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The Fernie Ledger 1907-01-05

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 :<£3 ■:
-^K- U ^
.<.. s,ol«".W*«wJS-ri
V     "-  ,    fe'
'.WW'".     fuMf"***
&■ £l«^ -feu V
. Indicates a Better One to
■■ Come. '*
> •>
H (
IT    r  1
During; the -past year the production of lcael, ;i: '" the Koolciinys has
not quite reached  Lite figures of'last
year.       - .        ''"'"'. ■/' ..
During" tlie year-i905.-.2X,Si(i tons of
lead ore wee; produced, and estimating the output. v [or last month, the
total product f<,i" ie;ofi will be 2/1,517
tons, a mUing oil p[ 1,700 tons. \
Of'this output the St. binge-iie* produced uboiil Ihice-fdlhs, the" Sullivan
coming, licit .is "to  output.
'flic Trail  smelter  plant   haft    beri
enlarged,  aii>l ihe Jiall mines .'-.iiclto:-
lias been almost  el lu'cly  rebuilt d\r-
■  ing  the  yew. '    . ~
■ The'' new /.sue ' Mueller at Fran'-:,
though idle in present, will lie in active; operation early in the spring;
The Marysvilb;- smeller plant will
be kept going, s.i lli.it present prospects are that tin* smelling industry-
will be more active during the-present year than  ever before. ' ' ,
'.The lloundary smelters have treated
inore ore llmr. ever during the year
just closed, the total output being
1 ,'175,000 tons During the years
1900 to- 190,1, inclusive, the ore treated at-these smelters totals ,<i,tV|.-i,'ooo
.. tons, ■ luving increased from 97icoc
tr.ns in- 19a) to,, 1,175,000 tons in iQofi.
.This product will gradually increase
and'it is.difficult to imagine a'limit'
,to itv The"'quantity-of the \, product
of these snu Iters .put on'the. market
is eerla'nly increasing, but it don't
seem to, Ivcp up: to \he demand, ( as.
•.prices continually advance. Tliisr- is"
surely, aii expansive period in the in;
s dustrial world.
In the lumbering industry  the prov-
- ince'has ,-enji ved  a'large increase.'   it:
output,  as web ■:as  a. very    materia!
rise-, in 'price:.,   liast   Koolenay ,.   has
luuL-.its. full ' share of  this  increase,
aiidvoiiV miljs are-ail prc-paring'no jn-
'■ rriinise' their, output for  this-year.-
■"  ■ I.abor'is'scarce in-this line,-and it
'i*'. .'s'.'diOiciiJ't ta__proc-in:oi^'iv    siillicieat
. To have served its country and the
public in'' general, with disinterelted-
msi andv/eal for sixty-cue.years, to
June behind is. a record of stability
and integrity reaching back to the
early childhood of .many of its oldest
readers, this' is an honor not possessed by many newspapers today, but is,
due1 to the -Montreal "Witness,'-' pub-
i'ihcd, by Mi.«-srs. John Doug'all .'&
Son, -'Montreal. .',
It must indeed be a source of gratification to the proprietors of this
paper (which has been in the hands
<;.f the same family . for, the entire
sixty'-mie ycais), that all through the
past years its mails have been filled
with letters from all classes and conditions from the Atlantic to the Pacific testifying most heartily to their
high rcgaid, for the "Witness" and
their admiration .for its staunch adherence under all circumstances" to the
principles    for   which    il„hns always
stood.     . -;- ■* >
• Premiers,-! judges, lawyers, financiers, ministers u[ the Gospel of all denominations have' expressed''- their
views frankly in letters' that-, have'
been-., published., in ' the "Witness'' and
IuicT.cen seen and "read, and, more
than that, endorsed by many 'llious-'
anils throughout- tlic.Douiiniou. A
.large number of people in. the adjoining republic-and Great ltritain, and
many of the1 finest.men and women
today are proud to boast:'
"I was brought ui>>'on the Witness."
As a "sample of the congratulations
received by the "Witness" during the
;iast yc.ir, ■ wb'give two. that "we noticed,- particularly reproduced in' its
..'oliimns: , Z'   . \.
The Premier, the Hon Sir Wilfrid
f.auricr, wrou—"Personally; it has
ilways" been a source of' high "gratifi-
:.i(io:i to me when you-have found it
ocnsisttnt with .your own conceptirn
•-.f public duty to support -mc in tin
li Heron I subjects" of public policy', with,
which I have to deal.    '       v1
"On the olhc. hand, whenever . yov
differed from mc, and thought, mc ir
die wiVjiig, your, criticisms derived-all
lie greater' force from .my intimate
O;onvie(ioh, that they were inspired by-
tlril.sjinitt sense, of'public duty.".;.'.
Mr.-U. lt. Pord'eu,-K.C., M.P., the
House  of- Commons,   Ottawa,   wrote:
'The   responsibilities of a  public jour-
ml are rot' less'than those-of'a pub-1.
ic -man.   In   fulfilling' .these   the Wil-
'.ness  lias ■manifested,   in  an "■ eminent-
(pinti;t'y' of Togs rba"ii' ed Tm;  the' next '''J0'-;i-ce',  \\\c.qualities of courage: "an'
sincerity.' Moreover,   it'has    always
aimed t> uplift, the standard of journ-.
lism in tin:; country."  -       .;     .. /
'Ihe '"Witness"  (daily and    weekly)
IIHiiiiicr c.f gooil liicii for bush work.
ThU may affect' the logging operations during ill.; winter ib some extent," but ' notwithstanilitijf these,
(.roubles,  '^Uun   will l;c an  increased
Thc'Xew S'ear was ushered ' :V l.v
the usual rin^'ig ol bells, blowing ol
whistles,, and-firing of guns. ' The kids
were all in line on lime at Triies-
Woods for tbeli- regular ,Xc>v War's
gilts,  and got  them..
The day passce' off very iquiclly and
11 New Year's record has begun under
favorable ciicumstances, and with
regulation ■ New Year's weather. The
Ledger extendi the season's greeting
to all, and confidently'looks forward
to a most prosperous- year for everybody.,
May it be the best year ever ■ experienced in the life of ihe city and
surrounding country.
.Many very\ nice tokens of regard
have reached \the Ledger ollice during
the holiday season, for which tin-
Ledger wishes ,\ to express its thanks
and  appreciation.
One of the neatest of those little
.remembrances came from'ithe Victoria,
Times. It wais a> sprig of holly carefully packed in a\ little box, and. is
one (if? the most appropriate and
most appreciated of the many little
remembrances of the season which has
reached its. Many thanks 'for ' ail
th:se little kinducrses.'       -   >    -
.Ios:ph Klut/arii./., a miner and a
Hungarian, '' aged about 45, .., was
killed -Thursday afternoon in So. 1
mine at Coal -, Creek. The timbers
where. " he \vn 1 working, gave ,way
and caught him. .An' inquest will be
held.     ■'   ". '  ., , '      '
The following jurymen were sum-
inoncd yesterday, aiid , after viewing
the body adjourned'until <■ next Tuesday, to take evidence as to the cause
of'dcath: "       .    "   '"      '
"W. ,W. Tutllc, J. A. McLean, J.l/\
Gusty, C. U. ]5ean,,U. J„ Simius and
Wm. Scott.     --"
" Dr. Iliggins was siiiuuioucd to examine the bodv,  which  is at the un-:
n . ' 1 ■
eLrt.ikin> parlors  of  Scott  and ■ toss..
In response to a largely signed petition of tlio rato payers
and citizens of Kornia' to be-
conio a candidate for re-election
as Mayor oT the City, I Iinvo decided io stand and rcspcclfnlly
solicit your vote.and iiiiinenco.
I Iierc'.,y rmioiiucc myself as a Candida tj- for iv-eleetion as alderman for
the City of b'ernie fi,r the year 1907!
and solicit the support of the electors of the city, promising, if elected,
to do my duly to iho City 10 the
best of my ability.
-     , ..,    THOMAS   P.biCK.
I wish to announce to the -voters,ol
Uic City of Kemiualhal I "shall be a'
candidate for re-election , as alderman
fs.r the municipality of the City of
l'Vinie at the ensuing, city election,
and'I most respectfully solicit the
suppoi'U.aud votes of the voters ■ ol
the city.' -       :-  '. "
I take ibis - method of announcing
that I,will In' r: candidate at the ensuing .city election for re-election t('
the position, of- alderman for the yeai
i<,o;, and respectfully ask the sup
port of the. voters- of tli2" municipal-
'ity. ,     ,    "   '-'
j'.-V. McINTVUK.
•will    be
' The ,   deinand   lor lumber
greater' diniiig  this   year   Ihau    las',
mid'' a ftoad maiket  will  be Uie   con-
, With nil rhe leading, industries-in r
flourishing condition, "the r.tillook hn'
a-banner year Lit the eat ire- province
is bright. .
i"i*lie jiro(lii''tioii of coal ami i'"'-1' '".
th,. province during the year 1'jof. wus'
'an I'ollhws:  •■ "    '■ '
Coal.-i.M.?!'! ■'<>»£ t!,llfl-
CoU'.'ayj, ;(S.- I""K l"Ms'
Kor the "yea" iW> it was soinewliat
K'Stfi owing to,-lu!'.or troubles "ami U10
(■idtl   Fiv.lieln^o    i':irihi|nake    disaster:
, 'NotwitliKtnlidiii)
'w'.ih as follcwR
Coal,   r,K'fi,oor -long  ti.-us.
'    Coke, 250,00. long    l,,IIH> '"' " '"ss
if  aS<j,:U2 "ions of  coal   1111 tl  -J 1,7^5
t.HK of c.ilo n>. nguitist Hie   |>r«'iniis
ye.ir.     '     ■   "'   . ,
these  troubles,
A \er,V i\\W\ Utile wed.ling oei'tiv-
red nl llH'"ri'Mdem'e i.f Mr. ami Mrs.
W. II. Wlilnifiier 011 Momlay Inst nl
a.3n j«. m.i wl"-1" ll,dv ,,'»,Rl,u,r
Mury wits united i» niiii'ni'ft1' l" Mr'
'ilioiiins A., ifi'igi'iivv, <>f ^'aMi, A!
liPrui. -ii
The     ecri'iiioiiy   was performed by
New  II. W   f.'niiit, i«f Kii"" >'lt«i'"ii,
this I'iiy, nwlxiwl l.y ««'■ '{"HS'   "'
C'niind l-'«''".-
Mr. .I- Mm-lH-H,    of    V1.W1.   w,ih
ll'i'Nl Mll't'l. <nO>l MISS Mlllll'l WIlllll'itiT,
MiMtoi' of the lirlili, tu'U'd 11s lifi'cs-
IM.liil. . A,  ,
MrH. Iliivgnive, nml Mikmii MiIiom
uml Mi-Hhhii Ilnignive, ol MeiI:!Im-
lint, ttiotlier niu' siNters m ihegioian
were also pi'CMiil, logelnei- with only
,1 few of the 11e.11 fi'itik'* «'f l1'1' fil1"'
ilv of the hrltlu.
The iwreiilH of tlio ln*i«le ntv niiiniig
the oMeHt iiii.l umrl respected eitl/i'ir.
r.f Vend" nil I Mvi. TIn!':»r.«Vv' has the
Ua wIhIu'w of 11 vers- lure.e eml" "'
friendN, She w.11. the r^t-fipieui i.» u
.verv Iiit'A0 mniiber of jiivsiii':!.
nnioiig which the Ledger feels <v.,i-
r.uitul  in <|tioinig n  bc.tiilifid   r.Nvi!.'
( 1   1....     , I,it   Li-   1'ie   Vre'div
t,«i»i..t»^...».i i'.   ^ •
terian Hmnliiy ncIiooI, of wliii'h sl'e
Jiad lH'i'ii" ft constant number and,
I earlier.
Mr. Ilarjrr.iiv Is « pros|».'rous tatich-
*r, nn<l .iflir a hiif ple-istny trip to
th(? tVmsf.     Id''   liaipv foiipli;  "will
tti ike thc'r 'iiiiin "« ln'^ r..nrli   ii'Mi
Wutsli, All.cita
.    The    I,eil';iT extend'!      t->  <lm»i   i'>
1 ciH|ir.itiiliiion.; mill li^< w'i''.n": !•■>';»
"... Ii»M>y fut'i-.'.
••CIu- iiif tie I'-iiult li.tJ-»ti, v-if'^'-
Don't yow«v we itrr sin- >■» \" ■
eaiU oilier in th1*' tr.»wil?"
nivesall the news that "is wortlrjyllu
.ittentioii of the average rcadey.'y'
The "Witness' editorial'pages'* are
acknowledged by Un readers,^.on,.. all
sides to,be boll- fair.nml forceful,
.'lhe'-"Wiliiesi" financial review and
iinir'.-et ■ and stock, reports are known
throughout the -Dominion for their rc-
iab'ility,        "
"Other interesting dcparlinciits, suel.
.is literary review, legal,•medical ami
Ye.licr.il i|<iei;iei; boys' page; liome de-
piiftiiieiil, agric'iilturar departnienls-
yle., etc, iii'e'nbly comliieled by spec-
'ialists ul a l.'Uge expense', offering r
:i,ost vnlunble' privelege to "Witness'
• The' ucw-coiuer Into our fair laml
initkeH no mistake when, in addition
lo his local paper, lie subscribes fm
I|K, ' Montreal Witness," published by
Uihsi-h. l).m«al" h Hon. Imleed such
-, "siep plaits liini at once In line with
,|„. 1,1st and ablest in the" Dominion,
Tin1 "Wivkly Witness and Canadian
Hoincslcid" i'i inly one •WiUm" n
y.nr. The "'l'nlly Wilness" is Hirer
A Fernlcite Abroad
J wish to announce to the voters ol
the City of lvrnie that I am a candid .te for-iv-el'.-ctir.u. to .the position
of alderman for the. year iy"7, oain"
i'.s'.i the support of .ail people wlic
f.ive r goo'-.l   municipal   government.
do*I represent ths hotel keeper or
"whiskty ticket," or any clique of
people, but from th* evidences I have
seen, I am sure ' a large majority
( f every clas:* of citi7.cn will support
me ill my efforts to improve the erudition of.our town.'
I trust, Mr. Editor,'that .the railing mayor and. council' ■ will - hold, ■ a
jublie meeting > and give an acco.int
of- their'stewardship to ihe electors,,
so that I can also have the privilege
and pleasure of expressing niy, ideas
if civic good rcfoiin.   .
* Yours' tiuly, '<-   -
T    "S. IMKfNEM,.
k Coats Worth
More After Election
Mayor Ccalsworth was re-elected
mayor of Toronto on Xew Year's
Day, hut the Kcw Year's "gift was
(iiial.fied in a way that is calculated
to assist him ii; keeping his personal
pride within , proper - bounds., ■ His
chief opponent, Mr. l.indaht, a Socialist, polled a very large vote, - and
the Mayor's,' pet sewer by-law and
two others championed by him and
the board of control were' defeated,
while the one to empower the city to
contract with the Provincial Government-.; ' Ilydro-Klectric Tower
Commission for'cheap power ar.d
light was c.i.-'iied by an overwhelming
majority, 'i lie latter by-law was not
in favor with the Mayor,, but Ur:
public, wanted it  and  that  settles  k.
I,asl Satti!dii) night a train jf uic
cars ran away down the grade from
Kosrland towards Trail, and jumping'-
the, track at . the swiUh .back frogs,
piled ii]) in a, heap of wreekag'e.
"', The , train gained a' velocity' ol
nearly a hundred miles an' hour as it-
flew down the hill,,-and. it is a woii-
,'er that only. one man was killed,
Hugincci Wade, of'Nelson, who " was
temporarily^ en the- run, stayed at
his post and was killed.   All the'otli-;
School byi.!.". rinl scbev-l
all kinds at  tin. 1'alico I)i
.ig  SlOfe.
li;rn,   10   Mr   au,l   .Alls.
Si inn.
s. ii,   Thursday.   .Jan.  ;ul..
Mr.'Wm. Moore, president of Gladstone Uniriii. has received the noiiiin-
;'.tii)ii of the S.eialist party for member of  the  Provincial  l.egirlature.
I    A maii-nr.mt'd llegau .was up before
a   Magistrate  Whimster, yesterday morning  charged   with      stealing  blankets
' I frcm Fred' Ilaudley,  but  was let off,
M'.ss Collisj'.i,  of Iliaiiinorej was-111 i asv it  was not clear, that  he  naJ'ti-V,-
the citv  ih'i'i   the New- Yeir  Uslivit- I K\\  the bl.iiikcls  with  intent    to "Iwp
II:lice    Grady,   of    Ci.leiiiai'i,
down   to  take-.ill   the    big   ball
Year's  hive:
Miss yduiyrc, of Ci-K-inau, b;'.-'
I.ecu in llie cit\ \ is'ting .Mrs. \V. II.
Wliiin'sur  dining   the   past   week.  .
Mr. Di'iiiiimoial, o. ■ CnKiii.ni, was a
b'ernie" visit-,r  on   Mi.iuLv   ami 'I'm;'.
day,   and  en,,ivei!   l!:e  d.-ueing
inililarv. ball.
■I   Ihe
As   Will lie kw" '»>' l,1°    f"llowi"l'
■llplnd from the IWilin NeWs-lU-cord,
„i;r     old        fellllW    tllWIIKIHOIt,     l.cMi'
Siiieblcr, who isn't olil tit »U. i« "^
!|{....iui; deli|,liU'd    luaieiH with    hl»-
jlniio playing: '
o|,o'wrs of hlnli-clitss nuisie eiijoyei
a r.,i'e privilege at Concordiit ll»l
Mi.nluy niglii- when the IIikIvii strlny
nni'ML' gnxeu parlor iiiiislcnl. Tin
,'udiitnv was large nml extremely «M>
pr.elative, ami with brctlhlcr* siK'iia
cl'eitl, II \\:\> Ktvt'" t0 ('lll!,l "uin"1"
1.it the iiviigiiiiiiine.
Mr. If. I,. Stnebler played with r
li.tiHh 1-.111I ttchnicitl touch, the re-
iiowikmI l.is/i :. pii'ii" '"""V"""1 l
^„i.l.m'.N i«*i«JIi'-S ""arV, UnrV
the |,iirU." To ^y Uml Mr. StueMer
is w.irtli lie.iriii); In Hie cvecution ol
th- worlot of the great muster, Is ex
mutely uiodi'M," i'h
^-—— n '■ ■-
The liiNlion, X. I)., Vnc 1'rcsK sayt
that "W. I»- H».v«i crhtwhllo ' «»'•
1.1b* •»■!. inn* "f »'«p leading  |mhlii.l«cri
,,'f  weik   nml    smliiiuntiil lileralnrc
,,|l,l  I In, ll-;.lll!-tll1IIMler   NtOlieN,   III Clll
i-ien, jr..ji«*eH to orgnni/e a coin
jaiiv uiul t.ifc ■ r.Vfr the pod iiffin
lr. lit rmlv Ham, and rim it I"'
a-out half wh.it 1" now paid- per ah
num." 1'liii fiiirtlly li»c«tt» Mr
lb, \ io. Un I he has »nn"<l .mtnnmnr.
•ve'ik and v.uiiniiiil.iJ Vtuuxuu' »l.a»
1,'f. l.*M.t UU.t ulteliun to lelfeiv (111
.K.v.-..nnUi nt r.i iu sl.Hiip l.udncxs.
Last S.itu.day Mr. Abraham Joyce,
late rc^istiai and t-ix collector at
this place,*' arrived-in town in custody of olliecrfi -charged with .having,
misappropriated 'government money.
Application'"', was'-'., niade for bail
.^ending;"',!1 pielimiuary hearing, and
Miirlstrate Whinistcr "placed ■ the
amount- of his bond at Sd,ooo, which
■W.-.s secured, and Mr. Joyce was allowed his liberty,. r.cndiug.Jiis preliminary I'.ediing, which was set f.-.i
'I Jmi'.-day nt io n. iiiA/nt which lime
.iii.adjourmmui was taken to 3 p.m.,
.iud st II a further udjoiiriiiuent Irom
tliat time to ;.?o p. m. was asked for
and  grr.nf.d.
At-the b.st slated time it transpired tint the Deputy Attorney General had wued iiislrnelions to ihe
Crown Attornev, udvisiug the in-
creasing (f llie bond, and a furtli'.r
ilta'y of proci-i'din.is was taken v.nlil
yesterday afleinooii (it a.30, .Meantime the additional bond was "procured,
At 2,,to yesterday, when the use
was again called,' Mr. Joyce's "01111-
sel, W. H. Kiss, did not appear, mid
the c:„'ic was coiiliniied until Monday
itfx't at Ki.,Vb in order to allow the
ncct'scd to have his eonusel U) vep-
resiiil him.
. The wry unfortunate and serious
pcsilirm in which Mr, Joyce finds
himself, is miiiicIi regretted by Jus
111 uv friends, and whatever Ihe 1 income, Ills I'Xpe:iince should constitute
a Icsoii wilier should be heeded 1y
the pto|le of this community.
I lli'rel'.y.'announce myself a eniuli
dUe l\:r re-eKetif:li as alderman foi
the ye.tr 1007, -I'.lidJf eleet«l,'Ivprom
ise to w,.:v for {Irj best, interests ol
the City- of Veruie as 1' understand
tliun, and 1 respectfully solicit the
suppi.rl ' f  (he  elector.!.
W. W. TUTTf(E.
At the s.ilicil:itio:i of many friends
I herei y auuoiiiiee 'myself a c.iudidale
[ r iiblcniiiin foi the City of l-Yrnie
f;r th.- ye.ir I'io;-, and solicit the
votes i.f llie electors of llie city. If
cl.il.'.d I sh.dl endeavor lo serve the
city to the best of my ability.'
II011..W. i!. Cuj-hiii , minister C
[iiblic w irks in iln* Al'.ert.i"'gover-,i
melll', |,ii-ue.l till'.ugh ',!:.-• ,'il> Tl';i:-
day  moriiing e-i   loute  tt).)N'ils'",n.
jll.-ilcojin , .Me-Ilines,, cf l-ilkaioeth-
came in on ll;-> delayed N'l-rtlK-'" 11 yi s-
tt'rday nioriiin;-'; and relumed on U.<
delayed  C    V.  li.   west  1 o'.nul.
. H. bi. M.u'd.-oii.'ll, geiur.il frji.;!-.'
agent of' - th.' C. 'l'. li., was in th-.
city yesterday leiokiug after the n:--,'.;
( f  the shippn>.
The -A.- McDonald W!u;les de Co. .-.:
doing  a  ni--liiiig  business     from'    1I1
ge) oil, aud'Mr.' lios.«,  tin: iiuinager,  i:
kept busy.
' Mr.  l'.'P.'iturson  is away,  and wil <
att n:l   the "aniuijil  a.iivc-niioii  of   ill.'
C. M. W,. ii a.'t'eloro lie l-^f.srr.s    l-
the city.        '        '"    . ■ >
.   J.   A.  McDoiuld,  secretary  of  llihi
iS.'li.  M.  W.- of  A.,   was  in   the. eii;"
a dav or two daring/ the: \ve:-k.
Mr.  Oliver,    01   the p;iicj:'!i.,iu;j    i'-
parlmeiit  of .the .lutenialioui'-l     Ct : ,
and  Coke  Co.,   oi   .^Coleiiicii,   w::s    ir
'••Vrnie during,-the  \ve-jk. ■ ■      ?
Mr.  lielxding has moved  his  lami!.,
into   the- new (piarters  provided    ( •
ihem   ill   the   new .station,   and     I''
■ ilbee-  staff   w^ii   sikmi   fnllfiw. "■
Dli. lll.SXl(l,l,'S l.biTTbili,
Sirm 11KWAKD, Hco.
The readers of this pupcr will    be
ple-.s.'d to le.'.rn that iheiv-iH.nt lenM
i.ne dreaded' disease that science   hn1*
I cell ulile    lo cure In nil   ils1 sliij!''^,
,nd th.t is Cnl.irrh,   Hall's Cntitrrh
Cttie is Ihe oillj   positive    cure    now
'••nown to ihe uiedical, frnli'iiiity. Cu-
titrih  being  a  c< nililiilluiiul   discus;',
• Cpiires    11   ciiustitnlioiinl   tie.itineiit,
Ijitll'x Caliifiii  C1.1v. is taken    inter-
•inlly, acting diivctly up* it  the blood
unl iiiiicons siirfnces of the    system,
llieieby dcslioyiiig  the loiiiidiiliou  ol
the disuse,   tmd  giving  the    pattern
llni and n'^i'iHmr tmlMVe in dolni; (in
work, The proprietors' have so umcli
faith in its curative powers Hint they
offer On? Hundred Dollars for . any
case that, it fulls to cure.   Send    for
bv  tin
To  the   I'M lor  I'e.nie  l.edger.
Sir,-1 wish to ww yniir paper as -i
medium for ili: liking ihe i-P" odd in-
depend.nt r.i'..'|i.,\eis ol ihe Citv ol
Kernie who h.v; re.jin'sled me lo pci-
mil my name i" : land for llie portion of iiiav.r :n lii eoiiiing ii'im'
eipi.l   electio i.i.
I fi"l very much tin- li-.n >r whicl,
has' be 'ii d re me I y the eili/eiis of
this t wn, urn I I ri.inis.- tin 111 tint',
after I hive I en elected, I will r.si
inv lest eiui^ie-, 1 ltd abilities ill nd-
ViMi.'iiig the interests of the town by
jmlicioi's ecoii..iny and 11 policy ol
i.MgTi'.sMvc, iiiMei.d 1.1 on.' o
sive, whicli In s been pnr:«ned
mayor mid coinuil i.f ihe past year.
1   wish   to state  t-i   th.'  fleClol'S  tll.lt
ll:c principle »v:i-,oii 1 have lonselited
to rnin'iiiii n b,r ihe ih'.cl ui.igls
tn ry of mi'' ciiv i't i"i' ihe ptirpoM
of i.eelog tll„t we Imve 11 '-Vslelll o'
sewerage ili^'. »■• soon ns |iowil>le. I
villi re '.<i s;y thai no on.1 can up
l.r.e'iiit' tin diii'is' 1.ml Mtifeiiii)
ears il ly ll'-' I'•'-. ■»! i<ii^ Msle.n »f
I  do,  Uv.rs.'  I  w.' t'.'"' e.-'.l    result'
.1  .;...!.'.    ,■  ' ■■'■■■    " '.   *K-   "",
in.U„. |. ,'..i..ii-Jf. -! • »' ' w, i\:ir.
c. min nenl iiuiu-.d mil..' il'-' .fmsl ''
out of ih.' giotul, .1101 In 1 war wil
puns ly with.ul  nir.lVn; Icing I ■li
the deep    s:-.ow, ■  escaped serious ' injury. .
• Kor sonic uiiknowii,, rcasr.n the ail
brakes relused to work, au'd although
the brakes weie then set by hand, the
train had gained such velocity that-
it si.idded. on the rails, making n,
bing, I r'ght ribbon of lire as il went
down the' hilli
A collission on the. Daltimoro    and
Ohio .railroad,   near  Washington,   1).
(.\,-n   /«,»■; diiii;   !\tf4>,   ruciillod    ill      tllC
diiitli of 50 people and'the fatal in
jury of several more. A train of
empty, freight cars i;oinj! at a high
rate of speed, crushed into the rem
end of a passenger train, telescoping
Hi? conches,
Still anoliin fatality in the ihape
ofr.n'lwa/ wrecking happened ear);.
< 11 tlu morning of lh« 2nd 011 tin
iiock M..111I, .!•. miles west or To
pika, Ki.ns.is It was a head-on col
lision, Mnl ,Vi or more people, nio'.l
ly Mexioins. were killed,
them.       ,> "    '    - ,
Mr.,ILui;Ii J. Cunningham and a.':si
!Iiiuii..li SU-wart, of Coal Creek, <\ere
im-rried by liev. II. li. Grant ut'lhe
rfsidence.oi the laidc's brother Thurs-
eb.y at 3 jj., n*. After-dining tit the
■Wald.isf, the happy pair went
l.eJibridge-by the delayed C. P.
train  Thursday night.     .    " - ''
Till- military '" ball given by lr..1! ..
Kuole-uay Di.e.. Monday night wa3
well attended, and was i\ very suc-
cissful aflair.' The hall was lasle-
ully dtcm-ated, and was filled with
many people who danced the old year.J
..ut and the New Year'ill,  '.-
■The first of the series of dog races
insliluted by Ton. Whelan, was run
I-st - Saturday. There 'were four
,st,rters, y.ir.111; Sherman winning
lir.si'pri/-e with lii.s Collie dog',- and
Mclb..u,;et!l   came-   in  seroud.    The   sec-
,:,d race  wil!  be run  today.
Arrangements arc   in  progress    for
the  . Methodise      church,   banquet   at
,v'nich? liev.   James-Turner,   the veter-
an-old-time missionary, of  the   west,
is to be. the. guest of honor at Stork's^
Hall on tiie c.eninr t)i the i<Uh.       A
li.iri      and  eemiprc-hensiye    toast  list
lias b'eea  prepart-d,  and  many of our    ,
li-iiding      and'   representative  citi/.ens „.
'iave conveiiicd to take part    in    the
..ro-rai-.i'.i'.;-.   The. ladies have  entered -:
■'nlo the- split of the affair' with more
-.hnii    their   usual »zest  and    energy,  ,
,'hieh will  assure the success of    the   .
.ntertaimiicnt.-' The  price  of  the tick-
U bos been placed at the very mod-
ir:itl sum of one. dollar, and arrangements   ' ere being made  to seat    300
.iiustsiV     - ■ '   .'  ,    '        (,
U.M.W. ofA. Nominations
-The    Ii.-llowing      nominations ^v.-ero
^- ^ s
A-school  ba;- given  away 'wTUi   eT7
?ry  purcliase- lo -S.ile  a-auntm,  of    li.';
e.-nts-of school  bpjks or school" si:I
flies ^at  the Palace-Drug  fru,!-'.
The mines   of Cokm.ui -were 'cim;'
for a .week to du some rep.aring, aia'
'n'nuiiibiV i)l  lln.  Coleiniin   bo\s .improved'the op| on unity  to  vir.il  L'-''
Mrs.,,.!.' II Uricken,-o'f Illairmor.-
•i|!ent' a lew-da vs in the oilv'thi
.veek taking ir th.' military ball N1'*
v»„i-,i i-)ii, .-mill -, 1 nuuw-ii 10 11I1111
more vcsfei'd iy evening.
Wrs. Munkwii/  will  giee  tin
Y-.r Methodist   Ladies'  Aid tea :
re-sidiiKV  in   WiSl -l'Vinie   n-.'Mt
'ay,     the '/t.'i,  begiiinn',;-,  nl >s
Ml 'are cn.-di.'.iiy invited.
t Y.v
;i.  n.
'-Did y.m peer study llic„po;-lry oi'
e.r mugs? U is qiuiiil."
The speiikcr took down i.ue from tin
,ii|.i-rb e IK-ctloi. <»( bwr mugs on hi-'
mantel. It wm all old and heavv
:nug of I'.ewter, and iii-'x-iibedoii i
was ihe coii| It I
•iince 1111111 is diisl, il would appear
-Tw.'.s wis.) to wnlcr him with lu'ei
A lidded     Dutch mug of Idiie Delfi
h„d 11 Gerinan   couplet that the    eol
lector truiisliiledi
He tntrry w 1111«   you can,
There ma;   be 110 tomorrow;
No mull si mil who eaiiiiol liiid
In beer 11 biilm of sorrow.
O.lier biicthniialiiiii verses -   mi    th«
e r iniigs were
Driiii; fuyie, don't  swayrc!
('mil save ye goveiiimente,
While l.e.-r bringh gladness, d< u'l foi
That water oi.ly niakes ymi wet.
The   l.edgei: received   two  1110:.I     al
tist'cilly    difigiied    taleiidars    fion
iT,   l.eslie Stael le.-.  oT Ib.-iiiu,  Unl »r;
'o.   They  are woiks ol  art,  and   .' n
•■lost  ih.iroiighlv   iipiiieeiati'l. ■
W, K, MeDi.llgall hi'- j"-''1 .i'l'-"1'
in sl'ick alloth.-r big .■.'.i-im-.-.i' '■''
iruiilis,    Miil.    cas'.s,   eii'.,    and    ih
rices niv low.'i than e,-er. Yov'l
iniike no mistake il you- buv there.
Albert   Cuili*.'!'    uml 'Jr.ne   Murria-
ton wore ni.iiiied at   the- iv-mlcn.'.'   <
Mis.  Kil-'liiwl   S| ear  1.11   New    Ve .i'-
;i»hl by  \U-\. W. ,l,a-bb'\   Hall.    -
In- .M.'lho.lihl eiuirih.
Captain DaU) 1 <■ i !■■
ml Captain-- AI- oiv am
oinliM  lii" Ai;.i;.   iin"'!!i
■5lll.il y,    I'll   Moiidiv fr'aplaiii   1>
.vill    give    a!-,   laliii.. ■
hil ition in tin' ll'ii 1.nl«s
A uu-.-tiiig ol  the Tud
-r t'olinei!  ol   l-'.iuie  «il
'lie  ei.Dimil'e '   <t» in-'  "I
I'niolt  II.1II  on   M. n.!,.e,
it  ;,,to p.in.     All i'i''ii
iiitb   r
II e.
,1, ,
1   1
1   1
.'• p.
1   In i
-   .\\
!',!'.    >
,.    III.-
[„ '
1      i
r        1
"made by  tli:^7fnrehI locals through-    •
out District i£>, U. M. W. of A.,   for
district olUcer.i to be elected on    the '
i.Sth  inst.:
, Kor President--Frank II. Sherman,
,f l\rnie, and James .'Douglas,, of
Michel. *-,->•   ' '   ,ki    _ '-/
For Vice-President—J.' li. Gulviii,
of .Kernie;' Joseph Cliapiu.in, eif
l-'rank, Alberta; Hopkins ' bivans, 01
1,'indbrcck, Alta, John Garton, of
Miehel; Tallies Lancaster,, of b'ernie,
yd  1'idward Sparrow,  of  I-'rank.,  ■
For Sec.-Treas.—.1. "A. McDooaV'.,
if Dlairiiion., Alta.,- and .,'Chailes
ilrooks, of Coleman," Alberta,
'For . Inieniutimul   Hoard   Memticr—
Peter    l'nlU-rs'Jii.    of,,Feniie;  Cbiulcs- ■
Garner,   of  Michel,   and   liolieit    Me-
!\i,y,   of - I.iiiidbreek,   Alta.'
1-or   ..Amli.K ir—W.,    II.    ICv'unr,    of
Kernie;   Chai'le;.' Hut ton,,'ol   Coleiiittir,
h'r..iik     Martin,     of ,Michel;    W." 11.
.Moore,, of  l'Vinie;   J,   A-  Mcl,ciinhnii,  -
f  Colem.i 1;   David  Steiie,   of  Frank,
l ,ud C. Stubbs, of Ikllevne,
For District ll-uird Afomt.-ers for
' i.stri..t iH 1 lie locals were divided
iilto four s-.il.-districts, and the fol-
lowotg mmiiralions were made by
each   sul'.'dislsict'
Siib-Distrii-l. No. 1—Thomas Higgs,
Kernie; John Sullivan, Michel,
Siib-liisirie1. No. C!--Chaib's I'ur-
i.iws, II-l'.i rist; William Gi'.iha'il,
Men-mi. A. Mcl.eoii; I.ille, and Cico.
■Vil'v 11,   I.undi n-ck,
Suli Disiiid S'o' ,V-D- I.. Miller,
T11! or. and li. AUr.sib, l.ethlnnlge,
S-.il-Distiiit No. .*, Ileibeit Morgan, lbiiikliad, Alia-, and A. .1.
Ili'iiius ol Ciitiinoif,  Alia.
Mueli inlutM i; inauilesled ill Hie
■h-rlioli. and liolu the li'.t ol liom-
Mie.-s  a   I'.oiil.  i.iiei'.I'nbli-  set   nl    of*
'icer-  \eill  be lu'.iinie'l.
— ...,,.. 1.    ...
sill-i'l.l. ):n
lint  111   \e,svini> l.l.nft.
Address h.    .1.    C1IKNKV S   •!<'»-,
Toledo, ().
Sold by all pruguists,  75c.   '
Tii'c IlaU'n Family  Tills f'-r Con-
.--- o   .
A person v.Inv name was Mii«krii/le,
Wad wdiIimI liimsdf into -» fieu/v,
•Cause n rush tat so liim
W.IMl'l fil r,'  1,' Mn   1-jim,
So Ii? fFinn'*' 'nf   "Don'' -J" >> .•';'■''"
■/i>" ll
i'-.Hii nml deith In ih.- In iin-s of   oil!
f.illlille.-   A - W'' •"'■• l'- vil,i! 'h" "-"i"
I 1 yes mi- W.iiil'l if lit? M'.v. is were !r.-
il. P., an
Monday 11 u
'ii-. lnlMeli I I,   v
'igiil,  I lei i.11
their c untry,
'JiinU I c?r and forget your sorrow,
..Mlnrk,  drink ...or.        ^..pt mis AI«
S, lv.iiii.it /.un-
1. I  t,
Mi'11 .■
s. illilte.ill i«"
'. .1. Ilc.ill ill I'lia
I loi   tin- fnU'.ii C ib
linn it.ii  '..nek- all Iheir yeai-i
'.l-1-' lln  pille' I
Tf Mip i-iii-rnu'  er.ine
II you daily dilnb your lifl
I'lnie II l.e 111 Heed to iiuiLe a will.
111,,  1 1,1. 1 nil'.  » »,--'• ••
•De lion's vnilin' 'dnr," lie sny,
• D.ir's tr.1t1l.it  in de cup!"
Me 'lehirl, mid take another way,
a\ll'   .li,   * .11.-  «til   liim   nil!
11,d n<
• it
,1 t'
the Iiiily (f/lini
to ] l> 11 .r Mi
11 Cv.tii1 ru'ik,
,,,      i'i   ,,
it Mr 1.    .!-  H
:iv  with h  "
wao a:
Ilrie". i;i,
[lielld   l.M
S,,l  bllii.il   I,  i'  li'.S"  Hill   I,
Am- t< wh- in Ma v lines apply
Will do I.I' me.
•>lii in iy in,1 ih -.in a '-impli' lay
t-jMi-pt  111 iiii'.,tiiui:.|i  way,
Vit il  .be J uov.j when not to sitig*-
,\i c'h!  .1 inoie uutiMi.'.l thing--
''.I, ,T do 'or nie
i .",.. m. v no' si-i-ik with limit case "
Ijiuii m' I'Vci'i'-. oi-whnt  voil ple.isit
il   I.el   men   l- liv-l.e   tJit'.'i  le.lined    to
h. Id,
i.et !n-t I e duuipe, v.iiukleil,-old,
ile t.tfe- eat him up!
Stlll'd,   I   llppin!   I'i  the  people U» Sllp-
pi.lt  llie ill  Ih"  il! -1 libit loll  of n  S-'W-
I'li-ge   -,iH 'in    b,,'in'   r.iii-,i.i\il     !•••'
paid for Mi:- t! »  <i ill"' s»'-le:ii, which
Ihe 1 1 'iitt  I'L.vi r .-nl «• mnil    hate
d n ed  Mi 111.
.1 (111 liter wi?il   lo . iv (li.it I .1111 not
repni.eittiii;   lln   t'ml   C« mp.ttis',  mi-
tli r !i',^   I '*<*   -"-Ifl ''-   • nv «tl'«vs
■, 1* 11 f-'i!i  ':> 1 ■ ii'ii 1 1'0 • v, illi Mm-Mo il
I Ci lupiii-' '■■ -i.'ii'l Ii»'  in.ij'oi, iiriihri J    Vnii iiir.-t  I.Hii iniiim'  b.uk!
"De lurri.M'.ij'll come," he s.iy,
"And *iM,e l.p t""t  nti"  liuib'"
He li'llnry wli.i*. de Mofinpit sl.iy,
An* de e,irli|iiukc mvuII.t liim!
Ain't dis \%r wind' de prohUin pl.n>
S,r U-iwble (»', d<- U.uV,
in'  li'ive Fiini  11 de iliclr ran*
1 ig lull nn I    S'.iiipling  th-
.1   ihe  rink.   Mi'"i  H.fVit
'de-.s-.d  with
'-.-r lii, r -i ,■
1 air eii'
-.ii    r-
in'    M'
••■ ^uii
Po'.t.   i, '   V.bil.
',-1 11, b c 1 i-i in' ■ . <
e.iiu.il fur M' l di".ii
l.ir,-e nii'img   ii.ieu-s'-.
»iiii.ii, .,.-. ia tin- • it
1...    . 1     ....     «   vi-
"'• -     -    >. ■ ,   .,
f un..   !   'I    t ,;■   s'r- ,'    „
' flllll-   Ml   M,     V,     >.'.
lb!     -      V"
,',.    ''. t    ■
!,   vtu    b.i-
"1     til '  VllVol
I     .1     '.*.'.'
1 cue not  ii i:«'i  gviieliil hie
Ile (piite  aiiollui   olte tball blue;
She  UiiiMil    hi'.e   lead   one    leaincd
Vet, oh. \v I'm!-, an' '-hr; can cook-
Sin- U do for inc.
—lb stem Tiaiiscript.
Tb I'i. lit Tit111kU.1ilw.1y asl-s for
. si ,i.t t I 1 -.iilum,til to prevent it
-.li.i'g tiikit-. (ut lv*> ieiits, a mile.
t   (■«   i.b.l,.« inf'.rin- «i  ikit   Itillv
■».* .. 1  ,i»i'.    • 1 i-irl     ill   •ipjwiriluin      will
U!.<  I'lirloli uliiiiin*. -.iltd llOH|>arvtl.
NTT u - •
S;i<)U, the people of the city'are 'o
decide'hy 'tin "w ballot who are to rule
llie  municipal   roost  for   the ■ .coming
year.        » '     ",.,'".    •'"
The present mayor' and ciuincil will
in all probability, be candidates for
ve-tlectioii'.- .'   -.      ■    •
A" largely signed', requisition will be
' presented to Mayor' lU'caselcll, asking
him to once-more serve the city in
the capacity of mayor, which position,
he h;s so .s.il'.sfactorily. filled during
lliv past year
J lis consent t". stand for re-election,,
under'the  ciieiniirliiiiees, ■    will     also'
111e.u1 tlieeaiuliilulure of lue five ald-
erinea  who l'uwc   worked  in  harmony
with him.   A sixth man will probably be- placed  i-<    , nuuiiinlion against
Alderman Trites, so that a full  tick-
el   pledged  to carry enit   the ^present
policy  will  be  in   the  field.
This ,vcar the  council    has  ordered
' the 1 City    Clerk'   lo have  the    state-
' meiit rf the nasi Year's business pub-
lislied  before  the  elections' and ' they
will  stand em  that-record.
This in ils'.-l1' is aiiV. indication of ii
vast" improvemciii over .the, last year's
cr.ur.cil's dudginj; tactics,   '       ' .--
II is still fresh  iii the memories of
^ the  voters      how  last  year's  council
■   held   back   its  stale   ent- until    after
selection,   ami   refused   to   meet  'their
opponents in, public
•ople who favor niiin-
,11 of power recognize
• making no war ■ on
as such,' but we    are.
invested capital shall'!
war em the-people i;f
this country.   Or.iContention is that
these'men are- orgaiii/.irig to- the end
thai they forrvci  have the people    of
Ontario'muter then as bond' slaves in
the matter- os power, just as the coal
l.arons and tie coal railways of    the
I'niloel StaU's- today have all the people of NeirtliAmerica in most scandal-
ems' and «ricvc u:i bondage.
The object ,.tlM> Mr. \\'acn\ has at
heart—and we imagine the inspiration
is largely in hin—is to create a great
electric.il merger in the Province of
Ontario to*include all-the street railways in.thio Province,'to ineluelc all
the power distribution'" companies in
this province, r.nd to include all- the
lighting -.outfit i'i this province; nay
more, lei ,so comer the electrical product and electrical possibilities of this
province that they will compel , the
great railways to lake power from'
them on ilu-ir terms; that they will
l:e free-if they see lit to. export the
power of 'Ontario into the United
States for the light and the lical and
the energy required by our neighbors
lei the 'detriment of our own nation;
and llial this merge!- will have injected into it 'miliums 'of watered slock
for which not one dollar, was ever
paid in, on wliicl. excessive dividends
may lie -drawn forever there-after.
l'or a momer" let us look at this
watered sloc'c situation. In the Toronto Street Railway there' ir six
millions of watered stock requiring,
almost a-'thousand dollars a day out
of income lo pj.y dividends thereon.
It is this unjust diversion of the inadequate scrvici,' the poor cars, '.the
iiisullicicnt cms and the refusal' time
after time to extend and improve the
system.'     In    the  Ontario  Electrical
Dr. Slocks-OrerfiTosic
and Disease Destroyer*
Used in ".Thousands
0/ Homes m Canada
THOSE WHO don't know what Psychino
is and what it'does are asking about it.
THOSE WHO do know what Psyclunc
is and what it does iiro using it. They
regard-it as their bust physician and
friend .,-..•.,,
THOSE WHO uso it are. being quickly
and permanently cared of all tonus of
"throat,' chest, 'lung r.nd stomach
tnublcs. It-is a Feieiitilie: preparation, destroying all di«ease germs in the
blood aiid Vvstcm.' It is a wonderful
tonic and'system'lv.iililing remedy, and
is a certain'cure for
WeaK Voice,
Bronchial Coughs,
Chills and Fever,
I   . Dfeti.H0.-i8'   ■  %
+ Headquarters - Blairniore, Alta. ^
$ F. H. Sherman; i'res! .J Ktrnie ^
A J.'.-A. McDcniild,- Sec. ' Blairoiore'^.
♦: . . .'. *
4 Gladstone-J.ocai-Union No.23 M ♦
♦.'Thos'.'T.iggs,  Seel, Kernie, IJ. C ^
♦'■ '!   v'1' •"'*• ♦
♦ •    - "  .♦
♦ -Michel Local' -Union No.  2334.   £>
^ A.-, \V. II. . Mcl'.cod, . Sec-.,' 4
+ . " ,  Micliei;   11.   C' ♦
♦ "■ ■-' ■ ;■ ■ $
♦.  ; •    ♦
■^ Coleman Local Union No.-2633 t>
4 lChas.O IJrooks,   Sec,   Coleman",   <►
<>.'., Alia. "-'"<►
r. J. "llYEBS-GBATt
-/Eckstein SrGray
GAr.n;s".'.""s at
',•,    .c.'oi.iCitoi.s,   Etc.-
Kcoros 1& 3,I[ei.t.U^oVi Liock.  Fvrnie, B. C.
F   C.'I.awe.       Alex.  I.-Fisher, "B-A.
•-Latoe-& , Fisher /
Crow's -.Nest.  -.-Trading ' Co.    Block,"
"■   "''Feruie: 3/'6. ' ;.   ■ '
 . .   ^ . -.,.       ■,.-..      :    ®
Difficult Breathing,  ^^^^^^^♦^♦♦♦^
Geaeral.WeaKness    ^ -,                                          ,   ^
^ Frank  Local ..Union No.,  i^f.s   4>
-^ DavieiStenc, Sec, Frank, Alta.' ^
♦ "■   ♦
♦ ' *>
^ Lille   Local    Union    No.   123.1   4'
+ Dan  McNeil, See., Lille,'  Alia.   ^
♦ :-:.-. ; ♦
Q ■        '      '    ♦.
\V. H.'ltoss,K.C.   ',:    J,"S. T. A1.KXANrr.11
'■'• Ross & Alexander
i--i-:i!Ni'e. a. 0.    ■ :
oniee In J.. T. W. Klock,-Vietoila Avenue.
I» .'I-    .'   fjl
II    is  also:    likely  that. tho'se old
c..uric:ilois have-,, a   "vivid re'colleictioa   1>owcr "oveloi nteril Co. there was  an
issue of six'millions e>f miid-up stock
elisliibutcd as a honus, to the nro-
ir.oters and U.-soine of thnse who
bought the bonds. TheOnlariei ])ii1i-
lic are exncctcil to i:ay fi and S    pel'
i 1" how they were snowed under.'' Only
e,ii2 e>f thc'iii, exceptinj;, ol course, ,.
Jlr. Thtlle. e,roi' back on" the .board.
3Mr. Trite.? was re-elected, simply . because he .was unopposed, and even'so,
was (.n: vote behind the-smallest'vote
on  the citizen-ticket ■
•Tlic-stateiiieiu or. the last year's
business will l.u published in the next
issue.of the Ledger, alongside of the
1 antling loin too late' for inspection
. lefore election last year. There, will
he some pr.~fital>le comparisons to
.make  between  present  balances - and
1      ei
last year's lc^ticy.or overdrafts, which
will speak with more, eloquence-than
even that "famous dodger platform of
Female Troubles,
FicKla. Appetite,
Ulght Sweats,
Catarrh of tha
All these disr-nsr-p are serious "in them-
ecIvch, anel ii '-i"1 jiromptlycuiQil in thei
early sdiges an; the certain lore-runnel's nl'
CoiiViiiiipVion in i'.s most terrible) forms,
l'sye-hine eonquen? and cures Consuiiip-
tiem, but it irf liiuc.li easier and safer In
prevent ils .development by usiiif; Psy-
chine. Hero in a'^unplc.of thoiis.uuls o!
voluntary and unsolicited statements from
all over Canada :■;,
Ur. T. A.Sloeuin, Mini led:.
. Cieiitleiiien,—I feel it inv ituty to anvloo you
•ol llie- rciniirlJ»ljlf en e ndei-tcil by your l,»ycliiii«
curt Oxoniiilslem. ivhich l;n\e i-mnu under my
iiuisonnl uliwrviition. Tlsii-o 'ni'ii, ucll known 10
me Alliert Towiise-nil, IIm:e-l lli|>so:i mill John
Mt'Kuv, .nil ol SlK'ibuino Oomily, wore pro-
nouiii-e.il by Ihe !>c«t- liielloul • men to Imvc
con«iiiiiotion, mill tobclnciirabloninl beyond the
reuehol mcrtlcnl nlrt. They ii-ert- I'syehinc ami
Oxouiiilslon mill 1 hoy, nn> now in cood health.:
1 feel it a ilutv 1 owe to MilTrrli'K liuniaiilly to
.ttntctli'c-ofncli for the benellt of other MiiTcrem
from this terrible disease. . ..
Yours verv trnl v. '
leasder Mckenzie, j.p..
' -  - Green Horbor, N.S.
■ Psychino, pronounced Si-keen, is - for
sale at all up-to-date'dealers. If your
druggist or general Ktoro cannot. supply
von,' write Dr. T.'A. Slocum, Limited, 179
king Street Went, Toronto.
J. Barbeip/ L.p.s., n.n.s.,
L T. W    niock,   oppeisile  llie.   Bank
IJIlice limn-H-S 11 ."m." lei 8 p.m.
> Bellevue Local Union No. ^31 t>
4- John Clark,. Sec, - V.ellcvue, O
^ Alta. <>
^ '" .0
♦ ■--'■,.■' ^
^   Hillcrest  I.ocal  Union K0.1058   if
4   -Jas.  Turiibull,  Sec,  Hillcrest,   0
<► ' ■ Alia."  -'.' '     s      " 0.
♦' P
W.'.J. WrlRlosworth, D."D. S.
3^l!Jasr,TIsg■.",   "'.
Ol-l-ICl-: lirfKf!-        F '"to 12 Ujlll. J-n> ,f; I', i"
(i.o'J lo S ti-"'-
Oniee in Alex. 1. ':lsMlioi-,l£
over Slum's Haleo.-y...
iffevnie, ®. G.
Davky & .Laderoute'
, ■ 'X   GOOI) WAY.   -, ^     . \
to pleass  ciir^ful    house keepers  is  to >.
give   hcn:st    weight.   Oh, , we  don't -
say thjl. ■all.'.liute.hyis. d,jH'l  do  this"-
but    we   cannot     h::lp' ' eiccassioiially '
overluar'nj     our, leiely      friends when
they get to' tL-Uin^tlijin' expeiicnces. ;
lo please is to.supply e'nily "the best ,
meat. If'yon iruelvi with,us you will
learn just vh.it wc nicaii by lli.'sa
two' "ways". QUAl.iTY and .QUANTITY 'will'bo a lillle 'more-than you
expect..   . ..; " ,
(Qa'lgahy "Cattle Co'
r-«^ir —.■'■ 11 %m
KEltXlK,   -    -        -
n. 0
•Lundhrcck    I.eical j Union   No."
2275.  A, H. Bryan,   Sec., I.uiul-
brcc.k, Alia'.
'line's  lo  th'J stale-and  io'sell    their
cent." dividends on' this watered stock    produci  lo  tie "stale, to be distrihut-
-  ex-Mayor Stork. „ «
'-    Mcinwhile-there      arc  some   .other
• things going on.   Heavyweight,  local
■ lalent has lieeii busy',„and as a result
a    niisCurj    of ^ .water' and ., whiskey,
.. with a dash of gambling"thrown in as
a hoi relish has' been concocted   with
which lo tickle the'pnlatc. of  the all
ct lidding and unsuspecting voter.
The hotel nun, has got very   busy,
, and seems lo be possessed with    the
idea that his is the only interest that
needs looking after.
And ■ he is'righl;-    it elocs need ,a
' little'looking after.   Hut .as .there ■ is
maii'y  ,1 cup  'twixl the lip and   "the
slip,   it'will.be time enough  to slip
when llie' candida'ter have been trotted
"out-in full view. "
 o •
Mr. I'',. li, Wood Is probably the
ablest graduate of the school of modern and high liiiiiiiee! that Senator Cox
Jius I'oiiiided in this, country. , Sonic
even think iIi.k Mr. Wood is il.-Wlicn
therefore so able mid alert a geiille-
man elaims thai the electrical monopoly now seeking to entrench itsell
in this province ciiuuot gel access,lo
ihe Toronto piiperc, The World liejjs
to ns aire him llial as far as il Is
concerned uv will be only too glad t«'-
]iiihlisli aiiytliiiif,' he may have to say
mi the. mailer, io put in on our lirsl
page uraleM' a good heading and not
to charge him niiylliliig for it; mid we
iNtiud the sai,. hospitality of , 0111
ci|liimiis to Senator Cox, to William
Miirlii'll/.li'i to r'l'ciie'l'ick NU'liolls, to
Sir Henry l'eilaii, but draw llie line
nl W. li. 'AlcWiiliiiiiis, i-x-cily solicil-
1 r.
' There is n gwit deal to be suld
frrmi ihe prii 1, 01 view of tliesc gentlemen who have iuyi'sli.'d llicir nioiicv
ill I'U'i'lrlcil I'litcrprlsi'S.' They, had
tinii'.igi', llii'y took the risk and llu-y
M'liliircd into unknown fioltls.      The
to the men wh.i hold il.   We do ■ not
know at' this moment how many millions "of "wntei ce'.  slock  has been    injected Into the. Gibson companies   ,at
ITumilton,  al...i known  as the  Cataract group, buc ii. is'a good many mil-
Hems, and Col ..Gibson  is playing the
jjanieoof h!s .life to come out eif   h!,s
exploitations i" the Ambitious City iv
nilllti-millionaiie.    How niany of the-s ■
other pi'oposiliouV.'aru. similarly load-
,s:iy,   but we   hiuigiuc  that  the llrant-
ford  outfit,      the  London outfit,   the
local companies at the Kails and   the-
score or more  or oilier organi/aliem::'
that -are to ci me into the merger arc
allflulv wiilu'-legged.- We should say
there were'at least     thirty millions*
present or pre speclive,   of  water    in
ih:se  various  electrical    corporation;,
of this province, and thai the merger
which Mr,  Wood     and his associate's
have iii view would certainly be rcor-
gaui/,etl-wiili ii<n.-lfc..:u.-.ilimi._fifl.v. miU.
lions of wntcreii stock on which    th •
us;rs of electricity in Ontario'would
l;e  expected   lo  forever  pay  nl  least
three millions n year of unnecessary
tribute, besides paying lull price   for'
any power, light or oilier service they;
may gel, ; ,
Our suggestion lo Mr, Wood and his
nsrociiili'S i,< to sit down and first
S|iiee'/.c out the' water from their slock
and then sell mil or turn over , llicii
proposition to the people, They are
entering upon ,-, hopeless task. In the
end the people \\ifl take over there
enterprises, The public have come lo
see what llieiv rights are, what they
ran do by organization, and they
How know llur. the day of the public
utilities' iiiiddii-niaii entrenched behind'
watered stocl is soon lo end forever, Or I hoy can even modify, step
down mid ofTct to sell their 'transmission lines or rent their transmission
ed by the state to municipalities.
I'm I once" and for all they must abandon' this_ ide.'i of forcing the people to
pav tribute on anv forlv or liflv '.nil
lions of water j 1 stock,
', I,et us, lell our readers what, the
pcojdo and0 what, some great men
ihinl: ed watered - slock, • what some
of-the pcop'e who have studied the
question think ol 'Watercel slock. • To
speak for 0111 selves lirsl:    We    believe
"j. ci; CUMMINGS*
'»-    Ollke:   L.T.W. Block
' .-■ Fkunie British Colunilmi
^    • brcc.k, Alia'. <$
♦- '     ♦
„..■- 0"
^ . I.ellihridge Local Unioi,.No!'S74 ^>
^   S.  A.  P., Cpibb,.   Sec.',   I(clh- ,0
4 -bridge,''Alia. $
♦ " ■."■''' 4\
4>W ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
'♦ ^
♦ 'Tabor I.ocal Union ' No.' 102 §
^ John Pisliop, Sec.,' Tabor, $■
^ Alia., f O
♦♦« ♦♦♦♦^♦^♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦<>$'
♦ ".'.".■"♦
^ Tabor'; l/ocal Union No. 1959 ♦
<$> Alfred Proberl, Sec, Tabor, ,<?
4 -.       Alia.     I '"             : O
♦■ ■>
4- Canmore Local Union No. 13S7   <g>
Kerr-.'& Go.
jontractors7- and - Builders
Is a pleasant .home
■v fori the traveler.
. 8 I
rians, Spccificalions and Esti-
mates -furnished on  application.
,      Pler.ly   of   GOOD J)IIY" I.UM-
WM ON  HAND."   -..      -!.  ■
.,.' li. a'.'KKRR. .,-   ",-
Architect      and Superintendent.
■  'OlHeeat Ivesidcncc.
BAKER ST..   - -     -'    KKRNIE.B.C
Tintr tiro*-"lyrnion of-wtrrer'iiTrrt-iiTnr
b.-eu iuje'Cte.l into the great mass of
the .siCinities of the Vniied Slates
is the.likely cause of a great impend-,
ing fuiuucial crash across the border.
The Unite 1 Slates, today is full of
prosperity and yet'!' full'.of financial
dread. The'great bulk elf this; watered slock, llie-.c billions of watered
sioek. has gb.'c into the hands of the
1'inning eoipe liitions jiif the United
States. The people who are supposed
to have i'nvo.tcd in them have drop-
ni'd.riul. and K'ft..ilie..loaninLr.concerns
lo lake care ''o- Ions of these paper
sce'ii.rili.'s, aiivi , for agood many
moiitlis now these' great loaning concerns,'represented by banks, by., trust
companies, by great capitalists,, have
been carrying these slocks have tried
ti hold iliciu up in the -market, and
have in 11 wav siiecseded in' doing so
to dale; but, there is a dread ,.among
tlieni r.ll th.it, they will not be able
i.ii'.ch longer to keep things .where
they arc, and that if the "dam Hint
.I'iey so .rur susliiiiied should ''iCiV,
there would be- a linancial Hood, f'.ic
like of wliicn never was,known ti llie
American l\.«-t 1 blic, Uni.'l a rca 1-
justnu'iil'tal-.i'-j place and a great deal
ol this ui'.ier is squev/cd 011;: 0'
llorxli'd out of American seciii''1. i»
Iviiropean investors, ,aiul Ciinndt m !''-.
vestors ul least, will not lie tempi'Vi
<*- Banklicad Local Union Ko: 29 <»►
^ John ffiggins, Sec'., llankhead <,
$ '..Altsi._..   ' --..- <*•
City of -Fernie;      ,j|
"■" --'    " >\>
ANCfT.ICAN—Christ    Church- *J.
. Rev. 11.  Skelding Wilkinson, •"•
pastor—Services, ' 11     a,   in, ►!«
and    7.30    p. .  m.    Sunday., •!•
School    and,  llible class  at. >I«
a.30  p.   111.   Evening   prayer •>
on Wednesday  at S  o'clock, »;«
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd ■!«
Sundays   at   n a,    111", and »"•
2nd Sunday ct ,V a, 111, •!•
(Coiiliiiued   011   1'age  3-)
l-'KHN"! »■".     C
Wholesale Groceries, Flour, Feed and Camp Supplies
•!•                                         ■ *!•
Ml'TIST-Kev.      II.      T.ocUe >J-'
Kcinpton, 11.A., 11.Th., past- •J"
or.   Services at 11 a. in. and .J*
7,30   p,    in,   Sunday   school »J«
and llible class' at 2,30 l).m. •*-'
l'l'iiyer .inecliiig  em   Wcdncs- •{•
day nt 8 p. 111. •!■'
II. I'll.l. .- , A.WlUlMAS
,-BELL &'.\VILDMAN.-.„
, ■ Con'riU'toi-.i mill HuiMcrj
.•   . • Estimates l-'iunislied
~" Slorni DoWS^rt~VviTTueT\vF '-^
Shop:- Corner Ildwlnn-I Ave soul Mi-KvcySt.
-„• J' 0. Jlox I!."'-"', 1'crnio. Jl.'O
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WINE   C0V  Lid.
Wholesale Dealers aiui Direct Iiuport-
ters of . "'
,  SCOTCH AN1\   .      .
-. LONDON* DRY'" •     '
OLD TORI . '   . i   '   .,
' \ ■ POMMERY   '      .     /  ".'.. ,
.   CHAMPAGNE   -        '        ?-.'  ".
Home  Grown  Fruit
for"  Pacific    Coast
Field     and  Flower
Large slock  o!
and   Ornamental
Grown   Garden,
Seeds  in season.
Greenhouse Plants,'Cut Flowers.
Catalogue   I-'u-e. , ■ -- •—-'   -   -.
M.  J',   HKNliY,
'  3010 Westiuinsler Road,'
Vancouver,  11.  C
vSCIILI'fZ BEER, ■    "
Roosvilfe & Elko
■sec* jfMirTWM^ysi.^-jwpr^JEjacjMs:**
.".Thr're', is. nothing' from a hatchet,
to slilil the kindling wood to Ihe
.coiiiplete.e'iuUjl for    an exploring
;cspcdilion whith  we  do not^ supply at  a  reasonable  price.
Hardware, Harness I Saddles
FVlineVs, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, G-.oe'cries, Fa'iu I111-
pleinriils. .and ' Jlnciiiiicry from
Sl;'iu'Wiiidiii^ .Mouse . Traps to
Cycle-ne Slacker.-), lndiun Curios,
Souvenirs of Rtiosyille niiel^ Klko,
Raw,Furs and l'lesh...Produce from
- ft   .     '•    .. »    i =    ' ■
J;.'   Tobacco Plains
<(.'..      .     -.
shipped em  ' order froiii    IClko lo
any pari east Oi  west,
Send   orilers   lo   l'*!ll;o.
Dig ..AGnine . 'Hi.liters . oiilfillcd
Willi' supplies^; Pack' llovses aniid
Guides. . .  ,    , .. „.
Stile Agents in Canaod for
Windsor     Tonic,      Jag    -Destroyer.
CATirorjC—Clnii'cli     of    tins
. Holy  Family-Father  J,  ".I.
Tr.ivcinier, '    O.W.I.      Low
mass, 8.30 a. in.; high mass,
10,30 n. 111, Sunday school,
2 p, in,  Evening"service, 7,311
m*v i^:^u^^^^-^mjt1ejn^riminm^'
j The A. J. Burton Saw 0©
Ai o. Bui'iorty mui*.
Miinuf.K-lurer or nil   .Solid
nml  Inierletl Toolli  Suws.
UV rnrry in .slock and am
Mipply at s'nort iiuine
Send Us Your Orders
Vtiniiiii»*itt'f u. G.
Wood Split Pulleys
(llial will not slip)
All Filing Room
Supplies at Right
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
•J«     a p. in,  Evening"service, 7,311  .|«
.j. •!•
,j. .j.
►|.„ l\lI-,TIIODIST-Ui'V, W. I.ush-
ley1 Hull, !!,/»., I1.11-, imstor.
tServici'H ul 11 11, 111, and 7,311
n, m. Hililc class 3..I0 p. 111.;
coinliiticd Hlhlet class and
teachers' meeting, 3,30 p.111.
Class meeting, 10.15 11. in.
Young p'ople's nici'llng,
i\Io|idiiy ut J> p. 111. Prayer
meeting Wednesday nt Kn.111.
.j, ■      .j.
•:«  " .. *
-J- PlU^'P.VTF.rJA^.' ITu. :.   •',-
•J«      chuvrli--Kcv,   IT,    11,   Gvnul,   >','
•J»     11,A"., pastor. Services at 11   »J
.J«     n.in. and 7.30 p.m.   Sunday
•J«      sclionl    and    llililu class    nt.
•!•     9.30 p, in.   Prayer   iiicelinc;
.'- '  1\\.■!:.•.■•!..'!■ ;:',  H v. :;:
, M1NIN0 ItkdUliATIONS,   .
Oiul.-Ccinl InniU iniiv I'm lUiiclmfiPil nt Hil
inn-urn. I'm- mil, niiiliiiiilii'ii fur iiiitliriiiillo.
.Viil, iiiii-olliiiii ,'tM ncie'i (-mi  ln> iii'Mlili'i'il l'.V
llllll i III I Mil I'II I III'l'NIIlll.lllV, lldjiili.v' at thii
I'lllu lll'll'll |.,.|i|i, nor lull III -J,IKm )KlUllll>J hllllll
liiirolli'i-tuil (,n tliiif(l'riMiiill1|illt„ ,
((Mini 1..—A lien iiiliinr'i. coitilliMitfi is Kriintrd
11 |mii inu'iiiiuit, 111 ml viiiii'ij nf r.r» imr 111111 um lur
an Imliviiliiiil, 11111I IVo111 .-.'• 1 In ^-lliil pur mill 11111
lur 11 (uillipiiii.v ni't'diilliiit lo cniil'.iil.   . ,
A ft ok m Iitci-, liuvliiic illfci'iivnioil mlniiritl in
liliicii.lliiiy liiciitu iteliilm l,,','.ni K 1,'illU leeit,   .
The li'i' I'm' ii'i'iiidliiK iu'IhIiii In Ifi.
" At If'ii'.l fl(i'.iniun1 he ixii.iiiilnd on Ihu elnlin
I'ltell.Vi-ill-nr I'liiil In I lid liiinlllij I'lieDl'ilnr ill
lli'U I In-rimr.   When ','i",il linn 1'i'Hli i.xpoinluil ill
pit ill, Um 1 11 .ir limy, ilium lur, ln« 11 hiuvey
iiunlii, nml u|hmi i-iiiii|ilylim mIUi. ntluir h-
iiulii'iiii'iitn.piiri'liiiui 1I111 lunil.iit'l ah nern, -
Tim imleiit prnvMi'i. I'm- Ilia iniyiiiuiit of if
ni.yiilty nl vi pi-i ct'iiL mi iliu Miles.
J'l.Ai'in nilniiii; i-liilniii i;ii|i<iiull,v nro Inn fnit
t-il'iari'i iiiiT,-, li'i- -,,' it'll- iwili'e jcirly,
A frim niliiiT ii.ny (il.tiiln Iwu li'iimm tn
iliiiilia liii'i.'nlil nl llvu inllriii-iii'li lni'ii litriu nl
mi'iileyi'iii-, ii'iii.wulili'nt, Mm dUni'dtiim iif
lin JM1 n 1.-1<>]■ ul llin Inteli<,r,
'I'Iih lu.v.i'ii 1.I111II hit veil ilri-iluu In opi'iiitliin
wiiliiu mil! MMhiin Iniiii llie iliitii nf tint Ii-iii.ii
lur iiii'li tan luiliu, Jli-iital irinini'iiiiiiuiii lur
ij.uli   mllu ul  rh'i-i- liu^ii,I,   lliiyiillviu iliu
llltli III l'I pH'IVIll llllll e-l til mi 1 Inn,ul put ul-
tnr II usi t>nl.i i |:i,i;iii,
W,  W.  COWKV,
Ik'li'.ilv Minister of the Interior,
N,   ll,«-Uu*ynlii|ii/oil   |\^l'illciii;lloii   ol
llns iiiherlisiiiii'iil will not Im pit Id
'i      ■, . ' •'
"    General Merchant .
. and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
:h:estra I
■  Is now.ie.-.ily ic piny lor all diir.ct'S'.J
J in the ciiy :uul -oiiiriiJe—-i'roin 3 le^ <
'<V l^cce's,    (iood iiiii-.ic wliie'h will Q
s.ilisi'y" e\er\l-ii'iiy.    \\V  |--l.iy  all'^,
iip-in-d.'iie.illicit', '~Q
Orcliesliir iniinl   be cr,i;-.'!;;oel one
A weeU in aelvaiuo,1'"
^ l'*or  furilifi" p.iiiii'iili'.ni  w liie'or" 1
^ rail nl Tlios.  Max/anohile's Shoe
p-MnUiiH;   Sliop  lieiween   Waldoi'l'
*IIoli.'l and ]\'.>\ Dliie'c, d
i^'^MS/^-^V^ ■^.'Cia, 1V?. Wfe -^-d
* ■ ■■. i    ■»-»—.■» "^
«*/■ i'A'rJttJMlOJ'J   JioJllli. JMlitlSTUV'ffn
trjsrionsr  la.3D333L
Crow's    Nest   Special
— ANI)
Minor's Favorito ClRnrs
i-v*it*M »»F^^wwrtM'•»*■*♦**<•* iwqxj fyyiys
I.nidlaw, Hiintliiy—Kiicif drill
7 n. in.
lIolinciiM meeting it »J«
n, 111.   l'Prce    mid     Ivasy," »!•
3.30 p. in.   Sundav school, 3 »J«
to 3,   Salvation   niretiiij;,  f> »j«
p.  in.   I'.M.K.  inccting    on •]«
Alondny at 7.30 p. m.   Sal- »J»
v.tltoit    meeting    Wednesday •{«
ftl 8 j».  m.   S/iltHer*'  unci- •{•
liijf,       Kridity,      Tfitinuuiv •!•
inciting Suturiiiiy at H p. in. •{«
<?"'♦ '• '1'•'■'? 'j' '•;"'■? ,'$"ifj-t-vt"i;'v i wt*&&'i*i'
/.,,'             '                         • <»>
•*>   KI.K NIVKli  1,01101'; NO,  35 *
■§,               A   K, .St. A, M, <?»
$•   licgidar ine.'tiiig held lirsl Vrl- <J>
J-       «l,l^        III      V.'lli      |l|,,.IHf.        ll.l.HllU St'
.;    li.iliiiu   (1 r.ll.iP./   invili-d -t.
.j.   .1,  [i.  VOI.VMIC,' Sec,  l'l'iiiic, Q
.■i'.t-i Jv^t-.'i.V-Jvf-J '♦■•♦• i'-'J^M<fo'*-S<i,
A?                      ( *
efc mt, Vi-'.hni^ i.nnc.i', xo.".i7 *
\js                        ».   w,  M,   i". 'V
<k-   Meils (.Very Wednesdiiy evvliilij,' ^j*
'•>   at 8 p, 111.', in I. <>. O. K. Hall <&
■t'   V. C.  l.AWlv, Rcc-Scc, Kernie <$>
<i> -^
(♦.i't.i  »•*'#   •■♦'. J'fii''i'.i''♦•»'-»'-'^'»-'W'-''fe
.;, fr
\,       KK.UXIK I.OIKIK NO 31 <j)
\\        KMC.IITS ()[■• PV'l'flfAS •'*•
Me-et'i in I, 0, 0, I\ Hall I'Viry ■•>
Ylmr-d.iy evuiiug at X o't-loik. <*\
Visiu'ii;; 1 r»thern arc cnnlially ••>
invit'd. '♦'
.1. s. vt'Ji.rrijic, c. c. <\>
V. f. V.V.WAVVU II. II. ii s, <■
]< 0'ily ohp uf a liiinlrrtl illirtrvnt
Hli'ipitini I nl/.i)'niir II lirl liiriinl
nil In, V.ia p.irf.'ct 1,11.11 y o' l!ni
li.'hi'.uil lllili.lill Willi ethiOi (hi)/
11 rii 111 nln, ipi.illi'hH Ilium an tlio
Sh'Htos S'x-Pcnnv Pip?.
iTiir.v wn.ii ::ot nuiis.'
T.l.lV Wil.l. NOT CU.VCK,
I' [.very ri.11 Cuor.nUi'tl,
!<;otn n c\\^\ pir tt-.
JihI rv'ineiii'ioriui la.k eir        . \
'"S;« Bran J" Pipes  "
'   Kor Sale at the
Club    Cigar   Store
!     AV, A. IKCKAM, Prop,
Phono 91.       •      •      Kerniij, 11. C,
. " 50 Ooo-.3: Woods-
men wanted by
The 10! k "Lumber
Co. Apply sit tlio,
O.fErcu or at. IIoh-
1110 r.
The Bk Lumber CoM
Fcrnic, li. C.
The contrncVom of Pernio will
plcane tnU notice that After April
m, |ijo6 the Curptntcrs nml .loin
mm of Kernie I.ocal 1330 will tic.
mand four dollar* (4.00) for eight (8)
lionrs'- work.
U. TI. of C. h J. IT. I3M, Tcrnle.
MinariVn I.liiinn-nt Cnrt'H Distemper.
In the- mutt'. eif the- Art ivf.pretinj;
I'tTlalii Wurku ii- ami live;!' ii'itniii-iiav*
itjiililo wntiT", hfliit,' Chnpter 33, It,
S. C, ifiKh,
NOTICM Is lii'i'i'',iy"j;lvi'n Hint, unu
imiillh after date an appliculiuii will
liu iiiu'lu lo tliu. Onvi-riinr-iii-Ciiiiiii'lf
liy  lluk-.s Hiiii;.stiiu  Kus'i and .l"St'|ilt
IWlitii'le: 111   i.'i •,     s.ili.Ull,1,  11I1   iV,i;.lllt>i
al I'I,kiitoitili, ii. the I'nuiiH't' ul llrit-
isli Coliim'ii.i, t.inh.r t!ie' li::n n.iiin- <»!
Uiihh Urns, ami Cuinpi'iiy,' iiiuler the
provislciitM 01 tin nlimv A.'l for permission In roii.sli'iiil i1,i,iis, huriiii.'i
and oilier impirveine-nts (or loeiejilnJ
and saw iiiilltnji ]jiii-|!nsi's in Kodti-n-
ay River in fvnilh ICast Knoitniiy,
llritish Coliiir.liin.
The plans <if the vvtuls prnpnail to
lit- e'nusini.-till and 11 iii"tiii]iliuii n|
the Kite tlietrol Hnrc hcen "deposited
With llie llr-.ii.ti.'r of I,:iml TiiK-. ,il
NVls.'in, 11. C.'niiil with tlio Miitister
•if 1'uMic Vnr:.i< at Olt.'.w.i, tlntniio.-
\\'.']V. (U'Ul),
S'"li<it<.r fir t's<- Ai'-iIi.'HiU
Dntr.l ,'M fi.'iil-roiil-. H t" . «ltl<«
Ji>i iliy "f IKttitiUr, A. U.  iy*'..
• -•31 T^B»ta«s^.«,hp^«rtra^auv^.t^^^.^^**«^-^^-^ft>1IIM:B^S!SKBm^iKW*-;« i'.-,^. *:^v«pt,T.-sv:r.*:^?:^fe;SM.-ii'"A*'iMrk,."J«,
y c-
,      {:  THE ISSUE'\
, -, -
-(Continued from.P"ag«-2.)" '   -.
into ihe^Aiiieiican niarkeV.-- As'U-.Uj'i '
"ter. of fact, the great bulk of American ■ securities cuce held 'in Kuxope
have bejut sent back-'to'the liui-1
States end the 'money recalled; ami *.u
consequence thereof tluei'great" Kitinn.g
c..nctrns'vof tHei -.United Stale* have all
Utica, ,N. Y., on .November 1st last,
Hon. Elihei Root, secretary of. .state
at Washington,"',the'1 ablest lawyer "in
the i United --;- States today, .• and ^-a
statesman -. a-s well;'*started'.out to'
e-iiu'incrate1 sdhie of "the evilsHh'at had
to be met by.'iMr:' Roosevelt.and his
cabinet He said:-- " :-;:S
: The managers o£. many great . corporations, not satisfkel with-.the natural increase, of   '-'successful' business,
have enormously increased their cap-
their funds occupying.-'tlic position '»f ka]i-,atio„ beyotiel'"either, theif invest-
a sponge to  this watered "flood.
The problem of! watered stock exceeds alt'oilier questions'today as far
r.s this Continent is concerhid, find
while we have- statesmen in iVs.o.v. ■
try \vho\say that watered ^t?":k is ff
110 account, we" beg tb iHiiiit 'out •■ o
Mum thaUth: inodern public man now
soiiuwhit " prevalent in" the United
States, ijnen like Klihu Root, secretary of^stule^Governor-elect Hughes,
(if New'- York,' and President Koose-
'veil, lal.er'<iuit-',11 different view.
■'Ilu uUonie'-gx'nerat^ifi the Dominion. of.:Cauaela, the .lion'. .A. D.
1, ■
Aylcsworth,, who is also minister-'of
justice, 'and who has long been busy
as a corporation 'lawyer,- has, -since
he..l:oit'oHice, declared that watered
st: ck is of i:n»'concern' to the people
e.f.. tliis^eountiy'r'''
A. lb' Ayleswo'rlh iir House of   Commons .lui.o 4, lyofi:  .1, -       .   ".? .►
I may stani'iuiwMiow this'question
of capital stock: that'is-put before the
house strikes me. I see no difference
1 etweeii ' llu .proposition .that the
company wiil inve,st a certain amount
'of money iti 'works'within Canada-,
fiul the proresition that. some, wealthy individual will cUr so. Surely it
makes >-no dil'ev'ence. tb 'the country
whether5 the'money, coincs from soine
single person 01 frbm.semic hundreds
of thousands of-persons,. Then what
' would1 aiyone say if a'niati came'before this., parliament . offering,, upon
'the conditions' 'named in the charter
of a private company,! to invest •'for
o-.o,ooo: in  Canada?   Would   .that ■ be
(.'■ ■    -     -       '''i.  ,■    ■■■ •" •>   -,''»
treated as % menace'to'the country.':
It semis    to liie that we hayco. no
peril to fear i/'we'fix'anv amount we
I ^l    . . . r      ,    -
ehoose to mention as the limit of the-
amount pf slock'which the company
may have power to issue.;     -•   ■    '
A. • lb >Avlecwortli   in  House of Commons June 4,   !9o5. * ,.'    .■*
I may, be greatly heterodox in these
matters,"but  I  confess I cannot    see
my objection to the company having
the most unlimited borrowing powers
•-if   thev ,cau  bud  anyone  to   lend    to"
the.in. ■>/                            »„
-din-oprnuiL—n inns-iO-jiiwin=v— «■■-
"ie. iple?., "       .     „ ,
Mr. ?..Ayl«.worth—I   -have  ■• never
thought that money "lenders ' wanted
any special, protection.   No.one -will
leiid these people money unless he.is
sMislied will-  the securities, they - ol-
fer niul- also satisfied that they have
the   right   to''borrow,   An   individual
h;s uiilimitei borrowing powers, wh\-
,,'should'; not a body   incorporated .by
the law have similar powers.     .,
We do not. desire to even appear as
misrepresenting Mr."Aylesworlh, and
;if he does not appear to touch there a i issue (that' of allowing companies lo.jvater slock and to load .the
servie-'j ' concerned .with uuueeessury
dividends) it was because lie eliqse
to rather evade it nu'd to ignore the
public's interest' and to shield' hini'
self behind "the money, lender." lint
an exai'uiiiiitiot. of the debate contiguous deafly shows thai it was pre-
si tiled.to him
Now let ns te. come to u great pub-
lie lawyer who docs 'appreciate the
tiioriiiqiisiicss of the interest that the
public   have  it:  wtitettd     stock.   At
ln'tint or the.value"of their .'-'jjroperty
fairly..' tis&i~ in -business. "Much of the
watered stock has'been sol-el to ■ innocent investors,- much of it.has been
seemed -. by llit managers themselves
through'- variciis' devices . for. insufli-
cient consideration. These greatly excessive capitals anil the necessity. .of,
the paying of- interest upon thci'n
have stood as barriers 'against, the;
reduction of transportation on rates
or ,lhe prices of products to a point
which would secure a fair business return.'! '■ ' ' . - '"'>'•' ■'■■''"..
',J.el us quote, in closing, the words
of an able American, Rev. Lyman
Abbott, in a recent .number of ,'1'he
Outlook dealing' with this very rpeech
of Mr.' Root: '.. ."i"
, -Mr, Tvlihu Root's speech"  at   Uljca
deserves      to  take   rank   among ■ the
niasterpieces ,of ■ forensic eloquence. We
refer to it -litie,  however, neit because
if is 'a great oration; but because   it-
eotilaitvs  the clearest,•• simpjest . and
t'nost concise' slate-meut wc lla've*"seen
of the corporate ■evils with .whichjthe
Fc-elcral    Goveiniiient  has   undertaken
t-j.dear, and, of' the. measures   '.whicli
the Federal Governinent has titkcn to
correct  them:'     Mr.   Root   doe's •'. not
eondcuiu  corporate  w;ealth;-.,. what he
coiidenins is the'course   which -in'ahv
■ - * .    '
great icQrporations. have' taken:   i.- -To
restrict production, .lower the' price
of raw-material,:and raise.tlic. price'
of the lini'shcd" product. 2. .-To, crush
out' '"competitors' by unfair'' coinpeti-
titton, espccialh •'by obtaining-unfair
rates1 from the' railways. 3. To combine'-with the railways ,in; sequfiiig
special favors,-by whicli .the.big corporations a have driven 'fheir '..weaker
competitors to .tne wall. 4. To create ,; fictitious values 'by, watering
stock, and the consequent jinjustie* tov
the couimunity which has growu'out
of the supposed'necessity of'. paying
interest' upon the- watered stock. ,5.:-
To keep secret' their administratieVn,
mV.kingJ rcdresi-i .through the -courts
almost ■ impossible. 6. 'Added lo the'se
evils is'the unw'illmghess or inability
of 'tlies>Statcs'0to-deal with sucli cor--
]ior.\tions;' Mi:  Root" does not  'men-
.tioiirAvliat—we—rf<ra.i!il_asJ*jOHC_rjQf Uic_
greatest evils—tlm tenelency of such.
great' combinations of wealth" to cor-
rupti'the political administration* 'of
the state (and, let us interject, of the
municipality) by direct" or indirect
bribery. • ,   ;.   . .-
Conceive, if you can, in the light
of Viur experience in Toronto, -with
our present electrical companies, or
of Hamilton with the. Gibson outfit,
what would be the political situation
in this province, the municipal 'Situation in every municipality in this
province, wit'i a great 'big hundred
million dollar (hnjl J water) merger,
owning all Mui light, heat, power,
street railwnv utilities, controlling
the press, controlling the aldermen,
controlling the -provincial government
end taxing lis they see lit-^up to the
very 'straining point—all of us,- It
would be ti! servitude more galling
iliair that which ancient conquerors
'imposed on the unfortunate victims
Vf their, war lust.-'-Totonto. World.
plicable toTcrnie and existing eoiidi-
ttons^lier-; a> ti < rgh the writer Hvi :1'
in our midst." '; ,
--It.is the pernicious dominating of
everything, '"through cheap araermeii
and other officials, ■ w-hiclin*fpolirting
everything until a prcnieditateeV crini-
iftal can get'-elear of piiiiishiiwiit|while
innocent people"; who dare .to'1- ejppose
this "public lepre--sy are draggcil to
prison ,rti..fi.lsc. charges preferred; by
the. lowest '.scum-.pk the social world.
When will the end---come? •>•£-' -
—- o~ '■'    "   .
" ■-  "TAKK-xtrncK."?'/
■ We -puJdiidi simple,1 straiglit tcsti-
nicnrils, not press agents' interviews,-
from   well-known   people.
From all over, America they testify
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"    '   ~—o  ,...-.•  .<■
nurvk:' * ''\
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ain't.had iiothin'.—=.   '" "•'" V •* • ;: ■>-•
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kitchen, poor man; and'you"shall', be
'fed. -    .    ■■!■ * V*'.   ■■■ , -.
' ta/.y I.arry—-Aw, say, dal's apurty
long walk, 'la'lfy-j. couldn\t .'yer.haiul.it'
out. here jist if \yell?—-The Catholic
Standard'Times.      <   .'V'     ''- *•-■ ■•'■-
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Virgin' Oil of " Pine "(Pure),- one-half
ounce; .Glycerine, .:■ two ounces;, 'Good
Whisky,' a half pint. Shake well and
take in teaspoonful doses, every: four
hours.'' The desired results can not" be
obtained unless the' ingredients are
pure. It is therefore better to pur-
chase-;thc ingredients ■ separately : 'and
prepare the. mixture yourself. Virgin
Oil--of Pine' (Pure) .shoiiiebbc purchased in - the original ,half?ounce vials,
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Kach vial is securely.. sealed in a
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the i wooden case is an engraved wrapper with' the name—."Virgin Oil ol
Pine ' (Pure)"—plainly ••.printed, thereon. There, are,, many imitations and"
cheap  productions, of: Pine,  but  these
ilt-iHtili.^ £T> *■'•> *'•* \U\ia \1* vV i\U \f* *.W> \V *»/ *V «1»*t+ «S. *J> \l* vf/ *x* \V
A writer has stated there are "only
iw'o really bad th'Dge on earth-
sin and biJe.   Misdirectedtaiction
, is sin.: Misdirtc.ed bile'iabiliovis-'
':: ncss.'    When   ytu   are bilioufs'
'I every thoygl t pt> focd-noay..bu.
rauseoup.' JLtyer'y time 'ttie-'room;'
gets wkrm you may feel-sick N
If ycu tjhink of ibod—sameresult..
if' yculhurry or move .quickly—,
tame wretcred ■'eeling!-' .Head-.
.ach«; turning off with vomiting
spells are also marked symptoms.'
£11 this arises .'from misdirected
. b.lp/* imt: erfect. liver .aqtion,- and
• Li er'ns cure thete symptoms as
"surely as the day follows night I
Mrs. Tong, of lleilfc.fciys:—"I  suffered
f 10111 hiliousiH»s for*jieiirS J„. Sometinies I.
was so bud. I positively eoiild -not"mind !
■ -Semes of.remedies proved idtogctlnT unequal to a. euao so'bnd kn mine.   Uilenns,
■■'',' lmwevei\ to my delight efficted a bomplute
cure, and what. ia-better.Jit,ill.;IIittve3ifcvei
had an'v bilitnisiittiick bincb!"    -'""'
' .) .    -   •_ ; 2 1. .      . 1   ''    .
Mr! J. Wright, of Weber Street, Ucrlin, Out.
ie piotn iicut iiiusiciun, foinioily a incniLcr
nt thei fainoiiH Kilty's Hand', gives hia tea-
linii'iiv to liilvnns. '   ..      .   , . _
Ho savs:—'• 1 BufiYriU.; fpr .yeaj*"' witji
I'.il I'lisno h rend Headache*.mid Fjtent I11111-
diols ntVdolluni on Uoclora and Fo-ealled
leinedies.. From this expenditure, however,
1 got ,110 be-iu-lit and bad abourrglvi-n up
indespuir when a friend.ndviBud niCi.tQ. try
Uileuns. 1 did so, and the lirst box seemed
tndon'ie son.egood; so I porseveroel with
this reii.edy', and th:eo boxes woro audi-
cioi.t.to cil'ro 1110 completely.'.This testi
iiionial i" entirely    „ .
t in'any.
J, i. 11   .i.ir        , Iti.
§ ■ Watch,jt Increase,  ah you have
Vo 1110 completely.",,^This testi-
ulirely iihjtonettpeji, aijcb Jot* have
niyjperinissieiii to use it in'an^.way which'
won d benefit fellow Btiffe:
y    vTRY
If you mo one
or.ly.q create nausea,
the-desired- results.
aijd  never
Tlicy arc a certain cure for
face ami *Mn raslicn, eonstipn-
. .     llllcaim a-c oliUelna'i'o from nil di-iwgl*l'<i al 3flc. aliot.
P"'iniliBCitirtn', hllioinncM. lieailnulip. Iihmil liiiiinrltlc;, face, ...—      , „   ,     „-
tio'i. p les ileliilUy.. f. ni.ile nibii.-iit-. nml lfie«.iai'il w. rheunin 1^"..^iT' " "'
mid ki'ni-t- coiniilainl. nml a 11 iiiienl* leil-lnp from iiii|io«"Cct On* wrcVion
' 1      a"l li'iUioii.   Post free fi 0111 llio U.lean Co., Toronto, upon vccelpt of price, or 6
boxes for §'-'.S0.
,,.-. 4
;do wiUi 'a .Savings- "Account^ is to  start it and.
'keep  it. going—then   .watch   it- grow.    Doesn't-
take "loiig  for  it  to  count   up  to a. considerable
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Kooins    reHerved
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All tliis whicli was written for Tei-
nniln   un I (itiliirto readers Is ns (ti>-
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Hi it. Cli'ef Cciiiiul.ssli.na' of I.aiul.s
nml Woik'H for a npuciiil license to cut
i lid carry away liinl:cr from the following dj.scrlkd laiuls situated on
thu Ko'oU'iuy Ulvisr. Nuilli lCusl
UooUiiay uUtrict. ,s    '
Ko. i .'-Comiiieiticing at a post
lili.nU'd m t)u> ('list nI<1.> of tliet Koot-
itiay river, nlioiit two niilus north
ul tlus norilunr bounilnry ol Lot 45>ji)
tU.ncc .4ft» iliifm nortli, tlicncu Ko
eh.iins weKt, tlicu'cciSo vhuia.i south,
ih.ne'u Ho eluiUH ciunt, to place of
1' l. •       0. \L R.HOUI/fON.
OctuUr 4lU,, MJ06.
c. ii, c. non/ros'.
Oclolur 4lli,   I'M,'
Ko. /\.~Coimiii-iu,:n^     at     a   .wi
pliiiitid ut t1i,i nuilli riiM nuii.'i'   eii
fjilllll  No, ,1,    tll.ll.'L'  Hii illiiill.s  lluvlll,
llJIie'u lo ill.titl.i Vii:.'l, til, II i' H'lill.iiii'i
soii.il, ill. life f'o cli a ill-. wi'St, lo lihu'ei
Of'   I'Mlllll.'lia'llllNI
n irlli w.Ht I'Diui'i' of Limit No. (>,
th sire Na elnius n:>rlli, thcucc So
iliaili» wi'St, lh.ii.e- Hn'elniiiin soiilli.
tllL'l!!** Ho ilin'iu cast, to pliici! o'
S•'■ O. II. O. HMTI/rON*.
Octol.cr /|tti,   W*.
i),   ii,   t**t \* n i *v.
DiUlur .,-jL.   J',-
for the Young   Folk
For   the   Old   Folks
 !         AT         — :
The Palace Drug Store
H» f. McLean, Mgr. I
No. ?.—Coiiiinvticln^ at a post
plnnted at thj soiilhwcst coiner flf
I.itnit No. I, th.nce Ho chains south,
tli.iuc Po »U.iiri.i V.'Vil, '.lleUt'i 8f
ihiiim north, th.ncv 8o thair.. cast,
ti» l»liHei nl eoUiiilvtUvlilvUl.
Oclolcr 4tb,   im/i,
No. 5,-CrtKinrnf'n/, nt :» "'-.w
plnliU'd at i!i.i liu'lh v,v-.t*et.iinr .»of
Limit No, .1, ill mv ■•'• ilnin. iwirili,
ill.n«v in ill i.ii • u>l-i, it" "'i v .vi eii un.
Dlltll,   lll.U.e:  HO  ell.l II.  e..O»t,   lO pliil'M
of coliiiiiiiicciii.nl. :'
(1. II. li. r.UliJ.TON'.
Octol.cr 4ill.   Vt*>it.
No.   S.-Coiiiimtcinj    nl    n    post
li'nliti'd i ii-' It sir iiiilu     cast ()f    tile
11 1(4il n..il eiilli.l i^ i.illni .iiu. t,
ih j.v. ."" Jn;a. Jn-Jlh, llin.i' K-'1
ih.iiiu }Vi>t( tli.ncu Ko eluini sutitli,
t!; lief >'•► th tins fast,     lo olace    ol
(',, v.. C. H0til,Tt»N,
VKStlMT    'i'iJ'I,     4Si'*'.
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd '■•
Brewers-of Extra Fine
Lager Beer an (J Aerated
Waters,  lotted Goods
a Specialty.
i •
« s
« s
^^hhhlH^^^^hX ,*f»?*^^»f*H?»'fW'f^»f«|»»H.««
' Octolicr 4th,  i<j'i6
north   to  |iliuc   (if  coiiiiiien.'.'
0. JinUl.TON.
N,).   II.—tloilltlii'tlcillH     ill    ;\     pnsl
|)lniilwl at tit j north wi-u emu;-!  o'
l.illlit No.   in,  tll.lUe' Hn ell.iills  w»"<1
tit.net Ho eluiiH     Mituli, theiin-    K"
elinlns cast, thimv >«> ili.tins    n,,r It
lO   |llllCl!   Ol    I'OlllllllMHl'llll'lll.
tt. ii. c, i«in/roN
OctoUr 4th,  I'jiio.
No.   3,—CoiniixtiiiHjj     at   a    ]ioNt
lAuTiUd (Mt mile noiili ol Mmit   Ko
a. tJuiice; Co i.Iia.:n, so'ith. tluni-c J(f>'
(luis* wtit,  thenm V** thjintnbrih.
lh tire Ho eh;i«i     uist,  to )>\.tci!    o(
No '■ — t'liiiini ii.'ii" id fi J'nit
ttlantvd nl «h.» norih v.iM .mn-.-r of
'.imit No .'„ tli-'f" '" • h.-n- »' ''Hi,
tli.n.u    ■'•"   ih.ii!>1> u. stj Hi n.i.   t<>
<lnins  so'ith,   ih-r.i.-  :•' «hilii    e-.ist,
to pine.! of i< iinirii.iiti n;.
o. 11. tv uon/niN.
Iieli/Hr ,".tli,   1 "'>.
No.   13.--Coiiiiiiilicinjt    al    .t    i«>*'
pluntcd at the.' tioith went   eoilu'r «'
I.imi'v N0. 10, tlmuM h<> eh.itiis  «>-v.
llmi'c  fin  cli i<nt      tKitili    ih'iii-i"    H'i
ilixini cant,  th ncc Ho ilnin-.   tmiub
to ]ilsri! of roiiiiiicniTin ill-
Oclolxr 4th,   i«j^>-
Our e^kojis will    tickle U»> palats    of
• *t~   l|.ill«\   ta^    Abl.   *ui   h/*   UM)    W*.*J    1>1^.
\t\tf,    iVllI
No.  <*.—Loiimiiiiciiij    ut    »
li'ciiUil onu I111II mih tii.it of the
n-.nh west roinsr of I,imit No. 8,
ii iu<> 80 ilt.tint north, th.Oee &>
ihi'm wist, lhi-n:c Ko di.tini south,
ili.iii'v H>> ehiiitis iBJit, lo otacv of
e-.'.lFlin.-lif. 01, nl
O. H. O. MOriJON.
Ocl\\\n .1th,   KKA.
No.   n.--Chimin rn in,-    sii    .1
   plant-.d ,a liu n nlh u«'M iorii.-r
, I I.itnlt No. ««', »h n.c H<> thiiin north
,7„   thit.c    Ho ch;i:nt     tost,    ih nev H<
ih-iiiu Louth, th.nu-.Ho ih.iin* west,
to fiUcc of cniiiiiiiiitvtiiint.
Cf. 11. 0. iion/rnN.
tkld^r 4th,   I';**'-
TiiUii from the best stock obtain*
side, *nd lawfully cut «ovI triiniiKd,
__, j tbjy lunuol fail to ulcase you.
I" l I    Our nu-hts iirf    nil thoiec. and the
"' ' (irt'.ci   arc no liiglur   than you 'it iy
}ijy   l«r Iiiwer-j;ni4<
Mlh.'f u.
instk<tin^ '.'mi-
No. 7
.—Co 'inn. n
.11 Itili
■it   -,\    \'i»i
1.1 1  <»(    tli'
No.  io.--Com»Kncing
^■1 K'«d *m mile   wtit
Ut     M     O'llt
<4 th.- n..itlt
u-iM w»ii<i fit l.lmtt No. 0, tliin-efio
.hiiri-, i.kit, lli-ncv 80 t,!uini souilt,
ih n e;    50 etiiiiiii   west,    thince    Xo
No. 1-1.—Cowiik n< in;>( .nl a imM
jilanird st the Miiilh west min r «it
Limit No, Jo, Jli.ne.- *»' «lum-
with, th rt« M ihtin-. u%i, (h n.i
fo ilvi'r. notth. ihn-tf Ko ihiin.
Wi!*t, to |il»Kir ol funiiH.nccimnt.
,   OrtqUr  \\h, iyA.
P. Burns A Co., Fornlo
by the >tock or month,
Mrs. Clark
Minsrd «
rfllnt Ave.
ihre Hull
LimmtDi   C«r«s Oar^*t   t» »■->(-■■
. fHEFERNI;E,LED3i<R,PERNt£, -.B.C. ./JANUARY '5, 1907
Cured of Skm    Disease bv Zara-Buk".
.Once more -£ain-Buk| the/great'herbal balm, has been proved .'vastly superior- lo ordinary remedies, and has
cured where ■ other preparations"" had
signally failed.'- Three children in one
family have been- beak-el by- il. Thi:;
not only'shows the power of Zam-Buk
but <;Oes to prove.how beneficial its
pure herbal ingredients are' to -Uic delicate skin of children.
Mrs. .T. O.'llates, ofjuirk's Falls,
it-ports the case- referred to. She
says: "I tal.e\,j{reai;pleasure-,iiV'-rec-
ommcndimr ../ani-Huk ..as_-a etire" "-for
.skin disease. 'My three children   were
- i.ll broken oiit- with -sores'.' on- fftce,
liiinds and fe,-'..-.'Thi-ir coneliiinn .was.
pilable, and although I tried various
(intme-nt.s and salves, they, did-' not
se:m to be"ab!i'"to gel,at tlie_roof of
th; evil, ,aud' the .s'ore's'conliiiiit-d ' lo,
sprea-d. One <lay I ^saw^r report in a;
loeal newspaper, telling how beneficial!
Xin-lliik was foe skin diseases, ulcers,
etc.   I got a supply of the baliii   aod
'   applied    it ' t.i    the' children's  sores.
• Almost 'immediately the-y got relief,,
abd, the sores \,began lei heal.. *AU
though the skm-disease had'defied all
the s.ilvc-s I hail previously tried, ■ in
one week Xaiii-ltuk overcame ;, the"
trouble, and today, llie children have
not a pimple cc spot or. mark of dis-
e.ise-on their skin. -For-.this grand
result I have Zam-Hiik to thank. It
is a splendid healer.'-'        . .-.,.'
Zam-Iluk" is thus shown to be' alto-
' gelher different and superior to orelin-
arv remedies. • II. is  a  healing    baliii
compounded from saps and-essences of
the  linesL  known  medicinal- herbs.-   It
has high aniiscptic "power, killing djs-
e^se-genus which  settle'on sores ard
rrupliotis, etc ;-and, which setup fesl,-.
iii„r> bloeiel poison and suppurrftion. Il
cures ec/.unn, skin rashes, cuts, burns,
bruises,  abscesses,0ulcers, ncne,"blackheads,., ringworm,'  blood   poisoii,   etc.,
11  he.ils   cracked  and  chapped  hands,
cold sores, etc   -As an eii.ibrocation it-
is also widely"usedr ami gives speed:
relief in    case ■ of    niiircular rheumatism',1" sciatica,   etc'   Rubbed'-' on-, .the
chesi in case.-, of'colds,, it.re.iovcs the.
tightness  anl" aching. ,' All  druggist's'
sell at''50c. a box or may be obtain-.
- ed post  free from' the  Zani-lUik  Co.,
Toronto,,, lip-11   receipt- of  price;     six
boxescfor S2.50    Send one cent sj.nmp
,'   for, dainty   trial "box, "' '
. t- ., —o •■  '■■ •
Don't;, forget' our ■ Celebrated . Griffin'. Brand
Sugar Cured Hams ancT Breakfast 'Bacon. Arrives
weekly.    Try some and be convinced  that it  is. ihe
Best on the mnrlrrt   -"^f^
Pay Cash and Keep Debt in the Background.
m 1.
"~■"'iTast—wre!. - At 7\intx-aml""G"—Tt"~
Scolf closed a deal with .the \Ye.s'
Canada Collieries Co, by which,. lln
fi.;o acres l.t'irngiug to those', twe
geulKmcn, and which covers." twi'
mile.-i of the coal seams near Hlair
more, upon which the first locatio'm
of the West Canada Collieries is. located, , is trail-ferred'to the big'company. ' -   -  '
The. consideration was the snug
iiflle snni' ol $7,s,r/i!i, which goes if
these Uvo po] nlar. old Fernie 'boys
Our city will .soon be a 'comm'tii'iity
of coal ban us, hilt'such Jiiiroijs ni,
SUM/, and Scott . wcu't do us nuv
iiarni,' 'I'lu moro of litem thi', mix
rier. "
• This whole Cr'ow'.s Nest Pass v
r.rpidly oVvelr.ping into one prolonged coal mining camp, and leu inori
years will ,s.'i- live .times ns, iniinj
iniuers working in the mines than ar-
now hi work.
Messrs. Muf.',,and S,cottvare t\ynvo'
llie most .C'litciprising.. citizens, aiii'
lln' money they have finiuli', on thi;
ile.il will lie.'put to'wopk"'auii will Ir'."
eiriiing, for its owners more dollars
and the citv will roup its'1 shave of th'
benefit Unit nimble dollars are to ;
re .11111111111'v.
Coats arid
Now and up-to-date.
LADIES      -'-.   :   '-',   .-
Underwear and HosierV"
The inadc-to wear kiiul. :
'mens '.;;., v../- '">■:-.-;--'
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best tln>t is. "■■.;'/>
MENS    \    y   .""".,;.'';"•.; "
Overcoats* and Reefers
The sort that fits.
Cardigans "
The Best made.
world-widj in.its interests, and lis
no axe to grind. The annual sub-
-tcriplion include.-, lejofi Caricatured, a
most intcrtainiiig review of the' past
Sample■ cop,,' free of charge to any
address.- Tlio . annual subscription
price is $i.5'i, and the publishers are
John Dougall ,S.  Son, of Montreal,
Minder -.this'heading instcrtcd at the
rate of one cent, a word each insertion.-       , "■ ■ ■   r
WANTED—A good girl   for housekeep-
ing-pApply to Airs. J. li, l.awry.  ,
"Speaking (,j i,n<l boysv!/- HaidAVU'.'
C.'Miller, Sunday stliool .|irgaiii/i'i; o
Jli-trnil, "ami' llu- Inn in  they do", I ii
nieinl.er .an iiililns-- that   I mice mad.
in a Ih'lruil school,   I   bi'g;aii   my nil'
d ess by'.'t'|Ue'slio'niiig"'"il'i'e''i'lill'di,i'ii. '   ''
" 'CliildiVih'-'I-sa'iil, 'in; I look ill
yniir hiig'ut, hnppy fat;vs this-nllev
liiinii, I wniidt'i' what ki'iiu lalk I
villi iibntii tljal will interest ytr
inosl. Alayly Voll liili .suggest wlni'
I :dinilil i'i!k aljotil, 1 'Ciiii'i one o1
llusi ile in, smiling►hoyn, oi(« of thrs.
It'll l-ll.fl.e-,I, cli^'iliy gjils, lell tin
what 10 lalk nlwii'it?'
"Tli.re w.i< i<;; ri"»i'ioiisc..
"I pi iiitetl my linger towiii'ds a hn!
ill   !l   divliilll   I'lU'lllT.
" 'Vim, my-child," I said,"''yon tell
nie \1l11l   I   shall s.iy to  you-inniglil.
"Thr l.nv i.;   11   high, tlitii voice re
pliitl' " -« •        '      ,
" 'S.iv nothing and sit down.' "
nine 1,11   \\itn-. Ai< 1 ii'i,»-,;».
A  WivMy    Ktpiiiil of     Art ii Irs mid
farl'Mtn-i  linn    I.«-;iditi»   .InurnaU
iiinl    Hiviiws    lU'lliiiing "tin'
Cntniil   Thought   of   Hoih
Hi :iiis|iliii'('K.
"Weilil Wide" is a in.irvtl of inler-
i"<l'mid i1ic,i| v.css as a..high-tins'* it-
It-lie: il will 11 inpitre (avonildV witli
tine tiling ut soter.il times its, prire,
V'i 1 ihi' sm.ili sum nl om- ib ill u r and
ft lm'f it hrinpf. every weeV for n
yeir tin- US. 'nttitl** that appear
iltiriiit; llu- well, in the trailing Ilrit-
ish, Aiiutitjii. .'itul V<in'iyii j.iil.liea-
tint-. «»[ course it appenf.i to Ihf.
iliin'.in' «liim nl in t-jic.lt cotiimiin!i.\
lli/iet- who w.mf t«» Vnoiv wlial- the
u..Mil Hiii.lif. ar.- thinking; but these
V, ,11   find   it1  il',   full" i,[   I'.Uji-  I'llte-ttitl'u-
iii-irn .ts f.f wi'ib.iii    ft is fibsoluttlv
C. A, How, Klko.   /
.. C.  K.   I'Vbfi','  rincher  Creek,
Geo. V.  Partoii, j\I. Gain, Ilosincr,
Win.  '.Miirrliiint,   Cr.inbrook, ■■ '•
\\\  J.'  Ni.voii,   Spiirwooil.
1',  Kelley, Greenwood,
,1.  Miller,  W.  Wil,t-y,' Hexford,  '
N.  lli'inen,  Tiibor.  '
,1.  I).  Clinic, McTugart,  Sask.   s '
•Uoht. Straihaii,  Micliel.
.1.  1'. Kcgnn,  llosmer.
.las. Jnyci),  Koil Slee-le Jet.
'A. I,nrM".i, T. Gibson, .1, Ktrmiinn,'
Coiil Creek.
Kay'. .Iteyiirlds,   .1.   llurrick,   Wnsh-
'■ .1.  II, MclViiiild, lllnirinorc.
■V,.  Miirshiill, Michel.
Ai  I). Mi'Di.iiiild,  MorrisM-y,
• I/.- Kill.:,-, Ilattleford,
J,' McGregor, Michel.
" (\  Kciint'dy,  llosmer.  '
.■.1.. .1. Mi'liituv, Toivy, Muni,
.1. <Jiiiiil.ni, WliiU'lish.
U.  I*). Ikiiiiiiiiiiit, Moose Jaw,
,1, II. Iiocrlc, Spokane,-
Jus,  Xicol,  Coliiiiaii,
M. Illy.iu, Maeli-iiil,
T. Trunin, Michel,
K. A. IVollI. Mis, Dixon, Ihihy
-,i||,', .Veil M.is.ni, I,ois Milfoil, Nose
- "ole, Margi- Hall, Grace IluUhili-
i.ii, I,mi Giiviiough, Miss llixon,
Wen. Mixnii, .lissir Mcl'lu-i'ioii, KImil,i
Mailin, '.oliir .Miirtin, May McI'Ium-
s n, Ht-it l.uug, .Minnie Dilsovt-r,
I'l.in'i Iliilsiiad, Jack lliiuliisiiu,
Will  Hint my,   Juvenile tlostiinliiii».
II. J. Ciiiiiiiugliam, |I,i'llibridgi',
W. J. Cool.-, Michel.
\\,   ,ii,   in.-.,,   ii.   i.inuii,   ivui.k,,,
m, y:'t,-!u\ii,\, i;  ,v, w.(.
Geo.   II.   Sn.lt,  'Gateway,
„ _.0 __„ •-
A.  M,  N'oun.'iii  ami  wife,
M.  Tiliitphy,   Imiiofiiil.
.Ii  Wiish, S| oka lie.
G.  I,,  ilrotvn, Ilillvanl.
Ch.is, Diiulii]! and wife, Culviiiaii.
A,    II. Cainpbt-ll,     N*. li.  IWiiiie-ti,
IVrlli,  V  II
C. W. Slit'ipard,  llosnur,
W.  A.  Wilmol,  Scitlle.
W->N(TKn -A
■ servant    for    general
Apply     to   Mrs.     Ilig-
ItAdjiril.OHS' quarters, two rooms;
stei|in beat mid batlt.-CROW'H
I'M'ttNISllHI) room to rent Jor gen-
lU'iiiiin fin'iince, electric light 'and
biilli,,   Kor pnr'ticulars  apply to I.ed-
KOR HAlJi-A tjood William's piano.
Apply U. Mi'LeRUiiu.
l'OW SAI.K-^o lots iM West Kcriiie;
easy lerms, ..Apply W. T. Healcy,
West 'I'V'i-iliu.
VOU SA I<1{—A snap; a six roomed
house, well hiiili, with hot mid cold
water bath, and up-to-diile electric
light lixturi'Ni   slum ted clti.se in to
,, l)nsi|ii'.se jmvi of city;' iniist be sold
Kouii. l''or piiriiculiirs enquire of
Mojl, Son* Cu, -
The K.iivu has  iiiiin-d out tii-. p,j,-
liiililiitt nml se'iit them tu.iiu'. A
lii-w i-let'i'o'i ii lo Ik- la-bl
Me—in noil   v ill have  ,i   ('o«m1 t <::e
pelting a inw  p.iili.iiiiiiit   ilui uill
entry oiil the will .,f the p...pb' and
llir Hill 1.1 Will
MOTT SOS' ft CO, have insUiieiitms
lo loqk out for lwo or three hundred lines- of good hind suitable for
fmit growing in Hi... Kimiitiay Valley. This limd imisl be mi situated
us to allow of irrigation, either liy
gratitv or by a welt-eqiiippetl pnuip.
ii'i; pin'lit with un nlmuduiit „imp-
ply of water. Improved ramh.-s uru
wIllliMf til.'. *eo|ia of tile! itmi'iiclioi*.'
Locality; qiiiill'iy of soil and nccesH
to wilier I'oiiie before price in the
consldiTiiiiiiii of llu purchaser, who
In ii piiiiMiiiil fruit grower, mid1
knows what   he wnnu.     Send   us
)\i.<:    ,it^, j i|ii,wl<sf        itnaliiiits      and
prlresi. "'
llAKTI.K'rr    IIOUHK,   (nriiiirly    tlt«
, Chirk, the \#s\ Si « day hotel in
NclHon.^Only M'hile lulp einployid.
s'l.  W.  i»AKVt,i-iVV,  i'tupfictoi.
A liot.-l that fiirnisliet tpiiet, commodious ucioniiiift'ilitioii for its pa-
iron.^ is n source' iif pleasure- lo Hie
ravelling public. Such a oiiei is the
King Kdv.avd Hotel, of Kernie, cor-
ti.r op|ioAiie pout ollicc,
;    LIISdlJTlElID;
We wish you a bright, happy and prosperous New Year, and take this opportunity of thanking' our many customers and friends for their liberal patronage during the year that has just closed.
We b'olieve this to be an opportune time td toll of the endeavors we have made
to cater successfully to your trade. At timeis we have fallen short of our
ideals, but would ask you to overlook these shortcomingrs, and accept our assurance, that our best eif or ts as in the past will be put forth at all times to
give yoii satisfaction. Our aim has been to make trading at our store of mutual benefit, we ilguring not on how big a profit we can make on our goods,
but rather how low a price ;we can sell goods for. /Since changing our business to a strictly cash one it has i ncreased over 400 per cent;; poaitiy^proof, we think,
that our customers realize that our prices are right. This large volume, of business,
coupled with small expenses aiid no credit losses, enables iis to sell at the low prices
we are doing today. Commence ihe New Year well, pay cash for your goods; by so
doing you will receive full value for each and every- dollar you spend. Compare the
credit method of doing business—how easy to. buy when the goods have not to be
paid for at the time, and what a number of things are bought that are hot required.
a , .. . - ...        - ...... IV '.     .     "        '-^    "' '  ' ''    '
When buying for cash it is safe to say that you never over-buy, and that you only
buy to fill absolute requirements. Why pay for credit losses, the credit customer
who pays his account must also pay his proportion of otherunpaid credit bills.
Are you paying other credit.bills in addition to your-own, if so try the cat h system
of doing business, and receive one hundred cents worth of value for every dollar
you spend. ;Pay cash and the new year will bring* both happiness and prosperity.
We Respectfully Solicit Your Business
Quality and price combined .liiakes. our grocery department a strong attraction
to the careful housekeeper.
Sheriff's Jelly Powders       •;...'..       ■>....; 3 for 25c
3 lbs.. Gold  Dust; .Washing Powder 25c
Mb.   Packets   Pearline... ......;... isc
       r, 0 ^
• i       * t
10 lb.   Tins  Table Syrup  50c
Corn  Starch,   3 , packets.............
Gloss   LaUndry  Starch,  3 pkts!.......
Cream—St.   Charles and  Jersey, 9 tins
New Quaker Canned   Peas per  tiii
- .
■■ $
Our    Grocery    Special
fur Saturday Only Should  Interest
the value Seeker
-.._. Carrots
3 lbs.' Tetley's Tea
In  our  Drygoods  De'partmenl,   the same as others our  prices are   so close that  it does not
carry goods from  one  season  to another.    To. clear the  following lines we offer a discount
pay   us  to
Ladies' Winter Blouses
children's and Misses Jackets
Infants' Bear skin coats & Bonnetts
IO per cent.
In cold weather comfort is most essential to perfect health.   Any of the following
lines are extra good valite and will make,you comfortable.
Wool  HlnukctM lii Wlilto or -Groy, $.'* to $«..%() ;  qomforter«(, $2.a« to $7.00 OoiiiitcriutiiCR, $J.85 to $7.A0
Gent's Furnishings
Our FurmKiying- Dcparmcnt is replete with the best
goods that can be bought, and arc sold at the lowest
possible prices.
Pur Lined Caps in the newest Cloths and shapes, suitable for any wear"   •' . 00c to ^1*50
f"*|f<lf.fl<A2g«l£y      Wu iiru soli1 linen u fur iliu celolwilcd Cimnk'll ,it Fiiulllcssi Cloihlii|i;t  unci|iiiille.l   for 'worUmanslilp,   style nnJ
vdUll III lj$      Hi,   Our prii'cs will bo found 10 - lit your \wUot hunk—cxiinilne our slock,        ,
Men's  Suits,   $0.50 to $25.00
Boys' Suits $:. to $7
Boots and Shoes,   sole Agents for
Tlio ArtlMtm WoiUIiih: Uoot for Men.    Tlio Wnlleaver, Pnckard, lVnvollcr, and Imiiorlnl Fine Slice for Men
Tlio Ait, Ko.vnl Purple. Tine Pit uml Walkover for Womoii
r i
The drowss Nest ! raising .£o« LSsinStcd
NOnCIC is lirrcliy jjivrn that nppli-
utioii will he UMile t.i the legislative
*'vint,|y f,f   \\,r   I'rniitm- i.f   Uritish
l'«>hll|if,|,|    nt if; i],.\l   'scssfdH    for    tut
«»t t«» iiiinrioralf a r<iiiip.my wild
t.uut-1 i(> uiiisUiM, i((iii|i, iitulniuiii
(.11,1 npi'tjii' a liiu- «,r linr* of railwav
,^i v| iiwVit-il nr nllicr «!iivr,v wl'h "">'
kiml of liuitivf pmwi', fur tin- fiiHVi-y-
Aiui: nl piihM'ii|>vrN nml frt-lglit Inmi
» |.nint nil llif hi mill fnlk nl IMiclifl
Crwli, nt nr near llu-point known ui
"'J'lie I,onp" on Uic Crnw'» Ni-sl
hi'iiiiih of Uic ufslirii'Divisimi of llu*
Ciiiiailinn 1'iuilir Kuilw.iy, in thr
I'rovinrc til Itrilisli rolntiiltiit, tliriirr
iniiiiiiin jn a .'.oiilhcily iliicilinii up
suitl rrick In tluk ltmutlt ol tht;
c.isl fork of hitiil crerk, thriirt*
ii|> s.riil rust fork of .saiit wnilh fork,
in ,m t.istrtly ami MAilhtin ilittttinn
to fln» •.tiiiiniit Ijclwciiii s.iiM cfL'i'l; and
a I'trihtitAry n( llir riatlicul Wiyir,
tlieint' in ii luiillnrly iliti'ilion ilnwn
sjiil iri!.ut;irv t.i tin rialiu.l Wi**r,
ll.i'iii-i' MintliiTly iiIihik vialil Vlnllii'tid
Kivk-r to u point on lite lnurnutiniiiil
Hoiuiilury liitwt'fii tin- I'roviii'.'e of
Itrilisli Cnlmiiliiit nml the* UnUcd
Slnlis of AiiHiic'ii, n i|iNtnii."c of
itl.fml lifiy mill's, iiiniv or lyss,
Ami ii'itli pnw<-r to cnnsiriii'i, fifier-
nto ami nuiinl.iiii all nrci'ssary hriilgrxr
ri'inlv, ii'.tyi nml fi-rrin,, niirl «'it|i pow-
n t>i1mjli),i'i|iii|i, djicr.ilc iiml Jii.iiiilitiii
(t'lrj;iM|)h ami u-Uplione lines in ton-
iiiiliii.t with the salit railway ami
liniiii-lus, nml to tr.iiistuii message*-
fi-r ii.ijiii»iu'.il ]iiuj»i»m's, a in) . tic
iliar^i' liitta tlui\'.rur% mid tn.y.i'tiyraU'
ileilriiilv for ilu* .stipply nf light,
lnal am) pourr; am) nilli powrr to
«>|.l.>j.il.ltc l.ut.l-   (<>l   llie |>ur|rfjs«& <>l.
ll.f IViiMvHii-, .Mii-1 (£ .irrj'.ijri" J.-iK'T'.', f n.'.'l1
inoitcy, hoiimtth, firiyilegfn or otlur
dills (rnin nuv goiWiiiiii'iit,' ptuniclpal
cor|ioMtioit, or1'other -])crnoiiii nr hml*
lis, nml to levy nml collect tnllx from
all persons nslnj,', am) > (jn all freight
pnvilnjj over nny of snoli rnml.i, rnil-
wavii ami ferried Imill hy llie • Coin-
uml mult' ti«/fif,nr oUu'i'.nrraii^ciiinits
with ruilwiiys^teiliiiliiiats or ' oilier
aiiiinaiiies,' ami to exercise Mich pow*
ers n-tarc granted hy 1'arls IV, nml
V. .o!{||]itt VJV><kCCIa|t.w.« ConsoIMa-
tuiivjS.'i,"raitf""Knr 'dtt ollia-'nccw-
Mry-Rr incidental ri^htAi |k>w*;> ami
ptivljues in that la.li.ilf."
c.'\ J';"v.
—33    .SollcitorH.for the Ap|illc«uU.
Take notice Hint 30 ilny* nfter date
I Intend to np|Jy to the Chief   Com-
iiii»Mii»er for anlhotiiy  to   make    n
ifv» ami .erne, ,iuiu »y me , vo.n: I wnjp)11 nwil ,rom u |)nilll ftUout t||r#f
iiyjW with pawer (oennwwlwllhj,,,,!,^,,,!,, (([  MorrisM-y.    where     p.
creek iinplyn into the K,lk river tit
the avst Me, •tlictuv foUtuving '',1?
mime crctk for a I unit two mile» in a
HontliwiisU'.Jy dirtclioit to my l:in-
her limit. Also for it mill site at tie
luouth oi thv n«mf erwk nlonf the
wri.t side of the Klk river.
I'.   A. MrDKKMOlT.
• Morriss*y,- B. C, IKc.  ii»l, t^'?«
o Q>


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