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Si '-' "" :
3': ;
* /
11      . v t
■ ;"t>
Vol II Number 23
L~—X&mi***)lLim^   "' 'ill.    '-«ife^»-—"' M»lii1l       i
• „.<   -.■'.
■Vi   ,'.
V ,*1
I ♦
-a ■.«■ 4.-
> '"^ 1
" 1
In   Stork's   Hall
on Tuesday
;A large crowd responded'to thu call
of Mayor' IUc.astlell for a-mass meeting of ihe„ citi/c-ns of Kernie to assemble night' before last to hear the
-remarks ol the various candidates Li.r
' report of the 'affairs ol the,, city ■' ,for
the past ye.ir, and to listen lo the
iildernun and . mayor for the year
-i<o7. ■ '       ■
At the request of His Worship the
Mayor, Hew .V. I.ashley Hall - took
the chair, and demon's l.ra led \iii.-.l he
was llie right man in'the right place.
Mayor .Hlcasdell was the Yirsy speak
er,'.and made a very concise .'and
.straightforward statement' of what
■had been'done, and as lo his future
aims, if elected, left'no doubts iu Hie
minds of his hearers as to what lie
would do.., He criticised fairly, but
rather severely, 1'r. 'lumncU's letter
asking for support" for mayor, and by
reading the Doctor's official . li.iiAi,
report, p'ul'that'.'.gentleman'al a dis-'
advantage on his ton I en i ion that'll?
.should, be'-elected mayor to further
the completion o!"a sewer'system. ]t
was-evident that* the audience was
with Mayor lUeas'dell,' and'lie sat
down after having been ' repeatedly-
applauded!,     ,.   '   y .
Dr.' Jlon.ncll then tools the floor,.
and with law books and", statute's-
made a special. plea for'; the'■ Crowjs
Nest Klcctrie Light and I'ower Com.-'
pany. Ile dealt at 'length upon a
mailer that'-has-already been'settled
by the courts and. legislation and
tried "lo.place upon llie-shoulders, ol
the piesenl Council the-, blame for.
■. legislation ads' and.' court decisions'
.Hi: talkeit about the probability of.a
stni-1 icr being established'here andoal-
„ lliorgl: such an'institution,,'would 'of
iifcessit}- liavc.to.be placed at snii-e
<ii:-.i;-jici.- from'the limits of, lhe,_ *ity,
mil  ' entirely outside llie jurisdiction /Tt4 D    (QIVlfT
■'''().'}*. licss spoke on'frontage tax
for seivers and sidewalks', ■■ and , tin*
ucbessny "of-sireet name., anil numbers. ' r ' " , ' .'
';i\Ir. Wm. Hie'.;en got back over the
briney deep into Merry Old Knglaiul.
where lie said that somd^-idy had suggested the council pulling their heads
together., to make a. wooden walk..
It seem--, they have grown a little,
of, that kind of limber over there as
well-as; in other parts of thc> world.
lie also'got calied down for,"saying
Uie, present Council had been afraid.
Io.' ask the dial Co. for water'. Id
sprinkle the streets. Look at-- the
record' bt'oie you try  to-ni.ilc one.
Mr. Win. Kummer => surprised the
audience with a. breezy, refreshing,lit-.
Uo talk which woke everybody up,
as he unhesitatingly '.'endorsed . the
candidature of the present'wldcniien,
and gaie gohd reasons for so doing.
Me. was heartily cheered for his effort.
, Alderman Triti-s had vcrv little u>
.a\ as-the hour was getting liite and'
he' confined himself to stating that
he had nol- attended the inecliugs of
tlie se.venth wheel in the citv coach,
the council because he found he was''
■'This caused him trouble as soon as
Alderman -TutIle • took the iloori for
that ^enUemaii told liim.that he had
beeii in the same fix the'-'year before;
buj. that he stayed by his duly .' and
did) not I'lay dowii'." -This well'-- deserved lit.tl.e rebuke brought cheers
from the* audience, and blushes lo Mr.
Tj-iles" cheeks.'   -    , .
'Mr. Tultle made a most ..forcibie
lilllc; speech .during which he staled
that he had asked niwivivers of the old
council to go ,to the Coal: Company
or send • .them a bill for their ta.v-.-s,
l.vil had met .with refusal. Mr. Stork
rose to object to this statement.,
which, caused Mr. Tultle to change,it
to a .more dire i statement that he
had ' appealed Id the then Mayor
Sloik in person'to have the tax bill,
'presented to the Company.' Tlis'did
not make Mr. Stork's position :any-
Tnoie comfortable, and he didn't object any more..,.    .       ,' ■'.;'.
,-AII together-'it-was an orderly] well
conducted, meeting, and , Hie supporters <i the present-administration went
home full of 'confidence as to the re-
sufi. :■       * "    ./   ~ ^
: 0—i l
Monies   Actually   Collected  and  Disbursed; by '-Councils'
of  1905 and 190& for Civic end School Purposes.
The Ledger v I aces before the ratepayers of the. city a compact '.^ta-.i-
uie'nt of collections and disbursein;:iis
for the last two years- as gatluv.-ivl
from the-two statements appearing Jr.
last  week'r- issue. •>   .
lic-im-iiilicr,- in .reading this' st-.i:-.-
meiit, tnat no gecount has been ;ak'cn
of debenturefliiooies-raised by direct,
vole of the people, ai*d over which '.ho
council had.-no control,' further l'. i»n
to levy taxes to meet- the] liquiro-"
meiits of those debentures,as directed
by the people.     ■ '-' -       * ',
This 'statement     will show exactly
what has beeii done by'the tlvo Ciiuii-
cils, and rir/ comment is needed:
>•..,.,'   I- ,   ■'
of .» the „'Council', : and • m 'laml
owned by the •.. Coal t-cni-
jiiiny,    and " which ,-could;    no'."  be
TiTra^irflnllniFtlierci ty""limi ls"ol"Uie"
city   without  consent of  tlie, owners.
lln tried'to make it appear that the^
ailioii ol the city regarding the. p-.o-'
tec'lioii of iIs"own inlereWts, 'Would', in
'-. sr.inc. .iiiiracuIinis^wayj.'JiiTerJeJe \ with
sii'ch    a  iirojiostd     '.smeller, i>,lablisli-,
hii'iit.'   Nothing Vrseoor'note''i''d   the
Di'lcuir advance" as arguments in support  of'.'his  claim  for .election.'   , Al!.
in' all, considering' the liiipclos'sness'of
his. case,  Uu> Doctor did'as well fih'i
airViMie could under llie circumstances.
'Attn   llie     Doelor came' Alderman
(iiiail;  who pointed out  the real gist
of     the ioo.s 11 lid   won reports,    aud
made it clc.ur.to.his hearaers tlitil   a
great     iiiiiu-oveniciil li'ad been   made
■ the pvcvlotiK year. .    "'.','■'
by the present council! over that   nl
A refiiieiice' to the statements to be
found  iii another column  will    show
the substance o[ Mr. OiinH'ii rciniirks,
and it. is needless for the Ledger    to
repeal Hint 110 niore cntisciencious and
.careful . business     iiinn   ,, li'.i    'sat
,111 the Kernie City Council, nor ever
will., ile,sat down," assured   of   the
support of,a larger majority of    lh«'
vol»r.s*ol llie city, '  , '     .
Mr.'Stork undertook lo enlighten
Quail in his sialemenl that sidewalk.-,
liis heaiei'M in coiiliriniup 'Aldenimu
laid down nud paid for are an asset,
by mIiouIiijt that ij-iiich jilnnks ' laid
oil 11 bridge were assets lie indulged
in a singe thunder shower of indignation Ji'ccniiHit tlie'total levy , for frowns 3« mills, as ugaiusl 1: for ih-'
yiiir before.
To puiictiiri this lilllc bladdei'i    il
.Is only necessary to slate lltat   'the
levy for debeiiltires were u result   of
Mr. Stoi'k'ii support, along with alh
if people, of .the sewer bonds, the liiv
r.|tiipiiU'iit bonds mid the sidewalk and
current expci'isu dubciilurcs, made tiuc-
rssuiy,, by   llie exliiivnjjiinco    of    Him
inliuiii;nli'alioii, of     which jie, tiiifor
ttiii.itfly   for    Iliu    city, was head
. lloii'l forgi'l Unit thu levy fur getiernl
pttipoHiM iiintle by Air, Slork esd \\\*
ciitii'iil was 9 mills 1 m ihe dollar, u«
against (,,'j levied by the pivhcnt coiui'
cil,   TaU ft    li-ol; at ihow   boiled
down sliittiuentK iu iiuother coluiiiii,
uiul you will see how it is,
Ii«    also     liiilttlged  III  some  queer
(•,til(tiiilil.< nlioiil ritii' rcrliilii prlvnte
l(iri[,iin iiiiide by himself mul  Conn
olllor free, which arc tmilri! iu   nn>
t.trtl    iwlltfiili*
Cii«nrlH(iT". Melutyve nnd•' llecV
' spoke very Inielly, Mr. Mcliityrc cor
nci\x\g Of. lloiiiiell ns to why people
oldaiiiing lots in llie niiiicx weiv no'
put on thu lax i'i ill. Tliu .millrlirir
i;,1; . U"..". :.i :j,')v.','',",' !'■■ J"H'»' I1'" <'''
1 Ills pliiftil nit tin* roll did not seem
to know tint tin* f..im.' clients wtt>'
Hot anxious to be tawd, WV would
advise lluse clients to get nnollitic
lawyer, who will be more (1 ciuvful
uiioiiili'iviiijr tin 111 tiiM'd,
Caii'liih.Us Wnlliu'i- nml IiI'iiIuiih
iliiiplv Jii.uli' ]inlili' bows and «.il
down. "'
.Mr. J T,. {'i.itc.'i uirtdi* what julghi
lin\f p.i".nl as a v«ty iir.il Httlr
lull, had lie otiiittul u very nmallid
fur and uiuW-rved nin.irk ulxiiit oiin
ol tin* bett itnii in the eity, and
uhivli ii 111,11k will eu'.t liim its lull
Value of vote..
Dr. Bonnell -Elected -for
Maybr-«New Faces in
GbuncH-V'.fbf' 1907-
•; "The resiill of''Thursday's civic e'u-
•lions was as-follows as, dec-lured bv
re tin n ing - ollicer J. W. Xuiiu >esler-
1l.1v. forenoon after  the ollieial  count-
Collections.    ■   ; .   ,
Traders'   Licences :. .:.	
Dog and  l'onnd  Tax	
l'olice Court  Ji'ine.s ;  -,	
Oovern'uunl. Grant to Schools    ...
Kent School Grounds -, '  ]
Taxes  for  Schools     '..'        ,  3
Govirnnunt Grant for Non-llcsidcnt  Vupils.
I,iquor'licences ,...„.-,..  	
Tax  Icr  Health  Purposes  ■>
11.  C.  Governnicnt  Kceo of Prisoners.'..;..  ...
i'rust Account,  Cash.,Kroai Prisoners	
Taxes for General Purposes	
lioah Tax; ;., ;	
Use of City Heal...;; w '.; 	
' ' Totals..;.,.; ',  !	
Disbuiseiiieuts,'    ' , ■ .'  V,     -
^'School Board..;,.  V
rl'"irc Department..,/. '....'	
Police .",.,.........' ;. .-.....;..': - ,'.',..  ..;
Slalionery    ./-. ,'....: .'....,...,:.....' ;.
Ulcctions .-.'- ...    •-
^.Salaries,-Clerk and Solicitor	
Printing  and  Atlvcrtising.!..' ■'    ...
Interest ' ; ,-.'.  ~.c ;   ..,
I.ega,   FX'pciists * ■	
Dr.nation *lo Kire-Prigiide)	
Pridge, Repairs.!  .", '„,• ,-;    ;.
, Streets   and Sidewalks '. '.   ...
Health Department ...:'.:....•.	
Waterworks  Survey,   Etc .'...'■ '...'.-.    ...
,ccwage System'Survey,  file ■
Griding" Thompson Slrcct....; ;.-   ...
Kurniture and Fixtures....; ; .v..  .-.
Sc'avange;-' Account .! r;    ...
-Nuisance ' Ground '.'.■ '. ' ...
. ■'     Totals..	
Tha above'  ': table ."includes .nothing   ito.f.ofor, 1905;'' tliWe' are.'outstaiuliug
except' actuaP.collections'and     pay-   unpaid taxes for iuof> of ?i,904;i'9-
' ' 1906.
& 1,392.75
-"' $ 1,400.00
"•'■ '2.S4-9S
.. - 3.052.70
--   " 3,1 S3.00
;. '3,7^0,10
20,00 '
> -
■'     1,443-65
•l( -1,515.00,
''      4,7l5'.(,•:,
!!     474-93
.;,    420.45
.'.'       30.00 -
'' ' 4.210.76
;" .'  <■ /toG.oo
*"   - '•.256.011
:•"'■ :
-$20,473-93  -
,  S2I,201.,',,S
.» .- 1905.
■'<; 5,3os:si -
.- 5 6,400.51
■; 2,576.42.
-.-, 2,567.416
• •   5.«95-24-'
-.   5,485.77
*;■ '     ,    v "'
..    1,284.13
/           698.70
;.... - -^5.28..
. .--.. s,-   -45-°o
.., 1,370.1x1
:...,   284.74"
..". - ."'129.00
..;.   I.9II.I8 .
'? ; . -.    5°-74
-..'. "['.145:22
..   ..3.61
- ,       742.20
.;   412.95^.
...i.-- 418:20
.        '■
.■..'-.-.- 15-4" -
■= 130.50
' *J<'          *            •     -
... •" .203.05 ■-
'■'    185-23
•    19.SSI.03
..:■"''/»':."■ i"..
1-  '
m'ehts of each, council for the'regular
running expenses of the city. ;
'There was a receipt in'the l'K.5
a   receipt
' lloimell	
A 1.1)1
. 1
■J, I). Quail,,,',,.
..-.   ....?.
Alfred  Stork..,-
., ,
,„ii *
.T,   r<.'"iWcIiityi"i' 1...
.A.-ll. Trites...
...1 1 !
W..W. Tuttlc,
•••*!       •
J..- !,.'.;(VaU's...
The al:ovc  six
were e
Thcs,  Heck	
Sain   (irahiini,
„ 1,6
V, 111.   Dickcn.,..
S.  i'. Wallace,
,, f>6
Thos,   Diggs...
„  Tf»
0.   X.   Ross.,..
,; :,
..  SI
Win.  KuiiDiier,
........    .
mill 11
..   16
tint     in
,. ...
.- 93
*       f litn
.'. 75
,   Wilkes	
• ••id     m
.. .1'.
It will.also,! .be-'seen by comparing
Ilia outstanding accounts against t!i>'
city for" 1905 of $799,30',- .nml thos«'
outstanding ' a'lraiu.s'f. it  at .1 lie,   close
ol' 1906, -.amounting' to, $650.53,-' that
the balance, is ,in favor of i9»6, and
thai "there - is due. Si 00.00, of licence
leys, to ,be aifded. to the oilier overdue-taxes. The statement as.regards
'these .accounts due '(•.lid'-'taxeR'-'flu'e- is-
of- cash, from. the. people,
bul'air„advance from the bank, which
had lii be-met by the council ■ of ,1906.
., .The unpaid taxes'in. both.-accounts
have been left, out, but a comparison
or-llie' two'' wilt- show .'that.-, against- i"^
unpaid' taxes   to''- the 'amount'- of ."Si.- j as folloyvs;
Taxes ducat end (if,,.	
I.icenci-s.,..',.„. .,.;'.....  ., ■■■ -.   :	
Total..;.,.-,, .' ',    ■'
Halance in favor of 1906.: ". •'    «	
Oiilstaudiiig Accounts' agaiiist City for 1905..'.'.
Outstanding  Accounts   Against   City for   19«'&....-,
'. ll.iUuicy In Kuvor of 1906 Council ,	
The. Totalll aliiuc* in Favor of 1906 Cotiti.il as Regards Oiilsxiwd^
ing  Accounts  and   Overdue  TuxtV, • '...Si,042,31
But there is still more in these
statements lo study over.- Il is p,ain
fiom ihe above figures that the council of 1905 collected more money for
civic purposes than have their ., sue-
ccssoi'ti, but their bill of expense
looks' al.s:ilutely ,. rotten . in compar-
Co,lections, ,
Traders'  licences '.... ' ■	
;  52,004,16
■,-     t
:     S93..V)
: S799.30
, ..'." 650,58
 , ,
Cuiiinietils will be iu order laUv.
■' V. H. Klierm.nr watfye-eleeled pi"es-
iileut of'District iS, V. Al. \\", of'A.,
Inst Tuesday     after a very .wunnlv;
oi hi tested campaign. ,
' At Miclicl, the stronghold of his
opponent, he was' only 30 behind Vfr,
Douglas, it strong local opponent. S'h
details inv yet to lutnd us to oilier
candidiiU'.s lor oilier olliccs.
Vo The K.ditor!    ' <    ,
To iliu iiutiiy I'.crsiitis' who hnvu so;
lUIU'il iiic to allow myself to be uoiii-
inalii.l hh all ■"iiidcpendelil cn'udidali'.
im the legislature, I Jifive to exleinl
lily hIiiitiv 'lliniikN, As il is my ile-
,siiu to ^Ivv Ihe whole of inv altcu-
lion to my profession and the Inter-
(slh of my la'rgi'. iliviilele, wliiclt I
cm bent do by remaining fi'cc from
pullliciil iillillutioiiM, I ih'cldi'd soiiu',
tltnu ago  lo remain mil of politics.
I'ikIci    110 circiiiiistaiici'H would    I
. .   -, ,        -1 -        i'i'      1.1
.,„l,N)lll*    ,1    plljjn,.;.,..»,II    ll).l»,l   ,l,..'..v,
111 its i-i II .e.jlti-IU'1-; .1 iliMVajje inunu..r
1 lie Wdikiiigiiieii grttiter limn nlvcndy
cvisl.s, and the entry of iinotbcr per
sou Into the political iiivnn ' would
incitn it I'lirther loks of strength     to
,i.i vp     , r        1       .    1:1:   ,    '1
K.,.h^    H.V...V        .h     ,..,.t      .     »..»fc'   ,      y ■....-    .     .
will Iii! fur th? purpose of biinging
tiijjctlier, instead of stpai'ntiii|i, tin'
Willkitlgllllll llllll lllt'il" inteivsis, It
is only by n united elloit that wuil.-
in;'liicii ran attain what lluv arc en-
tii'iul 0, ami niiyiiiii' who (iltt-iupi:;
in >|'lii tlulr ranks i-ttiniot 1n< tbiir
1 .nil ihoroiH'hly a]ipteiiiiti\e of the
l.iitliful support I litivc ncelviil from
the wuiUngiiiiii \iIiKi,.- pnliliuil up-
itttiiil.i t ttinv not iiitei'Urcd with, and
uilli ul.Ith I vli.-ill nut aiiitinn in
rumvrn niysi-H in the fuiiifv.
" \nm» I'altLfu'.ly,
h. ]\ IvCKKTKl.V.
Dog Tax, Ktc; ;	
police Court Vines  ¥. ', ..
I,i(|tio'r Licences..,,, '. ',,,,.
Tux lor Health' Purposes !, .,
Vroiu 11, C. (lovcriinicnl for Keep of  Prisoners
Trust .Account  	
•Tax for General Purposes ,. ,,
Road  Tax , -.,-.	
'I'sc of City Seal ,,.'	
Tin,  K05  '..'	
is in,   I.et
us analy/.c tl
ipse figures  n
little     more  iu  detail,
and  for  tins
piirpc.se wi
will eliminate ihe school
ta\es and
,  over which
the Council had no «i!i
IV )l.
We Iiiwe
as a result
the foi.owing
,,'.,.,  ,,.,,,  .
 S 1,392:75
S 1,400,1)0
......  ......  .
■    3,183.00
......  ......  .
 ,",,.,,,  .
.   .      42«-45
1 -95
• ..!..,       	
„,.   4,210,76
..,,...       ......
. ...I.t       ......
•t..,.,       ...it.
• mi
Mill          ■
Totals : '.
Viola  tins It  will  Im ueen  that  the  K/i.i
And the illon, for City Purposes	
less Until llu- Council of I9"5,   I.H'ussce what  the two Councils did with
thuir cash.
 Sl,|.7.S7'57.        Si,i,4«9.9-'
Council      collected.,.J| 4,757.57
 ".  M,4K9.9'J
Kite l)e|'iiriiiu'iil	
Pollen  ,
Stiitioncry ■ i
I*;X|MMCS  " '.  .
I'jUctioHs ;	
Saldiics, Clerk and Solicllor	
Printing .and ndvcrilslng	
IiilcriNl , ;.	
I,c^ii|  Expense,' ,	
Doiiiilimt lo I'i re Hrigade	
Ili'iilj;,- liepnirs ,.,  ,
Siieds ami Sidewalks,	
Iit-.illh Dt-par'tiiHiit	
W-.tli vii'nvld- Unrvi-v
!-'i'wer.i;.',«' Works  Kurvt'V	
Grailin.', Tlioinpson Street.'.	
1 Kiii'iiitiiii' nml VlMuiis	
J-aav.ingii  Account •	
Ntiisniict.- ,\(vimat , 	
This Nl.itiiiifiiL shown that the Uiof,
iVuiiiu! paid out ■ $3,^5.Hi more for
stiicily (ilv business than have '.lie
Council of  11,06.
A mitfiil look at this Kliiliiiitiit
will show that the bulk of thin ex-
)iiiiiliiiiii of tlu-# lvifl Cniimil ovct
ihai oi i9</i went with that nevtr-t<»;
Jcloift'Mliii ituii «l Icj;.tl <-\|«nw |ii
a l.ms'iit in wliuU tl-e city IviA i"»t
»>i:r jHtiitv of iuti-rvrt. and wliith
was tToUylu nitiiu the tatpuvm ol
.,111 t;t'. by v\ Muviii Stnrk nml t-t-
A,d.Tiii.in Wall ice tin- day tlity   i««ik
....? 2,57<i-43
..   5,895.24
„    l,3S,iii.l
.. l',57",(>i>
...      284-74
...    1,911.1s
S 2,567.6''
31x1,0 »
I !i5.2.l
 Sl5,9,VI.H| SI3.273-9;
flmvtW and lillcd ilmse telcplioii.!
luilis 11. the stmt. Hy the way, Mr
Stork l.itgol ihat iK'tii when In- was
t.iilllU' tin! (-niiioitur.il tliiu/.s the
nt\ Il.nl done vvliiu he was inissi^i'i;'.
Ins puvcr as Mayor.       '
Hut wt- arc not Ihr.aigli with thee
figuir* )il, This last Mali mint will
leu u.ine Mrutiiiy.
Tin' itiin ol intcri'it in the disbar .*•
incitts of the l«<u'i Cmincil  is »ha «;.•■
«bl.- lo the iiial.idiiiinistr.itiiiii uf .lu-
190,; C,,tin«il ft*, tlifj- •TrAtiiJ Oic   "<•.
full it|i.»i ^liuh tint  iitltust hail to
be paid; atnount $28S.iq.'
In tin- item of .legal expenses paid
by the ico6 Council,, amounting to
$639.21, -. ihe whole amount, excepting -75 is chargable to the "1905
Council, and the balance, aiuoanvng
to '564.21, should be charged iu vve.li
that S1.9i1.1S of the. 1906 Council,
making the legal expense account of
the 1905 Council' stand at $2,475,39,
as against $75 chargable to the J906
.Council. ' - r   '  -..
' Xow let. ns look at that awful
printing ,bill. ",
TI12' 1905 Council report an cxp>a-!is
for printing, and advertising of Si»4.-
74, as against S530.47 spent by :he
i<)ofi Council, but there is an item of
S43 for 'stationary which disappjirs
in the 1906 printing account. Add to
this'Si 14.00 paid for printing debentures by the 1906 Council, while the
1905 Council had no such printing to
do, and. we have, the balance against
llie 1906 Council of $88.73,'which can
all 'be accounted for by the extra elections and 'delictilure busiiu-s's handed
over by that obliging Council ' of
15,05',    •     '   ..   ■ ;,
The I.cdgol 'wishes to stalp just
here thai it don't'want .any city
printing excepting ;lt fair rates, and
it will not, sloop to the miserable
begging-isubterfuge of selliitg to the
citv of Kernie copies of any "annual"
at double price to ji-nke up for low
priced printing. The . ]<.;:.5 Council
paut'50.cents a copy for what-other
people could get at 25 cents > la'st
year,'and if it could have,,had, the
printing to handle '.during,, the; year
just' closed, there is very little doubt
but that stationery and extra prices
or speciar.iH-.ml.ers . would have made
up the difference between that formal
S150'bid and'what the printing ' for
vhe  year was  actually   worth.;
'So wc have lo make still: another
revised' statement- whicli will be as
follows: ' • .    ■   •   „  ,-   -*•
Collections of tlie 1905 Coun'cil in excess of collection;-.- of 1906 Council for
.strictly civic business, $267.65..
Disbursements'of the 1905. 'Council
in excess of .disbursements1 of \<)nt>
Council for strictly civic acroiint, S.V
533.24.      ,      •   ' ■  .      '!••'-;
Gentle reader, if -yml- cask your eye
over .the^things called "receipts'" iu
.he staUnicnl- of the'1905 Council,
vou will find-this little ilium: "Ad
k aiiecd froai ' the 'Canadian j Hank pi
Commerce, S5-.019.35 which ;vou' -\-jl!
j-,(.n>=Li}*»=i^i nil v-' iiif=i i>es£i=*="*--'-1 .Jnht. i .--I,!.: ,,=
before you by the Ledger, every-item
of whicli y,m will find in-;tf'e t,vo
slatemenls''published last \yeek, wem
into the reckless'expenditure of nio'.i-.'v.
in,(Ter"* the 'item -of • legal expenses c.nli
oilier extra -expenses of that, 11,05
Council, and for which the J906 Coun-'
cil had lo provide. They, have done
so,- and'.go into a new year ,\Vith 11
rl;an civic,'-sheet; no $5,000 note lo
uuvt to pay old accounts,   "' ;•
l)on't, get mixed up with that statement '.(f assets and liabilities, and
don't be confused by sewer debenture.,'
sidewalk-debdilure and lire 'v;piipnu-iu
debenture issued bv llie order, of the
people, and,which have nothing, to do
with the current expenses of our city,
neither has llie school tax ..anything
to do willi il. That lax is not und-
.'r the control of the city, neither is
the expei'dilure of that tax" under
their conliol.
Mr. Stork struck'a stage pos;.-,> ai
llie o.hcr night nnd said:'. "The lew
of i>05 was only 9 mills; thnt of i',o.6
was 20 inills,'.' lie also said I1.1 was
not a juggler willi figures,' but wlui,
,1 man of ordinary mental capacity
makes Viieli a stnlOuvnl he needs looking alter. The lax levy of the City i.l
Vernif for 1905 was 9 mills, llial ol
190!) was (\% nulls, The tax'.collc>.'t"d
for general purposes by the 1 -'05
Council under llial levy .was $4,210.76
The levy for iyol» wiis.»,'j inills, tti.il
iher.' Ii.is been raised "$3,040,18, (,iul
llusi: are the only taxes cither of (In-
Councils an- r.-spoiisiblu fi»', so fir.
as the gvitcia! publiy ale uiueeriud.
The (lelienliires aiv vote I hy llie pea
pie, the   school i,i\.-s   are   U-vied   by
llie iiisiriicli(,in,< of the   selm.ii board,
and  '.lie lireiiivs were cslablislied   by
llie former Council.
As Alderman Oniiil stilted at the
iiiecting, the eni'iuil expenses ul Ihe
citv nrc what llie Council ate t'n-| 111 ■
ihl„' [nr, mid win cm look iiccr H.e
ful Ceding, sllllelliellts and fail to
('-nine to n most diiiiiaging i-nnc|ii« 111
a-; tegards. the iiitlous of the lio',
Cot n.-iI mid a most laudable ouln-
loii (,f llu< ptTNcnl Council, who nrc
asking for re-clcelioii.
'fo set at re-,1 aiij' iKlusion us t"
the iIi'miH shown by the iiinciil ,w.vx
ami liability stiitemiiil of Cily ClvrK
Nulla, il is only necessary .to call i!,i
i.tti'iilioli i.f the ptiiplv to lite cli.it>',*",
if   i<os and I9u6 (lebfiiluri's'Si.'.S.so,on
titiliii:' $I3.34.'.6';, which mc not
u-.illv li.ibililus, and lu me ii-Miiic
nml inlensl oil the same, $J,49'<Mi'i
tii.m llie ;i.-.s.-t .'-t.ili-iiu-iil t,I ovti $,i,
<n\) worth (I sidewalk. Thise 1-mi
iii-itir, $1$, v|J."'i, mul $5,«u»t iki, 1.1
.ti i\'i>,:',\i.O), .1 Mini grciUi ilmii:-,'
udvi-ii.i' labiiice of that io.\t-t ;«•>-! liability stall iiieiit,
The tUl.iiitiiiis   nie liabililiis,     (:<
they i-oiin*   due, and tic |.!n|)i-rly lot
uhiih they were void Inv mis as,'t.
a-, tin- iiiHiii-y tU'itM->l Irian   iliiin
ittvtsti-il in that pMpcrly.
In loiiilii^ioii, ilic l.vtlgt-t wtslni *<•
n-pc.it with iniphaM-* bxik :i cv»r,-
jlnti .1 tivif tMiiive in tlif ,i.-nniiit'»
..I 1,'ilh je.its; htfik at llie tiit.it--.
I,,,k .il the (iiuour.t of tares ruiMil
by i.tt!i Cnur.itl, mid »<«" r.ilc «.l!;,»'
;.ti,l volt will haw* «•• U»A*l->» *n !■' »
ii,j- a ii«ht twi.tlti'ioti
Creditors never <lie. |
The man deceived at home 'deserves
to be. ' ■; ' ,'
." W.R. -McKwau was a Kernie   visl:
or this week.' .
.   l\\t.-'.ything.,in Klko is'frnje up, including the ink... 5
.\l.1R0ser, of Klagstone, w^s an l7,l-
ko visitor this  week.
Never marry a1, motor-car' wife or .
a  wheelbarrow salary:
V. It. Hawthorne was in town a
fiw hours this week-. ',
■ -lack MeKee canie. down Iroi;;. C.-a:i-
brook, visiting his parents.
.1. Todhunter, of Kording liivcr, is
viiiting his faMiily:'this week,
.1. lie ltoscvvr was in Ivlko this
week fir-in the fruit -belt south. P
A. P.urney .and family moved' into
lheiipaliii.il  residence  this'week.
The Indians 011 Tobacco' Plains arc
cutting sawlogs and.shipping liiem io
Albcila. '"       i
Tlnjre was no raifwav accidents in
I'ilko.this week, other than the pump'
freezing up. .. -, .
Tommy. Vouatt, the popular bai-
tendcr of the Hoffman House,' is down
with  In 'grippe. 1
, Vrank McXab returned from t:au-
brook Monday and went south io l! e
tall pint country. ' ■ ■ • .
, Wm. Sirycrs, Pete Pringlc aii'i ■ a
paity oT men' are building camps I01
a Calgarv      sawmill    -iiil'lt  east  01
iciko. ■" '   ;  •
A. lad)' in F.lko ■ told tlie writer
whenever she wishes to-hide! anything
Irani her husband-she puts jit i'i' the
woodshed.      • ■ ;
HapiA-   l'rank,   '.'Th«  Jolly  ' hutch
miu," "is    ])iun"ing      the   fruit  trees
anaind  Moosville andhangnig flowi-i
garden wall,paper. ',■!      6
■ A large party of gentlemen' went
Iroui Kiko to Fernie Saturday . evening to attend tlie Conservative tneet^'
ing in Stork's Opera Ilousd.
-God created man in his <{wn is-.iijj^
and jironounced him a good . N'u. 1
iiard uilicle, but the knocker;crawled
iu under the -fence after dark.
It'takes about 10 days: n<iv.; lo :j;:
liei';ht. from  Kernie. to Klkf,-.'" at''thi-
lime      of Voiistriiclion   abijiil     eiyhi.,
houis.   If  you  don't  believe   it    ,isk
llie ooiidiictor;;. .foe' Hall.    <    -'     .
Tlsei'c's a. snet-imen  of God's ■ reck"
aXi " , 1
kssness in'   Iviko who is pkiying tin-
,lhe. lookout for a. job requiring licit h
ei .b'.'ain, force nor muscle.' ]
Sludebaker ■•   Sirrah     wusj in' town
Tuesday. I rota ' .-Tobacco   Plains-, peddling, pau.sics and' parsnips.',."Shc.'wa'*--
disgiislcd with  the bitter wjeather   it,-
Klkc' and returned south after a'twr.-
liour visit.   '      . '       '   : - j   '
l'iliy, Curd, Montana's crack' ropci
aad bronco sleercr, the chap thai
rode : the, buffalo at the wild wcsl
show, Kinnk Gadolv and al party o'
Iviilispc! financiers arc expected t.*
visit  Kiko in  the 'near future.
Two' lumber jacks had 'al sc't.tp iv
IClki, this week while waiting lor 'la
liig G' train going south over llw
ipiistion of which came first, the he
nr the egg.. Oih: of thetn'sijid the eg-
was first (ipil the other sabl he was :■
 ff>olv- Then tlnjy    fough
it oat. !   ' ;     .
Master I'rud1 'Uoo„ drove the iit-i.iu
tain stu^e iii,'fi"om,'Mn.isvll|e Salin
day. He stated they wtjre bavin
lii'iiutiful weather south,
■'.ini'hi.'is were 'all" getting'
ll;e  spiing  work. '    lie  lef
Large Turnout to
Listen to W. B.
W. W. B. Mcinties   'was]on     lime
Wednesday night*and treated a .'arge '
audience to a lively disc-oure    of   the
political, situation.
Although   laboring   against a deci(J^l»
public feeling that he is not in    this*
campaign on1 just' exactly, the proper '
looting, he delivered-a .most.eloquent
address.   The hall  was full,--but the
audience     was bv     no means luianl-
iii'jiiOy with him.   As a itlatfona orator he has nu equal in this province,
aud personally he is liked .by   everybody, but the load he, has tb carry iu
this eou.-Aitueiicy is. too big for    auy.
j,'iant,aiid there, is no hope   for    thi
elect imp    01 a Liberal  member    thii"
veil".   Mr. Dicken made a short spcecli
anil added proof,  if any were needed,
to the, lact that he.is more put of placa
as a candidate for lumber   of    lh«
provincial  legislature Uian he ..w'as^s
u candidate foi   the municipal   iegia-.
lavur« last Thursday.
'llie Liberal party pretends to b»
the friend-of the, laboring man, aud1
when it makes such an inconsistent
record us to nominate a man partjc-, .
ularly obnoxious to a "great (majority,
of the .laboring men of this HisUict,
it performs an act akin to tlie hari-
kari of the Japanese.
The influence that secured the .Liberal noiiiiuatiou .for. Mr." Dicken'dou't
care a rap for him or for the Liberal-
party, and the so-called Liberals who
helped to.do the trick have done ,ih«
party more -harm than "will be .>ver-
ciiiiic in years. ,
Mr. Mortimer, Socialist candidate
in Vancouver, was present at the
meeting and made. a.rapid HtUe;
"OieCl, which seemed, to please-' Ims-
{r:,vr,ds ' -      .-r,
-'i'f.„allow the Liberal party,nam*'t6>
If. bcsmiiLhed. by-such shallow'-; t'ri-.i-
ci>.as was used to put it-in-its'p-vs-
ent hopeless, position,- _and-_th*a'   10
iiioiiiing     siuging  "Ther'e's
and   ib.
eady    foi
n  I.an
Vliat is Kiiircr Thau This,'-' uicjiuiu,
Hodsvillc,  • .   ' I
The earthquake which yisjlcd King
stoii liinl Monday brought,' to tha'
blight little city death and tlcslruc
tion in their' most drcudlnl loiins
The lo:(s ol life reaches into the bund
reds, iiud, tlie'ioss of ptijpt-ity is re
, I*, d lo '1 ' J»l" o;,o,ii'i,),
The  1 cople who (scaped death   11 r>
liiiinclcss mill luiiigry, but tlimiks   li
liligii'plis, 1 aides uiul that touch    1/
niil'ui'c     which'makes all- the woilr
itkln,  shlji  loads  of  piovisions    wilt
oil their way io Hie siilleiers, in a lev
hours nflir the' receipt of the   mwi,
I'lghting  Hob Mvhiin,  who was   item
wilh  his  lint,  liiisU-nvd  to the «.n-iu
nil  board  (Hie'ol   his swiftest   torpid
lioal-.,  ainl  his  b.tl Ibships  uric    old
ir.d  to follow as rapidlv lis po,sibb-
Milniti-r  Mcl'uil'f  at  WashiiiHlnii did
nil   w.iil   lor ii'i'i'is-ntv iiflioii ol inii
mess,     but    uidel cil     supply    ship-,
lo 1 niciH'il at niiii' to Kingston will
l.lnVlsinlls,    trilslill;'     to     UllllJM'SN" I'
i-.ff;.    !.'■ ':■'«" t"
This protitpl   ni-Vioii i« erentlv    al>
pmiati'd in I.iiiub u, but the wariiu-si
npi iiiliiliun'   will    coiim    Iroiu    thf
lif.iiIs nl     those    Mifliiiiig, hoiiii-lti,-
|c.)ple iu  sliliken  Kingston.-
try to extricate it from, the itii'V   l.y      ,   .,' "
tin: eloquente   of   half a dozen Mi.-la-
tTFses, wi.uld result in failure."     The- >
editor of the Ledger has been' a war.u
friMidauil admirer,    of Mr.JMcInt>i«sr ,,,. t
aittr-'a'ia'^^atV'hB^tpuld" to- hxr&'Y'.w.?',"? r>"
called: to  the premiership when ,  ihe
Prior government went to pieces, l.iit-
hc -was iip agaiiist-the' same /uish '.ha4;''-,
is tiow secretly ui(lingLMn'' the perpet-,
uu I ion of   . the- Mellridc government,
ami that:   fact,: more than any thing
else,  is telling uguinst him. . > .
The-joke of all this is that the pjo-
ple* who Hre guilty of this treaclury.'
are,the loudest in their condemnation.
oi people who- will not be   used   for
such pinpoKcs,- and-are talking about.
pvople being bad Liberals.-
The load that the Dominion Liberal n
part;' ims     to carry just now, "and-
wliicli-is certain to break its Uick il
r.oL sliaken. off, is the load ' that-th*
iiruviuciai   Liberal  party has saddled
oil;,    lo       it,       and       is       iiMile
up o| corporate freed unadulterated.
Un thu other     hand, the   McWridu
^rivciiiiuciii is so weak and so vacillating that il could not be induced to
tiiitke any-kind     of 11 stand    again.sl
•my roiporntioii because, "don't you      '
mioh,"  the corporations don't stand
.igainst tbcui. ^
A parly und a government that iiaa
liiui the opportunity nllcred it that
has been presi'iited to Mr. Mcllride bv
Ins Opposition ready-made and still
is too \U'iik and hesitating to come
'inldly forth and make 11 clean, bold
itaiid foi right, i'i surely in weal;
Mi, Mcllride main's loud protestations 011 the plallonii against the in-
Iqiiltotis designs und demands of l»>
15, T. P. Company ou the provinc,.',"
but when shown wlirir lie can dell/ei
11 body blow to that crowd of graft-
t'rs, lie ulraw* in hi'i head like c liti-
tle In danger, mul says lie "a'II k°
liinrmijilily into the inutter bit-r on ''
That is a movt overworked phrase
of .tin1 I'litniirs, mitl imbdly iak:s 1:
(ni u jot 111.ire tliini it is worth.
lie Mill wiil.e up in a lilllc while
to the Im l ihut he mad.' ,1 mi»,*aW.-,
•u dots esetv Hiaiiuiiig pnlili ian
wil'. Hies tu dodge the vital issn>"» o!
^ c.'itiipaigil.
Tnilay is noiiiiuatiou day, atil yc
will tinu be able lo .size up the ril'i-
mrs." Spoiling null will have u
tlliili'.e lo pl.itr Uiril ».is«i ou lij«i»
(. i*,l,(> >
l'(ili„l„n,il()v Mi. W. K. IIuni was
iu,t al!e to Im- pri-siiil at Mr. Mclu-
lirss' lllit'tlllg. If lie cirtlld lli'Ve bet',1
iJiite lit  iniglil have given the   little
X'I.Ol'. -I    l*»l     *'»      *,*»»!     UlUrtlk     l."f,l.t,
U*e broVeif the pUnlts ol his   platform. "
TtMiiy is payday, and there will |,t
paid out nt
Coal   Cri'.k... !.,
Mt.lul '	
,J 03,1m?.' 1
' At,   t-1 "';
Mi. I),«vM llr>„vrr, ol O.itcwav, who
uas inctitlv in lionor.-ibly uiquittcd
• f the tiiiiiijtcd-up iliargcs brought bv
,1   j'llltl.lll.ill  oi   (i.btl,   asslMiil    bt   >i
bviltuu ClviuU,"  i. '.u ttw sitv   I''   I
I ft!..- this utclfitiu of tliaiikinir all
my Irieiiils who r.upportctl xw   in the
.St.V^,.SA;--l11 iuini*-*'»'» j'lst f"ii,lud^l for the »t»v-
|i,r.ilt>    I can imuie you llwt I   »l»"
jttrriiiY y.iu *flott» to rlrcl me.    Al-
tbi,uj;»i >ou fwiUiI (hi* time, p*»lu«<
Hiiiu-' limp in thr luture   il   nuv   hi
y,,i» pJuMiif to <Jt»fy m* t«> vUtorv.
1 am   )', airs irtilv.
A   W   UI.KASDK I.L. >l^£fggg^'"-'fi3^r!M3fi(.'
_;  vasce: "■_'   ■
j, . 'istuitl.every ' Saturday from ihe of-
.'.,..';.. fice. of , publication, . ,.lodd : Block,
" ' ; Victoria Ave,, .Fernie, British Co-
,> ?   , lumtna, '        '  :     :
„VV MQTT; '     '- ,     -        Editor
'Premier  Mcllride  and "„ his  faithful
friend'and-follower,  one of  llie solid
. * -. - .  .     ....   ■* -
five lrom Vancouver,, Mr. Uowser,
arrived in town last Saturday,'evening,, and.were 011, tinie for the. meeting called to welcome llieui lo Kernie 'and to hear their praises of the
administration, of the affairs'of- the
province during the last three and a
half years.
The weather was frightfully   chilly,
. but' .. a good-si/ed audience greeted
ihein, composed partly, of people who
would, have voted for their eoiUiuu-
i.iice in power if,their-official record
had been doubly as doubtful as it
really   has ihei-ii,  provided they made
; it plain that they were Conservatives
wiih a big C; partly by very ■ lukewarm ' friends, and a good big sprinkling, of people who seem to take everything jiolilical just now with more
than'the-usual amount of skepticism.
This elementof\skepticism is the result. 36f long continued effort upon the
part' of '' the very ordinary class of
politicians-'    wliich .   has • been    able,-
'.through various conditions,' to gel
itself into official position, which position it vises, or rather fails to use,
for any good purpose.
""   l)r."'Doniiell . presided'at the'  incet-
' ing,'"-aii<l Mr. \V. K. Ross, the local
member, made ' the opening ' speech,
wliich was not up to his usual stand-,
ard.'as'. he devoted most of bis time'
to a father dt-inagogjc '■ attempt to.
prove that' he' was, and, had been, the
devoted "friend of the wbrkingmen of
the district'.' ' His attempt was a fail-,
lire. The very fact that'he deemed il
necessary to do this, 'mailed all, his
building on.a.s-aiidy foundation futile.
,; After' Mr. Ross came .Mr', Bowser,-
who is.a very voluoble speaker, to
.'uy the least,'1ml llio'rci was nothing.
deaf withji ,.vi,l'have, to do s.> oe-
non-parli/i'ii grounds"
..--II-wasia-.itlleUainushig*t»r»iole the
d-!,.cully the speakers labored ki-V-'.
" in --iheiv- efforts, to prove rthat-' good'
limes in-U- C. was an argument for
the ' continuation' of the present gov-
irainetit, .while thf" efforts of-the ■"Lvb-
irals in the Dominion to lake ' csedit
to - the government for the general
yood llni'-s was an affront, to the intelligent people who have to listen to
such clap-trap. " '-' '
People are fast learning! that ii is a
good government far better th.-u.the
average combination of thai ki'il li.-.t
can keep out Of the way of the progress of the'people, much less take up
on itself credit for what the peoni-;
do  for ■ themselves.   ■ , ' "    '
While -. in Fernie Premier McBvide
was asked lo take,a bold; open stand
for reforms of a matter that'would be
ol vital importance, not only lo this
section of the province, but to'(ill
.sections of it where, such conditions
ej.xist" or'- may in the future spiii"-,'!
into  *.\i.stei-.ce.
" But bold, open   stands of in i'.M-.s'  of
reform     which  might  not  be  t.>  ij e !
liking of corporations,  arc not    m st
what either  'putty   now   asking    the
public support seem,to be wanting.
0 As 'one of Mr. Mcllride's suppor'.ers
in the House put it when he was a-;ls-
ed why lie did not openly advocate'
s;ch a measure, he didn't want to
iUitagotii'c a company which had never antagonized him.
Such a man as.that is not a servant oi the public, but a weak, pas-,
sive tool,'who may be, found in his-
cave whenever the-people arc fighting
for their.rights,^and in, reality ,:s tlio
worst kind of an enemy '•■> ti.»: -people-whose money he takes for service,
withheld- because, as he puts it, some
corporation or ■ company has never'
antagonized him.''
This is a'nice stand for a. man vto
lake on' matters that- arc of the
greatest-moment to-the people vltoia
he asks  for suppor.tv' . ..        '
Vou" iii ay be-robbed of your rights
you inayu be .robbed of your money,.'
put don't ask-me-to help you to re-!
dress, so long as tlie fellow who does
the robbing ' don't antagonize .me,
with" a big M.   .'■■-.'   ■
1 ^ ■   ... _J-_:—o— '■
about it to .indicate the statesman.
He  went  after 'W.. W.   B.   Mclnacs.'
and,' among' other sins  that    gentleman  was charged with,  was his, as-
iociaticir willi- the  Dunsinuir "government,  eic.j  but Mr.  Bowser neglectec^
to  state  in  this connection • that    his
'   days'  agi)  been ,asking  Uic "people"'of
Sannich to vote-for Mr.   D; M..   Kb-
?-   erts,   who  had  been  associated' with
-'   ''-Mclnnes in  all  his bad doings.   ,   c'
■■-•':-Mi-.. Hc\vWr-did' ,a  little \balancing.
5 in  the way of scandal  that was ■ at
least amusing" from it's ingenuity.
To' make the Kaien Island    matter
■'"■; appear.as small as possible,' he heav-
"    ed iiito the opposite scale such a job-
lot of-down'east election crookedness
"    its made Ihe.dyed-iii-lhe-wool Liberals'
■lair.y "grasp for  their breath,   but he
,   forgot'to >,into  that Green  had    foi-.
lowed ; •■the example of  Ilymnii  mid
passed 'in his political'diecks,
.   It  is strange  that this' resignation
of Mr.  Omni." which eonstitutes   .the
most cpinmc-iidablc'act of. his political life, was nol mentioned, either bv
Mr. Bnwsev or the Premier;
However,' taken as a whole, Mr.
' Dowser's effort was. about up to the.
average campaign' speech"; and though
not convincing, it was at least com-
lotting', lo the average party man to,
whom he was appealing,
• Premier Mcllride was not at his
be-it, laboring, • an he was; wilh u
..severe cold nnd fatigued with his long
rides nnd'ninny speeches;
He gave his audience a practical
cUiuonstration, however, ,ns to how
he keeps .some of his supporters in n
},'ori(l hiiinor, by giving to Mr. Ross
n goodly-sized dose of taffy,
Mr. Mcllride!did not go into any
details ns to how much more money
- lie- had 'allowed Mr, Ross to get out
of 1I13 provinc-iiil treasury; than lit
had allowed |)r, King to'gel away
with for ilm Crnnbronk district,
. That would have been tjoo big a
tu'ik, and Instead he coiiU-ttcd the
uiiiliciice with the story of; how he
licid put a Loom into the fruit growing business without, cjistlng the
province n cent by selling' ihe first
siitiipli's for thnt, purpose. •
'llie Premier's attcnipl to vxpliin
the C, ."4 W, laud gruut was a lit.
n'tt'iflable fniliiic, owing to ihe lact
ihut the record.was ugninst him, A
lint (f the road for which! that sub-
■ .sidy was granted, is .still uncoil-
tiiiclcd, nruie of it was compicU'd on
lli'iie, and tiniu- of thv laud was stir-
veyerf according to the time specified
iu tin.' stil,sidy net ns one of the essential c n lit lulls of ihe gruiil.
To say ilml the delays were ciuiHcd
ty thu govfrniiiciii tlirotigl| its in-
(iinliii^ ci'i.iugo, ut icLoiiiiiiviiifing
change, is only iiuilihlinjr wi.th rcc-
»rds. Tn,»t KcwtjiMV) iKr<. bill wan absolutely without warrant, and no
ipiiblhiig will hide thai lact (mm (lie
Thtji Premier made uiMrier veiylir,
Ireik when ho told bin ■ audience that
previous to liH taking ollice n man
con Id tale up miy /|iiniit|ty of limber
liiid up-to 100,000 |ii-i<.N „r morcjbui
lli.-il inirlrr llie iifiw r^gu utii'if a ir.i»
*.ui tike up only 640 nt-rcN, A gl«n<e
••I nny in-w.-.pnpi-r earn ill;; liinbci
• "»ti*«-!. uill reveal the fact that a
nun Chi Mak* as many tlujin.s under
ihr pr.si-nt (irr at lie plrnse* or «/m
bud to st.it*. uliilr under the old net
S,f «i:s ininj^lbij t0 J,uvr as many
nsiiii-s as In* Ft.i>! ti\n ii'Ti' rbiinti,
llu re is in, nsi .spending limr over
ttltv  UlUr   li-inv.  lu,list use,  ;»m  it     ),<
r.,»l, jn«l nev*r !us ]tt*n, u parly   Is
The Kid ran alross a kind of green,
.refreshing oasis in the prosy,, dry,
desert of his exchange table, a fc\\
days ago, and khutting the. door oi
his den on the clamoring politician
and;' the worltf at large, he ''.' leaned
back.in-his great anir chair aiid look
a most delicious- rest -'neath t'lii
nud wandering circus tents iis lu
..canned the pages of-the Coast'Magazine  for  January.   „ ,■   - .       ,
That .bright' little monthly -, alwiiyj
welcomed .by llie! Kid, was more, than
usually bright and sparkling lic'causc
,of air article from the pen ; of' Alice
Deans Cameron,' in which' she describes the making of a newspaper on
the fly.   .
Miss Cameron, always' an interesting writer, gossips' most delicio'.i'dy
about the members of that Woman's
l'rcrs Club Association whicli Ira.v'i-
lcd about the west last summer on
wheels and didn't get drunk'—llial.-is,
not'on r,ny kind of booze. They vp-e
Jin a high state of exhilt-raliou all the
(tiinc supeiinduced by the   air   oi  the
IWC'Sl. -  *
Miss Cameron, would be premier; of
the province if she were-not a   inem-
l.ci" of llic..petlicoat world,   The .way
;ske cnu   hand mil' the most     littjng
Up to the "fighting line', a sparkle
danciitg(liii her eye, the rich red color'
•surging through the. brown (andT,;tell
"me, has that- hat slipped just'a trillion! the true, horizontal?),--sieps;Ka&'-
crlhe Louise Smith,. „' We -all lovelier.
''And'.Miss Mary Murpliy, of- Chicago! "Ave'there any more at home
like you?" Miss, Murphy had a
strained ankle, • locomotion , was painful, so all day long Miss Murphy sal
in a corner soaking'sunbeams. • And
'At* night she bloomed—the night
1 looming Cercus. When all had crept
away ..and each in lier narrow cell
was"laid, 1'would fain creep away,,to,
sit 'oii the' edge of Miss Murphy's
touch while0. she scintillated—truly,
"to sit out' with Mulvaney is worth
many   dances.' " -.:•'.  .-
""llless me!'.' ejaculated the' Kid, ^'1
didn't know she wore.ankles at a''! "'
Who could ever call a potato Murphy
after, nailing   that  little' word   extravaganza". _ ,   .     -  "
After Hitting,'by new, towns aiul elevators and wood sheds, our P..-:tish
Columbia sentence architect breaks
forth like this: ■ ' ' ".■ . .
, "It is the front page of a big, new,
clean volume,the paper is the prairie
grass, covered smiling in the sun-'
shine and imining out in uow'ers .to
the sky-line, and the writing, tools to
leil the story are red-coated - steam
plows and \earns of patient oxen, and
the ribht arias of faith-possisiaig
incii ami brave, silent women. It i>
the epic of the wheal."
(.The Kit! is glad the brave women
'on the train were not silent.).   '-
Now conies a jolt.'
The Kid would know how  to    ex-
plaiu, the following had it been- written by a member"of a male gang."of
pencil  pushers out on  a, private ■ car.
..vacation, but he gives'this one .up:
- "JCitcli town that,we visised had an
alniosuliere      of  its  own.   Edmonton
with iis' feet in the, clear funning Saskatchewan   (did    they  need  washing),
and    its  proud  head  in'the  clouds,"
(had it been drinking champagne?)
'. Calgary, effervescent with the spirit
ol   the circus  the. day  wc struck    the
town.   Wc carry away  from  here the
blended tones of saw-dust   and r-r-rcd
le   onade,   of      "ircsh' Virginia ■  peanuts," f-i-v-e a bag," and of stalwart,
neat-footed      Indians,'big-eyed   with
wonder .   at   the  tent  Haps.,  We  'see
,-owboys,  cayuse, and yellow Calgarv
'iiiildiiig  stone,   and. we  breath      the
breath   of 'the' foot-hills.' At     nightfall,  wilh regret', ,we "fold "our   tents
like Arabs and steal  away,"  slipping
down  (note ^he, down)_. 0"the,r reacts
to HaiilT in  the cloud tops.'1'-
The Kid don't .know-how tliosc lad-
L. 1". £C£STE1V
Eckstein & Grai)^
BARRisixr.SAT-LAW,-'^Solicitors,   Etc.
'   .i-     x:  "' -       ■■•• '
lioorr.s 1 tts, Hetdersou block. Fernie, B: C.
-'••iWsti Wo--i€l-   v-|'
Headqi^artor*   ' Blair-fnore,'Alta. A
'F. H. Sherman'/" Pres.", l Fernie'2
♦ J.'A.-McDcnald; Sec' .Blairmore-0.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ *^0^O
♦ --.'.♦
^. Gladstone Local Union K0.2314   ^
♦ • Thos. Uiggs,  Bee, Fernie,1 B/C.   ♦
4    • 4 ''Crow's    Nest - Tratiimg    Co.,   Block,
F" C.   Lawe. .;    Alex.  I.   Fisher,  IV. A.'
Latce & Fisher
ivt, and v,li.iif\ti povuriiiirtu 1>.i* t,<un after diittirr sp*r.h   10   1*   made*
and acceptable little tributes to'the
beat there is iu a. personallly-should
set Mr, Mcllride to furbishing tip |,is
vocabulary of striking taffy "lerms.
"iui.1 to discard, for a while at least,'
his classic "don't knock if you cinnt
boost," and.other bits of originality
which, escape him whenever his inotitli
After making n jein of a tribute lo
'Francois," Miss Jjobertine Hurrv, of
llie Hreiich-Caiiiidian press, Miss Cum-
eron lias this to sny of Maduuie
Krcchctto, whose son Jloward is a
kili/.en of Kernie,
"In natniug the htroug of our j j.Hy
lilgh tip 011 the list we place MndiiiiiV
1'rcchi'tte, ,,ister lo Wm. Oi>,m Mow-
e-l« and alslcr-iu-luw to lVrueh-Can.
ada's sweet singer, Louis Frechette.
She is sweet, witivome uml kindly, to
'how,which she needs jiot lobe doing,
<<>i'y to be. It js .simply thv triilh
llial everyone of llie llit'le piUiy, „H
.he rest of the (lays will be just a
bit more kind, u Uttli"hvtivr becaiiM'
■ if lur. N'ulvvly site says, "I ma i,1-
wiiVf culled the sister of
Ilowtlls, oiny (iticc did it beidine ic-
versid. Il wn«i the day i,f my wedding .mil my brother was of tin-
I any, tlie tiu'.t.s-iigmi at the train-
sldt piolTircd him it volume, "Merc
is, 11 lilllc thing, sir, yoii might like;
'tis written by the brother ol the
bride.' "
Win, De.iii Ilowells, bv llie wav,
wan bom mul grew up iu Ohio 011 a
Harm, putt as did im; Ledger Kid,
which accounts for Mr. Howell's great
literary miu**s.
Then the American mciubers of Ihut
prt'i;* gang are handed this lilllc bo-
(jiii't with (i |ii"eiloitniialiiig ,Siaith-
Murpliy ndor pervmlliig its atmosphere of sweet Hess on the desert air:
"Wc hail live WMiieu reprisiiiitalivi-s
,,f tlie (item Uepublic, Mrs, Cyulliia
Wf.to'.cr .AMim, Miss Mary Murphy,
Jli-'i M,u' lt,i,t'ii;i Aiv.t'iii, M-t Tin .-
(lore II. Ivtiappi-u, mid Mish Kiither-
uic UmLc .Smith, Who tlmse them
litis diponeiil siiyelli not, but if tlicy
Iht fair .-.picimcni,, mil ii the i*m of
Americtn wotiinnliood fs true to sma-
jile, then bltsM-d is that toiintry lor-
tvtr. KaUiuiiu- Lou^e Smith is vvr.
%attle. Due-; any out heel atv ,ui,* tithe twiiiVIe is thete. H there 11
graceful thing to An, u pr,in-.v,inii to
l*r led, a  um<iX  xn \# wpwAtA  Ut.
:s  ''slipped-'down iiito  lli2~ylou3~topT
it'Banff,"  whicli he has been  told is
'up hill all-the way from Calgary.   "-
It hasn't been long since; the ■- Kid
was  at  Calgary  as  a  member 'of ■   a
press gang\on'a picnic, .and-he   was'
whisked, around  town  in  an  automobile, but he felt all the time   like he
was going up'.   He.don't wish to infer, however,  that this mixing of levels" was the result of mixing of   beverages upon the part of the lady tourists.
"At Cardsl.m we were met by a
string IhiikI." We were-"seated iu 0111
staterooms quiescent and ruminating
over beet-root quotations' and, the peculiar tents of the Mormon faith
when s.-iiiu-tliing made us'breath- hard
mil sil up straight.' Could wc belie e opr cars?
A noise arose in the orchestra
As the leader drew across, ".,
The intestines of the agile cut
The tail of the noble horse,   .
There cinnt' a blare of sound    nnd
the fanfare of trumpets, and looking
out tumultuous it was lo sec the' uniformed bund of Cardslon high perched on a throne of royal state in    a
(CoiilonuciI'iKroni Page T.co)
♦" ■■'■-,- -9
$   Michel Local Union No.  0334.   '♦
♦ . A." W. II.', McLeod, Sec, *
♦.-,        , -..'iMichel.-B.   C.'' ■'", -^
♦ ♦
♦ -.♦
♦ ..Coleman Local Union ^6. 2633 $
+'   Chas.  Brooks,   Sec,;   Coleaian,   O
♦ , Alta. ♦
♦ ' 4
♦ Frank Local Union No". 1063 $
^   David Stent", Sec., Frank, Alta. ^
♦ ''♦
♦ '."'"♦
♦ Lille   Local    Union ' No.' 1233   $
♦ Dan  McNeil, Sec, Lille,   Alta.-  ♦
♦ , , ♦
'♦ ' ' ■     ♦
^ Bellevue Local' Union No.' 431 ^
> John Clark, Sec, Bellevue,' ♦
^ " Alta. -     , -'     ♦
♦' - ""■      ♦
♦ ' >,-■♦'
♦ Hillcrest Local Union K0.105S .♦
,♦   Jas: Turnbull, Sec,  Hillcrest,  .♦
♦'    '    ".      .,-. -Alta.':' .. ., . ♦'
♦ -   '   '       M',. '...♦
♦  '■ ♦
♦ Lundbreck Local.. Union .No.' ♦,
♦! 3275; A. H. Bryan, Sec, Lund- ♦
^  ' '•-...: .-   breck, Alta. ♦
♦ '"■•".-■ '., ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦^
♦ " • - '♦'
^   Lethbridge Local,Union No.574   ♦
♦ S.  A.-B.'Crabb,.   Sec,   Leth-,.^
♦ bridge, Alta. ♦
♦ ♦.
♦ " '■ ♦
4 .Tabor- I.ocal, Union    No.' 102   ♦
4   .Toiin    riishop',     Sec,    Tabor, , <►
♦ ' • ' Alta. ♦
♦ ' •": ♦•
♦. Tabor Local Union No. 1959 ♦
^'•'Alfred .ProberI, Set., Tabor,' ^>
^            ..'''' Alta. v  ♦
^L-Lll^-^  '  '■    '  --   •, #:
Fernie, B. C. '
W. U. Ross, K, 0.     ,       J. S. T. Aluxandbs
Ross & Alexander   ;
FERNIE, II. C.       "
Ofllee In L. T, W. Block, Victoria Avenue. ~
J. SarEae^ l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L.T.-AV    Block,   opposite the   Bank
Ofliua hours-8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Couldn't   Use    Hand  for 11 Month—
Xani-Huk Then Applied  and Onvc
Instant llclief.
■ An nccideni iu a Toronto home ihe
oilier day niiglu have hud very serious coiisei|iieiici's had it not been for
Zuin-lluk. Miss .Mai tha Crccu, of 0
Clarciiioiit St., in taking a pan of
boiling fat from the oven spilt it ov-
u- her right hand, "Tliu boiling fat
ran tiili-i the palm of lier liainl," she
savs, "und over all my fingers. Vim
may well imngiiii* the iigony 1 stifler-
ed iu coiiscqiii'iici'. I was aliuosl A'tl'l
with the pniii. The hand liccui":
stvollen, and 10r«e blisters toiiiieil ,i',l
over the palm' and nlonjj the lingers.
Kor oicr a month I was unable to
nit- llu* baud al all. I liiid several
iil'nU id salves uml liniment!., but,
llie wound sceiui'd uppareiilly no bet.
ter. Ii was nliojifihcr too soveiv for
tln'.'.e prt'pitralioiis to hcil. About
this liiiic- I was udvls-il to try '/,un-
lad. J stopjnd usltij; all other prep-
..;<in.ii.     ,iini  ,i|,jinni /..nti-ituK    in-
v    rely    Kj>»  ui>iA'u:ti'ii.u
:. i.'iii.d my b.iiid a ml miiiknI tod'aw
out the lire and iiiilamittiuimi' i.i.d
n;» I Iiejil on usliii; Zuui-Huk tbp
'.iisu-rs jjradiinlly dried up   mil   dis-
*(.',l'..',«K'i. VV,   A   llM.;,      --.VM.VIt    k'i  ,i-  W.,"
..tali! was healed completely."
This is but one instance of the
iisc> to whull Xmii-ltiik can be 80 ad-
v..nt.'^c.iis|\ jippliul. Il is equally
cliMliu" lor bums, tuts, binges,
dbrii ijniis, -iiirniiN nnd stiffness, It
.iK 1 itiii-.i ii/iiii.i, ulcers, sores, blood
joK/iti, 1 injni'.iiiii, <,r;»|[» s >n-^( rli.ip-
J>wl Ii tll'U, ;ui.l ,1)) .\kj|i ilj.si-.-i.sts aii.l
uijunis Knbli-.i vull on the iIum in
*'.i«.ts n( i.ilil, 11 it-lit-vck tin- Milling
.tint iii;bin,->v, and applied as an iiii-
1i]j.(,it?i iri ii ii-St.s fhctHnatiMn, m'.i*
i*,i, 11. nraluM, i*f»* -Hf 'Inr^biif-i srfl
'/.*m link ai .V**. « l-ot. or it tii.iv be
• iM.tined Jn>m the /ain-Huk Co., To
i..im«i. njw.n rcctipl of pi we. ft lio<.».j
im S; <;«»
W, J. Wrislesworth, D, D. S.
-■     X32Jl3SrTIST ,   .
Ol-'FICK llouiifi-        I t..lo 12 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m
' U.30 ton v.m.
OtlleOiin Alex.! 'ilt's Biouk
over Slinn's llftbo.-y".
-    ■ -     ? B.
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors' end -Builders
.-. =  rians, Specifications and Estimates furnished on application.
Pler.iy° of  GOOD   DRY  I/IW-
RER ON  HAND.     , '■'.'<■
\,R. A. KERR.
Architect   . and ^Superintendent
> '<-Office at Residence,
BAKER ST..     .= ■-     FBKNIE.D.C
Jfernie, 3B: C,
Davey & Laderoute
^   . $
■ ■■ A-- GOOD -W.-ftY. ■
lo please careful housekeepers is to
give . honest »weight: Oh, we don't
say..tkat all butchers d0n't..do Uiia
but] we .^cannot li-lp occassionally'-
overhearing or.r lady frioncls when
they get to  telling  thair experiences.
to please is to supply only • the best
meat. If you. trade \v,ith us you will
learn just what ,\\liiimcaii by-tliese
two "ways".- QUAI^Y and QUAN- ,
TITY will be a- lilt lot-more than you
expect. ■•-.,.
Oalgauy1 Cattle Co
Roosville & Elko
4&> Camtiore Local Union No. 13S7 - ♦'
'♦"II. Asson,,Sec,'Canmore,0Alta. ♦
♦ " ♦
♦:':.   •   .>/"'                   ' ♦
^   Bankhead ■ Local- Union No, 29 ♦
>   John Higginsy ^ec.;,  Bankhead <>
♦ .    '  , -': ■' Alta'. ♦
City of Fernie       |
4. . " +
•J.   AN'GIJCAX—Christ   ..Church-" +
Rev. U.^'Skclding Wilkinson, »$•
, poster—Services,    ti    a.  m. •!•
nnd    7.30    p.    tit,    Sunday »}?
School , and' Bible class at, •{•
3.30  p,   111.   Evening  prayer +
on Wednesday at 8  o'clock. +
Holy Coinniuniou 1st and 3rd >{•
.Sundays   at   li a.,   m., and •{«
2nd Sunday nt ii a. in,
BArTIST-Rev.      II.     Locke •!«'
Kempton, B,A., B.Th,, past- *\>
or,   Services at l) a, 111. and «f>
7.30   p, , tn.   aniiday   school »J«
Trayer nicctinjj  on  Wcdnes- »J«
►J«  • day at 8 p. m. ♦!•
'I'                                      .          ' +
*  CATIIOTJC-Cliurch'     of    the •)•
»!•     Holy  Pttinily-I-'atficir ,T, M. +'
Traveniier,       O.U.I^     Iv"w .j«
liinns, H.30 a. iu,; higii ma.11, •}•
10.30 a. m,   Sunday sdiool, •]•
3 ]>, ni. Evening ntjrvicc, 7.30 »|«
MIWHODffir-ttfV.   ,W. Lush- •!•
lejr- WnlU, II.A., H.D., l»*tor, >\<
HervIctH nt it 11. in. »ud7.3" •!•
p. m.   llible. class 3.30 p, ni.; •!•
combined   Bible   dtrni    nnd •!'
teuchem1 biieeting, 3.30 p.m. »]>
Class meeting,    10,15 u, 111. •(•
Young     j-i-ople's " mcetiiiig, »J«
Monduy   at 8 p. m.   Prayer •}«
meeting, ■Wednesday ut 8 p.m. •!•
+  >i
•V VRK9WYTERIAN    -    Knor 4>
•l*     ehttrcl.-jiev.  II.   U.  Grant, ,»J«
*l*     II,A.w pastor. Service* nt tl •!•
►!•     it.in,  nnd 7.30 p.m.   Su.iduy A»
^rhrt ,1    nnd    TXihl* r\XA%    at •!•
a.jo  p. 111.   l'rayer    iifcetltiK •{•
We/lnrsday nt 8 p. m. •!•
II. L'r.M. ." A.Wh.duaii
Contrnctors mid BnllilcfJ
Kitimatos I'mniitliod     '
Storm Doors and Windows      ;,*
Shop:- Corner Hifwland'A,v'« and McKvoy St.
ii ;, \ l1  0? BOX 85.1, .Pjrnie. B C    ..
Is; a pleasant home
for the traveler.,
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
IIo:id(|iiarlcfs       for"     PACIFIC
'C()XST       .OliOWX-       GARDHX,
l-'IULl) AN'U, FLOWlvli - SKlvDS.
'/jo 5c. ]),ickets for Si .00 prepaid
to your 1'. 0. Order direct nnd
get Ircsh,  tested,  new crop seeds,
Large stock of Home Grown
1'ruil itinl  Ornamental Trees.
llreculifiuso Plants,' Cut Flowers,
Catalogue Free
M.  J. 1IRN11Y,
":       ' 30K1 Weslmiiislcr lioad,
Vancouver, B.  C.
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholtsalc Dealers and Direct Import-
';■''    '    ' .    ■ ters of
'      SCOTCH. AND
OLD TOM     \    .
Caul.—Cnnl litnitn may be purchonml nt (10
[101' ntro lor (oft rotil uml (SO for iiiitltmclta,
Not tridrii tliiin 3'Jii Huron ciui li* fttuiuirtd by
out) lnilivldnAl ur cumimnv. Iloyiilty %l tlie
r»to of tou aontii per ton of 5,000 pound 1 tlmll
b« colleou< •■ the ercs output,
Qutrii—A fr»e mlntr'n corUnott* U nrt,»t*il
UHon p»,yinent 111 titvutioe or tb put kiinnm for
»n liiiUvidinl, mikI from IM tt U00 jxr uiiain
lor 11 uompuny aoeoi'dinir to t'»pH»l,'
A fre* mlnir, having dUcevtnl mlienl In
and llible class at 3.30 p.m.   #j|il»c»,m»y i»o«tt»clulmi,soox J,wbf6»t
'llie f«« for recerdinir u clulm li |S,.
At Unit 1100 mint ho oxptndtd on tho claim
tuekyiiiir or puld to thu inlnlnf r«u«rd«r In
litn tlmrtof, VVkott WM) h»» hiu u«p«nd«<t Of
pikld, tho lomtor muy, upon linvtur * inmy
mad*, ainl upon ooniulyinf with oIiim r»-
(lulri»m»Dti,puri)liiim Hit InntUUi an »ur«.
Too p»t«tit-provldci for the pftytnunt of a
royalty of It prr cent on the iiIm.
11 Flaceb minim nlalmi 8' nirtlly aro 100 feet.
»o/i»r»; titlry ft* tit rumiwnlilrtytirly,
A frte minur may  olttla two Itaiai to
ilradgc fur K»Jd of live mlli»i«i)li lorn ttrru or
l»»nlyy«»t», raimwablo at tho dlturotlun uf
lit Uiufttur of tlio InUrlor, .
Tli* leitct «hillh»v«ailri)ilmln oMratlon
within ont laaaoti from thu dute of tk» luata
There is nothing from a hatchet
to split the kindling wood to the
eoinpliite oiillit -' for'' an' tiploring
expedition wliich. wb do not supply  at  it reasonable  price.
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, Groceries,'Farm. Im-
]>lctneuls and Jlachinery from'
Sti'iii-Wiiidinjf itldusi' ; Traps tb
.Cyclone Htacki.i-.:', Indian Curios;
Souvenirs of Roosville and Elko;
Raw Fiirs and .Fresh Produce from
Tobacco Plains
.' . ■.   . ,-■ j
shipped en     order from   Elko to
any part east or west.
' Ki'iitV orders"^o »Elko.   -
Iiiy; ,-Gaiiie      Hunters    outratedi
with  supplies,   Pack'JIorses     and
Hole Agents iii Canada for
Whuhor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer.
1.1 •
Genoral. Merchant
arid Dealer |n Wines,
Liquors, and Cigars.
3?m-B3STIH,: B,., a.
B99 '   '
W l'ATitGj\JEA.   IwUlL   iAOUM'Xityttt
tT3srioisr labbi!!
Ci*«wrs    Nost   Speolal
_: , 'i AND	
Miner's Favorite Cigar's
for wen ftvd inllti, Ntntal ild;«r annum (or
" 1 of rl^
•ach   tullt of rivir Ivaatd,   ttojalty at tho
tat* of it par cent uollaeud 011 tha out nut af.
Deputy Kialiter of tke Interior.
N.  Dk—Uiy«»itlir^he(I Ar\t>lic«,ti(«  ol
tkii udvortiitntent will not he paid
<S>  BLK klVBK. I.0DGK KO, 35  <$>
A  K. it A. M.
+ ■ • ■ •!•
►!• SA?uVATION'    AUMY-CnptAin •!•
•l« 'I.ntdlaw.   Sunday—Jvnev drill <fr
4* 7 ». tn.. Hollnea* meeting 11 •!«
»!• «. in.   "Free    and     Kitty/' »J*
•J* j 9.30 jt. rn.   Bunday school, 3 A*
4* to j.   {»aU«tion   maitinj, 8 ►}•
4» "P-  hi.   VMM.   tneetfjiif    on A*
•I* Monday at 7.30 p. trt.   Sal- •}•
+ .' vatlon   tneetinjr    Wedbunday «J«
4* *t 8 p. m.  Soldier*'  meet- •{•
4* l«ffi       Friday,    .Tfnt&nony 4*
4* tntetiiijj Saturday nt 8 jv ra. 4>
* 4-
«W-H *H"MM i?H*:H-H*Wfr
ii> Kejtuiat inutiii)4 n«M ktbl I'd ^
({> tluy in  caih tiioitth.   Vi.%ilin>; <$*
^. Lr<tlirm  cordially  invit*d. *f>
<j> J. S, VOI.UMK, Sec, Punic. <$r
$< <v
^>                    I, O. O.  1'. <$)
(ji Meets every Wednesday cvenlnj; 4*
<i> at Hi p. in., in I. O. O. V. UM ^.
<Ji Y. C. J.AWE, ltcc.-Sec, Kernie <§
<i/ $
<& v
<i>       FliKNIK I.ODGB NO 3t i>
A,       KNir.HTS W I'VTIIIAS fy
<i. Metis In r. 0. O. F. Hall every fy
ij. Tliunday evniinj; at 8 o'tlocfc. <8>
<•• Vi»itinj<; httthrrn are cotdiully «^
<•» tiivilril. ip
V> .!. S. VOMMlv, C. C. ^
® F. V. BKAIMSTO, K. It. & ii. -V
'i> ♦
!lt only on* uf a liunJrH dliro'cnt
Nhniui un I «Uu> our II- l;ir 11 Inrnuil
• ;il In, Tiiu purfoot <|it .IJ-jr of thu
llrlirmi I thockr.l with »'i!o 1 the/
."are iuwIi), qualllloi tlicui in tho
Shilling S'x-Pcnnv Pipe
i.i lite World
r-it> s\iu,sui (Hi.i.v.
TltW ViMt.1, WTPtl\CU.
Every Vlfii Gutr.nlceit,
Jiut remom'iornml auk 'or
I'or Sale ».t the
Club    Cigar   Store
•VV. A. INGRAM, Trap,
lliotte 91.       •      •      Ferule, D. C.
The coutrac*or» ol  Vtrnie will
please take notice that Alter April
Ut, l'^6 tke Carptntert and Join-
tra At 1'rniir Local U3o will eft,
tmintl four dollan {4.00) for aljht (8)
lour*' work
I'. B. cf C, ft J. V. 1330, Kerala.
Minardi   Llairoent   CaretGar^it   i>
50 Good Woods-
men wiuitcd , by
4        t T
The Elk Lumber
Co. Apjriyat-tliq
Office or at Hos-
, mer.
■ 1
The Elk lumber Co., Ltd.   .
fernie, B. C.
Leave Nelson,;.30 a.m. daily
Arrive Vancouver 11.50 noon
S. S. Princess VICTORIA
Arrive Victoria G p. m.
S. S. Princfcss BEATRICE
iiiiimis $1.00
J S.tUUTKIt, 1),'1',A„.VuNiiii, "
K..|.IXjyiil{,A 0,1", A , VitUi'Oiivur,
U-. 'W- L   ■■  '.'■ I— ", 1   11 LIl_■ ■   ill IIIIIIIIH
In the innlti. ol iliu Ait rcsj)«ctiii,"f
cerium .works ir and uuc ccrl.iiu nuv-
Ijfnlilf wutcri, hcih); Clutptcr 32,    U,
S. C„ 1886.
VOTTPV! W hincliv irlvim tlinl un*
iiiinitli' nftcr diilt- 1111 iiMvllcntliiit v/lll
lie tiuide to th« GovcriKir-ln-CoitticIf
hy Halts lIlii»Htim Uo.ss and .lnsc|ili
Wliitflu'iiil IJoy,- cnrryiii|j mi Imslness
nt l^kiliotiili, lii tin- Province of llrll-
:.',.': C,;.,,'.-.-;:,,;„ r..-,!..." il., l",:;:i s;» ..I
Wo*s llriw. nnd Coiiijnmy, utider tin
provisions 01 tin above Act for per*
inUsion to conslruil ilnms, lioomi
and other i'iiijik veinonts for lugging
nnd miw 1111111111; jiiiiihisch in Kooten-
ny Wivrr in Snulli Knsf Kocfcnay,
llritlsh Coluinl.l.i.
The uluii;; uf the wniks yi'iiiinstd lu
lie t'oiiMUL'U-il nnd it description of
the site tlurto! have l.mi dtf»oitt«tl
with the Mccis.U-.tr of T.iiiid Titk» at
N>l«r>n, It. C, nnd with the Minister
«>f I'nhlif Work.* nt Ottawa, Ontario.
Si«H»itor for thfc AppHcanU.
Iljteil at t'liiiihtnuk, H. C, tliit
iB*t d*r cf IkumU*, A. 5>. «Vr-t.
\.     •
A. m,
W     '
f-i.      ':
".': v
JANUARY 19,   1907
i '
^ fS'-;-   '
MS" ">
vm   o
. (Coiilinue'd'on   Page   Three.)   ■ -
wondrous;' gorgeous gondola;*' with
curved - prow and" earth:treading
whe-.ls. Oh, it was\lear! '""Where did
they get it.J-.;Ons'-dav a i-ired circus
wandered from thi circus-belt-lonely
as' a cloud out .into,the rolling] loot-
hills; and the prairie",Indians andjtlie
jpwl-ov.s parcelled, out the booty and
in the'lottery of l«oL this joy chariot
loll to Car-lslon,. On. 'the school
benches ..there, are still PI«l M'iper
- tales of how-the clown hecame a vil-
, inge 'wonder, and the. distended children, pink with the. pink of" popcorn,"
slept for days satiate, gushc-il; with
'lemonade." ' -   .,
'And then Maj>rath and her. school
kids are handed "this in payment for
flowers and smiles:
uAt Magratli we' were accorded perhaps the most overpowering welcome
', ol all.   Called upon the platform    lo
respond to the address of'welcome, a
big.   lump rose iu     my throat   and
'lomctiiiiift gripped,,tight , every heart,
when I saw lines of glowing   school
children   . drawn up to do" us honor,
and each holding > u'.'hot little list
big bunches of prairie ■ ilowvrs, picked
by 'them an hour before for our    enjoyment.'   We  were   literally    deluged
with gifts;, little girls with , Sunday
iiikks and  summer    smiles presented
K>uvenir„ silken Union .lacks inscribed
with' the dub name coupled with that
of Magratii-wc were glad of the association   of  ideas.   Then,   too,  ""wee
. ^it-lies" radiant in .starched whiteness
mid with hair newly laundered for the
occasion, shyly handed eacirwomanV
tasteful badge with' the legend-
"Sorry you cannot longer stay,
But mighty glad you came our way."
„    That word " "mighty"'!in the    last
1 Hne of the legend-tells-where .the par-
ints of those     school children"' came
from,'     a "mighty''.Jong way   down
south,  where they have most    cvery-
/  thing thM'c "mighty!.; except a prop-
'    uly assorted jot of adjectives in their
dictionaries    ..   '
But thu 'd inust
. But the Kid must slop this dreaui-
ine.,s and  look  after those  real  - live
■   alder-maniacs  that  have  broke    loos:
• in town and. exert-himself in an"   effort ' to prevent '   theni' from' running
■'clear oil' ihe face of the earth.       .   ■
Tell* His Wlfo's Experience for tha
"  " Sallo of S&er Saffefen.
' The following letter has been sent
to'Dr..T: A. Slocum.-Ltdi, for publication.., -■' "• -. ■*1;-
1- Dr. T,! JL Slocuta. LlmltaJ:—Dear Sirs: Within
the lust two veurs my wife' twho is of a' delicate
"constitution) 'lias had two severe attacks 01 In ■
grippe, both of which have beeiiepecdlly corrected
by ihe uss of l'jyehiiie. \\ e have such faith in the
etlieienev of your lemedies that 113 a family we
xiho no other.- Kor toning up a debilitated system,
however run down, rtstoiniK 10 hculthy action
the heart n.nd lungs, and as a specific lor nil wasting diseases, vour 1'eychine and Oxoiuulsion nrc
simply peerless. Vouis sineeiely, iiev. J. J. Itlee,
, 61 Walker Avenue, Toronto.
PSYCHINE, Pronounced Si-keen,
is a scientific preparation,-,having
woncTerTtil'-tb'hic "properties acting
directly upon the Stomach, Blood
and weak "organs of the body,
quickly restoring them-to'strong
and healthy action It is especially
adapted for people who arc run
down from any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, LaGrippc,
Pneumonia, Consumption and. all
stomach °or organic troubles. Il
has no substitute.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
Iter date, J iuund to .'apply to the
Hca... Chief CrmmissioiUir, of '.'Lands
and Worka for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands, situated on
tha Kootenay River. North: East
Kootenay District.
... No.1 1" .—Commencing <at a post
pknted en the east side of the Kootenay river, ■ about two miles north"
c.f the nor'ilurn boundary of Lot 4596
th.nee £0 ch-jins north, thence 80
chains west,-thence 80 chains ^ south,
thence So chains east, to place of
commencement.      - -    1»        ■ „
.   October /ith,, 1906.
\ .   : '       ■ ...--'■ "»■, ■  e
fames Severn, - - - Srropnetor.
Well furnished rooms. The table is supplied wilh the best
the market allords. The ba r. is supplied with th6 bent wines,
liquors and cijrars. ! ,.      ■     " s '.'
* ■''.'■    '"    :, ''■   >    -   n <?
i/%. ^*^k%^^, V^'V^*^'^'^i>,'^"^tf'V%^kVa^'V'^^^/%^''^
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»»»»<»»»»»^ »»»»♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Watch it 1 ncrease; .ah y.ou:. have lo
do. with a'-Saving's, Account is^ to start it and
keep it' going—then watch it grow." Doesn't
take long for, .it to count up to a considerable
amount—then yon : see the, advantage—the/wis-
dom  of saving. • ,
$1 Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Catmda • |
Fernie   Branch
No. ^.—Commencing at a post
planted at the southwest corner of
Limit No. 1, thciice 80 chains south,
thence So chains west, thence 80
ihains north, thence So chain . east,
to' place of commcncemeiit.
G.- II. g'.'bOULTON. '
Octohtr  /,th,   1Q06.
l-'rank   L. "WclliiiRton"'   lias  died-al
York,  the victim  of
caused his   hones
(pronounced sb-keen)
is for sale at all dealers',.at 50c and
$1.00 per bottle, or write direct.to
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179
King St. VV.-, Toronto.    ;
There is rio other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCHINE.   ,'
Dr. Root's Kidnev Villa are a sure and
' permanent cure forRheumatism, Brie;ht'e'
, Disease,.Pain in the Back nnd all forms
of Kidney Trouble.-- 25c pen box, at all
dealers. .   .
The following ollioers have ii.ccn in-
.stalled for the c-nstimiT 'term, Ferine
Aeiie/NA.  sf.i.'n 0.  K.;   " •
Worthy  l'rrsidi'iit,   li.  II-  ^Ioore.   '.
Worthv. Vice-l'residcnl,. A., Ales'and-
f1'-     ,",'•,' "   '   J
Worthy,'Chapla'"' W. A; Mills...
. -Worthy Secretary, A. II.■ JMcI.cod. ;
Worthv Treasurer. W. W. Tut lie". ,.
„ Wpithy Conduclor, ~A. McDonald.   ,
Insi'de Gunr.il, ,.I ,'1'ilioii',.
Otttsiile Guard, T.  Miv/./.anobile.
Tri'.sie:sTTi' ci'odd, 1'. .'Huji'.tes and
J.  Sevens. - ,    '.       . ,   \.„ .
No. t 3.— Commencing at a post
planted oij niile north of Limit No.
a: thence So chains south, thence 80
ihains west, thence 80 chains north,
th.-ncR 80 cha'ms cast, to place of
; G. II. G. B0ULT0N.
' October ' 1th,   1906. „
Hotel, Fernie
T. Whelan,   Manager
A pleasant home
for tlio traveller.
Itooius    rcHorved
by wire.
Bvr.ry Attention
J. tl.   MARSHALL,  Mgr.,
va - , ■     ■• **
•vv oa v'> v>y*s* \i* ft v*a *y* vv v»# ^v v> it *v \'aav v'^jTtMi>!' •!iM'ii!'^4^!t^Ii
No. 4.—Commencing at a. post
pknted at the north east corner .of
Limit No. 3, tlK'nce-8o chains north,,
thence to' chains east, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west, to place
of' commencement..,,...
G. H. G. B6VLT0N.
: OctoLer 4th,   190b..   "':.
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd $
• '.scasc' w hii It
iy snap likf v.'-'1-1-^''-
One day while holding a. strap :« •<
street car his arm siia|i.)-:d oil. ''„ A
short time later si lej? "on'-' sniD^iid.
""Acmrdinj; t(i his pliyuTaif lliUVti'i;
rilile condition'was nroiiRhl about 1 v
taking -medicine which con'.i. .'..t ..
ccrlait- mineral  poison.
Again and again has il been    demonstrated  that  mineral  medicines are
f^nariiilul.   It is because Bileaiis', while
so fifieclive for all liyei: aiid di;i:cslive
'    disorders,    .yd contain    no truce ot
any    mineral, lml are, 011 llie    on-
ir.iry, purely herbal,  that they ha.'c
. won llie praise of medical men, tr<iin-
id nurses uiul scientists all the world
over,   Bili'.ins'dilTcr from pretty iieur-
- ly every other liver medicine iu con-
tabling no mercury, and from pretty
licirly - every nther stmnach inediciiii'
in being'free from bismuth. They aiv
also  free  from  alcohol.     .They   are
compounded  from   the  linesl t known
medicinal herbs, nud  roots, and    nrc
thus the best family medicine    that
cm\ bts n'llaiiied.   They "operate ,-ently-
on     the bowels,  curing constipation
and piles    They correct acidity,of the
stomach,     stimulate     thu digestion,
lone up thu liver, and correct ll'.c secretion of bile.   Their general action
is at ihe siune time corrective   and
vr uic—correcting   r faulty     secretion,
telling up weak aiid" debilitated    r.r-
g.ttts.   They tbus cure nnciiiiu, ^iceu
.sickness, female ailments and irregularities,     blood  Impurities,   rhi'iuna-
, tism, etc. lf(jf nausea, hwbifUcr, |fi f.,.
piiiti iu  Ihe dies)  und between     the.
- hoiildcr.s thev are also very cITeetlvi'.
Their operation is mild, yet effective,
■■ In curing coiistiputioii they   do   not
CiittHu iifter-coiistipalioii, nor do they
i-ver catisi' griping.   Mothers will find
thrill, bi'lieliilul     in   llie ninny    lit He
iiiliiuiils lo which children are   nub-
Jjicl.   All  diiigglslN  M'll  liileaiis     nt'
fifty ci'iiU a box, or they limy be obtained pout live from llu" Hileiin Co,,
Toronto   on  receipt ol price.       Kor.
fai.'o'ii parcel  of MX boxes will    be
iluilliMl.   This is Ihe innsl  fcoiioiiiij.il
I rut for family use.
,No.. 5.—Commencing -at a .post
planted at the north west corner of
Limit No. 4, th:nce 80. chains north,
thence 80 chains weSt, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains east, to place
of commencement.
October 4th,   1906. _     '
No.' 6.—Commencing at a -post
planted at the north'west corner of
Limit No.' 5, thence 80 chains^nortli,
tlience 80 chains,, west, thence 80
chains south, thence So chains east,
to place  of 'commencement. . "•■
October /"4th,   1906. . n„ •
No. 7.—Commencing at . a.—" post
planted one-half mile- east of the
north west'1 corner of Limit -No'. .6,.
th.-nce 80 chains- north, thctice .So.
j:hainsJ_wgst,f-thence 80 chains.south,
,       Brewers of Extra Fine
La«:er Beer and Aerated
Waters^  Bottled Goods
'" ■'• ' 'j'-a Specialty. .':'  '  . .j|
All our stock is.last years cut and well seasoned.
;-:;..Gipe8  "    - <
The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & JetDeierij: Repairing
Undertakers k Embalmers 1
,   :- '   ,    .'-.."AGENTS. FOR    '; " .    --,
The'Calgary   Marble, &   Granite.  Works
The    Kootenay    Marble    Works,,   Nelson...,
Samples Can be Seen-at. the Office.,:     , ., ."■ ..Parlors iii Lnndy's Block
'. \ •' Fernie, 11. .0.
5 NOTICK is hereby Riven thill the
uwlersii-ncil "will, 'at. the first, mecUiij;
of the Board of Licence Couimissiou-
crs for, the'City of Kernie, held after
the expiration of thirty days from
this?(lnte, nppiy. for the transfer of a
retail liquor licence, g ran toil in re-
siiecl of -the Central, Hotel, ...ltuale
upon Lol°i, Block (i, City of .l'\'i"nic,
from myself to; .Tallies Severus.
."nnted'this ifilh day of*,Tanuaiy, A,
1).,  1907,' "    1    „    •     >   :
thence. 80 chains-,   cast;-to place    o":
cem'mencemint.', "■-,'..■ ' ■ '■     -.-"•,
...Octolxrj 4th... .1906-.-  .,...J...'V
No. '8.—Commencing at' , a ■■ post
planted one-half mile east" 0f tlie
north west corner cj. Limit No. 7,
llunce 80 chains north,- 'thence 80
chains west, thence-So chains south,
thence 80 chains .east'/ to place of
G. IL G, B0T1LT0N.
October 4th,   I9°6-
TO TMR llOAlil) 01' l.ICRNCK COM-
MISSlON'l'JKS."   '
Kernie, B. C,
NOTIC1! is hereby 'Riven that tb»
iiiidersiRiicd will, at the first iiu'diiiR
of the, .Hoard of. Licence Comniission-
irsrl for the'City of fernie, held iilti'r
the" expiration of thirty days- ifrotn
this dale, apply for the 'transfer of u
retail- ll(|iior licence, granted iu . respect to the .Northern Hotel, situate
1111011 I.ols fi and 7, Block 14, City.ol
I'Vruie, from myself to ,lohu SorUtv.
Dated this idlh day of .1 miliary, A.
]),,  i«.'o;.' '
-37 W. RSCIUVItt.
No. 9— Commencfng at a fost
planted one-half mile cast of the
north west cornsr of Limit No, 8,
thence'80 chains north, thence ..8c
chains west, thence 80 diains south,
thence 80 chains cast, to place of
October 4th,  1906.
No. to.—Commencing nt a post
plcitcd one mile west of the north
west corner of Limit No. 9. tlience 80
chains east, tlumce 80 chains south,
th.uce 50 chains west, thence 80
chains north  to pluce ol  comhunct-
October 4th,  1906.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIUD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
'  "'       $5 and under ,'". .'   3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents
"" $10       !' "      n $30   10 cents
"   §30  i, "      "    !'    - " $50..."... 15 cenis
, These Orders arc Pnynblc nt Par at any ofiicc in Canada of a Chartered Bank
(Yukon excepted), unit at the principal banking- points in the United States,
They form nn excellent method of remitting small sums of money'with sa^ty
mnr)   nt   nmnll   rnnt.
W. R. McDduea
1 .o
j',': • FcrnloV' B'» C
Prices _. Lowes' ■ t
Than Eves« -..
Supplies; of a!
1} u
The Palace Drug. Store
, H. T. Mc .can,: Mgr.
and at small cost.
P.-  ul   Branch "J3L1
O. S.   Holt,   Mnnngcr
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦/v ♦•♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦J
<* '*
planted at the north'wert corner of  per  with  the  nuinc—"Virgin. Oil
N0.  u.—Commencing   «    a
I/imit No. to, thence 8o chains went,
lh«cc 8o chains hoiilli, thence 8o
chains cast, thtnee 8o chains north,
to place o! commencement.
G. II; C, TlOUI/rOh";
Octolier (|th,  1906.
No. 13.—Commencing at 11 post
planted «t tlie north west corner of
Uml'.. No. i«. Il"'1" 8o"clttiins west,
thcMce 80 chains' north, thence 8"
tkains east, th:nee 80 chains .so"t»,
to place ol commencement.
October ,<|th,. ]<J(>6,
Pine (Pure)"—plainly printed there-'
on. There are ninny imitations' and
cheap productions of Pine, but these
only create nausea, au>! never "cflcet
tho di'iired results, —36
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
Your Orders for Meats
Eggs, Butter, Poultry &
Fish, to
and jget satisfaction
'PHONE   4
No. u.-Ciimmencing nt' '«■ ll0s!
ploaltd at the north west cornar of
Limit No. "io, tlicnie Ho chains north,
thence K<> chains cast, llinicc 8o
(haltis south, thence Ho chains weit,
lo place ol commencement,
October f,\h,  '9<>&-
All  kinds  of   Hlocirica
Goods kept hi slock.
AH  work
John Tuknku,
No.  M-
I The A. J.
Burton Saw Co. J
„„  .Commencing   at   u   post
plnnttd at thj Rniith west coiner ol
Limit No. xo, tlu-nce 8n chains
south, th.nce Ko chains cRHt, thence
to ih.ilns north, thence «f> ihains
west, to place ot comtinncemeni.
(>. II, 0. I10ULT0S.
Octolier 4th,  1 <><>".
A. J. Bui'ion, {Hdi*.
Manufacturer of nil   Solid
und  Inserted Tooth  Siiwh.
Vnnooiivor, B. O.
Wood Split Pulleys
v!!! not «:Jin\
00  YEAnB'0
TRY 1HIS H'ic Yollii  Ci/V'C.II.
To n-lleve ft cou^li or lueitk up u
cold in Iwiiity-fuwr li""", X\\e i< l-
lowing Nimple loriinilui the in^inli-
vnlR of which cun he oliluinetl oi tiny
no..i1 tiri-Kcriiition drtijiU'Nt ut suuill
cost, 'is all that will 1* rii|uiii'fl:
Virgin Oil ol I'I'"-' (I'nrc), oiicliuH
ounce; C.lyurinc,     two iitinccn; t'.ood
Wliisky. n l.»lf l>l»1'   H,lftkt" wcU ,,l,,,
take in icuspoonlul dosi-H every   four
hrairn.   The ilchirid results cun not he
ol.tiiiiitil nt.liM th<     in«re.t!.-'uti   un!
hinrc.   U in thciefore Letter to   pur-
cliuse tin- initt^llvtilsi scpuutcty   niyl
tirrparv the liiijjture yourself.   Virgin
Oil .,f l'inc  (l'ure) should!* purchased in   lite  oripinnl hnlf-onnre    viuls,
which rtniRRlstt h«V     'l»r dis|»einlnR.
Iwcli     vial  is MttJitly   v*M in   a
i.Aiud wiK.dcn caw which profcrM thr
| oil from «-x|w»Mire to IirIiI
Tntot M*nK»
.....       Corr W0MT8 Ac.
IfS'tVrnM. fflilMl Kltontir fur iiMllffiig^MMitl.
tttrWtfilXtt. withouteUiio,Uthi
Inn. ."* Xrtrt,fa V Bt., Wuhiuaton. V. &
your wife happy by buy-
Stccl Range of J.I). Quail
private: board
by tho \v»nli <>r iiionlli,
Satisf act3on
or mon&y refiaaicEeticB , ,
Mrs. Clark "«%&,    -WHIPEG
i:ii»i(>!-'rii,N >>\,T,\
A  hotel  that ftitBiidir* <tuiet, com-
motlious   i»*io;tiii|t«U«ti»ii   (or   tt» patron'* is a sou rep of pltctxuie  .to  the
•ravelling pullie.   Sinh * ons is ,tlv
AMiun*! I King K«'.woni  Ho'.tl, nl V«inie.   cor-
the uootltn :»m I* un u»Eiavt.l wr.ip- {■ r op|>u.iiU lo.t office.
Wholesale Groceries, ftar. fed and Camp Supplies
\ ; iffifrff^aVy&'&y1
-iWffTteffttWnh r
jim. :—' g
FERiViE LEDGER, JAN/19, 1907
L,itUe Margaret Da*ey.'was V^f.'ill
fcr-several day* this "week.
'    A baliy, girVn-as-Wlrn" to   Mr.   said
<■ Mrs, Sam Stephenson'WcdaesOiv.   ■"'
■ P.  a. llurtori-received'a Cue-Moed-
- rd hull clog pup "from Toroftte    Sua-
'".da * •     •■■      -.'. .
-' Henry Mom-tin has cliarg* of the
disiii,buliu;> department of the . Ledger for '31ichel.   „', ;? .' " *
.-   „1V. II. Ross, M.'P. K, was rustling
-' for itioiu popularity among the legctl
voters o:.3Iic-hel  Saturday.- "
Kiglu engines to the repair shop, in
.   leu days is the, record on the Crow's
Xest division of the C. P'. R.  [
. Uev.  Kinney"iweull to Kernie    lion-
day  to attend  the banquet given    in
honor  of Rev.  Turner' by  th* -Methodist congregation. « --
,- Joe .ko:;it/ka. had  the' forefinger of J
his light'hand severely .crushed '".'iy «.
- , heavy rc-ct while at work Monday.
Owing to the very heavy frost during thu last week, many breakdowns
■were expciicnced at - the tipple -uul
, oilier parts of the works.
Mi; ami Mrs. ,1'elcr Winstanlcy and
■    Miss Annie left' for their home    near
Nelson, on tlie, delayed passenger \V'.d-
neMlay,   after a  month's  visit    with
friends here. " , , ->
\V. Marshall, who was at the hos-
- 'pita! lor ..some time suffering with a
'severely bruised' leg, has so far recovered us lo lie, able to-return to his
home  llie first of  tl:e week.  ,
The o'.tl song, "If you won't'go tomorrow "jbu better go today,"' is
jway ahead of 'time, considering the
t!»i«wmade by the C. I\ Rl on the
Crow's Nest line -since |Xew Year,-'
■ Tlie   westbound passenger   train was
; held here   far'   several hours Tuesday.
' 011. account of„ a. wreck to-"a    freight
liain " at   Spin-wood,   where  several
cars and a caboose' were piled up on
•■ the ..track.
Again Aiichel was in  the dark'Ved-
ui.sday ou account of an accident   to
'   the dyti.atio.   Lamps, and candles are
" jnsl  ihe.;;,,thing, uow.i'- They are like.
the hoops skirt our'grandmother used'
to wuar,  rery betomiiig-— "nit." .
fl'ovk ' has be«u. stopped in No". 5
mine. The*pipes connected with''the
--pumps hurst, causing thr mine .to
till with water. It mar he a .week'or
un d^.-s'before the damage, can be
repaired -...id Hit mine cltared of wat-
■ ei\     ...
-* Last  week your correspondent  registered a'gentle kick alio it the 'cold
wcatliet; '   iic«*cr quit  • kicking .since:
Monday morning mercury went, doiw
. to 4-  in  the shade.  How 'much coldet'
-.. itw.is' iii. the sun we have been-   un-'
.> flble   to ascertain.
6   A sad i;ase of 'iii'if.foriutie is the cas.-
.-'"'f. Sune ■Mi<ii'jiki,'_a^.IIu_ngarj.aii—wlim
^Ve received °t case" of Nice, Fancy .Lamps :"thi_s
week.-— ordered forChristmas trade.-   YVe are selling.
,     ....;.';.- - , ' ' -  .^ '    (/  • ' „
theni at COSt.    Biggest snap on earth.    Pay Cash.
W. J. Bl
..'is now .at., the hospital slowly* recovering from a recent, operation for ap-
1 cmiicitis. He .came , to- Michel som-.>'-'
tiling, rncr a year ago', securing work
""JaS -V ■■"■ -■ •' lij.i^.l»y...-y«>r. ft   mine,' ",\Vliiti.
^   "'nt his second shift he* was..struck- hy
uJail nl lock, breaking both his legs
, and;several ribs,'and causing ■ other
•injuries. He wins carefully attended
to for over six'mouths, under Dr. Mc-
Sorley. Xotliing- Hint ■ science,* medical skill and care could.do was- left-
,undone, Jnit the break of the rigia
leg reijiscil to heal, and it was'final-"
ly ■ decided to amputate • the leg t.i
save his life. After, th.it he gradually,
recovered. Some time, after lie -.wav"
, able to betaken to the home of his,
brothers, \vli;>. reside here, A couple
ol weds ago he was tnkcu sick with,
n severe attack'of appendicitis, ■ for
•aIii'cIi he was'operated on lit the 1ms-.
pj'lal. lust Kiidny. He, has a wife and
four i%'(lreii in the Old Couutry. Ilii;
lot is ccrtn'iily a hard one,.as 'well
ns beiny very trying to the doctor
nud the,nurses nt the hospital,
,    ~; o i	
The II. V, .!». 17, will hold its regit-
I'll' iiiei'luig on Tucsdny of next week.
I'Yort Witters says he will hnvo two
votes at the next city election.,'
Mr/.. C. P. Hill has been the gnesl
of Mrs, llonnell several dny,s during
Ihiiii, in West Kernie, Thiirsdiiy
morning, the 17th," to. Mr, mid Mrs,
Fred Wiiti-rs, a son.
C. P. Hill, of Ilillcrest,. was in Uic
cily 'J'hiiiMiuy nud put in his" lilllc
Inllol  p,ipers while iu  town.
T. J.cljtl, or Piiirher Creek, wns in
liiwu YlmrMliiy and exercised his
1'ijiln of frnni'Iiise at the city election,
I'Yid Slork should bu the cuinlidiitu
in place of Mr. Dlchcii if Thnrsduy's
vole is an imlicatlou ol the xinngih
11! the l«o.
Mr uik! Mr.s, N. V„ Uroley were in
the city Tuesday und Wednesday,
'flic-. , ltd WedncKday cveiiliig for
Ifi.rdiMy,  Allicrtn.
A, Hwk, of Cole an, ww» «|owu
TliuiMlay .slinking hands with 'his
iiitiuv ftlfinlx nud dolnir bin ditty n«
11 voter at the city elrctiou.
Kcv, 1). (iooiliit-ld, w|io luis iircii (is-
silling hi KcrviccK in the lUpt'iut
(liiiicii lor two weeks, will (lust) hit
inciting1, on  Hniuljiy night.   He will
i.lH.t   -,,>       inn  Mllijtll   in   \lif  Tll(iTlllli;<
sim kit ►'The Ilevivnl in Wales," The
evening service will lit evangelical In
rluractiT, opi'iici] Ity n song service.
[ADIES        :
.Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
Underwear and Hosiery
Thei madc-to ^vear kind.   '
MENS   ;:.   '.        ~      ~~"
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
MENS/' \'-::  ■".       "Ti
=    Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
Cardigan vS1
The Best made.
■-■"in r-i
VVE offer .yiau in all dejpartments, the best va
procurable; good reliable goods at the lowest possible
price Save money by allowing us to > eater-
One hundred cents of value for
-«!♦ ..     >«$»       .^»        »f».
to- vour wants,
dollar. :
led, we leading'
and price.
Our Grocery,
values can-
- not be equal
in both  quality
Huntley & Palmers       ,
English Biscuits -?r> ^ soca.ib.
A'luxury at a reasonable price.
Mo-Ja Coffee
Usually sold 'Lat
50cand 60c alb.,
our price ,40c a lb.
■ ,   "WHOLBSALB '". ,.    „
Meat Merchants
LWA.YS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veai and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Egi>'s.
OUR SPECIALTIES:— .     .--,
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Pisli; always a
good assortment. .Try our Mince Meat,
Saiirkruut and Oysters.
under this litadiiin iiiNterlcil ut thu
rutt uf iiue cent u wonl eui'li iiniir-
WANTHn-Si'iv.-nii   ulrl,   A|i|t|y     t«i
.   AV Mi-Doiiffiill,  I'Yriiit'  Lunihi-r Co
WAN'THD-A kohiI Kirl fur lioiisi-kiqi-
iiHJ'—A|»jily lo .Mi>, J.JJ, I,uwry.
\V*\"i'l<'l).>-.\ .si'iviini , lor Ktuoril
liiitisvWfirk.—A|t|>ly tn Min. Ili;;-
dilyn  o
,   tun
I.   Itw
.1111,    (,'UII
,   |i.•• -•..
-Ciirl    for    jrii
Vpi'Iy or wrim
?i1h   Vli'torln   Ai
tL'fill      lldllSl-
Mr.-..   K. V.
•fimt*.  Vni'ili
-    .3,1
V()\l SAI,IC—A sun]); a six roomed
Iiinisi*,. well linili, willi hot nml told
w.'ili-r hsitli, mill iip-to-iljttc I'li-i'tvif
lij;!it lixltiivs; .sitimti'd do.sf in to
toisitii'st! purl or city; must lie sold
•Kiioii. For piirllciilarii i-wjuire of
Moll, .Son ,t Co,
WfITT SON* S, C(t. luve iiiKimrlluin
to look mil for iwu or tkic* Imtul-
ii'd iii'ii.s uf jjoiiiI land .suitable for
fiuit jurowinjr in tlm KootrBuy Vul-
' lf,v, TIiIk Imid uiiiNl Im no Hiltulcd
ns to til low <if irr'^ulion, (>jtlirr lit"
Jjl'uvlly or |,y a wiill-i'iiliippi'd piiMlp.
iiiK pl.nn with mi itliinuluiit supply iif wiiirr. Iniprovfd riiiii-k.'N nrc
wlili:»i{ Uiy Hcupr. o( tin: ilislMirliOHM.
Locality, qiiiilily of soil tiid iiitcms
to water count lifforr ptliis in the
uiiislilumUott of lb- piinlinscr, who
is ii piiictlcul fiuit j;ioi\cr, mid
knows uliut lu> w.m6. Send us
your ilcMripliuns, 'ioculions nnd
Aslicr oft Potatoes, Beets, Carrots
Turnips, Cabbage, Parsnips.
Government Creamery Butter
is extra good value. Get the ljen-.
efit-  ., .
Banner Oats.   E!ch ci"ton
 . : ;—   contains apiece
of Fancy China.     .30c each.
2 lb. Tin Tomato Catsup
Royal Mijtetl Candy per lb.
HjMBiiiiiwmMW'iitfiiiHmwyiiniM'ii'ii'UFi wjii'WtiiwHiiK i mini 'iiiimiiiiyi^unH i
We are inreceipt of invoice coyer
ing- spring: shipment of Clothing now oii the road,
Following our rule of disposing
.ofjali stock before new sear
sons goods arrive,   we \ olfer
bur complete range of
1/LU I H J IN U      ^reduced prices ;
All new goods, unexcelled in lit,
. style^ and material.      .'.■■'•■/..-/'
Men's Suits Reg $8 to |25
SalelPrice. ,v;. ;.,5 to "20
Men's Underwear per suit-
Winter Caps, Wool Lined
Winter Caps, Fur Lined
, The Big Shirt for Men
Heavy Tweed Shirts
Sweaters in Assorted Colors
Lined Mitts and Gloves
Finc|S'hirts; in Star, WG&R
and Pooley      " *      1.2510.5.00
to Jf
- ,75
I*      M   <*
to ,
Remnants to be cleared before Stocktaking.   ■
: • 1
The Crow's Nest Trading Co. Limited
IIA.CUKr.GKK' ({iiururs, two ,tooiiiH;
ktf.nu heal nnd Iwtli.-CHOW'S
XKST 'J'MADlMt IN).,  I/f|),
,11 1.
l)iiil(|tU't liiHt Mi.ndiiy ni(r|it, j.|v
1 '. • !.i
y\\\ nml Mrn. II. V. Marllo, of
Yiitlork, Cilifoniiu, sti>piH-<t i.vrr in
I-'fi'iiU- Vucsilay nnd    Wctlnrulajr   ax
tiifv wuv on    tlii'ir'wnv lo K«lmon- L       	
!.„,.   Mr. nml Mn.. Mitrtin w >l! (f«rkA~IJ?-A ,«od W^Ii^H:* pia.o'
j t'illlU'll   W.iS   ;|   J.'1'iltlil   MU'ii-NS   in   i-v?iy
P1MINIS1IK0    loom lo rant for Kpii- j    cVhimiUtIii^ 'tli.. v.-rv «ivt-ri- woalli-
tlcni.iii   fnruucf, eliclrif liKlu  'unil|iri ,, u|v  hlVf0 ,.,„;.,, (1|r||l.;,   <|)lt
l.utli.   For jinrtlciilani  niijily io I.c.l-j yi,, U,,,M jj;a Wlls r,,u„.r j,,,,,,,   „Mli
gtr Ofliic.   • j m,iiil> (,i tliV In-si (l| a luwl to lii> cut
j    Tlie jriiu-it  nl  tin- fvciiitij!,  Hi-vrt'i'it'l
1 l.nii.s   Tin iu 1, in.nU' niif • if tin
linrnvn old rcsidriitH of our city, ami
tin Ir »uuy (tirniK were $hA lo t,te
iliciu once njfoin. 'fliey expect to lie
HiK-iit 01 I'Minniitoii for nevt-ral
AVJily I), "McUmiaji.
IFQK   SAI.K- :o lols i» Wmt Ke»l*i
' MUtr term*. ..ApHy   \V. T.  H««1«v,
Writ Frrali
Mllf 111  till'   lllliSl
>.]iiiiiliii)«     litlli' spcfclu"; iliui    aiiy-
1.0 )j    Hiljtl   listtU   t",   uml   J,,lt ,, ilnUII
lo tin1 H'.ni' ol "Hi's a .lolly lliMiil
I'Vilow ;iifl tlie i<|i|)liiii<.c of t-vi-rylxwlv
In Ut lii<!!    Mr. Viirtv, Mr. KrUtiia
iiml oilierx nuilli! liils, nnd Miss IVu
l).i\ii-s Mill}; 11 nolo "Mntliiiiilln,"   ;i
mtv \%ull ri'ttdurt'd selivlloii.      Slimi
«,•. 1 :i   11   .,t;.,.f      nil,.,,,,,;...     ,,i
*■ i ^- f. --■ n
l.lll',"  .1 |lll-l"C wliwli Ill'Oll^lll Olll MIIII11
vet) tin-How toiu-.s (10111 Uiul yoiitijj;
luiiy's voice. '.MInn Woniliiij; j;)vv*
(Moiuisi of ^(ttnl miisii'nl liihiit in tli.-
fiiltirti. '    ",
Miks I'.rnnt'n sinj;iii^ of "Tin'
I'lilii*-.-.' \va«i niosl ui'tlhliriilly mid-
ir.-d. Tln-rc Is Mv.iH'tlliinj» citiliv in
l|io.»' woriN "I'rarly (*,iii-s ntid C.oM-
i-n" wliftit nhv.iys pIvitKi*. I '
Yin- .spjv.id of jjoi.tl tilings ittic oi
lln" l-i>t. lli-\. ^Ir. C.rutjl ivluviii-il
(li:HiLn at the l^j;iniiin^, ' nnd tin*
lu.iki  to tin. Kiln' w'hs drunk   r.t.iud-
iii)!, mid wns follnuvd livllii' AiiiKiitjJ
ol ''Iiml Siivt tin- King," nnd tlii'
I'l'H'inoiiii's     vliiHi'd l»y nitT)!itt|;""l,N»r
'■'1.   .-       .,       Til       f t    <•   >. <<    ' 11
...-^    ...t    .-    .tt(,     l..   ......    .l.^.«,l^.v        t..,.    l.,v»
liiiifiii 1 i Uu- j>ii|,s who,  drvNhi'd    in
.*M|I,|IU'S.'   I'ONlllllll',   wuiti'di   SO     JiV.U-*-
fnll.v .mil ntiviiiividv on itilic (nidi's.
^.—__.(, _.
Tin1  ilint.iT  toiirir.iini'nt   promfiUi'f ]
liy tlu- I'n.il Cii-iU UitiTiiry nnd Alti.-t
It tit AsMitiiiituii, wns won  liy ,lniiw*3
lI.iM, ot I'l-rnii",  Win.  Adiuiisoii living
.vm'id;   ll.i:    liilli-.inl.s   l»y  l-Vi-.l llr.iwf-
liy.   I-'l'id   Hitynor  lu-ill^r n'cnlid.  Oulv
.-lit-  piitnt   M"!!.! rut nl   llu-  i.iiii|,ititi>ev,
nt lln; finish. Oivnl inluiTsl wns
tnniiifi'Mlnl in tills j,'(iiih', Frrd liny-
nor, wlio In lite most iimnislaitt pliiy-
^ in^tic'/tliili, lii'iiijj jjwi'TKlly fiiiiiii'd
ns llu1 villiiiuili' t\ Inner, lint HritdK-v
|ittl ii|i a |{ood |,'iiiiU', nnd won oil I liy
'iiti' |ioinl, Tlie jniol jjntiii' wiis won
liy Hurry' I.oyd, l'rwl Murnii IiHiik
Mi-'i'oiiil. Tliu two cavil jjntnes ntv \u\-
linislicd. TlieRc toiirimiiuiits «ri' n
.'lOiiicc of gmit plwi.snri' (ind iutcrr.-il
to llu» niiiiiliir.M,     nnd il is l-xpcftfl
llllll    I III'   llOiird   of   lllllllllJMIIIl'Ilt     Mill
idiiiiiK-iui' iiiiiitlur series 1 if i'iiiiiI's nl
.■ii 1.11U   date.
Tin' I'Yriiii'. ' iiiUnijoilliilv lnwlify
t..iiii will iiliiy 11 iiiiitili nuini' n|'
li.viuy ut lint lri'i'iiii' rf/il; ni'xt Wed-
m-Nilny ni^lit nijiiinslj ni" Coli'inun
ti-.iiii. This jh llu- lirsl'-'inntfli |jiiiik>
ol the si-muni to ho |diiyi.-d Iti-ri','nml
slionld duiw n full luiiiRc, Tin' ml-
mission is fil,<i-t-il* ut .llie wry low
\i\'\w nl' J,s unt.s, -,oid 1'mvnIioiIv will
j-fl hit iiioiicv's woitli of good, rlliiti
In lIu' firsl Ktitiif just uljjlil (it
Moiilnul for thi; Stnnlry Cup, tint
"Uiits" nt Kiiior.i, difejiud UicWaii-
ilinrs, tin.1 pii'st-ut lutldi-is- of Ik-
f.iiiniiis nip, liv ;i     fcd'At- of  | to 3.
t \


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