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HOWS fMWWlik 9A, PBHOT, PW«W» 19, W9
Navigationlnterests and
Second Narrow. Bridge
The following letter from tbe pen of
''upline I'j-biin, iiiun wlioni there ii no
more emineiit sutbority nn ths Uosst
on mslters of usvlgstlob, wss published in the columns of tbs News-Advertiser of Wsiluesdsy laat, Slid ss tbo
sentiments expressed will he of inicr
■■ni to favor lbs Nurtli Shore attitude
in Ihia matter we take the liberty of
ii t'lii'ln. ing it iii full. Tlie Isiier readi
a» follows;—
Bscsud Nsrrows Brldgs.
Tu Iho Kdilor uf tbe
"Newt Advertiser. "
Sir,—Tbe Miiiniis discussions re the
Second Narrows bridgo makes ons ssk,
whoso Interests bsve ths various par
I lei in view, their own ur tbs cities of
Vancouver smi North Vaocouvarl Tbe
mi ubjeeiiuii lu s bridge Is tbat it
will he an impediment tu navigation,
therefore Ihey propose lo 'lam the
channel fur sll lime. If s lock Is con-
atrucled it will bsve lo be st less!
I,lli!il feel loug, IUU feet wide, wilb a
depth of li foet to accommodate mud
em ibipping. What will 11 coit snd
where will lbe power come from lo
ubcrato iti How loug will it laks to
hll, snd bow muny vessels csn be lock
ed llirough in s dsy) A smsller lock
would bsve to be constructed to sc-
commodate small craft. How would
liuoins uf lugs get through I As it is
■liuie cerlsln lhal witb tbs increue of
shipping snd consequent rise in vslus
of wslcrfronlsge tbs mills could not
.■■iinni lu remain In Ibeir present Iocs
liens. Tbe objection tbst biumis would
have to wslt for slack walsr iu order
tu gel Ihruugli the bridgi ii nol ma
I. nui, as Ihey have lo wail uuw lo gel
thruugh lbe First Narrows aad could
pro. ..ul up tbe lulet at ones. The u,uci-
tiuu of damagei to industries stopped
frum working above Ihe dam would
ulsu riie.
II wuuld only be necessary lo have
Ihe awing uf Ibe bridge high enuugh lo
allow ordinary I rattle lo pau, say 70
feel, ss il would only be required ouoi
eeplionsl uecsiloui by a big vessel. 1
re,- ihe Shipmasters' Asioclgliou ask
for s iwlhg :'i'.n feet wide at..l SUU feel
bigb. There is no ship sflost wilh
mails UUU feel high. Tbs nisiu masts
uf Ihc Hmprewes sre IUU feet from Ibe
water line lo-truck. The beam of the
largest ship afloat doei uul eirced PU
feet, w Ibst s psassge uf IDU feet is
aaiplc. Two boudred Snd fifty feet ia
Ibe widlb of ten city Iota, s'nd it's s
poor sudor wbo could uot like s iblp
ibruugb s nsrrower ipsce, All the up
river IraAic of tbe I'ort of London
I-H"""- under icversl bridges, thl ipsns
of which do not escesd 19 feet (nol
swings) end the besd room 19 leet;
with s stroug Ilde oue has only lo
watch Ibe endlesi alream of Urges,
lugs, lighten Sud mull steamers lo
realise Ibat tbere ii nu reasonable ob
jeetion lo tboae dimensions.
The coutcstiou tbst drsdging Ibe
Firsl Nsrrows will decrease ths strength
uf Ibe current is slso spplirsble lo tbe
Secund Nerrewi. A mostb's work by
Ihe dredger would lessen t'ss tfreuglb
of current by b_.ll*; bul s civil /ggweer
could furslsb lbs easel dsls.
I'oiiiuisniler B.
Following lbe peruwl sf tbsftbovo
lei ler, Ihe Kxpress sought and qjfieiued
ao interview wilb Captain Pybie upon
Ibe subject of tbe bridge, flsptsin
I'yliUH explained tbat ss s ssvigstor
wbu bsd eitsnded experience running
<S ssd out of Vaneouver hs naturally
look a kien intereat la ostlers per
tsining to ths development of the bar
bor of Burrard lulel while the further
fad tbst h> held cooildersbli Intereiti
on both sides of tbs Inlet caused bin
lo feel a particular intereil Ig tbs pru
position to units the two sides of tbe
lulel al Second Narrows.
Hs hsd sot rushed lo conclusions
wilb regard to tbe rustler, but bad
msde careful iuvesjlgstiom. lie hsd
msde ipecisl Visits to ths Second Narrows is his yscht, hss* eisnslned lbs
contour of ths ground snd hsd Svsn
msde soundings for bis own sstisfse
liuu. He wss csrlsin that it wss Just
ss powlbls fo drsdfs *t tmpoi N*.-
raws is, ll Firs, Nsrrows- If 11 is ils-
sired lu lesson Ihu current SI thai puinl
bu W||S decidedly uf opinion that the
government should undertake dredging
npsrstiuus in tbs! locality. TIlS WS
terlsl on the north sbqw uf lltu channel |a all till carried duwu by ths
neighboring creeks •nrl rssdily remov
able. |t |a quite possible lliul Ihe Ilia
terlsl removed would lie vsl||sh|s u>.
buildiug mslerisi, as bad been found in
"Uiei   huiburu,  lo  uin  persunul   know
ledgu.  This wuulil give the mstsrlsl s
commerclsl  value. -
Further ihun thu above, the dreilg-
iug of the .-iiu I, would lend In Improve tho current by giving il a direct
flow through llie passages ip lhe
bridge.   Hs understood thai sums oh
jeetion  hSS  been  UlSllo  to  the  locution
of the central pier, in the lalcsl plaus
siiliiniiieil, it being beld thst this pier
il ulnm n lucnled ip ihe deepest portion
of the uliiiiiiiul. In reply tq this, tbere
wss prububly a resson for the pier lielng plsced In tbst particular position
by ths engineers, il might be because
of the nature of the foundation or
■omo other reason. The dredging of
tbe channel would provide a means oi
overcoming the objections made, while
leaving the pier iu the location seteet
ail. ■ 'upturn I'vim" here drew s rough
sketch of Ihe shore line ou both sides
of |be lulet In illustrate ln« meaning.
Iliicuislug the question of tbe height
of Ihu Auor of Ihe bridge above bigb
wgter, Captain i'ylius explained lhal he
bad mentioned 71) feet in bit letter as
beiug the extreme ouliido limit, which
should be named. Instances iu Which
this height would actually be demand
Sd wuuld lie rare. Waterfront property lo tbe outer harbor was ileniued
to become so valuable tbat sll tbe
sawmills would doubtless be situated
shove Secoud Nsrrows. Ths hssvier
porliou uf the Iridic passing through
tha bridge would therefore consist of
tugi wilb lows of logi and of pleasure
craft. Ships would alio bave to psss
through fur loading purpuses anil if I
large dryduik were built sbuvc the
narrows, oueen linen might slso re
quire lo puss through lite bridge, liul
these laltes wore inilam-ei iu whicn
Ibe iwiug might lo be uied, while ss
for lbs other elssnei a height qf Afty
feel ubove bigb wsler would be ample,
for sll prsclicsi purposes.
Ai for Ibe width of Ipe span which
•bould be built Captain I'ybus roil
.'rule,I lbe position luken in Ids letter, le tbe effect Ibst s span of V.in
f. et would bs quite sufficient, but if
thst were increased 10 iM feel, sucb s
width would lie ample fur all purpuses.
The proposition lo build a permanent
obstruction in thc way of a dam acroai
lhe harbor at thai puinl, Captain Py-
but charucleri.eil aa ridiculous. Ile
■lid uot think Ihsl II was worthy terious
In concluding tbe interview Captain
Pybus reverted again Iq tbe greal bcuc
fiti whieb migbt lie secured from a lie
Vigatlou standpoint by menus uf dredging and expreued Ihe opinion Ibal Ibe
ui t em iuu of the I iniiuii mn goveruuieul
ought lu be directed tu Ibii feature
Snd Ibst s strung effort ought lo be
msde lo iuduce Ibe government to un
ilcrtal'c dredging operations in Ibsl
Eastern Star Ball
a Brilliant Function
An assembly harmonising ss one iu
dividual, • Door wilb s surface like
glass sod orebssirs inferior lo none,
were three of Ine outstanding fesures
wMcb characterised lbe auaual Kail
el Star Ball held iu lis ti. tt P.
bit but sight SS S brillisnl succsss,
The occasion wss f uruisl snd amongst
ths prominent ladies of tbe city wbo
wars is attendance some most bind
soms gowns were tq bs noticeable.
To psrliculariM wuuld scarcely te
prudent except for ths most experienc
ed, suite it to ssy Ibst collectively
ths loor scene wss wost charming snd
gsy io its intermingling effect of color
snd  grace
While no! overcrowded, lie auditor
|un was sdoplyd to the assembly to S
nicety and tbii wss psrlially sccount-
sble lo ths fact qf numbers preferring
to plsy csrda lo tripping Iq ths mel
Thy music w»s provided by Hs;•
tni1* orchestra. Decorations were ll
viihiy spread Around the hs|l, tbsse
consisting of msple leavei aud dahliai
wbicb were bsnked in front of tbe or
"•hsst's.  The supply room wss gsily
N. V. Board of Trade
The msil bsg wss ligbt st lbs an
liual meeting qf ths Busril qf Trsdr
held nu Wudiienlsy evening, thus per
milling the Huard to procsed wilbuut
much delay with 'be lurge volume uf
business ascribed by the euiiatiiuiiun
lo Ibe unnuul meeting,
Dr, Klliott S. Bowo wrote with re!
cranes to s convention to be held iu
Vernon on the SHrd snd -lib inst. in
discuss s scheme of ru operation fur
the Boards of Trade ami olber public
bodlei of Ibo province. II was decided
Ibat a delegate by nul sent to tbe eon
vontlon, but thai a letter be furward
ed intimating approval of Ibo, scheme,
willingness tn eo operate and requeitlng lo bo prov i,ini with a report of tbe
proceedings. Mr. Alexander Pbilip
submitted his resigustion si s member
of lbe bourd, which culled forth mini}
expressions of rsgrel from the members
Mr. Philip's long and able ierv|ce as a
nii'inlier uf ihe Ijuunl, iluring one year
uf which he occupied Ihe preiident'•
chair, was the subject of several sp
preclstive ipeecbos, desirs beiug uuivor
sally expressed lml Mr. Philip's con
necliuu wilb the llosrd should not bs
fitisily severed. The motion wss, there
fore msde sud csrrled unsnimouily
Ibsl Mr. Philip be msde su honorary
life 'member qf the Board.
Thc seerelary, J. Wylie Donaldiuu,
nl,mui.ui « comprehensive ropurt uf
Ihe work uf bii depigment during the
yesr. On motion, tbe report wai re
celveil snd adopted snd s besrly vole
of tbaujki was psssed lo Ihe -ecrclury,
for bii faithful snd efficient servicer.
Tbe president, Mr. Alexander Smith,
resd hit sunusl repurl (pilomixiug the
work of Ibe board iluring the year.
This report will he found published
verbatim iu anoiher column. The roporl was received and adupled and on
motion the president wai heartily
Ibaukeil for |be psiuitaklug manner in
which hs bsd discharged llie duliei uf
the presidency.
Tho treasurer, 11. A. Shaw, submit
led his unnuul reporl showing receipt!
unioUnliiig te Si I llil. Slid dlrhuisc
menls tulslling gH«..6ll, lesviitg e lnl
Snce OS band of IHIM. Inieresl.ng
reports were then submitted by tbe
respective cbsirincn of committers as
Mr. C. fl. Heaven Commerce uud
Mr. I.. Watts Duuey- Transpurla
Mr- A. U. I'erry Tourist and Sol
Mr. (leo. H. Mordeu- Publicity and
Mr. B. MaiKcnxle- Public Improve
Mr. W. Dickinson   Finance.
arranged wltb astors, gladiolus and ivy.
At |l o'clock supper was provided iu
Ibe supper room downstairs. Tbe buf
fet tupper was decidedly unique aud all
Ibe edibles were tbe boms cooking of
tbe lady members of tbe society. Darning waa afterwards resumed till 11.30
when Isle cars were provided.
Tbe gowns worn by ihe tadioi present represented tbs lsst word lu fssb
lou ssd bssuty.  Tbs following ii ss
complete S list Ss Is svsilsble:
Mrs McNeish, embroidered chiffon;
Mlse fl. Colbourne, while Brussels net
Isce trimmings; Mrs- Walker, pink
isiiu, eblffuu tunic; Mrs Holt, blsck
crepe de chins; Mrs. Norminlon, pruce
silk, dewdrop Isce overdress; Mrs.
(Capl.) Turnbull, while ssUs, uver
trimmings; Mrs. Hendry, crimson ss-
tin, Jilue Isce; Mrs. OIII, pink silk,
cbiffou; Mrs. H. Burns, pink  sstin,
wplts trimming; Mrs. 0. K. Hickman,
pais blue silk; Miss Brooks, pale blue
satin, iuuu roiei; Mrs. Wilsun, blsck
•ilk snd tac»; Mrs. J. HprAy, pi»k silk
wilb white Isce; Miss 0. Unun, psls
blue duchess satin, silk fringe trim
miug; Mrs. p. Unon, .Alice blue wilb
gold trimming; M». I McMillan, black
silk, net trimming; Miu Dwyer;; Mri:]
Amskold, grey ratio, silver trimming;
Mrs. Billlugs, psls blue satis; Mrs.
Simpson; Mrs. McCoil, itrtb tim, m»
trimalpii) Un Buggies, blsck voile,
Ur. 8. P, Hfbultx--Uglslatiou aud
Mr. 0. B. 8bepsord-Me.nber.hip snd
Mr. f, V- 9'0- Wuoi|-Bi»s|iH»n -oi
Ill each esse lbs report WSS received
und ulupled ami a cordial vole of
Hunks securded tbs cbslrmeu snd tbe
inonihors qf the comuiiltee.
Tbs repurt qf ths sudilur, Mr. C. II
llesven, wss received snd sdupled.
The inembersblp rcpurl showed Ibe
lotsl enrollment st the present lime to
bo IU7, Is which srs lo lit sddod |<l
new members elected uuder Ihe uexl
order nf business, making llii mem
ben In sll in good slimliug sl date
Tbe lotsl paid iu membership dues for
the yesr wss $547,511, lbs largest iu
tbe history of lbe Board.
Tbe following nsw members were
propused, duly accepted and declared
member! of the Hoard: Bobert Wilsuu,
I'.. B. Hickman, J. B. Pattenon, i'auey
I'rqdor, W. Austin Brswo, W. B. Uul
die, Jsmui !„ Doddi, V. P. Csrbutl,
Stanley Tyller, Owsn W. Tlioinus, Km
est Kbliage, Alex. Y. Tulili, W. fl.
Stein, J. C. Browu, I,. T. Sogers, sud
Thuinus 11. Ureen.
The election of officers was thru ptu
ceeded wilb, tbe following being Ibe re
Hon- preildeul-H. II. Sleveui, M.I'.
President—Mr. K .11   Bridgmsu.
Vice I'residi'ul    Mr. I,. Walla Doney.
Hun. Se.-relury Mr. J. Wylie Don
Hou. Treuurer   Mr. A. B. Chipmsn
Tbe following were elected members
of Ihe executive commillee for Ibe
ensiling   yesr:
Messrs. Alexander Smith, A. (1. Perry, W. Dickinson, tl. fl. Heaveu, F. fl.
Meliie, U, S. Bbspberd, B. MscKcnxie,
S. D. Schulli, K. A. Mordeu, J. F. O'C.
Wood snd Ueo. H. Morden.
On million, tbe officers together wilh
lite member- of the executive, were eon
•tiluled s bosrd of srbitrslion, under
lbc Hoards of Trado Sd, under which
the Hoard il incorporated
The retiring preiident called bis sue
eessor, Mr. I-:. H. Bridgman, lo tbe
chair, and iu a few well cboseu remarks,
welcomed him to tbe petition and baud
ed uver lu bim Ibe duties and tbe hou
on of the offlce. Mr. Ilridgniau in iui,
ing Ibe i-nuir briefly expreued bis ap
prcnaiion ol the honor conferred upon
him and bespoke lbe hearty coopers
lion of all members iu making the
coming year one of great activity and
Ou motion of Mr. A. u. Perry, s
vols of tbsnka wss pssied lo tbe press
for tbe excellent reports published dur
ing tbe yesr.
MrS Ii. Schulli gave uolire tbst
be will introduce s motion lu amend
the constitution to provide fur Ihe ap
puinlmeol nf honorary life members of
lbc Bosrd.
(In motion, the mailer of slloeat
iug Ibe aeveral committcei to Ihe re
spectjve membera of tbs executive si
i-biiruieu, wsa referred lo ibe executive
Tbe meeting tbeu adjourned.
black lace trimmings; Mrs. Hutcbisun,
Alice blue allk; Mrs. Bennett, black
silk, Isce triuiruiugi; Mlu BsrlrOn,
wkile satin, dewdrop isce overdrew;
Mrs. M. McMillsa; Miu Inuii; Mrs.
T. Kennedy, pink silk; Mrs.. Ilay, Ismon
silk; Mrs. Bradley, blsck lilk;   Mrs.
Mi'Crulrbeou; Miss Lewis, pink crepe
de cblne; Mrs. Tbumis, pink sstin,
cresm Isce ssd blsck vslvelpMrs. Ulrd
of Nsw Weilminsler; Mrs. Crocker;
Miu P. Hsrriiuu; Miu M. Harrison;
Mrs. Bradley; Mrs. SUplclun, black
Silk) Mrs. Chance, black . alio, rose I ri*
mingi; Mrs. W. fl. Ureen, pink silk,
wbils Isce overdrew; Mrs. Balebelur,
blsck isliu, ucl ssd gimp; Miu V. Uur
roughs; Miss M. Burroughs; Miu A.
Heard, pink silk; Mri Deio, Brussels
net sail Isce; Mrs. Usllsgher; Mrs.
Bsdger, white sstlu; Mrs. loses, fqw-
ercd chiffon; Mrs. Ssblu, Utl duchess
sstin, Isce trimmings; Mrs. Wheeler,
meuve crepe de chins; Mlu Smith, Kg
urcd silk, gold trimmings; Miss Pier
son, pink silk, pearl trimmings; Miu
Kdgeoumbej Miss Sinclair) Ifn. *%
Frost, Bruges silk, black chiffon; Mrs.
Fowler, Alics Wue witb blsck trim
mingi; Miss P.. M. Browse; Miss H.
Browie; Mrs. Irwin, whits SSlls, dew
drop Isrs overdrew, silver trimming;
Mrs. »lspe«s»», of Stains, Wssb., Mrs.
1. % Bsrrii;  Mrs. „ fl. pHU, <*A
FW W9TrtTf "Wf**ffd*p mww fW"Qfw*}*w
Federal Cheque For
City Hall Site Received
(In Wednesday evening Mayor Me-
Neissh received a clieipie from lhe Ho
iiiiiiiini governiiicni fur the sum of I7U,
IKK), lining the first payment ou account of Ihu ptireltuae uf thu present
eily hsll site, fur pual office purpoaus.
Tbis Is not lhe lotSl uuiuuul of tlm
purchsse price, bul is lhe lull amount
of ibe iipprupriuliun which WSS pass
ed liy the Huuse, for the purpose, dur
lllg lusl session. The department evidently  I'olllid  it  liuiim eilienl   lu upilie
tbo ii.i'iiiiuiiiii i.u,ooil frnm gonqrsl
aceounl and decided to make provision
fur the samo In tbo .stlmatos for tbs
.pining session. There is nu iluiibl,
however, abuitl Ihu instalment to bund
being uniii, i.ui to ensure tho reinitiating
nf tho balance ul Ihu curliest convenience of the government.
Qualifications (or
Ferry Directorship
A ipei-inllv cun veiled meeling uf
i-liiiieli,il,lei... fu lbe Nurlh Vancuuver
Cily Ferries l.ld luuk pluee ycsterduy
aflernuuii lu discuss and puss upou lhe
future .pi.iiiii,mi,oi I'or ferry director
Cupt I'utc voit'pd lhe view of the
dn.-,i,im when he stuled thai men
wbu ure eluded Iq bundle the muney
uf the ratepayers shuuld bu resputiaible
penults wilh sutnelbing ul aluke iiilhe
It wus, tlicu'l'nre, resolved, Ihul cuu
'luiui, , fur directorship next yeur un>l
ih.-iiiiii' i must be linii li subjects und
musl uwn, six months pruviuus lu Ihe
• I.-. i i'.u--. j.i'iii wun li uf uneucumbereil
Isud in the eily ul' Nortb Vaucuuver.
Twenty-Minute Session
Brevity wua the suul uf lust night',
meeting uf the dislricl council.     Tbe
session  wai prububly tbe shyrlesl   on
record, ill .limition being ouly twenty
minutei.   lu Ihis shurl ipace of lime,
Ihe municipul fathers, minus i'oun l.ou
let, wbu is uuw uu his way to Colin
and Jamaica, sllcudeil to several com
iiioini ultoii", passed one or lwfo resolu
liuim, und udupled  certain  repurls  uf
iniiuii   interesl.    Tbe council  decided
inu.'i,i- ulher lumi    lu eu uperale wilh
lhe Soeiely lur Ibe Prevention ui flrsel
ly lu Animals in un attempt lo bid a lul
ler palrul syslem lm lbe dig uiul dis
trict.   An "ii'i inoi, Mi   J. P. Craw
ford, uu be...... ul certain properly uwn
en lo sell a Iruel uf properly adjoin
iug the present l.ynn Valley 1'ark was
laid uver uutil the queitiou of inline
diale finances is gune into At Ibe iu
stance of Couu. Hridgniuu il wai re
solved Ibsl Hie treasurer be uulhori/'ul
to adjust Ihe schuul buard urcuuul be
twecn tbe dislricl und West vuncuuver
and lu pay over to' West Vuucuuver
Ibe ainuuul of ll.!..Oil.
Coun. Bridgman ami Mr. Farmer, the
ri'un.. ipul iderk, Wi.. represent the dis
trict al the U.B.U.M. convention uexl
week, H.vvc May being unable lo al
lend, lule-.eu application! have beeu
received for Hie pusitiuu uf euusluble
in Ihe dislricl. These were referred lo
ibe police committee.
Applirstlous were received from Mr.
Albert Slsbler fur an arc light uu lbc
corner of Windsor roud and St. All
drew'i avcuue, and frum Ibe I.ynu
Valley Lumber Company uml Mr. Bubl
Miller calling attention to lbc need of
gravelling Ihe resd to iletnpiey rosd
from iloikins westward, and lo Ihc
bad condition of lhe road between Lynn
f.'rcek bridge aud 11. I, Mo. The mat
ters were referred lo Iheir respective
Coun, Bridgmsu was sulhori/eil lo
sign bospilsl cheques uu behalf of Couu.
IiOUlet iluring bll absence.
jl waa decided lhat Ihe reeve aud
(.'oun. Westover aliuuld cooperate witb
otner committees of puldic bodiei in
arraugeuuwli fur lbe forthcoming eu
teriaiiiiiicni „t tke Arctic Brother
Mr, ''usgruve, district engineer, re
pqrled Ibal a slide bad occurred ou the
rosd leading lo the Lynn Creek iulake.
In response tu an urgent message be
hsd sent men immediately to the scene
of il" slide sud wiihed to bsve the
continusnee of Ihe work aulborixed by
ths council. Tm- in lion of Ifae engineer
bs tljls Sutter wsi duly endorsed snd
power to set wss formsily given.        A
After sdjournnieol lhe council received in committee represents!)vee from
tbe rstepsyers' association! of 'be dii
trict fur tbe purpuie of diiiuning aev
ersl ioenciel mstlen relating to Iho
Items of Interest
Mrs. II. F. Iiyke received al her hume
un Weston uvi-niio aiul l!ilh alreel yesterday umi will receive the sennnd and
I mi i ili Thursdays uf every inuiilli during the seusuii.
Make a note uf Nuvember ill. tin
the evening uf tbut day them is lu be
u greal wrestling match in thc N. V.
Alhlelic club ruums between Krnesl
Iluy und Frunk Miller. I'srticulars
Mr. and Mra. Archibald McAllister
left lhe cily un Tuesday fur Victoria
Mrs. McAllister will remain uu the
island fur u few weeks priur lu join
ing her suit, Arehy iu nuulhcru t'ali
Mrs. .1. Iliersaeii, jr., uf Sl. inilruir's
avenue, I'lilerluined ul u farewell ills-
tier lust evening fur Miss I Slinr'key,
whu leaves uexl week fur her home
in i'iiiu,uuin Her iuuu:- friends will
regrel her depurlure. Covers «"rr laid
fur fuurleeu.
'Hie I'ytbiun Sisters uf Ihis city nre
holding u box social in Ihe K I'. Hall
on Tliursduy evening, flet. -'lib, wheu
the prugram will comprise whiit follow
ed by a dunce Kvcrylhiitg points lot,
a jolly evening, su Ihul I'ytniau sialur|,
kniglils and friends will du well lu avatr
themselves uf tbii cqnliSl iuvitstiuu.
Lurry Beid, lbe yuung sun uf Mr.
and Mrs. II. Beid uf Moody vllle, fell
on u l-ii'111. iuiulalur while playiug in
Ihe ni'ighburhuuil uf the ear barns un
Tn,- -uiv evening nnd sustained a severe
cul ubuut Ihe wrist. The buy wai lak
eu lu Hie huspilal when.' eight illtcbei
were inserted Sume of Ihe cordi aud
au artery were found lu lie severed.
The cily iiiuiu iniln became Liu
poranly ralnpuiit on Tueadsy evening
sud lure up uliuul ID feet of curb and
gutter uu Lunailale avenue near loih
alreel. It completed ils evolution! by
cullisioniug wilb a lelephoue pule,
which was splintered as u result uf thc
Imparl, A uiumeultiry refusal to ro-
spurn! on lhe part uf Ihe culilruls wsi
lhe cause of Ihe innovation.
An informal lillle gathering louk
place al ihe hume of Mr. and Mn. I-
II. Murkle lust evening, when a uuiu
ber uf yuung peuple of Ibii city held
a "novelty shower" in hunur uf Mlu
Syrclluh Markle, uue uf next week's
brides. The novel!ies coniiilcd of lin
eu, cut glass end silver. Afler spcudiug -
a jolly eveuing lhe young people lefl
tendering H*tt Byrellsb their iluiereil
wishes fur her future hsppiueu.
BBV.   B.   VAN   MUN8TEB   TO   BB
Thc urdiustiun snd induetiun uf Bev.
B. Van Munaler lo tbe charge uf
Nurlh Lonsdale Presbyterian church
will take place un Tuesday ucy.1 iu
Nurl), Lonsdale church al 8 o'clock
p.m. Kev. Peler Wrigbl, III), moder
alor uf presbytery, will preside and
induct Ihr psslur, Kcv. Kuusld Maclcud
of Sl. Andrew's cbureb, Ibis city, will
address Ihe congregation and Bev. Hr.
Mackay, principal of Weslmlusler Hall,
will addrcu tbe miniiler.
To Mr, snd Mrs. Stephen fcxccll,
Oct, llth, s son.
Tu Mr. snd Mrs C. K. M. Arthur, JM
street,'Oct. llth, s ion.
TuMr.sndMrs.W, W. cisrk, King's
Bosd, Oct. I«lh, s daugliler
To Mr. snd Mn. Dsvls, Windior
lioul, Oct. I lib, a daughter
To Mr. and Mrs. w. W. Haskell it
IlirbOr View BsnHeriutu, Oil. lllh, a
Te Mr. and Mri. W. B. Fullertos, At
Harbor Vic* Sanitarium, Oct. loth, a
i !•
Bank of Montreal
Eit.bli.hcd 1817
Capital (paid up)   -   $16,000,000
Regerve    ....   $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
Norlb Vancouver Branch I F. A, MACRAE,
Mt, Crown Bldg,, lit Streot Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L. 273,274,550.
See us if you have a house lo rent, or if you want lo get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings -wanted.   ,
110 Eiplanade.        Phone 227
If you uae Stuck Sizes in Doors and
Wlndowi Vou WUI Save Money
Ask for our uew Foldsr which shows
Sisss carried iu stock
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
Timothy Hay (new)
(.'lover Hay, (new)
Alfalfa Hay
Cruihid Oats,
Unused Heal
B. ii E. Cblckeu Chop,
B. * K Scratch Food
B k K Cracked Com
Lse's Egg Maker
Lee'i Insect Powder
Swift's Beef Scrips
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.. Ltd.
Building Supplies
Sole Agents for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kick-ham's Wharf     Esplanade Wesl     Phone AM
(Continued from Last Tuesday)
At Ihu hulel I aaid good flight Ln
lliu Indies uml \yp|it lu Hi.' ||ewupu|iOF
uiii'". Having performed eurls.iii dn
lies thero 1 returned fp Uin. hotul iiml
snugl(t my couch.   I cull tu mind Ihutj hero," I hoard u mini spy.
us Ihu stilling emuku wuulil uermit!
I'ri'ui'ully I heunl luiurnii voices un jf
ill response lu my cries. Then there
was horns to my pars the noise nf many
I'uut hurrying uliiul! tlio eiii-ridur.   Tlie
i'uulslu|w >.iu|i|iiul luddeiily,   "It's \t
TIlPU there
fsw'dsys before j Iiiiii bought Alu- .uino a crash as if something bad givou
lunluy'i Hislpry pf Kugland, u,ui as
I didn't feel i|i»'iipiedtpiilii!i|lipr I read
11--.eru I chapters nf I liul  iii.r.l Ullgaglng
pp.fi,  Finally | fo|l into tho arms of
lhe ilnne.)- flf, I might llSYP hDOil
nilenp an liuur, perhapi luu., when 1
uue uwakenod by a lieree knocking
ul tliu duur uf my 'lm in be r.
"Who's thorot" I cried.
"(Jot up; the hotel't all on lire,"
mm Hie alurming reply.
- I leaped nnt of bell. Through, thu
transom I nuiiii iee 1 .-il.-.-s .--l a red
■■li mu uud there wua much smoke iu
ibu i.uuu. I reined my 'Iniln:- and rushed IlltU the l-.i r i.u;:.-. it WUH lilli'l with
tunujie, thrnugh whieh over ami anuu u
iiursl uf llauiu im. ed its way, illumiiiod
Ihe . .11 ii.iiii fur a niumeul, sud tho|i
died. I Iried tu liud Iho itulri. I
groped ulong Ihu liile uf iin- passage
feeling the nulla as 1 prueeeded. The
walls were already hut. Tho air wat
siilTueiiliug, and i euuld source!)'
brcutbe. I cried "Fire! Firel" wilh
difficulty. I'ruM-nti)- I came tu a duur
uud pushed. II yielded and I fell iulu
:i ruum. I Ituped tu my/ftel uml press
ed liiwurtl u wiuduw. Tin 1 did so I
taw a while liguru lyiug un the lluur
I iluoped und felt wilh my hands in
tho seini-durkuess and thun—ohl hur
rurl—I i'uii I.---1 a human face.
"My llodl" I c-ried iu ngouy, "It
Ihis you, Eliiet"
I hud nut dared to call Mine lleyiiul.lt
liy her Christian uuiue befure, aiul
how i knew iu lhe imperfect' light thut
il wus she whu lay al my feet I was
uever aide tu suy.
A vpice in aguuiliug, ililling accents
responded: "yes, Oh, isve me, save
Kvideull) Ihe pul had risen to fly.
ami, overpowered by the smoke, had
fallen where I fuuml her. I raised hei
iu my arms. She was hy nu means u
lightweight, lun I was yuung' and
strung, ami llie escilenient sdiled tu
my Strength. A fitful flash of liglil
illumined the ruum fur s moment uu
I saw ilml she was clad iu her night
robes, Her fsce was pale as death am:
her lung huir streamed over my chest
I   staggered   luwardi   thc   duur.
ran iablb taiino bffbot mabch ut, uu.
Lists   Vancou ir
Lssrs Nortb VancouTer
•tM AM.      IU  VM.
•(.00 AJI.       IM tM..
•tM               IM
•AM               1.40
•7.00               I.M
.40               140
•IM               1.40
40               iM
, IM               IM
.M               140
tVtM               IM
^8.»0                 4.40
. *
140               4.M
■1.40              iM
.SO                4.40
9M               tM
tM               IM
9M               (.40
om           t.ia
t.40               (.00
IM               (.40
. 1040               (.10
0.40               IM   '
10S0               (.40
10.00                680
10.40               IM
10.20                (.40
UM               IM
10.40             . 740
11.SO              7.40
UM               IM
11.40               tM
UM              IM
UM               I.M
UM              8.00
UM VM.      DM
1140               I.M
UM               ».M
1I.M VM.     .IM
IM             UM
Sp                 il 30
IM             UM
.   IM             UM
tM             UM
I.M              li.lt  AM
)M             1040
■<:•■■      JS
iM            11.44
1S.46 AM.
* iweim "Mti sa trndtf."    Tisss tebls w.Jeet to cbsas. wiUiout
•Sties, Cmpmy mi liable to deleys, suldsstsl or othirwiie.
lip-lil lulled ine agaiu, hut I reached
the duur at lait. The siuuke wut
denser than befure, hut as it lifted
occasionally I euuld see weird ((jure
.lad in white tolleringly slung Ihi
corridor, apparently learchiug fui
sumelhiiig. All tried to articulate llu
uue wurd, "Fire!" I pencil iulu tin
lurrldor with my load and wailed fui
anotber flush tu illumine the hall be
lure resuming my icun-h fur Ihe stairs
At this iiiiiiiicnl a lai|ie ligure luuiued
uut of Ihe "I num. ll spoke to mc
I'lie voice was Ilul of s women, hul
il wis deep ami sepulchral.
"llrup ber!" il said; "she's deud
i'erry me out."
'I'lie Halm . now II .in mul lhe whuli
puiwu|ic, und I i uuld aee disl iiully al
ium- I pin ed my hand ou lhe girl't
heart, unl no heat responded. Her
i.u> vers fined uud glsisy. I kiised
ber -yea. I kiiucd those lovely lips
They were .old ami lifeless. Hhe wat
Indeed dead! With a cry uf grief and
despair, I easl the puur unl- budy tu
the flour, u|iuu whieh il fell wilh I
crass, and seissd the uther wuuiau
Mie wai uf Imi"- weighl, loo big and
heavy /or me lo lift 1 did my belt
I tried till my ii,i... irucked wilh Ihe
exertion, but sbe wss like s mountain
uf lead.   I could uoi budge ber.
"I eau-'l lift you," I told ber al
hut; you're loo uid sod fst
'' iiow dsre yuu insult we!' ihe
screamed. "If Mr. I'uiey were ben
you would uut nil me old aud fat
Take thai! eud tbit!--sud lhal!"
Hhe sinus me Ihree limes across Ihe
faee wilh the hark of her jewelled baud
I fell Ihe slum's as Ihey cut deeply in
to my (iih and then tbe hul bluwl
ft-oui/cd down my face from Ihe wounds
sue had mule.
'Iflal bal" ihe laughed insanely
"You thiuk you're good looking. You
pride yourself ou your manly beauty
Old aud fal, am if Well, I 've marked
you fur life. I 've branded you, set my
aeal ou you, aud forever after you'll
be referred lo ai Ibe 'Scar faced
"Wretched woman," I cried wilb
'iiiii. nily, "don't ll'ii'l' you rau Ireat
me aa you do your little I'uiey. (live
me ihat band!" I seized ber hind iu
spite of ber resistance, buried my teelh
in it uutli Ibey met aud .book it as a
dog would bave shaken a lioue, for I
was beside myielf wilb rage. "I'll
■ ii .uui1" I irir.l "I'll begin sl your
hsud, damn youl"
The womau Wai su frightened ihe
fainted dead away.   I dropped ber alld
w-*s rending of fowl snd iro». ifo*t
n brig!'' light flss .pr) jn my eyes. I
u|ipn»il tbem wlilp, uud wiilor still, for
What I SUW iivi'rwlielineil me wilh sur-
prlso. I was tylilgon my bed, and In
the room wero the uightwatchuian, the
llutcl prupriulors and severs) male
guests. .Sume liuro lighted eai|i|lea and
ui hen. coal nil lamps. Two or tbree
lunl sticks and otberi carried revolvers,
while the purler bad a pail, of water.
Near tlie door 1 ssw the two young
ladies ami airs, i'uiey in night ull ire,
very pule snd trembling, tiptoeing to
look over the bosdi of the gentlemen,
with alarm ou their faces.    .
"Where am It" 1 asked.
"You're iu the Hotel Bt. Nicholas,"
a voice replied.
"Who saved met" I asked.
"Naved youl" said tho watchman.
"Yuu   ii,;i: hi   to   ItO   llU'duinn 'll   uf   )'Cr
self fur nu:i.iu all this yore bobbery
about mil Idu'. young feller. You dou't
waut no savin'. Yuu waut a poumlin'j
that's what yuu waut,"
"lias nut thc hutel been un lin:.
Ami is nut I.l-i, dead and Mrs. I'usey
is she—r-t" I fell my face. Ther,
were uo wounds there. '' What duet
il ull meant" I usked.   -
"ll means," said lhc watchman,
"Ihul there hain't been uo lire, ami
Ibat you'll have tu treat the 'ole 'ouse
I'ur 'aving 'ad the nightmare."
Tlie intruders turned swsy with ox
im nm,ui, of disgust, and Dr. Howell,
wliu hud an ulliee iu the hotel, aud
wliu luid lieen hastily summoned, came
forward and felt my pulse. Next he
raised une uf my lids ami luukcd long
ami suxiuusiy intu my eyes.
"Open yuur moulh," he said. "Wide,
wiiler. Put uut yuur Inugue. Fur
Iberl There, that'll du. What did
you have fur supper!''
"Deviled sausages," I replied.
"Humph! " suid Ihe Doctor, "(lood-
night," and he left me to my rcrloe
Installation oi Boilers
and Oil Burners
prepared to save myself by flight. I
passed along tbe bsil, as I went skool
lag "Fire! help! murder!" m loudly
In reiponie lu s letter frum tbe
I'uui.l uf ferry djrcclorstc inquiring si
10 lhe  present  position of affairs lu
iiiun'. nun with the projected subway
underneath thc C V. U. tiffs, Ut. V.
I., Fellowes, supervising engiueer for
the city of Vancouver, yeitcrdajl iu
'lilcd a reply tu tbe buard staling Ibat
the detail drawings bad beeu prepared
uud submitted tu tbe engineer for the
Ilailway t'umiuiioiiou for bii approval,
uml ulso eopics had beeu forwarded to
lhc engineer for Ihe C, 1'. II. (lompauy.
I'pou Ihe receipt of Ihc approval of
these officials Ihc wurk will be carried
thruugh   with all  thc expedition pos
The l.uurd expressed satisfaction witb
these tidings.
The maiiagcr, Mr. Heard, was iu
strictsd lu tiring iu a report ou the
ii.iulluiion of oil burners iu the Nuui
ier Oue Kerry   Should tbis be fessible,
11 will enable one of thc larger ItoaU
o be laid olf lur « few hours each
week for neceuary rejiain. Tbe man
agcr also mentioned the possibility of
iusugursting au all nigbl service,
.ilu.h, he predicted, wuuld vety won
become necessary.
The board as a whole commented
wilh gi.iiiiii.iiu.n on the fact,that Mr.
Heard had completed Ihe iniUllslion
of uew boilers snd oil humeri io Num
in-r Two Ferry st s cost 60,per cent,
beluw Ihe price tendered when tbe wurk
wai advertiied. Kslra (tlingi wore
else iiisiaii.-d by the manegcr wbicb
would not have been covered by au
ordinary contract. The board coinpll
iinni.ul Mr. Il.-i.nl on Ibis work, wbicb
was done at a cost considerably under
hii owu estimate of (0.0OU.
Thc formal repurt submitted by Mr.
Heard in Ibii connection was Ss fol
To lbe t'bsirmsn aud Board of
In compliance wilb your instructions
fur a „ i"iri on Ihe coit of installing
Ihe new boilers In Steamer Ne. 2, I
beg to report ai followi:
It weuld be a very difficult matter
to give Ibe coit of Ibis work ss wss
covered by Ihe iperiflcstioni ou which
leaden were invited, m t considersWe
smount of work would bsve bsd to
beve been dose by us outeids of bbi
contrsct, aucb ss removing snd re-
Installing sll the oil burning equipment
the funis, ss for sll 'tOtti
I bsve also Ailed the entire spaces
below tts bpi.ers wish concrete, which
will jtVotoet tho frames of the ship
for yosrs.
Concrete floors havo also been built
in »r«Hu4 H» sides ot »•)» ml*** ooA
in fbn stoMiP'S' Steel-piste floor* bsvp
been fitted ,t the front ond of the
boilers, ami  gratings  fltted  ovor the
top of the bpi|e,s. This Md consider
sble other wprk not included In the
speeilii'utiou  T  bsve  charged  tp  this
I buve slso p»t ||) sll feud water,
holler blow-of, min »t°*m, ''"1 P»rt
of Iho uuxiliury steam pipes of ''upper
aud brass, whereas in Hm specifications
iron pips wis ssked for F>th tbs exception of the msiu sfssm pipe, fhis
|iss increased the eust sf ths installation liy about (800, hut of courso lias
made u more superior and permsnent
i nave s UHinoer os mwm on nanu
piiro||»sed for the job sud ilpt uspd up,
which w'Iipii returned will probably decrease tlie ttlt Ol shout (liil.Otl.
I would a|so like to mention tliat
this mpti has bpen executed »»d completed without the slights^, injury to
sny of the workmen engaged.
(Signed) T, ¥, -MMM).    (
I        - >-i      Miiimger.
     , ,   .. ■    .\ .	
St. AgnesMBoyi' Club
Tke poys' Plhh of St- Agues' C!|iurch
met last Tllesilny ut Ike luiui.: of Mr.
Bayment, M3 Eiglilli slroul oust, whew
iiti, Hsymeilt ilollvoroil Mm first of a
series of a First Aid" lucMws )p tho
boys, After the address rufrphhinunts
were ssrypd and s prufitable snd jolly
evening brought to s eloso by the pronouncing of Die llencdielion by lhc
mma—aam I n      _   I      I '   i.n
For Beat
Values in
Apples, good for cooking or table, Fsr bos
Apples, extra fancy, par bos	
Orspss, very ckolco, 8 lbs. for 	
Oranges,  psr dossn   	
Spaniib Onions, 4 lbs. fsr 	
Buttsr, Ant grids Nsw Z.ilsud, psr lb.
. 11116
... 40c
Buttir, fiueet BuUru Townships, psr lb. 36c, 9 lb. for 11.00
Bacuu, Bwift'i Premium, sliced, psr lb 36c
Ham, bunslsss, illcsd, psr lb      30c
Ban, cooked, sliced, per pound    40c
Teas, bulk, sur bsst, psr lb.: 60c
Tsas, bulk, ipecisl, 36c psr Ib. 3 for. 11.00
Tsss iu pscksts aud tins, al) I iuds, from .....,, 10c to 60c lb.
Coffees, frssb rosstsd snd ground ss rou.uirod, 36c per lb., 3 for (1.00
Better qualities at 40c, 46c and 60c per pound.
Frsncb Coffee, delictum for breskfait snd after dinner, per lb 30c
Marmalade, Bouortsou'i "Golden Blircd" per box  26c
Marmalade, Bobertson'a "Scotch" psr i lb. tius  26c
Oatcakes, McVltls snd Prics's, per pkt.   20c
Bbortbrssd, McVltls snd Prics's, psr tin    60c
Biscuits, McFirluie Laud It Oo'i, psr Ib , 30c
Tomstoss, a/, Ib. tins, 2 tins for  , 26c
Flour, good bread lour, per sack 11.76 aud (1.60
Fluur, Boyal Household, Boyal Standard, psr sack $1.86
Flour, Whole Wheat snd Orabsni Flour, psr 10 lbs 40c
Osusssl, Uus, medium snd coarse, psr 10 lb. sack  SOc
Potatosa, Am quality, '/, wok 60c, nek   B6c
HARDWARE Phone 297
The North Vancouvtr home of " Campbell Clothing "
i\Tht uiideisigned desires to announce to the residents
of Worth ^oncouvtr that ht hai purchased the Hard-
watt busineu formerly conducted by Meurs. Sutton
tr Prince, and will carry a largely incrtaied itock of
Buildtri Hardmt, Pointt, Oilt, Glass, Stovti,
liangei and Household Articles.
9\AU claim of Furnace and Tinwotk given prompt
alttfttion. All pork M-V guaranteed.
i\By clou ftfictt, liricl alttnlion lo buiineu and
courttoui tttatminl ttt trust to merit and tnjoy a thare
ol the Public patronage. WATCH OOK AM.
Sincerely youn,
Tht Satitfactofji Hardware
15th mi Ufftiiim: Phong 352
 , North Vancomtf
mm^mWmWmmmnnmnn    n 	
md Birks Store News
iii.    Entree and Pudding D!ihe»
are au every dsy ueod. Not ouly do thsr sdd tfl ths appearauce of s
well-arrangsd table, hut tbsy facilitate the serving of vegetables aud
puddings, which, owing to this method of serving, sis much mow
palatable. Our stock of this clsss of tshls goods is well assorted snd
offers a great range ol choice.
The Chafing DUh
continues to hs s fsvorlts in the homes of Osnsds—its vsry convenience hss msde It this, ft owu s Obauiig Dish Is to appreciate It and
uss tt cotistautly. Alwsys ws supply tbs vsry flueet values In this
lius, us we show ths newest types snd ths bsst quslitles on ths msrket,
aud whether you desire to uss ths Spirit Limp or Electric Heater ws
can accommodate you.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. ST       PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on account of ths Bsn Francisco earthquake aud hrs.
How many Companies could do this?
IU assets amount to 1116,000,000
A postal will bring our reprsieuutlvo
i -
Besldsst Agent
IB Lonsdsls Avsnus snd Oipllauo Cir Tsnulnus
Phones: Lonsdsls 167. Capilauo 161.
nwwijjrujroy jur arum® uri
By Reflex
Competitors in this competition' sp-
pesr to have misunderstuod the true
meaning and idea uf trimming. Por-
impu ii word or t}«n iu father expluuii-
Hon may |ip of ubo. Lef us imagine
wp  buve a  phiilii|;rii|ili   taken  willi  a
half iiinii' earners. On oxamlnat>n if
max iw fuuml tbst by s hit ot judicious
putting Attn bore .sod thero sud per
hsps reducing the sue frum n1-, Ity l'k
lu say llxi wu cut swsyslltlift is un-
necessury to the making of the perfect picture and have what is best, it
may be an ugly tree trunk which .occupies about I iuch of tho side. Ily
culling tbia away, and taking ulsu a
little off the foreground aud sky wo
may lie able to produce a dainty picture
frum what wuuld ntherwise he a com-
munplsce subjeel. Pr tuke a figure sub
jiu i sucb as oue 1 bavo bofore mo as 1
wfite. An old woman sitting at her
cottage door knitting. Tho size is half
plate. I hud uu Ihu loft huml side al
least IV, inches which are not unly uu
necessary lu the composition, but pat]
lively .liul imi mu I trim it off and
alsu a little frum. Ihe sky uml furc
gruuud making a panel 6U, by il. The
result Is a pleasing cumpusitioii .uud uue
which was the means of receiving u
in.ulnl    When    exhibited      l.i-ll    jug    it
uriginally wus nu judge wuuld Iiuv.
giveu it a moment'• consideration II
uuw iinni. une uf thc writer's Ircitsiir
ed pictures.
I u s word il is not necessary iu pic
lure making tiial all thut ii uu the
uegulive shuuld appear iu thu print.
Provide yourself with twu pieces uf
paper or curd cut lu thc shape of Hi
letter I. nud cover over those purliuus
uf the print which muy eppcur tu be
of no value tu cumpusitioii. Try th
twu pupers in every way uud uutu the
different results each lime according to
what you cuusider will give you
best picture.
t.'uuipetiturs whu have sent prints in
appear tu huve simply trimmed uff the
white edge only of Ibe priut eicept
in une case where the competitor scut
iu three priuls uf a child, Iwu uf whieh
even- eut duwu, guc upright uud th
other oblong. In this cuse us thu child
is rcully thc point of interest it could
be trimmed duwn from ', plate fu
I'-.'.vl iuch, making au upright picture
whieb wuuld |uok much better co
larged tu pust card size.
North Vancouver City
Price Lit! is now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D. L. 550
on Queensbury Avenue car line
Size of IpU 50 fl. by 121 fl. all cleared
The  North   Vancouver  Land  and
Improvement Company
Limited I Jabilily
North Vancouver Agenle for
Phont Seymour 6266
fine competitor ie evidently s bit of
a humorist, lio sends in s print eu-
filled "Man at composing'nwidrie.'•'
Not » bsd tit|e for s competition OB
flpOmpoeltiou." Tbe print, howew Is
WWlWdi ("Hi toil Olio is aeut in und
thit in nnt of .Rem.
ii in u uiiuii tpAriht snd worth try-
ing again.   Hslf pn inpd from I'm left
and % froi|| tliO top would improve the
composition grimily. Try the ssme sub-
ject again and enlarge in post card
size. i
Thp prjae wiuuer |s Mr. Janics W.
Vcitch of -llth stroet west, Norlh Vancuuver, who sends in a vary nice print
su fur as exposure and printing are
concerned. Thu subject is a canyon
with a rustic bridge and is vory wulj
cboseu. The unly mistake beiug the
inclusion uf threo figures in the oeu
Ire of the bridge. They are entirely
uut uf liiiiiuiiny with the surroundings
frum a picturesque poiut of view and
are lou nbviuusly posing for the pbu
tugrnphcr which wuuld be much bet
ter without them. The composition
"''bl ulsu be further improved by cut
ling lmii' uu inch frum the left side
uud % ol uu iuch from tiie bottom.
Try it. It is by far the beat print
sent iu and therefore gains Ihc prize.
'i in is our first competition and it lius
been Interesting. Huppose we try an-
This lime fur the best trimmed und
mounted print. The prize will be uue
uf Ihe writer's own priuls, bulf plulc
size, and from u negative, which is a
prize winner, suitably mounted and
Conditions—Two prints tu be sent
in. One straight frum the negative, Ihc
uther trimmed and mounted. Any
subject, i'l...in;: dale, Monday, Nov
1th. Address to "Keflex" cu). lln
Kxprers. If return of photographs is
desired stumps tu euver postage musl
be enclosed.
•      IS
.lust us in the mounting uf uur phulu
graph it muy be either made ur uiarrei
so in iiniinii;: the same can lie said. Huw
often, uue hcurs Ihe remark "Any
thing will du su lung as it is a frume. '
One is templed to ask why. If the
best is lo be gut oul of oue's wurk
miiuutiug and framing must harmonise
with thc print and the three com
bim I I"iin une Complete whule. The
frame .shuuld nut be obtrusive. II
shuuld uul foree itself un thc eye but
huld ilself iu Ihc background su lu
♦ pouk. If the frume culls fur purlieu
lur ulleuliun before flic photograph, it
cun usuully lie lakeu fur granted that
the fruming is wrung. Nut every pic
lure frunicr umlcrslauils his busiucss
und if artistic effect is desired framing
should unly be entrusted tu thusc whu
huve taste cuuugh combined wilh Iheir
business ability lu frume suitubly. A
combination uut so often met with as
uue wuubl imagine. Under uu circumstances shuuld a heavy frame be used
uu mall. The result is disastrous und
swamps ihe picture especially n tbe
mall  shuuld  be tinted  ur dark.
Hull uu inch tu uu inch is ample
wilh ii nnnum uu Ihe mall of i'i to
il inches. Do uul.use a frame lignt in
culor with a dark muuul under the mis
luken idea that there must be a con
trust iu urder tu "shuw up" the
pliolugrupb. i;uile a huge mn.inl.i- The
l.ul 11 lhc subject the darker the frume
■bould be. Whut wc art arriving al is
harmony uul cuulrast. The inter may
cornel imes be dune iu hsrniuuy but very
rarely. Huppose we bsve u brown
mount on uur picture. II will be fuuml
us u rule that a darker ur poaslbly a
lighter shade in the frame will give an
excellent result. Mlud. ii nearly ul
wiys safe. Kuuiuen or luo much ur
nunicnl un the frsme ii uot to be deiired. A plain frame will give lhe
best results and there' is nothing lu
distract Ihe eye. There sre many ex
celleul nsrruw moulding* now ou the
111111I..1 which are just Ihe thing fur
photographs ami Ihey are nul loo
The passe psrt tout is nut s very
satisfactory method of framing photo
graphs aud if il ii not very well doue
is anything bul pleasing to t..e eye.
Tho whule object of framing • to help
the picture snd everything shuuld be
brought lo besr upon this mount snd
frame should ss well be chosen logc
Any pefson wbo ii st in desirous of
pleasing hii cuilomer will nut grudge
a little lime spent in chooiing iui!
able mounts snd psueli if be doei
leave bim snd liml snotber.
I'asse part tout bai the great dii
advantage of having uo protection for
Ihe gloss wbicb is easily broken, also
if tbe work is done whilst lbe pbo
ii.ui"io. or mount 1| dump It |s apt
to warp and crack-tbe glass.
Another style of framing i« the cloie
ug method, which if suitably doue cau
be made to luuk very pelsiiug. A
great ties' depends upou the subject
and alsu tbs size of the print, ft is
obvioui Ibst it"would be so uie frsm
iug s 8% IV, close up -it I heavy
moulding.  Knisrgsmenti srs generslly
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15,0011,111X1 flat SUMM
Norlh Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
Corner of LONSDALE AVg. 1*4 lU PUNAPE
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest 'is alloweS on all depoiiti af $1 and upwards.
besl framed iu Ihis manner, ami tho
frume should be ehuscn uf a color tu
nm i.li the picture. As u rule uuks aru
tbe best suited tu this wurk especially
ai they can eusily be stained tu any
shade or eulur. tlreens uml browns
uru must suitable, 2U, inches up tu 4
iuches, uccurding lo the delieucy ur oth-
crwise uf the print ure ubuut the right
widths but nut tuu heavy u muuldiiig.
The pattern knuwn us "spuuu" is si-
ways useful ur a deep bevel perfectly
plain. The iiitruductiuu of a black
lining ur slip is ufteu a delightful cl'
feet but uu rujes can be luid dowe in
litis us in ulher tilings. ludividi.ul
lusie is tlie must i.ii| "Mniii t'netur in
the sit uul iuu, uud u pliutugrupher's
taste is seen iu the style of muuiils
aud puucls he uses just us u mun is
known liy the cunipuny hu keeps.
"Show un- yuur pictures and I will
tell yuu whul yuu ure" is perfectly
true. i
HpUCe    Imbi.I      inii' I," in;     IiiiIIi. i   uu
ihis impurlunl purl uf the phulugrupli
ers' wurk but enough bus been suid tu
imliculc the lines, lu follow,
Whul  un a'dvuntuge u pliolugraphic
club wuubl be when subjects sueh ns
these would be In Ik ml uver. There •"
scores of amateur photogrspbers-ln this
city wbo could be formed iuto s use/ill
club. Demniisirations could be arranged and subjects of all kinds interesting
to the umaleur cnuld be discussed.
i'i.mu fur criticism could be brought
along and much holp from the exenangs
uf experiences euuld bo obtained. Wbo
will tay ayo to tbisl Send a post card
to "Keflex" co.o the Kxpress.
What makes tbis photo io blotchy.
The spots wero not ou tbe negative.
The "blotches" are caused by uot
prupcrly washing Ihe print wbicb bu
nul been properly fixed. It has evidently not been thoroughly immersed iu
the fixing bath aud baa gone on'developing in patches. Keep tbe prints
moving iu the hypo aud do not let
them stick tu each uther.
In all Countries. Ask for our loviu-
1 tor's  Advlicr    Marlon  A Marlon. Ill
University Strut, cornir St. Cathirtse
'Street. Montreal, Canada, and Waih-
Ington. ii C. I), s. A.
A General Meeting of the
North Vancouver Conservative Association will be
held in the Club Room, Aberdeen Block, on Friday, October 18th, 1912, at 8 p.m.
The business being important
a large turn-out of members is
We srs showing sn excellent Uss of Sterling silver mi Plated Wars,
nothing but ths highest grsde of floods.
• Our low expensss enable us to mark bur prices much below those who
pay Ugh rente   A compirlsou will prove this ts you.  See our windows.
Ths Store of quality
snd Uw - rlcos.
IDS tmOQmD WimMmJ.
i n-w*n>.a>   avu-rrRgrvn
koiitS vANdovrm
 •• i • i •>•*■■••■■ •
j PuMUfrU fcssdsys ssd »?Mms hy Msilh Hhsis Pises,. Wnllutt
A, til
Om. V, M-BU8N, EP1T08 ANP MANAUfciH.
Mies'of Subscription i-Ons yssr, $1J10,   Bli months, We,   Three months, 860
United Btates snd Foreign, (8.01) per year.
AdTsrtlelng Bstss WIU 0* Quotsd SU Appll'.stlou.
Tbs Kipress is devoted to the interests of the North Hliure of Burrird Inlet
exclusively.   It constitute! an sdvsrtlslug inodium of eiceptiunal value for
reoeliing in S tliorougb Slid effaotlve luauiiur the uupulstlou of North Vancuuvor
Olty and Distrliit.  livery effort is msdo to give silvertisers tha most istiifictury
. sorvico,
Ail ebsngss is contract sdvsrtlsemsnts should bs in ths printers' bauds nut
lulor than His. ni. Momlsy snd li p. ID. Wsdussdsy to ensure Insertion in Ihs
fallowing Issus.
Nurth Vancouver, B. 0.,
.October 18, Ull
The letter from tbe pen of llie Hon.
P. I,. 1 'inlel i'.u inn, written to the
secretary of the Huard of Trade, which
we published in last Friday's issue,
must lie graded as a classic amoug ali
1 In,.-■■ utterances which have been
evoked lliruughuut Iho entire courie uf
tbo long 1 Iiiuiu uui negutiatlons and
.lim 11..,inim relative to tbe several
aspects of Ihu Beeoml Narrows bridge
project. II marshalled in a masterful
manner a series of poiuti the force nf
which cannot he evaded, in favor of a
sane iiiiun.le and reasonable demands
upun tlie part of ali parties relative to
lhls momentous undertaking.
We are pleased tu lie privileged lo
. reproduce tuduy, frum the columns of
a eoiilumpurary, a letter frum Hie pen
uf Henry Pybus, Cummauder H. N. II.,
nf Vaucuuver. This letter is of eipial
luuiiieiil with lhat uf Mr. Cuttun, aud
considered with reference to the technical requirements to whieh the sir inin re shuuld .niii.um, frum ilu- vinw
puiut uf navigation interest., must bo
recognised as embudying an opinion
'■.ine, weight iiiiiiini be equalled frum
uny imal suuree. Captain Pybus has
bud praetieai experience in navigating
ship of the deepest draught in prac
t icnlly ali waters, lie is personally
iieipiuiiileil with conditions ss they
itlitain iu all Ihu important heritors of
the wurld. As master of one of tbs
1'. P. II. Kiiipmees he has had exteu
sive 1 il experience ill lorsl waters,
is acipiaintcd thiirnughly with lueal
conditions ss tu preient requirement!
und future needs.. ilis loiter ii there
fure au expert opiniun frum the highest
unib.uu-, ami ai such il of the weightiest import.
The ul un,iinni- and questions by
means nf which Captain I'ylioi deals
with the prupused dam al Hereiul Nar
rims show clearly that as u navigator
he is altogether uppiited tu a dam ami
considers a bridge the proper structure
fur tiie location.
In tbe secund paragraph of his letter
Ciplaiu Pybus slinws the extravagant
i.m  of the demand! which Ihe Vuu
euuver Hliipniailers1 Association hsi
sought lu impose wilh reference tu Ihe
bridge. Ilis pusitiuu with reference tu
ilic length uf the spau which will be
required wili be tinted with interesl
The execl 1.-..I.I- uf Ihe letter iu deel
mg with tins feature are ai fallow!
"The beam uf Ihc largest ship afloat
dues uul exceed ninety feet, so thai
u passage uf 160 feet is ample. Two
hundred end fifty feel is the width uf
ten cily luls, ami it's a puur sailur
whu could uut take a ship thruugh a
narrower spuce than that." The position luken in those wurili is fortified
liy referenee lu couditioni ai Ihey
exist 1,11 lhe 't lm ni. . and thc etiormuus
no,.miii nf imiii. which is aceomino
■ 1.ii"i there under circumstances which
ure much less favnraiile.
'.'plain Pybus' .losing observation
with reference to the lessening uf the
current by means uf dredgiug Is slong
exactly Ihe same line as Hie quesliun
usked uue uf the speakers at the public
meeting on Tliuriduy leal by Mr. Duu
aid Cameron, CK, and which met with
au evasive answer. Mere evaiiuit, huwever ,niiii.it dispose of the feet lhal
by retorting lo ilus easy expedient
the bugbear 111 ilrenuuuily employed
by Hie carping critics who bave beeu
assailing Ihe project because of the
current erouud Ihe piers end similar
imi nus is eutirely beuiibod.
Kipresaiuui of opinion iuch 11 Ibsl
I'Uibo'licil lu the letter of Captain I'ybui
I'lieoiinige Die eouclu^iou thai uue
counsels are destined to prevail relative to Ihe features of the bridge and
that the ilructure which results will be
entirely adequate fur all preient or
future requirements, and likewise de
void of eisggerated or whitniical
features which have been luggeeted
from wMin-es inclined lo be hyper
'Tbo council of the diitrict of West
Vancouver hai under consideration an
advaueed piece of municipal legislation
in tbe propoaed proviiion compelling
(lie clearing of a road way twenty four
feet jn width upou the pari of ownen
of aureage tracts who wiih to sub
divide Ibe some iuto loll   . -
That there ihould prove to bs a dii
position, upun Ihe part tl owuere of
seresge Irirti to look sskeDro st sucb
legislstlon. Is sot £t ill remsrksble.' posed by lew, would bs wsrcely sppre
Viewed mure closely, however, it is u
question whether those very uwiien
might not wisely lie fuuml mining th.
warm advocates of the doparturu.
Whuu an actual cumputation is made,
it will hu found thst the cost to tbs
owner,   when   distributed   mining   the
lutS tU lie lien. 111 I e,I   It, in point uf fuel,
very small. The by law as it stands al
present reads lu the effect thai a ruad
way 1 Imll be cleared to a width of
twenty fuur feel where a full road at
liiumine is inil'l.-, A strip af laud
iiienii four feel iii width would require lo lie eighteen hundred ami Ilf
leen foet in length lo contain oue acre:
This would Include thirty six fifty fool
lots 011 each side of thu roadway or
seveiiivnv,i lots in all. The average
cost of such clearing is twu hundred
ami in 1 v duller! pur acre, frum which
it is evident thai lhe cost pur lot of
the required ruui|wuy wuuld lie appro-
imalely four dullars. it -Is safe lo
say lhal a lot to which accent is actually pruvided liy means of au exist
Ing roadway would sell readily at an
Uilvuiire of from twenty live to llfty did
lars.uver the same lut wero nu such
access pruviiluil. II may safely lie
euiieln.lcl, then-foil-, iiiiii the eust lu
Iho owner uf acreage will nut he at
ail eiuliarassiug in lhc firsl instance
and even such as it is, it will ultimately
lie paid liy the purchaser of lols iu the
subdivision iu a slightly iucressed pri
for the propurly which lie purchases,
thus mora than reimbursing Ihe acre
age owner lur his outlay
There can scarcely be room fur twu
opinions as tu the advantages that
woui.l accrue lo the municipality frum
the fact that lliruughuut the entire
'liniii.1, wherever pruperty il divided
inlu lull, a nm,lua.i would invariably
be fuuml, giving ready acceu tucicli
Int. This fact, uf ilself would go far
lo favorably impress intending pur
chasers (and particularly humeseekors)
Willi respect tu West Vancuuver ami
would greatly facilitate properly sales.
I'nder existing conditions the growth
uf population ii adversely uffei-lcil from
ilu- fact lhal when a hiimeseckcr pur
'liases a Jul, lu which Ihere is uo road
he llfffls it  impossible to g|ill access III
Iiis properly for buildiug purpuses. He
is, therefore, compelled to apply to llic
cuuucil lu „pen up a roadway ami cir
cuiustaucei are frequently such that
it is unl wilhin the altilily uf lite
council to grant prompt compliance
however deiiroui Ihey may he uf do
ing io. The rciull is that delay 'level
ups which is probably vexaliuui lu Ihc
intending builder ami which retards
Ihe incoming uf actual settlers, if in
deed, il dues nut result iu the inline
seeker building elsewhere. I'nder the
propused by-law uu situation iuch us
this ciiiild possibly develop. The pur
chaser wuubl liud access lo bii lul
awaiting him, immediately upuu Iiu
ium ing iulu possession and would In
in 1 •»-111.111 in litis regard to proceed
to build, at any lime
The by law wuubl further relieve thc
department uf the diitriel engiueer (it
any rale until il became neeciiary lu
widen the roudwayt) of the iieeeuily
uf carrying uut au immense umount
uf work (iuch ai clearing) which is
really a preliminary lo actual road con
.-im.imu and would enable Ihe do
Iiniiiii. nt lu addreis ill energies to
grading ami lo the other fealurea of
Hie   , oustril. Hon   ill    |>elliilllielll      load-,
the advantage* of which, frum au ad
ininistraliie etaudpoiul, are apparent.
The chief objection thui far urged
agaiusl lhe passing of lhe by law li tu
Ihe effect thai ai ratepayers, preient
owners of acreage tracts have helped
lo pay for Ibe roadi ihu. far romlrucl
ed by Ibe diitrict, to tbe beiiefil of
property ownen fronting on tboie
roadi, and Ibst su injuitice will be
wrought upou acreage ownen if tbey
ere uow compelled to build roadi
through Iheir properly at their own
elpenw, thui lliu riminuling in favor
ol those owuen who have lerured roads
previous lo lbe passing of tbe by law.
Tbe theoretical rurreelaees of this con
tention il indisputable. Ae affecting
this situation, however, it is urged Ibat
tbe roads thus far constructed through
Out the district represent but an extremely small f nel ion of the mileage
that remaine (0 be conitrueted and fur
ther Ibat (0 a very great'degree the
existing ruedi sre trunk roads which ire
of value to ell properties in common,
to s greater or'lesier degree. For
theae rcsiom the actual amount of the
injuitice ss outlined above which would
result from tbe enactment of lbe pro
s whole, it should, be brought into effect at onus, thus holding sny such hp
J|i.t.lrj  to tha. ■,il..lrur    tH). f.,.1 ,|.
ulso cited tbat if a oertslw smouni o,
jujuitico would lie ei|lni|od |o individual
holders of uuimpruvod property liy tlm
enforcing of sueh a by law, thun it is
true on the othor liaiul that th» perpetuation of Ihe existing practice will
wurk au iiijiiaticu uu the muiiiripuliiy as
a whole by rotarding the Incoming of
actual settlers ss referreil to shove smi
will wurk sn injustice upon the pur
cesser insofar SS he might bu delayed in
■urryiug out Ihoso Intentions by lhe
comparatively slow process of the clear
|ng of sll rosd allowances by action of
lhe   ilislriet   CUIincil.    It   is,   Iheri'l'iite,
be|i| Hist tbe lesser injustice would lie
wrought by the enactment of lln- by-
This is prububly the first instance ill
.ihiili  legisluiiiin  uf this  nature  has
been seriously considered by a muni
■ipulii v as new as West Vuncuuver and
its cuurse wili iluuhlli'ss be fallowed
wilb close iiiieiiiiiui by lbe interested
The ileeisuiii arrived at at the share
lml.lm a' meeting uf North Vsncouver
Ferries Limited, bold yesterday, with
reference to the qualilicatiuus uf up
puiuleei to the Hoard uf Director! uf
ihe Company is one that ii greatly in
the public interests and perfectly fair
lu all piitiie.-i whu may be affucled by
I. The principle]involved was discuss
■d ill these ,ulmnn- sunn weeki ugu
unl repetition Is unnecessary, As fnr
the specific ,|, allocation', laid down by
thu shareholders, Ibey are eminently
fair ami reasonable. In point of faet
bey are identically thu same as thusc
laid duwn in Iho case uf candidates
for the city council and are such as
diinild pruve acceptable tu the rute
payers whu, thruugh the investment uf
public fundi, own the euittrulliug inter.
til itt Ihe ferry ruui|iany.
ssls. pws psr o4Tcor4Mi.7B. I
clal quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 10 inchss, 13.85. 19 Inches
WHO. C. 0. p,
Offics snd Ysrd—Mth end Lonsdsls
Pbgns |90,    P, 0. tfw 2432.
North IJlioro Press I invited 'is
prepsred to entertain proposition!
fur a loan to lie ulilim.l 11 Ihu cuu
si met 11,11 of s buildiug fur nov-i
paper and priuting purpuses, ti lie
en-, i.-d 011 lul 16, block 167, 11. L.
371, being Ihe northwest corner 01
First street and lingers aveuue, Ihis
city. Full particulars may be ul,
Imui ,1 by applying Ju the under
Ullil.  II.  SlOllllli.V,
Lodge Western Boss, Ms. DM
Meetings of this lodge 're held in
tbe Knights uf Pythias Hall, corner of
cheslerlinlil avenue and Fourth streot,
un the first and third Fridays in each
moulh, at 8 o'clock p. m.
Ciiiiiiiiiinicniiiins and application fur
membership tu lie addressed tu Harold
Lees, senrotsry, P. 0. boi 81111. Id 7-1.1
Diitrict of North Vancouver
Applications will bo received Ity Ihe
lllnlel .iplnd    |||l    Hi    HlU    Hllll    Mill,    ful
Hie position uf polil'O . on.-.luble tu the
diitrict of Nurlh Vancuiiver. Applicants
to writo with particulars uf experience
and qualification!. Mingle man prefer
rod. Hillary offered 116 per month with
iiIIiihiiiiit fur uniform.
1 Sip nel, JOHN tl. FA liil Iill,
C. If, C.
P. 0, Bux lilin,
Nurth  Vancuuvor. 15-10
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SIIAW Business College
)}6 Hastings Sl. W.
CanaSa's Grestsst Weatern School
R. J. Sprott, H.A., - -V-nagsi
Lynn  Vslley Temperance Hotel
Nortk Vsncouver
(In the ear line. Iluum ami lumi,I
Iiuiiii n, ,,,11,111,1,la 111,11 for um Ping men
Contractor's men taken. Hiugle tubals
16 III II. RABTCWr, Proprietor
III  tha  Matter  of The  Leunurd Bale
Compauy, Assigns.
The , ie.hints bsviug giveu imperative
in.-iiui irons lo collect all outstanding
accounts, |«rtiei indebted lo the above
"The I,enlist,I Sale Cumpauy," are re
quelled lu call aud settle (heir indebted
uch forthwith Thii cau be done by
either celling at the ilore, UP Lounlaie
Avenue, Nurth Vancuuver, tn thu man
in charge, or at the ollice uf Wilauu k
Patty, Auigueea, 336 Hustings HI reel
Weit, Vancouver.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymouf Strtel
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Mansgci
All North Vsncouver people esl el
Either Plact Block or Hulling! HI.,
oppoiile tho uew puit ulliee. l-muml
■1 Hi hii tea by the puund
Tenders Wanted
'renders wanted for construction uf
assembly hull, llumiurave, Wcsl Van
euuver. Plans and ipeclflcetiom may
hu seen at ollice af Irwin k Hillings
Cu., Lid.., North Vuiuuuver; ur un ap
plication tu .1. White Maclean, archi
leet, Hollyburn,  West   Vuncuuver.
The luweil ur any lender uot necel
sarily accepted. 19 HI
lu pursuance of ao assignment dated
Auguit Utli, HI 12, to the undersigned,
p.iiiu- indebted to the W. II. Money
k Company are hereby not ihul lo pay
Ihe euiouuli due at the ollice of the as
sigoec, W1I-011 k Potty, suite V, DeBeck
Building, 334 Hastings alreet well,
Vaacouver, Ii. C., at tbe earliest possible moment, who will Issue receipti
for same.
Phone Heymour jl'lt.
VANCOUVKiyn   L1VP   Wild-;
The Panama Theatre
Por tbe Whole Pamily
HUrliog Matinee Monday, Bept. l«th
S Hbowi 'Nigbtly-7:3»   and   «:|6
IJe, tie, Me,      ',
Msiisss Dalljr st »-Wc sad Ms
■ ii     in
The Scenic Highway
Arrow Ibr loallaeal
Tliiougli ticket! to ull purl! of llle
wurlil ul lowest rules,'
The popular route In the
»H cnualn,
I klm, aat
Thc most up-lii-dute Iruin service
between Vuncuuver and the Kast. '
For nii'i 1 iki vul Ions uml ull
furlher inr,,un.iiiun apply lo 3.
Molv city r.,,. mi,,, 1 i|.,iii III
IleilliiK! ro or 11 VV, Hliniiil-:,
O.P.A..  Vancouver.
100 Per Cent
mimmmwwwmmtimmimmieMwwtt^wttmn 1 ■ 	
Pure Paint
Wfi 8UA1MTBB ths Msrtlii-flsnoiir UIO Per (lent. Pure Paint
(except a few dsrk shadse that eunnot be preparer) from lead and
sine), to hs msde from purs csrbousts of lead, purs osids of sine,
witli coloring matter lu proportionate quantities uoccssaiy to mako
their rospoctlvs Bhsdes sud tints, with pttro linsssd Oil and turpentine dryer, and to bs entirely free from wstsr, bonsius, whiting
Sud adulterations, snd sold subjsct to chemical analysis.
Tbs Martin-Bsiiottr Co. Ltd.
Thui is tbe only. Paint so gtisrsutesd bocsttse it is ths only
PUB- PAINT oil the niai'.et.
'    ' ' ' ' I.U..-'!=T-
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O.
First Class Dwelling House for Sale
Ws Invite tenders for the purchase of now eight room and base
ment dwelling bouse ou Sovuiiteeulh Btreet, near Boulovsrd on Lut tl,
Block 16s, District Lot Mill, 50 ft. by 167 ft. Tho building is s very
substantial one and tins all moderu conveniences.
TBNDBBS nt.it un price and terms of payment, accompanied by .1
marked cheque for 1 por cent, of offored price m.,,i bo doliverod tu in;
here uot later than Saturday, the mth un.l
Tbe highest or auy teudor uot necessarily accepted,
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
17 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouvor
Phone 37
1 '
"Between Two Thieves"      (Author ol Dope Doctor)
"Mirabel's Island"  Louis Tracy
"Ths Lady Neit Door" Harold Bogbic
"The Loug Portage"  Hsrold Bondlow
"Tlie Wind Before the Dawu"   .Mun.,.
"A Man in the Open''  Bogor Pocock
We have now room (or sll comers st our flow store.
J. E. Scouten'. Book Store
(N. 8. Book and Blatlonery Company).
69 It I.iiii'.ilule Avenuo. PHONF. IUI
House Painthfg, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
Harding & Walker
P 0. Boi .'ill
Oso. W. Herding A)1(lrow ■;*„,
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave? carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap at (2,000, Qoe-thirdc«sh,bal. 6 »ffd (2 months
OffWt Pbone 173.
Ull^l    ll|ll Sllill
Beeldeuce Pbons Ht
V. 0. Vet UA)L
NORTH VANCOUVER 713 y»#FS In Business. OsplHl snd Surplus Oysr If mm.
\ j?o, put customers' convenience wo issue. Iietters of credit puysido in
Pounds Sterling for use In Ureal BrUsiu and all parts of jhe'FPfH »"''
nsyablo in Poilsrs for uss iu I'sneda, United Mates, Mexico, Bermuda, Bs-
liumas, Oubs snd tho West Ipiiies.
We buy snd sail Drafts on France, (lermuny,   Suuth   Africa,   Australia,
Now Zealand, India, (Ihiuu, .lupun uud the West Indies.
Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
Mf) Enplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
I       U—WWIf--  I. ui mmmmmmmmmwtmmmwtammm
* mmm\m%W-mm*W^^^
Electric Irons
10 Days' Frse Trial
Solves tbs Bummer Iroulng Problem
For Iillil wu sre offering a "Ilotpoint" of llie iiili sue, suitable for
geuerul houscliubi use, fur »4.60. This irun is similar to sll "Hotpoints"
uxcupt I list tbo upper surface Is unpolished.
Second Street East, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coail.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
I lol and cold waler in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
-     Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
\Mxm3l   Vftnu/UfJGII BfiVMUN
DUM .CM ■**
wabd» vtw9 m\m W
Nmlli Vancouver,
lllh October,  lUlif.
I cure wilh my naked hands, I euro
paralysis, iudlgeitlon, neuralgia, bed
fever, heurl I rouble, especially pulpi
Iiiiinii, lung uud kidney troubles, alsu
any bladder defect. Mini, lc eases ami
eye def odious of any kind, sluuiach
Iriiubles uiul ull kinds uf stricture I
ipcciulizc in.   I cau alsu heal broken
bonus. Alsu ull kinds uf female truu
hies nud irregularities, catarrh, elc.
(live me u trial in any of Ibe abuve
cases uud I will prove lu yuu Ihe gen
mm in ■!■ iif my assertions. I am will
ing to uinlerluke uny ease however
ibroil ■■ where ulher nicdicul men have
failed Address, Kev. Hen llouucr, c.o.
Mf. Juckson, con."..- Koilh'and Sutherland lids., Nurlli Vaucuuver, ll. fi.
12 11
The pew bylaw to goyern the subdivision of properly into loss llmu one
Hern lols, wb|ch is now beforo tye
council, is receiving considerable at
tcutiuu at tho hands of property own
ers whose interests will be ufTcclcil by
ils provisions. At tho council session
beld nu Tuesday, two lottcrs wero ro-
cL'iveil uppusiug tile propused terms of
Ihc In Inu ami one ownur wns present
iu persou tu pruscnl his views. Messrs.
Harvey and Iluuie wrote to the cITcct
that I hoy had sold *2llll,ilUl) worth of
West Vancouver property lo desirable
purchasers during Ihis yuur and Hn')'
protested against owners being' compelled tu provide a sixteen fuut ruud
wheu subdividing their pruperty. Tlie
real estate men were all opposed to such
uu enactment, and tho subscribing lirm
requested u reconsideration upou the
part nf the couucil. Andrew George
unite in similar strain, characterising
the prupused by-law as unjust uiul pre
mature nud slrungly remonstrating
uguinst its u.I..piiui Mr. Clarke was
present in pursuit tu pfotcst. ile slutod
lhal present holders uf ucreugc tracts
had paid their purtiun of the tuxes
uud hud euittributeil their share nf thc
eusl uf roads thus fur built, tu the ud
Mintage uf ulher pruperty owners, and
a grave nijUHlice wuubl Ihcrcfurc be
doue, if they were now compelled lo
provide n.u.l thruugh tlieir uwn .properly at their persunul expense. He
considered thut the pussing nf such n
by luw wuubl lie a rctrugndo slop.
lieeve Nclsun pointed uut Ihut the
byluw wus yet in thc very early sluges
nut haying yel received its lirst reud
ing uud the whule question wus, there
fore, opcu for consideration. The couu
cil wuuld be pleased to receive ox
11.■--nni. uf opiuion frum ratepayers
ami all such wuuld receive due consul
.iiiiinii Thu cuuucil wus elected, huwever, fur tho purpuse uf duiug what, in
Iheir judgment was in lhc interests nf
Ihe entire diitrict and il wus in thai
light that they were uppruachiug lhc
matter uf the prupused by law..
i t'ouuciltur Mjillien recognized the
! fact thai if wuuld be difficult lu nnscl
; legislaliuu uf this uulure without appal
enl injustice tu a certain degree uml
yet if such legislaliuu wus suund, il
might tu be pursed ul uuce iu urder to
avoid greater injustice thruugh delay.
The prupused by luw was in line with
the besl municipal practice ul the pre
sent lime, lu some cases it wus luul.
cd upuu by uwncrs us guOd pulley lu
clear, uul uuly Ilie ruad ullowunce but
the culire property before subdividing
i'lu uninii nsghi is ds \)9,i' nyi
best fur tlm in| crests of the whole ilislriet und lio did pot iiiiiii' Uml ine
miner who increases tlm value of iluu
properly from a few hundred .0 S few
iliiiiiiiinil dollars, hi subilivii|i||g'fbou)t)
object to this bylaw, 'At thu seme
time, Hi'e mailer should jie tnlly discuss
oil from sll p'liiiin pt view hefore lhe
by -luw wns Ilnully punned.
riiuneilliir tlinl/ltiirger puiitled mil
that hitherto tlie injustice if *ny, hud
boon iiiiiiiniiieii by the persou wlto
bought lots iu a -iiiuiu iniiin for buns
llilc building purposes. This purchaser
found himself without mpuns nl »«ess
to his property and the cpupcD frequently found it Impossible |o construct
the neei'i.-iuy rtinilivuy to tbo property
at mne, uiiii the result lbat tho owner
"could not get to his property to build
mul thu progress of the district wus re
larded, ile cuusidured thst it wouli|
bu better pulicy and wuuld involve less
injustice if uwncrs uf subdivisiuns were
compelled tu build ruuds lo givo access
to ull purls of lhc subdivision before
lots were sold.
Tim byluw wus read n lirst time.
Among ils provisions sre the follow
lug: A sketch plan muy lirst be sub
milted by Iiiu owner, Iho sketch plun
tu be followed liy ■■■ potnpleteil plan
whieh must shuw ull ruads elcurcd tu
ii width of twelve 'Oct where u half
ruud alluwuiicu is giveu snd tu twenty
four feet where a full ruad nil own iht
is given. I'luli lut must have au area
uf ut leust it,IIIKI square feet with u
irunliigc uf not lets Ihun SO feel ex
ccpl walcrl'ruul lots which shull uul
liuve ii fruulnge uf less than thirty
three feel. A twenty foot lane must
lie pruvided in every case. A sketch
plun mny ulsu be required showing Hi
pliysieul features uf the lumi and wilh
ruads uul exceeding a grade uf twelve
per ceut. I'luus 'will become void If
uul registered wilhiu thirty duys after
llnul uppruvul by 'the cuuucil.
Wards By-Law Finally Passed
The wards bylaw was read a second
uud iiui'i limes and fiuully passed
ritis by luw divides the district iutn
I'oi.r wards, fnr election purpuses' us
follows: Wurd number uno ur lluwe
Sound Wunl; number Iwu ur Dunduruu'
wurd; wurd uumber three ur llnllyhurii
uunl; and ward uumber fuur ur "up
iinini ward. A suggestiun to increase
Uie number of wards lu six was re
ji.'.teil us being ton many inr the pre
sent population uf the dislricl. '
Now Oapiiano Bridge
Ilislriet Kngineer Carter submitted
a rcpurl uu the new bridge tu span llle
I'upilnuii uu Marine Drive. The bridge
will consist nf twu steel spans uf lllll
feel each uu concrete piers. The Hour
uf lhe bridge kwiH'be sixteen feet nliuve
Jhc bed uf the river. The approaches
will include u trestle uboul 8,000 feci
ui length. The cost uf the slruclure is
I'sliinnted ul S.M,llilll. Tne pnn Uliiul
government bus made a grunt iif llfly
thousand dullurs toward the bridge and
it i. anticipated Hull the uppruaches
iim be built fur the remaining (211,
uuu.   II wus resolved that the report
plsns as per the we, me^t obtaining
with tlio engineer of North Vsucon.ver
The engiueer .sported thst ibere
were no objections to Ihu granting uf
tlfo water lot applied for hy W: I
Irwiu and 'hs' sppHei! fpr by A, s.
Hillings ii| front pf lots ii, 8 and 11,
Mock' fi, p. j,, DM, Beferreii m tin:
PIUIIS eiinunillee.
A cummunicutioii fron* the North
Vaiicuuver cuuucil with refcreuce |o
lleee,,;.;,, V   ivpnin.   1,1   lllc   prescnl   Unpil
uno bridge nnd stuling test the share
of fim cost to West Vsiiceever would
1)0 .180, was referred tn the engiueer
I'or iurll»>r details,
Accounts gs inline., were ordered
paid: Honors! account $1114.1)11; survey,
i-'n.'ii; engineering department, $li'l.il;
puy rull, til'ilt; architect's fees,
Uu motion Of I 'onneilbir Ilinl .■burger,
11 wus resulted thut thu assessor begin
lhe cuiupilutiun uf the roll ou October
Hilh uud complete lhc sumo by December Hist.
I'luus were approved as followi:
Block Iti, D. I.. Ouu, oast -III acres of
II. I., Ifi ami north cost one quarter uf
D. 1,. 1007. ^S
Newsy Notei
II. Ten rue hus estublislied a teaming
business al lluliyburu greatly to 1'ie
nmi ilience of the local puldic,
Hurruiv brotbprs ure making exlcti-
-iie Improvements In Iheir premises fur
inppplying the lucul murl et with
.1. H. I:, ui:,.uj is creeling i residence
ul the comer of liurdoii and (luvcrn
menl ruuds and will occupy the same
with his family.
Hubert I'iiic, engineer un the ferry
buul Duucullu, uml Miss llui.-.. were
quiclly iiiurricd lust week. The happy
."iiipb   will reside in Wcsl. V'uncoui-.'i
Mr. A. W. I.cur, furinerly bookkeeper willi the West Vaucuuver Trading
Cunipuny, has resigned his pusitiuu ami
relumed lu his Iluuie ul llfurx, l-:----\,
West Vsncouver Heu Qusrrsl Over s
Dug William Robertson Appears ln
Court Charged With Having Brutally
Beaten Prank Howard.
Showing signs uf lun ing been burial
ly beaten, Prank lluwurd, Oil years uf
age, appeared belnre Magistrate Alex
uuder un Wi'duesiliiy as eoiiipluiiiunt iu
an ussuult churge uguinst Willium Hub
.■iimi  a mnn muny yeurs yuunger.
Howard's slury was thut there hud
been a ruw uver a dug after they hud
a few fr!eni|ly drinks ending up wilh
ifiihcrslun I- ulnl- Howard with u large
slick ubuut the budy und head.
Dr. Curtis uppeurol us a ivilnesi re
gsrdiug lluvnro'. injuries ubtslncd in
the assault which is uileged lo have
taken  pluee uu Sept. tli.
Iiniuii u.n wns commit I i'iI by Mugis
Irate Alexumbr lu stand trial, lie elect
ed tu gu befure u jury ul llic presiding
BQBN-fipt. 81,f( fo Uf and Mrs. If.
Jscksen, flsroW Bo&fl, * son.
Mrs. jf. Ve|tch of North V|seouvor
wss v|il||ng friflpds iu tb>v Vsi|ey yer
Miss A. Htcbhiuijs will retprn to ber
home in Vsneonvor todsy sfter s pro-
longed visit vylth ber" sister.
The members of tbe l.yuu Valloy Irs
heigaile will Iiulil a buslnsss wasting-
BOOMS I'llb' HKNT Housekeeping
and single. 'Ill .ml itreet,east     t.f.
poll HUNT -Twu 2 room collage!,
with wuler (II and Sll. A. Sin ill) k l'u.
POH HKNT-Twu nice large fur
iiished bedrooms. Apply 0W) Queens
bury Avouue. llil
POH    HUNT-0roomed    Hut    nssrl
ferry, fH, per moulh. Apply Wsrburu
Hi l'. ." Iluuie. If.!
POK BALK   Honey, Pure, delicious,
heap,   dunlin Apisry. Iiu lilh west.
POH SALK lliiliuiilcd uuu.mil uf
curd wuod nr stuve Wood. Thompson and
Hluart. Phoue Iill. t.f.
' POH HA I.H -Purnecc wuud, fir slabs
J. 1. Durau, pbune t.i. Leave orders N.
V. Lumber I'o, ufbee. H II
POH HUNT   A buuic un 10th ilrccl j
and Uuiilcvard; slio sbsck, suitable for:
couple. Apply P. Iinnib, plumber,   t.f.I
POH i;i M' -7 roomed houie, moderu.
IL.-7 filh slrect clll. Will reul chesp lo;
luillble   Icnilil,   i)t   Ksplenu.lc  well.
POK SALK Appl,.. (Iravcuslciu,
alsu applei fur winter sluek. Keene,
lilh itreet aud HI, Ueurge. I II
. POB HALK -Three puuiel, weight
abuut sun II,. each, well broken lo led
die and harness. J. A. McMillan, i II
POK HKNT   1 roomed modern hou
res, 0 minutei frum ferry. Heat $18
per iiiunlh.    Pecri k lloull. Phune 188.
 1 —
TO HKNT Two part furniihed
rooms, grate, dissppesring bed, beauli
ful View, suite 7, Mr. ('rown Apart
iinni, Isl street near Lumdale. "I In
IOU HKNT- Five ami six roomed
houses, all conveniences, "uth itreet
nud .lunes, I'D) aud $86 per month. Ap
ply luirluii'l, 81b slice! snd Hendry
Ave., N. Vancouver. Ill
POH HKNT -Colonial Apartments,
modem fuur roomed suilei, heal, dis|p
peering beds, etc. Allowance msde lu
euiMblc leusnl to luok sfter furnscc.
Apply J. Dierssen, 111 St. Andrew's
rli.ine Hill. t.f.
TOt Ikln
POH HALK Home furniture, chesp.
Basil healer, elc. not used, l'l- I'll
fid strset wsst. fil
POK SAlfK - -Firsl clsss cordwood,
$1.60 per eenl. H|icciel price, on large
quantities, pbone 1147. US 10
FOB HALK Firsl growth dr wood,
$1.76 cord. cod. Kxcuiiling and heavy
hauling apply John Campbell, 221 6tb
slreet weal. Phuue .nil. -U In
FOB HALK   Thiiruughliri'd H. <•'. W.
Leghoru Cockereli, $8 escb. Apply T.
('.  Bsc,  Queen'i  itreet  wait,  Tblrd
lluilding frum uorlb corner Ussdsls.
.   *        87)0
FOK BALK -llsrgslu -Frees ''um
ers, 6x4, csrrlei 60 Ulmi. Also ID rar
ricrs for '/, pislsi, good lenie -scbro-
malic, wilh portrait attachments Can
show photoi. $ld only, P. O. Hss 1,
Lynn Creek.
WANTKD- Furniihed room, with
Open tie .plate. Apply Uox IM, Kx
press. *I-I9
" WANTKD-Houiewurk hy reliable
.spsucse, good plslu cook. Write Jap
•um Osrdsn, 8lsf sfrsst,
WANTKD-A capable lady's help.
Olic lu asiist with child, tit Kighlh
street east.
WANTKD Meal cutter fur Satur
days. Apply Avenue Meal Market. Kill
Luusdale Avenue. 26 IU
WANTD-Woman,    Iwu    hslf-dsyi
weekly,   fur   huusewof|k.   Apply    866
First street casl, Norlli  Vaucouvor.
86 HI
WANTKD 4 or 6 ruum collage, not
inure Ihun II) minutes' walk from fer
ry, Immediately. Uox 'llll, Kxpreu
Office. 18 ID
WANTKD Millinery and ilrcsmuuk
iug sl hume, ur oul, b<- Ihe day, $8. Al
teretiuus, also plain sewing. Hux A III.
Kxpreu 81 HI
Chimney Sweep orders taken st
Nurlh Vaueouver Transfer Co'i. office
IL'  Lunsdule.  I'hune Ili. 4 II
Kur line watch and jewelry wurk gu
lu Oeu. Uumcrlou, the new jewelry sture
ou Und slreet.
MONKV TO MIAN -Muney loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs, .'-i.u Loun
l'u, 812  Hastings,  Vaucuuver.       If.
idiom and buard in modern house at
modern rules. Knglisli cooking. 416
ilh street and Bidgeway Ave.     16 11
Unliable  housekeeper  requires   wurk
by the day, cooking, buusewurk ur plain
dressmaking. Apply .116 .'lnl street W,
WANTKD A bright yuung girl fur
S reluil slorc. Hlale age, experience ami
wagc« required. Hox 2168, Norlh Van
couver, B. C. 88 Hi
Hirl about 14 wauled lu mind baby
and do light buusewurk. Maid kepi
Apply Mn. Chapman, 2411 1Mb itreot
cul. 1810
WANTKD Hy buiineu lady, Iwo
unfurniibed rooms (in moderu huuse).
Muil be central. Apply Hux Alls,
Kxpreu Office. 88-10
WANTKD lu or 16 cords of wood
cut to Iiiiinii lengths Au North Slur
ichool. IB. P. Purdie, iccretary, Nurlh
Vancouver I.iilrirt Bchool Hoard, llux
48, Lynn Creek. 18 10
Private lessons lu. French, Herman
aud Knglisli. Apply 860 Keith Huad
West. •      IMI
Heliublc houiekeoper wanli posUion.
Beforenres furniihed. Apply 800
(Jucenebury. Phone 4*0. 1810
fjhort time loses os vacant or lm
proved property- W»r Low Compsny,
818 Hsstings, Vswouvsil. tl
New Oven uul and Hull pallcrm juit
arrived. Oeorge II. Bsje, ll'lt 10th
street easl, North Vancouver, Importer of Kngliih made lo measure Hulls,
etc. Cauadian or Kngliih cut.       21 10
Authorised agent for Hinger Hew
iug Machine Company iu Nortb Van
couver. J. 1. McAlcccc, Dry Hoods and
Oonls' Furnishings, curner First und
Lonsdale Avenue. ii.
When needing'cosl or building sup
plies, call up phone 488, Nortb Bhore
Cosl *. Supply Co, Kickbsurs wbsrf.
L. 8. Katun, msnsger Note mme Snd
phone number.   . if
B. p. lismy ttl Bosrd itablss-
Light rigs sod |sdiss' ssddie horsss
for hire. Htsbling for horses. Oss
enl delivery ssd heavy tesmlng. H.
Dumss, 4th itreet wsst. Pbons l«7 t.f.
Land Clearing and Dialling I.ols,
Pole Andruss, General Coutructor. Be
wer counciliom e ipecially, basemcul
and olber excavating wurk uudcrlak.."
Kstimates free. 120 I8lh street weit,
Nurlh Vancouver, post ollice box 8383
Orden fur culiiucl snd picture frame
making promptly executed. Furniture
ami ulliee fillings fu auy design Jub
long wurk and repuiri uf all kiudi
specially attended lu. Kstimalci free.
.1. K. II. 'vm , 12116 I ..-i. in I.- Avenue,
Nurth Vancuuvor, Phuue L147.
Children's Day Services
, Nest Bunday will be observed as
Children'i Ilay in all Anglican cburrbci
tbroughuul the Dominiun. In Bl. Agnes'
Church, corner of Boulevard and
Twelfth itreet, the icrvlcei will s" be
of s special nature. , fn the morning
Ihc vicar, fir. Fes, will prcscb oo "Tbt
Child snd the Sunday Schuul." Al
8:90 s ipecisl children's service will
be hold, SUd iu ihe evening Hev. Canon
Kufcoe, of Diocese of Caledonia, will
preech. All eesti are free snd everyone
OU Monday evening noxt ip No. 1 tiro
Mr. llanuawel sud Uf. V. O. Duval
have esch msde arrangements with J.
W. Baker for the completion of thoir
A football mutch between O. P. K.
ami Lynn Valley teams will be plsyed
uu Boulovsrd Park Baturday, 10th, st
ll o'clock sharp. Members of Lynn
Valley team will report st 8.30 st psrk
us the team will'be picked ou grounds
beforo tbe match.
Msny residents wili tske advantage
of the o)iou .-hunting seasuu. Mr. J.
W. Baker and Mr. W. J. Piuueli ro
turned last evening after au enjoyable
trip over* the mountains, their gams
probably being less tban anticipated
ou tho commencement of their expedition.
See B. L. Thompson fur insurance
and investments in I.ynu Valley.
Prumme bluck, curner Centre Bead.
I'liune S14.
Car Line Extension
The extension uf tbe carliue nurtb-
wards uu Luusdale aveuue is being
steadily proceeded with. Bsili snd tiei
are laid in rcadlucss frum Ibe present
terminus tu Wiudsur rusd, where tbe
additional track will terminate. The
B. 0. Klectric Bsilwsy Cunipuny have
fur Ihc last few days bad a gang of
men ou excavktiuu work, aud tbore ii
reason to believe that thc eud of No
vomlicr will sec ihe completion of thii
welcome improvement,
Three Nurlh Vancouvor buys will
bux in lhe Vancouver lolcr-l Inu Inuii g
contest tonight. Tbe program which is
a lsjg.e.   one,   ibowi   the   following
lll.ll. lie .
136 Ibi.-Bub Norwortb, V.A.O, vi
Kid Lee, N.V.A.C.
126 IL*.-—Art. Fox, V.A.O, vi. Fiiher,
146 Ihs- Frank Harrieau, V.A C, > i.
McKay, N.V.A.C
Thc Bl. Andrews' aud Caledonian
Hueiety'i Football Club meet tbe team
uf lhc Huyal Kngiueers tomorrow sf-
icrnuuii un the Hccresliou Psrk ground
sl three o'clock sbsrp. Tbis event
which promises lu be sn interesting snd
muling une, constitutes the third
gome for the Allan rup. The referee
will be Mr. Woodcock of Lynn Valley.
Tbe Caledonian team will be picked
from lhe lulli.viuig players: Hamilton,
Wilaou, Finlay, D. Hutchison, McMil
lin, i'ul , Bmitb, Fairlie, ll   Hul
cbiion, 0 Dsvidiou, 0, Dsvidson, Dun
ucl, (Irshstue snd Fulton.
Appended sre tbe remsining fxturei
iu the Norlb Vsncouver ssd District
Aiiocislion  Foolbsll  I^sgue  for  the
Allan (tup:
Oct. 5—Lyno Valley v. Caledonlam.
1-    Kngiueers tt Lonidsle.
10   Caledonians   v.   Kngiueers
Sd— Umdale v. Lynn Valley.
Nov. 0   Caledonian! v. Imidale.
II—Engineers v. Lynn Valley.
83—(Jslodoniani v. Lynn Vslley.
ito   liwnulilc v. Kngiueers.
Dec. 14   Kngiueers v. (.'sledouisni.
21   Lynn Vslley v. Umdsle.
•Ian! 4   Lonsdale .v. Caledonian.
II—Lynn Valley v. Ksglsssn.
i      i     i
St. Andrew's Church
Bundsy services: 11:00 s.m. "Hiding
from Ood.'' 7:30 p.m. "The Msa Wbo
ii Over Forty." Adult Bible Class
8:30 p m.   .
The Udies' Aid uf tin'si, Andrew's
1'rcibyterlsn church, Noflb Vancuuver,
are tpsaglsg for a very large sale Sf
work to Uke piece st sn esrly dale.
IPsrUculsra Wsi-
Boute Hoys wsotsd st ths Express
/    . ^
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Hepnirlnir, Remodelling, Btc, 'Promptly   lltllluli.'li   to.
I'iuiliiuik'ii Furnished Free
' iiih,iiim.  i on rum iim
Oflice: Dickinson A Hun's Feel ory. fis-
iiliiiuiile. Phone III.
it,nibi, nee: Allan Koad, Lynn Valley.
V.  0.  BUS  tl,  lllllll  '>eek.   Plione
A.H.I.K. k B.
irrigation, drainege, levele, plsll
and speoifiostioni. Seplio tanks knd
house drainage s ipecially. P. 0.
Dot 344, 16th street west ul Bewicke
And general Couimiieion Merchant, I.'I
l.Oiiiulali! Ave., North Vaucuuver.
Pboue 321
We are . j..-, i;ih -i - in theae linen.
1.1A Lousdale  Aveuue
Cabinet Maker sud Carpenter
Will undertake ali I.u.,In of wuud wurk,
repair*.,   elc.
Fourth Btrsst snd Sutherland Avenue
V. 0. Box um
Studio   over   Bank   II. N. A.
Lomdali and Esltlasodi
norminlon concert
tjDiitfact Suoeen
lllgli disss Udies' sud (Inula1 Tailuring
Repairing  snd   Alterstloni. Olesning
sud Hyoing iu sll ils brunches. Ail
Wnrk gusrsnteed.
Ul First Stroet Weet. Phone SOT
(J. Uuu)
Lsdlss' snd Cents' Cleaning,
Frssslng sud Bepstrlng
s Specialty
120 Second Street Bsst
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
First Btreet Bast of Lonsdsls
l.uHi'id  prieea snd be.il  wurk gusrsu
teed ou tinning snd shoot metsl work.
All kinds uf saws filed ami set oa the
.liun,: i notice. Uwn muweri, knivua,
hedgo shears and seissors sharpened. Ali
work guaruiileud, meliorate pricei.
1231 Lonsdsls Aveuue Pboue 80
Is your Watch stopping ur keep ig
irrogulsr time!   If su, see
l'unicer Jeweller, '>" Lonsdale Aveuue
Adam's Apple
Couldn't have been any nuur templing lhan the apples
wr have on display at this store, not only in <|iuilily and
flavor but also in price.   Come and see for yourself.
We Ijold special sales each Saturday which are
proving lo lie a great success. Come wilh the crowd
and gel in on these bargains we are offering.
1Mb and Louidile
Phous 217
WANTKD FROM $50,000 to $250,000
121 l»nsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
Begs to announce that he hag purchased
the Bakery and Confectionery Business
lately run by Carson's at 143 Lonsdale
Avenue, and will continue to cater to
the public with High-class Fancy Cakes
and Candies     :      :.     ;      •      ;
TBIO    OP    AWtimi    HUMPH*
I'luliiiiblnilly the concert wllipfeJohl
tlio itleiiluui of S largo audience in
Hie lunm.bile Tluuitre nn Wednesday
nililil wai ope of lhe pleasantest eventi
of lha kind which have yut taken place
uu the North Hlmre. Not only won the
fsro Very iiiibiluble und divided into up
petizinp Courses, but tlio entire menl
of inu.'.n WUS di.-died Up tuul i-erved ill
u liinlii.ni ivhieli eiiiild nut have failed
to satisfy the must 'coiilirme.il guurmut
present. Tlio twe)ve-|tsge programme,
in the lira! place, wsi s welcome departure from the miserslile pamphieti
in.null', n .ne,I uu uucli in'eiii'iuin,. There
WSI no nee, I 10 "en nil f run lieu Ily for
each sueeeesive item thruugh iti being
sei-roloij amnugit s laliyrlnth of silver
tUeinenli. Aiiu ihere waa au absence
uf ilnne dresry, lireiomo footuutei telling huw, when, where, end why Chopin
happened to perpetrate u certain masterpiece.
Thia concert waa arranged liy a In
eal Bongstross, \ln,Ininu Xiniuiiiinn,
whusu cuutrulto voice ia one of the
many pleasing ineideiiluli iu lhe life
uf tbis city. Ou Wcdnetnlay night ihe
ttnng several songs lietter, probably,
than ihe had ever eung them befure.
Madame Nurminton'i voice ii uot re
nu,ii..-,lib- for ili power, but her enun
eiatiun in su naturally distinct ami her
Ireiitmenf uf eurefiillv cliusen Minus sii
artiitic thst her appearaneei ere ul
wayi wclcume ami her disappearances
a signal fur warm applauae ami a
hearty recall. Her enntribuliuiiH
thii oeraiion iueludeil Tercia del
lticgu'i "Slave Bong," Iwu chaiisuu
etlci by Carrie Jurulis Bond, "Ilis l.ul
laity" and "I l.ovo You Truly" (the
latter really nut worth while, the letting beiug eiiniuiiinpbiec uml the verso-
ton terribly lenlimeiilal), ileniiaun
Lulir's "Pur the Green" ami "Ho
Puira Pluwer" Slid Aylwsrd'i "Love's
I'liruiiatioii.'' All tbese were charm-
ugly rendered, while the must csptiv-
utiug ot Madame Nurminton'i encore
ditties wui the little iiiotlicr-suiig"Oiily
a Iiuiu tlniall." It .biiil.i les.- wuubl
uul cm-ape thc altcnliuii uf the fern
mine half uf Ihe audience thut the
singer wai very lailcfully gowned, and
that her platform presence and deport'
ment left little, if anything at all, tu
be deiired.
One of the biggest UvStiuUS uf lhc
evening wui accorded Mr. J, D. A.
Tripp, whose pianoforte pluyiug was a
iliitiuel feature uf the programme, lu
a comfortable manner ull his uwn, wilh
nu eccentricities of in ularnnug char
u,ler, and with uu appearance uf ef
furl even during the must formidable uf
l.isvt pussuges, Mr. Tripp contributed
several delightful subis, ranging frum
Itucbinuuiuiiff's fuiuuus and ircijuetitly
murdered Prelude iu C shurp miiiur tu
Visit's i iillmni end rurely ulleinplcd
llliiipsiiilic lliiiigtni-e No. 6. That Mr.
Tripp has in the past provided Vun
cuuver ami ill environ! with many at
couipllihed piuniits is not romsrkiblc
, uusnleiiiig' hii wonderful executive
ability, which, huwever, is never ul
lowed tu obtrude tu the detriment uf un
artistic rendering, llii t'bupiu pre
lm!' were lillle muduii demonitruling
juit huw lo pluy them, while his or
line work ill. the greut rhapsodic must
remain a mystery eveu to those whu pre
lend tu knuw suiuething abuut keyboard
Mr II,,lur,.i r.uill whu il uut u
slruuger lu Ihe Nurth Shore, sprinkled
Ihc .programme with several iplendiil
iuslruiui'utsl items. Ai u violin solo
isl'Mr. I'aull probubly eanuut hud iiis
superiur uu Ihe Pueifje t'uasl. l'u
like Mr. Tripp, be is su srliil with
i,,,.,,, ii ui I In , however, do oot to
any i.\ I nni interfere with tbe soulful
work whieh he extracts frum hit vio
Iiu und the meitcrly rendering! wbicb
be givei ol lhe muit difficult elamplei
uf violin literatures Following upou
ll,,tlnneii 's beautiful "Kouisnec,'
Zarryeki's "Moitourku" pruvided Mr
Paull wilb many upper!unitiei for
lU'Xteroui bowing, while iu Ihe "Aire
Itusses" of Wieuswiki a very bigb
degree of technical perfection wei at
tuiiied, the Wicuawiki Irsditiuui being
upheld, throughout. Not Ibe icsil eu
j,,;.ubl.' iiein wss Ureig'i rjunala iu P
major, iu which Mr. Psuil and Mr.
Tripp collaborated. Tbe violiniet wss
subjected to iuiiitcnt recalls for bis
sole contributions, sud it ii evident
that be bsa s greet inuny admirers on
the Norlb Moure wbo look forwsrd eug
erly to bii future sppeereurci on tbis
•ide of the Islet.
Tbe programme phrase " Miss Hells
Joliiisioii et tbe Pianu" sigiufii'd con
sidrrably more tbst the pbrsae goser
illy doei on iuch occuiious. Anyone
wbu has been foolish enough iu tbe
pgit to look upon accompaniment! si
a kind of necessary incidental (end
Ibere are sues people) ibould bear Miss
Johnston "at tbe piano." Tbii lady,
wbo la oue of Ur. Tripp's most sue-
I'ciiful pupils, wss a,tremendous sup
port to singer ssd violinist alike, eud
throughout the evening did-thoroughly
artistic work, ber plsyisg in conjunction witb Ul. Psuil is bis Wienswski
item being psrtleuls/riy briiilsnt,
the kind tbst one would Hits it attend
mure freipiuntly on tbs %l|t Sbors.
It tfgs olssiiisl, *»ut not ultra -clinical.
■ff'wii.iiiiwiiiiiii.'ijiirinq wi mm
beyond local dupllis. Uo nstdsrlfff 'bat
the weather clerk lurned on nboin
iuublu weather for Ibo oeeusiou, end
fitrlhiir tbst there wss tbs first of an
sllrsetivu serins of danctiB sud an Ini-
pp)Wiri)l»otii|g npourring on tboisme
night, Hie uudiuncu wns numerically
very encouraging indeed. Tlm plug
for "mors music tbut is worth whilu"
which hss time smi again btpp voiced.
in tbeso columns, is apparently being
considered in several directions. It is
In lie Imped that Wednesday iiigbl'i
event in the first of many suuh. efforts,
for ''inle tbe provision of moro eon-
certs of. tbe kind may have a eertuin
ell' .1 upon tlie piuuuiu and gramsphoiie
llliile,.,  ii   is,  nevertheless, a  faet  that
Ibere ii in Ibis eity u very consider
able amount of latent tsleut which
unly enterprisei uf this cbsrscter will
bring tu the fore.
"Mayoral Contest"
Next Tuesday Night
The North Shore Literary ami Ile
bating Suciety deeided on Tuesday
evening thut the inuyural elections in
this cily shuuld take place earlier than
-. In-,liile,I nt nny rute, iu far as the
suciety itself is cuncerned.
- lu ulher wunlj, it wus unanimously
resulved that the next session whieh
will be ou the evening uf Tuesday, Oet.
-L'u,I, shall be 'levuled lu a murk election ■ 'unim ic.i uii strictly pruper lines.
The issues upuu which tlie mayoralty
will be cuulesluil wili be the lueal issues nuw preiluminatiitg in civic pol
ities. There will be twu "candidates'
curli uf wliulu will be pnipu'.e.l and see
uinled. After bearing the speeches in
favor of each, uud utter listening to
thc views uf the "candidates" themselves pulling by Ihc meeting will tuke
place, ami uue uf the twu uspirunts to
inin mnl  honors will  be "returned."
Doubtless lbe occasion will eullfurlh
muny utleruiues un civic mutters
whiili wili be interesting uml useful.
Yuung. Ihuugh lhc society is, huving
unly beeu iu uctual existence three
weeks, tlie membership rull includes al
ready names wbicb ure well knuwn
lliruughuut Nurth Vancouver. Tbe
initial debute served tu Introduce sev
erul i-upublc speakers, while uu Tuesdsy eveuiug whicii wus given uver tu
Impromptu speeches, u number uf live
topics were ubly discounted upun in
lul,Iiu,I fushiuu.
The subjects ruuged frum the pus
sildc effects uf Ihe shooting uf Huuse
veil upuu the Americuu election lo the
eumpurulive Influence of pulpit uud
press; frum the desirability of Ihc ward
system in cities lo Ihe deteriorative
effect! of smoking; from votes for wu
men, tu the ethics uf superstition. It
wus evidenced thruugh0ul thul the Su
riety bus aiuougil its inimbcrs several
wilh u versatile kunwbWc uf Ihc
world's nilnii.. uud, upurt frum Iheir
i'i... .i.i und interesting cliuruetcr, these
evenings shuuld become incrcusiiigly
pupulur frum a generally educating
The meetings ure open to the pub
lie Any uudieiiec, io long as it does
nut exceed lhc seuting eupueily uf the
Publicity II,mm . ou I j - luiui, I,- West,
is welcomed by the suciety, whu arc
well u.v.in- Ihul muny uf Hi ene visit
,i will wish lo join actively in the
society's proceedings sooner or later.
The next meeling promises to be a
big event, uml thc |iurtieulir uature uf
it shuuld certainly appeal to the many
men whu ure interested ill the civic
government of North Vuncuuver.
Enterprising and
Prosperous Firm
Messrs, Hutchisuu, I'umputuu k Co.
are calling the attention uf the invest
ing public lo their subdivision in this
rily. II suys much fur Ihc business
ucuuieu of this yuung Arm that Ihey
sre able lu eon I ml iuch a large trait uf
valuable property, having been In tbr
realty business but twu yeurs. Mr
Hm. In- on is one of Ihe pioneer busi
nest men of the North Shore, having
established the business five yeurs ago,
UOW being operated by Mr. I), ti,
Scott, comer of Mahou aveuue and
Keilb road. Mr. Hutchison spent a
yesr in the ofli.c of Meiers Irwin k
Hillings srquiriiig u knowledge oi tbe
brokerage business before engaging ou
his own account. Mr. t.'umpsluu isaiio
a Nortb Sbofe pioueer, having left s
position in tbe Huyal Hank, Vencouver, to take up newspaper work bere
five years ego. Mr. t'ompiton grsdu-
eled from Ibe office of John Alexso
der k Co. .us s rooveysneer in 1.10.
Faith in Norlb Vencouver snd strict
attention 'to buiineu l«e* frsduslly
built up s clientele wbicb sssures tbs
future of tbis firm ss resl eilstc bruk
ers sad bouse sgents.
llth Qotobor, m»
To fidltor"B*p.sss,"
Nortb Vsusouvsr.
Ra Propused 8y-J*W iu Wss. Vs»-
cuuver fur Hoads iu
lu cnniiectinn with the byl»W Wb>b
tbe West Vsusouvw.eouueil projipsus
to pass insisting upun s|| pr»p«rty own
ers constructing a rosd Iweuty-fuur feet
Wide around any lund whieh they sub
divide wbere s full rosd allowance is
giveu aud to construct a ruad twelve
fee, Wido wb«.o b»lf rosd -sllowsnce
Is given, |t appears to mo tbst tbis by
In iv  is Imiii  HUJUSt SUd  illegal fol  lhe
following reasons;—
1. Properly owners will be Used
With Ibis expense from tbe dute of lbs
passing of tbs by law, sud they bsve
already shared the expense in tbo pusl
for roods being upeued for the benefit
uf sll the otber property owners.
2. Oue of tbe principal ways for tbe
lev.■ 1,,|,111, in of s district is tbe opening
,p of new ruuds, and tbe proper!
owners sro tssed sccordingly tsf*pro
.ide revenue for tbis purposef' Tbis
prineipsl is universally reeoguued smi
he evasion of it by burdening pruperty
ni iicn. wilb the making nf roads
iiirougli tbeir own land is absolutely
il. One uf the main sources of rev
•nui- tn u municipality is the increased
laxaliun lu be derived frum subdivided
un,I. and the enfurccincnl ui mli a
bylaw as ia' propused wuuld be a
,-iiiiiii- ileletienl fur lnml uwncrs III
One uuiiiiiii refrain from criticizing
sueb a in Inv, iu uny uther way than
adversely; its provisions arc conceived
u a paltry and shurtsighted manner,
and it luuks as if the benefits riwultiug
from its enfurcemepl wuuld largely be
/ur inn.'" individuals, whelher coun
ill,,m ur'citucns, whu have been fur
,n,.,i,- enough iu having had their land
subdivided before the bylaw wus
bought uf. The comparison wilh Point
Irey, whicii has been made, is beside
he quesliun, us thut niuuieipulity is
■cveral yeurs ahead uf West Vaucuuver
uu,I is subdivided tu a very much larger
eitent, ami has a much smaller urea
Ihun West Vancuuver.
Yuurs truly,
First Local Matriculant
Gill university lust summer, mulling
very creditsblo marks. Hiu rocord in
Utiu, prose sud siubt muling wus re
foarJmMtr, namely Mfflip WITI "
possible hundruil. His murks iu
Preneb (8Q) uml in ulgobrs (711) wero
also bigb.
Tbis Bugrd of Trails prize was provided st tbo suggestion of Mr. Stephen
st that time local monagpr uf tliu Hank
Of B. N. A., unil ehiiirmiin of llm II-
nuiii'i! eiunmillei' of the Hourd. Aflur
Mr. Hii'iilien'ii removal lo Torunto, llio
i""|e. i    WUS    eiiiiin.in unnlli    u,loptui|
by the succeeding cliuiriiuiii, Mr.  \\.
lilckinion of tho llnynl Bank nf Cun-
The pri.-e (Ihu vulue of H'liii'li is nut
III    e-eei'.l    twenty     linlluli.i    il    In    1)0
pr.-.Hi'iiii'd unnuully io llio pupil grud-
n.iiini: fruin tbo iinni high schuul wilb
the highest standing am| wus won !■•
Mr   I.UVV'I'enee   by   lilllle   of   III.   In ill.:
Ibe lirsl student of llm local high
school tb pu:-, tbe matriciilaliuu ux
uniiniiiiiiiis. The presentation wus
made on Wediiesiluy evening during the ,
annual meetiug of lhe Huurd, by Mr.
Alexander Smith, reliriug president,and
cup; uf the pueins uf
Hyrou snd uf
lllll VV I'l      I.l llllll','.
'The luisl  Du
I'ompeii,''   The  preseiitutinn   ui     u<
i'oni|ianieil by Ihe president with     lew
wull  chosen   words  uf  I'ucourug im-nt
and ad vice uud the Incident wus ifudly
uppluudcd   by   lhe   members   ui'lih
srNiti'sis uv riisi. hinim.
iiiu.i 'i..vi'uiNh
The huuur uf being the lirst itudent
lu win tbo Buard uf Trade prize as u
gin,luull of the lucul high schuul, bus
mil, n lu Mr. I'. A. Lswronce uf this
city. Mr. laiwrence is a sun ul Mr.
uud Mrs. Geu. Idiwronce, llth slreei
eusl, this city, und utlcndeil the lueal
high schuul fur twu years,   ile passed
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
Wltb Wbicb is Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
Nortb Vaueouver Branch: 67 Lonsdsls Avenue, opposite Post Office.
Bepreseutlug Lyuu Greek Zinc Mines Limited.
Bee our new Port Moody Subdivision on the Dowdncy Trunk Bosd.
Lots from fl76 up.
Houses to Sell or Rent
.,      • -—-
We have some splendid buys at
Reasonable Prices
Houses of aH sizes to rent
Excellent four-room suites. Close in, $17.50 and $22.50
P.O. Box 1820
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
fl Let tu quote you rates od Fire, I JU and Accident   •
McMillan & reid
Phone 414.
10 IjONBDAI/K avknuk
Cuul mining rigbtu uf (be Ituuiliiloii
In Munllobu, Builcutcbewuii uud Albet-
u. the Vnl.,,1, Territory, the Nui-lli-w.-si
Terrllurleu uml In ti portion ■■' Q'c |no-
vluce ul Brlllih I'oluirjble, muy be tensed fur u term uf twenty-ope years ut
an unnuul t,-iii.il uf 11 an acre. Net
in,ut iiiiiii 2.5G0 acre! will lie ll'Uleil lu
une upjiilcuut.
'.,ii,.,,,    fur u teusc must be inadi
by the uuiiliciint In i i  lu llie Atreiit
ur Sub-Agoul of llie dlilrlcl lu whieb
Ihe rlglils untitled fur un.- lliuuteu,
In surveyed lerrllury the lnml must
bu ileleribed liy iccllutis, ur lettiil sub-
dlvliluiis uf Suctions, mul In uiisiii-vey-
cd lerrllury llic true! u; ih. ,1 fnr sliull
be   llukcd   uul   by   lliu   ..; , ile.,1.1   Sll 111 -
!•:.,, ii ..i■ i-Ii i   must be iiecuiiiiiun-
led by a fee of 16 which will 1)1 re
funded If the rights u|i|iileil for ure nut
avullubfe. bul nut ulberwise. A royalty ahull be puld un tbu iiicieliuiiliiblo
,,uinnl ul the initio ut the rule uf live
cento per tun.
Tbe perion iiperuiluu Ihe mini' sliull
furnleli Ihu Agent with iwurn returns
accounting  fur  tlie  fpll  unuiilliy    uf
in, i,'!,, l-l,   iim)  iulu, ,i und puy  the
royalty   thorcon    if  the  cuul   mliilnit
I rlghtl ure not being operated, iuch c-
turill ibould be lui m. I...I ul li-iiit iilue
lu year.
The I- i.u will Include Iho cuul mil,Inu
rights only, bul the lessee muy be pwr
inltled 11 purchuie whatever uvallable
aurfucc lights muy be coniidered mc
cuiury lur Hie wurklng uf lbc mine ul
the rule if tl" un ucre
Fur full lur,,ininli,ui iii'idlciiltuu
ihuuld be mudo lit tbu eecretary uf tbu
Depurimciit uf the Inlcrlnr, Otluwo. or
(u uny ugcni ur Hub-Agent uf Ibitnlnlun
W. VV. cony,
Deputy Minister ur the Interior
N.   B.—flnuulhol'lied   pulillciillun   uf
this   i,,u. i lis, iu, in   will   nut   be   puld
for. »»
r- i '        .'. I..'". ■■
J .   I  li   . i I   I'     "   .        . ".I!.
H Hillli i<l i
Not the Last &eat West, but the
j          tJA
.       "if        j
1             I
17         1
\             J
It         1
|        4
IJ         1
\      s
A     «        "
\         9
u      ;
.         7
/_»      ;
.      o
//      i
1         •
IO       \
"       -MM
\m   i
^TT These close in CITY LOTS are offered for sale
W for the first time. They are located directly north
11 of the new docks in District Lot 265, and will
benefit immediately from the industrial and commercial
developmenst which are coming there through the advent
of  the  Pacific  Great  Eastern (G, T.P.) Railway
^Tj This is the LAST CHANCE to secure choice
%\   residential view properly at first cosl.   The prices
I are Well within the scope of persons of moderate
means. Lots from
Exclusive Agenti
Ullll    1111/   -VA7L/V,   VII      U.IOUIIU   Wl      lll\-JV.| ta...
$575 to $675
Hutchison, Compston & Co.
Res. Phone; Thoi. Hutchison 196
Telephone 225
Res. Phono; W. Compston $1
*  i.n ■ i i ■■ ii, i ■
* neonngrreiMenti
Tso sddress of tbe retiring president
of the liunrd of Trsile lo ttts meeting Of Hint lindy nu Wediiesdsy night
WSS SS follows)
'iQentlemen,->^Bsfors vscstiug this
cliuir the dur^rfevolves upon ne of glv
iug p resume of tho past session of
this hoard.
''Tbo North Arm Hall wsy was one
of tho first important sud vitgl sub
j,-.-is taken up Ity tbe members. A
franchise was ssked for liy s.cotnpsny,
tho nrigiustors boiling from Viatoris,
whu wished to bridge Ihe arm at Turtle
Island. This Hoard used sil its pow
ers sud with the sid of our member ol
parliament, Ut. Stevens, wo were able
in get this |,inject turned down, owing
tu His iiiisiiiisl'iiclnry Hay tills proposition was pul up lu us hy the proinul
ers, Luler thii project wss takeu up
by the i'. P. 11., which has not seen
ils way to cnnfiiriii to the privileges
The Cheapest Buy on, the
Avenue is the SVi of Lot 34,
Block 228, D. L 545. Price:
$3,000 on very easy terms.
See our list of North Lonsdale
213 Lonsdale Avenue
way commissioners,
"Hnwevnr, wo »«' uow »M
grstulsts ourselves that S si'lieinu, in
which wa tuuk u keen interest sl uu
curly psrt of this session, I refer to
the Pesos Bivsr Bsilws}', whli'h now is
kpow'n OS the, foeiltc QjWl Hssleru
Ilailway Co., so ably fnstorod by the
lluuiinroblo Hir Hicliurd Meilride. Ile,
by his groat porsiiusjvo abilities, |iS5
linen able to bring togeljisr tho Ifowi
Bound and I'omlierlun. MSsdowst 3sl!
wsy po„ smi the P, Cl. M. ilstlwsy,
who hsya tskso over thslr inls.ssts,
Which now clears the way from thai
liuilil   fo  Port   Ueurge.    'I'lie   right   Of
way hetwoen Htjuumjsh isml Rurrs'rd
lulet is yel |u In' rivlilicl.
The Seoom! iDsrrows luidgo is m,w in
:i iiiiiiIi bettor coitililiun llnuiiciuliy
Which WO nine In credit tu the ■ iffoi'l
of uur nienibcr. I'nfnrtuustely » con
sidershlo amount uf uppusiliun has oris
un uu Hie psrt of sumo membsrs nf tin
.Shipowners' Assoeiatiun and a tew pt
Vuncouvur Ibnird uf iiinle lUClllUr
putting furward various ichumcs t > Isl.
Ihu place uf the bridgo.
"AH of which I have not the least
duubt will Hole out in thu near future.
'iWillt regard to" harbor improve
incuts, Mr. Sunn's report, which has
been in the lum.Is nf the government
for some time, but not made public,
whicii I think uu, urs well fur the North
bhore. I think, nevertheless, il would
be tu nur interest to ask thai this re
purt be published, ss we msy reul ss
sured thut this side of Ihu Inlet hm
been wlill cared fur.
"The subway under the ti. I'. II. was
i.lt-u iiinlliei of llic many needs men
for by us. We hsd thu prupusiliun put
up by. the (I. T. P. Ilailway nf su uv er
head bri Ige, which I think we did
right in defeating when, fur this- con
eeieiun we hud tu give away IIU del uf
the smith purl uf uur wharf as a right
uf way fur iheir freight trallic. All
this publicity has resulted in thc Mm
ister uf iluilvvays granting a 25 fuul
subway instead uf ID feet as formerly
arranged, lie alsu put Die burden on
Vancuuver eily lo prepare tne plans
snd see this wurk earritii uu', ivhieh
in my opinion is es it should be, coo
siderfng lhc number uf Viinoi.ver residents who use the ferries in visiting
tho beauty s|iols uf Ihc Nurth Shore
"(lenlleuien, J must lin.uk yuu nil
fur thc way you have attended ihu ese
eulive uml general meetings und it bus
given mc great pleasure lo preside over
these meetings, nur gentlemanly b.
Iiiun,,ii "niinl,iiiiii" consiilcrul|ly io
this ul all times.
"My special thanks arc due to Vice
president, Mr. Mridgiuaii, Hecyelsry, Mr
Donaldson and Mr, Hhsw the treasurer
uin, have so ably aaiiiled me in lbc
work of Ihe HuSrd of Trade."
The Monarch Malleabh
Everybody knows the Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, it will pay you to investigate the Monarch. It costs less, lasts longer and
burns less coal or wood than any olher malleable range
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 86 105-7 F^planade West
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody,
$250 cash and $30 a month,
Apply 104 Esplanade, W^t
local Agsote lot British Empire Horse Insurance Co,, London Assurancs
Ws will be plsssed to h*ve listings; slso bonus for ssls or rent.
9hem m. v. o. vtt tan
Tn Uie l-ulilur of the North l
it,   \t s meeting linbl runout-
ly lo discuss the nisttor of the Hncoiul
Narrows bridge, ppp at the speakers
ni It'll iitlentlnu tn the eiinrmuini fiun
lily of wuli>|- •'»«' passed through Iho
tWO nsrrifW channels In Hm Vum nuver
.iptrhor, seeming to imply thut tins was
onoHf imt tb* fl»l» objei'tlun to the
'nidge us i-h, ii miii by the Wolfs B»f-
'I'heie seems to be an entire mi,",ill
"I'tiiiii in the minds uf those who op-
pii.-e lbe scheme in regurd lu ihe uon-
■isvigubility  of  tlm  Second   Niirruvvs.
II most be borne in mind lhat the
ids rip is sliurii uf its fury snd dun
ur on entering the placid aspsnse of
hu bsrbor between tiie two Nsrrows,
Held in cheek by the larger body of
valcr Ihc furlher rise of Ihs tide is
iiiilrnllu.l and adopled for psvigetiun
if any i|itscrlpliun—bridge iiiitwilli
.1. M'.WIIItliilMi
* H ll f»rf»t\et,
"It's a line pluy, don't ypintiliiltr:
"Quits unfurgsiisWsl   Wliorssbsll
; Wt bsvs iiipper nftorwarif?"-^ Rim.
A i-hoi'ulalo'browii in .lapanese crept
['rum lhc uph il.--t.-i. i'. is ttsc.| fui
hemmed lulde i-uvers, slciieiled in mns(
ulTeetivo colors. Those covers inskc
sluniiing gifts.
On iin sufl bim-.n a light pullv
eolur is usud witli H brick red, snd
the pattern Is one of the simplest of
tin' runuiug stencil design.
'i'lu -i- i.il,lc i-uvers ure mude nf a
sipuire measured by thc width nf Ihe
crape, thirty indies, ur else they rep-
resent Iwu widths ur oven three, oyer
easl together by hand wilh silk lu
malch the crape and wilh stitches su
flue sa lu bu unnoticed. The hems
alsu are nol conspicuous, an eighth uf
uu inch being uue nf the favorite
ideas in hem meaiureineiil.
I'iiiu crape has been most effectively
used, gray blue with a decoration of
dull purple and sage green suggesting
llie colors of the iris.
While of a creamy lone is stencilled
with pule yellow and brillant itraugc
in conventional design.
Four si|uurcs of yellow crape are
joined with narrow gold luce insert id,
In form a large tabic euver, each eor
nor of Ihe finished piece being decor
sled iu long Japanese did lies will,
gold thread in a wundcring leaf design
The soft shades und the crape ijuulilv
suggest ulmi,st endless possibilities fm
There is nothing new ihou! scuding
a handkerchief fur a Christmas ofler
iug, liul i...ti,in uuu.il stole the in
nmi.- variety of the muuehuir, and, uo
matter huw well the recipient may In
provided with theae very necessary ae
rcsturics, uue more never eomci amiss
Almost every, needlewoman nowadays make tiuttenherg lace, and the
huiidkerebicf illustrated hero is a luve
ly example uf thii bandsume variety.
The center is of Aneit linen, with thc
lace pattern littcd about it.
stamped paltcrui, as every uue
knows, are to he purchased in lure
designs, and all the In,, n.nl.. r has lo
do il tu stitch thc kind uf llaltcnberg
braid sbe elects tu use uver the stamp
ed design, then hll t'u the lace stilelie,
with Nu. 1000 linen thread. A pearled
edging finishes the design.
If the recipient's initials arc worked
iu tiny letters iu one curner uf the
handkerchief they give au individual
touch that is most attractive and .-iuuu
When polishing thc ituvc add a
little sugar or syrup to the polish uin,
it will not born off so (prickly.
"We older nullum grs more eppmv
sllvu," coiifewtsd Ihs distinguished vl.
Hor. "We wunl things to go pn ns
the; bsvs always gone."
"1 see." ii'iilieil the-Interested lis-
isper. "That Is why lbs couslsot ru-
mor thst Europe Is on tbs verge or wsi
doss not disturb you."-Wssliliigloq
Ths Tis Thll Bindi.
"If you ain't nut along wltb yooi
husband wby don't you ids for dl-
"I wiiiiiii |( it wasn't for ons tbing."
"What's Ibst?"
"Uj poor deur llttls Pldo. I dire not
deprive bim of s win's protectlon."-
Uetrolt free Press.
NlVSr Anticipated.
i    There srs Just two Ihlngi
j tills world tbst s man Is nsvsr
i prspsrsd for-twlns.-Judge.
I two things In 3
S msq Is nsvsr |
Ins-Judge.    '
Ne Bpssd Limit
Un. Fljjlt-Uow do you sccount for
tbs fact tbst s woman can make s dol.
isr go farther tbau s msn csof
b'lJJIt-I guess It must bs bacsuss sbs
makes It go fsster.-Bmart Bet.
The Chsnglng Eait.
"Confucius wss ouce tbs ruling spirit
In t 'liluu,"
'Yes, eud now It's confusiou."-
Humor and
DBOBAB-T most of us would bs oa
lbs slds of I'rorldencs If ws could
clearly   understand   wbst  Profldsncs
wauls us to do.
Money Is s good thing to bsvs, pre*
sided you know bow'aud whsn to Isl
goof It
A college education doesn't slwsys
sntirely rulo s boy. Bs reforms to alas
esses out of ten.
An eitrsvsgsnt wlfs ts so escellenl
pereon to keep op tbs clroulsOoo of her
busbsad sad bis curreocy.
Tbs mso wbo lets bis wlfs tike to
wssblog to support tbs family gensr-
ally bu tims to look over tbs politics!
iltuallon sud determlos which will bs
tbs successful candidate.
Hank Ulnee says tbst psylng debts
st sight is bis tdss of a depressing occupation sfter s man bai labored btrl
Prslss your boss occasionally. Bs Is
doubtless human sod migbt par prst
Illy If be ebould hear of It
1 ■ ■ ■
We bsve Just rsceived s large ibiprueut of Boys' High Out Boots In blsck
sad tso, wltb or without bucklce, ell SOUP LEATHBB and VtiLLY WA-
TBBPROOPBP. Theae sre for tbe boysNrhs went to be well shod sod
bsvs tbs same u Us other fellow. \
I*ok well to your boy's feet sad see tbst he gets somethinkon them thst
will keep them dry. —"""t*-—'
Boys' Solid Leather WsUrproofsd Vet It    UM
Hsns' Solid leather Calf Lined BooU    g..%
Uim' Solid Esther lii loch top ta blub at tau    ..fm
Wss' Hoi Calf Boots for winter wssx  um
\}'    * "I      -C=
Everybody's Shoe Store
P, 0,1*15      WWT#TWEfKA|T
Td. 393
Be prepared for
the cold ana miserable weather by
purchasing one of
plir heaters
We have thirty
different styles for <
both wood and
coal and every one
mill1, i        i 'I
Give ut a trial
Mil  *l ,,     "ill ll	
paine & McMillan
Don't Take Chances!
Buslnsss msn snd buslnsss bouses
srs uiuolly Judgsd by ths printed matUr tbsy send out
Can you afford to tsks chsucss with
your printing when good work in tbis
llui costs llttls, tf sny, mors.
We Do Good Work
First Street Bsst, North Vsncouvsr
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
COs have moved
to 59 Lonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanade.
» ••■*»


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