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 .."^ ,.U4„M^n^
IH.*^^%A\^*^^i»^V\W^W^H^^rfrta-^V«i^;iiJ^^^seK,j^^tf^^vs.,-v,»^t^^-«{ ^
* • '?1'
^ , ;t-Y-tirvji.rS7^«
V.QLV; I I"N UMBER    2 2, "
.   Price.$2 a .year in Advance
1 -\f
r.»> /.
'' •And'these Gentlemen for ^'Aldermen who Support Hirn---Qiiail, Tuttle,,McIntyre, Biggs, Beck, and Graliam;
J3"j   i_ ^j"**  ,; MiirTl   '    'i'\ir"ll       I* UMill II ■! ■ ■■■W ■■! Ill' llH—ri* —* Ml    ll'l      —HI ■»!■■  IT it II      'I    lllMT-M—1M|»I« ^
: FOR 1905.~*
p  ' '.'V'!l   'i
' *i f
' ■    *'#'
■ -i' ** •*
■ '■'*#'
I  ' *i$
J   .c.'sfr
<       ., ■    :ii •
,     .      ;V'^
\ • .- -'c,-t~
' :*'• •
Statement of the Git>f s Receipts and
v>-I|isbursemerits,also of Resources
" and* liabilities.
Trailers Licenses   ,     ■ "•
Ooj{ SuiYJ, Pound   Taxes
Pojice £ourt   Pines
School—Government.' Grant
.„ ' I Rein   of Grounds
$•. 39275.
' ^ 254.98'
,   930.26
Liquor  Licenses      ■   ■ -     «-•' ■       .'-..
Taxes for Health Purposes .        - '-:,
11. C-jGoveniiiieiit—Keep of Prisoners,]    * ; •     V"   •
Trust! AcvjuiU—C.isli left by Escaped  Prisoners;1
Advances from B.irik of Commerce. .      >,
Taxes for General   Purposes ''-.','
Road'.-Taxes - ,
•    c \
Sundry Accounts Outstanding . -        •- / -
5 ' •   .. . <-' v * •    ■
Less ^904 Disbursements in Excess of Receipts.1 -. '
'*''   i\ ■', "••■'',"', '      ''        . ..-'.' ■
• 474-93
""■' 30.00^
S.019 35
' School' BoarJ
Fire ,' Department—Maintenance,
Lot -   '•"-.,
Puilding -"'.     , '"-
Furniture  and Fixtures
'770.00 :'.
827.5/ ''
444.3s •'
216.70 -
j  Expenses ..,     .
j  Clothing -
Keep' of Prisoners
Rent of Jail
1,39s. 28
"   S7;°°
\ .540--6.,.
'" Ki penses';     rt~        7- ■-=-"-■■
? Elections---   *  t, . '..■.,/,...
Salaries—Clerk  and  Solicitor: '.-"
. Printing; •' *-' ';    '.'■'. - "•'. -
-'Interest., ._ ?;„;.-. J-[ .",._,;,;.'„_,' " :
.Advertising \'       '"■>_    .'•'■   "
"■' Legi^l -Kxpensts **<■■'■•■ -n -;■ -.'*'/.■*;,
Doniiioniio- Volunteer  Firemen-
.^Brjiltfe^.Repai^ '    ''.*!-■ •
Sttcijls end\ Sidewalks '/'
Heullh 'Department'' ^ - .,."
'Wjtitjrtt'orks ■Systein,Survey," «tc
'Sewerage System' Survey &c
Grndln'g\Thi)mpsoii Slreet
•' Furniture and: fixtures   .,
.-'Nulajijricc:,Ground. „
Unpuid1 Tnxes, 1905   .  >'        -
.''   ■.-!..'.     •'',".   "'-•"      -', '-:'
Doc/list/ions—Cash on hand
1   ,, '*       1 '       **    "       i i'i
. Cash in  Bank '
S"  '<   , ■  '    '       ,   '      ■ ';
V v    '...'.
'■■'■ ■>'•!■'
—S.89S-24 ,-i
•.,   43.S0 '
i',57o.oo  •
.', 7-5-64' '"■
„■   209.10
„ .'1,91 I. l8..V
*' '   200.00'
',':i45'22 '•
"..lr'328.00 „
'    .4V2'95
.'■    >S'4°
':■■•,' 64.74.
[. .203.50
, j, 110.60
$' 22.389."5
City .Treasurer
ui:so LUCKS
Statement of   City's; Receipts and
Disbursements, also of Re-
':       sources and Liabilities
Jan.   1-
Casli on hand ■„• •
.laii..i—Cash "in bank! ?..,.. -....- °. '.
i*,oS Taxes.'......	
Trades  Licences* , .-.;. r	
Dojr'nud l'oiuul Taxes'. ' :'. ,.
Police "Court Fines :, , ,	
.School  Ore-lit  from  Government.;	
School  Grant  from  Government  for'   non-resident pupils.
^'S i,ooS.?5'
■ J ,201.02
,< 1,064.10
. „ 1,400.00
To The Electors of the City of rernie:
citv papei's", that  1  have- consented    to stand for re-
I.hjiior  Licences ', I.'.., ..:	
Trust .-Account Cash left hy escaped   prisoner...'!...
Road  Taxes.......'..,.:'...' 1   ".,..,:.: .-	
Us^;cf  City, Seal    ,..! .......„..;	
Sundry Oiit«taiuliii]r Accounts  ..... ; .",.
lyod'.Taxes—General  Purposes ;. ..'.',.
*■      „ Heallh.: ;•   !.;.'. :..-....
f   . School  ".."...	
• Interest   1905-156?)  Dclient ures..; '
;            J ' '  Sinkinjj   Fund ?i905-190&  Ueljenlures.):
n,05-Ko'i   Dehentines ■ •„..,, " .'._ :;:..:?.
 -   -IwJj.w, '
 u  [.      1.95
 .;'...''C    -.2-jfi.6(V-_
,!      '   ■j.ooi
 ■      65(,-63
 .'. '- SitMO'-'S.1'.
 .-,. ■   "651.99,
 3,1'ii.afi '-,
....=: ;- 2,492.69'  '
..'. ' 2,655.10
 :...< 12,850.00
IC05 Xotc. PaiiK    ;• 	
Oulstandiiijr Accounts,' 1905 !'..
School   Hoard	
I'.xpense  Accoiinl..„■;.:... ■...."	
Kiiniiture and -I'Mxtures....... ..' ^ 	
Salaries City  Clerk "and-^Solicitor..0.	
Printing and Advertising.'....,	
Piru-   I).p.;rUiKii!. Maintenance	
Kir.-. TCquipiiient..;    .....'....  '.'.,..:  	
1'iiv. Il^lLainildiiig '.".	
1' ire  Hall   Furniture and  Fixtures	
Streets .and   Sidewalks,   1905  account....
!'I rocts  aod  Siilewalki,,, 1906p account ..,..
rcltli  Depart'iueiii ,	
Ke.-p ■;[ Prisoners.'.-...... ;.„  ....
Rent ci Jail .'.- ,.« ',..,
Police.; Kxpu'nscs....!......'.   ! 	
'.   799.30
13". 5«\
1,761'. 1 o.'
',,. 193:4s
' *• 26.45,'
." 1S0.00
-i Jog 1.32
i\>l,ice -Salaries ,  J f ,.':....' ,'..-.'..;.'.'..'....
Int-.'i-;.sL ..'.."'."  ...: '". : :.
Wiiteri.vi.rks re Lizard -Creek....- ,,....•;	
N'uisance  Ground..-    ..........   ..„ ; '■■■•'■•■	
l.c^af Expenses...!;  .- :,., .',..'.",..T....7,T;,.'."'.'.T.".r.V
Dona tions...:...-.,'.' ,,-, t • '■'.' '..
Provincial- Government" (Wstandhijv. School Grant..'.	
Provincial ■ Government TJnixiiil (iraul.; for Tuilioii-Xiin-'
J.1   resident. Pupils '.  '.:.....: ......
Uupaiil 'Taxes,' 1906,. .-.,. , •,',."...'•'.' .'...'	
Plipnid  Licences,   1906 , '.   ,.',;,', !.;.._...„...
P.iiik' of -'Commerce Debenture Account ....'.»•'>•..../••••	
Il.uik of Commerce' Interest' jrnd {-Jinkinj? :Kiuul.- .....
I)ee". ai;  i<)<>6, Cash' oiflinnd ,.... ....' )W7fi-W
lU-e'. ,11,-10,116,-. limiW' of Commerce 0vp-rdi-iift{.7..r,-3ft«".^i
'     '    '• ,-' ".\, ,  a.     .   S     . ?     . '      -
... 55-75
' '.1R5.21.'
"■',"639;? I
. ion.00
.S43-,i2r.-43 S-13,i-''M-'
Cusli on IihiuI,  Dec, 301I1,   11)05
dish in Ilunh,  Pec  301I1,   19115.
Furiiilure nod  Fixtures
Fire Department—Mninleniince
Real I'lslnle
Iluildintf ,,,
Knrniitiiv nml  Fixlnri's
NuUuiu'o Groiuul
Seu'eriige Systein
Sciivenuer Aivountti
L'npiijd Tuxes,  Kjoj
.   $1,008.35"
. 1,201.02
$317.77    '■/,-'i
' : 2,ft.|f!..|'.i
f)ei.'3T, i9«f.—Cash on IIhikI :	
Dec, 31, iso.S—llanUor Commerce'ovwi draft...
!•'ill n. I lire and Fixiiircs  	
Real  Kslate,,.!.„., '.	
I''iiv Mipiipmeiil!  .,  ■	
Kirc jlail  Jluildio^	
l-'irt llnll  Kiiriiitiirc'and Fixtures .'....
N'iil.suucu'Ground : :.. .,.'	
v?ew i-i'iiffv System J.,: A	
Scavanuei- Account......^	
I'lipahl  Taxes',.   19^5 •■••   •».; '".,"'""
., 36K.'-!I,
. P.,69
l, 84 J, 21)
,   637,86
'■ 3«''i.75
■ 5,v5<>
ViiiMiicI Taxes, 1906  i '....':...; '     I,'A»|.I9
I'npiiiil  Licences  "	
Provincial  Government Unpaid Scliaol Grants	
Punk of Commerce Klre llchciiliirc Account „
lt.inl; rif Coninierce Inteicst and S'nl' n;;  Knnd	
Hvess <A  l,luhilit,les over  Assets .,•
n, 391,30
¥ 7.'3'-55
Outsinmllnn^ Accounts
Trust ArcouiU
Notot duo Ciiiiiidinn Hank of Commerce
Jlalaiti'o AkKelt over Llahillicn
.  30.00
Tnist Ai'i'iiinil  ,'	
OiHsl-.iiiliilijf Aeeirtiiits	
11,05-1906  llclii'iilurcs	
lnlei-1'.nt   1905-1901)  Dchentiiivs   ....
SinUlij:  Kuinl,   I9<'5-I9»6 lli-heniiires.,
650, '\\
.. 12,8511,00
,.     'J,<192.f'9 '
„    9,655.1"   '
Sl«/iSo.37 5SlS,V;S.n.37
,1..\V.   Nt'NN,
Citv Treasiti'i'i'.
You wil! see by my card in last   week's issues of tin
electioir'as Mayor of the City of Per nie.      ■. ' ;   /
./ ;I think it right and due to yoi.  to state lirielly why 1 have consented   fi ,st.uid, and the'policy I will pcr-
sne"iJ,|-lecU'd to represent you in 1907.   ,      .-, '■",/'
, ' KIRST—I. have consented „ 10 stand at the earnest solicitation of a lr.r'-.e 111:111! er 'ofJ ratepayers' and
friends, made known to 1110, through the medium of u petition largely sijjnul. '.'Hi's petition satisfied j"ne that 1
had 'Kiyn. a satisfactory lecord during iuy first year's.,tenure'as Mayor, and that it would he in the interests
of the city that,I serve another term. .In aeceptiiiij nomination, I do so with a perfectly free hand; that is to
say,  I will  only  support  legislation  ihat in my inin'd is to „tiie best intertsts of the City" as a whole.
,SKC0\n—I have,' dnrinj; my past occupancy of ihe civic chair advocated and worked for the early installation of a sewer system adijpiati- .to the reipiirenii-nts of the City for'' years t.i come, mid now, I aiu.pleased
to le-iil,lo to say that the means to this end are in siKht, and that I conli'denliy expect work will hegin , this
spriujr. '        ' ,       ,"'
,;   THIRD—I    will   advocate'slroiie.lv some scheme for surface drainiijre, t.nd,  if feasible,  have  it  installed   at -
the' same, lime.as the sewers are being  put in. ..■.„,' . '-'   ,
;l'0URTir—As foil are .all aware, fui-.ds have been raised l>y sale of t'elieiituns for'equipment'ami general
improvement of the-.Fire Department. 'It will he my, duty to sec* that this- is judiciously expended, and that the
l.cstj service in  this'depariment will he given the City, consistent with the  amount, cf'money lit our' disposal./.
.   .'Headings Two, Three and Four will constitute.the major" portion ol  my work if elected, besides the many.,
■minor    improvements , which    may .arise from, time to time.   1 mav sav ' tiiat-1 have 'giveii careful   study   to
the , requirements; of    the-City  and h ive llic-m all  well' in hand,     '.-''■ '- '., "
,    ' ;I promise'! the same prompt attention .to llu- City's business as I have   «iven il Mn" the nasi!   . '   '.
-'!,..--,' - .     -, ' - e- -,' ^,       *       ,
jM'hcu I took oflice the finances,of Hie City were in-aLdeplorable condition, overdrafts unpaid and overdue
accounts being  the .order.' I-iiin'. pleased  to    say   that our, financial  statement, which.will appear in'thc papers.',
this 'week, will'show a very much -Mm proved condition.- ."' " '-.."'       „ °
,..,. Ladies and Gentlemen, ,1 stand, for're-election oiimiiv past record and on'the promises set out in this   'announcement,   and  011  these" I  respect: ally ask for your support on' the 17th .of  Januarv,   1907. -' / ■
•'   -, I regret that  it will be impossible for, nie to make a..personal' .canvass of all  llie'electors' in  this campaign.   To those of my friends who 1   am  unable  to  sec,   1 can '■only  say,   i!,at  it  will be the pressure    of    my ■
business that will prevent me. '    ,     - .'',''.' '       . ■    ,, -
•    -v        .     ' "    ' .   .   1  ,  i        ''   N'-'spcclfully   Submitted,' , ; ■-    ', -
. «'. A. W.' BLEASDELL -;. ■ ■
Ferriie, January'8th; 1907.'--• '
in the hands cf a private corporation
without,any return: whatever, a monopoly of the'., water supply,'of Fcriiie'
for un indelinilc time.''
1  - t
-.The prisont council has paid up the
shortage c:f its predecessor, and the
iity "ties into the new year w.ith " a
jclcau-slieel  ; 1	
They have taken all the preliminary
s e,s for,,installing a sewer s\-.,ie:.-i,
and are pledged lo complete  .he m.a-
^■r^akiiig--   .'-        - --   -      ■'."'■'
,' A Cieful study of the records "of
the pre.'ent coiincil and thai made, l.y
ihbs'} e;,unciIlilirs..who' arc asking the,,
people lo put, them back'ou the council b.'.ard alter their reject ion last
year will convince anyone who "looks
at the affairs of this city through un.
'smoked glasses that 'Jlnvor llleawh-li
and ,1'icsc, councillors who are pledged
i.^XU....^.  II, ,'l',llj/l..|,..^-v li|,' -1,1,,,-      4t|...»tl|.  •
proper piifties to again'' entrust with
thi- affairs of. our nuiuicipalily,
to tiik nr(r<:cTt)KK" ok tup; citv-;
■ OK KHUN'IK.    ,■
At llie tvijiicsl ol many of Uic elector.-. I have consented to become and
now ti in a. candidate for the .Mayor-,
ally of I'Vrnii', ,
'I In-, lirsl council will have'many
impol'l.iiii and trying problems lo
deal with. Among oilier things which
shall have,my attention, and which
I am in favor of, nie ihe following:
1. Municipal owneiship of Hhvtrie
Light n'lid Wnier SyMciii.s.
a, The installation of a Sewer Hy.-.
3, Ade plate Kire  I'rolii'iloii,
4, Street  Iiuprnveiiii'iils.
5. A' higher liutior license nml linn
To the Voters of the. City of Fernie
' Wv take this opportunity i,f soliciting  your  vote and   influence 'in  our- "
behalf at the Municipal Klcclioir to "in-   held  January   17th,   and  beg'to May
beioiv you our reasons, for doing  so.  -.       ;   ?,
;    FIRST—Those  of    us   who' have served you dining the past year claim '
-to_haxc_adiiLiuijLteriid_Uie;__iilIai.LS--of. .the city with  pi-mlenc'- an'* .economy, 4I.
aii'djiayc mueh jile-iisurc in announcing 'that'  there" is    a  handsome  surplus
with which'to commence the work of r^o;.'   We" likewise   have,• endeavored
lo treat all parlies and factions \\ ith 'equal  justice,-showing  no  favors  to1-
anv,corporation,  clique or .individual. °- '    .       -•.,--.
. _ vSI-;C0Xl)-Our" Se\ver Debenture.';Ji'ate, been .disposed of at par.value,
together with accrued interest since; ihe by-law passed, and it is. our, in-
.Unlioifto conimencc work as soon ai;  the winler break's.-'"."'1 '" '...''.. '■'•
■ TllfUI).—'ihe mailer of surface' dK.inage will also' be" taken up' and.
s.-nu eenii<yiiieal uiid -elliciiiit scheme ,design:d to dispose of 'the surface
vv.ilijr.     ■    ■' '. .•■..,?.'"■     .'' "       .■'■.,    ''   "''!" '■
t FOUirril--An experienced fir'o chief has been-appointed, -and. immediate  iiuprovinieiil  of  the  fire-jighlin;;sy!ileiu.'ls  imperulivc'tor  which pur-"
(•ose llieTe "is now ?3',5"oo iiiV'the, IremaiVy.  .-' :■ .,,.        •    ■
,. If elected.- we promise'^lo .any nil (lie above programme to •"the best
of our, abilities, and again'-ask you 'to' cast your-.votes for us as aldermen, nml for careful,  holiest governn t»it.   ' „   '   ' '-      ., ,
Tims'.'UJ'CIv. '
.Tim, 9H1,   11.107.
• V.
f  ,'
.1.  I).-QUAIL,
.1. 'L. .nletNTVKK.
V.  W.  TUTTI.K.
S 7.'3'-55
JOHN W. NL'NN, City Trcasiirer
We puhlMi above the- Muie-menl. of the city cleilc, which shows llie
receipts, dixbui'Himerits nssels tiiul liubiliiies of dm iiiuiiicipiiliiy for Ihe jcir
iqn;;, "n'l 's HiipposutJ lo embrace the business for the past year clostiif; on the
ipst dn)' of December, 1905. The recelpls from nil sources foot $35,394.58.
unil lifter deducting the dellcit of the previous your leaves it net revenue for the
)VAi fv>3 of C>H-,vAj^ I"1'*- »r.»b«i1-» «',nil.' Kit.il Si:,f-<).i;„ wlilch, pUi- c-t-'h'
««i hiinii ;t»J in ihe lvinh Int-.iU $3^.50^.5? slinwini,' :\n apparent snrjihw of
$j,3iMj,i};, which however disappears lilie a snowbnll In n Chinook wind when n
glance \* uUen at the ouKiandinc; liabilities of $5,039.35 due the hank and mil-
stiiudlii|{ tticouniK to the amount of $7911.30, Inivtui; (in act mil dclicit of
$f/HU).}K, with nuthiiii; lo olTnel il except the liein of iiiipalil tiiM'.s nmouiiitng
(0 $1,1 i<).ho, which Willi colUried will Mill lenve a deliiii ol >3,^y.t*.    lhix
This page <>( the Ledger this vitk
emit,ilns iiiucli ilinl should receive '.lie
c.iii'fiil ci.ii.si.lenilioii o( every cili/.cti
of Kernie, whether he or >he ii.is a
vote lo c.isl lu-M ThurMlay or nol.
The Ltdgcr lakes grcitl ph.-iittue in
calling the attention of lis lend "s in
Mayor Hle.isdell's mosl eoiiolse end
iimismming stuU'iuenl of Ihe iv.isnus
wlilih Iriw deienuiiii'il him U 1 >.*»if 1
slin 1   for thetion, ,mid his carefully
filll.lU'll    pl<WII S.N »k!»    t'»      1".'»    IilVtil-
,.,'u..-,.. "J'hi.> lilllr iloiumi'iil, which
would do credit to thr iiinvor of any
lily, it an uniiiswiriiblc argument for
liijprc-rlcctinn, nml the announcement
1 f the 'dx iddemun, whose platforui
,,'llii   pi.'.i^*-^   Ai.    *.k   ' <-"   K'il.l    .I'll'
'■-  m.	
Tallow.   They nilghl obtnln u few additional pointers tis how to turn 1111 net mil
deficit into 11 surplus,
Mr. 0. N".- lloss has dropped mil of
the iiiayiTjHy rontt-sl, and llie light
VWill imw, l-e between prrsrnl Mayor
J'.|,a«Ull  and Dr.  S.  Itaiinvll.       Mr.
Itotuu-U r. on Krpert iti i.inifnry niaf-
ters, anil aji the queftiiin of a w
tWjp. »>i>lrin     will be an impoit.uil
1.lie this \eai't he would lie mi excel.
lint v!ioin- for the j^sition,, lor he
could do tit tic Ir to phur iln« snnit.iry
cini1ilii.il «.I lli« town i.n -.i s.ttislai-
lory 1 a.%1"..- I.«-lhbridgt>, S'ms.
Tllii dose fclmuld l.e diliitrd with llie
Dr.'h .lulv Uiur.
Weill lli.« «.titi-iiuiH n-lidcreil hv the
iiliriug louticil last >»'.ir, and which
did mil nppeir milil alter i-li-rtimt,
and voinpaii' il with ihat «»f l,,»'1
miniili.*;* ht.itcnnnt imidc and l.ii'l !"'•
(,re 1 lii.- |rtoj>l.' Uloiv tlcttioii, ..n it
t.liolill lc.
In iIm- «»n». ilinl *d legal i-xuvtiM-'i
iili.n.', a ionip.irlM.il oi the twoyi-ai'it
„,u.iinl nIiown «h.a ihf- umiicll lur
Ji.o:, ex^.';>»'',;,     JV" '*• ""' i'«',i,'*'ir
Jl.VJ.3l   hy   llie  prcsciil   council,
The gfeiit bulk '<( thai Si,«jli.i«, iif,
Is well known, was'upended In a use-
'less and hopeless Milt, whicli unild
nol, in ally event, be of a particle of
hini'lli to ih' city, and whicli pr.i.'tl-
ciillv resulted in compelling the iisers
of U-L'phoiK'h in ihis lily in pay 0111
null yen.r over $I,i<m nunc thui
tliev would Iiiivi- h.nl lo 1I0 il iheilt.v
linil Mil,' tlu'i ugh .its wii.ug-hc.iih-d
. miiil, :::.A 'il ;'";" '' " I" ''■'-' ''""'
lilli"    of     th-  Ined   imilic;  who    Will
willing to put iii a vysii'Ui aii.l hind
llieilislvcs io ihiuee fi mid ?,t per
month for 'plioius, instead of i~\ ami
{,'.|, us llicy niv How uiiiipi-'ileil lo do
•i>' ., ,-,.. „li ,( On- citv", i-viii-itilitttrr
of (lint  legal item 1 f >i,'>t 1.»S,
The legal expnis-.- nmiuiii this war
would look M'lv iiiiali like lh.it of
last yen had tin- pnsi'iil c.iu.cil been
fo .l!sV t'l.oiigh to i-uga^i' in iiiiotlu-r
leg.il hulI!•• ill llie minis oVt-l the
w.ilir agieiii.'iit bylaw- In thai
, e.mfi at. in the ii-h-phi.iie «.is.*, tin- rc-
«.itll would luiv l-«n th.«t th.. citv
wnlhl l.iiVr In I av the tml id a
lll.l.llifc* suit, 01 il 1.1, .ill.* (llillKc Ihi:
r.llit in in.tint.iill the li-c.llitV of I hill v I.I W   hid   I'Ml   -.HiCts.lIII,   the     li-
To the  Kd'U.r  Kernie' Ledger.
Sii',--I wish to use your paper a-i -i
iiii'diiini for ihniiking (he i.pi odd in-
de|ieiiiU'iit nwi'pi.jws of the Citv r>l
I'Vi'iiic who h.v.i ivipi'i'Sivil me m •••■1 ■
mil my naiii'c i" Maud I'm (he pi.,)
lion of 11111v.il' .11 il,. komiii)', ii'i.,i
■Ipnl election.
I ffid vi-r'v much' ihe hoiinr whii-li
has lii.'.-n dofe tin- by the cill/ens 01
lliis town, iipi, I |iioiuiM- 1 liein lbiit
after I haw been elected, I will ljv
my best I'lieigics mid nhilith's in a.l-
vaiii'iiig the in I lit st s ol the town l.v
judicious economy and a policy oi
|>r.i|!lessi\e, iiisluml of olio of n-givv
sive, which Itiiji been pui'.m-d by th.'
miiyor uml -.otiueil ol llu- ]i;isl >e,ir,
1 wish In stale to ihe clictoii, ilia',
llie piinciph' ri-uso 11 1 have iiiiiseiiled
in iiominaliou fur the cltii-l.. imi';:s-
triicy <i| ■ on.- cily is lor the purpn-.e
nf seeing lli»l we have u system m
.'.ewi'f.ij'.e jiu1, as soon us jio'.-.ibl.-, !
viiiitiri' .os.iy llial un one can ap-
pr.iiatv Uic discise and Miflt-iing
iMiat il bv the lurk ol 11tfm -.vslr'n n'i
I do,'I I'c.iU-ie I see the evil result-.
' I our prcHciii svsli-m ivi'i'v ibn', i.nd
unless piepai.itlulls for this work m,
c until.need iiiiuii'dinielv the Imst is
mil of the ground, iiiiniher year will   KASi-.. w uiCII SMK UNimilHTKniA".
......     1,.    ,,.'M.r l,|     't>,,-|li!n.r   1 1.1,1(1    li n." ....      .
,   .     ." "„ ,,      ''"'""■•'•• >•'.»'  *'^  UlMt   .1 ill.MM',I,
an dlier v«'.ir hringing Miluriiig,    d...
ease aiid death to tin- homes of    ,.u      ^'I'-  H.WP;  |»KKX   WKMAUKIUlY
(auiilii-i,   As we arc paying the siiim'   r'HI'.K   I'WOM Till-;    Sl'M.MIiH     PI-
1'ixes we would if llie (.ewers were in-
t.uli wniild li.iv-." trim ininh more dis
(.sir,.us in tlir city ili.in wu'i'tlir nth. I up'it   O*    hainsh'-s |nis»m»e
• I,  ill in  litikh  as it   would hate put    it- d  in  II* di tiritlinii.iini*
opposition  to a  wii'i'-niii-ii  lown.
(1. Ivcoiiomiial   Admiiiislraliou,
I am, mid ulwuy- h.ive be.-n, nppos
id to the ilili'oilllelion of pally pul
itiis in uiuiiicipnl ali'aiis, and sliull
at all times do all ih,a 1 1.111 10 fin:,
I rule' nuv ell, iris to iiiin.ilm-e sucli u
lai'liii iul.i mil' uiuiiiiipal novel 11
III.Ill', I Hill aKt) opposed In scelioit
nl U)iisliL't'nli(,u, I 1 Iiall not 11 mil
U'lliillie    ,iliy   aiei.sllle   whjih   is    mil
niciid w.ih uii-iv s.Mioii.il inti'ivsis,
II is my intention to open Uu- dp
<:in Mouse on Monday, the 15th o|
August, t.i s ji, in., ,11 whii'h nil inn
did Ui-s, for .Mayor and Aldermen n"
iiiiiteil lo .idi|iess' tin- ili'ilois, 1
slmll then lay lieinre y<n| » moir
«' .Illpll'U' alld exlvlldid sliili 1111 III 11!
inv vjews.   I am,
Voiir.s  tiulv,
At't'IU.1.    I'M d.
A itc nt ir.ss ich'gt.iiu iiiiiioiiiice.-
10 a si. riLd wmld that in u duel be-
iwc-ii two maiy iilliu'is in Krance
1 he iih't- d iv, iitn- ol thi- cont •.i!inik
uiii, in 'i.in.- iiii.tuiaiiit.ibli- way,
li osl si lii lily injured, in f.iit i| i«
he'le.'i'd  he  may   die.
Hon mch all iiupiiii-deuli'il auiluil
iilnuillil niMir in n i.|.ort i.o well teg
itlatiil in thai luiinlry ir r.iusing n
git'tl deil nl Oinui-.iiiiIi uiid .i.UiIm
I'li'die opilimii will |r.i| able iU-
m.iiiil an iii\(-sti';iiti.in iiitn lh<- ul
J.iir, an I the party guilty    of    -inh
I'.ltl'llNMI'S*  ..h.ill'il   Ih-   in.idv     1111    is
iiUl||l' < f.    OUf, i»t   tWn  IIIOIC  Mlill ii,
tin tiiifi   woiill   put  Miih n   diiiupvi jthtr U-iW I I.ecu asli-d hy anv i.llnii
l«  I or pi 1 son in vi ai mi linn with tin-C.i.ii
„   Comp.iu> lo Uaii'l lot iiuyur, iuilh>i
do.I represent the hotel keeper or
"whiskey ticket,'• or any i-li,|iie of
people, but from the evidences 1 Imve
Keen, 1 am sure u large majority
of every i-IiiHS of eiU/en will support
me in my cllnrls, to improve the ci-u-
ilition of'our (own,
I mist, Mr.' Kditor, that llie utir.
ing nuiMir ii ml council will hold u
inblic iiiei'img mid give uu accomt
of their Mtwi.idsliip In .the electors,
ko 1l1.1t 1 cull nlsn have the privilege
and pli'iisure of expressing my ideas
1 f civic '.noil reform.
Vnins 11 illy,
1'VriiH', II, 'C, duly ),|ih,  I'Kxj.
('•KSTI.I'.MKN'    I'.'      HKI'I.V      TO '
VOI'k" KKiil'KST   l-'OK, A   WKI'ORT
I   HI'C  TO    STATU  THAT    IT    IS
j tniuilJ I.N illl". TOWN, ANU
mo:;th ur- ,in,v,
TIIK     I'Al'Sl-:    OK    fiiMI'f.AlNT
sliiled,  I appeal to llu- people to sup
poll in,' in Ih- installation of it sew-
er.ij[|.  MSti'tii.   Kvny   r.itrpiiycr    ha'-
p.ihl for llu' use of thi'; i.vsImm   \slit. It
the pio ul iiiayni  .iii.l i'oiimil    lu'.i   i.-KKliMMKu T<) HV MKSHUK. IIKU-,
MM'I.'K TI/t'LY,
lillicd   tinm.
I fuither wish to wv that I am tint
repic-tciiting  llu   Coal  Company, lU'i . I
■   '     "'   '     VANCE?    '    .'
Issued   every 'Thursday from  the office of, , publication,   'Todd-   Block,
Victoria   Ave., ■ Fernie,' IYritTsli   Columbia
' 1-:*.: t, Editor
D. V.  J\I@TT
G.  G
laxeJ. The Waterloo^ of' the■■ power,
caiiipaien \vis yet.to.'he fought and'
won-by the people,,.and'the rout of
yesttrday is. cf lropeful augury fo>"
eventual, vie! nrv."-    '■-   »
Comnuntiii;? upon the same subject,
in the same issue, 'the World Continues: j a
••Ycst;rd;-.yV"co:iUKt for the mayoral tv  was  remarkable  for  the  (>vol-
Cue More Added to the Long List of
Cures Effected by Psychine.
Thia young lady, who lives in Brownsville, near Woodstock, Ont., tells her own
ume of support accorded the Socialist    stWy in a few effective wordsof linw eho
candidate.   Hut it would -be errc-iu-ov.s j obtained deliverance.--from tho terriblo
grip of weakness aiid disease.
Nolliinjr-;'could; be-inore appropriate
or*lilting to the present .condition of
, afiairs in'Kernie thanisthe following
', editorial   from     the  Toronto    World,
published  the day after the c.ity elcc-
tii ii  down, there.
'flic's tine pcoi-le had been endeav-
iuj;, by, the same methods, to do to
,the people of Toronto what they luive
be 11 trying to do to the people of
l'ornie ever since it was incorporated as a city, .lust before that incorporation look place, the representative of George A. Cox', Robert .1 utility, K. It. Wood, Sir, Henry l'cl-
latl, and oilu-rs, told the people of
Keniij at a meeting of the board of
trade held in the lire hall that if the
City'cf J-'cniic- at any time desired to
take over his company's water plant,
Unit the company .would not lake any
advantage of the'city by demanding,
the " legally authorized bonus, but
would turn it over to the city at its
value. The 'manager has taken . advantage of 'every • legal technicality,
and .in every other way lias obstructed the will of the' people of the city
in, their efforts to'establish their own
si stem, rtiu.siiig,-' to' set-a. price-upon
his plant when asked to do-1 so.
These same people are interested .in
two companies holding franchises in
Toronto,  one  for operating a city el-
- I'ctric light and power plant, the other  to   transmit, power  from   Niagara
. 1'alls.'" They are more heavily interested ■ in the Niagara"" Transmission
Coinpaiiv than in "the city "light, and-
power company,   and as directors    in
- tie  city  cimpauy,   they  made'a  bar-
. gain  ivii.li  themselves ,as  the Niagara
Company .lo supply the city coinpauy
wilh power at "a Very high rate.
Hy relerring to, an'editorial taken
from the Toronto. Glabe, and which
appeared in a late issue of the Ledger, it' will be seen that, the Globe
makes a very clear statement of this
feature ol the case. . '
_~—Duiiitni org ul—.that— thesaj.iueu,-:as_dii
to jnfer that bis showing represents
a straign' vole in favor of his prs>j
gramme. The result i:V not a moral
viel'orv for. Socialism, but a moral
defeat for the flabby policy of
mayor. The electors voted as, they
did, not because they liked JMr. ,l,in-
d-Ja more, but' because they liked
Mr. Coatsworih less, iiud their feeling was effectually voiced by Ihe- de-
Teal of the three civic by-laws—in the
case of the Yonge sired bridge, ,,in-
di-ed, its,cc nlciiuiUioii!; rejection', the
mayor must,.realize  thai   his renewed
1 have to tliiink ]*sychincformy present henlth.
Two years n;;o I w »»> KOi"S nito h decline. 1 could
iiuulfy ilras; myself-across tlio floor, 1 could not
-« cup tin- i-ai-|ici.,
rectors;of .the City Light and l'owci
Company were directing money, belonging to oilier* people into theii
own pickets as directors and owner;
■of the Niagara'Company.' Hut, as is
always the case, their ineshaustibli
'appetite for gain has brought defeat
upon themselves, as is shown by'the
very large vote by which the city has
authorized the council to contract
with tlie Provincial .Government foi
power, and ligh't at a greatly reduced
rate. The Worl'd article »ay* -in part;
"Wlml'is specially gratifying is the
so,ere condemnation pronounced.. up-
r.n the underhand methods of the cl-
eari'c i'in'g,''which has'laile'd. to -in-
llutiKC the,, electors lo any material
extent, lii'fact, the ring has entirely
over-reached itself, and' has . been
taught, with much needed point, .that
;'t'lii.'giimi: of trickery and deceit is not
a safe one to play in. these days. The
ciiciiinslaiices' attending their attempt
to d'scredil the ■"government's power
policy cannot but direct attention lo
the improperly- of permitting', franchise-holding corporations to oppose
d'rcelly ,or , indirectly proposals designed  to .secure for llie people    fair
■ liiid just, treatment.
,.'"What   .the''   government     offered
.through, the, hydro-electric commission
, was well wllliiii .ihis"'power of the Niagara  companies  ib grun'l' had , they
iiilniiuiMcred    Hie  franchise  entrusted
to ilii'in with due regard to its fluir-
'neler as a virtual  trust'for behoof of
.llu- citizens.   Hut   instead of limiting
tlieit   Kipilali/iitinii ,in the legitimiite
■ evpendiiiiri' incurred' in the construe-
lion and equipment /if their works,
lhey aiiticipntcd jirofils hy heavy
hlncli watering, uml then asked Ihe
public in jiay- Ihe cvlnivugaiil charges' iiei-i'.siiiirv ,lo pay dividends on  the
Willi the run-Ill!
liuidc by the ciiiiunisMiiii,
mid ilialde to meet lliem in theopiit,
tlu-y'n-ii.-irted to tin lie), now so iiiiiv-
M'rvcdly coiidciiiiii'il. Allliniigh u
h'rl'iing initial siucess has been gain-
id; thi' r'luits ol'llie iiilvoi'iiU'K o| (lie
jjovri'iiiiniiil  pnlicv  niiisl   not   he    re
laace of ollice was due rather to the
absence of a really popular opponent
ihan to confidence in hir strength of
.diaractcr-aud ability to handle municipal''concerns in the interest of the
''The election demonstrates the increasing favor, with 'which public
ownership and operation of the civic
franchises is regarded by the people
It serves another notice on the franchise-holding corporations that' the
day of their power is rapidly passing
away, and that they wijl be held to
strict account for the administration,' of tlie public 'services entrusted'
to them. ■ If Mayor Coatswortli desires to re-establish himself in the
confidence of his fellow citizens, .he
must adopt a different policy and set
himself res'.lulely to maintain- the
public rights conferred by the contracts under which the franchise-holding corporations held their-'-'privileges. The citizens have shown, in a
mauiK-r ' whicli cannot be ignored,
their, determination thai the companies be compelled to act up to llu-
full .measure• of  their" obligations.
A feeling is iinipieslionablv abroad
that th.'re has been too much truckling on the part of the city' council
,to the masterful ,mcn-who"arc manipulating the corporation influence to
llie prejudice of the just claims of
the people. An uneasy suspicion,
which is :eally a conviction,, prevails
llial- sterol, meetings'and informal
confabulations;with artful corporation
oflicials are not-conducive to healthy
independence and ^resolute maiii'.eu-
ance of the- cilvVrights. .Evil communication:; of this kind invariably
end in a surrender, .morj or less com";
plete, to the private interests who
know that the" lack of public knowl-
I 1 went for a
. • .rivo 1 hud lo lit!
In-' J ii w u wh'en 1
eainu Inlet.- If I
Went lur a mile
on l«o o ii my
win-el I .WHS IDO .
weak m lift it s-
\va\, aii-1 last
time 1 1'iinie In
from Iwviiik R.
spin 1 ili.i|i|.t-it
Miurlv livlpleu)
from fnt!|!iiu. My
f illliT Wl.llllllilVO
.in-iioiii-nce until
I iiiiiciii'.'il P»y-
sliluc, kimwiiiKlt
whs I'M-elli-nl t»r
ili'i'liiii1 or wi'nle-
uui-N 1 iiin-t Miy
the results uro
wuii'lciful.. nml
iH-ople rtMiinrki-'t
mylmi.roveiin.-nt. Instead of a little, pale, hollow
clioiki-d. Ii-tle>». iiieiiiiii'linly uli'l, I um to-day
full <>f li if. rittdy for a s! It'll, ride, a. filiating
match, or an evening |mriy »iih imyonc, .anil n
lew niiiailis»K» I could not striifinle to ihureh,
in roads from my home. I linvu never had the
■;ll;'li:est cau.M) io fe*r anv rpniin of iliu dUi-aso.
, KI.L.V JIL'UIEI. Winltl.
\ - -     ' UrowiiMille, Ont
Thousands of ivmiicn nre'nping rSY-
OlllM-', beeati.-e the.y kuow.frnm exper
lemv tluit in it tlu;y>-lmve a sal'j frien<"
ind deliverer.    I'sye.hinu is a wonderfu
tonic,  piiril'vinj; the hlnod,- driving on
lisuiipe u'crins, gives a nivenous appetitt,.
lids digeslion and  in-'siinilalinn of food
md is a positive and absolute cure foi'
-.lij-e.ise of throat, chest, lungs, stomach
and other divans.    It quickly builds up
the. entire system,  tnnkiiii; sick people
well and weak people strong.
w:il r.   Cnnfroiili'i
.* 11 :
fur sale nt all druggists at 50c. nnd $1.00
per bottle, oral IVT. A. Slnrum. Limited,
Laboratory, 179 Kinir St.- West, Toronto.
Dr. Hoot's Kidney Pills are a sine and
permanent cure for Rheumatism, Bright's
Disease, Pain in the Rack and all forms
of, Kidney Trouble. 25c per box, at all
alisence-cil pul)ITc7T,~su-
pcryis<on ynd the .stimulus, it briujrr..
The' results of yesterday must' hearten the supporters' of municipal own-
ership and o'.icra.lion of' the public
franchise,-; and encourage them to
prorecute their propaganda -vigoi-ms-'
ly, among, lite clecto's'. Only thus
will a,compact body of public opinion be obtained sullicient lo,command
the si Illation at future elections."
While there is apparently' no issue of this nature in'our pending city,
election, • un   ono  <>f   iniu|)ijr(.,,uj . .„,,,|.
forethought will close his eyes to tho
fact that this same inlliieiicc is behind one of the sets of .candidates
asking lor the votes of the people
next week.       ■, ■   „
- The principle of .public ownership
ol public utilities is becoming more
and more lirmlv fixed in ihe minds
of the people of every city iiud town
in 'ivery free and enlightened community or-- country, mid despite, the
efforts of private, corporations, is suiv
to become universal, „   >
. We will deal at more length with
the issues oT the present city campaign in another article, but this
article from the World, which is only
one of many articles Inking ihe same
stand to he found in all the.'lending
Toronto papers, nol excepting ihe
Globe, is so lining' to local conditions that we oiler no apologies for
placing il before our renders and ask-'
ing their serious consideration of Ihe
unhject. °
GIRi;. ■ '   ■■.
"'(Elsie Casseignc King.)1
"i'is the air or you ?'-, ■
And the hair oi you
With iis wfi.drous golden sheen.
"I'is the eyes c!' you
And  surprise o'1- you 1    '     '
' (.And' the lies of you, my queen.)
"I'is the lace c' you
And the nice o! you
On whicli t!a' lads arc keen—  ,
,j>.i, (—iJiM^iJ,Hji^^/ir '-^j.t -    ' .	
Is the pari of you '
That I love, iUavoureeii!,    ',' ,
'  TIIK  S.-UIK  01,1)  WAY.'
, "Ves, wc  "found conditions dcplor-
able in the shuns."    ■;
(- "Vi'hal a:o y'ov.- going  to  do about
it?"     - ,
"Deplore them, of course."
.,  o      ' 0 ,   ,
Stories, illustrations and anecdotes
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But the stories are so carefully chosen that they exorcise a healthy iu-
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Sunday school and the home, And n
section entitled "Little Volks" is
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j)n]icr is'so popular that a vast iutui-
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price is extremely low, Samples free
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12-ifi panes weekly /|oc, n year, S,
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Publishers, Montreal.
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Block,   opposite the  Bank
OnWlioiiTS-8 u.m. to 8 p.m.      ',    '
On-'iCK Heuiisi-       t 'Mo in a. in, 1 to fi p. in
t;..'IO tos p.m.
Office in Alex. L «kfi, UiocJs
over Slnin's llako.-y.1'
FEKNIE,        -        -        —    -        B. 0
, /'^Office:   L.T.W. Block
Fernie -British Columbia
ffevnic; 38. Cr
ft   a, i i
Davey & Laderoute
•f*,1   *|?
I    ,'•,        "   ; - - - ;'-r*"VS
,j a coon. \Wyv.V'*        . -
to please careful   'housekeepers is ,to
^ive   hoaost    \voighi. °01i,    wc do«i't
Say th.it    alT luiUl\ers. Ajti'.t. dq/,tiiis ,  "
but    we  cannot' help ■ occassionally
overhjar'n^', ^.our ljid.y^ftieiulj when,
tltcy get lo telling "thwr experiences.
•,,„   ! ' AXOTIIKR COO!)   WAY   '   .""
to please is-to supply, only     the best   .■
incut.-If you trade with us you will"
learn   just    what we mean ^hy. these
l\vo'."ways".y QUALITY and QUAN-f
TITY will be a little'more than you'"
expect., tt f   .--.-^-i>.^,; ,k .-r/(;\»V   . . t
Calgary iy&Wtift'bo:
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors' and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates  furnished  on  application.
Plenty   of   GOOD   DRY   I.UBJ-
B15R ON HAND. ■   J
Architect ,  and Superintendent
Office at Residence,
liBAKER ST..     -    '!■ .   FERNIE. B.C
VANtVU'VKH, 11,(1.
N'KliSn.V, n, c,  -
Wholesale Groceries, Flour, Feed and Camp Supplies
$       City of Fernie" ■•.. t
H. ri'I.1. - A.WlUlMAK
Coiih-nctors and 15uildc»3
Estimate* Furnished
■    Storm- Doors and Windows
Shop:- CornerHowlonJAve anil McEvcySt,
"K  ■ .. i1  O. Uox 35,r>, Fornio. U 0 „
AN CrTJCAN-Christ Church-
Rev. R, Skeldinjy Wilkinson,
pnstor—Servicesi ti >a. m.
and 7.30, p.' in* Sunday
School nud Biblie class nt
2.30 p„-m, Evening prayer-
011, Wednesday at ,S o'elocft.
Holy CoimnunSou 1st and 3rd
Sundays at ii a, „ju., and
and .Sunday at 2 n. in.   '
,j. ',     "    '        ,     4.
»!•   BAl'TIST-Rcv.      II.     Locke  •!«
•!«      day at S p. m., •!•
.J. ■ ^.
, , I
Large° stock -of Home Grown Fruil
and  Ornamental  Trees, . "
Headquarters for Pacific Coast
Grown Garden, Field and Flower
(Seeds in season,   - ', .
Greenhouse: Plants,  Cut  Flowers.
Catalogue  Free.
' M.\T.  HENRY,
3010 Westminster Road,
1       Vancouver, B. C,
1 _^_ ..,..,.., ...I. ,i   M   1 —.
Is .a pleasant home
for the traveler..,
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
."...-,.I-J'lt, I > 't'.tlpl I
mi ,
WINE   G0.y Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import-
ters of-'
.'CHAMPAGNE.       ,  ' '
■■■!'"'' . . "Jni'.i1....- <(;.,},(■:."
. There is' nothing, from a hatchet.
to split the kiudlinjr'wood to the
,' complete 'oiitfirior.'; -ti'ii1' txplo'rhig
.expedition which' we do1.hot1 supply  at  a  reasouahle  price.     '  '
<lf.t.'   .     ''       •    6 '; ""'"   /'.,
Hardware, KaiiiessiS Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
';-'{liljl      ■-.       '. '   ' . '      '
Jjrygooils, Groceries, Farm. Implements and Machinery '.from
Stelu-Winding Mouse ■ .Traps,, to
Cyclone S t aclc'cifH,idiiidi an i)Cnrios,
Souvenirs of RtiKjiHviH'iJ and'Elko,r
RsiwU'uis and •Frtt.'jli.iPi-odiice'from
'"-. ''"'"TobSHXQ^'lains ■"-
A1   0
I *
shipped'cm order :frpjto,„i]Jil,ko tb
any part east or wc&^^.^i   "1-
Scud "orders   to -I91k!6i*l'.'l r
|.'.Vi"'.iilrJi''       . ,f <
Hmiters1; outfitted
Pack   Horses    and
■ -l."4|JI.||     -
■ -■"'.tl .'■■v'-.A-
• Biy; Game -
with supplies,
Sole Agents in, Canada for
Windsor     Tonic, "' '■ Jag     Destroyer.
BAPTIST-Rcv. II. Locke
Keniplon, H.A.t'/IJ.Tli'., pastor, Services at 11 a. 111. and
7.30 p. 111. friiuulay school
nml llible class, nt 2,30 p.m.
'. Prayer meetiufj on Wednesday at S p. m.,
CATirOLTC-Cuiircli „of the
Holy Faini,l};--Fnther , .f." M.-
Ti-iiveniler, O.M.,1. Low
11iii.SK, fi.30 n, m,; .liiuli mass,
m.30 a. in. Suiwhiy j-tlliool,
2 p. iu„ Evening service, 7,30
Philip Carosella
•. General Merchant-
arid Dealer in Wines,
,. Liquors and Cigars,
FEl'BlSriEl,  B,.  O.
'i it
, Is now ready Ic playila^'rillUances
in the oily utul "'oulsiilo-^Hnotn 3'lo,
7 pieces.    Good iiiu^lc.viWi'l' will
j p ay
satisfy  everybody,
up-io-daiu liuisic.
Orchcslm must  be engaged ciiie
weeli in advance,   ' ''   ,,
For further particulnrs write or
^ call at Thos. Mnzzuhobile's Shoe
f Making Shop between Wuldorf
*I-Iotel and Post Ollice. ',*
^-M»!-H»M-I»H»M« J«!»J«K VM*H«
The A- J. Burton
A. J. burton, bijjr.
Maiuif.u'turer of all   Solid
uiul   Inserled Toolli  Saws.
UV carry in htocU mid 0111
supply nl short nolice
Sll.VliU SOl.MiR.
Send Us Your Orders
RW CO.   j
V«fioQiivcpy B. 0.
Wood Split Pulleys
filial will nol slip)
All filing Room
Supplies at Right
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
MKTllOIHST-llovv W. I.utfli-
ley Hull,'II,A,, 11,1)., pnslor,
Hervlci'H nt n ic 111. ntid 7.30'
|>. in. llihlu claw 3.30 p. in.;
combined llihlu clnss and
tencherH' meeting, 3.30 p.m.
Cluits lneetiuj;, to.ij n. m.
Yriimu pcopli."-, mectf.U!,',
Monday nt H y, uu. Prayer
mcelliij; Wediii!(uil.i(y nt 8p.nl.
Conl.-Conl lnmU miiy lio piirehnRoil ut 110
nor nwiilorwlt ciuil mid 120 for iiiitliruclto,
-Not inori) t.liiin Hill nwes can li« nenulroil by
0110 lndlvlili'iil or eoiuimny, Iloyiilty nt thii
rate of tun eunlu per ton ol U.two puuuuu tliiill
bo eulleutid on thu ecustt output,
QimrU—A froo minur'a oorWIIcuto is srnnted.
upon puyinent in uilvaiico of tti ppr nnnnm for
an Innividuiil, and lium Iftn to H00 nor annum
for ileoiiiimny niiuoiillnu to capital.
A free miner, Itnvlnir dJnoovorod mineral In
|i1u<io,iiih,v Into to n eliilm J,.',00 x l,r>00foot.
Ulio fee for rooordlni; a clnlm In (A.
At loutt tlflti mu«t 1m oxpntidod on tho olalm
onuliyaiirftr pivltt to tlio mliilnu rooordar in
lion tlinriiof, Wliun (6W hun inon oxpondod or
puiit, the loaiUor limy, uiwn Jmvlnv 11, »urvuy
inuiln, uiul upon complying >vltli otliur r**-
qiili<omu.ut*,piiroliiii<i the luml at If I nn liexu,
. Thu pittant'iirovlilvu fur tho pityniont of 11
mynlty qfS) pur cent on tlio ualun,
IM.adicu minimi c.lnliii>i itfiitiriilly nro 101) feet
nauiiro| «ntr.v foo Jfft ruiiuwiihlo yeiirly,
A freo miner imiy nlitnlii two lrninn» to
ilroitue lur uulil uf live nillinuiieli for rv torm of
vwuiitvyt-ui'iii iiiiiowiililii nl Uiu illNurutluii 01
im Mlnl.ler uf llinTiitorlor,
Tim Ioiihro bIioII Inivo mlrnil|«o In oporiitlun
within onu MiiiHmi friiin thu ditto of Ui« luuiiu
f«r M«h tlvo iiilkm. Itoiitnl vin mi unnum for
iiuch iiillu ur river IoiimiiIi Iloyiilty nt tlio
riitn of Vj pur cnut iiolluctml 011 tlio mil put ul.
tor It uxcueiiu tvifm.
w, w. coRisv,
lfcptity Minister of the Interior.
N.  Il,r-Un>.yith(}t'l7eil frfhUcwllom  ol
this ndvertlNCiuciit will not ho puld
'CJnsriOlSr   LA33EIL
Cpow's    Nest   Special'
Miner's Favorite Clours
bwtfw ,/*i*,-j»
VTiF.IJjJYj'likJiVN — Knox
church -Ihe. 'jj.. K. ttrniit,
H.A., piiston. HtrvlccK nt 11
n.m. nud 7*^0 p.m. Buiidiiy
school nmC IHhle elitsii at
3.,10 p, in,   Vrnyer    incctl«i;
UVlJnVMt^,   Wi   li   \l.    il».
•J-M-'I-H-H* HTl»HwHi •I-H^KH4^
J.nidlu'v, Slmdiiy—K nee drill
7 n., 114. llnlinesi tiviclint,' H
n, in. '•Free'' and Jiasy,"
o.,1o f»j m, Sunday, uirhool, a
to ,%„ Hnlvwtlon ^ii« ttiiiKi 8
p. snw, I'.M.K. meeting 011
Slotulay at 7.30 31. im. Snl-
vntteii meeting We diitsduy
at 8 p, in. SnliUers' w<«t-
inijf, FrM.ijr. Tri tlmrmy
nitijtiiig tSatiirtkif nt tt p. in.
*■ <»
<S> KIJC U1VUR I.0DG15 NO. 35 «?>
<i> A   V. & A, M. <$
4* Ufirnlnr ini'i'tiiiir hi'ld first Frh <S>
1*/ dny  I11 each  nioiith.   ViHiting <$
<$> hivlhern  cordially  invited. <$
<$ .1, H. VOIiUMH, Sec, Vcriiic. <jlr
<?> <?
* VA\  VKI1NIK T.PIJttl? NO.  47 «*
<$> r. 0, 0. v. <*
»j; Meets every, Wednesday evening <?*
.?> at K p. in,,' ill I. 0. 0. 1'. Hall *i
•J> V. C. IwVWH, llea-Hec, Fernie <*
<$> ♦
<J> ♦
<1>       FF.ttNIK. I.nilOK NO si 4
s,>    K.vmirrs or i'vtiuj>h *
<j> Mct-t« ill I. 0. 0. F. Hull every #
•j> 'ri1UM.1l.1y evuiiiiu at 8 o'clock. <>
•f Vinitinu'hretluTH arc cordinlly <>
.<> iiivitwl. <>
.:> J. K. VOI.UMK, C. C. <V
A> V. V. I1KAK1STO, K. R. &. S. <f
.«> <J>
]ti only one of 11 liiinlrcil illirnrrnt
ntivpiHiuil «l/,L'i(iui' Hilar 11 tiirnoil
i"il In. Tim porfoct <iu ,11'y nt ll»i
li.'hriinlllmNlilll wlili u'iIo'i tluy
urii Hindi), quallllo.i lliom ux tlio >
Shilling Slx-Pcnnv Pip2
i.'i llie World
Tintv wii.i, not nuuv,
rvery Pl,iu Cu.ir.nUcd.
?0ID IN fAVA^A nn  M-.
J11.I i"iiiuiii'iuruii,l ii^k or
"SMI. Bran J" Pipes
For Sale at the
Club    Ci^cir   Store
W. A. INttllAM, Prop,
Phone 91.       -      •      Fernie, JV;C.
The contractors ,of Fcrnio will
pleaiw take notice 'that Atter April
lMl, iyo6 the Caijiciiterii uiul Join-
«t of Kernie Local i3?o will dct
roand four dollars (4,00) for eight (8)
hours' work.
V. B. of C. a, J. IT. mo. Fernie.
net 1 ii 1 |-1-t-^-*"*-*-*-*-*"^-*"*-*1-"
Mlnurd'e l.tuinutit Cures tHstcntpen
AO'Gooil. Woodsmen wanted by
Tlio Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at tlio
OIHee or iit Hoe-
The Elk Lumber Co., Ltd.
fernie, B. C
tl.»y.uijj|.i;w|iiii wiiii
,    NOTICK,
* .'j
In the iiiulliw "of the. Act respecting
certain vvork'i li> nud oyer certain imv-
ijfiihle wuteri, hcitij; Chiipler 33,' It..
S. ,C, D'.Sfi,,
■NOTICIJ islicrehy nivcn that one
iiioiiih uftcr, diitt' nii' nifjillcaUiiii will
he,iimdu to, thu tiiivi'riiiir-iii-CmiiK'if
hy ,/iitliN JJHi).;isuin Hiimi unit dost-pli
ll'liiti-JiciJ Wi.>, \,ut)i'iij; mi hii^iiiv.-ji.'i
ut .Iv.liiiiouili, in, tlie'l'riivliicu of llril-
ish Columhirt, liniUr the firm name of
lioHH'llios, 11 ml Coiiipiinyi tinder Iliu
provi'sloiiH 01 ilr: nhovo Act for permission to ciiiiMriiet iluiiiH, Ikioiiih
ntid otllcr {iiijit('vciiicnt.4 for ' loj;i;lii|{
niid'siiw-iiiilliii)'-piirpo»CH in Kooteii-
ny River 1 in; South Unst Knolcnny,
The jilun^ f'f^llie works proposed to
,!jc tonNlriuUd ii'nd 11 description uf
the sil6 tliLitii!'lidVc'been deposited
with the Re^ivtrn'rof I,ttnd Titled ut
Nelson, ll.'C.V'hnd.with the Minister
of I'nhHc WorVj< flt'Ottawn, Ontnrin.
W. F. (VURl),
Solicitor for the Applicants,
DaHe.l nt Crnithnioh, 11, C, this
5»sl iluy of I)e(imher, A. 11, I'jofi,
,..x ,:
HUM ":ti§£ '  -:.   "-■■   l-*',  .. -- -.••'.-■' .-  '*•■ -   '': A-".'..-■"'i--'-,- -   -y   ■'.':'.■ • ■ ; .
* '   tuy
,-»^^V= ,S^^C* K,*-, "i"  .'.     J-^j5S*J,J!(
Supplement; to- the"Fefnie ,Ledger
vol.- -r:,:^ •:./ •
FiiRiNlE,   t$.  C.,,-jAlN; 12   1907
— ^- - --
!&;: LET4fER*B0X
•c' Dear  Kid—City   election -is,' almost
l.ere again,, and   "I, write'..to ask you
how'I "should' vole';-",,, All the1 can-ii-
dates say they1 will-work for the best
' interests-of'-the town, - and , I    don't
•'•know-which" ones, are te'lliiig' the tiudi.,
1 and,, which are 'not.   *,-,._: _,'  r
■\^'  "Could you enlighten me a ,litUe,'so
" that I shalliin'sdce rio mistake in-markr
ing a ballot.next" week? f  ' '■.-,•■.
By "so doing, syou willgre-itly'   ic»
licve .  '_ ...'.-''""t1 '-*- ■
„-'   •:"*;''.  './A'SUFFERAOIST.
ful study of., the tactics-and "the i-ii-t-
fofms upon which former candidit.es
have slid into office.~
"However, any "candidate, however
experienced, is . liable.1 to liiake'v.J't'ng
guesses, as to just- how- to* .pproich
cYMyenc- he, meets. C '' >
■   This candid man should'coufine.hini-
-' iiw-
.' Yes, dear • Suffragist, I can do you
a littlri good, but you must not expert me to.particularize as to names.,
That would be suicidal, because," as
you know,1* there are at least 15 candidates, and only seven of them ' can
l.c .elected, so that'I would be making 8"^-deadly enemies and only 7
11 frichds,*\.whicli^ you know would be
had politics.1 -We have-too much of,
that kiiid now, and must not add to
Mie sum toial of'it ...".« , „
, I,rail; give you'a few pointers' however,' that .may enable you .to" detect
some of the, chafi in the bag .ol wheat.
" , If you: are a "strictly temperance
Mian' ab'd' known- as "such",':be on, your
guard ..when ~ a.'candidate voluntarily'
tells you'lie is" iu'favor 6fk taking nil
the ^pianos'1 aiid Middles .out of -• the
hotel bars aiid that if he is elected
he will,see that all the. side doors to
l:ar, r'obanV arc closed so that t'jey
can iibt^ be entered from the north:
and lliat'iie'won't allow dancing paretics excepting on: quality hill,' etc.,
•etc. .. :  •■>,,   ...:', -    '■        "'•     ■> '    \
■   11% is on ,tb you,   and expects    to
make a vote out of your,weakness oik
If a'mail'; tells you -he is not a company candidate or a liolel"lickcl inanK
yoii can'put that, little'bunch of stufl
in your pipe and sinokc'il.'    '","',
• He wouldn't talk like .thntjf,;there,
.wasn't; something':.wrong.,  ., - :
" - It is_ • tiiiie'.eiiougli' for a' man . to
plead'1'! not. guilty after, lie has' been
' charged., If a candidate talks .lbotil
; sewerage, tell him you prefer. *vat'ci-,
that hasn'tjiecn ; sewered,' and hi
•will-agree,".with you,"' and you *"' wili
know• just'-what'tq 'do.,*■;:     '     -•;   -.^
11! he talks,sanitarv'v conditions,look
flirougir, his '-.back -1 yard'-before o. you
■ vote. '■;'/'■,. -  ,' ""J" ' -. »• '.. -.,'' '■■"_' ' ^ ,,'
,;''   If ;hc-preaches,    economy,"   take   iv
'study Mic iiniuici.ai reports of the city:
and 'see'what .tlie? guardian's'angels ol
-,, the" ei ty^treasury - -have ■' been'" litiyihg ii?
the past;-'and you -will'discover that
. '-one p^'the-higgest'iJnlls^ cvcl",.paid- by'
the city! was;for-'-legal iwisdonitt.whii'.li,
turned-out',to,-be-no wisdom, at'.tall.
„ but ai'.gbld .brick;' I,ook out'-., for. „the
.   fcllo\\Mwho"did that ^ and give-him; a-
wide ihertli1-   on* your ballot.   • Don't
n-cross ~hinif.it will" cost'you ■money,
I,ast'of all, try and separate \ojr
own private interests, and that of any-
body else,'from public interns':,._\ot,c
nccordlngly'v -. dud, you will lind that.'
, yoii have performed your, duty.   ..
Dear.Ledger Kid--.   1
I airi one of the'candidates for aid-,
derman at the, coming 'election', nnd ■
am meeting wilh some dilliculty from
the inqiiisitivencss'of those-- whom 1
am asking to Support and vole foi
inc.,' " '      ',
I nm a little raw at the business,'
and fear I have lost a vole or two iu
I in-ct'tt man the other day who' 1
supposed from his -surroundings ,.and ,
. occupation  to he.a strong supportei
of anything that would iidd ■< lo   the
tie for, the open-shop principle as applied to, t,he miners, they refuse) to join
iu- a battle against that company icr
the application ef'the open shop nrin-'
ciple as ,-applieit to the closed towns
ol" Coal Creek and Michel. The working mam of whatever trade or, calling
who is foolish cnouglr to cast ai vote
for either 'of these men, is voting to
put more chains upon himself,'and to1
place himself more completely in the
hands  61" his ■ employer. 0    s.
^ He is. doing more than "that. -He is
aiding to build up a monopoly oi
trade" in the towns where he has'to
spend- his* wages,- and against'1 tho
liadesnien' who do not enjoy the fav.-
or or of' the Crow's Nest l'ass ' Coal,
Co'.. Yet one of these candidates''is
stylcd: a Liberal-Conservative, ' end
the other ir supposed to be a' Conservative-Liberal, and both of ihoni
stund for all-that is illiberal !ii 10I-
ilics,   labor jand  trade,  /flic' notiiina-
■• ——"
self mere to talk-of the weaUier-and
manifest more, interest in the .family
and priyate'afiairs of the voter;.' ..;-
Dpn't talk on municipal .mailers at
all it you can; help'it. , If you-..know
of a personal enemy of the man' you
arc, talking to, don't?forget' to 'tell
him that' his '-enemy is .supporting' the
other,'fellow. ' This will have great'
weight with any man who hasn't any
mental'-weight of his own, and- he
m-iy,,never discover the little trick
you.are working on hij.11, -and i\\:. his'lions are not. all
eagerness to get even with,- that other
fellow,'"he will  forget the city'-- long - T"     -""" ,  jnCHEf '
enough to promise you his vote.- '- .'
J.usL how you will be able to properly mix the' coal company. -water
and,';.hotel whiskey without- being
caught,is quite a "statesmanlike prob-1'
km, . and the Kid,' is nol surprised
that Candid iCandidatOislips up on it
sometimes'.'-    •     ... , -.' i
, -/i'lie-; only sure way in cases' vhere
yo.i know "your victim.will, .stand for
iii is to niix'a little of both iii'-'a;
glass and adminst'er your argument
iu ' a'^tasteftilly liquid .form. 'If he
likes being^argued with" iu" that .way
you have sonic; show to win outj es-
recially*.if- you don't allow him1, to
pay.'for-the 'argument,   .- '. "".".
■■"Of-course,-as Candid' siiys, ".tliisi is
expensive. ' It is really '"alarming how
much' liquid, argument-can-, be absorbed (by ai'doiibtful minded,-thirsty slom-'1
ticli -iii'di-. idual, along abou£    election
^    .^ --, 11' ■-■      . ' - ,
111110.'   *"."-    -,_': ,-::,^- <.-,      ,
Candid'.'Candidate's idea,, though] ol
placing .his- money so as to make the
other,;fellow foot his 'election cap/.'.!,*,
oill.'is about the on,y, i,vlli -il/tli
.woiild. indicate that he n..\>' a't'sunu
future,.-time become a..nost inc^'C.u',
politician and finally rise to" the leve".1
of .sla'teMiiansliip. Thc-.Kid really has
hopes of him. " . , '-' * ' .. "" ..
• Besides making'the other fellow fool
!|lie hill,. thA.little betting scheme, ii
properly wcrked," might".have a great
iniltience ".upon tlie' result. „ ■ -..-_ ,.
r.'Bui;:.'the,"',Kid' strongly' advises.-Caii-
dfdr'Caiidltiate'iiot.to offer to bet.'alid
theiit.1;:ack/-'down. *-That is the   -worst'
l-.indofa breach of "political; 'etiquette.
Keep  your  ideas 'and''your,actions
in:'the.'ihe.ltii.ig'-'deparlmciit of-an edu-.
caiional" cainfiailJiL' iiii'^tlie," top    shell
'f you hope lo "wmbyyiiat-'-Kincr^o!.'
urgumcol.   Were it'.not,., for the  , fact
llial. bet Ling on .the result 'of aii.elcc-
U011 • '.is illegal,'- thcvkid -might  'encourage'.Candid 'to  do" so  i.y  telling
liim -just'.liowto het before' the count-
has'been made, but in" order- to'avoid
'(complications,  he will,withhold    information ns to just'-how" to bet   in-
order lo.liayc assure'-thing till,_aficr
the volts are counted..^.- -   ... •    .„
Ai tho Kid'was."-wandcriiig,"' about
tiu stuethj the ."' other ^'day, • he" ,va,s
ait'r.'hcd-by what" he. at first •'tools
to *hc a'-politicdl?„processioii;'.hcadcd
hy the candidates' on" the "opposition
ticket,- coming around the cornci
from' Baker . Avoniic-and 'heading' for
1 Llphardl's' corner, but on. close in-
sptctlon "what he took to he the'swcl-
le1 heads 'of nldei'inanic' cnndid.i is,-
.turned 'Wt\l to be tlio niticli "turhaiicd
ileitis of: the ntitive' Hiiidbo who kill;
Vo a lot in tho .'wny, of-carrying his
clothes on his,head;      .      . , '
Sc.inniiig, these    antipodean' stt'iiiig-
■ comfort and' convenience of the, coal f^    the Kid arrived     at the   very
mgi) conclusion-Hunt if they were to
reverse -the order of Urn wearing ol
their apparel 'by making a small,
con fi-itable cap out of ihe pnuls rn'
•jelling'n tailor to .make up, the,slock
.company,' and in answer to his questions ns to whether I was on the com-
pixiy ticket, I iiuthotighlftilly said
I 'was. This had a most hurprisiiiB
effect on ]  him, •■lie kicked the tele
phone polu ngaltiHt which he hail.bceni ,,, jpyj,,,,,,^    t'hcy';cniiy around' on
leniiitig, -mid delivered hiinself of Inn
giinne   that    would sot. an Ice-honse
In the mix-up I caught a whilt of,
his breath which gave me a pointer,
nud I tried tho whiskey ticket nickel
on him, which made hiin worse t'iian
' ever, nnd iu order to keep him out ol
, tho hands <if tits police,"I steered him
into n linr and tiled lo quench
the fonlhigrntioii with ntoio hot Htufl,
hut It wasn't a success, and T had to
tell tlio bartender to chulk up tlie
coat lo election expenses.
Tlio next fellow I tucklcd was easy
Ho whs for uiiythlni; and everything
uml got 1.0 confidential that he uu-
u nscloiisly leaked out the Infoiuiii-
tlon tlutt ho hud promised'to-support
, every man iu tho Held for anything
he wauled,
Un only cost 1110 one ill
had lo put him down in the doubtful
H oyoit siM', Kid, it li uo innp litis
canvassing for voles; Its expensive,
""nnd I am doubtful whether I have;
made any gains or not. Would you
kindly advise mo of some plan where-
l.y I iv'I! l"'ou* jn«t wliiTi' T «t nud 1lu>
night before election, so that I can
do 'iv little betting thai will pay the
expanses of my campaign? Its costly
and I want to play even)
.  Cordially Yours,
'J'hc Kid, is afriatl that Candid Candidate linn caudlcd Ills chances to
it'iine extent. Just how much d.J-endu
entirely upon how much candid talk
ol Ihe sample .supplied he h.is W'lg-
ed jn.
lie should1 have inudc'u mote iave-
thdr hcudii inlivtiiidersliirls, drawers
pants,   con Is 'find   vests,  that   II iy
would lie'tnkiiig'   n long strido  „lo-
w.irds comfort nud civilization.
conic OPERA
Small Chorus - No Tights
„'i,ii,hI T'liui\sduy"1iiglir^wr'^UiIm
delegates nnd a few spcelntni's gatliur-
licd in .Winers' Union" I lull mid went
llirotigli the furee of miming a I.iliur-
,il cuiidldiile to nt uiul for slaughter
'-in the 2nd o( I'eliiiiary, giuuitd .ling
ihty, • "■
After, liuving hern ollered to seven
or cl»hl hiitihful geiilkiuen, who most
Irlnk   but   I '"inrleotthly hut firmly decliu.-d
(jold brick, It liually found a ri.-sllup,
i.liieu In thu Imiids nl Mr. Win. Diik-
uii, who tlii-ivupnii was nuide the
iiimuiinoiis vliotco i>( tfic iIuimJ)'
"puckod:1 convention,
Thcro ato liow iu the livid I'iki-
I'liiidliliilis, W. II. How, Coiis'.'iviitive',
Wm, Moore, Socialist, mid Wm. '.)h,k-
en, I.iber.il, so;C,)llcd, H0D1 the Conservative mid I,ihpr.»r«»nd|ilutusiro-
Khii a ycuining love for the working
mull bla llielv records, when it .'onion
Id helping Uic .working limn when he
Is ill a struggle for his rights, are
tins ivory, mul lo m;\V.i thutu titill
niore objcctlonnhle, tlicy liollt pat-
ri'iii/% th» wim^r mm-utuou piiuiliie.
tstablislimcnl, whicli liiltcrly opposed Ihese working wn when tficy most
inedcd help. Willi" both or lln-in
helped the Coal Company in its kit-
.A child was;bom lastiwcek to Mr.
and i\Irs. John Dvorak.,,
,   Sirs.  II.  Carr is again able    to be
out,  after a'-two week's, sickness, .
'- W. A. 'Carr,- of Michel prairie,-left
for  I.ethhridge -to  spend   the   .viutcr.
Geo.- Fisher last week purchased a
piece*of land1,on Miche, „prairie -from'
fid.-;.Rhodes.':' „ - . '
, 0Gco. Oliver, of'the Trilcs-Wood Co.
stJiff, is-confined-to his room ,with a
severe coldly,'..•-.'.' '   ,'•.   ~-     -^
j\liss '•Mcllridc, matron' of the Michel hospital,- is-laid-up with a severe
attack cf'la.grippe."-.      ".
Tim"' -.'f iirren,- master nicclianic fur
the Coal'-Coinpany, is .confined to'his
ro'inV wilira bad cold.
Tuesday morning the thermometer
'registered 2S below zero, the lowest
record so .far this -winter,
B-,Jolm _'Klot/aritz- went to Fernie
Saturday to attend''-the funeral of, his
athci-,, who was' killed at ]Coal Creek
eYidav'.'_;. .' •',,--   ,     • - ',..;'\: ' ''
'J, Driscoc, a fire-boss in the mines,
had-his foot- caught, under-a coal car
Tuesday morning, inflicting severe in-
'juries.u ' '-. .•',.    ■'  '.
Ai-ra'ngcuiciils are being made'    for
Rev. W*;-L, Hall to occupy.the pulpit
.at the Methodist Church.next'Sunday^
^veiling,-'--■'•.-'^■'■-   ':-•'',   ■'* .   ■   *  '"
.  T' "    .      • . t •■..'"
• Ucv. _Mr.- Kimicy'has ,so far .recoy-
tred. -frJiin" his-,recent .spell of sickness "to" he able to leave-, the hospital
yn- Saturday/ ■' ""    '•'   ■ ' •'•" -   '
week with ,-her '.faiiiily froin/'theii'
ranch- iie.ir Cowley to spend the _win-
ler'4it Miclicl.'-.- ,---■ -..'.'.,.',• ' .r," ,"
^Mrs. (Rev.) W.-1/.'Hall,' of Fernie,',
''coiTdiTct'cd .thc^Vcnii^'^^
Mctliodist :ciiurchj j. Sunday'/, ntid '' the
Sur.dav, school inline afternoon... .„
■:JC 'Dokercrj.formerly .nisinager of the
.Triics-Wood. Co, store licrc,'-has "sold
his'jntorcSl in'the' Fink'Mercantile'
Co. at Craiibrook,- and has purchased
a "general''store at Maclcod,- , , '
Mrs. Joe I'assi, one,of the oldest
settlers in Michcly.- returned'-a'" lew
diiys-:.ago.from-Blnirni'ore, .where she
lived fvir several months. She .is now
running a boarding-.house at, No. ifi.
• One ,of the dynninqs at the power-
house burned out a few days tigo, and
In consequence the hospilal, hotel,
(incl a number of oilier houses are
compelled to use the old-time oil
lamps" until' t'lic-.dnmagc has'' been rc-
pttircd. ■'. ' ' 1
' Mr," ForsleV, general manager of the
Sparwood'i;ttml)cr Co., returned from
Itogina several days ago with 25 men
for their logging camp on the upper
Klk valley. Mr, • Forsler , informs
your correspondent thai il was near
to the impossible to secure laboring
men in the local market.. Over s yly
men nrc now employed iu the upper
The second annual Christmas tr^o
celebration in magnitude, was even
greater than a year ago. The filial
reports of tho committees have just
been completed, and' show that ,V-'o
tiiildicn ..froiii infants to the age of
sixteen, received a present in value
from ?i.o,5 to §2.50, nccovdiug to age;
Aiwnnntini of nearly £700 was raised
for iliu purpose of which Tom Crnlmn
.mil the Trltcs-Wood Co. each gave
Sino cnsli, nud tho Coal Company
8?5, Tint lmlnnco was subscribed by
'the residents'of Michel,'' Tho enter-
iiienl is strictly non-nectcrlnn; it Is
simply a public affair, "
' While the westbound local was
slniidliij. on the main truck at McOII-
in-iy, uboiit live tulles vast of lu're
yii'sierilny ufteriiiioii, a heavy freight
cm,ing from Cniw's Nest ran into
the li.cnl, coniplelely siunshing the
coach on the local an'd several cars,
Uue tiuiii, hy iinmo 'John Old, ic-
pi.ited to he. from Fernie, was scii-
v . . IIT' 0 \(
A Public Meeting will be
held in Stork's Hall on Tuesday the 15th January, 1907;
the object being to allow all
candidates lo address^ the
electors'on Municipal mailers.
", I ask every candidate" to'
take a seat on. the platform,
atS'P.'M.'",'        ;,   , " -
By E, Pauline1 Johnson.-1 ■ -"
tTekahionwake.), •
In" Canadian  Magazine 'fgr   January.
Up, the  dusk-enfolded  prairie,   %
Foot-falls soft and sly,
'; Velvet'cushioned,  wild-and wary;
.'   Then—the' coyoteV'cry'.
Rush of hoofs and roar and rattle
Beasts of'blood and'-breed—
/.Twenty  thousand, friglit-ened   t-aiile;
,, -• .Then—the wild stampede,    7     . .'
1   "'■■', '- v „ '• »\       "V" "■ f-       ■.   ■•.
■1     i   < ; ! 5        ,.-• '•  > ■'.-■•* •<"
■Pliant lasso;  circliiig-wid-cr, -,
With  the  frenzied ' flight', ,   ...
Roping,' horse and- cursing, rider
Plunging  through';the night,,     ro
".Rim of'dawnHhe1-darkness losing,  ■
'   JTrail of blackened loam,  -'
„ Perfmnc of the sage brush oozing -
On- the air like foam.
Foot-hills  to: the" Rockies lifting!  .
* Brown, and blue, and green;
Warm -Alberta sunlight»Jrif :ing „
"  Over,, leagues ljetweeii.'    ''"
..That's Ihe country' of the -.uv^es, '
"Plain, and prairic-laml;
And-the God who'never,-changer-
Holds it in His hand:   '. - !    '    ;-
.'.' ■'::-,' ■"; ANNUAL REPORT -;'■',  .':■
-\ -• ; ;       .     .      ' •    . 1 '      '        --1 ' i   . ; ,''•  „-.",('•     V
ij . ; -   .       - - -^.  o,., . >:      » r    -    «
■ The following-.annual report of.'ihe financial condition of the Ladies' ,3-e-,.
ncy'ok-nt   Socicty"'for   tlie  year" just closed shows the; good' work 'performed' by   that"     excellent  organization. Kvery'encouragement, should be given
these ladies in their well'directed   ef-forts to1 do'good.   ■*'
.Tan.   j—To  Balance ..':..   ..". .'.'......-  "T.'.i».| \.
Fees and 3Iembership '..-.	
I)L,uation from Oddfellows  ; '. ■■...!.'..'..s 	
,'   .   ,(t                                                                  , °
Donation from Eagles.: u   ';...,
Donation -from   Childicn's. Concerts ,,.....-•... ;	
"April   Receiptd    -Benevolent"■ Society   Ball*....'.-!..   ....'.'..,
Tune.   Receipts    Benevolent  SoeH.y^ Pance... :-.,;.'	
Expenditure ;:   „' : ■.;-.      :..".'
-         -  .      .   ^           , - .                    ... ^ „.
Nursing and care of the • Sick...-...../. ''....
Assistance for,Needy  Families L, .:
Ticket',and Expenses ,1c/ Calgary..- '. ..!.   '....-.....'••..-..
Careta'ver for Hal,......;'...1....3.'...'.'...'.".-. ."'.-..   :c. ...
'Donalicn Children's Aid, Yaiieo.w.iv.; ." '.	
T\-i,npqrary\ Lor.u 'for,. Transport it'on  ol   the Sick...:,
General' Expenses ...'.'. '•:,..7.,.; ".;.:... -.'........"/;...
.••?i4y-\55., :
... ' 33-io-
..: , 18.00,V:
... 52-00 '
..,. 56.00^
..". '95--70"
JESSIE Hi   JrJlls'-JJN/'.TrcRsurer.
OneTlanKiilfed   and Two
■:.- Yesterday, .morning, a -freight, auxi-,
lary, wrecking train,'^vhiclP had-been
up- ut McGilvray, and which left Fernie at.midnight on slow r'luuiing orders,' had reached a, poiiit'l.about .two
miles east .of Wa'rdner, and" while"'running at a rale of about two miles an
hour, ' was • crashed into by another
freight'' wcstl7oiUHl ,~,:'-wIucri"~'lia(r~ lclC
Fernie'three'hours later," and was run-
•liiig at a high rate of speed,   ,   , ,
The caboose of the wreck' train was
totally demolished, mid, Ilrakemnn'
Chapman, who was in the car, was
instantly killed, and ^lie conductor injured. '
> Engineer Killiii's and Fireman Mc-
I'crnie, of the fnst train, were in-
jured nnd the engine was'thrown off
tlie truck.    '•      '    „
On Thurrdny lusl, while the
hound loenl wn,s slnnding on llie main
Hue wniling the arrival of nu eniit-
bound freight, which had. orders to
take the siding at that place1, 11 .second section of the westbound local
run into 'the reur of, the local wrecking the conch and the lirsl car lor-
wnrd, both taking lire nnd burning
up. Only one iiinn, a passenger ni
the 1oc.il, wiih injured, and l.e vtiy
slightly, ,      - ■
Tliunnliiy , n lii'.td-oii collision .he-
1 ween two frciejilf occurred nt   Medicine IIul,   in  which, t-lir^c trninnien'
were  killed .     "
. The lionvy snow nud wind slorins
which luwc been rnglng on ihe prairie
have miido much tmublu for the. ruil-
wny coinpniiyi nnd nil trnins 11 re lni"
Vesterduy's IrniiiH were crowd.'d on
account ol ilw snow blocknde,' and
snow, plows nnd (.hovel htigiidcs lire
the order of tho dny.
The terrific I'lorms which lr.ive rug-
vd over the prni'le (lining the   pmd
weak have eiviised much miuViIii,; nnd
l:,rcnt loss of live stock will.ri'hillt.   •
„ 0  ■"
I.EdAl, INTKI.Mf.EN'ei':.
His Honor Judge Wilson, hitting «s
nu nibilrutor    under  ihe Wiifkiiien'ii
iiisdy Iniurtd, and wni» Utter brought I Compensation Art to nppoiiloti    llu-
Michel hospital.   Tim   wreck   eoinpins.itioii  i,;iiio(,g  the, depeiwl.inls
lire,   One   conch    and  two  ut,,the lute John li.igu, ,i.iiiM..»d, l..i..
cars, one, loitdcd with,  iuiiii-   lim.ct.'i'i  Unit  tm. J|ii:.!.i !•   p-'ll    >"
llie widow, uiul the hiiiiiiui' 1 ••' luve-.l-
t-d |,y    llie ollieinl i-dmiliMratdr  for
In lie
lure, were destroyed, It appcii'M lluit
iuspni.il w.is pulling over thv road
(tiling e.ist. The locnl Und oldcrs lo
wait ul Mertilvery on the nuilli truck
|i,r the sjiei-itil 10 mwi vhnn umi
tike the side truck. The freight v/nf
mnuvrttii of,the order, nnd being 1111-
nble to see the loenl standing on the
main Hack, caused the Kninsh-up,
When the special with Superintendent
Miicviv.u -ut hoard arrived on the
scene,of .the wreck, the fire lind nl-
icidy ci,it'.nuicd the wrecked cnr.i. Tlie
cjhthoiuul pusst'iigeis returned hue
until the trark woBtlenred early lhi«
morning, Xone of ihe i-rcw* of tlir
tniiii:', w«to injured,
Ihe l.enilil of llu- children.   A like application and cider were mmle in 'In
c;iM' in   .iiinn   iniiO.i, *'.n'.i.«'-^	
Itekslein  iip|,.»ued for the npplic.uil
in incV. disc.
Hi-rclmier vs. Ci.miell. Appliciition
for excinplli-u niider the Attiichmciu
for Debts Act. Held that a iniihitn-
Ic or vorkwiin ii en lit led lo uu et-
I'tuption of 5.|», cwi-pt Iu case of Mill
brought lor Imrd, ntid lluit nulv thi'
excels (Mil le, (iltiuhi'd, lUk.stiin fm
npplicaiit; H. Heniunn for plaiiitifl,
I Mc Frank Mi-ggelt. iluv.iul. I,it>
Urs   uf   1ittiiiini:,u.iti.,n   ^i.mu-.l   If,
Frank Meggett,'the-brother. Gray lor
™.p «—,j o'suph —•K-lii l/a'ri Is,—ideceasc^L.
Letters of administration granted    to
Jehu  Kliit/arit/,   the son.
'■Stevenson'vs. T.ynch. and McKen/.le,
Blink garnishee. 	
Application by defendant to set
aSi'c!e'.;.garnishco.Torder .nisi, J.vnlarged
until the 17th peremptorily.' .'Gray
fcr application;  Ross contra.'
.-__   -, ^ o—'■	
' Tomorrow Rev. Jain'es Turner, who
is,to be the'guest of honor nl" Monday night's'bauquel, iu Stork's'Hall,
will pre.ich at the Methodist church
morning, and evening. As staled in i^_
previous notice, Rev." Turriefis nn'
,old pioneer, full of tlie rcmiuesceiices
i.f old times in many ol .the old mining camps of B. C.
,Thc preparations for the Monday
night 1 nnqtiet are progressing and arc
Iu good hands.'
1 Tlu vniicd interests represented by
the toast list, and which will call
forth llie best efforts of our best cit-
i/.ins, insures a most' enjoyable even-
lug,1 equal to the best that hns ever
been experienced  iu  the city.
Covers will l.e laid for approximately 300, for which tickets will be'supplied lor Si,00 each.
Yuiii;!; ladies dressed in Japanese
costume will wait on thv tnbles, and
the b:iiii|tiot is set for H p. 111., nud
the loist list will l.e inletspcrsed
wilh songs nnd music,
Be there sharp' on time and enjoy
.lu whole of the programing    ,
lYlan?;lcd and   Mutilated
Under the Wheels
ol the Cars
1,1'Hl Wi'.lnesduy nit<lil, while trying
to iliiuli on, 11 cur ut III" foot of the
high line ir.ick which lends to ihe
(•li.ek Hns nl llu1 coke ovens, \V. K,
Thoiuns, a hniki'iiiun on llu* uiiiic
train, uilssul his looting Iu some
w.'.v cud was giiiiind in pirns undu
ll'i'e culh ns lliey weir 11111 ti)) tlir
step grade lo I lie blui..
'J he i-ngilU'er did nut sre llie hruU-
liiun's ilgtiiil to slop, ns UHiinl, und
when (lie (rain ciiine to 11 standstill,
it  was dlMOHTi-'d  thiil Thoiuns   Imd
lllvi, lilt ili'.iili nf> iibiVt- ,-.l.in,,. 'J 1,.
l„'j   "u..-;   -,,i    li.ril   :iln1   Mil   111   plenv
lli'it il was • end ei eii nlmig the trad;
fr'in near wluiv In- must Imvo hivn
rnugl.ti  H|> to wlu'tr  the trnin  slop
Our, Elko' correspriuk-nt  had
silent so long that, becoming alarm
c-d, we wrote down to hear' what had
happened   to'him".   The,-poetic   'style
with  which  he adorns  the  beginning
of' his* notes of the  Christmas  doings
at Elko explains his lon-r silence and
■      ,    . 1
th^i .why for of it.      As- soon as ids
bed-stopped whirling? his"nimble pui-.
cil  resumed .its , twirling. 0   v1:.
1O11 account of.the'lvlko li. and   T.'
P. correspondent 'Icon away south the
notes sirrived tbo bite for publication
last webk—or any other exeusc.
. Champagne to,our real friends^ real
pain  to our sham  friends.
The cocktail  is a  pleasant, drink,      \
Mild .and harmless—1,-don't'think,
l-'irst  you take one, and maybe two,
And  then  you don't care what    you
- do.        ' ,   , ,   -
Last night 1 tossed twenty-three".
Of these 41ccoctioiis into -me.
My  wealth increased,  I swelled   with
.' .,   pride',   " - ^
I was  pickled;  primed and ossified.
At  thre? I sought my whirling bed,
At'eight I rose-with such a head.
R-E-M-O-K-S—The   watch wagon    is
the place for* me:' ■
This is no time for mirth and laught-
cr'     , „ ' "'
iii, the cold, igrcy.'dawn of' the 'morn-
1 " after.' ' < ' ■
'-,„-J''.. i-' '".:■"
" James McKcc entertained a large
party at -' Kilma'riiock Castle Christmas' Day. Between thirty and forty
sat down  Icr" dinner.   '
The Christmas'tree at Elko, was   a
big success ;.froiii every point of view','
was well attended and everybody satisfied.^ The schoolhourc     was beautifully1 decorated-,' and 'great credit    ih
due "Mrs.   John  Molt,   who  furnished
the stage settings and worked like a
Trojan   to   make ,the  festivities    the
best ever  ...se'en in Elko,  and it    was
rind'    thcjiV. Miss      Johnson,"      Kiss
Mary To-Jliunter and1 Mr. %W.  S.'M.-.
Ewan, who,had charge of the    ^hor-
iises,   merry-go-rounds,   comic   songs,
comedy acts,  light drama,, etc., ,.etc,
showed  by  the  programme  and . Unloading parts, each-played  in  the  evening's entertainment' .they' wOre .experts at the businccs.   Not a   parent
present was ashamed''of their    child-,
rcn.' Not one child out of the twenty--
;,ix  suffered  with stage fright, and did
their parts like old-timers. • The c'onV
c.iy,   ■"rVVaiifcd~arWiiW;"~\'vTsJHa™spicli~
^lid piece of acting, and was well  re
ceivcd.i  The Mine Explosion'and, I it-
tie Jim, by 'Miss 'I.ily Ilafrisoif^'whc
appeared on. the stage like the Qucci
of  Diamonds,  was, a great  hit. , Tlu
-Fox and'Geese, in' three acts,.by.loe
nl tnlcitl .was the most'.amusing, tarn'
l.rou^lit';,   lomid hflcr .rbtinii(of'* e.p;
11-iiisc. , The   slypwreck.V'ii   Hi^rlMih^
,-iissippi, by \V. S. McEwau,..,(,aiid_,-E'5
'McKee,,,,did not get- the-'appreciation
il deserved,-on nccouirt- of-the pilgriti
cleuicnl of ,the iiiidicnce 'lieing in. tin
uuijority.   Of.  I#. -C,- U.,  by Mi>s'Murj'i
Todliunter,      was one, of the le.-iditij
fea lutes    of    the     prograunne.     Tin
Christinas tree was Ihe best ever seci
in' Elko,  and  the fellow that   : l.iyei
Santa Clans fell over his whiskers ti
Uie' delignt of the little tots,
A, great" many social events    10ol
place     during  Christmas     nnd Nev
Vcnr's.   Two very nice dances at tin
Hotel Coluinbia, a swell dinner, con
cert and dunce given by Mr, and Mis
lohn Molt at     the llolriunii  House
vevcr.il  sleighing pnrlics,'  the  lolmg'
gun slide was well'palroiii/.eil.   Mis
llolhroolc gave several - social piitlle,-
in honor of Miss liie/.j who was huuii
forhcrholidnys.   W, H. McEwan gavi
a swell dinner to hnehelov friends," but
wc  uotici.d  several  old slugs, bruin
through the ropes find was allowed t<
remain.   The jiierchants gave lots o
goods away lor ensji.   The town   wat
rowded with visitors.
F, J. Watson visited Elko this week'
Arthur Wilson, of the Kurlli   St.u
lumber Co,,   -gave a biitlid.iy p.vU.i
.'.hristmns Dny.
Mr., J. 1'ugli, of 1'ugli and Livingstone, liock Creek ptiu-i U-jt, .sjicut Si\»
Vcnr's in  Elko."
Professor lu Chance-,11111! his puhr:«
Uu played to leu cngngeiiiciilH duriiiji
the holldiiys nnd hnvt 11 list id i-n-
•{AgeiiK'iilH down ■ tins river.
The Tobacco plains Indians held 11
five days pot latch dunce New War's.
(Juile 11 coiitiiigcnl pushed i!ii'm,',h
Elku Iroin the lioiihein rcscivc. on
their wny .south lo.ithe big upph
Ike WutM'it, oi Viiiiir, who wi.i
down wilh a .severe ntluck of tvplimr
fever, U visiting his untie, Mr, Um
Scoll, ut Hooiivillc, 11, C, 1'obi-r.i
I'll ins,
Ernest  I'n'V,   of  the  Albert    "Mul/
-.,    . ;•     ■ 'i
lhu,unh lilVi.. lu     hi-. v.,y  ti- V'" ■
(»eArgp JtardOey, of'   the  pit-.i-bud
stork much, wilh a smile ''b' 1'imiiv
beeiri Monday    to.    the Und \of-sunshntfr 1$
fruit and flowers.      •■    A  , '..,{. Z-y-   Jib
alUcttnjr. -X'
Albert-Mutz1 was iu E-Vo colUctuigi%
poll taxes for.the Fort Stec'e   Brew-   -,-' ,
l"g,.9°- ,"'   ' ,.-V;--".'U>';," ■
'Considerable'of the-beautiful iellVin'"/,
Elko-this last week,.and'a chilly-^in-  '.
dividual remarked that'.we owed'that*' ',
to the knockers.      We are-; glad •j,th<Tnj    ,
knockers have at last gtv'eh-'-sdnictuingi * '":'
to" Elko.       - „•     Z', ,".,  '      ..,'.    :■' '
„;-A.,taint  heart nc\«cr won  anything, -  ,;
ihlElko.'., ".V "-'-."',1-'-.-.•';'.,'
i»'':Man ,born of ,a woman, isjof--'low-,
days'and full" of trouble.'   Rut l.tlie '
knocker  is     a pestilence and •'death^',1K' '
passes "him far too often.,     ;'... •[■'   ■'"" ■.'•,
KThere are people in Elko' that'" can1   ,   ,
see 'things when thcv'l'ook, at', th'erii;.; ,
1ml they can't eat     uoap and wash    -"
wilh ii. "' ";.-   -
,Tl.e- Elko   Conscrvatiyts  opened .,.». -,  ;
committee 100111 in Convention '.Hall ,,   *
with(,all .the comforts of home, sweet ■'
1 icjnYeC-""*""    ' , >^ ' ' -,^    .',
Three weasels passed'^through Elko '
011 their way to St. Eugene mission;',,,
.The local contractors 'have',! about [^, '.,
75 cars of piling,;rcady, to load,-but:-"'-:
can't get cars.    „        <v »    - '<
From ..the Oberniaye^r. bulletin? \Cin-"■''-'
i        - ■. > 1 » ■ ,. ^
.cinnati, for  September  and '  nr^
I   . tobcr,'i9'6f).     . ■'
?   ■•   '    ' :        v :    •"'
-The w;orld today needs Meu-^' .,.,,,   ,',
-Men who will not lose';their iudiviil-.'-.
t' ^1 1 i- • -f    -'. -
uality "in  a" crowd—men of character',1'.''
and will. ,       *.«        ,  ! :..*j.',,
, "}ian of courage, menfwho aret-larg-.
aer than their busihess^Svho put'ehar-   «
V, . , I- - »"^ *   \    i, - -,s .■ V.,-.
uqter  above  wealth  and  whose'word,,
is; their bond,      ' |."   "      , ,' -   -.   ,-
Men who have the courage  ,tb .- do'
their  duty  in, silcnce-rWho .-are    not,"-'
afraid to, stand for the-truth when1 it .,
. *■ - ,-* . *   (
is^ unpopular,1 and who'.can say ."no'.'-.'-
with emphasis, although "all the: rest.,"
of the worfd' says "ycsl","1 ^ '-.
'Men who arc true to.'Jtheir friends—"'-
through' good, rcport^and evil itppVt^ '/
Hjrough ndversity"' as^vell^ as1 prosper'-'''*
Men     who would  "rather, be right",,
lir.n-,be' president.',''       '•    - ■   "«'-'•    !
] l  ---*' .1'1'-''  ,"     .-
^ . *- '. ,'.' .
•If the world.could ship in, a'-'few j''
box ears to"Fernie" it could add to its',',,
supply of the kind of men wanted- as ■
above'described.   '-  j.*!'■_'. .      1 * ','
,'.'% a careful reading of soinesdf£th'e.i
contribuuons of, campaign litera'tare;'
Lfo,,he .seen iu. thispand? other'papers,!'.'
'I-will be seen, however, that .there,
are a few who would prefer'1" being."
president to being, right*any.'day.
V'."."-"-1 -^—k)—±-?J , '-,       '"
ped, nud li.id to be picked up i» I'I>''''■] Jim, uiul never wears oil
ditliiHu; )i,irliir on 11 stritiiicr,
A cmiuier'n liupust will be coii-
iliiihd 111 Fiidny next.
Mr. Thonum wns ,15 years old-nud
hud !i\n a resident of'Ferule most
of th.' time since tho roiistruilinn ol
1 he Ciow's Nest line. lie wns a
\"iU'[iiUin1l.iiii1rr nnd « single 111:111.
'Ihe fiiiiir.il will tnl.e |ilace tumor-
i«,w from tin* Mliiirs' I'liinn Hall nl
3..to, mul (tltdstoiu- uuiiiii will In- in
.itlilid IU .',
XTIIE."-.. I'.'ATE^DR. ■ I.APPONI.'   .
Dtath  has J Removed- a'Distinguishcd1
.;,.'..'lMiysicinirand'a;Man of Rare
' '   ,.        '    Courage,   ,
. In the death of Dr. I(app6rii, phyii.i.
nu ' to'the ., Pope, a" perscnagc has ■■
l!cen removed 'from' life's- sc«ne' ,v!io
.vas scarcely less known. throughout
he woild than,the pontiffs whom he
iiiiiiislered..uiito. He was a- wonder- i,
ful man ns well us a distingiiislieil
diysician.—Ottawa' Free' Press.
It may be added that Dr. i;apprini '
'.vns a mail''of rare'courage.   He had'
.0 liar of that1' biigbear   known    ns1
iirofessioiial  vlhpiiilte.'' When lie"found1
omelhiiig good in a medicine he did'
not1 hesitate to sny so to the world,,
'He proved this when he wrote the I)r, -
\Villiains' Medicine Co', strongly   cn«
hirsing their celehr'aU'd1l>,ink I'il's lor'
Ti'le People as     a cure for nnajiiM
(i loodlessncss)   and .certain   nervous'
lisoi'dcrs,      In the interests   oi   tho
hous.mds who suffer from   anaemia,
■ervoiis dirtordcrs niid kindredI trouh--
Us,  il is     worth while republishing
i)r. I.npponi'n letier, as follows:'
"I certify Unit I have tried l)r. Williams' Pink Pills in four eases of'lliii'
uinple nun tin la of development. After '
I few weeks of'trentiuent, the result
ciiine fully up to my cxpcetotlomi,,
1'or ihul rensoii 1 shall not full In
the future to extend the. use of thill
l.iiiduhle preparation, not only in'thc
ticntmeiil of oilier morbid forum ol
ihe entegnry of .uiiaciiiiii or liiloroslHi
'itil til^i iu cases oi iicur'iistlU'iilii nilil
the like,
I'Sgd,) Dr. Oiiisfppi' I.npponl.
Via del OraCiiil ,1.V, Komt.
The "siuipli" niiiii'iiiiu of di've1o))>
iiicnl" nieriiil to by i)r, I.apponi ii
of I'olllhi: Unit tiled, lollguid Condl-
tioii ol "yiiiiug g.V!.-» who:.!' develop-
11.out lo woiininhodd is lardy, uml
whose health,' nl thv pciiod' of 'het
devdopment, is so 'often (mperitWtl,
Ills opinion of the viiliiii'of Dr,' Wil-
ll.itn's Pink Pills n't thai time in nl
lilt    lllgllt.tl    MUlllllll    .lUtiliyia,* ,    rilill
II . i'U.'jijji-.   lln-   UJ.iliy   p'ilbM'.lU'll   lllSM
in wbiili i.luu-iniu und other -dl:.cai>H
ol tin1 li.ooil, us well us nervoiiH dlH"
e.isfs linn* been cured by tliwtrf plllH,
which,  It  iii'id linidly he mentioned,'
•   ■     "■ .    .<  ,-.       .  .     1
mating new blood, nnd thus acting
dlroitlv on the digest ive nml
iiiivoih kvsU-iii.   In nil cares of annc,
Miss Tin-* llolbrook Kit Sunday iv-
iiiing oil the C. P. 11. iMStbuiiiid llyi-r
lot  Culgiiry, to it'Miiiie her studi*". ul
the filligc.   About 75 young people „,(„, t\n-\[w,  ituligeslion, -mid trouli.
tin due lo I1.11I \>\chh\ and all iflc<>
tlous of tJi(« iicivt-s, us St. Vitm
d.iiuf, p.iialys'w and h-vmnotor el>
iixiu, Unv arc iniiiiui'iided lo tin-|ni!i-
;1ii- wiih sill tin- gir.itir iiinliiUiiir lit'
ic.iusi thi-v h.id th«- strong vmlnru<
imiit <d llu- gic.it phyMtiiiii ului li,ii
U-»rlitl>   p.»,:.k-.t  .i"A.iy.
wiih nt the tr.iin lo wish her   good
Ptntdy Mm Uu, fiium'ki,,  Is   spend
iiijr M'Vir.il il.ivs iu l'.lkn thi!. wck.
Pri-d  Zrller  Titurut-d   fi<>iii   Alli-it.i
thi* week.
,1.   M.    Fitduitkhiiii,   <>l   1(ifi«.\i]1i',
was 111 1-;il.ii    Sund.n    ,tud ulunul -I yhS2*±i<&^1i*M*it*Mxi.tyi^.>~.
„c»ax&rJ&J&i*xsbis&I*ai$£& «i^l«C>3flJeMi>Wtf
,fc      v
*0 ',
^s»    flE
'■fin(t:Mi^--pHAti^'^6':)fdt alone comip? m
Mat$and Ungueesfotdoing
2T#ere is a knowledge of knowing &bw tdtfse'ffje same, that
is essential to good work; and a .technical'\tpainting}noty icqitfted-
outside Wnion offices fit0]t^'xomp6siiqt';fdt. turning: out tfje
fjigfjest standdvd.    4*>    & ".;.* ;■".■£:; ^i; ^-*; ^ ^<#-
7/!o* 6/rt£ a knowledge of the use of tppe, but the qualUp of stock is also one
of the strong points of &he Zedger, and with the finest assortment and largest yari*
etp of inks to be found-in the province, our artists never fail to 4imake,good" $$\-<#'
T&emember thesethings whenpqhjvant somethingfreal nice" and let us fiave
pour order. Me print ever pitying, and when we sap '^pzmtVwe don't mean anp old
thing, thrown together and smeared with ink.   /^     ^     ii     &.."   ^     ^ \ £ °
,2£iw# jod turned out is a sample of ffine Mrt printing, and jK\ we are not:
doing pour work, take a look at the stationerp used bp> pour neighbor.  Me did fits.
■fust ask him how he is suited bp
Fatalities        '
;   arc Frequent
r< ^ ■■■ ■
, Young Chamberlain dragged four
miles under loaded coal car*
As tlie mine train, under charge of
Conductor I.etcher, with Tom Fawcett
at. the throttle, came down from the
mine at 4 a,, in. this morning, it il''-'j.'-
ged along "With it, wedged under,'lie
' brake be.uu of a loaded coal car, the
body of Frank Chumbeiiain, a brake-
iiiiin of the crew.
, His.lantern wns found a little below the 'mines, and it is supposed
tli.it he slipped in some wny and fell
between the cars ns lie was climbing
from one to another.
Ills body, horribly mangled, wns
found,wedged under the brake heums
when the train slopped nt the high
line. After much diflieully the body
vats released from beneath the cuts
nnd , w.ih taken to the undertaking
parlors 'of Scotl and Uoss, where 1111
iinpiesl will bo commenced this utter-
l'riink Chamberlain was about 19
yt-;irs old, and wns tfie sou,,of Mrs.
Me Idiurier, who lives just across ihe
ir,ui:s in llie old low n near where
,Slu»v.iifS old  hotel  slatids,
The si'Vere weather and snow makes
, irnlii wi-i'k extremely iluugeroiiN, and
iiiiiuy iiccidciilN lire reported,   This Is
• he third fiilnlity in 11 few (Iiivh   011
1 Im iiiiiiv brunch.
The City Council met Tlmnidity
night, Pri'sciit, His Worship the May-
nr, mid Aldermen Peck, Mcfntyrv,
Tiillli: ..ml Qnnll.
After rending and ndo|ililig o| minute*  <'l   I.I.-.1   iliiYtill£,   .1   bill     »"     •'•>«
Ci.ilj J1-1 'idcw.ilk vvi.rk wns disnl-
lowul,"iis he hud not been given mi-
tliority to do the work,
'j lie S'di'itor was instructed to notify Mr. Cody to n-inove his building
fuc department and its needs was received and laid over lot,future consideration. He recommends that the
whole building be given over to the
uses of the fire department, and sonic
necessary changes made in il. lie
recommends, the purchase of a team
and engagement of a driver to sleep
ut the hall; the purchase of a host-
wagon, '   extension   ladder,
Premier McBrideis slated for a meet '
idg- tonight at Stork's Opera House,
Mi   Mclnhcs, of Ulkmouth,  wns in
llu city Thursday. '    ,
Clias. McNab, of, the linker Lumber
Co., Waldo, wns in town Thursday.
A,  J.  Molt leaves  tonight,for Toronto und other eastern parts,. to, be
.■Elisor Drniiim, of the Frank paper,
wns in the city a day or ''.vi ili.iiu,;
llie week.
atid ii
thousand feet of eolton hose. lie also recommends n station - iu, the north
end    of the   city, in which to store i gone two of three weeks
hose1 and a reel, and the purchase of I
a lire    bell.   He reports  having    six
men tiow sleeping iu the hull.
After icconsidering the weigh  scale 1
by-law No. 41. nnd   pussing ft,    the J    Mrs.    (Irani     will   receive oi the
Council adjourned. ,..    _ j mnnse next Tuesday, the 15th,   linn
4 to fi iu the atternoon, nud mso
the evening,
The preliminary trial of A. Joyce,
which, was to have taken place Thurs-
doyi   wa«t     again adjourned to next
It is stilted tlint W. W. B, Mclnncs
will lie In Fernie next Wednesday night
lo B.dtlres'i llie pcoplu on (lie issues of
Ihe rnmpnign, but llie Ledger liim not
recetived any official notice of his coming sis yet,
l\ E. Simpson, of tlio Cranlirook
Ileirjild, was in tlio city Thu'rudny niglil
mid ycKicrdny lind lo lonl'wlih tm For-
nieilOH tvlille SupcrlnU'iulont Erlclwon
wnn shovelling out a trnln lo take liim
Ixirt: lo the Imiuiiiii metropolis. He
g.iiu the Ledger Kid a fiiendly call
V.ii.u in lo,\n.,
JTins Cittiadiau Mugn/iuc for 'Jyn.
nil,rv   is one of   the  finest    numbers
«w in ».. ^ ,.^,.1.^*
Tin Kli'Clric Light and Power Com-
piiiy'H bill lor S317-50 was passed,
ijtci'ptiiM 5,-jo, which had been charged fur llirvc lircs. The Tnx Collector
r. tunic I the assessment roll to thu
(iiimcil with'the niiuumt oi luxes paid
Hid mi uhiih r.ttis applied. IIli. re-
l-Nit w.is nciTvid mid lie was «uth-
ciiMd in iiiitliinc thr follrctiim of
the tine-, ol   ivofr.
J'lie Chui I'luliips' i<iw»rt    im   Ihe
A baby that docs not eat well and
sleep well, that is not chcciful and
playful needs attention, or the result
may be serious. Stomach and bowel
troubles make children (truss tuul
sleepless, but a dose of Dairy's 'J' n
Tablets soon cures tlie trouble, the
cliihl sleeps soundly and naturally
and wakes tip bright and smiling,
Mrs, J, E. Hailey, Wortliington,
Out,, says ''My little one bus lind
no medicine but lluhy'n Own Tablets
since she was iwo mouths old mid
they hme kept her the picture of
good health." You run get lluby's
Own Tablets from nny druggist or Iw
mail nt 35 rents a box from The Dr.
: Williams' Medicine Co., Kinckviltc
 ,0-, „
A wieck Ih reporled to have iccur-
red near Maclcod last night as 'the
KJiilhbnund passenger train wiDtneiir-
l (!!('   town,
Tim baggage car nud a tin«.<iiuger
v'Onch led tin- track mid two nr three
pcrnoiis are reported in have been in-
pi red, but no puriiculais are available ia we l'o lo press,
l-'rul Stork's plulfiiim of i'ja|, to
l.e seen on the front page ol the f cd,
gcr, u 11 inn1.! t'onvt'iiii'iit document.
Alt lu* had to do was lo write ill il'.e
word "nol" iu iront of in favor of
iiiiu'cl|..tl owned electric light ntid
water systems, und the little wor-1
"in" in (font nl the words tlrni np-
IwVition to un rt|»fM town, and it?
tits hiit record after ilrcliou and his
pi (will   <.uironnilingi. ond iTinditioys,
e.icr jssued by  ils eitlerprlnliig
Hdiei's.   We   lake
llie liberty of
nroduciiig Pun line Johnson's Cattle
Country p«'tii in this issur. Tlie il-
'limlrnHoiu urn nbove the uvcruge,
'und antoiig thrill Is a group of Purseu
maiden:, which is a combination of
'Jimlily .to villtn the heart ol « Pluir-
i.siv.   ]
The ,<"onUQt*or.i of Kernie wftl
jdcakc take notice that After April
1 nl, 1(906 th* .Carpenters and Joiu*
eis td Pernio Loenl vnu will dim
mand tour dollars T4.n0) (or eight' (8>
iioura'1 woii. ^
f rretfitaft.
Vt ?t *(* c« ^ "'« U'- ,U90» Pern}e'
This New and Important Discovery.
~[ "  ,  ,,
ANCIENT Greece will always be.remembered for the fine types of
manhood supplied by the heroes of her battlefields and Uic
athletes of her arenas, but still more will these heroes and athletes
themselves be remembered for the custom they bequeathed to
later eges of hcalir e sore and injured places on their hodSerby
the external application of some secret balm or salv:.   His
Greek charioteers did not emerge from their mad races without some severe bruise or gaping wound; and to anoint
each injury carefully with their favorite: balm was  an
indispensable part of the day's programme. The old Roman
heroes, too, who Were injured by the wild bessl<> in Ihe
now ruined Colosseum of Rome, had to adopt :ituil-r
methods of healing.  If we travel back in history we
find that this external "rubbing" has prcva"led right
from the earliest Union, and Uic only explanation of its survival, ninhlr.tro
many changes In science seems to Ile in the fact that the cxten:! 11 eof
salves ar.d balms Is dictated to us by Nature herself.  Our own Fn.tinct
tells us to rub a part that hurts) and In Zam-Buktintlilenlsiiuslnnco(0
apply to un Inhired or diseased surface Is universally believed to have been
•.found nt Init.   It Is a well-known fact that prcpuraUons, emit ns
fil olnlrr.enli, creams, salves, Undents, nnd embrocation* hove hltlictto been
' Imperfect In their action, and, moreover, tlicy frequcnlly tonlnln fiiiaiiiit'cs
ol rancid animal fat and mineral products uf n harmful nature.  A tint, lu
yet novel theory provided » way out of Uic difficulty. Th s was Hut Natuce,
having given to man the Instinct lo rub, might well be supposed to Imvc
secreted somewhere the proper subsumes   (0   rub   with.    Se:rdi
amongst medicinal   herbal  tssencci showod   how some   of   lhe.it
possessed hea'lnf, soothing and.antiseptic propcrllH) of 11  won'kilul
     Many experiments were nude wl.h mixtures   or. Mendings of   these Juices,  ond• Zjjn-B.U,  .i,
comtinBllon wilh rstonlshing powers as a healer and nnUsepUc, was secured. Ihb Is the great hco.w which U lo-ihiy
geticiolly regcrded os n household naccsslty for sliln-slcknesses and lnjur.es In honie,fo lory, fl.hl, or workshop.
Zam-Buk as n sldn-cure end antiseptic healer can be conlldenUy recommended ns well for ils gcncrnl» luiry c:, fo,-
Its vvliofeionicncss, IU purity and power. The proprietors hove such Implicit confidence In Zam-Buli tlint (li?y wl I
[send nny render 0 Sample Box free who sends In the coupon below, according to Instruction*.
ro \iw\», litrlxr'i m« 1, raw chin nft*r »■ liavlnir. <>»w
(Sal And clioil, clillW* n«. cftM-sofM. fi-stor IJB WW,
^L,t iaVniNlinil olhcnlM iwriJ. n nwdnml IrilUmei!
or Irrltntc
IS,I* "Ail. w-lnt«.. 1 mnlioicn. rViflilinM Urn, rliP»l anrt WrU
illni wU «UU, A l«»t limy I* iil.tAllle.1 «t unv dvuiwUl
^iio. pre b ix «Itonen for |W
71,'. r.r^.,,1 .ir,,.. ,,; 1
every ruder to ulvo
Zun-Ihil.' 11 f co icit.
Hutid llilnCoui.nii uml
a onoi'cnl atmnn to
Xanvlliilc Co, Co).
Ivomo lit,, Toronto,
nn I lliey will |vi»l jruu
it ii.tlnry ifimplf
+1   r.,**^
\, -.'Wit'fcUH „.wit#.*..j».i^.x*i_-j»
,Li   j n.\ \J:\ iVl
T fi.
i yo 7
V    „ WRITING ,.,.    :
, The [Ledger-...-. reproduces  this . week
Dr. ' Itqiin-jllV letter  announcing,   his-
■" pjndidalurc  R>i-°iiiayor; al,lhe    civic;
>■ ikclion's'next week,  and along   with
;> it we Say l.eL-.r>vov.r.reaik-rs the only
', o!liciai:.'l tier ' wj ' know .of which the
' , Doctor;,' as lie states,  war, 'asked . for
■; 'by- ihe(i mayor and "council  last July.
"'  Ui-.r readers will hear  in mind    that
'.  Dr. .Ubiincll  was tu-tint; oilinally and
'•  drawing pay for-the-labor he-expend-
'" id' in Rooking up the health .situation
''•' so.  recently "as, the latter - part    of
- .duly. .* -.'
In .«fo far,as    the  Ledger is.-aware,
this  ifcpo'i-t aiiil"] the,-matters    therein
riiciili&ied    cuiistiliilc   the sum   U>Uil
'   ol ■Dr.^ll.-niK'irs  services  during    the,
-    veil-', 'for which the city has paid ihe
'   "s'..m of $300; aiid he 'mast    not    feel
agriev'ed  if  the people  whom    he   'is
asking,' to  support him  on his   ,plal-
'   form *;o!  sewage      lake his officially
*. \vrituri statement as to the- sanitary
condition of .the city,  for which ihe'y
have paid him a good price, in pref-
ircnce to liis campaign, ■literature   is-
'"    siicil .-'without    inoucy    and  without
; rice.it, '"
Thejlloclof stales that  i.m odd in-
' fler-enduil  voters- liave   asked  him   to
stand...", as      a  candidate',   for  mayor.
The   word  odd  is  strangidy appropriate in;connection with the word in-ie-
1 pelidciitrns. ihe Doctor uses il.
To Jic • sure,  these   people   who arc
boosting  llie Doctor are oddly ;,inde-
pcndilit.       Who   arc   the   indcpciidsnt'
..Mil'.rs of this,city anyway? Are liny
,-ihe people who say that' we must nol
'    oppose'  anything    the    coal  company
nuv 'take into their heads lo do?'
Tho** only . iirguiu'ent that has ever
Ie. 11 used by such people, aiid, lluy
arc tlie one's that are sup'piirling, the
Doctor an:!  are anxious  to
them- till \lhey..-c.r.:- black hutliurface,,
thev cm never establish a r.r-nicinal
wat-r' systunin the Cijy^ol; Fintis;-,
and if Mhey uo'i^r'caiiyjlay^ a j>aintf
with them.-in tlid^quistioii.''":fof rates'
11 tiit-iii iiV'a't least
vote '.for
him, on relation "to the affairs of this;-
city, \!lius 'l-.eei'i one of cowardly - cx-
cvi'i- "iiitl want to light the. coal company I;' ' ' ",•;
Nobody, in Kernie that we know-of
"cvi-r (did -h'ant to tight'-the,coal co'111-
paiiyjl'bul no man willi 'one.spark of
independence in .his' innU-up will
(■(iiinttiiaiice «uch tactics and ns'igc as
has.,Uch dealt out io "the people; ol'
this town by tlie present .■management
of "thai eoyipniiy.'   ■-   !    _• •   -   .-, -.,:'
Dr.;;' Uonnell "kindly consented to'
net "as chairman" . at a public i.-.ec'.-
jng iii Stork's-Hall last :\la>.', „ after,
that.wat.r by-law election,-in which,
jo much dirt, figured, .nnd In: sat on
Hie. I'litl'orm while Of G. S.' T#iiKlsey.
deLvcrul- himself", of the 'following
'Uo.slX'el'.if.sically rcliued . threat' as to
' what''.he might do' if   lln; citi/ens   ol
that wiil'r
years.'"'■     •
What' an , c-xanvplo'r.f ; indepcndeiicp'
wts displayed by Dr. l'.onnell as , h;
sat on 'that platform r.nd,listened to'
:-,uc'i 1:11 insult' to, "the people of this
city'. Such a spirit cf independence
would inai-.'e a 'Hampden -or a llaii-
ccck "loan in his grave.      '     >   . '■ .'
Tlu l);-ctor was forlmiate in his
's.Iecf.cir c:f Ir.iiguage Id "describe- the
s'gners U> his requisition if they are
the people "wim, with him. swallowed
such-an affront, ^ ,. «-.; ,   .   ■ .- ,'k„
The .ir.depenihnt voter;; r.f this city
are th.ise wh.v rj'c free from an'y pull,
from'any corporation or other pri-
\ale ini.lir.ilU'.n,' aud. who vole'' the
ccn/ictiJiis' Vif their , consciences, ir.
spite" of threats t-r the promise oi
iavors from anybody.
The pari of tlie Doctor's letter deal-,
ing willi tlie siwerage systein will hi
V.ealT with"; els^vlk-.v;' alifV at a link
lengtli.   ., „
" In one paragraph he wishes lo say
that he'"is not "representing Uu'Coal
Cdiirany, neither. has'..f.e hc.-i^ asked
l:y any' officer or person""'connected
wilh, ll'e. Coal Company to stand-foi
111-,yoi-,. and denies that- h^ represent:-
the luitcl keeper or !.'whiskey ticket"
or any clique of people. Who is he
representing? l
: The-Coal Company'have no use for
tin old Vcouncil '- ('■exteiiting'A." IV
Tntcs) or'the inayor: '"Thefiot'cl push
are 1:0V wa'nting the 'old council re-,
turned.' Tom Whelan and Steve,Wallace are, .with ihe aid .of JMr.'. Stork,
lioos'.ing 't*l)'e ^Doctor -.to. the "best of
'their;' ability; *ai«r ;,If ' the Doctor
dojcn'l s'fsiid for' niiy*of those .'.,peo-
|)lc, he certainly, is riding to; a heavy
l'aU,;<lor"ali;Hhe balaiuv of the people a"iv'boosting tlie-other'.niaii.^ ,.
V Aslt. > .tlie<:Doctor's trust vlhat. ^
mayor will0call a' public 'meeting, the
-Ledger, is sure lhat_ his desire, will be
gratilU-d, and'therein lie will 'lind u
ino'st,decided contrast to the actio'.,
of tlie. i.ld council", which so.iguomio-
ouslv went ouUof power-j last year,
111.I wh'iV'r.re now to be found in. his
'supporting   column.      -     ' ^
That   couiieil   and' ex;3Iayor ■ Stork
uiadi!\no  report'of  their, sidininislra-
ca'lltd no meeting,' a".
Ker 11 icTpei'siDcd in" trying-lo ilo^ wliaT
no man can- s'ay^ they have not .a perfect'right to do. As reported 'in "ths
'l',reu!,,rress,i"he said:' "I am 'lii-.'-fer.tiy
satisfied they could never ret- '-lioney
enough'In put in ii water service. , I'
do not, cure how ui any -by-laws they,
pass,for' that    service.'"They ciiiV'pas;
"tion (^'/a'lTaii
should 'hiiic been done, and weir rc:
lusod to r.Utud'.a meeting called' by
the citi/ens \:>  discuss' citic'.aflairs.
Mnvor jjlcisdell-will ..calf a. -puhlie
meeting, aiid the councillors-will- all,
] e there and the, report of the year's
business will' be'laid'before the", public h-ioro'thev a're asked^to vole ' for
■ "       _j-.l..i.- ,.,.,.1
'"There .were 47  fe-.ilar" aiid. special,
meetings of .the city  council"-.during"
tiiejVear -just closed. '/Twice in    Qc-
*     .    ...
tok-er' no  quorum ■   turned out; ■   '-As
theri has been- some criticism indulged in,l.y people"• who have evidently),
not looked tip this matter of attend-"
ancc thoroughly, tiie Ledger took the
trouble lo run. over the minute book
cf the council proceedings, and, as a
result, it presents the following roll
of attendance.
•-,, Of" the <|f> meetings held up"to the
end of last week, Mr. Quail has b-een
picsent at 4%V Mr. Mclntyre at %VJ,
Mr, Heck..it^26, Mr. Tnttle at'"31,
Mr," llig'gs-at 20, and,Mr. Trite's fool's
the list wilh a record of 14.
Mayor Dleasdell hal never.been absent except when lie was at the' coast
upon -busine's-i relating to' the' city
buildings.     s '
A councilors value to thu city cr.n-
not be gauged entirely hy 'ns regularity of attendance of council meetings, but it is an indication of the
interest he takes in tne affairs of the
city. ' ,, ■ "        .     .,
■ Kernie has had the unprofilahfc experience of having.' had councillors
who,- had they remained away from
the',,'council all the time, thousands
of dollars might have been saved;'to
thei'tax payers which, instead, was
wasted in a worse than useless legal
To relieve a cough or, break up a
cold.'iu twenty-four'hours, the fallowing simple formula, the ingredients of which can be obtained of any
good- prescription druggist at . small
cost,' is all that will be" required:
Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure), one-half
ounce; Glycerine, ' two ounces; Good
Whisky, a" half "pint. Shake well and
take-in teaspoonful doses every four
hbiirs. The desired results can not be
obtained unless the. . ingredients are
pureV-'lt is therefore better to -< purchase the ingredients separately ...and
prepare the mixture yourself. Virgin
Oil .'eif 'Pine '(Pure) should be purchased in the original half-ounce vials,
which druggists buy for dispensing.
Kach vial is securely scaled in,; a
rouiid wooden ;case. which protects the
oil from exposure to light. Around
the -wooden case is an 'engraved wrapper /with the .naiije—"Virgin Oil' of
Pine, (Pure)"—plainly printed thcrc-
.011.Inhere'are many imitations- and
cheap • productions- of Pine, but these
only-''create nausea,' and. never, ctlecl
the, desired results'.  ■ ,—26
Pi-oderickBolton, a
Lockport  m a n, w a s
'^r<^> ecruok on trie arm by a
'/4gr&$$M   Plv rnouta Rock roas ter,
^^mW" 'intl  neglected "the
it'J   wound.    Blood poison
. I'-   set in and he died with-
,,»,     I*    , in a week.    Thear ia
-■^ ,JJ'    .full :"ot .disease, germs  an d
•/'        poisonous "microoe^, and'no
• U ■■■ ■   dp.-nscre.nocut.nocoldorack
ia safe if neglected.." Juat think! ^A box  **
of Za n-Buk mignt have savda' Bolton's  fei
life I 2am Biik'-i germ-killin? power ha^  ty
been proved' to be Hr^atnr than that
of c. ude c:a- b- Uc "acid I   Just imagrmn
Fuoh pjwor'.! YetZani-BukisiS^in.ess!-
Ayplie.1 to a wound or sore it firstkill-j
ail fjerms and prevents" bloo l-poison
Biippi.ra.aon "and festering.    Then its
—*£>. •   ,   heal nr powers .como   into
^   -      op-raj! m'nn f it builds up
^,        new he iithy tissue. Whether
jfi('     on cuts and wounds or on ul-
?ss^a£~,    cursor diseased sores.such as -R
~^^    •     o;Zim-i,etc.,juat as effective,  h
Healing, Goothing and antiseptic all in one.     ... ;   ■' ' "a
Even wIiimi bliiod poison has nhvady ttt in, Zain-lhik is still jiift ns £
efi'eciivc. Mis.s'SiiddiiiLliin, uf "Hunts-vine, (Ont.'l, Buys :—"1 had 11 neal<k'd S,
iinn which went llie wniiig Say and liujl'iiii tf> swoll very Hadly. 'Thn pain f 1 cms" J?
itxMis liii'i'ildu and wlu-n I w'ri-.l to tho doctor he s.-iid it wan blood poison. , K.n- f
10 moiitlia.l,wiiH vc-iy bud vvitli it...-j luied'all 8ortn of remedies, I ut could nut h
gel cuse, to siiy iio'thing of cuie. OnoMny in tholionso of a friend K'lin-ltiik J
was iL'uoiniiiuiidcd lo ine. On my fiiend'.s recoiiiiiuiiidutioii I n]iplied some JJiini- J
Huk that siiinu niuht, hut it was moiu to plcnso her than because'I had niueli }
fiiith.in it. To my iiiiuiiFOfiii-priFC when 1 awakcied next, uiotning my arm
was much better. 1 llien-npon ol.ta lmil a- sii[ip'y of JJam-link and contiinicd E
wilh thu treatnient regularly. In thro, weeks tlio-arm was (jnito well, and'-11 |
have never felt any tiaee 01 pain from it sinte.,- lt-is now,some uioiitlis since it ™
was cured,-o that it is evident the. f-uiii is |n;nhancnt'.      „ ...
Silieo ihut tmii! my fiicnil's Im-liand cut his nrin.    This wounil also tmpfd
to blood'jioicon.   "'/ani-lhik was upplicd snd in his eas<! also cimpSetuy cuio.u"
:(\NHPT ZAM-BUK CU'-Gs'm. . _
Zani-Huk is a cure for.pi zona, -e.ilp "-oi-ck. ll'cli,'
rlngwurin, rashes, nlicrviili-ei'v>"--."u>il<l smv-'. f. slei--
hit; or "men woumN, nils, 1 linriw, --calrl^.  briiNi-«,
clmppcd li nids.- As an'piiilii'i-ciilinii iirelicvcs liKht-
nci«   uu elicit iliiu to f-nlil   ami cuiT-i rni iiiii.'i'iK-ii,
sciutii-a.-cti-.   Obtaln.ililo T'-oin nil ili-iiirKkisiit.Vle. a'
ho\, oi-fruniZam-tluk Co., Tuionlo, forpiii-c. 0boxes
,tor$2.ia „ ,    . •.
1 the mm mmWT^'™*
Vj'. ^4> <i\ <i\ *i,\ *i\ «■*> «"iV --^
Watch it Increase.
 ,- #
Send lo stamp and name
of thi- paper lu Z un-Huk (;,...
Toronto, anil free trial box
will bo mailed you.
m *	
ve been saved by
,'clo  with
a\ Savings ^Account." is to start it" and
it ■ got 11^—then watcl'i ..it .jgrow.; , Doesn't
onsr  for  it  to  counl   up,'to  a ^considerable
doin   of
,   -,-,.. - w-4-
yon  see  the   advantage—the ,wis-   ^
$1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Canada |;
J.'fl-.IWARSHALL,   Mgr.
Pcriilc   Branch;
" -    ' ■'   ' *  -UBMETEB.. "
'All our stock is'last yearn cut and well seasoned. ^
T^aifraks, Suit
ses9  Etc.,
Prices    Lowzi^
*  I
rt o
tliiTTiFerecrio^-oL—i in--""
Dili tlso, l>r.)ctoi; clainor
■it nil
"trust '
'for".su'cli a.iii<:i.'liii},'-;'lsiKt:"yeiir; or was
l:c' li'iiliiii: iu""Uil:H)ii.slies with the ex-
.imvor 'awl ' ll'.ose "emiiieillors. who
witc'-s.) asliiiiuwl ol- their reconl llial
llh'v ili'reh'i'.ot jriw'it' l'1 then'piibhe
Hoteij Fernjlel
A pleasant homo
for tlni traveller.
■ iiuv% 'v-y'
I-:very Attention
ha»M »«m
"^ v#$ &&Q>~4fQQ $>p ^"""S7 v'^^'V ^"O C''0~ v V'V'yv'v^ v v v v v^^^
*j[' '^.mi—.im ■"' "■-«■'■ »«»M.nli«iH««wM™
» ■'  •■       \    , AGENTS- POlt-    ■  <; '■
?S'; The Calgary Marble & ' Gramie-Works
S? ■■ ' .The 'Koolenay Marble Works', Nelson
|. Samples Can be Seen at tlie Office.'   ', • '   ■"""■■ !>i'rlorS jil Un(iy's
A'^Nb'." ,1   .Upland  -Prairie
Hay  for  sale   at $7.50'  per
ton,  F. 0. B. Caylay, Alta:
'',,Ciias. H. Howard, (i
_ '^ ■__ Caylay, 'Alta.
Crow's Nest
Elpric Supply Store
" All  kinds .of   Elccirica
. Goods kept in slock.
AH  work
,;;V;Q'F;C0li/tMERCE; ■'. ■.
. Paid-up'Capital, $1p,feo,000>   Reserve Fund, $4,560,000
         HEAD C1FFICE, TORONTO ■■['>[
3..E. WALKER, General.Man.-.gc- ;-;.    ALEX. LAIRD, Asst.Gen'l.Manager,
>'■ :BiWk-'M"ONiy -Orders :,,
'• S5 and-under...■.-.!.,.-.     3;centS
- i Over $5 'and potiMce tlin'e S10,.     6 cents
.. --- -. ■        ^-—      - ■ .«_ ..	
John Turnicu,
DOMINION  HEAT  00. Ltil.'
Have sold out our slock, of, Qiristmns''Poultry and.
Meats, consequently,  shall'have afresh
, - Q-rj-p^x,.^"    ,
for  New Year.    It   will  be  first  class,, Dominion
quality,  that of course  means  ' ;■■./.
60  YEAR8""'
\ ,° v"  .     ;$50.....'. 15-cents -    -.   . i
These Orders are Payable at Par .-if,' "ny office in Canada of a Chat torcd Bants11
(Yukon excepted), and ;it.the.principal bii'nkjng- points.in the United States. „*
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with safety
,«'-'. and at^malllcost.
ftTTii'i   Hninelitffld        .-' "^ "' "■ "" """:" " "G- S." Holt, "Mnnns;er, "
Tjxq-i:)E?."R 3sria"W 3VLV4.N^LG333vi:B:3srT
amos Severn, - ■   « - Proprietor
1 Well furnisliuil roouis.-11T.'"J Vftblo is .supplied with the l*,it
the innrket nllorils,, The ba r in sm.plied .with tlio best wines,
liquors and cigars. ,' ' ,!
.r" t »■ •■
TnnoE Mahko
CoP'fniOHTB Ac.
Aiiroim nonrtliiB n nliotoli mil 4nerlpilnn mny
nuliiMy iiacorinlii mir upliilmi IMfl whoHicr ini
I ivninlnn |> iirolmltlr p»tonttf.llWfc„C<>»»>E?11-*l,riV"
iiiiinBirieilyoniinitmitliil. HAnEpOKonWtonu,
uimt two, lilitoit niiniuiy forHuiurliirpsUnu.
I'nlouts tiikoti throuuh Mtinn A Co. roctlvo
tvtcinl tiotten, wlllioutclmmo, t»tb»
Scientific flimricait.
AtimMiomoIf UlnitrstfA wnoKl/.  T.nrticnt «tr-
Make your wife happy by bu>;
ing a Steel Range of J. 1). Quail S
I Fort Steele Brfiwery Co., Ltd
H^XmUH+llim** JJ' AH A
or imone,y refuntfe
Gioes'. >
fThs Best "of* Satisfection
in Watch & Jetoelertj' Repairinfl
      i    _ "        ' ■■" ■-**•
Supplies of all Descriptions
Now on' Salic
Notlcu is Iiumliy jjiven tluil fiiulnys
liur dalii, I luU'iul to apply to th.'
Hid, Cli!cf Cciiiuii»v!t,n;r uf l.amls
i.iwl WdiU fur u niHiviiil lU'^'.isu to cut
i.ti(l curry uwny llinlcr froiti tlio ii>l-
lowitt;f (l.'scrllit'd lii^itl-i Hitinitcil on'
llfi Kootcn.iy Klvcr. Nurtli Haul
Konti'imy lllnirict.
No. i .—Coiiitiiciicing at n |>«sl
pd.nud i.u (i.-. t.i..t ,->.u- ul in; Ivuwl
,jj.ji- jj.'.j, wVinii \\vii inili-i ninth
ol thj noitli.iii liounilary ol liol i)5«jf>
lU.nca i'o iluilrn iiiirlh, lliciK-u Su
ih.iiits wist, tlii'iiic Ho cliiilns south,
ill.mi' So ilnitis     I'iAKt, lo pluce   ol
.    O, II. Cj. IIOUI.YOS.
0clul*r 4tli., «y«6.
C*i. II.
Oclolcr  1th,  ii;o(j.
{",. ItlJHI.TON.
No. ,1, Cuiiiiiii'ni'iii^ at n i«osi
jiliiiitt'U sit th; nurtli t'ii.'-l (oin.r nl'
l.iinit No. ,t, ill-il.c Sii ili.iiliN nuilli,
luiuv .'n ili.iill. uti.t, III.ii."j Miidi.iiiis
'.im.li, td ii.« lit *'/..i »< v.isl, to I'lacu
o'- mn".i'i'i'i'".iiir iii
V,. 11, V, . Ili'iUI/l'D.V.
(Ii-to'.cr .till,   iv-
iimUi west i-nrtii'i' of Limit    No.   fi,
tll.niu   to   ill tills      ll-.illll,   tlli;iUi>     So
(li.ilttn w.'.'.Nt,  th ii.'u Ko iltains  mjiiill
ihi'iii'i.' Ko t'lin n.i     (.'list, in plan!   o
('( lil.Ml'-IH'llllilll.
0. ii. o. noT'i/r'oN,
(K-tolcr .till,   i')'i/i,
^    '"
« >
i »
■rmyers o ' Extra Fine
Las?cr.Bcoi and Aerated
\Vaters.  1] ottled (ioods
a S]M cialty.
iiorlli   to  ]il;u'u   ol  iD'.iiminri
Octolwr /)lh
0. II.
('.. .'iitKU/J'I'iN.
.—-.— AT
The Palace Dru^'Store
H, F. McLean, Mgr.
-Comim-iKing at a liosl
nt ih.! nun th west corner of
Minii No, i. thijia* Ho chains «.utU,
thiiu-o *»« tli.iiJi,«i wtit, *.1ih:ic 8t>
■ Inin-.- north, th.ncc »o (hn?f.. cast,
l„ jilufi! ul lOiiiiiiihciitivlit.
O. H. «, IKJUlJOK.
,  ftctolicr <tb,  i«wfi.
No, s.—Coi'.iiiHi"" n.'.
Itlutiti-d ut tin- no!lli «•■
ill nc
nt    ii   ii.ii.'.
,t   I'UMI'I'     Ol
y,.   i   i'i <i  • y.i ih mi-, in,nti
!'«• i.h.t.ti'i ium, tli.u.i' j'diluiii-.
>,0,    M,- Ooilllll,H.'in%;      nt      11      JH/Vi
r'liii'iil i ii ■ li ilf mill- i-i»<t , f »li
mirth w.-sl coiii't- i^ Limit No. 7,
, th 111": ."<i ih liiu iioitlt, ill 11 r •'■•
thiiiii w, ,sl, ■ ih !U'i' Sn ili.iin smith,
i!:_;ni'. U> iliiitis cast, ' tn |''iu« o
c,  i» o. v.m'i.'roN.
.   Octolcr .«,th,   1'/'(>.
.,01llll,   llktK-i;   ?."  lll'.illi  l'.lM.   ttlJll.VCc
Ol  COIHJIICUCI'IIIIII.    . 1    11    '■■
O, 11. c. ):ot:i.roN.
Octol.cr .llli,   I'M'-
No. 3.—Cotiittiink-ii49 at a pout
lilotitul (Mi mile north ol I.lniil No.
3. th.-mc £0 (li-iini south, thence Ho
1I1,lin* wvtl, xhvitte fto ihiiins north,
ih 8l«  iii ihlSH     1 nit, to pl.uc    ol
. Ko, *j.—CiMiur.iluinj; nt 11 post,
plnnUd nt ih-' north Wost min-.-r of
Limit Ko 5, lli.'i"« *' th-nn-: north,
III'.Bee      -So    ill.!!!!'.   IH'HI,   th'iOCn    Ko
tluins coinh',' *1"^f'"J,tl'''1?'iT,„i.)it"','t«
ti>' pLicc ol 'loimii n."' m.'ilt.
" '   IV. II.'iVJi'lWftiilTOX.
Octol.cr '4tli,  t'Jf'f'.  ' '
No. 7.—Cosiiin.n»inii
pl.itllctt      ■ «'• li'*!'    ""I'"
t   of
No, ij.—UoTiuir «.■""«.*    at    h      poM
pluli'iil urn- ti tlf mil- vls' ol l'i
nol ill \vi-»l iiiiti-r of Li'mii No. h
h nc*: to ih'iin's iinrtli, th.n.v «•
>li 1 n« wist, tli 11 c to iVi.iitii Miiitlt
Ili'in-V S«t iliat'iii i-nst, to pluiu «'
r. lnitiwiicni-ut.
C. H. 0. IKM'I.TDN.
Odol.tr .$th,  lyi*.
Nu,   m.—CufiniK ncltij;
pi.n id * n- t.r.L-   \*i->t
lit ti post
ol th; n.xtili
wi»» «o.n-r i»i Limit N*>. '', tU.u„t «•*■
ihiiitt cast,  ih-nic Kji vh.iiiu south
'htl'i:      ;V   ihiltl-.    Hirst,      th. lln-      Ki
No. u.—INviinii-wiiiji 111. a Ilivt
plniitinl nl thu noi'tlf w<.",i iiniiur »
I,iniil No.   lo,  th.iiiL- to tliiiuis west.
tll.JICi'   Ko   lll,iilH       Mlillll,   lll.i.'lili      K(
ihuiiis cunt, ihrtire Su <:hjiiii>    «. x"»I<
lo place ol iiiiiiuir.mvmt'iil.
IL II   (L  IJt)i;i;T(iS <
fk'tfjU-r ilh,   I'ji'*..
No. ia.-'-v,„iii|iiiiu"iiiji at a liu','-
pbllti-d at I hi*, llollli ««Ht inMlL-r i,
Li'mii No. 10, thiiiic K<» rliuins   wi'-i.
lIUBlO   !X»   lll.lin-i       tliiM.ll,    tll.-lli'i*     1"  •
ih.Hll-i   r*st,   tjl.ll.i.   .V* .t'lnli.     \fi  •
lo plstic of coiiiiiii.'iici.-ni(iii.
V.. H. <'..   IUJCLTON
Drtcilitti'  /,th,   I'IDli.
plant (I nl ills ninth w :si itniiii o
Limit No. in,, th-.rni! to ilwins nuitli
tlnn.v -to, ili.rn, imM, tlu-ir.i*. *
ihailiN Miiilh, tliirni: >'<<> ihaiu1" wr>'.
to ]ilar(t oi (<>m:nrn«ci!3i>iti
c,  m: i;  iroT'i/rns
()rlol*r f,xh,  i';"H.
No. il.—Coiiini'tnin-,' ul u pn*.
plnntrrl tl tn^ south «rt t <otnii <»
Limit     No.  io.     timet    to  "ih.i,n«
(lur <hn|i» will    tickle tli» paLilc    vi
\ llu; rpicuiA ujv wull uu \4 uny oiui who
1 UtPH   tlKlll,
I    Tiikwi from  thr ht\,l stock oliUhi*
',»!.!",  uiul idinfitlly tut  M¥\ Ultnuitd,
'! th-.-v cliBtiol 1ml to jjjriiw! you.
iri-.rs   urc 1.0 Imhrr   Out) you 'iny
p.iy    Im- luwer |;tiid«
mill, th'iHi- to ill vni! ciist,
In ihvn*   nurth,
Ui-sl,  Ut pLuc oi
th im
t; 11
^th,  iv'-.
niiirJijUu^ i:'mm
P. Burns & Go.. Fornle
pIvatTboard l
by (he ucck or itiontli,
|Mr& Clark ^L,
1     "      " "7* ~ .,     ,""
LuiiUH'iit   l-uit* Crfrgtl    U
' Muiitrd 1
'    Co»».
mmaamaamm m
It"      "
--~— '  ■■    -"■-■-'■     -V
'-    ;'■'     °    ; __//'   -'     • -
Iii response to a largely signed petition. of the rate payers
and citizens of Fernie to become a candidate for re-election
as Mayor of the City, I have de-
cided;to stand and respectfully
solicit *your. vote und influence.
']}'       . A. \V. BLEASDELL
I here!>y announce myself as a can-
didale);for .re-election as alderman for
tlie City of Fernie for the year 1907,
■ and0 solicit tlio support of the electors of the city, promising, if elected,
to do my iftit\ to the City to the
Lest of my ability.
I wish' t;i announce to the voters 01
ihe City of c'trnie that 1 shall be a
candidate  for  re-election  as alderman
■ for the municipality of Llie City of
J\ei«ie at the ensiling city election,
anil I most respectfully solicit the
support and votes of the voters of
"ihe. city. .     ..     '       '      '.     '
,   ■       '; -THOMAS  ,WGGS.
•1 trike this ' method of' announcing
that I will be. a-candidate at.-the ensuing-city election for re-election to
llie position of .alderman for the vcar
I'jo;, and respectfully ask the- support  of .tlie  voters  of  ihe municipal-
ny-   •'„.... •-■,.'•■■
■   ■   *■ '     ' J. F. McINTYItR"
r wisirto' announce: to tlie voters of
the City .of Fernie. that :I nin a ' candidate for • re-election to the position
,of al'deriiiau for the .year 1907, oand
a si; the support-,of all people ' who
favor  good   municipal  government.
I  kereXy  announce  myself  a  candi-
. date  for  re-election  as alderman - for
the year i'S'07, and if'elected, I promise to  work  for-" the  best  interests of
. the City of     Fernie as  I  understand
tin. 111,0 and   I  respectfully  solicit    the
~support-of- fhe-electorsTr-"-5—■■ —
\\\ \V~. TUTTLE.
At', tins..scjlicitation of many friends
1 hereby- announce myself a candidate
for alderman'foi', the City of ■ Fernie
forthe.- year 1907, and solicit < Unvotes of the electors of the city, If
elected I shall endeavor'to serve the
city  to the best, of my ability.   ■
I have decided to offer myself for
iilderiiiaii for the year 1907. I belong. t:> no ClujuVor Corporation, and
if elected will devote my energies for
thy furtherance of the City's general
$100 RP'.WARI), J1 no.
-    The readers of this paper .will    In
.■ pU'nsi'd.ln Umrii tluil there is ul least
1,11c dreaded disease ihut scicuce ha.-
l.ci'ii iihlu. to cure in nil its singes
and ihut is Catarrh, ■ Hull's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity." Cn-
liirrh being a con-ililtitiotiiil disease,
ici|iiiri's 11 coiistilulioiiiil Irealiiiciu.
I fall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,  iictiug  ilirciilv  upon  llie blood
>. nml  nuicniis surfaces of the,   system,
thereby  di'itioyiug   the  U111 lid a t ion  n!
\ the (lis.use, ni'..l giving the piilient
siii'tigtli by building up llie iiiiislilu
tion and nssistiiig naliire in doing ile-
work. The proprietors have no much
f.iitli in its curativi' powers that t.lu-y
olTi'i' One Hundred Dollars for any
i-i'.f that il f 11 Ms,to inre, Send foi
li-,l   of   R'Slillli nliils. ,     .
Address  1-.    .1.    CIIKNKV  «,  CO,,
Toledo,  0.
S"ld 'by all  DruggislH, "75c
Till ii IIiill's, Kuiiiily I'IIIh for Con-
Tin- New Yuri Herald's |,oinlnr
riii'li'gr.iiii iiliili . llial wi-iv it not for
(lit- Christmas dn-ssing of the simps
nml tin* li.iwliti.- i.f penny novelties,
I here is litib- sign nl winter in London. Covnil Giirdeii still presents cv-
l.leiiis- 1,1 i'il' niiirvi'lloiis gentleness
\<I(V "h'-t- -eii'ti-i h.i' m.i.li- '*'■ '■<■'
vi-ui Flii'v.i-rx lire mill plentiful uml
Vuliil.'tliilly ihi'iip, ami one read1* in
the south ci-tiiiiry papers how ill Sussex- IVS.'S. rliHsiillllu'lllll-.tlK, prudes,
miv.lii iiette, j.isMiiiiu1, dahlias, tiuirgii-
'■,'. ; ,        ' ;.!   ..t! -.;'
llowtrs aVe slii,  in beautiful bloom.
Al    Imllll-,   nil   (III-    Mllllll    I'llilSt,   up-
|.K- Hi' > lire ii- blossom, while iu the
Kli' of Wight ImltcrlliiN may In' seen
I'll till' wing.
Tli' itiiI of ''.lie (irsf wi-rff lit Deci'in-
bci sf.s London under u cli-ar, liluu
s'.v,  Lathed -ti lii-i^htusiiusliitu*.
Tins, in < 1 u•.v- iltflirciit (rout Ltiicnln
Nib., when- the brave old winter is
in.w li iMine; snay, We Iiavf s.iid
Miiiih in the pas' iu favor of little old
Lint, lu, tan v.i ale t.it lur iiulinnl m
linlv.i' mid •!>• a liUW iixtViiiv* '"• l'l"r
old L"inl-.ii, A. .1. U . iu Mtnm-iipol-
I-, .fiiiiin.il
We received a case of Nice,,,Fancy Lamps this
week,1— ordered for Christmas trade. . We are selling:
them at COSt.    Biggest snap on earth.    Pay Cash!
W, j. BtundeiL
■witaif iJMity—i r n~
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
Underwear and Hosiery
The niade-to wear kind.
11   >
MENS ——————
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
■MENS,  ; -    ..    -.
Overcoats arid Reefers
v . '     i  t; ' i- '        ,,        "■ ''
The sort that fits.
The Best made'.
"|i ^Tts-^yooo. Qf
UUALiTY and low prices are our trade winners.
■1A7_; -..'.■. ' '''.''■■-- ,' '':    ■'.
HEN you compare prices, compare also the quality, and we are satisfied that you will admit that our
values are unequalled.
Arrangements are in progress 'for
the -JIclhoili.sk, - ehureh baiiquel at1
which,Kev. .lames Turner, the veler-
ail old-time missionary of the' west,
is to be t.he guesl of honor al Stork's
Hall on the cieiiin.j of the 14th. A
lonj? and comprehensive toast, list.
has been prepared, and many of our
.'ii'iidinjj nu.l reprosentalive cili/.ens
have consented to take part 111 the
programing.' The ladies have entered
into the-sinil of the affair with more
(knit their usual /.est and „energy,
which \vi!J (isMire the suicess' ol the
.'iitcrtainineiit. The price of the lick-
■t has been placed al the very mod-
urate sum ol one dollar, iviid .iri-mige-
inculs !-re being inade to seal 300
The "nuiidi'ii  fell  her forehead,
Which  In.i'.' an  oval   lump,
And said:   'i   went  out skating,
My laud,  I wm- a ilniuip."
AND   IS'lllt'.lvSTIfIN'
liileaiis IClTeeted a Complete Cure,
The liver rules     llie body,,    Hileans
ule  the liver,   "A sluggish  liver    in
uy cii'-c led  to enlistiputiuii and imli-
,'i'.stinii|"  says  Mrs.   l'rniieis   Ciri-ene,,
[   Iviil   Si.,   KillgMnll,   (int.    "I   lell
lu.l 11ml skwpy, had 110 tin'igy wlmi ■
ver foe lunk, ,ii|d     eveiv now    ainl
iljiiiti I had a bad nltack nl  bill'iiniv
1 s-;.   The li od  I nie M'l-nit'd    to   lie
:i"iyv on iiiy Moiiineh uml did me un
n; d.   I had wind ami cramp?, in the
,|oiiiiii|i aiidbowels     Iroiii   the    lood
'id'mposiiig,   The  ciiiisiipiitinii    was
0 bad     thai  my bnuvk had  in    be
1 need nl eaih passagi'.   All kinds   nl
llidliitl.s  I  tl'ieil,  bill  uiilllillg  dill me
illV Listing    gi'Oll   uulil     I     g'nt     I'i-
'iMiis,   I havi' iieVi-r fmmd uiivthiii|; In
filial   lip in   fi.r  ciiiislip.iliiiu and  liv-
r mul siiiiiiinh  iroiibh"..   They smut
'egiill  In dn me gnod, and  ill   llie end
iiitiI   inv.   Since  using  them   I    led
'ile a dlllrietii   woman,   I 11111  Might
mil  buoyant   iu spiiits,  iml  dull ami
-li-cpy ns I nsi'il  In be.   I have   got
,,.■    ,n, (■,'.'■•    -111.1   .nlli'lli-   li'l.'l-      'Mill      ill
fact, ;ill inv nilliietlts luiVe vii'liled In
Uileatis ale a purely herbal rnncdy,
and operate gently oil liver ainl i.lolii-
mh, slliiinialiiig tliose organs to
i-n-i-v i.nl their fniietiniN in '.tiil'.l.v\
ii'.rinal way. Ili-iulmlii', cmisiipalioii,
bilinUMHNs, pile!., pains iu the chest
and luck, wind pallis and dizziness
all  tln-s,' Miiiptums hi im* really from
"lUt, llgltllillt.. of ItViT llllll stnlllllCh, Sn;
that I V c/nrciiiiig th:- root t.niM' of
llu-s- lioilbles, ltllr,i1l». speiillh elld
tlicni nil This is sinilv bitter than
tdkillg pundits lor liciilailic. lint
drinks fur \»iml pain, ami dealing
willi i-aih sviupti in |ii<iciur.«l? All
iln.ggisls m-II liileaiis at 5'h-. .1 "m s
01 ,obtainable fiom the Itilciill Co,,
Toronto, n|wm rtieipl of prnv, <>
bo»r>« lor >-'.,so,ASiiir pit iiw vainple
uliiih will l<- 111,1 ii«tl ton mi miipt
ol 1 one 11-11I  '.tamp
under this heading innterled al the
rate of one cent a word each iitri'er-
tiou. -
Turning over our stock every
six or seven weeks, enables us
to offer you at all times new
and fresh goods.
Our motto;- "Low prices, consistent with best quality."
1 Reindeer Condensed Milk      .
, Fairy Toilet Soap   .
"..Seeded Raisins per plct. «
Ontario Fresh Ep-a.s per dozen
Cooking Eggs per/dozen
n Government Creamery Butter per lb
Fancy Cooking Figs per lb. '
. X. & B. Jams 1 lb. Glass    -    °
. English Marrow-fat Peas per pkt    ..
2 tins .25
3 for -25
.■io & . 12^
.-■ •■'.>-35
■ ': ' -30^
Our furnishing department can
always be relied up'oii to supply
you with the most up-to-date
goods in ;the market.
for flt, style and workmanship.
Suits $6.50 to $25:
WANTUD—A good girl  for  hou.sekeep-
-, ing.—Apply  to Mrs. .1. li.   I .a wry.
\\\\ N'TICD -A      servant    for    genenl
liousewiiil..—Apply      lo    Mr.i.      IIij»-
i\'ASTI';i)—(Virl    lor    general    house-
wnrk.   Apply or write Airs.   K.  I'.
.loiies,  2V1   Victoria  Avenue,  Xorth
Kernie, 24 ,.'
IIACHIvl.OKS' qtiurters,- two' robins;
steam beat nnd bath.-CliOW'S
I'M'UN'ISIIIvf)    room to rent' for gen-
tleinan    furnace,   eleclrie light   'and
1,1. . "
luilh,   l'or ])urticiiliir,s  apply to U'd:
ger Ollii'i1.'
I-'Oli VSA(,!',—A gxjod William's piaiio.
Apply 1). MoIiChiiuH.
— -—"' .      '-»♦
I1'014   ,SAId';-2i).lou in Went Fernie;
emy  ttiins, ..Apply   W.  T.   He»ley,
M'rst Feruie.
I'OU SAI.lv A snap; a six roonti'il,'
house, well buill, with hot uml cold
water bath, ami up-to-date electric
lighl lixluivs; Niluuleil close In to
, biisinese purl of clly; inust be sold
■■ soon. Kor pnrlii'iihirs ciiqitiri1 ol
MnlI, M011 Si Co.
MflTT HON' A CO, Imve iuMrurtioa*
to look out for .two or three liuiiil-
rrd ui'ies of jjoml Uml suitable for
liuit growing in thi! Kootmuy Val-
Icy. This laud must he. so sitiutid
in lo allow'of irrigation, either by
gravity or hy 11 wi.'ll'Pi|iii|i|ip(l pumping plant with un abiinduiit sup-
■ )ily oi wali-r, Improved riincfc.'S «re
within.' tin; scope, of tin- Instinctlon.s,
Locality, fjiiality of soil and uceess
lo wilier reiine l;p|ore jirlce. in tlie
ciiiisid'i'iill'.ii ot iU; purihnsir, who
In a praillul fruit gtowt'r, und
knows tiliut Iiii walit.i. Si-nil us
yu'ii uV.M 1 iptmti>, loi'atioii.i nml
IIAUTI.KIT IIUUSK, loniierly the
t'Uik. thp IimI Si n day lint id l«i
Nrl»«j'ii. Only wkite help rinployeil,
C.:1 W.  HAUTI.KTT,  1'roprielor.
A liolel that •furnishes <ruirt, 10m.
iikmIjiiiis HcceuiiiiMi'iUtioii for lis pell oils is n soiiiic of pleasuiu to the
lruv<il]ili£ puhlic. Sinli a <rfi.> Is tin
Kin^ I'Mv.ai'I IfoU-l, of I-Vrnit. cut'
nr opposite post ofliic.
SlVflCH ii lierrhy glvpn th.if .tppli-
cat ton wdl be iiiadc to the legislative
irVwbly 11   iln-    I'loiiiiif nl   HrilMi
presents as usual a money saving'opportunity.
Get the Benefit.
Baby's Own Soap, .regular'15c,     special .10
1 lb tins Pineapple ... ;,'      .10
Good Dinner Pail containing'^ lbs
• Cream Sodas, regular .35c
Saturday Special .25
Headquarters for
Men's        "v".; "• '■"•••■'
"Working Gloves
Brohko, Lined Gloves
Mule Skin, Lined Gloves -
CalfSkin, Lined Gloves
1  ■'
Horsehide, Lined Gloves
Pinto Shell, Lined Gloves,
per pair
r J
j  r
1  >   -
i  >
1  ».   .
_■'!. 50
Fine Gloves, Silk and Eur Lined
Kid, Mocha and Reindeer per pr .90 to $3.25 ;
MMMWIM'-«JU«-|(U*4 M«U.',«, lurt Ja*M^TTjffU»l*l»Ji™iJ*
Good  Value  Undcrwca
Men's Heavy Ribbed All' Wool, $2.30
a suit
Men's Heavy Ribbed Wool,         2.00
'<  1
Sanitary Fleece Lined                   1.25
• *
i  (
Wool Fleece Lined
Natural Wools
i?r.75  .1 suit
$2.50 & $3.50 ' •„
3:50 *,'
* )
To Be Cleared Before Stocktaking.
Dress Goods.  Silks,   Wrapperettcs,  Flannelettes,   Table  Linens,
Towellings, Sheetings,   Pillow Cottons.
■>**.«.MMNi anutiJihiiiWiHH hirn
i-i H i i h uLiSO   i
Cnliiiiililii  ut Us lu-xt  hi'shIiiw  for  1111
iiiV \>»   lli'oqrtii.nv   .1   \o,t^i,-,wvi     vi.i..
prnvi'i' to ciiiistiiut, i(|til|i, mnliiiiiiii
mul oiwruU' a Hub nr IIih'n uf taihvuy
in Htiiiuliril nr (itlur I'uugr, with ntty
Uml uf iiiotlvf pnwi'i", fur tlie nmvt'y-
iwt uf pas.sL'it^i-i's mul fri'i^lit from
a joint on tli'' "iiinlli fori- of Mii.-ln'!
Crci'l, al or iu-;ir tin- |ioiul known as
"'flic J>WJ>" oil the Crow's Nt:a
liiiiiiili of Uu? wrxferu Division oi iliu
I'niMilinii VnciG« Wailwav, iu tlir
I'roviucu of ||rJtfHli Culiiiitliln, Uiiiticu
rtlnliitiK In u Kiiiitlii'ily ilirwtioii tip
Mild cmt|t    to     tlie   inmitli    of  the
»,lsl     InrV       (li       hlllil     i'H-fk,       tllrUttf
up i.iiil rait fori: of said muHIi dirk,
in nti ea'.li'ily uml -..diiIIu-iii din.ctioii
to tin' Miiiintit liclwi'i'ii Niiid crick uml
■ 1   , 1 ,1     ... ,.     .   ti•. ^
tlii-iuc- in ti .soiitlii'rly direction dtnvu
sjiid trilititui'v lo tliu I'lullu'ud tlvcr,
tlieiu'i- sonllit'ily uloiiK said I'liillivud
Uivtr lo u |niiiil on Iliu liUcinatiiitiiil
II itiiidiiry liftwi'cti the (]*rr)viiUT „ of
Itrilisli Columbia irnd tit'-' I'nlUil
.States of Anii'rii'ii, n di.stuu.'c of
•tliotil lifty  tniU's,   moir. in   Ii'hH,
Ami with jiowcr to niiistrnrt, oper-
ali- mul maintain all luxi'ssiry liridg**,
r.od-., ways and f.-rrli's, and with power lo,liiiild,i'i|tiip, opuriiU' nnd maintain
tdrgr.ipti und li-U;iliiim- linrs in con-
licit inn Mtllt tin- viiil railway und
!ir,iiu'In.-s, nud to traiiMnit mcisatji*
fur  1011111i1-Hi.1l    )iui|juu'».,    und     to
rliitrje tolln therefor, nnd to generate
«Us.viiti\j i«i \uc '.iMpjily <ii ii^Vi'i,
hnit ami power; ami with power to
expropriate lands for tlie purposes ol
tht Company, and to nnpiire lauds,
moiity, bonuses, privileges or oilier
aidt from any Koverniiuut,"iiiuiiicipnl
corporutlou, or other )>vriu>n:t «>r l.od-
ies, and to levy and collect (oils fiom
all ptihiins iihiiij;, and on ull Ireight
passing over any of such roads, Vail-
ways and frrrii-n imllt by thi? Com-
ptiuy; aud with j»w*r to iniincrt with
ami make trf^ic or pthi'r«riuii«eiiuiits
cmupanlii; fjut 4tt. ^rviw Mich jh»w-
•r» at art jjf«iit*rt \)y |»art« IV. and
V' of the "WuUt Clauds Con sol Ida-
tiou Aci";  liiijj (or  nil otliiii mtua-
Hary or inciiTi'iitul rlyjlits, power's und
tiivii ■i'.u><i*y.->i ,..v.kiai„>,M.i3 (,i uUitr
]irivili'|',as iu tkit behalf.
DATi'Il) the    .tlilrtitth day of   November, 1906.
,    ' MimVlCU, AND I,AW,40N,
.\ citmr vmm
. IVfiicc iilinut  tho
f.nnrt i.i «iill."iii^, u
Are  not  tall:injj.
In Toronto   \r\v
1V„»<- h.is jjimc
ruin i-fir.-iVi-itii'iit
Ullik-   puliliiiiilli
Hold tin-' p.iVilllnil
i       ileic in Ftriiic.


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