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 T^ljfNumber':^, V ■•>■
j -     ! \)<     . ■ : x-; v -..
for.-his •'extraordinary, .^pantoiiiiiiic,
■   .      -i. V*"   ■S'j ?* ** ""   'V    '-.-'■-    ^"s-,1
powers.* , t:   vt-'s'.. A. v?, -,-;     -•;.   ;-,*>,-- -•*-
• l      • }      ■ -.   .?. *\  *\*v >i'l %   ^ *,*;.-■,>---
IA I tllr,ll/rl,**-*^\lALV.A'l'   l.ft'^A^^.,'' 1..'^  .15-1^^4-'-
'Althoiigh^played' hefe_*'-oir'.h's -*last
trip, The. Governor's 'Wile drew a
good liqiise, .which. ,was well ^pleased
wi(h the entertainment!. i/Mr.-,"' Amsdcn
was ably supportwi'nin" this' play**" by
to k Built Wire
I A^^nilMlflfp  Ihp-^\J nli^ 'J«kfi,*V Miss,Ha/.cl .Davenport
wituniJHUuqre int;   : <alid,Megst8# HaVvey;aW wiisM.^
, ■'' ft*j»'l~ii''j:jr..  i..;J":
'   .' " ""~, -»■   * 'i   . .'..;■"•	
"'fe-i-: nd?' ■ **.'■-K,<
' "*$« s«»ftr.v*-«W.»V«l '* »net in adjoav:ied
tV-Hrt^-lWa^ay."night. *Thc -Mavoi*.
*stf ,*£jtyer-ne_it' Tfilprk  were ' "nb'senl,
aailiJBiiUiiaian -.Tries' tooKHrhe chairi!
,***•« »P»rt of _tiie(.c9mmfttce.-which
"   hftd*^a,aPP°.i.,l>e**i;atjt-hfe;last mect-
iBftto''ex'ain'iae*and:,'rqcotiifiieiid ' action .ias. to- bultding .an;a,dditiou'    to
•^**t^l?'ttt'l!»i ia w!licu 'iclconiniodat
,-f-, In thejscenes'intwhich Miss Jenkins
-'arid "Amsden do such good-work.-dur-.
ing* the|singing;br-"Will You Care,'.'
and  that in which Air.  Harvey' "di-
HaVvthorntKyvafte of Nananno
]y Puts liiroughr fight Hour
f ■■■' Sfnellers% Bill    ,
boys; -.and -wth-his "-long" experience-to;
e 'iracing-jcartf-'arid 'H fixturfe'.-.-arc
paid" f6rr~N6w" that' they' have~ ""succeeded'- so,* welt: in1 their' laudable"''"'effort''to ^aid ■ Mr.'- Cattell, ■ u'liey;"'"'will
enter the'new-season' iri'gobd.''shapci-,
Iru'c^'td-yoiii" boys'.'   '..•'■'"•'■•« .-a .*-'•
y   •"*_     Price $2 a year in Advance,
rects'-'   ?while- Miss'?-'- > Davenport) '"sings
i tion.Ipftht present, building.
*, This ajMit'on, is; to1 be - located " on
t-tfee abrthiside of the fire hall,- and is
rto be 90_a{p,feje>.inisize, and provides
."(.fer'ia city clerk's .office,  24x20 feel,',
,.-an office* for ftlw. chief of'police,'* 12x12
xt|iatj.a.room for the city engineer i2x
fOFy*'t&liy\ql*ck,'& office,';.-24x26" -feeC
'IfcCBf sacqnAmendatipns  were adopted
*^ri tfe* <»IW^,f.a.ttd!.the"Qlerk instruct^
- ed to* *^y*rtk? to Anders' for   the
work.',./'-    /". -• *
, ._ On motion "taJ* c'lty aseassor'jv'as^n-
.   stiucted to begin J*« i*ssessBww^ «11J
- j lor 1907 on March* ^j5*V aw* ^° ^*vt!'
:it completed -Jay'i the 30*** '^ AP^U.-'
'.Tae^city clerk", was'' also',\:Siustiructecl
/•»    ,Writo;;-Sanford   Evans"-t/0 Jv*vc
'J***1. %<|»'aewer\de1jenturcs,r^,w'i,;i?d ■'
' ^"7^^i^g|;^"-'v/:-1|
• '-w ^%t'UeV|rave,:-,liihii'f^-'^^^ ^'i
"Because 1. l.ove You,"., the company
'does its'; best work. -Mri/ Wilson 'also
shows to best advantage in this pro-,
duction, i and Mrir Amsden ,1ms : imi-
proved his^ choruses very much, both
<\s_' to "finality .of singing and hu-
provement-in-costuming bt his pretty
chorus girls."'"™ * ~~~  "-"
-.. * - 1
Jf.Come again. "
The Ejiworth .,I,cngue' have ' aranged
as,; 0their programmed .."next?-Monday!
night adeba,te upon the,, question, as
,to, \ diet he.- niai'i' or woman"-' has -contributed the most towards the up-
huilding'of/humanity'' Good""'speak-"
ers- have been secured for" each side;
and a very' pleasant ;.eveiiiiigi is-■..expected. A hearty..welcome/will!..- be
extended to all comers:  ',," ",." ..'.
'-"ijllhe .subject of Hhc. a^m.', sermon "at
;tlie: Baptist chiircii will' be.'i'TheUii-
;.naking a Home." ,_ In.'the','evening; the pastor will preach,'on '.'\viiat
the,-Church has Done.for Mail1.'"" ', .!
>;11ie song""service at,,-the. ■; Baptist-
.church ;last Sunday, .evening was well
ajtiencled  and much;' appreciated.. Mr.
■y*'7WB^^A»t«e-'gav_^:-ii^ti6d- "•>• V..j afc».en*ieu ana mucii; appreciated., Mr.
*™*ic«^'sn_p«ai'"by-law•?y,;-re^t€?ii;.T''''^A Bi?gs deserves muchjeredit' for the
iSotasyi^^-^i^'^^ ■?■■■'■■■■--,-^    '  'I'Swdity .of the music attained.      .'*..'
.*ia      •.--•* „ '.. %    I ci     ■ ,    - •' Ji'l?'      '."■   -J-*..-'_j''.   .-.J.-..'
.^^^^f^yn gave-^tfee^of
FP&W&f* ■tewporary^ldan
*>y:la» at-.the aiext  regular meeting.
.    Bylaw, number" 44 Ws' then rccon-
sidared and finally atfop-ted,
..*i..-Tfce council then adjourned. '\,
A, mdM C     111111 1      ' ■ 1   " ' 1 <"!
at. . 4j'*?** ,*0**al aafl <conceft given Thurs-,
'V  ,   *ay iaighti* aader ilhe auspices °pf, the
^       ' WWBV/lHeine  Mission   Society   "of
■:■" ^^^"i^^aa^hurcji^.-'Coal^
- :'-.k '^\_-:*-'"M/*ou»»-".- iBcf6rev?c:ghl
y^^\k^ta^g^.mtim iwas"" 'ut'-'.^
■    '•^^Wfft^P' ^'•***-««W«tB ifilled ..'iJl
,    ''k^^apace^ipK;^'.:•'.
/(CT*,-IbHowltig program,W.B5 fender-;
Ito^lWDtatal  Duet...'..Fowler  and,   '
.ill;   "r"*&=>,"  ;' -•',... Corniil
. .JKtf$Mk~:l:..i.4.. ..'.Cissie McCourt
■W,*r»«    A.'Mary;i -• McClinient'
,  AdareesVi,* -'.Rev. 1 Geo.   Ilidlird
,    v^m «)#*.;:.<;.. ...';..Miss'.;,,'e.s
"* IjUatio^.o... - Mary McCliment
ress.'.,l*v. C. 0. Main, Cranbrook
.    »I   fifolo i ...Mr.  ■ Berridge
lshV"j>»B*.n.tai;.;' ...Poeeer .and Oor till
fteUiltloa.;. ... ,.,"...Mr. W. H. Evan*
;v V<c*i;8olo;...„. ... ...Mrs. J. Slm'p.i,V)»
, ^firfc%anfl«mts. were then served and
V>Wi» lir^'plecWa-opened;''
.(JVJadies tak,e tWi<.ppppj.t«»nity of
t>,^l*»W|f xxA\ tlsbse who; contributed
V^pwajtjUsj/tlje success of the evening.
V/Rha, ;qna_i^ny)**e<-Awa8,,(iuspeii(led here
tW','W^H»y.     1 \        .-.
, liTJie Isitoot.the, JfetJiodiet' church
KM*a a ec^cert^ipo,', Wed^eaday    even,
ii Sb -JlWcb Wt9„ wpUt (.fttte",1'^*
j,^. *Vr.  .«eftuy J^paa-K, j» .Pcmic
laaTi *&$        ,
H, ^ Vl»»r, ,of '{iii'*" ;*rrit*i'*jyiofttl.ot.9rc''1
here, wa*.' ^n iJT^raier .Tuesday,
Josepfc ui'vilUo, while w^>K *«'ft
paean* ia "No> ,« »»•»•« •Thurs^yi w*"
craafctd betweeul ««: Motor, ear on,.'1 t,'°
vail ol tat fcaa.UiC'^ayond sovci"*"
ly iajured, He la-'I^Jlue Mlcherhospital in a ^critical 1;icondltfoii,   '
S.I.'1'  L i'i i'i'ii 1<<_BJ" '
liv, J..D, Bowell^ of Columhin
College, New .Westminster, wns in
the city durlaj the week on his uu-
utiil tour of -the province In the in-
terata ol tJtat last! tu Hon.
Yke atUndaace at*Columbia    Col*.
legt Increastt each year,'  aud ' numy
aulirgcment*'1 and Improvements   are
being aided to the building In order
to keep up to the dc-numls for room,
This year they are building a gym-
suteiuw which'will colt, fj.sco.      it
wlii   t-ontain   swimming baths   nnd
• tkawtr   Utk»,"   mjuJ   Ik   vomiiieteiy
- equipped nrlth all necessary   couvcji-
lttM -«u»   ...
tht tchooi'of'sc'ltnceprojected last
.yut Is now lu operation, and is
.afntieud wtta i'oronto University,
fae Claau XtoeiJw eotnpajiy again
4eil|lited the Joterl of -JJglit opera
•caA. /ua>proTO||a*|jf ^ieoMtly > Wednesday
«al Thursday ii-lfM*. ^Olivette was
Ike bill the first,Bight,;and waa well
t*»a»red, Mist KUttor Jenkini, ' late
•of tha Olympla opera company, mok-
laf Iter first eppfarance before a forfeit audience In the titW'.roll ol the
bright little opera, Olfvette.
tt wej ia the Oovernbr's Wife,
nawevsr, that lite* conipahv gave the
graatatt utlsfaetlon. This piece of
eVeiUry girta Ur.;Amfi%n. full scope
*• •,*'
•The '•5*tertai'llllcn<;,:,giveii ;l3y'"the lad-!''
ies of ^"'Paptist-.-church Thursday i
night in^'"**e I-0-O.F. hall Vas _a!
great1 •su&ea.'^lW .'(liml^ W*~
serveHleariyrin:V ?**' 6™nin& •• Q^l'
which" a very InuT8-1'1? WW^W'
consisting^ bf m-un.1* and ■«cU:ftti"*s-
vrasi given.--	
"iRev.   Mr.
*« and ,recitations,
1. \*-,'--   ■■■*•'   ,1..  i
occupied,"the piilpit' ml.the .^-f*?-1^1
church last Sunday and delive^ 'iw°
very inler.es.ting; sermons..      In   ""- (tll-c
morning he- spoke-'upoir'the subject  <ff
"Perfection ^Jaa^.applicd^to .Xliristiaii', i^o.rica'l -"- bbws.'to^tue;-
Xife,!.{  irealing liis subject in   an ,or-    "• .*,*/,.; 1^  ltoss, - oi  Fi
iginalj manner.,   In-.,the,-.'eyeiiing.. ,.he_.      ' ' '
talked' of ^the.J'Resppnsibililies . and
Possibilities', of" T/ife!.',, ,to_a'' large .con-,
'gregation. Mr.-, Westman'^0 geniality,
'which 1 might;7;lje,„tcrmcd .iijtueslcm,-''.:
makes' of liim .a, most .pleasant ... aiid
cJicerful' personality yWliiph.JeaYes'JaniQ
siuisJii,ne whe'rever lie c-oes.
■'   '        ■■   ' ?     ' /
' j r, 0) 1 '   \
snow vs. ,t NXcoAila
,In the .c;iso'of Snow vs. tho'tCroiiy's
Nest Pass Conl Co,:,-n case' .'comili1,'
under 'tlie provisions,,qf;tlio,;W6rUmein's-
Compensaiion Act, sitiiv-was; brought
nfj.'iinsi the-:.Co. for $5,000.' The/^iitse
wits Irjecl before a jury iit'Nelson .some
time iifro and resulted in a .verdict.' for
the plivntifTfor $2iaso ami costs. ,-Tlid
plaintiff liiid lost hisrifjhl arm,by liclnij,
ciiuglil' in unprotected ■ machinery '-on
the Coal Creek tipple while working
for the defendant. '.company,,! - The
company have been delayinptlift 'payment,of the judgment and tbe pliiinlllTs
attorney, Mr. Hckstein,. Inul issued'a
writ ofi execution under which under
sheriff Knstner seized 'upon 'thu office
furniture of the company. .Since tho
issuing, of the execution tbe company
has filed notice of appeal and the case
will thus bo hung up for some time
longer.' In the meantime young Mr.
Snow has been refused employment and
will have to wait for the result of the
'"•levil,- If  favorable,   before  ho   nm
'P ,   ■* (hu compensation ho claims (0
"*c«-    -Si,,,,
be clue 1,
11 "       O'1" 	
"'       ' • .   » '^llV Ol'HNlNO.'.      "
**a fine flower gnr-
.liitlglng from u. :W(1 olll |„ Mrs.
den which hns blossu ■.., (|10 ledger
'J'odd'H window next u ,nning.iipon
olhce, spring miiRt have ti. "td_:pliik,
>is in n n'igjit, There lire 1. ^ mmy
crimson and yellow roses, alio .^-^
other bright (lowers, not" to To'. Vo
the ever beautiful forget-me-nots
Sjiccial  to The Ledger. _ ,-'-','
.Victoria,1 .March. 22.—.^. .H.'-.^Haw-
thorathwaite,"' member <Jor''^anaim6,
scored a most "remarkably.*'-'brilliant
parliamentary ..victory yesterday in
the house by getting bis eight-hour,
smeller bill through by a unanimous
vote.-* ■'  ,'"  ".
' This ends a long contest, which"' at
oiie .litnejthreatened; to, bring '^jaboiit
serious results. ',*..-.,.*.   ■  ■--,,    ,
Tlie weekjs doings in the provincial
house"'have not* been'''very lively."' It
was' expected that, the'better terms
resolutions would come np Tuesday
or Wednesday, but" U was' postponed
until' yesterday. .Hawthomthwait'c
coniplaiiied.;. that' his'aniendmeiil to
the, Preiiiier's,. resolution ■ .had .not'
been printed in 'tht 'votes,'"" and ' pro--
cec-dings, and charged'that officials
were neglectful,-"-i -; J * *' "■ V.
The ..Premier defelided'^, tlie,,, officials
and,   stated.   ■ that -he"" had a further'
clause.-.-tp vadd j.to^liis^esolutioii,., aud
asked leave of the house"rb do so7   '■
The ..leaderj of*;the opposition   '-proposed, " iipoii" account of   ' these'addi-'
•-ions, that. tlie debate stand oyer un7
--il yesterdayi•'.which'Vas ,agreed;;.;,t'6l':
_   Hawt'Iidrnth'waite introduced^a "'bill'
to . amend tlie, Shops liegaiation Act.v
Parker Williams moved' tlie .""second
reading *j0f -'liis" bill' respecting' ":pay'i
ment-'off workmen's ,wages.,   "__„ '.--r
This bill provides for-,'a .fortnightly
paynien't. of  wages  wlieii'the^-'waJTes
do not exceed S^rpe'rilday,  and that
"II' |,v K-S;A1.Vv,j'a|.iM:()]'kinaii.}. shall',irbe,
paid forthwith upoii his discharge on
ceasing .to..wo.rk*.''.*;:u;'': .*'\-,;'" ;',
- TIie""])reniier„'laid-before' the'"'house1
a voluminous report' of 'several hund-
reu pages of type written*.'matter relating, to the reyisionary-interest   of
the- province - in '.lands covered by _. In- •
Hiall. _l-pgprgpg --  Ttl'p' _'.pr-,'ngjrti»rnt.int,'i     nf
the eight-hour -smelter- law- gave-Mc-
InnesV'*of .Grand Fbrk'sf'Dr.-.Hall.Xl of'
Nelson,'., and ,,Naden,'. of    .G'reenw.ood,
.(Joe'-, oppor tun i ty, _'of .^making ■' thed r' ora-'
house. •-..-"/ i--.v-v
Fernie,    supported
p.lf'*kt'r.- .*.iWilliamsl!j.,biTmonthly' ".-'pay
bill-* \ - ■••*• ' *-i -, ' - - .*.*■ ,- ..*'
Ivn i.- -second reading, '. Hawtliorntli-,
waitc's afflendment to the Workmen's
Compensation Aact was,; defeated by
a vote of;j6.to 21. A.'B:,McPliil-
lips,: John' Oliver,', Mclnncf and J. A-.
Macdonald, ' supported - the, amendment;);' ■
iVre.w'sler's:'".'amendment';- to- the-'As-*
sessnient' Act_ to.^cxempt" improvement^'
on "agri'si^ltural^,lands,.t'o, 'Uic,, extent
of-• fi'fiw.spicgipl.tated,'.guile a lively
debate. .Tardiue, ol Esquimau. Hall
of'-'Neison'r', Williams' and; Hawthorn-
Ihwtfiite " favored.I'tibie amendmcht, aiid
the,latter' took' 'o'ecflsioif tb'-'Jlenbunce
tiic'r chfi'4igc,1,bf',frbut;of, Uic goyeriimciit
mion'r.tli.ta question.          *. :,
•'"Parkjiij;. .Williams1 could see . .quite a'
change i;)n'c'',< lie iiiuxrie which ' !w.l
been worn 'by tlie government' ,",'',
been', rcnjbve'd. a.   ', ,'' ;
" ..:>!  . Or '
t Change in Situation at
Calgary^ on Mine Workers'
llltiniatium to Bosses
'    'aONG'DISTANCE^PHONE'. ;    .
The secretary of ehe Fernie   hoard
of •trade has received, a - letter";" f rom      XL ;u'o     ■ .
.0.;?Ji8.  U^ay'staU,i-tha4,,tl.44^ **
Electric-i.ighi aud Power eoinpany.wili
begin- oiierations  to' piil 'in"long^dis--'
lnhoe"'telephone ■ • lincs^tb •lElfeiiioul'h
1 -. 1     .      ..»'■'.
and. Hosmer as soon as ; weather conditions will permit.   ..„/..."<_,
,  .   . .>.        .—TT-: 0~—-'-—        \ ' .,
'I i>i .,*..i '«»■vi'-ui, ./iii,.:i'j '-..'
"The 'smoker'1'given by the Tire"'lirU
glide I boys last night, in Eagle's Hall
was ai happy cye'ttt.''   ;,"'
A lafrge crowd turned but','and11 here
were 1 pts of sniokB mid beer, craikeni^
chcenc , and. prct-/.ulH sandwiched Inv
tween ithe aiwnlKr'M'on'tlio programme',"
W.. W.,i Tuttle prcsldeii, and'lii; rough"
and rn.uly way, kept things going at'
n good* etcady .gallop.
After the opening nddrenH ' by'*'tlio
cliiiiruiiui,, ,the firtit nutiiher'rehdoml
waa a piano 'nolo ,'by 'A, J. WUHanis.-
followed i>y a song by U., W. Kowen.
Then a' mandolin nolo. by. T; Jones,
followed' liy a song, ■■y, H.,(CftUell.
•'.Tlie l-Jaiidolcnro.*1' ' , ., ">, . lH
Y. Mflainobl'e , executed a cornet
eolo Yn line,,style. W., Warner and C,
H, lMireell »»uag g9o_l, mhij-s, ami ,w<re
followed by A. .McCartney.. .wlth.V
violin nolo.'. .     ..
More sougH,, rollbwi-d, und tlien ller-
iaan    Mym«.„.talked abou*.    a little
■ Vtuiich oi winnerwurst. ,
be found in great profusion upon the    '   Wxxxxx there,wan a,change frcon songs,
now Hauler hats on 1 display   In   the 1     wd aoloi-.to alioxtng contesi 01 ioui
windows. . , .   -  . '.. .'uid!* ticivrecn,.^. .W'.. ii*iw_»fi»,«*«id W.
* -' - ~ \
'• ' v---lit; ,.i n.l;. ..(.-fU.i-. 3"..:'iiij.ii.-,
! Last Sunday morning, at about, 6
o'clock; -fire,-broke1 out -'in:'the'-"composing 'room "of "tKc'Ednibiit'on-'-'Bul-
letin,-.' arid the- plant-waiLio"tail^y,'de-*
strbyed. ' ,"'
Tae plant was valued at ?sd,b'o6, "011
which'_ there': "was";'S34,'ooo" insurance.
The, lose-'to the' building'," winch ,was
the; personal;, property !' of .Frank 01-
iver'? 'has":iiot "yet been estimated,- biit
it is also fully' co'vered'by "insurance.
Tuncari-'-Marshallf business'f manager,,, .stated -today' that "the ■■ Bulletin
would' be - published tdmorrbw " at ' a
reduced: form ;,on "the" presses" of / >lie'
Courier de; la buest.-   \ '!' '.  '    "-'■    "
A* new 'linotype,.."Rhich was at" the
C..P. R.r;'depbt for aelivery'.to the.
Bulletiu'i's-; being" "set iip'tliis after-"
noon,1*and-:will''be* in working'■•""irder
for tomorrow's paper! '*,".<.' ',"'■ '"",""
"litie •Vompany "'h"ad . re'cfeiitly '>' 'ni'ade',
laege -vadditions" to' its' plant'". * iVisitil-
ling', new'linotypes "aiid complete" binding bntfit._^;i'_".;>if yy^, \\: ■'■ t^';*
" All; this-'biitfit is"'a complete wreck,'
ana some,  25,000 forms';  of. Albcrtii
statutes, which' were standing lor ihe
.publication'of    the    sessibiiis{ .v.'o;;k,'
whicli-Had"'just' been completed,■' -lVw'
'.- ■::'' i-.   --;^('-     \t   .,    ■ i    •; •,'     .-r-.- ■?'■*■■ VI*
just;,been. destroyed.    .'     ,'     ""'     .',
Hon. Frank Oliver- started tlie .1'v.l-
. .= i -.it?.-.-*-- ..c :.''-.-: 4 j.. /J : --1. --.j^ '■
letin   111.1075, and' it was. a_,pioneer..,
It, will "survive this lossTaiid coutniue,
to^py^one^friK-e^lciuliiig papers ot,Ule"
-' TI
, >s  unchanged
at   -algary.. The operators have naked-jor .further,.time .'to consider     the
uatuiu ol ,the mine workers, oi.d
matter will not be closed up un-
noon  today at  kan.   The i.-t.c-
workers are confident, that tliey   will
be joi-cedcd-the point, a„d lheir Cl)M.
lidence.is increased  by the desire    of
operators for more tiitie.
"recover value of the double quartette
of four-footed beasts,, one "quartette
;of which;.were-'innocent goats, , aud
the other,had the devil in them,' and
hence, the devil is to pay .over the
affair as soon as it;is shown who it
is that should be paying.
Though the,amount involved in this
action is. small, the question of. the
reliability, b[. the railway company,
under the circumstances, • is one, of
considerable importance,, awl the.
court has reserved judgment iii order
to give the case careful consideration. 'J.'aw.c and Fisher for plaintiff;
Ross-ana Alexander for defendant.
Out readers,,,will see'r-l)y,'Ar.C.;Jyio^
;ls"ne'w" ad.,'.this'week .that "he'.' i§
giving ^he public a, chance.,to .buy.sil-
verware, .etc.. at theie own prices, to-
day and „;for'several days.lo coitu'.
Mr.:'Ljlphar4t_,has ,'o»e ol the neatest
jewel'ery; stores . >(i the '.'country,, ..but
he'is. going lojnake it'. stOl njcer, and
neater by putting in a fine, lanjc
curved platev,glass .window in which
to display his iiew. gooos to.'the. bis t
advantage., ..Other changes will ., he
made) in the interior arrangements -oi
the store, and it is. because of ,• these
clihnges. tliat he is''offering goods tb
the pubHc'at a special, sale. * Dy sa'
fdoing' he will-avert'the expense and
inconvenience" of moving tKc^goods to
other quarters while llicsc improve-'
ments are being constructed. Now is'
the time I'd'gel" cheap'silver'.   ;
■ • . i.    * ■• '-'o-^-jL
0,p-a J bright - and. sunny daigh. .. . ,,
In a,X4R'':,*^BeatC(')'*'ft,Rn   ' ■'•  '
And Jet .y.ourjliorpcsgct awnlgh?
Kver 'let your ..glrUcBt slalgh      .   ,.-.
In ta ^og.cn'iiip.by .Uic; waigh .
While 1 you hoofed your .wenry. waigh
Down! tho j road, to 'catch' your slaigh?
Could j you^hear >yonri',poiiios imigh
As they tore'np.'your little slaigh?
Did ybu feci-as-bright and gaitfli     1
As you did when you sin vied nwniph'
At-.tho beginning of thnt'happy sun-'
1 - ny' dalgn? ' '*
' We are glad to note thai flowers
aro coming more and more Into fashion as ornaments to' the spring things
i'IiMi .»i-e C'lJal I„.JU4'  L*U.
Mra. Todd'a display of these "ere-
atlon-i" is a fine one, which makes
the Ledger window alongside look
like a mn.ill < section of the Hnltnra
. Aller a lively deruto hiiit Wednesday, the chnitiWr of' depute* nt
Paris adopted, by a vote of 370 to
1C14, * motion for the npjMiiiitmcnt
of «' commission to examine and
male _mlij"r fire ront^pts .of,tIf(j doc
ununls seized at. the Papal' mmcia*
lure ttftlir the eipulslun Irom Vrance
ol M|f. Montftfiglniul, ',
r*J-      e.    'i'hese, ..two.   boys,   gave
njjibJL>or of men injured 4W0,1'
""Tho] numbor of (jross tons mlnctt
to cMlllifolost.a 17,210  •
crowd     uuhuj .Jimtch, which the,, ref-J . Tho^o   wiie  otto 'iimn Injured lo
l'*ic     \ u good.txWMtion of a   quick
btoji Ja      ^ ___. aruw.
tux t.ili*-      ^  j,*,,, ciirosu'ia iiml Nigo
Joe Adi .yj , t_uc c,0W(j i,ow ., they
alike showi 7e iu $mny Italy, ami.
tripped tite t, tf,wc«n times the whole
all the time In tj^ ^^ 0ja Kgng,
crowd joined in •4l( Mcliinis.", , .-,
"Kill 'mm np Ago ■    ^ limi,) alul tUe
II was a jolly g. -^ mre jmntied
profit-, wf the i-vrnl^ , ^vttxm[, 0j jlU
to 11. CtttUll In part,.. , Crjjjjjj,auy i„
liospital bill, Incurred 1 MM.
that institution.while he      v.   ,^tna
ing his' broken leg.   The fi.     ,   'fltfpr
"I'tM ,ypnr tlio.rfl' woro 1018 conl
mlbca In oporation. In.,, tlio otitto ol
I llnolf wliloh producod 118,317,581
tonuof2,000lbs, oncli „of conl.- The
ayorpitfo numbor of dnyo tlio mlncH
woro oporatcd 172, • "
-vTlio vnlno por ton nt tlio' mlnetf
wn|?c(l from ,31,0-lOconta por ton to
$l.ai»2 nnd tlio total viiluoof all tho
coal pndnearl wa»$}0l8nflf802.*,
Thoj number ol iiorwiia, employed
anderjfround f)l»,02l number cm-
bloyetl on Burfaco 0251).
e .iimicrs. and' operators had an-
nieeting Thursday,, at which
operators1 submitted a modified
proposition for ;the consideration of
thejinincrs, and an adjournment until yesterday3 was taken to" * consider
the inew offer/ but- as it differs radically from that" of the miners, there
was j not much hope,, of arriving at a
setUement upon'suck a basis.
•■ Tlie feeling that the 'operator's were
not]disposed to act openly and '"' in
sincerity'hais: lieen growing stronger,
and]it looked "yesterday ae though
public sentiment was beginning' to be
felt {as against the tactics pursued
by .them. ' '"
When "confronted by: the miners on
Thursday with the statement that if
they, had no proposition'to "submit
to'-.them they might'as well say good'
day.Jand go home,' the operators said
theyj were unwilling to make such a
proposition in open meeting,., but
would submit'one at a private"meet-
ing-- j ,.;,.__
The miners * acceeded to this,' and
adjournment to yesterday was taken,
the Thursday meeting President,
nan said-tliey 'should have taken
position' at- the startr Already
had held-a closed-session, and
nothing was -done.: The miners% had
presented  their .'■ultimatum  and would
.stand bv!_it,^lT,l>«iv--!"j«">[i'»'i— *,—> n.
a share, of the 'prosperity • of the'
country., or kfiow ,the reason why. He
had, foreseiiii for-'a'1 number ofs year's
that this woiild ;take place, and hiid
talked.', to.* Ihe^iniu'er'a - regarding-,- .-^IJie
same) but' .the first operator he had'
spoken to one the wage miesiiou- told
him to go ,to hell,' .^ ., ■' !..
5, Mi-/ Shcnnan. addressed the 'meeting at lenglh. He-.said'that.Chey all
knew'that the reason 0/ the* adjournment ■ the day before was" because they
had refused to'go ineo ...he scale committee and discuss- the scale submit-'
ted by the operators, which wns preposterous, inasmuch- as it required
the reduction of the present wage
scale .in some cases, ns much ns fifty
per cent,, and the addition of a
claiise to the present agreement ' lo
tlie effect that when cither parly
lire'alis the proposed' agreement, the
iiew contract, Is to be considered'mill
and void.
.So far the press had done nothing
lo harm either side, and tlie operators had only spent the time in
voting down every .suggectloii or
proposition without discussion,
At first they had raised objections
as to whether the delegates had sufficient power to make binding, agreements, aiid then again Hint they hiid
not the power to sign nny ngrccmc-m
binding or otherwise.
From start lo finish they'have not
so far conceded one single point to
the miners.
Tht delegates from the miners wanted the proN to know all thai had
transpired, and _*brsoiirilly'Mr, Slier-,
mnn did not care ii they Vcie nd-;
in I tied to Hie scale comiiiilU'c incut-'
lugs, 'bill little of general interest
transpjri'd nt thuso meetings, and
what Iliu press Is niter an- ileum of
Tt was thru decided by a unanimous vote to slniid by the resolution pasftvil nt the previous niit'liug,
nnd ndmlt the press to all iiiii'lings
but those ol the nrnlr committee.
The English house of commons put
in hventy-seveit hours for a day's
work, commencing Wednesday and
ending Thursday at 535 p. in.. • The
opposition'undertook to block' progress, on the army bill, biit Bnnner-
mau carried the government' banner
to.victory through a sitting contest!
Fernie, March 20th. 1900.
To The Editok:'     -
Dear Sir—As there aro a groat number of new men arriving and starting to
work in thu mines here—men who have
never had the Wolf lamp to tiso beforo-
I? thought a little ad vice* and. a, few
pointers might be very acceptable to
them, and, in fact, to innnyofithe old
hands working for the company.
Thn Wolf lamp is so constituted that
it makes n.very UReful lamp if' treated
in the right way, but if-it is not used
properly it becnnieB .1 very; dangeroua
hunp, not onlv to the man who has
charge, of it,-hut to every individual
employed in the mine; hence the following instructions:    - -        -.....->',    ■
When trying for gas the light should
be, lowered to about an°e:glith bf an inch
of flame, then put iip gently And gradually^ until the gas can'lie seen on the
light. Then take your lamp away as
gently and gradually as possible,- Don't.
011 any account, draw the lamp away
with a vigorous or rapid motion. Don't
try for gaR with 11 ful! light. ■ Don't stay
in a place wli-re. a quantity of gas is
found to exist'. ' Always keep an eye on
Vf».n»»_~lom»i.'»K1r...«»n_*,.ll_S l~-._;. */-     _
because in heat the light of this lamp
wijl increase. Don't, on any account,
workjwith a*glass cracked lamp; never
listen to what others say or •juggest:
I)on'lput its light out for tluupurpose
of laying it "dbwii"lh"any place, for tlfero
is,always danger.owing to the itifiam
able nature of the matcheH of this lamp;
Put the light out and take tlie lamp out
of the mine right away. n Don't tnmt it
to any,hoy to,take it out; do this your-
self. When working don't let your lamp
swing on your belt, neither stand it on
tlie floor. Ilnng it on tlie limber in a
convenient place mi*,, of- the way of tlie
swinging of your pick. Noyor go away
aiid leave your lamp in the'plaee; take
it witji you. If, at anv tline, you hug
another mini's lamp with cracked glass
tell him immediately, of It, ami if lie
makes any doimires or rofuses to take It
out, take It yourself and report to the
fire boss or overman. Hy adhering
Btrlctln to the foregoing, (he risk mul
danger In (.really reduced, ,
Ah these lines are strictly for tlie edl-
flcfttloii of our fellow workmen and the
avoidance of citlaNtrophleH, I hope I nm
not asking too much of you to publish
them In » few inmios of tho Ledger,
Kindly oblige yours, etc.,
O" i ..
Al n meeting of the railway committee f tlie senate at Ottawa
Thursday, a bill lncorpo-.M„.'ig a
company to build n railwiy Km
Abltilrii to Hudson's liny was passed,
.is was also one empowering Mac.
ken/.ie j and Maun to build a nmd to
the Pacific coast.
Feniie for first Time SMestejis
Conventien of Associated
Boards of Trade
The sessjon,of. the associated boards    .
of trade of Eastern British Columbia .'.
held    last  week  at Greenwood    waa. -.
not j so. well attended sis it   generally,
htisjbeeii in the past.  .This is to   U
regrjetted, oa that body, representing, .
as it does, the boards of trade of the"
whole district,  and being entirely free '
from political  bias has,  in the past,
mid  will  continue in  the- future,    to   ,"
wield a great influence for good.
Fernie was unrepresented for the.
first time in the history of the association, and it,should be the last
time that " such an omission should
occur. Mr. Buchanan was again re- *
elected president, and Fred Slarkey
of Nelson, was re-elected as vice-president, and'Mr." .Fraser, of Rossland,
continues as secretary. The next'eon-
veiitioa will be held iu Moyie. >
Amoug   the o resolutions  passed,, the    '
following are the most important:   '.'", [
"Be' it' resolved      tliat   this board,
whilst  wishing to restrict Tabor     as
much as possible to six days a*week,
urges  the associate boards oi    trade
of Eastern British' Columbia   to   request,, the provincial government,    to    ,
give: an assurance that no action will
be taken in enforcing the said act so
that] in the meantime all the   parties
concerned   , may look fully into    the '
question and confer with  the govern-   .
ineni with,_a view to providing a sa-,"1
lution of .'the'different, points %volved.'
"Resolved,   that this  l>oard petition
the idilway commission and the pro-
vinctal government to make a full-tu-.
qitiry into the causes of  the coal and ,
coke  .shortage existing   from   time  to '
time   ■ in  Eastern  British  Columbia,   .-
also  the inefficient supply" of cars for
the   .raneportation of coal and 'coke
aud   also  to ■ take cognisance of    the
shipi;tent "of coal  and  coke    to    the "L
the j
iUii.   iiUUHJili     Ur    trlbrl     H...U..
oirery PAW tons mined.
J :'    3tVKRVnoi)Y  INSAN1C,
nie a jjoiid liunth,   *«■!'tW ^^gjuit
hone* Oi sc/.tlK'tn  fn  tTn». rlrt  '" '''^y
thU ye.ir, and training to get
Willi the j>rl/e.
Chief Phillips hu a
The Thaw trial presents n new
feature, in criminal history ol .trial*.
Generality tlie defense makes ntnuu-
ouii efforts to pro*,e iiuunlty «.-. a
ground 1 for defense, but Mr. Jerome
has turned the tablci. upon the .do
feine and wonts lo, prove ■ that Thaw
is in<ne*.
Hut the whole stilwlance of the matter .. is,' 11 Tliaw did get hot, why
didn't he treat Vi'hiU whit*?
Hut aven xl TihAw did gtl l\oW   U
.uuie Vhll» didn't, treat him while,
.     ! . ;; .Wl*- *kyf didn't h« "treat White while,
lot ol    k m"
■■-V   *v-i_,   "«•■•, 1       •     ■
■ Judge Wilson wns in town.
dny nnd held n session in county
iniirl,   Most of   the business was ol
.4     I......I.I     i.^b..«w.
Two' rnif". which ire ol smite luiir-
ril wen* tried and judgment rriervcd
in each.
One of theie woi a case in which
Mike Ulwen was   plaintifl    and    the
...       . 1   r      , , ...
"V.     I   .     W. .     ***«*.>    fc.^b^,..***.*.-
The plaintifl had l«»»t what is known
as nn .identification check, upon whiih
nnnther mnn who had found it drew
the pay of the plaintiff due Irom Ihr
C. V. U. company.
Hrrclimi't' nud Hirrluner for jdnin-
tlfl; lloss and Alexander for defend-
The other raso against the Mine
company w«* what i% known locally
ns Ihr g«ei and pig ease. The defendant company'* local tram i.»n
oter «B.!.kll'ed lonr gosi* and lour
iii^ft .Mime lime Jail Angus', whlrh
t*longtd to the plaintlh, llernard Cor-
tesa, and he brought Ibis action   to
United..States, .during a deficiency,   of
.supply foi; the needs of the province,      ...; -
hat, the railway, commission and.-:     >• ■
rovincial goveriimeiit.be request-. ^ .i;t ■ ;
ed   ti  take such'.steps, as    may    lie-        ,
foum - (Kinsabie to bring   a*bout—M&oUJZi. .*'.,
utioit- of these .conditions,    and ''■'" ."*'
this resolution be .'referred to the
boards to collect data and submit the saute with necessary: evidence   "'
to   tile  executive  committee of. this ''
iKiara'."'  1    ■ "•■••     •• -    ,, - "
"Resolved,     that    in    view of the ',
great; suffering during the past 'wittier ■'  „
which' resulted from lack'of sufficient
fuel,'-jam! loss     lb" the mining  ' and
smelting interest's in  consequence   oi ' ' ■ '
flic shortage'of'coke adjd'coal,'   that'
the I)bniiiiion government be"risked*' tb
nt once ppen'up their coal fields   'iii* ;
ICasl Koqteiiay in the 50,000"acres Vii
laud reserved for the purpose" of of-      ■   *
fering assurance that a supply w.ou''d
lie   available  under  such   exception! '   '
clrcumslances ns experiencwl     rccs.it-
ly,"  j     '    ,     '
"Wliereus, an     act  lo aid In    the   '
prevention and settlement of strikes
and lockouts iu conl mines has linen
introduced  in  the Dominion house, lie '"
it resolved that the associated hoirdt       "',"
ol trade of Eastern Hriliwli Columbia
urge   'upon the Dominion government
the necessity ol passing a bill ut the
curliest possible moment,"
"Resolved, that many trails, loniU
nnd bridges are wanted iu tin- ci.mii-
tiy, and among those ot most pres.
sing Importance the associated "Ijioards
big to rci'iiiiut-'nl to the pioviiuiul
govcriiiut'iit for itiiiuudinte niiistrui-
tion the following: 1, Road from
Crow's Nest Puss to Kootenay Iriind-
ing; a; bridge at Warduer; 3, rood up
the Hi. Mary's river; 4, St. Mury's
bildgei 5, bridge over mouth of I'.lk
river; ft, rrtad Irotn Ilalfour to Rob-
son; 7, road from Yinir to ititrinat-
ionnl hoiiiidiiry; K, rnud (10111 intrr-
iiiitioniil lioiiiuliiry tn Itobsou utoug
llie Coli'ittlilii; ij, io.id from Uosshmd
In S'orwny tiHituitiiln; 10, ro.ul Into
the l'liitliind vnlli-y; n, toad U|i
Wild lloiM' i-uvk, Knhl  Kiroii'itny."
Thi* presidi'lit of Ihe us'iociuUd
Hoards then lenileied his M-si^uation
011 thi ground thnt he could not carry
out  the wishes   of   Ihe boutds    with
cauiauv wir.i, ni{ puoui),.
W, ',!. Stone mis iu liniid pi-epnr.i-|
lion*, for the design of "the mw Ca-l
lliidiiiu Piiclfu- depot wiiiili will lie
vreclcif al Calgary during the uniting senmiii. The hliuciuiv will com
i'-jiMi.owi, and, oufNide ol Winnipfg,
wil) be the liui'st on the vwsU-iu
lilts. The iiiuti'iiol will he mhI/iiv. 1
HtciitP, _ olid  weiy  iitleiitioit   will    be
paid to meet  the nti-ds ol 11 uiodnii
• i .
Milro.id olhce nnd depot biiildiiij.'.
'Mil      lilt'     Wirviiv.***       ill tut'     niiHitm *>
The I following nilvertiMnii'iil     np- Jicfi-tetife lo the Loid'*. day act.    He
pea red in 11  pniH-r of n miiiiII    tnwn I theu retiiuil and  the drtt-gutrn,  nlur
in   l'nl/ir:ii!n- ' I rnM»lil».rold(i  rli'/'Msilr*!!    -uldivl   i  rider
For Snlf--Aii  idd-i'MnhlMml.   wcll-
jinjiui.'    iindcrtnVer'H    t*stistili***i«.i«»il.
The ciiy is a very unhealthy location
whfie the tiiorliility is very great.
There Ih only one doctor in the whole
(rui'n     Tlm   di"i11i«    fririn    lever     .ilnin-
jiity the expenses, nud the ust is
cli-nr profit. There Is no ■onin.-ii-
Mr. .1. I'li'ishniiui wns n Vernlf visitor during thr week. ♦
If you want In know the dlfltrencv
belatru twenty-live„t*i»l» aiul Tilly
cents, just ask Olemnn. -lie** lrwu \o
night  iclioul and knoa**;.
to the it'HOliiliou as pnnsed Iiml
lilidit, which the delegates n»iitsed to
1 hinge iu one Iota, The rider gave
powi-r to tht* uxi'iulive to apply to
the provincial utloniey-geiiernl lor
tflief in the wv-nlses and to nmdv
to llie lloininioii J'iirliiiiiii-nt for
nmnuliiKiils whiih should cover any
hardnhipl. Inlliclcd hy the tict which
Imi'.'h'. hi. shown lo exist. This mrl
wit'i the npprovnl nl President
Hmhnn.in, who withdtcw his tesigna*
tl.i'i, intimating, h(*wi-vn, that hr
tmU'i'- not concur with the vi^w* o'
r.thris ol the exwutivr a* m wImi
ami".dmmt» wetc wanted.
('„ O,  Jewell, of JaflrAy, **»^    ■"».
The C, V. R. have on »dle tWVets
Ut*«n all jwintH <•« tlitir Un*    atjiU «.tv Tnorwlay, awl in*"'* '•■**
on-* und on<*-Hfir*l rn»»* for thr* round I Mi milllnf r,,inp.inv hai l»anks«l
trip, good going and tuning fnnti |o\ri y,om,uut feet ol log-t during lW
Match 37 to April 0,    «. IwinUt. ;/-
- c=
FERiiia-.LfiDGESr Fernie, b.c. march
ti r- • I       I I their families.   We don't .want, them
I he rernie Ledger ^ *. -p-^/?^/^*
$2 a Yearia Advance
lined overy  Satardar' -from - the Office  of
v Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave,,   .
Fernis, British Columbia. *•
D. V.-MOTT-,™-**
""  Editor,
Business Manager
;     .1 .r   ,», v      i.     >, r,»   -
fourth xjof£th*e ^uaJ^Chiipse JRopula^,
-£  I-'     l-j   b^    v.*,.       «t   .-T        ft"     - .~        - '. '•
.'■J i*..)' - t -1
,VTt» reproduce below a-sample; letter!
from some good suinantan who signs
'himself as  tlie beginning of  the    alphabet,   and  who   has  been    very in-
duserious'f-ou behalf; of -^ the'Tladies -pi;
Victoria   who are so desirous   of obtaining ^Chinese, ./domestics.;; 'First,' l>e_-;
cause  tliey'are not immigr'anis,  only
" labor;    second,'; •: because  ,-tliey' ;*: don' t
want'to "mix" with us white trash;
third, because they keep wives     and
children in China,  and last, but    by
no means "least-,- they  are cheap when.
tliercr is> a'-big .supply on-hand!  This
-IA'.  11.' C.  man  is  at least frank ■ l.in
his statements.    ' -   * ■.   -«' ■
The ladies for whom -■ he seems    to
lie commissioned  to speak 'are not sit
all particular about the people whom
they get to work fori them,   so ■ long
as they are willing   lo   work   cheap.
Ditto  the railways  ami-farmers.   • -,
Unfortunately, for A, .11. C. and his'
clients,,' the laboring people in . this
province don't   seem,   to uavc. much
sympathy for any', kind,, of cheap lain
or    and       will,   -he   .found. . -ranged'
against   the  importation, of a laboring population which is,,so foreign to
' any civili/.atipn  as to  refuse to    become citizens,* and spend their .money,
,in theiund from whence, .they, cam?'.';,
A.'B. C. should direct liis energies
in the direction of inducing .these people who , . are so desirous of    having
cheap     Chinese   'servants^   to  go'' to
-  China to-reside,--where they, caii get
Chinese .serv'aiits.'at' ■astonishingly'' low
wages'.   They.'will hot \be .subject p\ er
there1' to" these  labor ' agitator'}*    who
are' always' causing ' trouble on   ' this
side   by  Irving' 'to keep'the moral,
physical" and''financial   standing    6f
working people upon as high''a   plane
as  possible. '*' ''
Failing to'induce his-clients to'mi-
;,   grate to' the land of cheapest ^wages'
and morals,.'or to induce"'the government to' reduce the head tax, because
of  ., the  fears of' the 'politicians;  'lie
■   might start-'a--night'cooking- school-
and washing school1,' where' iL-si." people could learn'1 to "do - tlieir-o'wn work
n-. and    be  independent  of'the  "heathen'
•   Chinee1  an 1'-the artiuU politician. '■
That  would .' be''a .Celestial  condition without pig" tails and  'pestering1
politicians.-". '    " ■;" "■ -      ,' '
tion in t,Ms5tprovmce!.:is ,y^Clu|na   en.-;,
joying the ""feg^ties    ,of£the$§ Ne^g
Year in the^-^^aifeS" £«ffiUt«s?
Their   wives  and; their   children    are
-there,- and-their-parents.■;•- Some of the
younger     men will get, married   and
come-back to , .earn ..money to keep
their    wives.   Some ,  trade  unionists
!ghidge"thati money ■ because it" is -not'
*sp'i'iit -here.'.But* the -money is; 'their
Km n-arid we ■ don't-want their fa'm'il-'-
ies.   The Chinese live' in 'poor1 houses
here.    ;But- our •„' mayor  is' goodY- at-
haudling..Chinese—it will delight him
to make   them   -toe the-line.    ' The
Chinese- are- law'-abiding.-^If the mayor had. not swooped down: on ...gambling houses and .had two., big catches ji
the Chinese, made a, wonderfully poor,
show  :in the   police courts in  1906.-
There were very few apprehensions in-,
deed. •
■ Where i.s lalior not; wanted, in .this
piovincc-l ■ mean unskilled;, labor?
The' large concerns all want it—logging', fisheries,' sawmjlls, and, chief ol
all, railroads. Two of these . have
spoken," and their,demands almost
take one's breath awiiy. Bui- they
know their own business, and we, I
mean all the people of the'Dominion
aiid its 'government, will 1>c ' foolish
aiiil unwise if we refuse titcir ra'iuc'st.
We know "what railway facilities' ' do
'for the country, and-Wc'know''in time
past what wc have beeii' ready to give
tliat we might possess "them..; IV is a
small'thing they'now ask.
"i'i  the railroads don't get
231    ttjo?
tliey are resourceful- and .may. bring
'less desirable ' people. Some ""'have,;
talked-of the DouWiobors, but if these
daft people turned ,up.in" sheepskins in
their thousands they would, not improve the situation. .In, fact, any
imported labor,, to ■ lake up the more
unskilled and drudgery work would
be more likelv to leave disagreeable
dregs than the. comparatively quiet
Mud orderly Chinaman.
•Some of the boards .of trade have
spoken. Victoria is lo speak, this
.'week. I hope it. will agree with, the
'Montreal board, and, as in duty
bound, allow no politics to enter the
discussion.   It is their duty to speaK..
A. .»■ -■
'  A few weeks-ago the.London-'Spectator-.very, favorahly • reviewed ."a book,
entitled,. !'A  Lodge   in    the i Wilder-!
.\ness.". 1A passage on true-patriotism
-   so  recalls  what  our' Governor-Gencr-
? .al. Baiil„to-w3-*wH'le". here"that' 'ivr-s.,.--
■'pears . to : me he may be the author.
It says;; "U is the part;, of tru'e.pat-
riotism to seek the way,to make labor mobile so.that it may be" conveyed to places where it is • wanted , at,
the right moment, instead ol languishing where , it is , pot wanted."
This wan the burden bf Earl Grey's
,    speeches here, ,and here the, speeches
got the inspiration,   '       ,.-
Apart', from ollice-seekers, , f.eyen,,
perhaps eighti tenths , of the, people
of thie province. acknowledge the),,instant ueed of labor, ainl ai once ..turn
■   to. China as   ,the,place tp .find it,
Hveryone knows dozens of ine'ii    here
'.', who say ."yes,'."  but'anyone   .hoping
1    to fili public olliccs.dare not sijy so.
: Trade unionists,, particularly' the*tiil-
■' ors, were instrumental in getting the
Chinese  Exclusion  Act passed,    and
.  , .1 . , . .',1
now these same men are sick of    it.
For their* washing, their house clean-
_,,ing and 'many .other ', services, ' the
'Chinese'now" charge too' iiiu'ch.'i All
liousckccpecrs want the tax'removed!
or lowered. It'is" foolish to' expect
our city io grow,'as a'residcntiulcity'
if the incomers can get no scrytiiitsl
This putt of the nuc'slicin cbiice'rus'tlui
ladies, They have"shown lately what
they cun do in the cause of tcHi'icY-
nnce. Are they interested enough in
this (.uestiiiu to'promote aud sign' a
big petition to Ottawa? The _ next
week or two will show, The'farmers'
here have been cruelly used by Chinese exclusion, How'are they to represent their case? Farms make much
the safest city. Mines get'cvmiUMwl
aiid the districts get di'Kerii'd! ' The
limns live nu. The 'L'liinyxe lire ' lint
< iiiiiiiigraiits; they nrc only Imported
labor, us they have lu the etist, In
llu- wheal districts, ut hnm-st thin-,
labor is Imported from the Hutcs.
Thi-if arc other good fen lures about
this imported labm. The Chinese
don't mingle with u.%, WV don't Man*,
them 'to   do   so.     Thev don't bring
of the C. P. R. comes in for a,well-
deserved , share.of.' scathing cbndein'aa-.
tion."'*    '"'    '" '^    "'" . "     r;
All this-.is ;very good, and most"of:
it, much ' deserved, but to ,one ', well
-acquainted: with "local conditions""and
,    . .*'!...<>       '  »    if  ,"   '-';■  —~-
the relationship of corporate interests to both local ami-general interests, these long-winded editorials are
a ^siiurci of tire.somness whicli makes
onej feel like migrating.  " '      '\
There is   a*, member .'of     the local
house*' at Victoria, representing   this
constituency     und   supporting    that
arch enemy of the Dom nioii Gbvc'in-
iiu'iit" and -the Grand Trunk.,  Pacillc,'
the    .McBridev govcrnmetil,-   -who    is
holding.his „ job hy the,aid of that'
same, Grand Trujuk  crowd, -He     und
his .leader  were.,placed: in -a position-
during tli'e campaign ,wheret they c< uld
have come out..boldly, in the interest'
of the general public, and '.the .'work-:
ingmen   ol   this ,1dist.ri,c.t,„,but j'.they)
bqtli jshicd ..   at  the, proposition ;-ias
though it     were ,a, gold. br;ck   or,; r
TO.    .      ,'„   .111, u '   , ■ P     ...     r       .
boiuli filled with nitro-glycenne.;, ,--,
Iti wasn't, because. .the,. prppositipn
"was not^a coriject 9119 and ..in..* the ,i.o-
tercsts of the g'encra.l pnblic.j but, as,
one |of tlieni put it, ,they.,couildn't;:af1.
ford to antagonize'' an , ,.institution
which -had    never antagonized  them.,
,j    T   ....       . ,j .    Mf.r.„>,    j P.;    o.     .-', L..;..4t-
Tnni, thev were both busy, telling the
.       *     ii*-    •*;iti/(t['}     ii*i <- i*i*     "titi
people;'.'collectively,. "jrpm   the ((ilat-j
nth Feb.,  1907-
—'. o ■
. Tlie" Ledger has beeii for some time
receiving marked copies of-the. Ottawa Free Press' containing, long ed-
t"t<>rij.ls on various matters of public
interest,- all written from a strictly
pai'ty point of view, and designed to
.show the shortcomings of the Con:
of ihe Liberals in their dealing with
ihe'afigirs of state.'
, The Ledger has been diverted,, instructed and .amused by ihe pen .eloquence and one-sided reasoning -, of
iTfcse* editorials.,  . , ."    " '>' '      ;
Tn one it was shown-to what, extent such men as Fowlc'r and Foster
were prepared,to go in the handling
nf trust funds for their own private
benefit. In another the Ledger was
^hb'wn that the attacks upon Turiff,-
Adauison &. Company were the re-
stili of malicious cnluminies turned
oiil by the Opposition, etc., etc.
Hut; then the Ledger gets other paper's'from'which', it learns that the attacks." upon the Alberta land grabbers ' are backed hy evidence as con-
'clus \}e as is 'the- evidence furnished
by tl.e other side against tlie Fowler-Foster graflers, aud ■ t has come
to the conclusion that when Fowler
.Mul Uoss \ell the house at Ottawa
what: rascals the other fellows' are,
tliav'they know what they arc talking about, and the 1,-edgcr' is iiidis-
|Osi.-d't(i contradict people 'who arc
oii the spot and have the records to
(.'.»• i»y|.
• It has concluded tliat those laud
deals j and lease extensions about
ivhichi Hen-oil has stlii.'d"up such a
Ask your doctor Hie midicil
Bime for i cold oi the chett.
Atk him if It It ever icrioui.
Lmly, 11k him If he pn-
■crlbei Ayer't Cherrtf P«o
tonl for tfali dliene. Ktep
In dote touch' with your
ftmlly phyilclM.
icctl strnlghtenlug . out, aiid it
nds Mr, Hcrron for his action,
It has also concluded, that.,.the Insurance commission, must liayc ..found
evidence, which justified them ,in,their,
fiiidinjls ns.'lo those other, fcllo>ys, ,11,
ilte ()t.tuwii Free Press and every, o.th-
•jr I.^bcrnl paper In this i),otii.iluiu
will 111 ni loose their powers, ol, con-,
<ltinn.i|ioii upon the rotl«|iess which
hits leVn di.scoyirwl |tt l.ieir.nwii. |»n-.
litlciiljC,im|i, tin-y could do-tnoro good
xo: tlie coimtiy and cventunllv, lo
ll(i|l.".|oitn parly,by 0 tlirec-mgiitlj>
c(-iiipe|gu of house cleaning in llivlr
own \\owe tlinii  they arc liable     to
i-roiiijilisli in three ci'iiluifes ol ef-'
lurt to hid* these things lichind the
^iort<*|,in||igs  of  tlie  other  fellows.,
To talk alwut tin- fbnlni'ss of'Pow-
Irr mul the Irothliig o( pN.sler won't
help llie jidminlHli-iitloii of pu|,«{c n'f.
lair*,, .
,'Tlie I.ther.ils arc the people who
mc rci.pinn.)|,|e just mw f,„. wjml
«'ien fjii in the ndm.nlstriilioii of (he
■nulrivof this country,.ond it is up
Xo them to Mrv.in   ,,.«   11     i«
tho lurifls, thr- Adamsim... ,*i ;,i ,
l-ehire going into hyMerlcs over
;;r.inil-»iiotlicr Foster ami fretful Fowler, who nrc now outside the public
'ceding ground, and only able to »*,e.,i
fit itccnsinnnl whlsn f.f l,.,.. i..... „..
'.(to near the conai fence.
'Ihe ]ate(,t marV'cHl p.iptr comii|g'ii)!
this ollice has a two-column article
nbniit the "Mcllride Hold-Up." 'fhe
evil t-fltciH of the, action of the II. (..'.
goyerninrnt in pressing to test,in the
•■->,-'    "i".. ■:
annouucianept of,.the.gift_ is.inaide %,
.news-comes*_of.a_mair.ked_ increase ;ii:
the price of pjl-^As we.say.-.we^quld-
like to be. absolutely fair,,., to .•very-
one, but we cannot, try as.we will,
keep from placing .these .>f-wo^.:, ,facts
over ' against, the gift.—Christian
Guardian.   '""- " • '• ■ *- '- -' 'J; '-"'
'    ' -"•"'TIMfi'BH^O'WoiBlfs"'1 9,Mf
T«\k* notice that thirty daya  After'
date I intend to apply to ttis1 Chief
Couu-ianioner of Lands andiWorkaat
and carry away timber from the fd-
lbw^ .described''5 lands •ktukted'is
Sobthtaat Kootcaay;
i. CommesciRg at a post'planted near
th«!*wrU*^te_ndd, the lower lali*
at> the head' of Klk river, marked " V.
B. ^ynchc'a northeast „ corner; theace
west .80 , t chains; . -thouff south.5 \<>
..clsaiM^^thenc^jWisst',^, chains; „-|(|ieac»,
sputh (4o. chaias;, ,|^iiaee ,east, ^q MjMm;,;
,t"^ace,;.abrth1,4o chains; ..fhinfie j.fjatt
m^tl^-Hrim, Aan»
form,  tliat. they were actuated. solely
1 •   .,,-.-    • ..-'-..j*   1" ■.   .'■?''■ i'."!   -
by a burning desire to aid the .people and most especiallv  the working
I  .• •   ..- ,,.     .    ■     -.-      U   'tn-fjr" ',  -T
man, but when  they,were confronted
'       :    '     .-: .':'-     '"  -t,r'   :l >»'" ,'.!-i';:
with    a practical  suggestion,    which
neither   'could  deny' was designed' lis
remedy the greatest evil which exists'
today   'iii    British    Columbia,'"'tliey
would  gb" no' further  tlia'n  to'   state
thati "the matter' would' be'lbokeu iii-'
I   ■ 1   ,    .  .   v.     .-     i- -.' ■.-,   1
to".','; - ,
Xqw, the .institution which - would
lie directly - effected by: this prbpbsi-
lion,! happens to be one which is coii-
1 - - - r- 1 -    '*"   -i.11
trolled'by; the same people who   ruii
the" p.' T.-'P. enterprise,' and 'its';, bf-
lic als  -  are   nearly    all   "professed''!
Liberals," and " these  professed"-Liberals-   jdidn't    -buy a'yard.-of    crape1
withj which   to• advertise -their«;grief'
"at~The, defe^"^f1"aTOl)eTSl^an"diaaT.T
in  lliis  riding.     .In-fact,    there'are
peojile in this countty mean""enough1
to  assert   that  that  Liberal'.   candi-
"**-' yf.. "ffllm ^..rf ..9% i!*WR Uthaflfi
*«W ztSRi-A^»i; *>Bf»c*»fHlW»'*:»iv9.
, .    -„,   ■_., . ■ .-„.. --„    - ,   ■- »*»*«• .■^pKJ.;.eas.K,*ft» SteiWu.r1**^
foni|, and lndiviilually ofii the.^.plat:,■■. [wg^k%tlp chaias^to,p!u^,of.il_«__^nm>I,,
f„„.^ 'ii*,-,,- *t,A„ ..,»« „M.,ai~i *"'*■■'•'coaUuiing 640 acres', n^f',pt, _icff> __■
WJ&J!tfr-*W   .■■■•■MP-
was oiily a- dummy■ "put; up -'-to'
ijistirhlLhe. election-of -a-Conservative•
who couldn't afford -to antagonize the
great corporation. which burns with'
atf iinqMenchable fire of love" "for.:the
Liliiiral' party.    *   -, - , -i ; ■ . "-'-
The Ledger:will have:more faith.in
tlie .desire of the , Dominion Govern-:
mciiti to .give,.to British Columbia a
si|uare.ndeali, when 1 that government
displays a more .independent, spirit
in it's ,1'calings with great, .corpora-,
tions| itself,^before ,iti.;asp,ays,',to lee-,
lure janybpdy ,abip\t^ .oilier, corpora1-,,,
lions j which do,not _secm,..to'.'i!fayor.
llicm I with . their;,support,. .n .    .    ;-,.
In'(he iiieaiitiine, t,he,,dcar;lal)9ring
nian' is ,ad.visedM<|tp be|putlqii^ audi
wait; to haye,.fai'.l|,lii^.tiie ...government which is|. more _ cojicerned \x\ \'^\-
ting hiugs fixenl up so as to satisfy
the d!tpui|d_s.,pl .coiporation.s to whoi.i,
aid has "aiready b-e'«i' y.pte'd, ',.o.hcJ . in'
gc'ttint ' Into'.,,tl'iiV,, country' ,labor.
nf all! kinds in competition'to those
alrc.idiy here, and to .whom„thcyjprq-
less   friendly   feeling   while, e'nglncer-
.'..-.'i!'!. ;• '1 « '>." '-'/ffl ii'-'i
ing a'l kinds of schemes  to   glu^ the
lalior [market.
A Conservative government in this
province is engaged'iii'.'a project 'to
bring j into tlie country linfiti'cd'.r.lab-
oicrs at the rcqucs-l oi cbepbrations,'
and; a Lilieriil 'goveriinienlr in Alberta'
is,,postponing provincial' legislation
know.ing such postponements is work-*
ing tb tlie disadvaiitu_*c ol tne |>co-
l.ic to whom they a few'months ago
wcic,' promising imiiicilintc legislh-
tiiitt iit order 'to' get them to settle '«
liiiig-contliiucd strike.' ' '   '
Th-ij.' miner's are now experiencing
the pleasures of biting upon stone*
lust'i'iW ol chewing the bread which
h.iii been promised llicm.
'There is sometimes n'waslc o|;hlui'
penciliitg and of trouble in mulling
inu 1 kcil copies of papers published In
the 'iiUrest of rfoiporullont anil,
la'eliMl   'Party Press," ,,,.
•bout one mil, west oi, t^e ttortl^wt
♦f*P..fiflI|C0rtirVPrfP  h&rtmtMt*:
.***Pr*1Wft to!:^^,ti^,iJHffi|h
,thf«Cc north 80 chains, more or 1^,,.
.acret) mora or .leas.
9. B. I.YHCH.     ,
i     *'PiWD.''%.,BXiaB'iit;' "
^|s!ter|: Gray,
r ^     "  :__.
iU^ttE«Bi«AT-Li.w, ^Solicitors, Etc.
Uooaiii-l-*8, H«nderaoublock,;Fernie, B. C.
F   CUwe.  ..,Ma. 1. Piahsr, B A.
MyQ<d 'uJkiRicher y
•UftRI^B^,  §<|WCIlp*S,, BTC.
Crttw'a   Neat   tW*li«:0»-    ****>
;. Vents,;*. «•
Ross -^Alexander.1
[•     - FEBNIB.^C'
Ofliiea In U TiW. Blook, Vlctorli. Avenue. -
!   1 * •*- "* { *'i**
rti.il*'"J': -I:'. :■'. .
L-T.-W f-Block*, • opposite th'e vBank
'   ,,- '   I - :' •-, /. ,'   - '-*"   -'.'      - i>
Offlc* honr*--') a.m. to 8 p.m.
)N) j.*fWr-iglesworthi'-Oi*D*S.
::«.-.'   i   iZDK-N,TISa?ISl'3:»*l E'.'','
l\)n*ic's; Hoiias,.   '".«.■«»•">. '»■,' ?>•? ,6' v- *?t
r     ,' ■>    ■'   "-..jsjso tps v;m.
' Offioe In'AUx.t.''««■■» iiock     -   Gl
' over SUan's tlakery.-
.   *.i '•■imi '
thence norll,  40 chains' ,\i). jfjjBHI£  •      — >     ,—       —     -*
B. C:
CentMwtors nnd. Bulldeis
"    Bittinates ■Pa»nUh»tt      *'
,°  Storm Doors and Windows ■-'
Snop:-' Corner Howiwd"ive' "and MisEvoy St;
!     '    'g'Kf. B0*--8M. Firnle.'B C ' •   :*!
4.:.t.CTnB>e»jnng at a __>oat., plantsd__ia.
the. Elk Vallay, at tha 'abmwtct' opr-
aer c7l«t 1999; ti-K, wWtVcM.;
Wc Bortfe/80 chains- $^2;
,pr ,,li»''tb''ph^'-<rfrIbtfiMing,10 cbs-
,^f impg 640 acres, mora or teas,
f. B   LYNCH.
FRJSi). a. OAI&BLt,
^taj .Wife- 'MMuayy'v•'''""' Ageiat'i'"
5, t^^ehcingat a 'baii! !piMtti,{%'
the, ip! VftlJsy at 'tike northwest cbV
uitr.f ] of', lot 6378; thence' 'southvioo
okaiiBft; th»ca'wwt'!4o'(^'jas;!'-Uienci
noftk. * too chaiaa;' thesKss'''i«ak,';,4o
fihainjs, mow w lees, to place of b»-
giliniMgi coataiaikg 640 acras, mors
.or,..less.",'- -I
•Wi B. J^YNCHt-:
'• PitEU. a, DAWRLL,  !
flfttac* «M». 8th, 1:1907. *    :>.!'Agftnt;ui
1. '1»'ls«M.:J8ipMiicatibns' and.Bsti-:
1 ;*\*<r.".i-' . -rTv  '«.*-*••:•   -: ':       ' * J
ivatr** f,W9ll!=W;Onjvapp»ca^on.
!    PlaatlT  ai^OOOD'/'DRY.'-IW
Architect'    aai Superintendent
Office at Sesidenfe, ,r   \ ,
VS.. - •    •    fttbHWy W.C
S.   "1.  *■       •>•■      "lr;|  .TilfUTt:!   ■
Ml  ill'l'll.
iPi'iir,   ^i.i . ■ . .-
_JOK ls(. hereby given that' thirty-days
to out and:oftrix'iw*y4**nb«rfw,*J- l'A*'f0'iI*,w.
Intr'd^Boribsd.Un'a in South East Kootenay.
Comdettolnetatfr »««ftL ntaidted1 at..'thaisooth-
west rjorner of lot. Sil9, thence north 160.chains
thoncib W^at'W'cnklh'i, t*Wnc«'soUth lOOcHairmV
Located Jany Sth'07 '>; JaMbs CJUU5»o**,-A«ent
I >-■
.   l-lv   -     i/,
1?. Coanmanciiuj, at. ,a   posti :plan,tsd
abjtMt{ two n»U« north aad oaa-foMith
"'If, ft* of■ lot;,6973,; on ,^a j.po,«h;
'ofk, P».,B.if ,:Cfflei{ thfucf, jnpr^v sM
ch*inJ;,ltheiicfl,we.t ffr..c^iaiii*. the^f.
WMth "k.^iij; thflffce mfaltotolr
.m,?!f, 9.1* \mx ^.l'^.iiOf.lJfiinning,
coiiu niug 640 Wre_s, moj;elbK),lcss. .„,
f. B. l,YNCH.
Dated Feb
M!-    •    I
. aad, 1907, Agent.
7. Coamtuclag at-''a. post' planted' 6h'
tht north fork of Big'Creak, 'gbbit
one mile north and1 one-fourth'' trill*.'
lw*st- j oi lot 697'3|I tlieiiee1 no'r*th" id
chains; thence wast 80' chaias; 'thsao*
south 80,chains;, tlience east 86 chalai.<,
inor.' or less, to place <jf* bagfautiag;
conlaising:640 acrea, atort. or-.I«sa.i7
1       11 PBBDr IL. DAIJZEU,. :
i. Commencine at a pout planted at the North
westderHerofldKflSW)'thmlee JOtrth80 iii»ina
Oiarick west 80 chains' thence north 80 ohuins,
thencb east 80 chains to place or beginning.
- "' F "* 1.1 ■"• - r; H:J.,JoHi480»,Xo<,'ator
liqoated Janyeth'07   jAHKS'CAUi*noN,"Afilent
■ r .,■_.,.,..', ,  ;  -.■!;,„..,'-.„ <:i--r. .
*-' CommencinrJ at. a- PQf.t.vplantf(i one <balf
milemts't of .the south-west corner of Wt etil,'
tttenci scWttL! ISO ohaine',1 theneft'Mrest iOt haius.
tniM'ci northiieqchalriBLthtncB east 40 chains
.to,p)a(jebfbesTnnTnB'r'1''r-'-'i .wn<) mi,,
'' '" I -i.-.iiii'      '-.sO.H..Poi,LOCs;.L()oator
T,oca,ted Jany 8th ,0*"    J".
ok, Akent
Comcaeueiiigi at-, a post^-.planUd one mile
south bf the north-west corner of C, H. Pol-
look's plMtHVthenev1 uoutbieo .onuiiis,. thonoo
WWt'Mi QbJsiiis, tbenee north 80 chains, thourio
oastgtfohTirittoplfide of'beftvVi'niiiBi"'^im ih
-'«''"* .Jrii! -I ..iM.iA/KiSTHM^ooator
Loflft^d Jrapy/Bth, '07 m» JiWrJatteifori; Agent
II' Mt:",-1''!    l.j    ,f{|;l.-t.-|!,
lommeneinr at, a post,planted at tlio north-,
,w#0-corner of,U. A.Ko»tneiJs olrtini, thonee
north 80bli'atnsiibmoewest 80iolia:in»„UiMioo,
Btt-Oth'1* -•--■-- «.»-..-._.. 1- -■.---
blubSDohslnil.tMnoe east 80 chains to plaoo
fbwlhriln«T,,'l',Tl *'T "<H'-'.i'm "lioj -in!.-
"'"" I fM..i|t..       ,    ..Qso.SpoTT.lrooator
_Loc*j-eU Jany 7th '07
J ah.' Oambhon; 'Auflrt*
ComiUoiiolne at a post plantyd at the southwest cbrnar of a Qeol Soott' olttim', tlioneb
south 80- uliainsi tlitruoe west 80 chains, Uienco
a nol..    ...
C« east 80 chslne to place
«..U/'>.'4   jiil   v..   mo,
^  .,,., A.I.Kibiikh,tooator
tocafod Jany 7th '07        Jab. Oahksox AKditt
**; -trr
J*«b. and, 1907,
8„ C01 iMeaeiag    at   a
post planW,
thru aid ons-half mUea    up
sttjejjpi on Hig Creek, from ,iot r«97J;
thei(cej nortii 80 chains; thenc* *#eit 4*
ckaifis^ thsnos torth 40 chains; theace
west 40 chains;, thence south lo
ihains theuce'east 40 'chaias;' these*
•outh 40 chsitu; Uieac* aiut^ochaijii,
to,plijca'bl.beginning, to contain b>
ucres, utore ar lose. '"•"',:
W. U. tVYNCH..
PUKU. 1. DAMttM*
DatAtljIisb, 1st, I9t7. Agaat,,
We s*»iut__MT anriMtas    -
m.   Wtt.eitij»j.»lMB«l
f hen ysu tell yeur'ddettr sttuttlfeVii
tute Inyaw nwntJi, lass ef e*««*ittrer
breikfm, tni Irtqaent k*ai,tk**, «jH
%h«n *•» mm fwreaiwJwagiw.lajriu
•if, "Teu in klHeai.'' aW« WW
vara veil la such cimi.
The lnrj-est slnj-lv Iwiivlnclion , lor
idiiciitiiiiinl piirpnseA Is prblinlily'.Mr.
.Tiiiiu 1). llocVlcller'H receiit ujlt ol
ih(..t,,-l«"ii i«MH«>n (MIim-ii M'r»'rth 'of
iui-fiiitt'-lionrlii]* wcttrilles for (he'Oen-1
.nil IMuc.itiounl Hoard ol the Vnitisl
Stutcs. The money is'fur'general ed-
ii;.lipniil purposes llirouf-hout the
• oiintry. Wu would nut''wish' tb flier-.
ivli nnyihiitir l,iit the mml kfndfy fwl'-'
jiij-h of Christian charity toward Mr.
ItOfl^tli'ller or liis gilts, hut there'ire
ci-itiif'ii Incls, well-known anil llullti*
liiiaMe, which we cannot help ! lillt
1 lact* nlon^Alile this announcement of
liis liberality. And the first lir the
■.Hurts ihe'rijjhi ol' the Doiniitionjlact ihut lite Standard Oil Corpora-1
f Internment to deal an.it ha*.  :willijt:on,   out   of   which  ■' prnlwh'ty - the
(•r.ater part of tliU money no liber-
illyulten has heen'tiiade, has, after
llm Indium., who have agreed tA p>irt
wilh some of thr-.Kaien. Island ,jio»-
s.vsi'jik, U dilatnl ujy>n to jrtsl
Icnjria, The »l\.m\ „f AdvMitu.t.v'
who jjot sway with the lo.'ooo scrrs
Irom the Provindul Cuvtrnm^ni and
tUllltd, il   O.WUI    It,   tlw   (V.    'f,    *»,,      w..
ceive siiothar notice at the h»n<j-i of
th«.Free 1'rts.t ed tor, snd the gt-n-.
eral tuturiue**   of   tk« ltifiride   *rA
.1 fjovtinmtnt inveettjjAtion, liten'WMir
vtte.l of *#>'stematk* and pewliWWt
Ireacliex of the law, and it«* rnethods
if punhing husiness have been ablhbr-
1t.1t vrlv stated to have "been In* thtr
tail dej-r** mWrnpnlons. TW* In the'
first ugly fact. The second is that
at-ir'til at the Mine moment when the
». ronaaiififlH at a post plaited' 01
»lff cUk, shont two ua Mt-kair
tulle.-i %sjs> stream from'lot"^{'"'itl'd
about 'yt chains aarth ol said' creek:
thence J west 80 chains; 'th4aca soath
ho' ciisias; theace east' 80 chalni;
theace jttorth ejo caulas, hot* or law,
in olaft u' oejj'nning, conlaiaing - 640
dcrei, more or lass.
f. B. UYNCH.
.I'HI'D,   Ii.   DAIrZUIrL,
Dste^ Fab. 1st, 1907. Agent,.
10th, 1007
south 40 chains, Mora-or-leas,    to
p'Weii of,; 1 fcaghjoing, contsjalng , 640
acrea, mora ot)l»^. „" , ',''■ '*v.
'''!''» " F, b; LYNCH.
Oaiadjljr^;.^ loo7..: ..      Agent.
■ " 1
Davey .& Laderoute1
f$»" tfo
'        .     A   GOOD WAY.       ,.4^ ^,
to .please'careful]  (wjuMlfs^r^lf^^fl' '
give   hottest * weight.   Ofc, .we fcB*Jt
but   wecasntot .mlp- -~-~- —■aprjff'y
overfceajis^l'^oiirliady j|__^^|site'
tfcey get to telling" their exp^riaaosc.'.■•
■"-;    ANOTHER GOOD   WAY    *
to please is to supply oaly    tla Isisst
meat.'' If you trade with lis yo^t:wffli'-
leam • just 'iwhat' we'inea«''-hy fJHiaB/?^*
twa..<Iways''. -JQUALITY as4''Ct*W*»-'-;''*'' „
TITY will be a little morel.tfcaa''"fa*- *
cypect.- _   :'-•.*'-.     . ,'   -;, .'-..j,;.;-.. vr"j,*
OALGAKY '.CiT-X^;^'?"
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import-
,tera of
'• lAINDON DaY';":'''"''
*■"    OKD TOU  ,    -
■n*b::H6l,tAND OIN, '..
:'   POMalCliY  ''"" """ . ,
,    SCHIwltz'B^ER,'
';   ALK AN» STOUT,."'
-   ANfii.WHITE jROCK. 1
Sole ARents in Canada'for
r ....Toaic,    , Jag ;il.Pestroyer.
.", liif    v'>!V   Ji
; General Mrjrchanf ;
•   and Peaier. in Wines,
Liquors and;Cigars,
"E-B^iiriB, _b..__ a.
•- s ■  -i'i  .'Hi    11    lr-ii',,11-.  .-IU    nlUi.y
/   . XT-triO'CT (i UA-BEir,    ■'
Crow's ' Nost   Special
Bpiner^g' Favorlfo Cigars
^■1 • j'j.'ri
,at * poet planted two
lias' weat'oi lot  6833,
oa ■leW.Crae^'^r^a"^^''^^.
Strori|'s, '" nortli'Weit' corner;''•thence'
u»t * J6o, ckalaa;     thenc. north '"46
• .1    ,.1  •-.,, 1, j...   ,1 „.|,|., .,7,
thence west, 160 chains; tliauce
.■T,.,:T.i       ...Hi',,,,-      j,.!^'..,,, ,|
4o.l|*^iaJu.    more or less,    tb
di'   .bWiaaJok, coiitainW   640
mor.;or'le...*V^-r'fi *' <*
"'"'',', '!.**■'.'b; LYNcn.""
- "' fued! ii.1 DAicttMf,
Dat»d,»t*>, 6th, 1907, "Agent.
to. Coumenclng at iii post planted two
miles and a hall, more or leas, up
•.Ueiitii from lot ^973, on Illg Creek,
aiiirabout 10 "chains north 0' *»I-I
lllg' CrteV, thtnee'east 160 cheln.;1
thtaca south 40 eniifiV*; theneii '&*i
)VJt>;chalhs; thence i(ortli,4b'UalM,s lb
piece ol" risglnnlng, WinulfiWg" tiifi*.1
acrVi',' more,or Yeas." '":',•' ■' • '■■
* >. B. "CYNCn.    '
t*RKD. tt. DAWBLIy,     -
Dated fsb. 1st, 1907. Agaat. <
«3- CoUuievJa*; st a post' 'planted
aboatItvo'mfiea horth df tlie.'inbhh-'
waat:i(otW>rMt''lot<'i9^rth«nca'- wast
40 chaitta;. thmn aorth 40 chaias^
thenca wast' ^"chkliik;',th«nes'< north
Ko chsjiaa;'1'1 titenct'hl"aast-,'4b 'chains*
thenca south 40 chains; '"Uwaea1'' east1
'■a 'M.\Jrj}tui>,i.-iu)Ll i":i. .-ai .0^ ,*.,!<-.
^w.    fc—^hikM., %WV#Nht <rvM*M    W    VMM,
nibie ot'I^r'," '♦cf'pl(.'Mi"Wr"V%ltittlng1'
tontairflng' W ititii-hnait • 'br-' left:
•   1'x.j i-i.rf "y^.aj. i/nicn. ■«! ■•*
Dated Wwhi 13th',1 1907*'   ,|,"Agent, 'J
M- Cc^tnesKiBg - at a poet j 1 luted 'la
the BU Valley at tlie uortlnast'rur-'
tier ol lol'Ko^^thmcieast 80 chain1!;;
thence north'40 chains,1 theace wesfilV
thsins;itlstace north' 80 chainsj ttJnca I
weat-'4o ehalas;' 'thence   south "3 anv
cksins,' more'or less, to pJaca' ol W
II. CosBMeiwfnf at th» tiAhhwtlt 'cftr'
tiei* U S'troi^s elalM,r atnat'itwa
tmiek'and ' 'a half w«*t'of lot'^yi
tlr«»e4W-«ti6oeBjilst;t!itse*'*ibrt4 K0
eltlas; theaee east tfio chaias- thsaee
r. .b, tVHcn.,
NtBD. ft, DALZElrU
Dated Vab.. tjth, tf>j.
tu'    v  1
'':A twultftat mmlshei ^ut, t*m-
tk0tl4htt "%<«in^'j_<48)yoa'_' for' ,'^tt par''
tftes is 4 aoartt ol .Jlaaaare, 't». tka
tran^Uaf pablle. Ssth a oar hi tits'
Ktlfl«*Hl<,JUs*l. y Vtt«s>t  eW-'j
-9 mwUiTim'w^.  '''.','
1 " 1
Is only one of a liundrcd dllToroni
. Hliapei nud Rhm our Ilt-lnr ii ttirnml
1 njitj la.   Tlio poffoot i|ii.iUty of tlm
»|i lirikiran,l tho skill wltli wUtoli thuy
, , . «ro*asdo,qukliftoiitlioma*tlio
Shilling Six-Pcfinv Pipi»
,,,     !     In Uic World
1,, 1   ''»   TIIKY WIMj NOT (JII.H'i:.
,   tvery Plfiu CusrunUcd, ''
li 1
1 . j •   ..
'   , Jiwl romomW unil ask ur
V,Shield Brand" Pine,
Por Bale at the
50 Good Woods-
men waiited by^
...    •-. .!■•   -. .-!-;.-;-.   vT*'.*-'
The Elk Lumber ■
Co. .Applyatth«
' '     *        ,       .- ' ■■v.,j'..''.'-';:rs,-::v:..1.
Qiiice or at Hon- -
* *    *    «*       1 **■ "■
The Elk Lumber Co.:iMj - ^ %
-,i'. id ,;t.!v-
v-'.'jri   jilt
'30 -■■'-'•
Ml   -Wtl-'.'.i,
Kootenay and -.:-
North  PacSfio   Gww**
'*■ '?.,t.W.
'-   h.'' . •• '.-   ."';);i<',\''»;:i; "'"::■   -;    ii'v-
*rtS"/>:::*;*\ ^\:;V^^-
Quebec   \:->k-■■*».-. t&i
I        ' '.in:,.''"-.   .;*>*'*''^,'.r.   n      '•"*'.'-'
Maritime Pe^vMimn
'i:.n   it   : .'    1  .[.;_'    ;rv'-.-i   ->t t*-t. Futt*-   (ftM.'tv'f'i
St. Paul,' Shioag* A: '^
"'■sLsjl 'j   «» .1' .L-r^i't '','ittwoHol ni:
United States.
'   ''"''   '       -. '    '     r.'l    . .'l-llit
I '.
On Sale Daily till April
VII'.] f."
Send for 'frie'h'dfs "'wkilt'ri
l. IT '
,*.■,«•:•• l.-.'i
are low.'-.'.'..-."'. .■{-"■'.*.•-!*:"'^
,*« yr.-,,-.t..-.^t.;"\
.. u 1
For rates, |biijersnpd iji^ets^ap-i^
local iiyenis. or to
J. S. OAUTKIt, R. l».A;,>r»Uon !
E, J. OOYLit, a. Qj P.lA.<yaaWu»a»,:.i;..
,.'i:ll    I'VSt
!   .»• ' 1 -i 'ni
Electric Supply Store
y.y .11
1 I    •!    'llll     |.'
Goods kept in.1 stock? <•"•■ <• ;
j (i ■ ■ '"'(.jit "I.-" '• ii-'■'.'..»•.
■   All.. work i-./'        ■*
-I    ">
•I  ,1
1  i'i.-;
'rt'i'i'fl^il -
'iwai!   >!'  !
1 t:...".
t   ri ■
Clfgar   Store
TV. A. IHOILAM, Prop/'
•   . F.raU, H, C.
»»■■< 1
',••*  'H ,..'. I*'' ■
.<Wi. 1 - ,'. ■■  »» i*-'
M^mrrn —■--—■ -
Pnnl imiilu vnmi Im fMirolisntut nl Sill
]*r aatw (or soft' conl ami vio for' snthrsijits.
iNM.TntiriflhMi H"fl norfiit n«n lifl w*riMlri*il liy
one iualyjilusl Or romimny, Hoyalty, nt tli*
rato-of ten flouts nor ton or y,0oo pounds uiul!
be onlUMtfld on tint grois output.
<^iArt«i-iA Xrto mln*i'« esMiftosts U aranUd
tifion payfflmt In »<l vsnns of IS Mr annum for
an lAaividual, mul f rots *M to I10U por annum
tor aeompwiy nnennllng to naplt*l.,
' X ftv,a ij:i.t,-.i N .'..t,i t:;4" >''.».•'.*»'.;n'.' .•:;Itan 5,.'.-.
pIsre^bsy.lMAtoaoUim'IrWOxlflKiO/Mt, '   -
Thef*eforre«pnliiicaaUlmis|£.' .'!,     '
Atlisiittioomiiseiieevpsiiilsil on tlieoUim
tte,lyiar•r paid to tlio mlnius recsnlu. lu
m (hsrsof, Wh»n XUJ0 nt* ossn nvptiKlvU or
l**l<l, the Uester may, upon hsviiis a sumy
mtultr anil upon ,e»n*p'ylp» jarltkt etbtr tii
quIientsnti^pnreluiM the Und tt II an tort.
"Tt'e ptUiitlprtvJJen for tl* ptymtnt of a
toytlty t1fn|i»*«*e«nt«U'tli« »*!«». . -
It.Aota minlncr elalms stnsrtlly are 100 f««t
squairef entry f m **> »«>• wtble y tiny,
A freatinliitr ma** oliUin two Ittsts to
rfnstlf*forBtildofllvninilwiwioufort una of
t«tnt>yttM, reeswtVI* tt tho dltmtlon of
Tbii lut+i ibsllbtveadrtilsoin optrttion
' of lbs "
     ..__ i«»»*
Until lioiMrannsmfor
*»U»li» »«• *»»oii from Ui* dau
for «wWnvemll»«. Itonttl Hot	
«Mb < t»ll* ol tiitr iMttil.   HoyaJtyattb*
raU ot Hv*i e«at eolUcUd on.tho ott(p«| a/-
Wttammtfufto,***)-),   ■       ■
'■■■ •   W. W,
,  .JHfHtf Msisstajr •/•% IWaeiar..
If,  lj  TTstplliehsiiiiT tfiisaltiis  af
4kta •sHtnisesaeat .will'a«4, h».#«i4
'   no'.sc«iiMs-'ifiuAU?^''^^
Ajijilci, Nti 0oblv«_*i,CorutTJuu 0W.1-
relitthlo „varieties,, atii«eaa6nahla;
jiriccN.  *I'erllli/.ers,- .lies 8u»p|J**tili
Spray I'uiups, Spraying, J|ft«jifll*g -,. ,„ ;,,,..
Cut   Flowers,  etc,  OltMiiesjUlt lo" *-.•- u-;
liahed nursery. oii, llie ,ni«inlan4,ni»l-(. *.| i
II.  C.   Cntulogna.'Prea..   ,( ,,, «v.i,tl..r:    »
M.    .1.    IHWRY'S l**U"HHWWU81.}.i. ,,»: *
OrepiihoiiRca   nud    Seed  .Uouatanhh-i
Vnncouvcr, II., C,',. t   ,j ,, ,,., ,„ _,.,,.,■    .
V. H.-If your'loenl., ni,«rcha|it»,.,,     .„
<lo   not handle   my, seeds, „se»d,i.r'f",...      -
tiirect.   We prepay fj(ty.,.piich«tj>,,»„ .    it.v
nwUmi vMiuim of j*ar_J«n «^e,rl    ,..un(|i
in Sc papers (tested stock).,   'la,, ,.,, , ,
•your nearent jx>*t office (or ff.oo. , „. ,
. twenty packets, for h^h\^^ t //J '
lection, ,'
•»J I,
eo viam* • -*
BXf»ir1IINOi rir;
Jnv».-'-; •«
xii^ouiasjajM i-.^i.'.
. 1
1BT«*» ssnllBf • ,Utt* ta4
•leklr aMwiisi	
moan Horn
ealeklr tMwruin <mr oplsn
iiiTtialorijs pmhsblr jjiur
SdilltiflC Hltt
A bt>i4MetMy ttfestaM ••♦t
rotsvuiw m tfwiiiitiituljBlqiini
)V0X >-.,-t
I T.111 U'-v-t 3
■^"^ >■»■
SaV"*--*" '-s^ ,;V*viV rs«U
itatlve ;bitiM^N|ttr
ei«h.t fe-.-t iiga, clear cf'die.big tiro-.ic*Sn«.   incline c^bJ*^aj£aWft--^o-—t}ii
■s?-*it8^'B'^—■-""-" ■" "	
each    way^f
arid .the p^-w.ay.'four feet by eigS_f'
cl«a!r 1'! .of .%he|i|i_mbering_ doe& aw«£
vritJi:" the'1 liaKt^tri of men -tisstoliap
lura'air- tunnel, .17 by 12 feet, arched--
..■^r,-vW-.w*.«>*~«-*TO-*u.*-"-*''*'*"'"-*tet-'—--A*V -  .   — -
ut the,top. ,   „,
V-' 5* 1
: -' wotjfc';beiai Trbt&ufertyIfigj^SIc
'""Co^l ahd Coke Company at ^to'Smcr"
*: '''-m^';; the '^^^.'"^oi^rr^Xo^
Brji^imi   This^VorT^'is biinjf 'doBe, up-**
_ on;-$-*%jil^ WJ^'S Nest coal
•- -,1^^.-.i^lWttd^,i»n4er\sjth*.';>i»gre«ipettt-f
' ' Compan^ind' • ttii"Cafiaaia3r' -*I&ci fie"
, .Railway, Co..   Under that agreement
t)ie C. V. R." Co., of which    the l»a-
. "cific.,Coal Co, is a subsidiary organ-
■_   iution, can not operate and produce
, .coal.miti,!.,   the lapse of seven years
*. from, the date of the agnwmenti but
it begins to look 'as though it    will
upt be. long artcr^ those, seven   years
are up until the Pacific Company w,ill
,   be paciikally  turning oot'fcoailiat"'. a.
...rate .that, will make amateur'-* rnlne0
,, opera tors wish  they  were profession-
. "ois.    ,,   '* ' ''•:",.    '-"
, ... Insteadflof commencing at the   surface croppings of the coal seams aad
..beginning    to- mine coal : from  the
.start,. ...this cempany have   adopted
.J^This^rra'tsgm'fttM J^^,')►•^"f*>y■»•■
iftibtHeo Jbs not only the most   cccW.
'jpgjpi&tfi wh^iWi;-5,i*luilg' !?l^ratibn».
*te*j^but'.*V,UI?&a£e of %the- Hosmer;
m'inV the -safest 'place for .workscs, in
coal .fc-ilM lie Tound^^i#>C>ow a
lX4L%fe^1fef5^^s'i.',' •' -V-'--
Tho Pacific Coal Company will. **1-
ways' lie able to secure the best miners , ia the conntey; _, provided inttlli-
gtat and humane treatment of those
men are coupled with the
physical conditions, prqy]
_»r«atvan initial cost.- ,$!*£«'£ v.* -•.-i»..*«--
Even in tha construction work this
I  /
< t
, with'^thjs Jeaat- i^n^rj__to.^hejy|forfc;
Rieri'.'iindu greatest percentage of profit
tb the owners.
:..The, . 1/tdger   'representative    was
_ shown,."th* greatest of courtesy     and
ajlbw^ 'to .ramble at flisisweet".! 'will-
, ,whe're^r^.'hi.8_|_i3B%:^ mig*t-y,'p:Vbmp'f
him'to wander.   ' ''    .
He is' not much of an artist, * Wit
„... with* the'aid oi     an'expert at hand-
' ling rules arid ''wood furniture,'   - he
is able-to present-a couphvbf-^- -diaf
v    grains which,«will aid the amateur to
grasp ,mor»^ completely ...the »*?WgHl_IT,(S_|
iTieritVbi.^haniage waysj^r.m.'an^'iy's^^™
-   and ithetpWtion of. theXWff^ei^eiiL*?'
■"   ,'bf" coal^W^th relatiou"tb%,vtht**^reat
. tunnel[ .which 'the workmen/^under the
". ' direction/of Mr.   Brown,  are driving
1 intn   f K*'»«1^.tkir»'i'flil» ■'';'  *'l'!' - ■"     '*-   °^*'   ?'
into^ the imbrin'tain.;
will cut through all, the coal  strata
of what is known as the Crow's Neat
"enabled'the operators to.locate thir-
* t«en- of these seams running in thickness frpni four to thirty feet and the
probabilities are that fourteen or fifteen     veins, will be cut    within the
three thousand,feet the tunnel   is to
be. driven," ..   . '      . >
/The first diagram on tfcds pmge shows
"*' the relative positiou. of. the seams, of
,  coal' aud the direction   of their    dip
Into the mountain, aud^ tho.angle at
which.the tunnel will cut them.
The dip of,the coal seams Is at  an
ahi_lc   of about to degrees from the
. horfiionlii, and the,, tunnel will crass
them   at nearly a right angle as it
goes into the mountain.    ,'"
The face of the tunnel is , now iu
800 feet.^awl it is expected that the
first',seam, of coal, which is about 11
feet '..iu' thickness," will' lie reached
within' Um next 800 feet, and, as
Ktatod before, all the seams of the
mcuLStti-e will lie crossed within Mie
three-thousand_ feet, , Ai the present
rate oi progress, seven fe«t every 34
hours'," itjls the aipeiV-Hon ol Mr.
llrown that the first seam will be
tapped "'in July, airfii4wb«;a«"tlu,ea
more wjli have baan crossed" ,*by   the
•^^fBKNtg UEb-GEg,*: F.ERNIE/ BX. MARCH"o, ' .IQ07   .
■ fCDil'-^SL' -l~t'A"v/\-'-''T   ,-J   '^i   I* «■',- &M TJT—■"^T-^fr" •—-. •*-— '    *	
ttcline cawe>xai£KflB_:_tbJ ihe. ^Aanr.'.ai^sm.j.'■»—....u.-.i,^^i»-iaitvaw-t^.^.^..--'.'-~-;i--r--"\:.-;ir^--:"--.
'B*»^s?hen,;3MtyjWJ> "g«*WR4o4y s"?oP
icoal," extendihg' to-right and to.-Tctt^
_and'fT-- tfttr^tsi^
butf ^^oniu/tunnef 'eM"^" wn S:J
tom seo*airt^:-?';ivh«ii*e '.feai wbij't vbe
hee4edIfo»,iy :§.•,''-..-' •■•• *. '■'" :.:  i'
J ilr^'BrbW;ia: 'prosfeMng" tS« grea£
^v-elbpriVmt' ¥drt'^itii^ r force ol ioo
tneitrV arid^-is^'kee^irig'-JIrhW-' air /drills*
chiseliirjfi iiriikf. at- !the i'Tbckv'f^ •i;-?on'
i^ttea^Ututhnwi'.l'httfc'-are'^x' bf 	
.the's"*- dTills'iaU Itold,. three ^^^t-fi6ualaBoas,A1 Memlief',-"i»ttrli40'5br-- We?
busy «lHUie.*hnet' -andUhV-ficfa*** Vn^"l?li,,««H™g^tlMlJ*^'ki#e1,fa&
I ->The %djbrir*MHi^n^rHfie{>.J cgnv
n? - ^r.^y,.e---*r,?r-;*s?!*fa*1*1 wtop-.
,'5.t5S?B'*'*5SS? fef/.SP^IWfttixe  »UalU
Monday , afternoon' to    continue-s'tth;e?'
iiWiiwss?for^h^h *¥**haka'fc'*ki1caileJd
single^, man has been injured
Ihe ;;U_aaat4a*:'«TC baingd torried*-' fbrwrirtV
abr_east,?crf,!ea9hr.'_otlkr-,i''ui'.'':i,%v   ■"',-'■{
\ OuH'rfcportet''wish*"es %il6 express "''his'
l^gh<fappraeh/tibtt-?b! •'*'*thei,,**cfe*i-tmvenf
|llogintivi and-ris^deterafined^ that'^ :at
Kome;iConveaiei)t^time'''A the--near^tiit-
«rc^h^!*«yi-;jgO.-,wp,i.th»re • agaiiai-armetl'
*Ai^a^dfte,..aad;.,T<io^ft-:real i-^ooil-
stuy j ^jat?a >wri^up.>o.f.tth«.«fley*lop7.
■nfltiJrW^lrt*iliSfe*k •"•"MiJM* wc
%-*lbvVeJW;»!8irttSW o?f,^os»i«M;<.
Tbeferej«tt>ap soidvf«o'rj-Y:tapicrty:l'i'ft{£
;reaSon ibfc their/abseAe^*1 is^^a^^l'i'''
.InMrairtiqnal' Bti&WniMs iri'^Hili."?^
^polis in ,tiie'State l.ifc Building-"on"
Hoaril Members "«r* torijielftH «.tft'l'{fe'
jiresent;, jtntufdr -'thik''tlias<Viit-!<'j»ri?sT-'i
"hei*«?'lbday:3 aixtr^ j.: j ...-yb.-, -v;    .*   ;
U'etcr Patterson,.V-the ■JnternaWi'Ti?
*Board\ Wtonbers.fp^ nistrtct'-'teT'lias re-'
'■ cei vjedoiflia* /.tehfigramn 'r'f mm'^p'resitlent-'
Miteh^lliigranting^ihittf^Jetinissibir- to'
ajiWnt'jjhimself iromjs theircVrtiferefite'-at'
rdei^reund, a^S^^m-Jv^l it*: ^ *» be«"p«seBV" «*»
T   ■*•*■   i«i ..r-" ■* .T,'     "»       ""ll-""* i""l\-ir '* '■' .■-.  _     '.'.  ■ ■ i . --■•      I    .    )-' O .   .    '*.* ' '        I.'l   I ,
vpin^ a car. of -waste' on ^.^bigj.
dump*'f;'Mr: Olive had. the nrifa*©rt^an¥'>:s
of having his leg .^jr^n^y^btm^..
..!■' "i.f*. -nft'itr.v^fi'it C*
,nm -<ii..w j'i •
ead.of, the ytar. .-..»...
ft will; be readily understood*that
as , each 'team of coalrib Cot,*'ttwoi
utiues 'are opened for we?«,'«rfii»he!i
all the' seams are croisedr-T^rto 30
workings will lie opeoed''';o^ fbr'bpe^
lillon. "Hr. Drown ejpects, to,.have!
six', ot these workings KadjT Hr'''oft
tration .before this tltxia „„jwelvi
mouths, and, at the pr^lTratt" bX
nrQitress, his eipectations can not ,be
let doirn.asol the ilica*»W»rty*.'r
At'the point where the tjinni cuts
the first vein, it cuts the coal about
1,500 feet below the surface, and
where it li expected to cut. the last
vein' th«re, will be fully 3,«» f«t of
coal above the haulage ways tu the
tunnel.', It will thus be seen that
from lift**'! hundred to three thouv
aud feet of coal will lie tying above
tlit "ml o_f tba uslne tars on the
haulage tracks ready to drop by
gravity to .the laterals to lie taken
thti.es'to the main haulage way,
The. second diagram shows the entrance of tie big tunnel into the hill.
It will he teen that there are two
fa tillage ways, each 8 feet wide   and
I'll""     '"1 ".' "' -wnwwmiiniis
titv^MNU alOUlintf',
"I always tell my urighbors vio
(htvt children how food I have found
Jkby's OWn Tablets," says llrs. I..
Rtville,   (kwas,   Ont.   Urs,   fUvltte
iVtlitti    **>*""»   *"V,«l*i   UJt   Ic    '''.I.'.
out tbe Tablets tn tht house, (or I
know of no mediclae that can equal
them Id cuilng tht (111 from which
children so olttn' safer." It is tht
tnthusiaitie praise of mothtrs who
have w*dvtl*a .Tablata-that'»-inakas
tfatta the moat rwppnlar childhood
lutdld't.* In Caaatfi? Aay motltii. on-.
ing Hshy'sfoSjf TaWtts Ua ii*j^r)-
sntet of a^j^retsW a**l)St\:; thtt
Ihis tuedUine 'does not conUia' one
particle of opiate or harwfal Ant*.
Sold by wggg *>&*$$ «
atuowt8tV>*rr*a«_vi». wh.
wages compensation, according to the
provisions'ofr the Workmen's*';'; Coro-
)*5.32 per week,, and since, then., has
gives Mr. OHv«r a position in which
hi. is -. able tb earn J75 per month-
This beats la-w suits 'in so far as »x-
pinse „i» concerueo, and retains tb'ihs
management the good will of 'the
men, which, is an asset" which don't
seem to figure.in the estimation of
some managements., ""'
Now that wc are outside of the big
tunnel and oii the dump, we,may.as
well describe the manner in which the
be extended from the:tunnel level to
the tipple, which is to be of stepl fond
located . near the main line of ;; the
railways, about one tnile from the fact
of tht'tunnel. This double construction is provided to prevent stoppage
oi operation in case one line, should
break down. The. power house, which
will generate all power, Wlrether electric or compressed air, will be local-
t-d on the flat near the lower and;, ol
the Inclined, railways and engines sit-
uataA at or near tha ends of the 'iu-
rr,l«'-.".*.r,«;l.IJ*):WIV!'rjJutiM.,l*iJ»V(A1i?,lt     'J
"  '    ■. •"'""i -"    ■ '   s* :'
ihej &b^W'^stvif-^is'?cbu'^      '
A, •Soveenea'tiwas 'ibaWb''r'Ait*iv"-\! f• w:
.i.-A'^.._iJl^»i   j.:\ ^--.-L^tr   iti-_ ii .-^r.^
laaAufact^A.'fjsigar -dba^
buy! ^nr^ba«^«*frbm H^ieHfarmvrs
Wir^yefLtau^ji totstc&'titrusVf has
.been) buying, tha tobacco■:.^qm^^the
only International Board Member'
.present to advise~;"ni»^delegfltee at
the, presoit-jtime.Tii'iyV , -,"•■.-: . r-:*V
__.vAt -the"butse't- bf- the nfee.\iiig^'.tiic1'
jiublic'and'press wisre-excluded,' but
& ]*-V*a4,I*f** 't^r,>e4y:,i ;*-liat -jthe',v_firsti
;q'™ 1 .|4*?S ^'fMoJJP nw.a-'* ,!thes.„iquestion
of.! th«.,authority.;of.., ' tlie^delega/us'
P|Myl^^0-o*¥g'*j,- aft.',ag'f*^V"k o.b M
do csV»lWl HkfyW'toW^iWUii "tjiV''
liami.^''i'-.''.1"* •'-!i|n;ii "*-;r"■.'*•'   ''■■'■■','i"x';;'
Thiifarifatrsi-are;4BOw".*iviHittJi| to's^lt
the tohaceo'.crop *bfi'this''*y*«ar- (o*Hhc>
stnali cigar manufacturers cxctaMiVcV
ly, au^i'.ln.i.thift.lwa^'tatUtilr.ei-astJlowr.at:
the tR^ftt^ftijiffnii.f'*-'' ■■->'ti
i»*fWW#"feK«'»-^WS -^^1
up bijftj-ifj, ty&\wmii&v.&:i*i<
some of the largest Mganejt^ cjg-ar,
dtalrls, aud arrangsmeliti   will     '"
^^ : °\y ftef vi°W*sj loca', riiiions if
an' agrfoment could be .reached."    -
M-*»iiliR    r'*'if:.-i*:.|:i--,fi'f>i'l*5   AVf'.-'".-.S   '>'•'.
- As reported-exclusively in these col-
-tKis' '-aiitltbVit/''that1^*!;the *<!6nrefciice
:amlW,f the^ega*tes,t!werit-'?-'ba'ck
home-itbT'the'^MIel*ent!:J locals-J'to * fiiid
il>.'they^-WoUld-^e/jji'ii'fciit'such* '"tut
thbntjta .+.*-v^*-; r;-'-■^^•t'y■',■■': -.■<<•
.♦.s-,Whe^>\.M)e..question' came jup<'ag'ain'■
_ves.tii_djiy;i.i*Xh^* d_ilegates.i; reported, that.;
_^he..^ajo»ity^tiad.f obtained thjs, coni\
jjienti ajni^rough,,president,Sherman.
.intim^t?d<:jthat .it,,|the ,.majoritj_|1 accept.
.the. ebntr'actj+hc, nvijiority..,woulid have.
tb fail.m jiric,and sigij.witji them.
'.'■.Li   w  •!-' 'i'!jr, ,j"; iv-.'.'ji  v».t   v
Ths answer did hot appear   to be
satisfactory to   the operators, _ and a
's'p'iri(:'cy''''dlscussio!i,l fpllow'wl.'J     '
Yiii'nef-s1 -Ijonld^of ■■sign'* thc',cdtii?ftct"t \V
"■Wty iiS-d kb1 *}>«rtnl.ssioii'tb'do TSo'froih1
their Ibcal'^niohs;1 arid iXhe^delcgntCs'
iffaid' ln!at','lhe"''iu'inbfUy would', have tb
go*;l>; "'the •nlajbr,ty'"'rogrir,dlBss ml "an*.
thortly,f ...'i>:•,:,,.! .*>-. • .  •-, .,.,.-.  .-=
, .rre'8ident,<ShennaUi fttated'lhat/i,rif
.  ,\"-  .'.I •!» ,«"*'',! .i '-'' '•*      iyW WC* r-w «-«
;Jij:,;!  -    '   ..■--■'.
B      "'   ""•■.■'■<
Vii        ■■       ■
tttlurn sir, 11X11 ft.
,,.-.,. r:
would' sign at the present tonven-
t;bn. ^     &i-*-»   *»   •"••■;*   "-*"--^
'1*Mr.'. S'lfe^an^ri^bW'Vin^ JsSid
A, discussion   then arose  " as ""to
wn'kh*f'1t*wbiild^De' neceisa'rV- for'the
delegate's' frbii^'all4 tfie^camps to sign"
tfiaV'tirily-ihe^fncers^or the "liistrict*
Board  a and    'the    scale    commit*te'e*
.sh-WBo" sfgh*  W-afg' d"^iigate<r,'A-vbut
|thaVftu'e bi^ra'tars •taiJo,flia**WLall* sigii*,'"
[arid- M''"-0ace-'tlie'flfsel'i'eJsl"yoii' a>v"basis"
•tb-'arise ji--'fri1turei*'wKeii''tlie "tfist'rict'"
has'-*t'jrb\vnt'ilargfer'1>as- ft'' sureiy ^ will''
do. - ' "  .   '"
•irhAs.'' & w,tll-e5^alne, 1,1!e ■oI procedure
tive states, where- the convention
movement, for' the..forming"of cori-
tracts, first orinnateil.
i nV-fiU^I  viJ0i»i-?.,»^i.i      u-,i.    rj     X'... ^.
j Mr. Stockett then rose anil said .that!
} -u^ij', . a:.u •jJti-jiwj .j ,-i.K lr..-, ..
he understood that the delegate from
.LlV        ,JVJ|. ,r~».»J-      j.I,       »-,   P..        A    ^      ,.
V-oleman had powers of signing lim-
ited, „
, j Tae mattur was threshed our very.
thb'fedghly. anil at''times'tW di'scus-
sion became very personal.
j ieiiwas'^bii'ftclVl'outl''«y some^'that
the officers of the District Board'were
jtis'f'ai capable 'of ibokMig^aKe'r'lVieir
.ijitjirestii' aiid'- more in-"touch*"with tile
lCKlal ''cbhattions' 'than *c\*eii' the Iiilci-'
lational   -Board   wcrei      Tliey" could
elther-I itTake '6r,^'b'reak^be;fbr'*'fi,t'lie end
rfl'the^eek;" ''wh'ichu1'S ^tl'e eaffresl
thatJ Ithei'Bb'ar^'4 members'*' i rblintfdi ;{n-
a )olis;'could b'e-'hen!.v' *"*", ■"■ '*  '''
: Altera about h,Mir,afr'Hoi'r,s,<Iiea't'"a'
•d sc«ssrori^a!j'ae,egate,'ro'sc'.'l'o-''a'-' pbiritf
o   Oi-de^'and' said tliat!"'in'■'his *5piii
ic n iJtheJ whole' dfscu's.sioii' wasVifreve
lant;»y;The^'chairir.'an-1"s*aid-**''Uiat': tlw-
■pc)int'.iwa8 well-'Yaisedy'A1iid .ruled""that
tlie) disciission' shbuld-J-cease?1 HPe"'thrii'
wfutj-owto explaih thfit-'tliisxwas Just
thc'jac'tion'he;;hii**«elf Wbuld^-ihave' taken  ii-j'he was1.noti'in-1-'tlie'Jchairj-' •iiid':
pt sceeded i,fo jiolnt 6Ut- liis r,<5asbris,':a1s:,
to why .'tlie discusslbn''Should'iiot1 have
,be:n.>:indnlgeduin.-/l-liis .'UrougHt-'ori a
.seebndi spasm ,'bf-. argumen'ti'eveA' \v6fte
,thaiV(.theofirst,v:in' whichthe' chainnari
Himself joined^and.' ita-was only! stopped, when another delegate ?arose:- cind-'
aslfed.;.the chain why hcihimsblf- con-
tiifued the discussion!l.when,''i:iic"'-'jhad
rulediagaiasttit.!-. :■.- m.-- '.<■     *-■ ■    -
The tnotion.to seiid.'for 1 l;cwiH*-nnd*
Burke >was,,theti,*,putJ"Deforci:,tlie«iiieet"J
injj_,-and,'asvthe-,sh'owJ ofiiuiii-ds '-'was'
ratherj conflicting, i the;; chairman-'-ex-"
pressed himself  in  doubt- as-.'to -■- the
'result,-   and  a-roll-call-was  made,
which resulted  '.-in < eighteen  for  and
•sixteen" against "the^ sending ? of * * the
-Wirfe. ■*'*"tr    '  '"' ^__
s. The meeting then adjourned
ten j o.,clock!*-this'>'mornin'''> -''      ',    '
. -The..- othtofiparts'irbf'-'-the' fipcratbrs''
propositionrthafcrwere receiml .'-'with
laughter by'(tlie,idele'gate'»'"Were'''' the*
'clau'se-rr re^wqrkinjjf"<igbt ^litiurS' n1t'J
their .posUj-1 exclusive .'of' the'-- time it'
took ..to! reach) ithem,'i and-, the' cHuise
"saying 1 that they.-We1 not lo'*fix'■the1'
wagWiOf mihe^managers'1 and ''several
'other.. ofivth«vidifle'rent-MK>sses."*,-:iOtie
delegaeevwanted'ltoislcnoW'wIiy1' the''
'operators! hurd riot (cxcludisl "tlrem frirfm
*fixingu'i.tiie-jivrages> of» the1'-.miners     ns'
'Weill v-lj ■   .   ,        :   . -
1 ,The clause re Chinese 1-aliop'Avns rc-
ceivqd'.-.withian ominous .*«iloiiceT,»'''* J
Tae •;convention .met'i-agtiiii oJiTiles'-'
day, (forenoon-, >nnd after' solne^tHscus-
sion j asuto; the-newspaper! reportsv '*)f
_tli«i Monday i'inoetiugi'l.tliC''hextir. qnies-
tion j taken .up wasntlic iiicalC'-wh-tcli'thc
.operators- sulanitteit to tho-/ miners,
'and motion was madc.-lfl< refer this1
scale' aad ilhe.. scale -rtlicoin'iicrs■ had
subiiiiUe'djto the operaitirs' >to the
scale1 committteJ-.-whieh**is-,to Ite com-
'pbibd o'ffiall -the '6peratorii,-"ninc'- In
ill,.   'IH ..Uh.IJ
'J, I.   .
•(  i*!
ctlnes - (will   operate a cable system
whicli will let doWa the loaded   cars
nil " eleVate the etnplUs. The capacity of thtife incline bautagt wsys will
t« 40 tous of coal per trip. Tht
grtd* of this incline railway will lit
approximately 16 (ter cent., and tht
length a little \ti* than ont tulle.
I'luiu,havt betn ptrftcted and material .is being placed ujmn tht
ground "for the building of six lo ten
n»k« ovens this suinmtr. A fine little
Hiwinlll is now in 6peralioii, cultiug
tbe big^ timbers with which tbe tun-
uel is bting eucased, and will be util-
i/td for. the purpose m sawing dtmen*
sions, 'etc., to be used in the construction bf a large boarding hotiM
aud otlur utcetaary buildings nuvleii
nn the work progresses aud tspauds
Tht flat at tha lower  end   oi
V ' ■
.it'll    ':(>
nr 'i.'
».'     -
, fi't'
.■.ttuf^ji^     If*      .> |>'tf IK t _»<•■**•■'
jo-. ;,
•>i 11 ■ ■
ldsl-«   !
lll'V'«i ! i *'
II    ,l.-.'Jrl
■"'■' '' Tlmbars'
ur j i".,
! iv«-:
(i.i *
1.7 :i ;
;• .-.I.   ■
1' t
ivi 1.
■■Ji 1"
,.M  I.
i;v.,yi<i   ■<■*   il.ll.J
made |or.'tlit'ih«yisig*'o,f' «i'e tMvaccb
.10111 tbe'fatlBWlt"' '"'''     •"•*■'. '' '
This !ta,J•^MlApoHtth'trmutt' of "Vhe
alllnncJ •bl* ttft "l trorfif* iln'tion, ' wit li"
ihe (ar&itWC oria«ii>a\Ul'!,''   \ '   '
I   ■   '•»',' <T'l »        .('"Jill      '*."• ■        .'
' ..." ".ii-i,'» '*   .if*   li'.'.,'    -\.
■MAUInl j...
-V..H 1
'-. ,1
■ l-,,f
'   I
1 i
■i£ft6wing'il)e finest line
^ of pavi$ and mew
Worh7bat$evet> bvougfji
into Sfeiinie, .....
Me f)ave alko a loveljj
as&qrthUnt of Qbildveri's
Whitewear 'and Heaty*
tQ*Medr Iba^s: . ,.'.'.
38abpfflonnelt$ in pvofn*
Biotu   ,'..■{.       ' .
. & CTddd"'* Z066 Mock
fov Good miiimtv
(i    U.J..'- >. /
but^scmelliinjv different, original aiid up-to-date.
"■   "   .,'      riiiii is whii't"\v».iiiin (o give each of our custom-'
•'   -   "     ers-wliethp.r'ihe'w'brlc Involves die'decoration of-  '
■a whole'liouset-ortlie f'aperiiijr of a small lied- ', °
,   ;         . mom, and our-prices-Jilw'ajs please. •.-, ■.•.•,•.•;•,    '
.. .Store next to Roma Hotel.! '	
3ur Spring Stook •*
Boots <Si Sfioesr*
now arriving consisting of some of fit©
Finest in Ganadti,
li,-. in, il: 1 ■
i X-r
Hi. r.
1 sot -
Ai ***
Flower    Field   Garden
'e will  have,on   view and   h
-•jletc assortment ''of' seeds  for the Spring-   trade ""'bt1"
'"^907.    Wc" ^tiarayu'ce' all.' of, tlicse as  beirV true "to '
..ijature and' variety.    We guarantee all  of them "to"'
4°./Msh goods   from   the,   most   reliable  seedrneirrJK****-
.,£.very package  will grow  or !tho   money   refunded.'W^1"
A. W. Bleasdcll « FernJe
il ■» tl
ilnt cm
jiurt of
I ts ^Jjptot,. to. tlit, _«o»|«iilf ra Uoij1 j
1 i  ''' ■
• 6n'jr'"lofcai % District No.' 18 woii'M
ft'oi "jpcjpe|it the cotitrnci mul ilecidfil
Ub HcVer'fti«:coiiliectlrVh with (Itri'of.
jflj/ljltloh','* it' behooved" District'^'o.
li to set that 111 Inets' are lent'to the'
'iiilitVi''of -thtsf locals litid that llie
tiililw^ara tkepf.'WbrMtijf, hixl tlisMlte'
bMfla^ Board-, would ''certainly " He
(hoi tills wos-dotis.:   '
i'i -  ii ■
-..tJe^aiWi'sald^irst "there* fa" no* dile-;
>«At«/*t| the'present'conWHtfAn',; who'
•waulditjelust-to aliide'liy nti s'gree-1
littntHf out' was'rtachad, oiwl poinlcd
d ^rt ^.||terst,-%t(,^ wsti^la/-^„iub,ti»si 4tt riwo>othar<^fertniex- fin
l-lt of daaadii.^1^ 'j^ %rjcj|( iiywVfr
of this liiiafdiJiM, wtll-jUuatra.^'.jsr*
1 if It hy Infaai^W j^, Hjnfersoi.Hl^l,
with tlit! jurill or,W»M_ry/#(!». jirsptUart
tht j''.'  t**'c '^^O' oi.>tiu*iv, CcAvn^aa.
-ij-ikcm-Vfiited nKUte»-vthe, minority
Morfctd-jjn(Jtir.» anmurtetnwt that >tl»c
j-ali-h, In which tht tunnel is located, ™* uuirJbt.rrlsrtplHa-.wUlt otliw .<on-( %m
wlll bt .used for yardat^, tlppi. sit., JrttaHjJ «* • variad ^l^ttttaj..^^ wbc^^,-;ft^ on( # del    ttt
and    tokt ovtns, bting most admlr- !"« ord^.-.^.TIi#.art)^-<>kitta*,'tii«Wafcr.,;)ir^ to'^me'ln aria '   *' '
ably adapted (or thoit twrposts. ''»tt decotatlni-ift eoMtJ*Jer*IrHn mtt,	
10 iMt in tMckafM, hiaL. a    U>J*1  „ A^   ^ ^.^ B^f&****
iifcVWa t>f «*!  to > cat pt -A*^.lyf^ M a»altt*Ut.s«uiiUtWalr
cdtne in and lilocks every-
VnmrTUby-'fblnkg',,l.oiiiV, \\ii nfvlrfct
'Bo!iPd"/#toVd ab'e^t fun ' respotyiihmty
bf * ttting 'that the agrttmetit wa*
itis^fbr thftt-'fW'rtiWTar' Ibcsl"tinlbn,
affan'tat' tba *M»irs**VnllitT«i Vo it.
]JJGi "ojitwaft»r UAif-Vow and' *atd
.t^t.j|«car*d(8_f*fo tlistsill ihe cstnps
•wpufd.*t*|ii the agtt««t»t Ib the \<Mf>
&*AfM '■**' b*,li,! thM,*tl' 'tktt wm*
tt.  i* cenv..!*  u-/»  .™^   •-"  T--     -■■      — »—   —     -t n , i***.   W*M>*I'lklStl.lt WnUWf' *NS''*S*ljWV»
iJla? Slc6f0a*.;.*fiA'Wtt 6iW*   ^^:i(tt|W ««wam^t3S*iV Ulslfc'a*tfafiftar^
^"W if^tit, -3 SJJpl*^ -*--*-^4
«oal tfctt wiil^b. dwj^i"***»» ^M 0,'"<w' '"
toW ■*«!. Istll.t nf Ib/tWKiJasni;^
.tsiasir'AapiHnltmt*., >nO
iiutubL-r/'aiiil' seveiV iiiiiicr«. Tht* min.
ers, however*- rofii'sed .to i''oii«ii|i-r midi
a pro|io»»l',' nlthbugli it was, iinhili'd
out tlijat'.'{his;'wns thu iikimI tmiinivi-
nf prnqednre in nU coiiyuiiljons,,, nnd
it 'deadiocV almoiil"eiiNii«ll wlm-li wnh
oiily'iiriiveiiud'.liy (he miii«>r«. tiskinx
fAr ak mijbu'riiiiietit inittl niuu ,t\]w\,
today,' al'wnlcii titm- tliiiy stat^lltlu-y
would'be1'In ri* position tii wiy whutli-
rT'tht-y'would cniis'eiit to rvft-rrini; tluJ,
matter j to'tk sciilc cotiimlttw 1 in-
other wise'.'
, The-nrtlbii mi th'e.p/ir't.of tl*« iuin-,
«i,if,in ictUMiig to Mint tins tnaiitr ||l-
UllH-   IliC   .Si,«,V ^WflKlllKn-   1.1     l'|MI      (ll
majority ,'i^d ^cccptol,i.avtii tliough '."""!>! *"r".,'*'«*i but thr most |xii>ul,ir,
'*^dW^ot)wfli|^'.tQ,,,He     ar|{iii!K
'(hit .Ubj uiajurU^ has to rule in thnt
or_raw»At(nn 'jiist' tlie same as in snv
wlhxmo'n       '    .' ,    .
" W litis convention "iIccmIm on , ccr-
a.a. ■*?£,-.^.ii'"_-yv--yf'. . .
wtm to lie that they air wlirkinj; t<»
(info' ilme for the orrj'vni hi'ti; o'f iK-l-
c^ateH from the Interji-itioiitif ilmiiyl.
llll   -Wtir»TV1   11   -Will'  -WHS ^I'hjlHK'lll'd     III
President .Tohn Milciiell nt Indlnn-i*)-
idis, or lo foimulnte ii new,'plan   nf
(Continued ton' t'ag«'»:)   "
."•larlon^Iiridjfe, C. H., May Jo, '"J.
J Ivsx* lisndlfd MIVAPIi'S r.'fVJ-
MRN'l' c1urf»j»' the past yr.ii' It" Is
s.lw*y*« tlit 'first' I ininifcir a«t*d for
InTr, and utufurstionaMy tli* txst vrl*
ftr bf all ths diStrtmt' kind' of
r.*«W*4i I ftusHJI*.-  '
krit, rutintrflfiikf,
lit    0
rure, neaitnrui, uependa&Ri"
Known everywhere niu^^twnuitccd a
strictly cream of tartar huk'hifi powder; ho'
alum—no ammonia -no plioxjrfuaw acid,.
Low-priced powders and those which
do not. give the   cream of  tartar
■   guarantee  are  made   from  alum.
Of what use to give 25 ounces off bnkinj? pow^
derifor 25 cents If 8 of those ounces* are alum:?."'
' 'Sl
""*'  *il
. si
.. X-
' -•"" *",1f^
,,   O-'Vl    '
■SSMSSBSI hUW*^2?**!^fcM'4Wnb*J'J&-^^
V   .
1  ,-
.%.■§'- \\    -    ___.       =-   ■ .'■    ;
Two Good Boxing Bouts Pulled Off
s^and Both Advertised as for the
5^% Championship of Canada
There was a good turn-out at Coal
Creek    Wednesday   night    to    witness
the .glove contest  between  Kid Foley'
and  Tom- Boweu  for  the. lightweight
'   championship of  Canada,, and a Sioo
'purse' and   gate  receipts. '    •
The cootest   was a clean   one, but
• Foley  proved   too  much'of  a    boxer
for  Boweu,   and   hada llie    advantage
of  the battle all .the way   through.
In the fifth round' Boweu, had to be
assisted  lo  his  corner,   bi't  recovered
in time for the next.   Si* times    he
" • went ' down   upon    the     Kid's    hard
pounding,  and in. the seventh    round
--. he failed to coiiie to the scratch    on
. tune. '
..  The gate receipts were Sin.
Dan -Ferguson   acted      very   acceptably as referee.
As a preliminary  to ,the big     con-
.   test,   Dan  McCarthy,   Foley's   trainer,
and  Robert Stevens  entertained,    the
ciowd    with   a    five-round   exhibition
o fl* l
.contest,-which resulted in a draw.
Foley  will box with .Pete Davis,  of
■ Winnipeg,  on     the 1st ot April     at
• —™■-™™
One, of-the be$*. boking contests ever
saeni in'* Calgary was given Tuesday
night in  the Barber Block, Calgary.  °
The-contest was scheduled for ..fifteen rounds, and it went the limit,
the< referee at tlie*"en'd" giving the dc-
c!s|*?^■>^*■?.';fayorV^'•5^1cl•, and he cer-
tait_d>y1ideOTrved'''it'vV'' 'floagland is not
fn|jfyauder's' clitss'i! and all the way
through the ;Wjnji_ipeg man forced the
fighting, Hoaglfia'd remaining all' the
time^pn the defensive, i.auder did all
the"work, and ajj^he call of time .in
the^fifteenth roit^' was as fresh as,
whs-n-'.'he startwl'JfTlie exhibition of
loojt-fWork and.-i;li5.g«generalsliip given
.-' by^*a«der will ^vg be.remembered by
. theApectators o^jthe"match.
- ,T«"'fight up /to the tenth /round
waa^a^-series-of •'"rushes upon the part
of 'Iiaiider, and '^defensive work upon
tke^jjart of Iloagland.   "
Injthe*tenth Hie.Kid's face stopped
right ".and "left" jabs,  and    he     comes
back,'-'but; can     not reach    his man,
who.-"goes nearly around  the   "ring on
, foot** work,- Scotty puts his  man    to
,. the-'claret  is djjsplayeil.   This    seems
•to ,'rile   the   Kid and he rushes, but
Lauder', stalls <.- hiiifi.   and    with  his
pretty, footwork is across the ring lie-
.  fore'/the. Kid: stops'liisrush.
Round  ii.—Tlie-K.id.is all  on   . the
defensive, .and 'the crowd yell at   him
to,fight.   Lauder ,isVadvised   ta   wait
' for him,  but remarks that he     does
not "want     to ^lend the night there.
■ He then rushes ..Jand gets in left     on
. cheek.   Honglaiui docs not appear tb
bt affected by tjie punishment he receives. The Kid-•wings his right,
the little lad Jrpni Scotland ducks
and they close.   After breaking I.aud-
er rushes,-hut the Kid blocks and the
J.-I r
bell sounds.    • t "
Round Ta.*j-Thcy stare oil by a
rush from Lauder, who lands with
his' right to the kidneys, and In the
breakjthc Kid gots in a left jab to
the bodyi hut it is light, lie rushes,
but liauder saves by footwork, • and
- comes,"; buck with a strong left lo the
neck.-,", louder then repeats the rushes
and tlie Kid fails to block his left.
Hoagjand now got busy and rushes
Scottjr' to a ctjrner witii left and
_ rljjfct$wiugs, but* fails to laud cither
Tha'' ball rings ujjitk Lauder getting
away;;with his nip n. •
lco'iud 13,—Lauder made his usual
rush as they cattle up', but the Kid
blocked and the performance wns rc-
|>eated/r The crowd" yelled at Ilnng,'
laud to flgltt out, but they- "were
quickly told by the referee tn stop
handing out advice, Iloaglund then
rushes, trying 11 left tn jaw. Lnudcr
clavtrtly blocks mid came back
strong; they - clinch, mid niter the
break" Lauder again rushes, getting
his strong left to the head,
Hound 14.—This is where Lnuder
got busy and rushes his tnnti all
through the round, Nearly nil were
doubtful if the Kid would lust the
round, but lie proved n jilnttoii for
punishment, making a game stand
entirely on tlio defense. Lnuder bunded him two hard rights to the jaw,
right oil the bat, and ou 11 rush sent
the Kid's head up with fnnr liurd up-
percuts in a bunch, Ho,i.-1iii.iI then
triad to send In n right swing, but
Hcotty ducked and they clinched,
Lauder then rushed his mnn, handing
'' him a hard right, t» the slimmc'i mid
repeated it to tht jaw. The bell
sounded as they clinch's!.
Uoumi 15.—i*hi» W.I*. U,v 'in.*'
rouud, and Lauder catiu- up sli'mg,
looking (or business. Tin- im-n -.hat*
hands und spur. I/ttinltsr then rushes
and gtU a goo<l left to the jaw. Ills
tuait Is starting tn show tbe piiTusti,
ment, and Lnuder ngnln rushes, alter
which they close. Siotly rushes the
Kid to the comer, getting in a left
aad right from the tdioiililer to the
Kid's jaw, and Hongliwd goes down.
tha ttferte .«uds Lauder I met nnd
start* to count. The Kid appears to
\* "try groggy, but KeU "I1 •lt t,u'
aixtll count »nd Lauder rushes.
Tfcty illnch and the Kid i* nil in,
though abtt to keep moving. Lnuder
again rushes, and again gets busy
Willi that faUl lelt to tbe juw. 'lit
Kit) goat down, .but get* up on    un*
knee aad'takes Un. count. .of nine.
When lie gets on .'hisjeet he is ail
through, and.Lauiler, like tne good
sport he is, does not finish him oft,
just handing.' him a few easy taps
wilti ihe back oi his glove - to till
time' until the bell sounds. When the
gong sounds the men shake hands
the Kids' being very shaky, and the
crowd jumped into the ring. Lauder
i:> hoisted up on their shoulders and
earned out of the ring. The referee
Uien announced Ms decision,' giving
the maieJi to Lauder, aud the.cheers
could be'heard up to ihe Alberta.
Altogether'it was the best exhibition of the manly art of self-delence
ever given iu Calgary, and too much
praise cannot be given to AIL Fidler
lor tlie manner iu which he carried
oil the contest. There was nothing,
of the prize-tight nature about the
content,, aud the crowd was very elderly.      ' '  „'     'r    ■*
-Lauder had to wake all Uic lighting, aud he won mauy lrieitds by tlie
-.porisuianlike manuer in which he
ijoxed, aud the coueessiou he made to
his record iu not putting the Kid
out m the liual round. ' His foot*
wort, was the feature of the eveuiug,
u.-> notiiing like it had ever "been seen
in  Calgary  before.' ,   '*
The Kid made a game tiglit aud
stood a great amount of punishment,
uuL is not iu" the some class as Laud-
There is talk of having Lauder come
to Fernie some time this season, aud
his visit -will be looked for with
much interest by lovers of the manly
art   •
"In 1890-1," says John Barou, ai
Ottawa, "Lord Stanley, the trtn
governor-general, and' uow" the Hail,
ol Derby, who was a tremendous enthusiast, seat - his - military secretary
(Colonel Colville;; to me, 1 then being iu parliament, to intimate His
lvxcelleucy's desire to donate a cup-
to be called the Stanley Cup—to entourage hockey. At that time it was
little, if any, played in Ontario, except at Ottawa and iu eastern towns.
"The proposal was then made that
the vice-regal' teams (of which the
present Hon. S. A. Fisher, minister
of agriculture; H. A. Ward, M.P.,
and 1 were members), should visit
and play matches'in. the west. The
captain was the late A. H. McMah-
on, A.D.C. of the Grenadier Guards!
as wild and typical an Irishman as
was ever born in England. The other
members of the team that left. Ottawa were the .Hon. Edward Stanley,
now Lord Stanley of Preston, postmaster-general   in  lint   lata "   Balfour
FERNIE B; C.^ MARCH 2319-37;
government;' his"brother; The . Hon.
Arthur Stanley, an exceedingly good
player, as players went in those
days; Captain Wingfield,. of the Gren-
iid'w Guards, who couldn't play a
bit, but who could rush, or, rather,
run forward, as all EngJialunen do.ho
soon as their skates are on; P. I).
Ross, a good man, the present and
then, too, popular, editor of tlie Ottawa Journal; H. A. Ward, M.B., a
good man at hockey as he was at
cricket. I think, too, we had with
us n "Mr., Bogart,, then of the Bank ol
Montreal. Mr. Fisher was too conscientious us, a parliamentarian lo go
nil playing hockey.
"This aggregation today would be
laughed off the ice, but it was a
pretty fair team for tliose days, and
they won at Kingston, Lindsay and
Granite rink, Toronto, 'but lost to
the Victorias in Toronto on the evening of the same afternoon they
played tht Granites, This ' really
started hockey in the west. The association was then formed.
''The then governor-general was
wildly enthusiastic, In fact, as cricketers play cricket 011 Sunday afternoon in some parts of England, so
he. ^encouraged hockey at the Kidcau
Hull rink on Sunday afternoon, The
papers 'ticked up an awful, fuss, but
I do not recall that any of us exchanged Sunday school for Saaday
"Such a thing as a man being ruled off for uugeatlcnianly conduct was
unheard ol, There were accidents, ol
coiiise, and sometliueH serious ones,
1 nit not occasioned by the l«id be-
It.tvioiiN of an opponent.. I recall once
when a military guest at the government house was playing, he rushed lorward, like EugliHh beginners,
lie could not stop motion, Thu result was hit shoulder-hone cracked in
(wo ugiiinst a supporting pillar, Ile
simpl) laid down ou lite Ice, und, at
litht getting up, remarked to his captain, 'I have broken my rollnr-lioiie,'
<iiul got the reply Irom the siunc Mc-
Malum, "Well, d—n yon, gel' of! the
la-, lor you are no more line,' "
The Ketiora hockey team played the
To b Consumptives
The itiic'erRigned having bun re-
stored to health by simple means,
after tufftring for stvtral years with
a stvtrt lung affection, and thai
ili-Md i1l«fn**> CONBTTWPTIO"*', It
anxious to inak* known to hit fellow
sufferers the imams of curt. To those
who desire it, ht will chtsrlully sand
dree ol charge) a copy ot tht prescription used, which thty will find a
CATAUIill, nflONCHITIB and all
throat aad long MALADIES. 1ft
hope* all suRtrers will try this 1Um»
edy, as it it Invaluable. Thoat 4t»
'Iring the prescription, which will
rost them aothiag, and may provt a
Heating, wilt pleats address
Brandon boys at Winnipeg ou the
night of the i6th, tbe Kehora boys
winning by,a,score of 8 W 6..,.   -..-,
The Kenora boys again."defeated'tht
Brandon-boys on .monday .night t>y a
score of 6 to 1., ■   .- •   , f",   /.
As a result bf these two games the
Kenora team are winners. of' the.
championship of the Manitoba league
and retain possession of.,the Stanley!
Cup.'   ,  ' "-    .•';   ' 1[ .,■   ■',;-'.-, ,
Owing to the failure pf the . Wanderers, of Montreal, aad the Kenoras
to agree ou dates, the cup games are*
iudeHaiteiy. postponed, and the Wanderers are playing exhibition games
with Portage la Prairie and Brandon.
- '     ' t)     ,   ■   '   o' "   .
,    i-jr-vs**  -*
-•" .*' (Continued' *fr*i-om^raga: si)*"'
»  .     ._^.*s-   **-   sj;:--.<.-.-^
A bunch of sports were sitting
around a greeu baixe table waiting
for theo dealer to complete his manoeuvres with the cards, when, to
break the silence and take his' mind
off the bunch of lemons h-iudeu iiiui
by the other fellows, one of ■ them
asked the new-arrival from Winnipeg:
"Well, Air. Regi how do you like
Fernie?" '<-,   .       "-
"Think* you have a good town
here," replied Reg. "All you need is
to have a crematory to increase your
' 'A crematory tor increase our, pop-.
ulation!" they all broke in, and half
of them admitted that some of their
ancestors had* been cleaned out in a
crematory, as even they were,, being
cleaned out on a little game of cards.
"Yes;:1 continued the . Winnipegetr,
"a crematory is a great thing to increase a population. I will give-you
an instance. 1 met a Scotch couple,
newly married, who had moved out
tb the neighborhood of. the crematory. The first year they broke in on
a ' pair, aud the next year they drew
another, pair. When I baft Winnipeg
they, were five years married and had
tilled a hand with fives—and all pairs,
making ten children in all. They had
already put", forward evidence. to show
they had not attempted to , beat the
official-" starter.", »•'.-■       '' - -
"Say, old man,, are they, living
there yet?" asked Pat. •   *
''Oh, no; they had enough and sold
their place to a childless couple for a
fabulous amount.- Yes, Pat, yoirand
Tom'are too late to buy the place."
And somebody opened. the pot and
the game went on. •
'     o        ' ..   _ *-'-'"
The house at Ottawa, debated for'ff
whole dajr on a, resolution declari ig.
that the, British tariff. preference
should be "allowed only on'goods imported through Canadian porta: The
motion was amended by the premier,
who added tlie proviso that- the pel-
icy should not go into effect until
authorized ' by * order-in-council. ; The,
date mentioned by Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ter was 1913, aix years i from ; now,
when the transcontinental shall be
finished. This shelves. the question
for the life of the present -:id * the
next parliament.
Three years ago all the ministers
supported 'the resolution. in the same
terms as tht ont whicli is now headed off with this dilatory amendment.
They have modified their views since
then or have been influenced. But the
tariff of this year shows a more rapid diauge of opinion on the question. As introduced in November'the
tariff gave no preference to' Canadian
porta. As Mr. Fielding antended the
bill oa February 14th, it was ' provided that preference should be allowed only ou raw sugar imported
whan it came "by ship to a port in
Canada from a British country." On
March 15th Mr. Fielding abandoned
the ■ Canadian port restriction und
amtiidtn the clause so that the pref-"
erence would be allowed on sugar
brought lu by foreign ports. It will
be seen that the ministerial mind is
changing with startling rapidity.
Anoihsi- futile attempt has been
made by the committee on-privileges
and elections to find out whether Mr.
Hyiniin has resigned his seat. The
effort has failed. Mr. Duffleld, of
London, who has been In telegraphic
communication with Mr. Hyiitun, wat
Niiinmoned to appear on Thursday and'
tell what lie knew gbout the mln-
ister's in.HtrucUomi to liim to got Mr,
.liirvis and Mr. lleale to sign 'the
second resignation as witnesses, Mr,
Dullield did not come and sent no
reiiNon for his abnetice, so the committee concluded to wait another
week and get tht sheriff to look for
the witnesses. As Mr. Dullield confessed in tlit Toronto police court,
that lit paid a former Conservative
voter U° out of his own pocket to
cut down the Conservative vote by
forty at liis polling place, it'is evident that ht is much interested in
Mr. Hytnnn't success at the polls.
Since Mr. Hyman selected this gentleman to prepare tht ground for the
next enmpai^n, we are liw tn "ndir*
for ourselves what kind of a campaign Mr. Hyman wants.
The magnificent triumph ol the Kob-
llu government iu tht Manitoba election gave great pleasure to the Con-
strvatlvts in parliament. It is
known that tht Lturier administration wns using all the inlhuiice It
rould tomn*i*Jsd to crush out tbe Hob-
Ha administration. Most rut the
government supporters from that
province lelt the house ol commons
*ome time ago to -take a hand In tht
(•ampaljw. Tl**y •i" be back neil
week aaddtr and wiser,
campaign'-'that'" will: ba'* different to
th* oat that is already', public, prop-
arty.   „ -•   *    .",,'„'''.   ■■'
.- - '   .    . .5--.'   x.- i-* n--T'i*3' *-
'-; Aitifjitht mtatij^j;I between -.the'-iep-'
restatatiyas of'both parties had adjourned,: the tniners again sat in solemn cbaclava,. and talked ri over - the
matter "of thtscaie submitt«d by ;the
operators, andr the advisability of rc-
ferriag the same' tb the scale 'committee. . y !*»__■ :"
I It ia realixtd aby all. concerned in
tlie coavaation that; no real ■ business
will be, transacted until the propositions of both parties are laid before
the scale committee, -x This/, should
takt place today,, but the present in-
dicatsoiu arc that it, will not be
done until, tomorrow,' or. possibly
later.                       ',    ,<   '/ •
The conytntioa will.meet again this
morniag, »ad it is said that -, if the
miners still partial in refusing to let
the matter of tht two scales submit-
t^etl to go before tht scale committee
a deadlock will casut. ...
! On Wednesday, at 4 p.m., tsse miners' delegates presented an ultimatum
that all agreements, now prevailing at-
the various mines arc to continue in
their entirety as to conditions and
hours of labor, but with an advance
of ten per cent, on the present rates
of wages. _____    •
.Minimum per day for outised labor
is,!to be fa.se, with wages payable
'fortnightly.    ,'/><, «    --,
If a atrikejs declared the lignite
miners at Lttabridge will also, go gut.
The miners arc determined. They,say
the optratorif'art/not trying-.to "^arrive at a, contract, as they have voted down all propositions submitted
so. ;far, and- submitted- an - agreement
which is preposterous,; as it" calls' ior
a 50 per cent, reduction in the; present wages and the addition bf a
clause to .the present agreement; to
the-effect that if eiUier party breaks
the' ntw,"agreement ..the contract „ is
to be mill and void. 7; . „•'.-'._ [
r The operators refuse to talk, but it
is almost certain they will turndown
the ultimatum, and a strike will fol-
fc*"'... <%/ "■•■ ' v-  ' --'"  -   - ';;'!',    :
In a recent aadresa one of tbe parasite defenders of tha corrupt and
predatory tactics practiced by some
_of_bor financiers  and'' "captaina of
industry asierted that all laboring
men got as maels. compensation as
they were entitled to and some more
than they, were. entitled ,.„toi." j < At the
risk of being accosed leu majesty we
take exception to the statement of the
pampered puppett ot wealth,; It Is
conceded by all persons competent to
speak upon the question, that six
hundred dollars a year is the* lowest
amount that can reasonably be called
a living wage. In his recent book,
written after earefolly1. gathering
statistics .oft the subject, Dr. Ryan
assures us that more than fifty per
cent, ot the laboring men of our
country do not average six hundred
dollars a year. How, then, can any
one reasonably maintain . thati ail
laboring men ..are setting »b rauoh
compensation as theyare entitled to?.
To do so one would be compelled to
adopt the maxim: "The laborer, is
(not worthy) of Mi hire.1' In our
opinion there ia no occupation, no
matter how unskilled or how mental
the labor, that the workman Is not
entitled to a living wage,for hlo
services. It the gentleman tn ques:
tion was compelled to exchange
salaries with a bIx huidred dollar a
venr laborer he would soon change
his opinion on the question of! every
man getting as much compensation
as he is entitled to, He would! find
that no matter how adept he and r his
wife might be in household economy,
such a salary would not begin to
purchase the, comforts of lite. Jit is
amusing to observe the false reason-
fug and the Inconsistent statements
men are compelled to resort to when
they oppose and antagonise organized
Wo remember tne day when wo
sat In n court room,witnessing a trial
ot several men who were charged
with contempt bf court. These men
had violated an Injunction issued by
the famens Judge Jackson during it
strike ol street oar employes who had
received 16 cent* an hour and were
demanding. 20 cents., On the day
that Judge Jackson was sentencing
these men for violating his Injunction
ho took advantage of the opportunity
to deliver a discourse, from tbe
bench, for the benefit of the community. After Insisting, on the
Importance of projecting men In their
alienable right to,work for whom
tlmy plpaaWI, nnrlar what condition*
they pleated and for what wages
they pleased, and condemning
orgnnlied labor for disturbing the
harmony or the Industrial world, by
Inciting strikes and lu "attendant
evils," Judge Jackson told of what
a great sacrifice he had made In
devottug Ms life to the enforcement
of the law, saying, "Hy salary waa
•carecly sufficient to support myself
and family In decent oomfbrt."
Jackson'• salary wm $5,000 > year.
At the rate of wagea that tha atvikera
were asklnf thty could oiake $624 a
year by worRng ten hours a"tiay,six
days xfcvWek.i fifty-two* week3°*-a
year.Ji "j,-.-.; -wi*™.- '<..; •j*,"'jjt*i**> .J/,?1",
jast.thinkloftbe consistency of-.-a
.man who.  in the .jitnt.-discourse,
'fltafeS'that $5,<X)0 a year is ."scarcely,
sufficient _ to ' support,,himself_„,.aqd
family im J decent comfort, ?' and., then,
(condemns organized labor for distatb-
ing industrial liarmpny. by,/jjnciting"
men to demand $624 a year for. their
services.:{ And he; furthermore j.-in-
sisted that if we did not cheek'' this
tendency,  "grass would be~ growing
on the'streets of oiir iiew prosperous
city."   It .is "eight, years since we
heard Jackson deliver, this discourse
but' It, seems, that .the same kind of
argument is being used to-day,   We
will admit that the cost of living in
some stations oi life is greatbr than
in others, and that the people in those
stationB.ot life are entitled to greater
wmpensation because of that fact,bat
we are not wlliing to admit that the
proportion shonldbe as great as it is
at present, and we emphatically protest againstthe unreasonable assump.
tion that the man who must' depend
upon manual labor for his livelihood
is not entitled to sufficient compensation te enable him to support- himself
and' family  In reasonable comfort.
And while there .are many trades in
which men are getting; a fair rate of
wages,   for  which they can thank
organized labor, still there are great
numbers who are not yet getting as
much   compensation   as, thev   are
entitled to.   The right of a man to
work for whom, how and when he
pleases has no place in an intelligent
discussion < No man has a right to'
work under conditions that injure the
health0 of his neighbors,  or under
conditions that will compel his fellow
workmen to accept less compensation
than will allow them to live in comfort.   We care not what the laws of
the land' may say on the .subject 5
such a contention cannot be supported
in  morals, or in   justice.—Potter's
Journal... ; •• "*■<•■-• ■■*•-" -';-'-■---.'-*■ •■■:'-■«-J ■
■ '■:.'.' % v.T—r-?..,.-. ..-...  .-.-■- -, .< i
'<■ -,'-.? "?"•' £»"."-,f £!i&^4'''.vj*i
Und^rtake,cs;l:<Si, Embainnfers
y»i 1
'■->'." \r-\ .y-.Mv-AGENTS'.'JOR ^ .._,...__	
'    "The   Calgary"."Marble* ,'&.' GraniteJ' Works ^ ,(il
/:.;The"; Kooteriay",.Mrfrble. Works}. "Nelson/Iv^'j
.bipks'-Cn.-be'SMi at the Office. - f 'y^J:-r)" Parlors inlundy's-Bloch j
."#'.'    !'•
■«r ".-I*.
J On the evening of January 28, at a
dinner given by the Gridiron Club in
New, Tork, President Roosevelt is '.
said to have delivered, an ominioue
warning ^to* the- trusts.,., fThii» trust
element'was plenti/ully; represented
at the.dinner,by such -,menas.»J.- P.
Morgan, j H, ■•■H.'_;.:Rogejg£Mdilother
multi-millionaires.:■.-■ \ According ■ to
press reports,->the-president, arouBed
by the utterances of Senator Foraker
shaking his finger at Morgan;: and
Rog'trs, and-speaking with, much
vehemence said:
■* "If the gentleman are "not* willing
to accept the action pt the. conservative . class, which is ready to aiToj*d
protection alike to. rich and poor, I
will, say to you now that \irlien_ you
have disposed ot us by^yonr machina-
tibnB you will find yourselves face [to
face with a people who believes It has
been deprived of its rights and a
mob which docB not have tho least
respect for. riches. .You, can take
your choice.'!     .   ,-i ,.*.>.!'
Will this grave waralng be heeded
or will the trusts continue to rob and
oppress the people, defying law and
human rights, until bobio of the
scenos enacted: during the French
revolution come directly" home tb
these'groatfinanciers?   '•''"'
 ' -      ,  ,     .1       *,   .,
Do Not pose With     Purgatives   and
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develop into more iwriotin trouble,
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you need a medicine this kpring.'try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,* and you will
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, Tht headquarters for the genuine
Dr, Williams' .Pink Pills' for Pale
People in Canada is Ilrockville, Ont.
Socnlleil pink pills offered.by com*
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Pink Pills for Fait people, scad to
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A. C. IJpha
1 ■-'.- !!, -
! .I.-.; 1
-. !'|.
Wi '
.. 1 ,|..'.-i 1 •
'i.*,.' ),i!'--'.
.M>  Oi'l
...■>l,(,' i.V.
-:)   : '■-.>,".-
-.' ii    -ri-.-s1
.--'S'liT..-.  .
111.  fi. r
Gttd aloiie knows
what the future
and the man who
doesn't adveir--
tise have in store
■ 1 $ 1 -, 1'"
'.' .i'r;i'''''.
ni <;
1 <
To avoid moving goods',cluring /alterations ,'at oiir,
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. *.- yt.-r . A.--'.',
FERNIEr^E|^^^te^-E-'B; C. MARCH
.   6 -■
V v
_* t^sS^SSSSUXMX^^^*^
|s"There has  been  a  great flurry    in
: ^*^^^nar^eV|-fl Wa^Street^and
' juices bjoke' badlyS last week, ""'•'some'
Stocks g4jjting down |,_ $25 *. per ^share"
|»tcr.'ij|| mark»|I_j rallied '.'and""prices;
^va'*|^g(igaint |bbnghj.there is./ptill
a|feeltn!g*|!^f nervoii&nesV'inanifesteil. '.
lit seen^j that. tri? rbig, raleoadt cor-'
IjgraUons.;^ are beginning, to.    reali/.e
^afe^f4arS'#l', *gain.-iit..a i'lard, vsolid
f^fffiSjadn'"! as^r^ulFbf;•'tlie ' Ham-,
tqjan revelations, and have' concluded
t, as they have failed to move
ident. Roosevelt from his" purpose
©Ebringing railroad gamblers., who
Ps^ty with loaded dice to bookj' that
thj next, best thing to'- tlo"\is*\o.x'jjr'et
Hk of some of the unprincipled gainlV-'
lefjl. A recent press dispatch from
Wflphingtoi, makes the following \ cry
inj^resting statement:"
Wht$iJ- £ierl>o»t Morgan interview,
■^dent^ "Roosevelt-regarding, the
•raflroad situation, he declnrcd the
tvijfcr railroad presidents were willing
toahow that they were amenable to
Kalonand woultTbe g(ad "to.conic to
.greehient b'y which' they could
to.satisfy the president and the
try of their, purpose to obey tiie
aad fulfill other conditions . of
Went  Roosevelt answered    that
was .not enough.      '
hat is the matter,  then?" asked
Morgan.   '•Harriuian.''  answered
oosevelt grimly.* "He;has 'no
tion    of "what is   lawful    and
is unlawful.   He has- a lawless
He has ijo moral ?seuse.s  He
enace, to the country,   lie is a
«  to  tte institution pi,   rail-.
He is a stigma "upon -   those'
j men and bankers who toler-
condone and help him..,Har-
does not know how.'tb   .come
the law; he has got to     go.
vernment proposes   to . follow'
tp and. expose his dealings * and
against  public morality and
decency until it will be .hula for him to stand Sup longer
the  storm  of  public opinion
ill overwhelm hiin. ' ,\
'Othjj_r consultations were fheld ? with
lit Roosevelt, and it was prom-
Sat in lieu of unrelenting    war
railways, ' his " alternative    of
rid of Harriman would be at-
, He was informed that   the
and  railroad  interests    that
rtaken to wrest control     of
railroads would be ' com-
, smash the market for Ilar-
curities. ...
_Qtt tht|exccutioii..of -.'the-programme
23 I907
sudden break iu the ' stock*
Now it is said Harriman
stgor will lose,* conerol of   the
Pacific,  the Southern Pacific—
ftaa. lost!
6*M     wfcple    Union   Pacific—together
with Reading and* all his other sei/.-
tiresof iukU finance."
All tizaJTthis report suggests is very
gfiod, in will temporarily < aiiucnd
mattars, Sbut until it is made an im-
Doasibility^ for one director; or a'com-
jbinatioa « a few directors to '.man-,
ipulata more than one railway, coin-
| remedy is only a tempor-
i/hich, will serve only until
, aSysbme, .other .Harriiuan
I**. of».i»igh...fiiiauci]ig nnd
Sut 'another condition like
the retirement of Harri-
ssed to amend,
sary mortals, will want
irhy the power to do tlicso
Harriman has done
Slowed to remain on the
ready tt>'hand for the
tilous adventurer to take
In order to enrich hini-
„ciates at tho expense _ ot
Eko pay the rales,
eany, .On
cry one,
tuck   tit
docs a lc
(beings al
tht oat t{
man ia pi
What, or
tU> know i»]
fibovbi be
.statu t»
Htnt untcruf
a*U nnd
thn ptoplt
Ii Mr. Hi
confint hit
to the open
imau were compelled to
lUdcrful inventive genius
ing and directing of one
i!!of-being alltfwwl. by a
mdsi. conveniently..-arranged corpora-
tioii law,''"to-"be a dozen or'. more directors, he would have a most ditli-
cult job .before *liini .if...he undertook
to_^ict^ate j^e^policies-^oi__.pUier_ roads.
*&* boardf- of directors whdk'proiieriv'
,7-.-^      s:<";5      ' ;*?-.   .'*'.-.      ■.-•■,    A,..-   *;•    ■'-
direct :the operations; of^'any.-'jiioclerii
railwayi'"," will,, fiavD^ifiioiigji' lof ddr.'il
they attend '"_* to!"their, duties. Tiff,-','as
tlie; above -statement;.says;- Harriiuan
has ...lost"; controliof .the Union "Pacifis",
thev Central and.'Soiitlicrii ■"I'acific sys-
tcmsi:;lio\y longjm"aj\it.^be" until' some
oiie^else'.'gets'Hhae coiitrbl .and wields
it for. the "" purpose of' shutting oil
competition aud controlling) the road's
through the same old double directorate route.
..-There are but two ways of curbing
■the . 'over      weening',, ambition  ./".of
iiieu  to*'control  the. railway  systems'
of   the country,   l'ublic- ownership  is
the most certain and safe.   The other is the complete elimination ol the
combination     system   .through;     the
double  directorate, route. .-,■   '"
.The ..people  of    the  United    Status
have iii President    Roosevelt .a 'bulwark of strength ' against which , the
manipulators,__• tlie ., Kapoleou's,    of
finance,   seem to be  making up inipres-
hioii, but' there may not always be a
Roosevelt to iuleipbse ani   the   real
remedy is not that*'*a strong tind great
man is in  the highest place of    authority in the laud or that the clcv,-
erest  scoundrel in the country has been
foiled   in his  efforts  to  continue sftid
enlarge    his   unprincipled   operations,
but; a change'in:'-a   system "■ which
makes possible. such things.   One ^ official    position for     one   man    is-.a
pretty  fair; -division ; of * responsibility
in great enterprises, and Mr.    Harriman   should find  'a   legal barrier   to
his /aspirations.'..in-   that-   direction
which     would    work    automatically
■vyithout the  strenuous interference of
any btlier./man., 'i   '.', ! i 1--.
L,et him be content with one.directorate and give some other fellaw a
chance..* ',.*;.-•.;-.
not, materially'harmed   the' cbuiitryf
He .has played     for pleasure rather
thaiv. for    profit..   ' Nevertheless,    the
presence' of ^.organized'.-wealthSin*'.Am-;
er'iciin ;* politics "as an-estate "<there^
must/be understood- clearly; and "reck-f
diied.-.with   -"as-a fact .by the voters.
'There is -just-so much power    generated _. by the surrender of the individual rights and liberties of the-people
to ther,government, and when   organ-
ized ^wealth takes part of that power
the.people, .who should'icontrol 'Othe
government with     their votes,    have
that much less government to    control .—I^abor,. Excha uge.,-
a muliitude of frlands fop
Mi.  li.  G.  Marshall has taken
fa Cured,liei'lloy of.    Painful Soros.
.     -      I      ■
Nothing is wore unpleasant lo thu
Hfm aud moift painful lo the sulivrcr
than boilH anffiuKers, At,this period
oi ihe y«ur iiiany adults nulla'uciiuly
Itoux tbtM i^inlul oulbrtukH, When
tolls, ulcsrn, Mtc, occur on children
ft is nitiful ti>oc the Iittlo oiicn hu(-
Itr. ™--*- "' " ""''     '- "'
Mrs. R. Hohnesl' of"30' OuIho ht.,
AUsnllton, is .Hateful for what Zitm-
Piik did for lilr little boy when in
this pitllui iiUttlit.' She, Hay»'. "I
wish to txpresBiny, gratitude lor tic
btutfit uy child"'received from your
(ambttt Zmn-Dijl Daltii, lie HiilUied
from spring er^ptiotm and lht;ii holla
broke ont on hU neck.. 1 triwi blood
purifying retneijfts, salves and olut-
rceata of all ki^,;l)Ut1,nolhi»g,v»c(!»i.-
td tu do Jsltit tlie ileslrcil jowl, Tho
btils got worse and became so loath-
auiUit and u*ij»lj;Lt»_>. Iiml I kwuUi n.i'.
liUii hw to .'icbotil, nn atvmt ol x\w
boiU could not conveniently be, cov-
trad. About this' time a mtiuplu bux
td iEain-nuk* waij;' given to hiii'i and
W« triad it. Tk'ft, small miinple did
LiUu. * t'Utc (.oo^l t.o I lui;t,lt. .l ,v-
ctut boi, „ Tht I result was really
sjuuing.. Inside '» week's. time- the
bolls hud begun lio dry up, and ju n
rtry short time Indeed' every ' one of
thttn wu htultd.'),
Kaiu-Iluk is a sure cure also for.
sicxtma, sculp sorts, ringworm, poi«-
rm*4 wonndu, rhrofilo'Vilwrn, rlmppnl
lunas, cuts, cold ,«orc,i, cmrks,, (est-
.•ring sorts, erup(|ons and piintiili*s
dut to blood poison, etc. It stops
alttdiHf and cures ,pllts,' fistula, ttc.
ft nnllttptlc; a«'| tucellent "first
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4ot prict, d boxes fotJkMlo^Hend ic
.«tuip for trial boa.
his  duties .."'as '.business;, manager
the  Ledger,   and hereafter    will
louud-at  the  head  of  that    department of this, paper. "   , y-lyp ' y
Mr. Marshall is a thoroughly ..equipped printer and publisher,' having
spent- sixteen:-years' -"'at"-, the - business,
beginning- -at the bottom, and work-
in ghis way to his present position.
lie, with J,'. AV.. Janiicson,'.founded
•the _Dufferiu Leader, of 'Canuan,
aUan.,' - and -later - he- started the ^Vest-
newspaper experience, however, he has
acquired in connection..with the.Tri;-
b'une, Telegram and ,Free Pccss,,,T bl
Winnipcgi'.where:-,;'iie'*,has .put ..'in."Hhe'v
most'of m^tim'e.'y-' '■   '*"""' '''*':'
■He conies to - the Ledger from the
Calgary Herald,; where he had been
working for several months... The pair
rons of the.I/edg'ei:;,will find' .iu^.M".'-
Marshall,.;a'.thorough.y equipped;-.bus-
Miess' man who can1 meet them - and
supply their needs in the advertising
and job lines of the business n -a
most' satisfactory milliner, lie ionics,
to a field of-great possibilities-in'his'
'line,"and 'bnug'sNvitli" him expcricice
und business tact, and now. that the
Ledger is upon a new baiis with
11 positive force behind it, its ivi.iic
depends only upon the ability of its
'management to vastly, iiicreasc its
usefulness as an advertising medium.
The Ledger can confidently assure
its.patrons of the,most courteous and
fair treatment from its now manager,
and is also confident,of securing Its
full share.of. patronage in return for
that fair 'treatment.   ,
Mr. Marshall will cull upon ^thc
business men of •Pernio, as soon'as he
lids' perfected h"s office arrangements,
and will put himself in touch - with
all that mutually concerns this paper
and its numerous patrons.
The Ledger will soon have the
largest circulation of any weekly between Nelson and;Calgary, ami it in-,
lends to deserve and hold thnt position by its merit as tin Independent
paper, run iii the Interests of lite
1 oliiliioti people.
Bilcans   Clear   the   Skin bf Pimples.
Humors ..and impurities in the blood
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AWARD-.ST.   LOUIS,   1004
A dispatch from Vienna says that
at the mass meetings of dressmakers
iuid,ladies'- tailors it was decided,' to
strike- for an increase in wages. Nine
thousand women and girls and three
thousand men will be involved.
■.*, NOTICE. '  '-"
All accounts due the Fernie Ledger
prior' tb" Feb.- 1st' will-bt collected* bj>
'A. J. Mott, and all bills against the
Ledger to that date should be;-pre-,
sented to him for 'collection.' = 0;      :'!
a.-, ppities owing the"late arm of
bammonn and Turner, or ? that of
Tuttle and Turner/are hereby notified that all such accounts are payable
ib'JohnTarntr, and must be settled
g mm TUENKtt.
"j;^     ,'j.v,>'notice.'_.' ;;■ "._
■NOTICE is1 hereby given that, ," 60
days after date,' I intend to appiy to
the Honorable Chief Commission**** of.
Lands, and Works-for permission to
purchase the following desck-ihad
land;,,situate in'East Kootcugy, near
Elko, Commencing at a post ;)\ut
ed on the northern boundary hut ol
Lot 4S33, about no chains east irom
the .northwest corner of said Lot;
thence north 40: chains; thence east £0
chains; thence south 60 chains, more
or less, to the Elk River; then westerly along said river to the eastern
boundary ol said Lot 4833; thence
northerly along said eastern boundary of said Lot to the northeast corner of same; tlience westerly,, along
the northern boundary, of,.said Lot to1
place of beginning.
Dated the 18th day oi February, A.
D. 1907.
After Inking as the price oi hi.s
soi'vicV to his conn try men every luxury thnt our i-ivUlmiinu alTanls (or
himself mid for his household, tho
Aiiii'i'icun luilliomili'c-hiis t it ken mote.
lie Ims taken (lie power to oppress'
llm people by establishing uniintiinil
commercial und Industrial coml limix.
Ily CiiiiipUling thy.peiiple lo pay dividends upon watered', stock in unfairly
organized corporations, the rich nuin
lias iiiijitHtly increased the price oi
This is laying a robber's ti'lbntu
upon   the . itiassc*   as   surely 11 ft nny
,.<Uwiii<tl tax U.i.-i tvti pat ij|'u<i V,i.->
•il*.. Tin tiiliiite Jails ujion 'rvi-ry
article of necessity for comfort cir of
luxury that the people" use. More
'hnn that, the aggrniidlvcnunt of
capital in chanting corporations, has
'      'i    , ■' 1 .   f   -     ,    ,     .  .''     ■      ,1!..   -I
tax V be levied immorally, even
though legally, upon the water that
the city 'dwellers use, upon the light
nud fuel and power that all the people use. Interest 011 bogus debts ate
p.iid by consumers of the commonest
iiea-s'iitia of life, and thin unfairly
, 1 rrii 1*11 libitrd wciillh is uswl to duvl.si'
further methods ami to.li'gali/ti litem
*n order to put Hit yoke of accumulating-capita! upon tlie people.
ttlch nun rite but men. They love
; ovt-tr at all men love it; and they
use it at men, ThWr money gives
litem power. It opens a iWspoil lo
tlniu when the ineii' netting nf
money palls. This diveision is the
control of govvrnineut. Thus lur in
playing that game the rich mint
One More Added te the Len| LUt tf
Cvrei infected by PnychlM.
This young lady, who Uvea in Browns.
rlllo, near Woodstoob, Ont,, telle her own
story lu a fow effective .words of how the
obtained deliverance from the terrible
trip of weakness and dluoiue.
I li»vn to tlisnk rnyohtno formr preatnt health.
Two yuniw tttfo I wm going Into »decllno,  (qouM
Imrdfy drug inyulf aoroM tht floor,
II I went for t
ilrtval had to lf«
itowi. when I
:imn liiok,  If 1
wont for s mils
911 two on my
vrhc- -~*
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and   Btiibs
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QUALITY, has ever been our watchword
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The  Fernie Drug Store
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you  ,.«,v  LW   nv ,
„.*■''    "' ''gfe*-*
to  start  it and   ||/•
grow.    Doesn't '&%
Qt,   dom of
I $1 Opens an Account wilh The Home Bank of Canada I
J. tl.  MARSHALL, Mgr.,
I'ernie   Branch'
B. B. WaLX£R. Prewdett
ALEX' LAIKD, Gtueral MJiat{er   .
A. E. IRELAND. Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total7Assets, - 113,000,000
Kranclies throughout Canada, and In the United States and England
ess may be transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank. Accounts may be opened and,deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention is paid
to oat-of-town aocoonts.
Ferula  Branch
G. S.   Holt,   Mming-or
Hotel, Fernie
T. Wholan,   Manager
A pleasant home
for the traveller.
KobuiN    reserved
by wire.
Every Attention
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦»» »4#»»#»»»a»»»»»»»4»^»»
Well  furnished rooms.    Tha. taMe  is supplied with  the best'
the market affords. The bar is supplied    with   the   best wines,'
liquor,-] aud cigars. ! '   ' -,  ' ,,    -"
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd '*
leal I WM too
wosk to lift It
IlllOUlill III* B«U-
i»»y, nml Ttit
Unio I I'ume In
Irom lisvlns a
lit) 11 I iliiipptx!
iiltnrly liit|iiuM
from (stlyiin, My
me 1111 lumen until
I prni'iirnit P<y-
jIiIiir, knowing It
itdclliid or \ffink.
mum. 1 must t«y
tlio results sro
wonilorful, sml
people neiiikrkeil
my Improvement. Instead of ft little, »»!•, hollsw
nhnrknit, ItatlnM, m«l*nr>hntv tin, rim tttJItf
full nl mu, tt'«>iy for n slmgn.nd*, s tUiinji
mutch, nr mi «v«nliir putty with tnyone, snil *-
lew inuiutiH hko i could not Ktiimlo to vhutuh,
in ruth (mm my limns, I litve never htd the
•llKhtoit vftuie to fetr «ny return ol tin dlitut.
DrownnUle, Oat
ThntiBnndH ol womnn aro using PAY-
DIUNK, ht'oiiiHo thoy know from axpar*
n-.iiailiiia in n vimy rmvti a shio fn*nd
mil (lolivnror, 1'nycliiiiB is a woadtrfal
tonic, purifying the blood, driving out
iIIbcddo norma, Riven a ravenous appetite,
!\lds diK'iHtlon and asnlmilatlon of food,
and is a positive nnd nbtioluto enre for
iliflCWHo of tli rout. clitiHt, lunpti. stomsxb
nnd other or^tfrn, It quickly build* up
the cnliro (lyuUm, uukintt nick people
well and weak people utrong. • , _ ■".
,     (PRONOUNCED Si-Kit^)
fnrtulo at all dmpvl'iU at 60c and 1*1.00
norliottlo, ornt Dr.T. A. Riorum. IJmltad,
Kalwratory, i7t» Klnpr Ht. \V>st, Toroato,
Brewers of Extra Fine
«S Lager Beer and Aerated
£ Waters.  Bottled Goods
f a Specialty.
The Elk Lumber Co.
Dimension, Flooring,
Finishing Lumber and
AH our stock is last years cut nnd,well seasoned,
■l'H"H    I ...
! plaice your wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J.-D. Quail
Dr, Hoot's Kldnny PillHiiro a sure wd
it"      '"...:.":..".
Ko per boi* it tu!
nennanont euro for Uheumstlim, Drtuhi'i
DI             **  *     " "w
Iwa»*, Pain In the Mack and all
of Kidney Trouble,
Ims  iealart.
'' Guaranteed
or-rrtoney refunded
Wholesale Groceries, flour, feed and Camp Supplies
The^edger-fof Job Work
Only Union Office in the District
—»■;.■ .iiiift  .JJl^^uJHSijii^jjtBiJiixBaWS'l^'UWIIISWS^^SMSi I ' I JI ■ I .   .    J . .1.   ■■■ fi—»' 1i|".'im|
Your orders for Meats
Eggs* Butter, Poultry &
Fish, to
The Dominion Meat Co,, Ltd,
and get satisfaction
•PHONE   4
■'C "<?*'
\l «'
SM!? ledger,;.jHuitK nAs.^^';;
' wjll hei-eafter, iiiitilfiii-tlier no
.lice,..pay Interest oii' Suv-
( I *ng8 Bank Accounts Quar-
I I terly ius end of seini-iinininl-
1     ly~ as lieretolcre. ■ -'"
I I  .. '■-    '* »     '  . ';      *    :■' ": »
< | 'MAY 81st AUGUST 81st
«F   NOVEMBEIl 30th & FEB. '28th
a,    ... .-Ferule   Brunch    «        i
. The prophet Elijah "has Jied a^ain •'
according to the latest reports from'
Zion. *'• *
'     Mrs.   Win., Baldry,   of Tuber,, is in
the city, visiting  i,er mother, -Mrs. A.
. Ferguson. „ ' > '        , , ,
G.,S.   'Boulton   returned   Tuesday
.from, a-flying-trip  ib  Winnipeg and
other Manitoba points.
Mr. Donald McDonald lias gone to
,, Hosmer to superintend the building
, operations of contractor Roberts.     °" '
Mrs. Waller-K.Xampbcll and  little
son,   Elroy,   relumed   to  their  Fernie
home   after_ a   long   visit *-"io eastern
. friends.      ■ ' "" .
M. Mclnnis, of ElUmouth, was in
town,on Wednesday on his way from
Calgary where he had beon on a business trip.      ■ •,       -
, Fred ' Wilkes, a former resident, of
Fernie, now.a Calgarian, is in the city
shakings hands with old friends and
nei_jhtere.='.===s====s«=        «     -   .
! A lL"5^Y?/a  choi'LVs'.pp]v of Beef,
Fork, Mutton   *"   '  "   *' T
liand. - Hams
<      Poi'K
Y 'ter and Eggs
' *VITnU°n' Yeal a""d" Lamb.on
Laid;   But-
*, Bacon,
OUR SPECIALTIES-—'   "' ■       .-''    .'
Fresh, Smoked and Sailed Fish; always a
". good^assortment. .Try  our Mince 'Meat
Saurkraul and Oysters. _-,    .'"
thus, doctcr, and may you nl.vays be. a
happy kid. Dr.- Monkman will have
■llie .good will of iiosts of Kernie friends
.wherever lie may roam.'
-    Fred Dalzel, leaves next week.to look
.after his homestead and  ranch east .'of
Maclcod and may-bo gone''during the
summer. ,-, ''
Vancouver druggists won't sell a,pill
, on   Sunday   since   tlie   day lias  been
turned   over to  the Lord. ' DonlLgeL
-Miss Clark, of Lytton, B.C., who
has been visiting Rev. Mr. Grant- and
family, returned home today. ..-■  ,
The general annual  meeting.of the
Tenders Wanted .
Seiilcl I'aiidcrs will 1,0 roooivr.il  W *i,« „
1.vlo in ih0 ofnle of tCoily olS,^C"-,0!ltlons «•
'■flrm\.* B.t\.M.i',e], ti^m™ City Cler)*-
Tenders for Ihe Construe
erme .board of   trade  will bo held,all   tlQn of a Seirer  System
ie court houscou Wednesday evoninir   ' .        ".■•'
"""'     „ sick on Sunday'
- ' •• Lawyer DeYmas is rsaid to "lave
received $ioo,ooo for.defending Harry
K. Thaw. It's worth the money but
he may have lo thaw yet.   :
"Chick" Chalk, who.playedJ'wiih'the
Fernie hockey team during the season
\      of 1905-6, died at Lacombe, Alia.,   last
week from an attack of pneumonia. ;
Tom  Whelan, accompanied   by  his
■ brother,  Judge  Whelan,  of "Wallace,
,    Idaho, went to Edmonton on   business
.      last Monday and have not yet returned.
1 ' 1
A   ministir  declares   that hell is 11
,   place of strong drink,   tobacco,   ba.se
ball,, theatres  and   peek-a-boo. shirt
waists,    O  Death, where Is (hy sting?
. Owen Ross has purchased the residence formerly owned by Mr, Joyce on
Victorin Avenue, This is one of the
picturesque homes of Fernie.
Greenwood Miners' Union has voted
another $1000 for the defence of Moyer,
.  Huywood nnd Pcltihone, which makes
■ tolal contribution from that union of
W. W. Baer. editor of the Nelson
Daily Canadian, has traiis-mi-jrali'd to
tha Victoria Colonist and R.J, Clark
is now editing the Canadian. Go lo it,
Clark, you nro a Lurk.'
Last Monday in the district chum at
Caldwell, Idaho, the motion for dinnis-
sal of Ihe case iigniimt Mover, ir-ivwood
and Pcltihone, licensed of tlie murder
of. former governor Frank Siouuon
berg, wns dismissed byjiuh,'-' \Vciinl„.
The motion was nr^u'il at __iV,._
length hy altorneys on holli sidt/s.
The celebrated case ,-iKaiiH n,..
Hotal Feinie for currying mi ..nmhlh.g
*nd whicli Ims- ln>en mi lung pt*inliii«
wns ended on Monday uhen in-it-Uinm*
Whlmsterri'iulered liis decision, lindiu,.
Ilia accuse J W-illm-u gulliy ai ch.irK,..|'
fining him-$50 and cost.,. The'line
has been pnld hut an mmwd ,„.,.. 1...
lnVttn. y
Mnlcolin Minin wm found in ■_ \w\{,,
'•"** fondllloii in hi., jmw _„ \yM
Ftrnie lust Mondiiy morning snOWing
from partial paralyals und was lakuu to
tllll hospital, H«. hart, from -,'i
penranccs, been pn^traifd lor a Im,'...
lima and suffered from cold there being
no lire In the liousv. Mr. M,lm) .„
Hill in 11 very critical conditinn.
Dr. H. S. Mmikuian is- in town
fiwlini- hiji uifl/iy oh) fuw fr.Vuds,
It* has been residing at Hoiii„e;,„,
North Dakota, for n-veral months .....j
l» making a short Mop hero on his wav
■arlh, While the doctor has added a
JfHinguislifd looking handk. ,„ ,,,,
o-mt since we used In know l.hn, |K.
has made no deductions- fm,» (,;, _,u,r",
»f genially nnd doeMi't seem to |,,llt.
iddtd anjJ of the vobering diKniiy „r
#* 10 liis boyMincM,    M.,y If over   Iv
the court houscon Wednesday evenintr
, Opurators^Sheldon of this place and
Wilson of Warden attended a meeting
of telegraph operators   ;1i Min-ir.,^ i'i,;!.
Last Wednesday Thomas. Gibson,
aged 20 years,-'wns accidentally killed
while, operating the cage at the shaft of
Llie Reliance mine, nour LelhbritlKc.
....   "       .       ,1. '.       '
A mud 'slide near Dun .interfered
with traffic on the G.N1, for a short ti 3 e
on Wednesday and the incoming passenger train did not arrive here until
Thursday afternoon. ■    ■-•>
The shamrocks handed out by-, the
Napanee hotel last Sunday" were seen
on the lapels of many coats and many
people celebrated St. -Patrick's.day by
dining'nl that popular hou-,1. You
need not wail however until the' next
17th of Ireland lo try for a good meal
there., You will Iiud ihcin on tap ai
all limeys aijd .seasons of thu year.- '■■ -
The Canadian Pacific Railway company announce the usual reduced rate
nf 1'iru'and otu—third (or (he KiiMer
holidays, Mmvh•«. unlil April 1, Tickets will he on salo at,all sl.i'tiun.s, Purl
Arthur and west, March j; until April
I; final limit for return, April ■>. Vw
lull particular*., rates, folders und tic-
lu-ls apply lo local C.P.R, agent or
wi ile J. S. Curler, D.P.A., Nelson.IJ.C.
"li li'Ie ill th,' olli,.,-. J 11     nil 'k >0' """ttioils
TjT-ti.o *m,nin\-rni^^.x"\:xHversm-
RIGHT'S, entire  stock to be slaughtered   re-
;      -;   godless of cost as more store ropm^pace ic3
Squired   for   the   large   Sprin^Stocfc now cm the
jm,■ 0:AH| lines of;Hand Painted China, :Gu^" bfass;
will   be;^old/-a.wdy::'telow-'W^ .&."  the
manufacturers of these ;good^ h&ving : given! us a
special discount iu order to get us to accept ;them
from the Canadian Pacific Railway; ■
j'.i -i
„,l 1
;, .->'.-.
\.vA i-
J) .ft
•Hi    -'
■ A'l.'i
■j'i'u ;
;*>■ ,-
-.li:   .
",£J '*Sr*i
j  ..1
". ..ii J
{..I iu
■ iil'i
.1  „j,
li     ».!?
. - 0
;  »-il
1*. Oi.E.
loiliuiTciuii) ' '"   •Vl'"'.''''. l*l«-««, 8 VI«-
Jll 1(1.2
I'i-in ii) ' ''■*    "■  I. JlmiJay, W'osl
liirm Avf. '
I'i'i'Jilii,   ll,() ' ' •' "'   W-Jtl, S011&U0,,
■'■si I.N-HII..1I- i,! utrnt-'v.J"L \h ,?.'»?,».■:.''"'
    •l»l^^ii*j£ l'Zi',?,UU "i\r",'u,",'»
npfl.v t
Tom Heck has ice cream on Ian' lo
day. ' •      '
t-'ovei'l has paper., lhat would   plcn-.e
you in see. ■
j li -s. ti 1. '.*iu,fni-.v. Air,: Al'l'ill'"i||iwiw,l'.(i.
Coven h:i*i wall  paper-, iiml   would r '
pliMM*- yoii |;j see. i> I^OST
Tciui IK di   liii'i all   kinds of |M|)M.
iiiiiile (aftiesan I imiiiIK'n,
_  S»v   Un,.fit's  (il,p jL..,V(|i.,) wi„.|()W.
'<•<' Haii'.-iin,,    |i .. ill )Mv Vlllli
l''""'!: r>1'11"-'- "d-.., ,|.|.| f,..,|, WKi..
• allies- wlu*n you ■.■.•.• Turn I!,vk,
Special prices on Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Rings
Gold 'and Silver Novelties, Etc.   Our Diamond Ring
and »«<! Set  Jewelry will  be  sold at greatly
reduced prices. ' , |
Remernber this. Sale is not a sale to make  moniy.
AH we want is more store room.
■ ■.••"*■■'!..
■ li-, -Ul, "■■''
1.1    '.'1.U-.1 ■
li.'   ..^:
|.'■"-.> ■{ <>
|.»,-'    ilv.'.
1 1    u   aj'i!)
1'-, *-;»*-• '■?
Di •„,Mi..v
\\ si t;>.!.:
IV)      J 4.. it'
ll     -"v'•'-';
-.j . i.,i,.,-,\
*""'  . ., *
■■    .-, -    *; ■ it
.;..,»'....,;' i'AS
irij.*.:., SHI
■ *   .-i fi ., ■
- •-
.<" ,;j „','
.,  i .Ui   . 1, .t\
it. I,,III'
H1-;.M()VAI, AflTIOK
Wi- ii-iw III,' iVic     *.ilmvi,l_r of',' |)i(r
'.\i.,l  oil s.ili- ill  1'iTlli,.,     \|r ,   j.;, 'p,^^^ I
l''.ii).'v chin-i will Iv .<n|il ai your own
priiv,  nt   Wiii'ht's for tho mom f|fi,.,.„
*X'VIT, OF Oltt,I, Ct j V ()'■•
•(■.„. p
llf llll.    i|l   I
• •■lllttllt.
' 1 .IT*
K   \.>|.    Ml,    ,.
I.*-    ll   1,1   .Lll
\ViiKht\ ((lu- jeweler) hi(J fonvd s;,V
starts today,    Xov   |,s   ymf c]mw ^
I'l'f   •!   «' ,1, I,
Vou f»ii (jot .1 ,-ut of J>s plT „„, <)(T
Jan)bs' f.mi-y biscuits afW.J. HI„i,.
Ji'll's today.-
He s»m* and *.«• WriKlir*. ((tii-jVvvel'
T)pri.-s'*.rmw.,.l.l„(l.,.ii   lvi()n,
in« flscw-hi'rc.
tkuA'B TJaltttai c«r«a narns, Kte.
will Ih- wld ai U-s« !!,..„ ...„ l„ „riivru,
i».*Wor.*..iii for liwni'«-spi-;i,u si,.i|<.
Miiinriln   Y.ininirnt   Cur..,   V,,
'!» U"
1'i.iMk j. Cluocy mnliMi*!!,    Hut
I»'«n Minor |.«rt„4.r Uf U,,. fum (J, ,,
;; \lTy ^.^ floi,l«liu'""*'-" in
■■■■L"ly ,,, Tnltt,l0|.C.,u,,ty ,nd SUto
•"•■«*«»'<l.    did    thai   „„(,,  firv?Z<v
'»* «• Hall'* CaCrrt, c.a«.    .   V
1'KANIC j, ,;utiVi?y.
Kwiiru lu before rm* ami   .i,h,.ii„.
'" »\y jmawicc, tli|» 6U1   tay ol    r.t
fcinher, A. I). 18%.
A. W. JWI.I--W.
?*   ' , Mot-iy WHIt.
"nllHUtarrl,    Cure la us*   <n.
wrnally., ami acU directly ,w    'th,
-laud ami     mucons surfaces .1     ,ko
■ystcm.  Send for ttslinioj-its    1*
I'. J. CIIKNKV .V CO.,  r, In     0
•Sold by nil ttneRU\tl $0c.
T,kl  I3ffll«'«  family   I-ilb  fji    ,0„
C     G.     WRIGHT,      Iheiew^-
Storc open Eyenlnss till 1 o O'clock
. ui'.
• i
. IS    .(I 1
On Saturday morning I will have fresh
Bank of
In  ten
Ptr cent
tfced«po.ft* oftheBanlrtavtitim*^
& Bananas
nUL^inl Co"rc<£?nery, Fruits, Nuts, &c
sSltv    hand'   H'ffh ?a?5 Chocolau. a
. >9}]CI,|Aiiy» -■■' J*vl' » «.»*. ■
1897-$ 6A37AB6
1898- 7,684.574
1899- 8,770.994'
1900- 10.0J9.58I
" "l- 11.549,904
1903- 15.864.880
1904- 17,583,U9
1905- 21,464.121
1906- 24,386.027
Hi I
v.li 3
■f.'-uiifa Malwani Wfiirvn. Nriiral-jla j|      Vfatorhl Ave.
Buccaaaor to Dean « Morrtnort
IntsraUfuIi or watpfluaed qmrt.., '
•Hf, ^        qulrf I««*«af.». i^wtu ,, fiM
...  .-■».,*► ,«j..


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