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The Fernie Ledger 1907-03-30

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 ■?; f*
It -, .'
"  '^;.t"
- *'       ■ ' 9
V   j ■%.,**v        * ^aT
'•K ,„- ■ ' s "*\t\J'jj'"1   "
-., ^'l- 'v.r %-' '-". -i^ „. -
■:-v / '-^-^-v***-*-'-- \&if' "!-'
-...vi-w',.*.   iiwr,,   --.Kf?.n-..
*.j - -.-{-?   » '* -> -k:«..-*--3"'j **fV
•.It*..* .iv,,--v>v-<-v *^:'\S''
' *k*S:V6i> ri.tNii'MBijR ,33. V-*-*j.'"-: v *
• .TV
-*-*i* *
;*r«: "",:.''-> ^""'J^'s
"4s $.V.'1-'.''J'M~!& 'i»l j -
': l- ,«'-       ., -, .  ...-» \~
 —    1  ,-. j
FERNIE/B.C., SATURDAY, MARCH.30, 1907; v   ■  -
Price $2> A; year in* Advance.
the House and Haw-
4""J' "
*'  -,*<;.
Mesa Slap
', '■ - The>*deba.te. on the better terms ics-
olutinn Monday in the local house did
,"* not produce from,, Premier McBride the
;   'anticipated   impassioned   speech' * de-
y    uunciatory of Uie Liberal -government
- * at Ottawa; "The premier" spoke wieh
, "'.quite an" ungual..=restraint," confining
.■-.*• -Jiis remarks to a careful review of tlie
._ history; of "British,, Columbia's efforts
'' ■, __tcT'"sc"cure'! better terms and to0 reiterating ■ the • story' of .his own"' efforts.' at
J- the   recent; conference "of   ' provincial
, ' premiers,-'closing au I,.hour's    speech
., with an-earnest ttoiiastto vhe ii^use" to-
----*.. -' - . '
express .*approyal,"'oL his course'.     'His
' speech throughout' was characterised
1 -' by*a-studied effort to'*avoid . sayini;
,.       anything  that   couldi  be   interpreted
„.  into an attack upon the lyiberal party^
y  \- and-, this unusual 'restraint unade ,ilc-
»•;'.Bride's speech   somewhat "tedious*^.Il
*- ' had "the 'effect .of sending "Xa'poleoiV1
\„. Bowser-to^-sleep, and failetl to solicit
,^w "a single,' round of applause from ,his
.-- ^followers until the speaker' took 'his
.^ seat:, "_ _ iir--- •*, /. . -; -,
■'^--"t'-jTIie1 opposition-leader replied - in. a
"*• '   .4R»^-(-;»    •ri    -    .   ■ '     . ..     '
•;^..speech occupying about, the same time:.
V "(**B''-''all sides°   it' was,conceded    that
.  J  '.Macdonald.'.made the most cogent and
-,' - ? carefully, reasoned", speech  ever Ideliv-
. , ered „on. the, floor    ol British Columbia's^ legislative/assembly. - ■' '. - '  --
^   '?   He,  too,  kept strictly away'.from
: nature,-
thciirst   t time, -the f chief' provisions
''■".'.V-     .,**.-'   ■-.'      > ^.-w'f.j:;
bemg: * 'v-'.-f,    *•*.:     . ■•   "   -*•;".'",,",.
"It'shall be!lawful for the lienten-
aut-governor-in-councir  to. grant 7 to
the. Uninersity. of. British Columbia in.j^'.'jv'.'-^
the lirovince of-British-'Columbia not' "*-'*
exceeding' two million' acres- in iaid of 0
higher education; in -this .province.V
: '.'Th? -land * to ■ be;; granted-""-pursuant *
"lo th'is,'act shall lie selected from;the'
fends' of>the"province.» by the lieuten-
nnt-jj^ova'rnor-'fei-coijncil,. within'- three
years lroni     the date of ^ the 'passing,
of this act;   All revenues derived from
said lands," or- from the sale or other
., .. ... *     . .     $  . .^ -
disposal ^hereof by '\the said'univer-
sity, shall l>ev devoted- to the ^ maiiij'-
teuance;^ byt said" university .of,, .the
following"faculties:'.,   "'■i , '*>   .
- "lja) Ar laculty of arts. and science.,
""(.b) A faculty^of medicine. . » ; „*
/"(.c) A' faculty' of law,'"- " ° * \,,_.
"(d)' A faculty-"of .^applied science,,
including manual .-'training ami 'eagin--
eerinjg.^   >   *•-■ °. **, -v,';:V'- "*    ;C
■ \i • r • iJJ'     ,
- "any ' remark' of"" a partisan
'-'.lUiough'T'hecsubjected  the- - premier's
_;*^leugthy"resolution-to^close criticism,
'j,; pointing -out'   several', flagrant    mis-*
.**'*•.'•-*"-   -;v ^^statementsAiand   elaborating    upon*
1 ,.. *    --,-*>-,   "wiiat he'claimed.'to'be-the-vstrongest
arjjuinent in1 ^avor. of British, Colum-'
■ --* . T~y.\-. -" .-    l:ia's clf1-'!*^  for.*.''*llv'>rJ_1<»r>ng%-nnertliiiLL
*-'     -A-'" -'had never beeii advanced by"a"nyI of.
Jyy ' •> i-l*?}' ,yh€-^delegiiiions' tliat had visited : Ot-
¥'~i-:':.}li "' ;s-,v.>law2'Jiii'. this "connection.'. --He f also
f^ii^1- i'-*-"i"• J ^,'>*flEectslvely^dieriiotistra.t^Bcl^^tliu^ false-; po;
i.*-j%~<»p. ••-' . province inl by "iigreeing ■ to a  . sub-
'1    j^^.kL. i' > J   . jr , *".    *> s   ■  •
<iniB«ion-'of .the case to an inter-pi-o-
•* viucial conference,1 and tlten * pro-
; claiming-!that he would,not he bound
' -by ^he findings of the, conference.1'*
■ ,The-?high>tprie" of the,,debate." met
.with a terrible downfall" when A, E.
! McPhillips, rose to reply to Mncdon-
, uld. McPhillips.indulged in a viqlciit
.; jt^t'liMn*? speech,  entirely out of  ^111-
- pathy with, the  line adopted ' by", his
lender and the leader of tht ojipositiou:
- Aitfaqclnsei'of McPhillips triad**,Hn(\v-
.' thorntliwaitc' moved -the tidjourmnoiit
'■ off the'; debate. .The premier objectwl,
•saying lie .was anxious to have ' the
"debate,,closed,.that day, .even   if   it
'   Wtin necessary to hold. 11 night ,ses-
, sioti.   An  nmriidttient. to" the  rcsolu-
' lion,, otterotl by the"lender of the Op-
poslt'on , was " then    put and   .voted
I,'".  ,-.,. ._„■    down. ■■:.-. . ' y
_ "i '**"■ After the defeat of this amendment,
.Hawthornthwaite     again moved j the
'    ■ ndJQUr*(went of the debate, nnd at' t lie
.suggaatlon of.the premier, the speak-
. " er «aw 6 o'clock, and the house roue
-   until 8.30 o'clock	
Whan  the house reassemblod    nfter
. « -    dinner,    HawthornUiwiiite , rosu'   to
move his amendment lo Premier Mc-
" '' Bride's better terms resolution.  The
. .speaker ruled the srime'out tif'older.
- nawtliorutliwulte .proceeded  to. s\ivn\>
Mo tha'main motlmi for upwards   of
,   _. an hour, closing with the Information
thai,  as his aiuciuliiiont wns - ruled
out,    the Socialists     would    absent
■fr    '    •    ,• :.theiiiiielye'jij^om the lloor '-of . the
v 'JiouVe^ when the'main motion wiih put,
... .'WhUjir*,; threat wad duly curried out
,,.,   when * lite time, came to,, .vote.      The
'. j-, 1 usual three wells had bwn   nnig   Ior
.„, division alter     lite close of     IIuw
thorn tliwalte'ii   speech    before    the
prvmler. rose to ii»k the prlv|l«j>e nf n
I reply.  'Though   .ftUt'Iiiclly ■ cimtwry
lo the rules ol J.he house _ that,   any
one uhould   spieak.after, the tllvlslon
Miell- htul  l**«n rung,'tho. opposition
gladly conceded the privilege,
"■'■The premier .spoke at great length,
' Indulging in  strongly  partisan .   re-
-marks, greatly at variance with1 his
tone earlier in the debate,  on *.«*•*«-
3, ,        ^ <   nl occasiotin the ititlu ol tic- ■'_/■*/
{ "\ elUoB was compelled to call   him.to
order, and „  the speaker had to   n*k
him to confine IilmaeU to the   ques*
-    -      '* tion under dlscusnloii, and not to dral
with Irrelevant topics. TtYie preum-i *
speech had the effect of ftfousliig the
iiitliuilniini of hi* followers. Hvcry
'jtarHian "hot was loudly nppUuded
aad at the cloee he received loud and
prolonged applause. In the e«»"rne of
hie revluw of ihe opponltion U-aiUr's*
speech, McBride said It was easily the
beet U had ever delivered in ihi* Ug*
islature. Tlie vote on tlt« main motion resulted in 30 for and to against,
there being several pairs ntul the Hoc-
liiliite nol voting.
A Mil to    «ld the University    of
nritW CfltumMa hy'a Rranfnl lnnd
,     AFim, qNIVEUSITV- BIU,.'*
*.-*«■     *f   . , -     ;■ '■ . '  -, "_■"-'
,   Whilst   Tuesday's, proceedings   were
eatirely^ofa, routine'character, soMie
iutefesting points tarose| which euliv-"
eued * the ^otherwise '; tedious' formalities.   Socialist"' Hawthornthwaite    ere-'
ated something- ofu a 'scusation' iu Jiis"
denunciation of,,   the ".bill to' aid ihe
University' of - British Columbia by a
grant" of "public lauds', the second reading of . which" was 'moved- by r l'rovin--
cial ^Secretary ' Voung' iu a' very brief
speech.1 lie contended thai the people
as a  whole would  not obtain  . any
benefit from the*ciidowiuent<>,of a university by an immense grant of public-lauds.      The . proposed university1
would-be'simply for tlie benefit of'V
.small" seclionVof the people?* well able
to' afford' to? pay for the: higher, .education ° of    their    children.   The bill
was  an     example* of   "conservatism'
with' the niuwle off."   He, would have
preferred^    to'have'seen* the govern--
ment' set , aside  the proposed ■   land
giant as a"-nucleus of. a* fund* to"1 pro-(>
vide.for,^1 system ol.old-age pensions
or for the'purpose of'lightening (the
cost of primary education.-    J--*'1 v-
-j-j'lip—np v i_r. tngfl5iiirp_l n^nrnvoke _ldis^
eussiou  was, the" second-'reading-11 "'of
Bowser's, bill  to amciid~ the' elections
aci^i'ainied, as-the: mover'said,(to e#r
^Wordi;.* lias l^n^'^Seived-Hh the .city
a' WundTa^ t: Jfut;: most - reliable
Wiritt- agflenl^it j has; practically
arrivla  afv ^
pdri thd' Mifle W6t"tters| and that there" are
cini^%isyi,■':^inor: matters to be arranged
before ':the agreerrirjuf 'M. signed;     In the
mearitiniei the -■ 'iniii^t^ -.x^l^ifem^ih'' at ■ 'work:
•The'miners* and operators held two
inbrc Mi-sessions oa Saturday moiii
,  ,*' *  . .   . ",    -   ■*.   1
ing and afternoon' -last, and "discussed
many matters pertaining to the \
I '    -":'.   ,v '* ''-"- .- * *,- ■■ •-,'
ious mutes wiui, whini' the.new ig
ments!will be• made, ,butibeyo^i] Val--
nig over several technicalities, ■ aud
going 'into' \aa' K 'almost " bewild<;r:':g
mass 5 of' figurea"'r and - calculati ,)iu,'
which would'lM'as*,Greek to ou'e Lot
acquainted ,, with' the',inside ' comii-
tions and workings of a coal mine,
nothing; definite was done. ' *<
..On Saturday night.a dinner was
held at the Alberta, all tlie'delegates
to  the" conventions and members , of
the daily, press tieing; present. A very
good 'r time-was .spent .by :all,,..- and
speeches. < were mades,which, .clearly
proved thatv.j.the. relations , l>etween
the-miners and operators were.} very
far frow-being .strained. Several
members'of the [convention,also proved themselves to be entertainers, 'and
after-dinner '."speakers!} of no uican
merit. <,The-dinner' was given byi; _G.
G.*S. -lauttsey:'president,of" the   con-1
r™-,if3> .1 *. "    *.,"-•    L -,i
vention.  -   - d ,.''   "   , 1« '».
'.Ail day. Monday .a si*«'cial commit-;
tee, .'which   , was appointed from (the
scale" committee,, and which",' consists
done in the matter of coming to an
ogr^ewe^iV^;.-. '.^.^f"° . '
* The -miners are heartily., sick, at the
way they allege "thef operators ^ have
l^een shelving and putting off matters,
aad although they have giveriUhe op-,
era tors'to understand^ this 1 there has
been no change Un the, way- the affairs
of the convention, have; been cou.l;i:t-
ed. 'The-.operators have.-been* 'trld
that the,....tiers'.will'soon be giving
up in' disgust,!*aind regard?it "as only
another * diplomatic blod. * That they
will" soon lie.''disillusioned' is the
statement of'the miners^ who  'must
.t ii
elude V;Hindis^frbm.~-the-tfranchise^in
stigmatized' the bill • as", a cowardly',
piece, of legislation, .lie'said' .there
was legislation on the statute-, books
to piqhihlt this class ol,|teoplc. from
working underground iu the mines pi
the province unless they complied
with certain tests of efficiency. Hundreds of Cliiiiese,"Japanese and Hindus, lie'said, were, in direct defiance
of .this law, employed underground in
llie coal mines at Cuml-erland. ;Thc
government-linew.' this and yct'could
not' enforce the.'law. • -
. This" charge'brought the,premier to
liis feet, tind, ns minister of mines, lie
indigliuntly" repudiated- the Socialist'
leader's accusation and promised to
at once investigate the situation, and
see • that,.' the law was strictly.', enforced;       .   ,' .    ;
Hawtliorntliwaitc asked" him if he
wiiulil agree to the appointment' of
an -independent board of 'examiners
nml abide by their decision.        ;
The premier replied that he would
not condemn the present board without proof of their 'incompetency, and
.iskcd Ilawllrornthwflitc to .submit
his charges. j
lluwthoriithwaitc replied that he
could not submit his chnrgoit,without
jeopardizing the positions of tins ' men
who might make them.,   >    ,   'I
Betorc thin aspect of the question
wns allowed to drop,, Oliver took occasion to twit Ilawtlioriithwaltc upon his change of attitude, Oliver
pointed out that during the past
three ycnrH the.Socialist leader; had
ample opportunity to prens UiIh| case
against the government, hut so j long
tm'the, government needed hln Huppori-
lie itevu' raised the iBtme; now 1 that
the government wiih strong ami It
wns Impossible to hurl them, 1^ was
\cry I'MVo in attack.
irnwthunithwnlte rcpllwl
wlilUt It probably was very
tun.tte lor the workingmen of llj-ltlsh
Columbia that he had supported the
Mcllrlilc government, It would !have
iiei'ii Infinitely worse for them had ho
assisted In placing thu lylhcral party
on the right *ldc of tlio house. \
hi speaking to tlie moiioii icu     *
Svcoiul Kitdinn of. JIohacj'a liilJ,    ^
leader of the opposition took pecas-
io-i to rebuke "flowwr for his   attack
upon tlie Dominion government,'   re-
iiiarllii! Uml It appeared   impossible
for Hut gciitlimitn to rtiwuMi , *v)
i.;ut|stl«m without dragging iu Dominion pnrtv nnlitlcs.  He pointM    out
that Hit! 1,11-ernla ol HrlMuli Columbia
invariably supporled legislation   cal-
ohjecteil to the fonn of   legislation
kuiiitoil tn h.itvj4«.iril tit* franchise. He
propoeH hy Bowser ns cnlculateil lo
iinnrr'pii'airily   provoke   impellul    op-
prsiUon, hut Inlltnated that, pending
S'line thorough revision of tlie   electoral     IM    hy  the   government, he
would    vole in favor of the   rtecond
reading of the 1*111.  The second reading wns ftdoptM witbont revikUm.
oi Brjessrs.'■■ Whiteside, - Stockett,"' Dnu.
nan-, and. Moore, ~ from', tlie ,operators,
and Messrs. Patterson, Sfierman, Gal-'
vin and, McDonald' ior ,tU« -miners, sat
and*.went over,*tlie**;!ge.neral •agreement
clauilcrby. ^auile* Tlie'fres'ult* ofUheir
deliberatiatts was made-known to; the
convention when it"met';in the^scale
committee.iu' _ the' afternoon! at r,-_ two'
surely  know .whether they mean'   to  again in the. afternoon,-and:'    which
go or not; ,      '-__ ,   ,;'°r*'.- . ',  -' : was-being held strictly. secret, -  evir
If it comes,to a show-down and the ..deiitly.changed the condition ol   -af-
■      * . I'' - 46' < I -     . '
operators stilly say,.-tkey-";want to form fairsH somewhat, and.it .wasir decided
an agreement, but' eViice ho desire that' a special committee of four,
for hurrying * the matter along, it is should meet and try to come to some
likely lhat .all .-the 'miners; with "the. satisfactory arrangements' This com"
exception of .the-four-who" are their mittee,'consisting of Messrs. Stock
representative.*"' on- tne .-special, ujm-
mittee who are going over, the' general agreement'with'the'four represrn-
tatives of the operators,- will', Je.ivc
for the different* camps. Tltese fcur,
delegates, Distiict1 President >Y. ! II.,
Sherman,' Secretary'McDonald, .J": ti.
Galvin and International Board lUetn-
.berrPattersoiv will stay as* loiigj as'
tiiCTo^s^^any~ctaac*rT)i*ra— pcaczablc
settlement. :.      ..{-..
'" *i ; . . •.** ' - ,- .. ' , ,
what;we*say,\nd will stand by, our
words. "We,are not threatening and
do not ,wish anyone,, to think-that we
are;? we are just stating plain facts.
,„ Another crisis in the mining' con-
. vention was passed "Wednesday, and
it now looks as if something ' will be
done * towards forming, an agreement
that_,will be _ amicable to lioth'sides.
...Wednesday *-at nooii it looked'as
if.,nothing could-save a strike,' ami it
was coalidently expected that niosiof
the delegates would .leave for tlieir l,t,0Pria1*'ly'. observed, by) Christ chinch
homes . that\' night-,-"but whatever \t-<jm«rrW- The church will be^lecor-
transpired aV-. the conventiau *• held atwl wi,Ul ,lowl:rs which; Have K-cii
'.. :'-  ;_~<i.Jt-_t.l \  ....1,.    ...'..:...   ordered'from Victoria.    ."       ..'\. \
'**.Dr..*Cartwriglit was, a *Fcniie visit-
or„a"few days. ago. .,- ~   V., -'' -.'Jo*
•   ""v ,..■■■   -     t„      :\; -    ,.
' The* ladies•„of the;Catholic congregation have;, been "furnishing, the new
priest's "house, and it'is now a very
comfortable home." *'    -      "'"      *i ■"■
'    - '  ,     ;' ■   " ' V <"v'     ''   ."'   '!
At" the Presbyterian   church'   tliliM
will, be* no 'siHicial I 'services,"" .'except
tuat'the'services'will.be ou the theiiie*
of "tlie resurrection, j      ,.)-;.-*Btj
,  - '       ""  - • ••*.  0    ,     '   ■> i   -
br.Uaggtus is still somewhat     111-
uisposed,, but is' much .'ue'lier liian Iik
was last week,*and., is able'eo be'out
on the streets again. ,.        ... -, '
'    '   •' " V ' ."'."'   5 '
>_Father,, Taverhier l lield ,-' chufcli" services at llosmer'last Sunday in the
illation house for' the people of IIo*.-
uier and neighboring camps.-  -i' ' "
"     j-     :" " '-•' *  -''   '■'•''
'Mr.' T. llora, of Kingston, a cousin
Oi iir. Carlwright,* arrived' in" town
Uat Monday,, and will'take a posif.
tion in'the big sawmill*'ut' ,Waldo.    ;
,. "     ;, ' >   •    • "=  '*_-* ... "a  i\  *    ,;    <
-Council aud ycolt,shaviii^'.tendeieu
die lowest 'ou the addition to llie lire
hall. ■   were  awarded ' the '' contract
Thursday .nigltt*.,; by. the -city" council
at, }>958. .,      , t ,, « n.
1. -., -*■   ...     t .. 1,. ■,!» i.y -
.Uasler Sunday  will be'most     ap-
Man Beets Death Throug^^Ani
Jamming Him Mortally -
•'*".*,( .'jf '"vl'.
*; fl
*, ,--* -"'. »~
,. -\,'V- *"•'*■
"     A      .*'"
-:    lt ,*? " ^
v"i; '-v
**vl-*..   -
,1   %,
;,;The' operators s"-on this committee
are. Messrs., Lewis" Stockett,?0. Y;'. S;
WiUaide, tt^lG^vDrinttWyatKl R.f H."
The committee sat- all- day Tuesday
and*also, held~ra session"that*"night,"
"aad r from some of the operators ' it
IfaeHieen- learned tthat there rwas n'.ore.
done, Tuesday: than at-any other three.
ett and  Whiteside ,for  the^ operators,
und Messrs.   Sherman  aiid  Patterson
ordered from .Victoria.
In-the, case" so~loug pending against
A., Joyce, judgment was finally rendered this week, sentencing him -Xo
three mouths at hard la1x>r iii the
Xelsou jailv Mr.Joyce had >mudc restitution in the sum-of 52,000.-^*-- ■'
'-."•-'       ' ■      '-.". *■'.-
■ Mr.*' Huttou, ^who.died. las't ,': week
(.Thursday)   at ..'"the Home, hospital,
for the .miners," met at the    Alberta -was buried-from the Catholic; church
hotel Wednesday. night, and J was closeted .together until after,, one, o'clock
the next morning; 4 Vflicy  were ,- to
meet again at nine next morning,'and*
another - session ' of the joint    conven-
tiouTwas to "be held ni the' afternoon
Th^^iieflnni^l'more ~;tlKn-forT'*~^^T^^-     ^ ■ jjjj
Thursday,   Father .Taverhier j conduct
ing.tlie services.*■ A?brother "oi    thu,
deceased arrived ifroni ISdmonton-Jn
lime to be' present. -u   •'   '    '. "" - s [ ,?
» -- . *  •** y        .'*     ,;     '"
^-.-■The-smoker  given  hy'the  football.
boys last   Monday "niuht    in Eti'ulets
* *Martia Suiolak, a Slavonian-miner,'
30 years1, old, " was*1 killed yesterday^    o'
morning _at 8 o'clpck while driving in   "l*
>*br9 "mine,, Coal Creek.".       - ^ '■
lie had Lectf hitchm*/, his mule'   to   '•",
the car and. the animal. started    too,   ,-.
soon and'.he was caught between, the   -v,.
car and;side of the tunnel.   The -life ' -
was crushed v out of* him almost • in-
m X 1 __
slantly,    -"      -       -    .>   ,  -   * - -* ''       )-
liis body'is now at Scott & 'toss     "*" '
undertaking ^parlors;, \yhcfe" a    cbrpn-;'-!
er.s jury \iewcd it yesterday * after-   '! '
110011 and adjourned^ to- next Wediies.-
duy to lake, further-.evidence..'5 V"     >-'. ' *
Tlw young mail".leaves"rf^ifc.  and '»*_,
o'iie. yo'a'ug child.    . -\ \ 'Kb  "   ,'     <"-   °"
The,, Sla\oiiian   society ".will ," .havc*_  . "*,
charge*f.f  the funeral* v.'hich      lakes'^','
place, fruin  the Catholic, church" _,to-\   . ,*
morrdw'"al 2.;3o""p.m.,"'   •,   •' ,J"   , "   ,  ', ,,
b      .    .-    ^ '    i't-'i     - i '  t
1 ? *■   ^ . , -    .__
I' ^ *>   «v t « 1}   «        •. I.        , ,1       ,      "
•";' llhv'.. Kinney went to Kernie .Thursday.'        ""'    '-*"■ '-\'y y •<•'«;■.' •'   _ ■:
* John lvcclestoh is 'moving" his • iuin- *- •-
ily to IfUiidbreck. *.+   „        ■ --- ■-,<     -   .    •
V",A lial.y was born to Mr: a&t'.'Mrsi'  -  "-
Thomas Culquhouu Monday." f  r'   *.      .- '
.,«,       ■" *    s    --1     ','"     JJ"* ,.-   ---, *""'
llie  stores* were  closed   vcster.lav, "    'y
Good.Friday-being a~ legal holiday.   *■ j,*'
1 etcY McXicol,   ;'tlie    Crow's'Ncst>,\
nien-haiit,,'was transacting'business"in . **   '
Michel-Thursday^' "'•-■  -    ■•'<- ,-- *",_ .   y*    *>_,
. A" gang, of-about thirty Italians ar';    , v
rived in Michel Thursday .from   their   . ' *
- -L" - ■   -*-J       -"- i ' >-    t.1        .f . '   ,.'*
h^me*"in si.unyS'Italy.^    -, '       ,,'   ".-,/'
- Bessie•*s»J<eftey,' -left** "for 'Montaiiu    •   ■
'„„"*" '!' ' •*"■ -'       -\   "     * " 1  ** « »" '.    .''" N
_l_liiiryrl;iv   I i'.-*kim*iic1 - n   ninnlli     tir.-„ mat -"     '■
dinary ^importance hung, on-.thc,result
of the deliljcratious of-U-his'commit
..,.,,    ,-. ■     ,,. .,     '.   :'■-days/put' together .since the conv.ni-
Tuesday'.brought no  new ■'de?velop-   t^'^'^ -  ' i
tnents in the" miiring convention, '•>*
session of which was held in , the
afternoon for about" one' and a half
hours,' after which the miners asked
for an adjournment until niuc'o'clock^
the next morning,, when a committee
of eight, picked from the scale committee, and consisting,, of Mesuts.
Whiteside, Stockett, Drinnan' and
Moore for the operators, and 4fess'rs^
Sherman, Patterson, Galvin' aiid Mc-
Dona,d for the tniners met to go over
the general     agreement , clause ,: - by
clause., "',.*'■ •' *
Although it wns admitted that they,
were no further ahead t'uin when theyr
started, the delegates did tio,(.■admit
that ' they were any further apart,
claiming that their position was still
neutral. .,"
The miners and operators were 011
Wednesday no nearer, a settlement
than they were whe» the convention
firet started, "in fact, they were, If
anything further apart than ever they
were, and a general dlsBuitiiifuctlon
exists among thi* miners,, many of
whom have had telegrams from their
local uuions as far back ns Saturday
last asking them, on the strength of
the reports they have will l«i to ro-
turn home at once and.leave' thejconvention. Mont of them were' fully In
favor ot a movement of this sort)
nnd It was only the reliance .they
place In their dlutrlct olUclalB, _wha
have advised'them to slay at least
n little longer, that has kepi them
here at all, *, ,
Wednesday night the four district
hoard member* tor District; 18,
Meiafa. Sullivan, MHler, Graham and
Morgan, lett (or'their various head-
quarters, and they will be followed
by all, or nearly all of the ■ other
delegates If nothing more definite   Is
money." There','was a; rousing, good
old time, ■ with lots "of fun.   A-meet-
weeks Witli".relations.-   *    "*-   -   ,i
Chas." Salmi,-,.who, was; injured    in,?.
■^ 7,.-.>.(**
while, the; miners -were *ajso  .-wai
for their'delegates.     _, "   ;
*. The? operators refused to discuss the
nminted to the leftlslntnre Mon-1   On the report of Wtt -S to   Incor-
iy epttW meiaege and read tapctate the Brltleh Columbia Veterin-
fii imi   mi iisai!-mii»iW'wg«y
nry nsnoclatlnn, McPlillllps secured
the Inserllon of the (ollowing new
••The firet council ehall Le comwm-
ed of the (ollowlug persons:    \«.' II.
c*vi^, v. fi.i »'> XtiMMi n. Hiii-
Hton, M. Tl. C V. 8., Kamloops; W.
H, Dell, V. 8.. Cranbrook; A, Kjnl«ht
V. 8., Chllllwack; K. A. »*fll*rt*, M.
U. C V. 8., Vancouver, and 8- V.
Tolmle, Victoria;, and thty nholl' have
the same power and authority aid
elected members ot the council, ami
jdiul! tuattnue In office until lliMr mir-
cesftors, as In herelnafur, pravldwl,
The bill tn regulate the hours ot
labor In smelters was read Ihe thliil
time and pawed. Several other bills
utu tulvauccd a aUge<
Woe* moved the aecond reading of
his hill Ui amend Ihe Shops' HrguW-
> The;, ••miners agree1 with .this stale-;
incnf insofar aB'they say that there
has'been no work, done since the co?i-
ventian 'lirat sat,,, and that= there was
cothing done Tuesday. , . -,
' The1 operators are also alleged ", to
have.saM.that the"wliole of the gen-,
eriil 'agreement has been gone over
and practically settled, but the miners say .that this is not so, and point
out that no settlement litis lieeir _ arrived at one the following questions,
viz.': clteckweighmen, timber, eight-
hour" day", check-off system, sub-contracts, indiscrimination or open shop,
and several' other important matters,'
which-will -lie referred' to'the i*.'i»U'
committee. The' matter of do''*.nis
and /medical attendance, him bci.11 left
for- local provision to be made, as
the name * rules 'could not apply &'
every'camp. -i
The eight-hour day and the check-
the miners will lnsrint, \n iliey have
oft system arc two pointnupon which
been in existence for the last ion,
yeara" They say tho "ei'-'it-hour Oaj
or no day."
('Tomorrow," said one member oi
the ' coiiveliUon cm Wtdiu»«loy, 'Jfwi
will either make or hreak, aad will
decide In one way or another what
U to be done, The miners relune to
be trifled with any longer, and It Ih
up to the operator* to come out with
a fair ami Kitiure nronoellloi), and
cease from hiding behind legal tech-
iilcolrtleK and : telling us that our
agreements are,,not worded like 0
legal document. \V« know they srt
not. They are agreementh wadu «o
that Ihu miners can undcrHtand them,
and because,, no Irlg legal words are
used It does nol necessarily follow
that   they   are no good.  We   mean
WU JIIJIS    u i-tU-SI'irsHB
, I.iphai'dt's. auction ,„ sale"" attracts,
loffj-e -' crowds ' every., iiight,~,.fliid the
matter iit "all,-but-the miners admit-" sales-run-.'up'ito large figures': . Mr.
ted-' that' there' whb a! probable -s )lii-' U*«h »s -"'*< expert^ auctioneer, iiml
tion -pf "the' dilliculty iu sight.' - The (chii nlso tell,a.'good story in the liest
eight-hour day and the check-off sys-' of style. The, story told in another
tern'seem to be the bone of conUm- column of this issue,of .the l.wlger
tion,' however," ^tid if' tlie miners!* slick J as,' one1 of* Col. Jin in's was g-h en" a
out for these two points, its they say ,-Udger reporter by Mr; Kami), . who
they'will, and the operators-.' refuse, has" Often met.-the Kentucky colon.fl
them.'the mines willrlsurilv ston work' 'ntid' listened', to his good stories. ,,  (,
them,' the mines will»surely stop work
oil tlie first of April.
' Communion mass will, Le cclehrnt-
'*Regarding the" iiew Trades Dispute ^ at t],Ci Catholic .'clmrch ,t«;morrow,
bill;'wj^ich, it is said, was;i»ass«l lo J jj_ftSt(__. Suiidny," /nf'8.30 a.iii,, mid
st^'i'a'njf such ihovc on the" part { ••'•I' high mass at ,0.30, immediately uft-
the miner's, the .delegates say .that it "er wll,ch lfal]iei. 'favcruier \yill preach
will not iiil'ucuce'thvm in the leust,' ' „pon tjlt) resurrection, of Christ and
and declare ..that they are williuaj to tIlc _,prciid; of, Christianity, At' 9.3"
go,to jail if it comes to a piiich.| L*',,,.' t|10' {„ncral 'services,"ot' Martin
. While the special, conuuittee lidin Snmuincik,. wlio .was. kilksl in the
the-delegates of the miners' and jop- ■ niino at Coal Creek will l>e i-oii'ducted
erators' convention were sitting'Tiivk ,|,y i*a'lher Tavernicr. The church will
day night,- a telegram was received '-^ decorated with ciit llowers, from
.by District President vSheniian slat- J Spokane, and special music will be
ing Ihut International. President i .1.
jilltchell wiih! dangerously • ill' at < In
diunapollB,  and promising further rc-
rciidercd'hy the choir,
Mr.  Usher, general passenger agent.
ports from day today. Mr. .Mitchell nn I J.'S. Carter, district pitssengcr
,wue'ttttetidlng the .intcrnatlonul i ex- agent, nf the.C. !'..»., wrie In the
ecutlve boawl at Indiaiui|inliK, when 'city during the week, Mr. Curler is
he w'us taken ill, und'although wires'soon' to l.e tronsfeiwl In Spokniu-,
weic.dcspatchwl last night in an wi-|where lie"will look nfter Un; p.iisi'ii^
deavor'lo gain further pariii'iilaiii, up er husliicsHof the C. 1', H. In nm-
to the time,of going to press'iiotiiing nccllon - with the Spoknm- liitemu*-
further had. been received,    " •■ ,;    ^ I ional and tlielr running righls luivly
The IllncHS ol Mr. Mitcllell'luis1 hap-   ««iir«l nw the JUrriman liiwa, tl*
pene,.' at a'ver^inop^rtunt* Umi, as  0."K. ft N...U. I"«rlj.n.l.      -jrv wil
\JL tl»-.pieke«C coiivfiitio..    here  »-« rnnuii.g tlirnngh I'vrnle ths sun-
in Calgary," which  aflce'ts • thirty-llvv  ..»'r■ inlhnmgh  train  from    Null,.
nundrc?   men, and the Internatlnnal   m Si. 1'aul and CI. r.R«.   11.1»   *.
conference at Iudlannpnlis. there , „.v  I* p, ■■"l >^'ice.of Uk- be,   «, u ip,n
wvcral other conventions coming! ml   «««•»«. »»'1 f" ,"1   *'*" J  ''    ,w
in tlie near future, nil ol which   re-  ..denntuj-n,   «.   K«nU*. .   Mr. *
quire 1.1. nttcntin,.. Ou Mi.nl. •» a will le „ gnu. ma., in .1 ««-I |.l«r.
convention will commence in dli,lricl. .md ^'^ h" - «<» »'«•«« hi" 1' -
Xo. •, which will .ifcet at least ..„,   ™™«   l"«*l«rt"«   .tm%^>:
hlril of the Antliracite    miners,   nf  we will Kill   expect     In *ev • Un.1 j
Amerlcai   and HUb-dlvln'on■ 7 .<Mlh,,J«- ■Ion* tlie Crow" m,-,Mn....ll> ,h.
trlcl 6 in Ohio are also mcvliiiK     In  the future
convention whicli allcils  Mi""*' men
near the'Ci Vr"YC; depot."
- ;" ~-'" •'. - v\ v} \
"Ihefaiuily of \Vm.',lliriei l-etuiiud    :
Here the lirsl of the'week froin" 1 lay re,'
Mom., where" they' uioved ..during the
■striJve last fall.      .       •.'   °        '
Chas. "Speucc aml.lamily    left    for  *
ing's posscViger,* where they will per-.
JJe^crville, Alta., on     .Simday   eveu-
'inaiieiitly reside. ,-, "    _' ' , ,    ',
i-    ",'.'■.    ■> ., i.....
J,ouis,. ltatliel had , the misfortune ■
last Saturday to dislocate,,'his' lelt"
shoulder,  compelling, him  lo keep  In
liis rowin for several days. "      ,  ,
■     , " ,        \f •     "   .'-
The* mechanics nl tlie coal company
stitioiied here will*'give'11 grand' ball
next'Mouduy eveuing at Michel hall.
.Music by Michel orchestra., _".    .
Miss Stewart, cashier of the Trites-
Wood store, was unable lo aticnd-in,
her duties  ul  the store lor-   several .
days lliis week' ou uccouiit of- a severe cold. ,
.Mike Jolce was baiily, injured in the
miiu here last* Friday evening. While
at work "with ii pick digging   ^over-"
head, "a lot of coal fell from the roof
in such a way against the pick driy- _
iug one end ttgahiHl his side,  inllici- '
in_j a gash,   I'nrluniiluly il stiuck   a
rib', thus preventing it from untiring
the heart, which would un doubt have
proved fatal.   Iir.  llcchtcl  is unending the injured mun.' .
,*"tw, •
OlUCl,     fv*.
.1   t   V im'    f   .     \\ ,!
lions acl, to entble the town* «»
I'ernie and Cunhruok (0 |'a*"» , ■')"
lawe;tor closing shops,, at 5 o'clock,
l'luciUc Wit time. Hawthornlhwaite
oppoaed'the Mil on the grouml tliat
it ronfllcled with a bill ol hln own,
hut tlie iccond reading was adnjitwt
without dlviilo*'
' This channe ot time, II, adopteil In
Fertile, means a vaat advanUge to
the Trltoi-Wood "cowimny at Coal
Cr«k,! and a lurther mu/./ling ol Coal ment of the debate on this bill-
" A « a    > ....      '       >•_.. a        *—.      \. •»    . i,H«.ttil v if.Lilt
Creek 111 in err. ui they would u« unable .to come tb I'ernie and have lime
to intrude in thr »tom here, as they
can now do.
Mr. Uoss will nol oppose those who
do aol oppoee him, no mailer how
much he loves the worklngniMi.
Wfirfn#iwl/iyN proceenllngs In the provincial Iffislelure were vo.d of much
interest routine hualmss   l*lng    tho
Miss Margiirel  Campbell    and   Mr.
John  Melli.cll,   both  nl  C<«!    Creek,
v,MC   '.'i-iTi-lwt   "ii   «4.»iim1rtv    «»vpiiIiIi'
ih- it 'JJorjni    wtre jin-'.od   throu»b 'inm, March *JV at tin* bride's    n->\-
■ '     '    ' '    deuce.   Rev.    W.   1,.   Hull   pcilnriiud
il.v ceremony, wistoU-d by' lU'v. O. I»
ltldlaud. Miss Mnrinii CampLvll uu*
«1    as' bridesmaid, nnd     Mr,  1'crcy
.    1 rlr- 1 ll'f    ,'.- ' "I ItrlllC
nil M«|fCK
A 1 Ut to "meii'l ' the Hallway act
was Inlioduccd by the premier. Unl-
ton moved the wcoml reading of the
\A\\ III Nrth'irtV* lln. «>*1 *.^ k»«' ,  ,
peeling llceimen In Southeast Knot- nnd hrldctnnid were .i-n-Mully at-
vtiay issued by Comml»»loner Orevn Ilirvl, and looked very clmitumg. A
and pronounced Illegal by the courtK.  good many K™*^ A*ivJm^t
Mr. Macdonald moved the ad'numi * ''*""" """
llendcrsiin, l»y umsent, *g*ltt adjourned the'debate on ' the second
reading ol the University liHtd guul
His honor the llttttmwnWjfwernrir
(tttended al .1 p.m. to give royal assent to certain hills, ami the Hoclul-
1st memlvers absented themeelve* dur-
inf his prewncf In the W*«'w"
Might coal inlucrN were killed in
Ohio iiiinvH during the month ol I'tb-
rdnry. Kivo nf llieine' fnlalties . were
from fulling ruck or slate Auumg
the viclliiiN was Kdwurd Almum*, one
nl llu> liest known mliicis nl' the
Hnc'iiiig Valley, by humid nl hi*,
eniiiin Umi und activity, ill ilistricl
and iiiitiniiiil fntivculinux.
A ymmg man named Albert Conk,
iged a.', n iniuet, wiih lound   in hi**
remm, at the l'acllic hou-l, Ccileinan,
lnM. Simdnvmorning.In a dying wm-
ilitiiiii.   Hu died {.hot liy alter,     and
the coroner,** uu'iiciti lewwlwt ,, liuit
ileath was iuiino.I by oveiilosu nl np-
iuin lulminikU'icd by lilmsill,, It op-
l« 111 tint a,Chinaman, hy the name
nf (lovi/ keep* n den and vnunj nu'ii
gn llivu* to Mnolc,   This, young man
w.ts « frcipu'iiter/fttid U was brought
nut in the uiideiice that he had visile 1 the place" the night lwfore   hii
d.Mtli, and thnt.Jie had smoVwl several ptres.
'llu Wc*.t Virgimn dmtnet nl Vnit-
11I Mine Workers were Ih hcn-don    nt
mnny, Mil down to a MimpUious repast.' In addition. In meiul.frs n| the
fniiiily, tho following took part in
the frstlvltlei: Mr. and Mix. W. M»*
Kav   Mr   and     Mrs    .1    TlminpHnii.
Mr and Mrs. V Kuiicrtii. Mr*.. J. CImiMoii week Ufnw lest, and
lamb Ml« n. Thompson, T. Wils-m. tlumgh' no wages icales were up for
J Talne NT. 'Duncan. It. Adainwm, diwu»si«n,it it was a say ln.|MHUiit
D MeT-r.il., W. Kvana. Mr. ami Mr». imetln-j, having under c.m*.ld«mjit.m
Campbell. u,i,,tiy * «-i..r fc-n tht Va«i«« .M*«rf <«r ihr l«t»* V*>
SK,te* iu CjwuiU, *u-1 IxM *.-» •■■ ''■«"■""" ^ w,"fr*'. '""' r,,r lKUcr   °r"
Itonsr then adjourned to April S.    |Co4 Creek about a couple nl month*,   gam/allon. »".'. '.i-S,
■V   -tf»
. ",«'-•
■*-, 7,'i^w.,-*.
The Fernie Ledger'
.. -V -V $2. * Y-ear in Advance,        . y
''Tssned every ; Saturday  from  the Office, of
.-    Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave., _-
■• -'-  "       ' - Fernie, British Columbia.*
',.- 'Allcli'aiifiaiOf nds: must be In as follows-—
•i Pago* 2 ami fl, 2 p. m. Tuesday ; pn-ces *and 4.
", 2 p. m . TimiMiay, and pn-ie 6, 2 p.m . Friday.
'■". We will lie tumble to in»ure change unless
"' "this rule Ki-omplfed with." ," ' ,"
' " Losr-il advertUinsc 14 rent*, per nonpariel
.line first insertion, 8 cents per lino, each subse-
queut insertion
f-' Rates for cont .	
tiou lit office Of publication, Todd Bloc
Rates for contract. ailvertisiriff. ou applioa-
D. V,~ MOrr, • " _
- ,   -s -   Editor,*.'1
-" Business Mitr. agar
been directing the affairs of this'ccn-
_ • ■  -   ",,„--...- »   ,*■ . .
tinent  until,-as  nn  earnest-minister"
said lately .from tlie pulpit, "the- cry
of ,the ^socialist - is ,thc cry of, outraged'humanity fori justice.'" '* ". ,
When r.suclu-men as - President Roose-
volt "speak suck" ominous'words*'as lie
did -in "New'' York- to .those" ••machin-,
: tors,""*and the same; kind,'if-language is being:K'preaclied from, .'thous-
: nds" of pulpits, it is'an indication of
a:i 'awakening-.whicli- far'" excee<ls\lhe
I ft1- «<      *» "L - " ' * _,
. unds__of socialistic circles,,, ,;.. *"'"*/.
, ''he urea ter'railroad magnates "arid
.'icir associates' are l.ecoming alarm-
el,  and already'such "men as  Harri-:
Wiiut^d: *A Giuiudiun,Koo^cvelt|
""i" ,,11'looks iuore' and.more".'as, though
we'will have to look up some Canad-
;  -_, ian  Rot-sevelt with''a big,,stick.-who
,",  w'll use.it. "oii these'corporation peo-
- • pic on this side of the line, The cou-
7 trast!; l.etwce:i  the, ..language *' use*',   by
.-. ,f President"    Roosevelt    ac that".\ Sew
1   -^'YorK -baii<iuet-,K wlten   he'-poiiHed   his-
'. ^-finger at-s.Smj-«l     .those.-millionaire
marauders,   telling' tlieni .that  if- they
continual      their *'machination * until
■   they" got' r'd \,l him lUid'ollier'people
1 " who  weio "coiiscrviilive: and  willing to
prole.*,  the  ricli  and  Uu'-poor  alike,
.. - that  t'.ey   would  firul ^themselves     in
''   the hands of. people, who have no' respect, for - their   * ill-gotten,*million's,
'and,., the niaiidliug .platitudes that arc
,'   , I.c'iig  indulged  in'.by  those, in-,  high
"' -.places on  this side.of the line's,  to
' ■*■
„   sav the let st, noticeable.    -' ■ -, ;
Th* tenacitv .with which the .mulli-
y   millionaire-„class cling  lo_ the ollicial
,- inacliitieiv' which  has  been   the    chief
I ! " ** *- *1
<   clement* in. coiiiWnation   of   elements
,* out of whicli tliey,, have evolved .these
unearned, millions   is,plainly - evident
at every'turn of the'- ol'icial  lii'acliin-
"cry of. the country.-''; '        •   -
J    '.'Hut here,  as  in  the  United  States"'
V "'tlie days of  watered'^ stock • and    the
' ', j. use  of,"trust  moncsv for  private^ gain
Wd'for.  the  control   of  governments
"   \vill come", to r-n* end, and that'end is
,'•- -'l-.*;ug hastened   uior<-'' bv ilieuureH-xm-
1 '" a:.le "gre\*d of the grafters tlian by the
a    clamors "of \ the people ■_ at the'■■ other
"   extreme of^ihc sitii.atian. Jhc   gieu
"'   in .-.si 6f_ the/cmmoii  people who  fill
'■   in  the-gap lietwc^n " these- two J"^ ex-,
'--.   'trcnics  are'l.ecoming  inore' and  more
'"'■-   uwaiv, of  the fact'.that,'iin'ess ,  this
".' treu'undous, power 'derived    froin   ;the
'cenirali/ation* of "wealth'- is     checked
soon .and    effcvliially,'     there-"*    will
-.«"     be no"m'i,ddle. class—only  the two cx-
•* ircincsVof excessively'wealthy and.ex-
', ccss'ively", poor/'Therc. is  uri  escapinu
'.   *    the conclusion. ,jq. ,' •   ,      ._'-_; - r
° ' The process' has been so' accelerate'd
**-' " ,'wi thin/the' last  twenty 'years, as 'Co
^JR _,.J*->^    j.ir'-M--,, .-•"^      ,
ever" for^ labor^; representatives
where."- •  *i   ° '.""'',    .""   - ".
rjiancrre being worried. -',." _ >.f _
;Th'e "example-of -thej-'man .Harriiii.in
i-. only "one of ■ many''"He was liold-
cr, ymore ,;, aggressive,'__ hut■_ he^ ."only.lu.."'-
n-.ade usei of' tlie..sam'c\tactics and the |  '    '      . .,,     ..
.--•*,-•"   ■<!.'-.",*',•"'*-, '■   , i* Air exchange says:*-   .   , , .     -•  „,
sime mnchmervi which has been, anu    , -     • ° -, „■>„.,.     •  V ,,."
". - .t -    -- -••—-'- -*■---•  -\ — "■.,. *'l here-was    a  movement .-on  u ot
is beiii" iisel. in a milder, more craitv ,','•".' i-   , , "•   !„„„ tt'„'
"V v.-.*-* -'■ "•*-"• *- , ',,    I nut loiijr since to trv and induce Hon.
way, ^to   accomplish, .more   gradually ° "
the samoends^'hiclt he sought^to oc-,
complish,- ajid .did- accomplishi?;wiili-
(<iit -i-e jard .t'i- j u1 lie ^opinion? orv public .rights.,   «     >'   w^U.,..    .   .'..   »•
'" The niiiiioeiivres by which Jlr. JI.vi-
r'maii^ got „ possession" 'of "'the ' Alt.ui
road were exactly'''thc"Miiiie.'.as''! ave
"e ji" " | mcliscd by'" 'other ■" modern
fnuncie-s, with "the " 'sing}e 'difference
lhat,he did his'work, in a year or so.
Had lie- been ■ more cautious in his
process of_ "rolling" the slecping_]*ub-
lic, taking,more.years'_lo do the job,
he would not lie discredited -is he
is today.-'•.- ••' , ■> - ■'-. " ;r -»■">., .".'
" While all - these- things- aire'v-iomirig
tp liglit'by.theaid of the-;ener^etic.
1 resident.'1 ,of- the-.-United States',!:^ the
byiiitf cf Poverty;' Wimts Back
Clifford Sifton "to "re-enten_the..-.Ot-
tawa cabinet.0 .It-is now asserted
thit,-for a,\arietyjDf reasons,'! this
"project1 has been abandoned: - The day'
dees no£ appear Jlo have come when
the cx-mini.--.lcr''of'the'" interior may
re-cntir public1 life as the holder of .a
1 orlfolio. , . " ,_    „
There seems to be too much ot    a
: tendciicv. lo  variety9all-the time."
<>.". < i   -   -i        . .
o     *    . U   '
'       '.*   . , -, .   ,,
St. ol Ti-iihI Eiiiniiif's
?\  "',-._"
"^*JF -  *■> *-     *- .*■"", *•   \i *.
The report of . the Unito.riStales
steel' corpoisitibn for' 1906 shows the
year to1 have been the"banner' one in
the" history of the organization. '1 i-o
net 1 eirnings"exceed by more than 23
ine ■ in'Canada' s i.'.-i'.- million dollars the figures of the.best
', tlie'political/'sun    is   year,  1902.'" iTwenty-two'"thousand em-
, In every live town in.the.
district" wcv.t.iU  ;i{^enls
'- for ■ Th> * Ledger. -We
pay'libera! c6inniist»iohs
to N 4»ooJ, "live   men "on
'ads., subscriptions and
job work sent' into -this
office. " Gel'in on this.
Address.   '^
to piacc.,oI; beginning;' containing 640
"ac'resr more or less.       „ ' '
■   H;  ---.^v^^f/b. lynch.  :
f.T'/J   ?*.fiied'j-r..daXzei,i.1   ";
Dated'Feb.,isf, .1907."    "  \. Agent. *
ii.: Commencing at a post planted two
miles" and a-half,-more" or less, .up.
st'te.ini'.from lot C973, 911' Uig Creek,
and v. about.*, ic -chains north of1* said
Big-.Creek;     thence   east;i6o "'chains';
thence' "south 49 "chains;" theuce* ..west
160 chains,, thence north'46 chains.to
place 'of/., beginuing, containing"^640,
acres, more or"^less. .' "*      "   -   ,;.
F.,B. iYNCH..;;
;* -FRED,' U,'DALZELL, "i t.
Dated Feb!. 1st,' 1907- ;'''" .Agent' "*,'
II.' Commencing at the northwest - corner of .Stroig's claim' '-_ about .two
miles and ' :a .haU/west of'ot 6833;"
theace west'160 chains- thence north 40*
chains; thence' east-;j6o "chains; thence
south 40. chains, more or ,less," - to.
place" of- ^ beginning, containing .--640
acres, more or l?s's.' t    *' ,," .r
-;V  -.''F. B. LYNCH."*
" YRExi: R. DALZELL' *
[Dated Feb.' 6tli,>l907-   * . * -Agent.
i* -1-1-.»•
m I'       |i
'   n 'i
-   ■  ■        _l.l_.l       L u .J-, ^-f .11 ... ..An.rt o
:, of"'llw'times,"and this knowledge^ of
_'these tendencies?is becoming-sor- gen-
". eral'"thai scarce any attempt is now
' being iiiade__;G'i-or.,hvtlie facts.     . _
_•„ »Lu."^~«'tn*'is ~Ol",~lIlL-~ut*ijfc_,,ricll_-^ilC.
" now directed to a 'feeble effort ' to
jirovc that centrali/ation of "wealth is
right and, in'1 tlie' Jiest interests : of
,humanity. f   -!..     .«     ' -" 5 -*
lliii. humanity - is" learning, by tcrucl
experience-, that the "more," power; is
placed in few-hands,-the more "desperate', become* those hands. This, is
as true iir nn. industrial .sense as il is
being practically'.demonstrated,t<i be
tnic'iii a political sense in terrorized
Russia.'-       '"' '  ' '"      „ ;   , '
It'is'becoming evident tluit il'is 11
physical," a^moral impossibility for
one man. in the course of a, short lifetime to hccumulatc-iiTTllions or iliil-
lions  ..' wc.ilthi* • . '   ,   1'   '■•.'•
It can -wily ,bo'done, by,,a system
■which has grown up in the political
world, whicli has nuide it. possible to
take from those wlio nclunlly' enni
iiud, civnte Ini' wealth of llie woild ',_
lrgnl nia;iiiiiv,y, thai'wealth .,' id
I Int-c it in the hands or those' wlii
hove not ciuitWl it. ' " „
i Tlmt a mnn, or a set of. men, can,
under the legnl- iiincliinvry ' of this
country, "take the money . placed in
their hands' for the use and benelil of
the contributors, whose (■iiurdiuns the
recipients are sworn to be,, and with
these .vast cnllet'tioiis nf suiiill, con-
trihiiiinns make a lever hy which all
the Inrge industries of the' country
cun. lie liiiidi', to, yield tribute to tin*
directors nf.these trust fiimls, lias
U'Ci'i piiiveti, time nnd again, to 1 c
' line.  , '
Il has l.ecn by tlie use of other
_.y('p!<*,',s" money ul ^suiiill inU-itsl tli,il
the l.ig roi'tniics have l-.i-i'ii made, mid
the larger llu'se'iiniMined forliuicN
grosv, the vlni'i'Ci* IcfrtiifN the lew,
liy whicli thu few who pry the many
lose from llieir rightful enrniiigH. ,,
With vast. Kiiiiis of nioiii'v comes
vastly liHTi'iiscd power, ami the ■ lust
for power Is so gmil that it finally
eoiisiiitiCN itself.
The power ol tin* money holder*,
ami not thai of the nllice holder*, Im*.
H" ,1 ,       . r     ",,    , .■''
"II"    «    i.W*.    1*1       il.il,,   ,-.    i/MII        J .lii
IH'. i.n Ii .ml I ji'i'l j»'.i ,.)■. .oJ^.i*. il
I lind n doctor in the hntiM*,""' "I'M.
in the experience of Mrs. John Yniiii.j,
Auburn, Out,' Mr«,' Vnuii-r ndils: "I
hive lim-d    the   TnlilelK for  twtliin_-
i. 1     111.   ♦.    1 ,       if r      t >i 11 (
t   ■*   r      *•*.!>    •        Vii    '>*l|»-«  >     Ilk     K^o'fVi   njij      ,rtfc«
Imvc never known tlivm to fail."
Hundreds of other uiotlit-rii are just
UN enthusiastic iu their praise. Colic,
indigestion, diarrhoea, 'worms, <•««•■
•.tljalioii mid oilier little iIIh are
•*! rcililv cured by thin tiiwlicfiu.*. It
is absolutely (.nie—iilwayn doc* good
—cnnnol poiilMv do hnrm, rttid you
li,i\e tlu* "juamntiv ol a gnvtriiirtuit
miiilysl that thn tablets vi nliin n -
I'j'inU' nr poiiioiioim MKi'hiug MtifT,
Sold by tueilicine d*.Mlvrs or by mail
at 95 unh a Imi from Tlir Dr. V.il-
linnin'   HfrdkiiM)  Co.,   Ilrorkville, (Int.
financial 'machine- iu' Canada
ing",'hay' while
shining. '"
1 The premier,' who *,a.* few, years _ago
w.-s ^-instrumental" in having l -'fifty'
ihSusantl acres, of Crow's -Xest coal
1 inds ■ reserved for public use, n;w
s.Vs-"it would1' be interfering, villi
*;privatc- inleiests" if the -.'.ive-.-1-
ment,were.lb go<niiiiing coal,,.i...l al
ihe same lime, his government. , arc
reserving - all the coal lands as still
'.-11 ither check .again ;l .'the tprivate interests which'he .says he'.can't '.ltor-
(.-re "wiiii.- .'■'    •. ,, ....  ,'/.;
iiut.Uiere are occasional,rifts*in the
cl juds—as a Result of. the ,<disagreeable .noise kept. up. by. \V. F„_ Maclean,
a ."reduction of 25 per.cent., .in tlie
rat-e of fare charged by the -railroads
lias been ordered by -tlie railroad com-
mission. " .-'■'• '--f, -*' :,.•----*»' ■j-"^ '■
v The -papers - report -that the-pmi-
dciil of the-'mine -operators --tl ■' '" \-
gary actually gave a .Irani-Vet'»to all1
llie ..delegates at "the Calgary ,c< r.-.l-n-
tion" last .Saturday .night,' and    paid
for it. ."'**.,„"           ',".,, „p
The sun is, not'the,onlyVtliing.il.at
'ployees 'were added V to1 thc0 payrolls
of the corporation and the' increase of
salaries over   1905 "amounts  to more
tlnn" 19'niillion dollars."    The" gross
earnings of" the'corporation for'11906
amo'-Vted  to,5696,756,926,"while    the'
net earnings amounted'to* 5156,624,-27*3
This? is   ■ an -increase 'ol-'s $36,836,815
over last venr.'™The "amount for1 cx-
- t -*■ -
tr.iordinary  expenditures in., 1906 was
S4>S,,333,oSg:'"'   The •'; salaries    paid  to
202,467 U-mployees-amounted to' S147,-
765,510 for-' the' year-_- an increase   of
more than' $19,000,000. - ■,^"
t !
iyusi.-.t ss.; Alan r.ger
i.udger,    l-"«nie,', B.. C.
» -—. -—..
ia. Commencing at a post planted two
and one-half miles west,of lot 6833,
on Bingy Creek, near a "stake marked
Strong's, ' iiorlhvest* corner; the'neo
cast t6o chains: thence north' 40
c!iains;Uhciice„west"i66 chains; thence
south 40 chains, , more* or less, *> to
place of ' beginning, containing ■ 640
acre", mor* or less. ' „■' ' "- "*
' ' -*- -,'-:-^-'p. B.-LYNCH. _ -
Dated Feb   6th,',i9p7.._u,*v,. .Agent.
Hl.'llHft»r^*> b d-.i X'nfi'   Vi 'jmni'lJ )V[ 1!
J,-.'.,',v!'*__" ;i- ',1 ,■•-"   .«,»•/*■-.■'>r.-y    -5/
t;..-.   ' > nil «', »<   |Ibi{.-   l-*jp^si<4t.i-
*si. 2
Davey? &• Laderoute1 *
' 'Vs; •'        .! {..-.'.      Ah   ' .IV. ,-JiU*
C*    U-;   C* .,  '.   9»l'.    il\.y,*'.i.l    (tli-Jl-..!    .i
■ -K
\ i ■
■ I';
'■?/;''^\X G6^D.Iv^,_i..:if,^;K^._
*»^pleaae careful/'kou'sekttjpera*UT(0^' --'
say t«at- all. hutckera ''*oii't; ^ttMa , ,
but,'. TJriii''>limiiit' "li'iljr \iniiiiiiwlisjusllf. _'"
oveiilteariag - our .-lsvdyj."-! "fricewlii arias
,Ukey get to telling tkeir e^rlatKae'.,':
' ANOT*rma;^"ti^"wA*^":^:'
to please .is-"'toLsupply,:o»lyi'l*V^*!l_W^?
meat. '"H'you trade yitl^y^wUl
leotai   just "what ,weVmea«V by tkaaa
two,."waya''.   QUALITY a«l,:QUAlfji
TITY will.be.fejittle'mbre tfcaii yaii'
expect, ^.?;,l~: "-:-C"^irOV
i<j ALi&ABYf OATti;ji.;Ca
^..*'n - tOi%* iVi> nl rv'l'|ji:>'g. t'iU'lfci'.'',!
'fldTnove'" lrt^l-'anatui.
L"-r    G ;t Down to. Business;. ,
%       , ,* •>   - -i •'.    >   "..  -*  ./,*i    .      .
_AJt__the_ uresent-Iwrit-iiiE ^tlicre— Las.
'ecu nothing definite given 'to the
public as to 'the' progress being made
towards a satisfa'ctory "settlement, of
the differences , which exist' between
the claims of'the contending'parties
at-Calgary 'relating- to a> newvagree-
inem lictwecu the ^mine workers" and
the operators..    '  " '-   •     '■'• •'•'    *"'■"•
Two meetings* were held „■ Monday,
!mt nothing was given to the, public!
On Saturday a dinner was held at
the Alberta' hotel, at1-which • mutual
v.oojl. feeling prevailed, but what people lire interested iu now is not dinners, or nny other _ kind of junketing,
'nit, the "real business for which, this
meeting was- culled: ''■'..'
Although it , cnnnol' be said thnt
anything, of a definite nature has so
fur been accomplished,1, the fuel thai
the scales committee hns.'got . lo
work, ntyl tlie convention' is still £o-
ing on, must be taken as evidence ol
progress, and we hope the result will
be a rcnl settlement ami "agrcemeiil,
which will mean peace'mid prosperity
for years to come,     •'      ' " '■
A  temporary, or mnke-shiil    ngr.-'j
iiit-nt, which does nol receive the 1 n-
<l*mlilic<l sanction, of all  parlies,    fi'
not a very snfe. basis upon which'   lii
calculate for. the near future. ,
I.el these people keep at il until
• hey can asNiuc llit'iiiselvcs and the
! nl.llc" lli.il real' and solid seltlvnu'iils
li.i.e been nccoiiiplislitil, nud then
tlwiv will le nu end to llu- uiicer*
I Inly which has prevailed for over
n' year. ' '
Iloitlilless loth sides to the' cor..
trovci-Hy will Iinvc to tttalie s nuv wm-
lilices, I ut Hu-rilici-K that do not
prodnc? pcriiuiii-Miey are expensive
Tli.- piiNHigc, so hurriedly, nf the
rniK'illnUriii act at Ottnwii* with the
,iV<)H'i-,l Inleliljon of liiMililij. oil nil
iiiiineiliate strile of tlcsc- wi-sU'tn
iiiiiiiM-s, 111.1v prewnl Mich 11 cuius-
irophy for a Miort titue, but il, ny,
on tli.- otlii'i- luind, It- tlv i-iiiih,' nl
i-inl'iiiiiil'' an uiisiilisfiu'toiv . n,udi-
lion, which a little later miiy loud to
Hindi  wnihc colldilioiis,
Tlie'-e ii an example nf energetic
and prompt action on Ibe |uri oi
me goirmmeiii at Ottawa in piiltni;;
I'n    Kli(v,'i,ti.i.t||    Iliil    tj|[in|ji/|   m,   f.vji.
idly that should have stirn.nl the new
hl'xid in the Alberta government t.i
1 lipid action in the case of.the t-ighl-
hour law, which Ihcy laid ovt-r lo 1 e
iii*.nri«\ig.ttto Vi_y a rrimiiiishion diitiii;'
Uic summer, ;   ,..
Strniigc to nny, the luiHtc in thr
one c se nnd the slowness of acllr 11
in the other, both have nn effect, 1'
any nt nil, odverae to the- ,'iiler<*Mu
ol the u'rirlniKM im-1 tn tin; ii|lv.in
aj;c of the,conl operators.    ,  '
Tfiin li p.i:,s;ug .strdiiitc, wlictt v,c
u-imiiU'i- ihut lsitiii*owrmii.iit*< claiii;,
to le Iwit'ing rtfler the inUffstn of
tV wfirtlngmntt with Jiiich diligemi"
tint then* exists no necitisity   whit '
muni's Walmene'CfirrtlfHrnt', !?t«
'    "■      '•        " **--*    *    M«s*
*   „ Railway Stntisiics
p r    -   '     .        .i     _.*-..   , .    ^. *       . ,   , -,
^, .BMMMM- "_
'Compilation of the 'railway .sfatis-*
tics covering reports of 313 railroads
of the,,United- Stales has" bee'ri'iVoin-
[ lcted for, the general' managers' vas-'
xocitstion ' by Slason, Thompson. ''.The
report covers, the 'operation*and earning power'of 94 per cent:-of,the total
mileage,, in jt the United "_, States,'"', or
about 216,690"miles "of single"'track
ra il w._v_£_lii^rrtni nA ri »ifin^_vvi 1 li---i bn^ Jjt_
shows"an increase "of, ■ approximately;'.
10,000 miles' of track.'."'   *■•__'_  -\'   -
J   The gross eaniiugs"of the 313-roads
in   190a"-'wasJ-'"S2;246,421,166, ■ 'l»ing
5l£3,g38,76o   great-er- llum'-all- ronds-iO'
^1905. ,   Operating-expenses for-the, 313
roads were,    Si,'482,148,344-,  or  $90',-'
933,664 greater,,, than - all  roads   "in
J905!' „Xct  earnings* ; from  operation-
were $764,272,832:^Income from other
s'liirces," principally' stock^and bonds,
was  $140,158,736. ,
"•Xuml.er of employees  reported . on
the pay, rolls of 313,, companies     on
June 30,  1906, was 1,460,707, equivalent  to  707  employees for each   -too
miles ol  road. -    > -',
Total amount in wages reported as
paid to employees of 313 „ companies
in ,1901 was $900,828,208, or $60,-.
883,528. more than was paid all railway employees iu  1905.
A hotel that furnishes quiet, commodious 'nccol'imodal'on for its 'nitrons -is a source of * pleasure to ,lhc
travelling public, Such a-one is the
King Kdwurd Hotel, of, Fernie, corner opposite post'oHicc,'!
Minister Speaks
-,        ■ .ij.iL'(i   j'i  -it-'i,    1.   ■    j    '
ffaUi BU Wift'i ti*eri#ace Ur tk*
1 8aKfe otmnk Safferert.
.. .,".' -. r<.-irn*-"we»«- ''..  ;    V'
Tha followlnjf letter ha» been sent
to Dr. T. A, Slocum,'Ltd., for pub-
Ucttloni.! ' -.-' ..-I-
.. Or.T,Atileoum,Limitedi-r«»rsiniWIthln
tsultst iwe */Mri ny wife (who li ol a delicate
•^WUon)'»iis_h»a tws wrere stttoki ol Is
(rfpM, aothef whifih hsrt bemi iiii«e<liw mirreetod
r tne uss of rtyohlno.; V) • have 1110I1 fsltli In tlit
•melnnoy. of rour.rtmedtei	
••WUnjUonl »iu,h»a two men 1
f rlpps,eoth ef whifih hsrt bouii n\w
Irlneussol J'syoWne.: Wahayaeiie..._	
' elunoy of rourrtmedtei tli»t si a family we
1 no eUiir. ro/wtilim up t deblllulMl lyntem,
..  n a debit ,	
iwsrer run down,, rumoring to healthy action
. I hart end FuB|i, ami as a upet-lflO tor all wait-
tln|dli**»i,yoiir'Jiyohlnfi ami Oiomnliilon are
lA«V"f.P**rlMi.' Voiirt alno«rel>, Key, i, 3, Moo,
, < PSYCHINE, Pronounced SUkeen,
U * •clentiflc preparation, having
wonderful tonic, properties ncting
directly upon .the Stomach, Blood
•nd weak* organs of the body,
quickly restoring them to,strong
and healthy action,,' It is especially
adapted for people who are run
down from any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds/ Catarrh, LaGrlppe,
rneumoma, Consumption and ail
atomndi or organic tcoubies, it
has no substitute.
Ii for sale null dealers, at 60c nnd
11.00 per bottle, or. write direct to
Do,T.,.A. Stocum, tlmlted, Hi)
There U no other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCHINE,
Dr. Boole KOaay Pflls are a- tare and
Mrmaoeat aire fotRbeanuUsm, Brijht's
nmn, hln In the Back and all forms
^^7m^:m^ bo* at all
I<«fA. ii;   I....7. ,t, ,   , „■;   ..  ,   J.
- .ti:::::rk notices
■ i, - -    ' .     ,•j  "° *
Take notice "that thirty> days   after
date I intend to,apply, to tlie Chief
(.'oiumissioner.of Lands' and, Works at
.Victoria., for a special. license to, cut
j nd*. curry , away, ciiiiber from the following ' described  '.lauds situated iu
Southeaat Kootenay:   . ,° _,*-<
i. Commeucing at a post planted near
ihe northeast cud of the* lower   lake
at' the head of .Elk river, marked - F. (
13. Lynche's northeast   corner; thence
west 80  - chains;, 'thence south'   'p
chains; theuce' west' 40 chains;; thenccr
south'4b chains;- thence'east 80 Chains
1 hence north 40 chains';   thence ' .*aU,
. -      ** -' ...
, ,< Ji.i 11.,;. lli.-n.-c  i'or.h .'.{v. chains
l-Iaceof beginning'*   '•-,-- ■' i ' _\
-   : - Vr«   -' :'F* b* vmscu. -
-.      ■'   ,    \PREDr,R.'D"ALZEI<I',.
Dated Feb./i4th,'-1907.   * - r'-.Ag'eat
2. Commencing' at' a ^post' planted*
aliout;,two miles"weat" of license'iGJa,
on_1lhe*west.fork'o| Elk,river;''theace
.chains; thence - east -So ^chains; -*'thea.:e'
north So chains to place of beginning,
containing '640 acres, more or lctt.,;/-
',. _     F,' D. &YNCIL .;""
DatedFeb^, iatb, 1967.'- '"* .'--Agent.
3. Commencing at,'a" post planted
about oue mile weat of the northwest
comer ol coal 'license' number 1633;,
iheuce west 80 chaina; thence south
80 chains; thence east - 80 chains;,
theuce north 80 chains; more or les-i,
to place of beginning, containing 640
acres more or lens.
- F. B.^YNCH.
FitED. Jt. •DALZBIdf, "■*
Bated Feb. iath; 1907, Agent,
i3T,">ConiucBclng*'at a post .?planu-i.
about' two miles' north of the"' northwest corner of__■ lot"I999f* thence:..west
40 -chsinsj-^iithence^, noitha40'"chaina*
thence west .40 .chains;.,thence,, north
80 chains;.-^ thence f. east 46" chains;
thence'"south'40 chains;' thence"''"east
4o"chains;" thence ", south- 80'"chains,
inoie'or'less','- to place'of beginning,
i-bntaiiiing 64o'acres,"*morc1' of''less.
'" ■*', '• " -F.'!B?:LYNCH." ,"-p
'.. :' *'. l-'REI). R.'DALZfiCL", . '
Dated Feb.  I3tht'1907-"*"■":•" Agent-
WINE   CO.,  Ltd.
14." Commencing at apost-I'ulted in
the' Elk- Valley at the hortkeost^corner of lot-1999;- thence east'80 chains;
thence north" 40 chains; * thtnee west 40
chains; thence-north So .chains;-thence
weal 40 chains; j.-jtheuce.'..south;: •.20
chains,-'more or-less', to .place; of 'lje-_,
ginning.---'-'" .. i~»* ;;...-. -,.-'.,-_• - wv.
s ;--. '.* ''.....y Y. B..LYNCHt'l\;
Dated Feb. st3th, 1967.,^.. '.cAgerit.r'"**'
-    ",      * •;•   .aolUHltii
i      ** - V .      ^*1» '
- Wholesale^ Dealerg^aar^ Direct"' Import-
a  -;-it'i.-'-i,-'i-i ,',fctft*w'_l|".,>\.;,V.*'i'it'Vi-'
..-■}   ,..-jJ,y .v.i'.1\.- fcjttK->v} ■;«■-.»£., i';,^ *'
SCOTCH AND_    ,   ..^-^ ,
,-. .!lItISH;'uwiHISKBY,'    *' " .'7; r
... „,-LOKIM)N..pRy-,-   ?»: *'   .
,M c.0LDi,T0ifl ^ i"&   .. ,   '     ; ,;'"
... AND; HOLLAND OIN,.. \;   ?
'. y^mflimXi -k: ;':'    :••;'
y»: CHAM^AONK .:>%u\: -   "fl'
S;k-:,vS,pHLIXZ..BEER,   ,
•-' ,.;ai<k/a^ij.^t6ut, -
.. V, BlirRMSISlEjR \i .. *.
,".,, mVXk ANIJRED PORT *."'
AND WHITE ROCK.    v •*",
.-x --'■=•-"{'. -", ° /-.', r--.-*,:: ' ■,
. 1-'Sole'- Ageats'-Jn 'Canada tor ■
Windsor   " Tc^s,^c,, •*'' "Jag ''" Deat'roycr;' •
t ij't.UU  :>i^   Ml.   ^^i'^ii-Atii)-^ \j> 1.2^.,
li. P.*"l^l.-steln'. '..'. .T.P.-Myerii-Gray.
-J  Vi-W^  !•*....-IJlXlVJ
IUifiitSTi?i;s"*,\T>'t/Aw'i'*' Soi.iftrronSf'- Et(*.
, •-.'.." 1.   ;. j', '; "j?-.;^> .*.,.^ .v-."   ,.
,        . r ,' ,^ - .
Jioom&.l Ai-8, )lci!|li>Xrtoii lilqck. Fernie, B 0.
F--C. Lawe...   Alek,. Z.^Pither, ,BA.
Xrow-a.:.Nea.t jJUS^^:'ty*!
'..'*..-.'. ,     Fernk,.B..C.    _ ,-;.„"'';,
...      ...   t,   ...   -,  ,[,,  .,
i':i.i!^,    I.
W. II. Ross, K. 0.\A-r,i.'v, J. «. T- .Auaannw
4. Commencing at a post planted in
Hie Elk Valley at the northwest- corner of lot 1999; tlience west 86 chains;
thence north 80 chains; thtnee east 80
chains; thence south 80. chains, more
or less, to place of beginning,! containing. 640 acres,', more or, less." t   "
^   *';f..b.) lynch. '
Dated Feb. lalli, 1907,,   ' „ Agent.'
5. Commeucing at a post planted in
the Elk Valley at the northwest) corner of lot 6378; thence- south ;6o
chaias; thtnee wast 40 chains;!) thence
north loo'chains; .theuce•: east 40
chains, more or less, to place ol be*-,
giatiiiig, containing 640 .acres, .more
or less. , >:.',,i
     F. B.,XYNCH.     ,
1MIE1). 11, DALZELL,
Dated Feb. 8th, 1907. ^gent.
6. Commencing at a post,, planted
Bl-oul Iwo miles north and ono-fourth
mile west of'lot 6973, on the north
fork of Dig Creek; thence uor.h Ho
yhaiiiH; llicitvo west 80 cltuiua; thence
'south 80 chains; thence ml,80 ciialus,
more or less, to place ol beginning,
coiitaiiiiiig 640 acres, more or less,
l-'clil). It. DALZELL, '
Dated Feb. and, 1907,       '' Agent.
7. Commencing ul u post plauUd on
the north lotk, of Dig Creek, about
mu) mile north ami oue-fourlh mile
west of lot d)jyt ihence north !*o
ciialus; ilicttce west,80 chains; tlience
ttouth So cliuins; theuce east 80 chains,
mot.' 01 less, to place of beginning,
am mining fi,«o acres, more or, less,
F. n. LYNCH,     ,
Pattd I'd. :aJ, »so;,    AiWil.
f*. C'iauiui'Jji.-;jj_J' ul a _.w>t ;-J.uuv'
•tUout tliiee and one-half tulles „ up
■treaiii on-Big Creek, from lot 1073;
I liciico north lio rltains; tlience weit 40
clirtins, thence north 40 chains; tlience
'i.vttV      s',a vii.lii.B,      ViltklwU Myuiii    KiU
ilialnx, thence east 40 chains;- thence
south 40 chains; theuce ,enst 40 olmiss,
to place of beginning, to contain 640
ficres, more, or Um.
YVtlil). R. DALZELL,
Dsltd Feb. 1st, loo^ Agent.
9. CuuttucucJu^ al a po-it planted on
II If Creek, about two aad -oiie-'uiU
miles up stream from lol 0973, a, d
ilxnit 30 -chains north of said . creek;
tlience west.80 chains; thence wulli,
ho tliaUu, theace, east ho chains;
lluatc uotth Co -.baluit, mutt 01 Utw,
,., ^Ross-cV''Alexander: :«
1'ABmSTKRs!. ,S6UC1T0*R8,. ETC
' • " ''klikNIKi'U. c','': '- ' -j"
*• .*•'-• 11-u lu: .'-"jfr'.i; ,.- n"",
In I,, 11 W.,lllnelc.Vietnrl» Avi-iras. ,
JD Barbel**' 'r..D'.s./i*Di.n.s.,-
■'■■■'"  ■«MP«iWTISTtl; 'Jr ';
L -T. W-^" BliH-.lc,;'oppo>iU' Ihe  Binil«
Olli'oe'liillifrf-'lli.m loSp.m.   ■
' ■ • • U ->'■    '   ■     ■
W^ji* Wrigleswofth, D, D. S,
-I i-D-Hl-CTTIS-r .;  .t?J
1       V      -    I  "1
Oii-ioic llin;la'i-
-7- '^"< '"
b,-i to ish.ih. i.to ft 11-111
H.1,01 ton v.ni, |,   |f-., .
'     OIHoe 111 Alex. >„' ill'!. HmitM ,.    ,
" l)V0l'Sllllll'Hllll|<0f.V.       '
KKIlNlK," *;'-•
__3__2__ic» nn'-SJiMO',  .
50 Good ^Wbotife
v. '   j  s-i Di* tr.*i3i,*ij;)?[i '^itiis^, Oi   ...
^ TIiV.Elfc'-Luni^r^
1.1   . K * *'«>'.', t"».' -m-i« y£ ii<\ ip','*' -;; .-,
* - Coi "^^ppli^"-t!ieiUa.!
•*'•*■ .': 1'.**.'.".% i~.i,A)i>i.'iilk.,&,!_*-«;>)._.*• -U
:.}■ Oil i ce; 61** 'ati»HoB*f -';:!
.. to;l '*■.' ."•'!••«••'-K'-'iV' 'iVr'-Tir-i"-"* ■,
"•'*''•    ""--"•     - i-'i rtjj.b"C^tttW.i'tlS'-' -■"•''
«hJ<H« %
;t.,. ai;*-
..^.,Oi'j^ u\t k."tij?a. Jaa -- iiianij •,"
r j':Generah':M€rcriarit ^C1
***     %  '-'.,   !..-; I;,l<* .-*  -    is-.1  *lir -i   ,
;; ^and; Dealer.. jn,iW,ijies,'.
••FB-RIT't'E],.' B*.: JO.
. *., J -.'fr.tir; i_,j. ,^""'T.\/■...-,.c
— 1   ■»»■.  '■   mi . _"j un man
Crow's    Nest iSpocSal
r** ] _*•*•,
i" iv
'ioan- ijiJ-J\ito';-ji5iJ:.v-!l-.   V-
,M,o-fU^IaigSI - a'^'SJi*"'":"" .""'
' ***Vl'
__    or, * ;t rfi u ,tiun *_, ^AJ^iiiaF-'i
"-   '!^—k _.'' ''"'■>' "■'i'&l(Aof^ S-'~ * "'
, .   - • - - ....*..---- ~'.j). ~^.^i >
-t ,;if-i»:; -i ;   ',<j*i,{,'ltpi-JH»ar^A*''«"
%VJ-fS A"
ii if
-iit-t -*?-
a!2vASlf»:V ,-'<r.-:.'-,v,i.
Miner's Favorite: Cigars
~—i"   "jji "■• '■' --J -?» .iiii'J'r":"i ,..11 '/j'j  F
II   |ni„ ' •    A.WII.IUMH
Cniilimp!i»l'.i mul nillliliird
1  -   •  'i:«tliiiiiliii{l'niiil.*il|C'l j- ;
Stcrm Piwii^iml, Windows-
Slmin- Ciiri'j;f lliiwlinijl Av,ij,,iiiiiI M«Kv yKt,
p (I. 1M<C !IW, I'iii-iiI'i, II t'
■,-       ■      I...,// j,(,
' '   '* TTTo,;   ii, '.,   ;
*VOTIl!l! U ln-'i-hy ulvioi• thul Utlrt.v iln.vn
IS frmii 1I11I11I liit(iinHi>iip|il,V to miputilic
wloniir i.iIi.i.iUmhI ttfiil.jfdi'ii hiitiuiiil lji'om«
Ini'iit inili'ipii'iiwiiv-ilml-i-rrriiiii Jlin fiitlnw
ini'.li'i.ii.l.'il.iiiil 111 K.mUi Kimt Kiintuiiiiy.
I'limiiiinilii'* jiis.M'hl PjniiSi'jI.nMhii *>ujli»
wintfliiriicinil iiiriiJiii.tiitaiii-nnwMiliwHisliis
ilit'iii-u wtt'X l-lulmli.-i, tliviH,THiintli licinlislnii
iIiuiiiim'1,1 li,l|.ii.i»'u liim-.! 'if lit-kliintii*-.
'.   .i.'tl.,1, .IllllNMIlK, I.oiniiiir
I,(>l'ill|.||,tllll,\ 'llll'lit ■   .t^Uhf f'AMMHtV, AUOIlt
-l       ,11-     ..1,
('01 Miili.if nt 11 i-uat'ii'MuUilnt tlmXiirlli'
ivij.i I'liincrul Im 'I-'-'1 ll'1-iini »wHi M Hnilim
tliiiiii'it'-in.i HUciiiilin'iliinii-ii imi-th silciliniiin,
tlnn-.H |.|i,.l Hii-linii,. in, 11.lieu ol' lii-uliiiiilitf,
,,   11.1  .lMllNHiiN,i.oniiliir
UllltU'l J..iyUlil li     .l.iNl.htiAMI.lmX, AlMlt
riimi>'fip|i'if n- 11, |*«*-r i-'nn'oit .oiiii linlf
llllll   M.I  .1  nl llll'  -IIIHIl «i "i 1 OtlllT "l In*  "'"I
M111111111 .iii.l.i iilii'ln '.ii-, 'li.i'.in WL'itt KHjlmlli*
lln ti'-ii nuilli I'iM'linlii-, lln lire <i|i»t JHiIihIiih
tn |i„i«-ti uf liU.tilli.uiK __, ,. ..'..'...'.
I.llfllti-ll .fuiiv
,     i*. if.l-a.iu^i;. l/^«lnr
mii'jT "   .fAi-JIUHlKlin-.. A«-ilit
Ci-ii'iH.* fin • nt   11  |ui-t   |iliiul*.t (ilia mil*
MJUlll^'. **!*! ^-.'^S^,' '.* *, *.'Hit-H.I. i-.i. !»-. il,. i.l-IV
luuli'AI<'llllll.tlli"l-lt "(ill h *i< rlllllllN, tllDIICU
W0«t NII'll.llllH, tllMil-Mill'lll M.»rtin'»i». tliuiif*
tllltMlllnll I. til l.,Hl U <l.  l.l'UJllllll.ir-       . I
M, A MHt*ii:R, IrfK-nlAr
|,i.i-ittiiit.fui,,v iltli.'i'T1 iIah Citnmriiii.Atfuiit
Cummniplf n nt n \*t->x |.)miti<il M llm "-artle
went i-iirinr nl M.,«. hd-fnnr"- I'liitin, thonr*
nonii '1 < li, ii.»,ili(ti,t'i.iwi«i »- (lixlni, tlinnca
n.uiui'.'li-'n*,'livi.it nut H'l'.tnUui. to \\1».-:k
(if li.«liii..i->r, >      'i,       1    ' •
Oitt Mi*tt. I.orator
•,iii\i'i"I.TiIt 1 i"»li,"_" ' M <"SV*I(«V, Afjvili*
('.iiiinu'iii li r r.' « |k».' |»'n,ii!i*l nt lh# mu'iIIi*
-hV»I <-(Mii>-t <■( « (>,i» Hi"ji| vlnim; tJjfriK-*
umltl Al>,'i..in , lilt* ir Del *iK/|i|||f,l'nli<#
in-tfllt«11 Imtu», lliomvi t-iul ki <-Ii.lJu* tu )illl<»
«,(l.riiiiili.iu. - '' I     ?.'
A I Kiniim. l^w»iof
l.i.un-i ,'l.,i,i *,i."i".       ■] .-«• t Atn.H.i.s Aittui
I«l.»,.. 11.1., i'.t 7
' siiiiiiris 'S'Mnf Pip • ■;l
^..;..,-!,>l«ie1JWc^rlfIi.), ,.  ,
THBV W'all sur UUUN.r .,,      -v/ ■ ,-
»-, "t'lllV. Wil«UJ*J0T I'll U'h
„   ,,',I vrry i;iii Ou'srJnUeil. " '-   ' ,
-' ,r;  ,,,.,.j.> iu  i ,..v,,hii. 1  "i   .(__«_,
snip in oana'.va rin m„   (j-
•l."l.. li-
.    Vor OaU at tk»
Club   Cigar   Store
t*o» '91 fuV "UV  "#.WiufB.'C.
if*    << 1   #i*r;
i'.»>."rwm fitii^im'ii •
miNiKQ nEQfji.A'yqw
Ounl^-Cosl luroli may lis piirchaswl st Mil
ii8i-«iin» for Koft conl mill »W) lur antliraolta.
Nor. nioriit,_ii»n'IMO aoisiI <tsn h« sniiulMrtny
ii**ei)ll«At«i'(ia(thuRfp>^'fitnat,.,,   ,,|H- -
• Qiisrtx-A frM mlnsf • enrtlllestt It »r»«t#d
ULiyu i«,iui»ii< ia uiltaliwvu. t^ \ml ttitMUiu tut
sli Itiilh Unal,«nml from *1o to tion mm annum
(ur it.-itHiipit.il?, ttticutUiua tu KnyiUi. • ■•(
A fr(Umfatr:h»vlnruUetA'»r«tllt>aln«rtl In
pliw^,miO',l»nst4)ji|iJii,lm,lJV)0x J,S0OfMt,.,
, Tint ft* for it-corJIrif * rlsltii U \i.  ' ,
At len't't iliiimiiittii'l'irilsndid on tha clnlm
»"eh'yiiiri«'r ,iii\|il to thf.fpfhlher reeonler. In
Auathfrnot.  wilts t&iolltt. i)«fii_«rp«nuw er
i,u.ui, o,,4 >.i*ji. if wy» ,"x*"* .•"Mi*.*** Ki+"*"'i*i
msdt, and tii*>-i complj'liif VftJi etlitr *«•
qolrtmtnt«,'t>u*icti»ititht«niUtW an sera.
TIm palini iirovldtsr for tlit psymtnt.ol a
royalty pfli^wr cent oil tht tkltw.      • 1 .
P[.tcvs mlnlri« «l"if*ts itntrtlly »rt loo f««t
witi»rt)tntiyf«n»5rtn»**tl)Uyt«rly,  i u,,,
•A tne minor mul oWtln twa-ttsttt I
ttrtdf * fur eoltt el Uvti.ailfcM w«|i for a Itrm ef
wsVeal tht dl
The U««* thail
i«tenl>"Man, rsmwahja.ai fhe" dlterttlon oi
lie UiiiUUi oi ilitluUitui. ,
within ene «**wn man U-t date of ta* Itstt
«msi>tw««oii*«, iuuuai »l*ii*i*»BUttmlor
(<>t «usU (Wo tall**. iU«\u^ *,lni)Mr.atitt«m lor
ratat. .,,	
UrltJ««a**«»J0/NG.,|-..,,,_.,.   ,^ r ; _-..
. .........  .^ *0. couir,    t -
DMpttlr, MiaJstat af % Mattar
N. B^Usta»it»>l«tf fgMlreitlirsi e<
tfcst •attnlimurt ^rl»«i**%*»*14
-«ata. -i ilw  Ut»o..hn ww .nj-h.)
**  ,. ffM lo Jkr«i ^ff* ni>     'it..
I."  ^.-'-FOR rTHE,R0.UNp|TB*tP41O~l<*-*^-™Ji
*?     -  '    j'*  '. V* ,'  • --a ,*^vHrTi,    ; ,*.v   ,1
\ - tqMn^i||biro^-,; ■_.,;' -]
'1 ■.   -•        ,       •■!"'-"--, -■.    -    ,   ;'V-   ,"   ., .   --  -•>     <,    I
^    '   '       '     \S'r-- s r**r?t.,"3.1 "-•.'*•-.-•.    "'   • v   "...
TICKE^?0N SALE MARCH 27tn';T6 :>   ■<• "
,' AP1IIL 1st;'
uu inii*. 1     * *i \ in.**''„
■"•'"'"> - ':■••-■-va1 .■'••.•'•--"
'--.. T>T di*;*..,"-,i<!,_,.- \-i,'a^*; .htj;-,".,;.
•For further partlcu[aie, rates nnd'folik
■*'l . ,;     V*: ers apply/tb>',!;;*.';?,'" "'
, .    . *, ,v,i;,»ii 1 Vi-tiv't-jfi 91
i ■T.8.0ABTEB,li.P,A,)NtWn.v.'! *  t
E, J, 0OYLI5, A. Q^P, A ..Vauooavor,'
.1. ^' '*-
■ fi;..'. "^■w .fyfmm^+m*,?.
VI   T\
4.c.i)i)'   i- :
    _ fi-,11",   <"-/» - - ,,
*"0 j,i^ii,»,'>,-vi,.i'.V,% .*'•,*,1
c Supply Store
i"-iiwi|i- r-i'« to j'v.i"I?, -,-iU iil\i ■ -'*- ; 1
1 ■".  n All,kinds.of-.Electrical
■ Goods kcptWstbcfc; ,
-*'..\)iii\t nf(r«. nn, •
J   "/il'iq.tlltfn'n - • t'l-j'tiii'!' -
J6hn Tu'RMr-,f,-'r'"1"* *'V Prop.
"l    .1    If*. .('M** "I   i 1"    r      ',   V" '
,. Appt«j; fto-'touwrcoiimt ma
reliable" viHellft J at 'reilsonsble
prlce«,J Vertlllxers', "nee;,8u,ppllM'(
Hpray ruin-is,' ,HpraVl'»f Wi'terlal,
Cut'' Vlawers, iit': Ol'dtst1 ftstal).
llsheil■ huriery 'bn: tlie' .Maud ot
IJ.' C. ,CaUl0£us yreei","'vift ■.
M. ' J, 8 lIKNUY'cl'NmiSRRIRS
Greenhouses and-'Seed-' Homes,
Vancouver, B. C."'•-«•'   ♦•*•"•
"     p; d.-« Jrour' local: lrerihints
do'  not hand!*' 'my   seeds, unit
" tllrext.  We!, prepay. 'AfiyiC packets,
' nusortwl varietlea' of igalrdeti seeds
' ' 'In sci'ptpsfs .(ttttud .stock.),..' to
your nearest} pont-aMica •for;|i.eo;
(,w*<u£y'^4«i,«U lue.^K.^Uitil t»l:
lection. '■ *'.,.■ . ^ ,. uoU'-n
*  *.U4
/Irf     I/r A-i* x* • -;Aa "'-xt** 0%
1\o  1VCII   'iX/V^
-»« -o n.^tn i|'* fr||r ,'^.^,4
Contractor^ %„,
xt i/'htsl; i« h
''.Plans, Bptelacatleeis mm wti*
i,   - **.- »..i.-|   .„
mates tetalsncA on appUietUM,
pi-.iy ni ruvm DTtV-T.TTM-*
• -ii..j iit -i, 4 \t t*et"
nRtt OK HAKD.   .    ,..
;   H.\. KKKR,
Architect    aad Snperiateftdeat
Offea at RaaMiaes.
i«ak»ii H'r.   .   .   i>Kimm,».c
* « ■ - •       » mis 'Ai;K*;^V?SH.J%,t^ .--  - .-.f-r"-..-,--,...-.--r--.   -;       .   .-
-.-.'■• ~*y '-,-'"""fe.1
r Kki Accompanies
fred.;G. Waters to Sulphur
-I-Springs and Safely \;;
to Anxious ones
'..A-few days ago the Kid was ■■in-
,_• yited to\take a-sleigh ride up the
"- Elk with Fred, Waters,'the- hustling
. tyush superintendent of the Elk. l.uin-
'  ■ '**■ Co., j v   :;.?   ■-•   v. '   r
•'He "diiln't have!to he;  invited two
'.,    -i .times, and was soon on his way   to-
-.:.wards*. Hosmer,. behind   two • buckskin
..eayusQS driven .'by; Fred - with- the   aid
•of a, whip .'and an inexhaustible, sup-
-'■ '-Fty of_*anti-Sunday school   language,
, which;; was""-'"grand,  gloomy  and    peculiar'^ to the, time aiid occasion.
.:    Taes?\ponies * clipped i along  at/   a
,.-lively  pace, pulling -the light-   culler
and its two occupants as easily -.as
, though they were all gas and no hal-
. -., laat,-..,      '     „ '- - -;
_■-.-; We left Fernie at     1.20 p.m., and
,-•-.after an uneventful ride of two hours
. • >we stopped in front of,,the big stable
.■.ait camp three of     the Elk company,
. and the.buckskins were taken-into tbe
-   , .-■' "boatlaryjjr and - given-., a good ,-bed room
•■•■Mi enbugli for"*two,l)ig'horses.
-.   Camp' number three stands near the
Ug: sulphur spring about r, two-  miles
-  |, *outJ*ji"'oJ 'Hosm'er,i_ and Yon  tlie ojipo-
■ *lta!;ilide'l'bi'„.the £lk river from -that
.   v "Duetling little burg. "'''••
,. 1 This sulphur spring "is known to all
o t»ii« old prospectors and timber cruis-
-. era in the country as tlie Sampson of
-. eJJ. sulphur springs, so far. as -the
, iStren-jth , of its odor _, is concerned:
•.-,,AU it lacks is the ..proper degree ol
.... heat lio \te hell itself—the sulphur is
.---_. all there.
.. .  ■ Not. [many ..years r ago, the   Kid wiis
; kicking T&rVa'f surveyor's camp whicli
^-■v.h'-d. been" pitched,    near  that'  same
.,)ap»inf,iur;j; the midst..of; the    forest
-prime'val.l,!l-It ' was' dark'"' and -''the
-.-snow was all .one color, so .that,'   a
rsuowahoe track was an illusive thine
'.,  -    • ,     J    .1   '    I   ■ .-:» °-
0 v"., tc1 follow.   Besides the".'woods,  which
is'always Jull; of alleys leading     in
' ;;,)>veiy^|direc'tion,'' _'' didn't"  help ■ him
'   ?■ .aloag." He    was.lost,"  all right,~oiy
,.;. rather." all   n wrong,   and    doubtlesS"
.-:-.*aroald have stayed lost all night but
v tfor. the fact that his    nose happened
j   lo penetrate, into that sulphur spring
'■*-"''5^"*a*a»V=\Va!8—i^C~©n*y     '   viiilC     ■ It=
ever smelt good to the Kid.   lie fol-
:lowed, the lead, of    his'nose, like    a
."liointer," and'was soonia'-"settti-"".iii
the midst of  the camp.   That.., .was
u when ti£ was getting" those-trees ready.
\ tor -aomebody- like Waters . and    his
, gaii|(; of-hustling lumberjacks. to,_coMi_
,.aloi^|:iu*i..cut_-- them.■-■-,_'      .   „„; _.,_ •"
:,;:\l'poa;;, this,., loot, trip  the big, tucs
liaat tiised to, stand about that spriugi
"iouaillg due 1 of,those "first temples"
: thai^old man Bryant used   to    sing
about;;!'; were gone off  their ,_foua.la-
i.ticna^ronly stumps and the tops , i-re
,-leftHt^i disfigure  the, landscape..
■i' -, Irj^'j^teir' places ore some log 1.oiuh\s
.,as>I_^ii|ile6 of logs, which look   , -.tu-i-
.  to '{I'seil  than did tlie big trees    to
tae';'Ki<i when he was lost. .
'"■» Dijl^ou iivcr;vlsit a real-first-""..ish'J"-
' Uf-U.»datc    logging,, camp?   If-" not,
•you'Dhbuld go up to camp three mul
/•t_»ky,-,tt';lopk--atVone. :"';• '
'■'■■ • You"'wllb find ''there'a' big log stable
lis lee't'-'Ionj; by'30 feet wide covered
•wl^^Mp^'roofi/Hke7 aii old-fasliion-
< ;S«1 j^nill, welj. floored uud as    warm
-Mu'aa^-'Ccltaii' as>   niiy-city >livery
niaMm  ^'"''■ 'l'      '■'-''■■■
aianie. *■!>>,„ „\ ? -..., , ..
■■■•:X_je log walls of thnt stable nrc as
.-ftrwght aad even almost as a , stone
,w«U laid up by plumb bob and line.
'£%• is room inside, of this Htable
ffor|'i|8 horses, and,for hay ami, oats
■'"'.A^ler seeilig .the buckskins put away
tin* jijiiie'oi tlie lilg-stalls, we took a
nArdll nii the hill to sec tae loggers
at lyVork-in the bush uiul the teams
tfcrilj(ging!4bwJi!;tlic logs, on drays—not
31oug*-,taiJ.ed, two-wheeled drays
jaaysee In the narrow stieets ol
treaty but a wingUi bunked, two-
rus|Sjered sled, upon whicli a luatn
briigsi'etow'fiefrom. one tltounand ' to'
flltetn hundred feci- of logs,
At the roll way near this camp the
Ktd saw the largest pile of logs he
had ever acctt In Knst Kootenay,
There ^wers^/neitrly. Ho.ooo pieces,
which woWjiic'ttlis 8,000,000 feet, anil
they *f*r^!i«<ldingial)out 800 piuceu
srery di»y' to,;s the pile Other .oil;
ways k'&iUbeeil filled with logs at
Alflerent points, some at.the top nl
siidM on shUK banks, and others   nt
'     L     I   I   I      ill        llll I II I    III     '1L"~    ]
U!.t„——p,,    mnfr- -—:-~   TT '
^•4*i*,»^.r      ;   ','    -..' •
To Consumptives
The undewiRiied having, j bten re*
atoNi tb'sWltli by simple moans,
altar suffering for several years with
• savers lvwrv«faction, and that
•Inad dtsnantf" C0M8TTMPTI0N, is
Miioos to ntaks -luown to bis fellow
. safltreire ths JHUfttJ.qf euie.. To those
who desire H, ho will cheorlully s&ml
(Iras ol dutrgf^ajcppyiol the   pre*
, «sriptloii nsei^^hich they will find a
ears for COtfSlJltPTION,' AHTHMA,
CAYAAftH, BllOlJCHWlS and    u\l
1 the upper end. of chutes into" which
the logs will lie rolled and started on
the down-hill run td the big mill at
Fernie.    - 0     '"    " '" . f-i-'"
. At, the lime of cair tri])' to "Hosmer,
nearly two weeks ajjo, over 11,000,000
fed of*'logs_.Jind -been . baiiked- ^ ready
for* tlie' summer run down .'the-river;
and-Mr.' "Waters'^expects to "raise' this
figure to -14 ,'or'rJ5 lnijrion feet before
the snow, is gone. . After a good long
tramp >ovei*. the1 mountain" side, we.
returned to the, big 'camp, taking- our
appetites with".us.' •' ,:'-,'    r'   -  -.
We had supper'that night in. the
largest .dining room, clear of-pillars
br other supports," in British .'Columbia. ■' ' -■-..
tThis .Ui-f. cook-house is 40x80 feet,
without' a'post or .pillar, and affords
ample room for 200 men to eat at
once. -\Yi* ha°d . appetites wliicli fitted'
the room; and'the cook lind"supplied
a Mippu!',which exactly fitted; „ not
onlv. our- appetites,, but .the,appetites
of 115 «{ the hungriest boarders you
ever saw.. . '_ ' ,'   "
Lumberjacks  may" look" rough,   ar.d
'sometimes they: may acC/a; little bit,
out of  keeping with  the snifty   'ideas,
bf, the  smooth- set;'but  they    know
good  grub'when    they,  scc.it,    and
know exactly what  to """do. with it.
Air.  John Beandoiri,' well-known    to
>'ity   boarders iii efiete ' Fernie, is   chef
at  thai number  three camp,    and  it
was a-delight to see the culinary act
lii-iliipulatipus   of  Ah-.   Heaiuloin    and,
his ' three' helpers.     Shelves",   "stoves,
tables,   fioors, •> all  spotlessly   .clean;
and evorytiiiog fin apple-pie order. v'
' Tliose.   uaveiious - ■tim'jIer.L^'wolves
pounce upon tliose piles of grub three
times a day aiid make the butter ily,
especially, when; there-"is hot cakes in
the   morning.'}'-OveY 300   pounds'-'of
meal,   beef,  pork,- sausages ' and liains;
125  pounds  of  Hour  and other   little
things-, in  proportion" go  down   those
115 red lanes    every day, Slid     you
might as well  try to- drown ' out'   a
gopher' with' a  teaspoon  as   try •    to
keep  them  full.'   On -the occasion    of
our visit', it is possible .that"  ii    the
chef had weighed the meat that v. 1 i.t
on , the  table,' lie .would have*   found
the .scale tipping at about 320 * o ui Is
—Waters is ,.ah awful- meat* cater.   '' '
It is a nice little job .-to, cook    for
three  ar  foiir,   and*   the  Kid-    some;,
times   finds   . it-   difficult'-lo - restr-in
himself 'from ' . passing _ uncomplimentary remarks -"about"" his Home dinners'
and he ,can_t .see how it is that- with
only--a"' few ...people, who ^do'n'f "' eat"
much,- that *.thc cobk.'.'can"t-get "tilings
to taste like; they; do; where- over, a
hun'drtiK boarders ;are fed. ■ .- Strange,
isn't, it?   '"   '
"There are two large bunk houses at
ntnan docs the washing for'the"whole'
outfit, a. good large blacksmith shop
und'ah ollicis". ; :'--~i'™.l O.^;.'''!'.^ >,•.•"  .
This   camp, is a good place to'go'to'if,
the side channels of the river, and
Fred dropped a few "damns out of; the
cutter by way of encouragement'' to
the" buckskins, who did not seem to
be in-sympathy with the driver -, in
his ideas as 10 the direction iu which
we  were' going. " , ,    .
.-Camp four is'five or six miles- up-
the Elk from camp three, and the
road is liot quite as'- smooth as-P iv-
erside drive in New York, but- if' is
smoother than it was before the 1'^k
boys opened ft up. .'■"",
. Camp four is a board camp, and
don't look so good to real, uiuiher-,
jacks as the old-styled, log house.. \.
About ,forly men'are at work at
2a*i.p fciir, and here.they are getting
out some fine logs..' After a' short
stay at that camp, we* turned,, ,,the
ponies heads back in the direction.of
Ferine, and there was not ..so much
need of the damning process.
After', taking, lunch at the Hotel
llosmer with genial-Jii'lius-Hurrel, we
added,variety to the , trip by"driving
up the gulch-a mile to the workings
of -the Pacific Coal company's new
mine. -, , , '.,;■*
Air. Brown could, not get away
from the office lo accompany us,.but
gave us" the freedom of the hole in
the 'ground, and we used it.
.There wasn't _. anyone about the
nioutli of thai big. hole, to .give us a
lamp, and ; Kred was uot in perfect
harmony with the idea of, going . in
without a head 'light, but as- we
could see some faint ,ittle glimmer
of light far away iu the dark, which
looked like the glimmer of mid-day
stars from the bottom of a hundred
foot well, he concluded 'to follow the
kid, aud so he did.'
"At the '!'face" we found ten or
twelve men busy as, bees, some" shoveling waste rock into the cars; some
thumping^. big^pieces of the loosened
rock, with .sledges, and .some- working
air-drills, which made a tremendous
racket as they .pounded away at -'the
rock drilling holes for blasts.- All
these men wore open lamps on their
caps, aiid looked at from, a-distance,
they: resembled « what we used to
dream''of as gnomes working away.in
the bottomless.pit. Hut they were all
lient.on' battering, the face of that
tunnel, and didn't take much notice
of us,- and. we got,,out'without; being
hurt or hurting .anybody. " , " *-
The weather' had been on its, good
behaviou's ever ' since we had left Fernie,' but it began to lie ugly nowi' and
as we came .home it spit snow into-
our faces-all the way. We were..back
in 'Fernie at-four o'clock, the day
after, leaving, after- having-_ seen .the
largest and .best built,.and kept,log-.
giug'cauip,  the largest'pile of,wsaw-.
:Satis.f action -;■:<'',
To get enjoyable Teapot results the
quality must be there.
.-■■'.. .-'.*      TEA'    ■;■■
Never fails to please the most fastidious tastes.
Lend Puekels*only.    At all Grocers^
3S;   ."1'.r.;-.;
Coats and'Skirts
New aiid up-lo-date. ■.,,.'
LADIES        :     ,;   *"'" . •
Underwear and-Hosiery
The made-to wears kiiid.
■logs^aiid the 'TmiestTtuniieiT. ■ to , be
lound.-anywliere. iu Western Canada* in
les-i—thaiijitwtaity-seveii. hours.  •
Ten years ago. there-was not a mile
of' road in -' the territory traversed by
you .'want to" gef-a comprehehsive^ fn-   1Ia  in .Uie cutter .drawn by. the buck-'
skin ponies, over whicli a team' could
be.driven, and not a stick of timber
had been-cut' where now can be seen
lens-of millions of feet of logs piled
up, and the.stumps of-other tens of
millions of feet that have gone -before. ,     -
There was' no railroad, no coal
mines, no • Kcniie; just boundless forests and running streams;, unopened
mines of coal and lumber with the
sawdust still between tlie boards.    _
llut-with such restless fellows as
the lumbermen and John Brown
shooting holes into the hills, instead
of into the bodies of men, the soul
of ' commercialism keeps marching
'along,     , . *       ■ . .-'
,     _     THE KID.';
, ;—;°-	
The- Penile, ledger has recently
changed hands; it is now being con-
■trolled by the United Mine Workers,
Dietrict. Union. The new business,
manager is Mr; 11, G. Marshall, a
--veil-known Winnipeg Typographical-
union man. Tlie printers of the.
prairie provinces will be pleased' to
see Bob make good with the uiincrH'-
paper.—.Winnipeg  Voice,
     end In-Mf., MAUDIES.      He
topee til sntoms will try this tteui* y*»u •'■'U:1C.'';»''
ejsVi M It l« Inveinible. Thoee    de   '"        *
xxkiag th^n^trlpjioii, r which   will
•Mt tlietrL t^UiJjii, end may prove a
U-d^.WrWseedJrtis   '"
HitM_Uyti_ M, V.    j   We K*4U*«d »**vetttl iknv* pluttd
sight into the workings of a. modern
logging! camp/.;,. _-,.,' . '-.
•'.fYou .can- see:"."the ..whole""operation,
from'the cook house up the line to
the timber cutters .and'back/to; tlie
roll-ways.j,,/Rbad ''iniUoiug, -cleairing
roll-ways, telling the .timber, cutlug
tlie logs, loading, unloading, deci-ng,
and all the other- things,;that ,70 to
ma*'* up,the activities-of a, logging
camp.."        ,',",      "'. ' " -' ',
Mr, Waters had more than a. 11 ile
of steel railway logging 1 road in - p-
eratiou at camp three' last- summer,
being, the. pioneer in, this' kind of log
.locomotion 'in tlijs. valley,' and he has
the steel on the ground to build another mile.of .track.-as,soon ns '.the
snow goes away,-- Thus-tlio log*'car
will take the" place of the bob-tailed
winter dray,'-and tlie logs will keep
on coming, down hill into tlio 'ivvr
nil summer.   "-,  " '»;'   ,.'_'•
Tho.'Elk .c,Q1mpaiiy„have installed a
telephone line, to their camps, two,
three, and four,-with a side lino to
llosmer. Two stations have been
placed between camp thrco at Hos-
nicr and the, Fernie ollice,
, These stations nro for use.when the
logs nrc on' the run, so tliat when a
rhcr driver falls oil a log nnd gets
his sox wet he can phone in for a'
dry pair.. .
Thoy will also conn* in liniuly in
case the logs.gel juiiiiiieil or hung up
on bars, and men can Ihj sent to such
places as may be directed by 'phone.
Whoa wo prepared to turn into tuiv
Iittlo bods at camp four, l-'rcd rung
tho tclt-plioni' bell, .nnd , the Kid
thought' hu. was going to say lis
uviiiiing "Now I luy Mo Down to
{fleop" over tlie wire, but this is
what lie heiinl; -
•'Hello, pel, how nrc ymi toni ;'.*?"
_' ~ -"How'sJiaby?"- -   '.Tlut's
good, good night."
' Next motnlng' It was:
"Oood nioiiilug, how's bnby this
niorniiig?" '"flint'* good; good
bye." '   .    , '        I' ' ' *        «
Tlds renilnilort" the'Kid of another
bit ol domestic telephone felicity lie
OIKC   JiC.iUl   uiiun      ,i   Willi       uu.i.ixi.
*.wjillii. ji    ll   w.ii  in  a  bnlrl   office
arid ran like Ihli:' "   ..." "
"jlello,  dear.   Isli  that—hlc—you?—
—I d'-n't   know,  thing  dnn't work—
hic—jc". right, "seems to nlutwr— —
■ ,. .        . .     .«    1,       1   . ,
•Uili   *t*il,   uCiu 1    lan   »>.il.   U«M      '■ ■••* -
worry bout mc, ,T nnly a little—hie—
tired, Go to bed,-pet, and I'll l*'—
hii—home when I got 11-rcstcxl.
The fellow rung (iff, and turning to
the lonfrrs in tlio olflcc ho said i"
,\ wv.  c'lnfuleiiH.-il iininiier:
It's '»-ll when you have n wire to
lift flrt'li 011*    when-
you nrc, iiin^.U?',!
Aflei a goo^Llong nigbt's sleep Mid
a good breakt'isl,'' wc wen- again in
the cutler lielilnd the buckskins, nind
on our way to camp four,
All accounts due the Fernie t.wljfer
prior to Ycli. 1st will b» collected ty
A...T. Mott, and nil bills against the
Ledger to that date should be pre-'
■enlcd to liim for collection,
.-.I. pi 1 tics owing tin- late Inn ol
ftauimoiin and Turner, or tliat ol
Tuttle and 'Tinner, aro hereby totifl-
m| Ui.u all such accounts are payable
to JukH Turner, uml must be sottled
on ot'litfote thv loth of March next.
it, .1 tmumtmmiiH** nrwiw w»n*»*i.*w#ivev
|{ Watch it Increase.,,ah; y0u have.. to
do  with  a-Savings   Account  is .'to start it and
keep  it   going—then   Watch   it. grow.    Doesn't'
take long  for  it  to count  up  to  a  considerable
amount-—then  you  see the   advantage—the
dom  of saving.,     *
_" - 0 \ ' .
Unclerwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort-that'fits.
$10ps an Account with The Home Bank of Canada I
, J. H.   MARSHALL,  Mgr.,
Pcrnie-   Branch
r iit^ii^t^iAt.
KSTiliUSIIEl) 1887 ,
B. B. WALKER. President
ALKZ. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
. Branches
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
,;■-:-■. •■-  Rubbers
-■     - i '        *     w       i.
'-.■ -\ -Cardigans"
1,1 -*>
The Best -made.'
„ Bnuicbes throueUout Canada, and In Hie United States and En«1an<i
;'     J .'     -' BANKING, BY 'MAIL ,' »5 '-
Business may be transacted by mnii with any branch
•*?the Bank. Accounts may ,h8 opened Rnd deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Every retention is paid
to owt-of-town accounts.
Fernie  Branch , a. S.   Holt,   MmuiKav
■,.-..:'".".. ; and .Bulbs;'.^^;
From year to,, year we have made a study
of the Seeds best adapted to to this particular soil and. climate. This year we
.invite you to call and inspect'the'most-
complete line of vSeeds and Bulbs that we
have ever handled. ,        !
QUALITY "has ever been our watchword
and , we solicit the custom of those who
appreciate our endeavors lo supply only
the best.
The  Femie Drug Store
o ' ■        ■  '  ' **■
NOTrCB !• hereby given that, Co
•lavs nll«r dnte, 1 Intend to appiy (o
the I7unuralilo Chief Commissions! ul.
hands ami Works for permission to
■iiirchiiHc the following dcstrUxd
l.wiil, „iii..;ti. in ,I*'.i,st.,Ko>iicii..y, otsr
UlKo. Coiuiilciiciun nt n .tost ->'. i.t
id un the northern lioutnlnvy hn« (.1
lot 4^'i, about 40 chains cn.it Irom
the northwest corner ol said Lot;
tlience nortii 40 ch-iln*; lliciicc isst fo
cliainu; thence south Co chains, more
or Ican, to the ISlk River; then westerly filong siiid river to the tustem
Loiimlary i>l a.tlil I^.t 4R53, (hence
northerly ulnng said eastern lwind-
my ol i»..itl Lot t«. the m»rthert.»t corner of sntne; tlience westerly .'long
the northern 1»oii/idary of uid I/)t ia
nlnce of btj{lnn(n_{.
Dated the iRtli ilny of February, A.
D. igo;-.
Make your wife happy by buying a Stool Range of J. R Quail il
or money  refunded
Hotel, Fernie
T. Whelan*- Manager
A iileiiNiint homo
for the traveller.
by wire.
oEvcry Attention
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦
"fames Severn,   ,        ; - » ' . m   ,-*
Well' furnished  rooms.    Tfcie: tabic  is supplied  with  the best
\ the market affords. The bar is supplied     with   the   best wines,
liquors, and cigars. ! "       -      ,    -
' ^^*%%^^%%^%^«>V^^<V%'W<V%^MsV%^'%^%^^^ •
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Brewers,.'of. Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
The Elk Lumber Co.,
Dimensionij Flooring, Siding,
Finishing Lumber and
All our stock is last years cut mul well scnsoneil.
VAS'I-OI'VKII, 11,1!.
NI'.l,S(l\, |l (!.
Wholesale Groceries, Flour, Feed and Camp Supplies
" Ui_lUMMISUmi "Wl"J-'"il" ■'" !• ■         ■' 'I111  I'WWf i^^ffHI
The Ledger for Job Work
Only  Union11 Office in the District
Your Orders for Meats
Eggs, Butter, Poultry &
Fish, to
The Dominion Meat Co.,. Ltd,
and get satisfaction
•PHONE   4 --*-. v^wa--*
■ "■-■''•- "■ ''*; - :' "V "\ X ' ••'.'"
rj     ' ■"    -    -.
fERNtSLEDGER,    FERNIE, BX^M ARCH  30. ■   1907*
*> 4
Are the Bank Cashiers iii the
: Girl line, as Honey-loving
Mothers Now Realize
to tiptoe to" look over his shoe   tops -
into a hard,  disenchanted  world.".  ,
But William Allan has.-a.most annoying way of making other people
shrink into their ' -ilioes sometimes
which should be a source of solace to
him' while lw"is peeping over his own-
shoe tops. - o ■--' - . -■
'o'J          ' "--, -
She went  round and-asked subscrip-.
tions -    -    - - •      „ , ,
One of M^ny Kentucky Colonels
Talks on'MQuestion ind
Many Other Things    ,
creature, "and"it is bom iii us."-
- i'There' are' things that-you can do
in -Kentucky 'that yoii'can't .do "in
*-- some"other "places,-and our people are
pretty, apt to shoot too soou^'some^
times, but .there's one thing" yoii can't
do-in'Kentucky,-and'tliat is to. talk;
about a 'womau.--,,. If anybody...-:, goes
down 'there not   - knowing  this    and
IF ON YOUR TRAIL RING OFF > *.he-it-™ mack ^ans,
ci     uu «.•» Viid the Terro <lcl puegians.    .,
That 'mug-bow artist,  A.  J.  li., ol
the Minneapolis Journal, ha*, '"the following  about-the  irresistibilities    of
bank cashiers:    -* " .
Tlie -.-legant Mrs.  Marshall,  of New
York*" Mrs".  Marie Marshall,   1  mean,
is ninth annoyed by tin* -silliness and
general  u'nworldiiicss  of  her daughter
: Btatri.cc,  who, ,wiiilu she has a chance
'  to nmrcy a rich"wester,, ,nini..K »™\XM   lhc  Morriobooll,GhalSai.s„        ..
-just  be-ewc-lcd .with   gems   and    wal- , ^ ^ ^ Awaha^r> .
lowing  in  dmiuonds,   insists  on  unit j, ^   -a lVn\.
ing herself lor    .life to n'mere ba.,k*| ^ ^'^ ^ ,)lack NlimidiiUV,
', . And  the Vbon Al-A-ssiniaii,
And tlie charcoal-colored Guinean,
"She did;
Kor the tribes round Athabasca,
And the men of Madascar,'
And the'"poor souls of 'Alaska,
So she did; - '     * ' „
She longed, she said, to buy
Jelly cake and jain. aud  pie   -
Kor  the anlhropoliagi, '   '''    ■
So she did. ,'- ..    ,
Her heart .ached  for the  Anstr i.ians
"makes  Ilu* 'mistake of miking  ab-jiu Isurveyed.-,   ":,..
went; each taking away some of the
cheaper cuts of« meat. .   - " * .
. Presently the lord of ,the saloon
strolled in-with a shining- hat a little,
atilfonhis head, a'flambqyant vest,'
big sparkling diamou.l -n his spotless-
shirtftqnt," patent, leather boots on
his" feel,-'and wearing :all over,-, his
anatomy ^.thc air". of lord of all    he
i-nshier.    - ,
"My  daughter      is    most   foolish,
." said     Mrs.   Marsliull.'     "She   prefejs
poor' artists  and  others   wilh    lmrd-
luck tales to men ol real worth.   The
Avesterner  -who'   wants     to'  iiwutj
' her is now in, lCurope,  but expects to
.rl return shortly,  and  she -is afiiad she
will  lm\e  to  listen, to ,liim.   Shortly
,     before.Christmas he wrote, telling her
to purchase a- Christinas preseiit    for
„  hersilf—anything   she   wanted—to   the
iiiuoiiut of Sio,ooo, and would you*lie-
lieve'' it,   tlie ,   angrateful   girl    never
"   even answered his letter."      -   •   .
'„     Tears ,came    into    Mrs.   Marshal's
' .'optics. . -  " ' ' <**
' The lucky cashier  who has so   suc-
'     c-ssfully   played  tag  with  little  Bent-
rice's    affections   • is  Charles  Weeks-
Charlie,, whose''residence  is  at Locust
Valley,  and who'has been cashier   of
the    Oyster" Bay     lwnk  for  several'
,'   years,   having     entered     tlie    bank's
employ .when   it  was   founded sixteen
-yeirs ago.   it is said  that  they  will
-,   -be married  at once for  fear mamma
may cable the wild westerner and together  they may force little Beatrice
lo   enrich .herself beyond the   dreams
of   avarice- by  wedding   the  unknown
. "   owner  of  the liocky  mountains.
Why, i.s it, do you suppose that
the'sj bank cashiers arc all so fctch-
' ing that half the pretty girls in town
are rushing" around to get .checks
cashed through the little -iron - and
„ liniss gratings, thai frame , the bank's
Ai-ollos? - "    '    a  ,      *   ■'    •       ,-
■ Oil, she did," '       .   "    v,
And she' said she'd cross the seas
With a ship of bread ,'and cheese   .
Kor the  starving  Chimpanzees,
Sine,   she  did.
How she loved the'cold. Norwegian
And the poor hall-melted Keejan,
And  the dear Melucca  Islander,-
" ,. Slie did; ' _;     .
She sent pie and canned tomato
To-the tribes beyond the equator,
But her lius'-iiu'i ate potato,
So he did;
The poor helpless,  homeless thing  .,
(My voice  falters  as  I  sing.)
Tied his clothes up with a string, ,
* .   Yes,  he did.;' \    ,
, ' -- —SamWalter  Fobs. ,,
" ,, A man may have a \vIiole~IoT sl
money, , he may be a French count
and have a villa at Newport, but let'
a bank cashier come around and the
other, fellow's chances with the girls
are about, as good asPoiiltney Bige-
low's are'.to be made'chief cng.ncer
of the Panama canal under Roosevelt. - •
If you are' around trying l<> £*•*■
your best girl to marry you, and she
sees u bank cashier in the distance,
you might as well go and .jump into
tlu.decp spot in Lake Calhoun. l  -
Fernie mothers with the millionaire
son-in-law fever arc'advised to' read
this carefully aiid'tlon'-l let things
get too far gone before undertaking
lo change, tlie current of events and
have to weep salty tears, as does
Mrs.  Marsliull.
A SlulTunl county editor wrote
that Wlllinm .Allen While is "badly
overestimated." Hy way of long-
siilleiiiij,' rejoinder, Mr. White's paper, the Kiiiporin liu/.elU-, says:
"Here in Lyon county, in Kinporiii,
and in llu- fimitli ward, iu particular,
they, lime the person in <|iit*stinii cut
down to nil im-hUiiI-Ic liasis, with till
the water, air and 11/./. squee/ed out
As u result lie H*-'*1* tlit* evi-rlnsliiig
-l.iylij.lits kicked mil of him in iiboul
lliree primaries mil of live, nnd i*
used fur n ilooriniil whenever llie fellows feel.tlmt llu-y -dimild i-lenii llieir
feel, A favorite J.'."'"'' »P •'• '••"
. ward is lo put the heiul nl tlie editor
of thin giciit hmiic luvoriu- through
a hole In n liliinkut nud oiler u pri/v
for tin- lellow wlio cun hit it llu-
iiiiikI linns in u cminly eoiiveiiluni—
•every Unit- ymi liit the luiby yoii get
a line ilgiu." And Xln'tv is ulwiivs »
M-minli,-1 for « throw. Tin- ymiug
»eu'.lt'iii,ni fntin Sl-illiii'l mny Ini*-'1'
the tnitli iilmtit the esliniiilimi oi
the Ca/i-lte's i-illliir in Topvkii nud
oilier nuiole purl of tin- sol il' *• »•
u-iii, but here in I'liiporia tiny know
ill.- facts. WhiiI i*- in1"'1-'- '-11'1*' '*• ""
iiilei'isl'.iig lainily in the iioillie.ml
end of the fourth wui'd that «ls'>
kii'.ws the Uel.v-rtl'f   *«»l«l,   il.nntuy,
•   i i Mif'irinlilft   fncl-.-    ami   iIhti-     lire
tlmi-K wIh-ii the said fiiiuilv lii-n-iubc-
fore ilcierilicd nnd iibovj* iiuutimnd
does not liciiluiu to let In tlie lignt.
.<llil u leitiiiii pussv lietle mini •< 'i
the lull) showing through  the tup ol
!,!.-   l,,ir    U    riuli-li"   -mil   rfldlv   rttins,
i-o to tlie willierjiig tnitli: at ..ueh
times the kink comes out of his !>f,ick-
lione, the bulge out of his brensl, the
fctnreli nielli out of his knees, and
hvlore llie shrinking is dmu- he    Iiiih
It has been .given to The Times on
excellent authority that the rumored
changes at Coleridge wfll not injure
Medicine Hat. , Nou one'in "the ' city
feared much effect, but outside' 'papers liked to talk, of.it. The Crow
trains "will continue to run in to the'
station' here .as  they' always did.
The St." Paul-Spokane train, .which
starts about June I,' is going, to
reach Coleridge going west at 1.30
a.11'1., and going east at 9-3° a.m.
The cars will not come here, but the
Inner,')£_,_.«'_! I=t-it tj=j«=nncl=QUt fr01!l=tllC=
yards here. " «
This train is to cut off six hours of
the Crow time-from Yahk, B. C, to
Coleridge. For a great part ot thi
distance it, is timed ..to.maintain- «a
speed of a mile a minute. It will be
a splendidly appointed train, luxurious to a degree.—Medicine Hat Tinies
Letters were received last week l.y
A. Il.Andree, assistant in the Portland weather bureau, from F.rncst
fjcffingwell and Kiner Mikkclsen,, of
tlie Anglo American polar expedition which sailed from Victoria last
May.,, These letters are the first received from the expedition since it
left Ai'iiska.
The letters were dated Xov, 21 and
Nov. 23, iiml were carried over the
ice fields lo Point Barrow, where
Ihey were delivered to tlie Canadian
mounted police!
Air. I.ellingwell states in his letter
llial the Duchess of Bedford lies frozen in solid iec about ami miles oil
Point Harrow, and tlmt the preparations were iit that lime almost completed for starting on an expedition
into the unknown country lying- north
of this i-onllneiil. According to the
writers, the start will lie made early
this spring,
l.clliiigwell goes on to hay that,
judging from the tides and from
tnlkH with the unlives, they have
come lo the concluwion tlmt a large
island exist*) not far from the mainland.
The explorers say that the party
nt iy not return from this trip lor
two yearn. The wcn-tlicr win* modi-rate nt tin; time the letter*' were
viVlm-ii. Al ihut time the severest
i-uld Iiml been only 10 degrees below
/cm, nml mi sunn- days the nicmiry
lind ri-arlieil in ilegit-ew above. The
ditto- party of fifteen were in good
lioilth .it the tiim- of writing.
Ilt-siys Unit experiments niadi! liy
Di. llo-Ae iu the use uf v-'iieliiU'lc
fo ds deiiimisti'iiU'd their iimdeipiui-y
aii.l that the serving ol meal to the
meii was resinned, Tin- experiment
was made  in    the  l*liel  tliat vi*ge<
tP.lle   f,->   i\   M-mtld   ro'ti"'!-   the     il-inm-r
n( dlirnr.K '
I,el)in/,wcll says that those letters
may be the lust to reach tli* outside
world for two years, unlm lie vx.v
oecds iu sending out n couple ol ftien
Doubtless God might ■ have made  a
pleasanter' and more g-enial genllemaii
than  Col. George-, W.  Bain,  of    Ken-
lucky, 'but it mny fairly be "doubted
if He ever did.   Col. Bain  is in Winnipeg for the purpose of delivering his
lecture on    "'Among  the'Masses     ot
Traits  of  Character","'' and he is slay
11.,  at tlie Clarendon hotel,  where-*a
knock  on    the door of- his rboni  is
answered by a call of  "come,"    and
this being "obeyed the"'visitor   seec   a
innii of medium height,.who owns up
to years, enough  to constitute him a
grandfather    of    six young Ken tuck i-,
ans. ,'The Colonel was shaving, when
lhc Tribune deltgatc' called, but that
did not lessen the heartiness   of   th*
greeting  that  followed  instantly " ami
most courteously' upon the   announce
nicnl that the.caller was,,of the news-
papei   ', persuasian.'    The    interview
which followed was'not really an interview;  it was just- a talk,    and    a
very pleasant one,. which ilowed along
with all  the smoothness-   that'  may
he expected'with an exceedingly good
talker un  one side, and  some  capacity for listening'on the-other.
"I'm', glad to see yoii; "take-- that
big chair, it is the easiest,' said Col.
Bain, heartily, .stopping off his shaving long enough lo shake hands , and
to see his caller seated. ' It .takes
more or less of a" genius ' to shave
himself and «talk at'"the same time,
but this combination had no power
to faze the Kentucky colonel, who
proceeded with his toilet operation
and- talked as freely as (though on the
lecture platform, -^preliminary « waves
of the razor hand fitting nicely into
the place of the customary oratorical gestures.
"You have a. fine city here, and I
never saw wider, or better streets^ Of
course I'm not going to say, anything
about the condition of* .the streets just
now, because, that is something „tliat
Nature had to do with, and since my
experience on the way here, I'm not
disposed to criticize 'anything that
Nature,"'has, a. handf'" .in,  because    it
a.woinan.iu" a" light way, somebody-
friend or. foe^-puts a hand 'over h,s
mouth and 'stops hiiri,,(\Vc hold our
A'omen as sacred and wo.neither -pe-.ik,
slightingly of,' them-* or ''allow. , others
to do so, ' Tjjis is one thing , that
makes the "negro question so big,, a
thing-.with'us; and i,t'is' really, 'the
most important thing that aii}' ,*na-
tion on earth has ,to ileal with now,
and is certainly a icmeslion,,which any,
or all,' questions'before tlie United
Stales are very small' matters,-' com-,
paraihely   speaking.
"Why,  do you know, if the.  negro
population of the Stales -increases mill the'end of-the 20II1 century as it
has increased- llius 'far,_there will   be
75,oo;i,oo.-i negroes   in the- States   at
tlie  close  of. llial  period,;, and . that
will be nearly  as uiaiiy negroes     as
there are all" sorts' of _ieop!c   in    the
Stales   now.   In   sonic Louisiana parches "there, are" today 3iOob whites and,
30,000" negroes,- and you can, imagine
what  would  be  tlie icsnll.   .if'   there
should be any dillicully arise between
the races in such     n place as    t'nat.
With  the white's *.oulmimbcred' leu   u-.-
one they would' simply be wipe.l out,
for tlie negroes can, and will,    light
when they get starlctl,_
• '.'Those who have,not.lived in  the
south   know   little  or. nothing ' about
the 'Condi tions''thai exist  there,    and
i\en those of us who, do live   .there,"
find, at times,  lhat \«* don't   know
all  about- it.
"I was down al Paris, Texas, where
t'ney burned a negro at the slake for
a crime which he "committed, and 0.T
said to the minister willi whom (
.was driving about 'tlmt it was too
I ad, to! burn the negro; that hanging
was, I, thought proper in such cases,
_b:-l burning at'" tlffistake was Aoo
horrible", and, inhuman.; He told mc
110W to say anything of' that sort- ir,
public, and then he told 111c the circumstances that led loathe burning
:*nd they w'cre so revolting tliat I'did
i:ot*wonder that the people were, as
he said, fairly. driven.mad with lag'c
and horror at the vile barbarity of
the crime,, And I ani sure that almost any community where the men
love their women and children wiuld
,<i, muchothe eamc'thing. The trouble
jsjJnvC the 'real circumstances are too
can't be, helped..   -      „ -    •
,"We' were, running , along- toward
Winnipeg just out -by Emerson when
our train, ran into a snowbank, aml-
..therc we stayed. for two days, and
we really had a time of it. Why, I
don't-believe there ,was a potato or
turnip ,or, a bean, or anything else
that was good to eat left in J.he village where wc were stalled, when out
train did at last 'get away. I .reciton
we ate it out of house and home
about. I was .due .to speak here
Tuesday "night,' but    that  snowdrift
;,oirible to put in .piini, and so pio-
ple.al a distance do-not know"-aid
arc driven .to conclusions based ipon-
imperfect knowledge,
"'"No,'sir, we have not solved this
question at all yet, and it will be a-
hard one, do our best. The only way
1 see out of it is to educate* aud elevate the negroes, uml if that docs
noUdo, the .work,- iilon't know, what
will. Tgiioi'aul musses, either Mack
or white, arc dangerous, aud things
are much different iiiiiong the negroes
.than they were before the war, '   Wc
Marion  Hi idge,  C.H.,  May *»,  'oi.
I li*i\c h.vmll-il MISAHD'S MN1-
MKS'T during the j.sist year, tt ii
always the liM I.inimrnl nuked for
litre, mul iiiii-iu-stlonably tlie be*.' ".*v
ler of all the dlflkrenl kind* of Uni-
1ut1.it I handle.
NKtl,  I'KUGUSilV.
i titMftmr
put my lecture forward a few days, j have some of the niilc-bcllunr blacks
nnd I shall speak tomorrow" (Friday) \ about yet, but they arc - good people,
night instead.       ' iiml the younger clement is bad,    or
Hut, say, you don't speak like, an
Kiigl'is-lunaii. You aren't? I thought
not. Wc get used to noting , these
thing by travelling about, and ,1
thought I missed the English accent
from your speech. Ab you sny _ the
Canadians arc due people, end I lind
theiii the most appreciative people to
talk to that,I know, Over in .ny
own country the people want to conic
lo a lecture, or the like, about fifteen
minutes late, aud then -they want you
to talk just about ho ' long nnd no
longer; in fact, if you do talk longer
they will go out and leave you talking. Thai is what they do iu Boston to a mmi who talks longer than
they tliink he ought to, and I saw
Bob Uiirdctt Iosk! half liis audience by
talking too long. He spoke for I wo
hours, and I wanted to get- up and
|iull It 1111 off the platform, the pen-
pic went mil ho fast, My people over
lioiiic ask mc where I find the best
audiences to lalk to, nnd 1 tell I'h-iii
at once, in Canada. I have been lecturing in Toronto for a good tunny
years, and 1 never found an audience
thai I liked ko well as tliose Toronto people; they are so appreciative
and ntleiitlvu. I won never In this
pari of Canada before, but I am M'lc
thnt this cily hn» a grenl future before II, aud it is wonderful how nnuli
hns hi-ph done here so far.
"N'o, I'm not a real colonel, but I
have l*cn culled u colonel so long
that the title slicks, If came almiit
hy my being introduced hy -li.Hhnp
Fallows, thu first time 1 spoke iu
Chicago, a good.iniinv years ago, as
Col. Ilnin.   When 1 stinted tit   k\m\V
X  iIkh'oiI  «im>  rlnllf   to  lt,f<  llllc  1>*-vn„(l
thr- (net Hint 1 wni n Kentucky man.
hut after the lecture was over lllshnp
Fallows, got up and Raid that II I
war not a colonel lielore they would
make mc otic then and promote me
t.i tlm r-mV ol _r»ptipr-<l on fhe '-ni-'
s> I saw it wasn't much use, and j.
M-niied, niter a while, that people
knew tne as Col. Ilnin, so I let It go,
nl that, lint I have never killed nny
body or even shot at them.
"We are not at colonels in     Keii-
Tiit editor of the Ledger happened
to lie in Victoria during the time
Cnptiiiii Mikklewm was outfitting his
little DuchcoH of Ik-dford, und lie
watched the proces* with much interest and gained a little knowledge as
(o tlie He hunting lrin.liR.sv. A j lucky in spite of a tradition to the
couple of honeymoon travellers from contrary. Kentucky neoole tire rated
Fernie happe-m-d along «t that time, ns being dlflrrent from other folks,
and with the Ledger representative, 1 know, but I don't think we arc to
look a thorough look at the newh nuich ilitfennt. Wc love Kentucky
painted little *lii.*. .tetter thsa any other place on earth,
TImts* »tt <<r.-.««_i»fm*U' «  (e*- F*r-  utA **ht*fl we fti together «•#.    talk
ni* *i*vi|iif ulio willlfKili with tt liftlr   k>n tricky,  nr»ff wt'rr preffy   npt    m
many of'lhciu are, Here in Winnipeg
young women '"can go about in' perfect
safety after sundown, but if one of
my grnnd-iUuiglilci-K-I have . si.t-
wishes to go a dlsliincc of a block
and,a  half,  even In tlii;^early niorii-
''•I'ii11 k» wj1-' 1,cr H !''*fct-y' '■   '
,-Tvhiskey iu Kentucky? Well, tlure
is another thing tlmt we have fallen
off in, just as wc have in colonels.
We have 119 counllci in Kentucky,
and 98 of them lmve no saloons, s>o
you sec we arc losing our rcpuUt'nu
nil round, but bUII we have our st-ile
and think there is no place quite It He
Kentucky. I am glml y«" *-n"'c to
see mc, and I tiinnk'you for the ;oiu-
tesy of your call.' Good-bye mil
come and hear my li'i'ture, if you »,iii,
and' be sure to Iw Dr. Oun.sat.'us
when he comes, fur, lie Is the hest
Hulpit speaker we lmve in the States,
and he in grandly iliKjticnt upon his
subject, -''hliver Cromwell."-Winnipeg Tribune.
One or Colonel IIiiIii'h iftoricH lold
to 11 Ledger n-porleii
Some years ago 11 iiuiunlucluivr,
wishing ,lo put up n large nln»l and
go Into business al or near Cliici'io,
approached the eily.ouicials ,wlth a
view to securing n suitable site i.nd
a bonus in Hie kIih|io of excii'iptl-m
Irom tiiMitiuii,
Alter the usual iiinotiitt ol tnlke,
talkv, wnli indulged III, n hiirguin was
Hlrtick nnd 11 situ lor thu new manufacturing enterprise was secured some
distance out Irmii thu business centre of the city, ami m-oii u btwy ltUlc
community sprang lip nround the
factory, which tiii|i|oyed 500 men.
Vnnu then' apiv-nri-iloii tho scene a
bi-i;, burlv looklajr fellow who bought
n comer lot near tlio liig plant ot 111-
dusliy and erected llitrcon a "snloon'
with a big S, and Ml Uw jitu-ttack
parapharialla whicli goes with Hint
I (nd   ni  linn(tie<m
A butcher took the opposite corner
ami began the |inK«s of feeding the
hungry workmen nml their families
ihe m*at necessary to keep them in a
fit condition to ilo the work lor
which they were paid each Satnrliy
night al tlu: iMshitr'H wicket iit '.l.e
big company office,
One Hiituiday jii_;lit th.r forfimfln ol
the Mg factory wallitd into the lmt-
rlter shup and iui^vlcil thirty tent*,
in three p<<umU of hriaket and a slice
of lh«r, as I wa* llinding idly hy
with hl«* Sunday mf.it    under his arm
"Hello,. Bill,';, said he, addressing
the knight of the 'clever,, •''how's business?"?.,  *,       ,,-    "'-.'■     .    -",
"Jusl so^.so'" replied the butcher.
"How. is it*with you?" "„   -
."Tip.top,  bet your life,"   said, "the
saloon ruan".--',. '   '     _,» '  -     -"'   a
'•'"I-want"-some tueat, the- best»*._)c
^t;- tenderloin stake." -^   ,
''"That sounds ■ better;*-don't- .* yet,
many "such, orders here; most of those
factory-yaps Duys„tlie cheapest there
is* and grumbles about the price at
that,   llow much you waut?" -
(►'•Oh, • send up two . dollars - worth;
my wife won't eat anything.. but tlie
best, and she declares she wotut feed
llie loodle anything that' ain't 'goad
enough for her, \
"There's    your   two  dollars,    and
don't'forget to send up, the "best you
got*"   ";    - '.       *       ■"   ■""      "   .'
The foreman  started   .home     wtUi
his chunk of brisket and slice, of liver, for which! he had paid his   thirty
cents",  and began to' ponder.   Here- he
was" taking' home  three  pounds      of
cheap' slew  aud some liver ? to    iis
wife and the children for-,.their -.Sin-
day  dinner,   aud   that  saloon     m»n
had ordered two, dollars worth of the
most  expensive  and delicious ' steak
for his wife and her woodle.   He nay
worked hard all week, seeing that all
the men under him did the same, and
was  taking    home  the cheapest     he
couldybuy,. and  the. other  fellow    in
the shining "hat .and' boots,  who  luicb.
worked not not spiimed,*had ordered
the liest there' was taken to' his home.
"Something- wrong  here.   What    is
it?": -        .       ■ ■       ''.
This thing got so stuck in his head
tliat it wouldn't let." him think' ' of
anything-else.   - ". '•
tie, didn't sleep that night, and his
wile "was' worried about him. ^ That
Sunday,. stew was the worst, it seemed to' him, lie had ever-tasted, "and
his wife began -lb fear that he was
coming down with fever, aud - then
even the brisket' wouldn't be forthcoming next Sunday.
lie ,was cross and morose and- treat-,
ed his wife as though it .was all her
fault, but all the time his think shop
was' working" full time.
He went into the mental arithmeth-.,
icclass and began' figuring, hi his
"nund,' andTirrived^af tiie~astonishing-
conclusion that he had spent.in that?
corner'saloon . during. the - last week''
exactly $2.00, the' amount the proprietor had "expended for,,.tenderloin-,
steak. He wdadered *if it ■ was ••' this
identical $2 he had tossed.'over.'tlie
He passed a mental, resolution that
he would spend no $2.00; no, not two
cents for wet goods in that barroom
the "next'week, and that he .would
spend -a dollar for the best there was
iu- the bntchcr shop the' next Saturday and see .how.it would work. "
He was at his post early ou Mou-
day so full' of his new resolve that it
would bubble out every time-lie op-"
ened his mouth. <> As he wns explaining' this lo one of his men, others
came in, and soon the office was full
of men. The result was that every,
workman joined that baud and'pledged himself not to spend a' penny at
the saloon "during the week, and to
spend a portion of the saviugs for
extra cuts of meat on Saturday
night. *    .
When Saturday night rolled round
that butcher shop was a .site to behold, The butcher was swamped witli
ocders for „ the best, and had to
phone to headquarters for a supplementary order.
Thotc workmen had certainly broke
loose from all rules ol economy and
wore bent on ruining thiinselvesi
The foreman watched the procession an he'had the week before, hut
with different feelings. l'iiiully the
saloon man came in this time with
uu uir, not'so much ol lordly proprietorship aw of unspeakable diHfitiBt.
ft was the butcher who hod to ask
this time, "Iiow'h bimlness?"
"Jl-r-r-otten," cmph'aUeally njnit-
lered tho buh'uii man, "been , rotten
all week," These workmen arc a Rot of
cheap guyr. what haven't spent a,
cent with ate this week; IIow'h it
been with you?"
'•Dooming; never was as good'—
but he lind to cut It short aud --cl
busy again filling the orders of >omo
more of those cheap guys who wanted the best cuts.
When the next lull came the *M
loon man chipped In with, "Give me
twenty-live cents worth of round
steak; I'm in a hurry."
lie loimgeo out 01 the siiuj< with
his t\,wii .*.U'.,k uiiiai hi,-, iiuu, u»A
the foreman went home with tlie
firm-ist sirloin roast he had ever had
iu his house, and had just ns much
cash left lu his pocket as he had in
it vi'imi n* luufc rinwiii Uirti g»c.ir»>
brisket the week before.
Tlm butcher man, who worked hard,
was richer, Ihe facloty men, who
hadu't Worked any harder, hut had
thought a little harder, were a little
r'-.lwr lu cash uu-1 U-.-iir f.imllleii worn
nil better fed.
Ouly the shine oil lhc hat and
l:i*ots of the saloon man was 1nr-
nishe.l, and his1 wile and the poodle
aog had to work their jaws a little
harder to'make a iv,,.inre m*al out of
thai round steak. .
In order to
circulation of this paper
another 1,200,, %e; are
offering for thirty
V . ) • :
The   Fernie   Ledger
*  '   ' -.''""-'"•,       '.'*''    ^"^\... -V-' -
.    -     , *  3   ■   ■*' <■', '"-' * ' ' V    .. '-.'      ,,_
One Year for $ 1 ;5Q:
.ivt: <-„*■»
:\l»'.l?.--   My,
This ofler is good
old subscribers, as well,;;
as new; provided pre-:
sent   subscribers   have
paid their subscriptions
;.fo-'dateV-.vY^ ' ~'ir:i]
Any time in the next 30£days.
more    than a  {.tn*ral    int.re-*t    for 'vhink  Kwitncky at all  time*, I vip-'watching wilh* Idle curiosity Ut* pro
ticwM front the. Duchcs-i of lUxUord,        •**«, hut thai Ih the nature of   ) ite  cetwion of workmen as they came am!   Mfutrd'i I.luiuieut Cures Neuralgia.
but ^mctliiny different,1 original and up-to-date., ;,
That is whut we aim lo give each of our custom- ,,_.,
ers whether the work involves the decoration of,'
a whole house1 or the'papering of a small bed-,      ' ;?
room," und our.prices always please,*,•.';■."•,•/?'•. . ■*.. .
Store next to Roma Hotel." " .- ';    ;!       *': -
£ Tfi fr/\r%Aa*+%1>*toteiftm**w1mviiv
J^-iWU l/ti 4 and) Sign Wvitev .  .
Seeds Seeds
Flower    Held   Garden
We will  have on   view arid  for sale a most, com-r|
plete assortment of seeds for the Spring'   trade of ;
1907.   We" guarantee all of these as being true tb'
nature and variety,   We guarantee all oi them to
be fresh goods   from   the   most   reliable  seed men.,
.Every package will grow or the   money   refunded.
A. WJBIeasdell - Fernie
"Mil I
>. "'
^"J ' j 'J - %' ii
Pure, Wholesome* Reliable .
Made from cream of tartar derived
solely trom grapes, the most delicious and healthful of all fruit acids.
Its use Is a guarantee of perfect food
and a protection against the Ills that
follow the use of alum, alum-phosphate and other low grade powders.
- ■'* .#**•»•,v-
The mixtures called bating powders that sell for ten or' -•<',,
twenty'-five cents a pound, or a cent an ounce, are all altfre,
made from alum and coating lesa than three cents a pound*.;'
-u »*$
r     •/
I " Fi ,
Stagj-ey Cup Has Left for East
|hy l^ame WesWom
on-i Baseball
followers. Belting wns keen ami favored Kciora on llie jjnnu-, the general impression lieins- llial with' im-
proved ice" they would 1-v able to pull
oil >a   vic'lor'v.       , °
The Saturday night gama-played in
Winnipeg  by .the Wanderers,  of Montreal,  and Thistles,  of Kenora,  lesull-
,   id in a victory for the Wanderers by
a scare of 7—2.
'■■";,     It was a' great game, bin  tlie ehal-
■   Lowers  fairly   outclassed   the, western
champions. -»
"       "        :"       • 11,   *■
_.*■   'They   practically   cinched    the    cup
'■', and  the world's hockey championship
' _     whick  they  lost such a   short      lime
..V'i   ago.
. _     »The line-up was as follows:
* Kenora.—Goal,       Ciiroiix;        point,
-.   -Hooper   cover point,    Griliis;    rover,
.:,    Westwick;      centre,  Whilcrofl;.,    light
:."- wing,    Smith;    left    "wing,   Phillips;
,   spares, 11.   Phillips and Heiiudio,
''_      Wanderers—Goal,   Hem;   point, J'.u-
■'   rick;    .cover    point,    Sluarl;   rover,
.-   Cilats: -  centre,  Uiissell;'    right  winn,-
'    Blatehford;      lefl     wing,     Johnston;
.;, , spares, Kennedy-nud Clii.ieha.se.
Referee—W.   Keaii.
:     -Judge of  Phiy—W.  Mcl-Vlanc.
,'-     , The Thistles,   showed  little, of    the
■_.'    brilliant speed1' which has made  lliein
fatuous and which has won them    so
many games,  and  the soft ice    soon
wore    them  down   ■ to  very •'medium
{ftit, where  lliey were never    danger-
'■'•"'    CUR to the  Wanderers defence.
Alf..   Smith,   of      Ottawa,     seemed'
.,■"    about the only man on  the   Thistles
who   could   cope   with-the   situation,
■_'«    apd he played' a brilliant game.-    It
'-.    is easy  to understand'now how,   the
i     Ottawa-team  so  long, retained •   the
'<-'■': - championship    with    a    forward  line
such.as he was.   Westwick   was   also
:.." ' "".(Wressive ntid tricky, but  was elose-
•_-"    ly checked. " , "
!- Of the' forward' line of the visitors
'• •' , Johnston and Russell were probably
.,! tht most distinguished. Thev were'
;_' always fast and brilliant, the former
■•; especially keeping the Kenora defence
' busy by his succession„of breakaways.
1 Hod 'Stewart-played a"-steady,-.rcli-
.r !'"aWl¥"i'ti'd"'aggressive game, and certainly "c'oiitribuu-'ii greatly to the decisive victory  of his  team,  which,   it-
'  ■     Ic    rrvnrpHlvl      ^rnrtl'pilllv    ,iMliri-c    IllPlll*
the coveted cup,   ■
A    great deal. ' of    money changed
'     hands on, the result,-the betting-   bc-
-' - hjg heavy. ' Play was remarkably
clian ' considering   the , strenuous   tuiL-
:,\.   ure of--'tRc game.
"      "„     '   :';*" SICCONI)  GAIMK.
- Oa    Monday  night     the Wanderers
Were successful'''in  their mug hunting
■•_     journey., to  the west,' and  when   tlu-v
return' will take with them llie Stan-
' liy'"i.'Yip fi nd the cliaiiipionship   of the
•_,,., hockey world, They had to fight
kard    for" it,. -  The    Kenora Thistles
;-,     tnade a desperate attempt    to  retain
• '." Ihe coveted tnipliy, and when' the
luercury dropped     to  /.cro    Monday,
,; • converting the Arena rink, the swimming  pool   of;, Saturday,   into     keen
•\ lee, tltcy had the conditions tlmt fnv-
ond their spc-i'd and style of play.
The reversal     of form  they    showed
i      Was utmost incredible, as they playe-.l
■!    ■ with their old-time dash    and    vim.
,'Tlwy lieai  the W11 tide revs ("1-5,     This,
however, left them  four goals    down
on the result of 'the series',   It was- 11
_ lungnlficent game, particularly from
ths spec til tors' standpoint, full . nf
brilliant, plays, and with Kenora always siillicicntly in the lend to hivp
lope ascendent in the breasts of tln-ir
llllll'IWI      . ,   —■—    ||     |    i      ■■niiii.	
', .1' ,1 i*-( t \     ■  -
Nature Needs  Assistiuice  in    i\lnltiii_»
New Health-Giving Wood,
I.OST ON" A ' l'.Mli.
The Wandcreis- claimed that
Stuiley cup only came \\.j.,i ( n ;.0.
count of a. mi:.forUiik. lo :\i,irshaU'.s
pants. They claimed to'ii..\v. h..d Hi.-
1 en-.r.is beaten to a si.,n,is.,l, an.l
st 11' panting, when :\I;.rshal! skated
up to the referee and shouted, "Ring
the l.ei:, 1 have loin my pants."
Play was .slopped w hilu the damage
was repaired, and the Kenoias caught,
their wind and won out in the last'
thre;- miiiuu-s of play. Iu support of
their .sl.iicmenl, llu- Wandeiers are
s .pwin'4 a receipt for the reseat for
llie player's pants. , Kach player had
liis pant.-, thoroughly cxainiiu-J |,e-
fore the team left for'Winnipeg, and
a„ain before each game, thus prac'ti-
,-all\ ensiiriug the (winning of the
-.up'and also lulling out the danger
of any  p.ilUolniiie during  the  gaiue.
FjERNIE LEDGER,    FERNIE, B.C., MARCH  .,o.    ,9o7.
untied up to ihe time of drafting the
schedule, the advantages 01 being represented at the league meeting arc-
obvious. '
The chilis that have complied with
Llie requirements ...are Lellihridge,
Pinclier  Creek,   Tabor,   iMnclcod      and
, ji
The,High Kiver club, which has expressed-a desire 'to enter this'league
is really in the Calgary dislvu-l(
but unless two leagues are formed in.
Southern Alberta, it will probably
find il more convenient to :p!ay in
lhc-Caloarv   league. ~-
Thai leading sport iu the baseball
'inc, Tom Whelan, .was ,;u Calgary a
few days this week, and incidentally
>u( it all over the would-le Cub'-arv
Insel-.nH exjierls. He told them all
heir shortcomings for the past". Ie;
-.-ciiciMtiiuis, and how thev slighted
I'ernie when thev made up-the West-
era Canada'. league, also the" main
re.isou for passing up Fernie, -which
he informed them was because they
knew Kernii'* could trim them up one
side and down' 'the oilier, and that
ihe only way they ever go! ahead of
Kernie was, Avlicn they workcij' the
sliori-chaugo racket on our bunch,, in
that purse of- S300. The Calgary
would-l.es lia\e not as yet setllvd
Lack,,in their coiiihirtnbh- dream of
i.eing the only exponents of, the
great , game that ' ever' happened.
Tint's right, Calgary, now thai ypu
have been awakenc-l  we will  see that
Tirj y;.ii:i.-c(i Cirelo   .
Jack' '-Twin'' Sullivan, of ■ Boston,
defeated .lac'-. Palmer, .-f Kn^l:-ud, at
I,os Angclee Monday u'ight in the'
tenth round of, a .twenty-round boxing u'liicst. Palmer claims the 1-ing-
lis'i middleweight championship, and
il  w.'.s bis first  fight, in America.
The sum of two hundred dollars ft,r-
leil inone\ ' has I.ecu placed iii> the
hands of the'proprietor nf. the Glei-
ehcii n<*\»'-,spaper as a challenge for a
friendly bout of twenty rounds between Kid iloagland, 01 Calgar.-,*, aiid
All'. D.iw, of Gleiclien,' light to take
place wilhili llie next sixty days at
Calgary or Cleiclien, wil,eh ever p.i.cc'
guar.iiitce.s   the  highest  gale   receipts.
AiK.fli-i- Kind of Sport
l.e C,iuadii-ii i.s asking the following
impcriincut questions:
,, "Is ii true that an ex-minister lefl
the cabinet under false [irelences, the
true reason l;eing one willi which all
were familiar from start to finish and
from  top  to bottom?" " '
"Is it true or is it not thai the .ex-
minister enriched', himself in most,
scandalous  fashion?" .
,, "Is it true or is it not that three
mini.-dcrs of the." crown now in oflicc
are unfortunately mixed up in afiairs
c .uccraiiig      certain    women      whose
Hprlii-* is the Hfiison when yotir sys-
tem needs toiiinjj up. In the spring
you must have new blood just us Unifies must have new mip. Suluru de-
luii'iiU*; 'it, Wltliinit new blood ynu
will feel wenk nnd languid; ymi mny
bu\S twillgew nf rlieuiiialiMii or iieu-
ralgiu. occiiHioniil litMiliiclii'M, viiiiiibh"
appetiie,'phiipleii or ciiiplinns nf the
»Un,' or a pule, pnsty tninpU-v;ion.
Tllts-e are sure slgiw thnt tlie blnnd
Is, dttt ,nf order. A tonic Is iieeili-d
to'"jjlve iiew1'energy, Dr. Williams'
l'ink Pills arc thu IicnI tniile in all
th,e world. They make new, rich ,
hfo'ocl—yoiir greuicst m-isl lu hpiing. (meiiibvishi
they'clear the skin, drhv out iliscnu.- assist^ ll
and Miakc tired, ilepressed nu-n und .fiiinn'l.i
women hrl-jht, iicl'vc and .strung,
Urs, .lohn McAuley, Doiiglasvown,
(f»rf,' prnvflM tin* i»ri'iit value of Hr.
WHHn'«Mt'"Wtik TIIIh In hulldiug up
p»ople who huve liven wi-uki-nvd uiul
run down.   She snys:   "Dr, Williams'
A musical farce -comedy, said lobe
of unusual 'excellence, will be the attraction at the opera house on Thursday, April .|, 1\1 aimger Dubsoii having
lic^'ii fortiiiiate in securing the .three-
act play, "Sly Wile's Family," the
coiiil.iiial work of Hal Stephens and
Harry Union, prolilie nud sm-ces-'ful
writers of that style ol uiiterlaiu-
:iieut, Tills merry coucoctioii of fun,
music nnd * amusing frivolity, was
greeted liy warm praise wherever pie-
sented lust season as the jnlliest,
clenucsl mid liveliest of comedies si-en
in the musical world, ,1 constant creator nf laughter that is simply irresistible.   The eoinHv appeals in nil
Unit is reliiied; the book is not of the
forced kind, while the musical 1111111-
licrs are all of the jingling, whistling
order. The company presenting "My
Wife's Family" was seleelwl [or each
persi.li's iiafiirnl ability to assume
(he various characters assigned to
them, with thu result that it is one
of ihe best drilled oi-ga nun linns on
the n-'nd today, with clever comedians, pretty girls, and 11 whole ensemble well nigh perfect in every detail The costuming, electrical and
singe effects un- correct iu every detail, The engagement of "My Wife's
Family" should prove to be nu nr-
lislie. aud  f'muieinl  success.
Kernie calls ynu up or down n lew
limes 1 hIs -.eiison, nnd ynu will grnil-
itiillv lit'i-iiiiici healthier nud better
sports.   Arc vnir'nii?
ci„\i'i';siioi,;u ou'GAS'izks.
Clni-e*.|iii|in   ' baseball      t*ntlnf.111*^1.*-
tlH-l the other day nud iitgniii/ed " n
V'liib ami v-li-.-te.il Ui.- lollowiug olliicis:
Prcldviil, .Inn. Clark: Vii-c-l'res.,
Gen, SiinpMiii: SeivTTi'iiN., A. Wvlie;
Almiiigei-, C. .1. lli'.ireu: Capiniu; J.
K, Ui'wiolds. HxeiiitiM' Cniiniiitn-i'--
Me.ssi's. Cl.irl., !-.iin]'wiii, Wylie,
llr.iren alii Ueytii.lils. Tli,- ineinl.ei
sl,ii|> fee W.is liS'*d 111 IW" ilnll.il*.. Il
is  ho'.u.l  ill.11   eiiiwiiiv
will   bll\
* ., Piflk Pijlj.lmve liecli (if gum. help tn
;•' ml.1'' ttfy W«><l 'wiih' weak and watery
r »ndll' wns1 lindh'    run down.       Hut
"-' through   the   u.tv.   of   the   pill*,   my
'.' bs*Hh  won fully   restorwl.   1   always
,'! ricfrtitm.end _tlicm  lo my frivnds who
■ I hi ay he ulliitg,"
mVi- 'tire' fraudulent, itiiitnti.ius
lii-i.i-i   nml  In  tlmt    ',..r.
he   hoys   and   llai*.   have      a
illH'IOM   iu   ill.'    well. ll'. ■    i-f
the  ti-nlii.
^^  ,. ,   .,-   1 ,_,,..    t.'.  .„      ,.r   ii,.. Vmii
Oliver   ti.iicl nil   club    lUlliniiiui.i.     Ih.-
Inllnwillg a*. llU'liil er'i ol  llu-  le.l'.ll  lur
this season:
Tom   Holly,   pin her:   tienree  I'onli-
nnv,   eiit-hur:   J,   W.  (.luigU'v,    seeoiid
..    ,,    ,- .       1,    :„i'. ii,-     1
,   I**.........       *» *-■    "     -       .    ■
,1, G.irnli.ildi, ouUicldei', K..G. I'*1-'-
bins, utility: William Waln-i-*. in-
fielder;   A.   I/.   Sle.l'-,   niiilii-lih-r.
'flu- I"".' nil il"1"1 "' Soiitlii-iu Al-
Icrl.i llU-et today at lln- Dallas
Intel.   lXli'i'.,;..-    nt   **   \> tn
Thus lur the regular ,ippln..iii..iis 1.1
li\t>  kluls .ire in      Hi-'    hands ul   lln-
lagim  srcret.irv,     .Itilm   M.it-.ir
l.etliliiiilut*.   .Many   linivs   ih.it
talked  .i?n1  MT.11'11    I'
b'on SA],E-oooon>:j.LnuGA.\ix imaxo
case: also furniture.   Apiily.)   Ui«e>. s\'i(—
toi-iu stremie. ' inKi-*:
1, P. hole-stein.
KOlt   S\LK—in
«:isy   remit,.
Pem 10  -■
bOT.s   l.\,\VKST   FKHS'lE:
Apply   \V. T   J leu ley.  \\'i!-,t
torui. Ave
Im.v-. Clius. H  llowiu-vl.Cnyley, Attn iV
c-ititttoi,neui-i.v nuw.—Apply at L(.(|K«r Ollico [
. orty ccntiMlly loeatwl, -oo.l  moiturii  laai^f, I
lkwilVn"S1.1''1-"'-   -'*I,l'1vt')   Mott, Son Sr.Co. i
hOl    >AJ K-O.SE OK THE J1...ST IICSIXESS   _   -
lotxiu Victona Ave.   Tin\ iot  i- one of I lie ! H  A
he-t locations in i„„„.   r,,,. \ ,,   , ,"ti .'.hV,   ,-\A
apply to M»tl, Son vS-Co Eerni'.. 11   '-.        '     | '  Q '
WAXTi31) ij:^
Apply to l,.\V. I'litiiiur,.,-*,-,,,,-,,,,,,..    '. .'. I
WAXT10D-GREEN'" OtT   (;E?>.VR " TEI.E.; f^
BIKP 1 po \u> nt on.v.   Apply Omtriictor, J'.O. I (V
LOST   ' .    ~ ! «V-
......-,.• ifiiyrKllllillusseil lll.lll'i!.noll|H'l-SI<>Vl')l>l  I    A    I
,*',i!1!:m'''.,!,!,M.' "• °r °" yii'V"'i'*,-vv''»<a' i-'iii«t-; \rJ
urw|||,.0nloraliivoi-l..v Iwiviuk ul   tlie i.usl    I   I
'MiK'li j   A   J*
LOST-OX - FRIDAY.   JIA KClf ~Mli," ~{M,-,
throe U-Ilyrsiiililiesseil to Mrs. ('oii|ii.|-Su.vi')i'
in, Mtiuh, II. 0„ un Vli-tiiria'Avi'ime    |.'i„,l.
Tenders for ihe Construction of a Sewer. System
■Seiiicil leii.leis will lie roceivi-ii  liy the mi-i '§]
ilor,iitiH-it up to I p m  on April ,-ni, 1:1117. f,„. tlie . I Jfv J
o->iistrui-tioii of a .sewer >y,te.n in I he Citv, W ¥'
rurnto, iiccorilliiL' to pliow, .,„.,.,-,■.....:.... i A
'ill lyle in tlieofliiieol' lln
contra.-*, wit li iippnivcit sureties if cuilleil uiioi
I'.'.'1",,'!'    Iliciii.|.o**ltof miKiiccoful  leii.ler
eis «ill   |in   rcliiriu-it  when the ROiitmi-.t ini
suruoit.  - ,
Tlio city 1-i-s.orvei,'the ri-ilit  to reject iinv'or"
nil tenilei.sui-tiiiiucupt, (inyljid wliieli iipiieiirs
ailvniilnKeinis to the Citvof Feriiie.
,,'     ... ^-1. W. XI'XX. Oily Clerk.
Ferine. 110.. Mnirli 1,1,1-11,7 nti'j.'i
To^Night! at
Best shoe on the market for loggers. Full
stock now on hiiiid- at
reasonable prices.'
W. R. McDougall
As. \A^e are making extensive alterations we are. going to dispose
of the greater portion of our stock.
You get the benefit•.■■■.:
,       0 I c ' '
I _        > I .0
D 1 1   ,
Auction Sale Every Night
Next Week in  Rear of Store at
■ , , •-"'•..-.•'•   -.-j t.,i> j ,_, • w,_,,_.-, r,ri f
See    Small   Hand    Bills
for   INext  Week
Dr.1 WhllhniN' l'ink IMlls, mil tn -im-
ttjt yotirwllt we tlmt tin-   lull   n.niit
'•bVT'wi'niainsi*" l'ink I'lll*   fur   l'.ik-
Tsople"  is iirinteil cm     tin' wnnnn-i
»ronml eacli Im*. Do not x»Vv nny
•fjlfctr w>-c«UM l<ink jiilU.     H   m'""'
Hx%itr has nol got tlit- jii'iiuliiv, w-ml
"lii-The Dr.     Williiutis Mvilicinc d>..
BtoclTlU*, Ont., and rum tin- fill-** by j In- T1.1v
lor iJ.so- *'•'• ,lC lM,!'*>',',e *"r *M>" u>   '""' '"l' |!,,,e Wl1, 'iu,t'
inuiii's 11 iv known nnd ollcn ri.'|ii.'iiU'il
in ,-i iiu.si si'iiiidnliiiis iniiniicr?"
•"Ih it tnn> nr in it nol triu- Hint
twn i.f tin's--, iiiinisti-rs nn! nnU-il lor
iliH^r.ui-fiil nrj.'.ii-.s wliW-li "ni'o nin'li'il
mi in 1 liv fntv und licfnii- tliu ryes nl
e.ciyl n.ly, ».niisUiji i-niiniii-nt nnd
mj„iiv1.iI, wliich, Ui sny tin," Ivusl, is
imyililiin  l.tu fdifyiii--.'"
"Is it Inn- or is it imi inn- tlnil
mil) nl' tin-si- iiiinisti'i's wns pnl nut
..f 11  ill-,iln- liy 11 'inlii'i.lii.iii    U-i'iiiisu
tills   lilllc   M.ltrsilliill,    wllu   W.IS      IH'-
C1.111; niiiv-d l.y n W"in.'ii, was truiili-
Ini,:  Hie pi-ncc?"
"S'uw Id ns ei-l nl lln- 1 iitinin nf
tin- stni'ivs uliicli mi- rlivulntilin In
,ill iliiL.s nud mi  lln- stiiil."
"Aiv lliey 11 in- ni' nn- tln-y not?"
Nnli'ii   i.i' Spnri
Nest   yen'  is  li'-.-.'iv   I" sec llnj   in-
-.. ..:..'.! .. '. "-",l- '' i" !■';'''■ "llll-
,,  ,»       \.    \\   v i"      I'V-'d   III   MiUlilnlm,
S,i,s|,.iulii-w. 111 'ami .UU'ii.1. '.Kiiisti-rn
mil nu-n arc [ii-irinntilij!  tliit- niovv,
A l.niidnii di-siiati'li to un Aini-r-
icm iiajiiT ns*i-its tliat 1 lu- Diidii'ss
ni DcK.iisliiii' funis it iiiii'iissililc tn
l-ivi- up iln- I'li'asiiivs ni tin- ("iiininx
l.il U*. -I'-'.-t ;. ,i''r-.*,-'il'i' ..ihmi'I.iih at.
thi- Mi.nt-- Curl.1 ca-iiin. Tin- dtikv, ii
u, .i.l.U.!, i, .Kvpl-. .-.i-.M'!. Imi hi-*
if] rts In ll'inji aliiiill ,\ 11 lulliiatiull
linv   lai.i'.l ■   I-'mIi.iii;.'--
. 0
tlio* Sowers arc
going: in, you will surely
put sonic plumbing in   that
house of youi'iS.
Hring' your enquiries to us
and bring thorn now, so we
can get your Job flxeti up
properly before the big- rush
Estimates   cheerfully   given
Good, live , canvasser, man
or woman, to rustle subscriptions in Fernie. We
pay good commission to a
tfood worker. This is a
chance for a tfnod one and
should not: be over-looked.
Apply to the
\C011ghs of
Hi-Hi r liinijj
liii    ; lav    a*i
llvl   IIVl'l    IlllC      illl'l   Ul
iir     v.illi     *<.mm-    S«»'Ml
Especially niulit coujjhs. Nature needs a littloliclp io quictj
the Irritation, control thu inflammation, check the progrcssl
of the discs*;?. Our advice "••
— Rive the children Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral.. Ask your
doctor if this is his advice also.
He knows best. Do as' he says.
Wn |iulillih nm rormulm
*.V. Ui> UV. .Ic'.l.'ill
•    fjom v,iiiu.i:Jii)ib«tI
if**     W« -im. ymi to I
c«i.»..:i yituc
d odor
If you think constipation is of trlfling
consequence, just ssk yourdoctor. He
will disabuse you of that notion in short
order. •• Correct It,st once!" lie will
■ay. Then ask him about Ayer's Pilli.
\ mild liver pill, all vegeuMe.
—-MU»»y ut /. 0. Ar*t •«•• Unu. Msis#—
Statu op Ohio, Citv ok Toi.i'.iki 1
IiUoas County J""'
I'r.mlv J. Cheney iiiuVm n*th -.lut
liu i.i'hiiiiur iiiitlticr of Uti fliuiol T
J, Cheney Si Co., doiu-f li«.ilutiM in
the Cily oi Toledo,'County ■ltd BUte
nunv.iiiki, iiiiij tliiii uttiii tinu will
ii..j" Hit tutu ol OKI! UV.lb«}'.».
J'(JI(I(A]v'S lor each uml ever) .iit-col
Cutirrli that cannot be cured by the
11.se of Ilall'n Catfltth Cure.
•-ini-iki to \iduit u\t n.v-u ,tk *.*.> 1'Uti
in my pnaence, this 6th Uy ol "ft*
cettilier, A. I). 1886.
A. W. vUit.vm.
(St.il) Notary lfV1l«.
Unit's, Catarrh    Curt
tcrtmllj., tfii! «cln illrectly
litood ami     mucotis strUces i.l   ,.««
■ys.Uin.   Sent! for twitlmni'tls    ••
V. J. CIIBNKV A CO.,  r. lei *   D
Sold l>y ull Draifglsta. Sfx.
T«ike Hull's ramily l'llls hi   t-m
Business Hanager
The Ledger, Fernie
.1  ..:. / i#,i j wf.i 1 .*.. j ul.. / \4.' j \0,i j if,- j   l*V|*7l,'.|"*l',"'|*l'||l,'/ ,,J*'- l'\*m
>*w^y<<tk^-^^W^-*^ '^^>>t'i^'.^;s-i'^*^<r>
li Ross 1
Minaril's I.t»lm«ni Uriieve* KenralgU
XT'£ I Undertakers h Embalmers|
M A<*KNTS   1'0'U J5
«        The   Caljjarv   Marble   &   Gnmiu*  Works        n
»        The   Kooicnav   Marble   Works,    NV'Ison        t%
S Samples (an be Seen at the Office. Parlors in tundy's Block Fernie, Ledger, fernie b.° c; march 30,1907
. will hereafter, until further no- (
tice, pay Interest on Sav- (
injfS Bank Accounts Q'>'"-" A
torly instead of; seinUiUimial: p
ly  as heretofore.
MAY 81st "AUGUST 31st   \
NOVEMBER 80th & FEB. 28th-
l-'rch ,' C;tf just arrrivoJ froin ihe aOk"auno';m
Viilloy. -l'oiaioos, tivets, 'Carrots,-,, T'.irni;'.,'',
Onions,  Cabbage and ,-Parsnips. ■ :
Why buy Alberta potatoes_• when you c.\n
get choice Ashcrofi potatoes from, us., Pay
Cash   and   live on; the  best.
> Finnic,   Branch d
w*%r'*%''*/%''V%' "*■'t^'VWV'*'^
Rev. Mr.   Kenny  of Michel  was  in
town on Wednesday. . . *     .
Kd. 'Flannigan  is   visiting    his   old
haunts in town for a few days.
'   Miss  Moffat, of Nelson,   has  taken
a position'in the Fernie hospital.
Aii   outporl customs  house   will   be
established at Frank next Monday.
G. H. lioullon and A. J.'Motl' took a
business trip to Elkmouth this week.
Rev. II.  R. Grain and   Mis.  Grant
.paid a visit to Flkniouth on Thursday.
° Mrs. Samuel Webb'of Colemnn died
at her home on Wednesday morning' of
.pneuiiionia.  " ;,    ,
, ' Miss Clements ol  the cily school staff
is resigning her position lo lake up duty
' as teacher at Elko.- -,
F.O.E.—Kernie Aerie, No. 561, have
, changed, their meeting night from Wednesday to Friday-of each week.
Or.-Monkman leaves on Monday for
' Trail, where he goes 10 relieve E. Hazle-
wood   from, lii>   business   c-ires   long
enough lo gel.married.
■  Recognizing the fitness of tilings W.
F. .. Muirliead & Co.' are -advertising
"' union made ho'ots and.shoes in the only
,   union made newspaper in  this' district.
.1   "1 ''
Miss McFarland  severs  her connection with the Fernie hospital on Monday
next and will return-to Winnipeg. M.jss
~"i 1\ Ic Furl rniu 's—i iitc ny"HVi c n u s—w in—in iss-
- her genial companionship.
,'j. D. Quail's-change of ad. was received too late for this issue. ' He wish-
•'  ed to advertise the splendid line of mill.
v supplies which, lu* ban iw i'i tttocU and
which lie is selling at very reasonable
prices. -. / , -
, .Miss Andrews, who'.was, the lirsl
lio-ipital   nurse  lo  serve in'Fernie and
, wlio was also .the lirsl matron of the
hospital here, came'in on Saturday and
'remained until Tuesday.' Miss Andrews
has  many' friends hi  the city .who are
' glad to see her once'more. While here
she was the'guesl of Mrs. H. J. Johnson.
The debate', held under the 'auspices
"of the Epworth league Monday night in
the Methodist church, drew a, good
audience which was well pleased with
. the programme. Good, speeches were
made on both sides of the question as to
whether "man or woman has done mom
for the moral upbuilding of mankind,"
and after some deliberation, the special
jury 01 three who had to decide upon
ihe mailer, agreed lhat the champions
of woman had scored a" victor)-, li
was a very pleasant event and Ihe
league i.s cniilemplating giving one of
these debates every month.
Upon the departure ofT. IT. Whelan
in a few days' the Xapanee hotel will blunder the management of Con Whelan,
a younger brother of Tom, and who has
made himself very popular wilh the
guests of the house hy his obliging mul
genia! disposition. All wlio know Con
do not douhl that llie Napanee will uphold the reputation which it hsfs earned
in the past of having nolliing but llu-
best, Thai iiiU-IUvtinil-Uiokiiig gentk-
nian, I'at'WlH'l-in, now has charge of
the Royal hotel, and is certain to build
up a hi'iH'muss connection and reputation
nearly ei|iial lo the paiviu house. Pal
will always be pleaded to have you drop
in for a" uuici ihat, a good cigar nr
something for that stomach nch'.- which
*      , LIIMITED .... '    ,
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork," Mutton,'Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon,1 Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a*
good assortment.. Try our Mince Meat,,
Saurkraut and Oysters.      / .   ~
.7.  J.  Moore,  of Medicine Hat,    is
out oh S2,ooo bail, charged with hav-
inn  interred  the "bodies' of two paup:
in one eoflin without clothing.
A. the business over to'my brothers, I must
request, tlmt all ocoounts ownis to mo lie
tmid.forUiivilh so that we can get matters
into sliupo before my departure.
'     Nupiuiee Hotel
Fresh Celery
and Lettuce
have now arrived and
await your order. Also
a full line of Candies,
."Fruit, Tobaccos and
Cigars.     '
J. & T. Bell's
'The Slater'
Canada's  best  shoe
factories use the -
a guarantee of good
ynu iMinpliiiil   of
iluiin-j (lit- tiny.,
lit   Ill'ljlU'llt    Illll'I'Vill
Tiiui Hi-i'k lias iv'r t'tv.iiii on li.iinl .-ill
tin- liim-.
full-it Im*. '-..ill piipvii 1I1.1I wnuhl
plisisi- vmi In MV,
l-'or lioiiic-iiiMi.b iiiiiilv iiml lally f-n u<
Tom Hi-t l<.
Just nrrivi-t!, llu- wry IiileM in iliiii*
waist Kiiiif, at Mr*.. IC. Tti'Jd'n,
I". C* Wrinlif ivpnrts 11 hi_j Iii-tcns.-
iii tin-jcwt-lry liiiiini-s». t'li-i wvvk.
W. I\. Mi.'l Jonquil i» iiJvvrlixiiiK llu-
'.vkkiu DiMl lot i>.i_;_4cin I'll* \\vvi\.
Mrs, IJ. 'lY-dil lui-. thu k-st svloitinii
of millinery,   Call anil si,-o (or vmirM-li.
IWl   (orKi-l  tlmt Mrs. Id Toihl li.i*.
, < 1     ' ,-    1 -t >     '
^.~>.     is.l_i    *-.»   -      .1...... ..   ..     ..-.    ,....... -.-'.. ■
whilL-wcir in l-Vniic.
Covin iliiims to In- m'-oiii! tonoiu- in
sinti-writin*.* nml i'.'iriiii'-i! pjiiilliii',".
Drop in and let liim proof il.
Mi:l)i'ii|,'.ill .t Co, arc iiJuTlivmsj
fu»t, Uiiiiii ,inu (iLi) iliU inv1,., i.i
•idditinn Id tlu-ir ri'|{iil;ir lini'-i
l-'.O.Ii.- -I\rnif Avne, No, jIm, Y.O.
Iv., Iiiivv I'liiinccJ tlu-ir nitvlinx ni-jhl
fnviji Wi-diU'-vJ-.ty to !-'rid;i_, <>( v.ti li
U'i>i-n>U>r 9i Co,, art- anvious. to linJ
out if you arc on tin* plumb, nml imni-
nnxiinit ih;it ynu i.ill unit jji". iln*ir
pr-Jiv*. fur tile plmnliirttf.
When Buying
Why not buy
the   best ?
W. F. Muirhead & Co.
Sole Aut'nls
0       *■ ■ -. '   x ''
■\ A ZRIGHTS  entire   stock to  be  slaughtered   re-
rardless of cost as more .storeroom space is
required' for   the; large   Spring Stock now on the
way.   All lines of Hand Painted 'China.; Cut -Glass,
■• 0 x ■   ■  ■ , , - ' a
will be' sold away below .wholesale, cost, the
manufacturers of these goods having given us a
special-discount in order to get us to   accept   them
a c , * ■ i
from the Canadian Pacific Railway.       ..
s  \
■ ioukhmmi
Stork's Opera House
Tlll'USn.W Al'K. 4
The past iliict* season's -j|rvutrsl l.ui(,'li-
Pu-Miii tin- Musiial Mix l;p
-ii »**.-**»- *h>
.V.>m<Iu'.-.-1> lln- fkiiii.ii »t i.uij^U _,-rv\I'.uii-r<
Musical f.nYv ufi'ie year
MiMv/iil hy tlu'a-.' real
-.•oim-Jy fi-'JIou'.s
Tin*  slum- ynu h;ivi* lvri» wailing I'-ir
I.iui),'lHi.-r and M^bic
I'livt.     |.».»K.,    ^J^V,    .»)>vl     _^i«v.
On *itK- at Sudd^liy\ nrii-,'stor»-
TyrOlICh ia hereby el veil that, !I0 ilnys after
_!-' iliiti-, T intemt to ni'pl.y to the Hoii Chief
Oomiiussloiiur of Land* uml Works ' for 11
jpnoiul Ilpnime toont anil carry mvuy timber
Irom the lolIowiiKf Ueseribeit liinds", situiitcil
in South Knst Kootoiiuy,   , -
No. l ComiiisiioiiiB nt ii jiost plunteil nboni
twenty miles wo»t of tho Kootenay River, one
nule north of tlio interniitioniil bouiulai-y,
theno* south 80 clmlns, llioneo eaht 80 i-liiiin's,
thence nortii «0 cliuins tlience west 80 uliniju
lojilaeo of licKiniiinK. '
Locuteil Keliruary i. l!l()7
o .1. Ii. ilcIji-ryiiK.   Locator
Jamks Camkkom, A gout.
Ho ii Connnpiioliuj ut a post at tho noj-tJi-
west eorncr of J. L, Mclntyro's tlmbor clnini,
thence tioutli li chains.'thoneo «-ost«) cliuins,
thencoiKirth 80 cliains, tliinise oust .80 chiiins
to place ol lieft-iimiiiR,
Locati'il Kolii-uary .1,1IHJ7
W.S KiiAV, Loeiitoi-
JA,M1!S   CAMlvIION.   AtfOIlt
Xo.a Oommonuinii at ii po«t plimtoil al.lhn
liiiiiliwcstcoriiBr of ,], L, Mohi tyro's tinilier
uliiini, thunpu iinrMi *iOiih»iiin, tlidiico enst M
(■hu ns, t.honcB smith KO ukuiiu, tliaucw west Hi
cliuins to plane of lieginniiiK
Lountfiii Kuliruiii-y.l, 11KI7.
L.IC. .McDdNAMi, Loenl or
,I(._mi:h  camkhun, Akhiu
No. .1 Coinineiioiri* at. a post, planted nt- the
niii-tliwosf iiimmi- ol'.LL, Molntvi-u's tlmlici-
(i aim, tlience north Huuliilim, tliouco wnst.su
■ilin hk, tlitncflaoiitli M flliiiliiH.lliiiiii-oiiuht k-i
cliuins to place of lienlnni»i|t
Jioeiitcd Kuliriiiiry A, l!m7
■i    K. Wil 11K, Localdi-
.Iimkk. Cajikiiun, AKent
No fl Cniiiineuelnirat n pciht pl«nt(«l oiui mile
won Irom Mm miiithwnst. uormir of V. White's
timber rliiim, theneo south hu elirilim, tlinncn
cast HUdlmlns, thnneoiiort.il mo cliaiiii, Miuucn
wn»f. Ho eliiiiiiN to pluco of hiigiinilng
Loniiteil Kehiiinry, .|,]|ii)7
il nines Kiilui-iner, Loon tor
.luiiioi  Oiimernii, Aticiit
■Nn i) Ouiniiifiicliiciitu pout, iiliiiili.il a), llie
northwest i-iirin-i-of .lutni-x I'lili-inmr'n limliei-
e ulili, thi'iiiin smith Hiii'hitlui, Mimieii wn»l. wi
i- iiljim, tlii'licii nnrlli Nil ehRlun, thiilli-i. eiisl M i
I'lmins to plni'i'iif liei?iiiiilii(;
JiOi-nti'd Kubi'iniry I,|ini7
Simon llniicnii, Liwulnr
iIiiiiiok Unindl'lJll,   AKi'Ut
Nui lJ(imiiiv.'imiin{ nt.■ pint jilniitcil m i||,j
iiiirlli\»Mf I'lniier ol ,lnin,.s KaU-oiiiT's thuh r
i' llllll,tlimiuii north HO eliiilns, thiilicK iu»l s-i
I'lmiiik, thuni'ii smith no cliuins, llieiii-e wci
N'li'hnliH In plai'n nf h'lgliiulinf
Lni-iiii'il I'Vliriiuiy |, l|i,iV
,1    It. i'lillncK,   Liinitiir
.Ihiih^  (.'uinei'iiii,  Aui-ni
Nn s l'iiiiiiiii,||i<ltn{ nl ii piKl |i|iiiih"l nt Hi,.
•iiiiiliui'sl i-iii-iii-rul .liiinus l-'iilcoin-r's tiiiilii-i
i- niiii,Ihimi-ii nnrlli in i-luliis„ilii.ni.„ Ul„i si
i- ia li«, llii'iii'i'hiiulliwi i-hklus, I In.ni-i.i.ii-l v,i
rllillliH In | il ii i'i-. nl liifuliinlnu
L-ii.nii'il l-'i'lii'inu-.r a, i'lii?
riial'li-ll Wlll'llc, liiii-iilor
.liliiir* Ciiiiinnii,  Agelil
Null    I'llllllliiilil.iliK ill   n p'lHl    pill III l'i|   hui
mill" ii • tit It nf t*hi' imill «t I'lininrnf .1, II,
I'.l'lii.'lv'i   llinlii.|. I'lalui,   tliuiiii,    smitii    |ll:i
• -li.ilii..ll.i.|,.-,- >s.-.» I'I. Imill.,11,,1,,-,.1,'jrlll Pi.
i'lilibi»,,lhi.|iri' i-n»t   l-i iliil lli» In pliii'i. nl I,,,.
Liii'iiti'il rVhnmi'v :i, bi<ii
A. I I'1-.Iht, l.i/i'iilur
.liinii'ii  Ciimi.i  Ah-i'iii
Nn In I'liiiuiii'iiiiiitf nl a lin-il iiliinia'l ut tin.
iiiiltlii-iMl. cni-iiiir ul A. I, KUIiit'sIIiiiIiiii. i-lnlin
i-Ii»iii.,i vm,t siiilintin.tlii.iu-,. ii'irih *l v'liiiln.,
Illl-IH l> I-IUI   Nlt'llllill*, llll'lll'l- south   Ki| r|l,.|||l»
In pliii.ii nf lii.|fltiiiliu>
iKii-iitnl l-i-iirmiry i'. J'nl
M.A. li'n.ii.ij.   J,...-,-.■i
.Limns   riilili.rni], An'iil
No 11 C'liiiiiiHiclnu »l it pn*l |i|iin|i,.l llvi-
i<iV, jnnlSi i<f tin- lii-iitliMi'ii i nun rut .X I..
kb-lilM'l*'« llnil'i-r ilnltii, tbeiii'i. miutb Mn
i'h;ii'i>, tlii'lii-ii t'ltst In eh* Im, Miniii'iiimrth I'I1)
•■liullls. Mll-IH'i .Sent IU I'hllills til pllll'li nf
liin-iili"l I'l'liiuiii-.v In, Iliu?
•V. -I. Illiiinlell, J,i*-j|.,r
.Iniiiv*-* Cflincntii,  Akhi!
N'n l.<   l'.lll|.Jl|.,iriltf   Ht    A    |i<l«t    |llltllt,..| , -',
i-hiiiiis »(•-! frmii lln- imrl lii'itil t'liriier nf M. A
Kh«Iih r'» tlml.#r i-lniin.tbi-ii,'i. wr.i sirlmin^
llli'l'll' llnrlh HI rllttllil.ltlrllrit.lUt fcl l-lmlii.,
tin I,re ».mill M i-IihIiik In I'luii- nf lw«iiii,|iii:
l,'4-iifi,'l Ki.l.ruurv II, I'm".
II, .1,  ,fii'riri«iiii, L.H-Htor
.Linn-. Cunt-run.   Aiti'iil
Nil    1.1    i'«!M.tli<'il''tllF-    11.1   H  \nt*\    |ili«l*ll**i   •'»
rluiiin IU--.I nf tin- Jii.rllii-UM run,it ol U .1
.Inliliton'a (iluln-r rlnlill, Iblini- «««t f>
.-baii-i., Ibi-iiH- (infill ". rliilft., ll,il>..< ^lt^t
nn limit,-., thiui-i- wtit.li ♦" ihxiii*   Ui pim-f
•if l.i.tlililiiut
Uiul »•.I.|ll«f>   li, \'.*n
X. Kliu«r. I^/'-m <>r
in am .Jmu*. i'mi.tt'.t-. Ai.t-.t
For Special Bargains
Special prices on Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Rings
Gold and Silver Novelties, Etc. Our Diamond Ring
and, Diamond Set Jewelry will be sold at greatly
reduced prices.
Remember this Sale is not a sale to make money.
All wc want is more store room.
C*      C.      WRIGHT,      Ij^iiweler
Store Open Evenings till 10 0'
Ulmard'ft Miimeat Cum nonif, Ktc
Wc have engaged a practical A 1 candy
man who makes a specialty of this line
and we would be pleased to have a trial
order from yon. See our window Saturday
night for a sample of Ids work.
Thomas Beck
Successor to Bean & Morrison
C'llTAI. I'AllllJri
TJllity-two Million IWllait.
IllMHHVK I'llNlll
DHCniVns Accounts of corporations, firms and In-
dlvidnnls. on favornblc terms.   Deposits of $1,00
and upwards received, nnd highest current rate of
Interest allowed.   96 Brandies  throughout Canada,
Secure one of our
Pocket Saving.*: Banks.


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