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n>*jrjn, ^c '      -..--iv*^..-. „l-rf***-»
'rr-f " *
'' ,
; ;()U,
Vol. II, No. 52
Fernie, B. C, August 17, iJ-»07
Si 1.00 a Year
Several Questions Discussed-
* Very few Decisions
Wreck  at  EVSa®2ebd
n ■ """ '
Spokane Flyer Jumps; Track-
Engineer and Two fire--.,
men Dead.
'■'*? ■■
l i
Tho following, are th? recommendations of the commission appointed to
investigate the conditions in coal mines:
With reference to the various points
referred to us,for investigation, we
submit a synopsis of the evidence, with
our opinions .based thereon .for your
consideration.   '   •• *    .   l
(i) In regard to the wages paid in
the coal mining- industry, we lind that
employees of the mining c-.m'paiiy are
paid wages as follows:
Ordinary  .unskilled   outside   labor,
$2.25 per day. •   •    •*•
" Other outside employees' rates vary
in accordance with skill from $2.50, to
■■$3.67'. per day."". '_•'"   '"■'\ '   '"
Inside employees aro paid rates varying from $2 50, to $8.50 per day, in
accordance with'occupation.
The contract miners," which'include
tlie bulk'of those.'einplo'yea iii.tlie actual
■ coal .mining work, are paid varying
° rates of___ wages,-, settledvby. agreement
between themselves and tlie employers,
"aiid differing ;in, accordance w.ith „the
particular places and system of work;
wages lia'vo/'been EtatedJfto rarfge in
individual' cases from $2.50 pej? dayyto,
$12 per day, and RSvari "'ayerag'e'-by' tho
year the following hatT of.-niii'i.es report'
lhe rate of wages set opposite'each one"
•as being the average for the year:
Letli^ridge4rS-2i tp $5 per,dpy.! "'"& <
Taber—$1 per day, room men.
•Consolidated Coal Co.—$3.50 to fl per
i day. ,'',,,.'
Diini'eBtlVConiCo.'—S'i'08.   ' *s
Canada,'-. WeBt .Coal'-" Co.—$52""ri"fortnight.' ;V'_
Lambtdti mine, Woodpeckor—84 to
$7 per day. .   ._-     •    '.'
.   Frank—$3 to 81 per day.
•Bollevuo—*!>l 79. , ,       .
Lil|o-$5 20J. -      ....     ''"'.,
Biiiikhead—81 00.  ;
Moriiiville—81.25. '
Vour commissioners'are of the opinion
thiiUloglHlation in regard to'rnto of
wages would not b» of any, ndyniitftfio
in tl'jb present coiuiition of nffiili-s,
..   ■ ,?   ; Payment of AVagos,
Injrognrd to the piiyinunt of'wage's,
thu o'viiiem'O 'riven upon tho part pf the
miners was practically iiuunluiouH in
favour of payment liriiin made at lonst
every, tiyo-weoks'; which Is the custom
of n few of tho mines , Tho oviclenco of
thelopornthre'connected with the otlior
mines was .largely In opposition to this
•flyfltom and In favor of tho monthly
pnymont of wages, ;iifl iit present In
' vogue in tholr iiiiiiOB.j Kvldonco wna
given In regard to otlior countries that
thu I'tiHtom in England varied from a
. woelc upwards, Nova Scotia two weeks,
Dritl'bh Columbia monthly, ami In tho
Unltad StiitUH fortnightly mul monthly, | cUy «**l<*rk
but no.eyiiiont'o \viih produced in regard
to Alburtn thnt would show n dlbtinctlon
upon llils question between inlners nnd
. other" clnBHeii of omployoeri'throu-rlibiit
the pi-ovitico j and your commiHslpnors
nro of tlie opinion! thnt any loglHlotlon
, - on tills uui'juut should bu preceded by an
inquiry Into tho condltioim iimiorully In
l-ftgiu'il to otiiployooH . throughout till)
Kvldonco was glvoii hy the niiuurH
very Inrguly lu Iiivoi- nl u hyhtoin of
payment lot' conl by run ol mine, while
tliu uvldoiico of the openitoi'H wiih, gen.
orally apcaklng, In favor of n eystem for
Hereon coal whom such coal was lined
for domestic purposea anil sold upon a
HCi'oeiicoiilbasin. InpractlciuthUiiyfitum
Is only used, no far ns the evidence
shows, nt the LiPthbrii'gn mine, nnd It
Ih Raid tn bn thorn taken Into coilBldora-
Xlm'ln arriving at n huMn of r-"v,'im*ut.
The mn'nrlty of your I'mmnlwdnnr-VH dn
not fuel JiiHtltled in making n recommendation which could only npply to ono
> cl-tiit of coal, ffiuliuy- that legislation In
tho intermits of minors should bo ouch
aa would hn nf •jeneral benHlr, to the
minora in tliu province, leaving matters
-which only refer to individual mines to
be tottled hy nu agreement.
Houn of Labor,
(-J) Your comnilmlonen b(*i* to I'tpoit
Hut llinnrlilnncfl alien*'* that the lon_;tli
of tlm* constituting o, working day In
tho Aty*rtn mln'*H vnrleit connldorably
Thelargo proportion of the rn<*ii «'iia,«?i,d
In the work of Retting out coal work
not more than elulit houri* por day,
• thoao under onntuact to a certain nitwit
regulating their own hour-*.   In some
■ nilnMlhi* wlglit bourn [* rocUntuil from
.?'.      Ontlnnml in p*xe2
't    .'.'
Macleod, Aug. 12.—A terrible disaster
to the . enstbound S"0-Spokni>e flyer
occurred at the entry to the yards this
morning, and only,'!the bravery of tlie
engineer prevented a more, appalling
catastrophe. ' '■
;   The engine jumped the track  and
turned turtle'. ..Fireman Berny and Coal
Passer Kelher were crushed beneath it
and killed, the latter being crushed out
of all resemblance to humanity.. •
_. Engineer Murgatroyd,' who is blamed
for'the-wreck by running bevond the
regulation speed,, was so seriously injured that'he died shortly afterwards.
He was found in the cab of the ens-inn
with his skull badly crushed.   Had1 it l
not been for. his prompt action in closing!
the valves and shutting off steam, there
w.ould have been a,terrible loss.of life..-
Ferule's Grand Race Falls
Through for Various
Reasons. •,
We understand that the Fernie Mara
thon race arranged to take place at 4 30
yesterday afternoon at tlio Recreation
Ground was postponed on, account of
the absence of one of the competitors
who was unavoidably elsewhere
We are sure" the postponement of so
historic a contest was a matter.of deep
regret to the large numbers who intended witnessing a ' display of' athletic,
endurance unequalled' perhaps"'in the
annals of sport. " Iii many ways the
race promised unique features. ' The
contestants were well known and are
justly popular, and this in itself would
have added a piquancy seldom associated with world-wide athletic exhibitions.
We can only add our regrets to' the
regrets of the^dieappoin'ted. multitude,
aiid' trust when the Pernio-Marathon
race,, has once been run it will settle
dowrf into an annual event. ■ ■'
■'■All thopasse'ng'ers escaped injui'y. j- .-,'].;-
"iV.*.' „".. .'    •J»l-V.-.'-'».i"=.'',*-c /'",''-•.»»> I..-I-     -   '   ■'■•   -
-'*'V,-** v<-'"  ' "" .-l-,!"
The following.letteft.was-'received' by
•i""° t '•'*.  ."■'■ ^-'•"'• t^*^   AM'iy'is
rnij-ijuugcrsiiHiiSv^tJBK*:: "H ,#■  !i   .'m
.-  Your letter Aug^etli/ilapp'reciates'-*
it-he fact that; ari"'advcftisement'-;in =
*your paper, is.y.ery .profitable. frbm\
our'point o,f>vie\y,' h'bweyb'r",'ust''.at;J
present I am not in a position to
continue this advertisement.  -This*
r-  year is tho'flrBtVo'-hBve'a'ttemptcfd '■
... to* do advertising-in the west and
" the results dorivedjiave been very
satisfactory.   1 hope t,o renew at a
• .very_. short dale this contract'lor a   ■
• term of 0 or 12 nioiithsl and as soon.,
as I have_the matter 'tinder way will
-_■ advise yoii, if.     «   -•
.■Should aiiy, oftour readers be unkind
■ enough to suspect for a mom ont that
this letter was written by any member
of„our stuff in dis(*iiifio, we shall bo
pleased to shoiv tho original. Wo aro
having it oi'nbnlmod.   •"'
Two Thousand Employees of
Montreal Cotton Company
Quit Yesterday.
Valleyfield, Aug. 11—Two thousand
employees of the Montreal Cotton Com-
pany went out on strike this morning.
They demand an increase of t^n per
cent in wages; and it is alleged that
they have other grievances. So far the
strikers have remained orderly, and
there has'been no Bign oi trouble.
, . The men have been negotiating with
the company ,for an increase for some
time past. Last night a meeting of the
union waa held, and it was decided to
bring matters to a focus. To this end
it was decided to take a general holiday,
..with tlie uridbi'Hts'iidiiiij that it hhould
last until tlie ten per cent increase
demanded .had been granted. This
morning some of the employees turned
up and-began work, but when the great
body of employee') did noitlurn up, they
left work. , The strike was a complete
surprise to thc management as no intimation had beeii'-v-ivun llicm thai the
employees would not'go to woik'this
morning  ' - -'■ ,'
So far there has nfot been the slightest
disorder and a repetition of the disorderly scenes of seven years ago, when
the militia'was called'out,'.,is not expected. The strikers are confident'of
winning. '. ', ,'■ .,-•'.. ■ ' .'.
, President Ewiiig- and other officials of
Bulletins From Many Districts Say
Operators Hnvo Quit Work.
Canada in the Soup in Winnipeg,
Toronto aiid Montreal.
and Construction Camp
on the Ground?
Some Local Improvements to
be Tendered For
, The city, council mot last Tuesday
evening, lllth, tn coiiHliloi-'mnttPi-s loft
over from tho previous week's iidjnui nod
mooting. 1'rnBont i The Mayor, Aldermen 'Bli'iinlliill, Tuith', GuUin, and tho
From the fact there, are something
like sixty cars of construction material
now on the ground,'it is'no longer guess
work as,to tlio extension of tho Great
Northern to Michel., "A large number
of men hnvo already-arrived and each
train is bringing in Its quota, Five
hundred moro men are being advertised for,and'with tlio'high wagesthatoro
being pai.l the company anticipate no
trouble in Vseuring tliu necessary help.
Grading crews aro now working and as
fust iis the right of way. i.s cleared tlio
grading force will bo increased.
• This should Ins,, good news to ' lho
business j,iu:n of Ferine hh it means a
good many ' more thousands of dollars
added to our ever iiici-t'iisiii_» pay roll,
This year is eehaiiily a busy one (or
Fernie and ovorbpdy looks happy.
the company had a conference today
with President Paduetee' of the union.
No settlement'was reached.'-"'-Tonight
President Ewing stated that the company would, be'compelled to close its
inills if tho strikers maintained their,
present 'position. The company had
already granted an increase.of fifteen
per cent and could not pay tlie,ten per
ceiit additional now demanded.
-  Toronto, August 15.—The1 strike of,
Western  Union telegraphers   lias  hit
Toronto, and this morning the G. N.' \V.
is to all intents and purposes tied up.
• Several  operators who refused last
night to take messages that were despatched by non-union operators in the
States were promptly laid oft by General j *♦*
Manager McMichael, and this morning j .♦.
nearly the entire staff, some 50 men aiul | •>
women, went out in a body and helu a! *f*
meeting in thel^abor Temple. j •!♦
i ♦*♦
There is no question at issue locally,,.;,
the action of the G. N, 3jY. men bpin» j ■>'
entirely in sympathy,with the Western-i ***
Union men, Imt itis felt that local men j ••.
wero still smarting under-the'defeat; *}*
they  met last time, they struck",, and'♦•.
were   not  sorrv' to  get  a ■' favorable j ♦__•
.i i ♦.
opportunity; to put'the company in.aj.J.
hole.   McMichael refused to talk, but j •>
issued a,signed-statement giving the
company's version of tlie friction.
' Winnipeg, Aug.' lo.—The telegraph-,
ers' strike reached Winnipeg lasfnight, j* ♦!♦
when tbe'G, N. W..operator» refused to •,*$*,
work- with: non-union men  and., were]-.j.
laid off, until the .strike. :is settled at!*:*
}>acfc is a question to be decided by tliej ••*
company  and'will' depend  upoii^ilie'
settlement reached.-  -    - ;'
,' Tho seven men employed by the G,
N. W informed the management that
they "did not' earo__ to work with noif-
uiiion men against the resolution passed
by thu local union in sympathy.with
the unions on the cither side of tlio lino.
Only the threo.oHicfis of the Canadian
system are' out. ''Tiey are Winnipeg,
Toronto and Montreal,
Hot Weather
Children's Straw Hats
-*5oc-for 40c '' 75c for 60c
Ladies' Print Dresses 1
?      ''■       1     *■    v     ,.   ■* a   , - 1 *
■' Jp'2.25 for$i.75    '    „ *.   -
♦ ■
—rvii 00 ~i O T'
.O —- ?>_
"S1 »"*>*-»..?
Ladies'Knit Underskirts
roc for 5c :      15c for.:ioc,
.    0 .
Men's Straw Hats
The Coal Creek football team accompanied by .tlioir Hiipportors caino Into
tlio city from tho It til mining camp on
Tl.urKtlny. and intho evening played ti
billiard tournament with a Pernio
timm,   The following wero the scoroH'.
Unions From Ottawa and Montreal Devote
Labor Day to Memory of Dead'leaders.
Uuclcingham, Quo., Aug. 15.—A big
labor demonstration is to bo hold hero
on Labor_Day. Unions from Ottawa
and Montreal aro Invited to' attend
Tho feature of the day will bo tho un-
vailing of a monument in memory of
Helimgor and Thorlaulmn Tlirciat, the
two loaders killed in tlm riots of last
October. Alphoii.se Vi-rlllo, M. P., will
bp the principal speaker. Tho monument will bo of granfto surmounted by
a, white marble cross and boars lho
words " Glory to tho bravo."
Shortage of Coke Impedes"Operations at
" Rosslaiid-»Sliipments for Weed
Show Great Reductions.
*    Pernio.
Cattell 125
L. P. Kckatoln and It. II., MooroiC»rrlck Ipp
nppoRi'Qil before the council and iiKked Rf»won I'2il
the city to grant 11 freo licence nn hclwilf Spjini-H 12*1
of tho UolfiB Onnilvnl Co, who come
hero undQi- tho nuHplccRoltlieFrnteriial
Order nf Knglim on Soptnmbor Oth, loth
nud llth,   Tlm request w/ih granted.
Aldorman Ontos reported I'.OiirnHiillH
would take' clnirgo nf the city wolj-h
hciiIoh nt tho rate ol 70 por cent for hint**
self nnd 110 per cent of tint ki-ohh receiptk
to go to thu. city, It wiih iW'clded thnt
tlio appoint ment bn mndo for n period
of two yonri.
KeHolvt'tl thut a coiumlttci) of Aldermen tiiitcfi und Quail bn uppolnti'il to
comploto negotiations for the Installation of the woi_*li scale,
In the matter of tlie hosts wagon the
Catiiuln Rubber Co. were written to the
effect thut tho outfit would be ('uncoiled
il not shlppi'd by September Int.
The council unatiiraoiiHly decided to
call for tondorit for tho stumping ot thu
following nvenuuii of Fernie Annex 1
Cox, ciiflt to LlndHiiy, wist to Nlcholls
Chlpmnn, north tn tilt, •nnth to .luff.
M»»on, north to Cox, south toJnffrny.
Thi** qiiMtlon ot »troet_ llpplitinj). win
i(lncit«i>pd, but no dcduiti* nctlon wad
t liken,
F. C. Gamble, of the Public Works Depart'
ment, in City.
V. C, (iBinble, Chlrf Unglneer Lamia
Conl ('100k.
Curtncll 110
Moffat 112
McGcohlu 125
Sholtoi 125
Four gftinus are lelt to complete tho J
tournament, mid tliest' will ho played;
' off noxt TuoHilny nl_|lit, thu with instant,. ,m'(|' Worka" iViMiariimuit, Wnipniiied
at AlkliiHon'H eiisnr Ktoro, j by the Ciovcnnni'iit Agent,  wmit  to
A ruttirn inatcli will bo pluyodutConl j lioHinnr thin morning tn uxiiininrt the
(Ji-euk at 11 ditto tn bo iiiTftiit-ud ! hi'id((0 nt that point.
(in thuil.iiu ii.tn, going oiiht thn Con I j    Mr. (Jumble whilst here him ilerhleil
Uri'i'k ti'«m left for Columiui whiii-o thoy i Hint the provincial lock-up hIihIMki
play 11 iriutcli on Siitiiriluy,   ThlHgainoi movoil to tho tJovei'iinimit lots ou V(c«
llniHlici- tho l.nnguo Rchoilulii for iln*' torln Avenue.
HOiihon.   Tlio Co<il Creek line upwlll bo 1 0
lis follows: Goal, I.. McDoimld; backs,!
Allan und McFoegnn; hulMiucks, Me■•-
tliicheo, Knllocl; uud I'ngo; fonvnrds, *
Stewart, I-ludon, IluniiH, Midoiur'n,
uud U/niHuii, Muiiugor Scott is fu<
charge ol the tt.-iini, I
llossliind.  II, C, Ati(*ust Inlh —Coko*
shortngo coutlniios to restrict tlio output;
of tho mines and to lessen tho quantity'
of ore put through this amcllora,.^ Uep-.
rosontntivoB of hovoi-iiI nilnfuR couipan-'!
Ioh havo visited tho Crow's Nest I'aas1
Coal Company during tho pant few dayn,
and promises have boon mndo that a)
stroni* effort will bo mado to increase.
the coko output.    Colliory malingers
claim such n domnnd for men through-
out the West thnt thoy have been com. -
polled to nperulH mines and smelters
ahoi-thnndod, and this Ih the chiiko of| _
the. Hhortngo of fuel    The Bltuutlnn is; ij,
bftd, ns if the Hhortngo continuoH all| *t«
plants will lu time have lo shut down, X
for want of ftiol.    Tho uiinoH are In  -J»
Hplondid condition, nml could be umilo; ^*
tn yield n very lurgo tonnage, larger i
tliiin for Hiiveml yititra past, could tlie;
Hinrltoi-H bo kept running to full enpacit v.
>, ^2.50 for $1.75    ,
i     '.Y  -    $t.75'*or$i.25
;. 4$ 1.00   for   50c
\ ' ,    35C for 25c'
:»    ■ ..
I - Men's Colored Shirts
*! Stiff  Bosom, .ill ."sizes
*i '
!; ',       §5i.So for 75c „■
I:    Boys' Wash Suits
t' S2.00  for Si.50
ty s2.50 for !ii2.oo
No, 5 Mine Conl Crock Iny Idlo on
VVednewliiy IiihI, the llth, for wnnt of
The   Keriihi   INilir-?   Commlnnlonur*
lmve nugigeil A. I'euiiycuick us Chief
of Cily l'l-iii'tf
to Fernln Until
held un |i.i|.oriai.t pu.ltlui.ii. lhe North-, pro^nwlnii favor*
we»t Mounted l'ollc».    Ho Imi been __■,_,"  ...     • -   *
.iilth Unit foi 10 fur the 1 «Ht llftt'i'it yeiihi'
and 1im> iruliteil  %  .-.pli'lltlid lepliUlliln .
\\*w Giii-iliH'* iiIIIjci-.
".,   .,:....,,.    ..,.' Creek mlnea, waa:
Mr. i'mmyculck coinoa 1  .   .     «.„'._,,
LulhbrlUno. wlu.ro he Plttt'on n,,,",U1
George Hull, who wna 'truahoil hy n
(nil ot coal on Wt'iiuf-twU'f in tho dial
Creek mlnea, waa admitted to tha hoa>
iMli, nt noon, suffer
brulHi'd buck nnd
Chicago Cads Object to Haywood's Presence! ;|;
Al Their Club.
WoumlerHlHiiil that ',oda>'» numtlilyj
pay roll of the Crow's Kant I'm* Coal C<»
IhJu thu uul|*liboi'lmo(l of »101,000,(X).
nnrl that tli» pav iln-et- for the M. F. &
M, lUilwny (or ihi»*nmo porio'1 ivntn*-*
round |t,500.(W.
"The LiM'er" warmly appraciatai
^^ th* IcfnrliiM* of Mr, (•  Cr. H. I.iniliey
. BxpreHMi'd thrniijih an Intermediary. We
Doctom lllgtfiiiHNinl CartwrlgMhnvajara nfrald our friemli* hava thought
rnvivnl n im'ilii-i*l runiiMct for the tf.N.t more fearfully for u» than we \\*\* for
coi Htrui'tmn work. I ournflvt»." r\
C'hlen/ro, Aug, 11.—Win, H, Ilnywonil,
Hccrntnry of the WeNtern Federation of
Miners, u»Ui-il iliti Clia^u i'i«.*>k club, j
yoMprdny noon nml Boinp of lho mem*' X
bers aro much wrought up about it, An j V
emphatic protest adilretued to the board 1 X
of director! waa prepared at once and
circulated for algnaturen. a vota of
censure It xikci .'.3r thc tiicmhcrs m!.o ,
brought Haywood Into the club. Thin
will be conaldered at tha board's mentlng
on Friday night. Connlderahlib comuiO'
tion wan cauni'd during the noon lunch
hour when Haywood appeared at thu
club in company with.Seymour Stadman
and F. rioderoua. He wan Introduced to j J.
a number and waa greet*d In varlou« | v
wiivh I,ate ycat^rday afternoon a _ 4
number of the membdra of the club A
expressed comlderablo indignation and
d acid ad according to Mr. Young, one of
the member*, "to put tha thing right
tl anch'a thing cn\UA boAotio whathar
tha majority of th»eiub llkrvl it or not,'*
Lots of other
bargains, call
in and look
them Over.
,' i* Ci>iliiiiued;irom:pago"l.. :■:• •»'
the tine of •.-nturiuj-; the mine*to the
—nj—r ,.. . ,■;*—r —^r~yf—\%  >*
jeacli visit'tb thi} miae-make atiior-"
./bugh inspection'and post up immed-
■**' ut'ly'Tn'-a convenient place""'a£"the"
Jmouth'1 of., the nine: a synopsis of ..the
_ report,   showing   the  places   visited
'tnd°t_'.e condition in which 'they'were
found,, and th„t he insist   upon th*o
str.ct     enfyrcemsnt4 of  ,, thcpr-sjat.;
provisions *o*[ tie j"C.6:.l Mints,'Act-'
■4      ,:<f.       _*' * '•?'    ..-".ti    T--
The Rfcost Grst-teal Tri-stes
■^gKAtfc^H low 1
ii £
as u
hours.   In oth'srs;  the
"  ' -J    .J   *4    -4
is reckoned from * the-
Tn  regard's'to 'the- advisability? 'oil!", \
*     7     '1 i      '"...'       i* ..'       ■.     *<w*^    j
i.Buhg  ccr;i:cat:s  to miners   "aft21- 7 ,
examination a ;large amount of evi-,     ' ,
• MA- N--V-I. to
fe-J rj-
dence in-tie niture of opinions his
Pit-re,, Eeitc;©!:^' V^hofe&gmce.'
Jji'iul  Packets Only,    ilijjli.-.s.t"
'Awn id, St. Louis, !{;<)■{■
time tf return to* the surface, known
tmoni'' miners   as a tan': to]; tan":
■flay of  eight
eight hourd       .    .
time  of  actually  commencing'work   heen- Educed ;i.efrTJ >jo,r  commis*
in digging coal 01; at such form  r.f   s^ners.      the. mine.b   Lei-g  ulmist ,
employment. -,j3'they "may,. be1eng^ed| unanimously in favor* of'"the b;s-.o.ti."
'„   o,-h ,v-nvMi'Ki™ -!r'fii,.'tiniA tA-i while   the *, oper..t:rs. .-iarj-jusii ub.i. , ■.<..,-
oiu, ai.a 1 ..Q.-ciusnc yi tne. ymo   as , „_■•_„„-,„,.__ 8"dt)..it    No-,nCtu:   l:ttle nitire: serious, diwing  the. win>** t.vl.o wh-tc.cr '.measured, as', may. .be
en in ent.mg the'-mnes and gettuk{ "n-n m.usi*, -cpp..s.Q tj.it.   "Noacui-*-     , 1 .,       _, .   ,      u      ..-,-!. (,-.-.,     ? -i ;•„'.'
' Vactual^ri-&fc4i» >«•««•«».  ■ bojuprtductd    to    er. that at some times it contmued   "- - -■  --
show wh.t.ier   ace. dents    have -.leen  tcalm.st an ^ua^-oxtfiit^in.   the
arid ia due'tj lack-of.trans-
pcrti.ticn    LieiLtics^aiid to a cer-
&E G3#*M)lfN BANK
'<•    HEAD   OFFICE, .TOUOSTO   -
B. E. WALKER, President *■
'ALEX. LAIRD', GeceraljManager.'"- ;
'Ai H. IRELAKD", Sayeftatenileut of!
•     Brxnchss ."'"'';': •' i I    ', * '■'.." -' ""
• Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest,   -   -   -    it 5,0s00,OQ0
Total Assets, - M3;00d,000
\   :\.
Brancbes throusUout-Canaila, 'and la lhe'.Uhii'^d,'Stat&land';^nelMf,
to lho PI44CU
t.irning from, the, same, -. which
known- among miners' generally
(lilt hour.-? at the wor in.; £..ce.
as  cAUS£tl<;by,:th'e';|l' l^ck'Vt^suchJ jcertifl-!^'^mmeI>
Xn   cat s,  and
t'-erefjre a minority    ol
—  r.ot .prcpar-
'i   -ii
e.te.'.t in ,soni2 mines    ta    the!
'     " "  ' wb'ich Vould ■
deemed i-xpc'dieht to accomplish'-' the
rOiUisite  purpose.
H7>   Evidence  was .produced-., before
"DANKlN'G'-BY .M'AIL^       _      ^
 3iness iuay.be transacted by inaU:-witlx-'any->"^^
tf III© BarJ57;iAccoxiiitS;:*!nay 'bo- optned ^d d.eposig
nuade or^withdra-wn by.mailf Every-'att'ehtioii,is(pftid
to out-of-town accounts.! vj
Fernie   lJnincli
,,,] ,,
G. S.
. - .]i>i|
Loiifs   s calcul..t.d exciusive of this
h.ilfvhour. ' 7';    .'   "' '•
--■ .0    . 'V-l/--',' '■    '•    •   , ...
Ins m:*min'.siDJ:tliriEdmonton and  of pcrs-na
Ta'.er di.-tricts an'hour'is'taken in  dependents
the.'".mildlo-.of...thev,day., for   dinner,
these Leing, ^enenliy speaking, now
mines where they hav? not gone to  dence taken dtmo'nstrates that , the ..-.,,,.,,
. ,   ,     *       , ^, '•   -    : .   -    - .■ \.    ■■   1 1  .  .  -:J  ■:'.,.., m_tjrul to ■ do' the necessary work;
anv.suecial depth and the men come  provisi.ns of tlu prcs;nt l„w, wh.lo
'■ ,„ Ocmpcnsatio'n-. fir   *. Injury.0-
(S)   In regard tu tlie compensation''■',
iuiur.d'i'ii mints cr" the!1,'
or, rcpr^e.ntitive*" of,per
spns "killed- in mines,, your- commis
sioners would report.','that 'the  *evi
Evidt-nce; has Leon -feiven on l.eh.-.l-:
of. th* r.ulw-.y compLnie"- that kc:
of tr-insportitlon facilities and''the
huilding' of. spurs was. largely - due
.to, their inability to secure men a,nd
' The, railway, people also claim that
a' strict observance- of the Lord's
Da*y Act. woiild seriously, interfere
with, the supply of, cars in the .future,, and., in that way. would, curtail
t'jthc outs,ide to eat;, and in one or  they may be..fair in theory'are    in
two\small mines t".ie miners actually'practice    useless;   that the"   expense'
rWot'-: n r.e hourj per day. The. other ne-ceas^ry to conduct aliti^ati;n, liiid-
clabsc's    of    labor  inside  the  mines   er,the present syBtem of trial by ju."y
wor""". ei^ht   to   t:n hours   per day.   and with the consequent appeals and
Outside  einpl:iy:es    generally    work long .dtlays, h;B"in the, past render- V supply "of;,.cars of. coal unless .pro-
t:n-hours, per day, and in some spec:   ed'it impossibla'-,in almost,'every case 'vided .with a large additional, e^uip
lal.,c:,u:s they wor'i eight or twelvci.,for any C-mponB~tion to.te"recover^^^t. >,.
ThVgeneral bulk of the men engaged td'regardl'ss    oi where, the. blame . ,,Your commifisioners1 would strong-'
in ^the transportation of coal   from mi\;ht,rest, and your,commissioners, ]y._urj,e ,i'n'regard to the storing of
^the-place^-wh.renCOAl! iBVcuti'jto^the would therefore recommend. that this (;c^al ^^ yo^r   g0yernment   should
., outiaide of tlie minb,'w'ork1'eiglit'hour,s clasi'.of c-iss be treated .by .,e;ecial make every effort to induce ind'vidu-
at*the_working facj   with an-inter-  cotnpenBation law, providing for the-ajg an^ companiee, who are able to'
isaion £-r dinner, and, in two    or trial of. accident 'or neoli^eace eai;.fl --Ji0' Bo,; to keep! a' supply of' coui on
three mines the transportation men by. a special -. commiB.lon appointed ! j__ami ttjred during' the* Bummer   for
worVonly,eightjtioun!j'bBnV-toJhan,■;.  in-such av way-aeyout government ,|'winter use. "ThiB^haB apparentiy-;, in.
Theie'hours'* are a matter of custom .;mgy Beem fit.'whoBe duty it .Bhall.be 1 the past been ..'absolutely neglected,''
, or. agre:ment between .the. men and  to he^r'and
t'tielr employers. t * "■     e:ch eiia-.ci
i o*,
- /,v
,. -VV v
ha^e-.cnaJ d th^ operates ti have  ^ Lh';.'1)art "of ' the" miners ' that '^' ..».*■*..*,
l.ept iheir m.ncs. woritnj ,unt.l cars .Ltorej,'^erV ^uriiteJ'in the" tresis' * '&
could.have,,le:n supplied thim, 7     .cl.Uw' co'^ny;' "This was'aenicd by ,'|g
the managers.,of'the'companies , ii)
^uestian, and your commissioners do
'not ,icel that "such .evidence-"'was „ produced as.would warrant, i-itjrfei'ence.
- Iucirpor'ation ,cf,Unions., .
■-K8) ..'Evidence,'has Le^n g,i\ca both
in'*favor,of- and a^aiuit a. law com-1y-v
pelling the incorporation,,of, unioa".   Hi.
Upcm this point .we re'er your ..gov- : g^
'ernraent' tj the evidence taken- anA--^
expr:ss  an lopinion
O,* <*** -v»> \*A >T> \V *■*«* 5!^. ^!*^j - '
<iV */i\ ¥i\ *i\ 0i\ *fm\ c*j> *i\ riv
iirtTii»M ar.cknKn'KVJta&caM
Watch it1n"crease.'*"Aii ybu'-iunve to
do '-wjlh • a ■ Savi'iigs* ■ Account   is..(.to.\stnr.t". il", ,-ancj--
l<eep=' it- going-Ti-Liien-" watch, nil ■'. grow.',-Doesn't
y.-All of -fthich'-is respectfully suboiit- \i^'f
ted.—Arthur.-- L.' Sifton ' (chairman)',' J fj? , ,„ -,-,-..-,-, -.--: —,-_--..—_» ,...,
Lewis   Stockett,'  William  Haysom."':*^', . ' ,.-t     .,,.„, _   , ,,„.
'.,-, '-1 ■' l±-ji~*L^.L.■""7 !<""■■ H^H^i^^^y^^^y^Hi^.^l^
take long'"for'.' it to'cou'rit' up^ to- a considerable-'"U>
ambu'iit-—th'en'!'you' s'ee<.'the advantage—tlfe' wis-"-'X
dom  or saving. . *       ■l,,"   *'•.: •■ *  -;" > y\ ■   ' *'
$1; Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Canada
... . u ,   ... i -,     ..     ■»  ,, .,  ;■	
J.,M.. MARSHALL* Mgr.,i Pernie   Brar
i.t -
1 unanimously in  ,favcr_.
hoyr ba'nk-'i^'ibanlijlaw'for 'all^iier-
The "Widence . given'^tefore youP their ."attention- without"1 appeal.'
c.mmi-sion-.rs    by miners hae0 been'     -       .. .The Coal Famine.       '
ot, aB.rfgM-1. 1(6)   ir  regard to the queBtioL .-
scarcity in   the coal   Bupply dorin,
" The'health!-oiithe grbwln'gjj hto'ot
girl; l-'-fMuW'l fce^ir^t^liJIIrtirdwlj
^determine."finally; al7-eveilr,during iast year by large and  During,the growing time there is a
m-iy be brought   to-C0BB4*ant UBers of coali the raiiroa;d__ *j*_ngerj)t^ the blood-becoming poia-
Guard, Their Children's" Health    by;
Givina Them-C'Dr. Williams' Pink-.-,,
tons en^a_e.-l inside the mine,
not. ^k.eepAng   any supply for ' 0Le<i and ..the-health" seriously
':■'' 'more than four* or'five days' "uses,' Phrevafidj the ^^ &trqng,'(
' 'thue.ln' c-M of ..any. shutdown !in."healthy an!i.^ti'V«- . Dr ' WilHams'
mineB, arielng from,any cauee, ap-,.^i,nk P1^s.l*S*9i'??'^d*^.'*')-?i.c f?fithe
parently compe'iling ,tbe use^ of, the, yo«ng. they never fail to bring col-
daily output, of domestic,coal, .which' w to the pale cheeks and strength,
.... .     ..   ^?!lle'.the'l 0: ye r,     your commissioners
the;, evidtnej   eiren   by    operators, ^ave B0 far aB poBBible inquired-into ■      c. - . - ..  fl        .     .   .      _
whUe genrJly. favoring    an eight- ;the circunut,nceB, and flnd a num.  should. Le for.the,use of.;ordinary, to the^r^winE.^dy   To a reporter
' '      ^ _'cocBmers   un:ible . to.-Btore * their 9f L Aveme. du N,ord, Mr. Job. .Pro-
enia.ed^ih',.',the actual., dL'girig oi
eo;l, es imatel ti be from esvenly-
five to eighty per c nt; bf. thesj en-
gaged in, working .inside the mines,   rllf nf, „,. slinnlv nI.ft ,jrce ouan.  {n ^    ^  ^     co:nmiB8ioner8
hoiir ban;, tj Uak l.w-  ior pers ns",ter of different,cas:s which have af-,CoDB me"
Ifected the-Kiipplyi The strikes*: oc-*|t?1"'ir coai''   ''  '   ?     ' - ",        l '■" '
purring in Alberta and the.neighbor-!        Would License   Warehouses.'
inj prjii.ce of , British. Columbia,.;;   In addllion td'what'cah'le   done
cut off the supply of a large quan
has averaged from "eight hours'work
at! tie ixc.6 with a'half-hour ' inter:
mission , icr dinner,     to ten hours:
wcri with one hour intermission for
din-cr, and is applicatlo to the class
dimen-'fceuMlly known, as tranipor-ith-e W6ithir'Lbt winter was also re-
t tion nicn, e'tlmatcd-f om- twenty
to. twenty-five per cent.  ,
vcot,, of St., Canute, Que.; tells; how
these ;pill*j saved his daugh'.er Marie
from a life of misery," He says:,-','A,
je-r;ago my daughter, , a girl ol
tbirt.'cn, was. very , weak. She was.
so ill tbat 11 feared she - was going
into c.nsumption;, Though'I tr'ed
remedy after remedy she remained,in
wHI  stand! Rail-
. ,.-' .,."',i..J|  l\'l ..'I v Ji*!j) ..t'.J.i'r,.! "I.;    ;l
road. Inspection
,^.,1 ■■',-; \. .U.C.'r:",- I .:(;.! r*!*.-;, ..-  - -,
a 20-Year Gold-
fBEIed   case
$30,00 at
-ir i ■
..4j-.|    •'(    i
'-    Ai -
:"! ■' 'nt
Your commltssibners regret they are
cna le tD make a un nimous rocom-
mendatiDn 'n regard tj this matter.
San'tury Reiulr.ments.
tity of coal, that, would. ..probably ' woujd recommend legislations in found-, r other ciicumtt nces have le n fiard ^Q ^ erection and licensinir
available for use in the provinces.of   0f  wardhouses,  which  would  enable
Al.ertviEks'atc'iewan and ■ Meni-1 i^ta ■ and .deilers .to better financ».i;lhi3 weak Bt,t8 lor several months,;
to a.    Tho exce.tic.n:l ssverity    '-1-  the puichase, and    ,£t:rage of  .coal
durin;-the'si ic'ic'season.'''■ !l   ''_■■•■''
spcnsi'ilcfor a, portion-of'.the short-j    ln ^^ ^ the iaclr d   ^dingfl(
a.e, some cf the mines, bavin; lesa !your,_ commissioners    would recom-
,ccmp.-lled tochseontircly-lor short im£nd ^^ -   government   take
. vi ri -its, and others, could .onlyjoper-18te_ B tQ inveB:iBate tho B3vera]
:et3 wth r ducea t-muge and at a ^ nwtloMd ,ln ,the.evidence, and
.cov-isidera le extra expense, and also
(3)  In regard to ths s:.n tary con
seriously inti.: i»T" c<'  at times   with
di;-i;.ns  of the Al.crta mines,, your !tho cp:r.;t''ons_ of the railwayR.   •    *'
coinm dskners find  by the evidence |' Your.commission:rs also' flnd that
that in ail tho larger mines the con- ; the scarcity of rnecbanics and Relays
f.nd I bosun to ' think' she never
would get better. 'I' road ■ of ' the
good Dr. Williams' Pink Pills ' had
b.ea in a case of anaemia, so got
sp-iic f.r her. Socn she began to
improve, her appetite returned; she
grew   str.ns;' eol.r   came iito her
.ditions pre iavor.ible ,to ho..ltb so 'in 'gett ns matsrial ,ior, the. purpose
f.r>s is censistent with the n ture'ef making ceeded improvements in
0'. the employment. In some of tlie'ctn octi:n with some of the,,lR^cr
small.r mines, which ire veLtiht.d mines wuh n serljus factor in delay-
l.y, n:it'.r..l mc:,nB, the air, o-ain,7/ins ' development xxoA ,conse,u:ntly
to tho conditi:u3 of atmosphere out- jprcven'ed an " lucre-Bed supply ,,of
Mde, vt.ries considcra'.lyj r.nd is in 'col avn-'liiUc Idr consumption, -■ 1
idme caseB rcHpcnsiblo fjr tlio tern-1!- .^ ti_'tr Vo.B-.ri eJven•' In' partial
pqr.iry cUs'nj cf the mi.us. In .,,'ipian_ti'.n ol .'the coal shortige vtdii
th> r-.sui.ct your commissioners ice- |tj,e lact t'i'at a.lur^o numter ol mih-
ommcud 11 closer Inspection of some !'erHli pjr'tldilurly'.in the 'prairie "iliB-
of the smf.ll r mine.-.. jir'ct?',  _bive', ^iken, up,  liomeBtc.{d8
•Your- commlsiiion rs- ».lBo-flnd,.by.'and 0Diy WprV in, tho mines. In'the
the oviilciico th*it same of the m'nis |winter. time., .'.',' '.'"
uie not conducting bnth bouieB fori ' BvJder.ce wns ulso «iven that
M.A    .....    ...'  'it.-   fi.jLnU      ..J.ll ...l..il.l*    ',....   '
where Bidin.ei are practicable, aBslst ch-.e's, and t.day she.is as healthy.
|/n pi clng tho proper, evidence • be- as any yciun^ girl could be.   I flrm-
fcre tho r4i,ilway authorities or rail-  ly belie.e D.v* Williams''P(ink    Pills
way commission to ssccuro - thc erec- saved her life."
ti;n of same.   ■''■'   ' •' »■ Dr. Wiliibm's' Pink Pills 'arc1 e;ual-
' In rogilrd to the question'of   car' ly '"» m ecessful (in brinsing thcej oi
th.rtaie.Vyour commissioners'woiild 'mature age back to health as they
'ccommend 'that' vmir    eovernment^re in'building iip'th'e yoiing.   They
recommend   that' your    government'"e in'building iip
should ta'io I'.'p'oBsl'bie stops toward m'al:e pure,; red blood*
compelling tho-furnishing of cars to
shippers in Alberta, and would rec-
omme-idj^uiili', logi^riti-jn asf may|| be
necesB.try to nccomplisli that    end,
Kvidenco bee   been-given upon   thc
f,uettl,qn',| of what;,1b, gcnjirally known
tB reciprocal    doriiilrTage and""ybx'j
commiu3ionc-.fi ariiioj ,.<|itho opinion
that unltBE prompt compliance with
tbe requirementh of mines of Alber-
 that is   why
tbcyj boril;h ,a*:aeml.i, rhoumatipm,
Bt, yitua 'dia*icoJ..be:rtl.palpitat*'j9nl;
indigestion und tlie secret ills of,
Llrlh.od and womanhood. But you
must tet'the'ee.-iuice le-irlng tlie full
nrunc, "Dr. 'WilllainB' Pin'i Pills for
rale Fo'oplo" qn'.the wrapper nroui*(l
each' box,' All oth.r so-calUd   Pink
,.,,k. r, .   .,- -j   .-.,,.   1   - —    -—      ---. -       |ta is otherwise>mndei by-the   mil-
the iiw 01. tbo jinen, arid; would jroc- ;ct.rt in proporti0n of the- short ago j rends operating, therein that - some
cmmoml rtn lun-Jndment tootle Coal 'from   Knt, „,,„.,   waB due to tlie-ltuvb ayitem Is an abialute nccesflity,
Mi cs, Act mn'sing tlio erection    of i hn- ,t of h0n:e „,„;, tftkinK reliw innd trnt
l.ath   boiiHfs   nt <he mlnoB compul-; |0ll(J ftn(. oth;J. h.M;iyH in addition :	
[ti Sundtyn unA lejul holidays.     .-   j .—
Your comm'B3loncr.-i flnil' in tc":nr.l
Fills' are imitations, If your medic-
medicine dtiU*r dooB not <keep '• the
)e.iuine pills they will be pent nt 50
cents ii box'or'Hlx boxes for J2,BO
fr.im The Dr. Willl'ims' Medicine Co.,
ycur    government   should ■ Dri'-e'tvllle, Ont.
8-ry* !   !■' '      .'i ii! *'! ' .'!l. \ '
Your comtuiiislonrH 'would 'recom
mend .11 reference to the employment | to",7num'^7 of "tho new minW par
of !oyB in (lbe.m!AeH that t-:e mlni-,ticill r,y     ,„ t,ic Kdmonton. Taler '
mi m   ao jt^m \ lj;<f*t"n !>f->rfl' land Wco'dprc'-or 'disirlctB.'ii Dorious t
■*"'-   ciindi\Hibn bcihg'"bnficd1 upon ,C(,m,,,u(,)t on tho ,)ort 0, thfl n,ilR.
a i*|.cu iy n h.r;e number oi;twners Stl rc m.*(j''to' iV,c'.:'of aiding
■nd thijiOpijiiiUH■ of jibj[Ble. .,„,. Ul, ,Cull ml,v, l0il(1)n, am_ Fhip.
1 n-, wh. h.ne, nAd jmiiciiW,i-rij-nc^;mont <if co ,   ^ „.. of thrB0. oWnm
nn utioif w th t're heMtli b! the ,c   ,„ ■        t:   t :-lh .       enpucity for
rr'-'rnr-n "<!' Ar'rlflrar-.      h.Y^Yil'^iUuJ i'V'^V'* ti$'
U)  hi re anl   Ui tiio iii«Citu'^pn'>,ly ^i4Ci-c.^t>t"^.^If t^r'yM^^,)V-\n,AV*ai.H •
'"'  '    * "   '  "      ' ctrtloii nt le'-vtt "
<i  .i>.,, a. .,11.ii
flci«iti» ■ ■• 11 '■-:
tomm.i.s.t.iii.r.s     w.-uU     rawmrwrn. ] v Y(Ali, ^^41 tM 'flnd'thut 'In '
Fore and Aft
.and   if you   do   your   garden   the.
same   way you  will have   a !good ■
showing. We have a good,showing of     ' ■''••"
Garden c Tools-, i'. Garden   Hose,
•; 1  ',.'. ■   1 -   .' ■ iv ' i - ' ■    I )■ .'1 ■■•  •       " -'   '	
Lawn Mowers, Etc.'
Screen 'pqolrs,''Scre.en!W;ind6ws,
1 I ! li '..>!."!.I,      ',,' i .;„ , , ,  -. ,;i„. . .- , •.	
ix •"iM' ' "  ..   .''i1''"'"'!'. Y ''' ..♦'
i o
< t
< ►
>> ■/
J. D.
Hard Ware and Furnitur©
'.'C ■
if': IV
I it
e ideiH
lf:i e B
in c
4,1 I I. ,
IS WHAT I'KOPUR SAY AHOUT.OUR   ,       ,       .      , ,
Meats, Eggs, Butter,
Poultry and Fish
•Why not try us ami ho convinced Unit wlmt Uicy'miy It* the truth ?
Our pria*N ui'tt llie nnM rvayoimblu in • Kernie. IMione No 4 or
mil ni,ilu* -diori on Victoriu uvcnuu   • - ■< ' '     '   * '• ■
',' J  .        -,i"i,1      -I -1       itd-il     T.   I
■tt) lu re anl iu tiio iijeCiiiiUpu>>,ly ^itic'^bt-^^i^tl^-y^h^d-,
<v|Iifb i-ho-.'M lie tnl«n 1l-o_l»'-'0,W It- l*tciA#\\nri.l.>1 P, ■iT',{><lTt
cid i.ts or inj.riiB tu IicmrhI Jn* %l \]\t\ tili-f^i'.ttt^oT,lu-,t)|c ,ci
lOoyi'd in cr uruund ml_j'.*fij |y-|ur<) ' ,. ,.. •lUlwAyBiO«flcii
(,<jnita.i.B,t.niTs wl*uM rawrimcnrt . . y^,^., ct'irifjiffc^i' ri.t'8' '
tb't lhc (Mil Minefc Act ehmih) })«'7(Wltit„ »tiV --f*Ucfcel'-calldtK.-"- A v«-r-
Mnrndid t. provlle IhiiUiH. nejes i lar(«'pr-Jii6rtf6B'0r thli c'6a1 bhortft'e'
■ ry tlm'er roijulreil^Jtfol ulo j of jiirin'^'ti-'e' Wyttt ha« 'Ueri-liac;
■   ■«/•« ^» »4~* V      •««»"•*>     ^*^ti       IQO?
/V"l-CRANBROOK,   B.- C.
Dbminibn Meat Co. Ltd.
Pho'h'c tSlo. 4' 1.'    :  '      ■'     "'   'a' u       Vlctorltti Avcnuc>
';•*,•.Under) Au«fV,c?».,or Ti*«rJe» and, .Lnhoij .Cpuncll.,^*
ii-illiinl ,r- it. mi
Mntt* ^'uU1 «•• TO>f,tjf",!1,"r to'i'k'c ,orWfB,;tiirriiBWil'',ty'tfiic''J
the wirklnB face «■ prnetfcable, «rd ^ f^MVayn. '-Vh'ta'^oitafs-a'" In '"'feanVj
In no dipt* (mtiier   ntrny thnn    the '
neareet tioM-*ufe
Your c"rfnl|*.i/nfiiWcfctoflilrUier
* ,J *^*        1   9 ff*Zf     1    I
recommend an nmendnifnt In  retard
uoM-'uij*.    ffr the
k rtilnie ha« been not ouiy h , Hcriouu,
\I<t * "' * ''V ' ' "' '•' i ", •' l • * '
'T,, Hotir*".!' of imnoyjincij nnd dnncer   in
•;« 1
f  .
? .
tvtb:    dieting \tltitf* the   dret lW.ie?.tniiu»i,b'i»t \>ttn kept, idle,-(of
niul «*wed oi*jkihi*.nit4 th« min*,
www* thso m
wb/rh  *-B"i*M
Tttox.nu.iA lhat th* itsptttcr   upon
li fhe1,ctJ,n.**fimcr«_ jjl .conl, hjit, « vtryit •£
itovy .luii to the openttorn nnd thc; X
min^enRiUfJU In mining, „who, in ,the r v,
i -ISp-*>rtki.lA'.K,,W4 ppVKeoreniitAn'Groutiils. <>
■1-. •■ -Good1 sealing• a-jconniUYclmiM;1 Special
1 ■■■•'  • -Twin'-will»lonve 'Fernie and"iiit'brrj, .'"    .,'
''■■''     "i-rie'dialc piiinfs; in tlie, mctriiin^* •
'' rMt-lirJ1i,,kr tn " tlie evening
Sec posters for Rvenis
Y   !
i !
ill!    ,
<i m
■ • ii'n
,-    -Mil   ■(
II   if,'.'I    J
1    I'I,
• * I
• 'I   I
!*.,l     '» •»   JL^' !-»    'J    .     I     <i   .-
I.J.   UORlti,    It.* WHITE,
'"'■'Vlce-Plrieei.     S«c»Trc«-».
1 •'' "i, »ii
*> PtiloA ihnvtTORtots at lt**t   two; Y
\7irtntfcf? -of • yrrytntriz' Asytt eHirfn-y. th* | a ^
Jnet'-yeur' ■•'" > *" i-'i» • -rr   1 r'na y- «.
• Voor tfteimieeioMre-'nnditbat'i ud"! X
tbocKb thU etntt of utfiiire   wet   a I ♦<S4>'*>^>**^:HW^
.».  »
W "have iiemo'vcd   'bur" ^le'hdiil" WdcH'oV /
D.i g.      ..<•.,'     ."   r«. . '•i,,iii""-,">. I i' ll'' I
rugs.,,,,Stationery,,   Etc.,   to   the   stand
Next to
- .The, .I'.uuk i-\r JlunilUun, wheiu wo will 11V okuitV be
jili-iim-il tiMueit you.   Ucmcmbcr— next to"
if ■
I .-
1I1I   I
I    1.
• I 'I
i il
Bank of Hamilton
H   I      •
-   ' liS
I •'!-■! •
The Palace Drug Store *«'-T>»»4-«*^J*»*»^.,l* **-'
— FKRNIE:kEPfiER, FERN,JE,;B. C., AUpUS^i.?,,. 1907
J 1''iJv /-rHf^fe/3
A-?' -        ■ *t.\   ,
A few dsys ago two citizens of our ^ SMIiii;. ■'   .Ml.il    . 277 -j: jt;:
.»•*"-f'X-    j**t                '-11     ■ •!    ''           ll ' ' Ji-" ■
nri  nnrT.niofur.-HniiA^I-uror  crt. iillt.-on       ^snu ^ -    - -   --•  .' aa^m
rcsqiue^turg s"ct out- on
editiohV-f- Their  outfit
*, ¥■     wag oi .-the   |est,,v ai*4 ttej 'weathgr
v»as" iife"*.l fisliiag 'weather.. ■ A
Rushins to Bereft Brother, hun? 0Q u.(; slloulders of' the
By Hand Car" to~fiariis6n---Laurith "lob
Cocur d'Alene—Aulo "to"'
*.- ir      ■■
,-.,-'end the-sun-had-ii one,-to Cranbrook
i '-> i-r .  •■    -   . •     .j , u *      : • r.
*-,.f*.r the-day >-.-   *—- ,\-,
.:'.. "At'length    arriving-at   an    ideal
s oi where the river r;ns   deep' end
, -*-. **.-* .- crn|,_.n_if"f r 4 •.    9 ,  Aw'ide,'' our. Qshermea unloaded    the'ir
."",-. Yy, { r},i  \ \.-' 7 x...r-j;c.;.min:sari&t7and loo!-ed; atout them
Cceur D'Alene,   ' Idaho, Aug.  8--
lor a, suitable spot   to   ply     their
lines;,,   The .best—indeed   thc     only
j.Lc3 wr.s on the eppesite*1 tan'.; 'of
One of the most "eseitinfe, sensation- ' river" from  which  they stood.. How
al and" varied special trips   in ' the   couli they c'io:o?.'" '       '.,
northwest occurred Tuesday, ' night. [' ,_ There are no Lrid^es in gight-j ■ to
The dstance'   covered ,vras' between",Wad2 t'o btreaiii_ is^ as, imjcssitle.';-'
tliourht"* occurred
A.1* <l*\1* V> st* \l* \l* \t* \t* <t* O/AV \V i v»> \*>s** st* *i>aV *J* \f* \t* \l* \V si* *,'*
*l> *t* «i*» *»*♦ *4> <iV <l\ *»V •!> *l\ '4* <l* <i> f/iV<i> ^i*«/iV «|Wi4 *l\*i? *V> 'lWiV/iV •!>
I', 'IV ;
! Hi.
. £■>
.... vV.
i <■>
*: a*>
■' \t/
' *T ■
The AriislSc IVSi^Hiery Emporium
. Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
Mrs. Waggclt's Second Ycnrs Clearance Sale
', ,     of .Summer Season's stock   *'-
' Hi  '""PO make rooiv: I'or the Fall and Winter season's display,-lhe ladies
'j *£._• -*•   '■ of,Keniiei;'tnd districts, ajj.iin have the opportunity to purchase
'I'*    at prices far below present values, from fresh   and   up-to-date  stock.
ft   ~  '
■ §£. This opportunity offers only once ii year.
Hi,   The.Sale ai Reduced pr'u'cs will commence
Saturday,, July 20 and continue until
Saturday, August 17
Wall.ce;and     Spokane,' aggregating
Ii0'-ni,ile3 ., ,- *' ■>_
The. story -is beet told in the'
-words oi, Claude Burlingame, who
traveraid the Coour d'Aleh'e lake" to
Harrison; and back, -.covering, over
60 mil.s of water. He said: ... i ,
;*. "T. H.. Whelan, a prominent min*
Ing man"-of—Wallace^-'-where-he -is
Ir'rgely  interested, ■   telephoned    to
■-A ■   thourht * occurred,    to    them :
thcrn—why not   construct a' raftUike'.:
..**to-.ihscn  Crbso.   Why  notV*    From:
the logs - scattered  along the banks
.it    came   to pass  thatbefore    loni*; '
oi the river, *n:tti_j_wcB e:|s!er, and
' H rafyt     was lauri'ched and unto :t
were- -i'laoad the   ■Jc'ommisE'riat, ,the ,
fishing hoolcs and the brave, mar'a)-'!
p."s thcms.lvcs, shouting' all aboard",
>Hi. ■■'
I 9$      "
' <t* "-Want of.show .space compels, the sacrifice.
W "
are light, sweet arid wholesome;,
while others; are sour, heavy,
bitter, unpalatable* ,The same
flour, butter, jeggs and sugar are:
used; what makes the difference?     ,;
It's all in the baking powder
■klk "lini-MIftfhVlMEI'M DAMlfeJ/^ nAll/IkClh    I'^f* *:V"/e»w< Underskirts, remnants of Rtbbdh/Silks, ChifTon'-and  all-over   *jj*
* tjl*-' Ladies will realize that-Ready-to-Wear and Tr'nimcd Hats  are  red-
) *^i*»    uced for this sale, to less than cost. * ,,      .'
n__ "<-'i>A-i>>rs"'i,>"'>vi»"r*'»'*> -iwviwiMw .ti-.-'—,-."t»-*-i. v-*t , .,-*,>,3^PLis*i6-,uir'i4Hi «*iifl,vih.iic*c»..
Mr. 0 Bntn, manager of; the   Hotel i
Idaho, this city, Tuesday*-** nuht fortf
a last inuir^^-f'^tjgny^ .^
rigcn,UDd to arrange for an automobile *to take him on to.Spokane, - " ., " " ■"" ". ,"""..". .Ji,'.
„ , , =..- „,. , . . - dcsb ou its cwn accoutt, which tha.
•My -launch, the ."Clipper,',' was Rimmed-', L'-T.i"i"i',Vi'? '-''V- Tl / -iii. Ji* mtJii-
,.,-.. . t ..' .'."V ... riafine s -Sid not „nnderste""- Thfiti1
iattly-pracuredianij.diBpatchea.Avitb-,.. ..- ;r..-. ,'r.r ■ ji.!-f
■ ,, v*-*1.- A* ,'• r * ' —;■' ..." '■■ "suddenly -from ' somewhere'" came
all haste to Harrison, s starting -(at - . ,,„ El-r - -.• ,'- j,,,..- r - -./ -.
,,    ..i\*_,_ ■_'„ '.'_,  _7.'",:7l 'v 1" shockY &'snag-ofi''the-weather boy
uunced„ to get yo. some fancy bus
31 o'clock p.m. .and reaching . there
hip comm;nced to sittl
'healthful of all fruit dcidsj used;for a.hundred years
;; ih the finest ieavehinplpreparations. Il:
i'.;-.-,    :--':i■;.;■_;.■    -'\:)-;t-r     * "*■•-     §     »     ■■"',1',, li   -n:-*!/'-'"'-     "•     •'•
'7.     . -    I ■'   ".--1 ..'iG'i   ..t'.i'.Ai. li.)'-1- ., JX-Vi '
Boy only fcakk^g powder whose: label
ie with cream, q{ tattar.,
7 i ■*t;*:.'j(iii..V.    -:'i.!,'i' i.V-''(\yy-'-i:
Jote. — There
Shows tt to fee
rived,  h.^in-*  pumped  through    the ,_ ,   ,,
 „_......— ° Z—„_.,-—.....JS .--—tear— Dawn-,went-the.. mariners
7"mountain"sh:dowB""a""hand"-car~the""~ ; "~ :." ■—'■- „■—.   .-b-...
-     .      ,. . ^ i «/•    cB     .,      ,»       Hr.w fcr     ihy,  went down not od*
ssl -SHU Jteii: -»-••'•"- ■ ".T aijfc .*
■*•    "'-'i" j.1          i     i.   .    i     * rj-bt n-w, end thua«t'iwbt(ft mi-jhl
,   ti:ns with the-early  train leaving ' '       -    &*.-■&*%&* \          'fi
"a" ,          .  ,,r   ■         tt   i «'£ m i ha"e -teen a a-21-paB a sas,ter. am"
Spokane at 6.15,- a. -ra.   He left Wal- ,=■ ,-    -        JSl-iwi  , ,,    i-        • ,
.*x^^r^^% by a rail. j-aye left  one  ifiige. fatherless ■ waj
■krilused   .to^^P^-^^-O.1
li:!.!ll ,.i:
,.( _ _ arejmany^ljeged.iCream.of
tartar baking powders 'Upon tfjie "market
r sold at1lower.*price't;v''whicH-1pr6ve,'upbil.
I analysis_:to..,be alum, powders.in-disguise."
TfeV.Wi1 P,ot ffiK*1! ^9|e?P**ne (p<?d/!K ■,-<
":| "L.'T.''\V. Bi.ock, Ffunie, Bi C.  "<>"'"
<j, .ft        ,-i    :.;i-*i>;. -; I?...;.-    t-.' i.'-.'c-ci!    '.u-.
<V<*/«-fAVi* *J*'st* <l* it* \i* \i* \1* \t*\t* i \t* «,»/♦.»> \»,» ^ s»> vV \»>'V>W'Ma «.VV>
<*v <»v AV *iv y*v fi>.<i>,<rt.<*> YiV <<iV /iv ^v f <i> *iv y*" <*> ^v •**» ^iv ^-v •*» /iV ^v ^i*. <iv
;..t   Kitiiill-
t -il*  I>1'!'
lrce,   in"
read vel
work, *v\nmupjjTrhc^HrFangcd.. for a
relay of horses every 10 miles
throvgh ** the- mountains, wJigA^. a
. &&M'-^gesti""
II,' '■"*!»;( •■* fl!iC-H.I
■ UU HS'S'.I .-:itliU.-'-
hX ■   »■,:.'&wia
;J   '"'   ■tr:
- . Ff„m> Harrison to ,Coeur, d'Alene
'ri'-t time was made, - the Clipper l.e-
Kg -rnbheiT1 to its' ntmos'i'1 speed.   As
.  E,c"i',as Mp.j Whelan; Reached,   here, j
Ih.u h cold and'chilled crossing the
la' e, be was hurried into an 0nuto-
n:oi:ile in waiting. A.,S. Bird having.-;
.charge, nn.l am veil,, in an abundance
of-time nt Spokane to make Bty*ain» ,
.-c-rnecti:nB, thus cp@-^g^j^\|
the incBi; sr.ee:ssful end  s:ns-tional
#t-r_KJSfO;-if,»nTi|jac atfuj. jiiiilfflglit Ifphr.
dying condition 'cjf.'n near relative.
Tliolt^bm!ll0.3h'il*t8ii's i'oVoStcd-'td'-IS'v:-"*
ha-e ci'st  "mere than, $1 per _ mile, ' ^A:;i51!(,01v -l.ANI) l.lhTJMOT
rnd was |opM^'ll'lJ'"!'! ,fi_jlittle"5nvura-Wr/i C'&
eifilil. h
ciel,iyn,~ Sp(jkcsm:.n-Rc-y;ow.
r . *"r~- 6—:—>—r J^V(
(i J «_,■*-,        *...*,4'J. i.f.      /r'l I
* *■' ^   ">Hats'd »ccNciiiirp.»■»   - ■   u
^IC.-iA  ,f.»Ji'.**a ,
i;  'j^j-iiy.-.j   .l-.-l.'cifli':*-"*.
,:lV,   .!' -V/.
li-inpMBFfj -•  ■",■:ho-^-7.7y
hUntlertakefi it Erabalmirsf
ll       '   1     —WfT'^'^'f^T"*) .'   .."    '>^
Hi     : I:v iii',,' i
Thtr^WPfl"i-T^"fct-a\'|ile7T■m^sfear^l^i^^"il_ig"c/(yd,■''/'* *.msm*7:r>T^S
J.V.,".*'.V L,l.,'i''.y_t_o. twi;danii'- siiinetliiirgt.a:o.Utlt'o"1--',''-,*:'- ■'•' * A j.»l
iiriiik1siii''-ufd {rb" B>| ,r .ii''.) '*. • ,n<r   -j ' .•■   v   '"-  *u.;- i:r;-... ./-j "^a
it Oi-iil . Sifflsl*"-* '  ' '     ' ---ii-si
I»=*  .•:i:n.
JT.J.   i'
H^m$HBhd ward % fi-otel^
^t ^^•Ir-'L.   Gates, iiPrpprittot" '
,. &, Victoria Ave. ."
'i i*
'"'.v .v^i'v.'Kerniey B. C.
,• *.   i*    /w . , , ' ,7
"fi'^SwiW^r ?v-w*j~iT;
as Kopv1tr6di-.*iiH ,a,jlit(fe|oyoi'i|'iV>'f'','i        C',*?!'.   "V^J-lV   <
lu-.url^l^pWW '
. ^,,The7Calo-ar,y o'Marble -rcSt.'' Granue.'AVorks iiefr,*^
•i u.r. :-Th'el.-(K<nptena'yi. dMarblei*ii\Vorks,   -Nelson, r.   /.ffi-
-Samples Can he-Seen at the Office. ;    - >■-• - *'   Parlors in Lundy's Block %
,-^^r^"57««^75«S^Tyw^TT/wS^Tyw^y*!? .'/Tr/*?
, t Ph i 11 i pc Carosel I a
. WhoJesale    7
IVclt&i'ti^c-1iif ;"Tlie/r-I-^crnic   Ledfeor
• *-;..i is
\:.:.i .
.:/   '••*'■        ■   ■" '"■■*  •'■..'     .\t
tfAKl(-tK0yi,i.l3  tni-t   Michael P..  •}• "-,..-., ,v .V.Th-E ' , '  ♦
dr.ilcf,. (/'JFe-44iU,**B.:'0,,aiim'iernmn, ' ):",',. ""
, ;:tti\da, to" apply fcr'a spocif.1   Urn-:,
<*fcnW%^ ... i*
11. Cunuic-ncln;   i.t a pi st v.l.nted!
III"   -1.      I.";'   ,.,.■'    ,'; 'I
Co., Ltcl.
cert tn. the. Opra-Hous1,
Tho land ia'so well Inown for tbo'lub.ub four .nv.lei uortb ol the luter- i *|* AlEX". 'McDiOUGAUL, PreS. &Gcil: Mgr. %
'mnBkH-V'rcml'tfen'of wn«t;it under- A tUn.il, n-j'ind'ry, |ino, alout four ; x, ... -,.'.'," 'y'lu'mt^m^m $
iitakcBitht.trit wouldU'C inx-dflious frrlml.s o si  ul  the euh-lot lino  4591 j y
fork of Gold  Oiock; :..,*,
U' o a  of the south
vub r to -.y.iid.or.tix'j-Oj.rnytlijpg     ,-  -- --■ ■- -   ..-
cri'tloiHm!      ! thence ii'.rth 80 cliuins; thonco oast„i y. „ *'>-.ManuffitMunTs'cl'iinil   . ■   %
Tio ir.gr.mmo"1'' a'rri n';ed'hy ' P...!.*r9..■Ji.;.-L,>e;_'tl>;.*J_54 !8oUtl-* 8J cliairo: j X ,   U.>iiltTH-in ■ ••   * ♦{♦
Pnsli, thet leader,! ccntnins cJnh.o/n'lhonco'^w^t^ K"njBrs'tt ;plhVo'' ofj j^       "   ■" * „ y
ltcma, whicli "is cort inly very con- commL'nc^eW|'»ndt,cdiit'-Hi| n'ou j ,t, Hoiiurli ctDri'FB.Ml'Lnmber .].
,  «fftlM',ii'.'atra'oBt"<i'lr in6"i'.rht'8 on-„Glp acres morp or Icbh,     ■ ■; ♦;  '.'■.., „ ..„,'.'_, TU.,hpr V
tertnlnment/i.iiwIiiH'Wery muiHjcnl']   L'e1,tocl, J-ily '2h.t;. 19077' '   '•  ' . |.J., ^.Wl!l«!!««n AJiM'lWj.'.niS?".^
,;tan'; jflicftterod f;r lnrtho". conlpro-:   2..0onimcnelnix. i.t a nest   planted ! X    ■•  'IJilin|:,   MonUlinc;, Latlis, ;,;
2.,CoiiimcncIni*, i.t a pest   planted j,|,
,lioli'ir:oiio mil6,''ribrlb *ofi'tli'o" Inter- , y
Sl.liiKlcs a nd  Ties, y
>," Tel. 3  '      Per nie, B. C. ♦
w.?^^T.»S,.SSl!^K(l?-..P^ffS*,-.->..*» ■ ■     ,: iiilioltr,■"one inuo' norm .uic nm 4m,ui- , -j- f3!iiii),ri('H   i
The ▼■■o.-I-ts    nn also will nnd  m.fc'oplvl'a.Homidarypllnp .apftilftbout j X    ''   ' '_        ' " '
'i* '"t'V'i' /'. "^"TTTTT "'»' '!■■ r.i i    t/.o mis Ciifit'.^f/the sub lot Hno. '•{• »'i Y Y„ n^i"'" '
44^$^ ^>« »»-'.«"* of. ± Telephone .Poles a-
"•'Oriild "V. r'i, ' A!ug/ k'^A ; trl', wcuti thonco ,8p chdnB south; thonoo , ^ ^„ 0|,(l(!|,rt j.n„„|rtiv
mondouo cuvo ln    nt tho Brooklyn."*' •c,,,l,ni}   °>™h • ■thenco M. ,c,mlnB I % 7 ,   io
mine,    In rhconix   camp    occurred  nt,rtl1 to    j-litco of cominoncctnont, ; A        ■   .   ,
a'put, R !o,o!jek;'Biiturd;y-wcnln?,contn,«,nK n'out'G-10 nrnn, more or . y
Tho ore' Dunlicra nnd nil below   for ■,0H''-
800 fact l-y lRO-foat.wldo foil in, tak-'     Jatuxioi July 23rd, 1907.
Ing the trnmw y ir:c'c ra well   ra 8i c0inm:ncln, r.t .% Pint   planted .^^^^^^^..^..^
aorno mlnlr-f m-iehlncry. Tbln enva- A,ollt ono inllo nortu of t,10 Intor.
In will put lho Drco'lyn mlno   out nftMon«l Boundary lino, .bout   one f       |nlUg ei,Bt 0, tho „ub.,ot   Une
ot bualnaat, for n. month-.    Tha M iEll- of    tho illb.Iot „„, «W| J JJ    » itSKi0U*tIl   fork ol   Gold
STh tMSh'Klm^!2?  nn°-pn,Lftl?t t,ir0° ""r eftHt.  °f   t,10'Crook; tbenoo west,80 chain.-, thenco
• th.t worn hrd loan carried   on ,yahk rlvcr. thtnco 4o chllinB W0Bt;.      h«   „„    hn,    ■   tbonce   en„t w
^ t"B.B.°w!.\rf w^'^T thT'80 Chft,n* D°rth! * thoncoao fhuln thont;i3 nort„ g0 Ci,ftl08 t0
ntly no rne wna hurt by tha •eel-,clm*nB „ ,*_. tilBn0l, ao chaina nortbj .,,ce u( commBncemen(. nnd eon-
deit. ftlthourh ona   miner working   thence; <0 cbniria.   eaat; i thence 80 \.," tof'^i^or to-1
«o t« w -bnvm hP,d , B,rro-* (B. • jSlli,M fl ,uUl. tUc.uw M 'UaJlw wc-t; (k',n »* «<0 ncn a, mora or leaa.        ^
f»Tia* 'Tn*   dnmn"-*   dona   -will   V.« ■ ji^bce' JiO cbiloa *outb to placo 'ol'   !l™,-nt*'* •'■"'y 'Wh, WOT.
Mftny thounando    of dollnra.  It io [ 'com'r'»»'»Mn*en"t, ni»d'c6ntn(ning about    „ n ,       .     _. uf   „■„„.,*
.balloTad ifaflhi raeaut wet w.:th.r'^o'ne .a,1 '»or«!or lm. 'I K,\?*1^^ A^L'-iS
wna a eoitrifcilnry cn«o». I" L(jcut d'Vuly 2?rcl. 19W;   ' "    aboUt ,lx ttnd ?°°".n" WtiM   T
,, '|(i^?c»c.,a..f,u'y;Wl?» W ■■. ■ 0f tha Tut*rD.4t'onnl Boundary Una,
'I '4,-riimmi>iiel«T"nt' tx pr.nl;   nlnntml  ogd al.est four wIV!' fist of*tha anh*
OVErtHKARD QM THB TRAIN,   'a'put fl'-a nUl-a north of tbe Intar-'lot Una <89l, on the aouth'fork   of
' —_— _'«lilonul Boundary Hue, and about' Gold Craak;   tbenea weat io obaina:
Tw> faahlonable ladlea wara   dla;'four.'mllfii,t'»U of,'j the a«b*lot lino thanco south 20 chaina; thane* weat
eua.'.Bff cb tha tr»*B ths otuar  d»y,.!,4*551,..Yj>'|l|a,aouth, 'fork   of Gold 80 chn'oa;   tbanca ODUtb.lO chaina;
the de tb   of in'  ua due.tad   butiCrre':;    thonce,-..north   160 ..chaina; thonco a ot 10 ch4na: tbenca   osrlb
worHhy n-Uh'or who b-d Iob vary ithaica; eaat. 40 chaina; thence aoutb 20   chaina;" thtace   enat *0 chnlna;
H'oral In b'i doBotl'-B» ti charity. '1&0 fhiina t*ienca weat 40 chnlnaito thaneo north 40 chnlna, to . plw«   i.
"Mr.    A. t* dand,'!  »»M onn    if "pi"**''of  commence,,** • .♦.   rmtninlnsr eomm«oeem«; t, eonta n!n_j (\*o titr*»,
1irn,  '"He w:a (fcod aad. kind and'«^ut Ht aerca, more or leaa. raor« or lew.
.  hflpful lu tll.acria of w^. Ro wat     l***** July 21th.,W67, '       ,   Ut M'Julf ,:th) IW,
'" ■©'tulwr, p'oct"    deaf   Wlcir7wa. . B. C^mwaneini ut sB.iPoat.plantaifi •     ■
eould urt know Mm- l» Toronto, but  a»:OBt alt m'lta north of-tha Iufar-1   »*V*'AB'*?,t *h» *3*T'
vt alinll-wstt ia noiTrB.'*    .
l' iIii.vh iiI'iit ilain f Inlonil ti> uiiiil.v.to llie'
Mnnnnililo Clilnf l*nniii)li.sloiiai' nl l.iinrtH mul
Works for iLllumiHC to.projiponl for conl mill
li'ilrnliMmi on tli«,l'o!l'i)4vlii*x iloHiirlliuil -liimlh
i>ltu;ita in ji. H.-Knotoiiiiy i]Isf riot Id wil. j
I Cmmnowiliiv nt n ihii.1. iilii'ntciil nt. tlio « w
cornni- of tho W T. Wiithim oliilm, iul|ncanf tit
tlio » o oornor of lot llinjl, ,tlinni:(i north fin
flmirii.tlinni'Hsiiiith noi'linini.llinncn wc«t Mi
I'liniiii, tn plui-o ol oomiiKJiii.'oriniiit, uontiUnini;
i',M (\(Tf,rt move nr Iiim,' ' '
Hiituil Mil*, lutli ilnv of July. IH07;
W. T. WnNon.Inentnr
.•'■'•'  r OhuH, llithhliiri, Affont,
;'.'- Cni'mtionoiiiit ut.'ii phit.iiiinitoil'a't than it
corner of tho lii,vliiir«tQiici oliilm lio.xt to tlio
hw form-rof Int. HII18 nu thn Pliil.liuml rlvnr,
thaiicu smith WiclmliiH, tlioni.n vi'dKt m olmlns,
IhciiH'o mirth Hiiulmtu*, llionyi1 uu»t, HO cliiiliih
10 plnoo of ufiininoiii'omonl,■' <'ontnli\ln« cm,
uorou ii)"ro or Iohn, . . „
Jklml thin si'ii'l ilny or ,riil,f,'l!in7
,1   Iilvliiioitniiii, linniilnr
"    ,.,    .    .   .,   -,    ■,   Oliim, llohhliih,Airont
II, Cnmniom'lni'flt. |in„t;i»t thii 11 wnoruor of
the II, Ciito i'liilm nt nr nonr tho n n oornor of
•I. l.ilvliiif.toM'iu'litmi, thiinci) smith i'iclmliiri,
thniicn oiiht. HmiIiiiIiin, thoiifo nnrlli Nn rlmfn.,
tlionco wuhI. Ko nluiiiiH to |ilni*o of ('(iniinonctt-
mont.nnntnlnlimftUinaritu morn rtr limn.
Dntuil thin il.'i|,l ilav of July, I:n)7 ,
'      '     '       11, Cute. I.ncHtnr
*        , '!liiw. HoMiIih.AroiiI
i-t -CornlinmcliiK nt a pout plitntml nt thu n \v
oornor nf 1 hn.1, AMi'lnli oliilm, iii||ui.|.|)t to thn.
■■ncnriwr t>i>.t of |.i|'1'irH, tlioovn coutil B.)
I'hiilili., Ili|iii|.*ii ount Hiioliuli^, tinmen nnrlli hn
chiiln*., tlii'iicn wii.i «) ohnlni In tlm plnoo or
i'oinniiiiioi'iiiiiiit,i!iiiirniiiliiK iliu noruN moro nr
Dill oil I liN lnth ilny uf July. Vhi7,
•I, Alilrloli, l.noiilor
(.'hnii, llnhhliiri, Akoiii
.1 Cnmnnini'liiK ill 11 pint plitnttiil nt, tliu it w
riirnnrnf thn,lnlin,(looil clnliii «t,or licnrlhti
II ernrnvriif tlm A, (Inmlohiliii.thniii'o north
KllcllllllK, tlllilll-IH'lHt Mll'lllllll-, Ihl.lli-'ll   kOUlh
nii'IiiiIiik, tliniiin WiikI, Hn oIimIii» In thn plncu
nf iMIrlliKHlccmcilt
I'litml tlii* -.'.'Inl ilny of Jul/, 1Hn7,
John (Ino.I, I.nrntor
ChiiH, HnhhliiM, AkiiiiI.
<l Coniniunciiii' nt 11 li'ml pliilitml «t tlm n «
'■ori-nronlieCliM Unlihln'* clulm, nl ornriir
tinu ui'ornnrof llm Ii,(-ntiii.|Hlin,tlinnnn'iiith
in ('hnlint, thuneo ,wuitt tm (jfinlim, tlioni'ii
north hi ct'Hlitn. tlumcu uimt Hnoliiiliu to the
plnoo of ('iiirminncnmnnt, contHliilnn illn «crti«
morn or lua.
11.11K.I thi. Clnl ilny nt July, Ilk)?. ,
Clin* ftohlilnn, T,ncitti)r
ClU>. il\><ilfllU, Atf*l|t
> Ontini.ii.-im «c« p.i»( \>t*M*,i At (lm n w
onrnor of tho A. (Irn>l nUdn «t or n*nr lh» » »
coriior oftholi, Cotn oUjm,, thtnro toutb t*i
olmlnt, ll.rnr* omtt uichntln*. thtno* nnrtb Wi
i'b»ln«. tluupo w«,t *U'h»ln»tntJiipUoi< of
i/ommniu'iiait'it, i'nnt»lnina Uin *cn» mot* or
Imm " r"i..'i.    *.  . ,
l>Mt»l thli JWriJ Amy of July, Ittrt     ,,- ■        .
.1. Olll, L#n.U{
1    , Cil*,, Qokhlni. A.a*«iit
, i
a Cogam*ncin« st • pout rUoI*k1 *l XX\* n w
turiiitriirthu.l. a (looil clilm»Hrint»r <|i*
n •vnrnur of tn* A. Uxvl cluirn.thtnoti »oul"
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
: 1   1      '■... .  ■■ :* ;■■ ■'-.   i*.)j'' i   '
 :.-, Kent's,!Furnishings -.   ,
You want comfort and satiK.ictlon I
I of.; clean  smooth   shaves   every
morning. .   I
Tho Ca'rbo Magnetic Is tbo only1
aUARANTEtil) to give this. Jj
The secret lilcctric Tempering, ^
positively merges every particle of carbon   (tlio   life of
steel) Into tlio metal--t;lving
d i a 111 o 11 d,"-l I It e hardness,
throughout tlio bladei-somc-'
thing  absolutely ...impo.ssiblo,
with flro tompeied steel used
in making nil other razors.
But teat this razor  in your
ownliome"-or have yoiir barber
uso It on you.    Secure ono 30
10 CommnncliiK itt n iirmt iiliintoil nt tho n ft
liornorof K,W.HIiolilon'i4olnlinntor nonr tlio
h ocnriMir of tho A,,floyil oliilm. llionnu noiiIIi
S/i ohiifim,' tliniioo wost. W) cliiilnH. thonco
north, Ho ch|ilni>. .tinmen <ii)it,,.Ko elm Inn to
plncu M commoiK.'oiiuint oniitulDK "I'i lion**
inoinor li>»rt,
IMtuil thN u.'lril ilny of July, Iim7
V  W. Slii'Mmi. Lni'iirnr
"'*      '   t'hitti. HnlihniH, Aitnnt
1 .     .', 1    .    .,-...-.     1
Coiiimnii»liiijr iitiiiiii^t, plunloil nt thu n w
ciiriui'r of thoKII/n (looil chilm nt or nonr tho'
ft w enrnor nf thn J, A, (loinl iiIhIiii, tlinni'ii
unutli 'Hn ohnln*. thnnrri i>nnt Wiclmliw, llnuif-o
north Hn oliiiliiHi thonou wont. uni'liniiiH tn tlio
plnroof I'omiiioiH'ommit ciititiilnliiKiMii nrnn
morn or Ionn, * ,   '■
I )n I oil this i'.'lnl J11.V of July, Hhi7
Klbn flnml, l.ncntnr
f.'lnii, Itolililn*, A mi lit
X'i tininniniii'liiii ntn pintl. plnntnil nt limn u
enrnor of tho John Aii'IiTk'hi oliilm, nt or nonr
tho * 0 (junior of V.W, NIioIiIoii'm ohilm, llii'iii'n
unuth Winhiiliirt, thuneo wont ftinlmiini, thniie*
mirth Ho I'liHlnn.tlionooi.iuli'ifiliiilinlo pliieo
cf noniim-iiouinont voiitnliiliiii Hfi iutuh inorii
l'>ftt«Vthl" USthiliiy uf July, lim7
John Aii'k'fMin, l/x*i4tor
Chilli. Knhlillii, AroiiI
1,1 Oominiinoili** nt upoiit iilnnlml »t the ti vr
ennitr of tin ll»vli] nonnliUon olulfii, at or
nonr tho »• corner of F, \V,Hhii|ilnn'n oiwlm,
■Wf|i»ln»,tliinemmt *ich»ln»,tlitne* nurtli
aorhilm, llmnr* w»«t *i rlnklim to th* "oUc*
of roninmiKiminit, cnnfrtlrilnir,M'i»rr«-| mora
or Ui«, ,, *
l>«t«il thU-f.lnM.iyo(July.l!»>7. "   <      ,-
J A Oittf'l, Tailor
l*l>«« Rohbln«,Af«it
ttmiicd mmlh Hn ohninn, tlmnc* iimt m ohilm,
tliancu liartli Hnuhnlim, thonou \*«»l Hi)cli«ln«
,to tht. pluot of rnmrntnotmiiiit, oont»lnln»
illilui'r** niori nr \tm».
liHtfnl ttilK asih lUy or July, ittff .
Imvhl ik)n-tlilMnil«M<iitnr
lllkl. tiuliOHll, Aftllt
H ^-ummviuiin-c »'*.• im_i( pUutoU *\ to* i *>
oorntr nf th* lUrry 1ln«ti*i< elulrn r.t or .tim*>
thit«cOm«rofih« U»vlil DobUJton ol»loi,
th*nc« notlH *i nbklni. thtnrt ***t to obtlni.
thinr* noutb i»)oh»tn»,tbtnot w->t,t»)e*i»lni
to tht pUi-e «f con*mtnrtm«qt,.?onU'nlni
iUit icnii moN nr Utf. . ,
ttattiJ thU mill J»y of July, WI      :    i, i
*.'*u» IiJi*.4.. L-..:#;.)i
IS (*omm<Dclnif »t % put pUnttd it thi n •
th* *• oomrr of th* John Andtraon i-Ulm,
thcni'* oouih »)ch»ltu, thdiit* writ H*)ohilm.
tii-inf* north HO chilni.thinr* *iitiw *hilni
io thi pl*e* of i*ommino«m*nt enntilrlin
tin •«>•« inor* or Um. . , • t ■
luttilfhUtMh iliyof July,1i«7
t     Kathiritl'iilo«-l,LM'V.<'r
17 (Vimmi'lH'liiiMtt 11 post _>Iiii\Iih| nt thn n w
cnynur uf thu A. I niluirtncliiliii./it ir nenr.thn
« w oornor of (ho Hurry HiihIiih' nliiim thonco
.mil Ii hm elm Inn, t honoo on't .im nhnliih, t liotii-o
north hii eliiilim, thoneo 44*11,t Hnelmlni. lo thn
liliin. of i.'oniiiii'nciiinont,cnnliitiiin*/ iiii nerot
itii.n1 or Ic-.-
Dal.-.l thU^illi ilny of July, H»i7 -      ,  .   ,
■'■-■■ ■    ' A, j'tnhortrt, l.oentnr'
(;im>,,lli)lihln*i, <Vfftnt
IN CuniiiiiincliiK ul ,4 |in*t iilnntml nt llm,no
of thn Mr*, )■;, M. I,ivliitf-.lnn cliilm nt nr nmtr
llm hn cnriiiir nf tint Ciilhi-rlmi (Ino.l i'liilm,
tlniliciirioutli Wl elm Inn, Hi,iiic0 44'e»l H.)|.|iitlui4,
tlMii'en nnrlli Hn i'IiiiIiik, thmie.u i'ii»t Hi chiillit
to tlir'iiliien of enminiineninoiit, eoutnlulnir
Ml'/ ncrin iiuirii.nr liu..
I Hi Hn I thlk'-.Mh ilnyof July, Kmr     '
Mrt, Iv.M  l.lvlninlon, I.oentor
("Ims lliilililni4,Arfi>lil
1!' L'oinniiilii.'lim ut 11 i>o»l iihiuteil nl tlm 11 w
onrnor of tlieT. lliulli'V i'liilm «t orneiirtliuh
wrornor nf thn Noul Mcljimri'lo elnlui, tliom**
nnilthHMcliiilMn.thiilli'ii cmt hii eliallii, thiilli'u
north fcuclmln*. thulli-n Wf.t HO i-lmlri, to |il«i.-,)
nf ennuniiuroliinnt.
Uatuil thi*'','illililu>ror,liily, r.107
T  llHilUy, I.nentnr
l')l««, lliilihliK, Anulit
'iii CoininMiclii«Ht n p04tjilnnto.l ut llie « w
eorner of Jno M. \V»lt(*r'»,lr.,(iliiliii nt or u«»r
llm • ucorner of th* T, IUill*y el»lm, th*nc*
north "vlelinlni, tlienrio («,t Molmlni, tlnno*
unnth HiM'hilnt, thtnr* wont wirhilm to plio*
of (iorom«ui:«n)«nti oontilnif iWiiurai mom or
|T»t«i| thlii 1.1th iliy of July, Imi7
John U, Wilt*r, Jr„ lioeitor
«.-.». n^Hl-*. A»-.i.:
.,     . ..   '1 '■'
tl (Aiuiiu*uuin« »t iWift oliitiJ it ih* n •
noMtir of th* Jim»« McKlfliitt elilrn it. «r
Oti# Ik* • • eoratr of tb* Ur*. K,U. Mrlntiton
*lilm, Ui*da* tontbiloatiilnv ttuna* nut ot
chilnt, »h*no*,north » ohilm, tbtnet tint *t
rliiln* to tbi,»!iw«(no»m»nf!*rMtil,contiln'
Ini MO i«r*i mor* »r U11
i)it«<t IhU llth i*y of Jul
n.'itbDp] Ddundai*|r line nnd   about
.> 0)iuiiu*ii*.*lim n i |i*Hf pl.tntH I it tb* u «
roroM i»(th* A(i>M AnJrrton rlitm »torn»ir
•h*** pornttr of fh*., Rnbh>n'*elilm,thtae*
»out)i •*irh»ln«. th*ni*« **«t Wchilnt. th*nr»
nirth H"ih»ltii. tu*no* <*»«t ^chiloii.tfl.thr
nltr* nfrnmm*nr»m»nl rontiliilDirniO «rr*»
niurnor I«h.
I»it#*1 thU .'Unldiy of Jnly. WW.
Atnvt An-t'iton, Af*nt
• *    Cbi»,Rfthhis*,A«««t
In*, A|r*nt
M Ctiotm«udtttf »t i iwnt utsuU-l it tli* a w
of t h* N*il Utifiini* r.li'-    "	
if th* II&vU Donuni.	
m-shi.   .
thent«n*rth»'>*b»liii,lb»nf»'»»».t»|) ehulo*
•il Utimrtl
       jti[*tstXtnVsvX*. ,_ .    .
th*nc« Mwto WohilM, tbt»e«*it.t tn a\\*ln*i
rorour       .
 itmitor »**r
Donthtinn elilrn,
lo th**l*»»nt txmt***t**i**X, eoititalif M
•«r*« noNorl***.
•JXHi'lthUMMiHiynfJ-ilrMM    "   .       -
K««t WcOiirrl*. UtiUr
t) ty*.*, nobh'lH(A««Dt
» Owninehif it i po»t .RlAnUd it thi.i w
of thW. AJ* Ul*ninir'*r«iilu it or n.»r
r oljtiiT, HidUf alilm, xk*tn'*
ll i      'A'
th«* woontr olitiiT, HiJUf alilm, U*iio*
toutb Udibilnt, ln«nt!*^*«l iioi'bih'i, tbtne*
north •) ebilni. "thins* w«»t to ohilnn.to th*
pUMoT *amiiwy-*****!!, «ont*lnln« iwniflre*
mor* or Imi.       , ,,,   ..       ,-. , <
t>*t*l tht* 1Mb il*y 61 July, I HOT
, .      1   ,,. D. AtlAttiUrsIiorilor
t .» 01 - i'., "i J »*."• "1,' '
t3 C<>mm«n.)la__ at i pott pltutti" it th* a vr
eorntr •f.th* f. 0«ft»t«»it alii a* it orn**r
th* • • mrtMr of tlu T. Iliillty rUlm, tli*nr*
tooth*v>*|ilii,Ui*n*<i •■•tia*h*lni, IIi*bi>»
cortli*<ii*|i*ln*lttuBM*«r»tl *4>ch»l»«to tb*
p\*r**t «MMnMMM*it. oontilnlitr «* «•*"*•
KMl'h'riMii "J»y*of Jo!r.M"**7
F. 0«<ImI, I>v»t*»
,('h«i. Rebbln*. A#*ot
I 4-
The Fernie Ledger
. $ 1 a Year in Advance
Ijisuod every  Saturday   from   the  Office  of
Publication, Todd Block, "Victoria, Ave,
Fernie, British ColumMu.'
■•At'a' univcrnsity ' settlement in
M.-m-hesiti*!, England, M,s Humphrey
Wjrd spoke on the '""Needs of City
rc-curii-ivcr:'-.; i'-.' i-'con*--per no'ip'i-M ; their  leisure  hours;  otherwise   they
.lino in-.-,; m«i'rti'iii,i> cents tiurlinu unci) mil.-i- * „       - ,
-,-:,.-.• 1:1'^.,;.. ■ spend* their time in the stre/.ts,, r.nu
"jitc l.'o- C   Iltl-M"
.Ull l.i 4.'.. V*-' "'  1 l '
■'.'l\-n'.-*!^i"*r on a]);**
:t- '
T. T,.-. _OHiN\        r". tt. SHr-.RMAN,
Vf rtjl j*i- n'ianajj'ii
 -     ^ 2..—_
.-;,'. I1(lj4"ll \ l".   Aul'lj-"'l' lT:    1>'U<
South East Kootenay,  British    Co-
iomLto, Block 4393,
2. ConiJEencing at a post planted
at or near adjoining post No. 1 of
L'-avid It. Mc Ganniss' claim on tke
west, being ,S, B. cor. post; thence
north SO , .chains; thence, west 80
chains;     thence     south    80-  chains;
theace  east SO  chains  to  point    of
*   ' ' «".
commencement. , '
Located , this    29th., day; of July,
1007.    - '._     \        '_=.'
A. W. Belden, Agent."
. John    Hewitt,   Locator.
Witu'ss—Thos.  Sbter. • '    ..
, L   Ci>7'..i7-iOX
*iuic'-ly    fall   'ii.to'vice  and  crime.
; Such. pii«.s 7re the more needed V.e-
cause   the   hemes of,many children
■■ir.'. an imli.'.   "'*r..uy'{"O, .... i-lir.|-s, i,.-
; to    the   miCst    ol. drunken ' fights, j   -        , ,    , •   •   ,
[wliero   ihey. may   lie  knifcfced, about -   No.  i'Commencing    at'   a
and  they  ci.ng'. to the play-centre."' I Planted at.or  near  adjoining  cluim
.-ATrs.    Wi.nl    dwvlt-   also   upon    the i2 ol Jc,hii Hewitt, on the siSuth. Lo-
-     .  ■'   .    -     '      "     '     recc'ssitvoi diiecting the play o£ the!' mS N* K- ^1'. post;  tLer.ce vest 30
„    „    St      •■   'jouns/in whicn she" Buid New York i ^ams, thwice sou tu 80 chains; thence
,' The iindin.s   cf tae Coal Oon.mi>.     -. -,.-• "       m,n,.o..st - 80 thainoj-     theuce ,   north 80
.   ,-pt an txceu.nt example    set mm/ ■,-■'.
,4 ron oi Al.erti, oi which wii publish    ('^   Fn,.H h , t'.wns'    ,iro; le.ter' elfins '•.<"■ point ot commer.c-.meut.
i. full reperi in unoth.r column, liie.l. .,., Y„\   ior' V-an'-i. ,   -7  ,!ns .m.iV   Loc""t-d "Ws   29th ' da7   ^Y^<
, - - ,-     "uo;
'.-the findings cf all lithcx coTumissicns j wor.;.    In  some  there  are  not  only i    - ,.
is strong in its nesative rather'than j ri:iy-cei*ti*.s,    but Industrial  schools j_
its  peb'tive  qUaliti.B.    CommLBl-M | in   wtlicl1   tL,e   children   are   amused, j Witness--Thos.  Sinter.
A. W. Belden, Agent.
1 earl N. Be.den, Locator
are" liid cial in their funciions,   and j
.Ml lea'n how to gain a livelihood. i
s.uare.   Tht school.houBS are copl-}8f. chains;"theuce "north.80 chains to
cr and elii.incr-tiiiin- th"  strret.  aid [Point of commencement''
_ , j.'n thh ci'.y the opening of   the pub-1,,, 4. Oon'.meiicing.'at a  post■ planted l j
,    rarely, if ever, have, the courage   to-|v scho;1 1.aild5ngs fcr play during j adjoining No., Ion the south,  and j
'be executive.   .' .     7      ,   t'*e    sunnier    vacation   has been a I bo.ng • tLe NY- Wt- cor. of Wm. Kohl-j
WiTtjtoT*.  al might  to  expected,   gre t*-!-6on, eB->cclally to these who !hauft's claim; thenco east 80 chains;"!
the Alberta Commission has referred.11™-(ir   from ' ^ ' Pa?k * or -°Pen !theuce ^ 80 ehaiu«i. thence' west ■
bae*4 to *"he government ;queitions of
vide import, only * sitting its   seal
J of   approval   and   unanimity. upon
-ffiich (_u:stions as' baths, ventilation
o the ase limit for the employment of
boys ,n mines, and then losing some
ot  'i's* ter.erity   the timbering   ofj
Although the evidence given before
,,   . - i
. , -the   Commissioners    by the' miners
nas    unanimously,  in favor of   an
tight h ur bank .to bank law for all
persons    engaged  inside, the mines,
,, the Commissioners were 'unable    to
■, xnake a unanimous recommendation, |
o  .     ',     . ,
<r.d tnus icst an opuortunity of dis-
tingu'shing themselves.
■ .".' That men ghouldcalmly deliberate,
Located   tliis   29th   day   of July,
'■1907. **   .
A. W". Belden, Agent.
*    Wm.   Kohlhauff,  Locator.
Witness—Thos.  Slater.
,No. 5. Commencing    at ' a    post
planted    adjoining, Wm.   Kohlhaufi's
coal claim on the south, and being
!the If.-- B.  cor.  poBt     claim No.  S;
' | thence south 80 chains; thence west
<,--,['•' "'. I***® chaine; •  thence nortii 80'chains;
The eirl.esi. recorded labor ■*strt'ie . thence ' east .80  chains  to point    of
in America occurred in'1740 oir 1741   commencement. „
ii.e.alit--.j«,i'nieyiueu bakeru of New i   Located, this   2ath day   of   July,
the raorala *cf the children  can   be j
tended   to   tetter    when  •they -are
gathered in one plice.   Yet after, all
.< is a barren frubotitiite for ttoe re:..l
country.  ■
"ioric' city struc'i:.for higher, wages'.      }W7-- ,
A. W. Belden, Agent-
in a well ve-itil-ited rocm with cu.v
"lioned seats, and with a cigar be:
. ttw;een their teeth,  as to whether 8
'/ or   20 hours   s ret ile. rimed,'   in,
llie Und alUy of a mine are enough
fjr a m:n, a ho:sj or an oz is to
. introduce lu element of coiui: opera
, „ .        .... x *    . ," 4T.4.., Mrs* Wmi  Kolilhaufl,1 Locator:
Every   .local  contractor  in Philar,iWitllegs_/rhoi|/glater. -./■
adel^hia!'now '.employs   exclusively j     ■ '■„■:;      * ■   •   --■- .■:°
riembers   ot   the.   "Structural   Iron |   No. 6.0Commencing    ,at     a.  post
-"'Vorker's'--Union.—: <—.—^—'...'. .  .—j-pl-intcd-adjoiuing-poBt-Kb—*V—Mre'i-l*
—— '. jWiu. Kohihaufl's claim on the west, I
' The Lroiherhoid; of; Railroad Bag-| bfiingn the N. W. cor. post of Chas., j
t.a.eMi.n and Freight' Handlers has |H- •Jones" cl-lm: thence east SO ■
4StaJished its national he *.uarter.s |chains;, thenceo.touth 80 ; chains; !
in B'.eton. i thence west 80 chains; „ thence north
  j 80 chiiins to point of commencement.
Wa,es   cfiered   to    immigrants   at j^^f d(,  this >9th"day ' of   July,
, .i.ronto    f.lc  employment on farms j     "' ■        _      '
into  these,t-rimly demons'i.rocetd-1    f      h_ut    tb, proviate.are avout A, W. Belden, ARent.
.Chae.H.  Jones, Locator
are now in-.
. stalled in . our.
new barn, opposite the
olda place, "and have'a
complete, new outfit,
which is always" at your
service for livery, cartage or baggage. We
still have., the office up
town where orders may
be   left.     *,      " ,     -.
Hahdley Bros,
1 Phones: Office 6.
SUble 24
.;               ...
I Witness—Thos.  Sinter.
'ings, md su?ic,ests rather a .•'.'thimble :il p,r ce lt. hi*.hc-r "than.last ye.tr
t»a,".or a "i.i:otlne fantasia," th*.n*,
an attempt to solve a problem upen I The H:ilUa, 'Texas Trades Assem- i 7. Coiniiiencing at a post planted
vhich de. ends-the well leing.'. an-'i)ly'has appointed a committee to'"t or near adjoining claim No, 5,
S'.n.ty    of ■■'""■■•*■'*!   "•**■    "-** Unifiulev  tl:-:   nroiect  of  orectins    ai«-nd 1'e''"'"    th>. N..E. cor
!' Coal.—Coal lands may be imroha.*.i;('. at S10
per aci*p for coft coal and *20 for antliraoite.
jSot more than Ui'i) acroH can lie ucquiroil by
I,, iiRf/ip.,   tl—   nrnicrt   of   omrtinr     a i -DO  Ijeillg    thv.  N,   E.  cor,      Dost of ' n"° in'l'vidnnl or company.  Royalty at tlio
cn-nitidis  yet    unborn.   t,nfiulG-   tL'   l'ro.lect  0I   erecting    a* fe    -«•- «. .^. wi.     pubi, oi , r.Ue0ftc__C(_____..)(,rt0,_iO_' iy000 'VQVi^ almll
■lihor tcnK'le for the uni:.n cf   thati-Uenice "tlacn s claim;  thence west j be collected on tlm urossoutput,
city, '■        ,
to the Compensation
Act the Commissioners recommend thnt th's cl ss cf c. ses l:e
tre.tcd ; y a.s eci..l"covpcnsation
Ivw pio/iding lev the trial of
accident 4..r ueili_onc:,, cases by
a1 special tonirnittsion appointed
in s.ch a way as the government
m:y s e fit, whj.s* duty it shall
l:c to' 1 e r riid di'tcrmir.c flnnlly
all such c.'.ses r.s may to trouglit
to .tiieii' attention without
, ..nd
I Be n
' 80 chums,
|   T..e Iron Trades Council of Pitts
:'iwi h',s decided to celV.rato La?.or : "V""7   ,
, . , . ,   ,    i   Loc-teu
Day    thi 3 ye:r ly'gi.mg a splenic, \
|iiute.id of huvin-j. a parade as in the |    .
.past; ,|
therce  south   80  chains* ! KQunrtz-A free minor's certlflcnto is'Branted
thence cast  80  chains; thence  north   a*i imlividnal, nnd Tram iso to *ioO|'or annum
,     .    ,   , ,                       i for a company nccordinu to capital,
to  pont* of commence-;   A free miner, havhiBdhcoverod minerd In
,    ■' ',                     '- plnco,may locate n claim l„vip x i,R«) feet,
this   29th'  dny'of   July,! ■^Mjott**wMtis*o\*itst^b.       '
" i   Ai leant tliOJ'.iUht lit expended oii ilieclutin
cni*h year or paid to the mininB recorder in
i     nr   ti«ij—    a „«„a : lieu thereof.   When «.Vk.i Iuin iieeri expendeil oi
A.   W.  Uelden, Aeent.        : paid, the locator inay,: upon hiivlnRH durwy'
S?   chains
  ■■ B'.micc Be'den,, Locator.
I |'lV,'tncss--Thos.   Slater.
!   An expert who has teen compiling j •*
'duti   on    f.trl ei   decl,-.r;s th:.t tho |   fi* ^onimehcing at- a post ' planted
'rrcateat mim'icr of strikes occur inifit or near n('Jclning claim No. C on
'the    bvUhlinr  trades,   i.nd that
'"B:cf..nd    -..rtatest mmber is  in    ..... , „,
!• iotiio tr-<i-.K   ' ih'ence o.ibt SO ch-iins; thonco south;   U"; lp!,|-°') "iiiiiiiiavniiiiiodBohi oncriitlon
I  UMlie  tr. (lcs. i .. ' ""UK" i within une kfiimonlrnm the diue ol (lie leiihu
|   180   cor.ioi;     thenco west 80  chains; : ior ruch live mllm.,  Iiuntnl -tin nur iimiiuii for
made, r.nd upon complyinB wirli  other  ri-
iiulr(imeiiti4,imrcl)ii'e tliu land .at tl nn acre,
The patent provide* for the payment of a
royalty of Hi pur cent on tho wiles,
Pi.aci'II minliiK eliiiinii Kcnorally are lb > feet
(.Qiiare; entry fro iS runewnliU^vdiirly,
A free miner may  obtain  two leithts to
iii ' the f-oulh side,,and 1-eiii" the N, W, ! druiiBe fur cold oliiw miles mch foni.tfi-m of
*-"*' I .f„        ™   „ ,',    ,      ,   .      ■ twenty years, renewable tit thu discretion 4if
ty_e,cor. post of Geo, T. Bculin s claim; ; lm Minfstorof llie Interior.       *>  ■>
This   'b t'e     cr.-x   of tho   whole'   Tho   ,.n,Ulli      cn,Fcnt-on   (jI   tll0
„•.„,ii,»   ,„,,„ ,„j  ,' ,      ■ . '„.    , j, ,  ,      „  ■ , «       of commencement.
filiation   'appointed in s.ch a way  Ti des nnd La':or Congress of Can-I    .   „ .  .    ...     0...     .        ...
" _. .    , _.     ,     ,  ,, . ,,    .   .    Located   this   2,:th    day of  July,
e. tlie -.,0 c.iiment nmy ueo fit"   te  '■•'■•• Is t0   1e lio**l    noxt month   lii'^^-.
Ucly   '.o !e   tho   ttorm centre   of jW'anipt-B.   AdvleoB received indicate j ,       A  w  lloWon( AR(mt
iuB.;,  „.*■,   o»  «i.n'».n  i~  *i,« «-.:_j.«i ''i|cl»   mlln or river loiihoil,   Iloyiilty at, the
thenco n rti 8u chn ns to the point  ...to »f *, per cent cdii.ctudoii the output af-
conRidcra'ilc arit-.ticn, nnd if these
cnnimif.Hir..ne''s nro to to vfl'tcd with
n flu lity of doc'sion  not ovon   at
lnrgo    and   ropr.oent.tivo nt'enil-
nnce from all  o\or t'-o Dominion., ] witness-Tlirs.  si .ter
Woo. T. 1'olilen, Locator. "
ter it exceeiU iflO.Wili.
\V. W.CdllKV,   , "     '
Dop..tj'Jlinihtorof tlio Inlfilor
N. ]),—I'ni'utliuilzud pulilluiition o! thli, ud
vt.'i'ti'omoiit will not be paid for
■     A."ETID   RETAIL
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and  Lamb on
' hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. . Try our Mince .Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters. .
Home=riade Candy
I am now prepared   to supply you with   homemade Candy and guarantee   satisfaction.    Drop
0ih and we'll show you how its done.     ,
Tom Beck
Look Up
when   you    require
anything in   - »■■
Boots, & Shoes
Trunks. Valises
'.  .   .. ■     n -
& Suit Gases
Lowest Prices.      Goods Sold fop Gash Only.
W. R. McDougall
Express and Baggage transfer
Draylng of all Wiiuls   Jone  promptly.
,  Telephone 57 or call :i driver
Office:   Noriheni Hotel, Fernie, IJ, C.
A itgulut on b. b gone into effect
!). Commencing at a j-opt-   plantoil |      insTHICT OF us*? k-joxknay.
Vntcnt ar.initA our jidH'l  ', o-clics ! „ r*,„^„  «,j,*ri.'.1r«o.liHu  ti.«   «m   ; ,lt ir mni1   l  ,ni,e  ncrth flf No.. 8, irpAKK ii(itlciiiliai.lli(.MotHloulton Lumlw
" *   J,U,1J. "0'c»«Hi n i-aniida wh.cli proliltits tho   era-      , , ,      . I 1-,,.,,,1'Kiiini.mti., n.u„ .iwu|.«u..i.i«iii.
• bv wil M1u:w to .1,0 funhor re* p. y mint cf„ children un^or 14 year, ^M^ C^V ^ £™£ ^
n-ove<l,,fron rqroicli thin mtx xljxfi* i".if:>c:oris under nny con- chall.H tlj(jnC(J 0!bt ao.chains; thenco ^
C!iuiBiir's wifo,  lor  thoy live   unilor
. nd loin*- the R   \V   enrnnr nf fSnrf- . ,•■■   *-"«»■."' islliiiunit li, II. 13„ iitn*u|iutiuii luni.
.nu 1. tin., vnc a,  ». corner 01 ucrt- ; |.(.r nutmifnctururii, iiitcinU to iipply fnr 11
""'"'tlnil'iir llceiiM'In out nml 1'nrry iiwuy
from tlio fiillmvlntr ili*pcriliiiij ImihIn 1
more ox ctinj; conditl.no th n tint
f. dy evt-r 'new r.nyt'ln* n'out.
Ke cr of-rc Uic tin,:in,.8 i.f tliln
Ciiimni ii ui vi ei*ij iirls'ul, were
11'fit iui n I urn w r : ■ n r 11 1 ,■-*,
I   *l   ■■ f  ..'" • - ".  ■  ,.lt„Hert
I- ft A .1' 1 tli „• |,<, ,iH ,, „,„.,,
Ci»*'Uoiiile iin-ir nnrr -0 fi !o j.art
"f tit ens.- 0; 1, 'b.riiMM iucl sliorl.-
oitl.na.    Tho a-,,0   iiroviously   fixed *(;rjUt))   ^ ch,inB
w. 6 13 joirs, ! '
I'liUiniiiiiclim nt 11 i>ii„i iil/uitpil nt I In. nurtli
west  80   '* ..iui..i.t... I' .uwn.tliiniiiiiiinrtli inoluiIiin
chiiiiifl f. icint i.f eommoncenirnt.    I Ji!;;^,.n^ i^r.u'uiv^ iJ/^Ml^r'M.^l.VioMT
. *    Loc ted    th r   2'ltli   tX„v    nf   luK-   ' •'li"''.''' iii'iri'inr hh>» totliu nortii wi.»t ((iiiii'i*
;,      jj-c nil    ill H    i.tu\    liny    nt   ,MII>,   i,|T|,iii7.,,,f|i(iii(.l,»nniii|iicliiiliuiiiiiiuiirli-M,
AnytliliiB In tliy nuovo Hno donn nt
rcnunnnhln nitpn
Tents-, Awnings^ and all
canvas goods mndo to
A. T. Milne, Gcmmcl Street,
or al Trites-Wood & Co,
M-''', iiud    with   wilch   it, would Ijc   Sol',',■  W^**'- Kooton'.y,  Iir tlnli
v-»y   dr.n rroi.a   t.i  meildlu tllrou«h  l'''m'-1,1'
Ic ul t < n
P. r   our
wl h th
A, iy. Ili'ldun, A:.',ent.
  I'liTtriiiie  Ucldi'n,  Locntnr.
.'.'O'l'l'I-;   'h  lin-e'y   i*ivon  th .1  Su ' Wilius**. -Thofl.  Hltr,
I'-iiye nl ei   'i*,ti*   I  inteiul  tn npply ' ",„,,,        ..      , ,    , ,
to tho  II.»   '-hluf r«'.l,ntf ■:'    ^^»^ «» » P«t   PlMW
I, ml; 1 , v. '..'on-* tr, |.r .met   liv  'i^ ^'^  J l*    !'cfef' l^f
„   ,      ,     ,   . .    , ,.    ,      the   s   !■", ci-r.   iiosl  of Annu D.*l-
ci. 1 „nd   ii'trol.um un '.he fell, win,'   ...   . .   ,  .,.„„'   „ ...   ...   .   .
,„...        1   .     ,      .,       ,1 , , ,    J "on l! cl xxr-, t 0",ce nvrt.1   80 chu in1:
lands,    n;tuuto   in    tlio    ills rlct i.i  .., „„,   „.   ,  .       ..
tnonca wost SO ihiins:  thence Roiith
, SO ch .ina; thenee e '.at 80 chulim   tn
'point of commencement."
tin lu'i, t-ii.t 4iii>liiiiii..,tlii<iii.ii Mintii i*i i-iminK,
llii'tuii 4vi'«t K*i i'IihIiik tn iiiiliil of KiiniitcVii'ii.!
.limit 11, ll"*",   -
MliTIMl'iri.THS liVMUKH (*()„
n. Kerr&Cq.
Contractors and Builders
I'latsi, Specifications ud Bstl-
tnatei (tirtUhed on application.,
Pleatr of GOOD DRY LTJM-
Architect    aad Superintendent
Oflic* at ftctidaaca,     .
.1 -.'.«. '1
l'nii*,| ti,Ni;ih iliu-,.
lii-r.\ -'. Mm',
U   II.1-..U
nwritu i' UK Kn'.in-.NAY
■"IIAKKliiiMi'iitllllt Will   II   l'n|i„i*,,„fi
■ IICIIKIIY NuTII-'Y Till*; I'fllUn THAT l:
.1 nm im limui'r i(i.|i"ii»li'lii lur imv ilnl.ti*
i*,iti'rii"ii"l I'V mv »H". I'liii'i'-i-'t Mi'llminl'l,
M, I'liiili .in* li,-iih ir li'it mv imil mill.Ii»u-.l. ■
,!,„„. *., 1, T •IA*'. .Mi'I'IlAl...
liriink, II, (', iiii'ii|,iii|,iii i-i iii, ii,.ri,;
-,     .-, 1 i '.,.,'     T.riPi t#id     fliici    OVh   il-,v     r.1      TmIw      .,|i|ilj,",ti>r II i,|ii*('1iiI UinliiT l)i-4 ii.c i,vi r f Iii
1, Coinnioucln,.' at n prat   planted ,   "oct.wx .tins   <!Jin ri.iy   01    July, ■ lotviuuiifi-niHii
.-n't    w.-i  iim  ftni*p.Trpl   ftt 0l' ne,'ir .U'miiOrf  Boiltli  at  Flut,1
, ,..iii<i,K      1       . ,    "       , tiC1i.1t townbi 0 up u creeK,  t ol    11
1 'onoifldtw und'i- -. h cli toil      1        >L    . ,
,, .   ■ »'        • ' t0'' m lo south of,    11 irou.., lomminclni
«*; fUt ti the flTf.ce. The "a th.s S. fi. cr. j.^t; Un-ncc iuii-
ft.1 a,o ol cua, iho conBtriv;tton ul nin-,* nortii 8u clmins; thur.co o,*Bt, sn
*-■«' "m*,   iticiproHil   ileumrrni'n     „.-,.   cll*i" Bi     thenco    Mj.'tli      M,    ch tins
A,  IV. •U*3..V*I A,.-.-.!
Anna -IV.din,  I,i.rut *r,
v.'itn»*P<i-TlKni. $Vt r
441,>l iitiin-i nl I.nt liill, th.nn'i. mi!h 1.1.
i' 1 .  '   1 t-    ■
ll 1-! i-,. .■ nth 1,11'lilv '«>>   rliini '. Ijni ...   ..
«. itftt- .V l-'i. '. Ii„il.- lv I",I..* 'ii 1 mi., 11 u.   -i-.li
1.1',,I  r,II.-Mill
li.llll, ui ,1    >.
il. f'uinmoiicin •,'nt iv pewt I'lnntcl < .ri.>.tt »Hi, i""7.'
Miisti in iuyond «mr
P*r,-iiw, Th t
thenco nest .'0 dmliu, to volnt   01   ti„, _,,,;_(,  m,A.
"1'ilTlliP  M1«l    Mul   H 'Ilii   vn    1ft   ,m       'U-4. ilun-lii
:-'in*, the N'. K. c r , Ji'ii', i.'i.
»li Iminlii.l :ii,,i li.i'iy
\«'*». ll  nri"
'1,1.1 'i.i'l: ,.-11,,- in.! I: ut:.
thoy are n mnnci to tho B.ttlcin.i
. , l'nt.   Lticnt d • thin   iiMli   di-y   of July,  W(llt
.nri   .ti-oi.ti.il   romf-rt  of  th,,,1B,m|8   1507.  .
» f o,_Ij m'r.id., is painfuily uvMe .t ■   •    ■ A- , W!. Tliidcn,   Auent.
Tint 'muuL.    rerneiiiahlo  loifihiatlon •'nV,(' ll   M<,0'*»niB'" kornt'-r.
1 l.K.,   c u.'i-teil. -nd that noon, re*  Witniiiii-Tli08, 6\, t-r.
'1 1 'R    unf nun.tly   nn -ioclc' to ,■
cnvinc*. NOTICK :■ Lorui.y iuvt-u 1u.1t   .lu
m,„     '    '■ ' 1 'lays att'.r date, I inti nd tn npply to
«J.   ,   T", '"n   h"   lnRt*^  tha   Hon.     r:b,ef   Comm.aft!-«ar.ol  mi m       ,, t   .
wry l.ruu«ht th.o >..„« forwnrt, nnd ;und« for n llc-iua to prospect  for Vitn8 ,:T,,t"- M,t(r:
"  la K,r ilictcra to ace that thry jeonl nnd petroleum on the followin?;   12. (•umtnei.cln; <it tx poBt plmitml
tif Miry   O.  filthn'« rlnim   t'c'iri-
RO c''iir »;     .tht'-co    h -nth  fi't-i
(.'I'.iino.  tliflicc riirit  80 rh'ii'i;  tlui'ic
north fie rh iln-i  t
mm em' .it.
Located   l_-is   2'-'th   J iy   ol
I'i'OT. ' ',   ■
I   F  A!(\l'*ril'"i.V(|.
\».|.(tint Ci'li.nlii-li'I.i'l-ii! l..'ii   ..V'lViitl,
ni trrlej out.
,  ,„„    . tho N. W. cor. cf tho  .hhi; thsnr-c
I OlIIV    (i|      ITiIll; 1 . , .,     ,
' e-st     ii C'ulnB.    tlunc-*    suth Wt
, ,     '.-h ;»o   tbrnc- wvft ?o chn'nT, ft'iM"*"*
'" y'  north au iha!nn to lu.int  of 'i  om-
A '«. Hildc.,. A-ent.        "'•■»«"uWat. '
lf:ry BaM-n.'V.totor.        located tbla I9th   d«y   of   July.
AW   neldon, A?ent.
C'Uft'cth  Jcnta, L:entvr.
loada,   altuatc In   the   diatrlet   of  r-djoioln.,- No. II on tbe eaat, te'cj? ttUnvta-TliotJ. 81at*r.
by IouhI iippllciitloiiH, n«. thoy,, onn-'
not  nmch  tho dlKoiiHiid portion   of
tho our, Thoro Ib only ono wny to
cum dniifiU'HK, iiinJ that Ih hy cori- ■
Htltiitlotml    romodloB,    UnnlnoKi  Ib
ISIIllMUli   tl)   Ull  iljfiillili:J  i.Od4J>«iuU    ut
lln* iiMinio.-- llnln« of the instnc.hlnn
tubu. When thin tuho Ib Inflamml'
you hnvo 11 ruinlillnn Hound or lm-[
porfect hiinrlrm, and wnon It in o««
tlri'ly olosnl, di'iifnuiiB U tho roault,
nml uiilr'Ni* tlm in Hum nm tion can bo
l.ilinn out nnrj UiIa uihi'' rt'Htornd to
IU noniwil U'inilUion, lwartnis will bo
dr-Biroyi'iJ forovor; nlnn ch«cn out of
.inn nro oauWd hy catanh, which la
nothing but nn liifhunofi ci ndltlon
of tin- nnii'iio* stirfaooH,
IVi! will irlTfl Onn Ilundrrd DolK-ira
for nlty ojia.> uf doufnons (oausod "by
ciUnrrh*! that cannot bo cured by
IlnUTi Catarrh Curo. Send for elr-
ouinra, frno.
*f. J, CHENKY tt, CO., Toledo,    O.
1 Tnko Hnll'B Family I'llti for con-
.   Sol! ry irugils'.i, "ht.
50 Good Woods- -
men wanted by
Tho Klk Lumber
Co. Apply at tho
O'Heo or at IIos-
]    inert
The Cik Lumber Co., Hi  .
i•■•*-' *      * FerniVB;C.
i Cigars, Tobacco* ■
j Cigarettes & Pipes
There is only ono plnciv in town
' ivliftrcvfiii onn u<A ffMil ri*ll'iVi)(»
u        ^r»oil<i In our line thnt ia at,
W. A. INGHAM, pbop;
Pm«K 91.    - ' -    r'KRNln B. C. ^-3:
Wild Stories Ab^iit Notorious
Robber are Mostly n
Viji 1 J if-. . '.WO    .
.IS l4iO* Vj«l.i4^---, .
.While up to t";e preBent no fofin'te
tack  has teea found, of Bill Miner •; ,
l.or fuse,v.ho.escaped frcm lhe pen-
»tei5 ;' ry   with   I'ini t'*e, officers   in
•.•'urs'ii'"   hav    o'not lo^u idle. . An
official    lett.r    s.ut out by Eojuty -_
Warden BourJe,  ot  t**.e  penit:ntiary^
• bows that all the availalls Domio- .
in officers' th..t is th-:s.* in ci-nnec- i
■  ,   1 ■
t'on    w'th    the   . i.enitentlrry,  were j
' started 'n pursuit. "Deputy. Warden !
Pour';e points out in his letter that t
he is pc3iiiveI'tliat money was used !
(• om the',. ouLside to secure the es-
■ cape 1 nd that help was near at hand
tend   surely   fixed   at   a   point that
made it unnecessary for the cmvicts
to male aay rush at all.   His Utter
iad-c*>t:8    that, hz is assured   that
Iresh    clothes    and money were   at :
call.   He is ako convinced that, tne -
main   work on the hole under   tlie .
fciice |w»i.*>   di ne ' fri'nn  thi' out.>ide on j
the night previous to the escape.
It is report-d thit Miner r.cenily ;
came -Into considerable money left'-
uy a relative, acd-^that two "cousins ■
reside in Vancouver and Ltd .in the ,!
rlumbins; business. .      J
In happy keeping with the story.
lold by the World on the day of the !
; escape of Mr. William Miner, and I
some associates from the service of ,
the government at New Westminster, j
comes a despatch from Oilgary. Ths j
""Wcrld , at .the time; trade, mention [
thatl the   man   who* had arr.s'.ed
6tan6 Concept
■ '•"*-■    '■ ' ■ ■* '
©pet*a Thome
gvidap, Bug. 23
pjL'oceeds in Mid of Children's Tfiome
'y   Vtmconvev,"3B. Q.
'■■   <i
E, iroe
....'.-'.., Masti'r Martin Robicluuul
'JHiiiio Duet" Dollv Burnett and ■
.,'"'.      [Kheta Todd
Se'oicli Song  "Rowan Tiee"  Lizzie Lundie
Piano Solo "Melody ulM.ovu".' -..7..Rhcta Todd   ,
Sonpr,,' Star-ot Bet'ilc'iem". ..." Gliidys.Hufflies
Whoop-Drill Nellie McDontrall, Alice Duthie. Alit:e ,
.Kerr.  .Marjorie  .Broley,    Phillis  Hughes,
MafffjieShcrwood, Lillian Cameron, Florence
,,     MoDoeall, Eva Severn, Evelyn Biggs, Anna
Bella Mills aiid Eva Ingram.
Song "My Sunday Doll"  Evelvn Biggs
Piano,Solo, "Soundsof Springtime". D. Barnett
Piano Solo "Tripplings in Fairyland"   Alice Duthie
Song,' "A Little Child Shall Lead Them"    .•
[Eva Severn
Sailors'-Song and Dance. *Rheta Todd Amy Biggs,...
[Nellie McDoucall, Alice Duthie, D. Barnett.
•Kiner had    called on  him and had
.yjtan order fo'' his rifle, which was
,-Ciii'hi'd Vvi h ;i iY'*..i!.   'T at  in'1   '•«-
Berfet. .Wilson, of the Royal North-1
west mounted .police.   He Baid' at
the time that despite the fact   that
. Mimr revnerned in connection with
the-giving of the order fcr hs rifle
;,tb~t he would have no more, outside
engaicmcnts, thr.t it would te 'w'eil
to watch him, as he was very likely
escppe."' Ihe iulkwirg til.gram in
at the /time framing up a plan of
this connection is. signiflcent:,,
\ * ""
<!t -Caisafy, Aug. 12.—Sergt. Wilson
' wno captured Bill Miner aftoi' his
li.Bt rob.ery, stat.d t.d..y th_t he
did" not think Miner, would le retaken, owin-,- to his having so many
friends fill -tbroUfih that e.cti:n of
tlie c-uritry." '
There is a. very straight denial
g'veu t*j thc story that McCUiskcy,
0110 of the men who escaped irom
the &o'.-ernin:nt hriukyard in com-
. pany with Mr. Mintr, et ni., was I
pe:n on the WiBtmlintor rojid and j
that l:e wo'.-.c up the l;ai tender cf a
roail   I,on-.!   iii.il „ _,m:   .1   mi*i'
FLORINDA... Little Princess—Eva Severn
.YOKINGAL'--•:. • • • •-ThePrince—Evelyn Biggs
FORTUNIA.:■'.... ..7.7• A*Fairy Queen—Dolly Barnett
VALA.: ;....-...... ...Queen Witchesa—Rheta Todd
FAIRIES.   Gladvs Hughes, Amy Biggs.  Alice Duthie,
■'■'.- Marjorie Broley, Alice Kerr, Eva Ingram,*
 '     ' •'_"  M.inr"Yio RhgrwniiH   -Annn Bflllft Mills."      '    -""
■Will double tho _iii*a-'
sure of your suininur
outiu-j;. Wchave'liein
in all sizc>; from tlio
'Broivuic tn tlie InjiM
No. -1 FoMii'isi- Poaki't.
Kuilnk. They s-.(1 nl-
ways at 1'iit'iki*.' price,
Wc have a full lino nf
|)hrito-^rii|ihic su!i|ilie*',"
.Films. Papers, Devel'
opers,' >loiu»tsi Dny-
'liirlit "Machines, Plates
■ Tripods' Otis, 'otu
Cell and sue them   .. .
Lumber Co.
Limited "4
rianufacturcrs of
^ Finishing
Lumber &
N. E. Suddaby
Ferrile , Drug,   Store
<J i
i   ffevnie, 3B. C..
C. \V, DAVEY & CO.
L.  P.   Eckstein
Barbistkb-at-Law, Solicitor,
Itdoma 1 & 3, Henderson block. Fernie, B. C.
F. C. LAWE      .    ALEX. I. FISHER, B. A.
Latoe & Fisher
Trading   Co.    Block,
Fernie, B, C.
• WITCHES.   Annie Putira. Florence Davis, Nellie °Mc-
*'   Dsugall,    Florence     McDougall,     Phillis
Hughes, Lillian Cameron. 7 '
Concert at 8;30 Sharp
Reserved Seats 75c        Unreserved   SOc
ilaiian at liossiand Instantly
Killed at White Bear
,     Mine.
R b.-1 nd, B. 0. Auij. 13.— John
TovcUj w..b in^ntiy Li.lod in tho
" "i'whi.o Bo.'.r Bhult at *1 o'clock yes-
v.o.it ,way without pliyjw fcr. it,""f ^ dxmoo,. Ho w b r.dn. in
he P-.1.1 fa'the dr ai ,nd fiot aw.y '^ • '" and aeel ently le 1 out wb
the story would .bap. nom. «.■'»« the Ihveo hund„dfop. le.ol,
blancc of met, but it id onsier for a 7nd went buriins down to shaft to
man to got out cf tho penitentiary jtbo tboui nd; oct eal, ».rl toj
tbun to Let ,vmy wULout ■.jt.lin. »;aln.l the i.d. on the way. Hi
Ir.m a road bum .here ,.o«r. ar.>»- -B«lm.B. severed Irom h
trrneil |l:ody nnd be *aa badly mtBiled. He
'. w,-b a n tl e o! Italy, a;e tv.enty-
A    report    from   Ashcroft stntts ; f, np     trB ,ind hng Hvcd ,n tbc Cnmp
tbat Miner and McClual y wero scon '      Ulopbt tl^ht ye.w,
renr t'^re, le.t'ng their wny eutt
on    •  fr.I.ht,   an   trimps rnd tho
rol'fe icout the truth of the B'.ory.
|New & Second Handl
W.'-' Aobb.K.C. J. S. T. Alexandbb
Ross & Alexander
—T^ ^ P ciKM ILH.—isrvr- — •	
Office in L. T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue,
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W    Block,   opposite  the  Bank
-    Office hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m,      n
All our   stock    is   last   year's
cut and well seasoned
■ -friiiwi.
A Good Way
to please careful housekeepers is "to
give honest weight. Oh, we don't say.
that all batchers don't do this, bat
we, cannot help occoasionally overhearing oar lady friends when they,
.get to,teliinj*: their experiences.. ;
.V Stoves, Musical Goods, Etc. X
'I      '  '     " —'-. ,    ' '   *
AU kind of goods handled on
■"•""ex*, Door to Tmperlul Hotel
W.-J. Wriglesworth, D, D, S.
Office HounSi- .     £ lOto 12 a, in. 1 co d p, m
"6.30 toH p.m.
OfKcb in Alex, V. ck's biook
"over Slinri's Bukery,
FERNIE,   '    -
fi. G
II. Hell. A.Wimjman
Vmi»-r  ItriiK* l»n'ii«.K-.'   Toi- Two
.l»4,,ll ll...     .
Tlie bent do)Inr ,i day housn
in Uie city
Well stocked liar.
Li(|iioi'8 and Cigars of the
'    lil(,'l'0Bt qmility,
Contractors and Builders
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
, McEvoy St.
•P. 0. Box 355    ' ... "     Fernie, IJ. C.
Builder and Contractor
too pleaBe isfto Bapply only the best
meat If 5'ed'trade with ub you will
learn just what we mean by, theBe
two "ways" QUALITY and QUANTITY will be a little more than* you
Calgary Cattle Co.
Under new management
Well furnished rooms.   The table is
. supplied with the best the market
affords.   The bar is supplied
, with the beBt wines, li-
' qoors and cigars.    .
Estlmiues cheerfully fflven and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of oar customers,
II. W. ilKIU'llMKIl
, Bahiusteiih, Sowcitohh, Eto,
Offices over V, Hums' & Go's Illock
Victoria Avo.
B, 0.
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct
'Importers of
Sold A (rent k in Kust Knofennv for
Wholesale ,Dealers   sod   Direct
,   Importtri ot
FERNIE, B.C.    ..."
.. '        .        ..
a ■
,Eoeri) attention.
Rooms reserved bij wire
A pleasant  home  for  the
C. L. WHELAN • . Manhfler
Crow's    Nost   Speolal
Minor's Favorite,Cigars
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Evcrylliiiifr new ami
Every iicroinmodtilion
fur thi' public.
Itur suicted will) the
finest in llie land
Pl'i'sldi'jlf I.yiK'li ShIxiiMs Urpinf
T   -VI1",   T'lli'.'-V.'NS   Ilf I'll' I'l'll-'
ll'H'nl   I 'ii hi   L hn-"   th '
1,-l-it    v)(;i*'.' 'lit liiii
lint Spi'nj>i, Ail;,. Ally'. l.\—Tin
llfty«iiiliil I'liii'vuii'l ii nf ',lin l.iii'i-i'i"
timi.il "r,v|ttix»f»fiti-j•»I i'liinn ''-a- i.il'i--'
In iii-'l"l' *'I. ii'ui iliu.' In iliu »■ iii'lfiim
il'tilii.*1   io ilii 'nf   ill*'   Knitiii.'iii    linli'l,
\V, 'I'll    ||l|i    in (!..; '4' i l»l
In!"  :'   i*i"ivi nl i|'i|'" I ill
Wf'.'...(ii* t\ **i i'/ j.'i }t<   ,y  \'...'  ini\,,|-  i,;
tin' 1'itv, li.i'i l.ii'i'j;** 'il li'i' I'n-i" 'i ii
Hii.I nllli't'-i.  liliil   vvr   I,-, ii.i.ii,- i  ',1   '-4
J',,..,,:,-;,: ,).-i-. "•'*, 1 vi i!,.     .   .- >-."	
nf   nlili*("s   M"   fit't'ii'U   |.i».-im-'i-.|   '■    iti*
c .i,v,'i-;!(ii -    \'-<.i|i !.,'•* ''-I '" •
Vi-|!in» hi «' ll' liMi'f) 'ii   i'i'
- 'I Iii> iiioil nl I'-' >« -i i I > '
^i»i>-;'("''i»*i vc -|ii.'l*ii«i*' I', »" 'I
■■ I in' pi --ji i •— ii* .'.•' . .i  I   •   i..
tat,   1U .li   Al.g.l|,.—A   tWu-Ul.nii'b   i
LyDuymo u ip.nt i.u u iriBunur la a
r,.uw will u oi.u rt'. u Ior„id<l«u ro .
B..vv, lrctu«- Uy o.4t;u 11 tiio I1..0.111
4,-t lier h'.B uml \U ch -ultiil.iutod in
tlu .rrt'i. of the l.tt.r thr..ut,b in-
form.itlotj o.tiiinol .y. « Htn.ngoi'i
who- found, »no of tlm r.o.oi which
lho W'..uv<n dMipeil out' ot uor win-
di w <»ti iho Htro.t, Ih tliu itory d
the b ort r*',nco d a bt*U'*.n*yo'.ir
11 \ i-i.*-4ii-U'ii 0\{\ Mln-io.p'l.B rirl, who is'jo
.\i'.In--.mi 4-f m ,|,t s it 0 i< k id t* bu.o ', oon
m rr.i'd hi St I'ail t'i .'olai .Ihv-
mi'y, ono ;c r Im- 84I1I r.
",','[] filth  ;trc t,  ne r Titan y- ixth  i\ e
n','l nu« *H*i!t'i.   T*cr***(ly \irt*ii!ly mnrt.'
; T'tl ncr  ' >'  rr-fUBlllK
Gold    McdnlliHt
l.i'.n ni" Sniiili   Kirii-iii({iiin
Kiii;. i> prvpai-vil i" tisUn
•>!;.Kt«* Am- ii liniilod niinil*-
II       er of Portrait I'niiniiHis. ,
,.          •    ■        * ,       f      .  , i"
, N., _... ,.*....,.-       ■    • ■[.)   • •
.;. .,,• ■,,, \.,, v... it  '.1   Hi.*  ('  ('   l„ \.
Ihill I'mil tivcli.
CREE    &
Real  1
Fin'. T.i'ci-i A'cc-i.
d"iit lrisui-iuiod
,      , 1   11 .   I da i) 1, Dv .4
The A. Macdonald Co
(Ih'.id (Iflia', Winnipv',')
ViiiK'nuvcr, NvKuii, I'Vi'iili.',
Kings   Hote
KdnuniltMi, Altli. iS; l\i'iiu',,i, Out.
rcrnic,  B. C.
; IV, H, (-AMI lll.l.l. il, WII.M'XiilHY
1      ^f^vTP^^Tnr■,■" A* "it'll tiPPS-
'outsdci'8 iy tln-owin;,' n t s irom
- 1 ni (loir 1 u'Vi r\i Rtin ' Ri* el th ,t
rcr Ims an > 10 urro-*tcil. In tliin
sr,c w.'S s'i cc*ifU'.-
Whoa D nndy w„b tilim n.tn th*
rourr. he • ntorod n pi* >    >'f
.H14I    |-,-nm,il4's   (i.i   ,Miplii.'illliill .
>',,iniN-4- ~'i IIi',\I,mi.I  A'.V,
W'll.'.llS   (il.'.VV,   Awiiniwi "
rt'rr.ic   ti. *-■.
Wliolosalf   (invvrics,, Flour,
Cnmp Supplies
i*d .*;•
liar mijijilli-d 1
Lit 1111 ir
Dining H<
. ~
Fort Steele
■Bretocru Col-J^V^ 'A
4 4 ^
hh vi'u ti ;r:n ncr 'y' rcfunlnK,   to
B, - l:c-v !n' I-i Ifii-vo the pnmisefi, nn-.l poli'-o
.h't trc.tront of M« vi.utliful lirlln k'u It/,    ut 1 t r   h n ed I'- to not
'iVI Vr)    M-rc '«    fi   (V-i*  li**r Ilf" c.wlt;" n'id  d-rldfrt   to fi'ftnil    tri.il
.,•' coiirlcd w'th t'e *«Pii<r.'nt nuntiH .A The ,.ill wif.* h.i.tore 'ne: to hc-r
cliin'Mi.t  Mine  ii'i' ful it -'iiili. *.carrv-.iiit t''t   lire t   i'-lo «xcut'on, v***"-11*1* *»'■*'  (-*" .Iiitcwtl* n '•  I*«"-
I'-iiVftitlfni, nml iil*-n miiMh '.'--ii w,ri'h-iFl ce h« v»» in *hn hiblt ff Irnnd- in;   hr   lniB'-nnd   £• r po A.   It   l» •
•■li- mul iniH'lici ti<miili -o id t hflTfl! uh'nr *n i'(tl' lonvJn' * nlf» 't h*r yro* n'le thnt th* police w.ll im-ft-1 *'«H*''"-' iiiit*»iu.-»<-i.i
.•Tyirf'iiiiii'l.li'. I ■ I'tii'ii• I* r' "li'*  1 ii
r. o. e.
.,liciMiiti' ii purl of ilu* tvovli ii'ii'.'
* 'of tin1 niuiinlzntimi
if   yion    thue   <cc nbrn.     Fin-ltv
[yo-'Mif-l 'il'1* flOit"'ht lhe b l*»
the  Ueatc tntc. tin cIrciinmtiiBri»s 0? thn
.»f 'marrine-i:
It. It. Mo-,r<,.
...i,tl, in I 0  11 K
'I'. Kmv.
VV-rilit Viii'Mtrirv
aiul  evorylhin^ in our
line-can be fomul tKT^
freshest at our store.y^i _—^
»   6
Read The Ledger .„_      -,„,...     ,      .
"forthe most reli-ltr ^hi?vp*p»yCiiPt''Le r^nsibie
"r~; ""*";Hyl t for op.nioniT'e'wn^'sse'l ly its cofrfa-
-1. * "l'" t "
; * able news.
.**.-.•*. a
^'; Pond
eius. vv y.i
.-   i-       V
*■?■■ ^***CC«A'EXTIO?i? CAKLf -A-■
, " ,4— •*''     '
Office of ths Secretary-Treasurer: P.
0. Dra,-ei 515.  . 7,     ■ ■*■ _
;'       . OUa>va, Ont./.Julyfi-i, 19^."
Fclluw Labor L'nioni_ts" and' Br^th-
"ersi— '.-.,    !    j ■*,-■
■  GreJin^-v- |u7 .,-....   \ 5? - j fe ■" ,
• The«twcn'ty-t'iird annual' -"Jessicm Jof.
• To, Thc Editlr.: •'•     " '■ -'   >%. ' <■.
, . ■/■& *,'-:
:=.   De;.r Sir,—Jiigt a few words !n rtf-
■■':   ■    - ■ . ■       t    - ,-■■'#   the Trades and'Labor Congress'-  of
ply to Ar.cier.t L^wly on his article I   ■»'•'"■--■-•»■**-;•>   ..•«.....^».«—-.,.„.      v
r ;. ,    , 7 .,," - .-,„ i,i,   "Canada ^will convene in the Legisla-
ti e   Coimcil   C'Ham'.er, •. Breadivay,
- D
; :'n your   last we'eU's1 paper, - '.'Social-
.   ism Inevitable."    ■ t ; '
!   He commences "IW.article hy   say.
City of Winriireg, Ejro-.ince of'Man
itoba,  •.'•"..inning ct 10 .o'clock, Mdn-
;ing,th..t- there is   much ado   about  day ^rnin^Se t. loth, 1C07; -a.nd
,"Scci,"Hsm- Li; the -resent day,   ;and^ wiU ccntinue ^V^ vfom day to
tint though ,it may, and is, defeat-
i - - • )•••*■*..
1 ed in wordy     combat,"-yet'Phoenix
!* ' li-:e rises from its r.shes.   Yes, there
day until' the business of the converi-
tion has ,b<:en completed. .■       ,-' ,
Lb! year, nctwithstandingAthe
feet that the" (jonve'.tion was he ill ':n
the extreme west of Canada, namniy,
-.-t yictcrla,' the convention, both .*
point of num'.ers. and enthusiasm,
excelled any'.hing in'the history^  of
■■ S'- *
, ; are sonie' people ,who' will never ,own
0 "• defeat—of such.i.re the Social'stsliV.
.' Although*, mest of th.S3 people^ lira
!, ' totally ignorant   - of business, priri-
'       'I /   4 V" -    * ■*•
|   ' , ciples, yet t'-ey^'-will undertake ati a
' • ,i j ■ -.   V 'if '' ! . • . i •
•7 moment's  notice  to  run  the mines, !> organized la!, or in Canada.      ! •*"* :
i    I ; mills','  railways,   steamships,'govern
1 '<   : ... - -   ,,,.; ..-'.   ., , • ■ ^  i **
I,  j   . the coun'ry wiscly'aiid wellj in afar
p   .-v-different/iind
:    r--jcase at-rprescnt-
j". „ -, ..^ell, let us examine fcr a (momeflt ijaD ■"Fast' -rictifdfe' should'!!e' lroken
s -      \vhat'lVi'nd'"o^p.e9pV|;^hcs2||ocialio?s'>, ThVfaWrolTcWnr'conveiat^ '_ is**1 cx-
"With  t'.:e conve.ition in W;rinj_peg,
{hT"i:HiT capital" oTtfie'Briti     \Yim-
Fi'jendr .-is "-'the^ '
A place'ofGaiety;^aiid^secur-
ity,  for   tlie, accumulations
■•;; of all > who work. and ..save.
. Deposits' of''any^'a-raourit1'accepted aud
.._ interest paid. 4 tirues a year_ at highest
-current rate;   -   --*-   -   •   r   -*
J.R.LAWRY       - ■- AGENT
/ i.-
l'letterj-wcy.jh5.n-is tlie plre.i and fyirly-accessible,, .tottf'as
"- *■     *   "•     *   ^*   . "*     '     ^-     ! '.{, - \       4    4£.,li \ij\'i. '■ 'J. ". (A .' 'i. - '    #  -,*.      f   p    '     '     l«-   I
icntv.-™**'--.---."—*.--—•--'■>. Sto co^t.:cf transportation and| time,
._ : r         .Stl ah*'rArV-.i^i&rni    • finn'Til 'i5«7 mlt<,n
/ yJ\   j   ■/7.7l>U
—-»*. s*\ . ■>       .
g H
V-:n>    CiJI'...
'•-'"'  "'   >-.'&are i^/f1^ Lfully,   tlie efforts   of our opponrnti
u- wii.Y-fiiVl/ iHAJL'jiiinu.injil .i.t1.
Wf       I i     *
"    ."fOJI'mifl Dili |ii,*»<: UIU lUIWJKJi'llli:!!!;,
', i.'>'.'iin(f!)VH -,i:a u:\'l'." jimdUri,
'-•'■ .utmi'j. .|i:.'Hi till,) 1.1(7,
.rfiVji:*.',iii;ne"(«iHi')'-* -.
'tus'.riiS-^-where will you obtain them
»s   never
, undcTjgqpiM^iii:'-*$ - '=^ - ' .:-;-_.tjhe;e,vqr7*-auyjli^e .$1$tjititfil^^m
;.(f;1is'brt'!#t''i'"^'fe*pTec'S;'y"it''P'ofc'ri a-9sUre
■ 't''}'&._«li'.IJ«h!:tfl'4*i,.*'ta unfi'EaiB.'*of'3,:pii!'dic-
.j tiuil*3V'''t;*"w6'iha-n»ttr^'ibheai In-iit^c
'   ' - ' __lZ}!L_  . ___. __- ■' "     "' -T 7 "' 4-aCT-iMaPisrs,, .hayc jiot. y.jt ■• (*ofine    tp-^s >"">»1 i^g^^sB'jcn.ifltBll't'y.t'the ;vtir
'^O^^!^^ thei:(rtr"86' ° tfie',:est
•1 r^f PT H H 'Cl y? : >^^'l?^fir'• ^^Frint'.^cyi^U0^^?*^.,: tat
-.4.-X».4.i X  llltill*>>^ '.....^ir.senj,.,,   i Ijftrj.^f...*flyj:^Vi.m^cjiijn(^
■jVt'iOB"'- of 'all- these greatl,;ii*>i'!;s'.i6nV. "
The1-»liwB_j*p!i£se,d, dusipfi the last
ssl n of Ih; Dominion parliament,
to it, there'ore. tbit,*ii,ureilelegatcs
are" cn K'andr  •***»*»*«• •*»!
i    j
fc."[-«Jrt kt^H
:.y;-f i-t.
L-Mft WHJ. KiJh i^^l^'f I'l^1 |   One of7tCtf1W-«b;ort.nt w
oth r  ,'mmunitions.  and  that    they!,,„„    .    ' ,  ,       7
i       ,,       ,  .,   A    ,       ,_, 'i'-i'K::;■_' .   .tions t.i-come*»lefor« th"; con" ention
»  -!wtuld.:e a.le to crop these at their-j v;il^ bc   ^fiiiPolicy   ;   tho, Gongre3g
'-^f■£K^.W^a^JI.t^f•Iff^f/JJ|■r' Vownrds- iimmsrat'on'.    The   advent
' i *" Tliis"p.'cture,'' alcliou'-..h' from*' mem-
•^•w.-'fc«p«iRm^ji^*^ytfji*u4i4j#idmu^ J
tWP«iRIW^«V*^yW*WiWI'W«Ut»i*l*!i.V'rt*.Hj^ii*^-^j*w»(^ I    J
ory'is'nb.t o'cniriwn.v.I can assure-
of tlio1!sahdy ot'nrimlg'rnnts, arid the
■promise" 'of- tha'.isar.cls—m'crcTohave
■T, |
r!.:':-'j,-j y.ry.-:
jlle.pi y,.;!|,c-lVl!HJ*.1)i''< """?i"*!','*!-',far the•'confronting: ior; ani-ednliibor.'caffect-.
\r.ry copi,t';'|is,isutl,!i ^Socialists com- j -'c.-i, ns ,t di*rs7tuf'v azes, our hours
pi,* in  "ci'i     mill ire put, _ 1.y every ' d lii' or, in' faet'evdry' Condition thtit
:mer.ns     in_ their''r^Wr'tnt' d;struc- ' snrr:i:n:l5 us^irt1 tho.'s.-io'of our lab'-
■tion of the'irTfc'n'lfnfe ?*riclT}Ulher mi-.'.'r'   At- every province has ri.ta/iiov.'h
'teriul  we.I h Wtii telprl'il'b'.ea will  V™ lcnis.n tli s regard, every proy-
; e cast in tlio Bcnipi-hJb-n.f'>'       ■' J ,.ii*fl:?-',':,!J0Uld ': °' WtU -*«P«Bentcd    at
—.14.    . t^-«>
n'.'i    V* i'    !, ;i: i*
r . *i:
mnnn o,  munlclfflil*. rnAtfb.^ or rov- |;,4hp I>)()Vp, cn 3 !ind ,u,tQ|.mrps w th-0
,(rn ths or riny;bthWcdf.iUry wirely       res n utl cs (f .j.'e   j,.^,        'j
|It would U,.qn:objcct les^n to the   c_ npr.;tl-e    p.-.rUes, ln"ic:to  ver>"
ipeoiil.. if Pernie     to see them   try  clom;ljr[ tli .t\ (vb will ha-o a<ficnerul
,th.ii; .hands    .at  a, small,  .Lusincfis j<lectin'.fyf ^io.D{niir.l()n-parliament
rm-.n it.thtm-Blvcn.      "    -■'.,-'•    j in lhroV/'ihs'm-anB tliiit the Win-
Loik where wc-will Jn all cro:.tion,l\*;oS|,c(-.n'-ci*t..on,.of, tl;,o ,nnpu4 oar-
We,!oi-i'<ii.in Y'ilii..trr m-.d;j.,j-t|pnl      | linmont,,of, \o'w. will 'lej.tho   only
There   s n. o rlainr.goldrn moi-.n,      j ch- ncoi:,thnt"thcrreprtBontatives    of
\Vhi',h .ti-tr.o'ti. .8o,,e:ci.n..Lord, . I la'oV, thr.u.h tholr Dominion Ino-lti-!
wqen.. ,j,|lii'l.,o Ja'<or. body, will -.Lave at • re-
Dosi'nod the'-fi. tli'i-fiil f.revir, •   iVewIn-,* t:e vor:t done ly tl.e. pro-
Doth^(:ri'e;-.r*iirBiie":tT;*',Ki>v''Jr. * j-'iicial cxco-tiviB wittyrfBpeot'to In-
"^i-thinss !.which, ly .i'boir n turo i Jo.iendtiit pcl'tlcnl actlc'n,, nml tak-
■i-ii ; iiv, ,
;■ .(.   i ,i
, I    J    J   .. 1    i
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I '     .   I   •
-i-\\' i,'!\h •!   «')*,!••,. ■>   •'
*•■■-{■"   *■ V ■•.■.:•■. i
.    "Sly  0XCCB3.
.•I*,.! P'
11'. -.I'I I
I \
t l
Ing a ch ito'.B as th- y -deom ncceo-.
B.iry ti compl.ti tin WirV.    Thare.
j fore, X is d- pr rnmount limportimco
|'.h-t it lfi'.Bl ovtry 'J'rndcB und I al*'*
•t Council, fiom H*ilifitx,in, th$ cast
'"*■ rla In tho wiBt,   ihouid' he
* the very Vest men.
' i *''       . .  j ioy that there
c without   j on i.
1. leant l pre tent.
it time, nnd   or*
t keep lip' with the
im lesj for y» a to
4 Djuiit. laws, cr  the
employers, aniens you
ln pftfilnir upon   the
.ne to better yourself.
•m   the genoral   'abor
•ot    only wei»l'«»i your
itiim,  w»l uity*   li    it-
novrm nt 1'Pflf.
.'ours faithfully,
IB VBttVlUiR, M. P.,
President, Montre.l.
Vt;ii--f*-i;it4i*.{u.l< TivC'jl.'.i,
*  .A'- _..    I"..!i
I     .: '■■ -i,:
;i| i^Bi.' ,i'ri
."U •:; ; ■■•
n.i.ivr.-.-ivr, i
!.' I.'l.-f
, I.-
j:'i:; V j •;■-.) L.ji;-r.. )\.:tr.i !.;j, i,T i
\i ;i; ■*■
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,.!*;s}H".i| '[\n   •!-r"vj:,i:1:--i   fftj^v-:'-.-i r>~'- t"Y t>\.
'.7-lAv7lcl <:-(t. f/'
f'tuvu: l'v*P--.};-r.*'.i:j,*1'"ic"L
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■'.'..' -tHMI 3 V" 'I i L--0 • ~ J i "itJ j« i.-_      ....
:i;i.?: j."-^/.-^--.^^:'''•' st'ow'Ssfi.?.
 .;   "• ""'.      -'•-;;■ .r-\v-* A.a.'i'i
.I'.iiijlj. »!-'i*'/i   .!^;"i,*,'i '- rr is   ■?'&",t!"'ri a'.-,.»i,-7- '.•;7'.7i' A i,
'■ri'i'.'i-'ir.'I j";;"'! ."•;■. ?i }::j**:-i ' i-'iii-t-;';   f/t.-■_-7.yt*	
.1.15 fi
-V   I
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:«Vi,_;i'i5f"--', 7.7'sT ji;)'!'**/.•■■"*■]   i--,i,ii;>j ii-.;:i;'7 --",;*"-,..1';'i7'    -'..
;iiil*I      ..".iiiijiv":!!'!'!      i.-iii"1!.!.'-'!     t\i;-,:i  \ $  *'■
.ii'.-'i:'!!,),'!1 M/'iij '.•"ifi--";-"!'-''"'
-..Eor^ Three Months :J ;. ,.*:.,
otY>n.*•*• i>W-willi -receive, '.subscriptions
'  to   lhc  L-eniie Ledger at  the
C-'ii.    fc^V-Jt^S'J'i-y^    Qf"i'*.    *.-,.i:s.%,   i;.r+Vit**S,!
WM, j lu'Vii   1 1   <' *.   1.   '   *    ,   1 _ 1    _,
'•   ' T'".l* ■;   !■„-, :"-' '  • '1 ,' '"'' r"
I'T'I i,7"C-,' < |\V6.;\v«ano',tiJYd[oublcroqif,iJlist
I {•. i' 1if L-of I subscribers.    Seize..the   op*
por.tunity   and  ^cl   the   paper
■ .i'lfl.^.ii.i'li    lv|!lii.v;;.v   ;'hj   jf j}|
.jIIO». ■ 1 '
t!.'ii'' i* ' ! .  1   ;i:.-.'•! '•
with -all-the NeWs'^''^Ji)^
:; '   -   ' ■    .viiV;    '
1 ..._..
Send ");our... nanic.   into    .the
1     . a r -) h v   ...
' (   l-Vl    .*.- .   •
:...       (,     1
1 .-ij   i     !■■
/, ■»->
•*'■ r
i /" V ''
n. r. 'i*
> ■■
1 1.
-1  4.   i
We have just '.placed, ,in ,slo,ck some,
'-'(Sp'the ',latest'"fads. for., printed. ma,ttcrr
"and guarantee ' satisfaction,
I*  -»    1,  I. - . f»  i«_,  •    1 -
I-     J"*..-
■'    ;•,""     J' ■   r •* .
7,-  , -i, ■    -. ,:,-j
i. v   -."-/! ';;   ,:> ,;,J ;   ■ i   ■• ".*.,  .j,.   .
'i:.j ■■■', :i-i.    .v-   '.: 1;. ■. :,    j'.   'tf, •■'-,
-.:  r    '. ui:. -. 'i   c ;i-"' r   t:'- ; -;.  i'f.i;' •_
i.i r ; -r    i  . .'    ■ i..,-. k   \ t-.-ir:    In-jn
* ir. ;■ iir..-1    ;/.  '':, tr-i •-;.';i.'   ; ■ «i7i:.'.   '
"■.* J 1. ,-i    :     ; , ;..,-■• '.Ti'- i- .,fr ■'■*
:-V ^';''i;- !' .'^ !,>'"''' ■' : ■" 'n':
XI.   y \Jbi
•■''.   '-.'■    ''.     .;-.'. :.'    »-,-.' .       : 1  ;•'
.(•() ..Ud*. ,!i...l   l.   I.H.i'V -Si.   ,Tl!;,.-i.   v,!i''"-
r:;i;f 1  •"- i.'.u   c L-i l 3 oV'i '..■■ .:.
!   yifl iff   11'  vi i fi-jj:      : sv.     QUhwi
'^W'f^XlT *•■■■-».*'■
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nfsis.ii    -:,f.-j nn:: . -
1.1; 1     .',.T.-),_     J. ;.^,-;::    .4. !_'.:... I:.'
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.    'iiiciU'   rf.i,*.i,';K''^- Iff"   1:.    f!ij..:iK 1
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fft .'.*i   n:i.*:ii?a !-• ,t   ui fin-i
»,!'   i'      : :i ,v/"'o
~r-'i 1 1   i-—1: ai: w-r7ij—n;—r-T"".!—r^JT^rj-
fi   :ii;i:   rr: '   r*:; ,J'i.\.ii     !i',,.'i   'i--t :.'f,
Virtil'jj:'',';    .',.':;*.   !,.,Jf   '•-.•    ';.-.{;■>. .   |*.;; ..-rt V
____           _[
.1, k-.i'A'
■ .,' .A'l-H    '
;....«  ;
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.■■   .".;; v."..
.'j    C-"-.'.
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Yl, ...
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A, >l
1. . >-
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t : /.J   ,*
■-l   --' -'  '
f.    '.)..
V    u
t   I.
1 ■ ; ■• T*
■ , ■    4-.        *   ,      ; ,   ; 1 _.
11        *--| *,'.*/   •*•   . ■ 1
■I   ;   i.
,., 1
Shoemaker Shop
(Opt». P. Btiirnt & C1V1 oIHch^
Tlm owner nti worked 4 vesrs
lu Kome, Italy, end Is prepared
to do ell kinds of repslrlnn ""d
now work, ,, •       .   ,    ,
■in, 11- ^um-j,-,j-r-jt}{>^u—4r^-.grwi j
ig i,Liinii)Uii.ii..p.
Ben Giflliotti
miLiiiui.iini-i '*'J lu,|nw,w
' v '■
U.  M.' 'Wt-of' A., * "    ■ I
NOTIOK f*' IikmUt »W»t»'tli/4t Mm r««nl*r
tTlMtlOlf* of, iUllnvu* f,oo«l 4)1.11. U, W.of
A will Id futar* U h«M on tli* nml *m\
thirl S*if)rJ*r ev*i'ln«t In tli* monili, in.
»'<ii»il ui fli« utrnntl imt I*»* Mand«vu«li«<
fore, * '      *  •    1 ■ i'' 11
,  Frmorimlly, Yourn
yiM »»('. t/Ktil I'll,
■ ' 1 .     .
'"jiii 11 ii.u-.Liiuu..*ii-iij.'wi.i'i ■ni'i'wi'j'i'.'JijjjBa
1. .11
.1 '»'t »». «' I   ♦    .-*      .!' ;:   * % 1 *#|i;V
' »'*>
 _.. m,_       .  4 ^ wmmmmmimmi
.lutify P ernie.    Will you, help us to do it 7\ j y0*. wm nnd |
' In it nnw .-*■-■' 7       .    7    : W. it In The Ledger
IU  H  1IUW. . . ,r-;   . § See If yon don't
.^e on The Ledger and watch Fernie grow. I^s^^ji^^
'n wm
o   .
Fc,R,NIE LEtjQ^R, FEIRNI^^j€.^ ^Ql7]SdV wmi
.'   ^
The' toxicg contest lor the   light-
•weLht ch.mpionship of Ornada   te
1 tween Billy Lauder and Louie Long,
V, as pulled'off om - Monday '■ nightlast-i
at-Calvary.   The, referee-pronounced,
tbo match,a draw, and L-iiider still
retains'' "the ' title . of •; lightweight,
champion.   At the  end oi  the    contest the house was in nn uproar, the
referees  decision "not meeting" ■wit'.i"
nie-tiua:  with  the, iipproyal   of    thc
the approval' 'jot 1 theUm-''joirlty _*: '.of)
spectators. ,'•
ft    -i. ■,,'■'— ' Q.      ■■     '«     .'k.    '   1    ■
•tfElteoVS 'PIPE'-''DREAM.'
| .,     ,.   - -.         ,   ;■
San  Francisco, '' Aug.* lO.i—Little
Bat Nelson is panning cne of.   the
most*-'singul3r'>prrze*n3ht3'\h-'.t - ever-
, camejjjcff.
It ,*js to le lough;-, in secret-  and
' uponjils outcome depends his f.iture.
If he^w.-ns,, he .will, go, back ,to   the,
ring;«iif he los.s the sporting   world';'
will never.' hear "'rolii \liipi_ again*, -;_ '__'_!;_
Little Bat came out into the sun-
, shine,'tbdjty for- aWut-'the'-niBt-tiif'e .•'
wreck of the "'
«.li '■►..•*..
. s:ncej'the fight.
little. -pug>.who met'
-■;'    ,j ^-.*  *.  >.      I .... '    i j i .
' He looked    like    a
Br.ttjV/ednesday; -He['s thin, .hollow,-
eyed '"and sorrowful.   ;" _'  ' ,
'■'I Biippose ySu'siw the little.T*uar-11
Ml too thnt Wedn.uday nl_ht:"    he
•aid '"shamefacedly.   This is the first
time ".he has   talked for publication
•:nce;sthe ^fight.     .^ ^ '_''  ^ ,
"If^I.ihad'.-beeri'a "drunken" sport'"-.
he said, "I" could have understood
it! But I always take care of myself. '.All'I'-can^say'- is that-there
comes a day once in a while when a
I" selling-plater  runs     all   around    a
. .Btike'i winner.   This was   my.. Inight.*
' It'; was • the -rottm-st fight I - ever
fought in    my lifeo>.Say,_in ,those,
list;, five rounds I^was >jnit/*J ••l»»nB(
it j,through.      I'' didn't*  "haVef the-
strength of a sick kitten left,,
i Cheap Roiind-Trin Excipipns.'.'"'
I TO .-->     V .-    •  '  ■ vi ' .    '   "  - '    7	
,M:nin*;ipolis " "D ilurh'.    Chicago,   Omaha,   Kansas
-: <Un.v,-Si -J.iscjili, Si,. Lorn*, '-Atchison,   '■     •     ,
'.'■    Wii-.iiiiii'^iini'l I.Vrt, Artliu.'       .     1.     - 1
""On Sale.,;,.
" A-uuv."8.- '.).' 10.- ... ..Sjptiiiiib-ji- 11,.- 12, .13
Plu-s :"*I0*. fortlie  r.niii'l  trip    Correspondingly low   rates, to.
. *  -, "... .,'   .,«,"■'■ "J1 ■'•J11'*" ;'i»il(im.-P0lll!s*-
j'; '*' G^i ity' tWnlit" **1 i m il (1 oV J if y -f."' '--Vina I .* re mrii, limit' (00) da y s
from il-iu* i-fsali*.   S'.<>|> ovurs a lib wed at all*
pbitHS'Viiliin liniits'   '  *   ','    "     7   '
I'or'.'parlii*ii!:irs,_call o^Or adjJri'ss. ".,      ...    ,f     -.
 II.' I.,' ;.liLAGKSTO.\'K.   Ai!t.,.-h"'ernii?
*-"'V   "f
•I 'airi Agoing''vto';, pay -him;an "extra*
i ,i ;>'. .vv-.V   xr-v,..'   l.r.H ■.':■>     '. ~>     v ■. 4V i,
U°J or so if-*   he goes   tj it hard
the fight,, when he punched .me   in
the 'stomach.   I ate too much     for
dinner, and 1 hadn't bad a glove on
for so Ion*-
•Jl^don'i know, honest, whether
the be.t'ng Gans gave me at Gold-
field' hnrt me or not. I didn't »1 el
tliat .way.* But I guess it didn't do
ri4e any good. If it hurt me though,
.i"d like"~"to" know what it did to
Oans._ I hurt him so bad at Gold-
fled ,tht.t he quit like a dog ^ft'.'r
ll at forty* third round " •----~~-
Bat was asked whether it was 1 rue
mat he was almost knocked out at
:bu end'of-the tvertieth round.
"Well,"; he-Eaid -hesitatingly, ■ "I
wouldn't,li'.e to say that I vas.
You know you ican't tell, what ihe
neither wil" te tomorrow .-from the
fact that it iB raining today. „
I was sun pretty far under. I nt
btiothcr stomach punch, nnd it ia<le
, me sick. Still, I might have ,nlip)ed
ip ti him the, very next round t nt
would have sit'.Ud him, &n:l yet I
xntght' not hive tccn a":le to stick it
out for another round. I sort of 'eel*
tbc.t I could h;vo hulled it through
Ic two more, rounds anyhow.
r,l Wiiji never so netonUhed ln n-y
life. _Ky, before that Britt fl-sh-.;!,
woulilj have let the clotbeB". -.ft my
iat'i.i Afl'lt happened, I didn't hivo
n cvnJt iu. I was just troingtoiri'k*
a. l.-rliof 75(000 whin Homebody boat
me t$ lv"""" " "".	
"I |.^.t t-.ll n:ir'-wnttner 1   "rill'
tavtr t'.'ink into the,ring or t.ot,
'I Jiell yoii what I am going to
do 'ij nin ^oinjc to stick nround jri re
B.ni(i»liti ' until the Britt-GanB ri.ht
c.tiia*iV*'cfl,.eTban,I,am going to take-
i\ kvs teat',' fix up my business ■ f-
fn'*-**, atio. fool around tbe .nioui-
talti-Oo! a while, until I nm fnlmg
ns flr.o as I ever did ln my life
"I'll  soon find  out-whether I:am
 I*"'-.-    -I,-..-
If he.knocks me out,
there or not.
that's: thel'end otiit'filf >I iwini in "the;
old'-way,-"I:ll>-go -after- some —of -the
biig''on.     (,"rYoiu   hiU I'-'wdn't,.flght"
j--   -;.' '*1'-tU. "(,    ■     ': *'        'I -',-:,- I f
seccud-rat-Jrs -inow.'.' Top-notchefs Wr
■ -   * •'.:..    :i, ;    «.*-... i-; -.|: -.'.*   ■■■   .-; „   -
flght comes _° out, or where it is
fought. Mum, you. kn;w., .Just,him
and mi. and a couple, to handle U6.
The puLi'.c will-lose-onehDt' scrap.,«
'jl don't know whether I can ever;
get back or not. I just keep hdp-
in;i'so.   I feil pretty, bad- a^out it.
','The^ money fcx one thin;, makes
a ftllyw feel,s„re.. Losing a   cham-
}.."■■"   *i   *V s-    '    ' '   ■
pionship Is 1 an ;oTpensive' proposition.'* Say,' it' was' just'' like some-1
body reaching* over, and' taking $20,-
000 out of your veBt pocket, for I
would have'got that out of the Nevada flght. Say, I could'just; see
that 520,000 going past me and waving, good-lye." ' 4.
Bat was as':ed if he intended going to Lob Angeles to see''Memsic
and Gans flghl", but he sadly shook
his head;.      . * , ,7 ' *
"You can't tell how it will come
out. 'Gej, hbw.Caniybu^tell.bjOWnny-,,
tWnj;i8,comi,ng;6ut afier^that' fight
Wednesd.y nLht?
'      . ... . 1. .. -.    , ,    . 1
.''I cnu,till.you cne thinsji.though,
thut G&ns will murder him if, Mem-
Vic l\ts bim ta'e the le:.d.-_ _J That
coon c:,h llc'c'dnir'Ii.btw'eijht in the
rin'jr,'if y.iu'ltt^him' lead. ''May-,1 he's
a .fi.ht r. The only; way ,to fl,ht
Ganu is kir si.tni- feliow like .me, .who
'isn't ufriild tj wude rl.ht in und
flght hlTj.nll, f,o timei and not l:t
h rale d, '
*   .    •   •*'-    i *'i ''"'■' tlj' " '   '■'-<    '*■■
- Hanii'y Mullin vm, Kill Giniit
■■i^j. 7n fTDiE.-jl
,' > ;* ri; j
Under Auspices of  '
qpjie—Fernie   Italian   Baiid
.  ' 0.4, t'^i 1       '        y    -.-■
Storl^ Opera ^t^ause
(••; i-.-i
11-*-*,~ a ',3
fr\ fJ}£fr'i:t * lj?i XV",
/' ^
■   lVv.s.1 %
ram me?
Another hlnb-cli-Bii toxin-* cont'Bt
will be held nt thc Opera Hoase on
Then l.nm goln-; to hire the'best iMtndiy .--.ijibt, tbe 19th   ,im,t.  llnr-
lght-weliht there Ib to te bad in the |»-«y Mu'.ln, the well-known and pop-
builniBg nnd give bim a good piece ,xi\ ,r welterweight, will fl*;urc   tit n
'feature     attraction     at'   thin   'nf-
, te n-ro ,i,d tvtnt.   Ilarn.y wi'l U in
tlie p,ri'.- uf condition, and w.ll ,' Ctr-
tafi.ly  net     diBappoint  Iiih    many
of money for ri secret fljjht with nifi
\LSCCU,  li
As| your doctor abput the
wisdom of yo-qir']k(lepiRfi Ayer's
Cljferry Pectoral (n tho house,
really forcoklfi.cduKlis, croup,
bnlnchifis, Utii says it's fl]
rielf, then #('•! bottle of it
ice.    %'
llttjfe foreslel/unsdch matters?
Wiy'not! show a
......      . llnsilchmatter "
Ea|ly trcfltm^f,ttylyAM
vet I'lMinl itnr firnnilml     '
\tM >-,W» *MMtb-*lMli*l-
' frtra tvrmtimv**
, J    iifii.riiit ,riiur
i        ***\»t
i l 1 |
Minf, a boy is ctUti dull «nd stup
whe»ihe wholft twuble it due, "
ttttri Ve flrmlf bellete yo
•ter *«Bl tell r«n ffiM SB ftCtl
•f A*%tft Pills will io sach tiiift*•' ltrttt
.friends and i.dniu\r; of this c'ty
KM Gr nt, tl 1'ort Arthur. Ont,,
ti new m.tn t*.i lliia i»;vi't ol the cowi-
try, Hit -well lihlw\j,hr'*[iortn4' clr-
cks of ttV.tirn    'tlnturio onl    the!
Btiit bv will le thn othir uttll.ir-ic.i*
.ti.io ni Uns /CcititcBt, und from' nil
accounts.,, li.e  Kid intcmlH to t;}ve
'Barney A'nin I'or h's wineyT- 'i"\ .
.'oils ji cessions .to te.th^re with the
F.ooilfl. He hns fought i;oad men in
Cun An nnd th* Stitea, ami we fell
.eonflilMi^tk & h* ny'jj .dmOMtriite
Pthe *ttXhlt SrV' T? the entire snt-
"'-fi»fit(»l!"tn'*»■■#'«JI 'Invert nf t.lm rnmn
7 Mqwdnyii '•);ht:"w-- ""'* *
T*4i fnur-tiAifi^    pr I ion .rles   ty
.^l^Hffiftfr'c,t0 ri0'!*,<!e ,omf'
£^^^Im^ttaxataK   AH In *ll
Canadian Medlev March and Italian  *
, ■". : ••-,,; r, .. • i"     [Royal March
Act 4 from Opera Il'.Troyatori
' '    y'   ' j ■ ■ '       '        ' '     -
Duet from the Opera Favorita
'   j ' , .    ■
4. - Song.   ' T.'Biggs and Miss Biggs ■•■<'■•
•. ■- 1       ■        i*i,i. "
5. Overture  "The Band Contest" ■.'"■
t*     . •    „. ■     - • >   . 1   1 - . > . ■*.
6., Grand 'March Oriental r   7,,
. .   , ,,,. /  .. ,, '1 ..,■■.
7*- Highland. Fling,.Miss Dollie Barnett
7j     [Piper McLeqd
PART ill.„
1 * * 1 " '*. ' *    i ''Si**
8. Grand 'Concert; Cornet, Trombone,
,>   ,. r,  ,,»,   ,...,.•«. [■jndt.Pi.'lno, Miss- Rudniski'"'
•.  i* -j .1" <■ ' -1, i '' 'i',7*.   fj]        •"■'• -'	
9. Operatic Duett, Cole'& Johnson..- -   .. r
"    " '   [Miss RudniskiJand MrrRrNesbitr
10.' 'Grand"Fantasia' "Mid-NicjhC!,
"1.   ... 111; 1 - ■•  1.       °
11, Overture. Collumbi'n*a '!M ' ' ;1''
.     '        i '      l •!!--. *
12, Symphonic March. f'The, Return, to..
'*''■  ■ '  ',i;:t   '■*''■!•'■.■.i.:*)  I .[Florence"'
i%V Cornet Duet frqni ,Ofi>era Novma
11 * i'i
14. Andante and Waltz Myrtle
. ■ -w.  	
15, Violin Solo,    Mr. McArd.
lO, The Worliiiijfmen's Waltz
17. Patriotic March "Our Glorious Hmpire"
18. Favorite liv.mns.   "God Save the King"
No Seedless  Pliunt.  Ko Pitless
-Apples, No Cobless Corn—just old
at , reasonable
prices.' fertilizers, Bee Supplies,
Spray Pninps, Sprayisg Material,
Cut novers,'ttc. Oldest esUb-
!ick«d nunery on - the .mainland oi
: B. C.   Catalogw frse.-
. Oncnhotm   aad   Seed^ Honses,
/Vaseoiw, ■'C   '.
P. S.—il'yoar local    mcrckaaU
k do   notkaadle   ny'  tseds," send
direct.  Wt prspay-fifty packets,
i assorted ratietka oi garden seeds
in fi. P»P<« (tastud stock),     to
Summer Excursion Rates
'%  FrQra;,.,,-..,
Fernie tou ; j
Wiribipeer,;: ■■'''
F/rt William
Port Arthur '.
St. Paul
'ttnsAy psckats for' 50c.',* trial- col-
; *. I .'     '<.
60   YEAR8'
I     1   -i   .1
.1.1    .!    II
Sd'il  '■(..,'   .'  id.'1   '    '*":.■.'.     '
st. ^^Wc^fe^awii^-'5
l'0~ ^ir<TP^'f^7Y^r:T'Yi7
$80.'"St.'"Jolin''$9or 'Hii1itax"^96.8o/ '"'■
Ticketsion:Snlfc-|uly j,- 4, ,.5;,{Aqgu_it 8rt.__;
i4;> 10, Sopttmberlu,it2,js.',    ,-, „;,m
FirsbCI<iss;Round,Trip*. 90 Day Limif    r.
■'W*    :i."i-r.-
WJ"    J.'
Tn«.DE Marks
CprfRiOHTB Ac.
"Anyori* V«ndln'f"» iiketrh snd 4 wcrlntlon mny
mlckly uoertnln our opinion true whether an
inreittlon ti probably rutenuhij, .Communlcft.
tloniitrtetl/eonlMentlnl. iMNDBOOKon P*tenU
•ont f res. OldMt aMnor for kmwUis Mtenu.
PatanU taken tbrouvh- Munu ft Co. nwIt* '
ipeelal notia, vllhoot cfaarna, 11 the
CoriexpondtDB reductions froni all Kpotenajr
.pointB,  Tickets VvB,lla*oie (or lake Vonte   '
lnolmllng meals and births on lake   . .-
, uteamen,    Through rates
quoted to nny station
in Ontnrio, Qnelicc  or Miiritlme   Provinces
Scientific flttwfcait
nelylllnetralAl wpi>v. 1, l.nrcr■tel^
( anr ictentUo Inurn J. I'vrmt, 13 f
■ montni, IL Sold brail newrfealen
»»T(J(»   l| ,
lp. Consumptivos
TJio undersigned" having been restored to health by simple menni,
aftsri suffering for ftovora,l,years
wltnia se-foro lung affootlo'n, and
that ,drond ;dlfloneo CONSUMPTION,
Is i anxious io mako known to bis
fellpw sufforors tbe moans of ouro.
To I tboa'olivho dooiro It, be will
ohoirfullyldond (freo of ohnrgo) a
copy of tho prescription uBod.'whloh
they jwlll find a'ouro for CONSUMPTION; ASTHMA, CATARRH, BRONCHI US am! all throat and lung
MA: iXDIES,' He ' hopes oil -sufferers
wlll tb'iWnomody.'ihii It li'inValii-
abld,! Thoio desiring the preiiorlp-
tlonL jwblob will ,oo*t tbo nothing,
and] mayi proTo a' blcsilng, * will
please addnii* . < <  ,  .   v...
1    'nEV.'EDWAIlD AiWI-tBON,    "
.,    V   .     Drouklyn,, N, Y-
(Fni'inerly dm Owl)
Tho Owj   RostrUir;int
.which has recently-'
7    '   -       .*    \7
'Ch&hge-d •    1
.,/. H. OABTKR, D. P. A., Nelson.
R. ItEADINa, Agi.', Pernie
-   U   ".   "    r  • i    .-
"-   ■■■"   ' ii     —
..■ „   ,  *  i   i   i <    i * tt \ ,nti,i.% t    ,i
MINI'S LIN1MKNT on ray vessel nnd
ixxk iptn.Uie rtutb"ir'ty.»;of Mr, «JP«r   not
III.       _. * ,-.   A   4.iBcl)r; 'Mor'.f,"    Bt. Andrs,   Km
•i.uh.b-Va*'?  ft*t?ft-iV* ti*im\
Mm inl'8 Liniment; yo-J.""!^*
-Gi»ntle.«n,-I' 'iuro,* ,/ni»
J    fr,r    }V,n  '
ttkhwi »
,!tJ,*l,'.t-"r *" f ~'*t~   i,/  4*.,*        »{ nmnirBiininii,"   v,» ■ *« VDjftljPST
i&tir^ton u^i:ui*ple»Wit^ mecb;irtijf» .\vi(bo-)t It. if »t cc«. u Jollur^n l,ot-
U   J.1   .illlfi'fii'1   i:
b| k Llo».*!|irbc "*iH»:incUvei[fe-t^re^
thj« rofllrT'li'tbHt It tr'i Jr m
n4|lj.W'o) jb'e to\t%*;> fx\ f*i
•r A-#*t's Pills will«« ••«»»•§« •|f«*tf-?Jrf«,i-»«^'v*^/,#,"i*<^ «'*•"•) "il  ■ tipr.tt .«.;",,. ,y-\,~- -'i-. .  W-1'"! pmiu*  eocn •"«'»•"* i 	
sHiltJgaod, Tb»y'jtteytneltycr»eil»e.-'|^»'-m^ ftdvam-e  at'twh rnieb i^Uni^mwti-pft »»**¥>• KH4 Hdwwrt Jfoitf, ef frWU)-* tnf*j rj\' . ji   +u_    J'nA^e\w>
—'**  litirn flllTl T'mir l 11 Uli 1*11111111 >l*H)n nt|  i|-rmfr-rlT[ll7l;ijt>itTll.Mrf.iilr..l»'i«Uia n ■ ,    1 n-^TirrftMr ynsi-nnVf ■-■•-' j IVLclU   tilt     I vt (ll!;tT
tim- .
> will'hcim*>rek»ftiplc*tclv
noon  the case  in
past.   The   new  pro-
1 I ill   '  I ll'ht.fi'll       :< i\,*l)
' > 1.-will >be pleased taiinucf
■  thfl'oW'pjuron«fatul-rt!i-
,        so new arih*, .ifthe 'flit'
stand. "   "
Best of
FOR $2.00
With a diamond ring I rcvcRl1
frco°liowtoBocur«i a beautiful complexion. DiumondH and oxqulNite
complexion are both doeirnble.   An
opportunity to every woman Ih now of- ,
fc.red for obtaining both. For $2.00 I
offer al'2Kt. Gold Shell JUxxg,.
shapo like a liolclier, with hTHThiij- Hot-
tin/,-, Ret with a jreMiiliio (llninoiid
and wlllfitind fruo with evury order tho
recipo and * dinictinns, Inr ohtalnliig a
faultleifl compluxion, oanily iiiiilerntoocl
and BlmRle to follq-w., "t.wlll t,ave thu
sxpotiHe of. preaniH, , Comnelk-H . and
(Uoachei, Will freo the ok In from pirn"
ple», Dlackhcads, etc, nnd (,'ivfi lh« nk'lti
beauty and toftnuKH.
RING '" flniftrmitoi'd by tlie
ninniifactiii'T to besHrepreNcntcd
and ■houl'l any purchaser ho diNSHtlslled
1 will clinsrfully refund tlie money.
Do not let tho price lend you to
doubt,the, tr^iiuiiieneN"*- or viilue
of thlH ring, im the sbovn ^unrfliit-'fi
prolcuM cncli ami (ivory |iurcliaHi<r.
Henil me $'2.00 by mall ami takii
ndvinitiifre of tills ofTer, n* the time.
W limited. Send hten.ot finder for
tt'hii'h riiif,' is ild-ircrl    i     ■      ■     ■
i    T. C. MOSELEY
•U J-ln-r 'Jili-.l S'ti-i'i't        N<"^,Y'ii-l> Citv ,
.;.jFREE Or^PER :
-''^I'liili.'iita'fffliir niiino! niul   tlie
immeHof •*> reimtnhle people m
Y^tyrt'thi'Wi' aiid I   will iiirwnril  you   n
l.rojii'siliuii to «ct an iu,\ «^eiit ainl hell
my ifuuitsi'ti-**yftur loialitv,1'-"      *■»'•■
T. C..MORFT..FV' "
, I)>'|iiirtin»'ut li
'M J,:«st2:inl Strfi-r. XBW YOKK CITY
mi. *     '     '' ,!Jly„lWftn   '
, ,t't
■*      ,i ,i.t'        ' t     M  **       t'i,   i »    t     I
Norman Rusk:
Oonoral Blacksmith
, ,-f," -"•—— * . •, . . i
Repairing,   etc.
Comer of Ylctorl* AVotiuo A Jaffuy at FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE/:B;,C.v AUGUST 1711907
Nevv^.of ;ihe City
.Re.id the Crow's Nest'td- for.Sat-;
urd'.y values. ,
" D*_n't - lor-et ■ thi  c?le'!.ratkn • at'
Mich 1 1 n La' or D'y.    ■       c   -   '
■  jNli-fa. W. G. BjVcl, y wi.l n-.il Le r«-
c-:iv:'".g7.ny irn-re this season.
'l-uro    Upid    Butler    25c a lb,   at :
. rii.nd.ll's fcr  Suturd y cnly.
G. G. S'. Lindsey, K.C., returned .
to Ferule on Wednesday morning.
Mi.s Gate., who was est in'com-j
pany with Miss Jon .Anders.n, .re-!
turned home Tuesday.
1*' ii-ihv-r rcuiuuin...". in lawn and silk ;
wai.il.->, irliilJivii's si.k a,.J ,wa>>hiii$-f hals. '.
Don'x miss Uk* cliainx-.   .Mr-i. W'ajjgett. j
Saturday Special
iwwifMifil - —■> iww.w "it; kmj
.Pure-Gold Creamery
\ Bolter -.per
I      ReiinemSber Saturday OnBy
Nm ■ a iji.v.^imat iuavn«v *.K*M—v*t.v h niVvt,
Pay Cash.
Prompt Delivery.
W- J. Blunddl, Post Office Block.
■Mr."   an.7 Mrs.    Ne! * McLeod and' ;,.  ■ ..,,.;
child  of   St. .Mary',   Alta.,   are  the ; **.h.*<m>**W<"4*^^^
buests cl Mr. and Mrs.  A. McLeod, '   * -
Wa ni-ie*" hi. ' .7
Miss -Tern Anderson returned on :
Tuesday' from Ontario, where she' |
visit*:(1 her. parents and other rela- j
ti.es fer the pr.st' two"1 months.:,        •'
* V I
. V*. c h.-ivc just' rmjivi'iU slii. ment oi:
_4ii-4.li! i* iniin .ilie'i.ii'.iiuliaii i 'il 0 .and
. is; |.i'*fci-ily salisiiii'l'ji-v."       ., "
Wo  are   making' this   explanation,
because  on   a   previous-occasion   the
. a'uovi-   li-.*-:'.* j-ritli'i-'t   was commented
upu.. iii ii-.'m* ai.'.ir ■"-*-'„' to j strenous.
O 'Cl''
i                        . .   .
. Koc'-ifcller was ■ interviewed - the
other day. His phys_cian thinks he"-
„ will.live-,to "be. 100; ,-Meanwhile he is
livin', er, 20 cents a day, and is saving, up tj p >y ,that fins. . )' ■
.. -o •
', l"':3L-;.i:nL.10i:l    Kocliictioin
.*■■ . -' (M*J '        t
Propelling CO., Limited.
(-.Opportunity., is ..knocking'.at "your door. Wholesale',,purchasing, - *with our cash system of.soiling:, places within your
reach the biggest and best values procurable.
Your purchasing early i§i the day w§§! enable us to give you a more satisfactory
delivery.   Will You Help Us ?
Gloves, UnderBliirtB'* Hats, etc,- etc.," | ♦♦.
this sale will'close for''Autumn die-j
play on SATURDAY, AUGUST. 24th.. j
Ladies who know how to spend their •
money to the ■ best advantage, should j
make-'an early "call  to  secure   the',
bargains offered * at - the Fernie Ar-!
tistic Millinery Emporium, 124 Vic- j
torla 'Avenue. i
* "   In   presenting this- instrument' to  the. pub- ,
*"'„.*, lie'wc  .-ippeal   to   the    good c,judgment  of
%    •    sensible   people  to" its  merits. .
*_'.    It. ehibodies, .we..believe,   a  far.better and
♦>'  .    more, economic.-,','method  of.the'propulsion ~
* ; of, steamboats  than   has  hitherto7beerr ob-
'*:)   :-"■ 'rained'.. •■A* "glance  at'   the,:design -.'should.-
-*■■''convince  aiiy mechanic/of its  efficiency, etc.
.••>  „7__,,Pq "-you, realize   tliat-by .investing;, $io-or '
31*! -v*.*-. $iop .now   itumay, in. six-imonths.*'. bring as
* -'many-thousands. -'-Investigate  for - yourself;
nb'1 hole- in'the ground, no cat in   the bao\
Advance shipment
of fall clothing now
in stock; extensive
range-of styles and
fabrics to please the
most particular.
Men's Suits $8.50 to 22.50
" V
I SHARES   $1.00   mCU'i
.•{•'0 ,   A Limited  Number Only'for' Sale  at      "■'       '*'»£"
* °   '''' .; Ci-ce AMoffatij.-F ,'G. -Watson,' andO. 0;-' Dcmaurez *. ■ -'-   ' ; *
* OFFICERS:    A.. W/BioaBdill.'^W. II. Wliimste'r, A: C. Liph'anlt-,'^. •{•
X ... V  ■' '';."'.' ' MeDoniild, 'V'. Beck," M. A. Kastuer and the inventor >*'
The, U -trier. Council of Ihe-Elec-
tii'n! 'W r e ;-', e-jmpc s d. ol un'ons
iu .l4*i;iii i'ot , .Wise n i.-," i nd'Nqrth
■,-r-A S7i,:..h"l).'o a, h s jist cJnc:ui-_
i a -Is ' nn ,-ual me tin.*; nt Oshkosh,
Wisconsin. , , '   -
* T". -11- -i:'in ^'n rr's* l-ni.ii of Sun.
Fr nc sjo 's p.a. in,;', a fi ht'."gainst
bro in in ing .y e n, ie-, < In or. v.t
Mis it,** e.l a ro.u-.st to' or^nni'od
la ir ; r.d th.'.iu lie :n^enlr.-.l npt
to ),',uy i.ny.lroms th .t' do - not*
.) e r tn.- un'on .slnmp, |
v '  ;        -j C. 0. DEMAUREZ %
'!*--■'-■.".-.,. .;   .   ' ', * ♦*♦
-*       ■ -(.     •       -.-.    ... - - , .£
. '.We are*-:'Sole  Agents' for    ._'-'■'-*■
King of the Road Union Made Overalis
' .Jutt   ^i-eceived^rlvair'shipnyent'
Shoe.for Men in the newest models and"lasts.
 ii _i.„j...\, a :..:...-_i.-HT..'!?;.
,YVeil-lvrHM> ll7~«IIJCl 14JIIII—4	
The ' ^Traveller   Fine ■■ Shoe tor' Jleri.
patterns.   We invito, inspection". ■
New Fall stvlek in various leathers 'and
',.Tlie..Artisan^yorkin»:<1B!)Ot for. Men,  made of solid
tlui manufacturer and ourselves. .
leather and guaranteed, by'
$1,85   to   $4.50
The litii •annual cdo'. ration of tlw ■
Michel Miner's Unicn,-No," 2324, U. ;
M, W. (I A.'wil l.o he l.i at Michel J
on La,or b y, So.tem'er 2nd. A '
io.(l l-ro ramrao h a Ion provided, ;
incl di (** ■ 'ampin.:, r .ein;.', tiiR-ol-.
war, toat'nl', o'.c. Fernie brass '
band will lo li nt'.oml'.nc?.. Spcctl
r tcs wil lo -ftvnilu'jlo cn trains!
o r   r n 1 w t-1.
Don't forget   La' or
Lion ut Michel,
D-,y clehra-
Cr n'.r o': will cclul.r.ite La'*or'
I). y under the r m-spfof n of tho' Tra^o-. ]
nn-l f.-i'-sr rioiii.ei'. Sj'orts will le'
hid nn tho iccr-ntl n ir-.U'.u'ra. A I
q*'fl I Hrr ire nf Ir.ilnn wlll r"n
Ui'ii pinln-r tlw il»'»', Sin.ii'nihi'r 2nd '
1907.   Be-; id, rn rnith'.*r pare.
Momlny'H   OomhutiuitH Writtfin
t» Uy Cit*» Cittrk,
The boxlnu content ndvertluRd for
Montli y nltfht between Barney Mullln
nnd Kid Ormnt, wlll not t«kfl placo, th*
rnnynr nf Furvl* liivipj |nt«rven«d, the
fnllnwln(tli»ltiTlmviri(f bern aont oach
(if M'C '""Iifl'.flr!?* ;
Ili'Mf Sir,
I -nn IrMrutlfd bv thn Mayor to
inform you tbat the boxing c-intaiir
ndv«<rti»Hi| tn Ink** nlar* in our city
on tin* -Sli ii,*t._ will uot'bB
parml'M'F bv fhi» rirlr .tritfiopff(**«.
Yimii.4) trulv,
.1. W. Nnnn
LirSTJ&N !
Are you lutless,
,.,    lag cd and
._    onorgy
Have you headache, back pains
4,r pains iu tho chout ? Have you
that -'alitor,?" foelin/i 7 Do you
have fitr. of acute pain or wind
after, ood?
If uo rt-nombor that lua'.th Jo*
rcnt'o "n ••hr«n' r.a"n cr-ra*s«~
over. Btomaah and infntlnea,
<tiid Bileans* mi-ulate all three.
BilbAUn aro pure! - herbal nnd
Naturo's ro:-.iuci:c:i aro .a.wiiys
host. Don't dally I Writo for
sample box to' B.loans. Tcronto,"
(Hondinz „ lc. i.b.i:up for roturn
poutnneT, or buy a box from ytur
Mm, It, Havillo, of Onliuood, Ont,
HiiyHi—"I'm' b'-iiilni'lie, ik'bility, in.
ili-,'«ntion, nnd liilionnnn«H I trior!
many iiiudiuinei-, Imt I iiuvdi- mat
with ntiythint; to oqiml Hilottni,
They oureil mo.
Of all drueitlRtR at 50c por box.
A hotel tin' (urnlalie* qttlet, cms*
tnodloiu teeommodatloti for iu pat-
rom la a aouree of pleaaure to Um
travelling pvblib. Sttda a oa*e U the
Kiag Bdiraril Hotel, of Ftrnla, ee*-
ncr oppoalU pomt ottko*.
Below we jrlve tlu* »tandlti|r of th'.a
dlKtrlct to Aii(r 10th, in07s—
Team ri.yo.i Won Lout Dr'n I'I.
Coal Creek 5     5     0     0    10
Cdluman 1     2     I      I     ti
Fernie ft      1      i     0     '2
Michel 4     0     ft     I     I
August   „20tlY     1907
Stork Opera House,  -
15 Rounds   15
$200 Aside and Gate Receipts
 1—TiMar*-riMW-*^iBMwi*M«iiii — n      nr       i   i
Two 1-Rouiul Preliminaries
Ringside $2.00  Reserved $ I .XO
Admission $1.00
Doors open 6 p. in.    Boxing nt l*>
Ladies' (Knit Underwear
Lndies' ■ Short,   Slt-ove '. Rulbripuiin
finest quality nnd just thcthinp tor
the cool evenings., Price	
'Ludii'U' Short Slcrve Lisle Thrend with
rlron_stitch' cllVet.   Price..',... _..,	
Ladles' Cotton Short sleeve, clean and.
smooth vunis and i.iir weight.■  Price..
One Cent a Word
Oiiu liisurtlt'ii not li.srt (linn a.Vt
II « |:i*l fi'i't, hitii.tU'i! Ii, \Vt*,l l-'uruli',
l'rl"n Wat, tiiritH,   Apply I.mliri'r Oilier.'.    AM 'it
Liullcs'-Cotton with strap over slioulder,
mndo In best quality yarns.   Price	
1 -a?-S
Black Silk,  Klbow.Lengtli, in finest
''qualuysilk.   Piicc, ,, ..
. *\Yl)ito'Sill? Elbow** Loi:gtli,   iii finest
quality silk with double tipped fingers:'
Wo   arc  Sole  Agents  for
11    Fowne's and Pewneys'
Gloves. , Every pair  Guaranteed
Tlie best quality combined with best values are thc inducements wo oiler for your patronage.   Get
tho money saving habit by allowing us to cater to your requirements.
Imperial Baking Powder, reg, -'fie-     Special 2I>o
•• ■' " "    2,r)c      Special llie
Sweet Pink Toilet 3:>ap.reg. 2 for 25c     " ,r> for 2j'ic
Fancy Sardines, reg. Ific Special 2 tins 25c
Sliced to your order ,i
Griffin's Breakfast Bnoon & Hams
Presorvinjj   Fruits
l.'reserving, Fruits are now at their best and prices
tho lowest they will ho this season.
Royal Household Flour
Guaranteed tho best.   Try a suck and sao.
100-lb, Snoks $3.        50-lb. $1.55
:   \>,i\' " ■ 	
iillotl Avuiuin II ilunrn from Keruiti llo«-
Hourly iihw, In litfnt nf oritur. , Apply l,"il;i<r
otlli'ii. ini-kri
. c:!.:ck:::>.' c-:ujai*.
N. Howlirook. Kurnlo.
Railroad   Laborers
Wanted! at Otioo'
at Fornlo, B. G.
rap. Oraw'a Naat •aulhapn Eatanaloii
HlgSitttt Wagoft I'aU
$50 Reward
.Strayed I'roni our Cnmp iiuar lvlko,
ou sih May, 1907, one Hay Mure willi
while htar on I'.uv, brand-*-! on ri','ht
mIiouUct, wcikIu about 1,400 Ih.*,, One
Hay Gelding with while star on fiu'vi
hrutided on ri*;lu shoulder, weight a bout
1,400 lbs. Oin> Di-irli Hay Mare, brand
Indistinct, weight about i.fioo lbs,
Horses were well .broken and bbod
when lhw> lefl.
The above reward will he paid on
their return,
The Posh & Livingstone lumber Co., ltd.,
0 Kiko. It. C.
Yaamtttra, Itrapar Hal-Jura, **4
■talla* Man
ft** Tra«a|iaHalla*i wlll ka F«p*I«KM
by AMtytafl la
A. Gutlirl. A Oo.
tfwntm, m. o.
(Una iMahaa
hms m*\u*Mf
WHmI • kualial
~— oox.o my —
Mtteim, ctoeui ui etiiui itciii
t«*. p*r pa.ak«tf ov 0 »*•**%* fs* tl«.
will laa-t ■ m***X* mum,
^SkSSkZiG. Cii 1) ilic laical <uiJ
WW most up-to-date stock
of Carpenters' Tools in the
country. With prices that
are within the ^ch oi everyone.   Call and sec.
tlardwara Marehanta


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