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-/■    Oo .1 ' IT. v    ■       T
, VolII  Number 24
Price$2' a year in'Advance'
Election   in Dist. 18- Results in
Return of all old Officer!?.
Oilkial" ballot.  Dist,  Xo.' 18.  U. M
w. of a.      . ;   "„. -  ■   ■.
"president—F.   H.'Sherman, Vi,I7S;
James'Douglas j S03. •
V Vice-President—J.   11.   Galvin,   551;
.  -Joseph ■ Chapman,.-354;  Hopkins    Evans,  257;   John  Gorton,' 38S;    James
Lancaster, 250;. Edward Sparrow,'90.
Secretary-Treasurer—J. ,A.   MeDon-
ald," 1,086;  Charles Brooks,' 812. ,'
Hoard' Member...l'oter l'allersoii,,
-941;.' Charles Garner, 712; Robert .Arc-'
Kay, o.vj.   . ■ -,
■Auditors—W.  II.  Evans,  705;  Cliar.
Iliitmn,  552;   Krank Martin,' 653;- W?
.  II.   Moore,      662;   j;  A.^McLeuahau,
310; David Stene, iyi; C. Stublis, 157.
The official   report of the voting- for
ollii-ers  of   District ,.j8,   United,   Mine
Workers  of  America,   which ■ occurred
.."" .011   the ,_15t.l1  iiisC,      should be nw
gratifying to  all real  friends of thai
, ■   great and growing order.  '
Mr.oSlieriiiiui heads the lisl with the
largest vote of any candidate, ■ ,1,178,
.against S03 cast ior Mr, Douglas,'or
Michel Union"". Mr. Douglas is a man
of ability aiid was personally, a very
strong candidate, but under the , peculiar circumstances which evidenced
, the case, it was scarcely expected
lj.lat hi: could dcleat rresid'eirV Sherman for president.
, All  the old district officers lire    reelected.,   J."' A.   McDonald,   secretary-'
treasurer,    coming next  to President
Sherman in number of vote's received,'
and International Board.Mcmbcr Pat-
^. terson. next,  with 941-, '"■    | '
;    The total vole polled was 1,981.
Elements    other than those    of    a
personal nature entered -into the. coti-
tesV'to   such,   an extent as to   make'
the election of Mr.  Sherman a   foregone conclusion. -,;.-'-
.-     Gradually,   bat  surely,., the    United
Mine Workers of-Distinct iS are'lcarn-
ing    that   it   is not   safe; nay"more,
" - that it. is suicidal to listen to avow-
' -ed - antagonists     when  they, arc    in
-trouble," and "the election just, held is
a most gratifying pl00f t]mt' l]le ]es..
1.011, is being heeded. ""   ■ .'-. --.
■   "Now that the election of officers for
- the     cnv.iiiiig year    has   taken place,
 duere-i_is_i Jniit^.i-0-.i'.'.i-—o.-"....'! ^,—*t	
  - -. -\^^—......™-^fc^,—iv......cl.\j,ili\i—,,\ er^Xiii;-
provincial   horizon,   and   here ' "again-
unmistakable   signs ..that   'the
are --
worknigmen are wide awake and
united as they -never were before in a
political campaign  in this -district.
.Sherman'- nnd   aiiti-Shcrmaii   fceliiig
'has"'beeir laid aside,'and   both sides
of this    unfortunate   controversy- are
working side by side for the election'
of Mr. Moore, . '
They are not to be' deceived by a
straw drawing on the 0110 hand, or a
trimming politician 011 the other, and
nil Hint is needed is united action by
nil the worUiiigmeu in this,district.
to make .certain Mr. Moore's.'""election, ,,   1 ..
.Mrs. A. W.  Winters ..  is very" ill nl
lier home.
* -
J. U. Turney, of Kernie, was in
Michel Tuesday,
I)r, McSorley weal to Kernie on a
business-trip Saturday. .    -
W. 'II,. Dennett left   tor a month's
visit to liinisfa.il,  Alta,, Monday.
; Mr. and'Mrs. MelSwctt, of Ilosiucr,'
were business visitors in Michel Tuesday. '
Provincial Constable Arthur Sump-
son is suH'cring- with a severe attach,
of the grippe.
Jus, Pencil, ot llowiier, formerly n
resiilcii^ of Michel, was n .business
caller Tuesday.
Snow is disappearing fust nround
Michel since the sudden change in
weather on Nuiiilny.
Miss Stewart, cashier nt llie Trilesi,
Wood .sloru here, went to Kernie Tties-,
dny on a few day's visit,
Marl; ti.isklll has been compelled to
lake n long lay-off on account of a
severe attack nf bowel troubles.
Several eonl prospectors left here
foi the tipper Mlh River Valley Monday willi dog sleds and siiowhIioch.
Il, li. Nosh, candidate for parliamentary'honors, addressed, a lair-si/.-
ed audience in iWV'liel Hull 'I'rldity evening,.
Kev. Kinney stifl'cred a, relapse of
Ills illness while at Keiuie lust week,
JIu Is expected home the last of lha
A lntgc contingent of Italians ui'-
itved hero Monday diicet from sunny
ft illy. TIipv will bi» employed nu the
coko ovens,
Thomas Cnrkhill,  fire boss for tha
, I'liclfic CnnI  Co. nt     llosmer,    wiih
shaking luindc with his ninny ft iviuls
in Michel Saturday.
Six l'lulntidrr«i arrived lien> from
ItOM.sl.iml, H'u.<.fi.. Saltirday. They
mc all fine tinndcinns, and steps are
being taken to orgimi/e m baud,
John Ort, who was Myrlotisly injured lu Ihe traits wreck ul llie loop resell liy, has so far recovered to Ik:
able to Walk obi ml the hospital. He
will leave for Ms home in a few", day*.
Al_jy Thompson, tmv genial niplit
operator, returned from Wwrdner Snt-
utday, wlitre he has been doing re'ny
iiork. Alpy was iu the train wreck
.iwi-ck ngn at that place, hut escaped without injury.
The MX-motith-«dn child oi Mr. and
Mm. 8;im Veiil, died K1id.1v   even-   headache.
ing. <__   The funeral was held . Siindav
aftcir.oon,  llev.  Father Meissner.  of-
ficiatine;     The remains were  inlerred
..." 1 --..',
at Michel cemetery. ■   '     °
.r. K. Pudniski, with'the Ilonu:
Uank'-'of C;lnada at?' Kernie, was in
Michel for several days the first of
the week looking after the interests
of his firm.."" Mr." 'R-udniski slates
Uiat the ITome' Dank is receiving,
maiijjjdeposits from Michel, and that
the 7 in Lure business .'outlook ' is ve'rv
favorable. ' " ■ ■      .'
. , Itev. ■ llidlanhs, of Coal. Creek, conducted the services at. the Methodist
church' Sunday evening. His summaries on ihe subject "1ml: God commanded His love toward us in that,
while, wc were yet sinners Christ died
lor us," was eloquent and ,well chosen, and was well received by the
large audience.        '„
Mis. Ilariy Morton, of" Coleman.-
was "brought here Kriday lo the hospital lo undergo an examination bv
the X-'Kay machine. Some time ago
Mrs.-, Moitoii fell while skating on
1 ho Coleman rink, resulting in a painful injury to her' ankle. At first- it
was thought lJiat it was a sprain",
'but as it grew morn painful from
-lay to day, if was decided to have,
tier b!ought lieie ior examination,
when it _was found she had' ■ sullere.l
a-complete fracture of1' the ankle
IOIJU. -Mr. Martin" and -her,, attending
physician -accompanied her here. Mr,
Morton is'the manager'of the Hotel'
Coleman. - -.» ,. -'   -
- Efforts to start a reading- room
have been"put1 forth' at several difiei--
.-nt times, apparently without success. Ilowcver, there is -urgent necessity foi something of that kind 111
.Michel. There' is absolutely no place
for the,young people to spend an evening, excepting, of bourse, at home,
lour correspondent is assured tliat
'-h?'English, church building, which is'
not being used by the church at-pres-
:nt,' could be used. The building cis
/cry commodious:--- and .well lighted.,
Aith the large number "of young -men
n Michel it would be an ;easy matter"
.0 organize a reading club' by eharg-
'ug:a Miiall entrance fee and small
noiuhly dues would easily bring in a
iullicienl sum tii buy some book's and
aibscribe for a number.of magazines'
ind.  - peridocials.     We   fully "beli.sve
1 '   *,^^^^**e**mat*sMtaM*mma^mm&^i
Evidence That one of the Cabinet ministers was Brib=
ed by a Foreign Syndicate, the Purchase
money Being $37,000
Delieies' Liberal   Candidate   Will-  be
ldeeted-W..   R.    Ross'   Will    Not
Meet   His  Opponents.
Vancouver, Jan. 32;-Thc World today soys that former Lands and
Works Commissioner;. Green was bribed by The-Transcontinental Kxplora-
tion Syndicate, of which^Sir Adolph
Caron is a moving- spirit.
It claims that, after Green had refused as commissioner,of "lands to is-
Mie a lease for ' 32 sections of coal
lauds on Pine river, a private -> ar-'
raiigcmeiit ,'was arrived at-whereby
the leases were granted. ■  J
Caron wrote Green asking-the    lal-
tet  to name a friend who could       be
(rusted  to  hold  shares  in  the syndi-.
cite ih  Green's interest.
,. Green namad  N.  McKay,   then pri-
Mr." Fisher is making tinie fly fast
for. W.'. R. Ross. '
Tiie worst bliz/.ard'-of the year raged over the prairies on Thursday.
■ -Win. Moore, Wm. Dickon and \V. II.
Ross are all chasing, about the vine
groves,of the  Kootenay Valley.   ,
' Mr. Dan McTavish paid Kernie a
visit "this, wee1/and helped trip     tlie
-hat  it could be made'a-great-  success,  and  there ,is 110  doubt 'that    ir.
Vfluhl <bc 'well   ii.-it'i-fmlvwl.  ■   J'.u:'- -,s-
SitLle boost is u'ecded- tb.'sta'rt the-
jall-'i^ling. We trust that.we' 'may
ic able to rejiort^to the Ledger fan')-
ly next week that steps'" have-v-been
taken' towards' the .realization . of a
'.-eadhig club. ' .:.....- rf.-.■'' .-' ■
- Its up disgrace' to be poor,  but its
nighty   inconvenient. '
Women are all-right—if yoTTkeep
far 'enoujjh way from  them,- ' . "
Mr. ami ■ Mrs. Frank Worlhiugtoii
i-elurned from  Fortiie jtl'iis week.-    ■
llritish army oiliccrs, please keep
iway-fiom Kiko, "we, are full up."    '
.Inline Anderson and wife moved
o-iuii  Ivlko to Cockatoo, near Kernie.
A China egg may fool a hen, but
it makes a gosh darned poor omelet.
The Diseiplcs of Isaac Wallon are
already "arriving in Kiko ' from Forme.
A stitc-if. in time may keep il from
ripping'fuilher,. bin you'll grow old
jusl the same.
At Truro Cottage,' Km-way Avenue,
Kiko, Lo Mr. and Mrs. William \,M-
»>'. ft ilntij;liter.,
W. Ji^laon took charge of the Columbia Hotel dining rooms on ' the
1SU1,    We wish him every success,
1'. V, Godfrey, the well-known
hustler for a Calgary linn of grocers,
was a round ].;||{(,_ ihiyncs Lake, Onia-
lifi  and Waldo  tnkiui<-* nrderi.
A big outfit of uh-ii and lioVses cnniQ
into Kiko f'i-oin Plncher Creek mid
I.ellrn-hlge to work for t|u> U<m
Ih'os, at Klkiiiotitli.     1. "    '    ;
The .McCoiinel^ stage lino jH. m(ll;iiig
daily tilps Tu'Uve.-n Vriiu-e ICdwiird
Island,  Kootenay river, mid Kiko,
Mr, imks, of Klluiioiith, was an Kiko visitor this week,
'i'lio einoUonnl Wnlly Two Kettle,
the iliiKlihig soiihrette froin RoohvIIU',
n.' C, was in Kiko (his week. She
ivns leading a d,ig _|„,t W|)N j,],,,,^
ishuiiie.-l „f IijinM-»."
•lohii Rfott, hotel keeper and financier uf Kiko, went up in Fernie this
week and returned on the delayed ix-
press tiglil hide, tip wilh emu', ami
"'Hiring ,» Jinril-liollod hat.
Mr, J. 1,'itgh, of Pitgh and T.ivliii'-
wioiie, Roek Creek pineries nud the
fcu..*iiHt! ii-utt Unix, Ivii tor ttkotoks
for ,1 few duys, where he will meet
J-h. W. I.iving.stotH-, mIio has been
east piireliasiiig .sawmill tnathiiiery
and friill trees,
W. I,jii-*t i.s huildiiig an elevated
rnilwny lwtween the big C. V, U,
.iinl the most grossest Insult to a
rallioud, as far as the ucioiuiuoda-
ttons are granttd lo jtiilrmis of tho
tond, eallid thv Crrat Northern,, nt
Kiko lur the .WUi Star Lumber Co
A big crowd'of lumber jacks ntnto
down Irom Crnnhrook on their' wny
to Spokane, Aftrr mnkitig hell howl
for 2 j 3a..ur.s, tiny hoanlM] the !vi»utJi«
iMiiiml express with the nueptjon of
Caul ITook Jliiimy. He faikd to
make tonntclions and tnstimteil iu
Ivlko until Vie hud noihing left hni a
light  fantastic   toe at the   bachelor's
bail.....     ■:.">.-
■' Mrs. _ .1.. II. ' Briekcr and Miss Egbert-came'down" from hlairmorc Monday and. were at 'the bachelor's ball
Tuesday night. "       .- *.. - ■
The next .issue of the Ledger
will contain a complete record
of what W. R. Ross, as member
has done for tho workingmen of
Fernie District; ,. -" o '
. The Maclcod hockey boys came lip
to."Coleman' last" Wednesday   and had
their scalps taken'off by," the Coleman
team.   Score 0 >'to 2. \
The Cranbrook Salvation Army officers gave a "Rock of.. Ages" service ., at the 'Ferule " barracks "last"
Tuesday night-to", a'packed'--house: --'•■
Tito Coleinan skaters carnivalod
last Wednesday' night. There were-
lots-of skaters, and many of them
appeared ,iu. costumed varied and var-
igatcd.      ,     -        ■ -,  ■
•-ate secretary of tlie Premier, and
who succeeded Green as chief commissioner.
Caron then wrote Green stating the
value oi shares' to be given as free
gift was 537,000.
■Later there was a bitch 'and the
lawyers for Caron - laid the whole
matter   before   the  executive    council
last May.     - '
! ...
When' McKay was made chief' com-
auissioner in December, the shares
were transferred to" a clerk" of lands'
and works _ department.
The World states-the transaction as
the most appalling instance of Conservative  government   corruption     in
I). P. Oliver, of the International
Company staff, at,Coleman, has returned to. his accustomed haunts',after .-having .had'a pleasant vacation
down east.
Snowslides intcrfer're-d with the,operation-of the north side mines at
Coal Creek during the week,to sonic
extent, as men had-to shbyel ;■ snow
from  the entrances.        - ,-' •"   •'
' Mr. and Mrs. Hargraves stopped oil
for a few.hays with Mrs. Hargraves'
parents, Mr. and Mrs.' Whiiiister, on-
their-way from ■_the coast. They left
Thursday night for their future home
near Medicine Hat.       '-      , '
Mrs. Wclaiuier, wife oi Charles Wcl-
Yinder, a, section foreman on-the C-
P:'R., died at the1 St. Rugeiic hospital,. Cranbrook, -Thursday, -Jan. J7II1.
Mrs. Welander was"'34 years oi age,
aiid ieaves a .little-girl to. share a
iatherls grief. - Mr. aiid Mrs.' Welander  were  well  known  in . Fernie," anil
about nine • months a>ro.
-to^r** ar<iiiei"
this province.
,' It says correspondence relating    to
the oiibjcot     hasobeen photogruphed,
and .documents are. now in  Vancouv ■
A cnowslide . occurred at Coal
Cieek Monday, which caught three
men, who were working below the
tipple. Two of them succeeded ■ in
extricating themcelves, but the other
man had to'be'dug out)-and was in
the: slow.an hour or two before released. ,' "'■ *
, ,Tke soft weather and the heavy
snow are coiidusivc to snow slides,
und if the weather continues warm'
or "rain should set in, these slides
will increase in number.''
-' The Army announces as their special,-I'.-M. K. meeting on Tuesday Ait
8 p. mv "The Drunkard's Home" ,br
slum scenes from the'poverty ridden
slums and alleys' of London, .ling,
There will be no charge for admission. The'above iyill be, the lirsl of
a series, of meetings ol that character. 011 the Tuesday of each'week. The
public will be kept well informed of
the various subjects as- they will appear irom time to time..
1,. - .   .
The" wind was "'too' much for. the
Liberal headcruaiters- banner the other day and put'in entirely .out of
business. The Conservative fared little better, being badly split 'up the
middle. The red banner of the Socialists \vas the-only one thai- came
through the winh storm safe and
sound.___,Is this an' indication of what
the political wind" will;do with these
parties on the 2nd of'February?   '..'"
,; MOTT-LAMIS.    ° ■    .-
as   ve-
A. car.building,company has been
formed in -Vancouver, .of "which Mr.
A/0; FlummorfeU.is a" member. This
yorrijiHiiy ,,win^wiiJsUill.„^aii^xlei,isive
plant and go into car building on an
extensive scale. This is sure to'be a
successful undertaking, as the ' car
shortage is a great one, and it will
take a. long-'linie to catch up to the
demand. ■      '.■
Arlluir J. Motl and- Miss Kva.
Lamb were married at the home ol
the bride's parents, 44- Riiderby Road,
East, Toronto, Monday, the, 21st inst:
/it .4.p".iii,, aiul..lell..„'sooit ..^iflei;,~-Ute
ceremony for Xiagara Falls and Buffalo.       :"" "   ■    "      ".    '
The Ledger joins with their host of
friends iu "congratulating them and
wishing them a long and happy wedded life; ■     ■'
r (Special to The Daily Xews.)"
Fernie,- Jan.  21,—The interest   -and
cxciic-iiicnt'manifested   in  the , municipal  eon test- which ^vas" waged iu the
city  during  tlie, past  week  has    now'
been transferred, to the provincial political  arena,  and each day sets    in-
creased  activity  in  the political    organisations     throughout' the     riding,
and  before      Uie  2nd  February' next
fruitless energy  will  have  been      expended.   Mr. W. li. Ross and his p.i.-
listiiu are, fighting  the fight of    theii
1 ivc;t  apparently  realizing  the , hope-'
lessness   of   iheir  anise,   for,,  though
the   Conservative  candidate   i.s   bro^d
shouldered  and  a inagnilieeut  ' specimen of young Canadian physical man
hood,  U.e load he has  to wirry,    ih»
sins" of iimissidii and  commission
his party',  ,"s too great for even
herculean'strength.      U0 has
shown no burning cie.sin:. to- iiu-et "| :?■
opponents..on  the pu|.,|;t. platform    10
dlSCUss    li.,-   iaui-i ,     of    ,110   d.-IV,'    |t':'
though-inviu-d to he p-.-eseiit ai ihe
big Mclnne: meelTiig-°he was conspicuous by his absence, much to. ihe regret of a Luge, portion of, the audience, who were eiirioiis tv hear his
explanation of certain actions of thi;
government, of which he win a member. On. llie-other hand, W/m. Dick-
en-is.gaining strength cverv'dav; his
organization has been perfected' and
he has the hearty support- and arsist-
aiiee'of a united band of, enthusiastic
workers who have taken oil ' Uieir
coats and are throwing ihi-niselves iiito the fray with'a spirif that spells
victory'for their candidate. ' Several'
public meetings will V held j„ ]lis
interest between now and ek-ciion
day," at some of \yhich.'j. A.- .\lac-
donald, the Liberal leader, has signified his'" intention of. being present,
and if i.s to be hoped 'tliat. when the
Conservative " ean liihil-e has some-'
what recovered front the panic his
party are in, hc<H-an-:be induced, lo
try conclusions on the platform with
his opponents. The Socialists "held"
two,meetings during hist week in the'
interest of'.W. II. Moore,\l. i). Mortimer being- the drawing" card," but-
the; progress made by .the party'does
_lIO_L_wa r.ra n i i i lmi..^- ,.„... .:a~\...a	
 . ~—.,%.-,.._^—. v, /u.-,i.i,i.-h:u—n;
serious factor in this-election.., Allo7
gcther, the" feeling'of ihe. Liberal
party in the riding is 0110 of great
confidence. in their ability .to"--- elect'
Mr." Diikeit,_aiid Ihj.s.'.eonHdeiice1 i.^be-
'coming more-deep seated aS (he cam-''
paign . advances, "^and Ihey.see the
desperate., plight' their opponents are
in all over the province.
To the'Editor oi- thic Ledger:
I notice in a recent issue of the Free Press a letter from  Mr.  W.   R.   Ross (afterwards produced in .pamphlet form) in which.he makes statements regarding" myself and
In the first place I have never charged'Mr. Ross with opposing the bill  in question (he
and then absenting themselves from the House when a bill is in Committee is too coarse ;
method of doing business to deceive any ordinary observer, It may be good politics but
where do the people come in. I was not wholly unprepared,'for the change of front of
certain members including Mi\ Ross, for when in Victoria as a member of a cWogation"to
secure support for the bill I observed a prominent official of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Company in the corridors of the House, directly after the second reading and was perfectly
satisfied as to his business. Mr. Ross slates that I "saw a number of members of the
House and enlisted their support" but I "r//V/ not astern/..11m sumo courtony'lo him".
This is an absolute falsehold and he knows it for he did not attempt to deny it at Coal
Creek, where, at his own meeting I charged him wilh making this false statement.
Victoria. He claims these amendments were trifling matters, I claim that nothing is
triflying that tends to-save life and limb and if the Miners of this district have to give two
years' notice to their Member of Parliament as to what lliey want in the way of legislation
of this kind it i.s high time they got busy. In the matter of Open Towns Mr. Ross has
suddenly discovered that something ought to ho done hut very discreetly omits to pledge
himself to do anything. So far as the outside world is aware, he has sat for over three
years and never opened his mouth on this matter. This is no worse an evil now than it was
three years ago. Whythis'maslerly silence? Mr. Ross is being made painfully aware
of the fact that his constilutents have not been all asleep this past three years and unless I
mistake their temper, will, on I'eby. 2nd, relegate him to that private life that he so well
rulcm1-, T nm wHl twnro of (he fnct that Mr. P.or<' .im! his parly cow.idcr that a wv./kii;^
man should have, no1 political ambition;;; that should, of course, be left lo J'JjiaJ ch.ss
lawyers, It is,rank heresy,to suppose that a workingman would know how to legislate
for workingmen. A lawyer is better adapted, from his point of view, to know the needs of
a coal digger than a digger, himself. As a representative of this district Mr. Ross has
fnilcd lo rrpt nnvthini* nttnr whnl we won* instlv entttlptl lo in the wnv of nnnror»r!'if?^.is- f»r
much needed Public Works.   The new Court House i.s coming "in t'
Look out for next week's issue.
, <>  whom-: KA,vn,y dkad.
'Vpparentiy' Overcome, by' the    Hitler
Cold of .(jutgary.'
Calgarv, dan.' 21'.—A father, moth-
er and » ,11'ew horn child dead, and
two other children, .aged two and
foil:', probably dying,,,wen; discovered
here on'-Saturday, A telephone nie.-.-
(i.ige \v.i«j received by the police'' Sny-
inh' ill,'I. a fiiiiiil\i_nani'ed I'erdiimnd,
proprieloi- of n tannery here, had not
been .-,ecii about for several days, _ A
constable at mice went to lhe.hnii.se
and foiled open the door, when he
\eas confronted with' the sight of,
i'.lis. Kerdiinind, partly', dressed, lying
011 the kitchen Hour, fin searching
the limine Kenliliniid, also dead, was
discovered in lied with his two-yeaf.
old son, alive, but itiicniisnous. Mis
arm around his father's neck, the
hoy's body \v,,s warm, bill , the legs
wi'ic lio.-cn almost m llie knee. A
new brim .child, dead, was also la
llie bed. In n w,l ncir by, with ihe
blankets nailed to the' frame work,
wnii lotind a loin-old srat, nncuitscioti^
and uiih fio/eit feel and legs, Mrs
Kiinliiiiiinl h,nl evidently p.uilv ,h(.-;,'.-
i'd and was iilleiiipliiig to build a lire
\1he11 mviioiTie. The iliildnn \m-m> ,n
i.iin: linn til (ii ihe hospital and have
IniprnVi'd Miiiii-whnt, bin hope-, ol re
envii-y tuo p«n,rv Tin- cnioiiei- wa>
tiilh-il al once and ,in impiist will be
the sweet."
In the fight that has been going on between the people "and the corporations her
where has been the weight of his influence? Why did he vote against the Right-hour bi
for Smellers.    If ever any body of men stood in need of an eight hour day it was those.
»*%   • !i.l  I      VT-,.     l!iV.     ...«..•«   it . I.       /• .1      . '   .       /• ..        .-.
excuse himself for not taking a greater interest in their welfare. He evidently forgets that
the same I2# percent, of the miners' vote, which he affects to ignore, returned him to
I  remain.
VV.  H.   MOORK.
Mayor Unlim-ll, belolc i-leilinll, st.il-
nl th.it hi- Vv. 1 -, 111.1 ., t^u.ti Ciihi.i.i
cniidldiitv, and lh.it he would i.ivt.r
no ilnpie oi- f,u 1i1.11 in tin- .t<lmtii 1- ■
liiition 1 if iln- all.ins 1.1 the 1 ii\ A
I'.e I'-re begii.i.tiig .,f hi, i.nu.-, lu
liav'pri-M-iitiil in liim  ihe iippiii(imn\
i.f proving in ihe pn,|dt- his •.ini.-.-uu
■[■I     I-, .
I ', #.*...,..     ^..^.t,   .,    ,.,„!,(       V   (,,|.|... I. .
,-ti-   1 i-.-iiitrir-    1..   tn-], ;'. .        ,    .  ,,;
11 license i.ns on  llnii   w.itu,  ,In nl.
lifihl   and   teleplmli.-  plant.   Will    tin-
'.tliiv-r aid thivii  in this mid tine, vin
lilt,' his pn-d.-ilinli pledge.' .«tul lii-i
.  , n       r ..   .
■•■■•••.   '-    •■ .......
lii.itIcr tm ,1   lni.il and c.,iiilii,iu   ... j
lltineiii  by ib,- iiniiis.'
Thi'ift, ale two of -ihe npis cutir.vi:
iaIiusi- ,-utiin iu-,-,1 mil l.e <'pii-stii)lK'-t,
av   their  lftteid.     us   iMithii   in   'li.-
Illlllllte bods >,) ji.el e,nil. lis siinW
|d,illl!y   Ih.,I   iht-y   Ii.iVi-   iu\«i     failed
Ul   l.lSl lllft'il     ll-le,    Ml    I.ilul       Dl       .1
private iiirjH-.r.itlnii a^ .'iijiiiiiM the
illt'tlesU <.f tin- uly, .ftltd tin oil,, r
.lotion  Iiud   In'  lonltcf   fr.r 110:11   llliltl.
-M.f. ,r r.,mull ..ud AM.tiiuii V. .1, .
Jt.iVi- yet   lo nhmi.- I.y  <!:f;r <ST:<\\1 ye-
tion nhcif tlnv st.iit.l,  ,-in I ilv>f ,t<--
Xum will t.   u.iUU.l  .vith imuh    in
Vote,,car    second ..reading of. eight'
hour smelter bill.
■ Votes and proceedings of the le,jis- ,
iature assembly of. British Columbia:
•   Thursday, February 32nd, '1906. '
The adjourned debate on tlie. second ..
reading of ■ Bill NT0. 28, entitled "Au ,
Act Regulating the Hours-of Labor
m certain industries"—commonly '
called the IJight Hour Smelter Bill) ,
was resumed. The bill was defeated;;
on  the following division: --^.
Drury,   liberal.0      " ..
' King,  Liberal. '".."'_
• liiown,   Liberal.
JreXiven,  Liberal. „    '
Jones,   Liberal.
Cameron,   Liberal.'
'-'Davidson,   Independent. _
J. A. Matdoiiald,  Liberal. '
.Henderson,   Liberal.
,"Wells, Liberal. :
Hawtliornihwaitc,  Socialist.
Williams, Socialist.
Wilson,   Conservative. ■   "-
Green,   Conservative.
Garden,  Conservative.
''Voting,   Conservative: '"'"..«
'Ihinson;   Conservative. . ""    •-.
.Tallow,  Conservative.^      "■
McBride,  Conservative. '    '\ '.
Cotton,. Conservative.   "
Kllisoa,   Conservative.
. Clifford,   Conservative.. '   ,"'    •
Fraser,  Conservative.
' llowser,   Conservative.1
lioss,   Conservative. *»
A.  .tlcDoitald,  Conservative.   '
l'"ulton,   Conservative.   ■'<■
Taylor, "Conservative." .
JUacGowau,   Conservative.
.  Grant,'1'"Conservative.    ' '.  '
7'Iurphy,   Ljbenil.'   .    '  ' ■ --.
,' Taiiner;' T.iberal.   "     ,  " "
Oliver,  Liberal.-. '
. llimro^ Liberal. - •' \ ,        '
ljalerson,   Liberal.   "
' Hall,   Liberal.
Summary;   ■ '''„•■>■   '
FOR.   -      -   - a     .
Liberals.;.- -T—, c)
-.. '.Conservatives .-. ..-.-;.. 5
'"'  Indcjicndenl....'.; ,:.
Socialists ..."  	
... 1
.. a
- Cabinet ministers for-2 (Green and
Wtisoii),.. '
'AGAINST. '  -
Liberals -. "   (,
0     Conservatives   , .-13 ■
Total "...', ," „_,
. Cabinet ministers against i\ \i\lc-
Hride, Tallow,, Knlton and Cotton)."
■Tin suit brought against tha
Crow's Nest Pais Electric Wght and
l'owcr Comjiany by the City of l-'ernie
lor the. i-ollection of"licensu fees due
from- the electric light, water .system
and telephone system, was up before
Alagisti'.uc Whimster Wednesday and
The city was represented by W, A,
Alacdniuld, K.C., or-Ndsou, "unit City
Solicitor Lawe, and the Light and
I'ower Company by S. S. Taylor, of
elson, - •
AfU-r iieaiing the evidence iii the t.isrt
and' listening to the -arguments of
("oniiM-l, the Magistrate reserved judgment,
Says lie Is Nol Put upi by Schofu-ld
iu  Yittji— Is uu  Iiideiieiide'nt,  .Vit
An   liidepcndent   Conservative,
I'Mitor The Daily News: In ,.',ur
Nsue of Sunday a iiiisslulvnieiit is
made in a spi-cial from Trail., The
'.InieilH-nt reads- "Hniislnii i,s ].-.t|"
ap by Scliolidd. and will idiiliite his
aiunlioiis lo those placi's where lie'
1.in hurt llmiie.'1
Dining lilie.-ii years ul aeiiw polii-
:»'jil life ill K'niiiiiii.iy, I have neither
used "dicny ducks" nor ha-e I ever
liein a "di-i-iiy iliiel;," I am (obtest.,
ing Viiur liding as an liidi-piiiileal,
an vindependeiti i-i,iim>uu.
i vmi ilassily me in vmir HnI
<>i i.itididalis. I nm undci no -dili-
ii.iliims, either pnli'timl nt liitaniial,
I" .'It. Siholield in- any ntluM- i.'inli-
date Thai I will beat j\|r, llmue I
■mi 'iiiilideiit, ior 1 un-iiiiij.lishfil
la..1,: i'i , ||.< \, .if an a pi iv,'I.- tii.-iii-
l,-'f >a' llu- legisl.nute th.ili li' did
diil'ill;' his foil 1 yr.ns l(-i t, \t. in;H't
■ ! the ;-Hinlin goveiniiient, ;jm.I ilir
I'' 'I'I'- 1 I   Vtnir  liding  Liiiiw  -.1 li
difi.itid, 1 wj|l not lnar ,1 • .iliu.
-ij.iiasi any eniseiv.ltivc in libit il
■' * i.,.,i... i,u_._ iin: iinninte.. ti nun'
l-ull'. Jtut I believe a UMjnr.ti ol
tl'»- '!ist..r, ..* Vmir tiding , i .i.iti-
lelldi-lit thiiiKels 1,11 p,,luu.t| ,iWH.
lion-,   ainl   l|,.,(   i)„.y_   ,,„,)   llut      ,jlr
 '•■*•       >"     iiinl.il.    ,il|il    mil .i':\',i
tin .  should,  and will. I..- ii-p-^.u-
"I  .11  ihe  ligisl.itiur ussembh    \.tint"
!l   llliels   ill    Viitoij.l   nil   M.irill   .;illl
Madd.-u  House,   J.tii.   3n|li.
Uo.ssi.ANir U'INTKIl   CAHXIV.M.-
I'M!    i;YII   idVir.
The  C.m.i.li.»!i  |'.„i«ii   »;»!«.,v   ,,t.
ikiiiihv (1n <\,tirsi,,ti r.if,. of f.ne .nut
Mir third f<-r the i,,iiii,| tfip    f.-i    »lu-
.*■■;.r  ..<M   3/.711   3ftnNf.il.-,   LiUi-t'
">■'   'i •"■ !•".-•'.;..t. „ui i.v.u-.j. 1...
K-i'ii*     TiViis lu  s.i!e  IVti    Mth  t.
v.lb. ,..„.,l i., ift-tt,ni tdi 1'i-b   »sth. : I ..
.^fi.'' M  . »■*_____>.  . ,_
v ■
■     I
Ji f
! f
•I (•■
'   ', VANCE."
Issued every Saturday from tbe of-
fitt of publication, Tpdd Block,
Victi.-ria Ave, 'Kernie, Uritisli Columbia.   ■    ■' ' . '    ■
D.   V.' .Mi-iTT - - Editor
G.  G.. MKIKLE"       - Manager
Once more the people of tbis province 'are. asked  to say who shall    be
intrusted with tbe making and cxe'eu-
liliti ii law.s for' their regulation and
' !:-.-r."iritiuent. -. The   candidates .liu.'e t.'i
,illy   nominated  and   are
iicialiy vl:eiori- llu voters of the prov-
i.iC- Ut "'a d-eision' as to \v]io shall
■ill ,«,''ie diairs.ftjf, lite legislative hall
..ad direct ihe iilluirs of tbe goverti-
nu-r.t ...lutiitj the lust four years.
■ l,i is. to be hoped that, a government may be ihe result of this elec-
. ion which will have ihe confidence of
"a  to..
llie members of
I at pre'seiit the., pros-
a result are uot of the
tli.-  :!<>.*-,  bv
"iieels loi  such
■ irigiilesl.
Tli- go,eminent claim to be sure
ol ii;e elecljon of a solid "majority,
i ui. -.!u Lii c'-Mls'also make the same,
claim.       ''      .
(„ ',"'..• , SocaHst-Labor party claim
mx or seven "eats, and are practically mire .to increase ibeir present
stiv-.iglb   in   ihe   House.   Hawthornth-
■ u-.iiii-, \\ illiams ,, and Davidson will
lilvclv be i'vttiitie.1, with' the probable
adiiitioii of two, if nor more, making
lliv..' MiMi ;tb'in the next ITouse   five
"i.r six, instead of three us at present.
lind. the 'present  goveiiiiiient   j.-ame
iiiddiy  out and. made an open   stain]
it.;- 1 la,, cciiiiiicu people, as against the'
■ :-.'.i!-.-.ei\Les ul' corporations, then they
yo:iiil   ii.ive  faiib ,-i  fotnnbui-.m    upon
.which    1 hey      couid     have iitaile     a
si rnighifi.vward   campaign, ' with reasonable l.opvS .   of. sMceess.    But    wlieii
;;r,t hi' thi? lest ni.d asked ion a dei'i-
itilii  au.Mver   mioii   (.ik.sUoiis    of     tin-
■ucs1   \ ilal 'iiiiri-.i-lniti-c  lo   the    whole
l.roviuee, .    ar.il" most  urgent   as     '.e
■;.n'ds   lii;" euiiditions-   existing  in    the
I-\riiie.  ,'jisiricl,   "Air.   'MeUride  dodged,
;.nd tin: nca'ivsl  he could  be   brought
lu .1  definite answer was  that he was
":..<nn.C  to  ta'.<e  lln,'iiuitler up and    go
;'.'.ofvughiv into il  in the. future."
"this, refusal   to   make  a  stand    fo'
v.ltat he adniilled- was a burning am'
j.ics.iing (ju.sliou  lias insured for lr..-
' re.; ivyBtalivu 'in  "this   district,    _\vl.i-
- !-. vs he Id on  to a seat in the legislat.
nie  1 y ,th:it  leehnieally  legal   plural-
. it\   vjle.-of ■■  3if-.',  out af a totals-.oi
. '--6.    !i v eonlesjL    wliiclt    II?   wTlTTTF
t.ieniV.er      as   long   as  he.   lives,     cm'
which  \\ili'te.ii-li. him    that    a    mai
who "c.n't  iiltord  to oppose a     coi ■
poraviou   becausu  it  bus  never  oppos
..d him.''  is not a in'aii-that the com
i:!:iiiP]ie<i]]ie of any country can affor.
to' \ote  for. ■
Alter dodging every issue in whie)
ihj people of this district have bee;
iiilcu-.ile.l_ and hiding' himself ill'!,
ca.,e af gl-oiii. when his neighbor
were figliLim; for their rights, he en
t.rs - lliis eniup.'iigx with the pli"
ih.it lie e.iii'i oppose wrongs Ihut ur
K-iti;' ]i.'!-p.'linled'upiiii the people (
this disii'iii because lie. titiglit utak
an en; ttiy ol somebody and lose ,
'.-ote» or  two
Thv ftglil in Ibis district isi si thrci
Can; u-,1 onco tittil somebody is goiu.
'.(i get ciii'.jjhl in one of the angles o
a  trap sii liy iheiiiselvcs.'
The |'eople of this constituency ar.
not going  to  be  used  as  cat's  paw.
10 puil chestnut.", lint of the tire. The;
.re lnially  wid.- awake,  and  wil   d
llieii   own  vol inn  nnd   thinking.
The (iir>tiiel is loo big io go iut
ijie tthfijisale toil estate business up
<.n I'ln. eve of an election, ami i
Wiii'J  di .in.I  r->\\- 10 talk about o_
■ n .'.hen, (/n lu'iiieipl",
■ There is likely to bu some iipeuin;
'.i ib.s, d :,hnps on principle as a re
:.uli of this election, and there, won1',
lie iiiiidi "-aid by Air. Moss or Ml
Diel.eii on ibis ipiestioit while the;
n'e .isl.ii'.g fi.r voles from people win
. !"■' I'-!-.!-;., tin' , ffeci of ci-rlaiti otos-ei
,'.lin|s eu'i'y day tliev live, not oul
in tl'.'ir poikeis, bat upon their po
lilii.il lieediiiii wheiiever they an
i.illcd 11; ..11 to t'M'i- !se their right ti
an   ti'tliiutl -d   iitdt'ineiil   ■ upon     publi.
i,i'l -.lli.il .
In "If. mi.; himself as u tatididat
l-'i' '« ' b'.ii'.n, Air, Uiisk Is ,;vis"
.'itWuti'. in 1 ,;.| t!-,.- m iVii'giiiini h
' "i I), 1-. ii.,v ",.|| iiial, as it were,
1 '■• ■•"! ,■ inie 1,1 that da.ss, mid it is
" "i1 i" hiin in iii.iKi- nm a ,-ji.si' in his
'",'.11  1 eh,ill.
Me h. ei- M'.iu^i'd lung nud p.ilieut-
'. b'-i in Viin hr Mane evidence of
hi • I" (• I"! the hnlllV-lliindul Mill i,(
•" ! CI .'in ( . ii'. alilll __j|itHi- have been
'■' I" |....\. Inn '.If 1 heir iriend. tip-
!"'i ii«    in plenty were his iiifnv-
' '    '!'''     ' IP-Lit"   elii'.s      II    was      the
1 .tl 1   t.'i.u  h.  ftlni'v,  while the wnue-
i-.i.p. 1   iciii 1 j,ut a deal  ear   tinned
'"     ""    ■    il-    li.     iiit    m>.i|!   Int'   Mn'ii.s   Kjl
!■■■ I.gi bu...   wiiil. fot   iln; -Miihing-
;.i>   inld b\  Mr, Koss, when
1 cf  ihe fmlnightly  payday
lu-   il.is   lint    JiUslllt    VI'ill II    11
.11 loiuiiiitiiT, biciiise he did
.'••.-.   tf.   ft-,  s  (i.miiig  up.        Ile
• ii   iJi.m   n  was sprung upon
attention of anyone. The coiunu'.:" e
is limited to the .work outlined ii>
ihe prog-.amiiie, hence nolliiiig can' be
sprung. By absenting himself from
committee he assisted in killing the
bill. ' Likewise did his leader, 'lb;*
further than,, litis, Mr. Ho-;s lta>
not even the. excuse, poor as it would
be if- he had-it., 'thai lie had not
been as'.-.cd to- support ihe nieasui'-.
ile was spceificall}- mentioned in the
re.ioliuiwii of Gladstone Union and
urged to use his influence in favor oi
ihe1 biil. ■-. Alr.'Koss.is left wilhout
llie shadow of an excuse for turning
the . workiiignten down in this respect.
W'ncn idr. lioss bad an amendment
to Uic assessment • act in-charge
which, il adopted, ■ would have exempted certain corporations' from
taxation, ' lie was on hand without
any promptings from its friendsi but
found the opposition,, to his corporation scheme.so united and so uuiner-
i.us ihat lie \viihdrew it for filial
reason.;' Slicnuaii aud\.iMooi'e v:x:
not needed ihen to remind him of '.-s
\\"e have lo call Mr. Ross lo -ask
ft 1 his attitude against- amendment
,Vo llie Motknien's Conipeiisiition Act.
Mhcn he was asked to support an
extension of the Act to coke oven employees, he replied, intimating., t.'ai
any move might result iu the annulment 0: the Act, and that therer.vo
u had better be leR alone, lie vve,r.
so lar as to make it appear that the
Liberal opposition was opposed to'
llie Act, and would join in its repeal.
■The-eoiiespondeiicc-is on lile, and will
eomi leU-iy, overthrow Mr. Moss in
this connection. ■ The leader of tlie
Opposit on, when asked to say whclh:
er Mr> Ross' reference to them was
correct, termed it "sheer nonsense,''
and promised support of the amendment.. I
In March, 1^05,- Air. Ross was asked to bring in an. act amending, the
Coal-Mines Regulation Act, and
through, him .there was presented to
the Minister of Slines the reeoiiiiiicn-
dalions 01 the, miners. It was given'
out that owing to the date lime when
ihe'. memorial was received, nothing
could'he done during the»session of
tiiat yeai.. In January, 1906, 'at'' the
beginning frt).at "year's session, at-
,tuition was directed-to the iiiemoii.il
of the picvious year, and. the Minister' . was :a.sked - to pass into law
the matters referred to him, l'...i
nothing whatever w.is done. In .-Its,
.1.3 in . all other matters where'1 the
wiirkingiiien are concerned, •>Mr. Ross
did i:oihii:g.
When   the-bill  known  as the  Fortnightly' I'ay-day Bill was' up in    the
J.Ioit-se^,i'oi_.second_!.re.-Ldiiig.  Air.    Ross
voted   therefor,   but  gave  the'follow-
A Marvellous snd Triumphant Record
of Victory Over Disease. ,
I      Dist.No.18      I
^ Headquarters      Blairmore, Alta. A
I F. H. Sherman," Fres.'i     Fernie -T
+ J. A.McDcnald.Sec.   Blairmore ♦
♦  ;.    ' .", ♦
^   Gladstone Local-"Union No.2314   4>
<^   Thos. l>iggs,  Sec.,. Fernie, B. C.   ♦
' No medicine has ever effected as largo
a number of wonderful and almoEt marvellous cures as Psyehine. It lias had one
continiKius, record of victories over diseases of the throat, chest, lungs and etomach. I AAAAAA*AAAAAAAA*AAAAAd.
Where .doctors have pronounced cases J ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦;♦♦♦♦?
incurable from consumption and other
.wasting diseases lVyehine f-teps.in and
♦ .""♦
4   Michel'Local Union No.  2334.   ^
♦ A.    W.    H.     McLcod,      ,Sec,   <t/
^       ■    '•    Michel,   B.   C. '       ^
♦ ■'     " -' ♦
L. 1>. ;Eckstein.        J. 1'.' Myers-Gray.
; ^Eckstein Sc Graij :
Bahkisters-at-Law,    SouciTons, Etc.
Koomii 1 & 8, Henderson block. Fernie, B. C.
F   C. Lawe.   " Alex. I.  Fisher, 1LA.
;LaiDe & Fisher
Crow's - Nest    Tra'dimg    Co; . Block,
'' - .Fernie, B'l C.
ing reported remarks on the1 stibjecli
Ross (Kernie did not think a similar law in the eastern provinces had
proved an "unmitigated success," but
would "vole for the second reading ol
lite liill.' "   '
ilcie we sec that Mr. Ross, while
saving he would vote for the second
.e.tding', aimed a knock-nit blow
igaiiisi the measure.-, No wonder he
did not 'support the bill :n commit
ec.     ''
What   -,is My.  Ross'   position upon
the following matters:
Coal Alines Regulation Act,
Workmen's   Compensation   Act.
Fortnightly  Pay-Day^
Does'he believe that men whov-il.
11 the woods should be included it
.he benelits of the M'orkitien'.s ' Com
lunsntioii Act? It looks 'its if the
Ji.i ti ivativc candidate would like to
ivoid ail these iptestioiis now and. in
he futiiiv, us ue has done iu the past,
•'l.lil     t'}
!.'.■  f..i.
li li'.   t!
,1    l!
'.ilitUi    <.i   * In-   House.        Wc
..I  t( Jtfs.  Ifi.ss bad displnyid
1   ' '    ' "■"' ■   'i'   P';-.ird   fr>   fin's  jiilf
us in have di.inutirl/f.I hi»
• '■ '     ' ;;   rii'f'iii.  were     ton
1, li   v.. ul,! haw u-<n pusmt.it
■ - • i.it'i, .".tsir," As w»- iiudfr-
•1 ''. • f.iiiitcl prnprainitic ol
* - '". 'ibfiii i, in j,e t.i'Ki-n lip hy
• -     ""•      ..      l..iiidi-il   t"     i*t\\
''     "   '■'   !' ■ -li'.'iii.- of it- iiffing;
■:   :» t!. i<   iv.i'   it  is  int|K>svtMiF
iniftitifti!  vmrU   to  <-M»pc  'hi
rite Story of a Woman Made Well by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.    -
Bad blood mentis bad health That
i.s why Dr. M'illiaius' l'ink Pills menu
^ooil health. They aelimlly make
new, riJi blood which slrengtheiis
jvery nerve and every organ iu tlie
hotly. Thai is why people who use
Dr. Williams' l'ink 1'ills feel bright,
ictivi! and strung. Mrs. Arthur
Ifaniiigaiii Mnrshville, Out,, is a witness m ihe truth of these stale-
uieiits. Mrs. llniinigau says- "For
nearly three years I sullered from
niiieinin (.bloodiesMiess), and during
thai liiiic consulted and took medicine (niiii several doctors, without
hriielk-i.il results. My loiuplcxiou
was of ,-1 waxy appetiraiiie, my' lips
and gums M-einwl bloodless. I '.'..tlet-
ed li'mii headiiches, di/./iuess and palpitation uf the heart. My, appetite
was so poor that I did not u\w
wlii-UiiT I .ile or not, nud I grew m
>\i-.il., .Hid was so iuin.]i n-dind '.n
lUsh thai ni) friends thought I was
in coiisuinpiioii, ,\s I have suid, 1
doftlon-d without bciii'lit, mull the
l,.sl diictoi' vvhiiui 1 I'liiisiilted advised nie lu (rj Dri Williams: l'ink Pills
I Mlowiil his iidviu-, mul   less   thgn
tf   11.tt 1.1   4,«Ai.s   ,i,.Vi    ,„.«..«    .,..   t\.\   .^.1.
lei.lli.,11   3   .un        today       \\\   tbl    ■ \ l,ip
I'-'iiis     i.f inv  trouble have vanished,
and I enjoy tin- very best of   he.ihlt
I know there ore liiiiidreili of women
who ale drifting into the same   urn-
'...-VIII..   *.   u(j.j.,  ^.w.u   il.,   a,"   u....',, ' wi ,.','
stri.tigly tnge tin- immediate   ,ise   of
l)i, Willi.iiiis' Pink  1,'ills."
Ilr. Williiims' Pink l'ills du not ait
Itpolt the bowels; they do nut link,!
with mc-ri' sviitptouis; ttiry go right
to I In* rout nf tlw trniililr in the
Ido'wl. That is why Uiry cure niiii-
iii'iit .liltiuiits IiU itteititi.iti 111, licit
ii<lg'*t, kidi.cv truiihle, Iit.nl.uhis ainl
ls»«V,;»cl.«,, St( Vitus d,(nfe, .ftinl the
sirti.il ailments 1h.1t  nfllnt mi many
Wuim-ii  i,|,,| ^ruuillj;   <*itls        $AA    |,y
.1/5      il.lilji.'ftr   ill-*'tt\.    HI    ),y    HMtl    ,a
:.   ■'    .1   II'   v.     il"  -.1'  II'  M'.-.   fill *«'  -il ft on;
1f«-   It'      \\i!!i.mi>"      Mnlutnr Co.
I'.ro. kvillr,   Dili
rescues numbeiless people'even from the
very verge of the grave. Coughs, Colds,
Catarrh. Bronchitis, Chills, NightSweatP,
I.t Grippe, Tncunionin, and other like
troiibh-s, all of which are forerunners of
CouKtimption, yield (juickly to the curative powers of Psycliine. <
Mra. Campbell, one of tho many cured,
makes the following statement:        . ,
1 cniiiiot refrain from telllai; nil who Rider
of my iQimirkiililu iceovery with rsvvlilne. . la
April, llKW. Icwiglitii tii'iivy eolil wlili'h FottkM
(iiiiny le.iiRsntid.Kraduiilly leu to consumption.
1 could not sleep, wus milijcvt to niglu Kiveias
my laiiK'S were so tllscnsud, inv doctor i-onsldeK-il
ine iuuiu-iitilc. Kev. Mr. Miiliufl'v, l'oit Klpln
I'rcsliyti'rliin Church, ivfoniiiicndvil Dr. Sloetim't
I'svi-liliie lo me, when I wns living in Ontario
After ustiiR l'Kyehiiift! for n Kliort time I iito und
slept well, tho nl^ht sweats nml «'oui;h*caM-d.
■ -^ Monthsni,ii I stopped taking l'sechino, us I was
perfectly restored to health anil to-dnv I nevci
lelt belter In my life, l'sychmc hits been a god
send to we..      ..   Mus. Anijiikw Cami'beil.
Cottonwood, N.W.T.
PSYCHINE never disappoints.
'.-.PSYCUINE has no substitute.
,;-There-is no other medicine "Justa*
good."     , __ '' ' ■     (
■ At oil deters, 50c, end $1.00 per bottls.
I IX nut write to
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, 179 King St, W, TORONTO
, Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a sure
and permanent cure for Rheumatism
Brlght's Disease, Pain in the Back and
all forms of Kidney Trouble.   25c per
box, at all dealers.
Coleman' I.ocal Unioir No. 2633-
Chas. Brooks, Sec., Coleman,
-    '     "       • Alia."
♦. ;     ♦
♦ Frank I.ocal    Union. No.- 1263   ♦
^   David Ktene, Sec., Frank, Alta.   ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ' " " =^
♦ I,ille   Local    Union   No.   1233   ♦
♦ Dan  McNeil,' Sec, Wile," Alta.   ♦
♦ ' ♦'
♦i« '"-,'♦
4   Bellevue  I.ocal Union No.  431   ♦
♦ ■John Clark, Sec, Bellevue, '♦
♦, ' ■ '"'    -    Alta. ♦
♦ ' • ♦
♦ ♦'
♦ Hillcrest I.cieal Union K0.1058   ♦
.♦'JJas. Turmbull, Sec.,'Hillcrest,   ♦
♦' "     „   Alta., ♦
To Tlie, Kditor:  ",.-
The toni|dex silnalton in which wc
find Kernie -Liberals is without para-'
lei anywhere in Canada. For a Pnjr
lime (nisi a few who run with ihe
Conserviilive bare and bunt with the
i.ilicr.il hounds'''have dominated the
so-called' Liberal Association"and ev-
ctylitiiij; iiertiiiniiijf -o Liberalism 111
llie Fernie rilling. Anyone who dared
utter' a'protest-was .made so uncomfortable that hi- had lo leave ahe
Liberal   (,?)   A.ssociiHioii..        „ ,
\Viis ' iherc a Conservative inllneu-e
paradinjj ;;.s a.Liberal force thai did
all-- this? Just now,- while wilho.it
doubt Liberalism^ ' is-'strong ^within
Jieinie.^w'c—find-luieeil_unoii_.iiaiit man
wdio stands withi-ut- endotsaliou of tin-
sentitiient. of Liberals. Foiscjd upon
'tlicni, .true Liberals are at a loss lo
know what ' lo do iu the exigency,
lilatiy think ilu'it llie Liberals have
been jobbed by the Conservatives,
who, well knowing that a weal; .man,
and ti ,1 larjre extent a persona non
gratin "aiiioiijr - his fellow workmen,
menus, secession from Liberal ranks.
think'1, the, objecting individuals will
support the Tory candidate. Certain
it is, ihut ninny jjond' Liberals ' will
licsitale to cast a vote for a man
whom  lliey distrust, as a Liberal. ■
As I have staled,, there is no parallel uf  Uic situation.        ' „
It was attempted to e;et a suitable
candidate at the last moment, and
the true Liberals felicitated themselves upon the solution, ', as '.hey
ilioujili|,"of the dilliculty, but the substitutional candidate was a .slrontj
man, comparatively, and so he was
shunted, iis so many oilier" -Mnil-it*
ones ..had bleu. The' situation is tut-
fair lo the Liberal parly and to the
Liberal lenders, 1 specially when al
this critical juncture in the his'ory
of the' piovince ii jjootl |"overniiiji)l it,
icqitired in the nlace of the one.
which is dominated, -mi is fieely
claimed, by ihe I,, p, |j. Uuilway, f,I*
whicli has merely to ask for the public domain lo jrot, it, if the ?j,vi,-
Kincs   .due 'by   Unit  coiitp.i.iy
W. R, Ross, K. C.    ••'       J• S. T. ALKXASnEB
Ross &; Alexander
FERXIE, BpC.     '
Officii tn I.. T.W.-Ulock'', Victoria Avenue.
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
\V    Block,   opposite the  Bank
■   Ottic* hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
W. J. Wrigles.worth. D.-D, S.
" ixduisttist..::".. SB3
'Ot-'i-'tcK Homtfi-
'8 S^to 12 a.m. 1 to S 11.111
ti.30 tonv.m.
Office in Al«x. 1 ik's Kioi-.k    ■•    &$.«■
overSlinn's Bukejy.
'_'    -_' " -    -      a. 0
♦.,'■•"        ' '     ♦'
+ Luuilbreck' T,o'cal Union No. v ♦
^ 2275. A. H. Bryan, Sec., Lund- ♦
^        ." breck, Alta.  ' •'"'    ♦
♦ :. ■ '", , ■ " . ♦'
♦ .  ■       .:-■-..■..'.-'   ♦'
\&   Lethbridgt Local Union N0.574 ♦'
♦" S.  A.  IL" Crabb,    Sec., »Letli- ♦
^ '  bridge, Alta.      ' ♦
♦ .','" ♦itBAKER ST..
^ Tabor Local Union, No.. 102 ♦
^ John ■. Bishop, Sec, .Tabor, ♦,
+ ■   Alta. '        ..-..♦'
♦ ' « ' , ' ' . .■ ♦
^ Tabor. Local Uiiion No. 1959' ♦
<$>   Alfred , 1'roberl, • See,,. Tabor, ' <§>
'♦;- '      '''''" Alta:.'" ■, ♦■
♦-     " . ' "'-,'■♦
^ Canniore Local Union No. 1387 ♦
♦ . ■" ♦,
^   Bankhead Local Union No. 29  ,♦
♦ -John ■ Hiijuihs, Sec, Bankhead • '<►
^ :> " . Alta. ♦,
-f ♦♦♦♦<►'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦■
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors1 and Builders
ffernie, 3£< C.
Davey & Laderoute
«iv *
City of Fernie
ANGLICAN-Christ Churcli-
llev. 11. Skeldiiin Wilkinson,
liastor—Services, 11 11. ni.
and 7,30 ]i. 111. Sunday
School and Bible class at
2,30 p. m, Kvciiinjj prayer
on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd
Sundays m 11 a. m., and
and Sunday at V a. 111.
every \Wiikiii}>iiiiin who eaiiis 'tiore
than that sum. ■ The lands iu the
Crow's rf\'eM Pass would be made to
I'oiiii'ilniie their just quota to the
levi-iiiie. Will a corporation legislator do nuNthliij,' to briitff about miiIi
a loiidilioii;' The answer is plaiu'.y
no. Whiiiii, then. imi(iiii> t[u. 'i|hv*
uitididates are ihe elei'lois to en-
dur.-e' It looks as if the (|tleV.iu.l
in this riiliiiu was one less o( politics ihait ol nun. lu whoiu mny the
tlutois idiiie it list? The iiiniiii.lr 1111
will be wihid mi the 2nd of I-'ebru-
■ivy I,til fti'uvi-lv bv th* I'li'Miit-i.' !•>:
tiiidrr proper eoitditioim should In-the
i-ase, uf a  Libcin|,
Voiii's Truly,
n't 'mir, i'.Wtittv in" Liv hlM-'p, tuiii.
I'\-rnie, H, V.
N'OTICK is  heieby  »tvi-n  thai   the
iiiwliTM_>tii'il will, m the lii'M nii'itiii"
of tin' Fln.iri' of f,ii'i-Mi-r l'oiiiiiii-.siiiti
us lor tin City «.f I-Vtiiic, held alter
the c>.pi...'.ioit 'if llu'rti i|..y, (f ,:n
litis <I.it«, npply for the inuisln ol .1
te'.ad  Hotter  liiriii*>.  _,'r.iiit»-<l   iu    ie-
«.plftt   of       the  C»1|lr.ll   Until,    .Itit.tlr
upon Lot  1, ItliH-k »«. City ol   h'eir.i,-,
ji«:u   lu\stU  ','1  .LiiipN Si 1 titts
U.it d  ifr.     i   t!l  d.ij   oi   .f.tnil.itr,  .1
IL,    IM.".
HAl'TIST—llev. 11. Locke
Kempton, 1LA., ll.Tli., past-
■ or. Services at 11 a. 111, and
7.30 p. nt. Sunday school
nnd llible class at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meetitie; on Wednesday at 8 p. ni.
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished on application.
Plenty   of. GOOD   DRY   LUM-
Architect     and Superintendent
Office at Residence,
-   .. KERNIE, B.C
K  JHI--I.T . , A.WlI.DMAK
Contractors unit Bnildtrs.
. b Kstimntes Furnished
Storm Doors and Windows
Shop;- Corner Howluiul Avo and McEvoySt.
•"•?.- .      P  O.'Box DM. Fcrnio. & C
., ,   ■, ——*■—
Is a pleasant' home
,,       for the traveler.
lo please careful" housekeepers is > to
give honest weight.. Oh, ive don't
say tkat- all .butchers don't do this
but .we cannot help occassioJiaJlv
overhearing our lady friends when
they get. to tolling their experiences,
lo please is lo supply only {he best
meat. If you trade with us you.will
learn just what we. mean bv these
two "ways''. QUALITY and QUANTITY will be a little more "than you
expect. "'      '  ,
Calgary Cattle Co
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
. Headquarters for . PACIFIC
40 5c. packets for°$i.p6 prepaid
to youci P.' 0. Order direct and
get Ircsh,  tested, new crop seeds;
Large stock of Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental .Trees.
Greenhouse Plants, Cut Floivers.
Catalogue Free.
" M.  J,  HENRY,
. 3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, IL C.<
Con),—Coal laiuln mny bo miroliRHod nt HO
ur utro for nol't coal nnd {HO tor iintltrauif-
olnioiot.lntn m aoreii can lie itaquinm I
oini iuiltviduat or cnnuiany,  Royalty al t
the pollock;
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale' Dealers and Direct Importers of
n „
OLD. TOM '■:■■"■
.   .P0MMEJR.Y .   »
'"      CHAMPAGNE    _J ^_
Roosville & Elko
Tliere, is "nothing  from a hatchet
to. split, the kindling wpod to the-
complete  outfit for    an exploring,
expedition  which "we do not sup-.
1 ply;' at  a  reasonable  price,
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, Groceries, Fann Implements and ■ Machinery from
Stem-Winding Mouse Traps to
Cyclone .Stackers, Indian Curios,'
Souvenirs of Roosville and Elko,
Raw Furs and Fresh Produce from
Tobacco Plains
Sole Agents in Canada for-
Windsor"    Tonic,      Jag   .Destroyer.
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
^•aa-BKriE], b.
nor utro for nol'teoal nnd {«) tor iintltrauite, {
it.  _,	
be collecttel on thu eroHa output
s'olnioiot.lntn m »cru» can lie itaqutnHi by
.nm iudtviduat or enmvan.v, Royalty nt tho
rivto of tup contH por ton of a.ooo -pouniH elmll
Que.rU—A fioe min«r'a oortitleato U grunted,
upon imyniDtit in artvunoo of (5 p«r annum for
mi individual, Hint from (M to ttlMi per annum
for 11 company uuoordinu to capltivl.
Afroe mluer, linviriK<lioo«vered minora! In
4fj iiliieo, may lunate 11 olulm 1,W0 x 1,SM feet.
'V +
•J. .CATHOLIC-Clutrch     of    the .J-^
>!• Holy  Family—Father  J.  M. •{•>
»>j. Tnivemier,       O.M.I.     T,ow A*
>J« niiiKS, 8,30 a. in.; high muss, A*
(•{• 10,30 a. m.   Sunday school, A*
•I« a ]i. ni.  Evening service, 7.30 »J*
>J« 1 »J«
were collecteil,' whnt a difference it.
would make lo the pour . niitn: II
the Koo,ooo acres of bind given to the
.'-.iliie i".oiii|i;iny for nothing were -old
nnd the moneys used for public works
i-i' ii. lien ol taxation, we would ne.ir
less .tbiiiit increasing the woii.ing-
niiiu's Inn den. Nothing, in thai event, would be said about taxing 11.
conies    over S.soo,   j.iul  so to  intitule rH*WM"M"M*M',M"M"M',I*M^wM«
IMETIIODIST-Uev. W. I.ttsli-
ley Hull, U.A., H.D., pnstor.
JJcrvkeH at it a, tn. and 7,30
p. M. Bible class 3.30 p. m.;
combined Hible class und
teachers' iiiectin.,', 330 \>.x\x.
CltiNs meeting, 10,15 u, 111.
Young people'.* mcetllig,
Monday at S p, ni. Prayer »)•
meeting Wediie,silny at f> p.m.   •!•
^5. 4.
•f«   PRKWTtVTERIAV    —    Knox u.J.
»t«     rhtiivh—Rev,   II.    tt.  Orant, »J«
A,*     M.A., pastor. Services nt it »]•
»!•     a.m. and 7.3a p.m.   Snntlay •!•
•J»      school    nnd   Bible class   at •!•
3.30 p. 111.   Prayer   tneetinu Aj>
WnWsdav «t 8 v. 111. A*
.J. •!«
«A I.VATION" Alt M V-Capta in
l.nidlaw. SiiiiiUy—KinM" drill
7 a. tr». Hnl'jiraa meeting 11
ti. in- "'I'tee and li.isy."
2.3o ji, m- Httnlay school, 3
in j, S^lvatum mretiti};, r.
j». m, P.M.K. int-itiiijf on
M(.nd;iy ;it 7,3m j», to, Sal-
viitiori rtiei-tinj; Widiuaday »J«
at 8 p. m. Soldiers' mcel- •!•
»"Xi Friday. festiirtony •{•
nireting Kttnrdav at M p- m.   4*
Tho fee f«r rocoiillriB 11 eluim (11 Xfi.
At. lcnut |100 muit bo expendod 011 tbo olulm
eaeliveartr jmiil lo th* raining recordor in
llnu thurauf, Wben IWU ka» »e«n expondul er
puld, the loouter niny, upeu liavlng a turvoy
made, and upon comnlylna wiUi othor r«>
qnirumout»,uuri)hu«o tlie lundaljl an acre,
Tint patent iirovldce for tbo pnymimt of iv
royalty ttSJ per cent on tlie nalei,
PiauiiU mluiiiK (ilitimi ceiiarally nro 1U0 feet
nojiui'ij; entry (m fA nmoivuijleyearly,
A free mlnur may obtuin two Iouhm to
ilruJiii'lur gold of live mllfutiiinh for a ttirni of
t*6nty year*, renewable at the dtnirotloii of
ho Mlnikter of thu fiituilor,
Tbo lojue yluUhave ttdrodKo In oiieratlon
within unu eeiteon from the date of tlie Imuo
enoh mile of river letted. Royalty at tlio
rut* uf tli per ocut collected 011 the output ut-
tur It Hxvutde tiii,um,
for raoa livv iiillee,   Keutal tlO per annum for
DofKity MitltUr •( tlie InUrtor,
M,   ns-~Vrt»|itho)»iwft  JWllctykkm  ol<
tlui udfcrtlirntnnt will not he paid
ltlll'llll|l»IIIWIH<I.H I
i,1!1. I!l U !
i> <b
$  ItUC KIVKIt I.ODOK NO. 35 <»
i$j A   P. «t A, M, <$>
'.), Kfgular meeting held first Fri- «J>
\t>   day   in  t«v.li   t.tu,.i'i.   Vinlll:.^ <£
4-   Lrilhcni   cnriVioMy   Invited, 4>
<$,  J. S. VOLUME, See., Fernie. <$>
<>  <$»
<« MT. VIWNIK l.onai', NO, 47 4>
it/ :. «a. 0. r. ^
4;  Meets tvery Wednesday cvtning <j<t
i.v  at « p. 111., in I. O. 0. K. Hall 4>;
<J>  V. 0. 1,AWU, Rcc.-Scc, Fernie <$>
<8> <?»
<i>       FKUN'IK I.ODOK NO 31 «^
<*■   Meets in I. i). 0. F. Hall every ^
ilmrMlay (-veninjj at H o'tloclc. <^
Visiting 1>rrth*rn «rc cordially <$>
Invitrtt. " i»
ik-.» 1.. pfdit-f, v.. c. <
c".. ir. rt-iiiiMu, k. v f« s..' ■«•
Ml- I'A'i'JtOJi]J1K  HOArk   JNUUk)THV?1ltt
1 "rjasrioiT  L^BEirj
Crow's    Nest   Speoial
L_„' j. AND' —i-J.	
WHnei*fs FavoHto Cigars
.•ic.?,nm5i1 BUU.-D0G
U 1111W nnr. uf a lumired dltfo-.-nt
■ilrili.i-i tin \ i|/,.j iiittr II l.irlt liiriinil
;it In.   Tim p.!f.'eel i,u .11'jr u,' t!m
liit.n'.ml ihn».l;l,l with \<hle.i tlniy
.nu III,lib), H'UlllllU Ilium im tlio
i.i Ida World
nujv wii.i, Nor iiiniN.
Tltl'.V W.l.b NO't' CUACIi,
I'very Via Guar, nletd.
f^ir* ri cwk"*. nn w.
>■ ■ *—t r-iuiuii'ierun lu*k ur
"Sit*.''' OranJ" Pipes
For Sale at the
Club    Cigar   Store
;I,W. A. INGUA.M, Prop,
Umbo 9«.      -      *      Fcrtilo, II. C
T/iu enntrarMri of I*VriV« will
please take not ire that Alter April
/j-, lit, 1906 tat Carpenter* imd Join
•.>m ol IVnile l.iKal 1330 will i)J;.
wand four dolUr* (4.00) for tlt,ht (8)
hours' work.
U. B. of C. «V J. D. mo, Fernie.
•M444 i444-MM44+**>i4+*.
Ml«*r4e   l.lminktnt   Carta G«tg»t
shipped cm     order from
any part cast or west.
Kiko to
Send   orders   to . Kiko.'
Biy; Game" ■ Hunters-. outfitted
-with-'supplies, l'ack Horses, "and
CBWM»J rKII&ii^V.l'^f .-"^.'
50 Good Woodsmen wanted .by
The Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
Office or at Hoe-;
1 * ,
The Elk Lumber Co., Ltd.
.   Fernie, B. C.
Leave Nelson 7.30 a.m. daily
Arrive Vancouver 11.50 noon
S. S. Princess VICTORIA
Arrive Victoria 6 p. m,.
S. S. Princess BEATRICE
J.H.tlAllTKIl. I>, P,A„NolH(in,
K .l.aiyLM.A.ll.l'. A , Vnui'oitvur.
■ limg^UMi   [■ 11
In Uic niiilti. ot tlm Act tfhpci'tiiiu
ccrtnin wnikH ii. uml iiv«r cui lain iinv-
ijfalilc wiiU't-i, lieiiii,' Clittptcr 39, R,
S. C, i88fi.
N0T1C15 ^ livinliy jjivi'ii iiml one
iiuitilli alter ilutt mi npplicaliou will
lie iimile to the (tovirnor-ln-Coiincif
liy Ilnli-s Iliiij-Htnii Ross nml Joncpli
WliitcliL'rttl Uiic,. enrrymj; on liusiness
tit ICIiimnitli, it, the Province of llrit-
inh Coltiiiiliiu, imiUr the iiiiti iimuc of
Ros.s Uroji. nml Company, tniiler the
univisions ot th- iilio>'r Act for tifr-
ntlssioii to construct ilains, booing
ami otlttr inipit-vcinciits for lo^KJng
nml saw iiiillni|> imipns^ in Kootenay River iu Sou lit Knst Kootenay,
UriUnli Coltitnliin.
The plnns of the works proposed to
he coiistrti.'tL-il ami u ileu-iiptlou of
the rite thitto! MJVe ]im[ <lqm,it,.n
with the R^lMrnr of Land Titles at
S'eUon, n. c., aad with the MInlitcr
of PtihHc Vori» at Ottnwn, Ontario.
W. P. GURI),.
Wolitltor fur the ApfllranU,
T?*r"'T i»« fVnnfcronl:, Jl. C, tJfts
3»st day of Ditonher, A. U. 1906.
ll   .
I Iv
.) :■■■!
' J
-i TH E   FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE,' B.C., JAN.- 26, 1907
"Liberals'Hopelessly Divided and Labor and Socialist  Parties at  Odds
'  —Easy for W. 11. Ross
Defied all 'Remedies for. 7 Years    and
Doeiois Stud, "No Cure."    . '
i .". '"-
'... ' " "   ,'\
1 i'y  \-,-"';':"-
)' ';:\';-
f -   ' •'•■„--
. tf>VM:
W^'fe!- ■,
''(Special - lo Tlie'Daily 'Canadian.) ■
, Fernie,.,Jan. iS.—lite' account pub-
lisned in the Nelson' Xcws of IVilli'im
M. Dicken's nomination as lite Liber-'
al candidal.: for ;Feniic, -gives one not
conversant with the facts an' idea
thai      that gentleman  is. a'°pqlit-:-al
Moses. Nowhere''in.this province:, is
there  so much dissension' auionjj Liii-
. erals as in Kernie, and the breach i.s
'^widening. - The stauiichtst Liberals
pass  one  another'   without  speaUinj;.
.-It is a war between what are lourvn
its' coal company and anti-coal com-
jinny   Liberals.   Dicben     is  considered
.11 .siroujr co.il coiupaiiy lii-.tu, therefore he,is persona iiuiijjnua wilh-tlui
other element.
Among, workinijnieii bv- seems to
meet wilh' nothing-hut coiidemii-.i'.ion,"
.'i.s', though "il is contended tint lie
look an issue that resulted- his way,'
he is charged with having done . so
under an inilueneo' which is supporting him at lite present time. fl , That
he will hi: iguiuiiuioiixly dcte.iled t.ot
even his "slrougesl supporter will hoti-
i-slly delay. AI the .so-called' cosiivn-
tiou which nominated hini seven .persons, had refused, the candidature
plum. Hut . Dickon olTerud it'
as. a-dernier, resort, snapped greedily
at' the bait as a- hungry  trout' lakes
.the elusive liy. If there, were wanting ;i 'true, sign of bis weakness il is
in the fiict that he was on Thursday
badly defeated. as a candidate for
alderman of the City of Fernie. lie
ranic very nearly being at the foot
■ of the poll? Liberals had tried, some,
of them verv hard, to dissuade' - hint
from running for every thing in s-ght,'
feeling tliat his defeat in "a muiiieipa
campaign would mean mi _augury oi
the same result in llie'provincial contest., bitjl' Dicken sttibbornlv stood bv
what is called by many the'coal company  ticket! • Efforts  are being  made
"to, call this man oft -and replace him
by some, one who possesses more
strength. A'large number of eleci-.
,ors- prevailed  upon  3!r. ■],. "1\   -Eek-
t stein to cancel his  trip  lo "thu   coast,
■ aiid consider,.a nomination as an  In-
. dej-enilcnl   Liberal."
That gentleman has decided    io'adhere  to  his  resolution   to remain  out
;"'of politics  1 nil attend to' his  extc-usicc
Yet Zam-Buk 1-ias-Camplctely Cured.
So powerful are the healing essences i:i "Zam-Buk. tliat in some cases
which...have .l-.ctir pronounced beyond
rclu f,,they have "worked, complete cure
Such an instance", is just "reported
from ■ iiivonuav, Saskl -.Airs. J. ,-.A.
llcCoriniek, of that place, days:
"About. seven .years ago my lace
broke " out in rough red blotches,
which burned and itched and smarted
in turn almost bevond endurance. I
commenced to try every known' remedy 1' .could , 'get for., lace and skin
troubles. Som'e. of lliem save a little
lelicf, some none, but no matter how
much 1 used"-them, as soon as I went
out the'trouble started ail over
again. 1 consulted doctors, and they
told me there was ahsolutclv no cure
for me, but that I should have . lo
wait until  1 ottlgUH' the disi-use.
VFnialiy my husband . sent for a
Supply ot Zaiii -Duk. We applied a
small .Maniple lo a small'pari of the.
disease.- To our di-liglu the portion
liealed with Zain-lluk very tpiickly,
hcticd. "We tlieii obtained u proper
s-tipply, and begun the. Ziun-liuk
Ire.iliueiit. I am now delighted -to
Mate thiit after having i;s«.d a, lew
boxes, I am free from the old trouble and completely cured. I will never
be without /.am-Hitk in -the house as
long as I live,, and to all who' are
liouiiled. with "skin diseases in mv-
loiiu 1 would s;iy, waste, no time -,in
obtaining, a supply of '/.nm-l'.uk.-
Since proving il in my- own' case, 1
have obtained a supp,y for an eld
l«dy who had an'nicer on her ir.j lor
30 years. Three boxes "were siiilL-ieut
to close the wound."
Zant-Htik cures cuts, burns, iraises,
scalds, and all skin ftlis uses. .- p-
plicd tto ee/eiiis. scalp sores,, pinups,
poisoned wounds, children's nsiii,
ulcers, koils, abscesses, ilch .ore
back, - festering ;1ud discharging
wotttids, etc.,.' it acts like a. charm
Us ■ anti septic ingredients kill ;>1!
genus and prevent iuflamniation- aril
festering. Then its healing - po-.vi.rs
unite into operation and' build up i,.",v
heillhv,. « tissue, All druggists --'ell
Zaiii-ljuk at 50c pur. box, or. obtainable from the Xatu-1'.uk Co., Totoiko,
for price;  fi boxes for S2.50.
Notice is hereby giyea that 60 'days
iter date, T intend to apply to the
Hoa. Chief Commissioner of Lands,
and "Works for a -special license to cut
and carry away timber.from the following described . lands situated on
the ., Kooteaay River. North East
Kootenay  District.
No. i .—Commencing at'a ;, post
planted pa the east side of the Kootenay river, about two- miles north
'of the northern ' boundary of Lot 4596
thence 80 clmfins north, "tlience 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence So chaius east, to place of
commencement. ■ ,    :
'    O. H. G. BOULTON
.. October dth,,-1906.
Sk-^r '^^^%^^'%^^^»^%'^^^'^^^'^^Sr^^y^'^^^ay^'^^' ~&y
tjmstdeir new jyc^-N-^-GEi^cBisra?
Severn,     ■" -     '--"'.     Proprietor
ames Oevern,
Watch it.Sncirease.  au you have- to $
5 ?r
do ■ with
keep   it
take lonq-  for  it
iToin^—then   watch
Well furnished rooms: The table is supplied with-the best
the market affords. The l>a r is supplied' with the, best wines,
liquors and cigars. i
♦    „
No. r1.—Coniinencing. at a post
planted at the southwest comer <_>*
Limit No. I, ihtuce 80 chains south,
ihc-nce So chains .west, '.hence 80
chains north',' thence 80 chain, east,
to place of commencement. . ' '
,,'.    ' ft. II. G. BOULTON.   '
Octol«r /,lh,  loofi".
law, practice.'' U" looksj-'therefore,
if the-fight, will be between-. W.;
Uoss and the Socialist candidate,^as
Dickon's' candidature is regarded as
more of a joke than anything .else.
■No. 3.—Coinmeacinip at a post
planted oBj mile north of Limit ■ No.
a. thence So chains south, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north,
th.nce So cha'«s east; to place of
October  1th,   1906.
Hotel, Fernie
T. Whelan;   Manager
A pleasant home
for the traveller.
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
livery Attention
Savings' Account  is' to   start  it'and
it   'grow.,   Doesn't,
to  count' up  to  a  considerable-
;»;    amount—men   yon   see  the   advantage-—the  wis-,
't    dom   of savin"".
I $1 Ooensao Account with The Home Bank of Canada
J. H.   JVIiARSS-SALlL,   Mgr.,
Fcrnlc   Branch
*    ■
w vv m, ..v ..v «* *jv vv vv £*^mii,&H<.HzHi£i.HZ$i.£i£i,£i.£i$i$ic*!t..
i&a P [IF  • N    i 3
Xo. 4.—Coniiiiencittg- ' at ..' a post
planted at till; north east corner o£
T.imit No. ."), thence 80 chains north,,
thence So chains cost, lllence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west, to place
of' commencement.
'. '    .    '    "G.qH.,G. 116ULT0N.
October v^th,-  190G.      ••
Lihcnil  Candidate. for' Kernie  Snowed
Under  iu  Municipal   Kighl.
'    (Special  lo, The Daily Caua.ii.tii.)
Kernie, . Jan. 18.—'Die tiitinicipa'.
elections, were held «lnst nijjhl. 'I In;
results were as  follows:- ■■>
•' For Mayor—Dr. S. llonnell, 115; A.,
A, W. r.leiisdell, no;
•• Kor Alilcrinen, elcclwl--.!. D, Onail,
134; A. Stork', 123; .1. L. Melnlyre,"
122; A. M. Triles, 114; W. W..Tultle,
113;,, J. L. Gales,  in.j.
DcfOii'teil—Tlios.Ili-ck, 100; .;S. , Ora-
hain, 9fi< W. M. Dicken," Su; S. I''.
Wnlliiee, S5; Titos, Hij,'RS,', 76; 0.' ;s\
Uoss, 51; \V, KiiiiuiuT, if>.
, Kor School Ti"ii.sti'c--1'!. I,.'Wfig'^les-
The opponents ol Inst year's council were upon, ihe whole- victorious,"
elect inn" llie mayor and three out oE,
six nlilcimeii. They were not able to
elect all their men, however, .some of
the candidates on lite ticket nroviiiu
too heavy a load for tliem to i-arry.
Aiiionp; these tins tiui.st iioliilile was
\V. M. Dicken, the Liln-nil nindidntn
ill the pi-oviiieinl eli'i'tioit",. In .pile
11I the I'ut'iK'st iidviiv of liuiiiy of his
friends,  lie persisted in .slnyiitjf mi lite
' iiiimiiip I fijjlil. iii'lii" he was iioiniii-
11 led for the lu}fi.slnliiiv, wilh I'm- result (lall, hv colli III}; a pom- ninth ill
11 field of 1 a, he linn di'Slroyeil \\l:,il-
ever pivsti^e he may have hud as
nominee of the Lilural parly, It is
now (idiuilti'd by everyone that he is
not a fnclor in the cotiiiiijj election,
ami the Liberal leaders reiill/e what
a fiitnl iiiistitke wns made in not
dianniliji him out of The itiiiuicipiil
liebl by iiiiiin foii'i',
lit i-iiiisi'ipii'iii'i' of thi^ i-onipli'ti' rid-
Inpse of  the  Libetul  ciinjit '.>n  (hi-iv
is threat ^activity ' in labor circles.
There are rumors ." galore of ca.iw.li-
ilates" that at'c Lo be puL into the
Held by thai parLy; which 'somewhat
ie-:einble.s Art emus Ward's militia,
company, -.every member of whicli
was. anxious lojie a.-, major-general'. ■
Most "o{ those prominent in Lite parly
JWJ Uiiiiii-4HtwMii»i—fiwe'lletl—wit1* Lite-
stroii;: desire For political jilory, that
last, iulirmily of noble uiiu:U. ■ In
couscqiicij,ce oith(e multiplicity- of as-
piiants^ and' also troubles' with the
Socialists, they, have beiiii unable so
far to put a candidate in the field,
i;til it is practically., certain -that
i.'.ey will do so. ' Tlie. result will be
thai while tin:1 Cuiiser'nlives arc solid behind "Hilly" Uoss, the opposi-,
lir.it vote will be split in three: It is
safe to say that a labor candidate
L'illylraw litllcor no strength from
Uic Conservative ranks', while, he will
probably t;ikc a number of Liberal
and Socialist votes,
No. ' 5.—-Cotnmenci«g at a post
planted at the, north west,'corner of
Limit Ko. 4, thence 80 chains north,
ihcace, So chains west, thence 80 chains
south,-thence 80, chains east, to place
of commencement.
' G.-1I..G." BOULTON.'
October  4th,   1906.
No.. 6.—Commencing, at' a post
planted at the north west corner of
Limit No..5, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 "chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence ,\So. cha-ias east,
to place of commencement. ■ ' ' -
."   _. .."■   G. H. G. BOULTON.
• October odth,   1906. ■■>•'-
No. - 7'.—Commencing- - at a J,post
planted one-half -miile east of the
norlh wesl corner of I(imit No. 6,
tlU-hce -80 - chains - ■ north,-" tlience --So
"hains'wesl, thence 80 chains, so.uth,
thence'So chains. , east" to"-place ' of
"coirimenc-eiiicBh- ■   ■>■ —"—t*^ *■
* Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Brewers of Extra Fine
La^er Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Fliilsfeloiir'Lia^Bfeer1 and '. ■*
1   .        -:'H^y!pe|SB' ":
All our stock is last rears cut anil well seasoned?
The' Best of
in Watch & J"etoelery Repairing ■
Undertakers 4 Embalmer
Fernie, 15. C."
N0T1C1C is hereby given that the
iiii(lersi_;iicil will, nl lite first meeting
of the Board of Licence Commissioners Jor the City ofKetnie, held after
Lite cxpiralion of thirty days from
I his ilalu, apply for the transfer of 11
rcln.il liipiuf licence, i.rnuted in respect to the N'orthi'ni Hotel, situate
niton Lots 6 uml 7, Block 1 <i, City oi
Keruii', from myself to John Sorkee,
Dated this idtli day of .Tniiiiury, A,
I).,  UJ07.
--27 W. KSCIlWItL
;       '"' G. H. G. 'BOULTON.
October <tlh',   1906." ,
..   AGENTS -FOR.1 . ^ .
The, Calgary.  Marble   &   Granite  Works
The    Kootenay    Marble,,   Works,    NiftSoii'
Samples.Can be Seen at the Office.   ° ■ ''    *  Parlors in Lundy's Block g
wiwrami m^m&mmmh^.
;,No.;., S.—Coiniilencrinj; ..at., a ... post,
planted one-half mile east 0^ tHe
north west corner o£. Limit No. 7,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains cast, to place ■ ol
October  <,t!i,   i$o(L
No. 9.—Commencing at a post
planted one-half mile east of.. the
north went corner" of !.T,imit No. 8,
(hence 80 chains- norti, thence 80
.ihains west, thence. 80 chains south,
tlience 80 churns east, to place of
October '/|l!i,   1906.
No, 10,—Commencing nit a post
pktnlo* one mile west of the north
west corner of Limit N'o.. 9", tlience fio
chains east, thence 80 chiu us south,
Ik-rice so chains wostr thence 80
ckaiin twirth to place of commencement, ■ ,
,G. 11. 0. noui/roN.
Oetohor  i|th,. iyo6.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000;    Reserve Fund, $4-,500,000
3. E. WALKER, General Manager,    ' ALEX. LAIRD,,-Asst. Gcn'l Manager
» $5' and under,.'     3, cents'
■    Over $5 and not exceeding $10    6 cents
1      "" $10       " " $30    10 cents
' ,"   $30       " "      .•  $50    15 cents
These Orders are PayHblo tit Par al any office in Camilla of a Chartered Bank
(Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points iu Uic limited States.
ii '" NltOOriAIILH AT A HXIM) nXll! AT
They form an excellent method of remitting small oiims of money wltb safety
'   <        and at small cost. ,■
G. S.   Holt,   Mmuiffer  ,
F,' nl   UrancliDia
planted »t the -«orth wev.t corner of
Limit No. to, thence So chains west,
tkeicc Bo chains south, thence So
ehai»R enst, thence So chiiins north,
t» place ot coiumcncenientri
Oetolwr 4th,   I9<>f>.
N0.  li.—Commeiicinj;    at    o,
i—■;,.   ..' ■      '■■■   "■a^pwi-
Orders for Meats
Esss» Butter, Poultry &
" Pish9 "to
arid get satisfaction
'PHONE   4
No, 13,—Commencing at u post
planted at ihe north went eorncr ol
Limit N<_. to, tfcince So chains went,
themre 8ii chnins north, thence 8o
rlwins eMt, thettce 8o chains .south,
lo placit ot commencement.
G. II. tt. H0ULT0N.
Octoher ^th',   IQf>6.
per with the miine—"Virgin Oil of
Pine (Pure)"—plainly printed thereon. There are . ninny imitations and
cheap iirodtictions ot I'ine, but these
only create' nausea,- sun! never eitcel
th* desired results. —'<>
The Palace'Off
Vb» P- fVDcLean
§ Store
Noi i,i,—Conimciieinu tit u post
pluaUiI at the north west cornur ol
Limit No. i'>, thence Ko chnins north,
tht-n-r So (huins eant, thtnee 8o
ihain* south, thrnie Ho chains we§t,
lo plncti of coiniiu'iicenient,
Oelofcr i-.lJi,  1906.
Th© A
A. J. Burton, Mw.
,B"",,*Jton Saw Cc».
Vnncouvorjj B. 0^
No,  M.—CoinmcMi'lnj;    nl    a    X?mi
plnntfil tt thft Miulh wiiht comer   of
I Limit    Ko.  io,     thence   Ho    ihains
Louth, tience Ko chiiins eimt,    Ihvnci!
Ho chains    north,   them-e- Hn ihains
We.nl, to place ol common'went.
Oclokr 4th",  lytiC'.
Miinuf.iiluivi" ol' ■•II   SuliJ
nml  lnsert«'tl Tuolli S-tivi.
We carry In stnrlt nml run
supply nl t.litui iiotiftV
isci ru'x, r.Attnrr
Send Us Your Orders
: .■'.;^>'!^>-'v;?.w«-5P»: i i[Wi-v- <
•< ^ ^»'#VA^VM^>'V''''
iotl Split Pulleys
(Iliac will not slip)
All Filing Room
Supplies at Righ
Prompt Delivery
Satisfaction Guarante
Crow's Ml
Electric Supply Store
.  All  kinds  of   ISIcciriic.-il
Goods Uopl in slock.
All  work
John' Tuunkk,
MNMMtlWiMi ■
1^ <A'^>A
,:•■;..   ■ ■'•*   ■ •   ■■.VLv
[\.&i\\ y.::>"?■'-■■'.'.•>*?&'i\ ''
'lA1-'  ,..,.-.,-^»..s.»-»)-;*
Make your wiiV happy by buy- '|
in,i>* a Strcl Kani>v of J. I). Quail
il. To n-lirve a coii^Ii or hmik up n
i cold ill iw«wi>-f"'» l>n«r.», l!'t" •' J
lowiiii! simple lornnili, tli*- inuri-ill-
tnti. of whKh <"■»" I* «h»ai»e«l "ot nnY
jiood |ircsci'iplioii tlrtiKnlsl tit siiitill
.itoii,  Is    nil that   will h« rciulred:
Tilrtoc MftRiitJ
TTT1''-        COPHRIOHTB Afi.
AnMlin ««ni1lii« a nkflrli nmM 'WTllHioii iiimv
■   •"iLiiurliiiii our niuii fri»: wliwlie" im
.****** ****** *mA—*m**n
i.ri.hfililv lliltt'Mf III"*'    l.iMlinillllll-ri'
i'M'oitW UH«1„
limillOlill,1,   .   ,
Uljll   Mill'!.  A
MiV;iiTMiiw,"wiih''»t'1«"ffl' nth*
/•*.?»<*'•**?*  7W»*i,«mV*^*h
OrT1    "trVft^ftTti-nv-^'v/    fiMp-ITOQlCteCI   I   i
ii •mmw**w*****
.•Mn^*>> •Iftl'I^HWH
*   tH^C^CO*>^C^<t^if<:^9< <W' '>^vs
niirst • / •'■
4 rti^^a^-lt^-^T^jtHJ^g^i-^^^w*"^^
. The Coleman intermediate hockey
team came .down last night and took
. llifc ;-c ilj-.s of oiu' home' learn in- a
hotl\" contested, well 0played game.
Our own l:ovs were slightly outclassed i)i weight-and age,' and the Coleman 1 oys showed -more practice, ,_Thc"
iitic-iip  was as  follows:
' I'Kii.NIK.      .; COLEMAN.
ciOAL.       ;"
Coisan   ; W.   Grcv.
■    VOIXT.
l-\   Johnson , II.   llasmere
Mhiuislcir li.  Dunlop
Wc received in1 case of Nice, Fancy Lamps I his
week — ordered for Clirislmas trade.    We  are, selling!!
them at OOSt.    Biggest .snap on earth."    Pay Cash.'
Or.   Johu.sotr
"A„ Guesack
'     . CEN'TRE
S.   Dunlop,        -- <> * It.  Campbell
W.  Wilson     "'   -.   ' II.  Iliggins
■_-•  '      "   ■    .LEFT WIXG. ' ■      "
W.   Ross "    .  1). ■ Iliggins
- In the first half the Fernie kids
played ■ llie Coleman boy's a fast alia
turiou.s jjant'e, scoring three ' limes to
one lor their opponents, but lack of
ptaetice and lack of slaying quality
Ioid against theiii in the last half,
though thev kept the visitors busy
The score iu the last half stood ~ to
i, tin: total being S to 4'in favor ol
the galh-,111 CHIcmnn boys.
A _ large house turned oill to see the
game, and Uiev -had' plenty of fun for
their money. ,
This  was      the first matched  gam:;
foi   the   Fernie  "■  intermediates,     and
• when   they  meet' the   Coleman     boys
again there     wil] he good sport ■ for
. the spectators.
licit Whinister and,li. Campbell', cf
CoK-mau both came out of %lhe game
wiih broken noses, but not broken
hockey game spirits.      \
Itariiey Stilt, of rincher Creek,  ref-
,.eieed  tin,- game.
". iV.'W. Thomas, who was killed al
the ltiL-.li line' on tlie 12th inst. was
buried a.' week ago Sunday. The Salvation Army baiid played the .Dead.
Maici>. in Saul as the -body was taken iiom the undertaking parlors oi
Scott -and Ross to the Salvation
Ariny barraens. A short funeral service was conducted by Airs. Laidlaw.
•Misses r.ird aiid.Chater sang :a duel,
. and iUr. Bird and Mr. Parker, '' wh-i
itad known the deceased well, spoke
briefly of the young man's life.'     The
r' remains  were followed  to  the. cemct-
. ii\   by over- two hundred members of
Gladstone Union and Salvation Amiv
"people.   A short "burial service at the
grave side and Uic earthly history of
., a  worthy  young  man was ended.
„. o  •
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
MMnMMMMMMMMBMMMMMJ«MIM«««M«NMTf.     Mil   I    IIIMWI11IH " I       llll     Ml —II—1|
ladies    - v "•;/•
Underwear and Hosiery
The made-to wear kind.
.... M ni y,-.,-! rrr|| ,■-■___,, _____!
HENS';   V   •
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
1 U
Overcoats and 'Reefers
The sort that fits.
The Best made.
UR''"constant endeavor is to give bigger and better
value.  -If you are not already one of our customers, |
become one, and let us prove that
'.' «Jt" «t»    -    • «$»      -
we can save you
\   a
■MUX. Jill '■""■■■' "»T ~~P.l
A snowslide occurred near Coatc
-Monday  afternoon      about 6 o'clock,
_and a west b/nmd freight'   train   ran
i"";rflo".it","-deYailiiijr. the engine and two
cars, which - toppled over 011 their
sides and., took a slide-down hill    for,
'.tbouttsSo feet,
'llie engine'was number 1354, driven by Engineer Sollu, who, with his
fireman,  escaped by jumping.
'""Conductor Halment and the others
ot the crew also escaped injury. The
slide delayed, the casllHoiiiid express so
• hat it did riot reach Fernie till 2 a.
111.!. TiieMilav.
, ■    A110VT YOUlt    HEADACHE!
You Must Agree lo This.
Thnj^iieadnclie does 'nol necessarily
moan then: is anything wrong with
'your fad!   Thai being s0, you mini
■ look in some other organ for tl:;'
trouble. Is the ni-lte in the forehead,
mul does     il  ivn.st> if   you press U>
■ That is neuralgia headache.   Ls it on
. i.iiu side of the. head only?   That    h
what    ,the.doctors     call  "megrim.-,
Holh tliesc forms1 arise from    lack r.f
• one in the svstem. ,1s your headacl.,>
gen-TiiI  and nicoiiipaiiiwl by sicklies;
■ or foul breath or constipation? That
hind ol headache js, din; to liver' at,d
.'■loiiiiich  disorder,, Nine headaches  i.i
• 111 arise front these enitses, Tlie.'iJ
iH'c.'wn uii'thiiils of iri'iiliin-itt. 0::e
'.'■• to lake Iicailiielu- powders. This i<
liki- U-; iti;.i, in ft.i-.iMju. ],,iii, |,y takii,;
clili.i'ofoini. The oilier' is to cornil
tlie ui-gaiis whiih liy'(licit- derange-
itiiitt inv iiuisiiig the lioitble. TI1.1l
lii the liileiiii w.iv!; IliU-.tiis eure ht-u-l-
ui'lir hy ilii'ir beiti'licial opefatloii *u
ilia iligft-stive syslfiu-tlii' liver mid
ihe blond. Ci'iTu-l thesi' propc-riy
nnd w.ti will hnw no ntot-i' hi-,iduihi'.
Al.-s.     (.. I!. Illiu-k, of,   ,t.s lllcvii.-i
I'l.H'l',        Toilllltll,        N,,ys:     "J   Nil IT,, it. I
.ii"uli'!,- Iniin hi'iidiichi'i' The nttiu!-*
wi-iu )iiiisL I'iolfin nud iiiiide mi- so
ill I lonld hnitlly do ait\thing, TIm
iii.'id iihe wm;, niTiniipiiiiii'il by iligns-
live liciiblc li.'iii'lbiti'ii anil I'onsllp.i.
• iftilt, uiul il M'i'iiicil as if I wi-l'e gn-
ing' limn bad tu ivo'iM'.   1'iitil I tried
llilt'.IIls   I   WHS  tlliuble   In  get.  iinvthilli,
\ihiui i.iivi- me ivliel. Hili'iins, how
i-vei, at led like magic. They not
onlv t-ntuil (he licadnrlie, hut nlso re-
Inviit me o| Ui<> iiirifgiti'on, |»'it'
I'.iti.i .iiui ii.iisiipaiiou. 1 1 ivi- 1 t.iv.
ul llial a Jew doses ol lit; mvi w,1J
u.r.oir thv most lioltiit !n-.t...i .hi-,
and 111, a I'tiie for conslipiii.ioii t'.uy
J,iv .ib'-iliilily iim-(|iiiillid. \'i, In ",!y
siiHil'i in- uiihiitit a linx of J|i|-.-nn
oil   the  shi-ir."
Hili-aiis urf piiuly herbal in their
iNiiipositioii mid are also frir from
:|iolioI. TJu-i mc n Hire lor all di-
gt-'tiv.- mul liver disonlt-rs, blood im-
'.tin'M.s,, ....|.l;i mid ihill.s, rhnnnali'-.m
wind Si.imiis, finiule ailments and ir-
U'„u!.;;it!c„, 1..1II0W (.oinpiukdiiiit idt.v
i» liile 111 iltt blood), di/xincM, *tc,
All diug^i.st'j m)1 ,-,t 50c a box, or
in.iy l-p oiit.-iiiii'd oust friv from Tim
Hil'.tii t'n, Toronto, 011 n-u-ipt. of
jiij.'     > Imu-v im  ,*,'.yi.
LX.2v>CXTEiID * ,, .'    .
Meat Merchants
LWAYS «i choice supply of Beef,
•Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand.., Hams, Bacon",  Lard,  Butter and Ejrti's.
Fresh, Smoked and Sailed Fish;'always a
good assortment. ' Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.  ■
erics 1
You can always depend upon
the quality of our Groceries,
while our prices are money-sav-
ers to the careful housekeeper.
cannot be equalled for strength
aiHHine,'flavor.      per lb.     ,.--^O
"Quaker Qats per packet      ;   . ' - "      .15
California Honey in 2j/lb Jars .75
' Sheriffs-Jelly Powders — . 3 pkts for .25
Reindeer Condensed Milk ' 2 tinsfor'-;25 ''
.St. Charles and Jersey,, Cream 9 tins for $i.6oc
ESS:;.... ■...-,.-.."      ,,,- •     '       •',.''-     "'-     ■
for^Pf^   ^romPtons   and   C/C
\J\J\ ouloi a ja Grace are design
ed to give,ease and gracefulness
to the figure. ,85 to $5.00
filrtVPQ ' Porrin's an<* Pewney's
UIUYD5. in all shades.
per pair $1.25 and '§1.50,
Elbow lengths 3.25
All Guaranteed,
P r\ I j\r% pQ in newest col-
VUMdlb ors& designs
Irom . 12Kc to"'$3.00
is a money-saver. Get the'Benefit
Quaker Tomatoes per tin .15
Fruit Biscuits,   2 lb. for .25
Now in stock.   New seasons
-■   Maple Leaf Ceylun Tea per lb .30
Polka dot and Plain Color
Silk Kimonas $3.2510 $5*
Special for Saturday Only
5 Dozen Ladies Ring wood Gloves
Regular .35 and .40c.Special .25
ilmlc.r this iKiulltiu iiisterliiil ut ilm
rate ul one ccut a word cuvli iiiMir-
KOK ,SAI,K-s« lots in MVst Vernic;
e«sy 'teriiiH. ..Apply W. T. Henley,
MVst I'Viuit.'
WANTIvD-Si'iTiiiit jrirl. Apply lu
A. J\Iel)oii(,'nll, 1'Vinio I^iiiiIh-i- Cm
W'AN'TKD— A (,'oml jjirl for liou.sokrt'p-
iiilf.—A|i|ily lo.iMr.s. J, K.  Uwry,
WXTKII-A M'l'vant fur m-iicril
iKiiisi'Wiuk.—Apply    lu  Mrs.     lii^-
r- . -^	
V\ lCISiKW-l'mlii'lilni'lli oililiwitli
iMym-s ihiwinIiIoI, nia 'jii ,tin, j;iiii
ilHyn   i.   [v'ln.'ii.iil,   llu-i-i-iil,   pr'. .'.,
X   I.CiliJlT.
WANTKIJ-C.iil    Im    j.iciKii.1 li„ii:,t."
\i?iirk,   Apply or wiilc .Mr.-.. I'I.   I',
.Ioiim, o.|(i  Victnrin   AvtiiiU', Nurtli
MOTT SON & CO. Imvii iastmciicnH
to Ionic out for iw». or tkrec luind.
ird urn's uf ijuiid ]u\ul Miilalolp, for
fruit L'tuwiiijr in t1i« Kootfiiny Val-
ley. This limii nuist Im «(> .sitimlud
us to allow of im'jfiiiion, uitliur In-
gravity or ),y ,_ wt.-ll-i*(|iii])]>i*«l pump.
in«; pliiiiL with nu iilitimliint .sup-
]tly of wnit:r, Iinprovi'd rainli.s mv
witliiii^ |lu*. Htopc of tin! iiistiiii'tlnns.
I.ei'uIIty, fjiiaHty or soil ami iim-,s-i
to water cniiii! liufort! price in tin;
»«»ii.siilir;itlntt of th.: puriliiisiT, wlio
is a iH'iictliul fruit jjiowit, uml
l.iiovv.1 what It.- wants. Hi-iitl ns
your (Km'ptiolis lncationti ami
price*,    <,
Chester  and    Dominion   Suspenders,   both   well   known   lines   and   of
Superior Quality.        35 to 90 cents a pair.
Sweaters in plain and fancy colors, $1.25 to $3.00
w.*»»«wjW^»iimipm« .<r*wnx*^f*]WtA,***m*vmm.
Night Gowns in Cambric and Flannelette, $1.00 to $1.50
Pyjamas, Flannellette, $2.00 per suit.
**"* <HHI«M»Wtii. .»»».WM»JF*fcM  4VtM4tA
■*"■* "-rr il   ln-i   imnwinunjnumLi
inix "=or ^°rr^ct
"'b ««Dressers...
I— l>lgiil|«iMh
^*fc..—i«^ii^->-._ —-|-TU
TO   I.15T
FPRXISIJIW roiuii In will for |>cii-
tlctiiati fiiniiiri.', electrif li(,'lit 'and
tiiitti. k-'or jiaiiiiiiliirs apply In J.i-il-
jfi-r Uflice.
foh ham:
I'OU SAI.U-A nood Williain's |.iann.
Apply I). Mi'U-tin.in.
>ow's Npst Trading Co. Limited
._.—_ . wr.,
HOIi SAT.K-A  simp;     a six  rooniiii
Fare  and One/Third
. Round '* Trip
liinixr. wi-lllniilt, with h.ii .nut ,„ld I ,. ,.     .     .,      ,     , ....
water hntli, u.,,1 up-ti.-dat, ,In-tric   '*""• 'V';»-*. Kov t .-,(oIcu .m.J ;.JI ,ntet
Hllht f.vtims;   Mu'itcl ,]„„. ,„ to •»«l'«U-..n«ll.r...n-l,ll„,P,m,is
laisiiu.si- pari «,[ iity; must lie .„\,\
kooii. J'nr |iiirlini!ar.i «-ui|iiiif ol
•Mult, fcion Jw Co.
0NMftby.ll.i6       IIMI1 fety. IR.
Kur'Ii.iiiHi iliiif.iiiuiiiii,H n||,!v i >iiui'iil«
If yi.ll ll.iVi- li li.ihy nr yiillll^' cllild-
i'ii iii tlir linim- always lii'i-p u box
i I Jiahy s Dimi T.il.li'ls (.ji liailil.
JMl'l't wait UlllM tl-v liltlt- one i.s
^;lk, Im- wiiii''liiiu-(, an Iihii'.s AAny
in.iy jij-uvc lal il Tlii^ im-iliciiii:
imi's '.tmiiin'li iiuiililt-M, I'diistip.tttoii
diarrliui-i, •■iiipli' li-vi rs, ami tii'ihim
litiluii)' piinli-s-., If tliildn-ii anvil \ H-iIh-'k (Inn T:»l.li-I«. rnnlio tln-rn
W>'1J, ami I'i'tlci Mill ,-ui oii.i.joiul
iln',1: will i'i-p th.'in v.ill, 'i'Jii- 'fa'*-
K-ls an'. _;o()(i |(,r t|nlili,n „f ,,]| .._!(.«,
fuiil .ir*- j.Mtnt.iiit(vil in (-iiiimin no t.p
Imvc ...cl Ual.y'K Own Tnblcts   nnd f allows!   to  <ruoU,   0„  im„ pipe cli-
'mil tin-in jusi the tiling to keep child-   Ui-i-uivoil mid /ilwl.
ren   ^vdl.^'   Tlii-*« Tablets arc   n.ld      n, uiatliM" of pound  1<,>q„r    Has
lM tliwn liy mail at, 25c. nil box ly
writing Tin- J)r. Williani.s' MJdl.ini;
Co., Jlriit-iiville. Oiu.
Coumii iiit-1 TlmrMlay, Jhntiary
-■!>'• i'ti.-i.i-iil—Miiynr Koniu'll, AMir-
iMfii Tnttlc, Quail. .Milntyro, Stoifc,
Cat^, TriUs.
MiuiiUs ..f tiurtiiij's ]n.\,\    .raiiti.iry
■'"■""ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiniii ii| ply I inui'liU        . ■ " ........j
• -.rum-.n.rrA. a.him.k,.\.wa, y'M m ''»™'«« <'»v   Mis.   v,--.-t)ii  foil,-. :,,tjj „„a jim, «,j„,,ir,i „H re,l(i
lW'..n.r'W.Hr.        H.wlhnrn*,    tint ,   -,y.-    »r       U   A.  T.mtui wfoU HfcWl»B    lo    \.l
n»Mii.v.,ui, ami it \Vilf, rtiv.ilfil |0 ,],,;.
yvxiw with tlio M'lvictjj of A. Miliu-,
und Will Jours |it> nsked to am-pt.
Kvji.ii-ts from I'm. chief um<I and n-
frirwl 1^ Kirci, Water find WKlitC..iu-
mittiv toy Iuvi-fctJ»,ktfoti.
Mayor Itimm-ll appoliiti-d the following standing ((ininiilti-t.-, I,.t md;-
Mnaiiff-AM. Stork,  Ald.S'riti's.
Works „iiit Proju-rty-AId, r„n~,
Aid. Quail,
Fire, Wulcr mul l,ij;Iit--Al«l, .Stork,
Aid, (intra,
I.ffiisI.iUriii».AM. Tuulc, Al<l. Mv-
Coiiii'.'jl wvnt into eoiiiinltti-p ,.r |1„.
ttlmlu in inv-cHiinalc plaits und BpiV.
ilii'atioii.v [,„• ^wi'i-'i, with Aid. Stork
"H ch.iiiiuaii,;| C.,iiiiiiitt,.t.  ri'port rod
'Mill   .Kloptl'l,
Clora  was    instnii.tcd     to prcpan.
liv.- n.jiu-s „| j,nm- sprt'||ii-atioiiN.
Coumii  adjuunu'd   tn    ./.Miliary isl
The l».irlicloi's l.all KiVvn |,y (i,e
I ai-liclors of iViiii.- Jlonday nij;!it
xntt, u most cnjnyaWc wwial twni,
imttiri.Mtrd in |,y n lnr(--r. ftinintif.
.iltd wj.i in every way g» uvecu.
-   U
. -  ,1


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