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 --v rr<
/' ."^N.)        —^— VA, v.!
\   ^■■-. &EB16.W-;     J...   ■■-
VolII...,Number 26.,•■-«]
Price $2 a year in Advance
ANNUAL •- ■'■,.<:■
U. M. W. of A. Meet in Conyenr
tion—Reports Favorable and
Order in Flourishing ,
■'•-• Condition       ,°
-..".i.     » •■. .*-■■-•
■    1     - — 0
I.        ,"*'  ' "
The convention"was called to order
on time at io a. m., Jan. 15th, by
President Johrii Mitchell,. Vice-President I.ewis and Secretary-Treasurer
Wilson we're also in • attendance, and
all,told .there were over 600 representatives in 1 the'convention.
■• In point of ;numbers this convention of course did not rank with the
one held, a year ago at the . same
place, and,, which hast matters of far
ntrhing importance to call.out .1
\uy  large representation.  ,
- The . convention was opened -with
prayer "• by Rev. Mr. Clinton, pastor
of a local Methodist church, and in
the absence of. Gov. I la nicy,, 'was
welcomed to tlie State by Mr.  AV. J.
■ 'Wood, member of the State ,Railway
Commission, who represented the
Governor.  ....
1 Rev. Albert D. Haldone extended
greetings oii behalf of the Mi 1^1 trial Association then iu sessim in
iJ •  city, ,
; Mr. Theodore Perry, President of
the liidjanapolis 'Trades and "Labor
Council,' also spoke briefly, welcoming .the delegates to the city. _ j
- After the appointment ' of the regular committees, President Mitchc'l
read    the report,of the 26th    .-winiial
' coMvcntion of the American Federation of" Labor, and the report was'
.niade a portion of: .the minutes ol
the convention.
This report, among 'other things,
takes strong grounds against hii.i
labor and ■ iri favor of woman suffrage
aiid in favor of stringent exclusion
laws against Asiatic immigration.  Ii'
,. favors an income tax on an. increas .
ing scale, and in favor of an inliei
ftance tax  . '.The' report also    takes
, strong grounds against the abuses o)
tilt injunction powers of the courts,
and'"condemned '   the    violation -^of
- state and individual rights. -
» A report from the "delegates to' the
International Mining 'Congress held
in. London; England on the 2iuLLoL
.Tmie^lasl was'read. ''There were 12J.
delegates representing 1,841,200"trade
unionists present at that time, the
delegates.hailing from Great Britain.
Belgium,' Austria' and'America. ". ■;'.
Amongst the most 'important matters' passed upon ,by that body was
that of more? stringent legislation
for protection of the" lives of miners,
and-   an  increase of    inspectors   ,16
... properly carry out "such regulations.
,   A resolution expressing full sympathy
work tn do, if we desire to maintain
what we now have and to bring the
unorganized mine,workers up to our
y-To clear the minds.of all the mine
workers of the country and to strangle many falsehoods that are being circulated in regard to ray position on
the.policy of the United Mine Workers of, America, I desire to make clear
at this time, that I favor:
1. One organization of the mine
workers of the American continent: .
2. I faver the establishment of, a
national eight hour day for every person employed . in and around the
8. I favor a complete recognition of
our right lo organize in every mining
district m tho country,
4, I recognize that there are certain
local markets that naturally belong
to certain coal producing districts.
' 5.. I iavorgiving everv operator an
equal opportunity to secure his shar*
of the general markets.
I am opposed to placing an embargo on the development of the rvsnarc-
•58 of any coal producing state i'i the
interest of other states, and" this cannot be done if every operator is giv< n
in'equal opportunity of entering the
funeral market.
The United Mine Workers of Am
irica will be no better nnd no worse
han its members make it.-The organization will accomplish no.more
md no less than we'arc able. Our
jernian,ent success will depend entirely on bur ability to know when to
Insist on our demands being granted.
"' In closing this report, I wish to
itate that my personal relation with
ay colleagues has been of a pleasant
character, and to them I tako thiw occasion to express my thanks for courtesies shown. To the.members of the
United Mine Workers, I desire to".re-
!urn my sincere th'inks for confidence
I'oposad in me.
A close study of th;* proceedings of
.lie,convention shows that the great
irdor has developed into a careful
sonservative organization of men who
lo not become discouraged at tempor-
iry.reverses and that tlie power of
inlted effort is being more lully ap-
•ireciated by the rank and file ot the
' >rder each year/ ,
The United Mine Workers of America is the most compact and strongest organization of miners ever instituted, but it will need constant watchfulness upon the part of its' officers
^•md mr-mbers to increase and extend
rs power until practically.all.coal
miners on the continent, shall have,
been brought within its fold..".
It owes a great deal of its present
i' rength to the gffqi'ts^of such me'njjs.
-foiih~Mitc!ielirTToin Lewie and Mr
Wilson, with their hosts of-.helpers.
With  the continued efforts .of such
leaders the end will be success.
i,   President Mitchell intends visiting
District 18 during the coining month
of March, and his visit will doubtless
prove of immense vajue ty the miners of the district.  >
Everybody will be glad to welcome
so distinguished a representative ot
l:ibor, and to do him honor in recognition of tho services he has rendered
t'i the cause of union labor.
The following is taken'from the
Hotel   Raided
n   in
and the Police
Civic  Affairs Suddenly   Stirred   up^The   Outcome
will be Watched with Interest.
The Editor, is not  responsible
the opinions of. correspondents.
Police    Office,  Fernie,     B.  C,  4H1:
Feb.  "1907.
I beg to report that upon> receiving
complaint I visited the Fernie Hotel
billiard room in company with Constable Catelle about 10.45 pi'jn. on
2nd Feb., 190;., We proceeded to a
part of the room that has been recently partitioned off. On attempting to gain admission Re found the
door barricaded and ' locked. Constable Catelle stood upon a chair and
looking ' over .the partition saw a
game of cards called poker' in progress*     ,     ,. . »       U '      ,
The gamer was ran.by Joe Smith.
The  following  men  were , pl-iying;
Hugh Johnson,     miner,  Coal Cretx;
Stephen Wallace, , proprietor of  "Fi-r-
nio  Hotel; J,ouis Huckhouser, conduct
or' ,, G. N. Kailway,"aud'Gc, F. Van.
We asked Stephen Wallace   t>.    oucn
the door.      After considerable    delay
the door     was unfastened    and    we
gained     admission    and  took    their
iiames" ;
Witness—Herbert Cattell,  P.  C. -
To Mr. A. .P. Walker, Chief of Police.
Fernie, B.C. ,..
with the laborers ot Kussia In their
struggle for political and economic laudator's reports for the year 190G
freedom  was adopted.   A  uniform'and shows to,what proportions this
system of transfer cards was recom • 1
mended to bj used between foreign
great order has grown..
I       • '     .,  INCOME.
. Last, Saturday night Constables
Duthie, and Cattell raided,, the Hotel
Fernie and found several nm, ^ including the proprietor, engaged ;n a
game of poker in a room nrciu'-y
partitioned' off of' the"'billu-.-.l. re w ■
The names of the parties 'UJa.je..i :»
the" game, were taken and a repji;
made to Chief Walker. -    .     -
-^-For—some-reason-the~sweafing . ouF
cf an information was stopped, and
no further action taken. As a result
the police resigned in a body.-
Now, there must '6e''sattle cause' for
this action.'",' Policemen' -do ' not resign
their position without some , cause,
and it can be safely assumed that
they consider that they have justification in this case.
Mayor Bonnell has authorized the
publication of his version of the affair, which version will be found in
another column of this paper.'
It appears  that immediately   upon
notification, Mr. Ingram stopped the
games at his place. As,will, be -seen
by the Mayor's statement as' to the
Fernie Hotel case, he says he, advised the, police to withhold prosecution until the board- of police commissioners luvd been formed, of which
i:e would, by virtue of his olli.ie, „o
chairman, and ..he .would take the
matter up and have the noai'd take
evidence, etc.',, etc.
There is a wide discrepancy bet ween0
the, Mayor' prompt action in the case
of Ingram and his waiting .ioiicy as
applied to'the Fernie Hotel,' which it-
will be very difficult for him to explain to the satisfaction of the, public.    '        . :   '
The public' are laboring under the
impression that they are paying a'
police magistrate a fairly' good salary to listen'to the evidence in such
eases, as these,' and it will.be news
to them that a board of'police commissioners' should! be waited for to
do the duty devolving upon a police
magistrate appointed and . paid to do
that very thing.
The duties of a board of police
commissioners is to see that the provisions of the law are adhered to by
the.officers .of the'law; not, to sit' in
judgment upon cases brought by constables. ,
But'admitting that these commissioners are the.right parties to listen
to police', court.,.'cases, how." .wines -it'
that the Mayor ' instructs "or advises
in one case.to prosecute withouttheir
aid,  and in     ano'.her_hc_.admj.es—la.
wait? ■- - ..-,-'-
' -His -plea that the hotel keeper lias
such interests that he is not liable to'
leave the city, is just as applicable in
the!, other''case'.';.;- ,'*;_" "'"Tr-"V ."	
, Public sentiment. has been • thoroughly aroused upon this matter, and
llicre is no mistaking its tone,
ijqual'justice,-must be dealt out to
"Very man by the officials of the city,
No -considerable number of citizens
of Fernie can do made to,Relieve" that
the, members of tlie. police force,   resigned without great provocation,
. Those men .arc'old and well-known
The congress also voted In favor oh '''ix v	
an eight-hour day law from bank tolSippIies ...
bank lor all underground workers,    j Journal	
IVeBldcut Mitchell's reportisubmilr-   \*sessinent	
ted to the.convention is a most vnlu- .vliacellunoons....
able document, from which a great
deal ot knowledge can bo gained by
the careful reader. „
The present membership of the
great union ls2G2,2GC. The sliding
■calc ot compensation which governs
the wagon ot tho miners, and which
is regulated by tho price per ton ot
coal, is interesting.
The inwoaso secured by UiIr sliding ncnlo is, in addition to the 10 por
cont. obtained by the strike of 1900,
and also the 10 por cont, advance so*
cured by the award as a remit of tho
11)01 investigation. According to this
sliding Bcalo arrangoment, when coal
" drops below $1,55 per ton, thei.o is no
1 incrouso.    When tho prlco touchos
$-1.00 thero is an Increasool two cents
por ton.
Thn highest point roachod by tlio
sliding bciiIo wns lust April, when
coal sold at $l.!)U nnd tho minor received un increaso of 8 cents,
The low: prices nro gonorally touched in tho Miring, and tho higher
prices In tho iall of tho year,    ..
A rory striking table is to be found
in President Mitchell's report, which
shows tho number ol lives lost in ouch
1,000 minora omployod each yoir
from 1001 to 11*05 Inclusive in tho
twenty-two states from which reports
wore received.   In 1001 there wore
1,407 men killed and 3,0-18 Injured.
In 1005 2,097 woro klllod and 4.402
injured.  Tho number of lives lost to
each thousand employed in 1001 wiib
3.0i.   The number of tons cf coal
mined to ench man killed In 1001 was
.  18«,068 tons, nnd 1905 It was 174,52-1
From Vloo'Proaldont T. K. La wis'
report wo tako tho following:
In t.hn«n Rtntnn in which wc h.m
•'closed shop" wngo agreements with
tho operators, thorowore 181,1181 por-
tons employed in tho year 1905, and
all of tho*« men are required to be
memborsot our union. ■
There woroemployod In antlnrountl
of the Snuos of I'onnsvlvanla, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia,
370,102 persons, with an averago retorted motrihoi'Hlii)i in those States of
128,083 for each of tho three latt
months of tho yenr ending November
3ith, 1005.
Regardless of what may have been
«;tid bv some members oi the TTnitrd
Wine Worker*, even same who hold
official position, I am a firm believer
in International organization of mir
emit, In faot, tho American coiuln-
rntisnot large enough to mniutaiu
two organization* of miners.
Thesa thing* »»rr* mmthneri for tf.o
lwncflt of thcUnlii'd Mine Workers ol
theconntry. With this information
you will uudurstund that there U
;■'...$ 092,002,20
.....     10,470.31
the assumption of the office of may-   servants of. tup .city,; who have     the
Total •• $1,081,408.32'
EXPENDITURES.     '    -'
H i larles and ex ponses...$ 179,270,35
Sipplics       10.435 78
• M'tlco expenses ;...'.       3,323,55
Journal        6,894.58
IVlophono, |»3tage and
i*\ 1(1 If I f ••»••    M   IMMM
i • » t i i # ■
or; Dr. Bonnell instructed the poficn
to. notify Mr. Ingram to stop gambling in ' his rooms, tliat
that if the gambling was not stopped he would, if necessary, employ
an attorney to assist iu the prosecution of any case the police' might
bring agajnst . Mr, Ingram,' Upon
li i am .  .     .     ;   . iff ',...,■:... ■   '.   .
resoect of the people, and it i.s a
most unfortunate affair that they
were put -in a position from whicli
thoy considered their, resignations
was the only .'honorable course lo pursuit- .,■-'. °
Tho Ledger docs not wish to be severe upon,, anyone,.   hut above   all
things, it is bound to stand for what
,i considers Uic rights of the people
of, Fmuie, and its course shall be
governed  accordingly.
The late munbers of 'he ]>olics force
have aslyic made ,no statement of
their case for publication, but there
i:-; little doubt that they will do so
l'he Ledger trusts that Mayof'Bon-
nell will rise to the opportunities of
his position ami make restitution for
the.mistake lie seems to have so1'hastily committed.
In the meantime, taking the "Mayor's statement of the case, the public will .nardly fail to'censure him
most severely for the.cour.se he has
so,ba.stil>   adopted, ,  ' .. -
'Uieie seems to"be a' In-iien.ib'e
lack o.' public . spirit in ':'.is city,
which has Ueen taken advanci^e of
to violate law by people wno' hs-.vc
asked '.ho ])rotection of the law :n a
monopoly ■ of. a . business, ."which, after
obtaining, ' they use ' as they please
and assume an air of impudent-defiance if anyone has the hardihood to object.
Recently this nonc-of-your-busincss
lair, seems to have increased its iin-
j pudeuce and seems' to be relying upon -some unseen force to help it airing
in its law-breaking propensity.
., What is this unforseen force?
'"*. o-^ —   .
The eiitertninuieiit given'" at Stork'.-
hall Wodnosday night by' Mr. White,
waji^rn^^jnj»yji_ljlo,af/ai !L.wJi ich-kepc-
his'aiHlieiice in. a jjond hiiinor from
start to linish, Mr. White displays iv-
markiilile versatile anility in Itis "rapid
transition from one national cliHrHCtcr-'
ization to another with only one old di-
apidatt'il tiiiit case for a. wardrobe from,
whicli to draw'his various voMiiinujj..   -
IliHprdgramino was m.-ule lipo'fseini
comic fluirflcterizatiuii hod^s and rcci
ttilions, the only exception to this being
his I'u.ii'CMMittuion of a broken down
actor. This is a production of his own,
and shows the power of originality this
young mhn possesses.
Mr, White will bo welcomed when ho
comes to Fernie again.
Miss Hazel Roil who ai'Cninpanies Mr
White is a fiuuliud player and also
rendnred several songs Hi'iowing bh« it-
the possessor of a remarkably swuo'
voice. Thoy woro assisted by local
tslent, MinsSyby'1 Keaoing singing a
number which brought out Iter-deei
mellow tones thu particular charm ol
her voice, '
Mr. IIiuul also contributed a mui;.'
and had to come buck'in' response u,
renuated calls,
Mr. White intondfl to visit the Pinto wiib again In tho near flituru and.will
bo bui'u of good houne-i when'ho comer.
Total i $l.ia2,99-1.01
lUIunoo on hand Doeom-i
ber 1, 1905 $- 889,546,40
Income, Decernborl, 1905
to Novombor 80. 1906,	
Inclusive      1,182,994.01
lUlmicc on hand, Decern
ber 1, 1900 $ 837,9(50.71
I'oUl amount oiiilepoaIt$ 339,014.44
Jadhon hand.,  4,582.71
Total $ 844,197.15
hititandinff chocka        0,280.44
H ilanco on hand Decern
bur 1, 1900 $ 837,9(50,71
Kflipoctldlly submitted,
Tlie   hockey match   "game between
Kjrnle and    Coleman last     Tuesday
i ight wiih a lively, arm moit   evenly
1 ccniU'Htcd affair.      It was nnybody'H
ivunc up to tho very lnnt.
The home boys, however, made the
c'cciiling score a few minutes before
the calling of     Unit', and llie   wore
iixnl (>'$ in llicir favor.
The liut-up *krus n« follows;
The Sniolter ^ivMi'. 'at the Aerie of
llie Fernie Kiigletf'bn Wedneiclay night
was a most enjoyable alfair in whicjr
pleasant'conversation, short spceolios,'
ll'ooJ thirfgs lo cat and drink'-.nnd
service, nr a tyrannical court were
mingled In a most Imp-hazard,' happy*
go-lucUy way. Mr. White who visited
(he nest after his entertainment at lite'
hall, enlivened the affair with a couple
of his inimical recitations.
Nearly everybody got fined for some
thing or other, and tlie' Ledger Kid
had to stand up and pldad guilty to Ihe
charge of running the Only Union Irihcl
newspaper In the county and pay a tine.
of 50 cents. Ho trembled In his boots
as he stood before Judge Moore await-
ingilils'doom, his heart full of fear and
only 50 cents in his pockets. How Hob
idooro was able to sue that half dollar
in the Kid's poulu't and aize up his
sentence accordingly Is a mystery but
lie did It. He seemed to know tho size of
tvery man's pile and tempered his
•'justice" accordingly, The Kid Is
unable to vouch for the whole show hut
judging from the small pieco taken out
of the middle of It the I wo ends must
have been all right.' The Kid don'l
smoke but he will bo at the next
xinoltcr If he hns a chance and will
lake care 10 have two bits in his
■ O"  .   ■—■
t'Ould >|ce the fire Hashing from the eyes
of tliat' mad Spanish bull,  the foam
drijipiug   from   his   mouth, he could
nliijost   hear  the   breathing  of   that
iensely excited throng of spectators and
llie cries that escaped (ho lips of thosu
Spanish beauties as they 'watched that
contest twixt mnn and bull,   Thnt solo
rendered by so fine an artist came as
near presenting to the mind the Spanish
liull fight  as  words  and   modulated
sounds could and was the finest gem of
an evening full of artistic gems,    Thu
fifth Mystery called  the Joker was a
, ok* sure enough.   An artistic rclincd
oke.     Tho  sixth   Mystery,   he   who
handled the chalk so nimbly, also made
a hit in his ''Devil Mny Care" mom)
logue and the Whole crowd of musical
Mysteries delighted the whole audience
willi their rendition of "A Pierrot of
The Kid would like lo toll nil he
feels about this most delightful evenings
entertainment but he hns to give it up
as an Impossible. If these mysterious
Mysteries over stray so far away from
that little foggy town of London ns to
slop over In Ferule again the whole
crowd (lint were there to hear them
Thursday night will he buck again
wilh their mothers, ihulr sisters and
their cousins and. their uunts, all in
their  best   p clothes.   When  a
crowd of boys like that steals out from
11 little town like London to win favor
und liniinciiil sinbililv metropoliliin
cities like Fertile will push the songs
Fifty below ze,o is llie record lor
Michel lust SunJay morning,
The Michel public were treated to ..
real show on Wednosd.iv at Mii'lie,
The warmer weather that set in on
Wednesday i.s hailed with delight by
Rev, Kinney returned from Fernie
on Sunday much improved after his
recent illness.
The infant child of K. Salvage, an
Italian, died here Friday and was
buried oi\ Sunday,
Tlio little daughter of Mrs. K,
Mlddlulon lias been very ill lor a week
with inllucuxiii.
Mrs. J. Cornell, who was taken lo
the Michel hospital last week suffering
wilh 1111 attack of pneumonia, is slowly
A lull of (wo fewl of snow In 3.) hour*
Is reported from 1111 uoper camp of 1 lu*
Sparwood Lumber Co,
flaruey Still, for several years.driver
boss here in No. K mine, was 11
passenger on Wednesday's east hound
The infant child of Mr, und Mrs.
Mark (iaski wns very sick during ihe
past , week, but is, ut this wriiiug
recovering nicely,
Mr. Talley, brollierof Phil T/illcy 111
I the hotel Michel,  was npcraud on hi
the   bosnltiil   hy     Mr    Alo^-rli'
a The Editor:
The developments of the last few
days in police circles have shown ,,a
remarkable state of affairs.. ,     "
His-Worship the Mayor, with characteristic impetuosity, has piit his
foot in it and, in atu-mpling to make
fi.sh of one-and fowl of another, .has
driven the entire police force to adopt
the ■ citly Honorable cuurs-j and resign
as a protest against tho high-handed
action of the Mayor in frustrating
the course of justice.
Does the Mayor know whalo he i.s
doing in , preventing the execution of
llie law, or is he like tlie sovereign'
of a great people,-above the law and
able to ignore it with impunity?
Or is there a more shameful limine behind the. step lie lias taken,
and is he the mere instrument or tool
of someone who-.stays di.scretly in
the background,'and who by reason
of control, financial or 'otherwise,' lie
eaercises over liim, forces,him to do
his bidding?
His most, hitter enemies would hesitate to accept "the hitler alternative,
but is it not the most natural explanation?
" When Mayor Boiineil "as a police-
commissioner instructed the chief of
police to notify Mr. Ingram and the
hotel proprietors . that ■ gambling
must cease, ne performs a. "commendable act," although under the circumstances it savors.of discrimination.'
But .when Mayor ltonnell as a police
commissioner " refuses to proceed
against tlie proprietor of the Kcniic
Hotel for, allowing gambling on his'
premises, ' he stultifies himei-lf nnd
lays himself open to the grave charge
of favoritism.- •   ,.
What would have been his course
'if Mr.-Ingram had been the offender
instiad of' Mr. "Wallace? "It is -not
necessary lo answer this " question;
but we may lie sure he would m;t'
have, gone out' of, .his way to "stay
proceedings. .- ,
Previous to the accession of Mayor
Bomull gambling hail not been . regarded as an offence to the people of
Fernie, ns very little was going on,
and—r-who'-should—know""CUTS llctter"
ehan our present Mayor?, '        '   ,
But presto! There i.s a change as
so'in as he is firmly ensconced in the
mayoralty seat, and gambling ' must
ciilfcc, particularly at'Mr. .Ingram's."
Why?- Not from an .overwhelming
moial reason,- but because Mr. Ingram had ■ not been a supporter of
Dr. llonneH's in the late contest, and
was doing a little more business than
some,of the hotels in this parlicnl-.r,
That the police were fully within
their rights in stopping the game' at
the. Fernie aud taking the names of
the .participants, i.s generally understood, They required no' warrant, as
th.; players were caught in .flagrante
de'icto and gambling is an offence
under the criminal code of Canada','
i'.'nd no ollicial throughout the length
aud breadth of the Dominion can alter it in any way.
Hut "fools rush in where angels
fear to tread," and Mayor Hoiuiell
in sublime ignorance of the laws or
wilh "a method in his madness' puts
his hand on the throttle of. ihe engine of the law and brings it to a
full stop,' making as an exeues the
fact that the police comnii.ssioners
have not been appointed, bill forgetting that lie, its a police commission:
er, had alreadv shut down gambling,
lie     enforced the law in  one i-im1,
why did he not do it in the oilier)
Thus does he show his hand ami
l>ro\c where his sympathies lie, despite the loud-sounding pri.iuisi.'j ol
'iitpafliality nnd fairnrs. tn nil which
are still ringing in oiu cii.s, nnd we
have the edifying .spiciiule of an of-
ft'ildiT against the law stopping tlie
course of justice hy viiitie nf his in-
lliieiire, financial or moral, over llie
Chief Magistrate of  this (iiy..
If tlit-rc is , any oilier irason we
would like to know it.
I.i It any winder thai the numbers
'.f (lie pnjlie foue, ulunii we KNOW
to I).- honorable mm, should give up
iu disgust ami refuse to bf the in-
siMiiiiciits nf giaftfis.
'flic district hoaiil of Di.sllia IK,
!'. M. \\'.. ol A-, were in wsmhii
Widiicsday     nnd    Thursday   in    this
Charles Douglas Killed and John
Campbell Injured.
Charles Douglas was killed at Coal '
Creek yesterday morning by a   s-icw-.
slide which "came     down the hill    at,
about 7.25 a.m.,     -demolishing about,
half ol the conipany.carpenter shop.     ,,
John Campbell .was also in the
shop at the time, and was completely, buried, but was rescued by li.ose
who gathered immediately, aad 'vent
to work with might andiiaiaiu to
shovel away the snow.
Fortunately most of the men wl 0
work in the 'shop were out at the
time and escaped, being hurt.
Mr. Douglas waa a young mnn only
24 years of _ ape, and- leaves a wife
and child, 'lie was well and most
favorably known,'and his widow tins'
She sympathy ot a very larpe circle
offrirnds. " ■.-    ■
, The people livin? oh the north side :
iitConl Greek 'arp .becoming; rather
nervous about the snowslides. •
Tho heavy banks of snow lyinp on
the mountain; sidf. and beinp Bdaked
with rain are "becoming a menace to,
the people livjnn, within the. range of
possible  slides.     Every   precaution,;
should be tiiken to prevent'farther"
loss of life in case of othi r slides coming du\vn.       ...,-■'
 o r'
Mayor Bonnell,   who by  virtue "of ■'
ollice as.Mayor, will be chairman   of'
the new Board   • of. Police    Commissioners when gazetted, -was asked by .
a I.edgcr. reporter .why the police had
'esijfiied,      and    replied:   "I   cafnnot
give- the exact  reasons,  because  their
letters of resignation gave none.",.   "'
.It is said that you as chairman of,
Ih* - Board of    Police Commissioners •■
refused to take action     in the prose-    -'
cution of men.found playing.poker, in
a city hotel, .'Is that true?" ' ','-. .■'■
"That-   is all  rot, because; I. have
not  the powet tb take such,a stand,"
even were I so disposed,  which*I am .'_
•■ertainly     not,    as my action    will
nrove." -   ' *      -       .
'-1Th^fc^i~no"*Boarcl. ofoPolicetCommissioners, i aiid consequently there ,
cm be no chairman.' The old Board ,
went out--of o'flice with the " told
council; and until "the goyernor-in-
rouucil "appoints two other commis-
siiJiKrs there is no Board.' When he
does so I will be chairman,., and a
quorum of two can-dispose of' business brought before them.
It does not need- instruction; from ,
the  Board for police who have    sufficient  evidence^ to   prosecute  anyone,
"It is'their DUTV   to .prosecute'.!'
• What, is'true is that the police asked "my. advice in reference to "pulling
this poker game"   which Was. carried   .-
on   iu    one of ■ the city hotels,    and
when I was brought into the matter,
my    advice was to   wait until    the
Board  of  Police  Commissioners   Was
properly formed.   I  pointed   out  the
fact, that the    hotel man    was   one
who could not run awiiy and    leave
thu    town, and     we could put    our
hands upon liim ut any time, and to
simply let the matter stand until thr
.'oiiimissioners    were appointed^ mid
then we would get together and take-
definite action in the matter,"
""All I ask of the public of Kernie
's tlmt they,    withhold their   judgement until the whole question is settled, ns I intend,     and have so    in-
,ended nil along,  to' have the   com-'
uiissiu: ers take evidence in the mat-
vi\ iiiil if the law is found In   have
U'cn broken, to institute legal    pro-
'I'fliiijs against  tho.se breaking    the
law, no matter whom it may involve
H'lihiiiit lent or favor,"
I s'mply iliink il was a case of
uii'.tindiihi. a ling mi both sides, and
that the polii'.' 11 cted very kiuitily in
ttsu'iiiug. Possibly I overstepped my
.iiilhiiiitt in accepting their resigna-
Wilis, but if I (oiuinitti'd an erior in
'.In- matter. I wii¥ drown Into the error Iv thr polici' tlit'iitm-lvtii, in si ml,
ng their ii'sigiiatioiiH in to me un
mayor of the City nf Keriiie
"But I must decline to be held re-
M nii/dhle fin not mtiiig ns n Hoard
ulien I have tint authority In ilu mi."
covrcn point
Ar  strong
C1 a;ford
The- Stolid M>tt(eriv4 coinbiuaiiou
gnvc ihe unv.tll but nrrtrerbtli'c uuS.-
ence which turned out to bear them on
Thurxduy night, a most delightful
enterlaimnen'. Ivvery Myttery was an
artist, a Ntar, and it would be difficult
to dimtliiguUh to any extent be* ween
\vifcm, hath tine was ko per/ivl a
uiaxter of hi« pari. Tlie opening
chorus or whatever it may be called,
captured the audience nt once. The
line novel, costumes coupled with tin*
singing and dancing wuh a plei'c of
refined iituge work not to be soon Ut-
The quartelle, "The Soldler'n KHre-
wull" brought out ihe remarknhle
mingling of tenor, baritone and ban* in
a blending tha1! approached perfection
and lite four uingem had to respond lo
a vigorous call for more.
There wer« teveral   fine wlo*, hut I •■'epew
perhap* the gem of the evening In thai Arnislrong
line «n» ihe  loreador from Carman.  Jjf K;0,n"
Thi third Myatery, a baritone certainly »Vm *
gave 11 most arllntle rendition of 'IhN  ^,ewl',^,,
celebrated «olo.   The Kid thouKlit lie  Mchellar
The hockey match tail Monday night
between the Nnpnnee hotel hoarder*!
and the Motel Pernio boarder* resulted
in 11 victory for Hip Inllrr hy a «cnrt. cf
7—4, Pick Tutliill rW'crved Ihe game
sutisf.irlorily nnd 11 giutJ crowd was
out lo see the* spun.
Tom Whelan is not satisfied with the
re»ult ns he clmrgi'i* that WaMaco im-
ported Coleman talent to Indp hiu out.
decides ibis, Tmii wis not allowed in
piny in goal and had to substitute Con.
Wliemu in his plare, thus ijlving the
I'Vrnie ffnwil n eli.inec it llie net. Tin*
line-up w,i« as liillow* :
Miller                ("Ml C. Wbclmi
I'tiinl        Kar(]iilisrn>n
Cover Kasiner
Centre Cnmplvll
Kover Jiimie^on
Left Wing Wriglu
Highl Wing Wright
11   ny     1 ir     vi"vruv    «i;
AliVhef liada line ihiini'e during tho
past Htrkof hei-oiiiiiiK boih lite unslerii
and wc'iern u-rmiiuis of llu; C. P. It.
Hut llie I'hnmes anv nil gone now .since
the ro.ul U n^ain open to trailic e.iM of
The coroner* inquest held over lite
hiUvofO. I'.igiir.t, who dird as llie
result of an Injury received iu No. K
mine several days ago, derrl.led that
he came to his de.tlli by accidenl.u
Sieve M.'ijeiki' iinJerucn' .m opera.
tion for an iih.srts« lo-il.ivat ihe Mirlu-I
luispitnl. Thin 5s tin1 ihird i';'<'r.ii!i»»
uilllin sis ntomlis, II'-. ri_;lil Irg W i*
.impmated lir-.i and »l».»ur iw,i uinnths
.igo he w;m «ip<-r.»:«'.! .'u li»r .ipeuJiriti'.
J.uU Md'.m.ild, ol* I'r.ink, m.h in
Miilu-j S.icurJ.iy when J.nk l'*m\| boil
<-J Jinn lu 4" bcfi'vi' ihe iii'iili pole,
]:t.-k sMfi'if rh-if ili.it a.-is the
Thirl-   urir  juitut      J'......liHt     r'.
II- Sheiiiiiiu, Hte.-TM.i.s, .1. A.   Mc-
Dollilld, of  Hlldllll'iiv;   .1    SlllltViHi,  'f
Miehfl;:    H,  Morgan, of     H,inl.lii'.id;
I'm   (•rahniii, nf    Cideinan,  and    1).
j    I.-,i,       t ... .
Koiitiur biisine.ss in lomurtK ■ with
union aflniis "f the diMiirt was
truiKatlid, A joint uiiivniiimi «>f
i.periilnts and mine uorkris has l.iui
airuugi-d to be In-hl in Calgatv «'atly
in Maiih, and ileleiMl^s fn.in ;tll II"*
liH.iN in |)i»iua is will be |<n-sctit.
A vi'iv eotdi.il and h,inii'.tn>„t', h t
.tig   is   liUM^   Ul.llllfcstl'il   1a    .ill      p.ll
tii.s loi.i-oiiK-il, and a »,iiisf,ui<iTV
([.■lei limit upon a 1;u*,u uhuh will
-a-tiie tudiiHl.ii,il |,r.m- dtniiig Xhr
lid- nl thr n<w j',;if«i«iiit i>. .I.iinly
i. idrnt.
This  is  the hrst   kind oi  iti'Ws    to
d.iv be Im J t-vpcricucrJ ior m.iiiy a d,«y,. ,   ,        , _     ,
and eiNling «-nndi:!.i.w prcv.dlir.g on i-.erjrln.ilv. and wr  iiust it  svtll 1.....1
ihe prairie inild mu lu-rcili/e.l  uiile>s|1u » |-*"'»jnnit pcue.
y.ni h.iJ ihe peiwiul rxpt-fk'iicv. I    'llie l.imtntabte     ^..lidit.oii o|    (he   ter of ma« meeting* in this district.
-~-    •     r* "-7~ 	
eiiiil iinliislry is .iioi inliiily \li.ir:>e-
ible \o llio.sr mIio opt-rnte or ll.i;<e
sshi ilo ll.e work ill l!ie ;iiiues, -.nil
Alien openitois nud Worl.eis yit to-
-.-i.'tl.cf .iiui work harmoniously, the
re.il riiiisi' of llie slinrini'c of enul
will he made iip|iareiit, and abuses
in vMiu.fi woikers, operators and roit-
si.iiuis have lirni subjected rati he
' t<>ur;ht to light and the proper rem-
.'din applied.
P.i  Tuesday, Ken. nth,  the District
Vn.iid inn     Mr,    I", (J, .S, I.iinkey,
Mr. II.     N. (iakr and   Mr.     O   I,.
Wliiiesidr,   icpri'ttenting  the    Wistern
Col    <l| rr.ttors1    Association,    und
in, d.' itinitiguitents to meet in   joint
iiiiiMiitit.ii oiiiM.inh 4th at Calgary.
Thi' ii.itwi". ptifvucd tn meet  in l-Vi-
un-, but it was thought best lo im-tl
..ii muitia! KitaimU.   Only    sis   mul
itniip.iiiii's have joined the Opiwtor*'
\» > cittjoii,     tlie  l-'r.inV,    Hillcust,
l.rllihndge uml Tal.nr"'.ompanics pre-
lining to mtmin outside.     I'ruideDt
Mlliluil   has  alltiolllurd  his   itltitill'Hi
t<.   t...   ',.u.iciil .u.4 lAi p.iH   in thv
flint (onMntiot).
Arrangeineiits    will     la*    made fur
President Mitchell U> aJJri*-. a imro-
*«.«i(»«Mr'*JS!->^W=n«f iy^B*!*SW.?^ '.ftJ>.»*'>'»*»
„, *V.H^*»W(**fi*!!*.W
TWO   DOLLARS   A   if EAR     IN   AD-
Issued every Saturday from ' the office of publication, lodd • Block,
Victoria Ave., Fernie, British Co-
'    himtiia. -,   -
C.  V.  M8TT - .      -   -    - Editor
That great slogan raised like a
voice in the wilderness. "Leave well
'enough alone" no doubt had its effect
on many a thinkless mind during the
close of the',campaign.   If that cry
" had been heard and heeded from the
days  ot  Adam  to  the present the
human race would be just where it
b,'gau so far as progress is concerned
and the senseless cry of "Leave well
enough alone" would be resronsible.
Nothing in this little world is well
enough if it can be improved and he
, who imagines that the government
ol this province don't need improving
to  art'almost  unlimited   extent, is
certainly. in want ot a great deal ol
mental improvement.
Tlie fact the government has been
sustained proves only that the opposition to it was hopelessly divided and
the light vote,, compared .to the
population, (i speaks volumns for the
apathy of the people" in the matter
of public affairs. Here, in the Fernie
district, out of a registration oi 1700
less than 700 votes were polled and
alter a juggling trick, by whicli the
Liberal party was hopelessly swamped, Mr. Ross succeeded in securing
30 or 40 more votes than he did three
„ years ago. .This will be called a
great conservative victory but in
reality'it means, that having tlie
.machinery' of government to back
him and the obliteration of r.be liberal,
party through the backdoor, dealings of corporate friends he failed to
receive the endorsatlon of anything
like the legally qualified; voters of
the district. Practically the government have scored a victory here and
that is all that .such a government
requires. "How it obtained,this practical result does not concern them.
The people of this district are to
blame for the result. Every man
should exercise his right to franchise.
It is nod'only a right bat a duty he
owes to himself, his neighbors and to
the province. J
mc.it should build the proposed extension in order lo protect the people who
own tiie road from' what in.iy at am
time'develop into a' combine. Year*
ago lb.' C. I', K. ..became imerested i.i
the coal.mines of Nova' Scotia. In Aug-
ust, 181)5, ihey quietly absorbed Spring-
bill mines, which has an-annual output uf 650,000 tons of coal. They .own
a fourth of llie Dominion mine at Pic-
tou, wilh an'annual output of 250,000
tons. <They are very .'large stockholders
in the Joggins River Herbert and Mac-
can coal mines.' They are very large
shareholders in the coal mines of Cape
Rreion county, and made a bard dicker
for'suine'of the coal fields of Inverness.
Their aim has been to control the se.i-
board coal of Nova Scoiia, and they succeeded.     ■ a   '   " "    "
It is well known   that a tacit agree-
<>        -       „
ment exists between the home government and the Canadian Pacific Railway
to the effect that in the event.of Great
Britain being drawn into hostile complications with any foreign nation, the
C. P. Railway, including its magnificent steamship service, would immediately become available as an English'
auxiliary for the transportation of soldiers and the munitions of war. That
such an understanding does exist between the home government and the C.
P. R: is quite apparent. If we remember llie questions anent the C. P. R|,
addressed to the British House of Commons by Sir J. Glomb in June, 1892,
and tbe answer to those questions' by
Lord Hamilton, fir>t lord of the admiralty. This being so, sooner or later the
C. P. R. must establish a fast continuous service on' the shortest possible giv
en line to the Orient, with a terminus
among the seaboard coal fields of Cape
Breton and connection with. Newfoundland.
The question is where will they find
a, winter port al which to establish their
terminus? ° That. Louisburg is under
consideration' there can be no' doubt.
Will the government delay an extension
of the I. C. R. until all the available
sites have been secured?
' A government that redeems its
pledges and enacts wise and just laws
for the guidance and protection "of the
people and provides the necessary, machinery.for enforcing, these laws, must
go a'step further and provide all necessary means for a free, reasonable and
untrammelled system of communication
and the best facilities''for .thV shipment
of the nation's products. 'In no other
way "can they be in a position to.oppose
Dr. Sloeum's
nnd Disease Destroyer*
Used in Thousands
0/ Homes in Canada
THOSE WHO don't know what Psychine
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Night Sweats,    .'
Catarrh of the
Dist. No. 18       J
Headquarters   -  Blairmore, Alta.
tF. H. Sherman'? Pres. ■     Fernie ^
♦ J. A. McDonald; Sec.   Blairmore ♦"
♦ - ■■ , ♦
4> . Gladstone Local Union No.2314 * t>
4>.Thos. liiggs,   Sec., Fernie, B. C.   ♦
♦ " , ♦,
♦ <t>
♦ MichelitLocal- Union No. 2334.. +
♦" .'A:_' "ft"? ' H.. McLeod,' Sec.,'4
4>      ',    "   Michel,   B.  C. " +
♦ ■-■■■■. " >♦'
t/. r
Eckstein.    yfZ. V. Myers-Gray.*'
ry& Groij
S'ci iii'ioi.s.   Etc.
HiMiii.t 1 .V s. I'Hi'lf.rv.iu .i!o«k.   F. niie,  II. I).
,,: ■ a • - •' '
I>AKins-ir.i:s ,>t-1!a\\
F   C.  I.awe.      Alex!  I.  Fisher,  B.A.
;Latoe £ Fisher   .
CrtSw's ■ Nest    Tradiag    Oo. , Block,
Fcmie, B. C. "
on and after a whilo the people will
he awake to their interests and will
be vigilant in guarding them
"Let well enough alone" won't do
for a 20th century people. >
Halifax Herald.
Glace Bay, Jan. 25.—This is a railroad age. In all parts of the world
wherever legitimate business enterprises,will permit, with a promise of fair
financial return, three railways are being pushed with a rapidity which is
simply astonishing,'
Why the I, C. R. does not extend its
railway 'from Sydney to Louisburg is,
(o say thu least, puzzling,
It is thirty-nine miles from Sydney to
Louisburg. The I, C. R. could be sx-
tended from Sydney to Glace Bay, and
from Glace Hay to Louisburg via l'orl
Morien, taking in all the collieries on
the route. Glace Hii'y is only fifteen
miles from Sydney. The projected road
would run through a piece ot level lam'
uncultivated nud unsuitable for cultivation; there would be no expensive
bridges, nor would there be any daep
nuttings, These are ideal conditions
- for building a railway.
Dominion One Ims a population «f
3,000; Glace Hay, 15,000; I'ort Morien,
j,ooo, and Louisburg ubout 2,000. Approximately these four places aki'nu have
u population of ao.ooo. There Is more
money earned and spent in this section
of the country than in any other section
of its sl/e iii the  Dominion of Canada,
In the western portion ol'ihe province
of Nova Scotia there is Ihe Midland, ll.e
D, A. R, from Windsor In Yarmouth,
and the I. C, R,; and in Northern Cape
Hri'ton we have the Inverness nnd the
Richmond, Ihe South Shore und pro-
jccied Gulf Shore Hue. With nil iheie
for the north, surely the eastern aide,
with Hi lurgo populalioii'-iind vast coal
fields rich in the potentiality of wealth,
should receive some consideration nnd
protection from llie Kovernmeiii, which
Il has so ardently supported,
There nro large coal deposits lying to
the Kul .)< l.'.,ww <Jj_, ,u,u cMcnJing to
Lmilsbur/f. Tliru- mc sibjul Ut ,V J,.
vclopcd and will bring in .1 huge population nnd will he a means of im rea.seu
wealth. Three harbors can be lapped
by Ihe 1. C. R. uu the extended line,
Glace Hay, Port Morien and Loui»hurg,
the hitler two being open all the year
round, nu mailer what the climatic
conditions may be. Al a very early cUy
thine will be found necessary for llie
handling of increased Ironic. The cost
of "iccbreiitorV' and other devices to
keppunwliabh'harbor* open would pi
far towards building (lie new exttm-in..
If Ihe lilterioloriiul r.iilway was ex
landed, as outlined above we coulJ
have uninterrupted daily mail and train
•mice from Halifax and the west, und
passengers going from here abroad
would not be compelled to remain over
night in S)du«y,
Apart from other reasons the govern-
combines, and they must always be,in
opposition.'to combines, because their
interests arc hot identical.        '   -
t 1 ,
Viewed in this light, Louisburg, and
not Sydney, is tbe proper terminus'of
the Intercolonial railway; and it would
be': wise for the people in this section of
the country to immediately petition the
Dominion Government, praying that th
I. C. R. be extended from Sydney to
Louisburg. Rest assured you are well
within your rights and in a good posi
tion to press your demands.
 o —— '
No[hln,r Kuached tho Itoot of the
: Trouble Until Dr. Williams Pill a
; Were Used,
",I Suffered almost untold agony from
rucumatimn. l*or ' HoVenil weary
mojithH I was confined to. bad. I hud
thoWst of medical treatmoul, but nolh
ing seemed to roach the root of the ills
sirs.until I used Dr. Williams Pink
PIIIh. These have completely motored
m.vj health1" This 8troii|» emphatic
itatomont Ih tnitdo by Mrs. Edna Mm
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practically been glvou up its incur-
nbld by doctors, iSho further suys :• "I
Buff iroil for over two year* and rhiui
mutism Houtned to be firmly implanted
In myHystoin, At the outsat 1 wiih able
to attend tn my IioiihoIioM duties, hit
at night I sitffumd the greatest pal 11. I
at once Iw'gan to take mi'dleltie but mv
condition actually grew worse. I was
attended by a hIUUiiI doctor hut wns
ultimately forced to roinnln In bed suffering untold agony with ovory movement. Finally the dnutcrs told mo tint
trouble wns Incurable. One ilny I wns
advised to try Dr, Williams Pink PIIIh
and ) decided lo do no Presmitly the
pubis were not so Hiivme, and I liu/juti
to feel mysiilf galnlti.tr, Shortly' nftiii-1
wna able to go about, and In le»s ilnin
three mouths I was perfectly well, I'm'
this condition my thanks are guilefully
duo to Dr, Williams Pink Pills."
Dr, Williams l'ink Pills cured Mix.
Morrill by driving the poison out of
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blood. Thoy don't act 011 the bowels,
. They don't bother wilh more Hyintmiis
Thoy go tight to the root nf the
trouhlo iu thu blood, Thnt is why th, y
have cured tlie worst chads oh ihihimiiih
Bronchitis,   0
Weatt Voice,
All these diseases are serious in them
Belves, and if not promptly cured in the [
early stages are the certain forerunners of *"
Consumption in its most terrible formB.
Psychinu conquers "and cures Consumption, but it is much easier and safer to
' prevent its development by using Psychine. .Here is a sample of thousands of
voluntary and unsolicited statements from
all over Canada:
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited s    ■    .
Gentlemen,—I feci it my duty to ad Tlie yon
ot the remarkable cuio *ffettea by your Piychine
and Oxomulsion, which have come under my
personal observation. Three men, well known to
me. Albert Townscnd, Hazel Illpaon and John
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consumption, and to be Incurable and beyond ths
reach ol medical aid. They u«cd Psychine nnd
Oxomulsion and they are now in rood health.
I (eel It a rtutr 1 owe to suffering humanity to
etate these facts 'for tha benefit of other sufferers
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Yours very truly. '    »
Green Harbor, N.S.
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you, write Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, i!9
King Street West, Toronto.
Coleman I.ocal Union No. 2633   <&
Chas.: Brooks,   Sec,   Coleman,. ♦
Alta- .    ♦
♦ =' ::-'.♦'
♦ Frank "..ocal    Union No'. .1263 '♦■
♦ David Ste*e; Sec., Frank, Alta.   0
♦ ' •■ ♦
♦ .0 *; ' ♦
♦ Iville I,6cal Union No. 1233 ♦
4   Dan  McNeil, Sec., 1,'llc,   Alta. >
♦ ' : ♦
♦ "'-.'• ♦
+ Bellevue Local Union No. 431 ♦
4   John    Clark,    Sec,   Bellevue,   +
♦ ' Alta. ♦
♦ ♦'
♦ ' *4
4   Hillcrest Local Union NonosS , 4
♦ Jas.  Turnbull, ..Sec, Hillcrest,   4
♦ ." Alta.      , ♦
♦,, >.   "-♦
♦ .'■.-.■:  n*.
♦ Lundbreck Local' Union, No, ♦
'♦'3»75.'"'A. H. Bryan, Sec, Lund- ♦
^ brcck, Alta. ♦
♦ , ' "■■,'' ..... ■"♦
♦ • ■ ♦'
$   Lethbridge Local Union No.574   ♦
♦ S.' A... B:''.Crabb, .;Sec, Lcth-. ♦
^ bridge, Alta.';- ♦
W"'it. Ross,K. C.-   •   "   J- S. T.-ALBSASiiBB.
Ross & Alexander
''■.KERNIE. 1». 0.
' ,    ' "    0'.
Office In li. T. W. Ulook, Victoria Avenue.
"4»'-;«   S
J. Barbery 1-d.s., :d.d:s.,
L T. W     Block,   opposite  the   Bank
' Oflice hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.    .
ffernie.-3B. ,C.
'. **
Davey, & Laderoute1
-W.'..J..:WriglesworthvP. D.S.
l—I .«=!«..
Ofkick HotniSi
S TOto VI a', in.- 1 to
fl.DO to 8 P.m.  1       ,'     .-
Ollico hi AleN. 1. 'tk'it UionX
overHliiia'sllalcMy. , :
i p. 111
«|» . ft*
;     .. A   GOOD WAY. .
to please careful,, housekeepers is to
give honest weight.- Oh, -we don't
say tMat all hatchers "don't do tkii
but' we cannot help occausioemily
overteariiig . oii'r lady ■ • frieniis-'wSwu
they get to telling" their experiences'.
to please is to supply only '■ the best
meat. If you trade with us you-Will
learn just what: we mean ;bvl t&esc
two ''ways". QUALITY'and QUANTITY,will be a little more,than you
expect. , „ .   , ""
Oalgaiiy Cattle Co
while a third is bem<j, »ot under way
aiid now he has instituted a movement
which is likely to have a far <j-i-e itc influence oil' the commerce of tho we t
than rriost'peoplo will imagine.
Mr. Flummerfelt's latest undertaking1
is the, or»-aiiizatinn of a company lo
build freight cars for western railroads
.A recent news despatch from Vancouver.
..states thai the scheme has already been
launched and that a .'company with a
capital of a million dollars, to be known
■aTtlCeT37lTfii7~Coluinbia CilFTjompatty
has been orgimizetrwjiose object wili be
the building1 of shops'for the construe
tion of cars to fill tlie great demand in
the west for .better shipping facilities ■
Included in life' company .'are Mr"
Flummerfclt, J. G. Woods, F, Buscqmb.
Hobert Kelly and others, and Canadian
and English'cupital is interested ''''
■ In view of the shortage of cars that
prevails, and for a" long, time has prevailed throughout the west, and which
the railroads themselves ee'ein unable
to relieve, the new undertaking; will
beyond question proven vast benefit
both to the railroads and to all shippers'
in Western Canada, and being located
at, the sent of the raw material, will
without doubt bo immensely successful.
fiJ""A[*KI) TKNllKH-* iiililr««»(iil to tlio iiinlni--
Jr„ ilKimd, unit uiidni-HBil ''Timrtiii' for I'nst
Itllleu, Fornlo, II, 0.," will Im rcc.iiivii.l 111, thU
ollloo until Momluy, Koliriiury lHtli, I"it7,
innliiKlviity, for tins ponttriictiiin of 11 I'nst.
Oilljio, Jiio,, Imlliliuu ut J'unito, II (J,
I'litns anil Npai'lJIisatlo)) run lie noi'ii nml
rnniiHnf rnmhir'ilitainml 111, tli Ih Jli'iiiirtnniiil
11111I on njiiiliciitimi to HoliertA. Knrr, Ksil.,
CljirkufWorlw, I'Vii-nlo, 11.0.
I'nisoim t(iiiilorii)« 1110 nntflluil Hint tnuilnr<
will not. Im I'oimlitniw.l unlos-t niuiln on 1hi«
printoil form niippllml, anil nl«nui| with tlinli-
iiuluul rilKmitiiriirt.
himli tnniii'i' nuiht, Im iiepnnipiuili'il liy 11 n
iiiii'upliiil i.|iiii|iiu 111111 iiliiirturi'il lunik, minln
imvulile lo tlm onlor of thu Ilonorulilo Iliu
Allnlitiir of J'lililln Worli^, ui|iiiil to tun pur
iiout. (lo 11. c.) of Iliu ninoiiiit of tin. tiinilur,
wlilnli will li«forl'iilt,ul Iftlin piii'tvtiinilni'ltiK
ilimllno tooiiKir Into 11 i-iiiiMiii't whim I'lillcil
upon tu 1I0. »u, nr If Im full to emiipliilo llui
woruonntninlfil for, If tlm fumliir Im i.nt
iiiiniipliiil tlm I'lii'ijiiu will Im rotuninil,
' Tlm Duiiiiitiniiiit iloiis nut I.In.I lUnirto m>.
ciipt tlifi Iiiivi.m.1 nr nuv ti'inli'i-.
liy Uriler,
Di-piufiiiunt nf Pulill,. Wurli,,,
')ltilWll,.llUllllll'V IHIli, 1(1117.
Now<imporn   liMMi'tlmj thU iiilvi.|'ii«i.mnnl
wltlimit iinllini'lty from tlm Ci.purt lit will
mil In. 1 ni (tl fur It,
SKIN lilts,
KitiiIp, II, l\
NilTlUl", h, liui'iiliy irlvt-11 t ml Iliu 1111 Ihi'kImih'iI
wll'illl Iliu llriil nii'iitliiu nf tlm II01111I nf |,lc.
«ndiii(l'niiiinu<liiii,ii'4 lor tlm I'lrvnl  I'Vinlu,
lllllll lllll I-  tlllili'Mlllllliilll   nf   t |l I I't V 'III VH (llllll
iliu ij»tt ,'ipply fur 11 triiimlVirof 11 rittnll llniior
Ill'mimH/iulilo I in i'if.)Ni|i| of 1 In. Win.,111?
Ilntiil, »(in.jt.i,t |.(,t. n-r, lll,i..|< n, City «f
l-'iirniii, fnnii niymiif m .Miuy Mhhm,
I in (ml thU lNt <lay i.f |.',.li|.n.ii'y, A, II, lim;,
VOTT"V. I. Vm.i.
I'Vnlc, II. 0„
I'llllH (diirnliriiml will ut Hut  flr»t inr-i'iniK  of tlm
,....,       '       . .     ,    ,,        , Ullyiif KiiimIm tii'lil nfliir Iliu  nxplriitloii nf
•cIkih, kidnuy troublti, indi^ctlion, ikiii-| thlriy ll.'i.y;,!,,')"|,,,l,i,';',»'u. ,|i'i,1v ,'<■' trnn»-
ralglA, nervouvnnxH iiiiiI thuupcciul all-
monti of itlrlH and wonieii wIiohii blood
Hupply hocontCH weak, scanty or lrreg-
Uiii'. .Soli" liy «>> iiivui\.i)iM u'v.iiii te i)l
by mull ntfiOcn box or six bnxim (or
12,50 from llie Dr. Willimns MiMlielno
Co, Urijckvillo, Out.
Kvliliinco acctifiiulntcK tlmt A. C.
[''IlilllUUra'.U, pi'Mnl.Utnl u[ Urn Intiu'iijll
ioiittl Cual atid (\ k • Cnuipniiy, npttmlit:;'
•t  Colitmin, mid n\-<> ul tlm Alli-rtn
fur of a mtnll |li|iior Hcciim. Krniitml in riniiniil
«r I lie KltipK llnti-t ilMi.-m- nt l.nt 7, Iltm-li ,'1,
Oily nf W mil', frnin inyM.lf tn .Inliu IMilliif..
ll.iti'.l tliKUt iliivnf Vi.lirnnrv. A   1) innT
I.. A.Mim.m     .
TO Till" HOAIll) 01* MCKNCK'COM-
Fertile, IJ. C.
jl'OYICI': i-i lK-iol,y jjiv«n lint the
tiiiiltrnigncd will, nl the first meeting
uf the IUurd uf l.ia'iia Cuiiiu^:.:,iu»-
ir» for the City uf l'Vinie, liehl alter
the expiration of  thirty days    from
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors1 and
♦■"'.-■ . ♦
4   T»bor' Local    Union    No.   102   4
4   John    Bishop, • 'Sec.,.   Tabor,   4.
♦ -..'.     "-. Alta.' ,'♦'
♦ '■■♦■
4' Tabor   Local   Union No.  1959? ♦
-^   Alfred ' Probert,   Sec," Tabor,- <J>,
4 Alta,   . -' ' | ♦;
=<r^~^t> ■ , ■   "^—'—*
♦ Caiunore Local' Union No. i387t  $i
4   H. Asson..Sec, Canmorc, Alta.   4
♦ ."'-•" .'■..♦
♦'■       *   . ','.,"'   .-'■■■ ■'•"    ♦
4   Bankhead Local Unioii' No.  29   ♦
^   John Higgins,  Seci  Bankhead   4
^ '     Alta. ♦
♦ifcAKER  ST..
City of Fernie ,
+ :*
A;' ANGLICAN—Christ    Cliurch— .J«
»r>" .'ttev. X. Skelding Wilkinson; •{•
pastor—Services,    m    a,  m. ^r
and   '7,30    p.    in.    Sunday '•""■
Sckool    and    Bible class at A*
2.30  p,   m.   Evening  prayer »J«
on  Wednesday  at 8  o'clock.' ♦$•
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd •{♦
Sundays   ut   11 it,    m,, and  •{•
2nd Sunday at 8 a.-in.
BAPVIST-Rev. II. Locke
Ktmpton, 11,A,, U,Th., past-
nr,   Services at 11 a. in. and
' 7.30 p, tn, Sunday school
and Bible tlass at 2.30 p.m.
Fraycr meeting oh Wednesday at 8 p. tn.
•J* A>
Conl Company, op.Tntltiy ncir f.iu.tl. tin's date, apply for the transfer of a
bri'i'k. iMili'kthmil to litvouiH fciinwii hh, ret»il liquor licence, granted-in re*
fiiiiMif tliuyriMt ">i'oi.'f«i.toiiii)f Wi),,t«<tuj-spctt nl., tlie Ctuti.il Hottl, .iluate
f'/tmida. Mr "'lu'iuui'.r,'c;t lu» l.etu ila-, ui.i.u Ul, l, V.U^U C, City ot l\iuie,
inniti Hpriiit' of larn.ii •ir^anixiiioint nf j Irrni myself tn James Severns,
caplUt lliAt liavn built twn of tlmmoit D.itid this U>\h day oi Junimry, A,
proipniioiM iiiininjr towns of tlm wc-itij 1>. x*joj,
Grand For"i»,U.C.,Hii<IColi!iinn,Aim,        —27 SAUAH .TI'N'XINGS.
»J. CATHOLIC-Churcli of the
•j« Holy Family—Father J, M.
>!« Travcraier, O.M.I. - Low
■!•     mniis, 8,30 a. iu.; high mass,
>'•     10,30 a. m,   Sunday, sdliool, »J«
•!•   , 2 p. tu,  Kvcnlng service, 7.30 A]>
'!•   .   • '                          . +
-J.  MKT.HODIST-aev,    W.  L«»li- •!♦
ley Mull, U.A., B.D., pastor. >]•
Services ut 11 a, 111. and 7.30 .J.
|). u.   llible elan* 3<3o !>• xr\,\ »]•
cowblnt'd    Bible    class'  nud »!•
teachers' meeting,  3,30 p.m. •'«
Claps meiting,   10.15 a,  111. •!•
Young     people's     meeting, *|»
Monday  nt 8 p,  711.   Prayer •'•
Meeting Wednesday ut S p.tu. »j«
•I' .J.
*•'••"•'■• •••"•"»-»-«-<•■*-»•••-•"•*"•-* *■«"«•*'•**•
•J. .J,
•!«   I'ttTJSBYTRttliAN    -    Knox •!•
•J«     church—-Rev.' II.   11.  Grant, •!•
*l«      II.A,, pastor.  Services at  11 •'•
>J«     a.w, and 7^30 p,m,, Sunday •"•
•         . ■>. .,,1      ,., 1     Tin 1.    .1.,         .i ,».
,-        ,.%,* .w^     ifc.*..*     .i..j.v   ^...,»     ..« ,
■J*     2.jo p. in.   I'raycr    mcctiiifi: •!•
>l«      Wcdnr-day ut 8 p, in. •!«
♦l« SALVATION   ARMY-Cnptniii
A» I.aidlaiv.   Sunday—Knee drill
•}• 7 11. tn.   Ilnlinrt.i meetiti|* II
»J* n, mi,   "Free    and     llasy,"
•!• 3.3<> J>. m.   Kuiiiliiy school, 2
A» tu 3.   Salvation   tneeting, 8
»r> J>.  m.   P.M.K.  meeting    on
•f Monday at 7,30 p. m,   Sal-
•f» vnllon    *ieetin-f    WfdnMiI.iy
A* at 8 p.  m.   Soldiers'  mt/t-
•V ing,      yriday.     Testluumy
•J- meeting Saturday nt 8 p. m.
Plans, Specifications and Esli-
■ mates furnished on application.
Plesiy   ot  GOOD   DRY-. LUMBER ON- HAND.
R. A. KERR.'  v
Architect     and Superintendent
Office  at  Residence,',
• ... .FERNIE. B.C
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
H. IIKI.I.. o'l     - A.AVlI.DMAS
..        . •       . -       ti
' ■    ' ", Contractors uml Dnililet.4 -    j
, Eotimutes Fumislvoii ' ■ ■
Slorm Doors and Windows
Shop:- Corner Ilowland Ave and McKvoySt.
V;     '   J?  0. I5ox :i.V),Fornio.;il  Ca
.-■ Headquarters      for,'   PACIFIC
!'' COAST ■■'„    GROWNv     GARDEN,
40'5c,'' packets for Si.00 prepaid
to your P.   0.   Order direct   and
i-get "resli, tested,"new .crop, seeds.
",„ Large .'stock  o!-'" Home' Grown"
• Fruit and Ornamental  Trees.
Greenhouse Plants, Cut Flowers.
, Catalogue Free.
','';• M.  J.,'HENRY,
:.    ' 3010 '.Westminster Road,
- Vancouver, B, C,
Cnul.-Ofiiil IiuuIh may 1)0 imtolinund at *1»
iinr utro for dolt coal uml $jo. for antlirselto,
>iut more than ,li» aorosi wm Itu KBnulrwl by
oiiii Iiiillvlilnal Or corepiiny, . Rbynlty at. tlm
ratooftuueuiitHporrimaJ :',000 poumKisliiil]
uaaollcotuilcin tliuKroHHontuut.,      '!•     ,
QiuirtJ!—A frno nitnor'n uorWfleutii Is (irn'Ntod
itpoji lJiiyinmit In iuIvuiioo of it> i>or iinnnm1- for
an IlKtlvidiiiil, anil from (Mi to clWi por iinmim
A froo minsr, liavinKilirn'oviirail mlnernl In
pluou,umy lituiitv acluiiu 1,,'hki x l,5Wfuut,
Tlio loo for recariUtiK 11 ululni lu lii.
At Icuut tluo mutt, ho expanded on tlio claim
(mu-lijvjftror pslil to thn mlnin'« raoordw In
Him Uiur«nf, When <iki) UitH iinia nKvonawl ur
puld, the Unator mny, upott havlnic a muvoy
'lYinilD, aud u»»n uomiilytnii wlUi otluir ru-
qiilrumoiiti.piiriiliiniii ilia uunl ut^l nu iwtt).
'i'tiu puttiiil (irnvlilOH for tho pnymont or a
royAlty ef lipiT ci'iit on tho walun.
ri.Atim mtnlint alulnm ummrully iua loo foot
M|iiiiio; uiitr.v loo W ri'iiawubluyeni'ly,
A finu inlimr nuv (ilituiu two Ioiibuh to
flieilui! fur iiolil ol'llvd inllwiuiu'li tor a turni of
twenty vttarn, rt>nowalili< nt tlio illnnrotlou uf
ho Mlnlitiir of tlio Inturloi,
Thu ItiiiHiiu nIiiiII Lnvc iiilrmlKe In oiiorntliin
within nno Komion Irom thu ilato uf ih* Iuhmi
f»r i«ah tlv* inllti, Kitnul *10 pur annum far
tsHuh nillo of rlveir loiueil, Uoy»lty »t tlio
nitu of ^piii-citul i-ollei'tiiil on tlin output 11 f.
t«r il (i.M-'in.'il»i,lii,(««i.
W.  V.  C01115Y,
DeiMity Mlnlstar if the. Interior,
N,   B^-ViM«Ulc)inic(i   j>ifl)illcHll«in   pi
Uii adTcrtlsemenl will no
not lie paid
♦ <g>
.*. i?,r.v utvkw   r,nDP,lT MO   ;; «
<?>                A   Y. A. A. M.          * <»>
i"?> k«Kiilar meeting held first Frl- <?>
<l> city  in cadi month,   Visitiii(j •$>
<J> hrethern  cordially  invited, ^
<$ J. H. VOLUME, Sec, Kcruie, $>
etvi /.-..-l ^/J.«i* %..■% Kfo.'i /J./t^.'^.t./i' *.«.«.
♦ «$/
fy MT. VKRN'IK LODGli NO.  47 1$)
$                  I. 0. 0. Y.           , <$,
<i> Meets every Wednesday evciiinj; <j»
•I tt H p. 111., in I. 0. 0. 1'. I loll 4>,
■«» V. C. I,AWK, 1U-c.-.S*c„ I-Vrnlo i>
<8> <$>
4' ^>
■;•■        PKKN'IK 1.01)01? NO 31 <$
•?>       KNIGHTS OF I'VTHIAS <$>
•i Metis in I. 0, 0. F. Hull every #
<•• Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. -^
(»> Visitliii' Iirctlirrn arc rnrdinllv ■<>
$> luvittd. <^
i1 Go   L. I'udki', C. C. -J>
#. IV. II, Hi ml ton, K. W. A S.. <••
♦ ♦
WINE   CO.,  Ltd.
Wkblesalc Dealers and Direct ■ Import-
. 1" 1" '---■-.',;     ' ters^-of        ".    ''■
SCOTCH AND  '     ' '
„-    OLD TOM .  .    '     .    - '
, POJIMEllY .,       . . ."
SCHLli^Z iJEER,;s ."
Sole Agents in,;Canada for-^*
Win'd«or     Tonic,      Jap -   Destroyer.
Philip Caroseila
'   General Merchant
and Dealer, in Wines/
, Liquors and Cigars.
Tjnsrioosr  labbl,,
Crow's    Nest   Speolal
Miner's Favorite Cigars
In only on* nf n hundred .llfriiri'iil
i'.r.|]iniinl hUu.diii- ll.'lurl', turnml
".'it lu, Tho iioi'fcrt ijiilllly 0.' tlio
l'.l.u'iin i IiujcIvHI with wliloii thoy
mo iiiiulo, omvlllloi thorn nt the
Best       ...  ,-
5!ii!!!:..; S'<-Pcnny Pipe
i.i iCift Wnrlfl
Tur.v wtt.t, vot uenv.
t'ikv wii.t, vnpntuiH,
tv.-r/ I'i.*^ Guar.nked.
•■ot. n rA"A~A nn u-,
J n»L ruiiiam'idr iin.l a«k 'or
"£;ih.M Bran J" Piixij   *
Kor Sale at the      „
Club    Cigar   Store
W, A.  INGRAM,  Prop,
I'konc gi.       -       •       I'ernle, n. C.
'flic tonlrnc+uis of Kernie will
please take notice tlmt Al\er April
1st, >go6 the Oirptnten and Join
its «>! Kernie I.ocal ?33o will demand four dollars U'.oo) for eljtlit (8)
hour*' worl.
W. A, coNnna,
r resident.,
IT, B. of C. A 3, V. laao, fernie.
MintrtJ't   T.talncat   CntesGarftt    In
& Elko
There is nothhig "from a hatcfeet
to split the kindling wood to'ithe
complete outfit for ,an txplorinj
expedition whiih we do not supply at  a reasonable price. '
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospefcforis Supplies
Drygoods, Groceries, Farm" Implements and ; Machinery .-' from
Stem-Winding Mouse ■ Traps ' to
Cyclone Stackers,4 Indian Curios,
Souvenirs of Roosviile and'Elltc-V
Raw Furs and Fresh Produce from
Tobacco Plains.    ;
shipped on    order" from   Elko to ,
-• any part east or west.-   .   „
.   Send  orders   to   Elko.
Big   Game ' Hunters-   outfitted
with supplies, Pack  Horses-and
Guide*.     •   ■ '     '',
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by0
The Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
Office or at H6s-
mer. \   :
The Elk Lumber Cov Ltd.
,    fernie, B. C.
Leave Nelson 7.30 a.m.. daily
Arrive Vancouver, 11.50 noon
S. Si Princess VICTORIA
Arrive Vktoria 6 p, m.
S. S. Princess BEATRICE
CAN Hli OCCUJ'IIJU 9 |».-M.     •
J, H.OAUTKIl,]),P.A.,N<ll»(.n. '
~~nrni—in - ....  i a
In the inaK.i of the Act respecting
certiiin works in and over certain x\w
igahle waters, lining Chapter 33,   ft,
s,i a, 1886.
NOTICE is hereby (flven that one
tuonih after date an application will
hi made to the Govcrnor-in-Councif'
by Holes HiiigHton Uomi and Jowph
Whitehead Koc,. carryinj; on businean'
nt K.kninntli li, tlif Prnvinc? c-f Prit-
ish Columbia, uiuli.r the finn name ol
Ross HroH, und Cotiipnay, under the
provisions 01 tin above Act for per*
mission to construct dams, booms
nml other inipiovemenU for logging
nnd saw mlllmo purpose.* in IToot»>H-
ay Kl»er in South East Kootenay,
British Coliitr.hlii,
The plans of tho works proposed to
be constricted nnd a description ol
the site theicol have been deposit**
with the ReRidtrsr of Land Titles at
NtUon, n, C, and with tne MlBJst*rj
of pnhlfe Worts e.t Ottawa, Ontario.
r     w. y, ouiiD,
Solicitor for ths Applicants.
Dated    at CranbrooV, II. C.   tnfi-
91st day of 0«Mnb«r, A. D. 1906,
■-*■"'-■ ■■Jl.i-7.
Air. Joseph A^MrOiuiif  wii-; for unioi s
..  "      all tlio way;;
He favored -bi'jii'r w.i.M'-i aid a somi -
wlrnt ? liVn tor <1; v ; -.    ..
A walkout iilVN.ayVpnU-i-'Niiui, though
• • he diili'i'i n'ii'vu a unit,, ■ ''   •'
But wIkii;, IIce  ibili-yaii'  said "Sirikc,"
• McGiniiis *i)i\'avs w.'Mir
■   He did tlm ,*l"in_iiiii.jr for bi> wife hi'fi.ii'.e.
,   ;he liked to. krow   ■', . ;   ;'
That'naujrht fr'avo union nnic'es weie
'purchased with his doii>rli" •
"Has it got thn union label?'' MiUiunis
used to say,  ,
"Has it got the'union labcd?    Show it
v. ■    to me if yrm'ru jihie..
If it hasn't  got  tlie  label   takis  the
l)loomiir.ihiii|£ awav."   .   "
McGinnis hau  uo,i'hililron, though he
Imped to have, soliiij day.
And his wife who ''st'cu ln<r duty" was
opiiiioned the saints way;
So wlie.ii the stork arrived one day and
lirouutii n iiouuciiijr hoy -
McGinni* wai ulated—he was ovcrcoinu
.. ., with juy;   .     " '"■.. • <. ,0
Hii   hinked tint  Imby   ovi-r,  his   face
wreathed in a grin,
When nil at once a thought occurred
which lilk'd him willi chagrin.
' "Has it got the union Inbul?" McGinnis
Used to aav. "
"Has it got thu union label?   Show it to
inn if you'rti able,
If  it  lusn'i  got   the  label   take, the
_-,    blooiiiin' tiling away."1
Now, Joseph A. Melnuis was a man of
good repute,   . '
He went to church on Sunday in hit,
union tailored suit;
Like many other union men  he led a
'blameless life, ' . '
And when  he died the neighbors said,
"The blow will kill bis wife."
He reached the pearly gates on time, as
upright spirits do;
"Welcome," was looter's greeting, "and
I have a harp for you-"
•'Has it|>ot the union lube.?" McGinnib
(UHed to say.
'•Has it got' the union labul?  Show it to
>■'.     me if you're able, .
If  it  hasn't  got  the   label   take   tho
l;     bloorniu thing away." ..  .
J*«kte3 *>e*e|y,, gfr£n'*~tinU foTdays
v HeK&te,/1 bateid to^.appiy^ to"'the
., Ijcfi-t Chief .C^mmiaiioBer. \of Lands.
;.! aid" Worl^forl^apeci^' license "to cut
. Unjl carry away^UmbeV^froin tte'fol-
;_j lowing' iescribed"^,lands; situated"'I cm
tfce"...kootenay _: JRiver." North East
Kootenay, District. .' ' ..
*jf».- 1 \^-Commen«iag ': at a"'.. post
planVud'oS tbe easl side]of"the Kootenay river, about two miles north
■of the northern boundary of Lot 4596
thence 80 • cfcaiavs north., tlience 80
chains west, tlience 80 chains south,
thence 60" chains' east j" to place of
October 4th,  1906/ .
,'..,"    AT THE STA I ION.
"Train' for  Chicago and   Dectroit.'
Detroit, London and Chicago!   Granu
Trunk for  Chicuwgo!   Track   Three:
Track Three!   Same to you.    No I told
you before the train for'the wot won'i
bomaditup for an hour.   Grand.Trunl.'
. for Chieawgo!    Track   'Ihri-e,  ee ee!'"
That sluntoriun  voice penetrated th.
entire otation, aud  yet allSr n'momeiu
or two it seumeil to mingle and bo loin the general uproar.     Upper Cana'd..
College boys were making their \va\.
pell mi'jl, to the train, stopping for'a
joke witli every ollicial. ' The first vesx-
Varsity men were dignity pereouitied ii
contrast:   they ambled" through   tln>
waiting rooms in stately pairs and trio.'
with'never a glance to ri^ht or lefi
Beneath the clock'a largo and'niusicai
group had gathered together, who'ap
peared, upon investigation,'to be stu
.dents ol St. Michael's College.  "One'ai -
jcuitomedjajlie.airiQus.habitp-nLtni vei
ling: stuileuts'.would have supposed tha
. these young men were bidding one an.,
-other an evorlasting farewell.   But sue!
sympathy would have,been misplacei;;
. they wore merely going home for Christ •
■ mas and kindly allowed thu huudredso
occupants of thestation to shareiu'tbei "
.',   Most people, however, wore too time'
taken up with their own concerns, bi;.
"and Iittlo.-   One man sat dowuthrei
times between Front street and.the ou-
trance to < tlie  trains,-to  readjust hi"
bundles. He had,two very large browi
paper parcels; a suit case which wouh.
not Hhiit,' a hamper aiid iiinumerab!i>.
smaller bundles.   Ho  must have bee
the original of thnt charming EngliM.
lyric about  tho "big box, little box.
baud box and bundle;" the children',
'oops iiud Hpmlos coinu iu it also, bu
that last'Intricate part nlwnys esea. e
my memory.    The UrHtime Implied
hlflbelonplngs up with mnthernnticii
precision, beginning with this largupi
It was a most effective scone, this pn
godallkuaffair appeared to project itself down the station, till suddenly, »r
one full swoop, it ceased to be and a d.
lected.looking man stood in his place
Then ho tried another plan- He stuffu/
the Smaller parcels in relays under hi
arms, nnd balanced the hamper and th
one large parcel against tho suit chs
, and.tho other largo parcel,   Of a suroh
all .would have gone well  |md not in',
njjltatcd female Htiddunlv appeared n. •
ontho Dcene with, "Well, Wllllim,, 1
«in>)nd you'vo enmo nt Inst. Wlmtuve
kept you so lon^y"  As William opened
his mouth to reply the suit case psrtci'
aedndor, as it rind tbrentuued at vari
ous junctures,and when I laet hhw Wil
Ham ami his spouse  they were hot'
kneeling on the ground, shoving thei
floods ami chattels into Unit suit can,
with unlimited xual and  despatch, i,
with vurv little.discretion,  1 hope the.
caught their train, hut my atteiitio',
was. dUtraeted  by  tho Hijrht of  tiv
tiny children,, who inarched upthofltaii.
lu tho most iiUBiirud and  couiphicenl
maiinei', hut who, so far as one uouh
sun, went in uhiiruii of noboilv,   Th
lllthi girl wiih about nliiu, nud'tlio \m\
might liitvo buon throe yearn old, uml i'i
addition to their responsibility tliev cat ■
rled a large vallsii,   I wns jiiHt makini-
up iny 111I111I to nddrenH ilium aud hit
how limy would bo ahlu to mining.,
wliftn Hninenni! ateppisd in nhimil if in
and, Inquired whore thuy wore unit) ,
Thoy wiirti uoIiik linmu.   Tlmv Heenn u
to think Unit itvuu a mown up pm'snu'i.
Ititolllgtiiico inluht Imvii been equal t>>
that strain, without, thn wmii'limM nf
qiimtloim,   When they found that Uic
lady who Iiud spnkcii »111 of a vurv lu
quiring mind they scomod determine),
to  mako the heat of It, and ndinllted
that they had boon vMtlng their grand-
The person who permits operation for any
poisoned wound, or sore, or abscess, or ulcer,
without first trying 2im-Buk. would have
good cause for regret after reading such a
sensational inoldont as to what follows:
•M^ri n^*S- C- K<hi'!',,(1,,> "'•"'■C'.H.A.O.K.. I'. 0.
™'iv0,(i,iF-i"md ''•' UA- •Sl" I,"■,■"l•, ull° «' I'm
most widely known iikmi In u-ieiullv s uiuty on"
cleail id possible Lo mcoi, is llie subject, nnd hi're
lU„r <?fx",!iflt,''u*:'   I'i'ui-viuwud at IliK hoinO in,
1 eterSt., Toronto, ho Miul:-"|n Jimiun-y or
ust year I cut t„o middle Hnfar 0.  mv  loftc'
hand severoly an 1  blood poNou «:t In."  Tbo
fh»u™?^aK 80 Ycr>>l,il',n'' ">'it. 1 could not use
the whole hand, winch bcKiiu loaweli and In.
Ilium), leoiiKiilLedonoof tho leading doctors
or loroiitound for iwo moiilhs 1 wis under hh
core, ihe wound got no better, and 0110 day
the dpotor said, "lidwards, t ,0 on v thin ; 1 can
do with this llajjer U, tako it olr".   It eu . never
-00cured.' .This was not \ofj- pleasant news
and all hat tlmo Iho nijii'.y from lie,wound
was lerriblo and tho Hwuilhura'iiil lulliiiuumlioii
extonded riKht up ho ann.   I went to sou an-
. other doctor and was under his irealn.enl for
Romo wo»ks. Ho ilion told m • thatall ho could
do for ma was to cui open th ■ whole llnircr
and scrapr the bone, which he said had hocomo
diseased through tho blood poisoning. 1 went
away 10 think wuon I would have ihe oiur.i-
"'!','• US.'1 '"J?1 a (,rI9"d "l'ho' hiariiuj tho details,
^•d'.VM'JiZil",''.I3'iH W.01,0 >ou hllve ^ '«kou
ott! I did so, I bathed tho wound and ann'io I
some of the balm, and that niirhl I ot a Iittlo
jiccp.- .Nost.mornimr the wound hoiran to
bleed, whereas, beforo it hail uniy ili-chuived
}\u\ '"'V was a g.iod «ii;n, s. I wenl on with
tho /.am-Huk. It seemed lo soothe ii and draw
(ho soirnoss completely away. Within B fow
■'ayslioiilddoawaywitliih. sling in ■• liieh
l.uad oiu-r.od the haul, and in a few weeks'
ii'uoth'To waiiio'a tracuof u 0 wound to bo
seen, lo dav my linger Is as s.iund lis u hell,
whor.11*. hud I not iimi! Za ,,-Hnk, I should
■ liave bei-n a fliijfer I' ss. I paid ovor $'.>n in
doctor^ fees, and when I think of the trilli'ie
cost, of Znm.Huk I a-n anin/.i'd at its wonderful
raluo.   My expcr|i.|ico>lin-il. ln-lnii'liui-~ull'or-
,ers, sj I do not uiin.i joii staiiuu the facts."
What Zim.Buk Cures
For  all   poisoned   wounds,   chronic   sores
ilcers and  ulmeo-scs  Zain-Huk is especially'
-.iriUiblf liecau>u'of its hij,'h aulUeptie powers.
If you have a wo nd or sore wlnoli h .^ ili'tted
illolntiuciil andsa vos. iiisaiasefi!i'Z:i!it-I!iik.
Zaiii-lluk. uls'i I'liies eczoiiia',.. iieh. scxilp
-ores. Hairworms, lilolchos on the face and
''lody, chapiH-d plaeos. eo'd -.o-ps p;ics -An&
i:nlarc;i'd vein-.. As an ciuli'iicatioii it cures
rheuiiiato-iii and M.'iiitioa.aiid rubbed out ihe
clie-t relhivcs tho tn,'liiue.-s due 10severe colds
All -tores nnd dn|..j,'Mssell iitJUvcnl-.ii'boic
■>r post free rrmn the Zain-Buk Co., Toronto'
1! boxes for $2.50.      ■
FRFF    R!)X Suil(1 0I1B cent'stomp aiu
papor and dainty sample box will be mailed
No. v».—Commenciag' at a post
plasted at tke southwest corner 0*.
Limit No. 1, "tkcarce 80 cluuns sontk,
tttence 80 cfcains west, ihcnce 80
chains north, tfceiicc 80 ciiaic: east,
to place, of couuncitcemettt.' „"
October 4t&,  iqofi.
fames Severn; .      . _ Proprietor
Well furnished roams., Tbe table is suppied with the bwr
the market affords. The ba r, is suupked with Hit h**l wiaea,
liquors,.and cigars. '   '' ■"',''■.
ou  have   to^. $p
Savino-s ..Account :is  to  start  it  and    ?f
No., 3.--Commencing at a post
ploated ooie. inile nortii of I,iniit°. No.
a. Uksnce 80 cluuns south, thence 80
chai«s west, thence 80 ckains" «Kwth,
tkeace 80 eba.i«s" east, to place of
Octoher  jih,   1906.
No. 4.—Commenciag at a post
plaarted at the aorta east corner of
Ivitnit No. 3, thence 80. cliains north,,
tfcencc 80 chains east, thence 80"chains
somk, thence 80 chains, west, to place.
or cotswMicenieat.
Octobsr 4th,  1906.
notbar'S'. in Hamilton. Sim "w.as to
have returned wittrtlusin, but was not
well, so they had cmile alone, They
v-ere not met because mother was ill,
and they lived on Queen street, nnd
would walk homo hceausu they.hnd no
car fares. Almost before I know what
vas happeiiiuu' the Utile woman who
lind shown such 1111 interest had bundled
thorn and thoir val'se into a enr and
wis off with rheni. I appealed to a news.
Iioy to know who she was who could
thus at a moment's notice plavtho jfood
Samai'ltiin. "Oh," s.ii.1 hu ."t'lioro'H hor
mil another lady that takes turns nt it.
They do it all tho tiino, meets ovu.y
messt'd ti'iiin, Oho of them comes from
llie Victor Mission ami t'other from the
\V. U. T,. II. Glory, but tbev do have
the time, Hut, say now, I toll vou
"traiiiiit, they do a lot or (rood—to k',ds,
vou know, und folks that don't know
t.mlr way 'round."
No. 5.—Commencing at * post
plaated at t*e north west.corner of
Limit No. 4, thence' 80 chains" north,
thence 80 chains west, tlience 80 chains
south, th*nce 80 chains east, to place
of conuneacemtat. ,
October 4th,   1906.
Hotel, Fernie'
T. Whelaiip   Manager
A pleasant homo
for tho traveller.
Rooms    reKor*'<Ht
by wire.
■Kvory Attention
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd "
Watch it Increase,  ah y(
do  with   ^
I - keep ^it, going—then-   watch   it   g>ow!    Doesn't
^   take long  for  it   to couni ,Up  to a considerable
&    amount—then   yoii   sec . the, advantage—the  wisdom   ol  saving. . ' c
I $1 Opens an Account with The 'Nie 'Bank of Canada IA
J. M.   MARSHALL,  MRr.f Fernie   Branch
N*. 6,—Ccuninc«ciaijj m% a post
plants* at the north west corner of
Limit No. s, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chainj south, .,thence 80 claims east,
to place- of commencememt.
Gv. H; G. BOULTON.  .■■
October 4th,   1906.  ,        .
No. 7.—Cosnnieacing at a post
planted one-half mile east of the
north west corner of Limit    No.    6,
"thence-867^h~ains north, thence -So
chains west, thence , 80 _ chains south,
thence 80 chains east, to place of
commencement.      • . !,
' i     '    G. H. G. BOULTON.
October "4th,   1906.
No. 8.—Comtnenciiig -. ftt a post
planted one-half mile east 0f the
north we*t« corner, o^ Limit No. 7,
(hence 80 cfcaias north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence' 80 chains east, to place of
commoncemeat. "
October 4th,   1906, „'"
Brewers of Extra Fine . J|
La'Ker Beer aiid'Aerated' '-> ■• ' -" 4
Waters.  Bottled Goods 5
, ' r' --a Specialty.; ■ ■• *j
Til© Eilc Lyeiiber Go...
DimensEb[ii? jFS®oring^ Siding.
FinishsEBg. Lumbei4 and
;  '       ;- SSoyjIsSings..
All our stock js last years cut and well seasoned.
t\.  Lf. "u
The Best of Satisfection
in Watch & Jetoelertj Repairing:
h Embalmers
. ', \. ,,, •  ••,-   .     AGENTS   FOR-,'
..•'■   The'   Calgary   Marble   &   Granite "Works ; '  J|
The   Kootenay   Marble'   Works,   .Nelson \%
! Thinks, Suit
A hotel thai fumfslies qmiet, comi
iiioilious accoiiini,af(h|ti'on for its p*-
tron.s is a source of pleasure to tbe
travelling public. Sncli d one is the
King Edward Hotel, of Kernie, corner opposite post office.
No. ,9.—Commencing _. at a post
pleated one-half mile '"" cast of the
north west corMer of Limit [ No. 8,
ihence 80 -chains ' north, thence 8n
chains we9t(] thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains cost, to place of
.. , ;; G. H. G. BOULTON.
Octol»r 4th, 1906,
No. 10.—Commencing at a. post
planted' one'.' mile' -.west of the' north
west corner .of Limit No. 9, tlience 80
chains east, thence 80 chains south,
tknee 50 chains west, thence 80
chains north to place "of commencement.
October 4th,  1906.
No,  1 ],—Commencing   at   a   post
Your Orders for Meats
Eggs, Butter, Poultry &
Pish, to
and get satisfaction
'PHONE   4
itftr   m
A. J. Burton^ Mjjr,
Miinnfiicttircr \ of all   Solid
M\d   Ill.wlUU   'I'oslill    S.V'hn,
Wc curry In Ktiulc mid can
diipply ut short noiice
Send Us Your Orders
nt im ■■     mjnihini hi   ML hi li hi hi     ^^^mrgtrnm/     hi hi hi hi —
•   vn'i^^fjir'.
Vanoouvep, B. 0.
y.   'i- ;
'..;••■" <.
1 IN
Wood Split Pulleys
, (that will not slip)
; All'Filing Room
Supplies at Right
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000;    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager,      ■■■     ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
■"    . °  J5.«nd under.i  Scents
-  Over $5 unci not exceeding $10     6 cents
■   I   f>0       J' " $30   10 cents.
•   .    .  „ ,"   »»        ;    S50  15 cents
These Orders are Payable at Par at'any oflluuln Canada of a Chattered Bank
(Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in the United States.
They form an excellent method of.remitting small sums of money with safety
and at small cost,
G.VS.   Holt,   Mmiiitfor
PY tl      Branch .Ti
planted' nt the nortii west. comer, of
Mmit No, io, tlituce 8o chains west,
tkuitce 8o ch'uin.s .soiilli, tlience 8o
ilialnc east, tknee 8o chains n()rth,
lo plnce olcoiniiienceniciit,
G. II. tt. nOUI.TON.
Octobar 4th,  1906.
No. i2.~C0minenclnj_ nt a ' post
planted at the north west corner ol
Limit No, 10, tni-nce 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains noitli, tttenct 80
chains cant, th.ncc 80 chuius bUulk,
to place ol rotutiu'ticoneat,
o. 11. cv, noui/roN.
Octol«r 41k,' 1906.
No, 13,—C(«nnuim'in_{ at a post,
planted ut thu notifa west corniT of
Limit No. hi, tlience Ho chains north,
I hence 80 chains tuxt, thi-nce Ho
chains south, thuhiu 80 chains wont,
lo plsci of coiniinricciimnt,
0, 11, 0. noui/roN.
.October iftli,   lynfi,
No, 14.—Coiiituenciiij; at u pout
planted at thu nnuth west coiner ol
Limit No, in, thence 80 chains
south, tltcnce 80 chain* nisi, thitire
80 chiiins north, lliciicc Ko iltiins
west, to plu^c ot commcnceiuvut.
O. II. 0. uow/roN.
Octoher 4th,  lyofi.
per with the iiiiine—"Virgin Oil of
l'lne (1'iirc)"—iiluinly printed thereon, .There are ninny imitations nnd
cheap productions of Vine, hut,these
only create nausea, and never cITccl
the desired results. — 26
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds  of   Kleciricil
Goods kepi in slock.
All  work
John Tuunhu,
80   YEARG'
Tti relieve a coii_;li or break up   a
cold In twenty-four hours,  the    f.M-
tuv*iu£   aiun.ile  hinuvii.i,   x'wt  ivi^naJi-
ents of whicli can he obtained ol any
good prescription druggist at   small
cost,   is    nil that   will be required;
Virglu Oil of     Pine (Pure), one-half
ounce; Glycerine,     two ounces; Good
Whisky, a hnH pint.   Shake writ nnd
take in teaspooiilul (Iom-u every   four
hours.   Tin- deslrrd rrsutts can not be
obtained unless the    Ingredients   ure
pure.   It Is therefore better to   purchase the imjrtdicnts separately   and
prepare the mixture yourself.   Virgin
Oil ol Pine (Pjire) ihould 1* purehav
cd in   the original liuHimiiire    vinlt,
"which dru_,'(»Ist.s buy     for illspenslnjf.
Knch     vial Is securely   senlnl in   a
round wooden cusc which protects the
oil from rxpouire to light.     Around
the woodin cast is an en^ravnl wrap
Tnanir MAnKs
        Copt riohtb Ac.
AIITone M'lullii^ h •K*rl<-(t Ki.il d :H'(ii.li..l. Unit
nnlnklr iiinnrlian mir ii|ilninii f»«« *rli»lli«r »«i
tut.'-'tti'-i* ** .'.J'.l'ia.Jy i.uli'i't.il.m i'i.intiiiii.w.)i.
UimolrlotlfronuilniilW, HANCBOOHiml'iiHinu
unit frua. (iMot NUCilM'f fin muurliitf inneiiu.
I'nKinu t«k«n tliniuuli Hunu k l.o, rocelr*
tf4ttil MtUi, without chinii. Utba
Scientific JUiterlcatt.
K hkinimoitlf llluilralml wi«'l<<i.   J.nrL'Cit Hf.
r<<iif 1 jnur niohllm, |L Bci'lil liy fell tiuwrnnmlum.
rfrinoh omr«7fa V HU WwWulion, I). C
W. R. McDouga
.+M.\*tl.  lj
1—Fern i&r Br^C
Prices    Lower
ZhaiCEvep- ^
OKS and
ies of a
uiace' Drug Store
H. F. McLean, Mgr.    ,
o Mako your \vi!V happy by Inlying a vSlri\l Kaiitfe of J. I). Quail
Pornlc,  11.  C.
NOTICK is hcicby kIvui th.it «U
unilcr-slfincd will, at the first meetinj;
nl the Ilo,iTil of T,ieeiicR Comn'iiwion-
tr« for tin" City of I'ernlc, held lifter
the expiration of thirty ditj1. limn
lifts ilitf, apply for the transfer of n
retail Ihoior licence, »i,nitid in n-
tpect to the NorthtTii Hnul, situ.iti'
ilium T.ots li und 7, PIncV; tj, City o!
Kernie, from myself tn''joint Sorkce
PaUil thi4* JMh «!.»>" i.l   I.iuu.ivy, A.
I).,  v^.
■"-—---»■ -*1--!—-nti ttwm
or  money  refunded
HEAD Offlfl.
^CRNII:, B. C.
Wholesale Groceries, flour, feed and
'    -    II
• '   'hi
i» j
:-!■ xt^Knvts+tyHs^m <'^^*i*?^^^v^r^i^aii^if««ii*«*M*i*,«ftwi " !/
Mn^nanwanJiaaiaina nw
•   The  annual congregational  meeting
. of    thej Presbyterians     was ' held    in*
. Knox  church Wednesday evening, and
was a most enjoyable affair.
■ '"•" The ,seats were taken but ol the
/church and tables arranged at, which
'_ the  whole  congregation   was ' seated
and treated' to an elegant little '{east,
furnished by the ladies.   Rev.   H. H.
Grant  presided,      and after  enjoying
„ the good things'on the table the U«s-
' iness of the evening was taken up.'
,H.  J.  Johnson, A.  C Uphardt, 11.
P.  Miller,      Mr.   Muirhead,    ^Y.    H.
Whimster,   '.E.   Wrigglcsworth,     Mr.
Fisher, Mr. Stork and Mr. Iluntuigvci,
were-elected on .the board of managc-
' ment,  and II..    J.  Johnson,    V.    J.
Watson and E. P. Miller, were,elected
trustees.     G.  P.    Miller' was  elected
,. to the'session.
Mr.  Ki.sher made a very ,neat little'
speech,    thanking     the ladies of  the
Aid Society for     their untiring   'and.J
- clFicient .work  for the church    during
llie year.
Mr. Stork spoke  if '.he histoy    o:
the church. ■•
- The lota) receipts for , the church
for the year amounted to Si,700,;
;'39<i of which was the result of the
work of the I.adios' Aid. ,
• The expenditures, for the year
amounted to about the same as recoil)'.'-'.,   leaving   the    church  clear    of
■ dabi for the new year. ' •„
The members of   Knox church  'are
contemplating     holding • an  anniversary  meeting    next  fall   to  celebrate
,   the.,10th year of its existence in Fernie.                 ,   •' a  .
 :-o :
. Wild Rose; Eiisrl'isli'Broakfast Tea,- Our
Own Blend. Quhlit;;/aid Shiver Unexcelled. - Also, Blue JR'ibboii -LockBmml
We are the sole agents for Ram Lais
Pure Indian Tea.
Pay Cash and Get the Best. ' Prompt'Delivery.'
W. "J. $lundell.
A maii, named Reiss was caught by
a fall of' coal from the face in No. 5
mine yesterday morning, and had his
arm bicfcen.
iMi'.e I'cMieyj a driver in No. "' 2
mine at' Coal Creek, '.had his hand
inashed Thursday night while at work
in the mine. •     •       v
A man' named Thomas Cowau had
his fight leg broken above the aaklc
joint yesterday -morning about S
o'clock while working in the ' Coal
Creek mine.,
Mr. Campbell, who was caught in
the snowslide had a leg' broken.
-" THE   VOTE ••'
The vote as officially announced  by
Returning   Officer   Marshall   for   the
* Fernie Riding  cast  for representation
"  on'the 2nd inst. is as follows :
'".     ROSS   MOORE    DICKEN
Fernie"   .___ 180 ~ ' .   '152   .- 29  ■
W. Fernte  13 18 3
-Coal Creekji_4 ' A7 14,
■   a
- Morrissey
~"_    Hosmer
Spar wood
6    .,          1    .
23 "   ,     .,4 '
. 5..            0'
39             S3   .
18  ,            1
0   ."
8   '
." Krag
■   2,             •?     .
24.           -       4
•16             2
». _       .'   Total   350           285
Spoiled ballots, 11
Total vole cast, 712
Consorvatlvos elected,  26,
Liberals elected 13.
Socialists elected 3,
Tho Socialists hold their own, and
the Liberal jjalns outside of Vlctori.-i
offset tlio Conservative j»ftins in the.
country, so that the net pains of tho
government are "tho four Victoria
Salvation Army Notes „
' .i sJ?°.ciftl fi0r*teo on Sunday evenliiff m
the Salvation Army ut 8 p. m, Sorvltv
of Sotij? untitled  ''Little Minnie."
Brigadier Smeeton from the (Joust
arrives on tho G. N. It. tonight, en
rputo to Cranbrook and will also visit
Coleman and Lothbridge.   .
4 i^,(,1!)ftyoJt,°,n, K°od "Utliorlty thnt
Adjt, Wiikeliold in appointed the S, A.
representative In B.C. for Immigration.'
A mother's greatest pldnsuro Is In sen
Injr her little own bright, playful ami
hea thy. The wull child In a bloMlng
to thn home, but the sick child Ik a nv
lilar llu « tyrant. A fow donos or
Uhuvi Own Tablets will rnnke tlm
Klcljiy child well, or nn occasional dona
wlllpravuiitiluknoHH. There is nothing
to ei.mjl thoin Tablots ai a euro for
•tomnuli and bowel troubles. TIihv
niiiko ttidthlnir easy, break tip cohli,
extiel wormsand cure simple feverM
Baby's Own Tablets are sold under tin-
guarantee of a government analyst not
to contain one particle of opliitii—tlinv
never do linrin-nlways good. Mr*, (i.
M.keinp, Car eton f'liice, Ont., h/i.vh:
"Ihuveglven Baby's Own Tablet* t>,
my llttle.one since he wns a wnik old.
and haw found thorn a splendid tiled
Icino. At eleven months he weighed
over twenty H|y pounds," Tlm Tablet
are sold by druggists or by null nt 2ft
cents a box Iroin Tho f)r, Williams
Medicine Co , Brockcllle, Ont,
Coats and Skirts
■    - , ■ o   "      ■   -
New and up-to-date.
LADIES .    '    -~
Underwear and Hosiery
" • * °
The made-to wear kind.
MENS    * ■ '   ' ,,
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
MENS/ ■  ! .-■ V;^   "-
Overcoats and Reefers
The, sort that fits.
Rubbers -
The Best made.
Meat Merchants
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Pork, Mutton, Veal and Lamb on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs.
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish; always a
good assortment. Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.
Capital mo U*i
TOTAI, .VrtSI'.TS!   '
Tlility-twi) Million Dullurs.
UltKHU'i; I'uniii
12 KJU.OiW
[jnCRIVHS accounts of corporations, firms nnd individuals, on favorable terms.   Deposits of $1.00
and upwards received, nnd hljrhcst current rate of
Interest allowed.  96 Branches  throughout Canada.
TjVVESTIGATE arid you will appreciate the many money saving
opportunities presented at our k6r6.   Weliandle only the  best
opportunities presented at our store,   Weliandle only
quality of gpods and sell at the lowest price that good goods 'can'be
New Sppjing Goods
Arriving Daily
NOW   IN   STOCK    ?resi ''^SSlS ™°?s Duek^ Chambrays, Apron
—-—'——.— _ vn   einghams. Pillow Cottons.  Bleached and Unbleached Sheetings and Cottons.-
Newly Arrived Whitewear
Ladies Nainsook Nightgowns $1.75 to $.6.00
Fine Cambric Underskirts
embroidery and laceflouncing
Dotted Swiss and.Nainsook
Corset Covers
Hare  and One/Third
Round  Trip
t'rom FYrnto, KrvrUlnke anil nil Inifr-
mviliittc mid hmncli line points
ON M ftby. 11-16        tlUir ftty. 11
Vof .|..',iiti.llr,f',niii«M.iii ■ jipTy t.iiyjnli
i s.cahtkh.iii».a. A.j.amx,xx>.rA.
'J'^   'J'.'.w    Willi.
Iknr ,Sii,-I iltsiri1, tluou^Ii llu-
iroU'itirt ml y«»r (tajifr, l*> coins'*
my .siiKcru t1ianl<*M to my in.uiy
frii'mls ami     supporters wlui .iwsistuil
mc   u'liljliJJ   'iVifc   ji.'uA   vrt'iii'|'.i'i_,,V'.   'ii.i'.u
the result has not l.wn cxadly wlmt
wc Iiml Impttl uml expected, .ttill we
li.ivc iimpli: taii.su for eoiijjr.ituluiion.
Stnrting our campaign as wc did,
liaiti|ivrcil at every turn, we o«j;lit
nor tn hn fli^m.iyc'I ;it tin* result.
U'c Ii.»vc no lime to spend on vain
.rt jgri t-.; we niu-.t he up nnd woifclnj;
lux tlie next tamp.iii'ii. KpciliiiR for
myielf ami f*.r llu- party to width I
Ixtloit^, I may nay we shall never
r**t until we have taptured the t<-im
1.1      Jidl'Iflll'llflt      f .Tt      1/til.lM      III      l5."l'
nnAin£ I'l.t-..:, ait.f will iv.irl. iti^lir
'jii-l day, in ^e.lVln ami out ot «.»-.>■
son,  in.tvt w<-  iUV;iin  lh.il iw\        U
J has hern j-nid that it was C. J».   U,
money   iiito   C. i».  |{.f wlnskey   that
ir...'.' nm in ii'o'.s k..u'ti(..ti'^it, MJitn,   as
a  nmtltr of fact  il was imliflcrcncc
f.n tlw j»art nl llie wnrkeni that tdflx-
.set! our defeat.   I mijjht .say that we
liclicvp we have ample evidence   nut
^.(»;i   \u Vip^i'i   uic lUi'iinn,  \.\\\    (iloiu
!«(! tttU- away a few    licenses (iinle.si
the coitilcxH of jiistitc was also lir.'n-
cd), hut hein_; just workiiifiiiun,    wc
can't find the nccissacy money.     Iu
conclusion,     Mr. Jiditor, I wish    to
Ih.inlf yon aiirl  thn T.efFgor    for    tli«
Kl.mil    uLen hy yon     on hthall   of
til (lib .iMriit, iiml I tru.-.t ii   will
tiut myself, Inn the unuiii.ui    people
continue  to  work   Ior  the nii.iiuip.v
tion from corjn-rations and nil other
7Ji.j/ji.i;ijj you j» ^jilinp.nioH, I re-
mm in,
V««irs m iiu- KiK|(i t„ tju. Kintsh,
Fine Nainsook-and Cambric
Drawers, trimmed with lace
or embroidery
Beaut;ful White Muslin.
Dressing Jackets, each       "■;_
All over embroidery'   <   '    !
'Dressing Jackets, each
^.to   3.25
. .65
.50 to' ;i.75
Newly Arrived Whitewear
Fancy,,Long Silk Kimonas    ,   .
Hand embroidered, each
Fancy, Short Kimonas., each
Silk Blouse lengths
Hand embroidered, each   «
Silk embroidered   \    ,
Cushion Covers, each1'
Silk Blouses,
in White and Colors, ,,
Ladies Fancy Collars, each
. $12.00
■- .•   .'     ■ 6-75-.
$2.25 to .""2.75 .
...12W to
HatS We are:now,i'1 a PosltJP". to'please the most particular,'having placed in stock
a portion of our spring shipment of Hats and Caps.        -  .    -        .'      price
$1.50 to
.35 to
bflpS  Men's Caps in Fancy. Tweed's and Worsteds, in the newest shapes.        Price
FanCV CraVatS  Narrow and Wide Derbys, Ascots, Puffs,.Strings, Bows and Knots in   all   the
*   "■ Newest Designs and Colorings.-
Glothinil ^^P'^r ,thc most *SM'™* Cesser with our Campbell   and   Faultless
■» bL<0THin!i®. ^Material, Style and Workmanship "The Best." Our price "The Lowest '**
Suits $5.00 to $25.00.      Pants $1.40 to $6.00.
IT    for Good Value iii Boots & Shoes Examine Our Range.   |T
yyHEN'.you compare prices, compare also the quality of our goods, and we are
ww positive you will admit that our values are unequalled.
Finest Creamery Butter lb. .30
0. & B. 1 lb. Glass Jams .25
Quaker Oats,  packet .15
Quaker Canned Peas, tin .10
Ashcroft Potatoes, 100 lbs. .$1.50
1 lb. pkts Peaiiine .15
Fairy Soap, 3 Cartoons .25
Saturday Special
In tbo Grocery Department
Huntley & Palmers
English Biscuits
Combination Mixed per lb.    .20
New California Prunes
Box of 25 lbs $1.45
MO-JA   COFFEE   The crilerlon of q"««ty-    Usunlly sold at .50 and .60 per lb.
" " -     '     m    •      m m Our r»»
Our price per lb.     .40
Maple Leaf Cevlon TEA'1flori9'ofPllrst]wnffloi|dors« New seasons tea
r,Q   L ai   U0Jlun   lLn  now in stock.   Quality better than ever.  Per lb. .
I The Crow's Nest Tradine Co.  I imS^d
,1    A.'-
to: un'
, WANTICD-A good girl for Imustkccp
iriR.—Apply lo llrt. J. R. j.nwry.
Fl'RNISIIKD room lolrcnt for gen-
tkiiiiin furnace, electric light 'uml
liatli. For particulurs apply to J.cd-
jjti OiVuu.
WANTl'.D-Stnant   |;irl.   Apply     l<i
A. McDongnll, I-Vrnlu T.unilicr Co
_p,    1 l.|l   ■■■MH.W ..■.   „MM   Wil.      ■    II—.1*^—■■<... ,|,«|IIM    -W.
V.V   KfsJKn--l«»licl«»i;th     <Ml.Iiwr(n
«Ui>ivt» liuMntcdiltkl,  tu«  ••» Atii,  n.tti
«I«lyn  u   ;ym:r ,«r|.   IIwpuiI, 'p'i-.'t',
X  J.<--l|„'«'r.
WANTKD-Girl   for    general limisi*.
work.   Apply or write Mrs. K. 1'.
Jones,  a.|f>  Vlctori,,  Avtfiife, Xnrtli
l'crnlf. j,j
von   HAUtt
HAY YUH .SALK-Uood uplnml pr«lr-
lo hny.   CIihii. H. Ilnurnrd, Cnylov,
Alta. ^2Mf
t nnd lot. Fifty tlilckoiiH. Nenr Ile-
m-Alittn jjioi.iitli* Apply to .Inmft*
KflKtoi*.  07
KOtt SAUJ-A Koml Willi«m'» piano.
Apply I), MiUfcwin.
FOB S.\r,.F«:-"rt Xntt In Writ F^ralfl;
t«y ttrmn. ..Apply W. T. ITtaley,
lyfut F.r»lc.
POM HAM?—A snap; a six roomed
lxAise, will built, wiUi Iiot and cold
water bath, aud up«to-date *I«lric
light fi*t«m; *3(watn! tloje in lo
t)u:u'iK»u iuct uC city, uiul U mAJ.
*oo«. For paitlcular«. enquire of
Mott, .Son fc Co.
MOTT *0N k CO. klV8 iutructlfc.
to look out for tw« ©r tkrta huni.
red acres of good land suitable for
fruit grawiMg fi the Koatany Taj.
hy. Tills laad must be so situaU4
as to allow of irrigation, 4/th«r by
«f«vliy or by » well-quipped pomp.
injr plant with nn alm^t jup-
fly nf wnt.tr. lmprovti raacktit are
vltuln\x the scope of the itstructfoM
I,«aHty. *j«ftlily of soil ««d acrrsi
to water came before prtee ia lite
cMulderatfftH of At i*nfca.vr, wbo
la a praetfraf frn/f growr, a,n,f
luaw\ Wliat h« wants. Sctid as
your deitrlpllow, IociiUoaa aa^l
■*->-J*S«^WiBA.1 tt^f^^tv^miMm, 1 „
»-*Wirn-u^*  ■. - -*».


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