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The Fernie Ledger 1907-06-01

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'- I--
' t! :
...  w;
Vol'; II ' Number-4V
FERNIE,-B. C. SATURDAY,. JUNli 1, .1907
Price $2 ^ year in Advanci
JafiravAttempted- riurder : Case
•" ■ T" :' -   - '. -'■■,' ■'  "• .-   '"      j .   ■'
.../ '..'/'Turns'iourtp be Very^SiinaJll.;■:,"'
''".''       Potatoes— Fine $40 ,.- : v'
The case .against     George Congdon
- lor striking a man named Gundcrson
over llie head with    a straight    edge
at tho Nortii'Star, Sumlier* • company
1 nan, and' Sherwood ,-5> Hcrchmcr: represented the'Crown,
'■-   The charga ■■ way  wounding,   and  the
7vid.nce     showed   lhat   tha   wounded
mill near Jafira'y Borne, days ago was '! man'had assaulted the accused while
up before Magistrate McMullen' '\cs- |Uic latler was attending to his work
tn**ay for preliminary.,'hearing aiid j .U1d .using in connection therewith a
the accused man waa »ent_up lort'i.il ; straight edge' which he held in .his
before- Judge  Wilson last night. ih;,nd. " ,„ ,        • ,'
-. The Wiljury "''received by'Guilds son j OundcrVou,\ coming lip behind '.the
turns out,to be'Sat so sei;ious as at |ac<,Ug0(i. assaulted him, and 'at-'the
first reporu&d,   .-and/ he is in  attend- !same   time usi-d   very ofleusive lang-
In a clash,  and yielding to  irresist-
aact at the trial.
' Dr' King,-- who has been att:
(to wounded  m» •»,. cam   e  dovn
night to give"   'evidence   in ihe
The accused man's   daughter is
, ln,i.
'President Sherman and Secretary
Macdonald, of District 18, V.- M. \V.
uf A., arrived .in Fernie Tuesday after am extended trip to the locals at
Bankhead, Canmore, Taber and Lethbrldge. '   ^
The troublcoat Canmore was adjusted with little difficulty, a misunderstanding of the laws of the new
agreement being the cause of the men
not going to work. It seems that
the manager had not received a correct copy ot the document.
■"Three new locals are to be organized in tho lignite field in the lcthbridge district.
At- Uuiunville, ■ north of Edmonton, 400 tons of lignite coal is being
taken out per day,'and. one hundred
men   are employed. > >    -
Thomas Williams, ,who used to be a
fire boss at Coal  Creek,  js. manager
at Woodpecker  for a new • coal   com. '
pauy which-is opening up a new mint;,
at,that place.
Rapid development' of the mining
of domestic coal is going on all over
Alberta, notably a new mine at MagT
rath. ...   •
All "told     there will be seven    new
Government Agent McMullen received the plans ■  and specifications     for
the* n;'w provincial-building     a     few
(lays ago. and  local-contractors    are
.. j busy figuring    on' them,    preparatory
•   i ■>. ' < to   submitting   tenders   for  tlie      con-
At the solicitations oi numerous oi. _.tn,C|j011t      '.'_'.
his _ friends, Mr.,Robert Duthie* has.,,, i*he° Wonosed' building 'is. to be a
consented to Lecomc a candidate ' for ,er, illipu£*iiJ_. fae in appearance, and
lhe position oi alderman, made vac- wiU liC',ari,e' ^^'j, for lb(_ r^uire-
.aatby the resignation of Mr. "Stork, :lncnts uf 'this district {or ^^
and will be put in nomination today 'ye.tr.-.       * -" -  -
at the city hall. Mr. Duthie needs no
introduction to the people of Eeruie.
He has been au honored and' most
'respected ciliVeu of. our town, from its
thinning. His' reputation as au 'officer and as a citizen is without a
blemish' '
Th. building is to lie 50 feet 6 inches by sy  feet 8 inches, with l>aseinent
under the whoL*. .  The basement- will
e 10 leet  in  height.. Th?. walls    ol
he    asi-incut   are, lobe   of   concrete,
and the supi-rslructtia-   of   wood,   The
' asem. ni    will   have a boiler    room,
!   No reason can-be staled _ against hu   i0.il   room and  room for  two or more
'becoming an alderman,., and .upon  the
straight', edge,, ?.inflicting   a" . severe
.. . wound    upon the head „■ of     the  man
here, having come over from Spokane   Gmide^on   rosllRing in his,having to
to he  with    her father  through'  M- ■ • b
trial.      - '"  ",      -. .'   "■   ..
ible;impulse,^the.man^threw.back his   ,ocal hr^dlw of th<5 ^ M   w   . f A
four   t.
, llr. Congdon    - is a man 'about    58
years  of age,   and  appears tb 1«    an.
iBtalligyat     and . peaceably .-dispotod
',' 17 P. Eckstein defended the , accused
l.e taken'to the Cranbrook. hospital.
"Vine.was imposed.    '  .
The court found that an* assault-had,
Wen committed, but under extreme
provocation', . and in consequence let
the accused off with a fine of $40.
- ■:.Mrs.*Doran, mother of Mrs.  Lawry,
left for Minot, N/. D., Thursday even-
• Mr. Wright, father of,C. C; Wright,
who has baen'visiting his'son, returned to Medicine- Hat Thursday evening.' .    ' -.-    7    -   ' -" "   ' , *■    -
, l**eck:af,Bad Boy "will te here, next
week, Tuesday, and as he will be the
only lad lioy in town, all the good
boys will l« there to see him..
' Misa Gates,   .Miss,    Anderson".'.and _
^Mrs. W,  J: lilundell, are, leaving next
"Week foi their, eastern .homes, to  en-,
joy a-eunimer vacation. •„* "'
Magistrate Whinister,. after , hearing
. u1ni-tcatiimony^ ol the , proseciiiing'wi't-
ncss tn the - case against R. Kerr,
'hound hiin over'last' night for.   trial
before Judge. Wilson. :• . "_,-
ousrcourt room than the 3one .'in the
old building.   " •   '.■'_'
Dr'- Mewliunf, who? has been very ill
with blood poisoning, returned to
I.etltbrid^e a few. days',ago from" St.
l'aul, '' where'he vyent', for-- U-ea'tment..
He is*very,, niiich improved in licalth
and "will. 'soo'.l-*e.back-"aVhis; post-- as-
superinU-Jidsut of. tlie Gait' hospital.' °
'.' ,*,:..* .'.- ,■ ■ ■ ?i ;*"•-■ ■" ■.-    -  •*
Frank" Dunn late;'of the C. IV R.
staff '--here'," nbw-trajn.despatchcr. at
t'ranbro'dk^.was in ' town' yesterday
seeing.his many friends.'-"He was" ac-
.eo'mpaiiied by: .an-, old friend,. Charles
Howell, of Havre,.'Mont.' Mr' Dunne
is, looking slick and fine, a. result, we
suppose," ol 'a- straight; banana-diet. -
combining a memlxsrship of tour 10
■five hundred men added to the district i,'; organisation in the next three
months. . The backhand system is to
i.e abolished rat Canmore- as Lille. ■
. The great demand for'coal in the
prairie provinces has stimulated the-
development of new mines in the lignite fL-ld,. but it will take time to
catch up wilh the demand. .
President Sherman reports the several unions.visited during his trip as
being in the, best of condition,- and
the demand for labor good.-
^'District 18 will Boon be^the 'most
important body of organi/.ed labor mi
Canada,'and lhe experiences through
which, it has passed during, its short
exiat-nc* has been of great'value as
an educator- along mine lines.
':•-'■ •,*• o—T-7T- .    ;-,.;. '
A special, meeting of the city council waa held yeaterday 'afternoon t a'.-
halfpast 3 o'clock. .
There were present lhV Mayor,- Ji\\-
'ermen Gates,, Mclntyte, Trites ana
TutUe^ .,
On motion .of -Tuttle and Trites the.
■board he will' be   as honest, .upright*
aud - straightforward as he  has    been
ia any an.l   every capacity  in  whicli'
he has been called upon ,10 serve the
.-    r   . un
people of the  town.   -
. No more competent or Diiiug man
could be selected, and the Ledger but
voicia the opinion.of every well-wisher uf tlie town when it unqualifiedly
eiidors.-s the ' cattdidaty of so honor-
aide, ami upright a citi/.en as Mr.
Rou-ert Duthie ior the vacant chair"
at the city   council  board.
If there should be "a contest, kt the
I n ends .of good, .clean city- government see to it that'a full vote,, is,
cast. '<,..'
l'ut every vote possible in the ballot l)Ox .next Tuesday "for Mr, Duthie.
. _   1——o  .
> .' "    -.MICHEL NOTES.'     •"
District    Board ' Meml^r'-' Sullivan
a' day  or ;two   this
Wesec-m Federation of- Miners
wiir'fuTnish fuiids for the -defense 'of
the Texii da "striking miners, who are
charged 7with going;on'J strike con:-
'trarv__.."■-to, v-.-,   the   --provisions     o.f*
1 ho new conciliatinn   '"'  law.
:*-.,F, \V..SheldoB,- who ,h.i8j.)oe'h^, the j Ml._, ,.Birdi .' of ^ lav(r firni ,^f
day operator tetv, since .Frank-Dunn 1 ]5ird alld Brj-am-Jack,'hai the case
Irft, h.«a lieen. transferred to E,lk0 anil.,;in haiid^.'The result'of this case will
H. H. Wickett, -of Michel, has taken ,,c w.Ucllud for with inU;r^t) as it is
hie place.  ' | the first    instance of a criminal prosc-
eulibn under the act. •
■■Uf*. Jemacn left yesterday orning
ovar the Northern > bound for her
former home,in ()ntnrlo,"' where she
expects to , spend'. a few pleasant
months  visiting friends   nnd relatives.
\As\ adjourned meeting(of the court
ol reviaion will lie held Tuesday' even-
tog. JSome appeals by the Crow's
Neat .Electric light and Power , couit
fpaiy, and one hy A, D. Trites will
N conaldeced,
' The Moore Concert nnd Vaudeville
company gave two ' entertainments
here during'' tlte week. The first night
drew, 0 large , audience, but. on the
second, Wednesday evening, drew
forth a very small crowd.
ConeUble l'arki was up. Irom Elko
ytnteiday and reports lhe thrnc atimll-
poE'putieUts tiiidci' bis care ns pro-
greasing rapidly tb recovery. The
catci ore all of a very mild   nature
The mayor , aud all the fity \aldcr~
men were present at'the adjourned
meeting of the council last Saturday,
when the bids for the construction of
lhc   city s.-wer,   system   were  opened
mayor ;was instructed to try to make
arrangements" '■_ with •■ Mr.' McMullen
for",the keep",'of all city:prisoners at-
5'opYper day, per man. ■»"_ -
' .On",motion,*;-'. Aldermen Trites and
Tuttle Were "appointed a committee to
<-omiiletc 1 water'*v task ■ and running
"ear. ■ ' ■ • -- * - - - ° -.
, On motion of Alderman Gates, seconded by Alderman - Tuttle," nominations ' for alderman to fill llie vacancy caused by the resignation of ex-
-Udermau Stork be held in the city
hall on Saturday, June ; 1; from 12
o'clock noon to 3 p.m. Pacific standard time, and that J. W. Nuim be rc-
tumingtiollicer, and that if a poll bc-
>tnes necessary, said poll to lxs liehl
attain hoped
to lie out ot his   join
:illd the contract awarded to  • Hugh   in the city hall on Tuesday,    June 4,
'\litcdoiiaId, oi .Victoria-.   There   were _ 11*07, from 9 o'clock a.m.to 7 o'clock
111., Pacific standard  time....The moon carried.
two other bids, one by,Mr. Oldlands.jp.
of thi-s'■. city, and one "frotn -Blake, of   t u
Spo',;anei but Mr,  Macdon'ald's being
the lawutii the contract went to him..
The third entertainment ol the W.
C. t.. I', medal contest will lie given
in the opera house next Thursday
ttlght, when'another Ircnt may be expected, The occasion is sure to bring
out « lurgi ,iuill<«ce, Everybody will
h> there.
Ur, Alucliiia hut truttslcrrcd tlie
I'-ftUo* drug store Irom thu Crow's
Nest trading compiiny building to'tin-
room next to the Dunk of .Hamilton
hCMMi till street) nml the Trading
CAMtpany at* pkepnring tlu* vncnU-d
piemiM* for thtflr gents' fiiinlKliiug
dtpartintHt. Thin glv<-s tlte big com
p,i»y much needed room, nnd will add
gnutly to the appearance of the
Dlfby nnd Wald|« have been nwaM-
ed the contract for bulldhig Win,
Iiigfamvi new lireproof Miilding.
Scott and Rots have pttrcligsed the
old building on comiiiiou that ihe
city allow them to move it to their
Id* opposite thv C. 1». ». evtntion, an!
until |>ertiiitiioii Ir giant ed by li'iv
council to do this, nothing c-ni be
*M nt atiirting work on the iu-w
The wMinn of county court
WtdsYoxUy, wns held in the Todd
bloek. The hall formerly oci-uplcil by
OladitoHe Miners' union ban l.«-n
rebtnd by the provincinl gokiriinieiu
antll th* ww ImlMIng in r^itdy f-ii-
•tenpmncy, Tlie old l#iildi;^s will be
tttowii away and the provincinl of-
fieai will 1* located in the Todd
blotk in the ntt'intlme. The ball h..*
\*m to ftt«l up Uut it m«V«i A
hunch more couvwhitt   nnd ^nimndi<
Kaip KUuri'g rjBim«t It tht uount.
Mis, nnd the Misses Davies were entertained at a luncheon- given .tliem
by some nf the - Cranbrook 1>oys during their recent trip to the , banana
belt .city. , Tlu-,. luncheon -was decorat-
i-d In the violet scheme,'' and each
i,nc present was presented with a
inuicli of the violets. After tho-luncli'
the party went.to the Tennis jclub,
win-iv they were., received by Mrs.
I'inkham, the hostess for the    after-
.''limn Ilennie ilesires to extend to
.ill friends and sympathizers his
iliaiik.s lor thiir many kindnesses dur-
iti^'thu, recent illnesg and death ol
his brother Muttliew, who tiled in
l''uniie hospital of typhoid fever.alter
eight we--K»'  illnexi,
The liucisiuit of the United    States
sti:reiuc,court  in  the eight-hour vuv
Itoni !MnN.4iicliiiM!tlH is about us bril-
llunt an example of hair •iplittlU';   us
uaiiil le lmagln->l, ,Ti deuln with the
lcdi-r.il Ihw limiting n day's work lor
"lulxirers   mul mechuiiicH upon   any
of the iiublic works' to eight hours,
Thi- ci.se in point had to do with cm-
ploycK on dredge* in the llostoii liar
t.or.   iite iiiujoriiy opinion, by   ,ius-
i'n.v 2Z.i"iu,a, uliiC'i is ikciihc,   liwlJ-.
that tbe men  were not InLorem    01
m.'ch<nlcH, but    Kainen,      and    that
drdjln^   is   iioi     h ""public works"
within th.- inc.iuiiig o[ the law. If  Is
juinlic woru, but not '■works,''" not«
Ntruciunil utility or something having
11  pmuunitil existence,   Justice Mnoily
tal:e» llie opposite view, nnd   is sup-
1 ortul by two ollurn, holding    that
drttlging ]■ mi essential part   cf   the
iti.tillc work» rt i>re»vnutl by  ihe h.vr-
i or, and Uial the mm employed ure
Minply.liiiMiii-iM \ujn_r_ tuts (Uwdjjti- loi
a phitforiu nnd in no wen«e are   a-u-
imn.   Tin  dec(^^()n will not ple.itw th*-
ndmiulsiiatioii   any.    more  than the
Jtilior unions, but presumably will he
t..Ui*.|,icwu.v ,  to    the     cootru.r..ir».
Dou tl.a» tbtra wilt \*% an effort   to
cui,  tht aVfact to tbe law in theiut
The council then odjournrd.'
The entcfrprising citizens of Colc-
nian have resolved U[>on, holding a
record-breaking celebration of Domin-'
ii« Day on the tot of July. Committees have Ixen appointed to make all
• rruUgemmts. and all particulars'will
c announced in a lew days,
When tliose Coleman boys start 0111
0 do the celebration aot there Is no
d..ubt about what It will lie. Nothing
will lie spared to make It the best
meeting ever hold in the I'ais, I<ook
' ut for the announcement of program
nd all other  particulars  next week.
There is only unu other plaiti tlio
'edger would  prefer to wc doing its
e-'t t« l-e.it all the othtr places in
'lie Pass on • m of July celebration,
■iml that placo is Fernie,
ohu II, Will-io  is secretary  ol  the
u-Hiiilniuy committee, mid will un-
i'liiiice thfotigh the ledger the per-
niniiimt I'oiiiinlttve and program next
Th- dmlrict loiird of Distriit i«
w h in siuinn in I'ernie on Widn>n-
«!iiy. UiihiUiw, of a routine iinlure
was ii-iniiicted.
There wi-n-  pnsent  President Mher-
11. n. Vice-President Oulvln, Secretins
Mu d.,iiiild, Hoard  Mumbeis  Sullivan
,iud Morgan  and 1Inlernntlr1n.1l llonnl
-Mfiji* er P. Patterson,
ur. Ur.iham, ol Colemnn, mid Mil
1, m   '.tWionvlgc, I'uuiM rn>(  .itteml.
Tha I,cthl.ridgc Ch»j will Im referred
"> a bo.\rd of conciliation,  ,\»A it is
X|> cted   tlmt a   Eitisfiictiiry    settle-
in.11   Will 1« nrrivixl nt ns 11 r.-sult of
11   nvtaiigiitiun,
... — o
was   in
Week. .
John Tinner and A. C. Day were
here working ou the , telephone" line
■ A!iour_ ilnve score'of immigrants-
arrived in'charge of an agem looking
lor work .one 'day this we.-U.
H. H. Depew and Dick llam-nmil,
the electrical exjierts, were in . town
a day or twb during the- week'. .
1 .Mr. "and Mrs" A. ;'r. Triu-'s, Mrs.
Spout-and i\fiss McKinlcy e.miH'up on
the Wednesday., train ' and returned to
Fernie 6n the'delayed, Tliurjd.iv'traln."
■ Dan'McNish.-the irovcnmu-ni rntwl
superintendent for this district was a
Michel visitor"'the'other day. Ile was
accompanied hy Mrs. McNisb and
children.        '   ' <* l
.^ The Moore "concert com pain" laveiu.
one" of their" concerts .Tuesday ., evening, «nd af I er • the-sduAv they furnished music for a social dar.ee. Their
dance music was excellent..
The Elk river shows an inclination
Lo x-is'u in tlu world th-.-s.- w;,rm dpys.
and is now as high as it has yel-Ks.-ii
this-year. The"lumberjacks are still
diimjiing logs in the water, and r' liu-
leas it gets much higher tliuy will not
stop. ._,
,' Richard " Lane and Miss Simister
were married at the rcsideucs of the
bride's father by Rev. Gio. Kinney
Wednesday. Miss Lane ■ iieted as
bridesmaid, and Mr, J. Simister'supported the groom. They Vre both
well Known here and will make Michel their future home' '" ■ ■'
Grand F«,r!,s, May 30.—Emma Doii-
nan w:is killed with a stick of sto.'e-
v.od by her sister Delia this niorn-
ir;.. The l.itL-i i.s aliout 30 years old
and is an epileptic subject uiul Mib-
j,.l      tu   altiicku      o.^excilvineiu   t nd
iMijicr lncideiil.il ti the disease. 'Ilu-
.ut 11Iend girl was about 19. The i,-'
fair occurred in tliu kitchen, and was
■ulistiiuent to a small - dispute tlmt
Delia Doiunn llun,. the slick at Itei-
s|st<r, hiriliin., \ur al,o\e tli - bit ear.
!de.ith foil iwliig within live iiiimiU-H.,
Hr;i, Kinghton and Trimx tried arii-
! dciiil respirutioii unsiiccesHliilly. Tin*
,un,lh i- .Hid twiJ sisters wen- in tin-
, lioii'si! ,il the tiiin-, The fsitln 1 woil.s
^ntli,- C.in.idiuti Pni'ifii- Vailn.ud slmjis
int Kholt. An iaa.pn.-Ht will u: lu-ld to
I'nniiiciul Constable A. Sampson
made .» cli-iir '-uptur, 11,si Tu>-.d,,c
In Fr.-ucli cum,;, 11 p.u't ol tin- old
to^li   ai-liiss lhe titiil.*..   'Ih      Iliil, I
St.ltl'S     .IlllllolllicS     Wl-le   1l;iil,ill|>   lot   ;l
limn   un 111-(1 .luliu,-,   (.',   Ik-,i7y,     .hi,I
had offir.il 11 rw.ird ol S/jm   (,,r   liis
I 'lhe in,m w.is (iMr^ud with tin-
j.rimu ol Mirgl.iry, and it sdiii-, li.c
I !♦,.« ii\ W-Uti t   '■«       'Vi     ■ i ',.ii-.     r  ,
i'iiime  lluie. 11
| The mni will te li-md A omt tn
I tliu illiturs fn m iln- Stiii.n ,m<l Coin
sta le S.imps.m will tcn-iw tin-prom
ftoil S^oo lew-nd.
Tfl m li7 tl„   i.ii.rr-   brl,.li'    t,    il,„,    li,
the cap ol ..n illlciau (.lliat   .>(   th<
..'..ce-; ,.ind lavatories.   ...
The .ground.Poor-will be divided in-'
"V cilices. The- government agent's 01"-
iice will be rjS by io feet,, with -a
: mallei pnv.ile ollice in connection..
,Thc rvgistrar's ollice will Ik- ]Q_feec
/'" inches by 3i feet 10 inches, wilh a
■•riir.le olhce   adjoiniiig.
Tlu- slu'rifl's oJlii-e will ]je 17 feet'by
12 feet 4 inches. There will also .be
;.  vault on this lloor.
The upper floor will lie "occupied by
Uie court room, 32x32 feet, a jury
10 111, witness room, judges' room,
and barrister's room,1 and a large
hall.with stairway leading up to th-
gallery at oik end,of the courtroom.
The ceiling of the court room, will,
-leal out 2.) feet high'in the centre,
and a. large semi-circle toped stained
;;bss .window will, light'this- room
from'th-; west. The coat of arms of
British Columbia wi,l constitute a
portii'n- of the decoration scheme of
this window. . '
The ' Ledger is nothing, if- not a
kici-er, and' ii wishes ,to register a
mild kici-  or two at' these plans.
The provincial" nrchitecf- .has evi-
di-n.Iy falieii into" the same error .in-,
lo which the Dominion architect
^tumbled when be drew the plans lor
the new Federal building now under
. The' must imposing, elevation of .this
new' _--r'ii\ iiicial building is .-the one
1 ro,,oscd ■ lo face 'the alley between
the • go.ciiimi-nt lot and the- Fernie
ilu!- building, and away from -the. bus-
u.sj, portion of the. town.     The. line,
 —^______        it
Little Frank Thomson Drops from
Log into Creek while Bringing Mother Flowers.
Frank Allan Thomson, aged 8 years j The tna»y. expressions of *K*p so*"-
-.nd 10 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. "n>w Irom the little children show how.
James Thomson, • of "Coal Creek',, was ■ dearly, l«loved he Was by all his
drowned in lhat raging little torrent | playmates. His diligence and jood-
last Wednesday. He, in campauy jii'ess, ajid, al»ve all, his loving kind-,
with some other children, had ' Iieen 'iu»s, endeared hisn to pupil and Uacfc-
playing and gathering wild Dowers, .cr alike.- Woi*ds cannot express oar
and on the way homo; while crossing ] grief at your sad bercavtamtU' All
the creek onna slippery log,    he   lost; we can say is this:   "He was   good,
and we all loved him."
In deeiH-st sorrow fur your dear
sou and my dear pupil, I am, yoars
011 behalf of the little school cattd-
iin,'     " ...     ,
his.balance aud tell into ihe swift
current and was drowned l)efore aid
could reach him.
-Ifce  little feilow's  hand  was    still
gVasping his flowers  when  taken    out j  •_
ol t_ water. ■ i »
The lmdy was. brought down to the {COROXK* VISITS THE SCENE,
city and funeral services were cou- j Coroner Bleasdell went up to Coal
ducted by Rev. H. R. Grant Thurs- j qv^.]. t0 investigate the drowniojj'ac-
day afternoon.   _,, icident, but found    it  uuueceasary    to
His j)arents have the* sympathy of . hold an inquest. It appears that th»
a whole community in their deep sor- ' log the boy used as a crossing was a
row. \,ary   dangerous  way  ol  getting over
the stream, and Mr. Rleoadell condemned the. careksssness of leaving
such a trap in place for children to
cross over. n
,    Dr. Keith  examined   tbe. body      ol
jthe'litth boy-as soon as he was taken out      of tlie water,  and as < there
was \ery little water in the lungs it
We all .grieve, with you, for we, too, ,is probable that be lost his life from
knew  what a dear,  good  boy    Frank : a  severe    blow  from   contact    'with
waa. „ rocks in the stream:
': ..     FROM  HIS  TEACHER,
'    Coal'Creek,  May' 29, '"lyoy.
Dear Mr. and "Mrs.  Thomson:
•The deepest sympathy is felt for
you in your terrible loss by the pupils, trustees and teachers of the
school.* „'
Most Largely Attended Ever  Held, in
' ■  -,     Port Arthur."
!,n the west side instead of facing
.-! titer Cox .street or .Pellatte-avwiue.
* 'Ihis seems to- tlit- Ledger to be a
s.-rious mistake, and,inasmuch as the
i-li'.uigx* will cost uo.tbing as-ide from
Mrawing.ncw__plans', it suggests that
he -o.ird of trade, citv ciiuncil, Con-
■ Srvi-.tipe association and , everybody
■else re,.'nest that this be done. ••
The Ledger also suggests that,'a.
I uilding of the size lhat is proposed
' y these "plan.*., and which is to be
finished in"first-class style llirougn-
out,-should be of lirick fir stone ' i-h-
stei'd of Wood as is'proposed.'
l'brjt Arthur,   Out:
luneriil of George T.
May   25.
Marks lu-ld
uiost .estimable wife was presented with a beautiful silver tea
service,' showing in, a slight uieasur*
the appreciation of- the Baptist_ peo-".
pie of the valuable work their-belov:
fd pasloi had rendered in „the accomplishments of.the "high   standing   in
urday afumoon was the most largely ; which the church-is at present. Those*
attended and .,ini|Tressi\"c~tuTreral"4'e.vci-'r,i-our~i;iii*/"en5—livitig~in'-Feiiiie^*dur-:—m—%-- ..
!e eati'11 up' in' pain', and repairs in,
ten yeais ■ time, and why not econo-
ini-e l.y.using the more lasting material iu the- beginning. The heating
11 so large iu wiwxlk-n sitriictuiie will
also entail extra expense, and i>csides
all these considv-rutions of expense,
we believe, that fim1 big stained glass
windows will ,look out ol place in its
•citing..ol shiiiglis ifiid -siding.
Thn I,ed_.er makes these suggestions
1. r the cniisidiratiuti nl those who
.ne sitiing iu high places, and hopes
its licks will be taken as kindly ns
th y ar, intended. Al Iwiai the
ihanging of the elevations ol the
LuiUliiig to li.niii'.iii/c with the stir-
uiiiiidiiigs will eiilnil ao great cost,
and sliould le insisted upon by every
ne who has un inlcrewt in the lieu'iill-
iviiig of our city,
This may have - ken (in oversight
1 y ihe nicliiti-i'i, and cm " be easily
'.iiii'died without n-liirditig the con-
-1 ruction of the building.
1 We Ii.i'm .in exiiinplc of the cost of
heating iiml keeping in repair of 11
huge fr,iuii- si-liijiil building, and our
■iliu I board in seriously i-oiiKid-rliig-
.1 piuposjiloii oi culling for the omver
lo is in- del.eiiltiR'H (or the purpose ol
"1 plttt'iii;; it willi 11 more miwleiii nu:
oi 1.1 |c, or .stoiir 'flint hiiildiiig Iuin
l-e 11 11 i'oii".lniu Huiirce of expi'tiNc by
w-.y ifleatin-, painting .mil rcpuii-
in , nml in«r ."".''ft-t U t.ilhd for to repair it ili.s  \cui-    With  this  t-xp'.-ri-
uce le.'.ai- lis it Would wnin the part
of wi.*. I .ui' lo insist tli.it the new
..nAiiici.il building hh.ill l.e I'niiNtruw'l-
d ol bu. 1. or sfiilie, even llu nigh wi-.
have    io wait a few   months    longer
or ih   i,mij I. led Ntuicturv.
'hold-here. .The funeral was cbiidtuted mg Rev. Kemp ton's pastorate," aad
by'the city. The remains reposed in who, having'his acquaintance, know
state in the city hall from 10. to 2 p.. liim to lie a man possessed '' of ater-_
m., "and were viewed by hundreds of l.ug character, and in his high i»ll-
lownspeople and strangers. Al .2 'ing will l>e touivU .i shining light iu
o'clock the procession left the hall, any community, in which be may l«,h-
.lM!taded.,by,''the-.band. playiug the de.i<l__t_nr. Itt'cveiy.'wprk that was for - the
march in Saul;.-- following the iniid .nplil'iing oi mankind lie was ailigtat,
were the lire brigade, and the , n.gi- mid was ever, willing to give a ''>*lp-
nitnt, aoil following the hears-.1, all ol ing liaiid to those io distress. Iu gillie city  council,  electric, commission- ^'ng  lo his new field of labor in Var-
uiillion, -Alta., the people of Feruir
lommeud" Rev. Kemp ton, and wish
him the success there that he has at*
1 aimed here. On Tuesday evening .the
stall was made for their new bouw,
aiid a large number of citizen* wsr«
at the '.station to say farewell. . The
Ledger extends bast wishes tor their
Rev, 1. c. Williamson and family
arrived in the. city Thursday morning
,md will settle down' as, permanent
lesldeuu of our city. Rev, William-
.sou has been of late supplying in
WiniiilH>g, and comes to Fernie highly
city    and  government     ollicials:
Th.- Iloral tributes included smiie most
i-lal.orate piecs,  and filled    high     a
wagon following the hearse. The pall-.
The extra  cost over wood  will    .'1   |e.irers, were all.old residents of Tort
Arthur,   Alessis.   Ray,   I'lirke,    Laug-
worthy,    Nvlsoii,     Muiiroe,   Graham,
Xigar.s and Ci'Connor.
The streets along which the cortege
moved were lined by thousands of
people, and thi1 vicinity of St. "John's
church was black with a mass oi
humanity. Rev, Mr.' Iledley read the
soletnu burial service of the Clmich
ol Englaud. Shortly alter leaving the
church rain, which had Uir.-ati.iied,
fell In a downpour, preventing many
iiom continuing on to die cemetery,
though, despite 'the heavy rain, many
followed* the remains of Mr, Murk»'to
its lust resting place and participated in committing tlu-m to the ground.
The deccus.-d wiis a nephew of our
well-known (ellow townsman, H,
Alarks, of West Femic.
   " o —
The iollowiii;,  casts
I'IV.'3111'N    J.AN'.rAr.Tl
17   Wilditi.iH wan up from Taber nt
ihe   c Inning    ol the week,   He   re-
oris  .uilnni   of nil kinds booming
<7«n th.re, i-spednlly tlio business ol ,
iiildiu,'    h.uiscs.   Taber   now rtnlms i, .    ,     „,
.•■•« po:1.-, nnd |fl looking f^r more. ^l'tiisl 'Ul;] ttC i11*1 "*'•'-'
Mcsw8.Kell.1r   and Wildmnn   hilVV rv* li,id,UMI> •*
COi),   rf ther
*«.«. luclrd  90 houses  for the
lawi .md Mr. Sampsiin is uuitLd in
Mr.    ynd    Mrs       (as   Tlinin«-(in,   ,,f
Cial Cue!.,    dchire    t^   ilmnl,      nil
..   [ni   uauui
the I uie if ihi loss
v n.   J-'r.iil,   Allan
yo n.-
.ThnltlJinn, wh.
lilav Inst.
was Arn-vn il on Tucs-
wim a y,  besides many other
In s in ihe new town.
Ihrie steam plows have been     «»■ j *     *'	
load '1 t la.il place within the la»i ; >•• ''• K*7-*.vtn. UU thi:. m,.ti.iue.;{..
month, nd the pralris mA is Ulog itbc C. V. R. for H[n.ta»** on a Hying
tttrnad over in evary diiscsiot. IbnsiAaw trip.
ol the Ci.nseivalivr   mem-
t-i,s of the liuiis.- of  phrlliiimnt     nt
St. leteihliUTg Were ut Tsarskoe-Selo
i-i.'.i'Mliil.itin.;  tile    Kill]dor    ll|K>tt IliK
n,.noH ..sciiir fr»ni not beiuig tiiipcr-
■ r nny mole, tin* radical mt'inU-rs nf
the li'iimc took ud vantage of the a1>-
Hincu of the congratulating delegation
to title tlu- n-solutiim'i condemning
1I1. terrorists who came so near iiiok-
.11 It min.c,-s,ir> Inr the d. legation
111 do nn>- congratulating,
now rwlmilniii
tln>,i   Kutpcror Vlcfirtlas
Fe*t   ,t TatrsL(,l-S<*J-»
II. would fed tnorf at e.is*.
Aid might An us h- pleiis»*<l,
It tu- uent t<> try living t>clow,   ...
iv uc
"I I dors  His Honor    .ludg«-
at the    sittings <>f Uiv ciiuut>
held here on Wednesday:
Monaghiiu    etc al,   vs   l.yn.-h    mid
McKliimi'-Action   upon  a   u-in-ilnuii :,
li.'ll   Inr   Wilges,    Nnll-sllit,        UoS.;   |nl
pluiutills,  Ec'.Mi'iu  ful   dcb-iidaiits
Stmciisoii  vs.   Lyiiih and   MiKin/i,
Acliuit ti'ansliriisl Inan  tin- !,u|Mvim-
vi,un fur debt ol ^ii-.V* ati-l   iouat,i
J.iim of "f^w.in.   .ludgm.iit   iMi.nl
lioss Im    plalniill     Kilst, iu Im
Tritfs      vs.      Gal lean-A. lion
.*'.',■*.'*() debt.   D.-fi'tid.int   did  iiui
pear,   iiiugimui   foi   idaintilb   llu.ii
111.r for pliiiitifl,  KckHiein |,,i  dei-ud-
Kinney  vh. Spalding-Anion    ipm<
note; dilt-ncu want ot i,>ii-,iditaii-ni,
I iii(lniiii.«i       ri*i.-t-»'„d        l"'i-li.(i mi     ( it- I
plnlnliff-  iJii«* Inr di-f.-iulnnt I
Vnrgii vs.    Peach—I'oMpniied    .mil
n.xt   ..otiit.     KcUtcin f«,r pl,t«iitlll
I'i>hs Ini d.Ieud.inl,
eeonuncitded, not only as a iliicnt
speaker, but' a-man among men. The
Riplist peojile are to be congratulated on their happy choice.
 o    --,
A tremendous sensation is beisg created by the ansouueetneat that Mor-
in l-'rit-ilmun, private wcreJUiry of
the ootorious JoMssMcParUand, uu-
al>Is longer to stand tbe hurdcu oi'
the crime with which his wind wan
as ociated in connection with tut
I'inkcrtou work, turned spy upon tbi
i;ne of    spies  und exposed tht  work
I the inner circle" of the iSnkcrlou
ileU-ctivu agency. Friedman gfv«s original letters, documents^ cash r«-
u-ivo'l, names und othtr data relating to the o_M.-n-.tit*-- ol th:, thug
u^i-iicy uinoiig Uic uuioan.
It is repurttd that the power-, th^it
le have agsced ,   that   no ind'etmcut
1 .i|n|*i sh.ill   l>e  served  ujkiM   United
(Mnii-s Si-natut  Horah until June 17,
when it is    expected    that   the  Hay-
v■ ifjA trial   will \>t i-oiu'ltided.   Should
ihe II,iywo"d  trial still be occupying
ill.- attention of tin- court and jurors,
it Is undi'iHt'X'd that tht serving   ol
ihe ndjcimi'iii   papers  on  llortili will
l<-  further tvo»t|>oind,  lloruh is    us-
1 isid ul-luiug     connecud with   tin
Idaho laud graft and Ik thf prim'iptl
ii:i,s.i'iimr of the mint is.
J.'MIVWKH   <sl,'UVH'V
As had l*fii previmislv annoiinifd,
Kev. 11. L, Kemplon pn*aclifl his
farcw.ll seriuiiii Sunday i>v-eu,iig last.
Thi mnu'tH iliroiiglinin   ilu- day wtic
In the quoit piuliing rotitrst at
Cui Cn-cl; last Saturday there were
Nn iiuinv conteiituniN that the linaN
li d (o ic    pitihwl   Moudny t-vriiitijj.
Mill atleiid.d, and In tin- t-vitnng tlu- jmIm-ii   dohii Alyn*.  took the first pri/r
Slid, JI MS! A.
and  Heidi*   4U1,
•itt/ind nice  was iimimmIIv   l.irce    Tin- 1. 1 '»i»>.3-»: l),m
1 i-xt chosm     was lumitul   TlmoHiy, ,'^aibli,   ,ud,
r-«t chap, xrh vm*. J>'i »>.
On Monds.v i-vming- lull..wing, th, j The game l*lwc«i Dick Ray and
miMlitn and tft*od% of ih«* nitiui-".'!- 'Wm. Mclvnv (<>t • purw of Ijo was
lion aswinbled iu ihr rhiirn-li to say .miiii l,y Ray, who. sn<rrd 4* sj_sln*.t
HOoA-hyc. to thdr p.tst»r. Msnv e*- ,3, by McKay. This cist** created
pr<«si<4H <-i r*,'i<t wm v^*""'" on th,- ' ,-reai inintst snd wat wlts*s**d hy
• te.toirmnl th- pHtBrrin.', Nil rouplnl !•*•« isoplc The calipers Wrre made
with this w*M llu gilt ol a purse   ol  use ol atvi-ral tim*** to dctertnln* tht
Keep Uiuard's Liniment in tha honas. goli to 9mm, Ur, KeupUitt, while his I-a inning unoit, I "V- -V.
I 116     rGfniG     LGUffGriclinging little hands and'h-S2j£ to
ci „ v«-_ :_ *^..„—„ the door to gleet papa, witfi^a **i*s.
Papa gave" her a peck on "the'cheek;
$2 a Year in Advance
IsauaJ every  Saturday   from   tlio  Ofiiee  of
• Publication, TotLl filook,'Victoria Ave.,
Kernie, British Columbia.
All ohiinges of ads. must be in as follows :—
Pages 2 und ft, ■_' >>. m. Tuesday ; i>nge» i and 4,
ijp. in .Thursday, uiul pni^i U, 2 i>.ni Friday.
We will be unable to in-.ui.-c f.lmuge unless
this rule is complied with.
Leiral- mlvurtisiiii;'1-' cents por iiuupariul
June first insertion,S cvuts pin- line each sub»t-
quent insertion.-
.: . Hates for uontraet :idvortUini; on .ipnlica-
•   tion nt oltieu of publication, Todd Block
:^' v~ _,-■•
1).   V.
" Editor,
ll. (i. MARSHALL,
.Business ManaRur
in return, growled ..aom.etfitag tadefr
ui-e at the babies, dropped heavily
into, the one rocking chair and sent
tin elder baby aftir. a glass of'wat*r
while the second toddler brought his
si:* -ers.  .*
Tlte wile stood longingly at . his
bide brushing the damp hair irom his
forehead, ii only he had drawn her
down into, his lap and cuddled her
Tor one" brief moment, all the dark
..ires.of the day would have dropped
;i-om her * shoulders like a heavy
mantle. *' \ ■ , „••
  ■**"" "~':     ^=====r j   He lighted his pipe and busied him-
WK PASS IT UP TO CRANBROOK. 'SL'U m the *ve*"*ing paper until supper^
■ -     , . , Iwas served
There is excellent prospect that The-j    ReaUKl alld   Kll^d    ^  sauatered
Pass  will soon have   one of the great"- ;around t0 ^ ^^ hu wheri>
eat conveniences that could be afford
fgaj Stood tha Test, -./:
tho approval of the public is the final
test of merit.  This is the rsason
HastheiEtiopmotis Sale of Over
15^000,000 Packets Annuafiy.
Lead Packets Only
At all
ed it, namely, a long-distance vele1
phone line,through the entire Crow's"
Nest. Pass aad affording telephone
communication between all parts ol
tha. province of Alberta and British
If there- is realization of the    prospect,   it   will    be     brought    about
through  the consummation  of  a 'project whereby  the    Cranbrook   Electric
bight  company will   build a   line   to
, Crow's Nest and the Alberta govern-
'tncut will extend the line it is now
building to Tlie" .pass to ,Crow s Nest,
the two lines connecting at that
point. "There (Is 'giood probability
thnt the project will materialize."
The Cranbrook company has a w iter
_. powi-r plant near Cranbrook' irom
which power is to be supplied" to
Cranbrook and other places, along the
Crow's'Nest !line. One phase of. its
scheme  of operations  is   to build    a
,_ h.ng-distancc line through the Crow's
Nest Pass, or through that portion of
, "L lying in British Columbia., 'llu
line is now built as' iar as Elko and
■• it is the intention to ' extend it to
Crow's Nest': '. '■
The    Alberta    government,   as    is
The   other   " operative   within - the
ranks of. the mine workers,. and . who
also, shared .the respect and confidence
he paid _i5c for a mug of superfluous ^ thc.men     in cnarge,; was   ..named
beer and the social, privilege of cracking "jokes with his mates until (: 'bedtime. Meanwhile, the ' babies', slept.'
The little mother sat alone'' in' the
long twilight and no one'biit God
saw her tears.
Second Glimpse— •
. As workman number two opened his
door, a,loving smile searched out -a
frowsy young wife and a sickly bftbt.;
He kissed them both, droiiped fifteen
cents into the frowsy one's'lap.   ■
''Thank the Ix>rd," ' said she., "I
feel; an if I'd die if I couldn't git
away, from this squallin' kid onct-in
a while. You take,her, ah' ifil'gp
and git ready right away. 'The "girls
is expectin' me. She's cried" the'hull
blessed day.".
The father took °the fretful-little
one and gave her a cool bath.' Then
he spread a q'uilt in the shade of ■ a
tiny back porch, laid the:babe upon
it, and lanued lier to sleep,
The ., frowsy one hurried into her
cheap finery, -topped her'enormous
"pompadour" with a flowered hat,
y_avea a soiled glove at her husband,
and left  for   he
t     outing with ''the
igirla." ' ■
shown, is building a line to The Pass j A glass of" soda" water and a ticket
from Calgary. It was originally iu- ,to a ten-cent show disposed • of the
leaded to, make Frank-    the'   western | f5  ^ats.    '*' o
terminus of the government  line',  but j    J.ate in the  evening  she  returned to
it" has lately beta decided     to extend ; lhc „„Lidy home.   morc  tha,_  everdis.
this line    lo    Coleman,  which    would';contented with   the  responsibilities* of
leave only about'eight-miles to build .married Hie" and  motherhood
to make, connection   with   thfc    Cran- j    Third Glimpse-"        •
brook    company's line.      Represent- :    „    , • ,
■tivesorthe company will visit Ed-' ^T* *,.nmb".r «"*--»«■*- "f:
...onion in a feW days to endeavor to'1;1i;dl.0VUS .ow" doo™l«P bv -iw°
induce the government to build to ■ ' ™ u ^ >i ,*"*** ^' hy
Crow's Nest   and connect.   Sine,   it is   ^^ £'„" ^ ^"g-'first kiss
•so manifestly' the  disposition  of    the ■      „I e't   ' ^   , "'l"        '     '        '
»,, .    , ... ■       - Have   you   had a hard   dav ■   dnr-
AlLerta 'government  to aflord  the peo-   ,;„_,..     tL ,i*      i   J,, " ■ ?.
i,l»_«L<i,__^i£:.-i.-j=_i.^ ' Jipgj Tne day  had-been   nniKiinlly
hard with the, heat,  the-'ironing    and
the care of two  lively boys;  but " all
■at,once the^memory of   its weariness
left her mind.
"Il scenied hard before you came,
dearest: it doesn't seem so now."
lie swung I)oth     youngsters    to    his'
'■sible linefiis ' from its public works
programme', there'is little doubt that
the new proposal will   appeal    to   it
-.sufficiently strong, to warrant a decision to' carry the' line to the bound-
' nxy-"      . ■
One gratifying phase   of   the   propo-'SVroad'ahouWera.
w'lhinttv    ■', .        yt°   tolHe;kid"ie8'    while     you put some   bread
,w,ifen the y,ai, as the government is   and milk and*cookies into  the'dinner
pushing work on the linoit is build: Spall.   We'll have  our supper  ' in    "h
ing to The  Pass.   The pole line from 1'parkl" "
Calgary south is well under ,way, i The youngsters ' gave a squeal ' of
St thT^^'1')ft,J07^ the dis-ldelight, "nut, .Tohn, you'v' mich^d
tancc.   lhe holes are dug to Macleod ; once today;  you-'       He  interrupted
nnd from Iherc  to Frank, und    it is
the intention to have the line in oii-
'   cration by fall." The Cranbrook   PC0-
-   pie expect to rend, Crow's Nestabbut,
■   the same time,  and  therefore if     the
through line fa illen(!(, R w|„     Juost
MKcly h* ready before winter.   „
The consummation of the project
would U of the ' greatest possible
l-enefit to n«,t only the people along
tit Crow's Nest lint, but to the
whole public of Albcrtn and Urltish
Columbia, us the government's
.scheme fa to give connection with nil
p/iru or the province, while the Cran-
lirook jieoplu expect to ultimutcly ex-
tend west'to the coual, or at least
to"* connection with the' const. ' ]n
view ol the well night Impossible »er-
vktf of the " C. ]', H. telegraph,
which docs not permit of (l resident
of The l'aa» sending n message a
limidrtcl miles ,,m| l>tUlni, (l rep| ,„.
•Id. of two d.iys, t|u, a..*„ty l() lni||.,
' Hurt biislneu by telephone with nny
purt of either province would i,e tt
I'Ooti  inrlued,—I'mnlc I'ujier,
'Jhr-e nmnll cottuges, cxuctly alike,
«lood in the glaring heat of an August sun. Toward ilntn walked three
vo.iii,,  \ ( rkmen, «iiti>lng dlnn
l''tr.s!  (.*.Iiiiit,M, -
Ae workman uuml«r one turned in i
•it  the first cottage,  a tired mothor's
f«ce bHghttncd  at  the sound  of  his
her gaily
"H will cost 15c to ride three
iiuli-s, eilt supper by the cool waters
of the lake, visit the anitnais"-
naolher sqnenl from the youngstcrs-
"nnd listen to the muiiic-thr«) 'and
three f„„rth rents apiece." Isn't'that
cheap enough? At bcd-tinie, I'll "put
yo« and the babies on'the car,"aaid
TH walk home. . Come, kiddies, tt
nice lor the lxi'throom!'''
I" the cool'of., the evening .-two
.happy boys and a, little mother with
a glorified expression, boarded tlie
••nr oad waved U,«Hr little hands to a
strong young workman, who fcwum-
"77 /n the moonlight an <l he
might beat them home.
ANNA A. P0WJ,ESS in The ,'uhHe.
ii ...
Triiidad, Colo., May, i3, ,907.
"•""l">' Mine Workers' Journal;
A few* days ag0    a  ,^,k .}
1 "'kcrton's  Labor, Spy,"  jUst  , „.
•v,.h landed the writer which gives ui,
;~ «»> *"• of the rfnkerton
a«Mey and iis operatives within tlie
nmiW 2JB7"«* during n, Colorado
•.trlle toih of the coal   and    quart,
I o..crt M, Smith, an ,.r.r)mircr     ,
yo*l     the alightest ,,u,.Bt|on,       This
>"tr. ng, • came ■ from. Fremont.- county,
aud was a special friend of Hoard
MeinWi Gchr. ■ 11-ut neither of . the
rogues knew < the real occupation of
the other. , ■       ..
Another whose business it was to
take' care of the, men sent.. to Rock
Springs, Wyo ing, to organize was
a .man. by the name of Williams,'
whoaa. work •"• in thwarting all attempts made to organize that camp
were successful. This vampire , teems
to have tiecome so weighed down or
.cor.ecience-stricken by the blackness of
his sins that he fell to drinking and
lost his commission.
This story-was divulged by a man
who has     b«en connected    with     '.he
jjitertou agency!    , '
The aliove revelations will account,
in a large measure, for the fruitless
expenditurje. of money,, time and ',ea-
erjjjjr, up to the j'• present time, in
Southern Colorado! .
, J|.these^nMn|were..to gat. what is
jnatly,.doe, thein_ a-larga,''!": ;, wpuld
be branded, ,on, each cheek, _ indicating
traitor.  .Very truly opura, j;,
■ ,  '     JOSj.,SHAai"f
So long.aa employers resort to the
detestable, spying j system, there", can
bt no .confidence:,. between employers
and employses. To pretend friendship
lor the laborer and: at the same /.time
set spies ia ihis camp, is.- the > meanest
kind of'hypocracy, which will.* breed
nothing better than crops, of disean-"
lent and suspicion between • .parties,
where confihence and resjiect should
reign. "  , ._ .___
The most despitable man is .te wiio
plays eavesdrouper, and this modem
eavesdropping, lednc'ed' to" a -calling in
— T-^ .— —^- —* 7''-"' 1-
has beronie one of the curses of - the
business "and .industrial world.
,An eavesdropper or a spy  is     only
the more desp'isable because' he makes
it a business and does it for pay.
Many corporations employing large,
nu-absrs of men adopt .the .pying:
system and put it; in practice among,
their men,., especially whc^,. the.. men
are mem tots of unions.a ,.     ,
.By this despiseabje method they become possessed of. knowledge j,, which
do» not belong,,,to Ufem-steal. it as
it were, and the men from,,whom it
is stolen can not entertain a very,
CJtal,(fed. opinion of..their,honesty.
Prom rpbbwy of,','tUs.',kind to.,rob^:
kwy o!:w»gs»;.is.only a.fthort .>tepi
j\nd the man who .knows,;he,is .being!
roblud.of the one .can.be easily . ledi
to,l*elfaye he,,iB-;being,,i*oM»d, of.,thei
0-»*'r/.,il>yithe ,man-, or. management
that will stooi), to the low level . of-
thf-sayeadroppcr.. .,
..Witl;. coal, iron, .oil and, gas, South.:
era Allxtrta w«I, bt ,tho, rsnnayivan-:
ia ol Canada,.and-iL-rthbrlhgv will, l>e
the PitUburg.. Who ;will lie the Car-,
noffW-Soutliarn Albertan News';
^♦Ji, aad who'.will'to the Thaw?    ,
We offer One Hundred Doll ara1 Re-.
ward tor any case of Catarrh' '' that
-amio't lie cured     by Hairs   Catarrh-
Cure.     ,-'■"*■'
V. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned,: have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and, believe him perfectly honorable
iti, all business transactions,'" and
financially able to. carrj* out any obligations made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists,   Tpledo,„0.
Hall's, Catarrh Cure is. taken' internally, . acting _ directly [ upon the.
blood, and mucous , surfaces , of s -the
system,. Testimonials, sent,free. Price.
75c,per bottle.   Sold, by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con:.
-, 1    . 1 "      "O
District of North Enst Kooteimy,.
TAKE NOTICEIUiat David S. Pedlev, of Wiisa
B. C, occupation Timber Cruiser, 'intends to
apply for special timber licenses for'-the' loX-
owuiiii described lnnds .situate on the north-
v?rH''f-FlllIls,err IJ-'vernndits'triliutRrles in
North Ea»t Kootenay District:
Xo. l'OomineiicnBata post planted on the
east side of Lynx creek about-one mile from
iir ""out?: thenee' north80 chains; thence
Wost.80 chains; tlieiice South 80 chainii; theAce
l-.ftst to eliiiins to point of commencement, and
cpnlaininff B40 acres more or loss.
.May 7.1!K>7      „
S0,r, Commencing atajxist planted at tbe
South East corner of application No'. 1;'thence
North 80chains; thence West 80chains; thence
South 80 chains! thonce East'80 chains to
point of commencement, and containing (MO
acres of land more or less,
. May 7, 1907
No. ;)..
•Vortli      _._.,_ t
< haiiih ; thence South 80 cihoii'm .:"The"h09'*West
i  chains: thenco North 8) chains,-to point of
•j.immenccment"and containing  ii'0 acres nf
innu moi-o or'less
May !), 1007."' '"
No. 4 (lommeiiciiig at n post planted one and
i.ne half miles north of Lynx creek from
inoi th on \yu»t hide; thence North VM chains
iciicc West. 4-ichnliih; thonce South 120 chains
(Hence hast 40 chains to point of 'commencement, and containing-ISO'acres or land more
"r less, «
Paled this ldtli day ol .May, ]!«
(.'pmmencinB at a post planted i at the
hast corner of No. 2: thence East 80
David S Pellley
Fort. Steele;
Co., Ltd
Kootliedby Znm-liuk.
II „
Min,  women mid HrU  i-itcncivi
Mores, who have to I* mi tlmir
all   d.y, often    Hiifler
Dr.    Williams'     Ptnkl'lllu .Drought'
Back the Uuddy Glow of.Health.
Thoniianda ,ol young growing .girls
have pole, pasty . coiuplexionai>,-.dis-
trt-aalngi headacjitfl, (liackaclies . and
.Nideachcf, S^etimcs,tky uro,„un,
nhk.io.aleep; thnir, ttcrvea,.. are,,, un-
strling; they are languid, , breathleaa,
andtlia heart pulpitatesf. violently, at
tbe liuat exerUon-that's anaemiii^-
ond it may develop into>consumption
unless, promptly attended to, Anaemia
tnaiiBN. bluodluManeNM. Dr. WilHaniH'-
l'ink J'ills make pure, red blood-
Ihiit's the secret of their micccsn,.
MiM.Winnie Allen/Montreal, Que.,
•nye.' "I was to weak nnd-'irun'ilcwm
that my.friund", thought-I wni ^mgi
into conHiimption 1 woe a» pale an
no appetite and dldl
not sleep well, the le.nt exertion,
lirpd me out nnd If I walked a fe*v:
lloeke I waa    ulnioet tiredthlee»,  My
Fi*rni«,   »." C.
Brewers of lixtri'i   Fine Liifjer
ami    Aerated   Waters.
Bottled    GoocIh  . a     Specialty.
WBNE   CO.,  Ltd.
"Wnolceale , Dealers   and .Direct
Importere.of .
Sold Apu'iitH in KiiHt Kooteimy for
WATBIt     .,
k Cream
Soil Drinks
Now lhat  tlio   wnrm season
is here drop in and get a
iii/im, J!..l.    J.-f*-'f     /"•""I._    ._
Phones: Office, 6.,
E   are   now
stalled   in
"new barn,   opposite  the'■
"old   place,   and- have a
complete,     new , outfit,
i>which  is always at your
service  for livery,"   cart--
'age   or   baggage.    We
still   have, the  office   uptown   where orders, may
! be   left. . -  s.'
from moth and dust by investing in a MOTH \
, BAG. We have all sizes in the latest patterns'!•  '
Also MpTHVCAMPHOR BALLS   ;•■ v.." ''
,      ; at, per pound      2uC
Ni Ee Suddaby /
Agent for Kodaks,-Films and Supplies, Piioiioirraphs, Daily Papers, Magazines
See Our Windows for
A» > Ge>     lo-iphardt   J-ewelie**, and Optician
Phones: Office 6.
Stable 24
A Good Way
to pleaee .cartful houaelceepera.U to
give .feoaeet wcigfct. Oh,,we don't,nay
that all. butchera doa;t do tola, ,but
we cannot help, owftaionally.; overheating our lady friends when,, they
get to tellinjf their experiences..
Another Good Way
toploaee ie.to aupply. only ,, the best
meat.' If you trade with I ust you,will
learn just .what, we ,imcan by these
two "wajre" QUAUTY and QUANTITY' willi be a little' more than)you
'      - n       l" J. yf ,%     ' 1
F^ore and Aft
,     .   „an-d  if  you,   do   your   garden .the   ■■  ,  '
same., way.,you .will have   a, good       '
showing. We have a good showing of/*
Garden ;• Tools, Garden'z Hose,
Lawn lowers, Etc.
Screen;DoorSiScreen Windows
D; QmM
Hardware and Furniture
t t
-*   a-
How-to,Fish, when to Fish, the kind of'Tackie
to.buy,. whereMo buy it and wherei to buy it-the '
bestj    All this r information   thrown in  gratis,
with every dollar's worth of Tackle purchased at
N. B< (!,Our stock is complete, well bought and  well
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iiis toj advantage. ? ''■     ""■
WHUm-1-JIHl.'.HI lUUl-l-JUWHIgi!
'.■>, etc. In otliur caik-e lon_r stiiiidiii)j
mid walkin'! l<>nd.i to had Je^, v.irl-
".«e vi-lti nnd nlrm '/nm i»..i ij,.
Uic imin out of ckifed ■on---, jirevcnls
fciippurntbir lind pojsnii Irutn stock-
,n*f "*y*"i iiud K'litriillv hen Is.
Mre. K. U'ntklii.% nf tu Vorgiie
nvcDin-, Montreal, s.iys: "My |,0y
Iiad ,i sore on his Led whicli was riili-
'«<! '<y liis stoi-kijijj until u |<c.tme
a v«Ti,- ud wound
nice dish of Ice Cream
or a cool, refreshing
soft drink at
McDougall & Co.
°" l,"t   nml   *'M«nce    pi-rfeoted   to
u«ch the m,n ,,rior t0 |he ft Cor|)H    hftd
,1?,      f,<,0, a,uI i]w»* w»«o were
f«« ^•"f'ntiod.     rotI,is„„in    Cll,,  «i.t«r advlstd   me   lo take   Dr. "WH-
■ he Ml,, ' /'°i* V*ry «w'lt'Wreo, i "•»■'.■■ »'»nk I'illi,/ and -aUenuslnR
auonlrs from It-trU.' a r , C"'or',l,(* «onl |,,',em ior * 'ew wm^s, 1 nm a^ainen-
.ftttiin,- s.,r««, anft corns, l.o.uy patcl,.'wiU unLxZi*"™1 "' t,,u honV J0fi^ ^ ,'*ft,U' «»*■ ten e^ood
 •"    '-    ■«- " "      7,1?"
'*    ^«<itt^Thf'^-'f'S  "Vi]hA °'Ur "**» '« ^1-y.ars-with
i-l        c    >i      7.7'   Klv,B«*    ,,,i,,•1    "'• W,,"*M»    I'tak   I'llls make new •  0 «Wnv )i«ic aP-ctl-"-seJ. **-tJniut
tZlirtd       .l'  Tmil <°"v-««. rlBht at the root of such trou'1,1*. „
hcilMi, t r"n~     hc   ettk ,u »lrlku   ''UU" daBCUl   ^   «cr^ «l« ol girl-
»».*, ijirtcre tlirou(t  which  the . In- |hood «nd Womunhood and a host   of
C r" "' the, COtlt «ompanli-« ol  the  ihwn.   Put y„„ mm M.  .... _„,„ '
'Jo Consumptives
The underslfffled' having been .   re-
stored  to health by  simple   means,
ht-aled  the wound up  wonderfully."    j ton Ulmr    Snv «^ ,\.i. li   ,
•T. rlh irr l> "',fe:1' ilC"',mr"  nBd "«*!>*. mo, 1. InUuJtTn
i""i"   J ^ttI™*,!" M •W-j^^»'»ltew. were that wm
U      "" at ** * ,,0,r- ««^*taed by H*m wMU i« 'CoUrfido.
•*r..pp«r an mil every l-ox-lmitatiom.
■ever etare agyone,,., and aoenUiwe*
tn»y do much,harm, n yMr ^^
d«« not keep,t|« genuine pm« they
will !• unt nt jor a hot* or 6 box««
for w.jo Irom The Dr. Willlsme' Ued-
its**' Medicine'Co., BrotlffUU, OH,
Are arriving daily.
We have a larger and
better assortment this
spring than cvcrnndoui-
priccs are low enough
lo suit the person wno
had In borrow frouble.
Meats, <EBgs, Butter,
Poultry and Pish '
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Our prices arc the most raueoniible in  Fernie.-'PI o.    No ibr-
call at lhe ihop on Victoria nvenue • .    -     1VOi'or'
Dominion Meat <£<>. Ltd.
Phone (So. 4 VIctoHa Avenues
dieeaae COK8UMPT/OK, U awlous
to make known to his felloe sufferer*
the means ol cure,, To those who de*
sire it, he will cheerfully send (free of
charge) a copy of tbe prescription
used;-which they will find £ cure1 for
TAHWTI, 11U0NCHITIS 'and nil tlrroet
aud lim-r -VAUDIRS. He hopes all
siilltreia wiM try this Remedy, aa it
is invaluable. Tiose desiring' the pre*
Mripticti. which will cost thim'iiotn-
l*g, and xnoy prove a Messing, wil)
plsste tdtlrSfli'
BKW HVA1D A. wnmv,'
,   Wrooiiym, v< Vt
60  YEARS' '
'- ' '.
Vegetable Plants mid Rhubarb
CHUllllower per Ida. ' $r,oo
Ubbnff* plants per ioo     soc
Rhubarb Roots por dorcn,.....  1.50
First cross, Mlnrin*n.An(lnliml>*.n
Per Siminc, Jt.oo
WJWWIMI !.>»■«
 _lTtkmm '
liiftiHldn li
Uonituietji ^„...._. ,
•ont frM. (Il&ui t/uiff iu
Tnapv Mahkb
__.' DriioN* -
pop.fnio.MTS Ac
-It and 0 worlj
Sckniific flnr.ricart.
AJt*nA0fim»lrflhMff»f*f wonk '.   Iiir««t«l«.
Mltilnn ni snr»rt«mMA !<-»irt),|.   *li>/rni.tlr» '
iit, Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
PhMMj 8f^o<ktione>an« «et|.
Metee ftaisfced m eppllcatloe.
nttt ON HAWD.   '
*. Jk. XJOLSt,
AnbrUet - end' ffnlNrHhtetdent
Often tt IW-iuua.
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Apples,' No Cebleee Corn-Jttit"old
reliable- varlrtiw tt NewMUble
prices. 1 (Pertll'iere'i Dee" Supplies,
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Cut floweret etc. Oldest' 'ettib-
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B, C. Catalogur Free.
M. J. nBMttY'fir ^t/ftsJRAi«s
Oreeiibonees^ and   Seed   Houses.
* Utv«U«| ( eW»    y#
J». 6,—«, your local usnhsttts
do not handle.' myi seeds.' send
direct. We prepay 1 fifty packets,
assorted varieties <4 garden seeds
in S*. p«f>tre (tMted etocb). to
your neattet -sost office'tor Irtoo;
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Cigars, ,TfJiacc6i
Cigarettes & Pipes
Thcrt li only ono plaae in town
•wheroyoti'iBitn R*tjr6od're1lablfl
goodshoar line that U at
W. A. IN01UU, ptop,
Pbba.   ns.     .    .    4%,^ ^ c. ctiTV.c mnv-tt-ra»^ .
«,..■■ ,11 .-,1.....-..^...^.—ftrf.
FERNIE   LEDGER>0*RERN.I^, R .C., JUNE  i, 1907
7 n8WkX*^s,-^js«w.-'wmb. r ...
7 The through train aurvioc over , Uic
_Soo, C. P; *L.» Crow's Nest and Spo-
'K-oac iflteruatioual route . througu l>Vr-
n'li, is sclwdiiled to begiii.:Juue 17. ,.,'
,' 'll^ou^ c&iwiict-'ous will be" uiaUt;
ut Spokane for" Portland. Thu. trains
will' Xm the    best     equipped   oi    any
— —;—,,M._u-y..     .——
he . begins ■, it ;-that r-:te:..;"fl»iat-,e|l»efld
money—lots of'it]/ Somebody mu-ft*.
itll hiui,, also, that he cannot hope,
to reap results commensurate .with
his expenditures .. .early,,' ■ in .the.
^auie. ■' Advertising {/doa't. jerk; .-7t
puliS.; Il begins ;very^gently at first,
Lul  the pull is  steaily.   it    increase,
crossing the continent,  and  they  wil'.' ^ ^^ and   *** ** **«• "■*-•
■ have all the devices which nave\bcei   iL ««r" an irresUble power," fr,
iavtrlit-ed in rectait • years Ior llie. pur-' .   -.-" °T\     7
,pos«  of   uiiking" Uttvcl  by    railway      ■' ^OT THK SAMJ*7
Uaia comfortabti*. 6a each ear "will - -A lubuat'aineer of one of "the >. back
be' thn^ .words *'Sop-Spokane*.'7 Six ,t 'ouuiics of North, Carolina waa -arr
"new trains i'or ;Uiis service aie now -'raigned with several others-for illicit
in process.of "completion, and as soou distilling-. VDefendaui,': '' asked :„; the
an tneyare iinished they are put in- court,-''what is your-uatte?"* * V
to nervia- on the. Soo line to-be' , "-'oshu.i,",,wan the reply., r. ...
broken, in., liach". car as . completed "Are you the man'■> who made "'_!the
Will uiake  two  trips  ou tlie _ present J*"" stand still?" '       ''.'.;
<liii.es    ol tit* Soo, and   will thus   b«-      Ijuick as  a  Hash came .the;answer,
ihoroughly   tested before  being    useu .."^'o. sir;  .1 amnthe man who. ..made
<M the through -trains.   All the sleep- ,&* moonshine."
ing cars    of this ,dajss used   oil    the j  ' - „ ~—, . ° "... -.—
Soo-Spokuue liueWiil'be given .names !  '     ,    UKl'ARTI.NG GI.ORY.    ,.  ■-
iw^iiming with   the letter  "V.';  That | ''l'1"*' old-lime    rbuud'ups    ou    the
■ airriv iug at, Wiuuipeg   this  week ■ was : pi'airie   are fast dwindling   away   and'
lhe "Viking."   Next week there   will
' arrive the '-'Venice" aud the "Vulva.','
This will add one traiu a day each
way through Feiuie, and will" bring
by our doors many 'mure travellers
leu* pusses us on the' two Crow
When  the   Kooteuay Central   shall
have been constructed between Kiko
aud Goldeu, still more trains ami'
fieight will pass this way. Add to
thia the extension of the G. is", from
here to Calgary, and fernie.will be
thn greatest railway centre between
the snountains' and the coast.
The new Soo-Spokaue   train    which
-starts on its regular ruu about the
1/ th, will pass through Fernie at
i.05 a.m., making only two stops between   here and    Medicine Hat—Mac-
Jeost and i,ethbridge.      The  time    to
• Macleod will be three hours and the
run to Medicine liat will be made in
eight horns.       ,r
.   Tha new westbound train will leave
•fcere'at'7.45 a.m., aiid stop only al
Cranbjtook   between .   here, and. the
i,a»ding, making fast time on its nm
.to the weat.
' - The regular Crow line service " will
remain practically the same as it is
'■O** ..-•'■'*' '     ,   H. ■
'"      ,  ."" 0       ~~    '
The" hew > Japanese labor party's
programme iucludes opposition^ . to
monopolies and favors universal male
and female sullrage, a general increase1 of wages and reduction ol
hoiire, the aljolitioo of capital    pun-
iahmeot   aud- of- titular distinctions,
fundamental   reform io taxation. - and
.arbitration   of all  international    disputes. "   * -" ' "■; ■ '.
That is'a pretty good platform for
"Iany party to stand ou, and when we
.consider that it. is the platform ot a
enbor.'.party in a country which halt a
century ago was a land of oppression
and ignorance, n we begin to _ "-caliw*
at what a rate    the.human race .is
travelling in the direction of rNsform.
Jt taahio.worthy of noU; that con
da Japuii the leuders    of reform    are
"" ihe intelligent working classes.
... '■'■ "O—-■" ■
■-,:■ JHd you ever notice that if weather
codtijtioas were particularly severe
el.twhsrc, generally; all over U.<>
\ovmtry, by the time the cold wave
or hot wave, or electrical storm or
what not, reached . Phoenix, it mod-.
tilted ''no that it wae not nearly ns
objectionable as in other places u»d
lofcilltice. It •tei-mB.WU-aer, hut It'is'u
' ulmple fact, nevertheless, and .is some-
thlnj.'.Which Phoenicians can be thankful fcr.~Phoenix Pioneer.
'■' ' Wi*'had,not uooiced it, but wc-lmvc-
tiotIted,that  eome people are thauk-
''(«r for very email favors.'Phoenix Is-
•so, high up in the world, thnt even un
1 elf'Meal etortn get* tired before it
leu up the hill. They ura awfully
'•'eteci. up,'* those I*hoc«iciaus.'
——« o-	
, ' lie    longest dletancc   the   human
'voice has lieen trunstiiitUxl Ih believ-
'-eiii to!be front' Montrcul to WiniiiiKg,
■»»43'' .  wil1*! over   a Hpcciul   copper
'whre -aJoMg the line of   tlte Canadian
Petite railway.  This wire, which bus
'(■Jtemteilute     connections..  only   at
-North Ruy and l't. William,   was in-
•teileii'liy the rullroad coiilpiiuy , ior
its telegrapbone system, ?i'y means ol
■which two mceeagtfl, ono by telcplinni!
•«j*d the oilier by ttle^raph,   Can , ,1/c,
'iraaemllted slmiillatwoiisly dvvr .the
.wire.  A nuinlier of tents have    beeii
.'maeV oftlie new outfit, it Ik-iiij- Intnwl.'
iqulto easy to couverse from   uud.'to
eud of the   line, while nt tlu:    unme
Atosienl... operators  at an iiiU-rmedi-
' a testation tH, Uilliam; were sutnt-
•jug • (e'egraphic   message to   Montreal.
' .Tnlm Wnn.imnVar siyn—"Tf ibi-n- K-
''OM enterprise on earth that a 'quitter' should leave severely nlotie, it in
.Advertising.    He should know   before
.'UialTd's Unleneet Co., I.lmlU-d.
^ Oeaj»**I have msod your MINAUD'S
"UMllfKMY in my family and also In
toy ejtalits for yooxs and consider it
the heet medlcJae ohtalnalile.
Yours truly, »-
*etiprietor Boilon   Pond Hotel   and
lively BUblta.
loosing their pomp and splendor. This
year'1)the outlils met, at eight-mile
lake, there being represented the Circle, Bar U, Oxley, Cowdry and "JVUiU-
sell, and the Little Bow outfits.
The job of gathering the cattle this
year will- be & difficult' oat, as . tbe
severe winter has driven them iar out
of their u.iual. ranges, and . many
cattle have drifted across the Inter-;
national line.   - , 7 7,    ,    .,.
A few more years and what was
■nee an extensive range business will
have dwindled to nothing. ■■       >
Bob. Moore's Dream   of Futare Bliss
Has Now Been Realized—It ia a Man.
Baby's* Own Tablets contain- no opiate' no narcotic, no poisonous drug;
The mother who uses these Tablets
ior her children has the guarantee oi
a govcruiueut analyst- ue to the truth
of these statements. * This medicine
con therefore be used with absolute
safety, and it always -[cures, ..such
Uouiiee as indigestion, aour ttomach,'
euus'UpaUiou,! dianrhpea and colic.
The Tablets cure simple fevers, break
up colas, destroy worms and make
teething easy. Mrs. W. Ii. Young,
lCusiin, "Ont;,-says: '-'I have used
Baby's, Own Tablet* aa needed- ior
uiort than a year aud would 1 not be
without than iu the house. They ore
just the tiling for teething.. babies
aud other minor ailmwte." The Tab-:
lets cost only 25'cents a box and
amy I* hud from medicine dealers or;
by, mail from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillcj Ont.
, e>    —
The revenue ol the province ol British Columbia for the fiscal* year ending June 30, 1906, woe «»3,o44,443.iu.
01 this amouut {♦306,076.66 was received from the Dominion, and there-
uia^ider' was couti'ibuted from local
sources.. The largest item-laat" year
was from timber royalties aud lie-
ensi-Sj the . amount being „ 1509,043,44,
a gain ol nearly 100,000 over the
previous year. Timber leaece yielded
$110,499.83. Thus the UmUr'Industry
contributed lu all J609.543.a5 to the
revenue. From' lands, including survey fees und rents, $301,678,48 were
received, making the revenue from the
two source!) of timber und laud $9il|-
331.;3, or nearly as much as the tot*
iii ru>euuu ul the province ten years
ajjo. • This cluiirly Indicates the rapid
(luvelopmciil ol the province,- The
chief   Rdurci-s of revenue are as   foi-
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is a
[regular cough medicine, 1
strong "medicine, a doctor'**
medicine. Good for easy
coughs, hard coughs, desperate coughs. If your doctor
endorses it for your case, take
it. If.not, don't lake it. Never
go contrary to his advice.
Wa.puMislwiur formula* ^
Wo baniih alaohal
from our uitdloinsi
W» lu-f • yon to
oomalt yoor
L.  P. a Eckstein
Hoomy 1 it 3, Henderson block. Kernie, B.C.
F. C. Um      Afez. I. Fisher, B.A.
Latpc ; & Fisher
Crowe   Nest   Tradh^    Co.    Block,
'." -Fs-nde, B'. C.
W. Ji. Kobs.K.C. ,   j. S. T. Alkianbkb,
Ross & Alexander
,.     ' H'ERNIE. B. C.
Ottioe in I.. T. W. Blmik, Victoria Avenue.
The dose of Ayer's Pills is small, only
one at bedtime. • As a rule, laxative doses
are bettertlian cathartic doses. For constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, sick-
headaches, they cannot be excelled.
Ask your doctor !>bout this. <■
 H»de by tho J..C. iy»r Co.. r^areU.:
lows: Direct taxation, $616,0714.31;
from timber,.'$609,543.27; from min-
i«g, ?440,686.39; .from the Dominion,
$306,976.66.—B. C. Lumberman.
TVrorrCK is horoby Rivon tlmt thirty (lavs
i-« utter iliilo tin- followini; iieraons'intend
«PPl,vinB to tlio niilof C'linniissionor of Lands
and Works ut. Victoria, ]*.&, for licenses to
prospect for conl and pel roleum on tlie follow-
iiip; described lands, sitnato in Block —
lyinit on tho west side of Orent Xortliern rail-
wii.y, from Morrissoy lo Cedar Valley timber
limits, Southeast Kootenay, Dritlsh Columbia.
Commeneins at a post planted at the north
oast corner of, Isaac Waldron's' claim, tlunce
runnniR nortii 8(ichains. thenoe west SOcliains,
thence south 80 chains, thenco east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, containing B40
acros, more or less. .   -
Isaac WaIoPkon, Locator.
A. W. JJhi.dkn, A«ent.
May 7 1!W7 „
Commencing at, 11 post planted at the south-
cast comer of F.P McCormick's claim, run-
ninir south m chains, thence west »i chains
thence, nortii 80 chains, lliencu oast SO chains
to place of commencement, mii'tint""- 010 acres
more or les-,. , '
■J- P-M<:Cokmick. Locator.
.„".,,„     -   . A- w- Bkldus, Aptont.
■.•May 7,1U07. .
Commeneinir at a post planted at the north-
east corner of Petor Qiloiirist's claim, thonce
running north 81) cliuins, thence west 80 chains,
tlience sontn 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to place of commencement, making 040 acres
more or less.- ' „ - - -'
' IV.TKHCiif.ciim'sT, Locator:
May 7,11107.
A..W liw.DKN^Agent
mpro or less. .1   -
May':, miff." ".'".-:'
Commencing nt, a post planted nt tho southeast corner of H O. Guilliand's claim, tlience
running louth 8-jchains, thonce wett HOchains,
thonce nortii 80 chains,thence.eust. 80 chains,
to place of commencement, niiikinglUO acres,
more or less,    - " .-..j
II.O.'Ouii.i.ia'ni), Locator.
,r,    „ V   A. W: Bki.hen, ,Agent.,  -.
May 7.M07. ... -.. .\-
-t-  ■  ' . '. - •' *  '
Commencing at a post phintod at the south-'
east-cotner nf TL K. I'alnicr's claim, (honco
ruminig south ycliaiiis.tiio'iu.QwesI wicTuyns,
■t.ience_.isortii"CT/-cJiiiiriTii-iiTrriTne**Fii'!5r SUxnaiilsT
.to place of'cominpiicon'iunt, making mo acres,
moro or lenai.       ■       . ■. c. " 1 -
,V .•-;.--.. . . 'ilM-:. Pai.m'kh; Locator
May..7,-l|ioi_. ,. •    A, \V,, Bbi.d'BX, Ageijt
.rfimiriehoiiigiif a post, 'planted at the north-
_aas.f. corlilir ol'.;.Terry lla.vos1,- clivim," thence
running iidM\ 81 clmina. thonce west 80chains,'
t|.ience,so.utli:80Vli|ilns. thenco mist 80 ohains
Va'pliice nf < om'r<ion(;cnietit, making (U0 acres
Jichhv ITavkb, Locator
A, \V. I)i:u>kn, Agent",*
'"ConinifiKii'/r nl a post, planted at the south-
east corner ot-VV. H. Stophnon'i clnini; thenco
running south 80 (ihains.t.lionce west 80chains,
ihcncc nortii 80 chains, thonco oast, 80 chains
to place of communonmenf.
.,    W. H.Srui'iiHON,Locator
May 7,1007. AW. Hi-uikn, Agent
Coniiiieiit'ing ut. a post planted ut tho southeast corner of Holit.K, Neil's olaim,tlieiifio running north 80 c.liiiiiis, tlience west 80 chains,
tliennoHoutli noohnlns.t hence cast, 8(1 ohains to
piano of eoimnoucoiiiont, inalting (Ho acres
mora or loss,
Hoii-r lv NK1I„ Locator
May 7; 1007 A. \\". lliir.DKN, Agent
Comnionolng at. 11 po..t planted at. tho south,
oast oornor of Fi-oemim Snow's nlniin, tlience
rllliuhig south 80idmlii',,t|itin<'0 wont 80uhiiiiiH.
Minima mistr'rly 81) chains, thonco nnrlli 80
Oiiiins to place of comnHjiu-oinonl, makiiiM;
lio acres 1110™ or loss,
PilKl'.MAK Snow, Loontor
May 7,1IW7 A, W, Hi.'i.iiKN, Annul
Cuinmuiieiiig nt 11 nnst. pliiuloil at tlm nortii.
iiast corner of U \v. I'litcli's olalin, thoncu
running nnrlli 80 nlialns, thonco west 80 chains
thmicfl soulli 80 cliuins, tlinncij onJt 80 chaltin
tn placo of comiiidiici'innnt, milking 1110 acre*
•noni or 1»i»h,
111:11. \V. I'atrii, liocator
May T, Imi7  ' - • "   AW, liHMiKS, Agont
Coiiimniielng at. u no»t plantml at, the north-
nut oornor of J. K. Flllliliwidci-'scliilmjhimco
iiiiinlug north 811 idinlus, tlinnno west 81)
I'lmlns, tlunii'o souih N-ii'lmfiik, tliDiico cast hi)
nlialiiH to place ol cmniiiniii-i'inl'iiit. niiikliig
> l.i acres, moio nr li-s»,
.1,11  K111.1.ISWIHKK, l.omitor
May 7,11107 A. \V. nm.ni'.N, AgiMit
t'ominoiii'liigat a jiosf planted nt. Iliosontli.
0 mi oornor of Al JIIHiu-'h claim, llinucii run.
iitngNoutli Munliiilii'i, tliniH-i) wimt 80 chiiins,
■limicfl nnrlli H.)rhuliiH, tlmtioo mul, Nil nlialiiH,
In plucn nl'i'ninniiiiii'bindlit, ivnkllig iMti nnrtiM
innrv <>r lens,
At. Miller,. I.oi'uioi'
M IV 7,11107 A. W. Ili'lilnii, Aifcnt
''oinnicni'liig at. a ]io-( planti'il ul thn north-
nail. 1'iininrof .1, 11, W'ilinni'h ilalin, thenco
running nnrlli 80 CIimIiis. (hcnrii wn.l hii
I'll lllis, tlnilli'O kOlltll H>i('hilin«, lliniu-c miht HU
i-lialtis to pliu-i) nf ("Miinii'iii'i'iiK-nt, inaldnu
lln acrnsinoronr lns».
.1, II. Wllin.ii.l.u.-ntor
Mi»V 7, ltfiT A   \\',]l.|.|..ii  Agioil
I'liinmi'iicliiu ul a po»l pluiili'.l at (hu north.
ii'l.t cnniiif uf Tliornlnn Wheat ley's i'liilm,
llli'lll'U llllllllllg KOlltll Hi I'liuilix, llivllcii went
8 H'lmlni., tlii'iii-ii inii-lh tin i-liiiinx, llimicu oitil
hicIiiiIiiii tn plui-e uf ciiiiiiiii'iii'iMiii'iit.
'riioiiiliiii Whcullnv, l.'inntiir
Mi'vT. I'm" A   W. Ilelden, Aaelil
.11..'. .
J« Barbery l.d.s., d.d.s.,
a„ .:       DENTIST
L T. W    Blork,   opposite the   Hank!
'   Oftwit Imnrs—Hrum to H p.m.
W. J. Wrislesworth, D, D. S,
Ofpick Hours,. .     c'wtoMir a. m. 1 to S p, m
■  , 6.S0 to 8 p.m.   ' '     ■
Office in Alex. L ek's Blonk *     |Q[|
• over SUnn's Bakery. -  ,
FEHNIE,        -.       -        _,    _ b. c
H. Hum.. A.W11.DMA.K
Contractors, und Builders   ..
; Estlmutes Furnished
Residence—Corner Howland Ave. and
McEvoy St.     '
P. O. Box 355       ...       Fernie, B. C.
Builders and Contractors
Estimates cheerfully,given and work
,   promptly executed to the satis- .
."' faction of our customers.
Chas. Gilbert
Tonsorial Artist
Only Union ,Bnrber Shop in > the eitv
and work here is done in first class'
style and at reasonable.prices.
\  1.
Look for Card in  Window
^%«^k^%>iVM%% "ft_^
tp       ['      The"-" ,*      7   j
Elk   Lumber Co.
* rianufacturers  of
Dimension.,    ,
.       Flooring
■■'■ ' \   "■'    ,     .:■".•* '
Finishing; . *"•*
, Lumber &
All. our  stock   is   Inst   year's
cur and well seasoned
%<■**,-%.-fc/%/%^%*, I
4 Watch it Increase,  aii,you have to
aJ£ do with a Savings Account is to start il and
At,- keep it going-—then- watch if grow. Doesn't
^ take long for it to count up to a. considerable
&* amount—then you see the , advantage-—the wis-
aja   dom  of« saving.
M $1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Canada
•jv '       '        " '   '  '     '
$&       J. M.   MARSHALL,      gr., Fernie   Branch
Hotel, Hosmer
-„'   Open May 1 °
Everylliing,   new  and
Every accommodation'
• for the public.
Bar stocked with the
finest in the land _
Proprietor     .
, FERNIE, B.C. ° ; ■
Eoenji attention.
W, B. ltAUOSt, President
ttTW* IAIRD, General Mansjer
A. B. nUtULRD, Superintendent oi
" ****$*».       *
(■.ST.\lll.ISIIF.I)  IMT
Paiu-u]) Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5.000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000^09
Bructes ttroutjhoat Canada, and in the United States and Baft-Mf
)B|m^ixiess inay.be transacted by mail with any brand)
tM^fkotf. Bajik*; ^Accounts may be opened and deposits
aftdo or withdrawn by mail.   Every attention is paii
to oatnaf-town accounts.  \
For nl©, Branch -.*•■* G. S.   Holt,   Mnnufrer
fil CO CC |
& Rossi
lintt-artakers L Embalmers|
§■»"   ; ""'"       AGENTS   FOR -'''S
The   Calgary .Marble   &-  Granuc  Works K
. (formerly the Owl) .
The Owl   Restaurant
which has recently
,   Changed
will be more completely
up-to-date than has
been": the case in the
•past. The iiew pro-,
Rooms reserced bu iiiirp/
The   Calgary .Marble   &-  Granite  Works
. The ..Kootenay    Marble    Works,    Nelson
■ff ■ Samples.Can k.Steu at the Office. Parlors in lundy's Blori jjV
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
will be pleased to meet
the old patrons and also new.ones at the old
BesL of
ifer-Ht »^
fifty Yearmiho Standard
Conl,-Conl IiiihIk mny du iiurniinneil Ht (10
iioi- iii'i-u I'or Hon coiil nml iiiii Kir Hlitlirunlte,
.Nut iiKiriitlimi Wi Huron enn liu Hi-qiiirod by
mm liiillvlitimloi-comimtiv. Hoyulty nt. thu
riito of Ion (lunUimr tinuif »,(»Mi poutiilti iliiill
liu ciilliiutuil (in tliuKrinimiutinit,
QinirtK—A Ireu iiiliu-r'n curtllloutu U Hrnitud
ii|hiii iiuyiiiciif In mlviiiu-u nt «A |Hir milium for
mi Individual, mid frnmifVitoHixii'iiriininim
ff.i- a iioiiiimii.v lU'coi'diiiH to oHpltHl.
A fi«« nilmir. linvliiKi'lliiiKivtiroil mlnnritl In
liliii'ii.iiiuy liiiiiluiiuliiliii IJHon \,!i*tttml.
Tlm fen for ruflordlnii mcUIiii U^A,
At. liiiut»liiniiiiii.tliiiHxiiiiiiil(i(l nn tlitolblin
tiiu-li yuar or inilil to tliu inlninir recordw In
llmi tlivrttof, Wlioo ».V»i liiu iiunii hxi^iuMi'I or
inilil, (lie looHlor mny. nimii IihvIiik h mirv«y
iiimlii, hihI uiiiiii coni'ilylng with other ru.
i|iilruimnitii,|iiiroliRie llie luiuUlll hii hit*,
Tlm |iHt(Hit |irnvldi'ii for tlm iiiiyiiiuiit of h
royalty of <}|iiir runt on thu nhIuh.
I'i,*(;i:ii tn 1 ii iti w i-IkIiiik Kiiimrally nm Id i fi'«t
M|iini«; initry fun r't r'lliiiwnliliiyiiiirly,
A friiu inltitir nmy nliUlii two Itmsn to
drivlitr furuolil ortlvi) iiilloeifili for h ttrm of
luuutv vchm, ruiiuwuhlii Ht tliu dUiir*tloti of
lie MinKti'Mjf tin- Intiilor,
Tliu liiKkui kIhiII ImvHRilnidgB In oi*r»llon
within min hinihOii from tlmilntu of ill* ItmMt
rur iuii'Ii iln, niiliiH ItciiiUl >lii]iiir Htiiium for
fitch   mllo of rlvor Imunil.   Iloywlfy »t tli«
uwunf 2'. |*r i-iint cnlli-cti'd on ilmmifiiut nf.
lur It iix<enlK:|i'|iMi.
0«fHitv MUUUr tl 1% Histior.
N.  U.-UiU|iUu|riuiJ (UJ^Qi^cw ol
thlt advcrtiHmeit will Hot he mJJ
JVfitfe. 3B. Cf
#$»,, «!•
Allan Line
Direct  Bcrvlct'
Dublin Exhibition
HHininur HiiIIIiiuh
.Montreal nml Qu«bf« to
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Matte Fr0m Grapes
l'iuli-1- IK'U' m;iu:i^i-muiit.
—      n
Well fiimifilicd rfmiiiK.   'rSifitublii \n
t>u\i\intM witii tin* Ih-m. tivii m.trhia
Hi7>H\]ii,    T'.c hui "if, (»-Jl|^'w»l
witli tin* ln'Mt wiiir*,, ll~
ruin** (twin ww.
(turlilM,    >"".«>°
Ionliui    (twin .tcrew,   '),ot*t
'J UNIT 3»
Vitriol**]      (tUtWM,      13,000
*  JU!,V t
10,576 totm)
HMoion, $&*> Jtnil ajiw-iMlu.; h«««M'
Onlitn, $I".».W); Third Clnwi,. ■.'f-,7.fin
iiihI   U|iwai'(1h, iuiconllii(4 to tuV,.'i;,,,'i'
Summer Excur ion
I'lM'llltl lo
I'nit Ar(Iiiii-
SI. Puul
Sl.iiiv OKy
St, I.ntiU Sim.
i'lin'-M'" -t-'M
Torniilu   ■V7il'y
50 Good Woods-
moil wanted  by
T cj KIK    umbor
■    1
Co, Apply nt the
Offices or nt Hon-
nior.     , ^
k    1  *
\h tik lumber do., Ul
Fernie, B. C
Jas. Severn;, f/rop.
■ i nm 11
The A.'Macdonald Co
(Ht'jJ Oftiii*. WinnipTK)
Rranclifru—V*»iM*«i»vf,_ Nt-Koiv, Vero'tt-,
Kilmoninn, Aim. & Kt-ni»»;i, Onf.
Pcrntc, B. C.
(iinrriJi-*, ■ Hi-uir,   I'V-rtJiA;
C.ifllp Sujiptifn
<\frvlpriiti»   Ifntr*  Mci'vlnp
CoriniblttB* - r.Jmii-
l-^rtntiam..,- ...J»iV!
Slcilita. i-»«nif
NuwMlt*.....,*. ..*••• rJu,y
|K|.    Si. JuIiii .*fi|(.    Il.ilii'iiv .fiiiti.Hn.
On Sail1 J mm* "i. 7, 'inJ K
l-itM t'l.iss KiMinit   iYi|» in* D.iy l.imt
I (Vi?ri'»|iiiiiilln« i'i.iloi'lli"ii» lr»iii «H  Ki>iil».|i»4
I      tinli.1.1    'I'lnhfl* iniillntli' fur Ink,'rmllu
; iiii-liiillni: int'iiN mil ior) li< >ni I»i.ii
.;.,.....(».    .;..    .'   . .'■ •
! ylHilrltil-ll.V"<illl.'ll
I hi iih.ii.'ii, (;iii'Ui- "f M.-ni'
1 1   I u.^l
»7 I**'
41 Nero
One clftMCnbi'n $40, thin! cIhh H-F20.WI-
ftir*r«M'rv!ttittn of »>e*"tliB mul  (oil
|t«rtlc*nl»r apply to
U. IIKADINU,       W. It ALLAti
C. v. It. Afft"     (Jon. A«rt.
Ycrnlo Winn3j*'fr
. ssxs^SSSSSSisasnHmms, wmhmmwhm
.i.h^AUTKIt, I'  I'. A.. Nil	
fl. rU...'.t>IS(l. Awl    Vi-MHi-
Shoemaker Shop
'    iO|i|i. |», Iliuin.'.U'i't ollifi')
vi^i^Jirymxi^m^mT •
Crow'ft    N«ftt   Sp-iolar
 — asm	
MImm^s ravorit* Cigar
Tli»» owiiiT )m» wnrVfil 4 vt-am
,'n llf-in'*. HMs, mi'l i* |iri'p»rw]
t» ilo nil ti'M-lr ot ri'i'iifinj: Hint
v u w n'f-rk.
i»c« tJirtliotti
» I !«■■■■»"
Jhfon'M in The Ledger
mtmu FERNIE LEDGER,   FERNIE,  B.C., JUNE i, .907.
. W.    K.   Roto,   M. P. P., returned
from Victoria Taesday evening.'
Mr. a»* Mrs.  J. d Silverman,    of
Ynsxk, were in   the city, on Tuesday
'   Mny aad, Mrs.    .James R.  Wry
have moved iatb'the Stork residence.
A.- B.. McRae, ol Frank, waa in
town Tuesday. He txpi-cts to. accoin-
pafty J. A., Bricker on his northern'
C. W, Davey arrived in the c.ty
Friday,morning, after an.-absence »1
aeveral weeks at Edmonton and Oal-
Mrs. McKinley, widow, of  Presidenl
McKisdey, died.  at Canton, Ohio on
< the 26th inst,  after a stroke of par-
President Sherman ia' at Taber and
Lethbridge- in   cosaection    with the
investigating commission now in session at Lcthbridge.
' '' Rev. George Kiwcy, of Micliel, has
be-.-n  ia the. city a day or two    this
- week, and will take the morning str-
viceat the Methodist churcli tomorrow.   ,
. A brakd new Iriihnutn arrived at
the Waldorf, Wednesday, and is leisured as Bob Moore, Jr. He brought
with liim'the usual Irish thirst for a
right.-   '     v.->     :'
; Mrs. Gus Rochfort came down from
Frank to act as godmother for little
1\Iiss Mildred Syble Barnes, granddaughter' of Mr. and Mrs. K.eading, of
ihis city. ,
Mrs. G. G. »S.  Uudsey was at'home
to a few" friends  ou the 24th°of May.
Bridge was      indulged   in during     the
■/ early evening, -and afterwards  ' danc-
■ ing was  tho  enjoyment of those present.
J. A. Macdonald, secretary, 'John
Galvin, vice-president Dist. 18, are at
Hillcrest," and will endeavor to arrive at some understanding with * C."
1'. Hill, manager of the mine at that
place.   ,
■ Board Member Sullivan, of Michel,
Lft"\VidiL-sd.iy ceiling after'the ses-
siou of the district board, and Mr.
Morgan, of BanUhead, and Miller, of
J.eth'iridge.left, for llieir homes Thursday evening.
The music  furnished   by the   Moore
M  ...   ■ a     J
i-iint-ert - company for the social dance
after the entertainment., last .Monday
night w.;s the" best. that, the dancers
Tif'PeTnie-have HiaUTlie pleasure . ~M~
dancing to for a long time,
Ur. tt. Stanhope Gladwin, of Providence, Rhode Island, arrived in town
l.isl .Sunday ' and lias gone to ^Waldo
where he tai;es ch.irgc of the medical
practice at all the wills in that locality, under Drs. Iliggins and Cartwright.
Oscar Kirkpatrick and family will
leiivi in a few days to take uu their
«J;ode in Nelson. Mr. Kirkpatrick
1ms , been a resident of Ferule 101
nearly eight years, and leaves many
friends behind who will wish him an i
hit family success in their hew hi.tin-.
Parents should bear in mind that
.the car-few bell ringH every night now
nt 9 o'rlock, and all children arc expected to bt al home by that time,
Do your duty "as pnrcnls, and the
police will, have little to do to see
that the ordinance is properly observed.
Willie Corson is going about all
tied up He had lieeti scaling the
high wire fence in tile park und took
a turn He (rom the top and got a
scraping acquaintance with nil 'lie
wire in the fence ax he cutne dawn.
No very serious damage was dont,
howevw. rt
Charles Klingcnsmltli, of the IClk
hotel, Kiko, was In the city ycater-
d.iy. An addition li to b« built to
the KIh hotel, addin.; un more rooms
whicli tlte incrensiti)- luisincss or tlm
hotel renders ai-Ciwiary. Digby and
Waldie have the eoltroct and will lie*
gist operations at once.
An yet nobody bu hud the courage
lo Like up the cluill'-njjt of the jiriat-
iis to a Kdttie of Imseliall. Tliu ne.ir
«(it to 1111 nccejilanci; so far lius bin-n
an ofcr from that tough Imlclur
crowd to piny a Rami; of (ootball.
An- there no sports lift in town after
lio' Mo r h n re.ichnl th< st.ite of
•I iddyhood? .,
Tht C, I'. tt, iiiiii'miicc on Jiuiu 5,
when siiiiiuivr lime curd bccotui's effective, tlii-y will run a steeper, ll.isll
to V.iic-jtflvi-r, daily, Several sw-
tion. of tliis <«r liu* \x,\i\ reserved
for the iiiT.iiiitnod.iilon of the Koot-
<r»» •/ l'*'»* xx,\trn. llortlv, can U fce-
cur.d thr«u'>h the Nelson citv ollice,
or .(. S. Carter, n.l'.A., Nelson, B.C.
Muttlu-w llenni.-, a^ed 2; yi-0rs,  dj.-d
ol   Uphold fiver   in llu-   Feniii-    ',. «
plt>!   last Batnnl.iy   a'l.-r  nn   Illness
of Ke\er.il  weeks. lie w,i» bnrliil (rom
.|.„ ,,.< ...i>.       .., .       ....
Hotis on.Sundiy, Rev. \\ it. Grant
ti.nilncting.n slion Mirvicv.. Matthew
llenn • Invi-s u I.rutin r at Mlchil
*'*id a wife and Mir «m.i|l child is
pathy of a very. large circle of friends
n their bereavement.
Win.- Wilmot returned from   Seattle
Wednesday     morning.....     He   reports
everything to be1 lively in , and around
ithe-big Sound city.
International Board Member Patterson i^ feeling better again, and ,is
able to lie in attendance upon the
meetings of the district  board.
.1. H. Gray,,late ol Kewatin, Ont.,
_ rrived in the city this -week with his
family, and will take a position in
'. D. Quail's hardware store. !'
> Work has begun on the construction
(f a concentrating plant of 200 tons
. apacity for the treatment of ore
from the Blue Bell mine at Pilot Bay
on  Kootenay, lake.    c
1 *' •
The monthly tea of the Ladies: Aid
oi the Methodist church will.be given
by Mrs. A. B. Trites at her residence on Rowland avenue oa Tuesday,
June 4, irom 3 to 6 p.m., and 8 to
io p.m.""
Seth Thorhley, of the Ptocher Creek
Rcho staff, has been in town for several days visiting friends. He reports fall wheat looking fine in the
l'incher Creek district, and business
good in all lines.
.The Sunday morning service at the
Metfaaclisl church will be conducted by
the Rev' G. Kinney, ol Michel. Iu
ihe evening a song service will be
given, commencing punctually at
7.30 p.m., folowed by a gospel address delivered;by Mrs. (Rev,) Lash-
ley'-Hall.   All very welcome     '
President Sherman, Vice-President        GalvisV    Secretary       Mac-
d n.ild and Board Member Morgan and Sullivan arrived in town
U'ediiesiiity morning to attend a meeting of the district board of District
18, U. M. W. of I, All the m«snt*rs
except Graham, of Coleman, and Miller, of Letiibridge, were present.
Bowling seems to be the rage now,
and everybody has the disease. The
fence along the court house grounds
is lin.d every evening with a crowd
of spectators, who watch the progress
of the games while the playerss are
totally oblivious to the balance of
the world. When v. darkness settles
down on the spot electric lights are
turned on. - ' ■
Mrs. F. C. L'awe entertained a number of friends on Wednesday evening
at her home on Rowland avenue. The
rooms were decorated with flowers
and evergreens, and the guests enjoy-
i-d a game of' caids ?the_fir3l_part_i.of_
the evening,, and after partaking °of a
d.iinty little supper, dancing was indulged, in until the clock "grew stingy,
with its chimes. 7      , v
11'is "stated that the %\ox ,250 which
the G. T. 1'. agreed to pay to ' the
20:1 Metlakalitta -Indians for ' the
13,5(0 acres of land on Kaien and
Uigby islands, is now re.idy, und half
oi it is to 1* paid at once to those\
over 21 years old, and the remainder
to be held iu trust, the interest to
go to the younger ones of the triltt
as they arrive at the age of ai'years.
The first sitting of the coal som-
inission wus held.at I/itfibridge lost
Tuesday. From there the commissioners will go to Coleman, thence to
Bankhead: While the commission is
at Lethbrldge, the evidence from labor will also' lie heard. Hon. W.' H.
Cushing will attend the initial session and will then visit the various
poinU in the south'In the interests 01,
the public works department.
According to an authorized statement liy Mayor Aalidown, of Winnl-
|Hjg, published a day or two ago,* the
total debenture nud floating 'debt of
that city is aliout $19,500,000, or ak
much as tbe total Indebtedness oft the
Trounce of rirltish Columbia, and
Mill those Winnijiegers are howling
a1 out tlte high price of himlier. People who can afford such luxuries as
Si3,fOO,ooo indebtedness should not lie
.*•" uigardly about the price of- a
lo.ird or two.
Stork Opera House
Tucs., June 4
First Canadian Tcur of the
; Original.
Bad Boy
The (ireate8t, of AM Farce Comedies,
wilh an added special feature,
Buster Brown, the
Bad Boy's Chum  I
Prices $l, 75c;Childrcn 50c
Seals on sale at Palace Drug Store
■■W'  '"
We have just received a fresh consignment of Crosse & Black-well's Pickles,
Sauces and Jams. See our window for
the finest assortment of the above goods
ever exhibited in Fernie7
Pay cash, live on the best and enjoy.life.
W.   J.   Bluildelly   Post Offloe Block
Express and Baggage Transfer
Draying of all kinds   done  promptly.
Telephone  57 ■ or call  a, driver
Office :   Northern Hotel, Fernie, B. C.
" - ■ . ' .; ■>
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
OUR SPECIALTIES:—        . ,     \
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. . Try our-'-Mince <Meat,
.Saurkraut and Oysters.
Cucumbers,   Tomatpes,   Lettuce, Onions-"■and all kinds
!    of frtiittand vegetables
A" fine assortment of the best
. Chocolates always in stock
and always the. freshest7
Ice Cream    Ice Cream Mas
Tom Beck
Onu Insertion not. lout tliiui Mc
lifliirly now, In bent, nf onlor,   Apply LeJuor
olticc, mM-tf
. 1
U««S TtlittiiM iltil -,i\ the *i,m-
l.i» par Its At tbe Ci-dar \ ...I'i-v
Inst hnturdiy. 'Ik- yuwx,' ,.\ ,r\
fjtit 2X ye..r% old, and h-, nll.t.
f'fslJ* fri.m acun- ft-ami»in <i4« 4
j-n- it Ar*X t«> his (tm-ly Mr n.:t
hUh Kuttm Isft.Sundiy ninrii »_-
wiU tint r» at'ns, %hkh *rirt- ;,!i'ppnl
U> tW«ir old home st KnArrlty lor hi
trntust.   The famnly have tlw   qrtn
Th' Dad Hoy in Story and   on   th«
Whin George W, Peck was Applied
i-i. lor Hie mle pcrtmiMloa to dramatize his phenomenally successful
"I'cck's Had Woy," written a short
time prior to his election as governor of WU«in»ln,he consented to 'en-
t rtiiln ihe "proposal provide-! theHiook
wus Siii'sf-ictorlly draiHiitlicvl nnd,th«.
piny, iiiuli-r tlie title nunu.', staged lii
first, cl.is, style and In thu munncr
th.it wmiM m-e've the approval ol
jo ril |nM|)lt niul the pn«s. Twenty
\Mirs ol lontimious nnd rwormoiisly
I'opnlni iimductiim are hehitid the
'.«•» n.W»Ay nt -«iw|.'s «'._,•_ jj^^n
which ciiitiMi to thr- Ht^rV' oprrn
Iioiim nn TneNilny, .Turn: 4, to prove
not only the jjovcmor'i entire tatls-
i.-ctlon with the thcntrionl rcnult, hat
ilu* spotless d-.li_-.ht tliiit countless
thimwiiils h;ivc fund! t/b'-v.-Jv ,-.j )t.Hjj
The pl.iy not only diskrs eMcsttially
lr..m the Ilaster Drown and other
inferior lmltiitk.n*i tbriol, none of
which art original, and, therefore,
mim It rele«atikl to the Kcondclaw,
i-ut th.- curnnt virtlon has l«en r»-
written, in oHir to admit of the introduction <i additlnri.il tirftehlef,
in-bi|sand incidents from the j»ov-
• mor's Infmitftble story «a<l of a
.tro»/er cist and many exceodinuly
b >vel and .ittr.ictiv« features. It is
low as |«r(tct as entnhktNl e«aiat,
**r-ati!e t.i! nt, UmK praciiei.l f«jvr.
Hiee nn-i altind.iit outlay cam tnahe
tHclus on-Vlntorlu uvcnufl,    Owner may
liuvohimio liy imlllnir nt.Thn I.oilRuroflloii anil
IHiylnil for ml.  - mll-tf
when) fwtwpoii' O.P R, ntstion nnd Edaoclift
Kdlil uroHH with hiir pin uml with tatter* .T.H.N.
iiimriivinl. thvruon, Klmloi- .will liu NUIUlily
I'tiwimluil liy rtturnliiK shiiiii to I.mlgur of-
Ike. mll-tf
a uolil loollut,   Kindur will bo miltHlily re*
wnnhiil on ruturnlnir «hdiii to J, W, Nmm,
(Jity'iloik, mll-tf
s-J HuiMiili.v'H   htnro, AlllfrtttDr Purn« oon-
iHlnlnif Hi mul a chunue.  Ilutum to lll«a
Martin, I'nrk llmmo, mil set reward.
pgrliiiii-ii In liodlikwcplinj would lilt* Iliu
at ion an liookkoniior or ulllnu annUtant, Ad.
droHU, i-tttllnii iMirtlonlnm, llox 1, l.tdffer Jl-r
Illrlli. MnrrluKenr Death Notlcen liittiri«il at
ruto nf KA ciintii pur Umit
THOMSON - AioliUntally drownr.il at Coal
Crt-i-k on TiiMdMY, May iih, iwn,Frank Allan
Tlii-nmoii, HBud »yu»iM uiul lu montlm, •««.
oinl noil uf .iam«i nnd Kilt a Thoiimon,
Kuiitttiil wiih lieM on Tlinriiday, UayWi, lo
Voriiln i-i>miiti<ry
1111 iLi.jjiiiaiij
To tlio Hoiirtl of Llconclnir Ooiii'
inlHHloiiorH, Kurnlo, n.C,
Notice Uliomliy given that tho nndorileufd
will, at tlie ilmt niuHtinif or llm Hoard of U-
i-cniilnif *!(iminni»lniiurnol tht City of Varnte
Imill Hfurtnenxpiriitlon of thirty day* from
tlit4 date upply for tho trmuftr of a r«tatl
liquor lli-iiiiait nranted In renpuet to tha Roma
lloliil.Kitniiliioii Lou Noh, 13 niul 14. IJlook T,
In the City of Kernie, from inyttlf to Alexander
iMfnit thUHtli dny of Mny, A.D. WIT.
in.1'-* I'lllMP Oauoheli.a
DlHtrlct of Kooteimy
s. of Klkij. II. i'., liOirittr, Intend* to apply
inr 11 hui.nlai timlier lltmuo ovi-r the fullnwin*
ift..|.|.Mi^tl Mlttl^ . *-
lUiiiiiiiriicJin/iit u po»i pliiiitixlat tie toixh-
raktrnriivrnr liit«M»,«uutil, Kootenay UU-
trlct.ilieiii" «omli.i*i.ih»(n«, th»nev w».t so
i-hnliiij, tlienrnninth im uliaiini, thenoe #»»t
jDi-linlne tn imjIiiI of ('omnienr»roent,eonUln>
Iiik WiHritu, moriior l«t»».
Dated at Kiko, 11. ()., thlt Uittl day of Kay, 1807
Fernie, B..C-
nmy'not bo ■ very Iohr yet, but,, we are bound to'have n little sunsliine
soon.      Come 111 and select your '_ "  .     . ,      *   .'
while our assortment is still complete. Six sizes and styles to choose from.
^mi «■?'■' Iwtvo to Hike it until you need It We also have a compile iissort-
ment of other lawn and garden tools, hoes, mice*, garden hose, reel, nozzles,
etc,   tome in and see . ,
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
Silks, Muslins, Prints.
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats & Skirts
Ladies' Shirt Waists in Silk, Lace,
Muslin, Lawn, etc.
TRUE Economy should prompt you to
do your purchasing here, where the
highest quality of goods are sold at the
lowest: price they can be sold for. "Investigate and you will appreciate the
many money-saving opportunities presented to you.
Gents'   Furnishings
We are proud of our furnishing department,    Week after  week' and
.month after month have shown increasing sales, until now our space is
too limited to handle the business.
In about ten days we  will  open
up in the store . next  door with
the  most up-to-date , and  most
carefully selected stock of Gents'
Furnishings in  the   Puss.      In
the meantime we are doing bus!-.
' ness in our old quarters,   wlaere .
your wants will receive our best •>
attenlion. • • „
Campbell & faultless
New season's'fabrics and designs
Men's. Suits    /(__•» A A '___■#%
from $8.50 to    5>CC.Sjy
Trousers for msn
from $1.40 to....
lion Brand Trousers
For  boys, "double Seals
and Knees. -    , °
50 cents to $1.25
Sutnmer weipht, Balbriggan
Underwear, gaaranteed an-
Bhrinkable, extra & 4 000%
▼aloe, per suit......» j _,Uy
BaliTiffgan Underwear, well
made and-finished, guaranteed
unshrinkable.       ,    4   00m
p?rsuit:. ...l.ZS.
EgamineJ our Canvaa arid Straw
s.Pine quality Balbriggan Under
wear in tan and black colors,
good fitting, and -_J» A «y£■
serviceable, suit...JB | a | <*_)
Extra line quality light weight
Underwear in natural . wool,
very comfortable..",.   0% . ^g*
■.Per>nlt,-;.-..ft       fc-I O
Dry Goods
Special Saturday Sale of Imported
6inghams and Prints
All guaranteed fast colors, immense range to chooBe
from."  Per vard ; :"	
Ladies-' Dress Skirts
Fancy. Check, "light Tweed Skirt, trimmed with self __*»_"- *m0»
. strapping & double pleated flounce, very drossy each... 3£)a ( JJ
Black, all wool pleated Voile Skirt, made from the bests! 0% t\t\
quality materials, perfect flttlng. each | _CM|JU
Navy Panama Cloth, pleated flounce, vertical strapping, ■• Avji
summer weight.   Price each .....„",. ,JU%Q
.Shepherd's Plaid Skirt in the best all  wool cloths.      A t\0\
Handnmoly trimmed and flnlshed, each  BaUU
Ladles' all Lace Lislo Hose in very pretty designs in £*f%*
Blacks, Greys and Browns.   Price per pair O-UC
Ladies' Lace front Lisle Hose in best quality yarn        -tf'ti^
in the popular shades.   Price per pair DUG
Ladles* Llama Cashmere Hose. tho> best value  over •   K*f%L
offered.   Bought boforo the advance.   Price por pair %)UG
LadloB' light woight Cashmere Hose, very good value at A_e*A
•10c.   Our price ggg
Boots and Shoes
Speoial Sale of Men's Oxfords
To reduce stock during alterations,    Patent Leathers
and Tans in the American Packard and Walkover
makes.   All new-spring styles and shapes.
Kogular $6.00, special lalo price 0*00 0*00
por pair.... .mi,...!..  , «myvaUU
.*..,*.   II   II       I    |,l.*|tflMI|(. ,    ...l   t,M|i(.
The Artisan Working Boot for Men is made for comfort and wear. Examine our range and be convinced
that our values cannot be duplicated elsewhere.
Artisan Working Hoot
por pair, $1.85 to	
• 111(11   II    llll    llllll    Mlllll    ■••!
Headquarters    for \Trunks,    Suit
Cases and Valises.
p *. /> |i'"U"
A hoUt that fnrnlsftes quiet, co'u
wodio«# scooauaoditioa (or IU psA-
tons I* • soturet ol pUawtt to tW
travelliif public. Svcli t om U tlw
Kinf YAwttA UoXsi, of t**wis, tot-
nirr oyposttM post offics.
AsV lor WlsiH's ssA Uks «a oUusr.i
TheTrites-WoodCo. Ltd
Our Grocery Department is stocked with the most
reliable brands, low prices without sacrificing
quality being our motto.
WESTERN POTATOEfl.    Vnrv fln« qiinllt.v.  prlp« HsW«    #fc
to Advance v«ry shortly.   Prlco" by the saok.'per lb tZG
lice Brand Coylon Ten, No, 1 quality tn sealed lend paokets.
Quality cannot be surpassed, usually sold at 50c and |AA
GOo.pcr lb   Oar prlco  ,    '4UC
Saturday Specials
Get th* Benefit
Ijinndry JVwtp n*f. (1 for 2fm
Special 8 lor	
Oranftea, reg. 4fto dozen
Royal Household Flour
The Housekeeper's delight.    Try a sack next/time


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