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The Fernie Ledger 1907-05-25

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"o,, ."If'-'f"
I * y.  Jp^;.
•A   i,
yot  II      NUMBER; 41
MAY '-25, J907
1 '
Anniversary of  Big Explosion Fittingly Obscrv-   ,
,'.'  ed by Societies
Last Wednesday, the 22nd, was the
fdtip anniversary' of tlie great explosion at Coal Creek, in which 13° ni:n-
ers 'lost their lives, and the occasion
.,' was commemoratod by the closing-of
the mines and , a procession to the
graveyard. A very' large conclave of
miners attended.
the  Italian  society and. Slavonian
organization, preceded by  the Italian
hasd, marched to the Catholic church,
„ where a very brief service was    held,
alter    which   the . procession    again
~ marched / lo the Union  Miners'   hall,
' where they were     joined by members
" of Gladstone union, and all marched
to'the cemetery.'on'the hill.
liev; Father Tavernier conducted
the service in memory of the dead al,
the graveside of the, Catholic victims ol the disaster, after which Rev.
Kempton, of the 0 Baptist chuUch, offered up a brief prayer near, the Protectant graves, and was , followed by
Sal*. Grunt, who delivered a very
- brief  but eloquent  address.
Befoie the prayer of Rev. Kempton,
. "'Nearer My God to Thee" was   swig
; hy those  assembled, -and  atX the close
2  of Mr. Grant's    address   the    service
was brought to a close by the   sing-
tag-of "Jeous Lover, of My Soul."   .
*.   There  are many,   very  many     evl-
dsnees  of .the' tenderness ' with  which
v the victims of  the explosion are.kept
in     memory'  by their'' friends. '   Bill
,8*011,    there   are  many .graves    upon
which not even the names, of - those
who sleep" therein are to be found;
.Bows-of graves-of" unknown   ".dead
.o«es are to ,be-seen on the hill,  ami
ithoee who sleep therein havejieen   lor-
;gotten or were not known when placed in their last resting place.
'"'-,;,; o ■ '• .--  '
t -       ,,   . SKOOKUM * FIRST!   ', '_
-   'tJJlte, first. general meeting • of
'SkooHwu Creek lumber, company
Jheld. ip fernie last .Monday. -'.
Tide jcpmpany has an authorized
capital, of $100,000., The officerseleetr
ttd for the year are; as follows:
president,  A. T..Claxlon,  of Grcn-
Ai." -.■..'■■';'    : ■■  "";_ .*■ '•• 7
'-•'   >Vi<;erJ»«sident, W. A. Mitchell, CoaL
Crock.    ''-'..""""""''"'-''-    ,'7"'"".    "■
' Si*retaj-y# .-J, B_. Tutmey,  Pernie,
"Treasurer    and "Managing  Director,
-'.J.'.A. firolcy," Ferntc,
This, company   owns about   11,000
- «ew« of tlml»r    on " Skookum   Creek
river,-, a tributary lo the  Kootenay,
.  aid have  contracted with  Parker and
9 thorp to    anufucture  the  timber at
.   their mill near Wanlncr.
Parker,   and   Thorp are  experienced
tnillmen, and will turn out   half     n
million ties and from one to two mil-
., Hots feci of lumber this season.   \
They began operations last . week,
and expect to keep their   mill   going
, until the river freezes over.
Our   old   teacher,'  McMordlc,   is a
1 memlier of this company,    und    has
. \mm ■ in town a day or two   during
t Uie week attending ithc company moct-
j ing aud visiting old friends.
_ —  ■    o   ■■■ —
" '.■JChc Western Mine Operators' association   have  made   well out of   this
,t*ice»i strike,  The miners have     re-
.celved on increase; Hot a very    large
.one, hnt it "Wilt worth while.
The public suffered the Ittconvcn-
ilciice end pays the Increase, and (loos
0(A complain.
• Put that is not all. The strike is
inatlt an excuse for an outrageous
hold-up ol th* people of the wcbI,
la this country where freight inlcs
rare fctlrly high nnd where many
•things enter into the make-up of the
pries of coal, if is very easy to itiul-
MvUad that lalior. though perhaps
tht lurgtwl (*ittg,eok'inent in the
price, la not the entire factor, or .my-
. thing like the most important factor.
Hare is what occurred.    There wns
, an tacte-une of five per cent, on   one
tttment in the price of a ton nf coal,
which means,  pi-rhnps, au  lucrmme'nl
• two nnd a'half jwrceil l. on tin- en-
itlm ton of coal,
To meet this  the cc.il men have in-
, created the prlcii of ronl 15 per coin.,
and tfcfy  take the difference from tliu
> public. '
*tZi Is. Uul way   lhc v.Tsl<*ri*. wb*i*
,ojvnr\t«Wi mnkft    «  rrmnbWnblfi profit
tout of the recent strike.
Ths operator grows richer on tic-
ronnt of tht labor difficulty. The
Miner gets nn i nctwse lu *va {js,
•t-e^f; po! very tr.V'b vi an tnc-rrwi-
The general public, which has lieen
unffering oil the inconveniences of tlm
llbor dlflicuUy, pays the total Increase, and Is held up for an iddl-
•tloaal 10 per cent., or more, on Ihu
strength of It.
And that is the way that the
west Is Ifelng hsndicttpped. Tn the
peovinor, of'British Colnmliia tbe'gov-
erntnrnt placet a limit upon the jmcc
of «oal at tht month'of the j* !;■
BonM kind ot protection su.u at
toil should bt riven to tne people of
AII*tta-—»fomInjr AlUrtan.
,tion of  the freight rates  cha:*ed  torT
hauling   coal, it might, find  ..a .id<"i'
tional cause for a kick on cb,e   /f*st
of  coal aside from the   boosting    of
the price by the operators.
't m'ghl find that while ie bi'M-
neas of the railroads has been increasing"' by - leaps".-and .bounds, and
the dividends growing in proportion,
the freight rates keep-to their goodly'
proportion and are still one of. the
cliief elements in the cost of coal to
•       ■""■■ r- "***
A. railroad which-charges about as
much' for shi]>ping a' ton of coal - a
hundred ' miles as it. pays for " that
ton at the mine might be induced to
make substantial reductions ; in freight
rates," and at'the"same time increase
the price it pays 'to tlie mine operator for its coal. *
 o -'   ,
The ([uestion of the title to the coal
and pi'lrokum - lands in Southeast
Kootenay is to become a live one iu
the coiirts again. This arises out of
the fact that legislation was passed
iit thj last session of the- legislature
which validated ^ the special licenses
issued under - order-in-counctl v.5D*»e
years ago. The ./holders "of ■., these'lie
enses are also '-■ continued in"1 their
rights so that recourse may be had
to the "courts to, settle  tliem! _
Judge .Wilson has set Monday, July
'i'i as ihe date - upon which he will
lieui- iiigument in' the petition presented ' liy John Watt, who claims
various lots under the act. The hear-
ing=?will be in Cranbrook.
•Mr.'Watt was one. of the first _v to
loui'.e coal lands in .the territory
under dispute, .and for years lias been
patiently-waiting for a settlement^!
his case in-order tobegin work, ■
° When the courts declared the \ old
special license ,? issued under order-in-'
council invalid, the: -Idifferent cases
then in court .were, forced to be aban-
donL-d.- , '".■ ,." 7„ ■ -.'.'.,
. The.logislictioii- passed .last session
^allows a renewal bf the. petitions and
this is being done by Mr.-Watt, who
I egins" over again • the legal work before attempted.' > The" county ' - court
"judge" will first*dispose of the"case in
point''.It is-likely that' other holders',
of ihe'se licenses will await the- result.of Mr! .Watt's application', before
■moving—in~th=~matter. ..  -; ■:...,
,"_ And yei- . tl10 people-of this province, 6r at JeaBt'a'portion of" them,"'
endorsed -the *„? government whicli
1-roughC about all this litigation and
delay with its 'accompanying expense
nnd-. retarding . of development'^"iii
Southeast Kootenay by it's stupidity
-r-a charit.1I1le.name for.-it;.-Mr- Wa'tt1
has keen at it-for, seven years' in' an
effort to secure sufficient title .to,coal
and oil lands in this/district to justify the expense of- prospecting for oil
on claims taken up by him at that
lime, , He has just succeeded in securing the privilege of "testing in court
whether ,he can, hove any right to
these' hinds or not.    •    ,
"Our governments move in a mysterious ways their wonders to jit-
Man -at J affray Slugs Companion-One   in   Jail,
Other in Hospital
Provincial Constable F. R. Morris
brought*'George Congdon down to,this
city Thursday morning' and turned
him 'over to the authorities here. „He
is l«ing held until Monday next pending result of injuries received by H.
■ It appears that Congdon, twho , is a
sawyer in the employ of the North
Star l.uml*r company at JalTray' had
an altercation with Gonderson,. a filer
employed in the same mill, and in
the melee he struck Gonderson .across
the'head with a steel instrument used
by sawyers and filers, inflicting ' a
very serious  wound.    ,
Gondijrson     is   in the    Craiiib(rook
hospital under the care' of Dr.. King.
 . o	
' •     JUST LIKE. NELSONi' '.
While we are all pleased to learn of
the\. termination of the coal strike, we
cannot he,p feeling that a few more
strikes will have the effect of forcing
the government to' assume control ■ of
the^ -coal mines. That is a, desideratum we in common with the Socialists dream of, ^but it certainly will
not be attained so long, as the ,Crow's
Nest company have the dead immortal cinch on'.the public, and are ' subsidizing a certain t newspaper not _" a
hundred,. miles from Nelson.—Slecan
Mining Review- '
' The Review must lie driving at
Daily Canadian.
the general meeting when the union j
officials withdrew from all connection ]
with the strike,. the president of the j
union, resigning from the position of j
the strikers. The dock laborers now j
stand firm for the full demand of live '
cents, and the outlook is for an extended contest. Before leaving, Ac- j
land informed both parties that he j
waa ready, to return as soon as he!
could be of any service in the negotiations.—Press Dispatch.
{Coal   Creek   Celebrates in
Grand Style and Pulls
Off .Good Sports
What has liecome, of that new con-,
ciliation act? -Mr. Aclaud, should
have had it in his pocket:.
Beginning with our is-
, sue of June 1 .we will inaugurate street delivery
of TlieJ.ed^rr in, Fernie.
proper.'Tli osi! "who de-.
sire to; have .their ' paper
delivered al ' their; door
enrlv" Saturday 'morninn.
will kindly leave address
at this office during" the"
familiar route oi ox team. The plant
arrived in good, time and a paper
was issued under the nauiif of the
Nor'wester. In 1878 I.ouis Riel caused Luxton to publish Le. Manitoba,
the organ of the new republic of
which "Rid was president. On Uie
downfall of Riel the. paper was published under'the name of the ,,F«c
Tress. lAte"    in     the ;  nineties
The, weather was on   its  good    l>e-   *&  ^*  r- .K-' ousted-  Luxton     from
haviour yesterday and ?ave everybody   lhe*couuo1 of tlle '*»* lW. and tlu:
'   . ,, ;.       ,"'  . ■     ..."    "    old man. was never  the same    ihere-
a bright,   sunshiny  day    11   which   to     ..       .    ,      ■        ,.    ,       "   ,' 7: ,
•      ■ r   ,. ., alt.-r—he had lost his liyart's delight,
celebrate, Victoria Day. Many 'A-"1v ; J.aU*r he stari*d -a paper under tbe
people went_by train to other .laces, !old name Nor-wesier, ' now the Tele-
many went fishing, and a few stayed Ijj^fr, bJl't H Bever'lu-ti'is time, seriously competed with the Free Tress.
W. F. l/ecatne in his old age too bil-
N\^H?&-^-$:-> \ f ;YEAR- IN ADVANCE
If the    Albertan would go .-   «'f P
lonkot sjkl   nndcrukt «• hvrt»t^&-
The Nntionulist convention, which
met in Dublin lust Tuesday to decide
wliothcfr, the proposed bill introduced
in tlit* house of commons on Hay 7
by the chief secretary for Ireland, Mr.
Hirrcll. wns acceptable to tbe -people
of Ireland, assembled last Tuesday
in tho Mansion house. It l*cotne
.known immediately that the tjicflfiurc
m- a result, of ■ that meeting of
1 •>(■ Irish loaders would be reject J1.
A resolution proposed by leader
Utdtnond was passed, which sayii!
"That this cmivmtion, representative
of Irish iiiitioiial opinion, emphati-
cully places on record its Hirofound
I'oiivic-iioii, thnt nothing can satisfy
the national aspirations of Ireland
nnd bring peace and contentment to
iiiir pimple except u nwialsiiro which
will give the Irish people complete
control of their domestic affairs.
"Thnt while whave never wavir*l
in our luclief that it wns itU'poNH'blc
to proiliicii nny . le^nl or worknlilu
hi'iieiiio (or thu oxtcnslon nnd development of popular power and reHponiti-
liility in Irelniiil short of the coiu'es-
Hioii of home ruk', nt the Haute time,
wt havi Uen willin** to give fair con-
.sideration lo any scheme -jircpared by
the lit"Unit ministers which in their
opinion Would I* 'coiudstvnt with nnd
look up to the larger policy," which
I lu-y pli'iljied. " 1'
"That this1 bill is utterly inude-
HUaU- in us scope and should lie i«-
iotcJ Ij)* i*i« Iiish nation, nod Mt
c.ill ii|ion the Irisli purty to op]Hixc
th* lit) in the hi.uiie of common!" and
piesH for the introduction of a measure for a native parliament with u
ix*s_ onsihlo t-xviutivc hnvinj,' powei
tiver nil jmrcly Irish affairs."
-———-o— ~~»
As will lie seen by our advertising
oluimin, tho Moore concert nnd vaudeville company will play two nr_-hts
in the Stork opera house ne-xt week,
Mundiy and Wednesday. This in a
ft tnp,ny whicli plays from two nl^itu
to * full week in every town they
uslt, ,i»d can always draw lar^c
irou-d^ upon second vNlts- Tl**y ore
'ci-ive glowlnp press notices everywhere, and hive enrnM than. Tlteir
prices ore 25, 50 and 75 cents, which
include admission to the dance given
niter <m*1i xjttUxmsatOt
With   ;■• the present     week   Rev.      R.
F..'Slilliiiaii closes his throe-year-term
as,pastor of.the Chilliwack-Methodist
church, and Will leave today o"r"-Monday, with family for the east. On account of ill-health he'.has'been granted-a year's leaye of absence, and his
many friends  hope that -at  the end of
that time he may be, able to.resume
his chosen work.   For.a time-Mr. and
homes  at Campkellford and'Omemee,
Onti, and-later in the summer   .'may
(return '.to'.British^'Cofumbia.-fFraser
Advance.        .  .'  ' „  7 _   '„■• 7
i%y,<. :'--"V-:-r~r;:;-",,,'r 'iv-'7'"-'
,v Mr, at»d"'""Mrs';. Slillnian's ■ 'many
Fernie friends will learn'with regret
of "the illtKfls, bf. their old pastor and
wish him   speedy   recovery.
An  ordcHn-coimcil has been .passed
by the   Alberta  government  appoint-
injf' '.'.•'*
Hon. Arthur  Iv.  Sifton,   chief    justice of the supreme, court of Alberta-
Lewis Stockett, manager of Uie Dank-
head mines;   W? II,  Haysome,  president of the,,Coleman     miners'  union
and     ft working   miner at Coleman,
commissioner*' to investigate and   report oa all.  matters concerning    the
relations of employers of laborers to
the laljorer.s     employed   in the   coal
mining' industry in tlie piovincc,  and
more   especially in relation    to    the
wages    paid   to   the   laborers;     the
length  of time  constituting ft  working day, the conditions   sanitary uu\
otherwise under which such  labor .is
performed; the precautions   that   arc
or should be taken to avoid    injur'
to |>»rsons so  employed  and compensation of such   persons  or   their    de-
pendants or representatives  in  event
f their injury or death while cngag-
•il In such emnloymcnl, and in    this
• imecllon to investigate and    report
upon all circumstances tending to thu
■ ucidntUm of differences between   op-
orators and men,
The commission is also   authorized
o investigate all circumstances which
may throw light upon or explain thu
scarcity In tliu coal supply which existed throughout the west during the
past winter.   The commissioners   are
given   power  to summon  witnesses to
i e evidence upon oath and lo   produce any document  that mny be    required anil they shall  have the saint:
,'• 'itr 111 exists in any court oi record in civil casus in the prnviniT.
I1). Trowbridge, Kdiimmoii, will   l*o
The Calgary,, Chinook; after quoting a long statement by Mr. u Taylor about the investigation of the
lumber combine at Ottawa, makes the
following comment:0'      '"
The al)Qve is a str-ahg, bold, fearless statement, • aud on account of
Mr. Taylor having' l»en present at
the lumber investigation . and also
knowing the ins aad outs ol the lum-
.ber-ibusiness, he evidently knows what
he is talking-'about. Is is not' the
duty of the investigation committee
and the" attorney-general to tale
action in this matter at once?   Is it
pdsaibleifor_inen_ito_givea„falsi' ev.U
dc-nce   under oath, - before -a   .government committee, and go' Scot-t free?-
The Chinook- is-pot saying that
those'men did commit perjury, but
we do say that,Mr". Taylor's state-
inent.shbuld be "ta-iintlgated. It is no
use I eating, around the biish in this
matter. Public opinion demands justice. If (hose nien are guilty,of perjury, why were, they' allowed to leave
Ottawa before' this matter. was cleared up?, A poor man giving false evidence would be prosecuted at once.
Why not the millmcn and lumber
dealers? ■     ! \
What are our members doing in the
matter ut present? Arc they going to
wait and let the combine rob the people'still further of millions of dollars? Every newspaper and every
board of trade in Canada should get
to work aiid assist in smashing this
damnable, piece of robliery.
.Montreal, May 30.—.Several war-
r nts wore issued today for the ar-
1 t of mm employed as stevedores
who hud season contracts, This nI'll n w.is taken nmlti the civic by-
'uws coiici-ining breaches ol contract
ud warrants were is'.uisl bv thr re-
'lhc longshonnun's trouble issa-iud
a new phale today, which culminated
in the departure for Quebec of V. A,
Acl ud, the r'-prcsiutatlvc of thu Fwl-
iral lal-or department.
im Snttirdiiy night the longsharu-
nu-n's union nlliclally took a hand,
ui w.re Mused con^ider.ilitin by thr
**■*■' t l«K fe-lfr.itlon, which tln*n with-
dr.iv all its offers. This morning,
thro -h Mr. Acl.md's influence, negt*-
tiutioiii were r.oi*ti.vl and ilw- feder-
(.tion niuw.d its offer to meil-i half
the'd uunds of Uu- dock J.iiH,itrHiiUt,
and to submit the other half to ar-
UUatiol.   This cist mi ultstd hy
By all menus Investigate Mr. Taylor's stiatJaijniiQait, aii/1 it that investigation does not pan out, investigate
the statement of1 any fellow who
makes statements about the investigating of Taylor's statements being
tainted with perjury, but keep-as far
away from the real cause of the difference between the price tlie millmcn
gets for his luml>er nud the price the
consumer of lumlwr on the prairie
has to pay. That would stop the investigating machine nnd locate ' the
trouble just where it lielongs."
The transportation companies nml
those unselfish     retail    dealers could
tsvn scrap it out nmongjsl theinsvlvi's,
e «
The Fernie Aerie, No. $bl, F.O.IC,
ut th ir meeting of Friday, May 10,
passed the . following resolution of
condolence to the widow of departed
brother, A. I). Alexander;
"While we (eel thnt we have     sun-
tuincd a severe loss In the death   ol
out beloved brother, A, 11. A|i'xnudei",
we lecogni/i: that it is the will ol a
Divine Father to call him Ik-hcii, and
We must humbly bow to our Father's
will.    We extend to our  sister    our
sincere sympathy  In Iter liercivemeut,
and feel that while we have lost    n
warm  friend and brother, our sister
nnd  r-WMri'fl  \\n\w lost   a   lovitiir    niwl
kind  liiiibiindfand fnther.   We    thvie-
for,'  in this mei-ting nssivmbh-d, pnss
1   resolution   of   condolence   to our
sister,  with thu insurance that     the
memory of our dear departed brother
I ivjlj el't*.*- j-?**1'''?• -"'ttli 11*
-Ignwl on Uh.ilf of the order:
A. B. MrKKOl),
at home
The 10 o'clock train to  Coal Creek,,
was full  to overflowing   with   people
who went up  to the mine town     to
spend the day.
A long programme of sports , was
provided,' and the co mittoee were
busy all day attending to the m.iuv
events which were pulled off.'' f.ots of
Fernie kids were in • evidence, and
they took a lively part in the ; programme. There were numerous entries in each _ race, and it was a
"boys" day all through except when
tlie girls had a run of their own.
■ The lovers of quoits kept the iron
rings going all day, some very close
contests taking place in that- good
bid sport.   _   ■• _ . .
„In the hop-step-and-jump , i.ontest
there ^.was ,a very nice exhibition of
skill and^muscle" by Wm. .Jitcliell
and Mr.. Wilson ol the Bank of Commerce, Fernie. . Mitchell won , tlie fist
prize in this by a record of 38 feet,
Wilson secobd in ' 37 feet 8 inches,
and W.. McFegan third at 36 feet 11
inches. 'But."in the' running' broad
jump Willon evened up with Mitchell,
covering iS feet 10 inches to Mitchell's 18 feet 6 inches.
Those* !,who had expected to see-' a
good game 'of footlxill l,etwccn Mich-
tl:s crack team and the Coal Creek
lioys- were disappointed,, as the
mines'.at Michel, did not' slop • work
for. tie. day and the team did not
come down., However*' a vepy - giood
game was played lietween ' Coal Creek
number one and nuinljer two teams.
The''iiuml^r one boys in. the .first-half
of the! gtunc had t'he- wi'iwl -it| lisdufr*
lacks and a down hill-'pull of it but
failed In \cf)re'1>efnrf' IimU ■litw. wa«
called. - \i    ^        "'"■'■■        ;  " .
Iii thi second half' their', opponents
made a gb.il .by  playing  over timer
The-Coal* Creek team show •■„ much
skill, and.will lie making other teams
work, foi; their records'during the season. .,     *    ' '.    ■".''•'      ' ;.(_
There was lots of fun. for everybody except the boys who carried the
•water pails on their heads in the'wet
race. Several runs had to be made,
.ind each time the hoys "git it in
the fleck" as they ran down the
course . with their pails bu their
The potato race .was short but
sweet, six boys , trying to . put the
spuds in the pails quickels.
The sack race was another amusing
race to those who looked on. . The
boys in the sacks did the hard work.
In thu obstacle race it looked as
though all tlie lioys ■ in the crowd
were in the fun,  and when they dived
ter on li,s enemies and the public
jturaed him down.- He then''accepted
'a minor-posiiiou onllie 'N'or'wesvir,
Which he held for a few,, years. Alter
wards he was appointed business
manager of the St. Paul Globe, but
returned later to accept an appointment under the Roblin "government,
which he held till his death by, par-.
alysis.  '
A better friend of the printer never pat foot'in shoe leather-thau the
same W. F. Luxton." Numerous cld-
time -printers of Manitoba, now scattered throughout Btitish Columbia,
will feel that, they have lost one dear
to them on reading of the death ol.
■A'. F. I.uxton, the man who stood by
them . iu their struggles for ' better
conditions of trade and also in their
pleasures: , ',
Bon voyage, W- **•
• The funeral of, W". F. l,uxlou took"
alace iu Winnipeg yesterday at 2 p.
m. The pallbearers, were ■ Hon. "R. P.
Roblin,, -'.Hon. Robert ..Rogtrs,, Hon,
Wm.. Ilespler, James" Fisher, Sheriff
Inkster and ^ Professor McDeriuid.
.'   »■ ■-■' o	
' Miss. McKinley    went  tb" Elkmouth
Question   Now is Will City
Build  a New School ort
enlarge the Old One.
At the school board meeting    held
last    Saturday ia Dr.   Corson's   oi-
uce,tue accounts for the mouth were'
pastKd aud the estimates lor the cur-
i<-C.t year were struck, an follows:
Teacha-s'   salaries.	
Janitor......' ......»	
Sec.-Treas...... ...._.  „'M.
.....    too
Heating "  ......
Improvements and repairs
Furniture aad fixtures..-..
Insurance     .;.   ...
  * 304
,lt will  be seeu that the
items     of
heating, insurance and, improvements
nud repairs foot up a total of Ji,3lt>,
a big item which should be reduced.
lhe heating bill is a heavy one for
ihis buildiug, and ii it suiliccd to
heat tlie buildiug uot so much objection could be raised, .but so large-
aud bariilike a building with so much
window surface- makes it impossible
at times iu very cold weather to
keep tho temperature at anything
like a comfortable stage, . and . tbe
schools  have to be closed.
Tho insurance on such a structure-
is also a heavy expense.
lu . view of these ' conditions,
the Ijoaid took into ' consider 1
atiou _ , the advisability of preparing to build a new and ' larger
building which will ,be of brick „ or .
coucrae blocks, willi'' better sanitary -
arraUgeiiieuis, aud which .would uot
iosi more than hall, as much to heat
und to keep insured," and which would
cost little or nothing for repairs or
addition*?   lor years   to come.
-The muiur will l/e.goue into more
fully-sooii ,and some definite proposition be submitted Urthe ratepayers
through the city council. ",
Principal Pedlar's, resignation was
accepted and the secretary instructed
lo 'advertise iu coast papers for" a
.lucceasor.   ... ".    ' ■
i-The "next-meetiug*'oi~tiie "Provincial-
Land Commissioner McEvoy spent fi' Trustees  association is'to_lie held in
Inspector Morgan spent  a
of- the week at. Michel.
Mrs. K. -R. Wnglesworth \vent' down
to Elkmouth yesterday.
,. R. A.  McMqrdie   and  .1, IJ. Turney
wcr.t up to-Wardner'Thursday'.	
into that   heap   of caps, each fellow
day or two  at Michel  this week.
1 , r
Miss McLaughlin, of Macleod,' " is
visiting her qousiu, Miss Oliver, this
Week. '     r      •.   j  .
. Sir, Wilfrid I.aurier was received ,in
audience by Pnaidcnt Dallerii-s at
Paris  yestei-day. "
Dr. Qreeu,' of Cranbrook", lias hung
out a green card lalieled nieiuslcs.
Wouldn't that make yoii sick.  '
C, P. Hill refuses still , to sign the
new agreommt with the Hillcrest
miners, and Hie mine is'still idle.
■ Two weeks work has been done and
.still a full jury has uot yet lietMi secured  before which  to  try   Haywood,
The W, C. T. U. intend holding the
third contest in the modal coutcst
series early in June. t Full particulars
next week.
•"Ilk: ttev. Grant will  give an
drxa.i nn     "Western KxpfrlMirc"
Afottdiy evening.  a?th lest.,  in
Methodist church.   Time  ft p. m.
err heartily welcome.
bound to get his own first, the mix-
up of arms, legs, heads and hands
lookiVl like a regulation tussle at
rugby football. They all had to lie
strained thrmign the holes in a ladder, and then passed through' liot-
tomless gunnysneks before getting to
the end ot the course, The ledger
Kid had more fun looking at them
than any one of them Imd, unless it
was tho lucky ones who pulled down
the cash prizes.
The I,edger boy had to go home to
hjksII out his li.sson before nil tlie
fun was over, and so did not.get the
iVHiilts of all tin* contests or see all
the fun.
Tlte Cool Cru-k athletic grounds
,ure well graded and will ]« put In
the l«sl of condition lor tlu- .si-ason's
Tbe big tipple was idle, und everything about the big inaclilnery wore
a snictinioiiloiis Sunday air,
lli'low we pulillsh n list of pvi/i-
wiuhers in most of the i-ouwst*. up
to the ilm« of the repdrtiii's di-pait-
lloyi'raco,    15 ye.irs ,uid uiid,r-l
Tom Martin, 1 Seammt, .'"Mike Hudoc.
Girls'   race,   15  years mid   under— 1
Louise     Wild, 2  A.   .Seaman,   ,t Get
Potato ract—1   John     Sivitiinii,    '.
til.lUl.lll  ,l«li   r,llllll 1    mu.
Wh rum  j G.i.)!h*.-    v.-.'i^i-, s   si
Gorrii-, _*■ A. F.1M0
Sack  rac*.   15 years     and hikUt—1
Keaim-ll, a I), Martin, j Murray.
Suck race,  i,s to 30—1 IL Martin, 3
Mtui.c.ivi,   ,,   .>i\iii,iy.
Md|» stop-.tiid-jtim))—1 W. A. Milcli-
ell, .tS feet, 3 Wilson, 37 fwt 8 Inch-
is; 3 W, Mi-Kegnii, jf, fe<*t 11 Imlu-n.
I'unnlng bro.i-d jitnii*—1 Wilson, is
f»t 10 liifhes, 2 W. A. Miti-ht-ll, is
hM fi incli-s   3 Waltr Die*-, t; fv\t.
Footliull dribbling content- -t Mr-
Cevltiv, 1 GibMJii.
Uolmrt Grant, who wns so seriously
iiijund in No. 5 mine Michel, last
week, Is doing well under the aire of
Dr. McSorley,
J; S. ''lute, Dominion customs in-
sixsctor for British Coliunl/ia, ciune
iU 011 the eistbouiid.express Thursday
evening, apd retuniud west on tile C.
P. It,  to KJngsgutu ycstfixlny.
II. G. Watson is selling his household furniture, and W. G. llarclny,
"manager of tht Crow's Nest Trading
company, will occupy thi' house as
soon as Mr. and Mrs, Watson vacate
Mrs. Terry and Miss Patterson left
by tlie delayed G. N', train Tuesday
evening bound for the coast on au
outing tour. They, will visit Smith',
Viim'iiii\«r, Victoria and Nau.iiiiio
while away. .,
Mrs, P. Hughes and child, wifi-niid
diiighter of tht' popular wine clerk at
the WaIdolf hotel, imiv'd ou Wed-
Destiny lioiii Hciill.uid. Tlu-v will ii-
main pirmain-titly in T'ernic, ami nn
guests at the Waldorf at present.
New  Westminster during fair week.
The'secretary is" corresponding with
the provincial department regarding,
assessment of projierty iu the district outside of the city limits.- -- lie
wns also asked to request the pro- .
\iucial education department to defray the expense of educating uou.nts-
idtut pupils. "
—; O———
- The,Mayor,   Aldermen   Gates, Trites
nnd^ Tuttle were present at the regular council meeting Thursday night.     „
, After passing  tne minutes of previous meeting, the resignation of, Ald-
ermiiu Stork was read and accepted.
The estimates of  the school   lioard
asking for- $7,800 were read aud    ac-
The school lx>.ird also stated iti'lts
vomiiiunication Unit tlie council would
be asked to submit a proposition to
the ratepayers to vote a sum for a
new school building,
The new sewer jilans as submitted
by City Engineer Potter were adopted.
Scott and Ross asked permission to
n-movc lhe Club cigar store  building
to lot A block 17.   Tlie   matter   was'
laid over lo next'meeting.
The amended hill of Council and
I'.om for extras on addition to fire
hall contract was passed as amended.
The time for opening of bids on the
sewer building was extended to today
at noon;
Council then adjourned lo meet ut
noon today.
The IuUiiiiitjioiial Typ(i(.rti|di|cul
union liuuish a neat little return
slicker free to all who desire to us*
them. I'l'itilfd on this little sticker
is    the union  label    and    the  words
D.m.ind this label mi all yourpilnt-
ill  llllllU 1, '
Get some  of   ihise  mid  when    you
Me u doilgct   01 min 1   1'iiiitid    in.it-
t 1    without the    Inb*I ]ii*it stick    a
' .ticket    and s ml buck    the ' printed
The cili/eiis band an- doing lots ol :matUT to thu print shop.
practice wmk uiidrr the dilution    ol „ 0
Mr,    Mn/lnoblle.      It    now  minibus
more than   twenty nieinUrs, ami    i^
I making rapid progress, as iit-.uly ah
tbe meiiiUrs ate   praiticii iiiiimvi.ui->
Mr. und Mrs, Fred .lohiinon enler-
t liiii-il ii itmill Miinil>fi of friends' nt
;a ieiy plensiint card purtv last
'    K'ns'. Knttaii, wm of W-  \,. Kuttan.
Jiu.,ii.igi:t   of   fin-    Ninth      Ami-ricon
MiimU'r lomp.my,  is daugi-roiisly    111
. Mllll   |. lit llllll.Til. I.
AU*. I-etUr, hrMktr of t.m     txiv
f»l»ifw-r, will I* In th* city In u itw
days.   This  fp«tl<wan hsnhad   miuh
W. V. Luxton, the fnthet of journalism •;« M.>«itoU .ltd thf WMtt,
(i,-iss,-il   ,iw.iy    rit   Winnipeg on   Tti"*!-
Ibildy Morris, while in town tin-
'1 her day, got gay and und.itnok in
cast 'hilling reflections upon l-'criiir
u-i.tL* r As,..■;.-.;.'*;_, iL .. -- ..' "'
man from Mais," he poiuu-il nt tin
lofty |ieakB oi the Liz/aid 1 align am
asked what that white stuff was.
"Don't you know what that is?"
nplki- the lllid. "No, I ilnict kiiou
what that in" n-torled ll.ibly.
''Well, tin nu- are lenthi rs out of llu
u-ini;:' of the whit« nngrN lint liovii
over 11 nd giiuid Per nie," said llu
■Rid." You don't wtin to l* 'umil
t.irwith tg« nng*!*, Mr, ll.ildv," and
11, • . admittrd that he Wax 'lot.
j   Thtti Uic Kid l*g«n to »ing softly,
\"Tk-.xx forth rode m± ViMy MurrU:" ■ lu the Jviv *-*r 'n tlu; titrict
"Out it out, xnt it out,"' cried tin* \   Th.rc i* no doubt «t>oui tl;
, As a result of th<; lelair troubles
j-,i]iwi!*i, thi' l'"tn<li'»' couvumlhm,
twhiili  was to have Ixi-n held  in VtX'
nit u.xt 111,nth, has   l*<n |»iist|nHud
till ncct %ear.
-   — o -
CM or heat, or min or ilm-l—
Why  should wi   fieulv   lloiit   it""
No matter what lh«* wr.ithi-r is
I   Wr cannot do without it.
1 — ClevHand   Plain   Hfttlfr.
I __
day.   It    waa    In, lRj»    that    W.   Y
txperieuc. iastwti' building, and hit 11 «c«gkt his pUu to V..rt Gurry, jow 1 l4UM«s*fasit *M»«erlf>ot," or  111  run j No matter what  the wrulhet
tivfce will I* vsJubk to list etty.     WsMfe-JC, Irom Hi, read hy. the   sM  yon U/' W, sure do v.ck el»,ut ii
i». :_.a-a.T*.-..^..-?i .  M*.-r. -r,*_.Sgfc • -'^^
, u, ■
FERNIE LEDGER,    FERNIE,   B. C,   MAY 25, 1907. ,
The Fernie ledger^i^^tx;
•$2 a Year in Advance ,Pallette, et     al., were to tak'
."">, -l'\i. 111. Tuesitftv ; imcrm » ami 1.
'Sp.ni Thursday, and i>a<« a, -' p.m Friday.
Ave will lie uuauUi'to ,in»ure change uuloss
1 this rule is complied with.
LiOij.il   advertising   1- cents per nonpariel
line llist insertion, 8 uents por line em-.h subsequent insertion.
Hilton forcontrauc ad.-i>i-tisin-4 on iipplica-
" tion at'olBce of publication, Told Block
U.  V
•'   Ilusiness Miinii.'l
J affray*.
take   their
„. .       7 little     lamps    and    dinner pails  and
Issued every   Saturday   from   the. Ofneo  ol .       .     ,. ,      ,     •
■   . Publication, Todd Bioek, Victoria Ave,       board the mine   train  everyday      on
, Fernie, British Columbia.    - ^.f.     time ana j,0     flo^n     into     tlie
~      ■       '    "7 working faces and dig out' their little
AllohuiiKes'ofads.'inmt be in iis follows:—-tons of coal   while      Frank   Sherman,
Pages 2 and ■>, i'v. ni..Tuesday; ims« ij,tvvui4,   ^^ .Ulv'in   and   aH the 'other   boys
were   to take possession of the-" elegantly    furnished aud finished - • offices
;iown in the big office, there- would l.e
■nine fun. .,'
' There is not much doubt - alxmt'ttie
miners liking the change; in "fact; we
think they' would like it more 'than
once in a while.
On the other hand,  we believe  that
'. efore  the    first payday came around
-. there .would' be organised anew min-
■eis' union with such >closed shop principles as    nobody ,. hns evjr seen   before.   There would  lio a'strike on the
... .... ,   like of which   would make    old  strike
.   district, l'ablic opinion,  as ■expressed . . :
. , ,,       ,:      . ,      , f   .,,„ veterans  sit up and   wonder,
•through the editorial columns of  the ...   '» ..    .     ,.    ..
°       <_ _.        . ,   _. ^:       , .,!    With   i.itulsjy as president    of    the
union, with such a lot ot high pri-
every view^int upon the situation, ^ ^ hi8 Uck a8 W0UM be the
its  cause  and   the cure  suggested    or I s   undor   such . (:om,itiolls,
remedies to lie applied to prevent iut- I ^ ^ ^ wa,k _.ovcoUS and
Fresh from 1
Of the finest tea
countpy in the world
' ... , .-
;     SATURDAY, MAY 25, 1907
-' Miich-> labor    is being     spent    and
'■-.i.'iiive/i'torials     written fyearing "up
* e the-late lalior   ti Guides'     in    tin*.
.  . ,   iikc oi which   woiiiu in
pinion,  as exprv-ssetl . .
. ,      , f  ■.,,„ veterans  sit up and   w
rial  columns  of   the ,..,•> .,    ,       ,
o ,        • ,   . ,-       ,       ..!    With   i.itulsjy as president    of
press has   ijecn  focussed   friSin  almost •     . . ,.    . ,        ,  ,     r ,,- ,,
» „.,,«,,    with such a  lot of  nigh
net Ti ul,le.'' „ '
Oiie uf our weekly conteinpor i: .-s
pullishwl in a coal mining distf .i,
has made some   sa«c   remarks    which
' for originality aud wisdom are marvels in their way. First he takes ihe
railroads to task for not supplying
an  adequate  amount of rolling  stock,
' and    suggests    that  if thvy    are  not
"able to accurately gauge the requ'ie-
ments of the coal trade, lhat the
railway -commission .should step ;n
..ud do tlie estimating for them nnd
see    that the ' roads" carry   out   llieir
" recommendations. This is what he
has "to   say   on tlie.subject:-
"The railroads ought to lx* able to
calculate the number of cars required
to handle the output ■ of  the mines. Il
,, tlu-y are not, the railway commission
should step in and solve the problem
for lltxin.' Then the railways should
! e compelled to supply all . the cars
necessary, and if' they failed to dc.
so a heavy" penalty ought to he imposed.' It is time the railroads were
made to realize that the people were
boss' of afiairs in  this country."
Just how a railway or a conrnis-
sion are. going to arrive at how much
£.:a" will be called for,in any ciu
ye i-.is not explained.' That is kit
io the railway and the commission^
The -railway's are 'further   behind in
", their equipment  for  handling   the   iu-
=•- cr.'asiug trallic.     of all   classes     than
. they ever were, and are' doing all ii
their _>ow..r to catch up,  but it seems.
I .-'.lmtst like a hopelcss_ta.sk. 7—.
Lcmi I'lt'-kets Only
:At  nil   Grocers
.Then our  new man of wisdom    lee-.
' lures     the - operators  for , not being
-more humane   in   their treatment    ol
their    'employees,   and  endorses     Sir
■V/'Hiain   IMulock's   suggestion  of  con-
si.in t work succli-(I«1 by a good vaca-
'i tiim.   This is  what he  says:
"The   trouble   with   the   mine   operators,   as well  as the heads oi'  other
of our gre.it   industrial    concerns,     i.-.
..that  they  fail- to consider the    interests  of their men   from   the    huniaiw
'standpoint.     Instead ■ they    look    at,
.everything .from    Uie standpoint     o[
the. almighty dollar.   Would it not be
worth while  experimenting  in  a   new
way wjth  the  toilers?   Why not   give
them a holiday, -as  Sir  William  Mulock says,  and not force them to lay
off for a dny every week or sn,   That
nukes the   men 'dissatisfied,   On    the
other hand,   if   they  were    offered      a
week's  vacation and treated like   the
men who" work  in stores and   ofTices,
would    they Hot   be   better     satisfied
s    with conditions?   Would  not  the possibility of Industrial  troubles be   lessened?"
"Would nr.t the Crow:s Nest > cil
company have lam better off if it had
paid a slightly smaller dividend to
its shareholders und used their ein-
pii'jee it wee bit. better?"
The employee is favored with a  lecture n*   to hit (hull's   to  his  mup. iy
v-r, mid hu is,cniidiiiiinil fm- trying tn
force everybody into the union.   This
is the w.iy he puts -it:
IJui. it is in tin- fnlliiwin_r pnr.-i.
}.'rfiph thnt hi; sums up' his wImI.hii
und pu-s it in a pnictiinl form „nd
in ii very sm.ill (lose, which, if tj,b-
i'.i .is r-rt-cti'.l, we have no <; i.bt
vvoiilil solve nil Iiibor troubles for all
tini'i Iferi! Is the remedy ready (or
"If the employer 'nnd employee wen-
to extJiaiigL' plm-i'H now und again
there would lie a far bethr under-
i-landing in tho  industrinl  world "
other kinds of fun -galore.
Such a strike as they would ,in-
au;ur.ite would beat all previous records.
Hut we 'ihvn't lwlieve it would avail
to'drive General Manager Sherman
and his stall of employees out of their'
joi s if once they were allowed to
firmly settle themselves'' in these soft
places. ■■ .- t f
Xo,    this     scheme    of    exchanging-
places'   would,,  not work.    The    men-
'would Le niore  dissatisfied   than  ever
.with  their dark holes  in  tjlie  ground,
i.-.nd the employers 'would   not-'   want-
'to change places more thaiv once.,in a'
lifetime,' and  that once to lx; of very
short  duration. .
The coal miners have never-asked,
for. such a change, ■ but-what they do
ask for is better pay and Iwtter
treitment They ask the public "to
look into tlie situation and inform
themselves upon the conditions which
suiior.nd the life of a miner and then
use their best judgment in. assisting
tl, liiintr to secure all that is coming, to _him for his risks of life, lack
i.f facilities for bettering' his and his
family's condition, and to secure" an
e.uitalje share of tflie. products of his
Wliei: the public, the great consumer of the- product of the mines,' finds
out that the miner ,is, after,all, a
_>arl of 'itself, it will be more lenient
iu its judgment of,.him, 'and-we have
faith enough "in-that public to-believe
ct st of comfort 'and real (necessities, of
those who have to dig it for, them,.
There - are many things which enter
into , the" cost'of the coal . to -the
loiisuinci- besides the wages of ' the
iiuiiiwluo digs it, and these elements-,
of cost should be thoroughly investigated.   - -.
The result, of .such an' investigation
will l.e to locate the blame for strikes
and lockouts where it properly belongs, and .it will lie found -that'the
public have the le;isl_ cause of complaint  against the   laboring   man.
Our, critic winds up his article ' by
sayiilg that the weakness of a' great
inniiy' unions, like industrial, concerns is that they arc frequently directed liy men who are narrow,; and
selfish. . They only look ut things
from the one point of view.
This.icmark can not apply to the
iroub.c in the unions at, IvOthbridge
last winter, or to the late controversy.
In both  tliose instances  the miners
received,   and justly,   the warm torn
'mi-ndalioii of the government officials
for their broad-minded .' and public-
spirited actions.J
Besides,, the action in the'late walkout was not the result of.i any leads>
ship. 'It was lhe individual, unaiti-
mov.s action of the'iuiners themsei-'cs
and no official or leader could have
stopped it. ,   »
' Ths narrow mindedness must have
proci#d«T from other _part'M*s - tu.in
those representing tlie-miners.
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We offer. One Hundred Dollars Reward ,for any case of Catarrh that
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ed lnndi.  , ' p
Coinmem-iiiK utupont on want side'of Elk
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and >outh of tho mouth of Tunnel reek,
fclidiice went. .10 chains, llicuco north 40 olmins,
thonce-bast -Id chiiins to- Elk' River,- thence
'south 4!) chains down Elk Ilivor to place of
bairinniiiK. i
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A hotel that furnishes  quiet,  con
modions accommodation'for   its.patrons is a source of pleasure . lo   the.
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King "Edward Holsl,'of Fernie, ,cor-
ucr. opposite post office.
The undersigned having ' been restored to health by simple means,
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and lung, MALADIES,'He hopes all
sulterers, will try this Remedy, ns It
is invaluable. Those desiring the prescription, ,-whicli" will" cost' thicm nothing, and may prove' a blessing,' will
Brooklyn, N. Y.
and Aft
and  if ,you   do   your    garden   the     •   >.
same, way  you   will have   a   good:   *'.'
;.   ,    showing. We have a-good showing'of    ;' y
Garden  Tools, Garden   Hose,
Lawn;- Mowers, Etc.
Screen Doors,Screen W ihdoWs-,
J. D.
Hardware and Furniture
Minard's   Uniment
If thin remedy wir.: to Im a\t\A\w\
lieic nt Coal Creek fmr u few weeks
the I,ed^er would hecumc one of the
most iutcrcstiujj p-ipn-f, in tlU: cmiu
•;v nn it from week to wi-ck 1 mil before its readers  the n-sults   ol    tins
DRue.r.rs'o chimhmw
All Mi-cillod "sooiliing'' svrups
nnd inr.st of the powders uilvcriisi-d
to cutu childhouil uilimiiiH c<>iitiiiii
poisonous opiatiix, and an ov'-rdose
tiiiiv kill the ihild Wit. n i*„. _,.r.M,..
iini.s ».i'>y's Own 7'olilet*. she lias tlu
},iiariinu*<.*'!o| u governjui-nt smiilyM
tlnu this nuilicjiie contiiin*. no opi.iU-
or n.ircotic. 'Jh^y can Ik* givi-u wild
absolute siifety to a iiew-Uirn l*i|,y
Th<y cure imli^-cstion," trintift;>atfriri.
ioik-, di.iri)i<M-a .iih! ihe filln-r minor
.ulrni'Tith (.f' iliildrni.    Mrv    (i      t\,|
Hns,     Illlbl'tbi,    Mflfl,,     MlVV     ■■|l,||,y\
Own T.iMet*- .ire tlu; uu,si h.,i•*{".,.
lory ni.-dicin,- I |(aj.e t.Vtr us^i f,,r
llu minor ailnnm*. of rhildnu | nt
* y* kt<;' iht Ta!!<i, in ih,.. |'„!i*-.-
Sedd }.y nv"U<hv. 'l-.tt r.. i,l hy uuil
at as c a 1»« fn,m the Dr. Williains'
Mwlwinf Co., ttrockvilU-, Ont.
Some Biscuit
and Cake
are light, sweet and wholesome,
while others are sour, heavy,
bitter, unpalatable* The same
flour, butter, eggs and sugar are
used; what makes the difference?
It's all in tlie taking powefe*
.**wiu c*' '<vi.skLri.ii* mMUEiiw
can be depended upon always to make the food light,
sweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it
is scientifically and aecuratftly comhined and contain*
the purest grape cream of tartar, which is the most
healthful of all fruit acids, used for a hundred years
in the finest leavening preparations.
Bay only fofcfag pow&fr yrheu UM
shows it to he matfe wtth ef cam o! tutu*•
Not*.—There are nuny alleged cream of
tartar btktaf powders upon the market
fold at lower prices, which prove, upon
tmilytls. to be slum powders In disguise.
They will not mtke-wbotitooe food.
Aie univiiitr daily*.
We have a larger and
belief assortment this
spring i han ever arid our
prices are low enough
io suit,ihe person who
had to borrow trouble.
V¥,   fi, "■ -ISoDOlimLL
of all kinds
Oranges. 50c doz,
Lemons. 40c  doz.
Tomatoes 30c Ib
McDougall & Co.
Full linn ff 'IVbiicco & (Dinars,.
(WlibT   PKKNIR)
Vegetable Plnnts nnd Rhubarb
C'llllMoU'iT  |KT 100  , ...... ,.,.  $1.00
CiilihnUi- pliinis per loo.,,,.,.....    joe
liliiiliiirb Roois per tlti/un   1,50
First i*rns«i, Minorira-AriUiiliiKion
Per fettlnif, $1.00
JOHN  .Mcl..\CHl.AN, P«0I>.
A Gooc. Way
to please careful housekeepers is to
(jive koatsi weight. Oh, wc don't say
that all butchers don't do, this, but'
m co-knot help occasionally ovcr-
hcarisig our lady friends when they
get to telling their experiences.
Another, Good Way
to please is to supply only the lest
meat. II you trade with us you will
learn just what wc mean by llicse
two "ways" QUALITY nnd QUANTITY will be a little more than you
Ualgaky Cattle Co
ifti'-T© ^ mm
,      -',-■' .      °   *   --■...'   R
' How to Fish,'when to Fish,' the kind of Tackle
. to buy,, where. 10 btiy it and where to buy it the
best.    All this  information  thi'owri.ii'v gratis,
.with every dollar's worth of .Tackle: purchasedfat.
Hi.-;        -I
1 -11 m ,j
I   I'lJ •
j- ,.;i
.  Id'
N. B.   Our stock is complete, weirboughtand..\vell;
, assorted.    Outside .stores can get their' supplies,, from'
us to  advantage. ...,„....,.!
min'*   ''     It I'**"    I* 0>
WINE   (KO.,  Ltd.
Wholesale   Dchlers   and   Direct   -
Importers of \
schmtz mm
Solo Airmit'' In KnHt Knnu-imy fov
r «*»«MM«B^ses«
n. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plssj. Speciiicatlons end Kstl-
matci lurnithed on spplltstloti.
I'lfsiv  of GOOD   DRY  M7M-
»r-;R n.v hand.
tt. K. KRRB.
ArcMtcct     and SmK.rtnttniknt
Office et l«ille»««,
ItAKHft (XV.,  • •  rRtiNIB, B. C.
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Tlioro is only one jilnco In town
, whercyou can yet (rood reliable
tfoods in our line that Ih nt
W. A, INGHAM, Prop.   "
Than*   01.     -     -     Pernie,  tl.  C.
.■i.i...jiiijijjjiii| ..it,.jiwii)'ia
•CO    ik.jl.H*i'
L.  P.   Echstein
11 ■ *
Barristkr-at-Law, SoiiiniTon
Jloomn 1 Hii', iloiidei-Hon Monk, Ker'n'fo.Jl. 0,
F. C. Uwt.     Alex. I, Fisner, B.A.
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's   Nest   Trading   Co.    Block,
Fernie, n, C,
W. It. ROHB, K. 0, J, H, T. AUXANDKll
. Ross & Alexander
onico In Ij. T, W. lllook, Vlolorln Avenue.
J. Barbor. l.d,sm d.d.s.,
l. T. VV    niock,  opposite tho BiinU
0(ilu» lio«r»-H H.tn. to 8 p.m.
W. J,'WrlfilQ8worth, D,D. S,
Okkiok Jloumir      t *ho 11», tn. 1 to « p, m
6.10 ton p.m.
Omen In Alts, L Ik1* UionK        IV
ov«r Mlmn'i llnkcry,
KKRNIR.        - -     _ (?. fl
OontrftotbrB nnd lliilldorH
K*-HkrmtGft KutiilHhed
Kcsidcncc--Corner Howland Ave. nnd
McEvoy St.
P. O. I-Jotc 3SS      ...     Fernie, B. C,
1'iv.oit Marks
CoptHtOHTB Aft.
Aitimr **n<lUig «»lM('it'.^ ! swilrllnii oiiji
liukklf uartklit i-ut f.|'i!,t..ii vr^o Kliatluir au
inwtttinn I* pr<*aMf}i*lnitn!'.j.  rVimmonlnu
l mni mirll r it,nnJrmUl. Xit.Ml ROOK («I'alanu
KMtfrMl. ClAflKl UL'VWI f. t M.l^l'l..f liUUUJIl.
PalMitf taken ihrouch Ari.r ■  .% i*b. T*K*tU
tpsrUt nutlet, wlthniit ehnrv», i  i.ti
Scfettfific JUn yf^it.
A AaflilMaiArrnfmfnfM r*»* I -rrvt ff*
nitoiWiw M any anaaiUe kiwra 4. i >•>»•, %i r
j-mf: r«r»w.nlfct.|L tk*ltr ,i'< i+-**+Um
Chas. Gilbert
Tonsorlal Artist
Only Union lUrbor Shoii in   (lid citv
ami work here I* douoln flr*l rUis *
nl.ile and mt resiinriiMc, prices.
Look for Card In WlndoW'
i i.Uh i    ."il."       ' '"
No Seedless Plumsi, No FIUckm-
Apples, No Cobless Com-jiut old
reliable , varieties at reasonabla
prices., FertUUcrs, „Bee Suppllf.*-,
vSpray .I-'fuups, .Spraying, JBateriul,
Cut Flowers, etc., Oldest est«l»-
Hehed nuntry 0n theinsltiiand ol
B. C. Catslogtie Fwe. '.*;*
Oreenfconses and ;- Seed Houses,
Voncbttver,' B, C.'.,        . (;
P. S;-II your Iocs4 ' merchants
do not hit-die 'toy' need.; send
direct. We prep-iy ■ Ofty' jacket's,,
Assorted vsrietlei' of garden seeds
in jc. i>«|)«rs (tested? stock),' to
your nearest' post olllce'for li.ooj
twenty packets'for'joe.,'-trial col-
Uttioa. , ...
50 Good Wodds-
men wanted 'by
T i\ "jciii Lumber
Co. Apply at tho
Office--or-at llosmer.   '
The Elk lumbferCo;,Ud.
Ul«»HI'f   Ustees-t    l^mtiefiHaii's
Opow's    NUit-" Sji-wrffll
MIHoHsFilVbrfttt tiltf-ai-* "t u' £$**
jCoal .Creek., Rugby» football
" t^im'^viui. heard that -Fernie boasts
6£'af_^i?ar-.t_^i'}desires  to. invite
Fernie gents;-! to play   t-lve . Coal
side',"" for   a
.'; Creek artists for Sioo a
' supper or for marbles.
'•■    A''quoit match is. to be .played   at
'. Coal Creek on Monday, May  27,   for
.$50 a (side.between'William   McKay,
pidity, however,-,   that general _ notice
was not necessary.-,
'|Have we any„here*in Fernie?','   '
•i      -  -    ' - - 1 "
The returns  from" the  elections held
two wc-ks ago    throughout.   Austria,
while uot   yet   complete, show    con-
dusivdy that the most powerful parties in tlie lower house' of" parliament
'.that - will ass-.m-ble June   12  will'   be
'the Socialists- and  the  Anti-Semites,
the popular dispenser of refreshments   The spoils     of   the first   elections   iii
Says it' is a Wonderful Healer    and
Doe's More Than is Claimed for it.....
'at'the club,-aad Dick Ray, of- No. 2'' Austria under universal ' suffrage have
inine^ who claims to be able to pick gtne to the factions that were pos-
ccal "near the peg all the time, and sisscd of ths best party organization.
incidentally -says he is champion " of -.This * is, especially the. case wiih +• re-
Cumberland. ' ' ■ gard ito" the Socialists,'and the coun-
. „".      i try, lias not yet   recovered   from    its
-WHO'S  "WOKING FOR US?        Wi».at;U,fc   re.sult.   .'^'Social-
• .. .   ..    ists,   were   splendidly organized,   and
..The' gentlemen who are doing, theii   they worked hard.   Their gains-were,
Utmost in the city of Fernie to,.build   moslly   in    tlte industrial   centres , ot
up the art  preservative  and  incident-*,-Vienna and -Prague, anh in-the   Gtr
Probably  no•>household  remedy    in-
existence   has won.such   glowfoig tributes  from people;'iif high  places    as
has    Zam-Buk. "Mr.  Rogc-r F.  V?erry,
Justice of tlie l'eace for, British   Columbia, , recently'  treated thds  famous
balm, and this is" what he says of it:
"The Pavilion,
.'    l'Goldfields,.B.C.
"To the Zam-Buk Co.,    '    .-   „
"Genlk-mcn—After a very fair trial
I have proved Zam-Buk eminently
satisfactory. In my case it cured a
skin rash of five years standing which
no doctor had keen alile to-do any
good for.
- "I would-, certainly encourage any
person to keep- Zam-Buk, -in , their
home.   It truly does  even- more  than
".ally, make an houest dollar supplying ,; man _ maiuvkvUiring   district's   of>,Bo-'_yOU claim.for "it.   For my own parti
the public  with  tasty -job work
good reading,     will    lie pleased
and   hernia    and   Moravia.     In,the     last 'would not now' be without it in" the
.meet the exponents of sonw,other line
of-preserves in "a good old-fashioned
game ot baseball, where nothing "but
si car' ot "- coal can hold down the
".score. The ■ printers, editors and
.••kid',' ' have received a juicy offer
irom the manager of the , burlesque
.show.,appearing here on July.i,     aud
, ii we (can find another trad*. ag*grega-
tioa in Kernie which knows as little
About baseball as we do, our fortunes
»re made.   Kindly forward  all.   :hal-
" lenges tb W.  J. .Thompson, care     ct
I*dj?*er, who has been    instructed   to
•i     •    t.     -■ -•    .   -,    •- .       ,
pick', out the easy. ones.
The    "Udger     Kid ■.will    be ;n the
j' game.'.
A. conference that lasted    most    of
-Satiiday. afternoon   between   Mayor
.Herbert       Moore,,   ' of      'Spokane,
- o Corporation Counsel ■    L. .   , R-
tllamiUbn;     Police    Justice    J.     D-
Hrakle'-Police Commissioner    J.    T.
,  Omo and Chief ol Police Ren     Rice,
tk» '■ new   administration    issued    its
first     order in the matter of   reform
•f to the police     department i Saturday
-' njgbt.find mapped out other plans to
be put into effect during the next few
1 .-lays.., "_•„.!■_..,.»   ;-  '' 0
. . 'Thesfirs't^gWMral order to the police
;"department ■_   was for  all male, para-
_, sites !as)d vagrants to   leave the-1 rity-
within 24     hours.   It  was estimated
".   that between 150 and 200 men; are affected* by the    order.      Among  these
7.ssale "consorts    of depraved,,  -women,
7.Aaiitericans_and_Fj:cncji_mt*ri p'redomin-
<ate".   Moat-o{=the men ■ frequent.    sa-
to'hi.use of delegates the Socialists _ had
only eleven seats, whereas now they
have already secured nearly .sixty
seats, and they- are likely to get
many? more in the retaliating. Thc_
success of the Anti-Semites lias nol
hem so remarkable, but still it is
great." They numbered, 26 rtprcscnia'-.
ti\esMil,the old house' and they have,
already 59-seats',.in the new; with 30
candidates in the retallots. Conse-
i|Uently there are two distinct.* features to be seen in the coming .house,
—a Socialist party possibly 70 strong
and an Anti-Semite Clerical centre,
numbering perhaps 80 or 90, as the
Gi-rman clericals who secured 26 scats
always make common cause with the
Anti:Som.ites. The youngGJ-.echs sus-,
tained a crushing,,defeat. In the last
house they had 45 seats, while in the
next thty will have but three-.".
,   -  ':—o ——
It is reiwrtjifl that' the C,. P,. -R.
has granted' an ' increase in the price
paid to the coal mining companies of
the Pass district for"-the fuel.siippW.
it oLtains froin '.them. 1'he increase
amounts'to 'ten cents a ton and runs
to! the| copiipanies' which have contracts ,as well as' those whicli have
not. The companies ' affected are the
C- n .di'an-American ■ toinpany. at Frank
the, Wost Canadian Collieries of Lille
and Bellevue; and the International
company, of Coleman. ••
Under present conditions .there -is'no
reason -.why the railway companies
should not pay S2 a ton-Tor coal- at*
any mine in the Pass. The ;.rcportcd
increase of 10 cents" is:a step-in   the
Telep hone No. 4
Send your orders for
Meats, Eggs, Butler,
Poultry,and  Iiisli 'to
Dominion Meat Co Ltd .
iiml  (jfi't   the   best of     - •
service, intention and
satisfaction .".'.*. \'.'.
Telephone No. 4
. . »\- The   -'■■■■■ *
Elk   Lumber Co.
..     . f" ' '
rianufacturers of ■'.
tlodas and pool rooms in the lowest
-jPUrt ol the city. \."
; DirectionwasfgiveiT to the mem-
Hitrs of the police-force to notify sa-
llooas where - these - men hang out that
,'ithey are to quit the city within the
.ittsxt'24 hours, and, where possible,
libe men were given personal ..notice.
.'The general tip -went through Ihe
Ijower part of the city with such ra-
!«lt«ir. Hospital Treatment Fajletl Dr.
■   jyiliiftnis'Plnk  Pills   Cured Him.
•'■'I suflered the greatest agony from
rteumatlsm. Leading' physician!* pre-
scri'twd many medicines, but1 with un-
»ati»4ctory results. I was compelled
. to go"'to' a'n hospital,, but even the
treatintM tiiers failed. Then I took
nr.--WU.l-NM-- Pink Pills and today
um^a^ well!wan."
Tfct*w words were spoken by    Clifford I,. Forbes when interviewed ' al
,, his   home   in Port    Maitland, N.S.
' Mr, Foebes    Is a fisherman ' anil had
always l*en very healthy until aoine
',tlu»ee years ago while, fishing ofi'New-
'(■"ound'gou Wwus sel/^d with a very
,wvew attack of rheumatism.   In   bin
iown'i'>voKd8  In says:   ■■ I was fishing
tl* the Grand Hanks lii tlie Bpriug of
•»od$' When I wns stricken with rlieu-
im*ttHlti.   I coutd not work or   alwp,
,l,w»d'thi paili was almost unl-earubk,
,jM*/case liocauie so serious that I hail
, .tto'bt iiinded, aad for wuds   I   lay
! iln*'Cops''Breton hospital as n  crlp-
'^Jpk'.,,'*i»•, hospital doctors pro-crlk-d
idlffeWnt remedies, but tboy did   not,
^i-ttrtt.int.  lt then left the hospital mul
;'(#»»'■   taken  with rlieiiniatl.Hiii appur-
1 icntly completely   faitencd   upon inc.
ii';;ht direction', but,not far enough. ;
The increase, while it does, not put
the price up to the figure most people l.elievc. if should be, is nevertheless an important item, as it virtu-
r-lly "means the difference -between op-
crating at a profit or otherwise. It
is fairly well known that with one
exception none of the. companies of
this -district have ever made much
inuiuy, but have just* about -broken-
even, and the increase in the wages
of the miners under,-the new agreement-made it rather a strenuous matter to accomplish oven that result.
As the C. IV R. takes three-quarters,
or perhaps more, of the total output
of the ilislrict, the advance, though
small,, means that the mines will op-
crate under much more favorable circumstances,
, The news ot the increase will be
gratifying to all persons interested in
any way in the,district."ns increased
pmsporiiy/for the coal companies
spells increased prosperity for tlie district in which they are operating.
Chief Fuel Agent'A, D. Metier, ol
Montreal; accompanied by his assistant, li, nnrnwell, ol Winnipeg,
visited the Pass Monday and Tuesday
to look into the" fuel situation. Mr,*
AlcTin-r, when (jiicHtioncd relative to
the Increase, acknowledged that an increase had been granted, imt declined
to. go into 1 any details coiictrning It,
The increase la lo be paid from
the lime the mines resumed operations ntlcr tlw signing ol the new
Tile haulage rates charged .for shipments'of coal over the road is at n
figure which wlll, justify a higher
price to thu producer without seriously increasing the cost to tho do
nicslic consumer.
house.    Yours very  truly,
(Sgd.) "Roger* F.   Perry,
"Justice of the l'eace tor B.C." .
Zam-Buk difiers from ' ordinary
salves. and embrocations; for while
these mostly contain, animal oils and
lat,Zam-Uuk is purely herbal". ' It
closes and heals' cuts, „ festering sores;
ulcers,-eruptions, boils, eczema, chafing sores, * etc. ■ In the, household ' il
is the handiest possible-remedy for
bums, scalds • children.s injuries. It
instantly.cleanses any wound to which.
it is applied; prevents festering, in-
ila-mmation and blood poisoning. It
cures piles, varicose ulcers, and fistula. All druggists and stores.sell at
50 cents a box, or from, the Zam-Buk
Co., Toronto, tor price: 6 boxes! for
fa.50. 7  ,    ' '"    "
sanction, hut ■ the . principles .vliich
underlie Socialism, and which have
done so - much ■ to -awaken the slug
gish mind' of the public* as a whole
are live'problems of vast..interest to
all-the common people, be1 they Socialists or,, not.
The tattle which is raging .tatwecn
the"' oppressed __ and the oppressor _ iii
the" industrial' and ' commercial world
is hot confined to the party which
styles itself Socialist. It is . spread-
in^ to all parties,and is being felt by
everybody. -' -      -
The great "changes ..which have'been
wrought1 in the 'mechanical world ,during the' last half century are td'/'^be'
followed-with as great changes iii the
political and social world, and ;-- 'it
looks as though-they; will be as rap-'
the great mechanical changes.' "' ■'.'--'
' Old systems ,will not fit.,"the "' new
conditions, .;~aiid changes . are inevitable.   I,et them come! "■
,'!    "
Lumber &
(Fi>i;mi'il.v" tluV Owl)
The  Owl   Restaurant
which has recently
1     . - ■      o
will be more completely
, up-to-tlate than has
been the case in the
past. -The new. proprietors,
Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson
will be pleasedto meet
the old patrons and also ,ne\v'ones at the olJ
■'      ; .stand.7. 7 -
Best of      "* /
Service  .. -.:^
slock    is   last    year's;
and well seasoned
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1o
*" Kvcrylliinu   new  and   r •
up-to-dntc.  '    , "_'
Every ■iccommodntion"
for the public. -
,  Bar"stocked with the
'   finest in the land   .
dt..' ! ; :
Watch it Increase.f au you have to
do  with  a  Savings   Account   is  to  start  it and
keep  it   going—then   watch   it   grow.    Doesn't
take long  for  it  to count  up  to a considerable
amount—then   you  see  the   advantage—the wis-.
,dom  of..saying. > .   J.
$1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Canada I
J. H.   MARSHALL,      gr.
Pernie   Branch
B. B.' WALKER, President
ALKZ. LAIRD, General Manager   *
A. E. IRELAND, Superintendent of
. Bwnciies   7
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5.000,000
TotalAssets, - '113,000,000
Brandies throuj;hout Canada, and in la?. United States and EagtaiMl
BANKING   BY   MAIL     *        H
"Basinr-.'SiS may be transacted by nxv.il *>vith any branch
«ffthe iiiv-k,   Accounts may be o;7riC.i and deposits
made or withdrawn by. mail.   Every attention is paid
to out-of'i'O'.yn accounts.
Fornio   Ifrsineli G. S.   Holt,   Manager
,'H 0 T E L
* flFERNIE, B.C...,.   ;-•»
Eoery .attention."
..'   C-  ■ MINING REGULATIONS. "    », "
'.^JDajr tnd ,n|({ht, I nuflcrod,  Nolbitij,'
,'did for tl^'trduble Mttncd to    '"
;imt.'*iid   I Wftitie dcspondi'tit
^dowiilMir.tBj.    Tliln a friwn-d advim-d
mo; to try Dr, WllUanin' l'ink iMUh.
j I w-at'tUp'ttcul, but tny Irlciiil jmiis-
noA   tli* pill* »o highly lhat I ilt*U.-r-
minwl to try them, with tlw rc.ull
' you »60 today. I am fully cured ami
_ hiivj Hot ilncu had ovW n twingv ol
:, lli^.Areftdi'd ainicUon, I eatitiot nay
. t<MM<«|w^iB favor of Dr. Williatitn'
. YUA Will, and  I  urn* all rheumatic
bulttrtn to try thi-ni."
v    Dr. WUUa-nn' l'ink 1'IIIh   curMl Mr,
tiWoxlos lotoxm thuy   struck struigln
uat tlie root ud cauM of his cripplinj;
, rthaantliim. Tfcty d<*n'l net on the
..aura «yuiptom» llk«   onlinnry im-Hlic-
, ht^f **f*ey don'* act on Uie   \xm\*.
• Th«y do only wio thin-?, *>ut tli«y «U-<
tit w«H—tkey actually make tu.*w
^llood.. In .^liat-,lvay they root out nil
i-jvoiHtnon blood dl»Mw« like nn<i«nin,
>ph*adaehcii and backache-'*., rlicnmatlsHi,
j."Kl-atUa, neuroma and the wcrct nll-
;'-*Mc«U1of %\rU and wo m who wiilter
f-tMiipMlt-ibiy when the ricbttcwi ami
. irrfilarlty of Uwdr blood l*c-./meMlU-
,,.t«i**l.   Dr. William.' rink 1>I1U ure
tAolel by all dtftkra    in medicine. Cor
i tMnt by Mail at 50 cents a l»ox or A
.^boxta for la.jo, by writing Tlu   Dr.
Wftfrtnii' WedJdne     Co., -nrockvilli-,
Tho Swclnlisl.H ol Austrli. have gained n (-rwit political victory, Tlit-
iiiiirkul unrest in the continental
countries of Eurojm pr(.*»(i|_os troubli
for the huiviHtiiry nioiiurclis of tlusn^
niihnppy kiii^iloins. Mo womlcr Ills"
"Mnjeaty the Kaiser of Germnny ns-
jiaids with mlsulvinj-a Hw marked de-
VL'lo|)UK>uiB ol the tlniQH and in di-
Uriniiicd to r<tni»t diaarmmnMit.-
Victoria Ti   e»,
Ye*, and tlm name kind of rnirem
union.*" producers of all cli\a.%.« on till--
side of the oconn causes tlu: captains
tit frin/iod finance to have miagiv'nfls
about the prospectu for them In th •
nrnr ful ure.
The tleft|JotiNtn of cotnmcrciuli/uli >.
is wi.rse ih.m political dc.H|>otiMU an*'
llie financiers of the Ilarrlnian   clam
have   lei. 11 vary busy during the   Iiimi
tm years    mnkiuj{ practical   demon-
atnitlona and (urnishlny; unutiflweralile
iir^unnnU ajjiiinm tlw modern inc-Uio-1,
of   K*ettin_* rich out of    the    u«e o(
nioihy piuivd in tlu:Ir hniKls for   the
I'liqiosv of making otfier jx-ople rich.
Th.4-1  ti«.  . tiler part <A Sociallvin fs
jpiininu   a   ttt-mtiidoits  foothold     in
wh.it we are proud to call our
fn-e country' if. apparent.
.   TH1SY'ALL RI5A-D IT.-. ..«-'.
The following from the Fernie Ledger will be read with interest by "the
members iiud'.friends, of "the city fire
brigade:   .        ■,-' ' -'   -.;"  •   $ "■    . •_.'
''The fire brigade, racers have bcejri
out twice with their little race cart
this week, making runs Monday aiid
Tuesday evenings,, It looks • .good to
see the boys sprinting down n street
again, and this useful sport will attract , many spectators, and rekindle
an interest in the-brigade. J. W.
?'.unn, W. Warren, J. Kenny, C. C.
Wright, Milt nKasuiur. Bert Black, J.
Doyle, Edgecombe, ,H. A. Wilkes, II,
Cattell and others are taking ' part,
and out of - siich sprinters we Kvill
have a team whicli, with last 'year's
experience'nnd training, will be equal
to the best."   '
From reading the above we are
forced lo the conclusion that the I'ernie brigade will be al Cranbrook' on
Wior Day, with goods that will be
"all wool and a yard wide:' to" wrap
up lhe cup—well, the goods, won't
spoil.if tht-y have to wait another
year.—Cranbrook Prospector.
■ 0	
Ottawa Free Press: "Ivosl, stolen
or Muiycd in London, Kiiglimd, one
eolonlul premier. The people of British Columbln, would 'bo glad to be advised of the whereabouts of lion,
Iticlmrd Mcllride, who went over to
attend the Imperial .conference," Hns
anybody heard of liim?" Tlm last
hoard ot the premier was at tlu
London Canada club's dinner to Sir
\Vilfnld Luurler on April 30, at which
he was a guesi, or at least his name
ii|>|H!ara among the list of those present on thnt  occasion,
Ciiul.—Coil!'nriiU'mnv he.purchased tit HO
perticre'for sqft coul and t20 for imtliraoite
Not mure than aan" aomm can' bo acquired by
oi'icii'idiviilnul or company. Itoy,lity "t tlie
ni tu'of ton cents por ton ol 2,0()0 pounds shall
lib (.-.i'lieo'ecl on tliu (fi-ossoutput,
Q.nrtzTA. lieu niiii«r> uertiiicate is Rruntt'il
upcu Muvinent in advance of tn pur annum fur
un indiviiluitl, iinil"fruni jM to *100 vor annum
for 11 company, nccordinu to capital.,
.A-l'i-co'miiicr, liavinirdinoovuidd mineral in
lilui'O, niii.i liicutu a uluim' 1,5'Kl x l,sn_> feet,
' The fee fur leaonlinK ircliiim i» (jfl. ,'
•< At. le'iist -Aim nuist bu oxpeuded on the cliiim
oni'li vciror paid to tlie minins reeorilor in
lien t'in'reiif. When t-fi'H) has uoon oxpondui| or
pulii, tho lonator may. upon liavliwr a survuy
madu, and upon eomplyinif with other .ro-
quii-oiiiontH^iiuiihaiio tlio land at ^1 an aero.'
Tlio patenl in-ovldui. for tlio payment, of a
loynjty of Bjper ei-nton tho sales.
i'i."'.uKitiriniiiK ulaiiriH'Roiioriilly aro le.i feot
simiro; entry fee 1 fl lonowahloyoiirly,
' A Iroo minor may olitain two luiistt lo
ilredKe fur Hold of live tniles eiiuli for a "term .of
t.iinnt\'years, iimuwahlo ut tlio dlsorotion ol
hu Mi'in'stur of the hitnriur. ,
The lessee ahull havnadruiliiu in opuration
within one suasoa Irum the ilmo of tho liiaso
for I'lie-h'livo miles. .Kuntivl tVi lior annum'foV
dimli milb of rlvor leased, ltoy:ilt,y at tlio
ralunl' sty poi-iioiit eolliiCtiid on the output, uf.
Uu- it exceeds i:l(i|(K»i.
"     W. W.  COHEY,
Deputy Bilniiter of tke Ut-Urior.
N,   B.—Uttuiiithoyi/ed'  •i^blic&ltiaiD   ol
thn advertiicment will not be paid
Rooms reseroed. by toire •
Undertakers k Embalmers
... 'J-   AGENTS - FOH   ,
The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granite.
..    'The   Kootenay    Marble
Samples Can be Seen at the Office.
Works,    Nelson
Parlors in Lundy's Block ^
A pleasant   nome   for  tlhe
I'lmiini'iicit'it at a iinst plaiitml at. the
JiastuorntiruTniiiilicntltiiiNo 1; tinmen
Xin-lii HOi'lnilnn; tlient'ii Wost HinltnliiM; llionce
Don't (lijo nliinincd, Ifon, lilclmrd'
will turn up in time to put in " Mu
till of expense.
 —O" • '    ' '
There wtro upward of 35,500, inv
mi,,raiit*i who nrilvwl nt ocean portv
for lhc month of April, I'M, an   'n-
lit'uAi; uf $t   ()yi   tillli     ihe  iillliuwn Ul
flu* jinoLiil   J.,  ika  Jh)Uj!^j".i11wi    iur
bo current ycnr.will rca-.li the ;■■-.-
o'o marli.   I.atit v«*.ir it um» ais.wt
District of North East Kootpnriy.
'i'AKK NOTtfiliMliiil DnviilS. I'mlley, of Wumi
II, (', oceiipiitlon Tlmhor tlruiior, intends to
iilpiyfnr s|iiiclnl tlmlier liconsiis for tho foi-
IiiwI'iih diiHi'.i-lhud limits sltimto ou tlio north
fori; of I'lillUfir Itlvci- mid its tributaries lu
North tin*!. KVi><-»uay Dlstrlnt:
Nn 1 Oonimi-iiMiiK at a post plant ud on thu
oust. hIiIo ol byn.x eioeli iilinut one mile from
Iu rsimth'. Hicnci. ninth wi chains; t.liimo
Wo.tHOcliiiliiH: t.liiiiieiiHiiutli tfii'liainsi tlienen
Kiist Nl cliiilns to piiln>. nf eniauioiii'umuiit, und
niiiitiiiiiimrili'i nniiiK moru or fuss,
Mny 7..HHI7
No. U.     	
Syiitli Kast uoi'iinrnr
North H.iclniliis;tli('ii ,
h'mitli Hi chains! tliciin. Kust M nhnlns to
pofnl. of iiniiiiiiiiiinamoiiti aiul wmtuliiliiii HM
iicresof laml morn or loss,
May 7, l!m7.        - .  .
Nn, m; l.'onnnuiicliiKitt 11 poKlplantiiil at tliu
Nmlli   I'..ul iiiirnur of Nn. Hi lliencii Kust hu
elinlns: liiiiiiciiSouth Kiieliains 1 tlinncii west
Hiclialus; lliiini'ii Nortii Hi clmlm, tn point, of
I'liinmoiici'ini'lil mid iimitaluititt 'Mil acres of
In ml ihiIic 111 less
Mny 11, lln-7.
Nn. I    (liiinincncliiK 111 a pn>t planted one nud
onn half mill"- uorlh nt l.ynx  ermili  from
mo th un wet slild 1 tlmiii-ii Nortii l-'n cliiilnn
tluiiicu Went X H'linliii j tlmui'iiHnutli I'M chains
lliiiiicuKiiht lu-liiiitii tnjioliii  of ctimnieiii-e-
mii|it,anil noutaliiiiiK-IHn nuliisof laud morn
or less.
May II, llmi '
DiiIimI thi. Mth day ol May, 1Iki7.
ml8-,l Diivld H I'mllny
ffernie, 3B. G.
Direct   W(*rv|wi
Dublin Exhibition
Kiinuitui'  Knillii(4M
Montreal  mul QimiI)c« to
(twin icrew,
10,576 ton»«)
i.f tlie
NOTICK I- m-reliy, kIvcii Ihut  tliu
vi li. 1) i -u l.i t>"' \    ""-nl lloll
City of I'eiiilii forlHH7 will Im hnhl iu thn city
i.llli'ii* uli Monday. May 2\ lii'". at t. p 111
J WNunn.iiltyilorU
j Fm Din, 11C, May in, I-.k/J
■ ■nil. 111- '■ ■«'Til.i"fl^ ..!.. .UI.im.-J.Mf
Th-.re   an* many   thiiijjs   comicctd (ui.U. to
wilh the SotJnllist propn-j-indii of to- '
<Uy that tbe jHO|ile at large do not
"■ in;ird'« T.lfiiwotu C'i   'T'niHfd.
Yarmouth, K. S, .
Qenlltincn—In January   last, Francis lv«clarc, on« of the men employed
ly mi', working in tho ' liiinU'r win Is,
ltiritrcc  lull on  him, crushing him
( 111 fully. He was, wlu-n  (ouitd,  ,il.u-
id on a sled ami taken homu,   where
invc   fear« wo.ixm ♦.■nttrlnincd   for   his
ii*o try, hid hips 1 elng l».i<Uv lituiwxl
nml Irin liody turned black (rom    his
ii'x t<> hii fvet.   Wc vs-A MINAMD'S
M.VIMKNT on him  freely  to  deaden
own J the pain, and with tlie   u*- of   three
ilollK-.H  he wan er/inptetclv   cured nml
Fori Steele
Brewery Co., Ltd
UniU-r now muniiKviuent
Woll 'farnlsliwl romim.   ThoUMolB
Riippllcd wltli thu lw« tlie miirUet
aiTolus.    TI.c Uil \a iillpi'iicil
ll'itll llu: l'C-t H'lut'^ 31-
Ionian    (ti
,IUSF( ai
'in   icrcw,
.IUI.Y  5
13,000      tollH)
9,txxi    tOIIH)
H,o<H)    tons)
Hnlouii, $fi.r> mid upwiirdH; Hoc'/inrl
C11I1I11, $1*2.60; Tliird UliiuH, »a7.fi0
nml ujiwiirdri, iiccordini; to Ht«nm«r.
Itlltll   Slll'ViCl!
1    itii'.i     t^l'lTilX*
Summer Excursion Rates
Port Arlliiir
Ht. )>uiil
Hloiix City
Si. Louis. S'm>, Cliiiau" T''-l' Ottawa
$Hj.|_5, 'romnio .-jiyS.jio. Montri'nl
j.S.j.    S:. John $ij^.    Halifax $1111.Kir.
Oi\ Sah' June 0, 7, mid A
Firnl Class Knund'Trip go |),iy l.lmli
Jas. Severn, Prop*!
t!J( i]i.,t,
(]nrrit«|iiiiiillii« rnductioiu liniu,, all Konti'imy
{1'ilnl».  Tlukulu nvivlliilili. fi'ii- Ink., route
, liicliiiliiiK tnniiU nml hlrlliM 011 litkn
.il*..,11.1 n.     Tl...i..I.,,   .rtl...
illiolml In 11 (iv kIiiIIhii
In Oiitiirlo, (jiiuliwi or Mitrltluui Hromictv
.I.S.dAliTKIl. I)  l'..S..N«l-on.
It, UKAUINU, Ak:., Ferule
return to work.
SAt'VKUU miVAl,.
1-IKId Uoid, i;i*ki Co., (iM.
l-'orulc,   II. C.
I Ir i« irs  nf KMf'i   I'iiu*   I.ancr
und   Aerated   Wiilcr*.
IfottI«*d.   fJoodv    11'    Npor-f/ilty.
iMiMoci'i Uoimxit tmi hy rfcyalcUiu.
The A, Macdonald Co
XIIiMdOniiv, Wliinipi'is')
flr.iiirlii's—Viinroiiivr, Nidson, TVriili",
"■'diiioiitun, Alia, »t Kononi, Out.
Pernie, B. C»
Out- oIiihh i-Aliln $-10. "tlilnl clmw.iaO.MI
•or pi-hoi vntloii of lioriliK mid  full
piirticnlup upply tn
]{. HBADIWI,      W. \l ALLAN
0. I'. H. A(,'t.      0**11- Ad-
Kornlo Wlii*il.><>ir
Shoemaker Shop
'Opp. I1. HlllllH JtCfl'n olllcn)
'llm nwimr hm woiknl l yriir*
In Unini', Italy, and In |>'i'|m>'i'il
in da all kii'iln of ii'|iaiiln^ aii'l
no,yv work.
IJulldcrrt und Contractor
lien Giflliotbi
Wlioli'sile   (JroriT'ii**.,   l;loiir,   IVfd N:
t'nmp SiipplU**.
KMiiimU'-Aftlii'i'rfitUy kWuh mul work
|iruui|)tly "xccutrd to x\\c h»Mh
nictlnn of our cnstomerH.
Advertise in The ledger ■S9!
■W^VJ-WslMfl-^fi S«0'fc»*>fcie
FERNIE   LEDGER; F^j^JE^'M'A^ls, B* C, 1907 ^
The flower* that > bloom
In the spring, tra la,
Have Both.ng to do ,
With thi» weather, ha, ha.
A.  McCallum, of Fort  Steele,    was
-in lira city this week.
.Foster has predicted .rain . uiitil the
end of June.   Whicli June?
Un. R. \V. Wood left Monday to
join ;Mr, Wood' at the. coast.
A'.T." Claxton and Miss Claxton left
.for Greafel.Thursday eveoing.
Mrs. D. Davies received for the last
time this season on ^Thursday  last.
Mr». C. O. Demaure-i has gone to
Helena, Montana, to visit her parents. ' _"  i
A. T. aaxtoB, Miss Claxton and
Miss Mott weat up to Wardner Thurs-
Some  of   the   Fernie people      have
__   gone   to   Cranhrook   to   attend  .the
"hop"    gives,    by     the     Cranbrook
Club  ,
Mr., Mrs., and Miss l'inkham retuni-
, ed to Cranbrook last Monday   morning, after spending the week-end with
Mrs. -McKvoy.   ,*   '
A.    Y.   Krapfie,   managur    of    the
North Star   L,uml>er company   at Jaf-
1 fray,- was in the city for a short time
\\'cdn.-sday  afternoon. "■
Coroner .Bleasdell   went to    Michel
Monday evening   to hold   an   , inquest
upon  the  death  of    li.   Delucco,    who
._    was _ killJd in'the mine  at  that place,
Mont,iHj«tti    had    his    preliminary
hearing    ' at Frank ; on Tuusday   ami
'was' sent;,up for trial  on  the    charge
of'perjury.    ■',. Bail  was  accepted-   at
*r'9,i'oo. "* ■ '•'■
-   A  man  !iani.:d  Quest  was ■ removed
from .1 affray  Lo Elko Tuesday who is'
. :.uj)]nised to lmve   smallpox.   The government   is   taking   steps to have the
• 'cast- isolated..' .  °  .-      .- ,
Mrs.   It.   W. Wood -and   little      son
.Tack left. for      Victoria  on    Monday
morning  via  G.   -W   Thuy  expect    Lo.
spend two    or   'three months in    the
''city of flowers.
Bob   Moore, ■ of the Waldorf,     keeps
up to th;j   times.   He-now  has    Miss
-   '.Morris   at1   the clerk's   desk   in that
popular   liosti-lery,    and   his   business
■is flourishing.-        <■ >■
:ork Opera House
Monday, May 27
Wednesday, May 29
rThe"CTrser"apTTisrTRofrcrt   Kerr    lor
', failure   tu  account    for"monies  received, whicli      w;'s "up- .before Mag'isLraLe
Whimstcr    Thursday   was    postponed
to next   Wednesday," the 29Lh.
-"• 11. yiin.il is putting in a gasoline
lighting plant in "the post office block-
ainl soon Uleasdell's drug store,
BluiidfU's gn.c.-ry store and the post
ollice will be lighte-d.... with -gasoline,
li-mps.   . '■
Charles French, an old-time prospector, who lives at Blaivmoir ■ has
' be-n in town several days' this week,
lie puts in most of his'time passing
uncomplimentary remarks alioul early
spring weather in-May,
Miss M. Adcock, of Lhe 'Gall hospital, Lethbrldge, has taken the position'
of matron of the Home hospital here.
' Miss Adcock hns for several years
had charge of the operating rpom
under Dr. Mewburn at 'Lethbridge,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bricker came
down from Frank un Thursday. Mr.
Bricker is spending a day or two iu
town with old friends before journeying nortii lo look over the territory
to lie opened - up by the building ol
tht G. T. V.
Mr.-Day, of Baltimore, Maryland,
is in the city, and will likely remain
with us permanemly, Mr. Day'is nd-
jumcr for the Maryland Accident Insurance company, which rtovs such a
volume of business In-re that it is
thought Ijeitt to keep Mr. Day at this
_place  permanently,
Tlu- Triti-s-Wood company ure cutting n new'■ entrance Into tln-ii- big
More in order to IxjUcr facilitate on-
tnuci- to the gents' lumlsdiiiig de-
parinioni. This will l„. n decided im-
'pnivcmeni    which   might l,u uxtendu
to   ihe  grocery department    on
iionh'Hido of the ni.iin entiMiice.
Th.- Iii I; river is on its good helm', lour now iiml only drinks enough
snow wuier everyday to keep alrui
half full, 'litis maki'H the millmen
"Hmil'" as they pass the bars, ,-iid
if ihe present stage of Kohriety is
Upi up for two or three weeks mnru
tin: danger of n full-lledgoil drunk will
lo pant.
.. W. .If;, Thompson, on behalf 6f the
piiiiiuiH, who uie challeiignig any
nine to play ball with them, wIhjich
Xo n.iy that it is to be understood
that thu team accepting the clml-
Imgo shall plav in uniform The I'liti-
receipts an; to be donated to the
Ladles' Heneyoliiu society, and the
loosing team to pay all expenses of
the game.
I'resident Kliarinuii, Vice-President
Oil'in nud SuiT'tary M-'D-iiuld ttjK
at l,ethl,ridg«. The local committee
of the l.e hi,ridge union m.-l Malinger
•Nnisitiith and Pn'sideiit Nan ton, of
the A. 11. and" I. company on Wed-
iiesdny, Thr fi'licum of the coal company refused to meet tho district of.
Jicem and the local district oiliccrs
•tit tta.pl) iiig  Ipr u  conciliation Uiard j
The Always Popular
Vaudeville Co.
.Singing All the Late Songs
ij , i 1     *"'
... After the Show Each Night There Will Be
Social Dance Free
With Moore Concert Orchestra: of Six Pieces for Music
Prices: 25c, 50c and 75c—No Higher
'  Scats', now'on  sale, at  Suddaby's  Drug-  Store
before which to place the I^th-bridge
" P. Caroaelk is tranafering' bis hotel
license for.the lioina hotel to Alexander Ri/.z.uto.. 7 —
The mud slide on the G. N. below,
ihe Cedar Valley mill lias beeu removed, and trains are running au.
lime a^aiii.
Mi. and Mrs. A. J. Mott came up
from Elkmouth laat Friday uigit aad
returned to the sawdust factory by
Tuesday's delayed G. N.  train.  -*'
Mrs. liocliiort arrived iu town by
Thursday's delayed westbound train.
.She reports _ Mr. Rocbiort as progressing very satisfactorily after bis
severe attack of appendicitis.   .
liniesu.Deluccia,- rope'- rider in No."
5 minj, Michel, was killed Monday
ivliile on duly at the. foot •■ of ' the
Uope. Two timber cars which were
i.sing hauled up the. slope broke loose
.tiid ran back down the incline, catch-
ing_hiiii_ajid_crushing7hiui„so badly_
Lhat lie died shortly after being "taken to' the hospital.
'Some bad "boys' have" been playing
the hoodlum' out in the north end.' ol
the city by throwing eggs "at houses
alter dark. Sbine of these boys have
.ecu seen, and the police should get
i,usy on their trail. Hoys who have
i.othing better t.o do than to throw
eggs at dwelling houses after' dark
should he found employment at tlie
jail, i,    ,
The dance given by Mr. and Mrs.
Mclivoy last week was enjoyed, by
everyone present. When the mellow
notes of the "Home, Sweet Home"
walt/i floated on the air very few
were ready to go. The verandah was
unclosed by "canvas "and the young
people found many cozy corners where
they could real until their partners
lound luem for the next dance.
The appeal of' the Elk Lumber company vs. the Crow'* Nest l'ass Coal
company was decided by the supreme
court at Ottawa. The decision of the
lower courts were sustained by all
the court except the chief justice, who
dissented, Thi3 is Uie„, case arising
out. of the llosmer mill site controversy, and which has l«e»i pending in
iliu courts for over a year.
Miss Claxton, oi Ikrrlu, Out,, who
h.us l«en leaching in the musical department at Columbia college at New
U'cHtminslcr for the last two years,
him beat visitiug Mrs, D. V. Mott
during the Wi«k. Miss Clinton's
liunlth would nol pemit of Iter slaying at hut- task longer, and site has
resigned her position to take a much
iwuilwl rest. Mr, A. T. Claxton met
Miss CI,ixion here and wuh also s
j-tii-sl of his old friends, Mr, and Mrs,
I), V. Mott.
A special mei'liiig of the city council w.m held last Monday, at which
thu curly closing by-lnw, No, 45 rc-
loivwl its filial conniderution, and
now lhe city has two early closing
lliw.s, the former one Kett.|n_> lhc hour
of closing at 7 p.m., not having been
r. pen I id, Vou can pay your money
and take your choice. There were
pnsuni ut the meeting the Mayor,
mnndiinr- G-iti-s, Mclnt>re, Trill:,
mul Htnrl<, The law wa« put IttXo ril-
feci the name dny It received Its
fiiml consideration, although It doeu
not, state, as lhe Htatutc mpiireii,
i;pon what date it is 'to lie effectiv*!,
On .Mini' i», 7', a, thu Canadian l"n-
1 ific railway will sell at Hos.ilatid
Nelson, with corresponding rates from
..11 Kooi.n,y points, iirsi-i|,iKs round
trip tickets to all eastern Cimo-diiut
and l-nilwl Ktatci points. Kate to
Winnipeg, port Arthur, Ht. Paul, l)u-
"Hi, Sioux City, 559.50. St. I/>uis,
F'o, Cniiago, $t<H\ Toronto,' 178.50;
Ottiw.i, Ssa.53; Montreal, 5H4; f}t.
J«*n, 4*94; Halifax, Jioi.so. TicVels
ar« good lor three months to    slop
s and Baggage Transfer
Draying pf all kinds   done  promptly,
Telephone  57  or call  a  driver
Office:   Northern Hotel, Fernie, B. C.
Cucumbers, Tomatoes,' Lettuce, Onions and all kinds9:
:;. :of fruit and vegetables
*       / " ' ,0-7 ^1
A fine assortment of the best
Chocolates always in stock..
• -;ah(l "always the" fres best v :
IceCrean)    ice Cream Sodas
tt\ rV> ,,1"^, »',,","" **'J
Tqitb Beck
Mrs. A, McLeiin, Uowlunil Ave , m2M
8,ivlotorla Avunuo,
tnlfr;',,    ■ j.-'•;., "
por salet-oood Second-hand organ,
nearly n«w, In liontol' onlor,   Apiily Loilior
office..    - '.,,'; nmMf ■
A Snap
uiul out liuildlnitH, with l.lu-00 no ft. lotn on
llowliiiul Avo,,nuiirtho rorniur Kurnlo llrow.
urv. ■ Anplv to Fornlo Loilcor, A 1:1.4
tuelos on Victoriu iivuniio,    Owntir mny
lmveHiimo liy cnlllii(f nt 'I'Jhi Lmlneroflloo unit
l«yliiK for ml, „. mll-tr
wliurolmt.wveiiO.PII.Ktiitliin mul Kdgui'liir
Hold orOHM with liiii'iiin nml willi lultun.T.II.N,
iiimruvml iliiD-diiii, Klniiur wlll bo Hiiltnlilv
niwiir.luil by iuliiniliii{ hiiiihi to l.iiilitur or-
lino, mll.tf
11 uolil liiuknt.,   Finiliir will Im miltiililv ru
wiinliiil on ri'tiirniiiK siimii tn .1, W. Niinn
lllt-y iilu.li. mll-tf
■^   Hilililuliy'M   htnru,  Alllirulor  Pumoooii.
tHliiiiiH if. unit h clini|iii>.   Return to MUh
Miirlln, f'urk Honim, mul «i!t ruwiiril
"Z      I"    WANTK1)
\V'ANTF.'l)--l7Air;T0 ui 1 UN tiTk harhkr
tr»iln| <_jh»nu« of HI11M111.1 for rl«lit h»y    A11
PlyCliin.Glllnirt, mv'ctf
»*•_ lti_!ht.-lioni(i'keii|iliiK,   Apply to 01
• W'»w.  min
to learn jsrintiiij*' businesR.
Apply at this oHice.
To tko lionrtl of LktMichiir Com-
inlMNlonerN, Fertile, H.C,
Kutlue U harnliy rIviui t«mt. Iliu iindoiilniu-ii
"(II, nt llm   llr.it   u.i'i.|(ii,:  if iliu l*.,»;it JJ Ll-
iHiiiiiliigCmiiniimlomii-siil tint City of Kenii'r
lii'lil nf Kir llm nKjilnitluii i,I tlilrlj' i\uyt /«>«
tliU diito nPl'lr for Iliu tniintfor of n r«t»ll
liquor lk'on»o (jrmiteil in lonpunt to tli* Uonit
llut«l, t-ltuufo 011 LoU Noh, ill iiiiilU^lluokT,
in th* City of P«rtl»,froiMtrir^irtuAU»»nd»r
iHUdtliU Will ilny of Miiy.A.l), 1(107,
ov«r eiut of Port Williain or St. l»aul
nnd good via any rvcogiil/vd direct
ruult; (fowl via lata route, inclmling
intiiU and berllu on Cuuiiixlinn pad*
fie lake lUanem, or nood to go oiu
ol tlie-w routi-8 nnd rotuni anot-ber.
Por rates to any point ntt-l lierth
rcservatJowi, -ttandard or touriit
•leepen or lake •tuaineni, apply to
IrictI tgtiiU or wr.te J. S. Carter.
H.P.A,, Neleaa.
We have just received a  fresh  consignment of Crosse &   Blackwell's  Pickles,
Sauces and. Jams- .See our window' for*
the finest assortment of the above goods"
ever exhibited in Fernie.
Pay cash, live on the,best and enjoy life.
Fernie, B. C.
W.   J.   Bllindeil-,   Post Office Block
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a .choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and  Lamb on
hand!. Hams, Bacon, Lard, .But-1
ter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always "a
good assortment.    Try, our Mince   Meat,'
Saurkraut and Oysters. '.■'■
WE offer in return for your patronage the hest quality of -goods
procurable at tlie lowest price that
they can be sold for. We guarantee
that we can save you money.
'""•;_ "ol  ',c ™.ry  Io1»B1 *«<■   b^   we  h™ bound to Imvca  lilUo sunshine
soon,      uome 111 and select your '
while-  our assortment is still,complete.     Six sizes and styles lo choose   -from.
I", iZ' .-»",-t0 l!|Ue il, ""«!' y««necd It     Wc also have u compile a.sort-
ent of other lawn nnd Riirden tools,  hoes, „ raUes,  garden  hose, reel, noiwles,
etc,   uunc 111 nnd sec ., ■
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
Silks, Muslins, Prints.
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats & Skirts
Ladies' Shirt Waists in Silk, Lace,
Muslin, Lawn, etc.
Uteuf* IJuvmtii ooti hy l+ytkUMs.
Headquarters    for   Trunks,    Suit
Cases and Valises.
TheTrites-Wood Co. Ltd
Gents'   Furnishings; iy
Campbell & faultless::
Clothing for good dressers
Made, up .in'the "newest** ■
fabrics in the most fashion ''':
able designs,unsurpassed,,;,
in  fit and'workmanship.'••■
Suits $8.50 to $22.50;
Trousers $1:40 to 6:50
Quality Oil Glothijig
Looks as though we were." to'
have  a  very,   wet. summer.
Better 7 purchase   your': Oil
Clothing at our, ' 7- "'■ * !
Long Coat in black and yellow;  doable stitched and fitted with
.epaulets and elbow patches." Soft woollen collars and   0t*0% 0%W\-
'cuffs.   Regular $4.00, sale price  7........a_g|i5f y
Medium Long Coat made up same as long, very comfort- A ■'.>£#%'
able and servicablc, regular $3.25, sale price..-.....-..,..; fiaB-vll
Yellow and Black Jackets fitted with ball and socket
buttons, made in,four sizes, ret?.'' $l-75, sale price....
Yellow aiid Black Pants with bib   good fitters aiid -Vi-'"■#'   j
ornnH ivotirj*,"* r/iir ^$1^.7"^ qo l.i -t.^iria i:	
Sou' Westers, lini*d.<vitli. jlaiin
id and fitted-with cur laps
and made ol the bust materials.-rei:."75c.; sale price...-....*,
r>y Isoods
Children's Wear.
In Ui.is department wp are shewing one of the •
best and 'nio-s*- completo ■ ranges. evoi,;. shewir
in the city.   Come in and look ovpi- the various lines wc offer.
Pinafores bcautilully triinini'd
.with em broidery nnd insertion,,
extra full skirt, all      QEn*'
sizes, 2 to 14 yrs.,each (gQQ
Muslin Hats,, very handsomely
trimmed witli deep laco niiii
embroidery and knotted with
different colored. {*» A "if"
ribbonB. Price latm* f 9
Muslin HatB in Pink, Blue, Red
and White, well finished nnd
trimmed tvilb luce,ex- B? (_**"__^
tra value, price «$UC
Sunbonnets made from nil-over
embroidery with Incoruching.
very drossy and Cft^
servicablc.   Price «|Uv
Dreases undo of,finest ujualitv.,:
vclyctoon in sailor., fffeot with-
faiicy'   silk   vesi'  und-. tliroc-
. quarter 8leove8;..,.._K>__P A A
web;.;: ..:;."$5.U0
, Whito Muslin.presses made up
in French style.'trimmed with ..
embroidery and skirt A A A -
nicely tucked; price fiia|JU
Reefers for 'childrert*-between
the ages of two and six years,
in While, Pique, White H)nok,
Croam and Naw,    A AA
Serge, prlco ,$i.'5d.&'jtMllU
Children's Striiw. JJius'ln many '
(tlffcront deuiffns'nnd qmilitUs,
cool and comfortablo i--A'e
for hot days, flfto'to.".!-! KCQ
Live on the best and save money,   this ..you can do
by allowing us to cater to your grocory !wnnts'.
Sheriff's Jelly PowdorsAg^
0 packages (SOC
St. ChnrlcB nnd Jorsey    £ +
Cream, 9 tins i% |
Rolndonr CondoiiBod    AJC.*
Milk, 2 tins CiOv
0 & B1 lb, Jams In    A_£ ~
glass, ouch bOv
Laundry Starch
!i packages ,;..
Cornstarch OCjk
8 packages,  favP
Qunker Cannorf Peas   4 A_7
pop-tin ..... ..,."':...,| yC
Qmiker Prosorvod
Quaker Proserved
Poachon  ',,',
^iiauur  iTHROI'VPd Oft«%
I UHI Ht t tt i ••»*•) »t 11 tit * tt it i ■ _Cm-^Jk_0
Quaker J'rpsorvcd
Quaker Prosorvod
tit i
nation Berries,., ZUG
OardonOlty pecsorvod AA_g_.
StrawbtrrluH bUC
Royal Household Flour1
Is m tho nnrnos denoton, the flour for tlio household. Try It
and bo convinced that it Is tho best. ' .,.,. it* A A A
por 100 Ibii    5j)OnUU
Tho best proourablo. PonsoBBlng such"" flavor and Btrdiiglh as
will nloau tho most oxneting. m A.
PCV     iW.#M ••••»Mr»riiin, i ,  mmiiimmi       . # » » f i   4 , . ,   ■!•• *•***. *..t#i'*WUyy|^
Saturday Specials
Got  tho  Bonoflt
Seeded ItaUlna
10c I W%ft,.?.y.'.*n.,.25c
Boots and Shoes
,—Wc arc sole agents for—s
The Walkover fine Shoe for Men. The Packard fine
Shoe for Men. The Traveller fine Shoe for Men.
The Imperial fine Shoe for Men and the Artisan
Working Boot for  Men.


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