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The Fernie Ledger 1907-07-13

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 'i    '
.^-■y~z^y_ '      •"•61,^A
/- V-
*' \l
,Vol. .11*1 JNo.*4'8 / .'dg^fe>;
Fernie, B. C, July 13, 1907
$2.00 a Year
o.,  . -
City Council, in Regular Session
Considerable Brass is ,
Gone Through
The ol'ty    council met In  regular
.session ; Thursday' night.   Present:
HIb Worship Mayor   Bonnell, '  and
Aldermen, Quail, Mclntyre and Gates.
The minutes of last meeting yvere
' read and "approved.
A ■ letter from Herchmer & Herch-
mer,. asking,for, payment of §182.75.
.costs in connection" with the case .of
Nuhh   vs; C.nVp.E.L.''&' P'  Co.,  was
read.*        , ■ ■    ,  '•»■■■."",     -
On motion"-the,City;'Clerk' was instructed to pay the account.
,    The  Fire  Chief's report  for    the
I month  of, June "was presented, and
on  motion was adopted. ''" *"
| Roo carneup'to Elko to visit her'hus-
■• hand. 7      "7 ' '  '"!
, •  Mr.'John ,Mi'Ki.-e   visited  RIUo last
i.S,unJay.-". -' ,     -     -. •       	
•Mr.  Charle-.' KlinseiiMnith and'Mr.
\V. 17|'\m->\- returned ].frpm their iiioiih'-
'.liiiii flip llie other day: 7
-'    Harney Mtilheru'wiis an IviUo visitor
. lait week. -       ,",   , .
Mr. Krapfell andfamily.visitedNelson
during the week.* ' '
Mr. James Austin has "gone to Winnipeg; on a business trip.'       "
• n
The young folks are looking ior ward
with pleasant anticipation lo a prospec-,
tive shindy at the Elk hotel when the'
new addition is finished.
Mr: J; Bates was an Elko visitor this
week." :'7,,      ... •
Visit of tlie Spokane fliambeis
of Commerce Postponed
Come Later   ,
Early, in' the week communications
were passing between the City Clerk,
the Secretary "of the-Board of.Trade,
General Manager Lindsey and the
•Secretary of the.Spokane Chamber
of Commerce regarding the proposed
excursion of the latter body from
Spokane to Fernie.-
Preliminaries had been, arranged
for the reception or the* distinguished, party arid work commenced to
carry out thc plan as adopted, but
on "Wednesday Secretary Richards
of the Board*of Trade received a
wire from Sficretnry Monroe of the
Spokane     Chamber    of    Commerce
"Mr. Wright, bf Wardner, and Mr.
Carter," of-Elko,'were at. Rock Creek
fishing last Saturday.
j     Mr.   Gates, .of Fer.nie, spent'a day
Chief -Phillips of -the'fire  depart- j ™"r ll0!'e lhis ^ CaSt"lg fli" "*''-gating    that  the trip hail  to
ment wrote resigning the position of ilis   -       ,        ■' -7     .'   ■
fire chief,'to take'effect on the lstj Don't 1'orgeL that Elko is the place to
of, August. On'motion the resigna'-' | come"lf wam a od da ,s on* aL
tion  was accepted.    ■ j ,    . „,_■■'
Th'e, City Clerk was .instructed to]hsh,0§:'-      * .'       *•'      \   »
write Ross & Alexander in reply to !  ~o~ ,
their, letter-of    the  14th  of  May, |     f-QM MUNICATION
water fight,  occurs, occasionally which
furnishes amusenient' for   the   •specta.r
,,.- -    0       "' - '-,
tors.. . •   .    ■
The 1'iis'yteriaus are preparing ti>
"i,uild a new church hare, and when'
il is-ful islied i:: will 1>?; one of the
Lest ""-church  buildings   in llie  Pass.
Preparations are 'being made for the
erection ol 100 now'cottages for "tli a
accoinmodaeion of the families of the
miners. These cottages will lye erected below thv tipple on the north
side of the creekj .        ,     _
The output of the mines keeps -alblput'
the.2,700 mark, arid is steadily increasing., ■ n' , ,- '    '
J. C. ■ Sclumerhorn, late, of the
East Kootenay' lumber,company, is
now a Fernie citizen arid has charge
of,the eou'.tnicton of .the new 'iVood-
McNab    ni!''. just above town. *-•   -
Most Deserving Project Rein:
Promoted by the Ministerial Association;
News; of the City
Only six fancy parasoia Jeft at Mrs. E.
Don't forget the date of Fernie Civic
holiJiiv, August 5th.   ' ■
,ln-r a fuw chiidrens 25c. sun hats left
at M-- E ""odds.    '
iMra. E.Todd has a few 25e. Cushion
girdles left.   '      '   -
Chas. McNab, manager of the Baker
Lumber Company, is in'the city to-day.
Mrs.   Ed.   Taylor, daughter bf Mr.
and Mrs. Dudley, is visiting her parents ;
here. ., '
"Just arrived a beautiful assortment
of flowers lor midsummer at Mrs.' E.
,-' Mr. and Mrs.   G.  H.  Boulton,   of
Elkmouth,  were In, during
the week.    «. ■    ; ■"
Read the article on the past and fu-
abandoned for the present owing to" .
AV!   R.   Troll or,   organizer Tor the
A movement was ' inaugurated soum
time  ago  by  the   Fernie Ministerial
Association looking to tlie establishing
of a Y. M. C, A. building in our city.
The movement was noted nt the time
in the columns of the Ledger .biit owing
to the labor troubles which developed
at the,time, the project was laid over
temporarily- until   the' labor troubles
should be settled.
Last .week another meeting of the
I'Minisierial Association was, held and
| after making Rev. Grant, chairman, in
| place of llfiv. Hall who had been honor-1 Um,7,^1, of* 'Fernie and send the
ed with' tho„ chairmanship ' during the {]__e('i„or t0 ____,„_, [;-•(._.(',
first  year,, and  appointing   tin') Rev. j ■' ■
Mr'.   Wilkenson, secretary in place of j- • Do11'*  foi"S,?-'   the  civic  holiday and
the inability of the railway to furn- j Tl'iul('"' ''-".(* l-!l*-'°'' Congress of* Canada,; Rev.'Kempton - who-has removed to'! gel .vady to take part and have your
asking for, a refund of the fine in
the case of Duthie vs. Wallace, stating that In the, opinion of the coun-,
ell they have no legal right to make'
the refund .as"requested,   .-
City Engineer. _Potter reported
that owing to the fact that sewer
pipe, is being laid in two places he
'will, be 'relieved of the duty:
of inspection -and would' recommend
' that two inspectors be appointed at
once to Inspect the-work-as it progressed, j 77' V
•Tlie report*.was received and^will
Note—This" paper will'riot be responsible for tho views or'opinions expressed
by. correspondent's*.—Ed.1 . "-
-"_ -NIE. •     _   -   '    '   ."■
To:The Editor:    ■''* *  .
Sirs.- Wm. Chaterlhas left this city
for her ' rnother's home in' (Esigland.
Her husband, who, is a "ruffian of. thfi
blackest dye,, has treated her-,, mast
cruelly; he had her. driven to despair.
—-ne- urougui-Tip-i or'consitterctlon-at"
,an adjourned meeting of the, council.
On motion of Alderman Gates the
'"petition of W. Hawthorne and others, asking for the purchase "of Lot
'11, Block 14, was accepted.   -,»   •>
r By-lay1 No. 40, repealing the   old
early  closing .by-laws, received  Its
final' consideration  and was passed.
On motion, the Clerk was instruct-
,,''fic In.the local papers,
"t"he Nelson News, aiid Vancouver and.
Victoria papers Tor n fire chief.
„ Council   then adjourned,. to meet
' July I8th''at 8.30 pan.
■ *> ■ ■ -. .....<v ~.
'   A well attended iiiecling of the l'Vr--
''nie local,  S   P.'. of C., was herd    "in
the, m,iner,-i'- hall  last Sunday evening,
when  a   short address  was   dclivcrixl :
, Lyj "Mr,   J,' Harrington, .-entitled   "Can
a Soeialis'.'   *l:o  a1 Ca^i'talist?" which',
■ was answered in -tin*  allirmaliv-e,-
The.address  was '\vA\  thought  out!
■.uid     delivered iu his  usual    forevtul i
.itvld wlr.cii always coinnmiuls th;'At-.!
--' 1
tcmiou'  cf hr. listeners,  both  favor-
iiblj ami otherwise. , Tlu sptvuer
sltowi-d how Impossible it was to put
, into piaclixcu the prevepts of ''The
Golden lluL,, which i.s Socialism ex-
un'iJlilied,, when we ur?- living in a
"iloji-eat-ilo;^" condition ,ot society,
which ri'iiiou'.s tlu- last shadow of
iloul-.t from Dnrwin's theory, "the survival of tin.' .fittest." To tin* usual
taiiiit that "it" is' only hy niakiu_{
^'ic.U ]x!r.soiinl sacrifices that Socialism will ,iUnin pn-Vi-iLiKc" w,i*i the
answer "that it Is imt advisable for
"She-is a mest "respectable wqman, and
very young. She-kept her troubles
hidden from everyone,'" "for* her\ lius-
band threatened - he,-would kill' her- if
she told anyone that he had;' struck'
aer. He then' deserted her, but lias
now returned. She left-here under the
protection o" '.Mr.'and-Mrs. Brake,"
who' promised to take every care., of
herself and baby" until.;'„,shfi, reached'
Engiahd, ' -the 11-months „ she
lived in this' country he beat her almost daily. Those who lately learned of, her sad life have ,,vowed "vengeance on him.,
WednesdaysSpokesinan Review pub'
lishi'il llie following 'under big head
lines, and much speculiition is being
indulgeil in ns to its aa-unicy:—.
"Conirol of the great Crows Nest
l\'i<-s Co;il company properly in llriiish
Columbia, worth $50,000,0110, hn*.been
.-.ccuivd liy James J. Mill, nccoriliiig lo
ish the necessary",sleeping cars for-!illlivii'-1 '» the city ihis morning by the
the accommodation of the party. '; del'iyed west bound-express. Mr.
This was quitc-a* disappointment to i Trotter hasbecn in Lethbridge organiz-
Fernie, as Ave were looking forward'! hig the different unions and forming a
to a very"pleasant time.. However, i council.   , There   are now • more, than
the excursion will be niade a little
later'on," whenWt is hoped that we
will have the pleasure of entertaining- our. Spokane • neighbors "and
showing .them what a!'nine year old
town Is like.' ,\ I ! ;,' |.l !.;'!
-*. I       o " .,'—.
,, Bob Clark, the dri'ver'of P.-Burns &
Co's delivery team; met with, a mishap
■fast.Saturdav,which hns put him. out of
- - -    .      *   *-tf -
business for a few days.   While'taking
a load of meat,to( the .Fernie Lumber
*bO S-bUc.h=Ct*iilp-=Up=7l.lts=ri Vf r^.ie^-waa
thrown over the front of the. wagon box
while crossing.a bad chuckhole in the
road and laiidediii finnt of. thi' 'wheel
just behind the horses. Both front and
hind wheel of-the. wagon papsed oyer
his boily'aiid lie was bn'illy bruised. He
stopped the.tenm however aud climbed
into llie wagon and ..drove on to the
C'imp, "lie w.'iB'Miffering -.'ii'htly nnd
hiul to bu hulpi'il bui uf the wanoii.* He
was hrmut back to ihe Fernie Hospital
wliero bd was taljen care of at once and
is |>r.'i;ri*:si!]g rapidly to reio'very,
—'■ o     •>
KkAUT. '
JEcirdrick- 'Vr.11 Slock, of-, Vaola,
Iowa, and h:s wife aliuoyt left for
l**ui .ipo ou thc steamship 'Nieuw' Am-
sU-sdam, of the Ifnllnml-Aniericiin
line from Now V'ork the other day,
without their 1-nby. They had forgotten the infant and,had left it at the
hotel, where tlu-y , had stopped over
Tlu* gangplank was about to 1-e
drawn in win 11 thu party jvai-hwl tha
Xieuw Anistcnlam. Van Slock ■ step-
• *d nn llu- 'gan^pliinlt, niul as he did
so 'his wile gave a c'ryvof alarm.
•'The bnl-y""' she scruinnod as she
lied from the pier bucl; across the
park to iir; hotel.'
Vii'n Sh>-7lmstily esplainwl to im
oflic*.'!* of the steamship that his .wife
had gone for the baby,,,and tlue-ii nt
followed In'. The woman hecamc hy-
sU'i ical air!  fninti-rl as ih-.- spiel aero*;*
85,u00 membersof the Trades and Labor
Congress in'the dominion with over
500 local unions.
'■ Mr.'Trotter will go as far west as
Nelson and Revelstoke and returns over
the.'main line.. The 23rd annual convention of the Consress will be held in
Winnipeg on the 16 September and the
•Vermillion,'Alta.   and welcomning'the  share 01" the fun.
llov. Williamson, tho new pastor of the
Baptist church, to' the Association, a-
paper was read-by Rev. Grant.
We .understand that the Y. "M.C.-A,
project was again taken up was
decided to communicate with the Miners
union asking their co-operation. ,
Tho subject was brought before a well
attended special <-meetiug of Gladstone
union and the request of the Ministerial
Association for a meeting with the
union was granted and in consequence a
Winnipeg  council, are  making great j j0_nt meetirig of the two bodies has been
preparations for the gathering.   The[-can0(_i,_-or this evening in "the Miners
Manitoba government have granted the
uee of the parliament assembly, hall for
thc accommodation of the'large body of
. J=*!-.a=^=WSr-
city council made a grant of $1000
towards the entertainment of the labor
visitors The provincial government
arc expected to appropriate a like sum.
This will be tho largest convention of
identified, labor interests cvar held in
tho'dominion.  "  ■ --''."
hall over the Ledger office.   \
Jt ie hoped that a full representation
will be, on hand from both bodies and
Ki'm'iitrin    beat' Cals'iry    without
incrt'v on Tui'sd'iv. kco:o S 2.'
VhTnfte^p"roject^wir*"be put upon a
substantial basis from which may grow
a building of sufficient size to'furnish a
place of recreation and mutual culture
for the over increasing army of young
men who have no homes to go to and
no place of amusement except what is
furnished by the hotels.
Every ono who has tho welfare of
those homeless young men at heart and
who wants the city, of,Fernie to keep
abreast of tho times will bo glad to .help
this project along.
August the 5U1 is
the day. . .
. Mrs. 'Fred \Voodhouao arrived iu the
city oii' Wednesiiay from , England to
join her husband who has "been here for
Mrs. RaVoarrived in town last Sunday
morning from Ottawa.' She will betlie
guest of her daughter, Mrs. McEvoy,
for a few week.*,.    . ,.
Authority  has , been granted for,
the expenditure of a sufficient sun*
of money for the construction. of ait'
armoury here in Fernie.
. .The big posters are out for the 5th t*f
August celebration.    Look but  for the
Vhe Coleman I'ooib.ill team plav the!
programs and contribute to the success>
of the day by be'mg'a part of the show..
V. Hyde Baker, of Cranbrook, came
in oi. tlie east bound express yesterday,
and in company with C. NcNab and I.
S. Schimerliorn drove out to the site of
the new mill above town to day.
UNIJAI.'AKCKI)—The trouble, wth
Th,.; Ledger is that it doesn't- balance,
''Neithi*,.-   ddes      it     sical -    whole   ,
"lioivl.-i"   ol soup " from the   Toronto
News, " -.   , .      ,      '
Lii lit' Frank Spieller,' 11 four-yenr-old i. 'p .. \vi,„i,,„ ,,,,i,.,„iiM (J,,!.,, \.,st
Ferula boys on ,„o ..creation grounds! ,0| 1>on, M|dirfi '^^ _.. fmm\^ ^^Z^n^ \t
here lo-Uay, ,<icU oil,at Oji.m. . , , ))is ,10(ne ,.lsl Wci,nesdny inor„i„K .liuij,.,,.„.,, 0|- ,„,„. |(1(,t of H|l<t, (ill|)Mll)i n'..
T'lc Fernio tennis ulub expect" to I got lost in ilu'timln'r alonglhi' railway poried u, liiivi'Iji-im miiile in llie Hums-
challenge Cranbrook in it week ur 1 wo. [ While extra 1363 west hound was
The plnyurs thi'i year ii'iv the bcsinseeii j waiting on  the siding at Olc*.ou al 0
for some time.
o'clockiinhuevening, Mr. VV. Symonds,
lIo'i)iies<i-y propcriv 11 fbW diiy^ ago, is
luddliig it-" lliickiK'ss !is 1I10 luimel" is
driven into tlie hill.   Tliu w.irl; iH,.ki'.pt'
gniim' all (lietime.
The Spirit won the third and lost i li"l',m'n of lh,i ,el^raPh Jt-'P*"'""^".
race In   tho sorlcH.of    yacht races i who was travelling on the extra,  got j    peior AVIilniKter,    brother of our,
at .Seattle.   .The Koyal Alexandria; out of the caboose and ran across the 1 police uiagis'trato, W. IL Whimster,
took the Hpconil vitou.     The Spirit,' linlc  wiindcivr in   the bush near Ilk'  mid a "Sou'lh .Urlcim veteran, Htop-
■thnrpforo. holds   tho   trophy    this. tr__.._£    Htf C0U|U    Wlk no   k.^i^i,,
viMir ' » ■
* ' >. ; pronnuiicin-K the name ques
'1 he I etl.hrid«4, ■•■■■i-biill team beat j t|on8 Msku(,. „,.,,.,„_
thn Mediciiiu out of the lint team last     .,    _, ,     ,     , ,.      ,      ,   ,
,,,„„„,,„,. ,   .,    ,,   . .  ,       .a r. .Svmonds plnccd him aboard ol
UK'Hliiy in the first gnilio, score 6  1 '     ■       . '       ,,    ' ,        „     ,
11. tlm m!v<.i.U huiiio the Hat .mule bet :,,,e lrmn' "nd hl3 w;,s brouR,u ,0 ,,cr"'0'
tor iniHllcltift nml the score stood 4 nlMr-   RoiU(!in^  imiM.cdlHtulv  hegan   an
after an exciting game '■ uivcstigntion to lind out if possible who
.,,  „,     ". ..    „„_. ! the little fellow was inul where he he-
At Kiliiionton on the ]0tli -   ...       :.        ,
iKdinoiilon  OUl'tm 000-7 8 2> ""K1^-
LnthhrldKo  (100 1.00 010—Cl 8 2;    l'-d* Kummer enme lo lhc rescue, nnd
tSuniiniiry—Thren    hn«o hit, Lussle ;  parlies in the old town were found who t
11 relialik.' report, nnd J, P, Gravis, | thio.vpaiv. IJlrr. husband sU>\)]m\ lo
evt-rvone t, plnv the role of innrtVrB »P^*-^0"1 "f tl,e >"<"•»«* ICmpiro Hy-htein; j revive lier. air! as she ri*Bl,liu-d cn.i-
l-'oiiie jwoplc art m:iiiind to do    the ; ha> ,,w:o,,n- 0l,e 0| lllt' ,ll,,'iviesl Mock.' Heiousiiws a maid hum the l,,>li*l'caiue
world's wi'ih."!!!
pod' over between trains last Sunday night to make a short visit
wilh Mr. Whlnisler and family. He
had been vl-si'tlug eon hi cIUoh and
wn« on his way to Portnge la Prairie, hi/- home.      '.'    ■
Mr«. Dudley. Mrs. ('lajip, Mrs. Hull,
Mw, Taylor and several ttihorH wiidi
lo I'lkinouth yi'nteriln.v on tho 00-
ciixlon of the birtlnlny niinlvi.'r«arl\
of Mr*. L. W. It, Terry. It waan.
beautlfiil day, und the party hud c
t, . tii tr, 1 -m.r i;ii|tHV|llll      KIIJl      IIIIU      IK''       IMUVJ        IIIIU   I
two 1mm.«,«|P. Uod-   kn,w the child and his parents,  and a | „ Umil  wUn Umij|. „ria,
tTdPC  I       lkltUfiU     *\t\ ILi        j-iff      I^Ia.... ...1       ~t . -.....*...''* 1 ' "
loldcrs in   the  company. " Mill   lm-. j rinmiii.:   xw\i*\  thv
i owned .(5 per cent  of the company'.-, i hnhy in her arms,
|>ill'"'1witll       tlu-
gerfli Iiiihoh on ImllH, off llloyard,,!,
off Kipperl 2, ofr Solnireh 1; ntruok
out by liluxiird.,10, ,h,v Klppert 11,
by Holmroh •Ij'tlnui 1 hour Bf) 111I11-
ntP«i umpire, MeOiilken.
Uie .sp.aKur was ass.ulcd witluiues-i  .    ,  ,. , , ., '    *
..,.« -,. 11.., ,1™. „r iii. ..aa     n... Istut:1' •'■"' w*'**'"!' .wh-t. hut until reran-1
linns at tliu close of h\* addiv«s.   Oik.
l W,lj".   thu
! ly has not heeu ahle to secure control. I wlu:)l t'1*' ,ni'«
Von Sliick   infant,  ',,„il '. UAIM AT CALOAHY.
placed It in the arms     ('nlgiiry, .Tuly 13.-With the ncorr
she    nml  her hiislmml '. •''-- hi. fnvorof Modlelnii Hat,
winch he fliisw-.-n.-rt, to the surprise ol ■!t ,M said* ,l,r'nlK,, ,I,B V"™»'™» nmUoi *   "',,.',  ,      ,
mans    pre*.,,,, "yc," ami with uhle;h** Mr> Gr,,Wrt'  «""* '" M.iully. with I™**.,?0 ^ ^r ,""1!:M^
wire lo them ut Michel relieved ihum1 who nppiiih 10 trrow yuutiK',r astb
ol'tlu'lr imxiely. ' rwx  or  u« jrrow old.
!    Spiiaior    Wn.tM'ii'1 of PortaKO    I..
._,_—«_ j jir)1|,.j_(i   |„   (,'oinpany  with  Mr.  AcJ-
illc, paid a visit 10 Fernie anil Con.
Oi'i-k Tliiii'tsiluy.   '
li.-i-n of    'ltfiiefit to   hiiiiiiiiilt^''-
01 the    ninny   was;   "Has capitalism',.     ■       , ■   , ...      .,
.-His ellorts havo at laM heon successful, j01 llr" ,nnt1'' „  ,
10  -ml Hirer ot lur little Von Slo.ks »• ' Kttll,n ww today lu the fourth,
,.   ' IhiiIiiij;«   on fieeoiuit or   the   storm.:
"" -   "    '     '    Hood
illiisinte! slir-wcd the d.Lt that hu-|,,,L>  (*ro,,t   Nurlliern   interests,     M|r.
nwiiiity ownl to capitalism from ,ui 1 firiivi's' nbjoit in huyinj,' nn intcresl. in
, economic fili.;.<lpolnt nlom-, but it'had '■ the properlv i» said to be .0 nssiiro u
. fullil'i.-il its di-stiny, mul was   slowly, . Mipply of inku (or ilu* li.-uiby smelter
yvt, l.fin_. di.siilaci'tl by "mutii- ■ niul -ti-aui coal f,*r lhe Spokimi' mi.!
al    co-4ij>rfntion,"    which  will  briujj ; bl.ind,
liimauity a '.i!t|. nearer toward-,   ] 11-      Mr. Cir,i\cs woulJ inr. t.ilu alwtit llu*
-   i:lku xotrs
Air. ]. ('. Oiunulwr-, w:i-' in (.''wn ;i   i'-.N fi'liMully toyou Iv.ivi- warn*',! rontrol
sliiv.  tin- ni.iinpl.ini;   was   dr.iwu    In
anil Ih.* un < rin_-> wi-rc  tiff
fyxx.u. '"iu'r.n
Mr   vMi'vi'iwlcr,  the ,irt -,t    wlu.
).a'at'i»_; 'the tiew  drop   uui.iim      h,i
tin- hall at, tin-  club rn, iu, is    diii'ii,',
livporl lhat ha Iiml hmij-ht licvily of'J,omc ••'•* Wi,'*« illlli lhi; »««  «-"i-,"i".
j lhe alowlc.    'I can'l liiscuss h,* In- said,   ui!l U '' fl'"  °»e'
•V„.i ' ■•■• V ..■• .'
lVw Juv-* during lliis week.
•.. 1 it.4:
I Tlm iriiini. proiniM'd to lm ii
Moiitrciil, .Inly 1 l.-McKwiinn and
llowai'd. tin* Shnmirir'k laiM'iwsc
pliiyi'i'*- aeeiiNCil of 'iknuiiIi oii iiiciii-
hiTh of the -Vntloimls, havo ulijutcit
to lie tried licfoj-i' a jury. They
wlll coin.' up at Uie S.'ptuiiihur term
•if   llu'   Klntt'h iii'iieli,
'    ft HOWLl.VtS
:,  The   lii.ill   cnittcr-',   for the bi'iuitilill
! of the propi'ity?'
lnViliu' n.p piU'i'iiti'd by  W.ll,   Wood
Mr.' Jw I'ojjli rcturneJ lo liu Ikiiii-,* [
nl OkotiiUn, Aim, Sunday cveninfj.
■'i.. ... %^^*. .^ «
.». (i.ihtijii,;   w,ti/!_t   iniin  limn
I.J,*.,V ,\_„ i,i     ,„Ai    .ii,,,,i,i\   in
Willi a cli,,nniii_.   y,mn_j   „o|   ,|,,im,  _, ,„,,„„  l.,.ow.,|  ,lf H|ifictlllorM  to
'Mo; 1 neither deny or ronurm ll.    I' tha city-   1*1^11 h'n r,««n,     <-. ^.lii;. , M.[Uu.„ ,ho j-ame which whh ii1m>**(I 01.,
Notv it's "Hill Ims nnt i'0111'.'nl."
Now It's "LliiiUiiyVlii a hole,1'
And the niiihII bny when It's still .
WliUpei's "Annul up a Hill."
<i . li,Jewell and  I". S.  IVaiMiu, of
J.ilViay, .110 in town in-d.iy.
Dr. Itoimoll    returnnd    from    IiIh
flyer trip im«t on Monday.
)>r."KlriKi   M.P.P., of    Crniibrook.
wiik In tho city ThuiMlay.
A full MM'k nl chlldicit'.-. whin iiii!>si'K
nml white under.M'lirat Mm. K. Tiidd'.-i
I (K)  4 .ll-.ll,>   ii-li  la till! IC.MICI ttll'l tilll
J,„-, .ii^i.. 1 -j-1,7, ,7. .'.'.'.v, J!. ", 1.',',..,.', ..j* '.'. - .'.-.'
»'*M,alu "l>',°' :    j„h,t  Patch   wm brou«lit   linff
The Li!il««r i* hiio H^niu today «win*, MiiKiNirnto   Wlum*iier ln«t TupmJ
The  roryncr'-.   jury  in  lhc  m-i*   11'
Jaiik's lleppli1, ivlin u'ii*. hilU-J al  Ni.
(1 mini' ul foul '.'lei'lc on J inn-  ji»I 11-
tmiit'd lhc liiII.Hvini,* vi-i'tli»'i;—
The jiuy  arc   uii;iiiiiini'   ol  :l *.
o'^i.t^t^it   i,:u'.   J.11..1-.   Ili'i'i'lc   r.k'l   I'..-
dt>,itli al iiiv! iiunitli ol nii'iihii' it mi: ,-
.it   t imI   I ii-i 'f   o\   an   t-vpliiiio.i   <
.',,.,,, iii,... , , -■    ic .'Hi r 1 -.j-|.>-!\ v .,-l.
lii.   ,,,'n. .
1 .   I\.  l.iitulic, li>it-iii.l(l
i    I*'. .Spaltlinn.
.., M..-.l*4-v..-..
,1   t.'. liciinv.
|.    ."I,     \ Klllltlt'.,.
jCftn't illiruH*'the matter.' 'tiomc    111 th.: lulls lu> fniiii.l   he   li.ul {thn now irroumlH oil ll. W. Herciimer's to "Mucliiuo Tioiihlen over -Aliicli wn-ioii a ohnrRi* of uteallnit   a
ii .. 1 ■ ...._....
ll-IIUl-l  h lpfllll'
•Will you he nhlo In Inllt nhout it ilost a ^001  mil of bilN.    lie exper-1Uwn    The *roiitn.t  w*h  l«twt«ti tho hHve no control"                                   . ImlonKlnu;  to John Bnydrr. He*   •
u..;'4'*;|.1I(.r/'    '                                             li-nurt Mw-iiii.     ftMihMMiii'M   nnt i*l lUnrricl.' mul l.ork«rt tf«nm unrt w*i an ,   i.„„iui,1..J l UVJ     f.".     touiiil Rullty »ih«J w-ntuniwd toit.   •
d„>H this week iryinir lu he jolly with '    M ,.„.,«. know.;   Wc nro not alwny-a »"» y<'«"'ir     ladv Iriend wpmt«l sin-! exiting fonl««t ln-Kln-*- until after dark '" '£,,.,  1 r„ ,1 „ 1 ,.„L. 1 s«' m0Hih* ,il barU M>at\ "". WM ' *,
.n HimckW. rheuiiMtiM,,.                     , ,,„, u, „„ what wc ,,„ hf „„,,  „* >fl j had foni-d „ rol, of bank L«a    ,« |   l.lhe b^lnnl,*. likh.rf. boy. had i Z^lZto                         I i«K lZlv\ZZLTZni:
TiiMday.                                  '          we get older we do them oftencr.   ItV ,M,r-                                                 tho Carrkk teauipullei  ahead and ara vrattv Speller, of Michel,     a liitfa | fo„nd** ^ grlp and clotblDg ln    ...
„, j u ., ■ •'  ' -j    ■«   ,.    "    i. hot d«. U..t                               ; j   «r    ,,,,,„ i„hfl   me n, ,,,.      .   jth«wlon«r*«fth«: trophy.  It I. a very ^      u^ M.tt6u kome W«liw.S-, (lB)pt, brelia WBW„ |„ tb« rear .,*
W. R. sUctoywooititfo-.itoCtolonl    „     >'           '                                     "r'    «♦*•",   tm  of .»      .»II   prcUy gupftm* m he MWl ttt Mr. A(C and                                         ^
In company with Tho». Letcher io look),%^,,U^                                                                      ^ ,» k*   ^ I Uphardfa window. ]c/t     A (^   UaUl ^   plctal i tent, had b«m tnk^n from th. to ...
— liim np a*. OUtott *atl hronjht Hiin   lo the Napaae* hotel, aorow    s *.
Ir. Gruveu wn* not  very cerlaifl I timrnt of tlte camp, UK a few   days j IJplnrrU'i window.
over Mumc Und In lhat di.uLl. !nb,0U,1!•   Hc ,"' ,no| l7rt wr*h "'"<*/>'' [»* 'V  'x"^"'  ^«"»n>»". ^  »
. 11 not dny, nnd nikeo lhc wporlcr for; 'aunly will   uAIqw   m t^ion u*»   Jw      , .
Jl Mm. M, Phllllp-i, of Cranbrook, enme -|,w onlnUn idusiilit. ;ha>. arran^'i for th*ir rm*ptKrtv in .« !   A.'
Iiiinia to vinlt with her parent* lor ihe- Q jnt+, how in the land of or-inpr hh«- 'B>*>
A hotel that futni*h«   quiet,   com-  to Ftrnit.    Tke little iellow , could ■ ■treat, lo  which Sn"tder had   x ■* ■ ?
low otcommudslioo   for lu   pat* »,^l   ,«ry Httk     B^lUi, bnt Kd. jJS^v*' "•J!!\^^^^ •
»» --^....w ^ .a ~   ,.7.v- v «L.t„ #.._j - ,.   l. .1.- thi* charge aiao and lenteoced i>
: rous is % source of  pleasure
YoHcaualwayncctthoUte-it I'lllow'  travelling pnhlk. -Such a cm* it
Mi»s Slay Koo went home on u vi-tie. top* and alwayi the largait atock to I   The Crrtk fire hri-rod: ureliav- jKlB_r 3Ed*jird Hotel, ol Pernie,    eor.imewi.fe tu a*at u» hie pa'««t»
Um Mondav morning, while Mm. V, Itettct fromln FerniiatMr*. K.Todd'i.'in»' trri^nt practieo throe (Liy*.  A Inv-r uppoelte po»t office. / •Uleael,
to the K«mm« fi«4l,y fouad peopU   In t!» i   mhtfr x*rw ttonth, ftlhard w *.
x* the oMtova *\a *»*w Uw ««y, 00A    m. \   ^8 Btg   ^ h]M     ,p Md |fcJl ,, u
  cot his grip
ln {Iteut & ftrtp oa thr arfcttdcr. r» i
> who will wear a patch oa hla p:
^f.jptTff^^Htnwv^a-i;*.*!*—* — t «»>.pi-«(.-— -
mi 1 "
Labor Notes
'■ 'Dues your    husband,' want  a  lob, .
the cost in human life cof. the \ steel-
and money- made in Pittsburg for
H»0G*      .-" 7 _  ,.
Appalling as ".these   figures   are,    the
chances,are that -a new record will be'
llrs. iicoinre?1' "Ko;     but-rf   cou'xc".     , -, .. :   ,    ,<.-               .,      ; •  ,     : >•
■   ,.     .. ,„,        , °   ,.           ,-    established'this  v.ear. , Alreatlv in  tlie
■ got one  lor, hwu 11  make  him -  take   .,               ,.,"',-               ",     , ,»„.
. r                y. :            •                five uionihs   that  have elapsed,   l/,0')o
"idealhs have been recorded, in "the cor-'
.  Thi-rj* are   2,500,000  skilled ' laborers   on.-r's
, in G.-rmany earning  !;«
aud,"j cents a day.
.rich, iSELiGidus; pure
,  l>o,y;.u  waul    to  down the    trusts?
""   If ,>,o,     d.mai.-d    tlu   , union   labels on
e'\c*r-Jiiiiir you  '; 't'nists ,d;>n't> like
nor hiie,  as ;i   nil., union .l.V or., -
Sjit't-ial enort     will !-,e   >na-le*by   tli-
'    American. Koderalion'of   T/abor-     this
year to (ii-jjalii/*.*  va'st    ol  \v,i-
uiea    worU-rs    tliidughoiit   the    country. ■■*   ;•
■ -'"'ich. '.Mnn—"ilv .v-u, vour oJuca-
,liou has ciist me a, great deal ot
Youih—"1 know' it,   dad, but . -.hink
vl'aUa lot r you've learned,  too!"
- - As tlu result nf the arrest of ' a
tramp-at Hrnscia, Italy, for insult-
-1 the" Kalian Hair- at the military
■*' ]>.'.r„de on Gari-l.aldi day, 'tlie- Uloi
" exch iii",c has     voted a general   st
lo;>, and'of     these   '.\\\   came
itwecu   12  cents  "suddenly and .violently in     the    mills
"■ and mines  and on the  railroads" lhat
'gridiron" the city..   In. the   same-'per-;
iod   last .year,   the    tt'.ial  nuii-.U-r    of ]
dcslhs recorded .was   l.illj, ; nd ' those-'
laid at   th-   do .r of tlu   city's   inrtus- 1
tn\s miuii tired '".UK - !
-   While-in-Uv  :'.j»j> re-gat.-  the*-?  figures i
may seiin a-.norm.-il, -tluy .aiv   r.-uinl- ,
c-l   so^r.giilarlv their,  ni'agiiitud-e !
is   scurcely   realised.    ' TInj   ''average,''
number of -deaths reports**! tn the cc-r-
onei  is a'.oui  250  a  month, '.and there
„■•*• uttlc     variation    from   this    from
year to year, _ , , „
Oi'iuii.iring the loss of life'by r.'cci-
duits -.with the tonnjrj'u and produc- ',
lion of the'' Pittslmrg ^ district,",tuiu ,i
lie has Ic:r. snuffed out for every j
:"0,000 l.-ns of coal that is shipped, j
and the annuai shipment is about 5'.,- i
00ii;0(10 tons. For every 3,S(MI cars*;
irike.' ■ tllaJL' cavri'  freight  out or   into Pitts
'■'   TEA.
Ss Packed QnSy in Sealed Lead! packets io -presei've
" - iis goodness. „    '■
Ai   your Grocers.
of OoahTar DarivatlvM.
burg, some sou_ld has given     up    th
ghost.   This if exclusive   of   cars that '
-,       -■-.,. ,,.,,.-,    .. arc.carrying  freight   throuirh  to .other *
A special .clis])iitch to the  Uailv News       .„,*• .     * *'     ■- *    '
. pOillLS. " * .
fionf   llossland aniKrtince.s     thai     'the- ",-, „   *   -,.,,„                 , >,,     :.,„;„
.             „ livery   # ,1.00      tons of Mie   7,000,0110 >
new wagt  sen. 1ms   >*oiie   into   ' efieet ',      "       ,     *,,#.■      , .     -•
.    ..   ,h             ,„.,      """   .      -'■ tonsaiir.ua1   production  of iron      and'
in tint   camp,    lhe     miners   are now ,    , ,         {
,,   ,  .   ■   .;        ,            ,   ,   ,        . , ,   ■ -*>1-"ei have l.eeu  put out   at   the    cost"
o..ta.>uin_. b\   a   dav, and  helpers*-":i.25, r,r-,|m1:r„     ,'   "     f     ,,            .    ,    .
,  ,       ?,,,"".".,                        . "' u\e ] fe   f-i in*   of     the manipulat-
wlnk-     'the *l|lacKsmilhs     aiv   ■rotL-iCig ,.               ,   '    .     .              ,P                  , ;
*       -        *          " "'•*• somewhere in  its  manufacture, and
which is 1-eiiij.-  elli-ctively  carried  out.
.Tlu- situation is serious.
Houses' vs.' Local
With Special ^Reference to • Ma i'i -Order
■"      -    '' ' ' ,* Merchants.
'.      ,       i     „       ,'..,. ..?, „    . .'.
Kmm'pmmm* 4v((uues««W* rnsks h Xttttat ui aifar dua uvMhwautcrtil (or
hMMb*U dltetMb*. »i it t,-xtAMk], m m»kstkdiM,**msmtti»tsmMhtUs,tsM«tiie'
ot >m, ooppwrng, wu bu inn \
^ J?rrt*t *' '! ^ U *• i***** "**"*—'■'« * »• smsOtrtr >m-i^mm^ ■oi UD
IliipiAraUaacdbMtr.tadbMhMWM-UMad. IifaMt tMMh ar Srrltatiaci k <Ht nol
tmok mnuU, ul aUrrion Im m< imnr ****** •» -tea *M pwoMmrir Mte vuktbU
fabric*.       *„'      ' ...-,' ' ■> V%
• S*«*i. li !• -AMhn. Ow UkMiw^Mtt m»***mt** INid-Mtah w.dt«m>r
(hoimMtrtttutiimHtwm<t*6*»weMt*m)XH —mlsim. bttw-ilckttett.tlMaMs
u.dpurlflM. Ui»tm*M»**%,iM\v tsSrtm^usOm**tW*s^^
the odor..   '      ;• ' , :'.••'.••',-.   .'
" ThiriL hismtsistilt^tiwwfktmmi Js*ms4&^t*m*, ';,/
Kraso li pirtfcmUrir t>»letU* la *ntms*ia u aortmkaf aaatitlnu'iilMam, irr Shutting infection, clettfilni. Darifrlas.ud pj*aaadai aaahailaa. ll to tha tdtt! diTfafa^m fo-
" For «ll Wntr-il <ll>laio4tiiai *•»«« ah bw*Miiw(nmpnlmk«hiilil.'
lowing proportions:    ',' ,'.-.-,..,-..■.-:;
l tablcspoouM Knw, ,       .    '-.     '.        ai-Wnam'' "*-'.'-'
, lplntKrtto, .* . ''rBrait'um
imkini ipprozlaicalr i l-M-ttQ mSvllSS. . -    ..   -   - l -       --'<-
• 7, - -7 - - , - . -\. .$. .* .■■•:.'.
,.  «Are AN» 9MM TO Ut3Ca '
^-!.!0 'and->>'!.r»(i.. ,\lon* nu-n are urgently wanteii Alth.oii^lr- tln-rc are
.1(10 nicivat work, 200 more e-an he
tnililoyed.' * ,    '
Vii-torirt, th^ cinitid ol" British Co-
lifiiihii,'lus 'a Veeujiar* . niuiiicipal livery )v-rsr,'ii who jiays *'±
(lo..; la:; i.s cutith-d u; vote, mny-
•oi' ;:ik1 iildennei*. Ti'.j svstem J.-is l-'d
to anuses. It has le.'ii discov:r.-"i
that ■ six cnleriirisinj; women voted
on th.-    str-.u^th . cf   a   'Siuijie    do;4'.
of the P,000 tons-annual output ol
steel rails '--very .**7,onf) tr-ns' hnvi-
kc»!i put-upfii the market only lifter
some one nf*'it.s producers has 'laid
down''liis life. - '    ,       -'"" '
Although lhe' coroner's !o_r is the
tersest .kind of'a casually list', it 'is
jiossihlc to glean from it some idea
o! the manner, in which ileat'li comes
to the workiers. Ilolt'en ■ nu-tal" figures
perhaps •'   oftencst      ,in '.'uh,-.-,   rvcOnA.
« . I
A prominent   inventor recently  said:   ''Th.-re   was    a timt   when'1 a.* thing l
lhat was good would sell .itself. Tini/es have'changed. Xow "a good" thing
liiust lie pushed—and I .helicve that' the best way. to push a good, thing'is
lo advertise.'' ■*   •*'1'' ',-'.. = - ,'
The following  text- is" taken'from a Utile booklet, ""The T6wu-Crier,V   recently    distributed   to the  hardware trade By Tlie Yale & Towne 3lf". Co. ''
of Xew York. '       - ' , * ' - *'     ..
The    Toivu-Crier was a highly   im-
Crier   do
you   employ?_, .There    are
.„      *   . "liiirricd l.y  mclten   lead  and    'died."
\Vorst- Mi 11,   ( ne ui''cni(ius  wcinaii, un-   ...i. .   •    ., .     , .,      •- ...
"  -  7'i'i.t .is the  obituarv  of  scores." Often
tion,"and thereupon the *ijood" people
-anle lo get a real dog mtime to •_. bI,st fur]lacc 1jUrRls T,, sc„li)ers .poked • their 'heads out 4 of the\ win-,
Mtu-ilify, tool-.' out a licen.--; tor ti china   daitli-and '   sometimes   a  'fadft'..u-'nr^   d™V stol5i)oci  •M'.-tlK sidewalk if tiiey
portant man - for  the merchant  of. his   many "kind's,.-    in" this *26lli 'Century-,
ta-v' ...•..'' [newspapers;   'display cards   aiid   saiiip-
Ifc clanged' his l>ell to- arrest atte'n
| newspapers;
Then,"   too," -.there   a're'the''' various'
product's  of the •• printing  press. *' that
reach people  at their homes—lags"-anil
_,   ;n    Ik-i-    luaiitrjp-.vce.   .yiuniiJipTii   iK death, which "do-s ^10^^^ horses "iTTa^^s^lwhnng .-your name7and   ^ad
franchise reform is now regarded as a   the coroner's   log-        " -■   '1'"""       '" '    • ■  • -•    -'  -«- • ..-*■'
■quesliaf : f urgency   '     --■-■—■ ---*
:esua,  it ur-eucy   in .Victoria,    and       The uraelt flg of   a   hngc-ladl^    of
the-unkind  association of dogs    with ,lllolUll sl- e,    is no uncomm<Jn    lhi
mayors and    akL-rmwi     is   doomed.— ■;,, .-t,,, „,jii.    -.r , b
•:        ',     r        ■, • , in,, Uie mills.   "Men  workaherc   at     a
Chicago News. - . . r,..,,,,;. „ ,^      r, ,
 7   . ,      . ,    .   .   u,ull,c P***-   Demand "ms   far ahead
"ihedo^s   secin^ to   have    barked   „,• .u „,„.,,„   „f   ,,'      ■.,,
"" *•'■** o'ltpui  ol   the, nulls, and     no'
a°,ll,lt'      ' '.       /-',,_      - time i«,wasted in  the making of steel
",   by   which   three   •,'cl1  "••'•''» wor!-:,  always' al->n;skle   . o!
^niiu-r.s.wert'insti-.ntlv  k.'lU-d,, i.-ccui-.v* 1   '' 1U"'     urn   not     especial"v     careful.
Tliu.s   often   'th.., ladles
:i. No. f c:.11:;ry"     at    Nova    .Scotiii
Ste.'l Company's   SydnJy   inili.-.s.   The
de-Lil aiv John \V.  Xirholson, aged 22,
Ic'.i.s .1 wifi   and „iov.r ehildf-iii;   lk-ii-
nis I',   fjingli.*,   aged   Itt,     and
kieh.r.'.   Ilrod.rick,oa;;cd   27, leaves a
Vv:l'e.-;iid  vwi;  sm.ill' ehildrei
v..iv w. i-l-iiig   at   the 'f>tl(,in    o
j>;i when, widi.-un  a  monuiil's warn
iu., a I0.1 <Ud  car cum*   ru.s-lijii
the lank, ail;!  into the'w'etiiiy men     not
I'hey'werc   riding   or   driving, and lent
an attentive ear. ?
. Then" the Crier was' in his glory.
__ Ile rolled    out his  listof lost children, animals and articles. •>•
,He gave cheering news "of the    safe
arrival of ihe'   last--packet-,and  held
0011      ')ver.'
Some-times .in thes..  SpiHs a-.y,lall ,<in.
islies,  but  lhe rails go out.       ■•   '" .>
/i'liui ih.-r-,   are UM g-iunl  rollers th; 1 bri..»h'"   out steel
<:"t-.ii     hun'',n   lives, H,„i
The hum: ' 1":u',li!' '7 iji*l' is everywhere a dc.iiii
"   tlu ■ <-''«M'.for the  unwary   woi-muhi.     'ih.*
I''';"*,>l"-'(.;:*'.li;n.s*al.s1,''   'th,.
lii't.',     and
ilmvu "■"-■" w,1'>   Wfrr*.:.0    for
:.n ■in.sft-_.jit.
th:*  slightest
i.'.u.e to ,.,_■'. (,ut of Ui w.iv, Arthur
.I'c.r., who faiK'l'to shilt th: switch!
i;. -'.I'loM yro*.'. I'aii'd. II: make- in,
;.tl mi", to sliil    tin.*  •.v.-.i-j.n.-*''/ilitv.
!'h* Oil, i> a .overniiunt is in u r\jrni-
d'.'y re.; rdin^ the repuriwl cuniiig
ii ilns ,1 ,'ap, n.s. in 1,1 nrc ■.uiinkers
!• C. 11 .•;! 1. Th.!-.- is : i.'.iin,. on th:
,'••'. L111 lo Is u. pr.". .111 th.'m i-iiiii-
iu . *' "'I it !■.' hi'.-hly pvo'a'-k- that
milio.! iv
li   t   .l.sili,'
t t.i'. ell   iii'iiU".lii*.l,:lv
iit, giving thc /"■'•'' lIlc *»'■*"*'*■ ele.'iric.irants, .Ins;-'
,'niRc nici'Iimilcl amis thai- with „i-'
"J*'«l liuiiiuii -precision, pick nj,, was.
■*»:*•• l«e.VH of slriitfuirnl suel about
l«* "- '■•.«■-■* '.'id place them wh.-rever
'/-iy 7' indicated al u,u ,siml)L, ' 1|()V.
1,1 A r,f,'i i.-ver.
';'"• mines ami liie railroad, Mlp.
'.»>'. ilitir cjiiota to tlu* ci ronvr's log,
Killing slate,- explosions, derrick,
falls from seaficldin-, ,'„ ,]„ K]mmii);r
iMifi, nnd otliei (n-cideiils on the rail
all help lo   swell   the  cost of   human
':iA» iT<im
dress;       an,   enveloix carrying., your
t "'
♦ *
♦ '
sl:l.N  tnk'.ll
Urn: -li   f.';,Iuin!,:,, .uttliorities
•l'..u*   .Lip , 1 1 ini.ritt; 11.   In
t'u' t 1 ni-,     .,,:
ti     '.--', .iii.-l   :u Hi
'     'li ■  .Kip.iii.s,.  j!
cli.iii  ,iiv . Irivid",
hy      the
to    n-
.I- .,-..->!!.!.-    in   avoid
'■•-.'    !l,':li.*.l,-.,i,p:.iie.s.*
...',. ml  iilai*.*, ni.uiy
:•' i-4-"l-'ii, ;r<uii  lli.u-  Stuiis   iii-
Keep in   niilid
l*'i* s  big day,
llie Sill ■ of   August,
!.•>.■  Kuitlnr,   t!i:
iili.'' uihii.iN -iki.1,1
1. "*. -1 tli.*) g.-;. ,1,
oac, lliey  will
i-.iilv>-,(y i'iiit!,ui
tl..- .
>•• Hi
('.iiiiul TmuiIji I'ii- !
positively     that
,i|i;tii:.s.  Ia .oivr.i   at
v iiiia'i le loliiii,*-)!  tl.,. \
within ;li,   i>4-iii>d nl
.ntr.4(l       They    are  cimtvinUnji',
.1 gi,,it   .-v iivity ot   labor    ii(>*.\,
■ w«*>:>/
%■ ■">ya;'s.
■'•tt»r    j^uxSa
•• .-'i i> (.*.'>.(■•  -*■• II4HV 01   nu.or    ii(ii\, 1    fvjf m «. ju.   _,   „7.. ..' ", Wk
• •nl Hi >   |.i   |i.M-  to Mipply  the    deli.'       fV   Wmjl    KjJM^'pV
■-•i.Kv «itii .i„p.i„s(.  ,.\ (mi. us lact -   w B\^\ivrr^Mkf^\  W,
., Ui.,1   tlu   slitistUsol Ul  UMdealil      /fe^Jtt-fi   &WM\   4Q
ii-iuim-Me il-p.iruin nt   do   tint      .slum   ij ' ^'>l
..ll.-;r..l.o„   ol    .1.t|i.ili.-si>. -"%*SAWSriftTIS|i(fl C^A^Vl'^ t:l
-'■■' ..•■.«• y.M. , .u,u,.«hi',,uiii.J,^%Wll(Ji4%ilf;;,  I
ll.   'I'lllri..    T! Lhlficnlll,.,,.    ..w*.^^^—^*..-^-.*.-*™,,,,^       *
,l.uck till the Inst, for the sake of em-1
phasis,  the ,s-.ile,s  of  the day  and ' o!
the morrow,
;   li you, Mr,  .Mi'rch. 111, ji-.d livud in
' Town Crier time.*.,      J-.ow    pinud   ymi'
■ would liiive felt w1h.ii his bell     rang
Unit, and your, nnine,    and  lhe  wares
you s.ild,' were exploited  io  ilu*    listening   foil;*—eiich  on.- a possible  cus-
How sore you would h.ive bv.*ii il ■
he slighted you and your luisiness 1
aiul cried iIil waivs o| your ii\ ;
The d.iy.s  ol the     Towu-Cricr    are
pnsl. ;
Hut people still liii* in h, ux-N* wsilk t
to and fm on ihe Miveis, and ride up
und down as ..'( yon.— iiowadiiys-chK-f-
ly on stiei't curs,
name and address:'illustrated eatn-
lo^lies'^ leaflets: booklets; ■ 'fiction
Willi ,1 I.U!>in' motive-, lealk-ls, tole
enelofitd'' in pnroel» - ami with' bills,
just a few words aud a iiicture to
ditch the «vv."
These are .symi* few ol the uvodern
Criers,   'N
And, like tin* old Crier, they lull
ul out, ymi. and your go;.ds, .
Do \oti make use of i-.ny  or all    of
tllt'Ul.'     , „
l'i>ii;ciii'..*r Ui,u ' vmir   riM Is      hiiw
llieir  Criers—.mil .usiy    fel- ,
lo *\ 4, they arc. , j
'Take, for instance,   the  grcnt   '"iliiil ;
Order II. us'.*!,.
n   \.
Fore and Aft
and  if* you   do "your., garden-  the '
-s.-imc _ way 'yoii   will have   a 'good     ,
showing. - We have a good showing of. ■'
Garden   Tools, Garden. Hose/
, n i
Lawn .Mowers, Etc.. . A-
8cre,ei\IJ6or,s, Screen W indows
^•'*^t*rMO**wVM*m.*%**\.tnr\m\tvwi.9mmf*m  . ' '-   '
o 0
IJ-urehVsire aiul Furniture
♦ <
■ a
n.  ■ i-iiiri..   Tli
j lulu   .i.iinii,.*,,., ij
1*41    I'lf..1(1
■ x.liidivv nl lli>;i.
«h"nii    th.'iv    nn*
Au- lli'.v   ircttiiiir   InisiiK-
And hiimaii nut,ur,i hasn't changed a  tli ix you *ui_;Iii in h>vt.'
lilth' ,,il' '   .Most likely t!i,.-y mv
UTI l-C   T'C  i'(is;'(''-'
.i'ii'   '.in 1   Ir i-i-
l'lll-'-t  ''lld"      s'.ljiir',    us
flert '1 in tlu'   ifiimlv      t-urritifr's
loo'.- of vlolMit diMtlii,    is U*_,'iuniii„ .
to arouse a   ft*-.*Htv_^ of horror    at   I lie I
c    •     I   . f     I , '
1.. .,k.wv.*, i.i,(»v   4.,   \lrt    'ftvu'iHi   Trt'aiill its
iii'.ll.oiiair.s nrc, ivfltrijr xr>.
HIkii the coroner clnswl his log for !
IPO*, li,- fouwl Him In tin" ymir lie I>nil ■
Imm cillnl to rtmril a of J(ifif)!
iI.mIIi*-,. Of ili'-iv {li'i wtrt the r."*u|t'
»* - rily ,*,f nccliltnt in u.'!I, ,^ft< _lt •
on railioad, tlie liilustrii-x nio^t , ts- i
.■.-■ td llu ttly't. iiiHi^rntN. KtilH- •
<<Mt more of th.- total ntnni*r of!
tl .«t!i«, in Un. city vtt^ inrfirertly *%■ I
<ri"iii«>f to tne s.itnw eauv."*, i»r ujutt
in-re tli.m 50 jhpr cent, _oJ all dcaUj*»!!
Win xdl» r.inini.*'. Cure* CM; Rlc, '
.1lr<. •:. r.r.
I-I', III.' >'l.l'-
I'UII   ,-.t„  Mull-
t.-.-.i!, i'ij*!~-
"A hnrrld
tinu emu* oyt nil ov*f my liihj'ii two an I
^   it,*,.".* ,..,(M t* inrl tH.n1l4*n.l«-n'nil !i!<.t(Ml!*
t It w.i 1 Irrltfttlni* nnd p.ilnfiil, and (iaiuciI
llu-liilJi'WH-lii. irti.T   '..'V.' :■■■,•.     Wi il'.i'l
'inpnnni'. imwilcn nnd snlvo*. bnthoptot
notiAittr. IM vim m Int'.il nil tl&f Ioiik
tlu. 'A i.vt.'.) R v t>* h .nl fvi- me. Ho
rf "ifA'-t ill * fo<V|. Kit (,'ilie thin anil worn
uml wh« rodiinmt 10 ft vory cerl .iko.jiuii-
I.on. I w.n uno dljr u.Whr.l In lr**Z.uii*
;*i,V nil ('1,1 on    T< i"f nr-,B, hnur ll
Neiwittd to cool nnd en-tt tl>« clmij'*ib<rn.
Itig, ptlnful «kln, Il« Krwliitily laiemna
more v**l »ndn.liI»lo»l«cp. ''.im-lluk from
tha Tory romm*nwnnini. Mi'ino.l lo ri«
rlifht ti tha (|KK, »na th*|ile*\ »n,.
uvu-MftnJ Hi* IrriUtlou ur.<w Uu •ihIIm-'
\VIUilo a taw weak* my Msttv* »kin w.%<
nMtwt compUUly. II* U»< nowr ■not. a irui -1
.(•nuh.ortruiilo*,0? ei-*-iiiu.tvb'>rnl..--
•ir*. Nil,only to, but ««r*X of l'<* Kir
uwiiUnji *tin uonbtn, »i»ii*«li.ip(oVviii 11,
k'untr*ni*Uth. J I* h»«^«f»tmv".pl.iMii'.
' v»«litl4» no Iw-i thftn U lb*., ijihoiiirli only 1
waiiib«uU<iui<I.U lit tl««irclu*u4>iultllu...';
gMH-tiini li »tW t.1 ul rnru Ml ntiMtit 4 tn
•Urt,Us.*taK.trpartf#M fr«« Ure-lmk(ii.,
I     .il',   ,-!.'.!.**,,l.'l -SJ.'.J     'VJ
In the ol.l tinii-h it lliiikf-l to th*.* oi the CrliT lirou_.'lil tn their
iitlciition, und i^iior^l tin; pliuv.s -Ik-
ftiilcd to mention,   ,
Sim'ity '1kt-.ui>ip  tho l'rif*r  wns    \\\,-
?Mw® "•
Meats, Eggts, Butter,
Poultry and FisS-i-' l
Wliv (• try in mul iiv couviiu's-J Hint wlmt limy kiiv it. (In- irutli'}
Our prici"* mv tlu mo.t '■'il-ili.' in l-Vrnlu. ' rlionu No ,\ or
cui I ill ih*.' >.|i4.i|"i on \'ii"i4<rin uvoiiiii,'
i. lU'iv is n li-ll.-r in th,- ,.,lit«ii- oi \\w
Adri.-in i.Mii'li,1 J'ri-ss mny inii'.f v. 11
|iut on your t'liiikitijj c.ip
Tli .'if   iii.iminotli  i.ttulojius    ]u\w
Dominiprs Mead Co. Ltd*.
Phone No. 4 Vlctorln Avenue
. . * «. I' -» .   v> >.«■« Ul
-S5-S3 hfin/i    1-7V      -v    ;iV       :     iL .„
ItoStji.iiil       I     ll.ivc     CiUuir.^tii-.s   litm I
s.-wrul li(m-»k'.s. jiid they .uv all .Ut.u^ I
al.oiit tin-   .Min.-  lln,-,  .ill j-lv.nj*    ii^.1
suriuicv   of   n  »|ti,tri-      dctl, of j,'oi*:| [
^,S> •>,.,>   ,il,*    VA..    )v> .»»;>..      V'i.i». ,    4,4,'4llll4-,*l
with tonivnlt-iic*,- -jtid curiosity, arc
iui|)ortiiiil. factors in jiliiciin; (irilk-rn
with caeitlft''iu> !i'tup»-s, .1
•Mr. Uditor, wcrv I to tlu-oriAt- mi
pa-unit conditions, I sliouUl wy that
the tfm.ii  -To n ,1   loot  yroi'iti'iU-j fi»r
tlw lui'iil -mercliiint. He Si+I*. uml lias
,'»i|Iy known fornt af advcrtiaing tluiu, failul, lu g«L in with tUv jio*
s utilised. Jj»le, t« give  tlicm i*uffici«nt  nml ilrti-
A pretty gotv! o«e w«« thr Crier, 'nite infortnation rt-lati^ to liis }.«»:
!*°°* llnc.vs-   Mc jft volmii-.'!,' from tlw limit
Kor   you-conld asV   him question* nrdv-r    housrt, Imt    nlt«n    not   «v«n
jiimJ 6uA out tlriflf 1 yoxt wh.Xa4
. iinaw itUiut tit kikuL*.
words Irom   local menium*. in     our
Wc , havs* rciiiovoci   our   .spleiulitl stock of
Drugs,    Siationcry,     Hu?,,   tn   the   stand
Next to
Tho Dank of Hamilton,'' wlicro wo will ad aiaal bo
pleawd to meet; you.   Remember—nuxt to
Bank of Hamilton
The Palooo Drug Store
n.iWtf,-atau ^S?£r.;^M,,w,-,A(!yerti8c  in   The  Fernie, Ledger !
,f p@ibi:" advertising - in '/"ihlf".. pai:p©i«
mayVseun^'-iike lffiyi!tv,§ if ftigi5: we
■ ? t  *i  ■*
i ii    4.   i.
are .'Region" and while this
' "       •       ' ' . '        0 ,    II      f,     • .       '   l   ,      ,  ,   ,.
'fl        '   ,,.,, '- ' ' '„"'.* ' ,,
prove.'' "' " "'. v\ '■    y ■'\ ::;:; y;:
Has the largest circulation in the Crows Nest Pass.
Goes into more homes in Fernie: than anv other
" , ' ;  n-   ■   * ' ' '."  ,' i   "   , , -   ' ,    ' ,i, , tm i    \i    <<     i
And is the paper that most people read'
' 0    '
Eight   Pages   and   all   Home   Print.
D~—^g~^___j^ __» ■«-»»»».     tssWKm.WsMfWsWsX   M^m*mmamsmm9M0mm*msssm.
is complete in every detail.    Bring; along your next order.   Stationery
is from highest quality of Stock.   Have a Look.
"™ ^tw, J)Hf 1
w-w* * -fnifewiasH,,
<•« /K^ft»»v1/w#MWFii*jWrf,iHi|(l((< -«'
.-^■fl The Fernie Ledger
$2 s Year in Advance
Issued every  Saturday   from,  the  Ofiice
-  ., -, Todd Rlnol;,- Victoria Ave.,
Kernie, UmisU,Columbia.
All changes of wis. must be tn hs follows :—
Pnces 2 unit S, 2 p. m, Tuesday ; paRes x and 4,
*M>. m Thur.-ilii.v, nnd impre6.2 p.m "Priray.
\C« will lie nimble to in-uru'chiiiifje unless
this rule is complied iv-ith. 0
.Lecul - advertisin-j -li tents per nonpariel
line tirst insertion, S cents per line each subae-
" quent insertion.
Bates for contract ailvertiMm; oii application at ofiice of publication, Todd Block.
1). V; MOTT :-. EDITOR
SATURDAY,   JULY 13.. 1907
duct    the movement'
in   a peae':nl?!c i
- A.7 ^fcl.eod interviewed.; Fretiiiur
Scott, of Saskatchewan, on the pos-
siUl.ty of the .government opening a
coal mine at Eagle Lake next lall
for thc convenience of settlers. "Mr.
Scott said lie was opposed to the
principle of the .government operating
coal mines, but under the circumstances would,develop tlie n>ii»! if it
proved a gcr-d  oise, ' * ''
A recent issue of the Toronto Gl->l>e
lias the     following in its news     columns: ,  •;-
"One of th? most remarkable phases
of the light between the two ureal
Xova Scotia corporations,' the ])o-
minion<lVonl company and llw Dominion Steel company, as to the inter-..
' preWtion o1 thu" contract under which
the formei company supplies coal for
the steel company's furnaces, developed', whin the directors
of (the stet-! company issued a -'notice
indelimteiy postponing the ,-annual
meeting of the steel company, \vhiuii
was to have been held on Friday.
The notice ■ oJ postponement -.- reads
'•'ro-,pr.;vcnt'any possible embarras-
ment uf the company's position . "n
its dispute .' , and pending litigation
with th.* D; minion Coal company, the
directors, on ,. the advice of counsel,
have taken tiie necessary steps to
postpone the holding of the annual
meeting, which was called for Friday
..the 5th instant. Due notice , of the
date ' when -the -metting will take
place, will l.-e given, to the . shareholders of the company.."   -
"The postponement of" Uie meeting
is very significant and indicates what
is probably trut that' the /fighting'
directors of the steel company,' are
not sure of-the allies they have been
reckoning on, aiid upon counting nos-
es^have deciden to giivc no opportun-
itv for the" stroke Mr.••Ross is credit-
Dear .Sir's—- *     _        _    , •■ .
During the past twelve months .the
importation of drygoods, groceries,
hardware, mill and mine supplies', and
otherdmerchandise into the City .ol
Fernie and tributary territory exceeded the sum, of three million dollars.
Eight years ago this territory was a
wilderness requiring nothing aiul con-
tributingnoehing; now .'. it is producing at the" rate of owr a million tons
cf coal aiid fifty' million feet of lumber a year, , Think, of what this Delegates representing nearly all
means, to  thc jobbers and wh-lesu'ers   {^ t a,,jsicttli   pressm«i'S,  'irtioto
of Canada.'- This  coal  and  coke made j
.,,     , ,,. ,       .r,i,   !engravers,  mailers    and electrotypers
•jossible the  establishment of     smelt- . ■ *>     . ., .   ■"
ers and other industries.""supporting ; unions of.the state are present at thc
towns of importance', equal or super- jllth annual convention of the ■Allied
ior tp Fernie, such as Xelson, Grand | Trades Printing council, which opened
Forks, Trail, Phoenix, Rossland, etc; iin the iTradcs- asSemtily hall at
lhe building'"nf the Crow's "Kest
s-iiithern 'branch of   the  Great 'North- ,
crn railway, with the him. I m^ for lhe' f»rlhL'r *'usllinS of lhu
b'r'usiness that their construction j work' of organization among the
made possille. -   ! printers of the Stale,   advertising   thc
These towns, '  railways  and   ..miUs'.junion laiel   ar.-a   establishing  a' ltgis.7
end   thc'business      they    entail    and
which vo:i ■ enjov,    radiate   from Fer-
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
j Silks, Muslins, Prints.
, S'clicncciadV  on Julv it.   Plans will I-*
LLadics' Tailor Made -Coats & Skirts
Ih.tive  a'jent at Albanv   to  secure the
". ed with plamting. On-the^strelStTllTrs""
latest ikivilopmeiit of a conllic-t tliat-
i.s cloifcr a great deal to disturb -in-„
dustrial conditions .is regarded as another reason for the ' intirventjon " of
the Dominion -government in ■- some
'., way or anothei wi'lh a view to bringing the parties to their senses. • It is
recognized that in some 'quarters the-
row is nol a lawsuit, but a feud, and
the idi'ii of h.lying' fifty million dollars of thr money  of  Canadian     and
niv.  --You   are,  therefore,    interested •'■ '  ' *
nay, deeply ' intcK'stwl.   in .Fernie—in' ; workmen
Hs prosper,-ty and in all, things"1 that |
mi_:ht .contribute      to its,   .healthful
growth. .' -   .
The Church of EngJand, ' fully   alive
to lhe.. importance of Fernie, has ljeen
active,    but   not at all equal to  the
dJinaflds that have.} been ■ made, _upon
her  for  practical work.   The, Crow's,
NestoPass  coal  company  alone     employs sonic   2,500  workmen. ' They are
now' in the' act of  c-ngaging" oOO'more
—mostly young men in the .pride   * of
.their  manhood.'  In order.' that..'   they
may 1* properly looked- after and not
dr ft into    the road   to the    brothel,
-,he gambling -den,and the saloon, the,
church   must provide  something   more
than a church building*,' -, We'want  to
Ctrl Id a hidi  adjoining the" emirch, and
equipped with ' attractions  adaptable
lo these young men, where' they   may-
reso'rt and feel  themselves * at - home.
-This institution will cost'- S'2,500. "Fer-
irti,.   ,-..,*if,.vf-    ,\y.-.ywrl._,       lju._mn.ipv- £vbp-
nenls every dollar she can'spare' for
streets, sewers and other- public utilities. In a large * and important portion of Fernie the virgin stumps, 8
(.r-lfect ui diameter, still obstruct,
ihe way, and .although much has .been
doiie by the-town 'to help ,itsc-lf, lire
•in city and ' forest, explosion in mine
and other calamities have rendered
the task, peculiarly difficult aiid "left
little money,- or' 'time, expended
on liea"tlifm   rccreat on    so-necessary
ol measures  favorable  to, the-
The Saturday   ^Magazine   supplement
of the Toroiu..  Giol>e seems    to    improve  witi*.    each .isjsue.'   I/ast Satur. ■
day's nurrhcr' h„as for a fronticepiece
an 'excellent portrait    of W.   1,.  M-ac-
•ken/.ie    Kir.h, deputy minister ■ of lab-
present day  illustration  work.
or.   It  is a most excellent example of
,.   "Mr. King's features  are most beautifully   reprr.ducedc   and  the , picture
comes to almost* as a-personality
speaking  from the paper upon. which
it   s- damped, .and is worthy    of , ■ a
place oa tho walls ?of ,our sanctum;  "[
\ _T-.' E     aie    iicv,
*V V     - siiiliccl  'in
.. 0 w
old ;
cpp'.'-iie ' the
'and   have   a
vonipletii,     now     outfit,
uhich   is always at'your»
service   for  livery.'   cart-'-
age \ or   "baggage..  Wc:
still' have  the  office,, up1
town  .where orders may
be . left. .7 ."7
Ladies' Shirt Waists in Silk;
„ , .    ; .Muslin,; Lawn, etc!
foreign   investors endangere'd     bv      a' .
,    .-      ,- i.   •      "■, , , '      ,,   in a town Tar-.elv compose<l of voung
laction-light is nol a  pleasant one.' ■ s   •  -       ' '
^Toronlo Globe. " ' ■'
There can be little doubt that there
...should he'some  intervention,  bui just
why tlu government should  undertake
to Uach  reason,    or    "bring  parties
to,their senses,"  is not clear.-
H was lhe government in the  first
■ piace that has    made it passible    for
•a m,inflto quarrel with himself in the
double    directorate  combination     in
which tliaftj ami steel   people find
tlu-iiiHvlws, and before uiidjrtaking, to
bring t'neni    to   their   st-nsw it might
1* well for  legislators    and  administrators  to bring    themselves  to    the
proper sense of this huge joke that is
ihe result oi n lack of   in,   Uhc
btiildiii;,- iijj of «  system .which     per-
nut* ol   ,i director in    one    company
diiectj'ng  the dlTnirs of that'compunv
"to   the advantage    of another     coin-
1'iuiy, of which he nmy |>e (l director,
and at tli*? cost of the first,
' is wlmt sct-ms to be vhc trouli-
Ic wilh this conllict ihat the Olobv:
m.v.> is di.stiirbing ths industrial cmi-
mxntmot tlu: countrv and endanger-'
"ij! Hfty millions, of Canadian mid
forcigji cHpitnl. ■■"
T'n, trotibic of it „II is that Mr,
■Innw, director in tl,c 8tw, compn,1Vi
Jvpresi-nting 1*1,000 wort), of bis own
-"■lock ,)W| a f,..lV l(liI|j()1|S     of <lol]arN
worth oi Ncmehody else's stock,   and
'ne saillu  .Mi, Jones   ivJm  »,,...
pocket    inu-rcst   lwing
«''IOIIgJl     lu.i
fircHvr    in   ,m,  n(   lhn.
ihim in tlm other,
""K to oilier p.,,,,,, ,IU,kN J
uZxxT     hnl,h ,b «• r,v'u
thM^ t:,J1''Tcs,,ml
?*■«.. i.^.ri.r^r'iri;:1
"'"■■•t.r-.'„t  Co., WniIUd.
O.uts—F uire.1 a vnlunlilc Imnting
•••>■{ «»f m,,n^ wit], Miniird1*. tAiximont
•ifti'i   si-venii v.uriiiarliK  had   trtalwl
men, \     '      •
We iliorcfore have, decided to appeal
to lhe nui'iufacturt'TS,,, jobbers ' and
wholesalers who profit i« '-'"<', supply
of Kernie';-. requirements and wlio will
in a much greater degree continue to
do so in the ful lire,'for wlio cun foretell what the newt cighU.yci'rs may
•I ring forth iu ibis wmulcrful part of
Canada. •>.'..
Will yoif'-c good enough to inves-'
tigute your profits on goods- shipped
to Kernie uml favor us with your
ehe[|iie for such un amount us you
feel they and -tlie importance 'of. this
work may justify, ninking Riiine , payable to Cliridt,Church, Kciiito.   *. '
This is a clrarHy which merits yr.ur
roiisid.'ration. When you oorne lo
■Kci-nlc let us 'mvu the privilege of
showing yon th. results.
I). IUVIKS, .1. K. UWllV, Wardens,
Undorsed nnd niiprovod -by:
TlicTrlk'H-Wood  Co.,  l;imlt*od.
Crow's Xesl Trading Co,, I#Ul.
. .1. J), .liiuil.
K. K.  Smliluhy.
A. W. Tllonwlull.
Hi'iin Ilros,
And others.
Headquarters    for   Trunks,
:;       Cases and Valises.^
Conl.—Conl Innds may l.o jmi-eliH'Teil nt -*10
|.er a uie for folt. conl nnd >2n for niithmcite
.Not, more than !'<2i" ctiu l.e ncquired by
one iinlividciil or company, Itovnlty nt the
nitts often cents per ton ot'.i'.iiiK! pounds Miall
I.k collected on tlit> cross output.
Quartz—A lreti miner'.', ccrtiOcnto i- prniitcd
upon payment in nilviiiice ol >f> per num-iii for
n , individual, nnd from t.V) to .-K«i ver niiiivm
for iicompnily uccoriliiiK to ciipitnl,
A fi ei- uiiiifar. liu vini! di^covei'i'.l niim-rnl in
place, may locate a claim I'./iuj x i,50u left,
Tin* fi'e for recunlinir a claim i-. ?,r,.
At Ica.-vtMiVl mnft l.o es-pumled on tl,o clr.ini
piii'hyenr or
liuu Uicj'tiol'
paid, tho loc .,.-..  	
imidu, Mid upoii'romply-'iiiK  ^-itli "orhtfi-   re- |
liiiiciiiuiitn.piiicliai-o'tlieliiiidat^l nn aerc*.
Tliu patent provides for tlni payment of a i
rn.iiiity ui'i'3 percent on tho sales
^S5i^ and Ba^age Transfer
catornuiy. ujinu liaj-nirfi, wiirvoy        " **",**    "'**'aN>,*av'   »■»•""»«■
l'r.ACKit ininiiiKoliiimsiioiit'riill.v nro loi feet! Dm vino1 of iill kinds   doiie  promptly,
iiuiro: entVy feotArenawnblii.rHiirly,. .j        '     ? , ■*' '.  "
Tck'plione '57 or call  ;i driver
A Irun  minor mnv   olituin  two Ita^n to
drodw! fur'gold of livcimilcuwich lorn torm of, v
iwcuty vears, renewuliie at the. dUcretion ol !
Iki Mmfstor of iliu Interior,'       ,,    ,' !
Tlin lenseo slinli hnvuiidrodiro in operation
wiilijn onu stiiibon from tin* ilaiu of thu Iuiihu
for encli live milo». Hontal tin nor (minim for
uach mllu of livor luiued, Ho.iiilty at tho
di 11- of 2fi por vent colh-ctuil on the output, af-
turitoxuoedB«Ki,luii,        - >,    ,
•W.W.'CohkV,   . ,''
Dcjiuty Minister of tho Interior
X, I),-UnnuOiorli-iil.,publication of this ad
vortlsemontwill'iiot-lie paid for,
'dwtihot 'OK'-EA»T kootenay.
TAKK notiou Iiml tlio Mott-Uoulton l.uinlior i
Co.; nr Klknimitli, ll. C, occupation linn. 1
l'«r iiiniiufiKiiiiror*., uitflmU to apply for 111
niiooliil timber lleeimi' tucut and curry uway
timiuir Irom thv followln« doBarlbed liiiidn 1    1
CommonoiiuT at n pn»t planted nt tlio north '
w xt corner on -Hclialnf I
nioro or Ions to Klk HI ver. llmiino lollowinn
llio bnnk of Klk Hivor In'oiulorly diroetlon 4i,!
chain*, rnoro or 'u-ih to tlio north wont corner '
of T 1.1117ft, t lionet nout 114 ioIiiiIiin nioro or I oik, i
t]i(.|icu('ii«t 411 (dmInn, tlioncii Ki.iitli 41 t'luilriM, !'
iliPiico,wi'*.t « j r-lniiiir) to point of eoinmoneo. i
.111110 14, li-07. .,.,,,
M0T1VDOULTON lA'MBRH CO.,     •      - -1
)i(TA..I.Motl,       1
•I'J'J-li (i H.IIoultnii ;
Dutwl HiIm lTth diiyof .Inno, 1IKI7.
Ofiice : I Northern Hotel, Fernie, B. C.
fl. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plwu, Specifications and Esti-
matM (nmlihtd^on application.
Pltity  o( GOOD  DRY  MJM-j
Architect     and Sn|*rl»t«ndent     !
0*9ica at Rttidinm, j
BAKIJR !ST.   '        FERNIB,  11... C.
" »       Ansrr) retail       .   i   '
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice'supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs. .-«
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and-Oysters.
A jTciirriil Htrikc luiH lwen duclim-il
• ihoiijj tlm Cf>!,n|i millers, ainl 2,iJ(*0
imm nro out. Tin* union Ims ni^Lsl
tlit- I'miilfiycrN' sciili- mul ntlo'iU-d i-m
lor pri'M'titiiHon. Tlit' |cn<kTH oi tliu
strike nri' |H;iMm(Hii_r tlm 11W11 10 tun*
HflAKK notlno tlmt Wm II ■ lliirtrm. or rrrnv
*    brnnh, I), U, iK'<u|.iitl')n i'i rli, IntoinU to ,
rtjiplj* ior n »|.ucliil tlinlmr lln#iiift over tlio fob;
InwlntTiltx'rllii'il liiinUi-- .
C'oiniiuiticlniJ nt a pn»t iilnntoil at Ibininrlli.
w«i.t (lorucr ol dot WXl, HiHiico mirth uliility
(.0) ctnliifc, thiinrti (iii'-t «.IkIii,v tmo ctiilni..
tliiiwio kiinili olnbt,v (mo) clinliii, tli'tiicirw-f.jit
uldhi.T (kdioliiilnn iMimliit nr comnKiiicuninnl,
nml cniiiiiliiliiu »W Iinnilruil uml forty iirrim.
,m,r""rl0"'1 WM. ... lintTON.
.luni' Mli", 11-07. '• ■    (i    '
Tlm tliTic for i!(iniin«ni'lnii Hip riiblluiillnn tS ■
1 tlinnbovniiotlcn It oxIimiiIciI 11 tliu Viith iln,ro','
Now   is   Your   Time
To «et your Berries for preserving.: I Imvo the Creston BoitIbb. y
, Strawberries, Aprlcots,|Plums, J'inenpples.Oooseboi'rles. :,
Tom Beck
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
Tho Elk Lumber
Col Apply at tho
Office or at Hos-
Tfte Efk lumber Co.; ltd.
Too much stock compels u« to make a i'o por cent reduction on nriees
1    . .      ,, darlni? tho month ol .July. * -   '
Iliil) Willlullii   (Jni„j;   lii,,,   iinv
\. ui*
IH: nn. ill-
''*•.>.'   "t  I'.r.inil  C.-iiu.-.l ||  i.:, j),,,,,,.
" ■ Ji.i-.11., Alii
■'I.   «'l
*"" |>i.j..ii'n_.  to u--n tt..rot
It. il ••l,.Vi»i nn 1I1   .mi, , 1   \„.,u,i
DKArNKRH    CANNOT    ill*"   CimED
by local applloa'tlons, ax th«.v oan.^^ViyViwij; iniisTnova
not roaoh tlio dluoauQ-J portion   of|, A.-.UuntCommlMlonoroflmn.U'liWork..
tlm nitr.  There In only one wny *"!  ..m.^J..    ..    -„ ..
onro dfiafnnHH, nnt] tlmt Ih liy «on-iV        " " "•"     ~
«it.iiioni>l romodiM D..nrnnM |>; j Q LOIISVim OtlYOS
I'UUMtf by nn Uitl,wit:d tv.iiJHioii   of. , *
thn mueiio« llnlnp; of tliu uiNtaohlat)     Tho uudonlBDad ImvlnB boon ro-
tiibi?,   Wlmn thl«    tulin Ir Inflamed' irtorcd to health by nlmplo   nienn*.
yon havn a riitnlillii-r Bnimd np   lm-[ Aftor aiiffnrInK   for  NOTcrul yoarHi
pcrfpcrt hnnrlnir., and when It In nn- with a novnro Inni? affection,   and'
tlroly PlmPrt. tXunto^ !■• tho r»wHt   tl;.",i  «lft..-,J ^^iAvi i.-ONill.'iU'TWN',
mid iinlpm thn liiriaiiuniitlon mm lm  .„ nniloiw to make known   to hl»  P!«,«..«   TnUo/%/*i«
tnknn out and thin tuha rrfitorcd to fnilow HiifforerH tho moariH »r m.rn.  Ijlffal S«   I ODaCCOi
lt« iiorinnJcoiulltloii, hcurliiit will bn'To   thono who 'dB«|rn It, lio    will        P ' '
dpntroyril fornvftr j nlnn ciihch out or clmorfnlly mmd (froo of olinntn) ft
tun nrc khuhpi! l.y enliirrh, which In ropy „{ t»in prpHOrlptlon iirdiI, wlitnl.
iiotlilnir but mi Inrimmid priiidlllnii thoy will find n euro for CONSUMP-
o! the miiPiirw mii-rnppw. TION.  ASTHMA. CATARltll', I'.ltON-
Hu will Rlvo Duo Hiindrnl Dollnrn CIHTIR nnd nil throrit nml limit
foi nny iviw nr dKiifnn-Ki (••,MN'-il ly JJAUDIK!. Ilu Iioiiio nil Mifr.-n 1 •»
rn-inrrli) that crimiot he ouri'il liy will try tli|« R.-miMly. un It I*. Ii.v,,|„.
HnlU Cnlnrrh Cnro.   Komi for clr-  nli|p.    TIiokp dpnirlnn thr. prPM*rip.
•lion, which will   i.'okI the nutlnntr.
und   »iii>     provi;   a   lib I'M nu,    i-.,,'
plPfl.Nl'   ft-lt'l'I'llX
JtKV. KinVlllI* A. Wll/OIN.
JlrortMjn, N*. Y.  i'lK-NR t'l
Shops tlmt orlorlniilly roM for $B.OO aro now Bolllnir
,.   ior !:.
i ■
tBhocs that oriplniilly sold for $1,00 ixva now sellfnir
|   lor	
'"Mjops tliat w-Jj-flii'iJlv •jrfri Jw 'JS.DO ar-. »oxv scUUn:
i   lor .'..../; 7,
ruliir*. frr'p
V. ,1. niKNKY ,-v co„ ToIpiIo.    O,
Tiike  ITuII'm ramlly IMIIh for oon-
iWAA   l»>   ilniuuiMti., Vou ,
IC, B, C.,H,mo ^eiluctltins on Ti-mikfl. Knit Cii«cr nnd Travolllnor Burs,   licdactlons-
 .  appls* on ovorvthtner except ropalrlnir and filings tnadn to nrdf-r,   NTn ;r-w|c
charged.   Como onrly while wo havo yonr size
Cigarettes & Pipes./?£?Ji^..^n..^^
TI'i'i'M** ***!ih'••■*.*■ i-lflP" In town  U/     H     y    f> II VI r\f t
wi-,,-r,,,,c:,T,t:,a);.,,in'ii,ili, w. t\; ivicLfousa ,       s ne oRoemaKor.
(.'mul.-. in oiir Mnn thai u iit -' ,  O      ' ..*»»*»..
C*!.::.*". CfGAK   STORE   J B^Jlj
-,,, i,;,,.^ ,,„,   *riioo€
I'niN-ii; I?. V.
W       V    m    V     <*   w*   %*    *»  H *,   ^
& FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C.-'.JULY  13,  1907
r,   ilfs/P. Whalen is very dangerously'
711. .-,.     ■■::"■"    '■
' J. S. -Susty .made a trip" ter the
west during the week. ,    , ■
Dc.n'.t'foijjfc't tlie  date   of" F-ernic's,
civic celel-iution, August' 5.'
;■ Read ths    posters ' and -programme
for the Oivu*  Holiday sports,  Aug. 5..
Mrs. J. S. 'Gusty and children returned from. Sandon .-, Wednesday
evening. '     .  ,      , ,
A. T. MtvVittii', D'X.S., of Nelson,
.Hat,.passed ' through town Tuesday
evening on liis way. to his prairie
home. "      ■
St* Sl*. *3* V> \T> AV st* V> St*st*St*.Sl* *3* i \f* sT/ rT» »T* \V \t* \1* \1* \f/ \t* \1*
&** .   L.   P.  -Eckstein
** Tho Artistic Millinery Emporium
Victoria Avo.
Pernio, B, G.
■rs; Waggett's Second Years Clearance Sale
' of Summer Season"* atook
s\t,   fTPO make room for the. Fall and Winter season's display, the ladies
£!4 _of Fernie and districts, a-jaii* have ilio opportunity to purchase.
""**   at prices far below present, values, from fr'es"        '
This opportunity offers only once a year.
The Sale at Reduced prices will commence
Mr. Hamilton, the plumber, leaves !<!•♦
Saturday,  July 20 and continue until   '
Saturday, August 17
Want of show space compels the sacr.lici*.' •     '     , '.
Ladies will realize that Re;i_ly-io-\\Var and Tri *'imed Hals  are, red-.
town today, but the business wlll bes-Mi   .      rr    _., .      , ,       , ■■• ■
l.       ,       ' ,1     »,     -,,r.,,.        'a*   need for this sale, lo ess  nan
continued  as  usual by, Mr.  William I ^ , .     *■ .. „
Jackson."-,     0 ,', 7      j^_f   Children's Silk anil Washing I3on:n*'s,"Kid, Leather and'Cloth Caps,
' , 7     ';■*>••;   less niiinulavtiiivi-'i lodsivs price.-,.     Ladies Whitewear,   Blouses,
> Bo.rd m,un,e*   I'atterson- went ,   ,to ■ s\*.   Skirls, t';       •■        ■  ■ -- ■ '
Fi;.i:'.: yourcRi tr nisei C. P. .Hill
manager o; tl-.., Il'lk-ivst, minj, in ix-
l'ation ti-> ri'Muiiiuion  of  work  at that
*    * n i     ■** ■» ,   u
placi- ,   ' fl
.1. I), ."Slcllridt, the Cran'.irook har.d-
ware' merchant,' passed east Tuesday
li'-enin/, eii route to Calgary, 'to be
in at tiie   big.  fair.
" intern,.lien..'   Board    Member    Patterson l-.-Uriiu'   Mommy  from   Indian-
*     ' * * I*' * Tr
apolis, wl.en: he had been in    attr.-n.d-
^ance lipoii'    nn     execut
the 1 curd
* M-*.
, %.j-.'
' &.
: Hi.-
' *l\
■ M4
ial— ln-.'u.:;!.l ik-iiU".
A lew l'iHk*:--,Uir!>
Lace ai ^re-.u rc.i:
in the piMducer.i ,;
Chilclr.:iis' H->'• "
Lndies CJJ.J-.n-—.%.
Plciisi* no!.'—I';-'-..--
■:l '-a'-* rr;-;es.   '■
.-. "M' W^j.s,—,';tics: patterns—choiceiiialcr-
iu- i-iv i' ri,v.e in priced—below old i*o.-,t prices,
u-m. .-...■.-; of Ri;-.[ion, .Silks,  ChilV.m" .and  all-cvur
.: ->i"i^, although iIkmv has hct-n an   enormiHis   rise
. ' - ., .. " -*      .-        ,   '
, .-.eis, = > ,-■..-'
•"lowers, I7;ithOr.-',   Plumes,
: iiirsoliiiely for Cash.    No booking    ft
1... T. W:  "'LOCK,  FkKXIK,  H. C.
■ W
«•'*» i
ft I
] *L^'%Wb%^%,'%,'%^%**^+.'%SO-
,. Barrister-at-Law, ^Solicitor
Rooms lit3,-Henderson block. Fernie, B. C, i
 : - -.___ I
F, C.^LAWE """       ALEX. I. FISHER, B. A.
"'       " *
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading-   Co.    Block,
Fernie,"' B. C.
Elk^ Lumber Co.
" Limited.
• --       o
flftnufacturers of
. ,    I*   .    IVl        rtV
J. S. T. Alexandeb  '
\IY. ,,K.q.
Ross & Alexander
i . i
FERNIE. B. C.    ,
Otnce'ln' L. T. W. Block. Victoria Avenue.
V .-       Ir'
•J. Barbery l'.d.s., ~:d.d.s.,
l.  T.'W  -Block,   .opposite ,the .Bank
Olliufi houi-s— toSo-nr,
if /    - .     r;   , ,4      it .'    r i
-'-«   • ,    •,-'   i..
. Lumber,,&
, .;,'.:    Mouldings
W. J, Wriglesworth; D. D. S.|
.. '  ',JD"iiJ2srva?isa?       ■   .   I
Ofpicb Houiigi- " ' 8 i'ito 12 a. in. 1 to .i p. m • ___,
■'"   '        'fi.3(l to» p.m. r "'!
■r  Oflicein Alex.i 'ik'sBioek  _   ■ c;-f
ovcrSlinn's B.ikc*v. ' '* '■      "   ,' -
■ ■ ; ■. t
All. our   stock ' is'   last  'yoar'.>,
cut and' wpll sqasbnod
-II •
$!£ j FEKKIE,.'
IX. C'i
.•cut vo meeting   of-1 -"i.^^;^-?^^^^^^^ . .   ' A.WitnftAX
I   The pllo't of "the*'big engine, 501, ■    h. p. Kd.-stti-*   left this   morning on
got demollehed In abutting match   a  professicr.f.'   visit  to  Bonner's l'cr-
' * at Coal Creek the other day, but j rv '^ expKv °la   pet»irn lu-xt   T«es-
It left Its mark on the cars that did } d"ay morninf_
the butting.    .;*,•.'....    ( i . (   7    .
"   .   '        ' -    ":   .'- t- - A purvevin*"- ■"»-'■■ •..   '. -r ihe iltruct'cn
,    ■  Don't,tort ^^^'y^"'^'0r.\:l'Dixv\* M.-. Walters lias
fire ttlftrro bell ringing this evening. ■    -  .      ,.   . * ,   .    .  •  '
"     Chief    Phillips    wlll'te'st the    nw; been cnitfiLng Un*./ pr-r-. ;' .' bnnf,
apparatus  before  taking down  the , soine.licld work in the Flathead distnri.,
old-triangle. '7 • It is understood that ilii.s work is hc'.ul;
' '-A°'party-ot 12 men, under the di- idone ior;whaC i^-known as ilieCorl^;
„    rectlon of Engineer Wilkinson:' have j interest, and-is done lor the purpose of
gone  up the Elk river-to  do some ! deter, liininsj upon aromc_ for a iiiilro-u)
" surveying for the Northern Coal &-'-p connect with the C.'I'.R. near Cr-.vv\-;
Coke Company. .  ,       ... \  ' The curryin.-.; out ol'tliis project
— iJrek^Firestonc-r-miil-s^
at thu lty   Lum',:er:'eomp.inv'm-ill left 'and-the district through which it is lb
Tuesday inoiii ng over tli-*  G.' X.  for ' P»«. ""U would ^really sii.riulale;'ilie
.,44-   i 7    'i   '    .in   "-,,n,„i-; pro>peciiii}j  l**i"   oil   in„lhe   bhithead
ICverttt, A\ash.,- wh*re he  will   speiHl-ri      '    •-■     ,     .      „„„,  „n-c,;ii].,v„,.
.    ' * „ >■   •     ,■' ■,   countrv and also open  up still larger
a n.oiuli aL''U".i spring -in l{vi hope oi - ,11i;.llis"0,-L.oai hearing lands,
,    improving his . health.. . 0—'. .     y
^  W. U.  Bullock-WVbster has  re^n.vl .    AI^ISE  CLIMBI^S."    '
ilw position of chief provincial   "con--    I^ggan.UAlta ,   July   tl.-Tlie Alpine-
stnhle end lias lie.ti ■ appointod stipen- [<i}nh is »  camV.' in 1'-'ra'cl,se ■' yalle>'-
■■"•- „r. w-u latcr     on' "A party   undet    l'eter  Kaufmann, the
iaie 'or
Contractors nnd Builders
c Estiiiintes Fuinislied     .,,    ,
Residence—Corner Ho;, land. Ave. and I
.;' i  ...    -,..,"   McF.voy, St.    .,       .-   .   ,!
-' Fcrnif, B. ,C. •
r. 0..;Box.35s.,
. Contractor',
Jfevhie. 3B. C.
09990099(3999900099090 T\
c-. w, PA,vi'.y &co.'
rs h-ttva jwwi«.iww«j, %s un.-*
; ,;„* '   Under new management        .   .
A. Good: Way
daiv inayiniiate,
enter iiito tlw'practiee hf law-in con- : Swiss' gu-icu-, ascended  "Mount
junction with R. A. Creftce. '     «" *7»]/ ''      T'^c w-as had    gather
,„■ near the top.   lhc party climbo-l ■throe
"Chns.    McNnb, nmiiiignr   of   ,'tho: houl.s   _u 4l   Jlanitoha hli'z/.iiRl,     on*a
Baker Lumber Co., .of Waldo, wft«|nmn's -Mr.. ,tci,lg (ro-//Cn, imd no view
a Fernie visitor during    thc week.
was obtained.   Tlu accent was   made
-       '   -        ' -'■'  ■ 4
.._. _ ~"~7~—:     r:* €
^ We are determined to y;et J,
5 rid of bur clath,bound and   f
leather bound bo
^rtftpr_rhpituIipni a l-._.i11ct \
one  half'price";' '      ,     J
You who buy from book <
agents have nci\v an .-op- I
porttinify to .get- some J
rare snaps* from our lib- \
■r^rary'editions and pocket
\ classics, all books mark-"
Jl.ed in .plain figures71'nd
^ you just pay half.   '..' chttl'i**.*.'.lj* ctvot*
promptly ciecsifcd to'tli
'       f:i'*'ior.'of olir cus'.oiners
•itind ancl^j- ,..":~: ".-"■•" , r. "   -<x"" "   " \   ■ ?|ie.,f
att:yt :Chas.: :Gilb-e ri, vi
Ho report's that the* horizontal hand, o and ^ r^m
miw in the big mill.,1b about, ready ,,
to run, and will add several thous- j.'» aihouro 2l) Ml», .   ,. ,
' and feet to the" dally output of tho i   Thelparty returned to camp , m high
mHl> "      ,,   [spirits,    llu-.    members are   arriving
,   ! daily, including,   Prof,   Kay,   president-
Our lim-  reel team must gH a gait j f)( - ^ Am(ir.Cil,, Alpine clnl.;'- Y.    T.
on   nnd    do some practice, lhe Ath- , Krwtloll8i    raprcaenti,,,,    .Apiwlachian
.. Ictic assccintum has done the   hand-_ clu|)i aJld Ko(lncy,    hi  Qilson, reprc-
nmiK   fmng-Vy oikring      jgnoA'    -MB iMnting the Maiamns,  oMVuslvinj;t,)n.
|ii'i'/.es.    Tin   l.cdj-cr  kid  is  tiliinkiiiir' 0
serious!.,'   ol -jolnliiR   tlw  team    «' he |'       So(,,uHttm ln tll0 PlllpIt
can Bel trunKs lar^e m^h     to - al-1    ,.,icndi;r-t0.all uieir dUe,s,"7vaS the
low (air pin.   lo  I he muscle* nf 1»» ;teXt from   wWch th(J Rcv< a. j,    A.
!e**'s' Uohii, of Um: Congregational  , ehureh,
Second   Vicvl'ivsidtnt  Win.   Wiyte, SittinjjhouriKS, K-centlj   prenchwl.
of tli: C.  IV IL. has mad: his  -auto- Some people  would   say   Unit   Soc-
moillc  trip - ovei- tlv: proposed    route itilisni ought not lo he discusswl inn
oi the Kootenay CuilMl, and   states place of worship, and  lhat some peo-
Ihat he wns surprised with  the por*.- pie would     like lo inu/./le u  parson,
■siliHIties    of   that   territory.' '   'lhe hut lu was  nol  to  l:c iim/./.lwl.    The
Kooltiiav Central must lx built, nnd pulpit hliould not he u coward's cas-
the C.  i'.   li. wm     prcpariii«i to  do Hi', and   lie     -l-fclievcd    in -prouvhing
th> lu'liliii",                                    ' 'what appeared to hiin to lw thy truth
.Mr, Holm mn;irl'e*d tint tliu   u-aching
The Iwjotuihy   Uillcs,   cninp.-inivs  A ()f •SncinlistR wn<i    in    iniiiiy  rjspeclH
and 11, Inoe formed u l.tigle •hand   ol similar lo that of Christ.   Tluy    hud
six iiu'inters.   Col. llnlmes will lie in preachu<l    to" intu-li  of llv-uvui     nnd
l-'uriilr on thr. IHth iiml., -niKl will in- n__t cnougii' of enrth.      Hefnre     lhay
s|)e'ct   llu   itwo    eoinpiHiffK.     Ki'i'it. -(m\<\ ^ propk lo lie goc-d lliey hud
0'Hi'icn'liu 1 can  dnin_r ellleienl work to j{i!i u,ii purled Hyslvin     ol
In drilling the lioys, nnd it is'expect- mi.-\^y under     which tli.\v can     live
ed they will pass u mns-i ir^lit- 'n-iilihy,  Imppy  und pmd livi*s. Wlmt
ii'ilf LMiin-liiutloii, > the church     doing, nud   has
Alo»ndor fllhnorc, non of Mr. nnd «"«» iu, ^ 'l h»" *™ *" k<*>'
iln. Ollmoro, of West Fornle, about »!',.« l-iivl^l elass ..u.l „u,ii..|h> y
flvo yoar* of into, died last Satur- nl tl,c w'"rI,,,', K°'',,S1 il ,I,IS "I*"1'
day morning and wan hnrlnd Ann- idh'ii.'.ss nnd rlolotis luxury for lhc
day. Thn fiitinral nflrvlons worn oon- few, nnd s^i poverty, d.ij-Ti'd.U-ioii und
duotod liy Rot. <1 rant'Tlio little hoy uiKinploymeiH for llu iniiiiy. Wh.i't
died of whooplnit oourIi and niwiRl-'R. Wijrc Uuv as christians d-Hiig to help
Thl« In the Rflcond,, doatli of a child w.._, thin-emit-work? Tiny lm\v to
In thn ailmorn family In a f«w Uw „; T|H1W. H(,,,llliMs iMlt llw.
weekii, and the  nmlly Iuin the «,«,. c,     .,     (f|   , . ,      , j ,
pathy of many frloml* In tlmlr don- ,, , _ , _, , ,_,  ,'
!,l« tMrflntement.    .      - '** !r, ?™ 'A^v 1"l'i"'. Vf, -^^
lur  ili.'lr jjn-M   -,iud  \\o A,-  l.l.'.il. 'llvy
CT. Hill, ^ mnnif-or of ih
llilkrc-hl Co,i! und     Coke
"Seeing is  believin6"
,,..    '" "■'to'iiU'iis'*'t:iir*Tiil  housekeepers is to
"'. trt*°l k j R'iVe honest''«.- ij?h t.- Oh, we don't say
■ that all ■b-u'ehiTS don't do this,  but
;wc can in. t help ('occasionally over-
lien rihar oar h'A v friends when'-they
to telling their experiences.
Well furnished rooms.   The table is
i    supplied with the best the market .
j       affords.   The bar is supplied
!'.' .;', with the best wines, li- .' 7-  ";
quors and cigars.
Tonsorial Artist
Only Union Barber, Shop in   the city
■  and work here is done in first class
stylo und at reasonable prices. ■
Look for Card  in Window
56 1
F. O. E.
Meotsllrnt fri.liiy In enoli month In 1.0, 0. P.
• Hull.
R.H- Moore,  ' °      W.Keiiy,
Worthy TrOHideiit. ■ Worthy Soorotary,
UnotKei* ^o<rvvay y9s. Severn, Prop."
to please is to supply only the best;
meat. If you trade with us you Nv'ill j
learn just what we mean-by'these*!
two "ways" QUALITY and QUAN-:
TIT,Y will be a little more than you j
expectr- :
CalgAky Cattle Co
t9 Tho Fernie, Dpuystope t
FOR |2.00
(Formerly tho Owl)
The Owl   Restaurant
which has,recently
.   Changed
WINE   CO.,,  Lid.
Wholesale Dealers^ and Direct
Importers of ','
|        ALB AND STOUT,
' Eoery attention.
Rooms' resQfD.ed by voire
A pleasant home for thc
IC.L. WHELAN - -Man tiger
will be more completely
up-to-date than •. has
been thc case in the
past; The
new pro-
saw in.ti     mi itiplnyv<1 cruvliVjj     Tor
iMinpniiy, \\nrU' limy shw   litilo  f-Ii-.ltlrctt ftuiil-   ill tin cit*.   Tliinwl.iy.      IU- re- i(| nml stiim-d,  ami mir wmu-.ii din--
polls tlmt llu- cMivuyorH at tlu- 11,111- -ji   tn pi-oHiiliitimi.   Tli.-y saw   \\\A^
IT   it     ll  Itl  ■•■      --,1         •fill"     (''MM   <'t   .'1            l"'l I    ,t          ' *    1                     .              ■■           I                     I   •   •    .
'..     *»- .-*„•-      *-    ■!•->.-     ^4.. ■,      A.'. I. ,.
i.nily lor opcMtioii.   Mr,   Hill     unt. (,p,s jiimI ch*rj;y, <I«.wn  lu prisi.mnip-
.u'ciimiMtiii-'l vv Mr.    K. Y.   1/,iw*,on, lain., phiskhi'i.* I uli.i, old, l,m    (Out
nl Ki-iiUl.*,   wli»- ho* !<• n sprti*:liiij;    u nf tliu   Hcir'.-cri*      uln    iilniiv prodiiii*
fjw iliyn jit  llilltr;'sl  looWii.'     "W this wciltli"   '111 y hit iliniwn u'n Hi.-
llii'pliiU     min tiKiiiK   ii   |vp ui.  a .mi.ij* lu-.ip iiii.l    iK-^riil.«l  wiih     tli.
lillli* cirti-   c'   lit.- last   coil      tciK h.itcfiij    «■-•-.lins-    ,ifi;.|    rhyFiu--
*li i i'i;    i.'    til iUi'U'i     vli'."..ti;'li in i;*i-i wy.ihl   foroih.-i-,   tili\4*in
ill -•  i:!.iiii iiii-    Mi-   i .t-wt -it  k  : i- |i.'\iii4       S •■(■(■'•ni   4.   •   1 I," »         .,1
« *'    '''       ■*   ' ■»    ■*    *t   k, 14. 1   ll  t
.•r.i'jy iuri,.'v.l   uiili mu    4-i.iiiuty, iki'7-,i4.*;i.i-!..!    .n*(|  \U.    ,,n   IlU„|U
111 :v l!" nil   .•\*"«.rn-'U'!*'l    tn tl   \n'-\%- t<<   I (• dnilij,   «; m^tlii*^   t«ilr,ii**      n
"'' rit r,   li       *..-.% mirl'    l.i iin.i.-.i n mi.   IU' finplnr.-l  all  l(n.|    miiwIiv,
Him in il I- i't(.'.v-»   X-m  I'a-s     -Mr. isp <-i,t||y tin >.»»nt^ m.n.ii'ii,!'ii',
!,,!,;. 11 ;.', i,.-Miliy \.,:  i'.„- ti,,-4i. t,. ^.i.,k   tl*.  .S.n.i.«j|s'.   i,l,'iK.
Wltli >a diiimoud rltifir I rovcn
free howtoAccure a beautiful complexion. DlamondH nnil uxquiulte
eoiuploxiou are both desirable. An
opportunity to every wonian In now of*
fcnul for olitalnlii.* both, For 92.00 I
oirerul2Kt. Gohl Shell Itli^,
Hlmpo llko'u bolehor, WlthjatllTniiy But.
lint;, Met with a ureu-nln-o 'dlitinoiid
and will Hond frt'o with overjf ordur'tfie
ruoipo and, directions,. for'tibMlnlnii a
f lUltluiH oomploxion, eantiy ikiiilcrKfoocI
and Him pie to follow,' It will Wave' tho
oxpoiiHo of. Crnnnis, CMiriotliW nnd
nioache*. Will freo tlio skill frohi pine
plei, niackliCAdn. etc., and ^IVe tho aUln
beauty and unftniKB. '<     '''',u    . —, «	
RING ,H   BfminMitooA 'tey.<t'<Ue| .:* ,.....-'r...:	
inaniifaetiiror tobeiBfepiei'oiitodi
and iliould any purchttierljpdlfiwti'ill'.'il {
I will cliMrfiilly rofmiirl this tiioiicy. \
Do not let tlio prlee ioiid you,,to
doubt tltb K«iiulnetiOHft or vnluo *;
oftlilH Hnjr. h» the above tfimrantnoi
protvi'tA "p/icli ■ and   nvnry purvlintmi' j
Send 1110 $2.00 by mull njM taKuj j|
nfivn-otn""? or t\\\* offov, n'« »"*« xtmtjl '■ Ree>!»»dH«:cover!?«: have chevs M
\* llmltwi. Sinid Mzn ol ftn-rJr fni*i fthw falling hMr -Ir enii'sed byl
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
will be pleased to meet
''    the old patrons and also nc,w ones at thc ok'
Best, of
.Solo AgentH in Enst Koorenav (or
Vhokciile . Deakr*   and   Dirtct
Itaporttn ol
Orow's . Nest, Speoial
Mln-sr't FovoHte Glyaro
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
* 1 livctyJJiirfp ntiW nnd
livery lU'commodiiiioii
for "lhc puhlk*.
1 •"
Hair Germs
The A. Macdonald Co
(Head Office. Winnipeg)
r* mnckc-il wilh I lio
I'iiu-sI in tlie Ian tt
'-Vi4wiv.Mi44.,'i> ija-Kj I   1/   * I     I J. I
nclii'H—Vancouver, Nulsoii, la-rnii', j i\ I ll KS        ll VJ Lw I'
idniomon, Alta. Hi Kenora, Oni,     J °
Fernie, B. C
Kcrnlc, H, C.
Wholl'Mile  linnjurieK,   Flour,   Fivd »V
Camp SupplifM
whii'li I'lnc l« dtiHln-d
ll'.'Kn-i 'Jiliil Slice:       Xi--v Ymi; Cuv;
Scuil mc your iiiinir uml Mm
llllllll'H (if .">   l'0)llltl|lllC  peopl'*  IIH
rcfcrdiH'i* ami I will /hihukI ynu ix
prnprolMdii t<> net ni* in,.' it.-'cnt mul H'11
my tffiodn in ,\«tir loc-illtv.
I i.ij.-Hlini'tii   ! "
'!.! K.i-'J.Ini Mi(.-.:;-, M'W Y-'l.'l' • ITV
.ih- i;-:t.,i
cerms til the roots of the hair.
Therefore, to stop foiling hair*
you must first completely destroy these ■Rcrms. Ayer's Hair
jj Yiiiu',».(.'..,.i formula,
will certainly do this. Then
leave thc rest to nature.
iOom nof thange th* color «/ tht hair.
 "nn n MTrtunwi rn ■->■—wum_h__l-i
iVicuIn wiih «»rh bottl*
j*     Shaw U"io yeur
AM; liim i.boul It,
(*>(•.nlo uhmi;i
Xaa.sfmms.t! k-^v t- xr.tri; t4.--->; mimiiiihim—
Itcccnt dlr.covcrii"' lmve f,!..o proved th»t
dundrnf? is caiutil hy ccrms on the tcilp.
Tl.ercfcire, to L-uri.-iJ-r.nri!,'?. ihe thinr,
lo do is n coM^liilviicMiroyilicsedsn-
druifRCfr.'.v. licrctheKanuAycr'tKair
and  everything in our'
lino cun Ik* funnel the;
fti, H\ iliil :-*.iJfi.-.
Hhi* Mipplliwl with tint lient ti WineB-
)>U|iiorH nml Clirnra.
billing  iiwiu in wiuicoUoii
Fort Steele
' :    I'Vrulf,   11. 0.
. I   I,Mi.,
McDougal! &  Co.*»«»:.■«! <^
l**in*.   1 ..jf.*,, r
J|.-i\'wl    -th't\   •!   imIovm'   ViRorwilljjlvcthei.-ms^jilcMJidresults. .
l,l\V tiU     111 \ _|    i,lujm   '     ■~'«*'l»tyf.iv*jr.c..*.:,<r<.9,, ■*.«t44it,U»«.---  .,     Ciq-il >,
.ted.'"*, !.i
.litiird « i,,u:ni n<    nii<* Mu Htli.-rL £:£$£:£&£: aK.'eSi**.x;t jwoawj-w-jj^kMiti-il
"Wm'*** ■"g»«eJtinmgwaj*w>Muat
,^ ReadTlieLe'dg-er'*1^'
^ for the most reli-
•^ able news.
- ■*        ■   -      -   -    -
_>   ■'
-       .-""
0                                   *>
■*■••-,    ;
0     •"
■1   7
. 1
.    *
to the
and we
will do
the rest
What; Fernie   Has Done: in
the Last'Tcii Ycars.O,,'''.
j   Fernie has . three banks ' now    Aohzg '
i business,    another ' preparing    to   .do
business,    and,a fifth, which, has   hi-
jvested' in a site  with thc  intention of *j
doing likewise. '     -    '        \.   'I'I1'1-'-'-' is an army of workiirs/of all
-.,.'■,       , --,'", .•'     1 kiuls, fr».m the   niiiurs   to   thi   "tot"
I'urniu has thaw railroads operating      ,       ..',    , . '- ,
'.    .,.-.   '-. ■     ....     ,'    n    ■   „        *"    who minds   its l.-a*hy   brollc-n  or sist-
■'within   her limits—the C." 1*. li.,  the ' ,,.      .■,;.„■•:,'"'.   ,*„       ,' ,. ,    •„'
'      -  .ci,     awctliii"   ,m and'.working   aboul
' Great Northern  anh  Morrisscy, ' l'"er- j Uu*   busy ci-ty   of Kernie,   which' mim-
!nie and Michel. .    _        7 ",, over -1,000, and which is earning-
' *The  Great Northern has a. corps  bf . 11L'ar')".''- V>'U-lcr of .a million of clol-
; surveyors    enga»e.l   in    locating    its .h?rs '-'a* month of llu:  vear.    ' -'
Mines ''•_>  (lie   valley    preparatory'   to]' Tins,*  earn-.-rs .are the* backbone,   the
.building its great, trunk  line through ]sinews ol our, thriving.,home of inihis-
fers, the Ledger will try1 to" lay before the public a ' more "da tailed account of what there i.s in and about
Kernie. ,
ami  forests, ami, we s-ln.uld 'lliake   the
most of thcni.       . ■'     ■ " ■
.The hmilcnmtu. has from ihu
.lower slopes of " Mount Kernie the.
A'moii.irchs uf 'the' loivst." ' Hit the
mount:-in. side is .still ih-.'iv, and in*
place of'the 'great trees wild (lowers arc
e built the  clerncst  and  most beau- : Kernie, 'by   appropriating  ' *?oOO      per 'springing  tip to tell  us  of   lhe  j.t ssi■.
.tiful city in Eastern British .Cohim-' year for' t«i years could produce a
bia,* rnd it has the people who are"• park fund of ■"■">,000. Outside iiisljui-
lecjining' self-conscious enough to ' tior.s directly interested in the growth-
build along with its fine buildings,-.Cf our city,' by contributing S500
its good- streets and its beautiful per year for ten years could create a
houses,aiid   lawns a    municipal  gov-, fund of .--5,000   " ' '"'
ernnient," worthy to exist   amid
such |    All these   eoivtrrhut-ions''would   total 'Mount*Ferine )'6u so si me'
a sum-of -*?25,000,  which, could 1-,o used
step. ,  -        , "   . ,
-   What  she has accomplished   in    thc
last lm years  she can   double 'in   the
to the prairie and on to Winnipeg.    , {try, and   from   %ir  earnings'   cornea, i next'tin.. One hundred  and  lifty  bus?
•! .The \-olume   of ' business transacted   the great    bulk -of all 'that   goes,   to i :iiess linns ecntribuiiug •*•!() ■ .'aehper
tin Kernie during  Lhe . present year w'ill •'mak'e Kernie what it is. ■        ■ .year, for the next   ten 'years could M-r.'
! total more   then, v"J2,900,000;, perhaps j    Ferine has'the  site  upon  which  can | ply a"" hind of   'ij'i.WKI." T*h-e    ckv.   of.
go beyond the §3,000,000 'mark. ~
. Fernie has two,, of the largest geu-
! cral "stores in British' Columbia, and
j dozens _ of others.-, that , do thriving
; businesses.       '• ,.   ,.    l
j, Fernie has two. large-wholesale es-
j tablishmcnts . with ample - capital ., to
I do a business as large °in volume as
j any'wholesale houses in Western .Cau-
jada,   , --     i   .     _ ',--.-
' There will be expended . in Ferine
during tlf; ■ present year ■ upon public works   and    buildings  over  $100,L
ooo.      . -1"
The - product of the brewery and
cigar factories of Fernie- amount to
SICO.OOO- per year."__'_. ,;'•    ...     •    '"
The ' Elk Valley contains untold
millions of tons of the best steaming'
and coking _,coal on ;'the.-.American
continent. ,       "  "   '-.     tf
The \ sawmills of ,,the'(>Klfc Valley
tributary., to Kernie are turning out
10,000,000.' feet of;,himl:cr 'per "mouth,
■woEth-at tho— -iv.'. Ms £-! 50-00o or e-
lolal   for the-season  of "S-l,:'06,0o0.
The Elk Valley contains out thousand million feet of merchantable tim-
lier. -   „ I "„ .,-
Ferniu is siiero'iiMlcd \vi*th Llie (ih-'
csL liio'uiilain scenery of any town in
British   Columbia.
•bilities that exist in the soil 'on the
mountain so*singularly clear of rod's
as to make ,it possible to plow .the'
whole hillside.
0 If you have' never taken a walk
along the  log road  across ''the foot of
Ferule's Best
:*$■ -^      ■       ■ •'  -7-" ■ ■   ■
-^-.Friend    is-*'The ^.
I E D T F R;
Read;What^Fernie_Caii-Db in the1*
Next: Ten Years.
Fernie has grown from a wildcnivss !ergk*s, all ^pulling in the same dir'ec-
wild and gloomy to a city of .1,000 [tion, keeping.oin mind what has to
people,.in a single decade; .and is now'!done. in.the■'last 't-.-nywirs by un-
t-hc mcist thriving' ami prosperous i directed effort, put- oiir' Jaces. to-
commuiiity in Eastern British Co- jward the future and sec- what' can '"■ he
liim'ilu- .     '■        "a* iaccom]]lishf(f in the next tcii years by
She has hundads of business , houses ;i,n'*■"*■ of "action, by.concqrd of. pur-
and business lirms; she has   numerous :l'"SL'-- '   ,   '     ,       ■
manufacturing establishments; ', she i Wc-have the grand mountains,' tiie
iias.lar^e coal miius near her,1 door, .beautiful valley, „the' sweep ng river,
and a iaViyc coking plant on her, door   X.Uun> has  *ii.iv.;n us rival coal mines
Ten  years   ago there  was  no,   For-* to Inutility and improve'our city 'aiul
nie;   today  there is no  place' like'Fcr-;
nie. ■      ■    ■ ..- -•     ■ 0,  .    "
The production of'coal in Brit-isl*",
Columiiia. in 187*7 -was 15(5,455 ..tons;!
in   1887 it was -180,142  tons;  in  1903
its surroundings. . •      -,
How could it be expended -- to    the
best advantage?   . '' „   ■        '   ' ■  .
By taking t overall "the present rec-*
reation'*grounds and axMing to k all
it,was I,3C0,21'i tons." The output _ of-i the ground east of the Gr«U- Xo'rth-
coal At the 4'collieries. of-, the'!'Crow's. ern track "and l>etwe«i th* *F,ik river
-Vest l'ass, CoafCo. that year amount-'|a)Ui ^ high- bank along 4'ivcrba-nU'
od;to S0,;,<*05 tons, "and at the prc^nt !.lV(,]1Ut; and maVinR o[ k *• ^ .. pret.
rate of pivduction these-.mines (will-j ti«st liluk pack to be' -fouiul u-Tiv-
this year almost, if* not quite,- equal where with a half-mile.,* track .and
the total output of .the entire prov-! ariyes and walks- all through "it.' By
nice in l')0y.  .-     -   „ .'    0  >.'  ';clcilllillg ^    1]u.   \hVgh*' banks > from
l    The   projwsjd     'big  game   'preserve i'Edgecliife    to    the north end    of  tiw
'park-can., lie'easiest reached from Fer-'J n'K\s?nt rccrca.tiou ''ifrotiiKl  and" s'o'diiu*-,
'iiie, and is fast lxicomiiig known
I Lhe    world as
game.   .,  - ■-
'There  are - apples '
growing, in s yard
in Fernie 'on- a tree tliat'has ; been
planted 'X years. This is remarkable
when-tlie alU'tiide, ;:t,2-10 feet,'is tak-
cn'Mnto account, and is an occular
1'Vrnie lu-s niore ' ■ than ,a ''huiulrwl demonsLratio-n that fruit'eanbe grow,,
busiiu'ss'/inns, ranging from the larg- i jM abundance in' the-Kootenay .Valley, which is iwarly ' 1 ~000 ' feet- lower1*
Lhan Kemie,   and   not  surrounded. by
est store fn (lie province to a second-
j hand store.
There are more than a million dollars invested- in lhe , different inercan-,
tile lines of business in Fernie, .• .
.There are five churches in Fernie
whose properly will total in value
nearly  S 10,0(10.
No where in British, Columbia, with
its jukes urd rivers all 'twining * with north as Canal Flats,
trout, is ihfiv a locality found where
such i * lie lishing ami hunting'' grounds
can be reachcil in it morning's trump
ns from Ferine,
lofty    mountain   peaks    covered   with
snow nearly the year round.
Small fruits,,<> vegetables, ;onts and
grass grow ldxurieiitly in the lower
Elk  valley.     '   "     '.
.The valley- of   the   KooUuay is callable of successful  fruit' growing as for
Tli.' largest' trout ever'cnuglil in tit
Ell: river neai' K-.i-niu weighed 20 lh«.
i'liitl nii'iistiivd over .'! feci in length,
*M'r, Cook, an . employee of the C,
V. li., caught two trout weighing I*"
niul lS.i lbs, encli eight years ngo.
Tlwy were scrvwl to the guests of the
Koynl Hotel hy W. W, Tiitlle, who
then proprietor of that .house,
They monmiwl over !l feet in leiig'tli.
The freight trains li.uilc<l on
nny iiiilwuy in nritish Columbia go
out of Ft-JMii-.* fivoi' the Ciivitt North'
ern niihviiy, -Koine of Uk-hc iniius
nrc tliit'u-,|iiiii-tefN of (i mile long uud
nrc made up of from (10 to 1007 cars
Mor« frvl-j-lil ih Wmtlwl uiul sliippctl
from Kt-nilc Ilnin irom nny city in
Itritlsli Coliimlviii, cM'cptlng, perhaps,  Vancouver.
Twi'iiiy-tlii-eu trains pitHs.vl over lhc
C, 1'. It. through Ferule one day lintt
I'Vl'llll' IlIlK   I'I   lloU'ln,, „
Tlu. mhl'lli- p'oiik of the Tht't'C Sibt-
cm Is 11,00(1 feet above wa level,   ■
The iulnml rewntie collected at tlit
1 Kernie ollice totals •"'.'.'i.OIKi u year.
l'Vinie is the lurgvst ciistoiiiH out-
| port in British  Columbia.
The ciistotitN fi'lli-t'tious on im-
-ports ut Penile -uniitint to **il(l,000 a
Smne   time    nppnrtiiiiity of-
An'American company has inirclins-
od   a _ block of lo,00li acres ot lau-il
near  Elko,''nml'will  irrigate [t   anil
J start  small  lriiit. farms  ou  the  road
Bert Black,  of Ferine hns ,_th»    rec- | in coniforinble .coiiipeleiici; upon them,
nrdsol'nr     this    yisir  in the lishiug j   'i'lu-re ure lai^'aivus  of'choice'fruiL
lline.      He caught,    a ,yninl-ow   ivnul llamls1 within  a radius of  lil'ty . l-.iilijs
mi-iisuring :VJ inches  aiultippiug    Lhe ;0f Kernie which await the viivrgy uml
scab:  al. 12 pounds,'      ' '   ''/    7'       ciiLcrprisfc  of cxiurieiicid' fruit, growers to blosso'iii into fruit orcliaids
Mtist Kooteimy 'has- thousands of
acres ,of us good fruit, lands as can
Ic found in British Coluuib'n, whlich
will l.e producing fruit of the fnust
quality in large ' 'Hinntitics. iu the
next decude,
—...—_.-_ ^	
HoKinur Ih lluppy
Tliu alio vis IK-Hilliifr (looi nnt rofor tn
Mr, C 11 llosmur, iho wi -»■ known nnd
popular tlli'i'ctnrnf ilio C, 1' 11., hut to
llie iiiiw conl town on tin' Crow'* None
Ity , iiiiiiii-tl nf or liim, Iliu I'ompnuy
I'll* (luring llm liiKt two ycai-H cxpi'ndi'il
half a tnlll'iiiu ilnllni'M in (li'Vi'lopiiiont
tvuik Upon tlmlr citnl i-lnlin, nml liy tlm
t'nio ili.u tha oiiibm^o Ih lifted, rwl
I hoy nie premlttcd tn place conl on tlio
niiirktit, they will Iihvm oxpeiulctl n
million mul a linll' doll in, Thn works
linvo' woiil'y bciu vImted by,Mr \V,
t), Mn'.lhow, nf Tuiniilo, n jj'fllitlrniiiii
wl.oiiindo inlllloiiii on llm (train Kx
fli»n(*o, who U i» Ulreit.irof thu C l'.H.,
nnd N now IVoMit nt f-f the CoinolUIul-
an Mining C't, lln wat ac'ompnnlid
by ^rr. \V. ,U Aldi'ltljfc, .Siipor'uloii
limit 11 raw ii U niuUlit-r n ffrnat nhowinir
Here, nml w tiuly juviifylii'; Hit  liith
»jiff,iiifA I'n.lllril ti, i'i lit |i("i'i*M-it mu'
/il'l'lly uli'ii lit- raine lit* tlui I'.nvi'icn
ii'l'i'll yi'Ul't i4*».*, ]| • I* >>'«> r.( |1„.
ui'"-t i-atiii'-ti'i't iLliiliir men In ihe
NVi'Hf, ami Ih in. iiioili"'t ii^ fm In capable.
evening' and get-a glimpsa .of the. liest
panoramic view of Kernfe =.t*ha*t' can
l.e Obtained from.'any view point. -
■In the- evening as tine sun's rays
gild, the; houses, in Hoods' of 'light,
■every outline is brought , out distinctly, and as .-darkness settles down
in the .valley, the'electric, lights,' the!
coke oven .Tires, thc big -burner,' and
electric lights" at the' big mill go to
make. tip a' scoie 1 cng_ 'to be, rememl
bercil.   '   ""
Take a-walk over ."thefc and', ,vhen
joiti tho ,t'iii-ty. club and'help 'to swell
tl1- ,"y-for the bcaulitying , of Kernie
and  its surroundings..   ..    °, .
■ 0 ;—
T,nnn<;K' coMi'i,ArxTs.
to.' It; ;,by cleaning    out-the present.. uu-,
the   paradise. oL big   sightly sl?>ugh   and 'making of   i't." a
o ":,   _i.'      ,    -pretty  little boating pond,    aiid    'by
cleaning up all the ground aiid;, sod-
di nj>.> it'.    ,
-.. -'• ^
" Then l.y imjirovin'g the loging, road
which .has 1-ccii' "made-, across the face
ol Mount- the Elk lumber
company and extending it on around
the hill to Farcy Creek ;l'*ulls. ' ■-*•"
"By s.'Ctirin-c; the lauds surrounding
the falls 'iiml .junking of them a forest park; by asking thc provincial
government to" set aside in perpetuity
(lu hinds "forming the water shed' at
,tlui head of l-'atvy Creek, and thus
protect for it 11 time thc lii'u-st wak'r
supply 'that any city in this province «can boast of. Then a,.trail
could Ic in nd i' in continuation ol the
driving road to 'the falls by which lhe
iihciitt of tlie Thr.--:* Sisters could' be
made in a day - from Kernie. This
would make it'possible to reach thr,,
greatest     nltilude nnd  ,   secure      th-.;
grniilcsl iii'.nnt.i'in  view    that " cc.-itld \ ^"-diciiie Co.,  Ilrockvi
ke-loniul in ihis pvovitu-;., t]u* '-'sen ol
moiiiitiiiiis',''  as. our proyince has hci-n
called, '   ■ , '   ■     .
Mherc can you Jir.d a pluc- when,: it
is possible-lo, climb to (.h.- height uT
11,000 fu.'L above sea level, inoiv, than
n mile above tlm level op the city of
Km life, so -easily lis would l-« possible here if Wc had but n few liniid-
reds of dollars cx-wit-drd upoiur tiiiil
such as we liav-e suggested?
No Mich mountain climb wilh such
giMiidiier of view could |t! obtained
anywhere-in the province'as could.\m
sciii from tliu MininiH or Mb. middle
peak of Mif Three SisU-rs. AH these
thln-N cm lo done willi k«s than
tlit; fSA.OOO raised un imllcaltNl, and
no invi'Ntineiii could be mndc llial
would liring ns immy pcopb i0, ,mr
city every y;*ar lo cn-ry i{\Uy Wuii
thu'in ihv prai»cs Unit Midi mtignili.
cent scenery wmil-il bring rrom mliiilr.
ing visiters. of tm who jinist, Ntl. >tlu. r^tur'n.
ing dollar lor every irnvMi-d dollar
could easily ligurc out- that Irom every dollar thus invested tin- people of
1'Vrnlc would  reap two  In  rmirii.,
Nnl a mcreliuitt or a lirt-U-1 kx-per or
n liiLsilifss man,  wlwtcwr his  lino of
lut'-lli         1»tlj;1lt        lv*,        lltl        1\,„i!,l
rcali/c. In ncltnil IttcrMB? of bw*|«i»4-,
iimliy litnos the SMn n y(*av he lmd
I'tiiilrllniUil   to    bring    nhrnii.    this
Oilier cities  li.iw   lln-lr  'JO.oiill, *r,0.-
- - —— ,44*,   ,,4    4\A>y**"<   \ivil.S,     ivt   Us   Vii    rt:l-
Min nil's  l.itilmtnl    vtir.s  Diphllieiin.   nil; haw n t'liity elnlt «md put i.urtii-
-At f-1'2. firsv". .sbrii of_ i-lln-'ss -. during
'the hoi;''wwi-thar .'give 'live little ones
Baby's Own Tablets, or in-a few
hours Lhe trouble ' may ' --1-e beyond
cure. -]bv!;y''7 Ou„ Tablet's is"' tlw
best incdicine in the" world to -prevent summer complaints, if .given oc-
casir.n.illy to,well chil'dreu/an-il. -will
as,-promptly cure" tlusa'troubles' if
they conn: v 'uncxpcctwlly, Bnt v the
prudent mot lur will not wait until
tumble comes—sh-ii will keep Ik,-.children well ihroiig'li"an .occasional dosi
of this nijiliciae. The Tabl-ets "ouglM,
thcieforc, -1-e kepi' in the house at all
times. Mrs. Chas, -Warren, Xcvis,
Kask., says: "Jlly ' little' boy was
greitly troubled with. ' his' stomach
nud l-owels, but a few dosjs of,Baby's
Own Tablets- wrought a -grout clnriigc
in him, I would not be without the
Tablets hi tiie' house'.'' Sold by all
mediciii-! ■ dealers i/i-'by, mail at -J,*)
c/iits a  | ox-from . Tlt-j Dr.- 'WHIiains'
.Tn,Y    CANAllIA-y   MAGA/JN!',!
■'llie liuli anniversary ol Co(,l"e,Un-a-
ti( n has giwn timel:'u.,s to several
excellent ■arviebs cf an historical
i.iinire which a|ipcnr in lhe, duly number of The Canadian. Magazine! ' Tlu
lirst i-onirilniLio,.-. isby Mr. John
I.cwis, wlitoi-in-chief of the Tnrnnto
.Stai, and i.s .cntltkd "The l'athers of
CwiifcdEfii'tinn." This nrricle. was
prompted by ,\ study of the painting
ly Ko'crt TTnnis, H.O.A., of "The
Fathers of Coufwler.iflon,"' only two
of whom still siirvivc-SIr, CIiiin.' Tup-
per and Siilntor A, A. "Mncdoual-d. A
Iialf-toii;.' ingraviiig of tlm pii'liiliiij?
appears on the froiitlsplcci!, and p|«j-
tographs of tli-ytwo minvIvoi-h are,
also rcprodtiwd, "Tliv Vicert"iiies • of
Canada" It- tin: title of mi articlii by
Mr. II. V. ltoss, with photographs
and sketches of .the uiim ladies who
have '.ecu liilsirchKi-fi at th,', guberiia-
lorinl' rifsidciHi', 'Ottia'tMa ,Mi«ioc Oo'n-
fcdeiatlon. Mr. ,T. V„ 11, McCrciidy
contrihutei nn'nrtlclc rcvoaljug the
changes In the inctlimlN and HiyltK of
joiirmiHsin ttlmf linvu taken ' place
within the Inst 10 yens, and Mr.
John Maclcgn .deals, with "Caiitiila'n
IVissll.llltlc and Perils," Tlu mini-
Icr contains also t-cv-ernl illustrated
.lUii.i'c.'. eii MiiiotiN Mtfijecw, as well
as a j-ixwl OKSiirtiiu-iii of nhort KioricN
i-ts.lry ,iin' ci.tniii-.iil.
If you
- *-••.■ ,..,-
do it
Try a, Ledger Ad.
'& for lioalthy una 'A
7*5; popular views
The Lodger wants to spend the next ten years in helping ^mmmmm
to build and beautify Fernie.    Will you help us to do it ? | Y<>" win nnd |
H* ' »ii      t *    *j " 3£ it in Tlio Lcdirer W
you will, do it now. | Sco „■ yoil (l(„,.t j
Keep your eye on The L^djrcr and watch Fernie j^row. i***********t
. .-0
/    t*j> -•
00 ais Rois
^^^_ 1     ' 1 fl      **       c ' *      "1
Fertile -.."Italian; Band in   Attendance During the Day.
■ >.   .- '  ' *   V '* * *' .. - -.-•   .     '  - , • - -7*. "   ,V '■"".>■ " ir ->        «y •■ ' * o    ^       ^r
See Posters and Small B iis for Pull Particulars
Address Entries and Communications to
,h- w* HERCihlMER, Sec'y Fernie Athletic Ass'in
The Home Bank
The following'refynrdlng' The Home
Bunk uf Cuuada it> rupi'inicil from the
Toronto ''Mail', and Enipiru" of  Wed-
, ni'ailiiy,June*iO:
.- v\/ter iloiii)if a general banking bu7
ncss for 11 full year, and keeping'fund,
to tho extent of nearly m.v.'UhI a hail
n-.'.llioi) dollitis actively Invcsjed, the
iftana^oniunt of llie Ilouiu Bank of C*tn-
ful.i is able to ' 1nak4.1-.tlHi .croilitablc
Blaitiincnt that *U<bs than '5JC0 **j,ni;• Is
oi-. i's book's for iluubM'ul dibits., 'lhc
'statomi'itts of tho tliri'i.-lors wlio ut-
tondud tho annual mciuin'r of the br.nk
yusrurdny show'tlmt the insillatioit
has adopted a very cnift't vativc policy.
, Yet that thin coiisi'i'viirlmv*' has nut
l)0i>n followed ko cloci'ly, that ii hii*.
iiitorforod with tlio bank's steady pro-
{jiens Is Hiiflieiontly I'vldvnpoil In tlio
inni'i'iiHo in nssi'N and depoalts.
•Tha Htiitcmunt priiBiMiii'd at tlu»-nii-
nttal iiicotlii-s' kIiows tliu: the Uome
13 uik of Cannda lias now' nuirly (|\-«
million dollar*' on deposit, wliiln i.iin
UHMcts have fidvanccd to nearly six and
it Ital:' iiiillioiis, The atiiU!,-.iui,Mii niriln *•
shown that $i)ii,i'i)u him Im-i'ii aiidt'd tu*
Him ri'Ht aei'ouut, and *li'i,0(iii'Hi''. iisidc
for new liranclicK, itfttn- which a nix
percent, dividend lm*- been paid.
. AUIionjr', autlioi'1/..iHiiii - ltan been
frlvi'ii I lio iimiiiiKuiiiuiil 10-iiici eftho its.
capital by a minimi dullm*., iliere j*
lio lininoilintn .priupu.'t m' the t.roi-1-.
Iiimii'It i-piiied. The Imunl or direct.ns
I'.ay le- added to l»y tlm addition nf
Hcveral rcproHnutntiyi* viipitiilliix froin
tht* west. From n>port» |ul*| liei'ot-.' dm
("hni'i'lifilili'i-'' it W011I1I npi'imr that thc
inuiHiifeiiieiii IniH tin1 mirthwi'Ht In view
fit 11 prolitiilde lb-Id for »xpain»ioii.
The. direetors' it'.mv.t aliow.-. tint llm
profits for lhe year, afiiM' paying; all
chnrjjps, Including1 oxi'i'imc* Iticuri'uu
i.i (lm opi'!itn_j 01 new ur/tni-iii'n, niiii
j.]'nvi.)]-w /or WI /mil tliiililit:] .Je'-'j,
amount to ps.OflO.itt, boin-f about ton
p»r font, on the nvnrngc pnld-up card
tnl, and tht> mim of f45,1181.IW wan re-
colved na prainiuiii 011 now Htoclc iiil>-
6.;:'.jt*ii, X .7«i'.c4 *4*yUi>iw w»'iOi^j'i.'iA)
baa beimmado to tho rom, nnd tho mim
of ♦lO.tWO.OO rodorved for oxpetmes In
commotion with thn oponlnar of now
briiivlioH* Tho dividend at tha rnto of
•lit por cunt. lua been maintained, tml
the prollt and lotu account tnensisA
to W,70a.o9.
Thu dupo'dU »how nn inertato of
KKU.OOO* Tho total awnta ihow nn in-
crftawi of IMIft/M.VKt'* TVi-» flmirea
ropratont a itoady advancn in the biuf.
rxtn* of tho hank during tha yi»ir
Branchna bava boon opened ut Forni.e
B.C., Wiuinpe'ir, Man., Melbourne and
Ciiiiiiiii-i'tpn. On',-   Another branch will
be. opened.ut Toronto at llie corner of
l-ilnor and lifitiiuint Htre'ets,    Two sub-
branidii-- were opon'ed, one. in Tectiin-
seh nnd lhe' ,*it KvmvU'    In view
0! -un.- ii,eiT! tiadu of ine, i-oumry','-
fii*'.tM.'f.|itrlally in  iln.. Northwuh*. the
report Mates there .should  be <_-ood opportunities- of uxti'itdiiia the bank's use.-
['illness nnd interi'Sis, iiml the directors
have approved"n   by-law,niitlinrij!in»*
the increase of SI.''00,fiOO 10 the bank's
cai'ilrtl    -lock    in.'iUi'ii*'    a    total     of
^.i.'nO.OtM.    If il.i, hy,law i- pm.>,.i| bv
the .-li.ueiiriKiers, ii will -ive tint bank
the aiivant,*i;:e of 'liuiinj* in, a   positloi'i
to avitil Hm-ICoI L-4)"d o|i|iriitimiiies as
pri',*.i-iiU'd from   Uioe   in   finm   nf "ex',
ti-inliiirf and hiciiMsinu iis biniines*'.
"Tlie frude eriodiri'-oi nf the ennmry,
more parlieularlv in the Nnrthtvesit.
Iiamlniwn yoii' I Ji r.-i-i. .»■-.* at roi;t i'1't to
tin1 f'icr that.durim; the corniiur year
it nilu'lit lie oi'portiini' ami adviinta.
jieoiiK to tlie capital Htnrl,* nf
the Imnk. and th»y lmve unproved of
a by law to lm'iiiiltted for your con-
t-ideiMiioti, • whli-li 1'1'iiv'iIhh ior an
iniTtiHM! Ill tlle eiipital slii.-l; In loe
extent of *)l,(Juii,oiu, which will' nuke
tho iiiitliiii'lxuil capiral *>J,(ii*0,ijuij, In
askiini' yuu in uuthorb-c- tills increase
of caiiital, 11 (ilioiuil bu borne in mind
Hint ivjiile Wt* Iliil,K it v,fil In unk for
Klicli iitlliiuii'.-i, it is t_tiiti- pi.ssilile Uml
little, ll any, 01' -mil new stock imi.s
liu i-hlled tliii year, At the fiilin1 t• 11.*-_-,
we liquid it ii.- ilesiralili' that jnur
I)lri.'',lit.'.< In,' i,>, .a po.<liioii lo do wlint
they think will im In the hct liiterests
of the '.1.H.7
1 ii • fn.'i'iH .. „• ii .'ini ('.' Di|ei!or,«
Hi'io i'i* e'li t-1! t . 1 iSIci',- I'lUiieee
rri'*oi'f". '! ri'.lib'iif i Thoii.ii-. J-'lyiin,
vii'c pr«'*j|il -at- K I'.'-aid 'i. fiinilniliaia,
,M. .), iraliey, Civ, I';i..tit.*t'ol'; .1 I.
U'lvliNnii, \V. I'arkyn Murray, Lieu!-
Col, .Iain1'-* M.-koii; .latin's Miuon,
f{!r   *    *   "*    •4    '    *    *    *    '    '    l  'i*c^i*»   *iv <i» ^iV/iv/i\>»\ •iv^i'* *iv v»v /j> *Jv
Al/ \'> \1*
*i> <■> 'I"*
Watch it Increase.'"
All  vou  have:
do' with."a Saving's Accoiuit is
keep it iro'uig—then, watch it
take long for it .to count ■ up to
amount—then you see the
dom  oi savintr.
1 »        *
$1 Opens sn Account with Tlie Home Bank of Canada
start it  and
thc  wis-
J. 11.  MAS^SMALL, Mgr., Pernie   Branch
iir.Ai) orrici:, touonto
B. E. WALIIES, Prwlitfnt   "
ALI'iX, I,AI"?(), Cuiicrul K.vnsger
A. H. IBKLAIIP, !!;:;nir*oU:i.lcM 0/
i'.sT.w)i.]$m:i> \fi*i
Paid-up Capital, 010,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Uraiicbes Uiraughout Cana-ia, :\i\i In tiie United Slates' and ButUnd
uaiNalng bv ;.iai:, *s
' /'SSwslr-o^o yy..\y bo trnrwactctl by xanil v:ith any branch
** Vac AncDur.ifc3 may bo o,,(>vn<xl n.".K,I deposits
mndc ov witli'JIn-v'-va by mail. Every ;i'..toution is paid
to out-oi'-tciwri ocsi'.unts.
I'VrnK'  lli'iincii
<». S.   Holt,   Miuin'*,ur
Viihiiiblii   hunting
Minanl'.*. Liniment C«
GviitH—I curcil ii
Aog ot mutt^v villi Minurd'j- Iyltiiim.'iU
alttr several vru-niiancs ki<"l trc.ilwl
liim without itoin-jj bit» any -ptirmiin*-
tnt good.
Your*, utc,
Proji. »f Ornnd Central Hf»t<*l, Onim-
monilvillr, Aug.  ^,   04.
The C. »'. K. xtation at Kttclnncr
hss beta »le<itroyt**i liy fire. Tlu.- cuhms
■if tne firs: i*,a mynvcry, but tlie con.
tcntx o\ th? biiiWiug, were «Kive«l liy
the .^cuoa ineo.'
M$i&&tf^)fM^Wt#M"M *B4i0U*Wxfti/-*xy,w ws.*»>,. vw
^ ^ JkMiJ Scott i
| Undertakers &. Embalmers|
S Agents fob """ «
S The Calgary Marble & Granite Works R
W The Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson 18
» Sw-jles Ut it Stti at lie Office. Parks ii lily's Bfocfc J5
Allan Line
Dirt'Ct   Hcrvlcn
Dublin Exhibition
Siifittrror Sullliiu'-,
Mont run I  mid (jui-licc to
M* iMpiiol
Victoria*    (ttti-Mnt,    totm)
JVSYt ai
Ionian    (twin   Rcrew,   9,000   tons)
JUNE 38 j
Virji-iiitu   (turlriM,    13,000   tonul ;
JULY s i
Itaiaiaa [twin tttmi, 10,576 ton*)
Saloon, $fi,*) nnd upwnrdai Sccnrid
CaWn. $!2.fi0| Thinl CI«hh, $27.50
arid upwiuxlB, accordlnir U> ««Hm«r.
ModorflU' Itftte Se|:vleo
MONTHEAL    nn-J     QURIJEO    to
TMflriu. Ji* 90
SlcillsM. Jut* »7
Ntmldiai, jniy 4
HOAjfi.lUtflUi.i,.... »,»,».»,m,....3*ly  11
One elui cabin $t0, third c!au$20.5O
Vot reaervatloo of bertha nnd foil
particaUr »pp]y to
a P. It Ajt     Gen. A«.
r-wottt Wlnnlpeir
Summer Excursion Rates
I'.irni.' 10
!Wlmil|.-.jr,    \    $38.25
\Vvt Wlllhnii
Port Art Inn
fc»t. I'nul,,       ,
Diiliitl. .     $48.50
Sioux Olt.v   J
St. Lout* $Sr,,    c»ili*.-.So ^U    Otla k •
f)^'hi>'    Twv.iitu   }'7f54>.     Monlrt'.-.i
$*o.    Si. Jelin $9-0.   'Halifax $56.9.
New York $(_,•**.
TickeM on Sale July _*, 4, j; August >".
<f. ioj September 11. n, 13.
FiiM iL'la*-* Round Trip cji' Hiy LIr-.'i
CgfmitW!i'Ur.<rH.l4U;iif1u«|f0l,_ %\\ Koo»*»<..i
point.. Tiokit* »»»|UM. for Ul<# *»dc.
IrioInillnmmotUKn.l lilrthlion lik*
.:*«m»«,   Thwmb nx**
<|Uf>t»l t«!niv-tt»tli)n
In Oftturlo, fjn«w or Unrttlm* Pre iln..,.«
J. H CARTKR l>. P.A.,trtt*n.
R. HKADINO, 'Aii., Vital* i
Printing   Daily!
News May Run Short.   c ■
i   A Timber Valuator writes regarding
Jlhe pulpwo'od situation: "In yiew of
the growing  senrcityof forest    pro-7
'duets'many substitutes   have    been
i offered and suggested to   take    tha *
.(place, of wood'for building material;'
* yet,   notwithstanding   the   near   approach  to a  timber and  lumber  £a-
'mine,  and  the high prices now be-
ling paid for lumber,' it is still  the.
jeheapeBt, safest i'ud best building material. Brick, c.-w/mt and steel.have
;been experinicnicd with to,a consid-
'.erable , extent, ' but  nothing  has  yet
'been discovered or invented that will,
•serve to check the increasing demand
for lumber0 as  a  building  material. '
When 1 was a boy rags were, used al-
'-most exclusively for making all kinSda
■*■*" paper, but to-day I have it from
Pure Gold Fresh Greamopy "Patter,
per lb .■■ .".'* h....
New Lnid Eg'srs Arrive Daily by* Express,
per doz .- ; '.."....; ;..-.
Nevv,Potatoes. this vear'agrowth,
•j' lbs?..- ;.¥?:...',.:  ....;. -
l  ,->-* :;B ".:?& ;'" ,
;good authority that* 85 per1 cent. ,of
!«J1, the paper manufactured is "made
'from wood pulp,0 chiefly spruce. T waa
recently given a list of ten newspapers the daily issue of each of.-which :
'required the product of a wellftim-
■bered acre of spruce.   To one " that.
•know.-" opproximately the total amount:
of raw material available it, does not;
require much of a- mathematician to
figure out* how long it will reqmre~t"<r'
exhaust   the   supply   at  the   present
rate of .consumption. ;
Almost Denuded of Trees.     '"     |
Prompt Delivery.
W. J; BlUfldell, Post Office Block.
VTOTIUE it, hereby Riven that thirty ilays
*■'■ lifter flute the following; jiursons intend
npplyJuir to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
.tiKl AVoi-ks nt Vk-toriii, P. C, for licenses to
prospect for coal nnd petroleum otrthe follo\e-
liicr described lands, sitimtein Block -WHO
lyini; on the west sido of Orent Northern ruil-
vii.y, Irom Jlorrissey to Cedar Valley timber
limit.-,, iSouflieiist Kooteimy, British Columbia.
Cnnnnencinii nt n post planted (it the nortii
.■M-7',".' ," ■*"•■"*>=  "•=_"; <"«>".; yj- '-'<*ft«;, U:ist corner ol Tstinc Wiilrlron's cluim, thence
.micnignn nnve-been getting their sup-*i riiiiiiiiictiioi-thsiicimins.tiieiice^vestsociiiuns,
ply  ot spruce  from-Ontario., for' sev- i'rlle"ce>-outh H) chains, thence on »t 8ii chains,
.eral. vc-nrs.   Gohw  east  through   On-   to 1>1'ieo °- c»'m'''encomciit, eonliimins, mo
,     .   -■'".      viunifc   cool   iiuuu0u   un- i .tci-e^, ninru or k*r>s.
tario and no:ir:::;r lhc Ottawa River we ■ wauhion, Locator,
.gradually nni'out of the pine belt and - .,    .   , A'. \V.Bisr.i*Ks, ABoni._    ,
find the spruce timber predominating 1)"My ' li,")'- "       ...    t  ".-
'through the J\ ovinccj'of Quebec- New '    Comnu<ncmR nt ti post planted nt, the south-,
'Brunpwick, *sVv-> Scotia and the,'State   c'a",t' c'°1'"'*1'-i""^1'- ^'cCo'-i'''".1*-'-* f'i"m, nm-
of Muino. 13-al,
of  Miehijrnn,
!'■■.(? tlie Western States
Wisconsin  and   Alinne-
lunit south «i chiiins, rhouce''west 8'i chiiins,
liiem-e north 811 cliains, thence eustSn clin'iuiif
lu place nfcomincncciTioiit,'»nii:iini;'040 acres.-
more or U*-i*>. '■"..- ,
., "     '■    I*'. P" McCohmic'K, Locator.
A. W. IlHl.DK.v, ARent.
Slav T, 1!*„7.    ■
Cominuncinir a I, a post planted at the north-
sota.-ttliey havo become almost*entire-'
ly denuded o\ spruce, even that-suitable for 'p;ilp-..-o.-)d, with the exception
of the Provjnf".* of Quebec,  which,.is
mow producing more pulpwoodr"pulp j'-.'-i-tcyrneroi' Peter 'Gilchrist's "claim; thence
and paper tlinn any other Province I ^''"""snorthsichains. thenco west, so chains',
'or Stilto. Within the past two years \ (*'>' place of commencement, making (140lucres;
■there nave been established seventeen ■ •m.reorle-.s. — ~
■pulp mills or rossing plants north of I1- *    •'       ^kter Gii.ciiiiist, Locntor,
!St. Lawfcncj River, the products of
One Cent a Word
One Insertion not less than 5!So.
B-'-t   -, ALB-
nearly new, In best of order,   Apply Ledger
ofllce..      „ mSS-tf
X. Howbrook. Kernie,
VOtJVJ". AVostForulo.well situated. Lot
22. Block S, and Lot 25, lllqck" C. Who will bo
tiiojiu'kv ono? Title nlisolutely clour. Write
to the owner. W. J.'JViss, Vancouver.
■T is worth while -doing your .pucchasing here for in
■ addition to the biggest nnd lVost values prnciirriblr, you
receive with each 50c purchase a coupon entitling you
your choice of either fancy glassware or crockory. f
v»     work.   Apply io Slr».-Eckstein,   flow-
land ii venue. _ ;- ' jL'i-tf
Our   furnishing   department
dollar's  worth'  of value foi
Campbells &*Faultless •.Clothi'iig'
"lOU'LL'flnd just,the suit you* wtiint i;i mir s'no!*:
long: or conservative in length, verv loose or-oiilv hi
of styles and fabrics that will please'vou, Twaud*, Soi
. SUITS' . ■>. " -•      ' '     '""
$8.50 to .- :'; '
' TROUSKRS        "
$1.40'to ;- ■; ;,.
«iimli» nr ijiiiih'i! bi'.-astiid-vcxtr.'t'
li'i'.iti'lv si --■ Wc iuivi- ,*i i'tiiifje
W4ii>U:us':iiii Clu'iviuih'. .
■ V
Boy's Bal brig, uii n Summer Underwear, rig-lit weiii
and durable:   Per suit $00c to "..."...
lit but very,strong.
Men's Summer Under wear,' complete "range in -Balbrig'-aii; Silk and    "\
AA'ool, Pure Silk.and'Natur'arWool." 'Per suit $1.25 to...'.......'..'	
"Men's White nnd Fancy Summer Vests, .rich assortment:
patterns and designs, all well made and good-fitting. ■ $1.35
to". '.'.
,4,,.,.. -.nit!, * chains, "thenco- puVt» Cains, | W^WMlimW
Has "12 years experience.   Address Fernie Led-
A. W.Bkt.dkn,Agent
'Which § arc sliinped to New York and
iother eastern markets. I would suggest that the Forestry -Associations
give some attention to the ■ reforestry
,of spruce pulp wood as well as to the
^reforestation of pine, or some 'dayTwe
"may.^be short of "news" paper.    ,"*  *
Distinguished Leader Commenced Education in Industrial Indian School.
'atekha was a full-blooded Indian, his,
'parents beinir of the Mohawks, whose I- rommoiiciiie at a post planted at ti,e noi-th-
,»>,/»:...«-»«   .r                 «       ,,     ,'     "JI.   ; oust corner of Jerry  Hayes'   claim,  thence
jreservation ,is   near  Brantford.; „ His ' •   '
jEnglish education was ;begun in the
jlndustrinl School, near Brantford, established for the training of young
•Indians, and supported and maimain-
■ed hy the New England Co., whose
headquarters nre in London,-England,
■ wherein he acquired tlie rudiments of
.Miiy7,l!i:T. ■
,ComnienciiiKiit n post'planted'at, the south-
en .-.t. corner of H O. Guillinnd's claim, tlience
ninniiiR -.outh»jchains, tl.c'nce west 8()cliainb,
thenco north 80 cliains, thenee east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, milking U40 acres,
more or loas. .   .
■f.     ■—"   '   '       .--H.-O. GuiLf.UNn, Locator.
V*        A. \V.Bei.dkn, ARent,. .
Mny 7, WOT. ■ ,  '_
Commpncinti »t a post planted nt the southeast coiner of B. E.-=Pulmer'8 claim, thence
running south Si)chains, thenco west »0chains,
thence north 80 chains, tlience east 80 chains,
to place ol commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less. '_; ■    ' , ■  '
 -■            .—     ... g.'gl.p.j....-». r-AfPtrtr.
Muy 7, UK)".'.-"—'-esSi. KA. W. Bei.dkn, Agont
riinniiitt north 8u chains, thonce west 80 chains,
thence south SOchains, thenco enst 80 chains
to place of commencement, malting IU0 acres,
more or less. ■       . ..
.,   , ,      „ ,.   ^.InniiY Havk«, Locator
May 7,1H07. ' _A, \V. Bei.iikn, Agent ■
Comnionoing ut a post planted at the south-
cast comer o! \V. H. Stephson's claim, tlience
lunning south 80 oliains.tlience wost 8uchains,
'liciiee.n.pi-th 80.cliuins, thenco east 8) chains
lo plme of commencement. .
\\'. II, STKi'iiRON.Louator
Mny 7, lini7 A \V, Dki.hkx, Agent  -
CummfiiiVing n't n liost. nliintcil ut. the south-
oust corner of llolit.K, Neil's oliiim,thonco running north 8') chiiins, tliom-u wait Si cliuins.
thenco south so chains.tlionoo cast. SO chain-, to
niiico of,, commencement, mulling iii). ncros
I more nr lo--,.*'
'. - JlmiT K 2si-:ii.   i a* i.-
-Muy 7, l'.'O". „ .V. W. IIki.uks, \<tont
CJoinmoiioing nl n ]iO»t plantoil nt, tlio so'utli-
i,i\-\ ofii'iiiir of I'mninnn Snow's nlnlni, thonoo
niniiiiig south 8ii chains,i tuinoowost so utui ins,
llit'iii.'o uiisloily 8n cliains, llionco nnrlli SO
cliuins to ])lii(!i) of (joiniiioiioomonl. making
.icios mnru ur lus'.
iinSilYATBKIIA.    ,
inn .English education. Hln dortiro-'Ior
•linowledgi.' tor>k him away from homo,
'and for ii lime lie studiod at the Wok-
loyan Anmloiiiy, ,ai. VVilhnilmm, Mdhh.
Ilwing williout mmum, ho lind at tlio of lib' nn opporlunity of
.dovi'Iopiiifj Ilios^Oniiiilltiiis of Hoif-rn-
Jiniico, piiiwivnriiiien, nnd mnolntiou
.that, hnvo hoon hduIi ossDiitinl fncloi'H
in tin* niicciii-iH lluit' Iiiih Hinco atUuidod
Ills I'ffOI'lrl,
Cniimll'iiiH.liiid reason to honor Dr.
Oronhynlcl-lm, []!,, (-uiiiiiH cnuld mil,
ho li'iircil in mi origin in tlu** old hinds
iierohH tlio miiii. Oronliyati'klin wan a
Ciiniiiliiin hy liirlli, So nro other ahlo
iiiftii, Hnl Oi-oiiliyntnklin wns Cnnadian ! Mny
liy nni-milry.  In this doiihlii hl-iiso of-, .  ,.       ,.
■hirth  nnrl  ii'ir-i'-l'l-v  hn  44'hk  «i   iitii«*iin ,    •Iiniiiiidicliiu nt. n liont pliiutudnt. tlio niirlli-
oiriii iinn nn wns ,i uniqiio !.,„,w1, tli,r,,ur 0t Tlun-ntoii   Wln-nilay's I'l.ilin.
Onn, \V, Patch, Lnentnr
A, \V, JIbi.min, Agont   u
' Ciiinn-ii'iolnB nt n nnst pi nnt oil lit, tlio north-
i oiisi cornei- of.I, H, I''r'scliiiiTi.tlionon
, rnuiiiii'.' north mi chains, thonco \vt:*t Hi)
I i'hnlns, thoiiio south fioclinlns, tlioni'ii oust.80
1 I'lmiiii. to plnoo ot ooniniont'i'rninit, miikhimr
1 lil'i ncros, niiiio or loss,
i, ,1,11 Fri.r.iv\viiii:n, Locator
, Mny 7. l(n 7 A, W. JIBMiKN, Agont
! Commonulng ul n jioM plantoil at tho south-
• «'is| oornor of M. Miller's claim, thonoo run-
i.liuts.iuili MinlinliM, thonoo wiwr. so ohnlim,
1 Hioiioo north Rmhalils, thnnon on«t.80ohains,
, to pliii'ii   nfcnmmtiiroiiient, mu king nm lU'i-im
lllnl'll ''I' Ifss,
: M. Mlllor, l.ocnlor
iMny7,l!Hi"    , A, \V, UiiMnii, Agont nnst plnntoil at tlio north-
' Mist cornnr or .1, 11, Wllniot'H nliilm, tlionoo
; Mllllllllir    lllillll    »l   I'llllills.    tlllilll'H    to
i olnlii., tlionoo smith 8'ioluiIns, thonoo oust. Ho
olmin'vtii plnoo of I'liiiiiiuMii'viiiuiit, iniikliig
1 iliu ncros mnrpor lo*.".
J. II, AVIImot.Lnoator
l'u" A. W, Ilolilmi Agont
rojinvoiiliillvo ofjhls country. yiorliripH
llm ifri'iilflsl f'linadliiii of,his timo,  - |
Tin' lifn of Oi'tiii'liyht'oldin'diiiM-lpft'
iIh iiii-iiioi'ImIii in iilolliltiB for Hiildron
who   would   In-   iinkiM-',   in   food   fori
orfihimw who \vo\t\i\, h,*   himitry,   In
comfort for wUIowm who wouhl hn In
wind  if I lio  I'eiiiiw of thii; . Tndlnn
chief hud not enrripd tho hlivniiurs of
JiiminiiifP lulu lives nnd homos Hint
Inivn ni'ver heeii   ronched   hy
•livily  of  tin-   old   lino   onm-
tlionoo iuniting south Wi otniiim, tlionoo wost,
Hnoliiiiii...ilii'111'o nortii M elmliii, llicncn oust
HO o)inIns to plnoo nf oninnioiu'oinoiil,
TlinmUui Wliontloy, Loontni*
\fny 7. r.m" A, \\\ llolilon, Agont,
th,. ■■
Crn-I   Roon   In
J. S. Liii-ko. t'liiindinn Ti'mJq
OouiiiHM^iiiiii'i' to iN'nw South Wains, rh-
jiorli- tn Uie Triiiln and Pimimi'r'feo po-
nnrtincnl, thnt thoro jh a groat, bcibm
•In triT-ln (n \ur*iritl'i Thn tiMil trad*
of thn OnttiiiiimwoiiHIi  for 1000 'wJuj
£iiV,KnlMH), lln OolUplirOli Willi iJlii'>,ltf*r>*
7(58 in 1(.05. Tlio importfl won- .C-H.COO.-
000 in 100(1, as against £;i*UM-,781,
whilo tlio oxporU (rrow from £.r>Q,841,-
Onn in 1005 to £08,1250,000 last year. .
Tlio j'raipooto fdr 1007. arc good..
T\k h.vtv4-*t oi H\i<n tSuAitii VTiiUrA tuonft
pnxluoM] 84,000^)00 buniieln of wheat,
■wideti will Allow of 18,000,000 bnaheli
boinjr exported,
The N«w TmoltmA droajtht hnn bwnl,,, ,i
bnokim. and Inula r>t»poclii, which
Iiud horn very poorj««-Wow imprVmrfj __
Mr. Ltrko uyi ha U diatributinc ~
eatolopted farnkli««l by (be CanAdian
MMmfaoturom' Awod-tUorj, mpooUtly ■
m rifiHi nibbor rmvln, uHdU>r_f and
<Krriaj*« m&terlalt, rtt^om, maehin-
Aty, bruiliM, gluawtn and brtM
food*-   no, howwwf, ioo* not oxpeto
TOUOl)   fMUlt  UBl«H    OMMltitll   flrtM
a4*^ioijit dltoot
100 MEN
Tri'iichmen, Hraccrs and Pipe
layers waniotl for Sewer worlc
in i'ernie, B.C. Kive mnnlhs
work. • Gocul wntyes.
Much Macwonai.e,
** „' ,   Contractor
-»- houso, or will-'sell clionp.- Apply F. H.
.shcrman, West Forme      ' 	
ROOM  TO RENT. 'Apply Mr,,
HowlniMl tiyenne,
*J '].>'*
■*• - Steele Brewery, putse containing a small
sum of money.*" Ownor may have. same hy
proving property and paving for this ad Ap-'
ply this oliioo june
iNopitiBii Rusk
General Blacksmith
Repairing,   etc'
C rner of Victorla'A venue &. Jnffrnv st
Dress Skirts ■
Blonses=---- "      . ■   -
Dr«>ss Goods
Children's Straw Hats -
Silk & Satin Underskirts'
Rsiin Coats,.' .,'
Moslins /
Wash Collars <&'Belts
House Furnishings    , ,..
•Parasols •
*"   "', Gloves^*. "'* .    y'i}  '. I
\   \ Hosiery' ■   ' ..y . ,;.",
. "Veilings *'        ',' .;' *
■     =    L - .^Sateens ,,, ,.
Linens1*   "*
■• t.
are easv.on all:
Our Stock is very, complete from Baby's Bootees to.Men's Working Boots,'1 whHe our prices
The Artisan .Working Boot for Men,   .   "The Walk Over Fine Shoe for Men   ;     The Art SPoefor Women
Good,   reliable, ' licnd  salosimin  in
Groceries and Dry goods   for   West
Canadian Mutual Co operative *Trnd l
ing Co., Colcmiin.._A.lberta.   Address;
stilting exporienco and salary,  with'
references to '
John Notmari, Sec.
•.'•"' Colemnn.
Shoemaker Shop
(Opp. P, Uuriu & Co'b ollico)
The nwnor Imq
WO'i'kl'fl .1 yours
,., nnd is proji'irml
to iln nil kimlH of repHlrliig am!
new work.
in Rnmo, Itnly, nnd is
Windsor Castle Creamery Butter,' direct
from the crcamcrv.    Per lb -	
Royal Household Flour is the flour for The" Royal"'
Ilcusuliold nr tlio poor ninn's eottiigu. Acknowlerl^od
the best for bread and pastry, but costs vou no-more'
than inferior brands.' *»,*   bum
."   Per 100 lb sack & **?****
Ont ni the wrecked enr of en'iincd goods wo hiivo a limited quiuuitv of. the undormentioiied
quality in.tho best, the reason cf iho low price is on account of the labels being slightly soiled.
Canned Pumpkin    -J fl*^ CniuedConi «iCA ' Preserved Raspberries
Pit tin.,
.'J tins,
.incs,   Tho
Grocery  Special   for   Saturday   only
Get the Benefit
Ben GiQlioLti
French Tuition
We Biandlo ontv Ike B. O. Pur© Cane Granulntetl Siujap.
of the low price.
Take advahtag
Ornriuliitt'd Siiiyur
20 |b cotton biipH.
nnd I'*,.]
per lb..
incr'u ComblimMnii
Muiliiino Mmiu Moiielict
f'riKliuite of tlm UnlvLM'Hlty
'IVi'iiih mi A|ij)lli!iitl(in
West Fernie
Green   House
AiltlrcHH HouriifOiitliolfiiOliiii'Hi
■" i-» i *" v i ■» i '
tri i
Slocks, Astors, R.-ilsams aiul
Tom.ifo  plains  for snlo
The C.N. P, E. L. & P. Go.
Cun supplv you wiih wiucr,
intiit, snliiry Uiw,i»'|i*r'.u.<inllif A|ii»lyM
■Inly J.'lli Riwilutr, «x(H<ri«iii*i* mi'l «ni*lo«lmr
U,rin,n„.uUI,.:l N(m      iv.
Citv CTi.khk
Fkiikik II. C.
....... .-.,(«.
f .Hi 1 T.iKf    "•!   :
drawn and K-»tii»;iten \*\trrr" •
t —*tA i.'.l. -h ,i
lllniT&'i rdnimetit Cure*.' CMin, Rtie,
Cor.iof Jaflray St. u^Jl!TJolv!■«ri, Ave< »-^"»»-** ffr
Feftt5«,f,fll- Ci
*imW***$IFvn<& MAUKU
rffrwy^    Cop fnioHTs &c.
Anrnn* ««ndln( a akalrti nml d nfHntlnn m«-
lulclilr urerliilii niir (ipliilnii ft** wlistlir- mi
nirwiiioii r—      -
m^   nnlni'r«
U -*-i.-JtW u o
irermin niir fliiiinnn nutjtlietlir- »n
.   . V"ilMt Biimior for noinrintiptunti,
itmu tttm tbrAutli Mumi A Coil
tfituA m*tUi, wlihont tUrt*, I • IM
o. Teco!»*
■jcienmic .Ntniriuiii.
X •* f   ft"
i- fssstsy^f^ ** to « i
.'J.*****-. J"? I™*'*,fjftlttntXhl* tnr »pv .M X*
'rAneiM X.y hi* 'wi,*. .._...
WfVliHlt,«ti» tifttri/iirjtli ni» Li'i «Tid tturj
'Iffiiri'i Unlf«i>nvCBM Co4d», Usui
No Sfwlles!* Plunm, Nn Pitlcs-i
Apples, Nn CoblcsA Coru—junt old
rtliable \*x\*xAt* at reanonable
pricti. Fertill-tera. pee Supplies,
StiMy IHimpn. fiprnylsy Matttliil.
Cat. flowtri, ttijs Oldest eitab-
Iltluid Bunuty on the maiolani! of
9. C. Catalotntr Vtot,
CkMnliouw   titxA   Seed   Xloxtm]
" VoMtoortx, B. C.
P, 8.—II your loca.1    merdunte
<ta''nAi Ckndle   tny   teed*, send
r -t-UMtt.' Wt prepay filly pscketi,
sssotisA vtvletfet ot f«rdetf M*ds
la K p»lf*^ (tMt*,! lUttkj. to
•four tMAteet pott office (or li.oo;^UU-'forsoo.- tHai wl-
We cun supply you wllha complete lino of
of every required slue and slrcn-jlli nnd with nil neccwinrv attachments,'
sucli ax Couplings, Bunds, Nozzles, Sprinlclcrs, eic,  -
* . nnd no incrense the beauty nnd value of your home.
Whimster &, Co. pho«« Rinht.


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