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'[   *
l'» '
/7</ ^ «      ,'
I   i       .    /     j*t*   -//
":' -S-V"-,'
X.  *• -~
if **H
'Vol.-IIy Number,38
FERNIE, B. C.( SATbA<DAV,   MAY 4,  1907
Price $2 a year in. Advance
' The Ledger publishes Sielow the form
of notice. which iis to; be followed in
. publishing Land and Timber notice* in
the future „ as will be-:8eea_by Asst.
L>tVd Commissioner Armstrong's letter.
These amended forms hnvebeah enacted nt ' the late session and came into
effect on the 25th April All applicants for land and timber should study
carefully, and cpmply, strictly to these
regulations.' :.x..<> --J ';•_.•;     ,:' « ■
District of Kootenay
Take notice that (full name, initials
air* not sufficient) of. --occupation
- has applied for perrulssiou to purchase
- tne following-described Und.
-Commencing, at a-post planted (this
description shall be approved bv the
Commissioner of   the  District   before
publication) thence- to ' the place
of commencement, "Containing-—acres
more or less. „« "'•   ' v
Objection must be filed'with the
Assistant CompiiMioner of.Lands and
Works on or before the-—day of——
(This, date.shall be approved by the
' Commissioner.'of the District before
publication;  "■>,
Name of applicant in full '■	
Date——190- "     .    .-
NOTICE is hereby $Wen that, 80 day* niter
date, I Intend to apply to the Hon  Chief
Commissioner of Lauds  aad Werits   fox  a
speelal lleenee to #ut and oartyaway-timber
from the following desoribed land*, situated
*JnBo'uth East Kootenay. \y„
No«l  Commencing- at ajiost planted about
» fourteen milt* watt of the Kootenay Blver, one
- utiU north'of tho International boundary',
thence south 80 chains; thence east SO chains,
theooe north SO chains- thence west Sochains
■ io place of beginning-,   '
Located February 4,1So7  .. , .((
" .   ;.- -" , ':'  J. L. IIcImttrb. Locator
,. * ■     JAMWS CAMiaOS, Afa*t.
7 Mo S .Coujnenetnji at a post'at the north-,
west corner of J. -L. Kclntyre's timber claim,
thenee south to ohains, thence west So ohains,
thence north 80 ohains, thenoe east So chains
, to place of beginning.    >*".
'•>   Located February 4. MOT. -;
'■•-••' W & K«A», Locator   '
JAKES Camuon, Agent
- n No 3 Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of J; L. Mclntyre'*. timber
claim, thence north SO chains, thenoe east So
- ohains; thence south 80 chains, thence west So
ohains to place of beginning;   ' ."
. Locate* February 4,1907  . ■>   ,
'-:':..'"    L-E.MoD<i*uld, Locator
-" ■„■'..■ i -v '' JTamm Camssoh, Agent
' No. 4  Commenolnr at a post planted at the
- northwest corner of JL.' liclntyre'e timber
alalia, thenoe north 80 chains thonce west 8i>
- /chain*; thenee south 80 chains, thenoe east So
"■ chains to place of beginning
. Located February 4,1007      ,'-"
- ' '-• ;■", F.Wuitb, Locator; ,-
"'«. -=--■-'T ;... JAiitsCAMiaoB,-Agent
' JJb 5 Oommsncingats post planted one mile
west f ram the southwest corner of fi White's
timber claim, thence south So ohains, thence
east SO chains; thence north So ohains, .thence
west 89 chains to plaoe of beginning   <   -
-   Located February, 4,1901 •_"
*'     '.:   <l  ."■ '.-■■■'£.'* , James Falconer, Locator
■ttt—;—;rrJemes;: Cameron ,-Agen*
" No 6 ■ Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of James Falconer's timber
claim; thence south 80 chains, thence west So
chains, thtnee north 80 chains,'thenee east So
ohains to plaee of beginning     ,-■*»-   " -.-:—- ^
„v Located February 4,MOT,, i',,^L\^ ;w'	
.,-;,", Jamee Cameron, Agent
Nn 7- Commeneino- at a poat planted at the
northwest comer of Janfes Falconer's timber
claim, thenee north 87 chains, thence east 80
-ohains, thence south to chains, thence west
Al'ohains to plaoe of beginning .,
- Located February 4,1M7   -■-       ■- ----,--.-
.\:'i- "-.   'J. R. Folloct,  Locator
, --    '      ;)    , James Cameron, Agent
' No 9 Commencing at a .post planted at the
southwest corner of James Falooner's timber
claim', thenoe north so ohains, thence west so
" ahains, theuce south 80 chains, thence east 80
•bains to place of beginning
'   Located February 4, WOT.' _
Charles Waldle, Locator
James Cameron, Agent
Mo 9 ' Oommenolng at a post planted two
suites north of, the northeast corner of J. B.
Pollock's timber claim, thence south t 180
ahains. thence west 40 ohains, thenoe north ICO
chain*)'thenoe east 4t ohains to place of be-
•" Looated FebruaVf », UWT
A. I, Fisher, Leoator
" James, Cameron, Agent
Nolo ComraeaoiBg st a post planted at the
northeast coraer of A.I. Fishers timber elalm
thenoe west SO ohains, thenoe north SO ohains,
(hence east to chains, thenoe south SO chaine
ta plaoaofheglnnlag . -■•
Looated February v, 1007;
,     ll.A,' Kastnsr, Locator
James Cameron, Agent
Mr.. Editor^ Much has been said about
the miners during the preseut crisis,
both for and ajrain*t Mm. Now, Mr
Editor, as regards the miner being
guepicinus, I ask has not he had enough
to make him that'way. Promises which
have been made to hitn which have
never been fulfilled do not require to be
mentioned, as they are so Well known,
and by that other side which there is so
much talk about (the public),' of which
it ceouiB hedoes not form a part, he is
rejranied an soniething- which it would
he impossible' (or me to describe, I
should like tn ask why all this, commotion when he nays to'.himself, ''I- will
take a rest'indefinitety.". Wlien heis in
the dark regions below combatiiiff the
perils and., dang,ers whicli he alone
knows, aud producing that most neefiil
und neceasary coinmodity, coal, who
cares ono jot about torn? True, if ono
or a number of men liapjiens to meet
with a fatal accident, we see a few lines
in tho yellow press; a few aay "poor
devil," then ah well, aud all ia fotKOt-
What about tlie dear ones-he ha*1 left
behind? ' Not a word Does the public
Mother, nr the operators either? No, not
they, Another human'machine can be
got just at the same: price, and cheaper
if we had no unions to nee that we g-ot
something like fair play.    5 \ ■<•..,f ,.„'
Men are sent to legislate to the different houses of parliament, but.in this age
of fir raft what do thdy do—pass laws for
tbe people's welfare? Rather, we notice
pur .valuable coal lands disappearing in
to the control of a few of their, friends,
bur valuable forests of timber reserves
also;' our prairie lai:d given to railway
companies -and other corporations'in
millions of acres; the money we earn
squeezed out of us by taxatioii going- to
pay subsidies to steamship companies
and to flood the country with emigrants
.with which to cheapen labor. When, I
ask, ig all thin going to end. Fellow
workmen, - when will you rouse up aud
declare, that you will be no longer
plundered in this 'audacious 'manner;
get down to a thinking basis and send
man to parliament who will look'after
and°protect your interests. If this thing
goes much further some one will 'form
a company and put meters on your
lungs as they already make you pay for
your' land and -water. The. great
Uuskiu said, "land,- air aiid water .are
not saleable commodities they being
essential to. life," but you.,already -pay'
you wake up.- ." -77*77.' . ',."'- *._• -/
•Thanking you'in advance .for your
ivaluable space, I am-;. ,"" Vr7' '-.-
-*:-(*■■" '.-'■•- •=» - 7i.Yours faithfully,«,...
Lundbreck, Alta., April.30.
1 WING "to'
OWING to the very interior quality of gasoline, supplied us by the Canadian Oil Co, this 4week, "our, Monoline has-been unable to keep itself moving- a rfd- thus, we are reduced' to four .pages .instead of the usual-six
or eight. .We will do our utmost to overcome the deficiency in time for
next  issue.   *»-    --,.   <-■■ -    ,<-.. ..-■■''', *        ' '' ;
Holl Committing at a'.nodt planted «»*
mtlsi north of thl-aorthwest corner of J. h.
Uoletyre'* timber elalm, thenee south ins
«hs(n»,thenoe eastt»ihains, theeoe north ISO
onain*.:,-thence. west 40 ohains to placo of
^Cooatstt February 10,1»07
•»     "   ' W, J, Dlwulell, Lociter
James Cameron, Agent
Molt Oommenotng at a post planteti to
•bain* west from llie northeast corner ofH.A.
Sastuer'i timber claim, thenoe west so chains
thence north so chains, thence east to chains,
thence south 80 chains to ulare nf beginning
- Ueatetf Kehruiry 11, l«07
H, J. Johnson, Locator
James Cameron, Agent
No 11 Commanding at a post plsotetl to
The vote in District 18. on the proposed agreement was as follows: The totals ,
for Canmore ajje not, given but the major-
ity is 15 as shown in the table.
Lille' ; .;,
' 477' "
,- i "
"'. 17-:'
.'   ;20 ;
.'294' '
(saint w»«t of the northeait comer of H J
Johnson's timber claim, 'thenee west to
chains, thenoe north so ohains, thence east
to chains, thenoe sowth so chaine to pl&ra
«f eeglnnlnr
Loeato.1 /bmsry 11, IWT
A, KUaer. l<ooa «r
ea tiHs , James demeron, Agent
■t '
Take notlee that thirty'(lave after data I In.
tend to apply to tasuhlef Oommlsslonei nf
J«aud* ami works at yiotorle, for a speolnl
lUensetoout and carry away timber from
..the following described lands situated In
.rlsss, t  	
aerts more or less
mi, on the north fork of. .
aishalnsithsnee west
mile west of lot
A. Commsnolnf atapost planned about Jw<
I one-fourtn
"If Creek
10 chain
..am tu aiiami | tbenre esit to ohalni,
er less, to placo of btglnntng, containing W)
Ills Creek) thence
to chains i thence
■■■■■- more
OaUd Feb. MOOT.
,     y.ll.IiVMMI.
Vhrii. It. Dii,isf.r.,
at a post planted on tht
B, OommsTjdlng  _. ..   r  -_ ....
north fork of IllgCreek, alimit one mile nortii
and one-fourth mile west of lot fl»73| thenoe
north toenail's _ tlience west to chains, thenoe
euulii bj i.'i,*ij,», tlit;.,.* »«,nl &> il>»liit
■sere or Uu, to place of beginning, contain
liH eVtf «««*, uier* </r h-m.   _.   .
V, D.   IiVNCH.
Kmn, R, IHimi.,
DaUd Psb,». W07. Agent
O, Commencing at a po«t planted about three
Jnd one-half miles up stresm on Dig Creek,
rom lot S»7l i thenee nerth so ohains | tlienso
west *ochalni| tuence north fi ohains; thencs
wiit<?««tst; ♦bs'ce"soat.'j Sf n'wtiM;iUir.<'c
•ast AX-halns | thenee south 40ohains 1 thence
■ait to ohslui, to plaoe of beginning, to onn-
iala «W seres mora or less, _,___.
YtXiii. II. llAMILt.
Dated Feb, l.lftOK, Agent
- IheChinook, o( Calffary, flftor quoting
the figures published by-tlie Ledger
two weeks ago showing- the w^tfes
received by tho miners in tho' camp at
Michel, makes the-following comment
upon the coal problem: ..-
"With coal Belling: at (6.25 per. ton in
Calgary and initios practically at our
doors, the miners should be paid the
vary highest wngoe- Tho above article
proves that thoy im1 not sharing in tho
great prosperity of' tho west, It is tlio
duty of thn Federal1 and Provincial
governments, as 1 well as the citizens 6{
this province, to.see that the miners sot
a square deal.
"It coBts About $11-25 a ton to ship and
deliver coal throughout Alberta (includ-*-
uig freight, agents commission, drayauo,
etc),1 Thn prico of coal to tho consumer
|s fiom $6.25 to $7 per ton, leaving a
handsome sum to bo divided between
tho operators and tlie miners
''Tho Chinook maintains that tho
miners are not getting their share of
thu protilB. Whyr1':
The Ledger douH not doubt but that
there are a few men who receive big
wages, but thnt theaverngeeamingsnre
not larfcu is plainly evident—from tho
Ledger HguroH
It Is dilllcull to adjust 11 scale of wages
tlmt will bu full- ami equitable to all
parties, but progress Is being made
towards that end, mul outof almost every
readjustment coined tome leveling up
of prloos,
Aside from being unfair as between
workmen, these exceptionally liltfli
priced jobs given an opportunity for
favoritism, mul, ns In a recent uuue,
gives opportunity to mislead the public
The U. M. W. uf A. Is a comparatively
new organixatloii in this district, und
Iihh, during Us short life, given ample
proof of its iiHUtulititriH to its members.
There is a wide margin between tho
cost of producing coal and thu price
which the consumer has lo pity for it,
and if those .consumers were (0 got
after that part of the problem, they
would not only bu helping themselves,
but tha coal turners and the operators
 ——0 —■--"■• 1
Coleman ^ I9U
* ,   , c- ■ ■
BankheacT       u    91
uanmore, iiiaj.., .\ T5'\
Fernie    .     /  *393
:  Totals  I      : 1,069
' Jk
Majority for agreerinmt,   377.
The vvote at Canmore was over 100 so
that the total vote when report is complete will be about 1900. •
Gladatoae-local, 2314, 11. M. W. oi
A.,  has paaatd the following re.i >iu-
tioo,- aitd racfuesU ita publication .n
The Ledgar: -     " ;,
'•'Whereaa tlte "" Iaw»»«s Co., h'A ,
manufacturera of the 20th Cea riry
Clothing is. reported to 1>« unfa r i»
organized labor, and. that we as (?
union hereby decide collectivoly uiu'
individually not '' to purchase ;iu>
clotoinj; made by aaid firm until >,<id
Lowndes Co., Ltd., be placed oa the
fair'list, and we call bu and impress
all organized labor, to do likewise."
Copies of thia resolution to be «ai
10 the press. and ]«owb<*«* Co., Ltd.,
Toronto, and.agcnta at Kernie, ti.
C, and also Ganuent Workers uuiou,
Toronto. *
1 am yours, etc.;
Secretary to above. union.
■   0	
Sir William Mulock, the ' government-appointed president of the 1.011-
ciliatum board, arrived in the . ty
CSB Tuesday. After a abort pri'vatc
•ottwltatum W. L; Maclen/.ie Kim;,
a Mpceaentative of The Ivedger, lu
MBsfSAy with Peter Patlcraoa, 'u-
tejBWitlMiil Board Member of the P
M; W. oi A., had, a half-hour's talk
with tht two gen throw-.
Sir Wilfiam Mulock ia perhaps'; be
best equipped man for the laak c«t
before hist by. the - government that
could have b*en selected. ''
The board is an able and (air it**,
and if aa inveatigationia to bamade
all parties to the dispute will go into the case with coeifidtuce in -he
■   -'■ -o	
According- to a reported interview
with Q. G. S. Lindsey. published in the
Manitoba Free Prestof the29tb ult./iie
stated, in* reply to a .question by the
interviewer couched iu the followiug
"Pursuant to their vote atCoal Creek;
you fully expect them - to go back
tomorrow morning?"
"I fully expect people to keep their
word." answered Mr. Lindsey.
, Such a statement, if made as reponed,
17very misleading. The men at Coal
Creek aud Fernie voted to go back to
in the district voted to return," and 110
one in Fernie at all acquainted with the
current events "expected thji meu to
return-uiider* an adverse vote by, a
majority of all the men concerned.   ""
.       ,.       —o—;	
Aldermitn Stork gave notice of introducing a eix o'clock, closing bylaw at the meeting of the city council last Thursday night. This will
prolxtbty call out acme discussion, as
a ftcifajr that such. a law will not
oilvct all the Imsiness houses ' of the
city alike, owing '' to peculiar leal
conditions. The 'miners who live at
Coal Creek also object to this - pro-
potvd rt-gulatiou, and in view of
these-facts, it would seem wist to
institute a Wednesday half holiday
instead for the benefit of the., employees of the etorea.
'Tka iMgtt has Utkca a look ati
that list oi 817 Samea of voters who ,
ha%-e been objected to by one iTr.,
Charles J. Dcaahoe, of WeaUnjtaster,
B. C„ on the ground.that.the partica
named are not' residents of this prov-
inoe." ' ,
The -protest has been filed with the
official collector   of   votes,    W.    H.
Whimnter,    aad    is   dated April  ia. .
How Mr. Donahoe obtained the     in-,
formation    that     these    817    _><\iple..,
iueV>y of whom are well, known xesii-
dents of this    district, are not residents of the Province of British Columbia,  deapite     the fact' that they
are residents of this district,    is not
known  to  The  Ledger.   Neither does
it know bow Mr, Donahoe,  furniture
dealer ot New Westminster got     inside the furniture ot the government
printing office at   Victoria   and secir-
•d government paper upon which,  to ,
tyi*wrlte his objections.
The sheet on which that little note
is typewritten has stamped on it ;Ui
word Valleyfield, and the water !' i>
which are* in the paper are those that
are used exclusively by the British
Columbia printing ofiice. No paper
of this description is made aud delivered to any other people by the
firm which manufactures this paper ,
and delivers it to* the proviuciil
King's   priuter.
Mr. Donahoe also changed his haud-
writiag and the color and quality of
the ink he used when he wrote in lhe ..
date line which immediately preceeds
his signature, in a different hand
writing and used a much darker cnl- ;
ored ink.      ,
In this, date line occurs this date,
iath day of April, 1907. There is a
peculiarity about this th which is
distinctly characteristic. Look up
your letter books and see if you can
find letters formed aimiliarly to  this
In order to make a good comparison you should go to Mr. Whipster's
ollice aad take a look at that Donahoe document and Bote, the difference
in ink and 'handwriting and the pe .-.•-
liarity of the th. A careful study,of
the list of names which Donahoe "
does not want on the list will rev «.l
ita object, which seems to be a
wholesale disfranchisement 07 a
large number of working men.
f>, Cenmenoins at a post iilanted un Tile;
Oraek, about two and one-half miles up
stream from lot tOTt, and about  10 chains
?,o*ttaef said cites.thenee w»»tlW ehatns;
hmee south s,i chains 1 thenee east tuekalns
thsnaenorihtflehalnsf moieor less to place
of bcglnnlnf, oftnlntntng tint ttm*
lUtadfeb. Ist.isot, Atent
>, ft. Da
S, Oeaswsnelne; at a rw»«l pleated two miles
»a< a half, ssere-or les«, np stream from lot
etTt,»nHle Oreek.anS about in ebslne north
efiafa But Creak j thenee east.iw chains»
thenMSonih taehainsr thenee west itiebalnt;
tbtaetnefttseoehalneitoptaee ol beeinntne
eeatatnlBtatnarMs note er Use,   *
mte4V«b.i.tto;,    *^*^""**it»ai. kfliu»<J. liatessu c«m Daairil
. The twdy of Mr, UusmiII, hend of the
Grand Trunk '"«clliuexecutive, arrived
In Vancouver on the ii7tli tilt, on tlio
C P. It. steamer 1'rliicens Mny.
W. Vi Hilton and several friumls llrnt
found tlio body lying ncrocs hoatds just
as the steamiir was coming in. II') lind
shot iilinwelf ahovo thu rlylit fur
Mr Ilustcli left the following uutci
"April 2iV-My hosil drives inn wild Xo
one can ever know what I have «uiie
through during lhe vast two months)
everyone soems to be on mv wrong »hlo
or I on tlielrn. I raiinnt sleep or eal*
my whole person it worn out. The
three ytsars with tliefVV. P. have wom
my nerves out,
Ha'tttwood's Uuttenuilk at the
Napaaoc Hotel.
1 i'i
Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Ynim_r spent
,i day or two in Fort Steele dur iitf
tbe week,
Mrs. HutiKwIt'/. left during the week
lor a visit to her old home in Lic-
vijf, Oettnany. •
A,  tt.  Simmons,  reprcsentiiii"    <\w
(.'.utta- l'ercha Rubber cmupnnv, Vnn-
1 Oliver, was n visitor in the citv S.i»
alias Cross, of .Winnipeg, tieice of
Mrs. Oeddt-s, t Kong 11 solo in thu,
Methodist church limt Sunday evening which wus very much appreciated
by the congrcgritlon.
llert Blnck went nnt dny after Inst-
Hiiturdny and lmm^ht liunu- ntintliur
of those fool flsli who u° llillllK nl
baK on all occiisiuti*. .itul the cni|)sc
W.is laid out on view ill the Ferule
Cljiar store window. Tills otic was
ji indies lorn,' nnd weighed ia lb»-
f/jrvly, what luck that fish iilnicU
when hi1 went foraging on Siindny,
ueirly Ti-lsitrd in tlie Wnlf 'lni»
store got mixed up in the nlmuiue
tallies nnd went fisliiug on wlmt
turned out to Im the Lord's l),iy, '!>
brought honxt a Irttll tn.ut which lu-
One   of   the    disturbing   cleinen.s
which entered  intn   the'late  crmtv.
versy between the  miners and  • pc
ntnrs when a demand wns made for
an increase iu wages, was the     fact,
thnt some of the operators had   entered  into contracts  with  customers
for coal aud coke which nm into me
I ut 11 re. for a year or more;  and   tie
operators used   this  ns  nn  argument
against any increase in pay    Iu   doing this they wen- presuming upon a
c'utiiiuatlon  of  the same    rate     of
President Sherman stairs that in
tuaUttg these contracts care should
lie tilien nm to go beyond the limit
of the labor contracts, and It is not
likely that such long cnnlratts will
he entered into ns has been the in'se
without consulting the laborcis as In
a continuation nf existing wage
It is unfair to the miner tn Ml
prices for tin- produrt ol the ini.i.
which ore to prevail for n longer
period than do the contracts. (01 labor nnd then use that fuel us an argument iignin.H nn increase of wages
whin other conditions warrant such
un increnftc.
The conciliation board held its first
session last Tuesday, and after for
mally organizing adjourned to yesterday.   Yesterday's  session   was    ol
ujil oyt worUo.,, w.::i:
law in such cases triiiiUf and pmv lei,
und for which sacrilege he h,>d to
p.iy thu penalty of his life, and he
Las gone the wny of law break in _j
flab.» and furnished the brain 'nol
nceenaary to enligbten his cap'.ir 3
tn the reading of the calender cor-
re.tly. That fish measnicd 3H iiirln-s
in letigtst nnd weighed H]i lbs.
One of the busiest men during the
present negotiutions is W, I,, Ma-
ktnzie King, He never falters or hesitates, but keeps at his task through
nil kinds "of vicissitudes ami com di-
cations. Il can uot lie said that he
bus neglected a single opportunity to
pour oil on the troubled waters, or
thnt he.has not exercised the most
delicately discriminating tact in uli
his ellorts tn bring about peace with
honor to all purties.
Ilileruutloiial Board Metulrer Put-
tereott and Secretary ,1. A. MrDon*
1,Id will nol arrive in l'ertiiv until
tomorrow moruiog, aud the nut .'tie
i.f thu district board which wus to
have taken |>lacc tinlay In canvass
and announce the result of the district vote hud to be posipntied until
The contract cannot be signed and
executed until after the iiieetlu^ ami
• lie men cannot icturu to work uutil
notified to do so by President Shrr-
man, dlsltici president, This will
prolably be done early in the i\v\k
3,. ....
-Ciij^Ct.   Il)
IL.     'J-M'ip'JHJl1
Tin1 widow and <,tio'i y'mxU.•>'<.( xxt
jiiurnnu-nt was taken pending the n.
'suit "f tho ngotiations 1«twven  <h*
workers und operators.
tt^hl Worshipful 1). 1), (V M., .1
I). Mpllride, of Cranbrook, vislt^l
Klk Blver V«l;re, A. V. nnd A U .
last night and after thv regular < rrltr
of business had teen passed, tbe •*•
temhled brethren were seated    at    a
A* t«i't table spread in the Maa-vt'c
\   wreck occurred War t'row's Sr<
station    last  Monday     its att     *"■>■*
boiiixl freight was [iassing around a
niivc it the track two or three miles
iwest of Crow's    N'est station
! C tr.di.-'..   , ;.J  ;,■     ,..- j.'x  c». .
j the truck,
i l-'ouiinalcly thr engine headcl I >r
j the high side, or it would have gone
! flow 11 a steep Umk ami much greater
j daiiinne would lmve resulted than
I w.is Mistail'-d.
No one was    hurt  except  the    tu-
nimer    who    sprained     bin ankle  in
jumjing  fr.tin  thr cab lo thegnmnd.
Tlti* wreck held    up the wtittwiuud
ji.aaenger tr.iin f<<r »fwr^l ImiuA,
C,   C.  Hochfr,ri,  late of the    Crul
club rooms, and two pleasant ii >>,r<(
late A.H, Alex-iinb'! dciie *-. 1 x|»«i-m 1 of toastin/ and speech making j,l'iVl jcfttnpanv stiff hrre, and now on ttr
ohh.Urffi «• ««■*• *^M   »y;«t.-fl ol the Caa-dian-Amerlcan C.J
ntiiiiei-.iits • l!u:i fel-iuli, lor their nianvi0"1" popular    caterer, Mr. Mct.v.i;-.  «nd Coke mmpeny, Fratk, Is Aw
Last Monday night Alexander U.
Akxaader, one ot the most popular
miners in the Coal' Creek camp, took
aa overdone of laudanum by mistake
ut the Royal hotel in Fernie, and al
though medical aid wus secured - as
soon as it was knowu that be had
swallowed the |K>itou, all efforts to
enve his life proved futile, aad he
died early, next uoruing.
Doctors Corsan and Bonnell worked
heroically end were assisted by others, but it was impossible to revive
him    .
Alexander B, Alexander was born
in Scotland thirty-eight * years ago,
.tad came with bis parents to Maryland when he was four years old,
IK' lived in the Southern States until 1N9:, when ht came north in
Lethbrldge, where he married Miss
Heeve the tame year mid removed in
Coal Creek, where tbe fumily have rr-
klded ever since.
Me leaves a wife and three children tn mourn his loss nn-1 one
brother, Wm, Alexander, lu-rv nn.l
five other brothers iu Scotland.
ihe ftiiii-r.il took place Tuesday aft-
e 1 Boon (mm Scott and Unas' parlor*
to the I'rfsbyteriuii church, under the
uub;,'cs (.( the Kernie Aerie ol
fiSvilts, of wblcb be was a incinUr,
having been vlcrpresWwt of the
order for two year*-
Me had also been  president  n(   tbe
Ci.el   Creek library  und  athletic    as-
M.cintmn lust year,
Gladstone  local,   U,   M,   W.  of  A.,
The I0' whic''     hf **** »,s0    a meinlwr,
,,.f, I turiifd out  in full  force    M  •*-.« p«#-
of th> largest .fuiifials evei seen in
I'i v. H. M. Grant, assisted by
Mev. Hamilton, comlurtMj the services, after wbieh the large prorrs-
Mon followed tbr remains to the last
resting plaee in  the  Kernie cemetery.
Mr. Alexsadtr was a most, tlwi-
lul «nd active matt, a loving hutbaad
aid father jo a wife' slid family that
wmt devotttd to kirn, and his tin-
ttw'ly and sudden drath has stricken
ihtm with deejtest aorrow. A whole
community arc sympathising with
iLrUk in Uteii (liel.
No more cowardly or- bungling at-
teatpt at striking (rom a safe distance could be conceived,     u-
Coaiiag aa it does at'this particular juncture in the labor troubles
here, whtn.maay oten* are temporarily alwent while; the nines are cloi'l
down, it is liable'to result in dii-
franchieiBg aosne of them it sspeet,-
action is uot taken to head off- the
little trick. "1
See to it that your name is kept on
the list by going before the collector
of votes, Mr.' Whimster, or sending a
properly executed slatutory declura-
tiou to him before lhe 6th inst, The •
matter lias been published as widely
as possible among the men here' and
at Ccal Creek and Michel, but uo
time is to be lost if all who arc entitled to be one. tbe list are to be
kept there desjiite the effort of Mr,
Charles T, Donahoe, furniture dealer
6f New Westattiaster, B. C.
■»' »
Oh, Donahoe, dear Donahoe,,,
Who, who—who, who are you
That you r.ur-voters wish lo do?
Who, who—who, who hath posted vom
Our voters list to do
Why didn't you think a think   .
Before you used two kinds nf iukv
Or made such tails to letters?
Oh Donahoe, dear Donahoe,
You ure a doodlc-dn,
Or you'd have done it heller.
Oh, Donahoe, dear Donahoe,
What a chuckle head are you
To write your little billet dim
Upon that olliclal parchment
Taken   from    some   gnveriimmr
kluiluesHiis lu their hour of bureavuiiiuiit vert dMppeajriag.
otuiy 111 with appendicitis.
JDvumrisic in tick uioohe
The members of Mount Kernie lodge
Nu- *t;, f. O. 0. I'., have been uyiug
fnr three years to exiursioiuic tti
Cranbrook, but never made u sui-"I'si
nf it until last Monday night, whci
kibnui twenty ollicers aad umiiocrs
,|oi away on a iipeclal train at nbnii, .,
live o'clock,
The wreck nt Crow's Nest hell up
the westbound express upon which
they had expected to travel uud u«-
gutialions weie ojiriHil lor a spec.ii
until nearly five p.in , ,m,l «'.lv-r thv
tnglni, of lhc little spe-iil I .id |ump-
iii the irack and hem put n»'* iinii»'
U'n-y got a tiyiug sun anJ .uliited in
Craa .rook iu lime to partake nl a
•od dianir,
Ivty Cit,- lodge No. 41,  1,0. »i.  K
nl  Cranbrook, u*»i»U\l by olliiets ni
the Moyie Inflgt,  j;avc spleiubd  rihi
I ition     of degree work  which    wa*.
greatly     a|ipreeiat«l   by   the    l-'trnie
* out indent,
Then there was s l«iu|Urt which
W; will not attempt to dewri't* lur
thtr 1(1 m to lay ik.it it *,» ,,
Cr.iBbrot I l«a;|uri of tbe Ust 11u.1l-
fheie were nuiBy toasts which
IroUght forlh eloi|urnt rr*|wins«>
This was esprcially true of the response of Grand Mastrr Sitnpsoit.
The .'ffair ranit to an end al»<ut 3
t.m , and was cat of itw Ur^i.»L j,u,t
most successful meetings Oddltllnws
ever held ia the province rii'rtpting
gtaad Ir4ge aatetinge. —TT—mm
FERNIE LEDGER,  .FERNIE, B.C., MA&4, njof.g..'
The Fernie Ledger
$2 a Year in Advance
TMnBdevew1S»t»rday"from*:-the Office  of
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Fernie, British'Columbia..
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Pages J and, 5,1». sa..Ta«»day ; pag.es » a»a s.
, tlm Thursday" a»d->age a, 2 p. ma .Friday.
We will be unable te.insure change,unless
this'rulalii complied-with.': *
Legal advertising" 1* cents per noapaxxel.
line firiVnsertlon, I cents »er line each suW,
quent insertioa. 0     ' "
Bates for oontraot. advertising.on.>ppl'• a
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follo-.iiiig unon a njp from-a lobster. Zam-Buk applied
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will mail you a free trial box of Zam-Buk.
^L.  P.   Eckstein
c * _
. 'i - *
■^"'Babbist'ek-at-Law,- Solicitor .
Rooms-"-!'&-S.-Heiidersoii block. Fernie, B. C.
Business KanaRe''■
SATURDAY, MAY.^. 1907/
We not*"'"the 'following•;statement
going the. rounds'of the press, and re-
' producetit for trie purpose of" preventing, jf possible,' the gieat iiariii tliat is
sure, to come to the local corps of the
Salvation army if these statements and
charges are not promptly met and dealt
with*.   ' -
What will happen to bur local corps
will happen to every oilier division of
"the army that is laboring for the sali_u"
lion, of Souls incanips'ahd communities
where large numbers of skilled laborers
reside. ,  „
This statement was made in the provincial parliament a few days before the
closing bf the'session; and is of such a
' nature as to demand-attention.
It* Mr.''Hawthornthwaite  'never did
anything' else for the "skilled_■ iabore'rs
of this country, than to have so effect-
vely   exposed   this   atteinpt   at   commercializing a great religious organic
zation in an attempt to get skilled labor
into Canada under the cloak of agricultural  settlers and laborers,,, he has in
that one act earned his  title to friendship from the home skilled laborer.
To the credit of "skilled laborers"gen
- erally, and these fresh arrivals iii particular, it is eyident thai lliey have a much
higher sense of their obligations to their
',- co-workers than lias some professed re-
'    ligionist  for the sanctity, of his professed
calling..  For the good of that organization', the Salvation'army,'ir should be
the  duty  of   its : chief officer  in- this
Dominion to ferret o'ut the man "or men
guilty'of such 'profanation, such pbvy-
ieizatto'nof thai great ariny.."' Such aft
incident as was'brought 'to'iiglit at Vic'
,.   loria, should be  proven untrue or the
guilty party punished by exposure and
 le x pulsion.. ■--        t°	
r  C. Uw.    -Mas. I. Vkkut, B.A.
■ Latoe;: & Fisher :
suaaisTBRvS, roucitois, Etc.
Cw>w*e'   Neat    Trad**    Co.    Hock,
Fermte, 1. C.
fax to Victoria, whii.1i wduld'cosl about
JC9 12s.    When we'-landed"*!*! Halifilx
they'iiiform'od us lli;il'the're was a strike
on  in   Victoria, but _that   they would
forward  us on to Victoria".   The men
refused 10 go, and told the army officers
there  that,  they   wanted ,a, ticket  for
Toronto, headquarters for the Salvation
army.   , When   vie arrived ' thbre   they
snicl lliey would find us situations.." lii'
the meantime there were teri'rricrrwent
0 work in liie Canadian 'Ship Building'
,-ard; 12 10 Poison's ship yard";TorontcJ,'
and the other six went to Coljingwood,
Out.'   To  the six men  that la
Collingwood the • foreman offered,$1.75
per day', and,.dip .Salvation_arftiy-ihad
told us we would get, $2.50,, iW.hen-.we,
could'not get $2.jo.1- we^went ib'seeithe
manager, who'told us that: he'had. not
promised situations to'the'meny-b'ut'he
.  .  .       .  1 'j.'i,
promised that"if they 'Went'down"ne
would .see wh'at h'e'coiild d'o.'Tlie' rrian-
ag'er'"th"en  informed"u*s*that' 'Adjutarit
Williams  said they' we're 'in a bit of'a
bole and he, ivoutd like if this manager
Would assist 'them, out a bit. -We did
In the British Columbia legislature
Mr. Hawihoriitbwaite charged thai the
''Salvation army was taking immigrants
into Victoria tinder false represents
tions and was in collusion with tlie
go\eminent.- He got the consent of the
house to read the following statement
. to support the charge:
Victoria, B, C, April 19, 1907:
"Statement by Mr. Stewart—We applied for situations through the War
Cry and Glasgow Herald; the advertise;
ment read us follows: "Wanted for
Victoria, B. C, fifteen carpenters and
fifteen ship joiners, to sail about the
beginning of February;1 We applied
for the situation, they investigated bur
characters, etc., from our last six employers, after which'they"told >'us thai
we would have tb pay £5 for our sea
 , *    T    ■ ,r      it
passage and would require £2 in our
pocket for railway journey. There were
28 men altogether. Then the Salvation
army were tb forward us oil frorii Hull
, ThoOeculatory Process Denounced
by Scientists as   Extremely '"
Dani£erouu-~Movv the Danger Cun'be Removed.1'
A kenn discussion is lining r-srried
on by doiiio.cf the hen soii'ntisti as to
tho (UiiKor nnd "i-i-iuii'" nl kis-.i»»K. Iwl
by Dr.' Somiirs. lleullh Ollhw of Al'.
- Untie City, nnd Dr. Nulpiisio,' of tlio
Mi'dicnl Kuculty nl I'uiis, Tlu-y diur|/o
the ki^switli Kpreixliii1' «i i l»|*f. m-urlot
fnvnr, ini'iidi'^' niiliii|)i,' uhooHiiiK
coukIi, typhoid ii'vci, di\ihtliciiii, ory-
sipi'liis, iiK'iiini'iti^, tiilmroiilouis, nnd
iniiiiy iiiii"!Inns Nliin ilisiMiHes, Thny
fiUKK'mt 11' ilutinn 011 tliu enbjsct, and
tin1 pustini; uf notice* in niiUvny .ita>
tions, *,tn'i>t flirt, nnd nllmi- public
iihiri'S, but fhny sny it would lin tine-
luss to post thiiin on veiiindiiliH, in
cosy coriiurs, poix-lns, hhudy nnoki,
or moonlit liiwns They nl.su propose
i-nrnpiilciiy' li'utihlutinii for imdlinils of
disinfection nf th» inniith nnd purify-
Inu thd brnuth, ispooiiillv with n view
ii" tho protection of the inunennt hnbifli
who nro jittrticiilntly mibjoct to infso-
tion. Thn urnntost nnd most, effpetive
purifior and R«<rm dfstinyi-i- known to
medioul NcisiK.1*.' for Mo inniith, thrnst
and hrrath, hh ««ll hi lor llm blood,
, ir-v-('.'-'' 'ift'l l<i»,;»'i i'- 1'<_""bivo, *bt,'
triumph of tlm nu'dii-iil world that ii
nttraciinn niiuutt iuiivor*ia( intention
boraiiki of tho uondorful refills st-
tfndiinj its into. Onn of jU recent triumphs is told as s insttnr of experience in tlio following brief statement 1
Dr. Slocum t'ft       *
JsmM'in*l"i( "mi jiliolo snfl lenummils) hsr*-
wttli lor y.nr k-u-*t nmedr I*SV( IIIS'S. Youf
rewedl** <lki •* .i.'lers for mo. I m sioutsier
SOyBsrsofdi-,. .>ht-n I took Mi rilNK, Tlit
iloeton h«'l k' ''» t\\« up u *ri Ini'iirslile cmiamp-
tlve. Mr lunmmi I emrorisno! theloljrwsie
Urrlbly<lli#i>««Ini»l wMted. rrieniliem|nslik-
U>r»thought I'd rwwt't better, llutruVCIUNI
•maxim*,   Ui luiiys lieve nevsr botliered
slnse, sad hr/enlne u s permsusat sure.
est wi me.
»1» liMil.uraf m.. U>neVa>,0st
not accept llie terms from the manager
and we'n'l'Kiick' tb Toronto^ Tliey found
us another position in the Canadian
Sli'ni Building yards, at'$2.50 per day,
and promised to pay us a dollar a day
more, but lo say nothing, about it to
'he other 23 men until wcshould leave
' "We got word from the Salvation
lirmy. that ihere.were ten ship joiners to
go to "Victoria, anil the .six wlio were
getting paid the dollar a day extra
must <^o. The other_;'five men were
liliip wriglits and.would not leave, so
_t hey„ go.t_Lt e_n_!_n en, _seye n_sh i p_joinirs
iind^lhrec ship" wrighls to make up the
ji.irty; and Brigadier Howell told us
tliat there was no strike on in Victoria
al all. • This was on Tuesday, April 9,
fhat lie told us to write on'to the Marine
Railway company, whb'm we were going
io work for, and that bur baggage
checks would.be sent on to tlijs.com-
pany. When we, landed in' Victoria on
the iStlrbf April we were-told- that
there was a strike on, and the men re-r
fused to go to tho Marine Railway com.
pany. 0 In the meantime our baggage
checks* arc in'the hands of-that'coiri-
Jiit'ny aiicl 'we' are unablis'tb get'them;
and in the meantime "wc'are ih'a'destl--
lute condition;
j , "We thought they were all right an^
thai. the job was safe, to start oivand
we .sent oiir money-to our; wives, .which
is the lirsl they have received'.since (life
jjist Teb. Seven'out"'of" the ten arc
'married. Brigadier Hqwp)l stated that
jlhe other eighteen men would be sent
on to.yiftpria in about a.fortnight's
time, and he also told ir.c to make .as
little trouble as possible regurding bur
leaving for Victoria,
I "We-saw an advertisement in the
JHtiilur. Maker's Monthly Report thnt
there was a strike' tin in. Victoriui'lirid
we wrote, ihe Snlvatinn nrmy and they,
replied that there was no strike..,
"We thought that the Salvation nrmy
was a gopd agency—that we could nol
Jeal with 11 better one—nud they werp
liloing this simply foi* the sitlcc'of good,
'! We were each' tn receive -three dob
Kirs uiul a hull'11 day for six-months
und sign an agreement lo that effect.
■".Signed--Robert's. Slewarl,Chilfles
Williamson, .Mexiuuler FrYiscr,' Hugh
Killin, John M.icki'iy, Robert Ferguibn,
Alexander Muir,, Oiuigald Mackenzie,
(li'oige CnnieriMi nml Donald Walker,"
Ile went on to say that there lind
been i'on»iJeialile discussion on (III*
Salvation army immigration work. He
objected 10 tin- I'ovi'inineiil dickering
with such 1111 ori;ani/aliini, Now that
siicll iiu'ormiiiion was in his hands lie
hoped lhat imuiediale steps would be
iiikeii to pivvL-m the rccur.rence of such
II thing. 11 lintl been inserted that the
government had not. entered into an nr-
Miigemeiit with the army, ' tie allirm*
ed tfi.it tnesc immigiants would not
hiive come to the country at nil had they
known the loiidiiiuiis existing, He
thmighi ih.it it was it credit to these
iriftn to ri'fii'.i' tn Irnd thriiKplvrS ton
"dirty, coutemptihle" scheme. It wan
proposed that tiny .should be employed
as' "scabs" at Mullen's works, He
would like 'to know what was to he
dune. I'veil their baggage had been
t.'iki'ti au'.iy 1'ivin rhi»ni. lln t'onli»nded
thill the ginvrmiicin shotilJ provide for
them, Tht-s -.tunilJ, bv paid thu l.i per
day pledged ihem I'mw -tlie'tim'e they
left Kn«V.i>." .1.1J sS-mUfi-avvreTuo'dt-d
tollicm" ihr'ni.Mii-v tbey bad expended
iu tran^pi'i i.iiioi', .md in addition should
be given .1 !»i"iii, ui recompeiiie them
nol. intend to reply further - than to say _
that the government was not under any \
agreement  with   the Salvation  army.
Theretore he called on "the supporters of
the government lo vote down the resolution   which .-contained   a   statement
which was false.        "   .
■ ''Mr.'-Hawthornthwaite    wanted    to
know, whether the acting premier had
the  temerity'to suggest that the negotiations  now in progress wiih  the.Salvation-Urmv only concerned agricultur-
hi (aborers.    , „
' MK'Tatioiv said, ibis was correct.
Tlie scheme only had in view the bringing out of agricultural men.
Mr, .Hawthornthwaite replied- that
there  was no doubt  that the  primary
0 *' ' ,**
agreement entered into with the Salva.
tion army had resulted in the. men to
whom he referred being ' brought' 10
■British Columbia.''
Mr; Macdonald   had. nothing to say
except to express regret that these men
should have been .brought',out under
deception. He had to state that it was
the duty of the government to watch'
carefully the operation of the Salvation
jarihy in so far as British" Columbia was
concerned. . He felt lhat the government might take action to relieve tlie
present situitibn.  -
On a division ihe motion was defeated, only Messrs. Jardine, Williams,
'Hawthornthwaite and Mclnnis voting
in, its favor. ;
\VVK. ROBS.K.'C. ;     -J. S. T- Al.v:.*CANi>F.R
■"'•" Ross & Alexander - ,
' I.'KKNIE. H.' «.     '   "■
" Offlce in.L;T. \V..»lock» Vicioriii Avomie. *
 ^     _^ . —
J», Barber^, i-n.s., ■n.ri.s.y
Block,' opposite  lhe' Bank
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'    Williams Pink Pills.
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prices. Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,
Spray Pumps, Spraying Material,
Cut Flowers, etc.. Oldest established . nursery on tine mainland ol
B.f C. Catalogue Free.
Greenhouses and Seed Houses,
"Vancouver, B. Cr
P. S.—If your local' merchants
do not handle my seeds, tend
direct. We prepay fifty packets,
assorted varieties" of garden seeda
in 5c. papers (tested stock), to
your nearest post office (or $1.06;
twenty packets for 50c., trial col-
tection.   >
W. J. "Wfi&lesworth, D, D. S,
Ofvirk H011K81- -    S-'Mil'i IS ii.in. 1 ti> fii;. m
- n ,- fl.,10 to s vi.m.
Oftico iu Alex, 1 ".It's Biodli    '.    , :"l
to pkase careful   Isousekeepers is *to-
give' adtest    weignt. -_' Ok,    we^sVm't *
say tint   all butchers   do&'t <io Ais k,
but   we  c*s*»t    kelp   occawiewally ^
overlieariig ,  our lady     fri_*s»4s when
tkey get to.tellingt their experUsM*s.
to pleaae is to supply only the best '•
meat.- If you trade with us you will
learn just what we meats , by,.these.
two "waya". QUAUTY aad QUAN- ;
TITY will be a little more than yeu '
expect. .    7   * .'*">■. !'*"
over Slinn's Hiikery.
E ai*e r©mov»
inlg fpomi the
old barn i but; we
are still . doing
business ' at , our-
down town office-
Watch for our new;
address next weeli
H. HKI.C.   ''■"" '       A.WII.DMAN
Contractors und Bunders   '
:'■'      Estimates Furnished „ "
Storm Doors and Windows   .,   -
Shop:- Corner, Howtand Ave andMcKvoy St.
P   0. Box 355. Fernin. B., 0 ' •       -
■cj3srioi*r   LABEL...
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
;   50 Good Woodsmen wanted by    LV
The Elk Lumber
Co.   Apply at the
'.'-.Office or at Hos-   .
_'\'mor.    r'-' -o '■,     ij-'i'.-'
The Elk Lumber    Ltd.
Ferriie^ B/t;
Often I wa.s confined to bed, hardly able j lA/IM ______     (<}(__.       Ltds
tb move.     Notblni* snpmptl In hpln inn. '
to move. Nothing seemed to help me
I despaired of ever being well again.
By good chance Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills were brought to my attention and
decided to try them, 1 got six boxes—
before they-were gone I felt a great improvement. I continued the treatment
and my health gradually came' back till
now I do riot feel the least pain—I am
totally cured.' It was' a surprise lo my
filends to see me on the street again
we|l and strong after five years of torture. They wanted' to know what
brought about the change. I lold'iheni'
Dr. ■Wlll'toms* Pink Pills, for 1 took no
other medicine once I begun their use.
Rheumatic suH'e'rers give Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills n fair trial; they will surely
do lor you what lliey did for me."
It is in the blood—poor blood—that
such'(roubles iih rheumatism, indigestion, dizziness, heart palpitation, anaemia, weakness and a host of other diseases lind (heir root, It is the blood
dial Dr. Williams' Pink Pills act on.
They make it pure, rich, red and health
giving. Thai U why llioy cure nil the
common ailmenti of everyday life. Sold
by druggists or by mail at 501' a box or
six boxes ior $1.50, from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Urockville. Ont.
Wholesale Dealers aad Direct Import-
ters of
Sola A(*e»t» its Canada lor
Win&or    Tannic. ,   Jog    Dtatrevytf.
,1 *
Notice   ■'*
.. I   am" now installed in
u       ■'  •   '*     I
"""fny—ric\v~"SiiOp"r iii"^tiic
•King's    hotel, .  three"
'doors' south, of- the
Fernie hotel.
Prices  at my "shop are now
as follows':
Fred Handley
Piyohln*, r>r«nrt»mni»d Sl-Vimr*. If *A.
l-nltted Ut l"> the moet wond*rfnl ef all
iliteata end Ri-rm-destroyinu SReneiw,
Yor tuilding up the run-down ariten
nnd cnn'riff nil farmi ot tt«m»«b
troubles and disessee ol tha etiset,
tbr«*t aad Iun^t or bead, it is simply
nnapproaehsKI^.   It U 1 reliable Rome  _ _ 	
ST Sftiior-rDr! VVaKSU; i ^ .«"***> *" *'"•■'• «»«■■ i.*i i-„
LimlUd, 170 Kiaf 8ttat4 Weal, to-  oubjei ir-J,
•wiW. Tb« HCting prnnier sutt-d Xb»X he did
Ayer't Cherry PecioriJ Is 1
regular'cough medicine, t
i'{\3ti£ ciu^icinc, & uOCJor's
medicine. Good for easy
coughs, hard coughs, desperate coughs, If your doctor
I endorses it for your case, take
It. If not, don't take It. Never
go contrary to his advice.
We publlih eur reranlu
_.    wi:e~isilsh slstkel
f^ frees sstwtSUlsee
We urge ys* te
e*»nll i**t
The dote of Ayer's Pills Is imill, only
one it bedtime. As srule.Jmtivr dosei
sf*J*#f»frhsirihifh»rtftf«f«»M, PrtrcOrt-
itlBstlon, blllotiitteti, drspcpili, tick*
httdiehet., tfeif eannai b* exeetled,
Aik your doctor ibouf thle.
%t »ae 1.0. Htm ■*. IssnO, sssawM*
Cleaned and curled.
Old feathers made , to
look like new. Feather
Boas it specialty. Mail
orders promptly attended to. Moderate prices
Mrs. C.  Douglas
Box  .300 Pernie
NOTICK Is l>m\>y g\vts t&at,
day* alter date, I Intend to app»y to
the Huaorahle Chief Coeuttl**etatar of
r<*ad« and Worka for permlaaioa' to
purclinse     the     lollowinf dtKribad
-,fii,^,   t.W.i,i'u    Vii   l%rt5.V   <COf.kVW.iiiJ,,  i.Vt.%
RIVo, Commencing at a post v' x.x
ed utt the nortliern lmundary tint tit
IM 4833. about 40 chaina east Irom
tlte northwest corner of aaid Lot;
tlience north 40 chains; theace Mat £0
chain*; thenre sonth da cImIu, ntore
or leu, to the Elk stiver; tlua waaV
«>rly sloaj sold river to the tsa'eni
Ijoundary oi aaid Lot 4S33i tlssaot
northerly alfv»| said aaatera tosad-
ary nf aaid Lot tn the northeast corner of ssJbc; thence weaUrly *lo«i
the northiT-o Xncnniury ef aaid IM to
place nt b»gfflBla___.
Vatad the litis da« ol Y**xwy, A.
General Merchant
Hair Cutting
.. "'.      (Egg)
Daily  Direct Service
'       v''* Kiiipsgifte and   .   -■ n_ .'
Spokane Internat^onaJ Ry.
Thanking you for your past patronng**
•nd hopinp. to receive a sbare in the
fuluri*, I remain' ,
„   '     ■     . - Yours to slay, '.'
Chas. Gilbert
FOR   SAL 15
Jj. P. iSokriteln.    .   '
18.29 Arr.
FERNIE;     Lv.
>5'4° • .'.'
CranbrGoIc   ,   ,,
11.So 7.
Kingsgate   -> „
10.30 ■ ,,
,-Bonner!s|Ferry . ,,
9.00 ;„
Sand Point       ,,
• '6;s's
6,00 Lv.
SPOKANE   Arr. .
For further information, rates, folders,
etc., apply io R. Reading, local'"*,
agent or write
,T. S.CARTER, 1). P.A.,Nol'soii.      •   '
K. J, COifbJS, A, G. I'. A„ Vn'miouvor. .
- i -
, 1 . .
esuy   torms.    Apuly  W. T. Jleuluy, Wast
torls' Avo
liny.   CIish. II. Howard, Cuylsy, Alia.
Fernie    B, C.
Cor, Wood &'Baker Street
uenni'i.i.m "i
I Cigars.Tpb
Cigarettes'<St Pipes
Thcro in only, oho jilnett in town
•3   ^4>Hf* 4>1 n
good* In oar Ulna that ia nt
fl. A. IKOBAM* Prop
Phossi gt,
•feraie, B. C.
•tsys efier date T IsteM t« »M'l* <<* 'lie
<*}il*flV/minlktioii»r of l^nds Sfi'1 WotJm Int.
lH,rmtiiilon in purchase tbe fnllowtns ife>#rlli-
*«l Units,
Cflmmsntslns: stut*"**t ea»»t sMeofKlk
m-i*t l^lwi+n \ivtrXi**i ft-111) KltD, ,n. C-f
snrt sonth of the mmIIi ef TnnnsI Creek,
lUuiic* w«»tt(» cU*U»,ltua.fi* tt.ilU<»> ttkitu»,
tlience e«it 40 cksle* Ui Klk Hlv*r. Ih«r.f«*
snath Vi ehstnl tfeont Elk TU*er t«r>lM««i
Usui s» ieMle 1. OU l^^Ww«CUKB'-
cubutor, nearly iiuw.-Apply st bmluur OIIIch
KORHALK--A(IOOI) iliwil)KN'riAli I'ROP-
lierlyuontrnlly InuHtml, Kuoit moilorn liotue,
nil (luiivenlesnoM.  Amity to  Mutt, Hon & Co,,
Fernie, Ii, C,
loUou Vlotnrlii Ato, This lot Ih one of Mm
lixst lnnstlons in town, I'nr full psrllnnlurn
upiily lu list I, Hon St Co Fernlii, 110,
A Big Snap!
*ti«! out lnHlilInwM, with thri'd nil fl, lot* on
llow|iuiil Avii,, iionr tlio forimir Kurnlo - llrnw-
oi'V.  Apply to Fernie boiluvr, A 1,1.4
60  YEARS'
Tnnoc Manks
Costwiohts Ac.
Anrone isnillni s sketrh end d iii*rlnt|on met
S!l!5!(lf.*,IerJ?JI,J.VVlIIll'M,.,!'k |f'ioj»liotlier. su
 _ Jljr  .„.,„	
sunt free. OMrM sir*nrr fnrsmvlniiff nstents.
, iis* MreriAin our   	
Ihrerslon Is prohnliljr jiMmi
t*M«<M UkSea Vhlv/usll  li'llll.ll ft CO, t»lO«l*ll
tprtialtuitltl, without elisruB, IMho
Scicmific fliti*iic,iii.
r llloitrsted wfol,,-. Ijimeit H
Fir solentUn lonnuj. Ti-rini, |3
onihs,|L SoldbriilliiewiHtMiei.
nn 3DiDrosd*H/,Wi-v; Ynrk
Ahsfldsomelf llloitreted wcH ,-. .
tnlstlon of stir solentUn IniiriiiJ, ';
T'wt four pionths, IL Sold brul newwtMlers
ilrsinh offlce.
-M-. jutUei o*jria_r the late Irm of
bammoas omA ttumer, or thtt ot
Tittle uxA tvmtf'ott hereby moUft-
M lint ell eneh aenxinte ar* peysMf
to Join Turvsr, Aitsl taut lb« settled
\m or Won Un totk ollCarcli test.
Allan Uitie
, ...  ■• - .; Direct.,SoryIce     "ii ■•'
Dublin Exhibition •;
Siuniiiior SiiillncH
Moniroiill aiul.Qtu'bcc. to
Liverpool , ,    .
TunisloM (twin'screw,  10,576 tons)
.-  - MAY 17 "..
' Victorian    (twrbitie,    13,000   tons)
Ioniun    (twin   screw,   y.ooo   toim)   .
MAY.11 ' '_.'■.   .
Virginian    (turbine,    ia.ooo  "toiis)   *
Sitloon, $.0ir) nnd upwurda \'. Socontl '.
Culiln, - friaTiO 1 Third CIiibh, !f'27.W
uiltl upWAitlH, nccnnllnff to stciiiiini'.   .
.  „ _.    , t       „h ^
Mudoriitr*  Jtiito Sorvlcn    .,, , '
MONTHKAL'- nnd " QUBB130    lo .
,       (Ulrect)        ,
SlfillUn...'. Muya3' '
Ntimidinn '. ' Mny HO
Moneoliim .•..■ Jano.O ,,'
Corinthian..'....,.. .../JunqlU
Ollt) uittM C<|iiiil i*>IV, iliild Clrtlw*42o,'A)j   ,
For remit viUiou of bertiie unti (ui
particular*] apply to any »Kunt or,,
Gonoral Western A|(bnt   .
IC JJsiinutyno Ave, Wlnnlpug \ .
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
risAs, Specifications and Rsti-
»at*s (nrnitbed on application.
Wtair ol  GOOD   MY  WM-
-     tt. I. KE»U,
ArebiU<t    am) gnpcr'nUadeat
(Mnce at jtaaUUnce,
lAUSt SZu    •    •    *NeWsJMM.*mVC
y ■   ^
Sf6 R T
li.ASEBALL NOW. IN :*•'; ' ) ■!''     .
• Moiiilay-fveiiiii.vr last ;m ciitliusiiitftic-
aiid'wel'l iitteudcd H.e«'itiii'.*.'of th« 1-Vr-
nie 'baBfiiajVclulf whs hold n't' tlie" N *'""■-■
anet*.    Mr. ,Mar.-liall was  voted to tin1-
' chair,'after which  the', election-of' of
.fii-ers "was proceeded with. Ollicevs were
■  drilled as follows:
- Honorary,President—(.): *-* • S. jjLi"<«-
' s'-'.v-      .. ■ ,      •'.   . ;
Honoiai-y , Vice-Presidents'—It.    W
-.'WimhI and A\ Mut/... .'
■   JWdept-rW. \\'..Tuttle. -   '''
Vii-* -Pi-'osideiit—Drt ■lliji'yiiis'''  7-
'.Secretary Trc-muicr—R, ('.Marsh all.
Mnriapei—J. T. Ryaii.
'EsscutiveCoiiuiiittee—xVhove ollici'iv
id nil the iT.ptain.
Capiain—Tn he ..ieked bv players. ■
The serfetary was ius'trm-ied in write
"'Deat-nii" While of the l'Mniontim team
iln"'-refi-iviife to uaiiH'rf here mi May 17
.•and IS, on the fjilter's I'l'Uirn froin S;»»-
::*.iine, where they have been liinberiiiff
iu_>for the sea'son's work.  ,
''Any hall playei> in the city are ie-
•questud to get out ffir priR-tu-e any even
iln'!*- or Sunday '''afternoon at '2.«0 at
.exhibition grounds, and members of
'last-year's team are requested to call at
.Napanee for" Hints.
,lt was thefeelin"- of the iiieetiiig that
fPernie can piit a ball, team in the held
•this yeai'7vhiehwili fully"uphold the-
•splendid roputation already held by the
'team; and that,Fernie fans this year
will have a chance to see ball of a very
IhSifh cl.is9. It is expected to have the
iLethbridge team viBlt Fernie, aud prob
,-ably arranseinents -can be made tn
" lhave the Caljrary.-tuain desert their own
ig'crap pile and call on us here.
The toilowinff letters have-been re.
ceived in.reply to item in ,last week's
■ Iied?er.   As will be Been, Mr Edwards
states, backed, by Mr., Bartlett, that he
did not receive 'word from us    It- is
another.ciifij7of_'pos^office carelessness,
and Ve "arc glad "to placei *Mr:"Edwiirds
. rlferht before the public     We wrote Mr.
.Burrows at once closing copies. ■' Here
are the letters and Mr. Burrows'reply:
.. Nelson, R' C, April 27.1907.
"D'ear Sir,—I have received your issue
, ofiApril 27,'and'duly note your remarks.'
-   Aether with your insjult'ns, headline.
I.'ibeg to inform you that I'hsive not
Crawled in any hole, nor am'I likely to.
'-.   A& a-matter of fact, the reply to mv
..challenge was never, received. jit.Hio
iBiftlett House, and   Uin   anxiously.
.-awaiting-  a   reply   to  it,' which,, still
,   irejmains Rood.   T should be pleased in
secured for banquet.
„.THe: afterno^n_jittracjtiona, willj, be
'matches on the public square free to
all! A football match between the
Maple I.eafs of Lethhridge, and either Co.il Creek or Pineher Creek,-and,
a lacrosse match between I^ethbridge.!
and either Medicine Hat. or. High'
Hiver.'   '' • ,'
—■ o
The -Kid   Hits Another Spasm.
. The Ledger "Kid ha3~become so rich
lately that he has grown, pbsitively
n-ckless.   He  caught  himself  heaving
fte"slot Wi-tH the^devil^ay-car'e reck-;
lefcmess ,.,of a^Joha. D. Rockfeller,
■ffitlsbn1t*hbHlbg on^to a single-rock.
Some' day-' when this^JSo-acjre , mine
has grown to be,worth a billion, the
Kid will have to figure tip just how
much he lost by chucking that whole
8p acres through the crack     in    the
To Consumptives
-_ -   —   — o -     'The  undersigned  having .been.   re-.
o  acres  uf Northern  Ontario  rocks, 'stored.to health;;liy  6imple__ means,
dirt anh btush through. the slot in
the wall through which he heaves all
"the "waste exchange' paper which
come.s*.,to his table. ■ '  ., ^ ..«-
Of. course this particular ,8o acres
was of the prospective ■, kind, and
came ii)) from Ontario by mail. The
authorized capital which some, mining company had been authorized to-
get out of" somebody else, if possible,
is $2,000,000 in ?i „ shares. , All this
information was to be found in a
an artistically illustrated circular -ia
which could hr seen rocks by the
acre. _ ■    „
Bui the Kid fired them all through
after suffering,for several years witk
a1 severe lung affection, and that dread,.
diaeaee- CONSUMPTION*, ' is * anxious'
to make known to his felloe sufferers-
the means ol cure, 'f To those who desire it, he will cheerfully send (free of
charge) a copy of the prescription
used, which they will find a cure for
TA£RH, BRONCHITIS and all throat
an*ilung MAtADIES. He hopes all
sufferers will try this Remedy, as it
is invaluable. Those desiring the prescription, which will cost-them nothing, and' may "prove' "a "blessing,'.* will
pleaso address    .
SiTpcrior Quality
'Finest Flavor"
Absolute Purity
All   this   is " assured
by demanding
Black, Mixed,
Lead Packets Only
Highest Award St. Louis 1904
They   all   Bite
at these Flise
h Watch it Increase,  my yob have to-
*k i ... ■      ■ .;.'■■
A do with' a Savings Account is._tp start.it and
_^s- keep it going—then watch it . grow; Doesn't
_}]_»   take long  for'it   to count   up  to-a, considerable
f   amount—then  you   see  the, advantage—the  wisdom   of saving' >   '.    '
|: $1 Opens an Account with The Home fenk; of Canada
$$£       J. M.   MARSHALL,  Mgr.1,     , *   Fcrnlc   Branch
f:  •■■■ ■■        ,--    -        7  ,!    --    , V"   -    9
-Every kind
Over 60,000 Flies to choose from
size  known on Kootenay waters.
■-Sure-Killers—Gauze-winged,   Jungle-cock
Pucktnil   Flies
,        Special—Split    bamboo   rods,,  three   ^-   —^
.point, selected  cane'... .        S | ___£_)U
,   °    A full line of waders, nets, lines; and  all the  requi-
,  .sites   for   river  fishing^   .'",__
NnEi Suddaby Pernie Drugstore
Wyt Zedgev
or 30 [jays
In order to build up the
circulation of this paper
another 1|200,-; - w; are
bffefirjg for thirty days
doe$  -fob Work a little neater
aiid better tban anp oiber office
in , jfernie ** and poii get tbe \
Zet us prove it to p6ii
ESTA11I.ISI1F.D  1867
1.1. WiXKER, President
jiyg   LAIRD, General Manager
A.. K. DUCLANDr Supertiiteudont of
Bnncltes ,.'
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.
Rpit, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, r 113,000,000
BrtttCbcs throughout Canada, tand in*I'.ic -United States and Earful-
liriess may be transacted by mail v/ith any branch
_ _ Bank. Accounts may bo n;)ne;l and deposits
JSeVfl© or withdrawn by mail.,. Every attention is paid
to outH)f-town accounts.      , '  f
Fernie  Brunch    \ '' .      G. S.   Holt,   Msuiafror
Motel, Hosmer
. Open iVIay 1
Our Windows for
:Mr. Burrows or his representative*, direct.
"iKindly note my addresss i-s as above
"   , Yours truly,
. Voison,' B.' (i, April 27,19i)7.'
.-Mr.'Editor,—I see by your issue tlmt
, j^ou wrote in reference to Mr Edwards.
I-Sam son-y to say that I did not £el
your lottes- or challonge;. Mr. Edwards
|s still a guest of my hotel and has fallen
Itf no hole and is not likely to be son v
for the mistake.
, I am, yours respectfully,
v Dear Sir,-Your letter to hand this
' i\\m , alsii copy of Edwards' lettei:. I
-havo answered Win. Edwards direct to
'Nelson, tolllnjj.liim.to fltatc his weight,
ittH I«am not.in.iiuy position tb_kiiow
f-Whotlior lie iB a man or an elephant. Il'
(■Edwards can make 158 pounds, ringside,
'lio can.coiiflider himself hooked for any
.'•mount of a side bot.
' YourH, ',
'Coleman, Aim, May 1,1007
Year for Stf.SO
This otter is gocif
old subscribef s as
as   ne\vV proyide-d
sent   subsGribefs 7
A-     «".      I   ipjiarrlr   JeWeller and Optician
  Telephone No. 4
'. '- Send-your orders for
* Meats, Eprgs-, lBuiler,
■ Poultry iind   I'lisli   In    •
•; *-
Dominion Meat Co Ltd
-   - and  gel'.- the  best, of
... f   - service, attention and . • 7
satisfaction .-.'.v.".".
Eyerylhing  new  nnU
up-io-dnie.   "
" ' Every .icconinioslaiion
~ for the public. -
IJiir stocked with the *
'   .'■ ,   .finest in the land *
to date.
(AiUlilloiinl B|iorl   on papis-l)*
.. -—-—o— —■
lU»fcbridgf, A1U., ; April 24.-T»c
programme for the Natal day cclc-
jljru-isOtt oithc city ol Uthforidgc on
I||lny>i9'li(ut becu finally matured and
irthe proipKts art that the went will
i«cllpse all previous ." efforts in tlit
'-eVctt, The appropriations Have been
'iiudei for Ut« various iiub-coininit-
; tM»,v including a uanduotiic .sum for
-l)ri7M (or the    best features  of  the
■parade and provision for a monstr
'•KklblUon of pyrotechnics in the ev-
'''rflsing* The city, of course, hears the
■•ipMiHes-of. the entire celebration, In-
cludlug the full expensnB of visiting
''liBltlt and athletic teams, It is now
i hrob-ahlt thnt a large Imnquot, at
''wklch tkc iiotableo of the province-
,/vwlU be gtieati wl,l be succctisfully nr-
^•ged for, and that the,largest floor
space lu .Southern Alberta    will     be
itffmfvtmmmm^^mm 'i"i ii' .,' ■ '■."■'"■■'■■■»"!"»y.
Peevish, cross liiihles lire wleU baliieK--
'thewell baby is always Imppv.   IVrluny
'.(here mny be iiolblni*; in liulinilu ju-ii
"■■wlmt iB llie miiiier, Inn you  may ih-
, *|wnd upon it there is sonifiiiiiiK irotn*-
(liiiK tlio little one or de woulvi  nm h.
'crosi.     A few  dose!1 of Huhy's Own
'Table'M  will   rumovu the   oiuse  an.)
■ 'nnnke tliebitby happy.   They mv a cer"
*t«ln rnro for the minor ills nf bahyhmi I.
ThouwmJi- of mothers keep llieiti continually in the house lo (,'iiard ii-fains;
'tho Hidden illness of babv<     A Tablei
inow and itijalii will keep the little mu-
"W«ll."  MrH. Jnines Jewcr*. Heaver lliir-
'bor, N. S., wi»j"J{  "I liavi* _»iven ri.-il"''-,
■Own Tablet* lo my baby n» invasion
requited since hlic wax it day old.  Tlicv
v havo iilwav* helped her, and now ai a
yc,W Urtd a half old site Is ;i fine, he-tlthy
child.   The Tabids, I Ihiitk, aa- tiiJii.
. penwihloto moiheriol youiiK children,'" J
Sold-hy druRK»s"8 or hy mail at 2jr u i
Wit' from The Or. Williami Medirim*
Co., Brockiille, Ont.
REMEiVIBER    $1.50,   A   YEAR
Any time in the nvHtJSQjimys*
May we Have Your Order?
ICverything in Paper hangings.    Burlaps in
special colorings, wall decorations, cct.
House' painlinj^,"'sigii and carriage work a
specially.   Our endeavor—to do only  first
class work.   .
The Douorato
Per Cent.
A  Full Assortment-of-- -  -■   -
Kalsomine,  Brushes
Rakes, Hoes,
 -vSpadcs; Etc.
• ■
■< ►
< '
i >
"« l
< I
•m0M»MWmaLW'   ^BpssjsejsjjsjsW
a? The y
Elk   Lumber Co^
, Limited
flanufacturers of
Under -"new iiiiiiiii^cn'cnt
AVeir.fui'nish'cd rooms.   The table is
supplied with the beat the market '
- affords.   The bar is supplied   n ■
with the best wines, li-    ■
quors and cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
n.ii. 14
 i.mnlii..mpsm   s.i1 K'suif
Win M«,BM ** W mm* wjM ■»*••     • •
ikug ^j   *^^H| ^^^     ^d ^rf Mjlessel ssst      hrt   bggW ttUlsd tjk AfHi eMIssst U'UftW
Made fa'om pure, grap€ cream ol tartar
Makes home biking easy. Nothing-
can he substitute! ior it in making,
.quickly -and..perfectly, delicate hot
biscuit, hot-breads, muffins, cake and
pastry. Insures the food against alum.
Pure, Heatfcfcfal, Reliable
ossrcit you st lower i,rIt e,i»m»mwr
it*wkhxItw,k«  " '"" ~
Scott |
& Rossi
Lumber &
I Undertakers & Embalmersj
V*n*      ......      i^-i..        «.     ii.o ^HdStas&M «*t»s»-e^s»«-sss«eMS«»sie*e*»lsse*s*i»»*sssTie-^^ uu
Calgary   Marble
Kooicnay   Marble
Samples Gin lie Seen at lhc Office.
t^   Granite  Works
Works,    Nelson        «
Parlors in lundy's Bloch M
Mio* iiakimo fowoiel CO.
Htf st* WK»wlf w,ii4b fr«i* tH-tt, •
Heullk uM dtlrtt tiaus to Jwslih.
All our   Mod*   is   hisi   yi-iti's
nu mul well M-iisuiu-il'
Bop-nj utt«ntion.
Rooms resAroed by loiro
A pl»Q8Qtifc  nom«  for  the
H. WHELAN • Proprietor
Fort Steele
Brewery Co., Ltd
IVrnU',   11. C.
it*        c|l
Mow to Fish, when io Fish, the kind of Tackle
to buy, whore to buy it and where to buy it the
In-M. All this information thrown in gratis,
with every dollar's worth of-Taekle purchased at
Tfa& PsiSsigo Dittyy3i0ipe
Mt B.   Our stock is complete, well bought and well
assorted.    Oi.u-.icle sinrcs can ^el their supplies from
((«;   tty
WrotH'tn of  K.vtrn   l-'ini-   l.-n>.r       '
and    Aci'.ilt-i)   W.iin -. 1
UottltMl    Oooils    ii     Spci'fnlt.v. '
The A. Macdonald Co
{llriid Ofluv, Winiiipi-j:)
llriiiiclips—VnnrouviT, Ni-Imhi, l-Vnii*-.,
I'Mmon'tin, Alta. fd Iv,.-a,u i, tti<
rernie, C C.
jfevntc, M. C
<i 000009000009990099999
'. W. DAVKY & CO.
I r
Wliofcsnle   (iroferrit's,    l;lmir,    Ivcd .V
Camp Siip_>lii>.
UUsHI'i IJiiaiwt t«rti li.tB.truf
<|? «J? 4
.    Mr.  I^awry. has moved into W. R.
Roes' house during tbe week.
The winning number for the horse
wfekb was rallied last Saturday is
85-,.    '   *    :
Oacar Kirkpatrick and family have
removed to "ono o! the. Robins cot-
Mr. Boyntod reports that the big
mill will be .ready o to run by the
15th iast.   , >
= Mr. Pugh, of Pngh and Uving-
stoffle, lumber men b! Elko, was in
town .^Tuesday. <*■' ,
To, the sorrow of some of the kids,
the public schools will again <>e
opened next Monday.
McDougald's saw mill near Mor-
rissey was destroyed by fire , early
Wednesday morning.
G«orge Ingram was ^ down to Elko
ior,, a day oi* two visiting his parents at Strap Mountain rancli.
Mrs. James Kirkpatrick and family have moved into the residence
lately occupied by. Oscar Kirkpatrick.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mott moved
dowt< to°Elkmouth on Monday, and
aie" now full-fledged members of the
sawdust aristocracy.
, Ottis Staples, of the Staples
Lumber company, was in the city
Thursday night on his way to Spokane  and  eastern  points.
.I..D. McBride, of Cranbrook, accompanied by J. A Smith, of Toronto, were in the city last night
aad returned to Cranbrook this
The regular monthly tea in 1 on-
iiecLion with the ladies' aid . of the
Methodist church,  will  be held at lhe
- Imme  of  Mrs.   C.   King  on  Tuesday,
May 7.   Tea served at usual hours.
In giving notice last week of the
])ii/c offered by the Fernie Cigar
story, the Ledger stated that it
would be a cash prize of $10. This
should have read a prize valued at
ten dollars.   ...   ' ■
Dave  Elmer,   of     Moyie, .was  - in
town, the  other day.Phasing plasterers-and „ other people-who work*   in
the  building line about town  in     a
.  desperate effort to gtt Lhem ;o wi.rk
- 011 his new hotel - at Kingsgate. •
can bu brou<_-lit against liim from. Coal
Creek, Fernie and Hosmer.
Now  is vour  time  to  pull iu tbst
purse, boys.       - "
Eiii-.liiuil .and Scotland played on
Wetli esday night resulting in a win
I'-u Ein-.lm'd bv 1 goal to nil. Scotland
not being sati>hed have, challenged
Kt'gliuul ui play for $100 apide next
Tiifsday e.veiiiusj;. Admission 25cents.
M.cht-1 will play, Fernie on the
ie>.:eation grounds this afternoon at
t> p in. Michel has a pood, fast, strong
nam arid a .good frame ii assured as
l'-i nil* has'some fast new men. The
l-'iM'ifif-liiu'up will he: "   --'-
i!<ml, Mage;' backs, T Riley and H.
C-i 1 tell; half backs, \V. Price, Jas.
ll.'iiderson, R. Johnston; forwards,
hut ton, -Hughes, Swallow^ Chambers,
K«v ii. L. Kempton oilers his Houm> and
Furniture for privute snle. Tlif house isnuxt
tlom-to the lluptistchurch,. tf
A hotel that furnished quiet, commodious accommodation for its pat-
roas is a. source of pleasure to the
travelling public, Such a one,is the
King , Edward Hotel, of Fernie, corner opposite post office.
•/——"o-   <-.*   ;   „
If the "SALADA" Tea Co. V: trade increases in the nexl nine years in the
same-proportion as il has in ,the last
fourteen years, they will have acquired
the entire tea trade of the Dominion of
Canada. Last year their increase
amounted 10 23 per cent., and for the
first three months of ihis year their increase was 25^ per cent. , It evidently
pays lo serve the public well.  ,
witl hereafter, until further notice, pay Interest on Savings Bank Accounts Quar-
terly ins'ead of semi-annually  as heretofore.'
MAY 81st , AUGUST 31st
NOVKMHEI*. 30th Si FEB. 28tli
icicles   Pickles
We have just received a fresh consignment of Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles,
Sauces and Jams. See our window for
the finest assortment of the above goods
ever exhibited in Fernie.
Pay cash, live on the best and, enjoy life.  ;
-., Builders and Contractors
Estimates cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of our customers.
Pernie  people,  consisting of Mr.  and,
' Mrs. H..- G. Watson,'" Misses ' Ross;
Cross, Mott and Dr. Muckhouse and
Jas. Falconer, went down to Elko
and spent the, day. • This was the
lirst j-icnic party  of tlie 'season.
A. H. S'pency, assistant general
freight agent of the Spokane International railway, has been in town
for some days watching for the first
appearance of a new crop of coal. He
thinks the prospects are good if it
don't rain too much or get to dry.
C. It. Mclntyre, who has been
occupying the W. R. Ross residence
while having his own , residence re-,
modeled, has moved his family bock
to his own home again.
A. Cauey, timber inspector, paid
another of his official visits to Fernie during the week.
There was a largs turn out of,
Oddfellows last Sunday evening at
Christ church upon the occasion of
their annual parade,' and Rev. R.
Skeldlng Wilkinson preached a very
appropriate and interesting nermon.
A large coagregation wan in attendance.
Se.-iltMi Tenders will be received by the nn
(lerMunoil up to 4 p m <m May !>, 1907 for the
IKiintiiiKOf Fire Hull unci City OHicen, accord
ihr to s- ecitlcatioiiK on. f.ylo In the CityClerk's
olhce -   "        „
,f.W. nuns
City Clerk
M.iv 1. WOT.
NOTICE is I erebv given that the
Fernie Public School   will - re-open
Moi-riav next,'Ma v 6.* 1907.-.      -*   -
J. W   Nunn,
Sec. School Board
M lifter dnt« I In'unci to apply to the Hoh-
imriihlfr Cliief Coinmissloncr of Lamia nnd
Works for n Kpccial HeeiiBO to out nnd curry
nway timber from the followinu described
l.'iii]ii in south-east Kootenuy.
No 1, Commoiii-incnt a post planted inthe
unrtli-wo"! corner of Jumou Fiiluouer.'s timbor
i-biiin, theiii-u north 811 clmiiiH, thence west, HI
i-Imi ns, (hence sont.li Hi! chains, theuce oast 80
eii ,ius to plank of heKiniiln-*-.
Charles Wnlrilo, Locator
Jiunes Citincrnn,    Agent
I,, ni toil Kiby  I,i:ili7 ' A13 4t
X". 2' foiiiinencinciitii post planted nliout 7
in ius west of tt'o Kiiotenny river, ten oIihIiis
niirrli of thi* Iiit»i-iiiiiioiinl lumiiiliirv, rhetico
en ,t liPc.hnln*, Iheuce north -Mcbalns,tlionoo
ve-t] an clmiiis, thunce south in (ihains to
plncn oriiVKllllllllK. n
'       ,1. I) Gordon. Locator
James Cameron. Afftmt.
l.nciiteil April fi, 1IHI7 \ A1HU
NOTICK   in hernby «ivon tlmt SO days after
diitu 1 intend to apply to tho Hon, Chief
' inininsinuor  of   Lands and Works, for a
spi-cial license t,o cut and carry a vuy timber
on tho following described lands, situated in
houth'Kast Kootn.ay
Minaud's Linimknt Co,, Limitbd.
I wus   very sic Is  willi   Quinsy   and
liimiKhl I would stnmjfli'. 1 used MIN-
ARirs  U N'I MI-NT and il cured  me
iit once
Viiui-M Kriitvfully,
MRS. C. I). l'UINi:h\
Ni'iuwi^i'WHiik, Hct, a 1,
(AihliiI01111I Hpnit  on .uiy-n II)
A very iiituruntliiK clmekur imitcli
lin)» plan! ill llm .MU:Im<I I111II on Wed
iicxilay infill last, tniiius niproMhtiiiK
N.-. ,i 11i1iKH.11 tlm (inn sldn, uml Sit, M
rm tin; other, (in-at inti>ni>t wsfl Ukim
in Un' I'outi'ht and ninny i!xctt'ii_|
ftlilHliui worn played. Tim Michel
chfrkt'r t<'Siii wiiulil Hkti  to arriiiffi)
niiitcln'4   with    lentil* from    rVrnli*  or
C*i'«l t'teek, Hlirli tentiiH to t'onslst of
till, '-, v'lU.Jlif; -..'A,lir;/.> «\iilr„    StiiiCV.* IO
T. Kniiu-e, Mli-hel, will rei'iiivn prompt
I'rUiliul Score
Nn.fi      Win*   Drawn      No. H   Wins
T, riniii.e   1 1       II. (JiiHkoll      0
J. AlnV-Ii     •-' 0      C. Fuciiiii '"   0
T.SimlMterO 0      T. Hamilton    2
J. ItlKhy    I 0      M. ('Alkali      1
Ak 11 win i-oiinti- two fxiiiitH, nml
ilrmvii Ktmos 1 point etch, Xo 5 wln«
hy 11 points to t>.
A ui(f of war wam pulled at thn recrex
lion lii'uutals luut TuimUv »>veiiin-<
)«.-tin-.-ij ii.-Hiin- -H!pR'*<-ntliijf Triteti-
Wotm! O. nml the I», Burnt k Co. Iwiyt
iur h IJijii |;iirtf;. The butt'litr hov»
wi-rc ton iou*fh for tlm other f«llow«
anil won thn prijtf* nttt-.r it very pretty
Hi'k-   fMillitiy   muXth w'triMfM^t by a
No, 1-' ComniNiieitiBf  Ht a post planted on
Iron Cieok, about 2 miles north west of A.
Miu-lwugftU'H post   planted on the Kust  of
Lake ou Hartwell  Creek,  thonco 80 ohains
South ; thonco IM chains Rust :fti chains Nortii
Wi chuiiiH wost to placo of commoncomont,
Locateil April 4,1'.uY,   A, Mnthinson, Locator
U. KlemliiR, AiioM
' No -1 Coinmuiiolim at a post planted on tbo
north west corner ol A, Mutlilosnns timbor
flu.m theuce Kust W chains; thence  north
Hi chains: tlimirii   west Hi) nliuiim;   tlidnoo
Houth kh chains to iiluce of coininoucuniout,
Located April 4,1N>7        J. H. Look, Locator
It  Fleming,   Agont
No ll Commonciiifr nt a post planted on
the South West comer of J. 11. Lock's timber
claim, thonco West mi chains; thonco North
km chains: thonce Kast 80 chains •■ tlience
South HiuhahiN to plaeo of commdiicemont.
Located April 4, IMI7, , 0 ■'• Dltrby, Locatoi
It, Flemlnu, Anotit
No, 4 CommniH.-liiK at a post pUnted on
tbe South Kiut corner of 0 ,1, Illahy's timbor
nlnltii.theiiiMi South Hi chains ; llience West
ho chains 1 thniico North HO chains,- thonce Kant
H'li'liiilns toplm-n . ooiiunoncemont,
Lintitod April 4,1H07, .). II, Lock, Locator
It, Klomiint A font
Nn. f', Commc-iK'iuK at a iiost Planted W
chains South of a post, plantod on tlm-Nurtli.
Kust com 11 r ot.t. JI Lock's timlmr clslm
IbencH South M cbnlns : theuce Wost HO
cliaiiin 1 theuce north ho chains; tlmncv Kust
H.t cIniinm j to placo of commencement,
Locittod April 4,1U07, 0, J, l)lgb,v, Locator
H. Flominir, A«snt
Nu, u Comiiieiicluir at a post planted on
Hut Ninth Kant ooriiiirofC J. lllftby's timlmr
claim, Iheurii rlouth H(lchains; tlience Kusl M
clihlns: I bfini'e nortii Wi chains 1 thencii West
Kiichainx 1 in pliu-nof commeiiennient.
Liu'Htwl April 4, IWii, A.Uatblesnn, Locator
n-.'ii,4 It' Floiiililil.   Auntit
4 Fernie   Branch A
of all kinds
Oranges. 50c doz.
Lemons!..........40c  doz.
Tomatoes....-..'.... .30c lb
McDougal! & Co.
.. Fall line of Tobacco & Cigars.
(Formerly the Owl)
The  Owl   Restaurant
which-has recently
will be more completely
up-to-date". "than has
been the case/in the
.past. The new - pro-
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
■ will be pleased tb meet
< the old patrons and also new ones al the olJ
stand.    . -   /
Best of
CohI.-(V111I Innds iiihv bo purchMMil at '10
is,|- acre fur soli coal Mini »»l lur antbraclte
.Sot iiinriithim ,-iko ucrss nan bu HRi|iilr<id by
line Indlvlrtiial nr ciinipiiiiv, Hoyalty at. tlm
i'Ht« of Un cent, i«r ton or am jxiunHi shall
be colliclMi 111 the (trussoutput,
■>.,u-t.- sl-.u-j..ii,i?'..i.jtiii.j.;i.,,.+..u}
iipmi I'symsnt In advance of W per annum for
11 . IniiHldiiiil, iiml frmo ,-f'i hulKij cj-hjuIji-au
for a coinpmiy HcronlliiK to osplul,
A freeuiiner, liavinf itiixwivtrtii mlnsrsl In
I>Imc«,may Iw-sts * oUim l,*ii i \,lm f««t.
The fee lor rwiordilif • claim Is IS,
At l»H»Hflimimi»tbb»siwn,lnil on ths claim
nai'li year nr paid tn lbs mlnliif rucftnlar In
Itru tlicrciif. Wbfri iVnlis* h»(.n urtMUitut or
piini, ui« lwiattirtua.v. upsii IihvIiib a siin/uy
ni»d», and ut>*n csmplylnf with othsr rs»
finltumeiits.pnrehaM th*Isndstll«n arr*.
TIih ftwteiit prevliln* for th* payment of a
royalty of tt) per rrtit on thisalss.
l'l.iiKUinlnliii-claim* (fsnsfsllyar* Isvi fe«t
»<iu»re; tntry fse t& rsiiswabU yearly,
A liw miiisr may  obtain two Isassi t»
ilrsslfff fiir«oldofflv*mllH«srhroi-a t«rm »f
l»(>iifj'iMr<, niMw/ihfff at. Uie iflinmt.Mn nt
he Minister cf the Interior.
The ]»«*• thill hsvsadrsdcsln opsratlon
M-ifhln nn* nBiiniri fnmi f/i«itafn of tnt (tlttsa
for **X\ live mlUs.   It+ntsl »»»I*r tnnam for
tui-.h   mils of rU-sr l»s»#.l,   lio    	
rat* of ij, (*rr-4iit rollect*! an th
1*r l« ♦«<»Hi »|i*/«n.
v. w. cour.
sVpskr MUliKr «f ttte kstoftar.
We: have now received a delayed shipment qf fishing
tackle and you will find it the
best obtainable in town. We
have flies that are fly and tha
ho fish can withstand. Wc
are quoting these at a very
reasonable price and we can
show you the best,
• nutpot af,
law* i*row.| of tiper-tiitnrf. '' Usu sdtttilmmmt wOVmM to mU
rrmt  \Vm«*f» *ny* hn hsit f.>V>»nfl|    tt0t
hlrif tn.-ii whith he'wlll |»tit n-j«imt any * n ■■'.-  ■ ' '.. . u 1     n. ■, ,„i,i»
othir tJ:ci»inUtiy otb«rnini«m*n thai  tUxuknVo liomm Cum Maw-alglitL.
S Ci.itt utitA £>ii*titui)i{i liurw
We lmve put in u full »tocl< of
litis celelintle-J cliocotaii*. We
iktiI nut suy inucli iihiHit I'Vv'n
Chocolate Iwcnuw evtrylwdy
'♦.*>»» ktui-Afi tmii.tjltiie •ttnoviti iiiu
splvriJid quality of tliln line of
Successor to Ilea 11 tt Morrison.
Oppoiltt the HoipiUI
A larpt a«<>rtm«nl of vt^tiXM* jilintt
fi-w-^lc ir* hott-4 of*50 »r»rf ion nt r*m-
onablit ftt ko*.
W.   J.   Blundell-f   Post OffSoe Blook
COXjID    stoeaqe
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and. Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.    'O     ., . '   '  '    ,,
OUR SPECIALTIES:--        ■?
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment.,  Try our Mince0 Meat,:
Saurkra'ut and Oysters.  '"
Fernie, B.C.
may not be very loiif-; yet, hut we are bound to have a .little sunshine
soon,      Come in and select your •     -■    i      H' >
while- our assortment is still complete. Sixsizesnndstylestodioo.se from.
Vou don'i have lo take it until youne«dil We also have u compile assortment of oilier lawn and Harden' tools, hoes, rakes,' garden hose, reel, nozzles,
etc.   Come in and see
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
Silks, Muslins, Prints.
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats 8c Skirts
Ladies' Shirt ..Waists-in Silk, Lace,
Muslin, Lawn, etc.
Headquarters    for   Trunks,
Cases and Valises.
The Trites-Wood Co. Ltd
OUR prices  are unquestionably the lowest.    In.all
departments ..satisfaction   in   both ' quality  and
price are the inducements we offer for your patronage. *
Let us cater to your wants and so helpyour.bank acct. .
Gents' Furnishings
l  ' ' .l   7 'll
We ' want this stock
reduced before the workmen commence altera-
t i o n s fo r o u'r h e w fu r n i s h -
ing department. Come,
and see what . little
money will do in this
department at the present time.    ■
Campbell &
Newest Style's
Best Materials
Best  Values .
■ < Suits'
$8.50 to
Men's Summer weight pare silk
in fancy colore, cool and
. com Portable, per   *£ M - ___■ f%
garment ..:  $4.UU
Men's pure silk and wool mixtures, guaranteed un- .
shrinkable, :per     .   A   f5t\
garment....:    >_.ivU
Men's Balbriggan, made of the
best yarn—a high quality
article at a low price   _f____C_f»_'
. per garment.......... QQQ
■Men's Elastic net Balbriggan
combination—for com-        "
fort and ease cannot #**_.  *%jEf
be surpassed, each'..■____[__■ Q,O,-
Lion  Brand
will   stand   lots **
of wear because
. they   are   made
to wear.
Double Seats
Double Knees
UON BRAM)   5«« *» *i*2b
Boys" Union Made Overalls
Black Bib In'good heavy duck  and well made
per pair  „	
Dry   Goods
MJladl red Venetian dross skirt,
box ploatod, very dressy' and
guaranteed a por* 0P0M f\f%
foot fitter, price «pC)nUU
Miiadi dross skirt in navy Hue,
ploatod front" with circular
flounce, spring model ij Kt\
prloo  OhOU
Miiadi dross   skirt in   black
Venetian, very line cloth and
very stylishly made A 0\f%
price > OiUU
Ladies' ploatod all wool voilo
skirts, all popu- -
#•2!*?..... 12.00
Ladlos' crash wash skirt neatly
trimmed with self strapping—       fully trimmed with embroidery
just tho thing for tho
warm wonther,
Ladies' duck wash skirt bonatt-
omm I-«J
Ladlos' nainsook blousos daintily trimmed with laco and insertion, three-quarters**) 0\t\
Bleovos, prloo  \\um\3\3
Lad ley' nainsook blouAcs, rich.
hoavy solid embroidered, ox-
coptlonally good val- 0% AA
uo, price  OsiUU
Lmllfifl Potor Pan blouses made
of tuckoil lawn,   und   noatly
trim mod with om-  A "•E-
liroldory, prlco....... JB |Q|
Ladlos' lawn bloUHOB trimmed
with embroidery and laoo In-
fiortlon.flhort and long «| 4%f*
bIcovcb. prlco    | ■■&■%)
We arc receiving constantly by express the newest
creations and most exclusive designs in
Ladles' Wash Dollars and Belts
Liidios' wash collars   4 f|M   I  Ladles'" Bolts ma.
from 13 down-to  IUw   |  prlooa from $2.7fi to... OUC
Boots   and   Shoes
The Artisan Working Boot Is woll known for Its woarr-nslsilnL'
qualities, and solid comfort.
Mon's   numbor   one   quality
Men's numbor one quality split
Blaohor bal, solootod stock
nnd solid hathcr *P4 Af?
sole, per pair.... ^ | ,qP
Men's number one quality split
Blaohor. very heavy solo, a
genuine wear resistor A A j»"
jior p»ir CmCO
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Men's winter cslf. ft in. Ii'ir.
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por pair tyaUU
Grocery Specials for Saturday
Seeley'i "True Fruit Flftvor"
eitracu, the highest quality
manufactured HI Cgr*
2 ok. bottles  I 3G
per bottle sLQv
2 lbs. tins fanoy table svrup
It Ib, dinner pall eroam
gotlflfl, enel	


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