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The Fernie Ledger 1907-06-29

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:-. yiy
Vol^'II''-'Number 46
Prick $2 A year in,Advan"ce.
/• ''     '        '
First Sewer Pipe Ceremoniously
Laid—An Eventful Day.
Cc-ntrador.   McDonald   received  the
first „carload , of sewer , pipe,,- lor tlie
city sewi-is Wednesday.   The pipes arc
' manufactured ut  Victor a, and  ' ssem
to le of a super.ior <juality. •    ;
Thursday at 11 a.m. the ceremony
of laying the first pipe in place iu
the trench near the crossing of .T affray stre.'l end Mcl'lwrsr.ii avenue was
performed in the presence of1 a small
ii-iwd of spectators.
Mayor Hniinell, 'after a very, .short
but expressive'address, in which ' he
.spoke of the importance of the' event
which was leing eommcimora.t'..*d, and
i'f th: great future lying l.-efore. the
city,   adjusted the  first  joint of      the.
■ .sewer pijie in place, after which Ald-
W. W. Tuttle filled"-iu the dirt- to
keep it in place. The trowel used by,
M iyi,r IV.iincll in cementing ills joint
will I.e. insert! od'willi tha d;.te 'and
will 1 e kept iis an nllicial momento
of l!u> occasion. ■ -   • '     ,
There we'll- present- the-Mayor   arid
Aldermen., Tm tie-,    Mclntyre,     Quail,
, Trit.-s ami Oat?s:   City   Clerk  , Nairn,
Kngineci'• Potter, Mrs.    .1.  1).   Quail,
,_Mi-Si Xiniii and i/iie or two other Uid-
7s. ' "     • ,
.Photographer   Spalding -was on hand
■ Mid tfinl;  sonic  views   of   the group as
. il   was  jjvicwiiig    the   -  proceedings.
"H'epresriilntivcs of both - local papers
wore piiwiil, as also Contractor Ale-
D on a Id anil a few eiti/.ens.     --»
•<, Alter Hie formal ceremony was cori-
i-lud il, tlie Mayor and councillors and
prifi-. representatives" were invited to
the r llii-i' of (lie.** "conlraclor, when a
toast lo Mr. iMaodonald was- propos-
i-d liy tine nl the. reporters and rcj
sp.'iidwl lo'hy  Alderman' Triti-s. ■',
a]i-7"\l:it*«lf.ii:iltl thanked Mr. Trites
and'others_ present lor Il-.-.-ir ' expressions of good-will and commendation.
At lliii intersection of .T.illrny street
-and Mcl'herson avenue -the level ' of
the sewer pipe is about 10 feet below
the .surface,  making  an„ excavation  of
TltITt~ilfiil lr*" lieerssTin
Th.Tc is only one other" point at
■which „.siicli a depth has to be" reached, ami that is in rear of the King
Kdvvanl hotel, where 17 feet of earth
•\vill*"have to be reiiiovod in order to
maintain tlie li-rade  of the sewer. .
Mr. ^acdonakl says his chief di (lieu I ty now is the obtaining of laborers wlw are familiar with -the work,
Jill he'hopes to overcome this trouble
s-icii. The., work will now be pushed
vigorously to 'completion.
-    o
■ The annual election of oiliccrs of
01.-.dsti,»j Union IUI.W, of A. look,
plgce lus.l' Wednesday,
Then! w.'t-e two cait-di'ilalvs for president, ',lames J(aiicnsler and \V. 11.
Ev. ns." I'resid.'iit Lancaster received
2(',1) Vdlis to Mr. Kvnir-' ■2.1,1.
.1. T, I'uckey nnd Isaac Mosley rail
Sfor \li'e-presidt'iil. Mr. I'uckey rc-
e.iviui 2;7 and Mr.  Mosley '.10:1 votes,
Thos, IHggs was le-elucuil secretary
l.y nccliunation.
The vote for members of joint coiii-
niitlvJ iu Ciliidsioue union resulted in
the soli'elion of Thos. Higgs, .1 nines
l.uiicaslei- and W, IT. Evans,
The |iit*s,nt c-lu'ckweigliim-ii were re-
lelectcd,   "   ■
The Ideal Amusement company,
Willi iis large corps ol musicians uiul
high-class performers Imviug been especially engaged liy the uuiou mineis
a.s 'llii'lr Ienliu-e iittr.ii'lii'.ti ou the
-pi'ogiiiiiiiiie of sports and uiiiit.su-
lui'iils hiiK everything in RMiliuesS'.nii
the hIiiiw lot, mul will do its pint in
j i. Iii_- the iiimiM iih-iiI loving public
of K.lllie and suburbs lhe l-i'Sl i'Uti'1--
liiiiiiiiuil iliey li.ivi' I'Vi-r \\iliii'»s..-<1,
iiuliiiliii.;- ii grain! luilliiiiii iisei'iisioii
lilld |l,l I'.li llllll" | till If k oil Ihillljllioll
KUHi   .\OTI''.-i
illy our  (Itvu  (.\ii-ivs|)oii<li'iit.)
Mis. ll. IIiiumt, nl Ciiin'ii-iHtl', wus
a  giii'Kl of Mix. C.  KliiigliiMiiMli   lur
a lew days liiKt wivk.
Mm, .1, I).  I'lig-h, ol tiknii.ks,    Al-
Irrl'i is lii-i-i- visiting'her husband lor
n lew ilav.i.
Mrs, 0,    WiMi'V,    of WiiriliiiT, was
.; :i:n,, v.-.   v.  v.-. !_-, 'i.-.m ""<-v
Mrs .1. Cue-.i v.'luvufil lii.nu. last
week from ihe huspital, where t,]\i-
had Imi trealid during a severe nt-
tnrk nf Illness.
Mr, .1, "Dcllride, of Cratibn.olt, was
. (. !!!'i.t -,:'..'.'.: !--'ir. .■: '.-,•"•" Vu-l
Mr, .Iniin Tin tier 1ms been puuiiiu
!in elccirii' lights in th.- North Star
liiinl/or roinpimy's pinning* plant hen".
;.iid ll tlie Klk hotel.
Mr. W, A, Uoss, of l'Vriiie, was in
li'lfn nloud.iy night.
Mr. atirl Mrs KiMpfcll wire Craii-
Inok visitors Moii«1»iv.   j1..
Mr. and Mrs. lliirgtus wmt fishing
out at Rock crt-ek ,j Siindiny uml lin-l
cxc.ltint   lutk, iKJtler tlwn did    the
IHjHI. "
Itrr  .1.    All'*!in    Xooli    n run lip to
Femi* on SaUitil.iy.
Mr. Kuminev, o( Ferule, is in YAhi
*his -w«k.
Mrs YttA lift.*, Ar., c.inif up   Irom
Kooseville, and in company  with his
sister visited Fernie on Tuesday.
.Miss Alice Phillips, was up from her
ranch home oii Sunday.,.   ' ,
„ Miss l.ullic   Harrison    was visiting
her ICIko friends' Sunday.
...Archie   McKe'e and   Walsh Cotting-
ham spent Sunday in Elko. "
Mr. and' Mrs...1 A. B, Trites and
friends were Elko visitors Sunday.'    '
Mrs. h. Torsey and son visited Fernie friends, last Monday.
.. Mrs. R. Hirt/. returned   very   much
improveil in her Ii8alt.li Rafter her  trip
to tire coast.
Mrs. Chas.'Thcis and little .grand-
,soii,Qof St.- I.ouis, have lx*cn visiting
her s n, Mi-. „lt. llirt/., ii few' days
last week. • . -  ,..
Miss' Todhuuter, and some friends
sp nt sjvcr^l days camping at Baynes
lake last- week. 4
Mrs. "S. Mackcy and family have
•■-rri«*cd from Ontario and;will make
Elko  their home.
Mr. .1. Agnew, of the Baker lumber
company, w..s in town between trains
last Tuesday.   ' '      "        n
Mr. Adolph.*, of Baynes lake, was
an ElVb visitor Sunday.
The closing ex-errises of 11k; school
year took place, in the first division
class room of the city school yesterday forenoon.     °
Miss Alice. Duthie was presented
'with the grand pri/e for -l>est record
in attendance and punctuality 0 by
Mayor Bonn*>ll. „
The. other pri/.c-winners were Sarah
Lancaster, J. McDonald, Margaret
Ko'.crlson, Lawrence Wildman, Clarence Dalil, Els'.e Woodhpusc, Willi-e
B.rd. . N(sl Duthie, lieggie- ' Rut-tan,
Margaret McDonald,' Eva Ingra ,
Audrey Clapp, Elsie Bullocki Mary
l)ra;;on;- Opal T,acher, .lames White,
Sam  Walton.     _.
Tlie prizes were books presented by
\V. R: Ross, M.IU'., 'Dr. Corsan,
president, of the school board; .1. \Y.
Niiuii, .secretary; Mr. Visiter, C. J.
Digliy', of the school V.oard, Council-
maii G,iU*s, .1. U. Wallace, and N. K.
Suddaby. ■   .,, ,   ._
principal Pedler retires "permanently from that position, and Miss Ramsay, _Miss Sincla.ir .and .Miss Ruttau
are also  retiring *{rom  the staff.
City Dads. Couldn't Refuse the
o n < , '"v
Boys~$200 Easy Money.
The city, council met in regular session Thursday „ night, and -alt-hough
th« ofiicial -record does not indicate
that a great-^ lyullc of city business
was tratisMcted, , the session was' a
long- one and many things were discussed. There -w-ere preseii't the Mayor and Aldermen Tut'tle; Quail,. Mclntyre and Gates.
After the rca-djug and adoption of
the minutes of previous meetings,
Bob Moore, manager of the Waldorf
hotel, on1 'behalf of tlie Fernie Athletic association-, addressed the council, asking ,<for an appropriation of
■"#00 in aid of tha Civic Holiday to
lx -held on August 5. It is not recorded that Bob's eloquence drew
tears froin the eyes of the city dads,
but the record does show r that Its
drew the official promise1 of the 820o.
This - is as it should be, and -the city
has shown, its'appreciation ot -the
benefit of keeping up the Civic Holiday as an annual event in the life of
the city.
City Engineer Potter applied for a
raise in his'salary to '$175'per month
on account of the extra work imposed upon him" iu consequence of the
sewer ..work, The council granted the
raise, to take effect on-July. 1, and
'.the co_;ineer feels- like celebrating'Dominion Day, in an appropriate man-
n»-.-.      .' ■ '        .
. A petition signed by 92 property
owners of tlie city -asking, the city lo
purchase lot il in block U, the Henderson lot, for. a site for city offices
and fire hall  was filed.
By-law Ko. 4(1 was introduced and
passed its throe readings,, and wants
final consideration and passage at the
next regular meeting. It provides for
the repeal of by'laws i" and 25, the
originalearly closing by-laws.
City Clerk Nunu applied for and
was granted „ leave of absence from
the 11th to'the-22nd of'July, and will
i;e away to the races.     «
,>*"'."'     ■   ■*
The warm weather has put the river on the -boom again, and it has
ruaehc-d 'thcfihigJissft mark ..of the year
during the last two' days." "-
The big driving pulley at the Elk
Lumber company mill has l.eoii reached by the rising water, and " yesterday the mill was out of lidsin-ess,--as
the lig belt, was under water at {he'
lowest point. The log boom, al the
Fei'iu - Lumber company mill broke
yst'id y i-nd let go si/iuu logs which,
coming down oil the Elk Lumber
company 'loom, 1 roke it glso, and tin-
t-wo companies lost a few ot their
log*. The loss was light, ' however'
as neither company arc chancing any
iijorc 'logs on the river than is absolutely necessary."
Lord Bishop of Westminster
and Kootenay in the City
Afdennan~Gates gave .hot ice of In-"
lentit.ii to introduce a by-law to enable the city " to**, purchase,, lot l.i,
biock.il for, 81,800-'for.irs-itc for-a
city tyl^andjire half;,.7! =*■ ■ ■
• The council 'theii"' a'dJQunK'd", ^"""*
Considerable' discussion took, place
regarding   the"employment .of, ait   in-
pector' to oversee the laying of . the
. That the specifications of the (contract under' which this work is Ixsiitg
done should be rigidly insisted upon,
no one will doubt, and too much care
cannot be exercised in this regard. A
thouNundf dollars *fii<u]x:rly exiwiw-wd'
tipon proper .inspection may save the
city maliy lliousamls of expense ' and
much trouble in future.'
iit i.s a most expensive underiakin_;
lo dig,up sewer pipes after'they have
been laid, If properly laid iir the beginning 'much of such trouble can be
Tlie council have Iwen entrusted
willi the expenditure of a very large
sum of money, and they ate' responsible to 'the ratepayers for that expenditure, lie sure you got your
money's worth and.have those pipes
properly laid.
The   double futisrnl of the two min-
T'liw- Lord Hi-sliitp of1 New Wcs-liiviiisl-
i't- nud Kootin.iy  pai<l his aivnual visit to the  city of  Fernie, arriving nu 'ers,  Thomas and lleppcll, who    were
Wi-iliustliiy, .Itine Sil, ami leaving Kri- [kjlletl at No,  0 prospect    tunnel    ,nt
dny iiuoii. Coal Crc;-k oil Friday, the 2Ilh inst.,
IU was    met by     the Mev,_. U.   S. 'tool; plnci.'    last Sunday from    Scott
and lloss' uiidevlnkitig parlors to lhe
Methodist church, ami tli«ii*i' to the
(ilndstoui' tmiui, lr.M.\Vf of A,' hud
iliargu ol tlu* ftnwral, diid the iiu-in-
I tin of the order tinned titu , iii lnrge
imnr'd'H. The profession which followed Hie remains ol tlti'Ko two departed I'oinrnili'R was' (.lie of the largest ever seen, In Ft-nile.
Tlie   Ferule   Iminl    nnd the Siilvu-
tion Army band were both    In    tin:
iliiist'   nl.oul   lo be   coiiliiiiied,     niul 'i,Wrcli, ami the snUinii iimsic of  the
warmly I'uiigriiliilntwl    the  n.iigreg-n- ]"l)ftrid Mnrrli'1 was p|ny<d ly the one
t-ioli mi the I'l'iiiU'ilng of 'the   seivli'v   w|,||c    slow  uml   soU'iun inn'sir    ,\viis
Wil kin sou and a I urge nuniber of. lhe
eongiHsgiitioii I lis I.ordship was es*
I'nl-Uil by llu- ivclor lo the Hotel
Fuii'li', whtiii! he iviiiaiiii'il thv" guef-l
III thu  piirisli.
Oil the siune evening n eoiillrmii-
lion survliv was held iu Chi 1st church
ii very large I'oiigregnt.iou I* ug pivs-
mi. The ii-iiiii' pii'sititwl i-lght can-
iliil.itivs Ini" loiilit'iiiatioti, five of win nn
weii! iiiluliK, The Hi shop gnvi> a most
I'Miiti'ul and impressive    uddrcNs    to
G. G. Moffat took-a run up to Hosmer Thursday.' I'    ,•
Look up the Crow's Nest Trading
Co.'s ad. for grocery spec alji.      ' .
Miss McGuire and Miss, Patterson
left yesterday -morning for Spokane.
- Mrs. J. Rl Pollock will not receive
until the end of' the • summer months.
■■-■ Muleskin working'gloves is a Sat-'
urday .:special at the Crow's., N«.*st
store      .
. Mrs. Urn-isl R. ltingwald'and l»tby,
who have been visiUn-gV-with' friends
in Fernie for tlie past week,, returned
to Uieir ■ home, "iii ,* K-alisl>el, Mon-
tani, this inornin|_i;',   '■
0. li. Uoyuton; -manig«r of the Elk
I.iun-ljcr company,".was, called away
lincxiKietedly by news of the illness of
his mother at Oskosh, Wis., and left
l.y Monday's oas-thbund cxps>ess for
that place " ,'■ ,    ,
A . man whose name our,, reporter
could not learn, was held up on Vicj
toria avenue near.,0k livery, stable
Tuesday ■ night by <,' two unknown men
supposed to be circus, followers,-' and'
relieved of ?25.„
.A. C. -Fluminerfelt, president of the
International Coal and Coke company, of Coleman, passed through
town ,. last Tuesday on the delayed
westbound ,C, P. R. express en route
from  Coleman to Spokane. *-.
Three men were up before Ma-gis-
tra'te Whimster 'this -week charged
with, being, drunk " and disorderly.
Two of them were, lot ofi on suspended "sentence, and the other was, fined
*>5 and costs, 'which were paid.
' i William ..Tones, . Arthur Tlutclicnsou
and Charles Williams were each fined
i<5 and costs for haVing matches in
their possession in.,the mines at Coal
Creek.- Chief Sampson prosecuted the
ease before Slipemlary Magistrate
Kosa Depeinaii ,was l-.rought before
the police,niagislrate, who proved too
deep for Dcpeinan, and siie was fined
?10 and costs for being an inmate of
a disorderly house. This was not ..so
rosy for Rosa, -but' she paid .the fun
and is dc-eplv meditating.
An express car and,two of the new
sleepers fur : tlie Spok-aiic-St. '.'Paul
train passed through on the * westbound ■ local ■ yesterday.- afternoon. The
sleepers are c|cji uipped , with " electric
lights and electric fans .in each Ijer-th,
and, have'all th.>. latest iiuproveHienls'
and conveniences.
A Bright Outlook-Preparing
for a Big Day on Aug. 5
by llu' large uud well ir.iinwl choir
His l.oi'ilship also expressml lilinsvH
iu i.eing givatly plensi'il with the
progress shown in the parish, 'both
in itN I'nmiH'ial aspect!. ami llv.- in-
ni-p m'd (<i 11 "re-inllon siinv' Wis last
On Thuisdiiy evening tlu; llishop
dined willi Mr, and Mrs, Doiiitl l)nv-
ies.  On the same evening a reception
pl.iy-.il by llie other.
The Methodist church' was crowded
in iivci-lluwiiig, i'ihI 111','C tu'.iiil.i'i'.s nf
people h.ul to remain outside during
the funeral  s-'rvirfs in the church.
Wpv \V l.nshli'v Hall di-livei-ed »
short but iiinHi touching address,
w"iii-li hi ought syiiiputlii'iic tears to
llie eyes ol ninny strong nun.
The pnaessidii  which  followed _ the
wns glv.ii dr him by lhe laiVcs guild  rcmnitis of th se two  almosi  strnug
at Rihfollffe.   The    lollnwiiiv    lailies |,,„ W)l. n„„ ,,* ^i,,, i„r|r<.st cvt.r   Wl.n
aclitl    r.n   the  receptiim    coiuinittvei   __, t|,js c{ty
Mm.   n,ivit>,  Mrs. W. 11.   ttossi, Mrs,
Wilkinson and Miss Alexander,     The
young people of    tlie   church u»sisU<d
llie  ladles I'.n.-tlie    nfivMiiiv.ul    com-
A mall named Charles II. Drew »c-
Thc liuii.*.' wns lasU-lully dn-nraU*-! lidenl.lly fell i-fl tlu- <V. >'. railway
with ferns and wild (lower**, and with bridge at Hlkmoiith last Stuuluy and
th: bright and prelty cosiunitj- ol th- .was ilrnwm<tl.
I Allien ami lnuv.ol coin ti sat ion, pre- | Theilecens.il wt,s ll yi\us old airl
M-iiUwl a vity I'li-aH.mi •u'tH,1. And w*\ a inti e «.l lllititis, lilt Iiml liv-
whin the time came (or oYp.ii'tiug, ull led most of Ills time In Montana, be-
voUil the evt-uiug n giv^t sticctss tiiiil [Ing1 well Inown iu Great Falls atnl
tiie llir-hop .iK'gvniiil.iu tin."   iltuMiii-j;   l,i,y.
room ar'li- was iwpn-xsivr and iiitn- II* h.d lv n wotlm-.- al ihi:,Stolt-
ist  in thr cruireh. " HouK'n   stwiulll   for  ilu* loit    two
His ■I.ord'ihjp Wt Out following 'months. His body had not y»t Uvn
morning for Arrow-htail. jrtcovtrwl la«l Monday. i*»
The Fernie Amateur Athletic association held a meeting iu the city,
clerk's ollice on ihe 22nd Had reorganized. ,    . '■'    .
The basd-ull, -bowling, tennis,. football atid cricket clubs and the hose
mil le'iin were represented hy the following delegates: 11. G. Marshall, 11,
W. Wood, J, II. McMullen,, J. 11.
],awry, R. Moore A. Morris, J. V,
Spalding, .1. l'.Carrkk, \V . Warren and W, J, "Phillips. ,„   '
K. W, Wood occupied-the eliu r and
J, W. Nunu acted as secretary. Tho
otlieers elected for tho year" were .. as
follows:    ■
lion, President—G. G. S. I/indtey,
President--!-.. W, Wood,
Viyj-Presidcnt—II.  W. llerchnier.
Secretary—.1,  W. Numi,
Treasurer—.1, It,' I(awryf
Executive Committee—It, G, Marshall, C, I,, Whelan, J, II, MeMulliu,
11, Moore, A. Morris, Win! Warren,
W. .1, Phillip's, A.'Y. Spalding and
.1. P. CarrieK,
The arrangement ciiicred into by
Mr, Whi'liin with the Norris ami
I'owe show Was conlirineil, as was
also the at'i'iingeineiil miril*,* with lhe
luiliers' union ior the use of the ice-
natimi gi-oiiiuls mi |)niuitiii;ii  Day.
The police Wile iTqiu-stnil to uriest
iniyi.iM' linliul 'liestloving or dainug-
illg the (vine or olh.'i- pinperly of llie
On uiiilioii Messrs. Moure, lleri'li-
uiei mul Spalding were appointed a
committi"!' lo niivt lhe mayur and
lotiii'il nod re.jlK-Nt llieni lo declare
lhe .".thil August a civic hiliday.
..Mes-ii's. Plulli]iN, 'Mooiv, Win-lull-
Spalding and Carriek weiv appointed
us a Civic Holiday cummiUc1-.,,.
Tlu- leglil.H' meting of the association were ai'iaiigisl for the lirst and
thiid Mi,inlays ot each inoiiUt, wilh
llie i-Mivplioii that llu- ir.'XI nii-etiiig
be lu-ld today,
A, (ee ol *<l was levied upon each
cltili represtiiled, after which the
inciting .iid.joiiiitv.il.
in, n,ii«>«..U\v ,iyy",;,^...\ ut ".';.
Athletic assoi-i^iioii mtvt ng have
l/:.ti busy, and us a result have the
pioinJNe of marly sJl.OO'l towards the
ixpiiis.s af the propos.d Civic Holiday leleliralion to be held .on Aug.
.1, iiml Oi.iI ii will ls> a i^nitid sue-
e..Hs is beyond any doubt,
.,,'llic city':. dr,n,iii<._. of '••Jim toward*;
making (lie il.iy a siicivS'. is greatly
npi'rtdatwl, «ml adds a sort of ol-
flrfal reiogu'di/ii  lo the undertaking.
Those having the matUr in tli.uge
.tit: s]).irj»ig no «flnr»; lo *<<x,>m it
.if. ng.
Let us all boost the Civic Holiday
and make it tht Ust evout of llie
Judge A. M. Morden, Pinchers
first Settler the Victim.
Judge ii. M. Mo'rden, the first settler at Pincher Creek, and widely and
most "Javorable known in Southern
Alieria, Was drowned ,in Pincher
Creek on Friday   night, the   21 st inst.
He was crossing the' creek on the
bridge near his home -wlun the structure broke down a»d precipitated him
into the swift running stream, which
was at a very high stage.
' Ilis.l.o'dy was not recovered ' until
the next day, about a mile below
where the. bridge had been located.
Albert Milton Morden was a native
of Hamilton, Out., and was ii,-' years
of age.
A brother of Judge Mordvii was al
one lime mayor , of Hamilton, and
the family 'is of high standing.
Judge Morden settled in Pincher
Creek in 13*H, and has res-idid there
with his family ever since.
The funeral, which took place on
Monday last, was the largest which
ever took place in Pincher Crrek, aud
was a' marked tribute of respect to.
the first setclcr of  the district,
Kev, II: R, Grant, of Knox church,
Fcrivk', was - called by wire from Cole-
uiitii to conduct the funeral services.
Th: services were held in the Methodist church,-?of which the deceased
was  the first promoter.'
He was buried accord ng to ihe rites
c.i the * Mason-c order,.of which' he
was a prominent member.
A singular coincidence of.this sudden d_>alh * is the fact that exactly
seven yeart before to the day,- Fred
Morden, son of Judge Morden was
shot in South Africa while guarding
communications in company with
thveJ otlur men from pincher Creek,
one of whom, Robert Kerr, was also
killed, and one, Thomas Miles, was
wounded! 3 ., "     *"
This deed of daring' performed by
those Pincher Creek boys was of such
iiiipor.tanjce to the army In the field
as to call forihawords of praise from
Lord  Roberts.
cctcd  as    a  memorial to th;se    two
bra\e boys,  and is called  the  pincher
Creek Memorial  hospital.  '.. '
Judge Morden was police"Ynagis-
trate'of Pincher, Creek, and was.highly esteemed by .the whole couniiunily'.
He leaves a widow and i.ne son,
who lives in the Okauagan Valley,
and one daughter,' Mrs. (Dr.) Hewet-
son, of Pincher Cfeek, to mourn his
loss. . ,   ' -
As Others View us—A Glowing
Tribute to this fair (ity;
loy should"he sufficient excase for its
existence." ... m
That little boy sitting, besiile the
Ledger kid the other day will hardly
ever in h.is lile, which the Kid hopes
will be-- a long and happy one, sec
anything that will be so enjoyable
or leave so las-ting an impression.
If the Kid were a politician and
wished to surround himself .with
warm,  everlasting  frk-nds,   be    would
take every   lit'elc kid   in   town   to ilu-   ■  T,   . , .      ,-_.       ,       ,     ,.
,.,.,„_.     x, ,, , I'  is   not unnatural   that   wc should?
circus.   He d  never be   [orimiicn. i .    • , ,
t>.,» . u i    ,    L     •       -,      „   ..      .. 'no-vo some   curiasitv--   to know     \\hat-
But-what of  the circus?      Well,    if i  ,,,        ,. . ,     .-.      "   ,       ...
»r vr .  .. . .o'.lieis   UllllK ol us,, thoui'li thev   i"av -'
Messrs,  \om.s   and Rowc could    pel,.. .   ,  .        .        ,-.,,,     7      ,'"
,fc. _„•„;,..    , ,. ,(»• , .       7    ii'ot b<:    class.-d    in the  ranks of    the
the opinions of those small boys    in i,.._._, _.f _. _.,,       .,.,.,    ...
i:     ,.„i i ,. . ,,   .    ,.„     J   ,        igtL'it ot the . e.irili,-     and    u is with
l.-ig  led letters c-n their bills,     vho>e i .    , , '• .;'.      .   t
J,'_ ^„,,,     ,„ f ,,     /' ", ii he hope that     we   may satisly- that
hills would     be full   of ..praises    and      ...-    -. -m ', /.
i.i...       .. , ,, . , 'cunosity    with some    deerec of inter-,'
lawlat-ions which would put to shame- I ,.,  ,j   ,.   -   ., *\
, ,        '. .est that  we there ore oeeunv .space  in,
ful route all  live b 11  writers    in   the1    „       ,    ,,. I .*-..N *■■*■■-
world." - ,!your .valuable (,paper,
-, Xo one who ,is  .it  all alive to Nat-
The show was good.   The troupe  of
'•'Fierce  Cossacks,"   who did  not loo'l
lire's  charms can  fail lo be'delighted ,.
so very  fierce,  however, espcciallv-the   ^iUl lU-  sl,''1()'1!",i»^ of  the city   ,of
up    what' :ihcv' K"'!Ut-     W^. ^»""'c to sav'ihat      <»
Cossackcsses,   made
lucked  in .ficrcnivss by .eshibinuj.
ixira   ainoiiul of   nimbl-.-nc-ss.
Their pcrforinance was novel and is
oiu of lhc features of the show. The
li_.,lit-wire pcrforinai'ice was also fatal ore _ the apcragc, as was also "the
l.ic, ele riders.
The attendance-,'was rather slender
in.the afternoon,' but a gor.d crowd
took it  in at  the evening  pesfnrmanc?
a ckasi:li:ss wuhkkk
C. J; South, superintendent o( Uie
Vancouver .Ch.ildrens' Home, urrive-.l
ill Fernie Monday evening on one nf
his luissioho ol mercy for that institution. Mr. .South is a ceaseless
worker for tlie destitute and helplest
children . all over the country,' and
there's is no _wuy of eM-imuting the
good lie is doing in his position of
siiperintemleiil ot oli'e of 'the most
necessary charitable institutions in
the country, lie left Wednesday, accompanied by two clti'ldTon from here,
Amos .1 Mill's I.awsi'ii, aged ■) years,
and ICvelinc Lawsoii, agiil 2 years.
These ar« lhe children of Mrs, I'Mivn-
betli Lawson, who, though loth to
part with them, hopes that her elHld-
rcn will lie 'lietter, cared for iu the
home than she can care for tln-m iu
h.'i- own limited way. That the children will receive the best of caiv jund
training  there call  be  no doubt.
.Th.* anniversary services held in Uu*
Me'th'jdist church last Sunday and on
Monday,and Wednesday evenings wei'e
all of a ntost interesting and "instructive nature. Dr. Sippel's two
sernii.'ns and liis lecture Wediiesday
evening  were of a verv  hi.>h    order.
His lecture on tlie sociul and civic
liiovemwit with the relation of ilk-
eliureh /thereto-,' should have bvvMi
heard by every, man and woman in
the city.
The Monday night's entertainment
was mostly by local talent, and Dr.
White, superintendent "of missions,
presided, lending, miich inurc-si to" the
The qtiartelte sung by Messrs.5. Alexander, " bancasUT, Slio'rLinan au-.l
Stockwdl were excel km, as was also
the duel, by Messrs., Alexander .'and
Shortman.,   -      ,
Mrs. Grant and Rev..Williamson, of
tlie Daptisi church, also s.'.ng solos
which'.lwere greatly, appr^ciatul.
the dialogue'by six    ,"o'f    Uic    yoiing
ladii-s of'ihe church were also among
the .good tilings   on   the programme.
Dr, Sipprel was gTcatly pleastil
with Fernie and , its niagnifioent sur-'
foundings, and made some- of the older FurnieiU-s ashauie-d of their lack
of appreciation of' th- grandest scenery  lo !e luiiwl  on lhe  coiiliianl.
Tho Doctor left oil Thursday morning on his return li'ip<lo C<duuii|'i<i'
College to renew his educational work.
We trust he will l.-e abie lo take up
his great work wilh ruuw.'d vigor
after having gi\eli us so pleasant
and profitable a visit. .        •   -.-
Dr. White left oil Wednesday lor
Moyie, wh.-re be had an engagement
to meet.
Mich-*   a
is  some-
A Ol'ltl.lNti   KINK
An ag'ltai'ioii has been started with
lli.< objivi ol proniotiiig a i-omikiuy
for lhe purpose of eivi-ting u ending
rink in this cily. A picliminary
comiiilttn* has livn doing sane woik
along lli.s.: lines, and 11. .1, Jnbn
soli, I,. P. KcksU'iu, Shi'i'Wiiial llctt'h"
nier, 11. I,. Illaiksune mul Mi. Muii-
Ih'.hI seem loli' llie leading '•pint*,
in the a Hail'.
This Is th" time to stall 'the ball
rolling. Then- is no reason why IVi
life should not haw au up to date
itiding and skating liul., ,md vwUi
the stait now lfring made, there iv
little doubt but that a gum! nnt; can
be built before the beginning ol tin-
itiililigliwasiiii,' With such au iiislitn
lion I'Vrnij curlers ran be put in
touch wilh the curlers ol other cities
ami l*c able to add to tin «Nmi
sporis uiivJ alli.n lio/i-- ..I „ui wtv
Push it along.
A:;:-..': •- !*-' '' cvfjit'ii' cvctilv Iran-
spiring during Hi* week, not ilu; least,
at IciiNl to the small boy, was llie
cuiiiiiig aiul the going of Soil's and
Howe's circus. The usual red hnii,ii-
iide and the. pmple ami h*d liajlimiis
wore in evidence, and there was the
usual crop ol lids who saw tlsir lirsl
eii ens
Tin; I,e«I-,'ir lid lud thu plcisuii of
hilling hy m very small boy Iiieiid
utii* wntehiiig tli* unalloyed h,ippiiu».
whivh lotiiis Into the lile of a lid
mi sight nf th.-. lirsl big slmw.
If llnt«: wile. 11" otllvr ItUM.ll to Ic
ciltd for lhc exisUtiie ol tlu tircus,
wilh lln sham, pomp nml glitter, tin-
joy it putt into ihe lile ol live tmall
A Young Damsel Trapped While
Working Overtime.
Shall Than, a Chinaman, who was
chaiged with keeping the • disonU-ilv
house iu which the llahht girl was
loiiiid, pleaded not guiltv wIkii ar-
raigtl.'d befole Police 'Mug'isli'ale
The lions-.* oi Shan Thau is onup'u-.l
as a laundry and w-st.iunmt, but
things did not look'vciv ginul to
Chid   Saiiipsuii, and   la-   iiiM-iiigal-•!
lie plan-il glialds al th ■ several en-'
Uiiiici-N (there wei«' li\" ••! ^.iv ni
t'h.iiij, and iipnii cliNe -.niiiias1 -h-..
coveii'd a neatly ml Hap doni in the
Ho ir, ami opening (his a w.ll l-iinNi
ed I cilriNiiii was'dihi'oVi'Kil in ih.-iel
'lur and lhe l.ndy llell.i II,,bl,i ,*,lab-
lish.-il iheiL-in.
Il.'llil dies'Hot I el oily; to ill' hij-llei
il.i.si il snii.-tv -111 laiii-liei st.iii Imi;
ill sinieiv is upon abniit the -.,i,u -
b \i I as w.is Im im lining ,;n iln • I
lal'.   that  i*.   to s.iy,   lath-I   l"W.
M.i,-l-tr,it'' Wh in*.'.i.i ff.in d Shan
'Ih it guilty as ih.uycd. .ii-I ih.iij'.i.l
him Sin  and n sis m two  uiuiuli-. in
All old .lap.ilies. saying tuns hkv
ihis "Sit nuthiiig, heir iiriilinii','
know  i nuthiiig," and    it   '<iinsjlili.it
.   " 1 r l    .
hi •>  .i.i.ir.i    ij.i .   i - . ii   ,,,...      .
'ii l\ i.'i .    '.*■   i!i   i ^11 ii'.   '.''. ■>'   :      '••*■'
no ci-ty in P.riti-h Culinnbia c,ni   siich,-
subliiiie:-iiiouiiiain  siencry  l.e  present-'
isl    to,  the   tiiurist.   Th.-  itiagniliceu't
p.'aks   <J' l,lu- "Slsti-is" tll;it- ', lift      llieir
bold fi-, ntsi  u|iw.ird   lo'llie sun,  , and-1"
ul-midnight .se.-in   to cut   guslus -   iu    -
th.1 sky;' ihe  siati-Iv "llosmer    jitoun-
,t..in   tu  the ■ is};_li-i   rising  lil;c   a  sen-   -
titK-1 to guard  the'town,'and  tlu;. ser- '
ratv-il peaks of   tlu-   I.i/ard   range     lo-
gclher give     oiiv a lavishing   ...picture -   .
whicli    I'iiir.uices     i he    beholder     and. ;_
in.ikis  him   to ted   a  nye.u n,ing   that
'-his tongue might  utter  ilv thoughts -,'
thai arise  within.'" ' .
Such   grand.ur„    and sublimitv'    in
oik's .surr.aiiidiiigs _oug!i'i   .snu-lvt    t..  '-"
wivld an inlluuive on  the  tluaighis of
men and forbid" ih m  to Ic    sjliish or %
mean  or  li.or.ivy  in, ihoiighi '(,i-    vain
in their  ambilinu'-.   This should'be  a-'
cily    of men    \vb. sc  tread  is upward
from  the. click  of  e.inh, "lor  lien-  aie
comm liKl-ng    hills .that  suggest. ,\h:'
eternal and   bid man   think of  God. ■
Put to'return    to  your city and-Its ■
«< usidela-i'ioii..   Tha-i'  it. i.s    th-e'ceutst-    '
of    ili'dtistrv    is io l.e  c'xpi*etr..l     \viih,
such minoral_ resources   being   developed. .Imi    -thai (. it   should be
cl..*an     and allfact'ivc     vil\
what to -be   wan.lcu-d at.
The jieople   aie to'- l.e eoniplimcnlcv!
upoii   the  s])U-ndid aggregrttioii of pul:-
lic and *  meivaiitile   stiucuiivs, "upon
the iu-.il     ajij-car.ince   of the .- pri.vnte,,"
iwidences     and    the    well-kept -lawns"
and   ill); 11  the   fii'licl   alld so'..i-ii|v   -,li:\-L
seein„to   pei-v.wb-   the    city  day     and-
iii»ht.     We presume   i,t h'.is'. its   share '.,
of lp.)seiiess     and     immoriilily     wilh
otiters ol its    kind  in  the-wtsi,    but  .
we speak only  of.th.it which   it     has
I vMi our piiwlegc  \i,  see."   What . llu*
future of Ilk-, town  pi onuses  it would
be hard     'to-Mt;;i:i.-st,    .bill     it   would   '
seem    l()  have a  prosptt^.t  (![  l;cing all
important indtisiiial   iciitie  for main- ■•
years ,{o_ come.
There seem- to n.-, to l.e some, apparent dai!_;cr.l,s'i tlu: grasp of coiti-
nnrcc-and _ iiidn.su-'. may lecome s.i
lirm 'iis to thiottl*: the'nth-r instincts
ol th-j soul that may -struggle for existence, .Alan in ilit mids.'. '-of such
material siirioimdiug niusi guard
against material l. ndeiicics that tend
lo wai'p ih.-. a,iUne and lo render us
ivnicil in thought- counter iiifluences
iiiiisl be 'broiiglit into o|ieratiou. The
chuivli.-.s and inluc'.lii nal iu,*-iiluli(>iis
i.f thy city serve, in part, to'do this,
but there is a phase oi hie as yet
untouched by thes.-  in   your  c.ityf
Tll.le m:.-iii:, gie.it JH-.d lo divelop
lhe ]day impulse i.u pi opt r lines aii.l
lo piovide u-i I'e.itii.ii ill a hv-.ilthy
sort, Such i-iiiit'.ru,s ,,s o]k .-..le lai„e
iniin! ers of null would find !i ■ to
tlleil ciiinm-iii.il .nlvaiil.igi' In assist
siiib eilu-'i as I'Vini.- in pinvidilig
gymiia'.iimi, i-.id ii/ iomii., uitdil
sell nl*, ivlinli s\..nl'l mci tlu pu'i|n-r
il.siies ul in-n ss 11. ii th \ have inii'lt-
nl tin ii- da.lv f il "A i- hope \nii will'
siu-ii-ul a-i .1 (il'.' in p.,s-i'.'.III.', \ f illl -
M-K-.--. i I :i -.'.• !' .-iiiiiip.il V M C.
\     WV Wniild   lii i   io   h   ii   llf.'il   your
iv ii- adm'iii'.u i< nal   *.*. i-.  al h-io mote
S.lbl.il),     Doubt-
ii.   ..i   a    ..n -i.ln.ibl.-
ni i( i ■  -ii.)i
a     piol-
!,lli .
l.i. I
, llll
l.i i
V- ll
;■   111-' IV
.Hi ll"   ell
. !v   s    . II
ll 1-
lb   I        -
,!       in
,!   '-..nl-.
i I- dil
II. '.I
'.» -ill ill ■„• all,I
,i! <H|1 1.11 I hi li-
.t 1 Ili.l li- lo e .-
,i     . ,11, il  lllol.ll
Till" l xplnsioll iu N'o. ll ptosp. il
tlllillil at Ci.i.ll Clri'l., \llllih li'-uUiil
m> disiistr.iiisly   to   t'ln-s- e|igugi-.l    in
the   Wolk, W.is  dollbtl.",'.   ill.'   Ivlllt   ni
ills   'disobedient c     "1 til,'   lllilnrlllllate
viiliins.   The tunnel   nas  lv n  i-s.un
iin-il, wiiil   thcie   is lielle   dniibi     that
■he I'XpIiisinn vv-.ih «-,uis.-<l bv   \U !•;>,.
tine, ol a tin of dviiaiiiilv whiih    lb,
nun   h.ul   leii   in   a   i""i   l<>s     vslutii
sIoihI .iloiit   h'l   feet   ilnin   th.-   eii
xr*\,ff, ,iii<l   alout   'Joil  in-t fii,iii    Hi..
fitie  ol the     UlHIill   wlKle   IU      shots
wile Iiivil.
The coronet's jury, wliii'h su> <<i
lake eAulvmi- on tlh- Mh «H A»U.
will proUibly bring tlie (till p.utuii
lars in "the case'to liglil.
i'nii lully piui.i i
I..SS       1||1 pi, ■     ll
!iii-i-i,;ii el im it-
Inn lllllollll
W.ll „'.M1I,   I
pi i ill i I :i,II        !
II  W'.pal ,t ,      Tl
■ i i.i.i jn: - .1
Well  t- ;li.pp
Viilll   ■ ilv     ,,i
,ll.<  ll  in     ,1
sliulild  I e   ,i
III' li'-ll    Vnlll,
l.is.s.  '
Y"il h„Vi iis.au,,., .,',iili\a lit In
iu.il.i- Vi.u tin \i\w.i-tb i,i iluw.-.i,
a s.tu.itinii th.it "It .ill-1 am,ut a
mtiih   bii.ii   iiujji.i.itii n,   ait 1 ii   vinii
''•'i'i.    "• •! 'nil     i   11   1   ill's     llll      ill ■
Wi-llall   oi   vollr   iitl/1'lls,    (lu-U-     is   llu
ll.isi.ll   VV ll"   Vi.ll   shnlll.t   lint    '."oil     t,v-
iniii ' a bir,'i   .oil iiiili". ia'.il icutii-
Our visit    hall  imi a-'  -.tu   ,iut' i' "-i
in voiii   pin,'iiis   ,iti 1 inal..-   lis   e.ig. r
...   It      ,       f   ,     i>.       .!•-'!.   Ill   11"    i U     N ' I V
hand.     Wi:    ai>   ui'Ki '."I ;;i .'il".     '"
ill,    id'il.'l   ol   'llu-   !,"l,''l    I- '•'    m.lk:',t_-,
■ aii- ,>o'i..uii.  -ii    th    .iii  "lii   ol   siivh
,,*,|'lli '1  il., i!,;iu.
Iliiia   ll..|da w,r.  ih ugvd   wuh    Im •
III ;   all   ililil.ik    nl    a     '.  ul'l.'.ll    iloi'.--.
Slu    |i|i,i-I ,1
and >. 'i ■ .i
•lll!lv    alld  V..1-
i,a   iii.'ii'h     '■'
im.'l Wpi,
h    b
Iblllt-I    1, «ls   » is   Uif.iiil
st ii'. t,i   d   lo snui   davs   ir1
.t!ti_,i\li.iti    Mi.".lull.ii   i'i
i  ■ ...   ■   " "i        '
at Coal t'li-i-k   ioiiU.i* i
mill s   l';-ii).il,i>n   att fernie LeMer, Fernie, b. c, june 29.1907.
The Fernie ledger
$2 a Year. i:i Advance
Isbiicil every Sut'nnliiv-   fifim   ihe O.'li.e  nf
PuMleiiSbr.i.Ttil'. illi>ek, Vic-ti-ri-.i Ave.,
Kiiriue, tinli-,!: Oluiul.M-
lands are completed' his' force will.as- ■ nessoy-P.nrns ■ ni'n; nsar-   hare."  .. ,The
p in   -iwii'ftj".'
■iliins'i' aali'-.s
- Aii c.li.iiuoi.if .vi;  must lnl i'i as follows-—
I'iij.'!--, -.' mul :,.2 [1. 111. Tiu-vluy : tui^.-s ■? ""'I ■'•
i ;.. in    l''i'i%i.C,-&i;^.i'W;' I'vi
Won iii In' uiiiilii.! in  nr^tui*
t llll i'llll,' >i l-llllll.iU'.l VI I! ll.
!.,..>ilv':it»\.-rLi.i.i,' IJ coal, p«'i- ii-rtU'-'*"•'
liiu- lii-.t r.tSiirti.in.s. i-riil's l-*'i 1""= i'-"-1' >iil'.-i'-
■ liitial. in-'^rt i.m.-
ii'Uvi-ri.in-:'i.'U iipi'lie-i
U.i'.i; f..r ii intra."'
,*i>i ul iiili.-u i-l pii;
lOIni/i'.i.l'.l liloek.
si.si. (,u the ditch. t    ■
Then: is a very large acreage in the
WindeuiKTc Vality .suitable lor'Eruit
cultnre, consisting, of. many thousand
acres. The climate is r.ir.st favora-bie,
,.nd th-re is nu doubt but that in the.
near iiuure the Upper Columbia • and
Koottiuy Valleys w,ill,l?c 'the garden
.pi-7'cl  HiVjifovince."       $   " '   •
■'     vVATCHtiD.
"I ho Ledger has received a sample of
a calendar '-put out by ..the Annuity
Company of Canada, which is.ca departure irom old lines.   " .
Coii\enience of reference is secured
in cviis-'ijuk-nc- c f monthly datvs being
alw.ivs in ihe same position on "the
iiileiwlar. Ynv instanc.', if luoess-arv
lo ascei-iiiin lhe day of the week for
any nioiKli through the year,- it is
«.iil v -necessary lo follow up one 'col-
auk' umn oi the calendar. It might be
pointed mil that in ref-.-rring -to -a. ciil-
indar the first refvrence is-usually
made in connection wilh the dale of
the month, and it is much more cou-
vl-iv   '-'rent    sigiiilicauu* io the  people Ivuik-iH lo have  thw-  location*   of-   the
Hy   to I day fixed.   Wh.n the location    of • the
id.itc of the month changes with   each
llie    i-.nifbiiucenn-nt,  inade e.xclusivc-
in last week's     Ledger;    that     the
1 *-' '
Kaslcin Townships   bank   had   deciiktl
lo'estailisli   a' branch, id   that
li., i-.. ;ia  Firnie °came as a   turprise ,lo
ilu* public.
ll is  nn  aim itineviner.l, however,   of
strike was only made yesterday, and
while it has not yet been fully exploited, four feet of solid galena has
been opened up in the crosscut from
ihe drift along 'the original vein.
This is th-j second vein exposed in the
property,-- the first having 1 ecu ile-
veloped by, a 275-foot drift, the,
or?., consisting of -lead carbonates, j A
cross-cut tinnier was run,, nnd after
this had been driven about 22 feet,
four feet of high-grade ,. steel galena
w.-s struck., It is believed tint these
veins will cm verge as depth in the
property is "gained, and if this is ihe
ca»i a big shoot is expected.' .
'lhe .'Ileiiiusscy-Ruvns „-property,
which consists of 1(1 full claims, ' is
situated on    the   Idaho-Montana   tliv-
of th:1 l'ass,   and oiuniv   especial
the  eiii/eus  ol   Kernie.
We     now    lia\e   -three, banks
business iu this  city,   and   the Imperial bank  now  own the, corner  ioiiiiev-
\y   ocviipivsl by ,   tbe      olfn-cs     of ihe
Crow s  Nest  l'ass  coal   company
it is   the.intention'of  thai    ban
' Moid upi/ii   that   site  and  go into the
I aii'.ing i-iis.iijss in tlu near., future.
'Tlu   ' Eastern   Townships bank  will-
open    olliees   and    enter    th.-  banking
business   -  as , soi.n      as    temporary
premises can be "secured,  and  the erec-
i-ion oi a lirst-cluss'building upon the
Eckstein   lot/will' be   started us soon
as pl.-.ns   -and specifications    can    be
We do not spend much tiinc and
space "boosting" and shouting
"Watch Kii-niu Grow," but 'we find
thjt Kernie does grow without ,the
artilicial boosting process, and the
growth is ol the nu.st substantial
nature. ._
That such an iiistiuilibti as tlie
Eastern Township bank sin mid d.-ein
it a good opening lor business here,
wlure three of Canada's largest bank-
nig institutions are already doing
business, and llie fourth-has invested
Capital in-a valuable site preparatory
to doing likewis.:, speaks more' for-
eii.h" and c^iieiusively oi the -fuiure
,<,f l\rnie . th.ui could the'cr.y . of15
••Watch Kernie Grow" i\.peni.-ed in
ever)1"' ixlmini *' of every issue of '.the
- local press.
Kernie is almost  abreast   of  Nelson-
in   haukiiin'   facilities.   Kernie  has' the
calendar-sheet, there is loss of time
in limliiig that date, whereas in the
new device the data of .the' month remains lix^d. There is only one
jiuuee of location, namely, lhat of
lhe  day eif  the week. ''    '*
There are a iitimUrr of other changes'which'will , become, apparent with
use of the- calendar. It is a difficult
matter to decide before hand as to
the merits, of any iu*w device, and the
company arc sending this out in this
lorm partly to gain expression of opinion as to- whether the public would
consider this'an ..improvement upon
the old form of waif calendar, now
generally usi'd.
The lirsl day of each month appears
at the top^ of "' the lirsl 'column ' of
dates, etc., etc.,' and the days of the
wc-:k therefore alternate in position
i.n the calendar, while the day of thii
monih remains, in.'a   fixed position!'   ■
It would appear thai this will be'
*n improvement, and if it meets with
public favor the company w,ill issue
Llieir calendars iu that form in future.        -,   -' '    ■
-   CRUEt' BACKACHES.'    -
The.   Trouble-Usually  Due  to    Poor
Blood—Dr.    Williams'    Pink, pills
/the ^ Cure.
There    is   a   commen    notion that
backache' is a sign of  kidney   disease,
but" this  is  absolutely  wrong. ,  Not
one backache   in  a thousand lias anything to do  with  the kidneys.     Hundreds- of people die  of  kidney disease
who never had  a backache—and   hundreds   who   sutler     continually   from
backache have    nothing.,  wrong   with
their kidneys,   By  far the  most common cause   of    backache is   muscular
rheumatism.   Nearly  all  the  rest    of
the backaches   are  due"    to  weakness
aad poor,   watery    blood,,, or in    the
ease of growing girls and  women   to
those secret  ailments  that make   the
livts  of  so many' oi ■ tha/t sex  miserable.     Don't lei! V backache   frighten
you imp.  the- belief that      you have
kidney trouble'   What' is  really  needed to-cure   the  average Ixicknehe   is a
tonic, blood-building    medicine,    and
Dr.   Williams'    Pink.    Pills'   ate  the
greatest blood-making  medicine   inedj
ical science aas yet discovered. Every
dose actually    makes new,   rich    red
Mood, thus  curing  such   common ail-
headaehc,     back-
The° principal owners of the property arc T.sll. Whelan," Joseph Whelan, L. Hennessey and ,.J.' Piiirns.
Judging from the name of the mine
and some of its owners, il must' be
quite a coinbiiiaeiou. Emerald is a
lucky color, and these sous of Erin
will-be all smiles.
Our old   townsman,      Tom   Whelan,
has.,a  large iiiK-resl  in   the  propertv
and has    charge of     the development |'»c»ls ■"• **»^»'a,
work   at lhe mine.     Coii. - aiul-   Pat.   "cl*e.  heart .palpitation,      .^digestion,
Whelaii are also  stockholdert    in ..the
of OoahTar Derivative*.
company. '       ,
A few years 'ago galena, properties
were a drug on the ' market,' but
things are different now! and these
owners of the- Hennessey-Burns . prop
ertv i're' prospective millionaires.
Good luck to you, boys! ■   ...  •■
rilAKK notii-o Unit the Mott-Houlton Lumber
S- Co:, of Klkmoutli, B. C, occupation lumber niiiiiufnutiirors, intomls to-iijiply for ,a
.special timber lleeni.0 to cut and curry rwrj-
limber from tlio following described lands :
CoinmenciiiB nt u post planted at the north
wi-st corner on T b 11226. thence north 10 cliuins
more or less to Elk River, tticnco following
the bunk of Klk River in easterly direction 40
cliuins more or less to the north west corner
of T Ij 0175, thonce south 40cliuins more or less,
thence cast 40 chains, thence south 40 cliuins,
thence west 8(1 cliuins to point, of commencement. ... ''
June 14,11107.
"    JlO'IT-nOl'l,TON LUMBER CO.,    '   "_ /
* per A..I; Mott,-
.12>-fi .G. H. Boulton.
' Dated this l"th day of June, 1U07.     ,,
neural-giia,   rlieinuntism   and the     ailments of ••jirlhootl    and  womanhood,
airs, W. Gee,'Strathcona, Alta., says:
"I was  a    great sufferer  from   anaemia.     I   was   completely,   run  down
.' .and was tortured with headaches and
backaches and dizzy  spells.   I doctored for    a long time but was no better than.when I began.   Then I l>cgan
to take Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills and
they completely"restored my health.".
Get the genuine pills with the   full
name, .."Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills   for
Pale Pepple'.'. on the    wrapper around*
each box.   Sold by all  medicine dealers or by mail  at 5OC a box ;or   six
boxes,   for 82.50  from the    Dr.    Williams'  Medicine Co.,' Brochvillc',' Ont.
"\_\/E are now in-
V V, stalled in our
new barn, ppp^site tlie
old place, and have a
complete, new outfit,
which is always at your
service for , livery,' cartage or baggage. We
still .have; the office up
town where orders may
be   len\
■tto It UlMr aad Mhr tins inr other miterlt! for--
aoM, kMMttt It dsei not burs, to chloride
aadporliM,  h
ninL  llto
la tks 0sS0ss imnmbimM ll Is jmthelly noa-poltonoas, and can
t, aaa k aali M kait artvad.  hla st oaoathi or Irritttloci it does not
1 taa aM Onutf iktmHsm k Omb bm mro»»«aUy *t»ln w«*hable
*   '    ' 7 1.        *
Ow laVnamr «Mta rttalra 4M la a IN ealatlM It must deitroy
tm gtna) la aaa aitaaM.  Il tkai dlilafocttj oletnscs
aM bf saattlmlat aaatbM*. (MM fcf d-<troyln| the cans* of
-»aMM|tl*«9ightata». Tau aia dojxjad apea It,
Kraaa la pai4a>M|p«a!aaMi la atarMriigan outbrukol eeatiiloat dls«itoi, by deitroy-
Ini lahctioD. elMaalaa, awtfy^aa* praeiotiai aiolmlon. It U tho Ideal dljlnfeouni for
Por *ll patril alulalwrlag aaafaaaa aria Knm vtok wumr (wann pr*(err»d) ta tkt M>
'l»«lo| proportloMt ,
I uMttaMaM Rnaa,    ,    .      ,       .       . S plan wtwt,
• I plat Krtta*, ■        .       .       ,       >       • lifil**
miklni tpnottiimaj a 1<*I>M0 1
I (illaai *wa
•ATS Aft© lAtV TO UC8.
H     tans
Fes'frsse-, Si. G»
liirjjtsL iiiuri'iiiiLili; institution, but-wtvn
V\'iiin,ipef('-.'iiul lit: Consl cities.   -
Ferule li.iS two liii'i;c wjiok-salc cs-
tai,lisliij"iL-ii(.s, -l.otli doiiij;- nil the business llu.y liiivi;'room  10 IuikIU.*.
J'V'rliie Ims tin; Iui-jti-rL niiiuiiiiL ot
moiK-v (lislriliiiti-tl hy its lcailing in-
iluslriiil iiislittitioiis, the iiiim-s uiul
siwiuills, of any western cily"', 'Tliu
IwiiK*y puiil out, by llicsc two inilus-
irie.s for labor e-.a-li iniiiilli is in ox-
i-t.ss of Sl.'iO.Ui,'), niul it wi- iuIiI lo
tli.il sum iliu .wages ot llu: railroad
i-lii'iloyoes and lliusi* nf lliii 'various
ollmr iiistiluiinus in and n^ir ihe
I'ity, llmsiiiu will I'-xceod a .'i|Uartcr oi
a million ilollurs i-.u'li iiii.ntli, audlhi:
total is i-oiisliiiillj'oiucreu.siiijr,
Thc-ri' will lie expun'ilwl in liiiilrtiiij;
in this ViLy Ihis  season  nol lws llmii
am no longer responsible for, nny debts
contracted bv my wife," Fr«nc«s MoDonald
Mcl'huil, she ,'liavinK left mv bed and board.
June 8,1A07."  ,' JAS. McPHAiL.
Handley Bros.
Stomach ami bowel troubles kills
thousands, nf lilllc ones every year
-.liirinir "the-, hoi wcatlter moiilhs.
Di-,irrhoea, clyseiitry,1- aiid cholera 'in-
ianluin ofleu come without -'warning,
uud'if prompt aid is'nol al hand tlie
ch.ild may,lie beyond lislp in a few
'1 iou rsi^^^j 1-—y o i!==wfiii t= l"o=K eep==your=
eliildren healthV, rosv ■■a.nA'' full of'
life <ltir,injr._tlic"«liol wcalher give them
an    occas.ion.il    dose of Baby's   Own
1 **■
1 ablets. "-.. Tlijs meilicine prevents, illness by'cleansin_r . the stomach and
■ owcls,..and cures suinmer complaints
when,; they come unexpectedly. Kvery
mother should keep these Tablets in
iIil- home at nil times; Mrs. liobcrt
Clinic, J.onis, Out., says: "Baby's
Oil 11 Tablets are the besi. iiiodicine I
know ol for' stomach and bowel
troubles." Sold liy all medicine deal-
ers'or by mail at a5c n box from
llie iir, Williams' Mwlieine Co.,
Uroekville,   Out.
sl.'iO.lJOl, and in all iirobah'ility
amount thus expi-nde.il will reach
(.Hurler million niark.
the Cire.it.' Noi'tliern extension
i\Iiihi*l will menu ihe distribution ol
a lai'uu iiiiiouiil of cash, which will
have Kernie tor its di.stributing point.
These, are the Ihiiig.s whicli eoii-
triuiile to the slcady growth of our
city aiul makes it a desirable pbici-.
for li'iu'ivs lo establish branches. The
lOal i-ciiiipaiiy will be expending larger
amounts than ever belore in devrlop-
nieiit mul extension work and in lhe
iiiiprovuiiiiiii. of its plant, and the
output of the iniiK's uml tin- mills is
I'oiistulilly oil lhe ini'SViiM:. (Mir situation is smli that all 10,ids whiih
inv to link the east with the west
south ol" the C, T. V.. iiKiin liiieiunsl
I'oliK to I'Vlllie and It.i'.e Willi Ur,
Si,uie ui'llli: l.elli'lils o| llie gle.il mill
growing   iraiispoitatinii l,iisiiii'r,s.
ll we. doiil.U- llie muni,111 ,,1 niuiii'v
paid nut 1,'iich nioiiili in l''i riiie,' wc
will nol I.e. ubot'e llie in.ii 1. that we
■Hi; lo li'inli ill tile lli-M tttii veils,
,,inl lli.il will l.e the high watet 111.1tI.
li r .t 11 v i"ilv in I'!,i*.t oi Wrsl Kiini
Oilii'i (owns 111.1 y Ivmiiii- ,i liillr
1 ii*.luiis ijI ihe  hitle ird  1 \pr.s-. wiig-
ull,   I.Ill    that   lli'i'd   llol    Wollv    Ib,    We
w.U h.ive     iiil.iiii.'ss    loi      llial     iiuie
Tile   "WHVlll   of   I'l-lllli-   Mill    liot      ill-
ll'lleli    W.lll   ill-   glow III   ol    il'l   II. igh
illlN      I.llll    I'     ll      Will     ll.lp     lllllll     lllllllg
iillil  all  v.'tll  I e iiiiilil.illv   l.-ll. litli-d.
I'ei'n.i- will grow   wlutln-i   volt w.itili
lU-l   ill   Hot.
1 1.1  (ul   ,;lu\\ ;
11".       In     .-.;        ll,      I 111.     ...1       ll   ..      1„      <■
luiniul 111 Cilgaiv lor tin- pt'uiuiitiiiii
llol ,1 i ig iuigatioii stliuiii' in tin- l'p-
|it-r Ciiliimtilii valli-y 11.-.ir Winder-
iiiiiv. Who the jiiuiuotiis aii- j*. not
lllli'li* pill-lii' at'tlie pI'l'Miil titiii-, but
a l.il'i.'f lolfi- 1 if sllrVtVul-- lias iillivi-d
at    VVllldilliK:U*  ful'   lilt:    plllpu-.i-   ol   lo-
1.iliii!' ,1   biij.i- iirij'.ilion  ditili    Iniin
I'l-by,. to Dud li  iii«,l>,  ainl   liuin Toby
ui Hurst-  'I'liii-I  i-MH-k
linn »■» in  ili,ugi'
lUsJ.aUUU, 1M..S..
it    iliXf ■   . f   Mill. Vj.J
The  secretary   of   tlie  -l-'eniie'Trades
and I(abor    council hns  received    the
Air,-Geo,    "Ueikle,    secretary    Kernie
Trades and  l.abor Council.
Dear  Sir -au<l llrotlier:
Tlu Iron Moulders' Union So. 37
of London, Ontario, again ' remind
yoii of their long struggle for right
nml justiiv uguiiisl the McClury com-
I'.'iiiy. (if this city (London, Oiu.)
iiiaiiufiii'liirei.s of moves, ranges, fur-
nai'i-s,   I in mid griiiiili*Wiii-i:,
We are still 011 si like, nndwill rc-
iiiiii.n'so-until our case i.s settled up-,
mi ihe luisjs of justice and fair dealing."
J'vciyoii,- who pun-liases nn article
is mi employer to the extent of tlmt
pimli'.ise, See, ilien, that .Vour money
dues not go to -.-luplny unfair labor
01 lo buy ihe piinlui-i ol those who
luivc Inkeii honest  men's  plmvs.
We Would usk your union to kindly
ile vote a lew miiiiuc*, in disi-ussliig a
i-.iiim' so wnithy ul consideration. In
1lis W,iy your iiieiiil.eis niighl soucl,
.■ml inlliii-uce oiheis, ihut llu-y would
yi'i'.itly assisi (lie Iron Moulders' union   ill llu-ii   sllllg'gle   iiguiiiM   oppn-.s-
■'i'-,'":-   '
I    hlllaill,   flillelll.llly   Viillls,
'.I'd," CIUNT,
I     w,ik    nuul   of   IIi'i.iii'IiIUh    nnd
Anilimn   l.y   JIIINAKD'S   MNIMKNY.
•UU'.;.   A.   MVINGST0NB.
Lot s,  l'.  K, I,
I Wiih cured ''of a (u-vire nttiick ol
I'lmuiiiiitiMii by MINAHD'S MNI-
M.ih..nu Hay, .JOHN  MADKR.
I wuh ciiiid of a ftewruly spralncil
A fi-w WeiKs ago ihu U'r.rkcr.s in tlie
Hi iiiti-vaT-Jlnni*.-    min.'    in-iii-   Miillun.
Idaho,   u-polltil ii  Iiml  ol   |*i  itullr.siif
Suriivor  lli-l- iKt.il g,ili*ii,i, mul it f(-w days lalir 1111-
tul.i* iiI.oiii  tin- same thickness
In tin;  Spoki-MiMU-Rcvit-W
t ti
A   thi.- I'-niy
x.n, ul
ill   ill-  livid   Mlt-
■1. ji-llll'l
uf N\-|v>n, also has , w,i.-> ui.iili-
SMA, lliir  iuHiiwinj;  rij>ori y.is
I'rvlll •  I.iimI uliii-h   i<i   (niM.il    l.v    llie ,'|i|i)i)i*.|ii<|
im      riiiil.s.itj..-,    .imi il is  n porltd j    .Wiill.iii,    Idaho,    .1 line -32.—Another
[.it    a*   v.miIi a-,    tin   -iiivev'- uf  tin- 'tivli stiike   i*.  u'pi.ili-il from  \\\v  \U\\.
Hair Via or
the best that was made. But
Ayer's Hair Vigor, new improved formula, is better. It
is the one great specific for falling hair. A new preparation in
every way. New bottle. New
contents., Ask your druggist tb
show it to you, "the new. kind."
Does not change the color 0/ tht hair.
Port Steele
Phones: Office 6.
rormuU yltfc —ok kt.tl*
if     Bkow It U y»ur
A<k hla about 11,"
thtin io u ko Mj-f
As we now make our new Hair Vigor it
does not have the slightest effect upon
the color of the hair. You may use it
freely and for any length of time without fear of changing the ; color. Stops.
falling hair, Cures dandruff.
—-Kod* by tb* J, 0. Xy*t Co., LowoU, mil,—»
To Consumptives
The undersipieil having -own restored to health by •imple weans,
nfter suffering for several yoairs with
a severe lung affection, and that dread*
disease CONSUMPtrON, Is tUWious
lo make known tn hla felloe sufferers
tlie means of cure. To those who desire it, he will cheerfully send (frc« ol
charj>«) n copy ol the preacrlptlon
used, which they will find a cure lor
TAHJ'.U, URONCIIITIS BJtd all throat
ami lung MALADIES.' He hopes all
stillcrers will try this lleujedy, as It
Ih invaluable. Tliose desiring ths prescription, which wlll cost them nothing, nnd may prove a Wemlng, will
pliass address
kVmsUpk, «. V.
'   '. "■"•.■'—7. 1—TT
Fernie,  B. C»
Brewers  of Extra  Fine  Lager,
and    Aerated   Waters.   "
Bottled    Goods    a
liy local iLp|iHciitiotiH, uh tliey cannot rc-icli llus illHCiiscd portion ol thu
mr. There In only ««e wiy to cure
iloiifiiesH. mid tlmt in by (."onstltulion-
nl ri-nicdlcH, l)i;iifiic«» is cmiRcd by
mi inlliiinutl condiHon of the mucous
liiiini,' of the mistiicliiiin tul*.. When
this utl* In inllnined you lmve a
riimlilln.. uoiind or impcrfi-ct bctiring,
mtd when it in ctitiri.-ly I'loscd, ilcfn-
iiuhs is tliu result, and "uU-hs the In-
Humiliation can 1* tukeii imt uiwl ilxU
mim r«"tiorril lo its iioriiml condition, hearing will 1* destroyed for-
iiver; nine iiiHen out ot ten i\re cnuned
l,y catnrrli, whieli i« nothing but an
inllinnwl mmditiim oi thu mucous wr-
\,»*. will rIvc One Hundred Dollars
lor nuv e.ise of den'm-sH (cinisiyl by
c.iturh) thnt cannot 1m cxxrtA by
Hull's Catarrh Cure, Send | for clr-
iiil.tiH, fro.'.
Y. J. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Tnko Hall's Family Pills lor constipation.
Sold  l.y Arugi<\nlH,  75c
A hoUl that tarnUhtt qaltt, con
modloiu accotniuodatlon (or IU pat-
rots is 0 source ol pleamre to Ut
tra tell'fig pit 111 Ic Kurfc • oa* if tht
King Iidward Hotal, of Vstolt, tat-
utr upposlte poat olUca.
WfiNE   CO., Ltd.
Vkoleaale   Dealers   aad   Direct
Isnpottera ot
Solo Ajjonts in Eimt Kooteimy for
Stable 24
Aren's   Shoes  were
'-Now   $1.75    -
fi Pair' Men's   Shoes  were   $2.8ft
. Now  Ti.'-l-O   ■■'
2   Pulr   Men's 'Shoes  were   .-pft.OO
Now   $4.00
0  Pair  Men's  Shoes  were   $4,25
Now   $3.25
ft   Pair  Men's  Shoes   were   $.Vv'ft
:.    Now  , $2.75' ,.
8   Pair  Men's  Shoes   were- $8.2-!.
-   ''Now     2.75
W.   R.    McDOUCALL
and everything in our
line can be found,the
freshest at our store.
McDougall & Co.
Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc,
No Sflcdlsu Plums. Ko Pitlcss
Applts, No Cobftts Core-jast old
rsllsbls vtrlttiu at rtasonabls
prices, rtrtlllters, Bet Supplies,
Spray Pumps, Spray lag Material,
Cut j-Wowtrs, «tc. Oldwt estab-
liststd nursuy on Ui« mainland ol
B. C. Catalogu* Ytts.
U. J. imNftY'8 NUBBltaiKS
OrMnkoviM and Sssd Houses,
VtHCovvtr, B. C.
P. 8.—H your local nurelantu
da not fcasdls my seeds, send
dlrset. We pwpt,y fifty packets,
assorted varlstiet of f*rdea seeds
in $». ptpers (tested stock), to
your «Mreat post offie* for $1.00;
twenty packet* for sec., trial col-
A Good Way
to pltoM coftltl hotuekeepers U to
give %amt otts^t. Oh, we -Joa't say
tkat all butchers eVxi'i do this, but
we calMt lelp oeculMally over-
*MOHsg our Udy frle»Is wkei they
got to telllof tfcelr eiperlencos.
Auotlior Good Way
to please Is to supply only the best
meat. H you trade with ns you will
tear* just what we mean by these
two '-ways'' QUAUTV and QUANTITY will bo 0 little more than you
Oaloahy Cattle Co
\'l..! ' ■UJI".P"-'-"
Ask Im Usual* *U tiU to ej*Jwr,
n. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
FIOM, 8pe«Ml«at(on« and Kill-
mates furnished on application.
Pkstr of GOOD DltV 1.1TU-
B. Jo. KRfttt,
ArtMltut    aud SeperiaUadeat
011m »t BeeiAiuce.
HAKKU. m\ '  FKKNU**,  W.  C
Fore and Aft
same "
your; i o'ardcir lhc
you, will have    a '-o-ood
*"showing." We have a good showing of
.  '' _     ' --        , ■ - rf - *     .
Garden   Tools, Garden   I lose,
Lawn Mowers, Ivic.
Screen I:)oors,Sereen Windovvs
j. $.: q
Hardware and Fnrniliiro
Meats, Eggs, Butter,
Poultry and Fish
Why not try us and ho convince"..' Unit wluil tlicy s;iv is lhc liuih ?
Our prices nro tlie most rciisonahli* in  '*
cnll nl tlie shop on Victoria avenue ,
l-Vrnle.    Phone No ,| nr
Dominion Meat Co
Phone No. 4
V'ctorln Avcnuo
We   havo removed   our   splendid .stock  of
Drugs,    Stationery,    Kic,   lo   the   stand
Next f®
Tho Hunk ol ITnmlllon. wliuro wo will «h uatuil Im
pleased to moot you.   lloniomlier—ni-xl tn
Bank of mstmmmm
Tho Paloco Drug 3&ore
—1—mmiimiiiiiimi im m*m,utmM*uami»mmmM»»,mfmmuM
Express and Baggage Transfer
Draylnff of nil klml-i  .lone promptly.
Tclifplioiie 57 or r.'ill n Ariwr
Office:  NnriliPrn Hoti*!, Fornic, 11. C.
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes.& Pipes
Jliflr.-lsfinlyoiwi'1'iM Jniowii
wliArnyou mil uct w*n\ \iAU\hU:
C-Hulrt In'imr I Inn tlmt h nt
W. A, J NOW All, prop.
1'tatt    v«.     •   .»     reinJe, »,  C,
1   '1
, ,9
''     0
$1 '    '     ,S"      ' r/
- 7'-y'r';'-';'.
'  !*■
i ■
?   -
i .'
' -' A-   "'Montreal' • despatch ol tha ' 23rd
" inst; reads as follows:  ■
-'•Tomorrow's- meeting of-Dominion
Steel "Directars   will probably   determine once 'and for  all tlie.  company's
.  policy in regard to llie .peace negoti-
.   aliens. .- ,  ^
"la this unique  dispute between the
. ccul and     steel    compaiiies    big .men
."have changed their minds . over' night.'
Just-to give 'tlie newspapers a 'little
•exercise'   the same men  have changed
'thsni back again   in    the" short space
cf 21 hours.    .'   .      -    '
"The situation has heen.ns ficklt'as*
' a. bike breeze, nnd  has been  all peace
"one minute and war th-.' next4,
'■'Of lata there has Iniin a pvoiiouiie-
ed dispciiitian    to, get together,    and
- th-e" n.-wspapers    were, not .,over    san-
•ii ' . ->        ,   -  -
guiiii   when lluy   expressrd the  belief
ih it .things li-,okf.a like'peace.
■ "It '.became a question    nf , t-eitiis,
however, "ami it is believed ,- lhat  tlu*
Dominion    coal   interests    could    not
make   an oiler 'attractive   eu.iiigh   for
tlie li-jlilers    to let-go stock  in   .-e.x-
clian,«e for coal.   " '       ,
,   ".Sir Henry l'dlnll has been leader
in the  peace  movement  on behalf    of
" the  .steeli'-'fj-mjiany,  'and  with  several
other  Toronto  directors   behind    him
his worked   hard   lor;al,,sc)llHJn'eni.
'•'It i.s .believed lhat "negotiations
for peace had -been suspended,, when'
Mr. Plummet- returned, and it did not'
tiikc^ him long to size up the situation nnd start tlm war all over aggiu.
"Mr. • Pluiiuncr wants the courts'to
.settle the 'dispute, and it looks now'
as if he Would have his way, unless
,the coal  company agrees* to a    iuore
■ ai.trarl.ive offer. '      . -
"Senator Forget will not be at the
meeting, as, he is out, of -town.
■■'-.-"Sir William Van Home, who is
against a truce with coal lit any
tesms,. is in-New York, but w.ill likely return for' the meeting.
' "If left to the courts to decide, the
-first''hearing will -be 1>eforc- Judge
I.ongley at Sydney around, the cud.of
'   July."    " .
To call  this long drawn-out dispute
■ •■iiiircfuc" is expressing ic as inild as
possible.       "7     •
\This is the dispute iir which wc
have presented   to   us the  paradoxical
. condition ,of a director in one . cor--
poration disagreeing with himself' as
a director in another corporation. A
large number ofi tlicodircolors'   in   the
-steel corporation are also 'directors in
'the coal, corpora lion, 'and the two
co'Jnp'aiiicspIiavc   been   disagreeing   for
_ a long lime as to  Uic business which
Means- "That Which SatisQes."
And You'll Appreciate This Definition
Lead Packets only    , * " \
At all •fieaocej's Highest Award St. Louis,, 1904.
hi.ood poison 'Tiimoi:gii stock-
, 1NT0 U\l<).
Curious Case at Kingston.
While alien-ding to1 her household
duties Mrs,.. A. Harrison, Tlace-dc-
Annos, Kingston, Out., sliitck her,
ankle against a projection which inflicted a cut. She paid little attention to the wound at the time,' but
in a ■ few days it became swollen and
very painful, A medical man was
consulted, and it was then found that
the dye from -her stocking had got
into the wound and set up blood
poison. Then began a period of pain,
which,'had..it not been for Zam-Buk
might not even yet have been - ended.
Mrs.-Harrison says: /'The doctor
ordered certain <• treatment, whicli I
followed out, but the wound got no
better, and refusalc to heal, It was
most painful, nnd ,.sometimes I could'
hardly bear to walk. 1 was almost
in despair when, a .friend advised me
fco,try Zaiu-Iluk. II.soon * reduced the
swelling' and inltayiinialion, and . the
Pain—so', unite' -before—got less ,iand
less uiil.il the ankle' was.quite easy.
Then the wouixl began lo heul.aiid'a
lilllc,more perseverance "resulted in',a
complete  cure'? ',°   ,'.
Zaiii-1'uk draws the . pain and the
poison from a wound at the same
time. It heals ulcers,, "chafing sores,
sore feci j'had legs, ■ and varicose ulcers. It cures insect stings,-.sun-burp.,
summer rashes and heat spots, while
as a cure' for chronic wounds, eczema,
prairie itch,' ringworm, scalp .sores,
and sores due to blood poison. It js
absolutely without equal.. All stores
and druggists . sell at 50c,, or post
free from the Zam-Buk company, Toronto,' for price.  ..,.'".-
At one*5 time the' good offices of
Kinance Minister Fielding were made
fiise of to "pacify ■ ihe disagreeing" directorate, "rI)u'|.. his . efforts did not
bring forth permanent peace, ami, "as
above stated, Sir Henry 1'ellatL i.s
now endeavoring to reconcile Himself
.- to li'iinsi'lf in an effort-' to keep this
dispute out of the coiirL,-*?. - .'   .,,
It would seem llial, some of tln*
stockholders in the Dominion coal
company aie not. at all satisfied wieli
■" husiiiuss which has been transacted
by""'lie directors of the coal company,
who are niso directors of tin* steel
What, the Ledger -and lots of other
peoplewoiild"'lik(> to know is wily a
system which is .capable, of bringing
about such a state of affnivs as that
existing between these two coinpati-
1  its should be allowed to exist,
A law that makes il possible • for
such tliiiigs to transpire Ims something .wrong with its construction mul
application, and should he amended
so as to eliminate tlie possib lily of
,. such occurrences. No wonder that
minds arc changed in one night (rom
n peaceful 'to n warlike attitude,
When stockholders,, awake to the
fact thnt their, director,1' have n.fltal or
.greater •intorost in lu'other voiupuny
with which their own company is doing business with the .saute people ns
directors as nrc acting for them, it
i,s Hot ill-the least surprising that
everybody is not satisfied.
The I.wlger cun imt ;n-i: any nac-s-
sity fonsiieh coinbiimtioiis of directory powers, and Win see in il not
much tuoi'e than a legali/od possibility to 'direct the property nnd bnsi-
iicfih of one institution from tlu; logi-
I limit-.! purposes of that imUitutlnii tn
the iinc niul hem-lit of some oilier
institution in which a large portion
of the Hlockliolili'is ol the lii'st Ims Ho
The hfiviiliaii cIlortN   ol   tliose who
ale deeply    interested  in tintlnt*iinil*K
peiii'ij in    the   coal-steel    I'liiitrovcisy
would    he most   amusing il not    so
froiigtit with il-iiigor, not only to the
sloekliiildeis,    who ale inlt'ivsU'il    in
only one or tlu* other ol lli.-se     two
cninpiiiiX'S, hut to  th,: whole country.
Only    n  few weeks ago Mm   pitblje
w>Te   startled by the revelations   re-
"tiv'ilng   the a'.v-lili,.::   ..I   ll;.   ''.,h''
i-l'.HlnnU,  briMij.dit about   by tlte "ail-
iiiv ol thj directorute to direct,    It
w 11    lie    foil ml,   upon   exuiuiiiatioii,
that tlio    directors   ol the Sovereign
lm-nk arc also directors in nuiiilH'i'Hof
'•"•"" J..T,;.   ..,•:■;-„■• 7, „....: (.Lii  L..L
lli.il it is j;«iKr.illy coiichUmI   that it
w.is luck of the diiivtoiK to look nfl-
<i  the afiairs of that institution tlmt
liii.iiglit on tin- disaster should  stimulate the  *-toil;lii.]dc|-N nf    all  liliulli'i"
nl and   iinllislrial   iiistifiifiofis  to tie-
iii.iinl   fviiigt.'   diuTioiaUf., Irci' IriHii
the )>ull  ami  iiilliii-ticc i.f  iiilici   bi'.ii-
J'orc-si fifes Juve done jjrMt -lam-
age to tiiuk-r and to tint uiiitractors' vtipply i-;it»{i-i nliiftw llie new
line of tin* (1. T. 1». rr..m Kofi U'il-
Hum wiM- Foley llr..llKi> li.«vt? losl
liiavilvi and nu-iii-i-s «if timl-cr limits
at** also \«-rv lienvv lov-fs.
In 190C> there were l,(l(il union
printing oll'ices in Germany, 'fcnr)';'-iv-
t'ng IS,) 10 union .printers; „now chore
are f).5'"3 ollices employing' -19,-197 or-
gniii/cd nun.'
■ New -York's "iiew child labor law
provides thai no minor under sixteen
years of age- shall.lie employed or
permitted to work in any factory in
the stale lx'forc 8 "a.m. or-after r>-p.
in. The new law goes into'effect..Ian,'
I, l'.IlK    ,
:  L.  P.   Eckstein
■ ■ #~ '..,.'       • '
Hooma \&S, Herulerson block, Fc-rnie, B. C.
F. C, hwi.   , Afci: I. Fisktr, B,A
Latce & Fisher
Crow's    Nest     Trading   Co.    Block,
- Fernie,  B. C.
Something of the manner, in which
the nieinliers-liip iu - the United Mine
Workers is -liicrcnsiiig cm be gained
from the fact that there have bwn'S")
new/dnculs foi'incil so far this month.
One of lliein had a incmlwrsliiip of
over i, HOf). '   -
What I object lo is this economic
chance-world in which we live, and
which we-muii seem to have crcolcd,
It ought to he law aft inflexible in
human affairs as the ord;>r of day and
night, in tlie physical World, that if
a man will work lie shall liotli rest
and 'flat, and shall not Iw '■harassed
by any question of how his repose
and his provision shall come, Noth-
Ing less ideal tlniii this satisfies the
reason, Hut in our state of Ui,iii(,'s lio
one is secure of ill is. No one is sure
of limliiig work; no one Is sure of
not losing it, I may lui've my work
taken away from mc nt any mimu'iil
hy the caprice, the mood, the indigestion nl' a iuh'I who has not the
ij,iiiililicatioii for knowing whether 1
do il well or nol. At any time of
life-at every lime of life—a man
ought to feel tlmt |il liu will keup on
'doing his duly, lie sluill not sillier in
himself nor in those who ui't: Avwr lo
him, except through iiuttii'iil causes.
Hut, ns- things are How, no mini cun
feel this,   nml so we go  on   pushing
NOTICE is liercliy (riven that, thirty;' dH.Vi
, after -late Iliu following jierson.s internl
upplviiiK to (lie Cliief (.'-munitioner of LiuuU
ami'.Works at Victoriu, 11.C, for lleensoa to
iiro-,|ieot for coal Knit petroleum on tliefollow.
iiiK .ilesi-iilieil lmi-ls, situiit« in Mock 'WO
IviiiB on tlio we»l .side ofUreRt Nortliom railway, from Mnrrinsey to Collar Valley timbar
limits, SiiHtlieant Kootonuy, BrlllsliColiiml.lH.
CommeneiiiK at a liost iilanteil at the north
ea.it-comer of Jsnao Wahlroii's r.lnim,tlieiK'u
rui.niiiK iiortli«iicliaiiis.tlieiiP.ewo»t8iicliiiln«,
tlieiii-o south HOoliaiiis, tlieneo east fkl r.liHins,
to |)liu*e of eomiiicni.-ement, contuinhiy Wil
aci-os, more or less.
■ , Isaac Wauikon, Locator.
rA. W?Bki.ui:x, Asont.
Way 7 11K.7. ■ *  '
- ConunonciiiK at. a post planted at the southeast corner of F. V McCormick's eliiim, running south SO chains, Jlienoo west 8il chains,
thenoe north 8ft chains, thonce east 80 cliuins,
to place of commencement, making (140 acres,
more or less.
,    . ¥. P. JUcCoitsncK. Locator.
A. W. Bkliikn, Agent.
. May 7,1»07.      .    ,  •   ■
CommencinR at a post planted at the northeast cornerof Peter Gilchrist's clnim, thence
running north80ohains, thence west 80chains,
thence south 80 chuiiiH, thence cast SOchains,
to placo of commencement, making (U0 acres,
more or loss.
A. W Bbi.dkn,Agent    •
May 7,11107.
Commencing at a post planted »t the southeast corner of JI U.Guilltand's claim, thence
miming south S-jchahiH, thence west SOchains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, making 040 acres,
more or less.
II. O. Grm-MANI), Locator.
A. \V. Bbi.dkn, Agent.
May 7,11*07. ..
Commencing at a post planted at the south-,,
cast coiner cf B. E. l'almer's claim, theuce
running south 80chains, thenco west SOchains,
thonco north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to placo of commencement, making 010 acres,
more or less.      r,-   ■ ' •     .
B. E. Palmer, Locator
May 7, llW.- __       A? W. Bkm.kn, Agent
Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner of- Jerry Hayes' claim, thence
running north 80 chains, thence wost SOchains,
thence south 80 chains, thence cast 80- chains
to place of commencement, making 040 acres,
moro or less. . ,
Jkrky Hayes, Locator
May 7,1007.'-. A, W. Bki.i.kn. Agent
Commeiacirg at a post planted at the southeast corner of W. H. Slcphson's' claim, thence
running south Sflchains.thenco west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenco .east 80 -ohains
to place of commencement."
'-: \V. H. Stri'hhox,Locator
May 7,1007. • A" W. Bkldkn, Agent
-    - i, . -
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast cornerof Roht ,K. Nell's claim ,thonce run".
ning north 80 ohains, thonce west IKMihains,
thrnce-soutlrSO oiiair.s^t hence unst'ofl ciniiiisto-
place. of commencement, making .840 acres
more or less.  . ...','.
„    •  'KOHT it-KKH., Locator
May 7, 1007 A: W, Uki.dkn, Agent
Commencing' at a post planted at tlio southeast corner of Frouman Snow's c(aim, thence
running south SOc.hains,tlienco westSO.o.hains,
thence e.islerlyrSO cliainsr,-thonco'*north 80
chains lo place of commencement; making
'lln acres more or Icsp. :',.'.        !"
Krkkman Snow, Locator
May 7,1007       "-.    A. W. Bkuikn, Agent
,,Commencing at a post plnnled at the north-
wiiit oornor of G \v. Pateh'i, claim, thence
running north So chains, tlience west so clmlifs
thenco south 80 chains, tlience «nal So cIirIiih
to place of commencement, making mil no run
more nr less.   ,
Duo. W. Patch, Ijooaim-
May 7. U-7 A, W, JIKi.hkn, Agent
Cninmcncliig at a post planted at (he north-
enst cornerof ,1, It. Kiillinwnler'snlalni,thence
running north so chahiH, thence west Sn
chains, (hence south Ho chains, theuce mist so
chains tn plnoo ol commencement, making
iHii acres, morn or Ii-sh,
,I,R KiiM.iNWinKR, liociitor
May 7, Hi07 A, W, IIki.iiKN, Atient .
Commencing ut ft port planted at I lio southeast corner or M. Mlllnr'n claim, thence rim-
nlng south Koclialni, thonco west 80 chains,
tlience north Hiclialns, thence east Ho chains,
to place of comnioiicenient, making Hill nevus
more or loss.    • ■
M, Miller. Locator
Mny 7,1007   ■ A, W, fleldon, Agent. ,
Uommviielnif nt. a post 'planted nt tlm nnrlli-
east corner of .1. H. Wllmot's claim, thonco
riiMnlnir north So elinljiK. tliencn wost so
chains, thenco HOiith SOnliains, tlience cast HO
chains to place nf commonoomiint, making
lUnnerOHmoroorlo-w.   „   „„,     .'
,T. H. Wllmot, Locator
May 7, Uk>7 A, W, Bolden Agent,
■ Commcncinit at n post iilnnlml at tlio nprlli-
mist oornor oT Tliornton Whentloy's nlnlni,
thoncoruiinlnirsouths-') ohnini, thenco went
<Ui chnlns. thonco north lio clinlus, thouuo oast
8:1 chains tn plncn of oommencement.
Tliniiiton Whoiitloy. Loealor
Mav7,1007 A. W, Boldon, Adcnt-
W.     Btfs,K..C. J. S. T. Alkxandeb
Ross & Alexander
Ollice In L. T, W. Block, VictorU Avenue.
«!■ Barber_i l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W .  Block-,   opposite the   Banls
Oltii'O hours—8 H.m, toSp.m,.
W. J, Wrfelesworth, D, D. S.
Oitick Hotnisi-       8 v,to.l» ii. in. 1 to ftp. m
'fl.Su* to s p.m.   - "■
Ofiice in Alex. 1 «k's Hiock ffi
over Slinn's Bakery.
KEBNIE,        _ 7   _   '    _■-_'■ b. C
If. BKI.I..     , A. WlLPMAN
Contractors nnd Builders
Estimates Furnished  o
Residence—Corner Howlahd Ave. and
P. O. Hox 3ss       ...       Fernie, B. C.
Builder and Contractor
Estiuiatc's cheerfully ffiven and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers.
Chas. Gilbert
Tonsorial Artist
Only Union 'Barber Shop in   the city
and ivork herois done in firstelass---
stylo and at reasonable prices.
Look "for Card  in. Window
E1K   Lumber Co.
Hanufacturer-s of
Lumber &
All our   stork   is   last   year's
cut niul well seasoned
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
Everything- new and
„,   up-to-date.
Kvcry accommodation
].      for the public.     ->        ''
Bar stocked with the
finest in tlie land
——   .   ** —™
F.        LA BELLE
iiml ptilll'iRi cllinliiii",' nnd erawliiiKi
lliiiistliij,' aside nnd traiiiplliiif iiiulcr,
foot;' lyili^. cheating, nlcalinj;; ami
wlicii we pet' to the end, covered willi
blood mid dirt and Kin mrl slianii',
nml look back over the., wny we've
voiiie to a pnliice ol our owl*, or lo
Uic prioili'iime (whiih is nboiil tlm
only plnce we'cun claim with uiii'
brother iiiun), 1 doit'l Ihliik Ilia re
troRpct't ('nil be I'h'iU'itij-;.—Williniii  I).
(Formerly the *Owl) ^,'
The Owl Restaurant
whicli has recently   ' ,
will bo more completely
up-l'6-date •* than: has
been the case in the
past. The new proprietors,
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
will be pleased to meet
the old patrons and also new ones at the old
Best of
Eoery "attention.
A pleasant  home  for the
traueller.    - -   -
//* *t> *» «***■• ^ -/i> *)> *i* i*i* «-i> *t> *!*• *i> on* f'ii *i> *£• «i\ •-■» *i-. »i\»i'?'?iv ■?;>/«•♦ VSC •'-
Watch it Increase,  ah
you  have to
j *'
do  with  a  Savings   Account   is  to  start   it  and
$£   keeP  't .going—then   watch   it    grow.    Doesn't
!fe   take,long  for it  to  count   up  to a consiilcrable
i{j»    amount—then  you'see  the   advantage--1 he  wi.'i-
^ . dom of * saving.
t-jv &
M $1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Canada
V}_, •       •'• - l..n- — ■■ ^^_^_
"J}?        J. M.   MARSHALL,   Mgr., Pernio.   Rranch "
*i-> *i> 'iWiVVivViV ViV-
- Ǥ
■ ■•.»>
- *-■•■*,
l-» -«
ESTAHI.ISlli:i) 180T'
fi. B. WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, SuperiDtvudent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5.000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and Eafland
__ - - . _ , -
,    7     BANKING  BY   MAIL «5
Bosiness may be transacted by mail with any branch
0*tw\\* Bank.   Accounts may be opshod and deposits
m*de or withdrawn by mail.   Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts.
Pernio  Brunch „ G. S.   Holt,   Manujror^:
- *
Undertakers L Embalmers
The   Calgary   Marble.. &' Granite  Works'.
The , Kootenay    Marble    Works,    Nelson
Samples Can ba Seen at the Office.   :   -   ■**•  Parlors in Lundy's Blork B "
U LL'ET i N-
a \ sway
Cheap -Round-Trip Excursions
Conl,—Conl InmlH nmy Im imri-liiurnl nt HO
iiurnnrii for trntl coal mul tiM tor aiitlirnclto.
Not irifiro (Iuin 'Mti iiutoh unit lio ncqiilruit by
oiii) hullvlilinil or i-miiimnv, Ko.vull-y nt thn
rule nr Ion cuiitu jiot ton or 2,tm pouiiili iliull
lioi'olloulorl nn ||ih irroHrtotiMiiit,
Qunrt/-A Iriiii inliHir'HCortlllniilfl'iitiiriiiituil
upon iiiivmoiit- In iiilviiiiconl i-.li pur Hiini;m for
uu liiillvl'liiiil, mul from (/VilliHWi-tiriimii'm
for iiiioiiiiiiuiyui.-i-orilliiH tocuiiltiil,
A rrmi inlmir, liiivlnK'Uncovurinl iiilniiml In
pliU'o.nm.V loriitu ii nlnlni 1,1V" x l,.'iivilu<it,
Tliu fri) for ri-'jimllnu u t-liilui in id.
At liiiiht/»liMiiiust Im (ix|iniiiliii| on tlm (ilr.dn
mii-li vmir or [mill to tlm minion riinuriliir in
llmi llii'mof, U'liiin ffr«i Iuin noun nipmiiloM ot
pulil, tliu lomitor iniiy. uptin liiivlnu u mirviiy
Hindu, uml ii|ioii i-omplyiiiK Willi otlmr re<
i|iilr(iiiiunli*ipnrnluiiii Ilioliin-Ullil nn kit*,
Tliu piili-nl provMim for Iliu piiyiniinl. of «
royiiltyof'-'Jiii-r I'i'iit on llm hiiltiii,
I'l.Ai.Kli inliiliiif iiIhIiiin uutKinilly Mb 101 fi'ot
(KlMiiri-; i-nir.-v fun <ilt runiiwiililnyimrly,
A frim iiiiimr imtv oliliiln two Iiuum Io
ilrintRi'for ijolitof IImi inili-Mt-iic-li forn luriii of
Iwuiiiy Vimr-ii roiiiiwnlilii ill llifl illmirutlon of
im Mlnliiliir of llm Intnrior,
Tlie lo-fj-'t- vli-ill liave AitrrilRD in oimrnllon
wllliln onn hi-iuon Irom tlm ilnin of tlie Iniun
at i
ffemie. 3B. C.
ty        •§•
oi -"-aiisng render
Pure* Wholesome, Reliable
Made from cream of tartar derived
solely from grapes, the most delicious and healthful of all 1ru\t acids.
Its use Is a guarantee of perfect food
and a protection against the ills that
follow the use of alum, alum-phosphate and other low grade powders.
Hulitiil flu iwr milium for
for ciiuli llvti inilu"   - -.--.,
i-iiuh iiillo or rivnr li)iit>o,l, ll-iynHy H tlm
ruin of Vi pur i-i'.iit ciilli!Ct«<l on tlitoiilput nf-
Inr ll iivi-i»-'lnlo,»"i,
w. w. coauv,
Deputy MliliUr of tlu IftUriar.
N.  11,-Uiwnthc^li'ea W'tlctt'tlov ol
(hi* n!lvr.rHifiiii"»» will not *h# n»M
IV, "
in,, .mu I mu    wummimmmmmmMimmimmm**'
The mixtures culled baking powder* that tell for ten or
I twenty-five cents a pound, or a cent an ounce, are all alike,
i made from alum and coiting leai thin three centi a pound*
AsW tor Ultur4'« *mi UU no oil*r.
r»0 (Uhh\ WoodH-
iiioii wanted hy
Tho Klk LintilM»i»
(Jo. „ Apply at tlio
. (Hflco or at IIo«-
Th£ flk lumber Co., Ud.
fernie, B. C
H O T K h
Under new iiiiinii^ciucnt
Well furnlBlicd rcxinm,   'I'lio tulile In
Hii|i|ilin(t with tlio bt!Ht tliu innrkdt
nrTonla.   The bnr Ih su|)|ilic<l
Willi tho l>cht Willi's, II-
(|iiora ami clgnra.
Jas. Severn, IJrop.
Mlnnniipfjlls.    Duliilli,    (!liii,:i|,'h1,  (iiiulm,
City, f't. ,J'iKf*|ili, Si. l.'iiiii.,   Aichi'-on,
Wlnniiii'fjf ami I'tirt Ariluii'
, On Sale
'i.        AilKiisl a, 'J, Hi,        S"..|cinliT 11, I:!,' l.'i
Plus sj'io' for tho round trip.   CnrrMjioiHliii}:
nil M-li'M"   ciiMith' jininia.
Cinini-f ii'iiimii limit (U)) il-'iy.f.   Kimil return limit
IVnm (Into of Hiilf*.    'Hop overs ulloweil nt :i)
|M)IlllH ivllliin limilH
I'.'itf'.'' tn
'.Ml   (|:l\H
I'm' purl nu |n i.i i'mII on or iiiUhv^s
Ii. I.,   l1J„U'KSTON!*,
A:; I.
Allan Line
Direct   Service
Dublin Exhibition
HlllllilH'l'   Hllilill»N
Montreal nml Qik'Imm*. lo
Vlclorlua   (tarhlM,    u.ooo   tons)
Summer Excursion Rates
rVriilo in
Poll A i'i li nr
lotilim   (twin   icrcw,   «j,ooo   tmi») \H{t ,,',,,•
J UN IS 38
Virginian    (turlilm,    X2,om
TuuliluB (twin icrtw,  10,576 ton:*)
JUI,Y 19
Slon.v Oily
.M. i.i.uc oii.i.   c iii,,
.fS.'.;;, TilMMllil
$i\.    Hx. _J-.l-.ai !}.,,.
Tii L-,-1*. mi !vi!
Sulryin, .ffii'i niul  upwanhi;  Sccornl, '" Ul'{" "" s.,1.- JnH- :, 1,
O.1I1I11. $l'jr*0; Tliinl Chisn, S;-7..''■'»:       o, >•", s.*ri,-n!-. 1 u,
itml iifiwaiiln, iicconliiiKto hlciinii'r. j |.'i,,t ci,,^ u,.|Mi,l' nip
i'|.     OitllH'II
i.'.i\ .1-101,Hu,
,"',   '.'i;;ii'| y.,
1 '.  M.
i) !>.(}' I.iiiii1
M'*ill'J';)ti'   L'.'ilf l-'-Vi'Vkt: .
marni'iAh  mvi   mhkmi-x;  u,\
(Direct) > I
I'wtPflft r«u. :..
Sicilian ; liim,* ;•;
Niitniilitn m,- ,.,.. Inly  .|
Mobj-r liutt. I iily   11
m*^s^*ns*^isfi*p»9t**» «   — -*r
TheA, Macdonald Co
(IlraJ Oiluv, Wimitpo,;)
flMm lif»—V'anroovrr, iVcKon, IVrou*,
luliHonlon, Aim. ,1 K-fOi^.-i, Ottt.
fernie, B. C-
Wlioitvtlr  i'lrtwvrtti,   Fliwr.   F«« J «V
Camp SupplU-*
1       ; --  >.,"<> 1,-1.1
pi i--t«   'ri-' •   -.- .'■ ■ ■'. ' 1 1.', i.,i.i.-
'     il,.-|ll-li|.j" |,n:ll< III.'I lilltll.nli  lll.i-
*i 1, i,, I -,       i ill ..i.i'.'i   l,i'.- ,
-|li,,!i I l.i .11 \ - I .ll i   11
in (I.,1.111,1   i;in'.-..   11   Mi'liln.i-  I' I uilii. 1 -,
1. -i r.\i:ii 1;. i> i' \..s. '...11,
II, l:lVM.Vil.A,:l , r<ri,l,.
,VMftl« I MM... MM ^ ^AHM%.W
Onn p.lfiHS cAliin TH). llilnl rla.i-i'-1''' .f-"|
Fm icm-i villi, hi M  I.." iIih ami  lull j SIUU'llUli-IlM*   -SllOn
|'.i|;liniilnr it|i|-ly M j „  „.      .   .        ■
l(. KKADINU,      W. It. AI-1.-*N'     j
U. F», l(. A«t.      <it'll. Aut.
KcmJu WlnniKiff!
'ii. !\ r.i»...,v«'
■«i-.iiii ••)
'i'\itftii7,H ii'iinrT'iiti "nu\
_l lu*   •lU'lt'T   I'-'IN   Utilliil   I  >r-li
in I'l.ini', It-ili, nii'l n |,ii<;.ti>:t4
lo A.t :il| l.iinl-   nf ii-j.-iifni" ;m-l
lu'.i"   uiijl..
IX NT ON"    LAIIWI, i,!ctl   t»i«l^^ti'« K-'Hlh
Crow's    Host   Spoclnl j)—■■■  *	
Miner'.Taiartte Cltta^lAtklliSfi   ill Tlif! LcdgCfl ' "  ■• ■-   -•-«-        ■rs.-J:
^Ei-tMl^LEDGER, FERNIE, B.'C., JUNE 29, 1907,
News'of.'the City
"   Blundell lias some new season's potatoes.   Try some.
Tom  Beck lias, 1\      lii'ie -display   . cit__
fruit.   Drop in and  see.
. aiax--JMcSwcvn, tliu., popular  travtl-_
ler, has been", in' llie .city during    tlk*
Joseph MtiiUi,, proprietor of  the  Imperial'-hole*-', returned  Wednesday from
•a trip „io Winnipeg.
"'    Miss Reta   Todd is   expecud    home
tomorrow from   Toronto,   wlic'ru - shs
h..s 1,-Siii. attending  sclipoh -
J. 1).   Gordon,   customs collector'a
for that purpose has "o-t yet
ru iv gold creamery but ter only '13c
1'ei" ll;.  at l'hiudell's.   -        _
Some of the .m?n of Fernie have
leuii seen without their colars. •- We
suspect it is sunburn from playing
unn'.s. Who said Fernie h:is not any
tennis, <.nUuisi'asts? ' --.
-Mrs. Corsan left on Thursday even"
in^'s train for Calgary. She intends
to bring- back her scholars, Kenith
and "Marie, who have been there at
Cc,liege. Mrs. Corsan will return im-
i    lu'rs.'l'. Kwiii;,'.   of   Coal   Creek, left
t ! for -,'ld' Scotland     Thursday    o{    last
Grtteway, left  with- his    family      for
Victoria vcslewl.iy  inorivin_j.
The regular  inettinjr ol   ill
Me'ccca'... li'-'lge  Ko-   -'■    will
Muitd.-.v .cv-luiu" at   *■   p.m.,   l.O.IU*.
'hall. ..'     7
Mi;, ami Mrs. Aiu-ik O-.f-our and Mr.
I.inli-. Ini, "l-ri.'fh.-r ■ *f M,s. ll.-fotir,
h;i\c »onc to W. t is'iiwin en a short
' Mi,;s Kathkue' l'otts, a'cousin ol
Mrs. Thos. Todd, was niarri.-d ■ to Dr.
Waui'h ut Ciu'-eri-y, M.:ii., on th.-
I'.'t'li inst,     -
-The' Id-'il Aunts nit-ill conipaiiy ur-
ii\e.l iu town in.m i-jpok.-K-, Thursday nig-bt w,iih two curs , f l.ag*ga.ge
and sctneiy. ■ ,       „
."'.laws Mel.i*..n left ior Winnipeg
Tliurj-d.iy evenin -, lo living hack ;m-
ot-heius' u. d nl- la'oi\r-,f-i.r llu- C.
X. l'. iMMiipniiy.
7 .lohn -Gusty, ,i,f 1'. Burns .t eoni-
p:.ny, ivUiii'k-.I \.-.-tvid.,\- fri'.m a bus,-
injss"trip to Calgary, MaeUv-d and
olh.-r   eastern points.
Miss D.llie-ll.irn.U   is   t-oin..' "P io
:,,ich 1  this i:v:uin_i   to nu- t  h:r in.nd
. keia".-Todd   'and return-with'  h-.-r'   on
7,morrow   morning's, train.
A'u.iiher iucoinotive, Xo. $(■-, - a
,ni tc'loiior, lias arrived -and has
leen put into s nice „o.i th.* Morris-
si'y,, Kern iv-and  Michel ..railway.
Uouii-.l--.rip' tie.A-ts at mu-L- 1 ir-.- rati-
to Spokane will l.e on sale-ai ih-.-C."
1". -li. station'fr.iin dune '.0 to .Inly
'J,  _uio;l to return  io  duly   l.'i.
W.  A. McOt'.arrie,   represeiuiiij',     Uic
•' l'aulin-Ch-iinbers  Co.'.   Ltd..  of    Win-
■i'lcfti w-s"'in  th • city Thiirs-hy    and
-live The l.eib.yr ;.,_  fi'U't.dly  call-
1-     The C.   V.   U.  hi\e.   'on s tie    -.heap
vpt.-.t'ekus. ."I.i.-lv I'.'.r; i*'.r r^uuil-trip
to coast cities  from  .Win-.; .10 to July
Pure Gold Fresh Creamory Batter,
per lb ....'*.	
New Liiid Eggs Arrive Dally by Express,"
per, doz .' ,.„	
New Potatoes, this year's growth,''
per doz ......'	
r2,-- jioUl
■ft art
til S.
-. rclu
lro-m  '
'  ;,1>
1    ,\
) e-liind
ting' f
l-eil   loi
hois,: •
1 up
me in
li re
:.'| Inn
week.   Her  ninny fri-.-n-ds  wish  her   a
IpU-.as.-.iil    vciy'agi;     acrass      theobriney
lvstlu-r   tlu-p and    a - happy     time' with her
le li,-kl   fl'euds in her «-ld hian'e.     Mr. Kw.ing
r.ni.i lis-with us at Coal Creek.
Mjss Alexander     arrived home     on
Sali'idjy   owning .    after a delightful-
Iwvi   liioulh's   visit to th.-   oust.    She
;,vs allhoiij-h   the  weather   Was be-au-
i:iuland Mu- had a lovely time,  lhat
It was> ^iiile niee   lo be  lack    inhKer-
ii e a^ain. (i
On Hundav     n.-M    in Chri-st   church
lu-  newly confirmed   will make    their
lirst   -.ommunioii..  at-   tlu*   II   'o'clock
•';■!• ic7     All    cuiiiniunicaut-s   are-   rc-
i|ii.-s'.ed'  by  the lector   to    mark    this
e\.nt in cliureh life by co   niunicatilig
; nd tlnis exemplifying th;: coiiuminion
oi. God's   people- in our   Ivord's   saera-
. nieiil   of the   Holy   Kuchra's-t.   i'^ven-
■oiig will  be  choral.
The Dixie  niiiistivls showed,    to    "a
■ o.' d .h<jaixe Thursday   night.   Some ot
the, singing Was cxcsllcni,'    and     tlie
juggling    of   the   ,j"ggler . was   good.
The ni'iii     who   does.' the drum-major
act wiih  the nuisket  could    give    the
'ociil militia  the  headache    with '' h.is
ra idly twirliiig   iniiskc-t, which -secin-
.(! to   revolve   itself  .into    a     whole
iirinoiv of guns 'lying around him....
A party,     ineliidinjr    M^r.° and .'Mrs.
W.   K.    lioss,   Mr. agd   Mrs.   DavksV
Air.   ;,nd      Mrs.     Holt/Mrs.   I.awry,
Mrs,  IIaiiiu_iton,  Miss Merrick,    "Miss
Davivs, M.iss l'ere   Davjes,- V.va ; lioss
and Miss  I). ..Sniitli"-.      Messrs.   Wilson,
liuri,side,   Cnpir.iig*cr, Kiasji" and Ilan-
iii,lin.   utteiidcil   the biig circus,    and
, he\  scenu-d  lo le haviiijr a jolly good
■time,     especially   • wilh-   the   clowns.
Afler the circus    a  delightful,   supper
was   piovidtd by Mrs.     Holt,
llivy returii'.il      lu   their  homes
"cin'hs ou lhe brain.-'
PayCash. Prompt Delivery.
W« J« Bltindell, Post Office Block.
The Crow's Nci
; -.  Fernie
ciul the bip-o'est and best,
F You \yould save money, and obtain for each d:.".ir )\.v-
value procurable,' Jet us .'supply your wants.    \\"colhrr ihft best quality of goods
at the lowest price that they can ■_:ossi:..y- ik-
business and guarantee that we can saw* vou moi-ov
it i
■ ■-•.-;!■•.:■■.• ml!
"lhe. nieiiil ers and visiting . brethren
of the-M-asonie order will parade to'
the I'l-e.sbyteriaii church tomorrow to
attend* divine service in the evening.
Toinoncnv is the first Sunday, after
St. .'(.hns Day, .which was the 2-*-tli,
i nd the parade ami atte-ndance of tlve
order tomorrow is in commemoration
•. f St. ."tohn's Day. A. large turnout
i.s expected. '.
 ; O ;	
c.i-rr yuuit monry out.,,   .
Several   compluiints liave -Ijcen , registered   with   the IjOdg-er- against i the
free license  which the city    seems    to
have l-.een   allowing..some   enterprising
man to run  not  one,  but  many,    of
lIiosi moiiey-grabhi'ig  devices  called a
nicklu-iu-ilie-slol_ machine in' this city.
It would take an expert at  figuring'
to' demonstrate that    these   abomination arc of any use to anybody    ex-'
cept 'the man   who   owns   thorn.     AVe
have to pa}-  policemen    to sec    that
young   boys arc kept  away from  such
niaeliincs, because they   teach" the lirst
lessons in the   depraving  business'  of
gambling,' and  then wc allow the operators   to keep them . going    without
any pay      for the    privilege.''     Other
towns and    cities have  been   suppressing these, .machines, and   the   Ledger
mentions-the   matter,      trusting  that
the l.oard ». oj   police ..'conmiiss-ionprs
will   not    grow weary    of    the. good
l.ater   work they   have   inaugurated'  in    the
wilh   police department - and   drive     these
worse  than useless machines    out   of
town.     ,'■.-■
Dominion Day Celebration
Nelson, B.C.
Two whole days
of pleasure & sport
JULY ist and  2nd,   1907.
List of Events larger and
mora olaborate than ever
f\s ■
• « !
i.i t-5'I "«- L' O
caIjEdosiax sp.'iitTs   „ 0
— ji'niou iiAsr.nAi.b   '
•   '.'   TIlAI'SHOiVriNU TOl'llXAMKNT      ■
Pyrotechak Display and illuminated Parade.
Is made to give yon s»,»*f.'n*fi-.»»i ; :-*i:«i,
f product of tlie hiiriics' si i'!;>-i  -v. a ■» .7
our ranefe-aiul prices will please you.
Men's Suits, $8.50 to... '	
■4\ !■' ;■''•:]   w-.-iv,   l!"-v  l»'iil!.r-_'hD
F.-iiMi-ii*!' I'X'.v- w\ ".t ;■' p'.'.nwinj;
- ■    "     - • •'.-„■ ■ • «..y."j:it«K *»>.£'^
Our range of Men's Truu-sura in 'i wood,  W'uraniits.uiiid roer-mis cannot be excelled
All new and dressy p:v:'r:-,«; «t,:' "vr:.i-."--d (i -i.-'-r? ::: 1] :r .:d 'Utiiitf.
Heavy  Tweed,   {iood   l.ioki*.i>,   wi".}'.'
■•■is. ■;■
1 ii-".,
give good wear «nd'.s.-ili^f.-io.i-*«i:. :!;
price, is a libel on the   ,   .-fl    A jf»
qoality.   Por pair 7 g a*_HJ3
Summer  wpight Tweeds   in   very.
fine putternB, serviceable   0Ot
and siyliiih.   Per pair  j^J,
Mule Skin working gloves, very suit and plinble but will Ftand 11
great deal ot wear, regular G.'c.-. Sntv.'.l.iv >'y--eia-.;..'  	
Summer Head wear (or Men and Boys.   I'ananias, Straws, Canvas
and Linens, all the newest shapes and desierns, lTicto	
1   I-,-, iv, ■!.  !-:rt.*;-i s,   s;itis—
*"''■■'• .'U-I lit is    if-',   r,-?-!^"
'. !'"!.• ii.-H '.Vi r--,i'. .--, ul ll'.l' Vi-|-\* liuost
i[U,..!t.-,. \'M..i ll.iloiied ui.d i.<|ti:il in
every way to tailor ■vnrln ^
Per pair ' \..\$
-lilts iO);-. 11	
miiifj,','iiul Iliu city is now ni!-'to-il;iU-
..Willi, its "llii; :"i l.i nn i.V|iii]iiiKtit.
. 'lhc l\vu-vi'ar-.ilil iKiiiiiliU-'i- of "Mr.
:,ml Afis. Wiiki'i- ■WniPiIliiiiiM- .ilic-il of-
\\liooj.in-_f- I'nii^li 1,11 T'i.-.-.l.iy, tin.*
a Mil, mul ■ w'ii.*, l.iirivil oil ili>- -lUli.
Uc-,-. l.asliU-y Hull i-'iiiiihu'l-.-il ilif'lun-
:-riil  .s-.-r\iC(3.
llii„h ll.'Clih.iioii.-, .ieeiiiii|i'iiliic-l by
Sir. ,lo.: Kit.*-,'-.'1!! 1 -.'ii^iiK-.r lur llu-
\V.,lcr,uis' " r'ln^iiij Wni-ftS coinpiuiy,
w. nt up to llistiu-r' yi'siiriliiy lo li.ivi*
n look at .N.ivviiiillsv imv town mvil
• now  iniiui.s.
Sniil W'lUins, 11 ivh'iiik-'I i'i ' '-•■•
' city WwlinHiliiy uvi'iiiiiji hi.111 ;i irip
-iiilolile Ci-.rilou <|..sii ioi "» whirc li-.'
liii'l },mr.- in siiiivh ni lull I'inil.i-r. IU-
i'.-|i;.t'ls lli.,t ,li- I in-''.-r i.s nnt us tall
as il looks to l«i iroin 11 h iv '''s"
*l lie   iii-w   Siiiil-.niu-Si.      Paul   11.1111
will l.e in soma-  "Mmi-lay,    uii'l    Hu*
, fuM train   will |m,s:-     1h-iv  not    liiU-r
ill .III ''I'llt'Mliiy,    Ci.liilllrKir   CiVi-li   toolv
till!  'llilKI-   llll'   tllO   lli-W   U'ilill   W,Sl   Wl'll-
ni'sday. and all llu- i-iiiiolh-.s niv now
Hii)-'!! II. tiiliiiui-., nl \'i-.iii-nii\vr,
was in 111.-, city tliih-ttivU. Mr. 'ill
limrc .i.s no* «1 In !n"i» up-a, niul is
iilway.'i in a K"' .1 In,nini willi ill.-
Wfii-hl at l,ii)',i- nu 1 lliilisli'fnliiiul ia
in 1 iirliniliii'. Mi- i'c|iiii-is ilii- .sawmill liii:<iiii.ss j,'iii.| aiul tlu- 1I1111,mil
Ini  ni.iiiiiiii.11   ', 1  11   .111 1   iir-'i* l.ni' ,
Tlu'ic N a uli 1 I 1-. <l 1 I Aliiiurca
_ liic mi ' i I-. 11 ill-- ^'.n'1 Uu' nl 'I'll'
l,cil,.-i- niiii-., Tlii-> i-nsi s|.,vi .ii'i.-ic,
1 nl u.iiitiia,.',  (Ik- p, li 11    l,il ni   nl  iln*
.-. I L 11   lilt it 111  I       lll'll,    '-  111      i(      M.lll^      I"    Hill'
null I,ill ili.l' llu1 v li -! - 11 mi.d wniilil
nol 111,il-i* a in. isi-i- in, li in wli.-u li.-
i*. Iuin,, re. I low Vil. lll>'\ 111.IV jilnW,
,.l|l|   Ml      'I'i (111    wil'  ll IM'  I"   U.-ji       .1
1; M- 'Wi.t'li '-ii tli iu
1 r. Wh Ic, :.ll, 11:111. Il'l JI! nl lui-.-
.-.., 11., I', r ill    \l 1' .-.r'-.i   ,lui!,!i  in i'ii-
|,|ll   inll',    IV.,-,   III   ill '    1 llv    lllillll,',      ilii'
>.*,        ..u-i j'l ■:,' .1  .it   ilu- lio -ii. -.i.i-
t.il     i.ivm   .1!  tli      Miilii.iljsi   ilninli
'I'lli-  ll-ji'lul     ri   .ill    ul  .ll   Ulis. llllj;      nf
llll-t',      .lllll.   .Illll »1   Vi'l v   miuli   in   tli ■
■ 111 1,. 1 I Hi 1 nu 1 isiiniiiriit. In .
Vi liiti" vis ti ,1    tli -   ilnin li at     llii lrl
.11(1  ;,l   I'd,I    Cli.l.    ilUllll^i   ill        W-i'h,
-    '    (       »,      1 1 r II
. .1"    .   j
'I'll       , ."''    -        ll ' l>l   *''.' i'i'1       nl        llll'
l'.-lll.1,.-  1 Mini    v.;\\   lit  lll.i-ul;    lln-    pid-
(ilfiii I'Vniii*    im    ill-  i> i>'  jciiiiiiti'.
|l.ll|- llll V l-CI.HlW.ll tl|n II till' 1,1111,1
iill  ill.' i.i'i.isinll   ul    tlu-   MlniW    j'ivt-1l|
;,,,,; j ; .1 1 . 1 1 ,. t - '■ M'lii.
Ininil  is ilii- "I  lit*' I• *•*   .» ill-   i'luv
line .ill'l I'M- il. siiliiij; <i| tin MljijuiH
f-i cil ill 111 'tliv I,«-l;-u ui \il-:l hki
Hi six-   this   I aii'l .'.iniiii.i t il   mi|||. 11 nt
ly-   Id  I'll ll"|l-    lltilll      tu      ;*l\i     nJi.ll.HI'
t'llii'i-ris «ill '"-Vein. -il,n- i-vi iliu-- nl
iuiIi  «i'.l>.
Mr. II. (V M.nsli.ill li,:, ti-iiinHii.tn
tli- I.iiiiiii-S'i iii.m.ii't 111-111 11 'ih, 1,-nl
jci, nml «li.*r tfijuutun-tit -.till a^.iiii
1<* ui ili.ir.ic ni      (1.  V.  Mi'ii li.r     ,1
linn-  lllllil   olft. 1   iltl.lllpUl.ll'.*.   cut   In*
j«iilfri-"tl, IV.- a«1 ilu* itiiliitv'i-iiK- n(
i.nr |-.iir«iits nml rcsitli-rs. I<.r vrl a
littl if.n,!«-r, until vu i.iji 'in.ret*v*
lln- ••ivi- nf Un* 'i.i'n-r to ti<;li! prtRf"".
Thik we h.ul  <\|i*(tnl  in At, l.y    tlu-
flfl't «»1   IS.iV,   illt      111'   \M\it    «tt'l"tril
"Tju/ WcsU'i'ii HiiscHall [.eviuiio tennis
liu0 pi iycil 2,1 {•suiK-s, ainl aiv j;et-t
tiii_i-(lii\Mi '. to 11 nu-ii<licr (;<iit. Tlit"
rci-oiil   to  ilati! is us  fol'ows:'
l*.      \V.   ,.   I;.  PCl-jr.
Iilwlichu;     Il.it 2.-)'     If>        il      (W<»"
l'iiliiKinton "...21       I'I     .-10      58:1
j.ulli' riili*!*....   21      10 t C|)      417
0 l-.ary.! 2ii     ■•!) " -lii      "Mi
Ai present t'ilwliciitv.llat |c«ds with
a i.urc..iitiijfc uf 111(1, Imt l/mlihridjii;
Ims ]a ii climliiiij; rapidly of, late ami
li,i,s"a iliuw  of wiiin'tiii  Mil.
Tlu: Ct>;il Ct'c.-k (ooll.itll team goes,
to N'.'lsoit on '.Monday to play lln-
N.lsi-n clianipi'iis, A jjoml ^iinu* will
I.e. Iliu vi'Mili, ami wt- hope tn sec the
Coal Crt-ck  lioys  win  a victory,
The l'Vniiu football t-cain, iiltt'f
tlu-ir ili'fc.it hy the Coal Creek boys,
w-,il. lo Michi'l last Saturday uvcii'i
iiij- aiul heal lite jMiclicI team in, a
vcrv will-emilusted j^anu: by the scotc
or ij-U.
The l'','inie I dVh ..scent to In! iiii-
|ii-()\iin;'; and siiiiii' line spoi'1 may be
lo.iKi.'il lor as the buttle Willi's between ;he Coal Creek, Michel ainl
-.■niiii's Cj,j) i,i: looked for Monday.
The Ciileinaii football tenia plays
iliu Coal Creek team luae on the ac-
i-i nl ion jiroiiiuls litis iiftenuioii. It
will be u roiisinj; ^iiiiie nnd will
ili-.m a yoin\ croicd. 'j'lie CimI Creek
lo\s will leiiw lor N'elsoii lopiorrow
iiioi'u.iii-i tu pluy Nelson mi Dominion
'I lu* _..|,iVi* i-iiiiW'St which is to lake
pl.nc at Cnli'iii.iii Alniiiliiy U'Uvirii
•Mm Mini'ows, nh-iiiipioii mi(hllt'Wei|*<ht
I W.jii.ni Caimda, niul ,ludi (Ki-il)
D,i\is, ol Nelson, wliu aspires to llial
till'*, piiiliiises lo he i|iiili> a fialnt'c
of lln- D0111inj.il) Day spuMs al llial
l-liu., r.mli iii-u a iv well known iu
I'li^ilisljc i-iiclcs,  aiul  l.ntli  aiv  back-
I "I   I V  slllllucll   Irii nils,
Mm 1 uus w.is lor soiiid linn- 11 citizen ol l"illl;t.', bill uf l.llc ll.is l.rell
-, ■■i'.liii)' al Ci li'iiuin,
"IImI" Stiiui'l, the Wuvl.Miiiiiirtix
iiiit'itiy piiiyei,   aiul   iii'-i  m ,..M,n    1, ,.1.
i,'...'ui.„: ii..«..J.,-.j.-,, ..... 1.7.)   '.,•!
\v* -1- ,it H.'lli-iill.-, Out. In ti.iupany
with nili.-r y«imi-,» lrl"iuls. he went
l.alhiii,', Wliilv diviii*,: (ruin 11 h _',li
!" lit into ;.)ril)oiv    wuicr   his   hr-vd
M 1 til   ..        --,,|1|.       llftl,.--,     'I.IS   ,,l,,V,_|       '.,.:   L..-.^
Me w.ift te'.itled ipiirklv (1s possililc,
but Hot licful'i- lhe -ipalt; ol llll' Ilii tt
One Insnrtion not. less Hum Ko
Hourly now, In liest of onler.   A[ii>ly IjfidKer
(illii'fi. ' - . m£Vt,f
«f<>f?ll \Vi!sl.Fi.*i-uio.\vfill sitnuloil.. 1-ot
22, Illiick fi, and l-ot. -.Vi, KlrieU «. Wlio will lie
tlm lii'rkvniio? Title nhsolutely eloiir, Wrllo
to llie iiwnui", \V. ,1,Twins, Viiue.Guvor.
'» iiiK for two ilavs 11 wcult. Aii*ply nt.
UiMir.v Clillton'K, Wnst Kornie. jlA-2
work,   Apply to Mrs, EcknU>in, How-
Inn il iivtmiie.
■*■   lioiisi). nr will (wil clicnp,   Apply F, H.
Slici-iiiuii, \Vi*Ht Fornio, ■ „,l l.Vi!
R~"T)\]~m~lKNTr"Ap|)ly Mrs. A, Mc.I.eBii,
lliiwiiiml iivniiiui. .lH-tf
■PrlcH per,j)aii
Boys' Brown Canvas   Oxfords,   Leather   sup
ports nnd sole   -
Price $1:15 and	
The, Artisan Working Boot for ffl&n cans'* he ei_;;8a|S('id
,    for hard wear and durability.   We can-lit.
you in sizevand our price-, will Ht your* peckut,
^^^m^mmm^m^mtmjm^^m^ni^mm^n^^^&^^mm*m**S'*mm^**o**^»^si**^'*^* *^'*'***>***i'i''•***■!* *  ■ ij*ii»mh*h.»ijiii*«.')*j*i»u.ma04^-«*—J--m**JV AVM^^yM;
Cool Footwear for Summer BJse
Men's While Canvas Boots, Mackay sewn, very conl and durable
forsiimmrner wear.   Price—.-• ..,,.,.,.;.,..
Men'i White Oxfords, very, dressy; and comlortablc.
Price,per pair.......y '. '	
Men'-i White Uorsehide Oxfoi*tls*in the American Packard 'niakc,, vory
cool in wear and. appearance and will last sevural seasons. ',' ti*" j/tgffa
- - - * '    ^ S^S.^"
Misses and Children's White   Canvas'Bluclier
Oxlords, solid loather solo and heel ■s^ng'   gr*
Alices $1.00; 'SI.'J;', and ■ Sjp 1, B|]
i*.1»   iSK   II   0*JM -JUIVllMa
Will be in attendance each day .
Excursion Rates from all parts
H i» .Wornhip the Mayor,
VV. G. Olllett. Honorary Cliairiniui
Wm   Irvine^ Cliairmni.
■B.Horj.tnaiK-Sflf.rfttitrv .
West Fernie
Qfeen   House
Stocks, Astors, Balsams and
Tomato plants for sale,
We have iust received another shipment of Ladies'
Summer Knitted Underwear, the values cannot
be duplicated.. ■•   -   ,; ^    •'
Ladies' Vest, drop stitch effect, with 4AU
short sleeves or strap over shoulder, each  g £u~\0
Ladies' Lisle thread in finest quality yarns eft^
with short sleeve or strap over shoulder.. - QUv
Ladies'Cotton Drop stitch effect, yoke set, in with
heavy lace insertion nnd prettily trimmed QJC|fc
with  lace,; each.....            VVV
Ladies' Long Sleeve Balbjriffgan, extra      £_f*|_ffc
rqual ity-y arn^yoke -plain.oc.laceJtunjMd^OJUFVr
Ladies"  Fancy.' Wash , ©el
an-sS Beltso *
Wash Belli all sizt-s bnaulirnjly, embroidered in
white and fancy colors made up with
detachable buckles, price....-.-- .,.,
.Wash Belts solid cmi i'oidcred, good
quality linen, all sizes.*'.,,...-...-	
Fancy all-over-lace Collars, cool and
; comfortable' foi- summer wear, price'. •
, Turn over Collars, dainty designs; eyelet   -^ ff|
and solid embroidery fnall heights," pi'icti' | "U
Wrecked Car Canned Goods is nearly done.; Order eariy
Wo have ii limited quantity of the undermentioned lines.,  Order at ouue it' you "wish to save money.
IJ.lb. preserved apples
per tin...... .<	
2 lb preserved Law ton
berries, 2 tins.....'	
2 lb preserved Raspberries, 2 tins .-•••• • • •
3 lb Canned Pumpkin
per tin....*.	
Canned Tomatoes
2 tins .'....,.-'	
Fancy Sugar.Corn,
;'.   tins.-  ,
>nl t—r dr,Ywi<iifrj'-lr rl-—^.^..^^^— t-^. —■
Laundry SoBp, regular fi for.
25c, special 8 for	
Sweet Pink Toilet Soap reg. 2 for
15c, special fi for	
FiiI'Nii-uktwkkn oi,n town anh kt.
Ktiioli) Brownrv, purnu i'ontuitilnij u imall
-mm of lummy, Owner may liavo mitmo liy
provhifi {irniMirty mul luiviilK ior this mi, Apply this olllcii. JitnuR-tf
-  District of Kooloimy
•L   oIKIIiii, 11.()., I.ofwor, liituiiilB to ii|i|)ly
faru Mi'triiil timbfr liooiuo over tho follnwuifi
' ihl'l lll(nl illlKlH j-
Cii'iniii'iioinu ut ii i>ohI iiliintuil iit tlm noil tli
iHt -ncr ol' lot iL'-lii, itrmiji 1, Koohiimy l'ln
trli't,lliiii.nu Kimlli iljii cliiiliiH, lliuiico wont lill
"luiiiiH, lliniii'd nortii iiHd iiliiiins, tlitinno Hunt
■Mrliiiln-i In pot nt, uf i'oinmnii(!i'ii)0)it,eoiitiilii'
I UK I'llll liril'H, 1111)11-III'Iohh,
Diilml ut Kllio, r,('„ IIiIh a;'nl ilny of May, 1IW7
.1 Mt
Norman Rusk
Gonoral Blacksmith
Nepal ring,   etc;   -
Unnii'i' n( Vii'lni'in Aviinuii ft .litlfi'iiy Ht
——■—«—f^Bt^i.i.ii ii.n ii.uhuuiiiihimj.i m
Furniture Sale!
The prii'iiie sain rniuUii'lvil   hy   Mm.
(icilJes hi Mill on nm] will he for lliit
Ni^tTvii Dnyn
Jwrt   't.i  »«.:!'I _*'prlimUy   Xo  ijcl urMix#>
I'rM  rltv-.i
HullNfllOlll  KffCCtH
nt a I'ur^ain.
Mrs, A, Gidjos,
French Tuition
Miwltiino Mai I j Moiu'liet
(liitlii..|.>   uf tlui 1'iitvci'Htty or
Tvrnifi on ApyUrii*kj|i        i
AiMrt-mi llei«r of CMtioKef'titir-r*!!
60  YEAnO'0
Ant6Mi$ttMnt a »IMMt tntOwrlptm m»
filirklr «w«ruin ixir ovtnlMi AM wkMlMru
(•nttiM. iiMmi tf*mTtar»«*HpipiXmit,
uGT»UX(4, wllhout. thtrft, llkbl
Th© Co Nb I tEB   Lu   i
Can supply you with water.
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
vSilks, Muslins, Prints.
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats & vSkirts
Ladies' Shirt Waists in Silk, Lace,
Muslin, Lawn, etc.
Headquarters    for   Trunks,
Cases and Valises.
WV cun siiipply you willi a coinplde lino of
of every rcqufrotl size nini Ktreii.'lli.iuiil willi all nei-i'ssary iiUii.-IiiiipiiI*!,
stii'li as ('ntiplliiKH, llmuls, Nivzlo*:, SpmiWi-i's, elr.
'    iiud so iiicri'ii1^ tin* ln'iiiily ami valia' ol' youi'Iumim',
Whimster «& Go» ^
■+*«* totLia-'* rf«
Stitnflfic Jliti'i-kai-.
Aijuaiiiim«rfm«f**r»;*tw#»ii''*, Un
{mm rrarmmMifii
Now   is   Your   Time
To get yoir B«rrl«i ior prescrvlnjf.   1 l'iiv» the CtttAoa Berrlea.
HtriwberrlM, Pcacbci, AprtcoU, Plomg, Hineapplet. Goo«t>«rrte«.
Tom Beck
vv xiaz.'ir.i:i a yj\v.
^\.3SriD   33.TI1W.A.TT.i
Meat Merchants
LWAYS iv choice supply,,of 1-Seof,
Pork, Mutlon, Veal and I.amh o\\
hand. Hams, Hacon, Laid, Hul^
ter and ligffs.
Fresh, Smoked,and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meal,
Saurkraut and Oyster.*.*.
,.* /


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