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TfAymu 19
"Crowded Houie"
yhejtotrict Hall
•Dart and thy Smiao pf th* Muuici-
(pal   Oouucll
At tha customary  hour of seven-
thirty tbs reeve and* municipal council
(lonvetted iu tb* district hail last night.
At eight-thirty th* session bsd adjourn-
ud, tbt council going into committee of
tba wholt.   Coupling this almost un
pracadented cirtuinstanco with the fact
th|t a cuiiaiderabla amount of more
or-lesa Important  business wa* trans
acted, tbe Innovation aa such, appears
in Indicate tbat municipal politics Ibis
mi will move ahead In a brisk and
yainosallke fashion.
11luun. I.iiuici waa easily Drsl iu ver
bal rapidity his recital of several millions and recommendations being quite
Ud  tbt pale of Pitman's short-
h.......   The said motsions were, however,
perfectly sane, complete and neceaaary
/' ''-l^ (ta follows:
■v ,        '   'lie engineer be empowered
Vti ts for work ou tb* lower
porll.. es lhe marine drive througli the
Indian reserve."
"Tbat tenth avenuo east be cniitin
tied lo Drayton street by day labor."
"Tbat the clerk aud llnance committee submit a draft liy law dealing
fitb Iho licensing of .automobile inn
Ac ou the l.ajiilann road."
"Tbat  Hi-'       *«jl  would  respectfully urge it, .i.-niini'iit    tbo
RMualty of *n '-: settlement
of tbe crown's    cl»..     g a  quarter
share of certain lands In tbe district,
•   at seldom ill   ' *pw it a standstill in
th* portions ifie...,' 'teMlti in course
ol erection ara stoppoin   |d lilies tl
aeady granted (re now  disputed and
tag credit of tbi province both in east
eru Canada and iu Europe will be sari-
ouily affected when it it knowu did
titlat   hitherto   reported   aro   now j/7
valid." tilt also   appeared  from'Ooun.  I .mi
lat't report dial Ihe Hc/nl of Works
bad mot certain foramlii and workmen
of tbe district and had mutually
of   tb*   district  *nd   bad  mutually
(greed to tbe following:
s hour working day.
1-hour working day on Hatunlay.
Ili ceuls minimum wage rale per hour
Sunday wurk paid for al Ihe rale of
tipte (nd lmii'
V Overtime up llll i p.m. paid for al
*U of tint tint * quarter.
Ovarlima after t p.m. paid for at
lb* ral* of time tad a half.
Adjustment of salaries for mualcl|uil
officials were at follows, at detailed by
Coun. Bridgman!
Dlalrlct Engineer (J. K. Cosgrove)
HM pit month.
Aesialaut Khginocr (1. C. Jubuiton)
tUO per month.
buperiiilcuilcut    (J.    Mcl.eaiij   1116
per month.
"   Contract    tngk^gr   tad    iasptclor
(Jobn McHugb) (Ihli ptr month.
Draflaman (tiptrt) t. 1. Calkins
$9.76 witb (HI bonus per sheet on large
Timekcoptr (urfllled) H6 per month
District Clerk (J. 0. Ftrmtr) II6H
ptr im.1.11.
Treuurer (P. Baylis) 1116 per month
Assessor (B. Chance) 1116 per
Mr*. Bartlett, Ht per mouth.
Min llumphrlrt, (60 pel month.
Tbe engineer wat instructed lo pre
>pari * by law to rait* $30,1)011 lo aug
mint Ibe funds dtvotad to Ibe l.ynn
Valley water area; alio t by law lo
'( tb* (mount of HOMO to luguiout lbc
fund* .leveled lo tbt E*lt Capilano
water arte.
Tbe reevt tnd council wtr* appoint
•d ** a committee to mitt tbt city coun
ell tonight In regtrd to tbe Blca Uke
lands prupuS 'i»n.
Couns. Ijoutel, Lawion, WNtovtr
tad Bridgman wen appointed to pre
lid* as * courl of ravlsloa on Ibt at
(***m*at rail.
Upon a ilnnuoui "kick" being r*
giiltrtd from th* auditorium agalmt
tin eundilion ef tb* main tboreugbftr*
through tb* municipality, Cou*. Wt*l-
,,«ver laid be believed tkat tbt que.
Ufa wu to be labia up undir tbi lo
cal imprevtatst* pits.
0* tb* tuggtitlon of Cou*. Uolil
tk* matter wu left io tbi ktndi of
tk* Board ef Works.
Tb* correspondence Included t letter
from BuruiAd Walkem, solicitors,
uking for Mptrtlcuiari with regard
to tb* («iaN's pending claim for
damage* agaiusl 1. T. W. liy, la account of tb* "faulty construction and
lai*fe" of tk* municipal ball.
Mcljllaa ,Bev»ge and While, .solicit-
against tk* municiptlity of Mrs. Bed
dick, tkt ownir of block 66, diitrict
IM %0U, lei Aimigt Atnt te ber pro
party through tk* council taking there
from t width of 7 f**t. Tb* coun
«U'i ote, ef (164 I* lotdemeat bad
b*e* tubmitttd fp Mn. Beddlik but
sb* bad fefusod same, saying that the
damage vary much exceeded 1160. The
soliciten uemed tt) think that an iu
t*ry|*w might be a rows of pouring
oil RH tha trQHblrilstsn.
Th* reavt, Olerk Farmer and Cnun.
Westover wuro appiiinted as nil pmimrs
SU interview to lie arranged ahortly.
A letter boseeching a eiiluwulb un
Magennli avenu* whereon tl* families
ar* in ntldtnc* waa referred to tbe
Board Uf Works.
A communication emanated front
City Clerk Hbupberil, enclosing a letter
from tha Gut Oeplleno Batopayon' \»
inflation regarding the speed of thu
cars on the Oapilano liut, which letter
bid bean laid hafora the city council on
Monday night. Tbe opinion had been
eipreaseil thoreat that the B. P. E.
Bailway Oo. wu "becoming pretty
independent" and that something
ibould ba dout to bring them to tjmu:
and It was suggested tbat the district
council along with the city council
and other public bodies adjoining Bur
raid Inlet take slops lo-bring about t
trdduction In tlectrie light ratet, tin
furnishing of light and powor lo bona
lisle applieanls ,aml tho better rogula
dun of street car traffic. A committee
consisting of Coun. Bridgmaii, l.uutil
tnd Ward wero appointed to go into
tbe mutter.
Oot ul the best hockey mttcbes el
the season takea pltci on the lloulcvanl
Park tomorrow botween Nortb V*ncou
ver toil tbe Public Bcbools. Tb* I..'.tor
twm ii the ouly en* tbtt bu managed
to defeat Norlb Vancouver to date ami
u on tbat occasion tbe local* were
bully wctkoued hy absentees they hope
to reverse the result tomorrow.
The match is one ol the B. C. lun
plonsbip schedule in which league
Norlb Vancouver have won all their
matches lo date.
Tbi bully off wili be at 3 o'clock
and Ibe following will repreieul Nurlli
Goal, Merrill Woods; backs, Q. Ureon
Amiytage ,H. Cameron; half backs, N
Humphriea, E. 8. Baylia (Capt), 8
Humphreyi; forwards, II. McPbenon
E. 1. U. Cardiaall, B. 0. Ward, B
Mtciiaght.'ii, P. N   Baylia.
Annual Meeting of
Horticultural Society
i liluu
Preildiut's Report
Ou Muuday, Ibe I6lh last, t mill
Ing of llm North Vtncouver high icbuol
ttudenti wu held fer Ibe purpuse of
electing officers for Ihe literary tud de
haling society Thi following officers
win elected: Hon. Preildiat, Mr. I.
II. Heller; lion, vlci.pres., Misi A. 8.
Clark; preiident, I'uirlci A. I-twrenre;
vie*pru, Mill Lillian Bull; ttc. trees,
Mill Millie McNtir; critic, Keg. bur
meelei; committee, MIh B. Culhhert,
Mill Isabel Campbell, .lames Uennill,
Oharl** Orabami (nd Kdward Utile
Y. P. «. 0. B.
The usual opening wai followed by
au able iddrcsa on Ihe topic by Mr.
Paine "How lo win yuung people to
Christ," in which be cnpbiiiud Ihe
fad thai Ihey must be led and nol
The Ml. Pleasant Presbyterian C. K
tocilty hive eitcinleil lhe luctl society
a cordial invitation lo visit tlicin on
the eveuing of Janutry 82nd al H
u'clock. II |t hoped that tidy mem
bin ef In ms.i,is will bi tbii lo
catch Ibi 7.30 boil on that evtning.
Tbire will hi no meoling Tucsdty,
January 23rd.
Tbt mlntgemcol ef Ibi Umdale
Ibetlri tnneunre a most appetising bill
of fan for mil witb.
8b*pberd. tnd Baynn will prawal
Ibeir musical sketch enlllltd "A boanl
Ing house courlahlp." Tkm then li
Billy Bttltw, Ik* gnat comedian, like
win Harry J. Ueilli, Ibi noted darky.
Tk* edtbriteij Mile Duo will *pp**r
fer tke till time en Ike Paeiflc tiope
la lk*ir Immtniely tuccewful musical
comedy.   ,
Tbi* particularly spec ill week In
rludee oo Tue*d*y and Wtdneidty tbe
UrA tnd lillk ef Jtnuary, tkt ticip-
iiuually ticipdoul p*rform*nc* ef Ike
Nortk Vancouver Y(ckt Club minrtreli
wbo bave bun hippy enough to secure
ik* I** of tb tkttir* through the
courtuy ef ik* owners.
lir. and Mn. Piter Unu ltd Miss
Unon left Ibi* city lut night fer Us
Angrie* wlnre Ibty will probably re
taSsnt tbuui iwo aiaatafi    '
A ipleudid program ll btlng trrang
ed by Mr. Wlton, erg*nl»t*ef 81. Aad	
drew'• cbureb, fer tk* concert te b*|ik«un, though I feel ten Ibat u elder
givie  by Ibt ckeir of Bt. Andnw's
oa February (tk,
Tbs annual meeting of the llorticul<
tural Society took place on Tuesday
•veuing wheu Mr. W. I- Keene, die
presiilimt submitted bla report aa fol-
lows :
"In presenting my report as presi
dant for tbe year, I wish to say that
lb* Bocioly has heun aloadily gaining
ground in every direction.
In tbe first place, the membership
ro|l for 1-911 is BOI against 1116 |n 11)10
and l.ll in imili, and your direilon
trust tbat tbert will be uunsideruhle
increase tbii coming yoar owing lo the
rapid development that is taking place
in tbe eity aid diitrict,
Tbt two large eventi tbat have been
carried out tbis past year were lite
bone show in June, which was virtually carried out under Ihu auspldas
Of tbii lOCitty, Wil utl.pii'Sliiilial.ly II
success. The onirics for some uf the
claims were so largo that Ihey had lo
he divided by the judges and from
comments made hy inauy uf die cxhih
iturs, lis.-re ie little doubt lhat r.i Int.
ibuwi of Ibii clan will ha well pairon
ind. Owing to the fid tbtt the Ami
dty of tbe show wta a trifle dump, die
linuiiciul part was nut quite what wai
expected, but the society is belter nil
lo Ibo amount of 1141.87, being die
difference betwoin Ihe aclual cost ot
tbe stables built It the hick of lbc
building, CUT'S, and Ibo auniihit we were
called upon to pay, (134.13, These
slahlu will be an asset iu future year
ind proved >putc t valuable building
Ihil year for exhibiting poultry.
Tbe annual eibihiliuu tu Beptember
wu also t success. Oue uf the judges
seul over by the provincial govern
ment admitted lo me Ihut it was lur
beyond hii expectations for a plaro
like Nortb Vancouver, ami there i:<
littlo doubt tbat it waa Ibe besl exlnn
Ition wt btvt bid io fir. Your dine
tun did Ibeir utmost lo make it ai
tractive and worked bard lo do so.
The actual eatrlts were 4UD as agaiusl
ill lul year and wc hope lhal tin.
next year by making a few change-
in tbe prise list thai individual grow
tn will exhibit their products ami tut
pats other exhibits by wilh the ro
mirk thll Ihey could have bealen so
and 10 if they hid shown. Let tbem
get busy tnd ihou; thcii products llll I
Nortb Vincuuver will be pruud uf them
As t mailer uf fad, 1 kuow of persons
who bad gardeus wilb Aral class vegc
laldes which would hive opened Ih.
eyes ef Ih* judges. The peuple iu N
V. trt apathetic and il is tune Ibo;
cbtnged aul when lhat pkaag* dug
com* we shall have au exhibition ,c-
ond lo none. Our thanks are due li
tbt ladies wko io kindly gave us Ihnr
valuable assistance wilb lbc cumcrl
tnd refreshment!
Wilb rtgird lo Ihe lutncial affairs,
I regret lo say that during die pi i ye*i
wt bave bad two treuurars, bulb ol
whom btd to relinquish lbc position,
oue le go lo  England, lhe olbci  to
Victoria and al your director'i req i
I assumed tbi work fur die Inland
of Ihi year The full repurl will b.
given later. I would, however, cell
your al tendon to the revenue derived
from Ibt hill ll has been rented 61
eveningi and 116 aflernoous, netting
1616, u agaiusl (416 in I1IIU and U6.1
in IMg.      . ._	
In November lul yuur dircdori
railed • special meeting of die meiu
ben lo dlicuw lbc Inincltl *ff*in
wben il wu untnlmouily decided Ibal
u tbe praunt mortgtge fills due in
March next, steps should be taken lo
muke arrangements for Itmc Itld ll
Ibi um* dm* obtain if possible t fur
Iber HMO te improve tbe grounds.
Yonr dlrlclors bid several millings
wilb Iki council tnd linally Ikty tgreed
to submit a byliw tl tbe election which
u moat ef you »r* iware, WU carried
Tbi leclily will, therefore, bive double
Ibi Mount fer virtually lbc time
amount ef yearly Inleretl tnd bt able
lo repay Ibe principal yearly.
Tkt project of Improving Ike grounds
bu been In tbe mindi ef the direclors
for tk" pail tbree yun tnd now tbe
difleulty ibould bs overcome witb great
edveatafi to Ibt society
Whin In Virlorli lul ytar is your
delegtti to'tbe cinlral committee I lis
lljwd with murk pleuure to tbe re
peril of tk* Women's Institute*, and I
feel tbtt IbS tim* bu arrived wken Ibii
i.ran. h ibould bi tddtd to oun end
liter on I would lib* lo b**r Ibe opinion
ef Ibo** pmenl u 10 tb* inauguration
ef aaa* You will b* «*k*d to appoint
mf oflcin fer Ike intulng year and
I wojild ub you lo appoint those who
will were for tbi sociely T~tlftm
tkat two of our let* directors, Mr.
irwln and Mr. foreman, wlU not accept
Iki potltioa tgaia, but cannot blame
Before closing, I have one ward more
and that is that your directum wu*b il
to be widely knowu that this society
is nut run by any ell cme or faction,
*nd tbo act under which we are incur-
p.si'iiied clearly sets this md■ Th* directors are, In fact, only trustees. At
present we. aro in our infancy and as
infants cannot do as thoy life, thcrof ore,
you cau hardly expect tbe N. V. II. 8.
to do vviiiidcru, hut wlnii bas beon done
hat boen done for the rising genurn-
doit and Ihu residents of N. V, ami I
appeal to uvury citizen to becnino ■■•
incioiier lilies gut full vtlua from dm
fee, IImi, from lhe liloratyro and guv
,'iiiiin'iii lectures alone) and thus sup
port a society that will at a future
date be one of tho best."
After the bearing of the president's
address, lliu meeting proceeded lo elect
officers fur the ensuing yor. Mr. W.
!,. Keene remains president, with Mr.
Snow as re elected secretary. Tbo
directors w*r*chosen us follows: Messrs.
P. T. Salsbury, li. C Wright, 11. Mac-
hen. ie. Ueo. Smith, Percy Wurd und .1.
Tbo question nf improving die
grounds, was considered, hut the meet
Ing decidcil that it was an important
matter and was left over for discus
sion al thu directors' masting un Mini
day night.
Thu a.lvinability of forming n ladies'
branch  uf  thu society  is ilea  under
s.le 1.1. lulls.I.
w* ran look for tbeir support
wkaa aasaaaarr , * ■
Board of Trade
Business Session
0. P. B. md Peace Biver Schema*- -
Po»t Ollice Prospect*
A well atteii'led regular mooting uf
the inn,I Board uf Trade I....I. place
in the city hull uu Wednesday tvtning
Mr. Alexander Smith, the president, oe
iiipyiug the chair.
The following new members were ull
rolled: Messrs. Iv A. Murilen, T. C
Kelt, li. C. V. Hall, .1. I). Frascr, H.
<!, Wright, b' 0, Hiss II. I). Buggies,
.1. M. Printline, .1. C Winnl and I- A.
Mr. Hiu it li related how Ihey had re
etilly Mr. -Swan. Ihe harbor expert in
Iheir midst, and huw Mr Swan liud
heeu shuwn Ihe particular advantages
the Nurlh Sbure enjoyed lor burtior
facilities Afler that, ou New Vein'.,
afternoon Mr. McNaught uml Ihe pre
lidtul mel Mr. Swan, who came uver
here lu view the water frum the laml
side, uml whu was shown must uf the
waterfront frum die Indian reserve
lu Moudyville. lie seemed very favor
ably itnprcueil ami Mr. Smith lliunght
Ihul a gratifying report un this lids
wuuld bu'furthcoming. The preiident
also attended a mooting iu Vancouver
un the Peace iliver Ilailway project,
along wilh Mr. Slovens ami Mr. Biss.
II was a very enthusiastic meeting
and uveryune present aeemed tu be in
favor ef tbo icbeme. A delegation
had also boen appoint,! iu connection
wilh this matter lo go lu Victoria.
Thia dclcgaliou, wbicb comprised
Coun. llriilginan, Mr 0 II. Murden
and Iho president, hail a lengthy tall,
wilh lhe premier, whu remarked liul
Iho railway schemes frum this session
wero ctlcultled lu exceed our expecla
Mr. Ii. A. Hem, 11 rcporlcd lhal Ihe
Vaiicuuver Safe Company wished lu
n. ui.. twu now acres uf wtt erf run I. The
company, he said, intends to spend
|.'..i.'u..i uu plaul which included bulb]
ings. II wtt proposed In lease the
tcretgi for ilO or 311 yean. The cum
pauy proposed tu empjuy about llfly
men    The matvcr was laid over'
ll was decided lu appoint a board uf
arbitration reuiisling of twelve oicm
ben, these to consist of the prcsidenl,
vice president and tbe ten chairmen
uf  1..11,mill., '
Mr. 'J. li. Morden made reference lu
certain newspaper rcporti wbicb read
lu Ibe effect dial 1'orl Maim or .New
W, -imu..lei migbl prohtbly be Ibe
leutbern terminus uf die proposed
Peace Biver railway. He considered
limy ibould gel In touch wilh the prout
ler tnd ensure Ihtl Ibe ruute should
crust Burrard Inlet lo die norlli shore
vi* How* Sound tnd Pemborlou Mead
owi to Fort dciugc
Mr. Aleunder Philip agreed lhal
I bll WU of utmost importance. 'I'lie
mailer wu left In the hands of die
previously appointed delegates,
Secretary J,. W. Donaldson reported
lhat be had written lo the rity coun
cil en tb* tubjccl ofJVk Commit-
liontri tnd btd received * reply lo
lb* elect tkat tbe council did nut 'on
tidtr that ilu; time wu yet ripe for
tucb tppoiisWtyi to be made,
Com. Beidgelpi intradlictd, Dl* te
ef tk* ('■■ P. B't. proposed scheme lo
enter North Vincouver, asking if any
further information bad been received.
Iff. Donaldson replied in Ibe negative
**>* Ihtl, of court*, Mr. Slovens bad
(OcBtlnuH eg tilt Bight)
New Ferry Directors
Parting Btuarks pf "01(1 Board"
Tito lirst session of the new forry
.directorate mi Wednesday afternoon
was prolonged for valedictory comments
frum the retiring dlrocton. Mayor
McNeish, having uttered appropriate
words gf farewell, Mr. Peter Larson ox-
prossod hia willingness to make a fow
remark* and give a little adv|co. He
furthwitb made laudatory reference tu
the president, to Manager Hear! and
to Mr. Kemp, Ihu secretary-treasurer.
Ilu thun urgud tbe now directorate
to try and work together, and to lie
alwayi curtain nf Ilie good point! of a
measure before passing it. lie congratulated tbo new members of the board
011 Hi. 11 good lmii.is, ami reverting
again In business, impressed upou thorn
the necessity uf getting ahead as quickly as possible wilh the new boat.
Mr. Jusse Williums fulluwcd in suitable terms, cutigratulating thu cluctur-
ate un their choice uf the new board.
Mr. Paine endorsed Mr. lairsou's
tribute to lite manager and the scire
lary treasurer uml Captain Kickham
would not pre nine to givu ail vice, but
relied upun the good sense of the now
These fuur speakers having lieen
heard und applauded, Iheir tuceusaora
took Iheir places al Iho long green
table and awaited lhe may sir's saultu
His Worship said he could only ro
peal what he hail said lo the eity
■ ..i.n. 11 He could uul hope Ihul they
would ull through die year sue eye to
eye with one another on all questions
liul lie hoped sincerely they would be
considerate of one another. He had
uo doubt but that Ihey wuuld get
along first clasa. "We have," aaid
the muyur, "lhe best cily to wurk up
on un thu Pacific cuasl today, Our
duty lo the city is lo make the moans
of access to enticing thtt tbo people
will come along. Nature bai already
dune Ihu rtlt."
Mr. T. W. Tliointsson wu then re
elided auditor, Mtyor McNeish chair
man, and Mr. W. 0. Gladwin was
chosen vice chairman. Mr. T. M.
Hoard was reappointed manager and
Mr. II. K. Kemp secretary and Ireasur
The mayor in deference to a request
frum Mr. II. II, Wright, uullined 'Ibo
present sil uat inn of ccrlaiti prubleuii
upon which the liuoril will have tu
The tut animal bull in ruuuecliu
wilh Ihu Nurlh Vancuuver Ure depo
monl was a conspicuous suceeat. Th
function i""l. place in the Knights uf
Pythias Castle Hall uu Wednesday
niglii uud was characterised by a large
assembly. Dancing wus sustained until
die small hours, when laic cars were
111 attendance. Bofroihmcnti uf t lu*
clou* description were served during
the revels, which were thoroughly en
joyed by ill frum start to Blush. The
lire department ball promises to be
come un outstanding feature uf each
successive year.
part   V^
 FOB BAM     1
FOB SALE-Qoiil dpulilo VeJ, whito
and brass, fnt class condition, cheap.
Burroughs, 66 I .misdate Avenue.    83-1
FO? BALB-Firet growth dry wood
for lift per cord, 4 ft.  0. McPade,
Phono 111.  General teaming,. t.f.
FOR SALE—Fir wood di.fid per cord.
Apply John Campbell, 887—Mb strut
wost, or phone 861. 19-1
FOB SALE-Lots 8, 8, 10, blook SI,
I). L. lion. Prico 18850 or separate, 1»
cash, II and 18 months. Apply Bos All
Iv.pi'e.u; llllice. 181
FOB SALE-Throe 60-foot loti on
Queen ttreet, flvo minutei' walk from
Lonsdalo avenue, *3/ii) each, one third
cash, 0, 18 and 18 mouths. Apply
K., "Express" Ollice.
FOB SAl.E-I.igbt daliyory bone,
weight 1,0110 Ilu. (loud all round
iiinniir. John Alexander k Co., Ill
Lonsdalo Avcuue, N.  Vancouver.   It.
Wright Lumber Cu., II Lunsdule Avenue,
can give yuu prices uu all material
when ypu are building. See them. t.f.
FOH BALE-liO shares in Imperial
Car nnd Dryduck Corporation for (100
cub. Projected lino of 0. P. B. runs
righl Ihruiigh thu "Imperial Tuvvnsito.''
Apply   Imperial,  Express Olllco.     t.f.
- TO KENT-3 ruomeil houso, (18. Ap
ply, Box A81, Expresa Ollco.       88<1
HOOMS FOH KENT-Housekeeping
118 2nd Sired east.
FOH BENT-Modern bungalow. Ap
ply Mrs. Win. Wilkinson, Ceilro ficad.
Lynn Valley. 8 I
FOH HUNT Six roomed houae. Pan
try uml hath, .loues ami Keilb road
P. 0. llux 82111, N. Vaucnuver.      88 I
FOH   BENT  One   auilo,   Colonji.i
Apartments.   Telephone  and  boat  iu
I :
TO LET-Wcif large" iinfurniibe.
1..1JI11, (0 per month, IlilM Cheslerdell
Ave. 10 I
' FOH HENT Furniihed cabin. |U.
Apply 172, rear 170, 2nd street war I,
North Vancuuver. 31 1
TO HENT- chqice modern luito* 0.1
3rd Streot. Apply Alex. Smith k Co .
Norlb   Vuneoovcr.     Units (17.60. If.
TO BENT -Choice modem iuIIm uu
3rd itreot.   Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
orlh Vancouver. t.f.
OH RENT Light buusokeoplug
siiiles of rooms iu Ml. Crown Block.
Isl slreei. Hut and cold water, but,
telephone, etc., etc. Also guud janitor
aorvice. 80 I
Express Classified Ads.
WANTED   Girl   fur  general   house
wurk.   Apply 233 ith slreei wesl.
WANTED   Tu   excavalurs!    Berth
Apply  Wallace Shipyards Ud.     t.f.
WANTED By gentleman, cutnfnrt
able room ami board 12 meals only,
no incut,.    Address K, Expresa Oflice.
1.'. 1.. iiiMe married lady wants
hiiu'-e work pari uf day or minding
children,   Apply    Box    8411,   North
V a in 1.us 1 1 I'l I
WANTKD-—General sorvaul, experi
enre nol necessary. Apply Mrs. My
en, i.'ib and Bidgeway. '   18)
WANTED Girl te uilst wilh bouse
wurk, old 1 wintry girl preferred. Mrs
W. B. Shakespeare, lib ttroet eut. IU I
WANTED A girl to do genertl
housework. Apply flnt houie weit of
Boulevard on Hilb street, Mn. M. W.
Olcmonl*.' 831
__We have money fer tbe purcbue of
Agreeuieuli ot Sale Canadian Financiers 1/1 d., Bank uf Hamilton lluilding.
Agi_emiuaili for Bait discounted.
Money waiting. Lunnltle Bulty Co.,
tit 1,011 Kiln lo Avenuo. Pbon* 117.   t.f.
WANTED-A lot tat -bomwite,
Norlb Vaneouver, Capilano or Lynn
Valley. Musl be within Iwo block*
from ctr. Stat* cash price and ilz*
of stoic. Apply Bor iutl, North V*n-
couver. P. 0. 18 1
1 let il nl  I iinadiile I'linimacj  Pbon* 'I'l
liuum and  1 .'in 1  ui  lhe curnor uf
Quccnsbury am! lilh ou car Hue. 18 I
II.   C.  Livery  and   Hoard   liable*
Light   rigs  uio   ladies'  saddle  bono
fur hire.   Slnbling for horses      Get.
era! delivery and heuvy teaming.     ll
Humus', lib slreei wesl. Phouc 317 11
The Norlh Vuncuuver Dye Works
11 Lonsdale Avenue, guarantee to do
as good work al cheaper price* tbin
you sun possibly got in Vancouver
Give ua a trial, Ibe rosull will ape.'.i.
for itself    Pbone 107. t.f.
Tho Trulb students clau will meet
evory Tuesday evening at I o'clock at
Ibe residence ef Mn. Gallagher, Kellh
road, noar Bidgeway. Students.deelr
ing higher ipiritual unfoldotot are
cordially invited to attend. i.f.
Tbe Imperial Ctr, shipbuilding ud
Dry Dock Corporation wili conildtr of
ten tor clearing lowiisilo of (00 tern
at His.be Point. Apply to J. V. O'C.
Wood, Mount Crown Block, lit strut
cast. tf
fOUND   Gasoline   boat.
Thompson, Hollyburn .
you dealre to sell your botina** ar pro,
perty of. any kind call or writ* ur,
we bave elleoti lay *)o»o in acreage
for subdivision. We can get ratiiHi.
Mriiwwi* *-iMber, njoom Uoiliiay,
Ml Hudugl Bt. W, Vanceaver, 9 (I.
Vol plumbing, pipe III dug and cot
outing a** f. U. liormon, Frederick
Bead, Lynn Valley, 01 Phon. IH. if
' ■   imi7*i.mim~mam: ,   §91-9
Biflish North America
TO Vwri III BMiln.s..     Capital and Rtwrva Ovtr $7,300,000.
A Complete Banking Service
Collection.-, made in any part nf Canada.   Negotiable
Stper discounted. Money advanced at reasonable lertiiB to
ffftncoydur business. Local inul foreign Drafts liouglit and
stpld. Mpney transmitted by Mon«y Order or Tejegrapti
Transfer. Letters of credit issued payable in all tbe leading
cities of tlie world.
We invite your account.
Two Office* in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave.
and Esplanade. Upper Lonadale Avenue, near 14th Street
ButlnBSi Qantlemen'a Popular Lunch Place
Breakfast 8130 to io Luueli 12 iill 1. High
Tea 5 till 7!lo.      Afternoon Teas.
WltlllT llltllKIIH HI'ECIAl.l.V ATTENUf!) TO
North Vancouvsr Club    moult,  EapUnad* Waat
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful Idling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Btirrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
Support Home Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in lhe mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and.Finishing Lumber.   Second lo none.
Office: Comer Sutherland Avenue and I7lh street,
lake Queeiisbury Car (Yellftw Label).
On the Marine Diive (Keith Road), 80
feet wide, close to the sea. Lols 67x130
feel; magnificent view.
PRICE $900
Terms,  one-fifth  cash,  balance   over two
years. These lols will be selling (or $2000 '
each  when  lhe  Marine Drive  is  opened
for traffic next summer.
• 4th Street West.        H. DUMAS.        Phone 347
'-iii lit; i, |„ ,„),.■ ,,,.,.„ ii,.,, „| -j),,,
»e«t m»ott«jj of tlio Mosul nl l.i-snr-
Id'g (.'ominiaaloM,, f0, t|ie ^tj, „f N„rlj,
Viucouver I tdial) a-^jj, /,„, k ■;„.„)„ |j
t'nn on l»t ttreet em, |0t 1, I.l
)W< »• \"Lnmmm "^
Vet (dumbing, pipo fitting «nd coh-
a*eting MS V. b. lleimon, Vsmdtrick
teti, hynn Valley, or I'booo IM. ht:
Nortli Lonadale
Hot. T. E. Eoirs, Principal
lut*      '*"'*
•**^      tn.i.
maim I pm eU, fk pm tmm
Olrli ovet t ytti old, H pet month
Special termi wben two or mora up
'"■ni Irom tlio ."imi" lamily.
kffangementa lii being made to
uttl i liuilding by tha apring to ac
eonwodat* V) et V) bmiAen baaidaa
day aeholua. U,
a icaoaui  1 ItJtUJJ
ofjHoIy Writ
Flrat Quarter.  Leeion ill. Lttka 2|8-
80, JdHMWy fl 1918,
rap bibjij: op m\TS
Augustus was most dilfoont nf llm
llatisapt ins giitliuriiig stMistlua. Ills
Illusion lot eensua-ataklllg serveil Providence well though he was all tin-
■eonM|sous_o|iitt. It.jilt lininiui method
of i'iii-i|lliin'iii Inni I..vu i.,ii,,s■.■.I, Job-
fljih ami Mary wuulil iiava tnkuii un
journey »t all—only roportittg ut lioine.
Hut the Empuror nunlu it .itiiicessiiiii In
•l.'i'.iiili |iii'|i„li,is, uml i.llsi. ..I lhe re
port to lis mudo at uiu'ostral cities ami
villages, This liruuglil the imrniils nl'
Jesus to llotlilehein. Hut it liruuglil
others on the sainu erruml, ami iu sttnh
ntimlters as to ovarian till pltu-ox ul
. n i.ils. i is imii i. Thu Irnvtillers wore
gltnl In avail llienisul.es ul u stall friiin
is In. I. sume I.,:, i was turned tn make
i.i.iiii fnr llii'in. 'II.,' Syrian aliii|ih»nl,
ttseil lu solitude ami stars, wus nuliirul
ly i'iiiiliini|ilutive ami devout.      Thusn
mid way between Jerusalem awl lieilt
Inliem, liecuiisi, of tlio ussociiilintis, may
have been iinusiially so. 'i'u lite ready
inin,1 iiiiiii' the prepared message. "b'uai
nut" was imii.Inls In insliiii'tivn dread
of the supi'rnutiiriil. "ilring gund
tidings" is synonym of "ovangeliso."
Thai tail, white niessenger was lirst in
lhe lung linn of Die Hvangellsti-
"bringara of good tidings," "Savior"
. I.'..I., in. i ■ "Christ" I Atiniiili.il).
"Lord" (till things rroated fur Mini
But Ihu ni'W lisini Prince will nut li
fouml in ; ..ii. i. crili or undor silken
canopy. Instciiil, dcwilrnps shim.1 on
his cradle, uml low lies ilis lied 'mid
the boasts nl' the sluil. liul every humiliation is seal uf sovereignty. Nign
nf kinship is.fact that Ilu is bum in n
stable. Now un vision nf shopliordt
bursts a brilliant spectacle. Arcli uf
night is peopled liy it multitude uf t
heavenly host. Wave nn wave ul' situ
phic music rolls o'er wide extended
plains, tlrainler oratorio never greeted
human curs. Hut shepherds were unl
satisfied with aeitlielical etijoyuiout.
Their cry wus, "ll has como tu pass!
Lot us go and sec it!" Scattorod sheep
ul will may glean while keepers start
on a run tu Rolhleltem, Mullein Jul.!
"Thay found the llulie!"
Teacher's Lantern
Aside frnm scripture, existence ul
angola cou nol be proven, (luce be
lis's in); iii ihem, however, Iheir appear
iiiui' nt Advent is probable. Tbay
were appropriate heralds uf il. High
est heaven -and lowest eiirlh mel un
Advetil  night- -obscurity and splendor
imgols lin.1 shephardl. The lovely tip
puritiuu sssiiis> tu Hun..' engaged iu
common place wurk. Klicplierds were
keeping nijilil watches. Mn clearest lis
inns ul the heavenly nunc while iilicn-l
ing petty duties. Vision is kepi only
liy forsaking H tn nhey lhe call nl
duly, nt "Legend Beautiful" leaches..
.Shepherds were nol disobedient In vis
ion. Scarcely had singers faded when
Ihey were ou their way lo llcllilelieiu.
Like uliedience today wuuld lead In
cunv.Tsion. Uulu is that when une
tuuehes ciscutnferencc uf religion he
iin - ,,il at tangent. Only mural car
neatness starts for center, saying, "Ijel
us gu uml see!" Willi licurl man be
lieveth, with tongue cunfc.vus Micp
holds filled, the region with whal Ihey
had heard and seen. The shepherds re
turned- how could they! After hearing
sung, seeing angels and infant Mcs
Mali how coulj Hi,'in come Innk In
droniah wurk uf lending sheep1 But
they did. There was nothing in their
experience lu ghc them distaste for
their humble calling. They were even
better shepherds. Iteligiou is misl prac
inni ut tilings. Makes um- fervent in
spirit diligent iu business.
Mosaic from Commentaries
Sheep used iu daily sacrifice iii teni
pie pastured near Bethlehem. I'aiiie
upou them itood beside them. Illory
of lhe Lord," Hhckiiiah, (loud ul
brightness, symbolizing divine pres
enee; "(Ireol Joy," eharaclertslic of
Christians, even with martyrdom im
pending. Marked contrast tu prevail
ing despair uf heal hen Shepherds
flee lu approach new born I'riuce be
cause of Bis |owly heart. Shepherd 'i
report-first preaching of the gospel.
I'ontrasl between the iiiighly in Jeru-
saletn, who were looking only fur a temporal deliverer, and these lowly folk
dud's care lu satisfy yearnings nt in
dlviduals while occupied with Ihe -i.l
sat mn of millions. Man overlooks the
masses in Ihe individual or neglects
the individual In Ibe iiiaasci. Ond
"iiiii,IK cuinprehends Ibe int.iresls nf
both. That sign - finding Babe in man
gar—ao tests faith Dial ilis as if .le
sua were saying, "Blessed ia he who
ia uot offended." Jho angel waa a
model for all preachers -lhe shepherds
wero piiiierns.Inr all hearers. Divine
revelation doea not aujicrwde human
investigation. Let Ua now go—nol the
language of doubt, but of oliodlence.
Atialyali tnd Ull | .
Journey extraordinary; Causa of it
Arrival .In liotblehem
I'lace  and  ,'ir, Uln-Uii.e
Shepherds: Their chart., lerislics.
What Ihey aaw and heard.
Kffacl  upon them.
Wbat they did and aald.
I^y.aatata of tbs naw born bal*.
Signltiante of it,
. alike Hii    m.i. ■■»■
This is a genuine sale held every six months for the
mutual benefit of ourselves and our patrons. First, for the purpose of clearing out all seasonable goods at the proper time,
thereby keeping the stock fresh at all times and making room
for new deliveries; and second, to show our appreciation of
your patronage in a practical way by making truly great reductions throughout every department of the store.
Do not fail to visit our remnant tables—every line of goods
will be represented.
Net Blouses at half price
Our complete slock of Evening Wear Cream
and White Net Blouses, all sizes, will he
placed on .sale Saturday and while they last
al half price.
Children's, Girls' and Misses' Winter Coals,
in navy, green, brown and grey. Special
sale I -3 off regular prices.
Staple Dept.
72-inch Bleached Sheeting, good heavy
weight, usually sold for 30c. Special
sale price   22'/^
35c Bleached Sheeting, tale price .. 271/^c
20c   While  Flannelette,  36-inch,  sale
price   15c
15c Stripe Flannelettes, sale per yd. .. W/ic
45c flannelette Sheeting, sale per yard ,35c
I2^ic Roller Towelling, sale per yard .. 10c
Ladies' & Children's Furs
We want to clear every piece in the store and
to do this we will make a cut of 35c on the
.  dollar.
Wool Blankets
$4.00 Fine Wool Blankets, sale price . $3.00
$5.00 Fine Wool Blankets, large size $3.75
$6.00 Pure Wool Scotch Blankets ... .$4.75'
$8.00 Pure all   Wool   Blankets, extra
large $ASi)
Flannelette Blankets
Fine Cotton Blankets, white and grey,
special sale price per pair $1.00
Large size Cotton Blankets, per pair . $1.25
Boys' Sweater Coats
In grey and navy with colored edge, to fit
all ages, prices from 75c to $2.25,
Special sale I lalf regular prices
Men's & Boys' Pants
Men's and Boys' Serge and Tweed Pants
all grades and sizes 1-3 nil
Men's & Boys' Underwear
$1.00 Garments, sale price, 75c
$1.25 Garments, tale price 95c.
$1.75 Garments, tale price $|,35
Equal reductions in boys' garments.
e Ave.      Phone 93 _yi*~rrT T| fm-  w f ■»»-»■»■.-^ y m  Mty
1 ■— '"■ ■'■■   i
Surround Yourself With Beauty
Our stock of Cut Glass represents a class of beauty
which appeals to all. Right from the heart of nature it
comes through the avenues of science and art, where deft
fingers mould and caress it into those graceful brilliant
forms you will find displayed in our CUT GLASS Room.
Where myriad sparkle, spirits flit and blend
In one great glow of excellence.
Cut Glass is truly a great home beautifier. A vase
with flowers on lhe dining table or in the drawing-room,
a bowl, a comport, a pitcher or any piece of thit splendid
crystal be it ever so small adds the spice of elegance to
the surroundings.
Buy your glass at BIRKS and be assured of quality.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E,  1 rorey, Managing Direclor
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
———————— 1—■  — —
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Aaaurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.    -    Aaaeta $111,000,000
tlio    electric    coffc
Bli    .BTOVO
Ilie .lite nn wkick Ilu:
eleclric   current   «ill
ilu your clinking.
tlie immersion liealci
I si r boiling « a I o r
Klcftric Iron, (lie inilis
pern-el,le convenience fur
ironing ii*y.
Drop in at our oflice al 50 LoNSIMLi-. AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by lhe use of these inventions.
All An Operated hy Connection With
mi   Ordinary   Electrii   Light   Soclret.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.       Phone 66
Leavo   Vancouver
"tl.l'ii  A.M.
""\ 11.!0
I 10
* den oil* "Not
noliro. Cunipuiiy
i.H)   P.M.
:i m
il Wl
ii 20
7 .'HI
i 8.IHI
II 'I'l
11  "'I
12.16   A.M.
ou Bunday."
nut lmii,   for
I.e.sve   Nuttl
V.ll.', i,.U,'l
2.2H  P.M.
'i.ln •
•s. in
:; .es
•, uu
:i m
1 20
8 in
!l HI
,, tu
I'i in
,' Ofl
ll 2fl
8 1)0
12.41   AM.
'une is,Isl,
lo I'liaiig.'  Billiusil
clays   is. .-ill. i.tn! ii
r ..il.. i
Feed Grain
and Ground
As we have now in operation, in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply oilr North Shore palrons
with lhe best quality of these goods at prices
at} Ct)f, fm OiMh
Prompt deliveries our specially.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Phone 4
Dominion Business Proipectt
Impressions of a Tour Through Omiadi
Mr. II. II. Hair,!, managing proprietor of tbo Ili.'ll'iiHt Evening Tulograph,
* paper which corresponds in lrelapi|
to llm M mil nmi Star in Cunailn, ami
which iii's tbe largca! drsjulutiiin liy a
pointjiiorajiltj nip,gia ot liny iiowspnpor
in tbat country, w»t ono nf tlte party
of twelve journalist! wlto rocuntly vis-
iteii Canada on * niuo weeks' tour of
inspection. In addittpn to Doing oue
of Iho leading newspaper men in Ilie
kingdom, bo also control's a lingo printing coneoru, iu connection with wbicb
somo six Inni.lie.I. aro employed, so
that bo brought to hour upon bit in-
voatigatinns not only tbo trulnu.1 skill
of a journalist of many years' stand
ing, hut tbat of a business mnn of ripe
uiporiouce and discernment. Tin.1 Can
inline Mail wus I'.niiiiiiiie iu gelling a
lull, wilb Ur. ilairil fur u low minutei,
uml ascertaining frum him bis views up
on a niitnuor of tpiestious. uf Import-
nice. Mr. lluiril laughingly observed
Ibat be wa* somewlial reluclutil In Ins
interviewed, having regard tu some ci
periences ho bad encouulereil during
his trip. Ho slated Ibul wliul pur
purled is. bave been interviews wilb
lum had boon presented lo Ilie public
llioiigb Iho fact - no sucb interviews
with bim bad ovor taken place, and
tbat in other instances views wbicb he
had expressed Inul been ulisuliilely uml
entirely dislorleil, . us to convey au
»linos I contrary opinion to Ibal which
he bud expressed.
Asked In the general impression nf
Ibe business outlook in Canada, Mr.
Ilaird slatod In: regarded Ibis as very
remarkable. Ho cited it few figures
which indicated lhe mnrvellnus era of
progress which is opening up for Cun
uda. For lhe fiscal year eliding March
lasl the aggregate trade bad been over
£16u',l)llll,U0l), or ulmosl double what il
was Ion years Bgn, uml more I Iiiiii lhal
nl' Iweiily years ago. 'I'lie advance iu
a single year [HUH wus no less Iban
sn.,oiie, ii million! ul' mousy. Judge!
^y Ibe i.si i.iii nf customs receipts,
.these bus! increased liy Iwo ami it ball
iiltios in ten yeurs, am! now stood ul
Ibe sum of 16,000,000 sterling. Bank
assets in leu yeart bad advanced 2113
per cent, ami Hie savings of less Iban
.iiiiimiiii of people in llllo totalled
£188,000,000, wbicb amounted lo £26 per
Head, Ibe blghesl in Hie world.
Jn railway development liiere was a
very remarkable activity ami tin- gram!
lutal nT capital so itivestcs! was almost
£2(W,(H)0,00fl. Two great new I runs, on
liuenlal railways wero being rushed
forward, while lines Ibat bad I,ecu sin
gle in,. I, were now being doubled, ami
where unbroken prairie sJoo.l live years
ago, Ihere were today tonus which, if
small ns judged by the Knglisli stand
ard, bad within litem all those alert,
trlive ami progressive element* thai
COUl'J lllll lilil result in their It'll uinc
In agriculture, Ibe average value
per acre of lain! lul substantially in
rreated as compared witb Ibt' precei!
tug year, ami Hie acreage lhat ha'l lieen
reclaimed from prairie iu one season
was three limes us great as Hi. area
of Denmark.
Tlie result uf the recent geuerul nine
lion wus a splendid augury us I., Ibe
future relation! between Canada and
Ureal llnluiu. What had happened
was Hie plainest invitation to Hntisli'
iniiiiiil'ii, hirers uud capitalists to sonic
lo Hie help uf I'uini'lii ami reap llnir
slier.- of rewards in her development.
Tbe lime lind more than come, remark
e,| Mr. ilaird, for British manufaclur
urs to get into immediate inula* I wilb
lliu Canadian markol. Half Hie British
eoiiimodilies entering ' una.Inin ports
Hid so free ut duly, ami very few were
required lo pay more than 25 per unit
which gave lu Hrilish produ.cn a
preference mil enjoyed by others, lie
did not lee wby, in view of vvluil lui'l
liiippcjifij, there ought to be a further
discrimination end il woubl be Use
fault of Ureal llnlmii if such did nut
like place. He believed it would I.c
of immense durational value to British
merchants and manufacturers tn gu
uul tu whatever parts of tbe Dominion
tbey mosl traded wilb or proposed lo
trade with, and study the lu,ul condi
Hon! for Iheinselvos. By taking Ihul
course Ihey would be far belter able
lu judge how lo cater fur tbe market
aud in lhal way develop il. lie did
nol sec why tho lulled KiiigdDm
should'unl import inlu Canada more
Ibau £22,5011.000 worth ot goods, see
ing Cauada consumes! uow something
like £95/100,000 of imports per annum,
of which tho Untied Hlale* secured
£58,500,000, io the face of maximum
tariff  .inn. ■
"Wo law," laid Mr.   B*ird, "re
pealed instances of tbe failure of Bri
' *
is-ls  manufacturer! lo appreciate  the
peculiarities of Ihe murM for which
thoy were catering, and instances    ol
tboir failure  to lytspatbolirtlly    res
pond were again tnd again seen. Mer
rbanl* kftJ, in farl, complilncd lhat
beuuau of lliu jlt.g bod ba I lo go in
(lormany »nd elsewhere for thoir goodi,
irhoro tbeir limiros wore promptly giv
(Continued  on  ptf* six)
Ami you certainly do whon you buy furniture hero. Quality and vari-
oly are tho strong features of litis stare, Nowhuru cite will you liml
us extettsivo a showing of really good furniture aud carpets al such nominal puces ai wo charge. Kaelt artists ia ropresonlutlvo of the best of ils
kind and our wonderful assnrliuutil insures our suiting every tuste and
overy purse.
This Month
You can save money in
making your purchases now
Extension Tables, $8.50,
$9.50, $12, $15 up.
Dining .Sets of 5 small and
I arm from $14.00 per
set up.
Bedstead, Spring and Mattress, complete lor $8.50 up
Dresien it cut prices, $8.50, $9.50, $12.00, $15.00
and up to $75.00.
In our Crockery Depl. we are jutt opening up t Urge shipment of Flower Pols
tnd Crocki.       " All Sixei
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 cash, 6, 12, 18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   ■  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Contrary lo Uie usual practice the Assessment Notices for
1912 have been sent lo lhe registered owners of property
according lo the I .and Registry records.
Up lo the present, purchasers have been in the babil of
I...i.l'■ iis lhe cily authorities lhal the properly li.nl changed hands
so lhal notices of assessment and taxation should nol go aslray.
Ibis form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for (ily purposes, bul owing to a recent decision the
rily council is advised by ils solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
Ihe Norlh Vancouver I .and and Improvemenl Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for properly
which it has sold and which bas since (hanged hands Iwo or three
I lie Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from il lhat they should lake steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them.so lhal ilu y may become awaic of ihtl value al which liny are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The  North   Vancouver Land  and
Improvement Company
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North Vancouver, B. 0..
.January 18, 1918.
- ~
Bayly Oonnactlwia ^~
Au actual caah aurplua of uiglil ami
il,,,. ,|,ii', is, million liollura and ovcry
thing paid ia the report thul waa submitted to the provincial house lust
Week by Hon. Price Billion, Minister
of finance, a stale of affaire so exceptional as In place Brltlah Columbia
in a class liy itself aiming the pro
vinces of the Dominion.
The story of the evolution of this
province from a condition of financial
impotence to ono of commanding opul-
ence reads more like a fairy tale than
an actual record in Ihe uimuls of pull
lie finance. When it is considered
that Imt a decade ago Hrilish Columbia
wus financially so heavily involved as
to bu upon the verge of bankruptcy
and Ihul its credit iu the'money inaikel
of the world was absolutely nil, tlie
remarkable transformation which is
ihown liy present cun,lit ions well nigh
makes one wonder what beneficent fairy
has waved her magic waiul uml caused
affluence lo spring from penury.
The enact figures us lu revenue, surplus, ete. as submitted hy tbe Finance
Minister ure as follows: Tolal revenue
from ail sources, exclusive of interest
on  investment  of sinking  funds SHI,
t.s. S.'.li;--    IS       alsSsll 11,;     ;,,,    lllllCUSI'   ill    l'.HU
lilll over Die year lllilll IUUI of 11,818,-
160.33, Ilie tolal revenue for the lul
ler year having been (8,818,51)8. The
total expenditures for the yeur were
(8,111,825.81, leaving a surplus of CI,
1178,083.88 Tbe cash balance in the
lank and in the treasury nt the end
uf. Mid IUU  was (11,714,1117.Ul
The moderate and statesmanlike ut
tcranc.'s of Premier Mcllride on the
financial situation in iiis speech in
reply to that (of the leader uf lhe o
"with tho commercial world may be
"auch that we may cotitinuu to eu
"joy facilities for the colonisation
"ami the utilization of the resources
"of this country which is our very
"valuable heritage." '
The problem of maintaining a pru
pur I.i,luu.■,- of affairs so lhat while
following a progressive policy of pru
vinciai development and providing ade
ijtiutcly for all expenditures required
in that regard, al Ihu same lime Hie
credit nf tlie province shall be So cou
served as to present ut all limes u
condition of undiinniahed strength, mny
safely lie left iu the liumis uf an admin
istraliun which has already made such
an unviable record ami whuse policy
lias ..lis';..is uiTiiii!|ilishuil such pronounced auccess in provincial finance ami
uther matters.
autciuv ante couomi. curio colds,
I mi,..I from Provincial and City
Health Bylaws.
Wheuever uny liuuseliubler knows
lhal any persou within his family ur
household lias sinull|>ox, diphtheria'
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
iug ciiugli, inuusles, tuuiii|is, glanders,
ur uny uther ciintugiuus ur infectious
li.-isiise, lie shall (subject in case nf refusal ur neglect lu the pcnaltiosvprn
I vided;, within   eighteen   hours,     give
uul lie in writing lu Hie Medical Health
jOtlicer ami nu member nf any household
sliull alien,I school  until a certificate
PUBLIC   NOTICK .Is  neruliy   given
thai all owners oT'real p^Slty ffOUF
iug or abutting upon a street pr lane
in which or under whieh a main or
common aewer Is laid is hereby re
quired to connect any building or pro
titisoa upon auch proporty with such
mum or common sewer.
Permits mlly lie ontalnt',1 Irom Iho
i'linn Isi ns intstiecto'.' at his office at the
City llati between tho huurs of 0 a.
in. apd HI a.m. and 1 p.m. ami i p.m
The following rugulatlotiB govern the
construction of house or building connections with sowers:
No liuuse Bowor pipe snail have a
luss fall than 1 to IU, unleas special
permission is granted in writing by
the Council. Said pipes between the
Iron pipe, lo tlm connection of the
public sewer li be of the best ipiality
standard sail -glased vitrified day se
iter pipe, and shall have a diameter of
uut luss lhan I inches. All pipos shall
lm sound and well burned throughout
their thickness, impervious to inuis
inr.., wilh u clear ring, smiiotli and
well glased uu interior und exterior
surfaces, free from lluws, cracks, blis-
lers, fire checks or "Hut imperfections.
Tne pipes must bo so lit iti in the
trench Ilinl aftor tha sewor is coniplol
ud, the interior surface thereof, shall
l,u lo a true und oven grade.
In mn I. ii,|' the Joints, u gusket of
a:.l,..iii ur hemp, freshly dipped iu
in,'ni grout, must lirsl bo usod and
packed into place. The joints shall
afterwards lie lighlly packed full ami
bevelled off wilh mortar, cuinposeil of
one part by volumo of approved Portland cement to one part by volume of
approved sum!.
All joints shull nu made water tight,
su thul they will -lumi a head of 10
feet nl' water, when tested by the
Plumbing Inspector at the owltor's,
plumber's or contractor's expense.
Hy order of' I he Council.
Cily Clerk,     tf
lid oilier effeclc have been disiufc, led
lo Iiis satisfaction, und uutil such cor
lilietite shall have been oliluined il shall
be tlie duly of e\ery member of the
household, uiul uf the Teacher, tu use
nil reasonable efforts to pruvent the
iissiieiul.iuii uf members of the suid
household Willi other children.
1. The matron uf a public or private
Hospital, the keeper of every li.ii.nl
ing ur Lodging House, every inn keep
er or Hotel Keeper, shall, within six
hourtt, reporl in writing lu the Me.li
iul Health Ollicer, ur any person being
nl one of Ihe aforesaid bouses
ur lintels ami attacked with or suspect
'e.l uf having any contagious or infer
lions disease mentioned in the Ily-
law;" under the penalties provided
for by such bylaw.
I.f.        Secretary Board of Health
pealtion on Hie adddress are peculiarly |,u<   ,„.,,„  l)|(|u|||0i|   ,-,„,„   „,„  Ue,h(.a|
fitting.   Tho premier spoke as follows:   .,   M m      „  ,        |„fw,j0„  any
I *
"Wo have today a revenue fuur l'"'«or   exists  in   Ihe   house,   clothing
■:  "limes  greater  thun   we  hud   when
"Ihis government  luok  puwer.   We
"liuvo a surplus fur Ihe lust   fiscal
"year uf approximately  luu and a
"quarter millions.   Ami  we have a
"cash I,alamo in the bunk     Wc have
"•ill thia and we have at  the same
"time been able lo expend very lur^c
"sums un necessary public wurks ami
"to do efficiently and  on u  lutjier
"scale lhan ever before in Hie hij
•' tory   of  tho province  those  many
"things   whieh   are   necessary   and
"desirable iu lhe wuy of Ibe admin
"istration of our ufl'uirs and the de
.   "Volopment of our resources.    As I
"have said ou previous occasions ill
"discussing  these  matters   uml   lbc
"prosperity of the people generally
"while the government cannot  and
"does not lake on itself lhe entire
"credit  it may fairly  lay claim  lo
"a reasonable share of responsibility
"for placing lhe political and liniin
"cial affairs of Hrilish Columbia in
"such  a  position  thai  the business
"elements and the working men ol
"this   provincial ^community    can
"turn to the best advantage the up-
"portuuities which lie bofore them.
"The eredil of tbe province hus now
"been ao established thai if the gov
"ornmoiil and its legislature defined
"il necessary and desirable we might
"go to lhe money markets nf   Ihe
"world and pledge il lo the exlcnl
"of many millions, our securities lu
'May ranking among the best in the
Tho above reference to the present
rondition of the provincial credit is
particularly gratifying in view of the
prodigious expenditures which will be
neccaeitated, in order lo provide lhe
very large and extensive public works
of various kinds which will be neces
aary, to take advantage of the opportunities which will present themselves
for rapid growth in the population of
the province aud fur Ihe speedy .level
opment of its tremendous natural ,re
Tka tact that the government is fully
'■nnartwa ot tbe worth of the splendid
credit mkaap j|,g province now enjoys
and tbat it U ml iutonded to allow
credit >to Hu.depleted in tbe
aet by any policy at extravagant ex
'   ll urea,  wai  llkcrrt,,,  ,,,,,,1,,   my
by the Premier a nun, later in
bis Wieecb when he declared:
'We bave at the present time »,,
excellent credit md we propose
"keeping tbat .credit strong s# tbat
'•our opportunities and our relatione h
Telephone 276
A large city map of North Vancou
ver has been prepared in the City Engineer's otticc,pliowiiig the dimensions
of Ihu lots.
Any person desiring a blue print
uf the same may obtain a copy at lhe
iity Engineer's oflice liy paying the
actual cost of blue printing.
Clly Engineer,
18 I
fnit ok
Ttl 67
il?B "nr *"•»»•
nttrvlt ct VfmdMH
The Kelvin Plumbing and
Heating Co.
Keith Road West
Will supply you with tho ebeaposl estimates for my kind of Plumb
lug and Healing Work, Sanitary Engineering.Sewer ilu1! Septic Tank
connections, furnace installations, ete. Jobbing work and small contracts receive prompt attention. >
dive tu the Job to fix up your new home and we will guarantee to
fix all your pipes in a way that will save your winter worries.
No job too small. None too large.
. night ar fjtgi
vum em at year dupmai ,
We've severed our com lion with Postal Address:
"The Light Brigade" Boi No.
North Vancouver
Van OOce.
The "Wild Chargl" they
'--Choice acre-North of City,   Offer
ing fpr $1800,    One-third Cash
d lhe Elections
^ are over and
those elected
will now have to keep
their promises and saw
wood. We would advise them to use our
Easy Cut Buck Saws
See Our Window Display
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Good cleared, graded, 50 It. lols Two Block* (rom Lonidale Avenue Carline, Splendid Views and Excellent
Soil. The best buying in the City to-day at $800.00 each
mi Inuis ol one-fifth cash and the balance ovei two years
For Further Particular! of above and Business and Residential Pioperties see
Phone 70. P..O. Box 1816
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
OF mi mi; HELP, BTO., ETC
need only In pbone .'l-l lo havo all vecancHs filled. NO OH ARO E
to BMPLOYBB or EMPLOYEE therefore Ibere ia absolutely no ne
cessity lo utilise employment Agencies in Vancouver, as a complete
liul   ot all  rltuai'. ul  worker* la kepi al Iho
Phone.321.     14 Unsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Hi.rotary,
C.P.R. Terminus D. L. 555
64 (eet WATERFRONTAGE by 225 feet
one quartet, 6, 12
18 and 24 months
Palmer, Burmetter & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Head Office   411 Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Branch   167 htmlile Avenue.   Pboue 71.
Branch   'ib'Sti Lomdale Avenue.   Pbone 362.
For Sale
60 f,ota on and npsr Boulevard, bea»ti-
•lul siiiiiniiiiii (or homesitos. Prices
♦860 and up un easy terms.
38-foot Lots In Lynn Valley near trw
line—some on Hoskim road eud"
somo near Fromme road. Price ♦900
up on easy terms.
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
Agent for llrat-clusa E'irn, Murine etui
OuurautiT   and   Accident    Insurance
Office Phono 10 Hoiihc I'ltono 2117
NOTICE ia hereby given (hat en application will lio mado under I'.ni   V.
of the "Wilier Act, lllll," lo oliluin a
licence in Iho
i in is.isiii of District
(a) The name, address uml occupation of iho applicant—Corporation of'
tho Oity of Norl|i Vuncouver.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's l.'ertifleBto No •
(b) Tho linm,' of Ihu lake, slrcum
nr source (if unnamed, the description
is)—(.'reek filming out of Bice iJilio
into Seymour rivor.
(c) Tlio point of diversion—8,000
foet down slrcum in u northerly direction frum outlet of llico Luke, suid
point lieing iu 11. L. 857.
(d) Tho quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)—Three
cubic feet per second.
(e) Tho charucler of the proposed
works-Small dum.
(f) The premises mi which Iho waler   iS   tO   llO   USCll       Ira |l|a    . lllll,■ |       I'll s
of North Vaueouver.
(g) The purposes for which tho wa
lor ia lo lie used—Municipal and domestic purposea
(It) If for Irrigation describe tho
land Intended to tie irriguled, giving
(i) If the wuler is lo lie used for
power or milling purposea describe thu
place wis. is. tho nm-1 is lo lio returned
to aome natural chunnel. und the difference iu ullitusle between point nf diversion end point of return 	
Ij) Areu ol Crown lund intended
to lie occupied by |he propoaed
(k)   This notice wus posle
22ml duy of December, lllll, uml appi
i-ulioti will lie mado to the Commission
or on the 86th slay ol "January, lllll
(I) line the iiumea and aililresBcs
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lumls uro likoly to
bo affected by tbe proposed works,
either aliovo or below Ibe oullol.
(V. O.  Addresa)
Cily  I Ini I.  North   Vuncouver.
il   inteniloil
used workup
ilc.l on ll/
, uml applfl,
Mias  Isabel  M. Dunn, llcontiate nl'
tbo Is'sss.i   Academy of Music, Loudon,
England, teacher of pianoforte, visits/
Norlb Vancouver every week. Addre»»\
luun Beach Avenue, Vaueouver, Phone
3701H  Seymour. 26 1
Paper the World
Irom our alock ol now Wall Papeta
so it seems. Every duy some now
'I'Kign auiv... lo bll lbc vueuuey
ol those closed oul.
Handsome Wall Paperi
are bore in endless variety, .lusl
tell our uss], ,i,i.s,i (or what room
you want the paper and be will
show you just Ibo pattern you art
looking lor.
To  choose Irom our slock ie a pleasure, to pay our price is easy.
W. H. ST0NEY & Ca<
117 Lonsdalo Avonm l'bune U9
I00ful00ft, corner of King street (now graded)  and St. Andrew's Ave.   Thii
property is ill cleared and il in a roost desirable residential location, and the price is
$1,150   1-3 caih, 6 and 12 month.
&*«' ••'•|il'""n
»    ■ \
11 ■'  -—
s i'
ii.»   ...
." .
„   , .=3
Chairman   Waterworks  Oomnjlttee
Elected   For   a   Second   Term—First
Mayor of tbe Oity to be Elected
by Acclamation
... v
• '
wmi ■■
For only 11 down and II
weakly ydxt can buy the
I.EABLB .RANQE, rescr-
voir or waterfront com-
ploto fitted up. See the
BANOB. They, last a
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all part* of the City
North Vancouver toal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Dealers in Coal, Brick, l.ime, Gravel, Sanrl, Cement, Plaster,
I.alii, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Fool of Si. George's Ave.   Pltone 178.
Oflice: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 1%.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing,  Plumbing  Supplies,  Bewer
i's.,.11.. in.ii•■.   Hot   Wai. i   and   Steam
Heating,   Sheet   Metal   and  Tumors'
)',,,n,.... Work.   Estimates furnished.
Warehi    -   and Otitic:  Cor. Esplanade and Bt. Qeorge, Pboue 365.
J. H   OODDARD, Mauager
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, Noilh Vancouver, D. C.
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.    Special
rules to families uml In regular hoarders.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
akti doed
aa iaah
a  i" is,..in house;
new;  all modern
' P.O.BOX 114.
We have a large slock of doors on hand and can supply
any style 6f size at short notice. We have some beautiful
designs in front doors and also several new and choice patterns in lhe craftsman inside doors, All out craftsman
doon are made wild 3 ply panels which insures you against
r,**'w»g or warping, and also shows lhe flat grain to advantage. *Hk will be pleased to show you these doors.
Dickiiuon & Son, Ltd.
P. 0, Box 1719.
Phone 222
Dominion Business Prospects
(Continued from page tbree)
en effect to, and where they wero npt
met witb the cold rejoinder ."This is
our way of doing It.' "
"A striking feature nt' tlte present
your,." eontinuetj Mr. Buird, "wbb the
remarkable Influx of British capital
to the Dominion, and Ihu number of
visits from well known llnnnisiariiiag-
nates and business men that bail takun
plin'ii. Tim grand total of British
money Invested In denuda had been
officially estimated at £120,0011,000, of
which sum no less Iban £7(5,00(1,0011 was
invested in 1010. Iu fait,'HI por cont.
of the entire Canadian issues of thai
year had boen taken up in Britain,
und financiers of high omliionco had
stated that at loast £1110,000,000 nf British money would Ihis year lie Ihu contribution t'l.iiii tlio mi.ihs'i country to i'an
ailian investments.
Tho emigration policy uf the department of the Interior Inul never been
no vigorous as il nuw wuh. Under Iht)
superintendence of Mr. .1. Obod Smith
Iho huge lisle uf Hrilish isinigralinn
that formerly Sowed into tlio United
Htntes had bean diverted anil was pouring instead into lhe Dominion. He
could mil, of course, but regret the fad
that su ili splonilid material was being
lost to the old country, but os thurr
seomed, under present conditions, In
lie a surplus population iu many of our
industrial centres, and as litis population iiiui go somewhere, he naturally
preferred lhat it shoulil go In one of
our own colonies rather Hum to lhal
of a rival nation, bocause in tin: colonial Ihey were' not lost In tlm I'.'ui
pirn. If population at tlm mime extraordinary rale continued to pour
westward, and if ain-h a huge gulden
'gulf slrenm' continued In follow il,
nothing could arrest tbo progress of
Canada, nor prevent Inr frnm taking
her place us Hie Koli i Noor amongst
our colonies. It wus all important
that emigrants should lie perfectly
clear us to where Ihey were going ami
the conditions of life and labor- lo
which they proposed to commit themselves before making llm change, .lust
ul llm present moment there were tint,
in Ins opinion, unlimited openings for
artisans nf the skilled type, and there
was a danger that workers of thai
kind shoulil be ultras'lcl in uniieces
sary numbers by llm high rule of
wages prevailing, uiul might find tbem
selves in u foreign country, glutting
the labor market there iu piteous of
the prospective demand. Pot, these
who followed agriculture the position
was different. There were fine anas
of land lliul ha.l nnv it been broken
by a plough, ami there were huiislresls
nl farmers who .mil.I mil gel sulli
sient„ laborers ami ilotncsti.s ivere bad
iv needed. It was lo these three sluss
es that the government cvleii.lcil an
unlimited imitation tin,I lor which tin;
best  prospects seemed apparent.*'
In 'conclusion, Mr. Hair.I remarked
lhal lyenly years beine, perhaps less,
when the agriculture of ('ami.la had
been largely developed, Ikeii would
s'oiiio the industrial boom, and instead
nt srrktng so much tor those who pur
sue agriculture sin would require an
almost t'ljiiul number of skilled artisans
wlwi must always follow agriculture
in a country us yet, to some extent,
iu  the pioneering stsgc
JAN. 23rd
and 24th
Ids Honor llm l.ieiil.'iiuiil (lovcrnor
Hi ' iiiiii. il lias been pleased lo liitiVe III,,
following appointments!
To be Notaries Pul.lit nnd ' oniiuts
sioncrs for taking affidavits within the
prov ilne of British Columbia:
Hugh Alexander llcpi-ii of the '"•
'if Vernon, barrister al law and .lames
li'twarsi Beck of the cil) of Vancouver,
To bo commissioners for, taking uHi■
davits wil In ii Iho province of British
.lohn Alexander Mas Innes of lhe cily
of Vancouver, barrister al law; and
llonald South of tbe rity of Vancouver,
Iioiiiild William Frederick,McDonald
of the cily of Vancouver, barrisfVal
law, lo ba a notary public
The following companies have been
granted certificates of. incorporation:
Anti Teredo Gas Co., Ud., Barron
i'o. Ltd., Canadian Mainland Construction ami Investment Corporation, him-
11 cil, I'li'lliind liibldc Engraving Co.
1,1']., Howe Hound (Jravel Co, Md.,
.lervis. Inlet Canning Company I/Id.,
Marriott ti Fellows, Ud., I'orl Munu
Properties, J/td., i'rWe of the West
Knitting Mill)1, Ud., Vancouver Paint
k Helloing Co. Ud., West Vancouver
Storm md. s'i'radiog <:«. Mil.
■■Tin I
i»   "i I ' '■"■   ■"      "i ' '■» '■  .    n  i'i  :       iiiiJil
Local Jokes
New Jokei
Topical Gags
and Songs
Lonsdale Theatre
. 23 & 24
Reserved Seats   -   -   50c. and 25c.
Boxes -   ■   -   -   $5.00 and $3.00
Tickets may be obtained from any member of the Yacht Club
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
ah in . i v\ i-
i'lircy.H    llouuiil II    J    renin
i'lty   Auditor.
Auditor.* aud   Acciiuulauls
ili   I'eis.lii   lit VV.      I   I)   Dux   2136
l>,llo Ml I'lione  111
Vuncouver ;.. in. Vancouver
i'ii till, .Street East North Vuncnuvsr
I'bone 913
III  vi I, I. iiiiii-.
I'ionoer Hurscshoer - Carriage Works
Successor  to Wallace & Beol|- Third
Street.   (Jeneral ri.pair work.
A. Wulluce'» services nave been re
BookeellJrs and Stationers
Qor, I.onariale and let.        l'hono Ui
'  ,'v.    s-V
Post-Oraduate Chicago University
Boonu 8 iM 10, naw Post Ofica block
Ibo Now Block i,n   I.onsdale  Alius.
io'iii   the  Ferry  Approach
was built by
General Ciiulruolon
Con/rectors for reinforced concrete
conitructlon. Sewering in all ils
branches; house connections a spe
cially.     Estimates   furnished.
Office: UU Uiis'IiiIii Ave.        I'bone 288
I'resscd Brick Mantles a specially,
i'bone I.IK'
A. Craib
W. Craib
In Concrete, Brick and Wood.
I nn.   I 11.IMI Its
A.M.I.E. L B.
Irrigation, Aralnatre, levels, plans
and spuislicutiuiis. Septie tanks and
house drainage a ipuialty. )'. O.
Bos '111, Hill, itreet weit ol Bewicke
lllll VHIINAI.
North Vancouver Butineu
College and Copying Office
Bank of Hamilton Chambers, Lonsdale
Avenue ,Nor(h Vancouvor . Day and
evening .Asses. Open all tbe year
round. - -
imiiw.stf <r -
And general Commission Merchant, 19
I/oiisdalo Ave,, North Vancouvar,
Phone sat
I'l' I" 'Inle   Millinery
Modorlae Batos
Keith Block    93 Lonadale Ave.
Studio   over   Bunk   B. N. A.
I.onsdale and EstdaBade
ll I  Hill lis
I'i I »u Filling jijhJ )'oiin«clinn Promj>(ty
an(J Correctly Done    Prlci'B right
North Vuncouver, fl C und Lynn Vulley
Phono 164
North Hhore Oleaiiiim ft DyaJjig Work*
High I'luss Indies' and Cents' Tailoring
Repairing   and   Alterations,  t 'leaning
and Dyeing in nil its lirauchos. All
Work guaranteed,
III First Slreei  Wesl. I'lione Ibi
Till.OHsJ /
Indies' work u apeclally.   All kindly ^
ol reiialiliiK,    altering,,   remodelling,       J i
cleaning und proiilntt  Clniryiei inoder-
ale, work guaranteed      Cor, l.onsilule
HiiilJ6lli strcel, North Vuncouver, li. 0„
rinWe ill.
n.11 111 us  .111 sn ,.
Specially: Children/Ecssons at own
home.    Term.*'" etc., apply (Jonoral
Delivery.        \^
My clothei are at tbo I'lipilnno
laundry where yours ought to \n,
Flat work lot 85 cents doz. Rough
dry, tc lb., wet wash, 3c Ib. Drop ua
I card and wc will call for them.
P. O. Box 2222
/ * • *m r*fmr
mm hi mr.--''-»-'YC-r
D. li.
rttiuA), JAINUAKV Ip, 1912.
" ' '■
JAN. 23rd
and 24th
TIB HATtgWWB BliBV- -Continued
The deyl|l I'm glad you got rid
It that folio**'," bo muttered. "Ha
ireare on one liko tho very donee."
Now, during tlie last hour I had been
ihiiullilu nl ai growing change In title
ruling uuin; of a gradually Increasing
lervpiianeaa and apprehension, -as if
queried Mine Fluette, doubtttilly. "It
lit dreadfully warm and etuffy In here.
Jopsou le walling'With the'carr ago."
I iiiiiii Tiilmid tiiouny, oi course, lhat
my pretence uncounted lor bur can-
etralnt. More iban likely the would
have given much to have got Maillot
away Immediately:   hilt He  replied
had all the l|me been pointing out* wm, a Kravlty that did not eaie tier
llllo deliilla, which be had previously   IU|M1|:
Vancouver Business Directory
lllisiNlsisr i;iii,i,i:i;i;ii.
SPROTT-SHAW Bu.ii.ei. College
1   jj6 Hastings St. W.
CmtStt Greatest Weatlrn School
11. J. Sprtitt, 11.A., • -Manual
632 Seymour Bt., Vancouver
Day school open ull the year
round. Night school commences .September Sth.
MIT Alt I   I'l III II
lilstrlct   ut Coast Hange One.
Tulie Nolice thul George Verdlef
.yuiiiuiuvcr, 11. c, occupation, Umbo
ei'Ulsec. Intends In utility fm- |,i.-i-inlssl"ii
.11 i'ii 1 .'I...ia lhe 1 ..I I..'.' 11.1 deucrtlii'il
l.iiisli.    Ciiniuioiiciiig ul 11 !'"ai iiluntt'd
lllillllt    10   s'tl.llls.',   .... 11 1 IJ   l)f   tllC   I's'llll    '  aal
corner i I.ul 28; Ihence cant 10 chains;
Ibence snulh 10 cbuins; Ibence eust
,10 chains; Ihence norlli 10 chiilnu.
thence eust 10 chuins; Ihence nurlh III
chains illicitce west lit chuins; tbence
smith 111 chuins lu point u( ciiiiinieiics;
iiisiil containing 610 si. i.u mure nr
Hale. Iiccemlier 17th. lull. 16-3
Iilstilcl u( Const 'limine One.
Talis Noilco thul Corp King, ol Vun-
citover. B. C.j "s i ii, .iii, i :.ni.ai. : In-
I. r..ls. lo uptily rnr permission lu purchase the fitliisssiii,: described lands:
Commencing ut ii post pluiiled about
33 chuins east uf the t'liini u( com-
ii.i is. s,„, iii ot I,.,i T I, 30826 unit
alongside a surveyor's punt bow-lug
nuniber 215; (hence norlli 60 chafns.
ilicnco cast to chains: tbence nuuiIi 80
chuins; thence west 10 clutliiu lu luilnt
ur coniiiieiiceinenl. containing 320 acres
mure or loss
CilllA   KINIl.
Hale, li... ml., i 2THi. IDII. 16-3
.'"   I  Sl'l'.l     illSlsIa I', slllllss   l,s   Ill,       ,.        a     |)()St
planted 10 clialnn ciisl o( thu nnrlh
east curlier us given In u description
ilf lul . I..!...! by •:. .sn..- v. i.u. i and
i.uml', i.sl One; tbence norlb 10 chains
thence West to chains; tnence north 10
cbuins; thence went 80 chains; Ihence
south 40 chains; thence east (0 chains
tbence snulh 10 chuins; Ihence east 10
chnlns In tiulni ul ciitupn-*-- --lent, Con-
i.sliiliiii nni acres miiro or less.
Date, liucember 2illi, 1011.
Terms iiiodcrate
MBS. O. 11.
I.oana, Investment, and Insurance.
Iliuiiii 907, 682 liranvill,. St., Vuncuu
ver, 0. C. l'bono SDUU. Und llsnia
try work • spocislly.
■ ISAIs kstati..
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
iio Seymour Street
tt. Kerr Houlgsts,* - - Malinger
lilsirlci ul Coast linage one.
Tuke Nullce Ihul Ellloll Alexander
Haass, il ul Vaiicuuver. B C.., occupation, broker, Intends lu apply (ur per
liilssluh  tu purchase the following de-
TV'S solicit Iht builntM of lliiiitfictiiitii.
Hii(tftieeiiiud others who realise Use isliiul.il
ily • f having their Patctt bmitiru Iranssclcd
ls>'HxpertS.   I'l, liulualy sslsi.. lire.   Clucr,
i:. isiiiie, Ourlavcslor'sAe-HscrKOtu|Hii rt.
inert. Maihui* Uuil.iii, IterU, Htm Yoik l.i/t
Ms Uuulinlisud Viuliliiclue HC UAA
All Nortb Vaueouver people eat al
Hither Flack lllock or Hastings Si.
opposite tbe now pott tifftco. Uunui
talis hit lea by tbe pound.
Lonsdale Theatre
Phone 335 Owners—Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenift; Ltd.
Commencing January 22nd
SHEPHERD & RAYNES in their renowned MUSICAL
I ' ' mnmnnmn I |i I i.      , ii
BILLY RETLAW, The Great Comedian
The MILO DUO in their celebrated MUSICAL COMEDY
....    in... .- ——    ...       ■■    ■—■     ■,■...-■ .si     —s     i i ■      ,       ■■    ■„■.     i m     ■■■■■in,      ■-      ..    i
HARRY J. LACELLE, The noted Darkey
On TUESDAY the 23rd and WEDNESDAY the 24th January
North Vancouyer Yacht Club Minstrels
" Two Hours'Laugh Great Fun Local Hits Pleaiani Knocks
One Performance Nightly.
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.
Doori open S o'clock, Commence 8:30
Bos Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES—15c. and £5c.        ik.m,^
iknl uml whliilt ware forming
.tii'i ilu'.', Unit by link, Into s obits
Imi would riiniii'ist liliu wltb tbe tra-
[Bdy. Up to tbs iinsu.'in be bsd ooll-
,-ealoil bli thoughts only with sn effort; but now bis esprestlon wss be-
amiu (i-niikiy worried ind anxious;
il ss I stood silently regarding bim,
Is tgltallou nicsiursbly Increased.
"For Heaven's sske, Swift, don't
look st me In tbat wuy!" csme In a
mdden outburst (rom his tightened
tps. "I know—I osn sse—now that
I've had Hum to think It nvor iiiui
ibe (ada aro damning. K I close my
lips snd refuse to make sny state-
aent st sll, It will be equivalent to s
ionfesaloo.  On the other band—"
1 waited, silent, motionless, without
removing my eyes from bis facs.
Borne moments elapsed before he went
di, during which be wss patently ex*
Irtlng an effort st self-control.
"Swift," ho at laat continued, moro
lelmly, "I'm well awsre wbat your
'in,'Ins,i.si.s. must be; the Yetponsl-
illily for tliat old msn's death ilos
letween—between H|at secretary fol-
ow and mc; any fool ctn/teo thai,
t's diiwni'i,:i.i devilish to bo ono of
wo such alternatives; but If I tell you
what in.mi iii mo here Imu' night—
Swift, I Jusl simply can't contemplate
tolng ltl'
Again bo paused.
"Take thus, Maillot,' 'I admonished,
"but chouse wisely."
He lifted his besd wilb s little Jerk,
"dive me a moment to think. I must
Isolde, and decide Irrevocably, whs-
her to bocomo as dumb ss s graven
mage, or else take you Into my confl-
At nil., iiiiiuimn.nm iiiiiiuiii there
tame a loud rap upon tbe door, which
Immediately opened to dlaolose the
iiititiiil issiin of Stodger, snd behind
bim two slight figures In furs and
veils, bearing Into, this desolate and
gloomy old inuusluu a delicious flavor
tt young, dtlniy, pretty femlulnliy.
"Miss Hi Mr Fluette snd Mlaa (lone-
rleve Cooper—lo see Mr. Maillot," aii-
iiuiiiiri'il Sludger, wilb all Ihe absurd
Imparlance of a couscleutlous flun-
One, i lull girl In brown furs and
with truly wonderful huel syes, csme
rapidly, gracefully, Iuto tbe room, her
companion following more sedately,
imi linn alopped suddenly, aa If perilled. She stood s momeut—this
haughty, handsome maid—s lovely
ploture of bewildered attoulshmout.
"Royal Maillot'" abe cried,  "what-
ivor lu Die world  baa btppensd to
lour eye'"
Again be pautod.
"Take tims, Maillot," 1 admonished,
'but s iiisssis,   wisely." ,  ,
He lifted his head with s llttl^turk.
"in..'   me   a momeut to li.lnk,   1
null decide, and decide Irrevocably
vholher lo boconte as dumb   sa   s
[raven image, or olse lake you Into
IV . . i.ls.li in •'."
At litis iiuforlulloui int.tunt there
..iin ,i iuud ta|i upon Ilie door, wbicb
iiim. dluli l> opened lo dlsdoie tho
otu..si Iiiiiii of Sludger, and behind
ilm Iwo slight ligures In furs and
relit, bearing into this desolate end
-loom) old I...i,is imi a iIl'Iu lima Uavor
,1 young, iluliii), pretty fetiilnliiliy.
'Miss 'Bells Fluolte snd Mist
,','iss ".is-., cooper-lo see Mr. Mali
lot," announced Stodger, with all the
ibsurd litiporlanco of s couscleutlous
One, a tall girl In brown furs und
wltb truly wonderful hatel eyes, came
rapidly, graciffully, Into Ibo room, her
.mui iinluii following more seduLely.
uid Ibeu .ii.11 "l suddenly, as If pelrl
fled. Sho stood a momout-lhls
liaitgliiy, handsome maid - a lovely
picture ol   bewildered   astonishment.
"Koyai iM.iiliui!" she cried, "whatever In the world haa happened to
your eye?"
An Extraordinary Errand
I fancy thai lu ordinary ciroum-
sletH'i's Mr. Mallot would bave bs-
irayctl dlscoiupoiure st the unlnlen
Hmiui ridicule of Ibis remarkably
pretty girl't nalvele', tud furthermore,
Ibat lhe fact of hit not having dout
io al ouce pcrplcu'd and alarmed ber.
For a moment the contemplated bla
worried couutenancs In round-eyed
bewilderment, tnd Ibtn glanced Inquiringly st me.
Maillot, in s sober tuiauner, presented mc. Tbe handsome brown-eyed \
girl wsa Mlas Bells Flustts; tbs
other wse her cousin, Miss densvlsvt
Cooper. She, iuu, wu strikingly prst-
ly, but Insii ad of brown, her syes wsre
a deep and wondsrful blue, Her halt
wis wgvy sud bsd many of ths bronso
lights tnd shtdowa Ihtl lurked In
her cousin's reddish trssttl, although
It approached petrer s obettnut ibsdc,
ibtn suborn. Sbs wss not to Ull ss
Miss Hello, snd wss mors reserved In
ber ileiiii.'iiiiiir.
Vol, In ber sldewlts rsgard of Mall-
lot, Ihut wat s humorous, shrewd appreciation of his damaged appearance,
ooiitioiliig worldly knowledge audi-
olent lo ascribe It to csutet not precisely oompllmsntsry to bis sobriety.
Uolb, however, wers very lovely, snd
vsry Jaunty In tbsir turbans snd veils
snd Idng fur costs, while their cbseks
glowed snd tbsir oyei iparklcd from
tbs crisp wintry sir.
Mils Fluetl* acknowledged Ihe men-
lion of my name t little dlittutly.
(Hie msde me 'eel ibat sba .bad already surmised trouble, tnd tbat sbs
wu disposed to hold ns accountable
tor It
Mlu Cooper wu mors cordial.
Sho wu very grsolous, In a
quiet, reserved wsy, tad tbs
sjpreulon of her blue eyet wu
so oongenlsl tbat 1 caught myself mors then once attempting to
stssl a glimpse of bsr countenance
without her obteryjBg mc, only to bs
■Jltsooncerted by t csmdld kpd not st
•III shy rsgsrd. ^-^^
*0m me not go at onoe, Hoysll"
"I'm sfrsld not, Bel|e-not for
some minutes. Mr. Swift snd I bays
to—to discuss Ur. Page's death."
Instantly ber euuntoiiiuico reflected
a deep concern.
"It Is true, (lien, Is it, tbst your
Uncle Is dead?" sbo uked in S hushed
Hia unc|ol For tho second time
tbst morning I wu staggered. Felix
Psge's nephew and Alfred Flustte's
daughter sweethearts! One lying cold
In th mli iniirtlerodl Is It any won
dsr thst I wu slrlckon speechless?
"Don't look so astonished, 8will,"
Hslllot wu saying. "Tbst Is only a
psrl of wbst I bavs to tell."
"But—Felli Psgs your uncle I" I
marvelled, u soon ss I recovered my
breath. "Look here, Maillot, it's not
Often that I'm so thunderstruck; why
haven't you told me this?"
"It's Irue," ho tald ehnvly; "he was
my mother's brother. Neither of us
wu particularly proud of the connection - nol enough to brag of It. I wat
unu ni n f, to toll you, though, Swift;
It is un essential part of my story."
He wheeled a chair up lo ono tide
of the tiihlo for tilts Fluetto    and I
made haste to perform a like service
for Miss Qeuevleve Cooper; au act
wbicb ..lie recognised with a slight
smile and oue of her friendly looks.
I    "Perhaps you and Qeuevleve   bad
i bettor   get   out of your wraps," the
young man suggested to Miss Fluettn,
i "becuuse I want   you   to hear all I
have to say lo Mr. Swift; It will take
some time."
j Shu wu nuw genuinely alarmed,
' and tbo handsome huel cyss
searched his face with au apprehension and ili' .ui lhat mode her love for
bim only too appareui. Most young
fellows, I huzurd, wuuld court any
peril (or tucb a look from a girl is
beautiful u Miss Belle Fluette.
And the blue oyei, too, mirrored
anilely; they turned to me In u
quick, questioning glance. I tried to
disregard Ihem—to ignore the presence ot these two pretty girls—and
iminim myself strictly lo what Malllol
had lo relate. It wu not easy lo do,
jtluc-i Mils Fluette's attitude toward
ine hud beconio not only openly accusatory, but mors tbau a Utile scornful; aud I feared, moreover, lhal I
should shortly lose the support uf MIes
pooper't sympathetic Interest.
' First of all, though, holh young
ladles wero anxious tor au account of
tins tragedy—a luk of which I relieved Maillot by relating briefly tho
details as 1 understood Ihem, but. of
course, adding no comment that might
bo construed u an siprtssion of my
opinion u lo wbo might bo responsible. Tbey listened attentively; bit
when I bad finished, Miss Flucllo
lurned to Maillot as If 1 were no Ion
ger lu the room. I noticed lliul Mlti
inui, i si brow waa gulhered In a
^ Utile frown--whether of perplexity or
disapprobation I could not dctermliiu
- und that sho wu looking fixedly ul
her cousin.
"Royal," suld Miss Fluette Hie lu-
Itsut I was Ihrough, "is Ihut -Is Mr.
Burke here?" Unless I was very much
mistaken. Ilie abrupt lowering ol her
VOlcS which accompanied this quel-
Hon, Hie mslilen narrowing of her
eyes, betokened s slrong dislike lor
the sccrclsry. So. then, Miss l-'lu.'iie
' wus acquainted with him, was she!
"Yes, he's here," Malllol  ubsetitly
! replied,   Theirs swift look-a Hash
of nmi. ihiui ilie:   paused befwets ibo
twu girls.
Holh pairs of eyes, Ihe brown and
tho blue, avoided mine—In' a studied
■ ii.-.i J fancied when I glanced from
oue lo Uie oilier to read further.
After all. I concluded, I wus glsd
these two young ladles happened lo
be i.i' i' ni
"Tlie object of my coming here lut
nigbl." Hie young man at leiiglh began, "was known only lo myself and
Mr. Fluette, although I told Mlsa
Kinetic the hate circumstance uf my
Inlcnllun. My inliliu^ wuuld seem
su absurd to uny sane num. to t/Lierly
hopcles; II would be tu lnipusslble„to
bring any one cIbc to louk at Hie nni'i-
ler frum tny polnl of vie
fear of ridicule sluyod me
even her Into my conlldenco. Il wu
Ills voice dropped, and be had ovcry
tppoaruuee of one who speaks wltb
lhe uluioit reluctance.
"I came to usk my uncle for (hi
Paternoster ruby," bs annuunced.
I merely walled, neither stirring
nor speaking; uot to tbo two girls,
howovor, who mado no pretonce of
concealing their ama|ement.
"You asked him lo give It to you"
gasped Mill Fluette.
Malllol laughed bitterly, looking
stiulgbi at me.
"I did," said he, u oue convinced
lhal be would nol he believed In any
event. "I not only uked him to give
ll to ms—after having stated my
rcouont—but hs promised to do so—
this morning."
Hs teemed to meuuro our Incredulity; to determine If Its degree would
warrant bim In proceeding. My own
couutenancc, I know, told him nothing; hut It wu obvlout tbtt ths
girls were utimllatlng bit startling
affirmations only with tho greatest
difficulty. I watched tbem curiously.
They know tbit young mm perhaps
holier lhan any ons else, snd tbsir
fresh youthful facss wsre t clesr Index to iheir thoughts. Both were
deeply Iroubled.
And now Miss Cooper, after a quick
tide gltnos at me, tpoke. Her volos
was remarkably sweat tnd soft, her
whole attitude Inexpreislbiy gentle.
"Hoyel," ssid sbs, "you are greatly wrought up; I think I know why;
Statistics recently compiled by tho
Commission of Conservation show thst
tlio death rate In Osnsdign coal mines
is much higher fhaq in any other °iv-
ilimid country. In 1B08, the year nt
tho Ferule disaster, the death rato per
100 men employed (above snd bnlnw
ground), reached the maximum rats
of 18.85. The average fate for the
ton years preceding same period wu
8.48.' Perhaps the worst aspect of tbo
situation is the faet tbst tbs death
rate from cosl mine accidents has boen
stoadily on tho increase in Canada for
a number of years. The minimum rate
of 1.88 wss reached in 1807. In 1909
Ibo rate waa 4.81, During tbe samo
limo there bai been tbo same stosdy
decrcuso In all tbo loading $uropoau
It would, of course, be unremonilile
lo expect tbut the less of life tnd property could be entirely done away witb,
hut experience haa shown tbat careful
iuyoBtigotion of tho conditions will
poiut tbe way to tbe remedying of
many abuses. That tho danger inherent
in coal mining can he largely eliminated ia showu liy the low ,constant
death fates in Belgium and Qreat Britain. Coal mine explosions are much
more frequent ill Canada anil tbo Unit-
mi HtiitcH than in any of tho tiur-
epean countries. Tho following example is exceedingly significant. In 1850
the fatality rate in the Belgium coal
mines wus us high as-the present Can-
inline dentil rule, while at tho prcsont
into il averages tho lowest in Ibe world.
This decline in lhe death rulo wus due
lo tbo combined efforts of the uiiuo
,.,'. is. 1.. the workmen ami the administration of Mines; to Iho diffusion of
technical and professional knowlodgo
ami lo iho administrative organization
for Iho scientific study of accidents.
Although the death rato in metalliferous mines in Canada is lower than
in the colli mines, it is much higher
than in any of the Kuropeun countries.
Tlie deutli rate in Canada for tbo por
ioi|q180Q-1808 wus ,'1.82.
Wltb the exception of the Kimhorly
diamond mines and Iho Transvaal,
where native and Chinos* labor are
employed, the fatality rate during thin
period (limn Willi) was contidtrsbly
lower elscwborc than in Canada. Il re
quires no disucssion In emphasize the
iinportuiicu of un inquiry into the
whole subject of fatal accidents in
llto mines of Canada.
District of North Vancouver.
I'uurl  ol ItrvUlun ul  Ai»»iucbI  Roll
NOTICK lu hereby alven thoi tlso
Council uf Ilie lilstrlct ol Nurlh Vaiicuuver liuve u|i|iuliileil SutnnJay ,11.e
3nl day uf February. Ull. at the hem
nt 2 o'clock lun. al tlio Munlclis.it
Hall, corner of l.jnn Vulley Itoail us I
Kl IIIIIII, e   ltuild   III   sulil   sll: nl. i   as   Hi"
tliiie uiul ri.1.1 lur hearlnu complain'h
.le.iliml tlte Assessment for Hie yeur
Ian. us inuile by lhe Assessor.
Any person csiinplulnliii; aaulnal tlm
Assi.isniiiii iiiu.il give ia si.. In wrltltK
lo the Asseasoi i.f tlie |(riiiii>il of Ins
tssinplullil at li'iiai ten Joys before Use
date uf tin- Ilia' slillnii uf the Coun
uf llevlsloll _     _
Uuli'iV  ul   Nurlli   Vancouver.   D.   I
Nils  ldlli  day  of  lleci-nilier.   Iill
jullN U   FARM BR, CMC
1-2   .
NOTICK Is liiriliy ulveti that tu application will be tiiailo tu the l.oslsla-
ilvc Assembly uf the I'rovlnco of
r.i in, l. Coluinblu al lis next sosttiHi
.ur an Acl lu uiiiliiiilzi' the Jleutil.
.siii-tluvernur In Cuuncll (without re-
siiiii.s. uliservunce uf lhe pruvlslons uf
lie, Municipalilies' Incurporslloii Acl)
by   I. Us i     i ..is ni   under   Ibo   public
ul  In divide  lhe ,1'si'ssi.iili.ii  of (he
ut Ihe inaT'^'UHls'i of Norlli Viiicuuvi'r by In
m ik.i „,. -flliuiulliiu Inlo u lilstrlct Municipal
w, lliul my njTJUdf Hie name of Iho "Corportllui
from taking   .(  il.c'lilsirlct   ot  West   Vancouvor
irkl *
ill that
loll of tlio Corporation of
HlstrlcfW North Vancouver, Oo-
MTllied as fullHS!S:
CuiiiniriiiliiK al tlio point whore ttie
sasl boundary of*!), f. IU Inlcreertt
■hr ninth boundary'-of tlio said Corporullon .Ilicnco wout'ulonij said norlh
boundary tu a polnl In Howe Bound
,ii lhe line of the said north boundary
produced; illslunl 1.000 fort west from
■he easterly shore of suld Howe Sound;
ihence southerly, parellel lo, and fol
lowing Iho menndorlngs of lhe' falil
ilioro io u point of Intersection with
Ihe line 1.000 feet distant soulh from
lhe norlli shore of llurrurd Inlol;
'hence eaaterly parotic! lo, and following the meandering* of lhe ssid Norlli
Shore of llurrunl Inell lo a polnl of
Intersection 1,000 fool distant louth
from the soulli-wcal corner of P, L,
111; and In line Willi the Wesl bouh-
lury of suld Dlslrlcl ),ol HI produced.
ilonu  the
west   boundary
anil n
'muni s    of   __
I. 261 lo the north-west eorne_r infie
but laks your Hmo, tnd keep nothing
hack. Tha truth Is not going to hurl
you; lack of candor may be extremely
He responded to (his appeal with I
certain IwMttssness.
"Swill" ba tyustly uked m, "hav»
nli Ihence continuing northerly
Iho west boundary of I), h III to IhJ
norih-wesl eorner Ihoroof. laid
corner being on lhe soulh boundary
of I). I. 711; thonee westerly
along the tuld Boundary p. U 111 to
the south-wesl corner P. I/. Ill: Ihence
north ujiing lhe well boundary of Itld
li. li. ill lo lhe norlb-wesl corner
ihereuf; Ihence easterly along Ihe
north boundary P. 1. 711 lo Iho southeast corner I). U. 718; Ihence nortli
along (ho east bouOdarfe* of P ''•
vr.J, 1(), 102 and 101 Id the north-east
si.rner of P. L. lit; Ih/nte west tlong
Ihe norlli boundary of *ald P I. I?t
lo Iho soulh-CMl corner of P. 1*"}]*'.
thenco north olong Ihe east boundary
of sold I). Ii. Hi lo point at etm-
nioneoment, Including tl r gMS and
ulcus   of Said  IIo«r*  SoUod Wd   Ehg-
■ "lay. rlparltn or olbliwlic, now a
of suid eoriiorallSH of ht pll-
of Norlh Vancouver .and Joy r*-
u m nmitroTWi ten■■"■
Of Iho Plitrlcl Of Norlh
ceordlngliri 'ach of said
io remwn subject to
lnMllllejrM lhe present
of the Plairlct of Norlb
llsh 11a
i'.ii' ef pt
irlcl of Norlh Vancouver .and by redo, Ing the iimirs #*twr tuld coyben-
lion of lhe Jilatrlcl Of Norlh ytheOU-
Vor occordlng/ri each of said '-«r»ors_
llona lo remain subject lo lhe debt'
IXwdllSOTr iMltetea, Arjor*.
Hon of the Tdstrici of North Vtncou-
ver, but tt bS,lJveon Ibe ^tooritmi
tho assets, debit and llabHIMei of Ibe
OMlepI Corporation of }MWltletPt
North Vantover to be dlvldH WJ U-
turned upon An eoulltble bull.
RATKP tbtt lllh day of Pictmber,
i.p., r"
canll, mmm
DUordwly Conduct on
Lynn Vulley Car
nasi pf lio sod |6
Three mail, T, Corsey, Joseph Hobtirt-
son snd James Bowers, appeared before
tin msyor ssd MA, Foreman yester-
dsy momlng SR S charge pf conducting
tbemtelves in p disorderly fashion on
s hym Vallny. oar ou Tuesday evening.
The trio of defendants were represented by Ur, II. P. Buggies while the Interests of ths H- 0, I'loctrio Railway
Oo. were watched by Mr. A. E. Book.
Conductor W,.Aldrldge's evidence
waa to the effect ilml the three men
were transferred onto his ear at Moodyville and wero In no way troublesome
until tbey had reached the end of the
line, Then they complained that tliuy
had- got Into Um wrong car, saying
that they hud been given to understand
hy one nf the company'a conductors
on the wharf that was the Lonsdale car.
They, thersfore, returned westwunls in
the same ear. The witness, however,
only knowing that they liud transferred
to his cor at Moodyville, ronslilered it
his duty to collect thoir fares. Thoy
refuaed to remit samo, ui'ciiuipuiiying
, their refusal with unelioiee lsitgtiuge.
There wero in lhe ear ut this lime, out
lady and uiiout sis men. Eventually
the niiiii,niii'ii supported the romlui'lor
in his ,1. inn n.i for fares und these still
not forthcoming, a telephone message
was sent to the police ulti.'o from the
car Ilium, and the throe men were ga
thered in by the police un their ur
rival at tbe city ball . They had.
however, ut the lasl moment, consented
to pay their fares. In tlie opinion of
the witness Tlloy wore the worse for
Motorman W. Cowan eorroborstsd
the foregoing siuleiiieuls.
Mr. ,1. tl. Farmer, municipal clerk.
said that lie boarded Ibe car at lhe
district hall ami stood smoking iu lhe
vestibule. The three defendants were
then sitting jusl within the ear and
Mr. I'liiiini beard lia>l limpuuge wbicb
be thought would lie quite audible to
the lady in lhe car. He bad no know
ledge of Iho circumstances but the
mam., i iii which he was swearing maiie
Mr. Farmer imagine that il was for
tuimo real estate reason.
The three men each gave evidence.
They had only been on the north shore
a week Slid were comparative strangers.
They denied having sworn lo the ex
tent described.
Mr. Buggies considered tbut lhe mat
ler bad been handled in u high handed
laibiou. Tbe msn had apparently mis
taken tlie cars during the transfer
which hud occurred and were annoyed
lo bave found themselves iu Lynn
Mr. A. 0, I'erry, invited to speak by
Iht mayor, pointed mil the dilTenuice
of the two lines lo i.onsdale ami Lynn
Valley.   One was a straight line   and
only extended g wile.  The other was
4 miles longjind had many curves.
Eventually tbo benoh decided that
ths hub had bshavsd In an Improper
manner, Bowen waa fined (10 and
oostt or 20 days, while the other two
were fined *6 and coats or 10 day*'
The annual business meoling of tho
members and adherents of the First
Baptist church of this oity was held on
Wednesday evening lut in the pew
lecture room just ciiiiiplnln.l in the
basement of the church. The meeting
was opened by a banquet tu whieh
shout 100 Bat dowu and after full justice had been done to the good things
provided by the ladiea the business was
proceeded with under the direction of
the pastor, Bev. Ar. A. I'rosser. Balis
factory reports showing that everything
was In a healthy snd prosperous iiuh-
dilion wero lead liy .tha officers of tlie
various auxiliaries connected with thu
church after which came Hie report of
Hie evening to which ail were looking
forward with much interest us u great
ni pi i..c Iiii.I houn promised them, name
ly the report .of the building commit-
tee who had heun in charge of Hie
building of the new church eslifli'o ou
the eorner of St. George's and Uth
streets. This wub read by Mr. Miller
and showed Ihut with the exception of
a mortgage of three thousand dollar
there wus not u single item uguin
isl thi
complete in every detail. This an
iiouticement wub received most entbua-
iuutioully and amid loud applause,
everyone feeling that there was great
.■mi,,, for congratulation, gratitude and
thankfulness. Hpoeebes were modi;
by Messrs. (X F. Foreman, Jesse Wil
liams ami others congratulating    the
hurch on its splendid and unique
achievement and attributing this sat
isfsctory Btale of affairs in u gresl
measure to the untiring energies and
organising abilities of the paslur and
a vote of thanks was unanimously ae
corded to him end to ull who hud in uny
way worked tp bring about such a
niugitili'i'iil result. Comparisons were
mude with a yeur ago, when il   wui
I.,I..I that only eight attended tbe
am,i.ul business meeting Jonlght Ibere
were present 101), then the church uuin
tiered 10 members, now UU, then the re
eeipta ond eipcnililiire were about pi
a mouth ,now they were $160. Then the
church worshipped in a small mission
room and were portly supported by Ihe
Homo Mission Hoard, now they had s
line large church completely furnished
and with Ibe only pipe.organ in till
city and wero not only self supporting
hut able to contribute towards the
funds of the Home Mission Hoaril.
When il is considered Ihtt litis great
change bus been brought about by u
few energetic determined and optjmil
tie  iiiiii and    women  loyal  to    thair
204 >«//
In view of Ihi advent „|' the ('. I'. II., lots in 2nl ore becoming
more difficult lo buy every duv Prices ibould double in value hern
witliie tho next few months.   ,see what  we have left  without delay.
Wi have also special values in Second, Third and Fourth Btriots.
Phone atill F. O. Boi 2316
Agents (or l/indon Assurance Co.
We liiivr a good selection nl I louses (or Sale or Rent
chureb, no wonder, as Alderman F art-
man expressed it In bis remarks, tbst
there is a great fnturs before our young
and ambitiom "city and that tht is
bound to become t great city when her
citizens are so progressive and up-to-
date: The slec(lon of officers for the
entiling year resulted ill Messrs, Jesse
Wllllami, 0, Ormrpd, N. V, Cross, and
u. A, Martin being elected deauonsj
II. H. Millard, clerk j A. II. Hreiin,
treasurer. The cbureb looks forward
with a great,deal of hope and encouragement and intends tu make Ihu
year llllli a record yoar in overy'de-
partment of church work, and with t||8
attraction of a Ituo organ, excellent
singing, goud preaching, comfortable
pews, a beautiful building ami warm-
hi'uiii'il people who make everyone feel
at home there Is uu reason why Ihe
seating capacity of the church ..hn.il.i
not bo taxed to ils utmost and in a
short time there will no doubt bo talk
of enlargement. After a vein of
thanks ami three rousing elisors fnr
the ladies for the sumptuous bani|iiu!
they had provided, tbe meeting was
brought In a cluso by singing uml priiyer
it being tbo universal opinion Ihul it
had heun Ibo mosl successful ntnl on
nm in. in meeting ever bulil ill tho his-
lory of the Ksplisls on the North
Board of Trade
(Continued From Page One.)
communicates! wilh them on lltu 'llll
days' delay quest ion.
Mr. Bridgman was iu favor of ac
quiring ull the information pussihic
Ilu suggest ed thul Mr. iluslood, the
I'siiiii.il superintendent uf lliu Huni
Columbia division of Hie railway might
he written lo for enlightenment as li
what at.';', Iho scheme was nol at
Others, however, fOQsidedred lhal Ion
much letter writing wus not advisable
Mr. .1. 1'. Fell beld Ibis latter view
He did not, be said, favor too inn. I'
letter writing, which might convey Ilu
impression thai lhe llonr>l of Trade wai
trying lo buck Ihe scheme, Mr. Fell
contended Ibat the principal thing lu
lie aimed al wus lo u>. erluin whethet
Ibe 0. 1'. It, would conned with holh
sides of Hie Hecottd Nsrruws bridge
ss, he suisl, if the company only ran In
i'orl '■■!"" i . Hie scheme would not he
of niii'h help to Iho North Bliore
If the company is willing lo connect
wilh both ends of lhe •Second Nirrows
bridge Ihu sooner building is common
ced tbe heller il will be for Norlh
Vancouver, said Mr. Veil.
Tlie president remarked that in his
opinion Ihey did not want the rleciind
Narrows bridge lo be utilised liy u
privatu railway, but lo be connected
up wilb as many lines as possible.
The ,,is, i,,,i, wus left in Hie bands
of Hie executive, the meeting on the
motion uf Mr. Philip confirming ihe ex
eculive's action iu the mailer. -
Mr. (1. II. Monism, on behalf of Hu
posl office commutes, reported upon
the work done in this connect ion. il
was their aim to Uml out whether or
not a (ree mail delivery would lie od
vuutageoUH to the city at Ihis lime
The mailer, Mr Morduu said, v.as pro
ceding with the post office department
There was a very good prospect o( tin
city of North Vancouver mil only gel
ling a free mail delivery, but also being
made au Isdtpendinl post office,
Verdiot of Ooronsr's Jury
Coroner Dlplock held sn Inqueit y|i-
terday afternoon oh the body of John
B. Kdwerds, whs died St hit home on
tha comer of Klnfcsnd Butherlsnd
at about 11.30 yesterday morning from
the effects of gn overdose of chloroform.
Dr. Nowcoiiibe, whn deposed thst on
being summoned by telephone from
thu municipal ball, be caught the Anl
early oar and upon examination found
that Mr Edwards hsd been dead probably two or three houra. On ths table
beside ths b,sd Itood sn empty one,
limine bottle which bsd contained
chloroform. Dr. Newcombe slated
that half an owue taken Internally waa
sufficient t> produce fatal results, the
usual dose being from 9 ts 80 drops.
It iippiiiirnd from further iividcncii
that the deceased htd come over from
Vancouver st 10,90 tht night befon
aud wti apparently all right.
The Bev. T. C. Deiharna of Vanoouver laid he had known Mr, Edwards
since May, 1010, and found bim to
lie a thoughtI'ul educitad men. The deceased hail also been a Cambridge man
and had left the university to go to
Hmiili Africa it tbe time of tbe Boer
Dr, Qiliiei of Vancouver hid attend
ed Mr. Edwards and bad considered
him to be in a nervous condition and
ul  times rather melancholic.
Major iiitft, diitrict chief of police,
traced the purchase of the chloroform
lo a Vancouver druggist'i, where Mr.
Kdwards had given as a reason for
the purchase bis iiitsntlou lo destroy a
The coroner personally identified the
signature in the druggist's book, pro
■ liis'cl liy Major Tofft as bging   Mr.
The jury.returned a verdict to Ibe
effect that death was due te ao overdose of chloroform, self administered,
■ lining tentpurary depression    of   tbe
I'luns for Hale, collages, bungalows
houses, apartments, halls, etc, Tel. Ifi
lib st
reel  near Ht.  Andrew's  Avi
Minstrel Show
Lonsdale Theatre
By courtesy of Palmer, Bursar iter It von Cisevsnilz, l.ld.
Jan. 23 & 24
Reserved Seats   -   -   50c. and 25c.
Boxes -   -   -   -   $5.00 and (3.00
Tickets may be obtained from J. J. Woodland it the Theatre
Local Jokes
New Jokes
Topical Gags
and Songs
The annual meeting of St. All
draw's church wit hold list Monday
night. There was a large attendance
and very satisfactory reports were
presented from the various orgtulu
lions iu ..mil.', lum with Ibe cbureb.
The session elerk reported that one
hundred aud forty sii member, were
received during the year. There were
twenty font baptisms tnd twenty msr
riages. The session was strenglheue.l
by election te tbe eldership ef Messrs.
H. J. Fowler, Wm. Knowles and A. J.
i' ftohertson. One member ef session,
Mr. Alei. Philip, retired
The following meuibirs and nlbor
enie were then elided to the board of
managers: Chairman, II J. Fowler, D.
A. M'i'.sll. secretary, Missrs. Bailer,
W. I'. Qladwio, W. II. Houston, 1
Hay, Wm. Moir, T. Mcttwsn, Jobn
Maclean, Ira Peers tod A. B. Bleary
1 -J -
We are Exclusive Agents
in this Territory for
 .i Mm.        ■   i        ii i a _i
KBBN Wjrtya, BAWB,
SUk&H    (O)    HAMMBBS    AND
Etch pf thm llnsi ut conoidsd to
hi the itindard of tht country. Our
stock Is oil bought (rom rtprttonutivn
firms. Boms of tbtn Unit wt ire
comptlltd to ink s little mors for bo-
csust It coitt money to manufacture s
high grade article,
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
I wish to eiprcss lay sioceri thinks
to tlius,' wbo so gsuirously supported
me iu Ihe recent district tltrlion. It
will be my greatest plsuurs lu work
for Iba interests of Ibis municipality
sud retain yeur coufldsurs.
Vuur. ftilbfuliy,
Udies and Uetillemfu:
Wishing to sincerely Ibtnk you tnd
lo show my appreciation for tbe ceo
liileine you have placed la me by sleet
ing me to thl office of aldcnuao for
lbs fourth consecutive term. I Ukt
this in,uu. lo do so, aad to say le you
lhal I shall try to proti myiolf worthy
uf Ibat i-onfi'lcpri'
' 'Yours faithfully,
The iiii'inlicri of tbe North Vtacouvir
fin deptrtmint wish to Ibtuk thi Is
lies and gmilerain who kindly aasist
cd I lieu at tbsir first annual Ull.
Bn|tu*ertng Diputaunt
Applications art invlttd fer t|u fel
lowing positions:
1. I >i.ii locator tnd tisn.itmiu
(temporary) saltry 11 psr day.
i. Timekitptn sod (lott Clerk, isl
try S7fi per month; dm wilb contract
ing eiptrlenct prtfirrid.
Apply by Ittttr lo tbt uadinlgetd
staling iiperitaci, ratareacn aad glv
Ing cepiM  of tetlimonltli.
District Etgiattr.
Nortb Vaacouver, B. O,,
luih January, llll .      *
10,000 cordi of dry tu wood for quid
wis. Pfic* ptr odd cordi, $4.50,
Special qiMblioni far Urgtr qua*
iiii«. Cm Wood, l6i«W$3.25.
I2ulcW.IJ.50. cap.
tnd Ytrd—144 tad loatdilt
190.    P.O. 9m 11)1
■     i ■ ' i
Felt Slippers
Left over from Xmas
Phone 393.       Mount Crown Block. (Opposite City Hall)
New Year Gifts
Especially Selected Stock of Fine Brushes
Cigars in Boies
25  Marguerites $1.50
25 Club Special $1.75
50 Henry Clay $5.50
10 WelmwC.il...$1.25
10 Perfection $1.00
Fancy Chocolates
Haida Moire'i
from 25c. to $7.50 per bottle
$15.00   >•
ipA $20.00
    to $7.50
Beit Quality Toilet Articles 6f All Kinds
Hot Water BolUai
from $1.75 to $3.00
Shaving Requisites
best Quality and prices
North Shore Drug Co., Eiplanade Weit
P. I, Tluwas, Phm. B. Chwiist


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