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Volume 10
NpwVmjouvbb, B.O., Fjijpay, Fpbpahv 10, 19U
Police Commissioners
Tlm regular tin-ill iiiit of the police
cimmiasioiiurs win hold yoiterday
mornll'il wilh Mayor MoNeiih in (he
chair and Oomminionori Hendownn
and .Iiickiiin present.
Th* police report for the monlh ol
.lunuury wuti lubmitted aa lollowi I
i'iiiii|ilniniH 2), reporti from ronila-
blcs 83, impiosti I, plaoei ol hiuiu.il
lound open after boura VI, tirliclua re-
portad hut 9, articles found 1, warrant! executed 9, Arei attended l.i 3,
tick periom attonded to i, mt|uir'.t's
Inr perioni A, lummomioi 'J. lar
cony reporti 9.
The Ohio! reported that ho had engaged two now mon, making the lores
leven men, (1. Prime wai raised lo
lhi rank ol patrolman and a imw
man, Shannon, wai appointed rrnuler
and poundkeepor. The olher m-w
man wai Percy Oravea.
Tbe polico roport while showing an
inoreaied number ol lurcony repa .1 l.i,
waa really iniignificant in tho vului
ol gpodi itolen, Out ol the Ifi |iwllp'
court caaei 13 were nil'iriril by liquor.
The Chiol reported that there were
4 interdiction! in tho city at proniint.
Tbe poundkeoper'i roport Inr the
lame poriod wai road. Both tipotli
wen adopted.
k lettor wai read Irom Cuiistnblc
Prima explaining why lhe wutorworki
loreman or engineer were not upprnis-
wl ol an imminont danger to tho wuler main in Lynn Valloy loivnlly
through a itroam ol wulor flowing
ovar Iho pipe.
Thi. daiigor wiih repotted hy II. ('.
Klactric Carotuker 11. Urorolon. J
Prime waa notified ubout 11 o clock
at night but Ihough lie mude lovoral
attnnpli he wai tumble lo get into
phone communication with eilher of
lh| oRiciali. Tlie danger, however,
puiicd ovor harmlwily.
Tbe chief wan iinlriicti.il to impreii
upon hii force the imporlunce of al
leading lo those nporta immediately
npon their receipt.
A reiolutiott win moved by Com
miuionar Ilmidi'mon uud icconilnl by
Com. .1 ui-kiioii railing Cuniluble Slew
art lo Iho rnnk ul sergeant.
The Chiel reported Ihul bo had bean
iippiiinia-il lomporary building inapcel
or by the council but on account ol
hii own dutici could nol Inllil tbe
now appointment in a proper manner.
Th. muyor iaid it win tho intention
ol the council lo appoint u building
nnd plumbing inipeclor at onco.
Tho citiniatci lor lull wero considered and pulled ol lollowi :
Salariei 87680, unilormi $430, con-
•tables' bod. I'in, typewriter 8126, On-
ineiii till, patrol boxen H-'tnn, prlion-
•'i»' clolhoi tin, priionern' tranlporlu
lion t'lti, bourd H'ifin, stationery uin
printing IAD, (deplume* iih. norrel
•orvice iln. gymnuiiuni tm.
The   nultilien   IlllV,'   Ini'll   i 11* I i-nna'il    in
Ilia lollowing manner: Chief, ll'iTipei
month, and clolhing allowunco ol Slim month; Sergt. Slowarl, IIIUI.
Ciiniiibl.' lllako, IUD; Prime, l--'i .
Weii, |W; Graves, 876, and (iuolor
and Pniindkei'piT Shannon, 171.
Th. annual mealing ol lhc North
Vancouver Coniervolivc Amodulion
wu hold Tuoiduy evening in Lanun'i
paviiion    with   a    larg.   altondunce.
Many new punies were oitrotlr.i »ii ;■
whom are leveral who have boon
■trong and prominent workvri in the
parly ranki eliowhore.
Th. oHicari lor the eniuing year
wwe ejected ai lollowi: Honorary
pneidenli, Hon. U. L. Hordon and
Hon. Hii-loiitl Mi Hnili'; honorury vice-
presidents, Hon. ti'. L. Carter-Collon
and Gao, H. Cowan, H.P. . president,
Han. }{• Morden; vice-preeident, 8. I).
SofculU ; aacrelary, Percy King ; lieu-
•urer, A. T. Kennedy, mombcri ol In-
Call weculiv., the above wilh Mcuri.
William McNoi.li, A. 0. Slracey, Vi.
0. Gladwin, al. 11. Paine and 1'). Peon.
JUprwenlativea on Kicltinond Conner-
vaiive Aaiodation, William McNriib,
Um. H. Morden, 0. P. Foreman, Ben
Mm Gladwin and Wm. Knowl...
A tdagram conveying greeting, wan
read from Ilm. H. Cowan, M.P., and
lh. aeeretary waa Inatrucled to fond
a luitaH. nply.
k reaolution witb referenoe to the
propoaad raciprooity agreement wni
paaaed ah ordered forwarded lo Geo.
H. Cowan, M.P,
Mr. 0, M. Woodworth waa In attend-
acne npreaenling Ihe executive of lhe
provincial aaiodation, and ddivorud a
ettnng oreelieel eiitta* dealing with
tho neconity for and the mel limln ol
Ihoroiigh organization.
Following Mr. W<wdwor|b'i nddron
Mr. William MoNoiib outlincil a i'liiii
ol active vyor)t which ||ad beon adopted by the executive and oikod for vol-
iintoori lo ttiiiit in currying the plnn.
to completion.    Thfl nccesne.ry number
ol hol pen wai innn auurod.
Several muttori of datail were 10-
lerred to the executive alter which the
mooting adjourned.
The lorry directon have decided lo
ropluri! Ihe two gai arc lighti at llie
norlh end ol thu lorry wburl with
. In ii'i I irli i.■. limilar to those in operation on other parti ol tlie wharl.
Thia change will cunlorm wilh the
whiilo and complete tho effect ol a
moil superior lighted thoroughfare to-
■idci adding to tho attractivcnoiii ol
lho wharl.
Board of Trade
A goncrul mooting ol the North Vancouver lloiinl of Trade on Tuesday
evening lust decided to lend cx-Alder-
iii"n Irwin lo Ottawa to reprcaont the
intorciti ol tho Hoard in connection
with tho upplicution lor a Dominion
lubnidy towurdi the conatruction ol
the Second Nttrrowi liridgo. Al tho
expenses ol tliii delegate will be provided eipiully by (ho cily nntl diitrict
councili, the city incorporated in iti
reiolution a strong recommendation to
the liniiiii ol Trade that it icnd Mr.
Irwin. When llio time lor making the
appoint mi'iit i'a nn' around at fuel-
day'i meeting A. K. Keuly inov.id,
necondod by L. ltcda, that Mr. Irwin
In- nppoinii'd the deloguto, Alderman Smith moved, leconded by Vi. •).
Irwin, thai Mr. Philip be lent. A ballot wai found nocciiury und when lhe
count wan mudo up by the presi IB-
preieututivei tho remit .bowed 10
votei for Mr. Irwin uml I lur Mi.
Philip. Mr. Irwin wui then lormully
In conned ion with thu "burning"
queation ol coul on thin aide ol Iliu Inlet, Mr. Kenly niuile uu important un-
tiouiiccmenl to the effect thut lie uniler nl noil lliul un u remit ol atrong
ia la-t.-i.-uu-i received in Vancouver Inun
Premier Mcllridc, Ihore wun u likelihood thai many ol tho Vuneouver
coul dealers would'open up brunch l's-
i.il'li 1,nn iii a on thii lido of tho Inlet.
Further nnd more definite information
wan thul Evans, Colcmnn und Evani
woro going to open u brunch busi'ies.t
ut tho top ol llio hill, ll wui purpoa-
oil to bring thoir mpply oi coul over
by C.J'.K. on acowi nnd huve lliem
lukeu up tho hill on the II. C. Klectric Iracki. There wun u rumor Iimt
lurge coul bunkori would noon be cn-
labliihcil. Tliii wun in lhc lorm ol un
nno iin i, il itatem.nl by Mr. Keuly who
could nol make uny definite or officiul
•lalemcnli ni to iti corroctneni.
At the next rogulur meeting of the
Hoard udttrennea will ba given by P.\-
Prciidenl Dick and Mr. Barker of the
Trunnpoi I ation Bureau, Vancouver.
The chairman auid Ihul lhe conljr-
once ul lite Joint nitiiticipulilien hud lo
be poitponcd on uccount ol lho
nmallpo.v through tho Fruier Valloy.
Aid. ilenderion and Mr. Irwin, up
poinl e<i recently to reprelent tho
Hoard of Trade ut Victoria in connection with protecting Iho North Shore
niiiii-hIm in lite gruuling ol churtcrn
lor iconic ruilwuyi up (irouno Mo<iu-
lain, reporlod on Iheir Irip und the
■ l.-i ii iln ol the meeting ol the railway
committee when tho bill lor Ihe Cupil
po lino wai punned up to lite limine.
The Maple Lenl Dancing Club will
hold n grand ntuii|Uorode bull in the
lli.iiinuliiiinl hall on Tueiday .veiling next. Wiinii-i'n full oitiieiiia from
Vancouver will proyid/e tho mpiic.
llcfroelimenla will bo scrvod and lule
can have been engaged for the occu-
lion.    Dancing from 9 till X
The luneral ol the lulo Kobt. McDowell look place from Ilnn on Broi.
undertaking purloin, 'imi etroot, yesterday nl I p.m.' to Mountain View
cemetery,. Vancouver, whore jnlormout
waa made. A tribute to one who
wai held in high oiloem by hii (dlow
i-iti/enn wai given to dccoaiod by the
many Iriondi preaent and Ihe floral of
(eringi presented,. All the children
were preaent when Iho laat iad rltee
were porformod by Rev. ,|. H. Hooper,
vicar of St. .John'i church. Tho pall-
bearon wero; A. H. Steacey, A at. W.
Hay, I). G. Dick and Cepl. I, Kickham,
Court of Revision
Tb» cjty council, Mayor MoNoiih, Air
ili'iiiii'ii lli'iiili'i'iion, Smith, Mi'llne apd
lliil sitting mi a court af revjijpn on
tlie aaieiament rull yeitlei'dny heard
many objection, ngaimt alleged ezoci-
livo aiioiimonli for 1011.
The principal objoolionl woro raited
by tho waterfront owneri, but with
the exception of the Lomdulo oitnto
and the Nortii Vuneouver Land Co.
and ;.iti'ii' minor instancci tho aieena-
or'a assessment was anitninnd, Notable amongit tho hitter wai the ap-
peiilu of A, Wallaco and II. A. Jones,
waterfront owneri. About I wenl y ol
tho uppoali out ol a poniiblo total of
'IH or 27 wore diiallowcd.
1). Campbell, owner of lot 33, block
Ififi, D. L. 274, complained against tin
valuation placed on hii improvement a.
It wai reduced by 1200.
H. A. I oin ■ appourcd in support til
hia appeal against the assessment, of
tt-filtil on 100 feet gj watcrlroni ago.
The complaint was mado as tlio ns-
soasmont wai termed inconiiilcut witli
surrounding values and population. It
Vnncouvor llio ruto on wotcrfronlngti
was ouo-third of North Vancouver's
ruto. Waterfront property while being
inercnseil by ubout 10 por cent, hus
uo improvements compared wilh other
property in the city such oa at recta,
etc., ho suid. He mentioned lho low
ruto in Now Westminster, i'he mayor
suid thut river frontnuc could not be
compnrcd with tho wolerfronlugo her.
Aid. Smith nuiil thnl Norlli Vancou-
ver waterfront assessments could nol
bo compared willi C.P.R. properties on
the waterfront in Vancouver where
there seemed to bc some urrnngcmouls
aa to a low ruto which could nol lu
aucrrttiiued. Portlier lho nnseaamcnls
hud to bu mude according lo the idling values.
Mr. .Ionian dcclarod Ihul ouo could
not allot al to put on improvements at
such a ruto of Inxatioji. Il would
havo u tendency lo discourage indiia-
trioa coming in.
Aaaeanor .Loutet auid Ilia duty was
lo uaecsa lhe properly on un ei|uilublo
basis wilh general cnah idling values
tiiia.ii. lioat the cities, Ai regards
thc Vancouver waterfront unneinntt'iil
Mr. Loutet said lliut for some reason
which lie wus unable to Iind out the
wutcrfiont properly nlong llic Inlet
wus nsnonnctl very low while Pulse
Creek 'properly belonging lo individual owners wai unnenncti nl the rule
ol fi'iio a lool. He said the Municipal
Onuses Aet gave liim power lo usnenn
up to lite •■.■!. li value ol lite properly.
Altl. Henderson t|uestioned if the
ea:.It knockdown value wun much more
lliun hull ol lite selling price on lime,
lie tiid not know where Ihe bnnis on
v.imli to work lho values out wai to
begin.   It   1 l.l not be itarled Iront
the watcrlroni und lhc unnenniuunln in
tlic city were, ai compared lo olher
dlici, iuch ui to ilm.nii.i indui-
Iriea, Could the city in u period of
Imnl titni-.'i bring these uaaeaamenls
down nnd ut llic sumo time meel  nil
"I'I I I'.'i I "I l ■'   7
Alil. Mcliuc poinled out ihnt tho
council ni'ini! ui a court oi revision
could do nothing in lho mnller. il
in.i11 ..I nl not v. Iiiii Vancouver's us-
scssmonl was Norlh Vuneouver wai
governed by lho Municipal Citruses Act
which   directed   Ihnt   the    msessnicnt
lio'ilal   be cipinlized ull over the cily.
Aid. Dick could not ice witul battel
protection the cily would wanl for lhc
v.ni.-1 li<.ni uaneasmonls now were a-
boul a third of the selling value Tho
wal ii Ironl, ho suid, wus helil by men
win) could afford it.
Mr. .Linen laid llinl lite annesimcnli
at the rato thoy woro being raised'
would ii|ueozc thom out.
Aid. Hctiderion iiiggciled Ihul tliey
ji[y tlio latter ovor for Iho purpoio ol
making ini|Hin<* ai to valuoi olio-
where but it wRf,i,,twi "ul "lul lhe
court could not deal' Vth t]'m' h°;
cauie thoy wero bound by 'v!0 "U",C1-
pol Clauioa Act lo cqualizf'(fc "''
soisnioiiti gonerully in thii diyi'" 'V'
Aid. Smith iaid that if c«/,,idM'
ation wai to bo given tho wot/""1
owneri tho ownen on Pint ' rc0
ihould bo troatod likowiio. f" ,or
Now Wcslminslor having low ifMM*-
mcnls hc had bought lomo lund \ °'e
lot 11600. Ho wai auoiied Ihe vll0W
year al Him. In thet'iame year |^
lold the land (or 13,600. 1 I
Aid, Dick ntijnilli.il that the wuleit
front ownen had a kick coming ou aa
count of not having any improvementi but property there could be
len nnl on a basil of 6 por coul. on lho
idling value. No better' could be
done on 2nd or 3rd sjreol and for thii
reason the aaioiimenli wero otjuulizcd
from an Intoreit paying bami. Tbo
asionmonl wai luitajnod ou motion
ol Aid. Smith aud (lick.
The sent eoynl waa from, lha Lonn
dub! estate ropmentoii by K. H.
Hridgemini. 1). _, 'Itih wai Bnt taken up. 'I'lm niiiii'ii.'iiiii'iil hnd boon raised this yeur lroni'200 to HOd per cent.
and this "'iilt an account, so he nlli','
ed, tq an irronootii report that the
proporty had boon sold to tho G. T.
P.   Properly will sold that time could
not be realized oii now at anything
liko the price paid then. There  wore
I1Q improvement;: and that ni'ii inn ol
the city wus out off from the main
cily by tho Indiuu roiorvo. In vipw
ol this it was decided to roduco the
assessment by 16 por cenl. covering
the wholo block. Tho wnterfront wnn
taken up thon. It wns nsstssod ul
81:1ft n loot while inside lots ubultint;
up against tlip wuterlront loll were
8 nim'. lose. Hliu hud heen na im
pi'ovomcnti since lust year nutl none
wero in.I.ml It WUS being held en
block to guard aguinst speculative yp:
lm'.. being pm ou it to the ottcotirago-
ini'iii of induslrici. Last year's nn
Hcssmcnt was 8100 uud it wun argued
thut that wus high enough without
raising il further thia your, ll wnn
resolved to reduce tlio uascsameiit lo
Ihu iiuik- ua lust year.
An .appeal waa mnde ugiiinnl llic tin-'
sessinont in pnrt ol block 561 Mr.
Hridgoinun claimed thnt so much ol
Ihin block wus taken tip wilh ravines
that lho ussossment, rniseil from 80011
lual year lo Hint) per acre this
yeur was excessive.
Anttessor Loutet suid thnt he hud
lukeu in consideration the whole block
when in.il.mi' lhe uaaeasiucut untl he
ili.'Ui hi his in. a ■ menl wun u luii
nverago. It wus resolved lo reduce
lhc assessment by 16 per cent.   also.
W. I Keene objected to the nnnen.i
mont on lota 1 to 3, block 78, I). I..
618 a'l,uiniii! Hint they wore not ut
aonned according to nrca untl out ol
proportion vvjlh udjoining property,
iiie ussessor snitl thut some ol the
property hud more street Ironlatio
lllain other pieces, i'he property in
iptcalion belonged to Sl. .lotni'l
church und Mr. Unite nuid Iliey woultl
bc willing to dottnlc lot "A" iiliicli
hvus u ti i.a 11 goro, to the cily il lhc
cottneil woultl open il out into Iiic
slieel. The assessment wus insl lined on the iindcrnlfinding lliut Mr.
keene put his offer in writing to the
council when it ia probable thnl lhe
luxca on tlio Iwo oilier loin vvill lie
rebuted in conniderutiou of the gill.
Mr. A. Wullncc coutplniiied iigaitist
the uanenmiionl ol 8^76 per loot on bin
wnlerlronlngc. In Vuneouver, Weal-
ininnter nutl Vicloriu lhc rules we're
much lower und il Ihu cily wished lo
encourage indimlricn it should make
their usncnanieiils< cipiilnblc witli these
plucen where tliey ti .A riiilwny an.l ul!
olher accommodations fur commercial
purposes. In New Westminster, he
suit! thul llic ltoyni Cily mills were
usscsscd 880 u fool untl llie Irunull
Mills 0i u luiii. lie contended there
wns little aililid expense to gtiling
bouts up lhc river to thut of entiling ttie harbor here. In Vtincuit.ei
Iho N. V. Perry Company paid 8110
for -illl) feel ntnl Evani, Coleman .'tnd
Evom Shin lm- llf feet. He wished to
be put on un ei|unl fouling witli oilier
cities. A coul concern, he nuid, 'wns
considering coming to Nortii Vninjim
lor. They figured out Ihul Ihey woultl
have lo aell 11.'en Ions of coul ut o
prolit, not, of 611 cents a ton lieloi
Iheir profit! would begin.
Thc uaaennmenl wus, however, ms-
tniitcd, Mr. Wullucc being lold Ihnt il
wai comidored un cipiilnblc asicin-
iiu-nl with other values, i'he council,
would no doubt move towurds allowing hii conipuny lomo rdiule bul the
people hud ulrcudy turned llic pn,-
position down.
Mr. Wullnco gave nolice thai he
would uppcul lo a jutlga,
i'he Norlli Vuneouver Lund uml Improvement Company's ushcsmuciiI wun
reduced on teveral blocks which wore
in tho ravine.
(ioo. Vance appoalcd aguinsl lite as
soasment on ravine lot. which    wei
placed at 8260 each,    iliey were  reduced lo 8200.
Fire broke out at the reaidence oi
C. W. Pelcri, cor. 16fh ond .lonci Ave
Insl  livening about 7 o'clock   through
a    dofoclivo    eliiiniiey. 'Iiie    brigado
made a ijuick run lo Iho scene ol trouble and wore succoietul in oxllnguish-
ing tbe Heme, before much damage
waa done, Tbe loaa will nol exceed
1100. --—
Service! at St. Agnei church will
again bc held commencing on Sunday,
.February I'ilh with holy communion
jn thc morning and tho regular even-
• ag icrv'ice al 7.30 o'dock. Three pur-
■ 'lies havo been formed including Sl.
,, homai, St, Agnei and St. (lonienti
I'hich will be in tiyetti oi Bev. T. I
off with Bov. Mr. Hftilam ai ui-
tanl priail.
A    i.peeial    inivilne    ol  tllO     ili.'lriel
council wus hehl Tuesday evening Tho
roove presided und all tho councillors
wore (ii-i-.--.-ni.
Tho application for boiiuiing Iho
Hod Fir Lumber Co. to opernton cur
lorvico botweon the North Slmro and
Vancouver wus laid bolore thc uieeting.
Spcnking in favor ol Ibe proposition
in answer to Coup. Loutet's ipieslluit,
Ctuui. Wurd suid it. would benefit llu.
North Shore to the extent ol encouraging industries to this sitlo of the Inlet if thoy wero sure thnl uccomiiioda-
inm. in the wuy ol a cur servicewurr
pi ■ av iila.l. Thin woultl Iie tint ctinc until the Second Nurriivvs bridge wns
built when these imluntrics would
una at prohuhly cstnhlish porminiently
I lieu linving riiilwny coiuniuuicutinns.
i'ho reeve snitl Ihul llic C, P. K.
should agree lo pruviile binding Itictl-
ilien at any ol Iheir slips on Ijio Vuneouver side. The cur forfy company
should also ugrcu to cull ut any point
nlong tho North Sliuro, in tho hurbor
Coun. Wnnl usnurctl thnt lhc com
puny would undertake to cull ut uny
point between Ihu Firit Narrow! nmi
Deep Cove.
Coun. Lawson hehl oul in his con
teiilion lliut HiilKliuin sliould bc in
eluded in the points of cull on the
Nurth side.
Coun. Wnrd tliuttgltl thin could be
cosily arranged ior a consideration.
lt wus suggested thnl lho dty
cuuncil liaaailal bc nppi.'in hid in respect to acquiring u .ei.mt towurds
this project. This wus pul in .he
I«"i in ul a motion und llic reeve und
Coun. Wurd were tippoinlcd a commii-
too to interview litem respecting l.'on-
tisiug u freight cur ferry comti'iiiy.
Correspondence wui read:
Prom Messrs. Taylor und Hull unking 'wlnlt the prospects were lor getting na.oh. io lute 111 uud 14, block
7, II. I.. 017. In u Inin cnmiiitiiiicn-
lion thoy advised Ihul il wus thoir intention lu luiiiii us anon un fnciliticn
lo get in malorial were provided, ll
wua referred to the engineer to report.
Prom the lla.-il Fir Lumber Company
a l.m wlmt the council wns proposing lo do regarding iiirnisliing litem
with wuler for thoir mill ul Hoche'n
Puint. ihey expected lu huve Iheir
main mill completed |,y llie lilth ol
February und they were under penally
to have thu mill In operation by llie
Inl of Hay.
Coun. Ward urged llml Immediate
nlepn bc Inken to comply with the re
aptenl front itn important uu indiinlrv
us litis une. Ile snid Ihere wui one
it ream flowing inlo Deep Cove and
twu I In i nigh Woodbinds Irom which
wuler could hc obtained. The engineer wun instructed lo reporl without delay on the matter ol wnler supply in this section of tbo 'diatrict.
From the necrctury ol the Anli-iu
lii-n iilo.-u: Society acknowledging tc
ceipl aai council's annual mbaciiption
ul afAO to the aocicly.
Prom .1. Moore aluling that he hnd
power ul attorney to negotiate n deal
wilh lhc district for the diaponul of n
slrip of lund for school purpoaei in
lot C, block 3, D. L. 784, King
sl root,
The council being in direct com-
municulioii .will) tho owner, W. S.
Hugo, the clerk was directed lo advise Mr. Moure accordingly.
Prom Di. Pugun, enclosing regulation in connection with enforcing tbo
compulsory vucciltatioii. t'opiei of the
Acl  were cndoicd. ,
Dr. Thompson, Tnedicnl Itcnllh officer
suggested thnl all the duclori in the
dislriel bc appointed to acl al a eer
lain i-linige per head lu th. dislriel
iiie diargc nuggoslod wus hn renin
Time and place will In- left wilh lho
Homd of llenllh commillee to arrange.
From tieo Morgan, upplying lor position ol timekeeper for tho diitricl
Ihii yeur. Keforrcd lo lhe Board ol
Tho engineei' reported Ihal the coil
ol ■"ii inn ime a road lo Mr. DuCanc
in block i, D L. mi. would bo 81,S00.
Thc mailer wai rolcrrcd lo Coundllor
llridgeman lo lake up Iho inatlor uf
.•nnii i from somo uf the larg. land
From) T, W. Walker oiking whnl encouragement th. Coundl would give to
a nmnH industry to ealabluh on tbe
Nortb Shore. The proposition wai
aaid lo bo genuine and wus th. only
one of iti*kind Ihii lido of "Winnipeg.
The dark wai instructed to .write to
Mr. Wulkor inking when he wou|d bo
prepared lo meet a committee from
lhc council lo detail hii plam.
From A. Ei <Vlcr, urging t;oundl
lo oppoie any proposition lo construct a ilcam operated iconic raijfway
itft \jsyjsAmwg mv is niu.
From A. Philip, f\itiM »»«*WF,
niliirniiig dicipio ol 81)6 which win it)
final nellli'iiieiil ol tb. onieiiornhlp ec-
count lor lllll.
lie deprecated tht deduction mode
on account of ndvertining matt-jr on
the onvolopoi. He ulso objected to a
doduction ol 116 for office worh 0D "*•
rolls   which ho ai alienor bad   nol
mil ll'll i/fil.
It wai referred to Coun. Bridgemen
lo tako the matter up with Mr.
Ou motion of Coun. Bridgeman and
l.nw nun, the Heeve was appointed the
district's delegate to Ottawa in connection with the Second Narrowi
bridge subsidy application.
On Coun. Tbompion'l report it waa
roaolved to approve ol H. H. Howall'a
application lor a loroihore looie in
Weit Capilano on the condition that o
ll.'l (anal road allowance be mad..
Tho engineer wai direclod to get
into communication witb Slav. Mad-
inon, superintendent of the Vnncouvor
w nt ei works dcpurlmunt with a view to
urruuging to tap tbo Vancouver main
on. the Capilano road to aupply
Ihe oast Capilano roiidonti ol till
Bylaw (or Purchase of Sharei Ul
be Submittal it Early Date.
Burnaby Board ol Trade bold a moat
successlul smoking concert laat
(Thursdny) evening in celebration "I
the first nnniversury of the orgnutia-
tion of llio bourd. Tbo lunction way
held in tho municipal hall ol llurnuoy
district uud wai very largely n-
Iciidcd. Amongit tho gueiti wore re-
prcseutntives Irom othor Board, ol
trade. Mr. Alexander Philip, proei-
dent ol Nurlh Vaucouvor Board ol
Inide. in a felicitoua speech referred
lo lhe goodfclluwihlp existing Iietween
the sister municipalities and conveyed
ihu llnlnks of Nortli Vancouver lor
lho hourly co-operation accorded by
Hiiinabv with respect to Second N«r-
rows bridge. Mr. Philip lurtlier U-
pie aal lite hope that Burnaby would
.ninn, a tu irnd a member on Ihe delegation now lieing formed to go to
Ollnwa wilh reference to a Dominion
subsidy for th. bridge. Beev. Weart
und President Wulkcr each cxpiciied
himsell us willing to givo lavorabif
cuiisidcruliou lo lliis proposal and tha
. 11111. > 111 a i - < mem wus dofmilely made
lliut u byluw wuuld be submitted ia-
itiasliulcly lu the ratepayer! to authorise   tho  diitricl  council   to purchaw
Il.ui in common witb the other mu-
uicipnlitics lor lho purpoio ol bridga
:" '
iiic wedding ol Mr. Harold Snow
und Miss S. II. Thompson wal quietly
celebrated ou Wednesday alternoon of
Ibis week, 'fho contracting partie*
ure both resident! ol the city. Be*.
Mr. Hooper oSiciated and in lhe ab-
enee ol ii'lniiva-i Mr. H. C. Wright
gavo the bride away. Altar tha cere-
intiny a reception wai given at thf
lioini' ol Mr. and Mn. Wright, on
Lonsdale Ave.
The iiiniiinge was cdebraled in St.
I- iliiiuinrti iiuncb on Wcdnoeday morn-
iug ol Mr. .1. N. J. Brown, North
Vancouver's champion oarsman, and
Min Susis MudilbauM, formerly ol
i luiliwnek. Hcv. Father Poylavlnol
tu mii ■! aiid Iho intiiiy Iriendi present
wui evidence of Ih. popularity of Uie
young couple. Alter lh. cerwony
wu. over the wedding party wait
over lo Vancouver where the waddug
breakfait wai bdd.
At Tacoma on th. illh init. Aiea-
uuder D. Philip, cldeal ion of Alotan-
dor Philip, preildont ol the Board Oaf
Trade here, to <!aue Ferguson, etdse^
daughter ol William Ftrgueon of Tacoma. I'he happy couple will ipand
their honeymoon in Seattle aad  Vie
4 ipiiel wedding took place in 8».
•lohn'. cburoh, Bar. Hooper oftoial-
ing, laat Tuesday evening, the principal! bring Mr. Thomas Hulbart of
Vancouver and Miss E. May TfM ot
Victoria. The l,t\le wei lU.ttdW by
her niter, Miu NJna Tway, aad tim
bridegroom wai supported by Mr. if,
k. ICoponfld. 'fh. brid. was |iv,ap
away by Bobt. I. Jowl*. nn
tnci. antttAwwwi t-emma___
Stripes anil Chucks in a large variety of eolora, also plain
Sliambrays, all shades, very fine qunlity Wi4 fwt dye,
per yard , , ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,••. 16c.
32 in Prints, good quality, per ysrd 10c
Hest quality English Print, "CmmV ..\i'A »nd 15c.
Buttena covered from your own material.   All aizea.
Singer Sewing machinea and acceaaoriea.   Buttericli Patterns
«!• J«  IVlCrVLiIliiLV^Ei
Keith Work
Phono 113
Lonidale Hlock
COR. lfith and LONriDAI.l!
.    Phone 163
and oilier mtilltf-
nnnt growth!
ailetraui l la 01 ile
Mill Ovau Trtatwiut
aallll  la    a  Ilia 1.    UlO    lla..lU
aitililiorn  caiaa  nf
till.  UUI  alll.III.	
all ttow, nn-
■BY and BLAD-
and their
(No      lllllllal,
wliat cuuaud
Our m'dicines are tliepurest rAUCTFITATIAll EDR Tr liad nunti uM trtei
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SKATfl.E, WASHINGTON 1     Ul SictmOreiue, Seattle, Wifhla|tea
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135 Lonsdale Ave
(Neil door to Everybody'! Shoe Store)
Arrangenwnti are about oomplete lor
tha organliatlon ol a pip* bind tot
thia oity. Whlla boing a dtetlnot body
(mm the prtwant, bnwi H will
he   an   uddm!   ntt motion   in   tha
parka.     Th»    «"»    hh    Will    ba
named tha St, Andrew'* and Palatini!-
Inn Pijwra Band and will In under tha
direction o| Piper Malar, lata of "E"
company II.I.I., Olaagow and thi Bth
ll.B,B,H. A number ot nwulta bm
already boon enliated and there ia
room lor more,
Their firat public porlonnanca will
ba on Thuraday ovnniug, April 1th,
whan the ruaiditnla ol North Vanonu-
var will ba able to judge ol their ability. • Mi
Scotch Shortbread
1 1   un   iiali 1111
and Pic
Bruce & Co.
'.'ail VI     /l '    '".
i«al !»"»«• Ueaae—4
utmtUeltia, cnargts
BANQUET,     •
The following ia addreaaed in tha
Building ••.uiiiiiiilma and Supply Hnu
ol the Dominion of Canada from Ihe
Secretary of the Winnipeg lluilden'
On February I fit It and Hii h tha Canadian National Aaaociatiou ol Builder! Eiohangea' Convention will be held
iu tho uaueiubly roomi ol the Build-
era' Exchange building, comer Portage Avenue and llargrave atreet, Win-
mpi'i:, aiid wo hope to have a very,
large nuiubor of delegate! Irom every
cily of importance iu the Dominion,
alio a laVgo number Irom tha border
alii-'   to   the  eoulh,   vii. ; St. Paul,
Mllllli aipaillaa,   llllllll ll   untl I illillll Forkl.
Thia convention ii of the greatest
11np.nl..im' In every conlructor and
aupply mini in (ho Dominion, ai the
bonclila ure unbounded Ihal can be
derived by having a mutual Under-
atmuling between lho employer! of labor in lho building trade throughout
tho Dominion regarding tho trade in
genorul, uniform contruoti, a bettor
mi'i. 1 - imn luu' with thu urohitecta,
mattora ol vital import unco regarding
■ ait.on Uigialutivo conditions and othar
lopi.   ■     111     llilrn  ■I      laao     lilllUi'inilH     to
WO    ■      la la.l     |ll    llaa        a  1,1   ll, a , , 111 I , I • |
ora and aupply uiuu ol lho Dominion
of Cuiiada a cordial invitation to attend thia convention and participate
iu lina. good work. If yuu repreaonl
yiiurielf oiily-WELCOME. II you re-
preeent olhcra-IMH lll.V WELCOME.
But we want you hero In do Vlll H
BIT lowurdi iii'i'oinpliahing what il
mual needed in Ihii gronl country und
that ia a heller undoraliiiiding tn the
building Irudoa.
II you havo tin important topic
along lho lino ol a paper lobe nail,
bring it along uml road it. We ari
open Ii) hear auggoaliona Irom our
brolhor contractors and aupplymen,
and don'l Iw afraid lo got up and
any something Wn nro all equally interested in the welfare of tho cauae,
and any suggest ions Inwards the bet-
let menl of conditions aro moat desirable.
Ou Woduesdny, Iftth ol February,
at l.llll o'clock thu delegate! to the
convention will In given a civic reception nml luncheon,
On account ol lho Inrge numlier ol
il.l.villi's r.vpa'i'iiil, lho . passenger
agouti have granlud a single lare,
round Irip, mid all lhat ia nacoeiary
for you lo do ii lo buy a one way,
liral iliiaa ticket, lo Winnipeg aud se
euro Irom your Im-ul liekol agonla a
i-irliliiulo Ihul will Iw duly aigned by
lite proper partial hare that will entitle you lo Iree return ticket. Sea
your railroad ticket agent and he will
give you all Ihii information.
The A. Farro
126 2nd Sl Wart
When you dul it tix A. Farro
Grocery you get ewtly what
you uk.for il right priu. : :
Special Attention!
We urry • complete line of
Haa<tor * teem tteai 12 far IIM
V !>*<! vvv T a*fll   fl,   vt
There's a time to laugh and a time
to weep,
But there's only one time to adverse,
■■-■f'fi^y'-. - '■;<.'■■'■i>.-viv;-
And that is all the time.
Persistency tells.
Apply for rates in
. ft'tpa --
North Shore Press Limited,
II9 First Street East
North Vancouvei, B» C.
Phone 80 Phone 80
stall* mt mmm mm vancouvi, % &
meeting of the cjty eonnel! wap held
on Wedneeday morning in connection
With »»plltiflt| Watered by work
mai, againet the treatment they allag-
ed tbey had received at'the handi pl
fe|ireeentativae tit   R^nnell, flW"
aai k Oo-i tba oonoem which U inital-
liW the aeweri in thii tf ty und whoau
camp la at tbe oorner ol Mahon Avo.
am) jlpd atreet. To (ba phm e|u-
dent tba nan'a griovanoei a* voiced before the city counoil would tend
to give riie lo a leoling of pity lor
theae men whoia itatomonti ol harsh-
neea whidi (Aay claimed they were iub-
jeoted to at tha hande ol tbe conlraet-
on ware thought to. be out ol plana
i» » *e|l miniated and thriving mm-
muaity nofc aa Norlh Viewer. Tha
lorca ol tbeee ooi^ditione will ba appro-
elated whan it ii'lffiflwn that mwyfll
\h man preient were bnnkfaitleii and
Wtp »#yflF wd««4 ihls tliey Iw lh,
tht lacti ai laid Wnra the pbiwpII
by Jamoi Roonoy, A. Baimfon) uml
fltkm. r»preaa»ting tbi mep wh pm
hmi »M Ihtrty aw htltfiy these j
Mmt of tb» mn wen inhn nn h
alter tbi flrat nf tba month, Mr
Hoonoy waa ongaged on Monday at
If o'clock. Me intended to take hii
nieaii at tho cook homo and when
noon came appliod to tll* flfflM (tit a
meal button.  Theie war* given out fn
pwwit Mi* mn tn mitt ih dining
room. Pa wai told at the offlce lhi
he ouid not* Jit wi* Ut worW all
alternoon witKpllt anything to «t
Uiu) when supper time ounio onco mora
applied tR fll* "dice, aguin in   vajn.
Mliying* thst hii ehsnp«i wp«!d be
po 'batter In tbe morning end knowing that ba could not work  without
Innd) h mM tot W» Ilmi hm--
Thii wm ptemtii si flw oS» »nd
ihowed lf.S» hhtljf to biffl. He m*
aitnniihed to h mmi 88 centi, the
dollar baying hm (Wwoted for ih-
tor'e fee*. AnnthiF min bid if.lf)
oapiing in hltP: B* w« pflwd a w
tiokot and * rwdpt 'nr II for ib>«-
tor'e (aea ond a poll fa* receipt fw
N.   fie did nh nonept iittleminV'
Another uian WpS ty>t f »lting lor Wl
p»y since Ifonday and P»«b time h
applied to the offipp WM put og,    Aa
tha man had fo live and had p on«y
coming to them tbey could not hunt
for another job: Hunger aooume »
primary factor with then) apd in a
bhy ihey applW 'or permil»i»n •«
p||Ce fheir oaiB belore the council.
At Ihia time the meeting w»i adjourned to give tbe contreolori nn opportunity nl being preeenl and an-
iworing the chorgei laid againit llmni.
Lot 18, Block 39* D. U 550, $1125.   Cub $425, balance 6 and 12 monthi
Loti 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000, Termi to arrange.  Near Lonidale
* tba above lota are among tbo beet buyi ip North Vancouvar, and intondisg invcaton wil) terve their own
interests by investigating. Wo bave the exclusive ia|e and also a large list ol other loll in tbe City. It is
bt your own inleroet lo call and impact our list before deciding.
Real ElUte Agenti.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Branch Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave.,"Nnrth Vancouver
llll Government Bt,, Viofcoria
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
London, England
Paris, France
Canadian Financiers. Ltd.
, : f I
-H 11J JI H~H
I ml, i..1—1, J.J,   ll J. i-i. J..l.,l..l,.l     ll   tl   llllll
iTTTTVri TrTrnrirnr
LARGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot. Three bloob from
Lynn Valley car line.    mm fe*
14 Lonsdale Avenue:
Telephone 215
;   Breach Offkai
Main Office:
End of Lynn Vail* Cariine    \
632 Granville St. Vancouver
Foreign Office:   Gla.gow, Scotland.
IM M1111 U 11 M II1111H I-l "l-l-l "l"l"f-l-l-l i'l"W"l-l"l-f"l"l"l"W-f"l-t-W»H'H"l"M'Ml 111
<.HI M H IN 1111II11111 l"l-l M-I "I IH llf 11111II1 Ml 11 HI'1"1"H 11 H"H ill 11 H
WITH COTTAGE for only 13200; Cm)* 1200, balance readable.
! Martinson & Co.
ea ion>wale AViqim
I'/mat I7J. AP.O.fiexji
MM IH M H »■*"*'<■* MMM HUt HH HIHH HH I HI H111H IM | MIH 11 !■ >
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
SuWivimn af Portion of District Uu 601 and 607, Nortfa Vancouver
Municipality.    At Twminua of B. C, Electric OstMnt.
fm tmw_t, 9rh*
P ppfpp*   ""'' ^sm>ft m^f    I* a^WSf   ^PFBr  ^•^■ffWfWF   mvf _\—^9f    V WffWrlPT(W#
%t meeting apt called again at 11 .SO
whii) Mr. GmwiW and Hfi riiiver-
tfln were preient on behall of till)
company, k mmhr fll "io n$
win »poha wMpb tended to eiiow
that they liad itarted to work with
the belief tbst thw wou\i h BFPVld-
od wjO) board and lodging. Initotiil
tlioy woro re|n«od accoramodatinn a|»o
tbelr pay whi"* they nppM tor tN
tbey could not ba fed wa. deducted by
tbe doctor'a lee and the poll tan
Witb tbe reeult that aoroa had worked
two dayi apd M only a low centi
coming to thom. Thoy were In i
itranded condition. Soma ovon wero
unable to get a aettlomcnt, according
to thoir own itatemonte, and were ap-
parontly in a clou fii. Ono pl the
man had already paid Ml poll tax
but op presenting hi. Snt receipt to
tbe office thoy rofuned to refund the
amount Ibey bad deduutod tor the
aecond taa.
Mr. GiQw'eki wai ignorant of theit
cimditiom and aaid tbey would have
been looked into had tbey been
brought to hin attention. He laid
they wore compelled tq deduct the
poll tax. The mayor aiked him if bi
Wai convaraant with tbe lot, He
thought be waa. He wai then atked
il he waa aware that the tux tould
not ba takan mil pl the  i'.t  va-
gee lil) aller they had worked a tor-
tain number of dayi. Mr. liiu«vki
anewered in the negatlvp. Tho alu-
tutea were turned up and lho mayor
read that an employer could nut I ako
the poll tax until altar lhe employee
had been ou hie pay roll 'or u week.
In thia caie Mr. Giowiki *"id be
would have tho money deducted refunded and 0,'"-'r claim, covered by
lhi. clauae adopted. A. to tbo deduction for tbe medical (oo thie wai com-
puliory by law. Or. Carr waa tlieir
medical officer and hii ropreepntalivo
ovor here wal Dr. Nowcombo. lho
company did not receive a cent of tho
money io collected. It woa hi. opinion that the dollar foe could bo taken
at any time. It wai payablo overy
Aid. Smilh took exception to thii
and comidored il inconei.tent. It wa.
unfair, ho thought, lo collect tl from
a man who had worked only a few
hour, und who hud received but u
suiiili proportion of lhe protection
which waa given a man who had
workotj a month.
Mr. Giowiki llioughl tho protection
identical in caae the men who wa. on
but a low houra got hurt. Ho would
have to receive tho tame protection a.
the othor one.
Aid. Smith lurther uiiortcd thul il
the company wai going to collect a
hoipilal (oo Ihey .hould ba required
to a-. i til ili.-It a Im.a. ;| ii I ail in connection
wilh thoir worki.
Mr. Gioweki replied thai lho doctor
woultl tako chorgo ol all ca.ee neodiug
medical attention. ' A. a temporary
arrangement ha agreed, howevor to
lorcgo (ho tl medical lee until a man
had boon. in Ihoir employ (or two
tluy.. Ai to the poll lax receipt col-
Icclod twice be aiaurod that thli would
be adjuited. lie would al.o tee that
arrangement, woro mado (or the payment ol wage, due in a ly.lematic
manner. Aa lo tbo boarding, ate, be
■aid it waa tbe intention olhie company to give tbo proforonco to North
Vancouver Workmen but lor mail wli
would como in from outiide point! a
bunk and cook houio wu. cilabllihcd.
Thii wai only inl ended to accommodate a limited number and it wai optional with tho mon whothor Ihoy
boarded wiih the company. Tbo company, hi illd, did oot make any profile in thief way, and thoir camp wa.
limited.    I  tne men   were not   lold
ie it wn| sot lhe limit ol the com
m wero employed from ilil
feral loiccee.
Thft.ro/eliiia; concluded with Mr.
OiowaWbaking an apuKntmonl witb
the mnL to moot Innjfiit tbo camp
that allMiioon at il of lock when bc
would odjyt all clai,
Seen thai, evening ilie men declared
lhat tbey yd r^fvod aatiafaolory
W(jTr*W__§ KIKI.I) knoin-
Mr. Alexander Philip ii in recoipl ol
a eommunieation Irom Captain Ben
nod, U.S.A. at Victoria, aaking that
an offer ol .uitable premiwa Ior armory purpoaaa in the oily be forwarded him, to be submitted to tba department witb a view to (the limitation of a local corpi ol Md ni:(in-
our.. Mr. I'hilip bad obtained theto-
lu.al ol tuitaMe promi.ee and haa loi-
warded lhe information aa requeued.
It ii confidently expqetod tbat ihe organisation ol Uu oorp., toward which
etortl hve bean made for two yeai.
past, will aoon ba aooompliahad. The
petit ion forwarded to Ottawa aomc
montha ago carried tin signature! ol
Wty you/Ig men wbo ware dciroun of
joining the corps, practically all of
whom *re elill available. It is expected thai yet other rocruiti will ut*
lit unite witb tha organization and
that a .Irong corpi will be secured
Irom its inoeption. Mr. Donkld Cameron, I'.t.., who ba. had ttlenilfU*-
mime la field corps work, will pro'
bpUy h comm^ng toftopr .^f 'he
Wby-RI>y MWPQ tot mugh ime|e#red Uis whm we ian sell pot
th v»ry boat, eluiiicd dots without a itope pn them, level as a table
and into graii. Heen cultivated lor ton y«»n, pHueted on Dentrs
Bond, boing tho best Boad ou tlio North Sbpra §nd ope Woek from
the Car tine, School, Church and Store j have city water, electrii
light apd telephone.
price M to MOO ouch. TorniH IIIM caih, halance », 11 and It
montha. Theae low will bring at leait in opr eitimatton IM pir
pent- prpflt pn the amount invoeted within lix month., puy quick,
tbey are going fait.
North VflflCMvef
Hie Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Good..
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49   HASTINGS STREET, EAST- 47 &. 49
1-      --
Halts:   tioo  per  and   ii|>.   Special ratei to families
ami   to regular   luurilcrs.   .    . •	
bM.iiNi. SiKtm. .•   •   •   -   NURTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Wesl Vancouver," Captain Findlay
„     l.icen-' rl lor 35 paiscngeri  '
I      '' a '  ■ Ij.Ifl   VlUCOUT.I
tia.ii,i.iiiuwiaiatt city r.niN' wntii
(vary >*y tactpt hnniiy
7.30 a.m. 8.00 a.m.
ay nu .1.111. I              10.00 i.in.
1 i.nn .i.m. 1 a.00i.m.
13.15 p.m. u 00 p.m.
15.00 p.m. 16.00 p.m
17.00 p.m. la  III] ||  HI
19.00 Jill) B.luid.). My  33.00 p.m.
i). 30 a.ll)  taniiy Schedule 10.00 l.m.
ij.l5 |i.ni  ."  14.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m         It  33.00 p.m.
glatUFwiXfl.      twi1W*n1U.'	
Quickest route Irom Nortli Vancouvei to llie diitricl beyond
Capilano River. Launch "Wuit Vancouver" uiikit connection;, Without laii, with the lerry itetmen (rom North Vincouver, as per above icliedulc.
STKAME* sr (;eoi»gk
l.eivf Vm.     Lenvi N. Vm
'6.30 a.m.
7.jo  "
ijo  ".
J»5  "
10.15   "
11.15   "
ll.ill pw
1.19  ■
•||..3»  "
t On tomby*
t fh m Bepityt
ni La  J.——. aUnl m——.
rt — W^HIB. l^WTaT. ^^^^r.
-. -,. i___m\_U,tt\i]\\ toot
':■ ■"■■'
North Vamcouvih, B c
Rum or (Spbbchiptioh !
'  Owmr H.OO
Hi* month* ,M
Three months    »       • .36
United Btitw and Fowl(in,»l,Wperyeir
um, the preoooloui qualitim whiah originally mnh tbe n»me itlll abide
ind in more clawly ividint In l-wnl
idaali ind program thin mf tatum*,
a.  . .
aSQ centa por hiuh tuudi in.erliun.
UrnNorieis, |Sio.-|1.00 per in.l. per
1»»d mo Timbbh Noticii—80 days, (5;
Wd.yi, 17.60.
(.wai. AnwrrisiNs—First Ineertioii, 10
aantaner linei eaeh siihaequent inner-
tion, fo. per line.
Usaiiiso Nwoas in Looiia Nawa Coi
cull—10 centi |iitrlinii,n»idi Insertion
Qoimuor Aiivkntisiukkts—Rates ar-
ranged aeoordlng to spice taken,
All clisiigualn conlraet advertisenieitli
■nat be in ths lunula ol the printer by
WedneidiyeveningU) ensure publication
In tb* neit inue.
Hohth Vawouveij, Fm.
10,  IIJII
Tha coraparutive rapidity with
which Nm in Vancouver is obtaining
all lhe hall mark, ol a thoroughly
modern city is well tixunpliliinl by the
iii.tallitiimt nl Iliu new system just
put in iipi-ititiuii by tliu 11. 0, Telephone Company which does uway with
atll the inconveniences ultachud to the
old bell titii'iiii method. The uew
eyatem ie the very lalu.t in ell
reipects and ie pruulicaily the sumo
ae that recently installed in llie eily
oi Vancouver, although there ure-m-
tain feature, in which the locul system is un improvement upon that in
vogue across tbe Inlet. North Vanoouver i. thu second city in llriti.h
Columbia tai posses, tliis latest system ol telephony. The signilicuiicu ul
Ihis fan i lua 'una s mora uppureul when
It ia considered thai while Vancouver
had been incorporated lor twenty-live
years before the cily was givun lhi.
improved telephone system, Norlh
Viiiiciiiuit has tit'coinplished Ihu ..mo
and within threu untl one-hull yean niter iucorporution, thus uot only mak-
. ing a slrikbig record as to lime,
aa compared willi Vuneouver, bul likewise taking ii'VimIiiiii ol piecuduncu
in res|iect to un up-to-tltile leluplioiio
ey.tun over ull other lilies In the
province. Not uloue in the mutter ol
Id.'Ilium.- system but likewise wilh reaped to ull those work, ol u public
nuture which go to thoroughly in.nl
. ini,.- u cily, Norlli Vuneouver hu. nl-
wuy. exhibited Ihu .ume Inrwurdne...
It i. only in uxceptioitul cuses (hut u
cily within four yeurs aflcr iucorporution liii'l.- ilself ill po.sUs.ioii of a
Btreet railway sy.lein, uluellie lighting lysliiui, waterworks system, telephone .y.lem, .ewugu sy.tem, eli'., all
Ol which Nortli Vancouver enjoys.
This unusually rapid autl udvuncod
progress upon (lie purl ol Nnilli Vim
ciivii must In' i.itiilmir.l mainly lo
the fuel ilmi ile siluution is such
that from u very curly dute in ile history the future ol the Norlh ijliore
wus rccogiiuod us involving prartlral-
ly no iihiatiiiiiiin is, bul lo lie full;
assured. The i|Uuslion nl time was
.lean tm Ik the only luuturu willi relerence io whieh uny iinei'iluinly existed, bul fi mn the first it wus evident lliul nan.hit or Inter Norlh Vuncuuver must coma to its own. This
certainly as lo future development
sullied lhe inuiiicipiiliiy of llie district and lulir thai ol lhe cily ui
wall together with ininpanii'S owning
public utilities, lo.iiniku thrir rifkuii-
lag U|X)it un ussurul basis und lo pro
eaad wilh confidence In rmrv on el-
tentiva operatlona. In addition to
the above coit.ideration Ihu prm imi I y
ol a lurge modern uin I re iuch us Van-
•waver, doubtless has hud considerable
inllunii'i' u. well in Setting the puce ol
4evelopiiu'iii locally. In order lo attract popiiluliiii, to this aide of tho Inlet uud likewise in order lo render HUl'll
■population permoceut alter il bad
been procured it waa noccary tbat
local condilions Iw such that North
Vancouvar would compare luvorebly
iii the public oetimolioh with the sections ol tkl city ol Vaneouver wbicb
ere ailu»ted is a similar position relative to the busineea centre ot thai
It wil not; without rseeon that Uie
apiUtioa . tin "amWtioue dty" br
eme atteekai to North Vancouver at
tka tlmi ol incorporetiou end el-
though list term sea felloe into tie-
Penilor lluvis bus a b||| before ^tba
Senate at OttlWI which proposee tu
nbolisb the practice whlob hli ItlUioi-
to obtained, of incorporating railways by private bllli md to introduce
a nsw order by which iuch charters
will be issuinl by the .siaiu liepuit.-
ment upon, the recommendation qi the
Railway. Commiuion. In .ba course
of a speech in lavor ol hli ttill, Bun-
nltir lluvis marshalled soma tilling
lucte against lhe <praotice now in »n-
gua.  ■
Ile ilinliiiml that during the laat
twenty yeara the Canadian parliament
had issued no leaa than *13 chariots,
wholly apart Irom the billi for our
lour great muds, and only 33 ol Intsu
chartered eorporatlone bid done any
building, aiul most ol these bud done
very little, some ai little aa lour miles
ol roud. Une hundred and louritou
charters had lapsed and 931 extensions
ol time had been grented. The 111
rosds referred to had been uuth.ttved
to build 78,138 milei ol railway, und
only 1,340 miles of thii had mm actually constructed, most ul this being
by one or two compsnies. It all
pointed out thst the existence il these
charters often tunded to prevent tbu
building of a railroud, ue the old
charter had to be reckoned with in tbe
event ul a new roud being built.
Commenting uu the new bill u contemporary remarks:
"The bill is not intended to pre-
"vent the-huilding ol new roads, bul
"simply the granting ol charter! to
"linuuciul   udvunlurere   who    intend
"lllal. I\    tll   paal,III'   |||eSU   I'llll I I i'l H .     'llie
"abuse is one wbicb is uiunilest
"enough and one which should lie
"iinin' uwuy, but Ihere does not seem
"to be eiiine agruemeiit us to wbuther
"the nuw bill will accomplish tite pur-
"pose ol ils author or not. II il docs
"not, il will perhaps at least pave the
"wuy for ""ine oilier method ol mov-
"ing the ubuse."      (
A striking cuinciduncu, showing that
the extent lo which the grunling of railway charlen bos lieen misused, bus
.ittiii.'i.al widu ulleiition in legislative
circles, is found in the feot that At-
im ne) ilin.-itd Dowser iiiti.nlii.e.l e
hill in llie provincial bouse lust week
providing lor lhe iucorporution ol
railway dimpauiss by moans ol a certificate Irom the registrar ol Joint
stock companies and st the same linn
udding severnl clauses designed to
safeguurd Ihe publii- interests in
poiuts with respect to which ths lor
liter procedure bud bwn louiul didccl-
jve. The provincial act greatly simplifies the mulhod ol incorporation
and at the snme time providee ths
melius of dealing rigidly with uny luil-
uru lo comply strictly wilh lhe sis'-
tilory condilions.
These Dills constitute a slruighltor-
ward eflort lo deal ijfloclively wilh i
long .landing ahuM ol the privilege,
allowed in the mailer ol railway in-
«W VANCQUVgE, k, ft.
vers were .most tronblpaomii live bun-
dred par yw might bfl Mllfld without
reducing the number below the inHy
limit. About two hundred were trapped lut nmm ift«: thfl <"% went
into affect, ind the skins were mid by
public tindira Piiver iMiii ir« re-
.ported worth from" W to II? fl»ph. nf
cording to quality,
About a yen ago Mr. Tbiw. South-
worth,' during bis term i» president ol
thi Cinidlin ' Forestry Assnpintion,
publicly advocated making   Algonquin
l'ark i 'fur farm/ m,d b» eatim&tad
that Without injury to the pirk II I
game refuge furs to the value of 110,-
JKX) per year might bo taken, which
would go to defray the upkeep nf the
pirk. A good many people (who,,unlike Hr, aSotilliworlli, had mil had ten
years' expuriunce in forestry) thought
his ideas were impracticable, but the
order of Rr. Cochrane aiul aula of furs
shows that they have put tha mutter
to the test.
Th. Royal Bank of Canada
Capital «fl,*Kl,iKI0.
Reserves, 17,300,000.
Total Assets •Oft/KW.O
k genersl banking business
transacted. Savings accounts a
specialty. Accounts ol firms
und individuals solicited.
North Vancouver Drench.
Dank Office in N. V. Club Dlock
Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10 & 11
Ixp ol Million  18c per Ib.
.Shoulders Million     16c pei   lb
Sirloin Sleuk   IS lo ■-'".■ per Ib.
Sirloin Roust   ..., .'Die per  lh
I'ork Luiii Roust   !Mo per   Ib.
I'ork .Shoulder     16c per   lb,
I'tirS    I  lllll.    |'a, lill, III a |,|
inspected   3 Ib. pails 60c
I'un- I.ami. government
ma-pia inl   6 Ib. puils 80c
Finnan lladdie, Ibe hc>t ...Hie per Ib.
Small Winchester Hum.  tic per Ib.
Phone 16
Free ihlivery to all parts of Ibe city.
2nd Street, near St. Georges, 50 (t.  $5000
6th Street, near St, Andrews, 2 lots, each. ..$1700
llth Street, near Moody, map $1050
14th Street, Block 17, Une Corner $1350
Keith Road, near St. Andrewi...:.. $1600
\ . an . j. ..... > ,,
' i.
Pierce &
N«t to Palace Hotel Phone 110
—■■— ■■■■—■.—
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreeinenli and Contracts drawn
of every description
Phone 157
__B_\ :_____
Dwelling Homes for Sale
I tie (Jul ni in govornmsnt Ibis sprug
leaill/.al    llie   »i|||>   a,|   |'J,7II.M   Innn   lilt
sale ol heuver and oilier lur. Iron) Al
i'iiie|iiin l'ark. There were :n 'lio lot
Wl heaver skins, t oiler and H musk-
rnt |wlls. Six hundred inm. Ii..--.ei
.kins nmy Iw plua.1 on sale soon.
Umler lhe |mliey ol itlrictly prolooting
llie Iiesvers, Ibe animal., Iron being
ulinoel sslinct, have become so r.umvr-
ous as lo hs 11.miiil mme The annual
increase is estimated at five lo tin
Tlie first sals ol Ittaver atkins by Ibe
lbitmio government has taken place
in conseijusnca ol au order ol Hon.
Frank (,'ochran., Mliii.ler ol Land.,
Forests aai Mines ol Ontario, Ibat tbs
forest rangers in Algonijidn frovlaoial
l'ark and Oasu Baasrvs trap five hun-
drod beaver par year,
Seventeen yaara ago, whan tha park
wu aet asida aa a gams preaarva,. il
was feared the beaver wu eilisst;
but these auinala have increased all
rapidly in the interval thai lhay now
have become a nuiaaaas lo ihoas in
chugs ol certain pule ol the park
and also lo ssitlsrs ia lha dislriel ad
joining. They cut down trees Ibat It
is imni should live and A—ir dame
cauee tkl ovsrfow ii Isrmieg lands.
Evan railway tracks hsvs bass) flooded
by reason ol ths bsavsrs aWppjng up
the drainage oulvarta in order llo pake
a pood.
khm consultation with those in
*uga ol tha Park Ou Mintatar «Wd-
ad thai, in Uw .section where tkl boa-
Ifimi i'mii Iiiiiiiiiii. iiii terms lor iwn
storey house, good Iwsemenl—fur,
usee and all mod.rn oonvciiiencep-
Uil MM in M, situated on 0Hh
street.  Price 134110.
Siiiii t'ash—Balance on lorms for four
ll'iiiin I iillii|;i' near bumibile A'f
lent HlW lent.   I'ii"' tlltm.
Vi'lfi Cub — Halance imi lorm. lor
Tlirn-Koom Collage, Queensbury
II.iiihii hit SUsl47. II""" van
be enlurgisl ul lillle exponota. l'i he
Choice building Iota on Jioulevurd ul
iliKi-n-iii poinla. Also (heap lols 'tear
Second Narrows Bridge.
Philip, Cameron & Co.
Viaafttial and Insuraace Agents,
I 6th Street   Block and half Irom cariine, 40 ll.
all cleared.    Price $850.     $350 cash, balance 6
and 12 monthi.
Eleventh Street  Block and hall from Looadale,
50 fl. facing south.   Price $1400.    $400 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi.
C. C. LAW50N & CO,
I'hone 70—P. O. Uox 97
North Shore Locators
I1/e are now offering 40-fl. lots in Bk. 205,
' * on 2lit itreet, one block weat of Lonidale Avenue Car Une.   Price $500 to $700.
•;' Cash to suit purchaser, balance quarterly for
two yean.
Malie your selection early.
No. S Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracki, 111 per tat
$50 caih and $10 per month
Enquire or write
2(0 Second Street Eaat
We have appointed MR. SIDNEY ALLMAN
ai ipecial repretentative for Lynn Valley and have
lome eacephonal bargains lo offer.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ud.
(Ut. Ink..,, * Word)
210 Unadale Avenue,
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Freah and Smoked Meats
for Saturday Only
Rotipd8tMk • ,-• M
Sirloin Steak ■ IBo, A 20q.
Mutton Chops- 16c, & 20p.
Our Maat is Specially Ssl.ct.d
'I   'f
Chivers Marraaludu in 1
lb. glass jars, each   ■   |5c,.
Ayrshire Rose Creonit
•a !
Butter,  -   •  3 lbs, $100^'
Gold Huckle Oranges, l|io
finest in the market, OA
perdoz..-     •     AflV»*
Lemons, per doz,.
Oatmeal Soup. 10 burs 25c
— ■   ' J
Our   litHISillllr   Uiniii   iif
Tea, ■      - Hllis. fiu$JD0
Nothing linei
Pure Castile Soup,    .
per bur   •       -      25c
Phone 40
llll Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEAJProprietor
1IKAM) AT Ai.l. HOUKi—
li S  III.  Iaa.1 |. Itl.
First-class Meals 35c.
'Commutation Tickets, n meali
Rooms lor Kent at moderate rataf
N. V. Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer and Dm orator
Maiiiilaaa tuii-i 111
sll kinds el Hlulim sod iuilqus tuinitun
llsre,Oltlcs. Butk slid Il.i riifuni.  Hit.lt
Inti In sll III I'f.111 lal'l
Picture Framing.     Furniture Ptorap.
HAII, OKIlKKK ||TCD 1.111111H illiulliin
Campbell Realty k Investment Co.
DAD C AI V 5 vDomti
rUK JAIX CotUge.on
eer line.   $300 Ceab, belence on
ee«f tttmr ■' 't'"\r	
We Could     1 I
Paper th^ World;
from our stork ol new will
papari, 10 it kcciiu, Every diy
tome new designs arrive!, u
hli the vacancy ol .those cloifd
Handsome Wall Papen
III belt in endless yariety. jifit
tell our salesman for what roW)
you want the paper, and |* '
will ihow you just the pattern
you pre looking for.
To choose from our etock'11
a pleasure, to pay our prWii
117 I-onadale Phone 149 fm mmm, north Vancouver, «. c.
A^mnn snd Winter SniMor women ip
a groat rung? Of styles in botli pliai,n und
novelty fabrics, iiipluding sines from 83 to
60, Bppoiftlly attruptive showing for wpmen
of nvemge figures at $20.00, $25.00, $28.00
»nd $33.00.
Important offering of mitB for wumen;
stylos particularly suitable to const eljiniitu.
'ffie oaring represents ft remarkable oomplete range in wanted fabrics and shades.
Heciiledly smart models aru shown at $12.60,
$15.00, $18.50 and $22.50.
Choice ool|ept}on of Fur* of every de-
sirable kind; A rwticnlarly noteworthy
offering in small Mi»k Moles pt $17.60,
$21.50, $36.50 to $47.50. Higher priced
pieces in sph'iulid assortments.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
bf> Granville Street. Phone 3541
Vancouver Business Directory
 I _ 1	
CHARTERED -. . . •
)I9 Pander atreet, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender SU.
The only up-to-date and reliable bath houae ia Hritish Columbia.
Ws cure where others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain bath*, electric bathi
shower batha, massage for body, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specially.
Graduate of Berlin, Germany
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
Cenetee Gmliit Wiilitn School
Jt. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
Business College
633 Seymour,at., Vancouver
Day aehool opcu ull   tbe  year
round.  Night aehool commeiic
es September Ulh.
Canadian DetectlVa Bureau ;—
Office* every when
Vancouvtr Office: itl Kntpiie Blink
SOI l|uliii|t« el. *tei. Plium WU
General Superintendent
Every lady longe to bava wavy hair.
It ia Bow within thi reach ol every-
one. For loma yeara out bair baa baaa
permanently waved, but the proceea it
bad to undergo wae ton eevere lor it
(0 lie applied to hair on the bead,
but now ecience hai dticoverad a au-
ihod by which the bair con be waved
without injury to bair or ecalp. The
wavi will not waah out and damp
wcolhcr will not affect it. Tba pro-
ecu leaves the bair soft and wavy. Il
hai become the rage in 1'arii, London and all tho large citiei ol the
Stolci.  Special ratei lor ona monlh.
Anv information regarding thi work
will lie gladly (liven lo any ladiei who
will eail or write 10
733 Tender Street.
Groperies and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Bid.      Fone R327]
Yorkshire Guarautee k
ainnin forporiition l.!<l
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
All North Vancouvtr people .at-at
Either Flack Block or Hastings street, oppoaite the new
Post Office. Leonard sells his
tea by tbe pound.
DURHAM) Um It DOOR FACTORY, foot of St. tktrqt
We solicit a trial bid on your Ordw mull or lirge
■ 1 ■■"   ' en   . ■'   ' 1 11        1.1
W* operate die oj)Jy p»4-
ded furniture and piano
moving vu in lite cily. . .
Hi.h €#rtage Co.
-      -       Ifl
Canadian Fiwuiwerp  flrHF»PPl*» Iff
pa) Qffipe,     .
Tl)» gWM!H importance pf IhfniV
pl Ifprfb Vgpop|»v|9r faro an intlnc-
if\n\ ppi iiivciilmcnt point pl v|ow ip
Well excinpliricd bf tho (not tlmt  ih
QtmeHen finnnnim Uhied, the well
known 'ppd highly prpgfesajvp Tfmf.
Oimipiiiiy with a liriincli in thii city,
ia ro-orgnnizing mid {enlarging tholr of-
lia'. The pew ultilF will bfl headed by
."li-. I'li'iifiii l''.liliii|:n nml liim 11 ii nn
ilotilit but tlmt under hin ublo guid-
mice tho North Vancouvor oBico ol the
Canadian Fiuanciere Limited will tako
a leading poiition among abe initltu-
lioiiB pl thii mii'iiilioiit! oily. Mr. Kb
bago ii lonior luloinian of tho Cap-
iniiiili Finanoiera Limited and won'lhi:
liml priie, 11 miliii gold wnich, Ituit
y?ur fpr luleunnnahip. Hii general
ability, urbanity and knowledge of
city and'iuburbap roal estate- values
hue built up a lurge and latiiiled
clientolo which doubtleu will ba
largely augmontod in bil new field.
Tho Canudian Finuncieri, Limited in
to bo commented lor thoir entorpriio
and it in another initaiico pl thoir determination lo keep in tbe front rank
and to give the public in goneral the
vory hint ol icrvico along the liiifu ol
thoir biuinou.
Work haa commenced on what will
provo an important addition tp tho
whurfing accommodation ol the city,
the Victoria Chemical Company etart-
ing work on u itructuro at tho foot ol
!•'ii: street adjoining thoir worke at
Ibe outer wharl. Thc coat ol thc
uhlili will lm in lhe neighborhood ol
11,1101). it will In live to tbo uao ol
tho public on ull occaeioiiB, the city
securing thia comwion by co-oporo-
tion in the eiiterprhte lo thc extent ol
grading  the approach lo thc wharl.
The new »!ructurc ia expected to
provo of un ui advantage to many 0'
the amall croft ecckiug Ihe harbor. The
only public wharf now available to
them ia in lhc inner harbor at tho
loot of Vnii": atreet and to amall
craft from Sooko and other nearby
pointa on the weat coaat it will frequently prove moro udvantngcoua to
atop at a landing stogc near the
monlh ol the harbor.
Tlio Weekly •Scotituiuu (Edinburgh)
ol January llth contain! 1 ,:'1"1' "r"
lido niiii reference lo the vnlie nf
vucciuiilioii together with lho vvo.k-
ing ol lho act ol parliament in the
I'mi li I la., iii thia regard ivhich ia
ol intereal in view ol Iho preaent lit-
iiulitm in lliiliah Columbiu villi regard to vacciuutiou, The ir.t relerred to conluine a cluuec to Ibe elfccl
Ihul tii.aia' who doclaro thul tivyhuvc
Plana, Specifications, Estimates
P. O. Boi 27, Nortb Vancouver
cnniwfiritipHi ohjeotlpoi |p v|(pei)iif|.jnn
way thorphy wnn expnn/itm It oro
m FM»'rw9M.»:. Jh mim »i!t(,a:
Jp y»rio»» quartan attention Ilia
boon drawi to flm dangur tinning in
this counlry liom the rapidly inct'uiia-
ing iiuroliora of unvucoiniUod parsons.
Tin: 11 iiorl imt Inui Ilium mi nei I nl thn
iiiHliinei: pf Mngiitrntoi and JiWliwi
pf tha I'liura in pdinbitfgh, who Imve
become iilmiiieil at the large number
leaking tq avail tboin»olve» of thp
prpviijpni ol thp 1007 Vpopipptipn
Aol. In dialing wilh mmi, applicanti
tho .luaticci have no diieretton. Par:
aoni who 'wjih to evndo vncoinatipn
have lip|p|y tq maku a doclurution
that Ihey, Inue oonaciontioua oh')tk'
tioni,   und  they are thereuppn' iul"
ffom  illli'1'ferenee.
Thp dangera arising iu thii way
Imve been iinore definitely indicatod by
ni at ini im wiiii'h have boon prepared by
Edinburgh and Leith Mudicul l'rnc-
titionen' ^iiooiution. Theae ahow
un eliirmipg rata pf increase within
lln: years for which figuroi are available, k ldiii|uieling feature is that
those who' have sought the benefit ol
Ihe Aet, pn the testimony of many
.1 nutieen pf the Peace, huve un leal
conicionliouo or other objection! to
the vaccination proccsa. All tlint
tboy. want it relief from tlic tfliublo
of having their children vaccin.itod.
In moit casci thoy are ignorant entirely of l)>e ellccli ol viicciuulion nnd
of llie piii'ptnii'ii which it ia intended
to servo. Tliey are indilfcrcut usually to ^ny i|iioilioni of public anlo-
ty or well being mid merely v. i L to
avoid poraonul iiiconvenieitcc. '
Tbo Btutialica- which huve been jne-
pured. by Ibo 'Practitioners' Aaao-
elation for the informal ion of the
Public Health Committee, who tire
.'I'liiinl.-iiiii' the mailer, huve now been
printed and circulated tinioiigel thl
utcmbcra. The most at art ling item is
thut which Inn provioualv been given
—Tho figurca of exempt iona in Scot-
I.unl in recent yenra, theae being us
follow! t IDOli, %'A ■ IUII", TlttH ; I'm,
1-: ti, A lurue niinilier ol del nils ure
given wiih rclerenco lo lho operation
ol vaccination in Germany und muny
othor cotintrica.
Tho iniirliilily Irom amullpox in ono
eoiniiiiinii), lliut of Wuldbeini, in tins-
ony, during the epidemic in 1873-lSiiJ,
■ liiiv.'..: lhe inlliieiicc ol vaccination. The
mortality amongit vaccinated persona ■
win 1 in 'iia'.i.\'a ; lho mortality m	
tinvaccinnted persons wiib 1 in 'iJ.II. |
In tliia counlry thoro wiib mi epitloinic
in Shelliolil iu mi-m, wilh 30117 cua- j
es. Two Iniiiili■ al vaccinated persona
alnal. und 1174 uiivncciniiled ulao died.
Thoae ligurea, it is observed, hnvo
boon ipioi nl by untivucciiiiilionista lo
ahow the aintill vuluo ol vaCclnflToll.
Hut, a iiiiiii .-ii i idea ia obtained when
ihey ure c.inaiileivd in rela I ion to l)io
nunibera of vaccinated and iinviicciu-
uled poraiins ill the ciiminuuily. Tho
ma-irlalily in-lho ^icllleld opitlemic u-
mpng vucciiiutetl pi'imiii... was 1 in
lfil>.0: lhc iiiorlnlily mining un-
\iiieiiniieil peraona wua 1 in Hl.ii.
In the case of tlio Wuldheim
epidemic, amongit vuccinuted peraona
1 in 3y.O took the dlioaae, ami
amongst tho iiiivueciunteti I in i'l
look lho diieoae.
General Contractor
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under norma1 condition*, no preliminary arrangements having been mu ic
lo try lor a record.
for tho past two weeks tho ''ally
'utj.ul ol litis'colliery has hovered
Iietween' tho 1,41)0 and 1,600 ion mm It
aplendid average, which maintaini-d
throughout the monlh in tuo his-
toiy of coal mining in thii district.
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Th* tin bowed, bar (Tea *t*ady upon
Ma own.' "Mr. Klrkwood la ran
kind," sto said gravely.
That'e righti" Calendar exclaimed
blandly "Ue'a promised to aaa yoa
bom*. Mow, boili or you will pardon
my running away, I know."
Taa," assented Klrkwood agreeably.
TU tldar man turned and hurried
toward tba main antral**.
Klrkwood took lha cbalr be bad rat
rated. To bia disgust, ba round bin-
•aif temporarily dumb. No dicker ot
thought Illuminated tb* darkneaa of
bl* looafualon. How waa lie to open
a diverting conversation witb a young
"Bow low, Hub, bava you known
each other?"
i   "MuBt I answer!"
"Iietween tbm and (our Muni.''
"I thought aa much."   Bite stared
pant him. troubled.  Abruptly aha aald,
> "I'leaae amok*."
"Slmll I? I j you wUh It, ef course"-
She repeated, "I'laaaa,"
"W* war* to wait tan minutea vt
ao," «lie continued.
He produced hia clgarett* case
"If you car* to amoke It wlll aeem
an eicuse." lie lighted bl* clgarett*.
"And then yoir may talk to ma," aba
concluded calmly.
"I would gladly If I coald gneaa
what would Intereit yon."
"Youreelf. Tall ma about yooraaU,"
sh* commanded.
Louis Joseph Vance
ttttm, \m tt »h« Bobb**J.rrlll fi*
HI point Mm
"It would bor. rou," be responded . of tb, raDg, of ,be a,^,-, |nt*rsst
•PtntU wu te luirodiux an eld incut."
woman whom be bad nut under a us-
pic** ao eilrsordltisryl Any ellcinot
to glow Ilia situation, ba felt, would
b* funis And somehow be did not
ran to render blmwlf rldlculoua In
ber *yea, IIUI* ai lie knew ber.
Inanely dumb, be aat watching ber,
nulling faiunualy. unlll It was born* In
oa blm Ibat br wu staring Ilka a boor
and grinning Ilka au Idiot Cou-
rlaced, he bloated for himself, some-
iblng wbicb eerved to mike blm mora
longM ltd than evn.
Aa for bia involuntary protegee, aba
ribibllrd aacb sweet compoeura tbat
be caught blmwlf wondering If aba
really appreciated lb* wrionancaa of
bar perenfe predicament—If, for that
mailer, II* Ime natal* were known to
ber (I ill. Calendar, bc believed, waa
capable of prevarication, polite and
Impolite Had bt lied to bl* daughter
or t* Klrkwood? To both poaslbly, to
Ib* former aloo* not Improbably.
Thai lb* adventurer Iud told blm tbe
desperate iniih Klrkwood wn quite
convinced, bnl be now began to lie-
Here Ibai lb* girt bad been pot off
wltb some ncllflous eiplanatlon. ller
iraoiinlllily and self control were remarkable olherwise. 8b* teemed very
young lo possess Ibo** qualities in
sucb eniliiejf degree
Bte wadfkmklng wearily paal blm,
ber taAt proMng aom* ongueeaed
abyss of thought. Klrkwood felt lilin-
aalf privileged lo stare lo wonder. Her
naive aloofness of poiw gripped his
Imagination |ioweifuUy-tb* more ao
perhaps slice II seemed eloquent of
ber Intention to remain enigmatic -
bal by oo mean* more powerfully tbao
Ibe unaided appeal of ber loveliness.
•Presently Ib* girl herself relieved
Ibe tension of tbr situation, fairly slur
(ling Ibe young man by going straight
to Ibe be*rt of Ihlnp. Without preface or warning, lifting ber gai* lo
Md "My name la really Dorothy Col
eadar." sbe observed. And tiun, not-'
Ing bb sttlon Ish ment, "Ton would ba
privileged to doubt nnder tb* clrcum
manner abe added. "I'le*s* let us he
"Since II la to be cooddence*" (IhU
•b* questioned wiib as ail but Imperceptible lining of Ibe eyebrowi), "I
alou'i mind iclllng you aay own nam*
I* mily I'hilip Klrkwood."
"And yen *re «a old friend of my
II* opened bl* llpe, bat oaly to dot*
Hum without speaking. Tb* girl
moved ber (boulder* with a eblver of
"I knew ll waio't ao."
"Too know it would b* bard (or a
young man Ilk* myself to be a very
old -frleDd.'' be countered lamely.
wonls: "N*y*r tm,
"But tba woman*" *rguad tk* de
in-live, unconvinced, ilaring Mto tb*
'Am I net at Warty to ban | Mr
dine wltd na la * puMlo reaWnrantr
Interposed Klrkwood without raUIng
bit voice
Tli* bard eye* looked blm np and
down without favor. Tlmi "Bag par
don. iir. I see my mletak*," aald the
detective brusquely.
"I am glad you do," returned Klrkwood grimly. "I faner « will tmt
He mounted the atap. "ImparUl tto-
ater," be told tba drirw, (Wag tb*
Unit address tbat occurred to blm. It
could he changed. For tb* moment
tbe main Issue was to get tb* girl out
led ib Eiprrii Claiiified
Ctitm ot the Back Page
I O. O   P.
North Vancouver l/oiffe, No. 88,
laaal* every Thuraday (vcoing, oornar
Lonsdale Avion* and Firit street, at
t o'clock. Visiting brethren cortjjally
invited to etlmi, A, T. Kennedy,
N.«.; Thos. 8. Nyi, ree.-seo.; .». II.
Pilling, P.O., (a.aec.; Ckaa. fys, |\
0., Utm.
tritely, ronfused,
"No. Vou Iqtwaat me very much."
She mad* tb* statement quietly, con-
lemptuoua of coquetry.
"Very well, then. I am Philip Klrkwood, an American."
"Nothing moraT'
"Little worth retailing."
"I'm aorry." '
"Why?" lie demanded, piqued
"Because you have merely Indicated
thut you em a wealthy American."
"Wby wealthy 1"
"If uot you would bave aom* aim bl
life, a calling or profession."
"And you think I bave none?"
"Unless you conalder it your vocation to be a wealthy American."
"I don't. Besides, I'm opt wealthy.
In point of fact, I"- He pulled np
short on tbe verge of declaring himself a pimpcr  "I am a painter."
Her eyee lightened wltb Interest
"An artist?"
"I bope so I don't painl signs—or
houses." be remarked.
Amused, she laughed softly. "I aua-
pecied It," she declared.
"Not really?"
"II waa your way of looking at-
ihlngs  that  made  ma guess  It—tbe
painter's way.   I bave often noticed ,
"Aa If mentally blending eolora all I
the time?"
"Yea; tbat and-seeing flaws."
"I bave discovered none," he told bar
braieoly. |
But  again  ber  secret  cit-s  war*
claiming her though is, and ibe gay, I
Inconsequential hauler died upon her .
scarlet llpe aa a second time ber glancs
ranged   away,   sounding   mysterious
depths of anility, |
Provoked, he would have continued
tbe ehuiter.   "1  have confessed," he
persisted.   "Ton know everything of ,
malt-rial Intereal about me. And your- ,
. "i am merely Dorothy Calendar,"
abe anawered.
"Nothing more?" He laughed.
"That la all, If yoa plea**, for tb*
"I am to content myself wltb the
promise of tbe future?" .
"Tbe future," sh* told blm seriously,
"ia tomorrow, and tomorrow"- Bb*
moved reetlesely In ber cbalr, eyea
and llpe pathetic lu tbelr distress.
"Please, we wlll go now, If you ara
"I am quit* ready, Ml** Calendar."
lie rose.   A waller brought tho girl'*
cloak and put it bl Klrkwood's bauds.
| He bald It until, smoothing tbe wriata
: of ber long white glove*, ah* stood up.
! then pieced tbe garment npon ber
I while young shoulders, troubled by
th* indefinable senso ol Intimacy Imparted by tba privilege. 8b* permitted
blm thia personal service. He felt tbat
ab* trusted blm; tbat out of bar gratitude bad grown a aimple and almoat
cbildiih faith la bia generosity and
As aa* turned to go tor eyea tbanked
Um witb an unfathomable glance. He
waa again conscious of tbat esoteric
dlsturbsnc* la bia temples. Puuled,
badly analysing tb* sensation, be followed bar to tto lobby.
A page brought bia bil topcoat, bat
and stick. Tipping tk* child from
sheer force of habit, to deelred a gigantic porUr, Impressively anal* la
hotel livery, to ca.ll a hanaom. To-
tether th»y passed out luto the eight
to and tto girl.
Beneath a pemttatt awning of steel
aad glee* ah* waited patiently, slender, (tact, heedless of th* attention
aha attracted from wayfarers. I
A cab drew In at tbe Mock. Tto
porter clapp*'an arc of wickerwork
over Ita wheal to protect tto girl's
skirls.  She ascended to the seat
Klrkwood, dropping sixpence In tb*
porter* palm, prepared to follow. But
a toad fell upon bis arm, peremptory,
Inexorable He faced about, frowning,
to confront a alight, batchet faced
man, somewhat under medium height
dressed In a sack suit and wearing a
d»rby well forward owr his eyas,
^mamtf weie ""i" mp^J WtiQtmm
"Mr. Calendar?" aaid tto man teoee-
ly. 1 presume I needn't nam* ay
bualue**. I'm from tto Tardily nam* I* not Calender,"
Th* detective amUed wearily. "Doa't
to a fool, Calendar/- to began. But
tto porter"* band fall upon bi* eboul-
der, aud tb* giant tost low to bring
bl* mouth do** to tto other** ear
Klrkwood beard indlttlnctly bia own
HUM. followed bi Galtndix'A. -*-^ __t
a^m——mm   me—e—f — my   mf-m    rm»m—f—^emr m—   ff^ef   pf^f
He allpped into his piece u the hansom wheeled Into tto turgid tM* of'
westbound traffic.
So Calendar bad eacaped, after alll
Moreover, be bad told'the truth ts
Klrkwood.  .
By bia aide tbe girl moved uneatOy.
"Wbo waa tbat man?" lb* Inquired.
Klrkwood sought bar eyes and found
tbem wholly Ingenuous, lt seemed
'that Calendar bad not taken ber Into
bli confidence after all. Sbe waa
therefore In no way implicated la tor
father'a affaire. Inexplicably tha
yonng man's heart felt lighter. "A
mistake. Tbe fellow took na far
some one be knew," to told tor carelessly ,
Tbe assurance satisfied bar. Bbe
reated quietly, wrapped np lo personal
concern*. Suddenly Klrkwood wu recalled to a sense of duty by a gllmpae
of Hyde Park Comer. Ha turned to
Ibe girl. "1 didn't know where you
Wished to go."
She seemed to realise bb meaning
wltb surprise, as on* whose thoughts
tore struyed afar recalled to sn Imperative world.
"Ob, did I forget? Tell blm, plnn,
to drive to No. » Frogsall street,
Constraint bung lito a curtain between tbe two, a alienee which tto
young man forbore to moderate, tad-
log more delight than to bad cared (or
dared) confess to in contemplation of
tbe pure girlish profile ao close to bin.
She seemed quite unaware of blm,
loat In thought, large eye* sober, lips
serious that wan fuhloned for laughter, round lillle chin firm wltb soma
occult resolution. It waa not bard lo
fancy ner uervee keyed to a high pitch
of courage and determination nor eaay
to gueaa for what reason. Wstcblng
always keenly sensitive to tto besuly
of each salient line betrayed by tba
dying lights, Klrkwood's own con-
Baioiisiicss lost Itself In a profitless,
even n perilous, labyrinth of conjecture.
(To be continued)
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of_HoIy Writ
Savj for my dally rang*
Among  tho  plaaaant  Aolda  of  Holy
I hsbi 4»ep»*F- -Vwnym,
First ti Hurt or.  Lesion, VII i February
13, 1911: 1 Kinga xviijil, a, 17-40.
Tho doacent ol Iirael into idolatry
was atartiing in its rapidity, kt firit
thoro wai no notion of iupp|anting
tba w,itii|ii|i ul aii'iiiivuii. Thf itiili'titt
were let aa lubititutea lor tha awe-in-
ipirjng furniture pl the templt, to
which, lor political reasons, the people woro no longer to reaort. '''flump
reproiont thy Ood," wai tho language
in which they were dedicated. Tbey
broke tbe second commandment to
keep the firat, making a gravon iniuge
to remind tbem that thoy nitut have
no other God but Jehovah. Tbua
idolatry began in the mildcat form
poiiible. But it waa a Blurt on a
down grade. Velocity augmonted. A
low tlecadei, and tho wholo kingdom
landed in total apostaiy. I'ricata ol
God were in oxilo, nnd Bil propbeti
■hut in cavea. Under patronage ol
Jezebel her anceBtral worship wai
mado tho Stutc religion. The cruel
and lascivious worship ol Baal and
A:.iiLi-l!■ were substituted lor tho pure
and elevating theism of thc Old Covenant. On the Very spot where Abraham had worshipped tho invisible and
Holy Ono, wero now altars lor humun
sacrifice and groves lor tho guiltless of
love. Such disoasc ai thii' needed
heroic treatment. The case brooked
no delay. Elijah wui a physiciun aller llic Lord's own hourt. He was
not lacking in nerve or skill. Be consulted with tho Lord only. Some de-
precute lho abruptness with which he
bursts into lho narrative. Bo needed
no introduction however. Bil vory
iiuiiii-, Elijah, •'■li'li.mill ii my God,"
is a rcbuko to tho current idolutry.
To havo given the pedigree ol Elijuh,
would bc merely to satisfy curiosity.
It could not add lo his worth. Be
could imile at tbe cluimi ol long dc-
wenl. Well dooi Tennyson sing :
"llowe'or it be, it icenu to me
"lis only noblo to bo good .
bind hearts are mora than coron t
And   simplo   luith   than    Norinuti
And Elijah had a kind hem l ipiti
oi apparent severity. llo burst
through bounds ol personal interest,
stood alone in peril, nil lor the rescue
I his Iellow -round yitieii. Bo was severe to Ihe low thut be might ko merciful to the ninny. Bistody does nol
afford a sublimer oxumplo of faith
lhan in lho man wbo, single-handed,
repaired the dwocrulcd ultur on Car-
I't'i. and in prcaonco ol an apostate
king and peoplo competed with lour
hundred and filly priests, deliberately
giving Ihem every udvantuge. Well
muy Ucndelssohn'i immortal oratorio
reach ils most realistic and thrilling
strain when it points tho frenzy ol thc
prinuls and the culm assurance ol llie
prophet I
"Be repaired lho altar nt lbi Lord
Ihul wai broken down." The kji was
Elijah's whole work in epitome.V No
■cripturc moro graphically shows lho
completeness wilh which a divine religion is put undor control ol human
will. II.'; altar, in spile ol lhc luct
lhat it was tho Lord's, was yet broken down, and that by human hands.
A consccratod human band was also
privileged to restore it. Tho same is
true. to thia day in tho Christian
Church, tit Indecision in religion
is, pi'ilnipi', a characteristic ol our
day. Tba people halt bei wren two
opiiiiimi; uml Ihal, (oo, spile ol the
cumulative evidence ol Iho Chriitian
cenl mies ol tha divinity ol tbo doctrine ol Jesus. ' ' ' The indecision
ia a practical ona, rather than theoretical. Speculatively, the man in nil
probably beliavea in Christianity.
The failure il to evidence the subjective faith in objective worka. ' ' '
Religion being an afair'ol Infinite importance, tba unreasonableness and
mislortune oi indecision il superlative.
February IS, 1911 I Goaeele xlilMl.
. (OonaaoraUoil Meeting)
Trualwortbineii is tbe key lo Jos-
eplfe character, Ha could be liuatod
bi slavery, is priaon, ia priaoa-miuia-
Urdbtip. Ha oould be trusted lo be
dulilul to bia lather, lorgivlng to bil
brotieri, faithful to Pbaroob, (rawr-
nal lo hii oountrymtep. jfo a oheoker-
ad earaar bia dbaract^r wai luwbaokar-
ad. It waa brjgU and apol^aai.
kr ' '■
Editor fiipraaa i
Bear Sip,—Pleeee ipml in ymwfi-
day'aa iisua tbe fplfowjpg pprrpotfonn
apd explanation in regard to aovornl
fireball items relerred it) in ypiHueoun-
p|| iiuniiaiii|: report in this evening's issue,
1 um not u contractor, neil lier have
I any brothers who are. Hy father is
a practising architect today and '»»
ions, Including myself, wero all trained in tM profession,
The contractor's name ii "Jay"'
At my request this contract was
•igned by Hr. Jay and sent in without a Iiuiul tO show good fui th- until
he returned frorn Seattle whore be intended going fpr the'necessary certified cheque. On Friday, Feb. 3rd, he
deposited hii cheque at the cily hall.
On Saturday, Feb. 4th! I received a
letter from tbe eity clerk authorising
me lo Imve the wtb proceeded wi|l'-
Surely tbo (act ol the aatiifactory
completion ol tbla mutter must have
been mentioned in council aasembled
on Holiday evening (yestorday).     ,
As  Mr.  Jay  is a stranger to this
city a notice ol "intention to liijn" is
not an uncommon occurrence.
Yours truly,
Tnesdey evening, Feb- 7th, 1811.
Methodiit church, corner lith itreet
and St. George'i Avenui: Servicei at
11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday school
and Bible Clan 3.30 p.m. Class meeting 10 a.m. Sunday. Prayer uieeting
8 p.m. Wedneiday. Moodyville Sunday school 11 a.m.
St. Andrew'i Presbyterian church,
6th itreet! Servicei at 11 a.m. and
7.30 p.m. Sunday miuiol 3.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Lynn Valley Presbyterian Church—
—Worship, Sundays, 11 u.m., Union
Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. II. Van
Minister, H.A., pastor.
Lynn Valley Methodist Church—Ser-
vico every Sunday evening in Institute Ball at 7 o'clock. I'lm-. Fake-
ley, pustor in charge
Baptist Church—Cor. lith and St.
George. Services, 11:00 a.m. und 7:30
p.m. Bible school at 13 noon. Bev.
C. B. Blundon.
Norlh Lonsdale Presbyterian Church
-Worship, Sundays, 7.30 p.m., Sunday School, iM p.m. B. Vou Mutator, H.A., pastor.'
St. aloliu the Evangelist, 8tb and
13th slreets: Holy communion, 8 a.m.
morning prayer, 11 a.m.; evening prayer, 7.30 p.m. On the first Sunday in
thi month there will be a second celebration ol tba holy communion at
11 a.m.   Hector, Bev, Hugh Hooper.
St. Agnes Church, Norlh Vancouver, 13th street near Boulevard,' Bev.
II. H. Gillies, vicar. Sunday services:
II a.m., maiming prayer and winou i
7.30 p.m. eveniug prayer and sermon;
3.30 p.m. Sundoy School; Holy communion, 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11
St. Edmund's Catholic Church, Muhon Avenue. Suuduys: Mats ID.Ui a.
m., Sunduy School, 3.15 p.m. ; Bos-
ary und benediction,   l.ln p.m.
IN THE HATTEB ol the Water Act
and Amending Act and
IN THE HATTEB ol License No. 43
granted to the Corporation al tbe
District ol North Vancouver Ior
300 inches ol water to bc taken
Irom Lynn Creek, dated the 30th
August, 1804.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
City ol Nortb Vancouver being ths
owner and licensee under tin said license by virlue of the Nortb Vancouvar Cily Incorporation Act, 1806, will
apply lo S. A. Fletcher, Esq., Wotcr
Commissioner Ior New Weilininslcr,
B. C, on Wednesday lho first day ol
March, 1811, at tl* hour ol eleven
o'clock in the loreuoon or io loon
thereafter ai counsel can be heard lor
an order amending tlie said license by
lubilituling therein ai licensee tbe
name ol tbe ('ity ol North Vancouver
in place of tha Corporation ol tbe Diatrict ol Nortb Vancouvor, and lor
adding lo tbi wordi defining tbe point
ol diversion tbe wordi "and at a
point on Lynn Creak either on Lot
888, Group 1, New Weatminiter Diatrict or Lot ]>N, Group 1, New Westminster Diatrict at or near Ihe boundary between tha said Lola" or, in
Iba alternative, (or an ordi* amend
iny tbe license originally gtested apportioning tbe water to ba taken Irom
Lynn Oraek under iaid liocnie No. 13
between Iba point of diveriion ai sel
out ia tha original license and a poia
ol diversion of Lynn Creek either on
Lot 888, Group 1, New Westminster
Diitrict or IM 1363, Group 1, Niw
Weatminiter DiitriS, at or near Ibe
boundary between aaid IMe or toil
sue two or mora licanaee lor iba wo
ho make aucb other order is the rr
mises aa may ba just and equitable.
DATED thia Mth day ol December,
b. i. mn,
Solicitor lor aaid   Oity   ol Hor*
VaAHQfT*., W
At Vancouver Prices.      Sole Agenti for North Vancouver.
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 239
We are overstocked in Cashmcretles, Wrappereltes, etc.,
in a variety of designs, regular values up lo 15c     Ql
Our price    *  O2C
Special line ol 36-in. White Cotton, sold every-   1 A
whereat 15c.   Our price ....'.....,.   1UC
N.B.—We are direct importers of Staple Gooda
from the English Manufacturer!. See our values
before buying elsewhere.
.   1 IL It
Hot Points
For the Man
Lla re's a chance to please Iba
Qi 'I' 1   at once a lyio " HOT
,,,   ,   POINT"
. Ta it tlays trial, free (or asking.
* ' \
Dl. .t'ai.i. aiul comfort on iion-
ing day.
Qui. irun on market guaranteed (or iwo years.
|nvcst now, il will please bar.
|\|fiit. clean and economical.
"py one now and be convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
' r?T_,—iy tr imn e,It—.
tirh*r„i V .tr   -.-.'. .
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
|uel and belter baking results.
only docB its work BETTER
lml AT LESS COST than
oilier Ranges..
We can demonstrate lo you
lhe whole Superior Chan-
celloj principal ol economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
Is it not worth Ihal much
ol your lime righl now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Hhonc 56, 133 Lonsdale Avenue
The Kimball
Warburnitz Piar jyHouw, Limited
443 Unadale Avenue
Korth Vancouver, t e.
(mui tha www »»4 \h offering* p.
wrrent loo*} advertjaing.
Single Insert, 10o per lina
*l»# Week, 7*p per Hub per Inmrtiow
Monthi So par lino per insertion
WiVNTI!D-H"ii.*iiii'|ier Inr ball lor
honsehohl of sin members. Apply MB,
Impress (Hiiro.
h WANTKII—fli.l to num two children daily. Apply. Ker, llllh street
and Mo.nly Avenue. 10-2
WANTKIl-Work for team, heavy
hordes. Apply, John Campbell, Wnd
atreet. 1'hniio 333. 14-9
Plan^^oHft^     at Roche Point, the Linei
'■'? of Which Were Laid Down Thuwday, February 0th, 1911
y*s*j< 11 —t>t~
I       La. ,.       •mr-———• a—-«»'*  TK	
"llll.aV.I JnU.il.1   t«   U   llRll
_~-—-^-.^atmT- ■ "tim
^.filr—- l — Ma.....,.,.,.   ....,^.^aM
 I"   '   '■'—'    '     IL,' '■
~—*tHhr; IBS' a     ."mt       ;■■'■" «"*f
Uf ^l^'layi "* |  a. ja. i.a...
t"i i  i' i*. -■——r-~
■ ' "  ""    ta'
TITW.1 lia"1 ■!■. "■^*-«
.......... ^*...
»».■■■..  ...   ......I..,..y. ||l      ,     I^Mjl       I  lla     p.
.,.— .,,.-..   .-.... — .
Ciiniforliibli! room (or business gentleman. Apply Daily Province, Fourth
street wesl. 111-2
WANTlCIMlnnd smart lad lor office
work untl lo mnke himsell useful. Apply to II. C. !•',. Ity. Office, Rl) lonidale Ave. H-2
WANTKIl-Kggs for batching,     W.
vVvmiiiaiiii' or w. Prpingtoi),   Apply,
with egg laying reenril, Wiiglitirne, Ex-
press Ollice.
WANTED—lo  leuse  or  buy hi on
waterfront,   suitable   for   Ash citing
purpnses.  Apply,  ,1. 0. ill Al MI'I.'S.
72 Cordova Bt. W.
WANTED—I.ielinga Irom owners   ol
North Vancouver properties.    If  you
have a liurgain und want to sell, list
wilh us.  We huve thu buyers.
I'lKlttF, fc HAM,.
7-3 Ne\t In I'ulare   Hotel.
WAN'I'I'.T) TO IlKNT-Coltiige or
• nit' nl rooms hiiaiiil or luinidieil).
Ituply wiih full particulars lo Box
2IKI, North Vancouver,
Furnished housekeeping rooms, 218
2nd street East. 6-2
HAM. FOK EBNT-For private
dunces1 in .lupaiiesc Tea (lindens,
Norlb Vaiieniiver. Sleam heated.
Apply, (len. l'hillips, I'Mli sl. east.
. I'OU .SAI.K-llny's llicy.le. Hood as
new. Belt make. Dunlop lires. ('oas)-
er brake,   ('heap.     Apply Kxpress Of-
FOB MAI.K-Four loot wood, first
growtfa, I'.'tli itreet, lirst house west
of l.ntiiilnl. 0. '.L I),i.l,. care hoi
120. 2-I-2
FOH .SAI.lv Double corner Inli l'J
IW, block II, D. I,. Mil, corner llllh and
Olnilslone, facing south, IIWK). Caah
tSUII, balance, 8, 12 nud IK monthi.
Apply I., ".ilk.■, Holel Norlh Vuneouver, between 0 uml In p.m. 111-3
J. Um.'t and North l.oasdule
Elder Hurray Co. fire inmrance.
An event ol very great significance
in the industrial development ol the
North Shore took place yestorday
(Thursday) alternoon when the initial
stake was driven for the locution ol
tho second clan dry dock which ii to
be built at ltoche l'oint,
Tho "a ni win formally ohicrved by
the presence ol the officers of the Imperial Cur, .Shipbuilding and Drytlock
Cnrpnrutinn, the promoters ol lhe dry
thick project, nnd over twenty Invited
guests. The party lelt Vuneouver at
twelve o'clock noon, incident ally enjoying lhe firit trip nl the iplendid
new ferry luunch "ltoche Polnl" ine
cinlly .li'.i..'n.al uml built by the Imperial Corporation to ply between
Vancouver ami Ihe new centre which
hnsbeen tunned "Imperial". Thu luunch
is a model of comfort aud convenience.
It ii fitted with engine! ol 150 limm
power and is eaiily capable nl  curry
ing 100 pauengeri.
On arriving at the Point lhe puny
pi Hia aallll    111   llll'   llllllllj'    ■ . llllll     all      Hli
nuw mw mill where nn np|wtiiing
lunch um enjoyed alter .which the)
wiindeil thoir wuy dnwn to the point
where lhe prelitninuriei were epeedily
dispnsed nl and lhc location ol lhc
slnko waa finally decided. The loullt
line ol the iirydnck will lie nhout Int)
feel from llic end of the l'oint nnd will
cover a distance nf 1,11ml leel alonu
Ihe waterfront running Mill loel inland. The i aai n.'i ,.i nl,.' was duly driv
on, several nl I lie members ol lho pur
ly taking a turn nt the hammer, nf
ler which short speecbei were In   or
der. Hr. Nichol Thompson mu ruled
Ihu history of the dry dock movement
showing that it win a project which
he hail had in mind for twenty youri-
past nutl which wns now brought to
successful issue through lhe co-operation of Mr. Iltillock as well ns Ihu Imperial Car, ;'lii|iiiiiildii,. atul Drydock
Corporation. Conitruclinn wnrk upon
lhe ili vda,il, v..iiiid lie »l nrl iil nl unci
and it waa expected Ihul lho dock
v..miai be in •ipi'iiiiinu within eighteen
Hr. Hull.n'i.. through whom the Iin-
uncial arrungomoiits hail been broughl
In a successful conclusion, roviewod
his connection with the project and
made the irriitiiying nnnniiiicomeiil
llinl ample funds ure now available
lor the completion nl lho ilrydock   in
everv respect. No elemont was now
laakiiig |o carry the whole scheme to
complete inii'i'i' .a.
0. A. Barrett, manager ol Imperial
Cur, Shipbuilding und Drytlock Corpornlion, recounted tho rise and pro
grese ol the corporation and ita severnl n ie lut ul. in i .-I uud declared Willi
p.uti.nl it relerence tn the drydock
that it wus generally acknowledged
that all arrangements wore practically
id en I lor Ihu ] nu | ti me.
Alcxnuder Philip, proeident ol North
Vnncouver Hoard ol Trado as lhe only
representative from the North .Shore
expressed the universal graliliculion
experienced throughout Nortb Vancouver liecauso of tbe successful progrm
nl iniuiiiTiii.'ntn for this und nther im
portant iniliiiiiiii'ii in connection with
tlie Imperial Car, Shipbuilding un>l
Drydock Corporation and the willing-
non ol the North Shore to co-oper.ito
in any way in which aniilance could
ho rendered. Ho conveyed the reurct
ol Muyur MeNeish Ihnt he wai iinahhi
lo be present and alio accounted fnr
tho absence of Heeve McNaught who
could not be reached in time on account ol the shortness ol the noiico
which had been givon.
Judge Arthur, president ol the Imperial Cur, Shipbuilding and Drydotk
Corporation* '" " '™ "I'1 femnrkinl
u congratulatory 'charaeler, hniurhi
the proceeding! lo a close uftcr which
the parly ro-emharked und returned lo
Vancouvor. '•
Wing, Court House, Vancouver
NOTICE ii hereby given that Ibe
time for receiving tenders for "Wing,
Court-bouse, Vancouver," is extended
up to and including Tueiday, tli. -1 i
day of February, 1011,
tf. C. OAHIII.K,
I'ulili.   Works 'Engineer
Deparlmenl ol Public Works,
Victoria, 11. 0., .llit .laniiary, I'.'H
We will buy or exchange your ituvci,
rangei and household goods for spot
caih. Turner's, 70 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 181.    P.O. Ilox 213.
I plinl-i. in und Decorator
Furniture upholstered, cutritige trimming.  Ship work a specially,    Stale
rooms und tabini iipltolsien<d,
Plume Palace llui.l
TV   .  a         j—   ■" i '
Booms 10 aud 11, Pender Chamlieri,
till Pender Street W.       Phone 3161
Batsidence,  cor.  Lonidala Ave   aad
12nd street, $oitli Vancouver.
ut new ready to tll all ordan
for cosl 1hej wlll
carry a full line of building iu»
pliee. Oet tlie beat. Thoy have it.
A trial order Will convince yon of
tut. Oet your coal before the
rainy >eaeon seta in. Head
quarter) on corner of EapUnade
Md St. George, North Vancouver.
Phono 'iM Terma Oaah
TENDERS will ba received by the
llftdersigaud until t p.m. 00 Thursday, loth February! 181), lor tin
.Olearisg end grubbing ol portion ol
■1**)tii Boad Weat, improvement
Jlltown ae tba Marine Driveway, Dii-
' Inei !>ot, 6K, is accordance with the
epecifiealio* ani plan to he wen at
this office.
The loweet or aay tender not naeee-
tatily accepted.
J. tf, ('AMWVIi,
Diatrict Engi
''.Wetriol Municipal Office,
Worth VawioDver, B. C,    •
fed January, IWI. J1-2
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
duys alter the dale hereol we the un'
.I.'i signed intend In apply as io partners to tho Hoard ol License Commissioners for the cily ol Norlh Vancoiiver for a relail liottle lircitse for pre
mines situate on a fractional part ol
iot ilm1.1n (13) block one huadrcd
and fifty-seven tl.',;, li L. 1171 271, in
the 'iiy ol Norlb Vancouver on Ihe
principle of lhe Norweigiun system (of
no prolit to the ... Il.i u
(Signed)     It. E. HACNAI liHTIiN.
tSigneil)    P. mn III ssi,\
MI'I ICE ii hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing IwtwcM
ui, the undersigned, as Hickman It
Hood, in Ihe City ol North Vancouver
has beea thie day dissolved by mutual
All dtbte owing to taj'l partnership
nro to be paid to W. B. Hood at Ibe
City ol North Vancouvar aloresaid,
and all claims againit the said partnership are to be presented to the uid
W. B. Hood by whom thi uw will be
Deted at the City ol Norlb Vancouver thia DM day ol January, IOI I.
(Signed)    0, B. HICKMAN,
(Signed)     W, B. HOOD.
NOTICE ii lii'iib) given that at the
next lilting of lhe Hoard of l.ictnsing
Commissioners for the City of Norlb
Vancouver, I intend to apply lor a
b tlel licenie lor premises situate on
lols 21, 22, 23 and 21, block HO, II.
L. 271, Second street west, in thc snid
eity nl Norlh Vancouver.
Dnti'd el Norlh Vanvouver, Fehrnory
till. 1011. 8-3
lleorge Parker, a lluwuiinn, pleaded
guilty to ans.,uliiuii u Hindu mimed
llttiiilu ip lhc lerry slip Insl Munduy
nud wus Inuil 1211 untl costs nr twu
niiiiiili"' imprisonment by Mnfiistrnte
Kealy nn Wednesday morning. The
chiel sltiled un hcliul! nl the prosecution Ihul he euulil produce witnesses
who wmihl swear lliut lunula wus
slruck down by the licensed without
uny provocitlion. (apt. Fatki suw
the blow and lhe mun lull bul did nut
hear any dispute thai mighl hove led
up tn the uel. lunula win represented
hy an interpreter and had a very bad
Inuking eye encircled iu mourning
which could not be mistaken Inr exhibit  No.  I.
Bt * K* CEREAL room
Rolled Oats WholeWheat Flour     Nice Flour
Oatmeal Buckwheat I'loni        l'earl Barky
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split i'eas
Hull, al Wheat Rye Flour Canadian Wheal Flakes
Aali your Grocer for %, fa ((, Brand. Il"' StMdwd „( gua|j,v
Wholesale limn .,
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVKNUE.        Al Ferry Landing.
NOTICE ia hereby givw that tka
Court q( Baviiioa of Diitrict iueee
meet Boll will neet )n the Diitrict
Hunicipal Office, North Vanoouver, On
Tuaaday, tka Ulh im et February,
1011 at I efdoek p.m. wkw aU eon-
plainU and appeale again.1 eaataa
mania will be coaaidared.
Notice o! cpnplaiota ah appeali
muit b. given to the Aweaaor. at
leaet tm dayi beiori Um aaid data,
and iuch notice mual aet forth tlu
ground ol conapUiol.
Qivn undUr my haad thia (th
day vl Jaauary, l»ll.
lout a. tktmn, C.M.C.
The largest auuortment of Men'* Working .Shirts, in-
uluding all the bent wearing materials in all   / C
Hi/.iiH, price* up to $1.26, now:     U JC
Scotch Knit All-wool Underwear. Thie ie a fine line
for th« outdoor worker as it is heavy and   n C
warm, regul*r$lW value for 75c per suit   / JC
Men's Fall and Winter .Suits, only a few left of those
splendid bargain suits, tliey were as high d> 1 Q
as $30, now    «P I 7
A ypry fine assortn.entof Men's Four-in-hand O C
Ties, reversible, regular 60c valuea, now   A>J«V
D     '    C  'i.   in great variety, from size 22 up to
DOV 8 OUltt 34 in short panU * O Cf)
and 32 up in long pants, prices from »Pa»» JU lip
0.    To clear out tlie few that are left
VCTCOatS  they are going at two-thirds ibejr
original cost.
SUITS madf; to order.
113-116 lomitlt Av«,
WB'fifW TBflSwWfW
llit. SPKNCKB Wll.li Sl'EAK
Nexl Bunday nl lhc Hem lliculrc ul
I ii.iii.  llr. S|ii>nccr, siipurint uiirli'iit nl
lint Iniul option iciiguc, will |n'iil. tin
"The (inlhenbiirg Syitem nr I'nlil'
ll'iiti-r Tnmt." Everybody inwinl.
•Sovcrnl .in. i. .'I i .-I.. iniii'i will lie rcn-
■BBggHBgH. —. i- J-J-.il
ST. ANIIBKW'.S CHl'liCH-Sirvicii
un a...Ma,aili lirvt will hc conducted by
Hov. Mr.  Tliiimitin, .Su|i|Hirlnn.    The
iCHiinn   I'i'iiir ila   >•■■ ian ■ i   n large ut-
luiiduiicc ut Imiii dicla nl worih'ap.
will Iind lour nl thm in block 31, nihil, I). L, 'UM. For mie only by latb
r.outi't li Co. and Ferric It Co., Nnrlh
I mi ilnl.■ Ave, Owner, li J
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city,
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Spiculim. Pbon. 12
fo Good
S lbs. for $1.00
j. a. t> n. McMillan


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