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-   rxi*"
w.csp«witT»£l*»|5*«"»« inft-ff-tjriv**"
V   <*-
Vol. Ill No. 4
Fernie,-'B. C., September; 14, 1907
Bandits Hold Up and Ransack
G. N. Train
.- n   A daring hold up reminiscent of Bill
ifgef Miner in liis best days, and rendered .ill
•   the   more''startling-'because   ot  that
notorious outlaw's jail breaking in New
Westminster a fow weeks ago, occurred
on No!-? 1 Great..Northern_in thc.early
hours of Thursday, morning at-a small
station cnlled".Rondo, live miles south
west; of  Rexford, ,on   the  main   line
between Fernie and  Spokane.    The
robbers crawled over tlie tender at this
place "and at ..the point of their guns
commanded the.engineers ,to stop,the
'  train., They then.ordered the fireman
to go batik with them to the express car
-.-   "and instructed him to tell the express
messenger,, mail   clerk and   baggage
man.to go into the-coach," which'was
done.. While this was being'done; the
robbers kept up, a continuous fusilade
with their guns to terrify the'passengere
..   and keep them in the'coaches.   After
.   the messenger, baggageman and mail
clerk had left their cars the robbers
o   went through the mail cars and robbed
. . . the sacks of a" large quantity" of regis*
» tered mail*' The'n. they went into an
... extra  express' car  which carried.an
overflow of mail, baggage'aiid express';
and which also contained a regulation
through' safe.   This, they attempted to
..blow   open.     After "exploding   three
„ charges the safe was opened aiid it' was
.     found to.-be empty."   The robbers did
• "     not enter- the, regular' express "car - in
which the .messenger had been riding-.
-.    -   On iinding. the safe empty, the high way
_".- • men helped themselves to the registered
~~    rrtaii"nuTTl*TT [fSFfi ri"n;g^a""pXrung*volley
V >■
Nimrods Shoot Bear on the
Lizard Range
Last Saturday, J. L. Allen and Wm.
Richards; both of West Fernie, set out
on a hunting expedition to the Lizard
Range. Saturday night the men
camped in the mountains, and around,
tho camp . lire they ' heard ominous
sounds o( breaking twigs. Nevertheless
nothing happened until d. o'clock Suii'
day afternoon, when Alleh and hie
friend sat down to get'some lunch.
-. They had hardly commenced when a
huge bear came out of the brush-close
by, and looked for' a moment as if he was
going to join this impromptu meal. On
second thoughts Bruin decided to forego
the pleasure of bread and cheese,,aud
vanished in the brush, only to reappear
and'.-this time framed up-for business.
The great brute rose bn his haunches,
and towering from an elevation of about
15 feet prepared to do'battle..  . ,
.Unfortunately for the bear, if he
wished to continue negotiations with
Messrs,*'Allen and Richards lie had to
descend, and descending is about the
last thing a. bear can do". It was so in
this, caBe, for- as the bear clumsily
advanced both men fired, and a bullet
behind the ear, and one in the region of
tho heart ended the adventure.
The,Great-Northern Railway Com1
" pany will pay the sum of Five'Thousand
:- Dollar's. for_tho arrest and conviction of
■ each of the persons engaged in the hold
'up and'robbery of its train at Rohda'
, Montana on "the mori'iiiigof the 12th
' .September, 1907., . "
"   F..E, Ward, General Manager.
■ '  .T.H. O'Neill, Superintendent.
Fernie, B.C., .Septembor 6.--.(World's
Special Service).—Mr.' G. G.'S. Lindsey,
well known, "as :.the manager of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal- company here,
whose handling of the miners', both
before and during, the late strike caused
WfxT bel8irciTee"dea~b"y
ai.other..maii.'*,. -Mr. Lindsey will return
to Toronto. The name of his successor
has not yet become known here.    . / ■*
The -Nat-'Rciss   Carnival '-Co.   say
:jy * Farewell to. Fernie to-nighl; * "■
George Dorenbackcr, our local cigar
maker,'left for. New York on Tuesday
evening on a holiday trip. It is just
twenty two years since George left.that
burg. Joe Goupill is looking after-Mr!
DoronbackeVs interests in his absence.
'-."Before-His Honor IV l«.   Wilson.    -
Watson v. Bell.'—Application' by defendant to set aside jinl^niciu. II. Wi"
Herchmer for applicant. L 1'. Kc-kstcinj
instructed by Lnwe & Fisher, contra'.:>
Lynch v. Black.—IMei'-oiuro from
Registrar to Court for directions as to
taxation. Eckstein for plaintiff.- ' l,n.«o
for defendant. ". ,    ',
Stevenson v Lynch -—Reference fiom
taxation.' Ross und Alexander ' for
plaintiff.   Eckstein for defendant.
Fall THllinery Opening
Wednesday, Sept.! 18th
The following letter lias been received
■from the Snpeiintcndent of tho-Children's "Aid Society of .Vancouver, 'aek-,.
noVlcdgiiig tho receipt'of tho amount!
"realized, by. the concert given by the.
young.people of Fernie on August 23rd j
last:— _ ' , " .; ' '' , i
My dear young Indies,
I really, do not know what to say to
you, I havo tried to picturo to myself
all the work that you have, put in to
make your concert a. success.-. 1 congratulate you -v most heartily, all of
you, upon the magnificent success
attending your efforts, and am reporting
youi practical 'sympathy to the Directors at their next meeting.     .    ' 7
You know how much I npprecisto
what you hnvo done, and I am sure
that some dny you will bo amply repaid
for your goodness to our little children.
Thanking you very much,
I am,   '
Yours very faithfully,
C. J. South, .
QN account of the unusually early
season- I have decided to open my
Fall Millincy on the above date.
Special invitation
inspect the stock
from Paris,  New
extended to all to
of thc latest styles
York and Toronto.
What's tho matter with the City
Council'*1 Aro thoj on strike or what?
Thrco abortive meetings • another fruit*
less journey by the martyrs from tho
Fernie Antiox; and thoso tenders for
tin) construction of the septic tank still
unopened. Gentlemen, this is worse
than wo expected of you, ami it Ib a sad
spectacle, this derollctlon of duty In
hiuh places, Come out from behind the
wood pile.
O a Year
Fresh,, arrivals of the
,       Fall
1   .     $£P IBM?
very  newest
Ladies' Furs
Storm" Collars,   Ruffs,   Stoles,   Muffs
Ladies '■ Coats
7,    - Tweeds,   Broadcloths,   Rainproofs
- \\      ..   'Wool,   Union,   Silk.-Mixed   :.,-,      ..
Men's Suits   \ >'<''<■ -■■'- ■■>  ■'
.;     ,,-_  -     -   -;■*-.   ■ ■     _■•     -,.,.*. ,..     .-       -•   <■ •
• Tweeds,   Serges,   and   Worsteds"
'"    ' "i'   <.-.-     '.•-" .' -.?   i    "'     '.'■    :'' '- ' -'
Men's; Underwear _^ /■■;'•.:.-';
**■       '.-"-''■"'Wool,'. Union  and' Fleece'Joined.
•■■ ':■■'- *'   Coats;- Short  and' Long^.Pants^,',.,
■ - _ •-. ft..,, ( , ., , a ^
We'' carry'..'everything"" in    Men's   and   Women's-
Furnishings.    Quality and workmanship guaranteed.
H08MI5H   X0TI5B
''       n
District President F. II, Sherman
and International Hoard Momhor Potor
Patterson, accompanied by a local com*
mlttoe, waited upon the Superintendent
of the Pacific Coal Co., Mr. John Drown,
and prosontcd a now scale of wages for
the rock tunnel work at Hosmer mints,
John w»i In UrIiIIi)-,' trim, and indlg.
nantly  relURCd to comply with tho
Union'* refjui'Of'. Tho T'nlon will probably avail ltnolf of thn InduiitrUl Dln-
puteii Investigation Act, and call for a
commission of Inquiry before cloning
down operations,
Mr. Itrown' Intendu leaving IIoBm'ev
.':;• .i icw tvixlo i...-l *iL7ta *, ...",< (o
Arkapflas where hii mother rctldct,
Hoimcr Ih btilldliig up rapidly, and
will ultimately become a fine mining
Conoldernhlc typhoid fever U preva*
li'iit in the construciicirt campn, bcin-*
l.roun-ht fn by men from the Wn(t««l
Stutoi. About liltenn cni-ci trottrtsAy
In tin* hospital.
i < (.
Frank Ryan severely cut his left
thumb while uhapliifj.a wed/joSaturday
morning. The. end of tho.axe handle
catching hla knee caused tho accident.
Births for tho week: Mr. and Mrs.
HoBtnir, a daughter 7 Mr. and Mrs.
Ftulknor, n son; Mr, and Mrs. P.
Jtobarti, a son;  Mr. and Mrs. John
Johnson, a son,
There was a 'christening at the homo
of William Graham, the gonial secretary
of the Minors' Union, Tho boy was
cnlled John Hobort, after his undo who
porlshcd In the Frank slide.
Tho International Coal and Coke Co.
has begun tho construction of the wash
houBO requested by tho local Miners'
Union about a year ago. Men employ od
around the mines will have tho use of
the wash room and lockers for tho pay
ment of ono dollar por month.
Ilro. Alexander Crookston and other
Ilechabltes are endeavoring to organize
a Tont In Coleman, Mr. Crookston
reports that ho Is receiving every
encouragement, and claims that the
charter mombprshlf1 wlll ho very large.
Tipplers and topers tako notice,
At the regular mooting of Coloiimn
Miners' Union on iSnturday night, a
motion to build a Union hall was
carried, but it was decided to leave the
i.uestion open for the consideration of
the noxt regular mooting. Other
important buslncs-i was transacted,
At the KngllMh Church on Sunday
evening, Kev. K, K. Webb, IJ; A., tho
pastor, preached an eloquent sermon,
taking his text from Matthew xx. ii7-8.
The rev. gontleman  announced   his
intention  ol' dealing with the labor
problem in a sericB of nine lectures.
Tho sermon this evening, he said, was
introductory.    He . doplorcd the fact
that tho church had paid iittlo attention
to social  and   political   affairs.   He
belloved that tho mission or thi church
was not so purely spiritual as to prohibit
It dialing with those material things
that  concerned   tho  welfar*   of    its
children.   Society was divided Into two
classes just as It had been under chattel
slavery and feudalism,   Ho showed the
growth of capitalism, aud demonstrated
that tho rotative position of wago earner
and capitalist today Is similar to that of
serf and lord, slave and master.   He
denounced the class that took more
from society than It gave as " thieves
and paraBitus."  Eloquently and logic*
ally the speaker traced tho Injustice*
visited on the working clasa, and when
ho ceased thoro was in the hearts of
working men audience a resolve to hear
his other eight lectures.  The congregation was the largest the church has
over been called on to accommodnto.
■ V »•*■   J * •> *.»        t-M'.V'l. \   t*
"The* AMallc. Menafi*." wan rcttd nnd
discussed by groups of Union men. It
camo as a surprlso to most of them, and
opened tholr eyos to tho connection
between emigration and the local labor
•It-iMf"'* T-hnt'afbn "•tuff "fnr Union
rsaders,   Keep it up.
Thc Scotch Gang gave a house warming Saturday evening to their many
friends. Violin solos wero a feature
and Scotch recitations and songs made
complcto an enjoyable affair. Tho
visitor*! pretended to enjoy Sutlierlsiid*
pies, and as a result of Rutherford's
culinarv I'florts tho drug store ran out
of colic cure.  There was no beer.
Although thn weather was about as
bad as could bo, tho auction sale of tho
It/.i Ull 41.C Millie. .(/th.lt.iU *>.. VttUl.CJ.-
dny rrnll'/t-d good price!*, nltecii lull-
falling to tho auctioneer's hummer.
Such well known people as V. IUtrns
and Co., Heme Hank of Canada, Crow's
Mt-st Trading Co., were amongut tho
number ol applications have bi'on madr*
for the remaining lots,
It, II. Moore, of tlm Waldorf Hotel,
was tho auctioneer.
■■■'   ■ o	
Mr. Tun., .ato ol tbo Crow'* Nest
Trading Co. (*t*ff, Is thn new manager
in thfc grocery departrnsnt r>l Triti"*-
Wool Co.
o H
« 1 t ,£*■.>•,*.,/.«' U3,M*^-THf.VV(>l
«'i*«wrvAf««M«s.-i-i*rHsj*l"vvrtr, „
i *.
-v. 7i*
. " JK- &,
^ZjmJT * ■*-*j
Passes Yet' Another Set o[ Resolutions on
.   the-Shortage of;Coke.'	
Seattle is. Getting Busy to "Settle all
- Tf"
,Portland, Ore., Sept.--; 10.—The Qre-
'goniaii toft ay- prints Vthe following
spcchl'*ft*om\, Seattle:' '"five-Vy' Indi-
go':s to show thai the ■ Vancouver .riots' were carefully planned
to.impress:lshi; chief of the bureau
of foreign commerce of Japun. It is
significant that thc leaders cf the
Seattle organization against Japan-
Boundary Prills-': 13. C, Sept. i'0.~
The following 'set" of resolutions have
lieen pes-ed by the   Boundary, Falls t cation
Union, Go. 1C3, W. F.- of- M., re   the
coke situation, a copy of which has
"been forwarded to Hon. R. MeBridc.
Whereas there- has during the   last
two    moutt-s   been  a. serious    coko
shortage throughout British  Colum-
' TiSa, rcsultin*,' -.,in ihe partial closing
flown of sivcral of the smelter's, thus
.inrowin*" Trge mim1 ers ol men out'
oi employment; ..'-.,    '.
■ .Whereas the coal mining interests
.claim' that lack, of transportation
.facilities, is thencause of .the said
. shortage,    and   the    transpottation
companies  in  their turn throw    the
responsibility,, upon the coal miners;
V Therefore,    *,ye    the    members    of
Boundary  Falls. Union. Eo.*'-168,   W.
Ti cf -M.,  request your, government
rt'o taVe cognizance of this condition i
of affairs by
, 1—By instigating   a thorough and
searching examination into the con-
. flitions existing in the coal mines
of the" Crow's Nest Pass, so that the
public nicy Le' c .rrectly informed in
the matter and place,the responsibility where it belongs.
>,    2—That you    memoralize the railway commission of Canada in regard
.to the claim of car- shortage/
••  3—That' you  enforce .the ' .penalty
-contained in the Crow's Nest   Pass  erf-'•"that IsM did not.hava'.any, time
Coal'Company's charter by which it to spend in'Seattle, and he went on
-.is   prohibited   from exporting._ coke "though;- to  Vancouver.      Sirnultan-
, -until the local "  industries of Yale   eously with"1 his going local leaded of
cc-uver-'demonstration:_pn,, Sept.,, 12.%| mains m.c'.ar^e cf the. cilleries'in;
.V^F? '$'.^ Question as "to wlutW tiio cVjw's'Nest Valley.. , The. story i
.Si'attle, Portl-ind °cr San FrairJ.scd' cf a ch-nSe.cf superintendents prjb-i
agitators took-part. The 'great bulk .' a' ly grew1'out of the report; d pur-1
of-the marching and rioting throng J _ chased cf "a crntr oiling interest 'oy'
was: -composed-   of OcnadiaiiB,.^^r^Jy.;^H01, whicli is'contradict-
the! Japanese officnls i->nrirpri.!-A'mi»r---'; -.'IVVu.»J:i'';?;*il"i,^iA,"i-~- .i j..,:
ican: participants in
protest to  ths Ot
l  o-
Minard's Liniment Qo.j  Limited
Dear Sirs—I had "a' bleeding'tumor
 _r.    .        ,  Ret.
, Jbnray|s-'attyniio'n/was .ciUcd to tub
6t^tcmoat'''.VfromiVa"ric6uyfcr that j.
J. Hill h^dVsecured'coniroiS.of -the
B. E. WALKER, President--.   ''   •
ALEXi LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. .IRELAND,,Superintendent of;
Branches'-'     "*■ .  °    '•'•'.-
Paid-up Capital," $10-OObjOOO
Rest/Vf:',-^'.^-?   5,000.000
cbo immigration, were in .Vancouver]
'hoadin-j the demonstration.' jFranki1
W. Cottcrill,-" president 'of: the '.Wash- i
ington State.Federation of .La.or;!
A. E. Fowler,'secretary of the imt.i-1
Japanese and Ccre?n immigration1
league, and George'1 L., Lipman',,, aj
'prominent Scit'le labor , leader, all'
wer» present, to-ether-with ■ a tizl
delegation" of American anti-Japan-1
ese sympathisers.
■ The; significance of   the  Japanese
riots dates bae'e to thc programoie
evolved when .it was announced (bat'
.Ishi'was coming to Soattle., Itwas"
then   decided that the Anti Oriental';
organizations propose eo present; to
Ishi. while he Ras in Seattle, a pro-'
test   against. Japanese*' immigration.'
At tho    time, this plan was formu-1
lated, it had teen arranged Ishi' was)
.to spend a week in' Seattle and then'
go over to Vancouver.   There   were
planned   at    a   conference   between
Nancouvcr and -. Seattle anti-Japanese leaders, all the details fcr a' big j
anti-Ja'paness .<--- demonstration ', in
Vancouver on,Sept. 12. 'It* develop^
; 113.000,000-
Brandies throughout Canada, and in the United States and England*
. -*    .       |. ,
'     -. f                COMMERCIAL AND FARMERS' PAPER DISCOUNTED! ■'•"      "7*"       '"
.   ,. ■■''.'■■   — : -" 7V*7    ' ,84
, . * *..--..,      .   • -   *■   *
plct'e cure, and;it -healed'all up 'and »any has^s'ome'.yery, aqtive^eaemies. I'-   " Deposits of $1 arid,upwards, received, nnd interest allowed at
It is,true":that;ivir."Hill*Ws-in'creaBi' ®ur^ent'ratcs'    Thc ^cPositoi;.is subject to no delay whatever in .
the'withdrawal o£ the whole or any. portion of, the deposit.
1 . in t.        '. •'..-' ' '-•"„.''*
ori my face for a- long-time, and tried' CrCiWfs Nest :Fas/^'cj^.jhine,^ and?
a In'umher of reme&rs\without v-iny' fre(lu«ucy .f1^.^^^^1^;,.*1^01'-!
good' results, '-■was', advised' "to- try1 tions- d*^aS:*°S;,to';tnV Crow's.'^.'.stj
Ml-NARD'S, LINIMENT, '-''and'., after! PaSS" 'pon*P',*-y -come'oy'et .the;wires, j
usin--; soverar'hottles'it made a rom-1 sen"ator "JaDra'y.':Bi*.id'.that..:the.°'com-   .
■_,li .*...  .-•.■., ..    - -.   ■:! T4o*.„" i,u„' - :: - •*r'.'.*.■.'■"■'''"••■*-''.* ' \.    ■> 1
'disappeared: "altogether
'   I ;       ■    : DAVID 'iHBNDGR_SON.
-Beileisle  Station;. King's Co.-,, ,*7,B
■'''■'■ Sept. 17, 1901.     .   '7'-7 77"_'
;--   •    —i—o~i?-.'J_..';■";'/.
The report' that 'Mr.~\'\G. G. si
Lindsey Is'"about.to "retire from the.
management'-1 of the. mines. of'!tha
Crow's Nest Pass Coal-Co.'is"; unfounded. The -statement'.was'^ first
published some months ago and went-'
the rounds 'cf .Uie provincial press-
Last week a "despatch from.Ferme
repeated -the information"1.,m;re' clr-
cumst'-intially., It. is-new' learned,
authentically that Mr.  Lindsey   re
ed . his, hold ings; in,'the. manner' - asserted; and it.'ls, n6t>.trueytbat.'*.Mr'.
Lindsey' is'; to "■'retire.'  The"; "Granby
.Copper ' Company, r of'.Grand-.'Fotk's,
recently purchasedfla';„very consider-*^
able;-   block-■_,'of.; Crowds ..'Eest'' coal
'Steele, paying"ior _'it11 a sum ' in'' the
neigh'.-,qrliood . of 5703,000. • The' 'company hasc also ..put a., good"-deal ■'of   ,
money   into    the   treasury  of"   tho I ft
. Crow's' Nest ■ company for. use' in^. en-' ft
largement.'of     the company's "opera'-*-^-?
tions,. as^ h?s' Hill. J The latter-;,- has i H$
not'-be:n after'control- at.al'.'^and
the suggestion that there -is a feud
between parties within the directorate is an-absurdity.',    . '"_;
Fornicr Branch
G. S." Holt,n Manaffor.
and Kootenay are fully- supplied.
3—That you take ,0 immediate stops
- ;;t'o put part of the large area of coal
the     cnti-Japanese
north.    ,,They    were
sociity   vent
in   -Vancouver
Jands   owned   by   the, province into
when the outbreak occurred.landjal;
though announcement
-such a state of development  as wiU.private letters from
.insure the smelting industries'of"'th'e'
^province against the reoccurrence of
nny such crisis as at present exists.*
;(Sg"d.)b        JAMES A. "HARRIS.
is made    in
that they "arranged with the mob lo
do no violence, tbo society itself be-
l'eves the demonstration had to co
with their presence. It wns impossible to present a big anti-Japanes
petition to Ishi here, and he refused
to remain,lenj. encugh for the Van
y ■■
.1 -      „--   c
Fernie, B. G-
.' ." .'v.".   ...  .1 .'• . , y'y ■■ 1       , , -■ .-.:
MONDAY,    SEPT,    23rd
.Recreation Orounds at 2\p..m. "■.'■■'
•'   . ■ . ' I
Event  1st      2nd      3rd
r.    Boys'Race,       $• $ oo   $ ,3 od   $   ,',
' ' ; (under 10 yonrn—80 yards)
2. Horse. Rhcc   "    1500     1000
"    (OnoJfllo Dasli) ' "n
3. Horse Race        15 00     10 00
(Indian Horso Hnao 1 milo)
4. Girls' Race 5 00      3 00. :
(under IG yoiu-B) •  ■
5*   Men's  Race,   ' , 500°     300,
' (-tO, years—100 yiiiils)
6, Ladies' Race,       1000     '500     300
■   (unmarrlod~.80 ynrdu, must bo *1 startor&)  ,
7. Ladies' Race,:       7 00       5 00
' "'(■v.arr.itf  U0 j..»-Ja)i . ;'"
&'.   Sack Race 7 00      5 00
9.    Running Jump     500       300,
10.    High Jump 5 00       3 00
u.    Prize Pail Contest 7 00       500     300
(blindfolded—must lio 5 entries)
13.   Obstacle Race     ro 00       700     500
(mnut be fi stnrlei's) ''
13.   Tug-of-War        1500     10 o,>
Must he 'A stjirtcpsi in two prlj-f- event*) or no •Jiul money
In CuroMlla'* Ifnll nt8 o'clock
I*, i
i *,
i .
1 ;..
1 ■>
i 1
1 i -
! 1
For Three Months
we  will   receive   subscriptions
.to The Fernie-Ledger at the
rate of 7
One Dollar a Yekr
■■■ii usmm'^^^a^mmm^m**am^ss^missm**mm^*rm*mm^K***s»m^mws*mm»mmii*mm^
■ Watch Jt'lncrease.'-*' am "you-haveVio;
do  with . a  Savings   Account. is  to  sthrt  it* and
keep  it   going—then, watch   it   grow.    Doesn't
take -long 'for it-to- count- up to a considerable
1 amount—then  you see  the .. advantage—the "wis-,
,-dom. of-saving.--■•■■ ■■'     ■ * 7 „■ 7.'.';. • ,.,'
?$1 Opens an AccounLivith The Home Bank of Canada
.   J.M.  MARSHALL, Mgr., ''';*.;. Ternle   Branch
will stand Railroad inspection
a^ '20-Year Gold-
Good Time
$30.00 at
The Jeweler
■vc-     -• .We   want to double our   list
v-.:..7* , '-of'-subscribprs.: . Seize the   op-
-    portutiity   and! !get  the.  paper-
7. -      <..     .     ■ „• 'ij ■
\yith all the Nevi^s
Send   your   niime   into    the
Manager of 'Tlie Ledger.
Rake us
.._.     and .if. you. .do., your   garden   the ■-" ■
same, way you  will have   a   good
showing. We have a good showing.of
Garden  Tools,  Garden   H6set
    Lawn Mowers,■', Etc.
v > -> ■<;
Screen Doors, Screen Windows
t M>
'l t
i»*i   1'
.'.' .'» V..I-*
,.'    i.   **.
J. D.
Hard ware and Furniture
^^?^^??^*<>^44K***4*4**44#^4>*4**^ *
■'    !
Wc have just placed in '. slock : some
of- the latest fads for printed matter
and guarantee   satisfaction !.,...
Mcats» Eggs* Butter,'        |
Poultry aiid Pish':
Why not try us.miJ ho convinced Unit \v|mt tlioy snv is llio iruili ?
Our pi'lci-K nre ilii? 'most tvnionnhlo in Foriilo. l'lumo Nro . or
c.'ill nt the"slmp on Vlclorl;i i,\\'iiuu [,.
IDoMViinioni Fvieafc to. Ltd.!
Phone No. A
Victoria A-Jemic'
iS      ***—"■' »»«—a—a—a—aa»» -■   ■   ,*«V
" ' ■: j
Peaches,    Pears,    Plums,   Apples,    Oranges,    Bananas, i
Lemons,  Watcrmcllons,   Cantaloups,   and   Grape   Fruit!
all at right prices, \
S"W3B3]3T     2?OT-t*VTOH]S     3  LBS.     35    OENTB
toim: beck      ^E^isriE
Can We
'Iliink It over. This Is ndihvsserl»to
all who nro nos yet our ensioincn. If
you (,-H'o our »tora t\ trlrtl yomwlll lllcn our
wny of tlolnjr business. You would not tt:u*o
to olmngo for nny other store. E,irlv
nnd lute *vc study how u» kutji our ntoiiu
in tho front runk—nt tlio vorv liend of
ItBfllnRs. Our Incronalnfl; business lacvl-
donco tlmt wir cfTorta nro npiircclntcd ty
tho public.
We wlll never censo In otircflnrts to niitke
this tho people's most populnr drug atnro in
tho full momiinn'of tlm word.wliero nil onn
feoJ sum tlielr wnnls will bo attended to
J«ac rfsht, ,.,
Palnce Drug Store    Phono-12,
« '   I»
,7    ,o'1
\ 1
i :
1 -
{ *
f i '
i ; /•
v—wtts&wt**1*****-* ,
V •v"*-'X*%./*,^4i.WiW>S51i^^
se • of«-
■   'SCALED'   : LEAD   -PACKETS" -
'N.EV-BIS   SOLD   I"N  BULK",     «'.
•At'all Grocers..' : Black-, ffSixed or Green
J Highest Award St. Louis, 1904
1 • --
^•.^•.•^•<^'.^'.^!^v^ vfS. *-^-;^-t^-i^-i^-t^'j??a. M
9 J* 9 %
$ ^ma^^wW^yWi'   -• -'-:*-":
*>-V'   Y:§li^s^"*e-**'^^                       rt, M-^a
5SI - ^i5-^^^^%r^^^4 9 IO
V   V
"We, expect to have-the biggest'
showing' cif_ ores that has ever -becri'
''seen in .this part- of the country and
. the entire mineral display will*be "in
place and ready for'the opening of
the fair.7 states 0. Horton Hart.'
together with George P. Lairsen, w:.U
ihave charge of the.-mineral department at thu Interstate Pair this'
Eear-     '   " '   "
"Mr.  Larsen: has    * just     returned
irom an extsnded visit-to Idaho, and
throughout  his trip' received    every
assurance   ^that the-   Coeur d'Altnes
would be well represented in tac^ex-
hilat:"He".will' leave in- a short :tii?e'(,
" for Britis'h^Columbia,. and will'  pay
an extended   visit'   to-.that t,section,
arousing" the'interest   of the' mine
owners-in the -'different, camps -to the
necessity of exhibiting at thevfair. i
•"A new. departure .will be"1 made
this year in one . respect.j- Not" only,
will the- different classes of minerals
br named, but- their values will^ be;
~7Kld~rtbl4ftBef~with    ^thTTJler'tcT
.which they may be put.     ..    .-
^,'j    ,        v  *"        o \L''4-,
■l^e„:'are>arranging. •I:r:ca6es^ in*
"' \whlcii-.to", exhi'bit'a numuer"ot'*'. the'
finer specimens, ^and^these^w.ll be
kept'forYa:i'pe'rma'nent 'exhibit."-'* We
,want mine owners, if possiblei to
Eoud us a num'ier^pfc goo4:>:Bamples
as we want every-'mining'sectloh'*"in
the entire .northwest to be represented Jn-the-exhibit.y-^:'-:4-':-.- - ■ - *
Tlin rnsiilphts ol thn Inland Empire,'
wlioworo'fo'ririoi-'i-oHliieiits'nC the stnte
of Mlnsnnrf, linvo declrtrcl ,to have a sort'
of annunl "homo eoinlii« day" once
every j'OW'. .:iMie',Jistiinco',to,t.lio(oviniir
Jiomlw'l.. th'ti Btatfl of MInsoikI In'b.«
;«rron,t.a8 tomnlvO It practically Imp-Vasi*
b'e fnr n very lavffo proportion1 of .tlicm
to make,the trip^iuul it is their jaii-pose
11 have a arreat limui-il .meeting every
fall in the city ot Spokane where' they
can  coma  toother to  renew  ihe okl
ac'i'iiiintanees,- u> inai;n new* ones, aiul'
to have a' ■ perfect day -.of. rejoicing *
surrounded ly these who-Know best
how. to make pl;as:nt  such a  day.- '■■
The farmer '"Missourians now -living
i.i, Spokane and,,  iis vicinity'   h.ne*
as'ted  the  ■ fntintate1 Pair manage-!
ment to'set ap^rt'-' Tuesday,'" -Sept.'
21, r.s i.he day in sjicaial,, honor,   of j
the  sir-vices   'rendered  in  promoting
the "m.teri.l growth     and development, of  . the Inland Empire.' .' This
hjs    leen designated.    as-"M'ss3uri!
has leen done   'and*tha d^y named! .
Day."   Many interesting' and    enter-j== ■ —  ■
tainin*    thins    are* teinj arranged'  ..'■', '<.'.-'
f-r   the visit:rs on.;that day, ,tutiORA\BKOOK LAND D1STKICT
pro'.:ably   the most'^interesting, -:to
Made from pure, grape cream of tartar
Undertakers A Emba!mers|,
^J*^l^M^ww*l>l^^^^^>T^^^w^^^«li.^^»■^^»^w^^l^^,^^lLl t mrir»i >■■ iii*JM«»w«MW^MM««MMw^M«»»ia»»^wwwwwMi     l»fy\
AGENTS   FOR       -    ,   ..   ,        ^
,'. The   Calgary   Marble, & ' Granne Works' '
The   Kootenay    Marble   Works,1"   Nelson
Samples Can be Seen at the Office.      „     , _,.  Parlors in Lundy's* Block
M'v^v^v^t^^v^T^vr^r^fit tt&V^\n&ott7&rttyw7Z&
Makes home baking easy* Nothing
can be substituted for it in making,
quickly and perfectly, delicate.hot
biscuit,* hot-breads, muffins, cake and
pastry. Insures the food against alum
Pbice Baking Powdir- Co!,- Chicago. -•
District of Enst  Kootenay,,
.  Southern  Division.
TAKE    NOTICE  tnat   Michael P.
every man ann .woman who., lived in
that granl old.'istate'lon'-j j\eap'ugh
to become imbueduyitn;. the hospital-
- ity - of ^ite^people,' of,.' its •> own great-
hjsB^wlBJb^the^riaWtlon of a Bo^e-' o£ Fernie-' B* °-> lumberman,
permanent^dci'ety,-of 'Missourians.j^P^ to apply for a special tim-
Leo'Walton, editor of th2>ator,]terilict'n3s over the .following de-
Outburst,-published at  Spokane,    is EcnLed lands:* -   '   '' '   *
"compiling , i. a • 6 orb j* bf biography -,*-*. i of
every man, woman and* child whose
l.,-;C6mmencin-j .- at a post planted
ab jut., four,, mile* ,north_ot_the_Inter-
.name:he can^sacur^_tha.t;;is|now..Uv- aational Boundary, line, about", four
jsho was'a citizen-or! resident .of thel^j^ .Bouth: ;..lork 0f yGold;: Creek;
State"of Missouri, and he desires.th^ce: north*80:cnains;'> thence'*--east
that all of, our readers send him   at ■ goj ~hainB:    thence  south  80  chains:
♦  *<-.*.■.   : ■   .'•■";■        '* '.V
♦:♦.!!        ,.....,
t The
♦ -;;7. Co.;  Ltd
| fiE'lW^-H-i'iiOgrrf^
.•'■sioncjl.fl.-f \:!"■:'-..
Manufapturersofand _
! Dealers 'p'*
once ',' the full. na'ms'i    address,    age ith^'j*wtBt    80 chains to place    of.;.
:a'iWU:"' a short'- -sketch-'-or-wha-b-'eaah
,♦!♦ Roui?h.& Dreesed' Lumber ,/
•V    Dimension & Bridge; Timber ♦{♦
commincTmJntT" and"
'Ampire'.'   It' would also' assist    him
In that large work arid in.the   sue
Sore, Hot, ashiPB o*"^1'8*:
ered fe*t ate - cooled and!
healed by Znra-BiiKj Store
atria, pootmon, pollo-jrtioj'
■VrinrrsAiidAll-whOflLnnd nml"
i. '% lot aliould test ita valuol
wai** ■ ., ^j,- 0„r0| 0j,ftnn(r,
ZmiiOiiih. v K*itt. (iiinburn,
soroB, Inneob n. '' •qj-e" Mid
bIl'bm. tcremft. liom. •'•ivlflB,
lyll ikindUcaii.ii and. itu- **-.
such, former resident .bis ,d?ns slnce- 6iolTac¥ea''!morc or
tayi^.up residence    in*the   Inland    ^^ ^.^ ^?_
2; Gommenolng-*at'"a. %(>$£' planted
name cf. .the old. l^issouri :bc)m'?. C'-it;^!. BpuAdary-llne and ,-:.abput,
t'.'wn'" cr, pdst/pmce. i'Arrangon\ci\>8'-',.^Q_^i'jiB v<_astil,of.vtheii'ub-lrt line.
are being-made--to "have "one. :^/MiB-!«3i,''jand£al.out joiu7milcu eaBt :ot-
aDiirl-s, most clo,uenj;;_vg'^tosm(jn aa. tho./iYahk -j.river; thence .80 cha,ins
ih'caj. the f'' yIsitpr*.. ^, on".'<'Missouri"wetst;.-. tlience 80 • chalns.'lBoutb; thonce
D;-iy." Other ''oatures aro .beinr nr 189 ...chains east; thencoij80 . chains
rniigeft l»*;nt prom*60 to make" this nor.fll.!-to .-.Place; of. cpmmenccmont,.-
°*}°'''of.the'very lntc'resHri.-?'nnd:long
to I e remembered dnys ;of the* fair.--'
lains to Place    of. .:*  > - -   Piiin'^;:1lottlding,' Latha.'-j*?-
id"cor.'tainB"a'jout~!'»-J:■■'-'■-' 7'' '-n v^-Wi*-■• ., ■ ^Y°*>
lssiYYy, 77-7 % intuit  c.MwfiW .atnAi Tjfifc jfc
wJ*    A***-a     .i * * e   il  ttWOSwS^S^S^StS^BWSm    i.**.*^ .4--—f*- t     4*   '
*(..   I'M? «<       , t  ..:-.-*.;, _    J--"_W-—»....u.,.. 34.V...-.V
: ' Th'-e   ^eary.  -traveller-'in'search ot a -good
' ho'ae,Aplenty'to'eat arid something good to
, urink ■ Bhould go to »-"".■    *-   ;-    .-    ' '
The Biiig; Edward Hotel
,w,. ,;^.?L.; Gates,  Prbprietbr"";     ;
.V All Orders ^Promptly-Attended •!♦'•
♦> ■   ■. ■ ■--■*   ■ ' -■ •-■-.*.■■
"""•* w yu■'"■'"   '""
*- w# KIM thorn all.
.,    '-tdfllon
. lylntt About
whon wood ao
cllrootodi  -
•i*.:    —'bold ov"~-.n
| lllo. per paokot, or 3 pnokoto for inc.
will laut a wholo ooaoon.
i'A'I'ltl^llii. lUJAllTTSlJUHTItV   :
Crow'9    Nasi   Spoolnl
Minor's Fnvorito Ciflnrs
*aJI^-''l'K''^'-'W-«^'*''*^^.''».'-J-»-^u Jl-l."...J'?"JJ
WINE   OO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers uud Direct .
'  Tnijiortoi'-i of
scotch. aS;d	
Illisit VUIBK8V,'	
LONDON I)*Y        ..i.--...
AND HOJ..'.AN'n mv,
jwrna-HV ; ■: ■'■ ;•■:   .    .. :-,
, drAMI'AON'H .
BCI1MT2 llEHli'* ''' ' '■
AIM AND STOUT.   ;   «j
Sola AxotxlH In Kust Kooteimy for
i ""     vVATKIt	
Wloktale   Denltn >om&   Dlraet
iMportl-ri ol
' "    *■ *.-. i, tr. « .*'. it     **»   ■ i
M. Kerr & Go.
Contractors and Builders
A ' -
Plain, .Specification* 'and Estimates furnished on application.
I'lontv ol GOOD  DUY  TAJM*
tt. ,.V, KRJlll,
i     Anhlttct     ftiid Siipcrinlendtnt
Office at tteildtuce,
■y Tel. 3 Fcrnlc, B. C. •>
♦ '        . . . *. ... .*.
containing about 640 acrce, ■ more or
loss._,    -,„.,-      , .   „
Located-July'23rd, 1907.:' ", ■'
1,3.iComni':nclU'j .at a, post planted
about ono mile north of the International " Boundary Uric,-..about ,pn«
all'*' 6;.st of, - tho,^sub-lot lino 4591,
and'about three miles east, of tho
YahV river;' thenco •10 chains west;
thence 80 chains', north; . thence 20
cbain'B e-stf.thonco 80 chains north;
thener'40 cliainB cast; tlience,80,
chnlns-'butli;'thenco 20 chains weBt;
ilioncii ,?6■''chains* south to place of
commencement, nnd,containing about
610 ncruB', Wvifc or lcsdi . • .
Located .Tuly' Zfll'd, 1007. ■"''
4. Commenclni*" at a post platted
aboh.t flvo rolli-i-i north of, tho Intor-
nntloim.1 noundary line, nnd about
four miles' east of the sub-lot lino
45111.* on. tfiH south fork of Clold
Cnoli; . thence north 1C0 chains;
theace cftHt 40 chuins; thenco uouth
150 ch.ilnB; thenco wost 40 chains to
pliico of commencom i .t cf'ntalnlna
about C-10 acrcH, moro or loHal
•LocatoJ .Tuly 20th, 1907.
| G, Commencing at a post planted
Irilioiit nix mllcfl nortii of tlio Inter-
'nutl'iiial nDiindury linn nnd about
!four inilcB enst- of-tho nub-lot lino
145:11, on -'the south fork ol Gold
'Creole; thmco west HO chains; thenoo
;Bouth 80 clminu; thenco emit SO
'(hnlnsi thomio north 80 chnlns to
: j.laco of * commencement, nnd con-
. l-lulurt C-10 4»*;uji, imm.i. 4-» l-'^-
 I .Located July 2*"-t'i, IM.*.
♦♦^♦♦♦^•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦l   c. Commenclni! at a p >st   planted
t   ' -Hi^rhfi-iO.fl $1 about Rlx'and onu-lmir mllc*i   north
.'• El  H-OL-SCvB .>'0| hm int.1-n.4fon.il Ilouiulnry linn.'
mil. ft'jout l"ur Him h ijim, oi t..v. *ui>»
th lorl<   ol
W) chainn:
?    '   14th Aririuai
%'-:■'" : '■.'.' ,.
-= State I
Spokane, Wash.
:i;Sept. 23»Oct. 5$
ft QorgcOus E-Nak-Ops;{;
Miners' Drlllliiff Contests
Horse  Knee*-,   Etc,  tlle,
For IVuiiilUHi List. Olllcliil Pro'-
^rnin uud nuv otliur inforrnu-
mnlioii mldroRH
|j; Sec'y & rij;r.
>>     'i'iO llultoii Illm-k, Siioknim
1 JJf'V-M
>,,-.,._,...,_.„.... . ...   _   ^.
*-r,Vornefr,Hanson St;
'ij.'i i&;.yictbriaiAye.■.■[..•
■ '■:lit'.ii,'i 'ulj.'.ii.t'ii-ri'ilf'i "'^f:.J,'i';'.>";
i'i,. i.
Ferniie, B. C,
,*, ,*,     111(11   a JOUL Il.ill    una n  4i ini.
•'"'P'B*" ff? \\\ R EF'•*:U)t l<no 4Mi*'on t,,j B°iit
\t\ i\    ifL-. m yk-1 '>a h -bLu.-^ ■ o7)M- (Jro«ki   tiiimco-wist;
tho.ico*' couth "ifs ch.ilnii; thonco wrst
HO chnlns;    thonce mulh 40 ch;iii)B;.
.{._■ Tli« lloteljor r'tsrnlc    .{,
*j,yv?&:?t&x,r-re,r&iiizt;\&-*.-x&iti%i , ,   ,       .. _. .»,,
.|«'—. —■-■-  ~--rr. y,.th,;ncc o Bt'SU ch.ins; thanco ■ n rtth
♦'•' /riii.' centre ot Cmnuierclnl •j.'-W   «U.ilu»: - t'aenco   tnai 80 chvlnu,
tY' ••nhrtToaVUTrHitu-'- ,:: J Whence-north ^i) ch.Ins to   place ■ ol
,K. A, • comnricncoment,- cantn nmn MO ucicH,
A;. I     Calslno, UnoxcoMcd     , AimoT(l or hm,  •,,.,!,
S. r. WKllacc
Prop. •>
Located July 2Mb, 1007.
Dated Au^*J«t 8th, 1007.
NOT1CI0 NO,   C9.
' i
Notice Is heroby r^'frx that 80 iuya j
nft-r d ita 1 intend to apply to. lhe I
1I-.D.  Cliief CommiBHioncr ot V'orkH j
for a HccnBi tn prospect for coal and i
petroleum  on tho following   Inndn, I
■ritual* in the district of Drltish Co- !
liimblM'Dlixl. ,4.103, commencing nt |
ii pout pttrito'l nt «,r ne.ir two!miii*n
H-rrlh ol Ni.;a. Ci' and M, hxx.xxx nortii ^
aunt cornoi*. ol. ,W. \V. .1. MorrlBon'B.j.
oialm; tlunco noutli 8u tb ilmi, tbontt;
■"-fi,    to   tbiilim;   thuice   nortii  SO'
'clinuifii' flionce' west   80 chaina"to-
jii.luL of commcnctmcnt.
Located. thiy.CtU day ,of .Aununt, j
A. W. Belden, Agent, >
w; W. J, Morr ion, Locfttor»
vubcbb—Tbbf*; filottt*
I   ■
,, «.*'-;
t**A;vN- "J'."'.'-' ■;■
' ;-^'--. ■ •• v,\..
i- '■■
• •■ ■- v
[ONKY enn buy lulvertining npnc*s, but it can't bay o
quarter contury'a huccohhIhI record of wonderful and
* alniOHt- ininiculoufl <:urcfl of lho niOHt difficult end
intricate cason of thront, lung nnd ■ Htomach tranblca. Suohl*
rnychlno'B record. ThoiifimilB of aucn given up by lendinf
. doctorH nn liopolwH and iiirurable lmve been quickly tnd *>er-
mnnivntly cured by I'Hvcliine. It in tu infallible remedy for
couglifl, coldH, fSroncliitlB, pneumonia, oonnuuiptlon, Indijoetlon,
" loRH of appotlto and all wanting diwanefl.
"My noti tiKfl k tcrritiUi roimli «tul
wim wiihl(*il tn ii (.hmluu*, fjonuirjt
Uiil III) could imt llyo, Kit until I'tty.
Clilim, llciiris) lilin,"—Mr*. J, llniic*
er. Ilmukvllln.'
•' After lukliiK |*>.0O wnrlli of I'iiv-
nTiliiu iny Iiiiikn nro well nml llfuu
Piychlnc Never Pails     Fsyclilne lias no Substitute
f      AT AU. DP.At.r.RS, HOC mil 11.00 A BOniJl     •
DR. T.A, SLOCUM. Limited, 179 KlnjfSt. W„ Toronto
(•hhIii worth llvlnir,"--Mri. L Welv
nnlH, MiirrliitUiCnvc, N.fl,
" My luugHkro now mumrt ti »b«ll
»ft«r itHlntr r«y<'Jiliio."~IJ. Ilobblat,
lirlili{i*liiiri!i Out.
"I'nycliiiii'mviol mylirn."—A*Wil*
den, 7 Cornwall hl, Torunta
Phillip Carosella
Dry Gooils, Groceries, Bool1, ant! Slwes'
(iCKt's Itiniiiliiiijii    ,,
i        . •     ...
m liONlNG-NO (iitlNBlNG.
You woRt comfort and natl!>actioa
| of, clean ' Hntooth   shaves   every
liiiuriiiiiK* H
Tli* Cnrlm Mnpini-flc C» tlio only*
irn/.or   UNCONOIIIONALLY f-rr
OUAKANTHlil) to give tliln. htj
positively merges every p»r-   I'*'
tide of c/irImti   ttlio   lile '>M $._*•§
iteell ln*o tho «ietnl**«KJvInjs \'/m.
ii i j, m imi ii 'i i V. o it at L-. in t.i« j j* j;
throuRliout th* l»loile<"imni»" l/'".n'
thliijf; rilvx-UU'ly   I.jijm'.iU.Jo \ /* \
with lira tempered o{ts:l lu-cd \»j-*>i
In mailing nil other rn/on-*-.       ^*
But. test tills rtifor l:x your .r.
own liontc*»or have youibarlior j-fj
utte It on you. ,'. ti*)eure onu 30. |»»,
.•".      vMVd*>l-!K"',flMiflMWl      %
#i»i..» •«,
Try a Ledger Ad.
1 '111'.:  Q.r
J %
..   i'-
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year In Advance       .
Issued every  Suturdnv  from   tlie Ofiice ,pf
• JPublicntion.TniM filocli, Victoriu Ave,
■ , Kernie, JJiitishCoiuinbiii. .,;
Sir:- ' ' '■-"-..     ',""    "'■
Tho recent  riot at Vancouver  baa
brought to the minds of our rulers the
dangers of allowing unrestricted Asiatic
immigration to Western Canada.   For
AHohiiiigesofMl->.'in"Hi>ciniis follows-.- j.years the voice of our PaciJic province
Prtges i niid S.a-n. in.-Tuepdny j ihirosh nml4,   - ,,-.,. .    ,    i
2|i. m. ■'C.'iarsdii.v, ami imgo«, -.' p.m.-Friiiny.; has been unheeded—their appeals havo
We wili iio nnablo to iiisiiru chttUBO unless j I • •• n*.       Inl-proBl-i!   nf   Hip
thu rule is complied with. j oeen in >am      i ne inceieeis  oi   uie
Los.il advertisin-* is cents per nonpuriel, white  settlers  and   their   wives  and
line lira insertion, 8 cents per line .meh .subsc., cll,ldrcn ^ ftg mnsht compare(l to.tlie
interests of corporate' capital and Imperialist politics. „ A worm when trodden
yuont insertion,
Iiutoo for eontriiut ailvortisini; on application nt ollice of publication, Todd lilouk.
„T. T.
JOHN,       F.
^!ON(^LA.BEL>   ,
"-^ ^^m^r^y
two circular saws of tlie Elk Lumber
Company, of the value of S1J0 00 each.
Several witnesses werojialled for tho
prosecution! while one tostllied for the
defence: The accused was acquitted.
Kckstoin. for defence, S ilercetuer for
Grown'. "*
Hex v.Sheppanl — Defci-dautehnrg-'d j
with theft, of  liquor at   Jlasiiu-r. ..-.S.
Ilereliiner , for Crown.    Acciu-ed  not
defended,    Sentenced  to   !!■>  1.1011U1&'
Hard labor at Nelson.
:' The mining camps of Kootenay, and
more especially Fernie, are considered
tho legitimate prey of a certain class
wiio wish to sell'worthless stock and
" town" lots whicli are nowhere near a
town and never will be. -Ic seems,that
all that a man has to do in order to
dispose of real estate, e.g.;  that  lies
miles away froin a city, is to have a
.neat looking map or plan drawn, showing streets, boulevards, and othera'well
looking' details, and armed with this
and a certain amount of plausibility he
ia able to-encompass thc unwary.   He
inakes.it a business "to visit miners,
working girls, and the like.   To them
he refers in glowing terms about the
Wonderful advances that will surely be
made,in.his locality*, lie tells them
about the city, reaching out in that
direction.   There is, of course, only a
, limited area to ho sold.   The property
upon will turn, and the people of 13. C.
.'ippear to have reached the turning
point. ,    "'    -'
Of what'benefit is the British Empire
to Western Canadians if in the intoiests-
of Imperial policy we have to bo driven
from our homes by hordes of Oriental
cheap labori* The unanimous opiuion
of thc working class in the West is that
if we have to go "wo may-as well go
fighting'    " -.
,_ It"has been rumored that the ydal
operators of this disuicC intend to ini-
poit Japanese to work in and around
the mines." If that is done, every white
man will quit wprk, and the officers "of
tlie U/M. W. of A. will not do 'their
duty unless every mine is stopped. We
may as well go out of business' first as
last, for wo cannot exist and work
along side the Oriental. ■->
In the province of Alberta intense
interest is being taken in recent events
in B- C, and the hearts of the peoplo
will be. with thc workers, of British
Columbia in, whatever course they
choose to take tb protect the white race,-
. It will be well for the workers to keep
tab upon the actions of the capitalist
politicians at Ottawa,and London, and
watch how they will squirm rather than
offend their Imperial master—Capital.
' .Yours in'the fight,
..   '          A Britisher.
*Lethbridge'/ Sept.-'11,'07. •   -■■_
-o '
-■ tha -,-
—iB-too"*-valuab"lo'-t<r"itligpose olTTK iis"
' entirety, biit he is willing to let the
first ap.plicants.in on thc ground floor.
If our, people would only reflect that
'that property which is at all valuable
- can /.:*(! ready purchasers near its situation, they-would not be fooled into
buying, Over and over again the people
of Fernie have been duped. The Story
Cotton Company and the Marconi Com1'
pany took thousands out of miners'
pockets. And now real'estate sharks
soem to have taken hold. We adviso
our rentiers to beware of what *">*y «uc
ahmvii. Hood Investments can be so-
cured right lioro.' Tho chances are that
money Invested in outside proporty
will bo lost. „
 '. o -'
Sir:- .  '  ' ' ,'
, 1. wlali (o dis.w tliu attention nf Ui
The topic of discussion aniens
wage-earners  of .this  camp  is
events cn thc' Pacific' Coast and
action 04'     the "politician-3     cn
Ori4-nt3l invasion.     •     '\    v .."-,
Preparations arc being made >' to
meet "the'managements cf ths.ssver-
al companies operating in this coal
field with a.view of negotiating for
new contracts. The old agreements
expire on Oct. 31st.
Rumors are current of   many   impending changes from,the employers'
side. ,lt may, he well for some mine
managers to remember that they,are j
in Canada, not in Pennsylvania.
-Considerable  rain  and   snow     has-]
fallen this week.   We have forgotten!
wc  are supposed  to  be  in the    dry
belt.      The* mines . complain of    ia
eh'crlage cf cars and miners.
Distiict President Y'. H. Sherman
will address' a mass meeting of-* tlie
miners here on Saturday night.
A number of land seekers are still
busy in our .district.
Quite^a few dwellings'* arc.being erected. Taber is, still growing.. •
- Good progress is be ng made with
the installation of ..the new plant
and machinery at the mines.of , the
Canada West Conl and Coke Company.   When this, mine -is. fully t de-.
Meeting largely Attended—More [-iterance
Preached.     ,
" Tho Policy of the Future" was tho
subject for discussion last Sunday night,
and judging from tho large number who
attended it is evidently of great interest
to tho workers.
President Sherman, tho speaker of
tho evening, maintained that policies
wero.not founded by partloe, but wore,
as a rulo, thu reflqx of tlio thoughts
prevalent among tho majority of voters.
Policies wero, in fact,, vote catching
agencies and nothing else, Ho luil no
doslro to advance a policy,for tho S. P.
of C. Ho would leave that to Its.active
mombors, but lio would wish to see that
party Bhow a moro tolerant spirit, and
when confronted with peoplo not so far
advanced as thoy in tho intricacies of
economies not to jump on tli an with
;hoth feotit thc-y ooivJtl not ngrco, butifo
mitopnyora to tho fact that tho buslnest* o«flleovor, by odH^tlo^ai.aVtfumont.toJ
by what romovu tho difficulty.   Er^jtidico wns n
of our city is holnfc retarded by
Boema to mo to hu a preconcerted action
on lho part of four nf tho city fathors to
stay away from tho Council mefitlnjjo,
ao tlmt thoro will bo no quorum nnd
consequently 110 meeting.   „
SIiil'o our last rogular iiicotliig I lmve
called tlii-oo special irioetliigfl, and thoro
wan no quorum to any of thorn. One of
tho aldurmon has only attended ono
wootlng flinco his election, Thoro Ib
very important outsldo work to be dono
before tho clooo of tho season, "which
can only ho nuUiorJsjed hy a majority
of tliu Council in iiHHombly. .
Two mootinjrs have boon culled to
opon bills on tho septic tank, Wo hnvo
uot boon 11blo (0 open thorn on account
of no quorum. It will tako six wcoks
to build thu tank, nud ovory week now
is worth 11 mouth in tlio summer.
Thosu gt-ntlcmoi) hociii to forget that
thoy havo 11 public duty to perforin,
which, If lliey cannot fulfil, they should
I'ghIkii and givo someone olso a clir.nco
to perform Instead of carrying out tholr
policy of regression ns I claimed thoy
did hut yi»ar.
Yours truly,
H, Honni-ll.
l'onilo, Sept. llHh, 1007.
an wxi-TiAV-vriov
Dear Sir:—
,,Mr, Y. II. Sherman, President United
veioped-aSTfrutput-of" 2;000 tons
day can easily be handled.
.—: o----*  ''
'•Xliey,.had formed a circle around
M. Bcrmuiter, examining" magistrate
'VJjo .was giving his opinion about
the' mysterious' affair, at Saint
Cloud. This inexplicable cu*l.*r ■•*•'•
JuBcinatcil ■ Paris for a" month.   *
* ■ -   *   ,.-. - Lnvnii-Eir)
'TA-ISTID retail '*'.''
Meat ■:■' Merchants
LVVAYS'a'choice supply'of- Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on'"
. hand. Hams,. Bacon, Lard,' Butter and Egg-s. ', - * ";■ * . •>
'_■ Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
^gobd assortment.   Try  our Mince   Meat,^-
Saurkraut and,Oysters.'' ... - . - * '"    -
Handley Bros.
Phones: Office 6.
M.  Bcerauiter,  standing with    h:s hates', ■ Seeping for„a moment,- never
Lack aga'nst the fireplace, spoke, as-
ssmblod proofs, discussed the different opinions, tut came to no   con-
extinguished;    . abominable     stratagems;    glorious   actions.  , For two
years I heard .-nothing spoken but at
Wio&dHa  Ave.;
when . you   "require      7
;      .   anything1 in    -'* '*.■'
Trunks. Vali s s: i„
^ Suit pases
Lowest Prices.      Goods Sold for Cash Only.
W. R. McDougall
powerful factor with most men, thorofore
it woro not wiao tu oxclto it unduly,
Thu futuro fight would ho moro than
ovor n light with brains, thoroforo
education figured largely in tho policy
of tho futuro. Au nlliliutlon of all tho
proffrosflivo labor elements wis abso>
iutoly oBsontlnl, and thoso must then
proceed not too fast, not too slow, hut
sure. Tho Socialists, lio maintained,
woro expecting tho revolution too soon.
It would tako many yonrs yot, by a
gradual evolution, thouprli tho final
turning point tuijrlitbotormedn revolution, though not bloody, hut peaceful
nud quite matter of fact-.
That tlio tone of tho nddrcHH wns too
coiiHorvntlvo for tho Socialists wan ovl-
dent from tlio iliscUHSloiiwhlch followed,
and whicli waxod lomowlmt warm nt
times. Finreo llres hy tholr vory
natui-os hum out soon, bo perlinpH It
wnH well that soma of 11.1 havo n chnnco
to tiso up Homo of „our stipoifluoufl
onorglcs, and vent our uplcon at inch
times, that wo may culllvntu that cool*
iiobb of temper necessary for prolltnhle
discussion, which will nccruo to our
ndvantago under more iriomoiitous olr*
lloforo His Honor P, E* Wlhon.
Ho Duncan McK«y. dccc«cd.~Ar*
oltisicn. Many women rose in order 1 tho price of blood; cf that terriblo
to get nearer,"and remained stand-' Oorslcan 'vengeance'which forces oub
iiig, oyes fixed upon the magistrate's} to avonge all-Injuries upon tho por-
shaven" mouth, from whonce iEsucd* sens who huvo caused them, upon
tho salemn wcrds. Thoy woro excit-'. t-hely descendants and their near i*cl-
cil nnd restlesB, and shivered with! ativou. I saw tho throats cut of old
their cprlotis foar, with "tholr greed, 'men,' of ulilklreu' Iliad my head
and insatiable need of tho uome-! full of t'^86 stories. ,
thin? tcrrlhle, whicli tttvunte their" "Now,'I lowndd ono day Mmt aui
Boiils, . tortures thorn 'Jilio "hungorl1! En>*lishm:n Had jtist lens.d for bbv*^
Ono of thorn, paler tllan tho otli-crs, ■ t»*- yoa-'s ft Iittlo villa at. the ond
tittered during a silence: |,of' the piilf.     I-Io had hrougttt    a
"It is frightful.  It herders on tho French sorvant with him, taken   on
supernatural.  Thoy will  nover. u.nd-j nt Marseilles in passing,
crstnnd it7__ "   , |    "Jn   'ny capacity   of     otnmi'iing
Tho mniistrato turned toward her, magistrate I wanted to   got   lomo
and said: j Information about thlB man, lut it
'•Vos, madam, It is prohablo that wiib impoBslblo for mo to !.atn pry-;
thoy will novcr understand it.     As| thing.    Ho called himself fllr   John
then contented myself by
him   closily, but   found!
Express and Br^vage Transfer
Drnying' of all kinds  doiie prompllvl
.Telephone S7 or call n driver*
Ofiice.:   Narthern Hotel, Yifynie, I). C,,
for tho word 'supernatural,'   which Itowell,  1
you used just'  now, It has nothing  watching
Anything in tlio above lino dono nl
. " reasonable rates
Tents, Awnings, and all
canvas goods mndo to
A. T. Milne, Gcmmcl Street
or at Trites-Wood & Co.
to do with this case.  Wo nro in tho, nothing to suspect on his   ncctount.' —
prisence of   a crime   very skilfully,! Ilowovor, us the rumors ntout him|
conceived, very sldlfully executed; so continued,    incroascd    nnd   toenma
well developed ln mydtcry that   wo' tjonorol, I rosolvod to try to see this
cannot diflenj*ni,*'o it from tho lmpon-j strnngor for myself, and began   'to
ctrablo circiumtunces which surround: hunt regularly noar his grounds,
it.   Hut enco    I had to lnvcflti[*ato ' "I waited a long tlmo for hn   oc-
nn affair in which It seemed   ns  if, custom  It flnnlly presented itself in
something fantastic wore really mix-' the form    of h partridge,   which   I     _  	
cd.  It had to be Riven up.nhowovor,1 Eliot nt nnd Itillcd almost under the! %7i!ru--Afn
for lack of moans to explain It."     j Englishman-,- ncm.  My dog.broi3htr»^X-TO.V."i.ffi^
Hovcral women, said at tho   samo it to mo, but tailing tho game from] raracanumnynocaniiiiKtoonpiut,
wero ns ono: I him   Immodlntuly, I went to   make
time, eo rapidly that their   IioIccb' oxctisos fcr my impropriety nnd   to,'   The rm forruconlliiKii 131111111 l.m,
"OIU t;Il us that."
M. Dcrin'iitler    Hinlled gravely, nn' do»d bird.
Conl.-Cnnl I«nil» mny l>n imrelimeil nt tlO
1 iiflrnuro/ordort font nml i-Vii fur iiiitlirnnllo.
Not iiiofntlmii 3iH) Horoii unn lm nnniilmit liy
1 onn ImllvMunl or rnnipi.n.v. Iloyiilty at tli
riitu of tun cant* )>or trui of y,i«in iiouinl* «1ih
"   ' -' ' ' thi) irrriHi.<>iit|iuf.,
Qiuirtx—A frue nilnor'n uortlflmite I* Hrnntinl
50 Good Woods-
m«?.n wanted by fl.
ThoBSJi Bwii^ber
Go. ApiMyattho
Oilico or at Hosmer.
The Elk Lumber Co., Ltd.
Fernie, B. C
A frnnmlnur, Imvlnitillwsnviirnil mlnm) In
I liliico.nmy lucntonetnlm l,Mu x l,.viofoot
heir Sir John rtowill to nmrnt  -*Y%\   Atlouhttrluinnutlionxtioiiito.lon tlia.tltlra
ocj,  an   uuun uowni 10 accopi   ^s ;,«,.»,..«,, Jr ,,,,m to tliu mlwlnir wconlnr In
liim tlioruof,   Whon tlto Iliu iioon «xt*oinl6'l oi
. ,    ,  ,. ,. „.       ,   imtil, tlio locator inny,)upon Imvlnon nurwy
an   cxamlnlnit    magistrate    should       He   was n hit;    mtm,   with red j unulb, r.mt upuii coiiiiilylnn- with otlmr ro-
.mile, mid continued:     . | hair nnd red    board; very tall   -nd ^"i^"^
"At nny rate, do not believe that very *-.trnit--a sort of placid, p«|ifa.;roy«ityonnpere«itoniii«»»lM.
T «.^ aM,   c-cr. f:r u r.-..r.;j-il,    Y tl Lt;i-lta,   "- l'-"'  »-i'>'" »* «<*>.-   ?**'*H*_'-»'^'».V«^»*W7«
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Tlicro is only ono plnco in town
whot'oyou can sot pood reliable
goods in oar lino that is at
Mine Worker* of America, railed »ny | Tl.'f*tJP"_A>?l..!lC««t.-"", 1°L}^"JJ
Attention to tlio fact that n ifapancno
*trtin\ hud rwflf'f* "vV.'JcJj* the r'i'-iUivia'
that ho would employ Japaneio for thli
Ho far as I know, wo have novcr, at
any time, employed JapanMo in this
Company, cortalnly not for some yesrs
with the exception of eight mm who
woro put upon the coke ovens pulling
coke for throe nltrbts during- our •hort*
»/fe of Itbor the putt month.
At tbe prewnt moment this Company
bu no intention of employing Jspanei*.
The only thing I ton Xniofc.ot whfeh
would tntko that »«*fury won)-] be
the attl.ndA ef th« Jioest Vnhtx mAw-
otlag io prevent us seettrlef Engluh
tnlnenfo onrI-ul>ilf.'MUQd«4{-«iiutry.
,„$-&*$ -VUl4«T* >
administration te Olllclal Administrator.
IteWm. Uogtrt, decoMcd—Similar
irppllcatlos. Granted.
Ho Harold Ilorbort Lawson Hooton,
—Application by Eckstein for letters
of administration to W, H. Ifooton,
father of rlftCMsed.   Ordur granted.
Sorkls v. Williams.—Eckstein applied
for ao order upou judguinut hummons.
Order made for payment of $16 a month,
Km t. Ijilte.—Trial postponed ttom
fast Cbooty Courts continued wh'*o
defence gone IntO'Eckstelii for pltlnlUf.
S, Uerchusr for defondsnt. Judgment
Nllboblch v. take, Hfrde r. Ultit,
Buppnni nf*.mpthiTi!r (xnprThnmnTi In'nllflnimr. r.ill(*i3 DrllJi'li, «£», iJiaaUii ,
tWi* adventure. I believe In norm.il'ms warmly for my delicacy, ini
cause.*) only. But If, ln place of us-1 French, with aa outre-Mnuche ne-'
tne; 'tjupernnturor Jn order to ct-J cent. At the end of the month we
press what wo cannot undcr**t*ind,j hnd talked together five or nti
«* .-.Wail, tvu'jiii*-) nt..iii».'if Mid word* times.
'lne^pl:cable,, tt would te much bet-, "Finally, one even nj aa I passed
ter. In nuy case, concerning the nf-j his door, n oxvr bim astride a chair
fair of which I am going to UU; amoljlng n pJ»e In his warden. I
you, it waa, above all, tbe aurroand- saluted him and he invite* me to
Inr circumstances and the prepara-f come in nnd drink a class ot beer.
tory clrcumitanm which muved me.: I did not maVe him repeat it.    He<
TT..  I, , 1   ....!.....  .1   ■*..     »*.*«.ivUu..n»4«»4.i«»*u»^«i.i«,«iiy nr.
..c ii.tU uot-Uittg, ot lfle;i,u,ri.#ntryf.i»5MnewiiWiiyii»rly,
W. A. INGlvASr, vnov.
Phonk 01.    -    -    Fkk.vie,
B. 0
A iron minor mny oMnlit two lemi to
ilrmlRe fiiriiolil orilvenillwriiclitor* t«rm of
twentyye»r», renewable nt tho illiontlon of
ll* ItitiMvT of 111* InUilor,
Tho le.wa »lnll h»v«»ilr»ilir«ln orv*i	
within 011a »ei*aun from tht tUt« of tlit Ittit
for Mob 1I\d mllnt. Hnntnl HO nor niinum for
eiieh will* nf rlvor \**nnX Uf.woll«ii-f |l.»
ifc-ni tli ■*» |n*r mint. Mi.ltictinl tin llm output «f>
Dtpnty lKnfrtter of tha Interior.
N. I). -Unmithorlieil puMloktton of till* »d
nrtlMmtut will not bt pt.il for,
Shoemaker Shop
(Opp. 1'. llurm & Co's oilico)
Tlio nwuor hss worked 4 years
in Itomo, Italy, and is prepared
to do nil kimlM of ropalrlo'f and
r:3U' tr..;l'.
ereited me with all the acrnpnlona
Ben Gigliotti
1 mim im m 111 iww>w
In brief, these are tbe facts: , _ 	
"I was then examlolnr mailstrat* Entlish courtesy; spoke wlhaaiaatt- ^ THB UATna 0f Tht nniuh ColnmbU
at: AJaeelo, a little white villaie rs- eslly of Francs,., of Cortlca; declared     luuw.yAet,
poster co tbe bprders. of 0.heaotl*.that  he  liked  this  eouetty   "^ffi^ffi&'tt^
ful golf, surrounded lay t»U. moari- much, -and thi« shore. I thin aakeJ..   p*»y.
tains. * hlta wlUi treat pfeea-atiivB, a»8 sis H,*mnc$uur*hrgii** xuttk* »i»a«,p»*:
"What I had espeehlly* Irt fnriwtf- f tttro mtrrh W.*r*ntM, n.ww t\tx*+ 4w>w»u.ftJtw»»**iii6n«nhtliM«)fM.itw»iy
to of,. Wt| Uot. about his Ufa at* pUM.-.^^tt^^™™M^\?>.
tmbarrasstntrit, t*tpt«mh*»f»»_Yj.,'i»r>f>iiU4 u.tbt\a*\ iu»Ii
gate tliiir* tm* Uw-afljilra
vendetta^ TCejr   were   anpetb »*n»i/J ausweted   without
nmwereo    wimum      «««...—.*»—-._ ,,.'(,^,,^.1,^ B.q.t.Nt.ttwK.
ko'ma' at dramatle ■• pc«tbl?, aoma*(eUtac to* he-Ud' travail^ ft treat*r foMmiUtt t*y<,tUKtnUr,xM,   '
eoaerJut*olc_jWf   d.sl-fa Africa,.t^W^ ••»«.§.        '^,JlJ?*JMana*h''*''"
it-iaW«wTof Amertea; f and  a«4*lL  »i««>lt»fe. ??«8H "*lk,l*'fluw
C?ek t^Mtyr-^BtAod ore* tlnM tttl .,
Coort- r-^. _,„..,,       r..iittocians^, and   -«««fJ«wtt^.„,
Rat r. MeKione^Tteaelaitd -fnttlf^ofit* th'<"r»    th* fln«*t"-inbJ*e-». w,     -*_,   .-  -,..._.-.._, .,
tiuiMvitktavigff^l^^ mu:   -figVAf "      tContf£-*iSfoaTSL^'l5r^     i
Or*** Kttt 8ty«tk«n
tlwa/ CottMO/,  ,..
;.« _*...?i,
yyyyyyyyy ^•><M»»X/-><«*>«X»:
For   Fir*
Insuranco  In
Itsiriiai W.t^UlfrVf m
• ,r  */ U"-  •   « ri '
vv. .'.""it ""
7-72'77i ^yY.Yiyl^YL-JL-L- h>.
y .f
I. ■
j 1
-   .Continued From Page 4]
have had a great' many, adventures.
•0 yes!     .„ ■
"Then he spoke oE firearms, und
had me-'come into his house to show
me guns of different kinds.
"H's drawing room was hung^ in]
Llack—fclack silk embroidered ih.
gold. There, were1 lar^e ■ yellow!
flowers, on the aombor stuff, brilliant1
as, Tire. -    • *  j
"    "He announced, 'That is "the Jap-'
anese  flag.'     . j
"But in the c=ntre of the largest,
panel, a slr<in;.e thing; attracted my;
eye.   Upcn a'siuare of red velvet a1
black  object  stcod  out in  relief.   I.
went .nearer; it was a hand,*-a-rnan'.s'
hand.  .Not a ske.eton's. hand, v hito
aiid . clean,. Lut a   hand. " black   and
dried,  with yelluw nails,  bare muscles, and traces of eld-blood, blood
like rust upon the bones, which were
•   clean cut as if by a hatchet,- toward J
the" middle of the forearm.   Around',
thc wrist, an enormous iron    chain,!
riveted. and soldered to this unclean
mtmier, attached "it to the wall-by
,        -. ti ■
a ring, stiong enough to hold an elephant in leash.--j I asked bim .what
It'was. i. ,,.,
" 'That was. my best enemy,' he.
answered, ' calmly, it comes .from
America. It. was'cut off, with, a saber) ' the s'dn t-:rn eff with' the" edge
cf a flint stone, and dried in thc s*un
fcr ,ci-ht day?. -)h! that was ' very
};ocd f:r me.'
'!I. touched this t human - debris,
.y.hich.. must- have ^belonged '-■ to- a-
..gu.nt. The unusually - long fingers
were attached by enormous .tendons',
which retained throngs cf' skin in
plac:s. This hand was frightful, to
see, and flayed in this manner, ,it
made.me thinks naturally", of some
savage rei.enge. . :     • -..   ■   ,, ., .....  .
"This man must have been" tvery
strong, I said.     ,     _ _ -.  „ •   "■    ,-i,:
-"Oh.jyes, he uttered-gently, but I
"was stronger _ than ■ he.^ I have., piit
this chain on in'.order to keep it.'.
,- o'- 'Th's -.chain s useless nowj' I
said,- thinking that he was" joking.
"The hund* cannot run away.
"Sir J'o*:n*Ro\vell'continu-ed 'fcT..vo"
h   ,.-"    . .     ..  ■-
""The chain is .necessary.' It always: wants to go.:
- "(glanced quickly at his face,
-.'.sling myself if he wero Crazy or if
it was a bad joke, but his face remained impenetrable, calm .»,nd
kind■' 1,spoke of;other thiug's, rnd
hdmlred the guns, I al.o noticed
that tiirca loaded revolvers were' at
hand, as if tho man lived in con-'
stant fear of attack,,
"I returned to his house sovor.i.1
times. Then I went there no longer. .Everyone'had "ijro.vu i>r.4Mi9.'...rfcd
to h's prefjcnco; ho had fcccome Jn
matter of hid-fterQijso to them oil; ,
,"A whojo year rolled by. finally
<ino rilorning toward tho end of November, my servant nwnkened me
by annov.n'Hng that1 Sir John Kowoll i
had been murdered during tho night.
'•Hall an hour lator t entered 'tho
FERNIE, B.C.     .
Eoerty attention.
Rooms reserved by toire
A pleasantf home^ for the
C: L. WHELAN - - Manager
• Hotel,. Siosmer
Open May 1
The Nat-Reiss Carnival Co. will remain
Saturday, S
Eveiylhing  new  and 0 -.,
Every accommodation
' for the public.
*.       l
Bar stoc.ied with the
finest in the land
Under new management
Don't miss it,    Fun for all
Well furnished rooms. , The table is
supplied with the best the market
,    affords.   The bar is supplied
' , with the best wines, liquors and cigars.
Jas. Severn, Prop.
°#.    #
ffevnie. 3B. G.
€•$•"        -fji
Kings   Hotel
_.    Fernie,  B. C.
Bar supplied with the best of Wines
Liquors and Cigars."
Dining Room in connection
Ferule,  If.  C.
Brewers of Extra rl*"inc  Lager
and   Aerated . Waters.
Hottlcd    Goods    a     Specialty.
Ensllehmon's house with the    coin
niisHiiiro cmtr.il end the captain of
tho   police.    Tlio    valet, distracted fc
nnd disconsolatv    was    crying   in, ™-* ,»•„,_, nigi1r     T„,la wl1,    po.
.'.WE Aft,     SICKLY    PEOPLE.
Will Find    New     Strength Through
tho  Uso  of  Dr.    Williams'   Pink
A great many yonn«. men and women aro suddenly solzod with wo.k-
neus. Their appetite fulls ttx-'«i;
thoy tiro on the lonet exertion and
loeome pale and tliln. They'do not
feci and specific pain-just woalineas.
Hut that woakn'.BS Is dangerous. It
is a hIrii thut thc blood in thin "nd
Hollow Ground
As Illustrated..
Set of Two io
Leather Case
Double Concave for    *\ aa     ,jA
Extra Heavy Beards  ".UU   sir
"^iLflfiifl®    Carbo Magnetic
f^SSL?: ^   Strop 	
~^~ Strop Aide,,......*. .^..25G
Strop Aide,;,........ ,v]
fr;nt of. tho door, 1 suspected thia
mnn nt first, but ho wns innocent.
They never found tho guilty ono.
"The EnBllBhmim had lo.n ntrnnRl-
cd to dc,\th.    HIb fnce, black    and j
Ur.  Williams'  Pink     Pills will    ro
(-.tore lost strength because thoy actually    make new,  rich , blood—thoy
will holp you.   Concerning tlum Mr.
Alfred Lepage, of St. Jerome, Quo.,
cd to dc;,tii.    wis wee, dim*.    «| „p    ; x j lmvo
swollen,, wub fvightlul, and w«    J employed   .   a grocery nnd up
cd an awful terror.    He hold some-  l,con cini -0*"'' K     -
th'.ng totwoon    Ms clenched   teeth,
nml his    neck,   whicli   wus pierced
to the age of 17 I hud nlways    o*n
joyed the boat of boiiUb.  But   sud-
nml his    neck,   wiucn   wbh p.«.Ku      y ,
with five holes as if made wit   iron; ^^g^^    Ud   -!! extremely
rolits, was covered with hood. ™;k   K0lll. Jml y (loctor ordercd u
Tl, !f T "'I rtKnW S\  o   ' -      wli an uncle who lived    in
tho ch iln .iuiu l-rokon.   lhcn Ibont nlirontldpll    i WnB In the hope
down irldo, the mA and found   in;       /    r     ^ ^tx n «lr would
the tightly shot mouth one of   the. t at, m   ru    g
nnuers of the mlHslng band   m, u ; help ^ but It .^ f
rather nnwed off hy the teeth   a the, ^^^ ^ m^m< {M^ilQXl
uecond joint.      .. j •    wertUnoss.  Ono   dny   I
••Thia ibey Proceeded with   th       and *«   a ^
TTZr ZlZTtoL "° «   "wn cured throiiglf the use of    Dr.
— ?>r M d0K9 l,ttd; s ztrj^^x c
"On a few words, the de*   pW-.« -^d tlie, use   l;r
position ot *•-nrj-t: ^|^ '?,S " 7>Zt
"^ a„„n:.°^   't "TLll^ my work M well «,, ever I did r.nd
  ford nothin/j but the Rrwttwvu*»*'
Dr. WUUftmB' Pink Pllta.
The blood—good blood is the nee-
ret of health. If the blood la not
pure the body becomee diseased or
thr nerm lUttetel. Keep th»
blood pure And Altthtt cannot ex-
let. Br. WtUlnm*' Plhk PUte make
R  Ui
Will Last a Lifetame.
many letters, }iurned as many. He
hAd eftea taken o bomwhlp, and tn
nn-ier that seemed nlmo»t lneailty,
h«d struck the dried hund which had
been eealed ♦•* the wall, and carried
r.ti, one know* not how, at the very
moment of the crime. He went to
bed Very li»t*, nnd lo'eVsA hlmiell ln
elrefully.    H-a a,w«y«   had .«■, fire- rich, red l,lot>d-thet    U why   they
arms at hand*. Often daring the
nlxht he ipoke loud, ai tf he were
q-oarrelllnu with tome one. Thl»
BUM, ai It bippened, be ha*S m*A»
»v »aa*id/.*M',tt*a'i5ro»fy*wh*« he
eaau ia (to.^p«aUif ^;l»4ow U>*t
tU"»tf*ti»*lt   iooit,   flit 3foto
cure anaemle, theunatlim, indite*
tion, beat-Mlie, baekseh'e, kldaey
ttoublii otA. tb« f tttxtt altmettte ol
•^tlh^'**4*o«^BOt**d. 8old w
[title « M* of; *l* hoM*i I'or |1.8o*. '»T
•11 m«Ale(ni'4«itliir« oi.br tasMttjV,
Votj'TttS' WlUlama'' Medtoin* Oo.i
WtotWOstWiii .  ;....'..,. +~;    '
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS have revolutionized razor mafcln-j-lhey T.h TEMPERED BY ELECTRICITV, whistib
OUR -OWNI EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS-thc steel wed in llwl/ raaanlaeture U of the finest English and
SUSa make. TtoVonderll dhcovery Is the result of yarn of espsrlment and study, and at last there ha. been
mXLd a fazor that will shave any beard, NO MATTER MOV/ TOUGH.
ELECTRIC^TEMPERINGUd. CARBON to tb 1*1, wh.:« ua«erinV by ^^^^^"^aS
■ , • r^Tno^ th* CAOBON wfilrfihth**. life rtf steel.. All Athe? makes of razors must be HONED AND GROUND
£ « £a Sto w« N§T"hold an ^ ««y length of tlm, CA.R30 MAGNETIC RAZORS o not reqotre HONING
SfoRWDWG *!?• Iltota. In private use, they ar: all tempered alike, every p.rt t^^^S^^SL
"^U^^ CARBO  MAGNETIC  RAZORS on ^0 day, ^wllhout
obligation on your part to ourefxatt-take advantage of thli opportunity.  Break away irom tne UtUt Ub.U   \«- wa*w
^HOV TO STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY, .hould oui dealer be out of them, drop ui a card, and we will tend you
en* by return mall*
Firm of A. L. SILBERSTEIN, Ilakers, J. D. QUAIL
480.461 Bread wav. N. V.
. i
:. ,j * FERNIE LEDGER,   FERNIE, B. C, SEPT. 1471907
Tho 'cll-^in-j. notices of-.coal and;.
21.*Commea"?in> at a post planted'j . '.JACK H. WILMOT, Locator,
petroleum locations - in Bloc'i Ko. ! adj jidn-j No'. 2J, southeast side, and j-,-.;-] A7NV. BELDEN, Age'nt.Jj" ,,'
•1,553, Southeast • ..Kpotcnay,. British .{is- sou thwe it-corner--of-Mary.-Hew-fAYitncsL^Thofi.--. Slater. ■.-	
3t. planted
ist,,,.. side,
4 ari*I lieirij- tiie .southwest comer post
..    . 'of! "13'.'* C.Lan-itry's  claim;     thence
Located this 1st day of Aug.;i907.      •   .-■ ^ gD c]jains; lhence cast
■ - MAUY'HEWITT, Locator.- <'&Q' ^       -^ ^ 80%. clmins.
A.- W.', BELDEN, Agent.   *
lWitn:ss—Thosi  Slater.'. •-■-
Piath.'ad ^river' from  tlie"cast    side';point of commencement."
line'of._, the Flithesd Town-site,   and
the remkinin-j claims-   as numbered
nre Gt-ikcd one adjoining' the" other,
fjlljwing down the river,  thus pro-
thsnee .west.80 chains to, .point  -of
.commencement.    •     •>'-.',
l-clhy a cl.im on eachddo for the ■   ,,_ Coinmencin;, at a posb plantcd -'-  Loc,'t;.d th's . 2nd'  day "'of August,
numbers   n.imed,   anl   also   n tne '■ - -      '    - ... .    ■■■
b ime manner on "the creeks. desiri'**-
ei, tlie same being contluents of the
Flathead river.     '  '       ''" '
■ \   A. V. BELDEN.
A;,ent for Claims Nos. 13'-to 50. inclusive.
-NOTICE IS herejy given that 30
'days after date I intend to'" apply'
•to the Hon. Clu»f Commissioner of
.Lands end WorXs for a license    to
adjoininj No.. 21, .north side, and is 1507.'
th j northwest corner of Rocona Hew-; j B. C. LAN GTRY, Locator,
itt's claim; thence - north 80 chains;,       "AMV. BELDEN, Agent.    '
thence 'east 80 chains; "thence south  Witness—Thcs.  Slater.-. 4      -"'
8) chain:, thonco west 80 chains' to ,   33; ^mencini7at; iost No. '32|
point of commencement.'        -    ■        .-^ ^ and. belns, the 'northwest
-  Located this 1st day"of Aug, 1907. -       r Qf L(jwig p> Larsen-S claim;,
j thence'"ranniug east 80 chains; thence
south   '80 chains;,    thence * west 80,.
NOTICE"  , .   ,
C2. Commeacihg at a post planted
NOTICE-' ■-■•       j ..   . *"'    NOTICE
Located this. 3rd day of.Augv<l-"07...ithence east .80 chains;-thence, nortii
^/ICHAS.T'iUiwlNGATEV Locator.'-!SO chains; thence wesUbO* chains tool-north of' Homer- J'"J.-:'Shina's''clato..,
 'A.'..\Y.''BELDEN,",Ah'e'nt"."';~"*"~" !poi^t"Of '"'cGmmwc'emeit7"maki5"i"C-iO p"o7'Girand"iV™th3 southeast corner.
Witness—Thos!' Slater.     ■ ,    ■'      ;     :acre's, more 61* l*ss.        ;/ * ' 'post of Mis. Phoe'je Shinn's claim;
-; ". "it   o,-.,.t.-.,l    -fiiio    Kfll   Vl7r   r,f    illo'l      I<5(*|7
north we
claim; _ . _ ,.        _,
t'hs'nco'sbutli'80 chains;" thenco-west j   53.'Commencing al a post planted ,C40 acres, nioro' or less,
tb 'chains; -.thence, north 80 chains, to .just   west of Claim No. ,52 of* 3', \, 'Located this 5th day of Aug., 1907.-,
point'of commencement..' '*. .':V        jClenJi-iiQins,    and  being  the'nortii^5   MRS.  PHOEBE  SHINN,  Locator.
"Located .this 3rd d;\y of Aug. 1907.1 east' cori.cr post of A.'Worth    Lei-1 . -    A-,;W. BELDEN, Agent. ;_
,   , EVAN FRAZIER, Locator... .1"'{'den's claim; ,th°nce running "south 80 .Witness—Thos.  Slater. ,.   *  ..;.
A.'W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witn.ss—Tbos. Slater'..   ' - .
A..W. BELDEN, Agent..     .,
Wit-jess—Thos.  Slater.,
chains; ■ thence "north 80 chains -   to
point, of' commencement.
,   23." C mmendbg ct a post plun'.ed
pr- SDCC't for* coal-and petroleum on-j^^^ ^ Qf Flatbea(1 *river {rom |_ Loclted thls 2nd fij>y   of '.*Au„ustt
the following  described lands,, situ-
j Claim No:  22,-*'and being- southeast ji907.,
i'eci-ner of-Eli?a*:eth S. Clark's claim; |
'  at'° (in the M ™.S*V f  1S0Ut™aBv !«rn:r of-Elira-.cth S. Clark's claim; j      ,- LEWIS ,P.  LARSEN,  Locator.
Kootenay,   British  Columbia,   Block.,^^    ^.^ 4 north,   s0 ,cllains; j     -, >; ^ BEhJ)BNi Ageat. -  ,   -*
Y"3]. ■ ;th.nce west, 80 chains;, thence south Witness-Thos.-Slater,'
13. Commencing at a post planted !gQ chains; thence cast 80 chains, to
on Flathead Trail 5 miles from Flat-1 point, of commencement.
-. he'-d townsite "down Flathead river, j   Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
,'and• bein-j stake 1 on east side of riv- ELIZABETH,S. CLARK, Locator/
' er,' being the northwest corner post
of the    Jno. 'Jones   "claim; runnings
th:nce south 80.,chains; thence west
80  chains;   thence * north  80. chains;
thence e..st 80 . chains to ".point     of,
commencement. „    . - ■  '"
.   * Located this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
"JNO.   JONES, Locator.''  ''""""
A. W. BELDEN, Agent. "'  c
- Witness—Thos. Slater.   '   »"     '
. 43. Commencing at a post.planted
four miles, up Graveyard'Creek and
adjoining Claim No. 42, and   being,5
the ■ northeast corner of  Jesse   Bu-
* I- --. ^ ■
chhjlz's claim; thence running north
80 chains; thence ' west 80 chains;
thence south' 80 chains; thence east
SO chains . to point of commencement, o    '.-."    ' , *
,. Locat:d this 3rd day of Aug! 1907. jAri-ln* C. Hosio's claim; thence run- '
JESSI!  BUCHHOLZ,  Locator,  ning    wes;   80 chains;"thence north
14. Commencing at a post planted
■on north side of-post No. 13;*" being
n.irlheast corner of Ena Brown's
claim, lying west of Jno. Jones'
cliini; thence running west 80 chains;=
thtnee 1 sinning south 80 chains;
tbence running e st 83 chains; ther.ce.
runninj north 83 ch?.ins*,to point of
commencement.*-'   ■•' * ■
LTcate"irtlus-~lst_""day" of- Aug.T907".
ENA BROWN,' Locator..
,-A. W: BELDEN, Agent.-: ,'
Witness—Thos'.-- Slater. .",<"• ";  '
■   _       ,     -./.'. --.-*•-..•    .
15. Commencing at a post on the
south- side of Flathead" river, ah.out.
3 milevcast. of. claim' No7l4r.and be:
ing the northenst corner of   Henry,
Hewitt, junior's, claim, thence   running south 80'chains; 'thence west,80
ch..lhs, t''en«e north 80 chains; thence
- i.
enst 80, chains, to point of commencement. ,',.
L'jcuted this 1st day of Aug. 1907.
" HE.^Ry HEWITT," Jr., Locator
' '' A,' W.'BELDEN, Agent. ' '.' '.
W;tui-s.**—Th-jo. Biui:r. '     *       ■
1'.'. Oommt-ncing at, a post planted
ndjuinlng -the cluim (No. 15) of
Hc.'.ry. Hew.tt, Jr., '".on the north,
hcln-j-' the southeast corner qf Henry
Hewift-B, cl lim; running thenco north
80 chains;     thonco   wost- 80 chains;
'   A. W. BELDEN,"Agent.
Witn.ss—Thos.  Slater." _
' 24, Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Post 23, south side, and
being northwest,corner post of Thos.
L^.r^e's claim; thence running "south
80 chains; ' th:nce "w:st 80 chains;
thence ,n:rth 80 chains;- thence, east
80 chains to point of commencement.
Located this-1st day. of Aug. -1907.
..THOS. LARGE,, Locator. .  "
_.- '' 'A. Wi BELDEN, Agent.
Witncss--Thos. Slater.'-
. 23. Commencing at-a post,planted
adjoining north0side of claim stake
of No. 23, and .being southwest 'c:r-
ner*7of -'.Fred' ^W.^'Gaston's'claim;
thenco running e:st 80' chains; thence
chains; th.nee south 80- chains    to
point, of commencement. • ,.
L.cated this 1st day=of Aug.'iS07.
FRED. W. GASTON," Locator.
A. W. BELDEN," Agont.
Witness—Th:s." Slater. ,__.„__,'
..' 2v.' Commencing at n,post .planted
adjoining'east-" side", of,"Claim No'.;,;*24,
and being'''northeast, corner of Mrs.
Thos. Large's ci'-Jira; thenco running
east 80 chain's;-'''' thence ''south 80
clm'ns; thence . west 80 ehains; thenco
north 80 chains v to-.point of ofom-
L;C4ted, this lntiday-of Aug. 1907.
•■' " JVlRS;"TH'OS,' LARGE, Uo'cator.
 A..W. BELDEN,.Agent. .
Witnors—Thos. Slater.
2-V Com:nenclng at a pcBt planted
on Plnthnad Trail'south, and adjoining Claim No. 26, and being
i;outhwest,'corner, post'.of Jay Yoo-
mnn;s cl;hn; thonco running   north
thenco sjiith-:8'3 chiiins;. .thenco oust  g0 chains;-'thenco, onst 80 chains;
8*3'chains to point of commencement,  thenco so'ith SO ch.ins; thonco west-
LjCitte.l this, 1st clay ot Aug. 1907. ȣ0 chainH to point of commencement.,.
A,; W.  DKLDI3N, Agent.
Wit:<cBB-Tli..'S.  Slstt.r.   .
Jj-eati'd thli 2nd day of Aug. 1907.
JAY YEOMANS, Locator. '
A, vV. BEliDEN, Agont. -"
17. Conim\»iicl g at a post planlid  Wltnc'ss-Thos, Slater.     .
ndj...inin.{ JJ.st No. 10, wliUh is the;   2S, Commoneln", nt a pnst nlint.d
cl„lm of J-lonry Hewitt, on tlio woHt, |Wtst sldo of Post No. 27, and being !ft
34. Commencing at a-post planted
adjoining Claim.No. 33's post, west,
side,' and 13 the northeast corner.of
Mrs. - Louis ■ Statz's claim; thence-
run ji'ng south.80-chins;.thence west
80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east SO chains to point of
' Located. this' 2nd   day of Aiibust,
19071-". ■>   '    '-  '" ■    ''".   '" ' ;'
.<• rMRS.   .LOUIS   STUTZ, "Locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thus. Slater.
35. Commencing, at-a post.planted
adjoining No. 33% south side; 'arid
stake 1 on'the Flathead _ Trail ;-' on
o:.st bank of Flathead River, and is
the .-southwest corner of H. O. Guil-
liand's claim; thence running east 80
: chunsj.'.thentK-nortk 8D_cfialns;.'then
wb'st 80"'"ohains;"'' thence ''south 80
chains to point of commencement.
., A.  W.'" BELDEN,' Agent
Witness—Thos.  Slater.   ".,   ;'-
thence west 80 chains; thence .north r  G3i Commencing at a post-planted-
SO-.chiins; thence east 80 chains to _ near the-, Flathead river, adjoining   '
poi.it of*-co:ninenc;mentr making C40„;Henry Helmer's claim No.*:64 on tho  ■
acres, more or less.'"'       '- ■  jeast, 'and is the southwest corner -cf   ■
- .Located"this 5th day of, Aug.," 1907. .Herman   Ammann's    claim,. thoae'e
- . A. WORTH- BELDEN,. Locator.    |runninj Borth 80 ^.^ thence*fla3t
Witncss-Thcs. Slater. ^     . ;-   .y ' ,80 chains; .. thonce. .south'80 chains;    .
*' 54. Commencing - at a post -planted"; thence; west 80 chains to point    of*
just north of ...Claim No. 53,   heiiig commencement, containing' 640 acres
claim of Al Worth- Belden; and J It*- jmore or'l*-s--. - "-
ingr the southeast corner post; of j . Loc„'tv«l< this 5th day of Aug., 1907.-
HERMAN ■ AmiANN,   Locator.'.,'
,  r      A. V. _B3LDEN, Agent: '*■
80 chains;-;,thenco * cast 80 chains; ■|Wit:csj--Tii's. Slater.'
thence* souith 8*3 chains to. point   of
.     .     .,      r,n     „„ ■ ,- 64- Commencing at a post planted
44. Commencing, at a post planted fcomxn.ncemsnt,    , making 610    acres  we*t   ff Hermm,, Animank,fl ,claim..
UBt of and adjoining,No. 43, and is- more* or>*Lss. *• :■.    j No. .63, una is two miles south '. ot
lho h'jrthwest,corner;of Co'rarBuch
hola's claim; thence running east.80
chains; thence south 80 chains;
theace west.83 chains; thence north
80 chains to pcint bf commencement. *   - 7        ,'       -"■',   -'    -'    -
Located this 3rd day of Aug. 1907.
-• ' .- A. W. BELDEN, Agent."'-';    " *
Witness—Thos. Slater.
45.' Commencing' at a',. post" planted
north side of Post . 43, and being
southwest corner of Ray Kaufman s
daim;;'thence running'north 80 cha-ns
thence west 80 chains; thence' south
SO chnins; thence east 80 chains to,
point of commencement.
- Located-this a^d :day.of-*Aug.''1907..
■r 'f"'" RAY ''KAIJFMAN, Locator.'" '":
A.-W. BELDEN, Agent.
■   Locate! this 5th day of Aug., 1907. L,,,.*.,,,,,^ „„_„„„ „-   t    .   T .- .   .
- - -—* <•*,;■ ■       noit!:oast corner post of John And-
ARVTN. O.  HOXIE,- Locator., "_,■ nI>-     ■„■•!"■.     -, ,,   • S ■■
,    '    „_,rr.v-,iT   .      .       •        ers.ns claim No. 38, anl being,-the
A. W. BELDEN, Agent. '
W.tn.ss—Thcs.' Slater. , !'
uLlWitiifl c-^rhns^-Siater^i-* ,
i;:catc,l tHs 1st day of Aug. 1907.1 commencement.
thenco oa*it 8) clinins to point    of
JOHN  j. HI3W1T1-. Locator
A, W. IJELDEN, Ai-0.1t,
"Witness—Tlics. &l,.U*r.
IS. Oon-wo..rln-» rt n post pi mted jWliness-Tlr.B. Sinter.
I. j-silted this 2nd dny of Aug. l'J07.
•A.  .V. BELDEN; Agent.
H.  O.* GUILLIAND, Locator.,
\ A. _Wr BELDEN,! Agent.: *i .,.',,;
Witness^-Thos.;,Slater.  *\\.-.:''■     'i
■ 36. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Fost No. 35's, south ^side,
and is the northwest corner of Swan
Petersen'sVclaim; .*. thence   .running
oast   80\ chillis; "■' thence"   south-*-: 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
n:rth 80 chains' to point of    commencement.      „, ''
Located this 2nd   day   of August,
If07. !,*;  r,,|      ,
'      A.  W. BELDEN, Age*1'''
Witness—Thos.. Slater	
37. Commencing at a post planted
adjoining Post'-No. SG's, weBt sido,
ond telu"; northeast corner post" bf
rsaac Waldron's claim; thenco running north'80 c':ains; thonce-west 80
chains; tha .co,south 80 chains; thonco'
cast 80 cliuins to point., of commencement. •
Located this 2nd day ot August,
ieor. ,-.-•'
ISAAC  WALDRON,,  Locator. '
A. W. BELDEN, Agont. *
W tncss-Tlios. Sinter,        ; ■
35, Commc .clng at a p^sL plunicd
djolnlng No. 37, south, nnd in   the.
Locut'.d this 2nd dny of August,
JNO.  ANDEnSON, Loditof.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.   .
Witn es—Th-jB. Qlutor. ,
39. Conim-jneiai nt a poet planted
46. Commencing-.'at oJ post planted
adjoining No. 44 on0north side, and
is the nor thwest,. corner 'of- Arthur
Towns'nd's claim; thence running
east 80 chains; thence north" 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence,
south .80 chains to point of, commencement..-.    -■:,"'■'•' •       7   *•'-.   -
* Located this,; 3rd. day of Aug. ,1907.
. ARTHIJR ■TOWNSENdV-*"Locator.'
.'-    A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness—Thos. Slater. :.*--•
47. Cotnm:ncing nt a post planted
s^uth and adjoining Claim, Np. 42
and 43, and being tho.npitheast cor:
ner pest ol Ella Townsend's claim;
thenco,.; running west 80., chains;
tfcence,. south 80 chains; thonco e.iBt
80 chains; th.'ncs north 80 chains to
Point of o'jmmencemeut.
■'Locitvd this Srd^diiyof'Aug. 1907.
A. W. BELDEN, Agont. ..   -',' :
Witn Bs-Thon.' Slat-,r.    .;.' '. ,;';., •
48.. Commencing at. a post, planted
, ,,| southeast corh:r. post of Henry Hel-
;in r.'s:"claim; the.ee" running west^SO
.55. Commencing, at a post planted j ch_-ins. *taUiCe     north    80 "chajnl.    .
two miles west' of posts of Claims thenc, east ,g0 chains;, thenco iouth.. .
-30 c':ains to point cf commencement.,
containing'640 acres, more or less.
Lociitod. this 5th' day of Aug. 1907*-
;'r vHENRY HELMER,".-Locator.   .','
*;';>.;fw;; BELDEN; Agent/-.; ,■''..-;  '
Witness—Thos.  Slater. '   '.'/     ,'.->i
,65.,Commencing at;a post planted   '
at or  near  ,the claim -" of Herman
Amm ..nn;s <■• f Noi!; :63,'- .being    the;
no,r^wEst_ comer post-'of- Mtb)'1 Her*-'1.
man Ammann's. ;,i claim;: thence" run-', -
ning e, st,\80;',chains;rthence'**south'-.t0-'.,
chains;'thenco west 80 chains; thence".
mencement,     containing"' 640'--"acres7 '
more-or less; -j '-.- ^■'i;;i-.- '-y7y -'-'T.'
0„   v ,      -xu        1      i. o«^   .Seated this 5th day of'Aug.', 1907.V
80, chains;.- thence:;;west 80.^krs^rmAK AMMANN; Locator.
to':the:point of-comment I.   ^x.,waB^^^i^t:si':^.   ■■
Nos. 51,„52, 53 "and 54, and. being.*
the ,n:-rthwest' corner post of Elmer'
Jones' cla'ni'; thence running east JO
chains; ,   thence , south   89    chains;
thence".we'si' 80'chains; thenco north
80' chains to point of commencem jut,.
inakiig 640 acres'more or less.
'.'Llcated. this,/5th day of Aug.,-1907?
ELMER-; JONES," Locator.  .- ^
,  A., W. BELDEN,'Agent.'
Witn:ss—Thos'.  Slatjr."1.' ,,-.-..
"56. X'ommencing';'at;.'a jpost"plan';ei.
adjoining ; Claim No. 55, which is
s.uth of it, and*being the southwest
corner-post-ofweorTS. senrieher's"
cl-tini;'.  thence,   .running    north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence
ment,_ making   640" acres  more    ir
less.   *. '.
__ Located this 5th daywof Aug., 1907.;
I,:   GEO;. E.\ SCHRE1BBR, Locat it'.
.-   . v"A; - W. BELDEN,. Agent."     ■■•■■■■'
Witness—Thos.  Slater."
57. Commencing at a post planted
west of Claim No. 55, tho claim of
Elmor Jones, and being tho port'i-
0 :at < corner * post cf. Madgo Oubb's j
claim; 'thence;' running' south 80 ■
chains; thonco west 80 chains; thenco
norih' 80 chains; thenco oast 80
chains** to p:int of commoncoment,
making 6.0 acres moro; or 1:sj.   -
Lcca.tO'1 this 5^ d-;y of Aug., 13C7-;
jt  MADOy'dASS, .Lccit:r. :"   ''
A.'W..' BELDEN; ''Ascrit.      '    ''
W:tness-Tlns. Sl..t',r.
Witn?ss-This. Slater/"
16. Commencing, at a p.ost- plantod
aajoiriin"' the'..ciaim;of;Henry;,,,Hel-:-.
•tne"*"'..-N.0,,;M,' pn,^hq|sout'h,rbeing lhe,
northeast corner post of Mrs. Louie
Larson's;clrim; thonce running t»i;uth•
80 chains;    thence . cwestj 80f chaina; •
thoace n;rtb sp.chainB^itheace.lreast-
80 chains ,. to point- of commence.;
mo.it,, containing • GlO.acr.s. more or
1;bj,       . *, .',...   I*...*.-.'.   ■ • ■■■ !
Located-this 5th day, cf Aug., 1907.
. MRS.* LOUIE LARSON,..Locator?
'.';   A.-.W. BELDEN, Agent.
wi,n:BS-ThoB.,'Shtcr.   ,. "•
67. Cummmclng at a post planted.
nt or hoar .and adjoining Henry.,
Yeoman's clilm;: No. 28 on.its. weBt
sido,' and lo'ng, the northeast -donor
^ost    of'Hiirry    Mun-on's'   claim•
58. Commencing nt a ;,ost P^^ted
Ji^V-orth'of'pTst^^^^ No.*...  ,   ..
the " northwest    corner   of   Frank !C7' tho chllm of MnllS0 0-.8*, and is ^™°   '"nn'ng ' west' SO '.&*^
Swell v's elMm; thenee punninj? north !tho so-ulho st °-rnop Pc8t ol W. W. J*^suco "-"th 80 cIirIeb; thonco. 0 .ef
80 ch.iin-3;    thonco   west 80 chains;^'   Elm-'r's cl**im!"    t'-'onco'running fso cliuins; th-nco n:rth 80 chains to
thonce south £0 chains; thenaa oast ;WCBt   80 c,1'!,lnsi     lh;nco   nortl1 80'!ro!r-t    of oommcnjcmant, containing
*-0 Clnlns to point of coinmoncdinont. :clminf?i tbeneo'onst 80 ch.iins; thenco \m ««■■■ moro cr less.
liocid this Srd' Ouy of Au,.'io6/.J.wuth *>■**»'* *°™ °'    com" j   ^^^JiJ^ ^ 1907'
'     PRANK  SWENEY   Locator       me-.c m i.t.'nl.lkln-? CIO nc^B mere HA JT   1UWBOH, Locatorf     ;
•   .*.  ,, ,.."  .      . „*.'i.... «... A. W. BELDEN. Aient.
■1^1.7?   ui   •   ?'   tl,e;   29- c<"nm«-'Ml»3 nt a poet planted |lwo mU:a up Qftiveynrd" Creole from
,' Ir -h ,ri" ^ V       S Vr       S j^'n'W PopI No. 27 on eouth side, Who .if River nnd Trail cist, and
.J,'0'" r of W,,,U|J, »' I onfl 's i'» nort'iwcBt error of LouH j ,)ufng   nirlUeMl   cornar of   lToB0I,h
iMwtt« cl-lin; tlioneo ninnln<; o int; Btut'/B, i-lnlm; tlwo r.mnlng   cast j jcne**' cl ;lrn; tlience running onet 80
A. W„ BELDEN, Agont.
\V'it.,o-3—Thos. Slitter.
49, Ooniriionclng tit a post planted
o;*u!h cf Cl.ilm No. 48, and holm;
tho HouthweBt cornor of Otto Ger-
bot'..'q claim; th.nco running n.-rtu
SO '■ cbnJiia; thonco e.iBt 80 chnlna;
lho::-a touth 80 ch.ilns; thene-o west
SO clioluB to plico of commenconiont;
LDEN, Agent.
Wlln,w-rhos. Slat?r. " ,   •■
or Ich1.
L'Ciit-d t'lis nth dny of Aug., ISO.'.*
W. W. D. ELMER, Locator,      j   t8. .('oinlitoncihg nt a pofltj planted
A..W. BELDEN, Aso.it,    __      ,iulJoin'ugtIi«l-iy MuiiB.n's claim No.
WltijfSH-TlioR, si-iter. jC7 on tho* nortii b(d'e/ an-d'.uPlng tho
5.i. Comni*r.clnj; nt a poBt iihat.'! !Bjuthjimt   comor   posVol '■Monty'
two mil.u west up tho  crook  from Ad.im's cluim; ficnco rtinnlti,*;   wost
Claim', num'.cr.d 55, 60, C7 nnd 53, [80 ch.ins;    tho'.co north SO chaina;
and being tho southwest cornor pcet Jtlunaa o.st 80 olulns; thenco■ south
Locntrd tbiB 8rd dny of Aug, 1907. j °r W'M>*.cn A. WntBon's clilmj tLcnco j f0,ch^ina ti point of commoncoment,
OTTO atenflOTH, Locator,      Jrunnlnj north 80 chaina; thonco e.\flt Jcontlnlng MO'.ncr.B mofo or less,
„A;,W. HEliDHKt Agent.
Wltncrq-Tliou, Slater,
j 80 chains; thd:co suuth 10   ciia'.aaj
j thonco west 81 ch.Jnj to point   of
<)rifii<i*   Hutw,   r/nM   un I                   iulucb   ■,-.win; Lnonco running onei bu     uu. : onimcnojng at a post plintcd  «■""»«'-"*■.«""ii*
cm w„i,t 80 chnlM   il    n        ?,'' !8° dmlPfl;    U,U'(:,, fljltU  8° C'minB: ;ch':,m'     tl,onCe ' BJUtb   >0   tha,na« iJUBt B0Uth of No* 4!'. "^ ^S tbe I   J'"™1"** tM" "'. diy of Aug., 1907.
tl-e on wiiHt 8'i clinliiH: tlience north
Locati'd this Cth dny of Aug., 1907.
MONTY ADAMS, Locator.        i
A, W. DELDENT, AL'oht.
WUhosB-ThoB',' Sht-jr.
*•'.!.*   * pV'rfTlMS.r^W .WIU;UMA.^T»OK,„Mt,,|CJ,„TOCrtF„t „,;0(til„rta
11)   lit.
80 ch* lis    tu pMnt ol    commence- so   fthiVne lo   point   of coinmonco- JQcrjV'i'B clilm; thenco running o.iet ■        A- w* UBI-UHN. Astonl
T.-^ilol tHs lnt day of Aiif. 1007,
WM.  11. IIKWIT'I', Lncntor.
A...W, HKLDISN, Aiiotit.
W tn Hj-'I'li a.  HI iter,
1'. f^.niiueneii': nt n ji-fi!, piun'eil < _._,
I'dJ-.'r.h* Cl.il.iXo. 17, belonging to  in • No. 2-X on lln wrRt s'ldn. nml" hi-
<nc n.ilj nurth of Monty AdaniB'ia
, claim No. C8, nnl heih^' two milon
>.^l. I 1.4 *4
'•-•"j    •'•>   *<    |'4/J4.    I'l.il.Uvi
j'SC ffhalna;    thonco noutli 80 chains; [Wl:ncnfl-Tln«. fil it r.
"' '"1"'*       '"    " " " post
-■- n.-«:.i, HnMtlJOHi.t flip, l*o-.in? the nortliomt corner of Arthur 'nflM ,,„. Mn, M nn Uic'u'un, Li-Ji,,-
.jtu.nte s.mn bi cimlns; thonco wvst .cImI-ib; tlience cist 80 ch-ilnn** thaice
,.    .. , .       ... ,   - r *.**«,,     ■-- ---— e. .*« .. i'wpl iiJauiV..'.. 1>*»'«' <.i..iiio, i.it).iCc nurtli 6J ch.ana,t(>..north 80  e'hnlns tr*   nci'ttk^ol  rom-
II •« cl J.n; th.na* weat SO clinlnr '^ZTm   rh i ^  /hZ° w   fin - T'1''0'°t^orner °f W,nffatq ^^ • tW° miy'a'W3t Ui' t,)0 M   Tom .Point cf commencement, mnUlni 640;meneem nt, mnkinX Old' cHirea more
io.OiL'oSwtoilrttoxT^^ -<hcnCe    "V1**."*   ^;,,'^«^«^.^^n.rimm.dl-!,«cr.Sm .        ,        \tt lu.
80 rh Ins   thenrt- nirl.li 80 rlmlm, t-i
P' lnt rf c ium'JiC'.m •ni..
>- .•■<■<'   t iio lei Any ol Aii,r. mr,
<'H..X. W. LEA, Lot-it r.
A.    '. J;..!l.m:x, Ajjcnl.
W t ,i   •:-.''. c.'; i t r.'
'<■': «,5 ■; ir. • •.'•In .- nt n pu.st jd m'cd
Ad h'in; >' 1 hn X.*. it, B,,ut!i, {,„1
>• i *' h* i '.,i*j,t |.-i.l (,f Clir.tll.
I.C- .- Co! ,1-  1.1-,*•(. H .lHh SVrh.Inn-
*,.,,, ™m k, n. .„„„ .*.,.«*., x„. *'^,^"^:,i^,z^^vz'. Kr.;*rr.. TytYTiA ;:;sHS;SSH
en f.fi n, *l jMir nf FL.lhflvT .Lwr,      U, >.!, t<1„.(), ,„. Ilt „. ,M>11. 1(,wt:d
li'i- ct- «•   f ha «•«•« '.n *     .,' ' "d iC'R" t::C c,ulh',,,tB- a,n'a' l),,rt"- tti'.d. n.rt'i *Mi. ot river t.n Inn'', ' -      A. W, HRM-HJI, A*™ it.
tu a tt. t m c nnn, lli.-nco  north of .Tuc:- II. U'ilmot'a clilm;   1bcnc«    -•• ' '•-,.. •■.-.■--    *
83. th.-ilns;   t'le.i.-o   wtst-SO rhilm;  so ehalnH,'   -the.ifio nitlh 80 chnlns;
tb nee ii<*rlh 8) rhlne;' Ihtnee est -their*'mat 10 chilna; fheiee eovilb
,  CT chains to tiolnt of con.m«n(*rm«nt,
'miiMnt C<0 ncris xAite ot lest,
. j   Ix>cat*d thl« 6th tiny of A«»,, v9),',
'-HKNRf-CAnraNTMt. Loeatar.
jehiln.1 to point of commencement,    .running   the-co   south     80 chains; 'Witn'sit-Thro. Blilip."
.. **.■»«». i „ \
A. W._ DBIiDfiW,- Agent.
Wlt^i--^Th(>«. Slater.'
>-■»',   '   I
*»*4*-^iWrt  -P-.-T*   # A,b,    i «i»«>X. p   *t,*     rr, fc %, _*^-'-   -.-...■•-.•*-*?r<"-
> *. .»-■>.. .<.
* r
_'- ... •'■*,"/    , i     :        . ••• '"">
We. SfsaiS SiiiowJIiatJs Being
,-..   -* -v.,*      £*, : •/>   'V-.-   V, *t*"4:     *  ■
. ff
This paper willjiot he responsible j
for opinions ,oxp_ressed*i^*-J"ts,'ccrresT |
pondents. "  '- " =*. ,
-  Not
Onc'of ihe l'c:t dramatic offerings
in the coming '   autumn willv-beVa
%     v
mignificent'-rroduction- of. a-femcus
r-1'..y'under the management "of CU£-
render'-'oLthe Ferr.ie, ford Lano Bruce.'
Free Pi"CFS.'owii)7:to the"-fact, .that it
,,-; *>   " * .v r  ' ■■---1 «-i    ...---..-1-, *^-
'-.«  .-. -^oi'mine, llosslanil.au jn Vict
7'   . *oh Monday'l'nbniiiiij had im :
.:.'A',".MeNJillhii, manager of thd.Le
ctorin, and
-with nu'inucrei of the local.government
with respect'to the coke.sJiortiiRO. *■• '7
, Mr.   McMillan   wna .inclined- to  be
reticent, when,seen by a reporter, fry,
i'iiS1 that-ho liad/coine to disiT.f-<. (!'<?'
Haying'fhad l such fa lengthy >■ exper
• does not chhythe* union-.label and not'fence in tlle'theatrical re-auirements
] in any >va>\ caterin" to the. interests of
j labour.-I-sli'oulil -have" mi'jsed.-h'ad' not
my. .attention , be/11!called,-to it.   the.
cf the.w{st,. Mr. Bruce feels confident'.
'thnt    this' forthcoming presentation
, .,  ,,.,,. will le''t,ie''s,icc.'S3!of ■ ■ the seasbn,,
p.coff|yinK the interview with ^ bJW E*,gl iuj  fj-n^hhsicn oppor-
Smith;   The.  circular' issued'bvOl.-K,    ..     ,-„      ., ■   ■■        ■•  .,-i.
./ ,,,-..,.   ,-■ -  .   -„■-..,■'   ,    '  1 tunity, to   witness a .drama   which
(not llu'ii^ local ■union,,(for thoy. have  -..<■.■"••'    ',,■•   .-•-"',   i,       ;•■■
„„   • , „ .   ,      , .     .. .1. ,     1 othcvwiso v;ould not reach them for
uo ri^-nt tolav elaun.to this, our lot-; 11,,. .. • -      ■
uniuii) as sonfefof tlieBtt4lenientBthi_iyiii.
1 were"; very ,nis!ca<liiijr.1'1 It' is'iiot the
.♦♦ -'" ,-       *   *
.♦:♦ Stoves, Musical Goods, Kt.c
AU kind of goeds handled on
Commission.. . -
iatet-.-.it'ii „Ci.'ci.i" local, tc
mnny seasons.-'
. Miss.Htl ne ?'.•&. ptt,'*fcr.i four--years
,v ith. ^ Harold Nelson,
, ,    - cons ib"- to lliis con
matter;'with,tlie^overnme.it niuUhk^-^ .^ lQ^ ^--.j.^
not wish-it to be .understood ilj*.r.t he-- ^mlitlollSi to* w.r.™t  lhe:r.'conil:!s.
was trying to force the-situation. "   - | ^ ^^ TaK;a m*       Ci,ftl Crc..j.
lliaislril6-*?1^, kdy
1.1_0 has bc;n s;*.o.*ially engaged for this
"■••Spealiitij*; of thenialtef -^.oneral';
.said-that for some inoiillis past t
be, can'niit |*iit 01: ai-.y-isoro men than Ihey'
»ero;-liavc'.it  [Ivose'if',■ a"nd "only"'when a'lan'Aus rj'li'in tour to tegin shortly.
tour, while-the'other-principals of
thc company', ire'new leinj selected
-. Np rtttvra-dates will he-played; as
the management is negotiating
'had   been" a certain;, amount of coke.*: workman leaves tiio camp can a &tr
8hoVta°:e:"ih'' tiie ,interior   of- -Hi.ti-lijer'be. put oik   There are always1,
I   'nltln'tUl n    .    rvn.!*..r»    I4in;_l..    *- n    ilim      linn    iii.i 1* .     1      . ml
Cbliimbia,1 owing1 mainly to two t'aiisi's_ j 0n liiuiri to".i'll' such a vacant job. Now
First', there'.wero-nneeltled labo'r con-1 undor tliese' coinlitii'ii:s rfu tlioii»ht-it
ditions prevaiiiiig-" in the earlier pair of j best tb state facts to tliu-ih-itiVli'mi'iicre.
■the'; year at; the.collieries alons .llioj in .face", of the, vory.ihisleiidinar' adver-
Crow's:;*Neet,  and afterwards  in  tl-.e; Useinent in tlie " Lichlield .Slercur'v >
metalliferous .inines tlirou_rho\it* lhe
interior,. "Tlio'result-was," eaid. Mr.
McMillan,,.!! at,'curtain tinies..tlu'rini*;-.
this year none of us have bec'ii able to
get sufficient coke,, wliereae there iinve
been periods when some of the large
smelter companies have requested,.tho
Crow's Nest Company not to send ihcni
tho full supplies of'cckc ordered. ,'
--"The, other difficulty affectinj. the
situation is want of cars and locomotive
power on the railways" The shipments
of coke to,-JJnited States smelters have
had practically nothing: to do with lhe
question. Tho Northport smelter,
which is just over the,line in tlie State
of Washington, hat* received moro than
half the coke exported this year, and
,this_ Bmelter,;treatSipracticalh. >ii,;;.i;ig
but Le_Roi .ores." ■ If, all the ba,h:'o.e of
amounting to thirteen or fourteen lho'7
sahd ton*, had been" kept' in .lVi- ■}.
Columbia; ir.would have bttJ-ii J*.";.*;
going in odo smelter. And-as seven
B'raelters^iricluding- that at Northport,"
are eneraged In the interior treating of
,B.,C. oreB, this -would: have afforded
practically, no relief at all..". \ 7^-'-.*f,'S?
-*..'If the export of coke to-.tUeCUjiiiteu;
States^smoltera, were abB^lutltd'^'prov
hlbited, tho effect would.he,'JliriSMc*
Millan eald. that the Nortliport.Vmeltci;
.would have to close down at oncet,ftud*
thlB would moan the clciin^'d'ownof
the Le llol mino, and the throwing out
of employment of over 800 men lu that
' city. ■''.•.
., 'Mr.iMcMillan said there was uo truth
in.tlie report that.tlio peoplo of the
interior, were opposed "to the export of
' cakOt.-jff.Mon," he' said,'" are naturally
.'ojJposBili'aB-I.woiild be myself, ito coke
bojng eont to Montana smcltors hi large
quintltleB'.Bi) long_ naJocaL-BuiollerB,
wanted tlio coko. But the coko Is not'
going to Montana in nny consldorablo
quantity, and the people of tho interior
practically all look upon the Northport
smelter sb ji British Columbian eetab-
- llBhmontf and would be hipWy Indignant
If• anything wore 'dono'to'proveht It
gotUng1 ,ob much coko'-as It-.n'qulrcn."
'".-*-I'I bb,8oryo',•,"-Jib!'-contlmtPdi';"ihhr
proat*) dispatches assort that resolutions
,_ have -• boon pasaod by. tho RoBslond
Illinois', union.and others, nilcfng that
no cokti bo allowed to, ko into tha
^ United Stiitos, What tho miners'union
'; htfa'.- Atkod Ib. tlmt the -government do
.'nothing .Jwbatnvor' -to ..-provoiit • tho
Northpor.t,pm.cltcrri|{eUilqg,tli,o j*f)ko [t
roqnlrcB from tlio CrowVNcst thoBamo
. m other Bi'itiBh Columbia uinoltors, and
"'this rcBolution has, I uudcrBtand, been
....-jont to lho Premier."- -
'" BoVornmon^,' If la1 tintlofnVaToil* was ill!
roctod to.a rcquoiit.. that.tho Northport
:•; Btntdtor ho oxompt fi-om any prulilbltloh
y} piit upon tho export'of coke,'' Tlioso
;!'. qutntlotiB, It li suld,:wlll be,conBldorod
in jconiio&tron "with! -Jlflif ropor.t of,,tho
deputy inlnlHter of tn'mi'sV which was
"•j*; HuijinUttsd on Monday morning.
calling for niiner3*>to come to this part,
ard' 1, think if Mr. Ra];.h Smith' was!
.wilh us ifi'd of us, lie' would ilo osacliy'i
the p." me aB this lijcal.has dono, I don't i
know that I could say. the same tiling!
about the interviewer,-' The Free Press
must ,sho\yt me where tiie circular, is
misleading and I't'hink if the statement
was turned round and read "If the Coal
Company would work togetherwith the
Miners' Union in bringing..,0111 .men.
they could mr.ke sure tliat none but
good union men were imported"; but
If' they. opposed  their employees and
! send  agents ,to Britain to'get miners
under misleading advertie'omentSothey
could expect the union to act as tbev
did.    ;-*   ,    '' '". . 7
•-IdonVknow if tho article'or interview Js misleading-.biit Ur.'read Mr::
.Smith., says tliat'-hoi is, opposed*"to
oriental -immigration and.in the'same
brenth says that owing■ tb the;rapid
aofclopinet.fotjCanada aiid phrtk-ular-
,iC2,t»ir4_l;*v.i.*^j^ui,1-~~„ -.7 i-
ijyjj*, v/T^i4.T-uau- G4C.i4ii0~uc4.4jcvnj y—10-
impOTt labour of some kind.^ I take itf
it means -theep; labour rf* the''oriental
ciRB8..^r-3on,t -kiiow Mr. Smith, there-
.foro''»ny;4^'«'lbt about him and I also
;tnmkhe"*hqulddeaVwith men that HE
_^e^i*5^>'>SfoVriab"'!iisiothers do,' but
,^Po%*flto^ere-«syb>ould that oiheifl
'shbuliilUft^^on.V).-  ;     ■•
*T(jT» - >„ j-y'/..      *»j   -• u/ ^     •    "*    ,i
';- -i   -, Twri«bg^-(fti, '•*-__•-•-
t-.. Y --'..'.-■«. - y^'i&m,-&*,- — -
after Christmas. ■ • '-,
Nome'of pliy -'will l:e announced'
l'.ter.', ...,,>       *:*',-.    -' '   '   '    . -7
* A hotel, that -, lurn'shes - quiet;', cfom-
modidus accommodation for its pat-
re hs is a source of pleasure to the
travelling public.; Such a one;is the
King. Edirard Hotel,' of- Fernie, .cor-
n"r opposite post office. " 7 7
Send for^QtalojoJ1.,
' >»..t.-**...-,'o-
t;;7;;The:;- .   7$
Elk Lumber Go.
nanufacturers of"
'■i \
Free from
Alcohol '
''•\ jsineo May. IMW/Ayer** -Sur-
1 soparllla has been entirely free
from olcohcl. If you are In
poor health, weak, pale, ncrv-
|ous, ask your doctor about tak-
j iixt this non-aicohoSic tonic nnd i
loltcrr.ilve. If ho has tt betterP
j medicine, take his. Get the best
[always.  This is our advice.
', -'.   -. ■'. ■'*-"    ,       '        '     ,
let'';Brotheriy' Leve Continue Even- in
,.•..-.,j.u... ^Politics.,.......- - •'-
. * ..Tho'.. Ferriip-,' itenv5 lii. Inst, wcoU'h
•|Ledj.or',' rolnting to the, formation, of
a Voting,Lihoral1-' Club with tlie-avowed
Intention ol enitfrins: intbpiibilc'dchato
in dofonce of their principles caused the*
iioartfl'o'f the .Socinlifttfl -to * rejoice' with
an exceeding Rroat joy. In, fact,' one
of them;Immediately..wont Into exocu*
tlvo sosiilou with lilrafiolf and produced*
iv .dQyi|co;|lwhorowltlil to decornto our
banner.'1,' Had such powers o( linn-glna-
. t   t   i t      t      L 1    1 '   'Ji    -'ftJl*1.**- .ll*
t(oh "nnd dolleucy, or 'execution'" boon'
Bupproinbh'ted ^y •ftn"ni-tlstlc't'rnlhlri(r;,
-wo-'naitfl no doubt- the1 world'would
hear of this pontlenian.. Tho device
Vftx'sh'SoclallsfTpampTnt'twIth'' hair of
compatablQjhuo and..whiskers .apropos
of belMffcrnnt npduntrnljind loiigtJ) nnd
.eye-a ot'ire'mjii oii'vii^llold.'dn rniiffo,.
with a smoklnir bomb In one lintid;nml
a marrlnBOCortincnto lirii "Mmllar/cou-
jdltlon in tho qthor.,, Wo,'(ioodlCHH to
Bay, relegated (ids wprlt, of art'to oblivion
hicmnlapropoBi., ^Iio nrtlst pjepdod
Hntllr'o. but Vvo, TtrlttBh1 lllco, lacking lho
savli'iK sntiBo cf huiiior, failed to fiue It.
We, notwItJiRliuitllnar thn lipirlt'-Jmro
uvliicod, call upon our you'iijf Llbnriil
fileiidH to relievo ua of, nlle(,'nrl.'nlly
KpCbnlllif, tliu tcdloith trikllin^T nf, utir
coat in lho mlro by communicating rnr
Socri'tury Wllllnm Hymordu, Hnx' 1100
Pernio P.O.. from whom wo be/*? to
Miuro our younjr Lll»irnl ftiendrttliuy
will rncolvo tho retort courtfiows.' '■[ - '■
..■Tho.BUhJoct for Sunday nlj,'lit will bo
"ThovlaHHbiru^glu. ,     ,;.
Dimension  -,.,.■
Flooring    *«
7   Siding
; Lumber &
The best dollar a day house
in the city.",  ' 7' ,
Well, stocked bar.
Liquors-and Cigars of the
--' highest quality.-;  -'•
ROSS BROS.     ,.     PROPS.
Golct   Medallist
late of South  Kensington ..
"* Eng. is prepared to take
orders for a limited numb-   . ,
,   er'of Portrait Paintings...
For particulars address Box 431 Fernie or can be' seen  at   the C. C. L. A.
Hall Coal Creek.  '    V *>
' ■ '" ".'■ (Head Office, Winnipeg)
Branches—Vancouver, N-elson, Fernie,
., Edmonton, Alta. & Kenora, Ont.:
.1 . , t> ■
Fernie, B, C.
All our stock   is   last   year's
cut and well seasoned    *.;
11./,  ..; ,4,;.. '..,.     *..,. ._    , , 1 :.[.    4
Wholesale   Groceries,   Flour.   Feed'&
: -. Camp Supplies
and everything in our
line can be found the
freshest at our-store.
McDougall ■-& Co.
Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc.,
From  France,   Holland- and
\  Japan .
Seeds  Trees
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilizers,' .Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spravii't?- Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery, on the' mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free. \
M. j|' HENRY
>-^-8reenh*uses-and-6eedhgusos ,
VANCOUVER,   B. 0.   -
60   YEARS'*'
Tnioe Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone wnrttnij a nlfolen nml A wrrlpllnn mm
       ,   . [)f	
     ....    niiBiicy for»oinrlnKPi
I'Atenu t«kon tliroutfh-Mui:n & Co. receive
litlclilr nai'ortaln nnr oi'liimn li-^u whmiu-r nn
invention ig      " . -   -..
llonBBtrlctlj  ._	
lent free. Olilost niiency f(.r mil urlnnt
invoiHlon is probably pnto.'i
..„,,.  llflll w 	
on I'ntentc
tpMtoU notice, without clmnto, it tbo
Scientific Jltn^ricam
A handsomely Ulmtratod wook If. I.nrncit clr.'
.eulatlon of.any BdentlJo lournai. -Tormn, 131
lew, four monthi, IL Bolilby»ll nownrtcalors.
A Good Way
'jb/plonso ciirettil jhoueokoopc'rij la to
pivo honest weight. Oil, wo don't wty
tlirttall butdlicrti don'tdo t^U, but
wo ciinnot help occcnslonally over*
liciii-liiifourlndy (rlomls whon thoy
ffct to tolling tholr oxporlonccfl,
Another Good Way
to plcnBolstohupply only the Ix-fl.
incut, T( you trndo'with us yon will
learn Jttut wlmt wo mean by Hiobo
two "my*" QUALITY and QUAN-
TITY.wlll.bo.il little more than ,y(u
expec'tr „
fair ed and:
^ , ' onorgy!
\7* publlib aui* rartaulM
XT* kanliti tlaofcat
nm nnr miiilliilnai
Wtvirf» je« t»
Western Canada f
Co-operative & Trading Co,, Ltd! |J
Dry   Goods,   Groceries   and
General Merchandise
Havo you hoadacho.liackpains.
or pains in tho cliost 7 Havo you
that "ftU-gono" fcollntr 7 Do you
havo (itn of icuti) pain or wind
aftor'ood7        j
If no romoni'ior l!;:it h:h.th .Io*
pondo on tliroo main omnna*-
llvnr, flt.ninnnli nnd 1nt.KRt.lnAid
and Bilottng roRUlutt all thieo-
- Biloansiiro iiumlj Irnhd and
Nature's roiUbdlo.H tiro n'.ways
best. Don't dully I Wrlto for
samplo box to' Oiloaim. Toronto,"
(nontllntt lc. Btainp for roturn
poBtaflo], or buy nbox from your
Mrn, It. Suvil.n, of HiiAwnnil, Unt.
gay a 1—"IV tiLUiUuliu, iluhility, in.
(llKe-tlon, kih} liilloubiiu'-i I triod
iimny iiipillimitu, Imt T novcr tni-t
with nnytlitii^ to pi'iul IUIohu,
'Vh*y aiiriid 1110. ,., f.
Of r11 dWMlits at GOo. par box.
lo Consumptives
Tho undorfllgaod baring boon r«-
«/torod to health by dimple moans,
alter outforlne for •wforal yoaru
with a eovero lung affection, and
that droad dluoaao CONSUMPTION,
ts anxious to mako known to his
fellow Bufforors tbo, moans ot oure.
To thewo who dcslro.lt, ho wlll
ohoorfully. Bond (froa.of charge) a
copy of tho prescription usad, whlob
they will find a euro for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CATARRH, BRONCHITIS and nil throat and lung
MALADIES, Uo hopes all sufforers
will try this Romody, as it Is Jnraln*
abto. Thoso doBlrlng tho proscription, whlob will cost tbo nothing,
and may prove a blessing, wlll
Brooklyn, N, Y.
Keihiced, Ilutes   from   Eastern
Points, on   Sale Daily
September' Ln to October ;'lst
Ottawa .V
Windsor >.-
. 546.10
Correspondingly   Low' Rates
* Intermediate Pointd
*^^SoosS"p6"karf«~* Service"
The Finest on,the Continent and tho
\, Fastest between Spokane and-   '
...the Twin" Cities-        "    -
The Canadian Pacific Operates ;,
Standurd Sleeping.Cars
& Tourist.Sleeping Cars
On   Two   Daily    Transcontinental
Trains in each direction
For Rutes, Hosorvntlona, and uny information
dosired, npply .
C. S. FYFK, Depot Ticlcot Ascnt
E. J, covlw, AG. 1'. A., Vimtouvor, or
.fOII.V MOE.D. P.A.Solauii'.
A ilaulsh liver means a costed, tongue,
« bsa breitb, ind coaitIptt»d bowil*.
Tbe qoeitlon is, '"Vbitlstbebetttblni
to do undtr suen circumiuneei ? " Ail
your doctor If this is not«tood insvert
uTmlt luatlve dotes of Ay*r's PfOs."
——Jf«iM hf tttt* f, 0,4 jr*r Pi»., hvw*\t, if(4f/—
(Foriiii-iry tliu (Mil)
,' The Owl ' Restaurant
which has recently
will be more completely
i ' **-* .  I A'' **! ^ I  (** I l^ 'I *-» X, r.     .'
, i.j. »u, uml      ii.iU.     mi,)
been  the r;isp  ij*  jhc
past.   The   i.cu   p;o-
' priclc-r, .'
loilhtin  irp*%/i*r\r>
•*     *'*•-*'   ***■****. Om-      ^»*     J      m   ^*t.**,  «*
will be pleasul to meet
! , the old patrons aiul al-
i so tw.w, ciiosiai ihoiolc'
I stand,
vBesl of
' A -GENUINE*   .
, FOR |2.00
With a diamond rlnj,' I revenl
free liow to bcciuc a beautiful complexion. DlnnioiHlH nnd cvqiilHito
complexion'arc' b'otlV (Ifslrable., An
opportunity to every woman is nowof-
fnred for obtnluliiK both". For $2.001
oltor n 12 Kt. Gold Sliell1 HInf*;,
shnpo like n biildier, with a Tiffany sot*
ting, Hi't. with 11 (Jeiiulno (llninoiul
Anil will send free with every orrtm- tlio
recipe nnd diiucttone, fm- olitaliilii)* a
faultloHs compliixlon, onsily undorfltood
and siinplo to follow, It will havo tho
expoin-o of CrenniH, Comnelicn nnd
Blcftches, Wllljrco the dkiu from plm-
pleb, lllnckhondH, etc.,nnd kIvo tlio Hkin
iieniity nnd snfinciw.
RING ,H Biinrnntciicl by tlio
iiiiiiiiifnctiu".*r to boiiHruiircHciitod
nnd Rhnuld nny purehftaor In* diKsiitlillod
1 will j.'lihsrfully rofund tliti moiioy.
Do not lot tlio price lend you to
doubt tho (,'< niiliMMii'HH or voluo
of IblH rlnjCi nn thn nhovti -:iiarnntco
protect.1 Mch.find ..tvoiy 1 urdiiiHoi'.
S0111I 1110 $2.00 by  mull nml uk
lllIVIIIllll^ll Ol'tlllH OlIVl', ti<   tit*!* 11 *» I)
l.-j limited. Siiml si/.i. oi '..n^u-i I'm.-
which iln-,*" Im ili.-.lrcd
T. C.M0S12LEY.,
*.U I'.uht '.'linl Klri'.i'l        Ni-v  Y Ji'lf, City
11   ' 41 "
Menu mu ,>ihii- iiimn'   mil   tiio
IlillitVh III  ."/   /«.(/lll.l)'lr   in milo   1.*,
rofoioiH'u nnd I 'will luiu-inl jou n
;iropoeltlon to m 1 iir my npi'ht nml ticll
niy^oods In j-in.i- InrnlMv,
Ui'fii'liiii'in i*>
'Al Kn«t -I'.XrA Stn-i-l, v V.W Y- >1! lv CITY
,.i   J ly  <V~3in
1 Read the Ledger
Norman Rusk
Gcnopal ltlnoksmitfi
Kepnirinii;.   etc.
On cr nf Virtorin A vcimii* <fc Jsffrsy st
/* ^•**V-lV'l¥«*y(.W¥\**TT*'«.-
i, .^»»ii*.«4-*,«v*i^»*r«**titfn"'i '*-r*;
News of the City
For'Sale.—Household goods of all
kinds, including furniture, carpets and
rugs, china and crockery ware, kitchen
utensils and garden tools. Apply after
3 p.m. at 26, Walmsley street, second
hoiisefrom Presbyterian Church. Terms
cash. -- y      -.,."'
. Wanted.—Dresemaking by the day.
Apply Miss Schwartzhoff, at Airs. John
Margaret McGlinchy Gilmo'ur Malloy,
beloved wife of Thomas'Malloy, aged
27 years nnd 11 months.
*    At Edinburgh! Scotland, September
10th, the wife of the Into Chas. Douglas,
Fernie, of a daughter.'   (By cable)'.
v   ft
Pare Gold Creamery Butter, per-lb  80c
Griffin Brand Hams and Breakfast Bacon, per.lb...,.; 22c
New Laid Eggs, ,per dozen .;.  35c
Soo Line Flour, per 100 lbs  $8.00
,M..    """"   '•• 50 lbs.:,....... ' $1.55
For Saturday, only, Lowney's  Unsweetened
g   Chocolate,   per'lb ...*. T.
uyfa     Cash
W. J. BLUNDELL    """"* Dc"vc-y
. Mr. L. V, Eckstein leaves, for Letl. ■
bridge tomorrow on legal business, and
will be absent for three days.
, . George Black and his bride returned
from their honeymoon thia week, and
are staying at the Waldorf, hotel.
The-infant child of  Mr.  and-Mrs.
.Jackson,, of, Howland Avenue, which
died last week, was buried last Saturday-
David Lynn met with'an unfortunate
accident in No. if mine, Coal Creek, last
Monday. Whilst he was driving-a
horse and- cars on ii°trip the horse
stepped on a- piece of timber, which
struck the lad's foot and badly fractured
it. .
Tho Hon; George A. box, President
of the Crow's Neet Pass Coal. Co.,' will
arrive in Fernie ou Sunday. He-ME
-travelling through the West with, a
party of the Canada.Life Assurance
agents, of which Company he is'Presi-.
dent, and will go on to the Coast,
On Tuesday last, betweeinG and 7
o'clock, the' enterprising burglar was
again* busy, this time at the.Imperial
hotel, when Miss Smith was robbed of
. SI9 and Mrs; Ross *bf §7, and Charles
McGuire was deprived- of his glove*..
- underwear-and"bru"she"sn     '
Acric   w**mtt0tA
F. O. E.
Moets first friduy in'each month in 1,0. 0. F.
-     Hull,        '■       '•   7  ' ■„
XX. H- Mooro, W. Kcuy,   .
Worthy President." "Worthy Secretary,
W. J, Wriglesworth, D.-d. S.
OKP10E HOURS:-        8 solo 12 n. m, 1 to op", m
,     .       6.30 tos p.m.      ,   . .-.
Office in A'ex.L ck's Kiock
.overSUnn'.l'Hkery'. ,   ,
FERNIE!" ,. '' -"      -      "—     -,       B. C
Insurance' and' Customs Broker
Crow's   Nest   Trading- 'Co.   Block",
?-    '■■ Fernie, B, C,
■ After a scorching hot day on Monday
something wont wrong with thc works,
and six inches of snow fell on Tuesday
night, - bringing, the telephone',.,wires
down ih every direction and putting
the,Electric Power'Company out of
business.'. The trees around tlio Square,
long tho pride of Lethbridgo, aro broken
in every direction with the weight of
snow, and will" bo permanently disfigured. It is still snowing heavily,
and tho damago throughout the north
west must bo immense. Tho greater
portion of tho wheat crop, is safely
harvested nud will not suffer'. All late
grnln, howovor, lies flat upon tho
ground, and it will bo impossible to cut
some Holds.
Tho ordors for conl aro coming in
freely. Somo mines complain of o
shortage of competent miners aiid
others complain of a -shortage of cars.
All outdoor work is completely nt a
•standstill owing to the inclement
' weather.
A mass mooting,of minors will bu
hold Sunday to discuss tho grievances
betweon tho company and its employees.
District President F. H, Sherman, who
Ib nt present in Lethbrldge, will attend.
A-, ■■-'■"
Tho following Is tho progrnrnmo
given by tho choir of the Methodist
Church Inst Sunday :—
Hymn 108.
Anthem No. 42 (alto, Mrs. Uroloy),
.Solo. Mr. Hobblns,
Duet, Mrs. Broley nnd Mr. Blags,
Duet, Miss Mott nnd Mr. Shortman.
Solo, Lizelo Lundle. ,,
Quartette,   Misses  Mott nnd  Hooy,
Meoirv. Schollold and Prlco.
Solo, Mr. Blgjfi.
Bolo, Mr, Shortman.
Anthom No. 81,
On account of tho Victoria Exhibition
Victoria, J-.C, Hoptembor 21th to 28th
tho C. P II, wlll make tho following
reduced round lJ-|ji tiu.u Tcuuu, Uu US;
ticket* on naW 9.0th lo SJtb. good to
return October flrd. For tho Provincial
Exhibition, Woatmluitor, October 1st,
2nd, flrd, 4th, 5th. round trip rate from
FornloKO.Ol.. tickets on Balo .September
27th to n-'tohor fr/1, gcs& »;. wtfitu
Octobor 10th; Those nro nlco cheap
rates to tho const, round trip ticket at
loss than single faro.   Call on local
agent for parlculnrs.
A hotel that furnishes quiet, tow
modlous oceoinmodntlnn for itn pat-
.ans is a sourco of pleasure to tbe
ravelling public. Birch a one Is' tbe
King Edward Hotel, of Pernio,' cor-
t t oppotlt« por.*. office.
' llesolvcd that we, tho members of the
C. C. L. A, A., pledge, ourselves to
carry out the.following resolutions:— '
-  1.—That, any member or members
attempting.to enter the club rooms, or
going on the verandah of the club in a
state of intoxication, shall, bo .expelled,
and shall not be allowed to ro .enter-.the
club.  "■" ■. .    "   7    -.'
* ' ■ ;-'-"•,. '* I
2.-—That any iiibmbor bi'.uiomberB
getting intoxicated in the club rooniB
shall bo expelled, and,,shall noc* bo
allowed to rojentcr the club.'.  ,
8.—That any. member or*members
fighting or enu'sing iiriy„disturbftiicO in
or around' tho club buildings shall he
expelled, ,nnd_ shall not be allowed to
ro-onter tho club, ..,.,-,,.      \
4—That no member ho, allowed to
loaf in the bar.
5.—That the ban shall Uie under tho
control of tho barlendor. and that ho
shall bo hold responsible for tho conduct
of tho members while in tbo bar, nnd if
nny member or vlBitor causes any disturbance while in the bar. it shall be
tho duty of tho barlendor to nt onco
make a complaint in writing, giving
tho names of thoso who caused the
disturbance, and hand it to the Socrotnry.
of tho Board of Management.
50—That the janitor bo held responsible for the conduct of tho members nnd
visitors in all portions of tho buildings
except the bar, and ho shall mako a
complaint In writing of nny disturbance
or misbehaviour, giving .the names of
thoso J_w**o caused such; disturbance,
such complnlnt to bo handed to tho
Socrotarylof tho Hoard of Management.
7.-Tlmt tho Hoard of Management
havo nnd exercise full control over nil
business andgonoral welfare of tho club.
by loon! applications, as thojr oan*
note renoh the diseased portion of
tho ear, Thore It only one troy to
cure doafnoas, and that lo by oon-
Wtitutloanl remedies. Duafnas* Is
c&uaod by an Inflamed oondltlon of
i'uu itiuuuut. liiilug' ul lUt, fcUf.ltvouUi.
•k'n-he. *WhPi, thin ' tube In Intlamcfl
row hare a rumblinjr aound or lm-
yarfeoft hnarlnir. and wbel It Ii entirely oloflod, deafness Is ths result,
-and unions the Inflammation" can t»
takon oat and thin tube restored to
Ita normal oondltlon, hearing will bs
doo-'troyod forover.j nlni» oasos ont of
ton aro oauaed by eatarrb, whleh la
nolthlnit bud nn Inflamed oondltlon
of tho muoooo snrfaoeo. ' ;
Vfo will BlveOno Ilundred Dollaiw
for any oaae of deafness (eanssd by
o-Vtnrrh) that oannot be oared by
Hall's Catarrh puro, Bend for -dr*
oulars, free.
I. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,   a
Take nail's Family Fills for oon*
iftlpatton, 1
Bold by druggists, 75c.
Will double* the' pleasure of your, summer
-outing. We have them
in all sizes; from the
Brownie to the latest
• No.,.4 Folding Pocket
. Kodak.   They, sell always at catafog 'price.
-We have"a'full line of
Films, Papers; Devel-
opprs,- Mounts, -Day-;
liffht Machines, Plates
Tripods, etc.. etc". --, ■-
Cc'll and see them. .-..
Nl E. Suddaby
Fernie    Drug   Store
L,  P.   Eckstein
. Bakrister-at-Law, SolicitOii1
Itooms X & a, Hcmlerson blook, Ker'nio, B.C.
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading _ Co.   Block,
■■/       ,,- Fernie, B.' C,
W, *'.  1X088, K.O, J. 8. T. AtKXANDBI
Ross & Alexander
Ofllco In L. T. W. Illoflk, Victor!* Avenue.
if. w, HF.nouuxit
Olllocs over P. Darns' & Co'b Blook
Victoria Avo,
B, 0.
J. Harbor, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W   Block,  opnosllo the Bank
Offles houri-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
H. HKM.. AiWlLDliiK
Oontrnotora nnd! I!tilIdor»
KntlmntCB FurnUhod
PMMenct* - Corner Il&wJaiiJ Au, .ii.u
McKvoy St.
I\ O. Box ass      ...      Fernie, B. C.
Piilfder p**d Co.iJrrci!?"
s Nest Trading
Fernie,   B. C.
A Saving on Every Purchase.     Are You Interested ?
In allowing us to cater to your wants, you participate in the
advantage derived through our being part bf one of Canada's
biggest wholesalers, with branches from Ontario to the Pacific
coast and doing a business counted in the millions. Being part
and parcel of this wholesale establishment we derive the benefit of their enormous purchasing, power, and save you money on
every purchase by turning over the goods to you at wholesale
plus a small charge for distributing and working expenses.
Equal quality goods cannot be sold under our prices. ' You may
buy lower priced goods but you buy lower quality also. c
S.eptembenfinds us with' the largest and certainly the finest display of fall clothing that we have ever shown. The styles'
correctly! interpret .the.fall fashions,-the patterns are exclusive
while >ve offer you an assortment-of fabrics and effects that make
your choosing an easy pleasure. - \ .   ,    ,'
Men's Serge Suits     - - -        $ 8.50
u    Tweed and Serge Suits $10 to   15.00
"    English Worsteds & Serges  $15 to 25
Fall and Winter Underwear, J
Our- assortment  of-Underwear  for" Fall and Winter wear is  very * complete  and
'-.:";-' '"■'"'   ■. ,7.'-.''.■•"." '     '   ■   bur-prices' are' the lowest. ■".'' V   --" '■'''•
Fleece Lined per'suit..;: :....:$1.25 -Si.Sl.75".
Black and Grey Scotch wool.per suit... § 2.00.
Grey,Scotch wool, finest quality, per'suit.....'.$ 2.50 '.
Natural wool medium weiffht, per suit.*..'.;■'.$'■ 2.75'
Shetland pure wool unshrinkable,"per suit:.:.$ H.OO
* Combination,Garments in mitoral wool..'.. .'..'$ 3.50
Remember we are sole agents for King of the Road Union Made Overalls
Our  Mantle   department   is  replete with. the. newest 'designs and   colorings  for
'.'   ,  ■ . Fall and Winter wear.' "''	
Large over-check, grey and black mixture, black.
silk, velvet collar and cufts, semi-* -^AA t\€\ ■
fitting back, very'stylish, price..I.ijp&U-aUU
Covert cloth, \ length, tight fitting, trimmed with0
brown silk, velvet collar,a beauti- l^-^ft fl-ft
-ful litter, price.-; *31)-£UhUU
- Light ,grey tweed, trimmed with greon- velvet,
collar and,cuffs with box pleated tf^-i A f\f\
back, very dressy, price..... ^ I OnUU-
Black' beaver, .very fine quality cloth, I length,
solt strapping . (M O flfl
Price...,;...      2p | Or-UU
The Artisan Working Boot for. Men cannot be equalled, 'made of solid leathe1
and:guaranteed by the manufacturer and ourselves;   $1.85 to $5.00 ■
The American Walkover fine shoes for men iii the newest style lasts and designs.  , A
durable shoe that saves! the purchaser money,, and looks well, wears well and fits well.
$5.00  to  $7.00
Day by dny oui- grocery department is building a roputatlon for high quality and low price. Aro yon get
ting tho benefit? Preserving Fruits nro nearly nil done, bettor hurry ln your order for ponchos If yoi
require any.   We expect car containing tho wind up to prcsorving fruits to arrive daily.
Preserving Plums in 20 lb boxes. Q-flf-t
IT OF        POX MIIMItMMIIMtl   •   ■   »   ■   •  XX   f I • I 11 i t •< 1 • f » I   ■  •   %   %   ^0 ^J ^£1
Poaches, Citron. Crab Apples, Pears,   Oranges,
Bananas, Fancy Table Apples, Cooking Apples.
We sell nnd rocommend
Pratt'* Poultry and Stoolc Foods
Tako care of your coupons, thoy nro worth money
Saturday Specials
Huntloy & Palmer's Crackers apa
regular 60c.    Special , OQO
Climax Jams in Bib Tins
Por tin	
Buy foi* Cosh ond Sovo Money
w, ii. •JAumiRt.r.
Piano nnd   I.stlnmles on Applicntlou
Residence 76 Howland Ave.
J, Wilson Gray, Arciiitkct
Fcrnlc B. C.
On Cent a Word
Ketlmatcs ohcorfully given and work
promptly executed to tho satla*
faction of our oDJitomors.
Towiwlto AKcnU
Fornlo and Jloemor
FIro, Life & AccI-   CI? ** 4> *% 4> a
dent Imraranco     C4& Lid L V
Ont In««rtlmi not leu tlmn kto
WA-N't«"ii| <Mk..ii J1JU i^^'JIKA*. ;C'ai>"l>
work.-Apply ta Mm. MuU.
riom»»tlrt   mirvunt («#n«ril) «n.n eook,
Uettly tMgtr otXXtt.
Fon HAr.E, ar.AWKistamthrx.vt.
.(ilii. Uiitt. tip 'iC r.<io to tit.lt. Blw. ui.
I.lmrit lUtiire.-Apply Mt*t,
far in»n «tn<I wlf«.-App1y "U<Xa*t'1
Some people may think there
is easy money in train robbing
but if those robbers had only
known of the easy money wc
are offering in the line v of
aluminium nt a low price with
20% off, they would never have
attempted such a hard task as
the holding up of a train, Don't
forget the 20% off atl sales.
Whimster & Co.
lUadqutrten. for Mint ud Mill Supplies
i^ ;  .. *.. 1    1  ii < ••


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