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-•/   V
* -.A--\ p>;..,v.'':i'.-\L':.- oo'",. ;>\
/<7"?J.\J"   ■  —.- " -   ';>  -
itO        '    •■■.- ,'V  9 '-i ;'.'-''■ 7 .- '
l^/p-pp r« i ».,   c"'
■v. Vy . 1      ^_,-   lit.' .     _,
Vol II    Number 40
FERNIE, B. C, SATURDAY,   MAY   18, 1.907
Price $2 a year in Advance
Key City and Mount Fernie
, Join Hands arid
'- Hearts    .        _.- , ,.*
The- occasion .'of, the official visit of
Grand    Master Y.    E. Simpson,    of
Craribrook,   to  Mount  Fernie    lodge
No.   47,.   I.O.O.F.,   accompanied    by
, nearly twenty members of   Key City
lodge*,    last        Wednesday      evening,
proved    to    be one    of      the    most
. important,  aa well  as the most    enjoyable gatherings of that great order aver aaaetnbled  in Eastern British
Columbia.  •   '"■     ,
.Grand  , Master    Simpson    reserved
li-eruie to the last of his official  tiip
through    the    province,' '; aud though
la*.t it was by.no means'the least ol
ihe many maeungs of lodges throughout   the  province   which   he has    at-
' .tended  during the'' last" three months.
Besides the Cranbrook brethren,
Others came from Widl*y'._. lodge,
iloyia, and from Elko and Hosmer.
. The • visitors- were met at the
station ' by a large < number of local
brethren aud;escorted to "the Waldorf
hotel. '....
At  the lodge .meeting three    camli-
•datea were  up  for  degrees;   two    lor
■ rthe  initiation and , one  brother  from
lioaimtr for his second.   .
The" Mount Fernie dejjjreetetmi . took.
ic'hatge of the candidates for initiation, ' and did their work so well as
>to call forth the warmest praise Irom
(Grand- Master Simpsoii and other visitors for the manner in which .tlieyi
'exemplified their work:..
'The lodge Was then placed in charge
<df tlie Cranbrook degree team,    and
in "accordance   with  conditions,
new ones had to be made.
The city, clerk was instructed to
call for new tenders and to return
all checks deposited by former tenderers anil to advertise for tenders in
the local papers and' telegraph to
Coast papers and to parties who had
tendered on first application. ,
City Engineer Potter was instructed to draw ' plans and-, specifications
tor. main pipe line, man holes, etc.,
leaving the sceptic tank part of the
systym for further consideration.-, "
.'The time for submitting new tenders closes May .23. - .     . .*
Engineer Potter' was instructed- to
secure the services of A.- Potter -as
consul ling engineer, on the , sewer
plant..at an expense not to exceed
Sisb.- • .
Ov' v.
,. .. ,,
,,'  & '
- - - - <. s.
Thc.a'djourncd regular meeting of the
regular council meeting was held last'
Thursday night,   all ■  the councillors
excepting  Mclntyre  were present, and
His Worship the Mayor'occupied the
chair.  ■       ,"   ■ "      '
"Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved.      o".
A letter from J. H." . McMullen
transmitting a' copy of the presentment-of the grand jury to His Lordship Judge Clements _ at the late sitting of the supreme court,'' and called the .council's, attention to that
part relating to the municipal build'
ings was read and;filed. • ■-
A communication from tthe secretary of British,' Columbia municipalities asking " for the payment of the
annual fee for membership, was read
and the, city clerk instructed to for-"
ward the  payment. "
A letter-from. L- P^ Eckstein asking an answer- to his communication
offering- to seil the city- his lot at
tlu- corner of Cox street and Pellatt
ave. was read; After rsome discussion
it' was "decided to circulate" a petition
asking  council'1 to purchase a site for
ithe ' second   degree was conferred up-
•ott  brother McTaggart,   of  Hosmer.    j S2,-.6o.   Such a proipos'Uou   will have
"to - !.c submitted     to    the    property
Not  with   a   Grain   of  Salt
-    but with a Linseyed
As, we go to press a special dispatch received from Toronto states
that G. G. S. Lindsey will retire alr
most immediately from,, the management of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
company.—Victoria   Week1.'
On reading this announcement The
Daily News telegraphed the company
for confirmation and received the following reply: "Absolutely no truth
in  reported retirement."—Daily STe»ys
The complaint of G. G.'S. Lindsey
against the public interest that forced an early settlement of the ' coal
miners: strike, is ample, justification,
if any more were needed, for the
charge made by the miners and , the
l)0.ird of trade delegates, that .lie was
the chief cause of the strike and the
clii?f obstacle in the way of "settle,-
ment. Even yet he appears," not' to
realize that,the interests oLa million
people between Winnipeg and the Pacific are more important .than his personal gratification, in a victory over
his employees. It will l>e geniri.iy
regretted throughout British,, Colium-
bia and Alberta that the Victoria
Week:s guess that Mr. Lindsey. was
alout to retire from the management
of the C..-N. P. C. .company is incorrect.—Daily' Canadian.
■■And-there you are.
. .' o —
tries which.has led (to  the    present
friendly  feeling,   but, the  reverse.
The more uk Americans know of
CaBfadK-cns, and vicerVersa, „ the better. ,  . '<• ©'„-_
IM ns all know all we can of each
other, and we will understand - each
other better. Better understanding
always leads to lietter feeling, and
that does good to everyliody.
- ,  o-s—:— ""    .    .,.
W. R. Ross,, M.P.p.,   has  gone
Victoria. *   ' -
Mrs. J. ifilcii. Fletcher, of Hosmer
was in town . Wednesday.'      * ■'
A dance and supper in aid of the
school fund w.is given at Hosmer
last night.
Dan McNish, government road lxiss,
has on his high boots these days'and
lias a gang of men working over in
West Fernie. ,'." ■->
Dad Makes Another Uphill
Fight bul Railway Will
Not Follow
That ilu- Kootenay, Central railroad
will l>c.pushed lo completion as rapidly as possible i.s (now beyond ■ thi?
"doubting-'stage.   -        '.*'_:       *-
This  road when  completed  through
the   Upper   Columbia   valley und" tlici
valley ".of.  the-Upper Kootenay,  with'
the, easy gr.ade from   the   one to- the
other,-\yill   "open .. a   new line     over
which-  16 haul.' the ever    . increasing
•heavy   freight trains   which   pass over
the    main ' line.   The Field  hill   ' has
always  l,e;n 'a'- serious' dilliculey in 't|ie
way   of ' handling' tin's' 'heavy   trnJlic,
,..-,„      .-..„, „.     aod the'Kboti-iiay   "Cduirtil i\vlll   urn-
International   Board   Mcml>er    Pat-   _ ..-•      ..        .     •".....,   '5
•.      '. .     .      .,   . .-=-1, ,    ,    .    "•W'.* a line, of,easy grade "ground that.
lersoii    went    to   the   hospital    last   . ,-  -       -J- *\     , ,*-', .
• •....      .      ,   ,   , . long, steep. lull.    •-    ■
night to be   treated-for a long    con-   . ...   ■   „ ........  * ,,' '
,.      . _.    __     -..:■'    ,, -i    1'rom Golden ".io  Ferine alhiijr   these
tinned case of  stomach trouble.   „      7,„__ ., ,.   . , "•       .»   K"..,. ■■
t    w   ir«.   -   " 1      j-     xt'      ,  .two valleys  no' heavy  grades  w  1  be
I*. w. Green,   .employed  in  No.    9{ ..-'••'--■.    •J
min-    it  Coal Creek,  fell and  broke
-      .NOT SO KN'JITY
At the closing session of the Inir
perial' conference ;' in London.--'last
Tuesday,-  Sir Wilfrid" I.aurier submit-
„.-+    1 „iu;:.     .1. '„   .      '.  .. j   teti   a   resolution'-favoring-the esla-b-
city, biulding, the  cost .not to  exceed. ,. ,-      .     .      ■      1        ..
c„ .'a.     'c...... _ '.:_^ ■!.:_' J   •■• t..     ' innnient of a new    mail service     to
In their . exemplification,', of the see-'1-'
iond degree work the Cranbrook team
(Certainly > excelled. ,< themselves,' and
-drew - forth the unqualified praise'- <. 1
ail the breehren: ..Bro. F. J:- Smyclu-,
10I Moyie,  who. is ; quite prominiat in
_ltlia \*ij^y\l—*\t—i Kn-nTAdf '< rf-lrtlf n li»aQ===
Sng part iu conferring this decree.,
' After a short address by .•-\i.d
"kt-etcr Simpson, the membess ind
viaiting brethren adjourned o . ':>e
ditiiug - room of the Waldorf hotel,
-where groaning 1., tables laden ._with
viands, under the "care ;of , smiling
eraitVcasas, greeted them, aud they
sat down to a banquet long to be
.»cmembared. ,
' faat  Grand  Dudley   presided,  with
Grand Master Simpson on his right.
Alter the   toaat     to  His Majesty,
. Mr.   Simpson  responded  iu  a    most
..fitting and eloquent manner  ' to    the
toast,. "The Grand\Lodge of British
Columbia,"   which raised   the  cnthus-
'holders for indorsation,
The "account of     Connell.and Rpss
>t* referred ■ back to the property, and
works committee for further ■ consideration.  *    , ' .     "777      1   -     -'*"
law w,'S jresented, read and filed,
after which sithe council went . into
committee of the.whole,on by-law 45,
the early closing - Ijyjlafw" laid1 '.-, over
from" previous meeting;,-If received
its. third reading and -lays over-, to
next meeting for final consideration.
.The council'then adjourned.
-A communication from Ross and
Alexander   asking the city, to   refund
Australia * and New Zealand via Canada. His proposal divided itself into two parts, one,.affecting the Atlantic ocean and the other the Paci-;
fie ocean. On, the Atlancic. side the
service should e^ual the existing, ser-
^i"j*_Jp_New_york_^wh jclmmul d __save.
his an' le last Tuesday while at work
ih the mine, and is now in the hospital.   ■     •    -■ '■■-.•■     ' .   '   '
' -1   .       - ,,
Mrs. W. \V. Tuttle; who has been
visiting U Bellingh'am, Washington,
returned Wednesday' .night. Though
much, improved in health, she' hiis
not entirely ...recovered her, fonner
The city band wilP-meet next* Monday. .> night, May 20th, • at 8 o'clock
sharp in the Miners' Union hall. Anyone wishing to join should" apply, at
once. By; order of the president, H._
Ilentham.. ' •  ..      '
The C. P. li. announce, on account
of Victoria Day, they'"will sell round-
trip tickets at a fare and third to
and "from all stations ..west of Port
Arthur, including rail aiid .water
liB:-a-' Tickets on sale 22nd to' 24'th,
inclusike, good to return till/May^;.
0. A. Rol>ertsont of iSt. Paul, president of the .'Elk liumlier company,
came in on:'.*f«sterday. .'morning's' train
aBd;Jeft'by, -the'even ing train. Mr.
Robertson' had been- at . "Tal>er  look-
encountered, - and ..the',. capacity
haulage will -'be (_iin-asiiri'd.-..,>.y
grade at .the, loop-. ■   -:-"-.-'-. '   '--■''■
That the 'C."-'P." «.'. will, divert"'this
.line to Crahbfool/.'V'.tlpis .ndiiiiig, .ir-
heavy, grade-each way, and" at 'the
■rap-use of many-"more-,miles "of trackage, in-' order.'... tn' haul thc"""ban'aiia"
crop from-'that tropical little city; is
a proposition which-don't' keep anv-
iody awake nights except the growers of the bananas up that  way. °
About 300 men are. now. al wort
near Golden, and it won't i>be long
until dirt will |«j Hying at this end
(>f the line; -,'"'■
law aa to hot?l buainess. After pay
ing the fine an appeal was taken and
the higher court  allowed the appeal,
la-am of every  Oddfellow,  and brought | and now  the  appelant  asks  for  the
forth' loud and   continuous   applause
. After-this came a recitation by Bro.
W. J. Blundellt
Our visiting brothers   was responded to •*■») Brother*- Smith andHaynes
, of Cranbrook, and I/we of Kelson.
"The Ladies',' brought forth. happy
1 spKches  from Brothers  Billings-   and
McKay  ol  Cnmlj*rook_   und  Volume,
ol ■fernie.'    ,
Then Brother Arthur Berridge, var-
ud the programme by singing a song
which waa greatly  appreciated.
Than Dob Moore spiced the pro-
iCtedings with some Irish wit In' it-
.sponw to the tout, "Our host. '
"0«r Sister Societies"  hruiiglit it-
' iipoaae* Irow     Tate   of    Cranbr.xik',
iKmythe of Moyie, and W. W. Tuttle,
it-eprcMnting  Macleod lodge.
The wuitrcaaes - were toasted nnd
itcikl they were "Jolly Good Fellows"
iMt to music,
Brother Beattlc i suggested thnt this
-should I* made an iiumiut affair, nud
tbe suggestion met with such hearty
approval that it ia more thou prob-
fble that the mijjgeatlou will l*e
tnajularrcd Into a reality. After
"God Save the King" tlio tnotit en-
tliualaatic meeting ot Oddlellow» ever
coMvened in Ptruiu came to an end.
Mount Ferule lodge, No, 47 in In 11
mott flourishing condition, ami its
tu?mbar«uilp roll ia increasing In li
tnotit gratify ing manner.
A   I4>ager    rapreoentutiva   strolled
down to the station Thursday morn-
lag nnd chatted   with    the departing
Oddlellowi,   They were nil eiilliUHlaH-
tic ovar their wurm wulcomn  to I'Vr-
m.1a aid the sucoras   of the meeting,
. in Un) crowd were W, Y. Tate,    M.
0, WUa&i, A, C. Killing    0.   It'.
■ Kilean, W. X. Haynes, V,   ti.   lAtvll-
eott, 0. N. Sindair, Chas. Smith, Y.
8. Stm.won,  Hurry   White, W.     H.
IfcVorlaud.   J, W.   Ferguson, 1*.   H-
McKay and k. &. Beattiu, u) v'.niu-
hrooki     Fred   Smytht    nod J.   A.
GuMpill,  of Moyie;   I„ E. McFarlane
ol Hounef, and A. Y„ Klieridnn   o(
Kiko.  Thoy were an odd crowd   but
dil good fellows.    May they    come
" — ■ o— -
a\t a spatial meeting ol city coun-
.cfcf   held W<4ntwA*y     evening,  there
-.ttre present the ICayor nnd nil mem-
Ijtfi at the council.
The plasu and upecificattou-i fur the
•Mwerf<w«r« taken np and it was
'found   that th* plans and  sperlficu
return of his $60.
•   The matter was  left in the hands
of the mayor, who promised   to take
it up with Mr.  Lawe, who waa     at
that time  acting for the city,
—■       ,0   .'.   ...
A    SCHOOly ON \VHEK',».
The Scranton International Corres-
two Idaiys; he allowed four' days on
the sea and four days "across Can'.
ada. ■ On the-Pacific side the object
was to ettablish a service of at least
18 knot's, but.th s ^speed/must' be, for
the present, regarded 'as a-goal; as,
it would be *dimcult"To~start immeil
iataly , with" a . scrvicevof JS knots,
The coat of the service was to be
borne , by the several .contributing
to S.-K. Wallace a fine of $60 ' paid■ :«?"««***•- •« * «l»itable shares,
by him several months ago,  aftei*ba- '^u W°U'd haVC t0  conUlbute  in
ing   adjudged hy, the   marj^te v ol" >J'S  '^J ;to   both .shipping     ser-
being guilty  of  an infraction 7>f   tte   J*?' |MJt'h '^ted >n the mar-
ititne trade on both sides, of the continent.
After a, general discussion, Sir Wilfrid  Uuricr aaid  he  was  only     too
pleased  that 'New Zealand did ,   not
think hie proposals went far enough,
but,  in reply to Right iiou.  Lloyd-
George, ,he did not consider the question one of experta, but a question or
policy.   In deference to what    Right
Hon.     Moyd-George said,    he     was
ready  to amend    his resolution     to
bring it Into harmony with his view,
and the rcaolution waa finally placed
liefore the conference in the following
form     and    unanimously     accepted:
"l%nt in the opinion of this conference the Interests   of tho Empire demand that.In ho far     ns prnctlcnble
its different portions should be   connected    by  the l*»st  possible    means
•if moil,  communication,  travel <!nnd
transportation; that to this   end    it
il     advlaahle    that    Great    Urinaln
should lie   mnncclwl    with    Canada,
and through    Canada with Australia
.Hid N<>w Zealand by Uic l*.st service
available within   a reasonable   k st;
lint for the purpose of carrying   the
alove project Into effect such financial
upport as may-1* necessary   should
• contributed by Great l*iritiiin, Canada, Aiiatnilia and New Xenlnnrl    in
• itJltalile - proportions."
A; newly-elected^ senator-'from -the
'Northwest wns pounding his desk and-
waving his arnis__ in an impassioned
ajipeal to the seinte. "What do you
.'think- ol him?'" -..whispered/...'Senator
I'ean of New "" Jersey tfi^ie'^/vi'iipa.v
sive' Senator.'K'nox olfPeiiiisylvania.
"Oh,, , he\ can't* help, it;1.''-answered
Knox. .'/'It's -, a^ - birthiiV.ir'k'.'' ' ' "A
what?i-' <• -\\-i~ I'irihninrk-/' rep<;a-U:d
Knox. "Hisjiiother was sca're-d.-by ii
a windniill.-'-'- • - ; "■- - . '■;. =■■ / -'. 1   '. J"
poudeuce school railway inspection
car is now in tlie Fernie yard.
It is in charge of Mr. H. M, Umb,
who gives instructions to all railway
employees along the line.
This car ia fitted up with a complete 33 freight car train and i, ai
car passenger car tsftin in such a way
that a complain demonstration of all
the working of air brakes and other
equipment can be practically demonstrated.
The Scr.inton school have 11 ■ of
these cars in commission and have
contracts with aai, railroads throughout Canada, the United States and
Mexico, and are giving instructions
to (ifx>,ooo railway employee*. This
great travelling hl-IiuoI has been In
operation since 1898,
The car now in the yards here v r,s
fittevl up at a coat of $94,000 nnd
Mr. I.nmb has been trav?Illng over
Canadian roads    with It since Jan,
33,   I'JOfi.
Mr, l.ntnbi Htati'd t0 the T,cdg«r that
<l» C.p. tt. |, the most extensive
on'- over which the Instruction cars
tnnel, the Rock Island coming next,
with a track,,g« 0f n little more than
•'.o-o mile.1,
room was crowded   and    work '  was
exemplified in the initiatory aud scc-
c.nd'degrees. After th« close of the
lodge-work the members repaired to
tbe Waldorf, hotel, where a magnificent banquet was in readiness. When
the good things prepared , were disposed of there followed a feast of song
and_ story that-lasted-until after 3
ti'clock, when the assembled hosts adjoin n.-d to seek a few hours rest.
The visiting mcmliers who" returned
today speak iu glowing terras of the
hs;>iuility of the Kernie >Od<lfellows.
wiio did all in their power to make,
the visit of the. me-niijers from Moyie
and • Cranbrook a pleasant "- one.—
Cranbrook Herald. n ■ .'
Th.- election of, checkweighman
Coleman on Wednesday resulted
fallows:     '
Charles  llrooks.....".   -, ;
Willian*     Graham,. /
John   Johnston....    ...
John  iVoim'm ■.	
Harrv  Smiih   . ....-
John, Unsworth -  \-
■ This is the third time the Coleman
miners have elected Mr: Brooks, and
ia an evid.iuv of the confidence whicli
liis associate miners  repose in him.'
. 19
The  output  nf the  mines  is    grad-
u.illy growing,  and will soon, be back
to the   normal figures.    ■
.Today  is  payday,  and  tlie. amount'
paid out will,  , of     course,   lie     very
small.  'There  are    now "about, 1,000
in n working at Coal' Creek and more
thin 501 are .working  nt  Michel.
; With    the mines running-,at     full
u      v
capacity,    tho  mills    all going,    the
two govemtneiit buildings going up
and_ the citv, sewer plant being planted,, it won't l>e neesary to hollow,
."Watch.Fernie Grow!"
Modern'labor "men may l>e interested in labor conditions in 1793, as.bet
forth ih ah ■'old law. This old-iinu-
st-atuleof England contained ■'the fol-
lowiog six clauses:
Any stone cuitet'jvhd joined a union,
was, to.,-be s.-nt to jail for two mouths
V They;,'must work  from -6 o'clock in
A mnn who la now lioardlnjr at th-.'
city a expeiiae Imagines that he is
the ouner of the C. P. U., and is
»I*o pmiiii-r ol.the province. This is
tiot altogether an incongtirous combination 0/ rimmnrdMllty nnd o,,-t„.r
This man imaglnnl that soene on
was trying io steal a ride on Un
railroad, and saya lie ant Sir Thomas
KlMiighneasy down to the station to
watch lor the would-l* free rider,
but concluding that Kir Thomas
■eedad watching, he smt God Almighty to watch the Knight, Iwt
wnai not satfefdrrl until !«, had &.
la-fled a Pernie jw<fct«lna« tn V«p
w.ilth over the flr»t two, thus «*-
c<«*c!ouaIy paying a high tribttt* to
th* watchfulness tsirciicd liy our
jHilief loree.
.tkm iwptred Ly Mr, Taatf «j*irax*t "tUuni'a l^ni«n*at «a*d hy Ffcy*td*n*
The nuw regulation-, und rates ol
1 nt tag* on Ilrltiib periodicals coming to Canada is 11 long stride In
tin: right direction.
All ellort to make freer and cheap-
it tlie eommunicaticn of iL*as dnd
th .tighis Lttwecn thos. 'of the home
i< untry and the pi-oplu of this great
and growing Dominion will receive
th* htarty endors.ition of< people ou
,«»ih tides of the ocean.
Il'c c.inno; say so much in favor ol
-lie changing of the rates .>n period)-
c It p.iMiB_« to and from the United
S'ates.   Such  restrict ions  cut    both
w'uya, and we uiiiuot     ne*- how It is
*»*g  10 tteni-hi  Canada  to adopt   a
ollcy ivhirh  will  result  in  the   cur-
t llmt-ant of Canadian literature which
ots     to the people of the    United
States I10111 this side „i the line.
large munl*rs of pwiph; ar«   com
ng frr,w ih« stif* to m.,ke l.om**,
m CrnaiLt, «nd the friends t,l    tlWA«
I'-I»lc v.ho remain in the Kt„te* will
"ll le n-a«V-n     «,f   Canadian paivrs,
■'►■I it would a«m i»,u, poor poL
if>  to put rmtrfriinfli* „p..nour   0*11
|*r.d|c..l« in    order     to    leep onl
AanrricAn llhr-riarv, «huh m «   fe*
l«»f m»    m,iy  t4 tetme.1 o'..i**,iot*.-
It i« not the r.siriction of knowl-
•dgn l«t«t.a Untm kvo grot*   eoaa-
ingafter -the    installation    of     new
hoisting    machinery  arid  other   - ini-
proveiments,.. which. he states is pro-
greaaing steadily to. completion. ;_
- '     ■"' ' . °
Montallietti.. was up__ for preliminary:
hearing at-Frank'.-.'l'iat---Tuesday, ,_l>ui._,
owing, to the■ non-arrival „ of papers
from the ..east. the; case was continued
to next Tuesday, and Montalbitti
was allowed his liberty upon furnishing, bail for $9,000. -Much inter-'
est is being manifested- in this case
by membtrs of the legal fraternity.'
Miss Gladys Graham, better known
aa Babe gave a- party to Iter young
friends last Tuesday afternoon which
was largely attended and joyously
enjoyed by a romping crowd of juvenility. The Ivedger.Kid was not. invited, and had to lie content with a
passing look at the fun as he plodded
home to ma to tell her of his
I roubles,
Miss Kirkpatrick, arrived home
Thursday evening from Los Angeles,
where she had |«en visiting an mint.
Alias Kirkp,,trick had intended to take
thw- ill-fated coast trains which met
with such a fatal wreck at Honda,
l.ut at the laat moment changed her
'mind and teavellid by thi- inland or
main line of the Southern Pacific,
thus escaping a dreadful experience.
The big plait of the American Prim
Works, at Kail lllver, Mass., is practically at a standstill because of refusal of help in bleaching, dyeing und
printing departments to work any
longer for wages paid. These employees say mon.y paid to them is
not sullicii-ut to, support their families decently, nud also allege that
promises made to raise wages $l a
week were only half kept, advuiice, offered when men went to work being
posted as 50 c a week instead ol |i.
It In tn such plants as this tlmt
p<opl<- in lhe w>-il send their money
lxciiu-4 they can get work done cheaper and by Mich disposition ol their
pitrott.ige they s.-nd money out ol
tlu. ciiiiutty, encourage tobUry, foi
that is what it amounts to, ami di.-.
courage the unplovcr who wishes .to
piy good wages to employees who
spend th'-ee wages in our own coun-
11..'     »
'    '"  • 'O
,Gim*-A\"l), TORY MEET."''"  ", '
A. Lite!', "president''"f. the-" East
Kootenay' Lumber*- company, of
Cranbrook, ,'was  in''"'the!"city.■ Thursday
"Dear brethren,"  aaid  the temper
iin&-   exhortet', "I h.ne     |umi conu
from a    place    when there     are n<
If J^ S'- ' ** "I,V'l,,'''  '      \*.fi      ,|.lt,*r>.
dii'iik nni*. is uutnxwn. iGrtat up
• l.i'in . Where everybody has to
l« good by law. <Hanr,heur,) Wheiv
there in no wtnskcy drinking. iCht-rr»i
Where you mjc no drunks. (I^oud up-
pLiuso.) AVht-re tvaryttnt fjot* U>
worahip >'ii Kund.iy. (Tumultuous
cl.i) pint: ol h.inds.i Where no on.
ii!.es profane language. (Hear, hear 1
Where there nrr no Lite hours or Sa|f
1-ath ir«ding- iContiatwd cheering.)
Ve«, dear Lrathwn, for the Ustycar
I hiiva !*!»■« in the |»i>«isfttMjy."
(Dead silence.)
and gaxe.the..Ledger "a -friendly  - eii
during- wliieli  lu-'.aiur'the " edil'.ir':" ha
their     usual ' di.sagi-eciiuiit.s   ^i:
.things  political,"." and "he -left- us -■ fJrni
as  ever  iu his     0W11 'conceit   (iml-lo
the-Kid without .any; cninvji  nt all.,
Mr., Lltch is the man positive who
is leaving the lasting i'mprissiou of a
positive life upon then flairs- of easi-
ern British Columbia,
"Woodman span«;tluit tie-:"' will  be
a useless command to' Mr.   Litcli    !fo
long 'as there are any trees" rodent.,
,  o ^-"- ','■"•    ,V
OAlITTEn-TtV'MlCKTfbN':'. '- :
In tlie writc'nip of the lir.st sitting
of the supreme court here last week,
the l*dger mad,' an oinmission'of oiu-
of the proiiiineni features of the session, In the criminal ease which was
tried and dismissed .without iy-
ferriiig to the. jury, several ■ l-'n-nch--
speaking witnesses were (Xomiik-'l,
nud Mr, Wnltir Hnrwtiod'ncl-cd in the
official capacity of-, inlorpivler; and so
ellicienilV did hu perlorm tliis <lnty,
lhat His Lordship Judge Cl.-nieiii
took occiislon tn- sav tli.it -he hud
iiewr heard a more lueuralc or ready
interpreter .than Mr. Ilarwoud .proviil
to he.' Mr, TIarwoo.l is a nephew ol
Sir   Henry . Jnlh   d'  Lot.nluie,   bit.
Ilcutl(l'ail(-gi(l\>-llliil     ul     till-    iilovillir,"
and  linguist   nl  nliility,
 o ,
A  CIIANC'l-'  1 IE l'AS'fOU.
A sppcinl song M-rvj.-e will-legKuu
at the ILipusi thiueli l.iiiii.i i.ne
night. Si'vinil piivi-, of Wi-I.h miisii-
will be ri!iiili-n-.l. nn.silv l,v Wehli
Rev, Mr. Kcmptou cM-eci-. to di-
liver his l.iii-wll i-rniui lo hi-, Y1
nie COIIgre,!.iti<»n i.iii- week ii-uiii („
morrow A-. yei no sen, ,s,,i |., i;,.y.
lu-uipinu hits ] ci-ii h mr.d, imi un
doubt one will It: d. ieimim.1 upmi
before Mi. iMiiipii.ii lairs Ini. lui.ii
t'ndcr Kev. Keiiipii.n ilu- Kiptjsi eon
gregallon 1 f K.-nii> haec ni.iil, 1,
marl-alile progress, and he will be 1,..
nieetiLcT.il, 1.01 mih ly ii.c n.i pi «»*i ■-
of our city, l.ut hy- all iiho l.n,,^
Qini, uh ,i p.iiuui  of  tin: IuhJi-m    nt
X..ii'iUl-Hi;.   , iid , M-Vi|,.,,'    tj ..nitit 1
His     dij .mini,     w.li   t.i .1 diMiiui,
lo«v lo 11.  .,1!,  . n !   '-, -• 1 ' .,';   (,. ij,
own n ngrig.iiinii. ,
He govs,   wiilo hi.,  fainilv,   t.»  Vei
in.kin.ii, '*ii i,.  V,t,  11,1),   .ii-ii| it-'i .1 call.
and what   is   I<*. rule's   loss   will     U-
th.it new town's vain.
Th.'   I«ht u:shi-*-   of   the   Lcl;-el   will
.iccoM|.,,nv Hi \.   K«.iiij.tt.ii    .md    In-.
family to theii   u.-w ft,-ld ,.,f j;,),,r
L.ist ni/ht yrai imjy iMiticiiou-.
night at Kernte. AU.ut lnuni> ,,1
th- l.mtlirra of Iwy f.t. ].,',.., ,.1
ihla city nnd wvimI fu.n. Wild..
lodge of Moyii, w.nt t F«.-ini't u,
(■arti'ipat1 in .»  i-t.nt in - "ny     *ut'
tlie* nioniing untilTS o'clock at niglTtT
, Wage's are n0t to Iks higher - than 4K
cents  a' day.".- -   ■   -a     '
'Each -iniin was to.be allowed - three
cents  for breakfast.-
■ 'Anyone Vhoi refused   to  work  was
to be  iiupri.soiu.il_ for "not more  than
two months'- -»   -
If 'any- employer paid  higher  wages
lie-was-to  lie  fined  $25.—-Exchange.
But When the, Wreck Wm.
Cleared Away Allison
.   Waia round
A wreck occurred to the w«Btbaaa/4
local laat Tuesday evening neat
Wardner, when five cars left the trael*.
and ware considerably  smashed     up. '
The wrecking train and crew were
sent to the scene from Craubr-.-»k,
and when., clearing up the , wreckage
the lx>dy of a man waa found under
the co.il* in one of the derailed cars.',
He was fairly well, dressed, and on
examination his name wasn found to
lie Prank Allison, and' that he bad
come from  Elpham,  South Dakota.,
He evidently was Ideating bis way,
ns none of thu traiu crew knew of hi*
presence on lo.ird until his- liftless
body  was discovered.
Tho wreckage, was   cletirwd      away "
during tbe night,   and  no   stoppage ol
the passenger trains resulted.
Mrs. Dudley, of our city, 'wi's a
passenger on the local when, the accident   occurred.   ■
'   WE WEEP.
New York", May 15—The directors
of the Standard Oil company today
declared a quarterly dividend •' of $9
per share. This compares . with 'a
diviheiid'o'f $l'> declared three moves
ago.       7 . _        .,_,..■"■•
Now look ont for lower grade gasoline and higher graded prices.
The Hums-Squires rught has been
postponed, and Jeflries wants at'
least three mouths to get in shape,
fore meeting Bill. Always has' \*t&
that a man from Australia looks too
good for the, heavy sluggers of America.
The Winni|iegJ Maroons took, the
measure   or the Calgary   bunch of baH;
The game cost the Maroon management $42.30, or $14.10 a rim, aud it
cost Calgary, at their high salarUs,
S411.15 for the game, or $23.07^ a
"This is a social degree of the I. 0
0. Y. body, to which only 3rd degree, oddfellows are eligible,
. IL- /er Saiieloriiin No.' S3, Oriental
Order of .Humility aud Perfection, organized Tuesday evening, the following ofliccrs being elected:
,1. \\. Nunii, grand senior hvastytee.
, E. Y. Hmke, vice-grand senior
hy.-ialy tee..
W. .J. Wrigh-swortli, venerable f-i;ti.
Koberi Dudley, grand monitor.
,E.  C.  Olson,  registrariilissimo.
V.  W.   Vance,   Imnkenillii'dmo.
J no.   Luudle, grand  chief guide.
1. E. Covert, grand herald.
I\ C. I.nwe, grand high execution-
It is not generally known that
President Roos.-velt has such knowledge of foreign languages as few men
c.in lo.usl. He mastered French MtA
German while a boy in the countries
wh.-te tliese languages, are native,
acquired °a Spanish patois while
among cowboys iu the west, and
thereby, (urnished a basis , for hie
present- proficiency' in real Caatilliui.
and only a few years ago learned to
read and write Italian. The tongue
nf his Dutch ancestors is familiar, tb
him and his friend Jacob Rlis taught
him the language of Denmark. Mr.
I'ooaevelt also has picked up a, considerable smattering of Gaelic.  ■   *_
In  an   jntirview  with  a  Vancouver
World   representative.      Sir    William
Mulock  paid  tin-  United   Mine Work
ers ni this district  the idllnwing ueal
'The woikiiigiiiL-11 wluiiii I met ut
Kenn'e appear lo U- a splendid lot
nf men industrious, sober and (nir-
iiiindcd, and inclined tu lv - reason
aide in their di-mniids. Throughout
thu wwk I spent iu Kernie, which is
nhn .st vlnllv tl miniiii; town with a
piipnlattoii ol fruin 3,0110 t„ ^(Ko, ul-
tllnll.-ll    llllllllred.s   nf    Hllployi-CS      Well
waiting aiuiinil ih- toun until ih.v
niiilil n-iuiii I., wnik, theii' (-iiiiiliut
was ,,,1] ih,t t-.ailil Ic. drsired ' of a
le.Hftliil, law abiding nml sobri \*-,i
I'll;.      Wiih  wit,h  a   i-lns.s 1 if i-mploy
' 1 In di'.ll iiith, riii|i|„i'i'i's .iliullld
1-.peri, nee no hiMiperiible dilliculiv at
any, time t>. tl.i      Mttlrimni  ui    in
lustri.il C"luiovtr.-.ii", in ,, |H-.uiIiiL
'iiiHiiii-sslll:,- and Kiiisfiiiinry man
Mtaard',   UiliBMt
' Lumberman's
Tl«( iir.- lniiMdi. Ikjvh  unf  'dh-inI ,
"'gilt nnd orguiimxl for    the r-vavut
i>y ilictmg the iullowmg oiii ■ • •.
H n,   President, <*,.  (L  S.   i.iuUy
!li>:i. Yite rnsidi-nt*,—I). V AL; i.
tt W. i'liuli.', W. A.lngnim,. U \\.
W0.-I and  Kile Chief   |-lnlh|>s
J'leMillfll.    JIc   Wi it ship M.IVOI    I loll
V ne Prisidnii,  J.  H,  Gusty.
Sc ut.ir.v, M. K.isiner.
Tr--..sun:r,  J. W.   Nnnn.
Miiu.tger,   Con   Whel.ih
'•'..■, lain,  IV ri   lli.ak.
Vice-C.ipt.iin, U*.  Watien.
Tlu-  ti.iin  life   In   mt-i t im Mutnl.iy v.
U'i<iln>iMl.iy s and  Frnl.iy .1 «i 7 p.nt
•harp Lr ir..«iia,  ..ml   *|l m*i«Wr-
.•r.  rejiiistil to t< <«t tiuw.
Unless unex|iecU><] developments oc-
cur more than 30,000 cotton .uill operators in Fall River, Mass., will
liuw their wages increased about to
per cent, on May a;, when the volV*
ing agri'iini-ni in force expires.   .
Tli,- ancient city of Lyons, the third
cily iu I'raucc, wilh a populutloii ol
y>, .0.«., vies with Milan in Import-
•inci; in the world's silk industry. No
lewi-r than -lo,o«o |>eopli', men, woiutin
nud ehildrvn, ure •inployed iu the Iar,
All the great trade uuioun now in
isisti-ncv in b'ngl-.iiid were ,'ounded If
fore IHHj, Ugiiinltig with the engineers hi 114.so. The hoiltnmilrr.s i.nd
iron sliip-buildets, i.iipeiiU-rs und
joiuei>, the iron foiindrrs, the nhip-
wiiglit.s, the tailors, hlioviiiukf-rs, thr
bricl.|,iyi-rs and oilicis weie n-or^u-
i/itl tu thr early sixti.s, Ufor* the
roval c<imuii«*«i(>n w.is cnsiituiM in
i(46;. The trades iininii loiiurrsi wt*
• st.ibllshi'd iu )Ho>i.
Th Wniu.in's Tradir. Union liugut
of C.re.tt llritiiin, i» largely msdr up
of women's unions and luu, a mnn-
Int.ship of souifUiiug like iui.uu. It
is iiToguI/ed by nil iniions composed
of nu-n as a potent f.utnt in the taUu
„,i»l. <n ,iUiiiin.ri to oi>)jnuiii_$
» i.i:. ii„flt,* ,.',-{,. ((.ni. wuittut #u.i
assisting thtn in »tnke» (01 Utlri
wagev nail ..)tidili<m>, the l*»gu*
maiiit.iiiis a hgal departiin-nt. All
infractions     ol    lanorv  luws  wbrtr
jl.'sli   .i^k   r.W)>liii%i>i   .iir   jMiAM-tVl^Ci)   \tf
tins ilip,<ritnnit.
A tork bg?'' asked the J*n!i.r,
Win, m.iii, i, cork leg would nun|.|«
und.r von like a Irg oi Wend. You
di.n I want a iork ttf, but an >lm or
willow onr. A leg wa*» n*vei ir.-p<lv
•f cort kincc the worlds Instiling.
I'm many |«<.p|r think as ynu do,
and 111 tell ynu liow the fjlUcy or-
'j;in4ttd. The inventor of th* tni*"-
tin oirtiriii.il Iff—the leg ia>trail   of
. •« *M-r»'.i..t'tl    Ly   the  public,    nnd
"tfouat'lVu't l.*L« m,.\ .«- ,.r.-.-»n »i |th..i   ^.i*.li.* iun« <«io  1*    w»trhte1
•he Hue of the offici.-,{ vhit of r.i.m1   with tern i-ittitsi.
Vaater .Su»|.v,b, who nt.tflc lus    of
|fda| visit at tlut  tisK.   TU  WAft
'Ihis .ictnltv  of our  lire boys will {tlm  Mhk—w.11  .l«h»   fori.       "oik's
Htauris l.in-nKnt omd hy "PfcjwL**.
leys, or coik teg**, «rtr timntti
.irAun'l t»i«*, and whenever a i-m
nukf. your minute h<* payt .«n nn-
rna»iOiii trll.ute to Coil's skill —
\*tw V**W I'm.
it The Fernie Ledger
$2 a Year in Advance
from   tlie  Oftiee  of
Fernie, British Columbia
Issued every .Saturday   ...   _
' ■    Publication," Todd BloSV, Victoria Ave
All changes of ads. must be in as follows:—
Pages 2. and 5,2 -p. m'. Tuesday ; pages S aiui 4
2 n. m  Thursday,' and page 6,2, p. m   iriday, .
we will "fte uuablo to insure chmiKu unless ijjje
this rule is complied with. « .
.   Le«i*l   iid've'ttiiiii«-ia cents per,nonpariel   her   vetllS-        *
line first insertion,8 cents per line each »ub»e-|     Without   the   dollars-he   brings, tttO
ijueitt insertion, * '
city of Fernie,  and she may hold up"
her head and say" ."I am not   afraid
of  the future."
One thing" this' young city has learned, and, we hope, learned.it..weU, and
tkat is that her test friend in her
hour of need is "the man who wields
the pick, the hammer or the -saw,
and earns the dollars which keeps the
blood   ol  commerce   flowing    in
* "'  i "i  ...   ,
LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C, MAY 18, 1907
Is th» Opinion 0f aft
Wh» Have Qnoe Tasted
Hates for Contract-advertising on application at oAice,of publication, Todd Block
1).  V.
,   Editor,
Business Mauaner
- "SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1907      ,!l
UNING.     :
- Tha little, city of Fernie, with.her
i.cant two -years.oilmunicipal li***, has
had in that short career experiences
which come to) few organized coni-
Through baptisms oi death-dealing.
exploaions,. of devastating fires and
strife-breeding strikes, she has steadily grown till she, ia the largest
town in Eaat Kootenay, with tlie
bright prospect of still greater
growth' with less contention lying
invitingly.-.before  her.
Through- the most obstinate opposition'to real civic liberty, she has
been fighting a life-and-death strug-,
gla for her right. to govern hersjlf independently of private interests sin-J
organized • commerciallism..  '
In tbe very hour of her birth she
was compelled to-struggle as au infant for her right to live against
powerful- foes from without, while be-
, ing , advised by , misguided ' friends or
treacherous enemies from ,. within.
,, Some bail entries in indelible black
have been placed upon the -record o!
her civic book of,life, but so far her
record oi franchise giving has been
kept -white as the -driven snow upon
the mountain,' and her citizens' *are
becoming conscious of their responsibilities aud' their opportunities;
their power when properly directed to
defend their civic . interests against
the murderous attacks "of private
greed ' which, if not checked, grow
like noxious weeds in - a. neglected gar-
deu, until all hope of redemption has
■  passed. ' ■<_
At  times  it hns  looked  as  though
the "'evil      councils   ,of * selfish    greed
,   would  triumph over our fine " young
city' .and' bind her,  while yet*1 in her
infancy, to years of servitude, accooir
• panied   by- the ' degrading" civic    immorality which  is the twin sister of
. "commercialization  in  municipal  man-
"ajyement:   Her  self-respect,   her   inde
pendence  were ,   tried    to    the uttermost/ 7       -    a        '
The oft-repeated attempt to make
public interests subservient to pri-
viite greed was being worked 'out,in
our youLhfulness as a city.   '
'lhe '-'hand of fate which .began to
rock 'the' cradle in which the little
infant Fernie lay in her helplessness
was a^cruel haud." ,It~was" the strug-"
* gle of the' mite against the giant
might. *■_
Fernie's fight Ior her civic rights
has been as lull of bitterness and
trouble as has L-een the battle against
fires, strikes and explosions.
The fires, the explosions and the
strikes have left scars upon tlie
physical construction ' of "our city
which  time only can  heal.
The scars left by the conflict between right and wrong in our municipal battles are oa deep and will be
as lasting as .those physical scars. It
is the task we have before us to heal
those scars and wounds. The Ledger
says |*) ol good cheer; there is light
No people possessing knowledge und
tlu:' love of freedom .which, ia. the, heritage most dear to Anglo-Saxon people, can be made willing l>earers of
burdens for others, and tlie people of
our little city will prove themselves
worthy members of the race.
Blessings do not "always come
lalislcd as such, and these struggles
through which our city has passed in
its infancy may prove to 1-e blessings,
though deeply disguised in the wrappings  of discordant conflict.,
li.*!plosions, fires, strikes and municipal warfare have combined to draw
up-in us the ga/o of a whole nonunion, and has made of Fernie one ol
tliu muni-talked of towns ' in the.
country. Some of these l-attlcii licve
grown' to be of far more tlmn 7..'til
interest. We find that we are a part
of ,i mighty industrial whole,
The result of this latest cotilliet iu
I la- Industrial uflairs of a district of
which Fernie ia the centre cannot lie
Mimniwl up by the recital of the
temis of agreement arrived at le-
two n the mine workers and jpernt-
Whilst it hns miiiltiil in bringing
about a Netiiciiinit of smh ilispiii.es
for the next  two  yturn,   that  result
I      .    1   .    ...     ,  . . T    ,   l        I    ' . . I'I
..*»/»     MV   M    ll.l.'vl     .*b   .tl     U     V>..j       IW..W.
will lend to n *X\W more antir.iartory
iigrcemeiii lu the future, now that so
many of the cauaci of friction whicli
have existed in, tbe past have be<-a
the past that no al-iding i«ac»: can l.e
''iiidntlnihied U-tween paroiea; when Ino
confidence exists, and no comiileure
(otild exist where scwl* of discord
were being continually s^iuti and ns
sHumsly cultivated.
This li.u Irt-n tlte case in regard
tn lhc laMr coitlcntl/mi, ** well ,i«,
in th- .JIair.-i of our city.
ISvcryUiin.: indicatory thut *c- .ire
ii| on thi: e\e of a radical change ol
the* piilicics, aad that the \*.ut
•Ah'ch it in a fair way to ar.ttlr *'.<*<•*n
»if«i thr JftdiiifM nffafrj <vf tmr
...mmualty will abetter ln-iv-ath the
shadow of    ita wfaga the (air young
!\-r coffers through' bis labors, there
would be no Fernie, and without his
courage and manhood with which to
leaven the timidity and servility oi
die dependent, we would have no
civic government worth the name..
. l'"ernie ■ should never forget.- the
answer she gets from the man v»ho,
wields'.the' iinpleinetus oii" labor . when
she is ia trouble'
that answer will* always . be the
answer of stalwart, undaunted hearts
ready to stund with her , when tee
trm of oppression reaches out io
giasp and strangle her.
Let us turn r.our backs upon <-hc,
paat, with its graveyard bf dead
u nets, its errors, ita sins, its swifes
aul its disappointments, remembering
only those thinga which will aid us
to shape our future course 'along the
way which leads to peace and prosperity.-
With foundations laid upon truth
and justice, we may 1* as solid in
our municipality as are our hills up-,
on their rocks.
When    prattling      babe    and ... loving:
Shall cease     to live and love   each
other;    ,    ,   . 7     ,
When sang-Hrds  forget  to coo    and
sing .
And sweet flowers do not bloom    in
spring;        '
When bright, laughing, rippling, dancing rills
Shall cease to leap0 and dance adown
our hills, '  .*
Anil when the old river does not run
Her >.. long course towards the setting
,    sun: o,  7
When our lofty mountains    cease to
o      stand '    " \
Like silent  gaardiaas o'er our land;
When  our  great  Three  Sisters  ceaae
"    to.be • ',
And are lost in - a vast Eternity,
Then  Truth,  oh,, constant,  beauteous
Truth, ,
Will ..be      smiling    in   her   youthful
.  Since,   > the'    nefarious      immigration methods employed ■   in bringing*
out-skilled laborers under the   guise
of .auriculaural settlers wa3iexposedJfl,
BEaok, Mixed, Natural tireen
•      .. , ■     ■ ,<■ yT-\ -'
At all ;Groeers." ',-, *"       -.--.,."
ere i$
our * x w* ij
In your comb? Why so? Is
not the head i niuch better place
for it ? \ !Bgttej:,jiecp ,wlii|t is left
Vhere .it.bjelb'nss!. AyWVHaj.r
Vjuor, neiv Imp^vssJfbrmuJ^
quickly stops J>,lUng Jj^iijr,
There is not a particle of dpubjt
about it. Wc speakyery^psfe
dyely, about this, for; we; know.
Poet riot change tb»,c»kt tffhtifmtr., ,
**nt.iH* wttlmwk XttU
' ^'*k,^BS:
., ,. -  HOW'S THIS?
We offer One'Hundred Dollars Reward for atty case of Catarrh -that,
canmot, be cured by Hall's Catarrh]
Cure.     »
P. JiCHBNEY & Co., Toledo, 0.
We,- the undersigned, have known-.
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,:
and believe him perfectly honorable,
in all. . business transactions,, .. and,
financially, able... to carry out^ any ,oh-
ligations inade by., his firm./
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 6. .
, Half's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon . the,
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent Jrec. Price
75c per bottle.   Sold by all druggists
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation..
Indeed, the one 'great'leading feature ef
our new Hair Vigor oiay-welf fee saia ts
be this—it''Stapa:jPaUing. hair. Thea-uk
gees one step ,furjherr- it aj4fi naturajn
restoring the hair an* scats'ta a heillfer
condition.   Ask for "tie new k!t4."
the provinc.al legislature by J. H.
Hawtliornihwaite,, 30 writs have been
issued at the instance 67 tbe Scotch,
immigrants who are' now idle in Victoria .on account, of refusing to. work
as strike breakers. . Ten of, these are
directed against the Salvation army
and the British Columbia Marine
Railway company;, jointly claiming,
damages in each case for $250 under
the clause of the Workman's act of
1902 forbidding .deception to bepra9-.
Uccd in inducing men to contract for
the filling- of'any-position." The othqr
writs "are. in replevin against the,
Iiritish Columbia Marine railway for
the possession of certain tools tind
clothing whicli the defendants afe
charged with keeping against the wis,li
of the rightful owners. A hundred
dollars " damage for this alleged
wrongful act is also asked in each
The affidavits ot the men are to
the eflect that they came to this
country as the result of seeing, au
advertisement of the Salvation army
in a Scotch publication calling the
min to come to Canada. The men
expressly allege that they were given
to understand there wns no labor
trouble "nt Victoria, and on this
charge the claim of deception is made,
The men came on to Victoria, and.
finding that labor troubles existed
they refused to work, and have since
l«-ti out of employment,
o    '
Mary's ma wears bombiuine
Mnry's  Kown  is silk.
Wltil- sin- .skims thu maKti/iiie
Mntnnm .skims the milk,
("levtl.iiitl Plain Dealer.
Johnnie's  dad wears overalls,
While  Johnny  smokes his cigarettes
Ami refers his creditors
To diwl,  accompanied  with regrets.
N.etp,/ ,'
Shoemaker Shop
(Opp.'P. RurnB & Co'e office)
'I'lio owner has worked 4 years
in; Romi', Italy,-and.is prepared
to do all kinds of repairing and
new  work.
itues after ilate I intend to apply to the
Cliief IJommUsioner of Lunds and ;VVorkH :for
ixjt-mljhlon (o pnrelmse tlio following dencrili-
ed.hinds. " ""        .   - "   '
Commencing ut a post on west side of Elk
River detweon Morrissey and Elko; ,B'C.,
und south of the mouth of Tunnel reek,
theuce west 40 chains, thenc-e north jiO.ahftiris,
thenee east. 40 chains to Elk River, thence
south,*)-chains down Elk,River'.to;jjluca'of
! >a'e 1 Ht ™e.-iih... L C. Mtue'i *&,,IWI ... „ a(V;T
■7E„ are now installed in our
barn, opposite' the
place, and have a
complete, new outfit,
which is always at your
service • for livery, cartage . or baggage. We
still have „the office« up
.town where orders may
be   left.    "
all   Bite
7 at these Flies
Over 6o_ooo Flies to choose from—Every kind  and
' size  known on,Kootenay-waters.      _   ,   7' -   .
Sure-Killers—Gauze-winged,   Jungle-cock' and!,
Bucktail   Flies. '-
Spe.CJLal—Split    ba,mboo   rods,   three   ^_ . _ftf
1 - point, "selected, cane.....;.. ..   S | .50
"   A full line of waders, nets;1 lines, and  all the, requi-.,
.sites :for  river ..fishing. '--* '    .   "-",.
Nw E. Suddaby Fernie Drug Store
See Our Windows for
A. C.  Liphardt
Jeweller and .Optician
Ben Giglibtti
,*«YXl.i>,SIS .OF ;(;ANAU1AN .'N01l'l'll-\VE*-i
i'i .al.—CiihJ■liimla nuty he puiclniaed at. »m
'inst iicre for"t.oltr*-oal aiiil >20 tox JtoitAttiiciie"
Not more tlm ii 320 uc.ei can he acquired b>'
ii,e iuilivitli'Hl or company, Royalty at the'
mte of leu cents per ton'ol -,000 pound? tiliall
a-ci'illcctbd pn the Kross output.
(Jimrtz—A lice miner's certificate is grauted
upon mi.ymeiit in udvuncool't5 por'anm-ni for
im iiullvidiiHi, ,and fropi 'SO to »100 per Rnpi'm
fm-h vonipmiy uccordin'Ktocaiiitat.
A lice miner, having discovered mineral in
nhicc'inn.v /ocate a claim 1,500 z 1,500 feet..
Tliu fee for recording: a claim is 45.   V(
At least kiW must bo expended oh the claim
(inch,Year or (mid to .the mining recorder (n
lieu thereof. ■ When tAou has Deen expe'ndb'i pr
iinid,.tiie locator may, upoii'liaving a survey
made, and upon complying with, other re-
(luironients,'piirclia*(i tlie land at JI an'acre.
; Tlie putent,provides for the payment, of a
royalty ufaj per cent on the sales.
Pi,ACM! inihinir claims generally are lo'i feet
sOuiiro! entry fee «5 renevahleyomJy,
A Ireu' miner may . ohtuin two leasei to
dredge fur gold of Uveinllesonch for a term of
iwenty years,, rone,wi)ble |it the dUcjqtlon, of
lie'tl mister of the Interior.
The lossce nlifill have adredgo in oporatlon
within ono sousoir from the date of tne louse
loi-'i-ucli live mfloB. Uontal via per annum for
uitcli mile of rlvyr, louited. Iloyiilty at tho
iuin of U}'i>«r cent collected on the output after it exceeds *10,ooo,
Deputy HisJstar oi W totoiio*.
N.  B.-Ut0fl(UUU(pir^l '"^llcwtkn' d
tkis adv'crtisetueat.will aot bs paid
Are arriving . daily.
We have a1 larger'arid
better assortment' this
spring than everandour,
prices are low enough
to suit the person'who
had to borrow trouble.
%   R.    RflcDOU.SAl.tL
'i .- j i
To Consumptives
The undersigned ■ having beta ■ restored to health, by J simple means,,
after suBertait • for several years with,
a sever* lung affection, and'that dread"
distase CONSUUPTIONi Is oaulous
to make known to liis felloe suflerers
the incauoi cure, To Uiom who-desire It, be will cheerfully send (Ires of
char«t) a copy of the prescription
used, which they will find a cure for
TAKKB, BRONCHITIS and all throat
and ltmu MALADIES. He hopes all,
sufferers will-try this Remedy, as it
in invaluable. Those desiring tlieip^
ixrlptioa, which will cost them, now,
|S|*, und may prove ablensing, wjll
I ileum address
Brooklya, N. Y,
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Made from cream of tartar derived
solely from grapes, the most delicious and healthful of all fruit acids.
Its use Is a guarantee of perfect food
and a protection against the ills that'
follow the use of alum, alum-phos-
pluttc and other low grade powders*
The mixtures ealltd bftjing powders that ttU fa t«|, or
twenty-five cents a pound, or a cent an QXMU,t<vzaXLai&&i,
made from alum and cooting, leu thin thr** cants a pound.
of all kinds
Oranges 50c do^,
JL,cmQiis. 40c ,,doz.
Tomatoes 3Q.C lb
McDougall & Co.
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to please careful houackeepers is , to
give konest weight. Oh, we don't say
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VcKcfiihle Plnnts and Rhubafb
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CiihliHKi' plants per ioo     50c
Kjuiliiirh UuiMs pin-dozen,,,,.., 1,50
Ri-'   nv ...  M'us.-n-n AiuHiKt'.-l^ti
Ver Setting,, * 1..00
——— 111 iiiii—mnwmtmr^mfm
WINE   GO.,  Ltd.
"Wholesale   Dealers: and   Direct.
Intix>rters oi
0141 TOM
Sold AtfentH In Kimt Kootonuy for
Cigars, Tobacco,
Cigarettes & Pipes
Thoi'o Ib only one plnoo In town
wliorovon can uotflfooti reliable
Boodslnoai' line that Is ut
Hit: CLUB CSCAIi   STOlt*:
«'. A, J.\0*a*"V"W, Ttvp.
Pheae   91 •     •     •     Fernie, D.  C.
H. Kerr 6c Co*
■ i *•
Contractors and
riaas, Specifications a«d E«tl-
mstas (nniished on nppUeatfjor*.
PUsty of GOOD  l)BY  LUM-
I1HU ON HAND.     ,
B. \. KK1B,
Arthltect    aid SsperiaUadta-t
•"   Oflice at Baaiitace, ,
RAKBft 4IV„ - • rRHWDa', > C
llonataMJ'ffAnSilmtUL HA........
•tntrrM. endm iiiewr Uirf'inmgptit
I*»t«oui Uketi tbroofh Mara * Co. roc«l*«
Tn«DC Markb
Anron* ntndlng »iWrlrli unil <l nrrlptlnn w»y
ouloklf tuiiMrulit iiur iiwmu.ii tun wbalUcr mm
Vnr citjtlnn.t'' l'r!?"21lJ,T. .TJ?' r.Vl M Ay^f •""'Tn? HllTA:
uio « c
tptUU wXUt, wil haul dmrgt, 11 lid
Scientific flm-rlcin.
' "DxtiMil OfllUM. Its IT UU \ViiAUi««Mb li t>
L.  P.  Eckstein
BAltnrBTSK-ATT.LAW,. Soi,iCiTon.
Huumi- .1 His, Homlni-HOii lilonk, Fornio^ D. 0,
P. C. Uwt.-.    Alex. I. Fisher, B.A.
Lawc & Fisher
Crow's   Nest   Trading    Co.    Block,
Famle, B. C,
W, ll. RnBK.K.O,    ,      .1. H, T. Ar.KXANmiB
Ross & Alexander
H'KItNIK, J). 0,
nilU'ii lii li, T,,W, Hlook, Victoria Avi'imo,
Jm Barbei*i i-n.s., n.n.s.,
I. T, W    HlocU,  oppoHlto tlio iflnnU
oiliin Iioum-h u,m toll p.m.
W, J, Wrlglosworth, D. D. S,
OtrwK IKmjiihi.      n loto ll it, in. 1 to A p, m
1 n.DO ton v.m,
Ollloiiln Alox.l. ok'ii Mimik        ^  ,
ovorHlinn'nllftkory. ,
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Apples, No.Cobleas'CornHnst old
reliable    varieties* at "reasonable
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Kitlmatdn PntnUtifd
Slnrnt OnrirR anil WindnwR
Hlui'ii- Corner KnwUnd Ave mid UnKvoyHt,
I* 0. llox IM. fornie. IX C
Chas. Gilbert
TorMorlal Artist
Only Union Durbor Shop In  the city
-mil work liore Is done in finl cIuhb
style and at resuonsblo pricon.
Look for Card In Wlndaw
Unhweat     t'ssanermaa'a
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The Elk Lumber Co.y Ltd.
fernie, i C.
wr pAfftflWEK Mm mm'rwr7**
rjr-Nrioisr Xu^-Bxar*
Crow'*    Ntftt   Speoinl
Miners Tflvorlfto Clflnr**
'-    *-,.#-"..  f.
Curling is still being indulged in at
"Ksaora, • Ont. ' .
■-. games oi
beat Ottawa,  Oat.,  iu two
baseball-     Scores 9-0    aud
, A game of hockey on good ice was
played at I/iuisdi-n, Sask.'i on Friday last. .  „ -   '    , _
'' Uthbrldge lost to Duluth of the
Northern k-ague at the latter c place
'by a score of 6-5. \ ' .    ■
. 'lWi)a Sullivan, and Hugo/Kelly
fought- -a so-round draw „at Jwos
Angeles last Saturday.
Burn* and Squires-are slated
meet at Cblnia for the gate
$5,000 aide bet ou May  30. .
0 Tlw Capital "lacrosse team defeated
the Cheshire team at Stockport, England, by a BCore of 7-2. There " was
an attendance oi 8,000. •<   '    ' '
Shrubb, the English long-distance
runner, who holds mauy records, has
arrived,iit New*York and is anxious,
to make a match wilh longboat, the
speedy Indian.
The   Lethlvridge   baseball    aggregation    went  under    to,the    Winnipeg.
-Maroons of  the Northern league - by
the one-Bided score of  7  to  1. Looks
as. if  Ivetabridg?   was  wasting    . the,
ationey. "■'•,■*' i4   ■'
, l'hc; present league leaders are as
JoIIowb: National,' New York and
Chicago; American, Chicago; American association, Kansas City; Eastern, ,Jersey City;' Northwestern, -Aberdeen;  Pacific Coast,  Los Angeles..
Calgary's" much-boastud-of 'L'hyneV
manager of the ball team at that,
burg, is said to have been let out
and a player manager named Herri-it signed/It is -rumored that nearly all the present team will be let out
and a new bunch picked up to face
the ollicial starter at Medicine" ' Hat
011 Monday,.Hay ao.
" "-"""—"* ~,
' :Moat of us doubtless,imagine,-that
a'he'loss of life in a coal mine ex-'
iplosion is caused by the firing of in-
. .flammab.e, gases.- This happens com-
•paraUve.y rarely. The gas explosion
-itself is "-usually quite -a small matter.   It^is the  dry  coal dust    mixed
■ with air that is the' real explosive
'agent, and it is to prevent .this dan-
: :gar that-dusty, seams.are so.,'carefully
watered.     Biit 5 even
so,    the  total
• 'death roll in a- bod accident is due"
to other causes - than the whirling
fblast'of the explosion. Many bodies
)are found .quite unscorehod, and lying
iquJetly as if in a . peaceful sleep.
, What adds to the deception,. is that
nke cheeks and skin are generally
■pink, and have none of the . taaden
jpallor, of, death. '■       ...
For a long time this phenomenon
iv'as a mystery, But now it is known
laat men presenting- this appearance
1 "have been killed by a poisonous gas
.of which the scientific name is'carbon
monoxide. - „.
, Carbon monoxide must not be confused WiUt carboalc add gas—thc.suf-
. locating gas which i.s given out Trom
•the humnB lungs, ■■ and' which lends
"stuIllness'" to a crowded rooin.
While the, latter gus.is only sullricat-
iug in its action, the former is 11
deadly poison with a most curious
action. It hits an extraordinary af-
- (laity ior the red coloring matter of
the' blood, nnd soon prevents the
.blood from carrying sufficient oxygen.
'The result is that the victim falls
Jdowii in a paraly/cd condition and
.s-oon dies.      ,,
(One of the stTnngeat effectB of this
fcorrlble gas poison is that when a
linlldend • miner is curried into the
open air he (nils into most fearful
' convulsions, . exnclly as .if lie luul
'Hwallowed strychnine, Men often Aw
after.they havo been taken out alive
front the poisonous atmosphere.
Underground workers! see nmny
. strange things, and it Is small wander llial miners ure, as a rule, uoini*--
what HupurstitloiiR, Strange Hounds
lire of ten "heard In the usually silent
depths of tlio vast galleries which
pi-srec'the earth in.nil directions.
Yteso ate caused by tho settling of
(hu disturlied strata, and by tho -U-u-
MuiKlou.s preasures excrlwl upon the
pit props, tliu woihI ol which is often.
converted by this pressure Iiito a nub-
stnaee hard nnd heavy "ns stone, A
few years ngo mom than two hundred tniM refused to descend a inino
.near Port Talbot, In Oliimorirauslilru.
■Jhey declared that it was haunted.
;Som« of them had seen a 1 upcctrnl
'Wobuii trnvitig a. lighted lump nml
, 'heard her Hcreutm Bvuntually it wus
-proved thnt tbe H^ltt was caused by
a curious outgrowth of phosphores-
,r«nt fnni'iis, while tho unvfttu wns no
doubt the creaking of a gallery roof
uader tie enormous pressure by the
enormous and heavy rocks above."
.This pressure sometimes, causes a
phenomenon • which miners call a
"goth." TIi'k i.s a sort of local
earthquake accompanied by a loud report. .'1 hi-"mine timbers . in the"'neighborhood are"'-suddenly shivere"" to
matchwood. Two years ago a miner
was killed in the Noitlnvood pit "at
Hanlcy,  England,-by a "goth."    '
Mining of'all kinds, is, in a way, a
gamlile with Nature.", A company'will
hen working a rich seam ,.whe,n suddenly the' miners run against 'a
-'fault," and llie seam is gone. Some
years - a^b" the' famous Graigola coal
'seam near Swansea was lost ;n
way. • Tuns of thousands of pounds
were spent inbmking for, it,..but it
w.is not until0 after more than ; two
years' hard work that it- was .re-discovered  near Clydach.        ■ -    ','
The same sort of thing happened
Wi the Dilhuriu' .seam, ,-a. magnificent
coal lx-d six feet thick7 Its ' owners'
sp^nt'5350,000, in Svvirchirig for it, but
failed to find it. Then, six- mouths
later, sonic other miners stumbleil
upon it «t the Or.iyeolt colliery at 11
depth  of  only  '450 feet,"
In modern times. more than 53,750,'-
000 worth of copper was dug from
the Collision-hills. In "'191*4' two clever inventors using a novel electn'c
apparatus,   rediscovered  the   lode.-.
Somviiuics a lost veing ' of ioal
c-annor bo 'located by "any ellort of
man.'. Fur niore than a hundred years
past large quantities of1' roal have'
been coming ashore on .a beach near
Small Point,''Maine:' It is, soft.coal
bf the liest. quality' known.-.' Every
possible effort has been made to- discover "the -source. Drills have been
ent down into1 the Point to °a depth
of over a thousand feet. A thin
seam ofx hard , coal was found, but the
source. of the soft coal wreckage is
still a complete mystery.
Miners never' know, what they may
me.it in the course ol ;their,slow explorations into tlie heart ' of the
rocks.' Two years < ago, a man working, in a pit near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, suddenly came upon a piece of
coal bearing the imprint of "a :naked
human ' foot. It" was. chaace, "of
course,   hut the- resemblance was per-
' 1 ' _■■ .        D i
feet. Tha man was so frightened that
he left the pit and sought work elsewhere.      ■ / '' . >-'.'.
At the Twin \Shaft mine, also "_ in
Pennsylvania, strangle noises, were.
heard for-.some weeks,'and then one"
day,' wi th'out- warning, - a • miner's'pick-
burst straight" iatb -a."; huge underground reservoir filled-with ..water.0
The water spouted .out in a fierce
stream,   and 'almost" instantly _ broke"
tiW'jV !lllft-, I Tliu imiQlllrY nt rnnlt—alul.
--'••V-ir-'——<——■—— -^- ft—— .1—»t „—1.
rushed in,.a flood through the mine.
1'ifty^ight men were drowned. -
Most .of us'remember the "tremendous oil Loom at Beaumont, .- Texas.
-'Gushers" were- struck "-.which- Hung
up fountains of petroleum hundreds'
of feet intov the ^air'. Within a- few
months several of these gushers sucl-.
dcnly stopped flowin'gi. The- owners
tried pumping. To their horror .and
ama'/'ement they got' nothing' but salt
water ,."■■'
1               .  f.   ■
 -o -
Those who use it get well
A certain cure for all run. down [conditions and wasting diseases.
Highly recommendejd for Insomnia.
. --K
The following "is a
' sample ot, thousands
' of. testimonios to the
! wonderful merits - of
,.PSYCHINE in the most
,difficult .cases.- Doc-
j tors are   proscribing
this ! practice with the most
satisfactory results. ',-
i'Several years ago
my wife was "so seriously ill of lung: trouble as for months to
be unable to walk, at
which time a noted
physician told me
that the next dress
that I would buy for
her would be a
shroud. She used
now reasonably well.
Rev. Q. E. Hurrbll,
.- "Baptist Minister,
.. Forest, Onf
por Coughs aad Colds take PSYCHINE.
For Throat and Liing trouble take PSYCHINE..
For Catarrh and Consumption take PSYCHINE.
For after-effects of La Grippe,' Pneumonia and
,    Pleurisy take PSYCHINE..
'.'Years a,fo i w^'iUm^ar_^ysk«t«9HBV,
and was suffering with iung-broubte."- Frinda"
»od neighbors 'thought I would nmar gat
better., -1 bejran to.jicspair myt^t .iammf
• faith in my physician, 1 procured another e»e
jwho recommended tbe use of PSYCHINB.
'It .was surprising beyond deacriptiaa, th*
*fiict'it Eid.' .'I seemed to fain with swmrj
_do3c.   Inside Qf two---weeks I waa'akte^to
'attcod to my housework njjaia.
no symptoms of coatwmptkw 1"
"'     "MRS. HENDERSON, SJ,Jrtw,«A*
For Loss of Appetite take PSYCHINE.
For Indigestkm and*Dyspepsia take PSYCHINB.
For Chills or.Peters take PSYCHINE.
For Run-Down: System take PSYCHINE.
To Feel Y<mnffi«rf; Keep Young take PSYCHINE.
An Unfailing Cure for all Throat, Lung and Stomach Troubles.
A- Reliable Remedy for "diseases caused by exposure to cold or .wet
tor ■-fttotat:a.ie clrucielwts,. 60c
.and 81.00,  or   Dr. T. A. 8focum.
"Limited. 179 Kins 81W., Toronto
fromSanta Barbara had one pas-
songer who had to steal her 'ride to
scene of disaster as the .following,
extract'from the press dispatches relates: ■
When the , relief train arrived at
Sutt'oh on the'way to" the wreck,
iUiss Maria Fuller, 19 years .old, of
Lob , Angclrs, jumped on board. "I
want to go with you to the wreck,"
she said to Ur. W. A. Taylor,, Southern Pacific division surgeon. "You
cannot j>o7 replied Uie surgeon. Ten
minutes later, ^vhen the train ' was
runnjiijjr. fifty miles an hour, a wisp of
dark brown hair, blowing above the
front car platform, drew the attention' of Ur.  Taylor and the conduct-
.      '   ' ■*■
or.   A  moment more and  they    had-
dragged the girl from the break
1/i-am of the tender. Brought into the
car Miss Miller smiled away" Uie. doctor's lowering looks. "I really had
lo -go,'.' "she said. "I a.m a member
of Soulhgate Eastern Star, and I
am pledged-to give aid -whenever I
can." On the way back 'she did her
best to comfort Mrs. W. D. Wasson,
whose  husband was killed.    " •,,,    t,
«> The «)
Elk   Lumber Co.
Limited     °      \
ilanufacturers of
[      Telephone No. 4
. - °   .—.       "      ' ■
Send your orders.for-
Meals, .Eggs, Butler,
'  Poultry and  Fish  to
'Dominion Meat Co Ltd
and .get', the best of
-■  ' ."  service, iitltntion and
satisfaction ,'.•.•.'.'.•.- ' . ■
Telephone No. 4
' . • SAYS:
The cypress vin,! .is one ol^ our easiest growers, wonderfully decorative,"
cheap and insectproof. - Its inexpressibly delicate, fern-like foliage ali-ne
would make it desirable in every garden. Bill, added to that it brings
forth exquisite 'lowers shaped cx-
nctiy like the five-pointed conventional stnr and so glowing in their white,
scarlet mid fiery orange-that thoy do
indeed shiu'e W'e stars in the cascade-
like muss, of living green, The cypres!* vine grows in any good soil,
from scid. H should lie planted In a
circle around a stake seven or. eight
feet high, so that as it grows it may
I* trained on strings all lending to
the top ul the stake, .Thus ehe full-
grown vine will make a great i-oul-
i-iil ninis of green, set thickly with
bright' bloom.
Here  is
hint to
lover of
—   —o—
I<a»t Smuliiy a spui'lnl train fjenr-
ing a delugntioii or "Mystic Shrin-
ers" from l.os Angeles to Knn Kriui-
cisco on tliu coast (HvIhUui of the
Southorn Pacific railwayt luft the
track at 11 swlteh nt Honda, on the
beach between Smita Burliara owl
Sim I/niis Ohispo, iiml won totally
The locomotive tuiiiud a complete
noinera.nill and ihu coaclies lllctl itp
over ! nnd boyund itt nnd took fire,
Tile il.itn.s were, however, quickly ex-
Ungulslud by the uninjured paMivng-
Thirty jicople were klllwl nutri|thti
ami m.iny more were injured, •otnc Ho
soverslv lhat they can not recover.
The northbound  relief train,
Por all dlsordftrs of stomach and liver, lilcaus are a
oouBd,safcaod5Ufercmedj' Therctrc::*jt!:c:: thebodJJj'
|-tlTunctlotis; in Nature's own way, bemg compounded
1 'from Nature's own herbal extracts.  Women tlie world
over find them a booni    Finest household remedy.
lilr\i(/ffitl$and$tCirti,6(>C,alior,t/r/i<m JhtranCii, 't'wuiiiii. ti/t-r
&1 5-? t V! : -    "'        ''
Zam-Buk. Cures, a Case "v»"hich for. two
*. Years had Defied    Every Remedy
---"'.- Tried.' <  :- ,'
No'caseof" cczeina'i-skin disease, or
ulcertaion should be despaired of. un-..
til., Zam-Buk'has been applied.' ■Tlie,
case of. Mrs. Francis Renoit, bf St.
Anne's Man;, is>a^powerful,,illustration of Zam-Bnk's efficacy. He says:'
'i'i suffered irom eczema for two years
and* tried a treat number of remed-
ics." None of them, however, Menied
to do me any good. ; ,The ailment_.
was. mostly in 'my'. legs, aid botn
these were actually'raw from tht
knees down. A small sample box of
Zam-Buk was given to me; and even
so small a quantity as that did me
a little good. .1 then obtained a
proper supply, and by the, time I had
used 'a few boxes I was completely
cured."'       «   •   ■
Zam-Buk   .differs    from     ordinary
salves nnd embrocations in containing no animal oil or fat.   It is com:
pounded   from, rich,. healing,    herbal
essences,    nud     ia an ideal ' natural
,1-uiiiblnalion of j power and purity.   It
is  highly     antiseptic,  and instantly
kills bacilli and disease germs, which
settling on to wounds and skin Jis-
eascs set up festering,. blood poison,
etc.   Ybr cuts, burns, bruises, ulcers,
iibnccssc.1,  pimples, bolls,' skin eruptions, scalp    sores,   spreading antes,
hihlren's skin troubles, chafing seres
iitc.,1 Zam-Buk is unequalled. It al«o
cures filles.   All druggists and stolen
it 50c a box, or from Zam-Buk Co.,
Totoato, (or price, 6 boxes for $-1.50.
A rather spruce looking gentleman
stopped nt the Waldorf a few iliiys
ago, and while he was making preliminary negotiations wilh the clerk
f T n room, genial Bob's eagle eye
i,1 uglit a glimpse of something which
dkl not seem to suit liim, and side-
I in_; up to the new-comer he hinted
In the most delicate of Irish aim-
nliclty that the strangir's bundle
h id broken n.ieii, and asked what
1l1.1t i_ui*or looking thing which wum-
■ ' in vi,nt to get out into the0.rfi
The wouM-l* guest replied with a
I.Jut thidc ol disagreeable surprise in
his facw, "That is a new kind of fire
.-Ncapu which I always carry with me
mi Unit lu ciiiHi ol fire I can let my-
-.11 down through the window,",
■Clerk," sM Bob, "you will   tell
unit ,Ukj gciitk-tnan    that our terms    to
r-n   o'ueiti who tumish their own lire es-
Mu.-us ure the lowcKt on the list, but
ini.it U paid     in advance,  to that
; \ itre will   l*e nothing to hinder him
t'tting out quick {( the houie utcheii
bro, seal"
■ '■  ■'■■ (Head-bflice, Winnipeg)
Branches—-Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie,
KdmontonV'Aita. ,&',Kenora, Ont. -
;*lrernics-^Be C.  ■■'"
Siding ,
Lumber &
Jj    ■ ' '- ^
do  with  a  Savings, Account
All   you  have  to,
is  to  start  it   and
^ keep  it .going—then   watch   it   grow.,   Doesn't
$* take long  for  it  to count   up  to  a. considerable
i^# amount—then  you  seel the   advantage—the  wis-
tjU dom  of saving.     '"'* *   "
If $1 Opens an tort with The Home Bank of Canada
Pernie   Branch
our   stock    is   last-   year's
! cut and well seasoned   „
MotcB, Hosmer
.   ■ Open May 1 '
Wholesale   Groceries,   Flour,   Feed &
.. -. ■ CampiSupplies
Under now nianngeirienl
We'll-'ftirnfthed rooms.   The tablet Ib
iiiTorcia.   The bar in supplied
wit.li the bcBt wines, 11-:
c-noi's and cigars,
Jas. Severn, Prop.
Fort Steele
Brewery Co., Ltd:
• ■-.    Everything  new  and"   .
."up-to-date.' '   ■■  -     ■
"      Every-aixommoclalion     i.
for, the public.
,I5ar stocked with'the        «
Tinest in the land r
B. S. WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, Qeneral.Mwiattr
'A. H. IHKLAJrD, Superintendent «f
. Brsaehts
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest} - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches luroughout Caaada, andJn the United States and a^taukl
"Basinessmay b© transacted by mail with any branch
«f the Bank. Acciwints may be op.ned and deposit
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention is paid
to out-of-town -aecoiW'ts.
Fornlo   Itruiteh " G.'S.   Holt,   Manager
B U l.'.ET I N
Ecery attention.
Rooms reseroed bij voire' \
St., Paul, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, ..Spokane,
Seattle, Vancouver, and Coast points
A pleasant
no me
l'Vnilc,   It. C.
Hri'ivors of Ivxtru
aiul   AeiMted
I-'llU'    IjIfftT
HoUIimH    OooUh    it     8|iocl«Hy,
T. H.'WHELAN ■ Proprietor
a. m.
Except Stinilay
Close Connections at; Seattle for. Victoria
the best way to visit the coast and save time
For parlii'ulari" rail nn or address
II. L,   m-ACKSTONK, Ari.
'I rural a hot** ol tlie M<*«n« with
1 cured a lior*t, btdly totn   by  a
; ■ it'hforJ,, wit>     MINAED'S    UBI<
c. b. edw. mxutw,
St. l'eter'i. i
r cur. d a hor* of t bad nriltlnf
TUQa. W. 1>AV1"K.
lUUmnt, N. B.
(Fnriiioily llm Owl)
The Owl   Restaurant
which has recently
will bo more completely
up-to-date than hns
been the case in the
past. The new proprietors,
Mr. and Mrs. Stepken
. will be pleased, to meet
the old patrons and also new ones nt the ok!
Best of
<$>     <f»     I
ffevntc. 3S. Q.
C. W. DAVKY 8i CO,
Allan Line
Direct   B«i:vice
Dublin Exhibition
Bu minor HiiIIIiiuth
Montrciil mid Quwbi'i'
Daily  Dlrr*eot Sorvloo
Tunlilat (twin tcrew,
MAY 17
Victoria*   (twrhltM,
MAY 24
Ionian   (twin   mmw,
10,87* toiu)
19,000    toat)
9,000   loiiN)
J3.CM      ♦CB*'i
• via Kiii.'-K-iti' nml
Spokane Intornnt.oiinl Ry.
•Jr    «|»
Advertise in The ledger
Hiilnon, $<5.r» and npw»rdi; Second
Cabin, "f*i2.«)i Tliini CUm, fi7.B0
ami upwanlB, uccordln); to Btciimor.
Mwlor»U»  Untfl Scrvlco
MONTKKAL    nnd     QUKHH0    to
Wolllan....." Jj»y*i
NmnUiiin MiySO
MonirollRit vTan',.!L,
Curlnthkn JniwW
Ono cIhh« ctbln $40. thin! cla>M$i!6.o0
For raeivntion of liertbu nnd  loll
pavticuliir apply to
it. UKAUINU,      W. IL ATiLAN
(\ V. It. AgL      tlen. A«t.
i Ftrnle .W(nnl|«g
t« t>\
1  V
H <K
, >
) t
, t
llniini'r'.i" l-Vrry
Sand IVint
For further iiiforiiialion, rales, foldrrs,
i-tr., apply to K. Uriuliti'*, loral
a(;i*nl or write
.I.W.t'AllTKK, 1), l».A..Ni>l»nn.
K .l.r'iVI.K, A. 41. !•• A , V»u-mivi.r.
KuilderH and Contractor*!
iftiUmntwicliMrfnlly Riven unH work
promptly cxociUihI Ui the twill-
faction uf oar cuHtomoni. FERNIE   LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C, MAY 18, 190^:
B W Wo *d lo x, fo iho coa»i Moo-
Mr and Mr* > » ' *«t "Pln
HJctKl  "IU nulny e «n nR
Mim I hi Br wn W Sat rdB-v
ult.li   on a      1     o 11 "Jut
Mrs   Her- rl n   X-a e opwr."1
e Wing  Ior  Da nhrt K*    "•lo1'' r't"
t'tmrle* GI «r ln»rl*s Mow Mb-
his union card an tils* lay » Ms win
Re Hiunh n I t o t-o 1 WmI.
Mt tor Em ro t t 1-st Sn
B tt Daw* n ol NtLson tn>i->,ttt i"-
sector a Imek u F rile at t attic
to C«l«o« a
Mr aw) Mrs Do km Idt lost Saturday { t biMtme and other Wnsh-
nEt, h points
M nd Mrs Ich k* o adonci-
o "wlr Iricnd. t b r b< t c in tlio
Brh I at       nt
Mr   B    W        n ch-A r in lhc
i,   I    B  y id   h       I  »   **n   TOn*'-
«itm1 to \el*
n n
t         i      a       aa   teller  in
Un  li
f r
1 nl    1
n      li   Ic   daughter
n               ( sj,(iw,
«   n   hi
1   Ul
h nd0f
a        *        1 t    on    mi
at          u nr       otnflt *s.
T       Be
■*       X   |
1          d v     a.   id i lew
held    I
lo    h   1   io rd will
1               n   Dr     Cor-
c     I ic     J   AW
t- is        l 1   M   ul
11 nt.    f JItt    lion
Mr. WWW, Me ttll«. In the Bank ol
Coounercv hsre.
„. 0. M. Wilson, ot Abardw,
8coilu«d, hns tavtta * pln«« on the
Honk of Commerce itafl he«.
. ■». E. Hutledg* lenv« Monday
tor SwitUtt to' pay a visit to her
pArcu*, Mr, imi Mrat Chnrta Tut-
Mrs. Spfont wi" receive,lor the
first tim* in fctrnta <« Tuesday. Mny
-I, (ran 4 to 6 I'.m-. nt tbe ie»i-
.ta-fe ot Mm   Harry Htrchmer.
tUiw HOUson, wio.hna l*en loo*k;
ims n'ttr ilw milllnwy business -m
Hovfc Ior Mrs, Todd, returned "■"*'■>
we***<, and U nt hw old port.
Dr: Canon viaited Was* Uat Sunday nnd spwit * dny or two with
Mm. Conua nnd eWWren, who had
mm enjoying mom day* ot tettanil
,ukt at tlmt pleosoat pint*. They
retnnwd to town Twsday last.
fk Italian band ot Fends isau* a
cordial invitation to any mirtoituis
in tb« city to join that organisation.
The Imnd meets In CsroMlla'a nail
lonionow avening trow 7 to 9 p.m.
All wirei«c  interested  will bs   Wtl-
DlHti-Idt or N hi-tli HiiH.t Kootimay.
TAKK SOTtrWthiit l>iivliltl. Fwllu'. »( Ws.u
& IMwiiuvntlan T miwr Ui-uWr. In trails, t;»
apply for "[racial tlmliot umjli-tilortln Io|>
liiwl(iiid»Hirtlitdl»iut* -idiuiiie on tin nDlth
Cnrhull'iilllher Itlver nml Itn trllnitarlla In
*.rtli KH.t Krotoiisy Ulittlot:
N« 1 lVimmanunn nt h |io«t nlanttd on thn
■sit -Me ur I,viixiT*Dlintiout one mile (torn
[in naiitli: MimiOL. north*! ohittnni tlniio
Mh.v Mim'        -
Ko. *. ji»iniintii>inir kI 11 no.i nlnulBd out1 ami
011a Inilr mllei nnitli ni  l.yiix eietK  [rom
nm Hi .iii.w,,.tH|ili.itliunrpKnH!ill».clmiiii.
tlienui' Ktml 40elml>i« l<> tmliit   or Domn -
miuli,nml •'•mtiitnltiit4ti,i nhi-wiiiI" limil
ct En« ' in rf i «
•d^«r ihmwi. n W«lnesday
I a    the     r jt I        h J shipjta!
"to        i w> I Ihd    1 y
\ I ri f EtiKlial in migrants
r 4 nt Uu> L It t, uon Tl Uv
day 1 m _, Hoy w | re, n|, j„
l-erD t    Are tlicsu ngrtculturul inbor-
Tha l -en r the udlca Aid ot
h* Atcth Hi it oh re] will murinin
tnt m mli tn of tin sockt> m tbe
hum     [ Mr*  !)   \    Mott thia atUl^
Mr. li tt K rstcr oi spMwoort,
Wont nasi Wed «.dn D <«inj. to Sel-
"tlrl. * retell \ t n wa U»l bar
bt tiler bad «-a Lillwl ucclilenttlly
in n rn I* > whb»1iu|
Ihl I B ouii,nv hn o plncvd
a t M of 1 ctata rt u d tbUr IKw
Knrdca   t the il I nd suuq tKk-
MH -wil *aem Rtiwng in letters
i t,nn.a   n tnut   aid a
X I) tctdnma f Macleod has
**n in to*» diinne the *eri. look-
injj alt some 1,11s n 5. [or has tath-
x Hany Stradman r npnetor ol
le "neiCTin h     1   Ufa  ™i
InteanJofcJ Bo-id Me ber Pat
turn. (M pi*l toio an intended
n to l*Ui Mi f ai«. Uier unions
on ct nt J j JoritjoB whiqii
coaiined h m tu I b «i dating ihr
Mi lv pj     of     e w *
A    O    Ko. h 11 tt U the port-
on    f *•    no     t 1     n^k    o(
Iln It a. b re hi mi cm hn ion
aeil   &  w  h   I is     a  1    ,,   now
«i Ut i nd     n  Mauitolta,
•ifter wh b Ire » * nd n dny o
t      In Fitb      n<    hrn *■   lc   dow
eh nd  tb u\       D  the    Bank    c
offlmcrc       Ijoc a   r    along    wltli
t    K
T h-
M     J       -sS   u>,
} u     \   I t  he.
J t       frll by'
Ml     c 1 ee
M P     rl>   O,
a   u   1      Iu-l nd    flS rqp-;
N»'    sU       le   did
I.1-J11     M tietj       e u c c(
1        T   hie       nd      tse  1 ive
J  ' ae       nd  grow njr
I I J    KKft hy  nail
lx le  D     Uil-
M J C       R     k    le  On
KajjisUor McMullen alntc* that
thera are aj juron wbo ynrn is nt-
tpodan™ at tbe late session ot thu
supreme eouri who have not yetcbl-
lacted tbair tets. Tfceis* parties can
have these tats by calling at the rag-
U- h. Gordon, htta of tke Bank ot
Comtnarce ! staff, Mt Wednesday
niomiSg to tola a poaition on tbe
staff nt PrlKton, B. C. Hr. Gordon
li-nvea many worn, ptraonal friends
in Femit, wiio will wish him wall in
!iia new fold.
The Bib rivar is gradually lining,
mt tha cool nigfau so iu has pre-
.-ented anything lika a flood. If tbe
.iiluine of water . now flowing'
keeps at ita present stage tor two
Wsaks, the danger of a grant flood
will 1-a giaatly Kduced.
Gen, Superintendent Drinnau re-
Iiorii that on Wednesday 3,300 tons
oi eon] were taken ont at the Conl
.'reek mines. No. 3 tnioe was out ot
inaineti, Thtuwday on account of n
.reflkage of lb: haulage engine, . bnt
the  break has been  repaired  nnd the
line is  ngnin working...
Tbe C. 1'. fi. was fined last Sat-
urduj fur violating tbe new Lord's
Day act. tine and costs amount: tc
""150. All this happened just over tie
mountains io. our young sister province ol Alberta. A provincial line
and a mountain'range ■ make a great
difierenci: in the temperature of jus.
tice,1 sometimes.
Ualvlthi* Millils.voi Mi
Davids llMltvr.
NliTll'K   l«-liBMl.yi(ivoii Unit a-nlnyii arior
: .(ai,-1 iiiiwi-lMoDiiLv iii thi. iioii. itliiur
l.imiiil..[»™r nr l.nu.l- nml Wnrtl. Tnr 11
»l»Hni iliimu. tn viii nml iHitr-r ti my tlmlwi-.
Oiiilifl'<>ll««liiuiti»rrll«t Itiiidn, -tliluUi'l In
Nnitn Ri-I  K-mln.ny; ■       -   ■
rrm" l'ni2"'"t.''l"i,3 it'»"l o"l"|t "'"■'l'"''',. "1"
Miii-ln'nttiilrw pnul tilsiitwl nu .thw-fiilat »(
LiwiIWaiwII ".InT,"?. 'l"™]i'iosoni'liuonlar
It. Plnmlnit, Aitmil
nnriVi we.l ".liMier t,rA. MalliiVniis tlmlinr
Pickles   Pickles
We have just received n fresh cotisiefti-
tnent of Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles,
Sauces and-Jams. - See our, window for
the finest assortment of the above goods
ever-exhibited in:Fern'ie.: ■
Pay cash, live on the best and enjoy life..
W. J. Blundell^ Po.t o«io«eiook
■Mi-dicines of This Glass"do Not Cure—
Their KiTevi is Weakening.
NoihiiiK t-ould be more cruel llinn to
iiuluni o wi'tik, tuiHi'ink person to lake
■1 piirKi.tiw medicine In the hop* of
liiidinii relief. Ask nny duel or und lie
will i«l| you thin 11 purtjative medicine
•nerely pillops llirou|[l» die bowels,
Wviikening Hie tender tissues. He wlll
tell you 11I16 Hun n purgative cunnot
possibly cure illseuse or build up had
blood. When the blood is ww»k nnd
winery, when ills system Is run down,
ii ionic Is the one thing needtd—is the
only iiii„K ilini will put you right. Anil
iii nll'thi* world there is 110 ionic
«wJ its Dr. WllHnms" Pink Pills-for
Pule IVopli*. Kwry dinw of llicit- pill,
iiiiunlly iimlies new, rich, red .blood
whiih tills ihe veins, rsuelies every
unjn" I" Hie body mid brings heal Hi
and mtviiK1'' I" t\-e»k, tlespiiiiiteiit people. Miss Annie Bcnudruiui, Amherst,
AtiiM-Juk-ne Islunds. Que., says: "l>ns
pa If, in j- bean would palpitate violent*!
nt tlie le;iM e*certioii,ijirid...I.suffered
sre-illy fromlieiid iiL-iies. I tried several
niediunes which seemed actually
make nie worse. Then 1 was adv'sed
In try  Dr. Williams'Pink  Pills, ai
half Jozeii boiea have.made mens well
as ever I was. They have done ine so
muci* goo4 that I would like every
weah Kiri in Hie Urid to try ihetn." '
Ii wa* lhe new blood Dr. Williams'
Pink I'iils neiuiiily made lhat restored
Mwf Uuutidrejiu 16 hcaltli 11 nd si rent'tli,
'tinj in the Mine wny-1 hey wilt restore
ail »uiTi.T«r» from in.Hciuin, indigesliuii,
lii'art p.ilpiuuian, neurnlglii, rlicumii"-
ii,m nin] Hie secret iiihf.enLi that make
lhe liviM nf so many women nnd grow.
'"KKirlMi burden. Sold hy nil med.
icinc dwilers ur hy.innil ni 50CH bnxoi
six b»sto for $1.50 from Tlio Dr. Wil
Hams Medicine Co., Brocltvillc, pnt.
S»nlurt UndenwillbB rtcolvadhy thi uO'Ur.
'iBnal m. to 4.11.11.,™% a, 1107 toir th«
piinttrneilonul a nwir lyiiera in th* City a I
FVrme ueamitif to nlmiE and iii«iflcat<anii
un fyl« In tha nffiob of the City UnsiiHw. Tand-
so. m l» Memnjanl»il bf ■ d*pnnlt of flva I
tantufUmnaiount of Undir, Irawtttor a
itmler nut iiecomwily acwpled.
Fernie B.O. May IB, 1TM. y Si
" ""       Teifdfli-i* ~Wintii~~~~''
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned upto 4 p.m. on May 33,
fur the construction of a bell lower on
llie Fire Hull [according, lo plans and
speciGcatiuns on : file in ihe Qtrk's
J, W. Nunn, Cily Oertc
s»iiiliKH>tc„miirorC J. I'ialijrn timber
.m.tliunuDSouiliS.i oIihIiw 1 ilionee W..I
.... inWifiumi-oSnniioiriiiiiiirt! thenooKust.
Sni'lislliB tn plnvB .   communramnib.
'.onnt.pil April*, llm!, J.H. Iiovh, Iioeitot
Xo. B. Co in mend 11 it nt a iroat lilsnted ft!
hHin,. Squill uf iipoit iilsntedmi the North-
inat  oomor. nrJ  H   I.DFk'a  timber claim
.'omniDiiGlnit'Ht.u poBl planled on
— . lEnstuomeiofC-J- lMftby** timber
oliitin, tlience SontliSODlmlnai tlianeo Salt Un
 —  —-■--■-■  ittieiiee Won"
t Prmh'f'lrtn I willTTliIi"!.! in "tli
• ,11 Moi.,liiy. Mft.v si. Ii- ;. a' «|,_m
p. nc.Miiy i!_.-l!i.s. .   "    _!"_"_' r
Express and Baggege Transfei
:   TL-k'pbo
jill kinds  .Jim
•i-V or ..-all
1 drivtr V
Olliec:   N.
rlhcrn Hoiel, Y
Cucumbers, ■ Tomatoes^  Lettuce, Onions and all kinds
of Fi'uil and vegetables '7
A fine assortment oi the best
Chocolates always in stock
and always the Freshest
Ice Cream    Ice Cream Sodas
.-  .    VOUR   GRASS
mny nol be very Ions yel, but: we ure bound 10 lmve n Utile sun.lilne
.—..       Come in nutl select .your.
lawn moWer. ■':■■..'
wtiile our nssorlnicni Is still complete, Six sizes and styles lo choose front.
Voii Uon'l lmve to tnkcll until you need If Wo nlso li»v« n compile riwort-
maiit of other Inwii iinil Burden tools, hoes, rakes, guoltn hose, reel, noMlcs,
"'"   "Come in nnd ■'ee
- - ■' out imlldlniph willi tliroemd. Int. on
un-l AVB.imat ths foriuntKbhiIb llww-
Amilv LuF«ml« U'leer.     ..        A1H-*
^o isms tw oiiMinRHtTbBL'adHernrili:
.  vrSsrii listwseiilXP tt. atatloli sna Bt&BOl"*
ROlit ow« with Imr pin ami wiih lattntilJ.il,
 .vod tliereon.  Vlmler wil' *■ *■
■ded lii- talntntnic. Hinn t
-    ~" J  -*■■"    *"-'        "■ l» <niitn.l.lr if
1 J. w. Knnn,
_ . - ali-H ..
.-_. ._      -MGBT7   IjBATHER
pocket book anil nheqoBtMk.latter beuiji on
'nloii Bank at ■Je.llolin lint. Finder leave
t IIoikI SoftbBcn all,! rtedve roward.   Dili..
to learn printing business,
Apply at this office.
Tender* Wanted
tenders will lie'recstvsd by the nndenlcusd
... 1. ... .. ....  -~-  fc^HeatatifHiettoft-ofa-
fwt.two atoreya.---.
1 called fo
TendaR are oalted far pliinibfa
Lovent or any tonder not naceswrilv *e-
tWed. ■■    '. .■-. ... .  .
PlanaDinv tn nesn nt the Club Cfgai Stint,
Adit™*nil,f*tiil*n to;W^A."riraBAMr,"
 .■.-■■--.;--    A.3ST33  REin?A.IXj   .._,.-:.--■,,-,
Aieat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand, ■ Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment.""-Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Dress Goods, Organdies, Ginghams,
7 :^lksv Muslins7|r'rints.^^^ :   ^
Ladies' Tailor Made Coats <Sc Skirts
Ladies' Shirt Waists in Silk, Lace,
v Muslin, Lawn,:;etc.
Headquarters -'-.for.   Trunks,;   Suit
Cases and Valises. :;
Undertakers & Embalmers
:      AGENTS   FOB
The ^Calgary   Marble  &   Grana.   Works
The   Kootenay.: Marble   Works, : A Ison
5 Cil fK^nii at Uw OffHe.  | ;   Farters ia Uady's Maca $
■'■   TKCHl ■■■■■■■
Fertile, B. C".
WK want to trade with you as we
believe it will be of equal beirife-
flt; in trading;here you receive^the.twit".
values procurable, paying only for wliM
you sret and not a-prdjiortionof credit
bills unpaid by others, bur prices are
being constantly reduoed In splto of ad-
yanolhg marlcots, the bigger business
we do the cheaper we can sell. Take
advantage of our cash prices and obtain
for your dollars the biggest and best
values procurable. We respectfully
solicit vour business aiid guarantee that
we can save yo;i money.   ;
Campbell & Faultless Hand Tailored Clothing
All new season's
fabrics in the
moat fashionable
Men's Suits,
H8.50 to $22.50
n's Trousers,   1.40 to      6.50
Men's Summer Requisites
Negligee Sl.lrtB in CBuhmerea, Sitka, LnstrfiB, Plannels. Summer.:
weight Und»rwe»r. Sdmmer Hosiery nml Neckwear.; Stutw,
Lilian and Crosli .Hats in the hiteat jind, correct styles.
nnd guaranteed 8
King Of tlio Road Union-nKido
painters lind niaaona Overulls,
exceptional (jood value |~ —
Dry tiSoods
We iiave Just planed iii stnek a
range of Sootoh Ginglisiins in
the finest cloths nnd designs
and will sell them ut *| 9%l~
per yard | £2Q
Edmund Potter's Prints in souii*
of the prettiest designs .ever.
shown. All guaranteed fust
. colors. 4 »fl_lj»
pet* yard........ ..... | (C^W
Carpet Squares
Velvet Squarei In exoeptlonul-
ly pretty deftlffiH* and colorlnpfs,
very heavy pile,
Vlutoris,:Axmlnstet* in orlontal
design. Very haiidtoUin color-
Victtii-litn Axtttinpter In aulld
colors, beaatiiully Bhaded,
isl-to 14 x 1(1,    AA'C fin
Hani llugt), very "prttty de-;
Boots and Shoes
Our values in this department are worthy your Inspection.   All the
newest and moat tip-to-date styles from the best lnaUnfactureS
at prices that mean a saving to you    _
White   Canvas   Boots,' natty
shapes, Jnst tlie: proper caper
lor not weather,    *£0 Efl
-White Honohlde Oxford in the
welt known Paokard make, no
trouble to keep clean and will
last several seasons, _**_"__ Eft
per p«ir....;;.......r.....O.Ql|
timei verydreAVi tfO SB"
.--nnr iwli--..-.--.-.--.:- " ^fr^jj J_*__£t_J"'
Patent Oxford in the American
Walkover, very becoming and
proper, and guaranteed by the
name Walkover, _f", AA
per pair.......  0_,|J*J
Stubborn as a mule arid won't wear out
The Artisan Working Boot for Men
Superior quality at prices; that mean a considerable
saving to the careful housekeeper are the inducements
we offer in bur grocery department, ;
HO-JA Coffee is the best coffee we can buy at aoy-prleo,
If vaa have not already used It
let us send yon a eatnple pnUfd,
It will help you to eommejico
the day well ■-«=--■
Price per lb
Western Potatoes, exoeptloniilly
fine aunlity, only a limited
quantity left, bettor let tu have
your order before they are ; all
gone, by the sack, : **_
per ..b..v;.t..;..-.„,'....'.:...-6C-
Royal Household Flour Is acknowledged the beat for. bread
and pastry,1 but oasts Von no ■
more than Interior brands
lttlb. WQ*k...,.....$3*00
In 60 lb lacks if   gp
price....;................ 1.33
a quality at sueh a Ion price Is
explained only by our Byram
: of doing: buslneifi, Th» Kigh-
eBt (lniility at the lowest p^cl
Price per lb.,,,.„.,....300
Saturday Specials
Bet  tin   Binefit
Baby's Own  Soap '    ■'* f|-   I    Choice California :
per cake,....,.,..      ;..  | ||v   I    prunes41is,;........
Trunks, TSuit Cases, "i|?t|ises7Qriji


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