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,r_yOL-II   NUMBER  39
7.r)V.S\f '
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HfeWS'.-.OE'.S;   :,.:;.-
Items of Interest "From All
-' ,    *,..y*-*"Ooen_■'."!->, ,r*
Sunday's. News: „.      > :-;>   \ ;   • >  -~.'
..^A-wire    from'"Savannah," Georgia,"
"o'tonight,"-announced'th« death of; Dr.
/Oronyhatekka, of" Toronto,   head" of
the Independent Order of Foresters.
*!';WilliamjPatterson, .who ranches on
- "both sides'of the line; aiid'who makes
•'his headquarters at Irvine, was coin-
*   imit'ted for trial yesterday -at?Me'dic-
ine Hat on a-second charge" of horse
'_ stealing.' -Patterson denies, the charge.
" He will come up for trial on March
. sul9"at'"the sitting" of.the supremo'court
/at.ftthbndge'. _ '< J:1
-Monday's News: -■ r    , ,
"'•**£.-oi '"'*.'-  -   '■•'..   -   • '•'      .   -
- ,: Mr.  Andrew Carnegie has offered a
"donation of $50,000. towards tlie build;,
ing fund'.'of the   ' McGill-University
.College of. British Columbia,' conditional, oil -a' similar sum. being raised
within a certain period.   »   ,
.*:',,-..'-'..-i,       :        ''   ''■
Toledo, March --..—Fully 3.000   pe°"
ple''employted     by the , Pope-Toledo
.  Motor Company,   here  struck   today.,
"",Last,week the machinists strike   was
l"   declared settled and the striking men
reinstated.   The. latter ' say  t.he-coin-
paay violated the agreement. ;;
. Washington; March 4.—With a new
record for ".large appropriations;- and
far -reaching legislation, , the, 59th
congress'    was brought,, ,, to  a-close-
, shortiy. after .noon today., The - last
hours),were tame by .'comparison with
what ..had. been, expected. Long ,be-
fofefaobn •; Senator. Gallinger's^ figlit
fofUhe.lpaaaage■ of,:.-tlie, ship-,subsidy.
bill \was abandoned and the filibuster
opposition, led by Senator Carmack,
, being no longer necessary, he surrendered .the floor, much to^tlie disappointment of' the galleries.11 Extreme
'„ fatigue/due to the,night sessions iii.
the house last, week," had a dampen-.
, - ing effect-, upon many representatives,
and the! usual "last' day -enthusiasm'.1
waacoufined     to less than half the
membership.   Despite these conditions
rthe* audiences ^rn^rTolin^lrouses—were-
. as, „large', as they.,.,have,. ever, been,
Thousands , thronged the corridors unable to secure,admission to see.either
branch.   One of  the "interesting-   lea-
"' turea incident to the elosing of con.
„   grcss was.the visit of President Roos-
'  evelt,   who,; with ;.his. cabinet,  White
J. A. Macdonald,-"ICC.,-leader of
tlie* provincial -li1>eral" party,. is sulk-ring from-., a severe attack oL la
grippe." He hopes to.-be; able to leave
Rossland 611 Friday night to attend
to' his "parliamentary  duties.
Toronto, March 5.—The G. T. R.
express for Montreal. crashed into ■ a
stalled freight train at York"!'A number, were injured, - The nnjured"'*' are
Miss.Marian Milne, Toronto; .Mrs.
Pembertoii, mother of the manager of
the-Sterling Bank; Mrs. Brown, wife
of factory inspector; G. W.- Prescottt
traveller; A.. Clayton, Lambton Mills;
M.."Stacey, .Kingston.'-
.- Syracuse,, March 5.—Tommy, Ryan
came, to Syracuse today after_ his
fight at Rochester last night , . with'
Hugo.-. Kelly. , Ryan'said that he
would accept the offer of the Tono-
pah. Athletic Club, of Tonopah, Nevada, to fight; Joe Gans for a purse
of $30,000 on Labor Day, and will gb;
into training as. soon as .the. articles
are signed.      '      -    „       "'■"'., "'
Kenora," Ont., March*' 5.—At the
meeting of ,tlie execiitive^of ;the Thistle hockey chib .lield'inVthe/ncw ■ town
hall this afternoon-;. tlie .challenge of
the Wanderersr of Montreal','- wasv ac-
c'cpled and^dates. .were weired, Tuesday
aiid Friday ?nexjt being the choice of
Uie",-Thfstles. *■ Twojgames are to be
played, - tbe*"total number of goals to
govern the championship. The games
will he'played! at-, home/_
(The Editor of this paper is not
responsible for the statements of correspondents.)
To Tlie Editor* Fernie ledger:       ,' '
Dear Sir,—I * notice an article in the
papers a- few weeks ago stating that
A. P.- Walker; bad ^resigned- his position as' chief of .police.; His reason
was that-everyone did - not -get' -a
SQUARE "DEAL." •,'"£./
' Now, Mr.'Ed tor, "I know just a
little about this square .deal business.
; I know of good,and..respectable people in this city who-have'been .prosecuted and fined fqr.„ selling liquor in
know people who, were - charged < with
the same offense and the information
signed by a police magistrate, • ,and
\    '■ Price $2 a year in Advance
'••-< *-•>. i.-w:-v,*
9 !
-.v--> <*■.••-;
House staff,'arid a number of .guests,-1 "*ay of giving-'ia sq.uare dearat.rthat
the . siiniinons.i written outt; and yet
never served, -.Was. ..tliat..,a -square
deal?   '   ,; ' ',..'   :\   :''',;" ; ■
Well,, sir, .that was A. P. Walker's
occupied thepresidentls chair iii the
^aeaata room,   Seated at a big table
in tha centre of the'room, he signed
jbUls as. they. were" unrolled anh prc-
,sensed to him.' On, account of the
^lcapatch. with which business was
conducted last week, there were forty
h_i]|l$ ._b? be signed today."
' 'Washington, March ' 4.—George
Brnce Cortelyou ' this   afternoon   re-
. linquiehed the' olfice of . postmnstcr-
general to Geo. Von'Lengerke Meyer,
. of Massachusetts, recently ' American
ambawador at St. Petersburg. Mr.
Meyer took ■ office in the private office ol tlie postmaster-general.' Mr.
Cortelyou was later swoni'in or,secretary of the treasury,
Tuesday's' Mews:
1 The army of Hotidurans is mobilised
00. the frontier under the personal
command of President Manuel Bonll-
la. The first fighting since Feb, 10
occurred on the evening,of March 8,
when General Emiliauo Cramoro, a
N caraguan leader, who is serving
.with the ;IIondurnn army 'against
president Zclaya, attacked and dc-
rfeate4 fi00- Nicaraguan troops at Old
>,Uepilo aud captured 50 prisoners and
_a quantity of ammunition, rifles and
tiield. guns. The loss of the Ilondiir-
AUs was' small,
Vlatorlla,. March S'~W. McNab, a
eollaetor of old coins, wns arrested
this morning by the localpolico, He
jidmlts that he is the man who rob-
les the library at Vancouver on
Thursday'evening lout, and now he is
resting In Die police station until the
arrival,of police from ,Vancouver to
couvey him home again, Most of the
missing coins were found in his 'possession, , excent a few he had passed
out as ordinary money or hail sold,
(Special to The Fernie. Ledger.)
Victoria, 6. C, March 6.—The op-
cuing of the first session of the eleventh parliament of British Columbia
yesterday was perfected ' by formal
announcement from Premier McBride
•of his "decision to sit for Vlctoeia City
and-informal 'intimation that . complete cabinet' reconstruction would be
deferred   until ■ the   sessions   close,
Hon.   Mr.   Fulton meantime    taking'
■■ r .... ««i    (. •   )
the dual responsibility of    the,    at-)
torney:generalship and the department of lands and works, it \ eing
inexpedient to associate, the-. oJRtter
wi^li that of the finance minister during tlie currency of «. session* with
constant demands for' piblic ' irorxs
expenditure, from -; all coastitueniies.
1 Thesircyarrangeaient;'. of ^hje, departments, with division of, the lands and
works;portfolio, is .citedfas a probability of the session, and further ex-
pianatiott' of delay in the permanent
allotment, of cabinet honors, 1 preliminary' to the sessiokat opening.
D. M. iSberts, ■'. K.C., - member-elect
for Saanich, was, chosen "in succession
to Mr. Foley to the speakership, the
nomination, being made by Ellison,
of Okanagan, ind:s«conded by Munro,
of Chilliwack, both nominators''pay-'
ing. tribute to the fitness of the chosen, member for the position, an knowledge, of parliamentary'law and practice and long -experience,, in dignity
and courtesy, and a disposition, to
do justice Jto political friend' or foe.
'Ihe opeeung seemed to, derive its
vital interest rather from the r epoch
marking character of the occasion
than from any," especial guilding of
the.event itself,-the pomp and ■ circumstance ot other days yearly be-
public learning toiook upon its parliaments as business directorates acting'for the people. •' ''■'"'' *'*-'
; Theie was, however,'the usual pageantry of the. military guard,, the cus-
.the collected wisdom of the, country
did not appear to impress as cshpw-
ing marked improvement over the
tenth- parliament, • for. .,-,such; forceful
personalities :'i as, Patterson,-. Clifford
and others of * the retired, - lend
strength to: any assembly.-&J-"-K-4-'i
*> Somewhat - to the surprise of many,
Egleson, of- Lillooet/'wa'^in liis platfe,
although it- is possible; that :,he'may
refrain from taking any active part
in" parliamentary'*" ^affairs-' until'' vall
questions of his status is decided.   -
I Hon. H.''Er' Young" "also had' liis of;
ficial "place" with'5 his1'fellow*ministers
at tbe opening, although he will not
take his place in.the house4deljbera-,
*/*.-..- v-;-j-: * v.*^-^,-"/s'-t-'- -''.i'l.-'-'<;:•- •■ ■. 1
tions, pending - formal  ratification by.
his constituent.on tlie 12th.inst.,.tins
'.» ''■■-.'„••'. ;...."..T - ,i*.;',i J*' <"■-*. v1
being'    the date set- for., nomination^
w.ith the probabilities strong for    a.
unanimous retucn... . *$
,>The Jour -ministersf-"present for^-the
opening     each wore a ..distinguishing
;  A'"measure WilTbe placetl before you
for.,  -.the   purpose of making certain-
amendments to the .'.'British Columbia
Fisheries Act, 1901," which it is proposed to bring into force at_ an -.early
dat«._'"".: "  ' '   ■"■     ■' N^        "       ,     ,.;
..; In> order that the youth of the province;, may, be enabled to' perfect them-;
selves'in the" arts and'sciences' , with-.
out; having to seek abroad the facilities for higher, education, a   niea'siire
will.be';submLtted for your considcra-
tion,;.authorizing_the setting apartiof-
q. sufficient portion'of Crown lands to
create a fuiwVfSr the establishment
and maintenance for .a"provincial, un-*
•feft-^'V:,,..    ■'•'.:■      ''«-r\   *•
||Apu. will .be asked to place a * -suui
oil;the estimates for the,purpose!con-.
taiiiing-a full report on*the subject'oi
irrigation .'and .the .available", source's
of ..water'supply in the "dry bell."' •'.
^Steps'.have been.taken by my government* to assert the rights   of Jthe.
filled, iiud the ladies deserve a
deal of. praise,for putting on this contest.- The stage was prettily decor.itj-
ed by the-ladies for. the occasion.£11
is "the intention'of the W, C. t! tJ.^o
continue the series, and the. next con!
test will be'held.early in-ApriV.-rThe
following is'the programmeT ' ;*_,_=!;'1 ;
. 1. Chairman's AcldressRev;...W.'.Laf*h7
"-;. .,- „ « • ley.HalLi.kASPDi
2,.Piano Solo.,-...'... ...Miss" McGulre
3. Contealatit No. .i."The    ?».a:ty.-ed
Motliet1 Vi:..,Miss  Dolly    Burnett
4, Vocal Solo..,,... .?.....Mrs.-. Simpson
s5f> Contes'taut No. a^.'-The Wresk of
the ,Schelter..*.Mr.  \Geo..^Ingram
6. Vocal Solo.-....Miss. Gladys*Hughes
7. Contestant >'o._3../'T)iejLip^That
/,. Touch I,iquor- • Shall. Never- ••Touch'
' "'-ATb'fflfe^UNWs
Mine"    ...Miss,..Grace -DuiHeyi
Vocal Snip...:.: \.i.:'.Mrs.',..S.impsou
^™ .u T wol\ru7;'?^;th>rofince,n,the lands set apart as In-
red rose buttoniere,*«thetOthers.'of,.rthe ^r;*^*.; The^correspoude.ue'
members I'..sporting-.irpmk. carna«ons> ^J^^i-^:    'jf- in. connection
with.the singla^excep'tiori.of the Soc^*
iaiist leader, Hawthornthwaite, who
demanded?1 and I'securedt'Jt'i'cabln'et' Sah-J
ctificd"rosevof red, emblematic in this*1
instance■ ■ riot'--':61 'ministerial -aiStmcs1
tion, but of<the advanced Socialism,"
with which'neither.Conservatives nor"
Liberals will this session have any-
,tliing^in"'c'omm6n^';'''"'? ^"*&W*e-. ^
."His Honor's entrance was at.1 3-3°
,-*. -    -*> v,,^ -,vt    - '-.*^^, ^l-l'     I1- >
promptly,',"and',  'the reading'"of .the
' •>    \- J.'.:'      yH      ■••■iT;';  .'i' 2 ■
speech "was a ceremony of brief dura-
tion.   The. sessional programme,. cov-„
ering but a single short ..printed page,,
was as follows:    ... .-T„',|'. j"  .'_ • «• , J
Mr. Speaker'and-Gentlemen Cof-,   the
,s Legislative  Assembly:
It affords me, much pleasure, to ..welcome you to this the' first' session ' of
the eleventh parliament of British Co-
lnmfiiA .      1 .  .    — '
•-;-—•-•■. r 1. ■ '■"vT'i*—7173.-i,,j.■{•-■«* ..:. ■ ■
'' Is    view of the general prosperity
TliS'CVlVH. traffic receipts for tlm
week ending Feb, 28, were $1,307,000,
For the satnn week Inst venr the return* were Sl.MS.ooo,
The management of the New York
Central today issued nn order to ill I
trainmen, that hereafter trains while
in the electric rone of the New York
Central .system must not be run nt
a speed exceeding 45 miles nn hour
on a straight,1 track, and not more
than 35 miles' an hour 011 a curve.
New York, March s.-Tllfe national
Red Cross has received the following
cablegram, from Shanghai; "ttecotu-
mend Hour hliipmenta hervtifter; (foil
supply getting short and prices advancing; no Improvement in famine
Toronto, March 5.—fir, Oronliyatek-
ha will be buried in tbe Mohawk vc-
serve, llranlford. The body will He
lln state in Massey If oil on   Weilnrv
Now, when .the "chief could admin-
ster the law under- his own hand' at
that time, why could hc^ribt govcn
with the now celebrated gambling
case, as it is called? ^.
' lie took the responsibility of not
prosecuting two certain hotels, why
did-he not take 'the same responsibility uiid drop the little poker game
without going to the--mayor for his
opinion on the matter? '
, lie neycr went to the mayor,- last
ycirto get permission to pull • those
certain   two hotels. '   ,■*..■"'■!;'.
iAnother thing I would like to ask
Mr, Walker, through'your paper, is
why, that when informations were
writleu out and sworn to before a
police magistrate, why were the parties not brought to court and prosecuted the same as the rest?, I,, don't
profess to know much about.law,-but
I think any lawyer will bear mc out
in; saying that after,an information"
had been sworn to,. A. P. Walker ha tl
no authority as, chief of police Jo.
drop-the case on his own accorl \n-
til it had been brought before, a
magistrate,11 In'which case, if he had
not sufficient evidence, he cauld, with
the consent of'the magistrate, w th-
draw the charge, . (,
I do not wish . to mention names,
btit^ if it is required, I cau give the
names nnd dates connected with.. the
above statements."
On"tho night that the resignations
of Ditthlc and Cattell were accepted,
Walker and I were talking and .judging by the way in which ie (Walkerl
expressed himself In regard to the
Mayor and certain cRImiib of-Fertile,
I should think Mr, Walker would be
nflhiiiiied lo walk tho streets of Fer<
nie in the capacity of chief of police,
Hut ur he said at that time, he was
from MbiHourl, nml the mayor could
not make a tool of him, I nm beginning to understand the play of the
whole (Irtwia now, ami this mnn from
Missouri has been showing me.
M,ov», .til, if A. v, W»iikt*r, ciuei of
jinllcr, dcm'l iJilwk J mule it cJcur
I'liuttgh' fur him, nil ho lias to do is
tn say tlio word and I will try to do
it a little better.
TIiohc oaths he took ..that night of
"* ^i*-'* k'i i'vbittAiy livrtt he Viould
rather work on the section for $1.05
II day th.111 work for a hlunkclyblank
.Non-of-n-Hiin-of.n-dng for the city;
tlinl he would rather get him a tin,
bill and go out with the .chickens in
the inoiuliig llmn work for a b—-—
—■ —1 ■—.  f can't spell   these
w.'.rds;  r nm not a good speller.
Jf Mr. A, I'. Walker will call at
my hoiiu' and get the holster of his
gun, which he gave me as a present
that nijjht ns a 111.uk of good faith
th.it he was done with .the City of
FeMib". 7 wfl! give ft. to lifm, a.1 it
looks as though he is needing it
which ,prevai,s-throughout the..-- province,, I deem it my duty to   express
deep sense ■ of .gratitude aud^thankfulness for .the. many, blessings 1 bestowed
tomary gold-laced glitter   and"clank' upon the people of,.British*Columbia,
of.symbolic sword as the:stafl•'•took   "I! *m.^pleased,, to-.congratukteh^you^
position,in the cbftmber to denaeHison the. satisfactory, state t6f;.the; pro
9. Ccatcstmit , Xo. 4—"The -,\0\A.
'■--- Mali's Story*V,.Mi^.^R?:lHav.eil|
10. Vocal Solo.....:- ....s.;Mrs_:.Simpson'
,11:.'Contestant : ..No..,-' 5;':.MThe-'i.Fat(!lj
;T;x..'Nrcw Year's' l)av,V.:.Mi"ss',XTIail!
la.uVocal Solo...Miss .Gladys''Hughes
13? Contestant' • Xo.'/o,:.VTh'e.',j Bridil
Wine Cup..Miss. Maggie .Mcl,e(>d
14. Piano'Duct.,."' ..-.The'-MissfsTHaV.ell
13-' Awarding\of .Meda'l byJair-lAle*.
'.l;'.:'l»\1',»!'lleri B-A- .wnr«3r*^-' 1
16. "God jSnvc Hhe '.King^iLi ; |
' This' contest was-under thc( mipejiife
tendence of Mrs. J.T. W. Nunii, ^--who
will have charge'of the'series" °-'""',s \
- >*»-j
Honor's pathway,' to .the Throne,: and
all the, customary flower garden rad-
iance 'of feminine fash ons,. despite the
Lent season, and over all the clear
March sunshine flooded in' happy augury of filtering through the stained
glass and copybook mottoes forming
an eccentrlcfty of • the parliamentary
pile, • traced: fantaatic patterns ca
corridor walla and floors, But the
general, interest- was. concentrated rot
oat" the animated and yari-colored
picture of parjiamtat's opening, but
tather on the etianfad composition of
the house itself, and the foreshadowed business which, as wisely or < ill-
advised, or calculated to advance or
retard the coawtry'a growth and progress. Thfs was the keynote of . the
The newly-chosen statesmen of
course claimed > the consideration
many unfamiliar faces being noted,
and many familiar figures being mis-
seil, ■ ■      ' '
The leader of the opposition' was
absent through aggravating illness,
and the president of the council foreswore, the'ceremonial,' Oa the whole,
viuciul finances^'which will show a
Substantial. surplus,' and -, on the' steady,
and continuous expansion of. the - industries of the1 province, as'ev denced*
by'thciucreased;. product.oft^- of\, -; the
mines, fisheries, forests, fields and
orchards,_, ,..-1    .., ,. -s.,.- ■.,;*, w. \
llie question,-of the financial,relations existing .between.; tlic^,province
and^the Dominion will1 be.,submitted
lor.-your consideration,- .togetherf .with
a report,, of the-proceedings , of5, the
iuter-pvoviucioi< conference ,-Micld ..■., at
Ottawa, the, most ..important part; in
which is,the acknowledgement,of ,-tlic
Dominion .Government, to.,, the, -.right
of -.British Columbia to "better
terms.!.».,; A- bill,, will -..be; submitted', to;
you. umending the assessment act,
which will provide for-the decreasing
of .the.«'.taxation,on real ,estate*; and
persona], property, ■ • ■- . * • "t. t ■ -.  ,; n
The validity of coal nnd petroleum
licenses .granted In. Southeast Koot-
may under the terms •of-'an order-in-
council dated 3rd June, ..1904; 1 having
been called in question, a bill will he
brought.down;in orderi'thatlthef'srtu-
atlo'a may be dealt with,
'J.  •   4-
Tom fleck has fresh lettuce ou hand
loday.   - ,.',..,
F. It, Shermaa arrived from, Calgary Thursday.
-".See W.Jl. UcDougall for,/anything
la the boot' and!efcoe line. /..,:■• M
Don't overlook "WlilmsVer 'V Co.'s
new'.'ad," hi ahotlier"coluiim"""..bf'j t|iis
issue! They'1 are prepared to alarm
you' at the lowest 'price,'".'.   ,    *  ,,
,;R. ftoss, M.P.t>., and family
left for .Victoria.Tuesday, to W'gbtle'
two or three months during the sitting !of the provincial * house,' I-'---''*''
* - If    .!/'   1   *
and ^orders-in-council'^ in' connection
with'^'3.this, matter" T-.will be brbiight
down-'for,you.,];.j.,,, '.,-.; = " ..'.'.-.'-, •" ' ".
o.Tiam^pieascd'to' inform, you .- that,
negotiations are pending • between the
government;." and-' certain: transportation agencies through which it.is confidently hoped tliat a desirable class
of' immigrants will.be secured from
'.the United Kingdom. • ,    ,    .,
The public accounts for the"1 ' last
year and'-th'e estimates, for the, succeeding year will be laid before you
.without delay.'   .
j I' commit these matters ,and all
others which .may be, sulmiittcd to
you to your best coasideration, re-„
lying upon-your wisdom ..and* prudence,
to deal with". them in, .the , manner
which",, under Diviiie Providence, may
prove most conductive to., the best iii-
tc-rests^of-Britisli-GoltiiiibiaTT -; —
; It'-would seeni a distinctly brici,"
practical atld non-con'tientious., pro;
gramme for ind eating a. shoi;t ^iiiil
haritioriioiis session.. But .customs are
changing,' and, governineuis-.ns.^ionger'
hold: it'^poljiic .'to disclose, important
policies''''', in".His' Hoitor\s "nddrcss.-
l'cnse railway legislation is altogether, ' ignored!" as arc,', tlie necessary
umeiidments to the,school .act and" (he
denial In this province,of the'Federal
Lord's Day Act,, which the government' is said to have concluded not
lo put in force. Labor legislation of
any sort, is also, conspicuously ignored, a fact which promises..,-to' „give
Hawthornthwaite... exceptional activ-
'ity. '..The . withdrawal . ol His Honor
and his stall was followed by "'tlio
presentation and passage of the visual
platform , resolutions, the -introduc-
.tion by Attorney-General,Fulton'of d
bill to amend the legal interpretations act, and the tabeJliiigof -the
"public accounts, ...
''.Today will lie ."devoted to the address, the reply being, moved by
Thompson. Victoria, seconded by Mc-
Giiirc, Vancouver, after which an adjournment until Monday Is agreed
■ The first sensation of the session Is
•furnished by the Socialists, who deliberately refused to rise and stand
With nil other's during the presence in
the aouse of His'Majesty's representative.,'
■.•i-.-.fe-. -
',JThe city, council .met" in. a'djourried.
meeting , Thursday. 'I night. ^-Fresent^;
the Mayor,.Aldeimen Mclntyre, Gates,
"Stork^Ounil"and Tuttle.„:,;li^."^
A request from the Fernie Cartage
Company for the privilege of moving
ii shack from McFhersoii'- Avenue to
Block'25'was, on motion'.'granted.'
A letter-irom tbe Provincial Secre-.
tary wns read stating that 'the matter of the majristrate's salarv bad
1*,een referred to the Attorney-General. 'Order filed'. '. '' ' , ':^
" The application 6fF. W. Han.lldy,
ofTeiing to do the, city scavengering
was 'read and, on .motion,'his offer
was accepted. • . . 0 • .
; The-Zapnlieatioii^iOf^Fv .C. I,awe for
the position 01 city' solicitor was
vf.'ni-         JJ            ."' " '• " "V "'''
1 Alderman-Mclntyre, moved,, second^
ed' by-     Alilcrmaiu.Ouail.,, that   ...Wi',-
f.awe's.*ap])licatinn .'be'accepted.,
; Aldc'riuen.Mclntyre,* QUail and,..Tuttle 'voted 'lor' the jnotionljand ."A.lder-j
men Stork' and  Gates:, against.    _.,-■"
^..Tlte   Mayor-butted ' in,-just .".fire,'
voting' iu the' negative, making     the
vote star.d three for to thre* against,
l|c dcciarcil the motionjost! (     ■
. 1 This 'is not strictly  according. . to
parliamentary      usage,'    but  a , littU1
tiling like thnt don't amount to.anything in Kernie,  when you want     to
down sonic clique.
Two weeks before Aldermen Stork
and Trites'moved to advertise for
tenders fnr„the position ofcty solicitor, but ns there wns only one' offer
it didn't seem to suit, and it was
turned down.
After'this job of economy the "council fell tired and adjourned.
They, Did Not   Bury Ttieir
The Epworth League of the Melho-
'::  ■»!*•: -'   U    ij .w   •>:■.,.■' ,-:;i     -t.j.
dist -   church     turned      their" ,me<c-
•'   ■ •'       '   .-■■i.iJ.f'    .,.:/)    If)    '-'..;    C.H'J.11
ing ,pf- Monday nigH , .oyer. „to
the,.Ladies j,'Aid h Soci«ty.7'jol ytbe
church,  who-'inade'-'the occasion'''one
to' be 'renVembered. "•■-'•'"-«■' :if-   «
-'„.;•'    ■■"-'.•..."'> .ii!,'   ai .tad- ,L>...-s^ia:.
the society had     given to each of
its members-fifty ..cents coin., of    the-
Realm > two'or three months ago with
the admonition that'-they'should not
bury the;talent but add to it,! and'
bring _the increase" to,'j.'h«("treaapfy'of
the .society,, and   this, they., all ,-,.di_l
Molida'i:; night..-.:f     j    n.\:'.<;.i   ;:   .r- iri:
'•N'ot'-one'!of-them- had    burieil:  tftr
taleiit for safe keepiiig,!'aiid' nianyof
them showed that they were' equal to
Rockefeller,,,,and.t, Harrima'n „ when   it
come**, to I making: dividends. ..Out'mf
tlie'.'f 15 'doled' > out-'to  the nieinil'rs"
°       tlie
-. cv,     .<!l.v
treasury     a
I- l*.i  a   ,-
there came back  to
r.V<     ..:li!.(l'-i-. • >.u*l,-..,. .   -     ,  .   .
little over 5200' of an increase. , , ,
Ij^,was, .very,,interesting ;to ,listen,,tp
the different poetic accounts ""of• how
this' $200 'was1 'made-- They !baked,
tlic-y's'cruubedJ'Hliey painted. Some'of
thcni wearied.but hone of them faint;
cdj, ,.Th'ey all did., their, best, aiid.jend-,
edothe; work;,.- with a.'most'enjoyable
social 'evening: ' If "it were not <for
that' Ladles1! Aid "Society ' the "men °of.
;>   •, '.. i'.   1 '..-.'it   . .-.'  '.'>>'>     ' " • '
Methodist -^congregation wojilil,
|haycr,no, talent,..atj.all. - iA voternol.-
itlianlis. iyas ,t*-ndered 'Mrs, 'Dudley for,
proposing,; the .idea, ,aiu1 reverybody.,
jwas th_»»*Ai-il' to the..whole',, lot • of
workers- for\ making such, a: success- of 1
Ihe undertaking. .;.-.-. O    .--•  •  >'«-. o^-
After;the,ladies had.  1 finished     by
!eeding., everybody, -good    -Aliings,!! -. H'
iieeting.;pf the,, quarterly 1 aud trustee'-
loards'of, the. church ;was held,'   wif-
vhich more . than' Jjoo .was-raisetl to-J- '
vards ,tlie current .expenses     of' ./the.
(hiirch..     ,-,,-,,(. «;--;:'. -L.  -, ••b--'.->--'S«
I ,¥.?,?y.dq not understand 1 that"there'/.
.s^nFjlebtroi=4$2 soo=o!ii-theichurch=a'ud'j=
arsouage, ..which, entails aii '^expense-
f o>"er, $300,. pea .-year.? ," ■''_  *,.->'" !'•'-'.
That .the.'. Methodists 'of^Feniie-have ;
icceeded.during;:the brief>.periodE of*
lbieir;lexjsteiice asi a cjiurclr society lii -
tnlSxt)g  Hvii.churchj .* and">parsonage,-'
.  l	
,..  John Mar«h, wa»telected checkweigh
W. tti McDongall Is prepared to do. wan'last week at (Mic)iel,,.by tii^vctjy
all kinds of harness repairs.
He »ure and read our ''Cent-a-wonr
ads, this week on back page,'
Mrs, A..J. Mott received her nutty
friends on. Wcdataday afteraooa.,    ,
' Tom Deck has ice cream on sale today, the first of the stasou.'
The.Odd Fellows will hold an "At
lloaic" »csf Wtiawds.? nljht.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs..Violette, on
Thursday, at Hosmer, a daughter,
W, C. I.llAardt, of Lethbrldge, was
In the city Wednesday visiting friends,
G, 0. S. Lindsay and R. G. Drin-
nan are back from the Calgary convention. .
. Go to Tom Deck for fresh oranges,
lemons, - bananas and all kinds ol
caudle* and nuts.
Thos, Itlggs, James Lancaster and
Peter Patterson returned from Calgary on Wednesday morning.
Mrs. P. J, Watson returned home
lest Saturday. after a long, visit to
relatives and friends ia Ontario,
Mrs, J, Ciapmiia, of Frank, coatla
to Mrs* Heat Oraaaat) hu been
visiting the latter daring the wst«.
large,majority,     Jack is a popular
old hoy wlio deserves well of.his an-
Roclatm, " ■ .  ■>,,-u ■ ,!,.!'j
* j..".*     • 'v
A, N. Wiltnot, late of the Canadian'.Bank of Commerce stall litre, is
back again doing relief duty. ' r?b
body would kick if he were again
made a permanent fixture in his old
Th«" whjeM of "*"'. V SkMdlnir
WilUm-un-a «*>rvlce tomorrow moriW
Ing in Christ church will lie "Corns
and See." In the evening he will talk
oa the unpleasant subject of clique-it
In thurch, ii
The, dmg stores are all.gelling
seedy. Tilensdell, the Palace and the
Vernle drug stores all have new ads,
In this Issue. Don't aend your money
for Metis out of town; you can get
them at home. t    ,
The Fernie Intermediate - hockey
lw>y» went up tn Coleman WednesdnV
and came within 13 of play nf a' tie
game with those Coleman hUHtler*?
Heoie 15-3 in favor of Coleman.     h
The boys of,the}fire brigade    are,
preparing to give a smoker soon;
all ptol-ability ou the'ttight'  of
A mass meeting of the miner* will
be held iii - the opera house Monday
»t 3 p.m. to discuss matliTH lu u-la-
tion to the pending convention nl
Culgory. Matters upon which thi-
mon have to puns on 'wforu un igR-L'-
inent can he entered luto wilh thcrp-
erators will have to be paused on, A
spcfliil train will be run down fiom
Coal Creek, nnd n full atlcudaiire Is
'/Mr. and Mrs, W, T. White loll yesterday morning hotind for Skngway,
Alaska, where Mr, White will iinNtiiue
till! diilfcK of tuniinger of the local
branch of the Canadian Hank of Commerce, Mr, White has been accountant, in the Ferule branch of the Ntiinc
bank for a long time, and leaves
many friends behind him. Mrs. White
has not been so long a resident of
our town, but has made iiijitty fiii-udf.
timing iicr short - sojourn wild u*>,
Their muiiy liUmh ni)) ui.Oi than
well In llieir new home.
. I"
medal nu Tuesday evening Inst, 11111I-
eri the auspices of the W, C. T. \h, in
the opera house, wns a decided sue-
cesi. The chair wni occupied by Ucv.
W. Lashley Hall, 1LA., 11.1).,' nud
Miss M, II. Moody, ll.A., Mr. Alex.
I. Fisher, ll.A., i\nd Hev, U. Skrld-
ing. Wilkinson, ntted as judges, 11 ml
were unanimous in their award of the
umlal to Miss Dolly Dariiet, •Alio ic-
cited "The Martyred Mother." The
medal wai presented hy Mr. Finlicr In
a neat speerh. He ktnttil thnf. thr
Judge*'had a dlfncnlt Innk, n* ihe
ne*t highest "was only'lwo point* behind th* winner.   The hall was   well
The mine was idle four days
week owing to car .shortage,
Mr, Keiii|>, clerk nt the company office, was found dead in bed on Friday morning. He was suffering from
a bad nllnek' of indigestion. He was
preparing to gn to Lethbrldge, where
hu had n wilt-- and two children, and
expected In make his linu'ic there _ in
the ftituri!,   ,
l)i'. "Aiken has resigned ihe, position
of surgmiii to llie Lundbrcck Miners'
Mr. Himlrcy, jeweller, ih down here
looking iimuiid for a suitable ulare
ns he Ik thinking of removing from
rliichcr Cirek, where he now resides,
Mr, (iiilliTiiith hns sold his minus
mid rinirli; price said to lie iu tlie
tielgoliorliniiil of f.wion. "
Joseph Onrkiiyiie wns. brtiUuil by a
fall nf rnck while following his employment In N'o. 9 mini' 011 March
Thoiiins I'nlnli, of I'uiuii.', had the
sni.ill I10110 of his leg fractured In No,
? tiiilie nn the 41I1.
f)u thi''tli, IMwrnd Slieiwiu, while
going lii'twet-u No, 9 uiul So, >) fell
into n illlth of boiling wiiIim" iiud n-
c'cived smite severe scalds.
The mIIii-m-h (nr iIip I'mil Creel fool-
I111II cluli for thi- coming season are:
Hon. l'lMldent, A. Ccdvillc; lion,
Vlco-l'rr-lilent, Dr. Keith; TresliL-iit,
John McCliment; Vivi-I'ri'siih'iit, !)
Martin;, Seiretury, I), Viitoti; TreaR/
nriM*, W, Mui'li*"*.
CoiiiiultU'f—Ifnrry Scott, ■ Xd.
CimW-h, I1, Mulgrcw, I. Untcllfie, I.
(irirne, 0, llrmlly, A, Alexander.
George I'oiiiulcr, who left Coal
Crcclt during llie'strikr, has rctuiii'M,
looking mine the worse for llu* hard-
.dup*! lie has ciidurivd while exploring
tin* wihl and woody west.
Mrs. Hull, ol Ferule, gave an address In Ihe Methodist church 011 Wednesday evening, Mb inst. Mrs, ILill
Is n flm-lll speaker, nnd held the* cl<>--
est iitunlinn of her iiudieucf.
Superliiteiideiit tt. t». Drinium «is-
ited the min**s on Thttrtday aftenmu
He lottU n'nnc tin* worse fur lilVt 1 • ip
to Calgary.
y hich ..arc i^iw.w^.wojrth.t W;ooo[' andV
live 6nYyi j&Vs'ooVof ^adebt to- still v7
1 ieet,. ,is;,a,,reirjnrkabie. instniilre1'" o(:l '
v'hat can-be.-dotic in a new nndgrriw-! ' ,
ing,, tow 11. : i -„■ There .. have been' e'xplos-_!"
ions, aud strikes,. which hid'c nffecte'd''
t it -Method st, church to .a" greater ex:'"
t n t,.I ban ,nny other church''t'iii -thc^'
c ty, ,,..,■,/ . 1.1 ■•!' ■ '■:• -.'iw'.tvf--1
The.cxplosioinitook' from'.the ehrtliv';'
1] ,,.membership!; roll " of th'cf church1 *'(
some.of,the.brightest rtnd'liest youii|''!
nlc'ii tonbet found >in nny chu'rch",%'i'ni'id4."
wien the rcaper.'of,Meathl!takcs'gWii,,'_'f'
si cli 1 ilower»,i he- • leaves a' void  'hard "
t« tin. 1-1     ,,.;-;;'
To those- who -' re main'1 to'carry' on
tie ,,. work 1 which",1ymihn,Colclougli,"
B neb, Hand and others' had 'helped^1,
so (generously to-begin,  then5    l'lWs'
and 'theinuntimely 'death' should'' b'e*'
tin *iuHpimttA'n to4rg«'''t11«i,Ktp'',i,xi'i-(i'!__*
effort .in. 11 Jceepflijp-ilp'-1 tne1 gobd^wrir\"__'__
until the church' is fre« fronTTlcfit .of'"'
oi|.kiiid.:"..9>i ■,'",:i.,.l?K:l;ti!,'*.."'i*i*:
The finnncliil'colidUloti'o'frthc ciitifcir .
.shptild.'be more thoroughly'
stood by'^ the rbugr*ga'tion','-J{i
-"-*!( ore being made ;t'o'do tiiis. „",   „,
.... „   '.. •n-'-'i 1 ')   ' "'     '*
result* in-sure to'be ou. increase  t
the regular revenue''dl the church"
. ,     ->   tvs,   *t1V».    1
'■ ■     ' &.»• ■■mil*
liiNN'KR  AS'D: AN ' HNTRliT/llSi- ;*
MRST. '    '   '   .',. ,
, , 'I      ,!'• r|    '
1 hat the dinner' and concert' io \x
giijen by the>choir"duiV,ladien'1o(' ihe1'
Ilaiitiat church' on the' -JTst" will' be n'
decided sucriisti is' «v delicti! by "the'
advance sale of tickets. ' Over ' one -
hundred have already been sold, Fi'i-
puriatioiifl will be made to ni-coniino-
diil'i* a. lutge nuiiibrr nt dinner from'
ti to 8 p, 111. in the Odd Fellows Hall.
As the hour will be' convenient for
many people, the ladlex ore ' looking '
forward to much patronage 011    thu
Decision. '
The choir, uudei' ihe able'leadership
of Mr, ilohn Biggs, will be assisted
hy, outside talent,' and the i-ntertuiii-
mint will be fully equal In, if nut
belter than   uny hitherto iittrinptod
11 that direction,
TtelM'j may  be *ir<vMt<i'l"' fri-mi' iti»
Indies of the'Aid Hocifly.   "  '"'
 v i-
nnxixo costkst
Kid Foley vs. Tom i' flowrn, n'l.S-
rnnnil bovlnii r/HTit«*«t "(or ftn n wsle ■
7.S per cent ot gate receipts ami
the lightweight championship nf Can-
nil.t litis been urraugol between (lie
above naninl boxers,   ''
Holli men-lire training hnrd.' . D,m
McCirty, who is looking'after Foley,
in putting the Kid through a    40.id
preparation for tht contest, aud   he"
will I* as fit as hands can make him
on Miirch I9th, when the contest ttAfg
place at  the     Coal  CtwV    AUiletlc'.
We hear that llowen I* quite confident ut defeating Foley, and will
nuke him feM so *ick that he won't
w.int .iiuithrr content for a lnii_» fun,
yo IUiWHi „suy». ,
'   V,
', ''„.■ f
- *■'' I
.   • > I
'     ,'.?'
11'   ',">
nnd or;,
hod by''the rbugr*ga'tiovJniid vxfrii'*",'
Issued every Saturday from the ><f-
' See of publication, Todd Block,
^:iua»bis;A'v'>i ;1":-:.?v --. - -
»:"-V.'"MOTT'-". -'   -   -".-  -      Kditor
,,     HUMAN LIFE.
The Spectator's department of tht
February number" of -ihe    New    York
. Outlook was devoted to comments up}
on'/the-fearfuj  waste  of human ljfq
, which goes on ;*vfiin; seemingly    ever-,
'increasing, ratio in'connection,. wltli
".tht operations''-'of  railroads;*  mines,'
.factories and machine, shops through-,
out the country. The. Spectator was
informed  that. in  the. United    States
4'there' are killed each' year more'  meii
"thaii'losf'their lives" during, the whole
;df 'the'dvil war;- arid  stillmore .as-!
tomiding that the casualties :.of   ,|iic
,    greatest  war -of  modern, times,   that
between the Russians and thc1 .lapan-
'ese','were'fewer than those that occur
ev«ry ; 'year'."in '' peaceful " America
through railway collissiclns . aud ?'the
ceasless. sacrifice  exacted   in   factories
- and work slio'ps by the Moloch of
1 'The whole of tliat Spectator article|
is well - worth reproduction In " every
paper in the land', but we have     riot
, the space to spare,.so will, be .'content
with  layiug before, our readers   \tfie
. Spectators concluding remarks- with
which all'people' who hold human'life
more sucrcd than dollars" and - cents,
will agree.. ■> '■
'.'And why are,they notvused?- Why
does the sacrifice of human beings   go
- on?.'" The pity of -it! Because, for one
reasi>H,'; "tne1 cheapest" thing in the
world—or in'America at least—seems
., to be. human life. -,lThese -appliances-
all cost money, .and it is cheaper not
to use them. In some way, the Spec-,
tutor-believes, we must make it more
expensive to kill and maim'men'and
women-than to safeguard machinery;
The Spectator heard with" the greatest imprest how -Germany has' worked out- ihe.-:probIemV Gcrffisirj—-'-wds
man for her army.   Therefore she tries
.to save tlitm. Germany-helps to hV
sure her' workmen' against'accident.
Therefore- she is < interested-financially
in : prevt-iitiiigJ-accidents. Thus the
state has a vital interest in requiring
.the'safeguarding-of machinery, the
caring for injured workmen, and instruction in.avoiding accident. In the
German factory ..dangerous places'"and
. *£&     . P«*r    * \ ■?*'stp
iiist. «iun 18
*»'' i. <
r.eauuuarters      Blairmoi-e, Alta,'-.
"♦"^T'j'*--"iSbcrmaii; "VresT" "TFerni^
£ 'J rA^Mc'Dcnnid/ Sec"; B%jmoto*<
A  i. *, ., -^
~Z.fi ~,   -. *$*-■* :*■-.' -f ■*' *Ov     ■     v
♦4 Gladstone Local ;Uniotf Ncr.2314  +
4^Thos. liiggi,; {Sec^rFeniie, B. C. >'
,£?■< vV-v1;'  «■».«  ..-   ♦
♦ :... °.. ♦
**"„•■ iM*'"-. «.^Lilbi4»IiUlri>!W'i *
Read carefully the evidence of
Magistrate Perry, given-below and
you will-'flnd that judged by men of
experience who are fully qualified to
decide. Zam-Buk more than fulfils
all that is claimed:for it.   -'    *•'•'•
ft J.^ -'Carter,
H Wichel,fB.£ C.
power md used ns an embrocation, quickly euros
rheuuiktisni, sciatic* and
neuralgia.  , ,,-
- Zam-Buk by its mlraolea ot
asallng hns won the praise
and confidence of^ragis-
trites, doctors, nurses, r.nd
, men and women who know. ■
. Test It at our expense.
penetrating  It,■•» *» keep 2an.-Bitk.lii, their home.,.
as hoaiing    <' It truly does even in ore than yon,,
"., This'coupon and lc. stamp-
MnttoZam-Buk Co.,Toronto ,
: with name of this paper-will '
ensure you a free trial box.,   1
I > claim for It." For my owripart i'S
t> would not now. be witbont'tt In ttae! i
II honse,, „ Your* very, truly,-: -.il...i (
# ! ltOGLR 1. PERRY, ei.-i
w    J     (Justice of tlie Peace for B.C. •< <
' v^^v^>»yv-va>%%'*vv%%*%^^a>y
Zam-Buk Cures^a^fe^
' Spring eruptions; running sores,. poisoned wounds,
, ohronio sores, etc.   It is also good for pilot .And sa-
larged. veins.' As'wembrocation it cures rheomii-
tinniaii'dsciatica, oaldson th* fchest, etc.1'-'Alldrag*
- gistn and (tores nt 60c. a bo*, or;from Zam-Bak Oa.,'
Toronto, for price. - 6 boxes sent,for.$2.50.
_ ■     .        - __f^t^^*ayea^'vei^%%*a>%%%%^eAi*a>«av<
Facts About'-';;  "    ! ^    ^ThePWvlllon."     .'■   "^
""Zam-Buk     ^\\ .; Golafields,B,C.   ', t!
iniwiDg pureir hortmi, with-. ,\ «am*Bnk eminently satisfactory. In. 1
out trace of animal oil or tat. ;;# my ease f t cnreda'skin'rash'of fiVe' 1
J^SSS^S^nS. l!   ye^'^ainiTwnicUiiodoctb^hnd "1
dUetse, germs and prevent' '-' "  DCOn' able  to «0 any> KOodfOr.   'I' (
b?c^ewfio8n.llu?purfttIon "•   5 w_«nWccrtah.I^
, Zam-Buk has
power »s well
♦ Michel Local Union No. 2334.   *
■     '♦
-_-.    . -... *? -j":r . x.s-i~s*J I, * ~
Coleaaan Local,Union No. 2633   ♦
♦I Alte.
♦' ;'   '   ■-'».■■•'.■"   "'•■■'-'•••••■■•    •-„$•
♦'    ""J      , ' ■•":'•■.  '--' ■•*• K4
♦lyFrasik' Local'' Uniori"No;'^ 126^ '♦
^ ' DavidiSteaei' Sec," Frani',1 Alta'."'"-' e>'
4*1      ',, -    .      <• -.-Vi Ii:-^
»»*»»>»'» »4*»»»e)e)»*»'»»»»»»»
♦«...    ''.- •'-    ■ '   :-,   ■•V.a •:-'.♦;
_*>;:LiUe, .Local..  Uaioa.-.No., M33v>'
<eV;.fAllia May,.,See.,, Lille, Alto.'/#
♦».:  ■    f      . -   - -:v:.,.   :»il*#!
»»w*>»w«»,*»,»»»»MO'l *>.■♦♦♦
♦\;       .',.;.'. /■./♦
*#>' Bellevae Local Union,No.  431., ♦
♦ &\ Chapjiell, ;-."Sec.,   Bellevne,'>
parts "of. machinerj'  are painte<l  red—
tlie danger signal!.   Workmen are   not
-   allowed,   through" ■ bravado > or    indo-
ence, ,to disregaed the use of protecting- appliaBcea.   Hospitals   and"' con-
valescent,    homes    arc'    maintained:
Nothing ,is left to l>ciicvoleiice   alone;
but law, and rigidly enforced law, re-:
qnires   that  work   shall  be  conducted
in a humane way,   And the Spectator,  while.applauding vigorously,   the"'
many .liberal, and -kind-hearted'    cin:
pfoyers     who conduct. model    work^
shops, some of which were, illustrated
.     la  the Safety -Appliance   Exposition,
■ solemnly    believes     that    Americans
muat devise some system that   shall,
with the sanction and the penalties of
law, make human life, ;in factory and
workshop, the most sacred '• thing   jn
the world.   Till then wc shall not be
entitled to call ourselves reallv    civilised." "      .-
In  this connection     we nlso reproduce uu editorial which recently - appealed  in che. United Mine f 'Workers'
Journal on, the same, subject, -  which
goes, straight lo the root of the evil
aad which ^suggests  the. only remedy
which    will     permanently    cure this
great scourge. ,
"The appalling figures presented 'in
President Mitchell's report would, in
any other nation but this, .HiBBBCr
humanity,' and remedial legislation
'>! the most drastic nature would be
t'Miicted to compel.ft cessation of, the
industrial slaughter,
If there was an inspector on ' every
w&aml at every, fnetorv door a„d at
every pit mouth, while thev might and
would cut down the enormous total
yet the fact .remains tlmt until these
■' .orporuUuns are m.ule to pny n good
round -sum for end, eye,  iOC,   ringer,
*_;""; '*« aml "'« lf»»t. this sliiiightiir,
diminished though It may be by in-
*'iection, will go on.
When a corporation finds    tlmt   it
must "go down in It* jviins," und puy
for the killing and maiming, it   will
adopt rule's    and enforce llik-m iu   a
maimer   .that will eliminate 00   per
cent, of the casualties,   It will   have
innpectors that will inspcrt,   Its   ni„-
chinery will he safeguarded; its   cars
und mines will he safe uh huiimn .skill
und human endeavor can nuikr   tlit-iu
.safe,   Ho cage will lie run without n
thorough* test of the man, the    rope
and the engine.    No unsophiHticutwl
peasant will be. permitted to   handle   |
jwMtltr   and explosive-*     hi hia own
awcil w;II in a mfue,   ffe would have
to Mo the sum to prove H.' No beard
lens lad would he placed In <i   .signal
lower at pauperi/.lng wages   to   net
ih* iij.hu ior the MAym.    A ccenpe-
Ueit, well-paid man would be    there
Instead.     The Narrow    Kscape and
Hatchrl Valley Railroad would *penl-
Hy    repair   its dealh-dcaling et|iiip-
Intnl.   The Old Dilapidated would re-
J air its wheezy fngfmis and raan-'trap
Awitthrs.  A cornfield inec'lftnle'would
not maniptilete the 'in'aqhinery i!u*".a
mill or « factory.
ff It cost a corporation Jjo.oco for
lilllng a man, or 5lo,ono for malm-
■t« hUn, tlie cation and the states
«iuld Mfely repeal all laws that nWw
«-ill for Inspwfon, thnt do not fa-'
N»ei:t and for regulating this thing or
I another that are now not'worth
jpai'er they are written on."
1 Corporation .directors'are fond of
repealing that" '.'corporations have no
sould," and the^records bear them
;oiit'in their assertions, and as they
have-long pockets.into which goes the
irofils.of this sacrificing of human
life, because it is'1 the cheapest com-
rnodity which enters into the cost of
|>perating. mines, etc.,vthe only.thing
to,do is to appeal to, tliose pockets,
111 the absence of sould, in such a way
as is suggested by' the Mine Workers'
4f^riial._an_d_-_make_hunian_life .the,
niosf'expensive," instead of the cheapest,, clement ^vhich _" enters .into the
process of rnflking " dividends for tilings
which have",no"; souls. . -
j Ta'-iiig „the souls 61 thousands. of
people out of their'.bodies in order to
lint money ' into the treasury of ' a
thing which has no soul, is a process
which will go on until it is made un-C
profitable to do so. The two articles
quoted above come .from' two widely
different' sources, but" arc' essentially
the same in their conclusions as to
the remedy for the evil.    ■ .
,  — o	
Chief Walker wa« the first man. on,
the police, force to write out his res-
1} nation as a protest against the unwarrantable interference of the mayor
ij calling-a halt on the prosecution
of a case against the, Hotel Ferine for
gambling, and he said to the mayor:
"keep out of this nnd if I don't get
'a conviction I will buy you the best
hat in town."
Ife had all confidence in his two
constables, and relied upon their evidence to make a case.
« The mayor' was not willing that,
tllin Hhou.d he done, and the resignations of all the policemen were sent to
hiin. 1
"Upon protestation of the mayor,
Walker is said to have torn up his
resignation nnd the'mayor accepted
those of Cattell and Duthle.,
There was ii howl of Indignation,
anil the mayor pledged that, word of
honor that he would resign, too, ,J|
thit poker game wan not prosecuted
nsjsoon un the names of the police
conimlsNioui'is     hud   l>cen   gazetted,
\VeIl, those names have been, gazetted for Hcvcral days,
Wnlkcr has got "his Job back at an
inchme of salary to S130 per mouth,
mul has another Si30 city employee
to jlialp him, It is in Mr, Walker's
flirei't line of dtttv to prosecute that
|'o\'er gamp and thus help the mayor
to let'li Ms honor bright, Mr. Walker
resigned because he wns interfered
         ' "     ». i.t
the, swith -when he wanted to prosecute,
■that,case and buy the_mayor -a hat
if he lost. .... i        \ ,L
;   The mayor has withdrawn his , objection  and has pledged his word   of'
honor to resign, if the case    is    not
... , ,..-.   .*(
prosecuted. Walker's salary has.', been
'raised so that he could buy a dozen
hats if he were to "lose, and "still lie
does not prosecute. What's the mat-'
ter?' Is he^conspiring'to -compel '"the
mayor,, to resign in order' to" save
that'much pledged'"word "of -honor?
; Is the mayor going to stand, such'
ly refused to stay on' the""'force" "because he was told not to go oh'with,
that' case?' '      '   . ' "
, The mayor was so magnanimous'as'
to favor raising Mr.'Wa.ker's salary,''
and ' lie ' is "now back at tiie .head of
the force, and still he don't go on
with that case which the' mayor i.s in
honor bound, Lo say nothing' of his
oath,'to have prosecuted,       '  "■ .
,.The' mayor might "take.a lesson'
from Walker and' resign,: then get his
job back at a "25 per ', cent, raise,'
That would be good business,' antf
with the example of the chief before
him he should'aot be afraid.'"'        '    !
, In the meantime', the two men who
acted in good faith through'1"'all, this
shullling' <nnd sent in'their resignations, arc out of the city's service.
Us it better to take a man's "official
life with-'a resignation tliat 'sticlt's',' or'
lesign and.then repine, and feel 'like
you had been doing tricks?   "'iJ!     '
♦»» »»»♦♦»»♦♦*> e)0«>»e)»»*»»
JXV\ '.'i;,   1,   'J,      «     )l .     r*it i\f ■   I-"1       1     I n    u'.* A*
♦ *• --."■•>
♦ ' Bitterest'; Local Union No. 1058 ♦
«J!: •%a'.;irTwaDail,' 'Secf.'1 Hillcrest1;"'*
40.    ''■'■  -:t'?"' Alta'.:'''':!,r-;  "■'■'  ::i!4
♦»#» *»0»»»»»e)»*» »♦•>*>»♦«)♦
♦ ■ir-'i., . "-. 1. i ■ -: > ;:-'!' ciy.i,i«4>
♦'-'Tjaatlbmlr u;Local UUaton iNo."-'-*
4>iiM7ff.-iY. Thosapsosi't Sec-, Laud-»«>
♦ >.,    :•':,. bnck.^ Altaian.''   •'' ''i-.«>'
♦ ;'-..   ---:,. ■-        V'   -*;'.;.: -^ie>
♦ .1  .... 1,-. ■."   ;-..:••»>.■
♦ iLeHllirijtge Local Union. N0.574 -♦-
♦ ,S. A.-B. Crabb,  sSec.,, Lath-.i.*1
;♦ . -;''"■ bridge, Alta.: <■-,•' ,'4
.♦.:     ..:■*'    -        ':::-.• .:i.. ■»•«
,▼ WW "S^SV V W W WV V.!w*». Tf.f.fT.fS'
;♦   - *„.., ;.,_•>
!♦ ".Tahai .Local . Uaio^^^Nb.--, _i.*m-( ♦
'_♦"' JoIbb '!BishopJ,,' Sec., Tabor,"4
!♦ Alt*.; •.        .-,;.♦
Tabar   Local Uaion 2X6.  1959  ♦'
:4»■,Alfred   rrobcrt',''Sec?, ';Tabor,   '^>'
;♦'. •:Ait».,*r, „; :'-.♦
» ♦ »♦*»*)♦♦♦♦»'»♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦»
4     ;' ' "       '    " ""'eV
4   Canmore Local' Union' No'.' 1387 , ♦.
♦ H. ^aaonrSec., Caamore, Altai' '4?
♦ i'.- ' ; ■",,--.'e>
4 Bat^haad Local; Union' No.'":29 "♦
4> 'John'Higglns, Seer, Bankhead ♦
w .-' ,«••' •-* -Alta.- -'■ --'. ♦
. ' City pf.Terhie...'! ••'
li! •'
T»lJOTICE lii horoby ulvcn thai thirty ilayn
V   from .ilutoXiintondtoapply to.oominfi-
Hloiiur of lunils nnd works for ft unoc-lnl licence'
o'out nnd curry iiway tlmlierfrom tlio follow
Jnfr ilssorlbull land In Konth Kust Kqotonny,
Uonimenolnu nt n'oost nliintcil at. llie noutfi-
went oornor of lot ttitd, tfianco north lft) plmiiih
Conimenolnu nt n iioyt nliintcil at. llie nout
went oornor of lot oiid, tfianco north lft) plmli,,
t ijsnns wsHtfOoliHiiis, tlienoo.ionth lupuhalnn,
tlitnuu omit 4u I'.liiinm to niaab of'biiirlrtnliiir.
1 ! , , . .,, , II. J. Johnson,Loentor ,
Iioented Jnuy nth '07 - JAmkb CXmkron, Anont
'I .   Ml     .1 J I' J
When the
* AUti jl into
Swp It! And why not? Fill-
ln| hair is a disease, a reeular
difease; and Ayer's Hair Vljor,
aaj made from our nev Im-
prjvcu fvjunuld, quickly and
completely destroys that dls-
eiae. The hair stops falling
•ol, grows more rapidly, and
allldandrufT disnppcars.
.  JVimf charm tha tnht of th* half.
Oommoiiolnsr nt 11 post pluntsd st the North*
wojit iiftriiur of lot, *m thoiicv south mrohnliik
tji^nco wiiKt, HHuluiliis' tligpou porth SOplislns,
thsnnn'oiiNt HtHihiiliiH to plnoo of betrluiiinR.
,  !  .  .,      ,, ,„.    H..1. Johnson,Locator
l.iiblltoil Jiiny (ilh '07    JiMKR OAHKIIOM, Agent
Communcim; ut 11 post, pluntdil ono lulf
mill, wost of thu simtli-woHt oornor of lot nm,
t iiiiiuq miiiUi tikinliiiliu, tliori'ie woMt4oolminJ
tliuniiu north imikIihIih, thonco oiiHt 40oliainn
to bliii'u of biiffliinliiK.
,   , ;  ,,       ...    "   U. }l.l'iiM,iiOK.I,i)o»tor
Lniiutiiil ,lnny nth ,117      JaMUubhon, A(*nt
CbninioiiiifiiB nt. rt pout plnn'sd on« mils
•oirthof tlicnortli-wuHt cornor of U IL.t'ohi
locik'H tilitirn, tliuiiuu vniilli HO uhslnH, tiiuiit-u
WUHt Wlllliailill. thunru no;III Slollllllis, tlllilllll
mist wicihiiiii* in iilui'ii nl lii>KhinliiK,
,''.,, M, A, hAflr.M-iB, bul-fitor
Loontsil .Inny iith/ii;     Jah Uani«run,,Air«iit
C'liiiiuiiiH'liiK ni 111104 iiluntml nt tho nortlc
M'ukI eoriiPr nl M, A. Ksntiitr's 11UI111, tliauue
«i 1 lliH.li-niiii*., Iliuiicrifiut Hii(!luiln« to nlsiie
of I'l'UliiiiliiUi, , , -
,     ,  , .             pro. Scott.hoiintor
f.ocsftiil Jhhv7tli '07      Jan, Uahkkon, Anont
ANBLICAN-Christ Church-' *K
4, Bsv. I. Bkadtng 'WUkinsen, 4*
.4* ' 'faB4or-*yervices, ' 11 'ai' tn. 4
«'"'as*^740 .fp;' m." Sunday ' *f
4| : aWhoal' aad ' Bible1 elass at 4*'
*|*   >! a.9» p.  sa!   Bveaing prayer' 4
* > ■- #j|!>We*sneaday-:at''«' 6'clock. A*
4 "■' 8Wy Cammonlan iat and 3rd 4f
4jt    SaaeUya at -ii'■'.•"■'m.',,|Ja«d *f
* ' laW BnaOaj? at » a. m, ■ »:-4
« '•>: ■ ■ ■ 4*
*>.«*.■ N» I .i^H^'W-l-H'H-^
* "   ""•'   "" »K
* .lUaMflST-Bar.""'   H.     Locke 'lf>
Bakkisykks -A't Law,     .'• <m 11.r''-us. -'liTC.
Koo.niS*'l'S! S^HMitiorsoiTbTocit. Pernio, B. C.
%■€&*&£&jag iit&v%m$
;-' t
••• *s? s'  j$,v8\j'?i5'fv:'.i-:'v  Q"4ii'?^??v  *-j   •
eW^y^Tr^ :s©.:' -»l«k„
Femfc, 8. €
>V:.-B.:Bp8S,K.,0.*-:        /i-l- S. T. ALEXANDRE
> s
i U Cross* -& Alexander '' T'
. --rf ..     1
BARKlSTEIia. j ,S0UC1T0H8. . BTfc
-.*•   ,      *T. f..-. £. KKRNIE.'IJ. C. ,'    «-.' i
'    1 '   -        •  "•*    j
Ottli'i! in 1,. 'I: \V. ltlock,-Vu'lorl-i Avi-nue.
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
i, .DENTIST.   .      .,-!
L T. VV,   Block,   opposite tin*   liank
-  Ki    *   Office houra—Sa,m. toK]i.i)i.      it   *'
W,- J.i,Wnigie&wortlii::Di.'D..Si
•_'.i-    ii   r.t X>3iJZSrTIStT.£!li.i U-j3» = *
Okpiok Hoiiiuii-. iy «,.*iiito n> n.m. 1 to Sv.iu
■   l!.80 toM v-m. -
i :.'i    <s   .  .'   -. .:i,   ,i   . - ■ --'       -    is
OfHcoinAtex.l 'ik'sbioisfe 3
■ ovor Slum's Bukeiy. .
B. O
in i'~-
• :   '•>       vi .,j~.    .1 •.    --, i.'n,,vii .. .<   vsi'.'-
■ l* Hi
ll fy
-,v-   .-:■ '■)■
■   masis,'1 Speeificationsf 'arid ^etU
-v:::.:'f v.*"-,-   ;:'-■:--.'   **.f' 1 ;,''*•':.'•"'
Mates furnished -on ..spplicatl.on..
' ' Pleaty, of .POOD' DRY
.,'ABBRs ,ON .HAND.,.: .-•,',.». ;': - * '
...',-..:' ^.^KEJltR/'^1-, "•'',
Architect .. and Superintendent
•-.■.v. ^.Office? ati-Residence; *•
^ffernkfffi. Q.-
1.  ,
Davky & "Laderoute1
to please careful'.. housekeepers is to
give hoisest weight.-*' Oh, ,,we. eVa>'t
say tliat all hiitche'rs"''d0ir,t''-iiio "iaa.
but we casmot - help . bcceseiosWly
ovcrkeariasg out lady ,; frieaiSshwhea
they get to.telling theirvexperiences.
.   -ANOTHER GOOD   WAY, Lj* °->
to please is to supply oaly"   the boat
meat.   If you trade with us yp.n;(wiU
leanu   just • what we irieasi   liv [these*
two" "ways'?;. QUALITYt and QUANTITY will be "a lUtle.inorc-.thsa^you
expect. " *.' ' '       ' .
....    ...ft
*■   o
.-I:-.--;" FERNIB.'B.C
,11.J'Kr.i...        ■ ,. ..    .->    .. ,- A.Wn.D»ua
! s;B'ELC'A'--W.IJLDMAN.-.,,
1  .1 .( j.'." Contractors and-Builders r-.'.-,
;    *    -       .. Estimates, Fuinishcd  » .,
\ "    StorViv Doors and .Windows,
Shop:— Corner Howlarid Ave and McEvny
> - ;       •■.'P'io.' Box •3.W.V!For'ni«r;'J?!,C!-".. "''
. Head<quarters '   'for',.. TACIFIC
40,5c. .paeketa for Jj.00 prepaid
toujour P. O.' Order'.direct !and
w get 'fresh,' teeted,- hew'crop- seeds.,
"'_'Largej' stocK,' of    Home Grown
Friift' aad', Ornamental 'Trees,.   >,...,
Oreenkoiise Plants, Cut Flowers.
. .Catalogae Free...':   .■-,..;M
ni I*    V. 1       *
'';ik,   ". ',', ..'."'.M. -J.; HENRY,   j 1
it     -, 1.    30I0 WcstsBinster-aoad,.*1
[■■y- '■■ Vancouver, B:"C.;
■HVNti'aiB' OF' 0ANAblAN'.!jJbilflY;\vW
V j  ''••     MININGnKfl-VIiATTOrfH,'**'",! '-"■
siswptos, H.A., B.Th., past-'!+
«s fferWcea at 11 a; rii.'and .Ji
"7**» -pi !m> 'f^*ay"»«hool '*f
ant Blhlaiclaas at t.jo'p.sa.'-tji
'.'Amer laeeetlaf 'an 'Vedaee-**" if
"leteV.at S-a,-«," :'-'"- '^'
.    1   .    ", •  ,  *.,      ."-     •       .ii.i-j;
VaMUyrrFather, J,' M ,4.,
UXfl a. as.  Henday sshool, 4>
• p. ■, Irealaf1 service, 7.90 •}•
.   '   '.:4
<* CJS«OUC-*Church    of - the
l.,-liiuiuiii>lii|> st mmil jilunli'.! nl fh«
wet iioriirir nr 11 lino. 8,'in.t   clulm, thuiiuo
sun li NM WihIii*, iIibiii-i; w««t H,|i:|iiiliiH,tliftine
ii";i i H<iHindu, thunru ■.'«.,t, |4,I cleilii, iu iilaot
<J| liiik'lliliillK,
I.Ui ill 11.1 I,ny rili 'ul
V'Aiy. I filli, lf>»7 ■
A.l, I'ihiikii, i.unntor
,,/AK 'UMKIlHNAwillt
roritiBli *»IOi «««•» v«uu
0      Bhow It U jrtw
lik tlni'»b(H,ln_
the formula of our nev Heir Vltar, telto
•hr eich Intredleijt It uied, and e™
TO m^By 0'li"'lniere«rini "hlate.
Wttf treading you win know why this ne*
helrwepsrsthin does Its work 10 well
- '-*T**t.o,ir*o*.,t*w*u,
'TA   rAlipllMirvrii'rrt
The tiiK'.crslpiifil  having    bien    re-
JKtured  to health by simple    weans,
■ after suffering for several years with
j *  -evcre    lvs^    £.1ci*t.;o;;,     iuJ 4Ut
.dreod   dlscnse   CONSUMPTION, , is
iiiixioti.s to make known to his fellow
wiiflerers tho means of cure.   To those
who desire it, lie will cheerfully send
(free of charge) a copy of the   pr«-
scrip'tion used, which they will find a
CATAttUH,  OnONClIlTIS  and    all
throat   and long MALAWB9.      lie
Impes .ill sufferers will try this Bern*
edy, ns it is invalnahle.   Those .  da-
"king the prescription,    which   will
coet Iheni nothing, and way 'itrttve a
hlessing, will please address
imv.' kdwabd a, vilsow,
Brooklyn, V. Y.
A* MsteWODIBT-lev, < Wh Lash- .**
•!• \ ley stall, I.A., B.D., psstsr,  4.
+ ! 9mUtM at111 a1, ai', Jaad 7.30 4*
.* MB   Bible elaas j.jo jiVsa.; "4'
A* ; ttttMiud   Bible   daei"' aad .J.
4* ' iHafcws   tatetiig, 3.30 piai.' *
»!• ; ebsfj waetiag,   10,13 a. m,  ^
+ -i *<*»«   .pMpla,*,i meeting, .4
•p MoasUy at,8 p. m.. Prayer .>
♦!•  : Meting,.Wedaesday at! a.m. <A*.
+ ■•.•'■ r,4r
wui»,*—uwi iauun limy  un   i
liar uoro for, soft ,c0aliiinil ilfiio tfbr; antArasits,!
Notriiorotlmn tei nulflu qun bu Hcquired by
oue individual Or'fnMpiiny, Tlit'viUtj' iit. tlie'
nito ol tan uunts nor ton of 2,(KW iioundv.MiiiH
booolliiotuil on tlm uroKSoutput, ■' ' "
•. Qunrtn-A freo minor's oftrMuontd isWritnteVv
"e,0.1,!l>.aX,J!"(,.t ln n-iyai'tiMof tBner.iiiiiium.Uw
im IHdlviihiiU, Mid from ■!'«) ti ^l«i fJir unirain
■eraeun_ipniiy,i|«oorillniiit_ooa;pit_iilii.i'>f t/ vu.
A freumlnorl lilivine dtBCovorod'mihVul in
plnco, muy,l*(;ato:a olaiiri i,R0n xr^(!oti/out. -
1; Tho foo for roponlln^ 11 ol»lm Is ♦*. '
* A£.,,HI,t *•!"! niiiiitbo oinotidsi oii, fto ((litiin
pilcltyiisrer'phld-tbtno-infninir hwnltir in
,11*11 thoriipf, WJbva *»tihfts n«oo Atiitndod ot
imlil, the looator may(- itpdn Imviiur»'' •«»*«,/,
imsdu, »»dlupon .Bqtnnlylna)wllk .bthflr,11 ril.
nulromiints,puroliiiJo tlie lan-dattran. a'cw.;,
''Hiji! pttlt'uiit"prWWflH Yor- ihs'pajriieWW »
Pi.AUlin mining- olnlms B"nomlly are 100 foot
wnuro'entr.v.f«aMra^4WAblawpJ'^*>.<  - .
A freo inli'er".tfliv *cilitsln'"tw6 loiinoi to
■UrMRsforBoldofflvomllcsonohfora term of
l,w»nty yours, ronowalilo at the dlsorotlon of
li« WlBUttir uf UisIiiUrJor... . , , .n -
The l«nsoa shall bave i'Urodtfo hi operation
wlthln^iso souion from tlio date of ths loans
fernie; ;
Is a pleasant a home.
'.' for'the;traveler.'
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WINE   CO,,  Lid.
!wholea*le Dealers and Direct Import-
i    *        *   '"'; '      '    - O       __ ^ .
'-,-;.-;.     : --'    *ers -°" '■*"*■'
•   • ''^IltlSH-'.yrHISKEY.'   \
-LONDON DRY                *
—'OWtiWtf H—? —'—■
'-, "   J POMM13K.Y ' "
I •''    CHAMPAGNE      - '
j        ALE AND STOUT, >
,      Sole; Agents in - Canada for
Windsor.    Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer.
50 Good Wootls--
men wanted   fey■;•
i The Ellc Liimber
■' Co.',,' Apply at tlie;;
'Oiliee or at';;Ho^.*
m«5T.   ''  ,,,";:.:"
-Oil   ''I
The Efk Lumber Co., Lid. -1
Leave Nelsot^^oWmrakUy^
j*A »••**( \tc
: General" Merchant"
:and' Dealer in Wines,
1 , .     \ x '    \       1   ' ■ ' i '
Liquors and ;Gigars,
a ii eou vpr^ri75ar~(K>oxir~
N Arrive Victoria 5.45 p'^m.::,-:;
■S. S.v Princess VICTORIA•*■
,S. S. Princess'MAY',-.
HKRTHS'$I.bo  !'
I     Car 1pin ho occunjccl at Nelson
yition Depot at 9 p. in. ...'-
h'orr.iies, f,)k|0i-s
1'i.l 1!!-:,<eK'1.ilip1fy...t.
ir PATJtONlZlt  Jtdllfl   fKfUll&TllY;B»
( 1." .TJ3Sri03Sr   IjA'GBHri
Cfevy'ft    Nost   Spodlal
Wlnot^s rnvoflto Clflars
ftr eseh jlvs mfles, HunUI *10 p»r spnum for
o»uhi_mlle of river ItRiud, '■ lloyftlTy at th*
' '       lfe*iV
aaty HHlsear ai ti|a Wterru.,
N.i B,~tf*aa)t«hi^M(fl4i|iiaa4U»i oi
Hm*V leaalsL ifff latarkr.
Hsia atturtiMMaat will aotThe aaid
ItllfSjt,'   '"     -■'•""      '.   >■•*   ■ ■ "-—      '
+  ! ■  1 At
•f, pMSDYTRRIAN    -    Knox *
T, . mtttui-ktv, H. -k. Grant, »{.
'I-    O.A., fiutUif, .Stnka, at ir' •$•
•I«   'a.W. and 7,50 p.oi,   Sunday 4
4     aelOol    and   Tllble elau \ at •{•'
»t«     §.30 p, m.  Prayer !l meeting •l«
•f     H'wlncsday at B p, tn, ' 4
v .J*
*y .'-*!•
+ U4LVATI0N ARMY-fJaptaln +
V «>Miaw, Sunday-Knee drill *»{«
1 a. ea. Tloliatss meetlng.ti 4.
a. in, "Free find Easy," 4
#,|o p. ra, j Sunday - athool,! fl*.j.
,ts 3. Halrsttoa 'meeting, ft 4
9-, *: P.ll.B. rSfleetiaf i on *•
Wotfcday at 7.30 p. as, !flal«?:+
*h, Tatlot. aseeUaf, Wednesday 4*
•ft st I p, a. Boldltrs' rout- +
•If laj, Vflfay. TeitimoBy 4
e)» . aaeattnir fla'tiirdfsy it Vp. «. 3.f.'
■♦,♦♦♦*>♦♦♦ »»«>»'H>»»e>»»t»»<tV
'♦,': ',       ..., .     .••■•■ +
^,;»LK WVKll.IvODpB NP.,,35!<>
p l A' F_, ft,A. M. 4>
,<?>' tajular eaeetlajV held frrstVrl-' '4
V   «Mtjr   ia   tmiM ■ woitUi,    Viaittiig   <«j>
$" tirrlbrm  cordlalljt, JnvJUp, ^-
«>  Jl B.yOIMJUU, Sec.,;\periiie.', i>
«>  MT, IrKftNIW I/WOE NO, 47  $
v r, o, *3. i". , <jjf
f& Nseit eTtry .Wednesday evening;  4
,«t A p. in., iu I. 0. O.'F. ITall   4>,
' V. C. LAWB, fl«.-Sec,, Femle  A
♦ ' ."■'■•♦
♦ : !  ♦
<*    ; ?KHNIE LODGE KO 31       +
♦ KWIfWTf7 OP PYTHIAS     ' ^
♦ . Meets in I. 0, 0. *. Hall ereiy *^t
♦ llTharselay e?ealt_j at * o'clock.  +
♦ 'VlslUaf htttherfl are eordlslly .4
♦. Invited. ^
■i'.Oeo' f«. Tedltr, C. C. \ 4>
<•> _Rj ft. Ttrtnitrtn, K. R a\«?!, '<$
e>."                                     '•■*•♦
local agents or to'
.J.S.O.\IITKU;d. L'.aI;Nelson.'  ' '      ,''"' '
•K.J.COVIilC.A.O.P.A.Vaueouvsr.'  ''' -. ''
Crow's Nest -"'.l.','£''
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds  of\Kr5brncaJ,a;
■   'Goods kept,in stock!'-.-,*:" ■
All  work
,   - "      1   '■   .,
John Turnkr,
Is only oht uf »■ u'unJlrcd ill!!-.'1, m
sliapiis sno iImi oiii1 ,lli Im-I. tiii'iii. 1
jiiut In.   Tlisporfootyiiliiy 0 1I1.
jfirtar am! the skill with ii-hio'i Un.
,ars trnulo, qutllitu tlmm in tha
- Best.  <i
, *...,.Wt, ,0 K'l «.fi(iv   i »jj.
'    Tlll'V W|/.l. NOT OH.>.■;.,
" tviry l"l|i.> f,u»r, nt««<f.     '
nwtol notttf, without oiumo, I'i tllii^^ w»"w
A katel that foral**ki tjutet, com-
taasrieas aeeewnioslattoti for its pa-
tnate is a scarce of pleasare to tbe
travelffan public.  Sudt a <au U the
t ▼ K<«f-Wwwd lf#uJ, ar Ferafe.   ear-
»»4»»»0»e)*)*>»»4'H »»»<»» Utr appasita past ofiee.
.        *,.. •■,"    .1 . .     . ...   -.'   %f.'   -
. JMtrememth-riin.U'k iJt- -J
.    "Shield Brand" Pinci   *
Por Sale at the       '
Club   Cigar   Store
W. A. INOWAM,  Prop,
91.       - Ferale, B, C.
. rsitnis' tskon t irouSli ii
wMnptttr, without ofiii-Sl. ,„
$cici«i«c mmtm
-ilsilon nf anr so sin nn ]
^iir^four mojnihs, si, h01
BU W*i lklii«Ton'
** !
j   A     ■
1 ftCo,?B,B""^^NewiYbl
ih ftniiwrto V BU WMlilJJliSI'lf,*1
~V>».*.u coMKln.
1   1?
NOTtOBIhhori.l..vRlyj,i tlinMlicnnilewliusd ,
wil, nt Im llr»t maid hit: of thA Ilo«Vdn7EK.'!
fnsliiir{'omnilshlonowfor tlij"citvof .AMi\V
li.l.i nOi-t tli..i.M,lniM„ii r!r 'im'VvX^V?..!'  '
i(,kVut* •*''f">'.V"'K ■■•'Hniifsr of s retsfl iloiiot''!
lll'iili..!.. IIr Uil.i-    |i li-.lH.-ol   nf      ?t,I   wJll.il
H-ilel..(mil. „t I oli^l.iftraS^iiW'Ii'   •
Knriife.friinim.VM.lfo Msry ifZors"-        .   '.   ..
l>sti.i| II1I11 Ut Any „f Pel.msry, A. I). jdoT,
Wm. slitu.
.Hr.lsn*! will H. Xh'nZ -""V ■"••- ni«-
„,„:,[,,_. m   "'••«»'f ♦■i.fnf.tir^lM*,'
IiitlHtM.1.1 ,Uy„f KM,m»rv,A.I»,iiW.
».- A. UlM4
fernie ledger; fernij;;Ib;; g.^m"arch 9ih. ■ [907,
'"'':     AUSTRALIA."
It was Malcolm Donald'McEacharn",
'.ship owner/and"'capitalist, .who cleliv-
"'"• ered tlie^coirimonwfealth of Australia
.-.to the Socialist's.'.He is the one "con-
■servative •onl,the''contineat' ,that -.the
Socialists fight without malice..They
fare under; a debt of gratitude to the
/shipping- millionaire, and the bitter-
";""est offense lie 'sutlers is" die occasiJ'-ial
^'reminder - of that fact. , „
-_,! Of'course,  McEacharn didn't "want
. '^Socialism. He only wanted to lireak
.vthe power' of., trade s unions. ; He
jShougui'that their exactions had be-
Some intolerable, and there, was some
justification for that view. Strikes
t4vere common, and frequently thv
^tause ol* quarrel was trivial, but tht
..strikers were always successful because, the country was being Hooded
i|-withr'British nibney;- and the voice
lw the boomster was abroad ' in the
Isand.l'.'The union leaders were ignor-
iand ^of all economic laws, aud they
Mistook the existing condition for
'i&ne of- natural prosperity. . (That's
fljvherc!:tlicy. made their mistake.) -
ll McEacharn knew better than that.
•'He knew that the burst would come
floonef'or later, and he prepared to
ilattaclt1 labor on a falling'market. He
-tJS^urey to smash the unions, 'and re-
Wve'lthe heel.oi aggressive deiuo-
'iracy^from the. throat of capital., A"
partial victory' -was ' not" what he
'•eVanteo. He'was after tlie whole hog.
file got it. ' (That's where he made
j£is mlstak*.')
ir| The^unioaists were lions'.led by as-
?§W itcEacharn knew'that. * Timl
ftirterRiime the-shipping union made
Siuaands upon his'company; time aft-
far , rime he, granted these, demands
^rith Wiling *'readiness:' But 'day/aft-
•eV da^he went on building together
?the units of a force-to fight trades
,-tinionisni that was destined to sweep
IJtirgaiiized labor out of existence. The
'plan was colossal, but the" solid pat-
jlfencerwith which in'the\ meantime he
;i;'« i-ii'"?'" .he g.i'.ling ""exactions' of the
ttradcs'was quite as great.
^.Aud'ithen   one   'day he loosed    hi
. ihunde'rs and struck' hard and straight
faind true. He chose the time of bat-
fin, the cause of battle, and the place
of battle.- The''unions chose. 110th-
jag. They were arrogant'with riches.
&'ftae^.cause of'.quarrel was childish,
ilh McEacham ineaut-it should be. A
mfierencc arose1 between tlie' qiiafter-
~ "master,1 and'the steward of .one of his
coasting steamers over the charms of
^^"sreiimrtieasr^The captaifiTTo   stTtlKT
the  difficulty—as he  thought,;   poor
;. ilian--aischarged the sailor. McEach-
&rn, knowing what the reply would
tft, oilered to. put him on another
snip. , The union demanded reiustatc-
in'ent on the same ship. , McEacharn,
in very' courteous1 terras, pointed out
that that'was impossible. Then the
asses 'who led the lions, told him
tliat unless tlie reinstatement was effected within twenty-four hours they
would call the'crews oil nil his ships
and order a general strike.
|Than,'' like a Hash, McEacharn .un-
imasked his guns. Back went the
■reply that, the' unions might strike
■Ml be dttiiihed."
* [the strik« was ordered. And , then
ithira followed a battle grim and
.great. Union after union was called
•out, ship after ship was tied up,
■s<4te after stato was involved in the
sjairrel, until- the ""whole continent'
iftliabd under arms, In loss than four
weeks the fires of'nearly every coasting steamer were drawn. The trade
of^'Australla was parulyzod. Four
liiifaldrod thousand unionists were idle,
mta* every man of them was drawing
haj) pay. Also every unemployed
.laborer was paid a weekly allowance
\who looked like becoming a free man
ih'dkn the general 'fund to prevent rc-
•miaalug tlie ships,
Alit tlie Shipowners' Union that Mo
Ksi^tara| had organized didn't even
try?,to reman1 'the ships." The laud
bfcilplm hud reached its limit, trade wns
declining, very large coal reserves had
beeii laid up, tlie funds ami membership1 of the i unions were known to a
dollar and a   man,   The   shipowners
on  thi-ir - hunkers
simply sat down
aiid waited.
. The trades leaders organi/.etl
ets, but" there was nothing for
to ilo. The' problem wus a' new, one."
They, couldn't'solve it. The owners
were apparently not trying to run
their -■> ships at all. Patterson, .who
owned'one ilee't, wrote to the -stiike'
committee, and in a veinjj of 'jiawky
Scotch humor, offered to'sell-'them
his ships,   -
Then it dawned upoa the union that
ihe strike had,become a lockout. Tlie
besiegers were liesiegod. The-weapon
of, capital was not fiw. labor, lint
starvation. '
Starvation won easily. Ten weeks
after thc-first .sliol the unions capitulated lo the grim foe, hunger, that
be.'orc,' then 'had Lowed tin, neck of
many .1 proud city. McEaeliarn had
meant lo break ihe unions.' And they
weie broken all-right.
Funds gone, membership'deeiiniiuit-
ed, courage wilted, the once great
trade unions of Australia were counted out.
The capitulation was announced in
the biggest public hall the labor lead-'
ers could get. John Hancock, big
bodied and big hearted—the finest
platform man in Australia—-rose ' in
that hall of silent hundreds to tell
the men that they must return to
work on the' best terms they - could
get. It was the shortest and most
pregnant speech he" ever "made iu . his
life. "Friends," lie said, men of Australia, we have-not'been beaten; we
have-been starved into submission.
Unionism, is dead,, but .anything '-> can
happen,in a democracy, and from the
ashes of the funeral pyre that" the
shipowners have lighted will rise -the
phoenix' of our liberties."
Nobody knew what he meant. It is
doubtful • whether he knew himself.
But it sounded large and-fine, ainl.
something , with that sort of loiind
was,just what tliose depressed • eople
wanted that night. *      *
But-one year later big John Hancock took his 'seat in parliament—the
first lal-or member sent in by the first
labor political "party in Australia.
■ Vanquished , in the industrial war,
the members of the battered"' trades
unions liad reorganized their forces
on a political basis-and sought .to
win by the ballot, the privileges capital had denied - them. Someone discovered that where all-men had votes
and  the bulk  of-,men  are wage-ea.rn-
"crs, tirey7"nly~lfa\;e to decide ;.moTTg"
tlieniselves what they want from the
state to get it. _. i      '        ''
_, That was only ten years ago. 'And
now they have gotten nearly all they
wanted. Think of it".' Eleven years
ago the unions "were, battered,- dead,
done for. Today their direct, lineal
successors own , the whole blessed
commonwealth  of Australia.
.They attacked municipal councils
first,'und enforced the minimum wage
and eight'hour days on all of them.
They attacked' the.state parliaments
next and, gained factory legislation
11 nil old-age pensions and compulsory
arbitration. No factory in the country cun'"'now employ child labor, or
work its people more than eight hours
per day, or pay less than the minimum wngc fixed by tlie wages board.
In two of the six, states the labor
parly are the government in ollice,
iu two others they hold the balance
of power, und" in two, others they nro
the direct opposition,
lint ii is llieir success in the commonwealth parliament—the' national
assembly—that murks out Australia
as a Socialistic nation,
In the senate half the members arc
pledged Socialists—definite servants of
the' labor party.' Tu- the representatives the direct opposition are pledged
Socialists also—members of llie siiine
party, Compulsory arbitration" in
lal.or disputes is the law actually operating in two of the states, nml the
national legislature lias, passed 11 luw
enforcing compulsory arbitration in
nny labor dispute that extends from
oiie state lo another,
McKiicharn, the lord mayor of Mul-
MONEY can buy mlviirilHlntr iipace, but it can't boy a
1 guartor wmtury's kucw-ivI'iiI record of wonderful and
,   ,      almost miraculous cun.11 of the   tnocl dlluctilt and
' intricate caeca of thront, lung nnd stomach trouble*.   Such Is
'rVryohlmVit rwent. "l1iotissn«M of much plvoo tip hy Ifsdlns;
• doctorsulwpnlfes tod incurable have Inyn quickly ami _er>
•^snamatly cured Uy Psychine,   It in an Itifuliilile remedy for
oottitua, obluM, DroiicliltW, piii-uinoiibi, iiinwiui'>liuii. iuditfwtion,
loatof appetite ami all u-iititi/ i'Wuvii.
"Mr»ottf4.»t*rrfMeo"Hifiiiri.i    *-Mn »nith !lttiv."-Mi» L nitb-
was .wuud to a tut-tow.
HJdhaMoUiueJW*. II*
,. m, mwitiiif.
••4i*ur uiitif
eUaaiir hintsi
u<w<l K>y
J. Junf.
tlOl ronn of Uy-
an wall and III* Is
snis, iUirtnturovc, K.H,
"Hjr luiir*irtriHiwiviiiiMlas*MI
•(icr ixliior t'oi-lilno."-!!. nofcblri*,
Il. li*«.|«j-«, (»nL
■ ar)rfil.i«le>l nif Jlfj."—i.W'sJ-
<li-n, 1 tVunitsll Ml, Tif. niA
fiychlne Never Palls    Psychine has no Substitute
Dat T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, 179 Klnc St. W., Toronto
bourne, the .man' who smashed unionism, was defeated last year by a
labor, candidate in , - the "c6ntest.,_; for
election of a member of: the' house,
.of representatives.:' ' ' ^,        - ■■
Twelve years ago in Australia there
were two parlies, the free traders-and-
ihe protectionists. ^Tod.iy there is oha
parly—the la!-or party—and the drag-;"
gled  remnoit,  of  another,■ that occas-
l- naliy   totters   helplessly ' before     a
tired public-and     tries to get    itself
l.ikeu  seriously** as „ Llie   anti-Sociaiist
1-arty.     But   it   has    no   power, - it-
neier had'a policy,. ;md its.frieiids are
ash.imed  to reco»ni/.c it in the-i day.-'
li.^ht.    Sr mc day , a    mf.11 may' arise,
iu Australia who will evolve a policy.
I ig  enough*   to  cover   the Snti-labor
parly and .those-others who-at   pres:.i
cut remain outside,, bill so far' as the'!
writer-knows he hasn't-sent word of'
his coming.   And- the gentleman  who
,prcci. itite.1 "all,this on,-the    country
hits'sought his-country scat, and   the
tiresinni-.seclusion of a friendless,man.
Thi* writer points no moral." But he
Has  heard   the  suggestion   that    Soc-
ial'sm  was a coming force- iii ""Aine'r-
icau  politics      treated  with  derision';'
and he, tliiuks .that,perhaps this story
may be 'worth  thinking, over,  because
manhood   suflr.ige   prevails" in   America, and tlie'-.great, big bulk of Americans a iv wage-earners, too. .
Minard's' Linimeiil   Co.,   Limited.    '"'"
-   Gentlemen,1,—Theodore     Dorais,      a
customer of mine,   was so completely
cured  of  rheumatism' after 'five -years'
of sullering,   by  the judicious. use    of
MINAKIVS IJN1J113NT. .-     „" ""'j
The above facts can be verifietl by
writing to him, to the Parish Priest,
or any of his" neighbors.,
A. COTE, Merchant:- -i]
St, Isadore," Que.,   t2lh May, '98.
.«>^.,%^^^^%''V^4B<«^%'%^%i«^<a^'%^*a>^%^% 'Vfc^r"
4:  ,_-~'*"
i5t T
,'. .:y '   if.1crjsriDBii Tsr^Txr 3«LA.N^A.c>^3iw!EFi!sr,T. '-'.]--"':
fames Severn,-        '-.""_'   _ ""'J'"'":      'Proprietor
*-.'■'..       r ' <-%:..   '   ,v'
^!-f!ir.5i-shwd,..I?°m?-    The  table-is-supplied, with "the   best
:"rthe^aftet"aiords. The bar"is supplied -  with    the    l«sl  wines,
liquors and cijj&rs.   ■''>•.
to? 4
and'   X
going—then   watch   it   grow.    Doesn't'   .&
Watch it Increase.•'ah- y0u'have
do1 with  a   Savings   Account  is  to  start It
keep  it-
% , take-Jong.:, for '.it- to count   up  to a
aniount—then  yon   see  the   advantage—the  wis.
cloiri  of saving.
Take notice that thirty days   after
date I intend to apply,to.the<Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at-
Victoria, for a special license to cut'
and carry away timber from-tlie" fol-:
lowing    described    lauds,, situated in
Southeast Kootenay:
1.-Commencing, at a post"planted near-
the northeast end of the lower" lake
at the bead of Elk river, marked "F."
B.  Lynche's northeast .corner; thence
west 8o-■   chains;      thence south '  40
chains;  thence' west '40,chains;' thence
south 40'chains; thence east 80 chains-
I hence' north' '40 chains; -' thence   ' ?ai-t-
r  -liain-:. Ur.;-*..  : i.-r.-.l.   ;•! .'.•ii,..,:u. .-0
place of beginning. '     .-   "  '
;        % F. B.  LYNCH. 	
FRED. R., DALZEIJ,,   .,**
Dated Eeb.-14th, 1907.        '*. Agent.-?,
2. Commencing at a post "planted
on the west fork of-Elk river; theace
wesrf. So chain's; thence' south" 80
cliains; tlience ensl .So chains;"theu.-e"
north 80 chains to place of beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or. less. >i.-
-,   c    , F. B.  LYNCH. '-'
Dated Feb. 11th,  1007.   .'      Agent.'
3. CommenciiiK at a post plair.td
about one mile west of,the northwest
corner ol coal license number 1623;
thence west 8q chains; - thence south
80■ cliaius; thence east .- 80 chains;
thence north 80 chains, more or 'esi,
to place of beginuitig, containing 640
acres more or'lesa.. :■    .'«-'.•
Y., H.  LYNCH,.
. FREO; R..- DALZELL,   .-;
Dated Feb. 12th, 1907, Agent.',
4. Commencing at a post plantid'in
the Elk Valley at the uorthwest corner of lot i9'J9; thence west 80 chains;
theuce north 80 chains; theuce east 80
chains; thence south 80 chains, more
or less, to place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or less.   '  .'.:
D.ited Feb. ialh, 1907, -Agent"! ,\
5. Commencing at a post plauted in
the Elk Valley at the northwest cottier of lot. 6378; theuce south :6o
chains; thence west 40 chains; thence
north ibo chains; thence east 40
chains, more or less,, to place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Y. a. LYNCH.
Dated Feb, 8th, 1907, Agent.
6, Commencing at   a   post   planted
uliout two miles north and one-fourth
mile west of lot 6373, on the   tnrl.li
fork of Dig Creek;  theuce nor.h    So
ihaiim; tlience west 80 chains; thence
south So chuiiiH; tlience east 80 chains,
111010 or lens,  to place of beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
V, n. LYNCH.
D.itcd Felt, and, 1907. Agent.
7. Commencing at a post phinUd on
the  north totk of Die Creek,   about
uiic mile  north ami one-fourth mile
v.cst i>!     lot •''373; thence north   Bo
iliai.'.s,  theme went 80 chains; thence
wiih li So elm fun: HiHice emit Ho chains,
mm ■   01  lesH, to pluco ot beginning,
(oiiur.niiig (140 acres, more or less.
F. n. LYNCH, '
.   FRED, li. DALZELL,
Dated Feb. 2nd, 1907. Agent.
jiti.   wW   ii"1
T. Whelan^   Nfan&gor
A pIciiKiint
'oi- tit vfrav«
h.V   wiv
ix- ••{■tl
' Ev"1 r.y Al rt-irfiiVii"
considerable'   X
'i ',::-i ■
$1 Opens an Account with the Home Bank of Canaia-1
J. tl.'MARSHALL,  MKrM Fernie   branch
<>♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦%♦♦ '♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦i
Koi^:35tccIc ■?
;».■ -j
i.e. ;-b.c.
4* ;
Br«wersj of; Extra Fine
La^tr BierfkiicI Aerated
VV»ters. -f.iiS8itl.cd (>oods
a Spelhititv. -
'.1 > ,
The Efik Lumber 6o.|
*.*■ A,/--\   ,'"  ■""    LIMITED.    ,: -/-„; °-  'i     .-
DilMtfiVsioim^ Flboring^'^Sidiifaf^
Finishing Lumber-atid
:>v::::.''-Mouldings; . / ^
All out stock is last years ciit HiKlAvell-scusoned..   •.:..,',..
f hc3-Best of 'Satisfaction
iri'Mcitc^ & ,Jeu3eJcry Repairinq
M  "..   The. ;Calgary   HSfblls.; & GnuiitPlWorks
S .     |.J'?f:" Kootenay   H:\i-ble Works,    Nclsoii  '   , fc
S_.&i|fes'CJi.k(^wi at tbe Office.' -ii ;"   Parlors in landy's Blmk £
'*W                             .              ■-'       " - -    <'■',      -j«i. „-,^. „.,...«...- o - - -» --■ ♦:«•
THE CANillll^
:. ii
r.sTAii:iBiii:i) 1807
.   •■*-"-i',J?i     !'.■'.(} ,     - \>o<  ■■
B. E. ^AIKER, President *
:AIEXi;LAIRD,;.Gener«l MsnanerL:,   :
A. H. IRELAND, Su-ieiintenckiit of
BrsnchcB  .
J>fiks.np;Capiial, $10,000,000
"'■    '        ; 5,000,0(1,0
Rest,   -   -v
T'W -ii   ^ '-*f;n f t'
•I/O*.id. J ~- .-.'U'l
Brancbcs1 throughout Camida, tir.fi in'-1.'.
Icl S !:ilcs and England
Busiup.'j.a.liiay; $#traasactod: I «'
o£'the*iirl-ik.   Aacownt3 ni:iyV|;i:
■;madp,oV,!ttjit?idr.r!,wti by «i:iili';.!jJ',
'to^ott'fcrof-lo:vn' S-.&Luats.        ;''
Fcrnlo   Hritncli
Al?,  ' "   ■     "85   -  '■
•). ^ V..'.i any branch „
••..'. ■■•,-. d deposits
; .'..: .-iiliwn is paid
fl." S,   Holt,   Miimif'i'i
n. Cuitimi'ticitij,' nt a jiost <il<uitt»d
-ib.uit three nnd one-half miles up
stream mi nig Cr«*k, from lot 6J/3;
tin nil- nurtli So thnliiH. thence weit Ho
cImIiih, tlii'iico north 40 cliniun; thence
iv«M r\o cliuins; thrncc iioiith 80
. Ii-ifni, tfirtiic.' onit 4'.) cliatn«; thtnee
NimHi .jo .Imln.H; tlu-nce east 40 chnini,
Oi place uf In^iiiiiiiin, u> umuiu f^i.
,icies, uiorc or luw.
F. 11. LVKCII.
Dat.d Feb. 1st, 1907. Agent.
Yotitf Ordcirs f or Mccit?
Eggsiv' Bti|:t^r9:Po,ii6try u&
poMiNlti^i':   MEAT   CO.,   LTD.
and ^eit1 ^saltisfaction"  ■
'PHONE   4
ho clinlni; theace east 80 chains;
thtnee north 80 chains, more or leas,
to place of beginning, containing 640
.icrci, more or less,
.    ;n F, D, U'NCH.
; - KM Kb. H., DAI//HU.,
Dated Feb. 1st, 1907. Agent.
10. Ci)intnuncliiK at a post plnuteil two
mlle« and 11 hull, more or less, up
.stream from lot 6373. oii'lii* vuo*.
nml nbout to ilmiti.s nurtli m sunt
Uig Ctvik; thcnc« ca.si i<*> ciuiiti.-.,
thcflca south 40 chains; thence we-it
tftt chains; thtnee north 4n chains to
place of beulmiiiiK, containing 640
acres, more or less.
r\ h. iM^Cli.
Dated Feb, 1st, 1907. I'Agent.
supplies 0?
oh. Sete
The Palace Drug Store
'm. e.	
McLeair>v l\1gr.
Stronjj'N,      iifirllivest   rfinicr;   thence
tast   xdo clinliis;     tlu-nce north    e.o
iIiiiIiin; llunii'i' west ido elmliiH; tlience
1,011th <|o chnins,     more or less,   ,tu j
place uf    lie^inniii);, containinj;   040;
ncrcs, tnore or less,
V. V. lA'NCII.       !
PHKI). Ii.  DShY.V.lil,,       j
Dnleil Felt, nth, 1907, A^cnt,    1
■</.. ■
Make your wife happy hy huy-
infj a Stool Rango of J. I). Quail
0. rowmrnefn/* nf n pnif nl,in*,"rf on
Iiig XltttV, dbotit two and one-*mll
mil h up stream from lot 6373, m 1!
.ilwi.it ,v» chain* north of ulii creek;
thetxe west fto rhalns; thence   *.-«ilh
II. Commencing ut the northwest for-
ner of Strip's claim, nhnut two
miles nn<f a half went of lot W33;
Uitwe* weat I to chains; thence north 40
chains, thence eo.it 160 chain.!; tlience
sou tli 40 chains, more or less, to
,laee of htginning, containing, '4.1
ncri-s, more or less.
F. B. !,YNCH.
Putftl V»Xi. Mhi irffi,' Agent"
11. Commeaelnjf at * r*o*t plantirf two
and one-half mile* went ol lot M33,
oa Dingy Creek, aear a stale marked I
13. Cotnmenclni; nt a post pl.nni ', i
about two miles north of thu north- i
west corner of foi lyyy; tfienee w«it j
40 chains; theuce north 40 chains i
thence west jo ch.iins; tlnn.c uoi S J
.'0 chains; thentit cant 40 chuiiiH-, j
llicnce south 40 dm in*.; tliena; e;int |
40 chami; thctici' .sotitli r-in i-]i«jnv, 1
mote or less, to place of hep inning, I
1 oiitaininp fi.'o acres, more or Ics". '.
'    " 1'. 11. LYNCH, .    '.
l-'UKD. H. I>AI./.M,|„'.
Haled Feb. 13U1, 1007. Agtnt
d. T* %• **~* "ft- rt* <*~<•*5 *mi ^-n
. Guaratiiteed
or  money   refon Ced
II. Cominenclii,; .itapost | '■ ...ii-iil .1:
die HU. V.ille. ,it tht iiMilUjut filler of lr»t vm\ tlicine cisi .Mi Huijim;
thence north .\<> chains; tlu-nce west 41.
chains; thenev norlh »n elinini, thnc/e
west 40 chiiins: tlu-nce south ,.jo
cliain*, mijie or lew,  to plucc ol It-
&™h- ..    . .'"..,.;;,
F. n. LYNCH.
IMMvl). It.  DAI.F.F.1.1..
I).»t«l Pel*, ijth, ton?. Aj"**nt..
ii.-J) OfflCi.
VAN!nl \l.ls, |. I'
NK»«i»V.     r.
■ 1 vy    11 i-
Vl-VovTC'V   M-1'*,
1-1 N"I|,V hNI
PERNIlr, H. C.
j.       t
'!*»«■!«:". "flriinfrs, IW, M\ uiul Gimp Supplies
uuu.  Titifta^fatfr^artfrarWsMDMsm^^
%ss^l ,»!23»«jaK!3KrCT=I3K*:S^^^
will hereafter, until further no-.
tica,,pay Interest- on Sav-
tnjfa Bank Accounts Quarterly instead of   semi-annually as", heretofore.
!     MAY 81st''        .AUGUST 81st
NOVEMBER 80th & FEB. 28th
<»       ' *
(| Fernio   Branch 4
vice ueas;
Wild Rose, English Breakfast Tea} Our
Own Blend. Quality and Flavor Unexcelled.- Also, Blue Ribbon—Lock Brand
a JV e are the sole agents for , Ram Lais
,  Pure Indian Tea.
Pay Cash and Get the Best. . Prompt Delivery.
«     '     '      .   .      *0T   ■>   '"
"■*,"' ED. *
The Roblin Government carried
Manitoba oa Thursday by a reduced
majority. Attorney-General Camp-
ball and Provincial Secretary AIcFad-
den were defeated, as was also Edward     Brown, leader of  the opposi-
.' tion*
The government will have a major-
, ity of at least io seats'in, the   new
house. ' .
A special from Wallace,  *daho,    to
' . o
" the   Spokesman-Review,   states    that
" the' jury in the Adams case failed to
agree, and a new trial will- l>e necessary.
:, a o	
Mr. Ii.' Edwards, superintendent of
C. P.-'-K.. telegraphs, western •Jc.'js-
ion, -with headquarters   - at Calgary,
i *■ ^ *   ^ t_
■ was in the city yesterday, Mr. Edwards is a very obliging official, and
has rendered good service to his com-
pany.c He is resigning -his position
witli the C. P. R; to take charge, of
. the " 'Alberta ■*• Government telephone
system on the first of April., This is
""in—th.F:"iine~*of a^prom"ofion~to~Mr
-Edwards, and he takes charge of an
enterprise which will,call for executive ability of a, high order. Mr. Edwards, however, will lie equal to the
taak set before him, and the Ledger
wishes him and the system he takes
charge of all success.    -
The demand ol the United Mine
Workers, now in session at Calgary,
for'' a bi-weekly pay, is eminently
reasonable. The workingtmin is often
unable to provide his expenses for a
Inohth. or six weeks, and'necessarily
has recourse, to stores where credit is
given. Now, quite apart from any
difference in prices, it costs far -more
to live oa a credit than on a cash
ayateni. To pay wages weekly , or
fortnightly, instead of monthly, is, in
effect, to give tlie employee nn , increase , in pay which costs the cm-,,
plo.yer practically nothing.—Vancouver World.
Coats and Skirts
New and»up-W-date.
1 -    o    -
Underwear and Hosiery
The made-to wear kind.
; MENS v ■; \    '      _~
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best thatps.
•MENS'*   \. ,    ';    ,    : ;,
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
xf i . C* v ~
The Best made.
r'.r' ___
. Tit* Canadian Peace and Arbitration
ffodety has completed its organiza-
tloa wiUi the following oiliccrs and
Mrcctoni  President, Sir Wm. Mulock,
SeerataXT, Rev. A,  C. Courtlce, D
o Treaaurer,  Wtn, Greenwood llrown
Auditor, J. W. Bengotigli,
Director.'!—Sir Win. Alnlock, Jicv. A.
C. Courtlce, D.D., Wm, Greenwood
Brown, J. W, Bengough, Prof, J, V
HcCurdy, Mrs. "A. M. Courtlce, Rev,
Dr. . N, Ilurwasli, Albert ITorton,
ftabbl 8, Jacobs, Dr. Margaret Gordon, Andrew Slevc-iuton, Rev, Dr,
Onrtton. Prof. Adntn Shott.
Vice-Presidents—Judge H,  A.  Chcs-
toy,   Ellas  Rogers,   Rev,  Dr.   Jtcrd-,
wan, Rev, fl, Jofleninn, Rev,   W. I,.'
Hall, E. R.  Wood, C, C, Vim    Nor.
man, Mrs. H. M, IMwnid.s,    W.    C.
flood, 0.  C,  Wrljjlit,  T. G, •H.ogei-H,
Ifoii. lleiijnwin Rtissell, diaries Mnr-
tliall, W. 1). USneiir nml 1C. Scheiier.
Rev. Mr. Ifnll, of the l-Vmie Mnh
'ftiliat Church, who is one of llie vice-
presidents, has been one of the jelive
mipporters and promoters of this so
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand., Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish jalways a
good assortment., Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
The;/best quality of goods at prices that  are   guaranteed money
savers .with our best efforts to please, are the "inducements  w
offer for your trade. v ;
We ResepctfuIIy Solicit Your Business; V*
......   In  time   small savings amount to
...•'   j big ones.    Take, advantage of they-
many money saving   opportunities.. s,
offered in  our.grocery, department.
■ *•..'■':'  '   .   .".""■ ,'•:;' *',,''' "'-,:.
^tFictly, Fresh Ranch Eggs
40c.  per* dozen
Choicest Government Creamery
Butter, 30c per lb.
For  Saturday
Huntley & Palmer's Combination  Biscuits
20c per lb.   ■_.*',■'
i       \ ''      >. - ™ ' K> ' '
Fancy;Naval  Oranges '        ,25c Dozen
- y-* - -^ ■ ■    , ■ ■ ■'       . - ' •   •■ ■
Laundry   Soap, , regular   6   for. 25 , cents
Special 8 bars for 25c
';*' *- ft'J: ..'.;.   "■  ...y.::      y:?
The jpricebf our*M©-Ja  Coffee
is  a libel  on  the  quality.
believing that many small   profits
are" better than  one big. one. , We  .
know that'-'the'qaality0will, win out,
try itand.be convinced.-that h -is the
best coffee that can be bought at, any    i
price.'       "' ;■ .-   ',.
40c per lb.
Shorts,   Oats,.  Chicken Wheat
Purity Flour; Rising Sun & Royal Household
Always  up-to-date* stocks  to ' select from. at"
<u money.  >'\ •''/ /"'_
prices that will  save yo
Campbell & Faultless
Newest, patterns
Spring Clothing
and cloths ',   '"■"'
...    $8.50 to $25:  ti
•■■■■    ' 1... ... _        ' U- . —   '
W; G:&R.t Shirts and Collars;;
Are acknowledged   to, .be the best    '■■ v '
for material aiid fit, all colors'being   • -   ■
fully guaranteed.    We are receiving !*
•   new lines of this;particular line every   ...;/., ,;
week'or two so f.keep in ..touch  with
the newest designs and colorings. • '-. •■■>..:,. >.
' -,; -Shirts'.$1.25'ito' $2". 76 :"''..""^ J." •'
._ "? ; -n . ";- ■ ■: .' •., -.a- ■
Men's Fine. SlVoes iiV-the Walkover & Packard ^
' Burajap Patent Leather/fully guaranteed "r ,.- - .__'
Patent Fancy Top, 'Giin'Metal, .;Kahgar6o^:!lJ
'Vici   Calf, 'White' Horsehide  "   ." '-V"'s\5 ':   '.,
The Artisan
FOR HAUU—Homie uiul
tn I/. P. Kckutein.
— , \
I'OR   S\f<E-« UU la W««t ttmi*\
•uy Ummj. ..A|ijsly   W, T,  Utaitf,
Weftt Permit.
8 Victoria Avr,
Hale—A. Jeiiiscm,
IIAV VOU SAT,rJ-C.ootl upland frftlr-
ie hay. Chas, H, noward, Cmylsy,
Alta, —45U
— . m»  ■■ » — —    ■> 1 *tt
J.0ST-Oii Tii*UT*' IUkIi Bib, l^oj,
ihrta letters uddreMnil t<i Mrs.
Cooper Stevenson, Kernie ll.C, on
Victoria Avenue. Kinder will i-on-
fer a favor liy leaving »t tlit- posl
KOR SAlvK-do ckh Cliutliani incii-
Imlor, nearly, new,—Apply ut i,ed-
gci"  Ollicc, .1
All AecoutiU due tie Kernie Led/er
pllcr to Feb, ist will be collected ty
A, J. Molt, ABd nil bills against the
Ititaer to that date ahould be pre-
•sstej to him for collection.
k b»t«l tlwt funlsliihs rpiiet, com-
«MsH*mi aceomrrteOdttoji (or its p«-
tr«M is a sonrre of yluuwe to tlie
tn«wl!(«f pnhlfe, Such a oew f.t tfcrt
Kitf B4wtrd IU4«|, •( Fertile, eor-
OM AHNwIU p«Mi dffee..   li
MOTT, HON K CO,, have for wile 378
aiTi-'H ot lute unit und vegelulile
land located in the Kontenny vnl-
Icy, Thirty-five acres of this tract
are under cultlvutloii, und itiirly
the whole tract Is under fence. A
w.iter nght to ami miner's inches
goi-s with the land. A house, hUIi-
I In. j, hen hrmses and other lmpt!>v«-
mentK nrc rendy (or use. Kor pi ice
uml other particulars, call on or
apply to
MOTT, BOM- &. -*0.
•xUuded through the land, which
is enclosed by a poll lcnce. About
935 ncros of the laud U«s very convenient (or irrigation aad cultivation; balance side hill land, suitable (or (ruit growing, There is
eowc timber on portions of the
laud; This tract will be sold en-
book for fi.65©, part cash and balance time, or It will lie divided Into tracts to suit purchasers, nt
reasonable prices nnd terms. Krult
growing is the coming Induntry of
the Kootenay Valley, and now in
the time to secure lauds that in a
few years will be worth ninny times
what they can lie bought for now.
Write MOTT, SON Ar CO. for ir-
tlier information.
For   Men—none   better   at  any   price.    ~
• 1 "   . ■   ■ ' •' •     .-     • *■
Trunks^     Ti<aveilirig
Bags and Telfescopes
The Greatest Attraction in our Drygoods Department is 'the price -•-
at which the best quality of goods are sold. ,.    •
UST'JBTSKT    SIEj^SOlsrS '' ',.,.'.;■
.■' . .    ;,■' vi    . ■ 1   •    'iiii -n> >">' "  il -fc-i ■ -.'
Spring Novelties in Dress" Goods;
Fancy  Check Ginghams
Fancy Stripe Dress Ginghams
Apron Ginghams      -      - J    *
Dress Ducks'"'    ,   -       , i- •
Fancy Dress Muslins
Fancy Black Grenadines
Fancy   Vestings - -
15c yd'
15 to 18c yd',
12^ to 20c yd
,15 to 40c yd
18 to 30c yd
18 to 35c yd
Light Tweed  Costume ,Clo,ths " ' "65c V^iisb'.yd'-"
Fancy  Lustres    .  ,    -   ' 35c to.90c.yd..
All  Wool sheperd's plaid-' 65c to $i;ooyd
Tartans in all shades    -.■'.• -     ■  ' 65c yd:
We iilso have for     snip 9_»3 ncrei    of
bind well adajittd for fruit t-.n7i.1i;
and  the cultivation of roots,   ,  d   tlrtlt],      M(| acU d|rtetJ    0B
the growing of hay nnd grain, This    - '
Ian I h hituated within one nile of
lln- l<ort Steel jw>tt ofTite. Ai lifl-
M»1 ci   ditch Imi bi*n nnrvn >! irsA
Minard's Liniment Believe* Keuralgls
Statb or Ohio, Citv ok Toledo i
Luoah County    i
Fraiik J, Cheney makes oath thAt
lie is senior partner o( the firm ol K.
J. Cheney & Co,, doing bu.ilnan In
the City oi Tolwlo.'County and State
aforesaid, und that said firm will
pay the!) sum of 0NK HUNDtUI)
DOU^AltS for each and every tdne of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by the
use of Hall's Cntarrh Cure
Sworn to before me and Mnsitlbed
in my presence, this 6tlt 'lay ol ft-
tmlxr, A. D, 1886.
A. w.jaittMyst.
(0«it) Notary it tilt.
IltU'sJCaUrrh    Car* is tiktn   In*
blood ind tnncotu surfacea of the
•ystetM, Send for teethnojhls «ue.
r. j. crm.vEv a co., T..m>. 0
Sold by all Druggists, 50c.
Take Hall's y«mlly Pills hr  ron
Tust received our Spring: shipment of the   Crompton   High   Grade -Corset.-?•
: We would call your attention to the fact that nothing but thebest'nUten'ar'isuscd.C
in their manufacture,  every pair being- fully guaranteed.      '      • \v, ;'/■''-'
A la Grace Style 805 Brocaded Moiro Silk
•307 Finest Eng-lisli Ooutil
347 Finest En«lisli Ooutil
Phonac and Number 107
$B.OO per pair
''2.75- ,    -«:■   'y:x
1.75 " "-•''
1.25 ■•«:■
Special for Saturday.   Number 167, Regular $1.25, special Price/85cts.
The Cro%v*s
P   P   WLji ™J^ P W P «2ST       Pk     P P nn. P    P m pTwl R P rn^.m P
Wc do nil kinds o:f painting
and paper hanging- and sign
writing. j
A complete stock of the latest designs of Wall papers at prices that
cannot be cqunllctl in Kiernic.
WirlMiKfy Gi/MBfr*!. |. C. COVERT
•Vi>. piitics owing tin- late linn ol
liainiiioiiii and Turner, or tlmt of
Tuttle and Turner, lire hereby notified that all audi accounts arc payable
to John Turner, and must be settled
nn or before the lolh of March next.
'   '    ■■"       " ' " II !•■*■■—Bin.™ ■— *—.   -—.—,   __^.^.j
N0TIC1} is hereby given that, to
days alter date, I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Cotninissloniir ot
frauds aud Works for permission to
purchase tho following dcw-r'bccl
l.niti *.iiiinic in Kasl Kontpiiijy, ii'-nr
Elko.  Commmclug nt a. post plmi •
cd! on the northern: boundary line of
l«(ir. ^jj, nbout 40 chains cast Irom
the ' northwest corner ■ of said l,ot_
theiice north <io chains; thence eoBt (.0
chains; thence south 60: chains, more
or less, to the Klk Ulycr; then westerly along sulci river to the enslem
boundary ol said I^t 4833; tlience /
northerly nlong snid enstern bound-,,
aty of s.ild I,ot to the iiorthedst cor-
ner of mime; tlience westerly Along
the not them boundary of *wld I/»t to
place of beginning.
Ibted the 18th day of February, A.
D. ioo7..
DAN BAKltfi.
Minard's Wniment Curea llurna, Rtc. ■r?    V *"
 r_ _/£.£_* v Jfii.
1. A
fc'»   '
■      I?
<    *^V*'\v   -;'-•
,H    -.M;_     ■
Supp^emen^^^htf Feynie Ledger-
FERNIE,-B.-C;:MARCH, 9,., 1907
r-i  y iw»n «U**,
,-t(..-(.,Vf   ;1-t\-r
I   » liT*...*.,   ,; ,
aw ! —
;.;? ji   jn s;
'» '  '■■   I
r*f?,l  f-     *-*VV*£ y
TMisfflS" LETTER; W$
Le  ,.._■ . , . ;      -     •   ■ '   -■-•. ■-       -   <■■■   ..'t":Ai.   ol
Dear  Kid—"   '"'-' '   tcr,a*   *or   aldermen, .mayors,     police
. lu putting on'my,Night CaP a fcw
"evenings';ago', '1   happened, to   ■ notice
chiifs ,and lire'chiefs, your-gasoline
will have advanced to such "a',.' price
that iyou' will be able- to" give ' us " a
lhat you'keep r'a' letter'box in one cor- | college out of" the -profits  you' .make
ner of Ut into'whicli'people, can, drop,out of our; gas-using Monoline; -and
- .     ,.-   ,    -,       -,     „ ...        you will thus be able to give us our
their, little "Billy Ducks for   publiea-   ytnl
lion and'' answers vfroni"yourstlt.
.1 have been'thinking.over the :nat-
- ier of   a little-present to your city.
for a long Cinie, duel'"judging from the.
re. orts "of" the  proceedings   of    your
city council,  I- _have iilxiut. concluded
that what you need, up that, way is a
few books, on jiolitical. economy     or
how5to,use tlie' city to the best' ad-'
' vantage of" th'e; most progressive pi i-
vate parties'.'-   '        :\.,'""
You}J-may not - -know. it,, but ;I, am,
considered-.the Standard.authority on
how to,milk.the.public regardless of
city limits, arid I" should lie 'glad to
aid your city dads' 'along these .in.2?,'
and am-thinking, seriously of making
a donation in the shape of a- HVu \ry
or a school fund.---   .'. ;:; •. ,
With.;, the aid ., of 'the, l;i owledge
which I .am able to impart"!'your city
officials would not have"''to' economize-
by  raiiingiJthe! salaries' of1 some:  ofj
their servants and putting others out
of business.•.■■'■: V;     "
.   Thcy.-.could.ra se,the salaries of everybody ^without adding" to th'eir'dut-
ies. _ _ *"' '"'■" ,w   . ,
Kindly'-'let mc-hear i from you,, arid.
if you-'think:-, the, .city,. fathers - would
take my .kindness in _the proper spirit,
I shall, be pleased to make tiicm a
present, of   a school     in which-they
^ could 'learn'1'"the'secret-of doing-the-
people--with their ownmoneyJand get-"
ting' the credit y marked up on their
own sde of.-the ledger.   ,,.     * ..
As,you are aware,' I,am quite modest -about having* my name connected
'- with gifts' to' * th'e'public.: Tliati-maii,
Carnegie, makes'nie" tired, .so I will,
for'-.the.;present; -hide-my real ...name
.behind a, cleverely arranged nom.de
plumb, and subscribe mvseli y'-u's ii
unassuming modesty,
',„.;,-' v     t* i 3'- '-: -"-:)-* )' ' < -     '
merger-will'merge*:, :l   •"■11   *'
You see, the fire chief won't have
anything"much to do during the day,
as it, is on the programme that all
iires are to be. started at night. This
■Melivc's'liini.fiw'tb loaf (abound parfjof.
of'the day helping the chief of,police,
looking after' the- teams,', seeing that
the. scavenger  is   scavenging ■ prop
erly, -. drilling - the'dm^-Wfihe^vire
wagon and the team,  laniiiig holev*. iri
llie city's- hose.r while.; she Ims.-tueui .0,8,
and polishing,.the bi? brass rods, on,
Hie new fire, wagon.   He can sleep :a
own ■   money  to build  whatever  you   ,...,..•;>;,   •■ V. f •'•,).■*? *>"•■■' u>--ii*' w-'L'-
, , ,-. ', .       ...    little if the chief of police don't   hap-
tmnk' we need most.
Th hiking you'for your unassuming'
generosity so modestly:-"expressed- and
hoping you will not find it convenient'.'
to make any more presents,. tlius,,ne-
ccssitating'iiiifither rise .iii .'price and
fall in quality of gasoline, I, am,
proudly yours, * "' ." '
-'.,'" ■   THE'Kin.-.'! ■
Old Town,. March 1907."
Dear' Kid-
, My DeartRockeyaPeller-p-.c:    ;t   .;,   ^7
Your letter^ does- :-me proud.' .-■■ It
maket !me,feel,Wickr;and oily;.and gas-
oliniah, ^especially , gasolinish. It- is
. needless for pe to ,tell you that I am
on to wlio'you' are| though I shall be
careful not"'to divulge your- rear.name"
and character'to'the readers j'.l the
Night Capl   That- might-spoil evrry-
tU»*., Dear Outsider—
The, delicasey. of. your liiodesty - is. of
a rnucs) fiaer grade than is the  qua'i-
. ity of your gasoline and if v uu     «-<-
pect hie to 1* of much use to you ( in
this effort' tb enlighten: our city dads,'
you had,betlerr g«t.a, little:., of, your
double, refined .unadulterated   modesty
mixed with your 76 gasoline in place
of the^'very1 poor-quality of water'the
MoHolinc man1'finds'-'-in-the,canW '    "
You see,ithet stuff*freezes! and won't
thaw.the .typei ,tneta],. and • that; makes
,the operatpr_.operate,,liis,tongue.;  in
iratW a .profane way. _ Couldn't., yoii
.send your" sori John out this "w.'i'v
\wlth 'a section" of 'Ills"Sunday school
idat*f"'Hef couldn't :'keepr the'   metal
;hot, htit'vlie'might"teach ah ungodly
iprinter to.forget, and .'forbear Instead
iof to,, caps,and,to, swenr.,     , ,,
J don't 'beVfevc it would be wise for
_you to spend money trying to „ give
our  city" council -''pointers 01V how to
,iURe the'pebple's money for tho-> bnno-
flt, of,,   pushing :j private individu.ils.
Iliey. would Jxx ,(alli(probal'il}ty. resi'iit
«uch nresuinption on your .part,   mul
tlit mayor0 might1 re'nigtt,-    c is' iov-
erlng on ihe^'.verge'of the-resiisiiid.ni
pit now',' and' any little thing  ml'jjht
|iu«lih ni over.,     . , , -
U io most unfortunate iVil    jour
.very kind .offer comes along   just   at
.the' tlttie 'anew shipment of udHolhie
.reaches 'town.   The"pric'c In np again;
.and the'quality ii down;  -
TkU:itn*kts< H: rather   dllKlcult for
tne   ,to look, upon any> proposition
coming . from    you In    nn uiibliiHcd
frame of mind.  You seej my contii-
hmViott to you lu the fdmpc  of   high
.price for   :gaanliiie don't   br lig nie
nny    credit as ., a public benefactor.
Rather, I sun culled a private uiiile-
dfetor for kicking' while you get tin-
extra'flvti cents' per tJallon'mut of 111c
to help' you to' pay- that $33,000,000
to that education.board, .I'd prefer
to clqi.the giving,direct and,have..,my
•hare ,ol '  the credit.   My advice lo
ynu, tfiwVay, fs in be verv direful in
apprcfatWng' our'   clty'council ■ with
•Money ithat's' tainted with-.the faintest oiW of gasoline or con).oil. They
.   are ^od^ing, along now "on honor""
and anything with an odor stronger
than Creek water or cheap   whiskey
would, raise,    a dickens    of   a stir
amongst1    the cliques and start all
sorts'of^trlcks ogoliig."
There'Is iiothlng of thai kind on In
our tftjwit nciw',' and we wnnt to    let
It would (it 11 great benefit to our
elty to 'have' a school of political
rcfrnomy, with a brunch ol son John's
Sunday .school' attached .back of the
kitchen, located in our midst,, wmu-
ttmc (u the future, but until the present crop of ' [statesmen have died off
and en unborn ganeraticn h<u conic
u|>on the scene, there will be no nr-
lesilty. for action.
f,ongr before we have run out of nm-
I have been watching the "course.- ol>
the new city administration ' closely
und am becoming greatly, intercsted
in the subject' ol civic economy."
.nl was greatly. pleased' when"" T read
that' the mayo'r'";ltad'promisedr.to^'- do1
the city health act for nothing.- That
is ,a great / saving, over...last, year's
health'bill, 'and is a;,great reflection
upon the city authorities what paid
:Dr. Bonnell' S300 for do ng the' same
work last year. There;is no doubt he
would!'have done the job-last year a!t-
the same prifce he asks: now if he had
been; asked. '.       '
: Another step in the direction „of
economy was the combining,of the fire
and' police departments ih such a way'
as to save' money, but'.I doh'f'quite
'see how a man-is'-going.to bc(".a ".fire"!
department and the .tail-rend , of ,the
police department at the, same. time.
However, if this can be done .and
the'city be saved some ■ expense; "its
allright, but if you-would kindly inform the "public just-how.it is.to.Jie
worked .'out, you would' be. stopping
the mouths of some people who are
always criticising whatever the,' powers that be are doing! "  "' '
, I see that the spirit of combination-
and j resignation- seem ter be -working'
full shift. 10-hour time . now,' and leaving only four hours'out, (if. the twenty
"four^-unoccupiedr"1 ' '"  \>         r"
v If you will"make if clear' just how
the police and fire'''department are-going tb. work the. double'"shiftp you will •
hush up,.a lot of senseless talk;, and
help ■ the service.   , ' '
.- Yours for good city government; \
pen to need   , liim'"in "s'ome-'texriting
chase after 'a - poker gam««' andi.'wflli
theii.; be   fresh   and.  ready to patrol
'while'the chief,"of police.takes, a .rest.
:Some     people have    been iqiierving
how 1    things „.'would,_work If, a" fire"
should happen, to'break'o'u-t in'.'one'en'd'
of the ,town .while..the, fire, department
was at, the other.'engaged''i'n tlie^'pjir-
suit of pursuirig.,'., sonic' ■ law breaker
who wasn't playing ."the rig"ht kind'of,
poker in the right jilace.'-''-"     .*'•_,"•
-■■Well,   this is how its''going'to* be1,'
•sb.it is rumored^',|"     ■ ', ":    ';' -'- '' '■
A large electric alarm'bell'is"'to' be
straped. upon the fire '":dep^rttfient"-"-iii1
such a'way'that'by a'ttac'h'ing: si'WKjJJ0
blender,' 'well 'iii8ulated,1'wire'-'r'tb''l-_tli€
bell '•   and  to a small, '"'•"•traveller" Wge/'up -fairly'well.--'-'
which -is " '-■ ■ to ■ workJ on1 (the telephone
central oflice1 with the'-fire'Itall.'Whcri
aii alarm "is riing at-the fire -hall the
teamster! jumps"' up'/'''presses'-the-Vprop-..
er button,'-audi the:night -^atroJUis:-at
once: • transformed rintai -the-jfire/|chi.Qf;-
andaway he goes for.'.tlicifirefliall.jfyii
This  ingenious... arrangement-- iwill
also.be used 1 as a clifeckibnttheiniglit
patrol.   The alarm bell-:-.w,illnbti,strapni
ped "upon ,.-,ithe,;fire  d.ep_art|tflent ijust
where ■ it? will.come,in .contact,^ wi^l|
anything, the. departme^]t, may mj,de_::_
take to;S.t,down'^jon),j:an(l,,'thiis(.js>et „&.
bell ringing in the.hall ivhi.ch tje!ls;thc
'teamster that the,fire' department   is
, ■   ■    ii ...  m>     "l    it  !" '•'.- r
(iff'-  duty as, patrolman,, and Mr.  l'a-
,1. J    .       '.      ■  -„  !.i:i,    !.''.-J-.--l').-i:'.,-    vi   I
trolman     will be docked for 'loafing.
—    '   -       '     -     ..-,...    .-. ,-j^   Y:.- -'   j.'hi     .1..
\\}wn ■ the patrol .comes'.in- in .the.
morning the alarm ,.bell arrangement
is. taken off and. strapped -upon,   the
•   <•-.- -    si\.„.i.  ...iii *.,*;!  ..'.,..;,*  Of!   ir,:.C
police  '  department  during   the*, day^
and '•■   by. a'weli. arranged'system'ot
signals'   'the"chief ~canslcail 'i6r°lielpV'
give! warning of liis coming or'anSwer
to. a'fire'alarm ""' "" """ "'        ''"'
V't'l^ffl''' tVT4 i -.- ■':■;'
on to •my-iptety?v| v/ -^ .
Resignedly yours,
. f-17:V > ?f   '■    '       EARLY   PIETY.
.. Dear 'Misguided l'iety—
Thfj Rid {is')afraid you have addres*
sed-your petition to the wrong sinner this. time. The Kid is not a min-
ister, i nor an association of religious
'pWircipies's'*-' arid** practices," especially -
■tne)practices':*!.Neither;is^he'.very well'
up[ in-:piety,-.',As '-.- for^resignfitioii^
however,.,.recent,events have put .him
wise as to where' you can get 'that
af'ticie iii'job lots 'at"cheap' rate's.'*";-'-
■ JAlliy'oli' liaye'.'tb do'-iri-thatUine"' s
tpjfjstep"! rbuiid-:-'"tct the ? Jcityipflices,
where! y»u can,,get,..,f_at_i.id..e.s.1fl( ^esjg-,
nations ,of/iill kjtuls^some" that s.tuck
all rlglif, some that'-'aidn't stand* the
"strain of actual 'test'/" and -there " us
one" said'to'be' olio file1 "with 'a'Vondi-
ticmv of- honors 'a-ttachecUjwhictariH -.lja-j
ble to •.gooff,, at the sliglitost, soiand
ftcfm! the Qa7.ette.,(iM. _ j",..'",".'
"'Vou" can look the lot over, and , if
■'voir think any' of them will'lielp; yb'u
to hold'''on' to'your' picty'/'.-you'.-;arc
welcdmeto them, sb.-farv'asiilhen Hid
is'concerned..-.-^ome of.lhein. are,,a
littlej torn, but that_jiee<lfl't matter,
aS'others are brand new, never »-hav-
.    it        1    :   , ,j   . .t , ■    .....      .
'liigi.bee'n .used, so' that' they' will aver-
enough tb'.se't all1 tlie cowljt-lis ^tigiiig
as weir^as'tlie'big-'bell."-"No"^woiiilei4
and 'perching  on  the  flag, pblfiS'was'1''
air tlie cbwljelis '
f liig"' bel'l. "J-N,o,s wonilet?
l.-!,vL .,
>.lPlease'^don^t-->writei-me.i for a, adyjec-
wires, will-be 'conneetedytlirtougfr the  bn./TCsignaticjf* and .juety..{again.,I,[m
■■ .ndtqup^jii .that^ljne,..,^. The .'ministers
.'- .are ■ the   . people to address  on  such
Subjects. '    - '"  ' /"      '"-   '
ji/I  am,'  {irithbiit  any'":'pibus''-resigna-
tic_n,i truly'yours,    ,--.j.v-j;-.,:..., i ■;.
": i.;.:«i;«u;TBEt,K#Ift..
the school "looked"like 'a'high..colleg'e"
in a. large city.'" 'HaflHhcy KejJt^'thfiC'
'sChoblhbuse'under* a" lied 'quilTTV.1^ the'
flag went'up, 'tliat all th«'-pebple'v'tTi?'
drawn to 'their'doors vto get a'^liinp'se"'
'of "the ■'-new structure?"   Butas tliat
"Sight rvisits: the "town "every day'':" tlie
'novelty"'itiay' wear' off  and'1 the' 'bell
,wjll, lie "unable,to call the'people *tb
their 'doors to' see tlie'"'siglil. 'as'it vis-
, its*'tKcm.'"     ""   "   '";    '• '."_"-    -:'"
"Hiit; the   Kid   found   that, "although"
his-::, jnewly   discovered ' local - reporter
,was ;t\ gem,, that the real.llb\vcf,* .the
soul, of the, paper,,' was' to be found in
the poet's corner. ^_   ,_,  ,
"'As' is  thc.case  in  every  wcll-regu-
'latelijcciiiim'uniiv,  tjieri-' is a fountain5
'of r-pure poetic- thoiiglii" which gurgles
_foj_.li do delight '-the thirsty mentality
of  tlie community,    especially    when
the' horses ge.t'5'sick;,l>y..jthe .fpur-horsc,
teain j lot,  and the,, people.,go. ,voff,; on;
excursions     in    the ]ivrsons of  other
peoplb.,. It"'seenis'thnt'a yoiing.Mady—
_we [Will'"assume she is'young—liaiV beeii
teaching ia class of .other; young*, ladies' how.i.t'o getiTJd.'.pf. ,CprticelJi jj.^ilk
to' the- advantage .oLlhe .makers,. and
-dispensers , of   _thatJ 'commodity, '■' ami
that hi' t'he'iiilmlicr of'p'upiiessc.s thdri;
-»."-*. a poetess -in-'''disguise!."'' Ins|>irec$'
by the .bright^ colors of tlie silks and.
the "quiet manner.--.in -which, the,,teacli:..
;er ° taught,_,them  ,_ no^ to,,be .i'loud,';.
this little poetess, broke forth'   in  'a
silent song of ecstasy! whicli,  accord-'
.ing. to the local paper, ran thusly;
2^1(1   aju   *-
-1t1   J;
The    Kid  can't." vouch "..for
'thing'sn   ' ' ,, :—'. "—-■*r+~-M-
They may be. adopted or they ,may
not.' .y '. -',: - "" '""-' "', ':■'
'But the mayor is resourceful 'and
911'. the lookout forecbjibmies'; and we'
will^not be''surprised at aiiy-irfnoVa5'
tions.:       ■'     -'■ -'' ■ ""   ;■"' ''"^ ''li
'■•The heavy-weight editor '• |iad>..._been,
iwresllingJ with facts'! apd .-figur.es ,i|all,
afterneton.^and havjng.,,r|ilede;fup-,])efoi^
Hhe. Monolinc, operator an assortment
oji-ipenmauship' made' wi th 'a'p'encil'' ill
.hisa most''artistic and'' illegible "style;
hek' Wngr'\ip -his-'serious"-.-'seIf ~on:'. a
coavenieuti.liodk in' the;.'cprnc}r .qfjiihi^
'.sanctimonious ■ .sane turn, j and, , si tt ing
in.     |   1 ..WI. ■.;(.<,-     <.'ii      .<;-I'J/a .Wf I'J °',
.down, ,-in jthe Kid's, chair''he began/ to
-'' '■■ 1   "■ -.       "-':'..I   ;    ';.. ,-|..[ T'l ?''T   --.ill    ■
lookj for recreation, amongst a pi.e of
.exchanges wh^ch-'iay'jn'"m6st, V'ttrrc
.tiye Jdisorder upon1 the table.-".-He--pick-
ed1*tujp{.'--aicppy.-of   ar.cpimt.ryr' ?B*tej>
f|yainrcnry o"t>i>i> b s vvTHnrtirsrsveii yginreTe'c"a'o"a-B'B b b s c eorjQLVVo'ff'y^
»Ji,- i
lit, IJ'u'V?   ,wTi[i I
)o   "J ■'.-': ■-.!'. \*lf,':   "■   ■■    -■' Si-fi'V-'.'
'V 13 , 1
■.The (Embroidery" Class"—everyone','.   ,'
...Met '.'at"'the liome ''bf"Mrs.":Ric,rir'l'-
,s , , 'son;-"-n"  -   '•■'■      —-*'•   ■•■"'-     J"*-*
We met for the purpose.^if learning.-tc
'sew,   ..,   . ' -   ,     ; "■    . ;   _,.._..
" And make at odd'times a doy'.ie or
»:.   '. itWO.
Eachj afternoon wc'iwended our'.-wiiy",
And Jfrom.'-two It-il four'o'clock, would
; ■ :■*>«*■■., , ;. \. ..■..-, -i
iWe out our silks and  tightened    oiu
IV   jframes/V"'     ""'   -'■•-.*■"'•"-' !:  Y'i
While  Hie t'eacher' looked    wise'.and
Your letter itself,:.is: ample i.pro.il
that you nre "outside". all. right and-
you,have selected the proper-namei to
attach to your communication. .: ., -'.
I might gently hint, however,.thati
if your, wish to know all about what
goes; on in jthia, city, that-you hod
better get "inside" at .once. An outsider can't hope to worm into this
city: gniiic unless he is willing to get
inside the" fence ' aiid take: everything that' blows'*;. his< '--way:
Climb over the fence and bring along,
your good recommendations. I
don't know whether recommendations
irom the old town would lie considered) an-equal to those from "towns'farther away, but you might'get'.thc'jbb
of cutting the city stove .wood, and
then you would be in line for a combination of the two posit 011s of wood
cutter and city blacksmith just as
sooii as ■ the' blacksmith gets foolish1,
and 1 resigns 'because"the mayor inlcr-
i'ores with.him and undertakes .to tell,.
him1 how ,to shoe -a cily mule,
In fact, If you should be so fortunate as to get on the city payroll,
there is no telling what additional
positions limy come to you hot off tlie
municipal bat, If yon ■ only hold'your
bns.e and icecp dirt on your hands so
ybu| won't muff the bnll -when it
comes your wny. . •.."•••
, Every ball you stop moniiH n hiIrc
In your Ralnry nnd another'man out,
Vou have good precedent for this,
The: chief of police! by thin kind ol
good plnylng, has put two men out on-
bases nnd hasn't, muffed a bull. He
now hns the pleasure of drawing J14
per month extra pny. Ditto the fire
chief, who Ik playing shortstop in the
giiinc and passes the bhlls to- the
The pitcher who last year played
health ollicet" at r3fl pur, now> 1 • '1
the health act while he ■ twl»t,%it '.I,'.
twisters tn the batter,-all for u.th-
ing,' thus saving enough to -pay the
raise to one of the men who are play-
,fng double, Of course the- pitcher1 hns
knocked 11 brother player but of the
salary he wasn't too good to draw
himself lust vcar. but its nil for the
good of the game, It is on the card
to make the umpire do the'lscnring of
the gtimc, and thus another mnn will
be knocked out of n job and "gel
no salary, wh lc the new-umpire will
get n good big raise In salary for
chalking up the runs,
So, you don't net how one man Is
tn be n lire department nnd the night
division of the police department.
Well, Ihe KM U not In ponoesislnn
of the full confidence of the in.iyor',
who Is the Inventor and patentee of
least one pbllceman;f-'aml:by '-making
half a policeman 'bf ithe"'fi'relchicf'and'
which ..he, had^been, in., the -habit. °i
tossing over the end .of the table in-
;.tp'At|ie. waste corner, when his r a toil
uponj the'folldwiilg:"^'.: --h 'i.. '•--'
'■''Mri' .lohn-'Hougias' was::somewhat
rtjjeyed. ;.on Sunday Lbyi tlie>7Arriyrj,l.o):
hip" |iiste.v,J[fom,IJart,««y(_._^.he.^1 as
bjje-i/irife 'hospital atitheiRoiHe-time, in*-:
half-a fire chief, of 'the pblice'thiePhe
gets • rid of ■ anbther-.!V-'Nbw("thc V1 cltyi*
pays I?a6o,for-'poilce!'and^fife* 'iluty;x
and get's its'IlheA'tK,(•l'or6ked1^art«!rt)lifor,•
nothlng'''by'the''same' man^Who" lbst1
year, did'practically nbthin'g'anMMreW
S300 for the job"   ,n:      ':': '■"*''■■'   •;' _--:
"'t^ast year he did hardly   anything
arid gotTaomething'; thin yeajvlietirt to^
do:;.sotneUting--.aud,ig«Uinoijiingti •■> ,<M
„If tlie rcity.l Rolicltor/.is ;to. W, ahol
islied cond lithe ,policeomagifltra.te rolli.
cdup/in a 1 blanket with-.tlua', city, clerk!
the ' .connciluc/iri<.do(i'awayi»withuthiti.
finance!*colujnlttee.rf ''llierc-won'iti; bd
nny ,bills:,to-.pay,/ an Help;hopttdr,that;
al,l, the    city employees will .cfinalLy
tumble,to;;t|ie c^o^nplft.^ct.jMllJ^'p-
mayor, and... do .thebj- wor,kli(or1>_no1th'l,
''i^','' ei',. ,V -.-,■..;j.,   .'.,"-. ■. b-<ii
This,kind iiof.„iv;or|(i7islsa.idi Xjp^hp.
dear! aj.,,^ny,, prkev,,bwt,,.yc»Hi!Vn»t/AV«;.
memlicr, that.the, pric9,,l8,1cl\c,ap—cjjgap
as Penile dirt ou the eye.-jpf a,_lioni]_
e'ection, •     /      '   . 5,, ..,1
,; It may..be objected,,to, by.,so)\ie..,pc^._
l*le who. don'.t :haye .an ..ey.q, ,to .,.fl us^
hessi that money.,_saye(),_.by ^inprofesr,
slonnl acts and other, .little ,viiity_gfj_J>f
Unit kind is had. stuff, ^'10" have In
your pocket, but business is h_}^t|ei|s,
aiid so long as. tlie city Raycii",money
we. needn't' qtiestlbn^he'lii'c'thods'.    '.,'
If a man Is foolish enoui.ljj ,to
throw ii]i his Job just liecauie lie*' l:i
asked' tb'(moke"auf'ewiilt'tte dl«erimin'-
ationn,' he "nfcows V 'lhmenlanie tae'li
c>f Itttiiderti, U|f-to-d(llc''prdctlcal politics, 'and'ought' to lob«e''H'sj!<ili.''
Such a fellow Ih always' In''thV'wttyj'
and! it* serves hint right. "If he "had
not .resigned as' he did,'' atftf tlit' cWtf
iiadii't''tom,'up His' r'tsi^nutlon' pa'per,
he, might ° lie "drawing that"' $130
every month now'pulled In by anbth-'
cr num. 'There Is shch 'a'"li'arf^W ihie
'twixt right lind' 'wroti|r,"tliut' ft"trilt:«.i'
a good dodger to keep fin1 the fi'ayin_J
.-.an:  til   «l<
stead 'nf only;bnciJin pla'ceiof ..'bmiig
''.•sbmewtfat;-" -he 'might•h'five.xl>c'cn'*n-
'tirely:,relieved.'''.-On'*thej;othe"r rlnan/1,
if ,his piga-'and cows'*,nnd.'hen:f/>i*:o.'i;.
hai^i |takcif: it into; their.i'lieads. to'-yci
sjckJ along with^the-.'fouti-librsesUnd
"liiij"' pld woman, 'itiR^doulitfiil.Jtl-.-iliio;
pooling of nll-'i'lils-'faiiiily. :rclati>ns
.jwbujd'^ '■'nave»i'reHeved.I him'.-any •v'l.it;'.
Mr,., jlxiugla's'sliould''.1)«'thankful,rlcwr
eVerj tlidt he hud'only- four horses t.n<U
Ills'wife sick' dt'-tlieAsamc.titnc^fO'id
th'a'ti 'he has'-a'-'illve,'. loe'nl .pane't-iv/to
after* and'i:rcport;'his; coudit.1»».
Kid will keep' tabinnMtimi-in l«<-
took, our names,';
tb'Jweigh'vejry.heavily.with'tlie  mayor
br'his'apologising"(rie*nds| so long as-. ,
lie keeps pledging that ■word of honor: >
'* lie ' might* niakeYftiajlittle   ^more *;-s>i.<
binding and add; a ■ gtea.t-,^i?al of dignity'to his position, as,_,well as.gain  *
a little   , ,moi*e,.tiine„bv,,putting   -his
, .     .•,,<■    :•''.-. ' ->t-l'«J.«     ».j "5,;'   vivj   ,-,
next-pledge in. this, wav:
»-.•,'    , _*llJ',A!-i/    ni.,'   a;   ;;'■•.' -,. .      ,-.    1
Upon my word ofj honor, ,,"... v    .j
As I mn rpui)}lj*hc,_!corjtierl. l(     .
,,,,.,.I'll keep, my bath /  /   "     ••■■•'-
And liojior.'bolli', '  ',    '* 0" "
Upon iny word of honor,
If I doirt keep" my honor,   -
A». I go roupd.the corner,     -,-     ' .> t,
• "il'll be a goat ° '■
:-■   Without ,u .coat,. o ^
Of else I'll be a gbiier, ' -.
j.i  . -,    - • .
If'I don't stop that poker,
You tail' take me for a -jokerif.  -   , .   . ,
_ I'll'be a sheep       ..;.,',;•,
That'.s awful cheap,
Mayor .Bonnell has not,  up to'this"
-". . i      . "'' '"'■*' -"- '■-"-"-1-.:   ' -    . -■:
writing■ redeemed that "'word of hon-
„    -      i -   •• v    1. .   ... ,,      ;; ;   j       ,,       ■__....
^"-pledged \yeek before.-last,.that he,
wbiild; "resign--his-position'- asV"maypr.
of   this   town"' if that-   poker" .-game
, . **! y-\ •   ■•-. - ■  -. .      ....    1     -
against  llie .Hotel' Fernie'''was';'" not'
prosecuted' as soon as the' police trin-'
•"( :i ■.'    •'      "H      ■¥,'     .'■'*   . -..?...*-s   .,
iiiissioiier.s  were ga/i-ttvd.'" ■'
*    ..-   - -. - p,.    ...      . 1
•Nobodv'in the citv"of Pernie"  can
r   ■   1   •     .' -ii   , ir. •     :■ ,   ■-,.--' *.  .
figure, out   just,,why any waiting, on
.tlie'gazetting of'  ' anybody'wfor   K'h'y-
thing was  neie.ssarv,  and  now    lhat
-  ;    "1 , • - ■ ■'
the gn/ciling bus been0 done   and-an-
iHiiincv<irfo'r uea'rlv'twb' week.s'f'i'p'wiple
■-•;<",-, , .  1,.,   ■ 1.     !',
are wouclcriiig," in their 'sinipleticss'-'ol
ii)iud,"- what'awful li'feak in thV-'cogs'
ol'jthc civic nia'cliiiie'lias''occurred   to-
preyent   •„ the liiayorJ ffom ; redeem-'ug
thai '**word 'of' TionSr.""''   "   '*
, It se<inB_to be upj'io liim now ■ to
pledge Jiis* word' of'iibnof that he will
Steke." go'.i'd hi's"word'*of Honor pledged
b*farf,r.i!-   .     . .-••-■■/■■-   '':
.,.jk|M Uttle'inobtriisivefact that "he
.topkjthe"   'oath 'of'' oflice before'-lit-' -l'ut that iu""your pipe and smoke lier."
'plecMed''his word of libirbf don't rseciii'-', "i'otiul' Uah!     "'"•     v ' -■«.'
;>'l;   (■'■?''     .-'■' !   J.-...    ,."'.;   ■-,   !     '    .!.-;   ,. -,1    :-..•• ''
, .       T - :-   . ..5     -;:■ 1   h~.
'■*,. 1     Ij.T   ,
not be ashamed of!'1'
She gave .a lesson to each one 111 the
'•-• [crowd, . , "
■And j taught, by example to be quiet,
. -,.=■'. not "loud/"-' ' :- - ' '■'-
All went very-line until .oncdayi'*.,^-
■SonrtOOe^jgiggledTlui!J—liegan  Xo -:geT
I)i..„j .:. o
^Theni the' stitches went wrong, tbe
,.j,,,thread wasn't right;"',,' ''"' ' ""!
Tlie [shades" -did not blend and' the-
■ hoops were not ..light. - •-• ;~
OHe jgot yexed,.1!causc. the ljiots shows
.;"'•' j.ed up plain,, ,
And I was told     she' must do it   over
n't    , again. ' ,    ''    '*"
;«•.'-•„• -       - ■ -' ■■
.Ijii-thehair of.one the red did show.,
\yiieti ,,she sat.,idle., there- and her   k_s-_
1-, !son was, slow. _„
-.TA.citeacher looked cross but nigdc iii>
IT    j reply, '       '   ;'• '      "' ,;      ' ''""
.JJntiJ Mr's.'S'—- came up with it-sigh.
-I'.'/Thes'e ''siilchcs' ni-ch't  right; > f can't'
*:i-   j make ,the connection, ■•
Haid: Miss Mncv.V'Yoii've not followed,
■■"'•   •  -'..  -.a:."•.:/•".- r'i.t
- IjOOk'.out for "a'^'cha,nge tn , A.*>"\V.i'
-Illea^elVs ail'? next'' week'"'"li will rf-'
-mind ybu that spring "is. appniacliill'g'
,aml,. that you need a spring 'on'your-i
self to' '"get.'in ",in tii'iie" to' get gooti-
fresh: seeds!''" Get' ready Vo scratch'
grari-el'^atid sow''seeclsp' anil then , iv
h'oV weeds'.' This, don't .mean tliat Mr.-"
Bleaijdeli "will sell'yoii weed.'"seeds'
iilpng with '■' good'-garden seeds/but''
that {the Old'Nick' himself' has J'ijeeii"
busyj and you will have to do a little
sweating '"' of 'th'e'^b'row^/ali* 'the same-'
'ol(l: Adam,' after "'that' to'm-fobl-' "husi-
hess .iii' the JirstVspring,'garden.
;-,l)raf that old :foof,_' anyway! If he
Jiadn.'t'"got mixed up; in tliat' garden
and, jbeei/miide to'|sweat.'for it,, wi-'
cbiilcj 'ra'se'_ gourds" and pumpkin's aiid
squashes' without bothering about fig
leaves or weeds:' 1"    ""  '' i'"' "
,, pot .'Ltn tb spare up here. ■ Two
';weli broke" and gentle/diie ju'si in
.harness and ..being-exercised daily; /a'
little frisky""n'n(l..ineliiit'd to boh ' aiid*
ruu- away, .buVwill  lie broke ' gentlf
.befotje   ""delivery '   or'v"'ho     change.-
Wouldn't."guarantee aiiy of them" ! "to
.pleasV A'l.X tlie"'f'e.sideiUs,"rbut' "they
Wfiuliln'i  be 'aslinmed "of ativbodv"!
n .:
the. giveij. dlrect.on,",.
Is little item ol local news prow,
e"d;'so'go6d t-hat-theiKidMooked li.r.v
filter j and frnn,. across ahisu /.■■ -.":.. il.
■».',Al|ithose|:wlib took', advantage iol.
lionspleb; J excursions to .*A'iiui|'i)t-4i
week iirvthc-persontt-'of iMessrs,!
Kv.VaylorT-.PJ>K'. Ross,' W, iDj>Bic|i-'
,li>.and,'A."Konld8firettomed i.on
Saturday evenliigi','
down    bv,
then Miss U
,.'     •   "'-       , 	
ped'her'box, crash," bang on the
i-Ji!  '. ■'' ' ' '- -   -
fMls.sj ..Mac, said, -..wilhla ■ tilli.nf heii
" '! *««.i..."   ......      ....  .J   ,.
.'.KMiss, !<—_-,  please don't    do,   tluii,
if-  , again,"
Wc. {vcrc still frir u'while, Mil Vmiilc
j did cIiiihc,
iThat dreadful Irowii' from the
( '->! ' er's face, >'°
ij-It Is/, to "llu (hoped! Uiat/.MeflsrsiuTayr,
lor, lloss, Rlchardsomi-and nPouldsl
-wot-j iint <over-crbwded, ifiotito. say
Rluft[ccl,./liy .nibthosK who:itook: 1 -,a(l-
vanf,age/«f IhiirieJtcurKion-rate.i to. go
lo> Winnipeg liintheirjpcrsons, .'-.This
W. a) new Htylc-of itravclling^-ndbptu'l,.
iMO/eoubtj.,un :ai result,,cVl the; recent
cold weather which; prevailed   down
ijjwtj way.t,'   ■ .:.    •  -      -'.:
. Hi ire Is', nuolhei.'good ones  '      *■' .
, ^•Mrc-.trf- >f.' Wftterhousu, ofi.Oxliow,
,Wfi» lni,.towniil*Ht.',wee_|_fl,lnvthc.'lnu,r'
t-^l pi a local ilm nm Un .clnb.i which hr
ju^ji f^niied, und,,iilaycd/with 'ftreat
siiccfsK.iin .Qxliow, ,111m objaet wnn.ui
play! heicone..nlglitrilniLmn' Inccmiiti
<>)f HoV^teingiinlili.tOi Ktcumta Niiilabl
evntili.g, hns lieun,unable tto performi?)
1 ')'lhyieg   , wlthiai club 1 li/icstrcinaly
daiij[ero.u«(,.A knotty clubnisro. ibml
'tHing lu the best of bands,   A polire-
inan's,.cluh. jn to, ,I)C AvoIiI«||j / and .it
wo'u)d,.iBei;ra.,,l)ift^1a, dramatic4,club 1 is
a bfd,i,t|i|llg 4Jp.,|oi;l,,wilh.isim,»ciiiiirii.
Our ilessonsi-o.'i'r,,we've 11 dovlle,' yiu,
OutsUlci tutiicn'L lie aldtm^AnH liy j "_|^p.»jli>' il ,>VV i^'t.^t ,#.AaiWWt-
aw.iU nlg)|ts over llie'civic siluatloii,   el'etilttg.   If    a man starts out iwill
YL^tiA1    lit,   '   m.       imliVU. '  ..*..* _ . X ji       .'.kt^l&l.      ^"AJ*       hIsaIJ ft       Jklltl*       la*       BlttAltl^l .   JtCl ■>»•! 4 -A lAtlH
There' is a whole year In which ' tb1
work out the'great•'eh'uuge*!'coiile'in-'"
plated, and the lulf-'effect'ii of"all*
liitwt thiingtn will not lie luily Kal'-'
i/edj iin|il another'election' Is'due.' "
Come 'Mnslde" my'* denr.n<il»lde'r;
and 1 you can then look?out- to'imnclr
better advantage.
lNiithfully yours',
Dear Kld-
I feci lately that fWdfgtnerstiiig
iiud losing that *|>frir.''nf'phVty "anil
reslgnatlnn" which -ive 'are ^fold"  "go
mrirger   programme, but from]hand in hand to make up a  spirit of
what he tan j,ec and little .bints   be   tnie Christian restgnatlrm.   tonld ymi
has he.ird, he is able" to give   you   a   tell me how I cun renew and strength-
.shadowy outline of     how the great'eii my spirit of resignation" arid hold'   A!»<gfit like thai visiting a.   town
suclj . i. club he should carry-along
'with h|ni,.ani,aii'>prtmcnti of.evenliigs
ol' 'k\\t, ior. s i nud .,i alies, 1 no, thnt i 1 he
Miala. fi«_v,.y>e t^v^;"* .**»>'«• V*vw.
hotlSftjjAli theitiVfitlnRliup.this ,wnv,
nre j-uijable, ,n«d everybody we.i;s »
sold o| ^om,e, lf|nd, even if; its onlv a
|i.vjim/»i;oiit1_fit pr.j night. Nh rt,
iiAnt|l(ii^re,.i» ilm*tlie.r,ipn«;i, •■.
"A pleasant sight vinited our town
till Moeday last'when 'the"large Union i .lack wns hoisted on th* new
sell.wil.vgiving It the ^ppeU^anre Jbf a
Well onllege IrtiAtttrj'Af ibtf'large clt-
'le».! The gr^it'lielt' tlien^cHmmtiic'ecl
to ting' which' drew'nftjfy Yo,'Jtttlr
dnor* in get a glimpse fil' the" hf*
structure. Thl> is'indeed •'tr"4itT 10
Camduff and vlHriltv.''    "'
'A nisliibn top "■■'• ,l n'sV f'»r iMf
We've learned "a lot,"had heaps of Inn"','
And j we're every 'onu sorry the'"Us-
I'.s: j sous lire (lone,
,,,'    i
I, Alexander'  Pope,   when  asked    «l\
lij!.,\yroti< poetry, .is,,said to ii.ive   u--
.|jjip'l thai" lii' lisped In luiiiiii'*.   be
c.iu«.p, the numlieiH ciiini', but Ihis lit
rle'prairie", flower of a poetess   don't
hci'in tb wall for numbers; she   goes
rlgh   nlong to the r|id and lets   tIntuitu icriiig go to the dogs.   Hut    tin
ma!n thing     in pnetry is the. spirii".
_91.nl j if the writer (if this ode,to     n
teacher of    stlcllics hud luvii  a  mnn
jn'strml of a siiwlng girl, thr "spirit"
pj if would have a more prouoiiiici'd
iwlor,   than rati   lie   iletw'ttil   by  .the
Kid'.s I'lfactnri-'   organs, and    winild
furnlirli    aii explanation   as   to    tb/
wabblv tfiidcni'v of the vt'rsu'.
1 '      I   '»      .,    .       "    c ...
.Jfl'-i    .»,!   ifkl.it    .-»,*»»rt.tf..    In.*    </..,,, ■*»
vorrfng to l<s )irir-tic membrr, wcn<
aloiig all right till sonic one got gig-
glc>*i gay one day, and then the ntiu
Willi 11 red head Imiilkul. It all ended.,up with     their having u  rushloii
IHA^rellSwTcoiTITr'rioe iii- bis-' 'gnr'deiT
withbui1' having' to' stop to hitch ' ii|*'
hi.s pant's'liecaiisc the buttons''!   weri?
ofi?J "'■■'* ;■ ' ;. "i~   ■ '::':.:;;-.- ''-
'All this comes about by that,'" first'
fooljof.-a 'iiiaii"sbcking''his teeth' iiiliJ
the lir'stoapple that was-dangled'"be"
forejhis eyes by tlmt 'desTgnlng' crelf1'
iure Kve';' ' "        ;. ' "'."' '   ''   '-'   "*""
'Then began llie fig'leaf busiiiiMs
which, has .developed'.into tiic.lrite'sV
ciit"evening' drcsNcs^whirh threaten, |n
.finally'cover up the whole ftiiiili-
form divine, leaving everything"" tithe imagination, '_and'_th«'    swi'iitiilg
process. . , ,• "    ...,',   ".' -'
Hut.lie did it, ami here we are .'in
this aotli cc'titiiry buviiig'garden seeds
every spring "atid 'pulling weeds,    and
- •' 1 .-'.- ,--p ■•       ■'.,   i ri' I-,, •■>''
sweating from our brows all summer.
I   ,,  *V   .  I       '   -,   f      ' --    .'.lliii      !..  >.,<
ii'.Hw the     wav," it Kevins'    vital   .tin-
..weatnig surface' has been sprenditij.',
1 ;•'■.■' .- i-1 -. -• ■• ■ ■.;,"!'', ,';-:-'-
flver, the human aiiatomv till a fellow
•■• 1 - -ir-- -"■... ■,;! 1- 11"* - 1. ■. ''•l"t
sweats' all over     now .when he goes
but i'to. work iu ihelgii'nleii/,iIs ."tlit's
just j right,' '    ■        ''.''      '   ",,
'•"'Diies ihe author of thnt awful dii'i
, ..       j   ■ . ».,.      .-.". 1 .     ■'    'J. ■      i)   li!    V.
-tniii "Hy the sweat nl your brow, '
iMloiig to the' Cdipiii'iiliim class thnt
he_illiis spread the sweating process
nl   over the body?
I v    1    ... ..      i, ■■ -   '.     1 1
Well, anvwav, we liiui,' to sweat lot
f  1      ' '   t       ''-it '      ' , 7'M't 1-
II it^ we want a'garden^ iiud,if y«u go
down to HleiiHdell's "or Vo"llii', l|ai.i\i-
llrtig Store, you can get'" 'the seeds,
nlidjaftei you have plaiilcd tlu-tn yci'.i
will liiid tlnit llie'deyif has1 been lihi'.id,
'of y«m"'mi<) 'plained a full'i-r'bpbf, wejl
assorted weed),, that will glow 10.Iii'ut
the 1 band, and tin-re" will be iiniliinj'
'left'bill, to, sweat* lor il,' ' ' ,
"'Drat thai old. man Adam ,inyw..i\.
What a iiii-i' time we'd l-.uM' gul'd*'",,
lug'if In- hadn'.l ,ii-t"t'f1|.ii<''idiMl(iiliei
Kicgel i'Vi'11 with liini by get lln1*,
him to nibble nt tlie saiiu; ti|'i|ili'' tin1
ik'i'lj had looted her wilh? f
■ilhln'l  forget' lhat nil  tin- seeds,win
livid ymi (.'till gel at lllnisibll's.
Said I'owIit, l.cfurgi'v aud I'npr
' On' gel us a .In tin on nf 1 <M***-
Wc'll hang .fudge MrTavish,
ll|s words are 100 lavi»h,
He talks likr a man full <>f dope."
j --Toronto SVws
H.iiij I.clurijcy, JNipv and 1'owb-r-
Thiii llyntan nlllbir it gi'l» Umler
"Ksch  lime Ihe slmv's repeatwl: .
•Awl.il we niu't stoji thes*' smiles,
Aguiiisi ail us go«i*t obi   ltitu->,   ....
We Mire Will sill Ik* drlcMlul,
.According"10      our  Creston  cones-    -
poudeiit," the I.ciriVs Day Alliance Art
wijl-jbc  ai'we'ic,omc.'fealiVr'e : iii  "that   "'
neiglilwrhood!' ". •' ''  ' "0    '   "'   '■" '-:
,   What we ought" to'call attent on to \',
11 this;'proVince is" the'cleanliness,  ol    '
school   house's  iii' whicli "the"    children  '
are  ediic.tti:'d.v We" wa'n't "gbiHl"'' venti'-.
lationj' aiid'' the refuse1; sucb'as waste
piei-es'of foo'd; "sfiOulii iie'sweiit up'a'nd ■» "
not. alliiwe'd ' to  remain' and'   develoii   ■'."
germs, and thiis endanger tne lives of
the children. "An'olheV'thlng,; in'   dif:  ;I
fi'reiit"'inf<»»iiiirV;,ii'i«l#l":"J'l{,'. tlw."  criTf./-.) ?!:  -
house nn expectora'ting on'the "floor
should 'be allowed!—Movie'-'l.e.ider."    '"'""''''
«,    i "-■   , -'■* '" "", '.-.' v.-t        '■ -.
, ,\Vh,o  will  send   tlie  Creston, corres-, "
I rin'cUat of vhc'"liea."der tlie lionv's'lbiy '
Act,] a'broom aiid a 'ctispa'dorc? Thev
I   : '       ' ■   i-."   ) - " ■ .-'v . -■"!• *',   ''
seem   to  want   house 'cleaning    'done
- -  ,j i   , ^
ilowii  lhat way.
■_ ,,; " ' -—'■—0-7-^—
.?'  '<    SALT RriEtTM .CmtKn.
Hy Dr.".   Wiilbiiiis'''^Piti'k'f Piils' After','.,
-.   -Hoctbr's  Tre:itiiient.liiid  Kpiled.  '." ' /*
Skin .trouldc inilicaii,s,lhati|lhe|ibilo,-i(l    ,
'is in u.jipjsf'pcMl->.taj!ev.,it jfi ,M,e l/iVr   ,.."
son lu .ihe blood ihut.cuuscsJ.]ilai,'ii't<i.i,
■^liniples, eczema, boils, salt l^lieuiii.,c!. ,.._
(:aiT jci.iiiplexion., I)r.._-_\yilliam.i'    l'-bk'  ,,
I'-'ills ;na,kc, rjchi.^ed liljjod.ihai_ li.-n-
islied   thisci troulHcs.,, Mrs.i, Osboine,
'wife of Aiii|rjr.\_ 98ljprn_t"A,,c)eik nf the   , ,
Towjis.||ij)._,of,,.,.KvneJ>cciV A<ifroiuim \t
County,      Out,,      writes:   ",I \,canuo,t
.s|-eak loq , highly,, of.. Dr.,   \yilliains',,   .
'Pitil   Jl|illsv_f«ir A)ip»,jli/l, f9irt,_ii|c|!whot _«.,
'(loct()rs .fajjed,,. ui,,il)i„, Hoiue ,, yc.ii;.-,   .
'agolI.,w1tt_...at)\ac'kif_ill,bv_1jaJirj)eu.ri „jn ■
the lmutis,',.caused.iiv. a, run-down con-
'dtiiin.of.iniv blood,   I  endiired     the
%        i,,.,   Ji »f, ir 1   'i< A     4 .1   'II  ri ' tl
\nrtiire-. of  this  terrible  disease    lor^
Shine iime,.aiu)(j(ii;)iv„.t,h('iseJliwho lmve,-
lieeii .siiuilarily _, .nflectetl  i-an ^(•al^i', .-,
lily' Isnllcring..,. ,tl.\t. ^,i,VM>, }»y, jli"»)li.
^ve so, badjtliajl   I eollljl. n_i|t    cjipi.b   ,
ifiy Jinir; I was helpless.   I rnn*iull>.iijf],.
a  ilpcior,  bin, his  trcatmeui_   fajli'd,;,
to ljeiH'IH me—my cnsi\,ecv|iii-d incur,-,
nlle    Willie in. this cbiiditi<_n I.   .euj
lW.lr. Vijljain-', J'julj, 1^11, jind,   ,,K-    ,
The , Kid!* top fell soft and rush-
rlony!,,,(oo. when he got through with
the noetryy and he went home, took
a eilp of ,ie« nnd went to bed with a
pain, in, hie head.
IT* h.i* he«n .\ Ifttle p.irtUI to the
Mliijieapolli Journal iu the pant, bur
in lutuu- he.will took wilh keen   ex
pectution for Ihe coining nf  his nrw
foiinif prafrir friend,
i-iltd ,ti),(^iYe,,thin.i, 11 trial. , r»o",»u. '..
bit'i n, to iiii||ii'vv,> and,, by MUrki^'V',*.
Iiti'd tni.cn aluiut a do/in bn.u'.s, I.w,is
V 111 l.-tely,    'iUivd, .i|i 1  , ii.,i\ -., .i.'»i_,.,
situ-'' hi^il ,(lic _sJli«litt*-M >(n-nj) n i</,\he.-
'irfiiiblr. . I   call , hiMMilyjifi'CoiniiU'.itil,
Dr. ;Vi,illlamH'_"l|jijk<_,|,,lllH to, all   siui-,
'ilati sufferers,"'
Von can't cure ic/eiiiu,, siiJtilimii ,,.
!tiid]sl.iii riuptiotix wjlh salves, and
iiiitw.ird iipplitiitious, Tlu-.su I roubles iirt* rooted In the IiIiiimI,,11ml , vim
only, hi- 111 nd through the, rich,, icd
M'witl Dr. Williinn's l'ink i'ills jiftp;
ullv make, This simple, im-ditnl tail
hoiilil he I110u.11 tu every >iic
Dr,'Williams',     l'ink  Pills not    only
1 if . ,' J* t * *
cute, skill discisvs, but ,all , iitlui
lioidiles caused by bad blood, smh
us lin.eiuiii, with it- hcid.iihi's, side
tirhs  mid  Uukiiilit-s,    hentl  palpjta- 1
l nil, indigestion, rlll'tllllilltMII, ,lirtlT
r.tiili     vj,     Vim,    iliin','   .\\m\   llioipt'i*.
inl ailments ilui 11 III in. so umtiv women and growing girls,, You cun grt
tlii-st' pills finiii your mislicitii- dialer ,
or by niai! ut ,y» cents, a. box vr sis
b^.x«s lor 5?.,v» from The Dr. Wil-
ll.tm*.'   Mnliiine  Oo ,   llrorVvillr, <1ni
Said  lt>iiiaii,  iu the land ni b-iuuii
"      uml limes:
I'm 1'ilh lo go buck to tin-   sl.-nil.-i-
! and slinifH-
Itntjil I don't go, thr jig's Up ih-n't
; you know.
Mo Ml hike back, with my grip   on
""' my bark, '
\r.d l.ivv wore vols",*- wilh dutUr-v ,vtv'
'    ": dlnie«,
T'> hflp ihr down  UitliUii \*»n     l\\
, hard limei.
The T.iln»r l'i«e Pies* savs*
'•We want  »  ni,iynr--u man     who
nn m.m.ige thi- afljir«. of thin gr<>u
lltg ].l;m- Iii the entire *nlitbi< linn <>•
' AI,I, the    rrsidi*!)*—a      bro.ldiiiilldnl j_..,Otlrli  in  thr Wtll-lnt»wn  vcaIciI^ lr»e«»
viip.ilile biiM'nrss tiuiii,  wlmiu wc will   pmtirfi nf Ihe "f\i|.i(l.t"_ Tea ,Ci
T«|.i it » nifnt.il and ptiysiral slim-
ul.int. li i*- ,111 upprti/rr and -.« n
Irislu-i n( the spirits It,is revogui/-
r<l by the most prominent phvMiciani
to Imvr nutrilive value through iin
gluti'ii .nid nitt<igi-i|. .Wording 10
Hr. .i«hn Coally LMtsom, a imtrd
Huibral nnirr. Us Maying, jniurr*
aiiircup^rity for rrpsiring thp lm»l>>
w**.!*-* atr very great, trtil nil thi* i*
dc-putdvitt u_m>ii the tra.being griVAii
.it .1 high vlevuti'in,, ami tliflcforc of
(inr iftiility, »nA thi*. >i»vi f4n jil»«y%
rei\  ni*,n obtaining when >,(•»» tr.»»» ggRNJEy B.C. MARGg^^$o7 g
Mr.. Sherman* Explains  Reason
for the Recent Distress
»"       -*".-        in Fuel
working, would beAsuHicientvto\. gj,ve
the whole population  of   the   Kiatea
three square meals a day.
,„,Jn„sp'ite .of. this,„the,,.mass .of jhe_
people were "working ibTand'13 hours
a day for barely enough to keep taem.
""He "saw in tie "daily'-'papers, \ that
there was goirig'to be^aflour.-'V trust
here shortly.,- He bad nothing.'agai'.wt
combines.   They'are merely the! natural evolution,6f.the present proluc-
. i      ' '*     .' r-     '
Interesting Address by., a ,Prorn^
inent Labor Leader
A very largely attended meeting of
labor men. was held in the Alexander
Hall on Saturday night to enable the
visiting delegates of the Miters' As
sociation to lay their case "before the
local trades unionists.
The meeting was under the auspices
bi the Trades Council and Preii-Ieht
Henderson, of the council, was iu the
chair.-.'.' ,      ■■'
' In a neat speech."he introduced • the
.members of the Miners', Asso'ciavon,
Bind called upon , Mr. Sherman, the
district president-. l .lie association,
to address the meeting. ' ■
Mr.  Sherman,    who1     was ree'i/'.i
with loud applause," hoped that,    bis
Audience did,,  not    expect too much
irom h'iiuf as be had not prepared any
...speech <  and was    not in such, good
shap« as he might be. ,    »
■' He'noticed by, the"press that people of this city were complaining of
lack of'coal, and, that different reas-
- ons'iiad'been advanced, for this and
for the,"high price of the fuel. He said
that this was not the fault of cither
the operators or the miners. It; was
the lack of cars for transportation.
He also warned those present to lay
in a stock of coal next fall,   as   next
'   winter  ' he.   predicts a much bigger,
famine..than prevailed this.year.
.    He also spoke, of the high price   oi
coal,, which he?blamed on toothe   operators^ and' referrod to the bill    before the house which would stop the
workingman  from striking  to obtain
his' rights.'   The   miners  regard     the
present'bill'l as V step  in  this -direc:
tion. ,-.   ',-_- .',.,'.
In  the/press , statements have , ap-
strike next Monday. This was not
correct', as contracts*- do not'' expire
till April I, and,it had only'been
done for; the reason of rushing 'the
present, .bill. through the house. He
did not see any reason, from the min"
' tr'a standpoint, for a strike at &'iy.
, They, do not object to any investigation, as to any-of .their grievances,
but they would object to the investigations' as proposed by the new bill.
He has watched carefully the forming of commissions, and he always
had lound that they were always appointed in favor of-* tlie; parly who
appointed them.
In this country every man promin-.
•nt n business and political circles
Is "on the make," and he had seen
very queer decisions given because of
the greed of gold of some members of
tbe commission.
As coal miners they, desire to do
nothing injurious to others, but in
order to obtain justice for themselves
they, are sometimes forced to strike,
and by: cutting of! the coal supply injure many others as well as them-
Ml vet.
They had sent _a deputation to IM-
snontoa recently to present to the
government a petition requesting certain legislation from the hands of the
government.   "
The government was wondcrit'.ly
sympathetic and promised everything
that was asked for, but th.it v,is a ',,
and they how proposed m form e
commission to find . out what effect
labor legislation would have upon the
working classes.
They had got s. bill introduced, the
eight hour, bill, hut this was withdrawn until' after the investigation
true made by the commission.
He thought that Mr, dishing, the
. member for this city, was a good
inun and was sympathetic toward (he
labor party, but he wiih not strong
enough for the corporation Influence
at present ko much evidenced In the
< legiulature,
Slavery wan as rninpaiil among the
working cIiih todny as ever it' was.
Society today docs not n-cogai/e
the right of a man to a job only ou
conditions that when he In givcu il.i.l
job he ran make some profit for his
employer. That is slavery. The great
Uncertainty nf worl< won u'nrrviti.r H,..
life out iif many men todov who uric
only earning enough to keep them .ml
,f out of work tomorrow would be
J. J. Hill predicts another.panic in
the near future. The panic* would
y*l,y come when (lie great capitalists
want to make it, not before.
They always set down the cause of
a panic to overproduction, the grr.il
law of supply and demand. There
was no such thing ns overproduction.
(AppUust,. The consuming power ol
the niaUM was so great that they
could consume tne product il they
could only get it.
it was being held *nd *1r,rthouve(!
People wotttd be surprised at the
Mormons wealth the machinery of the
United S-Uatea w»* capable ni turning
oat today. Two hours and twtnty
Bifauta* of work of every man, it.wi-
a* aad tail* la tl* SUU*, wk> <*<**
tive system.    --.,-.
;  S'art; and study something of   «u»
system". -      .  ■'     " ■!'.
-, Give nine-tenths of"our peopietii.ee.
mealsia dav, and a job and they, were
contented, fand if there happened to
lie -n,extra $i at the end of the week
to blow in ti\ey thought they were
doing.fine. The Canadian ,wbrking*-
man is the happiest man alive,. ,.
...In the schools today they teach.the
children of Canada,that they have a
chance to be Prime. Minister, or _u
the" States a chance to be President.
They did not tell them that t'-e
chances were.one in six million, *•*■
in the United States, about one i"
eighty million...
The workingmen ..of .'today._,cannot
accept the old system.,.When workingmen , begin . to doubt, and study
they will soon begin to look for another system and better ideas.
, All classes of labor ar£ turning out
profit and the men are working -col-
Jectively, but they have not yet grasped the idea .that they could own their
11.ducts collectively,
There was a,time when all skilled
mechanics owned.the tools that they;
Worked with. ' , Now this , was - ail
changed." Today the. capitalists owii
all the tools and they have become
capital in the hands of their owners.'1
He>lso told a story of .the workings of a company store.
A man working at a coal mine m a
neighboring town had gone to Cal-
gary-for-a holiday. While here .,' lie
had lost his. hat and, was compelled
to1 buy' another. "
Oil. going back' to the mining ntown
he was asked where he'had purchase I
the hat. On telling the story BuH
saying that it was bought in Cal-
garv, he3 was, told that if he was going to'spend'his money in that .city
he had better go and work there as
well." .    . . .-. „,,
Again at Canmore the m ne owners
lud o company, , store, and positive
proof could be shown that 50 ; er
cent, of the... men working at- ttat
camo never received one cent from the
Colliery Company. o . Their e-i,T.tt,;s
were all.swallowed by their stove bill
.ind their'rent, and the prices charged
were exorbitant in the extreme. .,
plying this store with flour, askiag
for prices on flour f. o. b, Canmore,
weald ba;abti to- drive, twenty,;; tailss
out o^therprairle, "meet any ranch-:
.nd shake baads with a fellow.uniyn-
i«t,;- "...   >.'._.;.    .. ,."1";-'::
.Mr., Sherman's ream.a were.- M
cneatly ;'appla4ied, im »»e» he ' ux
down, it *** amid a yenect -vol'ty
Mir. Hea4iS_Sm. again made a ftp
remarks appropriate to the occasion,
tluaMng Mr. Sherman warmly for
the,,good advice he. had given,, and
after Mr. Sherman had made another
little speech add ng a few more facts
and emphasizing many he had given
before, the meeting broke up.
International Vice-President Levis
and; International Board Member
Burke were, also, expected to be pres-
ent to address the meeting, but owing eo indisposition they were   unable
to appear.        ,   , .,
', o -    .
V-,1'-'     -w
And   Mine   Operators ,"Conine in
. •'.:»; V';;*;:;.'"'''J'''gary.''!' '■.:0y ,-"'-.••'.,-•.■".'
Conoention   Adjourns^ Jor^ -too   Weeks
Remarkable Statement Made b>
' One of Miners. Accusing Au*
, .thorities of Conspiracy.;
Last   Monday'  afternoon   the   big
miners convention at - Calgary, „ began
•■  , - • . a -    , -
;ts 1.-si M-ricn. fAt two'o'dock -lie
delegates   ortbe'Miners' Association^
,njct,.the .representatives of 'the   Oper-'
ators*. Association ,   in.joint conven:
tion for tlie first time in the history
of the district.: District President F.
H. Sherman occupied the chair;1  and
opened     the proceedings by a   brief
speech, in which he. stated that    on
could ;.build, lcnowing - full well' that
a, good foundation' was there for them
to ibiiild on.       -    .       .    '
He was inclined tb think that they
should'not allow'-any'but permanent
conditions,to govern them,. and not
make any temporary ones, which were
only stumbling blocks' to good results.', '   '*" -•*;
He would also ask everyone present
to'excrcise the utmost, good    feeling
behalf oV    the miners: he was very   aid fellowship throughout  the     con-
beiiau 01     ti« m |v<artion...He knew that in  the   west
it .was not always possible .for   r.cii
Wallace, Idaho, Feb." 28.—The Btn-'
sational',statb»neht--bf Adaius in ''ic
miner's trial, :,was,  in substance:,
"On the" sixth day after I was taken to Boise, and put in.the cell with
Hany Orchard, I was taken to the
police oflice of., the penitentiary ; and
introduced to Detective, McHartlatid.
He told'me,about "Kelly the btiin"
and other men who had turned states
evidence,' and had been set free.' He
kepi me until four or five o'clock iii
the morning trying to make me confess.     .'.,.,
,_V'McHartland told, me 'that he.
wanted to convict Moyer, Haywood,
Pettibone, St. John ^nd Simldns^
whom he called "cut-throats:" If I
would not help to convict theni'' he
said I would be taken back tb Colorado and either be hanged' or mobbed. If I helped I would only be takr
en-to Colorado as' ,a witness:'''When
we parted McHartland told me he
was my friend. He put pie back _in-
to the cell .with Harry. Orchard? Orchard talked to me about the need of
backing up his story, I„was -somewhat frightened. Next day McHartland called again.. . ,..,..,,. j *.
. .."I.'aaid I would not do what he
wanted.me to do.-    He told tne   to
aud he had found out-that the store
jieople added the sum.of I1.10 on 10
ll.c price it coat them: This, was »i'i
the basis of prices given '.o him; t|ie
company probably bought for less. It
was true that a man could send away
hr supplies, but the store people had
such an elaborate system of "spotting" that he was always caught, and
invariably punished by being laid off
for a time.
The laws regarding miners this sulc
of the Rockies were absolutely no
good. Iu British Columbia the \.. *.s
were better, and between thirty »«nl
ft rty thousand dollars had be^n received by the relatives of miiurs kill •
ed or injured while at work through
the carelessness of the operators.
Whether those present at this meeting believed it or not, tho labor men
were never going to obtain justice
I torn employers or politicians aniens'
they, started to look for it.
If the lnlior party here had a representative in the,house' who, was
worth his suit they could make things
hum at Edmonton,
lie also slated that now that there
were mines in the Calgary district
the miners would be iu the battle
next election, and put a candidate into the field.
He did nol want tb preach a revo-
lytioti.iry. doctrine at all, but the
worMiiu classes of Canada do not un-
ileratund the great power they possess.' They understand tlmt it is ne-
ce-siiry for them to orguni/t from a
union standpoint, but when they begin to get It btei their heads thnt. i-
is more than necessary for them to
• irgnnl/e from a political standpoint,
they would surely get there all right,
It is st inline to .see at election
lime's how crowds of workingmen cau
be drawn nwiiy from the real que*.,
lion by some great corporation Uw-
>ei with big words tiad n kiiiojIi
iiiitiiner of ipi-tch,
lie himself hud greatfalth iu the
(-.it-lie i.f this country, mid kuew it
was only the labor party that could
purity the politics here,' which at
present were ns rotten as could be.
He lind met the, finest crowd of
I11111I sli-irks in Calgary that he had
ever run iutom in his life, They were
..ii «ii<j tii,- i,tiid—Wici|i jumf,    -iear
was luttd.
All the vast lands of thi* provi>vc«
were being g vtn away to political
liiey were a good, hwiert class ol
men who refused to be b.n id d .wn
-.ml knuckle under the trusti util •■liter corporations.
The farmers, too, were forming so*
1 Mies closely akin to labor union*.
IU referred to the Ron* ot Equity,
which was affiliated with all unions,
and said that ov*i two million* of
fanaeis were aswlated with that
movtment. and when the indutlrisl
rbiseev nml the farmer work side by
*lde it wae good-liye for the capital'
This will exactly whet wsi going
to happen after all these free    lands
were eshnnsted.   It wodhl only   be a
v«ry   -.Wn   tint     turn- UUat xUy
think well what I was doing, to think.
of my family and save myself. He
said that he would see. that my family were cared for.
"'•"When the confession was 'made,'
McHartland led me ou step by step
and showed me all he wanted to'say.
He told me that what I.'said ubout
the. Toler aud Roule murders, was
only taken with the idea of making
a strong chain of evidence to convict
the'officers of the Western Federation
of Miners. He wanted the names of
the officers of the Federation said as
much as possible all through,theconfess ion, Two or three days tattr
Warden Whitney brought the . confes-
tion to me to sign."	
Adams confirmed that- part n| the
confession dealing with his (inulv,
but denied the' paragraph relating to
the plot to kill ex-Governor Steunen-
lierg.   "
The wittiess said that he had at
different times been visited by W. E.
Uorah, Governor Gooding ami .*.t--
torney Hawley, but he was not allowed to detail the 'conversations.
pUused to.extend to the operators a
very cordial welcome. He was very
sorry, to see that no more had attended so, important a gathering. >
''"• He did not- think it necessary to ex:;
plan, the reason of-this convention,
as he was sure they all knew why
they had gathered'there.''j
This was the first time,'he had , at?
leaded a convention, and he was, rath
er new to the order of- procedure biit
from-report's he had on the table' as
to tke way other conventions were car-'
lied ..out,' he .tlvVg'ht that the' first',
ovd.\ of-iusiness was the electiou of
otlicers and committees.
1 The position of ^chairman --'of.' the
cbsyintion,was t&i first that- would
be 'filled,-'"and as it-.waa customary to!
have ■ an operator^ in- this position, lie
would ask that the operators present
nominate one of their-number to act
in this capacity.- .-* ■:
' Accordingly .'Mr. G.- G. S. tindsey,?
president 'of' tW'Oj^rators' 'Associa-'
,"      "l,-(;'.-.,    V-      III!     ••--.■'    ■''i.-., ,     '••>! r"> :
lion,, was. elected unanimously.;_,. ... (1|„
District,Secretary, J.-,, A. Macclonald,,
of the Miners*'Association, .was elected secretary, 'w£thJ'Mr. W. F.-Little,
of the operators',"his assistant.'■''"
After the election -of officers' had
taken - place^ Mr., .^Sherman, gave    up;
his scat.'tojthe.-newi chairman ,,
thanked'.ail'presentrfor the honor they'
had bestowed ,upon i him.        '   /
He said that fr^orn whatever,, pint
of 'view, .they, might look . iipoa,., tl','
conventica, they all had a -just right-
to j feel proud that they'were permit-
to4 to attend as delegates.on such a
memorable .occasion. ...   ,,,.    ,
In this district last year close, upon three.millions of tons of.coal had
been' mined, proving that this is , a'
great industry. -This year he expected a much - larger' amount of coal
would be taken out. of the ground, .
They' were meeting in joint convention; to deal with.matters of vital
importance to the industry.. ..-,
' On behalf .of the operators he extended to Messrs; 'Lewis and, Burke,
International Vice-President and International     Board Member of   the
Items of* Interest From All
a '•' ' ■■ y ' Ooer.T l '
Saturday'a News: > - : .--,
McNamara; * Canadian.!  commercial
agent, at. Manchester, England, writes
that the substitution of Alaskan for
British ".Columbia   salmon     is being
carried on Vith great loss to tlie Canadian trade.   Tbe article is of inferior quality,  and  though labelled    13,
C,  the product is sold at 5 shillings
under tlie genuine' article.   When   the
small British Columbia pack of   last
year is marketed ,at the present high
prices, the continuance-of the   imposition will be even more dangerous to
the maintenance of, the standard.   It
is advised that British Columb.a can-
ners''brand     their tins in an unmis-
Ui>Coble manner. «
and employers to. meet on the    .om
mon \ ground   bf '. equality,' but  'he
thought' that much might, be done at
this, convention towards that end.
In the cast the operators _ and   the
miners have - a mutual  loyalty?. .for
each other and are able to meet ou
the. common ground of equality    and
good!fellowship, and the same     conditions should..exist in the west.
•' He. thought.   that the    convention
■would be doing, well if they , accomplished   no more than,    to .arrange
things so tliat the miners   and ; their
employers should,be able,to do this.
After'closing'his remarks by   again
thanking the delegates for appointing
him their chairman,' Mr. Lindsay proponed that \hey should, commence the
real business1 of-the. day°by. appointing'their'committees.'*:
, The first committee to be , formed
was the credential'committee, and it
was decided that one'"m'uur" aud one
opcratoe should, be placed upon this.
•'-Mr.  McNeil for :the'operators' !r.i.d
Mr. Sherman for' the 'mlujrs were pc-
cordingiy appointed, and   alter . loaning-sure that they would le.aMe personally 'to vouch for  i.'ie credeutjjls
of j, their respective parties',' they   left
the room to make up their report.',
•While they were absent it was proposed to go on with the formation of
the committee onipermaneiit organization and rules and order of    business.   This led to a little discussion,
,aikUfWw-as_fiuflllylagr^>dJ_that this.
■ A movement is bu foot at Ottawa
to .send ' to. Oxford Trooper TMulloy,
who.was absolutely blinded in the
South African v \r.      .    ° -
' Charles McLean; of the firm'of-McLean, Kennedy & Co,';' Montreal,
st'eamsnip agents, .died todgy after a
short illness. He was a well-kno.vn
member of the board of trade, nnd
was about 60 years old.
Sudden   Postponerhcht   of   the'
Conference Held in' Calgary.■-<-;•
All «R BUT '.'<* 1;-'5
The Interupption in.Ne'gotiatioris }
An'Amicable One     „
rThc convention being.lield m Calgary .-.
lietweeu the operators and the. reprc-_
sent'atives of-the'iuiners   came, to an''
cud     suddenly     Tuesday'   afternoon, .
when by an unanimous vote' _,it   was
decided to adjourn and reconvene, ou
March  18". ' '".  ; ' "', ," ,.'
'.What the real  reason of      the    a'd- ,'
jo'urniiieiil is has not yet .been   made
public, but  among  the miners   it , is
rumored that it was because the   op- .
orators were .-not ready to go    ahead'
with the formation of an agreement.
This does not mean that   there- is
any probability of a -rupture between „
the two parties, as representatives of-
both.thc__ operator's and tlie miners'as-;_
sort that     the prospects- ot a settle-'
111 cut being reached at, the. time, of, re-,
convening are very bright,, *  ,..   -, ,-    .
Drinnan,-.    Fras'cr,- Moore.
. tV
ManagPs James, C. N.'R.. annoiinc
es- that the company lost a    million*'
dollars last month in not being" „«ible
,0 operate its lines.    _ ',    ,     '    "
.Edward Duval,' formerly.,of the i.-n-
eral superintendent's office of the ;e:i-
tral division, Canadian Pacific Winnipeg, has been transferred to Ca'i-
gary as "chief clerk to li. ii: Jamie-
son, general superintendent , of ' 'he
western division.--1 Mr. Duval .leaves
to assume bis new duties°ncxt. week,
but1 before his departure , will, on
Monday night, .be- the recipieat, of ac
complimentary banquet at the Royal
Alexandra given by the clerks of the
Winnipeg offices. ,He is a son of. Rev.
Dr." Duval.'".   . :
,  Messrs.
Galcr, and Wilson, who are represent- -
ing.tlic operu tors .from , the south lift ,
Calgary the same day, ,and.,,Messrs. _
Lindsay, Stockctt.-'-Aldrich'-andil'lum- ,-v
merfelt left the 'following r^ay.',"
Messrs. McNeill and Little have-also'-'
returned  to  Canmore.       "     , ._'
rnternatibnal Board Member Burke,.;
lelt for the" Coast,* and International ;■"-■
Vice-President Lewis left for'the. east' '
Tuesday night. '-      _' '.    '" '
"A "niccting of the District.Board, j.^.r-
District-No.J 18, which is the'.Calgary-■<
district, was held   Tuesday, at "which''
delegates  Sherman,   Giilvin,    Morgan,' M ^
Patterson,  McDonald,. Crab, "ri .lliynsi
arid Graham attended.   Beforche.jleft     ., ._
,for the east, Mr. Lewis made the fed-..   ; .,_,*.
lowing sta'tvment ■ to• a couple:- of'; re- '   'o\
porters: -      - ^» .   '       .../'•
"During my stay in Calgerv '. Im.'e-"   .   ;
• -.  , •   -■-.":. >'si" ii.";i''->:;.lf
liecn very, well pleased with my treat-,
ment by-all the people,-and"I am im-.
■■11 '
Miners'' Association, respectively,  ■• a
''hearty welcome.   He was pleased   10
ebnld not be gone on with until   the
credential     committee ',' had returned'
with their report. '
...   5 '       .-t     -       -     -   - - '
It was while waiting for this report
to"come/in:,that the willingness a of,
both parties to create a feeling of
good fellowali'ip' was manifested. The
chairman requested a. song from otic
of the ..miners,-| and Delegate Biggs
Was;at once - appointed. the ,,official
song bird, for the men., Though; r..t
firat rather doubtful of,proceed!ag, he
was at last started with a goud rrl-
licking song .of, tlie sea,, aud,both operators and miners,joined, with .a, will
in the chorus.and made the hall reverberate while they told of tbe dan-,
gcrs [ encountered,. and the..people who
waited to welcome home the ...Jolly
Joak Tor.. .■!,,...  „>
When this song had finished,. Mr.
Praaar, of tha operators, was '-called
upon. Mr. Froaer eaid: tliat he'could
not sing, aiid was [promptly -told'ito
aee such men present at the   conven- ^0,-ahead and-prove it/ However, the
""1      .,• MAN.
Many' a man I as escaped perils of
lire and ocen to fall prey to illseUo.
Blleans saved Klrcpti 3, M, I'lan.i-
gan.of Kaplan i->t 1 Kingsto.t, fr.iiu
this (ate. He save: "I suffered terribly from indigestion aad constipation, After food I had acute pain, a
sensatiou of weight at the stomach,
und belching, followed by a worn-out
Uaguid feeling, My bowels would
not work healthily, bad heuilacheH
were common, und I fell into u weak,
worn-out stale. What would have
happened to me but for Dlleans 1
don't know I One box of this vegetable remedy greatly Im proved ii,e,
und a few boxes cured rue. 1 have
now gained weight aud am quite restored, " nileiins also cure pll«», telltale ailments, auaeuiia. uprlng de-
l.lllty, blood impurities,' plmplrs,
eruptions, and all liver and   kldu.-y
Irntiblr* All drn^nlvlc ntid ttnr*« uX
fifty cents a, box, or from Hlltiti Co.,
Toronto, for price,
■    — 0 -.
New York, March,j,~-Mrs. Ilenja-
mis I1. O'Connell, 44 years old, was
) rnbal.ly fatally Inlnred, \\*r Imnband
uged 41, kcrioutjy injur**!, ami seven
of their ten small children painfully
injurwl by en explosion of a tan ol
kerosene oil at their home oa I'oplar
street, rtroollyu, tonight. Thttxplos
loo of the cen tauted a lamp (o explode also, The mother, lather and
children received burns as they ran
through the flame* to the street.
The steamer Roanoke," the %isi' to"
reach the steamer, Corona when ,, the
latter was-wrecked at* the entrance to
Eureka harbor yesterday, arrived . gl
San:Francisco today.- Captain' Duri-
ham, blames ,the L'niten States ..-lighthouse board foe the llrec.l;". There
have been four steamers wrecked on
the Humboldt reef during the year-—
tie Newsboy,. Corinthian, Siequoid
and Corona, and Captain Dunham declared that all might-have been pre-,
vented if the lighthouse board had had
the channel properly marked.
' Ottawa, March 2,—In the house today the'minister of militia announced thai the headquarters of the
Strathcona Horse, the new branch of
the permanent,' corps, will be established at Wcdicinc. Hat or Calgary.   ,,
An kttjdemt occurred at Funk on
Saturday which resulten in tht death
of a miner employed In the CuadUn
Americas Ceul Co.'s mine. K, Heath
cote, mint inspector ot this diitriet,
left Uthbridf* this momlof for
Frank to (nvtstfgiitt the ciu-uutiUac-
tioa, and believad'ithat. their presence'
there would materially aid all concerned.     ' ' -il'
It wan a matter of regret that
through sorrow in his family, International President John Mitihcll was
not able to be present with 1 tln)'U.-•   <
Mr. Mitchell occupies)tha 1 extranely
proud position of being fint iui the
hearts of the American mmt.K nnd
he had aent his ablest Ilea:u*7it here
to represent him when he himself was
unable to be present, ;.'.:'
If Mr. MiUhell was first in the
hearts of the miners Mr, Lewis /wan
second, and he was sure they were
jut as well represented ' 'a* If, Mr.
Mitchell himself were present,'
Mr, |lurk wtte also a gentleman' oh
whom they could all place implicit
coufidence, and 011 more than one occasion he had shown hltusell to he a
man upou whom trouble had ao effect,
uml who was willing and able to cope
with air contingencies, '
Tills field they were engaged in District No. 18, was a very complex one,
und they hud many difficulties to contend with. One of these difficulties
wm that they had in this district
four, kinds of coal, Anthracite, Lignite, Heuil-Ultumluous and Bituminous,
Eighteen year* ago there was no
mines in this district- snd pWHMilv
no railroads,* while now both minim*
and railroading bad assumed past
Thi* district was not like thi big
mining ctatrea of the United States,
where all competitive fields hud been
covered long ago, When the operator*, had received the Invitation ol the
tnliurs to meet them in Joint coafer-
mce and Make an agreement to' uver
the whole competitive field, they welcomed it warmly, aad mittt of Irwn
Ui come to meet the miners and <Ss-
tuss the propositions from a rational
point of view.
They were going to tank* si sgree-
ment, a jxroumt agratflusit, for the
first time, aad the task they had set
for tbcH*lvte won one full of difficulty, bat fa rpite of this hi be-
•Hived tlut with patience wetter* may
U evtataaUy smoothed out and they
could build" a foundation here 10 that
tk.4* mka follow tlreai ia the (stare
pressed"" _wirh~Ttlie_lilea tliaPCalgary'^"TT :^"~
has'a'great future ahead-of it■•"*..'. ;..•,. '   .
"It >is but natural that'the' people' r-''*'
in this'community as" well as' air,.thc-ii^'- j
people who are. affecied'by'thc'miii-'"'"" *
ihg industry should be- interested,', in._..". _
the deliberations bf the'iuiners, .and .-, '
operators joint convention, which, b.e-fi..-'
gan here on Monday last, :*•/-.'!'
impressed with the good feeling'thiit'' * ..
1'As an     outsider I was favb'tably.'
existed between the'operators aiid <he
miners'    representatives,' and >I< think    , '
thnt both ol the interests, represented     ■*>'
ure in earnest in their desire,   to   lit-   '"'
rive _ at a satisfactory and, permanent;
■•tlulion of the wage,question, .,, ,,,,.r.',";','!..
"During the .deliberations there wccni i
some matters'developed-'that made'it"'.'1
impossible to'complete''' "the' work ' . 1'  ',:!i
forinuliiting.a.wage coiitrnct, mid "u ,'..'.
wns decided bv n unanimous, vote   to
urriyarof< : the'.credential committee
at this juueture saved him, and he
was. not called upon to make good
his assertion. >■-'•■ '--i'i-  /
The credential committee tlieu submitted their report,' which showed
that there were twenty-threo miners
and twelve operators present. This
alto showed that there were delegates
there from the miners representing
camps from which'there, wcrc.no operators present, The chairman asked
if there were any objections' to those
delegates remaining as spectators and
taking part in discussions. '"   *
Mr, StocWt. ol tho Pacific Coast
Coal Co,, asked if this wns right. Ho
did not think that it was, This convention could not make urraiigctuvnt.s
for those, camp* who were not reprc-
sealed there by operators.
International Board Member Burke
said that tht delegates in micaliou
should |>e allowed to act the sumo as
nny other delegates present whoso operators were these, The convention
would carry on and make a ,olnt
agreement for thone here and those
Uot here, and those opcratora who
had not seen fit to attend the con-.
ftrence wou.d have to abide by the
agreement so made, nnd It would bo
the duty of the. miners to see that
they did so, a duty which they would
Vuik._y   0.4-4 Itsl 1*4.
Ui', iHonUU *^Jd IhuX hu ,djd iw-X
think that Mr, Burke understood I1I111.
He moved that the delegates whose
mines were :uot represented i;at the
convention by operators be   rllowed
iu ItWkiili  Sl» s»_j*k,i*Ujl» 04J_,,  ii'uV  U>
have no part in the proceedings.
In seconding! this motion, Mr, A. C,
Klummerfelt, ol the Inlernatisniil
Coul & Coke Co., said that he did so
on the distinct understanding that
there would be no part taken by
these delegates in the convention aid
uo ugrectmut uudu with them, ati
theii oj>erators were not thus.
Mr. Burke again rose and ,aH that
they were uot going to allow the
manbers of the organisation wlio are
delegate* hire to be silent wtntibers
bacanee ol the mere lact that their
»' -» :■ ■ - •
(Contnued on Page y)
Samuel Robertson, a young' section
man, aged 33 years, was .struck by
the third section of No. 1 yesterday
afternoon nt Kcnora, aud died on the
way to the hospital,
•Winnipeg, March a,—Building permits for February show a marked in-
crease. Ninety-two buildings will be
constructed at a cost of $190,000.
Ottawa, March 9.—Premier, Tweedle
wlio is here was notified today of his
appointment to the liqitenniit-govcr-
nossltip of New Brunswick. Attoruuy-
Gcnciiil 1'iigsley will succeed him in
the premiership,
Ottawa, March 9,-Oltuwn mid
WitiiilererR tonight played oil thu llu
fill the cimti-rn hockey ihiimpioirslilp
VVmtdercis winning by n score of 10-fn
The London county council election
took plnco last Saturdny. Tin' out'
going council consisted of H.t jirogreH-
hives, 34 municipal reforiili'is and one
independent, The ouii-oinc of yesterday's election Ih not yet, fully known,
but according to the returns received
up ti1 midnight, the municipal reformers have (rained 41 sents, mul the
progressive* and labor pnrty one
emli. The. laborites or socialists
played nn tinprcccdeiitiil part iu the
election by fighting for setts aifiiiiisi
both tho progressives nnd the reformers,
Sciunton, Tn., Mnrch a,—Fourteen
men nrc near death in the Tiv/t-ir
today. Wholher or not 30 other miners nt work in the affected section escaped w.ia in doubt up to 10 o'clock
tonight, wlun Mine Innptctor David
Williams felt safe In saying they were
all out of the mine and ilive.
Wll.esb,irre, Pa,, March t.—Two
men were killed and five liadly bunted
hy nn .explosion of gas in the Woodward mine of! the Delaware, l,acka-
wanna & Western Com|«ny at Kingston th « evening. Tlie Injured am
foreigners, nnd It is belic/ed they will
d 1. "i
ridjoiiru the convention .aiid,to. recoil-.,;__;. ,
vene here within two weeks,* at which , c
timc^I feci sure     tliat a scttlenicnt :
will be reached and a'contract agreed,
upon. .     . 1
'..."TIiIb, arrangement will; give . that" *
stability   that   the   mining   Industry   .,"■,'
should have in this country;- nnd   in'
u'ditioii to this.will remove that fesi- "':
ing of uncertainty nud.suspense; thu)
ulwnys exists where contracts are nm   . ,
made for'fixoil periods, .1 mutter, tint.'   .
'.s of the ntiniist impori,i»Kc   In   ihe-
tniniiig industry," - -■
Whether Mr. I.ewls will   return' "for,
llie reconvention or not has not yet
been settled, ns it is thought'»■, pos> '.m
slblo  that     Intel national.   President'-'
-lolin Mitchell will be here,'  unci   fn   '"'
Hint ense his pieNfiici1 will i.cVt.lic^'nt*- '.''
co-SHi,ry' '■.'.' .'...'..'s'.'
Another liistiinco of the good .feel-'"'
ing Hint hns ('xisled during tiiij'con-   '"
veiitioii     was   jiiiinifested   ycNterday
when the chairman of the. cimv.cntioii,',,.,,,
Mr. 0. G. S. Miidsiiyf-wlio is wiiIbo    . 1
the pre-sidem of the Operators"   As-''    '
soelation,   wn«: uiiavoldiibly" 'delayed'' ' '
und.arrived .somewhat I late. Mr.. Un^-"""''
sny nskod to )>e cxcusecl and  Insisted „.
upon being lined for his latcnesB.' He mu.-
was accordingly   mulcted '.'—J—ail   !
riiumV'nnd nftcr they hnd'adjotifiicil   ''''
....        /. ' I.      Il   ' .      f.    'I1 ''J l-t:    I     i
paid the flue.
 0 ., •■
Nuw York, March    a.~A dynii'mlte '__.',
maga/.ino, containing exploHlve>,,n's'eii'
in the uxcnvallon work for tlie Pen. !J,
nsyl'vnnia Jta'llroud North river   tiin'-" ,
nel nt Homestead', N. J., wiis blown,,, u
imi eirly Mifv     momfng, fujurfitg    g
score of employees in the vicinity nnd ,_.
shal.mg ImlMiugti for nitkH . amuml.
Aniliulances nmoved Hie injured    to.ji '
h.spltals.   The shock  of  the eiplo't- \(,
ion broke probably every window   lit. ,',
fiormsteari, and w.t« felt In this city,t
where many till buildings trembled.  ,,,
Tlioua^uda i,( ^csows wcte awakened
from thrir sleep and badly frightened ..
The enusi' of ihr accident was nol de-    ,
ft ^-'ff "*"t ^iy'Mff-^Ji^f .ipfi-r.
**,l„*!»B*   f-«(,5(
IA * =tHKMl« fl-W^".,
*fc.-u.^f' >/+<** S ->*-«*»os»-fim>an&i35i *£&£&G3&jatm3B&x
la^JtamabttsaaiaBa.-tMi.^ ^i^ptsVtttttt-Aa
ft   '
Jt>"-'-ii**««V *
«     -vl sv i"
FERNIE B. C.: MARCH|9th,  1907
; 3.^:-U;.M;W:;pfA. •<;■•< ^;
s   ?(Contiuued'From;Page 4-) ,-.:_.::
operators had refused to attend the
convention. The matter would not
affect",the operators who were present," so they had nothing to fear.
. If < anything . unjust, happened ,. it
would-be the^fault of-the operators'
who had, relus'id to attend,., and' they
would'have to suffer lor it. They
wer,' riot going, to be silenced because
•.d the' fault -.if the operators:,'
, TSie'-'cluiiruian then took a hand "n
"t'n.tfrj.r.jceit'irjj.s. -He thought tliat* all
liie^spejke s veere laboring under il.
lus-ous. '1-tnor.tilK he inferred lhat
what Mr. Stockett and Mr. Flummcr-
fa.t meant was that these ' delegates
were licit to be allowed to vote or to
' act on the scales committee.*..
. This appeared to,be just what those
gentlemen did mean, and, as'. Mr."
Burl.* said that that was, just what
he meant, with the addition that
these delegates would .be granted the
privileg.'.s of entering into;, any * discussion 'during open session^'it'was at
last agreed that this was to be the
case, and a matter, that had at first
promised to " 'assume rather serious
proportions and1'lead- to controversies, was settled.
.The appointment of the" committee'
on permanent organization and , mles
and order of'business followed, and
Hopk liy Evan's and Thomas I,ewis
were, appointed for the miners and
Messrs.r'Whiteside aiia   Drennan     f->
the operators.   While  this committee
a:   -
were outside'.preparing  their   report,
the convention' adjourned to convene
again at the, cull of the chairman in
♦about' twenty,minutes. When the conference had again been called to ord-
*r and the report read, it was*found
that-the"positions'of cha nnan, secretary . and assistant secretary.' . had
been -'ratified.'* "   ,,
It Was' also recommended' that * the
oouvahtion  meet daily  between     the
, hours: of 9 a.m. and 12 a.m., and ' 2
p.m. andd5 p.m., aud that if necessary ^special' evening sessions be.held.
Theirvrepqrt waa-adopted,* aud1 t was
. afterwards announced that Messrs.
Stockett\, (Alberta) ' aiid IyLndsay
(British;. Columbia) would cast the
votes'for the operators,  and Messrs.
. Shennnu (British- Columbia) and J.
A. McDonald. (Alberta) for the miners. '.. __: ;,\- -   ' ■'•_ o'
The.'list of operators and alterna;2s
waa then'-:read.. The names of'    the
'miner'a dalagatea were =also<iead~ but
no alternates were appointed, as Mr;
Shsnaan" atated^tliat- they did     iiot
• The '.conference then went into closed session;' and all except those who
were delegates from the operators,, or.
miners><-were required to leave. Al-
.tboogg it was understood that a Press
'committee was to be formed to g'.ve
,. information to the press of what
transpired at the meeting after '.lie
exclusion of the public, no news was
Available last night as 110 members
could be found who knew   anything
, about the, formation of such a com-
mlttee.; 'y.
It was learned,, however,, that the
miners were asked to submit their
proposals; to the operators, and that
they in return asked the,operates
to submit theirs. Owing to the but
that the operators had not prepared
'any proposals they were unable to
do this; and it is understood that
this state, of affairs called forth some
severe criticism from the miners.
. ., Eventually tlie miners submitted
Uioir proposals and gave ihe operators until this morning at 9 a.m. to.
think them over, and last night ,, the
members of the Operators' Association held a private meeting to c'ts-
ctiaa tlm matter among thcm.iul.'cs,
Owing to the strict secrecy ohssvrcd
by the operatora no authentic Intor-
'matlon as to what transpired ,>.t this
meeting is- obtainable, but it wns
rumored that objections will probably be raised to several clauses 111
the miners' proposals today.
The delegates of the miners .spent
the night viewing the production of
"The Golden Gloat Mine" by the
Hummers Stock Company at Die Lyric Theatre.
)a"nist.:Bio; '18>1.
leaaquarters' :'"; Blairmore,' Alta;
.<". H. Slicrman,. Pres. Fernie
:. A. McDcniild.-Sec.   Blairmore
$   Gladstone'- Local Union No.23i4;- +
4   Thos.":Biggs,-'Sec;,'Fernie, B. C.   ♦
♦ •* ' :'•■ -:-".;•• ■'-.-"- ';■-;-' ♦
4  ■   :.   '""-.'■;  ' ,:-.";'- i  ''   ''•'.-■."♦.
<►   Michel-'LocaP Union" No": 2334.   ♦
+ A..>-i-J. Carter, Sec.,- >
♦   ■ Michel,   B.   C' *
<>*'•■■ ♦
o  -        , ; ♦
<> Colennvu I.ocal Union No. 2633 4
O.^.Chas.. Brooks,  Sec., . Coleman,   ♦"
**>--'-.->:"''.' /• ' Alta.'"''       . .'"'-' <£, ♦
4T'-£  "•• '   •"     »-    ■■■    '  '"♦
4 .,-■."...'.■ -    ♦'
<*>■> Frank Local Union No. 1263 ♦
<>' David.Stcne, Sec, Frank, Alta. ♦
•>'v. '•C-3 --.•'-'•-,'■ ♦
♦ - n   ,   ♦"
O iiille Local Union No. 1233 ♦
<> Allie May, Sec, Lille, Alta."♦
<>   ' ."♦
04 <*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦».♦♦♦♦♦
4-,.v-'.i'-:.'..**:*'>' ■i-,"-  ,<   -   ;._ « .-^
0 Hullevue Local'Union No. .431 ♦
4 Y. Chappell, Sec, Bellevue, 4
4' -Alta. '    4
4- ' ♦
4 .,      1 " :■* -;1.'' ' ♦
4 Hillcrest Local. Union No. 1058 4
4 .»«.'■.  Turnbuil,  Sec'.,  Hillcrest, 4
,> .                   Jv'AlCa.                 '" 4'
4 - - ♦
444« -■^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4
♦'■'       *■ *♦
4   Lamibreck    Local    Union   No.   4
4  wv'.n. T. Thdmiwou, Sec, Luud-  4
4' breck, Alta.   . .-, 4
4 ''♦
4444 4♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦•. ■■-:-       "": ♦
4 LfctV.ridge,Local Union N0.574 ♦
4 S. V. H. Crabb, Sec, Leth-" 4
4 bridge, Alta. 4
♦ . '*; - ♦
4444 v ■*4444'44444*4*****
♦. '■»    .    ♦
4 Tabcw-. local ' Uuiou , No. 102 4
4. John Bishop,*;.'Sec.',- Tabor, 4
4  '" ' ""'   Alta" . 4"
444*44 4^44444444444444
'♦, * ">* ♦
4 Tabor .JU, ul - Union No. 1959 =♦
vj>. Alfred   Pre ert,   Sec,   Tabor,   $
4 N '"• " -Vita: ■ ,*•* I- -4
4^^^ ^l-_^^ '^JL
To suit every emergency and every
pocket. No need of missing, the
Mine Train to the mines, or being:
Jate for v our-work. See our window.
X c-v
4   Canm.ire Local Union No. 1387
4   H. Asson, Sec, Canmore, Alta.
♦ ' -'. *    ♦
♦■ ,'■ ■"    '     ; .♦
4   Bankheid  Lov-nl; Union No.  29   4
4   John iiigglnsi' Sec,  Bankhead, 4
4 ■    ■'<*.' Alta. , ♦
-     Citv of Fernie
+ '    i.   . +
4 AKlifriOA*^   Christ    Church— A*
fXj. IUv.   v    Sli'-idlng Wilkinson,- A»
•l« ' piuiiiM-'*3»iv.lwJ,    11    a,  m. A*
•{• aad    f-v*    p.    nt.    Sunday A*
4 Hehnol    Hhtf Bible class 'at,,4*
<J« i,;)i:   p.   im  '.Evening  prayer A*
4 oa  ViKdMniiiay at 8 o'clock. .•}•
4 t-i-tii-v' Comimuuibn island 3rd •}•
•]• Hiuniiays   nt. ■ 11 a.   m., and Aj>
•I! 4im- rtauriav at 8 a. m.        . A*
4:  ' .".,.'.. •r5
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'Victoria.,, Ave.
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s..; '-
Hardware and Mill Slippages
Tinsmiths, Steamfitters and  Plumbers
Henderson Block
■-' *
tji^t  c|n|i
MrfiSt-M-v. kl. Locke
Jv.<.|ft,iLi->s, |),A., B.Th., pastor. Sorvli.t* at 11 a. m. und
7.41; |i. nt. Sunday school
and HI Id* claiui at 9.30 p.m.
l'rtt.vi u««Uii|{ on Wednes-
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•J. I'.uDi'itiliU, O.M.l. Low 'Aj>
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.j. *J.
•HM«*f'» h •r"H,,I-H"M-M,"M"M»M«
...  UU'»lOlllST--]iev.    W. hxxxAx- A"
«J. l«> Hulli D.A., 11.1).,,pastor, •!«
4 Hvtavtu^K. ut 11, a. in. itnd 7.30 4
»!• p. m.   Millie class 3.30 p, in.; •{•
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4 t«Hi'.sier*i' tunetlng, 3,30 p.m. -J*
•J. Ciutw tnc'<1iiig,   10,15 a> «•• 4
4 Vouoi*     p<rple'a     meeting, •!*
»J. MonnHV at 8 p. m.   Prayer •{'
•t* mtieiiiii1 Wtdncsilay at 8 p.m. •!«
+ +
I'UlWUv'IWHIAN ; -    Knox   A*
• nanh-WM,  U.    R,  Grant,  A*
hi,, piuil-T, Services at xx   •{<
• 111. mM  i.y) p.m.  Sunday  •!•
> u(uh4   Mlid   HibU class   at  •{•
-» '0 p,  m    Prayer    meetliiR   A>
btAnthiuy 4t 8. p. m. •}•
.m»v< H"M"MH"M*M"M"M-M*
J,mnmi/. Sunday—Knee drill
7 « *). \lolinea« mt«ti»2 11
m. '■*«_ 'free and Kosy,"
a.yi >. m. Sunday tuliool, i
t<< . .'.' tlvatinn meeting, 8
u. mi m.M.K. meeting on
IfottAt) at 7.3b p. m. Sal-
oaWvp meeting Wednesday
%t U V>- w. Soldiers1 wwt-
•fcj, Vtiday. Tutiuiduy
«ta«Uag Saturday at 8 p. m. <&
Flower!       Field!
«|M§»  tyty
We will have on view and for sale a most complete assortment of seeds for the Spring trade of
1907. We guarantee all of these as heing true to
nature and variety. We guarantee all ol" them to
be fresh goods from the most reliuhle seedmen.
Kvory package  will grow or ihe   money   refunded,
Fernie,   B. C.
and   Bulbs
l'Yom year, lo year \Ve haw math* a study
of the Semis ht'si ai'api d-10 to this particular soil and clim.iie. Tlii^ year .e
invito you in call ainl' inspeei" tin* inost
complete liiv. of SiM-d-i and Hulhs ihat we
have ever handled.
QUALITY has ever Uvu our watchword
and we soliciie llie, custom uf those who
the  hest.
out    endeavors  10 supp'y    only
The  Pcrnle Drug Store
we will say that it will he unnecessary for you
to send away for your seeds as we will have a
stock sufficiently large to supply all reijufrements
of the district.
SUDDABY'S T '"w*   -."-''"-, r-'-v      .'."    * * - *". '"*.
'      ,   "• -f- *.   ' ""        »' i     ' ,•   "   .1 ' '--<!'-•-,   "      '      '       'i •-„' A '"_ . ,    .-"   -,   -  ,\-       ' '   "b "' ".»% 5 • .>.=l,7 *      '        ',     "     -        .,'"'*,      ^   '-',»!"*   "-,'.,*.    .'-rt'-5',      -,.   «        "* •
fcaauBf^os*3'/~zi|—— -
■n ' ,.*~     * *   n'1'' "-• t ''^        r i
w ^  *;y^   '^i» iT''^" ££VX*^ e,
IJXLJ..' '  ' -   fl-V *■  f ^ ./£" 'f1 ^ I""''''. * •*. *.,' ^y"?^ *feX" / r'    \/
'■"•f r*~ *"*'' -****"WS-»**>. *+« *     -' '*1**«.i<. *«■•!.'»*i,J ('J^-i*,,^, •«.*,, slj.^-.'t        i ^i*O*r^«-W-'i'0^;vT„«^)i.^Wu%.u^s,yh,
Sta**        *       p  °       -t^-.*"* :,  ^1 /jC-^-i-, ' •&•$!      V^S^S^S^S^S^B^J
»™*Ai    ^.j * > ■fv*-'" t    ;^v  -    ^v^Hs^H^HaH'H
= -.--,    -f - i,
?">'* ' ''
t " ^;f'^"P'i-'}^B--&:-k'£\ ■ '•> -^ *''<f''if>,^*^^?s'-sr','s*-s'iiw"-. •/•   "!•. vy'V-v^*,'«;; •■■•,. '••'>?>•'   "■''<,>  V 'i>,;,,?** •J\i-*;%
-:'     '- Tl --^^^ iMiirr  ^^ lii Jr !r-    ^ -^ ■' • * ^ f'? ^' *g ^: a-gj) ^ Lr       -I-.,""., *-.;i *-   "   •■*«'*-■■"■; v' , .    '".s",:,.;'-     »>   •;, TVS
" '   ? ISMKMaBff ^ JGMJBbWl HsfffHB.1 *»•' s ft 1?ti t; ^_-,f^yJ •*- -K* ^^ a.| w^v»y»j'^-y, -w4,h-.'v. .... -; -h-. -:-s *'•'!•
. ff L.e    -    vv   -   -u
.-' ,%^_ .-^j;,. _^ w     ',HB- if^P •"'-   ••»«*■
•'     *   ^'.W,
"/'  9. V- "">";'* -v" o.-'-'K- "c*. ';. ' »'s
*' .-
»« *'l
„,.l, "J.        -        ,  II..'
?.>,    ^ fBD     1.3]
.> T ,.
' -t v<*',j?°"^ li.'i?;--" ^''!vi," i?'
j.  if
.1      ' -, 1.111
)n-  „ ;-"i'l; »"•'
1 p"-
4 ,,,
/>"».--i-r Aa>;>,..«-s
••''i'V'i'. ^*-!?t'-i:/'
, /.
I ,<j3 -»•>>"
' *- >. .,.'
. \ 't
rii^'ji**, 1,1,1.''*..,. ?v' i.-'rK*-.
.'•,-'      ■ \ - >
g^a^ifttclw^ ;;ne&-
!°   ..^",! .*V;* ?^..  'V- ;:  „y f-,
1 "'i"*, v * yy;f "**•' 'i*'-* . ■-' n.".-.'
*   *' „;." i?"'' '" v-*1*
.^.r^y^-L' *K •"*"''1.'    'J'-'4/s  ;??t" ^'^'"j *-i
.* -*-
o.-     n ^
(4-    'iHV V"     j'
* i .- l   f-
' 5. -  '■  ?.
1     r?. ,''.(,',;
(Jttfo,!-^ .' & '   . :
.ia'ji-.v""'-'!".1,;   °i
• ,<s   ;«- «
r;''*.-j-.«",,. V f.,     ,
•* ■ r * >,
,J-S>B|r    •        *jj    ]>',   '   s
Vii ' ' x ''   '   *"
|'|> JlHvi-;   _.
.HI,'-1''   ".
Vi'1 it     '
.■*'   . »
Jriilii^ „ !,
iu'*fo;*s> ■■
'■ ¥■
,*..".,» * i,<,
. (^yW
-o' • a '
11,   4,1 --,*..„   ..
..•X .
•llliTl^l*."  •A,',ll    v
1 »■'^if "K yf "'-r''
I'M   Tirol »■ ,' •■ . ,-'- ,
*,t_^-s ''"
",.—   '»-'      ,»„»   _»v-/,      ".^
*,    --lirt.,.. , , , "J.;., • I'W-- '^','*'' •' '  .*•
i* ,A.
,,._','.    . ri,**. ,>:. * 1,
I   " 'h'
-..-^        ',
*.-as a
*,       .-!-.
""-. 5"a .
IJ '.
|)H'*"sif;':V '<" \   "
l!l*jM©1. ) '•.   -'
e  ''
.-.ft        k-..    . t1
*> t. 1'-1.
1  .
. ,1
1 .1
1 '•■
',.   '   v     ,->.<>
1       "        (
, '
'            '             .        l
1 ■*£   ,   -
*' ti
o-1 .
irf'SSiif v/'V,'"'
IK                 'l      H
'i; '.-
«,                        .
'iF _, M
'     '■"■■"""■"•^■■sa
i   1    '*■
>                  •
it' v
*    *K*    '
c *
'1. v    v   M      (, n
/ . !"'•
'^^ -       t.      •;' ^/ ,\"i
I «JfV*'v
j lii)  tt1,i"_
II, .> diii"
f -    -,., t    j
.*.'  'i
u    ^?      ?*
VJ 4
^ -    iPj -
When boosting Fernie do not forget lo|:give The
Ledger a boost- at the same tiitie—keep everlastingly
at it. If you are not already a subscriber call at
our sanctum .and loosen up for a subscrii)tion--its
only $2.00 and think of the good work done.
'       ' •     * t     '*!,',      t    1       , , "
' " '"'        ^^ ' ' \ '""'I'J'       '-•'-, •
Muvtiil i^l   IN THE  LEDGER
I." „      ' (    , 1      .
i       , •!!'   Ill
'"■»„' ''■
1 mil
|d>! -w'•.:•'
•I.!»li(\}t,      ■.»
11 .ii (i>, k„
, -4-1
j, j i»,ti«v»w->««.iMv>-*'
«J, )te^ bsPt*** ,'«.W'1*'i*
*^te»w«'*'«**i'*^i6i!MM).>-<. »<M«a1»*w^ ■(<* **3*tw*i*f*iw


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