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 Vol 11 Number ^25
- swff
To-Morrpw is Polling Day
'«* -Moore a- Winner. '.•>■■■'
St fhe begirinihg,i'of. its;career, the
Lwlgpr proclaimed itself, an independ
enijounial and although. \t. admitted-li
decided leaning towards the liberal par-
■' ty, it has not; spared .that party when its
leaders- • and machine - operators - did
things which none but the blindest; of
party followers could pass by in silence
" The'!rarik and file of the liberal party
are much more in sympathy, with the
everyday workingriian than has .ever
been the rank and tile of the conscrva-
1 live party and if the leaders of the liberal party are' true to the principles
they profess, there .will.be no'such wide
breach between the* labor voters and
the liberals," especially in this province
and in this constituency as now seenv,
to exist. ■' "
' i The great battle between corporation
graft and the common people of this
Dominion is just'assuiiiing. shape and
proportion.,'''!! is the great issue in the
United States and will be here ; until ii
ii settled jn favor of the people., ,
f If,the liberal party of the Dominion
and of this province, proves unequal, to
its "opportunities and falls into Unhands of corporations, it. will lose t llie
Support of the whole independent vole
of the country, which,, includes   nearly
*■ ,<**flrf-'\'-   '■   •' -'-■-■;.'.';  "-
tbe-whole'of the' labor * vote,
loss means its defeat at the polls,
eAor later;m •- •-.';.-'.", -
, I In Toronto, on the first of this month
there were polled 8;ooo votes'for a comparatively unknown socialist who ran
against Mnyor.CBWhWorthi' The'issue
really at stake "was" "people ft against
inoribpo1y"nnd this large vote 'against
Mayor Coatsworth was . nothing more
nor less than a .protest against hi-
weakness of action against- a corpora-
. tion which was endeavoring to fasten
upon the people of that city, a straight
StOOd   "'foi'
•The' McBride- government ; never
wanted to face"the people, and ,-ire.now
in thai position,' through no choice of
their own'.
j,  And what was  the'compelling force
■which has so .suddenly brought.on' th".
'ejlection? ' ■        '•   - .-■ '..   '.-        i"
!' The exposure of the $37,000 stock
transaction, in,-connection wilh the
.granting of coal licenses to people in
teresled iii'the transcontinental syndi-
.cute, made hy ihe Vancouver .'World,
she'dsa liirid light upon the hasty actions of-the government.in accepting
Mr. Green's resignation and making up
its mind in a few hours to 'do what it
has never wanted to do.
■ -Tlie World's expose is well worth' reproducing and of a cireful reading once
more, with the half denials'and half admissions* it has forced from unwilling
ministers! Here is (he expose, word
for word:        ,,'"«,_ \ ' o
and ' thi>
graft,   which   capitalized
$30,000,000.'/ The graft was! defeated
and that defeat puts life  aiid   hope . in
4 _4sjj»,=.'.i      ,-V  .:.<■: ■ ■'     •
-people of other.cities and towns to .coir
tthue their fight for- the   right   Xo. -.di-
their own business in their, own way. j snares ir
rUiuiervTnTrpresent governinenTin-tlTls~intcreH'l"r
..province-" the   corporations-have   had I    Greenj-epliod thanking Caron. for his
things their pwn .way
In igos'a company called the Transcontinental Exploration Syndicate applied to Mr. R.'F." Given, then • Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
leases of 32 sections of coal lands on
Pine River,;which;"when the early construction of the Grand .Trunk Pacific
Railway through that ."portion of British Columbia is considered, are"'certain
to. become of greatahd.immediate value.
' Representing the Transcontinental
Exploration Syndicate was Sir Adolph
Caron, formerly a' Conservative minister of the Crown at" Ottawa. The application was refused-'by Mr. Green,
who a'ledged as a reason that the. Dominion-government had not then selected the 3,506,000 acres of land in the
northwest corner of this province
which were conveyed to it by tlie terms
ol the Settlement,Act under which --the
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway was
built.        ' '."'■ '        '-.;"■ - '  x-  ■
Later.a private arrangement was- ar-
u. - - ' ■
rived at by .Mr. R..F. Green,, representing the B. C. government, and Sir Adolph Caron, acting for. the Transcontinental Exploration' Syndieal'eparrd', the
leases   were   granted, ' Caron ^having
■'•ewart of Mu-ln-1 was visiting
tin- city f-'f a-.day or two tins
Mrs. S
ii'Jci.ds in
-. isi'k - <
Vote, for 1 ,'e orieii imvii boyf on pr'ui-
chile- Its a - to'*!'principle Chat won't
t..p:y to all kV *i* of si,"!,s .
^jW'lio said, tin '. Army hoyi, were noisy?
'rue sermon w:,» ^.pie.iclied in ihe dark
.asi Sunday, and i  Hv beloved all O. K.
L. P. K.-ksti-in'.', Vuniwl fr.nn" the
Coast Thun-day awl \^-« hii. de.-k again
Imsv hha b.:e." ,He re Vi'-s w»,m tlines
at the. Coa>t in politic*. '*> >
The B. C. liar Assoei.-  tfrtu i* .1 closed,
shop with a wage scale m
The monthly lea of the 1 "-uliies' Aid
of the Methodist  church will" V- ,given
j'lV r.wn tun
was our K. C. \v V-W V" were
>• for i.u,- own.
previously written to Green'to:name -a
friend who could . be trusted 'to ' hold
shares in the syndicate in,his. [Green's]
.^he'.tedgeK.tbok'.lhe stand,.'from j.}:*
by   Mrs.   N'unn   at   her
Tuesday next, 5th insl.
Opposition Candidates or
Supporters Fail to
\ Appear
Mrs     Me.MnlUm,    Mrn.
Horeliiner   and   Miss   Aluvamlor
A large audience turned out Taesday
evening to listen to Mr. Moore and
those who favored hia election discnaa
the political issues of the campaign.
An invitation had been extended to
all opposing candidates or their friends, ,
but no one availed himself of the privilege.
Mr. Evans, of Coal  Creek, took the
chair, and after yerv briefly stating tha
object of the meeting, introduced Mr.
Moore,   who   was  greeted   with  loud
cheers as he rose to speak.   His speech
was short but very concise and to tho
resi. W'co'. on   point, leaving no wrong impressions as
to what he would do if elected. Ho took
j occasion to once more emphatically con-
«1ii.'»vmi.,j5_! tradict the statement inado by Mr, Ross
aiv.,1 regarding the discourtesy that gentle-
,-»!,,..       I-,'   7,,?.- v       fri v.<N" I'*"-''" "lieges to have beet, shown Kim by
rr» "da,!c^this^,;;!igf u, ti.«i ^1^vi:sse'iide,,t Sherman ^
««'«r«r ^ ,»'1: " SSto been any doubt a,
(Continued oil Page- Two.)
S'lnt Ledger is listromely sorry ic
learn thai Miss Kuisley of llie hospila
staff is VieU- A-ilh typl'ioid hwer. Hex
many friends will anxiously '.await
news of lierreeovf-i-yl which we. Ibjpu
will be Boour ■ ,p'!
Mr. Fisher and Mr. ".Dickon were '■«'
Michel.Tuesdiiy ovunia^ and fomul ihrf
Btaiosphereali'ttlecliill\ ; lis! nigh: ihw
we'rn at Coal Creek »ml found it, more
chilly. To-morrow tlie;y wil' fitnl ilie.iit,
political thenuoMK'.tDr 'registering bo;
yond)|tho north pole       • •
A largely attended weddingv took
place at the residence, oi "ilM. Deunina-
ton in" West Fe.rnio last. Eaidny.evening
at 7:110, when Rev. II- It. (irant of the,
Presbyterian church, un&od in in.irri-
affe Mr. A. McMasterof Cosd Creek and
Mrs. Denninpton- A large number of
Scotch friends were. 'jire*e.iit. and 111.
enjnvahle-eveninsrwas -ip<-nt .-'.fter tlie
ceremony. ,The Ledger wvrtuds, Hh
best wisiies to the newly weikha!   pair.
"Tom Whelan with his usual.'euxw-
prise, has'ar'ra'nged tc» have '.hei'.U'ctioi'
returns ' from, all over the ■ wnvitiei-
delivered by special n-iroaf. thn ^« pa rue
hotel to-morrow niiclit. The Kajfian.**
will bo the. centre of attraction as wre.r.v
body will be anxious to learn tin*. r«*nl."
at the earliest-iiosfiihle Mnotnent,. Mr
Whelan is■ entitled to th'« thanks oi tin-
citizens for his thoughtfolness.        *
The Conservative banner which was
an badly split up-last week waB takeV
down aiid repaired and put "hack in it»
place Thursday, hut the. .first little
breeze that blew tore it to ribbon.* and
it now.looks .worse, than a e.lorhes' line
in the backyard nr a junk slioji. The
one that" stands all' weather and will
..stay to the end of tho campaign.
founding that the;,combination;
a government, at Victoria, was
hockey,;> y; _'.;_■-.    ,;
1'oin Whelan has challenged the For-
1 nie Hotel to play a matched game of
1 hockey at the rink Monday'night', the
that   losers, to set up ,the oysters to the yie-
1 tors.
It will be tho Napanee against the
Fernie, nndjn great game is sure to result if _ the ice-will  bold up under tho
petent, insincere and trickey,  and 'ha
, always given as a reason for this,
no set of men who were willing  to   assume the responsibility of  government
under the conditions   which, the- Mc 1 suit if. the ice-will" hold 1
' „ ., •} •'' > -)! '•"■..' i;>^,^   ,1, „ hoavv.weight combination.
Bride govcin.i-.eni   squeezed   into   »«, ; Tho-,i}apai»»rHi«j-u|) w
publicioftlcesi could '.make  of itself
"' compet'cnl'governin'g boily.
When jit'.wenl to, the people for en-
dorsatson   that   endorsement  was   so
weak and uncertain that it was foroed
to treat with an independent elemeni
a.' low's:
apanao line-up will ho as fdl-
Far<iuarson,' Campbell, Wright,
'loss,   Whelan, OIoboii  and
This Is a' very formidable coinbinm
lion. I'Yrquarsnn hatlsfrom the Musko-
ko Lakes, Campbell is a brand New
Itruuswickur, Wright is from Mosses
Jaw, Knstner is lately front liruce, ltoss
which was able lo,dictate term's upon ' is from tbo lunuruld 1h;o, Whelmi comeB
.   i»: •    s',■     .. - .     .,,„ .,„„„  ii-otn awiiv up tho.liead wntors of the
many   matters, of policy,   and   upoi-   jjnpanoc,'Olosnn is a llollntider, and
which it had to rely in order to hold on '.•huppiu-ii la A La Lo Duko::.' .
to office,, which it did nol honor, und ! ..;'!'"« l''""'!" ««■'«' ■»»*"** ? U'C.k f6!™1"*
l"u,"c'' •' „ , „, . , , , in thrt proprietors ol the two hotels 111 e
once'.-more it displayed its lack ol " I |Hiu,t .ilie«(.nls. Turn Wlielan would
proper appreciation of.its obligations in, iiomil fib up tun Hpiice In front of Ins
!l.epc6pleor!adignitied respect for in,| «^l;i^v1,l,« M* "'''"'!":",H "° hhow ,lt
fuiidumental principle of popular g,ov- 1 ][ will boa lip louring utiine. Don't
ernment.'';'  '   " ; /':    . " '_   /    ' ^'i""L'c iL '      ;;     .      ;   "
The Ledger;hai always maintained J    The luilchors and hankers tried.con
that ttueli a government would never   ••'lusions at, lio.ckev  al   the Digby rink
1  t     .  „.^..,i   :.,,i,„„„ni   imi;i   Wednesday night.    A large crowd turn
appeal for..a second  judgmenl   »"'■ ,eJoul ,OBJ0,ftf fun wlllcJjwaH filrt nnd
compelled to do so, and recent events   ,*l)riot,s.
have justified Its position.
The Victeria Weok, edited by a mini
whe Is a Conservative under nil circum
stances, said a few weokii ago that the
•dllor of His Ledger Iiud some strange
politicul ideas. The Ledger was accused
of having'proclaimed, In unison with
other Liberal papers, lluit the govern-
meptjWcro Intending lo spring tho el-
aciloiU'upoh the people unawares.
There.is nothing wrong with the
Week's NtateiUisnt except that it is not
true/ The'Ledger is,not, and never
has claimed to be,'« Liberal paper, and
it hit* never sukl that the government
would* spring an election
The line up wan as follows:
Butchers:   Todd, Dtinlup, McMasler
IVarren, Myers, Uusiy and Miller. ,
Hankers! Barron, Shaw, Ross, Gor.
Jon, Spencer, White, and Unnwell.
Referee: J. W. Nunn. Scorefi-3
in favor of the hutcher hoys.
These cleaver weildcrs proved too
much for ihe pen pushers of the banks
And they wandered, they wandered
They wandered till around,
In and out the town,
They wandered they wandered,
They wandered till the Butchers
cut them down,
The Ferulu Senior Hockey team will
play a nuitcli giiino with tho crack
Coleman stitilorit next Tuesday night at
rtm Dighy rink.   The limnn team Iirh
■ The storm last' night whs one of the
worst of the year, and coining-„wUeit,<'.v-
erything was'sonked by.the solt Hiif>w.
rain and thaw, it-will take away t\ie lit.st
hope of saving anv of tbo rang«cattl<'
on the prairie. Tho train service "on
both roads is totally demoralized. «Nf
train went west yesterday, and awn is
ttxpected from thecasttill some tnm«to
night. There will nn train past, as al!
the coaches are now east, and no •co»wh •
es available till the westbowul gett
through to the Landiiii! Jiud is titnwul
back.'   ,'
to who is the candidate of the working*
men of this district, it has been thoroughly dispelled uy the unmistakable
Vi'efeicuces of the audiences that have
•,-rcetcd Mr. Moore, not only at his own
meetings,.but at,those of both the other
candidates./ • .,
A'ter Mr! Moore's brief speech, Mr.
Mott was called upon and paid his re-,
speets. to Mr.. MeBride's governments
lie showed, that Mr. MeBride's statement ,as to- the methods adop:-
e<l ' by his government regArdlnp
timber .'were exactly tbe reverse cf
the facts in the case, and made tbe
statement that the present government
had aiieuated more timber than had any
other government, and had received
less bonus for the same, and had extended the time cf license holders from one
.year to 10 years.
Mr. MeBride's claim for credit Ior having done such a good job of advertising
with apples, with no cost to thn province,
came in for a little sarcasm, whLcb earned audible smiles to ripple over tha.
The, event of the evening, however,
was the oratorial effort of Mr, B. F. Wilson.
From start to finish Mr. Wilson held
the closed attention of his hearers, and
there is not the slightest doubt that hU
address made a most favorable impression. ' '    "' ' ".
No speaker of the campaign has in
any way equalled Mr. Wilson in poiut
of oratory or close connected reasoning..
No working man could listen to him
unmoved or fail to take into his mind
the fact that workmen have it withj»
their power by united action ih their
own intent to compel legislation in their
own interest-..   "„..      ....,: ...I.
There was no appealing to the use of
parties to pass bad legislation in order
to secure legislation for thcmselvea..
This is the proper  attitude (or the.,
working  man, which, if  adhered to,
will win for them final success.
The meeting closed with three rous-,
ing cheers and a tiger for Mr. Moors. .
Some of the lady friends of the .Home.
1 Hospital arc arranging to »ivo a ■dnnce.J
in Stork's hall on Friday niirht; tine 8th.'
■I'lils is a most worthy tiiidertakiim: and
it hns met with such favor tlr.ttt its
aueeoss ih alreadv asoure.d, though
those in chartrn or the affair will hy no
'menus relax their offortR to mak« it the
ll-succoss of the year.   WhiniKters' 'JulI
I'OrclieBtra hns been engaged and no
trouble or expense will bu spared to
nupplv those who attend the best*. Jii"
«verytliiiiir. Riv<! thn ditto und bo iIum--'
clotliod In vour glad rags and wearing
"the brightest of smiles, for there'll Imi 11
liot time In tho old town that night.
It is almost the only pnpur in the - ouu„ Htn'iiiirtlinneil uml a linn giimo Is
country which Ims ut all limes cluimetl   luminal.   Piny taints at H;lb p,   in.
.1  \ 1    ti nu     ... «... ,.,.,a m.i   ."VilmiHH on, liullCH nud cil droit '-»o contM,
that the McDrldo govcrnmenl wbh not 1 mti M c;,ltHf   ()o Mr|y g|||, „,,„ l||({
of-the resigning kind, and when Ihe , btist gnninof thn Htuisnn.
Week proclaimed Hint it would he uble ' 	
1, lo announce In three days llial nn election would be called un, the Ledger had
the' hardihood io once more repeal il-
ohMold statemcnt'thM '•'It would believe
loan election when It'saw the >.« rlt-,"
und has oftrn repealed Its' belief thnt
Mr. Mcllride would not go to the coun
try until tlie time limit or some unfor-
seen,incident compelled him to do so.
Mr. Mcllride did nol wait till his
lime was up, but ihal Vieiiili'iiued to do
so Is evident If ihe statements thut he
had actually Issued notices lo Home of
the members to prcparo to meet In session for public business on Ihe 71I1 of
Those notices are maid to liuvc been
k»wed on the morning of the day upon
which Mr. Green discovered that hi
private business was to pressing that It
was necessary ior him to resign his cabinet po«Uton and made it necessary to
diwolv* Ihe Hbune and call on an election liMhrnJ <»f holding lt« talcnJcd
ssulorr. ' !   '
Tho mooting hold In tho IntoroBtfl
ifcamllihto Mooro Wotlncsdny night
it Coal Crcuk was u ivcurU incaker,
)mu£ I.Vj lar^tit, iti^i aijdivlJwI
mil niodt ciilliusliihilc nieoting ever
iield nt thnt plnie, Mr. Moore ejwke
bfleliy uml the tiiiui wan taken up
prtnclpnllv l>v Mr. Wilson, who iib
,tl Fcrnio tlio night heforo, liold IiIm
hciu'cru from'atnrfc to llnlsli with his
riipiil delivery ot argument Inuirflpor
fled with lllunilnnlliig nnecdoto most
aptly tnlil. The jtlll hunt eninpnlgn
into which Mr. Unas' campaign ban
ili'Ki'.ue.niteil in t\ UioMng game. Uu
ban lind .opportunity nft^r opportunity
to mrM his opnnnnnt* but fights Shlgh
o f Uinn nnd tt is now evident that ho
will not risk n meeting of his own to-
nicht for Imr ho will have to.tntet that
whlrlwlml Wilson 011 the platform-
Tho Coal Creek vote will be solid
for Monro n* will alio thu Mlclnl vote,
To-morrow tells the tain and it wilt
he, ft t;i!i«. of woo ti the working msti'n
Tho people of Now Zealand have Govornmont-owiied Railroads, Telegraphs, Telephones, Municipal Street Cars, Has,
Electric Light and last, but not least, Government-owned
operated Coal Mines. The eight-hour law is universal, also
old-age pensions.
Tho women of New Zealand have votes   and 75 peri
are  polled as  against 08 per cent, of the male voters.
An interesting   matrimonial    nvon',
took place yesterday at  II   Einlnrhy
rord, whoa a western .newspaper man
\rthur J. Mott of tho ''erule (I'. C,
Ledger, wa*i!iwirrle<l to M.m I'vfl' K he
Lanib, datiglittn-.ol Mr. itii'l  Mrn. .Ion
W, I.ainh.   'JMie groom wim Mip.mrr.er
hy Wlllinm Ttatt of AllHiidnle, nud the
bridoflmaUl was Miss May Lninh, siKter
of tlio bride.   Mr. Mott, nltlmugh  still
a voting nmn, la one of the n'd timers of
Alhertnnnd British Coluuiliia, luivliif
|i "iiirlad his earing after InavlngTownii.
liiover twenty yearH «g". ns « eowlmy on
lliinie of the wostorn c»Ule iiinehcs.   Mr
i.mwJ,MrK.   Mott left last night fur the
flHiaMviiiiWloiiHt, whiint, after spending »■
(>.1inrt Knnoyinnnii, thev will  proeend f
irhelr  n«w lioinii lu Kiiriilu — I'lironti'
World, Jan. 22ntl.
The Liberal rally last Saturday night
wan quite a frost, nnd it was clear from
the beginning tliat tlie audleuco was
, with Mr. Moore,;
Mr. Fisher spoke for some time and
*nude a very uncomfortable showing for
%s. Ross, as he very doxtronsly traced
thai; gentlemen's record through tho
jourunls of the'house. Mr. Fbher is a
vim,<iogic and cunning speaker, nnd ho
will he a factor to (teal with in future
campaigns, '"'
Mr,- Dickon's opening address
brought out nothing of interest, and
nsiile from Mr..,Stoic's statement that
his feet were m>t .cold, .there was no
light tliiowii ii|touiiiu.e.political,cauvat>ii
during his three iiiluute,spued,.
Despite the fact thai itUuit|lils,*t_,te_d
fli'it Mr. Mncdonnld wouddtlie^roiipni,
Un- Suturday night inoetlm y/.w ,\||0
KnialJiit one ol tho cnmpalgu.
THic' iihovti Ktijiliidi eninpuny nf nilistii
rhrtiirn visiting(iMiiiiiliitiisliiiniNfni-tlu^
lmrt,<|inu prior to Ihi'ir trip In AiiHlrsli.i
niwl Xi'iv Zeiilnnd, nml nm in liitioilni'",
t iRiSM-wdvo^ to nildleiieei- hern tit Stork'n'
• kiHii-H IIwiKuon Vi'i'diu Slav iiud 'I'liuri.
i'iiv, TiAi ilmid "iWeeilitliily Miiiie.wha-.'
• if ,i mvi<tlfylilgi'hflriii'li'r, ainl ihe vnri-
nit ooiiiineiils iipnu thmr peiiilmi' tilln<
nu invurialily followed hy-tteh cnquii
eh, *'ls it a iiuihlnil eiiiiiimnj T   N it i
There are no strikes in
as a  coal  famine   will  never
io Canada.
Shall it ho said that the  people
behind the   New  zealandors.
If you want   U. C.   to' advance1
stands for all those measures.
New zeaiand and such
he  known—this   is   a
a    civittift
coi itrast
(inc<«rt imrtyr"'    "Isilii iiieli.ilniiiui'/'
'Ih it»i LiirlvMliif?"   '"Arn llu-y cnujiir
nit'i"'   "What ntt* llu->i'''    Tlmv in tint
'invvtcry-   TIiIm excellent nniipuny  ni-
eii'reil an ioununHii siiivi-m in London,
nml wto mnv I'vplnln that tli*-* ei'lehriit .
i ed uiUHlejil .*)liibiiiiilinn i-iiiim^h nl twi.
'«iii'ii>,  » '■n*i)U»)<; .'i I'.i,--,  i»"   vi-/;
iiiiiivuikMIM eliuisriiiiieillnii-t, n li^'liti ■
ug lift liUUWriHt nud a iiiinii't, whnfur
oiiio VH'UV.lavut.'Ci'ii ilili:litiiig I'.i.g
inh   litiilhiiiui-K  by   lU'iiviilliu!   a  ver;
irlglit, nmiiintle, niiHienl, nml nitihlii-.
. i,.,.j._!jry^nji», full uf fun 'i-nl   I'nimiiii"
"liiunor niiii ^uiUinnnt, hut nt the ».iiiu<
iilino quit" fife frnin   vulgarity    Tin*
ft'otnpaiiv hold high ponitlnns, bnth snei-
ally anil in tb«*- uiiistenl world, and il
of Fernie  are I nirxrinu' wii»pnri of imh;U mny■ m;. iii.iiuh»»«.:
*. v/» ...v    *»» ^   i    n.frrt s*»i?i i f|1||t ,|,(1V )inv_, been liulividiiallv n«.»oe
Mated with thn Pattl, Melba. Clara -UuH
I nnd Unrrl^nn tniirn, hmh^i'i-iI nt Cnvem
I (Jsi'den Opeia, plA.M'd in (bu liiiel iiiiih-
jlcftl comedies, ftillllleil "star'1 cuiingi*
inieiils at tla> l'«--t  l.oitdim Ibt-iitu". n
Sivw'Jrtllflt Ways Women In Particular
aro Sulloivru-Wliy   Ulloune
Pi'uvi; ho HenoHcnl,
A Trmdlcnl export 8»ys that eiffht
«H often cusoB of headache, dizziness
sallow lovmplcxion and various ail-'
monu .jioeulliir to women for which
he Ih ooimtitod hnvo tholr origin in
confltiputlui. Although this aliment
Ih very coiuuion amongst l»th lexer,
woniHii appear to lw tho greater
HUlVcrom. ItiloiiiiH euro const I pa tion
hy Htimulatingtliii liver ami rugulal-
ing tho hile How, Ullu U the
natural purgative ol thu Ixxly.
Hileiins regulate il« secret ion.
Mr«.K.K. llahlwln, or.l8St. Paul
St., Toronto, Hiiy«f~"I Imvn taken
HlluitiiH for constipation and iliszlnvRi
utitl found mor.t HaiUlactory renulw.
liilcnns do nntcanae any gd| liig.atul
noi only nitre nonstlpiillon hut alao
Impt'ovn tho general health."
Mr. A. Monaglmn, ol Hnrlln. recent'
ly proveit this vegetable remrtly In a
Hlmllar way.   Ho saya i-"For many
yearn I miflcrcil Irom lioth conitlp»
iii.n \\u\i )>»"•   N'uvWii^ I I.avc fiver
tried Ih to be compared for, benellclal
results to illleami.   They liav« mad«
mo a different man, awl II any auf-
toror would like lo title  ins any
quotations on their operation and their
value I will tie glad to give alt the
inlormatlon lean."
iUtcli U Uiu result of exhaustive
vote  for   the i wn wiic
vnrletles. given ineltnU «t iheiMenV jtortts    ol    DlleailR.       Till*     Kre*t
vegetable remedy l» Invaluable alio
for Hallow complexion* (doe to bile In
the blood), pimples, grcaiy, tallow
skin, and hlood Impurities generally.
Hllcana alM cure Indigestion, debility
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soil eoiiii'dv u-MlMilini ever appean'd in
j'crnle, I'lmi of neat* now open nt Tim
Palace Drug K»nre.
(Continued mi I'ag« Four )
.. J*..'.^. V.V^hAfi.^.'^f.ft^JtAJ^jSV'.-JjiJJfc.*^^altlM.AJ.iamfr^«aa«wnl^lwww.,», FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE B. C- FEBRUARY i
V , '"' ' VANCE.
".'issued.reVery'' .Saturday froin   the   cl-
;£ce'"of "■: publication,. lodd' Block,
• *».Victoria" Ave.,   Fernie,   British  Co-
.-•ilumbia. •-,   {■'■;.'.'■.".:'   *''•  ." '
G. G.7MEIKLE       ,-<
-', Editor
-"..* ,   |  /' -J      ;,'.;. :  ',-■-'  -* , ;. ~l 'I'
J  '"'(Conlinlied fro.m  page i)
1 "-iis ilf-. i  ■'■ !'"A i".-!-.-#.-       ■
beneficence and named;. Neil   MacUay,
then Premier MeBride's private secretary, as a safe perssn in whem   to   vest
"the ownership. of,;the .shares.', Caron I
.wrdte Green stating that the   value   ofl
the share's which were to be   given   to
Him'as. a free,gift and which were rated
at-one-'pound  eighteen shillings,   was
$37,000.' ,    " «
*-J Green replied, thanUing Caron foi'his
very great kindness. Tlie leases were
then issued by tho Chief Coinmiiisioner
to tlie Transcontinental Exploration
Syndicate. Caron also secured leases
for coal lands on Telqua River' in the
saine,section of the country, for   which
Greeii was given another shire in   the
.1       . " 1
name of Neil Mack-ay. '  '
-., Later1 on there was a hitch.
Either*Green, thought he had nol
received a sufficiently large share of
■the plunjjeror an objection was raised
by one of" his colleagues. Be this as, it
may, (wo eminent conservative lawyers
Ihen residing, and,still residing in Van
couver, -We're retained by, Caron lo
press his claims. -Armed'wilh the correspondence between" Caron and Green
they interviewed the'executive council.
At.'that .jiieeting all 'the members except. Mr. 'Fulton were present.   -
I'.'.TJi'e'.lawycrs.'w ere'persistent in pressing Sir Adolph Caron's claims. Mr..
Green put up a show of resistance, but
was dumbfounded when confronted
'with Sir-Adolph Caron's letter and his
-' own letter"thanking Sir 'Adolph for his
. great kindness and instructing- him to
issue, the IhcFshares in  Neil  Mackay's
= - r. . ■ ... .-»,■. . -    ■ :. .   '.•■■■    '     ,-
' !-jThe difficulties must have been
smoothed away, for. it was stated in the
, Province, a government organ printed
in Vancouver, on tlie tenth day of October last; that the Transcontinental Ex
"ploration Syndicate had been formed in
London with a capital of $400,000 to
explore arid develop the coal -measures
iii Telqua valley. In the interval that
elapsed between the granting of the
lease and the "mysterious de'positioiujpf
Mr. W.-R.. Gore from his position as
deputy of" the Lands and Works-De,
partmbntV.who was abruptly retired,
Mr. Neil Mackay. the premier's private
.secretary and the' holder of $37,000
worth of Transcontinental Exploration
Syndicate shares, for the gift of which
Mr. Green lia'd' thankedy Sir Adolph
Caron :foriiis great kindness, was appointed deputy in Mr. Gore's place. It
was probably felt thai the custodian of
the shares shouldJhe changed, At any
rate the name of Granville Cuppuge, a
junior clerk in the Lands and Works
department at Victoria, appears in the
Province of October. 16th as one of the
,  1      . j*_* ■ 1
directors of this company that ir about
to spend $400,000 in developing the
coal lands along the line of the Grand
Trunk Pacific. From whom Mr. Cup-
page got his shares is not al present
known, but there is reason to believe
that the $37,000 worth of stock whicli
was originally conveyed to Neil Mnek-
ny is the shares which Mr, Granville
Cuppnge represents nnd by "virtue of
which lie sits as a director of the com-
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Chilli-, Itourtvlliftii."—Jirs. J. Rang-
er, llroekvilli1.
," Atiur UikiiiR ta.OO worth of !'»>"-
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nrtls, Marriotts Cove, N.S.
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lirl(lK«biiig, Ont.
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DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, 179 King St. W„ Toronto
The above is a plain narration of 11
mo.it appalling instance of provincial
government corruption. Readers will
have no difficulty in nrrlving at a conclusion unfavorable (0 thcjgovcrnhicnt,
The correspondence has been photographed and Mr. Green's letter thank,
iiig S>lr Adolph for his munificence and
requesting thnt the shares ho placed in
" Mr. Mnckay's name ' isHn Vancouver
nl this moment. Spccial'iittcnlinn will
be directed (0 the __fnct thnt, although
• the executive council meeting at which
Mr. Green's conduct wan exposed was
held In Mny hint, the other minister!.,
the Immaculate Mr. Cotton included,
continued io nil und net with Mr,
(ireun until the jjnd of December,
when- the pressure from Vancouver
Conservatives became so great Mini ho
runlgned from the Lands and Works
department. He Is now nt Knslo, en.
gtiged in nn effort to (cover hi* olhYinl
trucks hy the re,ttirn of Mr, Neil Mack,
ny, his former deputy, whom lie plims
to succeed in the I.iuidi nnd Works, "
Thin is 11 bold, open stiitcmunt, nnd
if only half true, is enough to condemn
any govcrnirient In Christendom,
Several days have elapsed shire It
appeared, but as ye I no definite denial
I;.U ix.c.', iiiuJc l>) .ill) oiwoi'tiie ministry, though several half denials nnd half
adniinsiliii«, nearly all-in Mine p/irticu-
ur contradicting tho others Imve been
The same paper which made these
charges has summarised Iliem cquito-
cnl answers In the following, rnnme
form, and anyone who luii rend ihene
geuileiuen's answers as published iu Ihe
priikd must admit thai they are correctly
Mated s
From the explun.itioni of Messrs,
ttlcllride and Green nnd from the ml-
missions of officials at, the Lands add
Works Department the following facts
emerge: '
' (1) That'Sir Adolph Caron and.associates received coal lands in llie Telqua Valley.
(2) That Mr.' Neil Mackay received
stock in tlie Transcontinental Syndicate.
(3) That, according,to the Premier,
Mr. Green was the substantial holder
of the stock..   _    , .-..»"
(4) That, according to Mr. Green ihe
stock was Mr. Mackay's own property...
(§y That'in' any event the Premier
thinks Mr. Green,might, without impropriety, receive.a present ,of stock
from men having' business relations
with the department of which he'.was
the head. '„ *
■ (6) That' the admitted holder of the
stock was the Premier's' private secretary at the time he received it, and was
later made deputy in the very department, which had to deal with the men
from whom he had received it.
were 'cognizant of these facts eight
Let us sum up the record of this government which Is-seeking a-new lease
of power at our hands on Saturday.,
In' the first piace, they were called to
take charge of the government as a result of broken personal pledges to their
associates in the opposition to the Prior
government, and by the aid of professed
Liberals, who interceded tor them at
Second—They refused to carry out.fhe
obligations of the government in regard
to  licsnses   and   lenses   in   Southeast
Tliirdr—They appealed to the country
for endorsalion, nnd • were answered
with-so scant a support that they were
under the necessity of combining with,
an independent elemoni in order to
carry on the business of the House. ,
Fourth—They passed, with the aid
of this independent element, a loan bill
ofn very objectionable nature nnd currying the high rate of 5 per cent, interest,
, They formulated a most objectionable
assessment act.
They passed','! fearfully nnd wrongfully constructed school bill.
They made a secret deal with n
middle party for. to,000 acres of land on
Kalen Inland, which lliey knew was to
bo transferred to the G, T. P. Co. nml
kepi the fact a secret from the House
for two years,
Thoy got tangled tip1 In 11 discredit
nblo shuffling of land known ns the
Klttiimut flail, Thoy IbhuoiI conl, oil
and Umber licences in South Hunt
Kootenay to tlio extant, ot $70,COO
which thn courts decided worn
worthless, Thoy gnvo the C. P. It.
800,000 aureR ot land In tho Okiinn
gun to which tliat company wore In
no way entitled. Thoy rulcANcd the
mirno company Irom its obligation
under- ilio statutes lo pay to tho pro
vlnco $100,000 over duo turn. Thoy
raised tlio taxes on tho common
people to tho highest poHsUilo notch
and reduced nt tlio sumo tlmo tlio
oxpo'.idlturo on public works to the
lowest possible level,   .
They iiliuiiaicd larger arens ot
(ib-ibcr Uwh (li.tii lias any uiiier
government and raised less money
by wny ot bonusas than ever was
the ciiHo before and alienated them
for longer periods of tlmo.
And now nt tlio tall end of thott
long career of bungling stands out In
bold black charades this slock Job
hinirdenl which it seems Is tho grcnt
i'cbbou  lor tlio retirement of Mr,
Mr, Hobs'record Is tho record nl llie
government \>U\n Uh failure to bring
homo to his coinitiutencv npproprlit
tlnnninany way commenminito with
the ..revenues derived from tlmt
Tho Cranbrook rldlnp; dncn not
rirodtico tho revenue that la derived
from this district and the nature of
the country' ih that riding is such as
to render road building much less
expensive than in this district yet
that district with a liberal or, opposi
tion member secures larger appropria
tions for roads aud bridges than
does Mr. Ross secure for this one.
Perhaps our porily member considers
the flattering boquets thrown at him
by the premier of sufficient import
ance to make up for tlie deficiency.
Mr. Ross' legislative record very
evidently does not snit the labor
element in this constituency and it is
too late in the season to undertake to
square things by " promising to do
next time what he has left undone in
the past He has the labor element
arrayed against him-and justly, so.
He cannot hope to go back to Victoria
claiming to be a trusted' friend of
the labor interests. This campaign
plainly indicates that he is not - trust
ed by them and will'not receive any
considerable support from any class
will owe his election, if bucIi "a mis
fortune', should happen to the1 district;
to interests antagonistic in the last
degree to any'kind of labor,-legisla
tion. He has stated on. the "platform
during this contest that.he1 only re'
ceived 10% of the labor vote three
years'ago and he will receive less
than that proportion this time and
how can any labor man hope for any
favors from a representative who
publicity lays this'charge, at then-
door. He evidently got more than
10% of the corporation vote of this
district and will do so again, hence
his relutance to prbmiso to introduce
or support legislation in favor of the
common peoplo which might be op
posed by corporation influence A
legislator works along line's suitable
to the influences which supported his
olsction. According to Mr.. Ross'
own statement ho got only 10% of the
labor vote last time and he will, not
Increase that pcrccntngo In this
campaign and it wouid bo uureason
able to expect support from him 'for
legislation asked for by so largo a
body of political opponents as against
tho wishoB of a largo body of
The ciindidnlure of Mr. Dicken ns
the Liberal nominee in this campaign Is
looked upon us a joke, and his vote
will he less limn thai of either of the
other two, nnd is only interosling in so
(Continued on Page 3.)
♦ Dist. No. 18
S Headquarters '. . Blairmore, Alta. <
T F. H."-Sherman,  Pres.-   .' Fernie
w J. A. McDcnald, Sec.   Blairmore ♦
♦;v."'"V?  r        '•■.■'■♦'
<*. 'Gladstone I.ocal Union No.2314   ^
<|.   Thosi Biggs, Sec, Fernie, B. C- ♦
♦ ':.. -ii? „ : ♦.
♦ '"!        ■' '•;-.: ■ ■   :   ♦'
+  Michel Local Union Ni*- 2334.   ^
♦ ,-A.    w!    H.    McLeod, '    Sec, "♦
♦ ,"■ ..'.-'.-. Michel,  B.  C. #
♦ ' ■'•:''■■, "'"'.. ♦
♦ ♦"
♦ , Coleman Local Union No. 2633   ♦
♦ Ckas. Brooks, Sec, Coleman, ♦
^ ""       '"  Alta. -   •" '    "     ' .  ♦
♦ ,      of
♦ <- ■ ' ♦"
> Frank Local Union No. 1263 ♦
^  David Steae, Sec, Frank, Alta.   ♦
♦ ,-.""     ... -   ♦"
♦ - ■ ♦'
4   Lille   Local . Union   No.   1233   ^
♦ Dan  McNeil.Sec, Lille,   'Alta.   ♦
♦ " '"' ^ ♦
♦ ♦
^ Bellevue I^cal Union No. 431 ♦
^ John ,Clark,: Sec.; .'Bellevue," ♦
4 ": ''Alta;'      1'.-:         ■'•♦
♦ •''',■'■♦•
♦ »♦♦♦»♦♦»»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦<»
L. P. Eckstein.     .  J; P. 3\iyers:Gray:
.Eckstein^ Gray
Barris'tehs-at-L>.w,;', Soi.iunoiis,   Etc.
Rooms' 1 & 3, Hondersou tilouk. Fi-niie, B. C.
F. C.  Lawe.   '   Alex.  I.  Fisher, B.A,.
'"Lmi^S:.; Fisher,.
Crow's; - Nest; Trading    Co.    Block,
. Fernie, B_. O. r      . ." ,-
1 J. S. .T. Albsanpbb
W. a. Eoss.K.C. ..
> Ross & Alexander
FERNIE. B. C.,- ""
OBice in L.'T.'w. Block, Vittorla'Avcnue.
•|» -{.Si-
fferuie. SB. C.
* - ,s   .',
J.'Barbeiv^D.s.,' d.d.s.,
L T. W    Block,   opposite tlie  Bank
Otlk-ii lio'urs-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Davey & Laderoute
Hillcrest Local^ Union No. 1058
Jaa. Turabnll, Sec, Hillcrest,
"      '"   " Alta.   'I .
Lundbreck . Local Union No.
3273. A. Hi Bryan," Sec, Lund-
;> , breck.'-Alta.     '.':  .' ''-
♦ '
♦ . • '■': -
♦ Lethbridge I«ocal Union N0.574
♦. S/A. B.;CraM>, Sec:,'Leth-
♦"      0 bridge, Alta.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
ir)K3sriris,r,iw;, k»
Officu Hounsi
g'lulo 1-' 11. m., 1 to, Sp. m
,   li.so tos p.m.
Oflico in Alux. 1.- «U's llioi:k £..-
over Slum's linlcory.' ,    v
St      c|»
A GOOD WAY.   ;",'-'; "'';■
to please careful    housekeepers' u' to,
give   honest   weight.   Oh, . wc 4o3»'t
Say tKat   all butchers   dJon't do i^M
but   we  cannot   "help ' ccce«U*teily,
overHe«ri»g    .our iady'    frieoSs wkdit'
tltey" get to telling their expcrUabes:
to P^ase is to supply ottly    tbe beat'
moat,   if you trade with us yo« trill:
leara   just   what we mean, by t^aac:-
tw« "ways", quality «mI.quavi.
TlTY will be a little more tkoi you
expect, .   ','
O AtGARY Cattle Co:
_    .    _        _"    -        B.4
M: Kerr & Co.
Contractors' and
" '  Blans, Specifications and Estimates furnished" on application..
, " .Plenty  of GOOD. DRY  LUMBER ON HAND.        ,,,."'
R: A..KERR.   "
Architect   . and Superintendent    „
Office  at Residence,
WAKER-ST..     - ' ->     FERNIE. B.C
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Tabor Local   Union    No.   102
John ,., Bishop,     Sec,   Tabor,
-   -■'"    .     -Alta.
♦ ■ ■' r '"'".- ■*
♦" Tabor Local Union No. 1959. ♦
<$   Alfred   1'robert,   Sec.,- Tabor,1   -<J>
♦ . ' ■ Alta. . . ■?. ♦,
♦/■      ,'.'"■ .:• *
4   Canmore Local Union No.' 1387   ♦<
♦ ■ H. Agson, Sec. .'■Camriore, Alta.   #
▼••$#♦▼♦♦ ffffWfWfftf
A'        "' ■ -""e  :''        '     4%
,♦' Bankhead Local Union No. 29 . ♦
4 'John Higffins," Sec, Bankhead ♦
:*} •"--.'.+" Alta-: '•<".: ♦
• j       City of
+ .*
•J.  ANGLICAN-—Christ    Clmrcli^-  A*
Kuril lo, II. (!.
NOTK'H In liiM-uhy trlvpn tlmt tlm iiiiiIiimIuiwkI
wil ,at Jliiitlr»l.iiiiiiit.|iiij nr thn lluiinl of Mu.
tuiHliiif poimriliiMlniinrfi ffir tlio City of Kornla,
hdiliif nr llii;iiv|ilriillnn of thirtyulnvw frtmi
t Mu '111 In ,'ipply (or 11 tnm»f«r of a rutull lliiuor
lli'OiiniiK,'uiitii.||iir(i»|iiiiit   of    tlm   Wiilnorf
llntnl, Kliiininut l.otrt u-lfi lllooli lii, City nf
Fiiriiliiji'iiiiiinyiiiir fn Mury Mnoro,
DaIihI tliln Kt ilny uf Kulinmry, A, 1), limv,
V\'M, MII.I.H,
* CATHOIJC-Clturcli     of    the ',+
•!• Holy Kanilly-Ptttbor J. If;   +'
Aj> Traveniier,       O.M.I.     Low   A*
•{< mass, 8,30 a. in.; high nia.ii,.   •£
"A* 10.30 a. m.   Sunday sitiiool,.  *v
h 3 p. ni., Sveniiig service, 7.30'  -J*
vvvri/ii< r   1     ,'      1   '     , I'Vrnlit, 11.0
>()n*JK Ih   luinliy   iflvmi   that    thn    liri.
ilnrnlifiiiiil will nt Dim  flnt ini.nl.nlu  „f tl a
' ;!",ri1, Vf 'J •'"!''• »« CoiiiiiiUhI.iiii.m for tlm
1 !.'.'/ ,h".rn}" ll".li',i" "i1' "'" ovplriitloii of
tlilrlv iliiyx  nun UiUiliitii, iiupl.y 'fcr  triuiv.
7/i I' WL1 I1".'", ni:,m" txmuM In rnniiMt
itnnlkM; >     "       ''*"" *""""■
Diituil thU l»t ilny of Kulinmry, A, 1>, 11m;,
I>. A. Uir.i.N
IBS-UX J ■JI'-.U!!!.! «S5ggj.'--»!L«1 '-■■' 11 il. 1 ■».», j r
I'Vrnie, 11. C,
.VOTIC1! is liereliy (riven that tlie
unilersifiiicd wj]I, nt Ilia first meeting
of tlio Hoard of Licence Commission.
•t.< for (lie VHy „f Fornic, held after
the expiration of thirty days from
1I1I1 ifrtl<\ apply (uv tlie truiihriT ol a
irla.'l Jfqiior liioiice, (;raiitcil in re<
«|»«:t of tlu< C6titr.1l iroti-1. .ituaU-
upon Lot f, lllork (>, City ofn Fertile,
frntn  myself  (o Jntiirs Scvcrtis,
l>.itnl this jrith «lav ol .Tamiary, A,
I),  vn;.
Ber. _X, Bidding Wilkinson, »fr
pastor—Services,    11    a. ■ m. 4^
oimd    7^30    p.    m. , Sunday ^
School   and   Bible class ■ at *f>
2.36 p.  m.   Evening  prayer +
on Wednesday at 8 o'clock. 4*,
H. Bell. •'"    • ' A.Wii.dmam
ContrKutora uml Huilileis
Estimntes Ftttnishpil       .    . a ",
^% Storm Doors and \Vindows,
Shop:- Corner Howlnnil Aye and McKvoy St.
ffr\        p O. Box 355, JTernie, B C
■'   '' m
'"- -, Headquarters,,- for - PACIFIC"
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Windsor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer.
Holy; Communion 1st and 3rd «{f
Sundays at 11 a. in,, and A*
2nd Sunday at 8 a. m. - «r*
BAPTIST-Rcv. II. , Locke
Kwsptou,' B.A., B.Th,, pastor. Services at 11 a. in, and
7,36 p. iu. Sunday school
and Bible •lass at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 p> m.
. Coal,—Coal \mu\» mny bo puraliiMod ut fit
Mr»»re for »oft oonl uml J20 tor • nnthruolto,
Not JnS5e.t!lttn !l2tt Rurui« Cftn b« uwi«ljei1 by
oh« iniiviilva) or eomimny, Hoyahy nt the
rate of tau aontn per ton ol 2,eu0 pounilt shall
»• eoyeo*«d na tho nn>hn onkput,
Quarti—a tteo miiier'ti cortiucuto is unintcd
uponpavipeat in advance) of i!> par annum for'
«.u ihalvlitiwl, ana from m to »100 por Annum
toraoomnany.ncoordliitftocupttivl,      ■   ■
.Afros miner, hnvlnitilliiuovcreil mineral in
pluuo, may I sea to u claim l.isoo x l„lou foot,
Tho fee for Mwtrrtimf 11 oliilm In ffi.
At loiut «lOf)inu»tlui oxpeiiclecl on the oliiim
•AultyMror p»i<l to tho mlalnu rensrdw iu
lisp1 tnwmif,   Vfkan StM linn »»ati expondod or
R11W, tlie looatwrmiiy, iipsu savlnir u iiuvuy
\*Ah, and upon otmplyiux ^itJi otluir r»-
tuiNmoati,piuoli&ao thn tnn<l nl tfJ. nn acre.
'Urn patentftrnrlik'fi for thu puymunt of tt
royalty of It p»r ci/nt nn tho haleu,
Puoeb raiiiinic claims ffonomlly aro 100 feat
sanani; tntry I'uo *fi runewulilo yrarly,
K frit tnlnnr niuy ' obtntu two loaKOn to
ilrtdu* fur sold ol'ltvo miles 0110I1 for iv term of
«vreii»y »MrK, ranoivulilii at tlio illnurotlon of
lit MliiUUruf tholiitiii'ior,
Tli* lwitt ahull hnvBiulruiluu In operation
within os» Riiimon from tlio iluto of Um Imuo
for M»h Uv* mlluv, Hgiitml tin mu- mmum fur
Husk   mils of i-lvor IoiikiiiI,   Koyalty lit tho
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
iFamaNTiHi, a., o.
METiHODIST-Uev.    W. I.msfc-» A*
Icy Mall, n.A,, U.D., pastor.. •[•
fervlccs at 11 a. m. and 7.30 •!•
p. im.  llible class 3.3° p> tn.; 4*
combined   Bible   clna.i    and A/
tenchtrs* tn«ctinff, 3.30 P-m. ■•!«
Class intftlnu,   30.1$ a. 111, •!•
Young     people's     meetiug, -»J«
Monday  ut 8 p, ni.   Prayer »J<
weetlutj WedncHday nt A t.tu., *t<
Deputy Mlnlstar of the. Interior.
V, Bk—TTitiMthc^/cif pAdPJlictatllwi  oj
fkis ailTortistntctit will not he paid
Crow's    Nest   Spnolol
Miners Favsrlto Olgare
l*IUJSByrjBRJAN - Kno» ^
churcn-kev. II, », Grant, +
II.A., pustor, Services at it
u.M. and 7,3c) p.m.. Sttiulay
school and Dibit- dais at
3.30 p. in. Prayer meeting
Wednesday, at 8 p. 111.
*!•  SArA'ATIOW   ARMV-Captnltr  •!•
•b     7,aidlaw.   Sunday—ttnee drill   A*
7 a. ni.   Ilolineas rrseetinij )t
»• m- 'Tree aud ' Edfiy,'
a.30 p. ;ta, Sunday, adtool, 7
to 3. ,'fnlvfttiott tutting, &
p. m. 1\U.U. mtetJtif, on
llraaay at 7.30' p. jn. Salvation meeting Wednesday
at 8 jp. m. Soldlertf ntt«t-''
i»g, Friday, T«arttmotiy
nKtti'iug Saturday at & p. in.
'»**+*? H-w-r-H-w«r-H w-^w^
W;»Hi»"ii»ihiiiiiiiii»|i up        in—*mme
i> 4>
«e> WC KIVBU T,0I]GK NO. 35 <J>
Q>              A   F. &. A. M, <$>
4> Regular meeting held fir.it Fri- <J)
W day  in  each  inuiilii,   Visiting <i>
$> VriMici), cwJiully  j«*iitJ. ^
<J> J. S. V0MJM1J, Sec, l-'criilc. <t>
4>            il                           , <g>
■i>               i, u. u, i'. 4>
Q Meets every Wednesday evening <&
<J> at 8 p. 111., in I. O. 0. I'. Hnll <$>;
<$> P. C. LAWIC, TUc.-Scc, Kernie 4>
♦ <$>
4> $
<$>       PIJRNIU ■I.ODOK NO 3r Q
$       KNIGimJ OK I'YTHIAS <*>
<§> Meets in r. 0. 0. F. Hall every <&l
4> Thursday evening ut « o'cloclc. <^
<*• Visiting brellicrn arc cordlnlly <J>
ty invited. 4>
..f Oiu   I,. IV1IU1, c. C. '.♦>
t> C. H. lU.ultun, 1;. u. .v ft.. <♦.
♦ ♦
1    ma! ■X'    ' '        'l ""   ' .    r'   \ 1/
There is nothing from a .hate^t
to splft the kindling wood to tW
complete outfit "for aa esplorla^
expedition which we do aot supply at a r«asotia,ble, price.     ■   L,
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
1        '     "1 '• ■ ■    -1.1     .'     .'III!     i'-T   ;   I
Drygoods,  Groceries, Fasto. Im-J
plements;   and    Machinery   irota,
Stem-Winding Mouse*   .Traps    to.
CycloKe  Stackers,.' Indian,; CuVkaa,.
Soiivoirs of Roosville aO>rB)ka,_
Raw Furs and Fresh Produce from
";' ;'      " V " ■' ;:   ";      >",'.i'
Tobacco Plains .
Elko ta
shipped on  , order from
any part east or west.
Send orders  to  Elko.
Bijy Game Hunters ' outfitted
with supplies,'. Pack Horses ■ an*''
Guinea.   ' '""■'   "' ""    ".' '   !;""''l' '
50 Good Woods-
men wanted by J
The Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
Office or at Hos-
mer. ' ■■-'■--:
The Elft Lumber    ltd.    ,;
Fernie, B.C.
Shilling S'x-Pcnny Pipe
•    in the World
fvrrlf ^!^^ C1.41 -iiUiJ.
JuHruiiifliiiiior and ink ur
"Shield Brand" Pipes
Por Sale at the
Club   Cigar   Store
•W. A. INOUAM, Prop,
t'houe 9'<       •       •       V«t*\; B. C.
The contruoeorn ol Fernie will
please take notice that After April
i:it, 1906 the Catpcnten aud Julu
ltd ol I'Vrnlc hocui nso will de«
niand (our dollari (4,00) lor eUht (I)
hour*' work,
U. B. of C. It J. V. i9io, fenle.
Leave Nelson 7.30 a.m. daily
Arrive Vancouver 11^50 nobriit
S. S. Princess VICTORIA,
Arrive Victoria 6 p.|m.  .';"
CONNECTING   WITH"  ","v 'j!''
S. S. Princess BEATRICE-
victoria - Seattle;;
BERTHS $1.00
J H.OAHTEIl, I>, l'.A.,Nuliou,
J*. J. OoyL»8, A. Q, p. A,, Vaanonver,
lti«»rde   LUkaeat   Care*Oarget
In the wntt»» of the Act rwpectlnf
certain works ii< and over certain ww'"
igitble water*, being Chapter 93,   R,
S, C, 1886. ;   •
NOTICB in hereby given that oaa
month after date an application will
be made to the GovernoHn-CouucIf ,.
Ly Malts Zttu(«tun kosa and JoMpb
Whitehead Ko?,. carrying on builneee,
at K.hmonth, iii the Province, of Brit-; .
iiih Columbia, under the finrt uatne of
Rois Uiom. and Coinpoeiy, «nder the
prcrviatons ol tlii aliove Act lor per-
mlsilon to conntruct dami, boowe
and other iniptcvements for togging
and taw nillli'iy purposes Iu Kootenay River in South Bant Kootenay,'
British Columbia.
The plans of the works proposed to
be constituted and a description ol
the site thiuot Have been deposited
with tie Re«fitrar of Land Title* at -'
Kriton, n. C„ and with the MlnUtex
of Pnblle Works tt Ottawa, OnUtrto.
W. F. OUttB,
Solicitor for tha AppUcaat*.
ruled    at Craabrool, 8, C,   tMa
3i»t day of Dciember, A. D. !**«, ,    ,, !' -'
(A *
•'"^_.:.. (Continued From Page 2.)
far as it may take,from or add. to  one
or-the other*:of his'opponents" •  :,_ '-"" " .
, ; "Mr., Moore is;putting-' up the. most
"open and straightforward campaign of
any-of theni", aridihis straightforward
course is adding  votes  to liis  column
every day.- > Tliatdia   will  be elected
there is.scarce a'doubtfand this"is as it
should jbe.f Deca'use he is .-the only man
n "the "'field'whose interests are unde
videdly  with  the laboring men'0of the
district. .'His open pronouncement upon
, the  open .town  issue is. winning votes
everywhere,; and   this is   one   of  llu:
unexpected     .fruits     of ■_■ the",     open
shop   ...cry!   ' raised    by .   the     com-
- pany  management  during the strike.
If |io'pen  shop,i.s right on principle and
worth  elosing down, the mines for six
years,  surely these' advocates of  that
principle on principle will be found Supporting Mr.-  Moore in his advocacy (bf
open  towns, along  willi' open   shops.
Well, hardly!    Hut birds come home to
roost, and this is one of them which has
-come home'to trouble  the people wl\o
started it out on the wing.
^There are a few amiiluerish politicians
inithis,,valley, who don't seem to ,sec-
very fur into the" future. There an;
nearly 3,000 working men in (ho Fernie district. A ample thousand of them
"simple, minerss," and the number
will continue to increase, and the body
of them will continue to think more ami
more for themselves .until., there will
soon be a thousand practically united
workmen with voles to cast. " Ail this
will come about before another provin
cial election is likely to roll aroulul; ami.
wliat then?
('If the. change of the last three' year
A Severe C S3 Cured by Dr. Williams
. ■ Pink Pill's.--
,'".1 Fierce darting pains—pains like
red hot needles being" driven through
the" flesh—in the thigh;.- perhaps
down.the legs—that's sciii|.ic?.,\,Norie
bui the victim can realize the tortuie
But the sufferer need-not grow dis
corn-aged for there'is a cure, in Dr.
'Williams' 'Pink Pills. These pills
make new blond, this'new blood feeds
and strengthens the nerves and frees
them tivni pain. Tlie pain" is banish
ed to stay banished—the cure is
complete. Mr. Chas. -11. Maclean, a
prosperous tanner near Uroekvilje
Out., has been cured of a severe case
of sciatica and wishes other sufferers
to hear, pi his cure that they may
benefit bv his experience. He says:
"For upwards of five years I was a
peril diciil sufferer irom sciatica. In
the morning while getting up I would
be seized witn agonizing pains in my
hips. Sometimes these pains extend-'
ed down one leg, sometimes down
the other, of'ieii down both.- The
pain ..was terrible Imagine the
ugony caused by a red hot'spike
bsing'driven through the flesh. That
was just my feeling when the sciatica
was at its worst. Often while carrying water to the horses the pain became so acute I' had'to drop the pail
in the .yard. ■ I followed- doctor's
treatment but with sli/jht relief. , I
then tried rheumatic plasters and
liniments but these did not help me
at -all. Then I decided to give Dr,
Williams' Pink,0Pills a trial. At
first "they did not seem to help'me but
as. they had been so highlyrecom-
. r-    .   ..    -.                                           mended I persisted in the tri»irmnnt
isan indication^ what.lhc next- three .„,,,,    ,'   ,   '      .'" "'? -l™«»"nent
..iS''i'>   ■    '.'•    r" :■ •   ,'•"•.      -•■ and graaually noticed a change in
years has  in store for  this district, one I ,,,„-r„j,,.,,     ,_,. .      "-"""'h^  m
« ■    ■ my condition., The pain became less
Notice ia Sereby gives that 60 days
Iter date, I intend to apply to the
Hcsi. Chief Commissioner of" I^ands.
and Works for a .special liceiise to cut'
and carry aW&y timber from"-the"foi;
lowing described' lands situated on
the Kootaiay ; River. \ North East
Kootenay District." ""• '.
No. ,1 .—Commencing at a post
planted.on the east side,-of the Kootenay river, about two miles " north
of the. northern boundary of Lot 4596
thence 80 - 'chains'' north, 'ihe'nce " 80'
chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains " east, to place of
G. H. G. BOUI/T03*.
October 4th,, igo6.
fames Severn, ,-,> - . ; Proprietor
Well, furnished rooms.  The table  is supplied  with the best
,   the market affords. The' ba r is supplied ; with1 the . best wines,
liquors and cigars.  '  '"" ! »      .
I Watch it Increase.
No., ?.—Commencing at a post
planted at' the southwest comer ©f
Umit No. 1, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chair.. east,
to place of commencement. '
October 4th,   igofi.
No. 3.—Comtncncirtjj at a post
panted ofte mile north oi Limit Nq,
a; thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north,
th.-nce 80 chains east, to place .of
October  tfn,   1906.
*' : ■■ 1 : ; _.♦
orfjbthcr of the political parties will hav
to fchang'e. base or  the labor cindidalr
wijl have a walk over.
.The people of Fernie have nothing ti
fear from such a change:
,. 'The laboring men earn the mourn
that keeps Fernie alive, and lliev pro.
pose to have something to say, ahoui
who shall run the'affairs of this d'islriei,
seeing that they furnish the money .u
keep it going.   " °'   .
•;,Mr. Moore will he-elected by a gon.i
majority over Mr, Ross on Saturday",
and that will mark ' the begimiinir ol
some now things in this neck of the
woods. ...;'-,■.,:
,   . 4J- '-i ."    "'  -l- ,"     .,•"..      ...    "-. .
s<5       '   '    .   .   ■■;—o^—'——.     -   ., »
•"As a remedy/for all the ills '0'
childhood arising from derarige-
ments of- the" stomnoh' or:-bowel,-!
Baby's Own Tablets have no equal.1
Yt$a.do-not.have to.coax or th renter
yjaur 1 ittio ones to take them—children like them., The ease.with whicl
thiey Oiin.bo given as compared ivltl
, liquid medicines will appeal to ever/
mother. \ None is spilled or wasted-
yoii know just how big adosohn-
reached tho litllo stomach. And'
above all mothers have an absolut-
guarantee .-that, the' Tablets conta'ii
- no1 opiate or poisonous soothing stuff
They'always do good, they caniiu
possibly do harm. Mrs, Edwuni
Donovan, St, Agatha, Que., says: "1
am delighted with Baby's Own Tab
' lets.. I know ot no medicine that cat
equal them In curing the ills of youiir
children." You can get the Tublch
from any druggist, or by mttll-at 25
cents a box bv' wrising tho Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co,, Brockvlllr,
I r -     -
I severe,'I felt stronger mid my appetite improved. I think0! used the
pills about four or five months before
I was completely ..cured, but'though
that was two years ago 1 huve not
since had the slightest return of
sciatica. I think Dr.; Wiliiams'-- Pink
Pills are a marvellous-medicine and
redoes my-wife- who'used them as a
blood builder. She says they have
no equal and never wearies ot. praisj
ing them to her friends." :  "■
Good blood isthe..secrefc of health—
Or. Williams' Pink Pills the.secretof
-;oud blond. Thus is'why they cure
3iJiatica,,r lieu mutism, St. Vitus dance,
lieart "palpitation, indigestion and the
.'iilments common to women and
growing-girls: ;Sold~by—nlecl ici ne
dealers or J)y mail at oO.cts. a.box
•V six boxes for"$2.f>0 -iro'ni^.'thu,, Dr;
Williams'.Merticine Co,, Brcckville,
!:")nt.   .
No. 4.—-Commencing at-, a, post
phmtedf at the north east comer of
Limit No. 3, thence 80 chains north,,
thence So chains east, thence 80 chains'
south, thence 80 chains west, to pta.ee
of1' commencement'.
,    G. H. G, BOULTON:
.  October  4th,   1506. '
■ No. 5.—Coinmenciag ., at a post
planted at the north west comer of
Limit No. 4, tnence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west,.thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains east', to place
of commencement.
October 4th,   1906.
Hotel, Fernie
T. Whelan,   Manager
A pleasant homo
for the traveller.
Uooins , reserved
by wire.
JBvftry Attcriitloii
All you have , to
do with a Savings Account is to start it and
keep it going—then watch it grow.,, Doesn't
take long for it to. count up to a considerable.
amount—then ybn see the • advantage—the wisdom  of —"
I $1 Opens an Account with Tlie Home Bank of Canada §
_*»*."'     -* " ■ «p?
^v,     J. M.   MARSHALL,  MBr., Pernle   Branch        v*
c .. .^rrrr^-:—>■ 	
The Ilk Lumber Co.,
v .limeited; . '■ '■    ■•■ ■ ^■-'v
" Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd !
Bjpewers of. Extra Fine 1
Laifer Beer and Aerated -. ,?'
Waters.  Bottled Goods X
a Speeialty. 4
Nn. 6.—-Commencing at" a post
planted at the north west corner"".of
Limit No. 5, thence 80 cftaito north,
thence 80 " chains west, tnence .80
chains south, thence 80 cSBajns east,
to, place  of  commencement:,.
October 4th,   1906.
Tlie si'coinl ol' tlio series of tlie specinl
neetinys hekl in" the Salvation Armv
Uarracl^s will .be' gwm under the
.inspires ol- the W. C. t.'-U. on ,Mon-
■lay, ,the 41I1 insi. :it 8 p. 111, A very
special program will ba remlereJ, the
follow!nn ladies laltint; an active part:
Mrs. (Rev) Hall, Mrs. jjomson, Mrs.
tjeddes, Miss Fletcher, and others,
i''ull particulars iv^ardinjr thu program in due course. ..
.   MISSI0NE14S.
SEA1.KO TRNUKIlAHilitroKsuil tn tlm umlui
■ klgneil, unit enrtornnit "Tomlur fur I'om
— _,.   »"li"w»i,   i.i.w   Gu.1urn1.11      j.i,ii.,ur   iwr   i »m
Office, Feinto, II, 0„" will bo ruoetvoil ut, till
oftU'u   nntll  Momley, Felirnury  lHtli    ■"""
wett^v      itiiuo     Milliliter 1     *' wm mn,T       irtiu,  ■   *ini(
lnatnii{v«ly, for tli«  oomttruotinn of a 1*0?.
Office, &u,, I111IMI1111 nt Kurnlu, II 0,
Jflnim ami  iponlfliiiitinn cun lm uri'ii nil'
formn of tumlor rilitulnuil lit tit Ih l>u|>iii-tmmr
enit un epiillniitliiii to Hulmrt A, Knrr, Kbii
Oferk of WarkK, Kornlu, Il 0,
'Porioni ttmlorliiKiii'ii uotlflriil tlmt toinliir
will not lie uoiKicluiait uiiIuhh niuilu on tlii
DUlnttil form mui|ill«il, mul mIkiiiuI with iliuii
ftetuel elffnaturow.
'neon tomltr miint lie nof-omiuiiilml liy m
uoenteil ahequo on 11 almitnroil Imnli," mmli
Mveble to tlio nnUr of tli* lloniinililo tin
iliiiUtur of l'ulilln Worlu, ui|iiul tu tun im
cent, (to u, 0) of tin nmmint nl tlio ■♦miilur
Vbloli will (j»rorf«itoi| If tlm imrt.v tuinUrliii'
ueellnet<>enter.Inton cniitriiiitVflicn imlln,'
Upon to iIo'ho, nr If lt« - full to fomptfitii tin
worknontrentril fnr, If II111 tumliii- Im r.ti'
eeetpUil tlierli«au« will lie mtimiu.t.
'.Tlie D»niirtnieni ilmiM tint lilml Itsnlftn m
Cfpt Mil lowutt or liiiy tniuliir,
Tr 'Dy OnUr.
'■' KIIKH (lKMNArt,
,   , /OMnwaVjikViiiiiry'lRtli, liinT,
V»wip»iMir»  Iniiirtlnir tliu Hilvoi-ll'iinmn'
Witnoul tutlmrlty from tln» Dtipurtintuit wil.
net b« pedl for It.
hipartniMiit nf Pulilln Work*,
Fernie, B.  C.
NOTICP, is hereby glycn that the
iiiKlersigned will, nt the'first meeting
ot the Board of Licence Commissioners'for,, the City of Ferule, held after
the, expiration of thirty days from
this date, apply for the transfer of a
retail Honor Ilreiiee, granted in rc-
i-.pcct to the Northern Hotel, situate
nttoii'LolH 6 and 7, "Block 14, City ol
I''crnie,  from myself to John Sorkce.
Bated this 16th day of January, A.
"-27 w. ERCHWICf.
No., 7.—Commeneiog .. at a , poet
planted one-hnJf mile east of \r*
north west corner of Limit No. 6,
tbdbce 80 chain*; north, tlieote; -So
chains west, thence 80 clnwns south,
thence 80..chains    .east,  to 'place    of
October  4th,   1906. "'
No. 8.—Commencing, at a past
planted one-half mile east o* tne
north west corner o£ Limit No. .7,
thence 80 chains north, tnenee 80
chains west, thence 80. chains south,
ithfence So chains east, to place of
October 4th,  1906.   .
No. 9-—Commencing nt a *ost
planted one-half mile east of the
north west corner oi Limit No., 8,
1 hence 80 cttatnts north, thence 9a
catkins, weat, tne«Ce 8b chaina south,
then** 80 chains, cast, to place of'
,     G, H. G., BOULTON.
October 4th,   1906.,
'""■'"  ■■■■■■im 1     ■■  1 1   iniin        ■     1    imi»ii'n<
No. 10.—Commencing at a post,
I<l-aUUil one mile weat; of the north
went corner c£ Limit Wp, % thence 80
cliiLias eoat, thMfcta 80 *H*!i&ii soatfc,
thence 50 chains west, tfawtc 8k>
chaina north to place of commencement.
October 4th,  1906.
N0, 11,—Commencinjj
nt   n
Your Orders for Meats
Eggs, Butter, Poultry &
Pish, to
and get satisfaction
•PHONE   4
The A.
A. J. Burton. Mt|i*
Mnnufiicdirer nf nil   Solid
nnd  Inwrtcd Toolli Saw*.
We carry In stottc imcl cun
supply ut short notice
Send Us Your Orders
Burton Saw Co.
Vfinnr\mvni«7 R. O.
Wood Split Pulleys
(that will not slip)
All Filing Room
Supplies at Right
& Ross
FiiiBshiiig Lumber and
''. HonidBngs...
All out stock is-last years cut and well seasoned.
■  -i ,     ■     i -_.
in Watch &Jeifceler;y Repairing
Undertakers & Embalmersl
■"AGENTS:,"FOR v _.•_ .
'?   ,   The   Calgary   Marble   &;.Granite  Works
.       The. Kootenay    Marble   Works,' -Nelson
: SampIes^Can be Seen at the Office. ;y ; Parlors in lundy's Block
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Furid, $4,900,000
B. E. WrALKER,' General Manager,     ' ; -      ALEX. LAIRD," Asst. Gen'l Manager
$5 nnd under ',';'     3 cents
Over $5, and not exceeding $10 ' 6'cents
•J   $10!   :•'   .■'.     V      $30  10 cents
".$30    "«■ ,«i,      $50  15 cents.
These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in Canada of a Chartered Bank
(Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points lu the United States.
•  •   " ■',,; HrOOTUiLI At'A KIXUP IMTK AT
They form an excellent method of ..remitting small, sums of money with softly
■nd at email coot.
P.* nl,  BrniitihllO
Ot S.   Holt,   Mnlinger
planted nt tna north went somer of;
LimU No, to, thence So chniiw west,;
thcnoii 6o chains touth, thonce 8o
ihalnu enst, thenot 8o «.hiiiiui north,'
tn ploc* ol comuuticement.   .
1 ' O. II. O. BOUI/rON.   j
Octobtr 4th,   1906. ,.,
Kn, ia,—Coninieucinu at Bv.pout
planted «t the north west corner ofj
Limit N0, io, thance 80 diains west,'
themee 80. i-tains north, thenct 80',
chnittt enst, tlstnct 8a ubalnet »o»th|,'
tn place of commmoment.
Octol)er 4th,  1906,
No. n.—Commancittf at a pout
planted at tha north west cornsr nf
Limit Nn, 10, tannic 60 chain* north,
tluncc So chain* sot, thancc lo
chains south, Umbo 8a chains west,
to placa ot. contnitncamant.
Octolwr 4th,  1906,
per, with tlie naini— "Virjjih Oil" of
Pine (Pure)"—plainly printed there-
011, There ore ninny imitations mul
cheap prodiicUois «[ Pine, but these
only create nausea, am! never effect
the desired results. —u6
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds   of   Klocirical
Goods kepi in slock.
All work
John Tuiinkk,
No. 14,-ComnitiKine at a aoat
planted at tha nbith w«st coiner of
I.imlt No. 10, thrust 80 chains
south, tnutwa Ho chains aaat, thaas*
<k> chain* no|\b. Uu«c« xto ehWIw
.vest, tu place 0) {uum«ii(r«in«at.
O. II. G. B0UI5T0N,
OctoUr 4th,  1906,
00  YEARS*u
W. R. McDougall
Fernie, B. C.
Trunks. Suit
■   *         r,   .'1 ,   '- "...
if    btCsil^
Prices    Lownv*
Than.Ever :
Supplies of all Descriptions
Now on Sale
The Palace Drug Store
H. F. McLean, rVlgr.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦sW*>
,. , ' ■■ ; ■ ' (
  Cof^niOHTt lo.
AnrnnsitndlnB' imkittrti snditwnrtMlAn any
iiloklr sir«rulii 011 r oniiiim Im wb»t»*r.
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
twv this vow vnirp rntTOiT.
To ttlin\e * tuugb ot hwdk up a
■cold iii twenty-four hours, tlie f«i-
lowing simple formula, tlie Ingredients of which can he obtained of any
jjooil prescription ilrui_i.int ut   mnull
Vlrjjln Oil of Pine (Pure), one-half
ounee; Olycerlne, two ounces; Good
Whisky, u half pint. Shake well and
take in teaspoonful doses every four
hours. The desired results can not be
obtained unlesi the Ingredients art
pure. It is therefore better to pur*
ehflse Ihe ingredient* separately and
prepare the mixture yourself. Virgin
Oil of Pine (l'ure) should he purcliaS"
ed in the original half-ounce viaif,
which ilru_i;gUt:i buy far dinpensln(.
Kach viiit is* sruirely Healed in a
round wooden case which protects the
oil from exposure to light. Around
the wooden case is an engravrd wrap-
llivaiMllnri I) pnilmhly P>U«ntgtii
l»w(ai ruXlM, without shsree, la
>*t wbetlntr an
tindtmntlrlllailniM w«tHr. Unultfr.
lion oi iat•"l«ntia» X/ytnA,   lormi.tt a
i«ri (ourwontlii.lL, B«14 bran MwidaaltN.
loo. h VUU WwUilfon.H.0
your wifo happy by buy-
Stool Kangeof J,D. Quail
or  money refunded
by tlio work or niontli,
Mrs. Clark "^
t'ellat Ave.
'"in in •<. u 'iw.ai  j in h ■    .i'i*"*
A hotel that ftitntHhex <|iiiet, torn-
modioli* accomuuAldtion for its »a-
trail* i* a sotine ol plrstnre to the
irttvtlliaj publU'. Sin.lt a oiti i^ ihe
King Kdwatik Hotel, ni r'emir, carter opposite post office-
Wholesale Groceries, flour, Feed and Camp. Supplies
'   T.'  **.Mfc «l SSfc»ait-'i-,1  ;
^#*<Af4«5*rtii*(lWIIW'wW'* f a>-fc„ 'ES.
£e eruption, or sore
or wpnil, _orTiiiiy pint of
■•^i-body whitSi'l'.iishitl.erto refused to close, ne matter how treated?
Itsb, that is iieiise tor Zam-Buk the
great herbal balm. The herbal saps
and.' eesences, in this balm are so
powerful that they can" heal the worst
eases of chronic'sores,, ulcers, blood
poison and skin diseases. Here are
,   proofs of this : - '
"Mrs. W.llfTaylor,-of.North Bay,
Ont.,-says:— 'T had a scaly spot; on
my face as big as a 10 cent piece.   I
had it for four years, and hardly a
-   night during' that time went. by but
what I applied cold cream, or some
ointment' or   other,    but  it  would
,   always be there., J recently applied
Zam-Buk, and' 'in about a week's
tijne the spot had disappeared completely.   I cannot thank you enough
.   for your remedy, and I toll every-
'   one to be sure'and keep Zam-Buk in
their house."
Mrs.  S.  J.   Holdcn, "of 343 \Vcst
Hannah St.,  Hamilton, says:  "My
little girl had a running sore on her
:' leg which defied all treatment.   I
applied ZamrBuk, and in about a
~   week's time/tho wound "was closed. I
haye "foitnd; Zara-Bak just as gocd
for other skin troubles and injuries."
" Mr,J. H. Hamilton, of Thornbury,
says:—'The first Zam-Buk I obtained  was for a  friend   who had an
obstinate sore on her temple.   It had
. been  treated' once  or,, twice  by.a
doctor, and .would heal up for a short
time', -.but would break out again.
Zam-Buk healed it permanently,and
it shows no "sign whatever of return-
^Similar grateful "testimony' is to
Hand from men and women in all
parts of Canada."" Zam-Buk is a sure
cure for all.skin diseases and injuries
such as cuts, burns, eczema, psoriasis
ulcers, scalp sores, cold sores, chapped
bands, itch,-rashes, tetter, face sores,
etc. . It-is also an unequalled embrocation, and,rubbed, wellon to parts
affected cures, rheumatism, sciatica,
." neuralgia, v colds on chest, etc. All
druggists sell at 50c. a box, or mav
. be obtained post,free from Zam Buk
Co., Toronto.- upon receipt of price. 0
.'boxesfor$2.50,, „  vx  ,
■ W.'R.Ross had engaged Stork's Hall
for tonight, but he seems to have ab'aftil
o entirely; to sweaters and long rubber
:iThe Eagles give a^smoker in their
Hall on Wednesday evening, Feby. 6tli
to all members' and   their  friends.    A
' good program has beer,   prepared.   Cof
fee and Sandwiches at u., '   ,.
j-Mr. Thos. Biggs, who has been aw_.iv
at Indfaoapolis for several days, returned to town Monday night. ' Mr. Biggs
. was a delegate to the annual convention
of the United Mine Workers of Americii.
A report or the convention yill be given
, oiir readers next >veek. Mr. Biggs m;«s
delayed on the* road by snowbound
trains, and misHcd two or three days of
the proceedings of tho convention,
s •      '''r;    .;-' o        • '
■'.'■■'< <'v'(Coniihhed from page i)
rheumatism, anemia, . fomaio ailments and irregularities "run-down
feelings," liver,, and kidney complaint, headache, sleoplessncfs, wind
spasms, palpitation, etc., All druggists soil at 50o. a box or' obtainable
post free from the Bilean Co., Toronto,
upon receipt of tho price. 0 boxes
sold for $2.50.
HAY FOIt SAJiE-Good iiplaiul |iriilr.
" le hay. Chun. II. Howard.' Cay ley,
Alta, '      . -25lf
Minister Speaks
to Mothers
Till! BU WjfnlttitiafUncn far tb*
Salic frMfcar SanWi.
The following letter has baan iMt
to Dr. T, A.ifliecum, Ltd., for pub-
We received a case of Nice, Fancy Lamps 11;is;
— ordered for Ch
■islnias trade. ■ We  are  selling
■„• them
at cost.
Biggesisnap on earth.,'  PayCash.
,   *     -"*                              A
W.I. BlimdeH.
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
'' 1. sv ^
LADIES     ;■   "     "\' .-
Underwear and Hosiery
The made-to wear kind.
MENS-   '■ .  '..."" ',., .     ~~"
IJnderwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
MENS    ~~_• _.   ■"■■ '   _
Overcoats and Reefers
"• •        ■ * ■   . *
The sort that fits.
.* Overshoes
The Best made.
THE purchasing power of your dollar will be considerably increased if you allow us to cater to your wants. Our constant
endeavor is to make trading at our store of mutual benefit, we sup-
plying the best,quality of goods at the lowest possible price." We
respectfully solicit your business, a trial will convince you-that, we
can save you money.
We never sacrifice quality Tor
price, yet at the same time oiu*
prices are acknowledged mon-
-ey sayers., . >'-..'•
Seeded Raisins   _ .._        . per packet
Sherriffs Jelly Powders 3 packets kfor
Sherriffs Extracts 2 oz. reg.25       /
do       do       4    do=    ;5o
- Corn Starch'.' .     .3 packets for
Laundry Starch   •-.'        3 packets-for
• io-
The Opportunity is Yours,
to purchase a Campbell or Faultless Suit at a big saving. Stock
must be sold before new spring
goods arrive.
• -  * ■>"',."°    '
Men's Suits', reg $8.50 to $25.06   „    '   °
Special |5 to» $20
jLSIooara, Umlttd :-neir>Rlm Within
 tvrt Man wy wile (who In of a delicate
•onitltuUon) bai bad two wrrro ttuvki ot la
(niitw, both ol which have bum »|«.«<llly norrocuid
r Uit uu ol IMycliIiiu. \» e have nivh uttli In the
•OlcUncy ol your rcmedlci Hut ut a family
) heart ainl fnuii ss'l u a"h.x-i.'|ilit for all wiiii-
IcUncy ol your rcmedlci that u* a family we
. lanoalhar. for tonlntr up a ilcbllHatrd vjitim,
kawarar run pawn, reiumng to hralthy actlun
ml Iuiiiii, — ' --- "' "-
(rititw, both ol which have buuu »|«.«illl/ mrrouuid
r Ilia um ol rirychlnu. Wehaveiuohra"'
ln» dU«uoi,"your"l'«yi:liln« an'l OiorttiilMbii ar«
■Imply |ieerlaaa. Youri sincerely, llev, J. J, lllgt.
Il walker Avenue, Inronto,
.   PSYCHINE, Pronounced SUkeen,
Is a scientific preparation, having
wonderful   tonic  properties ucting
directly upon the Stomach. Wood
and   weak  organs  of the. body,
quickly restoring them to strong
tnd healthy action.    It is especially
JLMttjvUu     tO I     JSvWJH>lC     Vfcl.1*    tiiC     iUll
dov/n from any cn^sc, f?f>rr!:i!ly
Caughs, Colds, Cntnrrh, LuGrippe,
Pneumonia, Consumption and all
atomuch or organic troubles. Ut
has no substitute.'
(mmjHCio sf-Ktin)
(a for sahJ nt asTdaaters. al 60c nnd
$1.00 per bottle, ur write direct to
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 119
Kitxff St W„ Toronto.
There in no other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCH INF..
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a aura and
{Miftanaitt eon lor Hbawnaliam, BH|hf •
DiatiM,    ~	
., Pain In the Back and all forms
«f Kidney Trouble. 25c par box, at all
iaalats, .
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton,. Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs. ,
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Men's Pants, in Worsted, Tweeds and Serges ■
$1.40 to $6.25
Take advantage of it
and save money.
Cairn's Scotch Marmalade 7 lb tins   ,
Sweet Pink Toilet Soap,, reg 2 for. 15 .
Laundry Soap, reg. 6, bars for .25
; , .Special 8 for .25
Now in stock:-   Spring shipment
of the well-known.
in the newest designs arid colors.
V-V/'-'' "  '"     . ' 41-25 to 92.75
Maple Leaf Ceylon TEA
_.   Worth .50c a lb.    . Our-.price .30 ,
Trnnks, Suit Cases, travelling
Bags, Telescopes. vaiuo'°price8
CMJSSIKIED advkutiskmknts
under this UcadUin iimlerteil ul tha
rate ol oue ceut a word cucli inner-
FOR vSAI,E-2o lots la Went Iferaie.
«a»y terms. ..Apply W. T. Healey,
West Purale.
WANTKn-SiTviml   girl.   A]iply     to
A. McDoiiKnll, Vcrnic I(iiinl)i'r Co.
»■  ■ii.w.ii  w    1 0,m ,.
WAN'TKD-A good jjirl for hmiscki-ep-
iiiR.—Apply 10 Urn. J. It, I,iiwry,
\\.\ N'TKI) -.\ servant ior Kviu'ril
lioiisowork.--Apply to Mrs. Hi;}-
 j— ' ■—
VN   JilSIKW-llolidiliii'Ui     oddiwrtli
ddynrs  rinwcdilol,  tua  :*n .tin,  (jun
ddyn   o   fyniir .ul.   llwr'ail,  prl i'v.
X  Ledger.
WANTICn-Oirl for Kcncrnl liotisu-
w(trk. Apply or writo Mrs. K. P.
Jones', 34ft Victcirin Avenue, N'ortli
Funic. 3,j
FURNISHKO room to rtut f..r rcii-
lliuiiin furnace, electric liglil 'and
hiillil For pnrliculars apply to Ledge; Ollire.
rou SA LU
KOW KAT.T?—A gwnd "WilliuM'?! pinno.
AM'lr ». MtJycaiun.
""*"•* " • ' • '        ■ ■     " ~t
YOU SALlv—A .snap; a m'x toouied
house, well liuilt, with luit utnltold
w*Ur batli, aud iip-lorlatr rlrclrir
li£lit fixturts; xituntiil tlo^e in to
btiftinrsr r»rl ol city; must ]>t :,old
«oo». For pnrtlriilari fnipitn* of
ilutl, Sun &. Co,
MOTT SON He Ct). ka.ve instnictioavs
to look out for twa or tkrea hundred ucrc» of good land suit able (or
fiuit growing !m iliu Kooleaay Valley. This laud must lie ho situated
as to allow uf irrigation, either by
gravity or by a well-equipped pumping plant with nu abundant supply nf water. Improved ranch'ed are
within" the scope of the tnsliuctloas.
Locality, quality nf boII atvl uccess
lo water come before price in Ike
consideration of tie purchaser, who
is a practical fruit grower, and
knows what he wants. .Send us
your description!!, locations and
Fare  and One^Third
Round   Trip
From Kornii', Hi»vt'l>icke nm! nil inier-
iiK-Ji.ile .inJ 1-iMncli linf polnls
OK SUt Te&y. tt-t6       ltU.rfely.t8.
li.r.Uinilf.llnf.irwKllmi apply tui«*nt<t
.1, S, r.AUTKU. 1* P. A.   A.,1. CUYIiV, A.P.P A.
N.l.uii Vancout or
Dry Goods, Mouse Purnishings,
Lace, Chenille, Tapestry and Velour Curtains
Poles and Fixtures in Wood and Brass.
Curtain Muslin, Madras Muslins- White and Colors.
Silkaline Draperies, Carpets and Mattings.
      Linoleums in 6 and 12 foot widths
Window Sh
in Fawn and Greens,  .40 to .90
Special for Saturday Only
5 Dok. Colored Shades, reg" .40, Special .30c ea.
mm**taum*mmmmi ■ir»«a'iiaaHUMiY*ia>aiiaiaaia)iiaiiaii
Price and wearing quality is the
Foundation of our Shoe Department.
Men's Fine Shoes;   mc waikovor.    tuo imperial.
Ladies Fine Shoes; Tiionrt.    'm© xmo mt.
Tlio Packard.
Tho Royal Purple.
Wc arc Sole Agents for the Artisan Working  Boot  for  Men,   which  for
Hard Wear and Durability cannot be Excelled
The Crow's Nest Trading Co. Limited
Wed and T&W feb, S-7
1'rennutft tho 1'amoiis
Scarlet IWysf eries
From London, England
This Celebrated Combination of l^iiiJit Artists who are crossing Canada en route  for Australia,  will appear as above, presenting the Latest- London MovcHiCS in Refined Musical Comedy, including
Mr. HoIaiiiI Honry, Musical Pkftrli <:<.ihhII.iii. fr.ini I>.i'.y> Ti,..|iif. !*»nilon. Miilsmrt MalMc 1Uvr>rs)Ulo <A DalyV Tlmfltro, Lomlon. Mr. Pi»rclvaJ
MNckfltixIn, !.ljrtitnln<f C'nrloonbr. Mr. I'i'inln>i ivie- nf mh-imi \ If.ill aniHVy'-t.il l»iilac«. Mr.1 Hun Cnlvurt of ltoy.il Carl Ittwi Op«r« ('<». Mr. Hnrry
I.tiHCOinlii*, of Savoy ntnl IVrryV 'lliiMir.M. Mr linvh W'mA nf ll.iyal Oj»>r;i Iffoitsf. Covitnt flnnlcn. Mr. H.ivld Nurlnti, I'fnnint, OulMlinll Hcliool of
Prices:- .50, .75 $1.00.
Reserved Seats at Mclean's Drug Store.
,- i


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