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The Fernie Ledger 1907-02-16

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.  ~  - '.'^
t»   >   -
; -. \>-\r■..:/"
3.-St-I  '
-' i "  -*i *f      ^
j ,   * <u
\yotIItxuMEER-v27 \.' :f ,
Price $2 a year,in'Advance'
..*"■ ■."
****      ,
Mr.'and <-Mrs:.E^ Stone, of a son, oil
Tuesday morning, 12th Inst.
To Mr. and Mrs; ThosVAllen,- of a
son, Monday,''nth.'," '_   '"-.'    ■'■-•"
Mr.- Malandane, spent a few. hours in
town last Thursday;.   "'"" „.
-. i       ..       .1 ■
Mr. A.' C* Liphardt spent  last   Sun-
day'in Lethliridj^e.   ■   ' ■ \ .
Mrs.   Gordon,    of  Gateway,    paid
Fernie friends a flying visit this week'
;;Mr. M. McInnis,'of Elkinouth, parsed through town Thursday en route
to.Calgary;on business, .  .
'.-..Mr.'L. W.*R. Terr'v, who has been
'«>riou*dy ill wilh pneumonia,  is,  we
ire gl-id to report,.somewhat,belter.
' Born,   to Mr.  and Mrs.' J. Hrooks,!
n the,7tli"inst.,-.a daughter,   '
,1 Mr., Johii-Howlbrook is confined to
!iis bed suffering"from a slight, attack
if typhoid fever.        ' •„_ -   ,r "    ',-'
'Don't' forget A.. C. VWpbar'dt's spec
1 al'sale of'ladies' a'iid>gents' watches
jn  today and Monday.   Watch  ., the
watches go.-* *•-  ,"'  '^
' ," i"1!' . '- '-' -'   .  '.        „ ' ~ ''
.* Mr.'' Speers, who - has been, for some
imc employed iu.the grocery depart.
ment of'the Triles-Wo'od Co.; is-now
t!o be found behind the counter in the.
Crow's  Kest -Trading  Co.  stores.'.,
\ .fohn' Volume„\vas~niade a    Knight
. g .j      „ ' ,    •   " ' TcmiilaV while die was  in  Cranbrook
. Messrs. ■ James' Falconer,   Y. 'John-v..last week,  but he don't    look,  any
"son; M." A.'Kastner/R. Black,   'Dr'.   molc jrioomy tlinn usual "over the ex-,
'Bonnell.and II." ■ G. .Watson, acted
Faithfiilneis'to Duty was
-the Beauty* of her   » "
■■;.  ■;.:;.;? Llfe,:--V'   ''f
'   The many friends of'Niirse KnUi'ey,
' wlio had'.bcea sick for several ;U>s at
the Fernie'bospital with typhoid i ye/,.
w«re shbekei' to, learii that _shc ;bad
died very -suddenly,' on. Wednesday
morning at 10.30 a. m.    „      f.
.   She, had been'    considered wriously
' ill, but had rallied, and was thought,
to,be,muck.better, and the news   of
her sudden death was a painful   sm_:
prise." Miss Knisley had been- a i-ursc
inC the, hospital,' wlwrt she .died,    v?r
over ,'efive , years,,. „aud .was, wi'.loly
* known,    __       •'.•"'• ' -  ■   . \'
"She laid .'down her. life in' the   seir-
fvice.'08 others, and will;long, be   re-
" nicmbered'for/her constant attentions
\ to"7dutyi v:Miss Knisley was> 34 years
of age and a "native of Ontario,'where,
sher,family reside..,--*'.,,,-, ..      '    ""
"Her'""funeral   took   place Thursday
evening, at 5 p.m., from the Hospital
tc Knox church*, of "which ' she    bud
been a. member.,'       •,/'";,{,  ,!i
Rev. Mrf Grant conducted  the   services and delivered, a most, feeling* s.u -
dress, paying a high' tribute  ' :■ v the
deceased; and":to' the high calliug'-iu
u which she had laid down her He '    :.
A, large concourse of people    filled
the church;and followed, the remains,
" to the station, where" the body,- »y.»s-
, shipped to her Ontario,home at Kirk-.
pall .bearers.'
.,. *'V,;, '       ,-•-' __'      *     _     .   - *'.
' General Booth, tlie founder anrl
i chief of,the Salvation Army, 'in/=hii_
> 78th year, seems to be,as zealous anr1;
• fit as ever he was'for the great worK-
! in whiah he is eng,iged._„ ;The follow-
-injfjs, as near as can be ascertained,
. his'programme during his b'ii'f'visi:
' Tin* council met last • Thursday
night, in the city, clerk's'office, nil
mciul.ers and the Mayor, being present," ' 1' . ' ' - ' ' ,
iThe liiinutes of the" three ' \\cvious
meetings were read and approved.     "
.Some ...communications were read,
among them a "letter; from Fred
Hundley _■ re'scavnnger' work, which
was' laid on the table.   ,:-"■"'
Alderman. Tuttle^fepoit'cd , he could
purchase a-suitable team" for the fire
department in the city, and .was empowered ^ tu close a deal for such a
team.. - • .< '
.Alderman'Gates -reported, that    he
fluence them; in-their actions as   t.'d-* Assscjallon   rooms weeping   upon th«
.penence. .,      ■  ■   •   \ ,,. ,-,_x -V.
r : The   Fernie   Hockey „' boys were 10
■have   played   the   return   game, with
.* > ■ . '•
Cileman last  Sat(urdav..but' owing  to
the soft'weather-;thev ganie had to be
postpone J.-" _ :_*         ' ;
.."'Rev. Geo. Kinney, "of Michel,', wat
in town during', the ,week- and-, whili-
here - he ' aiid ,Rev. .:H.-.-. Lushley H-ili
tsJok a trip on -snow, shoes.     - ;a ,    „
wDobson- and.Willingliam, ;the  ,• new
the ninthitb the tetitli -ot;M'ariJlv?; 0 JI Jture' have the ''management _.of. that1;
Sattirday,; 80fdier8• and* ex-SOldier-'   ins'titiitionr"andi.;a"s.<;they /are 'widc-
meetinga ih the B^nd:Street Goiurre -swake.business men./they.^in.-proye.
gationalchurch. On'Sandav the hugi,, ^l«al.'.to .the new; .mistaking. ;,,;rhe
MaaBey'Hall has been securelsor ti.(J| ]:«]l»rcr wishe?».*^ *^s-} ^ -^"ir
ermen of-the,city of, Fernie,'for which
they" each and'every one felt such-, a
crushing sense -.of duty that ' they
Uould hang their grandmother's' on
sour apple ,trees 'if the interests' -pi
the cityi,demanded it of them.. What
a commendable spirit! '.'.,>.
But, dear reader, did "you ever, n-.*1-
ice" that" when a man talks I Ac .1'
Pecksniff about how he loves' Ecr.ie
friend "arid' hopes his actions won't be
construed \ 'as personal,'\'that -hat
friend gets a slab in the neck   just
about'that  time? '  *   >'„■ ■
o ^   •
Why., should four city.tlads g»t ' up
c nt-after . another, ; and prpt;'<t, ;to
itart   with,   that", there'/is-  nothing
~W   fttiy~f^E*^C«V- JL/U
personal in the ,knifing that they have
had-, found" a ".suitable place for- a J planned/for1 their ■friends,' 'when "they,
pound near Ilandley's bain.'    ■
By-law '42, for. the purpose of levying and collecting a road tax 'was
put through its three readings ,. and
laid over - for final."consideration at
[next'meeting.     ' /  . ,-',.'-"'
-. A, letter from, G. G. S.'-"I,indsey/of-
fenng to. rent,a;portion'of t]ie. ..old
company;."office-building to: the .city
at J60 per. month wa,s filed. -- ,*-,'.-_ '~X
tf-The-dumping ground had some" attention . paid to, itj  after which    the
new venture
.He-will be officially, welcomed'b;^
the niayor and town council, artd.-l.i*
Visit is expected to excel every thin-
that has taken place, from' a Salvn
tion Army standpoint, in the Quee
Citv. ".»'■' '    '"''       :    ••:./"-'" 'r,
K   From: Toronto he will take in buc
.'cession Montreal, Ottawa, Ninnipe,
and. Vancouver.   At each of thos
places the largest buildings availabl',
have been secured. j
The railway companies havo ar-
ranged for cheap faros at "one-way"
, price for the • round trip tr> those ,wh';
txte dociroiis of attendlrif; Ills" meot-
inga. ,',,...'
. A fine lot.of' land >ns>occnly so,
cured at Vernon In a rhflgnificont location for a barracltB.
Vancouver Is now.busy with thoi,
building scheme.; Adjt. Lacoy Intends to have the now citadel, ofTlcd
and social roady for'June.
Itnppcaiuthat Brlgndoor Smpoton
who was expected In fcttla neighborhood must havo (jot lost, neither the
Pornle ofllcor nor yet tho Cranbi'ool'i
officer having succeeded ln_locatlni
<i A communication fwrn Mioliol re-
lutlnjf to tho Comppniiatlon Act Is unavoidably erowdod out this weok, bir
wlll appoav In i?' >t luao.-Ed.
Mr. 4+.T. Fickstoln contemplattv
orcctiiiK an up*to-dnt> opornhous
with larffasUfjo, uitllerlos, baxos an'1
all adjunct* of a first-class build Inpr < <
that kind. This wlll bo welcome-
by evtsi-y ettlzonol Fdrnle, nsnnthliu'
U more nrgontly noodod, This build
Ing will, lw flra proof. vIt will h
iltooted.nt tho north east corner c
Pollatt Avenue and Cox Street
well-known   miner,.
■Charles Bulger, knight of. the' saw
nd the" hammer," who has been'assisting in the building 'of ' Hosmer,'. is,
! tick among ■ his Kernie friends again'.
fie reports that. not" quite all .the
cornislris on the new town, but that
•vhen spring-opens there will be more
* hingles flying, in the air up" there.
B. F. .Wilson, the eloquent spenker,
who aroused so much cntliuiasm due-
i \g the ;lalei..cninpaiyn will be here
: a,'ain and speak on socialism in the
liner's hull on ,Monday night, nnd on
:Tuesday'evening at C<>al Creek. Mr.
.Vilson is well worth lienring niw is
.ure lodraw full houses,
The book social held under, tho nus-
.ices of tiio D. Y. P. U. in tho Baptist
i'.lmrch last Tuesday'. was a decided
'iccchs. As a result the Sundn>
■.iliool Is enriched by about 100 books,
.vlilch will bo used as a nouclus of 11
ibrary. • Everyone present entered
"1* Uly Into tho enjoyment of tho 00-
iBlun.     '       ''•'...
■ •
Peter Piiloi'lia,  n' Giitaijiaii, died i.t
tho Kernie,hospital Thursday morning,
.io  ran'away   from   the Cranbrook
hospital on Tuesday arriving hero tho
.line night on the cast bound express
suffering from septic pneumonia.    lit*
.vas in a very critii'iil condition  from
.•xposure ami over exertion nnd died as
•tatcd above.    Ho was burled  yestor-
lay   morning   ut. 8 11. m., by   the
'.overnmcnli ■
In tlio Snow vs. C. N. I\ Coal Co.
■union for damago*) for low of arm
rutise.l by negllunce of thu Coal Co. In
"real-show opened.' ", '-' ',.< .-J,-
.;Mayor Bonnell-' delivered .,a ..lecture'
on economy, under the head ofviW
bustiicss;*. which -was ,a; complete, surprise.'to one-half of the council,'.while
it was listened to with such equani-
maty, by the. other-'half'as .'to lead
the audience to believe that", Alder
iinen . .'frites, Gales and Stork-had
been'fed., on that-kind of ,-jot.le dirt,
A la Mother Wihslow Soothing Sy-
nip. ,. .';. ,   .,,._■,
/riie Mayor gave a list of,,the salaries now paid by the city', and said
it totaled the astonishing sum of
$799 per month,. He proposed to
remedy this by "cutting doen ihr- police, force'and' aboHshinb the city
solicitor and hiring somebody'at ?35
per month to run the justice mill,
known as the police court. Tho cily
could buy legal advice in tho open
niarkce, and the chief ol police and
the fire chief could be rolled up in
tnc. suit.of blue clothes, The lucky
fellow wlio drew the suit could be
paiil'$i25 or $150, and'still the tity
l.*o nliend. The jailer conl'd be turned
out to grass and. the city prisoners
turned over1 to the province.
Uy practicing this kind of pruning
he .staled thnt the city could save n
sum equal lo $3,750 in the year,
which sum, if invested in beautifying
tho streets, would greatly add to the
value of tlio city.
.Aldermen Triles, Gates and Stork
joined in the chorus willi "nio too."
A,remarkable thing about tills performance was that each psalm hiugvr
Nlnrtod his Hoes with expressions of
tlio deepest feelings of rngrvl over
any personal Icvllng which might ho
Nllrml uu,_ns It was the last thing
111 tlm world they Would allnw to in-
had been so careful-to keep quiet
about; the matter" to'their-associates
on the same, board? , "--"■   :;-.„ •   ,,    ,
" A little analyzing by Tuttle, Quail
and. Mclntyre showed, tliat the'Mayor, was~'$i,250 long ■ on'his estimate
of the-'saving and" . the" 'prospective
city asset in tlie''shape of... beautiful-
streets had'to be"'reduced <to S2<i,-1i
That was" a; pretty1 heavy1 -cut and
thrnstj' and, things\ljegan"''to gey__yje__.
ly.' Aldermen; Tuttle, QuaiPa'nd Mc-
Intyre "opposed tlie 535 a.;moiitli;mag-.
istrate.idea and the abolishing of the
^ityTs"oii"citc^h1p.Y,','";^,Tfites"triea, to
straddle   .the fence fof'a'while,'but
neck of dear Dicken. Imagine Mayor
Bonnell and $2,500 ' telephone Trites
and Stork talking economy,to such
men as Tuttle, Quail and Mclntyre,
and under the mask of ecoiioiiiyt,stab
bing tooflictal death F. C. L'awe, who
has, during his term,.- of office, saved
the city froin the consequences of a bar
gain formed hy .the same economy
howlers, which'/ if it had been consummated, would have resulted in a robbery of the people "f this cily in the
next 20 years of nearly half a million
dollars.        _  ' , ",       '
Don't be lulled to sleep, friends of tin
City of Fernie, bv ;such cheap, sofi'
sounding songs of .economy sung b\
nien wlio have done all in their powei
to place'lh the hands of a private corporation the only'profitable asset thi-
cily has any chance of retaining. *
Men who have been elected to ofTict
by votes'cast* by' people who pretenJ'to
bold.dirt upon which they, pay no taxes
or colled no rent, and which'property
belongs, to all intents and purposes, Jo
the company which is striving'to ge ,
hold ofjjnn . exclusive franchise;' nun
holding office under such conditions
need the closest of watching.   P
Di'ar-Mr. Kditur;
Will yoir. allow nie f pace in your
valuable paper to discuss -a m.ttter .of
public importance to our city...
, I underdtaud there is some adverse
critiaieni being made over tbe aciionsfof
the council list night Vthe minutes of
whic will 110doubt 1)8 publish-M in your
paper, arid.I de.-iro to lay thu wludi;
&eheme of economy which 1 would lik,
to see carried out before tlio poodle.
-Thefirst question which, this Mayor
would naturally look into bu cumin.;
into office would bo th« co«t of civi-
adininistriitioii and 1 find that thi-
small city is paying out $70.) per in nuh
in salaries, besides thou-Jands of dollar?
of extras, or to bu acciur.tte our wn<*r
pay roll amounts to 8609 composed a»
foilows: ■ ■ -.      -   »   '
l<-*(! '   -,     ,.
City Clerk,
Fire Chief,
3 Constables   .
Solicisor   '   ^ ■
Health  Ollit-or
fell over with Gates, arid Stork/ where
he' belonged - froni^the starC. ~' ''■' s ^f*1™
I- Tuttle called Trites'dowii -.fer/ saying .the .solic torship, had" not' been
'awarded to the "lowest bidder ' last
year, and demanded to sec the tender
put' ;in,.at that time by Sherwood
Ilerchmer,. stating that tlie bids'had
heen , opened,' and, Ilerchmer's -bid
changed before, they' were shown - to
the council. Mr. Trjtcs undertook to
repeat the statement,.but,was stopped- by ",Mr".' Tuttle, '•' who told .1 him
that the statement that the place
djl not go to the lowest 'tenderer,
was absolutely false., Mr.'Trites took
this with the meekness of a modem
Moses. Arc there any other records
down about _ the court - house that
have,been changed?   „
Whenever Gates got ajar, some tel.
tale item "dropped out of his ,'mental
coral .which wasn't comfortable-   :to
his friends. '   ,1       ■
He was 'finally led to admit that
ho had been acting as a coinmittcc'of
one looking around for a $35 police
mrgistrate who would tnke^thc place.
Gates didn't fly wide enough open
•however to disclose the name of the
high-priced man, but tho Kid jumped
lo the conclusion that it must be Mr.
Wm; Uussell, n namesake of tho
great authority on criminal law.
It would be almost criminal, how-
over, lo ask any man to net for more
Hum 535."
Alderman Stork 'wasn't at oil
sqiionnilsh nbout censuring .his past
cuidtict when a cily official, aud kept
a doncnnificd expression playing over
liln' features which so mystified his
I,ibcrnl ■ friends who had seen Win
sitting in itugusf' slate iu I ho midst
of tlio party council which Jlickeui>d
Mr. Dicken, thnt thuy were puzzled to
tell whether llicy woro in a city council   meeting nr buck In tlio   liberal
8099 »    v
. Last night I advised tbo council to
look into this matter and sue if soms 0'
the offices could „ not be combined mid
salaries raised as far as individual!- .ir<
concerned. "I suggested that po?sibi\v
some person in town,, who is carrying-
on some other business inli>lit pn-s-.bh
be found to attend to tho, city, rlurk's n
well as the tot-il work.- to' bo done b\
that indiAidunl occupies very litth
tiine und' that tlie question' was wcl
worthy of con*-idoi-aUon, .
.Or-possibly we might -b« able "t-
Becuro'a man cap-mlo of nctiii-j ;is- Citv
Clerk and Magistralo-and" by i-oin-iin
ilia; tbe two office* pas a salary <>f *fl'2;
and thereby. sive the city h'i0 \.tv
month.      •. .    ?    "
Now as far as this city is concern-d"!
seems to methatwle are not tii^iMi-in-.**1*-
to employ a man to devote hi*, wh ■!•_,
time for the purpooeSof- li^htina  fi-;-
becauso the-'nuinbcr that ho U calb-V
upon   to act is  very-small fiieri'foi-n -•"
susgesteft to the Council  thai   if   w.
could.secure a man wli'i -h.-id - recvivu.,.
experience,in, fihting lirns-a*! well n
police experience that tho,two could bo
combined and a good salary of SUO o
8150 per.month paid to, the ..iiidividuili
Steam  Laundry for Fernie—iite
■■ Secured and. Operations
*' , to start immediately
notion loask the governor in council
to' reduce. tbe police magistrate-to.$35
,was earned, by the casting vote-of-th*.-
Mayor given promptly,' Messrs- Tuttle,
Mclntyre and Quail voting against it
"-The motion to declare the office of
city'solicitor'vacant after the required
thirty days, came up/and Trites^Gates
and Stork voted for, and Tuttle, Quail
and Mclntyre against, thus putting the
Mayor up against his own prepared
dose of medicine once more.
This lime it look him some time
longer lo make up his mind to swallow
it, but,as everybody expected, the pill
went down, and he declared the motion
carried, »
* After that Mr. Lawe read a letter
from Wi'A. Macdonald, K. C, stating
thnt in his opinion the magistrate's decision llial the Klectric Light and Power Company were not lilible^to pay
more llwn one license for carrying on
their different businesses" in the city
was erroneous, He also culled the attention of the council to the lad th.it
there are two more clauses in the ml
incorporating the Cily of Fernie than
there nrc in llie original argument en,.
tercel inlo, and signed by the represcn--
niivoHiif the company and the repro-
sentntlvc*! of the Fernie board of trade,
upon whicli the acl of incorporation
was biised, and stating that the adding
of these two clauses might materially
affect (lie cases now pending.
The council instructed the Solicitor
to ask Mr, Macdonald to defend the
city's case in the appeal which had
been tnliun by the Power Co.'.and which
Is set for the sand at Nelson, and al»n
lo look Into Ihe matter of the two added
clrtUKCH,        _   '■ '
The council then adjourned In next
Thursday night, after a M-^ion lasting
till piiul midnight.
nol properly safeguarding mntihinory
ilunil which plniulilT hud to work nl
1 iu now lippli',' judgment was rendered
fir plaintiff aiiuuinting lo $4J5o,oo and
nnti. K^cstcii & Gray for plaintiff.
John Riley, a well-known* miner, ri.rchmfr aiK, iK.rCiHuCr forUefonJaiU
while working in No. 9 m , e U vo«l ln.i«d.li™ days
Creek     W« ntsday     morn 1 if,     *■&•> '    '..       ,     ,      ,»,        .       ,
caiSt by a fall of rock - at^d   very   bufero   Mr.   ju.il« Clement  und   a
herlously injured, one shoulder being  special jury.
.lUlv^U-J, «;-.»' l& Ltai ni.2   li'.U-; (   jj)(} ,jallC0 f^ivon at Stork a hall
rut. Ui nlflo TKfWM xvm* ht\x\x\n\tm } ^ j^,^^, ^^ hy t,Jfl Jfcjy f^^
the legs, "e wa» brought down top( thfl Uo|||o ]IoK|j[t(lj wag R Kmi
the hospital and is reported   to   be ^^^ |fl mrJ. ^   A vcfy InrC6
urowd ul 1 coplo 'A'efc on hand, and
I t'.vctvlxxlv was in tlio beat of cood
humor.    Wlilmsttr's full orclicstra
were in attoixlnnce and supplied the
getting    along   an well an possibly
could be-expected.
Tbe funeral of MU» Udmunds, aged
sixteen, daughter of Mr. Thos.   Ed
utunds, miner,  took place ol Friday   best ol music.1   Tho l-«dle» did not
v afternoon at hall-past two, from thcli' neglect thu refreshments ni-ccimry
•>       house on Victoria Ave. Deceased had_:oij"bucH (xcasions. and that part of
only   recently arrived from   Wales,^ tho programme wm ruoat BAtlafMCtory.
with her mother, lier lather   having j Qvcr jjjo Wcro |e(t (0 hand over to
ant Mmmtr.   We «nd- it(|0 jjmc |{oap|M| uf{Cr all esponfles
preceded thtin last
tnsUnd de«s*Ji*d was ailing in W*k»,
ahd irwas ho|wd the, change would
prove Uneficial, but il wan Um Satt,
and tbe dread scoorjje ol tnhmuhuis
did ita *orit. R«v. W. I,. Hall conduct!*! llie wrviee, Mr. Kdnmnd* !*•
Injf'a regular attendant at the ehnr.*h,
A nnmber of friends gathtrei! to
»Uow their sympatUy.
were (mid.   Tlm ladles In charge ol
the HfT.ilr wish to express their thanks
tu nil who rendered osslnunco, and
< r\» dally to tin* mcrctmMs who lont
such nbl in supplying dlshe*, etc
"Hip ohji'd lor wlilcWtha d«ne« wa»j   It w.is Shellty who wrote:
Riven «v«* ft i»a»t worthy Oho mo8t|"Mow .ited, but Ut no tyrant r«ip,
1 wi vthlly renpondcd ta Vi\\A wealth-, let no imposu-r heap.
T.imdbrci'lt,  Veil.   1 Jtii.
I'Mltnr Ledger:
In your issue of the yth insl., I note
tlmt W. II. Monro thnnlfs the voters
of (lie l'Vriili* riillng for the supiiorl
given him In tho Into clcstion, I am
sojiy that it docs not road for clect-
Iv.j' him"
Suc-h tw]?;ht in linvc Iwn th<* caw,
tint only iu Veenic, but in every r.d-
ing hi the province, and it is in bo
hoped that the voters will wake up
to the fact that they have nothing iu
rriinntnu "'till   tin* tnrty  hi  .\fni-"**    -il
tlio prcscue lime.
Tlielr object i.s plainly visible to
any man. l'rolit wrung fnini your
hides nml mine.   Open your eyi-sl
Nine of your fcllownicti gouo and
some 60 injured iu two mouths just
in your own,, mountain hoiia-. In
upllc of thine things yaw return men
who fight againut your interests,
It is time we did some thinking.
Wc produce the material, J^ihl the
railroarU nnd the ships and erect the
ptilaft*. while wc live in cots uml die
*n snowslidcs.
Wear robes; lit tin Idler wear,
Forge nrins lu yonr„dcfcn»e to,bear,"
All things can be done it the workers Ken that their mimes aro on (ho
voters' HnI nnd then bo true to th*«ir
own class at tho Imllot box. To '.«.»i
would In* <*iisy where we have niitery-
nitio to nxm. I
Our   towr    has hevu   in darkness |
at CUl ti;; .\~)u. TJ.i. i^wiiiilU t.1 t..«-
.Irking <*n";im- for th<- dynamo broV.i*
on Kimdny, and a m-w one was'-.liip-
ped from Gait, Ontiirlo, nnd ocry-
thing wu 1 lighted up aguiii in a week
fiom the following Momlay.
Sc-vc-r'i! !;ri-tt.'f'i'-, u'i."c !,*-?'.''.'" '.; *'"'
shaft at the mine on Saturday. The
prompt action ol the superintendent
and mine Ijosk unveil the mine from 11
long stnppngc, Uy Monday evening
the old ones were drawn out and new
ones were in place, and on Tuesday
morning they were winding coul an
'flic social event of tbe ftcasnn will
be the masquerade ball to lie given
the night of the 3ttid. Suitable priw-s
are t» b« (jiven to the best drt»«<l
lady nnd gentleman, nnd for the '•*•■
comic characttr. Admission4 fee will
le 11.50 re* couple, and 5i.oo for
spectators.   A supper will he served
The   weather   Iws  l*«n on 'is l**'*l
bi-lmvloiis during the past week,
The Iright sunshine is enough lo
make us bi-lievc spring has sprung,
In spill! of this litilU-r Is so scarce
lieni lli(it<H can't be had for love or
_ 0_—_
w,ho~could fill both positions.    •-
.Now in tlie past our city .has bee
policed'by  .threu*" polieomnn   uiul   ;
goaler/nnd f donoVbi-lk'vu that a rai
payer in-the town can le* found  wh
will Bay that-wo -ri-quiro -such n-biru
force.    But to date then* is no jierBo
to bo found with the. necessary cjuianc
to reduce tills noedleis expendituru ft
fear of rtaking a fow euemiu-i    1 in,
told by people cniuiwtuut to jud-j«"lli..t
all we require is a day and night ma,'
an I these two men could havo  thoi
salaries  raised 25  pur  cent, on win*
they already receive.
As far a*uhe (jonbir is cmi-ei-iiud' w(;
do not need one. Tin) province ban :
prisoners to- the city's 0110 nud wo ar.
looking lifter their pi-Uo:iurd ami |in\
nga goaloi* *Sl a month to do it ami
I nyiiu thu province S15 ptr inonlli fo
.1 place to keep them iii,, The proviuci
pays the inagiiifiuiuiit sum of loo pu
to tho city for tho keep' of proviuuin.
Coming to the mnu'lstrnlo Im does no:.
spend on uu iivi-rafiu two houi'H |im-|.hiy
011 tho bunch and yottho clty'pnys S7r.
per month for this 1 work,   We do no.
roqnlic the whole time of any iinlu\
dual for this work,   $7fi "is a sin t.i
salurv for anyoim, and I think a ivon •
holding this position slioiild ti 1 dolii.-
other work for a soitrcu of iny-nnn.   li
W0 paid tho miiglstrati1 $1 an hour wlill
on tho hoiich Iid would nit av^ni-r
♦7ft  por month for tha w i-\, 1 b,i!ii»v •
in paying well for what WMi-i- #ih • i-li;.
has to do, but I  am np.)>•<<• I in ma
drawing ^ulnrloi  when tin-y am uu.
(iiriiiug thoin.
With tho solicltm- nm* bv lam ai
nil frained up and I vaunot huh tl,
nociKilty for pitying a*»*'»t.*t«ii«/ i'ci i,
|")0 per month and when anv <|iu"*lii'i
iu'Ihuh have to roihI u-n, of town In
nxpurl enuiiHol which Inn al-.'Mv-* • ■•■»«-
nhnrgad tip tu tho city la ;r ><kI blsr fi'i-t,
If n program such an I bu-a cinliin-
warn carried out at li*,i«t *.',1»* a y«'n
cuilil bn Hiivcil fni tint citv.
In iidvislii|t this Hchniiinnf ccohoiny
nil nctlhu Hirli-tly In what  I thin1. >
thn i.-itv's  liiliiriHt nml iiMt  with (li
lnti'iitlon nl (hoppiiiij: off anyoia*'** In »•:
I enmo Into Ilia innyirnlliv clnli* wb
1 i-bmii and limmn i"iiih:.i'.icii ami
rnpnio to li-nvi« it nl-n with it, c\\'»
Hid honest ron-cifimo
s. iio\N'i-;i.i.
• C. W. Roden has ..been promoting'a
company foir the purpose of operating ■
a steam''laundry in Fernie, and has
succeeded in interesting a large number of our business men, and many
ppo.le throughout the .district from
IStko'to Michel.     -  '
The company is to be capitalized at
$ io.ooo, $8,000 of which is to be paid
h ). A site iu the northern part of
the city has been secured and $5,000
vorth of the latest improved steam
laundry machinery' has been ordered.
, Mr. Bodcn expects the new plant
will be ready for operation in six
O' eight weeks.      ,   ,,   ,       • ,
Irices will" be iw higher for , "work  '.
titan i.s le'.ng charged by John Chin*
a:iian. ,„ ' . ••  •
(Mr. Doden wrote the city   'council,
a:iking,    exemption    from  taxes    for    -
twenty years,   and  the' council', heve
l£ id".the matter over till next   meet-..'
ir g.   This  is    a much-needed institution, Vnd' a large field is open for the
iterprise.' - .*■ -
' ;—0	
Mrs.   J as.   Cornell,  who ,isoat    the
li j.spital suffering with a severe <, at- . .-
t ick'of pneumonia, is "at tais, writing
n a ciitieal  condition."  Slight hopes
a ie" being entertained,of her recovery.
Mr. , Thompson, .   father  of    Algy, '
iilcutioued  iii another item,  is  -.uffer-' <>
ing with a severe attack of tonsilit-
11,Valid is a guest at the hospital.
The little son of Mrs.  Jenkins     is' •
iveiely'ill with "the croup.'
Tlios. Crahan, of the Michel Hotel,   '
returned from     a month's ' vacation   /
V'ednesday.      Mr.   Crahan"  _had •■ tne
plcasuie to view both/the    Atlantic
j|id ".Pacific' oceans on his trip.
Win.   Xunwick  met  with *■ a  seriaus
aLcident in No'. 8 mine "'Friday' by'the '
jfi lling. of' a pieee.of coal-. .His   rj^ht
jiic fractured.,   '"'I " "-■'"    ^
Mrs." J.   J.  Scott returned-Wednes- - '
diy'from   Crescent, 'after  a'   several'
mouths'' visit  with  relatives.    ,   Mr.
Our lo'low ttiwnsninn, Walter It
Campbell, who hns been rubtlcatlng
down niouiul tnu Xtagarn pnniniiulni'
forn fow weeks, eot li.iek last Titos-
day looking wtll und happy. Uu led
Mm. Ciiiiipbell and their lit lu rod
with frli-nd*  In  Outurbi f r *i   Hub*
lopgi-i' vltlt.   Mr. Campb-ll In .icnlti
.tendering un the mw ftogidfllcH build
Inga, Ihe new plans and specllleu-
tlonn lor which nro in tho hnnds if
Mr. K J. Whiwii.    TIipso now j lane
are n (jrent l,nppivni«,nt n^'er the or
IflhfllonfBsubmitted list ye.ir. and
U> wliklt tin- TiiU'tat Atf»<ct»il<>ii ami
othen ortji-eii'it.    The change of tho
nuln fntr.uic^ from IVIIatt Avenuo it*
C«x ilr-.'e'.  nt flBkid It, and tin*
channel innhin thtiircliltectnialdf'
•ignnlH xdd fk'ht to ten thMiMml
dolfonln thr r/n» >/thr bfilbllrijri N»
the culm convenience and an^ar
liable-* alio ar»l given an nrcist'iiir I
dose of Jlaby's Own Tablets alwayi
hlfi'p soundly at night, nud it it. not
\i,t.   tilto^^tk   ^IIV*,!    f-llti.^tti    „',     Sill.,
ingdmps or "hootliiug" syrups'eitl.-
t?r—tlie sleep is natural, hc.ilihy nn I
rtslful, and baby wnki*s «|i iu t|u
morning bright and tlut-iful. 'IT*
TaUNt nrc the best uuhium.- in ll.v*
world for tin- cure of all Ihr* tniri' r
athiii-iili nl lit'le ones, Mrs, I,,
ft.-i/jnr, lMmiimHti.li, X It , <..tys'
"My liiby was iio.ss and Intlid .1.1
I luitdly everi'got a giv«l night's n--.t
until I began giving H.iby's <)\m
Tablets. The*** Tablets mnuml ll.v
raukc of the trouble, and n-vn* laby
sleep »rii at night" Tin* Tfibld*.
are vdd by dnigrihts <>r by mail   *«t
S;oU hns purchased the'household cf-
f'ct's of Stanley Brewer., They will
d<rcupy _the No. 5 lamp'house.      ""    =fl
Harry Mcrriditb, tbe popular, groc
ccy clerk at     the Tritcs-Wood "store,    '*'
received a serious injury to his     left   ,
kpee      while, eng-aged   in   a   friendly    -,
wrtstling match recently.   * He    will
1 e ■compelled to keep his room     for 0
some time. '■
•A movement has been started lo
raise enough,money to clear up the
remaining indebtedness on the Methodist church. I.ook out for the subscription list—no dodging. A number of very generous sums have' t-1-
roady l:ccn subscribed. ' „
Ur. Harbor, the dental artist from
F irnic, plied his trade here the last
Mr,' Thompson, brother of Algy, arrived here from Winnipeg Saturday, to
spend a few days with Ids brother.
tNick Joy** an Italian miner, received >cveral bad injuries oa the head
and logs as 0 result of a fall of coal
while- at work in So. 3 mine Monday., lie will be laid up for several
Mlko- T'irtcrello was.Tuesday put1,
out   of business      whllo    workltjf
in (lie timber above, town cutting   .
inlnc props,, One of his legs was hit
l>y a log.    Uu expects to return tu
w-ii'k. In 11 few days.
Tikis-id death occurred at tho hoi*
I'i In I at.'! o'clock Saturday uftornooii,
whi'ii  S.i'v« Mujoskl, a Hungarian
nilitar, pnuscd quietly awuv after a
yt-nr ol  Hiill'nrlnfr and   mlafortuno.
Miitt of tho Lutlifcr readers aro nn
<l nbt lunilllitr with the sud Htory t>f
tliliuuloi-tiiniitoinitn.   Hcwime horn
uiLiiit 11 year a.tjo and hccuiviI moi k
In Nro. 8 initio ana buck hand  wlil\i
liitulitK in his fieoind Hhilt a larpu
(jti.tiitity ol coal fill on him, btviiklim'
lour rih-i and Ills lhl,'li.    Vnv sonio
1I1110 ho was not expand to bin vlv.-,
bit iu'U'i'mlually Improved nml.-rtb>
(•XCullcIlL Willi of  IV. MtS.iluv, whi
li ii Hp'U-od nuliliiir tlmo nm- ux loiih 1
tn i<nvu the man's life nial limb*    N.i
t'lfiiriu known lo mwllcil Kt-lenie wi-m .
U>f 1 muloiii* in nti ctulctvor 10 t'e>V)'.'<
him to  lienltli   and foi'iinu' vidui.
i tiniK'ii niii< il by 11 niif^rii f'titiiH'-
■ll'in, ibr frnciorcd Vwiw oj llu: JIwj'i
; fi fiinnl to knit, and Borne lour mniul 4
I nl,er the uccldent It wiih found m ct--
isaty loitmpuuitci tho in|uri'd limb In
<ii-(lci- to save thu man's lile.     II1
N|NTdlly ivcovcivd alter tliat, hi.I
vm* niiiiiiubmvti vtrin lin.|ii'«l Hi (.* 1
to tlio Imiiio of IiIm brother, who iv.
hides  hero.     However,   iiilsloiiiino
mjvnr ccmn »ln^lv, lor two numiln
au'o he was *elz.d liy a severe atlae'-t
ol appeiullcitls,   Ho wuti acaln tnken
totlii* lirtpllal and uinlrrivi'iit un.op-
ft-ttlUin, ttum which he irmdllall*. r«;*
envorrd.   However, two wiekai-BO
nnothcr operation bud xo hn fatlorm-
ott lor tux nbet at, cstm-d by his lonjr
lllncM, to which he Hticcntulxd.  The
funeral was held !a»t Sand ay under
the Hn*.|iee»o| tho Uun{tarUuB«li-ty
nnc«olthn linlMinjr justll1e8tlieey.hu u-nti u \tox frmn    The lit.   W*',
triiOUllliy. jlihiu*'  MidUinc »:•»., Hr..ikyiUe, Oil,
and the local mtru-rV union, and whu
lairfily intended \l*v. Kennv cm-
ilucu'ii tlui (uuct'iil ttcfviccu The dc*
eeas'd |i-nvri a wife and four children
in the Old Country, and a brother,
who result sin Micha).
■MM ,?■•'■- -
~- c - ■
-.' * '"<vr
,^S   -      - * _' ' '
" ■'/-
' Y *  ^C
.... .1" I
*i«raraa:{rF. J
;imrrn-r*m    *r
TW0*p01AA*S    A YEAS. IN    AD-
Issued every   Saturday   from the «i-
fice of    publication, " Todd.  .Block,
Victoria Ave.,, fernie,' British* Co-
. lumbial     ~ ,     *" "        ,
D.. V. MOTT'    ,' , Editor
^■THftFBRNIE LEDGgfe; FBRNl'E.BX,   FEBRUARY ,16,,,.907
opportunity--the maker
' oh the breaker of all
Things human.
" Premier McBridc    now  bus  a   fair
,, working   majority   in   the   House    to
buppoit liim, aud it remains    to    be
seen what use, he will make   of   it.
Tlie Ledger has always maintained
that Mi. McBride showed a lack ot
the real quality which goes to the
make-up of a statesman when be ac-
'ccptcjl tlie' responsibilities of government" under the circumstances prevailing "at the time ,1k* accepted' the
call from the Lieutenant-Governor,
and that he emphasized that luck of
,ical statesmanship' when'be continued
■ u>" play at government with such
hacking a.s he "secured at the elections
some liuee years* ago.
Now   conditions     have so changed
' that l.e fmds himself in a position to
vtaily ■ govern with a majority of the
,ni;-inbew_ .' belonging      to  the    party
-  nhich he leads, at,his. back, and'  be.
will,  for   tlie first time,  find himself
in a really responsible position,*   the
duties oi which'he will have to meet
with'no possibility of shifting.
He,, has  magnificent   ,. opportunities
,  before liim. rNo t\;rovince in this Dominion    presents     the     momentuous.
problems  of. government   which await
•solution  in British Columbia.-*
The   vast   domain- which   still,  re-
' mains  to  be looked after and  • safe-
- ' ' .i ■
guarded in-the interest of its owners, the public,..will furnish ..'ample
scope for', the, ability of 'the most,able
111,111 lie can call  to the position     ot
■ chiei'cijiuniissioncr'of lands. It has'
beeii" through the incapacity of those
who..-lia.vb been allowed,' "to• blunder
llirougli^that department , that this
proiinee - has bean robbed of -more
thrin enough to* square oft the entire
debt now saddled upon us as a con-
saquciKC. of  such  blundering.
Not another acre of timber should
be allowed to" pass Irom the Crown
., i';lo llie hnn'ls of private parties-'
without the payment of its value into the.' treasury. British Columbia
has - the bright, and shining example
ol'Ontario ,before her as to timber,
and there is no excuse for /delaying
te-tr   /.mi    rl^.f llin_,ar*!'»lir*sf\mi r\{. 4liq*.-
•   well-tried system to our own   timber
lands, __
The   department  of"   public  works
, should be divorced from the lands de-
partinent,   and the minister of lauds
allowed  to occupy hi j whole time in'
organizing his  department  anew.
In Eastern British Columbia abuses
' have heeu. allowed to creep into *the
industrial conditions which would be
ih '   harmony ', with    conditions ' i„ >
where else outside of.Sibcria.,*,
Corporations which have" received
large tracts of the .public domain
•..■ill-nut anv 'return are allowed to
make use of their gifts to circumvent
the truck' act and to perpetuate a
state of petty tyrany whicli is dnily
becoming more nnd more irksome and
unbearable.   •"
One little amendment to the truck
i".'t would sweep'into oblivion these
odious .conditions and quadruple the
revenue derived irom licenses, etc.,
now realised by the province from a
trade tliat has been monopolised by
these recipients of the bounty of a
unost, gpncrotis, not 'to say prbfljWtc,-
If,Hon. Mr.,McBride, with his substantial majority, rircs to the .opportunities awaiting him upon nl-
inost every hand to legislate for the
common people ns against those who
have proven that tho greater the favors' shown them the greater will heroine their appetite for monopoly and
graft, he will have earned n most enviable., reputation ns'a constructive
As wo said nf the beginning of Ins-
article, no mnn or government has
ever had such opportunities lying
before them to do good to the people of a province ns now lies before
the ptescnt government nt Victoria,
With her iiiouiilniiis of ore and
toiil, her vast forc.sKi of limber, her
great possibilities' for farming, grazing uiul fruit growing, British Columbia, with wise iidiftlnlstratioii of
lur nflalrs, will be in reality the
grandest province amidst a collcc-
of grand provinces, The opportuuitv
lies before Mr. Mcllrlilu nnd his associates. Mny tho Lord and iliu
Jiii'inherc of the new Nnu.su help ,"im
to embrace it.
thousands cf dollars during tlie   lasl
two years because 'of■•"-.the., ipcapacitj;"
or indisposition „of the officials, both"
city and provincial^,-to see that   'tho'
laws- of the land-are respected.
A tew people who get a rake-ofl
irom the law-breaking" process, de-
feud their actions'by saying Uiat--an
open town brings money. &_
' Will; these wise ones kindly inform
the public who gets the money'which
comes to .this town because of -such
neglect as ■ to law and ; its'-, enforcement? " ,-* <* ; ' ' .,
They keep _ discreetly , silent as to
the thousands' of dollars that have'
one "glimmering * because,' of law
breaking in this cily 'and do all iii'
their power to' keep out'of the press'
details' of transactions which „liave
brought iuin to families and ..diverted
thousands of dollars from a legitimate to illegitimate? uses.
The people of Fernie' need not con-
solo themselves with, the erroneous
idea" that money which is paid for
worse than nothing' will benefit a
umimuiiily which allows such .business to be practiced with impunity.
Iiveiy dollar that goes' ' for, nothing,
tosls somebody just that much, and
the vice .that impels men lo rart
with their money in that way is not
only .i cuise to its victim, but to the
community at large:
The Ledger is very well aware tliat
'in onlci to execute law, public .sentiment is necessary, and judging from
the cfleet of the partiality shown by
the highest authority in our city in
dealing with this evil, a very few
more jolts of the same kind will do
more towards creating, that, necessary sentiment-cthan dozens of 'tern-'
pcraiice lectures. It was ever ' thus!
Give a law breaker rope" and he will
always do the lest.: The law against
gambling has never ,' been enforced
\v:th any degree* of vigor., A few tinhorn gamblers have been made "scape
goats" and fined," but-, the. places
where these fellows did their work
were allowed to keep "on breaking the
law until they have concluded, that
they aic a law unto themselves, and
bcg&ii to dictate to the powers . .'.hat
be (lord pity the powers) as to who
should be allowed to do the law
bieakiiig for'the town.     ' , "
They must have a" monopoly of that
business, and woe be, to the' fpoliceman who has a suflicient sense of fair
play "in his make-up "to rebel.
The goose that lays the goldcn^egg
is generally killed by. the man' who
gels the egg.! because it is- not a
double-yoked article, and 'the people
in Fernie ■ .who"*-* have kicked up this
little row-.will soouci* or later'arrive
at     the._coiiclusion_Ltli'at  tli'pyLlmvp_
AMD 19
killed the goose' and'broken the egg
.    ; 6-^        •"
''The developments iu city ■ police af-
'.airs do not add credit" to the Mayor
for his action as time passes.
His statement in the, last week's
Ledger was not satisfactory and did
not dispell the public discontent over
the matter.
The Ledger asked tlie" Mayor" explicitly if heiiad interfcrrcd 'with the
i'oliceju the prosecution of the Fernie Hotel case, and his answer was
that he had not; that he had only
"advised postponement of action."'
In his statement, to tlie Free Press,
he answers a question as to whether
he told Chief Walker not to'push the
prosecution. He answered as follows;
' "To a certain extent tlmt is true,
Mr. Walker volunteered to accept the
responsibility and carry 'it over my
head., I sold nol Whatever responsibility there is I shall not shirk in as-
Miming myself, but as you have asked my ndvlcein the matter, my ' ad-
nce is to wait until .the commission
is appointed and take action in " the
mailer when you will receive your
Why Mayor Iloimcll should refuse'to
make such an admission to the Ledger'is a matter which concerns him
'| a n udi _.rentei 'extent tli-m ji d v
the Ledger, inasmuch as he now
stands charged with the exercise of
official favoritism in a most offensive
form, The Ledger will treat the
Mayor with perfect fairness, and If
lie returns unfair treatment he is the
individual who will stiller,
Chief Walker was also asked by
the Ledger for a statement' of „lil«
side of,tin. case, but declined io do
mi last week, on the ground that hu
was not prepared to do so. This
ir.iu>piitt| ,m Friday, and the up.
pciii'iiucu of his statement in another
paper the samu day <lwn not look
■ cry will to. the Ledger.
Had the Lodger ever mistreated or
 . --.-«-—...    ..... i. ..j
Are'you listless;-
fag ed ana,
-. without"'
.y^    energy
Oast. No. 18       |
Headquarters " Blairmore; Alta
'FrH.: Sherman, "Pros.
° Have you headache, back pr,ins
or pains in the chest" Have you ,
that "all-gone" feeliug? .Do you ~,
have fits of acute ^ain.or wind •
after food?-1     «
If so ,remo:uber that hralth r e-
peuds on ihreo ma.n-organs—'•
liver, stomach', and int s't.ues,
and Biloans regulate all ih-ce.   >
BileanB we purel   Lctbdl: r.d •
Nature's remcriieR, are awwys
best-    Bon't dally I > Write for
'sample box to' B leans. T rout.),"
(sending' 1c. stamp ,foi- return
postage), or buy a box from yv ur"
druggist.  :      ;•. v *
* J '        i*
-.  Mrs. R. Savillo, of OnkMood, Out.
says :—"For headache, debility, jii-
.digestion, and biliousness I trlc.l
' many 'medicines, but I never mot
. witli^,.* anything   to   equal   Bilouiis.
They cured mo. ° ,.,    "
Of all druggists at 50c. per box. ■
misrepresented cx-Chiel Walker in aiiy
way, there might be some excuse for
the partiality, slight-rthough it. might'
seem, but it appears to-the' Ledger1
that the conditions were-''exactly the
reverse. •.* '   , . ■ ",■
, The Ledger, leaves it to Mr. Walker
to explain, and it hopes he can do so'
to the satisfaction of his friends and
to the public. ,    '
Public officials can not.-he too careful in their treatment of the people,
and especially the press".
''aTforecast of. "the new CAFS-
■   .'.,.  1NET. -    ;,   '.   .   ;
.  Victoria, -Feb".   6.—Premier McBride
is still resting' quietly at his liome"in
this" citv,_rA'Lup^ratiiigJirQmI.tiie__ck
feets of ,the strenuous campaign
There- is much speculation vas ' to
how\ the .cabinet will.,be readjusted.-
In the best.informed circles, the slate
is made as follows:
Minister of ■ Mines—Premier - Mcllride.    ' .„ "       -   - -„
Finance-Hon. R.  G. Tatlow.
1'rovincial'" vSecrctary—Thomas, Taylor. ' "     ' ,    ■ " "
. President of the Council—Hon. ■ F,'
J.  Fultonf                   .' " -• '
Attorney-General—D. Mi-Eberls..
Lands and Works—Hon', ''P.. L. Carter-Cotton.' ■    '-
McBride will in all likelihood . resign in .Victoria, Ebcrts contesting
the constituency as ""attorney-general.
A; E. Mcl'hillips will probably-- be
the new speaker,
! .
♦ JV A'."McDcnaId,"*Secr"Blalrfriofe "#
, ♦»W<^^>»»»»»»-»'*»*»'»»»
♦ ,.' fr.i -v:.'i'^ :."   :,'*•" ■•;; ♦-
♦'• Gladstone "Local Union No.2314 <>'
♦. Thos. Biggs,  Sec, Fernie, B, C." >
*f   •*'.-.'   •** »-•■-:• -; ■       ',."■.■..    ^♦,.
-w,  > '■%   x ". - j4l  :>♦'
♦ .Michel Local * Union - No, 2334. "- ^
♦" A.' "W.    H."   McLeod, •:   Sec,   *
♦ ~v< Jv-MicbeLu-B. ,C.'»-   - .-     4
•»*hSmmm<> ♦ ♦'♦ 4» ♦.♦ ♦¥♦ »^*»
^ ^ •-     -■_•   -, $
♦ Cdlcman Local Union No. 2633   $
♦ Chas.-Brook*, 'Sec.',   Coleman,. $
'♦  ■V   '-■     ) Jf' Altax-"   -". ''    "♦
'♦'$£' -*\\~. *"■ ? '-, :-' "♦
♦'       "     ,       •*■.■.♦
♦ Frank Local  sUnion No.*. 1263' ♦,
♦ _David Steke, Sec., Frank, "Alta.   ♦
♦ ' ..,,.',*■ •«'..-•"" 'i*v ^ '•■- ■"'-.;: li '. ♦"'
♦.- -, ■   . *.
♦ Lille   Local .Union   No,  1233- ♦
♦ ' Dan McNeil, Sec, Lille, : Alta.a ♦
♦" . ■■ I"-*. , •" ♦
♦ ,r.o        \       . -   /-'..*♦
♦ ' Bellevue Local * Union. No.  431 , ♦
♦ John- Clark, Sec, Bellevue,. ♦
4 ' «; ,  Alta.   /   '        ■' '♦'
♦ *■ . -' '.♦;
♦ .-.♦■-
♦ Hillcrest Local Union*-No. 1058 ' ♦
♦ Jas. Turnbulli Sec.,' Hillcrest, V
,♦ ■ ', '-.   Alta.' ' •■    "7      ,'  s>
♦ ♦
♦ '., ■''■'• ♦'
4, , Lundbreck   .Local   Union'  No. ?+
♦'   2275.  A.H:Bryan,"Sec, Lund-   ^
♦ " breck,-Alta.  ' ,^
♦ ' - ♦"
♦ ' " '.->■.'. ^
♦ , Lethbridge Local •Ullib^ No.574 . ♦
4 S. A. B. Cralsb,'' Sec, Leth-- ^
4 j bridge, Alta.. .   ♦
4 ...■ .,*■:.. -r .. ».:♦"
♦ ''      ' ' .■/ ,1 ♦.
♦ Tabor Local ..-Union    No. ,192 '♦
♦ John  "Bishop,  , Sec, /'Tabor,   ♦
♦ ' ., , , Alta.," .'» 4
.♦■;-   ■■.. -V ..- ♦■
♦ Tabor Local .Union No.. 1959 .♦
4>   Alfred   Probert,   Sec,   Tabor,3,<J>
♦ - '. „ . .."'■'.'. Alia. . "'- $■
♦ . "'^r';:*."'  :-'*"    '' -ti
$   Canmore Local Union No. 1387 .$•'•
♦ H. Asson, Sec, Canmore, Alta.   ^
♦ ■' ■" - a :'.'♦
♦ ' ■ >;»*„"* ' - - " '♦
♦ Bankhead Local" Union No. 29   ♦
♦ John' Higgins,' Sec, Baukhead ♦
« ' *' ,'-Alta. ' ♦
Ti -P. Eckstein .A'-: .'J. p. Myers-Gray..'
5(\%fe8tGfo:& Grai]: :
Bakiiistkks-at-Law, •' Sou" 'itoi.'s,- - Etc.-
l.oou-.a i k«, I lender: »n litook. Vi-mi*,, J3. (V
Y,, ;c< Lawe,     *Alex. • I. .Fisher,'- B. A.
-,_ -LatpV/S ■ Fiahcr*"'
Crow's • Nest    Trading -Co.    Block,
"./ 'Fernie, B: C      • 1- -   "
W. B. Bobs, K. C. ,.' - '.T.'S. T..Alesakdeb
; <■- .Ross; & Alexander   .;
barristers; r "solicitors, etc
'■'      FERNIE. B.C.    ""
Olliee in'lv. T. W. Meek; Victoria Avcirae.
' .   .      . A- '    "
j. Bar'bep^ l.d.s., d.d.s.,
'   ' DENTIST..
L T. W    Block,   opposite the-  Bank
OffiOB hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ,
W.'J.'WfiRleswortfi,;p, D.S.
^..S']-  .i' IIDIU3SI",X'IS'X,a i iLi.   ",'
-  ii.su tos i>.m. -
Ollieo in Alex. 1 **.U's Utook
over Sliiin'sbnltcri'.*
M. Keirr & Go.
Contractors1and Builders
1   .      ^        ■*   '. *
Plans, Specifications <,and Esti-
.     .mates-furnished  on  application.
''        Plenty-of-GOOD   DRY ,LUM-
.     _ ■;      R. A. KERR.    ' *
■   Architect     and Superintendent
, Office ' at- Residence,
iJJAKER  ST..^    -     -     FERNIE; B.C
H. J'Kf.T.. A. WlLUMAK
;        "  Contriictoi'sniul BuildpYs
' "        -    Estimates .Furnished '
Storm Doors nnd Windows "
Shop:— Corner limvlaiui Ave ami McEvoySt.'
P "0.- Box SMS.' Fernie."'JJ. C
■  City of Fernie
QLAWJ) TKNUliRs mMrosHoil to tlio undor-
mu K'«no<li'mil enilorsoil "Tomlor for Pout
Oflloo, Kornlo, H. 0.," will ho rcooivml at this
?.!.V° .l,".tn ,M«iiiIuy, Fiihrunry mil, T.UI7,
liiuliuivciy for tho eoimtruotlon of a Pout
Oil loo, &o„ Imildiiiij nt Pernio, 11. 0,
1 inns (iiml  upoofflontion eiiu ho'jocii nnd
rormsof tnndnrohtnlnod ut this Dopur.moiit
Olork or Worlc«, Pernio, U 0.
I pruoiid tundorlna nro iiotlilod thnt toudoi-n
wm not ho eoiiHliloio.t unions niiulo on the
WIicji the ptople o( Fcuifc wuU-up
to the fact that when tin**,- close iluir
eve's to lliigrnnt and repcutul violation uf Inw nnd tinucly Mibuiit     to
kl.v. litipAuvlii lrf\M»V*» ol  UK. % H»»(tiiTS,
that titty are Mire to reap a rich nud
well deserved reward in the shape of
u grown ci op ol low breakers from
the r.uiV!i of their own children who
ure Allowed to visit nnd loiter about
Ihe dews of Iniquity run by men who
siy to the fmblic, "What ore you go-
mt; <o do ii lion t ft?'' thero in.iy I.*,-
.somi, hope for the futtiic.
When the people nf-tttiw or any oth-
tr town allow their voters' lis-f tn be
p'llmted with illejf'd voter*, thnt
f int-imiiutun* tbr viry *<,isrt« iA guv-
ermnt-iil, thr-y r,m fjrpi'rt n<ifliirTy_ Titff
tivic debniichcry »nd the siimti of llie
very men who do the dirty work.
w*e centinly btiitfiu thii, or we would
m*Je from our nev Improved formuli.
reltrec".f Pre?V«!l0'>'?T llle **r »n<5
The uiy ol Ferule    nnd the J'rov    5"J"  p;^"/^ll!5 ]l,lr\C«r«« •«•«>•
ince oi nrliM Columbia have     lo.t I ^L^o!^*^^;.--
[Your Hair
Is it Inclined to run uwiy?
Don't punish it with * cruet
brush and combf Feed it, nourish it, save it with Aytr's Hair
Vigor, ncr improved formula.
Then your hair will remain at
home, on your head, where it
belongs, An decant dressing.
Keeps the icalp healthy.
J^f'tful rfi/tffge tfif tolor of thi had,
pliitod form Niipiillod, nnd hIriioiI with tho
iii'tiial Hl«nntiu-(M. -
ftiioli toiKloi- munt, ho iioooniniinlod hv an
niiflomoii i'hur.110 on iv ohin-toroil hunk, rnmlu
lmyiihlo to Iliu, pi'.loi'ol' tho Jlniuirublo the
MlniHtiir of I'ulillo Worlu, uqiuil to ton nor
I'liiit, (in ti,111) of thq ninoiint nf tho lomlori
wliloh will lie forfoltod if tlio rnu>v tundnvino
■leollno to outur Into 11 i-ontrnot whim oivllod
upmi t» du nii, in- If ho full tn cnmnlntn tho
wwrlt minirimh'il for. If tlm tundor ho r.nt
iiiiiiiipiuil dieHhkhio will lio-,ohnno.|,
nn- Unpartmnnl iIdhh not.'hind lUolf to no.
<.'0|it llittluwoitt oriiiiytmiiliii',
By Ordwi',
bi'Dnrlinunt of l'uhlln Worli*, •*)l)ro',*r.v
., Oiinwu, .Iniiimry I8tli,liiii7,
MWKimpiii'ri   iihciIIiik thin iidvoi-llioiniiiit
wltliniiliimhor iy fiom thu Hoimrtimiut will
not Im |,nM fur It.
T.ITIIU inAlll) IIK |il(l«,S'rtI.V(] C0.MMIH.
Kuril lo, 11.(1
NITICK U lijii-i<l>v ulviu) thnt tlm undnrilvnnd
wil . nl Urn llr-i iDi-nilnu uf ih.) I inn i'il oi l.hi.
•'ii_.iiir< niiiinhhliiiioHfor (Im tJir.vof l-'ocule.
Iii'durjiir tliiM'Miirutloii of thli-tr <|iivn fi-uni
thlHdulii ,-i|iply for 11 trniihtnr nf n riitnll tfri.ir r
iIcoiimi ui'iilil"-) In ri>i|Hii-t   nf    (Im   lV'ii|.ii,ri
iii'tiii, «itn«t(nit i.ntH M-ir. iiiimii n.oiiv or
Kuriiln,ri-iiiiiiii,v4idf'n Mni.v Moiiri).      ,
Hiiliid UiU Ut dny of l'ulirnury, A II, 111117,
ANGIJCAN-Ch'rist ... Church-
H«v. R. Skelding Wilkinson,
pastor—Services, 11 a. m.
and 7.30 p.- m.. Svinday
School ' and Bible class at
2.30 p. ,m.' Evening prayer
on Wednesday at 8 o'clock,
. Holy Communion ist and 3rd
Sundays f»t 11 a. in., and'
•2nd Sunday at 8, a, ra,
* A*
DAP*IST-Rw. II. ■• Locke
Kcmpton, J3,A., ll.TIi,, pastor. • Services, at ii a, in. and
7.30 p. ra, Sunday, school
and Bible class at 3,30 p.m.
.Prayer meeting, on Wednesday at 8 p. in.
yor»i>:« wiikwk k»uu
'A'M, MlM.h,
"~~""~""      l',i.,.',  1> (*'
.\t|TKK h liuri.liv «iv(,ii  Uml,   |||'„ ','„„
.li'MldlMl V/IM lit Mlf Hr.t num.MiV I.f M,j.
Ilimlll   (if    I,|U,H1KIIII(   Olllllllln»lii|(ll|-( forilm
('llviif Vi-rnhi l.cl.l iiflur tl,,, «.v|ilrutlim of
thirty dnyn from thl^ d.itu, ii|i|dy fur  imiim
of tlm hihu'lli.ti.1 .ItihUciiI |,nt 7, lllni.lc n
till)' id I-'. iuin, front iuyAiiii lo.lolm poilluoi
a.M<\ii,i»)»1 i.);,j ti) n-iiiiiktiii,)-, A 11, luiri,
b. A.1IU.I.H
I'ernie, H, C.
XUTIC15 is hereby given that the
undersigned will, nt the first meeting
ol Uu* Hoard of Licence Commissioners .for. the City of Fernie, held nflcr
the expiration of thirty days from
<hf» date, apply for the transfer ol n
retail liquor licence, granted in re-
»iwrt of the Central Hotel, .ttuntu
"jwn J.r>t i, IMock fi, City ot Vcrule,
from myself to Jnines SRVcrn.i,
Ibitid this 1CU1 <Uy of January, A.
n, is*;.
CATIIOMO-Church of tho
Holy Family—Father J, M.
Traveruier, O.M.I, I<ow
mass, 8.30 a. tn.; high mass.
10.30 a. m., Sunday school,
,2 p, 111. Evening service, 7,30
,.   Headquarters .    for    ' rACIFIC
40 5c.' packets for Si,00 prepaid
to yourP. ,0, Order, direct 'and
get Ircsh,  tested,,,new crop seeds.
Large stock, of Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Greenhouse Plants,' Cut Flowers.
'<'!,,Catalogue Free.   .
"' . "'•"''  ' .'
* m! j. henry,
„ , 3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, B. C.
"St *
Ternie. 3Bi 'CJ
!   -     CALL AND SEE'
; Davey 81 Laderoute1
;    « A   GOOD^WAY.'*'   .iv>   '    .  "'
to please careful  'housekeepers., is> to
give   hoaast    weight. .Oh,-'  we don't
say tfcat ,ail butchers, don't;do ,AU   '
but- we" cannot,   help"- occ^ionaity
overbearing •*  our lady' '/'.fr'ieJiias*_when '\
they get to "telling tli^fre:&en«cesr''
{ ' '" ANOTHER G00DJ WAY"',;'''.'
to please-is to supply "only " the best'*'
ijiaat. 'If you trade "with us "yon'will;J
ijiarn " just "'what we meaii bv 'these" j.
two "ways".' QUALITY' iuid QUAN-'^v
T1TY sy\\\ be a_ little more than ^ouui
expect.      _" "       -        "      ;"'*'' '»•-• > -(
Valgary Cattle Co
.-1' ; ^J ^—l., ■
Is a pleasant home
for the, traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor!
WISHE   GO., 'Ltd.:.\ "
" ...        7.      -        -,    i)
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Tmport-
-"   ' '•-' ,-•  i outers of , '? ,.
;. "iSCOTCHAND :-;" ■' ; -,.• '•
•     ' IRISH WHISKEY,' :    "'.„.
•   °. .' LONDON;DRY     '  .,' . • -'   . ."',
and Holland-gin,
BURMEISTER  '   '.,',-
Sole Agents in Canada for
Windsor     Tonic,  '   Jag     Destroyer.
50 Good Woods-  ;
men wairted Jbjr
I The Elk Lumber
i Co.   Apply at the^;
*■ . -.' ._■   , !   1.   -mi , ,1-j;    -..--..)'
Office or at Hos-   ;
■   nier. ■ ^ ■ -  --^ ■•''■
«'  *  --  .  '     ,''.•'•'' '*: •■•r
The Eik Lumber Co., Ltd;
; toie, B.I
MKTIIODIST-Uov. W. I<ash- .J.
ley Hall, I).A., 11.1),, pastor. .(.
Services at 11 a. m, nnd 7,30, »J«
p. m, llible class 3.30 p, in.;
combined Bible ' class and
teachers' meeting, 3,30 p.m.
Clnss mcetiiiir, 10.ts a, m.
Voting people's meeting,
Mondny nt 8'p, m, Prayer
meeting Wcclncndny at 8 p.m.
• • • >
• • • •*■•••••  •«««*••«  *•**»*
church-Rev.  JI.   11.  Grant,
lb A., pastor. {Services at it
it.tn, nnd 7,30 p,m.  Sunday
'    *    , - *   *',,', *.   * 1        1
3.30 p. in.  Prayer   mcctln_j
Wednesday nl 8 p, in.
ConL-Coallnnils mny ho puroliiuod 'at $10
nor noi-o for iiolt coul iindtso for nntliraolta.
Ijotninrot uiii Sfl* noros 01111 ho noqiilroit by
one Inillvldt'al or company, Heyalty lit tlio
rutu 0 ton (miitR por ton at 8,000 pnumla Hliiill
Ijo oulleotoil on tho Broun output.
Qnnrtz-A Ij-oo minor'H aortiflonto in urnntecl
1'on Pii.vmont, in mlyimon of«ft por nnnunn for
nii iiiilividuul, und from «mi to i?kx) pur auimm
ior 11 compuny imcoiillnir to.cupltnl,
A'froomljior.lnivinifdlfii-.ovcrod nilnornl In
pluco,iniiy Imiutu aoliilm J.ftooxXfioafeot.
Tlio foo for i-ooerdlnit 11 elulm in «5ft,
AtloaNttflOuniiwthaoxiMimlnilon thooliilm
01IH1 your ur pii d to tho mlnlnu recionlw lu
lie 1 thiiranr.. WI1011 *j5mi luu noon oxpondod or
piili, the locator mny, upon linvlnx a mirvoy
rnsilu, nnd upon i*omplyin« with othor ro»
VurMnont«,pu»clm«o IWo lntnlnt £1 nn ncro.
_'riiji imiloiit'provules for tho payment of a
ruyiilty »f nj por oent on tho union.
I'l-ATOi mlnbiH nliilniM uonerslly aro 100 foot
*aunroi uiitry foa «fi renowuuloynrirly,
,i,.Aifi;0fa r"l,tfttVfny "btnln two'loiwns to
'Irortiif fiirunliiofllvoinlluNoiiiiliforii term of
\*u\)ilv.voiirH.i-oinnjftliliiiHi Mm illh(iii,tl.m of
Mu Mlnlkturuf tlm Inturiiii-.
Tlio loHniin nhnllliiivoiiili'iiiluoln oporntlon
wuliln olio KdiiHiinfi-nm (linduto of flm Iuhmi
r«r uunli vo iiiIIoh, Jiimttil tin imr iinuuin for
oiiiiIi in lo of i-lvor loiimid, Jtoyultv ut tlio
mlii1 of »i iiurucut uolluelo.l 011 llinoutp it if.
tor It oxvaeUa »1ii_in«». '
W.   W.   COREY,
, Deputy Mliilsuir of tlln Interior.
N. IJ4—Uttoyitlic^izcrf f>i(f>llcmiit«i  ol
this advertisement will not.be paid
for, .        , .,      "
Laidlaw, Sunday—Knee drill
7 n. tn. Hollnr.is meetinj* tt
a. tn. "Free and ' Easy,"
9.3*1 p. nt. Sunday school, 1
to 3. Salvation meeting, ft
p. ra. P.M.E. meeting, on
Motday at 7,30 p. m. Salvation meeting WHitwdny
at R p. m. Soldiers' intel-
itij., rrlday, Testimony
meeting Saturday at 8 p. m.
*"'»i 1        '"> ih»iiiihiimiiiii«» mm ..
*   ■• ♦
A VJ.V _1>TV!»1>   T.ODCE  NO.  55' ^
<ft> '   A   V. flr A. M.                <J*
|> Uejiulnr meeting held first IM-   <$>
<J» day in each month',  Visltinjr 4>
<S> brethcrti cordially invited.        <$>
<J> J. S. VOLUME, Sec., I-'ernie.   <$;
$            u ^
<i> MT. l'ERNIIJ LODGE NO. 47 <$>
<$>          '       I, 0. 0. V, ($.
4> Meets every Wednesday evening <j»
<f» at 8 p. m„ iu I. 0, 0. Y, Hall' <$>,
^ I\ C. LAWE, Rcc.-Sec., I'ernie <&
4>                         ' Q
*     ' ' '" •    •    v   t    t    *    r    *   w    *    r    1^
<s> ^>
4>       PI{RN!K LODGE NO ji <$>
4> Meets in I. 0, 0. V. Hall every <$*
fy Tliurfday evening at a o'clock. -$
<*> Vi.iflfn.f brffhern nri* ronlfnlly A
<^ invited. «$>
t: Ceo   1,. l'edlef, C. C, Q<
<$> G. II. lloulton, K. U. A 8.. «•
Philip Garosella
■   and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors .and Cigars,
zPH-Bi-rxaii, b,. a.
( SDynoKiB
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
I« only ont of a liunrfred dlflrorctit
shspoiand ilzoiour flrlnrli turnoil
o.Ut tn.   Tlio porfoot (inMlly n) tlio
Ilriar.anil tlio •kill willi whloli thoy "
aro mode, c(iiu.llf1oM lliom iu tho
•   Best
Shilling Sin-Penny Pipe
In Uic World
tvery Pl,i« Gimmnlttil,
Jmt remembor nnd auk 'or
"Shield Brand" Pines
For Sale at the
Club    Cigar   Store
W. A. INGRAM, I'rop,
I'hone or,       -      .      YciTxk, B. C.
pacific coast;;
v servjcb■":;:;.
Leave' 'Nelson 7" 30, aYm. "daily,
ArriYetVancouvpr:ii;.so noon .J'
TS.- S.' Pnncess\VICTORi:A?; •'
Arrive Vktoria 6*r>. rn,;.'vti\
S. S. Princess'BEATRICE'
BERTHS $1.00       ;'''v :
J. 8. OABTEH. I). 1>, A., Nohon.O . " ' ' ■ ,
E. -T, 00YLJ2, A. 0.1». A , Vnuooiivor.'   '     ' ■''
—imi ■•*»—MBtaeggBa
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All kinds  of. Electrical
Goods kept in stock.'""'"■
All work
John Turner,
so YEARS'«
I \
Mpc Marks
__,    .DHIONtt
Scientific Jiiit^icatt.
The contraetorii of Kernie will
plctwt taU notice that After April
ittt, lyoG tbe Ciroentet* and Join
rr« of Fertile r.ocul n:o will de-
manil fout tlollnm (4,«») for eljht (B)
fcmirii' work. i
V. B, of Q, ti 'J, tl, i»a«, ferule,
Fare and One.Third
Round  Trip
From I-Vrnlf, NVivFsfn|«j unJ all fumr-
nicJiiitii mul brtin^i line point*
ON SAIE reby. 1M6       LIMIT feby. 18.
For -ltiUltf<l InformxHoi} tpply toi«tnf*
J. M. CAIltKH, 1),P.A.  A.J. 00TI.K, A.D.P.A
Nelion T»ni»ttt»
■iM*^'<Ww"*r jt-i.-sw .
V_-  V-.""tt
~^'fc- /.- V
•<',.." ;"-'~ v'v..r*-'  ./"■■" ::- '■■;.:., •'&   \ ';'"•   ■"'•■:•   ■;-.•".
;: . "^
- -w        -*«
*riS» >*•"< i*^^S|
£s ^r
?; __ Zam'Bnk;Willi;Siircl^  Cure..
- '..Here"are ]a few"instances of" Zam-
.■'■*-* .   .-- '        . *, .       * '   •   i
Buk's'liealinWpower:   'v;:* "j. -
■\,vThreei-v children"" in     one "family    in
•. .Bnrk's?Falls-have, been cured of'seri-
*-WJ ^--v    .     :     . , .
'    oils" sklu-diseases",by Zein-Buk.- .-:-
.'ijlrs.''"?Minnie'iSlliff-, of St.' Joint's
West,-(Wellaiul, County),   says: v "My
baby had'a. kind of'rash on his head
.-•Hnuit-e a lot of small red spots and
pimples.   I applied Zam-Buk and was
delighted with the result."
Mrs.-Goring,-of,    I^ongfonl ■ Mills,
,  fc.\ys:   "Zam-Buk' is a wonderfuliwal-
rvr^'of-'ringworm. . I 'tried everything
that could „be thought of, but   notli-
.injf was able to "cure until Zani-Buk
came. .It'js a fine remedy."
"'JMrs. ■'\Vm.'  Scott,;   of     Portland,
writes:   VZam-Buk seems to take the
pain-out of sores, wounds, and- skin
injuries as soon as applied, and then
Unheals them up in quick time. That
has -been my experience and" \   have
used Zam-Buk" in the home for some
tj'mc."-. '. ;
So o'lic 'could go on' quoting     case
,  after case where mothers have writ-
ietf in glowing terms of' how  , Zam-
Buk has   * cured,    suffering    children.
*■:    HAMlLTdX'
A ■ Flourishing Jgnd -Pros-
'v (ferpus. Institution.
Mothers who read tlrese lines should
note this! '   *       •      '
Zam-Buk is particularly adapted to
delicate and tender skins.   It is; free
from all mineral coloring matter and
from  animal  fa't/being'purely,   her-,
bal;   It heals cuts, burns, bruises, ulcers,   chapped   places,   eczema,'    ring-,
.•worm,   running, sores.'- bad leg,  - enlarged veins", >piles, scaling sores'i'etc,'
As-, an embrocation it cures rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, and - rubbed
well' on to the chest in cases of cold
■„ eases the tightness aiid aching.     "■
.     [All druggists J and- stores, sell at
.50c.; ii box,     or post''   free from the'country into dollars.
Zain-Buk Co., .Toronto, for price;    6 |   'The'Fernie branch of the Bank' oi
■   •JOj?5s.,•..sent.-for*^2.50. . Zam-Buk .is   Hamilton     is a. • youngster ^in   our
'highly antiseptic,, and applied tb     a." midst, but a rousing1,'healthy one. It
wound,  cut or- sore immediately kills   came when much needed, and will be
the;: germs', whicli "give rise to inflam-    one of  the * permanent business instigation, blood poisoning,  etc' '-; lutions of our city.
' iu.. J.owry,' tlie local agent, is' 'a
most careful, and at the-same time
obliging gentleman, who has" looked
after the- interests of .'his- bank and
■ilso the_ wants of his customers" in
u way to bring business to his bank.
He has made ■„ many friends an.l
. eeps'1110111 when he gets ehem.   '-   ,
j, The" financial statemcnt.'of ihelnVk
of Hamilton; which'appears" below,-
shows that institution'to be in "a •• "?t
prosperous • condition.' This is the
Canadian fashion in regard to; banking institutions,- and the-; Bank '"ol-
Haniilton is,"'though. not the largest
banking institution of, this - country,
nevertheless1 one''of the soundest1, and
shows a care in .management aqual to
the best., „;. — •',';     ';    ' '   '
-Thcic net profits for . last year
amounted to S371.251.52, or a trifle
over" 15 per cent, on their "capital   of
A pension fund is to be established
for faithful employees.       ,   - „.
. The assets are over $32,500,000.
Over one-third of this great' asset
item is in shape to be applied on demand, so that the Bank of Hamilton
stands ready for any financial emergency. . ",
We notice that in ther-item of bank
premises, 'there is a little less . thau
Si.ooo.ooo tied .; up' in- about-100'
branches, which makes an average of
less Ihan $10,000 per branch.
Over 90 per cenf., of their branches
are'iii- tlie,smaller■ ..town scattered
over the Dominion from Ontario to
the Pacific Coast.    .,    '" - ■   "
This bank keeps, up with the extension of lie railroad.systems, of the
west, lending its:aid towards the development of the' resources of a great
and growing country.
This spirit- of progress helps both
the bank and its thousands of patrons     to .turn     the^products of the
0a» Men Aidttf u tli»'hnj4 List •!
—    Tcouia
»floor.-1 coma
^ThU yoang l%dy, Trho lives Is Bratrn*
S^ ?W Jw^ra/O1"*-.'WI» ter own
^1»4^,v^ninc(^*om thftvterriblo
Knp'of ■weakneas and diBease, .»"' ..
r JJlf J* ^ ^V* ftycjilno foray present nealtlL
Urt ry drag inysel! actea th» "  ^^
U.I nent (or »
grira.I hftd tit ]j»
4owu whaa I
Mine bMk.  U 1
V«nt for * mile
mi two on my
wJ»*el;l wuteo.i
weiik toJlt« It'
irty, ftnd.Tftit
Um« I cam» InA
lrom;h»Tinf a',
■  "'     * *   * *      f''C " -.'  ' ''
J^mes Severn,',    y[.       '      . :. Proprietor'
All you  have, to
§ VWatch it Increase.
•pin I dropped
nlterly helpltu
from tetlcue. My
Ulher woaldglrc
ae no p«ac« until
£ procured Piy-/
jhlne, knoTrinrtt:
wm excellent Tor' •
*,,VWell furnished rooms. The tabic' is supplied with the best
the market affords. -The ba.r is supplied with tin* best wiiuii.
liquors and cigars. .  .    1       • .
0*bW%*$/itt,>H'%^1W1, (QsQ
Li l___ :_,.    ;    _,.«>
decline or we»k
nets.  I mutt uy '
toe results »r«
wonderful, end
people remsrked '4
my lmproTement- Instead of a UttK'MIe holleW
foil of 111., ready for a ilolgLrlde, a skaHrS
match, or an evenin|partr.wlth anyone* andit-
STSfff^J!801 ^""dnot: strnnle'to ihuioh •
SiS?d"*,rom ?».>•<»»••   I haTeuerer hidte.
tlighteiteause to fear any return of the, diiSSe?
. ;       . .   BLLA MUKIEL WOOD.-*"0-
-"''_-   l   " .".> BrownsTlll*,oit
nJr2S?*?dB o{ women are Ming P8Y-
uHINE, becauee they know from experience that In it'they have a'safe Mend
■pad deliverer. Psychine ig„a wonderful
tonic, purifying.the blood, driving out
aieeaee germs, gives a ravenous appetite,
•ids digestion and assimilation oHood
«vd is a positive and absolute cure for
disease of throat, chest, lungs, stomach
wd other organs. It quickly builds up
the entire system, making sick paophY
well and weak people strong.        .
H ote I ,:/F e rh i e
.. , '      ...; i' '.-'-.T^     ' - ;?K   •
T. WheSanji   Manager*
A pleasant liouto
for the traveller.
Kooii'is    rcscr^'cil
hy .wire.: "   -
Kvvry Attention.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^o
mt-fthen  yon" see  the   advantage—the' wis-c ^
of savinof.; ■• "*      •-   ■ %•?
I $1 Opens an Accbtt with The Home Bank of Canada M
It,        J*M-   MARSHALL,   MlEr.
Fernle , Branch
it* her Ob;.^
"'"   ^'gti^liiiiii L^g«beip and-: ;
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd '$
•, .   "o    FERNIH. B.C.    *   ■
- A*"; hotel  that furnishes quiet, com-,
, rnodious   accqmm.o'd^tibn   for   its patrons is a source of'pleasure    to   thi.
gravelling public.   Such a one1 is the'
King Edward'Hotel, of.Fernie.   cor
m.t;, opposite post'' office'.,, v
1/ '•   ■>
ti V*-
/;."/, .■■'/    Held 2Ist J^f.uhry, 1907.    ■ *'C.:'"';*
■3       Report of the Directors.
% ^e D^ectors .beg to submit' their .Annual: Report to
\4        „    tlie Shareholders for tbe year eiided    ' '
'£••     -•;■:  ■-     30th November, 1906.   •   r'
&i    --..•.- -• ,      ' ■ -"
;'; , The Balance at credit of Profit and I,os- U-cotmt SOth
i,.f.      , November, luvft, wan  • ;  >.'
:-'t The Profits for tlieyenr ended 80th Noveiiii..i HKlfi, after
[./       deductluK charges of mauaaemeiit ami n.akiug «ro.
_,:»,      vision for bad and doubtfuf debts, are	
\$ Premium received on new Stock  •'
"„ Pioin which, linve been declared .four onniterly dlvl.
tv  v   **"<'■■'nell 10 per cent ......'      J»I«,8W,I1
\a Carried to Reserve Fund from Premium o i New Stock "
[j,,        as aliove «,
; »j Written off Bank Tremties ■* .435,000,00
ij-j Carried to. Rebate of .Interest Account -IW00.!!!..:    86,000,00
m Allowance to Ux-Presldent Autliorlr.ed bj- *-lmreholderi         6,000.00
|}*1 i'  ' *        :    ''' ,.'        -''        ' '                .                          .
.'; IlolsDceof PiofltHiid I,o»scarried forwanl    ,',,,
' '   ' '..        •    . .
t 85,410.81
. 871861,62
General Statement
p.';.'   ., to Tin; nmuc
U Notts of the Hunk lu circulation , ;	
•J Deposits beiirliiK Interest, Includlnu tnteu >i accrued to
M .. *•»}«•••••,••'•■,-•■','••, :•' ,..'»io1m6,sM,o2'
• J Deposit* not benrltiK interest ,       4,770,llfl7.7»
i» nalances due to oilier llnnkii In Canada mil llie United
V,       mate* .,,,., ;	
'■' llulnncesi'titf InAffentmif llie It title In Giv.i 'irltaln...,
t;j  llivldendjfii. 70, )i.iy«lil« Ul December, 1UU ■   f      61,751,61
'           189,00
Dividend No. 70, ii.tyalilc ut
former. DIvlJeiuM unpnlil,,,
I a.Slfl.OM.OO
, n,v»,tx
i Ciipllal Hloclc, ,	
i Ktstrv* I'iiii.I,,,,,,,	
t I 1111
.    Amouiil reserved for Rebate of Iniere.l nn Current
J      •Wills UlicrHiiiirtl.,,,,., ,	
{■ Utilities of prollu curried forward ,,,,...,,.,.,..
I  1,470,000.00
.i OoldandHHverCoin , i MI.61J80
iu D.imliiluuaovi-riimenl Notes t,7ll*jm>.00 * taiR<niM
1 l)«t»oiilt wiih Hit IMiilulnit (lovernnunt m. *7cnfUy"foT       '.
1^       N t* Clrciiliition
Ntdts u( tolltl
t-  Nt.tts uf toinl  Cln-i|iirHun nilierllnnhs   ...
}i Hulijiicf* line Mm otlier Hank* In Ciiiii.la and tin
>*    ■Uiiiciirti.jti.il ,,,	
'*'■ llomliiliiii ami I'riivlnclal (Vivcrnment Hr<"t Itles,,.,,,
ii CaiiailUn'Miiiili'liniheciirlllri),Aiid lirltltili  .r I'ortliiu,
.  .. „•» CoIoiil.il I'hIi I cHccuiliki, other tlm. Canadian.
f.   Mellwiyaiid olher llontls, I).Unliire*amim a-ks	
Jvj Loan* at Call, or hliort Call, on neirollable -vcurltits,.,
if) Notes DlikMuiited uml Advances current , ,
Notes l)|Hcoii')ti;il, etc, overdue («tllliiattd I »n provided
«        .    rl   ,,1,t*    ......... HI I    I... ,, ,.,,..,, ..Id
Ihuk Premlnes ,.,,,,, , ,,,,,
(lllWl»iiriillii|-o,HuleH,«lc.,..     ".,.."....
Ueul l{<inte (oilier than lunk PiemUei), M.n 'if»(r«<,etc„
M Uther Assets not Included under foreirolnu luuls.,,.,..
136,000 00
Tt .*n m
p n*HE W IlAUILTOK,   -
-■       lUuitTOW, Nov. S04h, 1-MS,
GfDtral Maaagir,
                 '   '                    '                           	
to tilt
.  Public
*   10UI
. „ xva
. tmm
1,U> U.UlM
l,1N7,A 3
It will l>e teen by tlio
above tliat during tl
iel«it ten yean the
*f r+nt.
*t «nt.
 m p
er cent,
er e*nf,
IV t   •*.   ni.r.
lox eale at all drogriBts at 60a and il'uO
perbottie, or atDr/T.-A-. 61o<«um™mItS
Laboratory, 179 King 8t. Wert. Toronto/
Dr. BooVb Kidney Pills are a nm imi
MK^y Trouble.  «o ^rbta,
.,f       .
"The advertising department of tlie
Canadian" Pacific Railway .Co. is doing, its full.share towards advertising'
the great advantages of the new
Canada. ,They_Jiave' recently' issued n
grimary 0f the BritishlEtiipire,".which
js one of the most comprehensive efforts along such lines yet made - by
that company* ■ From start to finish
:'i's So pi'.ges are filled with the - best
of information about 'the great prair-'
ie c<)untry to the east of the mountains, and these facts arc well and
artistically illustrated by photo en-'
gravings of scenes and farms, towns
and villages, prairies and river, bottoms taken from all parts of that
vast territory. ts
J. The pamphlet is designed for distribution' among , intending immigrants, but it is full of facts und fig-,
ures which should be familiar to every citizen of our own great country.
,.(Our country is so great and so
Hew that few of its own' citi/.ens' can
rcali'M! its magnitude.
jjtyfhis C. P. 11. booklet, issued under
the direction of Mr. W, T, Robson,
advertising agent, is well worth the
attention of every man who is interested or who lias friends who nre interested in Western Canada, and a
mere asking, for It will bring it to
your address.
i;The Ledger would "like to sec more
of, these little books, especially those
which deal with our owm province of
Britieh Columbia, the" gem of the
provinces. ,    ' '
1   4
■■■-   "—O	
- Washington, Feb, 2,—My Inst bulletin gave forecasts <i( the dlnfur-
baucc to cross the continent 6 to io,
warm wave 8 to io. Next disturbance will reach Pacific Coant about
io, croos west of Rockies country by
(lose of lit great central valleys n
lo 14, eastern states 14. Cool wave
will croiiti west of Rockies about 13,
great central vallcyn about 15, cant-
i-rn ,itat«H 17.
Tho principal fcaluro of this fierce
iiud widespread dl.sturbaiicu will bu
11)0 very low average icmnemtureit of
the week entering on 13, One of the
greatest general fullu in teiiipcrattiri-s
of tlio winter will comu from 1'cb. 1
to ](), an I the cold wavon and 1)11/.-
srard.i will be extremely severe from
10 lo 17.
A largo amount o( snow will full
In northern sections and as much cold
ram in thu noutli lir.st hull 01 ia-urii>
my, 'J'Jk'At mmw.\ 4f/J iti'iiui will '.allow the Iowh or storm centres, During last half of month the principal
hiiowh and rains will follow the highs
nr cool waves,
AAArtlt' tin-. ioikOHi'illjj   i'jCd,   'i   "A %iVA.K
high temperature wnvo ig expected in
croii the cmitlncitl nnd this will bu
followed by a cold wave reaching
mcridiMi 90 about 1'cb. 6 and becoming' more severe about that lime.
Till* cold wave, however, Is not expected to bring an low temperatures
nu tlif one privllrtH to tome fivn Aayn
later, Better prepare for sertrcly
cold and utonny weather an we approach Feb. 15.
The bead lines of tttete weather pre-
ilicliom from Fiutrr at Waahinifton
uliuuld be changed to Foster's Finish,
If wc don't all get finished liefore
lid* cruet, told winter i* over.
1/Hik out for the 15th and gel your
Hi coats and extra blankets ready.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lacrc r Beer and A eratec*
Waters.  BottJed Goods
'j       a Specialty.
AII.oui stock is last years ciit'and \yeil "seasoned;
e. wh MM
best'-pf Satisfection'::
in Watch'&.-J^ibelerii Repairing
a"«KS5iH3R5!3Ka!3_B^^ .
" •' ''. ,:i"'.4i: ' .',;>".(;-.,»"'. . ■" /
■^""isiiisis, Suit
'&. Embaimers
~:       ■7*. XGENTS-FOR
The   Calgary   Marble   &   Granite  Works "    ..^
The    Kootenay" Marble'   Works,    Nelson      . . jg
Can be Seen at.the Office. :..       .'-""   Parlors in lundy's Block *""
-1.   •    -lit    .    1 - *
|W.;R. J^Dpugailj' ppM
Fernse, B. C.
s ^ Lower;
B. B. WALKER, President.
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, -'- - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
Business may be transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank.   Accounts may bo opened and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail.   Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts. _'.,]'
Pernio' -Branch ' q. s.   Holt,   Slmiiiffcr
Your Orders for Meats
Eggs, Butter, Poultry &
Fish, to
and get satisfaction
'PHONE   4
Cii-iT.M iMnVri
TrirAI, AMKTti
Thlrty.lwo Million IiolUn,
«r.Ni!«v« Pimm
A Clonernt nnnklnjf BuMnc-sa TransJictcJ,
gANMNOS Bnnk Depnrtment at ench of our Ort Rrnnclics,
luicroi aUuwi.-d un rttpoills ut $l.0i) And upwarUs at
blfilicst current ratrs, compounded hall-yearly,
Supplies of al
,, Now 'io-
The Palace :Drug Store,
F-'iyScLearif; rVlgrr* "-
♦ ♦♦♦^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦S>444S>S>4<>4><>44^44^#
Make your wife happy by buying a -Steel Range of J...D. Quail
.j. I,.
I 'L '   !«■—»—■. ", )■);■.   i
Ktrnie, It. C,
KOTICH is Itercliy nlvcii that t!.«
undeulgntd wilt, At the first meeting
of tie HoarJ uf Licence Commissioner*, for the City of Penile, held Alter
tlie expiration of thirty day* from
this date, nj-ply for the transfer id a
retail liquor titrate, j-rantM in re-
*_>ect to tlie N'orihrrii Hold, aitii.itp
iiui.ii I^)t.i 6 ami ;, HI«L i \, City t>l
J'ernlc, from myself tu .Tolin KotVcc.
ILittil Oils l6th duy <ii January, A.
>»., t«K7.
-07 W. RSCHWia.
. Satis Taction"
or  money ' refuntied
i ♦<►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« 1
I    I    M
,.iJg'"Wfi ut     UU.'
ERMKmSs- afflaatvft»»
Fernie, b. c.
Wholesale Grocenes, Fbiir, feed and Camp Supplies
*• •? --    **-i
ft ,     -t
- \ .mj^w^4-.tf«2sw^Kj«in>.a^'*f^io&^s^ft*is^t^^
■•;,:i„.^'-'  ^ ■•'-'!
.•     : DEADLY.  I.A, GlUPrK.
Ciiia<U. Again Being lavished by   f>n
Epidemic ol This Di.seaiJS; „  •*
"Winter   after   winter"'   Canada      is
swept' fiom ocean to ocean by an epidemic of la grippe,; or influenza. ■■  It
is one of the deadliest troubles known
to     pur climate.      It starts with - «
sneew-and ends, with a complication.
It lays-the strong-man on his back.;
it torture's him with fever and "chills.
• headaches and backaches. ' It leaves
the sufferer an easy prey to .pne-smon-
iaj bronchitis, "consumption and other
deadly diseases. You can avoid la
grippe by fortifying your""syslcm *v.tl*
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. You can-
cure" its disastrous after effects' villi
this same -medicine. ^ These pills   pro-
,' tect you;     they     cure you; they upbuild you;  they banish all evil   aftcr
efieets. ..    Dr/ Williams', Pink    Pills (
w&a' off all winter ailment's.      They !
-cure all blood .and nerve disorders'.,]
„ They  are  the, greatest blood builder
and nerve tonic science has yet    discovered.      Ask . your' neighbors,    1:0
• matter* where you are,,, and you   will
1 learn of someone who has been cured
by/l)r. Williams' Pink Pills after other medicines have failed.   It is on the
. unbiased evidence''of your neighbors
that we ask you to' give these pills a
, fair ' trial if you are" sick or ailing.
Mrs.   Emma Doucet, , St.* , Eulalic,'
• Que., says: ^ "Words can hardly express my gratitude for what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have done for mc.
I liad an attack of la grippe which
left-me a sufferer from' headaches aiid
pain in the stomach.' I used several'
medicines, fcut found nothing to help
me'until I took Dr.. Williams' Pink
Pills. When I began them I was
weak and very much run down.-' The
Pills have not only fully restored my.,
health, , but'I gained in flesh while
taking, them,, I recommend  them  tr.
.   all sufferers-. V \        ■   °.,'
Youcau get^these pills    from , .inv,
medicine .dealer  or by  maU.,  at    50
.  cents Mi box     or six boxes for $2.5'*
, from.tlie Br._ Williams' Medicine Co..
B_rockville,   Ont. \
, -0
Wild Rose, English Breakfast Tea, Ouri
.Own Blend. Quality and Flayor. Cliiex-1
celled. - Also, Blue Ribbon—Lock Brand
We are tlie sole0 agents for Ram: Lais
Pure Indian,Tea.. ; * ;   V.
Pay Cash and Get.the Best/ Prompt Deliver)'.
- Charles Douglas, the young ,0.11111
who was caught and killed in the snow-
slide at Coal Creek, which demolished
a portion of the car repairing shop, wai
- a "native of Edinburgh, Scotland. rk*
was'24 years of age and leaves a widow*
. and a young child to mourn his loss.
He came to Canada a few years ago,
stopping a few months at Lethbridge
the city ever since making many friend :
'Young Trill, who met, his death s.i
' suddenly by falling under the wheels of
a ^moving coach at Coal Crrek, was
about   22   years   of age and leaves n
' father in South Africa and two  sisters
■    in Ireland. •
These two young men were buried at
tlie same hour l^f Sunday." A very
large procession of workmen, and
friends turned out and followed the,two
caskets from the undertaking parlors
...of Scott & Ross to llie Miners' hall.
The Salvation Army band proceeded
tlie long procession. , Only a. portion of
the large* concourse could find room in
■ the ' hull when Rev. R. Skelding
.Wilkenson. of Christ Church, read the
the impressive Church of England
burinl service.
The procession then reformed and
took U|\it.s solemn march to the graves
This double funeral hns caused a deep
. feeling of sadneos amongst the  friends
or the two  young men.  so sudtlouh
taken out of the life of llie country.
'.' 0   .- ■■«.
To Ttirt KniTOR : *   ,**
, At  the   regular meeting of Fernlu
Loral No. 17, Socnlist Party of Canii-
d i, held on Sunday,  Fob. 10U1,   1907
the following resolution  was itdoptv I
Wheroar,, by the NudJen and untlim1-
Iv Jc.iIli of our  late comrade, Clin*
MouglHs, the Socialiai Party of Kernl
has   lost a wilting worker who wit.
ulw.iyrt   ready to do   his part for hi
fi-lluw workers and whiffii*. his d-jiit'i
was the   direct rcault  of  corporation
(freed which dooi not recognize   th
lacrcdnokw of human life in Its ln,mi-
alile denim.I (or profits,
RfwIvvJ that we strongly prou-s'
ngainsi die Crow's'Nc»i rtt.it Coal Co.,
Ltd., fur not taking proper prccaiitioi*
lo safeguard the lives ,and llmbi. of ii>
employe** and we call upon all worker.
in the name of thove bereaved «:
hiitdnnds, sons and falliers, to speclallj
nriio niiJ forever abolish siu-h ii
diunnuble system which is r*!spon»ihl,
(or so much sufferlntr and mUi«ry «m.
which Inn made the mlnps of Con'
Cret'U like unto the shambliM.
And be it further resolved,  that  w.
instruct   the    Secrelary  to forward 1
copy of this resolution to the famll\
^f ...^ 1,..   ......i.   ,.,    * .
Western Clarion und the Pernio l.cdgei
fir publication.
Protest Committee
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
Underwear and Hosiery
The made-to wear kind.
mens.- ;■;-"■■'.
Underweai* and Sweaters
The Best that is.  :
,   1- ,    .      .. .
MENS .'    ~-     ~       ~~.
■*,•■""■ ■ 1
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
1 1 /. ** '
"Gtvershoes    .:
■ Rubbers , 7 :
Cardigans <   :
The JBest made.
c -. ^r -. i.
ssssassBraHsssHsasrfMssHssssssjsssasjrMsiiMsBssBsassVHrssi — iisssm—is— ssmisssssiiiiotismmismisisimisi "—iisj   ■■
1 *        ' ..
\    1, __ v,
ODR Values icahn'oVbe ieqiiallecl for we sell for- bash at strictly
- Gasifir prides. & .Wo are tiuilding our ;reputatibn orij the foundation
stone of good va:lue,vbut we are^ also^ known ascthe store oi" good value
we cire also knbwn ;as:tlie Quality Store.;,   :   s .     /  \\-'-     * -
We Respectfully Solicit Your Busisness. ;
In this depart mens our  offerings  cannot' be
;   •.       ;'"/''.- -   excelled., V.'-'f;.   *, ■  ':'
' „   ,   -A.3srr> RETAIL
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand.1 Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.  .'
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
FOR SAI.K-A valaaWe rtsidenrc
|irojtrly i* the heart of the cily.
A two-storey hour* of nio* rnotns.
plusltud and wt-II finisW; a xinul!
bou%r of tbrtc rooms, ctntml, ami
still uitftther ktnatl -.hack nn th<-
lot; lot fasi3o. This property is
for .<.«!• nt • bargain price.      For
l«rtun»*s* fall 09 or suit* Matt, l>  Ysle IU\V» Pmrnly IWs fir
K<m * Co. r
James M, H. Null nnd Mnrlon
Hall, c, Ilosloii, jircsklciit and vice-
president respectively of the North
American Land nnd I.unilicr Company, are in the city looking over the
'ii4'. yeur's himlm-ss nnd'prepiuin,; fi r
the next hcuson's nperuUons. Mr.
Nail reports a ri_,'ld winter nt the
hnli o( the universe mid lots of hiiow'.
These two (•ciillciiu-n und Ihttlr   as*
hoci-des huve lu-ipiia-d liirjjo luiid end
timlicr intvriHlN In Knst Knoleiny,
and are operutliijj the Ccdnr Valley
mill property,, Mr. N11IV the local
tiiiiiia-cr ol the IiuMucns, reports ,;.i,)d
pro^rttas in Getting out logs, and i\-
cry thing indicates another vu.y |.:i h-
pcioiis nnd Imsy year In the 'ninl-er
Statu or Ohio, City ov Tm.v.no \
IjUOah Coontv / *"'
I'r.mk J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner ol the firm ol V.
J. Cheney &. Co,, doing huslneis in
tlie City nl T^'wIrt'CiiiiiiiyiTK" «4t-itc i
aforesaid, and that said firm will
pay the sum ol ONK NUNIUI'.I)
DCJlJjAHS for each and every ink of
Cutarrli that cannot he cured hy the
use of HalPs Catarrh Cure.
prakk j. oii-avar,
Kwom to liclorc me and >tusMilcd
in my presence, this 6th lay «i r.i-
cttnt>er, A. D, i88f>,
A. W. JLR.VS >V.
lUll'sllCatarrh    Cure is nk',.i    in-
Urually,, and acts iliuctly • n    'the
hlood and    mucous surfaces . f     .Sic
syntfm.   Send for Ustimo 1? rls -h>*.
P. .1. CIIRN'KV A CO.,   r .M». '»
Sold hy all Druggists, 50c.
There will he paid out.today, to
tho.su who have earned It, the, sum
ol i?J50,ii7.3o—at Coal Creek, Jcf,,-
Wis.M and at Michel, foSi^-l-O"*
An army of men who cam aud dls-
irihulc that umount of inoiicy in one
month are ol some vuliiu to the people who in turn get 11 large portion
of it from the earners,
Watson's   . Unshrinkable'* ^Underwear  -for    '\
Women," air wool and:unioh,'in1'Blacl*:, ..'.Red,,
'" ''"-"Nattifal and White-\X'. .'"'■" '        ■' .'■"?  ^   ":'""" ;■'."';
'■' ' .".   35c. to!$1.75. pfeg^rmciiit:A<: T-;
'   ,- Children's in Natural and-White.', ^ ^'"-.v1
35c. to 65c. i>er garmentV    '
Children's FK-eced Slip Waists •-'■■■   • 35c each:.
Children's Fleeced  Sleepers  -^ ' :&5c a'suit-
T,ry:k>ur. .quality hosei ; The proof of,, superiority113 demonstrated, in.the wear. *' , ,''
--Ladies'.' and "Children's Plain  and   Ribbed
Cashmere, -     -■ '; ,=.'.*..'  . ' , ,
For Good Dressers.
^'••:^Advance   Shipment "of Spring   ?-'-
,,, Goods  n'6vy.' in   stock.
Suits $6.50 t<> $25
Ladies'^ and ''Children's;'Worsted' Hose
';^2(kr 'to '"$l.po"-a';pair-.;"--" '.*
Ladies" and  Children's (Iplain • and-.■■ ribbed
cottons   '     u     ■' . '•  "". • __■-"  '.'/.
. ■ ,  . '   ■ ' • ■    .. *;' .    •.-_»■>-
j   ' 15c to '45c pair ,
The  Best.is none too'good- for our. trade ;
H.|) j/,    Thebig shirt—Fruitless in; Blue ..
Il II    arid Grey Elannel,'Army"Flannel
. •M«ll»' Tweeds^Blue "Serge, Sateen arid;.
V-^;A:v.v.;^l:;,Cottoni,r-^f'_ 1.,:_'';, _■_   y ^,:,':.„.,•;;.'.:-'.
1 *1   <   . I * t '     , *
Buy   Guaranteed   Gloves
Pewney.'s and Perrins'are guaranteed.    We
sell -them
1    " *•
French   Kid Gloves  in  all shades-.
>1.25   to   $1.5Qpair"
.   Elbow  Length in White and Black
$3.25  a   pair
Ringwood  Gloves for Women and Children
in very ffrie   \yools
30c to 50c a pair
FIME  SH&RTS    : '  v ''"y ,w, ~r
Negligees, aud ' Regattas/.   This   season's "
designs': in I'the^."^ ." ' ,   « \',     y '/^ ]i; ^ d\,
Pooley and WiG.R; $1.25 to $2.75
Pecary" Hog unlihed-    -:
Buckskin,. Genuine •■ , *
Muleskin  unlined    -r...
Calf Skin lined
.. Endcott's Horsehide
$1.95 pair
1.S5 and "1.50pair,
60c pair
. ,   -   '', 1.00 pair
-       -,  1,50 pair'.
NOTIOK I* Utimlj kImjii Unit t.lrty «U,Vr
I nun (into I liiiniiil tn spply to iiommi*.
Nloiinr ul IhihIh simI wurkit fur k h|iuuIhI ||(<«iii<i.
in uni nml (,-iii-ry Kwuy timlmrfroin tliw follow
iiiVilHuvrlliiiitUliil In Houtli lCimt Koutnliiiy
Uoiuinuiiuiiiir utni.i'.t pinnteil nt ijui mmtd
wmi, iiornur of lot iuin, tliuiiuu nurilituo elisln
tjiijiiL'i wv.t 4U ehuliis, Uidiicb soutli Itkiulmtim,
 '*■■-■■ to plnuu of iiuirliinliu
(I, J. JiiKNMiiN, l.oaaloi-
thonctt o*«t 4'ifliitiurt ro itliiuu ul liowliinlnir
. . (l.J.JnitNHiis.l.aaatQr
I.ooutml Juny nth 'U7   .UHBs UaukhuS, Agsnt
Commom-li'ir nt s pout plsntsil st ths North-
Wftl i-firm-i- nl l"t «'."l lliciicii simlli Hi i-lmliih
tlimiuu wti.t Kiuliftlii.' Uiuncu north nnoliiiln..
thbiiCfj l'll»l hJcliiillu tu lilwud ot lii'tlfiniiis;.
IX. J. JullNSllM, (.rmnior
I^K«(*tt J»ny itii 'ttl   Jiuv* <*iMC.*i>M| Agtnl
c;»miiiun<:l»if st » po*! |>litiit«tl ono lmlf
nit 11 wti.t nr tliu nuuMi.wi'Hi uornur nf Jut Mil,
In t- .....fit I flu "It ii 11, j   H.r itnf .i»t, ♦ In r.l yl...
Hii-iKiuiinriii iiiuchHlun, tlmui's ou»t Uolmlns
tu |iis>c«u: liBulniiliitf.
UN. Pdt.t/niK.Wiitor
I.<>ciiloJ .Inuy nth fit     Jah, Uamuiiom, Auutit
Coininuiiiifnir nt s |m*t plniileil 0110 nillo
soutli of thD norllfwi-.t onriinr of 0. It. t'ol-
!ui.k'»iilhlin,tlttmtu ntnili su rh«fns, lluiiBe
« out su(ih.ilit», th<mi-« iioilli HvJi-hsliM, th»nc«
•ii»t mioliiltiK toplm-d nf livuliintnff.
M. A.hiMAkK,l,l.u»l,)l
I/>cHt(Hi Jsny fitli, "OT    Jis Umiitron, 4tf»nt
Itiimint-m-liis; nl 11 jift.t pisntut ittilto nortii
wakt curiiir ul if. A.Huttttur'u cJhIih, tl.*iu«
rmfili imfhiilin;iliBi.c«»e.r Si) ihslri«. iIimkb
Notary 11 \ Ik. .of l.:«iui.filtf(
(!u>. tU-oiv.l.ociior
\A*iUn\ Junr iil»'«7   '  J*s. O4u1.u1 rt, Mmx
Oit.tintriHr.s;*! R \m.t plaiili I »t ttm to.,t;,.
•»...» i-.ii-ii,.r nf h it, 1,   >-.Pff   ci.ifin, r/ii'iiou
««H»tl +1 rlntlli,,»rirll(.t *. .( KI*li.t||]*,fhi-|iCtf
tii.tilii' rliUm.UujKojiUt K»i<lt<fii»t«>[.lMi'»
Of I'liilllillllH,',
,      .   , ,      ... 4.rKisil»il,I.m>nt(ii
IvuralKlJjtivJlir.iT        ,li» lUxm.ili Agiul
Boots & Shoes
.'*     *\ > - -- it
Men's Heavy Working Boots, nailed and
un nailed1
1.5o to .K.00 a pair
It's the  PARTISAN"; Bool always reliable
Mon's  FIno   SEioes.
. '" «
Walkover, $5 lo $7 Packard, $5 to $6
Imperial, $4.50 to$5.50 Traveller, $4 to $4.25-
Worth  Cushion  Sole, $5.00 10 $5.50
The Art, The Royal Purple, The True
Fir, nnd The Walkover
FIno Shoos for Womon
Quality that suits the most particular, and'"
price that appeals to the careful housekeeper
arc two reasons for the  popularity "of "our '
grocery department.
Saturday   Only
■ Honey Drip Syrup,  Quarts
Honey  Drip Syrup,' tf  Gal.
Honey  Drip Syrup, : Gallons
,2oc each
,35c each
65c each
Crest Floating Toilet Soap
5   Cartoons   25c
Try our Special Blend of MCvJA Coffee
and be convinced that it i.s the best thnt you
buy at any price.
40c por lb
to many Teas sold at 50c per lb.
Our price;  30c por lb.
TSic Crow's Nest •TracSSng---Co«  Linmifccci
PlfRN'ISIIKO    room to rent for jjen-
" tletaan   furnace, electric light 'ami
hnth.   Por partlcnlnrs   npi'ty to '•"I-
g«r O/Iice.
\VANTI',l)~OlrI for general house
work; Gerninu nr Swede jirefcrreil.
Apply to Urn.    TI.  It.  TFiintifngtoii,
Uuitiplirey Street.
- *
Ft;b,V. IHlll, l!W7
WAN'T1'.I)-S*naiit   girl.   Apply     t<»
A. MrBoiijysjII, l-V-miV T,iniili«>r Co
YN  KTHIEW-GoJwhlaulh     uddlwilh
dilynts rinwfddol, tua t'» ain, gan
ililyn o   :ym}ra«l,   Bwr'ail, pr: >'<.
X r^lftr.
HAY FOU SALK-Qood x\\,Uxu\ |,r;tlr.
" lo liny, Ch'fti. II. llinviird, Cnyloy,
A tn. ~25tf
I'UltSAUi ^ HlXiUOO.Ulil) UOUSF.
nnd Jot. Fifty tliiikons. Nfiir Ilo-
t-rcfttlon f,'rontids , Ajiply to Jntnos
Easlcn.' -&7
KOR .SAI.R-A go.nl William's piano.   FOR SAUv-A snap;     a six roomed
Apply 1)/ McUhnan.
VOU HAWi-10 lc»U in West 1'eruhi;
**»y Unrii. ..Apply W. T. TTtaUy,
Weat F«r»li.
hmtc, well Will, wit!i liot and cold
Witct LatU, aud up-U-daU tUaiU
light fixture*; situated tIo»4i in to
luainue part ot city; must 1* told
»oo«. .For partlenlan tnqnirt of
Uott, Son k «•,
. ^sass^^r ^ .:r" anearnxst^^ut..
^WKfebto I p^M^M MLJ^ft^t
lit nm *mm*mmim*m
MOTT SO.V & CO. hm lutnieti'tMai |»
to look out for two or three fauid- -.
rti acrca of gooi land aultable for
fruit growing fi> th« /to-ateauy Va.1- *
Uy.  This land must |* «o aituaUd 1
"« to fillou- of irrf«al{ott, ttlher hy -
gravity or Ly a welit^ulppetl pump* , <
ins; phot willi nn   ftbundaat   «p-   '
ply of water.   Improved raBcfcei tn
wittiii,} the scope of the instruction*.
r.»t*!Ily,  quality »f toil  tMi »£UtM
fo wirtcr coriw Icforc ptrct la,   Uk „.
totuidcratIo» of the purchaser, who ;-
la a.    practical fruit   grower,   and
knows what  he waits,    .Setd   us ;
your datcripUoA*,     totatloava
-      .      -^
s„   " 3 .    ,^i-.
<4     l
I'-   *'    -   ,


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