ili<iwi,ili.'i« t'.i.i.tl. i.,"<r tl.»*-..r ,-t -.. r. \\ -.. ■" ■ - - ", *'*n" ■
in  ilmlii..   II111.11.   «i..t   hi   ri,,,!,,., t|,,,, ,.P| t Mi.-.'-.niili h-iMilii*.  I..-I. .*.'<*4t «   <-'i.i 1.
w.Mh   «,,.»..,(, 1   ,1 w.   i.i..   4 , .1 .' »li..i.  1. 1 1 t»Ii «  ..'• .'.-- f.>..i-i... "-.•-*  «   ..'..'. .
Iil^i 11 nl |.,.miii4.iii.mm.|if 11t11i11lnj.il 1 mit«* | ' ' tji* ,''',■,''" ,",(/,';,'",""l'"v,'""'l:'' * "'•,■•■-•"•"
iV^Vl.-iVinl.lay.l.lnhsl-'rt..,. Y'^"^''*"^}}.*^  J "•""'- l,,"i",",-.,i,,.y.;:'M,,lWi;J,. .Ir., 1... ..,„,
r .iniiii-' "n-,' n' I. (i..' pi iti'i" '■ nt itin »w
,<■ 1.1 11) ,ti ■! M, W i!' r* ."Ir ."!-.,. 1 .it nr M'.it'
.'ifi in- i.ru.'i'. tt.i 1., > .nu.. iiiHit j
1 r'li «11*- iiii<«, riii-1 -.I <• 1 *• 1 ,-:, ilu. tii.ni -v
...I. i - , |. ,1,1 .   11  »    1 . ■ 1 1    ...   ,
c-rnim-i.. i.ir.i<|.'., r. i.'.iuij i.i. * 11411111 t, cr
('.i«» Hi.I.I in., I.'xHfr :
Clliu. It.il.l'llli, A^anl
('lm   l|n .I1I114, A^nii't
i'lutl ll.ilililn*, Atf'.'i't
7  (-.*mm--n.*n.»»lHp.>Ht|.liuili.lHf Mi^nw1  11  (*->mm,<n<;tr.**l i«t.*«t p'.i itel *l ltm»w |  •;[   Commiiiiclintat » |.».» iil,ii.tfU» (l.iir. •
fiiflmr ..f iIm A. IliKKlflitiiii «' i.riiK-ii-tlita*! i'i»rn«ri»l IU*  Hrrv HimIih. «, uni 4V«r.;i.;n .i-iiriini of tin*  Iiiium M.-Klll^ll '■_ inn »l (»r
wnr * li cfil*, rl*lm. ilwnr- M *•! tli* <, * <"-"-»r if th* ln«i I IW.-I.  ..nj-l.l.n. I .'....r III* .r..«r o»H.* Mri. KM l.if l««. Ion
rliMn..ll.niif(.i«t««irlinln« thcm-Afurfh «• I Mi***.-.-* n*r*U Utrlmn*. tii-m-f *i.» *» fhnr.* I - .ttn. tii^i-.-«-.-i"iiit"li,n„, thfr* **«t »»
t*il4^,«i«. itn>in<« i*»>«T *. i-tihiinliil.n liim* nl . t.m.14* »n..ij in n«..i*.' ..'•- » J * .'.'.'"''i
4iinimni.'«ni.nt, c.multitfm -il• *4-r«» mm* or ; *•* "'♦ l'1**1* of i-.immrui."«nri*iil i-o,iirti .in«
I,,4 I <i| UithI murtar li"«,
lM..lthU»-,|,lVnfJ..ir.Ij--o!i |,^-,',',''V';,''Uv',f,^/;,„,;U.  ....*.*■.>•
Clu.  Hi.M-iin, \t* it i W"*"- H'tl'l'lii*. •*•*•*"'
I "
cnr-oumflluJ. A (f.»*/t elum»f>r ii**r III* j i-ntnttrot ttt«K«lli<.lni><l.»*H i- * n. •"'•,,'""«>r
nt<Mirit«r<.r..i* A.iImI < Ulm.fli«ii-4 *«ith ■» •« »• '•"5'V.°/ \h* *£"", ^"',.*',,P-'..^n^
*irh*ln., trmni*-**!* •'.•Tuln.. t|i«m-* norMi ' »li*n.-» viu'h *ii*hilm, fh»ft"» w*it *n>.i*tn«.
tu-tnllii., Ilium* w».' *i »li-ilti« tt »n* p»i"»;tlii*n-*iii4f»h*i<-ii«in..lnJti<-« «**t «ii''"*;"•
i>ri*4>mni*ni«mrtit,runl4inin«-ll''it>r>»« mor*, *<> «h* pt*'** of roniBi#nftm#nl ronMiriiii*
orliw*. |Kli*i*r*.mtr*w »•***.
l-»i*l llii.«:irt.ljy«,».lnW, l**J i lu»*Hiii.i.'.u 'Uj. '»y_-J»v.t1''- .
J  J   ll-.i   -f.fi'jl-if ' K»tli»rlii*i|.ii»T,I<"f»'nr
Ciiti. lUli'iliu. Anal
» towni-wlf.* *•♦•(•*».t|.!*a!*.*t Umij,*. I* C*ii«*j**;V.•..'**"''If!?**f ,*J'»J'S»«»"
»rn*ratttin A«n«* Ati-Wi-in i-lefm *t k n-nur fv.(imi»r *' «"i« !T
tb* * * ovrtwr nflib**. R4>bt>4>\,*et'ltM.Uv*».*« ■ Ik* * » r»m«r
(.!.«• K.il.l.i.i*. Ar-M
of fti- A«i>«* AifWfin <-t*tm *f k nnr 'y<-nmn *f «*i* •**jLu^''VI'il!lL',J,.,5 " *rt1H'
lio*, «'4**«* M«l •* cbiiin.
#urt»i t»'?-5i»*ifn.l,i«ii«# f*VI tl*..*.**.** «'•   "Hn-ft^TiMlli«tifh**«*.tfc*»»»*r*»1«« *»•'*•
WaraofrflMluvievawot «*»l«l»il»«'l-»» atnfl l#lh«pU«'K«»»««i#a.-*i»«l,t<*«Wtnliia'*IJ
ft* 111 or Un. » »"<■"■*• »-; V* '."J'*."'     . 1 .    .....
l<*i»*lill«^Uajr«r^-*lv.U-<I*-        . U4l»liUI»»VH 11/ofJwtf.Mitf
linn li.bi«ta. lull 1 S**htii*ii>*ttl*,X*r*tai
Mt*. HaIiU
ij,ii.«,V..r,.iil I,. II*. 1, *i t .1.4 4.1*, \l|rtli"-« tiA.t
.-li.1 111. tut In |.!|ih if I'.lm Iii^i,.**. 11*11 t.<-.ilit4iu-
iliat ill I «ith« mura nr U««
lMt„l tin, tilii .lav ul .liiir, l> ?
iltmui Wi-H',llj»lt, l.noittr
thn lliiiliiivi,A«*nt
tl Ciinmnn^liiiat * in-' |ilm'*l ultli* n *»
i'i>rii»rof tlm I) A. I.iiii-lcr'i clnim at nr n**r
tli* 1 w c.,ni.*r «.(ili*T Il4-I!*r 1 latin, tftari.-**
•utitfi iii-fnlm. Ili*[i,*.'i»4»l aii-halni. fliti-ii'*
nnrlli 111 iiiiin*. tiiKii'* rnm.t *• rimn* in Hi»
p!*'*nf cijtiimnir*in«al,4'ixiUiuln.t Ulavrn*
m 'il* or \*s..
1'iUl Uil*.'"lint*y ».f JnU, lt.4j ,  ■ .
l>. A, i.*ii>1i-ri,T,r>'-*t»r
(«». RuHitiim, A«*l
» C<>r*jm*r»riii< n »i"i,' plint»4 at tli* a «
(•nrndr nt »h* f m.iit<i*i>f UlalM al nrtiatr
»t«rf ♦»4-Mrj«rqf lh» T, Hallif rUli*. tk*twa
until ^tMlfil.th^nM!***! H,k«>alk»', IX\*»,-*>
■%Ml%*.Ht\*ifi,,l\.,*itf*,,l tttliai**t« 1,,*
rUr* *( «omm*ae«w*at, «4aialal«y w* net**
-   ■    < .- '-=; si ;    "!
"*-     . ■ 't   ■■'-,.•
: ,' ~~ **-."'•'   I
ZiiXtiift'l JitXl.V*'!
t. Omit***". lAra'rr
Ckt*. ttibt'to*.  Ataat
t    :■* FERNIE LEDGER,  FERNIE, B.C., AUGUST 24,   1907
the Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance
IaBHed every SuturilRT  from  the Office of
. •PuMicHtion, Todd Block, Victoria Ave,,
, Fei-nie, British Columbia..
• ' AU changes of ads. mnst lie In'as follows:—
fuses X and 5, 2 p. m. Tuesday ; pnijes x iiml 4,
8p.m. Thursday, and r>age (i, 2 p.m.* Friday.
We will be unable to insure change unless
this rule is complied with,
LtiRUi advertising 1- cents per nonpariol
line first insertion,8 cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Hates for contract advertising on applies
tion at ollice of publication, Xodd iilock.   .
T. T. JOHN,       F. H. SHERMAN,
Editor      -, Manager
,' . * 15 .
"'  'At  Province  Town,'Mass.,   Presi-
. dent Roosevelt   has- inaugurated    a
campaign against ruthless and  corrupt corporations, and at the same
meeting he .threw 'the., influence , ot bis
presidential, position  into  the    balance  in  favor  of  more  far-reaching
and    thorough-going   laws for    the
protection of the workers, than any
yet existing on the statute-books of
tbe Spates.   President Roosevelt dis-
"missed, the current iniquity that'   a
man or a. woman who ig crippled in
an' industry, even as the ~?llt   of
tailing  what are  necessary risks  of
their occupation, should be required
to bear    the   whole burden'  of the
ioss.   ~ This burden should be    distributed and not placed solely upon
Jhe weakest individual, the one least
■able to carry it., By making the employer liable the loss will ultimate-
* ly be distributed' among the   beae-_
ficiary of.the business.
.But these things, &s the President
, pointB oUt> will, not be, accomplished without great   and concentrated
- effort.   It will be necessary to work
1 - .1' --O
.permanent betterment if we wish to
lift civilization up '   to a level    ol
4 i '
safety and usefulness. *„
The President admits that so* far
' State efforts to control corporations
and trusts have fa'l;d, Juries are
Blow to commit individuals, whilst
the same juries are eager to eornmit
corporate todiss.
A national inccrporation law , for
corpordti'.ns envagei in 5t\te tu:i-
ness seems tbe enly cure. Because
nlmo'st every Lig business concern is
en:a;,ed in int-rsta'c commerce and
such a coii'Jirn must not l:e allowed
by a dexterous Kbifiin; cf position,
•   which h:s. Lean too o"t:n tbo    case
in  tbe p.-st,  tj esoapc there1.'y    nil
r;s.ioi:si illty  cither     to  state    or
Commenting.,, upen tho agreement
reached ly tbe joint ccnfercncc ol
mine workers nnd operator*, 'he
United Mine Wcrlrcre' Journal this
week eaye:
"It scons n contradiction of terms
to Bt ate that both sides to n question bad w:n a tubtatnvtlal nnd far-
wnehtos victory Ytt. It ne-**1u no
tubtle eourea of reaeotiinB to perceive thnt both miner-a nnd opernt-
e'rB won n great victory at the Joint
conference concluded at Denver jUBt
week. It needs but a uhort study
of.the obi tt-r.nB ln vorajc which
were mndo wi.h:,ut oven tbo mlnern'
Licit cnnnjnt iind thoMo contained In
tlie n(*r:enient mndo nnd eubserlbod
io l,y lo'.h Int.iviiteil parties, to tco
tlmt ouch hide won n BiiUt'inttiil
Tr4iste:s meeting,- appointed by the
Gladstone Local Union 2314'to u decide on the best method of distri.
butin.j or investing the fund collect-
el on behalf of the Beaver family— ,
Decided, the fund should be , distributed as directed by . said local
union, viz., ?100-for, the - immediate
r.llcf of the family, and $6*12.50 deposited for the protection and education of the*child Florence Beaver,
and^ should anything unforseen happen to the said Florence Beaver before the above sum is expended, the
amount left to go to the relief , of
thc other children. .       .    \
Should the trustees at any time
see a more remunerative investment
than depositing in the said bank,
they have power to do so, providing
this decision is unanimous," and if
invested in real estate, that it be
the first mortgage. But in no case
shall it;, be loaned on more than 40
per cent. ,of value on the. property.
i.Should it so happen that a trustee of this fund leaves the camp or
country, he shall ssnd word' to the
other trustees and his resignation to
thc local union, so that another
trustee ' can   be   appointed   in his
stead*. -^*^**".'~i 4^ ■,-..* .i
(Sgd.)   PETER   PATTERSON1,    -
South East Kootenay, British
lumtla, Block 4393.
'    ., ,      A BLACK HEART, y,
lii*'-,  ■•—    . ■
Tbe Rev. Sam Jones once preached to the colored people at Dyers-
burg, Kentucky; After tbe sermon
a good old sister came to him.; and
said:"''Brer Jones, God bl:ss you.
You is .the preacher for me. I understand every word.you 6ay. You
rre:cbe3 just like a niggeri You has
a™wbitT"sTf in—but;-tha a-s-Godi—you
has a llic'i heart."
,   ■   ;'"-    o
2. Commencing at*a post planted
at or Bear adjoining post No. 1 ol
Uavid R. Mc Gannlss' claim' on the
vest, being^ S. E. cor. post; thenco
north SO chaina; ... thence ..west ,80
chains; thence 'south 80 chains;
thence east 80* chains to point ol
commencement, y '" .'•-. -....*,I
. Locat-.d this 29th day of July,
1007. ; 7 • ■  ].      '      ■' ' -■'    .
■Ai W. Belden, Agent.
John    Hewitt,   Locator,
Witness—Thos.. Slater.
Xo. 3. Commencing at. .a post
planted &t or near adjoining claim
2 oi John Hewitt, on the south, being N. E. cor. post; thence west 80
chains; thence south 80 chains; thenco
•!i«t 80 chains; thence north 80'
chains to point of commencement.
Locat-.d this 29th day oi July,
1C07.   ' ' ■      '
'       "   ' A. W. Belden, Agent-  '
"Pearl N. Be'.den, Locator
Witness—Thos. Slater.
4. Commeucing at a post planted
adjoining No. 1 on the south, and
bo:ng the N. Wt cor. .of Wm. Kohl-
baufi's claim; thence east 80 chains;
thence, south 80 chaina; thence west
8f chains; theuce north 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Located this • 39th day ©f July,
A. W. Belden, Agent.
, "•*'- ..Wmi Kohlhaufl, Locator,
Witness—Thos.' Slatier-. : '
1 <*
Tongs' Old Friend—Great Heavens,
man! Do I find you reduced to
playing a" cornet at the street corner to ma":c a living!
No. 5. Commencing at V poiE
planted adjoining Wm. Kchlhaufl's
coal claim.on the,south, and being
the N. E: cor. post claim No. 5;
thence south 80 chains; thence west
80 chaina; thence'north 80 chaina;
thence east 80 chains to point oi
■ Located   this   29Vn Say   of   July,-.
19<>7- Y*-\ i r". .
'.   -   -*' '  A. W. Belden, Agent.
,    Mrs.  Wm.  Kohlhaufl, Locator.;
Witness—Thos. Slater. "*:
—Nor- Gr Commencing-*-at—-a^-post-
plantcd adjoining, post No. 5, Mrs.
Wm. Koblhaufl's claim on the west,
being, the-N. W. cor. post* of Chas.
H. JoneB''' cl-im; thence „ east. F0
chains; thence couth 80 chains;
thence west .80 chains; thence north
80 chains to-point of commencement.
Located    this   29th day   of   July,
A. W. Belden,.Agent.  '
Chas. H. Jor.es, Locator
Witness—Thos.  Slater,
Offices:.Office, 6*.      Stable 24
VA/E   are    now   in-
» *•   , stalled   in   our
new barn,   opposite   the
, old place, and have a
complete, new ■' outfit,
which is always.at your,
service ior .livery, cartage; or baggage,; We
still have the office up
town  where orders may
, *?e_  left.,
"What have you to say as to this
charge that y.u kissed tliis girl?",
"1 udmit it; but tb:i'e -\Yere cxten-
natinj circum-.tanccs."
"What were'they?"
"She sat in my lap and threw her
arms around my n.cV
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and, Lamb on
■ hand. Hams,- Bacon,'' Lard, Butter and Eggs.
> • ii
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try-our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
If*"*" <-l
Home-riade Candy
S*J <**
I am now. prepared to supply you with homemade Candy and guarantee satisfaction. Drop-
in and we'll show you how its, done.
■ 1
Tom Beck
lvUITB.. '
"The dlUcrer.ce between a woman
und a bLisj,'' said the funny fcllov-*,
"Is thut the ulass reflects-.without
sj:c.vkin;.*-, while n. woman spealsu
without rcfloctinB."
"And the , difference between you
nnd tbo glues," snid tho sharp ijirl,
"is that the glass is pol'Bbcdl"
This pnittr will not be mponidble
for opiftiowi eipremd by its eoVrcs-
Kdltor Lod/,'cr,
Cannot ooinetbin-r; bo done to npeeil
tbo distribution ol tlm innil? More
ulldiico mi({lit imHlNt, Kilt] Hirer.
Ferule, Axxr, 22nd, 1007.
Conl.—Conl lnmt*i may I'O' purchased at £10
[i6V iicro for foft conl mid W0 fur anthracite
Not more than S'io aoros can lie ncqniicd ti.v
7. Commencing at a pest planted
at  or  seur- adjoining  claim  No. 5,'   ____
and heinir tho'N K "enr nn<;t nf : ono iniiivicitial or company, Royuli'v ut 1 lie
, Le"b , u" iN- *■■ C01, posl01 jmte often oenthi'sr ton of .VJWi]ioviia» elmll
Be:mce .Bc-ldcn's claim;  thence west  t>c collected on the Kru»soutput,
60 ch-iiiifj ' thpnrp Riii'th SO rhnirm- ' KQunr'*'—A trot) minpr'scertil!ci'.tel<Ki«j-itr(l
ou cuaiub,      tnence soutn su enmns, l\*j*1)0,1.,llvnu.„tln,Uh*ancooi *,*> per anm-.m for
Lhuice, cast  id  chitins;   thenco  north ■ •*->» IJiilividiuil, ami from -r.Mj to *fUK-*,t cr annvm
, to po'nt   cf commer.ee;
this   29th   dny of   Jiily,
S3    chain:
ment.   ,
A. Vtt, Delden, Ap,ent. '.
Dcniico ."flelden, Locator.
Witness-Thcb".   Slater,
.8. Uommcncins at a post planted
nt or near adjoining claim No. C on
the /south side, uud beli*,j» the N. W,
cor. poBt ol Goo, T. Belden's cln|m;
thence eabt 80 chains; theuce south
80 chaine; thence west 80 chains;
theuce north 80 chains to' the point
ot commencement. '   ..
Located   this   2Sth   dny ot July,
1907.   „ 7.       ,
A. W. Belden, Agent.
Goo- T. Belden, Locator.
Witness-TIjob. Blnter,
TAKK notloo Hint the MotHlonlton Lnmhtt-
Oo,,ofKlknionth, D. 0„ ooonpatlori luov
NOTICK  Is hereby  Riven that SO ' Witnosa-ThoB.  Hlut*r.
d.iya nf'or date,  I Intend to niiply
9. Commencing* ut a post planted
At or ntfti I mile north o! No. 8,
und being the B: W. corner of Qtrt-
liidc HelilfU b claim; tbence north 80
-thnlns, tbence eabt 80 chains; tlience
couth 80 chains; tbence vest 80
chains to joint of commencement.
Located. th!H 29th dny ol July,
A. \V. Belden, Agent,
C'ertriulo  Belden,  Locntor. | .Fuii«.i-l. Jf-r.7.
m,...    m.i.. i       MOTJMUH'l.TON I.I'M
or a company accorilliii; to capital,
A li'eo miner, hnvinRrtirCOveiod nilnerdl in
plnoo,may locate n claim l/iou x 1,.'i(kj fet-t.
Tliu foe for recording a claim iii ib.
At lea^t, nciinuktlie ovpemio'l on tho cU.t'.n
cacliyfav or pai'i to the miniiiR rtcnrilfr in
lien tli'Teof, When \'>'t> ha» i'(*in t'Xiie»ilof| 01
jiiiid, tho locator may,) upon having a mrvi'.v
iiiiiiIc, r.nd tipmi complyliiB with other vc*-
(iniienieiit.s,p;ii'chatu the lanihiU'l an acre,
■ Tliu patent provides fm* the payment of a
royalty ul'aj per cent on tiie miIcm.
I'l^Af-KTi mining iiliiiinH cenvriiUy nro 10) feet,
mjuiiju; entry fee <f> rviivwiitilbyearly,
A free miner may ohtain two Iiiumm to
dredge for «olil of live miles i-ncli for n term of
t4*ciity yearn, ronowahle at the dlucretlon of
Le Milliliter of the Interior.
The losuco aball haveadreilRe ln operation
within one noauon from the dnte of tlie leuue
Look Up
when   you    require
' anything in
Boois? «& Shoes
Trunks, Valises
- fl
Lowest Prices.
■   Bttn
& Suit Cases
Goods Sold for,, Gash Only.
for eaob live mtleK, Hentol llujxir aunum for
 ,. slleoted on
ter it cscoedB (lO.ooo
ottoh  mile of river leuiiud,   Boyulty at the
rate of llj per cent collected on the output nf-
"DepotyMinliiter of thc Interior
Ni It. -TJnfHithoriiitd publication of thin ad
vert.Htment will not bu paid for.
her inunufaoturnrH, intendN to apply for a
uneolal timber Uterine to cut and curry away
timber from the following denorlbed li.ndc i
Commcnolnu at a poht planted at the north
went eorner on T l< \mn. thence rior.th HdolialiiH
mom nr Hm to Klk Itlv«r, tlience followinu
lhe hnnli of Klk lllver in eimtrirly tllnictiun 4(i
clinhm more or le*.* to the north went eorntr
of T li UU,'., thenee Mmth inehiiliu more or limn
thence i*ii!,t .HichaitiH,tlience xnutli Hi elialnu,
f tlioiif ii went hi ehaiiiK lo point of commence.
I ment.
to tho Hon. Ohio! ('onimiBsloncr i>f
"The ojii'r.iturn won tlio lulvantago ' I/.uids lei a license to jiroBjiect   for
of plncln: their cin'.ractu for a loni; iCfJnl ■**•*• petroleum on tho following
1-crlod without any fear° of HtrllleH7'^nc,t•!, ",t1,ft^ ? th« «J|Btrlct ol
._. i   i,   ,i, fiontb West Kootonny, Dr.tlBh    Co*
They sot rid ot thc paat expense at- i|umj_jft(
tfidnnt npnn enirloytnc bpIkh. fi-iinrViu ■ "
iind f.thir H'-i* vormln,  Thf-y wrn tx '   l' Commauclog at n poBt   planted
,„   ,,       ,. ■, . ,.        7        ±.   i ftt or near 1| milou eolith of hint
freedom from     friction,    from    the It,    , .       ,. ,    ,    .
•      vi    „uv. Hea(. toffnb(te u., B crceit) j of   n
hsranment atUndnnt upon an arm- jm,l0 eouth ol a crock, commenclnj;
td njutrnllty; they won not' tbe^it tbio B. R. cor, post; tbence run*
Trust   hy .-n_v  lnr-'ru   the  Irlcniloblp  »*nK north 80 cliuins; thenco cast 80
chains;   thenco   south     80   cbains,
tltnee wcit £0 clinlns, to point. ol
nnd co;il will cf tholr omployceu,
"What the minors won la net forth
In the admirable termn fiiund cIbu-
whi're In this paper. All who bnve
rrnd it say it Ik one of the best, if
not the bear, ever entered into by
the oiv,auUatlou. It took, wei'til
w^kB of ealro, patient and nurd
work to arrife At mcli nn 6dmiri,ble
Rotation, but tlunt It *s ftcthlfif
mlsn tcvuuittA to Vk* n>ltti#li *rt-
nuUa OBlaUa-1.        ,',....,
commencement. {
Locntcd this 29th' dny ot July,
A.   W,   IWIden,   Apent.
David K   McGnnnlRB Lorutor.
Witwa»«-Thoi. Sinter.
KOT1CR iB bariby riven that 30
tUyt aJUr date, I intend to apply to
tia Hon. Ghial Commioaionar of
lA&la'tor n HeenM to proapitt ,for
coaJ *M patrolaom oa tha lollowi&r
Uftte,   ftlUi^U io   ti*   aiaiukt   ot  fciViotDl^-Ko."»l oo tha t»t\, Ulj»n
10. (.'-.mmcnv'in^ r.t n poet plnnted
fidioimut' No. 'J on the cr.Bt,' Loin*;
tbe H. ]"J. cur. post of Anna Ikl-
den'ii cli'ilrr; tbor.ee north 80 chains;
tbence woet 80 chnlne; tlicntfc HOlith
SO ch-ilna; thonco cint 80 chnlna to
point of commencement.
Li/4,„i«;*l    tbiu   iJtli (iii>    ui    Jlli>,
A. W. Belden, Aficnt.
Annn Belden, Locator.
Witneas-TboB. Slnt'.r.
11. Cntnmf'nrlri*'' ot. n tinpt, T'lnntcd
adjoiuh.r; post nml claim Ko. 10 on
tbe roiitb, nnd l-elnf: the K. B, ccr.
of Mury G. Uclden'n claim; Ucnce
west K0 cUica; thence aoutli 80
tlftino, tbence cnut 80 chainn; thonco
uortb SO chaina to point of com-
LeentcA tbie 29th dny of Inly,
'        A. W.,Balden, Aferit
Uary Balden, l,ot*t«r,
■Jlt**^a--1>a. mater.
,13. tyW9t(*it}i' at a peat pl«'il«d
IlKIl CO,,
-    . pi*i*,\,,l,,Mott,
■I.'.''*'' <l. II. IlfJtlltOll
Iialcl ililnllthitnyrif ,htne, ltmj, .
ipipiwiw^l w^frrmr^^tnmtmmtmmmvmmtumimmmm^mtm
Express and Baggage Transfer
Draying of all UinJs   done promptly.
Telephone 57 or call a driver
Office:   Northern Hotel, Fornic, B. C.
Anytblnfi* tn the above line done at
reasonable rataa
Tturtef Awning*, ami -all
canvas goads, maoa to
*"',-■ oihIop
A. T. Milne, Gcmmcl Street,
or nt Trites-Wood & Co.
1 am iiiiliiimiT rntpdii-llilii fur any ilchtK
(■(iiilrui'ti'il h\ my wlfo, 1'inni'i'i Mulioiinljl
Mrl'lii'll "Im Irnvlmr liiftmv hinl ami hmr>l.
Juiiiih, li-.i. '        -IAS. SIcl'llMI.
fl. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plana, Specifications and Est.--
tnataa (nrniahed on application..
Pkatr of GOOD DRY MJU-
Arckttact    aad Bapariatmiint*.   '
Otttaa at latliaifa.
ritiLNiB, b. c:
qtAKKnotice that Wm. H llarton.orCran*
J.   I.nioli, II.O.ot-ouriiitiuii cl rk, IntiaiiU to
,i..,il4'lf,r n niii-lnl llrnlinr Ilrr>ii«i> nvor tin. foi.
Itiwintr •(•►onlii-il lnii(li»i—
(VlT ' '
by loenl nppllrmtlonfl, ab thoy cannot roaob tho dleoaHcd portion of
'tbo car. Thoro le only ono way to
euro donfncBH, anil that Ib by oon-
•'.'Ullu-JuJ nwcu'iL'j. Di-diiCiii, Is
'(■nmWni'tiiiMji a^MiiinnnUi MifTinriii.! c.Minrd V*/ an lntln.mi>rt oonflitlon ot
SjMfa'i^ %^i-V%ttV.rft*}ry,^,^1i!Si!!i: tho mueuoa lining of tho cuataohlan
thoncu noutli iiixhty (no) t-hiiinn, thnni.'ii wci-t
♦ Iphlvtv-oJi-hniln* toiwilrit ot <-omrn<.|..ei-mnit.
nml contHlninii nix Iiuinlrnt unit forty iicrn.,
W.V. II. llUnTON.
niiiru ur Iikh.
.Tmift Hli, Ji'iT,
J lit* llllll' mr riiniiiiiJiiriiin hut ,ii|iiiii-|iuii|i   ni • |4T)n   nrjJfillR
t)i« nt o\e not lie it •itomlt-il io th« vutb ilny <if' 7 ".   " "   .
jiiiy.nw. 1 takon out
' J  P. A.IMKTRO.VU. Utunnrmnl
tube. When this tuba Ib Inflamod
yon havo a rumbllnK -sound or Imperfect hmirlntr, and when It Is on-
'tircly oloflod, deafnota lu tbo roBU.lt,
'-ri,.'VtJl^,V,/'/i.V,r,."'I,iIL*,."!I!?..tV!' l,.1.,?.'.^!:Vu.i'.'L"I: nnd unleus tho Snllninmntlon enn bo
and tblR tuba restored to
condition, bearing; will bo
destroyed forover; nine cd«cb out of
ton nro oauaod by ofitarib, wbloh Ib
nothing but nn Inflamod oundltlon
of tho tnuouoa aurrnoo*.
Wo win bIto One Hundred Dollars
for any etiae.of denfnoaa (named by
catarrh) that cannot bo oared by
nall'a Catarrh Cure. Bonx} tot elr*
enlara. fr<e.
the N. W, eor. of the clnlm; thence
east Vi ehfllna, thrnc-* nnith fit?
chnlna, thtnee weat 80 chains; thi*.i:e
north BO chaina to i">'r't of «om-
Loeated this l*Hb   day   of   July,
A. ,-W. l^ldan,- A*cnt.
xniaateth Jowa, Ixeator.
V)lttM«*-ltU)a. tWoUi?
.^ * pp., Toledo,  0.
?*J*I tt        "" ""     "'■■
«*-■•   .>
•    '■'•'■'ill.-* ''*'   "
.    \'« ..il** I
■i >.»«-       *-». 1
■i'ii < * j .
:-— .rrn*v:-" j
50 Good Woocls-
mon wanted by
Tlio Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at tbo
Ofiice or at Hosmer.
The Elk irnkt Co., lid
Fernfe, 8. C.
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Thero In only onoplnon In town
whereyon can cet -Rrood reliable
ffoodi In oar line that it at
"" Iff.'A. INGHAM, ntof.
' VP$W* W.". :-   '•** -'nt«im;-D.C.
y *,
■   '   . i.   :
.,*'   9.     't ., //
,-r-. ». ■ '-a
law Invoked Against Afleged
Edmonton, .Aug. 20.—Information
was sworn out today by'Inspector
,Wol;elsy, charging the mem':ers of
the executive of the Alberta Lumber Dealers' Association with the offences provided for by the criminal
code in respect to tho conspiracies
in relation,to trade combinations.
The persons *•" charged' are as follows:*? P. A. Princ3, Calgary; W. U.
Clarke, Edmonton; Y. D. Becker,
Ciliary; 0. M. Giogan, Calgary; F.
.W. Irwin, .Ve^rcvlle; J. McDonald,
'Edmonton; A. G. Grosse, Wetaski-
win; D. C. Guorlay, Lacombe; Wm!
Dean, Olds; W.. L. Stewart, Calgary;
,W. Barclay, Cl-iresholm; J. W. Mc-
Nichol, Lcthbridge, ' „     "
. The.rrerriiinary inveiti-jation will
be held before Inspector Wolseley on
Thursday, Sept. 5. The Crown will
call witnesses from. British Columbia
as well as from this province. """
,* The attorney-general's department
have teen very busy preparing about
1,503 summonses s:tting out fully
what the Crown requires each individual witness to produce.
" The charges, which are three in
number, are of combination in restraint' of trade under "section 498 of
the Criminal Code (1907).
Each of the defendants is charged
with ;tbree conspiracies. 1. Wiih his
co-directors, and the other members
of the Alberta Lumber Dealers's Association. 2. With the members of
the Mountain Mills Association ot
Eritish Columbia; 'and*- 3, with the
members of, the, British Columbia
'. Lumber and-Shingle Association. '   -
24. 1907
Washington to Get Coal from
Fernie Over Great Northern.
'.****:      ?**
■ The Wasjington Power Company
h:;s placed an order with thc Crow's
Nest Pass Co.il Company, of Pernie,
B, C, (or .3,000 tons of commercial
coal to be ddivcred as toon as pos-
skl.f- The Great Northern kcal officials are now. making arrangements
to rush this coal.in as fast as -.ho
power company can handle it.
The demiiids cf the Great Ncu-tli-
ern having been satisSed as per contract with the Crow's ,Ncst Company, the latUr company has just
got ia a position where it can ae,jin
to ship commercial coal. The Great
Northern hus been taking particular
cafe that it encounters no shortage
itself, and it is asserted has now
60,000' ,tor.s of coal in storage at
Hillycrd and more at other points
alon"j the line. „'  '.
The officials of the company 'now
feel that they may be able, on account of their large supply on hand,
to weather anything that comes
along in the way of a fuel shortage
this winter. The'company has secured most of its' coal from the Crow's
Nest Company at Fernie, tbe latter
company agreeing to give the railway its supply before beginning to
ship to private parties or other corporations. '. * '
" Several of the orders for more or
less large quanthi.s of Crow's Nest
coal have been placed with the agent
of the coal company in Spokane, R.
Dorn. The indications are that Spokane -will take;a large share.of the,
company's output this summer and
autumn.   Mr."Dorn 'left" for' Fernie..
.John Galvin,.- vice-president of
District 18, U. M. W. of 'A.,* is in
town taking a look around.       '"  ,
R. P. P-.ttipiece, organizer cf the
Internafonal Typographical Union
cf Western Canada, with headquarters'in Vancouver, was in Fernie this
..week looking after the, interests'' of
■that society.
WINE   CO., Ltd.
,. Wholesale Dealers and Direct
... Importers of-   '     ;'..'
SCOTCH AND      '<^__
WNDON DEY      -"'"..
". POMJIERY ' "  ,
Solo Agents in East Kootenay for
*   Wkoieaate   Dealtra   aa-d   Direct
, Import***-* of
where he will make arrangements to.
have his Spokane customer's orders
filled.  .*-..-"
A hotel tha', iarniskeu quiet, com-
modiotu accommodatioa for. its patron* Is a aonrct of pleasure to the
travelling, public., Snch a one is the
Kiag Edward Hotel, of Fernie, c<vr-
ner oppoaitc poet ofllc*.
.■ *.. msrioiisr t-ABEL
Crow's    Nest   Special
Wlner>8 Favorite Cigars
■^%^%^%^"*V%^^%% *****
* The I
Elk  Lumber Co.
jv, Limited
5 Hanufacturers of
Lumber &
■ ■(.
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head Office, Winnipeg)     *
Branches—Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie,
•Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Ont.
Fernie, B. C.
Wholesale   Groceries,   Flour,   Feed &
Camp Supplies ' -..-.<
and everything in our
line, can' be found the
freshest at bur store.
&  Go.
Cigars.'' Tobaccos, Etc.
.All our  stock   is   last'; year's
, cut and well seasoned
Eoenj attention;
Rooms reserced by toire,
A pleasant  home  for  the
„ traoeller.
CL. WHELAN -■" Manager
A Good Way
to please careful housekeepers is to
pive honest weight.1 Oh, we don'taay
tbatall batchers don't, do this, bat
we cannot help occcasionally overhearing our lady friends when they
Another Good Way
to please is to supply only the best
meat., If yeu trade with ns you will
learn just what we mean bv these
two;'ways" QUALITY and QUANTITY will be a little more than yon
Calgary Cattle Co.
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Everything new and
■>        up-to-date.   "   '
'  -      Every accommodation
for. the public.     -*■
Bar s'octed with the
finest in the land\-
r.        LABELLE
*$> fy
Hfevnie, 3B. Q;
■ f|i.   ,_i|i'
Under new management.;'
■*- , 1
supplied with the best the market
affords.   The bar is supplied
with the best .wines, liquors and cigars.
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Kings   Hotel
■   Fernie, B. C.
Bar supplied with the best ot "Wine*
Liquors and Cigars.
Dining Room in connection
Fort Steele
Fernie,  B. O.
Brewers of Extra  Fine Lager
and   Aerated   Waters.
Bottled   Goods    n     Specialty.
jICIIEL Townsite has been surveyed and laid out into lots by the Crow's Nest Pass Electric Light & Power Co., Ltd,    The easterly end is less than 4,000 feet, or about two-
thirds of a mile from the mine entries.
There are twenty blocks of lots; the ten of these blocks nearest to the mines will be reserved exclusively for the miners, and miners applying now will receive the preference in order
of application. Lots will be sold to miners cheap and tho terms of payment will be 10 per
cent, cash and $10.00 monthly with interest until paid for, so as to facilitate their securing
homes for themselves, and they will be required to undertake to build within a reasonable time.
Tho remaining ton blocks will become tho business portion of the town and will bo sold by
Public Auction at a date to bo hereafter announced. It is believed .that the Great Northern
Railway, now oxtending its lino to Michel, will build its station opposite this portion of the
Applications will be received by Miners now ior lots at the offices of the undersigned, either
at Fernie or at Michel,
i> ' i * ■• i
The Crow's Nesit Pass Electric Light & Power Co., Ltd*
James   McEvoy,   Land   Commissioner
*t * .*
***   .»**' '
-f it   *■
v \ -. ■■
,'J' :.6
•-*# Read The Ledger
W for the most reli-
"•Sr   I-.'-"
••?& able news.
to the
will do
City* of Fun-T^lncubatprs, Merry-
Go-Rounds,- and Train
Wreckers.    7
The "N7t Reiss Garnivr-.l Co. is. coming to Fernl>, the.ll'.h, 12Ui and
13th cf Sejit m'.er next, under tho
auspices cf the rra'ern-il Crdcr • of
Eair'es. The ilttrr.clion is all that
coull Le desirtd," tniMn the evening
'wh:ii; the e'.cct ic "Llils are a'.lazo
on the midway and ths'bnrils are
pi ying   end     the like
of the • Transmitter only two. were
in oper'. tion. • The .Trail,- snvelttr had
been ta'inj' crc_ right alin?,. and.
nj'w all -.helms w rj' fil" and 'ore
w.s stiic'icd up in'the yards, *me;n-
?nij an additijnal cost in rehandlihg,
leading no al ernitive to the sme.t-
cr-i.i t..king lr,sh cre3 but. to" nm
them straight ti the f rnr.ces and
ro:.st:rs. Th:'s ment th t if. some
Mi*f wOre n;t immediately **,ivc-ri ti
the. s'ttiuti n ; the Trail "smelter
wculd hive ii fctop Lu;inj cu&t:m
cr s. - , ■       '•' .   •"
Tin re s:n as ign»d for* the 1 low-
out of furiue s is tho   shortage   cf
■co*e..On Mr. Gucr. s y leinj *us':ed
'as ti   whetli r   he   had cny" figures
be ring cn {he css.-rlicn cf Gencrel
Mana er Aldrid. e that, c.ke w.stc-
i - .   - ,   .   •       ■-."■
_ing shi;p:d to  the Mont-na  smelt-
is. thonged  tr__.( iie said tint-he had in   doiV.t
with a gay. and laujrhi-g, cr'..wd and' biit that t'ic'.st..t ni nt wis correct,
the'sp:ll ind.rs, rre zll t sl..ing    at
once, thegeneral ifi.ct is bright and''
fle.'sln,:. N_t IUiss .is^in t.rtisfc- in'
the selection  cf shew.-,, end ■ ia    his
varied repertoire'he h-s gcod    pro1-
duc'iona.   From  the' lijltsnt   where
j a min .ture circus with the    clowns
!cnd tcro'ats tndMhs El_c"->wire ar-
Itis's  r.erfonn*,   , ri_>ht  down   to   the
| bay i-cu-.at.i-,     the gl.ss'U.wcrs
'and Uc.iirg     'rnd  cane, man,    the
\\li*,le_ rl.c:*  lre_th:s with life,  gay-
ety -end   t:ljasur;-.   __ The* 1 aly.-incu-
Lat rs   rre  -..ttr^cling . mv.?h 'attention.   Tills e.vhi-.iti:n is .in charge or
Dr.'Lewls-'ein,   " cf  Se..ttl*,    en.1 ' a
Lut' hid r.ot -the tctual figurvs. An
iss i*:i'nhas teen made thst during
the present menth there had teen
shipped froni'Fernie 255 c~.rs of coke
of Vilrich "t2, r.c*rly enc-third, hid
leen f;r the M" ritinV smiller, the
Bhck.EsgV, Mr. G-ie ns:-y' stid!,'lu
could oiiot .verify the. s.tat. men1:, _ but
h;d the ic'ea, th t it,"w.s iro'a'ly,
r. tlisr-vnd r th.t tK:.n-"over ct'"..ted.
.""•■-■v'-'.r..-'' "•:•  '  ii  . "    -
r   * Unexampled   Reductions .
-* . — -....-^v     ...    -'.
■cts,    Children   and.*'Ladies'  Hose,
tr^iri:d-»nu:s-'   The D.ct'of" rives" a    -, ^   .     .    ,   - , .
very, int r s. nr ■ dirW «plBinin; .Gi°Ve8» Underskirts,.Hat«, tte.,*ete.,
the 'incutntur " and' h.w-it takes 'thlB tPle. 'jJM.1?*-' ;for Autumn .discharge cf tlia prjn'tr.Wy torn.ta'.e play on'SATDRDAY, AUGUST 24th.
until     it lei.m.s     a healthy    and   Ladies who know how to spend their
money'to tie b'est advantage should
make an early call to secure th«
bargains. oCcred.at., the Fernie Ar-
littic'; Millinery •■ Emporium,." 124 'Victoria Avenue.'   '' -'
ttr.nj infant.;'Oa'e cf the -'la'.y's-.'.s
S2" en .wee" s .eld. It enly washed
two'pounds fe'en ctir.c:s "4\hen - put
in the ; incubator,- but' now "" weighs
nli'n pounds ei^ht o'."nc;s. .Eixie
Land, the escape from ' Sing Sin|,
thc Gl.ss Ll.wevs,, the   Red    Dorn?/'
LUlp—TTnT.l-'c.-! ...I "1     -      *v " - -XTr.^^_-r_-,_^"_.
.-v.. w—.-^.-.-. o ,4 ,-\j^;. , . ut-v J..4.1-1. l-j -£4/ —
! Foiicd drd tie train wre'ekers , all
jni.htly attract, a llr^.e crowd. The
jOirni al'is inc'- round -cf pie-sure
|'Dm_Etart ti finish. .Free"shows are
, put on -ni htly, an-'l the I'i' e hum's
.with liL* and lijit and'Ic.uty   and
ipe lie..
It I ''-        l        r      ■ i-      "ii   ■' ' ', ^'Omrllsh r.ny
! Telesraphers Expect any tail;«»_ot-«»«*
'to Wipe Cfit Biff icufties.
Tho Ul ar .jil.ers" ,ttii c prcscnta
no new fc t ,r s as re.-;- ivla Win: i-
p"g. Seen ..-.t li; bil'cj'fluio lntoi-
Oc-nt Tdt, uf the C, P. It. t'lo„ruph
»ys cm, paid.
"I thin'-: tliere* .'s,nctliin(; new, nl-
t'outh  .h ic  ir.ty  lo  l„Ur.   As  to
th t item a'out in U.limit:m that
Am rlean b-nincss  sh 11  be  r.fi.s*'.!,
I do r.ot ! ii w; ti.t rvf.ru t:i M.n-
ire 1.      Wc hv\e  not  h n'.kd    any
'Ainorciin liu.ilKs> f r a  vmo'',    1 o-
e XHi wc lud ro cuil.t for It,   nnd
v.h L is     tl o is) r.l..f,e:or.tlni{. *bii8l-
ii.bh I r which wo had no outlet.
"'Wo o>p:ct the i*:o.tl ment of tlio
Rlrl o it i,ny Urn?, but t.t   vr.s nt
i-.h.r-j ,'s n t In.,- new In t c Hltuntion
Ih t w: I n w < f,
■ Om hn, No'-., Au:. r.—Tho Uur-
lint n r.ll i cil in up n.alnHt n '
itri o ci op.r fiM m or tho ontlro ,
!7,'00 mil fl if ,ti iy t' m uiiIihs Wil-,
ilium Arclil nlil, a u.ri'inB WcBlcrn '
jlJnl in dp.r t r(i h r„-ln, t tid In a
JIiasltlon In Uic Onu-ln tdlca if thc <
jl'crlln.t'.n, whore em.l ymo.it   w.-n
A mee inj: qf'Lcc.il Fe.nij S. P.
of C. wfs'held hst Sunday night,
when Mr. W.--Mlntcn . gave an address on "lhc S;c*i.l Rdvclu.icn,"
ir.d pp.'nt el cut h'ow fearful ths av-
er.ve pels: n w.s of the wcrd "rcvo-
1- tion," vhlcji cjniurd ip,Septem-
ler mas crcs'j.and ti.'.e shows in
which, 1 in' s nnd- o h r .11' c p:rs.,ns
3'si.tli -ir l.o ds? 'j he -s cikcr miin-
t .'ne.l that not'.iih'-j short of a com-
j letc rove 1 ition 'n s:c'ety wcull ac-
com.'lish r.ny p rjn nnt,' cmnr.clpn-
v in r (1 ss. A warm
i isc'sslcn f 11 .wji1, '    '      .
"At c
■ Mr.
of th
s oro
tbr, , Km ry nie  CU:-0..eiY.t
J. Cr.\ft n, cf Colemr.n, one
0' fo nilcrs cf t'e c.)-opcrati',c
- in tint' f.v re.* v 11-pie', w.ll
vlbiL Feme neJ.t Bund.-y end 'tccnil
(lie '.Scclull t n.o tin;:. xd doubt
Mr, Grjt.:n will inll.;ht.n l.cnl.htv,d
Pernio t s us t'i th* w.y th y do
th n.s in Cjleman, , .     '"  ..
Mr. J.'F, Leh-.uoy,' of O'ol'nun
wl'l.lo t'e' sio ilu r nt the Socialist-;
nicet'ir; n<xt, Humli.y evon.'n,'. TUgbo
who na-e liurd Mr. L.li'emy cn
voi-.ci for hls'n'1-lty i".s an expound-
ir of the ■ rriijl'lcs cf SLc'.ullsm,
C riti 1 in liivi oil!
Jj-'l tn Mm  when lm wen1, nn ittl'-o,
JTlie t-DiiiiK ny I. h u rely nfiiHlnj! to
iruln-t t> Arii' i ..Id, nnd tho    t.lc-
|l.T MiL'i.i i.io hijlitlnj th.t u bt*i o
i bo callfci!  uiiUhis hi* l.-i'init li.c'.    to
wri:  at  i nee.   The  n.'tlin.il    oillec
ef tie Older cf Iti'lw. y T-.lc-r.ipli-
pr.i wor« m "io. 1 A tj lute l,iHt ni'ht,
md a re.U'.iiL triulc th-.t they krlti.c
the Uut lln tun t-j time or c 11   up
the oi crater.',     thiiH tl.tnj. up   the
lia'yB Own Ta'l.ts est,23 c;ntn
ux. A l.ox l.ou.fit now may 'h.wM'
yciir ! n'lv's il u. S inmo * f o : p a't ts
c me of en, without w^rnin/, a.-.d
tlio.iH nil» r.f :i tlo ens die , "ivm
'thorn o'iry summcr>. if rhldrcn'ti
tt in ch i nil t,oweln t t-j 1 opt I:i i'r-
'•Hr tli .io 'h 1 tth dun cr ef t-ni.i
ti'o',1.1 n, r-n.l thnt Ih Ji-'st v-li t
Piihy'H Own '.'a'loti do, Thoy nv
ji d.j€l f r tlio i.ow loni lu'.y cr tho
well ir.'i -,vn ciill,!— ml t'joy ur* t.'--
irilut ly h finl mi. Olvp y,,ur 4'!i|ld
jili etc siinnl dune if Ta leU mil
yjii will kicp It well. If you havo
not Rot n box ol Tn' 1 ts in tho
li'iiiHi* now, Ron 1 for tlion. nt nncu,
nnd   ynu nmy f.el   thit your little
u.ii;,    „ia   i,,iU,       .'ilia,,    hill.    I'llllud,
j-Mj-jlli', Oil., ^ y'n    "My MlU   Uy
!mi"l|rvil nrc tly f.oiii colic i ml cried
«Im st conWrniminly.   A lew dofl«Rof
tho Tft'.l'.tu   cu:cd liim, nml n.w   I
I Wis tho Ta liitu etc h! n:Ily to pro-
i', */*. Wii.ifitioj, ufl \wjii ... t-'.*  vi-ni   tVie t.tm .« r.turn tir."   iAo.il
Trail smelter, «c" nowledued tlie oth-.ly medicine dei'.erii cr ly null   nt
er day th.t tha .ItuUl n, wri *:t\- 25c. n iox fr-m Ths Dr. \MUlnms'
ous nnd tb-t rf the tmn   himr.es Medicine Co., Drcc'tville, Ont,
Shoemaker Shop
-,'ipi*. P. llurm 4Co> ofiice)
The fiwiier has u-oikeil 4 yearn
to do nil klml» of n-p.-ilrlny; ai.d
new work.
Ben Giflliotti
Tmliu (llllii'M «ml ll«m1i«ri* at lutrlct 1k
V. U, W. «f-A
NOTfPK |i luimliy ulrmi (lint tlm rcviiliir
miinflnu/i df IVfllttViiii |^io.»l Ml l*. M, W.ol
A wHI in JiiiurM I* Ml nn tli*   lir.f Hnl
''.""   .'"'".'**'   ''**'      * »•*-■•. tt"   "-    4«*    l~.i*..lu.,    iV|-
j't-«il ui Hiti m.*coiiI and l.ut Suiulnya* I*-
,   „       FratMnally Vr.uro
V, Ciui'i'ki.i.,
Kit. XXni.UWM.iV,
it&mmimii!M$^Q Ledger wants to spend the next ten years in helping
iHeadTheudBerl to build and beautify Kernie.    Will you help us to do it ?
jjfor healthy and i: If   vftll   w*|1    A*  u  nftw
»jiopnlnr--Tlnwir--*"-*A''•*' .w.*ui_uu   ii ii.v/.v»..   „._    .,.:  	
Vou will find
| it in Tlio Ledger,
Seeif yon ((on't
.«' *.* "jT*»~^rTT
Company Stores .Will Compete Wit&ilndedend-
ant firms4fiesult Satisfies All *'■
-.  -Parties.
, '-The mcst s .tisf act ivy scale ever
s^ned Ly us fcr tho miners of Wyo-
minj," declared John Mitchell, pres:
ideiit' cf the Uni'ed Mine Workers
of America, yest.relay i:t thc cl;se
cf the c.iivcn'ion-of coal miners and
■ coal m!r.c' oreratois.from that' district, wh'cli has teen,in proir>S3 in
D.nrcr fcr 34 d ys. The operators
are e.iuily s.tisfud, anda'rer'ri of
re ce and "in* s^crity is assured' fcr
a l'.nj time to come-
-        Sc;.b of" Wa^eis .-■ Out side, v*"'
""". "       7 "■'   ' ""■     8 Hrs."* 10 Hrs
Eniinc rs- — ?11?.50
per   month,"  Lasel   ■>'
ci."p:n an'ei2ht-hour ■_' ■'.;" < ' ', 7
■'-wcr'd-iy,", provided, '•'•'"','*' '. ■"
hiiwever,'   that'   cn-      ',;" '"'. **'  '
j.ine rs   sh il-wcrk ;_    • . .
the ie'_uiiit3   hum-   7... *'■"-   '.       .'
1 er   tf   he;u,s ('.ut „'....:	
'nit' exc3:'diii; ten)
v.hca ic;iiired' by
the opcr„t:rs, and
shiil - l.e ,paid   i:ro ,-' - '
rata for such extra
p r menth  ' *112.''.'6- ?100,CO
I ircnien,-per d y  -   3.00        3.00
He d 11 ,c' smith per
!' ;d*i'y '.   .,...";'"..'  ■  3.<:o/ *   3.5
| Other       hh.c'"sn:iths
j   d y...'. _      3.50 ■■     3.25 "
,Blacksmiths*    helper, ,-'■-'
day'.  ..-. ;,
Carpenters," d y...'
** ***?** ^^•^^^^^^♦^^♦^♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦'>,!
Not only did t'ae miners 'receive "an 'M chinists,
' a\ei\igc' incr.ase in'\v'ngcs.cf 20 per
cent.,'hut the union is now formally
recognized Ihrcu^hout'-the ttata and
^vcr'tinj c.nditions have "teen vastly ,
improved. The company store • will I
continue, but. the, miners will have
the rijht at any time to remove for'
cause a dc'ctbr emphytd by the op-
c'r„t:>rs in camp cr h:spital service.
,day...;.. ■ .*.."...-
le "ms'e s,  d y  	
|.Boxcar-'     shovelers,.
'>y  ; ..."
Tnile  m:n;  dr.y	
Cutside . '""tarn   toss
month...  .'''. ...
'* - O.l
^.s'ist nt     Larnman,
- month  ;	
2.50 •
40.00       80.00
Strict regulations, were made as to I Electricians,   day...;.,
the   ventlhtlon' of 'the. mines,   .and   lileclricians (appren
tices)    da J  	
Boilermakers, day ...
Misni.   fnl    Biic'.:-
1 yvrs, ".day .-;..'
£latj pic'"ers  (Leys),
day  ...
blic'j oil as an illuminant is prohibited. ■ Cert in cl:sscs' cf work,
euch as roai'n turning, for which no
■ allowance was made _ to contract
workers, will be paid in the future.
^The company acre's to. furnish, a
checkman,  who "will'deduct all  ini-'Tipemei, d.y.
tiation i evdues and finis from ths *Min:rs   taken     from
wages'.of tlie miners iand pay. ' the'
.•nr.-ney into*    the    treasury ■* of the
iv-ion,  thus insuring "the sapremacy
of the organization.    Other, reforms
i?ive the workers   the" right ..to,, quit
work when.a.fellow employee is killed in an accident, arid the right to
4.00 .
■ 3.50
* 3.50
. 1.50
•   face, day.,...	
Boxcar    loader,  ru'n-
ne-, day	
3.40-      3.CO
present all prhvances to the
"orerXtc-rsT" Tne~Eew~co*ntrrcT   goTs
into,  effect September 1,  and,   -will
ccntinuc fcr a period, cf ens year.
All dele.*at;s left Denver last night
• ii, ■-■■
some going io their homes, others
to H.leni, Jfont.,'.where a similar
confcrer.ee is to te'luld* with" o:,er-
at rs in thit territory..:.- President
John.,_ Mitclisll will leave for Chi-'
ca;o today.
' FolloAin/is' ,i compar.'s:n of the.
new., r.nd . clil scales cf wages, the
iiew scale tcin-j on an eight hour,
the old,on u ten hour hns'.s:
Sc7e  cf   Wascs Imilc,   •   -.
'       8 Hrs. 10 Hrs,
"Miners, working ly the
d .y,
» day  ..'...*. ...
Outside. labor,
classified,  day,
ra'ne jGreas rs .(toys) day
" 2.75
* 2.50'
' 1.75.'
—Mine Wcrk-rs' Jduraal.
. One cf the test dramatic offerings
in the coming ' autumn will be' a
nr.gnificent jroduction of a , famous
Il y* under ths mana;ement cf Clifford Lane Bruce.
Havin'T h"d such a. lengthy" experience in tho the:tri:al reiuiremer.t"s
jef f'c'.wvsl, Mr! Bruc-; feels confident
[t,rt    th's forthcomin.; presentation
. 3.40
..' '; '.. 3.49
Tlm'.ermen  3/.0
True'; 1 y.rti  3.-'0
Truc't layers nnd timl,er-
■   men hdpei'B 3.10
Shoots s cr Bh-t flrvi'fl, O.'JO
Machine rnmieru  3.90
Machine lumiers* h.lpers, 3,40
McGinty,   repairer    f.nd
,   ropo     epllcc rs... ,
Dril ers	
Dri'lerB' hulpiru,,,....
"Crlrcro .'...
Inside eneia-or _
I'arting   and  connection"
men ■ ■ 3110
Rope rldtrs (main rope. 8.40
Hope' riders  U nlde) 3,25
Grenu rs   (to; h)...  2.00
Holler,, tre-oere 3,10
Swit'h   ' bbye  „. 2,00
Trapp;rt3 (btyB) 1.B0
Sin lo mm	
Innldo ln':or.7B,,	
Pumpmen 3.10
Motormen ,,,, , 3,40
M tor brnt'emen 3,21
G.b  watchmnn 4.00
Snu'ilcru (lays; 2/0
.'3.13 ,8.00
3.10 2,75
3 25
.7-'-«' -*'1' h I—*
Need It
t Ark ye«r doctor f.bou. thc
f wisdom of your lu'cping Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral In thc house,
rendy.for colds* coujjhs, croup,
bronchitis. If he says It's all
right, then cet a bottle of It
*t once. VJ'iiy not show u
little foresight In such matters?
Early treatment, early cure.
Wtpublliti our foruulu
W* banlitt tlaottol
from DBinaMtilDM
W« art* ytm is
iwill le the h cc si *of the s-jpson,
■b:sid s giin. Canadians .r.n oppor-
jt.'.inity to wi'nss a drj'nn'whi'h
jo.herw'so v.ould not reach them for
mr.ny so s.ns.
Mss H.l ne Scott, fcr four ye.irs
'c ding l'dy vith Har..ld Nelson,
nas l.c n s;c*ially enra;e:l fcr this
tour, while the other-principals of
the company rre new tc'ns; select eii
, w*
No r(ti'.ra dut s will te play:tl,' ns
thc nvmgenient is re^o'.lafn-j fcr
nn Ausnliin tcur'to lc?in ehorlly
after ChrletmoB.
Ntmo of- il y wO le nnn:unced
■ O' '  "    -■
-   •---     ;i>OING8
Waldo wems to, te in for all nortu
of trouble alout l'.e new rcBnw,
MeBors, Smilley, Macdcnnld find
Tdiin'cr bud bctt:r gtt busy before
the sno'iv levins to fly. We under-
Ptnnd'Mr. (?mlth Iibb pone down to
Co'.nlt nnd left Uut rtBiw alone,
Wc don't hlunio htm. Ho knew what
was,In front cf him. Unless thlnRH
itti-t In ii.,ht away there will to no
dlovcB, overallii, or npronB left in tho
ofllcr\ nnd we thill lo compelled to
re id a frefih Riipi'Iy fnnn r-'ernie.
Wo m-o ?•! d to ho r W.ildo wil
II. yiH'B I,ri''c have l.ceii playing foot-
I all nnl th.t W.il li** won, iilliuiii'h
n'yn h L:i!;c r 1 «y-.rs r.irrlcil m-st ot
tlit? lui-f, Wlulht tlmt *v«a\v i-i h(iliii4
fiifid y.u c inn it li.ivo too much
to.f nil.
—"——o *
- - *••
(INCORPORATED)      ?i    f ;
.In. presenting this" instrument-to  the  public  we, appeal  to   the   goocl   judgment ■ of
•sensible   people  to'its  merits. .  .'. -
It-embodies',   we-believe,   a -far , better and
more economic"  method  of the  propulsion
of steamboats  than   has  hitherto   been""obtained.   -A- glance  at,   the _ design - should
convince any mechanic of iis  efficiency, etc.
Do   you realize.,  that  by   investing   $io. or
$ioo now   it may   iii ,six months'" Dring'as-
many  thousands.    Investigate  for yourself;
no hole   in the ground,. no: cat in   the bag
I SHARES   $1.00   EACH I
.?• il*
£'• ,a-Jf
X.     if
t  I
A Limited Number Only, for Sale  at
'Cree & Moffatt, F. G. Watson, and" C." O. Dcmaurez
A. W. Bleasdell, W. H. Whimster, A. C- Liphardt, L. ♦
McDonald, T. Bet-k, M. A.' Kastner and the inventor £
iNew & Second Hand!
.♦. Stoves, Musical Goods, Etc.
AU kind of goods handled on
♦   Next Door ,to Imperial Hotei  ,
*v "
•••'■• " , .♦.
!    The. best dollnr.a day house
in the city
' .Well stccknd bar. ■
' Liquors.and Clpni's if thc   "*•*
; liigliest qualitv. ♦
ROSS BROS.        ..PROPS.    *
Gold   Medallist
lute of South  Kensington
Kiip. |s prepared to take
orders for a limited number of Portrait Paintings.
For particulars address Box .131 I'ernie or can be seen ut thc C, C. L. A.
Hall Coal Creek.
$50 Reward
/.Strayed from""bur Camp near Elko,'
on 5U1 May,- 1907,* one Bay Mare, with
white - star _ on face, branded on r-ght
shoulder, weight about 1,400 lbs. One
Bay Gelding with while star on face,
hranded 6:1 right'shoulder, weight about
ji,'40o lbs. One Dark Bay Mare, brand
indistinct, weight about 1,600 lbs.
Horses, were. oweil broken and shod
when they lefl.
The above reward - will be paid on
their_r_et ur.n: -■'-.■-■ '~ ■     ■  "  *
]k Pugh & livingstone Lumber Co., ltd.,
...-,..    Kiko,' P. C.
From  France,   Holland and
Seeds Trees
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, Bee' Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Sprayiiip Material, Cut
Flowers, ,e:c. Oldest established
nursery on the mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free.-.
'.:'- M. J. HENRY
Greenhouses and Seedhouses
Summer Excursion Rates
60   YEAH8,t»
Trudc Marks
Copyrights Ac.
■■ Anyone aendlnu nnlictch nnd i» ifprinl Ion ninj
rilclily nsccrinlii our ciiumiiiii Uab wliethc- an
iiivoiittnn m|irohnl,)y piiicnliili.e. Comniunlrn.
llniMMrlctljr eonBdeiitliil. HAND ROOK on I'menu
tent free. Oldest npoiicj- f(,r scinrlnc patent*..
Patents taken thrmiirli Muim 4 Co. receive
iptclalnotice, without cbiirtre.-li the
Scientific Htnttican.
AhninlsoTnelrllliifltrfttcil woi'k >, l.nree«t clr-'
cnlntlon of nny pclentUi! jmini-J, Titiiiii, 13 »
yew : four months, tL Soiclbiiil ne*rHi<ntilcn,
MMNN & Cn.3oiB"»««'«'.-.flBVV York ■
From        4
Fernie to-"-    1,
Winnipeg,     \     $38.25
Frt William °    0
Port Arthur *    '   '*
St. Paul
Duluth ,     $-48.50
Sioux Cit ■•
St."Louis $56. .Chicago $60. Ottawa
$78-S5- Toronto $74.50. Montreal
$80. St. John $90'. Halifax $96.80."
New York $96. "■   "      ' ' "   - "
i ickets-on Sale July 3," 4, 5;. August 8,
9. 10; September. 11, 12, 13..,   -*
First Class Round Trip  90 Day Limit
•   . ■"" <* .,
CorrcsponilinB reductions from nil Kootensy
points.   Tickets nvailnble for liike route    -
inclntlinir meats iiml births on hike
. bteumers,    ThruuRh rates   *" .
1   quoted to 11 ny btiition-
In Ontiirio, Quuhce  or lliiritirno   t'rovlncea
* «?
I        LOWEST        JI
rates      :.:
For   FIro  IiiHtirniHio   in
*      F. ,).   WATSON
X   Insurance & Real [slate Crokr
.f..:.f..f..,.j„;,K *,
■ . .  .
PUlNnpAI.    NKMllS
A f 01.00 Y.
f    Notlco fs V.iri>'y riven th-it RI liyfi
j*Q,'*r,/t.r dit,i I lr.l'-id to npply to ihe
j ll.n.   Chlil  CoiiiiniBHifiner of WorliH
  ! fur n HctnBi to pMBjuct for conl nnd
jjottoU'imi on thc followinp; Innds,
' V01 n»\«r hf.iril n union mnn '.cJin-4. ;_, «;;» -,*j* f Ic* ',*• P.•■.,t,'•"^ ■""•
niulo l:e for .tuyln-t .o;<Js wi.li tlu i^u-, ni ck -MS, commencing ut
^ti'd on, hut haw o'.fit) do you ms « port1'plante 1 nt tr r.e-.r twoIm:ic«
,ci:c H.ulrn hxxA wrlut-le Ur im ex- :n.nji 0. ncb. C7 nll(j M| uinc north
1 c.-iie to <Jplnln why he gives IiIh un- L:ut ccrn:r ol W. W. J. MorVlnM.^
,lcn wn;«B f*.r the product of chcip .cinlm; thence loutb 80 chilni; thence
t'.n.nvnt   house    cr    prison   miide |Mn.    ,'o   chftlnfi;    thmeo   north M
Have you headache, back pains
or painB in the chost ? Have you
- that ''all-done" feeling ?   Do you
have fits of acute pain or wind
after; 00a 7
If bo romomber that health do*
fiends on ihree ma.n orbans—
ivor, stomach and intestines,
and Bileans rognlate all three.
^Biloans are purely herbal und
Natures remedies are always'
best ■Don't, dally I Write for
■ample box to' Bileans. Toronto."
(■endlnt lc. stamp for return
poetue), or bny a box from your
drngfisti .■
Mrs. li, 8»vill«, of Otkwood, Out.
**y* i-"For liexladit, .Icblllly, )n.
digMtion, and biliouiinaM I tried
many medkiinei, but I nevtr net
with anything to equal Bileani.
They oured me,
Of all dntf gists at 50o. per box.
lo 'Consumptives
1 1
The undersigned hftTlng been restored to health by simple . means,
after suffering for scToral years
with a severe lung uffootlon, and
that dread dlsense CONSUMl'TiON,
is nnxlouu to make known to hie
fellow sufferers the means of cure.
To * those who desire It, he wlll
cheerfully nond (free of charge) a
copy of tbe prescription need, which
they will find a cure for CONSUMP*
CHITIB and all throat and lung
MALADIES, Ho hoped all sufferers
wlll try this Remedy, ss It Is Inrala-
able. Those desiring the prescription, which will ooct the nothing,
and may prove a bleating, wlll
please address
Brooklyn, N. V.
J. S. CARTER. D. P. A., Nelson.
' '* R. READING, AKl./Femio
AUnj- a toy U cillcd dull and stupid,
when tbe whole trouble is due to a laxy
liver. We Hmty believe your own dee*
«*r will Ull us (hit u eaatieai) im
toadn. A nerchunt respects n union
m-.n who ca'ls for union Intfled
go;de, tut Le only has secret con-
Unit for tbe union man who In too
weak .to laslst c« getUuf tnlon
goede for otAtyo aa««ey^-Uiebifaa
t/s4* Wveute,'
chains;   thence   west   £0 chains   to
point of commoneement,
Located   this Ctb day of Auijutt,
A. W- Deldeu, At*ot.
. W, W. J. Mprr ion, Leeator.
Vit«t««->>7*lc«. Naler.
On' (Uiot'.i-.r ]».-£(* w.li le K.unh flii
fid. for 11 p itt;nt pri.pclli-r for sU..n:
ho.ts. Tlm nn'tlioil pili-mimi in t''i--
inveiitlun i-, kmuvI'' In tt' mf-f-lnni '\\<
find uji.n the uuth r'ty cf Mr. I'm-
mniirc-* wo i.jv i.s r.r A it !;■ r<*1i.M*
!n action, Tlio ilis iuttlvc ftj.tureoi
this f.roP'.ll'r ii thnt It w.rl'fi fr< rn
the inside of the loa. It will jilcct
n j-reit savine in conl and m .chin-
try, nnd could ulnnys he repaired at
ee.i, Mr. Dem-iurc-'. will le ple^sid
to furnish all infirm .tion and show
the deMi'D'. ol hK- invvntirn.
A hotel tha* furm'thr** ,t,uic{, com."
modiou fttcommodat'oa for its patrons Is a touree ol plet^n-re to tb*
trav*lllnf ptblk. Sath a rm le the
Wag «4wtrJ Hotel, ol Wtroto, tt*.
■w i>pf*oeil« postcBc*.
(Formerly tho Owl)"
The Owl Restaurant
which has rccentlv
will bo more completely
up-to-date than has
been ii*e „Citse in, nie
paM. Tiie new proprietor,
John Taylor
i*tvill be pleased to meet
the ok! patrons ami al-
■ ho new ones at thc ok'
Best of
Read the Ledger
FOR 12.00
With n (Ilimioiid rhii* I revciil
freo howtOKccurua bcaiitlfnrooin-
plexion. DiniiioiKlK nm) cxqulNlto
<!omi>le.\lon nre hoth cleblrnhlo. Au
opportunity to'evary wotniin Ih now of-
leri'il Tor ol)tninii)_."botli. For $2.00 I*
0tT«rnl2Kt. (Jold Shell Mnff
Hhnpo like.n Imleher, with 11 Tiffany Hot--
tinir, set with n Kenuino (lhimond
und will Bond free with evory onlur tins
rocipo nud dlroctione, for obtain Ing ft
fnultleiB comploxlon, aasily uiideiHtood
and simple to follow. H will Have the
expenue of,, Creams, CoHmetlcH and
Bleaches, Will freo the Hkin from pirn-
plet», IllackhendB, etc., and jrlvo the Hkin
beauty and softnoiB.
RING '» ..ffunrunleed by tho
uiiimifacttir?r to boaHr«pr«Ncnted
and should any purchaser be dlwintlsfleil
I will choerfully refund tlio money.
Do not let the prl«e lend yen to
doubt the iriMiuiiiciicHH or vulno
oftlilMrlnjr, ah tho ehnve'^iniMiitiHi
protei'tri meii and every piirchiiHcr.
8eml me $2.00 by 11.ail uimI i„|Ui
iMlvantiijre orihlNoirer,"ah the tlmo
ii llinlti'il. Kt-ntl Hixo of flnijcr for
which rin-,-" iiiit'slrc'i,
■.■JKiisfJMi.ls-n.Tt       n,-« Yuik t'iiv
Solid mc your iiiiiih*.  nml   tlio
llllllH'h III'   ,•*•    rOptltlllllH   pl'dpll'   im
rcferL'i.co nii'l I will fnrwni.i v<-n .,
prripr+itlrin (0 net nn ow nu'dit n'utl «■!!
my jjoi'ili 111 your Incnlltv.
n>*pMitint'iu is    ■
Ai Hiihf.Mid Strcur, NKW Yd UK CITY
Norman Rusk
Gonornl Jilnoksmlth
Repfllrlng,   tic.
Corner ef Victerte At*bim A Jalray el ~r
News of the Citv
Wanted.—Good stenographer. Apj-ly
Orow'd Nest Pass Coal Co.
Lost.—Lailys gM waceh, English
ever, .initials ou inner back E. C.
1-telurn to Ledger Ofiice and receive
handsome reward. -  .   "
For Sale.—Household {roods of all
kinds, including furniture, carpets and
rugs,'china and crockery ware, kitchen
utensils ami garden tools. Apply after
8 p m. nt 2(1, Walmsloy street, second
house from Vreabyteritn Church. Terms
cash.  . , 7
See    Blundell's  ad  for    Saturday
Read the .Crow's Nest ad. for Saturday values.
. Don't   forget   the celebration
Michel cn' Labor Day., , , ,
Cliarks" Gilbert, tarter, left on
Sunday fcr a few days trip .to Spokane. . "
c . H/'Banwell, of the Heme* Bank,
left fcr Vancouver this week ,on a
vacation. - . ,   ',      .     ,      « .,   „»'
Further reductions in lawn and silk
waists, children's silk and washing hats.
Don't miss the chance.   Mrs. Waggeti.
A. G. N., pinnick, *gen:ral manager
cf„ t'ie,0C3nidian Casualty Company,
inspected  this fi.ld  during  the week.
Mr. L. C. Eckstein- is leaving town
today'fcr Bonner's Ferry on legal
bJsiness, and will Le.-a'.s*i:t two cr
thres d„ys." " '   ° *
Field   Secretary    Stuart  Muirhead,
■ of the, Sunday School Association,
is "expected    cn  S_turchy,    August
■ 24th, in order to mee£ the Sunday
school wcr-.ers cf the city,*' and' all
interested in Sunday .tehcol w.rrk.
He will preach in the Baptist church
- on  Sunday .   morning,.,. and  in  the
Prcs' y'erian  church  in1, the  evening.
- In     t'ie art:r oon     there wil le a
- m:s-ed_meeiin"£J--oL,'il] _ihe_schools,
Fresh Fancy Ginger
Snaps, 3 lbs. for ,__
Ashcroft Potatoes,' per lOO lbs., $2.50
Pure Gold Creamery Butter, per Ib. 30c
New Laid   Eggs, per dozen,    7 35c
Pay Cash.
Prompt Delivery.
W. J. Blundell9 Post Office Block-
~t i - ti
Monday, August 26th
■ \-  Better look over the Children's Shoes.      .,
AHREN.'S  School  Shoes are acknow- ■*  .,
, ledged . to  be the best.    o5   o#   <£   &
We   carry   a   full   line   and   are   the  -->
Sole Agents In   Fernie.
W.   F.    MUIRHEAD   &   CO.
IM Crowds Nest Trading Co^ ltd.
Fernie,   B. C.
DOES a saving'ot ten to twenty per cent,   on ,your purchasing   interest'you
' In addition to the saving effected by oiir low prices we present you with each
30 cent purchase a coupon equal to a further five per cent, cash discount redeemable
in crockery and fancy, giassware.    Quality and value with efficient service are the inducements offered for your patronage.    Are you interested?
We are now showing advance shipment of
In the  newest fall styles.    Wide range of fabrics and -exclusive patterns  to choose
from, combined .with perfect tailoring and workmanship. . 	
Men's Suits $8.50 to 22.50
Cool morninsrs and evenings make heavier underwear, a necessity.   May. wc show you our range?
. Fleece Lined, verv stront?and durable
Per Suit ."..?..........".	
$1 nfa-t)
Scotch Wool in fast black color"
Per Suit../.*'....: ". , ■.*'..,
Scotch--.Wool in natural.
Per Suit.... .- ?.'.	
Scotch Wool in natural, finest-quality 0V Pfl
Per Suit.....           ..,..,.: tmmOlJ
Men's Combination in pure natural wool
Per Suit '.-.'	
H. Pw.r.. 4    -,      ■' '   A.Wu.muN
■- Contractors and Builders
Residence—Corner Howland, Ave. and
McEvoy St.
P. O. Box 355 „ - ....   '  Fernie,*B. C.
in the. M.t'icd'.st.church at- h.If past
two,* when Field SccrJtsry Muir-
- head will addivss the *' combined
■ seh?ol3,   and afterwards held  a  con-?
ventin  of  rl'.-the    Snicl-.y    school!
oll'ccrs ma .-'o.chers in tli3 city. He!
is'particularly      anxious    that,"   the ;
p:.r;nts   of   the   sclrUrs   should    l:e ;
pivscnt    in   tho . rf ernon    service. ;
This is an upportui it,/* f .r all inter- ;
estel in  Sm d y Bclicol  wcrk to f.et!
tu lin'.v.',, lhe !e t m thdi and pain
fresh stimuli'!? fcr th iv..war's. •
1    Builder and Contractor "
stimntcs cheerfully ffiven and work
prompt-lv executed to'tho1 sat is- '■ .
. faction of our customers...
Townsitc   Aircnts
Fernie ar.d  llosmer
j Kii-e, \A'.c& Acci*
i dent Insurance.
Overalls for Men and Boys
Kins: of the Koad Overalls for Boys
Kinp of tlie Koad'Union Made Overalls for Men '*   ■
Carharrt .Union Made Overalls for Railroad men
and Machinist's '       ,7        --.■-■>._.■-
w. ii. cam: 111:1.1.     - ,.> J, Wilson (iiuv
Plans   ;uu! nlvitiniiiios on  Appliciilion
Wo, lmve a full lino of
'■'il'ni!'. I'iippi*-*, IX'Vt'l-
Dpors, Mount"*, Oji.v,-
litlln Miicliiiii'B, l'laU'8
Tripods, i'ii*. I'te.
•Cull ami i-i;-.' iln'in  ..,
l\;'sidciiiv vii  1 low land Aw,-
, J. \Vii.so;j Ciis.w,  .\iu:iiiti:ct
Fcrr.ie  B, C.
P. O. E.
Tlie r.ci'.t r. m.ri-if la' si:cc.ss
the- 'I a' r*r p rty w' Ich lucl 'des u
■•al:*. ft a so t it Jnriv,\v rnd tn-,
i.llr.-.- u ,4 ju if tlu 1 iliii-i.i'i .1 di'. I ;-
i ii.! of Yuvi-liiiw hoth captured
iv. m ilu Ii cr. i', to'oLlur w'.tlw.iu'
in Kl IT.iid.Va'ic o'tr tliu .L'liloiiiii.B--
Iish i'-.M A i tun I n In Bn. lr.nl to
tip f--t that tic Ivii'.'u- pr.i'u nnlu
li u w icliu,' 'ii-jhui 'w'tli oven mere
vl or,, ill n in ih; thrii'i, jo.n I elore
the ii.'ii rj ] il ellon cf I'.OJ, Ho far
tliu C'. ns r/i.tiv-e. p.ity h.,fi'-r.cover-
• d i nly twu tf tho H.'or.-B rf serits
tli t It 1 Ht In thn -V-iu'1<* of IS
in nlliH a ti.   Uie ol th hi succ(8S:«.
W.h  d"o  t->   t'xi   l.r.or..l   vole .hiliv,' '•-•--' —rrr—rrrsr
dl idol    ly tho inter, on! Ijn yit   n.i J..,,. ,--- it',t-rn
)l cimI cmr'Matqr.amiVo otlior wm   \A/|\/pS   W  TH
iii'iu-i! In a c-nHtl'inncy rrijjii which- VW ' W UU    VV ' * ' '
a' 1,1 cr.il iiicm*or r lli'.il miilcr    a
fuu'lal c!(i!:d i.titl  wrfi "I'oj.liicoil  by n
Ice !  t:ia».rv..tlvi!  tot*.itt ii.il    pro-
Pi'l lur.    'Plui'o   nr,) t'n    only Hrc-
tiun.i <.liiC4« l\\'.,, no,., nt which there
iiim»,!« n 'ii lie' 11 ni i.f ii ie;icti(ni;
nnd hi tu   tho ('(imr/utlviM   ],.lV-0
ru.iili.nl   <:i-uiin|  i,.|-.t.],  ,,,,,.„  _._,nv|y
til   11    (if IT    | n y    i-thiT    l-f'I'l-,.1      (lvc.
< on    > t   wl;l'!i    II117  h'Hl   litiHtidsiiil
I'Vil-'All. IlKlVli;      dl'!i.';lt,       \Vll[it      (mill
tine   li
.McoI,-illi-.,t fiHiiyJiiWli'moiiUi In 1.0, 0. P.
'     ■ '   '        '    llllll.    •
II. I'. Mniirn,   ■ W, Kmiv',
Wiut liy I'rfHlilont.-. Wnrt Jiy Hia(!>utar.v.
Matrimonial Endowment hind
■ I'll   TM I       li-■
l.n 'H-  I- it;
l.'l l.\   .41* '
Dlcatci frmn  thu Wom.in'K  Kiit-
oiiil   TrnilH     I'ulon    lji.tr. ne,  who
K't-n'ot':civ.'i--i*  ,'lnro   iho   li:i o  |»r-n ■  imi tin:  nt  Mull    lliinu',
Imi   Ir i,
;.i'ii-.iii!   I i   tin.    t'l.liii.i',   | ivj-i.m.'      to    iinliihll.di   ii
it-,  v,*||i|,    i.-.   "ii; Mi.; ni I      md. wh.i'i.t      f'nul."
Kclr IJiinli,.,  mi]  whicli ,Tl.!i.i,  \\|i*.n u     iminil t-r In iii„uk'd,
jti'.ii   tin'     L-i-vinnmnt.   -l'1 ii'iii n \»*1I jiiiy lm- a d.,wry piu-
      "*..'.    ....   lilt    ll Inn    |)i I. I'll   l;   l i   III.'   t 111-.-   til   Willi:,,   hill'
-. ir m'cud 'i-i wh.i*.   thi'.iiiiK luld-.i cinA,   Thin would    lit* u
C.'S   ;   'Ki-JTi   -i.   .-    ij-.ii;.    It     !li, W 'aC-. I lilt'   tl   illi'.iI'.iMl)   lliy   '.ilnlly     in
ii'.iu'i'iH Ji.i, imi'. i-f n-1 iictivv In nil Kiiiiii' v».h lo tin1 union, hut, Unit
ilu1 tii-iii'-if 1*1.11 niiiHii».iitr.i*t'H, mill si w uli! iUu-u«l <jii tin* i.t ructlvm-n**
<ht imi cl tu light St v « M'it whin- at \hv du-ihU'im. In Dctrult, fur ox-
••i4>r i |iji.il'inlty *.ff.:rH, th;.t the ftinrl*, the doinaml for wlvts with
i.ovtriiiiiont ilrimlH nolhlni' hi much the iiuiili lnlcl must l.o uic iter tlniii
in a •.■.I'Hicy lu on IndtiHtrial con- ; tlio wupply. .Minn Ilyile. of that city,
htltii(ii*!y. There nn* wcnltliy, men ' fftl«l" ' W*1 Rather in the mtmherH
in t''i- Hiiiiki' df (%»mmonH who have j in lnrtfi num'-crs, tut tlu-y arc mar-,
lo-.n pioiTim.il iFcra^tH ty the kov- iIt.iX oil t\* laat as wc can write thtjir
cinmfnt nnd win*, have km? hfttx lrn-'nnmcn tn the hooVB." It would ht
p.iMcnt. for their row-in!, lint who n tcrri'.I* thins: If thi* wlvi-a thfrn-
hive Ut It" kept waiting J.ccnuBK llm* j*;Ives iliotiM f«.rm n union. Orcnn-
kovtrnm nt <1oih r.ot 4.-Mre to open xu-A li<jiiic'icc^lnt; anil hausewurk
ti r. ntitt'H'ucy, und thin to Klve.wlth the (nevttnhte IrckoutH mxA
Ihf* In'tor m«.i mtdtr *-.j>i».firtflTiHy 'vtrlV-r*. v.tul.1 ItKvHntly l^rcfl-Kf
nf xrr fl'l'n.r o W'it> btAA- by fin- of-'l **rl\'*'}ri>n),iFK Into thi* mnfrlmnn-
f.r..| I itxral. •'Iftl mr,r)(it. .   _
1     -..      •   •■■'• ; ''. , ,'. I
Just placed in. stock fall ranere of - the "Americtn Walkover Fine Shoes for men;
•New models and lasts in Vici Calf, Glaeed Kangaroo, Crome Patent'and Russitin Tan
-Mr._W,orkingman biVX.b_yoji_]j:LexLiJie^Artisiu^  Jt_i-3_made-_.of_
solid   leather and is the greatest wear resister.-in tho shape of boots known.
Every , pair-guaranteed by the manufacturers and, ourselves-      „       , b.
Price   $1.85   to- $5-50
"Maintaining- our  usual, custom o( clear!ng ,out.instead of 'carrying- over to the hefct
season, wc will clear all our Ready to Wear Wash Suits'at templing- prices.       '
Palo Uluo Duck Jumper Suit willi embroiderctl
front niul luckf-tl-skirt*, very stylish, ($*"$ n^f^
rofjuliu- price 81100, to clear at ^ g ___yjyi
White Linen ■ Jumper Suit, cmbroidprwl front
\'fj and tiiski'd skirt, verv divssv, reftulai* ^5 (fistfh
'ra $11.00,  to clear at...,,'. ' ' 'fl aW§3
lllnck nnd White check IVUm-' Pun, sliort'slenvo
and plentPil skirt wiih* red piping, ■    &$ ^ff*
_ .  ffl rofrttliir $">.00,  to clear at '-•..'-.*$a fl %5
N.  E.   SuddEthy \%\\\  Linen Sliiuie Chimibr-Vv SiilorSnit. wiih short ■»!> evo
Vi'rv°(inn brniil,   Tji'iithor   Bound,  a real "wenr
■resisii'i1,  rcsulnr price S.'ic " ^s
Fcrnlc    Drug    Store
-T—' ""MlMMHrT-HW
—■ mww imwMi 1
<l^'t>»^*V^4V^-^^k^( -Qtr^-^^-^
L.   P.'" Eckstein ,.,
I-AftniBT-tn-AT-LAW,  Solicitoii
' '    I
l.o-inu 1 ft il, lloiiilcr.on Iilooli',' Pornio, I}. C,
''"*** * —V   ii-  ■    ii i . ■   _   i
I-'. 0. LAWK ALEX. I. nSHKH, II. A.'
*        1 ,-   '     i   i   . I
Laroe & Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Tntilini; iCo.    VAodx,
Fertile, U. C.
and pleated skirt, colori'd pipinfr, /5j   ffii,
regular .p 1)0 to clear at ..* c^bCJ'
IFi'Mvy braid with bound cdpc and colored band,
P-iTUl-il*    lit}. „ '^pi
.Special •. ' bS£§
Fancy enluivd Straw,  nice'oven braid   •i^'fft
nnd Vi-ry durablu, rejr. .*l!ii.\ ; Special i^iyj
Come early ami have lirst choice.   Do not blnmo
us il you are too hue.   . .
■"•J" a\
A comparison'of tlio qiiallty nnd brands of our tahio"supplies will convince yon tlm', they nm tlio best'
obtainublo.   A comparison of prices will provo that-yon can save money by tillowlnjr usto cater to your wants
Windsor Cnsilo CVcainery Butter put up expressly
fop.ouraclvoH and received din ct Irom the oivnmory
'•every low .days, Quality, punranteed- *&££.*%
tho best procurable,   I'or ib £«!}(#
■■.Choice Dairy Butter In pound prints and 0\0\\ A
smtill tuba,, quality strictly JSu. 1,.price...fa£i-C
GpJffJiisVBi'oakfnsi Baoon nnt. Hnms
■   Sliced to your order In nny <|uantity doslrod,"'
m "
n       i    n/j
Crosse i-i Blackweil's Marmalado In 71b tins..... 80c
■"      "       *"". ".    In.l lb friaes 20c
Maphi Leaf Ceylon Tea per lb  |., aflc
'■Lnundry Soap, special 8 burs for.'. .'.-.'fie,
Mo Jn CellVe Is tlio bent tpnilltv wo can      M 00
purcli.is'otit.any prlco,, Per,lb..,,,... <nrUG
•One Cent a Word
Oiii< |t*i(i|-ll"ii l.ut U-si Ilinn 'i'lf
W,       llt-SB, K. 0.' J. », T. AI.KXAKW.H ,
Ross & Alexander   « !'
HAIMUST1-.1IS,   801.ICITOH.S,   KTC •
KKhS'IU, II, 0. i ""
■  A N ".ItOn.M   PWKM.IMI   IIOI'SM tV l.flT,
imi,,,. i..   i    im in  in. i   t.i .    ,    .     , . • »    II ** M'i fi'i't. »itii;iiui| III  \\'l'*t   l-V-iiilu.
tilllw 111 I., T,W . Hlot'li, MH'irli Avi'im*.   ' |»,|i.|Ms.Vi, inj*m».   Apply I.c-Ikit OUu-i ,   Assi
.$1**,'>ii;!-$-•_ -y- '*-.i/^^-v*>"«_)'W«,'»>'i --'7-r.v:r:-
■■ t-*s*a*r.->:'i--*!^s.1.-. i'„'i -.'ii '■I-f'ft.''Vi'-'!-;---j,i'rrf .'•',7,jM';''.',.i
•   i5»*.».i*,-»..   .   . J,"" "Nrrrui"  i'<»w  hsi.i*:   at n.\ci:-
<U*   kJCtPfcGV*   I..P.S..    P.P.S,, 1.    I'.illnti Avi'lim* ii'limiilrmii 1'i-n.l.* II..-..
' ..' pllHl.
" ' IO ' pint s.\|,K-(iii'fi|i SKril.VH.IIANIi  (illtlAN -
"    '   "" '"   -   ' - i i<nil,viiiiu-,|ii lii-ft ul niili'f.   Apply l.i*.l«i r i
1,    T.   W        in.'.'l'        n.*nM-li.4     ll,,       P..1. "li"'*' l"*-'*-''      '
t''!V   . !
Ju  I.
*. ('I'.inlVN--: f'UVM'      WV1.V Ml!-;   \'X\\
H, IImmIimiiUi hil-uli', I
VV, J,, Wriglosworth, D, D. S, i-ootiiai.t*
XDJtll-TTIOT Ih'low wo _?lve the htnntlln.r nf U»"h
, . I «   I       4 r
V-   .Vl.,*      H4--,   *
r..Tif.i: JJ-rnM*^^^,, u «..... 11„ i„. „,,    T|i||m p,,,^^ W|||1 ^ „,,„ ,,,„
omo.-»„-a,.,.",;.„,„     .SSnS^:::::::!  !  I  J '!
nvntSlmir liuliojy.       ' rern't* 5      1      4      0      2
yKnsiK , .,  .,'MK'l.el 4      0      8      11
yKWN-K"                     "   T     ,K l.   In Uio schedule above Coal Crock
 . !i urwtitcd wUh a win over Mlclut
II. W. imKCHNKH MimWAUI. NKHCIIHIill, 0fl t||P flr(J |„ktf flt llOIIIO.     TIlO 1(111110
! was f.'illiifl'bePnr"* ball Mmn on t\c-
HEKOHMER  & HERCHMER >onnt of rain, tlie f-crro then ttnndlmr
! a to 0 In favor ol C. C.   Tho prnnifl Is
lUuHisTEi's ^uciToit-*, Kw,    j tu l>c replaced lodav bat there i$ no
, dmik an tu iho oii'.oome. pfoyU'dcd
j   , k-   I *•*>*■*
Oniccs over,I'. Uum«'&Co'8 Block•I'VV.J'-W''      .   -    -.„-    _     _  .-
Victoria"A>-o..«.,- ,4 Y,f.})? Ijfrt Ci-uw i«r the }\M. £fW||,»,n<*t
 „%.„i . iiU* 1.«|jU\vi1}i» i-.iUlv.Uy, Sept.  »,, tt
UtUh.lh , ,,    '*>->,   '>■<•- \i. C.'-MUhfl ':a-tlrsTMFcfr.ltf. '"    m««i
tt DV
..'.'> -I
^.tfk&fc Carry lhc In (nut m'iv!
wW U)i\y, i.p-ij.J.-.{c ruuw'.y-
of Garpcnicrs' Tools in the
country. With prices that
arc >ritli!n tho ''O'lc!: of c;v;•-,•-
pile.    Call aji'tl see.
WHIMSTER    &    CO.
Ilirdwarii Mnpehanl*
H.llf     •   I*1
, ."jtrtif-y 1,1
-..    ',   S'i- '-:■%■ falfytttltif i'**»--!'


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