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The Fernie Ledger 1907-03-02

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 J*^i«^-*'CWrt-s*~'*. i
^J-Athb U*IM*VL>Wv^viluf T
*^„ ^^i^m^JS«Masj0%stem^m
.„.. -wi4-n«Mfcfc!r»'i:*^^''rtl^SiSsat>«>^B^
■ Oi
S-SI'. -  .jg!.-.E3
- .>#.!£*- * •- p
-v&5.-*ii jtfri.atir. j*ia
i_^.~') ->~
yOni-i-AP ■**-'- .'Oil
■^iyqL'.lIvN-u^t&J* -.jg'i
:i:i" ' ' PlUCF:};,$2;;A .YEAR L>' ADVANCE
%':B^.; tlio jnt'i'niatibijal. Coal-
...   - V\   \ {{'ntViCoke- Co. "" /-;
.. "," -''. •'*■■..."-'—-' ~        . • w ■ -
The, report* submitted to, the shared
' ,lu 3jc.it;-.. of- the\ intci-iiatigiial ..Coal and
""Co'.(s' Company' at-, tho,'animal meeting"
.lieid a. .short timet ago'1 in Spok'aue is
an .^eminently "satisfactory... one -from'
|'   .the-viewpoint of -,the, owners.. ,{■■ Although. ...only/three,   years old, ..Ibis
company is a dividend "payer, and has
a .;remfirk'ably   bright. pros;.eel,  before
; 'it'"...,.- "•■;,»•.   ;..-'.,.   ; * ■■-..»
' , -,. II.   -,N.  Galcr,   -. vice-president ;i rind
managing* .director) gave 'out "the fol-
lowiug'!.slalemeiils:   ,'      ■'" <"   ';'
A.-C   Klummerfell,     of     Victoriaj
' president of the company,  was pres-
,-> i-iiUat'tlie aiumal'meeting and occupied- the , chair.   A ' dividend ■■ of  f'-'8,-
- cjoo; was paid; on  the first of, 'h'ebru-
:-    ary'.tliis year/ and ..the' surplus at ■ the
iVejiiniin^; of1'thu"; ye.ir \Y**s;';*3*XV_*'t!;- -
. ^;a_li"e ^present ^pl'iint'liiri! cost- ?.|2y,,07.
j   S85.00U of     which has been expended
;» during the last;.year, in,the conslruc-
'. ttoii ■'cif'V"' coltc'ovens  and  in" ,'ptlier
improvements  aiicVextciisions. ,   . ,
_ The* net. profit .for- the' year 'was' over
., 7 ■ per cent,,' aud . amounted  to*.'5l9S",-
192,   ■•■■' ■__•-,■■'' •     • _    _
• During ,lhe'yea.ri334,'23P tons, of coal'
weie-'miiied;-* 49,638 toil's of which were
'-- ■ reduced   to, coke, '.maliini;-. 31,066  ton*-,-,'
' '' The"" ray roll  for, tlie.- year ,'totalled
■    $360,874!   and  the average number of
'men  employed  was 365,-.who worked,
lor 24y,,d.iys.      .' •       _•..,,
The company ■ and;' tlie- mentj suffered
- loss ol time a'ful, moiicy 'for want ..of
'fThe".i*.c.w''l)oard-of divectors are the
Columbia   wliieli  si'osi,d  be advertised
liV  tlns'-Hn-.'-Kolison.   " ■'-
.Thi- possibilities for the grow nig of
the finest of .fruits, vegetables lind.olf
scock iii the KddCenay Valley ;just
west of us arc great; and the l.edgcr
would like Id helj) Sir. Vobson and
!;:',;; company to* till up that- valley"
with' pioneer' men and .women who
will find"' a'delighiliii cli'iiiatc'aiid im
idtMl soil \vaitiiig to be utilized and
tnjoyci by .just .-.ueh people ' as he so
.artistically de'se'rijies in his-"' 1'aCest
booklet.'  . ,, -
What say you; -Mr. Robson? Will
you take a peep over llie. summit oud
let  the Ledger, help, you in so    pleas-   h.fcuncnt of the curfew law, and tli
ing and profitable ii task as that of
starting some of those heroic pioneer
women ,,oli fine fruit farms,,;.1'; the
Kootciiay .Viitlcy? 'flit- .'.'l,edgei- is'
willing and waiting,
.If you wish to.possess one of those
ne it'lit tl .'books mentioned, al 1 ve.,'
you can have it.by sending, your address 01 id. a iwo-ceiil j-.ostage stamj)
to V. J. JJobsou, advertising agent
of the 1).-]'.  li., Montreal.'        . ;"
',• Out.'arpund Duumore Junction .the
Jeiitirc.country is'"lit up .]at _ night by
jtlie,.glare of .burning gas." Tlie men
on the oil well- outfit hav*e struck , ;a
treinendems ilp'w of gas, .as' great. it
is thought, as we have in the', city.
So great is the pressure thai * some
fears are;.expt'essed that they .will be
unable to, work in it" if it increases.
!:\t_prcse.ui a pipe line is run out    a
■ i-j-v;
"a"4 sLUl g"*"'*   '   Ft». T V 'Syt'i.J'- '-"iT*' -'    ? ''-■>
S ,h. & ib*-. •; U % h. \.& 1 &.. 3 ■    ,. |,_.
f)?dn,t' (jo -Hoinie-'TilS .Mom-isig^*'
:■ -,11    i?
*i--.. <-..-:v.S '.
j- will "be,, tliings: of -.'thi; - past: (lod'-'s'p^ed
tin'   day. '- '     ,.' -a-.    , . o       ■      -"'
. .i.
The city council-met in .regulsr'ses-"' ficatioiis of ladder andjiki.ose  \vai;:.i(S
sum Thursday night, all members; ex-   ensued. . . •" -..<;, __,
^..- -, -
eqitiiig  Aid. _Mclntyre,   being present.  .
-Minutes, of'the last' regular and adjourned -meetings read  and  approved.
A letter from the provincial secretary announcing the appointment of
Alderman yuail aud ll.t \V". 'iiereimier
as police conmiissioner.s was read. f
i\lrs.  .lamiesou   .wrote for   the    cn-
iaeht;VH.i.:vS.'>'Galer,\; vice-president,
and \V.",(,;. .Craves, secretary.'-,     "• -
',    This  report., grows.,! very  interesting
■ upon   ihvesliyalipii.-, It  is  seen     tlui't
■ on .account of shortage* of cars the
outnul ,ofl tlie"iiii'ne was1 grelitly> re-
diiced,1' sd that an avenigc of- 2/19 duy:e
out.of.,the*3i3' woridng days of; the
year ,wa"s all" lii at  the "men were able
• to  "el.    lmt'witli   the -i\<)  (lavs,    the
.Airolil   the.' "criini)anv   made,  noon-    the
.- work' > > of i each one."oi, "its' employees
1   amounted  lo-S543i '°y,■$?■?$ Vcv   .(.!,''>"
- .per niaii, totalling SiO.S.i'ja.       "   ,
;_. ,   At the .same rale, if cars could have
' been  secured  and "the  men   kept     at
...woi-V'.iilii! (full..313 days,'  the compnny
The^well is" down  about .1,200 feet,
.iii'd" work"" is' being "continued iu order
ti. - * - ■      .
to^ get  Ihrough the'gas area'   to.   the
oil -Hiatus -believed   to be, beyond it'.
In  'the   meantime the    gas   must cs-.
cape'.'   Gas. is to,, bejiip^d in 1 mediate^
to the' station,,,aud when the .-oil    is
reached laiioth'er.pipe will be 'sunk'in
qrder to, secure gas; for- Coleridge and
any other 'points-wlieie it may be re-
'Vjin'red—-Medicine lint Tiiries.	
necessary  instructions  wi-re-issiiw).
V.". rianford liv.ms, by letter* .<■-
.vpted.the city's projiosiliou to have
*io,ooo of the sewer'debeutuie'liioney
pnid ,into the city treasury, and the
balance of llie ]jrocecds of the debentures U> be forwarded as needed iu-the
■construe!ion 61'the sewers.'
,The lire wardens reported, on ..the
petition of• Wm. Mills to.be allowed
to raise the roof 01 the King.'s hotel,
and ' they would favor allowing the
side walls raised sullieiently to prc-
vem of a llvit metallic roof 'being sub-
st luted for the present, whiiiglo, roof!
The 'fire ., warden's recommendations
wen- accepted by the. council:
■ Im;i lire^chicf reported no (ires' aiid
.'three drills for the month 'of Kebrii-
ary. ;, "..., • N. .,/
■ \V. 'A. Macib'inald's-bill for Si65 for
lcijrtl '.*erv-iees wiis referred , to' the"
fiiuuce coinmiilcc.   - ',
- Alderman Tultle reported the nur-
cliose of a set of harness, but lias not
as-, vet secured^ u wagon, as. he found
pi ices high and was asking for prices
Irom  outside linns.
The matter- of securing ollices for
Uic city clerk was again laid'over for
further consideration.    , ;
ln conunittee oi the whole, Irn'.krs
for, fire-apparatus 'Were -taken up and
a long ando tedious comp.iriso-i oi
sim|iles of hose,  drawings aud  Speci-
Alter niiicli deliberation. >oj_feet ol
-. The, passiiig*!bf-'tlic 'bill to' conn-'u
.an iuvcstigklion'-lo take place .before'
.uiiy'strike or lotkout'can legally lake!
jilace,; will* have !aii 'important" effect
.011 labor disputes"in-'Caimda in ful_
-urel ■'   '-   -■   ■'-" *• -v* '■ ' v —x    '"
* The:-- Dominion.•Gove"riiirie'iit should
i;o-one''step furtiieV and place tin!
'matter   of" disputes 'between  capital
fire, hose- was. pr,tercd..drxtl»-&utUT,   und ,.ibor .„■   ihe- aduie liasis as have
I'crclM CV, at nccnts^wr- fo.ilri -and Uu.,JK,0],lfc .of ^ z^,aml_-
200  feet of  the  Keystone brand  was
LOCAL', items;'\
ordered of the Canada'-Rubber Co .-'sit
the  same, price.   In   tlfcX matter'""■ --.of
hose wagons,,.   Mr.  Mix,  of Seattle^
had a most perfect1* sVc-of specifications and,   drawiiigs';\\3!icir'di.si)laycd'
his hose wagons      to perfection,  and''
had  it not been that H'Hti'"c'ouncil 'felt'
that,    the price was a!.*liUle beyond
their   available  pile,   lid7 would '.have
secured''the-'order..-'   • -,'•"•'. •'■'.. a !:'*   ;,:
■There js  no  doubt- but  that.hc  li tV
the most perlect and siilistanuaFwag-'
on ou tiio market.   Mr. Slix is a nood
t.ilker, and-he kepi  Uiings nHxed/for"
same time,  bu't'Downeyv'liiiailv down'ir
ed him  with     his low-priced wagon"*
and- Mix,, ceased  wagginj> _ his  J'jjigiu;'.."
; -The', Canadian iiiibbcr^'Co? uls^'Vot"'
a'Way wiih  the.order fur a firi*. .bell'
'aSid  lire harness.   vS6nie jotli'cr "_si'i'...ii'
.orders we're gfvea" Vmd'the 'committee."
Jio.se and'its report was' adopted' by'
.the council'. ;- „ ,       ';
I -.0      *   -   '-'- .if'j^v*..'..-.!!1 .'■„-
- vVldcrnl'au. Stork .'gave'.notice ' 1' Vii-.
^■pdiiction 'of, a-"by-la\c 'to .amend .thel
lire limit, by-law, aiid' al'sd'-'oiie"-',!l o^
'aulliori/e ,al temporary "loan bv-law. ",.
A motion to empowei the fire chief
to" acl as'iiight pntroln^iu_,,ii_,sp.. rcc.v
oinniciihe/l" by the police couimis'sion*:.'
ers, was adopted, .AjdcV-jieu. Trjtes,_-
Gales and Stork vptingjfdr, and Alderman Tutcl-' agginst..t!l)e-iiiotiori.
On, motion of Trites and Gates,"So-/
licitor ,.I.aw, \y-n_- inslni,cle(lv;.to.M'epre,,-:
s-.-nt the city in the prosecution of-
IJie Trdtel J^einio ,-riynbiing :ca.se (-;';so.
long deferred. .,.;._, '*-.,,.'l(_'.;n -}jj(1i. "'.
'  The council adjourned at 1.30 a.
.yesterday ,■ morning, -.
"      >'   ' JIOCKFV   ■
j ,,, ,S o   .
; Tbe Jiocney.- fiialcli...played .between'
the  Tritcs-Wood     team  aiid  tbe \l\
1 1
woulii      have, been aide  lo  make     n
profit'of $682.52 jier man, *.or,n  lolul
of $249,01.1.25, as,agajn.st -Siy8,190. us '
.shown by" the report. ,"  '
The islidr.tage of cars ,don't .licet
the/consumer- of coal alone, it-is 0
niosl serioils matter to the. mine owners, and still more serious lo the man
who depends npdii his"labor!.
Looked .'at,, from, llu*' miiicr's   sunui-
, i>oiul, we sec the, greatest cause for
A miner is nblc to get in only :/]'
days out of. the 313 clays'of the-var,
.'und'his iiicdiiiq is reduced to a most
serious' extent, "According to the
company report.,' each mini 011 llio_]viy
roll received tlie sum of $988,76, lull
it must be r'eiueiiibcred Ijh'at this In-
clii(lo's''th'e"wliole stuff, many of whom
put in the full'year, nud' allowance*-'
being made for these, the .miner's
wages will  fall fur'below $988.70.' '
Had the men been aHo*1o put iu
the 313 days, each on'c- would have
received 20 per cent, more of nn income during the year.
The.company lost a-ltii'gc percail-
nge of urofit, but the stud;, of, coal
was not mo.much' reduced, while    llie
nstock-..of laboi' of .the miner, which is
bis rnpllal, whs' i'rn-pnrublv reduced'
by the nuiiiber of days he fulled to
gut eiiiployincnt,
The liilernaliiiiiiil 'l-oul and Coke
Coiupniiy' is o"" of Ihe nion( piogn-i
sive indiisii-iul cuiinmiiio.s, opera'in;:
in litis couulry, nnd its praddejit uiul
ullici-1-.s Iiiivc. shown a coiiiuientliililc
spirit :ln'tlii'ii- di'.iliiig with ilu-ii-cm-
pliiyc'i'H, which liim rcmillcd in there
liellig'iio stopi'iige of work on- llt,,t
iiiToiiiil, nml ti'ihlng lulu mvoiiiit Hie
inostfuvomble showing ol Hie *>l-iii'
of their luiHiiieis, nml tbe niiiii.;i.ii ''i
profit Ihi'v Imv been able lo n it:-
fn.in iho l.ibor of c.ich nun, il is i>"'.
|il'iilill|ile   llllll    tbe   llllelll.ili"llill   f Old
nml Col;i> Coiiipniiv will insist tipmi a
loiliirtloii of the wage:; of their 1:111
lie,lend o| Uiul, 11 goi-d, hmd, v.i'1
dliv^led  kick   for    beUer   II':iii>-.)ku-!i
lion fjH'lliilcs nnd lo\wi  fieighi nili*.
\<'oiib,l',-i'i*tii   Xt\  1'.i*   tin'  In"-!   (Iiri"*tl"ii
in wliii'h  In i-vpi'iid llieir ciifri'lo.
•C. V. li. TO Till-) KliONT.
The Ledger hits ii|»nlii loi.uote wilh
plenmiro lite arrival nn Hh table   ol
,.,iw,|!n<f   ,irll..|lr   li'H ■ ' ' »--;••
tlie iidvmislng drprirlineiii of tin-
C. !».,«. Mr.' \V. C. Ifpbson, , who
jiresldci- over (lint brnuili,, of -the
jrfc.it company's IhisIiicsh, seems .In
bo llu-. rlabt mnn In Ihe right pliiic'
This     Utile '  production    i.s    called
.,COAT,..CliEKK'NpTKSr_'"   ■
..y ■ ; -- Saturday, l-.Fob.^ cSlh.r
Ji: F. Wilson, the,eloquent*'Socialist
speaker, addressed* a.''meeting ' in the
O.C'.Iv'.A.'a! ball Saim'Tihy-^iigril.'-'Tlii-
iin.ll wjisweil lii led!' -pTlie chair was occupied by'W, ll'. KVans.'Afl'ei brielly
addressin-i tfu'"audience, lie culled lVpoii*
Mrs. J. Simpson to'open', the meet-;
■ing with the touching" song, "Could*.
We Recall.",- Kncored, she respou-U'il*
with ''1-l.iiiine Mary of* Argyle,"
which, wns'' well received. Mr. Wilson
w.ts then called (in to give his lecture, "The Supreme"Call of the-Twen-
ticth Century;1'' Throughout the evening -he held llie closest attention of
tho..',;.'"people, moving them to-tears
with his pathetic stories of real life,
or calling forth ■ roars - of laughter by
his ready wit! •, At the, close Mrs. J.
Simpson. rendered the song, i'You
Must Call the I.ady Mother,"- ' By
request Mr. Wilson spoke on Sunday
afternoon.- \ The subject wa.sv "The
iUor.il and Spiritual.Signilicanee of the
Socialist Jlovemeiit,'1 Mr. Wilson is
un ,ible speaker,,.unci his ledums have
been listened to with ..the keenest interest. Such men as Wilson give an
impetus to the Socialist'movement,
did we all hope he may be spared to
\isit us again iu the near future, '*
Joliji Dick, who had his forefinger
smashed in No. 9 mine on the 13th
inst., is getting- about all right again.
Kir-eiior' ' liccoskc had his" right
thumb smashed in. No, 9 mine oil the
19th. ■'•-..'
Eugene Vullpoln had the bones of
Iiis left .inn broken above lln- ivrist
by coining in contact with one of ,the
lecei's of No, 1 dump on (he 20II1
Jiicliuril Kay Iiud hid ribs and chewt
l.mlly bruised nt No. U mine on the
•jmid inst. Coi'iseqiienlly lie will be
' -id up for .mime time,
.Inines ViMiinaii lunl the thumb nnd
lore(iii.i,i-i- of his lell tin im! badly
siiinslied betweiii the Imiilngt' rope
mid 1 lie pulley in No .' mine on the
Tlie Great McKiiuliiss, tin*, world
liiown violinist. niid.hlK company of
!uii iniiliiiis or jokeis, gave tliu peo-
I'lo of Coal Creek a rum (real on
Wcdnesdny c\eiiing. They lind a
mho 11 Imi iiiinrpMii ilvr. r*mii»l .^f
VO!lU",slfl-.'i, whli'li did uond .icrvlcr*
1'. ilh llieir luiii/s, McKmiluss cnpli-
'..i(''d his audience wiih his work oil
* vio'ii'i nud he ruiivi-d encore nit*
ei encore.   Mi.ss |,i/,>-i|. Perry wu^ very
O ./|    jit    lirv    lil'v    in, '    ||   |- • in-t'l| ■      ,'l !
'1 .Ill-ill)' Wili  ,lll .u|liili;<,i event*.      Uncle
Hun  Hir'.d'ii-  is  a  liinh low-*lass-all
nnd (he shop coiii'dim, mul muiU' .1
imrns".team. 011 Tuesday-night resist--
ed -in a lie,-and the game'will li'o'l-,:
be-played over ajjain in a..few days.
,. 'Air. Gusty,'Of, the 1,\ Uunis' ,tcain,.r
had the misfortune to have " his,, nose
brdUcu a few minutes before the.* end
Jr'"llie'game,, ire^aiid'Armstrdiij*;, i.[
llie. opjiosiiijif team', were skalinjr'frdm
oppesite endsoof the rink in" a .*9-acc
to reach the 'puck 'when llicy met, and
Ariiislroiijf'ducki'nj;, his bend came iu
lollisiflii with Air. Gusty's face with
(he unfortunate result as * above sin t-"
ed. ■•       '   .,
.The line-up wns as follows:
P.   HUKNH/ '•  'T11IT1W-W00I).
.:'''-     •.   f'OAi,
■Uiller ;,     •' .   ■     Hicks
Cr.iwfor:! ''   '■ l.ockjiardt
..    -..COVlCIi POINT
.Myers Podbelansik
Warren ■ ,, Hduconib
McMaster   . Mel'(cod
AIcDonald , McDoip'td
■ At half time the score stood 2-0 in
favor of the'Trites-Wood boys, but
when the jraine was stopped In 'l.e'
last hiilf, within a few minutes of the
close, the score was 3 all. Jt whs a
Hood (•nine, Kev,' II, K. Omul referred 1 In- jjanic.
These two tennis will, probably play
a.;nin to decide the mutter of   which
is the best team',  when  il is   hoped
letter luck will attend,   A nood-si/eil
r wi\ wilmssed, the (•■line.
."M.HC.v: UAlvYCO.NVGiV-
•nofN now as; work
(Spi-ci.il (o The i.eiljrcr.)
Cal.piiy, Mulch 1.-The convention
cf ili-li'tfisles from the lnc.il unions ol
Diauii-l iK, I', J|. W, of A., iiu-l here
yestonlay with twenty-four rcpivm-n-
tati.es [ireseut, iiiclinliiit> Via-l'iv.i
duntoThos. 1„ l.ewis, of Ohio, mil
lllU'MlKlolllll lldal-ll Melll'-el- TIloS.
Ibir'e,  of Splllli'liebl,   ll'illi is,
A   resolull-ui  seven.ly  i-eii.tirii|.;   llu-
APerl-i    O.iicniiii.nl   for   , us.ponpijr
lijr .slatl'.ii   proiniM',1   estnblishiiij-   the
eljht houi  law. hns I ecu liiinicd
I'l-rfcl h.iniiony   pivvii'ls    niiun)!
Ihe   'U'll'tf.iles,   nud   the  scule  eoiuiMtt-
tei'  ,'irn  lni«i»   ',(   O'.-i-l-   . •• 1.   •!.., ..
fiirrceiiie-ii, which will Ik* >.'iln..'it(.*d
1 1 llu* fipcriilors nest week. A in mi
,1111-i'tIn' h-'H lifipu cillei. by the Trades
mil dal'iu' Council, lo be Mil io-
inormw   (Kntiii-diy)   „t      whicli    ad-
"... •—■' -• , 1 ■;■.,;';■!; <
ers and the jjeneral' public'.'- ,'' .VT
•'- " -, ■ ,---). *.*. F -'> it-A
President'John Mitchell had intended tov.bc present a't.'l'lhis' coii^'e"fltiont
his lcavinjf in time to lake part ". in'
the" - proceedings.. ^,., Upwewr,', jn -.l)is
stead will be Vice-President Thomas
I<. .J.ewis, who. lias.^thtt: coiijidcnee, of
the exeat or^ani/alioi'i, and'wdio"1 is
well .eip.uime.d, ,,f('ii;tJtllc, .\i,0'H>V;ilj. '^iiiij1,..',
Tt ' is exiiectcd that Mr.-- Lewis,, twill
.visit the Pass towns ..while 'in"'(he,
west- and address tlie.,iiiciilbers„of- the.
order regarding, tbe.ir- interests and
how best-to protect .tlu-m^-'liucnwfi-;.
ional" Hoard Member Thos.,. lliirli is
also. expected
THI; SAWDUST TO Fl,Y T-ilS \}\.i V
^ -       -i - - '   1
In tli-* 1 umber ing-; world, especially-
ih'-'.t part,of jt wliiclf'jHesiConlijruodv!'
to Fernie, tilings have! been running
along smoothly,.- in preparation : for'
anbih-r busy year.'     -'    .-!„-.    -   •'-
-The Elk  Lumber Company ' arc pine-":
iiig-Miiore-boiler power iii    their-  big
'mill, and will turn but much     more
lumber this-year; -■ -  ■' ■  .'-■ '    ■■■*;'<;.
,The; Kernie ■ Lumber Company ■ !are
Jalso i-ii]arj>-in^ and., inipro'vine;/'•" their1
plant. ■",....- .-,'"'-'-. ' '"
.■The,,North -American'Company are
preparing.to do a'much larger., b'usi-
•.iic.ss, and are..getting" o"u(.'-a- large
quantity of logs, for, the summer cut.
.Farther away'^the mills 'near .!'the'-
mouth of'tiie 151k'are, getting iii'shape
for,big business, ; •'-■■■ - ' '-"■
. .The Baker'Co.. will', be'ready, short'-"
1}' wi lb -i their new doiiblcrciit' band
.mill :\w\ .'planing,"planti tt):'ciit /j.ooo
feet per day, and'the new-firm lb lie
kirowiras the-'Ko's's,Saskatoon 'Co'.,'
composed of lloss Brothers and dl." if.'
•Telford, are building "another' double;'
'cut l-.and niill ne.ir tlic: Uakur mill al
\Valdo, -.whicli is- expecte'd' to- add half'
a hundred thousand Meet'-daily to the
lumiici  stock of; the- country. ''
-The -Melnii's mill," hear-.filkmoiith,'
has ne-.-er stopped nil :\ynitor, excepting for repairs, and will continue" to
go'on all sv.mmV'ai tilt"top of its
speed.      *
;.At Biyucs Lake the'Adolph C0111-
I'-any havc^a^c rcn'lar. mill  capable!bf
liiniing out 40,000 feet .per'day, which
vvill-be kept going "to its full 'capacity',      ■        •   ' 1  ' '-- . '  .,      '    *    ',.*'..'
i'The'Messrs. Clo'lhier'Vill, soon 'in-.
,in- the  sw'im-with   llieir mill    \&""];
with   Vii'-o-Prcs-ideul.
"     / ■  , '    '
 : O	
' ■•. lahor no.tks;;-"■; >',<•]•:
'll :ui ollicial of a labor organ'-,(i-
tiou waii on trial for falsifying'Look.<.
01 for 'cuibe//.leiiH'iit. or funds, Wrt'ibl
the accused get 'out! ou bail', nnd
would the trial be postponed 1iioi.l1
nfter month to su'it| the 'defense?' No
The capitalistic press would' , .'ler.i'u!
ilic .depravity of the ,poor trade union
i, llicial from ocean to ocj in, -, " V.Yii
has become ol (he .loyee'case?".
We uiidei-fitand ' that Alessrs. ' l'!''k-
steiug and Gr.iy. have wilh.drawii I'roin
the ens". We comiiteiul them foi1 their
wisdom ...   - ;\
' .Miuislcis of   'religion of ten',;' complain  that tlie working men   do not
attend   their  churches.   A' short' time
.igo the nijnisiers of I'ernie   niet   in
.solemn  coiicLive ' und  dls'tiished      (he
low level to which  the municipal politics of Kernie hnw sunk.   It is .said
'1 hat   thev   pas el   a   ivsoliHinn      u'l'd
■Trcw iqi a petition to the Lleiupn nil-
(11'.ei-iioi-iii-Coiincil   in   Victoria   pin-
testing n^Ain-.t tin.- proposed econ iiiiy
of  the cily  fathers  in  reducing     tin
sil.it-.-'of   llie  dis-pctis'i.]- uf   justice    a I
ihe   pollie  i-niirl.   H   i'* also    1.1.11.,-d
Ihut  a  IctU-r w.if, M-iit  in llu-    piv^:.,
..long with a copy ol the petition. |,u
,ihI ln-liold!  a day m  lw" .'Her tlrt-y
III!'  said   10   have   ICp'HU-1   lll.-UlV-l'i'.-'
wlihdnw     their holiest  prou-il,
■p -.    <.
~  - .       .. '. ^ -"■--•; 3 ■-' (    ' ^   -     ^l"
' Covci't docs sigh wriliiig. Kce! -Jiis
ad. - ',,    .
1,.        A '-.-.• .   . .        ' -,*'!''''
~**      - .       -J   , I
.. Ynv bainnas, lettuce-, celery,,.^ etc/,
go to" Tom Heck's and gei" them'fresh';
„•    ,-"   ,; .- '      ■   ,-"   •-,   P'.'     • '.vl'K.;'
"  See  Cotert's  ad.    in - this  i.ssue -* jf
you are>in need of, painting or   wai^
JJliper. ...      . . .       ...i.,   '. ,.- ..;,  ,,,.,.'.;.-.;
'" *'..-,' ,.-.    •,   .- -    -;;
' Rorn,   to "Mr: and  ?,Irs.""'A'." Ilamil-
t'on: on' Saturilay,'' Feb. »rd','1 J»jo7J''a
son..       "'''■;, '' '    '    .'".'„
, Tom P.e.-k keeps all - kinds -of:*.Ja.i.]f
fruits, bananas, oranges, .lemons and
e-jufectibneiy.    , *  ': - -      -    ■• ":-'*'*-•
Mrs.' Arthur'-J.   Mott. ,will ,• recetyv,
n't thc.;hoiiu''of'Jlrs. V.A". Mott'   011
Wednesdji.Y,  March" the ,6th. > ...       . ..:
-■V-.• '..' .i'*-   '..»i' .-• • 1   .   ■     .-!-.-   >;-«
■ .i\l,in-ied|.rhvttlie -pitrlors-'of Lho'-'AVal*
thuf JIote!*,"oii iTtloiday',' 'ihe'-coth',* 'at"
i) n.  ni.,'"1.y. Itev.' iI.-; HV Gfan\?,'.:iMfV
' ?ame,'i-"I.aml)'to Jliss  Isabella >T,bwe.
i .      -.   .;,;:     ,.      -,,.•.      •       .i.-f"   M-i;:. ','-,.*
Mr. ".-.ieliiues, ,of Iilkmouth/.^wasUn
ito'ivn Wednesday-i on  his .returni,'iriyt-,
.from ^algary, _. wliero-Jie; hud. beeiuYo \
.a short. busiuesA trip.-.~,^-rtt\ ■:•.-.'!'-'^i
* .    ' --     .* * y - ..,..*i"
iThos. Whelan ', returned Tlnirsdav.
evening, fnim Napaiiee, Ontario, -whiVA
er he had'goiici.'to a'tteni.1 the...f}inyral,
of h'is'mother,"'as*.aiinoiuicwl,in  Jast
■ ,- : ."     .'   -,^i-»:--   "  -^   t.-f •       '* ^1.   -'• -V
week's issue.        -'■ . f , ■•.
.   ;..;- -■       ;- .        i'-VIK .H'-,/.- '-. :'  ' - '*- / r '
•Tom Wh'lan- will 'revive thd"'"'"!'.''^-
lacec. today,- aiid'' tlieHowiPlcwli!'' aiid
curs  will •havet,iil!piciiit.r.'*',i?vcry   ' Kid'
should '"be on-'haiiditsliAr-,)' ht   ''fom'
• , , $ . *^-,,•,*■ i- .,-■> --1.
o'clock ' with Ins-'dog'AiuV'sk'd:
1,,''-, . '■ .-,.,. ',->'-. 1 ;--'- ■ ■' • x
.'.Vi'ilmot and d'atterson,, .sawmill opr
crators, ■ ne tiv.-Klkiiiinith--' hAvev'-.tdd'
their tiiiiber-.limits:and iiiiiU'Miiachiu-'
cry ,, to- the i\Iussi>.-",- Clothier-,*"who
ivill ;couipU>le and  operate', the' mill: i >
0   .  - " '. -
;'Mrs". ,\f." Wk/Tiitllc. left*liisU,'rtTuo>-'
Qliiy morn ing   oyer  lb/, G.. N..,, bo.imL
For IH-llin-jh.im,  Wa,sh.,,.Ml)Qre- -\\c lj>.
peels to rciiKiiii, jo,r a, mouth pi^,, two
visiting   her  sister,   whoi,resides. ., a^
that lilacc.     . ,-   '.,   "...      •■   .- ■- --s
;     ' ''        '.' -.',.,-....'':--'; 1 •
; Tlie'liii.lithly  te:i:of'the Ladies Aid
ol ihe Meiliodist':,ch'iii-ch'"\viJI*,bc<giveif
■iy ' Mrs." Gc'd.\i*.s Ht'n'd' ^li;s!'?-''liilb'ertsonV
at-   'tlie'-lioniH  (if  'Mrs.*'
A. • _P/_j Wajk^-jr;  Appotntou „,Chlef
.1 With Fire Chief Phillips • ....
'-,-.;>'.;;: 'j ,'assistant <:-i -:o ■':^';.''J
,/I'he first meeting,-of the new-board
, tr   .• ....   .. „ 1..,   _.  ^    .^...-i. .   . _..    -
of 1 license    .et»miiussioners was'   held   '
yesterday   . aftcinoi.ui      at'*"llie  court
hoiisei   Preseiit—Mayor   llq'mvell,".\ld-.
;;  .-.-"., nl'l     t.'l.     Jtt   •-'-      .-  +-rf^     s •    ..I'O   •-
eriiinn piiail ,and II. W. Ilcrchin'er.., ,
-.■ i i-iA   ,.s.l   '-.--   "'   ':•   --    ■■   '-••-   >;.    ■
' II... W.  Ilcrcliincr was - elected seer*-0
t.try,; and Mayor Honnell, by   virtue
ofi.his^position,  is -chairman"- of ■ the
I dardk-"-.;,'■ *.-'"• ■-•.-■'.:_..
1      '» f       > 1 ,      J
-*The,'iiit|tteV >,f 'tlie rolicc fori? w'j.'s
ii.'fs- .,,i«  j,'.     I. •.!.   -   ; c  .;.   '.     [1    '■
broitifht"tip" before the board  .by 'the
Ip.re^idc.i^t., ,wh<>.stuted that as'tiiQ.po-
IlicV f'tn:ei h.uljivsigiiud,-it, was neces-
sttryi-to..iir.*.ke api oinlnuiils, and' lh.it
npplica.t''ons  for"- the''-,:( si'.ioh.s- <in the
frrce'fiaii'be'f:i. i-alled for.' , .. ,>. ;
j . On ...motion of II.r \V- lkrclimcr.-sec;,
onded,,by-~„.1,1 \\.: Quail, 7 the ~',\ ositions-
1 fire, chief aiid thief of police' were
cpllvolida1cs■'S-', in silc'lr'a way'aii''' to
ma'-c" the'"cliie1' '< i police "an assistant ■
lo'the'lire chief- durinjj, the night audt.
II.IW    tll'\.
ihe bli.,lil '      ,   „
Wh.il   w ul'l   th
were to r. tliln lo
1 ie'   M.- Hun! 1; li.
•ue e of  li.pi-  alld
i-iiiiiii' .iliu led  v ilh
M.i.stei' ,s.iv if J"1'
i-iiitli .imi vi-.it ;-'-r-
w .id 1 !""'. • ,v "
11pe.1i hi-. \m. .   1
^.uii  iu the  temple at  .Tertisah'lii.
Stub jilll'-l'.IC'.ed wm-1, nti Uml l1*''-
lullll'-d bv lb'1 ll!.lllMel.,d a.-. 1 1', 'I'D..
ilisi'UHl<<       lioll ■*-!    WOl'Mlii'   llli-ll,      iMld
i.iliM-s Ih. 111 to st 11 v ut lu.nii' on Sib
I'llth   evi.-lllll|',s.
Guilt is tin- bl'ghl liim lives ;n 11
st i;k  pile.
Triri*cirTRC"(i~iis  fioTetT in  aim I her-  ud "
un'"' '.fioii'i Williiibl and -Palt'.;r; -i, .
• Pugli-'and Livingstone have ..iSo ejected a'new niill "of-?5,boa feel ca'pac-
ity south of Klkb,'which will add itsi
product to the constant, shower of
-liim1 010 ivhicdi^willj"gb'^VdHivg^1if>T!rjrh'-
Fernie,"' tlie' gateway of the Koo''.eii-|
-iys' during the summer.
O'h..- bid Mcliae niij] at Ilosnu-r will
also l.e busy, and further along ihe
Spa'rwood mill will be mining out it
d'trger cut than ever.
* The oiilmit ol nil these mills this
yeo- will total something,,like .ninety
■to one hundred' million..fret.
,". Add t/i this the ('.ntpul of, Ihe .lal-
!fny,' Wardner, Cranbrook' und oihei
m'ills in the Cranbrook district, • and
.-■ slight idc-i of the'iiKignitiide, of the
liim'ur industry may be gained,
>' Pe(wec!i ijo an.I a;>ci million feel.
Of lumber will be sent out of these
tw.i districts, besides ties and piling
.by. the train, ]ou,d this year.
•This m-aiis io,nnn lo 15,000 curs
ui^ss'ii' throuidi' I'Vrnii'' lumber JaiU'ii
'b'linii'd to the prairies to'iiiiilve new
'house,-; aud to iiupiow- old ones, us
well ns lo build new r.iilroads iand
[rid/es. No wonder a sawdusl 'mak-
••r puts on airs these days.
,      at hosmer
Jumwj R^ourn i)i<?M oi' Hctirt
V alhii'11
. .MiliU'.. fidttiii Si'ii-iu,-., who died :.<<
Si'ililenlv lusl week oiheiii! Iiiilure nl
eunip N'o. ,! n| lln- Ivll. Llllll! el Coin-
piiiiv. neir llosmer, was buried last
Sit Hill iy flnlll the Si oil .iu*l li'o-'S
a- dcrl ;' ing 1 atliis.
Wv , II, H. til,on uiudiii'i.'d ,1 slioi i
f 111101- * 1 s.iciie at ill*- niidei 1 i'.iiij'
|-ii"l'<i's, with'1 V..I-. .ittiiiil.-1 )'\ Mi
Uoin'oi,, innMiigi't', am1 ni.nn oiheis
o| Ih.- «1_i|l, .('id |.\' .se.i-l.ll 0. 1 Ih
III 11 Ir 111 ihe e.inp, uhil.'.,AI*>.- !'i-»-
'.-i',;:-  1, d !t.n I   on- In
Tin"- • limil.i'riii. n  in. n.i. ..|   iV    1'.
I'l'tisd      IkhI   plai'eil  mi   tin-  -oilin     a
Hrc.tth  1 I   IliiWi-rs .iii'.iiij'isl   ii\-    Mis
To'ld,  lo form      tin   Vin i-'     ol    1!'1
iM.id.s'i-iniip  ihii'.',   Th -  wrciili    i\,.-'<
lOiir-osed of  lilies of  il.e v.illt\
. , -.a%r
Gcdjles, on
,,'.,- . , . -j - ... ..- --ii .-. ^. --.»..'. -^--.ii*--* 4.t.-* i,*'
lliiirsd.y,; ;th   nisi.,  commcnciiig - al,
=H^, *-;=! 11-ry^TT IK i^^CO II ti 11 to i il^-^ 111 n ng==^ nC^
'.•\eningf     ■'•,.- ■> •     ,
,., Mr. ~»fom-.i)eckrhas ;bought--out illle'
busMiess   formerly  ooiiducted' by  lleiin
oid .Morrison, consisting of uH-'slock,"
ii.\ tin cs',i.Jid- the jgood-.will -"of-' thf-ftuV'
1'onagc of those-who have''been-''■• paVJ
oiii/.ing tin retiring 11 nu. and- .' .-1 Is'o
Lo add to (hi'iii many pew oli\;'s. My'
\tec\ is one of'our pioneer Kornieiti-s,
<ind-the Ledger hopes to see liim up
o'his ears in-,business"as a 'result' o'.
his new--undertaking. See'liis'a'd in
nevt ..week's issue, * ; "
.1'". .f. Dean, the pioneer, daily news-
p.i'p'er 111 hi of the .Kijotenays, was in
town Thursday .and spent a wniple of
h-iurs'in"tlie Ledgeio Kid's deli. .Mr.
'IJe.ui is enfilk-d to the'credit of limning the best daily .paper in this
■iro.ince outside the two big.--Coast
cities, Jle Jus hud iv hard battle lo
'lu'.-p ill.- .n'civ.s o'li the rocks of fiium-
cinl (lis ster which li* in llie path ol
a new daily jn u new .country, but
olhiii;; diMoiiiiigesi a. real uewspnper
in'ii, .and Mr. ■Dean Will rcip Hie re-
.v.ii.d 1 if success which he hns so faith
ful I v
e ,1-iivl
the chief
ol   the  lire
depart 111 n.t riis-
{ •',     - ■   '       ' '■   "    ■
Jii^laut .to-ibe 'bluvf-'ol .p.olice    during
khe day.-'This male-i  it pi.ssil-lc   U r'
I -('...   i
the  lirc'chicl-'f'  «ict'!:is-ni!!-ht 'nalroU' (>'
i - .       ••■''.*'.'• 1       •'
iuaii'-at  liighlr: ' The'siU^rv 'of each of   *
i   , ..n !Jt    .'..,       j,.Ji    -'■■...> ;,ij'.    .*."'-,'--",'    '     ->••
llicse iiicn is to be ;"-i,jp' per tuonthf
Two^ appljca; ion.s had-.'-bcj'.i',; luVndedr.-
11. to" the eii v. .tiers- lb r1-1 he poSi'lloh"
of "ehi-ef -i •const!a*li-"ih"it' 'of'"'ex-Chief '
Valkc'r a'Td'' JTatlhcw '' KtaiTi.r'd! Tliers.*
H-tirc, eight iipplieiUions Jor .the posi--.
Mon of ctmsinMe, as .fyll-^ws , Thos. -,
Henry .Tyideston, .,•; .lunic^ C^'Koiuji-
tjon,; ,.J.-: I'.-l., Lumber! ,__< David ,fiflncs. *
.George -A. --D.iigw.iid,   l'eter   Marpi'iv,  ft_
' ,       r ,     -■        .-,-'.',-.     -ft  ' , -"    --''    \t V     «'-     •■ '
'.lames'- Iviuimiings' and   Uo!tt-ii  ClarK.,
Oi'r-'iiidtioii'or'IIei-chii'ier an I" yuail '
'UiJ apj Iieation .of ,A.. ]' -.\V.il'.--^i:   k.s-
i1ji;;'/   n"-~-'. '-•■   ,Li ■■' •'' - * •     ■; •
coniHi nded. \. ^-, ,--.. .- «)>• -'«:••.'•
OuriiioUq;i -o.l:';,the'M.iyi*i-, '>.ieoii*di''.-lr,'-
Uy.,Herehmer,. the ,casie' against "S."' Y*.'-
1- " ..     *   -'   ,:.. -
-Wallace ' fori.'uign.mblilig;*'w.is 5reconi-'
- [ -    - " . , (.,»-     .-'- . i, -,*-.      ; ,-.». -*..> -"■
Inuiide f ffci-'prbsttcntioi'V and'the conn'
..'il-was"ashed "to retain counsel, iu the,
j ^ij-.vrt'f/>{«? Jri.ti. I    '        :.---..    1   . i
W  ■-, *f
v.-.-MKIJAL -C0NT15ST.'
/riio.jned il cintcst  tliat is -.arranged
i'()i;.by ,tlie. W..- Ci ;T.   il.V--'to.'l;i' .iuid
iw.xt, Tuesday,, the flih-'irisi.,    iif   (Tie.
'.■piiu house, |)|-i>m:sv.i.l to -be'of'-giv.il ■'"
in tire l.'      The. ei iilestaiit!.'*are    n^w' '
ulJ,    reoly,  and  a  spU-udid ■ •uiisicnl ■'■'
ptjogrimiiie   lus  also  be;-u    prepared.
Tl,a- enicitaiiiineiit  will  commence •- m '
S 311, and  the 1 ublic" are r"e1'u..sed  •
;e sc.it'.* 1.early, as ti >-one .will be al'
I .\M'(I t) lake their seals whil.' 1   - •
ltf.t nt ..is    reciting, .■  Mis»;  .11,     ••
Mjiody,   n,A., ,Uov.-Hi:.' Skidd nt; •<''   "
kilns ii,  and .Mr.- Alex.- f,  Fisher,  jl*
A), will  act, as ji.dg-es.   The | Inn" r.i
-'•cjits is at the'Kernie Drug ,St'i.'-..
"Iloini! Life of Wi'iina |„ in Wistnu
Canada," and (he mibM Is lniide (lu-
most of, The illusdo' ne .md l!ii'
little storli-K of wotnan's ploni'i-rlug
lir^' Uiul .ilH.'l-t'\e, .ili.l hiw nny-
body with Ihe spirit of."get and eo"
can nail Hupi and not feel like iuin
ing tin- procession," i.s a iityMery to
Uic fed};'1!' Kid '
The Ledger wants (o Ihk cusi n
little, Ihongh, becnusi' lln-ie are l>e:.n-
tilul prospects and magnificent pns-
»ibiliti(N clone to Fernie in   llrltltii
Id"   111l   with   (he youngsters  in     Ills
stories, his sdtij'K and his line down*.
VIiim-iI'm Hnliiici'i   i'o 1   Limited
Gei'tl in 11   V-   A I'.'hii-r,   1,-,    •,(■• •
old,  w h tlnown   iio-ii  a  sli'ti'li    an I
II'  red  11"'.-  i-l'.ow      .so  Ladli    it       n
na'tii'l '-'-fi   .ad v. 1 ■   p "iilnl for 1 hi-.-.
II!   IS.     )'''.lll       blillll-.   «lf       UIN'APU'S
LllV'MKVr   t- nip! t Iv   mri.1 In 1 rm.l
ot   'u-i   tr.-t'll   ',  to-      ("."
Vmsi"!   Will   le  di-ll-i.|..,t   1.      ...- I,
is.   Ai Hi fi  iinere.i  is being  taken
the w t\ of, the ninvi-nlliiii.
11 has 1 ecu snowing here n
ma' in/: it ill .ngreenlilR to ...»
mil' h.
r.iii' Im ■
', oiu
.!.   V,.   LlVbiSgl'lv
.Tosf|ih, r. ().,  1Mb Ail),'.,  l>*i.
OKI'" '10 CALGAliY
fiistrlrt Vri-ntdcnt Shetninii and In-
dogitl.* Th'.». lll'.;«i and .1 oil's I/iTI
i-ns.iir idi Tiii'sd.iy t'Vi'iilnjr, hound lor
I'.ilg.iTi1 t 1 atu-iid Im- diNliiil (on
entwin of l||.' l('n-,,lv of dislii..t • l!».
,'biili loiiw-iu-d vi'vU-riliiv. nml ulmh
v ill  lOJit'-inii-  In  sissiiut  for    sc.n-r.il
Incr.nse ol   w't' *•   s-'ins
llu.'   ail    ill  si    il .>■-     V, lull
milu-l'ls going   to  gef  t'.eii
pr ijiptiiiy?
*' ««
Thr bid nice sh -el
l.i   lie
:i' c.ii.l
'■II c  e
I   t
\t| ;lhi
1 ■
1*! irln •
i-Vlll 'Hill
1 U,i    WJi lib    v..'.-
ill's    'him ripii'iir
ol  Ml, \\     ivi.i'
The lei'tniv di'lifeud ul  ihe Methodist  church  List     Monday  nii-Ji'     1 v
\ii-s,  If:;!)  wns ,-i  most  iu'(i\ai|i'    ,if j
"'V    nd   Ih'.r n.di'v  , j.; ■'   i  \- 1   I \   ,1
i.'od si-e.l .iiiil.'i'iiu.
Mrs   II ill's 'I'lbl-ii,  "li Id  \\ 11 ■;'
i.-'h   II.'   l''d   01   .|   W'liid-W'd''   IlI.llllH't,
fill   ill      (Il ■   pi;i- dial llie,   '.|   l.iC.l'  I'll '
-It'll   1 '11   Illy   1.i    llie ' .lii'   I  oil   |i| .li'.j
lie.'ill.    HI   .1    ii.osi-    ■ ||t   II '111,II'.;      ,.l|ll
le.l-...i|l W i\ |.",'.il \,. lie       \.il"
In-ml  li. 1   \\'ll   ! e ]'i ul  "f an oppi.i
un i-   i.i  lisiin'ug" to her .ig.iin.
,b'i .   JLill i... ,1 u-n   pie -h.iiji
1,   ' nd   ! ,is   in  .lilli. ul is-   ,11
llie   ..lie ilion -of   Ii. 1   .n, . e. . ■       : I,
Il .',    Uf    Ilildl-lSl ,l|,l,       II    ill.,     l    i   ;i ,S;
ill,"   luliliv   i||lill'.-.l   ' UU   bidi,     i\ln.
11    Is   1 O'l.-d   she   t'llII   I l-   plr.illicit    .l|r
'i 1"      li 'i   in  'la   :ii,n   I'uiui,
Al   tl-e ilo'-i- ol Im- |i-, Uu,-  tloiiil.is
in   hi 1    llcel|i 11   was    I..kill,     Uhlill
1 .'IH-.I  11  uii-c ti-nn, whkh go.,s    im,,
.' 1 .ni is   A-,,l s , „i,  ,,[ ;|,v- I'm.tji
,   .tll>.     Willi's   I ib'lll   111" nee
,   A I , .,,,., i..,i, l:M'|.OSI()N
The contract 'for the buildinj: i.f the
U-w post ollice', in accordance ' with
Ihe inueli improved pl.ms receiilly 1.11b-
ntittel for tender,' has 1 ecu awarded
In'Mr, McCulliiiii, of Ciiinbrook, at
S-PLooo.. '■
I7.'!.-- ••'! nnd William Ouiflfl
: oi: Feniio. Mel; Den Mi
ut RohIiiu. U'usii.
A  lelejsrn 11  In (Min. Onij;.;,  -.;'   11 i-
iilv.   1 iviiid   list   Satniilny •  nie.ht,
'st' lei   til • I   II-.-:   soil   1{dw.ird  hud I ('I'll
, I lib-1      j;     11      bollc.      i-Nplnsioll       lit
'-isl_.il, W...s|iiii,;-1ii,i, .11..I hit. lr.ilh. 1
W III,ilii hid u'so l.i.vii bi..llv M-iildi-.l
iit l '- 'i-nti- ijin^ Mrs tliiii'c i.ii.l
lici '.n.i'htfi', Mis. M.iilin. lilt Ic
1,'osl u 'iniiHd nt -ly ..nd s'fuc t,,eiiii
it  !i s' 1 (en letinoil ili.l  Will.. 111.  ih"
ll'lll        Mill,    Wll'.i    H.IS    SO    1 .idlv     Mill VI
h.'is- •!• »<-iiiiiI-i> I 10 b<^ in 111'i»' '1 bf
'oiLc iv ill i'i- 1imti..||i' la/i (n l'ir-
nie lor Juiriul.'
opll.ll' I
d 1     in iiii-i-t t1u-_ niiii
M- Mll.lV,   tin   l\X\\,
This is to be n very impotIniil
ni.* tin-', and it-, work will he w.ikIi-
id with much interi-M by iiiiitc'Wotk-  litnroi
I  tin-  Inii-i'ii.it'
ional   Crinl  and    Cuke t'o ,  of   _C'i'e
Until,   ,\'tii,   loo's   r<i nl   to   llu-   s'11.1 e-
hobl/''   of   lll.it   nilicerii It     slin-.s
wIimI up-lo-dnle lu.-iil i.'i-uu-tn, roiipi.c
wilh illtclli. cit l.'^-oi, cm do, i-vtr.
ill 10.1l ,,iim-s. Tie*- i.mp'iny Ti-.'
te.s flicti.u with it- wil-! iitf.i iIm»
.tlie   lOinp.iiiv ;    In   tin • I'uv-    dm my
111!   .      UlMlll,    s",i.S  |i, .   ,.. (    yu.'il
lliinl    (I'lllp ilm-H   )>iene    Im I- M.-t ■• >•
Tin- Inbor b.'iltles of the future'   in
t'all'llbl   Will   ll-l't   to   be   bill, hi     (111
upon  llu- iloors ol  our  viiiiou> 3e>..
The mriUs   and lockoni.s
\iie. tlie hii.lv W.ifl inlli.wiil to til-
ulll-lery by llie ni-niy Uieilds and
lowered t 1 il;i List lesliit;', pluce in
•Ih.- fir..*..-.
.l.iIll's. Kdwill SeViTIIB WiiS born lit
! ittsvillc. Wis , .lilll KM It, lSn1 ,\
uili: iilnl "Hi- ilold |i> lilnntll- obi nie
left    I 1   111 .iliu   bis   ti".s lliv      .1..'«-. 1
Mjtlll I ,        lllll-i      blillllll*.    Mil.)     SIN     SlSt-
is    ,|| reVdc tn Wis.oiisiu
dm- ol    bis  iiii.f.n .   (1    W      >• v
ill.'-,,   !..<■! !.'.-...  !..'■    \. .I'm  l.i.11  .il   li..
I,-.    - .....    Lir   -  -,-..'!  •  ..  I'",
Ji..<..*•-1 r i«.t • 1.   I-Vriin' in  \i.i'iin.
Li.:.   I«*o       o d  h ii   I i-<    in   l! i..
ploy   if   the   Ivll. Tmiib r Comp.iU'-
A11 evjdosioii of n.itunil jjas ul Me<K
cine lint'oil l-'ijibiy lllj',llt ol Ll*,!
IU-l-1,,    t'lllSl-l        .--' 1J1C   ll.llll i}'1       li.    lie-
'oU'.i-  iii  chilli   il  o.iiiiiul,   Mini   the
llie   Which   lollri'Viil   lli",llii\'ii|   tlit- fill
Mi    t,i 11V .   (ii a- ip I t.f 1 l.i*  siho .Is,
!      , itlt     !,i •  .iiUo!,     o.vripitd  tin
hull- e,  w.is l.iirucil iiboiit  the f.m-mid
' .Old-,,   but* lint   viry s limi'.lx
\  u'li.-i       i-\   ii* 011     nt     ,1     .uiii'l
A  T1MKLV  J'KlU'D.-sITKl.'.'.
1 1, 1!._.', Oi. n.e. s-.i Hi Vii 1
peltjoii lo ,111 i.lili'l ol ih- JL'.let'*' (I
flint I'- to lakv nUv hi1* llilll' III'"-
I it.il '•    ■-
This ; io;w s dioii is I flu,, .sii-iw'v
coll 1 Ic-leil by thi1.- to whom it li' l>
I'ci'M Mi'iinitJrd and ff is vrry pos-
ni*U* tti.it u4 a result (lure will It .i
|nr_;<,. sv*'| c p'cp ■•' li. *,i',i I 1. 11!
in i'ii i.- tins s|ni!ir:, bii|f iMitiij-h 11
,i.c miitoLi'.-   .ill   ! ct  p.iti.ut      nil'
Hi   l.ilr  t.tte  nt   tiny ■' lils'tle  i|im«
S»ih  .-ii  iiisiiiiiiniti    Miiti'd    l.e     1
rr.-i'   .1 l>'i: u-i Xi> 11 m  11ii.  > i'i    x)i<-
<.r. li onion, who h.til l-r.own him lor
■iit n   ye us   >_'lmI.» hi_>(;ly ol him, ns j t*'.en into t'-.c cellar,  (In* fxphnoons
tin ..li "I his ,<.vci< iati-s. I occurred.
Iniilse   iumi       bv    1.1   lillid   ui/ili   ill U r
.l.i    ,1    slll.ilt S"iV      Wll't   KM   hl'lliniMv
' «r ,*:\   <!).»(   lu-   li.vl   10  \ I-   ld.ill     1"!
■I". I.i'-fiil.-il  for friMfmeni       - I   .,   .    -   1; „ f,    .,   .it    ,,,.    1,   i»tV
M'.tii f-xploHbitis were llu* risiili oljwlin .tie so imlirMi'ti.ttr .is to tt.iiitre
fn'iltv pl'.'.mbinjj. G;ts h.id Wen «-s-| thr um- mm Ii ,111 Mi.ttHHi <;■ t-iiib»
-apin*, and whtn an open Jifht  w.i«
I'ivr lli'iu (in I eifivinde inl t.» 'rl
in the w-elftte of MtPo'n,: huiun iy
will wckoir.t f\\\t\\ an ihMUiitinn.
- VAJJ<3$.
l&Wfi. eve^ry   Sitppday   &» tjie of-
"flhB'of"''pubU«ta«o.a,  -Tctid    Bloex,
-■   VUCtoJif. Av«.'i Feraie, British "Co-
:)ual)<A'.'      •■-:■--**•■■.
D. T, Hew  ■ ' Editor
V The attention of readers'oi the l'.ed-
ger is called to an article on the next
page of this issue which ton tains    a
"■■ portion of tta. annual report of the
directors of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company ' to the" shareholders,
submitted to them on the, 9th of February, 1906, •■<, ",-
This report- summarizes tlie operations of the company for the year
1909, and contains much that shc-uld
. r* most carefully studied, hy c ery
Wotliiiijr mini, *b ,w«>l| n<s by evi-ry
consumer of eoal or coles in 'his
country. Studied in the light of the
knowledge which has,been shed upon
- the coal production and it« distribution, this report is of very, great value'to the public, as well'as to the
wen who every day delve, into thi
bowels of the mountains tb'br.ng
forth this great necessity of life.
;'It will be seen by a-careful study
of the figures fnniiabtd by the of-
, (leers of the company, that in round
iiamliers the profit to the shareholders'
for.tho year 1905 was $500,00.   . '     "
This is the profit Ian oat year upon ,1 c'apnitalization of $3,500,000, or
just 30 par cent, so that it can not
be said that this,is not a profitable
business; .'•'■',. •
In this connection, It ts well to re-
murk that the land «u>imnfhsfnn<>r
of  the. Coal' Company,, when    before
, the hoard of equalization .last spring
at Vancouver, stated that only about
, 3 per cent, of this 3o per ee»t. profit
was derived from the operation of
mining coal and making coke; but
this statement was made' in an - argument, used by the commissioner ha an
effort to have'the taxation-laid upon
the unoperated    coal     lands,«!    the
,:" company reduced. 0     0
' If, as he stated in that \-Xtt, ihr.
Company are making only s per cent.
of   this, 20   pi«r  «!>•'..   pniHc   nf   IJKW
,  ,i a.       "■ 1 *
froin the real business for which-the
Company...  was formed and is being
- o. Kr*t"t\, fh»n*>(hprp mutt, he?a -tn;
.,   • penduous, profit   derived  from , what
the .^commissioner., termed  the ramifi-
-"—cation-of—the^subs idi aryTtompariies"
opers'ed hy the piireut company.   Ac
/cording to such'a statement, these
.subsidiary companies, which consist,
as far as we knti'w, ot thr
Crowds Ne^t Electric I,%ht and Power
_*Co.,'and ;the.,Morrissey,* Pernio- and
.!._'Michel'.Railway are making phenom-
" . "iital profits on the, capital invested,
If only a per cent, was made Ly tlie
ojierationa of     the mines    anil   coke
wens,  they only netted the sum    of
£69,883.31,.    while  the peddling     of
Water,  tiactrlc     light and telephone
'■■    service and tht« operation of tho Intli*
railroad nottdd  tlm luiiidioinu Hit nt ni
xjmjA-lM'   in    dividend*.       T h«>r
flfrures     might    ooncnal    tha    tn-if ,
..or      Hpriiiff       which       Unopi       Hu
, much alivfl thn «rr«nt luierrut tnunifoiMnil
In thu nmnlcip.'il affairs of the Citv •>!
Fwnlo by.tho inana-rstnont, and lu
frlrnrlH who happon to own loin in tin-
City of l-'nriili' »iiil are up and doim/on
olot'tlon il»»H, ■     '
Th«n! lit im doiiM bur thatitlie riiiiilfl-
eHtlonn, ),o ml led, of ilir-xi* subdUliNri
companies srn cttrcrndly prufltahlo lo
Hie stoi-U holders, yot It ii hardly to be
bollaml thit.tlm Ntateiiieni nf thn mini
pany's land enminl«Hlmior boforo the
fl<]iiMlf'/mricn I muni in curraet.
There ran b« un dnubi ah to tho profit-
ithlentvo' to the owners of the operation
of the iniiicH biiliin<rlng to tham, If we
aro (0 lukoiu triii< tlii-slsteinontof their
chOHflll olllecrn.
Tlio nUtctimiit shows Hint' with tlm
10 per cent, ilMiltnn] paid in thn hIiiiu.
holders and tb« surplus Iron tha yearn
opiU'iitlnim, carried to tlio re.n»r»e fund,
the prolll* in the company for tlm year
1005 wan, in round miiiih«rn, IWO.OOO on
a capital of W,3O>,0<)0, nr 20 per cent.
It U pHrhapn wall to nnt» Jtiut at tliln
point that ths pnuildent notei in hU re.
mark* upon tliarniHirtthst tho company
had pNid In roynltlnn nnd Ux»» In tlmt
y«r tlm «uin of WMl 7a,rijiilv»|oiii )..
ovor I'J i'nr Pont. of thnlr incoiii*, nirm •
InjT, n« will be -.win, thnlr nn Inrofii'1,
and wo fill noiii-inhcr tlmt thin Itfiu nf
•xpoiiMi wm Ukfn into it-cmnt b»fmr
a dividend vr«» doeUri'd o i'i-'
lorao Hiirplnn traxcuiritu] to tht rmurf,
fund. Tho fwo l«ri/e»t il»>iiiii o: thr 1
taxation total ci>n*l«t« of rnynltl<i< ,-,n
coal and cuko which I* p*ld by ^11 cuii
panioK. iiid which In IliWcut *tiii-iiu
to iff? !'7H,.*H, IcAVlot iHilnrtl (• hrxd i<(
•'otlio/ lnxo/'llic^inJrMiinof »s,o,M |(,
which include.* fiirr Iajcimiii thou v«-i
iioi'lid,* ol ohxi ,t„}*, tinVr fums
town loin, litiii*"KAi>dnp'>r«tiiirpl«iit
Wit will .IojiI <t.lb (hi* I'.r.d lit |»if
On, mil nill ciliflno rtlir ntmiitioii ai
pr«n«ht  Hiurn pnrtlclilnrlr  tu tho f"»l
Ulii^Ont-   ili\t»M«>  Vj»n>l   »it      Oul/lUi,:
Itandpoliif, be.iriiu (11 mind (hit hu
th6iwti»xi-*li»y 1>»i"ii chirjred ajraln»i
opsratmv «|(pnmr<-', sn I ibui'c Ir Mil'.
left • pmllt'd tfi |pr f.-iit uu thrf.n,
M0,f>jO Hipilil, or 5 fin cent, on f-ir
tlniMtbil rapitslfieitiori, or ?l I,i»V),0i>i,
Tlm alifnllnn nf l|,c mil f W(,rki'i»!
Slid tun jniblir N f.illrd 10 tlicif-lie-
fijriil»br I by 11*«- rniiip«iiy'<i *m.ii*1 i/«
port nf t'u* biuim>*» of H>' v«>ar lln'> *
order 'Imi thoy, m*j /o. > ui..lf»*i« d
I he niHutmn  vilii.h pl«-* id« lts*'f im
fOI»il<ir«*F..in liv tli*» j |nl •- Mr •»„! - 11 O'
•fpfrKf-'ifc   iihI   n.n.f   mo '»-r*   ttli.»li
IllCI't*- ill t'<l.KI.V  If \t Until I   I  llll- pill
\iO*f ftf nfrmiiirln-,' « ri"n' ■f.-lTf uai<c»
tolaki' tl.r 1 !.!«•• tf   |l|i<in.r W'.blt »X-
|i)r»f in. nm btKt .|.ij- .if March.
Tin- ofHfUl tt>i>ori of the Ch>»'» N'-st
Pass Coal Company for tha year 190-:
has not yet been mad.! pul>'ic; and >vi!i'
not be procurable until after the anuu.-i'
meeting of? thi camp-iuv, whicli lias
been poatposed until .April.
Thi9 is unfoitunati' for tbo workers
and tb«"public," becaus.s that Veiioit,
when made, wiilprob.i >ly s.io*v tliat not
withstanding the stiiko List fall, the op
orations for the yciu* will show large
profits for the year..
It bai b en rumored that the operators have determined to ask for a reibic
tion of w njjea Voi. the mil.ers, and it, is
practicallv  certain that  the workmen
will auk for a su!>6tan!i.tl increase., thus
creating, a wide margin between the de
mantis of the two contendi'ig pai-Ues,
\> There i.eed be 00 feif tliat the p'resB
will   uii teeniiiig'" witirnrgnmoiiU and
Btateuii'iiU to bmtlster up the elaiiiisof
the operators f"i' redactioiin, but how
nny intelligent person can find room for
uucli conclusions after a careful peniKal
of the reporl on the next page, is hard
to'understand.     '
An industry which nlmwa a 20 per
cent, prolit foroneyeir, and wliosw own-
are and operators hold in reserve property valued'by trie teunof millions of
dollars, for which thoy have paid nothing, should be the last 611 the list to haggle over wageb with its workmen, and
auk, in this year of prosperity, that thev
submit to a i'-:ditetio:.
It in prol.-ii'nli;, too. Unit tin- u|icratu^
will iiiHi.-t upon the open shop priueipul
as applied to worKmi'ii, a-ul that iihti'iiju-
gle will result over this mutter.
We ho| & that .such will not result in «
deadlock, however. - '■
The priuciploiii unioni.iii) must s^oimr
or later be acknowledged and respected
by all oparati>r.s; and until It has been
acknowledged and put' 10 its fullest
practical tent, the closed '.«.hop principle
{will be an element working for U10 uncertainty of (ipi-iatioii <if tbecual mines,
j. The Ledger has always maintained,
and will continue tu maintain, that the
i' t-rmaneiicy  so inueli to be de*>ireil by
perator*, wuikeif, and the (-imsumei-s
f    the     coal, -. eau     be    established
nly by thi recognition of die closed
hop princi|ile and the establishment of
ompuis'iry arbitration courts for the
(etth-ment of disputes between labor as
represented  by combined organization
and capital upon the same basis.   In
this' wayi and' only' iu this  way,'can
Hlie»e disputes be confined to tlio two
Eides to them, so that an arbitration
court can successfully deal with them.
The coht of living to the miner is constantly on th • increase, and when the
nature of bis calling is taken into account, it must be conceded that be ia .entitled to,the highest rate of wages that
ihe industry will permit, and leave to
tbe operators • fair rate uf profit.   -
of these mines, are deeply interested in
this subject, and the experiences of ill'.-
past few month* will not be forgotten in
a'hurry, but* gteat deal hanyetitobe
leariird by thaljiublic icfoio the real
trtuation is thoroughly ui»di'i»:ood
jTliu concliisioii jttinpoti at that the
iiilneri are to a grent estouL> to blaiue.
for thv shrtage of -cmil and -the coi'.so
qtient risvin prices is erronooU-i.
. 'No fairer minded set' of men cun be
found than aro the organized mintra,
Tlivy only want fair treatment and fair
wage*, and to that they are entitled.
'After the Lethbriilge si tike the price
of noiil at that place war-, we uiiderHtaud,
Increased 00 cents per ton, but the miller, who gets only 5 ceriu'of that 60 cent
in'cii'H.t'0, \n In too uiHiiy ctiHUH held ru-
Npousihle fur (hu full increase.
A ihonilijjh liiVL'stiuation of the whole
situation villi reveal tlm fuel tlmt. the
inemMio of the worker's wages hi the
vupi uinalleht item onti-riug into thu
present situation.
There are car shortiiges and long
prices for truiiHpurutloii, which ate the
basis uf uiOht of tho [lresent trouble, and
tliero are sbuiulant Indications thai
th* truth In gradually duwiiingupon tho
public nm.(I, '-
The limn iiiuiiiiiiiird above, ami lo
which W'i wish lu refer iig'uln,
is uf spet-lHl iiitiircht to the public nnd
Kovuriiniiiiii of ii.Ik provimii. Tln<
president of the C. N. I'. C, 0,, In hU
ronuirks upon (he tuxntlon, ntatuH tlmt
1 hull' ux for 19J5, atlde from roynltien,
amounted lo fEJ.O.YI.l I- If wo tiiJeo out
•( this iuin the iimouiit of tax paid upon
town property, oto., mo will Iiml Unit
they are rscuplng witbn tsx of pfrlmpu
W,IW0oii tlnr2r*0,t») acrns of whst thoy
are pleased tn tell their shsndiolders in
one of tie «iwitu't nml beds In tlm
world, nnd which whs a xift to ilium by
the people Judifliiji fi'iin the Iuiki ul
the president's reiimrks, i-unpli'ii wiih
tb* of/ortn of tholr bind e matins 1 ur to
porsmulu the provincial board "a' tv r
tsZi'N AIO Ion hl.b, ne luml c .»-* 1 1 -
ths' the H tiipatiy is i-l 1.; in .i< i;..v u •
pilliy runt of $<i,6u0 \» tn..„ up c or
them in eonti'iliiiHi tn Ihr pi• ■ v 1..«-1 <-t
tratmirrr for their holl.igi, If 1
payinnt Ih sbutit 'il ioi.u j rr in 1 e nn
lands (hat according to their own est."
mate's are worth $]3,000,000, or 350" _ er
acre, and they are.asking arednction of
this 2 |ceuts pea- acre , . "
The timber liinds of the eastern part
of Britisb Columbia whicli has upon an
average   not   more   than 7,500 feet of
liieichaiiiable timber per acre whicli at
market value could nut hring; more than
$2 per thousand bringing: the value upi
to Slo per acre, is taxed 18 cents per
acre per year,   covers no  permanent
rights  and   the,timber  wheii'cut;  is
subject   to   a   royalty, of 7,0 cent*  per
thousand.    Now  there   is  something
radically wrong al.om these conditions.
A;scboo! Uoy ean loll,.thal at 11 glance.
Either tho Ux 011 ihcse timber lands.is
entirely ti.o high er eh 6'the Bum of V/i
O-'iitsiperpuro 011 land  w,Ii6mi owners
modes.ly-i-stiinate to be w 01 th 1S,000,000
or 150 per afe. is ridiciously low.   If
this great corporation bad been forced
to pay t large price for these coal lands
there   might   be  some' semblance  ol
justice in their denitu.ds tor reduction*-
but such is not thu l-ubd.    illc\  weio a
present tj Ihe cuuipany.   11  innjht be
urged thai as these lands do not produce
anything while thev lie idle it Mould be
a hardship to tax them heavily ^ but the
lififhter the tax the longer will lln*y' be
allowed to lie idlo, and'iho country' is
clauioiing for moid coal ail Hi'.: time
The l.t'dger hopes It M-ill  nol be con-
shjeed' pr.esuinptii)U8 if it' ventures ;lo
sui4no.->t that it soenis to it lu be in  the
public ■ interest   that    tho . provincial
government take up this inequality in
!tbe   !axa!ion   of  the coal and limber
'lauds a-ul readjust them along liueB of
'equU>   and justice.    It, might also  be
prolit able to the provincial i reasury > to
look into Ih,' cloei'il  town of Michel,
where there i* bid one hotel, owned by
the company, which owns a vast coal
area and which it is said brings to the
treasury ul that, company iii the shape
of rent more tlinu §10,000 per yea.- and
from whu-li the provincial. government
collects the paltry sum of S150 per year
licence..   It would take three or four of
the botelM.,iii Fernie to produce as much
rent as that aud still thosetbreeor four
hotels   pav   licenses  to   the extent of
$400 each por year.    The',Ledger don't
Q_uite see why this is allowed to" be.
! Certainly the provincial gbveerument
Is not deriving, an adequate  revenue
from.this   source   and it..is   because
the  town of   Michel is"mado a   closed
town by theowneisof the jjift soil upon
^vhich   it. ^tands that such a thing  is
possible—what   applies   to   the    hotel
business at  Michel applies also to till
branches of mercantile bus.inebs at that
place and at Coal Creek-    ,- .*,
1 'I here is no competition iu either,
town and the mincri- are compelled, .to
trade, at one store which ..enjoys the
towns. Technically this may he legal
but in reality, it is an evasion of the
truck act aud an amendment, to that
act conipelliiig tlie company owning the
ground to lease or rent sites for,coin
raorcial pur-iases to all application
etjual terms, woiild'solve this problem*
to tin: bciieiiiient of,the inbabitaots of
thoBetnwi.s and put 1 it the' provincial
treasury much more money than it is
, a to g uiidv r the dog iii tho manger
policy now fiirsued.
UHMiMt-of An
TDSst No. tB
-Headquarters Blairmore," Alta.
F. H. Sherman, Pres. " Fernie
■J. A.-McDonald, Sec.   Blairmore
♦ ' ' '♦
^   Gladstone Local Union No.2314   ^
+   Thos. BijgB, Sec, Fernie, B. C. ♦'
♦ ' • -. " ♦:
♦'•      ' ♦
+ „ Michel Local Union No. 2334. ♦
♦'"A,1 J. ,Carter,„ ,'Sec; ♦
T Michel,  B.   C. ♦
♦ •' -■"-, -■;.;■ v ♦
♦ ■ - ■"-■-'. ♦*
4 Coleman Local Union No. 2633 4>
4> . Chas. Brooks,. Sec., Coleman, 4>
4, Alta.       '" . °        '♦
♦ '• ♦
♦ -'■ " • ' ♦
4> Frank Local Union No. 1263 ♦
4  David Stenej Sec., Frank, Alta. .«>
♦ • ♦
♦ .♦
«> Lille i,ocal Union No. 1233 +
4>   Alii* MayA Sec,   Lille,   Alta.   4
,♦'".. . ♦
;♦''.'" ♦
_«> Bellevue Local Union No. 431 ♦
,♦,   F.   Chappell,.    Sec.,   Bellevue,   ♦
V ■ ";  Alta. ' '♦
:♦ - . - ♦
;♦"     ,"'.•'.■.     ■ .'^
^   Hilkrcat Local Union No.1058   ♦
4   Jaa>. 'rinibtdl', Sec.,  Hillcrest,   ♦
4 '' ' "'"'  Alta. ♦
>  '      . ♦.
r.! ,,♦
4>   Lundbreck    Local   Union;. No. «>
'«>, atjfl't. Thompson, Sec., Lund- ♦
j^° d   "    -•    breck,' Alta. " ■ '♦'
!»>"'. . ♦
4 ■:- ' ' ♦I
■' v^V ,-■-'" V "*"\ '! ♦
Tabor Local :Union    No.' 102 '♦
John    Bishop,     SecV,   Tabor,. ,4t
If % 'Alta. .;, - ,„   ♦
t      -. "A
• 'Tabor   Local  Union No.'-1.959   ♦
^  Alfred   prbbeft,   Sec,  Tabor, ..^
♦ '"'"; .* Altai •"' --- , -.♦
▼ '   °" -     ' T-
^   Canmore Local Union No. 1387   ♦
J'" H. Aiaoh, See.', Canmore, Alta.   ♦
i-    ,,.',, ',,.',,.       „'--',♦■
♦■'"/'':• .;- :"':■.     ..'-■♦
^.Bankhoa'd Local Union No. 29 ♦!
v John' Higgins, Sec, Bankhead ♦
4> '' Alta. .- ♦
L. P;! Eckstein.    °. J: P. Myers-Gray.'
V Eckstein 5: Gray
-. ■ - * , i  * '** ^
Barbi8tkrs-at;Law, '  .Solicitous,   Kto.
1.   a
Hooins 1& 3, llt'i.ili-raon block.   i<\irnic, B. 0.
F. C. Lawe.    , Alei. I.  Fisher, B.A
Latoe. gc-lFisher;/
Neat    Tradids    C-o.    Block
Femie', B;.C.   .     -\
.1. S. T. A1.KXASI
Ross & Alexander
n.vRKi^ri-'.nb   .soLic.iToii-"*.
-« •.,   ■• iskxiki-h. t-
.«§»'    .. «i*
'm  I.. M- \V. )0'ok. Vii'ioA-i Avi-ir.ii-
1.. n.siV n.u.s.
L '1
"   aVEHTi&s'. '
W y Mock,   opposiu-  llu
Olliu* hours—8 H.m. to s im.i.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D,
r>iti3sr'rxsrj: a
• - c *
(irru-K  Itr.tlllSl-      . ,8'll.ln M II   II'.  1 >
' .  '    0.30 tos \i.m.'.
OHieii in Alex. 1. :ik'x Wioult"",
11 i'or Slum's Hnke.-.v
11. O
flevhfc, 3B. C;    t
■, .   -  -  -,'■- ■ ■}•
■   ■ CA1.1i AND SEE ."
Davrv 8*. Ladrrouxe
*3Zi*K*r*ti. -»». in «-u
A GO0Dv;WAY.- •- y"
to plea.se careful * housekeepers is to
give hoaest weight. 0h,': we sVjn't
say iMat". all butchers'don't'do"Ais
but . we4 cannot - help "occoasioially
overhearing - our'lady -friends when
Ibey get to telling their, experiences."'
to please is to supply only t&e beat
meat. If you trade with us you will
leare just what we mean by these ,
two "ways". QUALITY' and QUANTITY will Ik: a little more tfcaa yoii
expect. •        ..I   ,
Oalgaby CAttle CO
Lathbridge- Local Union No.574
S.  A.  B.  Crabb,    Sec.,' Leth-
'   bridge, Alta. ,.
M. Kerr & Go
Contractors and Builders
•   Plans, Specifications, and'Estimates furnished on  application.
n - ,   • ^
PleatV   of   GOOD   DRY   LUM-
'•   BER ON HAND. .
Architect      and Superintendent '
*.    Office, at- Residence.,
BAKER  ST..     -    '-- ': FERNIE. B.C
it, tur.i...        - '    "' A.Wimjmas
' Contractors rind Builders
"     Kstimntes Fuinished    ,
St oral Doors and Windows   *
Sliop:—"Cnmor ilnwland Ave and MoEvrySt.
■ P  0. Box 3S5,bFoinio. n.JC--.-,---^
; a pleasant  home
for llie traveler.'*
Simon Dragon, Proprietor!
NOTICH Ih lieroby uivun that tlilrty days
, from il.-ito I Intund to apply to eommls-
Nlouor of liimls tnd workH for 11 iipoolal llcenoo
In'ioutiiinl mirrv nvray Hmhurfrom tlu follow
ln|{ iluMiflliud luml In South lUimt Kootenai.
CciiiimuiicliiK nt a podt planted at ihe south-
w&Ht corner of lot 0210, tfionuo north 100 c-luiino
tlitiiicii wont. 40 (ilinliin, tln.'noo south ISOchaina,
tliuiicu ou..t 41 i'.liiiiii» to plane of beginning;
{ "li. J. Johnson,Locator
bouuteil .limy nth .'(II   Jahks CxMKlloN/ABeiit
I ■''■(;
Commoiii-lr.tf ut a punt planted nt the North-
wuHt coi'iiur of lot (Win thMice Houth SO' dhnlns
thfcncii w(mt Kiioliitliin' tlieuco north KOflhalnu,
thfeiu'.o oust KKihiilim to plaoo of bcfflnninir.
1 H..f. .ImiNBON^ocator
I.oohIbiI .Inil'j' dill '1)7..   JAMKH tUUKROX, AHfint
Coinmimcliiff nt 11 pout planted ont half
mile went uf tlio iioutli'ivest corner of lot 6iil,
thence nouth lnonhaliiH, Uionee w(mt40oliuliii f
theiuin north nm oliainx, thoiiuu eunt 4Ucliaiiu
to'plane of butflnnlilir.
t U. It. Pollock, Locator
r.nimtiiil .limy nth ,n7      .Iah, Uamuhon, Agent
Coniinoimliif ut a pout planted one mile
noiitli of tlio north-went eorner of 0, II. Pol-
li)uU'nulaiiii,thsnne loulh SO elialiis, thence
weM. wi (ih.Uiin. thence north SOclmiiu, thence
eunt ho olinlm to plana of heiilnnliiu,
I M. A, Kabtnkb, Louator
liOcitteiMsny nth,'07     Jah Cameron, Xuent
U'liiiimiiiijliiii nt a poit planted at tlie north-
wii»t corner of M. A. KHutner'i cluirn, theaoe
iiudli Siieliiilii», thoticeweitt 80 clinlm, thence
nmllhsnuliiilnit, tliimcumut HOdlmlint to plant
of IicmIiiiiIiik,
Oxo. McoTT. l.oeator
bnuiituil .In nv 7th '07      J as. Uaukiion, Aiieiit
ll«iiiiiieiiAliilf at 11 pout planted 111. tlio south-
wvijt iinriiur of 11 duo. Hiiott olaim, tlitiieo
iimtli S1 t-lmlm, tbkiioe w«»t hi) (IkIiii, thence
iwriiiHinhabit, tliencunut HO ulnilna topltct
nf lniKhiiilnc
> A.I.Kihiiiii, booster
I.iii'kUiI .(.my 7tll'll7        JAH OAHKRONAKSlit
K. V;.   11 III, HW7
j jl m s^ouyti oj
y©»r iczisr vlU id! yea thzt
fresh lir ind <jood food ire
the real cures for consumpiloi.
But dftcn the cough It very
herd. Hence, we surest thtt
yeu 11k your doctor ibout
your fiklnf Ayer's Cherry
Pettonl. It controls" the lick-
iiaft quieti the cough.
_.     Wl> *ttk tlttlitt
f_  ft——ftsieitm
We «t|t'fe« U
MStalt r*M
TOJl SAl.ll-A viiltmblc residence
projcity In tlie lienrt ol tbe city.
A two-storey liotitc of nine rooms,
pliiiiteied and well finished; a small
house of tkree rooms, central, and
still iviiotlior Minill slmck on the
lot; lot boxi?o, Thin property is
for sate at a burguin price. For
l»rtiuilais call on or write Mott,
Mim  %  Cn
! >.     City of Fernie ^
ANGIvICAN-Christ Church- »J.
S«t. E, Skeldlng Wilkinson, »^
pastor—Services, 11 a. m, Hr-.
and 7.30 p. ra. Sunday A*
ISckool and Bible class at A*
a.3» p. m. Evening prayer
01 Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd
Sundayt at ti a. m,, and
and Sunday at i a. tn,
' Headquarters' "for      PACIFIC
" COAST   '' Gr'oWN' '""' GARDEN,"
'40 5c. packets for $1.00 prepaid
to your P.  O.   Order direct   und
get fresh, tested, new crop seeds.
Large    stock of"  Home  Grown
Fruit and Ornamental 'frees.
"Greenhouse Plants, Cut Flowers.
Catalogue Free.
0    "   M. .T. HENRY,
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, B. C,
WINE     O.,  Ltd.   ._/
^Wholesale Dealers atfci Direct Traport-
.::,'_       ' '   ters of          '
.=*      SCOTCH AND ^     ."    ''    •
^-^-IEISK-WHISKEYt-^^--^- —
I    '   OLD' TOM   . "     '  ""' '. -     "- "
.';    ,.':POMMERY-   -■; ;
BURMEISTER   '     4
Sole Agents in Camidk foi
Windsor     Toaic,      Jajr     Destroyer.
50, Good Woods-
The Elk Lumber
Oov  Apply at, i}\$
.... ()fUce oiv.at.Hop-,'
The Elk Lumber Co.^ ltd;
/ Fernie, B. C
*■    "   ' ' •:«
A.  BAPflsr-Kev.     H.     Locke +
4s]    Ketftpton, B.A., D.Tk,, past- -^
y    ft.   Service* at ix a. ui, and •(•
II*     7<3*  fi   "•   Sunday   solicol A*
and Bible slasa at 1,30 p.m. tyj
Prayer meeting  on Waduat- +
lay at S p. xn. .4
CATBOLIC-Cliurch ol the
Xoly yaw Uy—Father J. M.
Traverser, O.M.I. Low
ttxwux, 8.30 a,, us.; high nsus,
10.30 a. as. Sunday school,
a p. 10, HvealBf service, 7,30
Oat »f A«n> PM» atfetatim* viUtauaa
flii' nni>iMjitii:i1 ViiiAirig Urn >*-
stored to health by simple means,
nfler sullcring (or several years with
a s«\er« lung affection, and that
drend ilincaw CONSUMPTION, is
onxjoug to make known to his fellow
i«ff<»r*ri 1 he mm 111 of nm. To tJiov
wlio desire it, lie will cheerfully send
f/ree of t.harj;e) a copy of t)i# pw-
scriptiou used, which they will find a
CATARUH, nXONCIimiS and all
throat ami lung MAUDIKS. Ht
hopes all iufltrtr* will trj" thi» Rtwi'
e>fy, aa ft f'l'invufuAhffl.   Tho<w     rfo-
sn iacresied flow nf bile, tad preilisc* a firing the,. pre«ription,   which    will
gintli Uxstlve effect the day fallowing, cost them Writhing, nnd m.\y prove  a
Formula •• esth toi.  Shaw Hw yaur •,__,iB_  w,u „•„,. ^dj^s-
Dote,•MBit!attectomt. MKV. KUWARI) A. W1I.ROK,
*~ii*»\>ffMi.**r»o*,Umttt\tm(. » Qroaklya, W. V,     »M44M"H4'M,M4-»M4,lHhM'''HE
4, 'V
.J. MBTHODIST-ttev.    W.  Ush-   »J»
»t« ley Hall, D.A., 11.D., pastor.  A>
4 Servieea ut ii a. uj. and 7.30 <\>
4 p. as,   Bible claaa 3*3o p. in.;   4
4 coasuistd   Bible   class    and' 4
4 teachers' tnietlng, 3-30 \}.xxx.   A*
4 CIubs waeting,   10,15 a. in.   »{•
•r> Young     people's     meeting,   »J«
•J« Monday, al 8 p.  tu.   Prayer  >!•
•l« meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m.   •!•
+ .  +
Sj—IjtlI^l^I^J^Ti*Jjtli — I ^ !■■ laMil^l^t^iijfci^tHaa t fltM tHtk *M
l"l"i ,J"J"l,*l"<"i"J"i™l"l"J 4"l I r"J"l~r»r
fniil,—Coul liindu may Im iiiuoliiiiiod at. fill
imi-ikii-u lor wol't coal uml i-ijo for iintliiiiullti,
Xul tiiiiiutliun !I-Ai noruH can tie aiKiuirml liy
miu liiillvlili'ul nrcomimiiv, Rsyalty ut thu
ruto of tun couth nor ton ni li/MIO iiimiuli nlmll
hti (.•(illi'uturi on tlm«roi.Koutimt„
yiiurli,—A luio mliior'K ('.drtiiicatu ii. urantoil
iijiiiii iiayinoiit in inlviiunii ut <.,r> por annum for
n... liiiliiidiial, iiud I'mtii i.vi to tiiw |mr luiiiiiin
for a ci)iii|iiiny lU'coviltiiK tn ciiplLnl,
A I'riiii jiiinoi-, litivliiRiiiMiovuroil nilnnrill In
liliK.'u, mny iMCutu 11 claim l,,Vm x 1,.Vkj fi-ct.,
Tlm fen for i-uuorillnit iiclalin In -fi,
At lOIUttlOlllllllNt.lXIOXl'liMllGlt llll   tllH I'lllllll
oncliyemr or imiil to thn niiiiln« rucui-ilai- in
liuu thiTuof. Wlimi Ktum liio. noun nx|iniiili>il or
paid, Iliu locator limy, uiion liuvtna 11 mirvoy
iiimlu, uml utiiiii ooiinilyliiK wil Ji nMiur tu-
i|iiIruiiMiiitn,imro]iato tlio liuidiitcJ an aero,
Tlm put out iirnviduit I or tlm pnynxilit. nl a
rnyiilty of K. puv ocnt on (liu xitlo.H,
I'liM'iilt 111111 Inn nliilniH Koiifliully nro )(ni font
hr_iiaru; wiitry Urn tfi roliowaliloyourly,
A Irou miner nmy olitnln two loami* to
drnilKi-fur (tuld ul'llvu nilltsoiicli lur 11 term of
luentyyearK, roiiitwalilo at tlm ilUdrullon of
lib MiiiUtur nl' tlio Iiitnrfnr,
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,'
Liquors and Cigars,
ii\.ii» w—n CioUii^T_f7^)V_«i.«_lll~UHIly~
Arrive Vancouver 1 f. $9 noon
Arrive Victoria 5.45 p. m. '\
S. S. Princess .VICTOR!A-
\S. S. Princess MAY-
irEiTRnsriin,- tb.. o.
'i'iio Iititk4*ii slinll InivoiidiiiilKii III oimi'iition
 '.tin '
  - lyn
latuof i't pi-rcont unllcctod 011 tlmimfiuil uf-
  .   ItuiiUI «liiiiur sniiuiii lor
tuuiii   tu llu of rivur luiuuil.   lloyally at tliu
 " "eouti
wlVhin one tiiHtoiifniiii ilia (In'to of t'
out ui
lur ancli IIvu inllON
tuinli   1111 lu ti"
iittii of )!', per
tur it iixi-ui'di
I'BJKSDVTBUIAN    -    Kao* »]•
ehureh—tttv.  TI.    B, Grant, 4
n.A., pastor. Services at n •!•
a.sa. and 7.30 p.m.   Sunday »J«
hhboiil   anO   loo/it iU>»   *i v j
a.3« p. m.   Prayer   meeting A»
Wednesday at S p. m. •}•
8A7,VATTOV ARMY-Ca plain
I<aldlaw. Sunday—Knee drill
j «, m, nfoll«M# mating'*'
a. as- "Free, and Rasy,"
J.J» p. nt. Sunday school, 1
U 3. Salvation meeting, t,
p. sa. P.U.tf, meeting on
Mc«day at 7.30 p. tn. f**l-
VHtfmr sut^lfng WVffn'idsy
at I p. as. ftolditrs* muting, friday, Testimony
asaaUag Saturday at f p. m.
kVtutty tflaiator of the Iutarior.
N.  B.—T/rta»ithc|ii7*if  Milicwtlom   oi
this advertisemunf, will not bt paid
■for.   n
-* ST.V  OTVTW   T/infiW KO    1% 4t
4)               A   Y. k A. M. 4>
*> lagulnr asauting held first Vri* <t>
<l day in each month.  Visiting <$>
4> brcthcrn cordially invited. <$>
♦ J. S. VOT<UMR, See, Fernie. <$>
$ $ § t '$% t-i^ '*•^'^t-Hw^t'*1^M>**
a> <S>
& MT. FRKNIR I.0DGR NO. 47 ♦
<t>             i. 0. 0. p. i»
4> MeeU every Wednesday evening «>
♦ at 8 p. m., in I. 0. 0. P. Hall .<$>,
<$> P. C 1,AV», nee.-Sec., Pernle 4>
4> d>
«> ♦
4> PRHN'IB I,Or>GK NO 31 +
ty       KNIGHTS OP PYTHIAS    * ♦
4, UecU lt\ r. 0. 0. r. IialUrery *V
4» Thuridny evi-alag at 8 o'clock. e>
<t» Viaitlaff hrethern are cordially e>
<t/ InvlUd, •>
i Ceo   r„ Pedf.-r, C. C. <$•
if, G. H. lionlton, K. K. & H.. #
♦ ♦
rfj-rlA'J'fluHtoj   llOiflJ KUlDllSTItY -Wf
Crow's    Nest   Spoola!
liilner's Favorite Clrjars
HfiU'l'IfS $1.00,
Car can he oa-upiud nl Ndson
Uim'oii Depoi at 9 p. m,
For rules, folders 11J (ijcut;.  i.i,ily, t ,
local agents or to
j. H.OAKTKH. il. P. A.,N(»Uo>i.
K. .1. C0YI,B,_A 0. P. A , VHuaoiivor. '
Cfow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
..1   i ,
All  kinds  of   Kleciricnl
:    Goods kept in.stock,''
All, work
"j-    Guaranteed
J9HN Turner,
60   YEARS'
ft ii'ilt run .f 11 dun'ired ill/Hi/M.
4   ilii.|i.M(ir.! kI/.omhii' It l.vrl  turiio'
'     .'il. In,   T'i'i pcr.'oiil.  11 ll'y 0' rn
*', lirl trail. liiu-Mll vi\'".\ \< I1I111 Iliu
' -ii-c miilit, onnllilni Mum n» tlm
ilhlliii;.; •jx-Pcmiv (?i;»
i 1 tin World
rimy wii.1. so 1
,   Iv.-r, l»)
nf UN.
Wlt.l. NOT ril,
Guar nlrrd,
*,0!l> IN TANA A Dll .15
l*one 91,
• t -ii-'!',, vr ant u-ic nr
•  J 3rriJ" Pinci
Yor 8ale at tha
Cigar   Store
A.  INGRAM,  Prop,
Far*)*, B. C.
A hotel that furnlsfce* ty\\H, cam-
moriious  aorommtrtdfcfevn   for itn pa-
tram in a source of pteaaare   t»  Uia
] travelling public.  Such a on* (a the
Ktag Edtraid Ife>ul, ol Fcrtit,   ear-
,ls>r cppwiita peat ofte*.
Thkoc MAmtn
Coi> "ttiaHTa Ao.
pti(*n 1
-rinin our 0|>iiiinn Trtt wi
Anrona «»nrtl|ig 11 theloti mid 1 xortpilon ntt
iTeMlnn • probpbljrniittJitnl. ft, .Domsiun M>
nntlitrlotlrnoiilidenltal. fMNC '•M aa I'lttof -
int fret, yidtit titnrrJur tunirihsiptMnu.
wiMnolki, witlioutolitrte, I * ths
Scientific Hrilcati.
niilnlloji of tfty |aft
(1 WOOk       IKIUOIL jbAsn
in or tiit laitnltflg liiuru J. ivi'iin, IT t '
e(iri_foernionthi,|f. 8oiai)yiJl«ew»!Wtr|.„
, Vvrnlt, II. 0.
MtVrtrfK, t» hcrMiv o\vr,Ti Hint tho iimlfl«l»ti#<J
wil\ ut vtiii tir.t iiiiinitiig (>f Dili Jloiiri) orLlo.
i-n*lnf t^mmlmlonerii for I lit. City cf Ptrnlt.
helitsfter Un-»»plr»llon nt thirty risvt frtm
thlt lists ^pply for * transfer of a retail llanos,
llr»n«B«riiiitB.| In re^iml of tht Wtlilorf
Hntel. eltutttHt Mtt IMMIIook IS,OU* tl
Ptrnft,from rnyielf to Ifsty Mnore.
D»ti..l thlt lit (Uy of Peliruary, A. P. low,
Wn. Uitu,
KOTIOR I. hsfslw ,|»en thRn,ft,.B,?iJ.
deriliiifl will «t Hit Kr.t mralnlf of tht
Cityof Vrrtil* );*M Mtur th* einfnUfan ij
thlrlv JiMfwrn thi. .!»•», »,.px"Vf^tnnJi
'*/ *'J • !?.\*tt ^i?"."', ^,u" «"•"«** in rtentflt.
City of Kerni», from mvMitf fHohn IvJmS
|htl«i< »W*M ..Uy*wr F«*.«*i*»*r,A-I>.l*«ii;,
t. A. Uxtl* SS^^SSiS^miS&s^^^sxiiieawswesSiSXi
K    1',-»,
.1      * ■ 1"       'li
■ '    •* K
0 '-'•'
*-/.. -'■•
/ ■'
t ■
'     - ,'i
• 1
'-  *4
i. i
■t   I
Crow's Nest PassJGosl ;Co.,.Ltd.
The ninth;, annual -.meeting of' share;
.• iiolders ip^Jhe^Crow.is-Nest ifass!.Coal
Co., Ltd./'was'lieldat the company's
offices, Toronto, Ontario, on Feliru-'
ary 9. There'was a good attendance
and 8.1 per cent, of the. stock.in the
company was represented in-person
and by proxy. Hon. Senator George
A. Cox, president of the company,
. 'was.,chairman. The. following report
was submitted:.., •
,; Directors' ^Report—The directors beg
' to submit to the shareholders of   the
company   their .ninth  annual  report,
, including   Statement," of. Assets    and
Liabilities,  as of December 31,  1905.
•"Tha balance at the.credit of Profit
,and     Jvoss Account brought forward
from 1904 amounts to $203,320,44? To
this has been vadded, the sum of $49" r
898,68, being the company's net pro?
fits from the operations of the year;
also the sum of $35i4*» representing
tie premium received from final payment on the stock last issued, so that)
the income of the company, for    the
year,   ia $533i898.68, and the, aggregate to the credit of Profit and I<oss
„  Account, is   $736,619.13.      From this
amount the directors" have paid   four
. dividend! of 2% per cent, each, making 10 per cent for the year, amounting ia all to $349,418.05; have transferred to the Reserve Fund the   sum
of,' $351400, representing  "' the   income
derived from the premium on calls on
the new stock, and have carried   forward to 1906 $351,801.07 to the credit
ojf.    Profit and Loss    Account.   This
-. amount represents the net profits. of
*   th* company from operations,   after
- payment of dividenda.
l!The    increase in coal ' mined   this
year over    last amounts    to 89,031
tons, ami the production of coke has
increased by 13,584   toss.   The     exports of   -coal have increased nearl)
°, 1 po per cent, or by-113,638 tons, ant
the   coke   exports   still   continue   to
show an increase.
'! During the year there has been
speat on improvements the sum of
$jW9i576'55i the larger, portion of the
expenditure being at Coal Creek, as
ihe result ef the destruction of the
iWKxlea tipple by fire on March 11,
last. This structure was replaced by
a,; modern steel tipple, dump-and
screening plant, capable' of handling
■ 4,000 tons of coal a day, at an expenditure of $i96;ooo. \ ".:
 - ii.,,;,,.,.  «■}■« ~-^.  -nr —p W""*>* r*—
■—~ «vu«ii»f£— «£■«.—__Pbnii—aai-^aJ.^—ft .icu^j—w,-
under the boiler8.t;;^a.L^8pose4:.of aa.j o^^itjgejigi* in t^f^oj^>jkipB$er
mt'ifliantable c«al;
Tlie coke productionjayjyears; was as:.
fol'ows—    ,"'.*..'• '   " *   ,--
In ihe v;-uv 1898 wo produced    3 JI ton?
19 «
■ 13 i.-»
•iS,H58 ".
7:T,49B "^
125,(185 ".
120,777 '
lr.7,729 "
•JI.-..118 "
.257.7)2 "
■"Duriiiff thu year llm conij>;i.iV h pay
rolls au-ountt-.l lo SL,08),O47.51 a*. u^ninM
$1,-119,735 '67 in 19a±,-wliiie.tlid additions
to pliiut uiul equipment ai Mm differing
collierii'.-i muouuted to"SAi9,u7ii.:"«.
Tiu*. .-.mounts imW '1 »■ i'.i.wi.u and
taxo-v. t-> tin'. B-.-iUsii "Ooli.mb'n'i sroveru
mtsiit for the via.- woio as follows):
On ciml..' *87,215.85
Oaooko i ;.' -■ 20,702.73
Other taxes.,      8,054.14
Altogether. '.. ..8t>0,082.72
which ia equivalent to ovnr 12 per cent.
of our income.
On March 11, 1905, the wooden treble
and tipple iit C0.1l Creek, constitutiiijc
the company's whole machinery lor
handling coal at tlmt point, were completely destroyed by lire, 'llie structures were well iiieured, so that the direct lose to the company, was comparatively small,'although'our operations
were quite seriously retarded at this
point during- tho remainder of,the year.
The indirect lost, made up bv the extra
C09t of. hjiidlintf the coal, ami the consequent inability'to fill orders has been
heavy. In order to prevent such h contingency in future, your directors, ua
intimated iti their, report, have had constructed'a modern., steel tipple, trestle
and screening-plant, which will, enable
the handling; ol Coal Greek coal more
economically than ever.before
In looking over our bnlauce sheet for
the'year I lind that our statement^ u>*-
sets and liabilities is practically unchanged, and 1 will take the liberty of
reminding you auaiu, on these fixed assets are made up almost entirely of cash
investments in. plant.and development,
and that.-,the great ,bulk> of our coal
areas can hardly bo said to have any
representation among them.
In this connection, the, directors have
had under consideration.for some time
a plan for reorganization of the company, sons to bring its uorinal'capituk
more in line with the actual value tf
the company's holdings, and it. is hoped
that at ail early date a sueciaKgenural
meeting,of ihis company wil! be called,
at which will be laid before the share
holders a plan having this for its ob
ject, aud which they .will..be asked to
consider aud approve of.   ,
tjjati Ia^fc»^''niade|'0^ti^it^a^,n«kn-
ufa^turtficiS^talwr &.^> lu^bt^i* a»d,.
as<$ »«gfih*£ by th^NewJ^fcaijgfct
be jwalti^fii^eatigaJB ^t.&jj&r ftt-
\ylion !}ȣ$ $p .the^ilwy^p>rit>'ol'
'•tl^;5"'-slt»aiti"oa.; while: th« <*ommittee.
faaaiitsiirorf^ dotltjje'. on, iiepraa-
ent" timber lawa in ihia province are
the most unreasonable and and incongruous set of regulations to >.e
found on-* any statute, bpoka, and
uader them the province has -Most
thousands of acres of the best of. its
forests without rsceivitig any 'rad*-.
quate return. . ,      ,
But then'; theh provincial g•(ve^n^nent,
would most indignantly rtject any
meddling . with its affaits by., the Ottawa government, and will keep on
giving, away its best asstet until'"_. all
the. timber in;the province has passed
into the hamds of private parties.
This, isgood'policy for the ipocketa
of the few private parties, but is detrimental to tbe interests oi Um people of tha province, and items likely
to stir up trouble vith the coni'iin-
era of lumber.   ■ •:
.*° ; o	
TJTISrjJEm .. T<l"E-W   3SAA.N^.&E^EElITT .
ames Oevern,
1   ni
' Well furnished rooms. The table is supplied with the best
the market affords: The ba r is suuplied with the best "wines,
liquors and cigars. ! ' ,   T *        *■_
B-, resigaed his position as chief engineer, and an arrangement was made
whereby his duties were transfercd
to.JJames McEvoy, C. E., the com-
p*ny's geologist.
"'The,staff at Fernie and the collieries'is eflicicnt, and working zealously
In. the company's interests- Complete
harmony exists between thi company
and all its employees, and everything
points to a, continuance of friendly
relations. In the early part of tlie
y«6r . a new, contract between. the
company und its men was entered into,
which expiree, on the first day. of
April, 1907.
General Statement December 31, 1905:
Mines,  real estate, plaut
•evelopment,  etc $5,374,644.89
. Srcctiritics* ownedr...';       3a8;-:96.93
Accounts  receivable  ' 616,803.27
Cash on hand and iu Bank    13,77.3.9s
Capital stock fully paid
up   , $3,500,000.00
Bllif payable " .367,769.96
Accounts    payable     326,447.09
Dividend No. 20, payable
J^uairy 1, 1906      87,500:00
Reserve fund    1,600,000,00
Frolll and loss    351,801,07
Health     and      Strength    Regained
;7 Through Dr. Williams: l'ink Pills.
•The after effects of la grippe   are
more serious than the disease  Rsclf.
its victims are left low spiritei  »»d
depressed;      they are  tortured" with
taadaches. and, backaches; fever    .»nd
^chills.   It leaves the sufferer an easy
prey to bronchitis, pneumonia,  rheumatism and often that most dreaded
of all aiseases, consumption. For,'tbe
after elects of lt> grippe there.is(absolutely, no medicine can tqual    Dr.,
■WilMama':;:. Pink, - Pills. . Every   dose
helps make,new, rich,,red blood that
drives disease front the system   and
makes  weak,   despondent   men    and
women bright,  cheerful,; and = strong!
Miss Eugenie Donaldson, of St. Jerome, Que., found a cure through their,
pills after other remedies had failed.
to help her.   She says: VI took    la
grippe and did not seem ftb^e to shake
it' off.   It developed into-bronchitis;
I. cougked.. day and night, and grew
so weak that I could hardly     move
•bout.. I tried remedy, afteir remedy,
but as nothing seemed to help   me,
I: began to   dread ,that consumption,
was incurable.   A friend urged me to
was  developing.^'and,.that ay    case
try Dr. Williams' Pink .'Fills, and following that advice    I got a supply,
for. two    months     I took1 the pills
faithfully,      following .the directions
given for, their use. .1 am tbankful I
did so, foT"tKsy"TrIlly   restoTCa;
strength and I have: since enjoyed perfect health.'   .1 will always"   adviee
sick and ailing .people to give     Dr.'
Williams' Pink Pills a trial,    for    I.
firmly   believe;   taut they will   find,
great benefit from their use."
Rich, red blood is the one thing
needed to maintain health and
strengtS. Dr. Williams' Pink ■'" Pills
actually make rich, red blood. That,
is the reason of their great popularity in,every country ir the world,
That is why they. cure anaemis, geft-
ieralrWWi'waai.••ifceumatinmv neuralgia,
'indigestion, St. Vitus dance, partial
paralysis, and.the ills of girlhood and
womanhood, with, all its distressing
h«sdAche9,: sideaches ami backaches.
See tfcat you get the genuine p Us
with the full name, '.Dr. Williams'
Pink/Mils, for Pole People" on the
wrapper around each box. Sold., .by
all medicine, dealers,- or ^.mail at 50
cents' a box, or sit' boxes' for $a.f>o,
from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
PfockviUe, Ont.
" "Ym. sir," resumed the . Dakota
farmer, as tlie crowd o},eig]ricuKurt8tH
Mkated themselves a round, a little
table, "yes, sir, wtdo things ou
rather a nibble w«le, I've steri   a
Hotel,: Fernie
T« Whelan,   Manager
A I'leiis-int homo
for tin* tiiivcilor.
ltOOIIIS      l«*K»l*»'0(l
by wire.    *
Every Attention
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*«>* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
1 Fort Steele Bitwery
Briswers of Extra Fine
Laarer Beer and Aeratec!
' \Vaters.   BottJeti Coods ;
a Specialty.
\Vatch it Increase,  ah you haVe to,
do, with a Savings .Account.,is to start :it and
keep it going—then .. watch ( it Tgrpw. Doesn't
take long for it to couni up • to,, a considerable,
amount—"then yon see the advantage—the wisdom-of saving.'-.      .'■■"„ "'-■...
'       1L
11    • ■} I
|; $1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank'of Cariada ^
$& : > J. H; MARSHALt; itogr., ISernle   Branch
The Elk Lai ruber Go.?
•,v"-,   LIMITED. ,   :-. ,
Dimension;/Flporiing, S5diK@?
.,-. •. Finishing lumber1-and  :^
■"■■■'■■■;.■. :Sl@iilipinj|s-■;;
AlPoui stock 'is last; yearn.,cni\ and well seasoned.,;. rt,. *
-Best ol
iri Watch X; I cuselerij;Repairing;
r»««i.XAaE)*>*iJiit s..'.^.«:
The, lumber combine is to be investigated by a committee of the house
of commons, ■ It is    well, but if the
committee ^ocs to the bottom; of the
matter it will find   that the-.-foinda-
tion of the whole trouble is the price
of timber, or, more accurately,    the
uiobopoly of the. timber lands.   It'a
the men who own the titnbec who are
reaping the harvest.   II the mill men
are getting rich, it is as   owners   of
timber, limits', ,aud., not -. as^operai or»
of sa\vmills. If" the loggers are getting rich, it is not as,loggers,.-but
as owners of timber. Iu short, it -is
not the men who perform, the service, but the men who control the
source of production who have the
cinch. The C. P...R.>(.big!-tpk* ofi»i»
also tliie to their monopoly, although
in a little different class, from the,
others. Will the committee - of ' the
house go to the bottom of i»» matter, and can, or-will, the ca_ti-j.<i-ee
recommend a remedy?—Nanton News.
This is another way ot looking at
the lumber situation. -
Prices of lumber keep rising; so io,
the prices of many other things,
Beef, horses, harness, -grain and labor
are .ill much higher than they   wtre | man 011 one of our big farms   start
•'■■-   The' "Calgary ,.Marble;;,&   Granite. Work?
The. -Koqfenay',f Marble    Works,'; Nelson      ■
Samples Can be Seen at tlie Office.    i'v' ;    Parlors in lundy's Block
EST.tllLIKlir.tf 1807
■UKA'TI ^OFflCli.-TOIJON". 3
.B. E. WALKER, Piealdent
A1EX. LAIRD, G.iiH'i.'lMy.i'-'Eer,
, ^"H.. IRELAND, C-..; criutei.Jr.' t of
" BVanchcii
P6:i.up Capital, SI 0,000,'000
pJh f: .. -    5,ooo,oco
TSfc.i Assets, - 113,000,000
Brattcbes thronj.out C'a^aa,.:i:;d'l4;;::.J Unite! States and England
'      .       *  KAiNKiNG.ii1Y   MAIL '85 '
Buainons j.ooy-b«Vnnaaoteti;ljy Kr.ii v;it!i any branch
of tho B;wil'«   Accounts auayj».l.e    ..
made ov v,-i't.Vlrav:s*.ty-mallj; Every u tenlion. is paid
to out-of-l-'Avn ncutiiirit'.-j...
Fornie, Brunch- <'"•«•   ,,olt'
a few yeato ago.  There la no question
but that more money has been made
Viofit nnd Ivoss Account—
Bftltijiee   at    credit   £ec.
&\\, 1904 ,.,., $203,330.^4
Net proHU for 1905 497tS98.68
Premium received on calls
p^jd ou new stock... ,.   3S,*loo.oo
Appreffiated as follows—
Dividends   paid. I349i4i"°5
Traaaferrcd to reserve fund   35,400.00
Balance carried forward to
IQ4d........■ 1 •   35t|80''07
Fmident's Address.—The President,
in moving the adoption of tha rouort,
It coinectioa with the resolution,
eetUjn information liaa been prepat-
ed, which I think will be of interest
to tie fthattholdm.
'flic directors' report and financial
«l*UKn<Jit show   tiot Uie   company
has paNKuil a witlilsc'.tory .ynur and in>i •
ento tlm Htoady jrrowtli wc nil derirn.
To lllustntn^hlsfoaturA, T would liko to
'call to yonr attention tlm fl_rttroK Ituli
catinjr U^ efial end coko production or
your company nl^co It* Inception.   Tho
coal proriiifltfnn was a* follower
Id the year 1008 we prodticod  8.0W1 tone
llff.WO •'
980.4BR "
426,457 ••
441,28« "
749,910 ••
fWI.240 •'
Of th^lonnatra pnwhii-wl lo ItXk'i, !U)7,
<167 toil* wiirc sfitit to tho enkf ovt'iif,
and prndiuixl 'iM,"02 tops nf roke, mm
tgtlml -245,1 IB toniv of cake produced In
1901. while the btlaneo, im,r,<rl (with
the excepiioo of to,&l8 tons cooiumed
(pRONouNao aC-KiiK)
A Marvellous end Trkim|»hut \Uctfi
of Victory Ovu W*ei*n.
Ho medicine hu over effected u lufi
a number of wonderful andalmoHraai-
veltotis cttree u Psychine. It hu hu e«e
i-ontlnuous record of yicturlM over diets*
(ia ol the throat, chcit, Innftaodstotaaea.
Where doctors have pronounced cam
incurable front consumption and; ether.
wasting dlieuee FsychlneJ elepe In and
ruacuee noinbeileai people oven from the
very, verve of toe ijrave. Ooualis, OoWi,
fn1.nrrli.IlTOtc.bUT*, CfolUiv >%blBwcet^
I a G rlppe,»Pneumonia, and/ ot. her' like
tronblm, all ef which aro foreronnen ef
Oini-umpHon, yield qnlckly to the oort-
tive powan omychfije.    ,,,
Mrs. Campbell, one of the manyetued,
innVcs tht1 fnllowintf utiifrrrtitiitr
I rannot nfmln from t«Illnf all *«* sof ir
onmltmnand r»'liuilr,l«4W.««0«wiill<>i».1
UkA ifill, tfc»nt|M tw««u ud csuaik «tutf
FjlrE.((«t la »r ltf«.  imrMfq*iii*'M«ii « r«-
ejtViW Wi»ggi«VA
PSYOnirfR never dlwp'poW    '
rflYOUlHK hu ne tobitlUiU.
'fhsN te no other raadldM "Jeatu
•ood." *
kX a 4**U*.IU, «u »tA9.tHt.xwm».
I if m< will* t«
M.T.IKIKW, IMW, tfl Hh a W, THMtl
Dr. Roet'e Kidney Wile ere • wire
mti Mrnuweit tvr* Ut PJMuaaatlan.
Iritht'* OlMCM, Pel* la tM l«xk mm
■0 fensu ef KMaey Trwilte. U4t*r
Wc, •• ai Uthtxu
gut in the epring anA vlow a straight
furrow until,autumn, Ihen he turned
atouml and harvested btck, We have
Nome bljj fi-rms up tlrtrt, gentlemen.
A frlMJ.' of mine owned one, which
he had to give a tmor'tKage on, and I
pledge you tny word the mortgage
was due at one end btlore they could
get !t recorded at tht other. Yew
nee, it was laid out, in countiw.
"And the worst of It is it brn'm
up families no. Two yearo ago I
sftw a whole family prostrated with
grief-women yelling, children crying
and doge barking. Out of my men
haJ his'camp truck packed on seven
(our mule teams and In was going
around bidding evejrytoty good-bye."
Whete wan he going? "lie was going
half'Way erois the fattn to feed the
pfgs," replied the Dakota man.
■  "Did be-ever get baric to his  fam-
"It Isn't time for him yet Vp;
there we eettd yonng couplea, out to
milk tha caws and their children
bring home the milk,"
Ypiir Orders foir Meats
Eggs, Butter, Poultry &
Fish, to
and get satisfaction
•PHONE   4
I MMKMIir*Mr"'*n»* "«wv
IB     CAVIMI.l'SlllUS'l
Ttility-twn Million Dollsrs
NOTICU la hereby (Iven that, 60
days alter date, I intend to apply to
t!:; K;;sj."al-3c CWef CpW"!»*ic«»t of
I^nds and Works for permission to
purchase tlie following described
laud, Nilttiiti! In Kasl Kooteiiijy, nr.ar
Ulkol Commencing nt a post planted on the northern Iwundary line of
IM 48J3, about 40 tliiins east, from
the northweet corner of sard Lot;
tbincc north 40 chnlm th*nce east to
chains; theate south (0 chains; more
or leu, to the Elk Diver; then westerly along &aid river lo the northern
lAUtxiary o! Hid T/>t 4833; thence
northerly along, aeld eaatern bound*
aty of sjid IM to He northeast cor.
ncr of sunt*; thence westerly   >tlong
the northern boondsry of aaid I/H to
I place ol beiiinaing.
Dated the iSth «Iiy of *ebn*ary, A.
D. 1907.
A Oeneral buriKing liubjucus Tiu»3.iclcJ
SIMPLICITY la the keynote of our Snvlupa Hank Deportmnnt
No formality or delay In Opening nc«i,nta or v*IH.dn win/
money. Intereet ellowed «t MitbeM n-'retit r.«-:i »u w.. «vv««,»-
ol $1.00 and upwareli- ftit«.-1«»I piiid or roMpum-dul ipi;irti>rly
Foi'nio Bif*nnoh
*—■ 1HH|
KUVSPWOt      |j_*J__|
tf e ** T||^tHl'iisll'lft*f***"^"*'1'
♦ •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦# > < >4>♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦#¥♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*
'J.,1 U I-
\ *Sif f\'J I-. I  r
Ml* N.     1.
• KH.M     I! 1
r I «r.NT«i.N. »I T.\
I V.N -ItV.i'Nf
rirRNIE, n. c.
Wholesale Gioceries, Flour, fd and Camp Swpflfe
nmttmmijummu 'ar*
». >v«^
t*ijjiit_sacr^ -I*'--- '
H-lwy  .  day--.ve  get-    V-l.eis  Cr-;->
mothers. telling «of the benefit Baby's
,0»u -Tablet*; have been to their.lii'.U
,i'UM. 'Some   |>rai>e  Uitm  lor  cousii-
4**lioU,-, atuBueli aud bowel  troubU-s;
ullit-rs  Jorl ' ' l.reuking  up .colds     •> .1
aluipie fevers;'* aoAB, as a great   Vip '
-to tecthiug..bahi«9, while others v> so
Jfkr as lo say that the Tablets   t.a«>-s
aavetl iheir little' one's life. We have
ihoBUWUds of tetters-all praisiaj* the
lubUU, for "they never do harm—al-
waje;good.     Mrs.   Robert    Werce,
\tojV* ttapiOe, Qul._,0.wr(taa: "1 would
.   not be without Baby's Own  i'aolita
in the house for a. day.  When   • •■)•-
,  tl>ing ail* my little one I. give ler a
;   'tablet aad.ehc ia soon alright. I am
'ear* other , mothara   will find them
qaite aa satisfactory."   Sold by drag-
Ki*u>r by mail at as ccata a. box,
truai The Dr. WilUaW Hediciae Co.,
MfockviUe, ot«, -n ■■■
j 'v'AHU 0*" TUANKU.
) wi»h to express my sincere thanks
m.tfee (uetwbera and employes oi the
Ulk Lumber Company, and other
kind Irkttd* for assistance and kiiid
aUentiuii during ihe illness, and Imi-
i,.l ui liiy, beloved brother.
0'-      ' G.  W. SEVEKAS.
■^■^S^^ and,'. ;i9p7
■ I ff^^^^ffla^ryr-'^^^
;-:;•- :y.jp\-Vj}^'\\t^^i> )>iy y^y-i; yyiUuhA -Tno^
■^■v** -••/■ •-'■■■''"'-"-PB-I1 BB':""-eWslB^:iftiPISHB4M'-
\Vilil Hose, Eiijslijyh Break!'sufi'Toi'-,   Our*
0\\n Blend.' '-Quality aiid flavor Onei-li
oelloU.-  Also, RluSii mbban-LockBrinff'
\Vc are the sole agents for Ram   Lais
Pure Indian Tea.
Pay Cash and Get the Best.., - Prompt Delivery!
W. W. IBlunclM
Take notice that thirty daya after
data 1 iuUud to apply to the, duel
Conuniaaiouer of, Lands and Work* at,
Victoria, (or a special lwaase to cut
uuu cai'O „si,v«»>' -I'llbei l.olii Uic tol-
luwiug., iieacribed lauds situated tu
tsouiucaat KooUaay:
l. Cuiuuieuciiig iii air post planted uear
ibe UuiiUeasl'tud ot ihe tower, lake
ui ilie head'ot iiik-friver, marked Y.
ii. i.yudies uoiiucaat comer;' thence
weii tto chains; thence south' <(-■
. ciiaiu*>' iheuce weal 40 chaine; theuce
-aoaili 40 cuums; thence east. 60 chains-
iheuce nortii 40 chains-   theuce    l-ail
•,...   ."liU.tli,   ihi'livi.   lan .,,   . ,, ,..'._.i.„    :.„
t '
i'ltiA.--.' ul beguwiug.
Y.'lt. LKNCH.
Dated i'tb. laife, 190;!       ' "Agent.
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
Underwear and Hosiery
The made-to wear kind. "
a. Coiamt-nciag   at   a    post ^planted
.< anout two sailes weal of license 1612,
. ou ihi' west fork of Ulk. river; tktuce
we.sr., So (-bains;    theuce   south   do
cuaiMa;  luciKu cis 1 do cliaius; ,thea.*
itutlil So chains 1© place of beguwunj,
-wa Uiitiiti _j—040'ftcraa;-more -or 'ieaar—
ifatcd Feb, 13th, ,190;. Ageai.
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is. ,
»■■.-.■-.-  — — ■ •■   ■        — - ,
MENS  r\   \      '
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
The Best made.
3. Couuaenclag at a post planted
about one wile weat of the northwest
turner oi coal licease ' number ioaa-
Vheuce wast bo chaine; toence' soath
60 cbaiun; . tlience cast Bo chainaj
theuce uortb tto chains, more or lean,
to .date ol beginning, containing 640
titles inort at lesa.
V. B. 1ANCH.
FlLlil). it. UALZISUL,
Dated tV'eb. lath, 1^07.'        Agent.
Are you getting^h^^igiit;:^
offer.at all timeS:th:e.^eSt^tiaSS^^ pr[Ce tliat
goods'ean-be solcHbr^ ' ''.,:- ' , ."J- :'■.'.■,'-"\i:r/\:7.:V
W© RespectfuBiy Sbiicii'iour.,'^usliies8--anila .'Quai^antoe $kk±' uC^' aa^« -^bu ;&iohey'
yil."   Ui   :--'»Viu-'ili
! 1 :-'■;-.-..»
In "no department  is quality   more  ,     ,
.     emphasised tliah in''btir'aro'cefy'de-'".''.  "''/
_,-..., dartment..   .You ,can always depend
- upon btiyiiijr  better1-ffo'ods from':'iis";   '''*.;u' "f>'
at less money tli ah ybti.c'aii"ei'se\vherc','*,'.;..'.,'.
i; .•..!_■ -1
-,.-ii :n
Government   Creamery< < B utter^   * i
y -yy-- y--r:y    .«-.<,..5 •■-■;.;-.^ o..^'; ■iu..L,
= , .•(jrii.-iranteed ,the.,-best ,j  ,,;!.>,.(/.•<.-,d .*■ vs
'■ 11* , ,    t «'
30c.^. per,,lb... ..;.,■    ,,„;_. ,v ,
."..,w?ri   .j
-,: i!'-';t"
Mo-Ja Coffee-'forj;strength ■aiid11"i::;
line flavor inas no equal1;
Usually   Sold   for .50c (a'iid-'6oC':pei*-.- Ibi-il
Onr price"'ioc,.per'' loVV.'.i-C^'
9 .j-.:n
!l-.    n.i-ru!
'  •    ■  > --J ■-.
■^:\.!.-*)*»•? ,i:  '
. i.
J.-. ^.
EL £     'M      ■ '    ' '
u.i'. (', '1 (.j" ;.-
,^^ S *a^ \&iiB a li 61-SpS Sig
; ...<   With bpriijiJf appt-oachino-jyiiur- thoughts,.'.._r "'"^
naturally. tlrilV tow;irds'*h^'qen'(.\spri|^,,;:'iu^
■ *^ ■',»
in   ij'.
Wc are-sole agents for tlie. .
:. '"!.  ..r     '" -•     '
j)UU^-ij(   s H'jilh,!^. frldmsV .„,:.»«/■■
" ''     ''".'.-""     ■,'•■•■      ' 1-   ',sili-';       -S-i'.-v
of hand lailorud tfarm^nW \vhicYW.style,";fijbV?t ^u - w
and ma ferial "cannot- lie cKCollcc
Rich Red Salmon
Maple Leaf Oevion Tea
'"2 tins'-2'5c :5fr.
25c lb
-Fancy"" Lemohs.i"-1'^ ^^c^aozenl-
i  .O!:,
4. Commencing at a post plant«l in
the Kit Valley at the uorthweat cor-
tear of lot im; theaoa weat to chaine;
lattice north flo chaiaa; thaaee eaat (to
chauu; thence south to chaina. mora
or Uaa, to place of begianiubg, con-
taimug 640 acrea, more or leas.
Y. Ii. !«YtiClL,
Uuleil feb. lath, 1007. Agoat
jj„ Coauueueiug at a post planted ia
the lilk VaUejr at the northwest 001-
uar of lot 637K; theuce south :6o
ckaiMi theaea wait 40 chains; theace
uotth 100 clutiaa; theace eaat 40
chains, mote or lesa, to place of be-
tfiauiiif, coaulaieg 640 acrea, nwre
ur less.
t, V. 0. LVNCH.
WrtU.l I'eb. 8th, 1907, Ageat.
0. Counntncinj; at   a   post    planted
about two miles north and one-fourth
mile west of lot 6373, on the   imrlh
toil* of Dig Creek;  tlience tior.l.   So
thaius; Iheuce west to chains; thencti
40UII1 to chains; theuce east to chains,
,i,iiok- or lens, in'pluce of beginning:,
to. l.i.iiiiijf fi,|u acreu, more or less.
F.  li. I,YNCH.   -
l-'HIil). Ic. DAUSKIA,
Unlcil l-'cli, aud, 1907, <. Agent.
7< Ci.mniriicidg at u post plunud on
the nortii lork ol Dig Creek, about
iiii' biik- nortii ami one-fourth mile
writ o: lot f.373; thence north to
ilmi.is; tlience uchI to cliuins; theuce
nun tli Si 1 vlmiim; tlience east 80 chains,
wot • in lens, to pluce oi begianiag,
i-iiiuiining 640 acre*, more or less,
V. n. LYNCH.
* 1'RISII. W, l)AT.y.Kl,l.,
Uutt-il Keh. and, iw.      -'   Anent.
Meat Merchants
_    . _j^__ recejvej|j si-iip,Vifei-)|--_-' of new' 'season's   .,-. "_.,-".;
-■"■ '--.' .' Bee   Brand -Ceylon -.Tea':;- "■; :]lf'
addmitted  by connoisseurs.tohave'rio equal:- ; r''/
•":; !.•' High in quality "'and low; liv' price/', ' * "'f''1  ';':i'; - *l/]{'
'    40c ' per' lb,:•■■-■■ -:-:- •■-•■•''.•n- .
We invite' you l^ e.x.ui-iiiii*.. gur' .-.;inoe,i'as'.-\ve.i«i -'■*'' j*':j
.'are'.in a position to please the t'uqst;particula'!-' ■■*;rf;
'dresser.       '        ,. - , _';. .; ;'"-:   ;''; ' V-'      '•-  -.''"'■   -t-i:;!
Sbps^W'     fK^fe    E^f-S'iii.   JA,'^.,-     • £**. "iST% ff™ •  -"•*   '-"'B'1'
■■t-"if^f*|lV**r -■»-»
BIS'S"©H?aiP,;£s   made .of; /iie'Tiijosi" English ',..* ■uvjsill
*, Cti.V«l}IAniH.MUItfVVUIiUb«^^»
J\ I LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
.We are receiving- by  express;regular- shipments, of      " "'. ■        ' ■'-   .'■-; "l.. ■- .-!
Fresh RanchTE^g'S       50c dozen
and 'Amenca.n l,an[DriHan^Tu;otcl7^eW^^m"'',T'-"
"\.:W;;G'.'j«VRm 'Star aiui'VP^oioy';':'•/;••■■-•
• - > • ■■■.-. $i'.25 p) g2■;?o;^.,"i!''■,•■ ^"..r':?:
:'   . -i  .   i    ■ - - . ■■*■■;:,-.-?' "   . , ■'" ■ i   n
Jwki'i.^B s..iat.---..„^^s, ^Jj^ij,J.,**.^«.,.= .ri.W     *"^,^     '
"' '      .■' '..  :l   .    ,   •   ^i       '       •,.-..    ,.      - . ,.-
, 'I,;   V
'Men's .fine !;uid .v.-onkiiio- '3'<i.s:ien"ders in "the-."-;''.'..;'•'
f'-Ii ester-;i
to plaea of beginning, containing 640
acres, more or Tees.
Dated Ifeb. 1st, 1007, Ajjent,
in, Comtnencliig ut a post plnutcd two
milca anil a half, more or less, up
filMMiii'ifroiii lot f)J73, on lli^ \.nce,
uml about in chains north of mild
Hig Creek; theuce east ito cliuinn;
tlience,south 40 chalim; theuce wc*t
l to chains; theuce nortii 40 clmiim to
place of beginning, contuliiing 640
acres, more or Ii-mh.
I'. », LYNCH.
,   „ VMLl), U. DAI.KKI.U,
Dutvd Veb. 1st, 1907. A|(eiit.
V. Commencing ut a post "Uuied
about ihiee ami one-hall miles up
xtreaiti uu llig Creek, from lot 6J/3-
llit-iii.-.' uorlli .So chains; thence wtit 40
i-b.iinu; Uicnc* aorlli 40 chains; thence
wrst 4u cliiflns; thence south fa
timid*, thence'east 40 chaine; theace
mm Hi 40 vhalns; tlience east 40 chains,
ti |iiate ol beginning, to contuin 640
iicren, more or bu.
*     P. D. bYKCn.
Dattd feb. ut, 1907. Agent,
9. CoutwenHag at a post planted on
(Iff Creek, about two and one-'mlf
tn lies up stream from lot 6373, md
about y> chains north 0/ said creek;
Iheuce went &> chafna; theuce s.nitU
ho tlialna; theece eaat 80 chains;
iliiatc north So chelae, mora or lean,
II. Commencing ut the nnrthwi'sl ior-
ui'i' ol Strcejjj's cluim, about two
miles uiul a hnlf went of lot 6833;
thence West jf>o cliuins; theme north 4n
chuiiw: thvnce east 1*0 chains; thence
«outli, 40 chains, more or less, to
,'leee of beginning, containing (\o
tn-ii*. tnort or fws,
Y.  ». I.VNCH.
Dated Feb. (.th, 190;. A_>eitt,
\t. Ci>mrii«iin_; at u j»osi planted two
und one-half inilex west ol lot 6833,
ou Blngy Creek, near a slake mnrk«il
Strong'h, nnrilivvat comer; thence
vaet \U) chaitm: thence uortb 40
thaiiifc: thence wtst ifa cliuins; thence
voiith _Jo chafna, ntore or lesa, to
place Of lien inning, containing 640
.urci, :iui[i; m  Jcsh.
Y. ». LYNCH.
Fltl'.n. R. DAUm.
Hated Keb, (Ah, xw;, Agent.
thence west 40 chains; thence noifh
Ko chains; tlience east 40 chaina;
thence south 40 chains; thence eaat
40 chains; thence south 80 cluilim,
moie or Jess, to place of beginning,
containing 640' ucrcs, more on I cad,
Dated Feb. 13th, 1907. Agent;
14. Commencing atftiijost I'ti.tcd in
the I?lk Volley at the- northenat turner of lot icjy9- thence, cjist 80 chaini;
thi'iicu north, .|f> cliniiiH; theuce west 40
chaina; theacu north «o chains; tlience
west 40 chulns; thence south .30
t-lmliis, more or lean, to place of beginning.
Y. 11, T,YNCH.
JhiU'd Pel). 13th, 1907, Agent.
'•l>*<?' 1.\>i8^c ^-'Pivi!'
a^BiagtE&^sra^aaiarB^^ ■ •
\uti; )..
\ ■-•'
. 'n-.'ut
'Xadies Shower ^ropf;-<^^^ iti/'tlTo;
.! :ii
•Miwa*jkrt v HhwatP! *■»* \U**Mitn>*tmmf***imLM
t9irtTMi»r*#t+*m*t*t*nuK"   *"■ TiTrin rvtrrMHMNa»»eiiir^"rifrrirti
I il
T^.f^^WTt C^y
r 1
■'" Our coiihiani enileaviiu-.-in llm iMn-iish-..'-
'•.ing'-iiiHi is to keep'Hip-ro-,:i:«G. '."W-fc- ' -
,:"arc' eoiistji'nilyrecciV.iT'i'if • y ' ov'pres?v,i
the ne\vi.;sl>and; iai^s; ^oaraij^,'"sh-~;  __.   , . ,_.
_ that you can l^.surc i'f'.ij^li'mds'Y^
■Here-it is  cor-rcot^-'r .;""'
I'lvesc,  ai"b
Boys% MIssos' anil Ctiildron's School Emols In Oil OraGrii  Loathes
gunpanteecE  hy   us to a^vo tho best jbf'. satlsfaotion. ''        .  ' ii^ii io $£,:*.?£
In buyinjy '1 It?, ARTISAN   heavy .worUing  boor '.you arc-stire -of' receiving" ihe  1m-..,i   m.-ii^-
the  bust  workmanship,   the best price' and   ihe' host   union m;u!r  hom.
PEIGB   $1.50   TO .$4.00
We arc agents for the fbillowing welll known ma^.«;
FOR    MEN     • TIhj ' Walkover, "-The   Imperial,  The Traveller, Tho, I'm;!,,-.,-,.]
FOR WOMEN    The 'Walkover,   The   Royal  Purple,   Thu  True   I'ii
I i
■ .mr.wl.w«w*"^i.i. p., f <.v*<>»>.***«wfe*'»«>**«iM»*J'.i
1-lAmr.l^. ..w.,Mw,,^hMtWwlhfM
'       I '.. '
Trunks^; TBtav©Hing- Bj&igsy Suit  CSssses^  1>1^9^®p©s-
St ATI'-, t)v Ohio. Cjtv ok 'I'oi.p.no \
lilJOAHfOONTV,. /""'
Frank .1. Cheney makes oath thai
he ih senior .mrlner ol the firm ..t V
.1, Cheney & Co., doing buslnetH in .
ilic City oi Tolwlo,'County und State
uloreH&ld, ami tlmt Haiti firm will
pay the sum of ONI', WTNIHKl)
DOLLARS for ench and every i^.>.i of
Catnrrli that cannot be cnreil by the
use of Hull's Catnrrli Cure.
! FRANK  J.   :i1l'.ViW.
Sworn to before tne and .u im 1 (bed
in my presence, Ihis filh fay ol ft-
cewbtr, A. I). t8fV..
A. W. ^LR.V-iN.
(Sa.it)   , Notary It Ilic,
flair* Catarrh    Cure is ukui   in-
tenislly,, and acts directly i>n    'the
hlood and    mucous surface* if    .he
aivMii«"«r«iMH*M t
t'CrotvPs 'Nesl:- Tradin'iar Cm,.,   ii «nrn!(Hn>iri
-«    -^-.    ^*^*. U^mriff
""'■■""*' \   ' system.   Send for teatlmn-iltte .u*
13. Coiaoieixlng   at a jwu    pUiiifl   Y. .T,, CITONKY A CO.,  T if 11. O
about two tiiilta uarth of the  north* '.   Sold by *tl lhu({^{»t», soc.
west comer r4 lot !9W; thence  west     Take HelPe Family PlUa hr   i,.n
to cbaiaa,     thaaee   eorlh 40 chaina-   iitlpatloa.
Wc do all kinds of painting
and paper han^in^ and si^n
A complete stock'of ;the  latest de-.
sifjffjs- of Waif  papers at prices  that
cannot be equalled in PVrnie.
\WirlMUSkfp Gnmletd. I. e'. COVERT
&Jy       .<   jiiitiuH owing tin,- liiti*   11 m    a\ .    „
UtR  Ifammontl   nud   Turner, or tlmt    nl ! " *"-,' "           -—
^ Tuttle and Turner, .ire hereby nntlli-I ^ *'')U    i'>'43'l^
Jy   «;d that nil Hiich nrrbunts nn- puvaMi' ;'"     "" "~        ".'*"	
KRito .lolm Turner, iiml iiiiim \m ki-uU-.I \ vwt   SAI',,;- '•'" ,l,tf< '« M'l-ut Keitiio;
J§4J' mi or In
liefrire the 10U1 of March imxt,
.1011N  TUUN'KW,
easy  Iciiuk. .,A|i|'1v   W.  T,  llealuy,
U->,t   Kciuii!
M'l'RviTURl-: fr.i    miIp.-A.  .Icnson,
j   H \ ktm:.(' Ave.
j   All accounln due thc'l'cniti' Lftl/rr
prior lo Feb. Tsl will li* cnllerM Iv ■ ' ,*  """ '*""	
A, J. Mott, nnd nil bill|i npinst thV \*l,v> VWI t^Al.lC-l'.no.l n|)l.md 1 rn.'r-
I^xljjer lo that date .'.IkhiIiI Ir   _nv  ,'   b1 b 0    Clm. JI. llowuul, Cnyley,
t^.s^ , ivcutcd to liim fot uilUaUiti.
Sj|Min.trcl*R. Liniment Ilclii-vw Krnr.iij'i.. ; \lin.n.!.-. l.iiiiii.m  i-.,r,M ;;„,„«,   j..,c


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