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Vol II    Number 43
Flames    Spread    Through
Wardner   and   Very
Little is Left.
FERNIE, Bi. C, SATURDAY,  JUNE 8,  1907.
1 '-* '   —
Price $2 a. year in Advance
"    The  toWn ' of ' Wardner was ._ badly
damaged ..   by    fire Thursday _ night,
^nearly all of the business part of the
town being-destroyed.   The lirestavt-
. ed in tbo Wardner hotel.
It is supposed that the explosion ol
an oil lump "in one of the' 'bedrooms
started the conflagration, and as tlm
building . was of wood, tlu: flames
spread so rapidly that little could be
. dome to. save thu ^-building or. its contents. , -   -
The flames soon licked up the hoteP
and reached out and gathered in the.
.-post aflicc and store lxilungiug lo G.
,    Donohoe,   leaving the - occupants  Iittlo
,- time to. think bi saving'anything except themselves. _. i
.   cThe Crow's Niist Pass J.uinlwi-company's   store .had   a    close call, but
■ was  saved    by the dextrous  use ■'* of
'wet-blankets aud water by  the bucket brigade. ' A large vacant building
'.was also  totally, destroyed.
, The loss amounts to alwu't '$io,ooo,
,.   and a very,small portion of tliis'l-alls
•   upon the,, insurance companies'. ■■
?   As   -there is no water,   system   .at
> Wardner and all the buildings   were  of
wood,     it is   remarkable' that    more
damage was not    done.   One of    Mr.
Donohoe's horses was cremated ,in the
stable.' '" ...
■ ■'    Many of the occupants of the hotel
hsid to 'jump'* from  the  windows,  and
many of them lost valuable personal
,,«fiect«._'. '°° '-
7 - "There was-a time not so.long ago
a that   the whole    town    might    have,
:'', bornetl   down  witliout endangering the
lives    of any.'"people, but    since "the*
buiWia-b of .the. big, mill "the ."deserted pillage" has taken on new" life and
" - ska will.survive,the burning*'and grow
'/bigg-ar. „.,'...
short notice' last Friday afternoon us
to leave little time to^ca'nva's or, pre-
- pane for a campaign-oi any'.kind ex-
*' ..eept by tliose who' were iu ,the know,
-.waa short and sharp.   _.'.';..
,   Robert Duthie, the man. who would
not .bold a position-in which he was
. "■ expected *' to adminster    tlie law in. a
grossly "'. partiaLmanncr,' was nomiiv-
„ atedby those .who are.known as the
.citizens, aad Mr.   Hammond  was put
in' Bi.miUftlion by   the  supporters    of
'.ihe mayor and the policy for   which
he stands.
Mr.*-Hammond  iasucd  the following
circular • letter and bad. it postal up-  ovirlook.-d.    Mr. King is: tli*deputy
'the electric   light  and  telephone   minister 'of1 labor, and is one ol   the
doubt .about what the verdict really
means." »..    ■
-Both candidates are old and well-
known citizens .of hig>h;standing, - so
that the personality'of the two men
cannot be said to have be*a the determining'factor..   ,'•'.• •*
Mr. Hammond made the issue plain
and the mayor and,councillors Trites
and - Gates endorsed ■> "him by their
open and arduous support. i-'v •' -'■ .-„
' -Softly, Softy,. tread --with care, 7   "__•
Where the-games''of chances are'''.,'
 —o 7'7-
IN  THE TOIW".-,'    '.
The__othcr day .'as, the kid .was walk-"
5ng down street he met J.. "ft, Wallace, travelling along under tbe"■-.- dif-
iiculjties of trying tb keep a ° half a
listen vor more of paper bags and
'parcels' from obeying the lawof
I gravity. .It was "an unaccustomed exercise, and .Jack showed „the unmistakable signs of a- novice at the'bus-,
incss, but under-it all he .wore ?the.
uncome-oiTable smile. It is strange
how .rapidly, we mortals adjust ovr-'
sel\es to our self-imposed yokes and
make believe we're happy.,  ■■       * '
  D ■  "•      V'\\.
n .    . . _ ,.. •■'.-:.:j,   .    •  .
, '      THE  RIVER  BOOMING.   !'_.
, 'A, part .of the big boom of the Eli;
Lumber company broke .loose from
its. moorings, last Sunday^ afternoon
and started down the river. It struck
the piers of the trallic bridge with a,
tremendous thump aud hung up.
One of the sticks was a fir log over
two and a half feet, thick at. the but
aud over f-'o . feet long,- and as the.
boom buckled up the small end pf,
this big log struck the east bank and
the big end hung up on the lniddle
pier ol the bridge, where the pressure
of the water iu' the.stroog , current
held it like a,visc.     »'_.*      '        .7
Kred Waters* had to be called out
of Sunday school and soon gottbuey'.-
-After uncoupling, oiie of the .logs .and
cutting llie-end off'another," the .big
Loom was swung'down'in the currant
and,"* anchored to tlie bank.    *-     .   '
The ri\cr has been high all week,
and yesterday's rain -is ^bringing- it
still higher," making driving; of logs
impossible .until the water begins
lo recede.   ,»-,       * -'     -     *.-'«
• A .GOOD. SETTLEMENT.-i   .!-
Orchard Confesses Having
Been In the Employ of
'.: Railway Detectives
for   the   defense, began his cross examination:.
This ."will lie a trying ordeal for
Orchard, and he has already been
made to wince while reciting his record of murder and bigamy.
It develops .that Orchard once lived
in Nelson'and that he has two wives
now( living. Many surprises 'may be
looked for liefore. Orchard has answ.
ered the last question put to him. .
.The , attorneys on both sides are
fighting every, inch of the ground as
they proceed, and tlie trial will be a
long and tedious, one.■ •
■ If it results „in thoroughly' sifting
the case and fixing the guilt of- all
these atrocious- crimes where it really
belongs,  the resu.it will justify  the ef-
.,The trial of Wm. D. Haywood, sec-
;r.: ny and treasurer of the Western
Federation of Miners, charged with
the murder of Franv Stuenberg, former governor of tbe State of Idaho,
commenced in earnest last Friday,
when; at 9 o'clock James H. Hawloy,
lea-ding counsel for the prosecution,
commenced' his opening address to the I oris being made
juiy aworn . the day before, what is I In cross examination
probably the most important case
brought .into-court in this country.
Ths charge will be that Haywood
one of the high officials of a'powerful labor 'organization, having been
given authority1 by its members to
use his office and the funds of the
Western Ftderation of. Miners to promote its interests purely as a   lalior
BiS Change In Police Force
on Account of Ready
Orchard admitted
Colorado in the employ of the, railroad detectives, but said that afterward he joined the. Federation of
men who supplied him with needed
funds." "'. ""
Alfred   Horslcy,   the  confessed " as
sassain of ex-Governor' Stuenlicrg and
A" meetings of the police oomuiis-
siouers "was held Thursday evening,
at which Commissioners Herchmer
and Qua, 1 "'were ' present,' the . mayor
lieing absent on a visit to ' the coast.
Chief of'l'olice Phillips sent in his
resignation,    and after', some   state-
mi-nts as to the conduct of tlie chief
.    ,     ' land Constable    Murphy.   Mr.   Murphy
yesterday,     . ..  '  ■* '   •*
,,   _  , __    '   I also , resagnett.    Both, however,   pro-
that he  went    tu ' '    , ".    . ' '    r
i It-sU-a  their innocence of any    wrong
, doing."
j   The    commissioners   then appointed
Provincial. Constable Sampson .chief
,of police ior the time lioing, and
: Constable  Cox,  of Coal  Crvek, , will
le his assistant.
organization, so used his office as, to^j-of many others, ran a__cheese factory
b«coae one of the secret leaders,, in ! near Brighton, Ontario, "for a nunilier
a    gigantic plot      to     revolutionise j of years prior to 1896, when lie   k-f-
society and by murder and terrorism
to bring about conditions that 1hre.1t-
ensd easting forms of goveriiTuent.
Hay wood, will lie tried for the murder of ex-Governor Stuenlierg, 3.who
had retired from politics and was
pursuing his life asJ a sheep farmer,
bui wfco, when as chief executive of
Jjjis state, in fpite of His ^allegiance'
to Union labor throughout a hardworking 1 fe, -had shown " that, he
stud first and last for law and' its
.obKnance. It Was the murder ol'
Stuenberg and the confession of Orchard that laid litre the alleged plots
and "counter plots, and that led to
the arrest of Haywood, together with
Meyer,   the president of    the Federa-
that locality and , some time after
turned up in Vancouver. He has a
brother . still living in Ontario and
several sisters, - all married except
one. He lived for,a' while at Nelson
under the name of I/ittle.
tLllli>hll)u[ AljhtrJL.NI
COAL, CREEK NOTES.' 7 ,    *
I(ast- Wednesday was a - record
breaker at . .'.he Coal Creek mines.
Checkweighman',W. H. Evans reports,
that 2,;89 tuns wore taken out thai
day. No, 2 and' No. 5 mines' both
broke all previous records that day.
The haulage engine in No; »broke
down at 11 a.m. Tliurjsdayj- which
stopped   the afternoon   shift   on - that
■tion,   .and Pettibone,  one of the*.75,- !side for that day, but the break was"
ouo members.   The'case has lJecn dis
cussed generally for ' more than "a
year,, but the side of the prosecution
has never been'revealed, and even
now, it is said, much will be left to
repaired in time  to  allow
to- begin again yesterday.- -'"
.The Co.il  Sreek  football   club .'held
meeting Thursday night to arrange
.. , ... ..     - for sending  a representative .to Michel
evidence, and from the commencement 'j^t niKtt't   '
the case will be full of surprises.
What "threa'U'iicd to be. a very serious, suspension, iii the Canadian,, district No.- iS, has been brought :«i._ .'
close.   '"    "'"-    ... '   -
j'Ik* conditions were a comprnn.yo
somewhat 'on both' *-• aides, ..aii'dj "-i- as'
Presid;nl Sherman aaid at"the7 last
meeting 'of. the lioard- of arbitr ni mi
y\\'o I; now how to'give as. well .is
tnku."' rresideht Sherman- handled
the delicate . situatioii ' admi;ib>y
throughout, and to him .the' credit nl
he settlement of the dispute >'n>t st
largely be' given.. But the 'scrvUss.ot.
V    I,. Mackenzie King must;   lie-   be
'youngest and ablest men.in tlie labor
movement. ' lie  ' is the   Chnrlen    1*.
;Neil of Sanada', nud he is certain to
'make    u   record in   his   office,    and
>Mg«ed.    Your* choice'will be between . through his.efforts and'the iiiieMtgenl
'i anyssif.and Robert "Outbie.    For my- j»nd eanust^tudy which be gives   to
„ -self, I have no1 grievance and no axe  the imminent,  the 'labor department
ipoles of the city;
,-"ladies unh .Gentlemen—   *
"You are called upon  to elect    uu
laldartnon in   place of < F,' Stork, re-
The counsel for the defence
John Wild, checkweighman, was off
duty' Wednesday and, Thursday on ac-
that^the1 dcyelopmcBt of the case will! which occurred" at his home, in ,Wcst'
••how plot* of.larger dimensions than Fernie,on Tuesday night.
those hinted by, the prosecution. They ! Harry Baker; Tom I.undy .and Wm.
■iy _ the "capitalistic class", has Reid_ have returned to Coal" Creek
aroused sentiment against labor uu- after a lengthy sojourn in Timbuctoo
ios»S-.*isvl..'lnt«m~ds^6"c«**""'"'OT digger brigade.
They all    siiy   .they   nict'a hoo-doo
40 grind, und if elected I will loyally
-support the economical policy  initiated by tlio prcBimt council.. This cotin-
t\\   has   already   reduced current ,u-
penses by three thousand six   huiwli'wl
dollars, which sum is being expended
"in improving  the city's streets     and
sidewalks,  In my judgment thu elect-,
ors wili lie wise to continue the pol-.
ley of the    present   council for    this
year   and then sec the result s    and
place    them aide, by     side with    the.
waste and extravagance of thu    1 <)(>"'
council.  n
''ttatcpayiri oi Ferule, my Inleivsts
on your interests as well, nml ' my
eainast efforts   will lie to   nufegunril
' ,j0t|1' 0 '
"Yours for Bcouoniy.
Thus thu issue wns not one of n
pimoHiil u.itiirc, but one of i-iitlni'sii,
tion of the jiolicy wlikn Mr. limn-
jnotid, In n rich vein of humor, calls
io* economical initiated by llie |iuncut council,
This circular letter will lm ImhI
sway beside that fainoiis mtinlcipnl
owaerfthlp policy platform upon which
tlu first mayor of Pernio United lihu-
Nlf Into ollice nnd then tllRCardod.
Hurt' were no cHi-iicn In cvidwicc—
just the stme old push working night
and day l«s»l«glng every voter in town
to .support Mr.  Hammond.
Tan Iycdger hear* of one woman in
town who was called upon by four of
thorn staiwurt canvasser** on eli'Ctum
lay, all btnuecliing her to vote for
Sconotny Hammond, The opposition
were not organized, but tlbey turned
out askl did such good work that
HviMfl the votes were counted it was
found that the electors had turiu>il
down this proposition to endorse tlu-
policy which has lieen pursued since
last January.
Mr. Duthie was elccteh by u m.i ir
Ity ot « votes In a total of iR.s vote*.
rioUtd.  This   Is   not a large majority, hut tit » very signiiicnnt one mirt
. Isni-M io   doulit u to the lack    ol
of his .government will' be' one.of very
great importance.
The miners and operators of District No. 18 met in joint conference,
jyid-'Jic agreement was made for two
years.' President Sherman and tht
miners of District 18 tire to be oott-
gralulated 011 the very good nettl*-
inenL of 11 difficult ijuesllon.—Mloe
Workers .lourual/
 -o-   •    -
The nied.il contint at the opera
It iiisc Tliursdny nlgiit was again ft
most enjoyable event, though Hot *o
many piopl-.- lurnwl out to share the
Rev, I. C, WilliaiiiH presided and
proicd liinivlf to Iks well *\\x\\)\*A
lor niii-Ii 11 position.
Miss liimrn Tclfer, MIhs Kllxnlsith
ludniHki, MIhs McCllmwit. Miss
A gin h Goiuley, Ml ns Hamilton ami
MIkk n.ssie McDottuld were the com-
u*ntiiiitH In Hie older namwi.
TlieiM) yniinif.. lndks uli iicqUlt'tvd
llmiiisulvuH vi-.iy uoll, imh-od, and we
ilon't »iv jiiHt how those Jwlffts could
tluciilo in favor ol any particular one
ol llicm, but they did, and Ml»»
Agn h Goinlny was the lucky r«cl«
liicm i-t thi- lioaullful modal which
was prrsiiitrd to h*r by Kev. Father
Ta'crnier, nt the judge^;committee,
in a \oiy happy manner.. The other
judges were Mrs. Hpoflord, of Vic*
ton.., .mil He\. It. It. Grant.
Mis, Spi-doid is the provincial or-
;;..n;.ci <f the W. C>T. U„ sndfav-
oroil the audience with . a hrigbl',
uyar'^tlng little speech, in which she
t<ld of x'iw labor she had pcrlonm-d
a ye.ir n;;o lo get Un ladle* of Ytr-
nie to nidi and form the Pernie
I r.in^h 11 the society.
Mrs. Spoffi-rd Is an sa»y and graec
j lul *,pe,il>er, who niak-w manliest   «
M-ing r>i Mibile   humor   which   nm*
throti.-h   h.-t   dlse<iur« adding   spirt
io lii-r logU-.
Miss Kda Illggs playrd the opeetoj!
cause-of,.-union labor. They charge
that the whole confession of Orchard,
uho tfcey admit is a murdeiicr, as
W.-ll cs the cade' outlined by the Mate
Isi » fabrication, clearly built "uu ',y
the aid of detectives. They say that
1 fi*ir ii'iM.* arc innocent of wrongdoing or any complicity in the mur-
dor or scries, of murders charged by
Hit'state against "Haywood, Moycr
und I'etUboue. »
Thecant   of the   state,    it is said,
will show ibat no less than 36 mur-
d is  were    concosbed   by   what   in
I nown us the Inner,circle of the Fcd-
iritioa, which it will lie asserted act-
ti'i     Indopendettlly   and    without the
I ,'iowlcdge of the mctnliers, and at" no
Mag*, ol tho proceedings will nn   effort lx mads to show that more than
a .*core of men, had any knowledge of
wlmt wail goiog on.  The state,-it is
believed, will show that the president
of  the Ftduration and his secretnry-
treiumrer   were   ambitious in     their
.]'••**,   asWI   that it was hoped    to
nmUgasnate this powerful lalior union
with otfcm throughout tht rountry,
a.) that they might become a politico I factor   and the dominating    .'»
while lhey were away in Timbuctoo.
'. o	
, ,   MICIIEI/ N0T13S.-
Constable l,arsch took an ollicial
trip up the Elk during the week looking for trouble,
Messrs, Albery" and Mansfiel were
made happy .the other day by the
appearance of their wives and families at their ranches up the Elk.
They expect to raise Kain and ku-
kuml-ers if the snow goes away in
Mr.- -ind Mrs.  Jacobs, of  Coleman;
were in town the lieginniiig    of    the
week and took several,orders for enlarging photos for some of our Michel people. M
- Charley   Klingensmitli,   the    genial,
proprietor of Elko's ,Elk" hotel, hove
to in Michel  on the same dny.or llie
week   that Christopher Columbus dis-
covtrcd the out edge ol this 1 and, and
after     passing    the   sign     of     his
craft with Tom Cr.ihan, lie set   slal
up current to do some more - of   the
discovering act.
Mrs. Gninnuige is at Creston lielp-
__                  ing Mrs.    Held keep  the mo**|iuiiocH
|liiaw.ihro»gh^lKMimneWi"ttrengttr,'"S'V f(,r a fow (,i,-vs'     (Jl1
and fi»i.ncial contributions of   wovk- \   Our    town   has   caught the go «g--
toji men who wipi>ort union labor.      ,uw,.y ,iiU-.t,umm-.it    fun, ami   last
The flnt witness will lie tho person  Md-iy.    ih.-y gol   u;> a l«K nirewell
whoiaw the explosion of the   lxmili! '»*•»»■"'» «»« *•'■• '»  ,,,m,r ,)f, '!,i '»'
'th,t killed StutsH-trg at Callwell on .Tulh-y. who left Sunday m-iiing   for
l)«c. 30, ivos.    This will lead   up to 'Albert., to liobl down hl« rinirfi.
Uu* connection of Harry Orchanl with     t*n«..r.il Siil»ainieiidi,nt it. (.. I)rm-
ihe cine, and the tcstimoiiy   of   Or-  nun w.is up Irom Vexnta y.-stenhiy,
th.ird,  which It Is exi-ected way   lie |   Arcbh' «m>«, l«i» H"« M«l«'ln- "",
Moachud Home time   this week, , will 'nepluw  Angus Rillis,.. are  here    mid
'arc building u iit-W Wiiri'liouw! Inr llu*
If. i'. H. romp.my at the lowi-r   end
of triwii.   "I It)n is a much no-diM   ini-
!   Mr,  ThoiH.m Cralinn,  prnprlctnr
bring out the entire extension ol
r.llrgeil plot.
Court.o|*end at <M» a,in,, nud ut
'l.lfi .Int. If, Uitwley liegnii his nd*
dii-tiN to the jury. Hu said that tliuy
vx|>ecli<d to prove that the oiliccrs
and executive committee ol the Western P. deration of Mlnem wnn ro-
sj onuii Ic not only for tlie death of
Sitmil erg, but also score*- of others
leHiiKs, Definite ohh-ctcd, but o1i(pc-
tioti wat overruled. »
lhe taking ot evidence in thn trial
of Win. D, Haywood at lloisne City,
M ho, l«_>an list Wednt-sday, and thu
stuU's star witntis,  Alfred Horsley,
Huh Harry Orchard, took  Uie stand
nd was i|iietl((ini-d   by the proscciit- j
ing.    attorney   through   nearly    tbo
whole of the first   two days ol the
He   is   reported   to have told   his
story of the killing ol IB people with
our hot'-l, wait dov.n to Venili'
onfMeote in the mayor and bin sup- jjti;in-« ■>!«.    nnd    Mr*. Grant,    MU
|iof|tr« In tlte council. (Eli alieth Mudniski aivl Miss Gladys
Mr. Hniuniood't circular, coiipUd illu,h.- *.n,; solos during the course
with <he o|»tn.and atrcnuous Mipport ;«.f th.- piogrnmme, and Hiss Krawll
Ol those whvi nre responsible lor thH nnd Miss Mudniski accompsni<d the
-ftiMitistratioa. leant s» room   to vocatisu.
day nil  Uic delayed  wistbouud
N.-hger train,
Th.* mines are going along   ut    i>
Btcndy, incrc.ising gnll, nud soon will
lie bringing out  n-conl runs of coal.
-..       0 ''
Tlie  United  -Mine  ItorKcm «n    Slii-
liOIS   fa.L.C dlll-liJ-'''    tifCii    ».i«Wlitl'l.'<'''
nn wgards s;rike I.endHs. In future
a commits «ry dop^riment will te'V*-
tablislwd, and in I'.tse of a gi-nernl
strike, food, rlothing,' etc., will 1»*
Ittrnittlicd •hi' siiim-t- in-iiwrt 01
money. In case of a local strike the
usual benefit    of $5 n    wvekwlll    I*
. ■.       O" -■■•'
After much corresponding with tiie
-department ol labor at Ottawa,
which resulted»iu that department
granting the request,of the U. M. W.
of A. for a board of conciliation, and
after the objections' of- the A. K..' &
I. company had liecn turned down
-the maiiag-eaient of the company seem
to have concluded at' last lo deal
with" the .orguni/.u'tion which they
have so persisteiitlyj iu tlie past refused , to recogui/.e in-any way, and
that point being conceded, there
seems' to have been no great trouble
in arriving at a satisfactory settlement. ' , -
j Why this company, should-hold out
jso strongly against * admitting, "the
operations   ^.j^ 0_  tllc uuiou to ,nake_ contracts
and alter causing so much loss to its-
scif, to the miners and to„ the ^peo-
ple," who suffered so severely through
lack of coal, and then at this late
hour .'doing what.it.should,have done
in the Ijeginniug, is not for.us lo
consider now. The contract has been,
has gained the main point for .whicli
it has contended, „ - '       ;(
. Th.- agreement expires at the same
lime the ' agreements' with other companies expire. . . ' ' ,
We"ud*not*'produce"'it iiiTiiU, us".t'hL
omitlwl parts dealing' with thv- nielh-
ids of .settling disputes,' etc., are
practically the same as those of- the
contracts in lorce with the .other
companies. , "• j'
A mutual agreement has been ar,-'
li.ed at by the A. li. & I. company
and tho United' Aline Workers' union,
and a contract lias been signed for
two years, ending March 31, 1909.
The department of lalxir at Olawa
has l.e.u notified that there will lie
no occasion for a board of conri Ration.
Alitti- Akinager Stockett acted as a
mediator in bringing about a conference between the different parties to
the agrci'tmni, which was ratified at
a meeting of the union on Tuesday
night. r"
The contract is in the nature of a
compromise. The company agrees to
recognize tlu union, The working day
is to be H hours at the place -of work,
Men are not to cc>mc up with •the
lift during the 8 hours, l'ny is to
l» at the rate ol so much per hour
in the ease of men who are not oil
pb-ocworl'. In some cases, there in au
ii creas.1 iu wages; in other respects
c nditious and terms of emplovmi-ui
remain much as at prcstiil.
It is liciuby ngroi'il lielwii-n llm.Al-
lerta Hailw.iy ,*v Irrigation company,
hi-iuinbefoii' callul the company und
ihe uiiplo\i*.n of ihe coal di-paitiiiciii
1 f the company, as represented by
the Cniti-il Mine Wini'tii'i ol Anierini,
Disii'ii-i No, i.S, hiiciiiiift'i'i'iMlli'd thi'
1111*11, tint the following srnlc nl
prlMis and tin* following rules slmll
luki'ellui'i .liim' 11 i'/«'7i und shall
ifiin'iuile M.u-cli 31, I')o'", it iM-ing
uiidrriiiood and ngri-wl thai llu- put-
Urn licrito will iiu'ft In i-iiiifiTi'iiiv Ui
days pii'u to the uspiiulioii <■! this
agreement to iI.hciihs ii revival thin-
tan .aad will give a list of the s.uie
and pay over the amount deducted
to the local secretary of the United
Mine Worders of America, but the
company does not, assume any • responsibility or undertake' to make
any such payments where not indebted to the employee, _
The company will gxaut the right
of the miners to employ check-weighers, and will grant tlie said checkers every facility to enable thyiu to
lender a correct-account of,all coal
weighed, and will allow' the cars to
l.e taxed from time lo time,, and the
machine lo Improperly K-sttd from
lime to tune, and wil! deduct irotn
the wages of all contract miners such
amounts as individual orders may lie
presented for from time - to time aud
will pay over the same to the secretary ol" the local uuiou for wages oi
The company will endeavor' to see
that an equal turn of cars be uttered
each miner, and Quit he be given a
fair chance to obtain thu same.
liattice men, per hour 37^'e
Battice men helpers, per, hour 31.40
Timber' men, per hour 37^0
limbermea  helpers,   per   hour  ...37^e
Drivers, per hour... ; 34;^
Drivers,   wet places 7 t 37#c
Drivers, boys,	
Track layers, pur'hour.	
Track layers'  helpers,  per hour
"Miners,  per hour -	
Couplers, per hour  ;..;	
Couplets,, boys,  per hour...^  viS',c
Switch boys, per hour is^c 10-31}^
Grippers, per hour ,. 30/ie
Gr'ippers,  boys,. l>er hl>nr...iSc to 3i^e
18c to 3'^
Bis   ^jty'u   Sport  on  First
., Under tlie Auspices of
Gladstone   Local
I'll**   filter  helpers,   per
Pumpmen,' per'* hour	
Cager,  per  hour;..	
1'usber, per hour.'.	
Fernie will celebrate Dominions Day
0 . ... <i
in grand    style.  Neyot-iaXiioms have
Lecu going on for several weeks
which have culminated iu arrangements for a good old time on the
Osl of July. Gladstone Mint**- uaion
will ■ have the celebration in hand,
and will spare no effort to make it
the best celebration ever held in*the
i'ass. o
Airangemeaia have been made, to
have a by loon ascension oa. the 28th
and 2yti of .lime., aad also on the-
lul of July6from the recreation
grounds and a long programme of
sports, including horse racing, ioot-
Ir.tll, Caledonian sports and many
other   features have  Ux-u urranged.
Reduced    ratea 00 all   train,-,    irom
points each way oil uli lines ol   1 ail-
way have been arranged.   Look    out
for big   bills aud programmes,  whwh •
will be issued iu a few days.
Now is the time for Fred Waters'to
get in his "work on tlat ,tug-of-war
leiiai, as there is sure to be a good
prize, hung up. Fall pariiculais, will
appear in next Wtiek's 1,'edgcr.
.I'llUi  lvADDlliS  TRAIA'ING. »
The Coleman tire brigade is putting
hour 3i_/4e '.in home good    licks    these   days   .ui
0......   ....:.4oc 'practice, and   will  be  prepared lo give
 21f/A'   the .-Frank  lx>ys a hoi contest  if   ar-
 il'/i^ cr.ingemenis for competitions are made
Tick  carrier .boys, perjbuiir, 15;*hc-31 ^e
Clutchmen, per hour.:. r.37'/-k
Trappers, per hour 15"*^ to 3! "4^
" Where water is falling frmn the
100I .is suliicienl -lo wet a driver's
clothing it shall be considered a wet
place; other places shall lx; considered dry.  . '°,"..
All  prices aud.couditiuns to remain
a3Hti*"0-y=urc=at~pre3e«t. ^=
" Alb outside, wages aud conditions to
r. main as at present.
Signed,  sealed and  delivered'. on be?
half of the company,
P.  li.  NAISMITH,
", General Alanagur.
r   -       Witness.
On' Lehali of the men,
JOHN  li.  GAJ.VIN",
Vicc-1'rcs. District So.  i<S
!■;. II. WILSON,
,   ' Witness,
Intcinalioiial   Hoard   Member.
'. DONALD McNAll, ■
-"> -    '       •        .
Prcsidint  Union   No.
''    "      .    '574, U. M. W. of A.
'  Witness,
S. A.' D. CRABH,
Secretary  I/ical  Union
No, 574, U. M. W, of A.
A special    train carrying  2nfi    buf
faloen for thi- new    ii.tt.ion.il  ri-si-rvc,
near 1'Minouton,  known" as Mil.  pail,,.
urrivud i ''lcthbridge from    Miiiiiunii
over the A, It. »*v  I. lin*', a ml 11    f''W
niinuUs later wmt out  1,11  ilu- ''.   p
It. lor ilw trip iioi-ih.   Iluw.ud Dung
Ins, siipi-rinii-iiili-ni  ol  ilu- parl>,    and
Alexanilci-  Aynlt.i,   icpu-'wutative    ol
llw. Dominion  goveniimiii,   iin-oiiipiin
itd tin- iiniiii.ils finiii M"iii nisi, -a If'
it tool, a'wi-il. tn Hiiiiiln  llicm,  Tin
Ihoiisaiid piiiplv  visit.d Ih    train    al
mule nnd Hi-huii, .idumiiig tlu* i;«. :ii
hi litis, and sni rowing o\vi' tlu-ii    di-
jput'iuu' irmn Auii'iH'.'ii wli 'I'"* ,i''
jin,- one cise wlu-iv  th.'  ''.hiuiI.    goi
'.ihe.id.   Tin1 otlir ha"    of   ilw    ln-i-1
!will   com- lliinugli   '''-"'ii  n    iii'-nili
Aboul   no pcopli- at   ilu- LHlil>i'id_.>c
station iidmind tin-nnii|iie u..inl".ul.
- . ,     o——-——
'.   Tlu- Wiscuiuiin .iH'tenildy hi'- p■l*''*'•,,
1,1,1 li'iuitiug  tin- hours for r,nlto,id
us is,.expected will be lhe case. Monday lhe team ran the regulation loo
yards,' laid 150 feet of hose, broke a
coupling and had a stream on iu,exit tly 32 seconds) Considering, that
37 2-5, seconds"-took tbe money al ilu:
Calgary sports, iti is- obvious the
Coleman boys can go souie.—Frank
- ■ -*■
 What—iis-ihc—matter—with— the—•Fernie l.oys having a try;.along wilh
Frank and Coleman. Our boys have
been doing a little practicing, and if
they were to keep it up'they should
i.e iu good condition for a race ou
the first of next month if an opportunity oilers^
"Last year they were; unfortunate iu i,
the loss  ot    Cattell  just  before-   tlie
Cranbrook contest, and    also    in the
delay  in getting their racing cart in '
time to do any practicing with it.'
Thj - Coleman boys, as will be seen
from lhe above, ale preparing for a
iaci-, and as ti»ey are si*buy libys,'
no doubt they would not object lo *
race .with Fernie, as well us with
Advices from Japan state that tliu
speculative    craze    is    being slopped
und within1   the past    few   weeks 30
projected  companies    have   dissolved,
with an aggregated capital of >350r
000,000.   The   market   is  expected   to
l,e further relieved  by   the  abandonment of other concerns with an   ag-
greg<it<d capital o'l Jioo,ooo,ooo.
I   This has necessitated the uinceliug
of large orders of machinery,    mo*t
id which were placed »h tlie UuiUsd'
StiUs.   The JaposH-se govununcni lias
also \kclincd    to s-mction the    construction ol no Us*   than 30 electric
i.iilwuys on the ground that to grant
iliiirti-iH ior tlie.se lines would 1« op-
pos-d  t<i tlu- goveinmenl's policy   ol
Mate ownership,
- 1
A in.ui who dropped U1U1 town onn
doing so took a  drop too much, uai-
101'ly escaped  an  ucciii-ui   at   Uu:  S
I'.    It.    station    ou   Mouduy.       He
win    louveisiug   wilh  u lew    bo^om
iiii-iiiIh    ul the mitiu:  jag  and  waited
until     ihe I lain   wae   well   uadrrw.i)' •
II,    luiiiisliid a li-w    tumut«-*« enviii*
uii'iit,    bui iiiunag'ttl     lo I'nll «il*>.»»'d
amid applause.
All miners aud iiiiiw Inluircrs shall
work » houss (>«r day, it licing iU-li- .      ,
nit.lv uiKh-rsloid (I.,;, thi. ,„«,ns '* ,^W^» to « " d'->-
hours work at tlu-ir wurkiitt! placp.
exclnsiM' ol hall hour for noon mm*,
wilh tli.- ixcepiioii nf. miners working
by coltirui-i who are to woik S hoiiis
at thvir working place.
The comtuinv h,i« the riphi  in pm
till   ll.lM -lis"
pass.-*! it law  g«»iui;      ■**••'*   *•' •»
.•ii...'...*'**-*- >» "■ h [,!  J'-1   u ,'' '
^. 0	
Thr    AH'Hit    <-'ttnm"4i'Mi     !..
Oiu:      nl illM»ti«''t!tlg     tin
conditions,    is liiddinn'
A ripris.nt.itlve <-f the Coal Crwk
nnd Pi-ruie  lootbnll    tr.nns, went    up
ii., I
-.. s
inside „nn on at such hours as   tl.ey ,*m »"    '<«    -'">'""  ',n,,|1"ii""Il,,;in;:";i
mil will go north to ii.iiiMh:.i.i
IN     t-Onlt    .IS  it    i:«
through with its sittings 111 tin- i''"*'-
towns. Hoard M'wl*i r.ili«-im.ii, ."■•
...mpuBiis the loinmiNsion
•a   surprising d*gi«e  ol  composure  nil
ih. titnt inslntnlniBg that all these |to Michel last night to r*i««Mit tliu
1 rimes w»r« comralttcd by JiVniwll at j two •luU at .1 mefting cjJlMutih.il
ihe m.tiinct nf Hsywo-Ml, Mover and !place to arrange details of ihe
Ntti' <*•-, w*o paid him out' <d W. j Crows Xc*i 1mj;W', *»*>»■» t^iwU
Y-it. fund*, for the rommiiwioti ol fr*ttn C«*l Creek to Calgary. 'I Ms
i!i-fced«d». J urrliory will liki-Iy lx) divided   into
The v-cond 4ty    of   the   trial, at j three tit four sub-district**, the    win-
miy: rwjiiire, and il any nun is    ro- sweet.,
.mired  to work overtime it  Is ngrwd land other    plnccs
ih.it h- will dn so, the company paying him  overtime lor the  same  pro
inta on schedule r.ite.
" The irvmp.iny  will gii* the   Ilnin**!
Mine Worler* ..rAttt<ric«  lull  moy,
i'i on, nnd mflewdc the chi-ck-<ifl s s
inn      th..t ix t.i say, tip**  th^   ,ic-
<jii»st.  in writing, by any ottr- nl  xltr
1 on-1 nny's rmployivi,     thr coinimnv
will deluct  surh incniei Irom    uuir
At Hi-- lugulur Monday night ini-i-l*
ii,';: ill ihe HeUi'Ci bulge, tin* MY.nlut
li'i'tinii ot olhcirs totil. place.
Mrs.   Mick,  was eli-i't.-d  N',  S-
Mis. Ciilson,  Vi G,
p;   C, (lltiiiin, It. H.
Mrs. I'I. Hundley, K. H.
Mi,-,,  \uiice, Treasurer.
Mr*.   I'l'ii'iisnii,  Wanhti.
I   Miss Grace  Dudley, iimdtictot.
I   Mis. Tuttl'*,  W. S.  S. l».
Mi-.s Isalxl McCliiiintt, l„ S, N.G%
Miss lliiusoii, V., .S, V, G.
Mrs. .Stone, 1„ H. V. G,
Mi«,   s'nnn   rhiiplain.
Uisn lk'ssic MiClitm-nt, I. fi.
Kinl Vance, 0. 0'.
Tlu- order is growing rapidly,   and
mu. h    interest   is maki'ii-led is
w..rk by the m.-ml*rs.
a.JS p.m., the state conelud<*d its di- <ning te«m*r of which will piny ml th*  wij*<-» «ch month    as is dcslifed
Mi. Duthie wUhet to thank, tlirougV
In G.ildiiild tli, mhei do .1 il-puiv jtlll. c, ,ititnn*« of flu- I^lger,'his tmtny
•htrill*. ■•mlol wnu jrrlwl out i.t ln*i \u\ n,\^ |„r tJ|f*r mipport in Ui»<*-* UU
|n,.l.i-t by tin re*ti\«n »■> of tli-h-.n-- j ldcnn.inic content, ami wishes to say
lie w.in ridittg alvl 1*11 iti iln *"■«•• l ifmt he fully appi«iatt« the «-tili-
lhe horse lUppiil -n it .u.d *> < A,-, I ,|v,llu manifested in bita by hi» Icllow*
charj-fd -t tMitrldv-*, th.- btilWi ii«.m K*nv»uti«i. Mr Duthie has no a«<
which  killi-il a girl   •*"«■• "*•""  l'>"***;"n« j to grind,  Mil  lv keep* n *h«rp   on«
net   eiawlMUioBt,  nnl   UichatiMs, (riMtla at th* done ol the aeaton, l< r fines,  ns«Nsm«s)t« and  inltiaiion vehl.'
on Uu sidewalk.   H  tut hir jugular |ur two <* hand ready (or use whrtt
mm, ft »
-(}■     o,i       <,
.FERNIE LEDGER.;   FERNIE,  B.C., JUftE 8,: 1907.
The Fernie. Ledger
$2 a Year in Advance
Issued every  Saturday   from   tho ..Office  of
- "Publication, Todd Blouk, Victoriu Ave.,
■-  -. Fernie, British Columbia.
aad thus swell the resources ol
asacu—The ".Week. -    _j'   '.-   .
A short time since The "W«ek_ of
Victoria, announced—appaxeatiy with:
out regret—that G. G.. S. Lindsey,
tie . lawyer-manager of the Crow's
"Nasi l'ass Coal-company, was about
to resign. It was at oactf denied by
which, .wised to„,.ihe
The Housewife's-DeligHf
All changes of ads., must be In us follows :-
Pages a and .1, 2 p. ni. TuusJay ; pusi-a n und •!
Up. in. Tnursiiuy, and iiiijje li, 2 p.m. Friday. ,
We will tm unable to iiiau.ru change unless   the,,i*.eisou Kews,
..'this rule is complied with. ■ r    7    „   , -   ' „.      _.    .   «-        , ....
u.Bai-aav«rti*u8 -is cut*, per nonpaiut!company s   - lonano .oflt9e,,.bu.t
line lirat insertion, S cents per line each suba. -
Hueut insertion, °
ltates for u jiiciMot .iiUvrtuiii?; iiu ayplicii-
tiou ut oniue of publication. Todd Block.
U. V. iltXPi?,      '"'       11. (J, MAiWRAli..
Kditor, Business Manufii
'■ tSATUKUAi", JI^NE 6, 1SHJ7
Now lhat the warm weather ha
come,. tha coal question may be dis
cussed with. equanimity, not l<
my with, coolness, ' diileriug, pos
siUly," irom the irascibility engender
by the coolness consequent upon
d:i iviUd toai .bins oi a lew inouiii
G. G. S.- tindsey, manager ol   thi
Crow's Is'est Coal company, m an iu
" terview published.   in The Telegram
says: '' _,
".V use in the price of coal is ut-
evilable owing to thu action ul thu
puolic and lhc press."
little things like that should     uot
.woxry "'kr.< Liindsey.      lie  probably
leels liKe retorting  in   the  Words  of a
celebrated politician,   with  an. addendum.    -The public—and   the press—be
d d.".
, Wheu it is considered, however,
that the public, and the press, Ior
'that matter, also, is the mouthpiece
uf the people, are considerable 'factors
in the u>dy politic, Mr. "liindsey. takes
a peculiar" attitude....
l^et us suppose that- Mr. Undsey's
contention is correct, l^et us' believe
liiui when he assures' us that the public, the' customers, and_ the "press,
their mouthpiece,, are to blame ' for
• whiit lie predicts will be a rise in the
price of coal.
Does not Mr. iviudsey's , assurance
-»mack ol" medievalism, of baronial
days, of the arrogance of the worst
form oi Toryism of the eighteenth
century? Does it not come with peculiar strangeness in the uutrammel-
led wist' Irom" the lips ol the grand-
sou of a radical apostle of the rights
of the people, from the manager of a
coal company whose properties, originally among the assets of the people, were ■obtained by ' political
"chicanery and unfair- political' in-
iiULnce.-V^-Winnipeg Telegram.
, scurrilously," criticised a few  "months
- ago for pointing .out  that  the Crow's
Nest l'ass Coal company were payin"
a higher dividend than the ■ operating
profits .warranted.'in,, the  same    editorial     The' Week also  pointed    but
" that' practically all the money • utilized in the payment of dividends    had
l*en     acquired      by   Uio    company-
through       the     sate,    of       treasury
stock at. a high premium.   Tlie   general manager recently  announced thai
■• a further issue of treasury stock    at
$350 per $100 share woulh shortly be
made.   As the issue is to be hall   a
million   it will, if   sold, reuliu $i_-
350,000 and' a net premium of $750,-
000.   in view of the present financial
position of the company it will Iks interesting    to know what justification
titew is for putting, this slock on tlie
market at such a premium,   ljven   if
thu 10 per   cent, divideud is   maintained, it will only yield 4 per cent.
o«  the actual cost price, a rate    ol
intertat   which cannot   be considered
high enough for anything go risky as
a mining .venture.   However, as long
as investors, or' perhaps it would lie
mom .corrert to say speculators, -are
willing to pay this price, there is no
doubt the compauy will see to it that
plenty ot stock is forthcoming.     This
criticism by Thu Week will be resented in itrtui-B quartern, although it is
Itflh true and apposite, but Uie   following extract irom a recent article
iu   the   Victoria   Colonist,   endorses
everything thai The Week 1ms s,,id on
this potat, and it would |IU interest -
ing to 1-ttow what some of our critics
have to my to the statements of ilu-
Colonist:   .
"It is ..uite evident that the hi_,|,
dividend" bonis of io pur emi, is a
■train upon tliu rut-uurcn, of the com
l'»ny. and it is a ■■•nation if it would
■"t lie latter to iihsiiimc a r.ite more
conslsteni with omnia,.,, tlui, t.» «,vci.
l«x to the iiimoHt the yu.nly net ,v
lurim to meL-t audi heavy payments,
"It Is true that the rr.si.nu fund i.i
a cofclaarabb proportion „f |lttil|.„.,
tjipltal (over 51 Per nm.., bul j,
fcnoiiltl l.e retnemliared tli.u UiiH .m.,.
was made up in 1904, „„,i .„,_,___.._,
J-9'3i,->:'', prvmliinis 0n new stock n-
iflived the "previous year. The filvt
that no dlvidi-iids were paid in u,,
>e.ir iwj, alawj made it |iossil»K. -.,..
tlio liirpp Slltn   ni fom -.;  .
■   nod forward to th* foil
iWeeiv insists, Uyt,t, time wilj.wsbow.; the
ini^oi^its^ansowi^weat. .$$**&JM
tiuall (likelihood, ol many ,t*-*ai_s._being
t.htd thrpugfaout the__lvoo_t«n|ay*i ^jyuA
Boundary when it rsally" comes to
pass.—rhoetiix pioneer.
Is a Gup of Oelicious and Refreshing
Phones: Office;6
TEA-*.'1" snaiasT
s-ittrw ■
While the manager is damning the
{public and that portion of the*' press
.which does not seem to carei'a'd—nn
for his     damuiug, somebody has
Packed;in Sealed  Lead.-Packages.only
to. preserve its many excellent qualities
Highest award St. Louis   19047
At 'all Grocers
goes'into the subject   iu"'a tliorough,
masterly  way,  and as he has   spent
to  some years in Australia,   where  woaii-
taep on putting up the cash to''keep .en exercise  the franchise,.., lie hasiirsi-
".iis big institution   going   aad-keep hand   Knowledge of how. the proposal
more un-
the^p'ress' may all
the , stockholders who j>ay. the -" high
prices for new stock happy, but * it
takes money. all the time, and if
what the loud commissioner oi the
comaany stated before the commission is correct, there is a probability
that lhe ramiiyiii|£~.whai a .happy
seclectiou of a term., .that was?—of
the subsidiary companies may... cease
to pay; ' the people , may. cease. to
want stock at fancy..prices, that uu-
e.ison.ible public'.which gave the.coal
lauds to tiie company, in,.Uw first
place-. may become still
ie.iSonti.blc,    and
gat irresponsible aud' nay' still*''worse
ihin^n.' Then we can look liut'-'for
profanity that's -' profane . to-'drop
down upon us like April -showers- of
rain. -   -.. . '      •■-
Along about that time-the people
who have been, putting up. the- real
hard cash and have been looking for
results that will justify- the expenditure of; thai, cash, will come.along
and be impudent enough; to tell, the
damners, that they have bees .flun-
llainmed, and,.that, it is about time
to dig coal oul of gift mines: at a
profit. ... o ;
It in too bad to rob the legal profession of a bright, shining light.in
order to make of it a. smudgy, smoking d.irk lantern with which to-|. dig
coal in a black' hole in the.belly^.of
the earth. -
works out in practice. , l'rof. Alae-
uaughlcn is ia favor, of giving, women
the' right' to vote,, and his remarKs
on'' the subject should have much
(weight. His main -contention is that
the \olc. of the head of a. family - is
generally a vote of prudouee, aud tliut
if women could vote wilh men the
power , of the - family--or prudential
vote would'be enormously, increased.
The.., Canadian Magav.iiic < is'. taking , a . leading, .place - in
the discussion1 of questions of national importance, ■ among them, being
Reminiscences of jijilley and-Mitcli-
eiVjVuy,. J. 1$. B.*,McCready- ''Can-
ada's New Cavern .World," "by" Frank
Yeigs;..and "Plays of the Season,"
by John JS. Webber. The fiction and
verse are of a, high order. ' A short
Story "e■titied','' '"'Over '.the' Tiles ' ^ot
Charlie," is exceptionally tntertaiu-
ing," 'and at 'the same time deals with
ti great' problem—the distribution of
w.'ulth. Altogether the number toil-
is elevcnJ articles and four short
stories, ^* besides ' the'.''"usual dep'airt-
meBts.' " '  \'2'
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Y. J. CHBKEY-& Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the; undersigned, have known
Y. J. Cheney, for .the last ,15...years,"
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75c per bottle.   Sold by all druggists
Tako Hall's Family * Pills for'constipation.    ; -     '•'      - ■*■ ,T ■• -''
|."iy.   5el
District of North East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt IUvid S. Pe'itlev.'-bf Wasii
li. (', nccnpiitluii Timbor CrnUor, intpnds to.
ni'pty for special tlmlicr licenses Cor the foi-
l.iwiiiR ilcsi-i-ilipil IniKls, situute ontthe north
lnrh of Pallixer Kiver anil its tributaries in
N<ir,tli Ka-t, Krotenny Uistrlot:
N'i- 1 Commencing ut'11, ,post planted oil the
eu'nt siiln iir'Lynx creek'tiliout ono mile from
its month: thonco north 80 .chains; thenc-
West aocliiiins: thonce South Mchainst tlionoo
East, SO chains to point of commencement*., and
rontntnhifr 040 acrosmorfc-or less." "*
May 7.1!K)7 "  •,     ,-   .',. '„, ,,-.-      ... -    ..-,
WI'! arc now" in-;
; stnllcd ' in-' our
jioV' barn, opp:..siic "the
old |)lace, and. have "a
complete,' new outfit,
-which i.s always at .your
service for livery, cart-
ap"e or bao-oviQe." We
still have lhe office up'
town .where orders may»
le   left.
t0wilbln»tlo-.v of Coal-Tar Derivatives.
„      -."(NON-CARBOLIC j
"•:"  .•'%"..- *■■'       ""   " *~~" r~" ' -,',-   r
; Kr*n* glimm sdmauseii which mike It better tnd safer than any other material for
' hMMktid.i'MaJMttss, sad H to prtfirt))le to carbolic acid, because it does not burn,' to chloride '
tt Vm»isatp*t*»,*te.ibfaau ' 7.. \ '" ' ,'
nnt., If, to Mb.  In the dilution' recommended it'Is practically non-poisonous, and can
,. th«tl»r» b« uted frseljr, and to life to havo around,   It Is net esusilc or Irriiatingt It 'doea-aot
'MMtk swtato, ud tWefer* do** notdettrojr.plumblngi It doe*, not permiiiienily stain fruhaUe.,
fttM-la*.'"' '•' ' ''    '_-      . «   -.   ,   -;>        ,'f*t' '"^'f
.. Stunt.  It I* tflMtlv*.  Our laboratory tests require that In * X% solution It must destroy:; 1
th* moat fMlauat dl*«*»«*rBt (tb* green pus gtrm) In one minute.   It thus disinfect*, cleanse* -
. MS parli**.'', It d**tr*y* foul odor*, not by .substituting another! but by destroylnt lhe cam* o'f'"''
. ttMater,     .,.."" i> ■• ■ :r,".""   .1 '-!, '.',•   .il" ■' fc
.-      r/strd.- ltisMtBd*rdU*d|*hr**s the »aine.  You can depend upon it.   .
■ 'Krose Is psrtltularly valuable In prercntlns an outbrenkof cont«£lous diseases, br destroy-
lot iBfectten, cletnstai, purlljloi and promoting sanitation.   .It Is ihe.Ideal dialohotant for,,,
j Nr all t*a*r*l dUlolMtlat parposes mix Krcao vltb water (warm ^re(emd) Ib tk* fist.
' lowlo* prap9r.ll*>*: --" ;'-i ;,   . •.>-..,—•■.   •. ri.^-t-.
1 takU'tDoeafail Kr**o, 7     .       ..
'" I plat Kr***, -'.-'.       .      -,
aaislag »»>r>yli>tt*!t a 1.io>I00'mIuIm.
3 pints watafi
12 cations waltr.
No. 2 ronimeiK'irB nt 11 post planted at tlie
South Kust corner of application No 1; thenoe
Nortii 8QoluiiiiH; thence West SOchains; tlience
I'i WUu*
vi'. 1J
Ildll.y's Own TftMetf have done nion-
i*USl nny oilitr     nurltrifii.   t,_,    ... .t,
ir.fll', sicl.ly cliildrtij well and stioa^.
Ami  (lu motlm   c«n  us* th.m
use thim with
Cfinfidtnce, as she has tin-
KnaraBlcc of o Kovtmmeiit ntinlyst
tfc.»t the TfslJtts cnittulli bo opi-iUi'oi
fc.irmiul driiK. Mrs. Muretit Cyr,
J.'ttli: Cscnjitdia, N. D., says: "1
(save nssd n«!iy:s Own TaMi-ts for
colic, tif.-thiiij'   troulilfs «tvl  \ttA]Ri-t
Thu -Xanion, News had this  to' say
of tht: coal situation lost' week:      . 1
'  "The    railroad officials,   the    mine
operators,  the union ollicials aad. -the
wise men of the press all join in the
chorus,   'Get yout winter  supply    of
coal early—get it" now.1   We have no
doubt   that   this is good advice. But
how about the "summer 8upply?;Whilc
coal fi.mine, there is no surplus from,
whicli  to secure a winter supply.* In
fact,  there is a shortage in the' 'supply right here iu'Nanton'atlhe pres-
liil time.   Il is pretty near time that
the  railroad officials  and  mine  operators and others who are responsible
for the fuel situation,  received" a ca"ll
to   i;i\ c   us. a   summer ■ supply   of   coal
now.   „ '''''',
"These same people who could and
should supply the fuel market, but
don't, will next winter ' talk'about
ihe improvidence of the public in not
laying in u sup'ply""of coal in excess
of present'needs. But they ace- not
sending us a .surplus from which to
provide for the future. The fault is
i-ither with the railroad company or
at the minus, j
'Don't wait till next winter, but
.si-nd us some coal now!" ',
It is uli very weir for people who
lia\e th,: coal to sell, and the railroads who lmve to haul it, to advise
the consumer to buy his coal at a
time when it suits him least 'to do
so nnd tlie other tne most, but such
argument s are only so many admissions that the railroads and the
coal companies are not prepared to
serve the public at the time their
.services are most required.
A lew years ago the railroads were
advising lumber dealers on the
prairie to order "their season's stock
of lumber early in the spring*, so that
ih.- railroads could »U|)>it out oii Uie
prairie when they" had V 'surplus of
cup, but when asked to wait tor u
I'.iynn-nt on tlie lum/hitr so **hipj>ed until tin- lumber was needed, a new
lilihl broKe in oil the railroad'' officials, nnd they decided to iake
cliancis on delivering when the luni-
l*r was actually needed, to uak'that
mill mm should ship' the product of
tlioii mills inonihs liefore It wns
ncctliil und |>ny freight'on thnt lum-
i)«r, ilicii hit down and wait for'tlil'
t'ii'li to Mum to them, was a very
tin • scheme io help the tm importation
(■niiipanlis, lmt was adding additional
I'lirili'iis upon loth consunutaud pro-
ihiccr without any financial wturii.
The scliaine. did not work, because
11 1 he i-xtru financial burden was
pliic-id upon the man who had to pity
the bill, when he was In no wny to
lone in the matter.
Tt «.-tt   in,.   ,«<   x,     is  ,fc|v^o   t„
tin- co.il, If trniwpnrtfttlrm -.<»rt toal
componii-s do not hold out any Inducement by way of reduced rates
nd prices the consumer will take hit
{fcince and keep up his kick for bet-
irr milw.iy n^irir-* T.i j^- ri.Hvz.ys
umd the operators would *ay to' tht
coiiMimcr, "tike yoor coal now' J«ad
wt will sujiply Jt to yen at 0   price
Aua«mia—poor watery blood^-is the
Cause., oi. most .of., .the misery ..which
•ajllicts jnaakihd. The....housewife., es-
fieciaUy., falls an easy,4prj*y, to. it. ..The
loBg • hours , aiid 'close "coniinement.
necessary _ ia., performing her,' household
duties sap t .'her,,', strengili^..^iihe ..becomes run down aud ol ten,., suffers, extreme'- misery..." I)r..._Arilliamsl ...Pink
South 80 cliuins i thence East SO chains to
point of coi'nmeiicoment, and containing'040
ni-res of hunt more or  less. .   ,      ,.,. .
Muv ", 1W7..„  ■-     • .,-     ■'■'-     -■ ■
No', a.  Commencing nt n post planted.'al lhe
North   Kast corner of No, 2: thence East. 80
cliuliih : .thonce South RO cliuins : thence West
8> chains; thenco North 81) cluiiha, to point of
commencement anil containing; (140 acres of
Imil moi-o- or loss.     .,  ,-..P ..1    '••'■ + ,{>
May!), l!Ki7.    ,  ,    ■     ,'.,,•        .■■.,'•
Xo. 4.   (lommencinif 111 a po»t planted one and
• ne lialf- miles north  of  Lynx   creek   from
1110  tli on v,-e,t side; thence North IS) chains,
ri'cnco Wost. 4 iclinlns!; then'i-eSouth ll!t) chains
thenco East -I'lolmins to point  of.commence-
mont.hml cor.tainiiiR;480'iicresor. land more
Ior less.
■:n  ii i,
1'ills,are the housewife's friend.  Thev'
make • -new    blood—lots . of   - it—and
^.      .. w -il        '      ....  ll*   ...      ..11.    -,..,,--».,.-.
menta.< Mrs. E. St.' Germainr'wife of
a well-known farmer.of St. John des
Lhailic^is, Que.,; found new strength
"ihr'oujiii' Dt.' Williams'",'l^in'i"; ^riils,'." She
•aj/a: "A year ago ilj was 'extremely'
Weak' I could ".'not... attend 'to _'.' my
Work. I suflere'd. from, diwy spe'llsj
my head athed;' my blood was poor;
X had a bad] cough"ah'd"^ the doctors
feared 1 was going into 'consumption.
1 followed their   treatment 'tor 'some
time but wl'thout,*rt'Iiei\gi,grew''<lis-
".•oumjjed and finally gave up"in!,."despair.   I was''strbhgly a!dvis«d to 'try
Dr. Williajmi'-piiu; puis, so' procured
six boxes.'' 'Before 'they were all "gone
1 fclt : relieved.   The' heahaclies "' anil
dizziness became less frequent', and 1
tif> a Utile stronger." j continued'the
pills for a couple of mouths,   at'  tn'e
c-nd of whicli time'  I   hiid gained'   iii
weight; the-pains'had lefp mc'/my appetite was .good' audi felt'"as strong
uttd well an ever'1'did. X'cannot'stty
too much in favor of 'l)r.'" Williams'
rink Pills, lor   I certainly owe'  uiy
gooh health to them.1 '■'•••"'■
The woman iu the iibu.se, the boy or
girl in the -school'will always find ii
Mi-lid in 'Dr.-'WilHains'' Pihk Spills,
Tfcaso' pills actually make new,'" rich
red blood, Imnish" rheumatism, gun-
ral debility, kidney 'troubles anil
those (idles nnd pains 'cuused liy overwork or oveieiudy; good blood builds
tip the tirwl, unstrung nerves anil
mak'is pale, thiir cheeks 'rosy nnil
healthy. The pills are sold at 50c',li
IjOx or six boxes for ?2.<io by. ail
»i«licinc de.ikrs or by.ninil fmm Tlh
Dr. U'illiiims Medicine Co., llrnckville,
ted this liltli day of Jluy, 1!H)7
David S Pedley
Brewery Co., ltd
"    -      ' 7. " -.-        ;-3;    1 "-r. ;>.:
,F»*riiioj   B.  6.
i re iv ers
of En tra   Fine, Lager
Aerated , Waters.--
Bottled    Goods    a     Specialty.
1h.1t will p»y you to do so,
would ),e some stimulus to tht
mer coal trade;.
 o ■■"
I'M. H, K. Mtcnsghtce, 0/ McGill
WIME   GO., Ltd.
Wholesale   Dealers   and . Direct
;   ■„,    .'■ .Importeni of „,"ftl ._
P0MMCUY       ,
, schwtz mm
Sole, A fronts in Kni,t KnotPiniv for
WATKU''   ;'■,"'.. •"
EPS   .-
tutei, t'Lutirs
No Seedless l'liiim,
Apples, No CoIiImh Com
r*llslle   'varlotle'ii'  at"
No' Pitied
-just old
- leasoiiajili'
prices. Kertlll/.crs,' Hee S'liii|)llt»,
Spray ruinps, ftpraylng'Sfai'trial,
Cut Flowers, 'etc.'' OlilesT'estal)
llshed nursery on the mainland 61
B. C. 'Ch'talojjur Fri*cr,
Oreeiihoiises.' and Seed Tlouses.
Vejiconver, B, C. ' '
.P^S.—If your local merchanlK
•A) not handle my seeds, send
direct. We prepay fifty .packets,
assorted varieties of j;ar«Jeu veed*.
in St, papirs' ^uitteil stock), ' to
your nu rent \mi olHce hr'ii.Oa.
twenty psriiets lor 50c, trial col*
iMtlOM.   -	
Ice Cream
C Pair
•2  Pair
C  Pair
8  Pair
- Men's
, Men's
" Men's
. Men's
.Shoes   were.82.25
$1.75   ,
Shoes   were   $2.85
Shoes ■ wore   $f).00
$4.00       j
Shoes   were   $4,2'r>
-$3.25 ' "  .:
Shoes   woro   $.*J.',.r)
"■$2;7-5   ' ■,!
Slxifis   woro. $33
. $2.75.    '
W    R.    McDOUGALL
,' ,   .    .uif'Ii.i
Now that the  warm season
is here drop in and {jet a
nice dish of Ice-Cream
or a cool, ■refreshing'
soft drink at !-
McDougall & Co.
tJoi.f nnd am more than |ilc*xd with |i'aliersity. Vofltrcal. wrftfnx In the
xWgo.^TiMXiU*. _ Mother*  wJio    use  June nuinltr of The Cnandian' lfcfa-
that   Is
this   medicine    will    not regret it
Sold ly medicine dealers or Ly   mail
at 35c a l-ox from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockrllle, Oat.
lifts, inttoducei • subject
lowl, ****r or Uur.XoUns
plus fn tW r^tltlcw of (In DoWflloa
•..tla tfloulm ol
At the Yarmouth Y. JI, C. A. lays'
caMp, hi Id at TiiiU-t Falls in Au<?-
asoat l*»««ficial fur aunhunt, an Ini'
ttl.-ef f<t colic   and tooth.
Otoetst ^tertHnry.
^■*,___j__. J.f.^ „T*J7ZZW
'10 Consumptive
"   01 ..--.ii '1 '.i« ...
'i'h*, undersigned having. been restored to health liy simple ...meant,
after iuSering for sevrntl jean'with
a scvfcttt lung affection, and.that dmd
dieease COS'SUUPt/OK, !s . MUlous
to tnsVe Idiown to lit* felloe tuXPerers
the m*ani of cure, to those who desire it. he will cheerfully send (tret of
charjrt) a copy ol the prescription
used, which they will find a enre for
TAftlin, imONCHITIS aniUll throat
•nd lung MAkADIFW.' He hopes all
suilertrs will try this Setnedy, as it
is invalualile. Tliose d«airlaj>; the pre-
j-CTiplii*. which, will ooti tihmx.utK/flk'
log, and may prove a blesibif, (, will
please address
mv, kbta-rd a. wamnff
nvv* -
.Garden   Tools, Garden ..-Hose;.
Lawn Mowers, ;.Elc.' , -: ;*:;■
Screen Doors.Scrcen Windows
"U \'
J. D.
Hardware and Furititure
M«i«1*«ir«WW«»MH*MkM **.f*> *"M«
•1.1  '
■t t-
,.< ►'
A Good Way
ta> ple«M cardal housekeepers in to
give feoaut welgtt.. Ob, we "Wtaay
that till bntcliera ioo'i do.thli, but
we coJiMot help occuloauilly over-
htatimx our lady frieada when they
got .to Ullittf their experiencaa.
Another Good Way
to pleaae (a to tapply only tha best
meal. „If you trade with us yoawill
laam jtut wttat we mean by these
tw* "ways" QITALITV and QUANTITY will ba a little more than you
1.141— LJU1MIJ.AM
ft. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
PImu, SpeelfScationa aad Batl*
waUi (araiihed on application.
Plenty  of GOOD  OilV  LDM-
0. I. KP.IB.
Architect     soA Seew-riatMdeat
Office at Baafdaata.
fUMXA IbU • » WllllaV k% *%,
Meats, Egt^s, ButG'.er,
Poultry and Pislh ''
Why not try us'iiiiilho ronvlinvd Mini, wli.u Mn-j s;iy is Mm tnitli ?,■
Our priccii aro the most iviisniiiibU'
call at llie shop on Victoriu iiwniu*
in   l'crnii'.    Phoiu* No .| or
Dbminion IVieat Co. Ltd.
Phone No.' 4 ' Vlclorhi Avenue
• ii'i
We   have 'removed   on
Drugfl,    Stntionury,    Iuc,
^Icicle  of
llu* <"''stand
:iil/ 10 IIUU
The Bank of linmlltoii.  ivlit-ro wu will nn uhuhI Im
plcrasod to meet you.   Uciiuunliiti- -nnxi tu
Bank of H-amilftoii
The Palace Ururj Storo
Cabbage and Cauliflower
Plants for sale
Stocks, Astors nnd Tomatoes
strong plants
Prices Reasonable
.(t    -fHI
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Tln-ri' in -sijly tint* ]*lnoe In town
wlienvcti can Ki'tpond fcllnWe
pitidsin tnir liiid thuit ii'sat
w. a, .f.vflPAir, rmp,;' *;''
|»RC«f     9'.
VeraK % C, ' -
'    ■      ".''   ' 'BASEBAW/.,.
.C-.ljIary lias'had the swelling'taken
ouL'aiid has now. returned to' normal
••heid-^lr;;.s•;,. ' Its-much -lioaslcd-of ball
teaui' i'!*.' sakl" • anchored in "bottom
placii, in '-h<- Western Canada, ■; aiul
Manager Fidler has k-fL hot-foot, ioi"
Chica»o lo rop<!, iu a,.few of.the Cub
stars.  .     .
the fire, that brought aboot tfce worry which caused him to shoot hdta-
self. He was a straightiorward, dear
headed business. man,\but tie ^gaih*";
he' tried-'to handle in tne'Tkoith Smtf
iilm.st Ley und human;-' endurance. |An^
in the meantime, -with "the new' t*b- "
tied 0up as il is'; ..there is a period:ol
nuietnessin store for the ' subsidi
companies in which local people ai
interested. ■_,.,- ..
Last year'it was announced     thaij.
ihis season lots in. the-new 'towmsite
-Medicine   Hat has*' now a big' lead   wonlii lie placed on sale.   Now  Jt'*l*}
stated en the best of authority that
there ran be no sale this' year; for Uie
reason I h:it clearings has not advancf
ed far cnuUi-h. , The proposed''excursions 1, r w ou'id-be'purchasers of townj
site l,->ts in the north will certainly
not Le held  this season. ■ ,,   .   '
in" ihj. percentage column of' the West
. ern; Canada league;.,    and, will  likely
hold it until llie crash comes. This.
' league, has1 had lo pick up'a new see-
'/etary so soon and the president,was
' forced to talk   about  salary-limits in
-order to keep the ball rolling lor thv
•se'aaoa.    .       ' ;"-    '"'*"' - '—-— .j
Coleman .is to have a lioscball 1 U.is the same'old game. The pec4
. ituuruasneut on Dominion-Day. as .well' pie are asked to finance-the bigrail-
c, ;as oUm*i" sports, 'lhe' pii/.u package ,way and then the railway set about
.•■lor baseball-, is t-uolud at Sioo*. Gnincinji ' the. people in every' con-.
■.';vUttre.sholm  and   llie': l^thbrihge naia- (i-eiva! le Way.   ',-\ :'
„-.icur u'lins will be iu attendance, and i,   Rake oil's   from'  the  head  all   along
iif it is possible to pump enough, in7(lo^n'tllc lin'' ,is' the  rule,  and when
•itrgy,  sporting  blood  and enihusiasin ;ihe.ro.id is-built the people who get
into  the l-'eruie bunch' they  will pull   'lie government to furnish them credit upon whichAlo operate'have
;down  that huudred  tbadskins ou llial
■■■ ;iday. at Caleuian.   A meeliug for that
:  ", jpur|Joee "will be held at  the Napanee
*:itotel on Monday evening al S o'clock.
The bartenders have at last plucked
. mp enough ,' -Dutch" courage to accept'
.' iiiedeli of the    printers'   aggregation
'ai baii-uiufiers,. and a game has been
-•arranged, for." next Wednesday   at 5
©Clock for the gate receipts. -This
. .-will  undoubtedly prove one    of    the
moat successful burlesques of thesea-
' "st"**Ba it is well, known that the bar-'
tenders are overloaded with clowns,
:' C'j*7«iau-3 aiid bad boys, but the
,' printers,, according to authorities on
-.'late mutter, are no small' lish , ihcni-
' selves >»ii tliuliae or the water iiue.
;,^,.t BMas the show at the Racrea-
^lUk kioiads taexi Wednesday u 5
,.'fP*u. _, 6
••',   ' IHB RING.-;
Squires, ia still     floating    around
.   America undetached. ;  No one    seems
'"'aamoua to haiig his scalp   to .their
•jlcoraet «trjnga foi fear, he is'a second
|!"Bqd Fit/simmons from,-Australia.
"Uuder and Mulliu are. matched to
■ imeet   at 4 Calgary in ,a 17-round   go
-•'(during exhibition .week', "j.auder got
■itae decisio«"at titeirK last. meoting   of
'■•!ji5 rounds, bui'Mulliu was only, get-
-jjtia^f; jjfsUo .Ute game when it was over."
•VlFernie sports are now looking for =„'a
'•'■:&»*."'of about    135 pounds to meet
-TLauder here.
u t~is-repprtea*uiSt ^fiaisliH*TipT
Will-be" pulkd  off-in Fernie   shortly
•*'sflC ft side     bet; of a bottle of milk,
"; Wiasssr, to take aU.   * Bob Moore   is
/.'backing his "14% lb. .champion against'
> Billy Mills' 12%. lb. bantam, and this
.-, will prove a  more  interesting
'taan-any. yet held.   Admission
:j l*e one .safety
1 ceded in operating" that same public
through such, schemes _ as those "above
iudic.itiil. I'/dmoulon wastheld-.up ;a
few mouths ago for a heavy bonded
debt fur which they got only' what
naturally belonged'to them'.'' »_'
And still there is lots'of space used
ih the press to "dilate upon the inconsistency of, ihe SocieJints {demand for
an evening up, of opportunity.   .   "V
Taken, When he. Heard it waa; a Boy.
If you wish a high-class hair
dressing, we are sure Ayer's
Hair Vigor, new improved formula; wiirgreatly please;you.
It keeps'-;the ,,iiair soft aad
smooth,'makes it look rich tad
luxuriant;'prevents splitting at
the ends. .And.it keeps the
scalp free' from dandruff.
Does not change the color of the hair.
formula wlthMoh bottte j
9     Bhow it t» jroox
'- dootor
Ask Mm abea* tt, I
than do ft* b* uy* I
At the same time the new Ayer'a Hair
"iVigor is a strong hair tonic, promoting
the growth;of the hair, keeping all the
tissues of the hair and scalp in a healthy
%condition. The hair stops falling, dandruff disappears. A splendid dressing.
——Jbd* by tha 3.0. A?*r Co., Lam],"
L.   P.   Eckstein
' Barristkb-at-Law, Solicitor
Rooms 1 & 8, Henderson block, Fernie, B? C.
F. C. Uwa.7. Alex. I. Fisher, B.A.
Laroe  & Fisher
barristers; solicitors; etc.
Crow'a   Neat    Trading    Co,    Block,
Fernie, B. C. />   '
, Ross & Alexander   \-
"   .    KEKNIK,:il. C.       '
Oltlcc in  I.; T.'W. niook, Victoria Avenue.
NOTICE     „
NuTll'K is iiereby Riven tlmt thirty iilnyq
, iilter'itule the followink' persons' inland
iipiilyiiitf tb l!iu Chief Commissioner of Liunls
snd.Worko ut Victoriu, H.C., for licenses to
prospect for coal und uutroleum on the following ° ..described luiula. situate in "Block 4.W0
lying on tlio west side ofHreat Northern ruil-
William Tuttle has been appointed
as a j-aine, warden for tAe Fernie district. A game warden, is much' needed in this > riding., Indians camping
on St;. "Joseph's creek have killed.v a
iar_>« number:.of grouse;\and;an introduction to a police magistrate
would lie the proper thing,. accotn-
panied with' a7fine3_sufficieat-to • pre^.
All Rugby football players in Fer-
nia aro laqocatcd to attend a meet-
'; i% . for or^aniaition in Gladstone
i:' Union lull Monday evening next at 8
;)o'clock' sharp.- If you have played
' .Rngby be sure to be on hand.    ,
rfSfliii Creek Rugby' players arc still
. «calUfUg up this ollice in reference   to,
>ttba$ game    with Fernie.   The    Coal
i^Cretk   boys have a     nice way with
1 them and will play any old gaum so
'»lolg us it is'good sport.   What ules-
: litou they n teach Ferule.
1     ■" —o .    '
Yitncotiver,  June  1 .—-Prince  Rupert
Is tit the prcsiui     time' the deadest
y village on the Pacific coast. Business
< kdtx not altogether atopixed, Imt Uic
■"' p<M pie, who are living there aro put-
■'« itag in time these days waiting for
-'> aoaaetUag to bapiM-u. The .suicide of
vt Mr. B. G. Russell, the first executive
■ -.' utgmt of the Grand Trunk-l'aciiie in
'.tl list west, was siinpl-y an outward
'-\taark of tbe general coniusion of the
<'.\ •ituutio>,
- '* - Today 300 .Miopia are living in the
.'VlUaga; when the laat steamer kit
■ 'lot Vancouver. 50 of these were cti.
!<i iganad ia clearing land. The others
tit-alis naaialiiig. in local surveys or look-
^ts\g 00.
:>*   Ifce failure ol     Uic representatives
. <4 tha    cotnpaay   to comu to terms
? Willi the InilimnH for a imrt of Kaien
'* taluad for towailte purpoNcs is blam-
"I ad for u. good deul of the delay. And
>'i tke liaxgftiai with tlia natives stunds
.'</ i* much the some position as it did
A U0 month-* ago. It Is just as likely
-('a* not to continue in the same posl-
*> tloa for another year, though the ru-
vi otttt understanding that was come to
'•I wish the provincial government may
• aaalst the situation.
^   Sabaidiary    companies   in    which
frieajda of the Grand Trunk l'ucific and
' <Wj*"»rr.«*nt a?c stccVUel'U'.-:   f.a \
■'< dirairtnta hnitdle *.v».rylhln_r    that    \«.
' worth handling within many mileii of
'' 1'riaca Unjiert.  This fs true of   the
' ecaatmaKinl, as well aa the mil    es-
- tataalde of tha question.  There is a
»iij*jr>1» friwj>iaijf j«r jv*iVi»f_   _...,_,t\,.:-
• for provisiow, ahd bo on. and these
•■ coitrol all tht l-nslneas.   It is Mated
that for the. privilege nf handling any
• kisd of a liuaineaa project at Prince
; ftvpatt, 4$ par cent, of the profits
fata   pulled   down by the  companies
-.' -waich have tha korthcru l>nsjtuss in
■* haai- Ur. Ansaell, atnet his mr..-VHl
'tlaean the pt-aitlo* of executi** e^cnt
'"■aJtlto railway company, had his
UtsU fall of the sBtln ot tlaac *nb-
afikiy cf«nt«i8i*s of which he was
a dJtaetor, awl it WuM ^ uagtts of
Hk« he had ao many for
ncantsrt of rauaweaito! irons   in
wiiy.;froin Morrissey to Cedui- Valley timber
limits, Snutheust. Kootonuy'*, British Cohimlilft.
Commencing utii post, plunted ut. the north
east noriier of Jsuhc Waldron's claim, thence
running north 80 chains, tlienno west, 8(1 chiiins,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to ptnee of commencement, containing 'f>40
acres, more nr less.
.'     -' .'        - TSAAU WAI.DIION, IjilClltor.
" .    .A. W.Bki.ukn, Agent. "
May 7 1IVI7    ; '■
Commencing ut a post planted ut the southeast corner of F. P. McCormick's claim, run-
ning^south 80 chains, tlience west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, making (140 acres,
more, or less. -
■' '-     .    *       ' F. P. McCormick. Locator.
A. W. Belden, Agent,
May 7,1Q07. i -   ■
. Commencing at a post planted at the northeast cornerof Peter GilcliriBt's claim, thence
running north 80 chains, thenoe west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,'
to place of commencement, making (540 aores,
more or less. .
Pktkr Gilchrist, Locator:
- A. W Bki.dkn, Agent-«
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast corner of H O. Ouilliand's claim, thenco
running south 9) chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, making C40 acres,
more or less.. '
H. O. Gim,T.iANn, Locator.
A. W. Bei.den, Agont.
May 7.1007,   ,
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast.coiner of B.1 K. Palmer'B claim, thence
running south 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains,
thenco nortii 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, making (M0 acres,
more or less,
„ 1$. E. Pai.mkh, Locator
May 7,V.K)7       . .      „•;_ A. W Bei.dkn, Agent
Commencing at a post pltintod at tho north-
oast corner of Jerry Haves' claim, thenee
running nortii 80 chains*, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenco east 80 chains
to place of commencement, making (HO acres
more or less.'1 . -   ,  .
"■"-■■      ' -       ■ Jerky Hayes, Locator
May 7,1!I07.-   . /   ■ A. W. Bei.den, Agent -
J. Barber*, ub.s., n.n.s.,
L T.
W     Rlock,   opposite tlie
Ollict,' hours—811.n1  to Kp.m.
W, J. Wrfelesworth, D, D. S;
Ofi.-iok Houiisi-        F 'Kito 12 a, m. 1 to ii p, m
CM to « v.in,   ■
.     . Ollice in Alex. I. ".k's liioc.lt   ,      [j_
-,    over Slum's llnkprr.
II. I'KH..   ' A.\VlI.l»IAN
Contractors and Ruildors
Estimates Furnished
Residence—Corner I lowland* Ave. atid
McEvoy St.
av*,-v%^%%%^ -vavajk^vvkV-^v
?■ Xhe ;:J
Elk   Lumber Co;
.   flanufacturers  of
„ Flooring
v     Siding
Lumber •&
All our   stodc ■ is   last    year's
out anil well seasoned
i, %&% ->V%^ -*. mk>wS%i%?%*,
Hotel, Hosmer
1**   p ^
Open'May 1
Everylliing_  new. and
P.O.-Box 35s
Fernie, B. C.
*    Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers.
Chas. Gilbert
7   .    "' Tonsorial .'Artist
Only Union Barber  Shop in. the-city
anil work here is done in first class'
style and'at reasonable prices.
vent further depredations.   "' '-',
1 Twenty-five years -ago "ffim. Tuttle,
was hunting _.gatne in the wild "and
wocly wt-sL .with ' Teddy the Great.
Twiniy years ago he waa hunting
"Ijadmea" in Montana with his
brother,, the sherifi. Ton years ago l>e
was hunting fickle dajne forttane with
liiepioatecK of the Crow's Neat Pass.
'Joday he occupies the proud position
01 f.'aie warden in the province of
his adoption.—Victoria* Week.- ' '
"  o
lcthbridge was made a divisioauil
point on the Crow line laat Saturday, the 1st, and hereafter, eagtaeai*
will ■ cluing* at that place itsatcad 'of
nt Macleod. R, R, JamiesoB' ia sttp-
er.atendi-nt of weateru -lines,': with
headquarters , at Calgary. J. I^w-
iciice is ;iupcvintcndcntof district No.
1, comprising Calgary to Swift Cnr-
r.-ut nnd Mulicinc Hat to' I/Bthbridgi.
G. Erickgon will lie Buperintcndiot of
the Crow from I.ethbrld_je to the
ifiindiag.' '■',. ■ •.
Tho Victoria Week cornea to us 0
little Letter, a little brighter, a lit-
.le liirger each vtcb.... The illustra-
1 cits nre growing in numlier, and ini-
i'^ix-f in.iiuality The Waok of lute
hia drawn to itself a great deal -of
fuvnrai.il' nttenllon on ncconnt -of .Uie
serls nf very ably written artlclcH
upon Die banking situation in this
province, and nioi-e es|*«clally *s [I
nffects Victoria. The Week is a welcome wevkly visitor.
Ka«|i llluard'a I.laimtnt in Uu hoMa*
 : _. i..._jJkli
Commeiicii k at n post planted at tho south-
oast ijorr.er of W. H. Hlophson's claim,- thonce
runninu'south 80 chains,thenco wost fill chains,
Ihcncc north 80 chains, thonco oast 80 chains
to place of comm'encemont. _
"   -■     '• W. H.Stki'iison, Locator
May 7,1!W7 ". LA "W. Bki.dkn, Acont
CommoiK'lnirat a jiost piant'edat tho southeast cornor of Robt.K. Neil's ohiim,thonco run-
nlnsr nortii 80 chains,, tlionoo- wost. 80 cliuins,
thence south 80 chains,tlience east 80 ohains to
plnoo of commoncomoiit, mftkiiiR 640 nores
more or less,,-..-. j-,", -•      .■.';••
':"  i-  Ttonr JC Nkii., Tjocator
May 7, 1!W7        ■ .--„'."-' -A. \V. ])KM)KH, Agent -
Commenoiiifr at a po'stnlanted lit tho south-
oast corner of Freomnn Snow's claim, thonce
running south 80 cliuins,thonoo wost 80 ohains,'
thonco easterly 80 ohains,. thenco north.80
ohains to placo of oommonoomont. makini;
(MO acros moro or loss.
Frkeman Snow, Looator
May 7,1007   _ . A, W. nur.nEN, Agent-
Oimmonoihg nt a post planted at the north-
(last oornor of G Vv. Patch's oliilm, tlionco
running north 80 ohains, thoiina west 80 cliuins
thonoo sontli 80 chains, thonco unit 80 chains
to placo of oommonflomont, making 040. ucros
mora or less,
Geo, VV. Patch, hoimtor
May 7,11.07 A \V. Hbmif.n, Agont
Coinmonoing At aunst planiod at tlio north-
mint corner of J. R.Kulllnwulcr's claim, thonco
running norlli Hi) chains, thonco wont 80
ohains, thonoo south 80 chains, thent'o oastKn
olitiins to place nl.comnioiioomoiit, imiking
Mu nows, maro or loss,        :.-..■ >■
J. 11  KllI.MNWIDKIt,  liORIltor
May 7,1IKI7 A. W. IIKI.iikn, Agunt
Oommeiuilng ut ti port, planted nt I ho southeast cornor of M Miller's claim, thonco run-
ning south 80 ohniiis, thonco west 80 ohains,
thonce north ftiohfitiin, theiVoe cast 80 ohiiins,
to plune of commiincuniAiit, making iHfl unroH
mnru or Ions, ,,
M, Mlllor. Ijocator
Uiiy7,llM>7 A. \V, Uuhlen, Agont
(Jommiinclng 111, a post planted at thn north-
oast oornor of .1, il, Wil mot's claim, thonco
running north till clmiiiK, thonoo wost ho
cliuins, thencu Houth Witihaliw, tlinniio oust hii
ohains to place of cnniniomiomont, milking
iilOiicriisinoroor less,
.1. H. Wllmot, Locator
Mny 7,ltio7 A, W. D0M011 Agent
Commencing ut 11 post planted at tho north-
oust oornor of Thornton Wlinatluy's claim,
tliuiiciiriiiinliigsoiil.il Ho chains, thonco wost.
H M'lmlns, thoiico nnrlli Ho chains, thonco oiut
Mii'lniliis liipliico nriKiiuinciicninoiit.
Tlim 11I1111 WliAi1l.l11.V11.'iciitnr
May 7,1IM17 A. W, lloldun, Agent
^*|k ^u *_^ -aans4**LJ tatal Intft assl 4*UI Itf     a*hd ■bdawl ^^^^|^^^^ ^^^^^^ ua
Bji8R!B8S 5^/77 *H5fi
Made from pure, grape cream of tartar
' 1 ■
Makes home baking easy. Nothing
can be substituted lor it In making,
quickly and perfectly, delicate hot
biscuit, hot-brea-ils, muffins, cake and
pastry. Insures the food against alum*
, **i -
Look for  Card  in  Window <
Every accommodation
for the public.
Bar stocked w-ith the
finest in the land
ff=.        LA-BELLE-
 i|M                                                             '
-.' ' " :
... (Formerly the Owl)'   '     ' '
i   „       ■ •„".' '■'       ■   -   o1
. The  Owl   Restaurant
. which has, "recently
. will be more completely
up-to-date than has
been the case in" the
past.    The    new  pro-
» prietors,
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
will be pleased to "meet
, the old patrons and also new ones at .the old
,  stand. ' _.
Best of
Ecery attention.
Rooms reseroed by toire
Watch it Increase.
All  you   have  to,,
do  with „ a  Savings   Account   is  to  start  it  and '"
I keep  it' going—then,   watch   it   grow.    Doesn't
y take long  for  it  to  count  up  to  a considerable *;'
[ amount—then  you  see  the   advantage—the  wis- '.
* dom  of saving.     . -
\ $1 Ops an Account with The Home Bank of Canada
7 J.n.   MARSHALL,   Mgr.,   ..      Fernie   Branch    '  *&
? • ■■*■■■.■-■   4
B. X. WALKKR, President
AJUEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. B. ISELAJVU, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Brandies Uiroughout Canada and in the United States and
iness may be transacted by mail with any branch
Bank. Accounts may. be opened and depoadta
msv&e or withdrawn by mail. Every attention ia paid
to out-of-town accounts. -      ,
F<E»r nie   Branch G. S.   Holt,   Miuiafirer  ~
IUndertakers L Embalmersl
H . ' AGENTS   FOR ,; ;jj|
"Sj The   Calgary   Marble .&   Granue  Works^       ,«*
M,        The . Kootenay    Marble    Works,    Nelson .fJU
■^ Samples Can be Seen at the Office." Parlors in Lundy's Block j|
A pleasant  home  for the
traoeller.   e
T. H..WHELAN : Proprietor
rtVNi.i'sis   OK   CANAIUAN   NdllTII-WKS'i
Conl,— CNnil Iiiii'Ih limy Im pur'i|iHni>il at *rln
nm- licit) Ini' Knfl, iiml uiiil i2» fur. inilliriii'llH
Nut monitliim .'li'U iiiiihh ('ini Im ni'i|nlr(iil li.v
nun iiiillvlili'iil in- I'lniipiinv, Iloyiilty ut tliu
riltii of tun mints pur ton or 2,m\ ikmmmN hIiiiII
Im nilli'itli'il on tin. uwni mil imt,
(Jiiurt.it—A In1" uiliinr's ciTtllli-nlti in criiiilncl
llpmi iiii.viiiiint in lulviiiii-i'ol'^i iKiriiiini'in for
uu liiillvliluiil, uml li0111 .,-,'in iii.>lim i ttr jiiiitt<in
for u i!(iiii|iini,viK-cdnllnx In cii|iltiU,
A frmi inliinr, liiivlnir•llnnnvmiKl iiilnnnil In
|mh(>oiihii1v lofiitti n cliilin I,■'■''ix l/^mfict.
'I'lm fnu for ronni-illiiK 11 iiliiim i* th.
At lUllht lllKI III llNt llll (lX|IUIIillnl on   tlm cli.(in
(iiu-liyimror pulil (o tin. inlnhnf rui-onlur In
llmi llit'i-iiof, Wlion *■'''«i lius iiiuiii nqioiiilwl oi
pulil, the locator mny, iiimiii linvliiti a mii-'/n.v
iiiiiiIii, uml upon cninplylim wil li ollior ru-
i|iilnimiiiiU,pMr(iliiiiiii tlm litmlnttl an iicru.
Tliu piltmil |M'oviilt'» for tlio puymi'iil of it
ro.vnlty ofHJpir ci'iit on tlm hiiltm,
, I'i.achiiiiiIiiIhh <:liiiiii» Kciumilly inn liiifi-iit
hi|iiuro; (miry fi'i; r'i ri'iiiiwiililnyiiiiily,
A friin nilimr into olitnln two Iihimi« to
iIiihImi' for ittilil of II \n inlli-.it'iirli lorn tiirin of
ttt-iuity v«Mr>i nini-«ulilii nt. tlio illhiinitloii of
liu Mliiihti-r ot tlio Interior.
Tint Iiii.mii »liull liuwi ii iIivIku In oimriilIon
wltlilli onn ^Hinoii from tluitliiUi of tliu luiimi
for Miuli llvi. inilil... Idtiitiil «pi {inr iiiinniii for
i;rti:li lullii ill rhir Iihm:-I, Ilujnlly at tlm
rato of 2S purr.nit rullivtuil iill lluiiHltpn
tor II iixi'iii'i|4nlii,i«'>.
f|iilt af.
W. W. COttEY.
Daputy llialatcr of tha latarior.
N.   ll.-UifapitholriMtl  j*tV>HovU«i  oi
ikia advertiaemeat will aot be paid
50 Good Woodsmen \vantcd hy
Tho Kllr Linnhor
Co. Apply at tlio
Office or at Hoh-
The Elk lunte Co., ltd.
Fernie. B. C
wp   '      a|»
■yevnte, 3B. Q.
<|r    «f»
11 O T E L
I'luli-r iittt uiiinii^t'iiiL'nl
Well ftirrilHl'iiifl moms.   TIicUWoIh
HUp|)ll(ul with tho bust tlio markot
iiil'onlH.   Tlii! bar in sapplind
with tin* fx-ht wines, H-
«ju<jrn mul ciffars.
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Train Leaves
F • "      ■" ' .for. *;• "
St. Paul, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Seattle, Vancouver, and  Coast points
7:30 a. m.   Daily
Kxceiit Suiidny
Close Connections at Seattle for Victoria
the best wny io visit. I he coast and save lime
Tor psirtinilars full on or address
II, I... IlLACKSTONR, ArI„ Feniic
Allan Line
Direct   Survlco
Dublin Exhibition
Hiiiiiniui'. Hnlllii(*"H
MontnMil  mul ()ik>Im**' Io
VlctoriaJi    (tarblni,    n.ooo    tonn)
loaliin    (twin   screw,   v,'**)   tons)
Vkgtalaa    (tnrMna,    13,000    ton-*)
Taaiilas* (taria Krew, 10,576 tons)
JUIiY 13
Sit loon, $l).ri itml iiiiwunlH; Si-coiul
Uiihln, $!"».«); Tliinl ('liiss, *}.i»7.«i
itml upwui'ilH, iicwtnliin' tn sicjuni'i'.
Summer Excursion Rates
"•■'•I'liU* to
I'oil  Ai'lluir
SI. I'oi.l
Sioux City
St. I.ouls Soo. L'liir--i(,ro .•"■'>■, lllliiwii
■f;s-''5,v TomiilH $78.50. Monlivnl
■fN-l-   Si. John $i)4-   Iliilifnx $101.80.
On Sale June 6, 7, aiul 8
I'irsi Cl,is«i Iv.miihI Trip 90 Day (.imi
('•nit*.|ifiixlliiir r«>ilnrt|niiM friun nil KiintiniiiA'
imliiK,   Tickfit. hvkIUIiIi. for Uknrouln
llwlllilllic infinta HI1.I l.lrMi" "II   'it I'i.
' "Umiilert.    Tlirouuli r»tn»
ijuni'«i< (1) »ny »rnn..l,
• 'i.inrin. *vui.lnv  or  UMfltlnn. Trovl
TheA. Macdonald Co
(IIt.-J Ollitc. U'itui!(,ici;)
Hr.incliM—V'iinrouver, .Velwjn, Fcmie,
liAmoiiion, Mu,. X.1 Kt-oor^, Oflt.
Fertile, B. C.
U'liolv'siitc   Ciiotuik"*,   riour,   VtxASi
Camp Sup{»!w>
Mcxlorati*   Unto Kiip-icn
M(JNTJ(KAIi    und     yi'.'KMW;    to I
(Direct) I
lfatoriaa lane ioi
Rtclliaa. lime »?;,
V tt'„ .f      ,''
Mo"'«r,,«' J,,,y "! \iCU3
One cIhha cabin $10, ildnl <:l;i-.s!'ii>...V)
For ri'wtrvatlon of Ik-hIih and  lull
imrtlcnlar apply to
tt KKAMN'O.       W. U. ALIAS
G P. It Ant      (ion. Ajg. Th(t nwnw hM mwM 4
wmwij v  '•' ^o all kimla of ri*pnlrlnjf and
.1. .*» UAKTKH. 11. l'.A.,N«Uiin.
It. KKAIUMi. Ami.. CrmU
Shoemaker Shop
«'|,|,. I'. liuniitVCo'a olllco)
orwrioisr  HiAiaiai-.
.Orow'»    Nest   Spoctat :
now wflrk
B«n Giqliotti
 » a." mi|lil,i"inrw»iwii'ii|»i!liuii|iiiiii
MlM'p-'t PavoHte
cioaJi Advcrtisfe in Ihe ledger
■* '■■•a;?'..- - b-Wy.k»:*^.i-»Jj"»j\-1
If a body takes u l>ody out behind a roan,
If a body meet a body need a body groan ?
idi« has liis lassie sittiiiR on liis lap
And soma'bodyt'elis abody need he care a rap?   needs wulcllieg.
Miss Gates, sister of Alderman J..L.
Gstes, left for Harriston, Out., Thursday evening.'-* ■ ■• ■        ■
When lhe man who is to be watched
wants lo name the watcher lhe watcher
Dr. , Bell; of Cranbrook, passed
througlrfrom Gateway bound for Cranbrook yesterday.
Kobas left
be gone a
V and ^is
Chas. Gilbert
. Tonsorial  Arti-st   ,
Simon Dragon and John
for New York yesterday, to
few weeks on a holiday.
Mrs. W. J. Blunilell wenl'east on the
C.P.R. on Thursday for a vacation al
her old home in Petrolea, Ont."
Mr. H. M. Davies left Thursday
morning for Spokane, where he intends
.angaging in mechanical engineering.
' Peck's Bad Boy was in town Tuesday
night. He was bad all right,' and there
was a full, house to.witness the badness.
,*J. Bruce Brown passed through the
city last Tuesday morning en roule
from Portland, Oregon, to Cranbrook.
D. Robinson, of Michel, a brother of
Mrs. Hugh Bell, came down on yesterday's train. He is just recovering, from
a severe illneas..
Thomas While leaves in the morning
for the coast, where he goes to represent
Mount Fernie flodge 1.0 O.F. at the
•  annual,Grand Lodge meeting.
Mr. Rudniscki,,of theeHome bank,
has purchased of Mrs. G. G. S, Lindsey
the property on Victoria Avenue in
which Mr. Meikle now resides.
Mayor Bonnell lefl Thursday .morning; for-the coasl, to'begone several
days. ' While away he will  attend, the
annual meeting of lhe Masonic  lodge.
, i.'
George Clapp of lhe C.P.R. station
stalf left . last   Monday for Nanaimo to
attend the annual convention of the I.
O.O.F. which meets at that place next
.. week/       ''
, J. R.^ Wallace and bride returned to
thecily Thursday morning. They were
married in Winnipeg last Tuesday and
will settle down in Fernie with lhe good
wishis of a large circle ol" friends,
J.   McLean,   superintendent   of  the
cone ovens.' lefl lor Winnipeg on  Monday evening,   -Me goes lo secure  coke
oven o laborers  as  (here  seems to be a
'shortage of men for lhat line of work.
A yard switchman, named Percy
Slringall," was killed in the yards
' , at Cranbrook Wednesday. His foo'
was caught in the frog, which held
him like a vice^and several curs .passed
over him, killing him instantly.'      -,    ■
• Although bowling is bowling along
il has not taken all lhe tennis players
away from that pleasant, game. The
. first game of tennis was played on lhe
park grounds on Thursday, and was
wit ne'ssed, bv a large crowd of spectators.
Miss Armstrong of Leduc
arrived in town last Tuesd
visiting friends in the city.
' ..Miss Anderson of the postoflice staff
lefl Thursday evening ou a visit to her
Ontario home in Sarnia.
Are we to have another shipment of
outside talent lo take'positions oh the
p.).ice and tire departments?
Mrs Lindsay, Master Jim, and Miss
Martin leave on Wednesday next for
Toronto, where they will, spend the
summer. ..  ,
J. B. Turney left a day or two ago
oyer the G.N. bound for Colorado.
He will return in a few weeks with his
bride elect. ,
Arthur H. Cree of this city was married to Muriel Suddaby at Berlin, Ontario, last Wednesday? . The newly
married couple will make Fernie their
future home. «
Only*Union Barber Shop iu -the city
and work here,is done in first class
style and at reasonable prices.
Look for  Card  in  Window
Pickles   Pickles f
Express and Baggage Transfer
Draying of all kinds   done
Telephone "57 or call a
We have just received a fresh consignment of Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles,
Sauces' and Jams. See our window for
the finest assortment of the above goods
ever exhibited in Fernie.'
Pay cash, live.on the best,and,enjoy life.
Crow's Nest TradineCo Ud
Fernie, B. &
Small savings on   each purchase  aggregate hi a very short time into big
lank  bills.    Secure for  your  dollars=
the best values obtainable by allowing"
'us to cater to your wants.
Office :   Northern Hotel
Pernio, B. C.
.,   Pd—42
.   The C.P.R'.:
=£: J n (_•*_. r) q [•= / \ 1 \== J-l *i *
ire preparing.
to put a
ripy=-irai ii-
nex! . week. This sleeper will leave
Fernie daily except'Saturday and lea\-c
Calgary daily exci-pi .Sunday for Fernie.
This will be.a great convenience, to the
travelling; public net ween here and Ca!
gnry.  ', " .
, A very pleasant evening was spent
by a'number of young people at the
home of Mr. .'IcMullen last-Tuesday in
honor of Miss Polly, sister of - Airs.
McMullen. Miss I'elly leaves Fernie
in °a few-days accompanied by Mr,
McMullen, who will visit his old home
on Okanaftan lake.
Captain MeDougall, of the steamer
Alhabaska, plying between Fort William and Owen Sound, died very suddenly 111 the latter placo day before
yesterday, ' Captain Mi-Dnugall was
one of the oldest commanders in the
service of tlie C.P.R., and was a most
efficient and trusted .officer.
The Italian hand are preparing to
give a smoker on the 201I1 instant;
This is sure to .be a successful affair,
and the best of music will be provided.
This band is a credil lo the cily, and as
they do not often ask for assistance this
opportunity should be taken to |>ive
them a substantial recognition of their
merit as a hand.
The'enterprising proprietor of the
Australian hotel ai Morrissey, Mr. J. Ii.
Sloven*.', lias hung up a $25.00 prize to
hu given lo the man who catches the
largest fish .between Fernie mid lilko
this season, Remember, no'fish story
goes. The real fish must he on exhibition in tho I'ernie'drug store window.
Curricle, Black, Spalding, Hanvood
and Ringwald ure nil in on the contest,
hut they tire not the only Ushers in the
swim, and everybody will have a show
at Mr. Stevens' $25.00 reward.
Tomorrow is decoration day for the
1,0.0.1". all onr tlie American Cumin*
on I. Kveryu'hi're tin* brethren of lhe
order will turn out and march to the
C(Miieterie» and docoriiu* with flowers
the graves of Jvpaitud brothers. The
nu inhvi's (if„Mmini Karii'ie Lndgu will
assemble ut their hall tomorrow it! 3
' o'clock and inarch to the ivinetery, ami
after holding .1 shorl nervicc decnruie
lhe graves of rieivaseil Oddl'i'llmvs wlio
are sleeping iln* i"<*>l long sh-op. The
citv band will lead lhc piwossii'ii,
J. (iusiy of the I'. Huriii comp,tny rv
lurnt-d from a trip over llu* Crow as far
\vi*M as ('roMon yesterday. Mr, (lusty
is kept ijuilo busy iln-ie d,i\»as In- ha-,
charge of nil llie shops along lln- Ciow
v.hich inx'cssiuu-. I'lViiueiit trips over
Ihe line. He was down at Waldo and
|j.i\ut.-i l..ii<i'•■ lew u.i)s ago ainJ Mu-p
■'7 , ..tl'., 11 ii >1 u-'Ij " 7j IL- ' 1..«;.',.
sep.irnh-d in "onn- way froin his master,
who had to return without him, but
Sliep w.tH only a d.iv or two behind on
llu* return trip. Hi' arrived home with
vi-rv •Kin.- lei-i, evidently having tr.tvfl«-d
on a lie piii*.
Tiler-,! will he an interesting meeting
«)f the Ivpwoiih league Monday ni|'hl
nt which the tonip.ir.tlivc advantage*
and disadvantages nf married mid
single Yixc wi" he di->nissi.'d. Ay no
ui.iftit.l n.in i.'-n!.! '■■-. ;...ica! wlio w.t*
willing lo iliiiinpion lln- tn.irritd state
of c»i.Icii't, (lie h.u fi-U'r '1 iy> a ill uu-
del lake tiii'li.'iiij'io/i double lilo-.t.'Jues-.
while iho>«* who .ire in lhc "know" on
I'u'-iiiiji''t wiU midcrl.ikt* lo slm« just
how ijjrikir.nit tin: averaj;1' Kichcltir is
atom: mslriinoiii.il lines. A*, is tin;
iitisioui in such <.»*><■-», the ladic*. will
have Uic ..i»k ->.t> .«>..! m-iII uuUe tlte
Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson wish
to express the thanks of Mrs. Jennings
and themselves lo their friends for their
kindness during the illness and death of
Mr Jennings.   ' '     0 "   ,
, Rev, H. Lashley Hall arrived home
last night froni his conference trip, and
will be in his usual place tomorrow
mcrning,, when' he will.speak of the
work-done at Vancouver.
W. H. Evans will deliver a lecture
Sunday evening in the Miners' Hall at
lhe. regular meeting of the'Socialists,
Circle No. 17, > Mr. Evans is a forceful
speaker, and will draw a good audience.
Mr.-and Mrs. Harding Mills and
children, long residents of. Fernie, left
over the C.P.R.. yesterday to take up
their residence in Vancouver. Their
many'friends wish ihem well iri*their
new venture. '   '
. Mrs. Tuggins and son, of Leduc
Alto., have been visiting Mrs. Telford
during tiie week. , Mrs. Telford' and
family'accompanied Mrs. Tuggins on a
pleasure trip to Sirdar yesterday-returning today, ■-
James Orr, of Wishaw Scotland, arrived in town yesterday morning, and
has taken a position in Mr Gilbert's
union barber shop. Mr,Orr is a union
man, and came just in time to fill the
want in Mr Gilbert's growing business.
Gladstone Union, which has been
meeting ,011 Sunday night, will meet
tonight in lhe Miners hall, and Saturday night will be the regular meeting
night for Fernie in future, and the Coal
Creek meetings will be held on Sunday
night.-.?     .   .       •      . .    *   .
Poler Palierson, International board
of the Alberta Government Commission
which i.s investigating the conditions of
labour, etc., in the mine's of that province, and also took part in the settlement at .Lethbridgc.
"Rev R. Skelding Wilkinson left on
Monday morning for Vernon, Where he
will attend a meeting.of Ihe'Synod. He
will,also attend-a-meeting of the Cleri-
i-iis al Vancouver before returning'." In
consequence of his, absence there will
be no services in Christ Church tomorrow. * -'
R. W. Wood returned from Victoria
Monday. He left Mrs. Wood and
Master Jack iit the Oak Bay hotel, a
beautiful s"poi al Victoria, wh<*re they
are breathing salt sea air und enjoying
oneof the grandest stretches of scenery
to he found anywhere in a province full
of scenery. Mount Baker rears its lofty
head high in the air lo lhe north-eusl,
and the great Olympic range stretches
away lo llie west just across the gulf,
If Master.Jack could live on scenery he
would he over fed where he is.
Rev I, C. Williams, the new pastor
of the Baptist Church, is a young man
of western experience, and comes well
equipped to lake up the duties of liis
new charge The Ledger received it
call from hin*. yesterday, nnd it learned
that Mr Williams is thoroughly acquainted wilh British Columbia, and
full of reminiscent knowledge of the
"sea of mountains.'' He had until n
month or two ago been pastor of tho
llaplist Church al Rapid City for three
years, going from there to Winnipeg,
im J tlience to his new field ut Fernie.
t         —o "■
Tha Klk river Iuin a tllRiigrooablo
wny nf ('Imiijrlnn Hu bed. It dlil this at
lloHinnr thn oilier Any, leaving tho ii(*w>
Iv I'OtiHlniiitud bridge to tlio Skead A
•loliusoii wtwiiilll nu one sldo of tlio
-In-iini, uml now 11 now bridge will
hiivn lo ho built tn connect with jit mul
tlm new uliiiiinnl,
Wiliicssi-s before lhe caul commission
al Frank Wednesday morning Inslniiu-
ted thai the proprietors nf tliu Lille
mine ure interested in the store Conducted there, The men allege thnt
with a monthly pay day thai they have
10 p.itioni/L' thnt store, uuceiisilaiiug
tlu-ir |>.i)ii)g 7 pet cent mure for goods
than is asked in Frank, They wimi 11
semi -monthly pay dny so Ihut they cun
have thuir money nud buy goodi for
cash in Frank.
Cucumbers,   Tomai.oes_   Lettuce, Onions and all kinds-
of fruit and vegetables
A fine assortment ol the best
» Chocolates always in slock,
and always the freshest
Ice Cream    Ice Cream Sodas
W.   J.   BIundeII-9   Post Office Block
One Insertion not lush t.luoi -•'«;
nearly now, in bust, of onlur.   Apply Luil^or
office. * -      •   m--M
1 Jersey nw
Apply Frank Murphy, (iiili'wny
-    weight INK); also two Jersey i-ows. one
'-- "      '- *' '--  '* -i " "  ll. 0.
,r s-a
taclert on Victoria  iivenim.-   Owner may.
have samo l>V ciillinR at The Li'ilniirorH'co and
paying for ad.       .  0        .    -   >- nill-tl'•
. 0where between C.P II.-stalion :i,wl Kik'cclill
gold cross with bill' pin uiul willi lot I ers .l.ll.N.
engraved thereon. Eiiiilai- will be Miitably
rewarded by returnini,' s:iitio (o .Lcduur ni-
iiec.   "   ■ ...'• ." " , **'H-'f "
■WHOLESALE -     »■"■*'
.   ■ A.i>rx> eetail;
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
ofood assortment. Try bur Mince Meat.
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Snddaby's    sluro,    Mliipti.i   Cin--.e i-om-
tuiniiiR fS' and' a elioum".'" Ili'tuui in Mi»s
Martin, Park House, and gi:l jnwsu-d -,
■ Steele Brewery, pm-.-i' i-diiraini-.;; n "-iiiall
sum of money. Owner may have r-.uiiu by
provini; property and jmviuK f"i-1!iU ad .Apply thisi ollice , 	
■porieneoin liookkii-pins w aid like situation as liookkeeiK-r or nlli.-o a.^intanf.i ..Ad-
di-OHS, staling piirtleular.-, I1-');: I, Ledger  jl-i
Birth, Marrlago or DlmiIIi Nntiees inserted at
rate of ih cents per i.«no
MILLS-tln Sunday, Juno si, l!«i7, lo Mr. and
Mm. Wm. Mills', a son.
JJtNNINQS-At West. Kernie, 011  Tlnirsdny,
Juno fl, I'M, Jiimoh .louniugn, lain of Ni>rtli
btairordshire, England,        ' • _ '
Funeral will ho hold to the Funuo ctmocory
011 Sunday afternoon.
s.   am   no loiiBor riihiimislbln lor nny tlciitti*
,M.Zw^Hp>^/f^, ."y',,
Our Furnishing, De-,
partment is now located in part of building
formerly, occupied by
drugstore. We have'
the .newest ..and most
up-to-date stock in the
city, while our prices
are the lowest .that
goods of- quality can be
■■•old for.   ■..     •■•>■..* ._■■ .,
Campbell & Faultless
hand tailored clothing
at the ready-to-try-on
stage.' New season's
fabrics and styles.
Perfect fitting and wear
satisfaction' assured..'"'
Suits $8.50 to $22.50
Trousers $1.40 tb $6.50
Agency for the    •■».   "
King of the Road Union Overalls
, W.G. & R. Pooley & Star Shirts
Netflifjeos and Rejrattaa  in
exclusive designs
,  $1.25 to, $2.75,
in both ribbed   and.
may not  be very  long   yet,   but
soon.      Come in and select your
we  are bound .to have a little sunshine
contraatoil hy my wil'o
Mcl'linll nIio havliiK lull
Jim* 8,1007.
J-'nuici.s  Mi-.UoiiMld
mv boil iiiiil lionnl.'
To tho Bonrd of McimicIhk' Coin-
lnlHHionoiH, Fiirnlcs U.C.
Kotlco In hurnliy iilvun thai, tlio iniilci-HlKin-d
willi ut tho llriit iiiMillnu of tli4i Jiiijinl of IjI-
nonfllnBCominiiMliiDurrt nf llm City of Fornli1
I10I1I HHor tliofixplrntlini of thirty iluyh fruni
thin tlnto »i>]>ly for llm titiiihini' of 11 mtiill
liquor llciinmi Rrantml In i-<n<|ntrt In tlm Itmnii
lfot»l« Httnntii mi I.'iIh Niis. 111 nml 11. lllni<l<7,
in thu Citv ut FttNiio, friiiii inysiill'loAU-Miiiilfii-
Dfttml t.liUHI.li ililvnf Mhv. A.11. |(i"7.
in-^M • '■   rillMIM'AltOSKM/A
while our assortment i.s still complete. ," Six sizes and styles to choose from.
You .don't have to take it until you need if We also h.-tve a compile assortment of other lawn and garden tools, hoes, rakes, garden hose, reel, nozzles,
etc.   Come in and sec ,      ,
range is very complete,   we mention a few  to prove how
easy our* prices" are on the pocket book ,_'
Seamless Tan Cotton half' Hose'
plain wearing.    Price :.	
Black'Cashmore, English . manufacture and warranted*,
pure wool.   Splice "Jicel and toe.   Price.. ...*'.,
durable, and   comfortable.   Price '
iDl.iok   LlamS,    iincst quality of British manufacture,
"will .give good satisfaction     Price	
12 c
.We are
for  its
for the. famous   Fownes' GloveJ-
wcaring-  qualities, style and fit,    .   ■*
All shades' in stock  and, a"guarantee with every
pair.    Prices $1.25 to .' ;	
DlHtrlct of K.M>'en;i.v
S- of Kllld. II. (!,, I.uwi.'i.r, ImIkimIs tn upply
for tl Hiiddliil tintliiir llccii-.ti uvn- tin. 1'nllimuiK
ilum'rllmil I11111U 1-
('niillliuiiclliu nl. u liii^l iilnlili'il nl 'It kiiiii Ii*
iiiinIcnrntir ul Ini il.'ln, grmiii I, kniitnimv li|«.
trlnt) tlnini'u Hiniih .'I'D i-liniii'., ihi'iii-i. w't-.,t :'i>
rhulllK, Iliiiiii'ii IK11Ili .T.'ii i.lmniH, 11.1 ■ 11 .-<> cih!
iKldlinlim l(i|i"lnt.nf i>iiiiiiiii'iii'i'iiii.n','i>iiiiilii-
Itilt iMtiMi-rcx, linn-** i>t li'^-. ,,
,IAMI-> W. Mt'ltl'IIY
iMtnil ut Kllin, IM'., till-. I'.ii'l ilnv »l' Mnv, I!m7
,1 1-11
On timt Monday iih thn train wab
coming down ivltli loadetl euro, a
mini:!' whit whn rilling on h hopper
liuUdin our, Hudtlenly diBiippeured
I'rciii view 'iiiildHt 11 cloud of con I dust.
i 'n: wivtuni) u*n iHujijKHi out nnd ti e
conl full through tlio trap taking the
minor along with It. Hot liifitond
nl being caught and crushed beneath
the train ol curd lio wad shot to or.e
ulilo with only an oxtra coat of coal
ilunt is 'lainnge. These trap cars
arc (lungci'oud ufiled.1, watched very
A ymng bnikcaman vm cauuht In
tliu w.'iuie wny hure in tho yards*
fnw years ago and was most terribly
crashe-i and niarigled, llTinjf two or
ilinr davM In awlal aRony before
death relieved him.
A liottl that (undslica .ijtilut, con-
modioiu occoiniiioiltttioit for its patrol* Ib a source of pleasure to the
travelling public. .Such n oti« in the
KiojE IWward Hotel, i>" Venue, corner oppoiriui jxait ollict.
*i y $ {a '"5
Trout: Marks
Co»»rniQHT3 Ac.
nkcli-h »"..! JM.Tillt'.ii m.if
hhi'tmii mir 1 I'lin "i '  '   'i .ni
 ....--.-  .. .       {. ,.it.,
iifiililr Miwrmn
l»MylUt_M |)*ftb»hl)r pi'.-/;
(l<nuKiie(ljr<v>ft'ld«iiii«l. HHt!-iJ^<'!iI'nteuU
w«t fr«* «0dim iuhim'/ tut ni
f*i«bu uk*a u.ff.uKti Jii.i
M«t fr*«. (MdMt
tpinut MtUt, WJItlOIlt a.ntv
tuny tut ti-i<iiii.it I'Ulw.u.
Ask tot UisxsH'o ojsi isJce to oikot.
Sti-tntific jfjit- ^m.
S.i*ih<iv«m4tf tBhirtiniW.l <*>■'
nbau«i t,t ut »rt«nii.'.'- f:ir. 1
-»*tt Trmrmuntttii, tl. Kil.l in    1 ■
n. 1 •
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
Silks, Muslins, Prints
Alag'riico,. No. 359, -with hose supporters attached,
military hip,  easy fitting  and graceful.,. Price	
Alagrace,No. 3-19,  especially designed for stout figures,
made up with military hips mid tiiporing waist. Price..
, Alagmce, No. -109, designed for -i medium figure and,
from the-finest Bngllshcoutil.   Prlco ;
No. 29 tape Girdle luudo from extra heavy drill, very
cool and comfortable, also very serviceable.   Price	
Boots and Shoes
Our Summer Sale of Men's Oxfords -is still
on, better secure a pair of regular $5.00 Walkover
or Packard, Tans or Patents at the extremely low
Sale  Price of $3.00
Wc are Sole Agents for
Tho Artisan Workinn Boot for Men
The   Wear   Resistors.
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats & vSkirts
Ladies' Shirt Waists in Silk, Lace,
Muslin. Lawn. etc.    ,!
Headquarters    for   Trunks,    Suit
Cases and Valises.
TheTrites-Wood Co. Ltd
Our Urocory department Is known Inr tlio high standard of tiaullty
niiiiiitiilncd, uIho for the money Having opportunities regularly
presented.   Wo urn receiving every fmv dnyH * If t ect from Creamery
Windsor  Cnstlo  Gr:nmoi*y
Nnno  hetti'i'
Maplo Loaf Coylon Tou
A good quality but sold on our mui-il iiiethod nf doing buainesu
at tho lowest possible price. Oil A
It    I   t   I   IIHIMMI I   ,   f   I   t   )   I   «   t  t I tt .4   MM    I   •  « f  Vkv -^...P *UF
l'rico per lb....
Rflo-Jn   Ooffoo
May have lis equal but there U no better  <|tialliy,
lient. pnfFV»«* wo pnn l*nu i»* nnj' jivlpr*. Imt tho ff\nt r^ y>n
is very reiiHonablo.   i'or lb.'...'. '	
It is tho
Royal Housohold Flour
Along with other Hours is stead liy advancing in prlco, bin you can
mill buv V'»ur flou;1 fmm us at the fid (i'/rtre. ifsr* Itovn! fronnfthnld
J-'lour, guiiniiiioeil the Wt.
In Sacks of W lbs. 0**   v»f\   I  In 100 Ib. Sacks
Per Sack J> I ,uU       Per suck	
Saturday Specials
Do ao and get
Ami you taking advantage of our Saturday uni'cltxlu'f
llie benefit
Golden Woit Washing Powder In 3 lb. cartoons
regular 26e, siwclai on Saturday	
?uaker llrand            4 K*M   I  Fancy Mixed Jliaculta Oi^-m.
oHjatoes f*r Un IOC       IV lb CUC
w H *
-iff If *yiMUiwt*Hia*.#


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