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 I'"'. •*'
In ,
Vol. Hi; No/ 11
Fernie, B. C, August 31,1907
Official Correspondence of the Joint Committee
* ' of Western Coal Operators and District
18 United Mine Workers of America.
' The following correspondence repro-
■ duced below sums iip the result of the
conference held at Banff during, tho
month of .August. At this conference
the miners were represented by Messrs.
"Sherman, Galvin and McDonald"
Banff," Alberta, August 17th, 1907.
Secretary Local Union,*■'.
Canmore, Alberta.
Dear Sir':—
In the'matter* of prices' asked for
-ivork in the Carey Seam at Canmoro
Mine, the Joint Committee of the
. Western Coal- Operators' Association
and District "No, 18 of,the-TJuited_ Mine
"Workers of America, have made the
following prices.
Gangway.- 6 feet collar, 10 feet spread,
6 feet .6 inches high In tho clear, as
driven at present, aiid including coal,
rock, timbering and laying- of track,
per lineal-yard S12.50.   :
•Breasts up'tho Pitch: 12 feet wide
and- 7 feet thickness of coal, including
timbering,  chute: .and  stairway,. aiid
■ brattice building, per lineal yard $6,75.
Breasts across the Pitch: 12 feet wide
-■ and 7 feet thickness of coal, including,
timbering,  brattice,, tracklaying ■ and
•handling of coal, per lineal yard SG-25.
'_. Pillars: 30 feet wide and 7 feet thickness of coal, including timbering and
-handling of coal, per lineal yard S10.00.
- These "prices .-ire baBed, upon' ;the-
, present system of forking.   If seam is
•cmore than seven'feet or less than seven
,; feet, to be paid for proportionately.
Yours truly, . _ _...
>t J. A* McDonald, Sec.,,
-"", Joint'Committee.
"*, ; Banff, Alberta, August 17th,'1907.
-Secretary Local Union,7-    « "-■"*'■'
Canmore, Alberta, ■
Dear Sir':—"''       ' "
In the matter of the claim of the chute
loader's and coal buck ers' employed by
the II. W. McNeill Company at Canmore
ior'-. the,5%"' increase as provided for in
tho General Agreoment covering men
employed in  tho transportation, nnd
.handling of coal; tho Joint Committee
•of tho Western Coal Operators' Associa.
. tion and District No. 18 of the United
Mine Workers of America have decided:
That it bo referred,, back   to ,tlio
Management and Employees to make
effort for settlement-
' *    'Yourstruly,. * ■    -
, '.' Lewis Stqckett, Pros,.
J. A. McDonald, Sec.
■   '  ■   Joint Committee,
■    Banff, Alberta', August 17th, 1007,
Soerotary Loenl Union,
■    ;   .  Canmore, Alberta.;
Dear Sir i'ii. tho matter of tho claim of tho
minors omployed on Company Work by
tho IL W. McNeill Company at Canmoro
for tho'refunding of the 60 cents per
month for tool fihnrponing deducted by
tho Company j tho;Joint Committee of
tlio WoBtorn Coal Operators' Association
nnd District No. 18 of tho United Mino
Workers of America havo decided;
That It ho roforred back   to  tho
mnniiRomont and employees for sottlc-
mont.' "'■ ' '
.   Yours truly,
■*■•"■■'-•■   Lewis Stockott, Pros,	
'     J. A. McDonald, Soo,"""
Banff, Alborta, Aitfliuat 17th,' 1007;
Soerotary Local Union,'•    ,  ■'■'■ ,'
Cahmoro, Alborta,, '
I)o»r Slrs-
In tho matter of a ruling as to what
constitutes a rock miner, tho Joint
Commlttoo of tho Western Coal Opera-
tors' Association and District No, 18 of
tho United Mine Workers of Atnorlca
havo rulod i
That whoro a minor Ih continuously
ongogod on rock work, wh'oro Immtnor
nnd steel nro usoil, hn Is a rock minor,
nnd ontltlod to rock minor's wagon. If
nn air drill (i used, the driller and,
Mpor arc to be j-.ild fcr oi, \,u uht^ulc,
othiWR p,nKiif,«d to be t\wwt>A ns miners
or lahorors ns tho case may bo, When
engaged on rock and conl work, If the
amount of rock is groater than the
nmount of coal, ho Is to ho classed as n
rock miner, and whoro the nnjonnt 'nl
conl is groatcr than tho amount ot rock
ho^s to ho classed ns a coal miner. On
continuous brushing, olthor on top or
bottom If dono by'tho usual drills and
/tools, ths man engaged to bo classed ns
a coal -minorj if,dono by hammer and
ateel, tho man engaged to bo classed as
a rock minor. Tlmbermen taking out
rock when engaged In retlmberlr>g or
ropairlrifr ara not to bo claused as rock
Yours truly,
Lowls Stockott, Pros.
J. A. McDonald, Sec
■ ^
Movements on Foot in Southern
Alberta and Kootenay of
Coming Events.
A movement has been inaugurated to
combine the Farmers'and Labor Unions
of Alberta for'the purpose of contesting
the several constitucncca in the interests
of the workers at the coming Dominion
elections.  .    .
The new southern constituenccs of
Macleod and Lethbridgo will bo' contested, and in that event the Canadian
Society of Equity .ind the United Mine
Workers of America will play an im-
portant part, both organizations being
strongly organized jn South Alberta.
Conventions '• will be held after tho
harvest, * at which a plan, of campaign
will bo mapped out and .candidates
selected. ".-, -      -      ,      .,
The old parties will find this combination hard to beat. ,.,   *
Tho East Kootenay constituency will
also be contested, tho Labor men com-
"bining with the' Socialists in order to
defeat W. A."_ Gallaher, the present
Liberal member. We. hope-to see the
workers. up and doing something to
'destroy machine rule.
Banff, Alberta, August 17th, 1907.
Secretary Local Union,       ,   „
Canmore/Alberta. ' „   .
Dear Sir •—„*'*..' -    '
In the maiter of'the claim ■ of the
of theu Hi "W." McNeill Company ptlio
Joint Committee bf the Western Coal
Operators'.Association and District No.
18 of the'*United'"Mine Wo'rlcors" of
America have, decided, that engineers
oh'both day. and night'shift are entitled
to power house engineer's wages as per
schedule B of Agreement' entered May
4th, 1007, from the'date of the present
Agreement,       "  -    -•'■■• „
;  •'• 'Yours truly,   ■  ' ■
'■"   ' Lewis Stockett,'Pres. y
■'■    '    ■   'J.-A. McDonald, Sec-
TO   NO.   23U-
■Pernio, B.C.,
August 28, 1907.
To tlio oflicei-fl and-mbmbers of Glad-
stone Minors' Union, 2814, U. M. W. of
A.—1 tako great pleasure in thanking
you for thc kindness shown ray deceased
brother's family, and especially to, Iittlo
T nm,'sincerely yours,
Harry Boovor,
An Appreciation—and not Before it was
How often do wo soo tho working
man'd wife's picture' used by tho newspaper P. How often Is oho montloned
whon tho struggles and tho trials of her
husband nro" being- exploited? What
credit doos bIio receive whon tho victory
-Is,won'?    ,  ,-" '., ''" **  '     .?!  *'   . *
,,< ■ , - ' . ■
> Frankly, I wonder sometimes liow it
Is.;that many of thorn do not boebmo
Insane, ns I think of tho awful monotony
of tholr Ilvos. Tho averago working
man's life Is dull onough. Wo'll'tako
that (or granted. But his life, ns compared with his wlfo's, Is full of variety
anil good cheer. Sho Hpeuds most.of
her tlmo within tho eonllnes of her
kitchen, surrounded hy four dull walls*
Sho rarely sees nn Inspiring faco nnd
sho gets mighty' little credit for her
faithfulness-even from hm* husband.
Not,, that ho Isn't grateful, hut ho
do-o»ii'i wiicii liiiiik oi turning her no,
Vsunlly, the hear.* uhouill it'ie-i *,ome«
thing has gono wrong, Sho i/.rely com*
plains. Sho is giving her life for her
family.  I rarely seo a working man's
wife with hor hunch of little children
I..,*. ...I.,4 r •  .i i" -,.  , . , i      4
...... ii nu. k 4^.1.. 4k«.4i *n\>viUkirr5 net Vi'iln
the highest honor. Sho deserves it, If
sho Isn't always "up to dato," and if
hor husband cannot always talk with
her about the affairs that Interest him
most, It Is generally his fault. Sho is
the same woman that ho courted. He
thought that sho was "all right" then,
If, In her endeavor to mike * homo for
him, she was compelled to sacrifice, for
his sake, many of tho pleasures and tho
advantages which were hers before her
marriage, more than ever should the
sympathy and the help of her husbind
become hers.
.■■;'     HON. R. McBRIDE
Rossland Miners' Union, No. 38,. Forward
• Rossland, Aug. 28.—At a meeting of
Rossland Miners'Union, held last even,
ing; the following**preamble and resolution wero unanimously adopted: To
Hon.; Richard McBride—Whereas,* tho
mining and smelting interests of south-
ern British Columbia are being hampered by lack of coke,' which, if continued*
will result in the closing of all the
mines and smelters, and by reason of
the'fact large numbers of our members
arc out of employment,' .        „ '     '„
And, whereas, the shortage is duo in
large degree to tho fact that 27,549 tons
of coke havo beeii sent to the United
States smelters during the present year,
And;' whereas, the charter ,of tho
Crow's Nest company provides that all
smelters and m.incs in Yale and Kootenay shall be furnished at all .times with
sufficient supply of coke,
Therefore, be it resolved by the members of Rossland Miners' Union, No. 38.
that '-the provincial1 -government be
urged to immediately, enforce the penalty
against the Crow's Nest company- as
contained in its charter for its failure to
provide sufficient coke for operation* of
the smelters and mines',in -the district
of-Yale and-Kootenay. *■*   -   •■■■■■
§1.00 a Yeab-
Times Seem out, of Joint at--the Mine.
Harold Hooten, the unfortunate
rope rider at No. 2 mine Coal Creek,
who was so seriously injured on
Wednesday died on Friday morning
at,the hospital.   ■>■'"■"j r ,<•   -,      .*   ,..-
.Victor Brugue, who was wounded
in" thc side by a fall of rock in No. 5
mine at Coal' Creek,-, is progressing
most.favoi-ubhv- *'   '-7- •■■ ■•'    • ■ -
Arthur Rhoads,. whose leg was
broken by n iall of lumber, also in
No. 5, is rerjorted from tho hospital
to be doing fairly well, , ,
The mori on tho afternoon shift of
No; 5 mino, Con.l Creek, woro idle last
Wednesday through the breaking down
of the toy fan. The c management
intend to install-nnd equip a roaily
good fan, in the place of the old one
which will mean no more lost time"on
this account. *.,,.-'.
, ,.,.        i.'.', ,.t ,^~""™
:t ■ ,    ,.
No? B mino was nghln idle on Thursday
20th for want of timber. '
No. 5 was again Idle on Friday,
 o -__
J. T, Palmer, recently of South Park
.School, Victoria, and graduate of Cam>
.bridge, I.nglarid, is tho-now,principal,
MIsh Perkins, 13. A., Miss McKonzlo,
B. A,, lion, graduate of Dalhouse,;Hall-
tnii and Miss Lawson, of Vancouver.
drii.nlRO now comors, Miss Moody and,
Miss Robinson, of last year, aro returning and will rosumo their dutlos,
All pupils who Intend entering for the
fall term nro expected to roport on
Tuesday morning next, September Orel,
The li'th niinunl celebration of tho I
.W'c.iul Miners' L'tu'ou, No. W.M, (;', 4M,
W. of A„ will bo held at Michel on
Labor Dny, September 2nd, A good
programme hns been provided, Including Jumping, racing, tug-of-war, fool*
'ifcii, mc, reruio Brans liana will bo
in attendance, Special rates will bo
available on trains east nnd west, Don't
forgot Michel,
1, 'j
Concert Given in Opera House
. by fernie Youngsters
Very Successful.
The concert given Jast Friday night
in the Opera House' by Misses Dolly
Barnett and' Rheta Todd, and their
friends in aid of that deserving* charity,
the Children's Homo in Vancouver, B.
C, was a very successful entertainment,
and it realized the verv creditable sum
of 82 dollars.,-, "      ..-..'■•'
The two -chief 'organizem of. this
annual treat are quite experienced
performer's, having -lost their stage
frigjht, and are thus able to sustain their
-parts of tho-programme in a. way that
would do*credit to aspirants much older
in years.-. Tho Scotch-song "Rowan
,Tree!', by-Miss Lizzie Lundie, the
Whoop Drill, and the..recitation by
Master Edgar Dudley " What a boy
can do," were enthusiastically received,
the Dudley youngster demonstrating
." What a boy can do." very successfuilv.*
For an encore to her song "A little
child'shall lead them," Miss Eva Severn
gave " I am daddy's little'girl," whilst
for her dance .Miss Dolly Barnett
brought down the house_.
' It was a surprise to us that young
peoplo.without'special training 'should
show' euch aptitude for singe work as'
was evidenced by the production of the
operatta" ''.Florinda, or. the-rose and
pearl," each part, being pleasingly sus-
taine'd- After some of the late questionable itinerant dramatic productions, to
listen to these performers for a couple
of hours .was .like'a benediction."
Odd Fellows ForegalJier to Toast
a Parting Brother.
After tho ordinary lodj?o meeting of
Mount Fernie, No'. 47, I, O, 0, F„ in
the Odd F;c11.pwh' hall on Wednesday
night last, a presentation or a gold
locket decorated on ono side with tho
emblem of tho order' nnd on tho other
side witlva suitable inscription, wns
made to Bro. J. II. White, P. G. D. D^
G. M,, who is-loaviiig on Sunday to
take up his residence at tlio coast, .Bro.
.Thomas, Beck made tho presentation,
after which a social evening wus spent,
and every body,, got home. 7 . .   .'
• *'. ■    *!? •   ' .     .
On Monday next organized labor will
hold its nnnual carnival, In this im*
mediate district Michel, Cranbrook and
Blnirmoro aro putting on 'flood programmes of sport. - Mr. F, II, Sherman
will speak nt Lethbridgo on tho labor
probloms of tho day, and tho woathor,
which is unusually problematical this
your, seems nbout tho,only thing thnt
can mar tho success of this world-wide
Tho funeral of tho late Harold Ilooton,
who was killed lit Coal Crsok' bn Wed*
nosday afternoon, will ltavo Rous and
Scott's undertaking rooms ai 2 p.m. on
Sunday. Miners, Hocliabltes, Salvationists, nud others aro Invited to attend.
Harold Hooten, aged LM
years, died Friday morning At
0 a. m,, as the result of nn
accident In Ko, 2 Mine nt
Coal Creek on Wednesday,
Young Italian Dies in Hospital Soon After
A young Italian about 1ft years of
ago, named G. llomauo, mot* with n
fatal accident early on Friday morning
whllo attempting to blow out it stump
near N'o, H fnii'lioii-.!*. Hn hail plntvil n
heavy charge of dynamite under tlio
stump, and had turned away to reach a
place of safety, whon ho wis struck on
tho back of tho head hy a piece of wood,
being hurled by the explosion with
great force.' Ho wti taken to Michel
Hospital, where ho tiled nuveral hours
later without retraining consclousiioss,
Ciitonur Uleibdrll huld an Inquest on
Friday. The funeral will tako this
afternoon at Michel,
Kor nil kinds of fruits go to Tom
Fresh arrivals of. the  very, newest  up-to-date
Fall  Goods
Ladies' Furs   ,   7
*      Storm Collars,   Ruffs,   Stoles,   Muffs
" " -1    \ "* '     ■     t J,    -
j* '       •        n      _       ii
Ladies' doats
Tweeds,   Broadcloths,"'Rainpropfs*'•
Ladies' Underwear   .
■ Wool,   Union,,, Silk' Mixed
'Men's Suits, 7';^'/\/*',_
: '   Tweeds, ..Serges,   and* Worsteds-
Men's Underwear
7W00I,   Union  and   Fleece   Lined
Men's Gaars' Mackinaw^
-'        1     1 -
Coats, /Short, and  Long  Pants
■Wc* ^ carry    everything    in    Men's   and   Women's
...Furnishings.    Quality and workmanship guaranteed.
, Prices   Right ", -
' During tlio month of Augutit** Pernio
has had thr.co fire's, and the total damage
done was under 8100'.
Messrs. V. II. Sherman nnd P. Patter*
son went enst to Frank on Thursday
evening on busineBS.
On Sunday next nt 2 o'clock, tho final
lecture of the Ambulance Class will be
held in tho Miners'Hall,
, Ii. P, '-'ckBtcln returned to the city
on Thumday after an absence of n few
(lays on legal businoBH, .
A moating of tho \V, C T. IJ. will-bo
held on Tuesday, Septombor 10th, at
tho house of Mrs- Terry1 at fi.110 p,in,
. Tho Ferule .hoee tentn leave for
Cranbrook HporU on Monday morning
to com pet o, nnd wo aro assured, by an
eminent authority, to win.
An important otutomont by Mr, G.
0, H, Lluilsoy, goncrul Manager of
tho Crow's Ne&tl'ftBs Coal Co., appears
on pogo four of this Issue.
Pernio Draws Hand (Into Italian) woo
oiiRaffeil by wlro on Thuriday afternoon
to play nt the Nelson exhibition ou
.September l&tli, 10th, and 20th.
Iu view of Labor Day, Ilev, W, 1^,
Hall has announced that ho wlll deal
-with tho "Tendencies or tho Timos" in
hii? .Mill-lay night tiiseouri-u, ftepii'ini-ur
hi, <".'! thu li'ic-i al rtjfj.iifil Lliliaiiiiiihy,
The monthly ten of tho Ladles'Aid of
tho Methodist Church is fixed for Tui-n*
dny next, Urd prox,, nt the residence of
Mr*. Nunu. Tea will be nerved nn the
lawn (weather permitting)! time, il
p.m. to 0 p.m.
■  ' •*'■»  ""         *      "    it-Jfiw" \   -\
•* '       '  '
In a week oi- two wo shall be giving
our subscribers nir'improvnd shoot, iis
far as the machine typo is concerned.
The inonolino wn have nt proaent has
driven our operator to drink, aud for
liis sake, if no other, wo have dueldotl
to iiiBtnll some now plant. ■
A corroBpondont informs us that n
largo eagle was soon circling round thn
hli-hoBt poak of the Throe Sisters thin
week. Wo think It must have boon thu
whnlu coming in by tho overhead routo.
Tho Salvation Collection Uox In our
ollice has been brokon open, Will the
gentlemen who visited us some tlmo
ago nnd collected nvorytlilnu In sight
tell us what thoy have done with tho
procoedsof tlils burglary?
*    u '
.Sovoral promlnont taxpayers of thin
city havo asked us, Where nro tho
itrootllghtil' Wo aro searching, Whon
wo got Hiiy light on tho subject we will
Unanimously Decide to Send Circular Letter.
" '■■ '<•*■»■
Thu following telegram was received
by tho fecrotary of tho Mlnen Union,
Coutleo, H. 0., Aug. 2r»,'07.
Secretary Miners' Union, Fcrnio. 1J.C.
Minon quit work.   No Union organ*
Ized yet. Trouble.  Please notify.
,. (S|<d.)  S. ThowM.
i At tholr mooting on Wi'dnu-mlay night
I last, the (rladstono Local Union, No.
2:111, passed a uimnimous resolution
thnt a circular loner bo prepared and
forwarded to tho British I Mar w>ttlnir
forth tho conditions of labor iu nud
nround Fernie. Tho members of tho
Union felt thnt men aro being ontlcoil
away from their present employment lu
tho old country without thoroughly
understanding tho truo condition.- pertaining in Canadian camp*. Tho letter
which li being forwarded will convoy
un •.ecuvaw* htatoinent of existingaeou*
dltloni, and will ihow the purchailug
power of monoy in both countries.
The Gladitono Union me! last night
(Friday) at Coal Craok, and will meet
next week in Ferule on Saturday, the
'•Jlbl. <*
I •"*» ;.-,'-:i
••«.• *t .-".
r., '•
*>-i. * V
-*Va-^ .-*■.   -v
•.-.■1     i.j-
-, -;;^v-i'0 j ■"•'••*•' v'r*     _-   ,"* '.,;;■'  vi
"•    ■ -hi   :*,.    !     V    -s  '7      -.j
i- *■"
-   *     '!'   'J-.;V ,
 ^**"4.- «	
•-1   '
s* *
Congress at Winnipeg—Programme of Week's
''    n .     . " .
A circular recently Bent to all unions and Trades and Labor Councils
affiliated with tho Dominica Trades j
and Labor Congress of Canada,  ty
.the reception     committee at Winnipeg, says; in part:   "It is our    desire tb have you with us on    this
occasion;     there  are  many reasons
.why every trades union in    Canada
should send representatives   to   the
annual s.ssion of the Congress; perhaps the cne of primary importance
is that every lalor man in Can via
is interested in the new fields of employment that are continually opening r.p in this west.   Mere railways
are, being constructed here than   in
any other     part cf    the' Daminian.
Following     the . railways,  thousands
of settlers     are entering upon.  the\
. land,  and towns  arc  springing    up
into existence with phenomenal rap-
idity.TMs will, create "a demand   for
o every^  class of labor. *■    When conditions of such importance to'  labor
men exist in the west, every   trades
"union     should-   get information   at
"first hand."
The meeting in Winnipeg 'of    the
, Trades and Labor Congress presents
a favorable opportunity for acquiring ,'   valuable     information to° the
workers.   The   union men of Winnipeg will do all in their power,   iiot
only to show~them what,the actir.iV.
conditions are,* but  also, what    are
•the' conditions of.    the surrounding
B. E. WALKER, President
A1EX. LAIRD, General Manager
L. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of '
,   Brandies
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000'
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
' country.     _ "~ ~"
The programme for the week's entertainment is given below. I have
„ no' desire to "rub it in" to those
who were.teaten in the elections
' for delegates, but rather to show
to the fortunate ones what is 'before
them,' and in what degree of pleas-
uratle .expectancy they may-live for
the, next few weeks:   •
Monday, 10 a.m.—Convention*' call
to order by President McKim, of the
.Winnipeg Trades and-' Labor Council. ' 2 p.m.—Addresses cf welcome
by Hon. B. P. Roblin, Premier of
Manitoba, and J. H. Ashdown, Esq.,,
mayor of Winnipeg. 8-p.ra.-Grand
reception end get-together mcetlnj,
orch:s'.ra, refreshments, etc.
Tuesday—Sl.;ht-se:lns, with street
car ride nnd_ visit to fho Provin:ial
Agricultural College and other r'uo
eo of interest.    ' ,
Wednesday—Excursion . to  Selkirk.
' 8 p.m.—Mess meeting of union men
in one' of tho lirgo halls,
Thursday—Delegates ■ entertained hy
thulr various unions In tho evening.
Do'ek'ates will to entertained nt
thoatre. A committee cf Winnipeg
ladl'.s will entertain tho lady visitors. - -. --■
o        ■■■
A new departure nt the Interstate
Fair, to be held in Spokano from
Sopttmler 23 to October G, will he
rock drilling contoBtn, for  which nn
aggregate of ;fl250 -in prizes is being
effcred. There will be two contests,
a double and single handed drill. For
the. double handed Contest a prize bf
$900 will be awarded, ?503 going to
the first,man, ?2:0 tol second,, and
$150 to third. In the single handed
contest. ?250 will be given as ' ■ first
prize and-?100 for second prize. The
■ Competition is", open to all; entries clo'se on September 23' at noon;
an entrance fee of ?15 per man will
te charged in each contest, and $10
of this will te returned to each man
who drills. Any one entering ' and
not drilling will forfeit entire eu-
.trance fee. Time allowed in t,'.To-
hand contest will T.o 15 minutes'!
and in sing'e-hand contest 10 *nln-
lites.' All t:.ols must le furnished hy
contestant, drills for two-hand contest to caliper J inch at bit and nt
point three inches tack of bit.idrllls,
for single-hand contest to caliper }
inch at tit aiid at point three inches bnc't of lit. Any wiight hammer
allowed'. Ono assistant will to allowed to each team in two-hand contest and to each contestant in single
hand contest, but under no circi.-n-
Ktanccs is assistant allowed to assist
in changing drills. Contests will
tako place at any time tetwo .«■*. *K*>|>-
tember 23 and Scptcmtcr 30, at op-
ticn cf fair management, and will
be l.ut on lither day time or evening.
The recent Fourth of 4Tuly contefltB
nt Wallnco nnd other points In the
Coour d'Alon.a 'have p.outraged a
{•roat deal of rivalry, nnd every mining tewn in thej Ooeur d'Alcncs is
expectod to, ho represented. Towns,
in British ColumUa lire nleo expected to furnish candidutcu fcr honors
in tho drilling ccntrutB, and tMfl
new dopnrturo on the part ol the
fair mnnng.mout will no doubt he n
utrong drawing cnril. ' ' *"
All coni; Btsn.a-w.il le'rotlfled hy
the rnnnngement in plenty of   time
to be present when the contents are
Utnrted.  At lcuut a dozen toamo tiro
expected   to enter   in   each ol tho
Branches throughout Canada, antTln the-United States and Extfland  .,
1 ■-*■ -      t O t - 1    I    .      »- -*i ,
Business may he transacted by mail with any branch ,
Of the Bank.   Accounts may be opened and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail.   Every attention is paid- -
to out-of-town accounts.
Fornio, Branch   '' '   .-,.i :* -. G.S.   Holt,   Manager
a,   , : —— —_-■ ■ —  - sk,
f Wateh it Increase,  aii you have to •'&
f& , ;. • %-, g ft* ■
^ do  with  a .Savings   Account  is  to start  ij; and   M
||$ keep  it   going—then   watch   it , grow.' 'Doesn't' '-&;'
^ take long  for.it to'count up  to a considerable   W
^ amount—then  you  see, the   advantage—the. wis-/;,
at** dom  of saving. ' " "
§    „.
Ml ■. -.'ih ,Mv Mf^?s,WA.LL. rvfBr.,,..,. PcrnlCii Branch ^nM
|,, $1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of CanadaVf
»:j •:♦ •?• *t* ♦:• ♦:• •:* •:• •:• •:• «t* *:• •:« ■»:♦ •:• •:* •:♦ *> ♦:• *:« *t- ♦:• •:« •:♦»:«»:«:• •;♦ •:'•!* • j* <* ♦ •;• •:• ^ *i* <• -t* -J* 't** <•
* «r>i04»»
I *->v* *
Under Auaplccs of Trades nnd  Labor Council, y
mmamm^mms *T
Se#.:9VlO, li
Und«r Auspices of
* '    ■ 4
.-."i       *j'"i',!j'
Order of Eagles
•Iccrcation Grfturids.
Sports  to he held ox\
Good seating ficcommodalion.    Special
Train  will leave   Fen.ic and intcr-
nicdiate points in lho inonii:ij,r.
iclunvli.]^  in  tl'.u eveninu;,
See posters for KvoiUs
^S.   MficOONALO,
T. J.   0€»H»S4,     H.   VVMirK,
Vlc€S«Prc».     Sec.-Trcnu. A
Nat fteiss
I '<| ,
11     . * j w i-
,/ ^1 ,. ui
1 ,,', I il,, u. -. 1
I 1
I   ,1,1
,, ii
Doing all
1 nw    i iiitw
200 Actors 200
T*w**r**»*wm**^wt»iwt**+mMmtwW-mT^***,>*'+ s+sssi's*-* ***mv*mto>\-*i
w>* w*tiommv»ms*^%*n*o !*»*■******
Twice   Daily
r *">       '   * » t ; ■   M  •    '■■.*■(    '    ,-*■(■
will stand Rail-
road  Inspection
... ,;.-.  I    ■>    I'll     ■■       .  ■-■   „  -..,.
a 20-Year Gold-
filled case for
$30.00 at
Tha| »<ecp      LIPHARDTS
GOpd Time       fhe Jeweler
{»♦♦«««»♦♦♦♦«♦ ♦♦«««♦>»«♦♦<♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦»<«♦♦»
t —— " ♦'
Fore and Aft
and   if  you   do   your   garden   the
'   same^  way you  will have   a   good
showing. We have a good showing of
Garden  Tools,  Garden   Hose,
Lawn Mowers, Etc.
Screen Doors, Screen Windows
J. D.
Hartlware and Furniture ....,■.
'*   '   .',   '.-"   'ii'   'l-'i'l   V Ml     ' _ifi)}.' ';:;1 ►*,*.'ii<i-«|r|{i  linn Jil'KIn
!-."l!j:s*i'   r-
: .c !'•* 'i Ijisy  !•'.',■', -.' .   ' •* ;17.l) "   ■
Meats, Eggs, Butter,
Poultry and Pish
Wliy not try. us and hu convinceil tliat wliat they say is the truth ?
Our prices aro tlie most rcasunnble In rorniu. Phone No 4 or
call at the hliop on Victoriu avenuo
M   m 0t^t. rt-'iM^ m *t^t 1*1 *f^ f*^*     W". nt 0T% *^4 ***     St     *#■%..       H   p* 0*W
ii-** %jrm » Uko *>*i%*o o    IVM-OlUli/     **«*»«-•*>•    «U.ILi<MI*
Plione ft'o. *i Victoria Avenue
fth,        I IIVM*l(iV«l«WWiniW"W«MMW«W*1 .  1  (  |  ..    |  .    |        L   t    „,  , tll    in>MiM>nL,j|lajj1J._H_ii j,  1       ?!"-*
Can We
kM-HMNM I bn
Think It over. This te txAthvwA to
all who nro not yet our cnatomnrb. If
you ulve <iitr storo 11 trlnl you will like nur
way ol iluin/,' Iiuslne.'i). You wmtld not c:iro
in di'inge Inr nny other More. K-trly
nml l.-itii *vo .•tinlv how to keoji our s'orn
in tho frwit ratiU—'it iho my head ol'
i'.-c!:irA. Our Incrca-ilii'? Imsltic*1!- ln«v|-
il'-i-fi! tt'Mt nir clii.rts are jij'jru'i'unl l»y
tie jitihllc.
W»* will never ce,i.eo ia «*nr r-fi^rrs tn mnko
this fhr* {'fiojilu's imHt prtr.nlnr dniR- stir" Jn
tho lull inenning ol' tho wont whero nil cm
fr<*l w*** (ht-lr wtti'-i-j w.ll he fitttwl-Ml n>
Just rljt'lit
Palace Druj*r 5torc    Phone 12
Xtt900000090000099900000000000000000000000000000$0»f0s\ r*
^-.jw.-*   e
/a....'. 1 •* '
Better Reports PrevailLin
JBoiindary Smelters. *
. < *
Duribg the'last week the coI.e situation in    the Boundary has    been j iged -'to.-pay her.   Mrs- B"rown.*band.
anytime but satisfactory, as the ore ,ed the fcill ,to     Mrs_  Andrews.., the
|J Mr. Biwvn. a Kansas.gentleman, is
the proprietor of- a boarding house.
Around his talleat a recent 'fiinnsr
sat his wife,,, Mrs. Brown; the village milliner, Mrs,"; Andrews; Mr.
Blac":, tie boter;'Mr.' Jordan, a carpenter, and Mr. Hadley, a flour, .feed
and lum'.er merchant.. Mr. Brown
took a ten-dollar bill out of his
pocket'. 00k and handed "it to Mrs.
Eruwn,' with-the.remark that there
was -J10.toward the $20 he had prom-
'tonnage figures cn.tbis page of the
Pioneer will eloquently testify. Tack
milliner, savin;,     "That, pays   you
fcr my new fconn.t."   Mrs." Andrews
of men at the ovens of the -Crow's ;jln turirpnss.d it on to Mr. Jordan,
.. Nest Pfts Coal. Co. was the   prime |remarkiDg th-t it would pay {or the
cause of the shortage which compel- \ earpentry wor-£ he had done for h„r_
led the Gr„n';y smelter; to blow, ..nit jMr.. J6rdan handed ifc ^ Mr >Had.
entirely ;.or,four days, and thc Trail UV( re.iUcs:iag his receipted- bi.l for
aneltir to blow out-all but two, of ;flouIV feed.(,and.,.lum'"er.   Mr. Hadley
'fe furnaces.' Things-cokewise,  how-{gave'the''bill "back to'.Mr. Brown,
■ever are beginnin-j to.l.oi decidedly 'say.ng ,<That p'kys?10 on my board
• better-this week, as more men   are_Mr> Brown 1)asseJ -j to Mnj> Br^wn-
.working at the coke ovens and the rcmariin,-tL:t,_ he bad now v?AAheT
"coke is coming in more freely, andis ,thc <20.be had prolil,ged {_er'., -She in
' ejected to increase in, volume from ,turn paid-It ;t?-Ml.. Black to settle
this on., ■ _ .__. , .'■ I her' bread - and pastry! account.   Mr.
.- -^ .Bounilary's'.three smelters need ap-_.\.Bla& handed it to Mr; Hadley( ask_
,'prosimatcly 1.C00, tons.of coke daily. |inj ^^  for  the  amount  on'-   Mg.
The Granb'y has a standing order for ,flour bm>    Mr> ^^ agaln .^^
500  tons per day wi'.h the* Crow's jing to Mr,. BrowU( wlth the remark
Nest, Pass '.Opal Company;. The, ?o-.;that ,'it.-.settled- for"-that month's*
mini.n Copper Company has a con- '^.^, whereupon ,Brown put it back j
tract, for-all it, needs from-,the "Iny-rf40 his ■pocktf.ooV'obs.rWns that!
'ternational     Coal and^ Coke Com-,,. Le ;had . ^ sul;pc'Bed , a green,;aCk !
pany, of;Ccl.m:n, Alberta, an*1-'-he ! could .go so far.       ,**
. B. C. Copper-Company, has a   con
■    "S      •.*"•'   ' "'.'"" •«   ' "'•i.iunttm'iiij^- ■*
Pure, Wholesome. Reliable
*y* \t*
,t> *.t> \v*t> \u st*st*sttsyA\t*<i*\i* aslASl* si*, st*. HiHtsliH*. siis?*<t*sr* .r.
5c vi? v^^vj^i^;^;^*?^*?^*?^!*? r •j:*?^-?'?:*? <;*? wwwwvu v^VtH^ft
The Artistic Millinery Emporium
<&*    Victoria Aye.,
.Fernie, B. C.
Made from creani of tartar derived
solely from ..grapes, the most" delicious and healthful of all fruit acids..
Its use is a guarantee of perfect food
and a protection against the ills that
follow the use of alum, alum
phate and other low-grade powders*
Mrs. WqggeU's Saoond Years Clearance Sale
- ,__ ef f ummor Season's stook
•JJ4 ^"PO make room for the Fall and Winter season's display, the ladies ^
VH " - .of Fernie and districts, again have tho, opportunity to purchase, "*|_*
Vi*?   at prices far below present values,.from fresh and;, up-to-date slock.,.  W"?
.'il ■
_   ,        '    .. '1'J   V-J'.O--    .'
l iV, ",*** f* ,7      iv;;. \T\
The mixtures called baking powders that sell for ten or
twenty-five cents a pound, or a cent an ounce, are all alike,
made from alum.and costing less than three cents a.pound.
PrJONE   NO. 52
j ,.
HOUSE   NO.r 174
The' weary   traveller in search of a "pfbod'.1-
home, plenty- to' cat and somelhing good to ""■' ■■ ■
drink should, go* to', *. '■■■'■'■, .:.'-'.": .■..-■:•/ r.   ., -'■ '■ .■•■
tract''with' the. West'lndian collcries'!
:of'> Lille, ' ' Al'- e:ta, * for. its • . mtlre j _
outpu.*.   The"Dominion Copper: Com--;, ^i^. *Au *_  27.1W   ^ ,^
pany h.-.h^ . not^:wh..tiver;: t£r> orgaai;,er^ the;Trades .- .„..
regarding .co*ke .cf late, the incr.9se  Lft. Qr ^^ ^ an. add„BsJl?r?
United .States..
ofvqven- capaelty^aj:.Coleman 1-rrp-,^^ ^^"^ la;or
ing-up -vith-Khe ^.crease-at   the ^ cVnida'^ the Vnit
smel'er; ■ "The B.C.' Copper - ■'•■Com- -.    .-.■ ■ ,-
•smH.er.      x^ jd. w.    u^^ .would strongly support the position
p:ny,' howe.er,   requires  mure  tlian-   .-,,   ■ ,%v,,.
*    i'        ,    ,   .;-.-.- »•      -*,-:•-.*< '-   ,-.ii ci  the  Hon.  1- rank ''Oliver   with're-
the Lille coll.riis 'c^.n produce,- and;., .>„,..,-,      .-....,,-
.;,,     „, ■■    .       sp-ict to inderitureQ-Asiatic laoov,
""' Ji L.   Qa^sJ
Corner Hanson St.
& Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
i :o:i  ; i
<K   at prices tar below present
§•5 , This opportunity-offers only once a year. . „
Va   The Sale at Reduced prices will.commence •
ft  :  ; Saturday^ July 20 and continue until
v;C- Saturday, August 17
:f* . Want of show space coil.pcls the sacrifice.
^ (Ladies \yill realize that Ready-to>\Vear and Tri-.nmed Hats are r'ed-
jj*»  ,uced.for this sa|e,.to less than cost; , *
W.- ChilJren'n'Silk and Wnililng1 Ddhne's; Kid, Leather and Clotli Caps* **J5 .
_"SW,;;less than 'manufacturers todays rirkes,    Ladies Whitewear,', Blouses; ft
ft   Skirts, Collars,,Belts, .Summer. Vests,—lalest patterns—choice inatef-*   &\*
'jfo _ia|.—bi*ught.before the gre,at rise inKprices—biild\V old cos! prices.    . X    -
^'..A.fe.y'Underskirls, remnants of Ribbon, Silks, ChilTori and  all-c'ver **{_*
W,vLace at great'reductions, although there-has'becn.a'n enormous rise- -**W
•jj$ . in the producers mark-its. ',            "      .-."...     --.,     '?.,,. ■•*•••-
ft ^Childrens' Hose,, Hat Pins,-'Blouse .Sets, Flowers, Feathers,   Plumes, •  $•$,,'
*VTA    *lr*.^l*>«r^rl«*.**A^** rflt   .*■    .-1«..^'...^    ^-..i.    ._ ..? '_ ^Sfc
■"*$&>- ■
Ht," Ladies Gloves—all at clearing out prices. ,.    ,
▼i> i -., , -,, ,    •'....-    -.--.-, -*     .   -   -        -
■ft ",-P'*;'l''e.note—Prices at this Sale are absolutely for'Cash    No booking
a»a   at sale'prices. ' '" '..,■'    '    ■   '■* *'
$& '■   '.■•■■:■■'-•■■ ,l.' fJu^'BLOck^FraNi^B. C.7     .
>l4!i'   ":'"--: ' ' "• ■-.•"•?■*■' r* : '    S':'  .-,. .;!-■,   .;,.■*?;   .',.*,    ;   *
i!4>!**MiM4M4J!-l45!^!'iM'*; •M4M4-M4 •*!* A *** £?£*■'* *-T> "•*■* *v *»/ *»> «.•■> ***> w *>.v ■*!** -.
so h s sscond on'."-tli2 Coleman 'cake,
thus- running'* short a good    deal of j
'. the time.- Granby.'.'gets all,",its" coke
fr:m t'-.e Crowds"-Ncsi;: c:L_i:rics, .as
docs Trail, rkh'd'these' c*olli-:r:es have
not leen pr;duciuj en.u.rh fcrto'h.   5
6f :tho.'.rRl-:5:
ejwjJJSf^JJ-,. -^^-gSs^-*-
have vbe*'u.~miliin.-; .rnuc'a __of t
le. edi export:tion"-" -of; considerailc-
cbke-'to  At. nt?.in,  wh le the a smelt-(
cri of Ki.cicn-y and"'Boundary,v ^r'e
'Buff'irii«7't.:r*l".c'7cf fu;l.      Cn    llie
l:c*-t authority, however, the Picneer
can state that this     is not a fact,,
but that   the con'.r-ry. is thc c:se...
.Within the Lst month the only coke'
th,;t has l:e:n sent to Montana from
Ft/rr.i,'. or Jlitclio'l 'was a few   cars,
and then only when t^c-cike'  w.-s
pilin; up at the coke wh'urves at lho
collieries" "nnd ■' had , to be -moved cr
tho" men laid off, simply becauss the
C. P.-B. tor a time (did n;t  furnish,
tho cars to" move "It.   So that    the
■stat!ment,     that "Ment na   smelt, rs
were getting co'-re to tho exclusion of
those in British Columbia is without
foundation „in. .fact.-Puocntx Pion-
e r.
—. o ,
' Notice is litre".y given' that 3J 1-iys
dt:v dito I intend to,apply to 'he
1-I:.n. Chief Commissioner of'Works
for u llct-ngi to proapect for coal and
! petroleum on thc (ollowing lands,
•sltuatis in tbo district ot British Co-
Innitiri, Block 4593, commencing nt
a post pluntbd at cr near twolmilce
north ol Ncs. 67 and C8, boing north
■east cornjrof W. W. J. Morrlssn's
claim; thsneo south 80 chains; thence
ens*. CO chains; thence north 80
cliains; thenco west 80 chains to
ipclnt ol. commencement.
Located "this" C th day of'August,
IMF.—--  " '.   ""
A. W. BotAen-" Agent.
; Wi' W.''Ji Morr ion, Locator. <> *
■vitacfi-^hpBf. Slater.- „'.,
.--Every packet
,   will kill
more flloB than
300 sheets
of sticky papor
-. - -.--- ;   SOLD. BV ^- *."■ ;*»..''
druccists, cnocdns/Na cess-ral stgI.es
10c. pci- paciict, or 3 v>ac5;a» i'or 2Cc.
V. .' will !;:i;ta wlsolcsouoon.
ten toxttiittagcamtamrasmyiifnBmii.'W^amovM
MM*^wwMg_m_._ijMM___.-_j-rTri_m ,i^l".T-~T'~"
K place of safety and security  for "the 'accumulations
of all who work; and save.,
■ ■       '■   ' "
Deposits of' any * amount7-accepted and .
-interest paid 4 times ai year at highest
current ■ rate.   -   -   -', •   - ■"-' "- '.-   -
I Undertakers A- EmBalmersI;
♦.:♦.>.:»:••:•.:»:« »:♦•:••:•':♦•:»:♦♦•:••:•♦•:•♦•:■♦
*:• ♦
♦ The t
! Fernie Lumber !
'♦!        Co.9 Ltd.        .;•
:*; AlEX. McDOUGAU, Pres.'& Gen. Mgr.;!;
Deftlcrs In
14th Annual
4 i •, ' : ,    .
I Interstate|
Spokane, Wash.
| Sept. 23-Oct 51
:.:        1907   ■ ■' ♦
District of Enst Kootenay,
Southurii Division.
**—   '"■-' '0*
TAKE NOTKE tnat Michael P.
Bojle, of Fauib, B. C., him.erman,
iutjr.ds to apply fcr a special tim-
l.or iicca3£- over tlio fclbwlng ' du-
scrUctl l.-.nds:
1. Ccmmcnclnj at iv' pest r,l..nt:d
ab;iit four milci north of the Inter-
a-iticnzl Boundary lino, al;out four
m'.l,'.s o;s: ol thc sub-lot lino.4591
of tho south fork of Gold Crock;
thence n:rth 80 chains; thence caBt
80 (h:lna; tluncc south 8) chair.8.
thenco wist 80 chates to place of
coramoncenaont, and cont.iins a'.out
610 acres more or,, lcs.-i,
, L'jCatod  July 21tit,  1907.
2. Conimsnoino' at a post planted
about one milo north of tho Inter-
cat on:l . Boundary lino aud about
two mil»8 east of the sub-lot line
•15*1, And a*:out" four miles east of
tho Yah'.c river; tbence 80 chains
west; thonco 80 chains ssuth; thonco
8D chains east; thenco 80 chains
north .to placo of.- commencement,
containinj about C40 acres, more or
leas. "• ■ ■     '
Located July 23rd, 1907.
3.,('o!nra:nclns. at a pcBt planted
a', out one milo north of tho Interna'Ional Boundary tins, about   one
ixilo.eist of , tho sab-Jot line 459l.j45.ji, cn   the sauth   lork of
and a'-out tliree milo". east   of  tho
"*—""-"*     ■"■
The,' Calgary.. Marble-- &   Granite  Works
•%-V „      The -Kootenay    Marble   .Works';. .Nelson
|f- Samples Can be Seen at lhe Office.       -       . Parlors in lundy's Block '$}
ltouuh & DrcMcii Lumber
Dimension, & MAge Timber J
Piling, Mouldlnjj, Laths, £
BbinRles and ;TIcb. £
5: Telephone Poles a Specialty 4
Y AU Orders Promptly Attended y
%    . to A
A  - •:•
y Tci. 3
rcrnlc, B. C. * •
C* iliiyri iiftnr'.IiiIh I iiitmnl to jipiih-tn'tin;
llfiwii-nl-lu Oiijiff Coiniuihnioiiur o! l.iiniUiuiil
Worknforu Iiuhihu td |iruS|iuut for cmil mul
lifitMiJomn nn thn lollowliu i|o-.cril>«j-l laii'U
nit unto in S, ]■;. lioutuim.i itl-itrict to >*lt:
1 CMiitnnnciiitfiit " p'"-t pluiitu 1 iii'Mio *> w
cori:c>r ol t lit< W T. Wnt.Mii olnlii^HilJiivvnt rn
tliu t, 0 i.-iii'iior ol' lot 1!'-*. tlii-in-D nurtli Sf
i'llll In*, t Imll I'C Ml.t 111! lm im-, liiunco sont Ii Si'
'■liuIn*. tlii.hCn 44i.*if)iif!ialti4 in plu't nf I'niii-
im.Dfoinon*. cdiitiiliiinu Hln ncros moiu or lm*.
1'iituil U\i, i. th ilny of July. 1!' '*.
\V T. WiiSon, I oc-itor
Cilll*!. lU)lll)|ll4,,AKUllt
S Coinmon'*!"* nt u po«t iiliuito I nt tlio n e
cornerof llm l.!viiiir*toni< cliiiin luirt to tlio
« w rnrncr of lot l'"*- on rim Klii'lmiii. rlvor,
tlimir'O south michitliH, thiincd wintSi eli.ilin,
tlioniin north *iplm'in, tliunui! oii.it '"l oliiiiiin
to pi a ci* nt (•i.iiiiihiiR'OiTiuiit   contiiliilnir iil'i
. I norm m..rn nr In.*.,   .
V   Iwu-il thi- ifjiul ilny of Jnl.v, !'■■■"
y J I.lvliiijitoiio, r.ociitor
-'** Clnu. HobliliH, Anout
M Ci^mmonclnir at po^t nt tho n wrjomor of
tliti D.OitacUltii at or mix r than o cornor of
>). Living.idii'h i'liilm, tiiuutd Kini'li Hiolmliiii,
tliijiiro u.i.t flifhiilii", thinra north K> .pIi/U|i»
thani'D wp^f «ochi<ln« to jilni-o of <*immti4««-
m(int,Oiiiitiiliilnsrili'.*ii!ro4 ill irnor lu**,
Hiltuil tllUlf.li*'ililVOfJilll'. I!»i7
.     ,   * • Ji. Cute. l.nfMtor
Cli.ii, ll.ililjiiu, Ana nt
. 4 001111114110111*1 nt it pott plunti'if ut tliu n w
oorrvr of tli«.l. Ahlrluli clulm, n.|]i»onit to tho
Hiiciirimr po-tt of hn Tfii, tlmi.pu »onth lii
cliiilni, thmico u.ut liichtlii*. tliaiii'u i.Hitli l*>
clmlni, tliHtivH w».t *) rlmliu to the placo of
roniinouueitiBiit, contiilnliirf in i Ht'ruo mino or
ftiitit.) thi* lMU ilnv of July, l!«i7, '
J, Alilrliili, I.orntor
CliiiM. Ilolililim, Aiinnl
fi Oinimniicliiif al « ponl I'liintwl nt llm • w
oornnr of thc.loliii,()i)i».l i-liiliti nt orjnxiriliH
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
' Gent's Furnishings
nrtANCH  AT HOSMEn,  D. 0.
Try a Ledger Ad,
Vou want comfort and sutiiactlon
o? clean smooth shaves every
morning.   .
The Carbo MuriicHc Is the only
QUARANTEED to give this. J
The secret lilectriclemperinj}: |^»JM
positively merges every par- j $w
tide of carbon (tho life of *l51
steel) into the met(il*-glvlng
diamond'Hke hardocss
throughout tho blade-some-
thing absolutely Impossible
with Are tempered steel used
In inaklii'j all other razees.
But test'^lils razor  In your
own liome«-bi' lmve your bnrbor
use it on you,    Secure one 30
♦.•♦.N.%.iAA.!«%A.\.S»S*"A»!*»M*«i*^,'!»*^, ■!• «nrn#riif thi'Ar'riimili'iiiViV.'tliifrioii'niirtli
Wtrff , , * <r, ,• • •-.▼ nonnjn^thKHMM^HiiilwlrM.Mwnit* miuth
Reduced Railroad
Splendid Exhibits
Miners' Drilling Contests
liur . tnilcs MBt, of tbo. sub-lot  line
-fi., ..    .        .. ._,   .  , .    cr«e:<: tb.ncs we«t iO chains, thenco
AlYabic river,- thtnee 40 chaina west;;        ' „ . ._.
•f thenc. 80 chHin.4 north; '   tlience ao ■■'■•«•«»    80   chaios:   theDCe   M,t S°
cbuins e at. thence 8J ch.-tlns north; '(bains: theuce north fl» chain*   to
th*:nij    -10 chiiins     east; tbence 80   j,Uc*i ot comrc.encett.t-'.it, nnd   ccn-
chains a utfj; thenco 20 chains woBt; it In'nj f40 tier.*!, more nr le»-'-
thence to chains south to place   of;   L    tpfl ,«,„,„ ,.vh  1M7.
cuiuuie^cemcnt, uml containing about   •  " "
610 ncr,*, m.rj or less. j   c. Commencing nt a post   pbnKd
Lorat.il July 23ril, 1*07. |nbout rtx and one-liail niiien   Hurt's
4. Commencing nt a post   plant* ;of thl Tnt.rn4toa.1l Boundary line,
»•„„•   n... ~-« i.     1 ..,  »..{_       .'ti.. n'-niif f-iir mlti* ft* ot the S'ih-
Kl'ivU.'naVHoundW'lTnernml about!'^ !in« «»» cn tht "**'"*,*
■l- (our m.Us ea.t of    the auHot lino «<>M c™'<>   theace vest 80 eha.-a
ther.ee south 20 ch"-tni; thence west
•!• 1
X   .. n „.      „       X!l»l-ce   cf  commcnce.n - .♦,  c^-ntnlnln-t
j.   Horse  Race*,  Htc, fitc.   .«.:„'.0,,t a»*\n«i  mir: or inu.
-•:• ■■■! ■ 1 *:•
'X     ROBT. H. C050ROVE     *
V'>-'X«X»>''M«<":.<.^<«';..^<»:»:»:.-:« «;.tlin:J Bi:r.il..ry In* i,al   aVout
•1551,  .m tbe muta     fork   of Gold
Crte*;    thence   ncrtb   KO   chains;
Y, j thence enst *10 chnins; thence south
Set'y & ilzt.
iO chnins;    thence s uth <0 tbur.s;
th:nce e si ii cb Ins; tb:nc*   n rtb
$ll'« rh.ln*  nerctweitHcMnVtr] 20   *-h,lr9'    th(D::!   e",t 8' fb'ln**.
thence north ■<* cbUns to   pl.»ce   it
mmtrm**mit:t, cnta n!n : T<0 ncr.s,
iricTe or less,
5. C-ewaenein-t at   a put jil;..istfd     L'* M Ju*" 2nb- l'0r*
.;. ,a*.o:it sit mile* north d Ihe InUr
locate! July 25th, l')07.
TiAt.A Axi.xtt; fth, l?0*\
MicH.vn:. i»  noc.ur..
10 Crmim-mclim iit.ii iiont lilitiitinl nt tlm n »
I'tirniirnf K,\V,-Slinl.lA'n%i-liilrii at »r niiMr tliu
noirirmiruf •■*•* A. Cl.irt I t'liii'i., ilmni'M »<>nth
ttt i*linln», thi'ncii w»«t M cli'iliM, tlittni'ii
north Hu fliiili.H.thum'11 t-H»t «.i i-Iiii iiu tn
plni'H >if   i'on.muiic'c-tnunt cuntiilnic rtl'i.Hi-ri'i
mo'iior Insi.       ■	
Hutu I thi* il.lr'l ilny or-.illy, It';'7
Clm». Ilolihiiiiii Auiint
Cfinimimi'liiii HtHin.t plunloliit tlio n w
lorimr of tlm Y.UfH ttitixt clitlm Mt or im.ir lho
iwivirniir nf iIih J. A- (Joii'l iislin, I i«iiu:»
noutli *i chiiln*. lhi'iiri>i'H-.t*n,lnni*itliHii;'»
tinrtli *M'Ii»Iii». thoni-ii we*t ".U'linim tn 'h"
plMi-unf coiiiinuinoiiitint t'liiitiilnlnuiin ».tim
hnlvil Hii* i/'ifliliiyof ■"«lv.l!'-'7  ,
KII/rttlM"*!, (.nriiior
„ Clmx. ItnliiiiiN, AHiint
U Commotiiliia nt » poit pliintmlMt tli<in*
mitnar nf tli" .folin An'lHr*im i'liilm, M or iiciir
th* . • i*nrii«r tit V.W. nli»|iii)ii\cIhIiii, th«rn.'*)
ioiiiIi »irliiilii«. tlniiM wo4t fl.ifli.-iln*. tlmiu-i
liorlh Hi i-lirtlrn.tlittii4-'n<iit»tt*ii*li iltnti) pliii'u
1 f i'iimmi'ni>.'in»nt 4-ont.iliiliiu-'in n'Ti'k iii'it'n
-iMt'iVtlili WHi«l«y.oMiil.V. V.'*;
,).,hii Ainlar*(iiii i.'WHtnr
(.".i.s Itutil-liit, A<ci*.l
•ni'lnlti., *lii>iii-«* wm! *■ i-Iutiu tn till) ii'.lt'u
(it I'lMiiliiHiirHiiirtiit
l>nU I thlt ilrjilny 0'.fitly, IM.
John (liiitil. i.ficntof
Cli.14, Itu'lH ii,«, A rft-nt
il Corrmfi-.Mr.siil up-*t i.I.ir.'iiliil tliH-ii i-. is C11tn1n11ncI1.1i Mt h pott iiUiitu.l »l.thn 11 w
1'iiriihriif HiriCiiH« R.;l.l<iir»i'liiiiii,ut or moir, curi;iir nf tlm l»»\ll hunHMiuii clnlm. j»t ut
'liHuHCorimriiftliK lM.'iiti*i-lnini,thi*iii**i »miMi ' m-nr tlm i •cctiifrof K, tt f»!n*M">r. * mliii
■ti) I'liiiln., tlii.f.i'H wint Hi «.|iniii«, tinu.!-*-- tlii-iu'ii noutli luii'lmlim. HiiiIii'b »• nt 4i i'lriiiit.
inii-M. !»-i I'l-nlin, linn.cn Mint inliiilii.tiitliB i ihi'iu'u nurtli »• I'lmiii*. tliuimi wi'»« t»'i*iniii.
l'l,|i'iiiifi''iiiiiii(.'iii>i<Mii,iii,i'iiitui.'.ii.4>il> i»i*i-i'. i'i llm I'lini' nf '-'.iil'iiii.'-Miii-'i.ti (-(ii.tnuilim
n.ii'ii or 1«*« i- 1 iiiiHi-ri** nmrh nrlinn,
|i,itii'ltliiii..'i,-iMiiy ol.f j'v, rur liiiii!lilili.,Mli'l.iy;if.liily1.i,'"i11
"        Cli.it Hol.Mi.i. r.o-itinr liwvI.I I1.11111I.l'''i. l.w/itor
IJhiii. ltolili|iit.A4Hiit I ("Imt- llolil.(ii». Aukiii
li (luminoiicliin* Ht 11 p.i4l plnp.ti'i] lit thn n vr
(•firiinriifiliiiA. riiiliiTlu i'liilm, lit ir nmir tlm
1. w I'urtiuriif tlm Hurry lliiirlmt' ohilm tlinw«
hdiilh *i 11I111 Inn, thitni'ti ihi'I hicIiiiiih tli,»iu-o
mirth h'tfliiiiim. tlmiii'n uu,t MocIihIih to tlm
pliifi' of (•oiiiinvnctiinuntii'vi'.laliiln't «l i tn-rut
linirn nr I.'.*
lintel tliU''Atli iliiyof Jnlv, I'"T
A, I'lulifrtn, l.opHlor
HliiU, It jlihliiit, A unlit
l<i  Ciiiniiiiiiiflnifiit 4 p0il|ihnitii I nt llm u n
uf tlm Mrn, K- M, l,lvtini<loni*Iiiini nl or imitr
tlm mi cnriii.r of tlm ('NilmrliiM (I I i'liilm,
tlimii't.ninth Nii'liMJiia.tliiiiici wn*t tjii'li.tlim,
tlmri'M north hi i'IimIih, tlii'iu-M n.i it H, clmhu
lo the pliii'H of iioiiiiiii<niiiiimiit, foiilulnlnir
ni * iicrm in>>n* or Ititt
I in toil llilti.'.th ilny nf .r 111 v, |'«.T
llr», K. M l,Uiii4t«lon, t,ncittnr
Unit, Itolililm, Aitvnl
I'i Ciimtnciii*li.|j hi 11 ihhI |ili4iitm| ,-it ilu, n w
I'oniorol 1 lioT. Ilrt'llm i*III 111 it or in*Hr iliu t;
wiwiwriif llm N'hiiI Mi'^iiNrrm chtlin, tlmni-n
«.intl|-vii.|iHiin,tliHii(..i imiiI Mi ilnim, tlmni-H
mirth m-it-li.fIn*, thiiiuii nmUii Imlc. to |>l«r*
i.f i-o;iiuiiiiii'itiiiiiii'. . ,
I lain I tliUi.'-.lli iliiynf.litlv, l;n7
T llililh-f. f.nrnlor
Cli.ti ll'.l hint, Axr.it
ti 0-iMiiiW'tii'ii'a ill n |inil lilihtn • nl tlm « w
i.-orimr ol .Iliu M. U'nlt,r t,lr,t.|«iin ntor ntinr
th.' t iii'urMi: of tlm T, H.illi-v i l.i I in, IJmnrii
iii.rth Mi'i niiH, tlmm-ii mill» i*!\iiln., t|oiiii*ii
■ Olllll All Ill4lll4, tlllilll'l. 44.1,1 »■ villi UK lo plHIH
i.f loiiiiiiuiik'uiiiuiit, cuiitdii.Kiil 1 ii.-rn< iii'iii. or
Im'i-1 thlt-I'llll .Nyrf h.lVjl**:
l'f»H  IN.1,1.1,..   fl'tijut
7 ('•imniiiii'-Iiia nt 11 |Ki.t plnntt-.l iit ttifinwl tl (ViimrmiiMl.B nt it l"tt pliintnl nt tlm i w »l Poitiini-i,i«lt'.« tt » Yfv.t (,!■., •► I «• «hP „ *,
;..■*».' ,.1,'!,.-,\ «i,1,,1.■.,'.!.,.. ii.'nr i.>j,ir fd» »w , ion.it 01'ti,« .'Vit'rt li..Hf' m«iii ».or i.fitr ^'urimr <A llm Jiiinut iWKiluntt clmm wt or
porimr ilf r|m H. Cot* i*litim. tlmin'i. *.fnit|i X'1 tlm » n c(irin.r'if tli*. ImvpI Ponnlil.oti rlfllin. ; r,-.\r tlm . i> i i.ri'i-r «' tilt* Mr». K.ll l.iunir.toii
t'lmlii»,ll.flii*«i i-,l«t vi (linn.4 tli*i'i'» Mirth Wi i llmnic liorlli «ii-linliii,tliKiiri>«i.itt »' i-lmlim. j<';«im, tlience rui'liflooliillju, tlmiiro »'«.t wi
chiilli*. tlmri'-p wn.t t. i-.i.ii-iitot'miiU-M t,t ' tliort-D »onfl> *>r|mlm. Umimn wi<.rfli<*lriln« lflmlm, tl,«r..i. ».or»li iirtuh-.f th*i■-* «■*.» *«
•.■.|lill.i'l.ivll.«nit,<i>litrfU.II'.i| "Ji.iiit.triioriror, lo tlm   pl«ru of roliill.nlli vlimlit ruiltilliill.K
Vm '-' j i:| 1 ;irii*t inori'or li-tt,
l"ut«! tliitifir.lil.4V of ."ulv, l'< ,'
A   fli.i-.J. I.i.cntijr
'." •     .'.'   ' -' ■'. .   ,U>.
Hit my lliulmt  I.u 'it'or
rlitilli*. I-i Iliu p-liii-fcnf fnmliii-iii.tilliniit.i-ulitiilli.'
ix-.i in iii.;i4i4 iiuifu or li-*,*
luii-i tl.:*'"'Hi iiiii-nMiily,!*.'
.I1111141 M
i|i.|;iH»i-'t, l.wHtir
14.1,A.    I.w, ti,,fn, ^4^1 l.t
» C<iinni*Rp|i'«|itH t.o.t f.t.ti;ti»l Ht tlm 11 w I I' (*i>inirmr.fli.-j nt » l««* phititol «< liim* W t-niiintiiiclinriit 11 potl platitnl nt tlm o w
4i.rri*.-'-rih«*J. ,\ <).i..; ilnin. at-r i>.*r tlm -foriK-rof tlm Knnn-riimlliin-lrlitliii.*' nrnr*r nin.i-rof tlu< li. A. I.m.-Ti-r* rlitlto »t nr in»tr
ii-iriiri.itri'f tlm A 'I t..l iltlin.Jlmiirn iiihMi ! llm •» <-orimr of llm -loliii Aiilir*"ii f-liilii., 1 tlm «wi-irii-r nl hcT. llnlli'V lUlm, tlii'iim
*ii-|inii,.. Hii-i.i*. »-*»' »ii-liiiln»,tli«m-« imrth I tlmni-n mmth fliflnint. •Imnr* w»*t si<h.ilni. '.mifli "u- unit, tln'iii-.'i*.ii| flu rim in«. th*.|j*«
*'fliit'i.,ili.'ii» wr.- *■ rlmliiiti> no. p Ki-ii ■ thi.|,|.|, rijirili »irlijir.«.tli"i.i*» t.i»t "' I'lmm* | imrth xm-IhIih., tlmiuv win! »n 1.1111:1 to tin-
f,fn •!, 11,,.ii, t-niti-.t, 1 i-i.».iw.ili|f •'■lia*lr« nnil4>'*'> tlm pm<*e nf  i-iiii.n.i-i.Piinit-hl <*' l.t*liill.«r j pl,i'<-' f imi.liii .inniu-lit, i'iilit:ill,liij[ Ml ui'n-i
or ,!"•
Imi.t tl.!.;'fl ilsv«*f.'«lv. I  7
'    ,J A  llo'-l. f.i."it'.r
; ,4. '.'. :•.-;.,,,a^-.i
til'in-rn. inimrtt \n-.». lonVc or li-t*.
IM* t thlt K,:i..Uvi.f.ii.lv. I:*.:      ,, |Iutiiftiif.vkiliiy<if.riily.l'»;
Kri*i..*ilii*U. ol.I.-*---i,''r| |i. A.hii.l.-i*.. t.M'-tt'.r '
4,..i..  I'.ul '.->..», \.i1: '• 1 tl ,., I'.-i.i, ill., A'^nllt
.1 riiinri-rn-lr » .-it *i.—t pl»r.t»l.tt ll.i-iit-' V, n.inii.nni in* 1' •* t>-'.» p',»l,lt*lnt tlm n w ■ St'i ( oir.-Uft c!i.« r.( mtfut pSr.tn-l ,*».\ I tt*** ti w
'. ri. r-,f'i-:' \ -,. . , \r '- r.i' • Mi'i. ii*-i-1 -ir f .fl' r - t '■ '- K' •■'\f' 'J iri;-"-.'ni t'jiru ir ■ rl.'T o: tl,-. f Ul._«-|, I 4...4.4I. ..I 1,1 iitmr
ll c . *. (<,r-. .-■ 1 'f vii.jt - V. .!.'-. t'r' '.-tin., tliHii r ' t!,>-«*r-«.rr «-T«»f «»* I'lt-ill I'm.al i-*u. »Jfl.*i.. 'I,** ..ri ri.nr i.f JI.b T liiilli.t 1I1U1., lln nrti
»ni«fh ».!-l»-iiT «, tit»f..-v *»•' *» if lm io*, ilmnc* I ilmi.fi. nultli *'«*lulr.t, f!.i.n.'«i>i.t *■ fltiii.., j w-jtl. *.,>-.. lifti.l-mimt eitl fl.it-lnii.t, thi-ni-o
utrtli flitliMi ..lli«n.- r.-4«t *il..iir.*,t'. tlm' tli«'»*ii'>rtli *•' t-li-ilim. Ukiii'-* »•-.• *■ ('.n'.nt- m rfli.t.irlj^li,., llmii'-» W(i,t m i I, tin* to t\,*
iTi»,»uf.. ti i «-!   .! <M i -s.'iii-. 11/tl' «'r*.|   li,»'.!». I-I** -of <   ii.«.#i.'*-tf.il.».t'*:i'*i' -' 1' *     1 '">"•" *•"«■■"■«'.-, S * 1 n.rl.t, 6.|l,lii.i 11 i t,U *rn »
m.irci.r !•**
I jr^l ».).-,;. r-i  >%} r.' ' '"V, I' '
A.-. ».  Al ** '"'•' ■ A«H.t
« . «.   P  " :*•* Kilt
- hi r--* roor«* ol If*.
■ I','-'.!) t-y,'.'.! 1.1 1,1 i-i1-? i'.:
.V«*il.\|.«J.itrl' X,„f*'   r
r:.*» !{.  'i * v.-- «
tn-Miir li-«i,
I', ri* ■ u.u ;*.-!.J > i.».Jul»,r*>*
I F- liiU4ti-.il, I. --ht'.r
I fl.** n-"i.sA:t«.t
f-' ,
J-S'l u
.'■{ -"**"   : ;'*'''    *".,"■'-. . •" ';.'? .A    ."* *■*'' 'rf "7
-i i
-■fBRNl-E'fra,-^ ' .1907'
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance ,-
Iisnod every Saturday  from ' the Offioo  of
Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,-
fernie, British Columbia. '
at that time' that the unconsidered
and ill-advised action of the Nelson
board-of trade,is based.
On the' 1st day, of July the   new
wage     scale at     Trail and Granby
came into effect, and our pullers and
loaders    abandoned   us.      Thus the
...  ._„       __,  smelters now
this rule is complied with, 1 .        *     . ,       .*,.      ,".~    ,.
Ional* advertising 12 cents per noi.pftr.el j1H that hecauss of this difficulty,
line lirst insertion, 8 cents por lino each bUbMj-', created >• ';5 themselves. We - should
quent insertion. ,   „ j -,'-,>
Botes for contract ndvortisiiiB on anplica [have shut ' off, our American ship-
, tion at ollice of publication, Todd Block.'_    .  mentf. and-Bent what coke  we could
ning north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains;    thence ' south     80   chains;
theace west. 80 chains, to point. of
commencement.      .' ,•*,.,,,.■'.' -7 ■
Located   this   29th sday '"of July;
1007.     :''     • " - -     - - "     •
"   A.,   W., Belden,    Agent.
;"■   David R. McGanniss Locator.
■, "-jfitncBB—Tho8. Slater,,- _■
T. T. JOHN,       F, H. SHERMAN,,
Editor Manager
Mr. Tolmie, the deputy minister of
■mines, who left .Victoria.a few days
ago to enquire into ', the reported
Bh'orfcage of coke and coal in the
Beundary, country, was in Fernie
on Thursday last.- *■      ,     '
Mr. Tolmie'8 visit, as* far as * we
nn*3erstanct it, was to enquire into existing conditions and then to report
So the Provincial executive council,
!*y, -whom action alone can be taken.
'i '
"At tile last Provincial election at
"Rossland, from the Conservative
platfrom, Hon. R. McBride' did much
in the way of promising to have
* these vex<*d questions enquired into.
Turning to the customs accounts for
current year, we find that no less
than 27,596 tons of coke bad been
exported to the United * States by
Hhe Crow's Nest Pass,,Coal Company. None of this coke was for re-
Import into ..Canada, but was   used
nuirfc to them.
What'I think     a reasonable busi-
ness    man would     try to" do,    and
what in the, early stages of July we
did: try to do, was to   replace   the
men at the ovens and keep all our
customers supplied.   We sent special
agents   ' in till- directions where   we
could hope to secure mien for   that
purpose     and paid     their'"1 passage
money here.     This did. not relieve
the '' situation.     By' reason of the
higher wages paid inn the Boundary
country, we became an immigration
agency for our friends,"the smelters,
lhe imported.meri'did not stay with
us, and we added very few to,   our
staff from,the men we brought here.
Beginning     to realize, about the
23rd of July; that we were not   going to be successful,in replacing the-
men who had left us, we gave.ord-'
ers to the C. P. R. at-Michel;'from*
which point alone     shipments ; are
made to Great Falls, Montana,   to
discontinue sending any cars.or shipments to that point.   We had   some
time   previously    cut off the   shipments to Bast Helena and  Everett;
indeed,- we only made, in July two
small shipments to, Everettt, aggregating , sixty-one    tons, -and three
small  shipments,   aggregating    two
hundred and' ninety tons   to    East
Helena."_ We made no shipments   to
these smelters, in August.
Hapingcut out orders for all, foreign cars, except for loading to
Northport, on the 22rd of July, we
on the other side of the line. The
quantity is sufficient' to have kept
the Granby in full blast for a couple
of months. In January last there
were sent away 5,413 tons;' February,
1,892; March,' 5,352; .April, 2,756;
May, 1,953; June, 6,676; July, 1,672;
and up to August 15, 850 tons.
If these figures are correct, and we
Have no reason to suppose they are
not, then Mr. Tolmle's mission will
be considerably narrowed down and
a speedy solution should be reached.
•'— o—■    .
Mr. LindBsy,  general manager   of
' tho Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
Limited, made the following   statement to The Ledger;   '
There ts not and has not been a
shortage of coke to Canadian smelters Bince ns fur .back as the 1st. of
'June, due to shipments'to the United Stales, unless Northport, which
handles Canadian ores, may be con-
nidorod.n United States smelter.
.The Bhortajjo was duo to scarcity
of     labor,   brought   about   by thc
Boundary and West Kootenay mlncB
«ud smelters incrensinf' their wage
•ficnlo on the 1st July Inst, and at
limes to « scarcity of .Canadian Pacific, railway cars.
On thc 4th day of May, 1907, an
ngreemont was signed between this
company ond its employees at the
JTilncs ond coko ovens covering rates
•of wngCB for the next two yoars,
I lmvo mild tlmt there wata to
roko shortage duo to shipments to
Lnltccl States smelters, unless
Northport be trontcd ns such, during tlio mnntliH of .Tunt', July tu.d
AH   tho   Cnnndlnn   mombors wero
fcvor rmpjiliMl  w;th coke nil  thtGUi-.li
the month a June,   On tlio 3rd   of
■June,  (irnnby,  wlioro order    In   for '
1)00 innri     ilnil}*, wired
■we"reTTCligTa7''against our~strong"
protests, by the C. P. R-, whoBe
line alone% reaches our ovens at
Michal, to load G. N. cars with
coke destined for Great Falls, both
because they had no other ' cars __ to
give us and because they said they
were' penalty cars' and must be load-.
ed back the way they came.. Therefore, since the 24th of July the
loading of coke to Montana points
must te laid entirely at the door of
the C. P. R.
Mr, Aldridge, „ general manager of
the Trail smelter, knew of this, or
ought to have known of it before
he started to use thc Nelson board
of trade to bring about tbe present
movement, because ho sent, Mr
Guernsey here to find out, and Mr.
Guornsoy wus at Michel when we
were obliged to load these cars by
his own "railway, yet ■ Mr. Aldridge
sent him to tho board of trade meeting at' Nelson to prompt tho various speakers' to get up and object
to tho shipments of coke to Montana points. I repeat, therefore,
lhat but for the cars loaded out as
I have explained, hy the C. P. R.,
no coko was londod to United Stntos
Ijoiii's nfter 23rd July, except coke
for Northport.
I think, ln view of what "president
of tho Nelson board of trade said
to Mr. Tolmlo about our shipments
of coal to tho United States being
responsible for the nhortnge of coal
going to tho coko ovens, It would
le well to point out that he Is -absolutely wrong ln this, ns well ns in
nil bis other statements, lind that
there was never any occasion on
(Continued   on   Page G.)
., NOT-ICE* is hereby given that , 30
days after date, I intend to apply to
the Hon. .,,Cliief," Commissioner ot
Lands for a license .to prospect for
coal and petroleum bn the following
lands, situate 'in the .district of
South East Kootenay,-; British Columbia, Block 4593.   - •' -
; 2. Commencing at a post planted
at or near'adjoining poBt No. 1 of
r-avid It. Mc Gahniss! claim on the
west,.'being S. E. cor. poBt; thence
north SO chains; thence west SO.
chains; .thence south a80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to. point of
commencement.     '   ., -.. '
Located this 29th day. of July,
1907.    .,    -''     ' -    ,       "'.
A. W. Belden; Agent. -
John*   Hewitt, Locator;
Witness—Thos. Slater:       .
No. 3. Commencing at a post
plaited. at or near adjoining claim
2 of John Hewitt, on the,south, being N. E. cor. post; theace.west 80
chains; thence south'80 chains;'thence
east - 80 chains; thence north 80
chains to point" of commencement.
Located this 29th day of July,
1907. ', -      --,'•'.      ",'-
„ ' A. W. Belden,, Agent-
-.   Pearl N. Belden,. Locator
Witness--Thos. Slater.
4. Commeucing. at a post "planted
t*djoining No. 1 en the south,'and
being tho N. W» cor. of Wm. Kohl-
naufl's claim;, thence east 80 chains;
thenco south. 80 cliains; thence west
80 chains; thence north 80 chains to
point of commencement.
' Located   this  19th   day   of July,
we7. *    ;'     .     	
Wm. KohlhauS, Locator.'
Witness—Thos. Slater.' "
No. S. Commencing at ' a post
planted adjoining Wm. Kohlhaufl's
coal claim on ths south, and being
the N. E. eor. post claim No. 5;
thenco south 80 chains; thence west
St chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence cast 80 chains to point ol
commencement. ...
Located this 29th day of July,
A. W. Belden, Agent.
' Mrs. Wm. KohJhaufl, Locator!
Witness—Thos. Slater.
it     v
No. 6. Commencing at a post
planted adjoining post No. 5, Mrs..
Wm. Kohlhnufl'B claim on tho weBt,
being tho N. W. cor. poBt of Chas.
H. Jones" claim; thence cost ?0
chains; thenco south 80 , chains;
thence west 80 chains; thonce north
80 chains to point of commencement.
Located this 29th day of July,
1907.     ■     '  .
A. W. Belden, Agent.
Chas. H. Jones, Locator
WithoBB—Thos. Slater.      ".
7. Commencing nt a poet planted
at or noar adjoining claim No. 5,
and being thc N. E. cor, post of
Bornico Beldcn's claim; thenco wost
80 chains; thonco south 80, chains;
thence, east 80 chains; thonco north
SO chains to point ot commencement.
Located this 29th day of July,
A, W. Belden, Agent
Bemice Belden, Locator.
WitneM-ThoB.  Slater,
8. Commencing at a post planted
nt or near adjoining claim No. G on
the -south sldo, and being tho N. W.
cor, post of Goo. T. Bolden's claim;
thonco on i.t 80 chains; thence south
80 chains; thonco west 80 chains;
thonco nortii 80 chains to tho point
of commencement.
Locitod this 20th day of July,
11)07.  -
A. W. Iicldcn, Agent.
-*        ft.|.i..i,,iior:.ii..iMrtil..wii-|-irii.'>i..iii,fftSu|.il... Geo. T. llnUion, Locator,
us to nlfip ' 'i'nni' iii ••ciiniccfi'iii witii tiin oily -'iwiTHun j witness—'J'li'is.  winter.
E . are , now installed ih our
new barn, opposite the-
old place, and, have a
complete, l new outfit,
which is always at your
service" for livery, cartage- or baggage. We
still «■ have the office up
town where orders may
be   left. .
HancHey Bros,
Phones: Office6.
Stable 24
To Sewer Contraclors and Builders
Cit.AM'ii   mi'*-   wu.ii   UK' iti*Ti-;r\'!*:n!
tJ   li*.- tliu miili-rnliriiftil ui' tn H I'm, Tlinrmliiy,
'.. i ... ..i.   ..... . i , ,.»!..,, ..**., *:..,..,.,
•WHOLESALE   •    •--
jfi4.3Sro   RETAIL
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply .of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. 'Hams, Bacon, Lard,  But-
' ter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
§ood assortment.   Try, our Mince. Meat,,
aurkraut and Oysters. .
Peaches,    Pears,    Plums,   Apples,   Oranges, ,. Bananas,
Lemons,   Watermellons,   Cantaloups,   and   Grape   Fruit
all at right prices. ,7-
SWEET     POTATOES :, 3  LBS-     25    OHXTTS , "
to:m: beck
Conl.—Conl lands may lio purchasotl at $10
Bor acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite,
ot more than 320 acres can he acquired hy
one inclivlclual.pr company, Royalty nt tho
rate often oonts per ton of 2,090 pound* ahull
be collected on the Rro»8 output,
Quarto—A freo minor's certificate la urantod
upon payment in advance of W per annum for
an individual, and from gf>0 to U00 per annum
for a company nccordinK to capital. ,,
' A freo miner, havina dUaovorod minoral ln
placo,may locate aolnim 1,500 x i.fioo feet. '
llio fee for rocordinu a olaim is ii.
At loant $100 must ho oxpondod on tlio elf.fm
eanliyearor paid to the mining recorder In
lieu thereof, Whoa (MK) lian noon oxpondcid or
paid, tho locator may,I upon Imvinii a survey
made, nnd upon comply in)? wilh other re*
quiromontn,purohaae tlio land at il an aero,
The patent provides for tho paymoht of a
royalty of Hi per cent on tho salon. -
Pl.ACKli mliiintt olalmn Ronorally aro 101 feet
sijuaro; ontry fee tfi ronewahlo yearly,
A froe miner may olitnln two louses to
rtrodffc fur Bold of ilvo milCHench for a form of
twenty yenrii, ronewahlo at tho dUcrotlon of
ho. Minister of the Interior.
Tho Iodkco Hhnll have adrodKo in'operation
within ono season from tho date of tho, louso
for each Ilvo miles, Hoiital iio nor annum for
each milo of rlvor loutiud. Royalty at tho
rate of ih per oont oollootod on the output uf.
Doputy Minister of tho Intorior,
N. II.—Unauthorized publication of thlt ad
vortlnemont will not ho paid for,
Look Up
Victoria  Ave.
when . you    require
:   anything in
Boots. & Shoes
Trunks_, Valises
&. Suit Cases
Lowest Prices.      Goods Sold for Cash Only.
W. R. McDougall
:,t      ,..!■
Express and Baggage Transfer
Drnying- of all kinds  done promptly.
Telephone 57 or cull n driver
1 hy-iti'in.
I'hin- imil hiK*rlilriitlonn may ln< scon niul j
Mill-limits •ili.uu'.t'.L-r until   .'July nut,
nnd wi; illd no; nt tin- nnd ol .Time ' i'..rin-"nf'iViiil^r i.iitaliu-d at:"tlii. niiluu"<if tlm    .                 . .,         J(     . „,
iNorllinort'lnot ,pnly hud tholr bins i ■*.'■«■■.«■■■■-»■.«'"'»'««mwmmU.              j/it^or nonrl mile north of ho.  8,
imvuy tun, M.t Had slxtjr   cnrH   al'lu^tiX ' ",v u'"" '  * >;"i,u ""'*" U'° '*' ^" ,oU,tr w UcU'
3. C'omiricnciiii; nt a pout   pl'intod
1 mile north of No,
tu'.ii on vviicuis en route to them,
flrul], or Conuollilfitcd, lmd Its blna
fnJl and niore col;o on wheels en
route tlmn they could hnndlc, nnd
•Jli'cy lnnlriiftV-il ur t.n rut- tin-vn ih,,iv
order lor tlmt rennon for the month '
rf July ftom 2',0 tons dnlly to 17.*.
11.1'lirruii, 0. k„
V.tty KnirliiwrS nillc/i, Auu. .'**, X'Mil
'iMdP   I'.llillll'i:   M..J.J1.   tllflJCC a;.i-iJ.   SO
'■ W' ciVy'ciurk  fhnlns, thence oafit 80 clmlns; thence
couth   fl'y chnlnfi;     theneo   went so
rhnfnn to j.olnt of commencement.
IVififttod   this   2'.Uli   dtjiy   of July,
Urtll Mln.-p flmcHorB,hnvo hnd their;   NOTIOK  In hereby frlven tlmt 50
full f'.Ai-r of finite finrlnf thp   -wholo ' '•,l^8 n,l°1' ,lfttc'  l ,ntm,d to npply
I to tho Hon,  Chief Commltwloncr of
A. W. npldcn, Auent.
Oortruclo  lleldrp,  Locator,
Wilni>!Jrt**-ThoB.  BInt*r.
10. Gcininencln;; nt n pout   plnntc-d
ntljolninu No.  'J on tho enot, liolm,'
prrlrnT. 1
I)m-*n!r tlie tlm.. th«t wn wr*lnH   Lan,ls for ft IiccnR0 to I'roDPrct   for    .
.0 illi-TfH-itlii.u. iihinmfnin +r. n„nr,^!c™] nnd peirolrum on tho following ;«'0   •-•• I--* cor.   post of Anna Del-
tV;!^ ««tuaU   in   tb.    dlntrlct of idrn-nehtlm; thence rorth 80 chnln,
J' .South Wctst Kootenny, IlritlBh,   Co- 'thenef xrnt SO chnlnn;  tht;nrp pouth
SO chainR; thenco enst 80 clminu   to
\ point of commencement.
col.c. ;Tho drnwcrfl must drnw   nnd
fh'o lcnilrrB must loud, If we nre to j
keep your off-nnlzritlon toRethcr, no -   i, Coinmeucln-; nt n pout   plnntcd |" Located"Thiii" 2Hh'd'iy   of   July,
■we nnturnlly mride Inrge nhJpments j at or mur 1} miles eoutU of Tint i 1907,
to ?.lie United Btntes ixving   that Haad towwlti up « crtek, i of   0
lime. 'Ytt It la larctly becM>»e   ol
theuff sKlpfflend to Montant  jolntt
nil* foatM ol    ■ mt\c, comntnelne
ht \hit 8. T, tot. poit; thtnee run
A. W. Ilelden, Actnt.
'Anna Belden, Locator.
VltneM-TboB. Slater.
TAKE notice tlmt Wm.ll, Ilurton.of ('ran*
, hrnok, 11,0, ocmiimtion olnrk, intends tn
Apply for ft unocliil tlmhor licoimo over tho foi*
lo'vinn Uonorilii'il liiiulni—
Ciiminuiiuinir ut 11 pout jilnnto-1 nt thonorth.
-Wlmt corner of Lot nail, thonou north oiulity
(no) chniiiM, thonco uiut ulidity (uo) ohiilim,
thoncu koufli oltflity (mi) ulmlim, thuncii wont,
.tiwlit.v (»>o) oliuiiit, to tioiiit. or vommoncoiniiiit,
nml lioutiiliilim nix Iiumlrod und forty unrun,
nioro or limit,
j , ,   ... WM. II, JIUHTON.
! Juno stli.lJt-iT,
;    Thi' tlmo frtrcommoiii'lnu llm iiuhlli'iillnii of
(hn iil..A-niioi|i.i-. It i.ji(4.»i|i-.l tu Ihu ;:itli ilny Vif
M lily, 11*17,
,)   V. AIlMSTHOXii.
Ahnl-tdiutC<iii*ii(I-*>*JiJtiiir nl I.11111U1V World",
i   11. Commoncinj; nt n jiout jiluntod
ndjoinliifj; post nml clnim'No. 1(1 on
J lho i:outh, nnd being tho N, E, cor.
101 Mury   <i.,1 JJelUen h claim; thonco
-)(,-)(,   HO c'i.uiit.;     theuce    t*uulii bu
chains, thence caul 80 clniiuu; thenco
j north 80 ehfilnu to point of    com-
Locutcd   this  20lh   day   of   July,
' A- Vi. Ilelden, Asonk.
Mury Tloldnn, Locator.
, Wltne n-ThoB. filfitfr,
; 12. Coniinencliu at n pout planted
1 nc.J0.r1Jn.,' No. 11 on tho ennt, belnu
tho N. W. cor, of the claim; thence
fi.l'st Hi rh'i'Jns; then'*-' Hfitth ,S*>
.chiiino, thenco west 80 chains; thciee
north 80 clminu to point of rom*
1 moneeracnt.
Located this 29th   dny   of    July,
A. W. DcMen, Agent.
Cllxabetb iionel, Locator.
■Witueit—l'hoi. Slater.
Office :   Norlhern Hotel, Fernie, D. C.
Anything in tho nbovo lino dono nt
rcaflonablc rates
Tonts, Awnlngs-i and all
oanvas -goodt mado to
A. T. Milne, Gemmel Street,
or nt Trites-Wood & Co.
by local npplloatlonB, ixb thoy can
not ronoh tho dlnoiiHod portion of
tho orir, Thoro In only ono way to
euro tlonfncfifl, and tlmt Ih by oon-
ntlttitlonal rnniodlnii. DuafnnHi li
cauHod hy nn Infliunod condition of
tho mnouojj lining of the ctintaohlan
tuho. Whon this tubo Ih Inflamed
iron hnvo 1 a rumbllni*; wound or Imperfect hearing., and when it Ib on-
'tlroly oloflnd, doafnoNs Id tho romilt,
and tinlcflB tho inflnminatlon can bo
Liiknu out uiul tiilri titfjo luutorcd to
Itfl norma] ooodltlon, hcarlue will bo
-iiiA'troycd forever; nlno cnseii out of
ton are oaunnd by catarrh, whloh In
nothlnti; but nn Inflamed'condition
of 'the vniicii". ".'rfic",
Wo will Rlvn Ono Ilundrod Dollnrn
for any enflo of deafneHH (cainsed by
catarrh) that cannot bn ourod by
HriH-fl Catarrh Cnro. Sond for air*
cnlarfl, froo.
I*. .T. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,    O,
Tnlrr* rfall'fi Family rills for con*
stlpatlon, ,
Hoi-1  |>y «lriir_*;ln,i-*i, 75c.
IT""'"""1"""         I I. 1 nil   u_.u , l	
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders*
Pltiu, Specification* 'ud Bati-
motu (uniiirie'dl on applicttlow^
Plenty of GOOD DttY LTJM-
ll. 'X. KEEJi.
Arcfilt«*t    tad Sipirliiltilkat'
OBm at laaiteea.
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
Tho Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
Office or at IT6.S-
Tlie Elk Lumber Co., lid.
le, (I C.
A_ hotel that furnishes quiet, cam-
modlous accommodation for its patron* i« a source of pluuure to the
tinvdlttxir public. Riirh n ono fn the
King Edward Hotel, ot Fernie. corner opposite poet office".
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Thoro Ib only ono placo in town
wheroyou onn Ret good reliable
jroods in oar lino that is at
W.'X INGRAM, mop.
iPnt))»B 011.    -'   -   lhaunt, B, 0
L   I   1
* SI
mmet EERNIE3sEB6-i^^^ 1907
Ita Purity^
lis Flavor
Its Fragrance
Its Reliability
Are7 Responsible" for  its
enormous sale of 16,000-
,000     Packets     Annually
, tea .-    «    ■',.■;.   i
fhe  JPrince   of  Teas
At all Grocers. Sealed Lead Packets Only
Highest Award St. Louis, 1904
i.7* i i-L'.-* -   *"^._
(Continued Prom Page '4.)
■which our Black, bins did not contain
j lenity of slack to charge all the
ovens which we had men to pull.
,Wo have frequently been short of
Canadian Pacific cars for coke load-
question, and we have also had our
mines" shut*.down on several occasions during both July and August
because the, C. P. R. had not given
- us sufficient cars to keep them working. Coko oven loaders., will not
work for companies who do not spp-
ply. them with a regular number   of
■ cars.    ■    „ ,     .
I am the only in charge of producing coal in the Crow's Nest-* Pass.
Who- has never,. until this   moment,
uttered, a public   word of   protest
, against. the car supply of the C. P.
*R.f but the manager of the Trail
smelter has, by his unfair   crusade
.against the company, made this im-
, perative, much as I regret it, and I
,wlsh to add that in my opinion the.
fault does not 'lie with the superintendents of divisions, but with the
railway, which has not on this di-
-~,viBion^eithertHe~^ars_6r''the" motive"
more than- the output of our .ovens
at Michel arid Coal Creek, and .we
have, 240 ovens lying idle" at Garbon-
f4do, none, of'which have been in use-
•'or more than one and a half years,
so that our coke oven plant is in
excess of our needs.
. To give you an idea as to what
extent we have been helped by the
smelters in this crusade, started a
v eel: ago - Sunday in the Nelson
papers, there "is therein a .statement
that Granby * was shut down owing
to the exportation of coke to Montana. There has never been a day
during July and August when Granby has not had at least three bund-
red tons of coke Bhipped to it.
Granby was shut down because between two and three thousand tons
of coko were delayed in transit by a
cave-in on the G. N. tunnel near
Bonner's Ferry, and about-the same
'time the C. P. R.* tipped over at'
barge on Kootenay Lake containing
twelve cars of coke, consigned partly to Granby and'"-partly to Trail.
The Phoenix Pioneer, which should
be well informed' on this, point, in
its issue of the 24th, says that the
shut Uow.i at ..Granby was not due
-.power'.to take care" of their business. Unless the matter is quickly
leme'died, with the approaching hardest to be. moved and the winter
facing us, the outlook is anything
, but encouraging. '■;'.,
. Let me' ask this question. - Is
Northport, which treats almost cx-
. tlusively Canadian ores, to be treated us a United States smelter? We
havo always considered not. And I
see tho Rossland miners are asking
the.,government .to see that they
get- steady ' work, If Northport
binclts no ores the Le Roi mines
will produce no ores.
I desire to say that we have ample coko ovens to make all the coke
necessary to All all our orders both
in Canada and the United States,'
If wb have men to handle them and
can get cars from the railway to
transport tho coke, but if wo have
not tho men or the cars somebody is
going to fall short,
It is now nearly three years since
tho Dominion Copper Company and
tho D. 0, Copper Coinpnny took their
business away from us and went to
other manufacturers in Alberta for
their coke, so that we have nothing whatever to do with their troubles. Wo have contracted tho whole
ovtput of , our Pernio nnd Michel
ovens in Canada and tho United
States. It Is fiood business to do
i*o, because we want to keep our
mlnea, man and ovens at work, Thc
government has an interest ot 9c per
itoh coko tax on every ton we make.
But   wo havo    not   contvoctcd tor
One of-the best dramatic offerings
in-the coming autumn will be a
magnificent production of a famous*
play under the management of. Clifford Lane Bruce.,    ..
*fHaving' had such a lengthy experience ln thc theatrical requirements
of the west, Mr. Bruce feels confident
that . this forthcoming presentation
will be the success of the season,
besides giving Canadians an opportunity to witness a drama which
otherwiso would not reach them for
Miss Helerio Scott, for four years
loading lady with Harold Nelson,
has be;n specially engaged for this
tour, • while tho other principals of
the company ore now being selected
The, following . notices of coal. and
petroleum locations' in Block ISo.'1
4,593, Southeast Kootenay, British
Columbia, commencing at the claim
Jno. Jones, No., 13, which is located approximately 5 miles down the
Flathead river from the east, side
line of.the Flathead Town-site, aiid
the remaining Qclaims__*--__ as numbered
are staked one adjoining . the - other
fallowing down the river, thus protecting a claim on each side for. the
numbers named, and also in the
same manner on the creeks described, the same being confluents of the
Flathead river. ■ '"■_•* ' .* .
A. \t\ BELDEN.
Agent for Claims" Nos. 13 to 50 inclusive.
NOTICE IS hereby given, that 30
days after date I intend to apply,
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner' of
Lands and Works for a license ', tb
prospeat for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate in the, ;, District of , Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, Block
4,593."-  -•   _ " ,'  .
13. Commencing at a post planted
on Flathead Trail 5 miles from Flathead townsite down Flathead r. river,
and being staked, on east side of river, " being the northwest corner post
of the Jno. Jones claim; running
thence south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to point of
Located this 1st day,of Aug. 1907.
'    JNO. JONES, Locator.'
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater.   ,, , \
14. Commencing at a post planted
on north side, of post No. 13, being
northeast corner ' of Ena Brown's'
claim, lying west of' Jno. Jones'
claim; thence running west 80 chains;
thence running south 80 chains;-
thence running east 80 chains; thence
commencement. „ .,-.'■
.' Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
ENA BROWN, Locator.   '
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater.
15. Commencing, at "a post on the
south side of Flathead river, about
1 mile cast of claim No. 14, and being the northeast corner of- Henry
Hewitt, Junior's/ claim- thence running south' 80 chains; thence west,80,
chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
HENRY HEWITT, Jr., Locator
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos." Slater.
16. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining the claim (No. 15). of
Henry Hewitt, Jr., on the north,
being tho southeast corner of Henry
Hewitt's claim; running thence,north
No retua-n dates will be played, as ^80 chains;     tbence   west 80 chains;
the management is negotiating   for thence" south 80' chains; thonco east
. Sore, hot, whlna: or bJlit-
cred feet *xo cooledI Md
bealMbyZMi'Diiky Store
rnniiewniida IwlioitMid jnd
Ziuii-niilc ftlun cure* flmllnu
■oi-m, Inneot, liltpn, MHiburn,
iiIcom, eirwii.*., iwit snn_*i lind*
nil akin illnoiiu'H nml InJurioi.
iU.ym tiw In eaten or plton,
LScOn. r* !»* At >U itnrc*, nr gun.
bilk Co., Torcoto,
nn Australian tour to begin shortly
after Christmas.'
Nome of play   will be announced
_ o-
Mr. John Harrington wlll visit
Coleman, Alta,, noxt Sunday and
will, lccti'-ro to the trades-unionists
and Soch-ilifltB on "Tho Clnss Struggle." This is as it Bhould bo—
speakers who are qualified should
arrango to interchange visits and
give us their views on industrial and
historical problems.
Hotel     f
The Motel of Pernio
„ Tlio centre of Commerclai
and Tourist Trade
Cuisine   Unexcelled
SO chains to point of commencement.
Locntod this 1st dny of Aug. 1907,
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater.
17. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Post No, 10, which is tho
claim of Henry Howltt, on tho west,
and being southwest corner poBt of
John J, Hewitt's claim; thence running north 80 chains; thenco oast 80
chaina; thenco south 80 chains; thenco
wcBt SO chains to point of commencement.
Located tills lBt dny of Aug. 1907.
JOHN' J. HEWITT, Locator.
A. W, BALDEN, Agont.
Wltnons—Thou. Slater.
Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
CLARA H.'LEA," Locator. ....
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
, 21. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining No. 20, southeast side, aud
is 'soutbweit. corner of Mary Hewitt's claim,"- tbence east 80, chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence west
SO chains; theuce north0 80 chains to
point of commencement.'
Located this "1st day of Aug. .1907.
*      MARY HEWITT, Locator.
A.   W.  BELDEN,. Agent.
Witness—Thos.   Slater. -
22. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining No. 21, north.side, and'is
tho northwest corner of Roceria Hewitt's claim; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south
80' chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement. ' *•■-, *
Located this 1st, day of Aug. 1907.
'.    A. W. BELDEN, Agent. »■
Witness—Thos. . Slater. -
23. Commencing at a post planted
on,south side of Flathead river from
Claim No. 22, and being southeast
corner of Elizabeth S. Clark's claim;
thence running north'" 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; thence.south
80 "chains; thence east 80 chains tb,
point of commencement. '  .'
Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent
Witness—Thos.'  Slater;    ,•     [ '„ _'
,24. Commencing at a post,planted
adjoining Post 23, -, south. side,' and'
being * northwest corner post of Thos.
Large's claim; thence running, south
80 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence north 80 chains; ' thence east
80-chains to point of commencement.
Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
-. THOS. LARGE, Locator.
 A^W^BELDENr-Agent.-, *—
Witness—Thos. 'Slater.;
25. Commencing at a- post planted
adjoining north side of claim stake
of No. 23, and being southwest corner of Fred '. W. Gaston's claim;
thenco running east 80 chains;., thence'
north ■ 80 chains; thence west 80"
.chains; thence, south 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Located this 1st day of* Aug. 1907.
FRED.' "W.' GASTON,  Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
26. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining cast side of Claim'No- 24,
and being northeast corner of Mrs.
Thos. Large's claim; thence running
east 80 chains; tbence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; theace
north 80 chains to point of commencement.'
Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
MRS. THOS. LARGE, Locator.
A, W. BELDEN, Agent,
Witness—Thos. Sinter,
27. Commencing at a post planted
on Fla'thnad Trail south, and adjoining . Claim No. 26, and being
southwest corner post of Jay Yeo-
' 4    . NOTICE' v
• 31. Commencing at a post planted
on ,.the west bank' of Flathead river,
adjoining Claim No. 28, south side,
west    80   chains;' .theuce "south    ,80
chains to point of commencement.
Located- this .. 3rd   day of August,
and being the'southwest corner post   1907
of Jack H. Wilmot's claim; thence'
running north, SO' chains; thence west
80 chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains',to point of
.     *  A.  W. BELDEX, Agent.
Witn-jss-Thos.  Slater. '
43. Commencing at a post' planted
'.adjoining No. 40's, east side, and is
Located this   2nd   day of August, i^,.^ n,<rth gidc    , rl       oa bank
1907 '
, ,' 7and is southwest corner of Chas. H..
,        JACK ,H.' WILIMOT, Locator,    j^^ chlim.  thcnce rullning east
A. W. BELDEN, Agent. , M   cba;ns;   .lunce ^orlh  j_0.' chains;
Witncss-Thos.  Slater.        -...     »   - j^^ ^ .^ chalns; thciiee'south-
■ 32. Commencing at a post planted Is0, chains    to l,c'iut    of commence-
adjoining Claim No. 31,. east . side,
and being the southwest corner post
of B. C. L-ingtry's claim; thence
running north' 80' chains; thenco east
SO chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence west ,80 chains to point of
Located thfs Ifeid.-'day. of August,
B. C. LANGTRY, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater. .
33. Commencing at Post No. 32,
south side, and being the northwest
'corner of Lewis P. Larsen's claim;
thence running east 80 chains; tbence
south 80 chains; „thence west 80
chains; thenceforth 80 chains to
point. of commencement.
Located this 2nd. day of August,
, '   LEWIS P.  LARSEN,  Locator.'
I     A. W. BELDEN, Agent.,
Witness—Thos. Slater. ;  ' '   _ _
. 34. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Claim No. 33's post, west
side, and is the northeast corner of
Mrs. Louis , Stutz's claim; thence
running south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east,'80, chains to, point of
Located this   2nd. day, of Aubust,*
1307: J ," '
. I -MRS. _, LOUIS  STUTZ, Locator.
'" A. W. BELDEN, Agent.  "     "
Witness—Thos. Slater.
35. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining No. 33's south side, and
staked on , the Flathead Trail on
oast bank of Flathead River, and is
the southwest corner of H., 0.. Guil-
liand's claim; thence running east 80
chains; tbtnw norti 80 chains; then
west 80 chains; thenco south 80
chains, to point "of commencement.
Located this 2nd day of August,
* H.  O.  GUILLIAND, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent,     ...
Witne8B—Tbo3. Sluter.
3D. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Fost No. 35's, south side,
nnd is.tho northwest corner of Swan
;Peterscn's claim; thence running
oast 80' chains; thenco south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
nortii 80 chaine to point ol commencement.
Located this 2nd day of August,
A.  W.  I3KLDEN,  Agent.
ment    SO chains;    tbence   south 80 ._
chains to point of, commencement.
Located this 3rd'day of Aug. 1907.
CHAS., H.   WINGATE,  Locator.,
■   ",    A. W. BELDEN,  Abent.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
42. Commencing -at a post planted
east adjoining No. 40,,andbeing the
northwest corner of Evan Frazier's '
claim; theuce running cast 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence west
kO chains; thence north 80 chains "to
point' of commencement.
Located- this 3rd day of Aug. 1907*
_\ A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos.  Slater. . .,
43. Commencing at a p*ost planted
four miles up Graveyard Creek and
adjoining Claim No. 42, and being
the northeast corner of Jesse Bu-
chholz's .claim; thence running north1
£0 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence east'
80 .chains to point of commencement.       " ■ ,      •
Located this. 3rd day of Aug. 1907*
JE88F; "BUCHHOLZ,  Locator-
A.  W.' BELDEN, Agent.        ''    ,
Witness—Thos.  Slater. _   ■
44. Commencing at-a post" planted-
east of and adjoining No. 43, and is
the.northwest corner of Coral Bucb-
chains; thence south' 80 chains;
thence west. 80 -chains; thence north
?0 - chains to point of commencement. .,'.'
Located this 3rd!' day of Aug. 1907.,
Ai W. BELDEN,.Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater.
man-s claim; thence running   north jWtness-Thos. Slater
80 cliains;     thence   cnBt 80* chains; '
18. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining south aide ot No. 17, tho
claim of John J, Hewitt, nnd being co,linj{jnccmont.
the northwest corner of William II.
Hewitt's claim; thonco ninnini' oiiHt
SO chiiins; thenco koiiUi mi clminu;
llii-nci' wc.-a Si) cliuins; then'-'- inu'lli
Mi r|i*-1n*i to i';'int nl coiniiiennv
tin. n t..
I.iicuted thi.'! li-.t dny of Aug. IW,
WM. II. IIKWITT,  Locator,
i A   W. TH'HJIKV. Ai'pnt.
thonco southo80 chains; thonco west'
'80 chains to point of commonccmont.
Located this 2nd, day of Aug. 1907.
A, W, BELDEN, Agent.
WitncBB~ThoB. Slater.
28, Commencing at n post planted
west side of Post No. 27, and being
adjoining Claim Ko. 24 on south
eldo, being uouthoiiBt corner post of
Henry Yeoman'u claim; thonco running north 80 chains; thonco west 80
chuins; thonco noutli 80 chains;
thenco cait 80'cliains to point    of
37. Commencing at u post planted
adjoln.'ng Post No, 3C's, west side,
nnd bolncf northeaBt corner post of
Isaac Waldron'B claim; thence running north 80 chains; thence wcBt 80
chnlna; tbence south 80 chains; thonco
caBt 80 chnlna to point of commencement.
Located this 2nd day of August,
TflAAC WALDROK, Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
W tncBB-ThoB. Slater. * *•**
45. Commencing at a post planted
north  'side of Post     43, and being
southwest corner of Ray Kaufman's
claim; thence running north 80 chains
thence west 80 chains; thence south!
SO chains; thence east 80 chains   to
point of commencement,
' ..Located this 3rd day of Aug,'1907* ■
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos, Slater. ' V
• 46. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining No. 44 on north, side, and
is the northwest, corner of   Arthur
Townsend's    claim;  thence    running
east   80 chains;     thenco north ■ 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thenco
tout*. 80 chuins to point of   commencement.
Located thiR 3rd day of Aug. 1907*
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
WitnoBB-ThoH.  Sinter.
•17. Commencing at a post planted
south and adjoining     Claim No. 42
end 43, and being the northeast corner post ol Kiln, TownHcnd'a claim;
thence     running     west   80   chains;
thence noutli 80 chains; thenco cast
80 chains; tbence nortii 80 chains to
point of commencement, ,
Located thiB 3rd dny of Aug. 1907*
A. W. BELDEN, Agent. :'
WitnoBB-Tlioi, Sinter. '
48., Commencing at a l>ont planted
38. Commencing at a pont planted  Ju-t wril. uf Port No. 17, and being
adjoining No. 37, south, and la   the  ""    nort Most    corni-r   n    Lrink
northe«.t rornrr of Jno. Anderson'* jHW- <»»»'"■ thnice r nn ,u: no • h
gfi ;t>() c-hiiln.i;    thence   went SO chulim;
'llicnci! noutli Mi  fh.ilns;  then.'** emit
Wiinc«.-T...... Blhtor. :d.nlnB to Point of commmcrmrnt.,   ,    "^'^f'^^   ^^
'   Located  tl.bi 2nd   day of  Anc-Hid,
1U07. ,
JNO.   ANni.UKUN,  Lnc.itor.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Liicntul this 2nd day of Aug. 1907. j claim;     thei_,cu   runnlni;   Hoiith
IIEN'l'.Y    YEyMANH, Locator. (clu ii.i; tin nee Wot fl-*1 fhftln!*;,thcni*<*
, north   SO    flinlns;    tboiii--*  pur.t    so
! chains to point of cninmnipi'ment.,
1^. Wallace        Prop. •:•  Witn-HS-ThoB. Hbiter.
'i'i, Coinmc'i'.clng at u Punt planted
,-idJolnlng Pout No. 27 on south aide
und is tho north-".est corner ol Louin
Plv.t ■';•
«.n  Minlr
! A. W. HELUKN, Ai'fiil.
!\VI«.ic ::-TiU;H,  Hla tor.
1,..,      Il.r.r.f.f,     *-Mvl4*lnr* tin ni
thoi'Pi*-  r*"4<-,t,h   fit  r\v.\\T\i\
iWitncBs-ThoB, Slater..
lit. Coniiiii'iici.-it.: at a post planted -\
•.djo.nlnf Ch-iiii No. 17, beluniiini, to  ~^c~t
i-*-' \1IK     i r\ I ^ T.Pt'n rl'.fin; tii.'i<v w..i:t Su chaliM-j,
i Western Canada * u, ^ „ «■., ^ ^m,: ^> ^
JJK .' ^ '*(\ ,-!i,j(i,., tli.'i'.n- n-ii-Lh SO dnlns t'i
I Co-operative & Trading Co., Ltd. |'t;,;7!"S':;;;7 a,
IV        a. v/. j:i*;i.di-:n,
5t; \Y,in*."-K--Tli'M.   ;-l.t'i'
.Ml;',   101",
49. Coiuinnnuliii: at a l>out   planted
jb.nilh nf    Claim  No,   i'i, and  being
, ,tho Houihui-ric, curntr ell tittn    Oiti*
thenco w«at <0 rlxitior, tlwv.it north     «,, c.'ommoiieln.r at u poet planted |,)0t;..„ c,llim; tl„.ncc riinnjn,*   norih
SO ehiiiiiH    to point of    eommnneo- i twn mil**-* i-p r.r.iveyar.1 Cwk from ;g(, chaiM.     U|0(lt:o   vM K chllUl-.
'Fl.-.tlid'd nivcr and Trail cast, nnil|tUewo (0uU, m th.,lns; th,ni<0 W(.Bt
L,eal.il ihl' 2nd day of Aug. 1907, .hclni;    jif.rlhenBt   corner of   Juiiojih   (*o ch^lm H n\nn*- . f rn-TtinnM-rni'm
li'l'UT/.   Locator, •'' '•'"   <llJI": 1"',lf" rutnua.: i'.im mi
mir-DKN*, Arcnt.   i ^ ^'''i     <!)fliCl'     «""«« '*°   t'll''ln'4:
Witiiesii-'fli..     t-5l.it1-!'. j thonce* ws»t 80 chnlni; th'cncu north"
.!0    chairs  to    point    of commence-   witnc-i—Tiioi,
.10. ('unit'i nclir., at a pout adjoin- m(,r>_ j
A. W.
Located thlis 3M A *y d Axik. 1907.
'     OTTO  GI-mi-OTH,   Luc.ttor.
A. W. HEI.DEN, A;:cnt.
Hlit. r.
A, rut..
Dry   Goo-els^   Groceries    and
^    General  Merchandise
in-; No. it on Hn v."4':t r.ldc, and be-
in       -!,,.    . r..-  I   >   -      i-   !•*"!•    r.f    Arl'l'M-
NcwB'Jin'i*.     cl .lm:
thrncu   runniii,"
LUui.*.c    -,vu»t   iO
20. (.'Mnmenclni! nt a pout planted «»»'i«»; ll":!''" n'rth Ml dmins;
•& ,nlj.'lnlnn n-iim No. Y>, pmith, and intiato rnut M dninii to point of
-if Ik ni.rt.ie-.Ht corner post of Clnrn H, toinmc-nceinc nt
i   T.'iC'tcd  this 3rd dny of  AuKiwt.
.lOHlTII  .U1SKB, Lnp.atM.
A: W. 11ELDKN. A rent.
WitnLbS-Thoc. Sinter.
I,ci:h claim; thence south 80 chnlna;
Coleifian ?•$ Alta*  ^Ithence w«t «0 chains; thence  north
Located thH 2nd day of AuB. 1907. ;Adjtitulne No. 39 on the west, bflntr
AIlTHUn.KEWSOM, Locator.     80Uth«a«t corner of Wine&to Belden'u
A. W. DliLDKN, J gent. clatrn;     thenee    running:   t&ti   80
WitneBs-Thoe. Blnter. ; , .      elialnt; thenee north 10 chaine; tbenee
.'.0. r,uniin> nf Ini; ut a \m-fA pli-.nted
j,,..* .„/..;ii 11 ',»,,, -I i, niul l.i-liv.; the
northwest cr-rimr Pont "f Mm, Otto
iitrtn''i'ji claim; tiu-nfi" runnln * t:\t-.l
8f» rtniln"; thrncc nouth SO clminu; ■
tb.'iit" ivtst SO chains; thenco nortii
■iO, Commfneim; at n post planUd  80 chaine to point of Uigimenccment.
Ijocj&*A thlt 3rd day ot Aug. 1907,
ims. OTTO OEnnOTH,  Istenror,
A. W. D&LDRN, Actnt.   „
Wltneie-Tho«. BUltr.
e^l ^ -V"
lots of Fun-Vaudeville,
Circus and Ferris
"; Wheel.        ;
Fernie is soon to have a big car—
.«nival, whicb is a form of entertain-
ment this cily b.is never previously
-   enjoyed.   Nat Reiss, who has earned
tho'title," even in this cosmopolitan
country "of  Carnival  King    in    the
Northwest, is bringing'his big show
■ here.        °"»
' Mr. "Reiss will "have his carnival at
,   all fairs this year, and only the other1 day sign-id up a contract/ with
Manager Cos^rove, of the    Spokane
Interstate Fair,  to have   his   show
there.   Mr.  Reiss bas all the   good
attractions    he had with him    last
ye-r at  Spokane and  ether    places-
.st.ll with Iih'n, and in place of-some"
. of the not",.qui ;_e so "good shews, he
' has put on better "turns."       . .     ,-
" F. F. Parker, advance for the Nat
. Reiss. Carnival .Company,  arrived  in
Fer::i-; yesterday-fcr the .purposs  of
making arran-jements for the. arrival
"of    ths, ci0- shew,     and he. said   4t
,\vo"ild   t'a'ce" a  s;jeci.*.l  train, with  10
cars and coaches, to bring it to .Fernie.   Mr. Parker also enumerated all'
the-acts which were so well known
Jto    the \i itors^    of- the Interstate
Fair and the Le.vistrn Fair and other fa-'rs throughout tie Country last
.'ye:.r,  showing- that-Mr.' Reiss'-still
Ims al:n;<'-'all the hc.-*.d liners of last
year.'  * ,:■■,„
An   old-time   one ring, circus,."such
■ as pa and. ma iiscl to go to and'
s e, w:th four clowns e^uestriin
acts,'trained animal acts and all t":e
other acts usually.'seen in a.qn'e-
rin^ circus. This-circus-' will un--'
dcu'.teily  attract" the' children,   and
.-they..will .enjoy themselves there
mere tli:'n anywhere els?,'but what
will be "ms: ict.rcs'in-j to the
att nd (he-cr::ival, not ti siy tbe
men es well; v.ill he the baby incubators. .Mr.' Reiss ■ has ' two of
th'EC in.:eni.us .devices for rearm-.-;
sic'/.ly ta':ies, and they wil,'be seen
at wor'c. Mr. Reiss always, has two
tr. incd  nurres along  with  him' and
a dooft^r to attend to the wants of
these infants. _ This was the biggest
draw;in» card at the Interstate Fair
last ye;.r, and Mr.'- Parker' declares"
that more money.waa made1 out of
this show than out of any other attraction "Mr.-Reiss had.-;" '. .'".■ .'.
'.'Dixieland'.1 has 'always proven a
drawing card::.It is an imitation of
an old-time Mississi;pi ri.er boat
laden-" with cotton, and inside, in" the
ca'.in.-* darl.ies sing and cirry on as
they use 1 to dj in the "ante-bellum" times.
Mr. Re'ss lias a capable band. of
glzss blowers at work, and visitors
ti tlu £how will be a'ple to see how
g'ass is, bl'.wn, and any who desires
can tike away a souvenir of a hand-
seme l'.ttle glass ornament or article
of us::
, Madame Wanda with her troupe of
tra'ned carriage dogs.is. sti 1. iwith
the .carnival • company.-. Madame
Wanda was one of the-. chief. attrac-
ti:ns in frcnt of,,the grani , stand
1st >e r at ths Spokane.-_Inter.it J.'-"-
Fair, and she has certainly got a
cliverl/ trained„iot of dors. >' '■•
.The Snillot a troup of- acrobats,
the escape ftom Sing Sing,- the Red
Dome,-the Magic Maze, .are only a
few more of the. many . attractions
that will he alpn^. _'    ."
Mr. R;iss also furnishes "some free
uttracti.ns"; among which-may .,be
menti.nei. Maxima, which is a.high
diving dog that-throws himself-, bead*'
lirst- into a net from' the- eminence of
a'ladder sixty* fe:t high. The Mc-
D.niel family.,in a flyin;"aerial act,
and'Pr f. t-mil t:a,_ a mem\cr of
the Smil.t'a troup, performing; ,-on
Rom.n  -ings 25. feet in mid j air i '
■    , V    '—: 0-	
-   ' '-    (, '
WINE   GO., Lid.
~~Wholesale::'-B^ Direct
■ Importers of      " ' ,
tSCOTCH "Am ,'.... 7 .   .
mSH WHiSKEY,      ;
\;:£rONboN:'r)tty .;'■':' i .,
Y^ytsHsiY-yi' .,,-.
ycmupAGXEi i'
jJ J. *-    i C*   V,'. 1   *<^^*^"        , 1 - *.       _ - *
, Sole Agents in.,East Kootenay for .'•
I'      .v^V-ATER; ;„-.-. ,, .„-   "
Wholesale   Dealers   uid.  Direct
t.i.:.x :-;:   l»port«r» of -"■
i;nn;-;3."iThe':i -JfcrcjJ
Elk  Lumber Co.
■ .'. ' flanufacturers of
■  tr^ioiw'^'k'BtidL "
Crow's    Nest   Special
■—^■—•■•■-   "-....--axd'-^- --- -'-"—
IWiiiep-'s Favorite-Cigars
Chicago,. Aug. 27.—John -D.-Rock-',
f-llcr is-'uvinj'trpuMe in co'leclin^
$73.95 f.om t'e United St ites/govern i:cht fcr his traveling expenses,
and witnc.s fe;V in 'th-i'r.c-nt hearing in the-federal'court tefore Judge
■Land's. In' ma'iiiig • application' for
the -..mount due him, Mr. RockftTer'
deel r.d, tlr.t'hj-haci  travclltd, 1,149
"mlIT to crt^ncTThTI'session of ccurt.'
He did not s?.y, lkwevc'r, whether he
canie from.'.'- Fltis'^urj," Mrss., " cr
Cl-jvcland, Ohio.' The-government is'
thtrefc-ra luMinj- the. mo-cy until it
rec i.-cs ofEcl'i'l' ir.f'.rmiti-.n- rs to
wh re M::. Rue'. f;ll:i- started'J from
vlie: he cime to court.- ; '  '.'* '
The A. IVl acd p n a Id Co
.-:       (Head .Office, Winnipeg)-'■•'3'  -'
Branches—Vancouver, Nelson', Fernie'.
''..'Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Out.
Fernie,  B.; C.
Wholesale'   Groceries,'* Flour,. .Feed &
,   '    Camp Supplies    ;
Dimension   ,
,-.j." :i-..*i-.'.('  li 3:.'ij':    .,     -
'.'     . .  4 i.  .   ■; i       . *-=
Lumber e&       ,
, 7   .A
Mouldings   S
■''■-, •   I :- ' i
All our  stock   is   last   year's
cut and well seasoned     ' '- •'
*^ %%>fe ■vv%^*.'t4v%^^%^;
,,    ;FERNIE, B.C.        /
Eoerq attention.
v      •   ' " , '     ■
■ .!___ ™'
Rooms reseroed by wire
A pleasant home for the
CL. WHELAN'--. Manager
ancl-evervthine incur
line'can be found the
freshest at our store.
McDougail & , Co.
Cigars, -Tobaccos, Etc.,-
to please careful housekeepers,, is - to
give honest weigh'.. Oh, Ave don't say
that alTbutchers don't do this, .but
we cannot-help"occasionally overhearing our lady friends when they
get to telling their experiences.    *.••
Another Goo ci Way
to please is to" supply only the. best
meat. If you .trade with us you will
learn just what we mean by these
two "ways'i QUALITY and QUANTITY .will be a little more" thiir. you1
expectr   ■
Calgary Cattle Co.
/:'■ i  .y<-: 0  I. ■'.'. I>u\  l-.tlyl.': .t-1
lioteB, llosmer
■'"• <""'■■'■■ Opcn'-Mlay^'l'''   ''
'   Everything.-new and*
Every accommod-itioti
for the public. •• ■
Bar S40c.<iid with the ■
finest in the land
ii 'i
r.      la belle
v Proprietor"   v-^i-";".
'   Under new management
Well furnished rooms. -. The table is
suppljed with the best the.market"
affords. 'Tl.c.bar., is supplied-,.
.with_tlie best wines,, liquors and cigars.
Jas. Severn; Prop.
TevnteYX. C.
' i "• *
n,..   .   "»^;;;«-'.<-■.    -  «-»•.•*  » ..x*  * * s '" *l^t^h.^,v
ILMiiJ     i.
'$fe'y $
'. i ih
.'■'".T   '":"■•■■. 7 !'.-*■.' 7-0'-     '.^fl-     ■'
. .-__._ fernie,, B. C.  .. .„...
Bar supplied with the-best of wines
'*  .J- -Liquors arid Citfars.'^. ,;:s:
t,5,ll    ll
'' Dining "Room'-' in "connection •-■
i s-'. *
•Fernie,  B. 0.
Brewers of Extra  Fine  Lager
. and   Aerated   Waters..
Bottled   Goods    it ^  Speclnity.
worn tu ooo »••■»•
*t*Ufv * '-— -     ,,_.—.-..■■   Iiri	
ICIIEL Townsito has been surveyed and laid out into lots ly the Crow's Nest Pass Electric Light & Power Co., Ltd.    The easterly  end is loss than 4,000 feet, or about two-
thirds of a mile from the mine entries.v^    ' i;
■'   ''' -i     '.;       •   ! •   -*i -| ■ i  '    ,'   i      ,     .1''   ■  ,..''*.   4. t..,)  I,!.'
\a.   ■*)
"-, t
There are twenty blocks of lots; the ton (pf these blocks nearest to the mines will bo reserved exclusively for the miners, and miners applying now will receive the preference in' order
of application; Lots will bo sold to milieus cheap and the terms of payment will bo 10 i>er
cent, cash and $10.00 monthly with interest until paid for, so as to facilitate their securing
homos for themselves, and; thoy will bo reciuired to uiidbrtake to build within a reasonable^ tiino. 'J
■■«"   '»■;     '       '  *       ■■-"'?   J.,;-','    i'l.'il.:-   ,   J. .-/        Ij   .' •;   c    .-__;„     _ -■     ■ >       .  .    .      ,   ,    .; ',* |    .     - , .;
Tho remaining ton'^bldgks will become the business portion of the town and will be sold by
Public Auction at a date to) bo heroaftor annouiicbd. It is believed ;that the Great Northern
Railway, now extandini its line taJVIiciiol, wMlbu portion of tho
townsite.., "   '■'■ ■' ...--, .   ,-,. - .
.'- x\
Applications will bo received by Miners now for lots at tho offices of tho undersigned, either
at Fornio or at Michel, ;
The Crow's Nest
,,i     -'in    •<.-■')  - ii i.1  ->',''i  -...  rH   '   in. "-I'/ii.
Electric Ligfht *% Power Co., Ltd.
,  -  ' |       ,.!■,.    . =    t ' ,-,t ,
• ' '     <        ■    « '*ft,\«
James   McEvoy,   Land   Commissiomer
II- mi   ..!-. i.
I. ll- i' il     X(\    v-f ',     ly?    *,i 'I     f4i-,t .^ , *
* .fl
t v.i
■ »j If'
■    v
A Copy of This Circular has Been Mailed to England to
,Labor;Members of Parliament and Other Parlia-
mentarians Interested in Labor Problems.
The following advertisement is one,of the many now belng'put before miners in England, and one which wo pai--
ticulaily warn miners against:— , „      _ ,     ,
IINERS and Iloree Drivers wanted for '   7 .  '• ■_
Canada.    Bright good men-with ex- , ,",**-'
' 'I   - , - perience required.'  Passes found from Liver-  _,'_■*' .-'-,',
'"".; ' ,        ■ •   pool to'destination. -Upwards of 200 dollars      .' ';     .... °
.     '   .  a month can'be made.—For full particulars      -"',
7call or write Samuel Hunt, Hazel Slade. Hed-,.
- 'nesford.—/'Lichfield Mercury.''  .' * , ".-... '     .
.FELLOW WORKERS:- '     ,     .     : '.-,'■"''' l'
Ab Secretary of the Fernie Miners' Union, representin.? tho workmen of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and
connected with District 18 ofU. M.W. of A., I am authorised by the above Local Union members to send to you, intending
-immigrants, a note of warning to beware of men coming over there on the oxpress purpose of bringing: miners out,to
Fernie,-or to be employed by-this Company, Now, as far as, Fernie ia concerned, I will give you.the conditions as they
aro in'this place at the present time. The.mines working to any extent, and,that we have hiade agreements for, (that is
cutting price, etc.), are "so full of men that it was reported in our last Local-Union meeting that'30 men were enquiring
for work" on a certain day (and this since the Company has sent two men to the old land for men), and not one of them
succeeded in getting work. Now can you be persuaded to come to this placo'under such conditions? 'If sensible men, I
think not. - ''You may have friends here that have sent good reports of the wages earned. I am not denying that some
men are, earning good wages, they do the.world over, but all men don't, and 1 say that all men here doii't earn'good
wages. If three dollars was-the minimum wage paid,.and was told so to any Britisher, it.no dbubt looks good to him
•when counted in shillings and pence, but a man earning 6s. per day in the British Isles can live better and under vastly
different/circumstances there than a.man in this country can live on' three dollars, where rent, clothing, and living are so
high, and groceries.and provisions raising all the time, especially in winter when there is sixifeet of snow and the
thermometer ranging anywhere from zero' to 85°, arid has'beeu knowirto go tb 42° below, and you wani to find out how
zero, feels without speaking of going to 85° below. '.If any more is needed to prove this. I refer you to.Mr. Keir. Hardie's
speech at. Vancouver, who should be taken as an authority, being a Labor Memberand here studying labor prohl'ems.   ■
\Yo think if the Company has any good intentions toward the men they intend bringing out here, they would ask for
the co-operation of our Union, and if we found conditions as represented to us, we as a Local of moBtly old country miners
would naturally wish to see you better your condition, and would work with'them in getting the best men into this coal
field, but at the. present ..time andTunder presentconditions we don't see where it will benefit those that may come, with
the prospectB of the winter before' us, arid men with families cannot afford at first, proper winter clothing such as is worn
in this country, arid it is very easy, to come out here,.but not so easy by a long way to get back.       ,   t*      '*.-.-
Now, speaking of Michelmines under the same Company, I may say the conditions there are somewhat different to
Fernie, and about 20 to '24 miles away..  These mines are a little short of men. and if men come to that place, will they*
stay there? \1 have reasons to think that if everything was as it should be, there would not be'an'y' 8hor_tageJ6f_menV*'t!
"MIclSIT"p™67riss^^^ of coarjustTlately 6truck, and~as these :are developing, men are goiri"
from other camps, to this place getting, work as it opens out, and for the next six month* men won't be put on to any
great,extent...    -     - ". ';       " • *> . ■ ,'' ^       .-'.-•■
-. Now the summer is nearly over, those who have got ranches and have not got enough money to keep theii going on
their ranches (and there are hundreds of them) come into the mines for the winter, arid go away again in the spring, and
there is great agitation now about the influx of Orientals—Japs, Chinese; Hindoos—and it seems to us that looking all
round there Is, on the part of the capitalist class, a combined effort to flood this country with cheap labor, and the more
of this class there are the lower, will our wages come. ' Now, as a Britisher, I would earnestly,implore you, as you value
your freedom, to resist the tempter and keep free from the toils of a Company or Combine of this country, and by doing
so you will not only help yourselves but increase thefreedom of those who still have a love for the old lands, but are so
far away in tho West.- -■ * -    ■   '   --       , _-■ •'    . .       ...
-      7    ' ' ■ . - - ' <*, '    > *   "        '
. From the following wage schedules, which are the baslB of payment for two years from May, 1907, it will bo seen that
it is impossible for a man working eight hours, bank tb bank, to earn anything like $200 dollars per month,
i New & Second Hand I:
! furnitureI
•> -;-
.♦..' Stoves, Musical Goods, Etc.
Ml kind of goods' handled on
Commission.   '
t       H.M.TERRY *
v *:♦
•>• Next Door to Imperiul Ilotel «;•
■♦ " .-       ■•'.        . -;♦
I ♦*>
*:* - Tlie best dollar a day house
♦*♦ in-the city.   .'
*J* . Well stocked.bar..
♦:♦ Liquors and Cigars of the
'*x* ■        highest quality.*,  -*
* ROSS BROS.           PROPS;,   ?
.V ■    *'                              v
. Gold    Medallist
'    late of South  Kensington
Erig. is prepared • to take
orders for a limited numb-
" cr ; of Portrait Paintings.
'' For particulars address Box 431-Fernie or can be seen at the C. C. L. A.
Hall Coal Creek:   a----■- 7~r   -----
i. ;   •_■' ' " «*5
Mining Rates.
Coal Creek, No. 9 Mine: 52 }4c per gross ton.
Michel, No. 3 Mine:       57 #    "     ",.   "
Per day.
Bottom man , 2.62J.
Slate picker boys 1.25
Slate piclier men 2.25
Car oiler men 2.25
Car oiler boys .'. 1.50
Tally boys 1.25
Teamsters ; 2.62"*
Blacksmiths 3 67J
Blacksmith helpers 2,6j_f
Carpenters *3-<>7i
Carpenter helpers 2,62.1
•Power'house engineers 3,674
II II II tie
Fan men 2.62^
' Hoisting engineer 2.89
Tnil rope engineers 3,36
■ "    "       . "     * 3-671
, Box enr loader engineer 3.15
Tipple engineer 3.15
Locomotive engineer (outside).^. 15
Locomotive engineer, helper,or .
,   switchman 2.75
"Firemen 3.62I
f * * * ********* • I Ml Ml I JtO* ft .
' Rnllivny car handler (pien)...a.36.
Tipple di*mper (men) ».bt\
" Tipple dumper (boys) 1.50 ..
Cnr repairers 3.1$
Breaker engineer 3.15
Fan fireman ,, 3,15
Lnuipmnn (depending on num*
her of lumps and skill of
man $2,25103.15
*•>;        • , Per any.
Lampmnn .,....$2.25 to 2.62J
Machinist...- $3.15 to 3,674
Machinist helper 2.62ft
Ashman'. ..2.25
Ashman , 2.62J
Wiper (man) .". 2.62^
Coupler (man) ; 2,25
Coupler (boy) 1.50
Breaker oiler .....2 62J
Washer or tipple oiler 2.62J
Breaker picker boss ■.'*. 2.62J
Timber framer (men) 3.15
Box car shovellers (men)..... 2.62I
Breaker platform boss. a;62_j
Breaker plat form men 2,36
Breaker screen men .,.,.2 25
Rock bank (menl ....2,25
Dirt bank (men) 2,25
Finisher after box ear loa.lcr.. 2.25
All other outside labor 2.25
Per day.
u rivers .i*.......,,..,...!....,,. $2,7^5
Drivers in wet places  3,00
Hoist men,, ,.,.$2,75 to 3.00
Rope riders. ,..,.,.. 2.75
Main and tail rope riders.,... 3,00
Couplers (men)  a,63}
Couplers (boys)  1,574
Pushers,,,    ,,,, 3,62*}
Loaders ,  2,624
IJUCKCfSf itii»i • 1 iiuiiiMtt iMir   2*. 03g
Locomotive engineers or motor**
lUCIl i * **t******Ut   *   (   t   I   I   I  • 111 M •     J|ClC)
Locomotive kwltcliurbor motor-
men helpers.
Cagcrs in sliiifi.
• 10
• 2.
, 11
For   Fire   Insurance   in
F. J. WATSON  , ;.;
*?" -      X
X   Insurance & Real Estate Broker   *.*
$50 Reward
Strayed from our Camp near Ellco,
on 5th May, 1907, one Bay Mare with
white star on face, branded on right
shoulder, weight about 1,400 lbs. One
Bay Gelding with white star on face,
branded on right shoulder, weight about
1,400 lbs. One Dark Bay Mare, brand
indistinct, weight about 1,600 lbs.
Horses were well brolcvn and shod
when they left.
The above reward will he paid on
their return.  ,
The Pugh & Livingstone Lumber Co., Ltd..
Elko, B. C.
• (   M    Mil
Signed.  THOS. BIQQS, Secretary.
Does Not
,       v
»o***m\ **t1 swm    mrtm
•Lb/or Hair
Ayer's Hair Vigor, os now
made from our new Improved
formula, dorsnotsfnlnorrolor
the hair even to the slightest
degree. Gray hair, white hair,
blonde hair Is not made a
shade darker. But it certainly
;docs stop falling hair, No
question about thi'.
Dfitt not tfi(tiif,c i.'.it cclnr nf the h/iir,
.—MM' I -vttmtlMWtM****.X.f\U..  ■ .At.S.mjn*MU,«ira.
Dr, Wllllome' Plnlc I'llls Urlni; Back
the glow ot Health hy  Making
y»"W Blnnil.
lost iill encrfry r.nd wero mhject to
hcail-ch a and dlzslncbu. Dr. •.Vil-
lifims' Pln'.t rills wero taken 1. nd
soon there wan an Improvement lu
th.'lr fn-n^ttl:*•*'.    Thr c! r i-.t".-*""^
'-'■■" I to ■'their rhee'.'.p, ihelr nTipetlte   Im
perfect womanhood j proved; IickIiicIub   fc-ficd unl   a on
Eitl     must carefully good health took tho plnce of   do-
far «d too
: Without
Cheap, Round-Trip Excursions
St.   Paul,'   Minneapolis.'Duluth,   Chicago','Omaha,
City, St- Joseph,. St. Louis,  Atchison,
Winnipeg and Port Arthui-
July 3. 4, 5.
On Sale
Augusts, 9, 10.        Siptembsr 11,^12, 13
Plus 610 for ,the round trip.   Correspondingly low   rates, to ;
_,   '" ' -■ all other  eastern points.
Goingc transit limit (10) davs.   Final return limit (00) days „
from date of sale. • 'Stop overs allowed at all ,,
points within ,limits '    ;
.. ,For particulars call on or address,        _ »   '-
H. L.   BLACKSTONE, Agt,, Fernie
From. France,  Holland and
_,.,..   ''Japan .'    . '' »;
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps,; SpraviDj? Material, Cut
Flowers, -etc. OldeBt established
nursery on the mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free.
Nurserlffs ,
- ,   -t •
Qreenheute* and Seedhoutea
,    VANCOUVER,  B. C. '
60   YEARS'*1
Reduced   Kutes   from   Eastern
Points bit Sale Daily
, September let to October 31st   -, *
Ottnwn ...
Detroit -
Toronto .
Correspondingly;, Low   Rates
Intermediate Point*)
Sob-Spokane  Service
Tlie Finest on the Continent and the
Fastest between Spokane and
the Twin Cities
Untu strictly
■ont freo. ul
Tn»DC Marks
cofvriohts ac.
  _.rh nnd ttwcrlntlnn nmy
Tucortnln our opinion ttte whether ao
on » prnhftblj*jiBtoiitribVa. .Conmunkii.
itrlctly conOdontiiil, HANfl BOOK cn I'v.enic
 reo, uldost oooncr foriviutint-patent*.
I'ntentg takon thrmicli SIuiiq A Co, receive
tptctal notice, without ctmrao, Uthe
Scientific Mm\m*
A hondBomely lllnttnii«d week \v. I.nrnMt dr*
dilation of anr identlJo I*-,urii*L T«rm>. *i s
 '    rmonthi, $L SoWbynl newm'ealerft.
& Co^8jB'"iHilew York
The Canadian Pacilic Operates
Standard Sleeping Cars
& Tourist Sleeplns Cam
On   Two   Daily    Transcontinental
Trains in each direction
For HatCH, Hosorv-Uloim, find nny' tnr
0. S. KYKK, Donoi Ticket Anent
K. ,.T, COVJ.K, AG. P. A., Vnnoouvor, or
„  JOHN MOK, I). J'. A .Nelson. .
lo Consumptives
Tho uudoraluncd hating been restored to health hy simple moan«,
after, nufforlng for several years
with a eovero lung affection, and
that dread dlBer.no CONaUMPTlON,
lu anxloun to make known to hit*
fellow BufferorB tho moanB of ouro.
To tbojo who dodlro tt, ho will
okoorfully , aond (free of. obargo). a
copy of tho prescription uwd, whloh
thoy will find a ouro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATARRB, BRON-
C13ITI8 and all throat and long;
UXLADIES. He hope* all aufforeri
will try thli rtomoify, •« It IK Invala-
able, i Tbwo doilrlnjr, tbo protorlp-
tloo, which will oott tbo nothing,
•nd may 'prove a .bleaalni, will
pletue addreai
UrooHyn, N. Y.
To bud into
tho   jjrcwlng
JRiiard her hosilth.   Unless tho   lilood 'np-\nilcney.
Whr.t Dr.
dono  for
Wllllnmfl Pink !
is   kept rich    hnd pure, hoinlnclio"», j Pills lmvo dono  for those  two
,,„,,*--l--**.n.?   -<!  I.**? ■".*•*•;   -V.nr.y r^.h   ;U..u..   IZ*...^      :M.^'.:     , ul a*.-.l-j. '
wl I tronl.le her,   Bhe will    alwnyu  Tlroolta -they will do for otherH. j
lo nillni? nml nmy i-lip Into n ileadly     Tho1 s^nt f.f J'r. Wllllnriis'   Pink '
I'ocllr.e.  Dr. WlllnniB' Hn': PIHb nrc  nils In cnrlni? nnmmiii, His in thoir
a nn-.or fulllni,' remedy In btiUdlnj  pr.wir to niulu* new, rich, rillloMl.'
jiip tho l.lood.   .TiiHt ft short <lmnn",o |Thnt 'n why thoy f-trlVe s!n»l ht it
'tho rf pi rtrr rf     1,'Avmfr An V-n! 'tli.' vn.y <>t - r .',):n«i.,:i h'.Jt -p'^ H'*1
h'i<l the lullr-winK ciBin 1 roiij ht   to hcdichs, tl.l nih'H : n.i t nc''r.c!..'n,
l|-|. f.ulr.-..   in fhf t M'lt if .11.  ,Tj:  'ilm.m. lUih,      u.viir..I. [-,   I. -ll ... I,;.
w.        ,   amKr ;t'liic.     yno'ec, there is     nn ct\ih.\n  ariueinln, Ht.     Vitus d nrc,   p.irsl-.l
Ij&f S -*«■*&>'«7"-t.w'tit,   |n»>lura "nl r the <*.*re rf Ih *i» 70*i-'p, r.ily«lB   unl    iW k><1 1  ..il'-fni'!
./«..^-n-tmvm"--^ywwy'*-ir> i<m wor'-eM-tho ft, y nuns.   In this ;th t /.ffllcta :iIiuo«t i--cry w.inum ar4
Indeed, ve believe It will stop every c«e h*mo Dr. Wil hiins* P.n'-c   nil*, nre 'growkic   I'.irl.    Dr. w;lilr.ma'   I'ln't
of filling h»irunlessihtreJjio*mevery",!eoLstanUy u«*J.    For «4ime mcntlis Ivnis nre sold ly nil nv-didnc «!erl*i
should con lull your phyilciin. Aliosik |w*re offlleted   with nnremi.i.     Tbe a l.oi cr *lx boxes for 12.50   from
him sbout Ihe new Ayer's HsIrVlfor,     ■ymp'onm In loth catxm mre voryllho   I)r.   Wlllt.ms'     Medlcino Co,.
-i'i mp*i t'r.itu j
',,,(,w 1110 your
1.   iljclir
Mkbtin -!jmt It,
t'ttin <*a*a fa* «aj;a
Havo you Jioatlrtcho.-hackpalnB
or pains in tho cho»t ? Havo yon
that "nll-uono" feellnu ? Do you
havo tttH of acuta pain or wind
nftcj Jft'd ?
If so, roworabor that health do-
ponds on throo mam onjnns-
livar. stomach and intr*tine8,
and Blla-iUH rogulato all tlueo.
Blloans aro purely herbal 1 nd
**T* .,..»• .'r *.,..ri.*.. .*/. .l.,,t.,.n
*4**M***V^     *..*.....I     .* »'_"--'» ".* -'
host. Don't dally 1 Write for
sample hoxto' n.leans. Tcronto,"
(sondlnji lc- ftimr> for return
postiiKO), or luy .X box from yuir
Mr*. II. S-ivll:.-. 1A txAwn-A, Out,
mj'hi—"I'ur Icii'I.kIh*, *1i ■ iltty. In-
t ft
..l^-l  !   llllll,        ..    .'I "I."     "-..I * ..••     I
many  n.'.-li'lii*». *'.H 1  •■•■*« r n-i.-t
H'illl        .TH •*■!     '      •"      •' ; '    1     l!|!''IT,»
Thry 'sit- *'■ - •
Of all dru^f-iiti at 'fie- per hox-
(Formerly tliu Owl)
The Owl Restaurant
which has recently
will be more completely
up-io-datc than has
been  the case in  the
k kli*.
Johra Taylor
will be pleased to meet
tho ..Ul p.".li4)iis anvi ;il-
■■i*i   m-mi- ,",'1.'^: -\\ *!)i
FOR $2.00
With a diamond ring I reveal
froe how toseeuro a bountiful coin-'
plexlon. DlnmondH nnd exquisite
complexion nro both deslrnble. An
opportunity to every womnn Ib now offered for ohtnfiiiiiR both. For $2.001
offer u 12 Kt. Gold Shell Jtln.*-,
Bhapo like a belclior, with a Tiffnny net-
tiriff, set with a jroinitno dlnmond
and wlll send free with every order tlio
recipe nnddfreetionR, for obtaining a
faiiltlcis complexion, easily uiulcrntood
and Hlmple to follow. It will, havo tlio
txpoime of CrenmH, CoHinellcN nnd
Blnnchts.. Will freo lho Hkin from pirn*
ple», Pilnckhesdi, etc.,and rIvd the Hkin
beauty and softnonfl.
RING ,H   iriiHriuitodd   by   tho
mHiiiifsoturir to bonnrcprcH«nted
and should any purchssorboillsiintlilloil',
I will chuerfnlly re fit ml tlio money,
Do not let tlie price lend you to.
doubt tlio ffetiiiliicncHM or value
of tlilH rlnift iih thu nhiivo jrii'iMnC'i'
protet'U  ouch   nnd   «v-i*ry purrlifi*1''!
Heml 1110 .$2.00 by mull find t..l <•
!i<lviiiitii!,'0 of'tliUoflVr. «*• the'."  ■•
U liiiiltcil.   Sisiid, -»!'/.(! of   fin'iiM'    -1,
which rliif*- iHili!i«li'cil.
1( ■•   T. C. MOSELEY
,ii J.ilst*.'iiiil fttimrl .Si!\V   .n.   ,
Sl'ihI mo your 11111110   > ,r   -    .
nnmoH of 5 rcniitiiblo 1
rrfi'Ti'iiri" mill   I   will  fflr.«, 1
liropofcitlmi (0 net!«« my 1,
iny jfoo'l-i in your lociditv.
T. C. MOSELu *
Di'pnrtuii'nt 1-1
IS.' Kfiifilrd Suicr, NKW Yulilv CITV
Jly  fi-r?m
*hi* i-i'i1
Best of
**«f* *irtaf*tm
Gonorai ItlacksnsMti
moth alike, Tfcey were both   os\t, Dr<e'.TllI', Out.
Read the Ledger
Repairing;,   etc.
house siiorcrivG
Corner of Victoria Artnus A JalTray tt
^^j 8
Nev^s of the City
For Sale.'— Household . goods of all
kinds, including furniture, carpets and
rugs, china and crockery ware} kitchen
utensils and garden tools. Apply after
3 p.m. at '2(3, "\Viilmslcy street, second
house from Prcsbytcrim Church. Terms
cash. ' ,  .-
Lost —A Co*4V,-strayed on thc loth of
August, brand _0 on left side, shoit cut
tail, color red and white-' Anyone giving
information to Charles Headman, of
Carbonado, B.C., will'ho'rewnided.
Owing to an unuc-ual dotnan'd ou (Hasp ace this week,, we are compelled to
hold over several items of interest.
Saturday Special
Fresh Fancy Ginger
Snaps, 3 Bbs. for
Ashcroft Potatoes, per 100 lbs. $2.50
Pure Gold Creamery Butter; per. lb...*. 30c
New Laid   Eggs, per dozen,    „ 35c.
HE value each department offers,in high quality and_.lo\v' price cannot
be equalled elsewhere. In place of paying- a portion of credit expenses and
losses, pay. cash and received in full what you pay for. We guarantee that
we can save you money.    Are'you interested ? ■
Pay  Cash.
Prompt  Delivery.
Don't   forget* the celebration
Michel on Labor Day.
VV. J. Bit!fldell* Post Office Block
Mr. Luke Synionds, of Winnipeg,
ib. spending his vacation' in' Fernie,
and is staying ivit'n his brother W.
Symonds, C. P. -li. telegraph department. ■  *
Bhow,.-*-numbering-50 people,  carrying two bands, a genuin pack oi Siberian . blood   bounds;'  ponies,' .tlonr
keys   and   so forth,   will   give one'*
night' pelformance under' canvas 'in
Fernie cn Saturday, Sept. 7.     This
is - without' doubt , the largest   and
most perfect*   organized    tent show
that has" ever travelled this or any
ether co.intry. Andrew McPhee,  wild.
is" the solc°owner,* is with the show
himself, which is a sufficient guarantee that the performance will be first
■class in every respect, and fully   up
to the McPhee standard.,
,   Grand street parade, daily.
*    'Admission. 25c.  and-50c.     >   ,
,.'   Clarence    S.  Darrow,  the    famous.
successfully      defended   William    D.'
Haywood,  secretary • of '• tlie Western
Federation of. Miners in the.   sensational trial at.   Boise   last month,
■ will,, deliver .the' La':or Day-address
, in Portland on labor questions, , It
is believed that Mr. Darrow 'may
also speak of the Haywood trial and
tell of t'-*e alleged conspiracy against
the Federation l:y the Mine Owner,'-'
 o—    -
'■% niejling ol Local pernio. S, P.
of C.wnfi held in the Miners' Union
Hull when _Mr., J. Y. Leheney, of
Colemnn, gave an instructive ncl-
ilress on "Rrfbrrn and Revolution."
Thc speaker (,'nve mi outllno of the
progress of hiiin-in, society from
Blsvory to feudalism and to capitalism,' sluwlnK .ti lino of revolution
tlu*oui,'h'„Ciieh system "culminating in
n revolution which inmnjurnted each
particular epoch.
We woro tclil tli it cipltn'llsm was
first brought into existence by tho
iithi;-Hts of, thu French revolution,
who wero tho bourgeoisie Btrugglln-Jt
against n'rotten aristocracy, nnd cs-
tnblislied a Ho-'cnlled' iu,o of reason,
Wo nre nonrlni,' n revolution ln the
Intliistrial world, nnd a great Btrug-
Rlo is cn 1,-otwron a useful working
diss nnd an Idle capitalist class,
nnd thoy nro to ilotormlno who shnll
Mr. Lelioncy mndo somo tolling
points »n his Address and showed
lilmnolf a Htudont in tho world's history.
Andrew   IvlcPhee's   Big  Eastern  Show,
—:—r_    Downie's . :	
C oO •
Under Canvas
Saturday,  Sept.   7th
50   People.   2  Bands.   Genuine
Pack of Siberian Blood Hounds
j The Jubilee Singers'   Marks and his funny donkej*.
| Uncle Tom and his Ox*. Cart.   Our funny Topsy.
Grand.  Street
Parade   at  Noon
-r ^Sc-ahd^SOc"
Shoemaker Shop
(0pp. l\ Ilurui 4 Co'a olllco)
Thn ownot linn worked A yonr*
in Rome, Italy, and 1* propaved
tn do nil kindu nt* repnlrinfr nnd
new work.
Ben Gigliofcti Fernie
n, Hiai.,  ',   ■ A, wh.dmas
Contractors and Builders
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
McEvoy St.
P; O. Box 355
Fernie, B. C.
Builder and Contractor
Estimates chcerfully.given and work
• promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers,
Townsite  Ajjents
Fernie and llosmer
Fli-c,Illicit Acci-"
dent Insurance
Esta e
W.ll. i-AMI'llBI.T,
Pluns   nnd   I.stiiniUes on Application
Resilience fti Howland Ave.
J. Wilson CJijay, Auciiitkct
, Fernie  B. C.
r. o. e.
Uoota llrit frl.liiy in onoli month tn 1.0, 0, F,
II, II. Mooro, W. Koi»y,
Wortliy Pri-nM-Jiit. ' Worthy Heorntiiry.
.Will double tho pleasure of your summer
outing,. \Vohave them
iu nil sizes; from tlio
Brownie tn tho, lntost
No. '1 Folding- Pocket
Kodak. Thev sell always at catalog price..
We have a full lino of
photographic supplies,
Films, Papers, Dovel*
opoi's, Mounts, Day*
llarlit Machines, Plates
Tripods; etc. etc,
Cull and sec them,,,,
N. E. Suddaby
Fernie   Draff   Store
L.  P.   Eckstein
IlAnnilTRR'AT'LAW, SouoiTon
Knomi 1 & 3, Hflndomon block, ftrnlo, 11,0.
Y, 0, I.AWI3
^b   -U   f»A £|   kai
y$jp ^^p ^g^
Wanted st Once
nt Fornlo, B. C.
For Orow'i Neat Boulhern ExUniloi
lll(|hoftt Waflos Pold
W, J, Wrlglosworth, D, D. S,
Oi'i'icR HouiiHi*      t> 'Un iii », m, * to A p, m I Crow's
fl.-m to s v.ni- I
f\(llfn In »'i>»   I   f|-'<. Hmflr
nvfrSlinr.' .Haiicry,
VIIIINIB,        -        -        -     -        IJ. 0
T**mt\*r; Metaptr lloltJart, ■nd
Station Hen
Fr«» TrimporUtlon wlll bt Furnlihtii
by Applying to
A.  Guthrlo  A'lCo.
-J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. \V   BlocU,  opposite the Dank
Oillc» hou»-8 a.m, to 8 p.m.
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow'a Nest Tradlnj; Co. Block,
Fernie, U. C-
alk.y. i, nmvAt, II, A.
Latoe S: Fisher
Nest    Tnidlng   Co,    llloclc,
Pernie, B. C, "
In new, fall patterns and  designs.    Many exclusive patterns
and styles to choose from, at prices that mean,a\considerable
-saving to you. * ,     *.'.''•      .,",..--"
Rfflen's Black and BIuq 'Serge Suits    '.   $8.50
^JVIen-'s Fancy Tweeds ' . - .■_, -     10   ^ ;'1-1.00..'
RI era's. Esi-gBlsh Serges $l Worsteds ,13-5® io S5
■n,°"",»™,,—*»,""m,,,,,»l ■■■ ■«■■«!■■ ■ ■MHHHMMHnMnw ■HVBa»MHMMMU>«nianMMnu«MaMMMaHMMM
■•*   -Ask-for fhe^H/B.'K. big Shirt   ■■.v"'--'^
" :,- '   ■    ."   '     .-.*:.''' .       -'• *- ■•'■ .-:* '-
Just received full shipment of'the'well known- Hudson: Bay-
Shirt, acknowledged the-best working man's shii;t in, Canada.'-
7 *>      '     „•■'-*■ J    '.■       -.   '        .    .       "   ' " • ■ ' ■■•■•-  ■
Black , Wool  Shirt,   extra  heavy   ,   -       -     . -.
Heavy Tweed  Shirt,, very  strong - , ■ l   - ,
Extra   Heavy Tweed' Shirt '. -   ...- ,        - -,;.
, Blue  and  Grey  English, Army, Flannel..'  . -" ,: ;.-
Y i.25-
'..'.: i. sp."
Plain Gloths and Checks Predominate
Having  just   opened   up  bur   New,  Dress . Fabrics   in : all  the most.fashionable
colorings and. desigris  for, fall  wear * „   ,."•' -
Seal Brown Venetian Cloth in li-^ht     tf "i ■ €IK
"weight for *a dressy costume.. Per yd ijp | b&O-
tian cloth, costume lengths. -Per yd.
The Gordon Tartan in pure wool and
.medium weight.   Per yd...'—	
The Mcintosh" Tartan- in pure wool  :
and fair weight.   ■ Per - yd.	
ings.-'yet very serviceable.;   Per yd..;. ."'."
- .Kimono Cloths, suitable for long Kimonos
..'or sacque, in rich colorings.. Per yd...'....
Special for Saturday Only.   6 Doz. Turkish Towels
Six dozen  Turkish .Towels' iS x 36, regular price  26c. 7' Special. 2 for 25c
The American Walkover Shoe for men in tho latest styles, lasts and models.
Excels in-style, fit, comfort and durability.   Prices $5.00 to..":..■.'....'. .'.-..-..,
The Traveller fine shoe for men saves the purchaser money, being tho product oi
thc best Canadian manufacturers and made for durability and'style   Prices $-1 to,'.
Tlie Artisan Working Boot for men.   Kor hard wear and lasting service cannot bo   ■■P AA
equalled. .Made of solid leather,guaranteed by the makers and ourselves, $l,8f) to. ( ■UU
When comparing prices compare the quality, aiid our supremacy in value giving will |
stand out as plain as the hills.
Saturday Specials
Banner Oats, premium In every package 25o
2 lb. tins fancy Table Syrup,-por tin lOo.
12 lb. tins Tomato Catsup, per tin.i. 10c
Windsor Castle Creamery Buttor received direct
from thecrcamery every few days and warranted
the best obtainable.   Per lb ....L'iio
Number ono Dairy Butter in ono pound prints
and tubs.   Excellent quality at a low price.    2*]ic
Royal Household Flour Is tlio best for any household and equally good for bread and pastry. The
highest priced flour In tlio, market but costs you no
more than Inferior brands,',
100 Ib sack   $3.  50 lb. Sack $1.55
Cabbage, Carrots. Bouts, Turnips, Sweet Potatoes
GrlmYs Breakfast Bacon and-Hams
Sliced to your order
. Sole Agents' for"
Pratt's Poultry and Stock Foods
One Cent a Word
Ono In»ortli)ii not lumitlmii Irio
Homo uml Oooil Wiiko. -Apply Mm, A.
II. Om,
for wau:
.    Pallvtl Avonuo, Itiloom from Kernlo Hon*
iinnrlv iiuw, In IionI of onlor,  Apply l.i"liwr
olUi'ij, ' •'■••"'••f
N, Itowliroo.!, Fi-nilu,
W, ... U088, K.O. J. H. T. Al.KXANDKn
Ross 8c Alexander
KKHNIK, li, 0,
Offlcn In L. T. W. Illock, Victoria Avenue.
Offlues over V, Bums* & Co'* Block
Victoria Ave.
To tlie OfllttM mid Mirr.l *r«  ft PitUM U
V. M. W, of A..
NOTICK lit liotoby Blvi'iitlmt thii roBijliiT
n-ooHi.ifi nr M.'lU-viin t,oi>»X <!)! V.  M, W.nt
A, will in lutiim lm imlil oil nit" -ir;' I'"',
thlnl SiitunUy ev*nlni»ii in ill*, month, in-
Hloml of tlUii.CPon.l and liint humlHynn l<o*
folu Friiturniilly Vourn
F.   ClIAI'IT.M.,
Fin Six-, Looai. HA,
Cr-inbriok will cclabrnt* Labor
Day unflcr tbe auspices of tho Tradis
and Labor Council. BportJ -will be
Ji M on tbe recreation (-round-*.. A
swel-1 lervlce of tralnt will run*
Remember tho date, fteptembor 2nd
1907.  Sej (id, co another pagt.
Fall    Shooting
% We have just received our
fall stock of Guns and Ammunition and would call your attention to the fact that our stock
is complete in-every line, Our
lines of Rifles comprises the most
up-to-date and latest models of all
1. Our lines of Shot Guns have
never been equalled in value.
Now is the time to buy before thc
best values have been chosen.
Sec our windows for samples and
our clerks for values.
Hardwire  and Sporting Goodi


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