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The Fernie Ledger 1907-08-03

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Har-die Addresses
puworf.,1 and &rowin2 party. "1 have . luve-'tried, the ,f.ospe'„cf evciv man
never be.n a'.le to; understand .why j for him elf end the de il tjske I he
thire uhould"'; c fricticn -.etwee*.' the ' hiii'der-i-osl    V\'c  see. the  results    of
Famous Labor Leader Kas a Few Th ngs io Say
.,."* About Immigration, and Defines His; Position
With Regard to Socialism.
.'There'-wa6 *ie~rly,a catastrophe at' e cry
'the big 'mass .meeting. addressed    by ~"
Kelx Hordie in   Sherman's^auditorl-
am   last'.-, night."' A. tier = of   seats
f   V
.'-exowded. with pcopile collapsed a, few.
, ."XDinuteso before the. meeting -'started,
and; tlie" occupants ' were* precipitated
.,-to^ihie'''ground;"but: happily'nobody
;'mroa,hurt.'.' ,.*'„, *,■        -■_.' ■_- ,..-■« '-
'Itvwas a record crowd for a; labor
.meeting."    Keir,   Hardie's   address,.
.lastin-j for exactly,-an hour,-was"ap-
precl:.t.d   t:. .the  .full.     Before he
*' warned up, to ills subject"," he made
a jovial allusion'to the fact that ''in
hlsjold age"..he had,developed globe
-trotting 'tendencies.',; -   7
. ", "The labor15 movement," he went
-oirtb^say,' "miibt, alove everything
•cUf:, be": international.. Capitalism
"knows' no country, and -is" limited- by
■ no creed," and" just as the "capital's-.
* tic system oppresses the workers of
. every land, so, should .the workers of
every land!combine one" with* the oth-
'    "     ■■--•-- -the/day .'offjtheir
er . to ;bqs'eo^on
"emancipation. 1 am ., , glad to find
tb:,t those of'you who were .trades
iinlonis'.B-,and socialists in ,the/,.014
Country did not leive your,- principles 'behind you .when you came. to.
inig/country. '7'7 "*■.-, """''- 777""
""The problems "of,-Canada are very
different fiom 'those ofvthe.old-world.
. The difficulty   here'seems-to be- to
■ flndpco.'ie fir,tbe vacant *U.nd..The
difficulty'at" h'me.is.to find; land for
the"idle people. "In:re is plenty of
land at Lome, only, we have a dog-
in-the-mnngei' tye'em; by,,.which one
man Wa'jle t? say to fifty thousand.
^of his' frllows, '"i'ou iniy itrve or
hot if _you plc'ise,.,but'.this land", is
'mlne.'tan'd'yp'.i shan't be allowed to
■ use" it-"except'on the terms which "I
dictate1.'"., That is not your problem,
but the day .is bound to come when
;the   p'ro'.lems which    afflict the old
world will also re.iulre to, be facell
in Canada,. and ■ It is, therefore   well
that the wor'ic ng,cl:s:j shculd maintain their trade union organizations
and regard tie mnn who is outside
- hl.s particular union as an ereai'y of
" the, well being of the claBs to which
'" ho-belongs.   The groat problem,, of
" the,, employlnj class Is cheap tabor,
»nd cheap*labo.' Is the" rock on which
the, prosperity of, the wording   c*a3s
is Always wree'ecd.,' ,,,'"'
- ,,''One thing* Blrl! ea mo-very much
' lu.jviiitlng thi3 part of Canada, .and
that ;ls  thc nuwi\er of,, my,
Mid th:ro
holOlrij of«(e3 In Ir.d!o. t-iat one dny
when ihe went in tlie "que dr angle •: of
In our,, own land
Thomas Carry le and John - Stuart
Mill; more than half a century ago
did their dVb'' io call attention" to
what was-then cal'ed' the condition
of.t'*o'people. -Karl Marx and Henry
George 'in m jre•* resent years have
called * internitlonal- attintion. to. the
_same iroblem. And yet In spite ": of
all our' grogre s, In spite cf the ira-
proveme.ts iii machinery1, in api'e of
bur „growing and increasing f wealth,
a'Very*large proportion'of the population are as deep down in ihe
slough of poverty as they Were Je-
for j , these inventions were even
dre'ined'of. Mill said it was a question whether all the la":or-saving inventions which 'had been discovered
had lightened the day's labor of "ini
single individual.   '    ,-'",-'
-    -- -' '   j .*.   .   -
"We have flfi.y*  or sixty thousand
women work ng in the big'ce.itr.s cf
industry of; the old--country*' today.
Bach of-them .: are working from'• 74
to (0 huuri per wee'eand never tarn
lucre-than"five to .six shillings', -luring .that time. -If that were ;all -it
socialist and the .trade .union movement., Thry arc b'oth.neccss;ry. You:
re.uire tr..dcs unionism .to. protect
you asainst the present capitalis'.ic
iys.em,.and.yoiT requite -".ocia'is'm to
sweep away the system that ycu r>
c.uire   protection   from.. (Applaus;.)
There aro 82 numbers of ths lahor
party, and of that number 22 are
avowed, socialis's, leaving" tea who
are trade union ofJMals. Propagan-
dada work is goi".g on am'n;,st' the
socl.lists• to an.ext.nt hitherto undreamed cf. The trade union move-
in nt in ■ its very end must be a
wor'.ing cliiss movement, but t'.ie.
sociili.--.tie • movement, bringing', as it
does a new gospel. t\.r humanity," appeals to .people of all sections of-the
community.  \       ,,',——.« tx',+&;-*■ -'.''
.. a gre.t m ny, schemes nre.being'j ,,.,
put forward to .solve the unemploy- lon
ed trollem.   Imperialism wis mooted as *a solution of the.evil.    The
fyst*.m in thc .fid ..^a'.rd
,inr milli.ns.   We see It
of thousands of  \vo".cu
'.pel o I 1 y dire nec*.s3ity'
bodies on th: stre tsto, j
eep' them alive.' We see j
the i. resent
in our st r
in the  Luis
wlio are co
to auli their
te'. food ti
it'n thu dnm cnn:ss th..t   prevails. ■
Wo s.e "t in the^wrnt cf s;U:rcs;:ect''
o' serva'.le    everywhere.   Ws see    in-
socl.lism     that   great   communist''c
coll'.cl^e a..e"*cy of all the" people
ter "LIY. tbe; people's good.
"The la or movement, however 't
may hae-be^uu, js bound toend in
the, socialistic ti-ovement, and twith
iherisng cf the.proletariat.the.capitalistic system will' bocome more
{.nd more difficult. • /
'"If <he la'or piirty were in Boii?:*?
If In? wUlct have tbe.,p ll-gaver'i-
ment she h-Bbcei de.rived of so"
II * the labor par y .were in
power we subi'ld no*!, 'sej, iEe' h'ar-
rown1? ipsctacle of seventy"thoUBand
All Arrangements'Now Complete!
For the Celebration of
fernie's Big Day
South Afr can war cured us of that, Indians under the British flag dyin^
would-be bad.enjugh, but above__th's jpiy
tlure-.are'the low:r.paid class'of
ti ans
the- Old Country only, averages ',17s
6d per we;k. 'Here is a labor .problem demanding soiuti;n," and: it". is„
not cnly/in the 01d-*Country wh'.-ra
it b'-jtains; ''".',.'' "7 • '
■■■■'(h my younger days it used'to b'e
a favorite tbe:ry t'.iat all„tbe'evils
which alTlici; us were due to the fact
that we* wero'ruled over by a*, monarchy, a :d had . not, a republiean
fcrm of government. We know'now,
as a m:.t'er of_.fact,-"that in o.ibun-
tr'es wlerc the,form, cf government
brought a 6-t afl it 'W^s ly the designing ihtriducB of a small handful
of cai-itjils b wanting cheap labor
in. South Africa.* (Applause^)- Some
25,000 men l.iid d:-wn.their live:, on
tho.-.eldl fl^hting for whit they believed was freedom fcr Britishers."on
the Eaud. What was the result.?,- The
war is'os'er, the'Transvaal is annexed, and these very-men who fought
and bled on the field cf,Rattle , are
now no louder allowed ti; work' on-
the R.nd.. '^o -Brit.s'.:er'- nend -ap-'
of starvation..while the country is
being drained of its wealth to isup-
port •> a privileged, official * class. If
.the labor-party were in power women
would not ,be.-treated asinferipr cre-
atiens to men,-industrially end politically. The labor party stands for
rlgliteorsirs:, ..justice, freedom and
truth,'and -imbued. with_ these ideas
we in the o'd land shall go on fi-jht:
in; cs best we know-how, and we
shall stretch out our bunds; to .oiir
comrades,of'.   "911-hnds    and invite
They    wii" 'take .Chinamen,Jlh m to 'oin US;in Aghtlng-.for.-• the
re'the low:r.paid class'of ,:r-j'PoieSi Italians "and- an/ nationality [ overthrow of a system which is rob
and -laborers. .The* average* Under' the-sun  that will be subser-[*)ln-'. lif(* °: its sweetest savor, 'am
•iSS^"*dthft^criingjlass-in4viont-ti^thBm^ from   enjoyin-
tralians who .f .ught 't'iere during the
war are .'now bo"ng sent ba'c'c again
at. the public expense because ro
work can be found, for them!
, "I have gone down fie Thames em-
tan'ment at, night and s-en the Salvation1'Army' feeding thousmds. of
wretched, 6fc:rviig men who have no
■homj. Many ef these men' are cM
B:ldiers. A ies.on cf th;t kmd has
cured the eld country cf'the impor-
i-l's ic fe er.,'lhat .won't wash any
mere.   And wh^t I want to" its'c" you
is'-monarchlal or republican, whether.,to" do is   to guard     a.'.ainst   that
'   I m'fit, {Sydneyrsrhith
wero Bb^hdii'r'Scitchrjiwr
(03 In If.d!a, t-int ono dny,
ent in'the'■qUBdrd'n'gl'e-l of
thi upvernmont buildings and shout   e* erclse th.it power officio
«dJ.•'Mnc.•■•*a■'•■t•ed• •••heW-'w^'Poni** ■*'*UlR«ntlj>i'-(Appln'(Nf*.)'*v
it b3 the autjeracy of the-Czar, tho
imperialism of the Emperor cf 'ler-
miiny, the , limited monurchy ; of
Gre t Brit in,',or the repu'jliciin'Bm
of the United St:.t s—wh:rever Indus'ry hns d.vclope.1 there you havo
a condition cf society which is a d's;
Kraco to the rulers end all responsible fir it., Tha church ,hns preached, the politicians have tnl'-o.l, tbo
phtloo phers .havo tbo^rized, and
still t'e'groat probl'm cf povoity ro-
mains unsolved. There nre tho-3e n"
uo now in the " old lind who hate
ec-mo to tho conclusion.that tho real
rcsponi-i i'ity of poverty d:os not
rest with' the church,; nor with tjio
politician, nor with the aristocrat.
It rsV'wlth tho working cl-,s3ps
themselves, bocaugo thoy havo the
power'to' pht'filnjs ri.,ht, butdo^'t
e-ercUo th.it power efficiently ,or In-
. v
out ,->o!-;»v«rjr *- window** <'LaU(*htor)
A.Bln.llur.,,8te,to ; of...th'h;s prevails,
Host of tb? principal ofllcofl n.wa
dAyB,«At^om->-.n^UAbr^nd. if, tl\oy
atic no* ntftdfb'irlEeo-whMw .a|o' fill*,,
cd i)y|*4-li#-<4# i8cot-
lrmd,i*%#^(llt^-«f«i b||!p:-s;
ed to le con inert d ly Bln.'land, or if
not oqn.iuoroa ui lonit absorbed, nnu
yet if'you uo to the Houae of Com-
mor« Vou And the prjn^_,mlnlitir o,|
tbe pMionl goveriuht nt lift Bcotoli-
in^n, -the ,'e dcr tl tie init RO'ern'
m:n', wr.a a flccitclnn:n, the h*it\ ol
tb-j EnjllBh church Ih n Bco'.ohmnn,
nnd tho l«id«r of tho labor pnrty Ib
a Bootohm.m. (Mcro laugh'er,) If
Bnijlnnd lias conjucred or n'.Borbed
'what ,s called the Celtic fringe, It Is
oVariy evident thi.t wo nre having
our revenue hy n\e;*r1>ln;r tho swoota
of ofllce,
.   "ThoBe of you who have followed'
recent (leveloptucn'e in tho Old Country   n»»Bt have leen Bur,'.riiied   nnd
grdtlllcd by the buocom of tho la':or
.movement.     Tredei    unionism    la
htrtner in the Old    Country   than
e/or it was before, hut the remarkable development which 1ms arrested! the   attention  of   'bo  Bnjllih-
Bpe^klng'wtrM is t'e urowth of tho
labor party In tho Houio of   Commons.   There are people who   ee.m
to At-Bume thit the lalor party has
B;runK up like Joa.ih's gourd   In  a
nliht, »nd wlll wither In a day. But
tlter-d ni-4 luuii uUil women who know
tho long years of t>il that have -rone
to the bllldln? up of the labor party
fa tie House of Commons, and who',
know, I sptak the truth when X nay
Hut whatever    else It df>et'n><rto
(.-.ll and f-de it-w^v lu the Old Conn-
11 try, the lA'-or parly has   come   rn
•tay.  (Apphxiu.)
The erendition cf the people bat
rttn loxxg »roVfn a'out. It Ims re-
exxftioA tie fttnti'-n of tnl-ikm   In
"VA'nBw,Bfll ■*wtf- ^formed*.;our.-"labor
puity.,„WaJound tho. HQuao.jof..Cam;
ffi?RB.M.!.L°&.? .Vy,, MJPr.'tlM.,w.n,?. J,1***"-
wnya re?reBont.'.tlve of the'lntereatfl
tawdy.foim of imperialism known r>
fla ^-waving, fcr whiU you ar? ho'.c-
ing towards tbe utt rmi-st ends of
tho crth the foci who ns'ted you to'
wave tho flag is picking your pockets w I'i  both hands.   (Laughter.)
"Then cml, ration w s brought to
thc front, and now every.agency that
can le employed is being enlisted to
emigrate people ,to .. o'.hcr lands.
Emi re tion was enly intended to
('ivert utto:tl;n f om the real cause
of the trouble at home end th) reil
remedy, I protiHt against men be-
■lug. expropriated from tholr. homo
a.ain t thuir will, for thnt is what
It rejlly amounts t,*. 'Hith r go or
slanc, .is the edict which Is being
ifuncd. I have,spoken of,your vacant land.-'. The cry is 'Send those
people to Canada, - and they will
become .fjrm.crB.J .Iliriow that,.farm-
,tjrs don't grow,spontaneously in that
ttasblon. .-If'we .are, to make, thoAo
peoplo lanr.or'i, whut is tho matter
with fnilfIn; thorn farmers nt homo?
or ,de/eloping three qualities-. with
which it is endowed.- "   -       -;   -.
."in the." words of Karl Marx:
.'Workers of the .world .unite. , You
have -a- worid to gain, arid nothing
to' Icsj tut chains.' "—Morning ■: Al-
bert.'.n.   .        ■" - ^
' —-o	
The Civic Holiday on Monday bids
fair to be*, the, most., enjoyable ever
experienced in Fernie.' The,committee
entrusted with the".preparations have
been .energetically worKiug' wjth a view,
of providing- an*pscell.pnt day's spwt.;,'
We ijiii'ik.thc. initiot-s sUbnid take.
th'Blr-'ljpjjday'pn'Moiidtjy next 'ins'tead,
of the Monday after p-.y day and cooperate with the" townspeople ingivinp
otlr nii'iiiy visitors a good time.
Preparations aro going on to illuminate the city. Everybody is expected to
decorate their houses; if. you have no
buutln/r get some of the splendid, wild
flowers that" grow-,, so profuse on our
mountain banks*,
.The visitors to Fernie can, be sure of
a .'hearty",, western welcome and can
spend'a happy day auion.if some of the
most splendid scenery in the world. If
they like they can visit our'coal mines,
which are second to noiie.' They can
visit' the,Elk Lumber Company's' bi^
mill and see something' irorth seeing.!
If they want to'get'a way from the maddening throng-'they can get some of the
finest fishing in the world in the Hiver
Elk.' fWh'ocan offer more attractions
than FernieS'"'    .-'     7    ' «■
It lias'been decided bv'the committee.,
The Executive Board of Dist
18, U J; W. of A. Hold
Session in City
The Executive Board of Disl. No. 18
U. M. W, of A., met ai Fernie on the
261I1 and 27th July, all officers nnd
hoard members beiiifj prcdcntVconsidor-
able business was transuded.
,,. The officers reported a (food -Jenl-of
victimization of local leaders wnsMn'ing
carried on bv various-coinpanys in llie
lignite' fields of Alberta. Steps were
ml<cn ti> cliocUniHle this compensation
given, to victimized members.'   ' (1
Four, new,,loculb were organized since
last,board meeting, viz.; Woodpecker,
Diamond City,, Alberta Coal .it'Coke
Co. mine,.Lundbreck nnd Mqiinvllle
'Alherln. ■■.■',
'   The .men nt Hosmer failed to keep
. ifeBfc-lHumunmjitu
if liuijS.n nature•**nmo?;it|nl)jrnn;(B
and ocndltlonB of s;clety, If wo
v/cre Jn tholr places wo would ho as
thoy rro, T dn't.hrlng rny railing
u.crtiiBjtlc'nat.a'nBt the rich, What I
point out Ib tlmt so long tin workingmen 11 en - cnnt'niio to elect rich
men' t> look alter tlolr lntoroutH,
they have no il/ht to grtimblo If
those lnteveutu ore neglected. , It
would not Lo In humnn nature for
the rich to despoil ttiemsclvce of
wh;t they have In ordor to help
choir le*-* fortunate follows.
"JuBt an the    rich nro hound   to
hafe.uril the interests of the   diss
io wb'iMi be IC-ltS,.."). Ai,d mi lol
forty years w« have be.p.n to'lln? to
build up thin la*:or party—not no a
Liberal la'-or petty, nor ne a Con-
Btrvnti e labor pnrly, bat ns nn In-
depenilent labor party, contrcl'ed hy
I th*> wnr'^r?, fli*i»?c! \y tl;.; -tracJ.-
cm. (Applause.) We were til from
the beg'iinlng tho thin t was Import-
B'.ble. We had the press ngninnt ub,
we had the pulpit against tie, we had
every nepcctnble element in society
a ainst ra, hut wo held our own,
md now whut was s.iid to be au im-
roB'tblllty ban    become   nn -Dcemr-i-
Wo hajo plenty cf..hnd thoro. There ! llll;ir promiso to attend a meeting ,to
pro hundrcilB of «i|tinro mlloB of good j organize,    t
llind which could support a big Ppp-:' The Uoitrd paid convidcrable attention
111,ton. But n wnduys the. lundlcrl 1 to the nmnzing list of accidt'iii*in llie
can got tnoro menoy by, turning bis j Various minor- of llie Crow'n Nest Pass
iund ml) a Hprrtlng tcteat   for  an .Coal'Co, and it was decided to risk for
'American millionaire1, than If ho nl- t- government commission of 'omiuirv
..    ".       -    .     ■*'./. 11
"tharno onejociility'shall be represented
by more than'one team in any event.-
fh the baseball coin petit inn,' owing to
the limited ,time on Monday, the committee' hns' decided that'thp competing
teams 'shall iplay off-' the preliminary
games on Sunday to qualify for, tlie |
finals on the fifth. Itft,is expected that j
Elk, ..Cranbrook,. Eureka, Montana,
Fernie, and''possibly the. Maroons of
Fernie will bein the event.
In the football event n strong effort is
being made to bring, together the
Caledonian football team bf Cnjgar.v.'and
rho Coal Cree^tenm, ^
The following .officers' have boon
appointed for the ilny: The commitee,
President Wood nnd MesHrs Lwiirlo,
VVIielnn, Morris, Moore, Phillipe, Warren
and Secretary Herchmer; ticket Hellor,
H. S. A. Crosby; Btarter, horse ovents
VV, W. Tuttle, other events A, Morris;
nmi-Rliall,"\V. W. Tuttle; judges, first
set, W.'K Pollock', W. n. Ross, Thos.
IJIggS! jtidgos, second set, J Gusty, R
\V. Wood, .1. II, MoMulliti; referee
(football), G, Wood; umpire (baseball),
W. W. Tuttle.    ,
Visiting tenuis to bo admitted free if
hi uniform.  '
DuHlness men of tho city aro requested
to decoruto their premises.
Tho Calgary excursion wlll arrive
here about 8 DO in the morning.
The Coal Company is agreeable for
thc miners to take a holiday on Mondav
instead of the Monday after, payday,
and will run special trains If Agreeable
to the workmen.
* Children's Straw Hats r
50c for. 40c ■**■* 75c for 60c
lovtfll tl:e crofters t) til tho land,
.Do'ore I nj-r.-e'to'-Bre'd'-one single
penny cf mon y ly iissiBtlrt; people
tu tmlRr.iti-iI.want to*,hod the lonely glean of Scotland ropeopl.d, (Ap*
pIiiubV,) ,, ■ •'•''*.
ICml'r,.tli,n is no euro tor poverty.
Durln-r tl:e Inst fifty yers tho population of poor, unhappy Ireland hnri
beei decre sed ly cno-h If, Not*
our Urltibh Bt-t em;n    are nclmow'.
cd.^ln^ at la'.t what they ih-.juld huve  miestions will come before tliis com-
Isoen half n century ajjo,   Thoy have ' miiteo for HiMtlcmeni.
The Conl Cre'ole mines nro worldnf,'
, , full blast, turning oul.3,500 tons per
with a view of tryliif,' to' ifevls'e mt'iiHK day.
to prevent lIk'hc I wo fr«|uent iicciduiits. j At Carhimiulo 14 men are employed
The elation rceviiily held for mcm-*| upon neu" development:-'- More will bo
hers of the Joint C\*mmii(cu hci-itf pro-1 employed us soon as possible, il heinn
(ekttfJ by the majority of unioiih lakinjf j the Intention of the Company to punl)
part in wime, it wan ili-cldcd to appoint; the work 111 thin point,
tlie three District OmVcr» as the miners', .Michel mines are working steady, „
lepresfiiilntives on the comniltice, th*; There are ionic toinpl.'ilnts of the
lirst mt'clliif,' to take pliu-c the second, waul of cars and limber at many of the
Monday  in", Au^uil.    A Ka-ut   many; minus in District 18.
ladies* Print Dresses'
!)>2.25 for$r.75 , ■;•    '
.       $2;00 for $1.50
Ladies' Knit Underskirts
toe for 5c       15c for ioc
Hen's Straw Hats
$2.50 for $1.7.5.    °
$1.75 for $1.25
$1.00 for  50c,
35c for 25c
Men's Colored Shirts
Stiff Bosom, all] sizes
$1.50 for 75c
Boys' Wash Suits
$2.00 for $1.50
$2.50 for $2.00
come ui the concl.:ulon tint the
ciily w-iy tub.iva ireiund in t*.i cmi-
grat 1 nt tho pe.plc, but tbe lmd-
lords who opprcuB the people. 'Applause.) Good luck to Ilium in r,lklr
Vibtn i ituirn home * rtiall   ic-i
all I have 1'nrned ,'n Cnnadn,   uud
cnde.ivtr .tu keep our people nt homo, •» «lio members,
and flRht for labor conditions that     A lot of routine husineks was trans.
will enabU them ti stay at homo,,!acted and the   ineeiiiiu; wiu 11 very
unless (huy arc wllln-; ti 30 nway vuccessful one.
The Lignite mines on the prairie ore
p..-', ',s-('r!i!r,^ f-.i!l l!,;.*..,'. j,^^,..,.. ,
AnpuiilK were mndo lo the  hoard  to      Tin* lumbi-r mills ;ire vt-ry bu*y tiiro-
•>L'iid or^nniiters Into the lignite fields of* \nir mil lumber,   Some complain of n ■
.Sinikulfliewiui and that will he done'«bortH(;e of cars,
later, '    McrcliantH report a Kood htoady trade 1
Instructions were (,'ivcn to have nil  w]']_ protipct'ls jjood for more.'. I
;!,vv-.;4;Ii,n ,4^»vv.4.-,4:4'.4?4 Jn -44IC \ii»\»u.i i   Tne  Coleman,   ¥too\   end   Lille
publikhed in book form and distributed minis wor'ed at.out half time   last
weekl No cars. j
A bed em! f:\m.ne will surely take
of the r c^wn frc will.
' Whit ib loclnllsm? Some people
* y that ,we wunt to thiir-; W4;.vlth
pushed f..cl, nnd 82 wemteru of tTio j«tu*tlly at bo much per he'd. They
pri*re:.t HoUKe of Commons have been' say we vtant to make the drunk and
"turned thsrei Independent of Mt.r-jtb,iftle«   m n e.u„l to tta   ^«r       { . ^ on|
nl cr Tory alike. Iniin, nnd   other rtibblsh and   nm- ..   »    '    "."   ...    . „, ^„ /.
" I htxxo hern -isVl whs Inr   th, !«Bte. ^ "l,w ln Hrnxc "*"«<*« ^ *°;
labor party nf the Old Country |m|   "Xor'nlim me-n-r that the    land  "*.»■'»* ? "fori rf th'ir h*tm«*tng.,
•«•! tini. n»i*     ri   1. --  11111,...... v.  1
piece In  tbe  Oanadien   weet   this
icomltif   winter tnlea  ejmetlilnj; Is)
' done to provide truiuiporUtion.   A |
' new company has been formed   to ;
  ! u* e ovef the Datuee ttnln-* »t Utb- i
«.,   .   .       Z     ,      ..      Li-• ; bridge. A, O. Plummet-felt e»d   K. j
The I^kJk'er will be pl«i*cJ to publish. M> fla,(r m afc th, h<a(J of tht MW
. ilie rcporu of nny poliiir«l panv«   Thc,
soet list pnrly, It Ib an iUH-ince re !of tbe coun tj, mated rf telon.-ln,-
tween the tr.ide un!on movement md jti indt-idu^ln 1 nd leln,* tiplolted ..y
the H^calut movfmf-nt. There '.* njUi so ln.llv1du.1U, fihull he eonionn
w r Inr AKret-ment between th-tn. Ipri .s*;i'.n ant t-b ritu.eo rf .ill-he
md rs .1 nsilt of lb :i nt-r-tmrnt ipe-jlt >f the cuntry. "Hi.cl.ill«n is
we ha e icon a'le to bolld up  the tie ire t   1 w nf   rami n 'In.    We
Vancoivci,   Axxg.   1.—■■yiEhtinf"
The coluniin* ol ilii1. rtntyr urn open j^ Martin and B. T. KlngeUy, ed-1
for ilu: discussion of «ui:il, politii-al .-md ft^r tf tlia Weeti'm Clarion, are op*:
tvonomii: «|ui*-.iion'>.    IVr*..>«;»liiJi'*. uill potle; W. J. Bowetr, the attowef"
noi iv-tlloucd. t-enr-1 for DrlMth Colma'ta.   The
l.atiH-.'rii*>srtii-!f r«*f.<rr.-.| towlwifft p Hmi   tnVr■ pi iee t' d.»f.   Ti'B    W
I** •■titti-nid-tlily ■.•rowilt'it mu thi- wt»('ls..ona en Bowner. ,1
Lois of other
bargains, call
in and look
them Over.
Wood Co.
Limited. FERNIE LEDGER^ FERNIE, B. C, AUGUST;" 3,, 1907.:
,-; if
Manifesting It's yii^tues
tyf'-'Hf*.,, 4^-.4.^4tf**I,%
v.lf *"   - ' ■'<■■ ?•■
^•S->,,     '    "'      'l!
-'•:•  . .::'■»•*•
Little Points That Help' in Selling. Goods
In IVIillions of Teapots DaiSy
Let the, Public Know What■ You Hace to
,   Sell—Never Stop , Pushing-rA
Hint for tlie Clerks.
...„  TEA
You Ti-*
!uMldi»nckctHb..iy'*: BLACK \ttlXED... or'GREEN
y^T':^ »--\r:   , S^s
OaestWmirllM XOoal-Tar DcrtvativtA
,/ (NON-OARBOLIO.)       V
,,Pluck.-. ,
How often you hear one business
man say of "another who has been
successful: ''Ain't he lucky?", Luck
hae nothing to do with anyone's cr.c-
cess.' It is pluck..       i-i
Pluck and enthusiasm _ are the'po*-
•n   which make'the   winner.     "With
theie t.vo (lualitiVs, which are invariably found together, a man will sue;
■■seed. 7
Business men who have - achieved
greatness in their line are those who
posse-is an abundance of enthusiasm.
A possession that iB better than
anything else to a man is' that de-
__ termination cf character known .as
pluck,,and an enthusiastic,confidence^
that he will succeid. \ ,.
To persevere against great odds,"
and to, make a victorious fight in lhe
lace of almcs1-, ImposulMlities, it requires pluck which °is not' gover.ied
by impulse. -
'To cultivate"pliic'i cne must m-
courage steadfastness of furpose.
'Vhen a thing is begun it should be
finished. ".*,' o
""   .Thu trouble with most of us is not
-■■so-TT*uch_tba.t_ we.have"a hard row to
hoe', but that\,we dislike hoeing., .,; '
Opportunity , knocks once-and -bit-
en a dozen tl.iies—at every door, but
you have no kick against t'*e fates if
opportunity knocks,''finds you lost in
' a pl;e dream and turns away nevo"
to return.,,-    .-.,, ,.   -
Bacon said: .""ihe mold of a "man's
, fortune is in'his own hands." _i
All men cannot bo captains of in-
.' iluBtry,' All men cannot succeed phe-
noiiienally.      All  men, it seems, cannot s'cc:cd,-e\e.*i,,mo<lcrat.lyl but till
men can make an e"Iort to succeo'l.
v*_\Ve must nol stop striving to1 reach
a .'higher and' better place until*' wo
nr,o willing t*j sihVto tho bottom.
If.j.we simply expect to-llont and not
try .to swiu, we might jU3t cs well
{-.Hit. it would'be well for us to
.'.rfip ,ns a mot 0 Lcfon us1 "Perao-
vet'ance nui^ -pluc'. conquer '*ll
thJjngB,''/ for. it be*i,r'8,,c,c83* relation-
ship . 10 ihe subject chosen. If we1
roitaded thelit'.io opportunities In
life nuro seriously and mndo ti-o
mqa': uss of them wo would. l;o hotter
"niyje to mst'.r tho* golden opp:rtun-
itleB. '
I". ■ ■: •■''. -
The secret of most' succe:seB lies
in "the man rather than in the meth-
oi- % o
Making people want* the goods is,
after all, about as near the secret of
It as there comes to be.ug any secret. 'Make .the public want what you
have to sell and the sale is ball
made.,   -   * * '
„Epitaph of ia fa'lure:   "He worked*
overtime dodging work.".
The Man .With the Overalls,
- When the
comes   into
around and take your time to
man with the, overalls
your store don't   t'.rn
on.him. Don't snub the man .with,
tbe overalls .in order*to wait upon
Bome elite bf the town—that is, if
the overall man came into your store'
first. Your overall man usually
stinds by the.home tr>wn. Hework3
in the shops, in * the "mines, in
the-factories and in the mills. ' 'His
dollar.Is just as good" as the '.oilar
given to you by the man who tuts
lo, put ,011 all- kinds of airs in your
"twin™ Th"e*~old~""A"meric"an—eigle—o*n-
the silver' dollar given to you'by the'
man attired .in overalls counts for
you just as much and screams_ just
as .hard- as"the bird on the dollar
turned over by the man wha belong
to the upper tens. Besides, •- if the
man-in the overalls'twaritB credit until Saturday night or until the first
of the month, you'll stand to win
to get, tho. cash from him 'when *he
ciuys he'li pay you. Don't give him
tbe marble heart. You want his
trad.*.' Ho needs,, dvygoods and jjroc-
erios, rnd he. will spend his money
with you it you trtut him right
Benzcr and Ericksoii Said to be
ftetcctivesiri ttief niployi
af Mine -Owners J
• •■.    'J-."     ■ ~       t *•   '.   ■   1!., -., •
Convention Enlivened by Charges
That Traitors are iii Council ■■■
With an. armful of copies of I at tei-s
alleged to have beenWritten by Fred'J;
Beiizer and Olaf Ki-'Ei-ieksnii, delegates
lo the convention- of United-'Mine
Workers of America, of.the Wyoming:
district;- now in session -at tho Club
building, showing' conclusively, it was
claimed, that they are.Phikerton detectives in Hie role of miners and betraying'
■J       <r '
their fellow-workers'_secrets in the'Rock
Springe (Wyo.), district, "Jas'.-'Kinvan;
secretary of the Western ■ Federation of
Miners, asked, that these men boflex-
■ pelled at once.
action was
13uslncss Sic'-ncss a1. Common
plaint. - i
•■■•.      „ Let It Be Known.
"?»* '
Vou may kn^w that you have the
beet nsHorted .stock In town, but the
p\i>l'c wl'.l rot know It unless you
teij them about It; they uro uot
cldlrvoy.'.nts. First ubo tho noWripiip-
cra llberully, then circular, personal
letters, ul't to- them when you con
catch them In your store, nt their
ho:ncB—nnywhere. The Unit and li>et
thing to bear in mind about odvor-
tining Ih thnt It Ib ns wide ns hum in
naturo in Its appeal.
!v\UverlisinK in the mlclity cnRine
of siicccb3, r<nd without It tbe i*ub'.
neiH world would he minus Its tlyna
nio of enerBj'.*'
ruih All The Time,
If it pnya 10 lush when bush .win
to nl,   t I'.iVB to 1 unh when buatnosit
le';Ull. •'.;-
ilf It payn to pubh when buBlnesa Ib
led, It payv ti pm.h when biiHlnesa
le 1-0.d.
(f It p-iye t<i piiBli nt all, It pays
to pub'■'" nit tbe time.
Tho-fforc. don't let It die.
When every thin-,' Ib coming your
wny, piifth to maKo it come buck to
Push nil the time and you'll feel
tbe letter for It, nnd make more
It tn-"fB hard thln'ilng and nnrd
worlr to ineroiite buslniBB In the fneo
of e'ron."- competlt an. But the bue-
tncei Is there, and aoraubody will tetji
it—you or your n'1-ibhor, or perh.ipn
jwir competitor In the next town,
Which ah ill it l.e?
H-lp your emplojece Inereise ycur
l>e   I5u-iln«38 Tbrou'-hout.
:A jo1 e la a Jofcc, but bu.-lneis Is no
jo'.o, and It  b inlthty bard to mako
ibi: two mle,
*t in.in iMiii* <44itf.iT "h piivw lt> .ul'
vet ee iin-o', bu-lmu *, but mini 1»
JHtiiwm." Tin* -liciii'f -old him *>u!_
aw', uove le w>r"*.* f.-r *>S« »■«•; \%tt,
i*.ho do a iid.'ertlM.
S,tuck in_u mt, ,nro yju?S.uno old
tut; .Loss iloesn'rt np.rdctnt3 your efforts. • Iht.ro t in . your buslno3B
\\o.rlng .thin at the , otlgeB?ISh?
Thought ro! Well, what nre you
wn'ltilng for?,
You l'now nothing ro illy oomeB to
tho fo'l'.w , who waits, except the
"push." Some people nover "got
thoro" unliBi they're pushed.   .
(f you'ro sick of your job you're
doln,; yourself and your boBs a bad
turn by hanging on. Stsrt lco'lng
mound for another, job—that'll keep
your mind 11-iiid, Wo;-.derf,l what
a pick nie-iip. job-hunting is lo some
people. If you get, "turned down"
two or three times you'll be^ln to
think whit smnll potntoos you really nre after a',1, und that's good
tonic for biiNlncBB Blokne'e-tbe first
B'gn of recovery, in fact.
Your prcse.it job will, maybe, nc-
tjulro a Irish interest in you, nnd
you'll come lit it again like a two*
' if you were bom with a square
chin nnd tbe normal amount of gray
mutter, you'll pro".ably want to set
nhe.id of the proeieiton. There is
only one,euro wny, nnd thnt is
"hnow bow." A fellow with "know
how" never l'sos Interest In his Jo'i,
He wouldn't get the "know how" If
and  the  officers: of
Spring- locals were ordered to ;call a
meeting, and get'rid of the two miners.
The two men we're, .members of the'
important 'wage scale committee now
formulating- demands"upon the mine
owners for an 'increase* of wages, and
thc delegates sny they always appeared
late in tho-morning probably because
they lind to "Bit up late at night making
out their daily nreports to the Pinker
tons.'!.. They wore not In tho convention
hall when Kirwnn' appeared, and did
nol attend any of the meetings yesterday
morning. , Some one had warned thorn
of what whs to be done at tho meeting
cilletl for '1,o'clock, and they failed to
appear.;'. i">  ,"  ',''    ■'!,  l,t ,v«   ,< ■
Kirwnn claimed thnt'ljoii/.or is known
as Pinkei'ton "No; 21 nn/V jEv.ic.kson Ko.
20. llcsniil Unit llen/.or betrayed tho
men during tho Cripple Creek troubles
nud was one of the -' minors" deported
In June, 1005,-Kirwnn  Bays,  Benisor
District Attorney Tmin's woik'on •' l'lii*. 1
I'riBoiier at.tho Bar.". '
"Another judgeltolls of an expcrieiice-j
of .his „wlien serving upon a jury In'
.Ireland.   The ciiee over,. they, .retired,!
to the jury Voom.-and found that thev,',
stood eleven to,one .for acquittal, but;
that one happenecUo bo a,very eoinpln \
ceiitpld.'goiitieman iuai billycock' hat'
who, with his' cHlti, resting upon .tho;!
head of a thick bamlibo eniie,'announced"
defiantly, thatc. he'was, ready  to,'stay
there as long,"as anybody.   The hours
dragged slowly by, evening drew on,'
and stilhthe old gentleman obstinately
held out.'  .The jurors disposed tlieir
weary bodies as best" they' could ''along j-
tlw floor-aii'd'the  bind  benches  audi
prepa'red to make a'night of'it ,\
■• From time to time therold gentleinan !
would," contemplatively, suck' the head-;
of his; bamboo cane.   Finally'lid fell'I
fast asleep, and-th'e cane fell heavily to"
the Ihor.   Then one of the jurors picked
it. up and found-to his surprise that it
was hollow and filled^ivith good old Irish
.whisky.- They passed tlie cane around,
"relieved it of  it's  contents  and   then
awoke the owner.' . Slowly he raised the
cane'to, his mouth, sucked ineffectually
for a moment/looked at his,"watch-' and
then arose with the.announcement:   •
■-"■iB'ys,'"'.Fm   afthor   changin'   .me
mihd!'.i'7 . . -    -* 7 *'-.  '.'
Kroaa pmmomi *4vutaaM vfclcfc stln,li b«ntr ud safer tfeia a«y tthw mlerUl for
, houehold dldaholtai, *M Xt h pnfenfclo M utrbollo tcld, twM k dec* Mt bum, to chloride
, of [Ini, eopptru, **u, bcoatM . .__ *,,'*,     ' '.,  -
rtrti.  It li ft*.  U Ik* iXtmls* notauMaded k *i ptwkaQr ■M-polooawM, and tua
thtrafora Wj used b—Xj, aad b aala » kin traaad.  Ii ia Mt aiaaila or b-riufuigi k data aoi --
' attaok matata, aad Ikahfera data aa* daatrer phaMaai k daaa aat parauMasIr aiaia vaabaUe
ftbrlci. ,' ■    "' •„ > ■'■"-..,•" •*.'• - 1
*, Second. It la" tftatba. Jtho lakarawfy taata rt«aln *ai la a IK aatMlaa h aiaat dtatro*/
,  the moat rcaitunl dlaaaaa^m (ttM |mi ra* t*tm) la on* tataalt. t It thaa dltlnhota, altuniti ,
andpu'rlflea.  ItoMtr«Tal**'->'»a^a*4»r*tatl*»^
) thaodo'r. iiii -• .   >'i(!t    *','!v.!4.,'  *; ,'-. tihl.'l 1."    '•;  , !* "n    ' h   ., il '    r-.'    ;;  ,-i(-   ,->;'
,   rMrd.|i_tila_a»*aAfdli_^'a_Nra^,ia»a*!a^[. Tcaaaa dtBtataaa^k. -, -(_ ..^_,
, , ; ^reso.!ipar_*lc«|u>*rnla|Uil^*f*m^aa*«tbr«k^
Ing Inrecifon, clctnalm. sxttXtjlag aad pfataoilac aaaiiatlab   It la tb* Idial dlttdhttaat for
.jHOUSES,! " "
.     For til i
tontral dlalalMdM f*******,**)* tomw*%T*m{w*m*nsxnoy li-tta ftaV
lowing p'ro'portlan'M-''  u  v\ '' ",J "-/''"''-,    "' '* '""■ '*''
I;-'"   ''"-  '"  .'l'.ubleapooaltilEHMi
-l-.*:-.'f»1 .*,P!"),,l(f«i»»  •,; *-*-"1
miking approxliaataly a l-fe>-IM **MM.  .       .-:''■■■
i     -I   I    •<    i   I      i,,-)!l  ,.-•    !l(   i,.    ;   1    .|<|l    v,   l\\ .-}      ■
i <   w+n t\U9 Mm TO VHi
•If- "f
'l   s
'.pom HUM
Fepnie,1 B. C,
.,      f  l   ,,    ,   ,.4,1-,   .    ,
s=A=<=T=*=1 lT--4 -4- * -Tr_
AVill.Find New Health"and Strength in
-J.    '   Dr..Williams Pink PUIb -■ -   ,,
The'weak .woman can depend upo'ti
it that her blood is out bf'order,' for if
her blood'ie rich and pure she will be
strong,- healthy and happy. Bad blood
is the'eauso of .nearly all tlie aches aiid
pains from,which women1 suffer. Keep
tho blood rich and red by the use of Dr".
Williams' Pink Pills and suffering will
not exist, Mrs. James It." Kratz, of
.Jordan Station, .Out., has tested the
value'of these Pills aiid strongly advises'
otherAyc'iiion* tb'uso theiii," Slio siiya':
'! For more thiin a yeiir 1 was a great'
sufferer from"'weakness'!1 'I was'completely worn'out, 1 lost'lldsh'/'could
not rest at night and in tl'iii morning 1
arose more tired than on going to' bed,
I hiid tilk'en doctors' treatment "with iiii
bonclit'   J grew worse day by dav, nnd
came   into   the  headquarters of "the ^« beginning to look upon'my case as
Wertorn'FedoriUloii of Minors, but was !'»!!?)-?M. w!?:'n 1^llH ,"'_vl80(110 *«"y Dl'
Bpeedily "kicked out."
From the tenor of tlu .,--r  „,■„.. 1% .    .  ,        .,    ..     ,      .
Uenxer and 1*,",-,:- ■- «-fc*-»«« thoy bcff(U1 t0 ho,P ,l1'1' b>' th«t,m0 *
-   I    ,% ■ * -   ■    -ril'..   - .       '
■■-   *■ ••>!. :.4«.
.... ■  .-*l .;,.-  i*,
will  stand   Railroad ' inspection;:
a 20-Ytear Gold-
*i"*l   '•! , '  A  .      .-ti*.   J        ,;   it'.*   *.'•*'    .
filled    case -. -f or -y
$30.00" at } ~<YYy:
G0^^ Tirne i     The Jeweler?
, William's' Pink PIIIh.
To iny great joy
tenor of the dally reports of 5?J?allI.,,"dttakl0I| thn ff\* .n
MO„™ uEriclUontotherinkortous '^ b«ff»»   o help and by thfiti;
they woro evidently doing all they could J«d t.kon eight boxes every symptom
to prevent lho .oVruIhUoii  of  tho o'my trouble had left me and   ■ was
miners round Hock Springs
letters contained tha  movements  of    ™«h;   \ look "P0" »/*
everyone ol the union aympathlBori and 1,nk I illH nB» vm,i,"bl° llfft '
always ended up with "I last visited the "ovor °lR0 «/'ancoto recomr
Tf.>M,.u,n.....    » .   .n«.„ **„^- copies of reporlH lent In by thamvn
It ■ m irvdlous    how   IntercBtlng, „/,.„,,, MlI1/,lin „,„„ nf llul ■j,illbllll|„lll
business li when you pet fie proper
spirit.   Some mru obtiln more gen*
nine   pleasure   from   business than
they do from pliy.   If you want   to
ct*-}'****  Miri ii-mi—vt\\ty   't-annV   rnwr-
frnlf In it, and ImiiRlnfi It's play.
You won't hn,ve tn ImnRlne   *lon^,
rtnd when yuu've pot tho spirit    of
Their onco moro *jnJ°y*,T"»Rr perfect honlth and
I'look upon Dr. Williams'
savor and
recommend them
Navy, Milwaukee and other nloons."   ;t0 my frion(l,,,
Whon Kirwnn h»d fliilRhad with lilt Tho mcom of Dr. Wllllanis' Pink
o*posuro President Thomas Qllison nd- 1,|U» '• ,,u,3 .to their power to make iiew,
vised the delejjRtes not to offer even an rIch r0(J b-,ooil._ This now blood strength-
Insulting romnrk to the two men If thoy ens '•'*! «orv«i and glvei nourUhmoiji
should meet them on the street, nud t0 »!! tlie oriV™ of .the body, thnp
counsolod inoderatlon, The saintly, curlnjr anaemlo, indigestion, noura))rln,
looking miner and minister, the llev, rheumatl«m;- nervous debility, bond
Frank Day, of Camoyvlllo, Wyo., said ncho nnd bnckadie, and all the secret
that tho -'two delegates must have a■■nmontt of"irlrlhood nnd womanhood,
legion of devils In them. If wo treat T,'e p»!-* »>,0,,0,*> by ^ medicine deal-
them wl|h conilderatlon the pnblln wlll .&* or "-ny bo bad cllroct at ISO cotitU;
appreciate It.  box or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Secretary  Rlrwan ol the Western WlllUwii MwJIcliio Co,, Broekvllle, Out,
I-'ederftlon ol Minors was given a rising      '    .'
vote of'thanks (or the Information he
gnvo the convention There wns a
unanimous shout ol "where did you got
It" from nil tbo dolegntes, but Kirwnn
was hllent ns to bow he obtained the
-'■'' ''.'-
and Aft
;ind' if  you-  clo   'your-  garden   the,
''sariic''Wciv' you' will have   a   good '    '•-.■,'
< •' ■       ' *       * tii ." i     " 't * M i * i
'„   '_   'showing." VVe'have.,'a good showing.of'.' ,- ., ;
Garden•"Tools,.,Geirderi   Hose>
Lawn Mowers, Etc.
Screen Doors, Screen Windows
j. d. wm
'*' ,.'■■",.'  -7^ - ,.-'  * i ,; f-  (
Hardware and Furnfiture
'I        '  V      '     V   -l! I    .-■ '•        ''.i ■,        ,i (       .       !, i'j. ■
' It
■ -, *.'v
I* ,
I ft
I *•'"
He mild that the plan of the I'inki-rtoiis
wiih tn have tho Mpottei'H tend tin11'epni'ts
to an outsider uud then bnvn hlui for-
ward Ihi'in to thn 1'itikni'tnii iiiioncy
Kirwnn font'ludi'd by nskliy the im*n to
"|4<I 44.4Hi   ..4.)    .-,...1, it',-,'.;..   mL-,1.1   i      tlu*
sei'iTl vwvlci* rtcjinvtmcut nt \\w \Vi»«<
urn I-Vdcrntlon."—lt-onvci* Pout,
the name )0u couldn't
oni'wltli a plclcnx.
le Vept out:
Thu  following  story   friin   Ircliiiul
lludu ltn wny Into | rlnt In A-oh-tant
" I thought I must go on suffering
from piles im il I died, but Zam-Buk
cured me," siiyi Mn. K, 11 wd, of Ktoeh-'
ImrgfOnl.), 'and ailili:-"l wun t0 wenWencil
ttinucoiilitimnll-f movenlinut, nml nllulo
work onuiwil nie KreiittiKOiij, Then I lirnnl
»(tliln uruiiil Imlin, *M\[ ii in tliniikfiil to
my itiftt it nn* cured tne/'
., Jbmlniii lUo iuim tula, trarni. InilM-i, itlffinu,
v.Kini.iiliwn, r.mriul \),i*t. mm frri tmu'Ii tt-n nkhi
liiiil ttnrtt t»W% a (mi, or bniBuli Co„Toru"ilo, 1
Jp AVH'AT PKOPUi SAV ABOUT OUR ,    ,j;M   ,,   ,.      ,
Meats, Eggsr Butter,
Poultry- oncf VtuH
Why not try us mul hi' convinced tlmt' wliTi't ihty wiy lutho truth ?
Our prices nre the- most i*ciuonul*le In Femlu- Phono No 4 or
call iit the shop on Victoria*avenue'
I 4. ,   '     i|.-:i*
Dominion Meat Co* Ltd.
Phone No. 4 Victoria Avenues
* t
A wellrknowii .baritone,, Mbo very
much rci'ni d being aeeompanle-1 In-,,
diflcrently, tomplete'y, lost hla tenv •
per at tebtirrt'nl find IhreUani-d tbe"'
prcift-aaor that If be plr,y<*d for him *
like that at retformmfe he wo'Ud,'
Jurnii on the VeybontA ami Knn*.h
It- _
"Atb!" « M the pr/f'«vr In ro
h!m- il:»inrl'.*.l, ".lit U ,1 (fin !i!(.;i,
11 you prouii-u- i*» 4lt> jii I will .tJvvf*
I'im- i.i, mid 1 .1111 luri: niori1 jW44t>U'
*>|U covat to st? 70:1 thump ex "111
eome t*-« be.if yw *lo^."
HOUSB NO.   174
The   weary  traveller in search ol 11   (jr*xjti
limn.*, i'l.'.u.v in »'.i-. nud liumctliltii? gT'l f»
lirink «li,(it!(i mo 1,1
The King Edward Hotel
J. L.  (laics  Propftetor
Corner Mnn.-ion .St. r-*«   ..^.r-.    1*3    r*
*        I ' :   ■    .,1     ',•   !•    ^'
Wc   \\o\c fCir.ovc-d
Drugs,    Stationery,.
1 --I
di::*   .TpJonrtitl   «= topic  of
Etc.;   to   the   stand
Next to
1   j    ■; ■    1"  ■> '.
The l-lnnic nt timiiUum, .wliuro wo. will «» asunl bo
|ilcHt>*rt u» nif.tt yt-tt.   Itcmcmlicr-ncxt to'.
•Tho Fa»acc Ei»u(Jj Stosro      <i"
Ailvovtfec-  in   The  luirnic  Ledger
>' *",i-W-'il«&->4V''i
I    '■ *'■
..... .    a£jjgg?^:-^?.sasssa-^^^
*n-.-?'~4*U|ffl':ft^4«A-M*all ijb.m Jj.^. „„„_
»J»   <£  T^'JO M7/-'V'7a;'..H^M;vi  .-*>;*,(':-;- i    •: f'/vl.-M   ■>
-EiJrRN I E~trE E>6rERr-F BRNI E,-B. C., A UG UST ;t,   i 007
" .*f**trt*fiW. >»*,„!.,,
-*"><-**«rt.-*Uf .J*.4*ra*»t Mi-MIAUUMU.um^vn< , ,-*,
Empfi^iiig Gfeffi*i?^^!^-"^toj^ii[a'" 't^^&3Sr-1SSSS?SS1£il;
;. Commission off,Grimes-by
Union Men
accpmpl'sbed   so jinucli. J.Ine hlat-iry
s, cf ;tV.e- /anthracite   mining industry
affords an'al-ULfd'nce of -'evidence !.*.to
improve   that., a well disciplined   'and
powerful   organiautloiv of'wor-'iri.;-
t? men-;if- the' _L'e_6t' guarantee'»'cf''pea.'e*
ytiil and ■ 8'lti-,factory 'conditions
jcmploymont'•• in" the   coal
reeions '
ihe-sfrictity tf*an obligation 'or • an
oath. "Perjury "io as-holy to them'as
the truth, providing th'ey^can • serve
tb'cir msster, and it-Is not'surpris-*
las that their, testimony is "discounted In every court in-thislcoudtry.- -
,-'Not'-albnc in the; la"tof 'movement
Ik's t'e infi'.'enco'bl the'Pi'tike^ton's
le n pernicious."Now"and then*'thoro"
are scand,-Is.nought (6 ,Hsht in cur
bccliil lirc flu t displays* a syttem of,
of^eispluhige ihbt'cught not'to to'tcl-
cratel lii any clylllzctj' community
,<* *"*- i
of g5mmerce
SST-inusufp 49-f?
jN"e\ei- before in tae, progress ,of the |,  Thnt ono yf'"these spies' of this ne-
■  '.' ■> ' jc'-"'^ trude Fas the business "so gi,n-jfnr'ous'a,eney hiie ,Leen, detect:d"by
~~       —-"—-,** .-,,... erally satisfactory and profitable to the Telegraphers' Union" Is^ a  ;c;use
Approved    Shx. me., tO - C.lt, - RCif I I.  .Cables    Under lOth^opEr.-jfr.-; nud mine wor-Was r.f ni'uch satisfaction,1 and'we "hope it
""  ""'    '{ Jit hr.s -een   since the award of the
' '   ■'  onhraclte   'itrlke
JN WYOMING.   : ■ ,:
i ,...,.,<  ..,- r.
t the same time that De-
the: North River
commiss'on ' was
. Capita!iet employers mal.e no distinction betwe:n, 'radical" cr "con-
, Pervative*: un'oris. They pretend to,
'butttbty know that any iator organisation forme.! to . Improve ■ condition*''' of the working class "must -be
BUccessf ul only by'cutting down part
of the, surplus income thct, goes to
the fowners.    To the capitalist" the
•' - "*.     ■      •      •
union.•.that,-raises, witgts: .or..reduces;,
hours    is   "radical."   To  him    ihe
union that is cpathctic, that is -at-
Tisfled "with^'pre'sent' c:nditions '-"■nnd
will not struggle' for better,- is Jcon-
eervat'V2,''-;but ho", seldom finds cce
'of that,kind. The:workers 'sbon e'e-
•ort such a union. The capitalist
makes.no dislincti.n leiwe.n.unions,.
. wht the:, they Support socialism 'or
Dot." .Soine workinsmen' thin'*:, - and
many  capitalists ."profess,:" otherwise
Aim: si
iriarest .was „d.iag. h's w^rk   tierej
District -No. 22 of 'the United   Mine
We   hope   the
will. place the union officials on their
gusrd in the, ftt'-ro against"a. man
who h&s- money ,and does not need
worV/'bufc inst wants , to join the
union so he mtiy help the telegraph-,
era win th.ir ttrKe, *' ---.
A detecthe system in the unions
would not te' a tiad ic"ea to appre-.
hend spi.s secreted in them by detective aj,enclc8 *._ and. ccrporatians.—
Mine Workers Journal.* '7" , ' '
y;4 II   | .tn/New York.
To  destroy  thc  org* n'zutions     of
t'.lrgraphers have
Worlers of America, a "conserva--.made ?° miotake in iranding B. ,W.
tive", trade union, was mec't'ng fjjsi-D'JnarBt-as a Plnl'erton spy, and'in
district"1 conventibii, at Denver, Col-::,8 inmarily expelling;.him from the.
oiEdo.4 Acting Secretary Kirwan, bf; oreanlzatl n* - - Frcm: the1'' reports,
the Western Fed.r. tion cf ; Minors',';'h(jwever. there vould, seem"' to'' be^*vo-
cspbB:d"~'tw6'TPin!.ertcns' ";who hod'. do '-■ atont his connect on'with tbe
Leen elecf.d dtlegatis to the coni'; Kn'c'Wtbn »o«ncy. .'Undoubtedly7>t
yenticri,,.. These Jwo,.had l*e.n" active::18 n°t,tle only spy in the '. Tele-,
in preventing the miners"'"'at'  iidsi7.srapher8' UnIon.' and-'the Officers', of
Sprin; s,'Wyoming, from being or-';the •Jltf°n-',1 brganizaticn 'and the'the presence,1 of ..two Japanese »'ele-
ganized** They.:r";pcrted e'-ery' *ini*->ni!ooal unions shbu'.d be on the alert (gates thereto." The Unite!. Mine
man7hat cams to the 'camp, and ;to :.ascertain" thj antcce:lcnts and-.Wor'.ers is certainly the . crganiza-
et ery, attempt ti.org, ni:e, to Pink-,'chaniCter c? candidates for;, mem': er-J tion', jwhere .religious'', prejudice ,-is
ertcn heidquartcrs. Kirwan got the, 8nip-_ -It.might also le' well to care-:*smothered end, racial, an"mcities
names ;i.f these'two spies, from ihe', *Jlly sciutinize the. lie's of members banished. ■ It has teen a\m'i,-*hiy
putllshtd testimony, given by Wbrrsjln-active.1:cals ln tho large'   cities ] evangel in the Americanization of the
■an(1   see-if ■ oiher sp'es can not be, dlscLrdtnt races that have ?pme to
j th's country. .The'£ss"m'i.tive i-ciw-.
There is, probably not a lar&e trade tr. of the ,'Upited Mine Workers is !ex-
'. ,.  .„.     , STILL :COM(NG.
One" of the most agreeable features,
of'tlie cpnvei.t,on c'of   , Distr:ct'22 is
B. K. WALKER. President
ALBJL. LA1RP, Qeneral KfanjigfT
JL'g, fit?*f;ANp, {Sup?rintendiint Qf
"!   fTWE^'l'-   '*    .,^^y-^^"^
'• ■*5!®$&- -;;'!''■■■■-
Paid-up Capital,
sets, - 1
Branches throughout Canada^ and in the United States and Enrtoi
■jiness may be transacted by mail with any branch
■f the Bank. Accounts may be opened and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. .Every attention fis psid
to out-of-town accounts, *■'*.-,'i'- "„' ' "*'    „<
Eernli? Brnncli
G. S7 Holt7 Manager
but a knowledge of conditions prove ^ncdman   former secretary to. L'nk-
the error.of thct '.view.    • -« .erton  McPlrrland,,- at- the Haywopd;';f r_r.ctd °^
Li-M- at* ■.Poise. Theyv.w.ero ^exneiledj! lueie 1E-- Pro-au*y not a lar&e tra/le tr.or tne^Upited Mine Wori
-.y.Uhe' convention. | i.l-O'J . * $'unI.c'n in this co"»try hut what Iks ^eded by,no,,other force "n
0' Strange -to' s'-y,--* in expelling ..henvf' p?i<1 spies amollS its members in |he  try. . It,.has Ha'-en -a .raw.
.vflabor the employing.,class-in. .recent !the.mincrs were--.'lf;w.a,i^ng"°enou>b'' l'mFky of the' Pinl*erton   or    some ! vho." inheri'.ed' ..ihrou h  generations
years have gradually utilized Pin'cer-   t~  rcfrain  , administering a iJw!: other agenc5r' '       „        . "-,      Bn -insttnetive hatred   ' to law and
Ion .detectives   lo   urge .lhe _ commission <_f crimes by union men so
It has now" Lecome- a settled plan
-■minis- Well-dirLeiedtfMcl"8 to--,thesc WerminA    ^ "as now tecome-1
o that   For. some-ie*;s^un'cns faii'*to-risil of • lhe ' Manufacturers' . AssoM-i-^n
L'n"ns : * ■" *' '- "   r ascribed t$ aud  the' CitiLe::s'   Alliance* to  vlgce
press at theispi:s in7:n,0rs' so ?"r as   Possible,
. expect illrm$aDd'-^*^te'*'^-eit-'c^n01;'.Mng..,able.
the.- .Western JSedcratkn .;of. Miners is
A" practically thW-only.tyPe ofi-lafcor or-
A" pr'kctlctiTly the?*-only, tyli
ganization that the .capitalist   -.kss
desire-;to destroy^   It is cluims>d   by
. the ne.vspap rs-end -the re;.lows Hint;
the Federition is dangerous' '.' nd
"radical."'1 Seme even hold' th..t" the
sendiiiff of criminal spies into, lhc
Fedcrat'cn has, ihcrcL-re, some 'i;s-
tiflcatioh. They studiously "aiiure,
however, • that the Pin'rertpns ».rgel
violence m the Federation just be-
calls: they wcre'vnable to flr.d ur.i:n
rren who would commit violence. If
' violence end an "Inner Circle" were
to te found the Pln'^ertons ,had to
crejitu hoih; und lliey did,' Noihwhh-
utiinding Ihcsj rcvclitbns, net' one
of tho capitalist j:,urtinls or-reviews
that, liavo-donouncid/'tho Federation
ha'.o had   a line 6f"'ir^tost or co>
"dcmri-iUon fcr iho' Pln'tcrton crlmin-
' als who h«i o  ir.sti;nted  nnd    tom-
mifl'ed crime*.-, All. this lo«tlmony
kerns'to'hii'vc h'cen lest' on them.--
But. on, Incident that occurred,   ln
_,New;Yoris City, this ;.wooV brlugs the
; cbnrncter cf the Tiii'.'crt- ni ml those
who empl'iy them, tr/thc very dooi-.-i
of tho   no.vs:>4'-,rcr8, yet the ell tors
"are con^cnl;ntIy blind to what it
mans.. 'Jlicse pupcrs 111* of how
vthc To'.o.^inplieis' Vnion if Kow Yor';
laid a imp fcr one Demnr.'st, ' who
h;.d I'lfcen in the ccnfldonco i f the
uulon' to the extent ilut he wns
U-.ftdo to* rotary to Nftthrnl Fro Idont
•Small,,   •
p-'uspklon fell, on Pcm.r.Bt, n'd, In
orrtpr to" "tc'it1, li"lni"'l*.o" wasi allowed to
II>.U''n  Xo n'coin,i,r«.'il5i>n-t-if  iwo  oih-
..er* mi'inbiTi-who proposi'd to* rut one*;
of the Poi-til'imblcs under tho'Vnrth
.rl'fcr^ "pcmureifjt jjulricd lu' tht': (.oiiv
.Jverentlon .'a'*)d; hpprored; tl-io .Vsc.H'nvi,
'■lib npphiudcdjt nhii^ird'nilsei.'l jns-
elit.'nlt tfutvfiic could. At .tho up-
p.ilnt.'d hour set for cuttlnr the
cable thii North rl\er wns BAftriuod
with Plnkcrt.fjn wultln-,' f:r the ix-
rcetcd crl'«lnal?. TlUs convinced th?
union officer-) tb t Demnrtnt wni n
Plnkrrton, and when ficed with* the
.'iCcus tion ho admited his guilt.
There hci leen no outcry for the
proiecutl'-n of Demarent, or the
Pln'cerlons whom he represented or*
'he c-rpltilists who employed Pink-
Mien* to do their dirty work. No
Xi.nir i.A\tot\i\i, \\.\v<t l-»ft'n wrlH»i An-
tnnndlncr the miprrmidnn of Ihe
Plnkerton d.tective neeney txtx nn or-
cnnlvntl n devoted to the. further-
nnce of crime. Neither hns It t'e»n
thnr.ed thnt the tflecrnph operators
nre 'Mnr.yiMvnM" nr •Tndlrnl " Wi*"
have never heen charged with rrlni-
Innl net* rnd no ealnled Orchard \utt
come forward to prove It to the tttt-
liifdctl-n if cap.tullit loumal". Put
the fnet-i abont Cemnret are **.dmlt-
trd by Dcmarret hlmnelf.
Where ere the ccpltildt KHarllnni
of "law'pnfl ordetT" Kct a rt"rle
word from Hem in eonderanutl *n cf
PiaVertomlitm. They have teen too
1>eiy t*)pT'Teit'nt «s<] dlrtirt'nt tbe
«vld-*n«« of the defense the put weik
at Bolie I o rive space to »ny prof
(Ht i;»l»«t the re I crimimti in the
tia'ote. A VMnnped workinnnin
eh«rffd with criire 1 y ertmlnaU
meet te lej-iHy and edltorfilly mob-
ted while ■ not crtminal fi oTtr-
The true character of.t'-e.rinherton1
to do so to. have men" consort with
reak union)ireniLers,?■ and draw-from-
detective a ency is reV(alVh"-ln""th^t5^"iVf,l,)Ao^ •■?
c-:se of l.'enr.rcst, as well as In rouchfl Th?.'trial'of ",Wv* D.1--Haywood', -;:„at
cf the t stlmony-ji-en at the Hay-^jBo'se' Idaho' has trou8llt out facts
wood" trial.' Demurest encouraged^in rce&V(l io the workings'"pf She.
the cutting of the Postal-cable in': PIn' ertcn oge'-'cythat ohave -shown
i;.rder io iro\ide a few'vicfms "■ for']!ls, methocl o£ Procedure in,*:att'cmpt-
iho pentenU'.ry and bo st Tinier- ing, to disrlll';t .• organized" labor
tonlsm'Vwith': the"' oaipioylng class-' tbr?u''h'lia'Ing';its,-leaders . commit
Organized estensi'- ly for the 'purpose i crIminal acls suggested and ,encourj
of catching 1 .w Ire kers the "a-ency ■ aiecl ,y lt3 roPrcs:n-atlvcs: "
of catching'law breakers the agency ■' Ifc may ^e Justly, said that, the
h:s lee me a tchool of crime. ' -rln,ert n a'sency is. rn institution
'.,'.' j for the encouragement, of criminals.
mi'" n, <    i       trlmlncl1- :    Its agents   are min. without1 honor.
/The  Pln.crf>iB nre employed   not  Th-y have nri .r{gcrQ for truth*   ond  Wor,,ers j L
io detect cr me, but to make criminals. -If, is ns much a criminal or-
'■'nniztLtlori t's though it had recorded
in writing that con;mi slcn of crimes
ii its   c'llcf pur;oso...'.It con tltiites
llio.cnly.crl'ninal "inner Circle"   In!
the I nit d   Stit:s.   °It is t"e   tnly'j
•'Jn cr   CirclV; lhat   tlu   Hcywco.l"
iviil' w.-s db'clcsed. .'lho Plnkcrtons
I'tfe forUd, to f, rm cue for tlio vory
constltuiei , authori'.ie, ". and. has
taught, him respect for!.our, ,institu-
tkns ,, and- country., it has .-stood
him J'on , liis .tee':, taught" him., -his.
,rl..hts, .bL.t led' in... the cour.s and
convent ons.for him.. It. has'prevent-
cd , injustice' to him. "ard'it is" the
irony of fat? that the,men whoj'have
Import d and . employed the chenp
la" or" of the-- wbrll.'to , crush'cut
unionism, find that thesi men oro
qrhong the most stanch and s'.ed-
fast members of the United, Min»
■"V'ork'crs. — ' o '
' Men with 'narrowed*'horizons' look
ns'-ance' at.this, yet reflection •'..-il'
loach them that, as these nien ore
here it'is be'ter ,to have them . os
mllit'nt union'sts than to antagonize them and thus pl:y' into the
hands,   of '   their     employers.—Mine
*■**»''■''    ll' i   '•<      iiJ.-y6.:M'!f    nV,    ■ ,*' ">•' -.;*."•.".-. '.st! ,,-■;; .; i  ...... !-.i^
■Witch.it Increase.
All you  have  to
lsk-u-'.do .with: a Savings,. Account is to * start it and ",
'^"-keep- it. "going.-—then watch it grow. 'Doesn't ']
'take "'long  for  if to  count
to a "considerable
si>    uaKe long  ror  it'to  count  up
_^5   iamouht-—then' you  see. the, advantage—the wis-.  ]
|j£,   dom  of saving.
I $1 Opens' anvAccount with The Home Bank of Canada
3. frl.   IV1ARSI-IALL,, rvlgr.,
Pernie .Branch
W    ,o   |.T.'i   ...   ■■   .   -.. ■ \;,    ..*-.- -, -    :- 7-   ■   -52-?.
& Embalmers
,'    AGENTS   FOR - -. V
,       The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granite  Works ■
The   Kootenay   Marble   Works,    Nelson
Samples Can be Seen at the Office. ^   Parlors in lundy's Block
Hollow Ground
As Illustrated.....
scod ^reason that a genuine *--.ne
could not lo found, as their repor;s '
to tluir hcr'd-.d u'-tors"show. ',"'' ' j
Capital and or/..unI ed crime have '
joined to defo t the le'itlmnt'e as-i
pir.t'ons i f l.bor. Respect fcr ro'"il!
rrder uii.l j.ccc Ih th'-j Idtftl of *hc j
wer'en nl ne. The cup'tillNt must;
rely en c'oco;tl-.n," cs.innate and'
f rco to de'e.it tho w frl liu cUim.'.
'I'lieso weipons, md the, lnt re tn'
th y serve, i ro tho lo Icrl oiiUrcvJ-."! j
*,;f a .tOPJity.,thiit ,iesis ui.the ix- '.
1 loltnt'oii of iis.'fnl Ja" or. Forred to ,
oiH'civo tlictr^ vict nirt tho cnpltillsi!
''Inss must r s.rt to m thrdu cut-'
laved by tholr uwn lpi-nl code—I
4.\l.'i.c;,Wor!.i:r« ;Joiirnnl.*''. ',''£.. •       [
Cue tl ns of vrtst liniiortiincc con- i
1'i'i'nln: the wdfnr.* of the (r niiUa.;
th.u are en a In;; tho nttentlon of ;
the Unil>!d Mini) Wor* ur*; convention',
in Wil'-ishnrrc thisi wci-k, i.n-l'tht,
(Me ntd, iire mrolfentina; a yr-itlfy-1
in.* nnd commendable degr.-e of wii-'
item in aceiuMing to each por»cn the ■
full and f.ir cors'derntlcn which its'
8(:rfousnesg demands. j
Tho m.-t'er of itr.n th nln: the \
ranks of the ors,'-ni''.f'tlon which wns I
■c-i-Jtbn     at   l.nith   nt ycstirJny'g i
o vnl.'n    o i4m<i  i^    T\r'*',;T,.t    t'     11   "
Question r.t vltil -"l-'nlflrnnco to the1
nilm wor'tra of the anthracite ro\\ i
rej-.n.  Tbcie U ro dou'.t that u*».i-!
ir the,wii» tuidtnee of John Mitch' |
ill ths Unit-vl Mine Worlccr*' Awoc-j
intion hns vrtr.Viv imnrnvod Mid c^n-'
dltions of employment in the mining j
mdui'ry.  Wagci lavi Leen Incr.aii,
cd, evils ami ;.nioyancei have   !esn
remoied, ar.d In e\ery rceiect   tbo i
po« tlon of the mine vorter hai If «n '
vlevat.d and rendered more eittx.'ae-l
t.ry. j
At tie wane   fme the lulitaht'al I
Increaia of wage* ha« led tt a marie. >
*A Improvement Id builneaa, and ihe!
public wenernlljr hai 1 e;n eia-iled to
participate in the leen'e which Lave !
r«eul tdttm '.ho new c nd! hn   of I
iffairii *hich were natatllihed in »ne
mthraeit<! conl w-tftn*. 8tr»'ei hot* \
btoo <lmlasil«d, «nd   the Do*rd   of,'
eoneUatioa InstiViUd ly th« anth-
thfj««tt eo-nmftrot    new emlcaMy _
r-djtute a*<l thr   annoylof <Jif}«rcnrn!
Double Concave for
Extra Heavy Beards
Set of iwo tn
Leather Case...
Carbo Magnetic
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THE as/ ifisf
Will Last a Lifetime.
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS hive revolutlonlrcd uxor maklny-they are TEMPERED BY ELECTRICITY, wbtch It
OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS-the steel med in their manufacture 2s of the finest English and
Swedish make.   This wonderful diwovery is the reiult of ye^rs of experiment and study, and at last there has been
ttziuuS a »:sr thai wilt ahivc if.>"l<.*iJ, UO MATTER HOW, TOUGH.
ELECTHJC TEMPEniNC aJJi CARDON to Cm steel; when**- tcaipcriaf by Utcf(lUc oalf other methcxi known for
antnriej) DESTROYS thc CARBON whi:h is the life of steel.  All other makes of razors must be HONED AND GROUND
often, tt their blades will NOT hold an edge any length of timt. CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS do not require HONING
or GRINDING during a lifetime in private uuj they are all tempered alike, every part of their blades being tubleeted to
METHOD, the most expensive grinding knowiu . ■, , . r]| „
VOUR  DEALER  will deliver to you one of these   CARBO  MAGNETIC  RAZORS on 30 days' trial, without
obligation on your part to piirehate—take advantage of this opportunity.  Break away from the barber habit I   You will save'
.$50.00 annually.
Call on our KOftstntattru fa your town, and request a copy of "Hints. On Shaving "--Tab booklet Illustrates the
correct tator position for shaving every part of the face (ACTIJAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN FROM UFE)-H also tells
you HOW TO STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY j should wtt'falet be out of rJ-wm, drop us a card, aad we will scad you
one bf return malL '7 ,
Firm of A. L SILBERSTtalN, ilakers,
BreMwAr. N. Yi   •       '
J. D. Quail
Read the Lveclger for all the News
4 .«■
Q   -.1
$2 a Year in Advance
tm Saturday  fiom  the »
:** tion, Todd Blook., Viotorla
Fernie, British Columbia.
"tuned every Saturday from the Office of
Publication, Todd Blook, Viotoria Ave.,
All changes of ads, must be ln hs follows *.—
Pages I and 5, i p. m. Tuesday; pages 3 and 4,
lip.m.Thursday, and page6,2 p.m. Friday.
We will be unable to insure change unless
this rule is complied with.
Legal. advertising 12 cents per nonpar lei
line first insertion,8 cents per line each subsequent insertion. .       .;.       .
Bates for oontraat advertising on ap
tion at ofiice of publication, Todd Bloo
F. H. Sherman     Editor & Manager
[" The result of the trial at Boise, Idaho,
was no surprise to those who believed
in the ultimate triumph of justice., It
will go a long way to restore in'the
and square dealing come'to" us,"wc~»a-ill
publish the facts. ^Wchave^knowivlhe
chief, of police some years: 7; Like'all
Englishmen ht is hell on'dutyV 'Otherwise he is just about alright.
The city election passed off without
any fun, Mr. A. W. Bleaedell being-
elected by acclimation. This is as it
should be.  Why should men be enciiiiei-
in a city like Fernie?   The citizens of Ithe "cc:d nts 'which.have occurred in
Fernie have one of the best Councils in   "-M-5 mines,   Hence, if your
the West, and all should co-operate
asit"-" you "to le/gbod; eriougb" to' "ap:-"7
point a commtson■_to "enquire intou
tbe many>ccid*~tj th-t Laye occur.,
ed in these minis,'and.into.the cauB-_
es thereof. .< Also ti recommend what
shall be done to leaaen the -danger
of ircriing in.said miacs. The matter-is one ol such jraye. importance
that we tOireupectfjlly to, request
that, you give this your, immediate
it ention.   ." ''■" ,,..,.
I nny point out to you that the
report which you recently i-sued, re-,
ferred to but a small percentage ot
together for the "'common good. We
congratulate Fernie upon the better
feeling thut prevails in municipal
circles. - ,„' ""
 '-O' ~—"
At the meeting of the Pernie Board
of Trade,     called ty the president,
CJ    , ,W, W.'Tut'.ie,    the following recep-
itiinds of working men that confidence tica1 commHte/was appointed to en.
edge  of whit has happcn:d Is    de>
pendent upon the repor'.s iri.'t.'d ly.
you,    then you   have a \ery fee'.le
unkrstanding of the dtuaton,
I'am, yours faithfully,
President Diltiict No. 18, TJ. M. W.
7 oi A. . ;     ;'
„   ,——-o-—:— ;'
*■   v ■   1    4' ' *       ' t,     *~    i< **■ '
.-.   '       COURT  NOTES.  ' ■
.tertain,the.prominent.guestst    . ? ■
His Worship the Mayor; Pres;, W.
W., Tuttle,'* .Sec.    Chas. .' Richards,
which the wage earners of this-contin
ent are fust losing in our judical system.
Money is 1101 everything after all, if
it were Bill Hayu'ood would not be free.
. Deep down in the hearts of the descendants of the Anglo-Saxon race is a love
of fair, play and a sense of justice,
'which must and will prevail in spite of
the temptations of the money kings. ■
The.vultures of Wall   street," who
control  the  Mine Owners' Association
of the Western States,  by the aid ol
those human spiders,' tlie Finkertons,
sought to weave a web capable of trap-|en by his Worship the Mayor upon !
he,"Dra_an   family   oce-pied'the
toards in the police court on Tucs-
ping the leaders of the Western' Federation of Miners and by so doing smash
up the movement.    They, failed.    It is
Board "of Trade; "Pres. ,R. W: Wood;   daJ.(  wll£n two brothers-were cliarg-'
Sec.Hf Herchmer. W. R...Ross, Esq., ' td hy a third with having assaulted*
M.P.P.; Mi-.  Jas^McEvoy, 0,. N.P. j hiri> ■ Aa a lcssoni  Majisirate . Mc-"
Coal Company;;.Mr. J.' R." Pollock,   Mullen imposed upon each,a fine of
U. S. A.  Co.isul; Mr. H.   J.    John-^ $w and -ccmu.\ them over in the sum1",
son, Postmaster;, Mr."-A. McDougall,
Fernie Lum'.er Company; Mr. 0. Ij.
Bojut.n, Mr. Fred Waters, Elk Lum
l.er Company, and Mr. Hales, manager Cedar VaFey'Mills.„, ',.""   "  '• ']iJd,/-Abl.h 1 stsTdurlng AugiiBt
An adureBi of welcome will'begiv. !September.     ■'  '*"     • \„ !
The' Supreme   r.nd County.. Court j
of' $50 "to -keep  the pe£ee   for  ' six
The     court   official's" and lawyerrf
have entered upon the vacati:n per-
the arrival of the guests. -      ' Registry'.s cUea'sit 2 p. m. ins'ead
.-The ex wsion from Calgary brin^. j0j> 4 p# ______  Tj_,is d0 B nct morn ih-t j
ing the Mayor and Council of Cal- ! the  officials will    have their   work'-
,well for the American nation' that they j SMy; ■ the  Calgary Board  of. Trade l"les6ened| *i.e_aUB"_,  they, are reci-aired,
did Jail"   We know what might. have |and the* officials. of. the 100,000 Club,!in tonnec.:on with their othcrs busi-1
happened had they succeeded. - |-to exPec'ed to •"I"-*1 »hout'-9 a.m.,. neg8. to  r0main* at  their posts' up,
Among-wage earners of'todav are aiand, wU1 le7 .met?y_!h! rc.cePtl.on  to the usual"hear*      ,    ;     . ,        ■
The rewnue of the city was .aug.
mented considerably. yesterday when
the" underworld facel the Eeak and
contributed the usual fines. - 7 ■
, His .Honor Judge Wilson will hear
two  speedy trial cases on Tuesday.
they succeeuea. ■■
,       - /     , .and will le,   met-.by the reception
ong-wage earners of today are a 1      -.     . .,;„'■,„    .      *,   ,
„..:„i,»- ~r 1 ...    .,     commit ee at the 0, Pf R. depotf
number of men who are .studying the j   rfhe Mayor ,and ,Couacil of   Cran
socul and-economic problems that, con-1 broo, will,rryive on a 8peclai„ and
front the human family, and by the help
'pf their labor organizations are slowly
but surely.educatdig the workers to use
will r.c-4ve a royal welcome".
The Italian Land will be in attend'-
.ance", ppd the pu'l-c, m^y Le sure cf
a more effective weapon than the strike, j some good" mu^ic7ThT*Itaii-5ir Cand
powerful though the strike is at times."-halng the fineta:- in the-.weat.    ,
A bunch of  Indians have. arrived
in town re.;dy for   the races.   They
Had Bill Haywood been false to, the
•working class he would never  have
-, been in jail,    No, he.,would "have-been i
are ob.ects of .curiosity, to many   of
.    ,  •  . ,.    , *   ,,.        ..... 1 t'ae 1 ta arrivjJs from f e ,01d Coun-
wined anddined and the capitalist press I.     „ . .    ___ ,
would have lauded liim to o the skies,       '       -"*""
Employers of labor should  begin   to'
learn that lliey cannot overthrow the
aspirations of the   wage   earners   by,
. l'inkertons or Theils. -  i>
'     Wc hope for the sake of ihename of
■ Canada, the , Canadian employers of
labor will out it out.    We. have had
■ detectives among the miners of-this
district; yea, even in Kernie. Whenever there has been those human spidoo"
among the miners there has always
been trouble. We have not lost faith
in our fellow men, and with an enlightened public these things become impossible.  .
We welcome Haywood back lo freedom.
 0 ,
A Japanese and Hindoo Invasion ol
British Columbia
Theft of watch. "*_ ' , '" '
King "vs.* Onv-lcV St. Lame—Theft
of  a watch. * Herchmer    and' Herchmer, .will apie..r for the Grown.
j   The'   case 'ot Deslauriers vp';    The
. M_rri.'soy,  Fernie an4 Mlclicl Rail-
jway Gompuny for s.mpeneatlrn und-.
er the v.'or'.nicu-s Compensation 'Act
', for'the d,at!i of Fran'c .Chara',.a.l.in,
J a bra, em n, has bee*, s jttleel,    tho
, comp ny   accepting . the, claimr.nt.a
*.fler md'payinj cats.   L,,,P.    EcV
<st-*in  for el'ihr-f.nt; Herchmer   ' and
Herchmer for company. _ ■    "'
Judge W.l on will sit here on the
to her the c:sj of Lives,
accldontlv BteppiiiK into a body of frai.,1^ \s- the. Sullivan Group   Mining
in No. 2 crosscut of No. 84 anglo.   Wi-! Com;any,_ in which compcnB.fon" of
vocoir.numil thnt dmigerous places like { ?1."j00 js claimed   for the fe tb   of
E. are ..now installed in our;
hew* barn,. opposite the
old , place1, and'.,have 'a'
complete, * new.;' outfit,
which is always at your
service for "livery, cartage or baggage. ' We
still have the office' up
town . where orders may.
"be   left/.'    „ ■."'.
Special to the Lutlgcr.     " i
Frank Ally. 2—The inquest upon the 1
body  ofD.   1'itotyli  who   wns found i;
dead in a croHBout, wis hold today. The
following was the verdict:
The   deceased ciin'iu  to   his  death i30tn [nst-
Phones; Office 6,
Stable 24
.    .limit:b:d - ■" ;.■*'
■" - .        "WHOLESALE''    -
, A.3STX)   EETAIL ,. '   _   »
Meat Merchants
LAV AYS a _ choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb oh
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard; Butter and Eggs.1 " ;.  -.-. '    ,*:   ••■ \'
.'"OUR, SPECIALTIES:—        :;   ^'    ■;->-' ■:
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment.._. Try  our Mince  Meat,
.   , :Saurkraut and Oysters./1   '        __, ■";' ; ;* - '
Home=riade Gandy
■    I am now prepared -to-supply you with    home-'
..   made Candy and  guarantee , satisfaction. 7 Drop
v   . ih and we'll show you.how its done.
■" .   ."■      -„      - - '      ■■'..'*>'.        .-
Tom Beck
Look Up
thU bu In future fenced off and fin
hosKfis takn nioro strict precautions h,
future, as wo, accoidlnjr tothoovidenco
produced, find thnt tho llroboauos, have
not donu their duty ns required by thu
laws of Alhartn.
Al ert Kvans, (foreman), G. Mm-
ta.elli, John 13oyco, John a Macdonald, Henry 8e.<a";al Elarlhcrie, B.
S, Fits'iiiii.m'.ns, C. Bo.ich, cor, ncr,
This Is 11 sw^ini? ■ condemnation
(f the gy.it.em uf mine i:spccti n as
It pre. alls in Al'.crti. The, enly
way to co.upol conl companies to
cnBTu.ihc aif ty of t'.o moi ln tho
mines ib to' place a- hluli value upon
a niiin-H life and'compel the owners
of the ludiutry to pay for l;illln*,'
tr,ei. In t'eKr.'n'i mine, If a mulo
was Iti'l.d It would cost 9200 or more
to get nnollfl.- cue.
A man c*-sta nothing, nit even a
There nre a niim'.o: o' mine    of,
Well, well, last Dominion election we
voled for thc Grand Trunk Pacific nnd
high w»iuen. We sent the solid neven
lo Ottowa and now somebody has sent
uh the Jiips,
Imperial policy, is it? Well, the
Imperial policy will mal'-e lhc Wcktcrn
Canuck  like  Mary   Brown's  lortoise
shell cat in a few vears-reJ, wl.llo, I ^'^"^ ™£ ^7their
yellow, hlaclc, brown, und a liitlosooly!Kptrt;nco )t ,be   ex;iDBa 0, n1cn,_,
fswn.    Mich will be the color of future 'jjVcb
Rcncriuioiw when tliey jjet mixed up a
lillle in WcMcm Cnnada,
Impcriiil policy I What you want,
lJlitIs.li Culiiinhliinw, is a little ol" the
Aihtri'liiin'*, _,-rit when he told ihe
Molher Country ho would "Cui llu-
piiinter." Yon irv i. mid *.ee lio^ iiuli-U
tlu- I.ieiilui.tni-(ii.ivurnor would ?.|_4ii
IIowmt's hill impo*4in^ ;\ test similar to
Die Nritnl Art,    Vim would si*i- Imperial
Duncan Mc'.'Tay, » who was 11 led in
the Sullivan mine at Kimierley on
the 1st' of May., L, F. Ec ste'n is
rppe.ring for the cl imnnts, and
Har. ey, Carter" and McDt nald, of
Cranbrook, for tbo company.
SEAIjEU TENUEHS lulilroshe'ltoihemutei--
siRiioil, and entloriiiicl "Tendor for I'ubliu
BiiildinR, Cuniliorliiiid, U.C.," will lie roooiveil
ill. (liis ofllcu until Jlonduy, AuRiiht 1», VMit,
liicluhivolv, I'or tho construction of a I'nliUci
ButhliiiK, Cnmlioilaiid. B.C.
1 Plniih and specification can bo *>eon and
forma of tondor ohtainod at thin Department
und on application to tlio I'OKtmas-toratOum.
I'orrionH tondorhip aro notiilod tlmt talid'ors
will not bo oonHideri'il unlwa made on lho
printed form tmpphed, and *ii«noii willi tlioii-
actual binnatui-OH,        ■'■
Eaoli tondor-must bo accompiiuioii by im
ac.CDidcd clioquo on n nhai*t«r«d bank, made
uiynblo to tbo ordor of tbo Honourable tlio
■ii'iister of 1'ulilio Worku, oqual to ton por
icnt (10 p,o,) of tho amount of tlio tondor.
which will bo forfeit oil if tlie party toudorhi,
Saynblo to tbo order of tbo Honourable the
iiniutor or Public Work**, oqual to ton pi
mt (10 p,o,) of tho amount of tlio temlo
liichwlllbo forfeit oil if tlie party toudorlnu
doclino to enter Into a eontrant wlum called
upon to do so, nr If lio fail to complete tbo
work coiitruotod for. Jf tlie tender bo not
aocoptod tliu clioquo will l.o returned.
Tbo Department does not bind itself to no-
copt tlio lowoht or any tender,
By Order,
Dflpartmcnt of J'ubliu Worltn,
Ottawa, .July 111, HW,' ' *
Nowspapurii   l)mei-Uvi«  thi.; advorllsonimit
without iiutbority frinn tho IJupiirtmont will
not lio paid for it.
Tbe ful-.wini; lt'.t.r h. r been t"ent
tj il.o Mlnl»-:pr df Mines by District
i'rcel'l nt F. H, Sli-rm n.
.Inly 2r", 1' OT.   ■
'lhe Hon* ra'ilo t'ic MiiilHtor 'f Minoi,
V'lctori-i, U. 0. i*
What  promises to be a lively bit  of
sporlwill come olT in ihe oporu house on
Monday ov'uninK next, Civic holiday, in
the shape of a 15 round boxing, contesi
t4> a decision.    The priin:ipiils,are  two
well Unowu  followers of tlie M]imred
ciri-le,. Jim    Hiirrows   niul'"Harney"
Mullin.    Ilolh  have rivdimWe reonrds
and at the present lime iiruln lhe pink
of eondiiion nnd are prepared to go the
limit.    Il will be a last boul and   will
be well worth i*om1nir.i ilisimu'i* to spj ' Cnfth-Coul IninU may lio lmrclmnnl nt *in
„ , ii'miiiK.i uihimiiL in su. iKur aoru for noft coal nm) »ko for anthrnolU
I wo fast preliminaries nre on the *>«■*]''"Jf'1]tjmn inw uoi«« crii b« ttcqulrod ley
,.,.,.. ',        oiiolnillvMnHlnrpnnipftny,  Ilnyalty at tlio
nill ill Lire and trouble is' su'llO*.luli'J  Inr; "Hu often (■emu per ton of h.ikxi poumU fhall
. „i,i   1 '     iiii (.'ullcotDil nn ibii(irniipi(iiitpm.,
y nuut-H p. m, ;KQiiBru-Alroumln«r'Mo«rlHli.'»t»iiiirr«iilfcl
»^___________________     uinj»i Payment, in iiilviinoi.of «R jmr imnvm Mr
----- ■   '        '   '" ! iiiihidlvliluiil, and from ffiOtntliiiireriiimvm
mining hkqulationh.
i' Sir,' ,-\t .- l e tlnrjr of tin* i>*wu-
pnlioy clmnne ipilcla-r ihan a Ma^e H 0 ..f IH,-tr>t .No. 18 nf th" Unitflil
artist niul an liminraiion Hureaii open Mino Wor urs <f Amrlea, hi*W     ut
Ui  lill»C   till-   •Jlli-lililln   li>   I IIMIHIl IIJU ill
>,k„liS.   4-41,4.1   j"l,44.t.   ll t'lvfC (ll*,)'    ivKllJ   ^44
Gold    rvtcdnlllKt
■ l,iu> i'i" Siunli   l\i*u*.inui.iii       "
ICii'ij. U pi'i'i'-ii^'.l io I11U4'
order" for a limiie.l niii'nh-
er .if I'urtr.iii I'.iiniinn*-.
ImH-p,u'li.'iilai,'4 iiil.li'i,'*.-_liiiv -i.'i Fit-
nie v<r iMii hu -i-en  .it   lib' 7 t.. I., A.
t T    >i   1 '       !   ■-,.      I
Victoria Ave.
';',-• ' ■ '   ■',■*    P ' " =    •    '     -
-when  .yoxi .requird- anything in     ,-,    .■'*-'
'' .       ' ''*'■''-''  ei ,.    ' - "
Boots, & Shoes
' '   Trunks, VaSises
& Suit Cases
■ ■' •■> ■ ■       ^     - ,-..,'     , , -   . .
Lowest Prices.      Goods Sold for Cash Only.
W.R. McDougall
Express and Baggage Transfer
IJraying of all kinds   done promptly.
Telephone 57 or call a driver
Office :   Northern Hotel, Fernie, B, 'C,
Anything .In the ahqvo line dona nt
T«ivts, Awnlngs-i and all
oa-nvaft'goods made to
A. T.'Milne, Gcmmcl-Strcct,
■orat Trites-Wood&Co.
to he piReonlioled, the Conservative; jf
politicians in Fernie are lalUihg nbout
better term*, A pilgrimage to the foot
ot the throne, i.e. Victoria, would be in
tritr ariout thli time of the year, What
do you say, Doc?
We arc in receipt of some fool com*
munication referring to city police.  Wc _•''**■■* mWt sot It »o r#.".dlljr mnde
•iliallnoipuhlii.hthiiUindofcommiini-.J!1.1^ m'.b<>il>.VU .Bt' ,n 0M5 ??!
cation*  i-fmtaining   ptrionHl  atlacks. (
Let pevsoiu IuvIiik k-tiiupUirtU .i«.kin).i
lhe police go to lhe proper quartern and
report.   Th»*n f.iil?n_r to ohlain ju*!'<-(.
fur n ootniniiiy iUHMirdliiK to miiiltiU,
A fri'iimhicr, liivvln-idlhenvurod mlntrnl In
pliuMi,nmy loi.'ittn 11 nlnlni i,Mi x ),,Vhj font,
Thu fi'« (or rui'urilliiH uuliilni U»5,
Al It'll»t tlimtiniiit lm i.\tiiiiidfi,| 1111 tliu ell.ill)
oiii-li.vi'iirnr piilil tn iIk ihIiiIihj n.»nri1i'i* in
lliiu iln-ri'iii, vVliiin '.'1 hi Inn. niii'ii u\|iiinileii| 01
luild, iliu Iiii.'iiicir nmy., iipuii linvinit u niirvi'V
I'mdf. 1.ml ii|Min i*oiii|ilyliii| with othiir in-
.J4...4-.I.I iit..,)<,ii-, lm»ii tliu Iiiiid,i;*.| un Hi-it.,
* ""riii- I'litinit |iriiv .li'i for thn |inynii.|it. <if u
i*..v,ilty nt!." ;m|'iM.|if nn Mu, »ii|ii4, '
l'l,.U l-:il lililiiliv illlillls /..lU'lllllv ill'il lip I'l'iil
I'l'mru! I'lltl'V I im 'A l'i*nii44-iilil« yc'ily,  ■
A 1,11.4) ii.iiii'i*  iimv   '.',t,..n.  twii ii,n„(,» t(,
• lii.,U'i l.iruiii I ii. lUi* tiaii-,ni4.|i liu'11 ti-nii ui
f-• 4-nri ,\4.|ii«;ii.,,ii'viiIi|ii 11' i!m illiiiriitlnii of
lu. .'ill1 ii'.iT * I llm li'ii-riiir,
Jim li'in'u slinli li ll'i'ii Ii'imIku 111 niiiiriltfiii,
..  ■' 1 fi- -4. •!,,. ,r ■„    ,i  ,\ „-i,,„ ,
lul* ivli'll ill 11 llllll,*., lli.-iltlll ,*■!-li'i-iliniuii, Iid
, ,.'..   1, 1 1    ,f  ilvir li-n .. '      ||n4ii|<\. ut Mu
.lltlllll   J., I I'l'llt lit 4,'l)il>l.'tll-l nil  Ulll lllll|lllt.   Ill
tri-ii mmu*'U ;.-,....
J>i-|i ty Miiii»tur wi tlm iMi'xxtir
x.]i.-L'i)rtiitii.nkHi imMiurttiuii «f thu nii,tho »«"o«os, lliilnyc of thu tuutruohlan
vtutl-tm-riil will not. i.u i-hM for. ' tuho.   When  tbU    tulo Ib ltiflnniud
. yon mite n, tuuilaiiiK fcoumi Mt    im-
> perfcot hiiarlnof, aud when It 1* en*
111 rely, closed, donfnebe lu tho remit,
1 nnd union tho Inflammation can be
, takon out nnd thla tube restored to
condition, bear'ne will be
...      „„ .„„  .--„-.t .... -,     forever j nine cmei out of
tntu int. lag In the mints, tbut the j copy of tbe prencrlptlon \mx\, .which m*bIMI"»»'« •»«•!'/•• V cu.t *"•'! 'VJ!' *WH>* ten nro eiumnd by catarib, which li
Method! rf tr.ini-r' nd pt«d   ty   the |they wlll find n cure for COKWJMP- ■ "^"*™'«•• ioilow|Bf .i*,ibta und.,    i.h6th|n    but M   lnflftmea CtOlllt|0D
u!d rdwrany m faulty *md out ot TJON. ASTHMA, UA-IAHUH. HHON. ^Ztr'iM ixxn mtieuoM >iurlaeee.
date.  While thli It tbe ti\tt>,   com-
f.r    '« .       ll  ,     1  4 1       n     ,1      n» + >       I,     1
. *t   .t      ^      ..I    « V-,    .. ■".    -,« ,    ....  t ,
thi* ii* .*r- r-rchVri'n v.'V-cVi hio    nr '._ ' .	
"better terms" ' currcd In  thn mnen of the   Crow'B i, ( _
Wlui'-, the inaiter with the MclWJe!NfBt. !'nM Coil1 tomrany'were very i  J ()    CoilSll 111 III i V(VS
Kovernment anyhow't ' Since .■Bow^r.^*'}^'^'   T"CB° ftCC,dcnt^
efMWiJpnnd thf',rlt rrf    *'je ra..e  fn„f),,    ,n
claims ofihe member for Kernie appear i,uiry fti l0 the eaug ■ thmol, and,. ftl"r  l,0,,oni,*1   ,or "?"* **'"!
*-  ■      .....    - .   .*»    *i_liW t_ __, _t   ,.a.[.i.^..I with a eoTcro lunu nffoollon,   and
1 IIKHKI1V NOTII-'V TDK I't'llt.ll! THAT I i
1 urn 1111 IniiiU'i* riKlinii-.Hih' fur nny doliN I
i*Miilr.l>'tC"l Lv iny 44*lli,, Kniii,*!.* .Mi'Ilminld I
Mcl'hiill sliu linvliiifli'lt mv liu-l ui.'l Imii'il, 1
.linn"-. ll«ii. .IAS, .Mil'llAIL"
by loenl nppllcatloiiH, as tliuj  oan*;
I'.Ot    Pfaeh'tho   ftlcnnunrt   rini'llnn    Of
thn nar.  Tluiro la only ono  way to
cnrri deafnoAH, and thut Ih by oon-.
■n. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plaiu, Speclficfttionn and E»ti-
watte furniibed on application.
Plenty of GOOD DRY LUM-
U. \, KBIUZ,
Architect    aid SnptrinUndcit
Offiee nt &u'<itaca,
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
Tho Elk Lumber
Co. Apply'ut tho
<)!I!co or nt-Ilos-
      ... ,.       ,.,■.,   'have Iecorau bo mnny, that  it  wan!   Tho nndoMlBiwd hnylng beun ro-
Rot -the Attorney (•enernlshlp flnd the ■ ?elt  ,-_.,.„„,„. ._, r,^.„  fn„f)1,    „n.  stored to health by uliiiplo   meaim,
' Ptltntloniil    runii'dioH,    DunfnoH-a  in Tlin Fil/ lifmhor Ct\   I III
,.i*iH*rior-.-=nii»ed by an Inflamed condition of, '"^ im i-UIHUW   LU., UU,
Fernie, B. C.
if pcjalllo, to adopt or .eoUohave.-;' J^Ttaaa- CONATION
cdopted, m-Murci whertby tbt dnng* j,, nnxIoi„ t0 raftk0 UnoffI) t0 ,„„
•r of conl minlni- in tbe mlne»   of  fo_.ow fUfforerB the monin of cure.
tbe enid company may bt minimized.: to   thoio who   desire It, he    wlU|rnAKBnotli.'«ilmt.vhnMott.iionltonfiami.<ir'tti» nonunl
It it tuf,-n-.td, I* ItbnU   of   the!cheerfully   aend (free of eh«rBo) a!,* .M.tel-IVtt?^
CI1ITI8 and all throat nnd    lun-r "•••'vi",VSA%^ w« will B»»e One Hundred Doliara
MALmFA  He hope* nil »rffMwrt\&i;\^ by
 r r   S.,ryi*ilLn!S^-i,^TS"' tt!^^ thateannot bo cured   by
Inlr-Bi ..ttended b» danser. and did *    TBo*e deeiring tnn preecrip- thkiirn wmt w nminn to point of onmm«riff. HnlPa Catarrh Cure. Bend for clr»
_ * '      * * tS-ftfi      fewklftk    wm\\\       twit    that    »AikU^.   ■< HH.anll '  «ulmM*      #.^^
tion, which will   tout tin? r-othlnp, •«»»••
txntl may    pror»»   n   ble-mlng,    n-lll >Aar\*Xt.Vtit.
not brinir alout 10 many neeidentt.
•seludine fat.I mt, ro btixo  taken iJi^'ft'ddrMi
r,,lM' flEV. EDW'Ali;!) A. WILtsON.        : t
I *.xd r«;u» t-.d  hy ihe Bard  to .. "titokVyo. N, y.,
cular*, free.
„,. , Ufl„     !   Take Hair* Family VHU for con-
f   oif.i'lmitow'-ttlpntlon.
li«tft,» thU I'th 'Iny of .Inr.rr, Vi'-l,
Sold  by druBis'iiti, 7Cc
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
There It only one place in town
whercyon ton eetf^ood reliable
gootU in oar lino that Ii at
W, A. IN'CiRAM. i»nop.   ,
Fno.VK.iH.    -    -    Kkbn'If; n. ,G. FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C, AUGUST 3, 1907
wm *
Mtwjnai Town
Mre. E.' Todd has a few 25c. Cushion
girdles left. 7 * "'
-   Just a few childrens 25c. sun' hats left
at Mrs. E. Todd's. .
Cranbrook will celehrate Labor Day
in great style this year. .
Dr. James  Donald; bf Lund brook,
visited our city on Thursday.
" Don't foigtet the  date  of    Fernie's
civic celehiution, August 5.
Are yon preparing" to wia Borne   of
that 11,500 cm the 5th of August-?, '
Fernie  played  at ' Coal  Creek last
Saturday and lost by a score bf 2 to 0.;
." Read the    posters . and programme
for the'Civic Holiday sporta, Aug. 5.,
. A full stock of children'^ white dresses
and white underwear at Mrs. E, Todd's
Stead Tom Beck'a new ad.    Ha is
rjfaparing to    stuff you with   good
Tho Artistic Millinery Emporium
Vtotorla Ave.
'     Fernie, B. 0.
Mrs. Waggett's Second Year* Clearance Bale
of Summer Season's stock
/"PO make room tor tlu* I-'all and Winter
•*      of Fcruli
•ooii*. tor tin* '"all and Winter >cason\ ili^play,"ihe.ladies    Hi,
,,.«. .    | , .    '   . ,  ,    ■' *i>
io .md dMi'ii'i-viiKuiu'h. ve iho oppormniiv io purchase  **$*
ai prices Iar below pre-oni valiu-s; iVuni fresh -and   up-i4>-dale stock."
This onporluniiv niters 4iiilv once a year. ' '".      '
o,» ' The,S.ile at Reduced prices wi
Saturday,, July '20 and continue until
Saturday, August 17
Want of show space compels the sacrifice. '       •*,
Ladies will realize that Keady*_to-Wear and.;Trnimed Hats are reduced for this sale, to less than cost,      ,   '" "'        ,
L-? P. eEcks^in
Barristkr-at-Law, Solicitor '      <■
Koomg 1 & S, Henderson block. -Fernie, B. C.
F. C. LA WE        . ALEX. I. FISHER, B. A.
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's   Nest    Trading   Co.    Block,
I'ernie,, Ij. C.
Elk   Lumber Go.
hanufacturers of
•     -i ■ V
J»" 'ial—bought before, the great rise in prices—below old cost prices.- ■":
jj_j   A few Underskirts', remnants of Ribbon, Silks, Chiffon and a!l-o\
Just arrived a beautiful assortment
of,flowers for midsummer at Mrs.,E.
'Todd's. ■'        "     '   '",,' '        '/
The Varsity hat is the leader and can
be purchased from Mrs. E Todd.s in up
to date style. '•"'.,"
Lace al great reductions, although there.has been an • enormous
in the producers markets.   ' , '- .       '
ft * Childrens* Hose, Hat Pins,"'Blouse Sets, Flowers,-Feathers,   Plumes';*.-,.
No booking i
Hf, - Ladies Gloves—all at clearing out prices.   ,-
4**I4, Please note—Prices at this Sale are absolutely for Cash
<t*. at sale prices.
L. T. W. Block,-= Ffrnie, B.'C.
.4,.ss. K.C.
.1 '
Ross & Alexander      ■■*
Office ln.L. T. W. Block, VictorU Avenue.
ilo Barbei** l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W    Block,   opposite the   Bank
-*', --.,->. '■
Office hours—8 a.m! to 8 p.m.   ',
Whitewaar,   * "Underskirta,  Hosiery,'^,
"■ You can always net the latest Pillow
tops and always the" largest stock to
select from in Fernie at Mrs. E. Todd's.
" Mrs. Bell, of Coal Creek, wishes'to
thank, all the Cumberland friends and
-\       -    -   *. i-
others for their kindness, in the time of
her bereavement., ,.    ,.,'
Michel'football team are scheduled
to play at Coal Creek today. This
should prove a good, game as Michel
boys, have practised faithfully and are
going in to "win." '; ,-„,-
4}       " __ *'
Wanted, an Up-Watc Workmen's Hall, library and
Institute for fernie
,'A la'.orcr or mechrn'c coming   to
Fernie for   the first    time, is struck
by ' the   kc'"".. of ' facilities   for the
r.-i -
j; Slaughter
ji Sale of
**** We are determined to get ^
^rid of our cloth bound andj
CoaldaleiiearLethbridge, Alta     .....   .^ Qf fce„IntelkctUDl and,phy.
vesting wm be general within the nexn^.j powerB q{ the wfg- ^^^
ten days." The prospects are good for     Ncarly ftU our min*ers    and ^otheir
an excellent harvest in'Alberta. mechnics are from the Old Country
'  A, lire occurred at Coal Creek Friday cnd EO where you will • In "any min-
' morning at 8.30.    Mr. Milburn's wash- \iaS fln(1  »^«4**lal dlstriit,  one    of
, r    "i  1   *i i-       .-,-■;tho f.rst oi^htB to..me:t your eye1 is
house was found  to, be on   lire.,   1110.^-^^,,.   Hull   and  Institute,
hosa-eam^ Eng.j nd(,   Ir , nd    „d
19 work,- IJio -iHinng-o:was slight, . f}^.^   ^ ' „ tel fcl., these lnstiiu-
7"    ;';; f;    ';   ■   ;   L'      'M Munitions, which tn maint.ined   almcat
thcMide   miners  P,cnc ,A\ X. Uc ,    ^ ^^ ^ ^
place on Labor, Day.   We hope .11-=! am.      ^ ]UB.nrBS cojmim.
miners of surrounding camps will go tu ..   .^   .       ^   ,/  . i..,..
Michel inJarjjc numbers on that;day    ^ - lnSfcltuttB £*6a«HUy cona'.st
andjiave a good time as thc-iMichel Q. & (,no methlg 1]all( wherc   milSa ,
boys are great cnlcrtalnefS.    " ,  Invctinss aro I:eld; an excellent, lib- '
Ambulance  classes Mil commenc' rary sloe'ed with "hundrods cf   vol- \
next'week at Conl Creek Hall at 7 p.m.
leather b"dund~bi5okTan^
offer them them at just
one  half price"   '
You. who buy from book S
ap-ents have now ah op- 0
•portunity to get some \
rare snaps from our Jib- £
4 rary^editions and pocket -5
J classics, all books mark-'.?
\p ed in plain figures and S
f? you just pay half. ,' |
W..J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
OFFICE HOURSi-        8 soto 12 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m
•"*  0.30 to 8 p.m. ' .'   '
Office in Alex, l^'k's Biouk
over Shim's Bakery. ,
IfSHNIE,        -        -        __,      u." C
Lumber &
,C i   7\.
11 All, our   stock    is   last ..-year's
(I        * cut and well seasoned'   -  *
C       7 :.;    7
4>   $
tfevnie. 3B. C;
H. Bkl'l. A. Wii.dman
Contractors and Builders
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
-    ° McEvoy St. ,'
P.O. Box 355'    ...       Fernie, B. C.
Builder 6nd Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and work
, promptly executed to the satis:
faction of oar customers.
, Barristers, . Solicitors, Etc,
'umeB of the world's 1 est"literature; |'.
on VVeclnesdnvl7tli August,, and also I "udiug rooms with all the'dally and
„    .TT.    « n      ti      u  -an, other pavers and magazines; rooms
at Fernie Union Hall on IhursdajVSth , ,1^^^   g, mtj ^ ^^
AtiRust, at 7 p.m.   All persons wishing anfl ft flrsL.claBi} nnd ul).to-datc gym-
to take advantage of these lectures arc I n sl,)m f(jr the j,Uyiiical ti0vclopmtent
■requested to bring their own nolo books. ,| of tll0 y0un;, mcilf
i " ,Can-ot wc have thc oime tn  Fer-
' 'ire?     "
NEW COAL COMPANY        I   In tho eirly st'.ges cf development
cl a nc.v c.untry wc find mnny peo-
~~~" . 7 Ipie who nro too poor to ro down in,
Articles of incorporation havo,been tholr joins for a prpposit'on of thi,,
filed at lhe court house for the Alberta _Wnd, find , In Fernie tcdny, nmong
Southern   Coal   &   Coke  Co. with a,the workers, at 1 Mt, anotferjre'
,       . »" ti    roar   and     striiBclini to   estanllBh
capital  stock    «*;«»>«».      ^Jth^'e. In a Em.' of., their own,
trustees are C,I..Scott, bnuc.BiUii^ „lU    donot.fert   W,o
Harry J.   Malhewson, of Blairmore,.UBdertftklnB „lt hcr 0\ll;atlott,. hut
Alta.;  nnd   H*,   W.   Wright, W.  ^* IBnrciy there nrc some who, if   ap-
Applequislt and K. M. Applcquist, of;proach«d fo tho rUht TBir.n-.t, will
"SpoUnne, !do their utmost*for bo worthy   an
G. H, Scott and G, H. Miiihewson,-object..
two  of the  trustocs  of 'the  Alberta!   It Is true Ihr.t the Y. M. 0. A, Is
Southern Coal  & Col-e Co., are old; cont tnpkt^ nomethln-; of /tire Kind.
timers In thin district where they have |   Vh* tha wortmw wa»i I. •»    n-
many friends.   We wish them every,J*Ji* free from any scctirlan In-
wcccsm in their undertaking. j "uZwh mcanln,:, well,. the trouble
Tho  property  of this  company is ,K thftt min|Btero if ruliirlon and rith-
inosily situiitvd on the south  fork ol''jr vorkcrB in mutters-of tblB ltlnd
tin; Old Man river and is a continuation do n't t;et near enuiigh tbe   pooplo
of the Ciileniiin mhihi whiclvis priniiii,' tu pr.p.-rly undciHt-iiid tho wants of
„ so profitable tn the Imernailoual  um'  the wn;e-oiriu>r of todiy.
oi frtkw'Co.    Under proper .iiaiiagc.   No  ^no c.n t.U te li.mc-;t;o
men. we think a pn.^vroiN  umir, i,'flu.nee fov goo! of nn Irs'ltuto
in More for th't-'Allvrlu  Siiuihern C'nai
"Seeing is  believin6'!
The Fornle Drugstore
Offices over P., Bums' & Co's Block
Victoria Ave. .7
B. C,
'fj»7        f|»
A Good Way
to, please careful housekeepers is to
giye honest .weight. Oh, we don't say
that all botchers don't do this, bat
we cannot help occasionally over-
get to telling their experiences.
Another Good Way
GREE    &
Townsite   Agents
Fernie and llosmer
to please is to supply,, only the best
meat. If you trade with us you will
learn just what we mean by these
two "ways" QUALITY and QUANTITY will.be a little more than you
cxpectr '
Calgary Cattle Co.
Under new management
Well furnished rooms.   The table is
supplied with the best the market
affords.   The bar is supplied
, with the best_ wines, Ii-  ,
*"■ ' ,'   quora and cigars.
Fire, Lile& Accident Insurance
FOR $2.00
Plans  and   Estimates on Application
Residence ;6 *rIo<i'lnlUl Ave.
4-- '
J. Wilson CJi-i.W,  Architect
Pernie B. C.
Un*'miwl I'tiK'd for r,in_iioyin.-- Ifm* iih ii .
1 Iiitpfir
the t lr.il mentlonoil
Lot us try t> co-opeoit.- to'othor
for the conuwn ;owl In thin m tt/r
nnd wo will ko* In tin** nnnr fnlnni In
Fornlo o V'orlinnnH' Hull  r*nn' ltutti
.     1      •     *■    .       . ,*      I -      v
aim .. * »  I)   s,,*.'--t»  "    « «-•
Upton **lni'lnlr'i'Ainnxlnu l'ni-ahla on
Ofmrltv of th* Rich
Wanhlngton, .Inly HI.—Working Mu
Washington county conl inlne», "Joa"| Upton Kliiclalr, In an aililr^A lieforu
Pout wat) today dUcovered to be Mn. j a body of Chlcu«« SuelHiii.it, *aid of
-SubIu rout when uhe wah taken to a | charity i
hoMi'talgufferingfromInjurietint'tained j " The hvarago ihurity, the cluirlty of
in a taint) accident at Cecil. The woman,, the rich, necing lather fulllc to mo.
•according to htr liutbaud, has been, Thu rich oppreii tho poor enonnouMy,
worHni- with him three years, liar | than thoy help them nil-flitly. It U like
coarHO voice and clothe*, cropped hair,) the young lady anjle.r.
deceived all nu to her tiex, while her, "'Why,' tn\& a n.an to tliln yrmng
'utrongth equaled that of any ol her J lady, Mo yo.i •Iway*. va.ry a hottle of
rnflle cowpaiiloiiB. Tho woinan'-i In- llniir.i'i.t with you vn ,v«ur lUlilii({ ei-
J'-..-'ct wero diwovered to bu not smiIoiii curihu.-i".''
and her himhtud wa« lodged In thi-.     ".Si.«i!.'iifd j
county Jail here charged with violating ""1 am mc.*," *ha **',A pltiintivi'ly,
thel»w in employingn fsoinle hclj-urIn 'fortl.t |"or .".tilu tlt'.t A...! to, whfii IJ
the mine Tho woman aetcil •>.-* Vm'* tnke tr.- till <.hu hai.i, i ti'.WHV* nih in ,
JieU'er and wft«paid by him. 'cut mii-ith with **oiiw! ili.iif.cnt,'" (
VVItli a •dlnm-OH-d  "ring I raven
free how tonficiiro a beWitlful coin-
-filc^ioiv. IVIn-rmyndN and exquisite
*co"mpleXlon aro both desirable.   An
opportunity tn every woman 1« now of.
fared for obtaining both,   For $2.001
ofTerii'l-G'KH.Gold Shell Hliifr,
shape like a hi'luhor, with a Tiffany not*
tlnpr, net with a tfcnulno (llitmond
and will hoihI freo with nvnry order the
reclpit 'nnd illmctlonii, for obtaining a
ffiultleiH comploxlnn, onully undnrfltood
ntid'slmplo to follow.   It will town lhe
oxpaimfl   nf   Cronnis,   CnsinetlcM  r'niiil
Klnncliet.   Will froii thn Hkln from pimples, llliic-ldii'iulH, ntcainl u'lvn thn skin
liMiutv nml Nfi(tnii»K, .   . I
KING  '*■    tfiuifiiiitiiid   Ivy   flu-
llllllllirnrllll'lM' to IlimM't'pi'l'NOIltlMl
nml xliniilil any piiirhmn'rlmiliiisilltilli'il
1 will t'ltt'i'i'i'nily n-l'iiml tln> iiioni'y.'
I fount lev-flio [irli'i! lend .vou to
(lOllbt tllO  ^tllllllH'IIOSN  or   Villi!o
/4f'  t]\\u   \'\\\iy       1-<   tl',1      ill.M...      -.-.I..,-  ,.   f,l|4
IVi'tHct.l*   I'lVfli    111,(1     I'Vi'VV  imrrllll'iiM'  '
Soiid mo 'il'i.OO by tititll and tiikm
tulvuiitnure (iftlilNonVr, nn thutlmni
Is limited. Si'itd •.!««» of finfje.' for j
whicli rlnjr Is deulrcd, |
T. C. MOSELEY        j
8-2 Kn« Mrd ,|>ltr«et       Saw York City
WINE   GO^ Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
Importers of
OLD fOll^
!        FOMMBKY
Jas. Severn, Prop.
, ,   FERNIE, B.C.
**■*■ '
.*. ', *
. i
Eoerq attention.
Rooms reseroed by toirc
A pleasant home  for  the
G. L. WHELAN • • Manbfler
p. O. E. PERN IC
McutHllrnt frMiiy hi t'uch mnnlli In 1.0. 0, K.
11. II- Mooru, W. Keny,
Worthy J-ronlilimU Worthy Storntary.
Solo Aponts in EiiHt Kooteimy for
Vkoktale   DeaHrt   asd   Dirtct
' iMporttrt ol
Chas. Gilbert
Tonaorl-al Artist
Onlv Union Hurler. Shop iu  thu city
ainl work hino In ilono In llrNt class
stylo ami nt roiiNoimblo pricon.
Look for Cnrd  In Window
u-i-rio'jsr  L^BEJL
Crow's    Nett   Speolal
Miner's Favorite Cigar*
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Kvcijlhlng new and
Every accommodation-
for thc public.
Bar Hioctt'd with (he
finest in the* land
Hend mo your name mid the
iiamcuof A reputable people at
reference atitl 1 will lorwnrd you a
prnprfltlon to »et ,a* my •Rent and wil
iriv ii<M* lit y/iur IacbIIiv.
Department 16
iiii K»*v.>i'.rd KtrMr, NEW YOIfK CITY j
Restaurant   |
0'iji uu'i'ly tlm d'ft\) I
The Owl   Restaurant;
■VUllVil    llil.*»     ICCC'llll)
Hands }
will be more completely j
„ up-to-date    than   has
been  thc case in  the
past.   The   new proprietor,
John Taylor
,, «rf 4. *     .« .    .
will be pleased to meet
thc old patrons and'al-
j.0 new ones at the olt'
TheA. Macdonald Co
(Ik-ad OiVkv- Winni|H'K) 1/ j
Ur.inrlK's—Vam-otiivr,  Nolson, l-Vrnlc, ' x\W I £3^
EJiiioniiiii, AI1.1. it K-.-nora, Out,
Pernie,  B. C.
Kcnile,  H   (!.
l"ar sti|.plii'fl with the l-Mot Wines
■JU'/**>      444.1*
Cuiji •?;.',* j J!*-*
and everything in our
line enn he fount! the
freshest at our store.
Dinin.; I'ootu in amncction
'■ijjMMim MM—M^ynap—i 1    1 1 'j  1   ..i.iialJH
Fort Steele
Kcrnf«,  II. 0.
Brewer), ol K«tra Fin** J-»t«-r
and   Aerated   Waters.
B B"?|*ltt,    ^J B
Road tho Ledger:Service
McDOUgall     &      CO.i»ottle«l   «ood»   »    «pcdnlty.
 i„. 1:
Cigars,   TobacCOS,  KtC. Ml»,(rdi l.iuinn»t    (urr« l)i|4U^f*a. a\iai^insKBita^nr.-MX^^V^ii>i^t^~^sSS
?CW4' ,*.
.T<TOUAh.7'.fl _,H!V<H^'?V."v^3^^:(;^^'st^S;:
**•«"*.'-,)»■.*•.*-.# #•,#-*•;
l-.-JRbad'The-Ledger j*.
$' for the ni-pst reli- M
.able news.
#".■ ■■■■-  ■''*
■: V*
" -. i-   ^      I > i""'.-fuJvi        «   »       .vj -       -   * ' ' - i         ;   ;        ;   ~      ..v..
:.-■     ..  " .% ■    .   " .      ",.-..-_■_,. u--..-   -^■^mSl"'' i/r.m*fi:s  "1-     ^"^      '"""' *' *,/x f 1   ""     '"*''     '-•  '^   "  '?>
Premier Scott Gave Assurance
, to the Above Effect ,
mechanism by-jyhich .h'eisent.hU tele£
graphic niessagesand express packages,"
and in'each instance the I'eply was'the
^ayj^",the.C,.PTP^-. Finely he.met,
some" men on'tlie street one day and;
askcd.if they. wo_ild'bq.ki'i<4..enou{?h t&
tell'•him what time it wasp*'! Do you
mean-.the C. P: R. time?'-' they.askedj
"For hivin's sake," the amazed Irish'*:
man asked, •'do.th'e C.P.'H. be owiiiiV,
the : viii-y hours'"of' the day ..in ,thls
country?" Y. "
' Premier Walter, Scott 1ms promised
to take over for the provincial government the mining rights in the locality
near. Eagle Lake, where tho coal discovery has recently beenjnnde. .Mr.
Scott was seen at his home in Reg-ina by
\V. A. MacLeod, who was appointed by
the Eagle,Lake, settlers lo see if, they
could get, the" benefit this coming;;fall
and winter of .the discovery so providentially 'made' by" one of their number.
Mr. Scott said it was against the policy
of the government to undertaket_the
operating or ownership- of coal mines,
but" in view of llie exceptional circumstances of the .case;-and-the hardsliips
and suffering that might'; ensue iff the
settlers iii this "important district" faced
another winter withoiit a sufficient; fuel
'supply." Mr; Scott decided to- have the
mine, should the seam discovered prove
a good one, developed for the'use of the
settlers "by the' provincial government,
and with that purpose "'entered at once
into communication with the department of the interior at Ottawa.—Ex.
tFernie's-Best jjg
^ Friend    is    the
*£}. '        c    , .'    '■    .       *■''     .
A^lace ofsafety arid security "for tlie accumulations
of all. wlio work and save.
„ The subject'of bumps-in mines .has
received a __;reat deal ot attention.in the
Old Country; and-a careful study of the
conditions which. produce" these disastrous phenomena lias enabled engineers
to minimize the danger--'They occur
chiefly in ,thickt seams, and are due to
secondary subsidences,' or to the sudden
liberation-"of pocketed _gas__or, .water.
The main precautions'cqnsist iiVcnveful
examination, advanced', borings ;'J:uid
jiddjliojliil tinWerin'g. r*-',Now"'that the
' Who am,1.who mildly whimper, what
my standing and my creed? •    7
I'm "the man and dog, my master, that-
*   is what 1 am, indeed!
Just a whelp of human  nature, I'm the"
•;.,.'   ' lost one in ihe'/gg.k'crtA  -. <*-.•.■'< $
Just the cur of jail .the ages, just a com-,
■ moil yellow "dog. '■■ ,\M
You have kennels and fast living; I am
no) as good as you. .,..- >■!
Though one time flush earth gave living
unto all alike—their due *
But the times have changed, my tu'ast-i
er.'.'thcre'are dogs that have theii
day,     ;   ;..    ,  ..., -,. .*,-.! .-, .v.. \\
And the others, ah, the otliers!   They
■"  -.      may live in any way!       • *■_     ■_>
i'Tis' the difference'in tiie kennels, the
I L * , 1 *
surrounding'" and the"food;     ,'7
You  prize-winners   were   but   wolves'
*   .- , -   /, i
.   7-once—came   by   accident, your.
v   *-' goo'd.      •
Give us,kennels, give\ us breeding, and
.  ,w°e'll hiiyc.our. nature's due;  -.:.
'Tis the same stock we'are sprung from;
"we can be the same as you.     '_•"■
In the tossing of the,,ages
., . , foam are whirled;      ...
Were'Vou; are yoii, any belter, tha
.*  i-;.; of "the underworld?,
But lhe uiiderneath'sappeai"iiig;th'ougii
,.-'    ,'.'-,"  !'*"": '..    ■    ■' ■ 4   ■*''•-'       i,
upon the,crest you ride; i -■•    "<
Understand it;'lion*t 'forget il; it is we
"■ '-.•• *'",;7,':.::i _"    ..    ■ ■'>
Deposits of any amount accepted and
' interest paid' '4 times' a year ..at highest   .--
current rate.   ■" •   -   -   ".".",..."."
J. R. LAWRY    "'-,;;;.;;;-/;,.
■ "■* i>
v-.l *
even dogs to
lian we
to the
i '
W'orkiiigs'i'u ihe. Fende* Mines externl
over'a wide area, the wide disiurbanee
of strata is pvodxi'cing'siniilar conditions.
'occiirri-d ih'tli'e No. "2 iriin'e'with'a fatal
result.   Iii this case "large volumes of
gas  were  liberated and followed the
.bump, a circiimstance' which determines
tiie,'character of the occurrence and
classifies it with thwe, recently investi*-
gnte'd'in England. ,*So doubt the Fernie
managers ..will familiarize themselves
with the details .of the investigation in
the Old Country nnd will adopt similar
precautions to those now in voguo'.—
Win Blrtkemoie, M.E , Lu the " Week."
The .bumps' occurring from tlmo to
time in the Fernie.Mines aro nothing
extraordinary ns'soma  people would
hr.v'u us:bclle-YO. " We doubt very much
if the Fernie luniingors will adopt any
O'.A Country motljods of, mining deep
seams.   The seam no.w being worked at
No. 2 mine Conl Creek, uii'derliiys 2,r*00
feet., of etrnta; the method-of mining
chiefly pillar nnd Btnll, pillars 50 x UO
feet    Kxperienced inlniiiR men caii well
understand  bumps' occurring in this
_4,4.._h q _m a_ki"*_t betide
If we come, mv lords and masters, nifel
' '    we know whut we have,fi?und, i
'Aiid7 \ve're 'cioming now, *my'' masters,
and ,we , know ..what, we   have
'    ' found; a   ....,__. „'
And. we're coining now, my, masters,
with bur noses lo thc ground,  -v
No white, slender neck of woman .will
. make red ihe guillotine;
And no. gibbering, harmless* noble iii
the tumbrel may lie seen,
For the world is growing older though
its life be more intense,
And we underlings,  tbe bondsmen--
God has given us common sense.
Not will) scytlie im axe and bludgeon,
seek we lhat for which we live;
Not with murder and rude vengeance
seek we wlmt the world _ should
■   ;'      give.' '   " • ';
We but come, my , moneyed muster's,
willi  the lilllc I hing you nole--
Yiis, with ever-growing thousands, wc
are coming with the vote.
—Stanley .Waterloo, in Chicago  Daily
,. Socialist.
', l',*'. • ,.*-. -i
'.               ■>'
-    '' X°i
For Three Months
wei, will    receive,  subscriptions
to .The  Fernie Ledger at the*
rate of    ' „  .-
One Dollar a Year
We-'.want to double our list
of .'■subscribers. Seize, the opportunity   and  get  the   paper
A lopnotclu'i' l« simply aii'liidkldiml
! who works for tlie liibtltutlon of which
jhe is a pint, nnd not nirnliist it.    „
He dues not, wear rubber boots nnd
ii'(md on gliiKH'Wlu'ii lie gets his order
from lli» boso.   lie is n jrood conductor,
and through him i>1».vk tlie |*olicy,of the
house   Tin* Intcreath of tho housu nre
his—la'' Is the Inihlncsf. ami lio novel-
sopiinui's  lilinHJIf 'from - tho concern,
Hwnlibliijf tlio gronsiiil cliutis by Utioclt-
Ing on llu* iilnco'nr innnngoniont,
A topiiotiliei-.ni'Vci'.snyt- inwardly or
outwiirdly, " I wasn't hired-to do that,;'
I'nur dni.'« lie ll^iiro lo work exactly el«lit
houi>, and wi'iif tliu fnuo off tht'lclock.
lie works tintil lhe work in dnuu and
dons nnt leave his di'sk like i\ map of
Sun Frniu'lK-oiiftiM'tho hlmkcup.
As n g-'iicrnl propoHltlon, I would nay
thnt topnotohorrt nud cl-rorutte hrn'okers
nru different persoiiH,
A topnolcher prlssei his health more
thitn n good tlmo, (•<> lie Ims a good time
nil the time.
Sorehead*- and boll} aches are usually
Buffarlnjr from   overeating,   lank   of
oxygon, and lo&n of sloop.
If you want to ho atopnotclterhowaro
habit- ntV.'-rw'.'-.i*. dcnUny" lian ymi  on
the list ,-F.x.
No Seedless. I'luim, No I'UIcbs
Apples, Nn Coblcas Com—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable
prices, Fertilizers, Dee.. Supplies',
Spray Pumps, Spraying Material,
Cut ," Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery on the mainland ol
D. C, Catalogue Free.
Orecnhotises .ind Scetl Iloiises,
Vancouver, n. P
V. S.-If your local merchants
do not handle my' seeds, send
direct. We prepay fifty packets,
assorted varieties of garden seeds
in $c papsrs (tested stock), to
your tetrest post office for ll.oo;
twenty packets* for 5°c.i trial col-
with all the News
Send"  your * name   into
Manager of "The   Ledger,
do it
60   YBAWa,v
TOO   MUCH   C.P.It.
"Who ftwni thin hotRl"*"' a»ked an
IrUhman on his arrival at tha Pronlonat-
In Quebec. "The C. P. It.," wan tlie
reply. He continued his Journey throiijrh
Canada, a«klu« who owned tlte ftonm.
boats tliat ho saw croisltur, Owen Round,
tbe hujto tjrain elevators which towered
shove Fort William, th« stupendous
IrrlMtlon ditches of Calaary, aud thej
We have -just placed in slock some
of the" latest fads_ for printed matter
and guarantee  satisfaction	
Tnaoc Marks
tt., -       CoprmoHTsj. At.
iBtnnnwnfltns »iVMfh»ndd)^lp«i''nmij *
ihf «atlnn ,i« vrnb^blg
••iu fro*.
ca. r*o«i»f
w-TrSl^wlthoulcW. IstlT-j
Scientific flmtrican*.
A hotel th,-.' lumlihiJ quUl, commodious accommodation for \\i patrons Is a source ol pleasure to tbe
travelling Jpub-'it. fenc'a «• xmn v* t-ie
KiBij Edward Hotel, of Fenilo, tot-
ncr opposite post office.
fry a Ledger Ad.
To llm OMi'-jm iinJ'Muiidiori.  of tiUtrlct IS
KOTIRK U lwrttty «]v*n tJi«t liis tewlar
niMtlnn. of IWI«yu«lfl.il «>V- J';,"*?,!
A. wilt in fi.tiir* Iw h«M «»n th« tlrjt • M
tlilnl t*«timliiy *v»«iniw In th* month, in-
"t#M.t of Hie M'foii'J srnl lu*t 8unrti*ytt*.ti«-
,ow' Kfntomslty Yonr»
V, Ciuri'iiM.,    ,
■i Piv.liff*. f,f)f:.ir. «l
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i*'      S '  " -    i
es on
Fernie Italian Band
all Railways
7 ""    * - ' ~>
During the
,- ;, ,..';. •   "7   '   "*-'•' .-J   *^
1^r=FdlhPart:iic^lBnfs   "^
.. \ - -»
Address Entries and'" Communications to
H. VV. HERCHMER, Sec'y Pernie Athletic Ass'n
"tp thu course of un editorial ou tho
cot&l situation, tlio'  Vancouver Worl;l
•*i' ' ,.
•'i-Taklug ono cousldoration with
•jii^thor,"'wo" arc Inclined to think
that tho preBont 'custodian;! of tho
coil we-illh of tho country havo not
Wanagsd tholr business hs well as
itjrnlgnt hftvo'bt-Jii managed. The
pr«ont scarcity whs preceded by n
disastrous Btrlko ou'the island, and
thore.iB.'reason''t'onollevo that it
was then that the situation got out
ofJhundY In the Crow's Nest valloy
; thff consequences at th""*" - dispute of
last «*'■»*{'•* dinputo largely brought
about'by-tho overbsiringf attitude of
• jjeiirossntative,,©!, bn«'bf,.the. lurgr
esty operators, „., are^a^U ..b«lB* felt
and are likely to be felt for «,. Iohb
time. Not only did nroilucUoa ; got
jDlarrsars, but the -number'of men
now at work Is not up to the re-
(juirdDiiti. -The strike' scattered the
cltfcegfiplojrtoil Borne of them.made
their vWify to other collerk-s, some
foiled'work above ground, and, liking" It titter, have-never returned to
the mines at all. >The result Is that
tbe,mines . are short of labor,,and
that the average quality of what
labor is lo be had has been, found
leiii elllclent.;; The employers were
pract'eally the victors, but thiy are
now poyinu'n heavy penalty for
thilr triumph wlillo the justico of
tbe dcnuindu of tho men Is rIiowii by
claimedby,.tlio World.,_/ v,, .'i*:*/
At Coleman, .where tho muaa^e-
meiit havo- prepared to double their
output, the miners have boon "•cpt
idle for days becuuso of lack of .:ars.
','ThiB,' maiiai'emeni'jmade'i.ibcBe prep?
^rations- j'ecatiso,;*.--.', transportation
companies contracted to tako all tho
output cf the mine and oslted for an
increase to moot increased clcmandsi
. What'ifi true nt Coleman is true,to
a greater cr l:ss extent at all the
mines, and it would seem rather (in
absurdity lo talk about a scarcity of
labor when tbo laborers have to lie
Idli dnys ut a tlmo 'boeause there ure
no care on hand to tni.e awny the
product of the 'mines."' ' "'' ' •'' 7
A fow days oko nn order wan Issued'to nil the station adepts along
th»'Crow, instructing 'them not ,.to
supply any cars to tho sawmills, and
It is a well-known j fact -that!,oarn
have be:n.scnrce nnd bard,to (et all
ys»F> •   ;'; ■• i __
Now that tbo new (jraln crop will
be ready to movo;in a short time
and thj cattlo ro.idy to ship,' there
sooms little prospect .of. relief-, from
the car shortage situation. On tip
of all this, winter is approaching
and ..with It will como the domunil
lor estra tiumt'ti s of ctal.
Tho labor qiusUiin cuts a v'ory
small flguro ln tho situation. <"t ia
wallinj,' for curs to fill no that tho-io
ths'fact that the wo'-es paid -oven laborers who nrc bore und roudy In
work-en n put In full tlmo
If some Soc|alist or lalior 'it;l-
Ulv*;" Uuil'.iLikitf to t-u ijjuieii tie
public nts to yu'.O'c oi»'«ti-.,"jJj> ut
railroads, our ciptilns of lliuiiicn uV
r.'slvcly Iniiith nt tho ''liinorance Alt-
played" nnd nsk! "how aro you .join? to flnnncn tho HohoniO?"
now in, the Crow's Nost are'not sruf-
tlclently high to attract skilled labor.
••Th' Juctl'iMtl.s Jir ';.}::&»„ ta-t
nnturnl rstniiteoB In th" hnnfl'i <if
private persons Ih the ureitir economic eftlolency with which production is carried on. When, however,
luck of   foresight   or   demand   for
hd.ivjr profit ■> rervW tb? /•jrrj?? I\??.r
and unrellkblo, It'is high time to
consider whether the system of private ownership of conl lamlx should
n^t be superseded by something
which wU'btttJr mett public needs."
Prom ev try where comes warning of
an Jmrcndin-j coal sbortu-e, but
while there J« truth in what the
World say«     repvnlln*: rn'r.-.-ni n:\.-e-
in nt cf coal propcrtl.s, ve who-I e'uution md Jnisv whit wns en-uin/
l*i "the P..is b.ipjen t» Itxcix th tt j In the .-hai-t* • I tJovi Imi iiii nt mil or
li we.vr short nf la'ior th*< mf-ei'm nd, th n they, hu-.e I cen air-, nt.
m.iy bo that thy luve to r«ma»n |«lmlnn!ly «••:'! tntn! fi ir j j.,i(i
idle f r want i.f car« U inn: port i*'.ty in in itr.mlu *"
what th*y are nMfl t*> produce 'indor j Wc are rither liicllwd to biliev<>
th* present    nhortsire   of In'-nr   no  that tfif- i.-rnornnre of th^ m\n:«hi>
0»..*v iu ii.jua 'ui.il,
without the ii id 'if tho peoplo tuA
thn pu' l.e credit, no rillroad in thin
country has boon flnanccil; and t'eo
that in \le.v "of to present co.idi-
tons i-overniig tho transportation
proMcm, these cnplAinn of fimn'.'-,'
have deinoii'tral d their in'normcd
<if thc sttiiiition frilly tJi^r.,'?-;»i"!y,
oi" if t/ny h ivc lci'ii iv"I o to ih« *•!'.-
says ^hat:-governments should own
and .'operate'*the great arter:o3 of
ira'nspo'rtali-n over, which their cic-
cosarics of lifq.haye-jto bo hauled,, is
not co donse as Borne would liave us
belioo; nnd that it, is not- greater
than.gtems to,havo Leon tho,ignorance of tho r.-.ilway managers, who
find themsel ei confronto.1 by a condition with'which1 thoy aro unal-lo to
copo,' -''    . ■' '     ,
"Four'years ago-there existed a car
shortage, and the 0. P. It. company
undertook to got tho lumbermen of
British Columbia to ship their !. inter to tho dealers on the prairie during tho early spring before the demand for cattle cars and grain cf.rs
ee{'-in, -butrthat.'little-shortage was
asu drop in a bucket compared to
the present ehort.i(0 which' is hindering tho lumber industry, tho coal
industry, and* extends to all kinds of
Ur.UBportatl in -,	
In'short, tho, situation is,, much
worse t';>d.iiy..,th,a,n..it..wa8,four years
050. .      *, ■_    •
v The -grcAtv' aggregation called tho
human faintly is growing in knowl-
olfie, and with the growth of knowledge comes tho desire to profit* by
thnt Inowledge.
We know that banunas and other
tropical fruits that are pleasant to
<c«t ean he laid,*upon our; breakfast
tables, nnd we insist upon having it
done. Wo know ,. that heat can be
transferred to us; that nil things
thnt our growing knowledge of the
lomforls of tho world has brought
vi can bo hr.d in nlniOHt any norik
of tho world, nnd wo wont I hem
brought to tis.
All thin Knowlodto nnd comoi'ucnt
demand has created a transportation
pro' lem that no man can sulvo,
. Tho tr.iiis.iort'itl-in nrnhlpni In thn
grtatsHt problem of today, so far as
I'hys'cd condittoi/B nru coiiconuil,
und tho people nrc slowly but Kiirely
iiW.ilttnlng to tho fact that ho who
controls iransportitl-n controls tho
Uut of this Is -/rowing tho demand
for pu!:l c ownership or control of
the nrterkf, of the circulation of
> Hundreds of y<n:'s ogo the tralllc
of the worll was carried on over
ro..di comu.on tu all. Uow UuiL tlmt
t.nfilc hnfl'iiu-ro.Bcd n thousand fold
Wt! I'.nd ih.4l Urn luailfl nvir which it
Is r. tttcA bclonij t<» n f.w i-coplor
i i:d that all tho j cojdi* i r«- suhj'- •'
to thi* r-i.'o i.t t'lo'i* wfm o .n    thi-
M   llWft, K,
Tb-'f Iiu'iw.«y. w li h.»'t- ti ifoni''
{h, ilu.a'ly nl tlm i-.u I c l>i *»l»«u
1hi»y ilist and v,h> billd utxA mdn
t.iln th»lM.
* ■'■ i i. nV.- M. 0.* A.'- -
i. In pursuniiuoof tho arranffoinuut ay-',
iioimced ut tho joint Minoi's'-and.AIifi'iS'
'.tariiil Assoclatfifi muotin-? last week, tho
ininifltcrlal Aflnocintion has writton the
'jiucrfltary of the-B'C; Brapch-of'tho-YT'
;M C.A'. for particulars as to nr^anfisatlon
'of a branch hero and nnkii)"' that-an
oi'«*niiizor who pan »ivo all ijoccssary
Information and render any other assist'
•nnco to tlio''movement bb sent tb "Ferule
-as booh as convenient.   Tho loolin/? in
fayoiir,.9( the.,pr.ojoct,.„.to.,lbulld„and.
maintain a well equipped ggmnaHium
'and reading room for the bono'lt of the
'army of youn/r mon nlways In pur, city,
is. very pronounced, 'aYitl It is probable
that all movements In that direction
will uryBtalizoiiitoafltibHUntlalpropoil*
tion with a united support,   Kveryono
Intorosted in  such  work   should   lie
willing to nccedo as much as posslbln
to the wishes of others working: for tho
same object, so that all forces van be
'united In a single proposition which
(•aii, with tho united will of all, be
made a hiu-cobb,     <<
,, As soon as tho Ministerial Association
lias hoard from the organization officer
of tho Y, M.C. A. another meotlnfr will
bo hold to discuss the subject with
(Infinite Information before It,
' Tho Y'.'M, C, A. project-was' first
brought up for consideration ayesrsgo,
and had  boon' sorlotisly  considered
before thu last labor trouble but had to
hu postponed on that account until that
matter was settled,
and Return
TieketBon sale AtiRUBt 8, f), 10.   Sept. 11, li!, 18'■
•-'*'"-•■*;""■ Account
Jamestown Exposition
Kotnrn Limit HO. Days' from date of Sale
f\The above rate is from Pernio, B. 0.    Sumo rates apply
I to Dulath.   Pernio to Chicago and rotorn, $G0.   Proportion-
ntely low rates to Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, and other
eastern points.
Y  Vox.Information regarding rates, rootes, etc. write
'     H.L/BLACKHTONR, Fernie, B. C.
or W. A. Ross, Asst. Gen, Pass. Afift., Seattle, Wash
When the
l Hair Fails
Stop If! And why,not? Fall-
Inf hair is a disease, a regular
disease; and Ayer's Hair Vigor,
as madf! from our ne*ni' Improved formula, quickly and
completely destroys that disease. Thc hair stops falling
out, grows more rapidly, and
ail dandruff disappears.
"  A*»t Itfii rh/ingn lh* enhr nf th* halt.
,'.y, •     .ion *<'■>;
Wanted for Fori-ile
and ndjolnlnsr country lo represent
■ '   OansSa's trsatsst Hurssrles
Trees of right sl^n and ago for Hrltlsh
Coltnnhla plnntin-?. Grown on llmo-
Btonosoll; hardier and longer lived
than coaHt trees.
A permanent sltuittion;   Territory
reserved \ Wxy weekly; l-'reo outllt.
wrlto for pitrtlciiliirs
Summer Excursion Rates
Lur CO 89 Is
Jk TatmnU wl«h *ktb k*ltl*
Am p   iiti'>W"i« *.ii gnat
Ji. JLU&P& *••*him *■»•'■♦••.
liwr* -nwr n *m£.n-ttjm*vitttt mww ~
I'Vi'iilo to      I
wimiipoir,   *   $38.25
in Uilli'ini
Stone &. l-V&liingtOtt  !i»„rt Arthur i
,. Fonthlll Nursorlos        Ht. rum
(licenced by H. C. Hnvornment)     muaix .    $48.50
Toronto - Bnlarfa HIoiiy fit •
Jly IT-flP
St. Louis S5A. Chicago pm, Oxxnwn
$7H.a$. Toroiilo, $ji.'sx>. .Montreal
$80.    St. John, Joo.    Halifnx Jyfi.fto.
New jVorl' ,f j*i.
TitUi'tw ou Suit* luly ,], ^, s; Auguxt H,
'), 105 Suptfinhcr 11, 1 j. ij.
J-'iiil CI.ih*. K4111111I Tii/i  yo D.iy Limit
The little fcook In each psckaj-e gives
ihe formula of our new lUir Vigor, tells
why <*sch in,;n Jili-.i ii useA, and «•
plains mflnv-ntiW infermin-r thintf\
After readme you u-lllknow *'hy litis new
! tisir pteparstion doc* lis work to well.
; —«Wl b/ \Xi* t. V. Xf*r 0*., UwtlX, lfUI,"'-«
nisTilirrr np Kfion:.v.iv
rilAKKiiKiirotlmi Win. fl   lliirinti.iif t'rnn-
.1.   lii*ii(ik, II,<! .™-i-ii|iili'mt*|irk,IhIiii.Ii t»
.l|.|,l}- l„t   1 -|» .'Iiii !!lj.' 1.1   ||.,i.l,«, IIHI iii« lm-
I.,vth,i'|.l.,.<r!l<f1 lm U-
i'iiii.iikii' iiitr ni tt |m>«i i<tniiii.-l i4t tin' luir'li-
44i'«t i-tit-1,1'1 nf I.'>t i:,'i|. Hi. ii,.., ui,,td «.!s<Ui
*>n    ii'u.-, -! t   i.i ' i.jhiv :«,, 1 j,ni,i.,,
, M11.J ■ ••  >ntilli 1 ul>l4    .,   1 l|.|l|.». t)n !    1   IU'-    ' "rrr' I"'1' ""'" t' 'Ii|.,*M'il'.-, ff(,in   i.ll   Ku,.lf-l:nf
i 1 i.tli'4-   ..i . fm... ■ •1, ...'■.I    . 1 ,.!,,. 1. ,14,. j.l. |«,.i,l»     IU-Hi-1* dViilnlili; I'm l.llii'iiiilli
•1 . ...i.;,,i,.i,.-. -I*. !i,. -.,..: ■   !i.„'., ...1. ,;        __.,.. ,„..„,,..,. mi,.«,„„. «,.,-.,.
' ini,,,/* fir Vvi1
j SMI    H    III'il PIS'  1 *i,i:i!, H.-   Tl.i.iiwSj  r.i'iM
''    ''   *'"■    '' _ l-i-n-l Hi *»HV4»X'|-lt
J    T' .  '."'  ,  .. 1 ,.,,.  ■., 1, t(ii.<li|. 1'11, nl:..:. -f   ti 'lii'uri, V " '• •    »r   MiMi'irr.n   IVrl^ii.Ct.
1 t|,r ,1* .l4c I,. Tl.-.' II ..ICfi.liil^.l Hi r',l,;).'lll !llH .if
j .full , l'«i;
»..i»l^t]» t'"Hiti |..i.'>ir'.l !..... I. ».- W->*K.
I. «*.« StXii'M. U. I'. Jd., NrUm.
1'!, :<ka?•:,%< 1, Act, Pmi.Ii. 8
-.vsj,. ;-_ -r>HG:JA..7^ Mixmi yYnY^y   v^-n
News of the City
Union men own the Fernie Ledger.
Subscribe  now, only, one dollar, per
year. ■ .
Only six fancy parasols left nt Mrs. E
Todd's. '
Union men only' are employed by.,the
Fernie Leduer.'
Mrs'.  J.   15.  Siniih   will   not
a-ain until the ist of October,
Unions look at our list of advertising.
. Patronise home industries.     ,-=*»
Our circulation is rapidly increasing,
1 and will soon reach 3,000 per'week.
. C., C. Snowden; Calgary, manager
Canadian Oil Co.)<y,io in Ihe city on
business. '   r=  . »
The Fernie miners' need not fear the
Japanese invasion. ''Japanee no likce
Coal Creek, two muchee bumpee."
Union men, why do you, howl about
the-Capitalist press when you don't'
subscribe to your own' paper.    .     °-
Further reductions in lawn and silk
waists, children's silk and washing hats.
Don't miss the chance.   Mrs. Waggett.
We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Chas.
Gilbert has been very unwell the- last
few days and hope for her speedy' recovery.      •'-'.-,.
The merchants of this city who say
■  they are too poor to advertise will soon
find,themselves seeking  a tie pass out
•f Fernie.' ,--■-.
„      Copies of the Pinkerton Labor Spv
by Morris Friedman can  be  obtt.ined
"from  Thos.   Big^s,   secretary, "Miners'
* Union, Fernie. , Price 25c.
George H. Scott* of Gateway, was in
.   town Monday.'•■ George will soon be a
* .coal operator,* being interested,in some
 good coal properties.in, Alberta."        	
A Car of
Pay Cash.
Prompt Delivery.
W. J. BIUnclell9 Post Office Block.
I YOU can always rely upon receiving at our value store,
1 better good's lor Jess money tlian you can obtain else-
where. If tlie best value made up of high quality and low
price is of interest to "you, then let us cater to yo.ir wants
we guarantee that we can save you.money/ .-;."
Saturday,   August   3
Featuring the Western  Favorite
is tailored by experts, ,,the finest; cloths and, linings are used
while our range.offabri.es. colorings, and styles,: is-,wide-enough
to appeal-to every man's fancy.    ,/.'*.-   r7 ■  .-„ ■      ..      ,.      .'-.:
Men's   Suits   $8.50   to   $22.50
Men's Pants      i.40   to        6.50
Oup Stock of Summer Hats
and Fanov Wasliini>; Vests' must. be cleared regardless of cost,  it
over, such- goods   from one.  season to ^ another. .Come   early bet
it being against our   rule to   carry
"ore   sizes   are   broken, and obtain
better choice and si'lcction.        ,  , , .  ,
25 per cent, off regular prices
The Rev! G. H.Wilson, rector of St.
iMichael's", Vancouver, "'will  preach  on
Sunday   morning'- at   Christ   Church.1
Miss Merrick will sing a solo on Sunday
evening ,in Christ Church.
- . Mr. W. R. Campbell has entered iiito
partnership with J. Wilson Gray....The
new,firm is prepared to build anything
from a shack lo a mansion in approved
western style.     " " ",
Mrs. J. B. Turney will receive for
the first time on Friday, August 9th,
from 3 10,5 p.m. Through an oversight our contemporary makes the an-
nouncomeiU read Tuesday, the correct
day being Friday.
We give notice to delinquent sub-
scribsrs, tliat unless they heed the
notices sent out wc shall send no more
papers to them,after this issue. There
is suc,|i a demand for our papers Hint
wc cannot afford to give* llicm away,..
Prof. A. M. Hurwiisli, I'll,I),, sonof
Chancellor Hurwash, of Toronto University.' is in town over Sunday and will
preach in the Methodist Church Sunday
■_ morning.    Hc'lias'rccerilly conic from
, n geological exploration conducted'by
*.a party, from the Toronto,University,
7  Tlia_.board.yrU the,Opera House this
''evening announce Ihe western favourite
•V"Ircne^-Lorton''"in three acts.    The
compii'iy comes well recommended; the
slior(.'n(>lice being due to im open dul'ti
andv.Uieir ,firbl appearance, in this.aec-
..     'iW.'r,   'I,  -1 i»   1 • ''•i'i'' •   .-:«■    'ri- }   •'•
tioivw&caU are on snip at (Tie;,, nunce
druff'-rtorc, &'?M<, i"r:-t'r-eJY"'-'- -.I'Yr
Tlip'TOnc'ral of William Hem-on, whet
cIiwU on*- Sunday- morning "-•tiKt   from
Supported  by
find we have too
Having completed our annual, stock-taking we
we  will clear at a sacrifice. {.Get the -benefit."
,-.One- piece, of twenty yards Tussorine Silk-Lawn with Heliotrope spot
regular urice,  Goc, 'Sale price..,.'.*..-.'•-...?"..*.....;...;. ;-...i.._...v,
-One piece of twenty yards Tussorine'Silk,., white 'with, black spot "-
Vreeula'V price 65c| , Sale' price.....'...•,'.'■'.'.."'••■.•'•••'••••■••' }.y.:..;::..:...:..
many costume-wash   silks which
24   PEOPLE   24
A" Superb Band  and
.'- . n .     ■        .
„ , , 'i'i
■1 "'>''        '    '
One piece ot"twenty yards Navy, with white.,.polka dor"
re fular- price - 6,"ic .Sale jprice ,•-•.
Ladies' Silk Underskirts in all the latest popular shades
Ladies' Green Silk Underskirt;1 accordiari pleated
flounce with dust frill.fullsweep,and £4*% t\f\
guaranteed ior three months, price «p | £iBtJU
Ladies' BlacW Silk underskirt with deep tucked
flounce and dust frill, guaranteed
for three months, price......	
Ladies'  Wine  shade Silk  Underskirt  aecordian
pleated-flounce and dust frill very £4 0\ f|f|
fuUsweep, guaranteed 3 mos.,price ,
1 ,*■„'*     ll * ' t
Ladies" Pearl Grey Silk   Underskirt with
flounce and dust frill
If you're   particular about shoo comfort combined with style and appearance let  us show you
picked range of exclusive makes.   We are showing the newest models and lasts and If you'll let us try
can lit your feet at prices that won't seriously hurt your pocket book. ,s ,
Artisan Working   Hoot for Men,' made of solid leather and guaranteed by the manufacturers
and oat-solves.1   No better Shoe on the market for durability and hard wear.
$1.85  to  $5.50  per  pair
Tho Walkover, Tbe Packard, The Traveller Fine. Shoes for Men   •
The Art,  Tho Trueflt. The Royal Purple Fine Shoes for Women  .
uKud.'aSiiH'ndlia^-hot^been very lonrf
in Ihis country, IFo lias two brothers
living in Kernie, ; Tlio service was conducted by Kev. W. I, Hull.    -
On Sunday morning next, August
4U1, in the Methodist Church, the Sac-
Vitinunt of the Lord's .Supper will he
..udiw'jiihtered.    It is earnestly desired
< tliat .aa large 11 number as po.islhle of
, member-* will he present and take,parl
Will'nil members and iidheronls recent
Tickets on Salef Palace Drug Store
Prices: .r 75c  50C   and   25c
.    , '     . ...•■■'. (, ■       :.:i °    ■ ■■ !■ ■ •     7
■   ,' ; >;-i     "H    •••■■■.
General Blaokimlth
Repairing;,  etc.
'Corner ofVldlorla Avoni\o"& Jriffr*y it
Mr, Iirri H. Hiirrlu, inspector for the
.Mainland Vlro IJiiderwrilern' Association of H, C.r was In the city on business
this week,
Harry I. MoUieson, late edilor of the
Hliiirmore Tlwes, was In town this
week. He is Interested In some line
nml property on llie South Korlc of the
One Cent a Word
One TiiMtrtlon not Urn tlmii Mo
41 x IM 'not, Hltnnfnd In W«i*tf Kernl*.
rrlflt M.VI, tprm«.  Apply Lnilimr Ollice,   A.lKi
X1 I'flllttl Avminid .'I ilnom from Kornln tion.
nfin '
nnnrly now, in bout of onlur, Ai>ply Imtajtr
Our constant   aim is   to supply   you with   tho   choicest table supplies In tho market at the loweBt
price that bucIi. quality can bo sold for.
Granulated Sugar
Don't risk spolllm? your preserves through usln^
inferior beet suffara, Wc handle only the extra,
'refined puro enno suffar, equally low in prlco
hut guaranteed the best tor all purposes.
Creamery   Butter
Windsor Castlo Creamery Buttor, recoivod direct
from the Creamery every few days and jib it Is
put up expressly for ourselves we know It      ~
to bo the best quality obtainable.   " " ""
Por, lb.
Don't Ovorioak us for your Pr«»crvl8i-g Fruits/Sugar antf Fruit'Jars
»„lb Tins iTetley'B Tea regular
11,20,. s|>t'Cial , ' •
Malta Vita HreukfHBt Food
Por packet..	
Saturday Grocery Specials
Puffed Klco Breakfast Food
Per paokot.iIi...i..mi..i..ii..i.".i,. ,.•,., ••••i>.
Very choice Kedl Salmon In Jib tins
it tins .1.....' ,,....*i,;.............,.
N. Hnwlirook, Kurnlii,
try. Hoiub In prnntlritlly new linvinn
IIikiII Imllf, Imi thun n jvi<nr. IiOtintinl on
lunik or Klk river nmir (J, N.tirliltti. For pur-
Hcul«r» H'lilroiti* or iipply tn tliu KarniB
IMgnr, 14 ilKMf
French Tuition
Maditmo Mnrlo Moncliot
Gnidmite of tlie UulverMlty, of
PnrlH (Kmnoo)
1   ■ <
TorniH on ApiilhiHtlon
ly arrived from  Kn^lnnd   ninUu it n i Old Mnn River, Alberta
i point to be present, so Hint llie piistor
. nmy biicomtJ uctjuiiinlcd with them.
j Hurry Mbbli.', of Vancouver, !.-» in
| town soliciting subscriptions forWit-
ishirc'H Muguxine nnd the S.iturday
i Rvcning Tribune, PoblUhed by l'ro-
fossor Walter T. Mills, Scntile,
)tn,'t%*f\   U'TT r.   PT*V   twn    »HM*"   '»! i   i   ji    ,1    -., i
«S>f>tii>  w«t-nmi«.w-|il i-i(mt«i; i/otlAcldreH»'<ei*rufo«t«o'k«i/liHrdi
-.'.'. JMiii'V inilil T.nt -ir,, Uil.r-V IV   Wlm m-UI Vi<' 	
tlm lu«kv one? Tltlnalmoliltuly oltnr   Write
lo tlib «wiu*r, \\'../. 'i'wlrni, V<niL'<<uti'r.
The Store With tlie fish Pond
$50 Reward
A, H. Crce, the well-known rcnl
estate mnn, returned to the cily on
Monday brinRiiiK with him Ills bride,
Ilii many friends gave him a hearty
wrlcomt*, nnd all the w«U lie lu* been
Neto  "
Shoemaker Shop
won't come oft",
Strayed from our Camp near Klho,
on 5th Mny, 1007, one Bay Mare with
white star on face, branded on right
hhmil'l'-r, wvlfjlit about 1,400 lbs. Onn
(lay'ticldiiif; with while star on face,
branded on riKbt vboulder, wciglit nbout
1,400 llw.   One narkBay Mar*, brand'
IndiMinct,   wcl|;bt   about   1,600   lb».i KOOTHAIX
flurse-. *erc well  broken  and   *»hod'    j.ft|oW W(. ^jy^ th« ntundiiiff of th".*
whMi ibuy lt*ft. «'tthtrlcl to July iiib, l(>i«;-»
Th.- -ibove reward will be paid on'    T#»«m I'Uywl Won I-Oft Dr'n Pt*
.,  .   ' „,„. Conl CruAt I      •»      xt     11     8
tlu-ir rvturu. _ 1      ■>'     l      I
The Path 4 livingstone lumber Co., Ud., :■•■£,**,.?.'.".'.".'.i!."^   ~\    *    «»
It Ion in e<omt,  Cmi Iibii.IIo TA liimr.lerii.!
H*i»W>-oi»M(»»-.p*>rl<'iu'i9.  Ait'lrnfi Karnl* l.til-;
iter.  :
lliinu u Cor miiuiij
Tlm owner lim» worked * yoam
In Homo, Itnly, *mi li propArcd
to do all klndH of rcpnlrinff anil
now work.
n\t Kkvr, as Kiaur whim I'Wkuinh > uam nittUnM
, .      .,..!„.,  «   .n.tta   •I...1   A   hunt*, or will noil t-Ymp. Apply ¥. If.   D6H   UlUlIOCCl
(■fonR urouna wearing n smile  ilini w«im»n,<v«rti'*TiiU. '•'. ..»• * o
,r im
In Wott Vnrnl*,   Runt %Xn (vr moiiUt. \lk\f J\ T\l I  r\\ J
AvtAyltfltmOmt*. Aii«.l« ▼▼ A^kl ~  ■  ■—a-^
I biiu_«!ii a lh*»r*»e with 11 -».ipp.vcJ»
lOood,  reliable,  head ul-eamtn in
<Jroeorle» and Drvirooda  for   West
blm  with u worth   ot ^iN'Ano'Si^JJ^rteneean,! 8ftiary, wm,
I.INIMKN'I'  anil M'l.i liim iW -Jijj, roiorences to
', front oa liniment IS-".
2j MOI8B "DEno-SCE.
I   Moti-1 Ki-ii^T, Si. I'liilliniv, 1W.
'   V     Ull «.    *Ji-C'   *      r
Although wc liave said nothing to you
previously about Fishing Taokle, yet
wc wish you to know we arc in thc business
with an up-to-date assortment of'TackSc..
Seeing is believing; feeling is the Entire Truth
See our windows for samples and feel our
Rods, for proof that wc handle nothing biit
thc best, anil at more moderate prices than
has yet been asked.
V ■	
John Nolman, Sec.
<, >
Hardware      Tinsmlthing       Plumbing  I


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