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NORTH fAMOOlTmi 9 0; TUESDAY, MARCH 1?, 1812.
Mr. J. W. Weart Withdraws from Contest - Hon. F. L
Carter-Cotton Declared Elected by Acclamation.
Elsewhere in eur columns will hi
''fund the officii! declaration of Returning Officer J. T. Sexsmith, according
the Boat for Richmond riding in tho
provincial assembly, te Hoe. F. L. Car
tor-'Cottou, consequent upou the withdrawal of Mr. J. W. Weart, tho Liberal
candidate, from tbe field.
In tbo person of Hon. P. L. Carter-
Cotton, Richmond Hiding ia represent-
cd iu the local legislature by one ef tbe
foremost figures in provincial politica,
and by one wbo is iu overy sonso worthy
of the honor conferred upon bim snd
tho confidonco reposed in him by the
electors of this, the most populous and
most important one mail riding In the
proviuee. Mr. Cotton first entered tbe
political arena jn tlio year 1890 when
ho wis returned at the head of the poll
• in the eity of Vancouver, in opposition
to the sduiinistrstieu of Hon. John
Robson who waa then Premier. This
was the first occsaiou upon which Vancouver had aoparate representative! in
tho provjucisl legislature, the eity hat
iug beeu a part of Westminster riding,
up lo lhat time. In lbe eleetiou of
1894 Mr. Cottou wsb sgaiu successful,
being reelected to repressut the ler
luiual city, this time in opposition to
the government of Hou. Theodore Davie,
who hid succeeded Hon. John Robaon
as premier iu tbe Interim. The expiry
of the term of tbe then legislature
^ushered iu that period of instability
and of rapid changes in provincial governmental affair.-, which lenniuated in
the introduction of the prescut aystctn
of party government. Io 1898 Mr. Cotton was eloctcd for the city of Vancouver, in opposition lo the Turner ud
ministration. This administration wu
short lived however, the cabinet bsy-
ing been dismissed by Lieutenant Governor .Ms times after I few months. Mr.
Mi'inlm was called upon lo form a government aud Mr. Cotton was returned
us a member of that government, in
which he accepted the portfolio of ii
nauce and agriculture. Upou appeal
iug to the eleclors as the newly ap
pointed uiioister he was returned without opposition.     Ie li'li, iu addition
10 Ihe departments already under his
control, Mr. Cotton undertook the portfolio of tbe Chief Commissioner of
launls and Works, lu the year 1900
another appeal to the couutry became
neccisiry and inasmuch as Mr. Semliu
had intimated his desire to retire Mr.
Cottou waa virtually tbe head of the
prospective governmeut, having given
his definite promise that be would ad
here to what was known as the I'roviu
eial Parly, whicii had been Instrumental in tbe return of Mr. Semliu to power.
11 was at this juncture lhat the agi
tation iu favor of the party form of
government made its influence felt up
ou the situation, Mr. Joseph Mai Iiu
hiving declared openly for tho orgau
i,alion of tho Liberal parly with s
view to party government. The Cou
servstive forces also orgaui/.ed tbem
selves for a like purpose and although
Mr. Cot top was offered tbe leadership
of Ihe Conservatives, hC declined to accept because he considered it his duty
to remain atedfast in the promise lbat
bo had made to the Provincial parly,
which was eoluposed of adherents of
both political parties. The result was
tbat is that election Mr. Cotton sua
laincd the only reverse which has
marked his political career. The Liou
I ena n Ml o verner    then    called     upon
J*    Messrs. Joseph Martin snd D. W. Biggins to form a governmeut aud matters
-   .lulled en in a state of perpetual uncertainty  until  the year 1903,  when
Richard McBride succeeded iu carrying
the province for the Conservatives by s
bare majority.   Mr. Cotton first became
associated with Richmond riding at this
election.    This riding bad for many
years been represented by Mr. Kidd
who declined te accept nomination fer
'  another tend.    The Liberals placed in
tho field Mr. J. C. grown of New West-
i     minster, s strong candidate who had
\    already occupied s seat in the house for
several yeara  Tho Conservative party
was face to face with i formidable
difficulty to secure a candidate capable
nl entering the lists against   such  a
strong opponent and finally Mr. Cotton
wm pmiilei upou to take up the
gauge on behalf of the party.    After
a strenuous campaign he succeeded in
„.   carry iug tin constituency, thus converting a threatened Conservative de
feat late a provincial violent for tin
Mrs. W.J. Irwin will net receive
Wednesday, March tbe 30th,
Mrs. H. 1). Buggies will net receive
on Thursdiy the Slut, but will be it
homo the 3rd Woiluesdiy iu April.
Mrs. T. P. Roynolds sud son of Ns-
iiuiiun were on Sundty Ihe guests ef
Mr. and Mra. flroeti of 17th street west.
Mr. I). Q. Dick returned to this city
on Fridsy evening sfter several
mouths' sojourn iu southern California.
Mrs. Dick is remaining in Portland for
tho purpuse of visiting relatives.' Bhe
is .  i e. ie,i home this week.
Mr. Ernest Townsley is having a mud-
cm twuaturev residence erected en
llllh street. The strurtjtR is entirely
a frame buTllW wi^lulli and plaster
partitions, panclad'iu cedar and beam
ceilings. II will nmi a i u seven rooms.
When inns In'.I it will represent an expenditure of about .j.ii'.'in
According to the provincial license
the fishing season opens on the L'iilh of
ihis mouth, though the Dominion regolu
lions ullott fishing utter the 10til. M
the -.'inni Harden- are provincially up
pointed, it is deemed wiser to wait the
additional ten days.
Mr. .lack Loutet'tjrtw aud attract
ive business\|lapBsbmeut iu North
Lousdale is uo^Stisring completion,
Erected iieivrifing to Ilie design of Mint
srs Illi' lu.I.ler and Mackay, it will he
ready for occupancy iu about two
An unusually fine aud commodious
l.iiii'.'iiloiv is being creeled on loth street
wesl for Mr. II. M. BSrmesler ou in
admirable site ailuulcd ou the edge of
it ravine commanding un unobstructed
view of lbc mo.minim and Inlet. Mr.
Ilayliurn Jameson is Ihe architect. Thr
bungalow will cost approximately
party.     Mr.  Cotton  has  represented ed au act vthieh ia iu itself an honor
Richmond    constituency    continuously to llic constituency and bas al lbc same
lines tbat time, having beeu reelected lime given a signal expression of cou
iu 1906, 1909 aud in the present else fldoucc in and appreciation of one, who
lions.     Iu the year lunl  Mr. lotion through a long period ol public service
wis ippointcd President of the Exccu I extending oter twenty two years, bus
tivo Council  of the Oovernment  and
resigned tho position in tbe year 1910.
As chairmen of Ihe Hoyul Commn
lieu on Taxation iu the year 1903, Mr
Cotton waa tbe leadiug figure in the
formulation of Ihe report which form
cd the lmii of the policy of the McBride admiuialratiou which has prov
en so eminently successful iu building
up the financial strength and credit
of the province.
During his public career ol twisty
two years lo dale, Mr. Cottou has con
sistoutly advocated at least four depar
tures in public policy whicii have final
ly been adopted by Ihe admiuistratiou.
Free trade in Railways has been a
plunk in hii political creed for maay
yean and its final acceptance has been
io no small degree due lo Mr. Cotton's
able aud persistent advocacy. It is
now possible for auy five persons, with
bens fide inicut ions, to obtain a charier
for railway construction within the
province and upou tbeir failure lo com
ply wilh the conditions prescribed the
cbarter at once lapses and is available
to all citizons slike. Mr. Cotton'i pul
icy wilb reference to good roads 'linn
for msny yean beeu tbat of coopers
tion  between   the  provincial  govern
ment sud tbe respective m i.ln■. •
For s long time be itood alone in I [lis
position,'but fiuslly uot only has il
beeu sdoptcd by the provincial govern
ment, but tbe Dominion governmeut
wisely now proposes ti- inaugurate a
policy of assistance iu tbii rcipcct. Tbe
Poll Tax has always been opposed by
Mr. Cotton and his testimony before
the Taxation Commission last year was
a reiteration upon his part ef tbe ideas
which be baa promulgated for years,
with reference te that tax. Intimation hss been given that tbe legislation
which the gnveriinieiii will introduce
following tho report of tbst Commission
will provide for the abolishment of the
pell las. -Th* fourth feature ot the.
government policy which Mr. Cotton
has long advocated bai to do with the
personal property tax. To Ihil he has
always been opposed, contending tbat
it was inequitable iu its Incidence and
l lax upon capilal invested without re
ference to the returns accruing tbere
from. This tax, it Is likewise, under
stood will be dene away with by leg
illation new in contemplation,
Il returning Hou. F. L. Carter-Cotton
by acclamation u III representative at
Victoria, Richmond riding has perform-
ever been actuated by tbe high, i sine
of honor iu the discharge of his puLh.
duties aud one whose political career
has beeu marked by conspicuous uiul
ity as well at by a commanding iullu
once, both In bis relationships with his
confreres and his opponents in the
Engineer Hanes Resigns
Mr. O. 8- Hues Intimites Wish to
Rstlrs from Ollice
In tbe course of lasl night 'i itcuiou
of Ihe cily council, Mr. (Vorgc S. Hanes
loadcrcd his resignation til the position
of city cugiii«cr. Mr llaues intimate I
bis desire lo relinquish jitiue in Ibe fid
lotting letter, atbicli Was read by tin
assistant city ch'rk I Mr. I'. S. Hsslsiu)
and referred hTy'tly fu committee
the whole:
1  hereby bcgueive to tender my
resignation Bi cil* engineer   for    the
eity of North V'eif outer, lo take effect
within a month ur ilx junka' Iuuc.
In tendering ifiy resignation I wish
lo lake the opportunity of publicly
thanking Ex Msyor May. Miyor Mc
Neish and sil lbe slilcfincii wbo hate
bad charge of lbc city's (iffsirs iluring
my term ef orHre, for n ■ 'u support in
carrying oul Ihe various improvement:
which hive been undertaken during the
past three veins
J lil-i'i wisb te ipecially thank the
citizens for the public-spirited wsy in
which they Inne treated mc during my
lorm of office.
My reason for resigning is tbat J Wish
te look sfter my owu affairs
I expect to remain a t iti/.tn of North
Youn respectfully, '
"The Marriage" proved to be a popular and well appreciated beginning fpr
tbe Hidden La-Paige Compuny OD Men-
day nigbt. Martha Golden in her rule
is Mme. Cyprlenne dci Prunelles wis
in unqualified success throughout the
ttory, while Harrow Le Paige is M.
llenrix dei Prunelles give in excellent exposition of un idiptiblc bus
luind wbo succeeds it tbo end in winning bis own wife's affection- Qeorge
Warebam aa W. Adhcmar Ontiuac, with
whom Mme. Cypricnne is infatuated,
was of great assistance, while the
hearty laughs following the efforts of
Milton, Kenney, Nndiu and Funny Milton in their several characters augurs
well for their reception in future titles;
llu/.el Stone gave a graceful aud taking
portrayal of Mine, de Hrioune. The
reproduction of the story gu\e au excellent opportunity for showiug some
really beautiful gowns.
A man named Qeorge lauley met with
a painful mishap on Saturday while
working wilb a roud making gang on
lhe Marine Drive for Contractors Mc
I'herson sud Armituge. The prung of
a pick struck him in tbe eye indicting
such injuries that removal of the eye
became necessary. The operation was
performed successfully at tbe North
Vancouver hospital.
WANTED—A girl to do gouoral work
upstairs snd iu kitchen. Bainbow Cafe,
Esplanade Wesl. S2-3
WANTED—Boarders in private fain
ily, near car. Apply IIS—tod street
East. 181
Voung married man wants position
in real estate office. Moderate salary
und commission. Box A in. Express
Oflice. 28-3
Last evening Mr. Ogle addressed
good aili'iuhiiiff of tbe local league ou
the "Life of Martin Luther " Jt wan
a very fine addren describing Ihe con
diliinu. of the church etc. in the days
0/ the Reformation period.
Noxt evening the meeting will tike
Ihe form of a "Mock Trial" trying
one of tbe officers for broach of trusl.
A good lively time promised.    . All
The Hev E. A. Henry of Chalmers
Presbyterian cbureb, Vancouver, deli
vered a most interesting address in ell
Andrew 's church last night lie took
lis Ins topic "The Boy," ui,d discours
I eulertliiiiugly on the iiiuuy ami tari
oils attributes of Canada's coming men
There wa. a large and appreciative au
A force of uhoul I'm men comprising
ompaiiies C. II. E and II of Ihe Oth
lli'giuieiii of the Duke of Connaught's
Own Itiflcs, crossed.the Inlet uu Sun
lay and, ufler marching io Hollyburn.
engaged in u shuin fight. The tisita
lion v.n regarded a. something of a
uoti-lly In residents of this cily and
the military manoeuvres were welched
by a crowd of considerable dimensions.
The ferry directorate ireorfled free
imiisporlutioii   to  lhe  detachment
The conversion of Rice lake into a
reservoir is progressing rapidly. I'll
der the direction of Jumes Itluke, Ihe
eleariug gang has ihe debris and trees
cleared off the watershed of the lake
about'two (birds way round. Al the
|.resent lime the tunnel nun ure finding
some difficulty with sand undermined
wllh water ami in spile ofvlbcir efforts
this material keeps filling in and hinder
ing the progress of the tunnel to quitt
u degree, it is expected thai Ihis eat
be overcome with cribbing.
II bu been decreed by the c.luru
I tonal authorities of this city lhat tin
...■"■■ I. of the ■ bildi.a who return to.
school after sick leave shall be ascer
lamed by means of printed slips em
bodying questions which parents or
reli|ble authorities will answer. These
answers will be regarded aa eertificalei
of health,' In Dyer recommends Ibis
course in consequence of Ibe fart lhal
children bid been coming lo bim with
Hie statement tbat tbey had recovered
from tbo effects ef some infectious ml
incut, but he had no meaus of ascertaining if Ihey had beeu tonvalcsi'cnt for
the necessary period.
The beginning of this monlli naw Ibe
opening of McMillan sud Rejd 's fire-
miscs, 10 Lonsdale avenue. Both part
ncrs may be catalogued ai authorities
on Ihe roast funnily aud Nortb Van
rourer ptrtjeularly. Wr.--MeMJHt.ti km
figured in this neighborhood for twenty
four yean, while Mr. Reid came to the
country fourteen years igo. Holh hive
been resident* of Ibis city five or six
years. At prosenl tbe firm is Ipee'itlir.-
ing In Part View property, a valuable
location wbicb wu formerly known as
fowl's Ranch. Apart from real es
late, McMillan and Sold are agents
fer the foudon Quarantec aud Accident
Insurance Co., the Crown Life Insurance
t'O. and'the Columbis Vltt Insurance
WANTED-lmmediatoly, single fur
iiisheii room in private family, wilh
I'liriml board, (live full particulars as
lo terms uud location. Apply Uox
WANTED Hoy to loam plumbing
Apply II. S. Jones, 120 -ml Avcuue
Neil door lo Palace hold, between t
nnd 9 a.m. ami 6 and ti p.m.
WANTED—(Juiet, elderly woman to
act as nurse sewing maid (good house
keeper kepi, Small wages, good house
Apply "Haildene" .Mb itraet west, t.f
LOST—Hudson Ha; sable muff will
i: millings (tails and dav.; ' OII Nu. I
ferry 0 p.m. Wednesday ur ou I.ousdali
ell meeting boat. Reward, Mrs. 1
i'i.s.-i. I.nh sired west.    ' I'd3
FOR BALE (Mlscellsnsous)
FOR SALE .'in loads of cow manure
Apply W. H. Wilkins, comer of 191b
und "Million ti-1
FOH SALE-Guod milk cow. Apply
llllh street, first house west of Lons
dale. 26 1
FOB BALE - -Cbulbum incubator apd
Brooder, 120 egg capacity, 110. Frank
Alloo, Windsor Road Wesl, North foil-
dale. 19-3
FOB SALE-Bciutiful viow lot,
cleared level end in grass, Ifitb streot
close to. Lonsdale, (800, 14 cub. See
Mrs. liaggarly, 633 Lomdalo Ave. 0-4
FOR BALE-VMw lot, Keith roid,
No. 16, block 24-663-81300.- I.l cub,
60 ft, frontage. Apply P. O. Box 66,
Vsncouver. 89-8
FOB SALE-Double corner p% end
Chesterfield. Price 86,000, good terms.
Apply owner, P. O. Box 1822.
FOR BALE-Two splendid lots on
lUtb street, 100x126 lo lsnc. 2^ blocks
from Boulevard and car. 81,600, 1-8
cub—8, 12.   Box 1773, Express Ollice.
FOR SALE-By owner, 816,000 worth
of close in Norlb Vsncouver residence
property, below cost on good terms;
must sell. Address P. 0. Box 2223, or.
Phone i.l25, Norlb Vsncouver.     80-8
FOR BALE—Iu whole or iu part,
1,000 fully paid up shares in Burrard
Cigar Compauy Limited for 8760 (par
value 81,000). No other atoek can be
purchased. Terms to arrango. Hilt
edgo Qeo. C. Walker k Co., p)orth
Vsncouver. t.f.
ROOMS    FOR    HENT      II, beeping
uud single.   218 2nd stroet eust.
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, bouio-'
keeping ur single. I 18 Esplanade West.
'FOR HENT—New collage, 3 rooms,
good pantry. Apply lllh and Houie
turd east. 22-3
FOR RENT Five roomed house, llth
ami Boulevard East. Apply J. li. English, 0. K. Grovcry.
TO RENT- -Three roomed cottage ou
comer of Moody and 17th street. 81"
a month.1 Apply ll. W. Robertson, 427
FOR RENT- Upper three large unfurnished   rooms,   .;]>   monthly,   1649
1 hes.i. iti. bi Aveuue.
TO RENT-Furuishod six .roomed
houso for six months from 1st of April-
Apply 848-tRh street cast. tit.
shop  on
ile for ca
near Lousdale, suitable for carpeuter ur
nainter or if required for store purposes
owner will ulter tu suit tenaut. Elder
Murray Co. Ltd.
TO RENT—Choice modcru suites on
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith A Co.,
North Vancouver.     Rents 81760. t.f.
FOR BENT- -Warehouse, First itreet
E., Ml.'Crown Block, 2i)xG). hue on
trance on lease at 826 per mouth. Apply to Lett k l'erowue, 3)6 Richards
St. 893
FOR SALE -Quick, Furniture of cosy
I room flat, 8126. Rent 812 per month.
Front flat. Old Municipal Hall, Es
plauade. 28-3
FOB -SALE Second hand orgau in
good coudiliou. Price 860 en euy
terms. Apply Wsrburnilj Piano House
Lid. If.
(FOR SALE CHEAP)- By owner,
one lorae (sboul 1,600 lbs), one 3 inch
tire wagon, almost new; oue and ene
half sols heavy barms*, also 2! feet
motor launch in good order. Apply P.
O. Box 8223, or phear I.l:.., North
Van. outer. 20-3
FOB sale Due lol of grocery
shelving and counter in Lynn Vulley
Now in store lately occupied by A. B.
Fletcher. Csn be iceo by applying te
W. 1. Wilson, Assignee. i.f.
Agreements for Bile discounted.
Mouey wailing. Lonidale Realty Co.,
636 Loosdalg Ayenue. Phone 817.   t.f.
FQfi BALB3W*ings ef Mammoth
Pekin Duekiy prlxe Itrain. Phone 18«.
Got it st Lonadale Pharmacy Phone 29
ll you waul to buy or sell property
list or inquire al our office. John Bull,
Hauk of Hamilton Building, 1st street
North Vancouver.
Fire wood, Capilauo Woodyard, tbe
old I'apilauo terminus, Kuitb rosd. Cerl
wood sud stove wood, 11 and 16 I., 'i
full measure, prompt delivery. P. O.
Box 2306, Pboue 232. 12-4
li.  <:.  Litory and Board stables—
Light  rigs  snd  ladles' isddls  horses'
for hire.   Stabling for bones     Gin-
eral delivery snd hcivy teaming.    H
Dumas, 41b street west. Phon 847 i.f.
you desire lo sell yeur buslnsss or pro
perty of any kind call er writs tu,
we liave clients for close in acreage
for aubdiviiion, We can git reiulfc.
Mcllwaine k Delbsr, 9 Jones Building,
407 Hutiugs St. W„ Vancouver,-B. C.
land Clearing ind Grading foil.
Pete Andruis, General Contractor. Be
tfit connections i specialty, biwment
ind other excavating work undertaken.
Estimates tra. ltl St. George'• Ave,,
North Vsncouvor, post office box IUU.
J._C. White Leghorn and Wbittj
Wyandotte Eggs from my best layers,
81.60 per letting, 100 for 47.60. Opy
old .lucks 817.60 per hundred. Plait
Melroie Poultry PopfV, y.mnidon,
Iiiuuy, B. C. t.f.I
FOR BALK A few pint's/ prill
slock, Columbian Wyandottes, Columbian Hocks, Partridge Wyandottes, Buff
Orpingtons, 8, C. White foghorns. Sam
hooking orders /or eggs and day old
chicks. Mrs. I S. foe, Lynn Valley
Poultry   Vards,   Dtmptey Re»4, Box
2114, Kwt* ytmtttr.
The Norljb Vigcjuyir Dye Works
44 Lonidale Avenue, guarantee to dl
u good work at cheaper prices tbau
you can possibly git in Vaneouvir.
Give ui'a trill, the result will ipwk
tot limit    Phone 107. ti.
Frank Pochol, General Contractor,
27lh itreet between St. George and
St. Andrew'i Ave., land during, grading, excavating. Foundations, temint
wort a ipetislty. All work guaranteed,   Ettimalcs furnished tm. Olve
mi a m9. V. 0. 9m HH, 9m Vm-
mm, 9- H\\ »M I
We have exclusive sale
of someollheBest Properties in District Lots 791, 204, 273 and 550
———*T"" i .1  ^T"     ■—gg^Bg!B
110 Eiplanade.        Phone 227
T ;  •
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Cplumbia Telephone Co.,
66x135 cleared lot, St. Andrew's sud 26th facing south, HHiD. Oue
third, 6, If ind 16.
07x114 .-lured lot 251b (Bouleurd; sud St ileuigo'i. HMD Out
tbird, 6, 1! snd 16.
100x114 .b'tred lot, 2Mb (Boulevird) md St. Andrew's, llili<). Out
.purler, 6, 12 sud 16.
47x167, clelred, few yirdt from Lonidsle ivenue tat, (1,600, One-
third, 6, 12 ind 16.     '
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ld.
l'HONES it tud 36.
Will Change that Old Store Front
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719.
Phont 222
1636     THE BANK OF     1912
British North America
71 THU la Bullae*,  CapiUl snd Emrve Ovsr 17,600.000.
A Complete Banking Service
Collection! madt in gpy put oi Canada. Negotiable
paper discounted. Monty advanced at renewable terms to i
finance y'oin busmen. Local and foreign Drills tonight and
gold. Monty transmitted by Money Order or Telegraph
'J ramlir. Letters ol credit iuued payable in ail tjie leading
cities ot th« world.
We invitt your account.
Two Offktu to Nortb Vancouver, Corner of Lomdalo Ave.
and E*pUn*de. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th $U*m*
Nortk ..Ymcmmil
Conservative Club
A most lUMHifuI "smoksr" under
the luspicss ot tbe local Consorvstlvo
Assooistion took plice in tbs Knights
ol Pythias Hill pa Friday nigbt, the
preiident, Mr. 8. P. Sohults presiding.
Tbree hundred members shd gUMts
of thi «l»b Win relegited firstly with
i miscellsueoui progrim ind ncgudly
Wit b m eliborite supper.
fbl following tout! Win proposed
ind responded to It tbi bmquot: "Tbe
King," "Thl Federil Oovernment mil
Premier B. h, Borden," proposed by
tbi cbilrmin md reiponded to by Beivi
Msy; "Tbi l'rovinciil Government,"
propoied by tbi cbiirmin, ind rsspoud
■d to by Itr. O. H. Morden; "Ths
Committee on Arrsngementi," reipoud-
ed to by Messrs. Ii. O. Wright, 0. B.
Arnold, O. A. Veen md A. Kennedy;
'.'Bichmond Conservstive Club," ro
sponded to by Messrs. Percy King, Herniary of thi Central Club, ind C. V.
ForemiD, its vice-president; "City of
North Vincouver,' 'propoied by Aid.
Fraier ind reipouded to by Alderman
W. J. Irwin; "Our Liberal Frisnds,"
proposed by Ur. P. Larson and respond
sd to by Aldermsn W. J. Dick; "Ur.
F. L. Cirler-CottoB," proposed by Ur.
T. A. Allen lid reipouded to by Us
ypr McNeish; "Nortli Vuncuuvor Con
0. Qladwiu ind rospoudoil to by Mr. Q
H. Bhopherd, secretary of tbi club.
These in liul random jottings, by your
liavi, . __
Holtiting   how   I   |»f)«t   IDspjcloUJ
Within kM'kin bill ono repent, ivi,
Indulgi^in smoke snd supper, ipeisb
ind long.
"I'wus on tbs fifteenth imt. to bo cor
When in tho K. P. hill there did sou
A crowd in which  'Iw ilmpli to
Cpuervitlves of every shipi und
Tbree hundred stout supporters of Me
All Csrtor-Cotton to the very corol
Tbey quoted each with pardonable pride
And cheered ss tbey ImJ. seldom
cheered before.
Electorate of Richmond. F. c Cl
Tbey bellowed it liko thunder, roll
on roll,
Declsring thit tbs 281 h should see.  *
The counting of s memorable poll.
But prior to these proud prophetic
A  bright informsl  concert   wbilsd
tbe hours,
Continued on pige seven
W.ter nigbl. llr.u.U
In Ihe mailer of Ilie Board of Inves-
tlfltlon created by Part HI. of tlm
'Vvster Act" fur the determination ol
water rlgltle existing on llic"istb ity
ot March. 180S and In Ihe mutter uf the
following creeks In tho New Weilmln-
sler Waler Dlslrlcl:
Big Creek.
Hull).'I.;,    l.sl.r
Burnaby Creek
Brit lain Creek.
im. Min Creek.
H.s'il.i. i Creek.
Canyon Creek
Cedar Creek
..Cypress Creek
Coon Creek
Caliper Creek.
I'luwhuiii I'l,.
I'luWllillll    lllVrl
Gates Creek
Deserted River
Dodd Lake
Deer Lake
Deer Creek.
Doiigltij Creek
Kills Uke
i.l 'In.   River
Forbes Creek
Fire Uke
Fire Creek
False Creek.
Kleltli Spring
Frieda Uke.
Faliy Fells
Ooat Dake.
Qordon Pasha Lakes
Glacier Lake
Glacier Creek
Olacler Creek. West Branch
Horseshoe Uke
Helium Uke
Hot Bprlnas Creek
Harrison Uke
Harrison Uke, Little
Hluli Falls Creek
Inland Uke
John I'liimu Creek
Kirk Uke.
Kevls Creek
Lllleoet Lake
Laaahan Creek
McNal) Creek
Mill Creek.
Mellon Creek
Ovelelte   Creek
Powell Uke
Powell River
Potlach Creek.
Pitt River
Pitt  River.  Upper.
Pine  •■••■ Is
Priest Uke
Priest Creek
Qullletle Creek
Ruby Creek
Rainy Creek
Robert Creek
Slater Creek
Btoney Creek
Hlatloo Uke
Spring Creek
Hul in un Creek
Spectacle Uke
Saqulaw Uke
hi.,,, i..•.■ i Creek
Stump Uke
Bquawka River
Seven-Mile Creek.
Tsooahdle River
Teoome River
Twenly-llve-mlle Oreek
Twenty-lbrce-inllt Creek
Vancouver Creek
Wests Creek.
Small stream lowing Into Hone
Sound through Ut IHI. Group
1, (Bowen Island)
Small atream on Bowen lalr.nit
emptying Into Howe Sound
Unnamed stream running ihroua.'i
l.ul  1117, Bowen Island
Unnamed alream, being outlet ol
Trout Uke, Bowen Island
Unnamed ilream running through
Lot ft Into Burnaby Uke ,   ,
Stream rusnlng Inlo Burnaby Uke
On Jaw II.
Unnamed itream running Into Burnaby Uke, through Diitrict   Uu II
Unnamed stream lowing In an e»>
lerly direction through Timber Uase
Stream (lowing through Uls 319 ww
111 Group I. ...
Creek flowing out of a lake on peninsula on tall side of Hotham Bound
Cresk draining eastern elope of Mi
Rlphlnstone aaa emptying Into Howe
Uke on lop of peninsula east sin.
of Hotliam Sound. 	
Crack running through Ut III').
Group 1.
Unnamed |tream crossing Point In;
ll.unl and running through Ut II
Block II. Subdlvlaion A of Diatrict Lm
Ut, Group 1.
Wrcaol   passing   through   Ut   lit.
■ Stream   running   thrush   Ul   UL
Group '
Use  on  top  of peninsula  between
lound and serf Is Inlet
running  ibrougb
Hoi ham 8'
Unnamed atream
Ul II. Oroup 1
A running stream In Block I. Ut III.
A stream running through Lols III
and 111, Oroup 1.
Small unnamed stream running In a
sovlneasUrly direction through eaater-
vlilon of Lot IMA
ly portion of Ut 111
Wil stream flowing through subdl-
Celtain itream running tbrough wesl
til feet of Ut III, Oroup 1
Three springs on Welt part of Ul
11, Oroup t
Unnamed stream rising In Ut HI.
Oroup 1, and flowing on to Ut III
Unnamed stream running through a
porllon of Lola 157. Ill and 111.
Unnamed Uke lying aboul itt yards
from norUbeaat corner Dislriot Ul
IIM. Oroup I
UaWttli weak running Into Fraser
river, through subdivision No. 7, Lot
.•im.Ul unnamed luke or spring ubuut
three miles In u uorih-eiisierly direction (rum Si. In li  Inul..ii  \ ill.ii..
nniiuined hi itu in running Inlo "She
north-east shore of it. tlw. II Buy, near
Lot II, Group 1.
Unnamed stream running Into lhe
south-east  shore  of  Uetlwcll  Bay.
Unnamed stream running Into the
south shore ul Unite, II aay
Unnunied streum under Bridge No
7. Norlh Arm Itoad, on Lot III, Burnaby
I'niiiinii il  stream  under  Bridge  No
'ol 111. tlur-
I. Norlh Arm Hoad, on Li
I'linniiii ■! stream st No . Bridge.
Nm Mi Arm Itoad.
Unnunied stream running through
Lol 101. Group I
Unnamed alreiim lunnltig In u northerly dlrecllon Ihrough District Lol
610, Group I
Unnamed stream running duwn
mountain through "Voncouver," "Victoria," and   "liarnley" Mineral Claims
Unnamed stream flowing through
western  portion  or Block   III.
Unnamed stream situated on Lot
III. Group I
Unnamed slreuin running iliiouin
I.ol .",;.; ,n..i emptying lulu Hun.ml
t'i.ii.m...i stream flowing through.
Lot  II. subdivision Lols tt and 71
Unnamed streum which crosses the
eaaterly line' of Districl Lol II. Group
Unnamed stieuin Mowing Ihiough
lilslrlcl Lut ll
Unnamed stream un lhe wesl shore
of ii,-liil.ii..I i'lii|.t;.ll.g Intu Howe Bound
Unnamed din h conatru. led l>v II C
Government running ihiough llumph-
rc) street. In Dlstrlt-i I.ol 301
i'iiii,nm .1 stream ilrlng near western liouitilni.. of Lul 616
Springs un nui Hi end of Lot 101.
Group I. near Bhldwuy itoad
Hiring,  corner ol  Fourth
Avenue und Sixth street, Butnubv.
oek 50.
Unnamed  si.ilng.
Slxlli i
.utlnu s
subdivision  Id. n 1.1  Lol   21
Unnamed epilog situate on Uio
Unnamed stream which yut.it
through Lut  II.  Block   167, Group  I
Unnamed slream flowing on lul ml
Joining on norlhwesl (Id'' >■! I.ol ill
Unnunied stream flowing nurlli
through l.ul  III
Unnamed slream lluwlng nurlh
through l.ul III
Unnamed sin urn flowing Into Durrani Inlel lluuugh lilslilcl Luis 111
and III
lun.um il .ii...i. running thruugh
Lol  llll
Unnamed stream lluwlng Iniu Hurrard Inlel near notih-eall corner ol
Dlslrlcl  Ul  III
Unnamed creek flowing In s southerly direction ihruugh l...i  61. Group I
Ul 107
Unnamed slream erussltic 1' I' It
track eusl ol Hutliel al t'ult.il N*>.
Unnunied stream it..wing nm in eusl-
erly In wcsicil) pull ul Lul .I.' tin in
Bniall sltti.111 1 mining llii.n.gh ills-
Irlcl Lut  :,',   Uruup I
llnnafne.l  stream    tonnliig   lluuugh
Becilun ll   Township I
aim ull    iii.iiiiuii d    springs,    >ij..n .
creeks   ponds   gdlrhes nnd luki I  iiili
unu; tu ur In llit -.1. n.il, of in.
tunned sll cuius
Take nolice thai t-och and is. 1 > person, pulllieislilp. cun. ,1111) ui 11. ill, I
pullly Whu un Ilie suld llth 'I.sl uf
March. H0V had Mu llglls ull Ull)
of the ab0ve-mentlol.il .11. lis Is dl*
reeled to forwanl .n 01 before the
ITI li duv nl Apt II lllll. lu lhe I'ulnplloli
er of Walti Itlahls al (lie I'.u llulili lit
Buildings ul Victoria 1. nu inoitiiiilum
ut  claim   In   willing   us   required   hv
Seclloll  II  ul Hie S..I.I   Acl  us aioetlili'il
Printed   forms  loi   such   tntiiiui.iii.liini
iFurm   No   IKI   cun  l.r  nblsln.sl   I	
any  of  tltr   water  Krrordrrs  In   the
Province: a .
The said Board uf Invesllifallun will
then j'luind to lat'Ulste such , h Imi.
Aller the claims have I'.u tabulated
by lhe li.s.ml notice will be liven ul
the places snd du>a ou wi.ui. ivnlu,,.
and arguiniiii will be In uid at local
Deled al Vlctotla this Hi. day ol
March. 1*11
By order of Ihs Hostd uf Investigation.
1   V   AKMBTH'/N'I.
Acilng 1 ium ii'sil' 1 of Water Hlvhis
Competition lor Maw University Build
Inii t« bs Erectid at Point Ore/
Nlll Vincouvir, British Columbia.  -
Ths Oovernment ol British Colutnbis
invite Compelitivs Plsns for the gener
al scheme sud tlesigu for the proposed
nsw University, together with more de
tailed Plant for Hie buildings tu be
erected first at an estimated cost of
Prim ol ♦10,000 will hi gives for
thl most successful designs submitted.
Particular* of the competition ud
plan of site raiy be oblainrd on request
from tbs undersign:.;,
Ths dssigni to <bs sent in by July,
list, JM, iddrnscd to '
Parliament Buildings,
Vietoril, British Colujub
Early Rose, Biirbsiik, Sutton's p.«ljftl»ce, etc., also
All Kinds pf Grass and Clover Seeds.
B. & K. LAWN GRASS (fancy mixture) is thp tot
for the lawn."     '
All our seeds are stlected and tested to comply with the
Seed Control Act.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Hay, Flour and Feed Merchants
Contractors, Builcters, Storekeepers, and Employers
need only to phono 321. to bavo ill vacancies filled. NO CHARGE
tn EMPLOYER or EMPLOYEE therefore tbers is absolutely no ne-
canity to utilise employment Agencies iu Vuncouver, IS I complete
lilt Of ill  classes  of workers is kept it the
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Stcrttsry.
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our palroni.
We study type faces and elf eels
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
Have Your
North Shore Drug Co.
DruggUt, 116 Esplanade Weit
1 I >
1M i m
BILVEB ME8H BASS will interest
everyone this spring. Everybody
who is anybody will curry one, uml
wu sro ready to moot sll ileniimls
for lliin pretty, serviceable fivorltp.
Yuu euu inula' a choice to suit your
purse from our stock, therefore nunc
need bu without one.
BILVEB OABD OASBB oceupy^tbeir
usual dainty place among thu select
fashions. In this lino, tqo, our stock
incritH all thu attontiou of the fastidious buyer. Wo havu some extpiislto
designs which cnnniit but please.
wbal aru asked for every day. In
our stuck of Vanity Bums wu aru
slii|wing tbu neatest, prettiest ilesigini
we i'ii)) siiciire.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorcy, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
begs to announce that lie will
At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
immediately.    Let us have your listings of Capilano property.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
Make Your Morning Toast at Your
 Breakfast Table I	
EL TOSTO may be connected wilh
any ordinary lighting socket
Turn on ilie current and in an instant
the coils arc glowing
In a few minutes the two slices of bread
are turned to a rub, golden brown color
Toasl made on I.L TOSTO is especially appetizing, the more so as il may
be served direct from the toaster lo
your plate.
,&SmJ$&)  Price • $400
Call at our office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue, and see this appliame
i i
If You are Going to Build
Id ui help you to design any work which you sre contemplating on.
We guarantee to give you fahtfadion on a modern, artistic, fine appearing huilding al a low margin. Plain and ipccificslioni furnished
free if our. lender it suitable to you. II you have your plain let us
give you our price before building.
JrilEDCCPN    L     Bungalow Designer, Builder
. U1LHJJLI1, jr.  ui Q.mti c^^
Colonial Apartments, 8tb and St. George.   Pbone 210
city perries; LIMITED
1 EFFECT MABCH Ut, 1019.
Leave Nortli Vincouvir
Leave   Vancouver
•4.10 AM.      2M) PM.
'6.00 AM.      2.20 P.M..
•IM)                3.00
'6.20               2.40
•7.00                3.20
•6.40    •          3.00
'7.80                3.40
•7.00               3.20
7.40                4.00
7.20               3.40
'UO                4.110
8.80. k            4.40
•7.40               4,00
8.00               4.80      -
•8.40               tM
•8.80               4.40
O.'iu                 '•I"
8.40               8.00
9.SI)              C40
0.00               8.80
0.40               9.00
11.80                6.40
10.00               6.80
0.40               6.00
10.80               6.40
10.40               7.00
10.00               6.80
WM              6.40
11.00               7.20
10.40              7.00
11.80                7.40.
UM              IM
11.40                8.00
UM             IM
18.00               8.30
UM             6.00
Witt) VM.       8.00
18.00             8.10
18.40               080
It.80 PM.      0.00
1.00              10.00
12,40              0.80
1.80              10.30
1.00             10.00       /
1.40              11.00
1.80             10.80
W           UM
8.00              11.30
8.80             vi.ir, kM.
tM           UM
♦ lenoia "Not oa KuntUy."
Time table subject to chiefs without
dolsy i, sccidontsl or other wine.
notice. Company not lisblo tot
Yorkshire  Musicisu  In Humblo  Uio
Will be Trained bl Lady Warwick
Whon tin' ■.'i'llin is I'li'.tmi is it clii
be I'llityiiil by Li'iumnl Buckle, of Brum-
ley, iu Viirliiiliiiv, it in ons of the
sweetest of instruments. Brsmley ia
an elevated towniWp some threo or
totf spiles from tho centre of Leeds,
the city where I.ooimrd Buckle, who Is
yet in bis toenB—bo It only fourteen
yoars of igo—played beforo the f'outi
I imu of Warwick, who discovered bis
lali'iil, as bis own scboolmistrosa, beforo bor lutlyablp, hsil liready done.
The diacovcry by the countess cumc
nlitiut In tbia way: Her ladyship ut
linili'il. on Sunday. .November lid bn>t,
a school ili'iiiiiiii'iiiiinin iu coniioction
witb ilu Bueiul lirinn. mi'., at the
Leeds riiln.i'iiiii, the t.-ij,--. .t public ball
in tire city and not conlliiing herself
In is|ir;il.ni,", ber ladyship liiteuod to
the iiiiiiii|>iilnliiiii, by llm youthful
Buckle, of l.'nit ':i "1,'avalina," ami the
li.i.'inn . from "' "..slls in :' litiali
eana." Jt waa a child that the alyle
of performance of thu great Plginiul
attracted attention, and ihuugh Loon.
Buckle may never attain the distinction
of Hie Italian violinist, recognition by
a iiiiiniii.' of hiu isl.ill uml genius in
ImIIi promising ami ui unglng,
llic countess wus an convinced of
lhe grcul natural gifts ol the young
artist that ahe expressed her iiilcntiun
In urrange for hia future training in
V'oung Buckle ia in need of eduei
tiui) of tlie kind for lie is in poor eir
iiin.-iiiiiii He, aa a miller ui fail,
worka in a null, and it ia in bia Icis
ure time, when he has eeaaed wnrk ah
a mill buy, Ihut lie rutin over Ihe fain
iliar imi'' on bia violin ami studies
the development ul' art. He owe*
much, no doubt, tu Hie bllila which In'
received at the Bramber Council
School luug before lie reached nis
leen*, for Mr. lauai' Drown, Ilia um
lor, kuew bow tu imirurt Inin, and
mill care to do au, wilh infinite pains
uul trouble. Such wns lhe j.iui'.-ivu''}'
lie attained when unly a dotcu ycari
ui tpe at lhe lirauilcy balim Compel i
lions the clly organist uf l.eeda, Mr
II A. Pricker, whu officiated an judge,
unlieailutiugly awarded him lhe gold
medal wlnh waa competed fur un that
occasion, and Mr. pricker expressed In*
npjirri iiihuii uf llu- utislerl) itiunipulu
Hou ul the buy player.
If, ut the ugo uf twelve, the musical
luiuliuti uf Leonard Hut-Mr, even ul
Hie Bramloy Couucil Bchool, "mil liave
I.roil continued, things might lm..
gone better will) linn in view uf bia
future, but he wua llic vit-lim'uf iir
s urns i.ni, r. Ilia father waa in feeble
health, uud tuuld liul eurn u living fur
llic family. Young Leonard wtnt to
Ihe mill, uml Ihere he haa diaplsyetl
uiuiiieiidable iudutlry, adapting bim
iclf lo circuniatiucei aud studying
wheu the opportunity tame.
Dr. liuck, profcaaur uf muan ul llm
Uuiversity ut ilublin, wheu un a Mail
uf inapccliuu at the Leeds Htliuul uf
Muaie, aaid Buckle deserted a icbolsr
alnji, aud Mr. Behules, regictrur uf the
school, aaid he would havt* given bun
one if the liuaneca bad allowed
lir. Hu.k, in bla report to lbe I .ceil"
Kdutaliuti Committee, cxprccsi'1 the
iij.iiiHui Ihut it wua iiitulupalibJe with
Ibe rejiutaliuii of Leeds lhal lhe muni
I'ipal aulhuritics 'W nut give auch aa
aialanii' ua that iudieslcd lu lli.-ir imii
native pruduels in inualr
Nuw lhat the ' 'ounVss uf Waiwifk
baa taken him under lul wiug Ibere ia
uu knowing what hia future may b<
uud vvliut puud things ate iu ature lur
Leeds  ia  famous  fur  ila  luumnuiic
The Leeds rustlVill,j»lilllll..llllllliajll)(ml £
uunl guar, Is known ill tbi
world ovsi.
The I'eniiviii is lived for October 8,
md tbe Ihroo following daya. Tho do
I'ii'iun of the i'..miiMii.■.■ that the cborua
aliuuld bodrawn from the Weat Hiding
as well aa Leeds is not altogether liked,
for Leeds Is jealous of lis honor in tbo
mutter, uud apart from ths chorus
young i.i'i'iin performers liko Leonard
Bucklo can bo brought out it the
Featiyal, great wil) be the satisfactlou
Keith mud weat (uid lucatiuu) ruad
will be eluaed frum weat buumlury uf
D. L. GGIi westwards during tbe construction uf trestle in I'. L. 1611 until
further notice.
, District i.i ,"in.. i
Vancouver Business Directory
III MM si   I III.I.l.I.l .s.
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineu College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada • Groateat Wtstirn School
U. J, Sprott, B.A., - -Manage)
Yorktbire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, limited
440 Seymour Street
H. Kerr Houlyutc - - - Manager
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
New Branch of lhe Bank located on the
Esplanade, near Lonsdale Avenue, in the
premises formerly occupied by Pattenon,
Goldie & Clark.
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of
One Dollar and'upwards. Withdrawals
may be made at any time. Small deposits
Capital $11,000,000      Rett $9,000,000
J. A.  FOBBTEB,  Mauager North Vancouver Branch
"■ it
HI  -I tl 11 IMS
All Norlh Vaneunver [teopls sit it
lulher Flack Block or Hastings St., j
ii)i)>i)nile the uew \mnl ollice.   l.euiiotd
■li. hit tcu by the pound.
( Al'HAi. Paid Vy 12,870,000
Neservc und UndiviJcd Profits  3,500,000
Tulnl Asstta  41,000,000
J I Si' ." ' iinuimful tnorcbunl iiiultt'u
' i. ij i Hurl' lo give Iiln cualu-
 in  louttcuus.  t-DU'ii'iii   nticn-
II.Hi Hii ilo Uie oUlceru nt 111!' llutik of
ll.iiiiiliuii rinli.iv.il lo render lu depoe-
iiuib ivi'iy art-vice luiialKii'iii with con-
acrvollve banhlns''|iruellei<
Nn il.-iiuall Ik ino »o,.ill i„ iiBnure Ibe
ilt|.(inlli.i eonaldeiole lltiilliiellt—the
ativlnsa accounts of iiio8i' in moderate
i-lrcuitisiuncis.mi. wckonicd wlili cour-
Ifb). und win, llui nlimnei' of unduf
forlnulll) »Mill iiisil.m I.,.nl,mt ti ion
H'lileini' und ii |,liiisiir,'
I . It. II1CAVICM,   Vl.oI,
.Norll,    \ tiiit'liuvrr
TAKK NOTIOK thai the t'ounril of
tbe i mt hi.ih..o of the Cily ol Norll
Vancouver intend) to ronnlruel it> i
noli uf lm nl Improvement the eitcint
mt) or prolonging by hlling hi of Hit)
fnii'ilioti' in front uf inni on the Hut'
of Bewieltp Avenue and Foil Avenue in
front of a portion uf lliitlritl I.ol SMV>,
md Ihe loostruriion of bulk hcsdn ur
retaining walla ol the cuda uf the till*
opposite the end of Ucwtckc Avenue
ind Fell Avenue aforealid, uuder nc
lion ti ol the Muiiiripil I'lsurca Aet
and. Intends to ascent the Dual eual
thereof upon Ihe real property fronting
or abutting Ihereon, snd lo be benefit
ted thereby, and thll a alalemei.t
•bowing the landi liable to yy tbe
•lid awtt'CHInenl  md the  unon .  of  lhe
ownera thereof, iv tar at cau be acccr
laineil from the lact ievned A»ceccineiit4
Boll is sow on Ills in the Ollice of Ibe
''lerk of the Miinn ijsiility uiul ia open
for inspection duriug ollice hour*.
Tbo estimated rod of the vork ii
H9M0, of which HMO ll ll he provided out of Ibe geoersl funds of Utl
City Clerk.
Norlb Viacottvir, JB. 0.,
Much Ilh, 19)2,
Contrary lo the usual practice lbc Assessment Notices for
1912 have been scnl to the registered owners ol properly
anonling lo the Land Ketti.-hy records.
Up lo the preient, purchasers have been in lbe habit of
notifying the city authorities thai lbe properly bad changed bands
so lhal notices of assessment and taxation should nol p.n uslray.
This form of registration of owneis has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for cjly purposes, bul owing lo a recent decision lbc
cily council is advised by lis solitilois lo recognise ibese owners
only who appear on lhe records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver I .and and Improvemenl Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for properly
which il has told and which has since changed hands Iwo or three
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
1'iin b.i ' il from il that they should take steps to ensure notices
of aueument and taxation being sent lo them so that tbey may become aware of (lie value al which ihey arc being assessed and
pay laxes as they fall due.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
I .mull il Liability
Phone 6266
I , .•
\ 4,
Publtihld Tuesdsys ind Fridays hy North Shore Press, Limited.
Bates of Subscription:--One yesr, (1.00.   Six mouths, 50c.
United States ind Foreign, (3.00 per year.
Advertising Bates Will Be Quoted on Application.
Three months, 85c
Tbe Express la devoted to the Interests of the North Shore of Hilrrnnl lulet
exclusively. It constitutes in advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective maimer the population of North Vancouver
Oity and Diatrict, Every effort ia made to givo advertisers ths most satisfactory
Ali changes in contract idvertlsements should be iu tbe printers' bsnds not
liter than 10 I. m. Mouduy ind 5 p. m. Wednesday to ensure insertiou in the
following issuo.
Nortb Vincouvir, B. O : Much 19, lull
Tbi return of Hon. F. L. CtrterCot
ton as member of tbe provincisl logis
lature for Bichmond riding without a
contest follows neceaaarily upou the
withdriwil of Mr. J. W. Weart from
tbe field.
The retiring of tbe Liberals from the
contsat after having placed tbeir can
didatu iu the field, whatover supple
mentary causes may have contributed
to lead to such action, is a striking de
iii.". i.mu,n first, of,the unassailable
strength of the government witb the
electora of Richmond ridiug and second
ly of. the universal respect and cuufi
deuce whicii la everywhere reposed in
the present member, Hun. F. L. Carter-
The length of time which has elapsed since ilie Liberals definitely decided
to place a candidate in tho li.'l.l, has
proven ..in..., i tu enable Ihem to
make a preliminary canvass of the situ
atiou throughout the riding iu a geuerul
way, tbe results of which have doubt
less served to impress upon tbem Hie
hopelessness uf their cause, lu Mr. W.
J. Weart the Liberals had cboseu per
baps, the strongest candidate who could
bive been produced from their rauks,
in tbis riding. Mr. Weart is a repre
••ni.in., citizen, one wbo has long
been prominent in the public eye, a well
knowu member of the legal profession
and a prominent figure in financial cir
ties and is at present occupying the
position uf Heeve of Burnaby—ono of
lhe most pupuluus sud important pur
lions of the ridiu(j—for a second term
Mr. Weart was likewise Mr. Cotton's
opponent at the elections in the year
11)07 aud proved a doughty champion
for his party, haviug been defeated by
less tbau a score of votes.' Under such
circumstances it is but reasonable lo
couclude that hud tbe Liberals nut beeu
convinced that there wus no probabil
ity of winning the ridiug, tbey would
have fuund means of inducing their
cuudidate to remain in the field more
particularly iu view of tbe strenuous
efforts thai the party is now putting
furth tu break iu upou tbe solid govern
ment contingent at present represent
ing those constituencies bordering upon
Hurrard Inlet.
As fur tlie government forces no perty'
candidate could  wish   for  more ideal i
been obviated. Business is good at the
present time and although as loyal party
members locul Conservatives would huve
prosecuted the cunipaign with the ill
mosl  iu iiu in und energy, and with
the certainly uf success, nevertheless
the satisfactory settlement of political
differences without the diversion of time
and energy from business necessary to
a strenuous political campaign wili lie
appreciated by all parties throughout
the riding.
All who have ueeasion to use the tele
pbone for Vuncouver or other lung dis
tanee culls will fully concur witb the
letter of u .lozen representative business men, read ut last night's session
of the city council, complaining of Ihe
unsatisfactory service which is at pres
cut being accorded the public, with re
spec! lo long dislunee calls, il appears
to lie tlie universal experience among
telephone users that au attepmt to
get "Long Distance" invariably involved a delay of several minutes be
tweeu the reply of "Central" and tbe
response of "Long Distance" and fur
ther that uu interval running all Hie
wuy from twenty minutes to un Incur
is the rule rutber lhan the excoption
in making the connection with the
number required outside the eity.
Huch is the plain statement of fact,
but Die reason therefor is uot by any
means clear to the public mind. Il is
but just to say however, that no one
thinks of attributing this unattisfic-
tory stale of all'uirs to Unwillingness
upon lhe purl of tbe operators to give
the telephone users tbe musl prompt
sortne lliul is possible. That the op-
rators tire doing their best under the
conditions under which they work, is
taken fur granted. II would, therefore
appear,!ti those who are not versed iu
tho technicalities uf telephone opera-
lions, Ihul the poor service must be due
to one uf two causes. First, it may be
tbuj tht; service is curried ou with u
staff of operators which is too small in
numbers for the demands upun it, thus
overworking the operators aud making
it impossible for Ihem to give prompt
or edii lent service. On the other baud
ii .mm be Uml insufficient equipment is
the cause of the difficulty, either with
respccl lo the locul operating room or
conditions in tbe face of sn
election   wl1'' respect tu the outside plunt.
than those with which Hon. F. L .Car ' '''>"•' *«'«")•. wl""«™ " '"' ™""»
ter Cotton wa, favored in the present!1"" >'« <lui<* «I'I'»»'"' '" "'<■' Company
instance.   Nominated unanimously md  «'"' » « l'ut reasonable Ihut those who
without  opposition, at  tbe party eon
vention, Mr. f'uttou enjoys Ihe ungual
itied confidence aud the undivided sup
port of the Conservative party in ever)
portion of the large and populous rid
ing which be represents.     The party ,u»urd of,
organization is complete iu all rejects' wages to advance the rates and their
and was ready and eager for the fray, customers ure paying those rates, nei
pay the price should expect the Company to deliver lhe goods in the form of
nu up to date und satisfactory telephone-service. The Coinpuny did not
Imi lu take advantage nf the reeout
Ibe    Arbitration  Hoard  re
full of confidence in its ability to re
lum triumphant at tbe polls by a mu
jority many times greater than any
yet recorded iu Hicbmoud riding.
The Conservative position waa great- jpuhlir pays
ly strengthen  by tbe splendid  popul
arity which the administration of Pre
liter, therefore, should tbe Company de-
lav to pul into effect such measures as
Kill remedy the defects which have de-
teloped in lhe service, for which tbe
The business public are
impatient ol explanations, they want
the   service—not   excuses.   The   Tele-
the public wilh tbe latest and best aud
most adequate facilities.for expediting
It is, therefore, to be hoped that tbe
action tukeli by the city council with
rofercnee to the letter mentioned, will
result in immediate steps upou the part
of tbe Telephone Company for the remedy of the vexatious defects which at
present characterize tbe long distance
mSI Mcllride enjoys witb the elector-i p'"""' CM-iumiy holds .a very YJ.lu.skle
ate, because of tbe admirable showing public franchise aud they hold that
which has been made in the genenl /nnehiii not for the purpose of.com-
sdministrstion of provinciil iffairs and, i^s-lliiij; lhe public to put up witb uusat
particularly I/cause the new nilwiy ,isfartery conditions which obstruct busi
policy of t'he government coutaina tm-\am, but for the purpose of providing
lures which carry with lliein tremeii
dous benefits to Vancouver, together
with the several municipalities adjacent
thereto, of which Bichmond riding ic
composed. This ia perhaps particularly
true with respect to Nortb Vsncouver
rity snd district. The bill in the government rsilwsy policy, providing for
the Immediate construction of tbe Pacific and Orsat Eaatern Bailway from
North Vancouver to Fort Oeorge, confers benefits ufon ths Nortb Shors of
a most signal nature—benefits which
place within actual reach tbe realization of the long deferred hopes of trans
continental railway connection, whicb
ia to I sbippiug, commercial ind indue
trial site, iuch is North Vsncouver,
wbat the vital fluid is to ths bumsu
frame—and iuasmuch as no commanding principle is in debute between the
two parties, the prospects wife prac
tlcslly assured that the vote ofen the
North Shore would have beon ao overwhelming as to constitute practical
Unanimity in favor of the government
randi date.
However, few if any among the gov
Moment supporters will express regret
tbat ths necessity of a political t!»m-
piign just it the present juncture has
Ilis houur the Lieutenant-Governor
in Council has been pleased to make the
following appointments:
(loorgo B. Henderson, M.P., of Ctex-
ton, to be a coroner for the province
of British Columbia.
Charles II. Cordy of Summorland, to
be I registrar for the purposes of the
Marriage Act for Summorland aud
diitrict.   -
Frsnk blip to art similarly at (juos-
nel in the place of 1) .11 Anderson,
Extra-provincial licenses hsve been
issued to the following companies: liril
iidi Columbia Fisheries Ltd., ('anadils
Holt Co. htd-, lobe C. Green & Co.,
Nurlli   Eaitern    Instiranes Un,—ItH,
Thompson nmi Sutherland bitd,
Certificates pf incorporation - bivo
been grunted to the British Nurth
American Agency Ltd., Capital Oily
Building Investments Ltd., Cuipiilluin
City Lands Co. Ltd., Coqiutlam Transfer Oo, Ittd,, English Hay Lumber Co.
Ltd., Esquimalt Development Co. Ltd.,
Firlauds Irrigation and Power Dp.,
Fulton Ilardwure Oo. Ltd., Great West
Security Co. Ltd., London Hotel Co.
Ltd.,, Northern Curtago ami Transfer
Op. Ltd., Pacific Gypsum Minos Ltd,,-
Permanent Construction Co. Ltd., mil
the Provincial lieally aud Mortgage
Oo. Ltd.
STOPS COUGHS price, is etuis
St.     tliilno',,    I'l cl,)!.'. Inn     thlli.li,
Keith Ituiid—«orvlcoa: Morning 11.00;
evening, 7.30. Adult Ili I.l.- Cluss. 12 lit
Sunday Schuul, 2.30. T.P.8.C.E., Tucb-
duy, ul 8 p. tu. Prityer Meeting, Wednesday, ul i y. in. t'lioli- Pru itlsc,
t'llduy. ut t ii.in.   Hev. Ituilaid Mttculod.
tit-Hiutllsi t'burch-Corner ol Olli und
il. Qeorge. Sunduy Services. II 00 it.in
and 7.30 ii.iii. Sunday School uml Hllile
Cluss. 2.30 pin. Senior l.eugiie. Monday, ll p.m. Prayer und Prulse' Service.
Wednesday, 8 p.m. Junlur League.
Thursday afternoon ut 3.30. l'ustur,
VV. C. Sclilltcller.,
SI. Anucs t'burch — t'ol'll?!' 1-Hl
and Boulovurd. Morning ut 11 u.in.,
evening ut 7.30 p.m. Holy communion,
llrsl Burnley in iiinii11' ul 8 a.m.; llrsl
uud thltd Sundays at 11 a.m.; Suiiila>
School ul 3 00 p.m. Iter. Thomas E
Itowe. Vicar. .
Salruliitu .\ruty. Lonsdale Avenue
Sunday services. 11 CO a in. 1 p.m. and
7.15 p.m. Tueaday, 8 pin.; Thursday.
8 p.m. Children's Service, Weillhsdu),
I iuu.
Ilapllsl i buret, . ... .in, and SI
Qeorge. Services ut 11 a.m. und 7.10
i in. ;miii.i.i> School mul Bllilo Cluss al
2.30 p.m. Prayer and praise service
Wednesday at 8 |i in 1 uulur. Itev. A.
J. Pioneer. 12th and St. tleoige
SI. .1.dm lbe Evangelist, till and ISth
Holy Communion, I a.m. Morning
Pruyer 11 u.in. Evening Prayer, 720
liiii. On the Hrst Sunday In lhe monlli
there will he a second celebration ol
ihe Holy Communion at 11 a in Rector
Rev, Hugh Hooper.
SI.   lilmmill's.   I  mli.,11.'   i  lm.. li.    i
Avenue Sundays—Mass, 9 u in Sun
day School. 2 30 pm Hoaary Beiiedlc
tion und Sermon. 7 30 p.m
Inill.ii    I nil,.ill.'   I  Imu li   nl   Si.   Paul's
Muss. 7 30 u lit, Sundiijs Pusl-ir, Rev
E. Peyluvln, PHI
SI. Tboiiius. 8 a m, every Suinl.i\
except llrsl Sunday In month. 8 30 a in
ui: i Sunday In month ll u in . Matins
Litany and sermon, second uud foi|iili
Sunduy. Hol.v Communion and sermon.
Ural und Uunl Sunduyai Vlcur. Hev
T. I'l. Rowe.
r., si,, i.iIiiii ( iiii. i'Ii ii.....; • II a
iu. und 7.30 run. Sunduy School and
Wide Class 2 30 p.m Teachers' Training Cluss. Wednesday 7 30 Pruyci
mooting, Wednesday 8 inn. Box'
('lull TliurHiliu 7.30 pm. Choir practice, Friday. 8 is in 11 Van .Munsi-r
M.A , pust.it'
Mrlbudlsl   I bureb Ml cling    held
Sunday evening in New Institute Hall
ul seven o'clock.
i'i CM.) i.i inn i bureb. Worship Sundays 11 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. Bunda)
School 2 15 pm. I'aetor, Rev. A Mac-
It, lU'Weul's. I Vugllcuul—Holy coll).
iiiuiilou. 1st Sunday lu month, 11 am
evening prayer, every Sunday. 7 00 p
m ;   choir   pcacllee.   Wednesday.   8 0u
p.m.   Rev. Arihur E   Bruce. Vlcur.
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.i.'illinl lands: i'..iiih,. m in,,  ul  .,   (.......
Illutlled   .ili..ill    20   .h.ill.:    :.mill   ut   III"
itiirtli-eusl eorner of Lol 28. uml ul
Uio comer snutIt of Ilie ufnresnlil cot
tier, lltelleu llnrtl) 60 ellulns. inure nr
less lo eorner of T. I. .;s:i,i thane
east SO i lull.', tbence south (0 chains,
ii.. ins' west 10 chuins to point nt commencement coiituJtilutt too acres more
nr less 1
ORonOK   VEIllllKn,       '
tlh Jiinuary. ltl>
TAKE NOTICE Ihul IVI.r lio) t'tiiln
ol Vancouver, ll   C, occupullou. loin
I <■ i m.i ii   lm.i..i    to apply lor permission lu I'..,, i.. , ih,.< I..;!..,,;,.   oeaci'lti
• si i.iini.s.  Commenclna ul u imst iiluni
cd  ut  tile  water's cilpe,  ul   tin,  liutlli
west corner ut pre-emption 2111: Ilium i-
norlh to chains; Ihence west to chulm
thenee south to eliulna; more or les.
to wuler's edse. tllencc eual  fulloUinv
shoru llui' In polnl ol I'liiiiiiit'iii'i'iii.ni
. nni.ili.h.i.  320 acres more ur less
llth January. 1912
TAKK NOTICE Ihut t.lcorue Verdict
Vancouver, D  C„ ueeuputloli. ■'■
iili'u    Inienils  lu uii|dy  lor
or Vuiuuuver, D C„ ueeuputloli. tltnhr
cruiser, Iniemls lu uiiply tor p'rinls
siuti lo iuu ti,,'.   Hit' rulluwitift lllS.'llll
1 lunds: Comnienclna ul u pusi ylunie.r
40 ehulns suulli of thu nurlli i-ust eor
er ul T I.. 21251, Ihence eusl 10 clialnr
Ihence nurlh to chiilns. thence west SO
ehulns. Ihence suuth 10 cliuliiH. item
eusl 10 ellulns. ibence sooth 10 eliulii.
lu pulm of cumniencemenl, eutilulnlii,.
ISO ucrea more or less
Silt Junoury. 1912
TAKK NOTICE that Alice I'curce Ilim
well, of Vancouver. B C. niuiiliil ttn
mui). Iniemls lu apply for permission
lu nun lu*,. the lulluwltift destllli.il
lands: Commencins ul u Posl pluni'
ul lhe suuilicust eorner ol T. I. N<
201(1. Ihence wesl SO chuins. Iheiin
suulli to chains. Ihence eual 10 chains
Ihence norlh 40 chains, thence eusl I'i
ehulns. lu waler'a edse, (tiencc nurlli
140 chuins uIi.uk shore lo polnl ol coin
nu liecltielil. culilallilliK  410 ueres lllut.-
I 01    It'SS
A (tent
lllh  Junuury.   1>I2.
TAKK NuTlt'K Ihul Robert Dull
KliiinoinJ, of Vuncouvvr. U t'. oeeujin
(lun. broker, Intends lo apply fur pn
mission lo potehuse lhe folluWlliH
di .i i llu il lamls. Commenting ur u posl
planit'd ul llic Hisuiii ..,•-., corner "I
Lot iiuiniinid 57. Ihence nurlh M
ellulns. thenca wcsl 60 cnuins. Ilient'
Suuth SO ehulns to wuler's eijge. Ilieni'
eusl lulluwlns walo's ptjtfe to polnl nl
commencement, eoniulnlnft 260 acres
more or leas
tiamm; vrnriiKn.
101 ll January, 1H2
TAKE NllTII'K lliul t'uru  Klrnt.  ol
Vancouver, B  '', oeeupalloti. splnalci,
Inlcnds lo apply ror'permission lo pui
chase   Ihe  fonowingr  tlesctlbed   I.n"
t'onunemlnii dl a post planted utiuul .1.1
chains east of the point or commence
ment of T  I.   lOtlt. and alongside u
aurVeyor'a posl   ticarltiK  number  21/'.
thence   north  10  chains,   thence   enri
40    chains.   Ihence   soulh    11    chaim'
thence west 40 chains, lo point of coin
iiu'iict'iiitiil. containing 120 acres inui<<
or less
llth Jawiary, l»li.
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\?2 LONSDALE AVENUE     vomim  vieum     NORTH VANCOUVER mmm.
11 sa j.i.ia..ia!JiHs:«:iiisiu5JMiiii ui
In Jmt shout g mlnuts, I promlie not
u Interrupt—as long tv you Ull s
itralghtfnrward story.
"il I iild," I went on, "I'm prepared
to nut you through as one ol the prlnol.
pali; the bare fact ol your arreil
ihould bo enough to convince you ol
my readiness.
"gowevir, while J havin't any At
tin to iparo you, we an In tbe habit
ol trading lenlenoy to a raioal who li
wil Ing to turn Stati'i evident*. It'i
a plain buslnen proportion."
I Imagined that hi perked up I hll
at tbia.
"ih, then you tt* not it) sure," hi
named to mun; "you wou!< bavi mi
convict myself for your pncloui bin»
"Waybo you can Judge better bofon
I have Unlihid," riturmd I, unmoved
"You nnd not tell me anything aboul
yourself, but J do need a few faoti to
complete my cue against the othiri
who wero Involved In thii crlmi. It'i
up to you,"
I wtreited i step, folded my arms
and itood watching hlm—ind wilting,
I knew lhat be couldn't tell the truth
i without filling In the gapi In bli own
case. I never am deterred by am
compunction over thi methodi I nn
lometlmcs obliged to uie to mako in
Individual, whom I know deserves no
consideration, speak,' With a knavi
like Burke I would as llel resort to
thumb-iciews, the boot, the rack, or
even to choklhg the words from him,
ss to trust io perauaslijn alom, To toll
the truth, my preference lies with the
meanB flret enumerated: they in
much moro prompt and direct. Thi
worst Indictment that one may bring
against the old-time torture Is tbat II
wn not applied wltb Judgment md
discrimination, nor alwayi confined to
legitimate ends. I fear thst I shock
you. But 1 em not by any menu i
cruel, blood thirsty person. I morcly
speak from long yeirs of experience,
Whenever I hear a mlSsgulded soul de<
plorlng Iho so-called "third degree"-
why, I have something In pickle loi
This, howovor, is not the piece to
open tho plcklojar.
Perhaps, though, Burke'i suffering
wis as poignant as If his .ordeal were
physical. How restlessly the maij'i
slender, bloodless fingers curled snd
uncurledl Still, his self-control wu
wonderful; his white flee romalned In,'
decipherable, Ibe pale eyei stand it
me unbllnklngly and without mirroring
a aingle emotion tbit I could dlacern.
Then the change came io quickly thai
It almost caught me off my guard.
One bind shot to bli bosom. Wben
It reappeared something flashed dull;
In the dim light. At tbe ume time,
with a cat-like spring he wai out of bli
cbilr and upon me.
' I concentrated all my attention upon
the band that held the murderous
knife. I caught It u It lunged at me;
then, with a quick twlit, I bent It back
ward and behind him, until he groaned
with pain. -The long-blided knife clattered to the floor, ind I shoved bim
roughly away from me. Tben I picked
up tbe weapon.
Tbe fellow in-led for all tbe world
like a whipped and cowed panther,
He brought up violently against ihi
wall .where, In i stooping posiure, hi
commenced running to and fro tht!
width of the room, spitting snd snarling venomously. The pale eyes wert
no longer blank. The pupili bad wld1
filed, and the look of them wis desd<<
I smiled wllh quiet satisfaction, Ini
I knew thai llurke was as wo specify
It In police parlance ".'inning
Alter a while ho quieted, and st last
stood pm,iiii: In lhe corner farthcil.
away from inc.   1 pointed to tho chair.
"911 down," I mid, precisely aa If hi;
hadn't trletl hie best to murder me lnl
a IDIniitc before.
Ho moved ilowly—fearfully—toward
the cbalr. ami sank Into It. Hll head
was dropped forward, hia ihoulden
were bowed, and tho llngeti were so
longer reitlesi. All the man's defences were al lul down.
"Now, then,' Burke," I went on calmly, "I luppnsc we are ready to gel
down to business?"
He muttered Inuudlbly .without rail
Ing bla bead.
"Wlial's lliat?"-sharply.
"Vou devil I" bo whispered.
"Yes. yes. I know. I've besrd lhat
from you before. I don't care to heir
It p..iiu" I idvanced and itood
threateningly over hlm.
"Ixiok at mc," I sternly commanded.
Slowly be railed bis head until hll
eyes mot mine. The pallid maik wu
pinched, and It wore a look of torment.
"Onco for all. Burke, are you going
to ipeik?" I suppose tbe qulolneii
wltb which I uiicred It wu ominous
to tlie wretch. "Or will I bo obliged to
drag you to lbat coll of which I ipoko?"
Wltb i quick gciture, he oulsprsid
bis arms.
"Enough, Bwlft, enough!" hi cried,
In a hoarie, distressed voice. "I know
wben I'm beaten; I'll give up. What
do you want?"
"Oood," without alteration of tone or
manner. "Ul't go to a plcuautei
place." And we went into the tap
tain's private room, where a stenogra
pber Mt concealed by a screen.
Burko dropped Into a chair. I thrust
fay bands Into my coat pockets, ind u
I ilowly paced to and fro, addreued
"I'll toll my story, When I'm wrong
you way correct me. See that you do
it, tooToccauao you won't know whin
I'm teitlng you or wben I up really
Ignorant of the facta. You iee how
much 1 trust you, "Mr. Burke.
"To begin at tbe beginning, your first
treacherous act toward your employer
wu when you determined to steel tbe
Paternoster ruby, and itaricd In to
bunt for 11. You had your work all cut
out for you, too, Burke; Felix Pear
wu no fool; be wouldn't trust the
■afekeeplng of so valuable an object,
even (o bis confidential . clerk, nor
could lhat dork March for It with Impunity.
"You've been glftid with the nmi
brand of patience, (bough, Burke, that
keepi i cat glued to a rat-hole for'
boun upon end; you bided your time.
And you never lit en opportunity slip
by you, either. »
"Fells Psge wu In the hi bit ol talk-
Ing to blmself-a trait not uncommon'
to .people Who live mifeb to themselves I
—10 you oiled the door-blngei tn orderj
that you might ileal upon him untie'
tooted, bow uy part of thi house, si t
ilitot to hll lelr-ckmrnunlngl. N
fppAjti, TMn jnu talked with mi, tbt
yoo wire fearful qf tbt curtained alcove 1
"But I'll be brief. By and by you
learned of the bidden aale; then--still
with infinite patience—you act about
trying to discover Iti combination.
You lucceeded,''
1 baited abruptly In front nl hlm.
"Burke, the opening ol tint life
doqr was a revelation; tt offered new
possibilities which must bave overwhelmed you. Wbat did you think
wben your eyes flrat (ell upon tboie
old love mementoi (rom Clara Coqper
to Felix Page? Don't look astonished
10 toon; wait till I'm done. I'll bave
no difficulty convincing you tbat my
case against yuu ia pretty complete.
"But. your find wm extremely aggravating, for you were afraid to make
uie of It. Without doubt, Alfred Fluette would give a pretty penny to get
them from Felix Page. But you lacked
land to brave Page'i wrath.
"Tben what did you do?" I pauied
to eye him a moment. ' "Why, ynu
went down to Merton and dug up all
the old family ikeletoni. Now you
were surer of your ground; you were
reidy to levy tribute—blackmail—not
from Page, though, because be would
have promptly kicked you uut—but
uguin your nerve failed you. Tbat'i
whero you have fallen down, Burke,
all tlie way through. You carried a
letter or two to Fluette to prove your
claims; then, before their ion wu discovered, you brought them back again,
and replaced tbem In tbe life. Ob,
old man, In bli lifetime, inspired a
wholcsomo fear ol him In your soul."
Then, circumstantially, 1 detailed u
a statement of ihe caae, my reconstruction of tbe tragic nigbt, concluding with bis biding tbe ruby in this
bar of soap. At this point I suddenly
wheeled upon hlm, ind uked point-
"Tell me what you were doing In
Mr. Page's bedroom Friday night, ind
what It was lhat surprised you there?"
He ilared at mo In amaiement. lie
bad been, whilst I wu talking, ilowly
regaining bia self-possession—crawl-
Ing into himself, u It were, and pull
lug down lire blinds; and now, wben
he spoke, It was with something of his
old manner.
"Swift, tbe biggest blunder wss In
underestimating your Intelligence. 1
il.u.ui ni 1 ewiid play bob wltb you; but
I was a loot." Illi face gave me a certain Impression of slyness, which 1
didn'i at ull like.
"Careful, now," 1 sharply warned.
He sal silent for a moment, then
"I'm not laklng my moro chances,
Swift; don'l worry. , . What was
I doing Friday night? I vu bunting
(or the ruby."
"look here," — Irapat.ently. "I
thought you had trifled enough."
He ralaed a protesting hand.
"bet me finish. Friday was the first
time since Mr. Page's deilb Ihlt 1
have managed to ahike off the nun
who has been following me. When I
became convinced that I really bad
lucceeded In doing ao, I stayed under
cover iiMil nightfall; then—well, you
yourself have said that I'm an oppor-
millet. 1 didn't know tbe cake of soap
uiul been removed Irom tbe bath room;
.then I discovered It wu not there 1
supposed you had (ound the ruby's
nlillng plact.., and tbat you had con-
i.uled It claewbere. I wu trying to
lind ll, wben-wben somebody came
"One of Ihe Japanese," I supplied.
"They're uot Japanese," be corrected, wltb s provoking air o( superior
knowledge.   "They are Burmeie."
"Whatever-Ihey are. you hare been
playing them and Fluette against each
other. Burke, I suppose you can't help
lying; It comes culer (or you thsu
idling tbe truth. You know that those
fellows msnaged to steal tbe bar ol
"While you were watching It," be
"-and," I went on, Ignoring tbe
Ibrust, "ihey noillltd you snd Fluette
ol the (set Friday morning."
"Yes," he said slowly, after a pause,
they told us ihey had tecurcd thi bir
uf soap."
"II that's so," I fixed him with a
level look, "why did the Intelligence
floor you so?"
"You draw your conclusions so ad
uiiriibly that you ougbt to be able to
■upply the answer to tbat question
"I'm uot here for that purpose,"—
curtly.   "Como, apeak up."
He aat (or a long while silent,
"Woll," said he, "It would come u
s shock to any man to be bluntly told
tbat he trad Juat beon deprived of a
lorlune Mr. Fluette, confident that
be was wltbln a step of securing tbe
•tone, blamed me wllh being the cause
it hll disappointment"
The fellow's demeanor angered me
beyond endurance.
"Burke," I cried heatedly, "do you
think you can make me believe that 1
man of Alfred Fluetto'i calibre would
purcbue the Paternoater ruby from
you. knowing tbat It wu not youn to
fell:    Bibl"   I wu lllied wllh dis
"Ah, Swift, Swift," Ibi rogue said,
complacently wagging nil bead at me,
'lucre arc swim thlngi of whlcb even
you are Ignorant.
"Here li one of them-listen: tbe
Paternoster ruby wu no more Felix
Page'i thin It li youn or mini. It Is
tbe property of the King of Burnish;
It wu itoleh from bim yean ago, and
the Burmeie nobleman who la at preient In tbtl country wltb bll retinue   "
"Tslit'ii-hyo yen," I said quietly, and
bad tbe •alia/action of beholding Mr.
Burke favor ma with a aiartled
"Yes," he pursued, wilb conilder-
ably less assurance, "lliai's liis name,"
"And one of tbe 'retinue,' u you are
Slewed to call bli gang of thugs, li
tai bldeoua, mlubapen monitor that
ihrleka like.I ghoul. 1 suppose (bat
he too wm hurting for the ruby Friday
light—after having stolen It Ibe night
belore," My sarcasm failed to touch
Burke.  He shuddered, uylng:
"The dwarf? He'i a mute—Tihen'i
liave. Tonguo'i been 1 >rn out. < And
truly believe mil you may cully verify what I ssy- -Tsben la toe properly
ucredlled representative of 'be King
of Burma,. Invested wltb full power
sud authority to dlipoie of the itone.
Iiooi the fact tbat It wai stolen from
bli royal maator—tbat It bu tor aom*
yean been out of Un klng'i poiui-
»ion to aay way lesion or Hvalidate
Wi right to It? Smtly you would wt
"I don't propose debiting the matter
wltb you." And tben I pointed oul''
"If hi* claim ii good, tbere ire tbu
courts." \
Burke'i shoulders twitched Iff a tiny
"Who can lathom - the Oriental
mind?11 Ba||) |10i oracularly.
I awung nn my bee) squarely af ay
(rom bim; I bad nn more patience tor
iuch shuffling with wnrdi.
"You come with me," I said curtly;
"I'll li least get you straight on thl
police docket -since you seem tq prc-
ft..' It to frankness."
He wai cut of his cbilr like 1 (lush.
"No—no—no, Swiltl" he Implored.
"I liweiir I'm telling Ibo truth. Not
lliul! nut Unu!" He hesitated a lecond.
"it wasn't the ruby that waa In the
bir o( soap"- lbe words literally dragged themselves (rqm hii lips. "I
thought it wu. But it wai only lbe
paste Imitation."
fg Bg Or Hot TdBfr^r
1 Blared it Burko In ipeecblou
amaiement. The tromendoua poisl-
bllltlei opened up by thii revelation
left mo bewildered. But tbe wave of
joy which uuiliii'iily swept over me wu
"Then, how—" I begat), and stopped.
KI could not understand, It waa only
too clear that Burke could not tell me
what I wanted to know; lor It wai
also plain that he too was utterly at
a loss to account tor tbe circumstance.
This, then, bad beon tbe Intelligence
Imparted by the Burman on' Friday
morning, which had 10 upset Fluette
ind Burke.
But, igaln, why In lbc first plice
should llurke havo Informed, the Burmese of tbe supposed gem's hiding-
plltee:      Alnl    llOW   could   It   huve   Id 11
lhe replica Instead of the real stone?
Tbe wbolo iblng wu fraught with
many porp'exltles; something her,e,
wbicb I could not seize upon, flsunted
Itself In obscurity, and If I wanted to
learn more from Burke It would not do
for bim to dlacover bow far I waa al
aea. Wai It possible tbtt be still fostered tbe hope of getting his flngerl
Upon the rest gem?
I wm agsln surveying bim with a
Cold, suspicious eve.
"Burke," I said, "Just bow did you
come 10 put the gem—or the paste replica—In the soap?"
For a long time he sat contemplating bli bind, flrat the back unl Iben
the pulm. ind then doling the lingers
and scrutinizing tbe nulls' Fmslly,
with another shrug and a Utile gesture
in which 1 resd resignation, he aald'.
"I might U well tell It. As you lay,
I knew tbe Jewel-box—ind I honcitly
thought It contained the ruby—and tin
Clira Cooper let ten were in the life,
ind I niver had an opportunity lo take
ihem till Tueaday night a week ago.
Tbe Miunnce tint Pige wu going to
Dulutb lhal night, combined with tbo
backing Tsben would give mc, put me
In a position whero I could take tho
ruby and dely Page. I wu su sure
thai Page wu going to Dulutb tbat
night that I arranged a meeting between Fluette and the Burman ati
Page's bouse.
"For you aurmlscd correctly wben
you declared thit Fluette would not 1
buy tbe ruby on tbe itrenglb ol my
repreaentatloni alone. The purpou
of tint meeting wu to couvlnci Fluette ol the good tilth ol Tihen'i claim
to the itone, whereupon 1 wu to procure It (rom the safe   the letters, too
ind be wu to piy over 1 certalu
ium of money (or Ihem."
"How muchr 1 bluntly demmdrd.
"Two hundred thouiand dollan."
So Ihli wu lhe reason why Alfred
Fluette must needs help blmsell lo
Uencvleve's patrimony. That rape
loui monster. Ihe Wheel I It, bad IX
limited all o( hll legitimate resources,
snd so msd was his obsession tbat he
scrupled not to steal
I entertained only hard It clings (or
hlm at that moment. He had nol
bought the ruby, however, ind doubt-
leu Genevieve's fortune was lllll In
"Oo on." I ' iiiiiin.ii.dc'l curtly.
"Wbal happened then?"
"Well. Malllot'a arrival dcinorillied
everything. Fluette wu lo tome it
ten o'clock, mil Tsheii st ton-thirty
I didn't know whsl to do. I hsd no
wsy of gelling tbcm word tl ihtl lime
ot night, sud I iiinii realized Uiat Page
bad given over lhe trip. I contrived,
however, lo smuggle sll ol Ihem up lo
my room, without anybody being lbc
"I cxplalnt'i Ihe stale of affair*, and
aaaured them that I would fulfil my
part ol the agreement as son u Page
snd Maillot retired aud ibe house gtcw
"Some lime liter eleven   I   1,1 mil
Plge  Itld   Malllol    mining    upslsiis.
Thi light wu oul In my room. n.d.
peering through the crick of my d or,
I witched Pige bid Malllol goodnight.
The Old man wu holding a llgbed
candle In one hand and thi small
leather box iu the olber. I know II
wu the ruby be showed Maillot—"
"I suppose you were In the curtain,d
alcove while he ind Malllol were talk
Ing," I Interrupted.
"Nol III the time; I didn't dire be.
Tbe old mm wu u slisrp u I lox.
Ito didn't truit anybody
"However, 1 carried out my pari of
the programme, all right; bul juii ss
I relcbcd the top of the slain I fell
Ihe migiiellim ol somebody's pie
lence. I looked back and eaw Page-
be looked .positively diabolical-following me. How he enjoyed ralcblng
anybody In iuch I predicament!"
"And lien?" - «
"Well, then—wby, I muit hive loil
my head. I itiried (or my room, but
Ibe old man commanded me to atop,
and I Itopped. People generally did
when Pige told tbem to. Fluette beard
bim aad came Into the nail to learn
what wu Iill mitter. Pige could nol
lie bin then becauae of the angle In
the corridor, and the old man paused
by the etageri to Ilubl ihe candle In
the Iron candlntlck.
"Alter that tbi old man walked right
up to mi and held out bli bind for the
box and toe bundle ef letters; but bs-1
(on I bad ilmi to gin tbem (0 bin, I
Fluetto ruibed In between ui.  Ills ap
peannce atartled the old man so Jjbavt
he recoiled a pace or two. Tbii gtrt j
Fluette Um opportunity be needed to'
take the thing! Irom me.   He smiled ;
*' 'H*i •*• tm***/}'
That Iljw Question
Oouncll Dlscusies Plebiscite on Bottle
License Question
Tho city (libera list nigto dealt with
the recomineuilution of the local hoard
of licensing coiumiuioners idvising 1
plebiscite in the mitter qf a bottle license iu Nortb Vancouver, the termi
of the plebiscite to embody tbe question
is to whether tbe peoplo would wish
such in establishment, if auy licciiip
wero granted, to be conttolled by an
individual or conducted on tbe Norwel-
giau or Unlh.'iInu'i; i.y.'iii'iit as supported by Prof, B. E, Macnaghlen.
Aid. Irwin couiidercd the rocomniou-
sl.'n um ono wbicb tbe council could wisely adopt. Ho formally movod that thoy
receive favorably tbo license commissioners' report and cousidor tbo advisability of submitting the que, tiuu to
popular vote at somo convenient time
iu the nciir future.
Aid. Dick queried whether tbey were
technically within tbeir rights te authorize a plebiscite at the request of
one or two ratepayers. 1
The mayor reminded Aid. Dick that
Prof. Macuughteu had offered lo bear
the costs cutailcil.
Aid. Dick, however, argued that
there should be a certain demand fur
a plebiscite before the council permitted oue.
Aid. Biss, a member of the licensing
hoard, said that body had giveu tbe
matter very serious consideration and
bad come to tbe conclusion already
stated. "As a commissioner," plaintively observed the alderman, "wc feel
wc aru in a kimi of a tight box. 1
might as well stale the thing as it is."
Aid. Furemau expressed himself in
favor of a popular vote ou the subject.
An interlude then occurred whieh
slowly but surely rcvcslcd tbe fuel that
the exact nature of the Utthcrburg
system was not a household word with
the couucil. This revelation evoked
frum Aid. Dick the suggestiou tbat they
i-hiiulsl seek further enlightenment from
the licensing hoard.
Even the terms of the proposed plebiscite ,is drifted by Ibe board, were
not sufficiently definite to escape debate. Aid. Dick was temporarily uuder Ihe impression that three qucs
lions were lo he voted upon, two is
already quoted, and the third u to
whether the people wished uo bottle
license st all tu he granted. Aid. Fore
man also thought the people should
have the right lo say whether they
wished lo have one or not.
The mayor disagreed, string cmpbit
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)   ■   $15,413,000
Regerve    ....   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch:
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street
ically that there was going to he no local optiou wbilo ho occupied Ihe chair,
Aid. Dick then pointed out that if
tbo liceusiug board wished to hold a
plebiscite tbey had absoluto right to
do so. Tbey ueed uot bring the mutter
beforo tbe council. "Personally"
said Aid. Dick, "I am opposed to tbo
city making a specialty uf one line of
husinoss aud am also opposed to the
city taking revenue from it."
AI<1. Irwin diil not think Ihe council
shoulil be eomitiitcil to any particular
policy at this stage. Before dealing
finally with the matter, they shoulil be
furnished witb full details.
The question waa thereupon referred
back to lhe licensing hoard for further
Employers' Liability Assurance
Premium rates are invited by the
Oity Council for the insurance of waler
works and Hoard of Works employees
for period of twelve months from' 1st
April, 1612, to 1st April, 101-3.
Estimated compensation for period of
"/atcrworks   HO Ml
Hoard of Works (not including
scwora)    :|3'J,U.|C
I.'ii-11 is  of Liability:
Ono  accideut    110,1)1)11
One   employee    11.01)11
Policy also lo cover outside liability
Hates lu be received by tlte under
sigucd not later limn 111 noon Tburiday,
March -.-th. 1911.
86-3 -^       Cily Clork,
Tho supreme happiness of lifo ii tbe
conviction of being loved for yourself,
or, more correctly, being loved iu ipito
of yourself.—Victor Hugo.
ShMs Gim
ouickly iron couqhi, cunis eoua.
NOTICE is hereby giveu tbut F. L.
Carter-Cuttou, candidate for election it
the provincial elections on tho -Uth
inst., aa representative for Richmond
Kiiliug, hus appointed S. I'lnirrlftl.
whose post ollice address. is
Kburue Station, ti. C. as his
agent uuder tho Elections Act
for tbo purposes of tho said election,
ami that J. w. Weart, wbu is a candidate fur election us representative for
the said Richmond Killing al the laid
election, has appointed T S. Ilrown,
whose adilress Is 10)2 Hurwood street,
Vaueuuvcr, as his agcul, under the
Elections Act for thu purposes of tho
said election
(Signed) J. T. Seisuiilb,
Rcluruing Ollicer for Richmond Riding.
V.e Kllctt Hie buMiifsn of M.-inuficturtri,
Hnp'ix rn ii nd otheri who rcaliic the ndvlubll-
lly if liaviog tlirlr J'jiiiit tufdiru lunuctcJ
l>jr Kipcili.  riiliiMiiiiiyodviicdti'.  CliirgrA
moderate. Ourjnvenlor'i Advlicr wot upon ie-
tjiirsl, Mflilt'ii A Wail 'ii, Vfg'd., New York Life
W<"Q  M,.iil'r«l'«iiJ Wulilnvton UC   UU
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600 Bwset WUIIsm 76 cents plr doien
6,000 Privet Hedge (California and Bngllah)   11,60 md $3,00 per 100
$00 HoUjr Tress. Oold, Silver 1)4 Clrsen  $1.00 te $140 uch
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Phone 335 Owners -Palmer, Burmetter & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing March 18th
The Golden - LePaige Co.
In Grace George's Noted Success—
The Latest Photographic News of the World
The Beit of Photo Pictures
On Performance Nightly. Door* optn 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.      Boi Office open 10 tp 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-15c. and 25c.
Discoveries of Qiraian Tnvoitlgators
Aa tlio result Of ijisuovorina mode liy
two (li'iiimi Invostigattim of I In- highlit rank, it in probable Unit j .- ..-:i ■.- li
into tlio i'iiiim- ami euro of i-aiu-er will
be placed on a now foundation. A
lubitmcn haa boon illicQvorod Unit dolt roya cantor in mice; yours of experimenting will lie imcoMiry liofofi
tlio euro can bo applied lo human
beings, but il» >s' Ih ovory rcaaon to
liopir thnt WnHi.orniiiiiii mul Klirlirh
have muilo u ilclinito beginning along
tlio road that will nltiinalcly le-.i.l to
.victory ovor cancer. With character-
latic caution thoao two scientists worn
ua againet atfhchiug too much iinjxirt-
aueo to thoir discoveries. Thoy havo
uo evideneo, they aay, to prove Hint the
substance that haa abolished cancer iu
tho mieo will act in tho aiinio way upon
human boiuga. They merely aay it
"may not aeein impoaailile that u.be
ginning hua been made." Other scion-
t ini a comnionting uu their work ure uut
so 'moderate in Iheir expression ol'
opiniou. Thoy already ls,nl the dawn
of the diry when eaueer will be as
readily treated us typhoid or
It will be recalled thai some years
ago a Scottish doctor, Dr. Hell, an
uoiinced the discovery of u subslunc-e
Ibat ho believed wouhl destroy cancer.
At lirst there were great hopes. Then
cuiuo disappointment apd in England
his discovery wns discarded ns worth
less, In Oermniiy, however, the scientists had mure patience, und it is sng
goatcd tlint Wasserinuiin got Ilia lirst
hint from liell. Ehrlicli uppears to
huve made hia discovery ulmiit the mnn
nine aa Wassermunn, uud instead ol
struggling for the credit Ihey have
combined forces, uud in future will
conduct their researches iu partner
ship. The name of the preparation lhat
Ehrlich found to be it ipeeilie in lhe
case of mice fpeaks volumes for the
mclhoils employed by the scientific investigator. It is called "tliiO," be
cause it waa perfected after tiD.'i fail
ures. several hundred cases of can
cor in mice,were treated with iii)6 and
iu every case lhe niiiiijSnunl growth was
destroyed. In a few cases the subject
wus destroyed, too, uud why Ihis miglil
well happen euu bo easily understood
wheu the method of treatment is con
sidercd .
It is said lhal an accidental dis
emery pul the scientists ou lhe right
IracS. By chance they discovered
that salts of some rare metals when
in contact with tumors displayed un
ulliuily fox the tumor, and allowed
themselves lo bo absorbed by il,
while leaving the healthy surrounding
tissue unaffected. After many expori
incuts they produced u compound ol
eosiu and selenium, and wilh il be
gun the troitnicnl tlfiuicc affected
with cnn.er. The fluid was applied
to the tumor by injection, and ufter
Ihe third iiijivliun u distinct soften
ing of the growth was noticed. By lhe
tenth duy, if die minor was nol unsuul
ly lurge, il had disappear..I ullogelher
ll had, iu fait, been dissolved, and
reabsorbed l»y the system The oe
easioual deaths are accounted for by
the poisouiuu of llic bloud through
the loo rapid absorption ol Ibe
malignant growth Hundreds of ex
pcrimenls showed exactly Ilie same
result; but what the experimenters
were most anxious aboul nu.. lhe pos
aibilily of the growth  reluming.
They were gratified lo learn lliul
where tumors had been completely
dissolved there wus nu return whul
ever. In cases where the tumor hud
been only partly dissolved Ihere was
a recurrence, just as a surgieul opera
tion for cancer, if it does nol remove
every shred of diseased fibre, will be
almost surely followed by u recurrence
of Ihe tumor. Mime llnse experiments
havo been going on over u euursc of
years, il is not premature tu declare
thul a* fnr n- • aneer in mice Is . on
ccrned a definite euro has been found.
There is hope, too, in Ihe oniiouncemonl
of experiments carried ou ul tin
Hockefcller Institute. These very
strongly iulieato lhat cancel is a par
aailic disciac, uud it was on this
theory lhat Dr. Hell, Dr Beard und Dr
Doyen invented Ihe serums that Ihey
Imped would counteract Iho disease.
Doyen's lucrum has proved serviceable
in many cases, although it has proved
no such sp. .ili. in the lrculmi.nl of
human beings as the more recent preparations have iu the ease of mice.
Nevertheless, ibsolule proof that cm
cm ii I pirialtic disease iould bu of
tremendous encouragement io Ihu scientists who are engaged on Hie slroggle
to master tbe disease, for if Ihere Is
a iun.er germ in antidote for II will
bo found.
Id Iho iiieiiiiiiiii.s, it is mi. n'imp \o
note from llm publication ut a British
blue book that cancer la lha dlieue of
tho rich and overfed. In Ml, lleorgi'l
Ihnorir Sipiue, the wriillhinil .parish
in thiiUnitad Kingdom, one dculh ul
every light It due In eineot. Ip Ot'
lord ind Cambridge the rain Is one in
nine. In Poplar and lli'tlinal, districts
whore the poor ire plentiful, it is one
in 10 ind 20 respectively. In poorer
provincial lowna lhe ratio sinks lo 1
In do. The Hrilish Medical .lournal is
of Ihe opinion that tha rich foods
which Hie prosperous indulge lo art
conducive to gum and rheumatism, and
that these Irritate tba tissues of thi
body Ud prediapoie to cancer.
The New Municipality
Quarter Acres on MARINE DRIVE
at $1000'each, fifth cash
Two acre blocks close to waterfront at
$2500 per acre
Five acre blocks overlooking English Bay
from $500 per acre
And Corner,Marine Drive and Man Rd., Dundarave
John Aspell & Co.
Rents collected and repairs, renovations and connecting
of drains superintended.
listings solicited for houses, stores, flats, offices or other
property for sale or lo let.
Bank of Hamilton Chambers,
P.O. Box 2153.
North Vancouver
Phone 438.
Telephone 329.
P. O. Box 2181
All Telephone Coal Orders Promptly Delivered
Wharl: Maiion Ave., Eiplanade Woit. HAHKY MITCHELL,
Office: New Block, 3 doori Irom Lonidale, Esplanade W. Manager
Snaps in Homes
I roomed  Bungalow on  21it ilreel   .new,   all   modern,   faiing  louth,
(I960.   Termi caiy.
6 roomed  Houie on  )9lb ilrcct, 2 blocki eait of Lonidale. All modern
fireplace .ete. (2300, (800 caih, balance eaty.
I roomed houte on 12th atreel eait   ol   Boulevard^ now.   (1800,   (000
caih, balance (lo per month.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
I iji.\hi)Aj.i-: a\ i.m !•:.
V   -P. O. Drawer
Palace Hotel-
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES;—-$2.00 per day up.   Special
rates lo families and to regular hoardtrt.
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Cjrade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd,
4 Cleared Lots, full size, on 16th Street
in Block 34 "A"
ONLY $1000 Each
Terms one-third cash, balance 6, 12, 18
months; also
4 Large, Cleared Lots on Essex Street,
overlooking Park, one-half block from
Lonsdale Avenue
ONLY $950 Each
Easy T
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner Sth and Lonsdale Phone 15   North Vancouver, B.C.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
Issurssce Guarantee Bonds
Auditor uml Accountant
101 Lonsdale Avenue. 1'. O. Uox 2307.
North Vancouver. I'houe 437.
Percy   S   Howard II.   J.   Pcrrln
City   Audllor.
Auditors   mm    iicisiiiiiiiiiiM
(26  Ponder 81.   W.      1\  O.  llux  2236
I'lione 8637 I'lione 162
Vancouver        North Vancouvor
133 6th Street East Norlb Tancoursj
Phone 373
I II.M n u I 'HIV
Plaus Executed       :   Estimates Qivcu
Ooutro and Mill Boad
l.ynn Valley, B. 0.
Up to date Milliner)'
Modertie Bstea
Keith Block    03 Lonsdalo Ave.
ibe Now Block on Lonidale Avenue
near tho Forry Approach
wea built by
General CoQlraotors
Practical Mechanic*. All work guaranteed.   P. 0. Bos 2872.
A. Craib W. Criih
Ju Concrete, Brick lud Wood.
(IHI, li.M.I.MslIU.
* R. H. TARN
Pioneer Horsosboor — Carriage Worka
Wucccssor to Wallace ft Scott, Third
Street. General rt.pa.ir work.
A. Wallaco'i sorvices nave been ro
A.M.IK. k 8.
Irrigation, tlrnlnagc, levels, plsns
and specifications. Septic links sand
bouse drainago a apccialty. V., 0.
Box ill, 16tb .treat weat ol Bewiok*
I'liiiini.iiti'iii ii
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonadale and Eaplanade
i vn.iinv
North Shore Cleaning it Dyeing Works
High Clam 1-sdlcs' and lienls' Tillering
Repairing   ami   Alleratioui.  Cieaulng
and Dyeing lu ill il« branchci. All
Work guarintced.
Ill Firat Street West.        Phone 207
North VpMiiver
——ContwvaUve Club
Continued from pige two
r t il .iif.
Ladiea' wont a apsclally All lilnil.
ol ii'i'iililns. altering, rcmudclllnit.
cleaning sand prcaalng. Chargos tnotler-
ate, work guaranteed, Cor. Lunsdule
and I6II1 atreet, North Vancouver, B. ft,
I'lione 171.
TKACHKU  iMllll).
I.lllll Kill
Toaebor or plauo/orlc ond theory, rcrli
: fied London and Glasgow. Corner Hiu
and Obt^terflcld, Nortb Vancouver.
And gtnoral Commission Merchant, 13
Lonsdale Ave., North Vincouver.
Phone 32*
Booksellers and Stationers
Cor. Lonidsle and 1ft.        Phono 143
I Specialty: Children a Lessons It own
l homo. Terms etc., spply Geners)
Lynn Valley Temperance Hottl
North Vanct uver
My clothoa   are   it the   Cipilino
Laundry  where  yours  ought  io be.
.Flat work /or it cents dot. Rough,   On the c*r line.   Hoarding mull.
j dry, 4c lb., wet wish, 3c lb.    Drop ui | Good sccommodstion for working mon.
i card and we will cill tot thim. •       Contractors' mm bonded. Hy, Esstcott,
P. 0. Box Hit | PxoprlitM.
The program being s string of lucsl
Whoso owners proved possessed at
ipndry powcri.
For iusUnce, Fiwcstt Bowe showed
vocal swiy
Wu woll within bis pipvinco: Hll-
Iiiiiii too,
While Graves and Tyson, Emerson md
Did demonstrate whit boxing gloves
cau do.
Ono Carson give i tsrpileborein turn,
And Murilen (Ed.) recited fork spice
While most attentive stowirds,   yeu
muat learn,
Distributed cigars witb lavish grace.
Judgo Gladwin (W. C.) then sat in
And hold mock jurisdiction,  shrewd
and glib,
Imposing heavy Dues at rapid rite,
And reprimanding prisoners id. lib.
Scbultz, Irwiu, Foreman, Wright md
And  others,  counting almost  to ■
Hid every one a random lino to pay,
(Some threw iu less, and just a few
paid moro).
Till lastly P. C'|, Murphy and Dovicc
Did seo the judge take bribes fur
' throe or four,
And promptly made liis Honor pay the
Of maladministration of the law.
Iu preface tu this splendid bill of faro,.
Tlio president  talked briefly of    Me-
Explaining, when and bow ami why and
The   l'remier   was   Conservatism's
Hia acts were uylogizcd by Mr. SchulU
Especially where railroads were concerned
Sin li policies, i|Uolh he, and  their results,
The commendation of the province
lie touched upou the coming 28th
He guessed al 1'nrlcr Cotton's happy
And mentioned bis complete unbounded
ln the verdict of the people ou lliul
The I'utnpaiiy then adjourned beluw to
When  uoi a single soul bul coudc
To stand erect and raise the briiuniiuji
To I'i.»ili't iii their midst snd sbscnt
Twss first "The King," then "Fed
erul Governmeut
And ll. L. Borden" unio winch Beeve
Itesponded wilb full many a seutimcut
That echoes iu a host of hearts t'uday.
M'11 more cucouiuins lo Dick McBride
Evoked ssiuccre corruborativc cbecrs,
When G. II. Morden marvelled at the
The province had achieved in recent
Sn uu aud ou, till each deserving toast
Had sought rcspousc iu ill those willing throits,
Till, with a handshake from the cordial
The crowd disponed in search of hats
aud coata.
And lastly brethren (as the preacher
One could meet indiapuiaUfy thiccrn
In every countenance s solid fsith
In Csrtcr-Cotton snd securo roturn.
Messrs. Palmer, Burmctlcr I
Graevenilz Ltd. have awarded i
trict to A. L. Ronald, builder of Nortb
Vaueouver, for the construction of three
houses eu Temps, Holghts at i coat of
approximately (10,000., Ileyhuru Jawc-
son is thi irchitecl. Mr. Rollilths ilso
building I reaidence for himself in the
sumo locality.
In Uu MatUr of A. B. Fletcher '
Tbe Royal Bank of Canada bating
banded Ihe books and bills receivable
iu the above matter over to W. 1.
Wilson, Assignee, al pirtlos indebted
lo Ibe above Estate lie requested to
settle their account wltb tbe aald
Assignee forthwith, lbe creditors hiving given imperative inslriicliulH to
collect ill outstanding accounts forthwith. All puyment. are to be ptl'l
direct to lbe Assignee who will Issue
receipts for «sme.
W. /. WIIJ50N,
HI Hillings St. Wwt. M
For only l\ down snd $1
weekly you cm buy the
CANADA'S PB1DE MALLEABLE .RANGE, reservoir or waterfront complete Ilttod up. Seo tbt
RANGE. Tbey list i
Prompt Delivery.
Pattersons Goldie & Clark
Phone 88.
We bave a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. ^"-^'p.O. Box 1820
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating' Co.
Keith Road West
Will supply yuu wilh the cbcipcst estimates for any kind of Plumbing and Hcatiug Wurk, BaulUry Engineering, 8e»ir and Septic Tank
connections, furnace instillations, etc. Jobbing work and small contracts receive prompt attention.
Give us the job lo tx up your new, lion.c und we will guarantoo to
fix all your pipes iu a way lhal will save yuur winter worries.
No job too small. Nunc too large.
Our services arc at yuur dispusul nigbt or day.
We've severed our connection with
"Tbe Light Brigade"
Tbe "Wild Charge" they umdo
Postal Address:
Box No.
North Vancouver
Post Offlce.
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Dealeri in Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Platter,
I .illi, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Fool of St. George's Ave.   Phone .178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing, Plumbing BuppllM, Bewir
Connections, Hot Water and Stiam
Hcatltig, Sheet Metal and Tlnnin'
Furnace Work. Estimate! furnished.
Wsiebouie aud Office: Cor. Esplanado and Bt, George, Pbons 366.
1. H. OODDARD, Manager
Seven roomed house, fire-place, stone
basemont, full sue lot. All III lawn tnd
garden, one block west of Grand Bouie-
v.ud on crest of the bill, Facing south
wltb iploudl'd viow of harbor. Prico
11,300—11,009 cash, balance to subpurchaser. Apply Box 2260, Nortb Vaueouver.
Block 12a   P. L. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on tke carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 njths/
1 8,
MS, J, W, WS4W WPffi»»AWfl
I4NW UMMl4*t# f« M*mn4 to
torn to Contest tba Bldlng-Lotter
of Baplanatlim-Letter from Mr,
Alexander Philip ro Withdrawal
Mr. /, W. Weart, nominee of the Lib
era) convention as candidate for the
provincial assembly for llieliiiiniid rid
ing, yesterday issued the following let
ter to the press formally giving pub
licity to hia withdrawal from the Held
and affixing his reasons therefor. The
letter is as follows:
"You will oblige by publishing thie
lotter, written after due consideration
Of   all   tOO   fad!   eiilineeleil . with   Illy
nomination as a caudldate to contest
Richmond at the forthcoming election.
On March 2,1 received a telegram from
Mr. Aleiander Philip of North Vancou
ver, advising me of the date of uomina
tion, and asking permission to subnilt
my name to the Liberal convention of
Un liinini.l to be held on tbo llth.
wired r lengthy roply, and slated thai
1 regretted that time would not por
mit mo to do io.
"This reply was interpreted by Mr.
Philip to mean that if 1 were here I
would accept, and he acted quito honor
ably iu -bringing my name before thr
convention and having me nomiiiated.
"Now, sir, I regret beyond measure
lhal 1 cannot aecedo to Iho wishes of
the convention and of my many friends
to nmi the nomination, as I cannot
in justice to myself or business anno
dates devote lhe time lo the riding
thai is rcipiired of a member of lhe leg
islature who seeks to, do his duly and
therefore 1 musl aud now do with
In response lo a ropiest for further
details with reference to lhe telegram
iu question Mr. Aleiuuifer I'liilip writes
ns follows:
lin iiiii.nni District Election
Editor Kipreis:
It is a mailer of profound regret to
tho Liberal committee ou nomination
for Ihis dislriet that, owing to orrors
in transmission of two different tele
pram from Mr. Wearl, one to myself
and lhe other lo Mr. Ilrown, wc were
t,ll led lo think that he would accept
nomination as our candidate. Had the
committee recoived cither of these ml*
sugci, as sent by Kir. Wearl, they wouhl
hue acted on their alternate instrnc
ii.iiik, und have nominated Mr. Thomas
llickic, the esteemed vice president of
Iho Liberal Association. The asmr
uneci of Wlpport the committee got from
many i|tiAJtiinj gave good hope of sue-
ceiS in Iho csfflttll, as there were many
reasons for wantyti, confidence In Ibe
government, and t™ policy ami plat
form of tho Liberal parly mel wilh
hearty acceptance.
Thii docs not mean want of respect
for Mr. Carter-Cotton—our reelected
member--who is as highly citeemed hy
those Liberal!, who know him as by Hie
best of his supporters, but we cannot
He much lo respect iu the contest that
has been going on for some lime-in the
ranks of his own parly for the poll
Hou of "loipplauter". Mr. I'oUon's
niauy yean of active service and his
great al/llity was very little considered
bi tbem.
As Liberals, we have looked al the
matter of our representation from our
'parly standpoint, und from our view
of Ihe eourse generally being pursued
by the government. Though wu, of
Norlh Vulieouver, appreciate Ihe locul
bcuefitj thai will accrue from tbe Pad
lie and (treat (Intern Ilailway and
from grunis lo aid our bridge, and we
Iuue not Imitated to say so we do not
ngree lhat lhe general policy of lhe
government ii a wise one—some of the
i - . s ii. i friendi of the government
are beginning lo fear "breakers''
ahead and to believe that a healthy
crltielmu of the government's course is
au urgent necessity. No constituency,
ban a belter right than the largest one
in the province to send to the legisla
i ■(. a man who would be a keen crl
ia, iuu tu.h a oi.ii' as Mr. CarUir Col
lou delighted to be in former days.
The Liberals of North Vancouver
Iruil that Mr. <'oilon will even yet ud
drew Iiis I'oiiitiluents,.and that he will
be able to obtain speedily from Ihe
government some assoraitivei of Ihe
early and satisfactory settlement of the
claims being made by the government
■on il,.- Lynn Valley lauda which 1 can
assure him arc causing ic|ioui diitrcsi
lo a large number of our moit worthy
setibri iu Hie Valley.     Amazing id-
99W9999m9WmBBa9*m  ...ji   imi. ii—■gaa—mb—
tlements have been mode, Mi those
least able to St»n4 it are being em
banned In tin wuiil mmm*'
Tho following U tho Wogram I received from Mr,. Weart In answer to enquiry made by me o» instructions of
tho committee, If he would allow his
name to go before fhe convention for
"IIegret time will not permit me to
allow my return before fionvantten. ft-
poet return 16th, Extend my support
to parfy candidate and trust returns
will show good results, Will go Montreal sixth, Toronto ninth."
After Mr. Weart's return we learned
that thie message ibould have read
"ll eg let time will not permit me to
allow my name go before convention."
I am, etc.
' I  ,,  .,. ■   .
htm VAIiBY N0TB8
Mr. ft HI Allen of Peters' Road, has
moved to Everett, Wash.
Mr, F, Graham of Frederick Boad
has opened a real eitate office on Lonidale avenue over McDowell's drug
The band concert which ia to be held
tomorrow evening (Wedneeday) in the
in: in me Hall, promisee to be very iue-
A tract of land between Lynn Valley
and lioss Roads facing on Centre, ja
being cleared ami graded fnr the owner
Mr. .1. M. Fromme. Mr. Graves hits
lhe work in band.
A small ll,i r was discovered by Mr.
II. (I. lluttie on Friday afternoon on the
roof of Mr. .1. W. Baker's residence. A
scream of lire attracted eome men
who were working near the house anil
the lire wu soon extinguished. The
laiuuge was slight.
The Mcthoo'iiti havo made arrange
im uis, to bold their services iu the In
stitute hall commencing on Sunday
next, until the church which is now
uuder construction is completed.
Mr. Hernmn, working wirli the
American Type Founders Co. of Vancouver,  intends  moving  on  Saturday
xt to his new home on Chamberlain
ruad near Centre road. Mr. Herman
recently bought this house from .1. Rub
erts who built two in this locality, the
other being still on the market. Mr.
lis iiisiii, has a brother already living in
Lynn Valley and practising as
0.    M
A pleasing and quite impromptu cere
mony interrupted for a few minutes the
-)■ s :i;s' . routine of the B. 0. IJe.tn,
Ilailway Co's. Lonsdale aveuue office
this morning, wheu Mr. A. 0. Perry,
loeul manager, on behalf of the staff,
presented Mr. C. M. Chiilett with a
token of their united esteem. The said
okeu was a handsome golden oak writ
ug desk and cabiuet, and the emu in
stance surrounding the gift wai the departure of Mr. Chiilett into the sphere
of real estate . Mr. Chislctt bas been
connected with the clerical department
of the company for live or six years.
Ilocently, however, he decided to devoto
hii time to the secrotary-treaiurerskip
f the local firm of T. 0. Holt Ltd.
Mr. I'erry, in making the present!
tion, wished its recipient tbe best of
sui'cesi and referred lo the pleasant relations whicii had always existed be
ween Mr. Chiilett, himself, aud tbo
rest  of    the staff.     Personally    he
hanked Mr. Chiilett for many kind
ncieei iu tbo paat.
These   sentiments wero   echoed by
er members of the stall.
• I.■ Is ii thanked them very much
indeed.   Heiia<fcupt expected anything
' "    boyi
of the kind and. wuIa nleaied the I
thought that much aboQNliini.   Ai
the future, he hoped their pll^iant re
Inn..ii- would continue. v
A box of cigars having beon disco
ed iu ono ol tho drawers of the desk,'
Mr. Chiilett proceeded to inconvenience
each member af the company witb a
choice Havana.
Au outbreak of fire wai averted in a
timely manner on Bunday wben at about
12.30 one of the .kitchen flue* at tbe
Palace Hotel became ignited suppoi
edly through some burning grcaie. Fire
departmenti numbers I and 2 were communicated witb by telephone, and both
brigadei were quickly on the scene.
The outbreak wu speedily nipped in
the bud, though the damage !■ cull
mated at between (140 and (200.
Wo bave tba wdwlve sale of 24 lota In block i, D. I. ltl thl
loti ua (0 feet br 113 feet and on tbo following terms are tba bast
bur In Nortb Lonadale today: Price (360, Terms (90 cub, balauci In
t 12, aod 18 montbi.
102 mill*ADKiOW FOOT OtVlOO)
thoae 2«3 ■ V. 0. Box »3i^
Agent* (or London Assurance Co.
I     I —mrnmnnn——. i i      .
We have I good (election of Houses (or Sale or Rent
Aid. Dick on the Dangerous Powder
Aid, Irwin, during laat night's council
meeting, introduced a motion embody
Ing the advisability of securing a permanent police magistrate for this city.
Nortb Vaneouver had been deprived of
tbat benefit through tha long a^oiic.'
of Mr. A. 9 Kealy and it ajipwred
that Mr. Kealy was not likely to return. Aid. Irwin, tbereforo, framed
bis motion to the effect that "this
counoil requests the provincial govern
ment tn appoint a resident police magistrate for North Vancouver:"
Tbii was duly seconded and earned.
The council alio touched upon the
aubject of bloating, tbe mayor mentioning tbe number of complaints which
found their way to'the police office.
Aid. Irwin coniidered that in grant
Ing blasting permits the city took a
great responaibility upon itself. He
would rather see the provincial authorities responsible.
It was pointed out that as much discrimination aa possiblo wai exorcised in
the iesuing of permits.
"But," observed Aid. Dick, "the
man who knows all about powder is
generally the most careless. llic
man wbo knows that he doesn't know
what it is going to do is usually the
one to run no risks"
The provincial water commissioner
notified the council that he was now
able to issue a license to tho eity for
one cubic foot of water per second
from .Rice Lake.
Mattora pertaining to thu Second
Narrows bridge then aroio for brief
discussion. At a recent mocting of
the directors of the Burrard lulet 'Fun
nol and Bridge Co. it had been intimat
cd by the engineers of the department
of marine and fisheries that in their
opinion the bridge should have an
opening ipau of 250 feel. The com
pany'a engineers coniidered that a
span of 200 feet would amply suffice.
There waa now a probability II..n tbe
lepartuient would agree lo this, the
liit'eienee in cost between a loll feel
span and 200 feet span being approx'
unu I el v (200,000. On the motion of
Aid. Irwin, the council passed a resolution endorsing that of the company as
to tbe width of span which resolution
il to be forwarded to the department.
Aid. Dick begged lu be excused from
A letter was then read, petitioning
the council to approach the 11. C. Telephone Co. on the inadequacy of this
city's present telephone service The
letter mentioned certain nuisances par-,
ticularly in the case of longdistance
On the motion of Aid. Irwin, it was
decided that tbo council should write
to the company requesting belter ser
Tenders were opened for the cou
siruction of the storm ywer un St. Da
vid'i avenue from the waterfront to
Keith road. The following prices were
submitted: J. Shuun, (2.1,009; Thompson
.'. Stuart, (21,772; Kennedy Bros., ill.-
781; Ledingbam and Cooper, (17,801.
The last named tender was accepted.
Considerable time was then devoted
to the question as to whether or not
the matter of a gas franchise should
be gone into thoroughly that evening.
The mayor'a opinion wus that it was
a controversy to which they should dedicate an entire special session. After
tho aldermen had each expressed their
various views, the mayor and council
•plit the difference and decided lo appoint a date for a special meeting and
to reread the applications and comment
thereon tbat evening.    Whereupon llu'
auditftiun) seemed suddenly to ouipty
itself.    I
II'WW ultimately iitllcd that' 'lhe
evening of Wedneiday, Marpb 27|h,
should be set apart for full discussion
and if possible, settlement of this im
portant question.
A considerable amount of misnellnne-
ous business was dealt with by the city
council last night when Mayor Me
Neiih presided over a full assembly of
aldermen, minus Aid. McBae.
The following items of croreapond
enee wero summarily referred to tbe
Board of Works:
An offer front tbe McNair-Frasar
Lumber Co. Ltd., Uollyburn, to sup1
ply the city with lumber from tboir
new mill.
A request from Mr. W. I, Boult for
a sidewalk from Jones avenuo to bis
bouio on 16th street, lot 1, block 41,
D. L. 847.
A reipiott from tho ichool board for
sidewalks aloug Uth and llth strceta to
give access to tho Bidgeway ichool.
A request from Alexander and Brown
for the new St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church, that Ihe grades bo set to tho
site at the corner of 10th street and
St. (leorge's.
A request from Mr. J. P. Full, that
Mackay road from Keith road to 20th
street be opened up and graded under
local improvement plan; this giving wagon road access to all the property ou
the west side of Mackay creek.
Mr. Oallla Provide! Sumptuous Banquet
to Many Woll Wishers
Tbe new St. Mi" Hotel on Second
street west was auipieiously opened, on
Friday night, when a large assembly
partook of a banquet at the invitation
of Mr. Antonio (Inlliii. proprietor of the
Hotel. An exceptionally line spread
was provided and the company which
was representative of ull Ihe official
departments of the city, were high in
their praises nf tbo function. The
mayor and other dignitaries made
speeches of congratulation, and after-'
wards accompanied Mr. (lallia on a
tour of inspection. The hotel is replete with convenient!! ami ia undoubtedly an addition to the North
Shore. Al both the aumptuoiis repast
and the iuipromptu dance which fol
lowed a Vaueouver orchcslru supplied
excellent music. Mr. (lallia was gen
orally congratulated of the success of
the function, which, it il hoped, wai
in preface lo a long spoil of prosperity.
We are Exclusive Agents
in this Territory for
„ ". i     f   ii
SMART'S    (0)     HAMMEB8    AND
Bach of theae lines an concidid to
bi tbi standard of the country. Ou;
■tock li all bought from riprmntatlvi
firms. Bonn of then lluei we are
compelled to aak a llttli mon for be
cauie It coita momy 'to manufacture a
high gride article.
paine & McMillan
Wholesalfe and Retail Hardware
©lit Wart a A
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
nt s'.sii.s.i.s It la national In all Hi
II Mel tbe moil expensive • on.IV
inns, procuring tbe photograph! from
all over lhe world.
lis urllil.s are carefully lelccted and
Id editorial policy li thoroughly
A . !.. ■ i:,sii. i. to The Standard
cosls $2.00 per yiar lo uny udditii In
Canuda or Orcil Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montnal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publilhlri.
In comiquinci of very greatly lucruied builucu, tbi
B. 0. Livery Ball Stablei bavj Imported from Seattle lut
Saturday a number of nlci and thoroughly well broken
quiet horiu for livery purpoiei. Alio several new veh!
clu, Including a well-appointed covered hack In tba latest
Mr. Duuiai, tbi proprietor, begi to Inform bli custom
•n tbat lu can tupply their requirements it uy hour of
the day or night to thoir intlri mtisfactlou. Phoui 347.
To Whom It Hay Con corn:
Thii ii to certify that 1 have thii
day received from tbe Britiib Empire
Iniurance Compauy of Vancouver, B. ('.,
through Mauri. Cardinall k McOregor,
their local repreionlalivci at North
Vancouver, icttlomont in full for lou
of a second cow, insured with them for
forty dollars
Dated al Nortb Vancouver, B. 0., tbli
16th day of March, 1912.
(Signed)        E. I.. WILLIAMS.
Have You Seen the Latest
Styles and Shapes in Ladies' and
Gentlemen's Jrine Footwear ?
If Not, Pay a Visit to the Wood-
Paige Shoe C&VStore and See
Their Magnificent Showing of
New Spring Goods
We can shoe North Vancouver belter and cheaper
than you can purchase elsewhere. Give us a trial,
.ma. »»»•»»•»•»%»»%»»»»♦»»»»
,■•,,. mm*
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Mosul Crown Block.      Neil Bank of Montreal     Opp.GfyHaJI
IIU '        I
In thi MatUr of A. B. Flitcher
Tbe Royal Hauk of Canada bating
hauded the houlti and billi receivable
iu the above matter ovor to W. J
Wilson, Assignee, al parliea indebted
to the above Eitate arc rci|uciled to'
• iiI.- their account with the uid
Assignee forthwith, the creditors hav
iug given Imperative instruction! tu
collect all ns,i-i,ii,.ling a.. s,mils forth
witb. All payiucnii are to bo paid
direct to Ihe Assignee who will iiiue
receipli for name.
ill Hastings St. Weit. •i'l ■
Public Notice ii hereby given lbat •
When us John Walter Weart of Weit
Burnaby, Hamster, haa icrvcd me witb
notice of hii withdrawal frum the con
tcit in Bichmond Hiding, and Whereaa
I have accepted the uid notice of with
drawal, ami Whereas Francis I.melt
cuiiei ctioii is the ouly other candidate nomiiiated, 1 hereby declare tho
•aid Francii Loved Carter llbllon, of
Vancouver, raercbapl, duly elected, to
ropreicut Richmond riding in the Irfgii
lalivo Auemlily of tho Proviuee of
linii-li Columbia.
Hi.mi under my hand al Slevoiton..
thii 1Mb day of March, 181*.
Returning Officer.
It ii worth a thousand puundi a year
lo have lbc habit of looking ou Ibo
bright tide of thing*.—Dr. Johnson.
Lots in Blk. 1, D.L 597
Oui Uth Ouh, balanci 8, 18, II .till III nioutlu.
The propoied improvement! lo Capilano Road will, greal ly incruiM Ihi
1'AKK VIEW liei rigbl on Ihe famoui loutbweiloru ilopv of North
Vancouver, when the wealtbieit and moil prominent citlieni of Nortb
Vaueouver aro buying bomeiilei. It hai a glorioui unobstructed view
of the Oulf of Georgia and Vancouver; lying oppoiile one of our iarg-
eit parka ,where ao armory and drill ball will be built.
I'ARK VIEW ia only a lew minutei' walk up Iwo of our moil prominent itreeU, iligbtly over half a mile from the ferry wbarf. Every
lot is now cleared and in graw, Pawing right by PARK VIEW will be
the lloulovard Belt Line liar.
See ui at once for prim and tirnii, ai wi eipect Ibii property lo
bl luipped up by eager buyer..
McMillan & reid
I'l"""- Ul     , ID I/INBDAI.E AVENUE
PA-Fof a few dayi, view loU fan be bad from 11 to up.
'    tt


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