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The Fernie Ledger 1907-02-23

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I1       "
//   •"'-^.-"X'V-
|^0L-:{11 -;?NrtJMBER . 28 ..
■5.-. >*■
A QuUt ahdPeaccfiilNightSpent
<... ' 1^< by City Father*   A •»"}*'
the. Methodist, church, conducting the
funeral services. ; ""' " *;";;•, . "' ,,• *. ..
The-entire; population" oI^Michel are'
sorry to learri that DrV McSorley has
decided -to leave here and "seek- his
fortunes in some Coast city. He has
been identified with Michel ever since
th-: cr nip. was first opened a.- number
o >c.i-s <u-c His career has.' indeed
been a \sr»- successful one, in., many
oilier way.,than tlie practice'of his
profession has he done i good among
the people. The poor, the needy and
those in trouble have never ca.led in '
. w.s'JJXfo adjourned meetina"of the.■ city
, jAQUiicil held* Thursday, night was   as
.a'.calm and placid as a duck pond on a
, iiJtill summer day.;.      >-.'-•. ■'  '-,,
r, <;The:Kid went to sleep on the wood
; pile'behind the stove,.and dreamed of
Ihe coming of the millenium.
h- t-Mrl.Mills asked, by letter, to be-al-
:Uow«l to get the roof ot the   King's jbi~g"heart«f do"ctor^. Ts his1, fame   as
-Hotel six feet nearer Heaven than.it
' now  is.   After deliberation the mat-
*..ten was turned over to the buikliug
inspector and fire wardens,to wrestle
.. ..with., .., ~..\ __;   ;'  :-!. ":■.;.. ' -s
„ f-f An "invitation  from  the union", ol,
vain for sympathy, and help   to   the
,-vCnnadian  Municipalities to join
_r.union was read and filed.       -
i'.rjv.letter, Irom. W. A. Macdonnla, K.
I'A> wh" has\the appeal case   between
\he city and the Electric Light , and
Power Co. in hnnd, was read,, and on
motion filed. , „       -„ .
, Mr.r 'Macdonald called attentioa    to
„ the, apparent, . discrepancies   between
the original agreement of incorpora--
tioo__ signed by the.board   of t:-«d<
committee and  '^ the bflicials of   the
'  Coal Cojiipuny an 1 the act of incorporation    as passed by  the legislature'.' .,- ■' '.>■'    ' .       .■ •   ,-     - ;
' Alderman Tuttle reported the   pur-
a chase of a team of horses as.per-instructions.       >.
'"ii".- council -decided to visit the. old
Coal"Coriipariy building, next -day with
'•*.. a "view'of determining whether a por-"
tion',of that building could be   used
for "city-offices, and if so, trying   to
make", some arrangement lor ■> renting
..them .of >the Company.-    -,, ' t
Mt^i Tuttle apologized to Mr..  Her-
ch»er/for "what he had said last week
about ,!,J .the    changing of, Mr. llerch-
mer's?lender.^for the solicitorship last
year...He had since learned.that tin
,i change in the tender was from a low-
•a er to a hig ,er figure.   Mr!' Herchmci
/had.informed him that .he had    dis
f covered, from his letter book that    r-
• in stak<jv ha-d been made, ami lie, ob.
gained" the tender from" Mr. Nunn arid
changed it before the;bids were    sip-
•  ened. *•„• ■ .........
Mr.; Tr.ites, .statedLthatLhe JiadlnoL
'-<   known of these changes, but.had" accepted ,th?::, Clerk's ^statement that Mr
'. •   Herchmer had got his tender    before
... thay- had ibecn "opened.,    -
I. ^The.Fire.Chierwas.appoiated.build.
irig inspector, aiid S. Graham, E. h
-   Wriblesworth ahd,H. A: Wilkes weri
reappointed fire . wardens.' '   '
After, consideration in committee ol
of the whole, the tender of Wm. Haw-
' thorne for furnishing 'he street sign.-
at'$8 per doien, being the lowest ten
der, was.accepted. - -
Mr. .Doden's letter re assistance foi
his proposed steam laundry came uj
for ] action, but no,. encouragement
along the line arf bdhus or cxeinptiot
could be given. *, ,  ,
Alderman Tuttle was empowered to
purchase a- wagon aiid harness to fi;
the new team, aud when,a driver Vat-
bei'ifsecurcd the, city will be prepared
to do "its own scavetiglhg.
Another week' was allowctl -ytan
ford Evans in which to send on that
$10,000 Btwer (bond' payment, and nliter landing By-I.aw 42 mi the (iiy
•tttutt hook, the council adjournal
A baby girl was born to Mr. am'
Mrs, Clias. Spencc Siuxlay.
Chas. Lewis wns caught Jjetwceji two
curs while at work in No, 8 mini-
Monday. The injuries are. not its ucr
ious as was at first suppos«d, and He
will soon lie all right again,
E. K. Stewart went' io Fertile Suiv
day, returning 011 the evening trail
of Iliu same day,
Herbert l.e Roy returned Frida)
from, an extended visit to his oli'
home in Qnturio, He is ago In al tin
iMiuiter at the Tritcg-Woon Store,
The grand hall given at Michel
HalUby the Michel footba,! club, wu>
a iswell affair and wan well attended
VtKijti Sterba, of the Tritcs-Wooi'
Co. staff, went to Prank Hattmlay
evsulng to attend a christening tele
bratlon at the home of his brother.
He returned Monday morning.
Thotiuw Frunct, at present thel>o.v
" in ths'mines here, has Accepted a p«>
»itionai    manager of a large   coal
inlnenaar IWinonton, his duties   to
commence April xst.
Th« family of Thomns Ilampton,
who i resided    in   Michel   for several
V»1»«,"^|V^.,'   t,»»   r, »   *«.,!..   'I     . •'    r*
^ v^iw  M.,« .&.* ....   t*ti.i.   ut/uii. ih 4^i.K
land, jilting t!w ntrlkt Innt lall, nn
expected to arrive here this week.
Michel-looks good to a great many
when they leave It, and they are always; glad* to *s*et hack.
fjsW   «■,.«-'"       .    1 i.,-l,-l      ., » ,
was brought ;, here (rom Sparwood
some six weeks ago, died at the hospital here Monday from old age.
The deceased came to the Fast about
seven years ago from the east. He
was well educated, but through ex-
u-isive.* use ot liquor was driven
Irom home friends, and prominent so-
tkty poftiliofix to exile in tlio fomts
of nritlsh Colombia. For tevcral
years he was trt*KBrcr of the City of
Ottawa, and occupied nutty other
high position* of trust. In thr lumber camps he was a general favorite.
and gained many friends, a score of
who came np Tuesday from Hnswer
and Bparwood to attend the funeral,
which was held at Michel cemetery
Tuesday afternoon,    Rev, Kenny, of
a physician. is confined not to' Michel
alone, his uavar ed . success <. has
brought many patients from;!'other
places to be treated by him at, this
hospital. Financially, this camp, is
not considered a good place. ■'. Each
miner pays $1.00, each month to the
doctor. For'litis cansideration he is
compelled to furnish and equip a hospital, ■ two. nurses.and all medic ne
needed in the camp. Though' the
camp is now well "filled, the .balance
left over, after - all the > necessary expenses are met,' is a there bagatelle, to
what most of.the miners earn during
the month." Though-efforts' are being
made to-make it-more remunerative
and induce him to stay;• your corres.
.-'-•-   •:"'-',-• -'-*-.'" «v^'1"1'"
Is Duty
>•  5--.
• «-
■* t.
Price$2 a year in Advance
To the Editor of tho FernieLefaget? 1
| As the question of mygooti Yalth and
| sincerity^o&.purpoise' has been question- |
5 ed, 1 beg to state that I • will make good :|
| every tiling I have *tated and as far as 3
$ tho celebrated poker game at the Fernie. §
J is concerned; I make the; following* S
« pledge:    „, ■ ■■'»•;, ■ ^ •§
J Police .'ComiiiiMiohcra^
2 have been gazetted, that the poker game
I give you my wofd of honor as May or §
polident, is-advised that since he has j-J   Of this   tpWh,  .tliat   UO   matter WllO;the &
lecided to leave he will not retreat,        "    "" ~   "      "'      '    "   "     ; 'r; '! '"'"'' '" w!--'     ••■ '    -*
'mt expects'    to leave Michel    about
April istl-",, ,.,",.,.      ■   •
°~ * played in the Fernie 'Hb^l^o^eife^tion'-$
night, will be prosecuted^r^^lTesign |
my position as Mayor of this town.
Last Monday evening the Coal Creek
iiinstrel   troupe  treated   their  fellow
residents: to";,a  long-to-be-remembered
poncert,  undoubtedly - the chief  event
of.-   the, season.    " It was to many
ampnjf  theni  your1 correspondent,    a
ndst  agreeable  surprise   to  discover
vhat talent could - be'found   amongst
he inhabitants'-*of our littlermonn-
!ain village.", -''y       .,    '
Mr...Trio%.McCKnitnt. ably-filled Uic
hair-and saw the lengthy programme
iirricd   through   in  a  most -.'satisfactory- manner.,,     „',,".   •'! '
-Although  no special,train * brought
. p.the usual 'contingent of Fernie vis-
tors, the hail of-the Coal Creek Lit-,
•rary  and  Athletic Association"' was"
-'auding. room' only.   Both. Mrs.*'A',
-erridge' and«'Mr; Geo.'-- O'Brien-^,,<;dc-
crvc great  credit   for -thei ?/splendid
raining- of; the   troupe."":ThV ,*euter-
...iume'nt opened, with .".'.-'-an * .eocctUast- -
iano     selection ' by Mrs.1   Berrldg*.
Irs. Simpson, Miss.j.1 O'Brien   and
liss  Cissys McCourt  gracefully, lent
!ieir    assistance,,; 'and.'contributed
onsidcrably,^ to die.success   of   the
/cuing.      Mr. Simpson assisted   his
alented wife in a duet and a   quar-
^tte.   Messrs, William1 and John' Ti
'uckey made a wonderful impression,
lie   audience literally   shaking   with
■ughtcr while the brothers   rendered
licir. comic songs, accompanied  'by,
'r:  Ben Pearson.-'The clog dancing
f Messrs. Fra'nk and    Sidney Eorp,
dw to ma:.-  m.l breathlessly watch-
■l-'hy' all,  was   much    appreciated
Ir. Win. II.. Evans surpassed ( him-
elf   . in' his two   "solos. * The genial
Choinas Gorrie,.  ,the great comedian
'I'rac Auld Scotia," on being encor-
, I, declured that ho knew "nae mair"
o'w songs, but was going io sing the
nit     one    "backwards."     He wos
'mply a revelation.
In conclusion,    Mr;     Editor, your
"■i'S| oihIm i will confess that   enly
'ie thin;, marred the good time   on
onday    evening,     that     was    the
'ought nf Coal Creek selfishly    eu-
ying itself while -Fernie had no op-
ortunlty to appreciate the talent of
nr minstrels. M.et us hope that   the
tter will make amends by cntcttnin-
ig a Pcriilc awlience in the near tot-
For the past three days a meeting
»f Ihe managers and su|>erlnteiidentH
f the different    mining corporations
t the province has been in   session
i the Alberta Hotel discussing   the
roposed legislation    affecting   their
ilercsts which will, in the near ful-
re, he brought before the legislature
ow lu session nt Edmonton,
Those attending tlie meeting are:~
». H. Whiteside, Ulairmoro;   H.   N.
«ler, Coltmnn; ,f, W   Collin,   Van-
ouver; H. M, Moore, Frank;   G. G.
s    Lindsay,   Fernie;    L.    Stockott,
lliuikhejid; W. l\ Lllele, Canmore G.
i. Fraser, Colemnn: W. P. WilHomn.
Ule; G. p. Hutch, Lethbrldfre.
Friends of labor are pleased, to
learn that 'pthe U.' U. W.f of
A. have purchased the ' Fernie 'Ledger plant, a. and are going to make
that, paper a weapon, of defense on
behalf of the workers of District 18.
We, predict, a large, ire' i-.t.-n \it,tli«-
paper in. the mining, and industrial
centres of the Kootenays and Southern Alberta.,T   . -     .-:.     ,.    '
the coming,joint.,scale convention to
be'- held in Calgary ou March "5th between delegates representing the various local iinions.m District 18, U.
U<: -)V*'l'$t. An. and. Uje,"coal „ operators!
who' are how'- known as the Westeru
Coal  Operators''Association.' . " *
The convention is ejcpe'c'tcd - to last
at least three days, and. will be a
new departure in arranging^ 'rates' of
w.iges and conditions of labor ^in'
and around
Northwest. ,
any    city.     Away ..with, such   miserable" apologies; of' manhood.
j-* -'■
The- doctor" question v" • is .* agitating'
tlie mihds of.: the workingmen cni-
ployed"_a"t':-the*CoaI Creek, m'ihev.and
' it is likely UiatUiey; will,seek ,'„, id
place'' the. mat'tk' of' incdical, , attendance .aud*-^' hospitar"' accom-modatiou
upon "a niore satisfactory tbasis, as.'far
as they.arc concerned!" At preseiit all
men who vwoi*f- five! shifts during a
iriouth pay■ _$i^fkch to" the doctor and
Si ,060 pe'r.'tnonth, _ the. miners should
get the .besto'f rcare and attention for
„that amount "of* nioney...     "  '
.Onef;of the- hardest;*.w'orked^classes
of _workedm^lsVdistrict; is the' rc^
tail clerks. They - work, long hours'
for little pay. Why don't i you;' wake
up, and form a branch of the Retail
Clerks', International'-Protective ;As-
'sociation?. The other unions, will as-
tlie coal mines of    the  ^ist J™     to better'/'y'our condition-
once you _ are organized..*.   1,.
Frank, Hillcrest, Lethbridge aud | The death and accident roll,at the
Tabor coal companies . will not be': mines of IwCrow's Nest' Pass Coal
represented, these companies not , be-  ComPa»y-    during,,.,tlie.,.past- three'
longi g to the Operators'"Association
of which Mr;    G. G. S.  Lindscy    is
months ranks'as one of ,lhc highest
in'the wor.d. ,This docs.not speak'
well   for  the management,. of    these
, A large number orminers are think-   ^'     J™0"11*0 show ^ i™*1"*
ing it is high'time that they should; "^ of. Work,"K coal »«"»■.'   .
have nn increase iu wages and   share1  .Vc ucvei' hear of nny director*   or
In the great prosperity of which they i •shatfll°lder« getting, killed   in   their
are now hearing so much.   The wages! '""1CS'   Wc wonder .if the sharehold-
t-ni heat- unything of these (slaughters
when, .thuy arc drawing their div'i,
Lundhrcck, Alia., Feb, aist, '1907.
(Special to The Ledger.)
Mr.. Galhraith    ban sold his    crml
of coil miners, in the Pass ate not
as high as thev were four years ago,
while the cost ' of living is all the
time on the increase.
There is a Trades and Labor Council in Penile.   What is it doing? Are
the officers asleep?  Wake up,    labor
men, and take a hand in civic politics.   You can help to make it hot for j property  to the Spokane Coal    nud
the gang of tinhorns who seem to be, Coke Company,    realizing  the   ,«uig
lunning things with a high hand   in  nuiii of 530,000.     , ,,.     ,  .
I'ernie these days. j    This makes certain the' future    of
Work ng men hava no greater cuem-- Lundbreck as a live town with a
Its 011 earth than hotel keepers "who . large Industry und aliig, far-nni_»
run gambling dens. (%i     , country .surrounding it from vvliic.i n
Any mayor of.n city who interferes : targe trade will be derived.'   -
with-the police in    order to protect;    I.undbreck will lie one of the   livw
tinhorn hotel keepers is a disgrace to  towns on the Crow line,.
Sir. A. Beck, of Coleman^isih.town
on a businc-ss'trir, ' '    ",'' •'.'.
Eorn, Feb. .171)1", to "Mr. anil Mrs.
Fred Wildoian, a.soii.'•_;'. , . ," V. ' I
. Horn, Feb.",26th; to. Mr. aiid Mr*.
L: E: McPonald, a daughter.,
;,. Those .down-east". telephone eirls
are not haying auch a lielio-of a timr
aa'they use^to have'. i
M. P. Shaw, of the.BMtik of Coni-
merce "staff, left on Thunsdav bound
for tho coast on ii holiday trip.
Ed.   Severns,   foreman   sit   number
three c.imp ""of (he   I-IU   Lumper'Co., ,,
Jied    Thursday     morning    of    heart
failure. ' " '   "„ " "..   '
"Miss K. Kirk patrick hit for U*
AngOcb.Calii'oWiii\,_.m >*■ ihree.month'b
visit" to,relatives who1 reside in: tli?
flowery'city.   .       . ■" - . J
: Now thV.t soft weather h«"s, sncce'e'i
ed tho _ long tf'ild/spell slides, ha\\
becriine the oi(l«;r "until. tli« heavy
brinks of snow disappear.   :. / ." '.
Miss Lnn Parquarsoli, who has liei n!
visiting Jiei; sister, Mrs. Wrigleswortb
for,a lew.weeks, luftTlmrslay -morn5
inn for Ju-rjioniu at iliii coast..-' : : > '
.. Hiirchnn'r-Dudley.^Ai the..re<iidence
of-Mr." Roht! J.'X'ole,' Hosmer,' on:
Kehrii-iry * 17th'by"Rev! W: T/'Hamil '
:on, Lewis Kdy-ar Herchmer to Ameliu.
Dudley. '" ''""',. ' ' ,
'.  .     . '.  . .    ',:*,.■ '     .  "■ :
•'„ J.,S.,T.-Alexander received a'wire
from W. R Ross;. M. l\: I1., .Wednesday si.-iting. thai a session of the Civi
and. Criminal Court will be held at
Fernie May 81 h. w   •■""     \~'-''   ■
- Thomas Biggs and J..s. .lancastei'
have b. en elected !delcgates to ru-
preseiit the mine workers "'uf Fe'rni.
a, d Coal Creek n't the coming.scmIi
©'invention   to be   held at the Co
A.  novel   and   instructive   cntcriaui-
ment is, to/be., given by 'thc'AV.  C. T.
U. on .Tuesday. March" 5th,  in Stork's
Oiera House in, the1 form of ah ,elo
curioh/contest,   in whiclr six -prominent young people of Fernie-wifl compete for  a silvei   medal.   The  recitations will  be interspersed with  musical   numbers.   It  is  the .intention, lo
tarry 011 a si'-rit-s of these conies is until    there   are sufficient'silver medalists     to compete for    a gold medal,
These    contests are carried  on    with
Kreat success in  the east,  and this  i*
the first    one  to be  held, iu    British
Coluhibia.   The, gold   medalists   eventually compete for a diamond  medal,
and . then  up  . 16   a  grand  diamond
medal.   The'first'grand .Diamond medal contest in the. Dominion was-held
in     Winnipeg     during  bon'spiel   Week','
Miss B.  Morrison winning.the medal!
.The participants, jn *t..e  Vctn-Xc    co|).
test are almost,prepared,'and   much
interest  is  being"ttaken  in  this
petition. -. , ,  -- ° .' .,
I- ...'     '~a~?'~     "'
5ix Cases Reported-Hotel Under
■ Quarantine
I .a.1 r Monday a case of smallpox develops at Michel, and the hoarding
house in which' the patient was stopping has been quarantined. Th s case
came from the Went worth. Hotel at
Cranbrook. ■ .
There are reported to he' six cases
of the disease at" Cranbrook, and" the
WeUwoiih Hotel"and the'caboose in
which the Michel man rode arc quar-"
antitied. o
Twenly-cae people are confined in
ihe Wcntworth Hoteland six   in the
It is hoped thai no lurUier spread
of the disease will occur." >.
1ln«ro Want lie t«r MtdlcaF antf
Hoipiui AtteHda c«
At a i)ircial jneclinj of Gladstone
f^)cal Union in Union Hall !»»•
Thumday night, a motion to give ihe
doctor* two month1* notic« of ttrmin-
at ion of all sjrwmcnt* wm unanimously carrie.1, and a »tronj t.nii-
mitlee wm appointMl (or tht ^i,iM
r»f invt*tigatinf tlm tubjeet, the it.
wit* of which will be reported to a
future me*tin)».
Thuc atep» are Ulflf Uk«n with *
iiew to securing better medical and
hospital attendance.
Pacific Coast Company Hakes an Average Increase
of 10 Per Cent for It* Workers at Coal
Properties—New Scale affects
About MOO Employees
SentUc Tliuca. Feb. 16. "I   Wl,t" ••sk<:*-    » Uic   recent nction
The Pacific Coast Company . has taken at the masN meeting at Uu-
granted nn incrtrade In wages to the [ chomhe'" of coimnerct at the time, of
nun employed at Us various coal | <■''>{' <»»i Limine, at winch nii-eling
jr«ji<it.:<*. 'the iuiiviM, avtutvi to ° ttMAulkui ua.v \iasM\l caiiiiijr upon
iwr ccnt.i individual couditlous at the *''« Pacific Coast to r«l*e the wages
varioun mine* govetniag thtlu<r«a»*. ''•' the men had Ik-cii a factor in the
The :new kcalc affccU 1,400 men' I"1**1'** Infrenw, Chief Hngiiiecr An-
llwt being the number employwl at rter^'1 •lBled »«»» '■» »ucli recoin-
the N«w Caille, Franklin, lHack Dia- 4ki*k*:*4»«» *** \M.*nuy, ns thr
mond, Uruce, Burnett and other "miP,fty »"««!« the raise to »how that
milieu now operated by the company. .,t_^|f,<!*t"' thf work ,,0,1.c in. tne
It hmi hten In effect »lnce the fir*t
week in l'enruary, ami the officer* of
tht company report that tlie, Incrcaw
han re;>u|t«i in utimuUtlng   the nun
pa»t by the employee* «t the mine*,
KOLI.OIV rim T.HAf).
to inch an eittnt that tat increaaed', It in ofiicially announce that after
output Uiu umipuuiaua fully ior the Jattuary aint all rmploytin ol the
company'■ fwieronlty. Wellington Colliery Co., of Cuiiihcr*
At the office of    the joal svptrhv! ''m'' * ■•• «*«*vc an inmate   «f ttn
Undent It was wtfd today that    the  ltr Cinl- in ^V.**.
new scale had been adopted   for   the! " ——
rcAj.on th.it the company official* The Wesu-rn Fuel Co., Nanalmo..
wiie »i the opinion that the employ- have also inrrtflxtri the wages to \*r
«* ahoHld have tome ahar* in the (tent, at all their mines. This wa»
Iftfr*«*el profilsi enrneil hy the com- done at'llie mame time that the injur.)- *"iw« Ihe advance in piice* f«t. crt^iw ««« nude in iht l>itn»muir
f»H- ' minrt.
'oppratiycliall, Calgary, onFeb. 2Stl^
and March 4th.
, .'Under  (lie mwpii-es of the   Ladio:
Aid- of. the -Methodist   church,-Mrs1
(Rev.)_Lashley"',Hall 'will Kive'a'talk o-
'.'OdJ People" in the Methodist churcl'
on Monday next 25th iiist.Jai 8 p.'n.'
.A'i*nllpi*iinii_Sn_u!(i^.tr^iku ^l_.'. 4:....l_^a:. ^
Fiind-'will be taken.    All weh'ome.
Messra. Jul in 11 -and Theo. Mora 11
who liHve'biicn visit:njr.thei? brotlu*!-'
W. E   Moran, '0ljtl10.i6.jtpl-.re.stau
rant; here/for the pnW.wer-k-" left - for
• heir ' homo   in,■Kali3pt1.--Mont.'l,,.o>"
Tliurstlay.    Botli'iire  welf know,
business men of tlmt pine-1.
-   R   L.  itichnrdsbn,, ox M.  P. an
editor of the Winnipeg Tribune is. tc
be a candidate for the local h m.-e
for Killnrnoy riding, now a Rcivi*n
ment-Boat.   Tne   Ledger hopes In
will  be  eleoUd,   He  is Rcedrrt ii
that Manitoba hoase and his elecii>.n
will be a vindication of hia heroic
fight ngainst the grnin comliino.
W. D., Whllo wns arrested at Hosmer bv ConslaUo Herohnu'r'nnd
brought to Fcrnio on Wednesday
charged with stealing $01 from his
Into partner, Win. Larder. Tli>i
prollmlnnry took plnco before Magistrate Whlmstor on Tiuirsdiiy nnd re
suited in the charge In-Ing diBinlslcd.
S. Ucrchmpr proH.-cutrd and L. P
Eckstein defended.'
The drawing (or the driving ten in
and Immcss.snddlo horse and Hiuldlc,
cutter ami two sliol nuns which took
place nt Colemnn last Saturday re
suited iia follows; First1 prize, learn
arid harness went to Geo. Balko; the
second, saddle horse nnd snddle, II
W. V. Pulloe;' third, cutter, Mr
Good; lourtl), shot gun, Chas. Dunlcp;
fifth, shot tun, wont (0 J. H. Luutn
W, H, M(H)ru left tlio parly piirt o(
tlio week bounn for Niiniilnio and thn
Vukotin where lie expects to engngo
In coal mining with tno White I'nn
Cmil Mining Co. Mr. Moore, by Ids
manly und o_hmi citinpnlun uork ilur
Ing tlio latu (k'ciioii, added tunny
friends lo i)io*m , who lind known
him prevIuin tu his candidature lo,'
member. Whcreevcr Mr. Moore
caufi lil.s lot liN ii-iiny Fnriiln li lends
will wish him well.
J, W. Ileiiiiclt, trn\clllng leprceii-
tntivc nl the Srriiuloti Iiileiiiiilioniil
CnrrcN|-niiih-iu School, ol Kcmntoii.
l'n.i in in thi' city in the Intcrrst.i ol
that iiisllt«|tii)ii. .Mr, lU-iini-tt's hc.il-
(pinrlciH nm al Ni'lwni,   Mr, , lU-ant-tt
(V V,, but 11 Iniidulidc near Knij' In-
tcrfetted with progrchi, nnd he relumed lo town 011 the C, I>, H. local
 -0-~- "
Whclan-At -Wallace,     wiho,
Monday,    Feb.    .nth,      .^7,    JuliaJ
O'Mcaru,    relict  of    .he late  ,TJi.1s
Whelan, aged 68 years" and -one month
The funeral,will.take place,from the
residence - ,of Mr., p.  Gleason,    Ea'stj
street,   on   Sunday,.afternoon     ,.f   2
"o'clock.   Services  will.'-e hcl.l.in i-\.
Patrick's Church,- thence to tne 11, C.
vault.—.Vapanee-Express.      '  '
Mrs.'Whelan w'as"tlic mother," '4 cm
fellow, townsmen; -Thomas, °Coinelius
and 1 Patrick Whelan. >> Mr.r 'hios.
Whelan left for Wallace, Idaho, .immediately on receipt of tlie news that
his mother ..was" very, ill, but owing
to' the chaotic state of railftiad communication, he'did. not arrive .; V'.-U-
lace until after ,the, death of .M*--,
Whelan.'     ,      , - ...
Mr. .Wiielan accompanied the , remains to Napanc'e, the'fainilv home,"
where ,the funeral, took-place* as announced, in the,Express.   • ■       "  -    ''
miuer.s not-to come to„_Fernic on ac-^
fount of an. expected,trouble    in    the
near- future,', in  consequence '„ of ^tlu-
iinnkintr-of-the'new agrcenicnt,  whid'
'.;ci?rs. }}'• **\ ¥00f-,c's-U,il'1,»ickas presi-
deht''a'iid - rriy'-pwn' us^secrcUin". '-*""""
_;'I wish to.emphatically deny -uvinj-
signed ' any , such document at', an*.
liine, and if anyone can give nie in
formation" whereby 1 can' find out wlu
•it. was'that used my name 'to "sucl
'•■otlice,, I shall he very thankful, aw'
I should do-my uttermost to ■ briny-
Mich party or parties to justice."
I I am, yours truly,    .
;.' Tiros, nioos.
Sec,  Gladstone I.ocal  2314,   ; "'  ''
—  -o-	
Mr. Kolck, anh wife, of , nnbuipje,
Iowa, were in towii a few days „ur-
ing the' week visiting J)r, anil Mrs.
Iliggins. Mrs,' Kolek is n sinter' „1
Mrs. Iligginc.
Mr. Kolck is wigagt-d in the dole-
snleo drygoods business at huhiiqiie.
Mr. and Mrs. Kolck were greitlv
pleased with Fernie and iis"surround
ing mountain .scenery.     '
There arc„a few little 'knolls sent
tered about Dubuque why, t]l(_ , t
«ns of that pancake countrv di-mif,
with the name of hill, )lm wh.ii n".
call hills would he culled towi-riii.
niouiitalii.s down tlmt w„y, lhnvm*i-
where we excel in loftiiu'ss ila-y ' e'\
ecl  iu   a  wiilcncss     UU    tliv    wide
II ess 'of the sva.
Mr. and Mr-,.  Kohk  will    |,,
mote adveilisi-ih. lor Ki-rnii*.
Tlio Coal Company clerks were badly htitcheicd  in  the hockey    coir.-st
against tin- butcher Imyc '.1st    W't-.l
nesdny ni^ht.
The line-up w.is a*, follov/n-
nulchers—Miller, (iinty, Crawford.
Wauki), F.dn*->;iuU, M.iyti and MdDnn.
Coal Co—M«Kvoy, Aionlrung, lie
jiew, .Toltiisiin, ICIrkpatijrk, Spencer,
i.m) Frcchrttc.
Vlii- M«nt was 4-1 in h»\\,r 1 ( the
liUUhtlli,       *aI»*   Uculiul     tUtrt     Hid
uri|x.sl them, nnd then hung themip
to dry.
Urv. If. W. Grant did a Rood jol,
at rtfetelng, a» he i* an old hand at
the gamt.
To-The Editor."    ",    ..-,. '.1
Deai ,Sir,—Information has' ^reachec"
mc' to the effect that' a notice ' h'aj
lippn iificvWl-
Mrs. Itonnell gave a tea yesterday
afleriioiiu. - '
Ed. Wildman was np from labor
during the week.
-Born,, lo Mr, and Sirs.  John Glim-,
b.irk,  at Fernie, on the ifith.a dan-  °
ghter.'_-, .     , ■ ,   -
Corticcli  SilkHurritt was"in   town''
looking as smooth as silk during the
week." i    .       - •    '        ■    -. '
Horn',. at„Fernie, on Feb.  17th,    to''
Mr.  "and   Mrs.   Harry , McQuarrie, a
daughter. - -        *,   .1-0.
. Mr.'and Mrs.,-A.  J. Mott returned-;
to. Fernie,    'their  future    home,'on    .'
Dr.  Corsan,..Mrs.. Corsan and    Miss  '
Kid have'.returned from a two week's
visit to Spokane. " "
Mr. J\ E. - Knight, of Vancouver,
who is engaged in i'ie timber industry, ' was. in the .city yesterday.
The 'Ladies'--Benevolent Society, wish
to    tha'iik  the '   hockey players-  who
played on Tuesday "evening for    their    -
donation  af, $10.25.
' The Odd Fellows put "the odd huni-
l;cr of five'candidates-,, ;for Odd Fel- ■
lowship°throdg-h their first paces Wed-
r/esday^iiight. ,        ;,     •■"-., '     .
H. E. Macdonnell, district freight
agent, of "the C. P. R.,\ and General
Freight Agent F.- W/Peters', 'of Win-'
llini'ir.- n'jet   liprp.. Tlilirg^nv - -   . '    r- ' -
The Alberta govcrniiitut h.ive mvhi
mgly rotnmitted a l.liimU-i- in side
trucking thv eight-hoin Uyhlmi,,,;
which hid bn-ii promised the' co,il
mliirm iluring the  U-llibinlgi* strike
If the Alberta government fml n
iiinit nn ciglii-hoiu hiw .ut 1 lie pi.-s
eitt session, it xv i 11 U milling diliin.l.
• ies to the lul.ni- siuiiiiu.il uliuJimm
le.id  to mrjre serious tioulib'
The tight-hour J.uv is n pniM »h
•i|on whicli tinr miners wilt insist
ami il is gruiliiiill) hut huri-lv Umg
H'cogiii/ed  nml ado|)li-d everywhere.
Ample time Iuin elapsed' sinoc tlu
I,vlhhrii!go strike in which tin*   gov-
«»i.lliKtit   \»iail>   VlilVC   lUlll>lilrli'il      tlllr
iiiiiltei, nud if trouble arlNi.-s between
njcraloix nml workers on account of
the abseiic*) of mich n law, thnt j»ov-
iriiuuni will be responsible for Mich
The mine workers relied up.ui the
Kduiout.ai novumuaui u> uU ihit.
disturbing elrnient out of the way be-
foi* tht t mc for drawing up nc«v
nitit'ctiitntu between tuc wirkem and
.>,*.i.»t<»r* *honb! auivi*,  And ihr   rr
it  tl..U    thi;   v.o'.uiiU-.Uil U.w-.i v,.,
As the passenger, train on the Crow
tan round ,a cun'e near.; .Taffray last ■
Monday, -the;, pilot .scooped,.up a- man
who was'travclliug on a tie pass nud ■
passed l/lm over .'"into a snowbank,.
without either' hurting * the * cow-catch-
er'or the lie passer.   ■,]/■' ■"'-
Air, Frank Dunn, who,has" been day
operator at the C. P. U, station for
.some time, and who has made many
friends, left this morning' tor Cranbrook, where he takes charge of the
itrain dispatcher's ollice. Frank Shel-
'don, latelyf. at Franks takes-Mr.-
jnuun's place in .the'office here. ■
j Past Chancellor's .jewels were pre- .
.seated to Past Chancellors T. Beck,
F--' J. Watson and Xf. S.' Volume at
,ihe last regulat meeting of the local
K, P. lodge. Past Chancellor Flcish-
maiiii, who was present, aided iu llie
exercises and presentation of the medals. ' >    '
Tl c Ledger' Kid reccive.l a chiliy-
wnck across his niental knuckles the
other day when he opened a letter directed from Chilllwack, ». C, where
a, cci tain personified friend of Ids
hangs out at a gospel mill. The
wiiter sent his congratulations nn.l
rood wishes to the Kid's kid, hut
tempered the inessnge to the "Shorn
Lnnih," as- it were, by saying that
lie was surprised that our kid should
turn to sheep stealing and bring
li'iiiu 11 I.nmh," Wouldn't that take
'he wool off. your hock? But then
'.Inn- was $2 in the same envelope tfJ'
pay for the Ledger, nnd the Kid sue
ivi-'li-il in holding down hi,*. Umper,,
, Our old friend", A. T, Chixtou, is in
•own iinnin. He is now manager of
Claxlon Bros .Si Co., general incr-
cIihijis, of Orynfel. This new firm pur
i-liHKcd an : established business ut
(ireiifel, nnd are meeting with (.••eat
success. A. T. reports that for a few-
lavs during thr cold spell and coal
*lioiti_.c which knocked nt their d. ors
■■•t the same time, they had a 'old
inn;- to keep hot! ihey burned ;r.'ii
poplar wood which wouldn't i'.imi.
and supplied flit- sliortoge iu heat
by mental «fricimn, J nek Cluxtoii,
who was also n Fernie hoy lor n
.slmri linn-, is a port of the ik-w fun.
The I.cdgir wishes them succe..*.,
The editor of ihi> NI.hr Ca|» \up-
lliine I regrels \eiy much tlir.t lw
'ins been unable, on account ol »,it
cuinstaiici-s ovci whica he has ny
c..iitn»l- not eiiotijfh pressure to keep
J.< ;.,i.i,-.i] tic ut motion—lu gel uue
out this week. It is hoped iiml tli«n-
will' be enough wntfr pressure in future to keep our tnonollne busy, tu,-
les*. tin-re is n lire or a drouth to In-
*!..(>.«,, -,i, *.,im,|i viiiie wp will have
to dig tip that little red devil of a
.•n* dine engine, which has been lying
lorniant in thr cellar since it knock-
<d out the whole force in the thnp.
If we have to go back to that llltle
triiihV 1irei*.lrr thw will be tiw.r*
irriible stimd'iip for our wkkisl'tn-
••mlc*. than lh«-y hnv« ever expcrieiual
If they Jwvtu'l wre*Ikd with one of
lhow haulkers, People will wi«h that
ifu* l.eilgi-t had water power to thr-w
at the binU.
ilu'Ks to post|H>ne .11 tion biyoinl tin" | All amounts due the Fernie Ledger
timr of the rgpiuiinii nf i-xistine; | piini io I-Vh 1st vull I* colleiled |,y
^..i.lrnt*i, i*. n»i tht.- lir.d «>( .ution • A .1 Mi,U, ami .til bilK ap«in*t ibe
iliclmiiK- woikti* txpninl, and to j t.e*lj;fr in that d.ite ^muld be pre-
»hUh it *ttm% thev an* .ntuhsl. ^ellUll tn him for rollfction. V;
k' ■' '
|V*.   <      fi
'   VASCE.
laftied every   Saturday   frota stae' oi-
 fie* .of   'publication,  ;.Todd   Bloct,
Victoria Ave.,"' Fernie, British   Columbia/.    .            .   ,v    -
D. V. MOTT.  Editor
The Fernie Ledger*is .now the prop-
,'e'rty    of    District lS,     United   Mine
.. J Workers of America,  - ,    \
.*,       ■, -   ^ _ t. ..   f - ^- ,
The change of ownership took place
] last.week, and all business connected
with ihe publication, advertising and
job work of the Ledger. Office'will be
conducted in the,interest of the ney.'
owners, dating from the, 1st of Feb-
. ruary. " ,1 ' .  !
■   A new business manager is on   his
,-way Irere from St. Paul to take   enj-
1    tire charge of all business' afiairs and
u    to supcrinteiid  the mechanical department.   Mr. Mot't will continue as its
1 j    editor,  with   no   business   affairs   in
connection    .with the   paper to look/
,-   *> 1
after, and it is the object of its new
1 ' ,     I
r    owners  to make  of the Ledger   ,the.
best, most widely circulated and most.
liler.illy  eJited  paper in Eastern Brit-,
.  ish Columbia and Western   Alberta.   ',
Its actual owners, the members   ofj
. the United Mine Workers of America.;
whose local organizations already ex-,
tend from Fernie to Tabor on the<
-Crow's Nest line, and to*Bankhead on
the main line,. will constantly,   grow
., - *       *£ r
in" numbers' as the great coal "beds of
.   - -■ ■    • 1 --'     '    ...-/.'      , >;     .,
'.the Rocky Mountain territory arerde-
■ veloped.   The 'present  membership .of
. the' organization is','- *■' in round uum-
0 bers, 3,poo, which -number it is . '■' expected will be increased to 5,000 during the present year.    ,
A paper-   with such a constituency
as owncrsj .' and.properly conducted,
v can look to the future with. assurance
', ,.bf success.   Financially, it wilj be on
,    the best basis of.    any paper  in the
■ territory, in which it .circulates,    and
tlie good it'1' can accomplish "can   only
' be'measured by the capacity of those
who have the.direction of its policy
in charge...'   , .".--. „■
- The Ledger wishes     to say  to the
%. ° ~o ..       -      -   .-    * - -
        ....f.i'~   ti,rt4^„,i,;i^j.:*_i^v.,.»e 4^ ..l.«.
—i. j.uw, »%.— w.c&«.—n.uuv~i.— Mi.iOii£.3 iu u.v.
United;Mini Workers of Americai    it
doesnol'by any means intend io con-
'     "fine its work to the selfish motive of
',     building up that, order at the expense
of the public good. ,       „      .
On the contrary, it will be 0011 luct-
ed in the interests of that vast body
of the public whicli, is the really use-
„..   ftil  portion of all communities,,   the
working. classes, be they members of
organized     labor    societies   or  not.
- Every man or woman', who contributes to the sum of commodities, which,
goes to make up tlie necessities,  the
liitiit of the masses is becoming ac-.
cck'tated andsFmore may "be conlldenl-
ly expected during, the next quarter
of a century, along such lines than
has been accomplished in centuriesbe-
fore. , ." ,'"•?,•- ',, -  • ;'■
The "miner, tlie lumberman,^ the agriculturist, the mechanic and the
mercantile man' who assists in... the
passing of the products of all these
vt.Ui: /along'to the consumer, w^l
*i« t. r. the Ledger a' friend at
times n.ady to lend its aid to
in  their efforts  to, better, their
* -    •
and other people's Conditions. ,
Those engaged in' the: directing of
the capital which is legitimately engaged iu aiding the production of all
necessary, .commodities which, enter
into the industrial and economic-life of the' country, will find ' a
friend in the Ledger.
Only ihe abuses of the powers cie-
alcd.by laws made by the representatives of the people need fear attack
from us.
The real use of combined capital
will be respected and encouraged in
every effort to- add to the wealth
and comfort of iis owners without
detriment to the-people whose authority brought such combinations into
Those who create by law the power
to combine wealth for industrial purposes must retain and exercise1'^.the
power to so regulate, such privileges'
as, to prevent the abuses which have
b'een allowed to creep into a'- system
which was originally, intended' for,the
good1 of the public. '
The appalling extent to which such
abuse has grown can only 'be- surmised from,the few instances brought to
light by recent investigations, and in
every, instance  ' this' abuse- has been
found to be. the result of the multi
... .     .,, . .
plication of the^powcrs. of a' director
.if a corporation.
The directorate abuse has grown to
such > an alarming extent that a few
score of-men have been/able to-direct
the industrial and commercial afiairs
of a great nation to .whatever enterprise'theyr might see fit to' foster at
the^expeuse of all others. This-is the
gicat and -overshadowing evil which
confronts the people of .a^whole con
cin.entr^nT^IriS-the- beginning'~Df'~~~tli?
-loth century. Great possibilities lie,
in the path of the press of today, and
it is', encouraging to note that at
least a few of the paprrs'-of Canada
are making noble use of their" oppdr-
Utilities ou.these great questions, and
the Ledger, while local • in its scope,
and modest in its aims', shall at all.
times contribute its mite .towards'the
[general . good to-> conic out
.of the continued effort » to
'diminish the great evil which overshadows the beginning of this, the
greatest of'the centuries.
The Ledger confidently expects    the
comforts or the intellectual ■ and tnor
nl upbuilding of the human family is   co-operation of all lovers of truth and)
a member of the working classes and
ns such should be well posted and educated as to' his or her rights as
against the usurpation of power over
them by unlramcled organization 1.1
capital which abuse the power .given
them by the laws oi the country, in
order to control the results of labor
in the interests of those who    cease
1  ,
lo labor.
The Ledger does , not wish to he
understood ns being antagonistic to
the legitimate uses of capital; rather
it shall aid to the best of its ability
to get out of the use ol capital the
best possible results.
It shall, however, continue In the
future, as il has in the past, its battle against the process of rubbery
which has been, and which is being,
carried on hy unscrupulous corporations ilirou_;li the iihamcliil abuses ol
the double directorate, which has been
fcliowu hy numerous Investigations into the ini-tliods of large corporations
to exist to such un alarming extent
ns lo c.iusu all lovers of justice nnd
honorable dealing to' hegin to look
carefully into the causes which underlie the great fortunes which lu.ve
sprung up like mushrooms in a
In addition lo Its warfare against
a s\stcm which permits of an hull-,
v!..««l Jiufcliii^ ulhu ptopic'ii .noiicy
Sruiii out. CHliipii.se to alio tint in tin.
interest of the director Instead of iu
thu interest of the directed, as was
evidently the intention of the found-
'•rv r*r wrr-ora•:•?- hwr, _C,a 'i.w^ts
shall at all timet lie found laboring
for the education of the common pco«
pl« along lines which will lead to an
intelligent exercise of the political
power which they possess,
It is only through the educntion of
r!i<.' cuiiiiiuii'people along tlics.e llm>
that thn encroachments of xclfiuh end
avaricious grtc<l can l» curbed,
Long years ago the process of
educating the people vt.% «low vnd
rff>v »r.-igfii_r to the reform of carlUt
•lays, hut in these days of rapillty
in ulf lines of Industrial advancement
the intellectual and moral    advance-
justice iu all classes of life, and shall
endeavor to retain' and add to,, its
former circulation, and although its
field has suddenly been ,rrenly enlarged it.will still take a great interest in ' the affairs of 'Ferule,' its
place of' publication.
. To its new owners, the editor wish-
cs to say,     lend us your aid. in the
collecting nnd disseminating of
news and we will give to the Ledger
the best that is in us for the, advancement of your order and all-for whicli
il stands,
1 Ferule, JI. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
uiiderHlgHcd will, at the first,meeting
of the Hoard of Licence Commissioners for the City of Fcrnlc, held after
the expiration of thirty days from
this date, apply for the transfer of n
iclail liquor licence, granted in respect of llie Central Hotel, .ituatu
upon Lot 1, Block (,, City of I'ernie,
from myself to James Sevcrns.
Dated this 16U1 day of January, A.
I)., K07.
1 "     '  i      .u       ... .1   1..  j
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Cured.After
.''  "i ' '        1 .
Doctors, Had'Failed. '-■
Mrs. T.'J.  Jobin, 36S King-street,
Quebec,   wife  of ,the-circulation..manager of'iL'Evenement, i.s . one   of the
best    known    and   , most - estimable-
ladies  in  the cily,' and her statement
that   Or.. Williams-' Pink Pills    cured
-* ' .     . *
her.vof-'a very severe attack' of " indi-
gtrliou will, bring-hope to-similar^
sufferers. Mrs," Jobin says:, "About"
a year ago I was seized with , *' indi-
gestion which had an alarming,effect
upon"' 'liiy health. ,'Day by dayv-my,^,
strength grew' less***. I suffered. ' from
terrible.- hctulajtyics, diz&ifncss, ,paipi-,~
tation of the heart and.'skepb_j_ssncss,',
1 was in this condition': for aboutjyx^;
mouths. I consulted two' "'(kocioris-.
and although I' followed their treat-'
mc-nt carefully it did not help me in
the least. Last October, seeing that-
instcad of regaining my health I wasl
growing worse,.I decided to.try Dr.-
Williams' Pink Pills. After I had'
taken the second box "there',was a
change for the better,,and after taking tht* pills for'a'mouth longer the
trouble'"cntirely disappeared, and I
am-again enjoying the- best of heal thi
I have so much'confidence in Dr. Williams' Pink Tills .that, I always keep
lliciu in the house .and take them occasionally as a safeguard.!1
Just,as surely as Dr. Williams',
Pink Pills cured Mrs. Jobin's - indigestion they can cure all' the oilier
.ailments which come from bad blood.'
Dr. Williams' ^ Pink Pills ' actually!
make new, red blood, /fhat is the
one thing they do—but they, do' it-
well.- In.making this new rich blood
this medicine strikes straight at the
root of such - common ailments" as
anaemia,, headaches and backaches,-.-
general weakness, s nervous debility,"•
neuralgia, rheumatism and the' torturing weakening ailments that afflict
women and-growing girls!' You caii
get these pills from any' -medicine
dealer or by mail at 50 cents a box
or six boxes'for S2.50 from'the lb.
Williams' Medicine Co., ' Brockv-illc,
Out'. v     .
Headquarters      Blairmore, Alta.
F.H, Sherman,, Pros.- - '-hernie A
^'J.''-A.?McDcnn!d. Sec.^'Bl.iirinore ♦
^ Gladstone' I.ocal Union No.,2314?/4!-
; Thos> Biggs'.'-Sec^, Fernie^B?* C.'^"
-. ^-.i-jj.-!*- &>-.'",iv,jt-'j. . vi-"-'tr .;,;,*▼
i   ■      »-fck ■     -' *•     ..£"■:> -   '   *.♦
F>.C-.".Lawe.:.-.;-'AleK.'- I. •Fisli'eri'-VB.-A-.'
£i y   ... ^|.       .:.\.-i.^p-- -.- V-
''j'.- Fernie, '-B/C."    ,   ;•?,}-.
-*;;> yt »>■
- Mr. Howling-first, a fjentlenian of
Blood,-who traces his ancestry 'back'to'
the first families of America, was.found
puilty of stealing- a check Jor■ a' sma'l
amount at Marle'od the'ollier day. and
was sentenced to three months in which
to change his, name to Howlingafter.
He is hi'the Mac:Ieod barrack sand :is
'progressing rapidly.with thcchangiiig
A hotel that furnishes quiet, com,-],
modious accommddi^bion"'for its patrons is.9, source".of, pleasure^ • to the
travelling,public! Such a one is the
,King Edward Hotel, of Fernie, corner opposite post-office.    .
♦ Coleman'Local Union No/2633*.<>J
4 "Chas.  Brooks, -Sec., \C0lema11,   ♦
♦ . AI*«.   ;       :-;,:-« ./-^♦'
♦ " '* ,    '   -' "'* ' ♦
4>   Frank"'Local   Union No.   1263   &
♦ David Stene,.Sec.,!'Frank, Alta.   ^
♦ i. v.'^'.'V"/ V.:-';*""0/1 ♦'
aaaaAaaaaaaa a'AitJiaaa *aa
.♦ '"•'"',,,- ;'.,'' •■"'   '   x-:*,
!♦ l UUe" * l/icdl "Union -' Uo*.   1233' * «.
► • Dan . McNeil; Sec.'; Lil'le.'V Alta. -♦*,
• ^"i'iy       ... w-."-        5 - -•>      •«-    -___.-.
♦ , '.. . 1. »* ;■' .-.--'•- ■-  '(-"*, '-'?'-- i" '■   •
♦ Bellevue Local-Union No. -43i'^
♦ John , Clark,VjSec., -Bellevueiii'iO
♦ ■' "J "' ■  Alta.   "..*    ..\\.y"+.
.♦    '-   ' '    ♦
!> ". 'f;V ':'"■ '-';'. '.!",,,, *,"'"'. ~4'
4  Hillcrest Local 'Union i'Nd.i'o58:.?#,
♦ -Jaa. Turnbull,f'Sec," Hillcrest,' ♦
,4 V';*' ;   .^'Alta^  '■ .-';'•*' /;>*
^ '   *"^ ■* ^"  ^iA * - ■ i- •i1' 1H*   '* t, -i I &
■♦ ;y- v?:: "-'V.-V^ y-?':M-   ♦
♦ Lundbreck Local "Union -No.,_-<^
4 2273.- A.,.'H.-Bryan1,' Sec.', Luhd-'"'+
4 -Vbreck, Alta-% .''. '*■'", *♦
♦ .*■!..*'. ■♦'
♦ *.,-' ■ .-;■:..-v    .•..-.va.-'v.**
'♦   Lethbridge Local Unioa No.574.4-
♦ .-S. A.' B. Crabb," Sec., Leth- ^
♦" '    bridge,''ATta. l "''••'     ':4
♦ '  - "♦
♦."";:'.',i.,-,.» .'.■ :x.: ■:.*.-, *♦,
^ ."Tabor ..Local. Union ,,-No. 102,,_♦
<«>   John ^Bishop,.-.,  Sec.,, "'J_abor,; ♦
♦ *" """' '"'"' 'Aita."""     J " '". ^
♦"jv ':".•'■ .■ ' \ .•.;;.:,,'♦
♦ Tabor , Ixical. Union No.. I959; ♦
<«>' Alfred' Probert.'Scc..,'. Tabor,"  $
♦ , , ,' ' Alta."';,, ., /_ .♦.
♦^■r-'Vv   f-/.;-,-'.,-"^»j
♦ Canmore Local'Union No. 1387   ♦,
♦ NH.":Asson, Sec., Canmore,'Alta. '♦'
♦ .^^   ■■■"tf-vi' ' i'y- y
+y, ',-:.i- .-.*■:.-: a .-•-»•->;• ,*-J-' ♦
4' Bankhead Local Union No. -29 ' 4
♦*.John'Higgins, Sec., Bankhead 4
4'- '•> ■'!' « - .-Alta. yv-'-'t ,\ '. ♦
OKAIiBl) TKNDKU** nildromod to tho undct-
_*J klKiifcil, ami (*inlor»0(l "Tontlor for Po.U
Oillrie, Fcrnio, H. C," will ho reaelvoil at thin
plllce until Munciny, Folu-uury lKtb, luff,
^,.S'l•h,ya'■''• for the eonstruetinn of a Pout
Oil lee. &e„ liuihllnir nt i-'ornio, J). 0.
Hans ami hpoclfloiitlon 01111 bo seen nnd
forms of tcintlar alitiiinad nt thlnDoiiartniont
nnd on oniilioiitlfin to Holmrt A,- Kurr, Enij.,
Clorlc of Worloi, Kornlo, 110,
PprsoiiR tundorliiK nro notified that tondoru
will not bo coimidorod nnloHH made on the
printed form Huvpllail, and siitnod with thoir
actual signatures
Knob tondor miiht be ncoomnunleil by nn
"     '"          ' - I bank, mud
mnriildo tli
il tn ton p<
tho toniun
■ "-.-,-■ .—-T -—.  - .-—ty tondoriiiit
iloollnutoonter Into a. contract when palled
iiccontod ehuquo on a cshiu-terod bunk, miidu
— vnble '    "        	
which will be forfeited If tho party tendurin
navnlile to tlio ordor of tho Ilonnruldo tho
Mlnutor of X'ulillo Worloi, cijiiul to ton por
coiit.(H)p 0) of tho nmonut of tho tonifor,
611 May
Need It
Aik your doctor ibout the
vision 0! you r iccpic£ Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral in the house,
rtidy for colds, coughs, croup,
bronchitis. If he siys It's all
right, then get a bottle of It
tt once. Why not show *
little foresight in such matters?
Early treatment, early cure.
upon to do no, or if Im fail to comploro the
wiirlccontriiuti'd for.  If tho tondor bo not
noooploil tlioolimiiio will bo lolurno.l.
• Tho Duiuirtinent iIoon not bind Itnolf to no.
copt the lowost or nny tondor,  .
., Uy Ord«r,    .
KiiBii. aia.rNAS,.
Dopm-tniunt of J'ublln Worltd,
'     Ottawa, .InnuiirylHtli, 11107.
, NpwHpapors  Inaurting MiU ailvortiiamant
without iititlinrlty from tho Dojnirtinont will
not lio paid for it, ,   ,,
Sundays   at' ir a, ''m., and
2nd Sunday at 8 a. in, '»}•
NOTION N hci-ohy Rlvmi t'mt (ho nmlflMlKiuirl
wil1, hi lliullrnt. inoiilinit nf llm Ilonrd nf bin.
iin.lnirCdiiiuifioliiiioriiftir (ho City of I'Vulc,
linld aftiir MinHViilriillun nf tlilrly iIiivk from
tlilnilnin ,-ip|il,vfurii ti-iiimfnrolaiuliill |Iq-i< r
lii'«iiiiii ki'hii'«.| in him t  of   tho   Wiil-idi'i
llntol, Hltliuto nt I.11U M-lfi lllimlt 13, Ulty ol
Kiirnfii,friiiii uiymilf *n Mmy klnmii,
Iintnd tliln l»t day nf Kulinmry, A 1). J()'i7,
' W'i.,Mll.l.ii.    '
,     , K«iiiln,]l,0
N0VI' K In hiirohy «ivon that llm un-'
iHr.luiiiMl wlll Aitlio llr.t inuoiidi: of tin
lloiud of l.lubiMtiu (yiiiunifHnlouoM for tin-
t'ilvnf Kiiinlu Ill-Id iiflor llm HXplnilliiU i|l
Milrh-diiy» from HiUdiilo, iipiil.v lur Iriun-
nr of 11 rotiill Ihinnr Hi-rilimi Ki-iiutml In rnwMt
or tlm KiliffK llnii-l Nltimln nt l,nt 7, Illncli A.
iity nfKurnlo, from my»olf to John 1'ii.llnu.
in olU ;
1 hi tod thliUt dnynf Koliriiiiry,A. J), 11*7..
'    Ti.A,UlU.B
y  -, .City of Pernio '"
ANGIvICAN-Christ Church- .J.
ftev. R. Skelding Wilkinson,, ,•!•
pnBtor—Services,'' ii a. m.'°„»l«
and 7.30 p. ' tn, Sunday »J«
School- and ''Bible"'class'' at «|«
2.30 p. ni,'Evening prayer •!•'
on Wednesday dt: 8'o'clock:'J•!•
Holy Communion- 1st and 3rd"»li
Ivocke  •!«
Kempton, BiA., B.Tli:, \>aat- ..J.
or. Services at 11 a!'in.' arid »J«
7.30 p. m.' Sunday school »}<
and Bihlc!'«lnsii''at 3.'30 p.m. '4|.
Prayer meeting on WctlncB^^fl*
tlay at'8 p', iii, ; '' '''" !" * .if.
CATHOMC-Cliurch of tho
■Holy Pnnilly-I'atlicr J. M1.
Travcrnicr. - * O.M.I. **I<bw
iiianH, 8.30 a. in;; high mass,
10,30 a. m. Sunday •school,, ».•
3 p. ni, livening »crvlcc,: 7.30 »J.
Wa jmlillili our rurnulM
W« btnith tieolidl
tr*» *ur MMI«lBM
W« urrt yea U
<lr -
tttny ■ boy It called dull and «upld.
«hen thlvh0,e ,rtl,btc i*duc •» »Tii\
liver, V'c firmly btlieve your own doc-
♦or will jell you that in occiulonil don
of Ayer's Pflh will do iuch boyi 1 uci
dill of Rood. They keep tne liver active.
XOTICU Is lien-hy given that,    60
day;, alter date, I intend to apply to
tl;t: Hoiiorahli! .Chief Coiniiilssloiicr of
I.iiiiils .mil Works for pciini.s.sloii    to
pimhiiMi     ihi*     ndhiu'iii))   di-Hir'iH*d
' d, ,s|nintc In Utiht Kootfiijjy, nntr
ICIkol   Comuu'iicing at a post planted on the northern boundary line   of
I.oI 4833, about 40 clmiiiM i-itut   (nun
tlm   hoi tliwi'.st form-r     ol wnid ],otj
tlu'iir."   north ._« clialim tlience  e.iiit' tn
chains; tlience honth fio ctiuliiN, more
ur K.".:;, to Lite Kit Iiivci; then v.cs.1-
vrly along mu'iI river to the northern
lifMiir'hirv     nl  x;iid   I^t 4«,1.t;   thrtitc
northerly nh.ng iHuid  enslcrit  hound
my nf slid I.ot to tliv nortlii'iiht for
ncr uf h.iim-;  llici.ie   m-.sti.'rlv    .ihuij;
tl.c iiiiithcm. Uiuuit..i> nf h.iid I,oV U.
phiie »,f htginnfii-f.     ' '
D.itnl ihe iKth -Any nl I\-hr.inry, A.
I), iw;.
MIJTIIODisT-U'a'v! ' W. Ush- *V'
ley Hull, II,A., 11,1),, pastor.  •]•
. ScrWcci at-n n. b; and 7.30 •{•
p, im. UlbleUlass 3:30 p. in.) •♦}•
combined ' Bible' clans and »!•
teaclitra' meeting, .3,30.^,m, A.
Class meeting, 10,15 a. ni,A*jV
Voting,    people's ' jncetliigi   »J.
, Monday nl, 8, p.  m.   Prayer  »j.
meeting Wednesday.at 8p.m>  »J«
" • .«, ......     •■•+
♦M . 1       .   Af
•{•, I'lUCSUYTlilUAN , « ., Knox •!•
Afx cliiircli-Hev, II. , R. Grant, A?
<\?'^ .B.A., pastor. Services nt 11 ,»j«.
»J«1 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday A*
>!• < school and Bible class ' at >!•
•J« ■ 9.30 p, in, Prayer meeting A<
•{•'   .Wednesday at 8 p, m. .* ■    _.»j«
+ (' .      .:..■■       ;. ... +
+ *...■ ' ,  »!♦
•J« [SAI.VAtlON   ARMY-Captain  .{•
ll-   I*,"
J. P. Myers-Gray;
^■li.'--'.    „-, . • -*.
r-AiinisiriiS at-1,*w,
Ri;i»r*5 1 •S'-iCMef de'i.ni. lilo«:-
H-: 11, !,.,'"■ B."i
W^K?tfoss; K. C;i f.\&y^. $%$ Amxakteb'
" • \ Ross. &. 'Alexander.; |!.
■'; ?t £
Ji''.iv.   .   FBRNIEfB.-C, '     ^.
'    -. li
Offleft in \j. T. W. Illc.ok, Viclorla Avuuua.
.      .DENTIST "    ■ ' l\.
L T.' W-*:. BlockV opposite'.' ihe   Bank
*. - ' " »* Qti\v* hours—H nM 1 o 3 p.m. >' "\ "1" f
Officii Houiti<t-
.* V*Kito"IS a", in'. .1 to 6 p. m
v. «.*.      K^O^to^M p.m. _    _.. _
*'"' Otli'cfiin-A.iox.l.'^li's Bioit'kv
ovoif Slinn'B Hako>y.'.,'-'?
45   "">   Plans' Specifications"'and "Esli^-!
" V '" mates"' furnished'fon- application.,
I'       Pleniv   of. GOOD   DRY  LTJM-
- BER.ON HAND.   ., '   '   J-
-.Architect ■ „ and. Superintendent _
■ Office at-Residence,'   ,
BXKER .ST..J: -    : -    FERNIE,- B.C
!I..J'^I.L.-. ■".•'■', '   .   A.WlLDMAN
Gontrictors nnd Builders
Estimates Futnished _   k
Storm Doors' and*,.Windows
Shop:- Corner Howlaiid Ave and MoEvo.y St'.
• »;■ '   ;pIO.'Box 855, Femie.'B 0:.   -   '* .
*  r.. » .«     .,, I     V
"'Headquarters'- ' for " -PACIFIC
COAST   a   GROWN"      GARDEN,'
;• '40 5c. packets for ?i.oo prepaid
..   lo.,j'our P,  0.   Order,direct   and
-•; "get -fresh',f:tcstcd, *.iiew crop'seeds.
Ivargc    stock of    Home- Grown
'   Fruit and 'Ornamental -Trees'.'' ■"
"s.  Greenhouse Plants, Cut Flowers.
' Catalogue Free'.' .,     ■',",'
' '    ,:     M. J. HENRY,''
3010 Westminster Road,
...  ,Vancouvftr,. B. C.
Coal,—Coul IiiikIn may Im piwihiiiiod at CIO
nnr nnra for nrirt coal mid frSO for nntlirnntl-n.
Not more than :))!i).nui<*H can lio tu-qutrmt hy
0110 hidlvldiidl or company.' Royalty at tlm
rule oftoiieoiith por ton,ol t(m pouiidv shall
hu'collvutod Oil tlltl RrOSri'OUtlllll..
Quarlz—A trt!o*mlnor'iioort|flciitii lu Bran led
njiori imyinont in uilviuicoof >!> pur iiuuura for
nn Ifiillviilmil, und from fNi tn ivm por annum
forruiomjmny ncnnrdliiB foeapitiil,   -.
.  Afrcomlnor, liiivliiKillsc.iivoroil inlnoriil In'
|iliiL-o,umy luiiiitu n'oliiini l.flrti x l,IKHifiiot.
'J'liufo'ofor'i-ooordliiiiiiidalin In(B,- ' •' '•"'
At, lcuM. vloomiiMt.liu'uKiioiutod on. the ulalin
oiii'hyuiivor linld In the inlnlnu riinurdnj- in
1Ji>n thiiriiiif, \Vln> 11 (MO liiih iiunii fixporidiMl or
puid, the loualor mny. upon IiiivIukii 8iirv«y
Hindu,'anil upon i<oinpl>iui( with nthor ru-
ilulroin(>ntu,pnrc'liii»o tlm luudnlfl nn licro,
Tlm patqnt |irnviih'rt for tlm payim-nt V>f a
royally Of u^ put- ui-ut on tlio miIuh', '' '*
I'j.AOKji itiinlnu (diihiiH Kunorally nro 10(1 feet.
HQiiiirnj Mitr.v fun W rennwiihlo yearly, •
1 A fruo-'nilnni- innv uhlnhrtwii Iniimiti (0
<lroilitp fin- «ol<l of llvo mlleH enuli lor 11 tuna nf
tMontyyoiu'rf, rtmiiwnlilo nt the illHiirntlon of
Im MiiiUti-t'id thuliiituior,,
Laldlaw.   Sunday—Knee drill »]<
7 a. ni/,Holiness'meeting it »J*
a. in.   "Free    and    liasy," A]>
9.30 p. ni.  Sunday school, i »}•
to 3,  Salvation   meeting, 8 +
wlililiror.ii Kiiiuon fnnri tliudiitu nf tlia Ioiihu
for rauli llvo nillDH, Itonul tiiiioriiiimiin for
oii,(]|i, nilki nf rivvr li.iinud, Royalty ut thu
rati) of ul pcroi'iit iiiillci'Kiil on tlieoiiliutt nf.
tur it cxgoi.'iliH !0,ooo. k
•»'  ' »-.2   » W, W, COIiKV,   ,
I)e()tity Minlsur of tlio Interior.
N. U>TUif»|itlic(i'i7cil rVifilicioilicni ol
this advertlsenfiinl will not ho paid
. lor,, ,   ..,.,*,.,..,, i ■ ,,
p. in. P.M.IJ. meeting on
Monday at 7.30 p, in. Salvation meeting Wednesday
at % p. m. fioldlers' mt«t-
ing, Friday. TeiUmony
meeting Saturday at 8 p. ni.
dan nAKKK,.   ,%444H^r4»H4W*H»W-l-I-H'*l-
<i> .   ■". '''.'.. ""..'...;  .   -t>
<fr RUC KlVEIl LODGE NO,.34 <$>
<$> ._, A, If.. & A. HI.,. ' ,.    .,<{)
,$> Regular, intttting held, hist Frv   $
<j> day, in. each' ^iionth.   Visiting  <$>
<j» brethtrn cordially invited.        <$»
<$> j. s,.;Vqt,miis,; sec.; Vcfulo". 4)
<§> ....._                   q
® MT.'FErfNIH' LODGE NO.* 47 '4
<$> ■ '"  " s r." o.;q,f'i'i. *." ■";• a
<§* Meets ovcry Wednesday evening   <f»
<J> at fl"p. in., In I, 0, 0, v! I|all %
<& Y.Q. LAWE,;Ucc:-Scc.';'Fcfiao  '4>
.* ;«,i--:'l    ■■'<   ■   •'    '•-"»'   *    ■'*
* .. 4>
<$> FKUNIH LOUGW NO 31 <|>
^> Mtits In I. 0. Oi P. Tlall every <gv
<S> Thiirndny evening ut 8 o'clock. <J>
<J> Visiting Irt-ftltcrn nrc cordially <^
<%> invited. » <J.
f Geo I„ l'cdlcr, C. C. ' <?>
•ft «. H. Iloiilton, K. li. A. S..      *
♦ ■*-.   ' 4'
..,,   ....
*v fferriie; ffi. q\
■y   •-•■■    •.' ; J-;*.- it--- . =*   ■•_ ,
si*.".     r. ■-.- ' ■(-.-'.*..,«. '•    '   f' *■■    *    -'
'»   '•.CATJj-'AND'SEE'-'1' ■
"....  .;:■-      !      '•"■«'    „'•
Davey &"■ Laderoute'"
!| ■ "* •«
•u y-i'H-- -
iIs'> a*,; pleasant 'home
; for,, the traveler.1 ,
',  _*."-•"'.A   GOOD WAY."   ':     >,; -*",;...",      ,
to-pleasc careful:; housekeeiSsrt;*la t# "','..'     "'. ,, -jr, *'
give^honest "w'aightSiOh.'.-' wedojtt't    .''  **
SayUkatiall hutchers  'dott't;, do' tkia '
hut    we  canliot    help t- occaasionilly'    '     ,   '■ . ,
oyerhcaring;><our-lady?.frieiiiiis'lwlicnv , -  .^-,
they get to .telling their* exbertatices.
" ANOTHER,GOOD VWAY «.U      -'        ".,-',
to,please, js to sujiply only,; the''best0 :.
uioat." -If,-you*trade.:witllus'ybuvwill •■-    '' ,-,.  •
lenrii   just,]iwhat, we mean'--by tfiese ,f
two .'^vays1*.   QUALITYfanid.QUAN-       , '* ^
TITY, will be ft little more,than-.you   . ..
expect.  .   ..-,«,_   '..,;•'*,;--,   {.',:.,,„,,■,; '""   *-.'.'
, ;50 Good W^dsi
'■■■ ■' '"■'■ -••' ; ■!--   •'   •   -■-'''-    -
meii wanted  by
; The Elk Lumber
nio?\- r 'v -■' ''■ -v"■•'-'''-
... -.J The It lumber Cd;gtd>p
Sinion'Dragon, Proprietor.
WliW   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct" Import-
"J -' -; 'ters"of   .
'* 1
_s j LONDON DRY : *0
70CD_T0ir^    -~"-(:._ :__jt:.'" .•-
AND liOLLAND GIN,*      ,'    «,v
:-ja°P0MMERY!    ■■-.-'    ,'..
""-;-, r.CIIAfllPAGNE.      ■  '-'„'  ->'
e.^-VSCHLITZ BEER,-        '-*-
-v.'jALK AND STOUT,   ;    -       ,
■ -..   ' BURMEISTER--     "    ■ ' -   ".  -
■'- Sole Agents'in-Canada, for,     ,
WindBor',   Tonic,1' • ,Jag     Destroyer.
1* - \
1 •   ••;
' X,General,Merchant
,/ ,ancl.,Dealer in,..Wines,
. ™! Liquors arid .Cigars,
i,    ,,..,;      . •   ■
.    •. aj-Ei'BisriEi, b.. a. '
r t 1 , i 1 >
'tV l»ATll6tHi8h  JloMIt  iNDUrh'HV TO
:  rjr-srxOlN-   Xj'Ail3E3L, ,'"
Crow's 'Nest   Spaoihl
Mjnei'/s Favorite Clgaps
,..-   Ith whlo'i thoy.,
mu nmdo, (initlliloH thorn an tho
:;«, !'■.'.'   .'   BCStr    •
Siiiilinij S A-Ptiimv pjpa
u Cue Wurid
'_,. ^    r.m wii.1, kot cnwC
Iver/Vlji fiuar.nitii,       , ,
RO'l.n  IN  CANADA '?Mt -»lr.    \-
"*** "I ■ P"  *•>*  (MUMHMnHfM^iMHM ^h
a; (
MiHt^moiii'aii'iiiViii.k ur
;  i^SIsJeltl Brahd" Piocs
t v- ..- VortflaloUtMho('     ^ ■
Club    Cigar- Store
W, A, INGttAM, Prop,
Pkone 91, .     •      »*     FornU/i». C.
UK   J'jSll   CH,, ."Ti3;jr
1   f
i. -U- '
Leave_Neis'on!_,7-J?'rSlii. m*-Lr(a?K. *• ..
Arrive Vancbuve'r 1 i.56 noonv
* 'a • '■ •*- 'Vf.-' '•' •'. '" -V"-   ■"^""■-'■■■i'
Arrive yuctona 5.45 p.- m.   r.'.
jS.,S.- Princess VICTORIA.     "
I    .- ■   -S. S» Princess .MAY0-'
* ' -
r, ,t   — .
'.   -STANDARD "SLEEPING"'"CAR.l\.    '
1 •■■.'■.,. "berths $1.00""'!''r;,i; '"" •!
I - - ' i,'.   ''-:   "•''"
\ „.. Car can. ho occupied at'Nolso'n''!r-    ''
-.'    ,      Union Depot .nt.np. m.■,'.',;.':   -
Forr.itcs, foldjrs nil' tickets'; apply' t,'
''-    - local agents or to
jJ.ROARTKR.Ii.iriA.'.NoUon,    '',. '''
1 X. J.'OOYIjJS, A' ». l'.'A", VftUc•o'^v'«'r:,"',
Crow's;. Nest -y-T'^
flectric Supply Store,
T V * . * '    'i ' *   ,1
,A1I. kinds, of. Electrical
I     Goods kept in stock,'
i , .!..:,
! ,;! ■  All  work •
Guaranteed  ■
John Turner,
•'•■■' 0«alOMlJ"••':', '
1      ..  .Mryin'1     COMHiOMTa.Ae..:
liilelfl" .**-'•■■'"" n     ,,',, •n*'*iiwlP»lOii
__ I'dinnit.Ukuii' TrirmiiliV«W^lEfl!Stt
b ' Scientific AtitMicaC..
j A hniidfrnnolf lllilitrnfail,n-Aitb;^.  JiMMt «Ub.'
t      ■ " Wioi Ofnoorftu V 6/h WulaWolIjill1"'
I*. ...    '    ...     ..,.   ..)     t    ■.((,     ,■>•    .1      ,    "fTT,    »Hit
*   tatteawsavKBnmaim
j ;. 11! .lyln- :> *
if . ;EXCURS,lbN
ir si
1* ■«.
* ..
,. > 1 '     •
.vTlie .contracvor-i of Fernie will
please tnlcft notice' that Aller April
jgt, 'iooK the Carpenters and Join
3i« of" 1*i-mte  I.fiOnlMMO Will'       ih*.
manrj four dollnrs (4.00) for elcM (8-
lioiirs' work.
*   t        Vf. A. CONKIIU,,
V..8. ol Ct k 3, U, mo, fernlt,
: Fare and Onc^Third   '
J    .-. Round   Trip
■>)") ,1'Vimo, Knvlhiolw anil,nil inter-1..
, t'.i'.'.ll.iit- ..» J k.ti'.vU line poiu'tn,   ,*. ..
OK SAIE Fcby. 11-16 •     UMIT ftty. % '
I* ip .I .in it..i iuf<>rr<.«fl.in «ptlv iA»)r«nt«
j.Kcautkii, ji.p.a. .\.j;co'yLE,A.n.p.iy; (
Ktlion ''Vinc^tiv'  '
Pf ? %vf&^d>**S;.''--l"
, v'r-.*-.,,'*'*1--"".  '
.<..--,, .**
■ ; - •-  ', - -.-.:.,.;- ""?-.-■.   .'*■■■-£,' T.«^-*&'fiVJ^*i5*3^Sfcl
'    ''"iy^'-zyf^yyM
'V     .-.   ■'•-'   f^l
23 1907.
-  1.   '
V'-fl  -V
^v^Is-*^iflrig,-of-the'''Past so s:.ys the Goyefnment-
*-P"£.'.-\-.1.    '' c-/Reduction of .Rates'is'Assured. ;    '" " -."
.?-.-*. , ., .v.-    j   . „     * -   .
at js pro-1 hclicves  linf
kcl-tr.ition hill it i.s to nr
OLlici; ways wc-II known to' railroad
lawyrnvby another]$6.00D,lfjO0,0CO
V. would bow!i)P«jf,ii'inaj{e|!uchV.ate-
Viifius' if ihev" wore ,1101 tw-tKup-.n
ssilid fuunda:ions. ' liuL.no one coiu-
in.'Hit ip.a'i-cusi Uic; subject'c:in or
viurqu-i-ti n them.,. Iovei-esti-n-ue
erst when I'p'ut cost of "'our railroads
'jiU'lVOOb.GCO.tiX)':?-- W l,ai;toii -Barker.
in N-. Kti'i. Aihcricnn lic.view.,  -
Jrames Oevern, •»"»   >-•- f. = - -  " *"      '  •  * ••    ' *T>      ,- j
?     •"  -   ,. - ,   ,        -  - J^roprtetor'
I il il has nny fuixiion ;(i
protect ihe people from such
nionopuliis. Tiio "opinion,, of >tl*e
X own men t, is that tlie only way to
rcjjulalc hiuli a monopoly, is to en tor
inli; compel ition 'and ensure low rales
:u 1J proper service. '   "..     ■
le'.said,  "10 create:
.' ?-    ■'Edihonloi'i,"'Feb.,i8.—What
:' y bably tjie mobtinipoilant   d
\ ever made by liny western   provincial
*" ijoveriinieiit.. was made by the • niinistoi
* '.. of public .works' in the Alberta.. House
,1 on Sntnrdnv. afternoon   when he hlalcc!
I lie government's policy on the lei. ph nu
'-,, il     "queslioji.    Hrieflv,  the government is'y   "Wo
■ .-    ',.^not only KofrijJ .iiito tbe lonff distance ' means  by'wliicb the tanner will scru're
|-     .>> busii|9^s.on.a bu«e scale hul is  Winn | the business -°dv mt igcs"that will result
-..-   v.to supply air cities", towns, rural muni-   from ihe 'iniroduciion, of. a  system  *.f
•j>    Ir.cipalilies aiiii'. local  improvement  dis-' muiiicip.d      telephones       llirou^hout
\'.y t'tricts.thiit want' thein with'" telephones,^.\lbcn.i.    Last so.ss:o-i Ji-gisl.i.iion  was
■ ,■-.,-.^'at ihe lowest possible price, the prbvina ] enacted that made it  possible  for-the
'j'^unlcrtakinK tho instiillalion, operation  people to .operate tlioii-'oiviruysVcms,
V-      ^'and maintenance of the whole system-the pro-.in'ce.to supply the trunk'-lines;
• "r   /all over the province.   •*, ■"   „ jA line lVo:n -Calfjary'to-Banff b;is! been
'_- The' minister did not state any figures
■ but private members announced tonight
%; their belief' that Alberta could supph
•.farmers with phones* at.Sio and $12 ;:
•V' ' .* -*   •
>year and give long "distance connect 101
built. The • government has already
contracted for; wires and poles, for all
tlifii^,could be built "this .-.year.'* Five
hundred miles between Edmonton and
Lyodininstcr   and   Calgary, .ire to be
;4for little more _ than the cost of a  post- hu'1*'donee.
-fage stamp. - "     v    . "   ]'-, ,.'A''ter a ihorougli inyestigstion the
'  t; 'Tha   Hon;' Mr.   Cushing's. speech', .government   has arrived at a decision
• t'which., was brought but in reply lo 'F, ; **''•*- '•' order lo make a'success of the
'*:E. Walker as to what" tlie government's , venture it, will be necessary lo.enlarge
'.'policy was on the  telephone question, j xha scope and  install and  operate ex-
. was absolutely linequivocaiin.    He sail' .'-hanges in all"municipalities that may
Mnparl:*.   • ""."-"'-/*    ■■'"    ...   "      r|','ot wish" to own and operate exchange
.' '■-   '!I have looked into this matter am' I -,f" their oivn 'lind build their own rural
.Baby's  Own   - Tablets have
many'a pre'cib'us" little life.   There is'
no other "medicine to "equal them for
stomach'and   bowel., troubles,    colds,
.s-impic   fevers' or" teclliing     troubles
They,   .ire ^good ,,'for \-liildrcu of . alb
'.ages—from"the new born babe to the.
well   grown  child. . And   the    mother
.ha,-3   the guarantee , of  a    government
analyst  that     they do, not    contain
op'ales or harmful'drugs.' Mrs. John
C.   Gildart,   l'rosser * Rrook,   N.    ».,
says:   "I,liavc proved    that    Haby.'s
Own     Tablets are a ,  great help to'
mothers,-, and are baby's   best friend?
They act almost' like magic,   and    I
wiU always/keepitln.111/in the lioiise."
The Tablets■ are sold-by druggists or
by mail at 25 cents'a box from ..The
Dr.   WilliamV..Medicine  Co., ..Broek-
ville,  Out, "
^.Well furnished-roomsj   The table  is supplied  with  the best
„ the market affords. The ba r is supplied   ; with
liquors aud. cigars. ].•'„
. . gs   Account  is   to .start" it  and    t$
keep, it .going--then- .watch    it ;grow. K.Doesn't   'M
§ -Watch it Increase'.' 'M^fou -have-
rdo, with  a 'Savings   Acco
the   best'wines,
» -'•-- ■•%'.' '   ,; *
0 >^%^^%^w%^m^»^<%n
&    take long  for-it  to count   up  to  a  considerable    ^
Sg    amount—then   yon   see--the • advantagei-the  wis-
^    dom   of saving. , -    .    _ ,„  ,   _v   - -•
 :—u^_L.r ♦
jHotel, Fernie
T. WheBan,
A pleasnnt hoiho
for, tho .traveller.
Itooms-   reserved
by wire". ,
Ev.-ry Attention
I $1 Opens an Account wild Tlie Hoihe/Bank of Canada I
fe" "TTTTrr^TrrT.-—■  .' :   . ■  ■' w
i. H.   MARSHALL,  Mnr., Ferric   Branch
The S£Sk LymSier Go,
Dimension Flooring^ Sidinyr
Finishing Lumber and
mm t
;.'cvery member of llie government ,li.i*'
. ?-vie"ued it in'tlie, same  li}(lit,*th;it  tin,
1 introduction of the principle of publi.
"* .ownership of telephones in tlie'pro'v'mo
,-,- *,,was the most important step yet taken-
"*i.'^."Tlie administration, -believing; it t« j
.",.- {be in the besfinterests of the'people <•
'- Alberta, is prepared to'lake a stand fo
."tills,principle "_.   ,"*. ■
•4 ,* I|i turning to the'Bell telephone,  ii
-;aaid that it was well known that'll, wa,
- "aj'inonopdly.    The   stock ' was   badl*
'"^watered.    'Various,'"commissions  ha--
",. toocifappbinted tb investigate but so I'm
accompiisneu:^^! ir
- province'' he said, was invaded'by "thi
• jmono-jajy under a charter.,grunted b'
• the* government at Ottawa,-the mo.«
.  iniquitious   piece   of  lefjishition   "eve
practiced   on    any    people    claimin;
freedom, the most extraordinary cliaitr
In fact,  ever grantee)   by; any  pni;lii,--
irieiu."'  ,-„ ' '    " '."•
'.:, Only recently^Jlhe govcrnmcnt'iil 0:-
, tawu appointed a commission to enqiiii.
Into the trouble   tit   Toronto and w«-
politcly   informed   tluit   the  comp-in
does not intend io he governed.hy th
. findings of (hat commission. ,*
KThe   Alberta   ifovcrnincnt, he -sail',
lines." It is our aspiration.to serve the
people. It is a national policy, a new,
progressive and inspiring deparfure f 1 ""'
:his couniry, and the, fibvermiient gives
1'clear, bold eiiunciaiio'n thai. Albert;*,
s in the telephone business to slay and
or the public good." '';., ...
While Alberta is taking- this advanced
Atep'in "the interests* of the people, Brit.-
t;sh. Columbia^ premier has promised
- hat he wiiPgo into the hYaiter of, closed
town business, which resembles'Siberi-
.alf-libcr.diii in it's nature.^.
Tne~ijp"dgui'^v7n  wiitclfwiTIi"interest
he results of ihe premier's going into
1 n'e matter", of'the evasion of the truck
id as^practised by  companies who,are
jpposed .to'closed shops,on principle.
' ..In .the •"meantime^ people of Fermi-
ire payi'ng four times as much forueje-
phmie service as thu  Alberta govern-
iient eslihiale they c;in give the same
•ervtce for.'    And the "people of I'Vrnie
-.sad to go' into their pockets' for §2,500
,iaid out to bring about ihe 400 per . enl.
•ondition of the teleplione service.
. There are no cru]iies or corporations.
:ieing served 'by llic'Bworn servants oi
tho city.    Oh, dear nol"
" Tho spooch from the Tlirono dcliv
•Ved by His Mnjosty King Edwav-
VII.;the other day, Indicatos vor
plainly tlmt there is to bo soniothin:
Uolnn1 uloiiff tlio lincB ot reform hi;
that ancient Institution known as tli
House of Lords, Tlmt tho common
or:England nro In oiirhcBt tihotit tin.
rWorni is very ovldont to 'niost, peo
plo Who rciid thn piipcrs, Imt thor.
are always, exceptions. Wo. note i
., most rcfrcbhliiff (beenuse of its i\b
eurancf) icforunco to this mattor In ;
pajwr edited by a gcntlemtin who i
n'nur pnbugh 11 lord liimsolf to worn
. knee broeohiB most of tho tlmo,
Tliln t'dliof has bo umuh faith In th-
-     • • ,"i Undo Hiim.   it will I13 fieoii-iliiit
iJiu'lu Ham'H people nro nl ready cloliifr
1 ho, flniinclnj," cf dm roiida wIiIkuu
,'ittlug"nny liitci'chi liHliom., Head
iliia nml koep i-abrnu you «o thin
1 ivheiut nin ti iimliM'iuknuioleo'nro you
ONLY $1150,000,000 A
'   '   , "   YHAR. „
, Tlio following- fnmi ■ tho pun ol
'Vlmrlon Barkr-r, wliich uppemvil
•■■)mo thiio ago, la w«ll worth roiidlng
ml rcmfinbcviiig, It litnil-ilies iho
1 utillciulun for i!:o bland luk'uu by
'/. .].' JJryan and an ovor-lnerenBlnj,'
'■■Jdy of A1110rI0.n1 people who aro the
.- Ictlms oftlioBykoniHtle robbing mu-
■hlno. Throo liundi'ud and fifty mil.
Ion cluliai'H per year lor 20ycui's pny«
or, all tho ronI caplml evur liivosii'd
intho rail roads of tho United Stales
md yot tho JIf.it, .irirunieiit that was
■•t up agiiliia! t!:c purohara of the
■ uiidrt by thy f ovcrnmont was that it
A sluu-iag-e of :-cj;U all through the
Nordhvest dm-ing one of the severest
winters on rc.cord, and the coal ininere
i:i tiie mountains hardly getting- work
enough to unable them topay board,-
is a c anbinaiioi! of circumstances for
.whioifsonjebudv ouglic to be called to
,buoK. ApraiiiiiiciitiolUcerol'Llie United
Jliiiii \\ orkers; wt-iiing Vo Tho 'Voice
trom iCeitiie, ia.\&: -■
*• Work at oiu- coal inii/e is poor,.owing iu a car ^-uY.agv. uuui-, tl our
uioii not ^working; 'sidliaieut to pay
thuirbjaid.     , •
Tim ^Yu-ici-ti coal operators have
a£iC".d>iu .lij^a ,oui- organization in
join. Oviiveiilioii, lo'i- Uic purpose ot
rt'iiewihgucoritiacis w'ilh , us, which
expiro in uearly ii'ircauipbon ilarch
oisc, llJU7.   .    ._ .   -     4 /"     '    "
«.'i'he. convention of. operators .awi
oiiiiei'tj will convune- in (Jalgary;On
"itLirch   'tr.ii   1 ;iii7 1 Imi-j. 1 i^i...i#fI-_!£L;-.._
— , "=-    —J -.. '-vu*. UUJV1 1VU~ JO     III-
goal siiapu, being- stronger than eviiiv
hi bpi 10 01 tiib> troubuwus times we
luvu itileiy. passtd-itii'yugli. ■•". -
.. Our uistiiet is negbuatiug for tub
puictuhb ot' tne printing .plant and
good win ot'u local paper which, wib
becoino the organ oi inc.miners of tht
Fort Steele prewery Co., Ltd
|.C__      '..';'""<>   PERNI.E, B.C.'"V, ..   •   ',,,     '
Brewersi-of Extra Fine
La^er Beer and Aerktet*.
W»ters. |!BpttIed Goods
a Specialty. ,   j
MBaciaaging.vatMMvt^-!- -iwmwiia
All .our. stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
The Best U Satisfeion
in: Watch & Jetoelerij Repairing
Wertakerri^ • Embalmersl
f' ; ^ ,      -' ;• . :    AGENTS A FOR ' '
^  '      Jke s Calgary   Marbles'&•' Granite  Works '
j.     " The. Kootenay   Marble    Works,    Nelson
j:Samples'Can be Seen at the Office. „ . Parlors in Lundy's Blwfe
Average Englishman would put u,
with nny kind of, medovtnl tom-fool -
ery byt tltoao lords rather than abulia).
;Tho Lediror don't prolans to knoi"
»U about.,thewo unknowable,.lorde
^bn'tyoti ku-jw";. It will leave thu* "|p,,n t,MJ 'll":>l"><,«V nf rlia'oanflncii-
toltsahortxpantecl coutmniornry, bu. ,,,M 1"''.'' vi' y''u u,n ,u,,l',l1"' »^onff
Jad«ln«- liom jwhiu wo boo in tli<- § *-v rijacltsi^r film n f^-.v f.iotd.
pross, thoro -U euro to ho snniuihlni.'': ,'*'rii« iv»Hrolicl» t.iku ti-ftui tlm pc'n|ilo
happen thoan lordly lurdBuM>b*'.i'uv, ,v,sl1 >**-•»'* '*•■' dlvldjuilmm llc-lUimB
luk If (hoy don't irotdiitol llm wny ul (,|l'h'il JlMUUHUClfJ. a mx nf ulmul
' th'tfevor-lnowiftBlnfinnfl novui"»ondli)t' '''J '-I10" ovi-ry ma!:, wniiinnruid child
mtrch ol proitivsa which, runs ovi-i '" »«i' country. It fa an open snerot
IbliiRS that nro too tild'or too hiiiIi1)iii,i.'',»"',:K' th'wn within thn railroad
to'Bfotofltohho way, .cliijui-Biii-it ihr* innn-PM nropoa", by
pord, what n tlmo somoofnnrdonr,,' ""■'■■"•' f|l C'himiII.Iihi- n or r.tllroad cor-
cowl Emrllahnien would havo It then : t*'ivtlotiv io liuMviau fiirtlior'Hio can-
J'     . I "    *   « ' t»-ii P*» , il i* .   ' ■
; it . <
_ i ,
MOM SOX '&. CO. have instructioiis
.. to look out for1 two or tkret htittd-
red acres jof good laud suitable for,
fruit growing in the Kootenay Valley. This land must be so situated
as .to allow of irrigation, either by
gravity or hy a well-equipped pump.-
iii£ plant with an abundant sup.
ply' of water. _.Improved ruiieuts are
witkin^.tln. SCOpc of the iastiuptlojia,
I.ac&lity, (quality of soil &md access
to waAei- come before ptlcc in tke
consideration of tlie purehoser, who
is a practical fruit grower, and
knows what he wants. Send iih
your descriptions, locations ami
W. R. JcDougal'
{_)    Clival
Per me, B. C.
B. E.jWALKEH, President',
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Branches •
Paid-up Capital, $ 10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, > 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
Business may bo transacted by mail with any branch
of tho Bank. Accounts may be opened »nd deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Bvex*y attention is paid
to out-of-town aocounts. .
Fonilo Brnncli .   G. S.   Holt.   MjimWor
Minister Speaks
to Mothers
T«1U Blf W)WKl«perl»nc» for tht
Sak« JnTOthtr Snn*«r#n,
Tho following letter has bim lest
to Dr. 1f( A.JIocum, Ltd., for tfub-
tt,% A. elooum, Limited i-D«t ftlni within,
WH.twijinn niy wife <who li of urtellMto
hi Mul iwo iflyoro »U«ok« orit
hlcli h»ye bron ipreitll/ porrectw
china. Woliaroiiii(.lifliltliinth»
"" ~       lllM tlWt Hi       "■■
s up n lU-bl;
iforfnjr to 1
„.,. .... - „ „ ...illhjr
pie heart nui Utie«, »nA u & nr*clfk /or«:
Jnj (JUcinei, yourJ'weliliu nnd OtottuWdn _..
61 tfdnr Avenuo, Tore	
. iollon
nil wut-
wubhb uny lunhl,.:
"T   >'
^.1 i.
^*l,A      ,«»««*F,..«>1,.».F«>1      1.^..,,.,# 1  . f...
* <■ *'  '   T. '      —
utortd to health by dimple' nit-nim,
niter Huflcrlng Ior nuvcral yenrw with
a neyere , lung uflcctlon, mid thai'
<lread iliKeue CONSUMPTION, in
flnxloun tn .malic known lo hU (dlou
nxxdtrttt, the meatiH if cure. To thon,!
who ilcnlrg it, he will cluvi lully nciuI
(free of clurge) a topy of the prc-
ftitfnlioti unnl, which.they -will lind n
throat ami lane MA!,Al)II-S, He
ho|>cs all su(I«rern will try thin Knu-
edy, a* it im invaluable, thoae <k>
»<lritij the prejtrlptlnn, which will
cant lliein notlilnf., nml mny prove a
Iile*«ltig, will please. iu!i1um:«
DrooVlyn, K. y.
• •'iiUMlB IjV 80IIIO
j-"lllo:ill"l!JtllU|*y|,|0lill lllliIltHHIitJ
;.anooo.-.t)n P ,- «liHUiI,    Tllt!M,
iiiiiott :n no i.u tin, n^mnptio,, tha,
i,.i|ilmlizi:li)iih|l)iu|<ii,ll|tx..(( „„,,.„.„
■"KHi «"ii muu (ihtliiui, ii ,,Wl|M.
olid iiitiijimi. r.ni'iii tip,.|| ini,.,jt.
iiiuiitoNiuuiiii i5,|,ii,ii, it,|i;(,H ,„ bc
l.iir ai.d iv.uiuinlii,) hum' In-, ntailc
H|fctii fn|r an,] i-, «„(„,.,bl« vain .t;on . i
'I 111!
i'l'iM-m (!..|!iiii witlnii i f i ur
mllnmrts U In  fh«- -,-';,.v,atu .»!, ,m
S.ia,ax).ioji/Ju   Tin. cm ..r tin so
Vttlli-uid*. with,,|| ilirclMii.'^iiilino,
mmllKid aviil c-<itif|.iutm .r-idly
ehnii^nhl- M r-ii-|t„| MCi-i.unt, i|in«
iianxciiril !ft,vWi,o*.,OiJ, mi\i.i h,\,
iji <\tn ««.»i»ii-/.-t>*f»i, h i.nr r.i J;.i   a
llllll r„|  '.WV (> 1,0,0,.! li •tfff<.-|*. C l|»
ii.il    i :,lb a uj j- ci|.iui ti p i'.t,iifo.id
mt.f.'1-j* \w\*.H' Im ii.cr.'iisft liy Junlirr •
cui.sblidatIon nf cuu.jitnlca, wi.tl In
., vol your roniedlei tlmt*** ftimllr w»
p» no olher. for toiilnt, up n ileblllutM -'—-
& nf*clrt« /(
innd Oxom
mrcly, Uev,
PSYCHINE, Pronounced SUIceen,
U a scientific preparation, having
wonderful  tonic properties acting
directly upon the Stomach, Blood
and   wenlc   nrp'fln*   of thn  hnrly,
quickly restoring them to strong
and healthy notion,   It Is especially
adapted  for people who are  run
down from  any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, LaGrlppe,
Pneumonia, Consumption  and all
stomach  or  organic troubles.   It
has no substitute. '
Is for sale at all deafen, at Sfc and
$1.00pcr bottle, or, writodirect to
Dr. Tv A, Slocum. Limited, 170
KJnff SU \V„ Toronto.
There (s no other remedy "Just
as Good* as PSYCH INK.
pf. fool'* Kidney ViUe ere » riuro am!
aut care for RheuoisUero, Bright'*
S Fain In the Dtek and *J> forms
tt*y wobw. 25c per box, ti all
Your Orders for Meats
Eggs, Butter, Poultry &
Fish, to
amd get satisfaction
'PHONE   4
/13a xxesskastrw'm
.VjCvVI**!,''1. , i% '>
c.inr/i, i<Ait> it r
•riiliiy.lw,,Million imttiirf.
Ui-.sruvit ruiftn
A Goiieraf tonkins; Business Transacted.
C/.VIN0S Bank Depaitnuiibat each of our M RranrfiM.
Interest allowed on deposits of $1.00 and upwards, at
iitlfflicst current ratrs, compounded half-yearly.
TO TIIK IlOAlto OY MCRNCK COM- r tie •*plr.-iti«n of thirty «iiy»   fm,,',
V.rnlf, n. C.
N'OTICIC ,b htrthy glvtn that 1I.«
«r.«!cr»i|_ii(«l will, at the first mt*tiB|
ft the Hoard of I.kttue CommiMion-
«'« for the City, of Ktrnie, neld alUr
lhl« date, apply for the tuiult-r nf ct
Mlail Hqnor licence.' crantetl in rt-
»l*«t to the Nnrthvrn Ilntfl, situate
uuon 1#X* 6 and 7, Ulndc 14, City ol
Ferule, frmii myself in John Korku-.
Dated thi* ifih «!.iy of January, A
I)., l'jo7.
-ar V. HSCflWlC..
■ii.-'Hoil ii!*
' t 11     ' '
Supplies of ail' Descriptions
■ Now ©iri,'-.'Sali5'..--
The Palace Drug Store
H. F* Mclean, Mgr.
i: Conteniniei! t-
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J. P.-Quail-
or  money refunded
*>«4»»»»»^»»4»»»»^»4>4»<»»»4»»»»»»#»»»t*******» >
VANtnrVKII. I» c.
yt.*vn\ ti c
rewwrc:, b. c.
Wholesale fecerics, ter, feed and (amp Supplies
m ^V,* •*■*»■■*«£
'. Of Zaw-Buli's Wonderful Healing.
Here are- three"wonderful  instances
of -this varied ways in which Zam-BuTc
the/great herbal -balm,.is doing good
,,throiK>'li,.ut t5i? Dominion.     Have >ou
yet enjoyed ito CsjJiv     H'i^Suw
, Mr*,." I,.; Taylor, of Pine Ridge
(Man.), says: "I will never be .villi-]
out Zam-Buk in the house, as I have
thoroughly, proved it. It cured uii-
tating rash and ..eczema on my baby's
feet during teething. Where 'there ire
children;it is invaluable, as it .heals
their sores and injuries m •'.osidei-ful-
' Iy short'time. ''       '      - --.,...
,-   .     BRUISES.0
Mr. D. Gumming, uL'I'lH-inj.-niounl
(Onl.),-< says; "I have proved .that
Zaiii-Buk" has extraordinary  merit,  I
>* was .trampled on by a horse and my
■' foot, was all black and swollen. ? I
could scarcely move it, the* pain was
so bad. A few applications of Zam-
ltuk cured the pain - and removed the'
discoloration. The foot was. soon all
right     again.    It      is  a    wonderful
'.balm.".-'     '  ..     ;.  ;- .    -     .';'
RUNNING oOiilv I'HAl.Kl). '
° Mrs.'S., J.-Holden, of ilaiiiii S, ,
W. Hamilton, says: "My little girl
had a*mnning sore.,011 her leg which
defied all manner of treatment. Within ■  a few days - of trying Zam-Buk
.there was a distinct improvement and
tlie'.wouad is novJ completely healed.
1 have since used Zam-Buk for other
skin diseases, ,ctc, and find it excellent."-  ;"    "'   '•■,■•   ,',   ,
Zam-Buk is. an all-round housvliold
balin.   Il is compounded from purely
' herbal. essences, ■ nnd cures eczema, ul ■
cers,-. sores, cjiappcd hands, bruises,
cuts, burns, etc; It. also; cures ■ rheumatism, >. sciatica, neuralgia, nnd rubbed well over the chest in cases of
cold "removes*..the  tightness andacli-
■ ing. All druggists and stores sell at
50c. ii box, or post free from the'Zam
link Co., Toronto, upon receipt of
price.   6 boxes seat for $2.,$o.
,;., . :„ , 0-=- ■
-Snow is going away very rapidly.
'^Twentieth  was payday at  Hosmer.
,' Haemer lias -no less than two iiew.';-
■ boys. -   , ,      ■
.Hosmer has, two Chinese laundries
now.    ,. ^      *
1 Hosmer,is badly in need of a station and an agent.
Mr. McEwin and -family, retur-wd
.from .Micheh looking well, hale 'au-.l,
' hearty.'
FERtiig Ledger fernie g...C; February .23196?
.■-.y$mw££sw, •-,* "
"*?.-*■ r&£--v^-*A**i*v*r,& . ,
".■-.-.ri,-;.*-^ SjSS&e'iB. -
=• >-«*« -^j^-jfe&t,	
, , ,r....*or.,* ^^^^£5.,^*
3m&*    -,•■»■>
Wild Rose, English iir'oakfasf Teaj   Our
Own Blend.   Quality and 'Flavor L'nex-1
celled. - Also, Blue Ribl ©n--LoekBrand
We are the sole: agents: for lliun   Lais
Pure Indian fea., i
Pay Cash and Get'the-Best.
y   M
'.    Prompt Delivery.
-J ,. John    Scott' and J.  H.Holloway
'    have a; contract from MrjBrowa   to
).,-,,.    ,,.,1   ",.f.;||."      "      '
.; „   Mr.   George  IWcll,   of   Cranbrook,
\   is a visitor at '  the HosnttS Hofltl,
■ taking orders for clotliing.    ..
Mr, L. J„antliier i.s'gelling ready
to erect   a, livery    and feed stable.
■ Mr. R. Cole has the contract.
P. LaBell, °of the Canadian, rcceiv-
.," «1 a large roiisignmeut of liquor from
: Pither and,I.eiser, of Victoria, jUHs
"   morning. "
P,   Label 1,   ol  the Canadian   w,-!ei
J. Hcrold, of the Hosmer Hot*l, etd
Mr. Rogers have finished Qlling tl-cii
ice houses this, week.
Prom   six to ten carloads of rod:
. are coming' every week for   the   coki*
ovens,  A. Porticr has a gang of men
/ unloading the cars an, they come in,
— o——f
m"'     "^ it
Mrs; Chalengor is here on a visit to
her, mother and sister this week,
Hopkins Evans, treasurer of Lund-
lircck local  union,  was elected-  'lust
,   wwb to.represent the union   ut   th.,*
coming conventioa of mine   workers
(it Calgary.
A general meeting ()f <ocni f00tt,an
sports was held at the'Windsor Hotel
011 Wednesday night.. The proprietor
of th* hotel, Mr. Madden, took the
Mr. .'Madilvu was elected jircsldent,
and Messrs. Allison, Mnson, I), Shaw,
Hopkins Evans, I)r. Johnson and J.
Morris were elected managing committee; I„ Adlan, citptafn; Kobert
Singleton, vice-ciiptain; Peter Ulukc,
TrcuHiirci, and Andy I.cminent, secre
Inry, The uniform is to ),«' him-
tdiirl.s nml white pants. .The -i- „.
holies to Ihi in the CrowV Ne»t ».hj{.
III*   tills   NCIlhOII,
Tlie sporting public of this phm
will soon ; have a fine , race course
rciMly foi the Kciison, The ground,
enclosed hy the track, will |>c laid
out for football ami other gamut.
All tho mines of tlio Crow's Ni s-
r*iss are over stocked with skilled
labor nnd tlio minors now In tho district cannot (rot constant work, This
outrf down the wirnlmrs of tho men so
that thoy nro not whnt thoy should
be. Immigration ol nfrrlcultnrnl
sotllors Is wplnnnird hv nil wf.n
wishers of tho provineo but th»
Jf»|AMt4ip.nufaft(lhHi fub.rr.r ovur*
crowdoil mli'es wlll !>.•* bad kind of
ImmlKTHton poiicv to imitnp
pc'Volopiia-itsslonflr'thfiHo llia-s will
ba wato'iod with InteMt.'
Coats arid Skirts
Nevv and up-to-date.
ladies.-   ■;;. ,    ,. •;'■;/:'■
.Underwear arid ITosicrY"
The made-to wear kind.
mens _; ■: ~ ■:'.; y.yy^.,
Underwear and Sweaters.;
The Best that is. '.■''■-:
MENSV-'" '   .. '-..•'-  "'■:.-.  ::i
Oycreoats and Reefers';'''■
The sort that iits.
1 'i -  _ *•
Rubbers /
].        Cardigans
The Best made.
:•   LIKITBD'      .     *     „
cold; stoeag-b
-A-IsriD. KEIT^-IL
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hains, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.   '
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
^ood assortment. Try pur Mince Meat,
Saiirkraut and Oysters.
wiih run ARMY
Thursday '-nifjlu n crowded hoinn
lislened lo the varied proKriimme rend-
tired by. Uic liidii'N ol" llie Snlvalioii
Army in Uicir hull. The diffcreni
hooks, rei'lmiioiiK, cli!,, were lil^lilj
Hulihliictory judyiiiK from llie iippliiiixe,
Imi the ureui feuiiirc of Iliu evening
w.n die piece's rendered by llm Voce
Phone llmid, coii.iisiiiig of eitflil
irmniiiieiils, Tlilx, we uiider.-.lriiid, Is
the lli'nt (line iliose liisirunu-nls have
icen heard out west, The ciplnln In.
lends lo lake the Voco-Phone bund
round llie neluhbiirluiod, Hue notice
will be fclvi ii of dales 'ind luciillon o|
lriiji'cted lour.
Appllentlonii will be received by the
nmlfriil_«ncd up to nnd Including Feb.
3Stli, 1907. for the position* ol Chief
Constable sml Night ConUnble for
lfi« Cfty of F«rnie. Men with l^itb
fire awl police experience preferred.
  J- VV. NUN.V, City Clerk.
A ottlU% owinjj thi- late inn of
H^iiunonii ami Turner, or that ol
Tuitlr anil Turner,«4re hereby noUfi-
(d tlut all such accounts arc payable
to .fofin Turner, nnd must lu- nettled
tm ot \Mt,tt the ii'lb of March next,
itatk nv Oiiim, City ok' Tolkw> \
IjUow County /*•"
I'r.uik J. Cheney mnkes onth that
tie i:. Minor purincr ol the linn ut l'
/. Cheney & Co., doing Imsineis in
lie Ciiy oi TokibvConmy and tft.ite.
iiforvNaid, mid tlmt Niiid firm will
puy the sum ol ONIC UL'NIUKD
DOUGHS lor each and every iuh ol
Catarrh that cannot be cured by the
use of Hall's Catarrh Cure,
KMANK .1. •:ifi«s'i{V.
Sworn lo before mc nnd unvill.-i-d
In my praence, this f,th  Uy ol   If
cember, A. I). 1886.
FOR SAI,K~-A valunble rcHidcuec
property .in the henrt of the city.
A tvvo-Htorcy house of nine rooniH,
plusleied nml well fiuiHlied; n small
house of three rooms, central, aii.l
»t111 another suinll slinck on the
lot; lot fmxiso. This properly is
for' mile nt a bargain price. I'or
parlitulars call ou or write Mott,
Bon k Co,
■"->   ■ 	
A.  W.  oldv.V-iiS'.
ternally,, and acts directly • :\   'the
Hood and    mucous surfaces . f    .t>e
syiitem.   Stmt for testlnioi'tls .n-
F. J. CIIKNKY h CO.,  r..cn  u
Sold by all Uiugghits. jm.-.
Yakc Hall's Family J'iIU (ir   u,n
X°T1(3,!? li .,,c5S,'5r «'.,•", ,l,a» tMity .lay,
Ti... Irul,ni ,ltt.t*' '!,,e'"!i0. »l>l'ly «'< oiimmU.
jli»n*r uriiiiKla sml work* fur n .peolsl ll>i»nc«
in out uml curry sway tlml.or frcim tht follow
tii« ilu.vrljj«illaiitl in Wouth En»t Koptonny,
Uimintinilnv staLoit pliuitml at. ilia Miitl,.
wont (iiirnnr uf lot lima, th.net. norllilAo rlislim
Uiencs wnt iu chains, thtnoe nontli ldOohalns,
titeiii.* itrtut 4-JoJiuiiiji to plKcm tit l.ii«liinln(r,
,      ... .      H. J.JuuunyN,Locator
l.oonttil Jiiny 4th '07   Jahm Uiukrun, Au«)lt
Uominunili.ifiuu ..outpUuttil«ltli«.Noiili.
«ii«l fnriiirnl lntil'.'.i tliem « /ulilli I'll ilmlii*
I tUtlCOWtkt MHUllhlllt' tllltill-S nortii Kllflhultl*,
tllVIKJII l*l«l   HJdli'lIlK   lO   IllHdecf   lH*(jlinillR,
, ... ,, , . li-J. <luiisius,l.ueaiur
Ia*»U-X Jt.nyMU'tf   J»so.*c*wrsf)», .strut
Coinmeimlii* «» n i»o«i plnnltil ono hulf
1111 in wu-t ur Dm wmili.,W)Ht cornor nt lot iuhi,
♦ '■• '■ ""■ ;-•"»■«•■.■ , •.'..,■. . ir,,,-,-,...u;„;
1 belli* Jiorili IMfhuliu, Ukm.0 titt l/jlmln..
10 pUi.*uoflivi{l'iiiliiir.
Iri*Bl«.l JftllV «lll ,117        J4H. U1MKKIIN, A(«nt
(•oininti.i-lnr nt 11 P'ut (ilaiilnJ on* mlla
sotitti nf tlm iiiirtt|.wi<»i corntr of tl, il. i'ol.
llluk'ltulltllll.tllDlliu »lMllll hi 1 i-htln*, tItctic*
w»-Nt mi eh,, iim, ilit,rc« 110MI1 Wtliulut, tunc*
mmtHDolirtii.. luplH'H ol l.tifitinlni/.
.  .    M. A,hAMS>.s1f,i.i»i,tnr
bi-ealnl Jsny i»li,'"7     Jau r«inerun, A(joiil
('ommrm-liiff nt n iwia rlantwl nt II,« t«rlli
No tn re 11 lilt ",'"l,1 ronmr u(M. A. K.t.tr.*r'» rlnlrn, HiMn-a
notary nine,   m.nhMiclinln*.iliai.c««si«r *i •.-IihIi,.,tiu.>,<w
Cure is t tk s:i   in-  of ti.wlin.iuc,
,       .         <»K'>. Kt'iilT. 'o.-intor
Uit«t«,l.l«nv-itli <•;      .f*s,uau>n<ik, Au»nt
An increase in your^salary! of ^bm|
15 to 25 per! cent,  or no mcreaseS
.   ,w .,..., but a saving* of from 15 to 25 pepg
cent, on your credit store, bill, a" dollar,' saved in your purchasing is just as goodf
as a dollar earned by hard toil. >Ve can save you money for cur prices are theS
lowest that goods can be sold for. We respectfully"solicict iour business ahdf
offer you one hundred cents of real good honest value fcr each ofyour'dollars, r
1'     '-      .   . '''"•. '       n '     * ..   • ' ' ' - ,.   ' .- > .    *",."'I      :   i'
' -1   We search the nuirkets for the  best
*'■> , "quality 'obtainable yet 'our prices'are' ,'
•    ' acknowledfifed' money sayers.   '
/'   Just received a shipment of choicest1
Government   Creamery   Butter
30c. per lb.
' Sheriff's Jelly^Powders, 3 packets
" • " •'   Extracts, regular 25c
/ "      Extracts, regular 45c   ■
Corn  Starch     /-,. "'    '.
Gloss,' Starch -   ,       -
, Sunlight Soap- -"..-_
Fels Naptha Soap,   ,'     -'   ;
,   Kootenay  Queen Soap
V ^3 lb.  pktsr,Gold Dust Washing Powder ^250
„">'i.}b.:pkts;. Pearliije . - ■■--      "-^V •-1<>     ".15
.        30C
3 pkts'.'25c
3.  "    25c
4 bars 25c
3"    ■♦'    25c
7     "    25c
Our Grocery Special
For  Saturday.is  as usual extra good value
Imperial Baking Powder
Regular 25c;; Special 15c
"!';.   ;;.   • /•"' ' '*4sc.v ,m',< ';' -25c-
Fancy Naval Oranges
lf     : 25c per dozen
Banner Oats, each package contains fancy piece of china,      25c
™^^"™^""*«»»»ws(sbsib"**sb(s«« '■ ■■ ■ 11 *m n*^**sK*m.7twm.Mmmrwrm*jfwmiBTf%zxr* jrvjvaan
We arc  sole, .agents for-
Pratt's Animal Regulator
t's Poultry Food and Egg Producer ,
._A5i§*-y  ; *
4v i-S?1?^!
'i'4yMi °
We., have a  monep saving proposition  for   you   in  our; Gent's -Fur- : '
nishing .depariment. \_"Come   and
investigate. "    . ,[ "'.',,
'Grey all . wool sox .,     20c to 45c a pr.""
Fine  Black  Cashmere Sox     .    "   , '
,   ; 25c to 50c a pair
Fine  Black r-Ribbed Wool ...
45 to 50c a pair
Heather' Mixed-Worsted ,   :
:'..:■"■■ ■. •,-'.'■* ■'■  "'3.pajii' fi.06'
\e,ifs Sieves
Men's^Working  Gloves," lined  arid  unlined
, ??      65c. to $2.00 a pair
Wc    have    now'"in   stock   Spring   •*
■    ,.   Shipment of the well known,    ,   , , "
Campbell & faultless Clothing
-   .,   acknowledged to  have no, equal in
Style,   Fit and  Workmanship
Suits $8.50 to  $25
»an nmymmnuMimimjmnKfumnm
Hen's Working and fine Shirk m best makes
STAPLES.   In this department our values
cannot be equalled.    Wc invite com-
'   parison.
33'iind 34" Flannelette,    8,   12^ &   14c yd.
Wrappercttcs 12^9 to ajc per yard
25» 35 and 40C' Pcr ya*"-.!
,50c per yard
35c per yard
I2_^c to aoc per yard
Dress and Apron Ginghams, iaj^c to i8c yd
Bleached & unblcachjcl holland, iSc to 55c yd
Grey Flannels
French   Flannels
Saxony  Flannels
Dress  Ducks
Lace Curtains; newest designs,  3 & %*/. yds.
$1.00 to $12.00 per pair
Curtain Muslins in frilled Bobinet, white and
colored Madras, Swiss and fancy striped  '
15g to 60c pep yard
Tapestry, Chcnilc, and Velour Curtains
$3.25 to $25.00 a pair
Wood and Brass Extension   Rods,- Curtain
Poles, Etc.
Linoleums In lylo and floral ilenl^ns, 6 and 13  fuel widths
OOotN.  to $2.05 por  yard
1 CBotu. por ynrd
•lOotH. to 00 ctH, ouch
i7it|)iinoHo* Muttliitf
Window   SliudoH
in   Ihe  best  makes
(ffoe Crow's 'Wcsfc TradStig. Co." ■LimifcecS
to: lbt
FUUKISHKf) room to rent (or gcu-
tlwian furnace, electric light 'uiul
bath, i'or paitlculara apply to I,cil-
ger Ollice.
WANTHD-OIrl for  , general    limine-
work; Gvrinaii or Swede jirtfcrrcd.
Apply to Mrs,   H. U. Huntiiigtoii,
Humphrey Strret.
<«.#ni»*rirli f at * f.«»t ptsiiM nl Ilia nojfli.
n—t .*.iMi,»r nt i\ n-it   s,.|ri   i*in,(iu, ttuvic*
•rtlltjl »"|.||i,|in.ft|e,a,. «,.,, t.,i. Wf,UuM*
nt<Mii sirfikit.*, lli«m..f f,ui Sj WmI.u to niter
.      .  . . . * I Kiii'iii.b.oftlot
M**»n»f .l.my ;tl,•„;        ju (Uumn}i Ag*uf
[Vthy  Willi, 1V07
WANTKD-Servnnt   girl.   Apply     to
; A. AffDougill, F«rni< I.utnlier Co
j KOH SAr.R-A goad William's pitkMo'
Apply II. Mcl/tamai.
FOU   wali:
HAY FOIl BALE-Good ti|Iniid |.r.ilr>
.  lo Imy.   Clins. II. llowiinl, Cnyloy,
A.m. — 25tr
l-'Oll 8ALB *■ rAFNIUllOMKl) U0HS1J
nnd Inf. Tlfly ilili-liuiiK. Nwir Ke-
oiiiliou j,-hiIiikIh Apply tn .lames
Kanlfin. —JJ7
Y.V  FifsiRW-^olitliUetlt     od.ltwrth
dfljnti rlnweiHol,  tim •»■> .iin, gnu
AAyn o   'ymi.-j-l.   Ilwr'vl,  p-' -%.
X  r.fd«ir.
YOU SALK-sotols f* Wsst ^ml*r
uiy terms. ..Apply Wi T. Ilealey,
WVit  FfitMic.
8 Victoria Avt.
sAle.—A.  Jiniw.n,
V.lxH SAM?—A snap; a six roomed
house, well Imllt, with hot and told
w*l*r Kith, ami tip-fo-dute (►Icrtrfp
light fixtures; aiuiuted close in to
liitslncse part of cily; muni he sold
»*«, For p>srticn!ar* c«qair«: of
Mott, Son k Co,
FOU   8AI.H :
MOTT SON & CO. have iwtmtioai
to look out for two or three huiUl- *
red «crc« of good land suitable for
fruit f rowing (■ the Koottiay Valley, This land must be no lituaUd
ai lo allow of Irrigation, idlhi>r |^»
gravity or Ly a wcll-tqulpped pump^
ins plant with uia .abundant supply of water. Improved Tanclwa are'
within^ tha acopt or the imtiuctloia.
r^cality, quality of Mil tli a««eas
lo w«t*r romp Mow pr.V# In th*
consideration of the purchaser, who
is a practical fiuit grower," ami
kuows what he wants. Jtend na
yoar dascriptloai, locatioiu aid


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