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l     i    '       '"
'. a
-MMfiL »W4JW-a+.^.y.L*..-- &-T.
r'J   'f
\w   ,- 7.. A*. < ,
v     J*' • /-..'/ ■» ' '***
^    ^CTORIA.*^
Vol II,  Number 35.,
FERNIE, B. C SATt'i<DAY, APRIL   13,  1907
Price $2 a year in Advance
Aylesworth and Foster Tell Each
Otheiof Their Love and
Emmerson Starts In
:The fuel situation ,ir . the Crow's
Nest 1'ass.'docs not worry the iik*iii-
litrs of parliament  at  Ottawa.
Thursday things got so warm that
ice was more of a necessity, than conl
or coUe.,
While in,, committee ' on supply,
Finance Minister Kidding poked up
the fire to a white heal when he explained the expense bill of the late
in'stinmcte , commrss-ion. The R'sjll
amounted to Si05,ooo, Each commis-'
sioner, was paid .?30 per day;' G.. 1-V
Sheplcy, chief council, recciva-i' fioo
and expenses, and ..assistant Tilley
S-io. _, -      -        .
Hut those items were not the cause
of the. tropical heat. *
,'\ Fowler - started a,, debate . which
proved one of the stormiest;, of the
entire session., While he was explaining - his purchase of - western lands,
Martin (Montreal) raised the questioned the propriety of the. use, of
Foresters' money for speculation purposes. Fowler, with clinched ' fist,
challenged proof of what he charact-,
-erized as a' slander' and untrue.
Martin explained   that  his    remark
waa general and  not personal,     but
Foster  insisted  that the remarks   lie
.recorded, , Chairman   Marcil   said    he
had   not  heard  Martin's  words    dis-'
tinctly,' and     the minister of justice
1 said that other matters having intervened the words could not be record-
"n»d under the rules. - -
.,    Martin,  his   . words  ringing.,   with
, passion, wanted to know if a metnlier
of, the house  could, be  allowed     to
make   "scandalous, ,,lying   assertions"
against his fellow members.
Aylesworth was oh his feet   in an.
instant to respond, but could not gel.
a hearing, amidst  the  din  from.  the
opposition benches.        *
"Conspirator  you,"    hissed   Foster
-i-throii''h—his—■citeeth at LAylesworJ-hj,
. "There  stands   the ,conspirator.'.',,.
When the minister.,could be,, heard
he protested  against Foster's   words
as ' unparliamentary,, but mad-.3  no'
-allusion to the references to himself.
The chairman then ruled, that Martin's words need not be recorded.
.Thompson, of the Yukon,, is men-
•lioncd for -the vacant Yukon com-
„ imissioncrship. When seen .he would
neither confirm nor deny the. report
that the comiiiissioii'-ship had lvecn
loflered him.' ,
J. H. Crockett, editor of tho Krod-
ericton Gleaner; Mr. Dennis, managing editor of the Halifax Herald, and
T. W. King, of the Toronto World,
met nt Moiicton a lew days ago.'After'reviewing the situation at length
they decided that there would l>c no
1  retraction of Hie statements made in
'   the Gleaner concerning Hon. Mr. Km-
. tnerson.
."Should the ease ' be proceeded
with," sold Mr. Dennis, "ll wi,l be
one of the-most" interesting in Can-
ndu, Sir .Wilfrid, I.nurier being the
first of over five hundred witnesses to
be cnllcd, of whom Moncton, Dorchester; .Ottawa, Montrcnl nud New
York, parties would figure,"
Pttaident Sherman Hindu the following tttiiteiiunt tn the public
Thursday, defining tht* present' litiiml
taken by the mem
Tn order Hint the public may. mid-
len-tnnd wlint tho demands of the Cn-
nndlnn mine workers ,nre ai tliln
time, I wIhIi to stain Hint we nrc
willing, for the mike 0! puncc, that
tin present ptmidnrd rates shall lie
i-iilitiiiiicil, with all advance of ten
jier cent. u|ion all rules. The nihil-
ilium rale for outside labor sliull be
$3,50 for a ten-hour <l«y- The wages
to be paid every two weeks. Tlmt
the eight-hour honk to bank day I*
estnbllshed at all mines In Alberta.
We do not desire to enter Into n«y
legul technical agreement with any
conl company in the district.
An agreement     ns    to wages and
"■lLni'-i Will   "'-''       *'l   "''"'i-'K  eitflotll-i
to be tnnlntnlnwl. We iln not insist
upon an open or closed shop, noither
do we seek tn take any advantage
over any coal company In a legal or
(•clinical manner.
' V,'< ..re i:r<;.ircl io regotMc "1
once with any company in this district without waiting foi nn investi-
[jatloii board,
mm 'mu
It looks ni though there should lve
no difficulty in nrrlvlng nt a settle-
mint upon such a basis without putting In mot lott legal mnchlnery
much cost of time and money,
were,greatly interisted in the efforts
of the different contestants, each one
of \vhoiri acquitted herself-most creditably. ' ,       '
The first contestant, Miss Rutan,
was awarded the beautiful silver medal by Rev. Mr. Hall, one of the
'ud'ies, in a short but very expressive little speech.
The other contestants were Miss
Bessie Hazell,- Miss Hall, Miss Mc-
Clyment and  Miss  Grace Dudley..
The judges reported <,that 'there were
only two or three points betwann the
score credited to Miss Rctan and •.'•at
of Miss Bessie Hazell, and commended the efforts of all the"-compel''ns.
The other two judges were I'*-.
Mr.  Kempton and Mr. Peddiar.
The,musical part of the programme
waa good. Mr. Hamilton, who-Ming
two solos, was vigorously applauded
as was also Miss Gladys Hugnes U.i
her good tendering of that di be-ill
solo, i'The New Jerusalem." .Miss
Cassie Cody played a piano soio ai.d
ihe three Hazell sisters closed the
entertainment with a very iwu'iu >n-.
iously rendered , piano trio, wl uli
brought an encore.
Another contest will take p'i.i:e :n
al-oui a month's time, and the i-owing interest which has developed will
ensure a large' attendance.
0       DON'T BE IN A HURRY.
Mr. Alexander Hurry and Miss
Catherine McKenzie, both of .Moyie,
were married in Cranbrook at, -the
Presbyterian manse on Tuesday evening laflt. Mr. Hurry works at* the
St. Eugene mine, and Miss McKenzie
has been employed at the Manhattan
hotd. The Leader extends congratulations.—Moyie Leader.
Perhaps, there will be a little hurry
some day. ' '
Will Stick
The I/edger learns . as it goes . to
press today that worn has been received from Ottawa that*the objection to Mr. I/. P. Eckstein as ., the
representative of the severaKminers'
unions in this district on the conciliation board,  made by  some of [.the
A   Mag
ers is
to Fernie--^.
ii of Their
eturned from Bankhead
Zomc  Ors, Macduff,"  is
Workers5" Cry ■   • "
11 t/n.u<n«mr*nr m.-u-
•> v^vjtj *» «trwv> -i(T»i\ji»nruvw u» i
Districi I?rosiclont Slieiinan oflho U. i\].. W. of A. _si;ites tlial lhc  referendum   vote
as , inker-   in .District   No. 18 shows over yo pe"r com. oi their membership to be in
so" far
favor of strikiiu>'
^     The following are (he
operators, have been'overruled, by
the department of labor and iliat the
lioards will be,speedily organized and
all actions indicating -:a.. desire to re-,
sort to technicalities will be_. swept
•J*    : . *'*
This prompt action will tend to,restore the confidence oi the miners,
which had lieen shaken by the Taber
incident) and it now looks as though
there may still lie a peaceable way
out of the difficulty.
Vote at Michel   .
Vote at Fernie  .,'
Vote at Lethbridge
-Vote-at Colejiiaif .:
Vote at UundbTeck.
Vote at Tabor, 1959
Vote; at Frank   .
Vote at Hillcrest .
.   2 '
.  67
- -70.
The Calgary Henld being in the
coal mine business, and having expert coal miners upon their editorial
staff, is in a position to discuss
technical matters in coal mi»es
wisely and intelligently, and give
tage advice to miners and operators,
Other papers not being so fortunate
cannot give quite np sage advice.
However, it requires no technical
knowledge to decide thnt an attempt
to place the miners before people upon an unfair or imnartial Issue, Is
both despicable and cowardly, and to
attempt to make nn issue upon what
one miner is supposed to have sulci,'
is futile and unfair.
The Attorney-Genera! of lllshoi
"- Wants to Go, After Pirates
" "of Chicago & Ailon
Harriman  and .his  friends  have
ready, unloaded   a large  portion
Full significance of" the Harriman
deal In, the Chicago and Alton railroad properties i.s only just dawning
upon- the minds of the people oi
America. According to the statement
of State Attorney Stead, of Illinois,
given below, it will be -seen that ITar-
riman and his associate pirates have
heaped upon that railroad, proper Ly a
debt ol $37,000,000, which was not
done according to any stnte li\w governing such things. The compnny is
hopelessly bankrupt, and Ilnrrluuni
denned up at least $24,648,600 out,
of the dlshotest, unlawful piece of
trickery, and is still at large,
Mr, Harriman, however, 1ms done
the common people, working men of
nil clnucc a very great service by
placing before them nn object lesson
which Is worth all the lecture;- thnt
have been Hntencd to for the Inst five
yenre,  TTnrrlmnn hns only done In a
their holdings."   "       . "   0
"Mri Stead inclines to tlie belief
tkat the remedy lies wilh the company itself, or in the event of its refusal lo, act with some one or . uion-'
of its stockholders. This conclusion,
however, ,1s not final,, for the attorney-general specifically states that-'if
he should, become satislied upon further' .investigation that an effective
remedy' cnu be enforced by the slnli-
he will not hesitate to"iustimie proceedings. N'o opinion is expressed as
to" whether tht members of the Harriman syndicnte are criminnll" liable
under the statutes of (llinois. -. According to the figures set out iu Mr.
vSU-ad's opinion,. Mr. Huri-imar. ■ and
his associates made a t»tal profit oi
S:.|,ii48,C)00 out of their, respective
operations.' Involving the. Alton
properties, ns a result of this enormous profit to themselves, the , railroad conip.inies comprising llie Alton
system, nrc thrown into hopeless
The. indebtedness of the companies
us sliown by the figures in Mr.
Blend's opinion, 1ms been iueiiM.sed
to (i tollll nf ?So,fi.fi,3IvS since tlicj
fell into Mr, Ilnrrinuin's hands,
Of tli is .iiiuuint only to.yiryvin According  to Mr.  Hnn-imnn's own   u-s-
to' Winnipeg,  left wrist jammed.
Arthur McGray, Heisloud, going to
Moosejaw,  slight cut on finger.
Patrick   Harvey,      Wigland,    Bcot-
land, hand cut. -
Peter Bueroff,, Winnipeg,  leg slightly bruised.
-   Herbert   .lacob,   " Athens,   Ontario,
nose cut,.
A.   Dechaisse,   Woonsocket,   S.    I.,
generally shaken up.
George  I^Touche, .Winnipeg,    scalp
wounded. a
Geo. Hicks, Athens, Ont., leg bruised.
*-X.  C. Savage, West Shefford, Que.,
both hands burned.
Ed.- Collier,    ' West Shefford,  Que.,
side injured and head bruised. ■<■,
Frank   Schmidt,    -Winnipeg,      foot
John   Urryi'     I/mdon,   lvog.,  slight
scalp wound.
lioderic   Davidson,   lvxshnw,   Altai-,
hand slightly. cut.
W.. I). 'White,  Whiteside,  Ont.,    leg
■lightly cut. "■'''«
A.* W. White!c, Whiteside,, Ont.,   cut'
over tyea.
J. T. Turner, Soo, back and     hip
Lawrence Griflin,  Carleton,   N.  B.,
wounds on  hands.
James Clark, Carleton, N. B.,   hip
slightly bruised.
Clarence Sproule,  New Glasgow, N.
B., two scalp wounds.      -*.
S. , B.   Rosetter,      Windsor "'Ilotel,
Winni|ieg, scalp wound.
H.   Saunders,   Sciicicber,   Ont ,   two
small cuts on. back of hand.
li. Gamble,  Fort William,  hand cut
nnd hip bruised.
Lumber Go.
. A; T. Claxton, W. A. Mitchell,- J.
B. Tmney and James Broley have
organized themselves into n skookum
lumber company; and have ..named it
the Skookutn'v-huck. Chuck th - last
sylable, boys, and have a skookinn
name.' .
..The .new company is c-ipitali/.cd  at
Many People Burned to Death
White Others Are fearfully Injured
A horrible- 'disaster occurred to the
wesi bound express on the C. P. K.,'
22 miles east of Chapleau station,
which is east of Fort" William, Wednesday, iu which nine adults and six
ihildreii lost their _ lives.
A number of passengers wen injured, nnd were tiiken to the Fort William hospital, -but it is reported that
none of the injuries are of a very serious nature.
The train is reported to have been
Little Florence Beaver Meets
With Fearful Accident, but
Is Still Living
Lact Saturday alternooa, UtUe
Florence Beaver, the six-year-old
daughter of Mrs. Beaver, one of the
widows of the never:to-be-forgoiitu
explosion oi May, 1902, while gathering coal in the M. F. & M. yards,
in company with her brother Arthur, '
two years older, met with a misfortune which will remain with her dur-
ini the rauainder of her.life.
It Keiu-i that they became coulu^ed
amidst the multitude oi tracks aud
moving cars and engines, and iu endeavoring to get out of the way of
approaching cars ran into a trap
from which they could not, escape, '
and the little girl was caught under
the wheels of a moviug car, aud, her
kit leg was crushed between the kuee
and ankle joints.
Three fingers and a portion 'oi the
left hand were - also caught aud.
ground to pulp.
Arthur tried bravely to. save his
little sister, but failed, and it is a
wonder that he too was not caught.
, The trainmen could not avert, the
caUstrophy, as it all happened too'
quickly, to allow ol, action.
The troubles and misfortunes oi
.some people in this world arc past
understanding, and Un. Beaver
seems doomed to bear a heavy share.
She has just' returned to her home
from- the hospital, where she, has
been for some tiiuo recovering from
the effect of a very serious surgical
opera tiou.     '  - -,
Now little Florence takes her
mother's place iu  the hospital.
There are good people, though, who
will' emulate the.,example oi" little
Florence's great uamesakc and do all
they can to keep cool and soft little
the - mother
The Ledger clips the alxive from
tbo editorial colum'is ol yesterday's
Allicrtiin. It is another evidence of
ihe mnnner in which some of these
conl operators do business with the
The Cnlgiiry Herald seems to have
lately joined the ranks of the conl
corporation paper*, nnd is playing nt
the old iiiitl-KliL-riii.in game lu nil effort to discredit the position nnd
proposition** of the miners,
Thu vote cast tlirouglitoul District
III this week should convince everybody tlmt there Is n great deal more
th.ili a pu.HOtial Interest lxhind thai
solid ninveiiieiit for better wages and
better hours.
The Ledger will proliably give the
Ifernld a good ch inter along the
open shop line of nigumeiit next
         Q-    -    ■■
A broken toy, a chicken bone,
A" pl'-ci* cf 1l"**r, i ru'./Uti- niifv,
Wnini'  (ndi-d  flflwern,  a     Mnle    corn-
Kverything i that's not too new,
Ii garbage
Old Mm enns nnd Melon rlndii,
'i'l*.U. '*  UXUrn.  AU-."   {•i.C'v-a'.-t  '..i.C,
Rmpty bottles of various kinds,
Th..- f«/,/.y rcwnlns ol the family c«t
U garbage.
Things of Iron nnd wxxlen llilngw,
-Anvihtng dead, ot old, or bad,
That w.ilke.1 thi* »nrtli or went     on
Is garbage.
flttgrnHtly,' open nnd (Msolciit innnncr .t_M„ ny t|H, (lt1orney-»cner.i_l s.iys wns
the trick thnt Ims been playod by j incurrwl for improvements, better-
crnftlcr men for vatm, until there Is (__u-nts or extension of the ronds.
he     iitloriii-y-yfciienil      continues:
Over  Jj/.oon ooo'nf     ihis     indebtcil
toilay In the snfes nnd vniilts   nf the
world i,ooo millions of stock   which
was sown, ciiltlvnted nnd harvested int,H;, ,__.■„„„._. tllllll ,.„ ,,_.,. a.,„, „f ,lu.
In emctly the same wny ns wns the \KMira jnrte'Dtoilmssn eiv.itw!. by -this
Chlcngo nnd    Alton  extrn  issue   ^ of j)iSxai_iCiltei ,_,_,.„ {\u. prfipi-riius ol tliusr
sc1. c-r.il coiupaiiii-s weiv lint i-ii-.iti."J in
furtherance of any legitimate, juirpose
for which u milrnnd company ii. oi
din le or.-iini'ctl iinilei tli.- .statuu-s
of the Mule, of Illinois."
iiiAU: COI'ilMD 8-llUUIt DAY
stocks, the only difference being thnt
JTnrrlmnn grew hl» ou the hot house
plnn, lielng In n hnrry to renll'/u.
AtlomcyOenernl Rtond toilny
Bunded Oovernnr Mi-necn nn opinion
nn the -JMllnip l» tl" Chlengo nud
Alton rnllwny properties within the
lost few ywrs by K. II.  Hnrrliiinn.
nnd.some of his finiinelnl iiKHoelnle-», , 	
Including 0.  J. Ootil.1,  JniiKH Still-|   Um miw (,xiHlK ,,„ „,,,„,,,
man nml Mortlnu-r I,   SchU-fl.     • »<" ',.
opinion    it n iespouse to n    reii«i-sl | »»'*r iiiin**.-
opinum    «i  ii        I ,     ■_■_„   |(1ni.i)..CIllilll   Ili.S   culieeil.-:!    lii-
commtin cated from oo\crnnr ihiicui , '
Mnrclt 33,  soon alter the return    of ,eight-hour d.,y, nnd .he ...e„ ,„v „,ns
crnnr nenem mul Mr. Su-nd fmni ;(lt work.
it  die
Tins lenitives niie uf the irou'nli't, nf
• roflference   with  Vreild^il    Uniwe-|
vvliiib    tlie, tlie Taher situ.itinii, ainl is ,t decided
limning at tlie usual rate of speed
when it was partly derailed by a
broken rail.
The derailed cms ran down un embankment and caught fire, K is sup- ,
posed, from the cooking range In a
tourist car. it is believed that most,
of thn (K-iid were occupants ot this
e.ir, and were pinned henitith tin-
wreckage nnd killed outright or cremated, as the Humes consumed the
wreckiigii. The mimes ol the killed
Williinii Day, London, Hng.;' Winnie
nnd Siismi Ilorton, Sharing Heath,
Kent, Ung.; C. S. (ionldlng, his
brother mid his broihci's wife ami
two children, of 1'iilislmv, Ksk<ix.
ling.; Mrs, lljorklnud mid children, of
Worehc'sti-r, Muss.; Mrs. II. ». Iliunp'
ion mid baby; Mrs, 1), Dnvldsoii nud
Mr. Iliunpioii and ^i:•, Dnviiboii wen-
iii'Ciiiiip.inyiiii; tln-ii fiiiiiilicH but escaped.
Tliuy were eiiilgnillts Irnlii the
Nle.iiiiship Keiisingloii, si-lit out by
tin- fi.ilviitioii Army emigrutioii I■i»r-
The Injured ure: l.onls (iilli'ttc,
London,  ICug,,  h.m Is cut  sliglilly.
Win. Williiimsuii, Hr.ilnli'iii both
linmls Im11^1 and cut
Jos. OiliHiin. Siiliilmry, I'nj;
Florence's  bed aud aid
aud~fauiily"ffi     "this second-hour of~'r
sadness which  lias come to  them.   -
Ihe ladies of the benevolent society
will   take  interest  iii  these sufferers,
and the Ivnights uf l'ythias and Odd ,
Fellows   have   taken "up Ihe matter aud,
ure giving  an  entertainment' Mouday
night iu 1.0. O. F. hall for the bene-   ,
lit of these .sufleieis,  and U. K. lioss
has,  at the .suggestion of many   cit-
i/.ens opened  a subscription  list     ui
his  olliee  iu      the  post oilice  block,
where  anyone  desiring   to  contribute
to so deseivjug a cause eon have an
opportunity to do so.
The only support Mrs. Heaver bus
to help her keep her .family uf live
children together i.s her 17.) ear-old
.sou/ aud people will not' ueed a second call for such a worthy object,
-  ■  -o —•
A. 0, Ci'culiiuui, of Uosslaud, building contractor for 111-.; C, l'.lt-, wns
111 the city yesterday on his way
north, where he has uoiue woik iu
hand lor the' coiimaiiy. Mr. Crevl-
uiuu reports that, id,, mining aud
luiiilitriug industry tlirougthoiil tin*
ivootcnays ure iu ,- very prosperous
condition, the high piiie of copper
making it possible to work proper-
lie should lmve explained his object ! tics which u few yiuis ago could not
In the house before he. left, 1 l.i'- operated at a   ir iln.     The grem
The Kudi.wiiifiil hill got past the ' drawback .ill Ihruiigii the Kootenay
loiniiiiittx- stage lifter home uiiicnd. jtuiiinry is the scarcity of labor, mul
inciit.s. JiliJH in grcntly retarding the- develop-
Sloo.ooo, and A. T. .Claxton'is president; W. A. Mitchell, vice-president;
.T. ,B_. T.uraey, secretary, and ■ J. A.
Uroiey, "treasurer.
The company- owns . 12,000 acres of
limber 011 Skookiinichuck creek, a
tributary of the Kootenay river, and
have leased their holdings.to Parker
nnd Thorpe, who are erecting n large
sawmill near"Wardncr, to which' the
timber will be run."'
Over 300,000 lies have been bunked
ready to run, besides a (.unnlity -of
.Thee* are nil good boys, and The
I,edger ho|H;s to see (hem get rich in
their new veuture.
They have also 5,010 acres of fine
litnlier on Tntn  creek!
Tn, Uj_ boys.
There hns not lieeii much doing iu
the legislative nssembly at Victoria
during the week, aside from a rnthcr
iiinnimale discussion on the University .Endowment bill
Premier Mcllride h.us slulled on his
chase after Kir Wilfrid laiurier, iiud
if he docs uot get lost 011 llie wny
tlierewill be trouble 111 London
HiiWllioriithwiiite called the pre •
iei's trip a ridiculous„oiie, und   said
incut o( the touiiiry,
Tne smelter.*, at Trail, Oriind Folks
The med.nl contest wider llie i«isp|e-
r« of «h« W. C. T. V. l««l   Motidny
night  in Stork's lull again  lnoUfcUt
out ft    good erowd of people, who
A city ttam, n ntw red cart,
A driver nnd a harnees new,
Will prowl about In every pett
Of towu atu'dat the early dew,
And earl nwty that garbage.
velt nt Wnshlngton, in
Altorn«— Or1**'-" ""1" ^^'^ w''i-* -1'''
enneluslnns wore "li the mutter and
what action, If nnv, wns i-cmU-iii-
plnted by the U'gnl ilepniiuwut ol the
After setting out nt some length tlm '
.   _i„..    ..«.     A   ,,.1.:.-i,   tl.,-   r-iMrrvid
cor|K>rntlons   nnd  pinptiths lurmiui'
the Alton system were subjected, At-!
tortiuy General Stead foiicludi-d that J
there Is not the lent  'loubt   tint    n |
civil    remedy      exists    iig.niiHl     the j
"finmclers who hn<c     wreckul    this:**.
prosperous railroad v(iin|-..iuy, mid al
the exiieuM--* of Itifi. cut   Moellmldrri
nnd bond holders hn\c g.illiired     u>
themselves a h.irvent of ttiilli^n**     of
Mr. Stead Is doubtful, however,
whether it ia the jur-vina- ol thr Mate
0( rilln-ifi,  which  tippitrerttly    won!.?
N.   Koumiss,   Fori   William,
As ut  first   iiilriidnei-d  by  the minister of t-iluciitioti,      tlu- niiieiiiltnciit,
iii-Ciinliiig to Mucdonulil, would u- j .Hid .Nelson an- lieilig opeiutwl to
Mrvi- Ihe timber loyalties ftoiii Innd-. I iheir cnp/k-iiy, or to us _jie.it mi i-x-
io Ihe gtiienil reieiiiies und allow jn-ut us labor can be httuied,
llu- i-o.il royalties 10 go to th;- uni . Coiisidiralde iinmitv is I'vlt among
n-ihity. IN- said, if drown by. iMhiuelUr men mid mine operatots , us
l.iwyer iusti-iid o|  1 doctor, he would j lo the niiure action o     tin- miiic'ih,
l.ulievi-   it   was  iiinuiugly   fi.tiiml
S'oini);   said   it   w,i-  fliiilied
Willi   M.icdoiiiild's  .iiiggi'.slinii.
•'Whv don't ymi .iccipi my
iiieul," lie wns unI'i-iI.
'I   h.ive  hoilwl      il   down,'
"Yon Imvi- boilnl tin- juice out
i(," ciinii! iln- mply.
\ictorv lor the. men.
This  wns   bmiiglil   about
the aid ol the ,;<-.eminent,
The  linn   insisted   upon   the   ohser.
Vllllie.   of  a   WMlteil       Culllt'.icl     .-s'l^lli'-l
by both panics to tlu n.-reuiKitl,
mid iiinlcr llt.it KiiitriK-i tin- linn lire
now wm king.
nit nud both hands burnwl.
Cluis. CiiK-inati, PnrtMiuniih, I'ing-,
li.-nil, lace und hniidh buvnwli •*»!»
> pr.iiiiMt;  M'linllS,
Alpliotisi: Feil.ilc, Sir. Muiic,
IliMUCi.-.   Uuebcf,   Irai-turcd  uielneuTpul
lidtles, >>i
Arclil'wld SinUoii, Cliellt-iiU'.i.'iii,
l'"ug., wrist sprained.
CRKKN  .■ASII/HKS. !    H*   ""^'V   ^^    ^   H
, 'slightly  bruised.
Se.e11le.11   lniiid.v-1    .Hid  tlHilv'luv 1   Kn|(jiil    Uujj!ht(    Calu.,ri,,1,e(   Kl,Kl|
lu-.iltlu  tnis plante.,1 in tin- JwoUml oVtf fye .,„,, eur cllt,
t.ty   t!,-.N     ,',.nt.,   -a.11   '.iuvv.iM     tl..       lJ(       Wj_,_..uu_   Muiirliufcter,   lwg.,
IiC.iiitv of our citv,  which is   alu-ndv )wr- ,_ (Ul<
noieil lor its M.-nl.ini   i.e.iutii-. —l.eili- j     ^^   j!    Aiilfintcr,   Orkney   Wiit'd,
bridge Herald. |fa^ a|iJ [Hl[h hiU,u MVer«ly burnwl.
Win. Hamilton, Hiimfrieshilf, Sent-
land, spralneil wri*t.
Wm. Ward, Orlnty NUwl, lace and
hnth h.ipHfs- nevtrtlv burned.
The I,nnd ml nin'iidiiiint imindiiiisl
,11)    kilt    (_u>i lliiiiuit    jiiuvliicn    Ini      ,„i
iuIa loyally _.ij lb...!..,*, hi,) ]}i-,i,.i-\ 11
,c,o cuits aud wiji'.s out tliiid il.is*.
Ittiidi. leaving only first at is 101.1
nec-iid ut >a.,so per n.r*-,
■ ■ ■. . o ■
Ail open uii itidigiiiitioii uut-iiiig
wa.s held in tlu- t\< N'JU. west yards
Inst Mond.iy nflernooii nt 4 o'dock,
attended by 4m) hutiH' hcekers, when
ft petition, appr.iling  (or n-lii-f   was
'■mil, llieu- in a Idling oi uiitirluiiily
in  litn  |.i,s  lo uhul in itmi  ivili  |« ileeided on
ly  the conl  iiiuieiK.   At  lhc   prrseiil
time iluic in nut ,, siuclu-r 111 Uir
' kiioieiniy ihut |,a,s nmn- that a
: week *    supply  ol   rnkn     ou    hand,
Hliould' llu- iniiu-is .11 l-crnie nud
'MichiJ decide u, .ttiik-.-, it wo.ildpii|.
;il-7.<>  tin-  mining  uiiirmiiilliiig     in-
nu. mi
1 iisliy of the 11111 iv Kooliiiuy loim-,
'«>. liim Hit i.nli j.iil.s Have but ii
.-..in .*,;.,;,_,■_, y,l v.,,,,. ..inaJ wiCd \slili|»
lii   npUutc    llllil o,ldh,      Hu;       io.i|
md   i-oVe »itu.iU,,n   .,1    ihr    j-it.stiil
nine is 11 hciioiis I,in-, an oil it, de
peliils l-lililcly tin., iiiospclity of the
imiiiliy, ,.ml tin- gi-iii-i.il li-ililig
among the pcn|i|.- i.^ tl(Ut tin- ui-tl
lew weeks will deiid.* whether the
»*'<iiiiiig season will -vitn-'s.N 11 grt-.il
ileuliipiutiit i,( ihe milling ot Miielt*
ing ipvlusiry ol ihe cuimlry . meivt
abolh.i  svlback (nm,  ithuti it     will
, _f,^. 1     1 1   1 11 .     ,»»»»■»*'    SR-manv   iiiiii)   -AIIKII   ll       Wil
dmfted mid signed by ul   pirs-nt to  .,,     „   „   ._. „„      ,
,     „„__    ,  .    '„      /  ..    ' ,   take   years to   recovei.     Tlw      mm-,
be presented either to the mayor   nl ' ■„ „ . ,     . '
„..    , .. .', shuvAt*..!,   is   tiitt-u.iiiii-ii   that      ijoiiii-
Winnipeg or to    the pruvinriii) government.
A  telegram was nlso denpntchrd to
tbe chairtniin ol the railway cimimis
lion at Ottawa, Asklt>j_ this t*ody to
tike Immerffitlu action frt a(din,_; them !
be thTnatnral procedure on'the pan Ulmartl'a Mfilmcnt  mrts DandruA.     [  Jrweph Townaend, Scotland,  going \\, reach  their hotueairada.-Tribune. 'Ulaurd'a Utiawrgt lor uli iferywlure
Vow, it iinvi.m tl*'- hid hi-nnl th.ii ■
.Lethbrldge was inst n Hub- gn-iii. I
lliow green she  would have fell. [
. ^ 1
.imic.ible agrvetiivitt may l* ;.niv«sl
at uhlcli will *\cfi vwiHt would ulli
irwlse pin-.* a c.it.ntri.phy.-Cnl'jiiiy
;'v ._•_''    &■    '"•* '--. -
Fernie Ledger,! fernie, b:c., AP^L.13, * 190,7.
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K.U, UARsHAIjIj,   '
Business Muuiifter
SATURDAY,   APRl£   13,   1907.
Tho.. Present Situation
Thfr .past;week, has been one oi history" making, in .this.rough little.cor-
'   ner.*ol,."God's>footstool.!'
Under,.the.v. head of,-"Rich for tlu-.
Richtand Poor for the Poor,"     the
'   Ledger 1 lays, before its, readers, ia in.-
others column,  tlie new. .Dominion net
commonly   known as   the   '-Conciliation act,"  aud advises   every   miner
''an well as every other person     win
has any interest at all in the- indns-
■   ttial- wclfare-of this great distn:i, to
read aad carefully  .ponder.-over, the
*  provisions  of   this. remarkable bill-
*A careful analysis of its provision's
WiU_.raveul..the',.indisputable. iact thai;.
under,,its. provisions ihe labor unions
'are,deprived ,of thc-.ouc'weapon ot tlc-
(esae; they.nave .had .with which .   lo
-. compel recognition of their org.iui -..i-
t.ion and .their interests, and iias giv-,
, en them instead a piece of legal machinery,  the skillful  working of w.iich
., by .their opponents will compel workmen to" work for months under    conditions, and.; at wages; unjust to llicm
and) permit   their  opponents  10     cut
'    their wages, 'and out of their    extra
profits   of'0 such   reduction keep   full
the corn-any  defense fund at ihe expense of the lal>orer.
This bill was not placed-upon the
statute books of the Dominion "at the
reauest of the,laboring men or tbeir
■ unions.
■1- ,
It   is   supposed   to   be   the official
■ answer to the demands ol the people
that   labor   troubles  should    not    be
-   allowed  to  interfere  with   the   supply
ol fuel to the public, as was the'case
,,   last .winter as a  result  of  the l,elli-
bridge and Fernie strikes'.   ,.
The** action   of   the  Taber „ maiiage-
.ment, and-the. proposed action of the
.'other  operators   under     the  new   bill
are the first steps iii a practical dein-
tr the provisions of that bill.
^ To  thoroughly   understand  the present situation,   it  is necessary   to bear
in - mind   the  events  which  have    led
up to it.    "
While the trouble ,was on at J<eth-
» bridge, the pressure of public opinion
grew to be so irresistable that the
" Alberta, the Saskatchewan and., the
. Dominion. governments were Voiced to
. take' all available steps rto 'bring
n about a resumption of work.
Threats were made in the press
that if an agreement was not reached
that the government would have to
take hold of and operate the * mines.
A temporary agreement was finally
arrived at, and the miners went back
to work under protest, surrendering
their claims ' to a great extent, as
' a concession upon their part to '.r.c
people who' were suffering for tne
want o| coal in the middle of a severe winter.
, Iyabor, Commissioner Mackciuir
King and the premier of Saskatchewan were loud in their praise ol these
men (or their self-sacrificing spirit,
and the men went back into their
dingy,', dark cells in the earth, feeling that they had won the confidence
and respect of the people" und government.
These men who made these sncrifr.es
•ny that at the time they ngrc&t 10
go. baek to work they were ussiirod
that the Alberta government would,
at;its next- session puss an eight
hour law, and it was upon that und
crnlandlnf • that they succuuded 1.1
getting  the men to resume work,
The journals of Uic procoodini-s ol
the late pcssinn ol the Allicru U'gi-.-
luturu do nol give any evidence ol
any effort to pm that eight-hour
law into existi-na-, Instixid It w.is
decided to plute the. mutter m tlu-
hiiudi of a commission lor future
The hopes raised iu tin- lu-uiis of
tite workmen hint winter were doom-
I'd lo early death by thu Kdinoiilon
sjiriujf frost, but the people got coal
in a result ot tliose Millie hopes, mid
the disturbing el-.-u1-.11l of the eight,
hour law was left to be still a iliv
lurlring element hi th.it cunvcntiou ol
disturbing cUtni-nts *,u luuly held at
Uy this concession on the pun ol
the men and tlio luilurc at l-Mnion-
ton, they setw to lmve succeeded in
loading ii-uni themselves, through ihe
repreaeniaUvvs of thu people   ,a   ot.
lliW.I,    .1     SO-Cillb-d     rntirijiiitir.il     hill
/or which they did not ask, which
can lie used ns a club to compel
them to Work nt induced wages while
arbitration gatu elowly  along,
Under this bill it will bo to the
interest of the operators ami mine
owners to continue, as long BA |K)K.
•Ible, this lo-cilkd conrillatinti
Rauv, ior iti so doing i\uy nrc making money at the expense of the other purt'es to the dispute.
A careful reading of the bill nnd
tbe cueaaunts written «j»n« jt \,y «
ci«n_>-tent hvtn) nnihirity -which ur-
e<.tn|-*nl«* this nrtide, it    will
are such as to permit of^such action,
and no one acquainted with n.ceut
events in. this valley will doubt for a
moment that advantage will be'taken of every chance of delay. In fact,
copies oi, correspondence .which .has
already passed between the contending parties plainly _. indicate the **.i.)dc
of procedure.
It is diflicult^to show, how this C.&11
he. avoided, and it will also be .'"."
ficult to convince the miners or the
5 ublic that this bill, proposed, diait-
id' and put through parliament and
r.ished to the governor-general in
order to have it l>ecome law beiove
ihe end of March, or that- the miners
who composed one-side of the controversy were not* consultsd, that it js.a
fair. or .just bill, and was ad i,>U*.l
after, due-consideration,,   as-  in    the
misunderstood as believing that all
the operators in 'this country are
tricky and do not desire to make
satisfactory agreemtnts. ■■   l-\n    from
ii]"   **' ...       -       • '    '-'"
"But they seem to be in some   such
position as were those railroad magnates who'went to Washington a" few-
weeks ago to interview iUr. .Roosevelt'. They made' him' all kinds of
assurances. They were anxious "to
meet the president iu an honest ' endeavor to settle the troubles between
the  people  and ■ the  railroads.
But,-the. president, after listening to
lh>.m patiently" and learning"' all ' ihe
concessions, they were willing to mak
in the interest of harmony
that'there was.still one
Thev seemed  to be a little bit sur
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y, told t-lieni i __£*£,•» . ^^S^,,^ ^^-^-^-^^.-—-^v
thing    lack-; fcfe-___.^^-.'i*%--^
best interests of all parties concern-jpiised, but recovered, sulliciently to
. , la;'''   w-h.it   that one  thing  was,      and
If  it ■ proves workable,' which , is ex-, when  they  w.-rc  informed by   the
liemely doubtful,., it might relieve the   v.ith  the  "big stick" .that  the „
public from the danger of
futl famine, but parliament mistakes
the public desire for fair play if it
imagine*.'that, the public wants to
keep warm at .the expense of **the
rights of the miners or anybody else.
Th-tt the rights of the laboriiig'mcn
who have to work in the most exacting,, dangerous and imrUcmit-ing
calling, have been curtailed by this
so-called reconciliation bill can not_.be
denied, and that the rights "and privileges of any class of workingmen are
to-.be curtailed for the benefit of any
other class of people at this period
ol industrial evolution, is an illusion
that is sure lo lie dispelled.-
From the time the labor troubles
at Ivethiiridg-c broke out over a year
ago, down to, the present, every move
has.been one'aiming at a temporary
settlement, of a dispute which will
never be ■ permanently settled until
the operators and * owners of mines
have' becvjine convinced that labor-
unions arc entitled to full confidence
and   treated   with  upon  that  basis.
The 'shullling settlement of the
trouble' here"' last fall, the tempoti-/.-
in;- arrangement at I.cthbridgc a
little later; the failure of the Alberta
government to. pass the eight-hour
law; the promptness .of the passage
and signature, of the 'conciliation bill
at Ottawa, and last, but hot least,
the evident shuffling;.for time upon
the part of the operators at' the Calgary convention, are all. regarded by
tlie miners as so many links in . n
chiin intended to bind more securely
the workmen in the power of lhc operators.
Even-  reader-of the Ledger remem
bers vTvidly"the • reason put0 forth aP
the first meeting 0f that: C-algary convention by the operators for an- adjournment for two weeks" was , that
the .miner's representatives were, not
in a position to sign a contract that
would be binding upon the men, and
a two week's rest was ,taken in order
ih.'t the mine workers re'prcsrnth-
ti.es could go back to their unions
and secure the •• necessary power:
It has' since developed that the operators association, at whose instance
this action was taken, was not then,
and is not now, in a position legally
to carry out an agreement, if it had
1 een arrived at. This the president
of the association hns admitted to
be true over his own signature.
Docs anyl-ody suppose that tliiil
individual, who i.s said to be the possessor of . a "legally-trained mind,"
did not know this at the time the
convention was adjourned?
And knowing it, did he act in good
faith wilh those miner delegates' in
sending them home for two weeks to
p '.isess themselves of authority which
'■ » r->."i
he  and  his  association did  not  pos-
This kind of dallying, whcifexposed,
docs not add to the credit.ol' men who
were parties to it, nnd takes the edge
off the, sneers that arc occasionally
indulged iu by some people when the
honesty of purpose of tile working
men is under discussion, Tne delegates to Unit Ciilgury convention
who represented the mine workois
went there with a definite proposition, which they siilmiilli-d in good
f.iitlt to Unit sii-cnlk'd "Western Op-
-r.ituis' association.'
Th.y were met wilh the .sliitiim-nl
ihut llu- iipenitnr.s hiid mil pii-pui-d
.my proposition, nnd lhat until lliey,
llu- working men, could assure thviji
that llit-y cniilil make 11 cuiiiini t, lln-
c-nvi'iitiiiii lind belter tiil.i- mi (id-
In (.u-i- of tin- wiitu-n iu*l.iun\'b'djii-.
ment nf their jiri-sidi-nt,  since  iiuiile,
" vii'1 Maine the working men (or
pl.ning  little  1.1      no   fiijili    m   th,.
word-, of that president?
Another pivu- of ir,iii-,]i,iiint "pl.iy"
which took plnci- d.iinig tiiMl. am.
, ctitlon w..s the illusive m.,nu.r
In which the operators cnteiluiu-
el the litming delegate*, iit then Ire
I'lrtu-.s, hotsl bain-iicis and "boitk-1
Scotch' on mooviiig trains.
The riiiployer.s of men win. abuse
their positions by Mich ilmll throwing as th.it had l*tt,-r look afn-r
ihcir sennnts a little.
Tiny may at any tinn- develop iln-
iiiiHt.ikaMc symptoiiis of tlmt nt-wly
dlsco-ered dise.iw.- lately catalogued
down in N'cw V0rl. as "brain storm,"
The whole of this most unfortunate
di«|'Ulc h,.s Uvn eh.ir,icttri/e*l l»y actions upon  the j»;irt  r.l th*- *,rvr,it-ir.
hull hns ri-eulted in convincing tlie
employe* that then has been in,
earnest diairc or L-mleavor on th,-
|iart i,f the employers to nun thmi
I'Hly nnd 0]««ly wjtli » vii-H- io
mul.irtjr n snfisfaikory and UiAiny,
he' agreement
'•n Uul the nrovitionn of the   bill     Tne ledger dots     not wish to l*
the man
thing left for them lo do was to' get
rid., of ITarriiuuii, lliey' all fell off llieir
little stools on to the white house
carpet. It is said th.it after a great
deal (.f crying and'rubbing of bruised
places they all went home blubbering,   "We'll, be good:  we'll  be good."
With the aid of Mr. llarriman's
own ability iu'the,way of,, letter writing, these ."magnates"' may succeed
in harrying Mi\ Harriman out ' oT
their -association,-- thereihy raising
their respectability to a level upon
wh ch' the president can afford to do
business  with  llicm.  ' ,,.
It mav l.e possible that some of
the Harriman kind of stock are to be
found on this s.de of the international "hue,' and'associations that ■ \\ixh;
tn relain the respect of the : public
and the confidence of their employcts
should be careful that none-of. .that
kind of stock has much to do with
making  and  carrying   out  bargains.
There could be only one result to
all these make-shift dealings tliat
have been going on, and the miners,
with their dependent , families, the
str-.cl; holders in the coal mining companies and tlie public are today facing  that result.
A referendum vote has been taken
in all the local' unions in District iS,
with" the result that a practically,
unanimous veuiict-has been cast in
fa-.o,r ol calling a halt long enough
to bring about a permanent and sal-.
.isfactory settlement. „    „
■- The men - have not, 'as has. be:n
most industriously reported, coir..' to
this conclusion on account "of the
open  or'-closed, shop  principle.,-.
As  will'be, seen by "their ' proposal
ili.l vie—rvvivcii—Ciu-v—ruLULm.-u—li; \tuj—
gary, they were willing to waive that
contention and asked for, a 10 per
cent, niisa, in wages and a two weekly payday, ' ■    '-'
Thev" are willing to forego'1 -he
check-off, ■ • the discrimination ' clause
nnd all other contentions and stand
upon their claim for the 10 per v'.iit.
raise and the .two week payday.
.Just what argument can be brought
to, bear against these two rc.-isoii-'hle
claims it is hard 0to  conject \n
The cost of living is constantly on
the. increase, the price of coal 'and
coke is travelling in the same (Erection, and there, can be no .satisfactory
reason advanced against the payday
change. -'
Printers get their pay every week,
as do ninny other laborer**, and in
asking for their pay every two weeks
Ihe niiiiers are asking only for the
extension to them of what is tlu custom in ninny other classes'of labor.
To tlie miners the I.cdgcr willies to
S'iy; Your own organizations, your
own members, and your own ollicinls
nre the people upon whom you must
depend for the protection' of your
own  interests.
Your experience or the pnsl year
h.ns taught you to beware of the
iiss.issiniitiiig tactics of enemies who
wlll try to destroy you and your organization  by  vilifying  your  friends.
It is gratifying to observe that as
a result uf the stealthy attacks upon
your        oiliccrs been use they
proved ' to be beyond "up-
pro.i-'Ii," you have shown your appreciation of.the situation by. presenting, this time, a united front to
your adversaries. U*l no personal
di'Icrences or feeling swerve you a
hairs breadth from llm palh of your
iiiity to yourselves, to your frllovv-
wni-kiiiiii, your families or the- public, In ,il| yniif nftimiN mine as one
in:iti,   iiitii.iiid   by one  pm-pnsc,    and
Mill    W II    .Itl.iill    thi-    ohiui-l    ,,f        (||;,t
|.ill pose jusi as Mirely as thai pur-
|'"si- is ,ui hi.'ii.-.sl, fait- and iv.iM,,,,,
*i  If piirpo.se,
Vo iln- iiil.ljr t|„. I,|.ii_.,vi' wih|ii-;, (,,
* iy tli.it Icing in iIhm- lomli with
iln- .'nlted, Mine WnrkciK and ae-
'.'i.iiiin-d wilh tin- aims and pnrposi-s
-I   the nr-.ua/.itii.ii,   \u  tan say that
.ll   lln   ,l|||.    has   it   f-vf-r  ll.-inl   n   .i„„t,.
uii.iiilii-1' or iniiiila-i- uf iiii-mhiTH or
.-ny nliii-i-r nl tin- ciiiirm exprehs a de-
.-die to stop imv industry in whlvli
tln-y ,ire cngiigi-it.
To them would ml; th. gun test
'- s-<: I,, t!.,-j» fi„ni|||ls ,v, iit.t , ,,„.
jhe gu-aUst MilTering, and 110 puipU*
in thi '.-...rld have had" mott IJiur
' -Irrieiids ih.ui have (lie.se men who
haw had tn l,»v dnwu Cn-tr iv. bistri-
id toiils and take up the w.i| :-s ol
111d11st1i.1l war in dufcn.se of what
they : t'lieve to In- their righU.
r.','iil njilnliit.  of lhc Hill
It. view nl the struggle Iw-tu.cn the
10il   <ipi*iat..ts  .,nd   tlu-ir   rnt|-loyees,
it is Import-mt 1h.1t /vtry |wr»<in con-
nrctifT    rijh  th*> *j»i*ii* ^Irriilrf  Inoir
tion act, 190;, or as it is commonly
called, the Conciliation act.
. The act itself may be said to owe
its existence lo the I.ellibri'dge ' and
Fernie strikes. It was - logically
tlairnvd that utilities and necessaries
of  a  quasi   public  nature, should  not
penalties are provided for contravention of this provision of the act.
Another section 'of the act (57) requires employers and employees to
give at least thirty .days' notice of
intended change affecting the .condition of employment, with respect  to
TOhc"iliafion~alfd—invWfigatloiT '-'llie"
machinery of the act is set in motion by an application being-made as
provided by sections 15 and 16. It
is optional with the party in making
his application to nominate his member of the. -.board, it being provided
that if he do not do, so, then, or
within five days after being requested-
so to do by the minister,"'that'official
may, on cause, shown, appoint a member for such defaulting party.   ',
It will lie seen that where a party
fails to nominate his member of the
board, a procedure involving time
has to .be, followed, and taking into
consideration distances and probable
lesults, , it is easy to sec that a
month may pass by'lief ore the said
member, is appointed..
After the aupointment of the members by the respective parties has
been made, such members recommend
a third party, or chairman of tlie
board, but here again if they fail to
do so within five days after their appointment or such extension thereof
as the minister, on cause shown,
grants, tlie minister shall, as Boon
thereafter as possible, appoint a fit
person to he a third member of the
board, and another period of delay
may be met with,.
After the full hoard has been appointed, notice giving tbe names of
the members is scut by the registrar
to the disputants. The board is re-
quired forthwith, after receiving a
copy of tlie application for the ap-
poiiiliucut of such board, and of its
accompanying statement and declaration,* and of iuu ataU-inml iu reply,
to pruce-.d to deal with the mutters
referred to in these documents. It
tests.almost entirely with tho board
as to whether its enquiry shall be uu
expeditious one or otherwise, but the
act certuiuly contemplates that de-
biy shall not be u feature of their
priiceedinge. Ho in this respect thu
.■'pint of the act is very good.
'Ihe board is required to cudeavor
io hring ill-out a seUli'iiu-nt ol the
dispute, and for Unit purpose it is
vested with very large powers, including ihe right to make examination ol persons and get dlscowry of
il Jcwm-iiU which in no other way can
le done. There it no doUJH that powers of tlio kind, if nrnnerlv exereiws-l,
may bring forth very itsoful information, and produce desirable results,
i.eeatisc it will not he within the
pot*.it ol cither purty to withhold
fiom Uie othor iIiom data upon
which a meritorious nwnrd or rec-
' mini ndatiun can be founded,
After the board shall have finish*-
ed iu examination as provided by
tlie statute, it Is required to make o
report and recommendation, to the
minister in wrMn_», and this report
may be freely published.
If, after receiving the leumuimid*.
Hon of the board cither party di*-
»inl« therefrom, they are al liberty
to call a strike, or enforce a lockout
nsi the eas* may 1«. But pending the
reference, it is unlawful for any em-
. l>!o>*r to detUre or cur* ft lockont,
s..meih.ng cMciinrog  the much   di»-|„r for Mv employee to go on strike
cubic!  ii'dusiri,.!   Dispute*   Invtvl.if on account of any dispute, and heavy
be withheld owing to disputes aris- , wages or hours, and it goes ou to provide that in either case where a dispute has been referred to a board,'
until the dispute -has been - finally
dealt with by the board, neither of
the parties shall alter the conditions
of employment with0 respect to wages
or hours, and provision is ■ made
against a strike or lockout taking
place. ,    .
It is not clear whether this section
would apply to a notice of change
served * upon either party before the
actual reference of disputes to . the
board. If the section,is .not'' effective
ia such a case, it will follow that
employers may make large.1 deductions from their employees, and -in
that way the latter would be , lur-
nishing the.former with sinews ot
war in the way of money. Again, if
such a construction can be pHc.Y.l
upon the section in question, it
would mean that if an employer eg.,
had, pending the recommendation of
the.ljoard, received by way of deduction from his employees the simi of
S50, he would not be compelled to
refund the same	
A penalty is imposed upon -my employee whei goes on strike contrary
to Ihe provisions of the act, the Minimum amount, being Sib and the maximum S50 for each day or part oi a
day that such an employee - is on
'strike. With ■ a. large body of men to
deal with it might take months, if
not yeare, to hold the hearings and
impose the fines against parties "alleged to have contravened the°a-:t'in
this respect.
ing between the immediate parties
concerned with their output and production. .
It this was raison d'etre for the
enactment of the conciliation. bill, it
has since been0made abundantly clear
th.it such no longer exists, since the
minister of labor has decided' that
ihe act is a measure to be banded
out to disputants only. This he has
done by his refusal to prosecute the
operators at- Taber, who are alleged
to have contravened -. its provisions,
and by his positive statement that
the enforcement of the act is left to
the parties affected.       ,0
It is difficult upon a careful analysis of the conciliation, bill to find out
wherein .its provisions,, will lead, to
peace, but; on the contrary, the act
is more likely to create disturbances.
An examination of the principal features of the act shows.that it may
be lised as an instrument for gaining
time by either party, and that it may
take months before the board . can
make its recommendations. In the
meantime the employees are forced
to continue at work under conditions
noi' acceptable to them. -,
The' principal features of the bill
ma)   be summed up as follows: '•
By section 5'it is provided that
wherever any disputes exist between
an employee and any,of his employers, and the parties thereto are ' unable to adjust it, either of the partus'-to the dispute may make an application to the ■ minister of labor,
for the appointment- of a" board .   of
L  P. lekstein.,      J. P. llyen-Cray.
Eckstein & Gray
Barristers'-at-Law,    Solicitors,   Etc.
liooms 1 & S, Henderson block, Fernie, B. C.
The act, is    one~which if. bona f.de,
resorted to and the parties united in
securing ' expedition,   is   capabls     of
bringing   about  desirable  settlements -
and producing long • periods of  industrial peace.
Provision is made against1 techni-'
cal Irregularity ao that in the case
which confront* our people at the
present time the department of, iabot
can force the parties to do business,,
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Miner's Favorite Cigars
A days after date I intend to iipulv to the
Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase tlie following described lands. -
(.'ommenciiiR at. a post on west, side of Klk
Iliver .l>6t*,vei?ii.,Morris.Qcy ,and Elko, .B.C.,
and south of tlio- month of Tunnel Cruek,
thence west-40 chnins, thence north 40 chains
thence east 40 chains to Elk Riycr, thence
south 40 chains"down Elk-River'to place'of
beginning. .          "•             ' . .      •
Dated at Pernio. B..C, Marcli 28,1007. .,. aO-7,
NOTICE is hereby given thnt, 30 days after
' date, I intend' to apply to thu Hon . Cliief
Commissioner of Lands and Works. for a
special linenso to cut ami carry away timber
from thu followinpr described lands, situated
in South.East Kootenay.
No, 1 ,„ComwenciiiR- at a post planted about
fourteen miles west of tlie Kootenay River, one
mile north, of tho International', boundary,
tlienot south 80 chains, thonce cant so ohains,
thenco nortii 80 chains thence west 80 ohains
to place of hcA-iniiinR,
Located February 4,10o7   ■
J. It. MclN-rviiK.  Locator
,-  - .Tamkb Oamkron, Airont.
.\'o. 2 .pommennltiff at a post at. the northwest corner of J. L. Mclntyro's timber claim,
thonco south mi chains, thenco wost 80 cliains,
tliuneo north 80 cliuins, thonce oast 80 chains
to place of lirirlmilnK,
•Located February 4,1007
W. S. Kkay, Locator
No'. 8 Commoncinu nt a post plnntod at tho
nnvtInvest corner of ,T; L, MoTntyro's timber
c aim, thonco north 80 chains,, thonoo.wisl .80
chains, thonco Bont.h 81) ohninn, thonco wont 80
chains to place of hoitlnnliiK
Located Fein-nary 4,1007
L.E, MoDoNAi.n,liOciitor
.(AMKfl, 0AMK110N,  A«ont
No, 1 Commonoiiiff at a post planted at tho
iiorthwost corner of J L, Molntyro's timber
1-aim, thenco north 80 chains thonco wost 80
ii 111 nn, thonce noutli So.ohniiiH, tlionoo east 811
cliaiiis to piaoo of baniMiiiiiK
Looatoil February 4, KK)7 -
F. Wiiitk, Locator
Jamkh Oamkiion, ARont
No fl Commencing at a post planted ono mil
wait from tho noutliwoHt oornor of F, Wlilto'n
tlmiior claim, thonco south 80 ohains, thonco
cast,80 chains, tlinneo north 80 nbalns. thonco
wiutHOolminii toplaoo of hoRlnnlnir
Locatod Fobruiiry, 4,1007
iTamon Falonnor, Lountor
.Tamos Oamoron, A«onl
No 0 Oommpiioiii-fatttiiostpliintflilal, tho
iinrtliworit, oornor of Jiimo-i Fnlnonofii tlmhor
it aim, tlioimo south lOohalm, thonco wont 811
ii mini,tlit-iioo north 80 cliaini, tlionoo oast 81)
elmlns to plaoo of boolnnliiw
Lnci.tpd Kohruary 4,11107
Hlmon l)rtt(inri, Jiooiitor
JnmoH Cameron, Audit
No 7 Oommotioliu nt a jiontiiliiiitoilnt tlio
nortliWMt corner of ,Iiimn« FnIconor'M tlmhor
n iilin, thpiioo north m olinliis, tlionoo mint 80
i-lmiiu, (lienao noulliRa chains, thonvo west
MUchnlns tnplanu of b««lni)liiir
Looiiioii Vohritnry4,liM7 n
J. II. 1'fllliHiK,  Lnciiloi
, Jiimus Camoroii, Amnit
No 8 Oommonulniinta |im.t 'iImi'ih-I at tlit
finitliwiiht (inriidrof .TiimosFaloonnr'stlmhor
i- Him, tliniifo north 80 0 ihIiin, t[1111100 wont M
••liRlna, tliuiipti Houthni olinlnH, tliritiPiitinHt 8n
i-liiiliiN to place nf IiorIiiiiIiiu
liocatml Kiiliriiury 4, ltK)7
(llimlflii Wnlillo, Locator
,/iIiiiiis, ('anmroii, Arpiii
Noll (Viinm;iioln-* nt n tm.it planlml two
K'llw nortii of tlie nortlieaiit corner nf J. R,
riiloak'11 tlmhor olslm, tlionoo Niiiith 100
0 111 lis.tliunon wimt40olmliu.thiincn nortii IM
i- iuin*, thonce .mat 40 nlinliiM (0 place of lie-
Lociitoil Fohriiorv P, 1IW7
A, 1 Flshfr, Loon tor
ilnmoi Osmiiron, Aiisnl
Nolo ComrnooolnB»ti!._pMtiil»nt«ilnt, tlio
norllioflnt oornor of A. r, Ffihor'i tlmhor olalni
Minim. «.«,,»• (Mo|iiili\n,tln>n(>t. ncrlli W tlmlv. •.
UitiiiRo onat Mt olinlna, tlionoo noutli A) olmins
Loonttil Kohruary 11, IW17
Id A, KnHtnor, Locator
Jsmrm Cnmaron, Aiient
Noli qnmrnenelnirat a pout iilantoil llro
mIIm'north of the northwMt eornor nf J, h.
Mulntyri'ii tlmhor olalm.  thence moulli HW
1'lnlliii,, tlii-ffi'li civt i*i l-l.ii l«?   *?;'**;''*.. ,-,il   'I-
chiiliif,. thoni-i wont 40 oli/iiiis   to"tii'niie of
hrjilB-ulli* '  . '
Uui.t«.l Fehrmry 10,1007
W. J, nitiniloll, Lopntor
JawoM.t'amowm, Audit
No1» Oommenojni at a itoat plantwl Id
nlialiie weiji from tlio norHimmt oornor of M. A.
KitptriAr'MMmtier olHln-i.thoneewiitttAiif-lialnii
tlionot north 80 rilialn*, thoncArant A) chain*,
lliimci.. mniili m nhrtln* tn place of bttalnrilui'
Li-k-MoiI Fehnury ll, lt-or
H. .7, ,7o)iTHiin, Lnitatnr
,lamo» Oarncrnn,  Anmt
No IS dunmenolnr at a po»t pUnlnl ti)
ch'ln* wcitof the norlh«**t comer or II J
Johriion'ii tlmlirr claim," th*nco went, io
cha n», llirnce north ttn ehalnt, tlienro taut
Mi ohajni. thtnee eonth to ehatrt* to p!»pe
of heglniilnjf
Loc*l#iJ VtHitatTf 11,1WI
Uiiaixl't UiiUnaat (or tale mrywkire
m *V4t
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IPHrnTftl 'fi-aTnUttJ-BB
;5>1Z£ It,I
So-Called Copc;iiiatloil Bill—You Can
-Y-ourseif and See How the
Governwt Enforces It     "
, ! '
1511,1, SO. 36.,
A'n .-Ml lo aid in the Prevention and
Seuliiiii-nl of Strikes and l.oekouts
iu Jlin<.s'and''Industries connected
willi Public Utilities,. •
' ilis Majesty,  liy and wiih  llie    ail-
vice mid consent- i.l   tin- sciuile    .ami
iioiisi* nl' commons of Ciinaila,' enacts*:-
as follows: __
1. This act 11iiiy.be ciloil as the In-
diistrial   Disputes   InvesLii-atiou     act,
■ U;07-.
" - •-, Interpretation.
" ."2. In. this act, unless the csntexl
otherwise   requires—
(a) "Minister ' .means  llu:   nitiiist-
' i-r ii.l labor;.
(ji)'..'Department"  liieans    the    de-
pa rtuicnt' of labqt;
(c) "Employer" means' any per-,
.son, company or corporation .employing ten- or more, persons and owning
or onci aliii-ji. any mining property,
Agency 0!' transportation or * communication, or public service utility,
incliuliiij-. except as' hereinafter pro-
, vidod, railways, . whether operated by
.stenth, electricity or other,, motive
power, .steamships, telegraph and tcl-
.  ephdiie lines, gas,  electric light, water.-
-and i*o\vtir wor'ns.1
- ,i    , .-   ■ -
. (d) "Kinplovee'   lueans  any    person
■ employed by an employer to do any
skilled'i.r unskilled manual or clerical woik for hire or reward --•'iii    any
,-.industrj to which this act applies' •
(e. '-]),spuLe'.' or -'•'iiwlnslrial dis-
jmte'' means any' dispute or diiier-
ence l.ctween an employer and any
.one'or-more of, liis .employees, as , to
matteis or things,, affecting or, relating to work done" or to lie ■done'' by
liim or them, or as to the".privileges,
right!*, and'duties of employers' or employees (not involving-any such violation-thereof as constitutes an in-
<lietf.!i!o 'offence); .and,   without limit-
means o! compelling" their employer,
or t-,,' aid 'other employees in . compelling their employer ' to ' accept
terms ■ of employment.'
(hi "I'oard" -means a board of
coiicU.'ittinn and investigation utivler
the previsions oi  this act. «.
'(.i) "Application" means an uppii-
cil-o'i for the appointment of a 'oard
uudtr the provisions of this act.
(j) "Reg-islrar" means the registrar uf boards of conciliation,,, and
iiivtsiigatioii under, this' act.
. (k) "Prescribed" . means prescribed
by this act,- or "by any rules or icg-
ulations 'made thereunder. '
_(1.' "Trade union", or, "union"
means .any . organization of employees formed' for tlie purpose ol
regulating relations between employ-
eis and employees. *   "     ,
The "minister of labor shall have
general'    administration_ of ' this
1 njf" t lio^euctvi 1—iiaUl reTTJl"-1 lie    aliovc"
4 definition, ""includes all   niulturs ..relating to— - - .'''.■"
(1) 'lhe wages allowance or other
reiniinci ii/tion of employee'', or > the
pr i-e piii'1. or to be paid in respect of
employment; • ■    »
(2) The * hours of . employment,
'sex, lige, qiuililicatioii or status;' of
'employees, and the mode, terms and
■ condilinns of employment;
' (3, The employment o,[ children or
.any pcrsof. or persons or class .of
person*,, or tlie dismissal of or re-
:fus'il to,employ any particular person or persons or class ot persons;
(41 Claims on tlie part of an em-,
■ploycr-ci any employe, as to wlielli-
aiiil.   if  so,  under what
, 4. The governor-iu-council shall appoint a registrar, of boards of conciliation and investigation,, who thall
have tlu- powers and-perform the duties prescribed.    " „   '
(.2; The office of .registrar may ' be
Aeld either separately, or in conjunc-.
tion with any other ollice in the public seivicc, and in the latter case the,,
registrar 'may, if the governor-in-
eouiicii thinks fit, * be appointed," not
l*y_ name, but by "reference to such
other ollice,. whereupon-the person
who'' for the time -being holds such office, r,:- performs the duties,* shall by
virtue thereof be the registrar. "
-., Investigation:   f
Constitution of Boards.
5. 'Wherever any, dispute .exists between any-'employer and any of his
employes,. and the parties "thereto
are .unable to adjust' it,. either' of, the
parties  to'-the dispute may' make ap-
-stanccs,      prefereuee- of    employment
should not be given  to one
tliei- of  persons    being
oi   labor
-should 01
class ove-
or no. being mwnlwrs ,
other oi'gnni/ati.ms,   llrilisli    Milijecls
or aliens, .
■ (5il\lntcriiils,. supphoil and ai'og-
ed to ic -lad, unlit or unsuitable, or
dating i'llfgel Lo have been  done to
work;. '   *
(fi) Any established custom 01
usage either generally of in the pnr-
ticii'ar district allcctcd;
(•/', Tin- iutei-preliilion ot »"y
iigi-euiitiil  or a clause thereof.
(f* iXcckont" (without limiting
ilhc'iiatiir.' of Us lueiiuittgl nimuis n
.closing of a- nl.ici.; of eiiipbiynitnt, or
,11 mis|.eiision of work, or iv refusal by
;an employer to continue to employ
!nny inimbcf of his employees in cmi-
tsotiiiiiiliv' ol 11 ilispule, done willi a
view In compelling his employee's, otto aid another wnploycr in coni-
pi-lllitj, his employees, tn iwept
'terms ui" employment.
(g) "Strike" or "lo go 011 strike"
(witlimu limiting tin- nature of Its
inclining.! menus the I'l-nsniiiiii ,of wn-n
by n body of eiiipliiyws m-tiii.-. iii
i-oinbilintloii, or a coiia-rle-d refusal
or .1 i-efiimil nndi-r a cninuwMi uml.'.'
Htiiinlilig of nny iititubcr id i'iit|iliivi-es
tu cHitintie work for nu employer, iu
cotiKiiiicnci) of 11 dispute, ' (liim- n' 11
Dflnuerouscouf.hs. Extremely
perilous coui>iis, Coughs that
rasp and tear the throat and
whole body. You need a rep-
Urmeiiiciiie, n doctor's medicine, for .such n cough. Ask
your doctor about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. .,
pTf&TlTGiTTto^llie" minister-for-tlieap--
poiiitmeiii of, a board of conciliation
and inveseigation,. to "which board.the
dispute may-be referred under ', the
provisions of this'act;, provided; however, thiit, ■ in' the'case of a dispute
between a railway company , ar>d its
employees,",, such dispute may be re"
fcrnyl, for the ]mr])ose of conciliation and'investigation, under the provisions concerning ratihvay disputes
in thv-. Conciliation and I/abor.-act.
(5.. Whenever, under this act, an application is made in due form for the
appointment" of a board of conciliation and _investigatian, such application does not relate to a dispute
whicli is the' subject of a reference
under tlie provisions concerning railway disputes in the Conciliation and
Labor act, the minister, whose decision foi such purpose shall be final,
witfi u 15 days from the date at
which tlie application is 'received, establish such board under his hand
mid seal of ollice, if satisfied that the
provisions of this act apply.,
;. IS-,cry board shall consist ol
three members who shall lie appointed ')_,  tlu. minister,
(2) (if the three members , of the
ho'irU om* shall be appointed on the
recommendation of the employer nnd
oik: 0,1 the recommendation of the
ciiii'lojec-.* (the parties to the dispute'., and the third, on the rcconi-
nuiidittion of the mo-nbem so
8. I'oi the purposes of appointment
of tin- members of the board, the following provisions shall  apply:
u; Knch parly to the dispute mayt
at the time of making application or
Willi iu live dnys after licing .requested
iio to do by the minister, recommend
tho inline of one person who is willing anil ready to net ns a nieinlx-r ol
the hoard, and the minister shall .111-
I oint such person a member of the
,3, 11 either of the portion fails or
iivglul.i to duly mnkc any rccom-
inciidiiiioti within the said _>uriod.
or sueli extension thereof as the minister ,011 cause shown, grunts, the
miniMer gp.ill, as soon thereafter as
possible, appoint 0, fit person to be a
member of the board, nud such member slini; he deemed to be appointed
on tiie reeiiinmciidiitinii of the said
{3, U«v. iiitijt'/bi.t «.Jio,-»tii on llie itc-
ryntmcidntlnii of ihe parlies may,
wltlr.ti live days after tlieir appointment, recommend the mime of one
person who is willing and ready to
third member of the board,
1, !.,.*.<! -,.      .1,    11     ,....... 1 I
 **-. ;***■!.*»     tk_._*!slhUt.     *UVw&»
board has been appointed by the minister, the registrar shall notify the
parties of the names of the members
of tie board and the chairman thereof, and such notification shall - be
final and conclusive for all "purposes"
10. Every member of a board shall
holl oflice from the time of his appointment until the report of the
board is signed and transmitted lo the
'11. N°i person shall act as a member; ol a board, who has any- direct
pecuniary interest in the issue of a
dispute referred to such board."
12. Every vacancy 'in tbe niein-
be'rsh',) of a board shall be-supplied
ih the same'manner as in the case o'l
the original appointment ol * .every
person  appointed. „
.. 13. Before entering upon theexer--
ci.se,. oi the functions of their office
the numbers of a board, including the
chaiimaii, shall make oath or affirm"
ation before a justice of' the' peace
that tl-.tyi will faithlully and impartially perform the duties of their of-
lics, and also that, except in the dis-
(.lu..rg-: ol their duties, they will not
disclc.se. to''any person any , of the
evidence or, other matter brought before "the board.
14. The department . may provide
the hoard with a 'secretary, stenographer, or such other clerical assist-
au.-i: as to the minister appears nec-
essaiy fo: the efficient carrying out
of the provisions-of this act.
I'roi-euute for Reference of Disputes to
Boards, * •   ■ .
15. I'oi the purpose of 'determining
the mannei in which, and the persons by whom, an application for
the appointment of a- board is to be
made, the following provisions shall
(IJ The application shall be made
in writini; in the prescribed form,
and-"'shall' be in substance a raruest
to the'minister to appoint a board
to wind, ''the existing -dispute,, may be
refcrrc-ei under the provisions of this
(2) The-.application shall be accompanied-by—. "
(a) A  statement setting  forth—
(i),the  parties  to  the' dispute;' '
(2) the  nature and  cause  of    the
dispute, including any' claims or demands made =by , either, party "upon
the other, to which exception is
takeu' ,1
. (3). an approximate estimate ' oi
the number of persons affected or
likely  to be ■ affected by the dispute;
, '4) the efforts made by the parties themselves to adjust thi* dispute;
',i*.d'~    *    ' :
(b) A statutory declaration setting
foith that," failing an adjustment' of
the dispute or. a reference thereof- -. by
■viiv-uiiL-ioici—u)-a—ijuarci-01—conciliation and investigation under the act,
to t--.^ best of the, knowledge and belief of the. declarant, '"a lockout- or
st:i'.<e, as the case may be, will
dei-lared.' 'and - that the necessary
thorny .to declare such lockout
strike has  been obtained.
, (3) The application may mention:
the im e of a: person,,'who is willing
and ready and desires to act its a
mcnibercl',, the board representing ihe
party or parties making the' applica-
tioii.   '
lu.—The application and the dec-
laution  accompanying   it—
2) if made by an* employer, an
incorpi rated company or corporation
shall be signed by some- one of its
duiy authorized managers or other
principal' executive officers;
■■(2) h' made by an employer nthiir.
than au incorporated company or corporation, shall be signed by' the em-,
plover fiimself in case he is an individual,'or a majority of partners or
members iu case, of a partnership
firm or association;
(3) If made by employees, members' r[ a trade union, shall be signed
by two of its officers duly author! «d
by r majority- vote of the members
of thi- union, or liy a vote taken by
ball-1 of the members of the union
prejuit nt a meeting called on ! not
lesi than three days' notice for the
pui-paic of discussing  the ,i_uestion;
(■1) if made by employees, some
or nil of whom ure not members ' of
a trade union, shall be signed by two
of tht1 r number duly inuhori/.ed liy a
majority .vote lukon by ballot of the
employees present ut a meeting
callo.! on not less Hum tliruu days'
notii'f for the purpose of
the question.
have  to
(Continued ou  l'uge h,<)
v. pntlcs owing tin- late Inn of
luimnonn and Turner, or that ol
futile aid Turner, arc hereby notified tk.U all pitch accounts are payable
id J ok* Turin*, nml must be Hcttlt-d
on 01 Morn thn suth ol March nett,
U JOHN riJV.NKl',,
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A. H. IKKLANP, Superintentoit of
Bnnches "
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - .- - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches througliout Canada, and in the Uniicd Slates and Enfl«D4
■osiness may be transacted by nxn ii with any branch
aftibe Etwk. Accounts may .be opsnsci and deposits
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Btierij attention.
Rooms reseroed by niire
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T.H. WHELAN- Proprietor
Wc puVlUh am- formulu
net n.i n
-iji'l  t.-.-e   .■.'.','.'.':.':ic;-
ppr.so.i 11 memlier of the hoard,
(<\) lillit- incntlicrH chosen on tliu
I'wi.iiinii-iiiliitioii of the jinrtics fail or
niejjltu tn duly nmke any rccoinnuii-
ilalicii witliiu llm Hald _xjr'o<], or
8iii.ii -.-•fU-iisioii tliurt-nf as tliu niitil.it-
vr, oa cause .shown, grunts, the jnln-
Inter uliiill. ih soon llitn-nftt-r ns
poMilvIe ii]i]ii)iiit H fit peraoii to l»e a
lliinl uu nilcr nf 1 im hoard, and Mich
meui *)■.■! Mi,di l« deeiiiwl to be np-
pnliiu-il  nn   llu-  tvcmiiiiicndiitiQii    of
do III beil'u-ork If the* bovelt ire con*   I In; two oilier uniiiht-iN (tf the hoard.
illpited,   Ask.ypur doctor if he knowi ;   (5. The third     memlwr aliall     lie
ecilnc Hiis ultipsishneiB of the liver.      «»""'«" "f «i« honrd.
')• An soon no pusslhle nflcr the full
it ,11— innmippua,
Wn |.»nlih ilonhnt
Irnni oiiriii.illnlii.f
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recVlnR tills p|'ifgi9hnei> of the liver.
^~*liut Xtf thi J. 0. i»«» Oa.) tow*ll. If*".'
UOTICII Is Ltrcfcy j;lv-n Hut,    •>
days allrr diitt*, I Mewl to nvpi.v Xo
the Ilonorohlc Chief CominlBslontr ol
tandi anil Works for pcnninslon   lo
purclinie     the     (nllowlnj,'  (lcirr'.bfd
mul, -.1 Hinti- in K.I-.I  Konti-ii.-y, r.'-iir
Elka.   Cduuu.::<:.'.'i^ -- .- ,•  •'    '
t-d on the northern hoiuiilury lin*   11
Lot 4K33, nliotit 40 clmiiiH L-iisl   Irom
the   nortliweit corner    of mild Lot;
tlience nortii 40 cliuins; tlu-nce nnt f.n
clulni; tlience south do chuiiiH, more
or lean, to the Klk Uiver; thru  #e»t-
eily along miid riv«r, to the east em
Itoundary     ol mild  Lot  Ww,  xhrnce
northerly alim| wild eaitcrn Wmd-
niy of laid Lot to the iiorlhi-nst i-or.
ner of lame; tlience   westerly   .ilon__
tlie nortkern lioundnry ol laid IM to
piece ol beginning.
Dated the iHtli dav of Fehruary, A.
D. IQ07.
11fMHiRPlMlplfVJ* ••■"•»* MMOAI Tl
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jTevnic, 3B. &
ol  I'Aim
l-'inii l.,-,i-'i:i*
llottled    UooiIh    h     Mptuiliil t*5'>
 "■   ~r-lJLTLJlll   I ■ II  llll   II     ■■■!■ ■■■■   ■ -1- T I "I ' ' ->-^-J——^ ~— —— MJ.J„M^._J   ggj   F
♦♦^♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦..♦♦^♦♦♦♦4«.««»»«.«»«. |,*«
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Mr.'ini*liPN—Vniicoiiver, Ni-Uon, l-Vrn*»»».
l-'diiiiniUii), Al In. & Ki.-ni|iii, Out.      .
Pcrnle, B. C.
h VpWffWirlfl ■
60  VEAnfl' ••
TnADC M»nn»
r ffTf ^ '       0W*fHIOHT* &C.
AruMWinni-nillriif n «l«Hrii nnd_A wiwlptlnn tnik-r
niitrklf Mcrum i.ur i.|.n.„.li ,Tl**»_J».U»i"«, •"
iiihii*ihii It |iri.hi>iiir
Wholcwil*-  Groci-rit-s,   Hour,   l-Vi *i »\
Camp SuppliL-t.
III  IHUT l»)'HIMM|  eiw« —.—
■ «ji»ii«-
. ....  llirnuuli
•yi-^lAl tvMll, without tii»r(,-«, 1. ill*
l'»t«,l» uk«n llirnuuli Mult  A CV).
MlAl tvXUl, wllhoul tli»rii«. 1. Ui*
Scieniiflc Fm^m.
IwmV".   I *rt*t*. «*»•
urt " «'• o»«r-a" * "**- WwWiwwM. It. •: >"Ji<»*aM&W'^'v.^c»l«:t^
But After Lengthy Discussion and Much Exchange
of Opinion This was Turned Down
by the 'Conference
the Western Coal Operators'  Associa-
.' tion  (consisting of  the Vacific    Coal
I   Company.  Ltd.,    the   IL W. McNeill
Co., Ltd., the Breckenridge and Lund
Coal   Co.,'Ltd.,   the   West   Canadian
Collieries,   Ltd.,   the   Canadiau-Ainer-
::i lean-Coal and     Coke Co., LUl.i    the
j International  Coal' . and  Coke    Co,,
/Ltd., and the Crow's Ncst.l'ass Coal
,      Co.,  Ltd.)  bf  the one part,  and  the
employees  of  the said' companies   as
-'represented      by    the    -United,   Mine
- Workers of America,  District No-  18,
of "the, other-part,   that the following
geneial provisions and scales of,eon-
■  '- tract  prices  and  wages  shall  govern
.the  parties hereto for the period    oi
■ '.one year,  commencing April  1;   i9°7i
and ending March  31,   i9°S.   ■•-  •)eml'
„  understood  and  agreed   that  the  parties thereto will     meet in conference
sixty days prior to  the" expiration oi
this  agreement  to  discuss a   renewal
thereof.   This - agreement   covers,   all
the mines,  coke     ovens and,  outside
plants,,   operated  by   tie  companies,
and all persons'accepting.employment
°   at  these mines.agree to  lsc governed
by.  tbe   following   rules   and     regula-
, tions.
Settlement   of   Local and  General Dis-
* putes.
(a)'In  case  any   disputes  or  grievances  arise under this agreement    or
any   local   agreement   made   in    connection   herewith,   whether   the      dispute   or   grievance-is claimed to'have
arisen by tlie company or any person
or  persons  employed  or' by   the  men
"     as a whole,  then the parties shall endeavor to settle the matter as here-
'    irialter    provided.   <, But  before    any
'   grievance or dispute shall be submit-
,  „   ted  to the pit committee,  the person
' ,., . or persons affected shall endeavor by
The pit committee in discharge of
its duties shall, under no circumstances, go around the mine foi any
cause whatever, unless, called upon
by the pit boss or foreman, or by a
miner or day man, who may have a _
grievance that lie has first tried to compaii
and  cannot  settle  with   the  boss. ■
1 .Mi-ml-.ei- .I' the pit committee cm-
ployed as. da}' men shall not leave
their places of.duty during working
hours except by permission of . the
pit boss or foreman,' or. in1 cases involving the stoppage of the mine.
The' pit committee shall have access to the. mines froin time to time,
accompanied, by the mine manager or
pit boss, to make examinations allowed by the' Coal Mines . Regulation act..
personal application to-Uie~pit.~ iioss-
to settle the matter, and in thi* event-
of  them agreeing  their decision shall
be final.
• (to) In case of any ' local dispute
arising in any mine, a"*-' failure' to
agrcj between the-pit boss am! '■ un*-
cmployee, the pit committee ami
mine.iuperintendent shall endeavor
to seiUe tlie matter,' and if they
agree,   their  decision  shall be final...
(c; In the event of the. failure ot
the pic committee and the mine sup
erintendcni to settle any dispute so
referred to them, as well as in
the event of-any other dispute arising, the" matter in dispute shall be
referred to the geuexal superintendent
or general manager of the company
and the oiliccrs of District No, 18 U.
M. W. of A. for settlement, and it
they ag«* their decision shall 1*
final. Should they fail to agree it
shall* lie referred to a joint committee, aaid committee - to be made up of
three delegates appointed by thr-
Wwtcrn Coal Operators' Association
and three miners appointed by Dis-
trict No. 18 of the U. M. W, of A.
for .settlement. If they agree their
deciaiou shall be final and binding
upon Iwlh parties. A majority of the
full committee must vote in favor of
any motion before it can be dtelnred
carried. The joint committee, when
necesnary, shall meet on the second
Monday ol'tacit month.
(d_i In tlie meantime, and in all
canes while disputes are being investigated and settled, the miners, mine
labor*™ and all other parties involved miipl continue to work pending
investigation, nnd until final decision
lint bseii miehod. for where miner,
miner*-, miae laborer or mine laborers him or mivo been di-.chur.-cd by
the company, he or they shall not remain In the employ of the cimipmiy
while hlfl or their case is being investigated und settled, If 11 claim I*
made within live days where 11 man
or men nan or hnve Ia-vii uii.ur.lly
UiaChurgt'ii the case shall be tle.ilt
with according to this article, and ii
it is proven that he or they hive
been unjustly dealt with, he or they
shall be reinstated, If claim iu muilc
(or compensation for lime lost, iu
coses wiicre reinMnlimi-iil has followed, it shall be left to the joint
commit lei.  to decided  what  amount.
if   »!',>, 'li   lO  l.t  Jv.M
' [ti) Any broach nl thl-i ii.-ri-i-im-nt
1>y nny of the parties hereto is not
to void the said agreement, bill Hume
is to continue in lull loici: and illicit.
It Is not intended, however, by this
<.)ili-i.»r|i(iii tn iiliHilip' lln- rli'ht ul
the men to suspend work after fiu.il
wtth-mi-nl, us herein pmvid-d, ii .my
operator or operators refuse lo In-
bound hy any decision given iiguitiM
tltnn under this article
akticu-; u.
Duties of thu J'it Committee.
The 1 In lie* ui the pit lutmiiUW-v-
nli.ill be confined to the settlement
o{ dispute* iK-twt-cn the pit l-oss or
foreman and any iiu'inl-t-r <>( th<*
I'nited Mine Workers of AmcriiM
working in nr atoiimJ the jiuin.*>
atiiiun «>ut ut tlii.• .i^ivtuieul .aid M
afiniurnt!. made in loiiiit-vlion Ihm*-
wilh, lhc pit ixi.ss or lo'cmnn nml
nun t,r mm bavin-; fatlnl to agree.
■ARTICLE III. .- -1' ■
■ Outside men are to work ten hours,
unless otherwise provided in- the
scale, exclusive of noon hour, and *if
required" will w.prk overtime, the company paying them overtime for .the
same. All inside'men connected wilh
the transportation and loading of
coal are to work eiglu .hours at their
working1 place, exclusive, of noon
time, an.l the companies have the
right to put them 011 at such" hours
as may be required to' keep the tipples or breakers running the full ten
hours, and if they are required to,
work overtime, it- is agreed tliey will
do so, the companies paying , them
overtiin.* for the same. ,'.
Locomotive engineers, -," switchmen
and others, whose duties pre 'both
inside am1.,, outside the mine; shall be
cousidesed as outside employees, and
work* tn: hours-per day, but in case
of locomotive'engineers and switchmen, they .arc to be paid aii increased  compensation  for the same.  -
Miners,   when  working  by .contract,
=,i 1 j (\ ni s i fl n '■'''_*.*-      V.*.-"*!!      -101. .'ii HlK-CXcd,
sponsibility or undertake to. make
any .such payments where' not indebted to .the employee. The companies will accept such request if
.made to'last during tlie life of this
Where' a checkweighman is appoint-'
ed    the companies     agree  to  deduct
from the, wages of all contract   miners such sum or sums as may be designated for his  wages and  pay   over
the same to the checkweighman.
ARTICLE  IX.   .    '   .
" Special Rules, Etc.
The right to hire and, discharge, the
management   of    the     mine  and-the
direction  of   the  working   forces    arc
vested    exclusively   in   the   company,
and the United Mine Workers of America shall not abridge this right.   It
is" understood  and ■ agreed .that    this
agreement shall not; conflict   in . any
way   with   the*   special .rules    of'   the
now' in force,  provided that
the   special   tales   shall*not_ interfere
with thv rates of wages or the work
to   be   performed   under   this"   agreement.    ' ' .1     , -■
Winers  and' Partners.
The  present    practice  of  '  working
cither miners  as  *■ partners  or    with
miners and  laborers  as  it  exists    in
the   sqvcral      camps   at, the  present
time .will be adhered to.- *In cases of
new mines  or  camps  the 'system    to
be adapted  is to'be arranged through
the  joint  committee.' /   On  all    corn-
pan v  work  the-company   shall     em-
plov such classes of men as_ the work
reci'uires,   and   at   the   rate  of,   wages
providcl, for   in   this  agivciutut.   The
compauv shall pay  the sum of three
dollars  (S3.00)   lier' day  to  all    miners oril'v -taken  from  contract to    do
company  work.  .Any  miner failing to
earn  the minimum  rate  of  three dollars   (S3.00)  per shift,  owing   "to    a
deficient   condition    of    his    working
place  shall   be  paid  by   the  company
a sufficient  amount to secure him' the
said .minimum, .provided he is  a capable man,, and,has done a fair day's
.Miners   taken, from   contract    work
for    sinking   slopes,   driving1 inclines,
rebuiUlini,       falls,     skipping     pillars
aud, other special work- are tov be paid
5.3.50 per ■ day. '    '
Construction and Extensive Repairs.
' It is "agreed, that ■_ all men working
on improvements and- extensive '■ repairs are not included in the jurisdiction of     the United Mine Workers
ploy Chinamen. underground, but have
the right to work same abtove ground,
and the United Mine Workers' of
America; agree not to interfere in'any
way with such employment. The; employment of such labor shall not en-
- . u      ..
title  the United     Mine  Workers      of
to  call   a  strike ,pr ,  stop
with the transportation and loading
of coal, are, to work eight .hours
from bank tb bank.
Drivers time shall begin when they
reach the place at which they receive
their empty cars, and ending at the
same place, and when requiivd shall
lie  exclusive of  noon   time.
This' is'.subject in Dritish Columbia
lo the laws of that province.
Penalty for Stoppage of Work',
rf any employee or employees shall
cause a stoppage of work,in violation of this agreement, he or they
shall be subject to discharge by th.'
company without recourse. If any
day men belonging- to the United
Mine Workers of America refuse to
continue work because of a grievance
which has, or has not been taken, up
for adjustment in the manner provided herein, the pit committee shall
immediately, if requested by the company, furnish a man or men to take
such vacant place or places at the
scale rate, iit1 order lhat the mine
may lojiliuue at work, and it shall
lie the duty of any member or mem-
hers of thi- United Mine Workers of
America who may be culled upon by
llie pit boss or pit committee to immediately take the . place or places
assigned to him or llieiii in pursuance thereof.
Penalty  for Absence  Prom   Work.
When an employee absents himsell
I nun his work for a period of two
days, unless through sickness, or by
first huviiifc properly arranged with
llie. pit boss or foregiiinn and obtain-,
i-d his consent, lie limy .he discharged,,
All employees whose absence would
uiim- nin stoppagv ol wolf*, must, before iihs-c-itiiij- themselves, pro|H;rly
uri'imgc with the pit boss or fore-
uiim for their .'ibsi-lice; otherwise he
mny Ik- disrliiirgul,
Any eiiipliivu' who hnbitiiullv absents himself finiii wot 1; ur who
habitually    takes    iiilviiiitngt!   ol   this
chlllsc,   may   bv  diM'h.U'gvil
Alim'MJ VI,
Whenever  any   new   wink   niisi-s,-   11
price  for    which  lias  not  hi-vn    piu-
vided  for  in  this ngieeiiuiil,  ou   the
roqlicsl   of   tin.  cnnin in..    ,i,,|   "|,i. .,,;„
ers,  the  joint cuiuiiiitlci' of ih,. Western  Conl   Operators'   association   and
District \u,   is „[  the   UniUd   Mine
WorI.it-. ul America shall na-et within thirty days after tin- said  iv-_ik-si
and   arr.iii-'e  a   urii-c    Mi-nnlliiii-   nml
imtij   sui'i   juiu-  has   Ih'i-ii   nti.iu_-.i-iI,
all  int-li  Khali   U-  paid  upon   llu:    il.i\
wage SCI It-.
Aimcuc XII.
'flu; ■ -iiii.i.mif.i v,--!| u.i'.udv t!,i
cli.-ik-ofl system; thnt i.s to say, up-
■ .ii the uiihi in ruling by any oiu-
of Uu- cf.iiipiinns i-mployeis, the company will di-luri mhIi iiioiii.*-* irmu
tlnir w.igf, cnh tiiniith ,1.1 is do:.ig
natcl fur lines, dues, .iSM'sMiuiits iiud
ini'iali.ii h<>, ..ml uill _.<n.- a IM ui
'fl''    '.I'.Lv.     .ittl    p.4>     U'.1>1      t'.v,        .UlU.Uttt
diilintul t:, tlu- J(,..»l sei.it-t.iry of the
I'nilt-d Miu, WorUr.s ..I^Aiiuricn, but
the cuii-un ih»x el .»v>mmc any n*
ol-America- —7 ~ '    7
• No scale of ..wages' shall be "made
by the United Mine'Workers of1 America for mine managers, mine manager's assistant, pit boss, " overman,
fire bosses, tipple boss, breaker boss,
head machinist, head boiler maker,
company ,'" weigiiman, boss driver,
night boss, head"5 carpenter, head electrician', night watchman, stable boss
mil all:_ foremen, time keepers ' and
coal inspector. , ■■
Holidays, ■ .
he following days only shall be
observed as holidays: New Year's
Day, Victoria Day, Dominion .Day,
Labor Day, Thaiiksigiiving Day,
Christians Day, Pi'ov'ncial Election
Day; but there shall be no holiday
after payday. -
In case of n fatal accident in nny
mine, the employees in the mine
where the accident occurs may suspend work for that shift, work to be
resumed until the day of the funeral,
when aii employees may suspend work
to attend the funeral.
Turn in Cars.
' Men in nil places shall receive,    ns
far u*. possible, a proportionate turn
of curs.
Delivery of Timber.
The  opern tors  agree   to ^deliver  all
timber,  rails and other mnlcriiil    in
lint seams und in breasts across the
pitch at lhc mouth of llu- rooms and
in     pilihing scams    u'.    the nearest
cross-cut   and     not  to  exceed  11  distance ol sixty feel from  ihe fiice.
Ilnisliiiig  is understood  In be   Inking dow'i rock from  the hanging   or
li.nl   wall-   dlllv.
Single Shift,
'lln   singb-   shlll   system  in   rooms
,iiid  pillar.',  shnll  be adhered    to    as
fur ns  possible.
Ptii'Tiiii-i' in  Kiiiplnytticiit.
T>,    ,, ...      '.'..t'V ".,       i"   I1.r,.'i'|.   r»nl
nf I'liipliiMm'ttt. unh^«s ilioi'lmr^cil, hi-
shall   be   .livi-n   preferi'iirc   over   now
iiieu in mines iu the same camp operated by   the snme compaiiv.
t',-«il|'it'l Wtv-iiH    II.    %jii'j\-,.
No l.oys tn lie employed uitder-
gioiiinl les:. thiiu fotirtei'ii years of
Diiitoi  .mil Hospital.
The m-itli.r nl dnctor ami hospital
iirr.in.'i-nntits is tu be. arranged Ivc-
i«e~n liis I'inpliiYi-is an-1 the 111,111-
agi nit lit and wind so arranged the
iolllp.ili.,i ajjltvs t-i lll.ikf thf i4<lUv-
tinti-. :.,r ili.it purpose. This in sub'
jeil in Hiitisli Ciilniiilii.i fn the laws
nf that  ptovinct.
Cniiicst- l,a)x)r.
The i<.uijumr>. agree-  iu»l  to     tut-
,! Nti  Market  Restrictions.
It is agreed   lhat the "United    Mine
Workers ol America will  not   in any
way  restrict or      interfere with    the'
marketinr  of coal or' coke to any person,  firm' or corporation. .
Contract   Mining   Rates.
It is agreed that all contract" rates
in     existing ' agreements   be  adopted,
but  it shall be open in  any one ' to
ask' for an adjustment and for prices
on new work  mailed  or handed  in to'
the  president  of   the , joint  conference
before  tin tenth  day of  April    next',
whereupon  the same shall be immediately  referred   to "the   joint  committee for settlement and disposal  of by
the    committee    011      or   before  the
thirtieth  day ,of May,   1907. .If     the
joint committee fails  to  agree as to
any* such  adjustments   or  prices,   the
parties effected are not to be considered bound by the adoption of existing  contract  rates  in  such  cas*es'.'
ARTICLE  XXIV. ,       ,'    ."
Penalty    for  Loading   Impurities.
Where coal  is  mined  and  paid    for
by  tonnage  rates,   the  present    practice is to be continued.
Where, coal is mined and" paid for
by yardage rate, all men are to deliver their coal as free from slack,
rock and other-impurities as-is practicable.' In case of. failure to do so,
they shall ' be warned for the first
and second offences, and for the third
offence may lie, discharged.-
All nieiii are to lurnis-h their own
tools, which the companies ' agree to
take back when they * leave, at their
then "value, ii purchased from ■ the
Oil—Company  Men. 0
The companies will pay tten cents
|9er- shiit to drivers and 'trip0 riders,
and five , cents - per shift to all other
company men, over and above the
schedule wages, where, oil is used in
open lights, 'such oil to be furnished
by the men. J « ,
S-.««1 - - " ^
at:  Nut,  $2.50 per  ton;  lump,   $^.ob
per ■ ton.
i. . IES, LTD.
The company will deliver coal to
tenants in company houses at: Vor
screened, • $3 person; imn-of-mine,
J2.50 per ton.
1   & COKE CO., LTD.
House Rents, Water, Light and Coal
The  following   charges"   for   water,
] house rent, light and house coal    at
Frank, shall.be as follows:
House reut—3 room house;  Sl'o per
month;    4 room/.house,  $12.50    ,per
Light-i, 16 c.p... light for each
room free.
House coal—Delivered at for run-of-
lnine, .5*3.50 per ton.
The company will deliver coal, at
53.50 per ton to, employees residing
within . three-quarters of a mile from
the"-mine. To employers outside_.the
above limit, $2 per ton for the coal
at .the mine.    .   ' •■ ,     " ■ 3 _
Rents—S12.50.,, per month for the
four houses now' owned by the company. ,
"'';.',        Per Day. Hours.
Muckers   ,2-'>-*!K      8
Locomotive Engineers or
Motonr.eii  3-°o    "8"
Locomotive Switchers  or"
Mctormea   Helper's 2.62)4
Rope Riders  ,,._  '• 2.75,
Main and Tail Rope Riders ' •:.. 3-oo"
Drill Runners  3-5°
Drill    Runner's   Helpers-....3-°°
Pumpmen.,  2.50
Cageu=  .':....'  .2.62;^
Cager in. Shaft 3 «°
Slope Roller'Men   2.50
With the exception of drivers hoist-
men and tail rope riders, the above
increase of wages arc for the Province -of" Alberta only," and givtn on
account of the increased hours of
work iu that province; "should the
hours of work be reduced at any
time, the old. rates arc effective.
tics'lieielo,'have ■ .hereunto  set    the
hands  of    their  proper  officers',' ihis
day of —-1907
.. •- 1   a''
...?2.62# 10
.... ,1.25 10
,... 2.25 o IO
.... 2.25 10
...  1.50 10
... 1,-25 10
...' 2.62^ IO
....$3-67j{. I0'
.... 2.62J4 10
.... 3.67-2' io'
... 2.62)4 10
Bottom Men	
Slate Picker Boys-
Slate Picker Men... .
Car Oilers (Men):.'. ...
Car Oilers, (Boys)... fl.
Tally Boys   ..*	
Blacksmith  Helpers...
Carpenters......   ......   •
Carpenter Helpers...   .
Power  House  Engineers... 3-62}'   12
Power House   Engineers:.. 3-25     '8
Fan   .Man  2.62^ - 12
Hoisting    Engineer  3-6o    10
Hoisting    Engineer..:     2.89.     8
Tail   Rope  Engineers...-... 3.36    -S
Tail  Rope  Engineers 2>-6f/L   "*0
Box  Car Loader Engineer 3.15
Tipple  Engineer     :.•■ 3-^5
Locomotive   Engineer^   (Inside ■ and Outside  2:89
Locomotive Engineer  (Outside..!... : , -3-15
Locomotive        Engineer,
Helper or Switchman... 2.62^
Locomotive,       Engineer,
Helper    or Switchman... 2.94
Firemen.'..'.'..- '.' ••'■•• 2.62.4
Firemen."'.':.-.      3-67^
Railway      Caru    Handler   ■
.(Men) '  2.36
The "Western  Coal  Operators'   Association. ,    ,
'President. ."
Secretary"' ,
The United Mine Workers of Anierici,
District ,iS.    * ■*
,   , , President.
1 - ■   „   '    .. Vicc-Prcsidmt
International  Board  Memb.'r.
■Calgary, Alta., April,   t-:07."
The following clause is part of the
agreement entered into  the day
of April, A. D. 1907, between . the
Western Coal Operators' Association
and . with their employees as represented by the United Mine Workers
of America, District No. 18, but for
convenience is- not published in the
contract. . ,.-
No person shall be,refused employment or in' any way discriminated
against 011 account of membership or
non membership in any labor organization, and there shall be no 'discrimination . against' ,or interference
with any "employee who is not a
member of any lal*or organization by
members.of such organizations.
'-    ■ President.'
Secretary."'' y
The United Mine. Worktrs of America,
.- District  18.    ' '
*  " Pcesident.
■ Vice-President.
" a     ...Secretary,
International' Board   Member.
and wondering why
you cannot get a woman to do your washing, scrubbing or
general work.' Callus
by" phone—No. 10—
and let a small want
ad work for you
while   you  sleep/
To be furiiinhed according to present practice'and prices to remain as
at present.
' Crow's Nest  Pass' Coal  Co.,  Ltd.
The company will pay. three dol-
lar-i"($3'.''°) e-'*c" t'"'e iuc McGinty is
moved; one dollar and fifty, cents
($1.50), each time the jig or smaller
McGintv is moved, and five dollars
($5,00) each time the bull wheel is
moved. The maximum distance which
any of these shall,-be moved at these
prices is twelve feel.
The company reserves to itself the
right t- move the bull wheels „with
other labor than that of contract
miners. . '
House Rents, Water, Light \and Coal.
The following charges for house
rent,, (including sanitation) water
light and house conli at Coal Creek
;ind Michel collieries shall be ns follows: " *"'
House  rent    (including  sanitation)—
2 room house, detached, % per month;
3 room house,1 detached, $9 per
month; A room house, semi-detached;' $•) pci  month.
Water (to' tenants in company
houses) S: per month per house where
water is taken from  tap outside,
Electric light to tenants in com-
pnny houses, 50c, per ifi c.p. light.
Hour,.* coal—Delivered at Conl Creek
and Michel collicrlee, to tenants in
eoinpnny houses, ?2.5" por Ion.
Tho company agrees to rent their
hall to the United Mine Workers .if
America one night per week, except
Sunday, at 11 rental of five doUam
(55.oo) per night.
Nut conl delivered io employees In
n.iiikliciiil, S3.00 per ton; egg, J,|,oo
per ton,  btlipicttes,  Si*.on ptr ton.
The company will chnrge $1.00 per
mouth for use of wash house, and
50c. for a locker key,
When mini trips are run, these .trips
are special privileges nccorded employees nl their own rw-ueat, and nil
einplou'c, accepting the mnn trip
nnd riding on ihe curs assume the
risk of accidents and releases the
company from liability on that nc-
couut unless the injuries arc wilfully
Conl will be mippliwl to the r.m-
pluyeeti at lhe mule at S2.50 |ht ton.
The ciniipnny will in like the usual
di-.lvit'oi ol a per cent, to cover
mini- expcnscM from contractors only.
tr.ii* ''nTjircivTfvtjTnrtTr   *   vy.>
'I Jut company will deliver coal    to
tl'i-Ir employees residing In LunJbreclc
Tipple  Duinper(   Boys)
Car   Repairers..:   	
Breaker Engineer ._
Fan Fireman,...;	
iv—2-.62*> io_
•'. 3.I5'
.. 3-15
.. 3-iS.
°   ' 0  . . ' „
Lampmar,   (Depending ,.up-
. on number of lamps and     *•
skill    of "man),.. 1.25  to '3.15 12,
Machinist '., $3.15 -to 3.67^ I0
Asfcmau  2-25 ,.'°.
Ashman ,. '.  2.627, 12
Couplers   (Men)  2.25 10
Couplers      (Boys)  1.50 10
Breaker Oiler  2.62^ n
Washer or Tipple Oiler  2.6a# 11 _
Breaker    Picker Boss...  ... 2.62^ 10
Tiimber Framer  (Men)  3-*5 IO
Box Cai  Shovellers  (Meii) 2.62^ 10
Breaker    Platform  Boss,., .2.62)4 ,£>
Breaker  Platform  Men  2.36 10
Breaker    Screen  Men  2.25 10
Rock Bank (Men)  2,25 10
Dirt Bank    (Men) .,. 2.25 10
Finisher   After   Boxr,Car
' Loader..,..  2.25 10
All Other Outside Labor.,, 2.25 10
Leveling and Drawing (ti% ton
charge ?'.°°
Loveling   nnd Drawing     (5    ton
charge    .80
Loading Into Box Cars (over 200
tons per mouth) 1;
Loading Into Box Cars (less than
200 tons per mouth) 16
Steam  Locomotive  Euglmed* , 3,15
Motorincn  ,,.,,	
Garters and Cleaners	
All Other   Laborers (10 hours),,. 2.25
All charges to he large or small nt
the diociction of the coke oven superintendent.
Interesting ■  Incident   by   a  - Famous
... Mr. 'Wm, Wilson, of- Craigie Villa,
London (Ont.) the inventor of the
Wilson Fruit Case, now adopted by
the Canadian 'government, tells, an interesting experience which shows the
healing and antiseptic value of Zam-
Buk, the herbal balm. He Says.'."I
had two poisoned wounds on my leg,
which wete very , sore and inflamed.,
They caascd me much pain and suf:
fcring, and although I tried several
salves they refusld to heal. Zam-Buk
was recommended, and I applied
some,- I*.-acted splendidly, and. in a
very short time healed the wounds,
"At aiiothpr time I sustained a
nasty cut.' Zam-Buk took away - the
soreness almost instantly, and soon
closed and healed the wound. I have
■also uded, Zam-Buk for other injur-,
ics, and I have no'hesitation in expressing -my high opinion of its value.
It is, without doubt, a splendid
household  balm."
Zam-Buk cures blood poison, cuts,
bruise, old wounds, running sores,
ulcers, boils,- spring eruptions, scalp
tores, cc/.einn, itch, barber's rash,
burns, scalds, and nil skin injuries
and diseases. All druggists nnd
stores sell nl fifty cents a box, or
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for
price. Remember, it is purely herbal!
Rant   Engine Men,
• in   1111*
ti    mum    (im
... 3.63j{
Brli-uetlcr Helper .,,
Tnr Mellcr	
I  was cured ol Acute Bronchitis by
Hay ot Mand*.   J. M. CAMPBELL.
I w.n cured nf Pacini Neuralgia hy
SpriRj-hill, N, 8.     WM.  DANIELS.
I wiis cured ol Chronic tttienmfttiimi
Alltcrt  Co., N. H.   GKO  TINGf.KV.
-JUtf/i   19
... 3.78      12
. 3.15        12
,. .2.fiaJ<  13
,,. 3,li3}i    13
Per Day. lIoui'H.
Brattice Men    Svoo      8...
Hrnttfct; Men  Hcl|wr»  3.50
Timber Men,.,., 3,00
Timber Men Helpers 3.50
Drivcis  2.7s
Drivers in Wet Places  3,00
Track Laycu	
Track Layer Helpem	
Miners In Wet Places	
Laliortrs  ,..„
Timber  Handler*	
Sock   Miners executively
tu-v-.tjCtd in TocW    work,.
Rock  Lnlyortrs, exclusively
en^iijtt'l   in  rock   work... 3.50
Holit Mtn  $3,75 to 3,<o
Shot  Liphtcrs  *j.«o
Switch  Jloy* 51,35 to 1.50
Door Hoys $1.00 to 1.35
Driver's   Spile Team  3.110
Cm-vIu:. ilM.tn'....„ *.ia%
Coupltrn  (Boys)  t.sjjf
lIUBtrs  3.63X
Lcutkri  „»,. ,   9ti\;
K.O.E.—Kernie Aorie, No, -jfii, K.O.
v., IniVL'chunked iliolr mccliii(,' ni(.fli
from  WediR-silny  to   Kriilny   of  cnuli
i-yt    8
WE are removing from the
olid barn but we I
aro still doing
business at our
down town office.
Watch for our new
address next week
Wr wtint to lip lijipii'D w
linvintf tlie bcBt line ol Leather
Novelties in town, with no apologies ns to price.    \Sy insisting on
—you not only »av« money lint
you save disappointment. Tlicge
floovln nre nil titnmpcil with tlie
., moter'B name and -Junrantee, You
know that you're ^cttiajj the best.
The fcrnlc Druic Store
Statu or Ohio, City ok Tolkdo I   u
ITdini J, Cfttn*> uuiu o«(A tiuii.
lie la senior partner of tlu fitui ul I-',
J. Cbtttty & Co., dc-inf l/uln»Vi i»
the City ol Toledo.'County and BUto
alorcaaid, nnd tliat said inn will
pny the Hum ot OftH UUHOtHD
DOLLARS for each and every tnttcf
Catarrh that cainot be cured by tbe
me of Hnll'ii Cataltb Cure.
prauk j. -:uavin'.
Sworn to before we end unnilbed
(a my prcience, thfii 6th lay ol EV
cember, A. D, 1886.
A. W. JI.GJL't'lV.
l.S*al) Notary lfllU.
!Ieir»!C«terrh    Cnre U %%\xm   ir.-
ternelly,, end acta directly <i«   *ttie
blood and    mneotu nrfacea 0!    •lie
eytlcm.  Send for teetlmoJUU • »«.
F. J. CIlEItUY 4 CO., t..U«:  0.
Sold hy all OnjrglitJ, 50c.
Take UaU'e Van-lly PUIe lot van
etipatiaa. • r&
FERNIE LEDGER,    FERNIE, B.C., APRIL 13,     1907.,
- a-
Offered'. by • Crow
Mter Clnce Tasting
|%J0TICE is hereby., given
,-I'^B by, the Crow's Nesi
Pass ..Coai Co., Ltd.,
to l heir employees and to such
of them* as are members ofthe
United Mine Workers of America, District No. 18, that the
■following scales of prices and
the following terms and-con-
ditibns shall'bu in effect'and
govern   the   parties  lor, two
.years, commencing" -.-May io,-
A. D. 1967, the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal ' company being
willing to meet'in conference
sixty days .prior to May 10,
A. D. 1909,   to' discuss are-
- newal of scales and conditions.
These scales and  conditions
are to govern
mines, *' coke
ovens, and outside' plant operated by theCrow's Nest Pass
iC;;al Co., Ltd.- ,
G. G. S. LSiidsey, .
' _ General .Manager
'Fernlu?, B.C., April 6, 1907.  -
ia) 'Wherever it is made to appear
•tliat. a . member„ or . nieuibcrs of     the
■ United iMine Workers of America has
01 have' notl>eeii fairly, treated', vjr
that  any' disputn-or grievance  is  pre-
• ' ferred at tin*.instance of the company
or any -member or members of Ununited  Mine Workers of 'America,   or
1 the men as a whole, then. llm _'.nm-
pany  will,   through  its  oflicial,   lr'iet
„ 'the proper officials appointed* i.*>- the
United'Mine Workers'oi America and
endeavor to settle the matter* ns
hereafter provided. „
V.- (bjjn   'case, of.,any     local.'tionl-lc
arising ■ iii" any , niine through failure
to agree between the pit boss- and
any miner or ..miners, or mine, lal-cr-
er, or.mine laborers, the 'lit committee and the pit- boss arc empowered
,to adjust"it.
(i\ Before any gri'vgnce or dispute
..-"nail b*e siiljjmittcd to the pit coininit-
ltec- the person or persons-aggrieved
•slirjl endea-.n; oy personal npplica-
!ti--i, to the nit' bos* lo seitle, the
(d) The pit committee in the discharge of its duties shall, nuclei uu
icircumstancc, go nround the mine' ior
•nay cause whatever unless called* np-
ton by the pit boss or by,a miner or
miners, or .company .man or men
who have a grievance thai, he or
they ban or have first" tried io .mil
cannot settle, with the boss or f. n-
mnn. Members of the pit committee-
employed ns day men shall not leave
their places of duty during ■ the working hours except by permission of the
• pit boss.   The duties of the pit coiti-
• mitlec shall he confined to the adjustment of disputes between the pit
,ho*w or other foreman and any mem-
I bar of the United .Mine Workers of
.America working in nud around the
finiiics, arising out of this agreement,
jtlte    pit boss or other  foreman and
•^aid miner or miners, or laborer or
laborers having failed to agree'
(«) In the event of the failure. o(
the pit committee nnd the pit boss
to settle any dispute properly referred,
to them, and in that event only except in the event of any other dispute nrislng under this agreement, or
grievance pi*eicrrud by either the company or the United Mine Workers ol
America, or ol nny member of the
United Mine Workers of America,
or    the   men   ns     a     whole,     thu
* ninttcr in dispute shall be reduced to
writing and referred to the superintendent or mine malinger, nud the
local president of thu union for their
HOttlcmciit, nnd should they fuil to
agree It »li(ill ho referred to the general superintendent or general, manager of the company ut the option of
tlie company, and the district president of the United Mine Workers of
America for settli'im-iil. Hlmuld they
fall to agree it shall he referred tu
the president or general manager ul
tbe company ut the option of the
company, nnd uic aiMtici pii-nnii-iii.
ul tne I'fiitc-.' .I'uie H'ti('.ii.i ,,i.\n.iC
id for settlement,   Should  they ini)
or their case' is being investigated and
adjusted as ^ aforesaid.
(g) Any breach of this" agreement
by any of the parties hereto is not
to void' the said- agreement, but the
same is to continue in. full-force and
effect. ..    "       ..''''
" No person shall lie-refused employment ■ or *" in any way discriminated against on account of membership
or non-membership in any labor organization, and there shall be no
discrimination against or interference
with any employee who is not a member of any labor organization by
members of"' such organization.  ■
sruciAi'. rui;ks, etc:  ,.
...The right to hire"and discharge, the
management of the mine aud the
direction'6'f the working' forces are
vested exclusively in the company,
and the United Mine Workers of America shall not abridge.this right. It
is understood and agreed cthat,,this
agreement shall uot couilict in any
way with the special«rules ' of the
company now" in force, provided that
the special rules shall not , interfere,
with the rates.of wages, or the work
to be performed under this agreement.
•* HOURS  01-*  WORK.
All miners and inside laborers shall
work eight hours per day, it being
distinctly understood that this'means
eight hours work at their ^ working
place, exclusive of one-half hour,,for
lunch, with the exception1 of, miners
working by, contract, who;are to
work eight hours at their . working
place, outside men to., work' ten hours
except where otherwise'provided hy
the scale. The company has the
right to put inside .men ou at such,
hours as may be required to keep the
breaker or tipples running the full'ten
hpurs, and if any day man is required to work overtime, , it is agreed
that he will'do so, the company pay-
company a sufficient. amount to se-'
cure him. the said minimum, provided
he is a capable man arid has done a
fair day's work.
construction   or extensive
"repairs.. ' .
No 'scale of wages shall be made
by tbe United "Mine1 Workers ot
America, for mine manager, mine
manager's assistant, pit boss,. overman, fire boss, tipple boss,- breaker
boss, company's weighman, boss driver, night boss, head'machinist, head
boiler', maker, head carpenter, head
electrician, night watchman, stable
boss and all foremen, lime keepers
and. coal inspector.
It is agreed that all men working
on ■ improvements and extensive ■ repairs, and also all employees of the
electrical department, a re not included
in the jurisdiction of the United Mine
Workers of America. •   -
The company, agree, not to„ employ
Chinamen underground, but have the
right to work same above ground,
and . the United Mine Workers ot
America agree not to interfere in any
way with such* employment^ ,T11C cm-'
ployment of. such labor shall, riot entitle the United Mini: Workers of
America to. call,a strike , or stop
work. . _      _
1 No changes or conditions shal^ be
imposed'iii Eastern British Columbia
scale for the coming two 'years' lhat
increases the cost of production ot
coal or coke iu any district in British Columbia , lo which this agreement applies, except"as may be pro'
vided.   . '.,-....,
This  agreement  is  made  and    executed,  having regard to and in   reli-"
ance upon  the consideration    of ,.tlie
present law and conditions regarding.
ing him overtime for the same,' Lo;
comotive engineers, niotormen, switch
men--alia others whose' duties, are
both inside* and outside the mine,
shall be- considered as' outside ■ employees and work ten hours per'day,
but in the case of locomotive engineers, motonncn and switchmen, they
are lobe paid an increased compensation for the ..same, provided, however,
that the foregoing provisions-arc subject to and modified in British Columbia by the-existing, laws of that
'. WORK. ''
To prevent men from absenting
tluinselvcs from work without proper
cause, no employee shall absent himself from his work unless through
sickness or by. first having previously
arranged with, the pit boss or his
foreman and obtained his consent. If
any employee absents himself Irom
his work without proper cause or
without 'first obtaining the , consent
oi the I'oreiuiin or pi I boss, he may
he. discharged.
If nny employee- or employees shall
causa a stoppage of work in violation
of this agreement, lie or they shall
be, subject to discharge by the company without recourse.
1 ( any day man or dny men belonging tn tne United Mine Workers of
.America rein-it* to continue work
because of a .grievance which has
or has not been taken up
for adjustment in the inn niter prodded herein, the pit committee shall
immediatclyi If reqiiuBled by_ lhc company, furnish n mnn or men In take
such vacant place or places nt the
scale rate, iu order that the initio
may continue at work, and It shall
be the duly of any member or members of the United Mine Workers of
America who may be called upon by
lhe pit boss or pit committee lu immediately take the id ace or places
assigned lo him or them in purriiiuncu
DiaiVKI'Y  OK  T1M11WH,
The  company will deliver all limbers  ns  near the working plui'i-    ns
practicable, or at the mouth   ul the
Men in breasts nnd rooms slinll re-
Mining  and  yardage rales same as
No. 2 mine.
NO. 9    MINE,  5 FEET 6    INCHES
Milling   rati?—Pert gross ton, 50c.'
Brushing—Per   inch    6    feet ; wide, j _l'allv  boy    1.25
per lineal yard, 5c.;' per inch 12.feet
wide, per lineal yard,  10c.
Clod scale—Per inch,   40 feet wide,
per lineal yard,  20c.
Winning  places—40  feet wide,
lineal yard, $1.50.
Cogs—Per 3   feet square,  Si;
additional foot,  33 1-3C. . , -
Midi'jl Minos
NO. 8    MINE,  10 FEET THICK.
. Mining ■ rate—Per gross ton,  50c'
Levels   aud  parallels—12  feet  wide,
per lineal yard, $1.
Cross-cuts   between   levels—12   'feet
wide,  per lineal yard, $1.
Cross-cuts between rooms-13 to 15 !, Locomolive Engineer helper or switchmen	
Schedule Tor  Outside Labor
..    .. Per Day. Hours
Iloiibm -Men  2.50    10
Slalo   Picker  (hoys)  1.25
Slate Picker (men)  2.00
Car   Oilers   (men)..' .'   2.00
Car   Oilers "(hoys)  ,1.
Tin.ulsters ; "2.50
libicksinitlis   3,50
Hlacksinitb helpers ..-j.
CarpciUci-'s  helpers	
Power House Engineers,
Fan   Man '	
Hoisting   Engineer.
Hon Car loader Engineer
Tipple- Engineer.	
Air Locomoti-vc Engineer,
i, I, 11 ,
Electric   " "    '
"    '       2.7S
'-'  '   "•     3-2S
" helper 2.50
"    "      2.80
feet wide',' no tracks, per lineal yard
50C.      ■
, Pillars—Per gross ton, 42c       0'"
Mining rate—Per gross ton, 55c.
' Levels  aud parallels—12 feet   wide,*
per lineal yard, $2.
Cross-cuts ' between levels—12. feet
wide, per:lineal-, yard, $2. .,
Cross-cuts between rooms—13 to' 15
feet wide, no tracks, per lineal yard,
50c. ■ ' .
,   Pillars—Per gross ton,'"47c.
-  Mining rate—per gross ton, 60c.  -
Levels- and-parallels—12 feet   wide,
per lineal yard, $2.
Cross-  cuts  between levels—12 - feet
wide, per lineal yard, 50c.
Cross-cuts between rooms—13 to 15
feet wide, no tracks, per' lineal yard,
5°c-     ' ,'"''.'
, Pillars—Per gross ton, '50c.        '
NO. ,3 . MINE,  5    F13ET 6 INCHES
THICK. •■'■'.'
2.50:, 8
; Locomotive Engineer b'elp-
\   -or or switchmen    2.80 10
Firemen   2.50 8
Firemen ....'.  3.50 12
Railway car handler (men) 2.25 10
Tipple   Dumper   (men)....  2.50 10
Tipple Dumper (boys) .:..  1.50 10
Car   Repairers....  3.00 10
Breaker Engineer 3.00 10
Kan   Fireman '.'  3.00 12
.Lnmpmnii (depending upon
number of lamps and skill' • •
of man)...,,  2.00(03.00 *'i2
.00 lo 3.50 10
..... 2.50 10
  - 2.00 10
  2.50,, 12
,    2.50 32
    2.00 10
.._..,. 1.56 10
....'...   2.5O II
the various "mailers- herein cfispdseil
of, and if in any. lime hereafter, and
during the life of this- agreement the
laws are altered or varied or new-
laws arc made so as to impose any
new or further burdens upon,,the company, ,thc company ' is at liberty to modify ntbe terms and conditions of this agreement so as to'meet,
the new, varied or altered conditions
created by the statute law.
The following days only shall' be
Observed as- holidays: New Year's
Day, Victoria Day, Dominion Dny,
Labor' Day, Thanksgiving Day,
Christmas Day, Provincial, Eduction
Day; but there shall be no ,, holiday
after payday.
In  the event of     an  instantaneous
death by an accident in the mine or
outside ri." the mine, the miners underground and all other.employees shall
continue at work until the afternoon
of the day of the funeral,     On • the
day of the funeral (which   must   always be held'in  the alli-riioon shill)
nil employees may cense work for tlie
pin pose of attending the funeral,    It
Ixjing   opt'iotinl   with   them    whwlhcr
they shall work or not,
Whenever nny new work arises,*' 11
price for which hns uot been provided
for in this agreement, ou the request
ol the company and the miners,   the
scale committee of the Western C011I
Operators'  association and 11  properly constituted committee of the millers     shall meet within    thirty days
alter the said rci|iiest' and iirrungc n
price.   Meantime and until such price
Ims been arranged,  all men shall he
paid upon the day wage settle,
llrnsliing  i.s understood  to  lie li'k-
iBg down rock limn the hanging    nr
font walls only.
Any operators paying the scale, rule
of mining anil day lnl«-r under I'lii
ftgriviuciit Miull al .ill limes be nt
liberty to loud any railroad airs
whatever, regardless ol their nwwr-
liltl|i, with coal, and M'll .'lid deliver
such coal In nny market, and In nny
person, linn or corpuiatii'ii Iha'til In-
in.iy iii.-f.iie. ,  .
Mining'rate—Per gross, ton, 55c- •
Levels and parallels—12 feet wide,
per,lineal yard,  51.75.
Cross-cuts between-levels—12 ■ feet'
wide, per lineal yard, Si.75.
Cross-cut.; between rooms—13 to 15
leel wide, no tracks, per lineal, yard,
50c. ' '-.
Pillars—Per- gross ton, 47c.'
Timbering—With lagging and center post when required. All timber
and lagging to be delivered by the
company as near the working place
us possible, and thereafter handled,
framed and set by the miner, per set,
Si .00.
Track laying—Tracks with 16 lb.
rails, in levels and parallels ' to be
laid by miners free. In, rooms and
inclines, after one length of rail from
frog and switch is laid by the company, miners will be paid for laying
single tracks, per lineal yard, 15c;
for double tracks, per lineal yard,
30c.' Company to deliver nil material as near the working plnce as possible, and thereafter to be handled
by miners,
Chutes—Company to build first section of chute, miners to build   thcre-
Machinist he-iper.".
Wiper (men) 	
Couplers (men)...,
Couplers (boys)...*
breaker  Oiler	
Washer or Tipple Oiler  2.50    ir
Breaker Picker lloss .'.   2.50
Timber Frnnier (men)....' 3.00
15ox Car 'Shovellers (men) 2.50
Breaker   Platform   Boss.. .2.50
Breaker. Platform men  2
Breaker Screen men...,
Rock   Hank   men    2.00
Dirt Bank men .' '2.00
' 10
T"inisiier after box cir-
loader ". '.
All-other outside labor.
ttei ■> f?v   ?&vr.'
E?lV  fi^Jt'-7!  .i'i***  ■ &"{   wJ* SS-S   ™te
Iffe #- *: rfe wmM £i§ s
You Will Agree That it is the Most Dellotovs
Lond Prickets Only. At Ail Grocers.
30 Days
In order to build up the
circulation ol" this paper*
another ,1,200, we are
offering for thirty days
One Year for $1.50
*'    ,«,   " "'''•.'-■" * ■ ' '"' *      ,*"'''■
This- offer is good for
old subscribers as \yell
as new, provided   pre-
Hoc. Hivo Coke  Oven
Levelling 'and drawing    dl/z   ton
'   charge....'  i.oo
Levelling    and    drawing    5    ton
charge' 80
Loading into box   cars  (over  200
tons per.month) 17
Loading, into box cars (less   limn
200 ions per month) 16
Steam Locomotive  Kngincer'?...  3.00
Motornijin  .,.....,, 2,75
Larry mnn    2.00
I'laslerei-.s  2.00
Curlers nnd cleaners   2,00
All oilier laborers (10 hours)   2,00
All charges 10 he large or small at llie
discrcllon ol" the coke oven superintendent, :
, IJoIgiiini Coko Ovens
Ram  engine man ..-	
Chargers '	
Loaders  ',',,
Loonl I'iovIhIoiik   n
The company     will pay three doi
lars (?3oo) each time the McGinty is
moved;   one dollar   and   fifty    cents
sent subscribers have
paid their subscriptions
to date.
REMEMBER    $1.50    A   YEAR
Any time in the next 30 days.
, (Si 150) encli  time the jig or smaller
nfter, nnd to be paid for nil   chutes j McGJntv  ,,    m__ve(1)  „,,,, 'flvc <u_,__ira
built, per lineal yard, 30c Company | (j5,(K,)'mch time the hull  wheel    is
tn deliver nil material to foot of
Hi-iishinj-—6 feet wide, per inch in
de. th, per lineal y.ird, 5c, 19 feel
wide, per inch in depth, per lineal
yard, 10c,
Dockage—38 lbs. to be added to
Lite lure of till mine curs lo offset
refill- mutter in coal, All curs to bo
confiscated when coiitiiiiiiii_; ion lbs.
or more of refuse,, with suspension to
follow   third  oflciice,
Hi'lM'tliili' I'or IiisIiU' Lnlior
IVr l),iv, llouis
l)|-„!lii'i- llk-ll ,	
|!r.!ih*r nii"i helpi'is...
'I'ii,,.mi nu-n	
TiiiiK 1 uii'ii lu'lpi'i'.*-....
|)||Hl* ,.
I hit a - hi wi.t i'.i.uv.s.
Tiai !•■ 'ayi-rs	
"I'i.i> 1; I ni'i"' lielpi'i>...
Mil-.v 1 . ih \U-I plan-*..."
l.lli.lv I-	
Tiiulvr li.tiiilh-r-i	
. 50 *,
,vH> !»
,511 S
'-.V' ■'
'•Ih ^
;,u,i S
'.,-,0 >, H
'.'HI '"i
1 Undertakers,L Erribalmers
to iigm- it Mull U nhmA   t,>   tlte  ^^ M {a i{% ^^ ....    „,„.,.
jiresltloiil or _-cncr.il muiM'-ei ni the
company and the national president
nl the tmited Mini- 'vuin>--th ih ,'unv.i-
icn or his representative, but tliu
local national board niemliet kIiiiII U
excluded Irom U'ing the icpiesenla-
,t|vc of the president.
' "(f) In.all the casis lierctufuic, under tlvia, acttion icUu."! t-i, tlio uiin
ers,   niine laborers    and pait'i*.  lu-
Vul\«*l   HHI.it,   1 ■•nlill,.'.    .v'v-   V-*'. I.   P--1U*.
ing .the s.iid invwii_*uii<ui uml
niljimrnf-iits, and mnil a linal dc-
clsnn or 4iw(inl has bitn n-,irh-
ed In the m.nitur hfri-iiiU-li»r-.-
«tt out, but until- ft mint j ui   juin-
titrn ol inrn, and men in pillitrs    a
ororortionalc turn.
It shnll be optional with the man-.
tiRtmnit of the mine to work the
mines wilh n miner nnd n back linnd,
or with miners working as pnrtners-
On .ill rrimpany work the cntiipnny
shall employ inch daises of men as
the w;rk rcipifrei, nnd nt th* rnXr
ui wane* providctd for in tliln nj-ree-
meiit. Tbe co«npany shall pay the
sum nf three dollar* (fl.oo) |*r day
lo nil minus only taVtn (rum con-
nait witV tu do tump.iny iroik, A»y
{ Km l< iiiiiki:. 1111011; iiinm-N .;..',,*
, ,»   u.
 • rs
. 1.it, in 1,511
.l.m* tn 1..'J
i V
J. Ill
,*n, ot mini; tj-Lorcr nr la'mr.:r, I1.1t
or have been discharjrwl l.y the com-
p,my, he or thev sh.ill not icm.iin in
nnVr faiflng to e.irn the nilnlmnm
raU of three dollars ($300) -icrshift
owln,- to a ibfkieiit cimditliiit id Uis
tht tMploy of tbt iom(>AAy while bisiwortinf place, nball I* |uid by   Ow
Ciow'H .NinI I'irii* t.ii,iiiiiii Ltd.
C'iml O-ck .Mlii.'s,
NO. a MIM«, h l-lvl-.T THICK.
.Mining i-nli' -I,»'i*i.rr«n-.si*m,.""»<■!
1 ,, »i.     ,.,-.»  11 1.      ■ .   1,. ,    ,,.!,!,.
*--'--*        '■" i   ' *
per linrsl viiiri, Si.;',o, :
CrnucutN bitween li-sels— l-' let-t
wide, per lineal y.-rd, **i.,v>.
konm cr<»s cms—in t.i i.s uft
wide, nn tr.icl., per  lined  xard, Joe
IMII'ir*—1'» r jr»-i.*.*. fi-n, lit'
l.on«\%nil—!*«••• ^i'n«.» ton, ."il'i*
flrimhiri;*—fri'-pii-l.-rij.', ■.I'liim;, pi-r
inch, 10 Jett     wide, pci  I1nc.1l y.it-i,
Oijfs—l*er $ (rei * ,111m-, Si; pn «■!■
ditiontl loot, xi i-.tr.
Winning, jl.it**.—l"rr ".mm! ).iiil.
Mining and yar-Wr MU- s..mt *•» i,,,",",..'.^,.; „",,„„ |(.„ Hiiiii H hours
i^V . I.   l-lt'V'l v
SI I il    I'l^l.h:
||>li>lllll'.l ..
Sui'< li Ivus
IVitr Im) *
t*i,',..,.. '  1'
( ,    III'!-
Ili'ivn*.]1 -;-
(.- Inii--i'-.)..
Cimi) K-i -, Tin -h).   ...
I ■..>,:. 1*. li'--;.-)	
M...U. i*v..       	
|„n,in ,■;!'..      Ivoi-n i'
I,... «i.:miiw- >iwiti ii. r
Kl.   I      li.ll-l- ...
I >| >   i     I   LIU-   ( v , . , . .
IS,:*' I.' -in,,.   "  1-  |
, |'iiiiir-»!i i'ii	
.t'.irvr-    ,..
A' f'rni'orfk-iiiifi'  r.-iliM-H*'M  Ux
moved. The miiximiim distance
whiih any of these shall lie moved
nl these prices i.s Lwelve feel.
The roni|iany reserves to itself the
rijjhl to move 'the bull wheels, Mc-
Crintys and jij* with other labor
than that of contract millers.
The following charges for house
rem (including snnitation) water,
Huht aud house, conl, at Conl Creek
and Michel collieries, shall be ns follows;
IIoiiik- rent (inclndln-r sanitation)—
1 room house, detached, f(t per
month; 3 room house, detached, h
per month; <V room hottue, semi-de
ta'ched, ?9 per month,
Water (tn tenants In company
houses) ?i per month per house
where water is taktii from tup nil-
side; Si.so per tap per inoiilh fm
taps inside the house, nnd $1 pi-i
jmoiilli (extra) for bntli.
•   Ulectric H-jht to tenants in    com-
, pall) lluunct, a^. pel ti> <■- !'• l>',bl>
' i/„;....,. .-,.] .bliii'J.-il .il Ceil Cici'V
\uiil "Mich.'' i-iillii-ries to ti-nanls in
'I'lmp-im- house--, S3-5<» Per ton.
! aurruEs.
,   The company will (mulsh  to mint-is.
i    .10 per cent,  dynamite nt  2.Se.  per
;   Caps at ic each.
;   I'utc ut ic per foot.
All company men, as well as   1 m-
The . Calpary   Marble   &   Granite  Works
The i Kootenay    Marble    Works,    Nelson        x
Samples Can be Seen ot (he Office. Parlors in lundy's Blwk'U
Use The ledger Want Ads
Only costs 1 cent a word
Fiffy Years the Standard
. .mil
i- V'
.. i
■I   V'
Ko   3 HiM.
'ul tli** face.
'tractors,  to funtiuli  their   own     oil
! for open Hj-lits.
_   All     c^mpuny  men are  to fiiniiiili
I their <nui  toiil*.,  whith  the Ci-mp.uiy
la.'ivi-  !■• t.»l-e l-nek when lliey U-.ivt.
\:  The company will sharpen picks uml
j augers     !<>r joe |*r    monlli
All   n,/;<;nvxr*,    in«ttiinifcU,  <.Hj*<n-
* ter. .tnd other* wh«*n fnrniiliMl spwl.il
Uxil* by the company to 1*   churj-ed
•with th«n; if not returned tlwy   we
p*ii for.
wn A w/vikvin
""•^""i"^ "^r^wi    ^(*i"in"iiw       pW"*M j*wi      *vw!j   "(""""""""""""""i *m ^*""M>
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Made From Grapes
NO ALUM   ^ F'SfeftiB.LEDGER'.' -FERNIE, B.C., APRIL 13,     1907.
(Continued from Page 3.)
ister, which report shall- set forth
the various procesdings and steps
take.-, 'by, lhe hoard for the purpose
of ■ ful" v and carefully ascertaining all
the tacts-and circumstances,'and'shall
also set forth such facis.and circumstances, and its findings therefrom,
'licluding the cause of the dispute and
pointment of a board shall be trans-1 lne Sard's, recommendation for the
mittcu by post by   registered   let* sr J_.et;__nun;   n_-    the  ilisinite  acconliiijr
17. Every  application for  the    ap-
cddnssed to the registrar of Boards
of Conciliation and Investigation, Department oi Labor, Ottawa, and the
date of the receipt of such registered
lette.- at the department shall be regarded as the date of the receipt ol
such application.
l5. In every case, where an applica-0
tion is -made for the appointment of
a board. . the party making application" shall, at the time of transmitting it to the registrar, also transmit
by registered letter to the other(,
party ti- the dispute, or by' personal
delivery, a copy of - the application
and of the accompanying state-mvnt
aad declaration.
19. Upon receipt by either party to
a dispute of a copy of the application for.tbe appointment of a board,
such party shall, without idelay, prepare a statement in reply to the application and' transmit it by°rcgisJ
tcred letter, or hy personal delivery,
to the registrar and to the party
mak'cg the application, .
3o.'Copies of applications or statc-
, meats in reply thereto, to lie trans-
mitt-.'', to the other party uwler any
of the preceding sections where the
01 her party is—
(1) an  employer,   an  incorporated
company or corporation,  shall be sent
,   .to the manager or other principal executive officer of the company or cor-,
porction, ,
1 (2) an employer other than an incorporated company or corporation
shall be sent to the employer himself
or 10" the' employer, in the name of
the business or' firm as commonly.
t.i) composed  of  employees,, niem-
' be:'-3 ot a trade union, shall be   sent
10  the. president and secretary of'such
unio-i: ' <
v,4l composed   of    employees   some
or oii  of whom are "not members    of
-   a  trade union,—.,
.. .'..     1.1,] Where .some    of   the  employees
ari n.e'jihers of a trade union,    shall
be  sent    to   the   president  and   sccre-
,taiy oi the union as representing the
cmp'c_.ee*   belonging     to   the    union-.
- also
'di    '.-li "'     s-in*   if":hu   empii.yi-.:;
are   nut   members  of-a   trade    union
aad   there   are  no  persons  authorized
to  repiesent  such  employees' shall he
sent tn ten, of their number;
'sectii 111   16,   two  persons    have    been
r .  autln rized L to    make an  application,
shall be sent to sueli. two persons.'
Functions.' Powers  and. Procedure    of
11 Boards.
ai. Any dispute may be referred 'o
'a board  by application   in  that    behalf in 'due form by any party thereto; provided thai no dispute' shall be
the subject  of., reference  to  a    board
' under this act-in any  case  in  which
.the employees affected by the dispute
art fewer than ten.
23. Upon "the appointment of the
boarl the registrar shall forward to
the chairman a copy of the application for the appointment of such
boaf'l, and of its accompanying
statement and declaration, and of the
stateiiieiit iu reply, and the board
shall forlhwitn proceed to deal with
the 111;,tiers referred to in these document,-;,
aj. In every case where a dispute
is duly referred to a board it shall be
the duty of the board to endeavor to
bring about a settlement of the dispute, and to this end the board shall,
in such a manner as it thinks fit, expeditiously^ and carefully inquire into thi dispute and all tnattets alii.-.-
ing, tins merits thereof and the right
Bettlctnent thereof, In the course of
such inquiry the hoard may make all
such suggestions and do all such
tfciit,',s us it deems right nnd proper
for inducing the parlies to come to
a fair and amicable settlement of
tit* dispute, and may adjourn the
proucdnigji for any period the board
, thiul-s reU80M,ible to allow the parties t.- agree upon terms of settlement.
3|. If a settkfiicut of tin- dispute
is at rived ut by the parties di-rhi-,'
the course of its reference to thv
board a memorandum nf the st-r.l---
ment slmll be drawn up by tin: hiuiril
and sl.'.m-d by the.parties, and shall,
If llii«-partics so ngrce, be binding ns
If iiiudv a recommendation by the
board under motion To "nf ihis _.ci,
uttd a copy thereof with a report upon thu proceedings shall U- forwurdel
to the minister.
35 --H a settlement of thu   dispute
is nol arrived at during the course of
„      ,Jt» refeicnci' to the board,  the board
A.ill„makc a full report to the min-
a penally not  exceeding cine  .hundred
dollars.     '
. 38. ThV;. -,lx>ard."' 01
thereof. r*nd. on being
writing by the board,
pcrs'.vi. may, without any
r-;'ht "ihj.u this act, at any time, enter anv building, mine, mine workings," ship, • vessel, factory, workshop,
pbiou or business of .my kind, wheic-
11, fir" in respect;' of' which? any in-
■diKi'-v is carried ou or any work is
beitiM or hns been, done .or commenced,
or mil; matter or thing is taking
plajc ot hns lakeii place, whicli' ha:i
lie,:!!  m.i.di-   the  subject, of a reference
any   member
authorized   in
any    other
other war-
coipo.'a'tion, association, partnership
or individual" in any way interested
in' any matter-or thing" before or
about to be brought'before the board
in accordance with the provisions of
tb-'i act.' The accepting ■ of' such per-
qu;rsit" or gratuity by any' member
of the board' shall be an offence and
shall render such member liable to a
I'm'* 11 v. exceeding bnr thousand dollars.
- 53. Each meml-er of the board will
be" entitled' to his actual accessary
travelling expenses for each day that
he ;:• engaged in travelling from "or
to his place of residence for the pur-
to  the merits and substantial  justice
i.f the' ease.
26. .The    board's      recommendation
lri'.'deal with each item of the dispute and .shall slate in  plain,, terms,
nd  avoiding as  far as  possible    all
techn.i-nlities,     what  in   the _ board's   to  th? Iward,  and  inspect aii'd    view j pose ol attending or after having at
tipi-iiun* ought-or  ought not-" to    be  -any  wcrk,   material,   machinery,    ap- j tended a meeting of the board-
done  by   the  respective' parties    con-   pli.inw  or  -.lrticlc  therein,' and   inter-       54.-Au   expenses ,,of "the  lx>ard,   in
cemed.   "Wherever   it "appears  lo     the   rotate any. persons  inn or upon    any I cludir_;   expenses   for    transportation
hoard  expedient so to do, its i*-:om-   such   biiikling,   mine,   mine  workings, .incurred  by  the nitmljers  thereof    or
me:ii::ilioh  shall  also  state  the , per-  ship,  vessel,  factory,  workshop,  place   by persons under its order in making
iod dm in" which the proposed settle-   or  prunises   as   aforesaid,   iu   respect 'investigations under this act, salaries
meat should continue in force and the   of or  in  relation  to any  matter . or' 1 of employees and agents, and fees and
dtltc fiom-which  it should commence,   tiling ht-ieinbefore, mentioned, and any   mileiigr  to' witnesses "shall  be allow-
27.—The'board's* report  aiid  rccom-J person  who  hinders  or  obstructs  the   ed ami paid upon the presentation of
meni'uuioi*  shall  be made  to the min- j board or  any such person authorized 1 itmii/ed   vouchers   therefor, , approved
ister  in writing,, and shall  be signed ,'as  afi.rf.said,  in  the exercise    of  any. by  -.!..- chairman of the board, which
"iy such of  the     members as   concur   power conferred by  this section, shall ; vouchers  .shall.be  forwarded  by  'the
be .guilty of an offence and lie liable chairman' to the minister. The chair-
to ;i penalty not exceeding one bund-.! nun shall also forward to^the min-
red  dollars. - .'        _ istei-  .__  certified   and   detailed    state-
therein, ;.nd sh.ill '..-.•' iraii.uniited by
the chiiirmun by registered letter .to
the -.registrar as soon as practicable ,
after the reference- of the dispute to
the board;, and in. the same manner-a
in -'orit\ report may be made by any
dissenting, member of the board.
28. Upon .receipt of lire board's  re-
pott   the      minister    shall   forthwith
cause  the,report  to be  filed    in    the
ollice  ol    the  registrar  • and  a copy
lhen-f-1  to be sent free of .charge    to
the parties to. the dispute, and to the
representative .of   any   newspaper published  m  Canada  who  applies   therefor,  and the minister may, distribute
copius 01  the report, and of any minority' report,   in  such manner  as    to
hiiii seems most desirable as a means
of.sccuriag   a   compliance  with    ..the
board's   recommendation.     The   registrar  slinli, .upon  application,    supply
ccrlific I  copies  for a  prescribed ' fee,
to persons other than those, mentioned in mis section.
Z). For the information of parlia-
meii: and the public, the report , nnd
reccinmcndatiou of the board, and
any -minority report, shall, without
deLy, be published in the',I,abor
Gazelle, and be included in lhe a'n-
uu il report of llie department ot labor to  the gowrnor-general."
20 K'oi the purpose of its_ inquiry
tUs Loard sh.ill have all the powers
of summoning lief ore,'it, and Aen forcing llie attendance of witnesses, of
'admin-.s.ieriiig oaths, and of .requiring
witnesses-lo .give evidence on oath or,
on solemn affirmation' (if lliey are
persons entitled - lo allirm in -civil
mu_ttcLSj__aiid_ .lo_i3r_oduce_siLcli_.books..
30. Anj parly to"'a reference ~ may
be re;.resented before the board ■ by
three or less than throe persons cles-
igimie.1 foi the jjurposc, or "by.counsel i.r solicitor where allowed as hereafter provided.
o )o.-Every- party appearing-, by a
repu'.scntiilive shall be bound by the
acts oi-such representative.    ,
41. }'o counsel or solicitor shall be
eutitled to appear or be heard before
the board, except with the consent
of the parlies'    to the dispute,
To Consumptivp.s
Tit* undrrsij>ni*Hl having been it
stored to health by simple mentis,
after sufferliij- for .several years with
u *.tvriv hin-r nttw-iion, ami that driii.f
disuse COS'Sl'MI'TION, js ,,nximis
to make known'to his felloe snflcrcrs
tlie m«.ms of cure. To llmsu who desire ft', he will ehecrlully .send ffn-e of
charge) u copy of the prescrlptimi
used, which th«y will find u ,iirt- fot
TAttUII, IIRONXHITItS and all tlir,«i-.
•ihI lung MAUDIKH. lie hopes all
nulltrtrs will try thin H«n<<dy, ns it
is invalnalile. Those desiring tlie prc-
Mrlptioii, which will cost them nothing, und may prove « blessing, will
please udilitsm
Drooklyn,  .V.  Y.
papers or other documents or things
as-the board deems'requisite lo the
full investigation of the mailers into which",it, is inquiring, as is vest-'
ed in any court of record in civil'
{1) Aiij member of the board 'may
tuluiiaistLi an 'oath, and the board
may accept, admit and cull for such
cvidiuce as in equity and good, con-
scictii.'L' ii thinks fit, whether "strictly
legal  evidence or not.
31. 'lhe summon,*. shall be in the
prescribed form, and may require any
persi.ti to produce before the board
any books, papers or „ other documents or things in his possession or
uiid'?r his control,in any, way relating to the proceedings.
•',1. All books, papers and other
documents or things produced before
lhc board, whether voluntarily or in
pursuance to summons, may l>c in-
spccti'd by the board,, anil also by
such parties as the board allows;, bit I
tho infpnrniiitjion ofh'lhiiiod 'llierctfi'oin
slutil not, except in so far as' the
board 'deems it expedient, be made
public and such parts of the books,
pa|icn 01 other documents ns in the
opinio1! of the hoard do not relate
to tlie matter at issue may be sealed
33- Any party to the proceedings
bu conipcnni and may be 00111-
pelli.l to give evidence ns a witness.
34, Uvery person who is suin-
iiiomrd and duly attends as a witness
shall be entitled to nn allowance- for
expensi'i nmirdiiig to the scale for
the Lime being jn fol.w w_Ui ,.e_.1)t.cL
to witnesses in civil suits in the
stijicnoi courts in the province where
llie inquiry is being conducted,
'<v Where a ri-li-ri-iici- Ims been made
lo tin- Hiiiird nf „ dispute beiwi-en 11
ru.ilWii<, coiiipiiiiy and its employw-s,
any witness suintnoiied by |.|u> board
in (.'oi'in'ctlon willi tin- dispute slinli
he i'iilitli-d in .m. ti-niispoi-taiioii
ovv'i- nuv railway un rnuti- when pro-
i-cv-'ili'i,; to th,. |i|,.u. ,_f nii'i'ting nl -.lu-
boa,'I •■ lit 1 ilii'i-i-alu-i- rt'lnriiiiig to his
hoitii.', ami tlu- board shall furnish to
such" witiiiss 11 piopiT leililiniii' i'vi-
dcnciiy his light tu MU|| f,V(. __•___,,,..
3'>. H jiiiy pi-rsim who Ims hei-u dtilv
sei-vi-.i with such summons mul in
wliiini at 1 hi- s.iiiu- time payment or
ti-n.-Ur has been made of his i'-nimhi-
uiiie  liiiwiniig  expi-ii.H'.s  iiiuiiiiing   lo
till-   ,tl,.H'.-,Hi]   ,•,«.,«)», ,/.,iJ»    in   ,|,|,'v     ,|l
tell 1 or to duly pii'diii'v nny bniiK,
paper or other dooiiuit-iil or thing ;»*,
reiiiim"' by his siimmuiis, h.i; sluill. be
guilt.• ol an offt'iice ami linliU-   to 11
y- ,.  ,.' ;        l.i.x      \A«^V..)ll)-       tliU i.Vi'ltl'llI
dollar, unli-ss' hi< shows that tlu-rr
wns good and sulliiient cause for Mich
3."- ffi   In  any    proccixliiigs    befori
lhc board, any I'iciion willully insults
am- inimlii-r of llie board or wilfnlli-
iiiUi'tipts  the pnicifdiugs, or   with
out   ifoinl  rniNc  ri-fu-ii's'  io  j»ivf    evi
dine-, or i.s guilty in any oiJut man
iter oi    anv wilful    contniipi iir' tin-
iiici' of iln- lw>i»rd, any olliccr of   tin-
boa- ! 01  ,,uj  uinst.ible may take tin-
(K-r-iui id mlin-  inio (i-iifsly and tv
move Inn-.  I rum the prfoinrN    nf  Mir
IJOt'd.  ti. la   ilttaiiuil  in mstrwly until <lv rising „f iii,. ))Qm\i   mi\   Uic
uouvillist:a-nding\ such °consent the
hoar.l may decline to allow counsel
or si-Pcitors to appear.
42. Persons other than British subjects shall not lie allowed lo act as
members of a board.,'
43. I/, without good cause , shown,
any part} lo proceedings before ° the
board fails to attend or to'be. represented,'' the board "may proceed as
if he had duly attended or. had been
represented.    ' '
'"'44. The sittings of the board shall
be held at Mich lime and place as are
from tiini- to time fixed by the chairman, after consultation with the other members of lhe board, and the
panics shall be- nolifiwl by the chair-
min as to • the time and place at
which sittings are to be held:* Provided that, so far as practicable','"the
Jioavd shall sit in the locality within
which the .subject-matter of the pro-,
ceading  before it arose. -      '" »
45. The proceedings of the board
shall be cond.ucted_inLpublic-_provided_
that ai any such proceedings before,
it, tlie l-oard, on its own motion, or
on  the-application of-any of the par-
men, ol the sittings of the, board,
and of the members present at such
Duties of  the  Registrar.
'o5- It shall- be the duty oi the registrar—
:\<t) to' receive and register,' and,
subjesi:, to the provisions of 'this' act,
to dca(, willi all applications by em-
; loyers and employees.for a'reference
of any. dispute to a board, and to
at oKi! bring to the minister's attention ' every such ajipllidatjion; ,
, 'V'.to conduct such correspondence
with the parties and members of
b'-.*.a..-1. as - may be necessary, .to ^on-
stiluli'any board as speedily as possible in accordance with the provisions ' ! this act;
, .;*) to receive and file all reports
and recommendations of boards, and
conduct, such correspondence and do
su.-h Ahings ns may assisl in ^rendi-r-
ing effective the recommendations ■ of
the boards, in accordance with \hc
pro-, isions  bf this act;
I'd to keep a register in which shall
be entered the particulars of all applications, ' references, reports and
ri-cfiiiiiiien-dations relating, to the ,-ip-
po-iilmeni of a boardj and itSj proceedings; and to safely, keep all applications,,, statements, reports, 'recommendations and other, documents
relating ■ lo proceedings before _ 'he
boarl and, when so required, transmit si'l or any of such to the*minister; --• -
lies may _dircct that the proceedings
sli l!1 -lie conducted in private, and
that .--1! persons other than the parties, their representatives, the oiliccrs
of tbe board and tlie witnesses" under
exai'.Mi-.tion  shall withdraw.
4(j. The decision of a majority of
the numbers present at a sitting of
Xhi honrd shall be the decision of the
bo in', ' and the findings and recommendations of the majority of its
niei.ibei:: shall be those of the board.-
r;. Thu presence of the chairman
uul at least one-other -manlier of the
hoard shall be necessary to constitute ,-i  sitting.of the board,
■is, In case of the absence of any
one member from a meeting of the
bo.ir-1 the other two members shall
iiot proceed, unless it is shown that
llu-. lliii'd'member has been notified oi
the meeting in ample time to admit
of his attendance,
1.2 II any member of a board dies,
or bet nines incapacitated, or refuses
or neglects to act, his successor shall
be appointed in the manner .provided
with respect to the original member
nl the board.
/,-,-, Thu board may al any. time dismiss any matter referred to it which
it thinks frivolous or trivial,
50. The board may, with the con-
sen 1. oi llm minister, employ competent .experts or assessors to examine
the book, or ollieial reports of cither
party, and to advise it upon any
ici.hiiiea) or other mutter material to
the investigation, but shall not disclose such reports or thu results of
Mien inspection or cxnmiiiniioii under
this section without the consent of
both llm parties lo thu dispute,
Uciiiiiiiv-iiilion ntid Kxpi'iis-cs of Hoard
.St. The muiiibi-i-N of 11 |m.,rd while
engaged in-the adjustment of a dispute shall l.e riiiiuiK-riiU-il for their
.si-i-Mi-i-y as follows;
mi) to iiii-mJicrs other than the
cluiiiii-'ii «• * 1
(i) 1111 iillowiinci- of live dollars 11
dn' b 1 a time not exreeding ,three
d.iyi diiriiig which lhc members mny
be ni'ti.nlly engaged in sleeting a
third iiu-nibci- of tin- board;
■ '■'. un nlowniieu of lifti-en dollars
foi entli whole day's sittings of the
ni' an    allowance of    seven  dol*
1..J,*.    'r'.J.n'l    '|,|'"   ij.iy'n   Mitingh       i,{
the lOriid,
■ hi th" rhalrmun shall Ik- allowed
twenty dollars a day for each whole
day'.* sittings of the bonrd, and  ton
    "><;»   101   1,uu  ii__ii  lUiyssil,
i''- !»• allowance shall U- made lo
anv iiii-mbi-i- of tin* board on account
ol nny sitting of the 1*oard whi
i',-i\-i tint I'Mciid over n hall day, uu-
Ifiis il is nIiou-ii to tin- sulisfnoiirm
nf ihe minister that such mcoltii({ ol
ilir lo, nl wrii iif-cossriry lo ih<- pi-r-
fijim.uii'o ol its ilulics as ,spmly ■ us
pnssilile, and that tho causes which
pnivumd n half day's sitlt'ng of the
bfiiil were beyond its control.
5'b No ui'iiil-er of the board shall
nccqn ui addition 10 his salary as n
Hieiulor of (he board any perquisite
pcr-Jo-. so nllcndiii,- shall lie liable to  or gintiiity ol any kind, from    any
([lies', information "as to this, act, or
anv regulations or proceedings Ihe're-
imdtr. and also to furnish parties to
a dispute and mombers of the board
with necessary blank forms, forms of
summons or other papers or • documents required in connection with
tlu* efTictive carrying out of- the provision-, of this act;
. '0 generally, to do all such things
au-i tf.kc all such proceedings as may
be required in the performance of his
duties prescribed under this act or
any regulations thereunder.
Strike "and Lockouts Prior.to Aud
I'i tiding  a Reference to  a Board
Illegal, t
5S. It shall be, unlawful for any
cmplcyci'. to declare or cause a'lockout, ri for any employee to go or
stribe, 011 account of any dispute
pri ir ic. or during a reference of such
disptr.c to a board of conciliation and
investigation under the provisions of
this a<;, or prior to or during a reference under the provisions concern-
ing railway disputes in the" Coir.ili-
at.'.'ii and I/abor act; provided thn
nothing in this act shall prohibit tho
stif pension or discontinuance of any
industry'or of the working of tu.y
persons therein for any cause not
constituting a lockout or.strike; Pro-
\tdi.l, also, that, except where the
parties have entered into an agreement under section 62 of this act,
nothing in this act shall bo'held to
*'ruin any employer from declaring
II Itckoiit, or any employee from go,
ing on strike in respect of any dispute which has been referred to 'a
bo.-.td and which hnH been dealt with
under section ?■ or 55 of this act, or
III u-spei't of any dispute which hns
been the subject of a reference under
tho pinvis'ons concerning railway dispute-, in the Conciliation and labor
57- Mm ploy ers and employees shnll
Rlvj at least thirty days' notice of
an jimmied chnugss affecting condition', ol employment with respect to
wages and hours; and in every ease
where a diNptile hits been referred io
•1 boa I'd tnill! Uic dispute liiis Ixhmi
fin.illv dealt with by the boar.1,
neither i.f the parties nor the employees affccli-d sha]l alter the condition« nf employment with respect
11 wages or hours, or on account of
ihe iiisputi- do or 1*« concerned in dn-
in,{ diiictlv or indirectly, anything
iu tii: nature o| a lockout or htn'u-,
or a suspension or discontinuance of
.in-'Ir-Miifnt or work, but the rvl.t-
liiinslcp of employer and employe
sha-i continue uninterrupted by Ihe
iiispiiUi. or ujiyiliin/,' iiris-itig out ol
(he diiptile; hut if, in the opinion ol
the board, either party uses this or
any nihci provision of this net fir
the pmpose of unjustly maintaining
0 j-ivmt condition of afiairs throti_.h
•h-l-iy nn<l th<* !*>nrd no reports t<»
tlte mii-ister. such party shall be
guilty of an offence, aud liable to
lhe Ui'im- penalties as ure imposed for
a vioirtion of the next preceding section.
,S8 Aii) employer declaring or fuu-i-
ing a lockout contrary to the provision* ol thi*! net shall '*« liable 10 a
film of not less thnn one hundred del-
Urj.H'ir more than one thouwuidhi
lars for eaeh day,or part of a    day
that such lockout exists.
59. Any employee who goes "on
strike contrary to the provisions of
this act shall be liable to a fine of
not less than ten dollars nor more
thanfift) dollars for each "'day or part
of v. daj that such employee is on
strike    ■
60.'Any person who cites, encourages or aids in any' manner any em-
p'.rye.- to declare or continue a lockout, or any employee to go or. continue or.' strike- contrary to the pio. I
vis ojis of this act, shall, be guilty of
an offence and liable to a fine of not
las-;, than fifty dollassnor more than
oiie. thousand  dollars. ,      ' -■
61. The procedure for enforcing pen-'
alties "imposed or 'authorized to lie
imposed.-by this act shall , be that
ptcscribed by. Part XV. of the Crim-
in ii Code, relating to summary convictions.   -
Special   Provisions. .
-:'!. Either party to a dispute which'
may be referred. under this act lo a
lxjard may agree in writing, of any
time before or. after the board has
ni.i.'lj its report and recommendation
to be bound by the recommendation
of ■ the board in the same manner as
parlies are bound upon an award
mad;* pursuant to a reference tb arbitration on the order of a court of
record every agreement so to be
hound made by one -party shall, be.
forwaided to the registrar who shall
communicate it'to'the othet party,
and i( the other party agrees in like
mauaci to . be bound by the • recommendation of the board, then the recommendation shall be made' a. rule
of th.; said court on ■ the application
of' either party and shall be enforce-
abl.*. in like manner. .;
63. In  the event of a dispute arising iu any  industry or trade     other
than such as may be,included   under
the piovisions of this act, and   such
'dispuie, threatens to result in a lockout or strike,  or has actually resulted in a  lockout or strike,  either   of
the- parties may agree in  writing  to
allow such* dispute  t'o be referred  lo
a   board" of  conciliation and  Invcv.i-
gatif.ii.   lo  1)0 constituted under,,  lite
proy-sions of this act.
,(3! Every  agreement to  allow  such
reference shall  be ■ forwarded . to   the
registrar,   who   shall   communicate   il
to llie other' party, and if such other
paity agrees in like manner to'allow
the cl.spule to be "referred to a lioard,
tho dispuie may be referred "as if the
industry or trade and the parties /were
included  within  the  provisions of this
act. ■ ,-.■_'
a (31 From the time' that the parties
have,been notified in writing by the
mutual agreement to refer the,, dispute to a board under the provisions
of-this act, the minister has decided
tf) refer such dispute, the lockout or
stvike, if^in existence, shall, .forthwith cease, and the provisions of this
act, j-hall bind the parties."
d.\. Ko court of the Dominion of
Canada, or of any province or territory thereof, shall have power or jurisdiction to recognize or .enforce, or
to receive in evidence-any report of a
board, or any testimony or proceedings before a board, as against any
person cr- for any purpose, except in
tho case of the prosecution of -such
person foi perjury. ■* (|
f-5- -^'o .proceeding under this act
shal' be deemed invalid by reason of
anv defect of form or any technical
t'o. The minister- shall determine
the allowance or amounts to
be paid to all persons other
than the members of a board,
employed by the government or any
board, includlag, the registrar, secretaries, clerks, experts, stenographers
or otker persons performing any service.* under the provisions of this
67, In enso of prosecutions under
this act, whether a conviction . is or
is not olitained, it shall lie the duty
ol the clerk of the court before which
any such prosecution takes place to
bristly report the particulars "of such
pro-mutiot' to the registrar within
thirty days after it has been determined, and such clerk shall be entitle 1 to a prescribed fee in payment
of bin services.
fill. Thi- goveriior-ln-coiiiicil may
make regulatioms ns to the time
wjtltiii which , anything hereby attth-
oriztd shall be done, and also ns to
attv other matter or thing which ap-
pi-ars to him necessary or advisable
to the effectual working of the »cvi
oral provisions of this act. All such
regulation* shall go into force on the
dav ol lhc publication thereof in the
Canada Gn/ette, and they shall lie
laid lieion- parliament within fifteen
days aflet such publication, or, if
pntliiirmm Is not then in session,
within fifteen days after the opeuluj;
of the  next session  thereof.
io. All charges and expenses incut red by the government in cornice-
I'nH l-it'i i'.'C ,iillili!il.ili.ilicu ill i'-'tf
act shall lie defrayed out oi such uo-
proprictions as arc made by parliament for that purpose
70. An annual report with respect
in t'.ie uidtvcis iianii.ic.uti by hnu
under this net shall lie made by the
minister to the' governor-general, and
shall be laid before parliament within the first fifteen days of each scs-
sbn tliereof.
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Danc€---flcrod Again Washes Hands
nie on Saturday  and  discussed     llie ! that the employees of the Taber coal
question,  arriving  at  a  decision'  referred  to ,. in ' the   following  telegram.
II.   Sherman,   president   of   lMs-   \<Ax*& again and received the follow-
ti-ict 18, li.'M.-W. of A., has
nished the I^lfier with, the telegraphic correspondence which has passvd
between the ofllccrs of the,mine work-
era-and the department of labor at
Ottawa relating to the Taber lock-;
out and the attitudes of the government thereon. . President. Sherman
states' that "a few days previous to
A-ir.l i, a committee of the. men
waited on Manager .Dixon, of the
Canada West ■• Coal Co., of Taber,
with a.request that "Monday, April i,
be granted to the men as a holiday
in', order to celebrate the - inauguration of the eight-hour day at Taber. Request granted. .On April 2,
when meu reported for work no officials were present to put them to
woriv. A conimitlce waited on Manager Dixon lo ask him why" the men
were nol allowed to work!- They were
informed, that they, could not work
except on io' hours a day basis. The
men. decided  to stay  by  their'    con-
. tract. Finally _ Dixon agreed , with
Vice-President Galvin that -. the men.
should1" resiuiie work 011 the 8, hour
d.iy. The men were locked out.- on
April 2 and 3/ One'rations being partially ■ reliewuvfon April"' 4- _ Tl*e «*«-
" tract .was »ot contingent upon     the
L,ethbridge settlement."    .
.   From  Calgary .Sherman  wived    the
deputy minister of labor,  whose    re-,
ply  was as follows:
■■   n . Ottawa,  April  2.
,I<\  II."'Sherman, "  District    President
XJnited Mine Worker's     of -America;
l-'einie:— ,.-..-•
■ .Telej-jmiii :.-re<__iiestiiig enforcement of.
Industrial Disputes law in connection
with '.alleged* lockout, by' Canada West
Coal Co. at Taber mine'* received., In
reply would direct attention to section 61  Of  the;'act,  which reads-.-  as
lol.lowt.* (Here section lTljnoIpjr^l-"
have today communicated with Canada West-Coal Co. at Taber mine'informing • the. company of contents of
your . telegram and directing their attention to clause 56 and 58 of act relating respectively to the prohibition
of lockouts prior to reference of dispute .to-.a board and penalty for
causing lockout.
Deputy Minister of Labor.
The above telegram was sent to
Calgary and receivedu there after Mr.
Sherman had left, so that not knowing of    its' receipt     that gentleman
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lUdkiM Co., BruckvitU, Out,
ing reply
Ottawa,   April  3.
Y.   H.   Sherman,    President.,  Miners'
Union,,.Ferine: ...
•..Your wire, Fernie,' April 3, just received; telegraphed you"'to-.Calgary ou
receipt of your last wire directing
your attention to section of Industrial Disputes act which provides, that
procecsdings for enforcement of act
.should, be taken under part 15 of
criminal code; have .asked. Calgary, to
forward .message.   .,
.   * -       •„ Deputy Minister of I<abor. '■
Mr. Sherman sent the following reply: .'        -.   . —    •'
°   ■                  ,     '• Fernieji-April 4. '
W:„I",.  Mackenzie King, Ottawa:.
.Want to know, definitely, whether
government, will, enforce■• act,* and
The following was  received  in   "rc-
l'lyi ' '■•-,'
Ottawa, April 4.
P..-H.  Sherman, :   President    Miners'
Union,  Fernie: ^
any person believing the provisions
of - Industrial- Disputes act to " have
been violated may lay an information or complaint before a justice of
the peace, who has full power, to hear
and  determine the whole  matter.
1    .\V.'L. MACKENZIE: KING,    ,
Deputy Minister of Labor,.,
The following was-also received:
Ottawa,   April  4.-
F.' H.   Sherman,'-. "President.-   Union,-
.Fernie:" '„.
Have  just  received   telegram    from
Canada    West Coal    Co.   as follows:
Your   telegram   to   hand;" »o • lockout''
on company's part;, our contract bas-.
ed on I.clhbridgc- working houre. Min-
ing to force- on us' eight-hour ,"day,-
while most important competitor permitted to work- ten". ■ We • cannot afford it. Mine is open lo -work whenever'miners signify willingness to do
ns they-agreed.
Have sent the ' following -in reply:
From your telegram April 3 just received, it would appear, that.there, is
a misunderstanding betweeiii. your
company, and employees as ..to nature
uf existing dispute. Department of
labor has, only such information as
is contained in telegram quoted - to
you and your reply. The minister
•lirects me to say that in order that
the parties on either side" may not
render ,themselves,liable for an. infringement of the law it. would ap;
pejar advisaflilo that an ajipHwjl'ion
should be made at once by one party
or the. other for the appointment of
a board of conciliation aud,investigation, and, that work should be resum-^
ed pending an enquiry by such board..
As soon as application .is received department will make every cfiort to
sec that board is appointed and its
enquiry conducted as expeditiously as
Deputy Minister of. I<abor.
In reply Mr. Shcrmgq wired:
Pernis, April 5.
Deputy Minister ot Labor,. Ottawa:
Re Canada West Coal Co.: There
is absolutely no mention of I,etli-
These pills not [bridge or conditions there or elsewhere. Article 8 of agreement, reads
its follows; ..Hours of labor to remain
as at present pending, installation ol
the. new machinery., Tha company
undertaking to concede thu eight-hour
working dny not Inter than April 1,
i-jo;, The whole trouble is that the
company repudiates this agreement
and" wants ,ten-hour working day. It
will be seen that the question is
simply enforcement of an executed
cniitracl .solemnly entered into, anil
now broken liy company. Men .ready
to carry out terms of snid contract,
but prevented by company.
And later, ns follows:
Penile, April 5.
Deputy Minister of Labor, Ottawa:.
The plain question it does the gov-
eimneot    111 lend to have inlortimtion
Ja'J   ,<;a'   (1,   [IIUU»-Klc  C.lfe.-»,   dill'     ii
.vi,  when.   Please give plain answer.
P.  II. Hht-rtnnn.      Vrttlrimit    THntrlrt
Union Hu. 18, U. M. IV. of A., Per-
, |. ii
Me; ,„
Tlu* minister directs mc to sny that
information in the hikc of violation
of tin- Inilii.Ntrin! Disputes'Iiivcstigii-
tion net should be laid by individuals affected a* In ths case ol violation ol other st-ilu'i-* where method
i>| eiilorct-tm-iit Is ihut set forth In
purt is nl the criminal code, Tlm
aei Wi not contemplate the laying
of information by the government.
Deputy Minister of T.nlior.
The district executive met at   Per-
The "district" referred to in the";telegram comprises. e\ery. mine in Alberta and the mines of tne Crow's
Nest1 Pass Coal Co,' in this province:
,    '   ,   'Pernie, April  6.
"A",  L.  Mackenzie' King,   Ottawa:
.Your refusal to take action at Taber will result in miners ignoring Industrial - Disputes act. Roferdbidum'
vote now being taken may result in
general strike at every mine in this
■     _ " Y.   H.   SHERMAN.
In "reply to a telegram-filed .ye'stcr-':
day, asking lor some explanation of
the government's alleged -.refusal to"
prosecute the Canada West Coal Co..
for breach, of the Industrial Disputes
act, Hon. Rudolphc-I.emicux,. minister of labor, sent the follnwiiiir to tlii*
"Daily * News, Nelson. 11. C—The
procedure for enforcement'of the Industrial Disputes Invest.tgiatioii act"
as set forth 'in "the act, is that prescribed by part 15 of the "criminal
code revised statutes of Canada. If
act has l*ecn violated by the companv
at Tal.er0 declaring n lockout, con:
trary to its provisions, it is open,to
any one to0 lay an information before
a-justice of the peace and have penalties'imposed;' Similarly if act were
violated 'by men going "on strike contrary to its provisions,, any person
Would be free to lay an information0
and have penalties imposed. The act
in* this respect is enforceable like-other statutes' where similar procedure is
prescribed. The act does "not,, contemplate that,the government should
lay informations. The" minister of
labor is obliged to appoint a board
of conciliation' and investigation in.
connection with,any dispute when required to do so in accordance with
'the' terms of the act, both parties at
Taber have been so informcd_.-*but no
application for the appointment of 'a
board has 1>een as yet received.
''Minister of Labor.'
"Ottawa,-April 7,' 1907."
*     n
A temporary arrangement - has been
entered " into between Manager Dixon
and John Galvin, vice-president of the
U, *M." \V, of A., for' the settlement
of the trouble at tbe Canada. -tVest.
Coal ■ and , Coke company's lmne.
■Under this- arrangement the company
concedes' the eight-hour working" day
for a period of thirty days so'as \o
enable both the company and ,. employees "to refer the matter'to a
board of arbitration as, provided 'for-
.ifl— the T'.a l:,n,-_^T1;o.^.. * r-.--_j_=i_,.._!.._
-.**—-**■*->—■ »—""»i"* »••=?>—j iivusugnuoii"
act. '      '  ,
It should'further be noted that the'
Canada West Coal Co. is not in the
Western Coal Operators' association,
and had no one representing the company at the Calgary joint convention.
There' was, therefore, no association
between the Taber mine''and those endeavoring to' effect a, settlement at'
Calgary.      ;
■   Ottawa,   April  9.
P.   H.   Sherman,      President   District
Union■ IT. M. W. of A., Fernie:
Department    received   today   letter
of April s from     C. Dixon, " Canada
West Coal and Coke Co., stating that
as   soon as appraised   of   new,, law
company notified men'that mine was
open and that men are now working.
Mr.  Dixon  has made  application  for,
appointment of board of conciliation
and investigation to enquire-into dispute; between company and employees.
Deputy Minister of Labor nnd Registrar,.: of Boards of Conciliation and
Ottawa, April 9,
P. H. Shermnn, President District
No. 18, U. M. W. 0r A,, Pernie:
The department is in receipt today
of applications for the appointment of
a ltoard ol conciliation and investigation in icspect of disputes between
the following companies and the.r
employees: The Crow's Nest Pass
'Coal Co,, The Cuiiaillaii-iAiiiericnn
Colli nnd 'Coke Co., The International Coal and Coke Co., The Western
Canadian Collieries, The minister of
labor directs mc to say ihut he has
decided to. appoint n board of toneil-
intion nnd investigation to which tlu*
matter In dispute mny bo referred,
with the least possible delay, in accordance with the provisions of the
Deputy Minister of Labor nnd Registrar of Hoards of Conciliation   nnd
The following dispatch clippc' from
tbe Globe ol the 31 d doed tint hat-
Imonl/e with tin- above ollicinl dispatches:
Ottnwa, April 3.—In view of the
pres»    report    fri.m  Calgary plating
mines had been locked out in conse-
fiut-nce of failure to reach an agreement between tlie men and 'operators
ai Calgary last week,- Mr. Mackenzie
King, .deputy minister of labor,- has
wire,! the owners of the mines that
If the employees are locked out. as
stated ih the report, without the mat
ters in dispute having been first submitted to the board of arbitration as"
provided in the new labor act iiow in
force, the penalty clauses will be invoked. For such infringement of the
act the operators are liable to a fine
of S500. per day.    ,i"
0    _  13	
To Ths Editor:
■Dea-   Sii,—With  your  permission   1
i.eg  to contradict' some of-the statements ' appearing  in   the public    press
respecting East Kootenay ' reserves.,
1. We are told llial it is necessary
to make these reserves in order to
protect the,big game, chiefly elk and
liiountai,'. sheep; that these are almost extinct in  the district.
2. Tha,-;' the area described is of no
value, containing Sv-ither -mineral or.
timber of, *commsrcial value.
3. Tn' order to further protect the
game within these reserves it .will require two or three game' wardens
(friends of the promoters, of course,)
tract was signed. r So you see breach
of contract was made by   the     men
and uot by us. We have lived "up to
our agreement in every particular,
and." had the opposite side done accordingly;, there' would.have been no
stoj) here.
Hoping you 'will make this correction,. I am
Yours  truly,
- Taber,  Alta.,  April 3,  1907.,     *.
NOTE.—The,miners, we understand,
do not admit the correctness of Mr.
Dixon's account "of the "verbal" contract. Wh}-. are we to believe him
rather than them in the absence of
any 'evidence ' in support of his stat'e-
nniit and in the face of the actual
written contract which, he signed, and
wliidi lie,.violated, in the face also
of the apparent fact that he "allowed"
them to work on month after month
understanding that the signed contract would be carried out, subsequent to the alleged breach of the
verbal contract?—Southern Albertn
News. ' '■-,'
Wf)t %e6ga?
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Medicine Co., BrotlviUe, Cttl.
in.! to. raise funds to pay those, v.-ar-
dens it "is proposed to .tax every per-
KOiicr.rryjiig ii gun ?2  per year.
With regard * to tbe ' first assertion,
it. i.s ii well-known' fact by, those
f:.miiiar with the district, tliat there
nrc hundreds, of mountain sheep' gracing the lofty hills and large herds of
elk sn the valleys. The latter, are undoubtedly increasing,- being protected
until iyn If'necessary, why not
lengthen the close time" on Elk, and
also .make a" close - lime for , sheep
over the present arrangement. This
method is much easier, cheaper and
more u,, aCvorcUince with "the general
opinion it: the district, 'file northern
lxmndaij of , tbe proposed "' reserve
nearly tc uchps , the south boundary of
tlie National Park at Banff with its
immense area.       '
As to the second - part, I maintain
th.it none of the, movers in the matter know tbe country sufficiently well
to give"- an "opinion worth a rap,
ei'.liVr as "'to'the mineral or timber
weaUh o: the area proposed'to be reserve.1. Iv understand- Professor Hor-
njvlav has visited. the Elk district
once for a week or so, and McPhil-
lips about hall a do/cn times for a
few weeks during the -shooting season. I daresay both of these gentlemen are very nice and leaVe pleasant.
_rnrwllpp( ,r>,ic I-...!..-...!        il  .       ....
-.V~y..v Vk-.ws.u U,-.17 III. ^V-lIV-lir,-^ O, I. VII VT
same timr. the people of the district,
people making th.-. country, have a
say. If we take' the Alberta line
as the eastern boundary,- and this,
according to .some, of tlie promoters,
is the inside, it will include the largest  coal  area ' in      British  Columbia.
From Michel north 18 - miles ' the
whole ol the bottom lauds in the
Elk valley i.s now occupied by- farmers. Oi. the west wc'have'llie ' Bull
river iio'! ores, and there are strong
evidences! of ore bodies between these
points. ■ In .fact, the district has
practically nol  been prospected yst.
One lumber company is now preparing t- drive their wintet cut of
logs down, the Elk, and there is
room ' for scons ni-.jru-to repeat the
process  for years  and  years.
Lastly, we all know that by restricting the time allowed for' killing
game, 01 prohibiting the killing altogether, they can be preserved
equally ns' well as in a park.
^ To suggest taxing the working-man
$8',per year' for carrying n ,,,„',( __,
orJer to satisfy the fads of a few big
gam.) hunters and their small fry followers, W nu n-..siisdily, The Fernie
district j. (•..-■'..inly ,,_ working-man's
distri-t, and I would regret the time
when 11113 miner cannot have a little
pleasmj- up the Elk  with  liis gun.
Wichcl, B, C., AprlK5l 1907.
———-o— . . —
A concerted plot evidently Ims been
formed to injure the miners iu the
trouble that threatens nud to prejudice public opinion against them by
misrepresenting the fnetH or diverting
public attention fr-mi the real points
nl issue. *
First, it Ih staled that the recent
conference broke up over'the question
of tin- open nliop, Thnt was good
ladies for the opcrnlors, because the
agitation of labor men for a closed
shop, or a' fair shop, as it. should bo
Inoun, i.s not at .ill popular,
llntilie matter of open or closed
shop is only one nl .several points at
Issue between the employers and em-
ployies, nnd certainly not the (.most
Important   issue between  them.
The points at issue between the operators nnd the miners are so important llial to attempt to sldelriiek
tliein by a dcbiiti- upon any remark
lh.it one ol the miueis may have
snid,  is useless,—Morning  Albcrtitii.
Miss Evans was a Fernie visitor
several days this week..
H. A. J.eRoy made a flying 'trip
to  Sparwood  Wednesday.
,Miss Crahan leaves for I.ethbridge
Saturday  for an  extended visit.
A. Mul/., the. Fernie brewer, was a-
brief visitor in Michel Mondav.
Jim- Rilancc, of the- Trites-Wood
stall, was laid up., for several days
(hiring the week with  tonsilitis. ',
Cards are out announcing the mar-'
riage of Miss Polly Elliot to Edward Nuns Saturday evening, the
-loth inst. -
Geo. Whiting has rented the house
formerly occupied by the Crescent
.club, and .will run a first-class 1x>ard-
ing house.
1). Scolt left, for his ranch near Red'.
Deer Wednesday. His family expect
to leave about "the'middle o' next
month  to  permanently  reside.
Miss Johnson, of the Michel..public
school returned - from Nelson,
on Sunday's passenger. She reports
a pleasant time at the - institute. ,,
Nick Latnana, for five.years a resident of Michel, will leave for., ■ his
homestead at Priest river, Idaho,
after next payday,  to stay for good.
Mrs. Jenkins- expects to leave for
her old,home "in tlie Old Country in a
short  time.. Miss  Nellie and    Master
— ~«—"-."^<"-,.wnipu,iiy~-iii:r^oll—tne-
voyage. *
Percy Talbot returned, from Coleman Tuesday to make Michel his
permanent home. He'is again as-,
sisting in the medical department at
the  Michel   hotel.
It is reported here today that the
C. P. R, will issue free lie passes to
the people- of Michel who wish, to
avail themselves of the opportunity
in case of a strike., Don't all speak
at once,  but apply early.
Word has been received from Dr.
McSorley, stating that he will return
to Michel about May I. Dr. ' Hecn-
toll, who has been 'looking after the
sick and injured during his absence,
will* return to Calgary after his return.
Rev, Kinney, of the local Methodist church, has, received an. appointment to accompany a geological and,
scientific party from Toronto Univcr,-
sitv. on n research expedition. of the
Roc'-.ies north of Field. The farthest
point nortii to be reached is about
250 miles north of tlie main Hue of
the, C. P. R, The parly is to start
about July 1.
does Jod, Work ia Utile neatev
and bettev tftan aptpotftev office
in ffevriie ** anQ pou get tbe
Union ZabeL
?' ' Q     '
j ■ ■* ' 1 ■*
- «    . -.    . .. ,''"--    '       -   •   ' ':
&et(n$ prove it to; pou
Nowt, that, the Sewers are
going in,j youv will surely
put some plumbing' in   that
■_ , * 1
house of yours.     *:
. I*
Bring; your enquiries to us
and" bring tlie in now, so we
can'get your job fixed up
properly before the big,rush
comes. ,
Estimates, cheerfully   given
General Merchant
.'-• i rf. W.",* wPiiiijjmi
Doalor InWino
Liquors' and
If, you, do, get: out, and sell the
Ledger. The boy, girl* or-adult-
who. sells the largest, number"
per week; gets a good Jack-
Knife.during the month of April
and, then we have a monthly
prtee which is sure to. be good.
Special inducement for the girl
who sells the Ledger. You can't
sell us very often but you. can
The Ledger
t uiiiiu
Cor, Wood & Baker Street
\        >v~* .  nt '*•**•* 1
1   ll,'i'ii>i|i> »*— H« W.
It iH tint fllw.iyn Winn lo ri's|inii(1 to
ncwH|ni]ier reform, Imi  tlu- ini.srciuc-
Rcntatlon .tuiniift-si in yom  i*.sin*     ol '
ycHlvnl.iy      cotict-riiiiii-      our     liltli- -,
tr.iuble lien: in   entirely tno llugMiit 1
to l.e ticriuitti-il to ).-,^.> '•H'-liiilitiviicil. ,
According   to ,1  vrrkil   iif*rciiiiiiit, J
l.tttWi- 11   llOtll   Hlllt-M   tint   p.lit     (ll   tile .
totitract reE.ittve  to lintim  nl   work, I
W.i»   to   !«   C. llti*l;;«tlt   OM   tilt;     Bt'ltle- j
111cm mad,- Iittwi-ui tin- uuiuii mul -■
(•Mitmt cniiii'i-tit'ir. Tlu-y urn work-j
itiR ten hours t>n>l in line with the ,
umli-tntiiriiJinf?  enttrtt)   into,   11 mi   ttir t
expmtM.1  amurine--  th.it   they  would ! M pg       C«      OOUCflflS
011 utiy   -itlier \ ' *
Cleaned ami curled.
Old i'ealhi'is made io
look I ike new. l;ealhcr
Ilo.is a specially. Mail
orders promptly attended io. Moderate prices
KJ tfJ0
Are arriving daily.
We have a larger and
better assortment this
spring thaneverandour
prices are low enough
to suit the person who
had to borrow trouble*
**\ .V.f.«.|.-.   UK  ca.NAMAN   .NOIH'lhWKh'l
MiNiNti Hi',on.A,rr"'.s,«i,
('.ml. "C1111I IhihU iiiii.v Im imri'liiikiNl Ht tl<>
11.'mrii for hull iiml mul i-;m fur miHiMi-Itu,
Sni iniiriitliiiii .-Ini iii'tim nm Im iirnnlrm! liy
in i< lmll\|i|iiiil nr i'iiiii|iiiii>, Hovulty ill tlm
1111,. ul tun null, i,|i>. imi nf ;',ni| iiimmhIi nlnill
!■• <iillu-ii-il nn iln. «rn.»i.iil|iiir
i.nniri/ A ii-i'ii iiiliiiii'n i'i.|i|f|i.uli. I<nriiiitiiil
. , ., |.,.,,,,,..,, 1.1 ,^i%,.,,t. ,,i ... |m 1 ,11,iii ii. lur
11 liiilmiliml, iiimI Irnni 1.V1 inilmiiriiniii'in
'   ... f.i.1,1 .1.i>.iWii.i; in 1 it.,1'11.,
"   \   111 I' lllllllT, llllVllIK ili'l Ml ll'.l lllllllti'.l   In
I'l'ii'iLiniiv liii-itlii iii'liilm l,.Vmx XflitWri.
'•'\ >-1< 1 Im 11- ut Hi i{ ti iJnim 1. (,',,
A* I * II -.t •ll'Milllhll X|H 11. ll'.l nil  llllll'llltlll
iMi'li.ii'iit »r imill in tin' Minimi riTurilii» In
li.'ll IIhiimiI, tvlini i'i "i Iii.» iii'iiii iiiu.inlvl ot
-  •' '   " '' ' ■   -.'   .-.-      1.   ■ ;     , .'. .1!. ,;,,..    <>
1.inlu, im.I iifitui roiii|ilyin»r  willi oilier  r»«
(|Ulriiiiiiiit»,|iiir^liiim. Hit. In n>l »t llllll kith.
Tin' imti'iit |irfiM.|i^ tur Hu- imyinriil »f *
.'   l.llt,\   111-.*; |lir I I'll!  HU   Mill Mill!!,.
I'l.AI I.II llllllllllt 1 llllll,., «i.|lc|>llly Mil' li\l ll'nt
- iniin-; «unrv fi-i- t.'i rt'tiiiw.ilil«yi-«rly,
A In-" Miiniir nml nl,lain tun |i.ii«h tn
iin-ilui' lur md|.I uflivc iniliNi'iicli Inni tfrm nl
i >iiitv-,vv'ir«,ri'iiiiwiilil|.ni tlio il|».i|itliiii nt
I ■• Jtliu'*!- nl ll.tt ruii-ri-f.
I'lii. Iiihm'ii klmlt Ii«\i> liilitilKiiln iitK<r*tlon
i> itliiii iinn »iih»,in frmn tin-,lulu u( tlm Ii-hhu
f .1 ui: h ii\i. ii.iiu.. Unit*', . Ii'ui'iiliiiuiii t*-l
.mil 11,IU. nl 1 her Uii»rl. ltii.Y-.ll,*, nt tin
mil. nt .'< jrt-r i*« til iiulli'l'ti-il 011 l|ii-(illf|illt «(•
i„r il i-*.. 1'i'iin .'|ii/*«i
W. W. COUtY.
U^Mttr MhitMir *W % hurkr.
N.  D.-VtMtpUuirlud  MAJnUIcm  ot
tku tuivcrtiwintat will vol *M Mid
twver gel a ifittlriiii-'nt
!«•!* hut an eight-fcuur fa J, onr co«- (
Box 300 FeraU
W.   R.    MoDOUGALL
lliutd'f IJbxmumt c«r« DikJruf. i j *&**,. i.*"*- '&i$tJxj^^t*£&£*Kfl:^i$~ti .1
FERNIE LEDGER,    FERNIE, B.C., APRIL 13,"   1907.
i   NOTICE!_
will hereafter, until further no-,
tice, pay Interest oii.Siiv-
[* inj?s Bank Accounts Quarterly  instead of   semi-annual-"
ly as  heretofore.
MAY 31st    '   '    AUGUST ftlsi
NOVEMBKlt 30th & l'KB. '2Stli
I that stands the hard knocks of pioneer life; and is not a bit like   a man.
who can not knock back.'
'■ G.  1\  I«ambert has been appointed
temporarily as fire teamster.
1   Born, to'Mr.  and Mrs.   J. A. Mur-,
[ray,   at  Coal   Creek,   Tuesday,'    the
9th, a'daughter.
F.O.I-:.—Fernie Aerie,,No. 561, V.O.
their  meeting  mgXti
Fridiiv   of   each
travelling public. Such' a one is the
King Edward Hotel, of Fernie, corner opposite post 'ollice.
Wild Rose
English Breakfast Tea
I-!., have changed'
from  Wednesday
W3  U. •
Fred- Tampion,   of   Gateway,
hursday' iu "the Home hospital ironi
Hood poisoning.     The ..remains   were
shipped to his eastern home by Scott
aud Ross.
U Pernio   Hraucli d
G.   G.   S.   I.indsey  left  for Toronto
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. A. Mutz left on a sho-
to Spokane Tuesday morning.
Undur  the auspices oi     the ladies
aid of tie'Methodist church, an-apron
sale will be held ou Monday     afternoon,   the  sand inst.,   in  the  Burns
Block, Victoria Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H Whelan, the
baby and Fiannigan, left over the C.
P7 R. on Thursday lor Wallace,
Idaho, where Tom aud the, baby will
go scratching gravel in search of pay
A social dance' was given in honor
of Mr. and Mrs. A. Berridge in the
dub rooms at Coal Creek last, night
whichwas a very pleasant affair. Mr
aud . Mrs. Berridge are coming
Fernie  to  reside  permanently.*
Chief of     Police Walker is leaving
with   Mrs.  Walker for a  few   weeks'
rest.   They will first visit Salt Ivakc
City,  then Beatrice!' Nebraska,      and
will finish up at St. Louis, their old;
home.   Mrs. Walker" has .been in poor,
health    for     some    time,    and  it is
thought the change will be * beneficial"
tocher.   The chief says he feels,    run
down   himself,   but   that   he' will   'be
back if lu'  is     not    run  down  sonic
more, especially  by  the police of  the
American  cities .he  intends  tb    visit.
It is hinted among the boys that' a
subscription will be taken up ameng
his trends  to  pay his fare back,   so
tliat he will  not have to count   ties
or ride  blind  baggage.
OUR own blend. . Best on
earth. If yoii want a cup
of - nice-flavored Tea that will
make you feel like enjoying" life,
,try a pound and .you will never
regret it. Money refunded if not
strictly  satisfactory..   ...
Fernie, B. C
J.   BIlindelL   Post Office Block
Quality,   Purity  and   Quantity
are the trade.bringers that we. use constantly, in our
business. " For each of your dollars we offer at all. times
the .biggest hundred cents'   worth of value procurable.
We Guarantee to Save You Money
Charles  McN'ab, _,.   the  Waldo    mill
man,  was in town Wednesday.
°   G.   H.   Boulton - went   to   Elkinouth
'Thursday via C.  I\  li. ami  Elko,   n
Mr. and Mrs..,' Forster, of Spar-
wood,  were iu the city Wednesday.
The Eagles are preparing to move
their nest to the I. 0. 0. F. hall.1
.   H.   J,  .lohnson  has purchased A. P.
Walter's   residence .011   Howland   ave.
",   Born, on Saturday,''6th inst, to Mr.
'and Mrs. O. F. Meikle, city a daughter.        '" ...
A break in the " south side tipple
caused a stoppage of Xo. 2,mine Wednesday.
Miss'Sinclair took charge of No"".
3 division of .the city schools Monday morning.
Mrs.   Lawny   gave  aii'   "At  Home"
'  to a  very large nuinlier of, her  .lady
,   friends yesterday afternoon.     '
Miss E." h-. Emerson, matron of the
Home hospital is seriously ill' with
peritonitis. An operation was performed Friday morning by JJrs'. Hig-
gins.and Cartwright, but her ultimate recovery is still a question.
A telegram to 'President Sherman
from John Mitchell Thursdaj announced that Vice-President Lewis,
of tlie United Mine' Workers, would
I'e in Fernie early next week. He
will be a welcome visitor at this
By ah oversight, The Ledger report
of the institution .of Esther lodge of
Rebecca in our. last issue, the name
of 0. N. Ross was omitted as nthe
ollicial organizer of the order. Mr.
Ross was assisted by. the ladies from
Nelsoa.   '- ,       "-   "       ,,•'   ,
Mrs. Hale, of EnJerby, arrived in
town this week,"and -vill spend a portion 61 the summer here with Mr.
Hale. It is hard to tell,where! _ Mr.
Hale's home is unless it- is every-
where, -as he seems to be at home 111
that place.
The largest mass meeting ever held
by - the members of Gladstone un.on
in Fernie packed Stork's opera house
on Thursday. The present si tin.'.'.™
of the labor controversy betwetu die
operators and employees was tl-e
tlu-me of discussion, and judging f-o 1*.
the result of the vote taken by ).allot, there was practically only one
side to the debate.
The referendum vote taken after the
meeting 'was • the largest ever, cast by
the union. Out of a total membership of a little less than 8oo, -'there
were cast 776 votes, 717 for striking
to 45 against and 4 spoilt.ballots.
The membership all'over the district is increasing, and-it seems th.ii
as a result of repressive tactics frua
outside, that-the miners are all 00m.
ing into the organization.
LIMITED '•     -
Mr. W: Edwards is willing to fight
any man in British Columbia,  catch
weights, for a side bet of $5°0; Mar-
ij-uis. of. Oueerisbury   rules  to  govern.
Mm Burrows preferred.
' changed their meeliii^'iiiijlit from Wednesday to. Friday of each week.     _  , „.'
,    M». G. H. Boulton will go to Elk-<
mouth Monday to take   up her   resi
dence  at the Mott-Boulton  mills.
Will - Liphardt is opening up a jew-
«lary otore in Macleou. He is not going to cast his peans before swine."
Wc are glad to announce that Mrs,
W. W. Tuttie, who is still" at Bel-
Hngfaam, is now improving in health.
Tfce mayor has signed the sewer, dc-
txnturea, and now * all preliminaries
for caching, them have been attended
Magistrate Wliimster willhold a
court ol revision on May the 6th,
aad the voters' list will not be open
again until November.
lira. A. McLeod and children arrived home on Thursday from a two
weeks' ' visit with friends In St,
Mary's and lethbrldge..
Ncvor were there so matiy Easter
bonnet* in evidence in Moyie, This i.s
an unfailing indication of prosperity
—to tbe milliner.—Moylc Leader.   „
Wc arc now assured of,the near approach of that coy nnd gentle young
lady—spring.   Dr.  Wrlgieswprt-i     has
, presented his wife with a new garden
fist jury in the ,Tliaw case have
not yet Ijccii able to agree upon 11
verdict, und it looks now ns though
the filth will have to be rnked over
The Conl   Creek  football   hoys    .ire
1 preparing to have a grnml  time   tonight.   HIUh  ure out (uiiintiiiciug     a
' smoker at the AtliK-tii- chili    rnoiiiii,
conl creek,
Tbe young Indies guild, uf Christ
iltiirch will glv.s n ti!n and sale in
Siork'x opera house on ThuiNilny, llu-
18th Inst. Then- will he ihinciiig in
the evening.
The Alberta .-ovemm-ul Ims start-
e*l a crew nt work on tin- new telephone line from Cnli-mnn In Mnrlrml
and will Inter conti nu: tin- line tn
Lethbrldge and  Medicine Hut.
The customs collections ut this
outport lor the month ol March
amounted to $8,77.1,43, The inland
revenue collected was fr.tof-.jfi., Tot-
ul collections, In,307.75.
Mint ojii-MVoiii 11. Vv. iViOer, n|
Cnli-wtn; I^cwis Stockett, ol Hank-
head; J, Jlreckunridge, of Cnlgnry;
Whiteside, of niuinnore, nnd Monrc of
I'mnk, were In tint city on Monday.
A. Mitch, the veternn of the Kootenay sawdust aristocracy, wns In
lowti ywtenlny nnd jrnvf tli»> T,«vlgi*r
a friendly call. Mr. Leitch Ims Ut-n
in the sawmill huxineai in F.nst Koot-
eeuy since 1897, and has not got rich
taoagh yet to retire, though lie. in nl
ti n-tiring disposition. Pew in*nli..vi
dotie as ta'iclt an Sfr. Leitch toward
the opening np aad improving    this
Colonel Cartwright, inspector . of
musketry for ..the Canadian militia,
was in ^town over Sunday, the guest
of Mi. and Mrs. F. C.' I.awe and his
brother, . Dr. Cartwright. Mrs.Cartwright accompanied, the Colonel, -and
they were on their return' trip from
the coast.
Dominion ■ inspector of'public buildings for British Columbia Win. Henderson, accompanitd by Mr. . JUcCal-
lum, of, Cranbrook; was in tewn this
week making preliminary arrangements for the early beginning oi
work on the new post office- building,
Brigadier-General Andrew S. Burt
is an enthusiastic sportsmau, his. especial hobby being baseball. At.one
time, he was colonel of a colored reg-,
iment, two companies of which'•* were
having a game.. Colonel Burt took
_the_i)lace_of__aJpoo^player,    but. the
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply,of Beef_
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. , Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs. ". „    ■
We have the  newest, and  most  up-to-date  stock  of
IrFurnishings  in town at prices  that  mean a saving   to
you. --._-.'    "   '.
Campbell & Faultless Clothing
° * '-.   unequalled for fit, material and-style
Men's Suits $8.50 to $22.50
Men's Pants $1.40 to $6.50
We have now in stock the finest range .of
, Fine and Working1 Shirts that we.ever put
put into Btock. ;
W. G. & R., Pooley and Star.Fino Shirts
all new season's patterns..-.	
King of the Road, H.B.,Knitting Co'y
Faultless Working Shirts......:...
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
" good assortment.    Try  our Mince   Meat,
.   Saurkraut and Oysters.
Pinto Shell
Pig  Skin
Rejndeer Buck
We are proud of our .Glove values,   you will'1
appreciate*1 them if you will examine .them.
-    ,;;- 7   i7      -    .   -  ■     ; 45c Pair
•v ° •    -'   '      -     ;'   Ta^
.    . J    - ■ ■-     Jjii and   $1.25
,  - '   ■   1.25,ancl. 1.95
;-   •   '"'-      ' - - ". i*35,
r-        - :   ; i-35 a"d 1.50
•-    ■.■-"'■        -      •>        1.65
: >)
men on the coaching lines-did , not
shout to him "as they did to the privates. The colonel, took oil his uniform coat anil" demanded to be treat-
elilike the other players. Shortly he
came to bat, hit the ball and started for first. "Run, you skimpy-legged, sawed-ofl mild turtle," yelled a
coacher. "Get a move on you, you
miserable runt. ' Colonel ,' Burt got
around tlie bases to this sort,of accompaniment.' Then he put on his
coat a_jain.
.  ' ■    o	
5c Bars and Diamond Bars
The saving effected by buying your groceries from us is
as good as finding money. °The quality you can always
rely upon as being the best obtainable.
3  lb  tin  Baked  Beans   .. .   7  "   '     , ;
We have put in a full stock of this celebrated Chocolate. We need not say much
about Fry's Chocolate because everybody who
knows chocolate knows the splendid quality
of this line of goods.
Peter Murphy, lata of ' the Nelson
fire department, has gone on the
night beat during the absence ol
Chief Walker. Mr. Murphy has seen
service on tkc St. John, .Newfouiul-
laiul,_ fire department,", and is a South
African veteran, having served in the
Slrathcona Horse.
Mni. Charles Douglas, as will be
seen by her ad, in another column, is
prepared to do ornamental feather
renovating, and will doulitlcss be
found with lots ol work in her line.
Read her ad, and you will know
where you can got your plumage
brightened up.
I.ike Hani'ito'ii glnst, that Winnipeg ghont case against, the l'rce Press
will not stay down. The plaintifl, on
uppeal to the higher court, has been
awarded damages to the extent of
Jt.oon. This'is damaging to tliu Free
Press, hut the ghost should live long
and grow younger.
A big lUowHlidc lias been occuoying
the iittention ol the tt, N. people for
two or three ilnys, nnd has been interfering with a rigid ohBervuncc ol
ihe print-si time utile of Hint nmil.
The Nlide is nl the wiinc nil spot
neur Kwinton. A train got in today, the lirsl in ilii'ue iluys.    ,
Dame minor snys thnt if wr have
not thi' ri'iil Monte Carlo here iu Ki-r
nlc, we nl leiist Im vi- 11 sect inn of
lli.it world of cliiiiice, ami the 'loml
pntrmis nf lhc pliiee send out lo tiniest of our restiiuniists for tlirir
nieiils, which ure curried lo lhe lms\
spnrtHnuii  on   heavy   silver   philters.
Thii    in   Out:   nil    tltc.ulJ    |ii.ivi      w...
the ksi.
If \('U w,mt a not, up-tn il.itv
cull at Mrs, U. Todd's.
T|...l nr*iy C.l I Ml ,.]	
....j. ......11,     , .     ..,, .1..       fj.
shoulder length,, at Mrs. K. Todd's.
Tom Heck still hns ire eienni which
hu has been tuni.ng out regularly,
Tom Week will have lettuce nud
ofhiT y/i'i'ti ('AgetnMi'H in stuck toilny
Hon't forget that Mrs. IC. Todd
kas the little boy'ji white durk Miits.
Von 1 un nlw.iys get the Litem in
ihildren's dresnes und headwenr al
Mrs   IJ. Todd'i.
A   fiot<-f  th.it  fnrnfiliet  i_uict,  com
modioui* nccointiKylation   (or it* put- j
The city council met in regular scs-
siou Thursday night, with Aldermen
Tuttle, Trites, Quail, Mclntyre, Stork
mid Gates present.
On motion, Aldernin Tuttle took
the chair, and the minutes ol the
previous meeting were read and
The report of . Fire Chief Phillips
i'or the month of March was read,
At this juncture the mayor arrived,
nnd after tailing the' chair the report
of the fire chief was adopted.
Mr. Collis, representing Muscns,
I/imited, was present and talked to
council upon the water cart proposition.' He was requested tb make a
written statement, (piotlng price ol
cart delivered,
The mayor .was called away by
phono.,' and Alderman Tuttle resumed
the chnir,
On motion, the ..city clerk was Instructed lo advertise for tenders Ior
cniistnicliiig sidewalks nud street
crossings for IV07.
The . street committee was uuthor-
ucil to conslimt a sidewalk 6 (eel
wide fiom the Mi'UumHnI church to
Hess' corner.      <
The iDiineil then went iiilo(_coiii-
iiiitice nl lln* whole, Alderman. Stork
in the chiiir, and cniisldereil applications for position of city tenni.stcr,
On rising tin- cuminitlee reported to
Hie iiiiiiieil, recommending thnt the
dr. chief ho empowered to engage ut
unci' n teamster front those who had
npplii-il nt 11 salary of J75 per
The comic.I, niter adopting the re-
j.   > I,   .. .j..,.ili-u   Ui   A_'J»l   !_■
The l.riWv uiirtersl-.md:- that Alder
1111111 Tuttle in.ide a very generous offer In the council iu relation lo the
Hid misfortune which happened to
the little llcavcr girl  Inst Saturday,
Thomas Beck,  Fernie
Successor to Bean & Morrison
per   tin........ - .....
Quaker Canned Peas |   *"
per .tin .." __•■
Quaker Preserved Peaches
per tin ••••••„• ; '
Quaker Preserved Pears
per.tin...'. ;■-. ';
Quaker Preserved "Raspberries
per tin ■
Quaker Preserved Strawberries
por tin.'.,	
Quaker Preserved Lawtonberries
., per-: tin •. •'•■•
Caillornia Honey in 1 lb jars
per Jar	
Climax Jams In 5 lb tins
por tin...	
I, P, Kiikiiti'ln.
von halk-91 J.o'1-s in; west FBiiNift
mihV   rin'iin..    Apply   W, T  Jlimloy, Wont
tni'iu Ave
luiv    Clniii. U lliiwanl.t'ivylQy, AH11
poitsAbK-Aoonn iiiwrr)KNTiAf< pnnp-
1 mly euntlMlly Ineiitiiil, Bonil nio'lnrii Iioiihii,
iilliiiinvciilniiiicii.. Apply to Mott, Hon "fcOo,,
Pnriilf, H. (5.	
lntiii.il Vleiiirlii Ayii.  Tnlnhit U on«i)f Uio
!ihM Iiii'iiiIiiiin Iii town.   Ii'nr full imrtliiiiliirii
npplv to M»ti, Hun fi ("n Kurnlit, 11 0.
A Big Snap
nn,I mil tiiiililliiKH, witli tlnoi. «<i ft. loin on
Mdwiiiiiil AviuiiiiHrthii rorninrKai'iiio ilmw-
niy,   Apply tn PiuiiIm I.eilKiir, A 1,'M
I,. I*. KiliMelii.
country.     He U   made of the *lufl 'rona in u sourer ol   plctnturts to   the
'•'ini-m line of Choolfttw on the
inarlet; nlwuyii fresh nnd wliole-
.vnme. 'fry tlitin once and you
will have no other*.
Kulllliii! el 'I'liliiu'coitClKiirB.
niniiig1 Room Girl nl tho
Ouocn's'llolel, Fernie, B. C.
Wajjes $,**o a month.     ai3tf
You Know
Many   people don't know
how lo tell a good shoe. The
is n giiftnuitecofgood
Grocery Specials for
VtnTK'K in lifcruliy ilivuil thnt thirty il*,Vi.
*X uflDr.liitiiltnfunit to apply to tin. ||nn>
mirHlili (!lii«r Ooinnilinlntnir of 1.mul 11 nml
WnrkH fur 11 hpeulul lluuimo t.uonl mul i-ttry
iiwiiv tlmliur (rmn th« followftiR ilincrlluiil
I;iiiiN In nuittli'iMiMt Kootoiiny,
Nn. I, Crwiinimciiivrtt t pott plnntoil in thn
i.'ir'li-woit conmr nr.fam*v Pnii'i>ii(it'» tlml.or
i'IiiIiii, tliiiiiev north Ai cliiilnn. tlikiit'n w#»t hi
elmliu, ilionc* loutll 4.1 clinlnn, Hiatir* eimt M
.ImfiiN li. plum..,( lirtfllnillnf,
Cliiirlim Wivtille, liiiriitur
.Imium Cftrmirflii,   Annul
lnMiit,.,) HVIiy 4.V.<u7 A IS41
Nu. i.' (.'(Jiiiiintiielnit »t 11 pout plrtiitinl aliout 7
nilli.» Mni i.f Hm KoointM* rlv*r. Ion chuln*
nonh (ifilin InterimiPinal ImnmUry, thonri*
i.H»t Pi.ii'li»tii». tlmnrf north tUfihHliin.tlifiird
Mi.»tl iii chnllii., (Jinn«• kOtith to I'lmlllii to
pl,ti>ii nt l.ftrfnnlnir.
J. 1) norJun, J.iitntor
.1  Jumii. Cnmirnn, Agunt
I^K'iUfil April l>, Jl»lT A IK It
Aunt 'Jemima's Pancake Flour,
por packet	
Fancy Sweet Biscuits
per lb	
Lownoy's Cocoa in 1 lb tins
por tin	
* * t • 11 t 1
We are  Sole Agents for
Pratt's Poultry and Slock Foods
The best quality of Flour when bought from us will cost
you no more than inferior brands bought elsewhere.
Royal Household Flour
iruuteed tho
por 100 lbs.,
G mint Meed tho best ££ t\f\
it  11»«1 1 * 1
1 tf ••§•
J. & T. Bell's
'The Slater'
Their names stamped on a
shoe is a guarantee of the
Sole Agents for the above
Shoes in Fernie.
Repairing promptly
attended to
Dry Goods
Wo are mora thin iloliRhtfitl with onr boiiiulfiil Hlmwlmj nf PiintH.
GlnRlmmB, and Muslins. Havinglxiutflit boloro the* wlvunco wo nro
Hiving you tho hnnoflt, wo nro still solllnir ut tlm old price.
Flowered, dainty patterns 15 & 20c yd
Fancy flowered overcheck 35 & 40c yd
Fancy Plaid - - 35 8140c yd
Fancy Voile - - - 40c yd
Fancy colored Swiss polka dot     45c yd
Ladlcm'     Umbrellas
Guaranteed fast black, Austrian lop    $1.25 to $2.25
Gloria Silks 2.5010  3.50
Children's Sunshades      -      -      - 65c
Wash Collars and Belts
Turnover Collars, thirty different designs 15 to 60c
Fancy embroidered collars - - - 25 to 65c
Linen wash belts, embroidered      -      -       30 & 35c
Sole Agents for the Fownes Famous Glove for Ladies
I Boots & Shoes*   Examine'our range and be con-,
vinccd that our values cannot be excelled,
The Artisan Workim Beet ftr Men. The Paciaid, lhe Walkover, the Traveller file
Shoe for Men.  Ihe A/1, the Walkover, the True fit Shoes for Wenuo.


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