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The Fernie Ledger 1907-07-20

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 . ■• °   '- - s
r. j
I '/Isih) •
"^5/A, B. 'C
■V6ii. II   NO. 48    : "<rf8fc*>
Fernie, B. C„, July 20, 1907
52.00 a Year
Mors Diversity, More Prosperity,
Fernie Soon to Have A
New Industry.
Messrs. A. Mutz, Thos. Todd and
E. L YVriglesworth have purchased a
few acres of land along side of the G.
N. tracks, just below the West Eeriiie
townsite and have been making some
investigations with a view of establishing a' brickyard." A small hand plant
has  been' installed, and on Thursday
j as possible and avoid the rush.
| W. Osborne, the blind orator, will de-
; liver a lecture at lhe Coal Creek club
j on Tuesday evening, July 33. Admission
I free; everybody welcome.
j, .Miss Cissy McCourt, a pupilol" Mrs.
Simpson is going.to give two solos at
the Socialist meeting on Sunday night
Comrade . Mintern will deliver lhe address everybody welcome. *      7
On Saturday afternoon Charlie Powell and K. Heskett set out in search of a
lonely bear* which has been hanging
around-here lately looking for "company. Mr. Grizzly had evidenrly heard
ofCharle's reputation and was not at
home when they called. Better luck
next'time Charlie.'      •■**■.       ' •
J Vffll HY
pleasant .inticipation  to an  evening's
ouling on the pavillion soon.
Mrs.   Holbrbok, has   iinpr«.*-*d, the
! appearance of Jier store bv ihe .uJJitioh >
Gil    tiM' • 1 - •    iL     /"c       T   : of a ne* board wjtlk wliti-li  ulvi  adds; • , -    n ,   -        ,'
. N. Officials in Uie City - tyto the\^w\^ «r things       iArrangements Progressing and
Extend the Line to Michel
Without any Delay.
A special over the G. N, arrived in
Fernie Monday night at 11. p.m.
President Ii. W. Hill, Vice-President. McGuigan,, Gen. Manager F. B.
Ward, Puscbasing -Agent Plecher,
Div. Sdpt./O'Noil.and Chief Engin
- jeer Holland    were on.,   board,.and
Frank ' Williams has taken over, the' early   Tuesday    morning tho party,
the first-thousand of brick were madb. j. boarding house'vacated by Mrs. Palm-1 ^bich was joined by -Messrs.   Lind;
'A   kiliTof  30,000- will be ."made and !er.'and intends keeping the house up to j «V, Drinnan   .and McKvoy    0    the
.    '    . *     ,  .    ,        ,      .'■7„„„„,i „:,„i,.. . --v v        Coal. company, transferred to the C.
burned and tests: are being, made at j concert p.tch.     .   .    . ,-*       ->/R.. truc/and'ran, up to Michel.
both Frank, Alia.,, and Whitchsh, J Que of.tlio'best carload of horses'.ever, They were theii" joined. by Mr. P. E.
Mont.-, where large, plants,, are in -1 received 'for lhe mines arrived.at Coal ?'jhain, locating' agent of, the G. N,
operation and thorough practical tests j Croek.last Saturday from the'.vicinity'of i-Al'tei- inspecting, the Michel yards the
can  be made. _    I Pincher Creek.    "" • ,-'        ' 'train was headed'for Fernie'   again,
Clin*.   Waldie    and. his    t> ing   ofl
carpenters have  linished  llie  .iJd.iiioni
to the Elk hole! and, have nr-iuruod'to'
Fernie.   The work done on the addition was most satisfactory and adds
very much lo the appearance of- thc
hotel.     - -      /   .
Last Saturday at 6.30 Coleman and
the Committees Working
Overtime to Keep up .
privilege of painting a business ad*
vertlseraent on it, waa accepted.
City Uiigine-r Potter's request to
be relieved.of the duty of inspect"**
the sewer work was discussed aud bo
iin illy consented to act with an assistant In that capacity * and ths
Mayor and Engineer were empowered-
to appoint such assistant at a sal*
ar}  uot* to exceed ,'80 per mouth.
Mr. Potter reported that the a\ .r*.
age number,of men employed on th«
newer work during the week wao3J,
Tlie Civic Holiday Celebrations Com :and that   the work was progressing ,
mitlee inetTuesd'ay evening.--President:mor6 raP-'11.'/'   Tl"> trunk line will be.
Wood,  and Messrs^ Laurie, Whelan, ,lal*   to , Victoria - avenue' in *  two'
Morris,'Moore, Phillips, Warren,..and 1 w0e.-'8'
""*"■   *"" -"'    ""   ~"    Cmihn.   Hpn-linW      CrrninnntXnnrJ     Mr' HuSbeS Was authorized to mim- .
Fernie football teams faced each other fcroar}   Herth. er.    Cor. 5po,deuce -  ^        ^^
on the Ke.era.tlon grounds hero for die ft™, Geo. Cody  the C  P,K., G   N„ ; ^ to ^ 4J J     ^   «• ,
flrat time this season    A 'good crowd , and M. I*, & M    and from the Van-, j   Aldeman ^.^ q{
of enthusiasts'for both teams were on-cc-uver and the Canadian Rubber com-  ...'>-
.,    --..,.      ■'    ,   .. •■     T    ,,   I      .  .    -, .  -.      _.      -, ;troducmg a sewer connecting by-law
the ground to see the game-   In the names, also a communication from J.-   .   ...    " -,      ■>    ...       . '.   <
first half Fernie had all the best of the ; McDougall—all these communicilions*
play and it was almost a fore^onft/on- |^vere referi-eci t0 uie pr0pei- committees.
the next regular meeting.
rThe. City Clerk was instriiceed-* :to
ask tho G. N.- railway company    to -
the"ball at will*ml ■    T'1C P™e "' tlie-fPotba11 conlest w:ls Krade the approaches, to- the bridge
r;,i.,   '   •,„► woJl'1"*-.0*1'*'*1  ?I0°  for  '*"■•"■*  ;ind ^S«  '<■-"• on'  ThdmcBbn    street, ami 7fn  the   -
Today Tis , pay day and everyone is!
and a »slo\v run made down the  v"al-
elusion'who should be the winners, as
the home team tool
it was onlvovei-confidence that lost the ,""M^''ai. ^'V0''  ™\ ™° '"S° T' °D    ThdmPs'on    strcet - an(*    (1° .the
game for Feniip.' Tiiiie and time asaini set'ona"Prize-' Nosta,ndl,rizo Wl1' 1,e- srading on Cox,street, after ' which
the locals would'take-the ball to the ■ l>'.iv-ei1 >n:evcnL of not more than two the council adjourned.  .     -,   «
eneiny's''flags,, but a!wa'ys,,!ost'it by a ; teams compeliog.        ''-."'*.,    ,v  J    .  —o —- -    -
■ - P.   J.'"  Hoffman,  'manager   of  the ■
Diamond    Brick   and   Lath   Co.,   of; ••-,•-        ,,,      •,""ti"'■••'"'    "
Whitefish, made-aiv. examination of the j wc,innfi' 1,s mo" .* V smi e.  . lisisone^^      inspection   - of   -the- route.! playe.rta fair game and never lost con-: Elko* and Coleman baseball teams "ask-
' clay,'of which .there is a large body, :of t.1!e ]i^est   "* 'be history  ofCoal|of the propc_sed-*iextension of the G. j fidonce. '' Winning this game gives the"; ing for entries iir the basebrilLcon'test
Iley to afford the party as much of , poor puss or a bad kick.   Coleman bovs,    The Sc-Li-'eiary was instructed to write;       AnniTinwAi     Tor'ATC
I j i.... <-        ^, t_ .'..I j .. c:   1 *..„.. i„r» ,.,...  : ni.,. .,.,. 1 r'..!...,,.,., u..^u.,ii ,„„..,',. -.,..1. I       s\UUlllXJPiJ\Li   .LUUALO,
and   pronounced it of excellent quality,'
0 and'it is in his plant that a pratical test j   . \V\ A.. Mitchell and family are paying
is, being made by burning'samples'of j a. visit" to Allislbn, Ont., and are  ex
the',  clay    along     with"   his    own.
The discovery of so large a body of
good  brick'clay   will  prove of great
"'"value.to Fernie, as the price at which
good brick'could be secured from oiit-
■   side points was so high as.to be'.almosl
prohibitive, ' _•„"   .. *
Bricks can be made;at.a profitable
figure and still leave a wide" margin
between tlie present prices * and. prices
at which the new firm can suppjyjh^ J^'J';
"~ --*■*"-       - •        On the 1 ath inst.,"at Coal Creek, the
I visitors a chance for tlio. finals in this,The - Fernie,   Michel,   Coleman,  nnd
The., contract' for the building ' of j district    It cannot be said that the best! q^j Creek foolba__ leariis" will 'be'eom-
N. to Michel as possible.
pected back shortly.
'• On the 4th inst., at Coal Creek, the
wife .of- Mr., James Kempston, of a
.daughter. -.-. •   -."   ,*     '~   '" ■ ''
•> o - ■ «
"W."Thompson is expected back shortly aftervliis trip to Edmonton, Battle-
ford and Vancouver in search of a less
vicious breed of mosquitoes.* It is earnestly ''.des.red at Coal £"reek,_that his
trip will have met'with'success... - ■'       l^".-^-!^^
thc extension has, been awarded   to,
A.'Guthrie .;:nd   Co."of St. Paul, and
•it,is expected-that the new line will
bo ready for .operation by the first
of the new ■ year. ' "'  \ - -
The special arrived in Fernie ,! on
its return trip about 10 a'.m , End
was at once transferred to, the 'J.,
N.'s tracks, again.*; The distingah 13d
party, of officials walked oyer to the
Coal company offices and' thence to
the'G. _<■ N. station; and.were   soon
team won,'and  it remains  now  foi'juuinicaic,d  wiU!) -ahd   lhe   Rl)SsianiJ|,
Fernie to reverse the score today ""when,.. ,  '     .,    .     ,."•    ,      ,     ,, ■;
., • -,       •*    Nelson,  Movie, * Cranbrook,  Coleman,
thev, meet the same team at Coleman I     , „     ,  ,      '        -       ■='.'.,
rr-' , ,,      ,   7j-, land Prank hose teams .ire to he invited
Here s to vou P erme. --     _ '.    .
.-'*",. ,"■'.. 'to enter the hose' reel races.
Coal Creek football team is ruuuing a;
special to Michel this afternoon at 4.30
o'clock.   'They   are. now ° leaders   iii
this league, and. expect to null* out a
victory at Michel on "this,occasion. "Of
course there is no telling, what'.may
happen, and as in any other game there
are dark horses." While wishing Michel-
Just1 a fiiw children" 'i.-^c. sun hats left
•itMi-s'l<7'.'ni|ilV.   '■" '       -      '   ■
Mrs. E. Todd has .iifow 25c. Cushion
girdles left. ■ >. .    *,.'
A full stock of children's white dresse.**
and white uhderwearat Mre. K.ToddV.
The Varsitv hat is the leader andean ,
Tlie Italian band will be engaged to.M ,mrc*m.,e(ifroin Mre". K-. Todd.s in up '
turmsli music.
~Alh the. money'put into* home made
, bricks remains in.the community, thus
causing'no drain of cash 6utr6f our city
More men will be employed'and better
buildings and - more of them will be
built. ,"        ,7'\      - __,
If the tests now being made prove
satisfactory .the result will be a large
mQdern" brick plant which will not only
supply Fernie but send Ions of bricks
" to other points,, instead of having the
1 bricks come iii and the' money go out.
Good luck to you bovs, but,don't put
, any of your bricks iii'our hat
. , o
wife .of Mr. Arthur Mercer, of a son..
A new locker house is to be attached
to the wash house at Coal Creek'capable of accommodating 50° miners. It
has long been needed.       ..-,.'  . - 7
. Dave James, late of No. 2 mine, Coal
Creek, is now looking after lhe interest
of the Coal company at the; rock cut. .
Shortage of Coal
A •, Montreal report says that every
j indication points to a shortage of sou
■ conl after lhe close of St, Lawrence
fnavigation. "  .From   the  opening  of
' The beef commission appointed by the | navigation   to July   .,   the  total   of
governments of Alberla' and  Manitoba | ComdUxxx soft coal arriving in port was
rblllng~back to Spokane.,
The building. of this section to
Michel 'completes, another link- in'the
chain .that is to bind Fernie to Winnipeg with.another pair of.steel*ribbons ..some eight or* nine hundred
miles in length.     . .'   '
"Then there.will be branches leading off from"* thin main , stem, but
.they will-aUbave to" come to Fefflfe"
and,:thus throw the whole,volume of
traffic through Fernie, the' gateway
j to prosperity "on either, side of the
1 mountains.       - ■
to investigate lhe conditions surround-1 280,000 ions, as compared with 419,000
ing the beef and pork industries in the j tons for the same period a year ago, a
■ - •    ■ ! loss  of  130,000  ions
boya'.a*good game we-hope'to see Coal
Creek, boys come home with the big end
of the score.- """ _,      '_
The following is the Coal-Creek lin
up to play.Michel:
-.Goal—Sam McDonald.
Backs—H. Allen and W. McFegan.
.Half-backs^McGechie, Kellick, Page.
Forwards.—Mulgrew, Lintou, Banns,
..CliAti'ber.«i'Hanson.-•>. .. .-,
, Kescryee—Tom   Stewart,  Tom  Mc
Governy, W. Gorrie.,
Linesman—J. McCliment.
Other matters of detail were arranged
and the"n"ieeti"ng"'adjourned to meet each
Monday evening at 8 o'clock until after
the civic-holiday on August 5th. ',,
i to date etvle." ,        *       .
1 ■
You can always get the latest Pillow
tops and. always tlie largest.stock to
select'from in Fernie afr-Mrs. E. Todd's
of (lowers for midsummer at Mrs. E#
Todd's.    ' „ ,      ' r
the money
i. ■*'
Ihe shortage was the lute opening of
two  'provinces  opened   in  Udmonlon I
this week.   The members of thu com-'
mission aro :   Messrs.  A.  Middleton,
Coleridge, Alta., representing Alberta ;
A. M, Campbell, Argvle, Man.,  repre-' •—   ,'",""" ■'" ■     ,  .'       I
senting   Manitoba ; '  P. J.     Nolan,; ^ '"^tlmnhei-e was an ..dual short-
Calgarv, Aim., counsel to the conlis. i age last season ,n spite of the increased
Miss 0. Wisner and   Mr., Henricks
were in from Wardner on Sunday.
Mr. Austin returned from Calgary nnd
left again. I'or Winnipeg on Thursday
evening. ■ *       ,'*,•'
The cause-of!    Mr' (-'eoi'J*'0 Ingram w»,s down  from
Below we give the standing of this
district to July 13th, 1M7:-  ■ " '
Tuiim -     Played Won Lo?t Dr'n Pts
Conl Creek...;.."."2-   -2'     0      0 '   4
Coleman ,'; :.!«   .Ill
Fernie '..Mi   1      *      0
Michel.'..,.' 2      0      I      I
the list of hose reel team invitations so
aV'to'Jincludc Calgary? -If the Calgary-
excursion date can be changed to lhe  , Those interested,, in the Fernie Hor-
Sth'the Calgary teanvmight be induced; tieultural society will meet Monday
to. come down and give, us a run for I evening at the 'school houso, when k
''"*-*' I
i schedule and prize list will be made.
j   Ncil'McKellar Is sick and is I'lib*,,
ONE.IJNIVEKSITY .   >-  jLethbeldi;i. hbapi'tal." ■
There j'eema to be quite n move in j a hotel thai furnishes quiet,"'com-
fclie direction of consolidating- tho wln-lmodloua accommodation' for its pat-
catlonal efforts of the western provinces; r0I,s  is a SoUrce  of  pleasure'-   to-the
three but cup University fm* the throi*-      "    ''  '
■-''"-"'■ *"*■ *" "•*•■ ■■- ' T-r- . rons   is a source  01   jiicnsurc    to
^Saskatchewan, Alberta nnd British, travclling pu1>lk,   SlIch. ft one ,„
Columbia in ft 11 effort to ostablisl. iiofKJlItf E{lwiU.(, jrotel) o[ Vmik<
■ tier oiipositc post ofiice,:
provinces   . ,   ,
,    This would seem to be a move in thn I    •■• ^ I'-luniuierfell and some associ-
'•; right direction  and is meeting, with! ntes have§ purchased 7,000 ncrtm of coal
"j favor lu the press.    . , hands adjoining lhe.coal kinds of the
Surely ono well established nml well i Gait conl company al l.ethbridgc amf
conductcil University well patronised j._ •„ „ro\ylthiL, ,|,.„ „ t*ompanv will be
from this -rent territory embrneod In | ori,nn]-/Ml'H) ,;1pil;1|iz, and operate the
, au ■, the throe great wester., provlncos would ■ Vt A       ion oj. lWs 1;mtl is w|).u
bo tiiueli move eei'tiiiii of I'livly success i     '    •      ' ...
: bus been known as the Isarnes mines,
•    •■ ■       1 • .1.   .1....!.,,, ii.a ' 0«,.:„,v visiting his parents ni Sheep Mounlnin
nnvignlion,  which, during thc, spring! . . ,.       ■ •
months greatly delayed sliipmciits from
I the marilimo provinces.'  In view of j
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited:
Gentlemen—Last ' August my I
.        .   .      ,, , ;vmu hadly cut in elo>'en pluti'i by
ew days during tlie week  ^-^ ^ fenMi . Three of,thecu„ ;than could n University supported by j - ,
(small ones) healed soon,   but    the , but one of thesf now provinces.. J • At Mile llu* mines we're rlosed down
•1 others became foul and rotten,   and;   The only dltiit'tilty to bo surmount ed! Tuesday uml U'edncdny on ihviuuu of
Hie Imscball ffiime nl  Wiirdner Inst ithough I- tried many medicines   tliey !'" «J"l'«i«'« H»> one University hcIioiiiiiI ;i disi.givo'ineni over the b.ick   hand,
■-      r     -----        -    At  last   ft :.h that of Meeting a location tlmt would, syMl,m_   The „,„,, Wnnu'd to nhaiidon
.Sunday   between Wiirdner nnd
resulted in 11 tie, score 4—^
ilko chad no heneflclal result
doctor advised me to' use   Minard's - »e nccei'tftblc- to nil those prnvli.|.|.».      ;. ||u, syMt,n, .1|U, (1k> i:oin|Wny at ,irsl
Mrs    K.   Roly
visitor last week.
wns   11   Cranbrook
iL'nimoiit, and   lu four week's  ,linio
Experience hns di'DKnistrnted tlmt;
i eotnmi'fclnl or iiimiiif'U'tiit'iiii* ci'iitn's
ivl'us4.'d 10 do this, but finally the Com.
every sore was Healed and   the   hfir ■ '^ m{ ^ wM ^^.^ })Ums ,0j,Wnv ni-mUl  1... the demnnds of Hit-
ihas grown over oaeh one In fine con-
selling „c»ttlu, hpgs   mul sheep, aiidjcn"ca1,
conducted ft retail meat business.    IIo j
said the territory In which he operated I
Mr,  II. Bunnell  of I-Jayne'-.  Lnkc, j dftion,   The    Liniment    is ceruilaly
was In ICIko on Siindny shaking hands 1 wonderful in its working.     .
will) his inunv.lrienils.' '! JOHN R. HOLDaiNf
'Mr, Urijuli'nrl of nityne's Luke, wus
l Witness, Perry Baker.
: cstabliil)    these   higher   eduentloniil! I,,e»1 ■■•"'■ W01''' Wlls rwsunieil.    J. A.
i iiistitiuio'iis, niul it might 1:01 to be 11 [ Miu'dunuld,  sei-reinry of district   18,
; very iliuieuU tni-k to mnkn tt solt'dlon 1 W»* prvM-nt and assisted in gelling the
■ for n site for thls'.roposetl tri-pi'ovlnclnl I nv'lier •.iriiightt'iK'd out
j Institution of loiii'iiing,
.   .    „,.      ,-,.,.,     ,        ,, <   Keep In inlii-J    tlw 5th ol Anijiwt,' n sundav visitor 111 lillw.'
was the Kdmonton district us fur south i.'ernie s blp day. ' - ■
Don't got Hliu'iniiil, though, for they
Misses Lonniii  Kennedy mill  Irene
McKee speni .Sunday nl \\'.'irtln-/r,
,- "
Mr. Ilonlitlinn of Kernie, wns trans-
acting business in Kiko .1 low day*, this
MV   M   f   A [NnrK-ThN pn|.i'r wlll not In- n-Hpoii-, THF   flTV
!•  nit  vt n. ; tll,h. f,,,.tt,,. I'Linmi /,i,(iiii,n*..>viiii(«vi.il I I ML   vlll
us Wetwm-kin. He wns exhaustively <
(|iiestioncd ■ wilh respect to tho details!
of proiits realized in the retail nnil|
di't'ssed meat irnde, He slated lhat a j
steer dressiplg 700 lbs, could be ptir-i
chased for $_-j5,"mid in reply lo a series j
oft|iiust!oi)H by Mr, Nolan he tletcnniii*-
ed tho Vi'lnil price lobe 9rt3.gr!, 11 gross; will nil" bti'Htuffuii alubn niui' timlr lilnwa i «tviiiKr it " "«w ^"t 01 pami. ^\v,n u Rr,,nt ,|,..„|'of iuterent Is lieing|   The r.'arriek rink's attention   vns of ,|lu Hmiu» Conniiiiiy, niul Mr. l.iildluw,
profit of $jS.i).' per steer, or jfX, \ will bu mift mul «entlo M tlio lovu tripR |    The North Star Lumber Co, plnnl is, ttxh'tx In the proji'ct. i eujl(lil to t)l0    i_j„n 0( t_, oLockbart' of S|mkiui(*, who is intnrniti'il In in/my
'      ._ o— I of 11 |mi'' "f BpoonliiH. lovura. I „mv liKlm.>d by eleririr lit-his, i    Af,f1' wm«'*«ll.iMi*Hl..n mi tlm Miil.].'i't a»»oarod In lust ovenlim'j  l»r.ipt'rilr*i ami i-uiiipaiiluH on thin Mo
fiOVL GUVVK !   AccorilliiKtotlioll.iHil.lnrpitii'roinimtH. : In a ^'m-inhvay u w.h .l.-.-ldi'd by th,"   »'    ll     *'»    .   .r( .. .   nwn|ll,it  id lliollm% w.ti.Ui lli.ieliyTliiir*liiy.
COAIj OKKKK ' ,„-o b0|„tf hiihIii for 1111 exwiMloll «f U17    Mr,i' |,rcd Km) K'u,nK'*' ,0 ■"■-' lu,,r'7 pn^U.-r of 11 .'^.IiUiod thnt tlu> mniter Fro.) Pie*i, nml de-ilro It kno-iintli.it     T,i(,y (|M |i()( (|(vi||jr|| „,„'„„„„,, of
I'Vlilnv, July 1^, to Mr.-, (ieo, l>lii|,'«-'ln,1i„„r4.'ifM')00() club nvor the ('. I'. I!,!11* Koo-villf und Mi>s M.-uy Ron is imw  hr.  hi-ld   ,-vt'V   until   th"   Mli'lhti-rinl w|,|ifl n,,t mn'<lni{ nny prptontiom nf   j}„,|,- |„|Hi„(..N imt Unit it was nut 11
I'Yed U01* is Iinprovlii','' his Mi'i'i
j^Ttvitij-T il 11 new t-'oat of palm,
! N'nn*:—Tills pnpi'i-will not In* n'Hpon-,
111 bin for tin' vifivsor opiuiuiisexiuiKiuill
Tlm iiici'thif,- ni'i'iinft'ed hehviioii the   '>" (■•'•iri'.-.puiji cut'..— ■-:>. „       or A. l-tfjl>iirtf>oii, iiriMldfiit of tlio Klk
I Mlnlhtoriiil AHioelHtioii mul llm-Mlimrh' —— • l.iuulmi' Uoiiipnny, A. 0.  Fliiiiici'fi.'lt,
;, l.'iilnn IukI Momliiy iiiyhl- hrmislit mit- ! pc-sldnni of tlm ltit«>rii»tlriiifil f'nnl nml
''•"' (|iiltc n liii-^'o iiuiniii'i' n| puoplc, HlimvliitflKdltor Lodger: . L'uku Cuinpaiiy, vlt'i'.pie.Mldmit (lordnn,
Mr-;, I'Ved Rod iciuruvd to lui
•Vlilny, July i.*, to Mr.-, (ieo, l)liij,'«-' c„"i_rJ,'Ty"oi^ooo club Ovor the C. I'. I!,!;t* Koosvillu und Mi>- M.-uy Ron U imw  hi, hi-ld   ,-vfr   until   tl
e, 11 lioiim'tn/,' boy.    Holh are doliiK'in Fcri'ilc   I'-ik-nry iIih-k not do llilii-'H' m Hl!>'' '-^'-b bw f„ilur. A-'niiuiuu din ;*i*i*i!h)
by tliohnlvusiniil ihoy can lm t'oiintid      Mr_.    ,,mu,
, ., 1      1   1    1     .1     uiMiii nt, tlmU'lly 10 nutki) of thnloxciit'-
Inspector Morpm hn. hnd'a l«nKtliy _ JM R hmm ^.^   A|1|, „ w|„ ,,„
vNil ('win*; icilnvvKl_l_{nllons with tv/,'iird
to llu- esnliT-joii In No. 6 mine.
Mr<. J a mi's .Mi-Kei*. Ml--. Ms KVv
niul Miss 'IVdhiinivr hi-iv visiiii,-^ in
Keriiiu Uisl Xiniilii,!'
I.     a
• li'Hniti>■ j 0jng   '{jie 'i,-,niy bowleis"    on    the  tm-ri' pli'iiHiuo Hip in n'lliilii.   Il will
""  Pr,en   who comix-ted  in tlio    rrccnt  ''" i'fin«>i»l"-r«-l Hmt Al»si,w. IMb..rt»„.»
,    _.    . ..   ,   nnd lliiuii'vfi'l
I ii;i in l'criili) lo.iiiiiki) this ci'il ol rliV
;" p'ny 11 Jiy fm- over In llnw "Chuerful      M,*,   c'li.irl-.*-. Kliii|*in-inii!
Jock Morrl-rj lhe over.sa-r nl l.uiul- * liars"frcm tliopliiliiH.  Aldci'ir.iiiiTriK'H'_ |n,si,u's.s,tiip 10 l-Vrniu. Tuv-dni,
,    "    , , 1   ,     ,. < 1    ,,   *   f' Mllirorti H'ltl    I I'll    ill    nffnt'f-1, '-i   I,"".   Ij   ■'
bn'i'k in ni's*  -iiv! '1 l.M'ii'.'*' i\" '.-i'i of •■ ' .     x.      i,,,.,,. m,.,.   ,   ,•   14   ,}   i„!i
„   ,,,    ,   ,  lf ,.,„ ,  ,.„„,,   .bite nf tliti vlult Mmnwi'd ♦«* tli.* m      Mr.-Liuh's M< lv*-. i    I    R
Un  C reek, I, 11 riiow, of ( h. l»o vMI. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  ^^ ^vA ^ ||(m,|y ^^
He m up on .bm-ln^ ns well ns pVas- ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^m ^ ^ ]m ^ ■    m^ t
lire' I or 7th Foniio cftimot nffonl to lot such ■ tiuj^j,,..
An accident occurred in No. 9 mine,«" occahIoii go by without propnrlin n{
on  TuesJny  afternoon   which   mlifht; wrtcomo thnt will ki>i>p niir CA<r*vy'    Tl.,. u,,,,!*,.*'.'.';..-;
have been fntnl.   William Stockwell, W«nd« wrm all no« wlnior.   Wlmt ft nti.jon.in.
pity wo did not havo thnt drive spoken
of in Inst week's Ledger rondy to bo
imcd on meii an occiinion.
However it will brlnjf homo to r.n all
ii nllllUllii.il II * tn llll' I'llll'-.   Mild   IWIll'l'
ii'in* ji'ivi'iiibij,' il"' Y"iMi;r M'-nV
''lirl-llnn .*\s'ti.')Hi|iiii.
\V.   ll|„|l-l...iili'l lll.ii  till' liiUllsl"l>.'ll''*
■ i.iiiiiiiiiiii'.itli.u uiili th'1 I'l'iiviiu-inl
s.i-i*!i*tni-y i.f iln- V M, C. A nnd il is
i.r.1.-,■.*,■• 111.1I   inv ,iicii!lar,v  Hill pay
■'' .'■'-. v *•  ;'" '• «Ji"'"..i ti^Miiuh, i,-oor 4.jfl«i*~i.i,     »  in-ciiii-uuiu,  «...  ,.,„„,,,„ ,!„,,. u^,.^,.,.^ 1,,-niliiiiB build-
iiliji-etH ami lui'tli.idii 0: inliiiiiilhit»i-iii(,»:play them for « sum of *25, the pro-' __,,,
SK-riihii lisitid l-*vriii--* i^n *ttl'"* ^^Ir*4 «*f th^ «i<r-nt o^'aiiization.       CMj8   jn dtber c»B6   to   b«   turned.    Mr. I.nldlnw   stntH   to   « UAxw
\    Aftui llm V. M. C. A. nwitlnr wuh i „;„",- thV'binent'oi W "unlort-in"-; riM'W^mntlvo   thnt   lio   wuh, irrwitlj"
nnd  I'lnuii'vfi'l' 11 ri'  illri'i-t'M-s  in   tin
t.jiirn«iii-*iit, vlsli it iiiiderrtood tlmt ,,ilfc|(in|   Tmvililllil,)  ,jiUlk   „,,,[   U)lU
t.lu-y will mcot the "Loc^lmrt rln't nt |_|(,3. «^i*,i in iln- i-ily 11 fi*w weeks nyi.
nny time for M coniR worth of mnr- nml punlin-'.'d fur tlmt iiistituiiou the
>.   ti   1   t !■..(.     in.. '-'■• " •" ' " <ii'l'""ile ine li''" I'li-l otlii'-'
44Uil»Ull»tnit4V*    Unit    vli*.*>      I'lu , ,   ,        ,                       .
"' ''     l"   1   i* 7 ..i'i .-,'.■■■■-• ■■ ' ' >'..■''■
it prcferttuiu, wm '
, !1l
*! -—J
fire bosi, nnd Tom Parry, 11 coupler,
were thrown on tho track by the ropo
•wlnKlnj!  from  Itu  moorinf*'!.-  Tom
Mr, I'M. Kiimmer hns complfted tho
plnstcriiit,' of thu addition to the Hlk
j illD-inioiI of, Mr. W. 11 Trotter, llol ■'
. S'« ltiuiptiif, orKnni*i'r lor tbo Trwdoc
Council CmitfreuH of Cnnnda, nddrenied
tht mooting upon thnt subjnet, nnd ho
proved to bn a moHt Intiirnnting nnd
ImtructlveipMker, Ho briefly outlined
tho hlntory of tho Trndos nnd Labor
hi- y*,i%er cmU.
- o
.noA wm* quite miilui»l»Htle reKardiiif.
1 tho proposed Chamber of Commerce
exmirtion which had boon plannod oi>
tlii) Irtih but which had to bo deferred
on account of lack of »l«cpin«; cam.
Thin exciiMlon will tako placo an tot n
Tha Mayor and    AM«rmen Tutt'.t,:
7   ii   »»- -;.« ..4   n„i«- < ■» lJ,ll< dlflliulty can he aiinnouiitci,
TritM, Quail. Metntyrt tod   0»^:Bndlllpnt,,W(,;,ini. ,,«,„„ HmP •„
Pflrry nwmu'cd to crawl from under tho I ,n# mor,j forcibly thn Kn'At advantaffo
rope and went tor iissUtnnce, nlfhough luc|, A ,oat\ ftnil mcli a mountain park
lie sulTfred from a lacerated ankle; • will ho to un when we do *?«t It. To
Stockwell was carried oul 011 a ulictdi* Uko h lot of thosn wind drl»d poopla
cr imd taken Immediately 10 the hosr from thc pralrjw anil drive them out to
_jtftj_ , auett a park ai wiuld bii made at tho
AnexcurilonwHU«av*Ci»ICr«kHijAttfUrt wou|ll mUo lucl, » pIoMant ,       ,     ,     ,       „,,,,,,,
4.30 p.m. for MU-liel, rctuminj,' Irom in,proM|on upon them that they might  wrta lhc      ,r U,,>''   ' ^w ,(tn1( '>"* tor *nf,rlc-f  fn   tb* ;  Wc irA-sUkotw'a oflai to kM? the the cant bound r^illar Thurwlay ovi ■
Mli-hel nt ro.^'p.m.'. Ml tii.^i? Jesir * u» depended u|H>n to return with oUcb 0rt «'•*'»*1 •*P>'''« ■"'■p" j many uonteet to be competed for on j city water tank   painted for    two^m** bouml for Coloman, r-olhbrldf
Oui of buying ticket* will do son* early I rcturnlii"? acanon. \i>    KvcryboJyi, looks    forwarJ     with l the 5th of Aujtuat. 'yeaM [eotlded be w<u frtntud  the ,-uid Tabor.
Mr. A. Mm* nml family of Yernlf, I Council movumont, and etronjly urjted
Capt. Stevemion or limn Jon, w^-Troller Iwm^one w«*t, and will travel )*«* «' «• city council Tfcuredaf; Mr ]jM[%w> m,ft h\\ othflr ,jon|zcr *.
Mr. Krapffll spent Sunday. fi»Iilnj» nt j ti«ck to Winnipeg by way of the* main jnl*ht. !of .Si*flUano, 1* onthiiiiutic over tl"
K<xk Gvek.                                     1 line from Kovolmnkit, ■ |   Vin (hM M|,I|W *tM *■  dttt '< jrreat growth or hla city, and w«ll 1 *<
* ;  „  To the abaenee of J. W. Nunn,   who j %my b((.
Mr. A kennedv returned from .V, ju aWay oa h„ hoU^y tr.p. j   T|(e ,Ho ftf ,fJIVH|||nw. oniefealia tot' BH
*■ -v ......      -".':'*   .• ;;"  ..'■;.:.".fflr-: '•**' "   •"
:.FERNiE.LgJ)GER, FERNIE,"B7.C.,,JULY ioggs^'
afoor Noies
and women* in oiir great cities;-' Wilt:
the rosy posey doctrine of ft he?-Ion g7
haired-;man    and the short  haired'
woman;, doctrinaire'-.smile     'these
'these-away?       ■ '_."._
"God is-hi'llis heavens''—yes, all's-]
"not   "right   witli  the   world."'      It's t
- going' 'to  be right  anil  that's   why '
we can well afford to be optimists.a
a*  •*>*■■">«;
fief   ,^"ff>^    W
*-. *.
- ■*' AVf
' Peter Doerner Svas the'proprietbr ,
'of a machine shopMn—well, no mat-,
ter  where. It i.s  not   necessary   to .
give the name of the.city. SufficeMt
(to. say, that this is ti- true story, But-.not) the. bind that expects-;, to
even to the mimes of the'partiei- llfingr _'-, ; the . mjuonnluni by" a.
pants,.so I be" mi uic of the-city may ^{ie% 'rilero \s work Co' Mo, ""and :
bo omitted. Dourner employed 12 or 'fighting,'tbo. it * is a work nnd a '
15 men, and ono dny an .orgnnl-ti'r ' fight that requires rcd-bloodednmen. ;
for 'tlio luachiuiaU' union appeared ijU __, tt task'that hub assurance' of
lu 'their midst and persuaded  them   puCeess, because Uod is-iu the-heav-:
.. 7a7medica3^maBi^6i,f a food^specialsst^
,„... in Anieric£4v/but_-wjiB.-say~iha-8:-:--T^--:-*.
to organize a union. The charter
was'.seen red, and then an agreement
"and a suale of wages were drawn up
uml presented to f)oerner.4
o ."\Vcll, , boys," said Doeracr." ""I
have  no'thiiig agiilnst unions, but I
oils. It is a great thing to realize '
that I tlr-llls tusk,.working through'
us. We are coininlssloiied to it. That,
should give nerve lo the arm and
power to the' blow of. every', fellow',
who  has taken  upon    himself    his
Sold Only in Lead Packets.     ,   i°.
«M»it^*aittoei of Oo'»f-T«r ^l»«-§»»«.
-    mOH-OAIIBOLlbt)'?  'p;
y    * , , _ , . , °ii.-JL.T> .-,■>. . > :'. ^
4 itt'/i: S"
think you ought to give me a little   sh.m> -0f urn .task, of'helping redeem
■time,  Suppose   you  let   me   think it
jbver for a week?"
.. The men agreed to'this and Doer-,,
uer'speat the week in-,making $ome
investigations.   Aiv the end  of     the
week   . he'   called .   his * employees
before him and said :
"Well, boys, do you still want  me
to  recognize  yoiir' union?"
They declared that they did.
, "And you want iue.lo support,-uif-
ion principles?" ,
:Tliey  insisted'that  the  boss  was
^"correct."'    ,        _        ''     ° .,    \    ,    '
..  "And  if I. stand by   union" principles you will do the same?"     '-,''
"The'men,said they  would.
o   "Well,  boys," said Doerner, 1 have
been  investigating, and I find that
you' are asking me' to do what-yoii
.don't   do' yourselves. You  ask  meto
agree  to   employ-only   union   labor,
but   you   employ    what I you     call
■scab.'' Ain't  I, got    as  much   right-
to do  that as you  have?"
',. The  spoeksnmn   forvthe ,meu    in-,
dignantly  denied the charge.
i "You    only employ    union    labor
, when  you  want work done?" rjuer-
ied  Doerner.' ", " °,
• "Sure ! We   wouldn't employ  'scabs'*
at any'price,", declared the men.'
■ •  "Well, boys," said lhe old man, "if
. every one of you has got oii union--
.made clothing I will sign the agreement.,, Now show up." t_
•Less   'than    half    the  men   could' „,u .. ,,.
*how -'the label in  their coats.    ■      The-negotiations were no
"Well   if nil nf von hnvo r,i „ni™   ! than the consideration of an offer ou                                   ..,-...,.    *i ■—i*   »■* ,*   ■ i'*-*,- .<-'.-.i-—-    • ,. ■•.-   - r
I     i       !..                 '                0il"   44,   *       i    i   -V*     „, ■    -oi  „„,;-,r, ' dnvvs;-slopped on tbe sidewalk if t-hey   reach people al their .homes—tags and
_made_shoes I'll sin*n Mm nn-rcP...0n--»  the- parl_orjthe_irr^ucial go'"*ra- .  . 7_^_ . : : ^.7, ,:.,,_, ^-;;\yl>^"};jr'^:JvjM,Ji^iy*y.
the world  from'the  partieular  evil-
which he sees most,. ■ '■
 o  ]
it's All  Off      I
. * °,
There can- be no peace or arrange- i
ment of.any Und lelween-tha trio-!
phone   systems   of the   province and
the Bell Telephone company.     There
..ha1 e-- been   some, negotiations?'b; v.
those negotiations ui'e at on end, auci
from.'..he appear-sicce-of things   tn'ey ■
are ne'er to be revived.'
'r^A^'^A. few- thoughts'.os^advbrtisimo 1
'best _ method of. handling the Telephone, business in Caleary,-. receive! a
letter about which there seemoi ■ lo
be a lot of mystery. On reet'vins:
this letter the city council declined
•to tal-'e any further action in the telephone business   , at   that particular
..)''■ '   ' ,     o ' *' ' '   "'
,    .       a'!, . ■   "     »■ .'-.7'*,
Rhh ******** titiiwp vkktaaU It ktttK tsitslsT *m *st *Omm»titrtti for
houMhoM Jbtilw*>Mi mi K X* ptfcraM* t* NrMta ieM. Xamtma n it** Mt Irani,»thlaride
o(ll'B«i«opptru,sikt'w«NM -'7*'- '   , - .-.'.'...".
Hit*, lx It tab.  It I'M iXUOsm tsummmiU t» I* prrnktlXf MMfdwMM. tli ctn
tb«it(OrtlMuitd bwiftta-i Ittttelf **r* mwi. hlttsMmuO* *t trrlwitMl K dvu mi
, titiok awttlt, u4 ******** ism **i iatmr *hmm*sm k *•** *»* **tm»s*as}f tttti VHktklt
hkrtet.. "' " . .-. "• ''r '"'        '.'.*.■
" 0 Stewti. h It *0m0n. Ow kk*nt*rj MM»ra<«N AM It a IN ******* H mm A**w>t
■ tha motl iMliltal tflMtt^fVM (<U (Nta pm pm) la *m mtstt*. V ll tint -jttiafatt, «Imhm
•ndpurlfltt. ,U(U«tr»rtl<wl»4w«,B4M*i7 ttt^til^ii tMiktfk l«l kf tou*flsgO»m*»**t
theodor..'        '-       5'*   "*'  '  .- .*   '-■■    ' ,i" •    ,   .   '"-."?  '■   ,^J ;'     ■*,' -',;.   .
TMrd. hUmt^sttlM»it'0ms*tss*t*n. Tw<md*»«M>****% ,,. ■',;,.   ,
Kreso It ptrdwltHy Hlnttto til yrtTWilai'ta ■Mttrntil wiitiwt dltwtw, >ydwir*y-
Ing Infection, cletnitDi.wrlfrtot aad fx*m*lln ttaluitoa., Ilia (at Idttl dltlafwtul for
For all cencnl dlttohelliB ******** nU, Knt* *0* **** ttntm prttorM*) ll tU h*>
.. lowing proportlonsi «.      >•> ° ■».*..-'   -, ••
1 iableuppotW bw,-      '-".        .       -.        *.       '  I tfst» Wft
lplntKreio, ..      ,        ,        .    ,   . "*     It ****** Mt**\  ■.
mailna tpprozlfflittly"* l-tivtMattaaln. '    '   ■ '    ., g
*■ . -'-    -p.'' ,;  -
%M*r*\ AND IACV TO Uttt,
too om& n ..	
I ESQ ,<XS>;      '    '    •?
ita-  ffii-aa   -«w^"isipi
With Special  Reierence to'Mail Order  Houses  vs.'Local-
Merchants. ".'"■ ... "' i-. ' ' -. r""
i RS^uggisil:
iaiif"   ■-•
A prominent inventor recently, said: "There was a tirat when a thing:
that was-good'would sell itself. Tim es Tia*.e chanj-ed. , Now a gobd-.thiujr 1
time. The "day following the Albert-, 7must le pushed—and' I believe that the" best way to'push a gocd-thingis j
an learned of the contents of the let-,,; to "advertise.'! ' ..*-*•'' '-   _. - -.   "       ^" ]
ter,",.biil fearins  'that   some "■ injury        The following text  is taken from a little booklet,   "The Town-rCrier,"
might be done the negotiations,    de
clinei to publish the contents
The "mysterious" letter was
S.   Edwards,    superintendent of   the   phrt.[Ut man  Ior-the merch'ant  6f his" manv kinds  '  in" this 20th   Century-
government's telephone service,., aii-.--   ^ ' ...   - ...
ing   the city   to defer   action i;\'il
certain-negotiations werel.completed.    ., ,    , . ,   , ......   ,. .,..,. ,,.-..-   ...   ■ ... .
" -- -...-   • -,---■<, tion, and tliereupon  the good    people     .Ihen, ■ .too, - there  arc-the  various
nothing    less-    ..-•.■.-.-.       •-.'  -   • ■■ .-•irt-'.'-,'i; •     ".',) ■■"■" ■    •
poled   their   heads out   of the    win-   products  of the  printing,press
,, -.uju.j luc loumving  text   is  la^cii iroui  a iiiuc i.ooKiet,      ine lown-r^ner,      re- -i   ~    .     "    <
ons,    de  , ccnth-., distributed   to the  hardware , trade by..The Yale &, Towne Mfg. Co: ' _ ^      -■;''       '■» '"
ts.'*7'..     ;|  of New. York. '-''HafatNO
vas^frjm     lhe   i'0%4.-u_Cr;er was a-highly ,jm- jCrkr :db you" iemploy?"    There ;*are J "ri^!^"'
s* maiiy kind's  '  in''this 20th   Century—
','newspapers',1 display cards  and  samp
He clanged_his bell,to arrest atten-  lea;
'■    '-       *     -. ,. . f, A
';,and::-7 ■
=*' Inves'tigatiou showed11-that only ment to buy out the Bell'in Alberta,
"ityyo.or three-. had;on union ; made This' offer was.made by the province,
shoes,,and; from it list in his pocket, ■ The -Bell, after some serious em-..
Doerner proved that,about half of -"si-deration, declined the offer, but on
the men had'on -shoes that were ! the C0Iltl.ary made a counter ofler .e-
penltentiary  made. '    - ■ ■     ,..,,...        , .,   •
■wnii   <»,-ni>„   <      4   ",   ^       .. spectine; the division of the province;
• Hell,  thats ,too bad,  boys," said •-      ,„,.,-
Doerner. "But I'll give you one'more !int° dlfftrent-'-,01ies.-the Bel1 to take
chance.   If every man who uses„to-  one andthe province to taVe anoth-
bacco  has  got  unlon-innde   tobacco  e«- ,Tlie Province,-of course, declined
in  his pockets,^'11, sign   lhe .agree-   any such, suggestion.
Juen't." '  •' ■    Tile Tetter, about which there' was
Not'n  man  had thai kind
r they_ wire  riding  or   driving, aud lent,
an attentive"oar.    ■-■      '; ^
Then -the Crier was in his glory.
He rolled    out his  listof lost  child-
reu,.aniinal.-? ami  articles. ,.
"He gave cheering news of the -*- safe
I arrival of the    last  packet  and   held
."lioyn, -it ain't fair to ask nie to
do .s-oinetliiiiir "you ,don't do yourselves.. .\o,w, i'ii poitponii signing
'that .-icrr-eii'ieiil 'for a while, I'm
In favor of unluuj., bin ihe employees 011-,'lu tu bt- wiilliifr to keep
Nli'P with ,the tmi.loyiM-. Wht*if„ ,\o.i
men , c;i 11 come ncie, *evi.'iVoiio
wiih,' iinloii-ni'ui^ i.'1'oihliij:, innloii-
nindc hiUK, u'liloii-niuip. >hoes anil
uiilon-mnUc evDryihlii.*; (.iM. Dim' |s
miu'lc  any win* r.-    l.y men  ol    your
elllKK,    l'li    n\gn    [l;;,   ajjl'l.".:lll(:lil,    uiul
I   woii'i^fclKii  ll  until   then,'if  you
want to'strike, nl! rUlu.'I'ut if you
,(lo,  I'll publish   'io    ihe  world  Um
'truth  about  'till.-,  uoiifni-cncc,
lines'.     'ilie rank ami file of
unions will hiuiul by m,.,"
The men did \h,l *.t;*|ki-. They pou'.
ilered 6:i the lesson and d I.s cursed R
finiong ili(!in.si.'lvi*.s. A nionlli later
thoy *M.wiii nppp.-wed bnforl- Doer-
Her uud slrmd ih;- test. The |J0^-
Hlgni'd liniiiinlliili'ly. |„it duelai-eil
that  If they    hrnk:-    tlwlr  Implied
of  to-   so,much mystery at, the council win
read.last night.   Tt is- as' fellows:
•'.-is I tndtrsta* (1 tha*; yo'.irsMf nnd
tho council are'considering the telephone cjvestion, I th'nk it is only .
fair tIn* i I &b-'uld ili.fclose to yon tbe
fast Hu't t! e government h;ii-ic1e.t,nt-
ly made an offer* To the Hell Tric-
i.ho'.if. e*""*mpany to pure'iiiAe their entire i hmt wlthii* cle mj.iin.'j,, ' .(r
wiih not Intended'' tintt lhe • funs
should be made 1 hown until it was
disco.ered that you have some fairly mature plans.
"I will be pleased if you* will kindly   ti-iV.   this   an conlldentinl   uu'll
ami I m,c*-'   t*me   ■*•"   '■" becomes generally
Hi,,  kr.ottu.   I will advise you, as scon ns
possible as to what niuy occur."   -,
S.   EDWARD;*-,
Manager ,', of   .the Government   Telo-
l.hone ft'cri-lce.
Accordingly there is to be a De'l
y-itein lu Alberta and there in in lie
a pruvlneinl .vvstcin,
» Mi*V*S'S,,V    I il    -
-•MiM mm.
\   "I'.lVtl'AfrU*/ ./ I      ..»5ft-.
,   .     li'.-J .'"I-? ~ -".111, "■'   lti;i-l..:0-      ....-■
dress;,   _ an _ envelope carrying ;your
ftoii'U'iii'l  wilh their fi'low-iin!'inl--ti i
He  would  ri-n' a.  libeity  to   bn.„k | ""^
lll>,   t'OlllMK       n....    ll., ,ui.*ll.'l|l()|,U' „
union.   The .shop i,7.u:  ,i,i„,r,|K .t] !
uud the men arc ('uhMm-.---*-   ii-.uj,„
iinloiil-sli.   3'"l.~Wili"M      Man|
'tlle   I'oiiiuiMiier.
i'l.'l,   lu
uly   i.i>\,  ri,iiri,'o .""leuiie
■N'd  nmn    can    accompli,*,!)
llllll^  tlllli>*,n he I
. wlmt ilii-;, Uml u'n',-ui-/
TIll'I'C      ,'H*,,   ^„„lt,   f,_;({,    H|((J      (1(i
jlii'iiivui", l,,t   ihiil,iiuiiiii-..lK,ii«i4|.
llM'IV   |h   UMlal.y   ntlDlliei*   "l^ii"    „_.
'MClllll     (o    U,.,!)     ll.|..JIn-.44illJ       ,|MV,.
•"'iii-'l'ilin-f like Hi(i
!_* an optiininl, Hut
H l|0
cata- j
.-Is, lo le '
eiiclcstd in pareebs and with bills, ■
just-a'ftw.words and a  picture     to,
| catch' tlie eye! .    .    -. j
j These nro some few of the itodeni '
Criers.   ''* .    *■    ;   ""|
| Ami, like (he old Crier, they tell j
about ymi anil your _,oods, I
|   Do yijii'make use of any or all    of I
' tlirm?        . *
j Uuiiiuiii'liur thnt your rivals have '
llieir Ci-wr.s—uml biNty llii-i>ii*U>nl fid- j
low.*) they are. ,
) T'lku.' for iiistimci', the great 'Mail j
Order 11 ohms, ' '
liiid  you
4\ U,
ii If
Heaven,   al!'*
H'lllpL.'ll   mm In
"■'"li'-i :i."
•'Th.'ii*   i*  ,-,,
"I.Milk    lliijipy
lift!■]•> ."•
I llll    I'.'lil   ,-ii||-|l|iT-
><).i   Millie   iMiiiiittli,''
"I'llll IA ill i|j.
I'iulll    wlf Ii   I in.   \vm-{,\ -
NJ'HhN    1'illliel-   pretty,   l|i|,*sti'(    (i'i
» •■'   ' ,■-    U   IV| 4,(111    „|||<l  lilt     Of    tl'MlU
in   Ui.'i..-  liu*    "»ii,,s|,iiii." op.-itns
J" the r.,n ,,|lli;|l| ttil.l); an; h(j|W(j
lf!!!".^ ,,,ll!,,u w,',i""!-' c<,»«»i**«- •<■
i«'K "Jftl'l'y ami .imllii.,* i, a u-tytxw
niilulole,     Inn     ,Wl  U(in't    uU      ,
'•Hnppy HootlKuiiV," anil tan-,1 ot ui
Uon t want io h,.. w.»',j rather *.<_
toot mttn, foaviti-T the tomato can
aiid thn fiortiaity bunni ' to lfio*«
who cr.Joy  ihut ^.ri  ,,f  til)nK
Th.-ro U hIii in th<. wor„|. ThfrauJ
tiun.ily. Tb«r«« in mitfi>riii|__. TUore»
nrc bumlrcibi of tbouMnda or chll- j
tlrcn who nt" lo th« mliu in J f8C-
torlo*i who shoiiM iw ftt ^^ 0f ,n j
achool. There Are nIuuih, vrtth their
l>eU.ho!*«. Thsrc *re *A]ouai, ivjtb
druDk^nnww   *n,t brnturtty,   ti-ic*
are umlerfeJ ao-J orerworkeil neif
-   j*    ,   ^J.fv   i    's
^**^.^V-Maa-*-.i.^,\~»lir %.S  7
__■»»*  I   \
'"■ A- fif'y%''*?]v*'-' '''J '-*1 V'5"*".*'' -
1.1' \i„,
I'   V.-H.ll'i'l'.,  )
I .'..'. .,        ;m
j ioi-ii ■* '    .   V !. w
'   *■'-' hn f».'
n.i '. .)• I'.
I acli till the last, for the sake of I'ni-
|)li,isis, the sules of the day and ' ol
the morrow. '   _   *   •
11 y.ni, Mr Merch nt, "liu'd" lived "in
Town Crit-r liuiL's.' I-.ow proud you
would huvi1' felt when bis l.cll rniij,'
i.ut, and yr.ur imiiu*. uiul lhe 'wim'.i'
you s ild, were exploited to the lis-
ii-irn_f   foil;—i-iicli  un.- a ptvssilik* cuh-
JInw s. ri- ymi wiiuld h.ivi- bvui il
In: .slij-llli-ii ymi .mil your bti>iiiu*SN
i nil erUil tht w.uvs of vmir rival in
The <li>s of Uu- Tiiwii-CrU'i- 'nn-
I a.sl
llm I'.i.pli* sfill livo In h, iis*n: walk
lo , ml fro ou ihe streets, and riib'up
rit'l d'.wn us it yiin—iiinvml.iys'i'lili-l-
ly nn svi'it'. mi's '   ,\ii' ill y  jicltliiu  biisiin-ss  in   tnwn'
Ai.I'hiiiiuiii n.itmv Ii.imu'i  cliaiijicd ii   tli it yotf nii_.;lit to h.ivti?
I:*-'b-' 'it* ' '   M(.i'  liivi-Jy lli.y mc.
'll lln; ul,!   tiuien  it  ||i)4-lvv,l   to    ih.- ■    1'i-iv is it lilt.-!' in ih.;    ililor of the
'..il.!» nl ihu  Cri-r ,1 r<»ii_>lu    lo    their  Aibimi iXlii-h.i  1'ivs.s    mi.-iv mn'-e you
j   iU,iuiuii, .mil i_..|ion.;l  i||v. pl.iei's    ho  put hi y,,iir ihinl inj,' e.ip.
j   in.U-il io meiitioii. ..   "'Ih-ir   in.iiiiiiii.th i.it.ibiy.ui-s
i Ul..-' ' "   '    l .    .,   T, . 11    1       „ 1     )'   I • '■'• ...     '
Fore and Aft
and 'if,;*you.   do   your
same', \vay  you   will
.sl-.bwino-.  We h;u*e h,o*ood. showing- of
garden    the
lave ' a   t^ooq
Garden   Tools, Garden .Hose,;
* .■    .Lawn Minvors, Etc.',
Screen Doors,Screen Windows
rr?M<|^«i.««.«.ii:xji!«jti4.<iiM a
*Jwvm**tr*^tU!Misix tesnxriuorismn*.«
■J. D. Quail
ITarclwsiro and Furniture
Meats, Ksgs, Butter,
PouBtry and Pish
;.;,).",.! ll
>t ,.. i,ii\'. ,*
twrrwo. «*t«tiaMrw,% ••«•#»««• tv***A,ki-virir.tfa-*iruf* r+,t\.    *-..
Wliv ni«t try ui ini.
Our pricv.s ;nv i!s;
villi f.l llu- -I;,'-* 4,',
l no v.
, iv:i >! ih-v v.\v 1*, III-.' irulli 't
in   Ken.;..    I'ii. nt- No .per
..*KW^.«v-*.^-Jkrt.,».-»l . Mmf.m <
Dominion MeaH. Co. Ltd.
Phone No. -;. Victoria Avenue
•.W1f»*^t*ii«f»0« h *nm**i Wi i
''•*■*» f*W**t\*Ww>»> fxl^MiO** »V •<>t«WH
■*     1
, I'..'' I'll:!* ' ".'l VTII
I* • ;i," it iu iv ver? t-i'.-l .ui'i .ts.li-
'.'ll 4" I I  ill/ (VlVi li'i  'o l.-y/.III
■ .•'in.*! In cool ,inl cil) Un* Ji*..!')•' ;•••
It,;, pilnlul xlllii. Ho Kt.i.lililly Im-im>
iiHKti nAM-f anjitljloloiluuii, Zuu'Jt'i'ii'i'uiii
ilio Viiry cuiiiMionuuuunt aa,.':iul ij i: i
rlud'. t» fit nitot, itid t'lti pi ti;iiiH mil
>.ii'h.ui.| ilia ImUtlo'i uru* lii«4 .111.1 Lu
W.i Inn n d)w wjjk* my liil'y* «^lu iv.n
no»l"'l comiiUtely. llu lii) nuiv not a XrM-u
•it i.u',u or irup'.i'in, or o.-.-.oin 1, or luiriii.iw
.. irn V.l*«infv w, *»'(♦. f»rt)1 nf t';<» Inr-
ni('iilih< *'«in iTiiuiilii, lintiii-»|iii|irnvi*iliii
Kj.-.nril ;*.o 1HI1. IU luiijltf i",;il..li)lis*ii;-.
i't*l«li-in-»i*»ulhinSi I'm, RlthriiiKh onlyT
itioiiilHi.l.l, ikii'h* in llf«uclri*4i«m,liuiii..
Zim ll'ilt U v .4.1 at »II «'.»ii4i mi J) in* U'-in, 1 tn
,ltn, tan. a ttu.r-rnrmlita (ram JUra-llukti\,
Tw**Jin,l*»i'hNl.a',*>»*«'l«*WfA ''■■     '•''
We   liavc !\:r..:*vevi   our
Drugs,    Stationery,    Etc
■?pie,,■.!!■.!  ::tock of
.,   10   lhe   Htaiul
r Ij       t.h  >      I*.      ^       ..l,r. ^k«*»l**. i.   Ihtr     *,   ,
, willi ttinw nti-iiu: mid iiiriiwity, arc
j iin|'orti;iit i'ac.l'itti in iiluciiijc unK-m
.wiih Cacalo^iiii Jtmiew.
j '.Mr. Kilitor, were I to th,tiri/c on
I present condition*-., I -.hould sny that
Jtfm tlmi;.s Art n.it frinl- prm'tfiniti fr-ir
Jtlic loml merchant,   lie fulls, nn<l has
uly Lu ju u form uf .nlv-iriiiiliiji tKvii, fiii'cJ, tn k«i in touch with the  [mo-
A jTttty jiofil our was the
• l<x»
1   For  you  could aik   him <ju«ation*
uai find nut tbingt you w^atcd     to
Uo* "hLoul Ih* gooda.
What sun ol a   raodtraiwil   Tow*
pic, lo (.'iix!  tk'Hi sullicknt  ami di-ti
nile Infoi m»ti< n relative to his bui7
Intss.   W'r p-t volumes from thc mail J
onl.T •   hoiims, Imt   often   not even |
woiAi limn   Un:*] nirnhjntM in oar :
Next to
Tlie Hunk cf Hamilton, wliero wo will nu usunl bo
plcii-joil to meet you.   llomeiiibor—noxt lo "
Bank of Hamilton
The Palooe Drug Store
^^x^Z^^^^AAvcrtisc in   The  Fernie Ledger .,-•*
'V , • *. »
. ">. .■*?■
-   *., •
FK RN j'El.LEDIG 1 i-R, \FER NIK, B. C. <JULY- -io^igoj, " ^ \
(."•&C J»W fc-S** WC*W b*?V ■
,-+    'J-*
(J--    s ,1
'«•)'•'..*   -  .}   (V, •
' ^7/; 7*";, :.'*-' .?'"-'
■** , *     y * i *'*     Af '* *
e an
f 17<,,< • 7.^ -
r >J>
as su s1
>*^      ,'"***." *'7,s ,"■? j 7\;„7' •      .   '<7
•V I.
"*',)''],-.' - ia *. . 7U-1'
"•j. Vi,;*|».^ ,-?j.:.-fi,u>r
.rfti'l *
■'."•?   ,-t
„._  *'■•■•   •".  .>-t>"W ltf,!.j
"i *   ','' * ■ \. '"•»    *, \ -*
.7*3' '
ii ■ 1
II, ,-,
'A    ,./>*,
,.l .- 0
» '?     ., ' '*,
k.  ;..;-,
,.!,«•    ,*f
,,    . ,'  .    * 3   '
•-J 3!' ?-
" -ft*
* iu,   ~   ''   £ 4.7    4<--v   '7,''i II   f--'     '   W%«i   Ji'^H-.''   •'
' *i 4V-*;«I *$"*f •i:i"?';'*¥vf ^^7*-f I !-•-»
V.. . -'„-'"       -   '. . .      "-?74     » *) .   *X»»-»-.-      „-"
■ ■» v
is*   -J
. "**)
*      ' ,"
i-^Vlr." ^.:j'V,- 7,'W7,
« Vt 7'" *.-"*"^*- *.?•-■•' *;■■,
7* '"-V if 7' ,-'7*o .Ai'f't 2"-"i "T»:' rl''
V,  ~ykl,.t ♦    .,  „,i   r.  <■■*   .«. "-   - .
"5 '.   D
-*-*  $?' -,-   * j.
llUU'^^X^g.-**^ -
*fr Al    ..-•- **"
"h" H  * "":S'-<
i- 'ii .-.-•■ f. ■""' *- * f-i 'f*^'1   " ' ' ,'"*''■ 1 v -'Hsiu *4«J -.'if '
rC3 1'  v,
*-5>i *  -A '
^ rf< > 1
"^J(|l^\l)    ,-   4V ^    » ,,*,1, ,4*1    -,_. •     ,l     f    „    ,",,,    ,J    '
fiHH-^TPlft'<lftfiS,«M '
-•«*i,i m*^.;
ee: a sale.
■-,V'-,       -)<4-'
o». .  -*
, "  ,0
vantaqes ueri
7'-'•"- .-?'.'-,
in this   paper   are  legion  and  while this
■!    ,f'\      '!      ■'.,'''."'•'- S i' .."t.'t'i ' 1.'     -7   "      ;"    , '", "    ',    '-     -I      '-,'1""        **" , ,   ,     "'■".'.*  7      •- -     '••       , ,,,,   .,     :*   ,'•''
1 «-''".•  ty,'.       ./  ,*,      ,'   ,jr K'%   ') *f    o_   .   1,   -'„ *.     ■    " ','•'•   1    M1     „ .'     *       '      ' ■   " ,1    "-■  1,       • , ' ' ,    .   ' '\ -     ,
ing it on, we can prove
"J ax—  n,n
•l^rlJiWl* •K-^Hi    tf^Hf-HI'^f^l   Hl(»«*4»fr*'l1«   4114  ""(M**    1-*"- '/M
(t |H,11    I 1>t ("** t"|      I    ' '"V "I K I
.....HUHHi.. :nf..tsw*mm*ystSM*m.*^swsmmMismi
" *'■
■;< ,.     *    / .4*-"* ' '        '    7 7 "f
'"7 ? ■ I"''' ^   _'!   r-'"'''5-i t "v "«'*•* '
•1 -  '   1.
Has the largest circliiation in the Grows Nest Pass.
Goes into more homes in Fernie than any other
that most people read.
V   ' ll   ij r-^ /
f-'f   .J
f  '   i'\      T
11 f v- ^ 4?, t;v/lhil ,iS' the"
-?;.   i   -i     ,?*      4^     .    ,"    'I      ^fy  '^f     -    W,   fc       ,1s ,'rt    ','   , .'
•tl'     tW     I,,
,j    "    'I   f,  * *  f    ;!,    1   .# <    (t   ,-}   ii  1 ••;"•   -p «t      n  *    i'
,.J i»   * i   ' '     % ^ 'A.i'.'i   s,   ,i      >v' 4  t   1,      ft   ",,  •
Subscription Rate $2.00 a Year
» H___| I I,       ' t "■*     "   'lf   * "  * ■** ** * 4'   '|l|'[. I     ■ , 1   *"      r 1 \ ," '    ' , "       ' 1 »l'|    l
Pages   and   all   Home   Print.
n ■
• K'>:
" ^v#|
. 4..... ■: i>
is complete in .every ,-de-ms-a.     ftrtng aionr your next order,   stationery
. i.  ,,   ,    -is .mjfift, S'^g'cie^; 'qimniy oi_ aiocK; ■ Slave a Look. .■„
*       T  . .
1   /*\^
rwcjykp-trzH**cz**>**Z?4 KX J^w*K^^*w * >«^- m'k mk^k'
•"' "V.
,    •■li* .
_J   4J SB*
i   .
.     »,«■( rrpz^zrOHcivtiaXB*
.  4
Tile Fernie Ledger
:t Year in a
It, , .1.. v v
"Issiii-1 rvfi-y   Surur.l;*.',-   from   tlu*  O'fiicr
l-i-.l.li'.-n: i,i;i. Ti. i i l»!iiv!.. '*> i.-.*<.*-i,i Ave.
l''ernii-, 'iiuisUOohimlnn.
opmentS''- are-going forward in a
^1 large portion''of the mining- country,
i Being asked regarding the condif
Itiori of the'..wheat crop, in the vyest,
iM-r. ..Whyte reji\ieil that the best
:crc'l.s seen by him \vere in.Alberta,
AU 4!ii.i.is{4i» .if ;-,.l.-> must !.*• In !i,"i"oliov., :-
i'RjfPi :' ami:,. 2 i>. m, T'u-yl'i.v i vu/i"';i m il '•
-.-j,.-..> '!.-.■ -;,iv. ii:,.'. j.,--. '."-' ;> : > '-/.V-iy.-
Wc .' i.i-l i-   :*. .i!,,... (.,  : :' ,.,, ■• i-.':.*.'-.-,'<.'   ,',. .-.'-->
till!. I'I.!"'. 1- IMll'lipllI'll  44'iill. • <
\.«J.A    4v4l4-u4-Ciai.U    i-   04S.'"   l'«f   U-'-'-I'-l'-*-''
' litto lirst inseition'S cu:.'.» ptvlinu C-!i(jl: »v.'.■>(-•-
qubiit. iiij&i'tiiiii.     •.,     y 0      -'     '
Bute-, forcontrite'!; ii(l.-fci-ti_,jui: iin sliii'lit'.l-
tion iiloilico of implicit) ion, Twlil Rldclc.
P. V,- MOTr   ■ :-.        . EUiriiH
forming country, is ..becoming , more
and-'more   insistent""every year, and
those of us who. have been* doubting
.  -      -        - - .1
Thomtist's in the past are all transforming into optimists. "■.
i    It ,would be a-dangerous undert^l*;-
where both the'spring* wheat", to the j in"? to try to lay before'• the. readers
..t.-nh^of" Calgary and the fall vnvu-.ol the Ledger   the (1 probabilities'1   of
to "the  south of the  city, had    met I the near future   in the line cf   im-
with the best and-    most faviirible "jprovement, and growth to this city.
L-oii'.f:tio'ns throughout the en tire.sea-1   As we have said before, the   ma
During his trip Mr.
Whyte was ac-
terial growth   of Fernie" is assured.
The self   interest   which is inherunt
.SATURDAY.   JULY 20,  1907
companied by Sir    Daniel McMillaiViin human .nature will take care
who'returned to the.city
•--Winnipeg Free Press.
with iiim. 'that.
j'  Lying iii the pathway of the   noni-
"        * —■   " imerce of a f-'reat province with ' 'iis
The Ledger lays the above   before j neighbors,  and having untold ".mil-
its readers for the purpose of' call- '■ lions in wealth in the shape_ of woodc
ing their attention to the fact that,'and timber lying all about it;    the
Mr.  Whyte is made to say in that ■! belt interest of man will evolve    the
report' that the Kootenay  Central is   material  welfare  of  the "city   there-
'*   THE K. C. R.
' Returning to   the   city from" the
west last night' Mr. .Whyte, of,   Iho
Canadian Pacific,; gave to the   Free
■ Press, soiiic particulars regarding,   a
most    interesting-* strip    of country u
which .will be opened up within   lhc
next year or two through the   construction    of one    of the impp.Tai.'.
lines of tho company,, the Kooteor.y
Central.   This* line, which is now   in
course    of consiructian   will extend
from Golden,  B.C.,  to Fort  Steele
.and  Ora*Vbrook-*,  a distance approximately of    one   hundred and «igH"..'
miles.. The     Wge   district   tVougi'.
which   the    Kootenay'   Central will
pass comprises portions of the   valleys of the Columbia' and Kootenay
rivers, is'known tb be very-rich »in
minerals.and1 is also said to*contain
most    extensive "  valleys which a.'*.'
. adapted for   the growing of apples,
tttd for    diversified farming.' - Super- {^^ ^^ Kootolj' Centraf ter- 'about us^and finish the beauties    of
intendent Sharp,   of the government ^.^ ^ that. poili't)-that,herpeople :nature'which we have with the  'Jin-
experimental farm   at     Agassiz, re--were entcrprising and energetic, approvements we*can make at'so llttio.|
would, leave nothing  undone "or un- 'comparative cost,
said that-would aid in, any way ...lo      No pecuniary Iobs will result turn j
overcome in the minds"of ihe   nan    such a course."   On the contrary, ev
agement of the C. P. R. the objec- !>ry dollar we spend upon; the   beau
lo be built to Fort'Steele and thence*,
to Cianbrook.   • , ,  -
The building of that road as in'di-
citu' would be a.great mistake
vnwe'd from a.railroad point of vie".-
us'it _ means heavy,,'grades.at the expense of extra mileage *■ in order ' to
haul freight round an elbow in its
route to get to a destination .which
can be reached by a shorter route
with very much easier grades.
. Looked at from a Fernie point i.f
view it would mean the diversion of
What   we   in Fernie * have, had to
contend-ag.-.inst in,our brief past we
will' have to   continue    to contend
with, ,   ■,  ,    „       7   7.
' ■ We must fight " against the greed:
• thnt would, take from us all thereis
of profit    and leave us-nothing' but ,
an inadequate share of-the material
' things' we ; shodld have,  and , along
'with that meagerness a warped   and
twisted     public   ■ ■ conscience    which
.would blind us to the higher'  "aims,
sonic     railroad   'business from   -'.his''and'the many1 lasting benefits which
city to Cr*'.iii'\)oK.     . * I*'come to  the lovers of the,-beautiful
The" Ledger some time ago pointed   r.nd the making of the beautiful,
out the-   fact to    its   readers that7 Let us,  while   we   are yet young,
whatever theTdisadvantages .of-Cran-;take advantage    of.,the possibili'.ies
' brook might be in' regard to the lo- , that -lie so, thickly, and so invitingly
' ■ ,
•    *       f
-  >
't i.
Dress Goods, Organdies, Gingliams,
r    Silks, Muslins, Prints.    /
idies' Tailor Made Goats & Skirts
and .have-a
nc\\" ;*''butfit,,
which is-'ahyays at your
service for livery,' - cartage or „ 'baggage. ■ We
mill have . the office up
town where orders may
be   left.
Is .
|La(lies, Shirt Waists In Silk, T^ace/
si.       *    ,, ■      , .
siiri, Lawn,: etc.     : ,,
cently made a report in reference to
the country, speaking in high rerms
of the firtility^of the Boil and the
Buita ility of a considerable por.'o.i
of the.country •■ for farming opevu
c'tions.       -""        f"i*   •''"*,
Leaving  the city   two  weeks ago,
Mr. Whyte went west to Golden,   a
" stafon on the main.line in the heart
of the ir ountains one hundred and sev-
. enty miles west... of Calgary, from
which .city a powerful , automobile was - taken we'str to Golden;   A ■
; tions that might be- presented to. it
iu relation to,the.bad grades, »ri.
Jong haulage to be'" met with on
that route. ■ -•,''      *   '"" "' -
tifying of Fernie will bring
vestor bounteous reeurn,
J We will. make money by it.
only    trouble, will be that" we1
Headquarters ,  for - Trunks,,
■: , * '>
Cases and Valises.
The .peoplefeof " Fernie must   vake ;lose sight.of.   these-possibilities
,ri\ing at this point, Mr.. Whyte pv>:-
ceehed south along the east bank' of
the Columbia river, passing through
the <■ country"" to bs traversed by the
new line. **
After a trip of 125 miles'southeast
from Golden the divide was, re i"*'i •'.
from which point the waters of the
Columbia flow north and the waters
, of the Kootenay south. The valley
- of the Kooteiiay was then traversed
until Fort Steele and Cramr.) ik
Wei .j i"!,.> ched. . .    ' -*
, The , automobile , trip through the
valley Mr. Whyte, declares'to he   thc
finest   in    the world,   The mountain
scenery is unsurpassed, lofty   p?aks
of |.'i'(ftt grandeur   rising on   either
There re also wide vaMo/a  •in,i*i.
," Jul'/     t.acts   of   valuable   IhiuI ,,v
i  available and where the finest grades
of   npiilcs can   be grown in abund-.
ance.   In the course of years it   Is
iintlcli ated that there will bo extensive fruit interests     in   thc   valley,  '',' "' ""7
,    ,      , ' ■ attention of
up to these things and meet find,
overcome these efforts to divert lhe
Kootenay Central from its nai.-.irai
■and-_econoniic*~courseTJ r~" tt^ ~~
. Our board of trade seems to' have
succumbed to an attack" of som-io"-'
lence since   its herculean-■■ effort   to
induce thr C. N. P. B. L.
P. Co. to build a telephone line
Kosner and  to "Elkmouth    and
'an   inordinate' fear '. that som-hody
' else will get more than we-will,
i  -Now,- at the beginning of Fernle's ■;
sure of all .that will     tend to build :
our city, and beautify it.as it should
be ■ beautified  until - it-, is 'made    the ,
&  most beautiful city'in the mountains;
to ' a gem that will attract the   single
to .tourist and, the 100,000.clubs'nJ-ctli-'
Hartdley Bros.
Phones: Office 6.
Stable 24
which embi'ftceK hiindrcdH, of Hiinnre
miles, and-, tlmt diversified fnrmlng
operations wlll be lnrgely carried on.
Jr. nddi Ion to the value of the nr-
n le Innd Jn the district for fruit
■growlnc purposes, there are also im-
poitrnt mines In operation nlong
tin* icute of the new line.   At one of
have gone to sleep waiting 'to   hear ■
the voice of the hello girl calling it
up to as'*; its assistance Lo bi.K.1  io
West Fernie,
' The • Fernie board of trade and „thc
city council should ta'.:e this mattur
of the Kootenay Central up and not
lay it down unMl it has made it
certain that the Kootenay Central
shall be built to connect with , the
Crow'linj without rccrossing , the
K .ot'-nny ■••' <: end making an flbo
i>i the line, adding ninny miles to
the distance which freight going over,
the Crow to parts on the "new line
would have to" be hauled.
Th .' is n matter of" such vital, im-
port.iuct" lo     Fernie that it should
n .'. li-i nucssary to,have to call the.
our people to it   more
than once to arouse them to actlv-,
lty.                 .,-..., ,  I
Don't wait for Cranbrook,   she   Is
looking itfter her own interests,
..' o	
er cities  which'possess  other-beau-■
ties: but not those that we may pos- ■
,     ' ... -I
sess with a little: effort. |
Express and Baggage Transfer
•**VXi.'i's-l*5   Oi*  CANADIAN   NOUTH-WES'J
With ritllroads building   and   mil-
thi!A Known'ah the PnradiBe mino, , roads hcing surveyed, and yot  other
C'oul.—C'oiil liimis mil.V bo' |iurcliH»c-rl lit 'W
lier iicio for folt foul i»inl niCi f4>r iiutlimoitu
Not iiicnotliiD) Dii) no ti ciit) lo iiwjuireil li.v,
one Inillviiluiil nrronipany. Koyiill.v, lit, tho
into ol'tiiii veiith tier ion ol 2tff) pounds e-lu* 11
l.e eiillcutetl on tliu pros* output,
Qiuirlx—A tree inlnev'N certilloiitc Ik BiiiiilC'd
upon imviiiiint in mlviiuce of *.1 per nnni'm fnr
tiiiliiilivliUui), fl»il lioni tMito»l(K)i'ei'iin)ii'iii
for ft uumpnuy ncforillnu to ctijiHnl,
A freo miner, Imvlniriliiicnvfiieil'mlnfirAl in
|iIhi.«,iiiii,V locate n oliilm 1,.V*0 x l,,rKKi (ect.
The I'co for reconlhiir H_i.'liilm1n i.'i,
At lciiht i-KK) must lie oxpumlcil ou tho t-'Ii-tiri
ciivlivenror pnlil to tliu mining reconlnr In
lieu tlitieof. When «.VK) Jtiin ueci) expemli.'! oi
pull!, the locator mny. upon linvlnu u -.ui'.'i.v
meilc, r.nd upon comply!)!1,' with otlior re-
qnlitmtnt»,i)Uicli|ue,ilte liunl.ilHI nn acre.
'J'liu piitQiit'provlileii for;the piiyment of h
royalty of 2\ per cent on tho i<n]«s,
Pi.Ai.Kii ini-iin*; olnimii irenernlly nro 101 f<dt
■oniiroi euir.v fee Ui i-onowrtliloyl'-irly,
A free miner mny ,ol)tuln two lease'* lo
ilr«il|{i' for uolil of live mllfHCiibli lor n term of
twenty w'Hru, renewable ut the ilhoretlon of
he,Milliliter ol Iho Interior.
iho lohht'ii hlinll liavcitilrailRoin oiienitlnn
within ono nOHkon fi'iim the iluto of tlm leiinu
for enoli live mile*. Jtentnl «]iiror mimim Inr
eiiuli mile of rlvor leimeil. IloyHltyut. tliu
into or 'i'i per Pint oolleoteil on th« output, ttU
\V. W.CoilBV,
JJuputy Mlnihtei- or i li« Inleilor
N. n.«l')iHiitl)oil«(l iiuhlleiitlon of'tiiU ml
vertl-cmeiit will not, lm _,nlil for.
railway HnflB hcln*? oxnmlnpd and 10-
portod upon, all leading to Fernie,
the people of thin city should not he
Thnt these tilings were to come
ionic time wns a foregone conclusion,
but tlmt such activity should bo developed ho quickly could hardly he
believed, hy the ccncrul public,
But the developing Is going on and
will continue with more rapidity !n
thc neir future than It hns dono In
the pimt.
The demiind for more conl, more
luinbrr, more fruit, nnd, in fact,
more of everything Mint goes to mip-	
nK   thn    Ki.nlu    <>f ii   i.,uilill4j   i>|.<i4i/lnti. i iln"lii;01'llk'f 4'lfilmIllH. thflU'O milt
pi> tlie   ni'iiiH   of ii inpiiiiy kiowiiiis   r|lto„l#, ttt.*!.,^! uiiHin-s to ptiint. «r
riiAKIC notice lliuMlic Motl-Iioulton l.uinher:
-L i:o,,of Kllmnilltll, II. <)„ neniipiillnii llllll';
I*i-r iiiHiinriietiiwrH, nitnmU. to iipply for «'
-.imi'lnl fliml'*r Huciihv to out nml ritrry nwni' ■
tlinhei'liDin the lolloivlni; iUhhiIIumI IhikU i    ;
Coi)inii'iu.'liiK nt n pokt. pliinlnl Ht llm norlli'
4i' Mt cniTifrnn T t, y-at\i t\m\wnorth 4 'chHliik
inmtt or Ihxh to Kill [lhor, iliuni'u Inlliiwiiiir
lint lirtiik <>r MU HUer In r-iiitrly illrntlon 10 ]
iihiiliik more or limn to llie norlli went cniiinr
ol T I.iHJ.'i, ilieii-uMMitii 4ii'linlm-inoiunrh'M,,
' "    '   "     "' 'li ii Hinliit.;
(•(iiniiieiti e-
I ment
" MiiiHII, IIK'7,
cmiEi) i    MOTroion/roN I'l'Mhkii co„
liiiteiltliU PiliilnyoN-iiif, lli'J.
,    IN    UJf    1JUII- l , ,n
SZSSll" Consumptive - ft l—  (  m
b tutitoohlan!   The uiidariilffiiod liftVlmr  been ra-  ""' Lm lU,,,UCI   vu,» UU'
by local appllciilloiifl, us thoi can-
no"t renoli the dlnoiiBod portion   of,
Iho Dili'.  There In only one  way to]
!bur<i ^niifnonn, mil] that Ih by oon-i
I*tltllli0linl      I'DllinilK'R,
fuiint'A hy un UiDiiiiiiA con
tin* mticuoM llnlntf of thi:
tube.   Whim thl«    tulin Is Inflninod : iitored to health by simple
you hnvo a ruinbllfifc Hound or   I'm- ■ nftor, fliiffnrlnrjf   for
pnrfocft hi'ftrlnt*;, ami wIipii It I* on-
'tlroly oIobpiI   rtpiifnMiu li tho rrmnlt,
and iiiili'*-'- tliu iiif'auiiimt'oii can ba
litknn out and this lube restored to
Ha nornwil mmdltlnn, liciirlnit will bo
ili'Atroyi'il forovcri nltio canrH out of
pir A,.', Mult,
(I II, llniilinii,'
tlitro nrc already four thousand tc*
of ore on the dump. Tin re Ib a
Bleuiiur hervico en ,the Columbia river, but tbe tiaftlu which can be carried by the steamer Ih limited to 800
tons ptr year. There Ih thus enough
ore on the dump at the Paradise
mine .June tb keep the Htennier bu-jv
for the next five jcars, In addltloii
to the PnrudlHe, there nre other important mines itlongthe lino, whuJi
are nald to be excellent paying; I'icp-
The visit of the tecond vice-president to the vnJloy wns made In order thnt he mluht make n personal Inspection of the country regarding
the value of which diverse oplnlonx
had ilium expreFKi'd by enirlneers nml
other experta who had made reports
Jn nfcrunoe to It, After traversing
the country slowly In automobile and
making careful Inupection at many
points, Mr. Whyte said h« had .ir-
rived at the conclusion thnt there'
could be no doubt regarding its future either from tbe stnndpolnt of
the miner or the fruit grower ind
•"•Iter ilnlnhlnir the wnrir of j».■•»>>?
tio> of the line of the Kooteimy
("fintrnl, Mr. Whyte proceeded west,
through tbo Douniliiry country and
thc mining regions of flouthern Hrlt-
i«h Columbia in general. Every-
wbfre In. this country thore nre tha
«-vliW*nr*H of extensive devflopment.
At Phoenli tht rroduelioa nf the
ir/ne has \ttrt Inrre/tatd to nn «g.
Kfante of <,S0O tons of ore peri.ny.
At   Own mood   (ht l)ott«B   Ck>pp?r
U**ot or* ps* i*r.   mmlrsr j**-*V-    tuM. i» ixtM^ulsi*, ioo
Oriiyinf?" of nil'kinds   done promplly.
Telephone 57 or aill a driver ,
Ollice: .Norihern Hotel, Fernie, IJ. C.
n. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
■ ,'', ', - '    .
PI-MU, BpeclficiitioB* Md Beti-
Ma»tM. Inminhed on ippllca'tlbn,
WrttV ol QOOI) DttY LUM-
ArrtiltKt    *oi 8iptriMt«Kdt«t
Office »t MttlaVvet.
LI3VIITE3D "     ".     -4  • -
jglSnD  EETAIL     *''„.7:'
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal,and, Lamb o"n
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.'
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Home-Hade Candy
I am now prepared to supply you with homemade Candy and guarantee satisfaction. Prop
in and we'll show you how its done.
Tom Beck
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
Tho Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at tho
Office or at Hosmer.
Too much **"itock compote ne to make a i"o poi- cent reduction on prices
! daring tlie month of July.
iBIiocb thnt original ly,. sold tor $5.00 nro now Rolling
101*1 IMIIMMIIMIMHIMMIH   t   t  I  I  t I  ♦ I t «I I ♦ • I  I   » I  t I t MtttftttMMItlll  I • t ff • f
Slums tlmt originally sold for KOO uro now Belling
101 ,.«.>.'*,«'*."!"««"i""".""•"•","•
• ,,','f',*'*4f""|l'M.,.,'.".II,
novornl yon I'd
with n Bovorn \\xxxfc uffootloii,   rvrnl
tbit  'Jr/'.-iJ (*!.v.?.i'.".' C'Oysi'.VI'T.'O.V,
lo nnxlouu to mftko know
follow NiifforflrH tho inonn
To   tlioio who "iloBlro
ahnurfiilly   «und (froo or ohiiruo) a
ton nrn cauHfil liy onliirrli, which In copy of tho pronorlptlon iiroiI, which
not hi 11 k hut mi   Infliiinoil nonilltloii thoy will find n euro for CONMUMI
of 1hi> nnif-uoA *nrfftftfi». TJOM, ASTHMA, CATARttH, imCM-
W« will (clvn Ono Uundrod Dollnrn CIIITIS nnd nil 'throat   nnd    limit
foi nny fniif ot Arntnrtiii (rsntnitl by: MALADIES.   IIo hopCfJ oil miffcrcr«
c-n-tnrrh) that ennnot \w our-nd   by! will try thl-TJlemedy, »* It I* InV'tlu-
ITaH'n Cntfirrh Curo. Bond for olr- \oh\ti.    Thou* denlrlnj*; the pnucrlp-
FfirniC  B. C  ,k':"no ',,-'|lucll,ll'H m 1Vuak«. HnltCmcsAml Travelling Hng8(   llcductlons,
npply on flvorytliing oxcopl repairing und Blioos nmdo to owlflr,   Noifond-Ji
cliur-gccl.   Come curly wlillo we havo your «lzo,    ,
' Khri-'fl thnt ovlglimlly Foltl for ^',00 Jire aoiv .stlJJng
lor '.	
':v:,1',; Cigars, Tobacco,    ;
It, ho   will       O , I
* Cigarettes & Pipes.-^Si
KttKiKW. R. McDougall,
• lino that fs At O
Make In Logger's Shoes wore -selling nt WJA
There Is only
•whereyou can 1
goods In oar
The Shoemaker.
■ V?
I *■
a 1
' 11
•* V
. 1
culur*. ttott. ,-ijon, which wlll   cost thu nothloir,
». J. OUKNKY It CO,, Toledo,   O. j nnd tony   provt  0  bl««i|P8,   will fMC CLUB CIGAR  STORK f
W. A, IKORAM, I'noi'. |
Phone 10 for Printing _FERNIE"LEDGER; FERNIE,. B. C, J.UL.V. 20,  1907
/   tf
—: *   '- ! w * -' ''.,*. *.jt.
i  y\j\\ llUlViL
 ,   -Mi
Fenue's    av
" Hii
■ W
and ' programme., ^
■for the .Civic liolwlay sports,  Aug. 5.'' ft
"  r.     *•>'■",
is   <o
■ preparing to    ■ stufl you with - good ' •"-.'
candy. ..,."• "ft
"Don't ioipet the' date.''of
civic." celcbiation," August 5.
.Have'you made that entry in sonic
of the events on Civic Holiday?
Read the    posters
■Head Tom "Gec'.c's new'ad.,   He
st* I
\t* .
£1"? ! .Koom
;tt** f -
Tfe« Ariisise feliSsRej'y Emporium
Victoria five.
Fertile, B. G.
Mrs. Wacgetl's Sccomi Years Gfearance Sale
of Suririsi' Season's stock   ""
"pO make room for the Fill and Winter season's display, the.ladies
.   ,    . -   -.wv /•'   .ol ■■«-••«« sinddisiritls, iij-ain have the opportunity w purchase
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stevens,    of ■-*£ ;lt Pr,ces far helow present yiiiuos.-troni fresh  and Yrp-io'-'Jale  slock"
Cranbrook, spent,   'the week end   in 'W  ^liis opporiunily offers oiilyoiu"*.'a year. ,
Fernie.       * '      "'   ' I ft       •  ,      at Kec,utvd l'J1'iccs H'H t-vinnieiuv ;-  *
."The, hose .reel'team are   at'it reg-;f'"      Satnrtlayji   Ju|y   20 and Continue   SintiB       '
and are imprqving,  es- ' *|*». Saturday,, August 17
L/; P.   Eckstein
,-. "■** '■
Bakki'stec-at-Law,  SoliOtoj*.
LCi: S, "rlemjei-ion block, j'ernie, B.C.
w'-r ". .   '
►*<& ; **■ C. LA WE    ,     .ALEX. I. FISHER.  H, A.
''**-; ;-
||f? Latpe & ;Fisher .
•*•$.'Cro'-v's Nest 7I*Yadin_j Co. Block,
%$\ Fernie,  IJ. C.
<i,, : ,
i#^»,'V^W%'%.'%, vtw*v%+,'%*o
>;' The
' Elk   Lumber
,    .Limited
flanufacturers  of
*/»V   I   4.".
ularly  irjw
■pecially  in  ttfo  coupling  and  break-   >£ \Vai,t oi71unv space compels the sacrifice
ing part of the'fun. ' *?I*? i    ■•    ' <   , '■      "
-    •       *       ■       ,.■■-"., -s]*, Ladies w«n realize that Ready-to-Wcar and Tri-nmed Hats  are' rec.:
The -city .Sunday' schools will' pic- , ('_!  uced lor tllis -*''11*'. to less than cost. „, /
nie" next' Thursday.   Look ont, kids, . W' Children's Silk and YV-tShin
for those picnic lemon pies and'don
sit down on them.
T. Heal'y .-°learns that   he
made a'  3uci;y ,inve=tmont do,
•'Goldi-.elds, Nevada, and contemplates' W
making a trip to that-famous -camp.   fK -Childi-vii;';' i
' "" , :''  " " "'"   Aii' Liidie-idloN
Ohief  *S-impson.y has been gazefc*-.e;l   *';
chief license inspector for the Fernie   *'**
district, and J.McCool lias been gazetted as fire warden for tht present   v"2*»
year,       "     , '-
s, , <tj Cl-.iUreii's Silk and Washins- Bonne's, Kid, Lea I her and Cloth Cans '   &
-t   «■? less than m.-inuliicturers todays prices.    Ladies Whiiewear,* Blouses'    W
-    '6 ' ft S"?,vl?' C°,,l",r's'r Be,ls' Sn"»"«'- VestV-lalest patterns-choice maier-     «*?
.    -   ," ^ nil—-bou.iriu before the great rise in prices—below old cost.pri.-e.s. At,
te 'tcs ^ A few Underskirts, remnants of Ribbon^ Silks, Ghili'on and all-ovL-r "of
wn in'(*> Laco at ^reairoduclions, :ikl".oiu>-|) [here has boon an enorniou's i7e, ^
nplalos' VI*? »*> thepr.*Ju4-eis"m;'.:kv^.    „ '.''„■ '"ft
iii,-s=s, K. C.   ,       J. s." T. Alexander i'
■  '■■ '     -    - '    11
., Ross & Alexander   ,   !
' FERXIE.'B.'c.
Office in J^, T. W.iJJlook, Victoria Av-inue,"
J. Barber-, l.d.s.,. d.d.s.,
i'L T. W    Block,   opposite' the   Bank,
i ijftii'o huuri—Sa.m ,vo-*t).m.
Dimension       ,
Finishing     \   ,.,, "*•>
Lumber &
1'lease note—!
iil,f--.-i!ir rrii-es.
I ni,.._ Lvupm; .Sc-ivl'-Jowers, Feailie'rs,   Plume-;,
> • .*.i;*.^" c.l pi"i4'es.        __■   -   ''        -
■- ;! i-i S-.ik' in:o'ai:s4)liiiojy l",irCas!*. • Xo booking
g'W, J,- WriRlesworth, D.D.S,
- i''0?3
Wattsbarg, the   ft
rr ■
\V. Block, 1"*i.-rnie_ B. C.
All our 'stock   is. last   year's   3
,, ._ ,   _._._, cut-and well seasoned           £
si*,',* ■          xj'Eiwi'isa? '       a.   ■ 5 *'    "                      -   .p
*!> i Ofi'ick Hoi;iiSi-     • :i-..to:2a.tn. U4)-.M'.m-_      ' *-*-»^i.«r-»
^            .-- ,              1.80 to>! y. m.
Orfice iii Alex. L ,':k's Uiouk*
Jfevnie, ».; c.
in ■*■
over £l'r.)Vs Kukery.
B. C
-   A.   E.  Watt,     of    Wattsbnrg, the   Vt? «   .■'..-' '* ■ ^ | ;—  —
lumberman,. paBsed   . through    tow^ <^^-2g&^^^ «     -aiwilimas
Thursday;,evening en'route to.Pinch- i      ■     '*-  ^^^ • * ?*-*"».*w*w*w*wi*y <■-,*» j   RE^L &'W1L*DMA.4N
er     Orecik'.' "   Thpm   bt*p, i4r4«cnhilifiBo' *.* -        .    -- — ,  _  -*    r
er    Creek'.' *   There   are- possibilities'',.
wrapped up in Mr. Watt
and showed the fallacy of the argu-
,   . n ment of the "safe and sane" ortno-
C. O.; "Ucmarez has . returned^ from ' dox politician,     who, while "always
an extended trip to the coast. 0 M/    praising     and petting the fa r i?ex,
Demarez is-looking after the lermi: . will not trust them to meddle in the
tion, of accompany to put nis motor !affairs of the, nation. . -7   ' *.
. ir vention on rfihe market.      * ';"  New Zealand, which'is tM vanguard
The   houses'in   the city are to be '0,,radical Politics, has shown   that
numbered:"   The   streets  have   been   WOinm   take   a greater    intke8t in
named and* the mames placed at con- :Pol,itics than their "lolia^ ma8t"
Bpleu'o .s corner*.     So   there   is   no  *"'! POll*iCS 'ar^ a,S0 cleaniir, Wherc
need* of your getting.-lost.-.-     ■-    "" - ^:T?   ^ve-votes.'  and-   the usual
''.■'• ,,    : rascality that pervades the pollti ml
.,   '.Mr. Kochefort   is.lhe. _<i:esrof Mrs".-;atmosphere oi    both  United    State's-
'.Kfadinjj.-for a lew days.    Mr. Roche-  and Canada would, in no small 'meas-
4'rt  |)}|.«..SCd ihrOUtflllllCrt". liist" HVpning,'"ll)rB ho* inmiu'wl   mart   'f4iir. cictarp.-p^.'
He w.'iit i-ijrlu ihrou^h to Frai.kand will; lowed to voice "their disapproval  at
.: take.lhe sjitr.e*"j-os*"(coji he had heforc'lK* ..the,, ballot    box." The  question   of
■ was taken ill.   'We extend tnirconyrat- - equality. of .the sexes was a vital one
1   iijalions in his rapid recovery.. ' "' with the-Socialist party, and  :'t "is
: im,.. «., * !."'   :• " " , .'the only-political force that gives a
Tlie, hrst practice   run was    made -      *   , x ,.x b
,-n.u  i.^„    .,„  ,     '   '.,    .   a .    , woman absolute equality with    man
..with the city team    -last  Saturday,       ,     ,      ,       ,.;,,,,.
«,•„„•„„   ,.,■,„„ +1, a     4  i4        ' an(1 mai'es her eligible for election to
e\ening,  when the new fire bell was . -'
tfotiH*".   )-.U, tsam and   fire   ladl«.".a m\?^\ *   '■        .-.  .     ..  A    .,
■,.        . -    - -    . ,    ...        . riin      All Socialists  maintain  that   „the
all went away in good style and 200        ,, • —
,   ,     .     ' ,'   ,.     .   ..      - ■ social evil, which so perplexes chns-
feet of hose wns laid and the water     '       . , .- -       , .,   ',-      . ,
x,   . , , .. ,'■• tlan ministers,  philanthropists,' etc.,
turned on down near thc post  >fllcc ,,„,,,       .... , ,
„  ., "    . will only be settled once and for all
in very good time. .      .. • ■. , „
.  . ■  .     *   . ,.        ."by allowing woman, a full economic
^Vs-i Dollie-Bnrnett and Mfss P'Ata freedom*, which will secure for her a
Todd and fifteen or twenty other of basis of ^existence, and she .will ceaso
our littie girl UAb have   begun .to to bo,'the slave of a slave.-.
practice for a concert     to be in-en     Morgan, in his book ,"Ancient   So-
for the aid of the Vancouver Child-' doty" (Kerr & Co., Chicngo) shows
lei.s' Home.   Tho tntortainment   will that woman voted in, the tribal coun-
,be given some time next month and ella when, primeval man was evolving
in sure to be a succesn.  Particulars {rom savagery   to   barbarism, and
of the. entertainment to be given v.ill that children followed female line of
he made public later. doscont.   It is to woman all   credit"
'    m . „   i n . . 8ho"1'1 b0 »*'lvon ,or the domesticating
H. It. 1. Gfllbnilth, of FcrtBltele. of n„|m„8| ftlso tho cultivation    of
was in the city Wednesday.,Mr. Gal- Bro«i leede,' from which evolved our
braitta. Is one of thc veteran ploniera cerMbi   A1I tb,B wa8 done'wh||e man
of the Kootenay country, and le  us wnB cn'gftgod in „tho gontle   Qrt   of
deeply Interested    in   its future  its killing,"
though he waBna8 young aa tlio Led- ;   Mr, j. B. 0aborne| the weU.known
ter Kid, and expeetid to -U living Soclnllst lecturer, will give a series
lo the Kootenay Valley when it uaH 0f i,0t„reB    nt Pernie, Coal Greek,
been chocl-cr-boardcd with fruit   or-, Hosmer. Michel nnd probably  Blko
chards.   Thc   I.edBer. hopes   he   -nay ir bull can bo had.   Mr. Osborne, who
not only see these.thlngB but be able ,|H totally blind, will arrive in Pernie
to.enloythefri-.lt.    *, . next Tuesday.   A treat of oratory Is
Col. Holmes arrived in town last iu Htoro f<"' tho80 who wiu henr •''••>
nlKht on the deluycd eastloiind' ex- *m]l' Tl"».4'-»°ture will be free,
in-iiBS.     Ho    was   accompanied "by *"" ~~	
Cnptnin Hall, A. D. 0., of   tho   'n- ' CllAXHKOOK LAND DISTHICT
••Inecrln'f, 'ileimrtintnt. Col.    Holmes 	
inspcctod A nnd D companies  of the -       '''•'Tlllirr ok kootknay
Koolenay RlfleK under the command T',E!\!',i!''r*,l',n" )Vm.,H lM»V««.oii-'rHn-
.  ti    i        .. « •      "•••■"•'"< •»*   iiM'H. II, IJ., rici'ii ini|(in ri rk.inioiiiU tn
ol UhiiIiiiii McHiroy.  Over ulxty nu-n fj'i!'*1,1, «»i*i'lHiiln>iier llroiiMovor" * fo".
... , " Inuiiiiiiiii.i't'll.iil lniiiUj.~
were in  tlio I'iiiikh, and  they pnHitd     ('oiniiimnilmrhi h pn.t iilunicl hi ilmnorth.
u ^ery   creditable einmlnatlon.  To- ffit*W!.V&^i^
Jjiy.r.puin Hull, In company  with imffl&WX^
the local   olflcerB, wlll ta^e n   loo1* «»-l,r|,|l'l!"'»'"*' -I"* ■■■■"■■■H «n'i "or y SniSi
over the proposed Bite of the   new ,      , wm. ii. nuin'ON
armory Jiuniiili, iik.t.    - "1,"u,y
tlXll,VJ[!^'«ii:'i',iJll'">,',H,i"'.,l,» l'«l'»''ii<loii r.f
Keith1 Wh'meur    1« nn artist   at .^^""•'"•'"••'"'•••'-•"••^•t-'yof
window -lre-ulni*.   His. latest Ih a fish     A..|.isnt IVmi'V^vfo]^".;*• \v„rk..
loml In the window cnntnlninit   Hve ^~«.~»—»,-
irrayllnur   and   trout,     The runniiiR      "" "	
water and lhe moiw look ho coollnit 1\T f\T* jfC* IT?
tluir tlio Hnmrt..,youinr   nun   of the 1^1 \J I. I wfcl ,
city are   catching    on    and taking Tothr Oinctn. umi M*m:*r. nt n-,trii-t in
thilr lent irlrls down then* nnd civ- "'• M. w. nf  •*.
Inif them a frto t,low of the coolnmn     MdTlfiK U iifM.i.v'iiiVfu Him n». „.vn\vr
which obviates the necessity of buy A'wiK/rni'.-V^^^i/.troir'ii,!.- ii',' fe',i
Jiik koi cream.   In the next   win-low I^^Ye^'.V;!"^ W^&lZ
he hns    mi nrr-m^ment,    of  im\U ',.,,*•■ , « ■ »»» <-
which ciitcheB the    mickem who   in '''"'■i"5'.,,'l:;•I')v,"'',,''   -
away livtilei! with lllrn, lln**,- up} t Mi- '  i7 '•!
er tliiti<;H which nrn HiippoHed
nwepsary to it flHlierinun.
Sale of
Contractors and lluildcrs
Estimate's Furnished '
Residence-—Corner Howlaad .Ave. and
*"■-■'.McEvoy St.
P. 0. Dox _*js,      ...        Kernie. B. C.
We are determined to gVr .
ricl-'of our cloih boiii'id kndj
leather- bound "books and '~t
_d *)_. J ti cr-^.9.
offer— them—rr*e»v> .	
one  half price    .;    '"    0
Vou who. buy, from book .
agents have'now a'n   opportunity,  to   get'.some
rare snaps  from our lib-
t rary editions and  pocket
5 classics, all books .mark-.
0 ed in   plain   figures and
•* you just pay half.
r       NO FAKE SALE
"Seeing is  belicvin6"
J The Fernie Drugstore ' \
FOR $2.00
' 4. J
Wltli n diamond rlnjr 1 rcven
free howtosdeuro a beautiful complexion. DlainondH and exqultiltv
complexion aro both desirable. An
opportunity to every woman in now of*
forcil for obtslnliijt both. For $ii.00 1
offer a 12 Kt. Gold Hlioll Itlnjr,
shape liko r hclcher, with a Tiffany set.
tlnff, set with a iremiiite diamond
and will send free with ovory ordui* the
reelpo aiid illrections, for ob'talnlnu a
fiiultloss complozion, finBlly understood
nnd Hitnple to follow, It will snvo the
expoiiBe of ■- CrcnuiM, CosmetlcH nnd
Blenches, Will froo thn Nklii from plra-
pick, Hlnckhcnds,.e«c„«nd rIvo tho skin
Imnuty nnd softnfiHfl, '
RING I"   iriiHrttiitefd   by   tlie
manufacturer to bos*represented
and should any purchaser be dliintlined |
I will -jhMi'fuliy refund the money.;
Do not let tlie price lend ,you to;
doubt tlie treuuIiienoNH or value
of tlilH rliifr, nstho ohovo (fiinrsnton
protects   each  uml   ovcry iiurvliatMtf ■
Bend mc $2.00 by mull nnd Inkd1 KF
iidviintuffooftlilHonrer.nMhctiino.JAyer't Hilr Vltor,-aev lnv|
Builder and Contrsctor
Eetimates cheerfully'civen and Work
■ promptly execnted to the satis-
fa'.tion of om* cusiomere.
Chas.   Gilbert
Tonsorial, Artist
Only Union BrtrV*ci- Shop in   the city
■ and work here is done in fir-it class .
■   stylo and <*:t reasonable prices.
Look for  Card  in  Window
A Good Way
to please careful housekeepers is "to
'give honest wcijjhe.' Oh, wedon'tsay
that aii butchf-Vs don't do this, but
we cannot help occcasionally over-
heariii'; our lady friends when they
get tu telling their experiences.    	
F. O. E.
Mc«.tullri>t friiiiiy in canh month in 1.0, 0. F.
n.U.Mooro. |( W. Keay,
Worthy Preitiilent. Wortliy S'cewitury.
(Formerly tho Owl)
The Owl   Restaurant
1    which has recently
.   Changed
Another Good Way
to please is to supply* only the best
meat. If yoxx trade with us you will
learn just what we mean by these
two '.'\vays"'QUALITY and ^QUANTITY will be a little more than you
expectr ';    •
Calgary Cattle Co
HO T E t,
s Under new management   ,
Well furniahed rooms.   The table is
supplied with the best the market *
affords.   The bar is supplied
"   with the.best wines, li- ?    ,
qubre and cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
WINE   GO., Ltd.
\Vholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of
will be niore completely.    Sol« Apents in Kant Kootenay foi
up-to-date    than   has!A,lCAI),AN famous Waukesha
been  the case in  the!
past.   Thc   new proprietors,
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
will be pleased to meet
the old patrons and also new ones at the old
, stand.
Best of
Wsninnle   Deokrs   *»A
I»I>«rt*rs of
Stops Hair
>A'l-k<uNJ^k Hot-Ik j^bOsm"
rjrisrioasr  Xja-bidl
Crow's    Nett   Speolal
MIum*-1* Fav«Ht« Olflura
FERNIE, B.C.   .
s .     	
Eoeri) attention.
Rooms reserved by wire   ,
A pleasant  home  for the
C. L. WHELAN . . Manager
The A. Macdonald Co
(Mead Oflliw, Wlnnipe-*.)
I)ranclicn—Vancouver, NeUon, Penile,
Kdmonton, Alta. fi Kcnoni, Ont.
Fernie, B. C.
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
KvciylhliiH new und
Kvcry .iccomiiioiliilion
for lhc public.
liar stocked with the
llncsi in tlio Innil
Kings   Hotel
Wholeunlt'  (JrocerlcK,   Flour,   Feed Ht
i! Camp Supplies
Kornle, II. C.
To  In   5. --;.*""" —•- — —
Arc ymi iirejuiiiiij; lo win nniuc   ol
iiml .Sl.AOi) on llu Si|i „f AujjiiHt?
Another suceasnful meHInf; ol Fernie 1*ocnl, H. i>. of C, was held In
the Miners' Hull Inst Sundiiy •vjn-
ln**:, whtn Mr. J. K. Smith fare r.n
oAArtu on "tb* wom»&'s iuflrste."
Gold   Medallist
'.ill* ul'Smiiii Ki'in-in^ion
Itnjj. i* prvniiVil in i'.iUi*
nnlfi" tor o liitiitttl uiinil-t.
rr of 1'orlr.iii PiiitujonH,
Tb# nuVkt **\y o*m**Mlr*tto th*  Mitlm bt «♦„ M, ,»,»™ J»' V *
ilcft-U ft   ttotma    lo tbe ftaseilltr,   IfiillCuf *.>n*iV. "
proved formuls, will certainly
stop falline of the hair. Indeed,
we believe it wlll alwtys do this
unless there is some disturb-
nn-n*    fit    tVt.i.     -** vw.i-^l     l«*«1*t.
«**•«,««       C *      k>iw      l^-w**^* its,*       i**W»!-«•• #
Tlicn.a constitution il medicine
may be necessary. Consult
your physician about this.
Dot* net thangt tht nhr «f the hair.
•* Hni'tvd.  ,S)Mi«" »ivi« oi" linger inr
ivhlcli rin^- is ilti*.|ivti.
n„» i:unt mini Htrcot       X«w York Citv
Kt'iul mo your iiiiiiu"  niul  tlii>
iiniiios of ."i i'C|iu(iiblo i»oo*)lc n«
icfi'.ri'i.i'i' nml I will (oiwiiiil .vou ii'
prflpCDitlon to *c: n» my sx^nt nml --I'll,
my izcodt Civ youv IocaIiIy.
Uff-ftrtinent l.f* -. r—r—.  .. . .	
.Ui:«,t,MnlS«re,'r. NW YOHK CITY ffiBKSS^iKJSg^
j)> *j-,'Iiii     tttms vbkJi csum fhis '—•"-   "
-■, »•• »• 4*M0, NStQf* MM
FtrasU wilh t»\ WMIIf
0      Stt-Hr II u ynr
At* tilM tb*** It,
and everything in our
lino can he found the
freshest at our store.
liar supplied with,the besto' Wines
I.I(|tini*« and Clears.
ninlnp Unom In o/mnce.Mon
.    '    ' *       m1™ i  i.jjuii
Fort Steele
Brewery Co., Ltd
IVnile,  11. C.
HiCAtu ol  foil.),  rhw. \.*w*
nnd   Aerated   WWr*.
Uoo6*    m    Hff4«latty.
•sjSr: McDougall & Co. ».«•«.
********: • •©  ,';_
Cffj;arfi> Tobnccc^ Etc.     %u****&o Uoimmi, ***** iii^rtu
■HBBB1 SaaSSttSBSBK'ra^SiSb^
FERNIE; LEDGER-, /FERNIE,  B. ■C..■-JULY 2^1907' .••
.. ..*« .,,
^ Head The Ledger $>
W for.the most reli- 'W
'* able" news'.-'        " '^
I no bad; debts - ;r ;■;;■...;
! "; '■■"■:WITH   HbME;BANK
Less'than $400 Considered Doubtful
to the
will do
the rest
Good Increases in Assets and Deposits
$60,000 More to Rest Account
' The followiii'r article rejj-ardinsrThe
IIoinuBaiik of,Canada is reprinted from
Tlio Toronto Mail ainl Kinpirc of Juno
|20thtilt.r".     ■'■' '■ ■■     ,.
i    To run a chartered bank having avail'
i able funds to the amount, of nearly,six
j aiid.ii hull million dollars, and to keep
j these funds actively invested for a period'
lot* one year, aiid' conclude operation's
t with less than SIOO doubtful deblE on Hie
I books, is the achievement of the present
j manag'cinoiit'of the Homo flunk'of Can-'
j ada.   'Jiiisfniul other important lisjure.',
(are contained1 in the annual statement
of the Home Br.nk, the second annua!
meeting-bavin"- been held yesterday
afternoon "at. the head bllices, 8* Kin*
street west. --* '-,'    '
The total, assets of the Home Bank
now amount to $'3,313,152.81. .The deposits to nearly five.million. • The sum
of S'JO.OOO has been added to "the Rest
Account A dividend,of six per cent,
has been paid    .?   ■ ■      .
At the annual meeting, the authoriza
tion was given tqiherease the capital
by. one million.dollars, with a: view to
keepinjr pace 'with'"' the- opportunities
offering; in the"-Northwest':;; There is a
probability, top, that the membership of
,the directorate*1 way. be-increased to
make room for representative capitalists in the Noith west. '-''.-.■ • '  .,
.Steady .Gains  in  Business.
tf .  o' ' - ' '-' '
■ In a review of.the affairs of thcHom'e
Bank f he directors'report showst hat the
profitB for the year, .after paying'all
.charge.s, ^including*.— expenses—incurreh-
in the opening of new branches, arid
providing'for bad aud,doubtful debts,'
| amount to $78,0iW;C5, bei'n-* about ten
| per ce*it. on the average'paid-up capi
j tal, 'and the sum' of $-]5,2Sl.5i> was r'e-
jVeived as prciuitun oiMiew'*"tdck sub-
' scribcil. A further addition-of 800,000.00
! has been made to tho Re't, and the .sum
of if 10,000.00 reserved for' expenses in
connection with tho' opoisin;>- of  new
branclns'   Tho dividend at tho 'rate of
•>ix per cent, has been maintained, and
t!:e Profit and Lobs account "increased
to_*i*i5,70o.5S     The deposits slimy au.
increase, ot *?9S0,O00l*  The total .assets
show an' increase of ,?1,*II8,8I5.2!1.
T«n  Per Cent,' Earned,
These figures represent a stonily'ad-*
vfliieoin the business of the bank 'luring
tho year, Branches have been opened
nt Fernie, B.C.,'Winnipeg, Man., Melbourne nnd Canning ton, Out. ' Another
branch Will be opened in Toronto at
the corner of Bloor and HatluirBt itrcets.
Two sub-branches were opened, one at
Teeumsch anil the other nt Kverett. lii
view ol the Increased trade of the country, more especially In'tho'Norlhwest.
the report states, there should bo .-nod
opportunities of extending the bank's
usefulness and interests, nndthe direct-
ovs hnvn approved a by-law nuthorlssin;,'
tho incroaNo of $1,000,000 to the bank's
cnpltsl stock, inaklnfj: a total of
♦2,009,000. If this hy law is passed by
tho shareholders', It will jrlvo the bank
tho ndvautajjo of bo'ln*: In a ponltlon
to nvnUltfiolf of jronil opportunities as
presented from time to time of ox-
tomllnit and liicreaHiiiK Its btitiliKm,
A Conservative Policy,
The chafrmsii's romnrkH touched on
tho financial position immorally.  "Tho
Read What Fernie Caif Do in the;
■■ ""■■  V    Next Ten Years. ■     .:■ ■"   \
^.Ferme's Best **
i^ Friend    is    the
■#*    • 7    ■-'     '   -    "'-    '   .   -'"*
$    " LEDGER   ;
' Fernie has .grown,from, a wilderness
wild and gloomy,, to a city of 4,000
people in a single decade:'and is'now
the most thriving - and prosperous
community in- Eastern'Hritish'' Columbia.    * ' IH
done in/the last tui years * .by ( undirected effort, put, our faces toward the future and sec what' can lo
accomplished in the "next ten years by
unity of action, by concord of purpose. •    • <■'•      *, !
of tlie care that" has been exercised'in
selecting it is the fact that tlie amount
required to provide for bad and doubtful
debts was under .f500. We recognize
tlie "fact that we mi-jht possibly have
shown more expansion, but the'policy
of your Directors ie-very*-conservative',*
and we consider ic much better in your
interests to follow closely the policy we
have adopted, which is to proceed care;
fully and surely.'
"The directors have niade a pereontl
inspection of the" treasury and securities
held at, the Head .Office, and Toronto
Branch' of'the"Bank, verifying- the
balance .-.liown hy the Head Orlice books
The different branches' of tlie bank have
been inspected during,the year.'
Looking to the  West.- „      '>
"The trade conditioiisof the country".
Shi; has hundreds of.,business .houses |   W'e have the grand mountains,    the
.-.•id '.usini-ss linns: she has' numerous j beautiful valley,   the  sweep np    river.
mannfacuirin_r     est-.i'blislinK-nts';.     she .Nature hns   *yiv.jii »'■ nrc*-.', coal mines',
has l.iri-e coal min-.-s near her   door,  and fores-Is; and \\x' sh-ruld make   the-
Hiwl a lur^c cokiiijr plnnt on her, doors,'most of them.'    , v" ,
step. . i   The luml crman has taken from   the
AYh.it she  has"accomplish)*! in „ the'Mower slopes-   of --.Mount,    Fernie the
Ilast-'un-ve-jrs'she'fcan  double'*rt   the j "monarchs   of.the   Inrest,"   but    .tha
Inext ten.' One hundrad and  fifty  bus-'l'momitain  side , i.s ...still' there, "and    in.
i;Ls.s funis ccntrihutinjt S10.   each per. I place, of lhc .great Ireos wild Jlowurs are :
■yeur-for thu nixi  ten years could sup- |s;ji-inj.ing up, to slell. us  or, thc j'essi-r
I ply'a. hind .of ^o.OOO.*' The    city    of {Hlities that'exist   in   the soil,-on  lhc-,
I'Fi-mie, by   itVpro])riating    SnOO     per jmountaiii so singularly clear ot'rocks^
! ye«ir for ten. years could, pricduce     a | as. to'make- it possible, to plow'   the".
whole hillside. "       - ;*.
\. .-. , ■  , .
^ If you have     never taken a     walk
al(.ng the log road  across  tha foot of
31 mint Fernie you should do so 'seme
evening and j;ct a glimpse of the best
panoramic view   of   Fcrtujc*, that    c.iu
l.e obtained from  any view point,
■■ In   "the   evening, as, the  sun's rays j '
gild   the  house's - in  Hoods  of    .light", [
every-; outline, is, brought-   ; out*-, dis- j
tiuctly, and  as darkness settles  down
ih the valley, .the electric lights, .the
cole oven  fires, the big burner-    and
electric lights' at the   big   mill go   to
make, up a' scene_ 1 ong to, be.'rememl j
bered;. -.'•_.,.--     . __ „ f/>.;,. _,: -; .-_,   '  "J   |
:   Take a walk 'over* there and ..'-.t.be)i
join the Vnity club and help to swell
•ftriKin/ .'feature tliat has "fireva'kd
thruiiyhouc the year is the.extraordi::-
,ar,y*'i>:riii*_:eiscy in the* money-market,
and more eSpeciaiiv latterlv in Canad:!,'
ami while it bus resulted in our obtain-
in-,' a fair rate for the banks money, it
has ateo-called for extra care on tho
part_of the directors.. The bank was in
the Jo r tun ate position', at Ptartiii", of
slepiiiii"; into an. established business,
.'.ml while that business required mvR'--
izin_r.to cpnforni* to banking ni!e=,' it
enabled us ..to. tako our own time in
forming* a now connection.   ThebiiM-,-    ,,      ,     ...» nftA*-■„.-,-.,• ,,:,„
iiess that hasheensecured is. we believe, | ^ fui,<1' f&W ■ (f .la*  ,"?U^
01 a class any bank would be srlad to'jlioIls- direcll-v inlc"st«i-"» u'r S™^:
havo ou lis books.   The best evidence a o^.«ty,       by.   contributing -VoOO
per year for ten years could • create, a
more particularly in the;Northwest,
has drawn*'your Directors' attention to
the facs that durin_»_the* coming" year
iu Jniis'ht ,be opportune and advanta
"•eons to'increase the-capital stock of
the bank, and they have approved o*
a by law to be submitted for your cor.-
sideri'ition, whicli provides for- an
incre-iEe in the capital sto-jk to tlie
extent of $l,bOO.GOQ7which will make
the authorized capital s-2,000;000.   Ju' .
hind'of -r'5,000
"All these ci'ivtribut-ions would total
a, sum of ^.-jiOOO, which ."could 'je used
to l>eaut'if\- and improve our city and
its siuToundin-js.        ,"' '      '
How could'it be expended to-^'tlw
best advantage? *   -.7 "."
15y taking bver all .the'.present.rcc-
rcat'on grounds ".and adding to it all
', the ground east of the Great Northern track and between -the,_ Elk river
aiid the , high hank along liiveri.ank
avenue • aud making'of k the! piet-
tiest   littilc, park to be' fouad"    *k\y- , .
- , ■'■        •;,        » 4t    -i«  '"'*.„M.   '7,r«-i   tin-cry for  the beautifying: 01 I'ernie
where   with a half-mile    track .   ana -'- . ■>    h,   ,
drives'  aiid "walks" all through  it.7Uy
cleaning tip,   the     hig'h- hanks    from "'
■Edgecliffe.*.to ..the north end    of the
present'recreation   ground' and' soding
tt - liv clelinini'-    out, the*" present-• :un-
..   -  ,      ''   * '-,      '
If you
and its- surroundings:-
sightly .slough" und "making of it a
pretty little'boating "pond, ..'uiul '-'hy
cleaning up all'tlie ground"and, sodding   it.-    ,       '   -.n       ',      ,'-    '"'•' ,    _,
Then by improving  the' loging  road
which has 1 cen made across  the   fa fie
of "Mount '   Fernie by .the Klk'' lumber.,
c" nipaiiy and  extending  it on  around
the-hill to  Farey,. Creek falls.   -    _^
Hy   securing   the lands" surrritinding
Can-,6es't:-"bV' banished:b'y  Dr. vrWilT
" *'■' ' ' t ljaimt-' Pink ■ Pills: -' ■ : '•
ashiii"' you to authorize this incivafc! tbe falls 'anil  making of them a  for-
of capital, it -hOliUl be borne in mliiU ,<-*st   .,parkj_ by  asking the    provincial
that-'while, we think it 'v.ell to ask for
such authority, itis qtiilo possible that
little;'if any, of such now stock may
be issued this year.   At the same tinx*-,
we*regard it us  desirable  that  your !.supply
.Directors' bis. in a position to dcovhui
they think will be in tho best liiterestH
of the bank.
"With the proposed expansion of thu
bank's capital, your .Directors think it
would be well to Increase tho number of
he Directorate, niul thle will probably
bo done Inter on by tho appointment of
Directors to look alter tlicbnnU'i lutor-
e.tft in thn Northwests."
The Management Congratulated. ••
The Board of Directors «er« reelected to ollice.
A reeolutloi) wan adopted extending
the thanks of tho shnreholde.i'H to the
President und Vice President and DI
rectors for their enroful attention to thc
intercuts ot the bank.
In another refi-iltitiou tho tlianlce ol
tho ilinreholdei'K wore tonilni'od to'.Ociu
eriil iiianajferCol. .Jaines Miif'oii nud the
other oliiciimol the bank for the elllclPiit
innniier In which thoy lind pfifornud
th.'lr diitie*!.
•tip' »
For all disorders of stomach and liver/Bileans are a*
sound.safe and sure remedy., They strengthen the bodily
functions in Nature's own way, being compounded
from Nature's own herbal extracts, Women the world
over find them a boon. \ Finest household remedy.
.-I ll drwjgUti aud ttorti, 60c a lior, nrfroip fltiran Co,, Toronto, ti/or $2.60,
government to s*_*t aside in perpetuity
U12 liiiids forming' the Water shed at
tho head, of l'aivy Creek^ and thus
protect- for all time thc'liiust wat.jr
that any. city " iir this "province can boast of, Tlwiii a trail
could l,c made in contvmiivt'inii of the
driving road to the falls by which the
ascent of the Three ■ Sisters could bu
made in a day from I'ernie. This
would make it possible to reach the,
greatest1 , altitude 11111I secure tlu
grandest mountain view that, could
be found in this province, the -'.'•rwi ot
mountains," as our "province has hem
M'hui-c can vim lind u phivni wheiw It
i.s possible to climb to (.he height, of
11,000 fe.-t above .hisi .level,' nioro than
a mile above the level ol the city ■ of
Keiulc', so easily as would Ic „ possible lici-i* if wc had but a few hundreds'ot dollars, expcndvil upon n trail
Mich us we have suggCHtcd?
No siii'li mountain climb with such
gr.'iiducr of view could U oblaincl
iiiiywhoic in the province as could be
kj. 11 ft-..hi Uic .summit of tlu middle
peak of the Three Stolcm. All iIichc
thiii.s c.n l« done with kss than
tli* >i"i,IM)i) i*«i,seil as iiulicaUd, and
no iiiM'stnii'iii could, be muilc .tlmt
would l.rln_jr as many piiipl.- to our
city ci'rry >v.ir \n c.irry away with
th.in thv prais.-s lhat mu-Ii iiiagiilli-'
cent -iiviii-iy would lrin_. Irom ailiiiir-
ing visitors,
'TJiijiw .of iui.wI.o must wm thu iviiini-
ing dollu'r foi- every invented dulhii'
iiiiild oimily lignie (»ut that from every ilolhir Ihus inyi>sti4i| tin- people ol
I'ci'iilc would  reap tw'y in  i*.-tinn.
Not a, iiurvhaiit nr a linlvl ki*pi«r or
il l.ii*..'ii.>s 111.111, wh ,lt*.vr lijs liiu nf
htisiiicv' mi^ht be, 1,111. would
...   |l-(. I^i   *[.(",,!     'n.-v  ...     r  4 ,_._ *,,
111-iliv t'ltipv'.  ilio »|H  a    vi'.vhi*   l,-,-.-l
4-i.iin-ibiHi.il   to    lrinir    11I mu      i^j.-
Ofh.'i- .-ill-. Inv,. Unit- •.•"i.if'H, ,*.'l»,
Kill  ,i|-  |(M1,ODD  t-luls*    U-t   11!,  in   lv-
.14.    .t,t .*     ,4     4-,!(,.',     HIM,     .Ul.l     )l,,'l     *  'lM    -It
.'ij.i.K, nil |mllin;{ in tli* same dii\*c-
tion, lu'i]iiii(.t  in  niiii'l \\\\'t\ Ims  leu
In summer your blood gets-thin
and walory.'-.You feel simply,wretched—tired; wo-iU cut, duU; your nerves
flrc "irritable. Your whole", system I
is■ out or"sear. ..There is just , one •
medlcino can hnnhh this summer '■
feeling. ,'Ju^t auc1 n,.'cd!cin^.wli]'ch''winj''
give you si ren'glb' ami vim to'endure,-
the i'aft of the hottest dnys—DiyWil-
lmins"Pin!i Pills. They have'helped :
thousands. Perhaps your neighbbrs j
li.Y\e alrcndy told you they 'havo :
helped them; They're tho medicine j1
that ma' cs ' tlmt ' pure rich red j
blood that o/cryono needs for good \
health-they' never fail to do that. I
Mri. L. A. Carrlero, tho popular i
pt'.rt'iii'.l of th-fe Jacques Onrtlor club, i
M.ntccnl, i;uc., Bays: "For fvjj
yi.iri 1 '."ns u constant sufferer from
l'»'n)ii,: ctlility.'Tho least'work fa-1
tlf'iii- nio and somotlmcs I could not j
work at all. I could not raise ; my
hand abovci rr.y head without feellne; 1
pains in all my innsclcs. I was vory i
weak and scrr.otimcs became so dizzy |
that hwouli;, fall unless I could loan j
against -joniethlng for support. Wbllo I
111 .lh:a c nditlon I waa advised to!
try' U.-. William*' Pink PiUta. I did |
so, nnd by tho time I had*taken ten j
boves 1 wns in perfect health nnd am 1
now ablo xo look after all my duties j
without thc least fatigue. When I !
begun ta'dug the Pills I was a great ;
Builcrer- toiliiy I feel as il I never 1
wnwill   tl.uiius to Dr, WllllamH' Pink '
Ur. WIII-'iimH' Pink Pills strike
right nl thu root of anaemia, debility, ilieuini'Mnn, Indigestion, tho pen-
ret illt-i nf women nnd Krowln^ Blrls,
etc, when tl'ey mako new hlood—
tl ry do Juiit one thing:, but they do
it well—good blood nlwnya brlnKH
good henlth. Hold by nil medicine
dealorh ot by mall at 00c 11 box or
six lioxec fur 1IU0 from The Ur. Williams' Medlcino Co., Hrockville, Ont.
You can secure tho best bargalriH
in the Hrow'B Nest Push nt tl.«
Htores In'Fernie whlrh udvciUse   lii
Tliu. Led get'.
4        k'7
do it
in the
11 nil  thr  iirtvirtlarmentn     t\    T'i"
Ledger, nil of     llicm, arid you will J
Iwirn wlnio to do your trndlni*   to i
tho brst advant-nirn. '
Ledger Ad."
vfr HoAtiVhv L(Mh;tM* & IO  OLniU  UllU  :H*cU!tH \    V K'\ MH\      ,    , ;  ! :x   \^',y 'M'- - ;-'  :!,■■?" mk.   ?t-   .   ?i :' ° " wilt ufu? f
*; Uv hoalll-.v 'uk, ^ r.. "  . -      -    "L ' M li: i« TIjc Lodger %
I iH.mii.ii* vUh  "fit- wh •-AViitt..aa, /ii/iiqAV...;..
fe**^ Fcniio-^rov
$ Sec if you (fon'fc^ t^^smt^ssssasmm
P  ''•  *
•**■ J
• ;FERyi;Ey:LEDGXR^',FE'fe'N,IB>- B.v C.; JULY} ^9^1907
.•"'.■-."■.•in:.7tT;rize v
<-- * *"      1    *      I 1     *■ ,.
1" 509' Basebe 1S' $ 1 \S09 \ i~ios
j  * i
Reel'-Raceis $25G
aces,**H.urdle .Races, High Jumping, Etc.
Rates on all Railways
Fernie  Italian Band ih  Attendance During the Day.
Small Bils for Full Particulars
Address Entries and Commutations to
M/W. HERCHIVIER, Sec'y Fernie Athletic Ass'n
Dps   and Downs'
British. Columbia has her ups and
-her downs, as anyone will discovor
who takes a journey'of'any distance,
across her corrugated *■ surface, hut
her upb and downs are not conlined
to' Diu-fnco conditions. ,   ■
She is blessed, among other things,
with a hnndeonio premier, who liUHitt
fair growth of-beautifully Wftvlny
hair und handsome, rcnular features,
But it scorns that envious pp.oplo in
rival provinces arc bent uron rtlHcrod-
itlng fair 1'olumbln, and nrc uot
icrupolous us to. the method adopted
to humiliate ub. , . ''
Tlie Winnipeg Telogrn'n, a paper
which is supposed to bo friendly, at
least" in a poliolcal sense, with Premier Mclirlde and tho pnrty he leads
in this province was guilty „of the
perpetration of a gross injustice to
orr pro'.nler/imd through him to our
province on tho 12th inst, Omii'.-e-
mim'B day.      '       *
Uli thu front pukc \A thc Tclcpvm
of that (Into at tho top of the lm-t,
two columns, tlmt paper publlshi's n
picture of Hurry Orelinrfl," or bill
Syl-.cs, or a ronibinntlon of tbo two,
uiul numcH H I'lfinhir Mol'i'liU*. of
BrltlBh* ('"olumbln.
lion, Mi'„'Mcllrl(lo'fl mimt. Inilinn'c
frlemlH would full to rocogilaD him
in thnt.'picture;
!nnto«il of tho hmillng m.'C and
wavy hnlr nf our liiiiulsonu' proi.'.i v,
m hu\o the milky, n»i',U'ii .■<*. mt.-i;-
unco of   ii whlpi'od puglliNt   nt   tliu
Mill ouil of a i'rUo ilnht,, ,     .
Hon, Mr, MeUrld-j Is su'ifl to hiivciu" lin'(' ,th   pflt't
fonio out nlioiid In n tiii'Blo of   men- .
lulity agaliiBt n-romblnntlon of brll- .
iiiu-t  n'oli"'!'. latnly, und ban be-u ."«  i
colvln*-     boi'nuotM     from   ndinii't'U
friends   on nil occasions as no jour*
ncyed   from   Loudon   and nu nxxou o
lu.so In eu >n tun moat mni'liw m-i
while   in   Winnipeg.   Uut '*■■•■.;
giuiu io!'.rf''t. ioCij-, not  fci"
Hiich state ol mind.
rremter ttobltn is said to
been tlio man who disagreed
Mr. Mcllride on the bettor term**
subject nnd helped to turn him down
nt'Ottuwn. din It bo pci»nlblc thnt
he Ib taking bo mean nn advantage
aii to male use of his orgnn, the
Telegram, to discredit Mr. MeUible
In the hour o! hla triumph? This picture Is a mUreprtBentintlon ol lur
good looks of our premier, -and is also a slanderous reflection upon the
people of the ntovince, for wh-i'
must be the opinion of the w-ntd o!
a rMpIt*   who would elect   ouch   n
looking gentleman as is pirtiired in
the Telegram to be .their premier?' i,
Thi"*, people of tiritish Columbia
should rise up in their wrath and let
the Telegram Inow that'thoy are
really "after justice," as the heading of thnt article states, and ih.'it
it is time for Taj Telegram to'hide
under"* the barn, ,■
— o———-
"Tho .Pressmpri
Tint' vn't.n moil' nro able to   c-jpe
wlt'u'i'cci'cant ofi'clnls whon the "i.i-
tcr got to carry things with a   lil^l*.
hand and in a Hiisyieious way,    has
'list been shown ,u the natioi-.al convention of    the   Printing Pressmen,
Maiiin V, HI):gins,,who dellvored tho
pressmen of the country over to   tho
employers by signing a nine-hour iuy
contract to-run until in)*", just   as
the Typofrnplilciil union was winning
Its big light foi- eight hours, George
Harry, of thin Krnn«leco, wuh elected
president,  find Hlggins   was topp'o-l
oil the throne ho had disgraced. Hurry is an ardent eight-hour day man
janl i'tii election hi directly tracii-ic
to U.*,- feeling of oiitrngo thnt,but«i*
i*d in lhe breu'ut.-* of the ni'nk und lib'
of the big union at the titiiclipry of
Hlggins,      Mni'oover,  tho convention
pnrtlcally decided    thnt  tho   iign'ii
jiiicnt signed by Iliggins will bo   ie-
. pildlutcd, iiud that n d oiu niul for an
'clght-hoiir dny will 1$ mudo nt'nnce.
.This ni»w"-tntp ot thlnt-B will   lirinti
dismay to thn T> rothftrip, the   fm-
ploylnir piin'eiH'   ort/i.nlv.utlon,    • mi
on   tho goiic. 'i
pi'lnt(-r»»' (.linutiidi.   Tliu whole affair
shown where the i-rlnting unions nro
still \vmi7   ^MtlU'iit-li n"v.   • irtly or-
),unlsed on nn ind'i'htrlnl bmlio, tiny
"-'; o*.;ld muVp the co' bin, tion to c.im-
\vi\c nriWin (if tbo .-p.'fvri*l 'riniiri"
cnift'i would'he ImiouBlblp, An |r le
t, bread nnd butter matter, tho iiuoii-
tion n» to tlio form of «u'»'«n'»,fttlon
will have to be met sooner or Inter,
V- nt....-  l .*. . •>   ii ii
to have thcorgiiniml workers dlvld-
u among theuiHi-lvnH.--Social-Demo-
tntlc Hernlil,
».* .
«*'<!* \1**,U \1*<l* V#*»> <t* \t* \1*\1* \t* \1*\i* '.vVaV v# vV stfisl*S\i'S1ttSl*.y<t
• * ,     - ■ '• ft
■ v,?
„Watch it'Increase..  Aii.'you'have to
tlo .wiih' ;i Sn'ving's Account, is lo ■.'•tKi-t it nnt!
keep it going—-then watch, it ^vc-w. Do.cmv'i
■take long t'ov it io count. lip , to a' consitlcrablo
amoiiiu—then you- see the **m.ivantage—the'wisdom  ot' saving. ■   , .
■$t Opens an-Account with The Home Bank of grata |
.m.»-«—— —— .1. I..MM1M Ill in»—m.  .I...... '«>
J. M.  MARSHALL, M»rM Pcrnlc   Branch       ft
uiun orncK, tokonto
r.sT.ujnsm.i) lasy
d. jb. w.u.xr-r:, President i Paid-up Capital, SI0.000.000
A1BX. UlrtP, Oemral Minnjer Ke«it.     -    -    - 5.000,000
L "bSSJ^' s7:rtalenJ,ntof    i Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Brancbcs tUi'ouifliout Cur.-.tJa, and In the UnlJdi Suites ami EnfUnd
S-Jtastacr-s r.ip.y he tiwiwnctod by jH'*iil v.'ith any branch
(*t ftho 33r.ni;. Accounts may bo opined and doposits
made oi' ui-,hii!7n*.:i Vy mail.   Evcvy alteution ia paid
tO o'u''OK')'iV'l  iil.'V.iiUllt.'. ■•'
Tim Die   HtMiii-.li
(i. S.   Molt,   Miiiiiiwit
u ,i    fqrttj years.
Send fit Qts/ojfue
102 Xrl04,
i^ jN*W ' Scott 1
V*    <~A;'Tfl\*«fWT^lV.,'J«^Ji!*  mr      IM     mi  a    ,m-_ ~~m,   '.»
g —— K
I Undertakers L Embalmers 1
s*        The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granue Works
»* Thu   Kootenay    Marble   Works,    N'elsnr.
« Sin^ C«i be Stta at the Office. Parlors is Lasdy's Etoclt fi
Great Northern Railway
.Cheap- Round-Trip Excursions
Si.   Paul,   I>liin*.cni)cili.s.    Duliuli,   Oliicii^-o,   Onuilia,   Kunsas
Oily, St. Joseph, Si, T.ouis,  Atchison,'
Winnipeg und P»i'l Anliur
On Sale
July's, -1,"ri..      AuifUBt 8, .>• 10,        Ki'i'tumhcr 11, 12, IS
One Fare
Plus frlO for thc round trip. " Correspond I njf ly - low   riitcn to
all oilier oiifct'orn points.
Goliiff transit limit (10) days.   Final return limit (HO), days
.from date of siili*. ■ Stop overs allowed ut all
points within limits „
.....     ..~r.    ......... ^
I'or partiniliirs ''all on or addrvss
II. I.,   lil.ACKSTONIJ,  AKit, I'Vrnii!
Allan Line
Direct   Service
Dublin Exhibition
-■  HlllllllKM'   SllllllICK
Moiiti'ciil  nml (/tii'lico io
I.I* orpool
■MM    »
Vlctorinn    (turl)lne,    X7,oon t«ii») .
JUNK 31 ;
Ionlnn    (twin   sctuw,   4,000 iniin) ;
C.i         JUNK 98          , ;
Vlridiilm   (turlifne,    n,oo() ton») >
TimUlnn (twin   -*crfw,   Tn,«,7**4 Inn^l ;
JULY ia '
Sil'.-nn, t'llfi niifl iiiuvardH; Sneond'
Caliln. JliPOj Third ■ninw, $->7..r>f)S
and upwiirds, nccoi'dinu: to Hteamer. j
Modomt''   Kme Service
Mf)NTKKAIi    nnd     QVYAWC    lo
rwtoriat..,,,,. J«ne So
SIcllltM June 97
NumMltn.. July 4
MM/f tiat. July  11
One cltiM rfthln $10, third e!nM$Sri.r-0
For reitrvntlon of berth* and'1 (oil
l-artlcolar npi'ly to
tt. HEADING,      W. It ALLAN
a 1*. II. Ai?t     Gen. Act.
Fernie Winnipeg
Summer Excursion Rates
""1   l''l'OIII
I'Vnvlc. lo
wi.n.iiH-ir,    1   ^38.2S5
1'il Wlllliiin
fori Ai'Miin
St, fiml 1
Ouhitli •
.Sli-ii.v (Jit ,' j
Si. Louis $,si). UiiiMnn $<>o, Ottii-i
•?/■*'■■»■■• 'rornnlii $74.s«. \|oiilr,
qiSij, .11. J0I111 $o\i. IJulil.-iN 'J'('f),r-
NV'W York $','">.
Tlil'fls on Sale July ,*, .-, j; AiikiiiiI *
<». n»; SepU'iulwr 11, ij, ij.
I'irsl Class Koiiml  Trip 90 Day l.lo
fVirrfoprtnillnc r*'<lni'llrni« from »ll Koolc • •
I'ulii'i.   Tlckc't hvuIIilI.1i: tm InKu tuti'i
iuol'i'llinr rm-t*!ii4»,| l.irtlnon litk*.
■tminrri,   ThrnngTi nXt*
qBMH Xf *i>y «t»tlr*i
in OuUrl'i. Qm<iIh>.i nr XlHrtHm* Provlir, ,
1. HCIRTKR, t>. I*. A.,!"V*U»r«
R, RKADIXO, Atx., Firnlt 8
News of the City
Only six fancy parasols left at Mrs. £
Todd's.   ''-.'.
Don't forget the date of Fernie Civic
holiday, August 5th.
., Mrs. J. R. Wallace will receive on
July »5th, from 4 to 6.
' Miss Alexander was "At Home" to a
few friends on Wednesday afternoon.
The mine at Frank was shutdown
one day last week from want of cars.
Mr. A. B. Mackenzie, of Winnipeg,
was in the city a day or two during "the
( Mr. Adolph, of Baynes Lake.came up
on Monday and relumed lo his mill al
the Luke Thursday. "7    •
• 4j. H. Boulton, of the Molt-Boulton
liimher company, came up .to (own
Wednesday.night.'' ' >
The International Coal and Coke Co.
of Coleman was fined a few weeks ago
for hiring a lire boss wliojiad no certificate.- 1     - ',
Master William  Ross returned from
•*>. •      ■ '     •-''.-'      "".-.»    .''"'■
, Pure Gold Fresh Creamery Batter, .^ • '09*0*"
, .   Perlb..-.:      •"•; •        3§C
New Laid Effga Arrive Daily by Expreaa,- 7 am _______ _______
per doz.,...;;  ,......^J5}Q
New Potatoes, this year'sffrowth,    "   . "■'",- o\w*
8. ^-y                ......:..-....:...:,.,., ZSC
PayCash. v   Prompt Delivery.
W. J. Blundeli, post office Block.
NOTICE in heiehy given" that'th'Irty days
nfter date the following persons, intend
applying to the Chief Commissioner of-Lands
ami Works at Victoria, B.C-. for'license-, to
prospbet for conl and petroleum or. the follow-
in*,' liesciilied In mis, situate in Block .I.W0
lylnir on tho 44-est side of Great" Northern railway, from Morri»e-y to Cedar Valley tirn'oer
limits, Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planteti at the north
east corner ol  Isaac Waldion'.-. claim, ther.ee
One Cent a Word
One Insertion not less than use
Fernie,   B. C. *,«.• :-~9 ■
Ifl/E want you to. become acquainted with our money saying
»» method of doing business. A small saying on each
purchase will accumulate in a short time into a snug/bank
account. Let us supply your wants, we guarantee that we
can save you money.
Marlp Shopping on Sitturdapwill enable us to
give pou better attention and morei satis factorp
deliverpy    Mill pou fjelp us?-     '{'■ 7- /;'■-."
Vlnnri-i on Tnnurl-n.      Hri \.,n,,1,1 ■ li',4.,,! riuuilnir north Si'diains. tlience west SDchain>,
\ lCton.l on  lucsd.iv - He would  ''■'*'«'j thencu »outh SO cluins. thence c*a-,t Su cliain»!
come home lhe previous wocU but wasi-*0 ■>.liu-e of oommem-ement. containing  'i'i'
1     .. . I acre?, limro or le.-,:,.
dehiyeil on account "ol""mumps. -■    4   ,    'j
"The Caiiiulinn  West Coal and Cok-ej
,-.        ,.... ,   ' ,  '.,,     , ,.      .   c '  j    Co'.nDiC-iicir.i; at n po.-t p';r.--:o.', a'."i!:e .son'li-
Co„ ol  label",   Alberta,   was   lined   9so   c'a*,t Corner ol F..P .MoCormickV claim, run-
Isaac WAi.imox. Locator.
A, \V. Bi:r,i)i".N. A^enr.
for failure lo report an accident within
the lime liipil prescribed by law.
John, Galvin, vice-president of district,
iS U. M. W. ol A., 15 in the Edmonton
district and has visited Morrinville for
- the purpose of organizing a local union.
' Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Molt, of li Ik-
mouth, came u^ to Kernie last .Saturday night, and-'were visiting friends in
, town during the week.
Don't  forget  the ' civic  holiday and
■,*) -. - it
.get ready to take part 'and have your
share of _ the fun. August the 5th is
the day." ■ •       - ° ■ •"_ -
j Dr. Corsan expects  to start ambu-
'. lance instruction classesalCo.il Creek
lions to form a class.
nearly new, in l>e.-,t of order.   Applv Lodcer
olhce. „     - ' m25.tr
N. How-brook.* Fevnie,
nii.B norit'i S** r-liitiit-., thunce v.-flst Si i-hains,*
tlience north Su chains, thence eastS'i chiiii'..-,, :'
to'place of ocmmcnccniunt. maJkinc; iU*j aci'ijn,•
moi-p or less.' I
F. P. Mi.CuKMlt-K, Locator.-]
f. A. W. Bi:uikx, A?ent.    ,   !
JlllV 7, 1!N7. •     '» 1
try. House "is practlcallv now 'having
Uowi built loss than a vi-af. Located on
Lank of Elk river near G.X.bridfio. Forjiar-
uculai'i,' ad.h'tos or applv to the Pernio
LcilRer ■ ,     •   jo,|.tr
§350 Kh^S,IE„,i?T,,Sii
2i, Hioi-k ,1. ni-d Lor 2-,. Rlock (!.    Who will ho ' B
Commencin^ta ,>?,! planted at.thonortl,. | folhe*^^'^'!/,1^^ "*'*"*
"ipion'l n t^r -.._
iliv'x.— i-4J/|/iiiwIl*:
.Malcolm McKenzie, M. L. "A., of
Macleod, accompanied "by Mrs. McKenzie, "passed through the city' on
Monday's flyer hound for Spokane.    '
.. The big posters are out'for the 5th ef
August celebration. Look out for the
programs and contribute to the success
of the day by being a part of the show.
Peter Patterson, International Hoard
.Member for  District 18, U. M. W. of
A., has been visiting some of ih» mining camps along the  Crow line during
the woelc and .returned home yesterday,
Mr. Marten,"Of N'elson, representing
the Fairbanks company, was in low 11
two or threo days this week transacting
business wilh several parlies who were
wauling nncliinery.
The Michel inina has been' able to
operate only iwq, days Ihis week on
account of the car shortage. ' Number
I wo mine ni Coleman has lieon idle two
days during the week for'lhe 'sajnc
C. M.  O'lirien, well known in ilii.i
east coiner ol Peter Gilchrist's claim, thence ,
runpingiiorrlif-'ichain-,. t!i!';:cu44,.»t 9 'cliain*-.
theiice.south HO cliahi,,, iheiicu ea^t $if uliainn',.
to place of roinmencoment. n-iakimj iMrt acres,
more or le»*>,    "'      "        i
. ^ 'Pm-Ku Gilchrist, Locator.
A. W EKi.i.ys. Aser.t
MayT,l!"j".    , ..,       ' . -.       ,      ,
j „ , _.
Commencinirat a post planted at the .southeast corner of H. U. Guilliai..is cl.iin:."thence
runninir southSjchains, thence we-it SOchains.
thence north SO chains, thenee easf}0 chains,
to place of commencement, making 040acres,
more or less*.   , .  ,   . -
■» .-    ' • H.O. OriLLiAND,* Locator.
A. W. Belcen, Agent.
May 7.190".      '■-    ,     ...     . - .-,■■'
ComnicnciiiR<'Kta post planted at the southeast coiner of B."E." Palmer's claim, thence
running south SOchains, thence west SOchains,
thonce north 80 chains, thence east 30 chains,
to place of commencement, making 'MO acres,
May 7, l'.w.
tlislricl,   is   visiiing   ihe
organizing   Ihe   socialist
B. El Palmer, Locator
-A. W BEf.DKN, Agent
Commencing at a post planteii at the northeast corner of Jerry Hayes' claim, thence
running north SOchains, thence west SOchains.
thence south SO chains, thence east An chains
to place of commencement, making <M0 acres
more or les-,.
.Teritr Haves, Locator
May 7, l'.W. A, W. Bki.dkn, Agent
Coinmencirg at. a post planted at tlie'south.
ea»t corner of VV. H, Stephson's claim, thence
running south S0chaiiis,tlu>i'.ce wost .S'ichain-,,
tlience north SO chains, thonce east.*:' chsiiii
to placo of commencement.-.
■■        „ .    .    W. H.SiTi'iisos, Locator
May 7, Km;   * * A W. Ukldkn, Agent
Coinnioncinpr at a post plantoil at the »-)uth-
east corner of ftoht.K, Neil'*, claim.thfinoe runi
ning nortii 81 chains,' tln'sice «ast SO chains,
tlu>nc»south .io chains,!Ii,nu.'(.!i'ast S.K>hnlns to
place 'eif commencement, making 1U" acres
mora in* loss,   '     . ,
■■     ■   Itmir IC Nku.; Iv   earnr
May.7, l!»i A. '.V. llKMlKS', A{ 6At
Comiuenciiig at 11 jio»t planted at the sontli-
east, ooniei* of Freeman Snow'h claim, tiieuiv
runiiiiigsotitli8;ichaii)s,tli(iiic'«'wost S'U'hali'.^,
Ihi.'iiue 'unstorly *" cliains, tlience noiih a-
nhafii'i 1-j I'.hi'.'c ft ciimnuuicomom, makins:
iHOucrrts more or Iss.", ■* .   ■•
Fiiki-.max Ssow. Locatfii-
May 7, liinr   .„ A, Y\\ III: HKN, Agent    "
Oimmou':!ng at a nost. pliuitml at the north.'
iin«fc I'.iirnor of 0 \V. Patch's claim, th«uc»
ruiining northSi..'lialns,thnii(.'o 4v-o,t SOclialiis
tiii.iicn (iiuth sm i.'liniiii, t'lL-iico ou-i .-*!> chain-,
lo ptn.'oi.f (*:.imiii.-ni*i'inciiit, innkliig'lio acru,
ninru or k>->>.
Gko W. l'\Tf,ll, Lonutor
: Mav 7, 1 ' 7 '     A. VV, Hi: DKS, Agnr.r
',, f'i>"*n,"i e!ng nt,a no»i plnntn I at the north-
i c,\,t I'onim-'jf .1. It. l'llUiiivvi,|t*r'si:lain>,.tllBlu*B
j rnimli,-< north I*' challii, fh-ii.-i, 44-,i,i Su
• cli'ihi.i, thijiici. nouth Sichaiiis, rliHiii'ii tia^t H-i
(■lm!,.*. io plin'0 nt I'niaii.succir.Dt.t, making
• owns
'M- «"ii-">, nui'i' or li*
1/7 Mav:.!>,:
.1,11 l''[;i,i,!.-i-,vii)i..i!, Locator
A W. III.- i,i:n. Agot-.t
spoke al  Prank  I hursdav night, and'' C)iiiinnii"liigi\t a >-k»m-iiini.k-.«i ,u ihiss.-mth-
" uiirt I'r-niiTof M   Mllliir'-i 'il.ilir., thdicu  riin-
nlnwso'.uh S'lcliain., ilinivii wo,: .».» I'lialiis,
tlmiii'H noi'ih H'uliaui-i, tliitu':') im,! iu.'hiilr,»,
tnplai'H ol 1:0111 m<in...ori,4ii. 1, making iiionciv,
more or lu-.,
M, Mllhit'. l.ui'Mor
A, W, Jiuii'iun, Ag4int
illo iu*ii.4 muto or loss,
MflVT. IlKif
May 7,1'.^T,
.1, II, WIlmol.Li-'mfor
A. W. Jli'Mi'ii  Agimt   '
Tliomtoii Wlmntlrtv, Licnlor
A. VV, lloliiiin, Agi'iit
(will spi'filcat IlL'llt'vlew.Siiliiriliiy night
niul 111 Coleman Sunday night.
(.I. (!, S, Lindsey is liiid up seriously
ill with an attack of whooping cough, j
A trained   nnr.;o li-w   el, ..-..,. -,,-, I 1    *    '-"inmniii'lng at 11 po-.! iiliitila.l at Mm i.r.rlli.
lie will soon recover     MhhI.t llm m.     riiiiiilng  noilli  t>) clmtii».   tlmtiuu wost si
Minn Kuiui,    rtiastu Jim mi- ,1,l,|„Hi,|llinr.ll„1>llt|1 .s-iolialn,, Ilium**, ntst »,,
ilonvonl a serious opcralion a week ai'o '.'!!"iM'< '" pin*1'' .-'f <,oiiimi'ii"«m'int. mnhlng
hut i.s rapidly recovering.
A iiliotn-xniidiio vl«w of Fnriilu, „ ,    ,,     , ,
In-Mr   \   Xi 11 ,i...iw....   .11       1 ■Comiiiuiii'iiiiiiii 11 |ni*4t pliuiirt.lat the nnrlli.
n.\ .o\,,i\, ILtiltlipllcliri'OlillliiMnyglii'i*!-imt I'lirimr ol Tliorntmi   WlumMnv's "I.1I11.,
I'oiiil ncniHH tlm river In on vlow in' tlwr 'li""""'; rnniiing sunthji -.i-mI-m, thiuii'u wict
i4.i ,nn-.mi rivn in nu vittn  111 UK). wii.|i:i|ii.(fh..iu-.i north <<''''halin,lh»-'*jii »mui
I IllllCfi (Irilg KtOI't! Wlllllow, Hdcliulu, t.i piano of ■"oiiim.itli'i'liiiMll.
TIiIh Ih « very prtilly plfluni f)f tlio
uliv from n n(«w vii<w prilnt, mim) If.
nttriti'tliigiii-oiKl ileal ofattniiiloii,
A young friend of ihe l.edg.-f »L.m us; W AINT ED
ii diiy or two ago some line samples of| (;I1M,:i,. .,.,... TIIK mmK ,,„„,. „,,;|,Ain,
i;uiisi,*n4-riles iiud i-iirr.iiV^m ■•r«»\\r ir -u-!  ,n,'t'-t   ^-ilnrv »hxii»i \,-r i.miiii   Apple in-
I....  v ,     „,, ,   '''      , .Inly '-'Mli, •.lining i'X|iii||«iii!if niul mii'ld.lng
I'.lko  yard.    'I lu-y  ,1 re line ^.mpks of *---*ii...._*_f.iI- t„
llu. fruit,    Thi'ie slloiikl be rarlomls of;
muIi fruii grown nliniii I'.'lkii, Thi- ca-h
I'l'Miius fiom sni,di fi nil growing aiv iv-
iniiiiiTiiliw ami w'oiilil fiinii-h pk'.i 1,1111,      """
i'uipKiyiiu'iu for hundreds of pi'i)|-|i«.       i
'riio I ,i'i|.P(.i' lm» ri4(.,.|vo,| Minny vnnli:'
nf fiiiiim-tiifliiti-i,) f,„. iu ni'lleli* fi|.|.onr-
liijr in*t wi'ck iiiHli'i'iiiniiciiiiiii^-'What
F.rii'o rail do In tho nnxt ton yoarH,"
»ml w« ni'd rnproducliiff It tlili; wnok, nH
inmiv Imvn iinVoi! In lmve If n,>,n' .qi,..iv
to tholr frlnmlg.,    Como m mid Xtf
copliiH of thin iMtie nml kIro of last
wnuk'H Ihsuo, about 25 of which nre mill
hm 0 for dlRtrlbutlon.
,, .'■X0^- Al'i>ly to .Mrs. Kiikstuin, How-
land fi venue.    - j22.tr
■ * T   ition 111 camp.   Can liamlle 75 hoarders, i
Has is years evpenonee.   Addres-- Fernie Ledger., •,
7 '■'   :   TO LET        '"      ~
*• hou»e. or will sell cheap. Apply. F.' H.
bherman. We*.t Pernio. , J IS-*; '
ROO.M TO. RENT. "Apply Mr,'. A.'McLean,
' Howlami avenue. ,115-tf
'"T* ,)\n ^
Tlic'iman who appreciates' exclusive'patterns and handsome effect combined witli
perfect tailoring will make his choice from, the distinguished lines we are showirij?
Me 1. "a Suits,    ■   -,.        ^#lin,PA     i    Men's Trousers ,-"*'
i.nO to.'.....
NorBnan Rusk
General Blacksmith
.,   Repairing,   etc.
Corner" of Victoria Avenue & Jnffiav Ft
.Our mono holds Rood in.our Furnishin-? Doparlmenc. '. Not how much we cano-et' for
...prtr goods, but how big the value we cun give for the money..'' Get the benefit. "
We want every man that wears overalls to become acquainted with the best overall-
, that is manufactured today; viz.,.King cf the Road. Made with: linen thread" of the
best nine, ounce denim, riveted, double stitched and the union label on every-pair'-
We want you to tryjl-oni. believing that when vou'have once worn, them , vou, w'll'
wcur no other. As an inducement for you tbtry'them we olTerKing of tlie Road nine
ounce, black Denim. Overalls for Saturday at the low price qt c, 7"
-■ '""''■. '" •■• '"  85c per pair. 1'-,--;7
. Tl'I-5*-*t'l,*0-r*''l-I**-P*-'Vrtl'-KA'*M*.J,f lit.un n'^u^._«.£_4Ct..M^^ Til J       .'  _tl*      _r-aas> ,' _J_ y. 1^ '-
Good,   reliable,'  head salesman  in
Groceries and Drygonds   (or   West j
Canadian Mutual Co operative Trad ■
ing Co,, Coleman; Alberta.   Address!
stating experience and salary,  with
references to
John Notman, Sec.
Nainsook made with eyelet embroideryfront, three
quarter sleeves trimmed with fine (^O 4)E
Valenciennes lace.   Price wkibil
o- ' -. "' ' - ' "
Nainsook in finest quality, embroidered front, with
three quarter sleeves.' Very dressy.
Price....... ......" .'	
White Japanese Taffeta with circular yoke of flue
Valenciennes insertion, three quarter sleeves tucked,
and with deep lace cuff. 7
Shantung.Silk with square yoke of deep'heavy**
insertion to match, tuckedbac'k and   -____»___% e%m
front, with short sleeves.   Price SOofaO
Ask for the leather stockings for boys.
Warranted to wear.   All sizes.   30c to.
Ncto   „        „   „
Shoemaker Shop
lOpp, P. Rui'iis ft Co't*) olik'i''
I lie fiw'tii'i' hu 11 ucnku'1 1 vein's
In Kmiu-, Itn'.y, ami i<f pi-epareil
to do all klmlt, of t'cpaiiiiig ami
new work.
Ladies' plain cashmere, extra good ^ffi^
quality.   One of our leaders.   Per pair.... _^,yQ
Ladles'plain cashmere finest quality Llama wool,
regular GOc value. ■ • Cft*k
Our price per pair .,.....* vUC
In anticipation of the demand we are carrying ;a
selection of shoes that is so extensive that wo're
sure we can please you if you'll only let ustry-
Tho Art, Tho True Fit, Tho Royal Purpio-.      ».
Fino Shoos for Women
Tho Wnlkovor, Tho Pnokord; Tho Trovollep-
Flno ahoen for Mon
For   hard   we.'ir. and   durability   ,The
Artisan Working Boot for Men cannot
be excelled.    Made of solid' leather and1
guaranteed  by   the   manufacturers, and
ourselves.    Prices $1.85 to $6.50.
Wu have endeavored to.lH)ild up our grocery sales on fair, dbnllrifr, supplylnff onlv the Mahon i.uali>v"of
talilb supjiltcii, at tne owest \mxya pnssiblo. If our method appeals to you, we would like to cater for voiu'
Wiim-*.   Our prices will niiiko it worth your whl'o. . ' '}W>"
Ben Gigliotti
17V   Nr:.'.
I'm ei.i-HK
n       i-'iiiinii. li, r.
/Q^.y Years
S*/nt/*r Qtth/as'
, .to?, tt'ta**
' "ADUtAIBE st.w.,
Wan'cJ ,t v-oinpeiciiit engineer
for nightshift. Apply at the
office of
Fiirnik FoutSteele Brkwino
French Tuition
Mmlunie .llnrle Moncliot
rii'iiftiiiitf or lln* Unlvfi'Mlty   ilf
Pin 1*4 iT'i'iinei*'
Tt'i'inH on  A|iplleiitloii
Ailili'osh ItiMirnf Gut'mill* GliiirHi
Kancy Table Aiiplos CheiTicR   litispbcrrlcK   l'liims   Peaches   Apricots PrpscrvlnffCliPrrle-jAGoogaboiriM
. ,. "     iJnw Potatoes      California Tomntbos and CiibbiiKo      GrcciU'onB Sid Kna
mtmmm*^*0om**^s*Mo*mm^m'on'^»*omvwmisp** ■■■■■■■■■■■«■—■■— —■■ ■      , , M   ,      JM     ^       	
Grocery Specials        '■""'
a for Saturday
Jllto Cai'toons fJol«l«n \Vc«t \\ ushin^ «A^
Powilor.   Per packet   dUC
Windsor Ciutlo Oeumory I'utlor put up oxprcsily
for ouraelvirii, and received direct from the Creamery
every lew days, • If you would havo tlm best
<|ii'ility Nutter procurable try Windsor
Casllo.   Per pound	
Cholcu Dairy IJiutcV In Hinall tubs «g_
]    (M'      I Ut It I.I MM t»   I t   i   *   f   I  IIIHIMMMIMMIM' MWV
,*Mo Jn Coffee. Aoknowlo-l^ed t.lio criterion of quality.   The boat wo can buy mul hoM on our  J 0\ -_,.
stuiill])r(illliiietliodol(loiiii,'bui'iiioss, Pcrlh..A||JG
Pear's .Soap
i«  itii
West Fernie
Green   House
Stocks, Asters, Mulsams unci
r.:. i
Plnn« clrnwn nnd Rsdnintci rivoh
Cor. of Jafl'ray Si. nnd Howlnnd Ave,
Fernie B, C.
60   YEAR8'
No Heedlui Pluitm. No VMeun
AppleN, Nn Coble«n Corn—juit old
CoprmoHTs Ac.
lulflklr lUKMrinln our opiHlmi f:« wholdtr nn
ntruil'tuitkt, wlibobt»1iii'V4V'(iit)i«
Scictiiific Hmsricatt.
A JiMl*o«5«lr UlHitr*i*l ***ktt> Unut tit.
eultuon of ihf •eisntIJo InnrtiA,  Tiirmi, ll t
* *m r.oi,,i,tit >«>i,.iu»Hi|* Jur m.v .|»i,i<
im*i Mi-H.-inaM
l.«l kii'I l.itir.i,
.■A*i. JUiI'lfAIL
-.f,lijri«.;f».| hv my in liu. FMHtM Mrlln'tiiiM
MrMi«ll,«liH l>,kvti,il«iiri.iv I.-.I itn-\ |„»,",|'
J*tm# n, mi.
Jritiir'l'a Unluvent   cure* 0ij.Uth«ri«." Ulouo % I.ttttm?nt Ciir« Colli, Y.it.
nllablo varlctlM at tcaiotinbli
prfe*i»*« 1'*rtl1ly^r»_ "Rut PnjripllM,
Spray Puwpi, Spraying Material,
Cut tlowtn, tte. Oldwt utab-
liik'tci uurwry on tin tnalnUnd ol
B, C. Catalog fm,
St, J. nRKttY'8 NUDBRimiS
OrMnbouM **4 BtoA Itoxus*,
Va»co«v«r, ». O,
P. 8.—H your local mirtluiiU
do not tuBdU »y taadi, attul
tliraet. Wt prapay fifty paektU,
niaorted varlttlea ol garden aaada
(n St. papara (taatad etock), to
your taaraat poat oflflct for |l.oo;
twtnty paektta for soe., trial col-
A low- moiv I a.- ft-. ' Wi: him' still ;i
iWvoflliose llni'il hvcxinij; Sunuuiy
piano finished RdYiu'eraiors loft.
Uon t slop to think ioo lonir uiul
miss ihe opportunity ol" mulcing
your selection from" fhe best.
ii ' *
If you can't, just step in and we'll
show it to .you.   Seing is believing.
The carriers of the heaviest stock of Hardware
and   Mill Goods in  Bnst   Kootenay.


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