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The Fernie Ledger 1907-06-15

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 ■ ■-*.<**.
'VI URis ative ^     ^
/jN/    - JUN 20 1907
.Voir'. II'i Number 44
FERNIE, B. C,; SATURDAY,  JUNE 15; ,1907 -
Price $2 a year in Advance
"» "Mrs. Francis Beaver died .at hen
home east-.., of ", ,tlie C._.P. R.'. tracks
"Thursday, the 13IK.-- The ' end came,
rather'suddculyi thoug-li' she hud never recovered  from, tlw~'" effects  of  an
voted at the beck, ol a "bead o! cor-
porar.itiB piraie* 'ft debt- of •'- {fioo.qcib
upon itsetf to secure __1he locating of
«. divisional point w*Wrett.,-belonged
without aay bonus. .'' 1.7." -.,', *
. But if you cannot. economise with
the .big railroad. grafter, "''tak*' it out
on tlie'*man who get all he
'_ Tb* polioei commissioners are 10 le
coTiit^tn-led  for the firm  stand    tiny
can.for his'rift'bor!„,;He'.is. ai',';veasier j!uvi  taken in relation to law  '.:-..;k
njark.iiiid    nobody,   cam   think..'••o-'e'rs, and they will find healthy public
•operationa performed,' for"   her • relief   coa, r .' {'m<ea;„
much, about principle  in   these-, iner
._ some'.uTonihs *ago.-_ *-."-   '      ,.  ,-■    .
. She'.hstdl-beenj left   alone   for   '"-a
"■  short  time,''and when  some    of   .the
i family'reli-.mid   lo- the house, after a.
v -    lirief. absence, she was found, dead   in
.  .lier  bed.'    Mrs.'. Beaver  wiis  m,years
-'"*   of aj.e", and Laws a family ' of   live
children. ""'..' -       • '' _,   \   _,, , *
-,' ■   The. oldisl .son is only a 'little more
than  1.1 y'..;irs-old',   niul the. youngest
'.. *' a (,irl  of only' 6  years, is remomlier-
. ed  by "nil. Kernie i*cople  as Ihc'uiifor-
•     tunate Hale waif   who   lost a leg'and
' •   p;.ft"of (iie-hrnd'Miy' Lciiig;  run, over
by a moving'freight car in  the yards
a'short' iinie ago"."*.   A -I'edvwr    repre-
,' tentative called .at .the  home   of    the
..'.stricken'family*  .'yesterday  awl'   was
filled wiVli the', memories of'the great
explosion five  years   ' ago, when,'■ the
"-   father'of these" children   was   wliisked
•"■into eternity" in the  twinkling, of    an
' „''-yc.   '    ,    '■_,,' _-*,. '.       '        ;     -, '
•■  '-'In tha morning  he was the-, brg-.ul-
7,A\Vinner for a.  mother  and.five,' little-
.   r - ,   ' .,<>■.' '-'
(Children. "In the eveniii' he was   but.
-   ■",   . - ■       , ?....
' Uihe. 111-moiy'of a' father. -     .1    -.
'".Thtii came the-disaster which maim
lid for" life;' the " baby rf the family•*.
I -.nni noiw there '-is'iio 'mother • to'- that
•  'little family.:  •"■•'    '.'      '.       \    ."'     -"
. " iILi-rry'BiiaVer, an uncle, of -.the child-,
iren',  in conversation 'with'the reporter, statiw,. ihj.t he-would undertake to^
-_ Ihcep''the children ■ together'   wit-h-his
iri«-n family of three fatlu-r than--that
* .- ihey should be -separated.        ,    "7
... "ThisSis an c'xhi'.itic.n .'of generosity
-"   and" affection 'not to be found _jn .some"
of;the-palaces of"tlie oyet7rich,*7.nd-
»  -is one-",more* proof that unselfish 'ove-
-of.^kindred is- as 'strong* in., the , heart
•.-' ol tlie-'hard-working,'poor man-' as. it
.-could l.e in' (he-hearts-of any .mortal,"'
"     Hut-it'., would "s'ceinthat' the  love <*i
'thsit.'uncle'-is'i'KMnoting  himtoun'd-
"- ,,ert-al e top' much, 'when he undertakes
.-'.eKf! f»7 ;'.'.','r''-tli;iii . his own' liLtlCi.
family. =-'■'■'*'7' ** ■ '-7* "'~':_' ■
-'.':^Voiild'it not ;.be b'ettcr,:.'..t':).;7liow
-■-those' "little ■orphans- 'to_ le caretl' -for*
' faat ctnventiou of" boards of tiade
should- vote the Edmonton, board a
lc-vither mediil with'tbe figure i.of^a
long-earud iiss stami>ed'oB it. ■•.•;,.«?■* -
1 hey voted away their , dollars . ao
get what. belonged' to them. They are
snppbrting; a .free trade ^overoiuent
which keeps up""' a protection duty on'
manufactured goods,- 00 the .plea tliat
suth action proiect-s toe laboring man
of this country from the c«omi*etitipn
ol lhe cheaper labor of .foreign countries and liowj want to import that
same foreign labor because they. a&-
icrt lhat labor is top high .aad too
scarce-here. ''-7'. - ■
'7     b-'.       "O""'   '";;   ,'        -    7
* «   THB;.AJil<l/ IN' Ol'ERATION. v/
The -police'.cburt'-.niiU -*#aa-Mining
full time'for a'few" days this week-; '
.'Chief-Sampson received. ,a hurry-up
coll-Ironi Scott, aiid . Ross' office
Thursday and'found that a man uant.-,
ed M. 0.; Ru'iie had l»eu. laboriously;
trying,.to rupture' things in violation
,pf the law.-, He seemed to*' lie loaded
with too much troubleiKTOieneesy;; and.
was fouml guilty of' causing -h.distur-.
Lance1 and was " fined' by M*glstra-te'
Whimster 5io and' costs, ,* whicli lue"
paid and departed.',-.' ' ,-'..'■'•",,./',"
. Ban Slavin. in. tm'„a..charge
of being.driink and dilwrferly. ;„Her
-was'1 deftiided 'Vy. -'I.r Y^ Eckstein,"!but*
tne magistrate found him* guilty» as
ch.1r^ed and/unLd^liim *$i<>; ai^d'cosis
or 30. days.'-" He.ngur^.th^'lte.coul'd'
not make' -wages.. "'at.that".rate and
paid tbe l*ill*"'in .'an orderly;'snawer;.   <
George ChiVnord. was'up-Wore "'the-
magistrate"cltai*ged,.- . with - assaulting
ShauFan.'^He pleaded\not',^iHy.W
ihe court, after bearing '*thef\',
thought, otherwise', and/fined him'_$5.
and eoatii which V'ainount^iieoplatwl
' into", tnev'cit'y; treasury A ''*";_*'■'•_*'_' " " ;
peiid,iry MagistrateV.T*. H^ McMullen'
'yesterday, on a charge  of ' attetnptin-g
to brile, 1'olice 'Magistrate , Y*. "-H.*
liy.'such ;an!insiitutM*nr'a-s-tlw , Vail- ! \\h|mster. He'undertook, to ^ass'^ a
couver, Childrens! <;-Home, -. where . they. 1 j^u {uto* i\Vi magistrate'stjhaod' iand
bread ha-rs'tUs'same   fine sea'timents,   WILL     RR
Xtst flame ptuel-^notives, the same high
piup'dsss ftli^'ftepirat'iqas,   thei ', same
afectioM, taat'you college graduates
have, and they; are inspired by the
.sa»e principles' and the same love
for our common country and its institutions. , So I urge you • young
men*i$nit yourselves to believe lhat l*bot*"'does not include the
higeest .- citi/.eaship in the United
States. Men who work respect ' the
jaw, and,they are entitled .to the pro-
ttctioiij)! the law. I,have confidence
"that ,the_ labor element , ^will vote
right" if t"*e'issues-,are brovght rigfat.
I have not Uwjsame con'fido'ncc in the
mercboat 'class or the corporation"
sentiment sustaining them in their
efigrlfl to fid the town of a cloud of
undesirable characters who smn to
have come ' from every direction like
a cloud of bu/.zards . scenting canon
from'afar*   '   ■
The mahogany colored mag-nates'
with banjo attachments, ' Missouri
river diamonds, loud clothes aud
laudsr voices, are.seen uo more during the af eeraoois -. brnameatiag the
front entrances aud Uirrooaus of some
oi our hotels, with sombre tints ami
shining ivory, add later to )* seen
marching like 4 procession of min-!
stiftls toward the north tend carrying
their banjoes and guitars, and an air.
of. assurance born oi a knowledge of
bsvtafrsuip of aii the legal machinery
of the city. -=a- '   "*
', The departure of these musical,'
midnight mirth-makers may be.detri-
aueutal to some   kinds  of   ''Business"'
, * t 1 *•
note the big B—but it will not affect injuriously the digging of coal,
the making, of coke, the manuf-auture
of lumber or any" other useful ,occu-
pation^and the city**-will suffer no
loss of money because they are not
with us.       ,
The police commissioners and police
officers may expect kicks from some
qnartcrs because they refuse to wear
blind    bridles oi- become'   parties    to
systematic ,.,law breaking, but such \,poB*j)rjncip'i-J.*_Whe-a he don't, it i!s
kicking _ they can afford to submit to b0CaUse hs.bas^beeu misled or"* cor-
ratfcer than 1* kicked by Umt own .^p^d by tae.* me» of; wealth ' who
consciences and the sentiments of all' V(^t ^d act "on no higher principle
law-abiding citizens. • ;   'tBan that" of "keliisdi greed   and    who.
'  1 °   —~"   '   ( 'do not hesitate io'use .their    wealth
B. C. CONFERENCE -.' J power to of, any aiid all
RESOLVES AND CABI.ES classes, as - has : been shown by the
^iteW meeting of"-the" British Co- !a*^ eiIorls of .Mr/'Ifcraey among the
luihlia Methodist cohfirenod^ at'' Ver-';cotl)or''tion' «ra-teri oi Sim K^T'
non the {<-llowing-T:esolution was^mov- >'°*. *#■ ^ K^ *his ^--.paragrapg".
ed by Revi, tashlcy Hall, seeded bv I ii"0 »ot ' misunderstand'.me-I do
Mr.' George Bell and carried unani- 'noVmean-that'all, merchants-or cor-
mously:"i-"    ' "     " "  potatioia men are-  dishoneet_or' _cor-_
cbafii^nce ' of the Methodist churcl',, ten'labor.votes on principle, with no
sWibled. inV«t»irf/iwiwni^ti»t\l!e»*^ and-ninc times out
** '*        of''ten "th<;   merchant  votes  fortius
Manager I.inds<.y has put-up a sil-
vtr trophy for the winning, tug-of-war
team on July 1, 10 1* won twfee before'any team ""c. n retain"°it perman-'
ently. *i he'trophy i^ accomi>anied by
kold nit dais to 1 e prt-senttd to the
winner. . ,
.This line tiophv can be seen in I.ip-
liardt-'s  window.
not recognize the' miners' union any
longer, less importance attaches to
tfeese annual conventions than formf
trly, since no general wage scale7s
to be adjusted. July 1 is the beginning of the wage year with - the miner-, and operators, but the successful
lif,ht of tbe five big companies against'
the union has made the annual set-
tit mint a tatne. affair, tlie mitiirs"'
union having to deal with only lhc
les;*r concerns and the individual operators. So far no talk of a strike
has l«£n heard.
c • _.'
1'risidtni Sherman and Secretary°J „
A.  Macdonald, .of  District   iS,   U.   1\I.
.1..  P.-Ecksi-eiu  has'also "put   'up   a  |V   01 A.,   were      in town 'Wednesday
trophy valued      at  $20 to the  winner   and Thursday  and report   that a new
1 f the  obst.-.el-  ratv,   and  a Sg  para-'^oeai   was organi/.«xl .   at  Woixlpecker
"'Do not*   misunderstand  me-1   do   so, to thc  Nvil,ner t){  lhe  iadies'raee.;'iast.Saturday.
not rneas,,that all merchants or  Cor- | j-rog-.amino.s are-   being   printed     ami/i   Airang*tuents have   i,<=eu   made      10
poratioa  mca are dishonest  or      cor-   wm je distributed.soon. j-rg.mi/c-this week   at   Uvliamx-,    and
? The programme  is    the  laraest and   an t.dditional   local will lye  ungaui/.ld ...           ,
,     ,            fi                •                      s '         .,,  : „   ,,  ...    1       .    ,,-            , ,..                         of coal,   nearly   400      led.   Ueaui   llie
lest ever  prepared,   and  no pains will:. "c<t •*«***•   ''t   1'iamoiwl ^ity,   across,         ■    '           ■*   "■
7             .   ■   ,                             -,,,    „•„      f          ,   .',',   ■, >   n-ntruiice of the   tunnel      than  he  had
Le  spar.-d to    make   the event   a   sue-   t"* "ver from  l.ethl,ridge. !          ',...,..     .,.,
■                                                                     '-.».,                      ■,, ,      r         1        ;e-\i.eeted  to hud it.    Ihis  .st.iin   is  21
1    j wo new   iinious   will I*   formed at       '
1   ■                  ■■• 'Jeet  in thickness      aiid  .stands at    an
rupt. I mean that aine; times out of
ten labor votes on principle, with.uo
personal interest', and-nine, times out
oi ten the merchant votes for his
stlf-interesi and against moral priu--
eiple."    . )''\\.
A little study of the brief history,
of tlie city ol Fernie will convince the
sludtnt that1Mr.71Iew«;y'» clotting remark is a truiiaiV- :-.   •    7'
Mr. Ueuey has found lhat the root
of all ihe evil isf'fSan Francisco is
the Wealtliy corporation, - which makes
a business of corrupting every tiling-
and everybody that is '"susceptible'' of
corruption, and .'that out of the
wealth oi these " 'corporations comes'
the funds which, pol.iite ike politics 01
uvery city, state, "anil towtt in which
they can secure a -foothold. -And Mr.*
Heney puts thev" blame justly where it
belongs. 7'-*f':.
" The-laboring   man :as- a; rule voles
The private car I.ethbridge came in
from the east  Thursday  afternoon at-
tached 10;the wist Loniul local, it
was at ilusuier by the
wesL  bound   express, gi\iu»   the  oceii- '
o '
panis au hour or so lo louk 0\er the
coal operations' at   that  place.
Mr. Mati,huws, piibiilent of ihe Oou-
solidaud Mining and Smelting eoiu-
pauy, accompanied liy Mi.v. Matthews,
tit; i\liss>.s .MatUk-ws; \\. 11. Aldudge
and Superintendent lbo^n, weic pus-
st-ngei's i,u the ••I/slh'i.ndgc,'' and they
were all delighted with the \\0il. ai
Lhe big tiiuiisl. ,Mr. liruuu glad
to  show   them   his   uyttly-l.iiiud -.vatii
.The Ide..l amusemtnt, company will
le lier^' umUi- ih.- tnanagemeui <>f T.
>". Cullen, and ths balloc-n asivnsions
.w.ll be a great feature' of the day.
..See big bills and programme ior
full  particulars'.
. .> ■
To the Editor:
Dear Sir,—Will "you- allow me a-
small space - iu your valuable paper
this' week to el-ate the conditions of
the eastern end of District 1*3
i-l( r.uville, norih ol  Edmonton,    with i
a mem'l*rship   of      several - {hundred. .
Petitions   have,    been    received ' for '
these   two unions,  and organizers v ill
go ap and install them iu a week   or
tW.'. a . 6
.Th. lilSi nine leel ol this coal is ol
the finest quality, and Uie i--.iii.imde-:-
is of an excellent quality ol solt
steaming coal.
This great \ein is about i,-joo Uui
The schedule difference lwtwieu ,the__!fr,,m the "utmr tutraiiee, and was
C. P. R. and tlie iron moulders in 'not looked for, as it'dues not crop
ins 'shops has not yet been settled. oUt at the surface.
lhe old schedule expired.on May 31, ! -The lact. oi the tunnel will i* siead-
and  the men are  working   now  under'   \y "1)u.,hcd   during   the   next year   to
protest. It seems almost certain
lhat were it nol for' tlie new Industrial     Disputes     bill that     a     strike
On the- night' of. the 7'th instil k-fi-
t ~h.C,.:a..~    :..    ««...     . ':.i    17.      1 would have  gone  into effect    on   June
l.ethl.rrage   in   company     with   Vice-! °
,",'■.;, '., n , . , ,   .„, ,     -; 1, but negotiations  have  lx:en    going
President' Galvm and came to Taber, =   _ ■> b.   .     ,     _     ,.        .      .,   °
• "a . _   i.    ..l     • ... .    ...     ,'   along on the understanding  that if no
and on ike Sth     in»t. went to Wood-      . *       ,-   ■ ..?     ,
. j     "      •    .        .1 "   , other settlement  is  possible  the   dis-
pecker aud-organized  a,   local    there .   ,, ,
...„.., . „ .,   pule  shall l.e referred    to   arbitration
wit* 19   men  and got  a   full reeogni-        ,     ,,
■,.'.,..        .      6      , ,',.,'     under tlie act.
U<.n ol our uiiKu at that place.   Ihen     ,...      ..      ... .. ■       .     f
■ --■ ■ ,„ , ,    ■ lhe old   sclndule   provided   only   for
.we  came  to  and  attended    a . ,, ,
•■..■... a lmmintirn   rate  of      32^c   per  hour.
meeting of-I.ocal No.  102,  aud found ,",.,..       „„. „ ,, „,    ,.,. ,
■    - . I lhe   ..union wants 3;«c  as  the  1111111-
tnat a number of our men were work
, could •!* eared for. by  those' who   arc
•_l;ett.-r nl)le,' so. than  is.,.'.-Mr,.
■Beaver, : with,, his'"two  "totv willing
. 1 hards? **•       '
succeeded so"-well * thuit he found his
hana and bill both ,i« ,-tk<--tight grip
of Mr. Whimster, where,, it7wtts;.held
until Chief;; Sampson ■:'was  catled *<i«
The, i.edgcr-stiggcsts 7-hnt 'this  is ;ii'wiwa .y,,.. mi,n-iS hand^wa's releaswHiy
' (cate for the good •Samaritans, of  the  iMag'istr.ite Whimster. '-..*•  '   .' I
;benevolen'rsociety,, to take up.. j    chief Sampson 'fi.uiid a Ss' *»H thcr''
'.."rhe   • f'tiiierul, of, Mrs. Beaver    ,w>ll;wiiich the fellow ' evidently   was   try-
tiake  placo today  nt,--2.3b'.p.m.    from   iBg to unload  upon  the  court, "with
,-,'the house east of the ,track._ Ucv. II./an ^.jj^ idea that it• might, soft-en
'[,a»liley Hall/c.f ,-tlie" Methodist Jiuuch   lljie j^iuent of the.judge.'   It Aid not
.will, conduct the service..        ' \ ,, s ihave the desired effect,"however,   and
■. lhe nsfociated boards. of_ .trade-   of
" •Weatera Canudn mwt next Tuewlay at
•Jflurj' Atlxtft
the manwiis sent up for trial.
.' Rumors are rife Unit ft strike    is
vices of a lioiifd •oicbucdllaitioii will
I* secured In time to avert a ■ strike
nud have operutious ebnlliiw* during
tlu sitting <>f a conuuiasi'-«t< ,
To stop the source oi uupply troiu
where Ih derived llie Uasliiug uecHiv,
thu while shirt, from and thi*. gaudy
clothes "of Uim wlw "workti uot nor
spins" would lie adding iiisull to our
si ns.       -;
l'Yriiie litui liUlIered tho uwiul calamity of - tin expluwoii, the. rav-ijjtti ol
ruinous lircH and Uie utng«atioii rc-
Miltiug from lalwt strikes, . and uow
riiiuor. bus It that the dwellers lu tlu-
north threiitwi to puck Uiclr   tiunki-
about to I* proclaimed'in the north
The fourth annual conyt-'uLi-on of tho le|ldi|,j iowu, owing to unjust discrim-
ussocinled boards of  trade of    W(*sl-/.|ltttio|1 UJtd tj,c ^gilaiicc.-oi  the   po-
irn Carnidu will  lust, for llirec   days  j.^ . ^^ wouji<_1 i,e tt dire calamity,
lind a    number ol important" rcaoln-,,
'tlonS will be before     Uie convention.
The suliji-i'ts have already l>eon  pub-
HhIiimI.     Many l*oards ol trade,     iii
Inct, lhe majority, have,souiet'hing to
say al.oitl the coal supply , und about
IranHportation, ,   ,
Itegurdlttg coal supply llie Moosc-
.jaw Ijourd asks ihut the -Dominion'
govenuneiil li*' iwlitidiied to uppoiiit
Immedliitcly 11 special committee lo
i'nvn.tigftte the whole mutter ol -oul
i,up]tly, mining, freight rates, iiml
proviiiiiii' of on adequate coal supply
at iiri) ottuiil dislributliig pointh in
e.t8es ol emurneiicy.
The .li.ilian Head -liotiiil uuggesis
that tin1 convention U aiitlior|'/i*d to
eti'brsi' nny reasonable ineasute o(
sell government ownership ,iind oner:
at ion ol llie coal mines.
Hiiskato'iii conienlH itwolf with urging Si-Uutchewnu nud Alberlu lu
iuuu hucb iteps us will' iifleeliiully
prt<tiit a repetition of the suHering
ci di'itd from lack ot conl during tlu
yeitod referred to,
Th.* city of Edmonton goi's niter
tht ml or fninlne in connection with
is* dearth of coiil.  It says:
"tbiteforc, lxi il resolved, that the
'iPomlnlnn mid i'roviiic-il  govcrninenU
ho rcsj ectlully rojuested: • 1. To Uike
.   I,.,   . .    .1. ,1 t    .I..... ... *i,'\il
1.1'Ui    Iliil   uiMl    i»U**|l.rtM,    .I.Cj J    *•-
10 Zitw.try '■**> provide (or «n •'*-
W-ntiivc Immigration ol skillwl And
.other labor. 3. Tlmt llie ojieriitlmi
of IcfflilftHoM providing against
strikes iitti for the adjuwtw.ttt or dlf-
liW*itw* >    <iUv'*J^'••'-*   -*:'-   c"1'
ployee* Md Uliorcrs 1* ndmlninU-iwd
with a strong hand, so its 'to prevent
the jrsiit injury to the pi ogress of
tlw country ' iha% l» now occaslom-rl
liy the c*eeiui|vc cost ol Ulx>r awl tk
*rtneesilv<i d.-imagw nce-iMnntx! by
striles. i. That the railway com-
panUa 1*. compelled tw<W «tr0«g i»«-*i-
aJHeato pn»yi<U adftjuate tri«n-'>i*<»rlft-
tsoa facilities in order that  nsafllcicnt
s »pri'y«' '*■**'   •',,,•■ ,'** i»-*h*<«'B€iA
evetywlitre    nlimg ths lines ot »*rs»l-
•f.yi » urstern priAtntts1"
. This ,ttal ttsolttttou   la wfrcililne
miJW<, tooling, ni H do«, from   a I
•Ha^^^'^iw^is' stage' «g ■Uta'.I^l'hr-i^ears ljec.lalionng
rcacli^.*'1|in;ihe,:;.drawiivg'.&^ of   in a capadite.whkh irenders him   the
,he' nations";to-"what- is/ii.;effect    the |bs^cnt.p^J[|egiutnj)ri.ty on the.siihj
ianie'nt. of tlie; ject. .;. 'J^''.;!-'"o-"'''      ''' V".!':'."
first' international parlis
world.    ,     ■'•"■ ,'      '.-;..'-.    , ,•'     o
; ""(J) ,1fhat'   we    cbugratuiiite -    His
Majenty's gonermnent upon their   determination to bring up at the   conference the question ! of the arrest
.he increase of armaments.
Wlijy BE -BUSY.  ',
Wm.  Henderton,   Dominion  resident
architect    for British Columbia,    has'
m jlxoen     in the city .for a day or' two
looking' uf Icr the new-Federal build-
. '-W. i-nat we earnestly-, trust   tnai  .       ^  iiendcww will 1* kept Imsy
universal arbitration,    on all second- 1   *     • r  -n tWj> 1)rovince,   ^w 'new
try questions not involving national 1
this ye
post   ollice    1/uilding    in  Vancouver,
honor may, be made, obligatory. 1'       . wm ^ ucarly ha,f (-- jnmio„
".(Sj That we further hope a com- 1'-l'* looked after,   and
mon agreement may be arrived at to ^ lfe Kon)io ,,miUlill]; lhew   iire
**? l°r'  ***' ]7tr   nSOrtiUS ' ^veral «***, fmkt. way, ,
,o wiUiout iirst-calling   in, ...^'  .   ,„ lhc    ,„„ -ot voo[
----- -  - . .   ,  .  ., ..    mediators-and giving 30 days'grace;     wun un. iimnj,*   h m   1
iaid it is ,10 be 1-op.ea that the   « • L . )l{()) ^ ^^e permanent pro l*i»ato.a.kt*d. lor      .1 vy,.ll . be   « hni
\ ision should l>e   made    by the Nut-
building, of
which  l'Vinie    will    I*
i. nal Exchequer for providing   luter-   |*oud,
national hospitality, ns    nm of   tlw j  ,T<ie l'rovincial, >veiiiinc*ut    wliould
lK*»t   means   of   cultivating Internal-   pattern after ity ;fyimiiii<-n,,'awl make
ii nal unity and good-will, J the new l'rovincial• ■bulMing, _,whieli is
"And ("') tkat we order copies oi ,10,1,0 just aeross tne street (rom Uu-
this resolution signed by. the, prcsl- new,post ollice, n (ire-proof building,
il nt and secretary ot coiitcrencetn'l* 'which will be »»".ii >*tti-r thnn '. the
("rw.ird-.-d to Hii Faoclleucy the Onv- [propoled wood.n struelure, aiul -har-
ernot-Oi-ncral to transmit to tbe inonK- with its neighlxir, ami will be
llritlsh premier and to the leader of the cheapest In lhc end. May lhe
1 Lu Opposition." _ 'powers thnl I.c let «s have itl
Yelterduy lhe following cable   was u
sent to the   Right Hon. Sir    Henry
C mpbell-llanut-rmun
•British Columliia Methodist   con-
Chivl oi 1'olice SainpBoii arresu-d a
of law breaking.
Will tills' last straw breav the camel's back, or are the nftlcloUH oulclulh
to I e given a ehauee lo rest?
Mr. aud Mrs. A. .Williams Utt lam
Saturday 1* a three monthn' trip to
Ontario,   " •••   "
Civil Uugihuer l'letchcr cwiMttdown
from up thu Elk with liis survey
purtyi-and left next day ior Nelson.
Vie  ii.ivc Iajcu  c*(/uit.Mt.7^   *.t.i>l—*--■-
.sli-i).t ftMwtiou  Tit  tw roVf ovrm, ,	
|«!M|CatHtt'.«tftt It won't lnll   irnlhuto (he   ««*•«-. wh.c    . cin
tiule Hague conference    raising ques- , ||n(, ,|U. uv„u>|lCll Ull   wc„ ,„
li a  attest  amiHMts.     ttesolutiou L,, l|wt (K,Hpju,     0u, KlrwlUo„s   ef.
Mlowlng." . I (oris of tin- .ittunwy (or ili< Acidise,
We havs liecn learning a great deal ■        J(1jgher) ^ „)U l!4lraU. ,„„,„, Uw
lately about graft «,,d corruptio,.   in ^^ Ri|j|ly    |lH" churH Blw,   ,,„.
llie alairs of the calainityriddeii city
01 San Fruneisco, and wc h«ve «een
ninny 'stiitcincnts derogatory tolulior
unions, W« reproduce Mow on ex-
tr.ct (rom a speech deliverL-d a lew
d y» ago by Praicis J. Heney, the
m 11 who hue taken the principle part
in bringing to justice llie griiltcr» In
ll at city, lielore the students of the
<'-. IKurnls Rtntc Tnlwriltv.
Tlie    little    extrsH: contain*! more
teticcd him to six inoiitlw in jail **ltl
hard lalior.
Chief Sainp.Hi n c-iiiductwl tlu- pros
edition, and owing to his cure in se
ing in water for the Consolidated
Coal company and getting no 'compensation -for walier. We look this
up with the .company, and they wanted, to say that there was nothing in
>he contract to force theni to pay for:
.wat.r, but if was pointed out to
them that there was nothing ' in our
lonlract to force our men  to work qn
wMi-r'I'iil- inAtliili'.r     :nwl    "il_rmitul lni_
paid for, and we got this-straightened out satislaclon- to the men." Then
weTgot'.to' thai tlw. prop-
irty <.f "the Consolidated coal company i.s to 11 tafceii over by an eastern company, on "duly 1. _, 11 have a
(triiset'iiigi'ca'lied ""at" li»c--<Mclini,(.'(>A itiine'
f<)r"thi purpose of organising a local
llicre. There are about 2(1 men work-,
ini; in'this mine. ■ 1 also haven meel-
ingrcalled for- the ssmic purpose on
the 15th at Diamond Citv, and this
company has al.out 25 men employed
underground, and arc putting in a
line plant. Dinmcltd City is about 12
miles (rem I.ethbridge, and is a nice
There ore nlnis -of small mines opining up on llie prairies. Work is
,,Vcry goi-d througli<.<iit this end of the
'district', except tlu; 'Consolid-ateid
mines, nnd tlti-y shut down inilil the
new' cnmpujiy takes liobl of tliKflii,
but then- were only o (ew nuiv t-lirown
out of worli, who cun find plenty ol
work around lhe ouVr itilnus here and
do uot have to leave home,
Tl*ie were ■. six min working (nr
Kenny and O'Bryn who canic out on
strike this morning for an lncr«iise ;o(
5c per hour; they were, gi'tling
p'.T hour but want 3°c- The c-oiiiract-
nrs tvfusfi to pay the increased rate,
sn' the wori" is al a standstill'.
There a heavy electric' smrm
here on the nth and 12th, both of
them In the evening, nnd it has ruined all day,
There is lots nf work in llu- rnr-
p;ntc-r line, nnd tin- C. 1». U. is pulling down heavy Meel oil thin '|iait
of the Crow's Nest line.
Mr. .'.oliii Ho;4nn, ol CoUinaii, and
Thos. 'Tli.'iiii|iHi.n,"o( Kiiiiilbreck, un-
working nt the Ki-linncc mine. Tlminp-
1 n wm the late'si-eri-Ui'iy-'titiusnn-i
at I.unilbrcck,
Yoiirs truly,
?. it. M„ V. M. W. of A.
mum, while the company oilers 34c,
so that tlietc is little probability ol
arriving  at a'setllemciit.   ._
 <> ,; '   _,
.1. R. l'olloc'i.   U.     ,S.   consul  lwre,
lias haude<l us  iliu     following   "onlyr,
which he lias reecivwl, from, the U. S.
secretary   of  rt-atu,   and we  rv:|>roduee
icr  lh^  iiifi.n 1 lat'ion'ofi those wh mi
Uie'lull "3,o(ai fjuci at ilcu-nnine'l
upon, i.ud toal mining will not
beriiu until the tumiv.1 h.,s Ia^-ii eom-
pLted. " - '       , ;
Sir. Brown is lc'lilig goo^l u\er the
imexjK-cted lind, and liis vutlnisiasm
was easil\ transniitlt-i.1 to his Mipi-r-
iors when'they saw the i\sults so far
ntlainid.0 '
.Manager Lewis StocU-tt accompanied Tthe 1 ai Lv from Ci.leman to llos-■
lmr, l.ut had tu return to join tin;
eoiumis-iiou, of he is -a niciii-, and .which has been' silting at
KranU   and Coleman   during   the week.
"Bones" -JJoldeii,"   who issiioL- unite
i   ",-riibc,'!   blew-into the-Ledger ollice
tlie ollivi" day'  with a eoiipli;  of    long
,stic. s .j'nd' ii  roll   ol  high-grade-,  bril-
.1. ~* Lx y^^l i-_j1 111 j uhii^l li-YijL* ii«r, l\ip-tl_
"HtTll'l''l'v"— •1t-v*w*,v"**|—»i*^wwwv—»w"-r-.*i^.— ___-■-   • •
:l mu;   concern. 1 un.yJ^ lijjCrs alld dmuis alld |iUlios
It is.hereby ordered that paragraph I ,uid ilmiS|   Wllu which     hu  lugCecdt*d ■
t,3  of the  regulations  prescribed    for ' ^  dec ir_lU, _jUr windous   i^u"  way
lhe use  of  the eolislll-ar service .ol  the :  h L wo(lld      makc   CoV[.n  or     llaw. •
liniU-d   States   be so  anieuded   as   to '  h rn Mi.,. wjlh tuVy \0 ^c_ Uc prov.
re-ad as follows: I ^   L(J   ^ a _.iud   0l   unlnlllutl   .gcog-
liegisiralion . of  American _ cilUeiis-   r(| fa        a     , _ „, d |y   ^;m   and   a
Principal consular ofiicers shoulil'liee'p
at their oliiC-es a register uf -air'Aiuei-
Tcan 'HUttiio ••■utiVliny ,iu their scYci'aj
districts, and will tliercloie make il
inown that such a register is kept
and invite all resident Americans., to
cause th^ir names to be entered therein. Tlie same general priueijiles govern applications for registry which
govern ' applications for ■ passports
(paragraph 151),
The register should show the dale
f registration, lhe lull name oi Unperson registered, the dale and place
of his birth, llie-place of his last
domicile iu lhe United States, the
date of his arrival in the loteigu
lounliy wheie lu- is lesidiiig and liis
place' ol residence thvivin, the reasons lor his foreign lesideiiec, wllellll'l
ir not lie Is inai'iied, ami ii iiumi-d
ihe n.ituc uf his wife, her place ol
birth and residi-uce, and ii lie has
children lhe name, date und place ol
Mrth uml, residence of each. The nature ol the proof accepted 10 islablish
his citizenship should also "'ipponi',
and his signature should lie iusciilicd
iu llie register.
Consuls may issiu eeriifieaies ol the
registration prcseril^d alxivu for use
wiih the nuihoiities of tlu- ■ pliuv
where the person registered is residing. Kneli ccrtific.itu shall set forth
the (acts- coiitninid iu the regis-iei
ntid shall \a good lor iim<. for on.-
yeai only, and shall I1*- in a ioiin
plescriUil   bj  dlle StrrelUiry   ol Sl.iU-
1K01111 No. • 1.   When a certificate
expires a inw one mil,)'  le  issued, llu-
The   miners ol Clmrlerol,  Belgium,
curing and    presenting    the   evldrnn*  |lllV< decided by 35.'*'fl votes   again---'
there was no escaping a conviction.    I mo to adopt the eight-hour day.
'lhe was of such a nature
as to he revolting, and we hope <lmi
no p,uallel will iivtr come Mom. the ^ iM ,„.,,„
llumhnrg «(rikern.
The jtenmen of    llriim-n,  CuTmaiiy.
h,» i-    irsolvrd    to go  on strike    ai
long, as matter* are being ud|uited
Mr. Tom Cruhim und daughter w'er-
away a day or 1-wa Twjd viirfted Ward
tier during their alJcmw.  Hr, Crahan
ha> nfthcK for sak* i't that place sloe,
the Ug fin dcsitovtd hii hotel build
Louis TntUrela was severely injur-
ate the average voter than lias l>e«n
• xprrssed by all the politicians in   a
\«.h le year.
- i'W  t*y.iii.|» l«  in  Hi<<  HOM-rnnii-ni
t our iltivs—not in mm    And light
hi.- I want to eniphuNi'c .1 condition
In 8 ii f riiiiciseii.  Home mni   uccuw
he lal or unionUU   of TeM'onslldUty
II the graft and corruption, and
magistral*- of this city
Attorm-y Uich,tril»<iii sialyl
the defeat* intended lo hriog more
than 1150 witn.-ssen dow Colorado at
gltait ex|n«se to itn|n.MCh Orchard,
anal asLsd the court for time tn do
>.o, whicli  w,i.« uninti*!
Montreal |iriiiters h,ne now gol .tlu-
Il   is uiidi-rnlo-ul lhat
IK   rriiM-waintniitlfw   ti Orchard tl-ght-l.-otjf el.y.
,  , , „„ .   .        1.     1   1   1 Hie ntntus ono was maintained uiuU-i
s cimcludeil   IhUrsdny, after he had _. _.,'      ^ .,_.     ,L .     „,i„„
»    , ( 1 '*■• *•"•»* arrrfHgimtliii,    tm«e   nllues
:; di U K.&. ,ur i: wys »huh hsie )*tn  all   nniim   wrtr    i«.
i n'owledg*. oi e\-ery place between
Vancoiner and ilalitax; Winnipeg and'
(>ri-<a. a,, .Mexico, lie tangled up our
l..d till he didn't know whether , he
wax in Giiayuias or in' iMaclcod. lie
liiis stuck Xorris , and Howe's -show
i.ills on all the mud walls in Mexico
and  the liibli, o.ird  fences in  Victoria.
He winleis, or, rather, he misses
the.winUrs by staying around l.os
Angeles (luring   those  iiionihs.
lie Said that last winiei lie receiv-
cd letieis fr<mi a brolhci' who ' was
luolish i-uoiig-li Lo gut e.niglii iu \\ in-
nil'L-j;, .staling, that tlu- thermometer
logislei'cd .|j degrees l.elnw /elo, and
Uc .insw.ied l>y '.sending oiaiige bins-
soiius, Th.iL was a line way io nil)
it iu.
Mr. Holdcu is u jolly goml iellow,
aud when he lilt our simp uc had u.i
iiinuy horn blowing seals, led, yellow
alld gleell .l.ip.illusc gills .Old clowus
as ale lo l« Initial in uti) l.ods':, win-'
II  we gel hall a show
We'll go to   llial   slmw.
••|inlie.s"   was  h.l'c  lilllnig  the   town
lor Nol 1 Is  and   Woiw's  Ing  shows  lol'
.Inn.   .5.     S&   llieir' ad,  uu  another
n    CllAiv CKHliK   KOOTUAIJ,.
A  lllevllll'g  ol   ilk    I110IIU1II    I'ollllllU-
Ice w.iB li.ld uii Tu.sday, .liim- 11, lo
Ileal the IC_n.ll ol llli delegate, ';'.
IClclillu, who, -tiii dd j inu.-iiiig oi
lilt li-iigiic „i Miclul, .Mi. UaUhlU-
j,a\t a wry «,iii:ilacii,i\ icpoit,, t,^-
old one being desiiovid, il il is uues having U* 11 'ari.iUgcd Utwieii
(1,,11'lv sImiwi, tli.H lln* ivm-.I'iii-v l't'l'iiic,, .Miihil,! .,iid Coal
a' Ims Hot assumed a pctm.inuii Creek, the lust ol th: h-agiic games'ii'1. I ersons who hold pass uiiniu__ oil on Siiiuidtiy, ,ium- i.s, be-
potts whicli lmve nut expirwl shall lWi;i__ Coal Creel, and l;it'ine, al l\r-
not le iiiiiiishi-d wilh cetliliiuies ol UjL.. (" Cr. el. will Inn up as bilious
Goal,  S.i 111   .',k I),ai.tM
-    lliu-Ks—11.   Allan  and  W.   .M. I'
MulMaci.N—iMcl'iei In.,   KelhcK     eiid
ninain so. and thorn: which wi-ic
o|n:n, with iinlfHi and nonunion men
working together, were io remain ko,
but ull to pui thr eight-hour day in
to forte. This Complete*-, tin- list ol
Canadian litien. ih«. i*tv pUir now
-where 1111 or_<«*i*.i<iim ol master
pi inters rvltKra to rfiogni/i- the "right-
i.-glslration, anl it t- Ntrivlly loibid
den to Inrnisli ihciii to lx: iismI I«h
tr.ivi-lling  iiith-  pl.icv ol  passpnits,
Wetllllis o[ ,11 lVgl:Ul.itli)lis made alld
of all «rttlicates n( re-gisu.ition is
Mli-il Nil ,11 l.e made Hi ill-' I'iuUis.\
or I,*-.ilim ■ in tin- ifiiiniM in wliieh
th,- ciinsiilnli- is siuiiih-*! and to th.-
mvr.tKiv ol state 111 intii\aK aiid
iinilci regiibitions to le picsctil':d by
tn til No lee will U ili,il|;<-<l b-i i«-'t.
istr tion Hoi Im am strviic uniH-ti-
«1 ihrriwih ttur Inr .< 1 iilitat<s i>i
i«, inti..tioii
'Iliis p.n.igr.i|.|i shall go in'" »1T.*' ,
.Inly  I, v>o;. W. A. Hlcisd.ll,    smi of   ix-M,iyoc
TIIrttlDOUK  MOilSliVICl.T.   Ilbasd.ll, has   p..H**d   his  second ye.u
Forward-—Mulgiew, l.inioii, H.iriK-s,
•'l'.iw' > r:.    11 r,    ii
l'i.i>.|>.» '1' MiC.-'-in I I'.'.b'- >u
.1. (inrrie, S,  Han I.iy, W   l'.,,i-ill
1      I, ill. Kill, ill— I.   .M.CInilelH
The * IC1- nil will l.iU- place at d.Jo
p, m
TW anawil atatrrnnvetttioa ol thr
The Whin  IlmiNv,
April 8, iw;.
-. ■      O ■■"--—
ttofiin to rent—Applv Mrs.  A.  Mt
{jftin,  JJowUnd nM-uuc. .ii*,- if
ed tn No   ft'Mta* Thnrarniy-In    try" i'»e ' 'l«r l»"rty Is ci«drtnned.     Men
hig  to. jump of   a ear,   He «i«cani.   <*«'    **-»«mpt to l»lar« the n-sponsi. j   ^tt t,,0 ^.^^ of _,„f|( a ma„ A%
caluoftled Ixx ,iucli a  way  w  tu    re    '»•■    for unr miinipl|ial rviK   «1M»B 0,^^ ^a^ju hiniwlf Ui luvi |*cii.
ceive n severe (njnry to his leg,   tie  ll)   '•V* «"'«>•■« «r,c An^y k*«™n\ w||| ^ti   ]„ts    of mrrohor«tlf* -U r."    4.-1. wrotnon.
fleah of which was badly torn.    Dr.  • r fl»*-  they spe-al". 'from Utter     and I   |f-vW-rt. 1 T
MrMfitby In taWIng ear* of     him  nt '•«,lr»I* c"»»Hly anl lun motives. Ub- j   y^ tHnt ,1111,.^ pHfc. \img
the hoipltal, where he Is slowly    re
bread tdoeatinav^   _   •,,              e*v«ta! toy* awttoa.  Rmsum fi'-r ol
dty  which only « lew. montbn  ago Keep Hinnsd's iWaaean In *A»-aona**,     "Hni   tft-ht»~»Mifr».i>t^^ Ki*p UintfA'a Usteent in tht ho»*r, v.uaiion
Ktmwilar *.h.<  Italian bfind conie.ri
nt.'it Thursday eietitti)*    in  llu- opera
or n. 11  ure. yoar fellow'-.««"»• »'■' _„«     0- mord,    nnd pohte intmat-.Wtai IMntoaffne Worker. .4 Anwr-   ^       nin\tv, „ WoMhv ,_, eVMV
h«j» nil mtn who im! «V» aw* hawr ■ ^^j   ^ M n   ^ fl- fck, DiaUrVct Hw. Of  <«rv«rd at Hit-        .   k
, ii\ntnri*ntity-ym trnw, ii* tvhtnlo tt !• ^tebmrhsms Mt, . nwr .1in* jo 'nr    n   s Pl
xamin itf-n >'.t MrlVill nic-lical col
le.;e, .iiid cun.: out with living colors        111    N'lllV      BIllil.'lU,        ph|,.MC.ll
ih.MiiUtrv one ril thnn, li.- n-ri-ivisl
•he lull cTcdlt oti'«i. This is -m
I rat (yiriy; to h:s many Irtcnd., and
he >,o s into his iuxi y«ir t stndu-s
v. tb on*1 .'i lb-' 1 • *»t u-i<.rds in the
<l.-t*. Mr. m-.,sd 11 **-ll *]-wl lb
xwtmtiT In M, nir ,->l .nrf r. •.imn- Ins
- sludi.s in Mitiill ..t ihr <-ud    ol    tli-
t ■"
1      i
tsM .'*%'
The' Fernie Ledger
$2 a Year in Advance
Issued every  Satuidav   from   the  Office  of
Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave.,
Fernie, British Columbia.
All ohauges of ads must be in as follows :—
PH8"'"s l?llli 5« 2 X>- m- Tuesrtay ; piisfts » and 4,
*fJP-m.1f*fUlsl"'*yi '-"'l PiKeU, -' p. in ■ Friday.
We will be unable to injure eliansu uiiloss
this rulo lsicomplicil with.
r'«Bai iKlvertisiiiB u oonU \>,t nohpariel
line lirst insertion, S cents per line each subsequent insertion.
Hates for contract ailvurti-ain; on anpliea-
tion at olHca i;f imbliuation, Todd Block.
D. V.
Business ManatiOr
irr ood
(Ayer's Hair. Vigor, new. im-
| proved formula, is a genuine
i hair-food. It feeds, nourishes,
builds up, strengthens, invigor-?
•ites. The hair, grows more
i-'pidly, keeps soft and smooth,
:nd all dandruff disappears.
Aidnature a little'. Give your
iiair a -good hair-food
Does not change the color of the hair.
■* • *   , -V     r*,"*
i ■*  ,-n
Tuesday, June 25th
TWO   PERFORMANCES,  al 2  asid  8  p.m.
IPhones Office, 6. 7;. Stable 24
-   . IS IX HERESY?.
OBte oi the most strikiug, ii not the
mo»t. suiting, featnre of the Methodist conference lately held at Vernon,
wan tic, theological nuion lecture de-
.livered by our Fernie pastor, liev. il.
J'anhley HaU. ,
This lecture was of such a nature
a* to draw forth -widespread comment, und sonic of the most conservatives .the ministry were (iuite
shocked by the rteJical stand taken by
Rev. Hall, iu& he stands very close
to the line which ot old was drawn
to dicinguish between the Orthodox
Lelitl and the obnoxious heretic. .But
the trend of thought in the theological world has been changing along
_ with the' rajud changes "which are tak
ing pltux iu ali branches of thought,
.and what would have been considered
suicidal in Rev. Hall a score of-years,
ago now meets with" approval lroin
within as well as without the circles
ol ■ Uie Methodist  church.
Those'who have heard"Pastor Hall
preach very, often are not'surprised
to hear of his masterly handling ol
the weightiest subject which was dis-
euss(d before so intelligent aii audience. He has long ben known as the
■''■indent" 61 the ■ British Columbia
eiml'eivnee, and the praise he has won
l.y his latest eilort'is gratifying to
those-who know Mini" ""The Christian
Guardian of the 7th has this to say
of the lecture: -'
■ "..Saturday evening was devoted tb
the delivery,of the theological anion
lecture, ihe lecturer being Rev. i,ash-
ley Hall, 1!:A., B.D., of-Fernie. The
subject was* ''The Continuity "of Revelation," and without doubt -the lec-
$ xau* "was • the' .most scholarly, comprehensive and able that we have evei
heard deliveied under the auspices ol
a theological .union.
1,-     "it was  somewhat  long  and  heavy
 for ft^populur .audieuce,_i_but—of_jts,
. genuine    value   und   excellence    there
couid,bnS'no doubt."
--■    We take  lhe lollowiug from  tbe-, re-
' port   oi the    coniereuce    published in
the   Vancouver   Province:
"The lecture, delivered by Rev.
'Umliley llall 011 Saturday night caused a - mild sensation, requiring over
three hours iii delivery anil dealing
in tne spirit ol higher criticism witli
the "subject ol "Continuity of Revelation.", It was marked throughout
,, with evidences oi ripe scholarship anil
keen  biblical  interpretation. ,
•'It refuted the old theory oi literal inspiration in the Did Tcsiaiiu-ul
in a logical and convincing maimer.
Had it been delivered in the east instead of at the more broad-minded
conference ol ilritish Columbia, - it
would have provoked  uti uproar,
IU1.', Air. Hall has l/Ccii requested
by many who heard Uie leetuiu - to
have it published in book form,"
'Ihciij   ure     commendations      irom
competent   souices, but   the recipient
hoe earned Ilium, and wears ■ his laur-
" els with the modesty which is a part
of those  who achieve.
. _o	
The United Mine Workers ol Hrit-
ish Columbia, und purticularll l'rcai-
dcut Sherman, may well point willi
satisfaction to tlie outcome oi their negotiutinis, The l,uiii-
bridge .strike, whiih concerned Gull
mines particularly, has .ill Ia-cii sei-
lli.d up with a proper ugru. mem, and
ike principles whith tin- minus li,i\c
& .nti-ndiii for u year iiu\u i*eu generally recogul'/ltd 10 lie just 11 lid
necessary iu the operation ot the
mines. The orgimi/ntion lias Iweit
Mverely tested, nml ib, (illicit.s niu*
limned, liut the men liu\e stood by
Ihi-111 In a  miiiiiiet      m-Moiii  excelled,
Mrs. V, Clleorut, ol Si. Ilfiioil,
Mich., writes us IuIIhwh: "ll im willi
I eel illy a ol thu ilaupvnl giatiuidi'. tliul
1 write in tell ymi what Huby n llwii
Tnl'KtM liii-.o doiK fur my litby, When
1 l,e,_nii ""ivlii|" liim lli« Tablets lie
wns 111 linn and wnHli-il thai lie look-
id like a skeleton, 11 is ili__t,-*uii>ii wa<
pour: lie was couslipiitiil mid cried
day und liljilil. I gut a box ol
Huby'-i Own TuliUls uml Until llu
first they (lid linn 11 (', ileal ol
good. His lo'-d iligestid U-r.u, his
bowuls worked leguUrly; his sleep
wns natural; lie Htnp|i>-I .r\lny, nml
l4g,in to grim     fat.     J   ';oi    .inoilnt'
• box nnd win happy to nay More
ifcey weru nil used lie was in peilict
heallli .mil is ll'>w a pliiiii|i, 1 "HK^1
child. I iilway.*, keep a box ol Tablets in the Iioum: nnd would ndviie
otlii-r iiinlheiH In, diiiln- s.iini;.' 'Ihr.
ftliove in n fair Sample nf hundreds nf
lclU-ra thnt ciiine fntiii all   juris    ol
Canada praising Hnhy's Own Tahlets.
The Tabids cure all tbe minor ilh 0!
I«liie« and yniitij" chiMrcti,    and    nrc
altnluU-ly:. sale. \tn they do not contain on*- particle'1 o( opiate or narcotic. Sold by medicine ile.ilera or by
moil .it »5f n iinx from The Dr. Wil-
'",«i.i»'   Medicine Co,, Urackvillc, *)nt.
You need not-iiccitmc about using this
ne\/ Hair Vigorfrom anyfearof itschang-
ing tlie color of your- hair. The new
Ayer's" Hair'Vigor prevents pr'emiture
grayness,'but does not change the coloi
cf the hair even to tlte-slightest degree.
-^—HZiio'oy tho J. C. Ayor Co., Low*!!,
and now that the troubles are over,
it is plain that the miners were but
seeking a reasonable termination . to
.siiist^ntiul grievances. — Winnipeg
Voice.   ' 1   ;
Gained  by Dt., Williams'   l'ink-.;
for Tale People.
Over, "j
01)-Circiss Champions and Celebrities-[g8
8,3 ..Famous ffiqueatriann'   ■-■
18   Uni-lng   AeVlallsta
JO iieokf&es Rough  Rider*
7  Russian .Coesaokn
,The Uoctors of Mount Clemens Institute Proves the Value of These Tills
iu the Cusc' of Mr. S. Harris, Government lbspector of Elevators at
Hamilton,  Ont.
From the Slar, Dundas", Ont.
We were much pleased to see Mr,-
S. Harris, the well :known government inspector of elevators of,, Hamilton, in Dundas the ..other 7'day,
greatly improved in health, and--.appearance since the last time ' we met
him. As is known to many of the
Star readers, Mr. Harris has recov--
erod From a long and.severe illness",
and is nowoquite able , to attend his
usual duties." From this long ..illness
many , predicted Mr." Harris7 would
never recover, am^ the fact that he is more aide , to go around very
nearly "as spry eis he' did before j he
was attacked, is little., less than marvellous to them.
In reply to our -. reporter, Mr. Har:
r's related the early stages of the'at-
t ck and subsequent sufferings which
le  experienced,  and while he    did^not
.11 .Ar^tbl^iini   Tumblers
?* Merry ^rtpful, Cfowrto
9 '< Seasationai" SSquilibvints
20'A'storiisfhing Acrobats
A CortipM* JepHneoo Circa*
Superb  Carland" 'E'o.irbe* t
Scores of;Trained Wild Blasts
Horde'of: Perforhitiijgi ESephanie
Camel's, Llama's"and Bo's'*Indta*us
Sducated. :Sealn ,aad  Soa 'Lioad
Highest.  Jumping   Horses
Thundering- Roman Chariot. Races
Trai«dJ lnpirtiiiJ'ttfablaii rSlallitinr
Only Lady Japanese'A'rtists*in'America
tOO Shetland Pony Bailst
Cake  Walking   Horses
Marvelous Pibards' tl"
uiebratfedst^kXlO) Family
'    Amerun'i. UritliM C>ihiU -tnil'duMcr ^knt'er*
m*al'w»i £.6 Flout* Troupe
IU Lo^fly I idle* nl **sultUtt I ufm  m Cla»»u  Hu»» on ■
tl»t«' Pevplvlin f'rdtiUl.      *•*■     .
Prettt "Edim-iMtti^tsa
*t'lAf •o>lS,l-'tJ((,*l'r'JP'!'l ****.**,<
Street Parade
11 of Ooal-Tar Derlvatlvae.
Thi Only U*> in Ihi llniirt W^r'ld Mho'throMft'sOMfdR^AU'l TS
«■ llll Nifcrf-I H*il|Af •o>lS,l-'tJ((,*l'r'JP'!'l ^fi^',
j J E   arc • now* oin-
'   '   stalled- in1   0V1V
\ne\v  b'ai'M,   opp:.«-litfc '-t\%\
"old'  place,   and  have* a'
..complete,    outfit,
1 which  is always,at yourv
service  fon livery,^' cartage   or    baggage.    We'
still' have  t'he! office^ up
town, where orders may
he   left. .*■„'■      7 .'
- BlfH yMNtin wtwaikSM whtiA BMko It bttter ind ufot tkta my other mittrtal for'*
fimtftlM^llMTlTllHi m4 It U pntmbit to ctikollo icld, tenaiM It doe* not burn, to chloride
' tt mis, msptnt, •%%, tmwi • ** ' " - ■
,•■ 000}. It .'■•••J',. }■ •*• *IW«> ibmmmb** h ■• pmilMlly Don-polMBOii*, tad ««n
. •hnilttiri hi miii ftriitjr. Vn1 to'itla w km uronad." Itbaot o«u«its or Irrftttlngi It doei not
■ait* MtHh. nil itintniii llm * 11K Juiiii) iilmlilui ll ilnin not »«rmi»tntlf ititn wtthtble
hbh*,-:.i;;    L. ,;.;.,'   ,
-, . tsmst.. It hi tOmtm. OvtaaMatwrititsroqnlK^tlnalXMhitbaltmuitdoitror
.'Uu 'tMt*'itM^a'4X*bu»iirm (tht erraa put tua) la.eiw bImm. It tkui dlilnf»ci», olunats
M4 ptiiOtn.' ItiiHir«f« aal stsn, aM by tubiilMiIni uothuv bat bf dsntroylm th* cut* ot
thaadar. •
;   ..Tttrdi-- Ita■■aaardliiiiaWaycttweawjt. YaneaadiptadapoaIt,   "    '
Krea*' Ig'parttlalarly raluabat la t»r»w»ilaj aa outbrtik ot oonujloai dlieioit, by deisroy-
ltK/'lifto'ilait-'olMlailiifc Hrilylu atllproinollog einltttlon. It li the Idesl dlilnfwtint for
' \ *rW atl j^raldtoahatfaB »i»gllM mti Km* wUs wattr (vara prtfund) k tha -JaJ-
r, laviag tropottXw j I "
■■.. iSSMf-?^ .. -7 •..-.■■ itttsa . ■ .■ ■
- «aM»ja>t»iiaaa«a-i| • t»«a»W aataim
1 . ' .:.       ,    .
-*JV K
N. E.
lourt publicity, decided that iiTTlhe
1 ubliccintert-sL he would- relate ' the
uicuinstiinces^of this wonderful, cure.
About     14    months  „ago Mr." Harris
wo'.ie  uj> one   morning    with  a
Phones: Office 6;
Stable 24
ii."cl^.'   'I'ry  us he would,'ter ap-
p.lying    nil   .the   remedies  . externally
lhat he could hear  or   think   of,'   . he
wus unable to get rid-of; it. The sti fill ss"iiii)ve'd'to",thc  s"pine  and shoulders, then   to his    hips, until it niadc
almost a cripple of him, and it  was
with extreme difficulty   that he could
Ket out  of  bed at all.   As  for walking, it was out of the question   with
him:   The attack became so bad that
he waa unable  to-put "on  either    his,    vest or hat.     1'rom    tithe    to
time    he    callud in various    medical
nu-n, none of whom were able to give
him much nrlief. ,.It was almost impossible for   liim to    raise    his feet
from ,   the floor,- and  (ill  pronounced
him a severe case of musculo1;  'rheumatism,  giving  hiin' little' encouragement     ni  to his    ultimate recovery.'
Howevi-r,     one    medical    gentleman-
finally iiiciiinmcnded lhe liaths, and as
a last resort  Mr.  Harris decided'  to
follow his advice and went toMbunt
Clemens, Mich.   As is customary with
all  patients, Mr, Harris had to   undergo a thorough examination  iu order    tu    duterniine if the system    can
stand   this rigorous  treatment.   After
m vera I examinations had been   made
ns tn i\lr, Harris' condition, the physicians   (hire   finally decided   that   lie
was imi Milkt'iiiji from muscular rheu-
iiiatisiu at all,  but that his ailment
was ol the iiuI'vch, and tols him that
the laths would do,him little   or no
(joodj that li.- rwiulreil ulto^otlici-' di(-
Icrent tie.itiiHiit.   Mr,  Harris   placed
himself     In  thu hands of one of the
plivSMiini    then-,    and what sc<-ined
i|iiile .sImiiii.C to him,  lliey did notli-
liit; fm' him  Iml admlnster   inodlcine
III iln* Hluipi"  of  pills.   .Shortly    afler
he  this  u'L',itiin-iit   hu Ixi-
jjO* to, iiiptinu  perceptibly, and    his
,tppi-tilr greatly improved,   lie l^aii
tn walk nrotintl slowly nt first,    hut
.-.onii  wns able to  j;et  around    inon-.
tli.ui he cmild fur a yi'iir im-vioiis. lie
was al li- to put oil Iliu coat nnd vest
.■ml ie.'.un In led like Ills former Ht-lf,
Ilia Impit>\ilii' nf was so  rapid    mid
piueptliile   not only lo liiiuscll, but
to ot litis, that he was plk-d with all
.'TIB ul   i|iiention.s . un lo Ins   woiidci-
li'l tet'Aury.      lhc iiu'luat atU;iidaiii
w.ia <|>iustiiint.iJ ns  to the nature   of
the iiicdhiin-, which "* beinj,' ailmin
iitleit'd.   iMiuli In  the stupriso ol Mi'
Harris„and otlur  palii-ulu   tlu-re, hu
via,  tolii    that it w.ia a will-known
Canadian  remedy, Dr.  Williams' l'ink
I'llln,    mid    waa  advised to continue
their \m< (or a     time on Ms   return
liniiti.      Mr.   Ilurrin lit loud  in    hi;i
praia>.> nl the wondt-rliil iiirulive ijual-
itu-N of Dr, Williams' l'ink pills, and
rotist-nled to lilako hi> c.iae public'  in
tb- hop,- thai lie mi'r'it luaulit of.lit-rs 1
itinl.trly alllict-id.      Mr. llariis-. hns
looj" l«n .1 resident ol Hamilton, bc-
in_; ii well knoun     builder nf elcvot-
ori, h» will ai ^overnimtil ins|K:clor
of the w.itm-.   no that his promlm-aee
and will I noun  Integrity   I» evidence
(Mat In- is   ainocn- in the ntntrmrntV
la xnait.
1 o "Consumptives
f- The1 undersigned.'having) been . ttr
stored to health by simple'n means,
after suffering for several _ years with
a seveic lung affection,-, and that dread,
disease CONSUMPllONT^ir^^aftiou^
to make known tn his felloe sufferers
the means of cure. To those who desire it, he will cheerfully send (free of
charge) a copy ,of the • preacriptidn
used, which they!will find-a-'cureJdr
TARRHi_ HRONCHITIS and all throat
mid ..lung MAIyADIES. - He hopes/all
siidereis will tty this Remedy.,:as. It
is,invaluable, Those desiring the prescription, which iwill-cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing,, will
please addrasa
REV.  HD.VAH.1) A,  Wll^BON,
(fctnatii; M.-T.
. Wc offer; One Hundred Dollars He-
ward for aay cost.of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Y. .1. CHBN15V;'& Co., Toledd, 0.
Wc, the undersigned, have known
Y. J.' Cheney for the last is years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in nil business transactions,1 and
financially able to carry out tiny obligations made by his firtlli
Wholesale' Druggists',' Toledo,1 0.
Hall's Catarrh nCure is 4dkeii Internally, acting directly upon the
lilood and mucous surfaces" bf1 the
syBtem; Testimonials sent firec'.' l**rlce'
"Sc per bottle,   Sold'lly all druggists
Tako Hall's Family Pills for constipation,
IMslrUil: of N'ortli KuHt Kooti'imy.
TSKK .NO'l'UIKIIiut HhvIiIA. l»inlli..y1'nflW»vM
I). l.,iii"(iii|iiit|fin TlinlKtr.llrnlhiir.JiitiinilN to
upli,vliii- Kpiu'lul thnlmr HfonxoHrur'tlio foi-
Inwlnu iIkm-i'IIiimI ImiiU kIHuIIii on--tlio nortii
''■il, ol hilllwir lllvcr niul Its trlliiitiiriflx in
.Ninth hii.t. Iviotiuiuy DUtrlnii
No 1 ('iiiiiiiii.|ii'iiiiiimi |ui»t iiliiiilml nu I
Kiixt. hIiIh nl l.yiixcKn'li iiliiiiit, (inn iiilln fmni
Itri i,inil,lii ihonini north Wi nliiiln«| tliiiniii.
J\u»t kui-IiiiIiih: Uiiiiii'iiKmitli hilclinliiHi tlmiKai
l-il.r Ml i'llll in:* tu pnlur, of I'dtillUlilli'lMniillt, llllll
I'lUilMtlnnu ll|aiirriiH.inii|n or Iiihh
Mny 7, l'.iW  ,
N'n.J f'oinniiiiii'li if ul ii'iuiMt iiliiiilml ul, tlm
vnitli l'.iml cciiiiiii-nl i||ipliimt,iiiiiNo litluninii
NimIII H"c|iiiIm«MIii>iii>ii \Vo«I ftliiluilh'il tlinnci'"
-inilil  Mu clinins I  tliniii'ii   KilHt, Ml  (iliniliH to
imlnt of K'uiiiiiinroiiiiin't, nml i-ontiilnlnif Din
III'IIIK ol linnl   iiioiii or   ll'HN,
"nv 7, I"i7.- -    • .■
S'ii, :t.  (.'iiiiiiiici dim nI.ii |io«! plniilc-il .lit tlio
.\"IHi   l-.iml   i'Omii.r of No, Hi tlumen KiinI  HO
' Im liu.; iliiiu-i) Sin.tli M.u.|inin»; thutio .W^H
»■ i'IiuIiihi tliiiuvn.Norili Hi »IiiiIii>, to point o.
i«.iiiliii.|ii.i'Oii'iil niul I'liiitiiMiloif  llln nlirim nf
*    IMf lllflifl.   i.c   1,- ,^
Muv !l, 1!"Mi7
.....   ..      »".   .Ill,   i. ,  .. ,.«, ... ,l....... »l    UIIUB	
am null  mill-,- nnrlli oi  Uyux nrndk from
mo tli iniiMo.l xlilii; tlaini-i' Nnrlli lil'l iilml
«< »-m« VVi »< I •i-ImIii,, ; llWnivSin'ilh liu dial...
ihniii'ii KnHt 4 icliiilii-i to |nilnt, of comindiicfi-
ihi'iii,aiat i-oiiliilninir iHi uori-iof bunt morn
or li.hH,
Miivn, I'm"
I in lint iliis li-.ih ilny of .Mny, Uml,
ii'lS'.',' " Ditvlil M Pinllcy
NciMtian Rusk
''    •' -i   • 7-.      ,     '
Gunorol Blaoksnitth
• < i .i
if t . ,       ,        '
Wepnlflnj*;,   etc.
Brewery .'Gp^-Ltd
Fernie,   li. 0.
•Brewers of RMra   Fine  IJi^er   o
„  :«nd'  AeriiioJ'  Wytersv
.   •■'    '  x-'>>: ■'.-■'-> ■   ..-
Hottliyd    Goods    a     Spociiilty.
WINE   G0.?  Ltd.
Ilfcokaale   Dcaltra   «ad   Direct
SCHblVZ DRItli    , ,
Sold A(,'«ntH In KhhI, KiintciinV fur
\VA l*KU
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nice dish of Ice Cream
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pricas. y*«rtilliitra, Ilaa Suppliu,
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111 U.   3.   HKNUV8 NUttBltttIR«
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- Vtmmvtt, t. C.
P. 8.-H yonr local tnatrAaaU
ita mt'Hklik my oMi,1 vnA
'• tllrnct. Wi pftpay Mty' paekeli,
„ iulurtW vurfctlci o( gitdtk ateda
fitifa. fopot* (taatad iatodc), to
yo*t sMhtraat post ottco tor tx.oo,
f+*My fiaeWu for $t*i, trial col-
A Gotta Why
tj» pteaaa <tM*#afal botuakaapaia la to
glva kMswt «aaj|(M. -.Oh; -art akai't aay
tluit aU< tMitahani 4oB'i «V} thli, Iwt
m tnt-HM- hajp. owMfotolly ovar*
iMaicksJ: oar laiy frU«4a< vhaai thay
lit to talllif jAair wparlanoia,
Another G6od Way
to pltata l#,to ampply ooiy t tha bast
tuaol. If yoh UttoV with us yovvill
ifwra 'jaut'-aatsa-.t m mto* by thaaa
t«« "ways" QUALITY tnd QUAN-
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ItBffii, B. C» b-_
FBRN'IE LEDGER', FBRPflEf Bv6Jq^NE\i-s,.igQy.
frO W T
.^   'ihe    - niatchecl -' game'   oi,   baseball
■}   which was  to  l.« played  bclwoiu'. tlie
ch;.llen_liiig  printers  aud  tlit-  b'urtend-
- er...*"\Vedn'.iiday evening, drew" quite u
crowd   of spectators,   n'utwithslandiiij>
„ the moisUiro in'the uir.   ''6    ,
■\l..naK«i" W.-.llaeo, of the' l^ree l',
. and The heiuyw^-igJit editor - of. the
same papa, ti o'k therbuck fever when
they S-.tin V alters, 'Churlie Ddvcy
,<ind Con Whelan iu tlw opposition
.com iu.'tiou, and releg-atoil " - thein-
■"  lo tlu jjiuiid - .
,..The Kid's sua kept him .busy"." with'
.a 1 ,wn mower, .until he was , wet
.through, aud then put him to lx:d. •
All lhe*e 'uiif.'i's'.vii "mishaps   put the
-jrriiil is   ut a ilisiuli'iiiituj;'',   but   lliey
. -were i,:.iiu' aiul   pi sywl llu*   i;auie with
- -.the ths'Lv star perfW-iiK-rs off- in dis-
jgroce,  -,'.."
Yin- iis.ri.-i.iK'i's, coiiieiil vyjili'so
uuiirli advantage, w^re ciiiighl. by the
.alci'lcpiiiiU-is .iryiiijj'.t.ii play to men the / pruueis, and had to
ituiu'uMi- a'lielder' or  two  to     llieir,
. "opponents I.ej'oJV tliiugs'wcio balaueeil
liU.jtigk to peim'it ui'a-game. Duly
ll'uur iuniugs wure played beloie dark-
mess   cuuie, to llie   reliel   ol   the     bar-
■  i'.iiidei.s aud prevmied a Waterloo., ■
The score al  that  liuiu... .stood, - yo
" -iu' jo ia '.layur ol llie burlcndei^, bui
.an Uie game was called oU\ this score
vwill uol appear iu any uf the .ollicial
"7ecoi"ds.-". Auolher gume   will   be.'  ar-
•- o
-ranged aud Iheu there will bu , some
^coriag'., *
The -armlets had Ike game cinched
.liu the third iuuiiigs ouly Blue, their
'*tar centre iielder, lost his cigurelle
will* at bat, and iu looking lor it
gave' the, horteuder's pitcher a mucU-
ueiidsd rest.
Joe-Joe,' of the Napanee, is a star
" om#iaer.
The lioyal hotel mixers saved    the
' day for lhe bartenders, o
Van, ol the printer's nine;  hit    so
', hard that we lost live balls.'
Wallace aud  Pedlar,   ol    lhe    l'ree
•  Press, are great sports—oil.
_■■-,- «
Ihe immediate ambition of  lhc A1-,
,. berta' foatbali realm was achieved at
.iHigh - River    last Satuiday,    when,
' ^ wilh 1» clubs and . 4 leagues repre-
: seated,. the Alberta Provincial As-
isociation Football uuiou was formed.
'.Ths Urrilory embraced iu "' the .uuiou
i comprises the province of Alberta and
_itha_Croy_;a-_'*'est_Pa8s' in British Co-
• ■;    TEA
Tlte cry of aii whb have once fastetl It.
A trial wlli convert vou.
oitiJ- Packets only -it"-'all' firdcars
L. R- ^kslfciny
BA&»r*^A#^A^ SoaciTosr
Hooms 1& 3, Henderson block. Fernie, B.C.
W. C. U«a.      Atsz. I. Viahcr, B.A.
Latoe & Fisher
■AUiiBifaae, solicitors, btc.
Craw'a 'fooii. '"Ttadlag    Co.' . Block,
'  ,:'■■■ womii'K C
J. 3. T. Alszanccb
Ross: & Alexander   7
' '■   '. ,'  ■ "-7'- *   i*    •-';
,  OUrc'in li, T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
is nature's own,
healing  essences
gathered from all
over the world,
purified, concentrated, combined Vsega
and handed to you V?3>r
ready for use.      v#
That's ail! No magic!   '
"w"  No trickery! A pure
r' natural  healer, of  ,
skin disease and injury,
Make' inquiry.
' ' - ~%
llunibia   as Iar " west   as    Kooleuay
ll*sdili_j.   *: .-•   °
I'laB iour organi'ied leagues    iu   the
aaliua .ejre  the 'Alberta Crow's    Nest
Paw,, .the- High Hiver aud Central Al-
barta, 411 .cow in upcratiou,  aud the
British Columbia  Crow's  Nest Pass,
organized   Saturday.    These embrace
Uk (ollowiug .20 clubs:   Taber, I<elh-'
bridg-j, Macleod, Piucher Creek, Und-
breck,    Coleniaai,     I/eaviugs,    Clares-
holm,    High    River, .Uuehani,   Oko-
. toka,  the six' Calgary   clubs,    which
■. aw    City,  "Wesleru   Canada  College,
jlianks,    Caledouiaus,    Uillhurst    aud
I laborers, aad'three'British Columbia
,: Pass clubs, Michel,  Keruie ^utid ., Coal
1 Creak.
,,8U detached northern clubs desired
ito come in, mid districts were 1 formed
riot llutse, Biiull, Cuniuore and 'Bauk-
) head .iu oaw, and Crosslielil, Ciirstnirs
Kkadil^id Deer iu another. The clubs
.villi .lurlher north nre at"liberty tn
ilutiu nPoltier.
Tbt* lUiiiott avcoptod the"ollcr-ol   A.
BcmuU, ,of   Calgary,     lor    a S3«x>
.shivld, whicJi .will go perpeuuilly willi
Uu piovlnciiiil   ,clinnu)i<inshi|i.       l''<»'
tills .season t»Kseut loague |ioiiii<liiii«i>
will le preserved^  anil" the excciilive
li»nIs between the six   .or more    «Ih-
ir'lclN ol the union, will superintend the
fittiilii between  the six or inoie    ilih-
trlct   winners.     Alter   this   suusun,
;, however, ull the eluba will be hi the
, dm   body und     the aiiuuiil meeting'
v will draw Up the districts each year,
j um ilistrl'cU mukiiig  llieir owu   in
, guial/ittlon audi scaaoii. _
-     A lull    constitution     and  bylaws
vwere.adopUd, whicli, alter  this year
fwill be obligatory,,   on the il'slricts.
'/I'M Uansler   ol jiliiycm dining    tl'«
..wuboii is jiroliibl-U-d.
,011iecrn were elected us lollowa;.
lllotorary   prealdcnt,    l.icul.-ttover-
iflor Bulyea.
J'waldeit, »r.    0.   A71ng»,
RUB I? fsM^T
Mr. Francis Renoit, of St Anne's
Cabbage and Cauliflower"
Plants ■ for  sale
' :- ^r-also-—
Stocks, Astbrs and Tomatoes
■;'.,      strong plants
•-Prices Reasonable
•;  .IOHiN   McLACHLAN, PROP7    ,
, .y.r--y  ' NOTICK "",_
NdTIOEis horel'iy Riven tliat" thirty "days
;after date the following persons intend
applying to the Chfef Commissioner of Lands'
imd:'\Vork8 at Victoria, B.C., for licenses to
prospect for coal and petroleum on the following; described lands.,, situate in. Block.4&B0
lyinjr on the west side of Great-Nor'tliernrrail-
way, fro'in-MorriSsey to Cedar: Valley timber
limits, Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing nt a post planted at the north
east corner of, Isaao Waldron's claim, thence
runiiing north SOchains. thence weat BOohalns,
tlience south HO chains, thence east 80 chains,
to place; of. commencement, containing- 640
acres, mrirb or less.      .-   .
. -   ■ - Isaac Walubon, Locator.
'.'■'. A.' W. Bei.dkn, Agent.
Mav7 1(107
. Commencing at a l
of r ~
(yaevj^say s:"^"" Tsutterea irom ecrema
for two years, and tried a great number
of remedies in vain.- Tho ailment was
mostly in my legs, and both these were
fictuslly raw from the* knees down.;,, I,
obtained some- Zam-Buk, and by the time!
1 lind iir.L'd a few boxes, sin glad to any I
wis completely enroll. *'
- (J:ires skinjinjuriea and d^eaaas, piles,
I'hiifwl -l luces, iiiHict Btings, sore feet,
piuii-ic itch, ulcers, festering Borea, etc.
Of nil atores and ilruggiets, 60c. 'a
box^cr Zaui'liuk Co., Toronto, r-ost free,
for prico.   (G. E; Fulford, Limited.)
ist planted at the southeast corner of F.F McCormick's claim, running south 80 chains, thence west go chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenoe east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, making 640 acres,
more nr less, ■
- P. P. McCohmick.Locator.
- A. W. Bkmikn, Agent.
May 7,1S07. ■.-,_•■..
Commencing ata post planted at the north-
eaot corner of Peter Qllcnrlet's claim, thence
running north 80 ohains, thence'west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenoe east 80 ohains,
to place of commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less;    "     •
". I'kter ftiLCHKiST, Louator.
•   A.W Bkldkn,Agent
May 7,11107. . ■      "
- Commencing at a post planted at the southeast corner of H O. Guillland's claim, thence
running south8-Johains, tl.ence weat SOchains,
thence north 80 chains, thenoe east 80 ohains.
to place of commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less.      • ..,-..;
, j H.O. Guir<MANi>,J.>6cKtor.
- A- W. Bklbkn, Ag«tit.-'. -
Commcnoiiig'atu post planted at theflbntli-
east coiner of B. E._ Palmer's claim,;thejii^o
<Jb Barbora l.d.s., d.d.s.,
;---'/'V.IIEHTIST, *
L T. \V   Block,  opposite the   Bank
*• -- ,     • -j
flflice hours—ea.m.'to 8 p.m.   -
W; J, WriglesWorth, D, D. S,
Offioe'"HniiRBi-'_._'    8 SOto X2 a. m.'I to 6'p; m
8.S0 to'«, " .   "    y
1 ' Offii-eln Alex.t nk's Bini-tt te-
■ overSlinn'sDakery.    ' " '    -
KKIINIR,;'"■   - - -     -n>        Bi C
H. Riii'ir.   , , A". Wildman
ContractorH Uud Builders,
, EiitlmateH *r~*iirritshVd
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
* .     McEvo'y St.'., i" --
P. 0.'Boii-'3ss    , •••• 7, Fernie, B. C.
-Builder end Contractor
Estimates cheerfully, given nnd work
promptly executed to the satis-
faction of onr customers.
. Gilbert
Tonsorial Artist
Only Union B»rberv Shop In   tho city
and worlc here is done in first class,--
style and at reasonable prices.
The   '*.
Lumber Ccf.
Limited   .
Hanufacturers of
V ,   Siding
■] I'Fiiiishihg
. Lumber &
-    *-   r *    »
All our   slock   is   last, -year's
cut nnd well seasoned
1       ■        - ■    -' *•"
Motel, llosmer
Open May 1
Everything  new and
; up-to-date.
Every accommodation
for the puhlic. .
Bar stocked with the
finest in the land
P.       LA BELLE
'.".''■>.„;    - Proprietor °
running south SOchains, thenoe west WcUalifsi'
thence north 80 chains, thence east SOt.oljAtnB,-
to place of corainencen)ent,jiiiikiiig «4(>kfreS.
Mn.v 7,1TO7
B. E.TA..S-Elft"ri?)cat«if
Commencing at.'id^wst planied'at the north-^
east corner of/Jet&*IlMve^.'.claim, (heivf"*
runniiiK ii6rt)i^i>4_iHfis;,th*ahce west unchains,,
thence s'outhiSO chains',:fjiincfe ea»t' MtoShnns
to place of lommencemertfc, mSking 840 acres-;
more orlpstf.'    .' < ..!"". _Ji .Hf ■;,'i,',i,-'-"7v:'"*-'---'>
-.• :_-r---_.- ■.;*t;;',f8nHy «arBa^Cb«Bt<)r.
east corn«_;
running boV
to place of Ci
May 7,Jint*J;
*.-. ;AV-W.:BM,r.
Uuum, r,«ikl)ridji«; Dr, StnnUy, HJB.i
ilUver; G. O. S. MnJiwy, K.C., l«r;
iMU; Df. 0. O. McUnu, Culnnry; -A.
.C*tueroH,  Cr<)»*lit;l<li     J^- "■' ''^Ui
iSecrTrtiis., A. Ikinii-tt, i'ulpny. j
, 31. II. Cnriic, I'.ethl.rWue, U 'nuiinup j
..J'r-**»fj' !
Th#t •ii-ctiUve    will consist ol    tli"
offleers,   unci   a rei*rtBvnt*ii\c   "*»*»
ench dlitrlrt, to U «i>|»oint<*<l l-y i««
(•affiles (if difUricts.    >
tbeAlt»ert>i    YooXA-txW   .nw*i;it»<'«.
(i.j|ijj    o Hflvlln;'   nf   X~\\r. cl'iHw    ot
■ the I'otoU nclKht-orliuiMt, h.^in.-, 'h-
■ dined »ll overtnnn, \* tlit o*.»} l«*|-
ball oi|HHlMllon In  All.ert.. i.«U.d«-
■ Ilia mioii, «nd it has no dnuht sign
ed its own death warrant. -.
Tke aanual meeting ol the union
will - be held each year oa the first
Saturday  ia April.      ■<
......    .-o   i,   —
Ct ' i i'
The Nelson Nuws a (ew days -. 'Op*
did n little scoldlnjf because the N«l-
.son people let J. 8. Carter g»t away
without a "»eud-ofi."
Tin ledger is willing to wager dollars lo douglinuM, though, that
'"(•tiilal Joe" did.not lose utty sleep
over the omission.
Ih in lu thu know deep caough to
he able to appreciate that kind of
il'iu* ut ita proper value.
,'   b. Carter doet not need, ait;its'
wutcli und an address to enable hint
to *tirt on a goud lootlug in Boo-
Lime.   Insotue   itutaitcea such loulBt-
t-ring up is quite necetisary.  When 15
ur so "leudlag clti/eas" cougraga<» to-
(jetlier und present a departing Irlcnd
wiUijewelcry uud smutty yarw',' and
the went U properly heralded in the
pnsti, the recipient, if he le a cheap
nma, noe» away , .*ling Hke a'brlde
in her goiie-uwuy dress, and reii'dy to
sacrinse hiiiwi'lf to his newly chostn
"Giaial Joe"
V ill not go
Any "Mo"
Along tho Crow,
Kir now lie's In Spokane,
Trying to be "a tncliran mnn."
Look for  Card', in 'Window
i«6rr3,' 6UuSf» thence
"«iJjhalnfl,"th»hiio westSOohl»iiMi,!
Vchtflaji, thtme'e cHst'-*W'ch»1t.s
coirtfrteiieflnenty _,-,, ;-,.,'.•;; .-•_.,
•  Tkiv.-' ,,W..H. Srn'HB(iN.I,'ocatol"
'v. :,>'', 'A-.w:', Awnt-...
oust corner of RoMjKVKftll'll'tolHltn'tliWteVttn«
.linic north 80 clinlni,>tk«nea^**mti'KiictMnS|'
thnnoesonth 80 clminH.thenoc eSstSOohftlnsto
placo of commencement, makins WO acres
more or less. . . t._-..__,.„ . .....   ,.
Hour K Nkil, Locator
May 7, l(i07 .," A. W. IlKl.DKN, Apront
GomnienolnBat a postViiatitoil at theHonth.'
s'iiKt oornor of Freoman SfnowN claim, thenco
' lumco easterly .80 cliuins, ■ thence north 8u
..liniiiH tn plaoe nf commencement, making
■iiniicroH more or less. '.. „ r ■ . '.. •
, f nKmiAM Snow, l.noator
■May J, 1W7   '" A. W„ llRr.DKN, Agent
Cnminenelii_t iit n nost-vlanleil at the north-
cist corner of (} W. Patch's claim, thonne
riinnini. north HO chains;thenco wast 80ohaIns
1 liencft south BO chains, thence oast 80 chains
t>> placo of commencement., making ilio acres
moronr le-isr.. __,  „       ■ _.,     .-
.. i   , (iko. W. Patch, r.noalnr
Muy7,1*07 A W'fllRi.i>RN,Agant
Uuinmanoing at a ims*. planted at the north.
iMstcornerofi), ll. Kullinwulcr'sclalm,thonco
.unnlnK north 1*1 chains, thorn.* west SO
.iiiilim, thence south Ho chains, thenee east 80
i.'iahiH tn plane Af-coniinoiiciMnoiit, makliiK
"I incres.'moieor b'HS,
J. II PiiM.iNWinan, Locator
May 7, HKI7 A; W, IlKi.nKN, Auent
Commencing-at a pout planted at Ilia inutli-
,-nX comer of M Miller's claim, thence run-
iibiKKOUthMchiilns, thence went 80 chain*,
"much north Richains, thenco east mchains,
in pine,-  of cominennoinont, making (Mi)ncnis
iiiniv nr less. 	
M, Miller, Locator
M-«y 7, A, W, UeMfii, Agent:
•'ommenvlng at a post planted at the nor*li-
i.f I'nrnerof ,1. Xt. Wlltnnt's claim, thence
-liming north  Ro chains,  tlience west Hi'
'i Ins, tlii'iirn smith Rn chains, thenco east. 80
hItim tn pliicn (it commencement, making
nu nrn«i more nr less.
.1,11. Wllmot.I.onatnr
-!.iy 7, A. W. IXtltXtn Agent
fommenclngttt a pout. pla»t«*l at tha north-
n.i t, corner oT Tlinrnton XVliMttley'a -claim.
thi-nca tmining wotliM chalni,' thenco, wast
" i -halns, tfmiira north 80 cliahw, tli*no«-»att
HiihaliiMtftplacoof oninmencoinDnt,
-    Thatnlqn.'Whiatley.I.ieator
Mhv 7, ino7 'A. W, lleiilon, Ag»nt
', (Formerly: the Owl)
:I'hV' Owl.   Restaurant
Avhidl) has-recently '■'
::■-'' : will^rriore completely
;-djp-tbidatte than , has
.Been  the  case  in  the
v.7   ■■' past.   The   new  pro-
:--        prietdrs,    -
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
will be pleased'to mfeet
the old patrons and also new' ones at the pit1
stand,  .       ■',''•
Best pf
i- -1
Eoerg attention.     ?;
0 * " " -,''■'
Rooms "reseroed bu wire
Watch-it Increase. .Aii. you; have to.
do with a Savings Account 'is" to' start. it and
^... keep, it going—then watch it -grow..., Doesn't
^ -take long "for it to count up to-a considerable
^a, amount—then you see the advantage—the wis--
&-   dom ,'qf. saving.    '     •    ' ,      ,°.
"■* $1 Opens.ari Account with The Home Bank of Canada
J. Hi   MARSHALL,   Mgr.,
Fernie   Branch
;■;'■• OF COMMERCE 7
>*■ * "" i
'». I." WALKER, President
M-BX: LA1R1);'GeDerai'Manager1
A. Hi: IKKl-AJilO, Superinteadent of
KSTA1S1.IS1IF.D   18*1
Pai.l-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Toial Assets, -  113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, anil in the United States and Enfiut
i3lness may be transacted by mnil with any branch
iaBahl£   Accounts may be bpaned and deposits
BMde or withdrawn by mail.   Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts. '
Fernie  Branch G. S.   Holt,'  Maiiajror '-"Z
Undertakers:4- Embaimers
AGENTS.. FOR             -,   •-
The'' Calgary   Marble   & 'Granite. Works .
The', Kootenay ■ Marble    Works,    Nelson   \
§"* Samylesi Can be Office...   '* Parlors in Lundy's Block
mmmmmmmm^immmm^^^ I
A pleasant  home  for the
B^U LLET 1. N «aaa_«KB
Coul.-l'oal liimU limy lie i»urnli»Kert »'* Mu
-      *• -—■--•-■"■" |or HiiilimrllB,
lie Hoqulrvil by
Hoynlty at tlie
per Hum for mtx i-oal uiul tWl l«r Hwlli.aijile
Nni-nnral'inn «*) ftflren can H arijnlrwlby
!.<vp tf|n«_*4'» \Mm«ti l« tbi kotw.
MIS'AVI) H I.IWIMKST to tli* rmly
t.teimOX a*U4 ior at tm *t»iv wA
tht oily owe we l**yt. lot »..!».•■
JM vttitit «»*• St-
]-<M»>lt B^y.
^ls\\osi^^k%*\^ss3»m^*\\\   WW
Made from pure, grape cream of tartar
Makes home baking easy. Nothing
can be substituted for it in making,
, quickly and* perfectly, delicate hot
biscuit, hot-toeads, muffins, cake and
pastry. Insures the food against alum.
Ptfte, Hioltfafcl, Reliable
i-ftteofHiireiitHMrtonof i.,000 poiiniU iIihII
liufloll.oK.1 on tlmKrn»noutput.
QimrU-A .ran riilnor'Hoertl(lr*iit»
unoii iiayintiit. in ai'vanou ol »fi par annum ror
nu liullvliliiul, ami 'rom »Mi to »iuniv«r arnivm
ror u ooni|iaiiy Krconlliiij to cftjiltal.        .
A tm mliier, liavlii«iliw*ovo.e<l mln.rtl In
plm-o.iniiy locate aalalm I,Mil x X,!*nt f.etj
Tin' too for riifionllmi a claim in W.       .
At Itmittiu) mutt lie •xpaiidail on tba OlUui
.ai-tiyumr iml'l to tli* mining ranonUf In
Km tlicropf., Whua .M* ha. n.en .xp.ii-J.'l or
pal'l, thitoiator mi.y' upon iMjrlni a'turvoy
mailu, ami upon,nomulying with other re-
•lulramimlMHiroliKM »\» land at *l an a^r.,
•fiia ontont provlilea for tli. payment, of a
royalty nl.J pur ct'iiton thanalan.
yi)iiar.j mitry fe« *1 riiii.waMi- yuarly,     .
A frmi miliar may oMaln two Uawt to
ilnnlgtlurgolilofrlvaiiilleaaachfora «l
»**iityy*»r>i, r.imwalilaat th* ilUoretlon ot
h« MliiUlur of thu Interior,, ,
Tlm' lii'rt« ahull lmve a ilrmig. In onantlon
within nnn Kiiitaoiiiriiin theilate-of tlioMnftae
lor i-tuilill*» »•»'••»' '"•"•'al iXit\*r aniiuui for
»n<>li niilii uf rlvnr U.BMM . Upy»ltv at th.
inn., of j pHrivnl iiilli '"«"• "" 'he mil pot a(<
turll umw<H  |o,'mi, ,
mpqty IfliliUr •l*tfciiI*Ut4tor.
U   ir^VsmXVtpUnA'mkmtMo ot
thti idvcrilMMcat will mot \m\f*U
tfernie, 3B, C.
call and nm .,
Allan Line
Direct.   Hnrvlen
Dublin Exhibiiion
Huiiiliu*)' KiiIIIiihh
Monlrcal  mul (iutibiM- to
Vlctotiiui    (tmrlilnt,    n,«o    tnna)
JUS'B 91
9,oimi    tout-)
(twin   acrew,
JUNB afl
VlrK-ial-ui    (turWn*,    \2,vt\o
T«HliUa  (twin tcrcw,  io,57^ tonal
Salixin, $ll!i nml upwanlH; Si'conil |
Cut-in. $L»«); TliinJ Oliuw, W7.WI-
find  upwill'ilH, iicrHitliii',' to Htf.'HiiiT.! Tn-.| 1*1.1
(MM* OSMimO WfrtW
mM *WrtlTwatla»w»f^»»**__*«
MtalUc uli OtsXmXsos X* hMttS,
'50'Good Woods*
moil wanted by
Tho VMx Lumber
Co. Apply at tho
Office or at Hog-
UiidiT nitw nmnnKenu'iit
Well furnlBhwl mims.   Tho tabic Is
■applied with tnu o«»i u.o iiiM-riMi   U^^-m^M,    »„,|     i)\m\m
iirtonin.   Tlits')*r i* »upplM (ji.AKtJDNV
with the iMsst wines, li- '"       .
qaon.ndelR.ri. 1       _ (I)1,t'cl)
I-wlorisi luno '"
  IsidtiuL ■•■'»'-' »:
JNamldlatt. -«ly   1
j M0tt/( liaa. J»*y   »
Ono clftus cabin $J0. ililnl clun*fJrt.Wi
Kor reMirvntlon of -wnliR ntid lull
pnrtlculiir apply to
H. KBAUINO,      W. li. ALLAN
C, )>, 11 ,\frx-       ft''" Act.
Fernie Wlnnlj*!:',
iu . a ■■»!
Summer Excursion Rates
hVnili' Id
I'urt  Art Inn*';
Sf. I'iiiiI
Sl.iii.v OK.v    J
Si, l.nui- iriim.    I'lili-.n;.! i'i|
.■fS-'-.S,;.     Ti-ninii*   .">s,
i'i.,.    m. Jii|.n :ji||.    ilniii.i\ .-iitiiiSii.
I it Ul'Ii mi SiiIciJhIi .i, |, y, A»ii;t»-t H,
i),   in;   Si'pl.-ilil-.T II,   I J,  I,',,
I'.iim t   I'lip  'in l>iy l.imil
! ll.iifi •iiiii.'iii.i' n-.|,i. I I'.n- (i. >n
i!'llil \'
*l     ,    . I ,.
"II   llll.l'
Jas. Severn, Prop.
TheA. Macdonald Co
(HejJ Office, Wlnixlrutu)
UranclM**—Vancouver, Ntlaon, Ftroic,
KdmoniiM, Alia. A Kenora, Ont.
ftnit, B. C'w
fertile. B. C.
"'pATHiiiKUK 7fi*iinrTNl>"HTrt*Y
in, lit-ll.u' lrit tiN j, ,,.l I. u * 11
i .1 tit ii it M,     llii.ii.t:i.  i..i.-i
t i|lj.ili  I I" -pi^   .In" I   ..
I'm  Out ni... i^iii I n-   <>r   Miufiliiip  I* i.i.llH'|.»
! .1, >^ I'.WII'V'I., H, I*. A,.Si I .ui;.
II, lll...!ilNU,   \i.l    l-'i-nili
Shoemaker Shop
"i|'i>. IV Hiinia S fo'c nlili*!')
'1 tii> nuuer i'.** u'i.iVi-'I X vrnri
in Itoini"; lt:il\, ami i« i-ri'i'iirnl
to Ao 'til Kii >lx if n-)«<i<*i»j| ni.'I
UOW   Unit;.
hoW»i*l«  GnK«rl«»,   Flour,   Ftcta &
Camp Suppli-w
uwxo,t*ir  x*i*.na-:r.     ..
Crow'*    Noftt   Special !|
Mltttr** ravorit© ClQars,
-Ben (iit-jlio-rti
Advertise in The ledger -.-.' .'^■'-."'-Hh
"Cee Spencer went   to Calgary  Wed-
n-.-sd.iy cwninj-;.
Mayor Boiinell is absent on an 'ex>
tendisl  trip to the  coast. '
1 lohu toward, of Winnipeg, a rorm-
■jr rtaiiU-nt of Ftrnie, is in the c-ity.-
Tlttre was no met-tin»- of the c ty
council Thm&day evening, no -quorum
Uin»  present. -
A' uiuc-inojiihs-old child of Mr., and
•Irs. T*>ny Leaaky died Thursday and
• as biuied   today.
„.Ur. D. _1'. Campbell has'joined thv;
stafi in tbe Dominion meat market.
The business of that firm   setaiis    to
..   Mr. A. H. Cree and.ib ide (nee Wis.-,  £low'
. Muriel' Suddaby; are expected in l-\-i- j '-^liss Hendeisou,  who has, been vis-
Bie on or about July  1. jitin^ her sisu-r,  Jlrs. Wm.   Keay, left
for her home in  Edmonton Thursday
Mr. and    Mrs!  G.    G, S.  Lindsey,
JIa*i*r- Jaiiies, Miss Martin aud Mr.
ames   Mclivoy    loft   lor "  Toronto
Thursday  evening.
.*-.  C.'D/McNab,  of Waldo, was a Fer-
Bit -visitor Thursday.
A.; Carney, provincial    timber    iu-
. spectbr,' was in town yesterday.
\;Biai»6p   Dantcnwell, of-" New   West-
. minster, arrived in town last night.
*• ,    - -     - - -.
-'<■ F.,W. Adolph, of the Adolph   lumber company at Baynes Lake   was in;
the citjr   Wednesday.
7   Allah ltamsay, of Wardrop  'Hding,
Bear Sparwood,  has been  appointed a
, justice of the  peace.
Dominion Day Celebration
NeSson, B.C.
. -* Tim bowlers still keep rolling . the
balls as industriously' as though they
Wer* all drawing large " salaries for,
the woffk.   -    1
■ Mr. Dick. Barnes leaves tonight for
Vancouver,' whye he will reside in
■the future.,, Mrs. Karnes and (laughter will   lea\« later  uu.
' Mr. and , Mrs', li. Wrigleswonh
leave'1 tor ihe coast Monday, ■ where
Mr. "Wrigleswonh goes as a delegate
to'the Masonic grjnd lodge.
M.   F.   Shaw." ledger kv.-ep.-r for  tin*
Canadian   Bank   of .Comnu-rce,   isvetv
' ill in thv   Hour- hospital with an, attack ot bronchitis nnd  measles. -,
Mrs. W. li.  ttoss, Mrs. SK-wari and
Eva arrived  home  from Victoria    on
Thursday  evening. " It seems a grent
-change in all    ways     to be    back  in
J. ]/.  Iiuttau,   super in Lendcm.   of'tliu
Cedar   Valley  mill,'' is, laid  up  as   the
i-tsiilt of a fall    from     a   horse     last
-Sunday.   _ His    wrist   was,   badly   injured.
Nonnaii ,l.'.usl.   has  opened   a    bla;i;-
siuiih slioi> in McDonald's old   stand,
,   where he  is prepared   to  do any work
in his    line'.   See  his-'ad,   in  another
column. "*  -
•' A great' )iuml>er,of Ocklfellows'.\irii-
td' out 011 Sunday to lietora-te their
fellow"'brothers' graves.   Tliis  is <16ne
• once every year in memory' of thelitis'- -l)iothers.
Mike  Beuigan.was:    in    town    this
week..   He   taken  a  piisiti-on  with
' the maJbigemcni   of   the   151k,   lumlver
-conijiany's new mill     '_belwvoii
l.erry  aiid-MakushT~~ ..',    ., '
for the   Crow's   Nest '  Pass
"' cr.!|.h/:r
1   Bi    v,-
Coal*company; and C. Wright, former
engineer for the same company, were
united in iii.iiriago  a   few  days  s nee.
... Thomas' Wright, who''drives in No,
y mine," ivcuiwd a gratuitous kick
from a horse last Sunday morning,
and ha»i.l.een an iiceiipani_ ...f Uu* li"K-
pital all week, but is recovering n-p-
idly7.      "
.President Hall, ol the North American 1,'and and Lumber company, was
iB the city Thursday and yesterday.
lie reports Boston- as having more
tins the. usual amount of cold east
wind this spring.
The. Liberal association met last
night and passed a resolution asking
the Dominion government to change
the roof plan of the' iu-w Federal
.building from a Hat to a pitched
roof, and asked the board of trade to
t-Bdorse their action.
Last week the Ledger made a mis-
t*ke in .stating tliat Constable C«x,
of Coal Creel;, had l*«i made assistant to Chief Sampson. Constable
Parks was the man appoiuU-d to Unit
post, ami is assisting Chief Sampson
in keeping lhe, city in an orderly tm-
IIou. 1). W. Iliggins, father of Dr,
Hlg-giitii, who has bwii editing tin-
Vancouver Wi>rld, lu.s ivsigiu-il that
poaitmti and will r.-liiv (r'nin m'tive
joiirimll-stiV'w. rk, Imt Hint .does" not
mean tliat lie will n,,i fa*oi" the peo
pie of British Cnhunbia with an in-
casloiml  literiiry ,;etn.
A tititiibi'i' of the li'Mids of Mr. ami
Mrs. ,.I"liii Biggs .hiiipriM-d thtin wliil-
they wen* nt tin- Inmir ot Mr, Thos
Hlggfl Inst night, and a (il' ev
mlng wan spittt Mi. lohn Bigg1*
Un vi s In o few diys lor old I'lue
land, ,iml tln-ii Im mis w'iM in j-t*v
th-tn n ri-niiixlir llu-y li.ive go(,«l
warm M nils In Fini'e. .m I "ilu-y sin-,
reeded. "
Two whole, days
of pleasure & sport
JULY island  2nd,   1907."
List of Events larger and
more elaborate than ever
We have'just received-a fresh consignment of Crosse & 'Black-well's Pickles,
Sauces and Jams. ; See our window for
the finest assortment of the above goods
ever exhibited,in Fernie.
Pay cash, live on the best and enjoy life.
Fernie,  B. &
iir.   G. 1\   Hart,   of, Omeiice,   Ont.,
broUru-r-iu-luW ot  fi.ev.   Stillwan,    is
in  the eity   this   week  looluug    after
some  business affairs.     _
(> ,- ■      -
•Milt   Kastner ' left'for    Vancouver
Mond.iy on a trip in- which he intends to mingle a litelc pleasure with
a good deal of business.
A new railing- has -been placed
along the platform at the..north end
o( Lhe C. 1'. li. station, which adds
to the appearance and safety"_ of the'
plate.       '    ■   .- '_
.0. N. Ross received by express
Thursday a shipment ol J»i,ooo worth
of ;• arapheaalia for \he ,1.0. 0; Y.,
lodge. That ought to harness the
goat good. a»d solid.
The \\/ting contest for the library,
resulted in favor of the Oddfellows,
who.voted the largest and the longest. The lire hall came next in number of v0tes received.'
' Mrs. J., A. Bricker, who has been
ihe yuest of lira. Mott for a week,
left on Wedia-sday for Blainuore. She
will go to Vancouver in "a week or
two to spend the summer.
Mr. l'ollard is quite ill with typhoid fever at hi» home in the annex, liis little son, who has _ been
."T'llerjng.from on attack of the same
disease, is now convale»sing,
Mrs. Terry and Miss -'Patterson re-
tmiied Thursday evening from their
visit to the 'coast. They had a very
cd.with tho coast cities. ' "  ■
Siuu Graham made allying trip to
Calgary 1 Lethhridge -imd, Talier, leav-'
ing here last'Friday evening-* and returning Monday. While in Calgary
laat Saturday afternoon lie saw the
heaviest hailstorm that has visited
that section  I'or. years  -■
A gooA game ciMootball between
«.ca' Cieek.aiid Kernie will lie yea
oil the,.recreation grounds, here todi-.
Both teams are confident, ami a
good gome will l>e put up. It "being
the- (irst'game of tlie season here a
goodiurn out is expected. ■>
Archie Fattiuarsoii returned Thursday from a trip into the norlnern
part of the province, whither he -had
gone looking for big trees. Archie
».iys it is not a picnic travelling
through that country oa foot, and he
is going to take a few duy's rest.
The Kraser 1'ieiots gave two entertainments in the opera house Tuesday and Wednesday evenings which
Were fairly well attended. Their mits-
ie was good, and after tho last enter-
i.unmcii' the company furnished the
music lor a very enjoyable 'ittle
Joints McUan arrived in town
Tuesday morning in company with 57
laborers, who take places ut the coke
owns and other places about tbe
iniik-H. Jim somehow lost his ^ai-
l'tadcd liuukonthe journey and talks
of u.eniBg up things with Home ot
ihow llowery jokers.
II, lv, Oinm-tt, of the Dominion
im at uitti'l'eti leaves Monday for Calgary aud H.mll upon a vacation trip.
Air. lii-nni-tt, while not (.«« oltliuold-
itii inhaliitiiiils, i»i one of the best nl
iln- luiys, and Ik- iK-rrvi's a good time
while i>u Ills vacation, The hedger
liu|ii<*i lie will enjoy bis Hip,
Hy refi'i'eiKV to the change in the
C, P. It, ml, It will be son that 11
iluO.:« b.m I .em innde. in the Mtlling
diitm for the MHn er vxcursinn radio the east. The selling ibiti-s, 'as
HUM .innotiiHt'd, are July 3, 4 and 5,
Atigtisi H, 9 and 10, and Svj'U-niln-r
11, \2 and 1.1 Mfiul the nd. for (111
■In r pariictilnrs.
LAUNCH RACES   •     '
Pyrotechnic Display and illuminated Parade.
Will lii'. in attendance oneli day   -
Excursion Rates from all parts
" +   .  ' 11
W.   J*   Bluildellf   Post Off ice Block
.  ,-      . s _ ^ . —_ ■ .	
The Cash Store1 where in exchange for your 'dollars you receive .-thn biggest and, best values procurable.^
' HU W> rnhip tlie Mnyor,      ■,        ". '
. W. Ci. (iillett. Huiioriuy ChHliniiiu
Wm   Irvine, Chnirir.un
(I, II.n-atcii.l, Secretary. ■
Cucumbers, 'Tomatoes,   L,et-
tuce, Onions and all kinds.
of fruit and vegetables
A fine ,'issbriment of the best
,  Chocolates always in stock
;iihI always the fresliest. t.
Ice Cream    Ice Cream Sodas
Tom Beck
Oiiu JiiM»rt.]im not. lc'il-i limn 2.V.   -.
l'\>lt  sal*.*;
hOH SALK-miOD second-hand' ORGAN.
ii.i'iirl,\-new, In lit>l.'nf • nlor.   A'pjilv I<«iUcr
ollifio. _ •
»- wi'lKlil 11;«i; nl.o luo .lerscy cowh, oiu
Iru^li.   A|i|ily,Krinilt Mnriiliy, QHtownv, B.O.
I"1 ■ ;i 8-2 ,
Mr. nnd Mr». II. tt. W.iUt'-n lull |.y
'J'ue«d.iy ■ ilcliywl w<*tl.oiiiul C. I'
li, ox\iTi'Hn tot ArniMion);, mi tli-
Ol.utta^oii. Aftvr a .sli'.rl visit tli*n-
lliey will ifn on to ih« i-o.ihI, wlnn-
th.y ItitentI to"."* tlu-ir luitir.-
Iiotne. Mr nnd Mn«. WutHnn Inn
l*i-n citi/dls of I'l-mir ilinin_.; tur.irl>
tli« wholi- lidliitiu ol tli« t<n\it, mul
Inive muny frunilH l«lii<xl iIu.mii.
'Hie Mrthiflist i-Jjunli ar.- hoMm;;
lli*lr aimivt'is,irv f*-r\Uvs « «,■«•»■ I.
from toiiidrfow, Hiiiwlny, .Intic '.it,
wIimi tlit Rev. I)r. Sl|i|in-ll, priiiri|.,il
nf Cnliitnlin Cnlle..**, Is vx|*ct«Ml U>r
•tlif occaAion. TJu-ri- will U: iin enter-
Iflinmuiit oft the Monrl.iy (\'-nin^ l"\-
lowing, p.iTi|cnlnrK of whicli will 1>h J Lcl-it. Lojovk, Knjf., will |*lv« an ft«l-
iiUJioimcitl «'-xt tn-ek. A Nw-'t'n^ ><l ;dfi-s- <n Suixl.iy evi-wtH^ nf*t in (hr
ikt f,ii<1(e»' Aiil will U: h-'lli ni-xt j Mimrs' hill, wtAer tho ntw|»krK nl
M-.r-diy iitUnooB nt h.«!I-|w»t thin '1<oc.t. ftrott, S. V. of C, The »ul>-
.il the Ivmo ol M«. WlUew to timkc ,jeet will 1« -'Socialism, Its Aim ami
attaopoin*mx* f'»r tb« a»nlv«t».try tn- Nrtijrrt""' llr. I)r:*'xr it a llutwl
(•rfaininilitt nnd a full uttitfddiir^ ii l»f*saktr. Tfltprf will 1* n vli-rtion ol
rt<|itt«tdt. '*4o» and nm^t »u»!*.
'i'li. it W'..* ,i    '.!*,).,<-   ,iti> JiJ.iO.t ,it tin., iiitt:l|n_4 luhl iu the Miiici,s'
hill J.'Ht Sunday v-vitiiiig. ' Mrs^rs
ICv.itK ,ui<l DicUiisi.ti wi:ri- ilii>. |nin-
• i|»il ^I'L-akti'.s, und Aii*1. VVilsDM luti-
..I Kiko, Min-; "Ihi- tr:iti« oi tin-
Wvil" iind' "t'-.M-nt" lUlls" to tlio
(■r^.it enjoyment nf lite,
Hevirul oilier items were reii'Ii-rc1! liy
the tm tiili'-rs, .mil it 'tlciiNsint liint"
wm had.
Mi.   k*ol*rt    Draper,     SJl-K.,   ol
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice '. supply of - Beef,
Pork, Mution/Veal and, Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs. '   •   *
- Gents' 'FupnishSisffiiS-.
'* • *** ' 1   «■ ^
We, want you to become acquainted wilh' our now
Gents' Furnishing Department, and- our fur-nishing''
values. Altho' our display fixtures have ^no'l ' yel nr-;'
rived, or all improvements completed, we,a re in--" posi?
tion 'to filhyour vvanis-lo ihe .s.-uisfaViion <*f (lie most
particular. "Selling as we do for. cash only places iis
in a "position io supply your-'wants* at the lowest,,
price that goods can he sold for,,you paying .only for
what you get and' ior your proportion of' tho, usual
credit expenses and lo-'sc1-. lixamine' our furnishing
values and be convinced   tha: we.,can save you money.
'Fresh,* Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortmentv   Try  oiir Mince.. Meat,
=  Saurkraut arid Oysters!  ,. : *•
- All   new  season's    ' "
fabrics and designs  - •
Men's Suits -$8.50. to m$i
9 '        '
Men's Trousers $1.40 to $6.50,
0NwT"^i?.5!RA?t3?*»P.PA8"l PN.K
Mtn sowiim MHdiine and Houteliold
.ilnirs.   Anjilvon tlio promiioi.  Mm. J
i, oiirnor of Vlttnriii Hvemie »mlPrl(
streot. ., J
ir       V.Vi,,H»y.i ii week. .Apply ut.
Henry Clillton'i., Wmt Ftrnle,   • JIM
A. ImiiKv. or will wil chBuf.  Apply K. II,
Slii'iiiiiiii, Wu.t Fornlii, J 14.2
u imi, h-itwoii (J.l> ll.Mtiitii.ii Hint Kilaofllir
noli, ciiisc witlrlmi' pin nml.'willi lnttewJ.H.N;
oiiKi-nvi'ij tlii-riKin. Vinilor will lie nullulilv
rewiir-iml liy ruluniln« Hiiniu tn I.uilutir. of.
'»''■• mll-tf
*: ."ii'Miil'.vi. hiiiiu, A.lliKiitiir Pnru pop.
,.'« 11I11M >lt.Mini 11 iihi''<iud. notnrn to U\h,
Mint In, furl.- Hoiihii, mul «at row«r.l.
■»■ Sii'iilc llrowfii'v, pniHu ooninlninic «• umall
;tiiin nl iiiiiiiii.v. Ownnr niuy Iihvh nam* by
|iriivin« liHiiinilv nml inivliiK fur UiIh ml Ap.
l>ly tliU oiifi... ' . .lunoMf
■    nm   im Imiiiiti' rif.ii<ni«llilu fur 11 ny iliUU
I'liiiirii.'liii   l.y my wlfi,. KrAiu<«i UflDontlit
Mi'l'lnii! mIiu InnliiK Irlt inv Iiml mul lioanl
-f 1111..»«. i;«*t. ,IAS, Mlil'IMIi
Ei'v ... i_. .u 1   _i..iiLHnwmM».
To t\w Konrd of LIcoiipIiij*. Coiir
iiiIhsIoiioih, Koriilo, 11.C.
.Ull, III   l|||.   Ill-,*'   miHtl'lIU
linji'l'.v iilvoii tlmt. tliuiiniUiiliriiiil
• lli-it iniiKtiiiK »f tliuUoanl'ufM'
i-iMM-li.y i',iii,iiu,rt|i,iiur» i.f I Im City of Ftrnlt
'in il niiii iiiui'VpiiHtjiiii uf llilrly <inyt from
llll. ilitin n|i|ily fur llm Iruimfur of h r»t»ll
li|iior lli-i'iihi' uriiiilml in r«n|iuiit tu tin lio inn
Inlcl,, luatri.l, |,u|» Nun. 13 Mini 14. Iilock «,
iitlm City of K-imiIh, rrom inymiif to AUtftmlfr
Itlzftiito, lliit lUli ilny of Mkv, A.U. IIKi7,
">•■«''■■> I'llll*il«
DUtiUtt ut ikuutriiiiy
»• of Kiko. II. i\, J,ouif»r, Intamli to apply
i   * 7|•,,*'.(,■ X\nMt tittup atrt the followin'i
ilini-rlliml lainU i— *
Colllllll'lll'llll* llttt IMIHt lllllllltlll Ht tilt tOlllll-
»iut rorniTof lot (Win, Hiniiii |, Xiiofniiay 1)U
trivt, iiivm- • ifiutli nil I'liBfiw iiii.rr... M-t,« ■!••
i«iiiiih,iiii.iii.i.iiiirHi null I'liitiim, ilirni'* ««*■'
iiii iiii n. io|>»iiit of rommftnrtinint.fontijn
JAUKM w. uimpiiv
Out ml m Klliu, |i.C„ thU Wnl iUy of lUy, IKi?
A hotel tbal tonUkto nolot, to-u-
modlovi ttccoumodation Inr |U p*t-
roas !• « touree ot plwutm to Ukt
ttovtillog public. Slid* t oh U tk
Uiog Edward lloxsl, of fonts, corner oppoilU pott ottc*.
>tK (or Mtosrd'* and Uk* «o oll»'r.
r   yet,   but   wc   are bound  to
eject your        .*-..'•
may not, be very  long1   yet,   but   we  are bound to have a little sunshine
soon.      Come in und seject your     •.-"■■''
whije our assortment is still complete. Six sizesland styles lo choose from.
You 'd'oh'i have to take it until you need It We also have n compile assortment of other lawn and garden, tools, hoes, rakes, garden hose, reel, nozzles,
etc.   Come in and see
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
Silks, Muslins, Prints.
Special in Working Shirts
Full size, stroiis) -incl durable,
, *-"-*" j I*- 7
made   up'in black, and while .
stripe 'riild'.blue willi  colored
stripe.      , -     o
Special Sale Price „;45c    ,
r»-*i#-.-)M»rtro»lr*j.: j t.. tA\-^,
Overalls, per pair, $i .00
Quality and price are the foutulatiivn sloiics;.on which
we are'buildinjT-up our ofocery trade. Live '-on ihe
best and save money by allowing' nk to cater to your
grocery   wants.
MO-JA COKFKE will liulp you to coinmonco iliu rtuv,'     Af**s.
well.   Uneqimlled for -stri'iijrtli ami line. Ilavor.   I\.|* Hi ^rUC
BEE BRAND CEYLON TIOA piiokoil in sin led p/u-kels.
Acknowledped to be the best.    Price pur lb	
Use Royal Household Hour
Guaranteed to be the bust but costs yon no more than iiil'*n<ii' hrni.ds
Per 50 Ib Suck
Pin- 1U0 II) Kiiuk
Grocery   Specials. ©w©d
only on Saturday
MultH Vita Break flint, Food, Force, nml I'lifl'u.l Kien
Broiikfiut Food, per puckei.	
Fancy Naval Orangefi
prlco por dozen .'     	
Ladlos-1 Rain Goats
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats & Skirts
Ladies' Shirt Waists in Silk, Lace,
Muslin. Lawn, etc.
Headquarters    for   Trunks.
Cases and Valises.
Lad Ion' Cravonotto Ruin CoiIh, ** liminlix. Imx       d*4 #| fkgi
ploatod from anonldiM', a porloci lltior, prli'o Jh | QJaUU
CVavcnotto In plain oloili with laiicv onlnrod ovor-iiliccl" jt 0% v0\g\
very ilroiwy and ttiyliHli lonklm,',' prlci-  l.tJaUU
Light olicok fancy Tweed, shower proof ami iriinuuil   if ____■ f\f\
with base cloth to match colorliijya in nlmli, price....... | OaUU
Fancy Twood hIiowoi* prool cloth, very ||,ty|it wi'i(j.ln,      ■• ■^■•j
HUltftblo lor wour during the conl fliiuimcr (ivi'iiln^H, prlue  ( m ( Jj
        Wc are sole agents  for
Tho Artisan Workiny Bout itw Men
4W  •
r i


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