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The Express 1912-11-26

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 "•«»«i« imimvaTii mmiwwr
vjujr  jWAifuriiiJ
JPU   PBINTINO   H   fHB   "fl*
MWflW 4»,-
Railroad Interests of
the North Shore
liiimiiii! displeasure ami dltappolnt-
iin'iii at llie I'ni'ilii' Ureal Huleru'» i|t:
lay In commencing conttruetluo of Itt
railroad wliiiln tm mlltt of Vani'ouver
wtt expressed with eni|ilittlt by a
crowded iin-i'iiii|: of ratujiayura on t'n
day evening. The gathering wat con
i,-mul umlir llm auspices of the local
Uii I r|,iii i-i;.' A .mu ml i.ui, whole peal
ili'iii, Mr. II. ll. Wright, ocupieil Ibe
chair, nmi the netting .uj,.i.-11> of tbe
lower Imll in life Knighli of Pythiit
building un Finn-ill street |irovi'd inadequate tu :,,,,mmiiiil.-iti' Ibe large attend
a net'.
After the chtirniiu had tendered on
lii'lmlf uf Mr. R II. Bridgman an upol
ogy for hit unavoidable alitcm-e, the
tecrctary, Mr. Ileorge Mackenzie, read
to Hie meeting the strong resolution
paused hy llie Hoard of Trade uu Wed
iii'.-liii evening iu rclalion In Ihe pret
cut railroad situation.
Mayor McNeiili, in a brief e|ieech,
■aid that he very much de|ilnred Ihe
fact that the agreement iu the i'aeilie
Hi-mi Findi'm's charter covering the
time ami place uf eonitrucl iuu liail nut
up tu the present time beeu lived up
lu. Ile believed it wtt a miurce uf t
great ileal uf diisaliafaction tu the pub
lie uu the nurth shorefand expressed
himself slruugly in ftvor of aikiug the
guvernmenl to enforce fulfilment of
Mi.mu i mi.iiiuuy iii the charier.
Kecve May preluded hiu remark*
with an assurance thai wheu lie tpoke
uf North Vancouver lie iuleiided thi
term tu embrace Ihe city, Ihe diitrict
and the municiptlity of Weil Vancuu
ver. Thin wat a question which involved the guud name uf the government,
it waa a qutltlon wherein their tuition
ul Iiiiiiiu wan at slake, The ipeaker
continued tu oylllue the term, uf tin
railway compauy'i charier, ,1 welling
particularly upuu the fact that con
itructiou ahould nave commenced with
in leu nni.-. uf Vaucuuver nut liter
thin July let, Iiii:-, Iheu lu be cunlin
ued under specified condiliuut, There
wat uu community uf cllixeut In Hril
iih Columbia today, the reeve cunleud
fill,   which   hail   possessed   iiiiiii'   pbn-l.
iban lbat on At north tlion,     This
I'Oiiilininily wished In liuilil up llll
hollies In ncciirduin-e nilh the pqatlllil
Ilies which tht priivinee affords. And
Ihtm wit no cutumuitlly which had
shown greater fidelity lo IJie govern
ment than Noilh Vancouver, nor had
Ibt guveniiiienl bail all aluug a mor.'
ttauncli tupportar than blmtalf. Wait
Vancouver, lhe reeve argued, was far
loo small tu excuse lo be advanced for
Ibis delay and Ihlt breaking of pledges
Tlia tpttker than called the meet
ing't attention lu an advertisement iu
a contemporary designating Newport as
Hit terminal city, aud pointed out the
I'lt.'i'l tuch in announcement would
havt on Ihe borrowing power of lhe
railway, whose bunds were guaranteed
by tbe province, ile wanted to know
what the effect ju London would lie if
such an announcement were made there
The financial meu would tay that the
lermiuus was only HU miles from Vau
couver, the terminus of other railwaya,
and ouly 311 miles from Jiurnrd In
let, the port of Vaucuuver. Ai hcarly
a Houtervilive is be wit, he believed
ibat If the government had forgotten
or liml uot hul time tu ileal with this
question, It was the business. of Ibe
I'liiiseiiniiies uf North Viucouver lu
cil their nil, iiiion to it.
If the purport of thit advertisement
wis not Irue il wit Ihe duly of Die
government lo give it lilt coiilraiiic
tion. if the guvernmenl was nol con
lining wjll| such announcements it
should come oul ind nay to. New
port Wis entitled lo gel all ii could
but not at lbe expense of Norte Viu
Uf. 0. II. Mordeu, feelftig certain
tbtt the meeling wu entirely of une
opinion, considered -lhat they should
endeavor to decide upun what would
be Ihe best manner uf approacbiug lhe
guvernmenl iu urder lo hive such iu
Auence brought lo heir upon the I'a. i
tie Ureat Kaslem us would cuse the
comptuy lo begin ictuil construction
upon the nurth short immediately Mr
Mordeu argued, however, that iu ur
dtr lo make tbeir rase til lbe more
sound tnd effective il was absolutely
itecettiry tbtt Ihey cuutider carefully
Ihe cue which would be idvanccil by
the "other fillow,"
OoflUnuad on pags thru
Death of Police Chief's
The deull, luok place on Munday
morning of Kruotl lie I'ouney ("Bud
die") limi."., only tot of I'hief of
I'nln e Davies ami Mri. Arihur llavlet,
Fourth ttreet ami Mahou, ind grind
suu uf lleeve aud Mrs. W. II. May. The
buy, who wat twelve yeirt old, wat
suil,-uug for over iii monlhi, hit eon
dilion defying the skill tnd continuous
attention-of medical ipecitlills. The
funeral service wu held lu the First
Biptiit church thii tflernoou, ifler
whicii the remain, were interred is lhe
lueal cemetery. Widespread public
sympathy ia expressed luwirdt d'hief
and Mrs. Danes.
New St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
December Kith hll been announced
u the date upuu which Ihi newly
erected Bl. Andrew'i Preiby'larJm
church will be dedicated. On fdili lm
|,nll ani uei ii >.i,m |be I'ii .im, lhc Bov.
Honald Mie lend, will be milled by
notable ueo of seven I ilcuuniiiiMluni
wbo will lake part In t ctrimony which
will in itself be significant of thit
niy's iplendid growth in every department of modem life.
The preient church on Kellh road
hat of l|l» previa quite ioadequite
lu the requirement! of the large ind
growing congregation. No better Itt
limniiy could be rendered to Ibt iuc
celt of ibt ministry of Ihe pastor than
the well filled-frequently overcrowd
ed- church each luccestive Bunday. Mr.
Macleod bat bid cbtrge of the |m
tortte for I little over eighteen monlhi.
The new church building It allotted
on Tenth street eut, at Ihe Inttrtec
tiou of St. Otorgt't avenut aad ila
elevated poiil ion .Hikes it, the mutt
prominent edifice on the north ibon.
Tht church, tine cornir ttost of which
wu Ilid in April, will, wheu completed
bive cosl K'liwii
The trcbileclure ii ■ free Ireitmeiit
uf perpeodicultr Oolbic Tbe fouudi
lions of Ibt church ire of stone, iud
Ibe mam tudilorioui of frnm' and
shingle construction surinouuled al one
corner by t lolly spire The interior
of the uu hi,iiiun, is mtde Urge iud
tlry by Ihe dome effect uf Ihe roof.
The lutetneul of Ibe church is cum
forltbly filled up u Sunday uboul
rooms, church parlors, ikilcbena ami
other iiiiiveulencei. The schuul room
will seal belween ism md AIM persons
The main auditorium, win. 1. It UU III.
secund Duur, entered by meaus uf Ihe
stairway, is handsomely furnished lu
teal almost luun persons lu addition
to the selling capacity uf Ibe lluur there
art thru gailiriet one tl ibt tai of
ibe htll tod um each In cut mil wetl
Iranieplt. In addition lu lbe church
proper there are ou Ibii Door lbe min
liter'i \retry ind Ibe cboil room, while
I new pipe urgtu ia lu lie instilled
By-Laws Will be
Placed Immediately
When the time camo for i In- c|ly
council lo give Ha atlenliou in the
I'uiiiiiililii'i, i-onni'i'li'il Willi IliO scwrul
bylawi which ire ahurlly to be tub
milled lu thu eleelnrnlii, Mayor Mc
Neiah allied list livening thai In hid
been wumlerltig whether it would mil
niiei all be advisable to plicu Ihese
In- luws before the people it uleclioti
lime instead of neit month, teeing that
il only meant I difference uf a fow
Aid. I '.ii i uuin said that he had been
thinking on the saute lines ami lie be
lievod that il would be policy to liy
the bylaws over until lbe time uf
the election. They always gul u bet
ler expression of public upiuiiin al
audi a time—butler than Ihey would
gel by ruabing lbe hy-luwa through at
the end uf the year. Tiiere was uuly
abuut ait weuka mure uf the cuuncll
year lu elapse now. If Iho city put
them i.iiuiiid now il wus probable
that only about leu or fifteen per pant.
of the people would ciime out and
Aid. Fruser, however, mentioned lhat
it   was essential  thai  the .... I I  by
law shuuld be passed at .an earlier
date as the buard would wish to submit
uiiiiilin I.-. I.iv. for the school liiiililing
at abuut electiou time. 'I'lie board
would n»l be in a position to 1I0
Ihis unless the first school sile by law
was passed. Thm was one by law
which should uul be lefl uver until
.In ium time.
Aid.  Frascr also  Ihuughl   Hut   the
ridge by law shuuld be dealt with at
au earlier dlle.
A Id. Mcllai) pniuted out that It waa
legally possible tu submit Iwo school
by-laws at lhe ume lime.
Abl. Irwin ugreed with tlie mayor
that It was | pity to submit the bylaws in December jutt about I monlli
prior to the election.
The mayor mentioned l lml tl)e people
would support a ichool bylaw it iny
time. Ho did uot tvtr remember a
school by law being turned down in
the province.
Aid. Irwin later agreed that Hie
bridge bylaw wis important, while
lhe passing of Ihe ferry by lews would
eniblu Hie board to lay oui Hi plana.
Mailers of finance would in any caau
hme lo await until the money market
had improved.
Abl. Dick remarked thll these by
laws were uot actually for civic expenditure. The ferry bylawi involved s
■ju•■ ium of guaranteeing bondi. The
bridge In Iiuv hid been puled already
iud wis to be virtually validated
They were not for ictuil money. But if
these Inlaws were submitted at the
lime of lhe general election ind, un Hie
top of Ihem more Iiv laws, audi ns ua
lerworks, board of workt, lud so on,
riteptyeri coining lo vote from pieces
uiilside the city would think lliere wis
being • Irememluua expenditure uf
inililii muney. Alt opportunity might
nut occur nl ■ -. ...inning that I'm'in b,"-
lawa were aimply validating other by
l|Wl Ihtl have beeu passed.
Aid. Dick thougbt it would be jutt
ts well to submit these guaranteeing
uml validating by lawa immediately.
Aid. I'liiu'r agreed with Ibis view,
ami on a vote beiug taken tbe council
decided lo tdbere to ils previous re
.■■idle The by laws will, therefore, be
placed before tbe electorate duriuglhe
early |nrl uf next month.
Cement Sidewalks to be
Constructed Around
City Hall
International Sile of
Work on Thursday
Thi ui'ialiera of Ibe ladies' Aid sf
tbt 81. Audrtw't Pruiiytirlin church
ire urginiring a baiaar Ul In held in
Thunday netl In order lo raiac funds
whenwith lo furnish lbe new chunk
throughout l| I suitable mionei. Bo
that tiny nay ba tbie, by this ineiut,
t* "foot iki Mil" they an devoliag
even a mon lain usual amount o. lime
and energy lu Ihi arrasgimeoti for Ibii
sale of work, which will be "Interna
lloml" lu character. Kugland, In
land, Hfolliud, Canada, and Annriii
will be reprneulcd by alalia, ud lu
addition iowtn lud homemade nn
dies will be on uie, Bafisibmenli
will In wrved both afternoon and even
Ing, while at nigbt in entirely novel
form of ciiterisiiiineni will be pro
Tht Bev. Dr. MicUren, who il lo
wall known md popular ia Vancouver,
will open Ihi baiaar al two o'cloek
on Thu/iday.
The cily council met u usual lul
night, Miyor McNeish presiding over
1 full cumpleineut uf tlderuien. The
clerk, Mr. W. Austin Brown, whu
bit unly Juat recovered limn 1 few
■lay.' indiipoiitlou, wu milled in bis
clerical duties by Mr 0. Talbol His
The cily sulicitur wrule lu Ihe effect
that be hid gune uver Ihe by law mat
ten wilo Mayor McNeiih Itld did nut
ice wby one by Uw for the ferriea
would nul be sulllcieiii as Ibe cily is
uul -p, mling muney for building fer
ries ur olher millert, bul  it aimply
giiaiaiil. uiiig bond, of lhe Norlli Van
couver I'ily Ferriea. Iluwevi1, In urder
lu tvuid tuy queitlon, the solicitor btd
ri drawn Hie byliw., aepiritiug Ihem
su Ihlt Ihere cm be uu powihle que.
tiou 011 Ibe mitter.
The council igreed lu re number lbc
Ihree firry by law., placing Ihil cuv
criug tne repurchase of Ihc debentures
firsl Of Iht three
Muin. Burni k Wilkem, solicitor.,,
forwarded 1 notice of appli,iiiun of the
Burrard lulel Tuuuel and Bridge l'u.
for au eiien.ion uf Iimt within which
to commence coutrurlion uf lit aulb
orlicd linn of railway tail bridge tod
tuuuel. Tbli ippliciimii it lu be mule
lo the ptrlitmrnl uf t'lntdi al the pre
tint  union.
Aa ippllrtlion for in ire light ll
lbe jnu. ii.n. uf lib ind Uih tlreHs
wu referred lu Ihe fire ind ligbl cum
Mr. P. II. Hri.lgmau, ou belitlf of
Ihi lalnidlle F.mlr, wrole to Ul
effect lliil lbe work of iilling 00 Fell
aud Bewicke tvenue. it now completed
tud Iheir engineer, Mr. Cameron, in
formed Ibe wrilen Ibal.he au tup
plied Ibe clly engineer wllh ill parti
culm u lo tbv yardage. Tbe letter
uked for a remitlaure io cover lhe
imeuut, u per igreemesl wilb the city
of Ihe account, whlcb it u followi!
Fell Avenut:
llflt etna yirdt il 17c I litu.lt
Bewicke Avtt-%
■l»,Ui cubic ttrdi at He fiWl.il
Bulkhead Iii froil of Fell Ave M4II.W
Bulkhead  ia frout of Bern
icke Avt    lll'l'tn
The miller wta referred lu the city
eugineer fur Hie purpuse uf t repurt
The districl clerk, Mr. J. (J. Fir
mer, wrote drawing illenliun lo the
previous requests uf the cuuucil lhat
Ihe cily -mini,I cuusidcr the opening up
uf a ruad frum Hie Keith ruad lo cun
ncl with Dudley road. The que.
liun was referred lo tbe iucumiug cuun
The cily clerk uf Vaucuuver, regard
iug Ibe pedestrian subway lu Nurtb
\ nu. nm' i ferry, wrule fur tbe purpoae
uf gelliug Hie i mm. il lo submit I byliw in .liuuiry lo raise money by wiy
uf debenlurea fur Ifae purpuie of de
lulling tbe city'i shaic uf lbe cult
uf cuuitructiuu of Ihia subway The
total eusl is eslimali'd tl tuii.niin md
Ihe city't share is uue half, lli.msi
Tbe mailer was referred to committee
of the whole
The secretary of the department uf
public wurki, Ottawa, wrole, referring
lo the cuuucil's letter In regard lo Ibe
proposed cement sub-walk on lbc First
street frontage uf Ihe cily bill which
bis been icqulred lot posl office pur
puses md lilting Ihtl the guvernmeul
will bear ils proportional,' share of Hie
sidewalk ll wit formiily moved, tec
muled md carried Ihtl Ibe cily ciigiu
eer be liiitrucled tu prepare plan- lud
speeificilloui; I decision ll lo tbe
lime of swarding Ihe contract lu be
arrived al it i later dite.
Abl. Irwiu irgued Ihlt with Ihe ex
p. ucu. e uf Ibii yeir Ihe clly euuld du
the work belter ind mon economically
onder Ihe engiueer't luptrviiiou by
diy latter lhan by cunlract.
Aid. For inn n, lm we i.r, Ihougbi the
goverument wuuld prefer lo have Ihe
work doue by contract, iud wilb tbii
view Aid. Dick concurred. Aid. Jrwln
Ihuughl  Ibe difficulty might lie over
I nine by the engineer sul.linljing an
climate simultaneously wilb other len
deren. Aid. Fraier suggested thai lb.
clerk ehould be instructed lo write,
thinking Ibt government lud miking I
slitemeol in ngird lo tht oversight
of not nn luding the Lonsdale aieinie
frontage when miking appli,slum
Aid. Biu expressed Ihe opinion thai
It did UOl Mem idvlubll to under
lake any furtber cement work. (t
wu, however, agreed nol lo couiider
u yel the dite of iwtrdiug Ihi cou
A petition wu received for toe im
awdlite drtiniug of lllh tlrtet from
Ihe Boulevard lo Moody aviaut u Ihe
water from Ihe recint rain bu lieen
lending icrosi thi ttreet aad render
lag II onpleutul far retfdeula. Tbi
city eaglnur WU given power bl act
lu thit connection.
A petition WW Alio received for a
temporary bridge adroaa a guilty on
Items of Progress on
Pacific Great Eastern
Mr. ■!. W. Slewurl, president of lite
l'acillc Oreat rJasteru Bailway Com
pany, returned lo Vancuuvor on Friday
lut from a trip lo eastern puints. Mr.
sti'wiiii siijiiurneil for u few days al
llttuwa, where, in cn operation willi
representatives of Hie Howe Sound ami
Nurlberu Ilailway Company, he was iu
i uii'.n llui imi with Ihu government with
reference lu furesliore rlglils in the vie
inity of Newport, ut Hie head uf lluwe
Suund. Thu matter uf lhe title to
those foreshore rights is uu involved
queitiou as between the Duminiuii and
the pi ni im ml governments ami ncgutiu
lions were accordingly undertaken, with
a view lo au adjustment of the puiuls
at issue. Mr. Stewart is of opiniun
lhal a sulutiuu satisfactory tu ull pur
Hea will be arrived nl.
During Hie euurae uf his trip Mr.
stewari inspected the prugreas of the
work alnng the line nf the Orand
Trunk I'aeilie which Is being carried out
by llic firm uf Fuley, Welch ami Slew
Mr. I'. Wol.li of Iho firm of Foley,
Welch nul Slewurl, whu has coiilracteil
tu construct ihu .min lines ul' the i'a
fie iiie.n lui.... Bailway frum North
Vancouver lu Fort Ueurge, returned lu
Vancouver ou Saturday from u short
trip lo California!! points. Mr. Welch
wu   later   iu   consultation   wilb   Mr.
Kellnl, superintendent of construction,
who rupnrls ibat teveral lubconlracti
for I'niisiriiction have bun let from
Hriickeiidiilu eastward pnA from 1,11-
oqet westward, to tbit a considerable
mileage Is now actually under construe
tion. Several additional contracts an
about  ready  and  aro i-ipi'dc-il  lu  lui
awarded In a few dayi.
Mr. D'Arcy Tate, vice pretidtut aud
Hbiuf Counsel of the Pacific Oreat Gait-
urn Huilway Homhany came up frum
Victoria mi Saturday last tu confer
with Mr. Stewart and otber membera
of ihe company. Mr. Tale, iu convent-
lion wilh a representative of the Kx
press said that he had noticed tbat
there was a movement on foot at Nortb
Vancouver lo approach Hie government
with reference to the delay in tht
commencement of construction on tbi
Nortli Bhore. Mr. Tito declared that
il waa unfortunate thul all Ihe company's route maps aloug Ihe North
Shore had uot beon approved. Thau
were tho first roulu mapa proparid
ami submitted aud had Ihey been appruved be was of opinion thit tuch
approval would have been followed
promptly by coinmiiicoruent of buildiug
operations ou the North Shore iud
Iho main construction campt of tin
cumpauy wuuld have boen established
there. Circumstances which Ihe company did not control had compelled
Ihem to liter their original |liat-
"As mutters stand," proceeded Mr.
Tale, "if we were as auxiout to pro
ceed with const ruction oil Ibe North
Shore ns the people are who framed
Hie resolution to approach Iho government, it would be impossible foi ut to
do so." Mr. Tate declared lhat Ihe
delay could not, therefore, be tttrlbut
ed to the pulicy of lhc railway compauy.
Items of Interest
Mr. Fl. McMillan purputea leaving lo
morrow on a limiting expcilitiun up the
There will be uu further meeting of
the Buy Scouts until after the Xmas
Scuulmisler ,J. II. Knglish letves tomorrow for Heitlle where lie purposes
.-■pen.ling a few dayi.
I . -
Tbe sciviul by liws which will be
sub-milled shortly lu Hie cily electorate
were duriug last evening's ineeling uf
the cuuucil givfeit their final reading.
An Indian named .luseph Hurry wu
this  morning  lined  i'in  ami  costs  fur
iilillll.. lini   .-  Ulld   .tuml,Icrly   CUIldut't   Oil
buard one uf the city ferries lasl even
Tiic inn,..I mil memberi uf the clly
cuuucil this afternuou were iu i.tleud
■nee it the funeral of tbe little son of
I'hief Duvics, who died on Sundiy
Mi- T. J. Stephens will reciive fur
Ibe in i time In ber new bumc, Dtttwi
Utrdeiii, Norlh Vancouver, on Friday
tflernoou aud aflurwarda ou Ihe firsl
Tuesday uf each monlb.
Dan I'liul. une of the uffeiidcn iu
the Hallowe'en cue, heard recently In
the In. al police court, wu Ou Sat or
dty fined | hi for contempt of court
md the originil offence.
Thursday, December filb, is Ibe ilale
of Ihe uie of work and entertainment
in I'oiiiiceliuo wilb the Norlh Lonsdile
Presbyterian   church.    Among   III! .ll
Iractloot In Ibe evening will be i pn
seiililion of the ftmoui Trill Scene
from Dickeus' "Pickwjck Papon."
The Kngiueers' leam lo meet lbc
l.ynn Valley club In I liuket bill
mil. h lu be played at Ibe Lynn Valley
Inslilule on Wednesday eveuing at 8
o'clock will be sele, led from tbo fol
lowing! Lieutenant N. B. Hulierliuu,
Lieut. I'. Ward, Huts, Marllnsun,
Wurpe, Nuney, Booth aud Kldcr.
Mr. tud Mn. Oeo. Buwker will re
turn lo Norlb Vancouvar ou lhe Sllifa
iud, after an exleniled visit to tbi
tout cities. Tbey have been iwty for
ttvertl monthi iud their friendt will
bt glad lo tai them back again.
Tht contingent of bunlirt^ nimely
Mum p. Tppbii, 9 .tythi'J.' Hot
thaw, ll. liliniwiii, F, Prime ind J. A.
Sim Hi, leluriicd uu Saturday from I
successful expedition up Bute Inlet
and Mala ne v Cove, which region tbty
deprived uf seven fine specimens uf
deer. The trip was made in the "Slur
ling D", Mr. Plowman's launch.
North Shore Shipbuilders Buiy
The Nurlh Shore iron Workt I.td.
reporl Hut the SS. Venture lefl their
.'.Imu yeslerdiy after having hid In
stalled in oil fuel link with i capacity
of Uin buirols, ami haviug been fitted
wilh a complete new pumping arrange
mint. Tbe engines wort tlio giviu a
thorough overhaul while Ihe boil wu
■t tbe wharf, ind vtriout minor repairs and alteration! effected.
In i,uiin'■ liuu with the installation of
oil fuel on ferry number oue, Ihe ordtr
for two' links has been pitced with
the aim ve firm iud will hi complttld
In Iwo weekt' time. I
Tbey hive also shipped Ibii wtek to
Ibe A. B. Wllllami Machinery (Jo. af
Vancouver i boiler of ItO born powtr
capacity md have in baud ordin for
Iwo mon.
Change in Local Mill
Postmaster MicMillm mnouucu
Ihtt he hu been tide lotffecl I cbaugi
iu Ihu arrival of Iht lata mail, which
should prove i cooiidtrtbli couvtnJtnri
lo the business public Hitherto thll
mill bu been arriving al I'M p.m.,
in huur il which uHcrt win cloud far
Ihe dty and business men did UOl gal
Iheir mill until H)i fulluwlng mora
ing. At iblt delivery iucludia all tim
null from' eatliru polalt, 11 it detlr
Ilde Ibll l| bl .li.lribul.d lhal tttg
lug. lu future, therefore, Ihil Mil
will arrive it 6:11) instead of 1:80 aud
will be distributed lo Ibal thl uwuera
iiii gel II by 8 o'clock or earlitr. Thii
chmge, however, uiceuitifei i corril
pouding chmge In Ihi dtptrturi or llu
Jul outgoing mail, which will clou il
future at 6 o'clock iu order lo bl du
patched ou thi ttio liny.
The new order'will, tfatrifon, bt m
laat Incoming mall irrivea it iM
lml ootgolng mnl clot* at $:<W p.o).
About 00 meiali bavi htm dluovtr
id in thi Jul <00 yuan by cbtoitt
uploren, but una livi but 'wad
for only i ftw of (hm
1 w
Bank of Montreal
EatablUhad 1817
Capital (ptid up)   '$10,000,000
Reierve    •-».»'•   $H,000,0fl0
Savlngi Bmk Department
North Vancouvar Branch i F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
'i  i       i i  '
' in D, L 273, 274,550.
See ui if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a houae,
We have wme lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
UO Eiplanade.        Phona 227
It la chetper to bur frimei for your doori and wlndowi
made by machinery than to niiki tbtm by bud.
Wi an in a position to tupply miny ilau from ttoek ind ,
tuy ilu on tha iborltit poaaible notice.
Our ouuide frames Include blind itop and casing,
Oil) ind git our stock Hit.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
138-110 Btplinadi Bait
P. O. Box 1719. Phone 222
Timothy Bay (ntw)
Clover Hty, (ntw)
Alfalfa Hay
Oruihed Oati,
Linaiad Uul
B. fe K, Ohlckiu Chop,
III Bcntdi Pood
B fe K Cricked Com
Lat't B|| Uakar
Lte't Inawt Powdw
Swlft't Beef Script
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
■  —I —I—I ■■■ .M,...--!--,    I—      ,■■-■ ■■!       I.-. ..       ■        ■- -I
Sola Agenti for North Vancouvor;
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
:    '   .I ii,*  ' '   ,,    :, ii    '  ; i 'i'i
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L S. EATON, Mmiger.
kjckham'i Wharf    Kiplanade Weil    Phone 466
Uava Worth Vuwouvir
Lease   9ltMt-m
•4.10 AM.
I AnrJn  Hftat M lullf "       TiaU  Ubll   Ubiwt
lotitVaemimitniMin tm iaton. aulliui.
wmrrm^mp   T¥WffifW   w*tw mmim^l  ^wr    mm'm tjmt  ■■■■»■• ^"»  ■■
1846  AU.
„i t*#Maf* *Aw**i
I   99   9mwm\*9\9l**f9*
Mils tMmtn, oi nne wage **.**»
(Oontlnum from lut vmi)
| ■*.'■'.
"Wil, If Hilt.don't link iionkUght-
in'," lm i-rieil.  "And you—-"
The Kirl Dung k.r tinnier puree upon
lhe table.
. "fliv. |»e tit. photognpk, pleita."
Ill si-rewuil hit fill iuto totiio lew-
hliiiiru of pain, il turpriee at lie tw.pt
th|| purtn tu uiiii tide) thuu, hinging
hia  fial   up   Ihe   tfhlf,   ^rfil   yy|f||
t-iiarto hilirity,
"Why, my gal," 'no cried," jeai mark
this day with roil ink III your ili m.i,
for you'll never m Hi Hket igiu."
"What do you meant"
"MemI I mean that 1 've found my
loligloal ilarli-r, uml you've found yor
ili'i-| ill   lain un I iui Pa."
"No, no." Her eyei were wide
with horror and the ihnnk limk
agilutl lbe wall.
"Oh, yot, yoe," he moekeil. "You
ilull buy yer dad I auil n' tlipup III
lor'a stun', iud after a go with I raior
—why Neliratka Joe'II vanish, mil Joe
Hi'iirn-ti, ll'otquiri, 'II reign in bii
steuil. Wil,' ain't vuu uuin1 lo kiu
yer dadf"
"liuu'i imiii- niui tne, you lu-ii.ii"
Ile ttuppeil dead, glaring 'll hu
with infuriated eyee.
"What/ liy gee yuu've hail too
uiiii-li uf your own way, you bev." He
miniI'ln-.l I'ete ("ri'lliu's heivy whip
from Ibe iiililu. "Now ire you goiu'
lo kiu met"
"Thuu I'll lirrup you uutil
"No, you  won't."
The words rang sharply ihove the
Iiully'a augry yuice, mil, hastily drop
piug the whip be swung ruuud lo Hud
Iiiiiim li looking down tbe barrel of Ibe
lowboy's pistol.
"litnili up, qulekl" I'r.'lliu ripped
out.   "Now,   Miss  Huiitli,  whut  Ihia
IUIU,   Ulhl
"If ahe opena her mouth, ahe'II lie
aorry for it."
"If you dou't keep yours rJuiud,
you'll be a tight "ion- sorry. Now, lit
tie gal—"
"Oh, I'ell, forgive me. I uniot—"
"You uniiiiii!" Al the uitiiiiishnii'iil
iu Ibe i on Iiuv's voii'e Nebnagl Joe
liugbed; lbe dared not give him tway,
ami he begin to feel i|Uite sife. Tbe
luwboy |:lun. .-.I it the hooka mil pa
pers strewn ibout the door md hii
lu..' hirdened. "I tee whit tbe gtl
oot'a game wu, but why ihould you
v.uni to -mi-ill bim, I dou't know."
"Hut ihe doei "
"True, bul there'! otberi will wmi
to know when lhe patrol i-oinei ilong."
llu turned to Jen, md hll voir, bet-mil
very gentle it he iaw Ihe diatreti tht
wu in. "Whil lml.I'i I hii iiiiun got
over you, iletrl" Hhe hung her held,
but iiiii.li' nu reply. "Wil, I guuaa ita
something Ihlt'11 hurl you lo hive
known, md whit 'ud hurl you wuuld
Imui- my Inuii. to I n.'ki.u (here's
only oue wiy out."
"I thought you'd tee tilings aeuaible
like," begin the outlaw.
"Jutt so, itrmgerl I reckon that's
your gun uu the table. Wi'ri going
to dght for il. If I go um Imi '..,i, rm
gut oul of Ibii—but if tbe lurk's with
mu, wil, there'll lie no need for uk
iu any queilioni."
"Ob, i'eti-J " filtered Jen.
"Thai's all riglit, uu hub's blimiiig
you, little gul .liu.1 you like Ibii
dollar. If It tails heidi, I Ure, bul if
Kveu u he turned lo give her the
colli Nubriigi Joe milk-bed Ihe piilul
from lliu luliii- md flred. Thu bullet
cul i furrow io tbe cowboy's bilr,
then buried ittelf lu lbe will. With
IU oath he raised the piilol again, bill
before be could Are hu dropped Ihe
wuipon wltb a bowl of pain u tbt
whip Iuh sliui oul lud curled lightly
round his wrist.
"ilmi,l.- Jen,," i ulllu mid imiilly,
to Ihe girl who leaned forwtrd, whip
in html. "That'll tave at the (rouble
uf totting. You've bail yuur ehol,
miller, and you've inltitd. Now-—"
He look deliberate ilm it tbe ulher
man's head, but just II hit linger
liglil' ii.'.l ou the trigger bii bmd wu
knocked up md Jeu threw ker ami
iiiiiuiui bii nick.
"I't'tt, i'.i.,"   tbi  sow mi, "for
(lod-'i taki duu'I aboul I   Thtt win li
my fitbirl"
fo, i minute I'ete (,'erlllo looked at
her, tuo dated to epeak, lo umlerilmd.
Then Ihe man's mm king voice brought
hint to hit tenict.
"Yot, I'm her dad, ber lovin' dad,
an' tbat oil urs things a bll, I nekoa.
dome away from tbit young cub, gal,
I 'in going U) run tbit ihow lo tbi futur., aiul hi can git—uow."
"Wbat, you. curl" I'ri-llin took |
aiep forward. "By thunder, no. If
I go, lb' goei with mi. Bty, Jeu,
he continued, "do you with Ibii mau
t» tltpl"       ,.,.„■
"Yon bear what tbi uytl Bbi
don't wint you, to out you go."
"Wblt, you ain't never goiu' to
turn your back on your father, gait"
"I did without you whin uy mother your wlf»—wm 4y)i|-I'vi dom
without you all my lilt, m I mhta I
em manage It tow."
gki turned away md wu going 4hi
ward tin Antr wN, wiih i little ory
sbo nn biok md ilulebn) Prti'i
arm, '"('.In," th iniiuii "lbe pi-
"Jen," wbiu.il the Win who M
lift ber mother to die alone, is ITO
jingle of aecQutriment! drew uoiror,
"Don't lot 'era huvu mu. it witu't ill
roy fmlti gal,, h—" he grovelled it
her feet in terror lud sliu alirauk rroiu
hlm in disgust.
"Tbil'i mouiib,"   Pit. Hid, "ii
ui'n-r' WM. your f*blti nolliiiiK tftl It
til. luull of .un like ypu." He dragged the woopiug outlaw up. "But, for
Ibe little gal'i like, I'm going lo give
vuli a i-hiiiicu lu tive your lift."
"CJuick, through my bedroom win
ilow, I'lie,," Jeu erinl. "Ob, gulck,
A fow minutee liter, when the put
rul uilii'i'i entered the depot, be found
tWO people busily engaged ill trying
to appear as if thuy were unaware of
Iiii pii'seni'e Hi coughed ditcreetly u
he billed lu the doorway.
"You wanted ua, Mile Miuillif" he
uked. Her coui|imiou turned with a
well assumed start af surprise and I'linie
luwird liim
"Hhe did," he griuued, "she dun'I
"Thuu then ain't beeu no hold up I"
Hit sharp eyet travelled rouud the
iniiin md took in lbe tiller on the
floor. "What's been happening!" hu
"Tbit, ob, tidying up, Hull's ill."
The grin broadened ou Crelliu'a fuce
"You aee, I'm helping "
lie edged lhe iiloniahed ufllcer pnd
ually through Ihe doorway. Looking
frum Ihu cowboy'■ hot face to the
girl't crumpled htir, tlnl worthy eud
deuly tumbled on the truth.
"day, sonny, whuu'a it going to
bit" '
"Oh," Ihu cowboy reddeu'i'd to lbe
roott of hit htir. "Oh—tint- in
about ■ month yt-a, we'll Ily ill almul
• iinini li "
"flood luck I Me md Ibe boyt'II
ilmce ll lhe wedding, ehf"
Willi i gty Itugh md I wive of hia
guuiiib'lid hind the officer ttrodc iwty
to where bla men were wailing, Incu,
wilh a long drawn sigh, Ihu cowboy
lurned to the girl.
"Jeu,," be whispered, "shall il be
in i  month's  lime, deirf"
Uiw Smith, of Pine Bidge, nodded,
while lhe telegraph iualrumciit clicked
mgrily it bir negleul.
THU i-:mi
ll.  Aaanw'i  Vnekrtttma  ckarek,
Kilth Head - Hirvlcti: Uurnliia. 11:00;
■ vinlUf, 7:10 Adult LII1.Il- Oui, 1:10
Bunday Heliool, 1:10 T. V. B. ti. ll. Tins
day, it I p.m I'rtyer Hiillna. Wid-
iiatday, al I p.m. Choir Pricllce,
Friday, il I p. in. Rav. Roaild Uautiod,
Mtlkellit Clank—Cornir of Blicti
•nd SL neurit. Ijuudiy Bsrvlcu, 11:10
i. in tud 710 p. ni. Sunday Schuul tnd
Blbli Clui, 1:11 p.m.    Suitor Uigui.
WHKHKAS  l.>   By-law Number IOI
duly palled, published ind tiled .o , ,i n
-mi Plprtli-Coriiir Twelfth
loulevird     Sundiy    8ii-ylue«:
,,„j rriyir,   |l   im.,   |tindar
lool 1:30 p.m.; EvuiiIiib Prayer, 7:80
I Uomniunlun, Ural and lllll'l
b, at ll ii. m.j ttcond
I a. in.   Rill. fiUfflUll
,. lalvallaa Ami-f#l»ldl|l    Avenue
iSundiy tiryluet. |(;o$ a. in, 3 p. nt and
:lt p. in. Tueiday, j ti.m-i Tliuiidev,
p. it, ilhlldraii't Sarviue, Wedmidat,
p. m.
initial   (Jkivak-Tw.lflk   m4   St.
Qiorji.  BervfoM ii it i Si. and Ut
p.m. Sunday Ichool and nihil Clui
at llll p. ro. Pi-nyur and P ralte Seivleu.
Wodnotduy at I p. iu, I'liolur, lluv. A.
1. Protter, Twelfth and St Qeorge.
Morning Pnyer, ll a.m. Bvenlng
Prayer, 7:10 p.m. On the Diet Sunday
In the munth there will be a aucnnd
calibration of lhe Holy Communion
It II i.m.   lieeior, Itev. Hugh Hooper
It. Kdoioud'. IujIMIC Ihurek, Sllill
id   Ifahon   Avinue.    Sunday—lllgb
•it  md Hiriniiii,  10 a. in.   Sunday
Schuul, 8:10  p. m.   ilusary and  Benediction, 7:10 p. in. .Friday--t.ow Masa,
I   a. ni.    I'aMioi,   'Rev. J.  A.  Bedaid,
lua lu law. the Corporation ol tin Clly
of Ninth Vincuuver wu duly author-
lml lo widen Fuurlh Itreet from Kur
hei Avtnut tu HI llavid's Avenue t. ,
unlioim width uf une hundrid ■ I"'■ i
feel and   wu  thereby  lUilimU-il   to
. II I.l    UpOn,   e.|i|i.|i|lllle     lileu!,    u|     l.ii
Md uw sin ii rail iniiin iii ui win ii.-c
tmry Iherefur without lot cunienl uf
lh« ownen thereof;
AND WHKHKAS Ihe Council of Hit
Corporation uf tin Clly uf Nnrlh Vun
uytr inicini la carry mil Ibe laid
jiw and ty widen Fourth ilrerl
I     l-'.H ll' *      AV.'lllle     IQ     St.     DlVlltl
Avinut lu • uniform width of one hundred ilum feet md lo ' ui. i oi'i'ii take
Hid un* tuch landi at may ou nerei-
tary fur tuch purputt md hive bud
tdaiit md iptcllcatlont of the lamt
piepai.-il by Annul Smith, Kn,ulre.
Clly F.iiHlliHr, and (Htd with lilt -Ink
uf lhe tslil Munlctpillty puriuanl lo
Htelloll   IIO   of   till   "Milnlclpil   Act"
(bal lha Clerk of Ihe CHy of Nurlh
Vincouvtr hereby gives notice of Ihs
i'oiiiicII'i inn-nil.in lo proceed with the
uid work md thit the uid plain ulnl
ipccirjcatluns Inve been AM wllh lilm
and thtt Hie ttaii- may lie liiipueltd al
hll ufflce in tht City Ilill, North Vancouver, B C, frum and afler Ihe day
of Ihe dale of Ihlt Nolice;
all claimi for dinniti by reuun uf the
•ltd oropuitd wurk or undertalilnii
muil. pi filed with Hie laid cltrk uf
Hit Municipality wllhln slaty ill)
diyi Of Ibt Service uf iuch nuilce tor
In can of persons retlilenl without
Ibe Province wit Ida- ninety dayi from
luch lirvlcil ami Ihlt ill owneis. <u
cuplere or olbtr persona muit III with
Iht laid i'lerk wltbln Hie auld period
of Italy ItO) days lor In cau of re-
tldenll without thi Province, within
ninety '00) days Iheir claimi fur dam-
Kit for any nil properly entered
upun, iektn ur used by the Corporation
In ihe elerclie of Its poweri In rt
luici to Ihi uid wurk or Injurluuily
affteled thereby ll pruvlded In lection
III of the "Municipal Act1' ml lhal
In default Hitrtuf iny claim (or iuch
damuei will be barred
DiTtd al thl Clly of North Vancuu-
sir, Brlllih Columbia, Ibll Iflli day
sf Wovemher, llll.
""*■ litrk.
,'?,..,tin, ..trim. ...trrm-,,..*- ~.,— 7.
lerneld Avetiue.Tei'vluea: flunduyi, 11
uin.;  Wodnoiduyi,  »;00 p.m.; Bin
Hchool. IdiiO u.i)>.
mown iiBNfiniidi
n'iBit in uiw 1«—-<—;—■———
PlMiel-Sundmi.   n ,.,
..„      WUdW'.wWjS.W*
III, l.;50 p. rrj, Teaoheri'
1 "'hiA'iir —•wi. -.as.a
ni. and lilj P.m. flphdiy,Sohfli
„,b|i Clui, 1:90 p. m. Teaobura' Ti-|)p-
Iny Clin, Wediiesiluy, 7:30. Priyur
Mtttliif, Wednesday, 0 p. in. Boyt'
()|ub, 'fliuiaday, fill p.m. CI,olr'Pr|u.
tics, h'rlduy, | p. in. ll. Von Mrniilir,
M. A., pautiir.
i.vnn VAMPV
PrMkMerlau Ukurch-Woiililp. Sun-
dffyh, 11   ii.in. und   7   )>..m.   Bunduy
SL'mllll, lllll |f fit:—t'liutol, llev Ai Mae   '
Miii',' ^^^^^
, Mrtbiltllil pa«el|-Wiir, hip, Sun-
ilavt, )1 am- and 7:00 p.m. Sunday
School, till p. in, Paitpr, ll.v. Ij.
9. »'!!.''»'—M*ln»,
II, i Iriueul'., l.yuu Valley—MiUliis,
11 u.in. SunduV Suliuol 111 I it), f-ivoo-
wni 7.00 p.m. (Inly Communion aecifnl
Sunday In moijHi ut 1100 am.  Npimai'
rWon'pion in pfia'rg'--
The Canadian Enterprise
Steel Range
Made in Canada (or those who want lhe besl.
Built lo satisfy the demands of a most critical examination.
\Ve  shall   be  pleased   lo  show   you   its   many   features
of excellence.
Used daily in thousands of satisfied homes throughout the
Fireplace   Fixtures.    Andirons.     Basket -.Grates.    Spark
Guards, Etc.
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
We ure showing a large range of Men's
Ties in individual boxes ranging from 35c lo
Also a full assortment of Silk Mufflers from Tic to
HM).     •
To Careful Housewives
Wt litvt ou dliplay tbli wuk i lirgi iud artfully uwrted
itock of
Swiss Aluminum Ware
Thi iilveryWhiti Friend of till Hltcbeii
Wl cordially Invite Uu ladles of Nortli Vancouver to Import
Uimi Goodi ii will it our large line of Enamel mi Nickel
PUUd Wui.
It li a yltiiuri to ihow time Ooodt. If you Ao uot buy uow
you will later.
16th Ml Louidill NOBTH VANOOUVBB Vbm A Reliable Birks' Watch
 A 9999 9 ritfU't uuu Hnly 'lyprwftMyii/ ftMm*frn *f'
vtlutd friendship or larvlct. It U loniithilig tbt rtcliilint fill ilwiyt
klip om hM' Whtint it honn pr inroad it will hi a tpoim m-
lialilon and i rtuiiiidir pf tint frleudiWp of tbi fttt. Our ripuutlon
fpr bontit valuei lu Watch* kll gom put ovir ill tkl Itugtb aniij
breadth pf the Dominion. Our Vancouver ttock pt Wttthti It out ol
tkl Hunt In America tud givM tki huytr in opportunity to ehoou Juit
the .Watch tkat Will bttt mit hut piirpoit. Buy your Ohrtitum Watck
at Blrkt, aud bi mural pr quality.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vwiohivw, B, C,
Consisting of Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, Iris, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Paper White Narcissus, Double Yellow Daffodils,
Double white Narcissus, etc.   Plant right now.
We have also growing at our nurseries the finest slock of
Roses, Shrubs, etc,, in B. C, Call or write for our catalogue.
Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, Wedding Bouquets, etc., on
short notice.
Phone 2*5
Cor. 17th and Sf. Andrew's Avenue
iuc nui in jiiuic
    """r rwi~
Continued from pg|i )
Tbir" WNri (Wind wbi»b the com
pyny would aijiue with tlii government
and wbioli it wuiilii mi ilMtpif, fp tifiiel,
uniiu the matter wai gone into ytll
fHlly. ?„e nilway oW»l« w»ult| ny
that thorn had boon » route through
Wmt VlPtmtt, and thl thit mm
engineering .liftiailtiei |o eunteiid will)
overy wbere. Thoy would uk lhe go
erutueut tp couiider whether It wit
worth while fur lliu popple pf Uritiah
OpIUlKWl Iwipiiiil IUUU flOWt'V, »»'
merely In order to itiiiiiedlitcly con
alrticl u Hull |n tbe|r HAI from Howe
Hiinii.l tP Nnrlli Vincuuver, which muat
Hi Idle till the cpinjilelipu of tliu reel pf
the railway. Alio Ihey would e>|ililn
llitt t)|l government wn ppt commit
tlpg • liretcb of flitb became there
wat I elauu iu tbe cntrter authurjiiug
ibo iiiiultter of rallwayt |f be tp trlibed
to appoint a poiut of ttartlng opera
liiniH otber tban oui wltbln tin milci
Pf   Vlllii'illlVlT.
The tpeaker wat sitiiflod lhat In tbt
premier the nurtb tbore hid i penou-
al friend, while in Ur. Cirter ihillnu
the community bid I member pf great
influence. He wan cpnflrlint that Nnrlh
Vancouver would roeiivi a tynipith
elie hearing, to tint it wet iuipurleiil
tbat Ibey thuuld make tbe bett pf the
ppportuuity ami put forwtrd the beat
possible cite, whlcb could ouly be
done liy anticipating tbe jiolnti pf ob-
jeciiou wbicb would be updoulilediy
ralinl by tbi railway company.
We»l Vaueouver bid furnitbld thu
government witb. ill tbi necemry
ditt, ip tbit Ut. Worden thought Ihe
Nortb Bhoro would be perfectly wilb
in ill rigbti taking tbo return wby uo
decision bad lieen rendered.
Ur. William Knowlcs tpokt upuu
otber promiim wbicb tbe government
hid mule but wbicb, be cliimed, were
ilill unfulfilled. According to Ur.
Kuowlet, lbe riilty eompiuy did oot
iuti'tid coming to Nortb Vincouver uu
HI it bid diipotid uf ita towuiile al
Newport, "thit it," tbi ipoaker add
ed, "unleii we mike tbem comi." It
wu iu Ibeir iuleretlt lo hive New
port i-alle.l tbeir termluut for Ibelluie
beiug, tnd II wu iu tbeir intereiti flu
um miiv to . .unim ii. .■ conilruction on
Ihotu euy gndei up Squiuiltb. By
tbe lime lhc eumptuy wit prepired lo
como iluug lo Nortb Vincouver, tbe
people here would be pretty will Iired
oul ind "Would be reidy lo give them
■uytbiug tbiy wanted. Bo far it
Weil  Vincuuver wu coiicirned,   the
Ur. Qeorge Sbepberd tbeu moved tbe
follPWllig FMPlutiou:
"Tb|t the ratepayers pf tfptlb V»«-
euuver In public mooting issembH,
liereliy place on record tbeir eiprettippi
tt. aimpwaf in dupwynf* 1|
tbe dully pu tbu 'purt nf fbe PasiKo
Ureal Kuoturu Ilailway Honipuiiy Ip
tbe i-iimiiiiiiiceiiiont of actual copttruc-
lion pf tho railway lino wllhin   ten
w)lw r. Vm, p»vir!» wpurdnu,. wltb
the I emu pf tboir cbirtirj alio tb»t
tbli meeting regirdt wltb rtUfevor any
#pplle»H»u mude, pr to ba mado, by
tlia mid nalla-iy lumpily uking Uat
Corners in District bt 265—
BLOCKS  '. , .LOT 16
BLOCK 13 LOTS 29 and 30
BLOCK 17 LOTS 43 and 44
District Lot 274-
BLOCK 140... LOT 17 and Two Storey Building
BLOCK Itt ;*... .LOT 5 and Two Houses
BLOCK 169 i LOT4
i      i . ■      '        I =
For Pricei, Terms and Further Particulars, apply to
The North  Vancouver Und and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents fm
,   limited
Phont Seymour 6266
tbe eonditiuu If tO Iterllng couitru. ■
Hon work Witbiu tep mil** »t Vancou
V*r be expunged pr plberwln altered)
ind tbat tlte proviueial government be
uked for iiiforinitiuii reipoetlug pro
grin of Ibo construction pf tbi Hue;
and, further, 1)1 reiuilted to protect
Ibi intereiti of tbi Nortb Bbor* geuer-
illy tp expedite tbi wurk pf construe
tion In termi pf tbe prlgiuil cbtrtir."
Mf. I'nlin P. Jackson uaid thtt tbe
priuiiiao givm Ig Nurtli Viucouver wa.
believed Ip be a eoungeoui pledge ren
dirnl by a itrong goverument comprit-
l»g men uldu ami capeblt pf earrying
nut what they wished to carry out.
Hueoiidly, It wat believed (bat the gov
I'liiiiiuiii wu an lioiioruble body of
liutiiiuai men. Ou theie qualities the
popularity of the gpyornrniut rested,
•ud upon tuch t question ai tbii il
Hood on Hi trial. It would be tbown
uli,ili,'i tbe confidence pf tho people
wai rightly placed or miiplicod. "Tbt
pledget pf i railway company carry
uu weight witb ut," tbe ipeiker ob
lerved, "but ben we ire concerned
witb the government, wbicb ii really
you uml me, beiug our ropreieuta-
Iivee." It ahould uot bt forgotten, Mr.
Jackeoti coolioued, thit tbe railway
compauy wat advited by aitute mun,
Hid it wu uot remarkable that tbey
•bould it tbe present time desire wide
tpreid interest iu Newport. "Every
day we delay action In Ihia mutter, l|ie
ipeiker nlded, "more people in buy
lug lott iu Newport tud our opposi
tiou ii iccordiugly iucrouing. We
mual show tucb peuple not tbit their
investments |u Newport in bad, but
tbat their investments in Norlb Vau
couver are better." Ur. Jaekion
•truugly advocated Ibe securing of the
beat legal aud engineering advice if
tbe people of the Norlb Shore withed
lo put forward their cue etToctuallyi
Thit view later received general tup
port, biing tbe tubject uf i tpeeitl
Upou tbe eliiiiruiiiii putting the main
resolution, u tbove, to the m eling,
it wu ippruved uuanimouily.
It wu arranged, uu the tuggeitioii
of Mayor McNeiih thtt 1 meeting
should iborlly be holdiu Ibe city ball
of ri'pri'M-ulatiies of all public liodica
on tbo norlb shore wben further ind
effective slept will be taken in thia
Afler inUreses* by repreienlitjvei
of Ibe Hulf Million League of (truster
Vancouver, tho meeting terminated.
Etport of Federal Oovinuuiut'i Agricultural Expert ou Aitliuiicc to Pio
vlacti U Now Before tin MlnliUr.
Ottawa, Nov. M-?bt report of Mr.
C. C. .lames, formerly deputy minister
of agriculture for Ontario, submitting
the plan for carrying out thc Domiuion
government't policy of aiiilting tgri
culture in tbe provinces, bu been, it
it on,li'isiii.nl, lubmitted lo Hon. Mar
tin 11 ni rut i
Mr. James iiu spent Ibe lut til
mouths in a careful atudy of lhe agrl
cultural needt iu tbe several province!,
witb a view to having tbe federal sub
lidici applied to tbi belt advantage.
Ill conferred witb tbe provincial miu
i.ieis of agriculture md wilb repreicu
lulivcs pf tbi various agricultural iu
lereiti In different province!, ind hu
outlined i great deal of information
wbicb will bi of tervico to the government in determining upou I pcrrninent
plin of Mtiitaaci,
The legislation nf ibe laat mhJpu
provided for thi payment of subsidies
lo lbe proviucct pn a basis of popula
tiou, tbi money to ki spent by tbe
proviucit under agreement wltb tbe fed
eral government. Tbli wu done io
order ilull tbi operation of tbe goo
•ral policy ibould nol lie delayed pending the worjiiug out of a permanent
plan. Approprittioui made for Ibll
purpoie wire u followi:
Ontario, 1)178,783; Ontbm, *IW,i8H;
Nova Scotia, •34,2*8; New liruniwick,
IUM0; Prince Kdward Itland, HfiiO;
Briliib Columbia, »87,»84; Manitoba,
IH,rit>;   Baiketcbeweu,  tilllDt;   Al-
inrti, mfitf, or a total »t hilt i p(l-
Ut, Itmee' report Ja nnderitood lo
recommend (bit eubeidieo be granted
in future op I larger wale, tn be ipent
by tbo province! under arrangement
with tbe Dominion aud tubject lo ibo
general ivpervliion by tbe federal de
pirljueut pt ttyitnllnrt. Bt luggeiti
tbat tbli arrmgement be made for »
term of yeari- Tbo idea ii that tome
continuity ia neceuary if a perma
neot pl»U Of co operation It to be ad-
Ihe Canadian Bank
nf Commerce
CapiUl $15,000,000   Best $12,500,000
"       . . . '—.'
North Vancouver Branch Now Locatad 94 the
A General Banking Businesa Transacted.
Interest is allowed on all deposits 0/ J/ and upwards,
f. A. FOBSTBB ..'.      Uanagir.
Convention of Arctic
Tbe   ileluileil   stlilcnienl   ri'lulereil   to
tbt cily council by Mr. P. T. Hiltbury
in relition to tbe recent enterlaiiimonl
in (bit city of the Arctic Brethren dur
ing thoir grand encampment here, ii it
Ticketi sold       I 5U.OII
Loss        308.BU
100 Heats iiiniiiiniei',1   ;;i:!.,.ou
fln.'.ie          10.00
I'lg.   Menu  (.'irdt       24.00
Pig. Ticket!        3.00
J. J.  Mu Ale,',,'    4.80
H   A. Hoedilo, Md  18.80
lieut of K. p. Hall   18.00
Creamer Transfer t.'o 80
Printing Ferry Tickets  .... 3.88
Clgan     13.00
Domiuion Kiprese t'o  2.28
♦ 67.10
U Sale A (la. Acct  1.1)5
Johnston a Biltbury Acot..,. 1.01
Priuting Tickets    4.00
(lartige  .'....,, 1.60
Theatre    121.76
Banquet     802.60
t'onvuntiou     67.10
Ollc    flttM
Uu   121.76
86  per  ceut.  paid    ♦147,26
2 eilra men for theatre  ... 8.00
1 enlre iuuu for theatre   2.00
llihcn    H.... 6.00
Bout of Theatre   60.00
Orchestra   ...;  100.00
Cartage  and   tuning  piauo.. 10.00
Cloth tign     '..... 6.00
Adv. Show ....t.....  11.60
tn ill countrlei. Aik for our INVENTOR'S ADVISKlt.wlilch will be tout free.
M4 Untvtrtlty It, Montrlii.
It wu 1 Welsh minisler who described tlio devil io a littlo conjugation
in a remote Welsh valloy. Said the
miniiler: "Tbo dovil it hound round
Iho middle witb chains, iud round the
ium.', with chiiui, ind round tbi legi
with chiins. But Jobn Jones," pointing to a man in Ihe front row, "bo
cm reach you; and you, David Hum,"
pointing to ouo iu the middlo row, "he
cm roach you," aud pointing to one
at ihu luck, "John Williamt, be ean
reach you." And Ibeu a man In tbt
gallery called out, "Wby tbi tbing
might u well be loon."  ,
Tlie proprietor of the tecondhind
tlore wit not to tidy u be might bave
been. Oue day while standing In front
of the itore an Irishman approached
iud uked:
"lluv yet nun) cleiu shirts In yer
itore I"
"Mure 1 have," answered tbi clo
thing nun, u„iium for a uli. "Lott
of them, to clem as itiythiug."
"Well," suul Ibe Iriihmiii, moving
twty, '"go in tnd put win of thliu
Ditlrict Attorney—It the Inly on
your lefl, jutt telected it i juror, ro
luted to you, Mr. Joiiutl
Mr. Jones—Yet air; tho't my wife.
Dittriet Altoruoy—Would the bt
ipt to inilni'iiie your opiuion in di-
cidiug on tbe merits of tbit cull
Judge—Thll il • foolish ipicilnin.
Mr. .imu',, you iro eicuted.—Life.
Burrard Inlet Tunnel &
Bridge Company
au applieatioo will be made lo tbe Parliament of Canada it (ho preient set
sion thereof by Ibo Burrard lulet Tun
uei aud Bridgo Company for an eitin-
•ion of limo witbiu which Ip commonco
eonttruction of ill lulborlied lines of
riilwiy imi liridgo ind tuuuel.
DATKD il Iho Cily of Vmcouvir,
Province of Briliib Columbia, ihil 21ml
day of November, 10111.
415 Winch Building, Vaneouvir, B.
C, loliciton for thi Applicant.
Important  Notice
Ratepayer* MUST regliter
tlnlr Ditdi or AgrtimniU of
•til at Uu LAND EBOI8
B, O., as pr bifon Pecwber
tth, UU, tp entitle tbtrn U> be
put on Uu annual Voter*'
Lbrt.        a. H. PBAEB,
Stove wood, 16-In. 18.9 par load,
lain. ItM. Prompt iillnry.
Phont t6(, orJci tnd tm*, Oomer
1th anil Mahon Ave. II.
mmm   mmmm   mwamtmrntiym   »Tf' ***¥•
Jeweler and Optician
and low mm
■ —
143 Lonsdale Ave.
• -j
"m PJVtWM TajUJWWYB*.,,,,,,
,,,,,,,„..,,,,. '«uii»» Hwenfimnti
Publlihed Tuaitayi and Friday* by Norlb Star* Vim, Limited.
Bat*! at
..,%**, .\M, Bl» wantbi, Mi. Tbree montbi, 85*.
inrnw' mm mit fiiwIdb, m# 'v* y*»\ r
A4Tirtlilng Batia WM JN wnMA M A^HmHM.	
Tba Bipreie It devoted to tb* intereiti of tbi Nwtb Bbor* of BomtA Jnjit
ivAmfalf, It oonttitutet an advertiilnd nedlum of eienptlonal value for
FeaablRc fo »tlloroBgb and afeetlve wanner tbe population of Nor ti, Vaniouyir
Olty and PUtrlot, Bvery effort ia »*4e to give advartiien tke mott tatltfactory
All ebangei In eontnnt advirtliimenU ihould bi in tbe prlnteri' bandi jot
:m tban fi. ■»■ UnoAij and 6 p. n>. WidnHdey to enure iniertlon in tbe
'ollmlng I—n>i.—--.,.,
North VuMunr, 1* fl
fffHH*lltH9% '
.Novimbir 88, 181{|.
The mpvenieuf wbich ii now on foot
to interview tbo provincial governinenl
npon the matter of Ihe prolonged delay in tbe commencement of tbe con
..nu,ium of the linet of the Piclliu
Oreat Kuslern Huilway, on the Norlh
Bhore, in accordance with tbe terms
af the agreement lietween that Company and the government, it one concerning whicii the ratepayers are
unanimous iu tbeir ipproval.
I'jieoiiriig.-ii by tbe terms of lbe
igreement which wis in iutegril pirt
of thU progressive ruilwuy policy upon
which the government ippeiled to the
country md met with iuch ilguil emcees, the eiii/ens uf lhe North Shore
confidently anticipated tint ground
would bo broken somewhere on this
tide of the Inlet, ou or before July
1st lusl, aud that railway coustructiou
would be carried on continuously from
that time forward.
Notwithstanding tbe fact that these
reasonable expectations met with disappointment, believing iu tbe good
faith of ali parties, the local public
accepted with exeelleut spirit the pros
peel of whit they confidently believed
would be but a short delay, and contented themselves with i deferred hope.
A period uf pncticiliy nine mouths
hat uow passed, however, since the
agreement wis ratified by tbe House
it Victorii, iud the dite also it
which ,-oiisiru, hun wn to Inve com-
nn -in ml locilly Ills been exceeded by a
period of ipproximitely five mouths.
The Mtiiui inn which hai developed ie,
therefore, such that North Hhore citi
tens uiiniioi longer remain sileut and
inactive without accusing themtelvei of
nnliiii hi uin,-ss i,, their owu interests
ami the decision to approich the gov
eminent for the purpose of ascertaining
the causes of the delay and of over
eoniing tlie same, has, therefore been
reached aud will doubtless be acted
upon immediately.
The undertaking it one of lbc great
est moment to the North bhore and the
welfare of important isaues is involved iu the result. For that reasou it is
imperative lhat tbe matter be ap
proaebed iu tne wisest possible mau
uer and tbtt. every provisiou whieb
expert idviee or ripe experience in
sueh mutters ilu suggest, be mule in
order to develop and to strengthen the
ease which the North Bhore has to pre
seul, and to ensure, as far as possible,
lbc sn,, I-.- of lhe effort which is
nl '.ui to lie made, ll is uul for a mo
menl lo be supposed lhal the devil
tion from the letter of (he igreement
which has lakeu pine relative to time
uud place of eOmmeucemeut of coo
sun.lion lias eel-aped tbe notice of tlie
Department of Itailways, neither etu
the eoneluiioti be eutertained that the
present situation in this regard has
been allowed tu develop without Ihe
existence uf ciuses, whieh iu the et-
limttiuu uf those iu lutboitty hive
been considered adequite (o justify the
time. Now tbe purpoie of the moye
menl which hu been let ou foot must
be, to discover tboie causes and to dl
velop i cue from i Nurtb Bbore point
uf view which will fairly meet tnd
overcome tbem. It it by operating
along il,is line thai lueeesi ii Iq be at
Koine of (he reasons for Ibe delay
are already familiar to those whu have
closely followed Ihe information which
has beeu nude public from lime lo time
and Ihey are uot by luy iiieins tuffl-
rieul lo justify lbe deliy, from i Nortb
'••I  pomi of view or when provincial
Intereiti ire considered.
The <liili. nines which hive beeu mel
Willi in preparing Ifae location plan of
Ibe railway right-el way along Ifae
nslern shore of Howe Bound bave
beeu cited as oue eiuse. Tbere it no
doubt ai It) Ihe actualities of thote
difficulties from an engineering stand
point, but it docs uot therefore follow
that mitter* could uot have beta expe
dlted hail tbe neceitary ueuuret been
adopted, The public bae sot been inform
ed aa to bow large a foree bat beeu
employed In tbe work along Ifae eatt-
em there of lhe touod and there does
not appear to lie puy reeaoa why several
additional aurvey parties ihould uot
hive lieen placed in tbe field in that
•ertiev/te batten rite work, bad Hu
detire exiated tp meet Ifae letter of
tfae agreement, In ifae (Mint under dis
It ii urged lbat tb* diaVuJtle, which
are** wltb referent* ie tin ro*U
through Wett Vanwaver bav* blocked
tbe way to commencement of construe
tion within ten mllei of Vaneouver.
No teriout effort bu been made to
deny tb* fatt thus cited, bnt tbe que*
tion "till remains, wbere It tbe respun
eibility |p bi placed In tbit regard'
Certainly not with tbe municipality of
West Vancouver or with auy otber tec
lion of the North Shores Tbe comptny't
roule through the city of Nortli Vincouver md the district uf North Van-
cduver was promptly arranged and ap
proved and iu point of fact it tbe
only pun of their entire route which
the company Inve ae yot hid ipproved
iuitmucli as Ihey obtained the right:
of-way upun which they ire now building from Bnckeudile to liillooel, by
right of purcbaae from the Howe
Bound ami Northern Bailway Compauy.
As for Weet Vancouver, Ihe council
of iimt municipality, upuu the proposed
route of the Company beiag submit
ted to them for consideration, took
that action wilb respect thereto which
they conceived to be iu the public
intereiti as entrusted to tlieir keeping.
Since adopting that attitude the die
triet eouueil have promptly complied
wilh every requirement which has been
made uf them ami havu iu no way fol
lowed a course which would tend In
any degree to delay mailers beyond the
time which was absolutely neee.s-.nry
fur meeting those requirements. It is
.liili,,ill. therefore, lo tee in what way
the situation at Wesl Vaneouver cm
be put forward as a reason why North
Bhore interests should lie made tu suffer
u tbey are suffering at the prcienl
time, because of noncompliance with
the igreement.
t'lnler the igreement, the govern
meiit is guaranteeing the bonds of tin
Company to the amount of $.'18,0011 pel
mile. The judicious use of this sun
sidy from the people of the-province
through the goverument, demands thut
the southern link of this railway from
Durrani Inlel lo the head of Howe
Bound lie the first section to be cou
structed ami operated, and tin igrce
menl evidently nude provisiou that
such should be tbe cue. Whit is to
lie giined by the rapid construction of
■ line connecting J.iilooet with llie
hold of Howe Bound I Tbe country
rom Pemberton Meadows lo I.illooe
.1 practically unpopulated, it it In ll.
undeveloped stale and il includes Mf
tious ou which the I'onstruclion isth
heaviest ilong the entire roule from
North Viucouver lo Fort Oeorge. Ie
Ibere luy comparison between the im
mediate advantages to be gained liy tbe
early conilruction of lhal section as
compared with the nlvaulages to be
had by the construction of the section
from Hurrard lulet lo the held of Howe
Buuud. On iud iboot Hurrard lulel
is found one half tne population of tin
eutire province. Here it a large popu
Iiiiun willing le provide i market fur
the lumber iud olher product! of the
Bquimish Valley ami for the farm
produce of Fembertou Meadows, one
of the finest agricultural sections of
Ihe province which for twenty years
p.-isi has been crying oul for transport
iiion facilities, iu order to givi ii-cim
to market. The construction of Ihli
link from Hurrard lulet lo Newport
would, therefore, plice lbe greatest
centre of populitiou io tbe province in
iinme.hale eouuectiou with the com
piralively well populated districts of
Bquimish und i'eiiiberloii Menlows.
Then i* ivory reason lo coucludi thai
tbii seel inn of railway would ll ouci
develop a vtiy .oii.nlciuUc (riffle md
lba> Hi Irailic wuuld vtiy rapidly iu
create. It it further to be uoted tbtl
nu the lower mainland ind island ire
Incited those Unsocial lud other inill
lutions UpUU whose enterprise depen
deuce musl mainly be placed, for tbe
development ef tfae resources of those
new lections of Ihe province, u Ibi)
becjeme accattllile. Vpr Uis reuou
it ii in the intereiti of tfae province
Ibat thete centres be the firit points
to be connected up with tbe unliving
districts which the railway will (ri
verse. For Ihcae iud oilier reasons il
it uot wite policy tbat public moneys
•bould be upended is giving preference
iu tbe matter of railway conalruction
to-a country iuch at that lying be
tween I'eiiiberloii Meadowt and Mllooet
over tbat section lying between Burrard Inlet and tbe bead of l/owe
Tbe more fully fhe whole (***. whlcb
the Nortb Bhore bu to pre**Ai it underlined, th* more elearly will It be
eon* evident tbat oot alone tbe Inter
Mt* of tb* lower uninUud bnt tbe Ja-
structiou of and tbe pllldlt possible completion ni|'l toptretloo
of tbat notion of tbe Pacific [Ireat
Eastern Ilailway frpm th* till Of Noil.
V*»«»nv»r to tb* boad of Bow*'Bourn*
bulling am boots at mm
Tbi possibility of finding purchasers
for civic IioihIh among tbe residents Of
the city by whlcb they uro issued pon
tinuee to receive serious consideration
ut the bind) pf the authorities on
CJV|c finance in different parti of Can
ada.   Montreal is the lataet city tO pro
[irliB uir adlniripl along-tbli line,1 In
connection with a loan which it in
contemplation. Alilorman Lkpolnte of
thut city bat suggested that the legitla
Mire of thl province In- requested to
enact legislation authorizing llm muni
cipalities to issue bondt of ton dollan
each anil multiples of lhat ainuuul,
bearing lntereit at the rale of Ava per
cent, per annum. Witb reference to
thii departure tbo aldennau says "The
method ii adopted in European centres
now and especially in Parit. Beeently
I read of a loan tbat bad been pul on
thi market In tbit way iud It wu
subscribed for 81 timet over,"
Coniidered on itt merits, there ire
manifest advantages wbicb would re
suit from the tucceiiful operation of
thie scheme, The principle would be
obi ui ned from local sourcei -and tbe
intereat in turn would be |nid to
thoae from whom it it obtained in the
form of taxes, thus retaining Ihe en
tire amounts in local circulation, liro
kerage charges and discounts wouhl be
altogether avoided. The bonds would
be found to be the very best kind of
colliienl upuu which the bolder could
readily realize should be desire to do
Nutwithsttniliug ile many common-
dible features, lhe adaptability of Ihli
scheme to western municipalities It of
i doubtful mture. lu tbe older countries an opportunity of this nature cou
stitutes a desirable investment for sur
plus money, but in a new and umle
i doped country such as liritish Col-
litlmu, a country whole mulct eloped
natural resuurcet preient such t vir
iety of opportunist! for Ihe iuveel
ment of um,mills either lurge or small,
under venditions which ifford ample
teeurity while promising eiceedlugly
Itrge returns, it it tery doubtful if au
offering of civic boudi ou lbe ioeil
market would tueel with my appro
viable response, lu one or two in
stances tbe advitabllity of testing tbe
matter has been considered, but thus
far no western municipality bas hail tbe
temerity lo make the attempt.
The department of Mirioe liul Fith
unes is piismiig vigorously iti work of
encouraging fish culture throughout the
couutry. Al Ibe eud uf tbit yeir tbi
liepuitini'M will hive completed seven
iddilioual hatcheries which will bring
tiie totil uumber lu operation up lo
fifty eight. There are iu addition two
ponds which might lie ranked u halco
eriei. Oue li a luss pond established
near the Hay of yuinle. Haw eaiiuot
be lmii hed in Ihe ordinary mechanical
hatchery. Tbey are ueiling fiibei md
bave lo be relaiucd iu puudt, wbere
they iiul, I, uul uiturally. Thit fill
5,000 were distributed lo lhe different
walers. The olber poud is one near
Bl. John, N. It. for retaining pareul
salmoii, whose eggs in- sent to the .1 if
ferenl hiteberiei iu the Maritime pro
vinees for incubation
As many Intcherics as ueeded tre
being built, ure being takeu lu build
them  where they will yield the besl
results      t'ule.* I  slllln lent   qUIIllily  of
eggi cm be collect ed etch season fur
the hatchery, ill ben. li. isl reiuiti ire
Hefore providing tbe bitchcry Ihe
Department muil aicerlaiu that it be
able either iu Ibe waters io Ibe vicinity of Ihe hatchery or lu more rcmule
waters lu find t supply uf eggl to fill
Ihe hatchery and thus build up ind
develop Ibi (liberies of Ihlt md run
tlguoui localities.
The k, lit ill. - uf the department ar.
. lii.ll> dire.l.,1 toward Ifae m, na., nf
commercial fishes Tbi , rearing of
game fish, though important, il not n
ceiling U much all. nliou 11 ll it fill
bat firit roniiderition musl lie given
lo the tisiienes lo wbicb men expect
to mike Iheir livelihood md on whlcb
tbe general public rely more and more
for food.
However Ifae federal department pf
fisheries hope, thai if oo change likes
place in jurisdiction Ifait Ibi difereal
protini es   will  M*  It   to  Ukl  Up  Ihe
batching of gape Dili. Il ii felt lhal
ia Nova Hcolia, I'riuce Edward lilted
and Hrilish t'oluiuliii is far an eng
ling it concerned, condition* there for
gtme fishing im unexcelled.
■me wwier aw society or mi nni
Baptist Ohnrcb will hold a Bale of
worb on Friday, November B8tb, in
tb* lecture room ol tht "birch, comer
of B|. Georges and 18tb street.   Be-
frmlDiimiu provlildii anil a gnitrt Uniii
promised. Thll will bl * good opportunity nf buying pretty and u»»M
Christmas gifts. Si 11
Lodge Weetiro Bee*, No. 888
Hitting* nf, thla latlge. art, bald .in
tbe Knigbti of Pytbiai H*H, corner of
Chesterfield aveuue ami fourth ttreet,
un the first and third Friday* in each
monlhi at A o'clock p. in.
Communication! and application! for
mimbirtbip to be addressed to Harold
Uei, ticriltry, P. 0. boi 88)1. 18-7-18
10,000 cord* of itt 9 ttmtd lm quick
Hit, Prlci ptr odd cordi, 81.78. Spe
cial quotation! for larger quintltlti.
Ont Wood, 18 inch**, tt.it. 18 luetic.
18.80. C. 0. D.
Office and Yard—Uih and Lsnidilr
Pbon* 190.    P. 0. BM Wl
•vnopiii up coai. minimi
Coal mlnlnii rlghtl of lilt Hum I nim
tu Manitoba. Baikiteliewan and Aluir-
a, Ihe Yukon Territory, the North-will
Tirrllorlit ind In a portion of thi nm
vlnci uf Brlllih Columbli, may bt leased for a term of twenty.one yeart it
•n annual rental of It in ucie Not
men lhan IMI acru will In leased In
"in ippilctni-
Appllcitlon for a lean muil bi midt
by tin applicant In perion to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the diitrict III which
thi rlghtl tppllid for an tlluitid.
In turmytd territory Hie lund mun
b< diicrlbed by lecttuni, or ligil lull-
divisions of lecilom. tin) In uniurvey-
td territory tbi trict applied for Ihall
bi staked uut by thi applicant him
Kacb application mull hi accompanied by a fee uf |i which will b. ri-
(undid II till rlghtl applied fur are not
available but not otherwise A ro)
•Ity ilull bi paid on thl mirchinliblt
output of thi mini il tin nti of tvt
emu ptr ton.
Thi ptrion operating tin mini thill
furulih tbi Agmt with iworn riturnt
accounting for thi full quantity ol
inerchinlibli coal mined ind piy lbe
royilly thereon If Ihi coil mining
rlghtl in not being operated, iuch riturnt ihould bi furniihed it lull onct
a ytar.
Thi liuw will Include tht ceil mining
rlghtl only, but thi ltuss mty be pir-
nrlllid ll purchui whativir ivilliblt
lurfici i If hll may bi comldend Mcnairy for Ibi working of thi mini it
thi rttt if IK m acrt.
Fur full Informitlon mpllcillon
should bi uiid* to (hi sccrtiarj of the
liepariiia-iil uf the Interior. Ottawa, or
lo any igeni or Sub-Af mt of Dominion
Deputy Ulnlitir at thi Interior
K.   H.- Ilniulhorlied   publication   ol
i advertleemiat will nol bt paid
for. H»
Pure Paint
Vincouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT-SHAW   BuiiKii College
}}6 Haatii.ua St. W.
Canili'i Gnitail Wniirn School
U. J. Sjiuitl, BA., -   Uiiimyii
Nov. 8, 11*18.
Norlb Vtncouver, B. C,
Thirty dayi -tin date f will apply
for a trantfer ef llreace for tb* Sty
man Hotel, I). 1. 71*1, Mualcioilily of
Norlh Vancouvtr, from John Keloid
to Kenaatb I), Stlatoa.
(Bijnid)        JOHN  McINNJH.
.     811
YorLikirt Guaraatcc i Stcuriliei
Carporaliop, Limited
440 Seymour Strati
R. Ketr HuulgaU - - - Manage)
ill Nortb Vtaeoiirar ptupU tit it
KiUur Flax* Block or Huliugi Bl.,
oppodU tb* niw poit idBo*. faoaud
Mil* bi* lat by la* puund.
—WM WJAKAHTEB Ull MUtmUwour 1M Vm lnjw'9m.9fA9
(eicept a fow dark shades that cannot ba prepared from laid ind
lino), to bi made from pur* carbonate of load, pnn oxldt of line,
with coloring matter in proportional* qiiantitlet ntciiiiry to mike'
their rospectlvt shades ind tint*, with pun Jlnmd oil and turpiu-
tluo dryer, iud to bi eutlrily frat from wattr, beuilne, whiting
Mid idu|t*ritloui, tnd sold lubjict to chemical aualytli.
Tb* Martin Stitour Oo. Ltd.
Tbli li Un ouly Ptlut io ginnuuid tnciuii It I* tb* only
l'UBB FAINT on thi mirkit. , ,
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Xmas Cards and Calendars
Don't leave your Xmas shopping until the
very last thing, but shop now apd get (irst
Beit Selection.
Booki, Toyi, Dolls,  Xmas Stationery, Etc.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. S. Book and Stationery Company).
.'Mi SB Lonsdile Avenue.        PHONB llll
Mocha Cakes, Florence Cakes
Layer Cakes, Yule Cakes, Etc.
Meat Pies
Job Printing at the "Expreu"
Dollar 50 Hat Store
MEN'S HATS, all styles,
Visit the above Store at
1029 Granville Street, Vancouver
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
, Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, Qne-durd c#4h, bat. 6 «j*d 12 month*
OtVst Pkoae 171.
I***U*DC4 Vhom m
V. O. I** 1(91.
NORTH VANCOUVER Natlonalltt   Outline,   Hi    Probibli
com, • a Lavs
— I
Dublin.—A London paper publUbu
» lorocast Qi tb* firit Irlih cabinet,
.lUBMllBg the hill ahniild put thruugh
and become an operative got, Tb*
following selection! ar* attributed bl
it to "a National!*! In do** touch with
lb* Inner circlet of tb* irtih party."
Jobn Redmond, prim* mlnlitir.
h  Joieph Dulvlii, bom* wentary.
Thomu Sexton, ox-M.P. chancellor
Of tbe exchequer.
J. I Clancy, K.O., M.P, lord chin-
John Dillon prosldint of tb* national board of education.
William Redmond poiluiutir gtn
T. W. HuimI, pruldut of ltnd-pu>
chaie dipirtment, baring idmlnlitra>
live but not financial powor*, and carrying on work for wilt! of oongMtlon,
Hugh Uw, ion ol form* lord oban-
1     cellor of Ireland, prwldtnt  of  local
government board.
Michael Joyce preiident of PUot'i
Aisoclatlon of Oreat Britain ud Ireland, ministers ot mirlns oommunlcat-
• Ion.
Tbomai O'Donnell, wbo bu don* *
great deal Id develop a louth ol Ireland railway, wltb beneficial reiultt,
> president of tbe board of railways,
wben very toon Ibey aro t»ken ovtr by
the itate.
3. P. iitiiiimi, an actual worker In
tbe Irish industrial movement, minister of commerce.
Sir Thomas Ksmondi, Bart, prut-
dent of the board of work*.
Swift McNeil, K.O, pr*ild*nt ot department on constitutional law, which
would be concerned wltb relatione between Irlih and Brltlah parllaineoii.
Other n Hir os uot In cabinet are:
1       T. P. O'Connor, speaker, Iriib home
of common*
T. M. Hialy, K.C, attorney general.
J J Mooney, a young lawyer at
great promise, solicitor general.
Large Quantity of Siccharln Found In
Vienna.—Two men bavo bun ar-
, rested ln Vienna for imuggllng saccharin Into Auatrla wllh tha Involuntary uiljlan.ee of twenty performing
. Tbe eats arrived at the frontlir In
I Itrgo cage, and i.fur being Impc:-
Od were pined aa being deitlnel for
a Viennese uiual.: bull A message
wu afterward! received from the Oor-
• man authorities udvlilug the Auiirlin
ouitomt liupectiiri to eimilne the
cage clotely.
Tbli wu done wb*n the animal! arrived In Vienna, and a large quantity
of saccbraln wu found concealed under tbe door ol tbo cage.
Big Aid  ta  Humanity
i'uils A somewhat atartllng tug-
geillon It put forward In I'uils Mull
by lbe einlneik physician Doctor
.. j Bulxard Wby, he Mlu, ibould con-
demned criminals be executed when
■oclity might make a better uie uf
them by making tbem subject* lor
medical research?
At preeent medical reaearcb It bin-
■ der. d by tbe fact tbat doctora bave,
except In rare cases, only dead bodlei and Invalid* ou wbicb to experiment If tbey bad healthy and vlg-
oroug living subjects, tbi doctor sayi,
tbe vilue of the knowledge gained
by Inoculitlng tbem wltb typhoid,
cholera, dlptlierla aad other germ*
would bo Inestlmablt-
|l Hewird for *46,0O0
Paris An Ainurlcau millionaire,
<rho*e name U givan In thi French
piport, Wl* embirklug on thl Kaiser
Wllhilm II. it Cherbourg, wheu be
dUcovered that be bad lott * packet
containing bonda tnd bank note*
worth mor* tbau 1*6000.
A dock laborer cam* running up tb*
gangway wltb th* mining property,
wbicb be bad found lying on tbi landing ttagt. Tbi ownir took tbi packet, thanked tbe man laconically and
r*w»rdad him with—11.
Ovtrworkid Newihoyi
London. Email H Bmlui, t newt
igeut, of Bichmond rotd, BtymUr,
wu 0n*d U, or teptimta dtyt, *t
Mwylebone polio* court yeiterday Ift
mptct of **oh of Uur** brother*, *g*d
i, 11 tnd 11, employed br bla to Mil
newipapen lu tb* ltr*et. Ii wt*
llaUd tbat although tb* ildeit boy
wi* In consumption, h* btd virtually
AO recreation tor ilxt»*n monthi, and
bad to *tt hi* breaktMl wsll* running
to Mhool, ■* ho btd no time to gu
bona*. V
Tariff Reformiri Buiy ~
Loudon. Jt wa* »UUd at t meat,
Ing of tho necuUre oomaltt** of th*
Tariff Rtform Utgu* *t thl bouie of
common* yeitirdiy that during the
Uat two month* *p*tfetr* bad btin
ptajfiUlvi Bl. John, N.B, I. Bu.y
Making an Expirlmint In thi Niw-
ttt Form nf 0|y|c Qovirnmmt and
■limn H. Frjnk Will Cnndu, t Opir-
atloni  -  Hit  Had  Two  Yuri'
pr. Junes il. Frink, tlie Ant com-
niiii.-ii'iii iiinii,r ol St. John, the new
wonder city ol the eut, Is * good ex-
ample el » man-who- prtlurii In play
his uwn hand—and wins. In April,
IDII, the citizens nl St. John, wearied
With  the   elllllllel: cilllc-   nl.lei III..llle   SyB-
luiii, with a muyor and sevunteeu
inuiiiliers, voted almost three tu one
tor the adoption ol tin oorumiialon
form of government. The new plan
ol city government wus plae.-d before the people as Uie reiult nl the
recommendation ul the advertising
committee of tlte Board ol Trade and
Womw Tal|* Tirflblt Tilt gfjlunfc
tar In Moorish Capital    During
Recent Mutiny nf Troopi
prisons au mm OPEN
London•-««. Molieod, wlfo of tb*
British consul at Fea, bu written a
letter to hur brother describing the
wmini.ln Ih* town duilng tho feosnl
wis fathered by I oitixem' commit-
tee, of which the active members were
practically all business men ami
members uf the Huard ul Trade. Tliia
committee was entrusted witli the
Iiiiiiiiiii: uf tlie new charter, and after
accomplishing this task, the committee decided to name the luture mayor
and commissioner!.
Dr. Frink Iiu,I lieen mayor ol the
city lor two years under tbe ubler-
inanic system, and was one of the
firs! to advocate commission g'Stfii-
men! (or bt. John. Quite inlornially
lie was atked tu head the ticket ol
the eiii/i ii ■' ticket aa mayur, and unhesitatingly declined.   Already in the
n. I.l   was T.  H.  Bullock, a  I	
inii'i, wlm had made a guud recurd
as treasury buard chairman and who
had tlie advanlage uf a long pocket-
book ami the support of fraternal or-
guiiitutiiins. When the clliiens' committee Humiliated W. Sliivci Fitlier,
wliu has a national reputation as a
ctpable business man and a distinguished citizen, the friends of Mayor
Frink euuld hardly see where he tilled
IViiitnry to expectation, however, it
was Mr. Fisher not Dr. Frink, who
was , Iiiiiiiini.-.I in tlie primaries held
ou April !i ul tills year. Mr. Mullock
had i goud lead over huth men. but
practically ill ol Mr. Fuller's vule
went lu Mayor Frink in Uie llnuls,
belli on April i'l, and he had Iwu votei
to llie guod uver his opponent. Dr.
Frink is a veterinary eurgeun and
au ii..-1 e. I i lur tlie Duiiiinioii Uuv-
en.iii-ni at fit Julin. With the intervention uf one year hu has been a
member of the city council either a.'
alderman or mayor since 1903 Ht
Jobn is attracting attention these
days, hut the cily, no milter what
InipH ii -. lias nu reason lo Icel li,, i
wise than proud ut its chief magistrate. Pure Knglish blood fiowi in
Mayor Frink's veins, a fact attested
by his presidency uf tin local bt.
Ueurge's Society.
The iii.iji i lioldl ctb,.- lur Iwo
years, ind the commissioners lor
(our. 'Die nm)..j receives 13.000 a
year and may lie engiged in hit uwn
buiineis, while tlie cuinmissioncri arc
paid 11/609 a year, and are not allowed under tlie charter lo be actively
engiged in any other calling or i.u I
Under llie old system (he city wat
governed by a mayor and seventeen
aldermen, (our at large and thirteen
Iruin the wards
Origin of Iht Salvation Army.
ibe Saltation Army had it* origin
in tlie town ul Whitby, in tlie rough
eual mining diitrict uf Yurkthlre,
I'.ng In mi. where (Jeiieral Bouth, at
Ibat time Rev. William Jl", tic wai
Juiug humble million work. England
wat Unit in inni, expecting to juuip
into Uie Ruiiu-Turkiih war. It occurred t" Bootlt that hi might attract
i crowd by iwuing t declaration ol
m biin.-i.-lf, tu he prepared unu forth-
wlUi. iprinkled It plentifully with
htllelujih* md putted ifftO cotiiit ol
tt ibuul lown. The divici tickled lbe
Britiih iame ol humor, Uiere was a
iedlnil,   routing  ineeling."   to  i|Uole
Hen.-ml licc.tli. "tlie penitent lull
down In heaps." aud lite Salvation
Army tpring Into life (ull grown.
A Diplomatic Antwir.
Admiral Drake when a lad at lhe
In ginning ol llil Hrst engagement war-
ubteryed lo ihikc tnd Iremblu very
much ind, being rallied upuu it, observed wilh a presence ol mind, or,
it ill event*, of humor, In which
even Nelion was lacking, "My flesh
treiubl"! it Uie anticipation ol thi
many and great danger* into whicii
my retolut* ind undaunted head will
lead me."
Ony • Ricluti.
Bir Edwtrd Urey, tin Secretary of
gUt* tor foreign Attain, mjoyi t
rtoluM IU* In t -mty oottag*.
maasaore*. following are extract*
from tbe letter, wbicb appear* in the
Sussex Dally Newi:
"We bav* had tn tnxlou* time.
The trouble wbicb btd been smoldering broke out on Wedneiday, tbout
1.30, At drill tbe soldiers were told
by tbe French officer* tbit tbeir pty
Wbicb btd been 10 pine*, without
food waa to be reduced to 1 pence
with food, and they were to carry
heavier weight*. Tb* soldiers rebelled- Tbe ollicer* aald thote who
were not content were to be put In
"Tbi fit wn uow In tbe fire, tnd
there was a geuerul maeaacru. Tb*
soldiers run hither uud thither and
did for their oiticon, and entered
homes where tbey knew Christiana
were living and killed Ihem. Afterward! tbey paraded tbe itreeti witb
the heads.
Priiont Flung Open
"The prisons were all Sung open
ind Ibe prliouin eicaped. The women wenl mad, and wero all dancing
ind yelling for Joy on their roofa, tnd
egged on Ihe aoldlera to do more. Tbe
noise wis dreadful.
"Tbe wlmb! afternoon we did no!
know what waa lu happen to ua. Tbe
riff-raff were passing our houses bent
on mischief, carrying huge sticks uud
tuns, Just mud. In a nouie cloie by
they killed (uur people and wounded
l fifth.
"We were In great danger all Wed-
neiduy evening, fur the towu wn
held by ouly 300 French aoldlera.
Tbey did wonders. General Brulllard
lent word to us Uiat all Emropeuni
wero tu he brought from lbe town.
"llediuotid, Ibe Gngllib officer, bid
I wonderful escipo. He Jumped over
thrue Aut Muurlsh roofi of houses,
tbu mob ill the time calling on the
iniiiuies tu in,i,,i hlm. out. Finally
lie Jumped u story into the courl ol
, house belonging to a friendly Uuor,
wbo bid hlm thirty-two boun.
Horrid Experience!
"Some of ihe French officers had
horrid experience* Five of Ihem l*y
In a drain for furly hour* A great)
man) of ihu iiilii'i-is killed were very
friendly wllh ui.
"The Arlng continued all Thuridty,
Friday uiid Saturday. Tbe Jewa had,
• un, i.-,i terribly.
"Must ul our friend! are living In
jur garden. We hive erected tenti
■ml the wounded are being attended
lu. The dull wu really lit loose
an the plici. We bave giveu them
bread uud garment*, sic.
"On suinl .la;, morning we bad a,
horrid iceuo In Ibo court of Ibll
house     One ol lbe  rebels—a  prlt-
uiel     escaped  ind got  Intu  llle  hulll!
uursucd by i French soldier, who, In
In his excitement And Into our court
wounding a mau very seven ly I
was In the court wben Redmond aud
the poor prlsouor ran to uio, and I
clapped hint on tbe back. Ol couru
be was arretted and ibot dowu at out
Afttr Strinuout Work Shi   Mirchet
Him lo Police Station a Prltoner
Geneva—According lo Iba Bt. Hull
newipipert, ■ honeymoon wu Interrupted by i violent tcone yeiterday
In a leading realaurant at Bregeuxe,
ou Duke Coiitlance.
After Ihe wedding ceremony Ihe
happy couple eicaped Troiil their re
lutluns uud frleudi and ordered a
good lunch i deux When (Ire del-
tert was servod i hindmiue youug
woniun walked up to the bridegroom
iud accused hlm of Jilting lur. and
alto of taking a large aum of mouey
from her by false promise of marriage
Uu tbe bridegroom al templing tu
excuse himself, bll former aweethparl
became ingry and Ibrubed lilm In the
leilauiatit, liking away bl* money,
watch and chain, and even hi* new
wedding ring. Then *b* commanded
lilm Ui follow bar to lb* netreat po
lieu sliiilun, where the repotted her
iccuiallqut, md, on the bridegroom
confessing to Ihi fact!, bi wu formally allelic l|
Tbi unfortuiiati youug "wife" who
wu io thocked by tbi terrible seme
tbtl she nearly fainted, wis lick, u
bom*   lo ber parent*
Wild twin Ciplured
l-ondon A large wild man v' Ich
•ppcarsd In (be South bay at 8car<
borough wu captured after an
exciting bunt lo wbicb tin
occupant* of four boat* l/Mt part. It
I* thougbt tbtt llu bint muni lime
.■"me from Uu nortb tnd dropped in-
lo Ibi ua when uoibl* to ily lurther.
SUmp-Lloklng Machine
Uondon.—T. P. K»rr, burl*t*rat-
Uw, reproienllng th* National luiur-
uei Comuiliilooera, explained to tb*
U'odt Chamber of Commerce niter-
lay Uiat th* quittloo of ftcljltli* for
iniployon stamping employe*' card*
tm being coniidered, end ixpirlminti
were being made with an automatlo
Olrl'i School it Dtlhl
Calcutta—Tb* Begum of ithopii
lu giveu a lakh of rupee* to Mart
he fund for erecting t girl'* ichool
it Delhi in eoiuiuemoratlon of the remit vigil of guien Mary.
ureiitirw "" EHNf rmmjifim n
Popi||*r III Mfwd.
flu recent dangerous ilttck on
licit* illceri in tbi Ooiinem»r»
Mountain*, near Ong.it/rard, when
soiling an illicit still, it » remind/or
tbat there is gat tn output ol "po-
d" m tin mnuntiinoui parts ol
tpd. Until ot lit* ycora, th*
inanulacturu ol It was exceedingly
common, even within a lew miles ul
towns of contiderahle population, but
the vigilance and exertion* of tba
Hoyul Irish Constabulary, together
with the improved menu ot transit
opening up the more backward, tiiomi-
tainnus districts, alto tin bir) hirvetti
iud emigntinn, lrvi brought about
'i urns diminution di private m "'
tiou. Yet opportunitiei ire still tak-
in lor the production of "mountain
dew" without tn* concurrence of the
Tin piece selected for the operation*
nl the distiller ji usuilly sume natural hollow, or t sheltered ipot pirtly
hidden hy tn overhanging rock, occasionally, in artiliciil ctv* il et-
ctvtUd in a high bank ol » stream,
the neighborhood ol wbicb is moit
tssintiil for tlte operations. With
great ingenuity, tlu entrance to It ii
hidden by means ol t thicket of gone
or other growths. Inside, t raised
tut or two ol earth covered with
sacks or lieither, ind something ol i
chimney, make un the itructure. The
smoke Irom lhe cnlmney li dull with
by mum uf every concelvible artifice, in order tu render it at imperceptible ai pussililc.
In certain cue* tbe operations have
been carried on in a dwelling house.
Not iu lung ago in example occurred
iu I market town, where illici'. whisky making was continued lur mmy
years within t hundred yard* or •<>
ul thl constabulary barracks, and
Uie distiller wu aaid. to have gained
a considerable amount ol money.
Having obtained a tuitible place,
Uu next tiling it lu get i still and i
worm, Uut sre easily procured frum
the local tinker. The still is usually
mude ol strong tinned plate und ii
of a cylindrical shape, except the
head, which is rounded iud enlarged,
tlie better to giUier the alcohol is it
evaporates. The head terminates in
a lube, wide al lirst but gradually
becoming narrower till it retches the
worm that is, i lung lube curled into
t spiral and during wurk il alwuy*
kepi cuul by Immersion in wsler ur
through mean , ul wet clutlis.
Malt is, ol cun e tbe musl important item Iron) which tbe spirit is
extracted; hut the "poteen" maker
frequently uses substitutes of inferior
worth yet affording him greater case
of production, 'i'lie extra sale ul treacle in particular districts lias been
a very trustworthy clue tu illicit distilling iu liiusc Iccalitiei.
Oreat Stloktr.
In tpllt ef ill tin fuii wt miki
Al ovtr coil wt si -umbia
Thi prlci uf living duel nol iako
ill Inni expected tumble.
to figure out how much time your
Clerju warte each day in walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or deik wili prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" «et
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When Teacup Waihlng Baoomei
I Ceremony of Importance.
Hint* For (ll* Summir Bungilow.
Sivi Your Silk Plecea ind Hive
Thim Midi Up Into Hindiomi Rug*
Phinegrtph In Klndergirtin.
My Dear Elm-1 wia having tea Ut
otber altermioii wltb * charming lady
ot uy acquaintance.
"I nuver tatted iuch dellclou* Im In
my life," I tuld, paaalng my cup for *
•ei-uiiii supply, "ii it beciuw you
make It yourself or because- you warm
tbu oupar
"If* tb* cup* themselves," tin tald
confldenk^lly. "Tbey add a glory to
tho ts*.   Tbat'* juat 11 and all aboul
I looked at my cup critically—creamy
wblt* wilb tbo lovely amootb aurfaci
of a polished pearl. A border of Unlet!
roam In dull pluky brown bordered
tb* top, and lb* burnished edge ihow-
ad no sign of cblp or crack.
"Uied wry day for twenty yean,
dearie," ahe tald gayly, "but alwayi
washed by myielf."
"Dni's tbe tea ever slain tbem!" I
aaked, thinking of iny owo pretty egg-
iheli eet.
"Wby, of course. A Utile common
■alt upplied with tbe flngert quickly
removes auy atulu from Hue china, iud
* Uuy bruib used oeaslonally will kMp
tho huttdlei aud iba gruovee at tbe
bottom of llie nips beautifully clean.
"My let Is to fragile I dui utmost
tfruld to tnurb lliem," I suld.
"They uro sweet," my dear old friend
wai good euougb to aay. You know
llm eet, don't you, Mlaa, dear, tbe old
Bpodo thul belonged to Aunt Kltia,
which the bequeathed to me wltb
much fear eud trembling)
"Well," my old friend continued,
"I've been longing lo ask whether you
boiled them before yoo took tbem Intn
everyday use."
"liulledl" 1 gasped.   "Boiled Ihi'inl"
"Yea, aurely, boiled. It waa one of
my mother1! little ways, and 1 alwayi
carry It out Delicate china Isn't bill
*o likely to crack or cblp after It bu
beeu boiled."
So 1 aiked for ill Information Inttan-
ter, aud ben It U:
."Wrap th* aeparat* piece! In aoft
old clothi, *et them carefully Is •
thullow pun-* deep laucepau doei
iik-oly-cover wltb cold water ind 1*1
the water cpme ilowly to i boll and
lot them boll for ten minute* and they
aro done," eald my friend triumphant.
"Do you uae aoap or eoda la your
waihlng up witar!" I uked.
"A very llttl* diked loop," wu th*
raply. Theu eh* continued, "I em moot
particular about tb* drying tnd polishing, end I keep toft old damask clothe
(or tbe purpou."
"Yuur cbln* wuhlni |* quit* a c«r*-
aiouy," 1 aald, thinking willfully of
tb* good old diy* whin woman r**lly
bad Um* to aUind to tlw withlug of
tbalr beat china. Now on* I* off attending a club meeting, * tuffrtgetU
talk or • bridgo gime, ind tb* family
Cbln* la lielng tuiaihed by wh*t*v«r
wild oo* I* fortnnaUVougfa to k**p
fir a day or io.
Still, It really doe* Us. only e few
nJnutos (or tbi* teacup ceremony, eud
|t peyi when on* bat viluible cblna,
which I know you po***** In dUtract-
ing quantltl**.
<*v* Your 811k Piacaa.
I btr* recfiitly found oot, too, tbat
HI** wl»e rill* never to throw away
•Id allk piece*, no mitter bow dli-
reputabl* Ia tppeansc*, to long u
tbere I* toy bold together to tb* fabric.
I don't mean good <JMd piece* of new
materlilt which can Do iiUIUed bt many
guyi tot fancy work *nd dreit tccae-
pottue, Mt to dlMtldad lllk flouncu,
old ileeVu, badly worn dlk wilit*
Ct are far part any rwoviUng.  Peril yoo don't know It, bnt indent
ribbon* tb*t base Into cle*n*d If tM
#oU»d (or u* m*k* Am m*t*rl*l (or
gror*n rug*.
In * certain roranur bongalow, Ust
ot which JJomt* milk *T*ry on*
woo tins tne guoil loriuue (0 luuru tie
broad and hospitable ahelter, kbere an
plenty of pretty and artistic rugi wu»
en by a little German womau living In
tbs neighborhood from material fur
tihihed ber by. tbe girla of tbia purlieu
wr family, wbo bave actual old fash
toned "carpet rag parties" during tbe
winter evenings wltb a view to lb*
decking ot tbeir beloved "candle rot
tags." But over tbs baulitep rail and
on tbs broad couches and window
neata ars lighter and richer louklug
rugs, end one handsome rug lies across
the big center table, when all gutbet
to read on stormy nights.
These were mads out of old silk
■crups cut Into strip*, sewed together
and wound Into bolls by these same
Ingenious girls sud woven by tbe same
little Deutsche trait Into thoroughly
desirable rugs, than which nothing
could harmonize mon perfectly with
the genuine old antique flrelrous, ali
of whlcb were rummaged out of a veil
table old "family attic," whore tbey
bad lain unused since tbs grundmoth
•r of tbess tame girl* was young her
self. No orieutal fabrics could bave
half the harmonious sfTect In combination with the old furnishings, wbicb
ara genuinely American. It Is easy to
think out a color scheme for summer
fMihlugs before the balls of illk
tn wound.
Any weaver of ordinary rag rugi It
able to turn out tbe prettier silk nuee
ind can tell exactly how much illk
by wiigfat It will taki to weivi i rug
if tny deilred ilie, and tb* remit*
are durable, bindtom* md well worth
tk* trouble of laving, cuttlug and
•owing the itrlpa of silk and winding
th* bail*
Hert 1* * luggeotlon, Hiu, dur, thit
1 would llki to bav* you paaa on to
tbat chum of youn wbo direct* tb*
kindergarten In your town. You bavi
often told mi bow bard It I* for her to
dnd au assistant wbo could properly
Interpret Ibe songs and marches for
th* children. A director of a kindergarten hm In Naw York bu solved
tb* problem by using * phonograph.
Now, th* tnuiic li played In perfect
lime, Tbe children lor* It, and th*.
teacher 1* able to direct tbe work tud
hav* muaic, too, without tbi expense
of an assistant. At tbe "rut period"
tb* children are allowed to choose any
piece of muaic ln the repertory of tb*
Instrument, aud, Instead of boisterously
romping, they lit quietly ebout, listen
lug to tbi music, euch uger for but
turn to choose tbe record he likes belt
to hear. It'i a great Idea, Itu't It! De i
votedly youn, KABUL
New York.
Ai * iiibiliiuti for ■ bot water noun
beat an old magazine lu the otnu. II
will i tt nin thu Ileal for ii very long
time and will lie well against largi
Cap Made In Helf an Heur,
A circle of not one half yard ln ilium
iter, tblu silk tbe tame alia, two yardi
of lace and two yardi of ribbon match
Ing tba illk an dii tbat Is required to
make this dulnty boudoir cap.
Tbe silk and net ire aUlrnd and tben
uwed on a baud of ribbon. The im«
la then uwed on to tbli ume baud
and tbe wide ribbon laid softly aruuml
tbi cip. A large double pump bow ln
tbe frout adda a pntly Onlab.
In Whioh to Ovtrcomt Mtny Llttls
Houuheld Hindrincu,
To boll in egg Ihut bus a crocked
shell rub tbi cruck gently with funis-
tened wait, allowing time for It to pene
tltlM before pulling it iuto tbe witer.
It will tben boll without comiug out ol
tb* cracked portiou.
To maud bard substance! Ilk* mitll
or glut then I* nothing better thin
milted alum. Melt tbe elum over in
lutenii belt ind apply It hot It J* is
excellent thing to fatten loosened Ivory
btndlei to knlvee.
To urve toast daintily ind' uu
crumb* cut lt ln itrlp* when preparing
it 'It I* vor* tempting *ad uleir to
To keep cmui iwut but It »lmotl
to tb* boiling point and Uwn pot It bt
* gliu hottl* or earthen vetul, corn
It and wt It ulde to cool. Tbu* but-
ed it will keep fneb uvenl dayi ln
modtrat* wulher und over tb* Mcrad
diy In wirm wutbtr,
To acc-nombu on Htp either pot th*
broken plecu In • »mall cloth big tad
oat (or wubing dUbtt tnd in tcrob-
blng Of cblp tbem So* ud melt It
* llttl* witir on tbt rtov*, In th* lit
ter cu* by ellowlng tbt toft eoip U
cant to t decided boil and adding I
little borax yoo can fiibion ■ wild
uk* of toap by pouring it into tn old
cup or dJib to coo),
To keep feather dnrten in good eoa-
dIUon pu*b tli*m, bandit Bnt, bite tin
leg of in old (locking. Wb*n wmUd
for uu pull It oot of tbt cov*r by tin
bandl*, graiplng tbt rtocklng In tbt
ether hand, Thl* not only uve* tptct
When tb* duitir* trt not In uu, boi
Itogtbtn* tb»lr Uft tad urvicubl*-
An Early Acquirsd Hlblt
It saves llmu and eyesight to do u
little basting as possible for michjni
sewing, lu miking up supplies of
clothes tucb ■• underwear, *cbool
dresses, etc., II Is worth while to liaste
aud lit accurately one of each thing,
then tip It apart aud trim ill lbe nel
to Hi euct proporllon*
Begin sewing on Ibe ttrilgbt warn*
so at to accustom younelf to aimply
bold your work together. It I* no trick
at all once you catch tbe bang of It.
Fold down hems add creau tuclu,
keeping them flat and amootb uuder
tbe prewer foot aa you uw. Gather on
tb* machine and regulate tb* fullueii
properly md you cm tew tbe gathen
tbt umi u t plain sum. Ev«n
ileeve* can be held In u tbty trt uwed, bot tbli I* afttr ont I* expert At
lint it ll bert to bute ihem. Oultl-
vite llkewlte th* habit of running off
on* ucm on to mother. Wltb light
•tuff bold t itrlp of paper nndernutb
Wbil* sewing ind tear It off afterward.
Wb*rtT*r poulbli tu* tba Engllih big
turn. It li nut ind itrong and Iwa*
itulf beautifully to 00 billing.
Oni woman uya Iben't a lot of ub-
llfiction In * good dinner If oot
doun't hav* to wub tb* dlsbie.
Faith In our fallow man uldora
ruche* th* point of thinking tbtt be
can luiuige our uffalrs belter tban we
A woman'a Idu of martyrdom la
wearing ber btisbaud'i fivorlte color
When It ii trying tn ber complexion.
A man never really knowi wblt II I*
to be bowed till bla daughter turnitli
t m,
It the people of Uie world were giver.
Iheir one but wlib Ibey would In
about equally dlvlddl between i hup
of money ind i good digestion.
A woman may be comfortable In
ibou tbit ire too until, but ibe cm
never be bippy In • gown tint doun't
No min li iter frlendlew wbo bu
(he ability to laugh at old Joku.
Bometlnu* a mm k**p* on whittling Just to icen owiy lbe fellow wbo
want* to put bint at rul work.
By Fate
It Gtv* t ll ttie Boy l
lidllh (leruialii wu Itrolilug on I
country roud. It wu tu miner Umi,
■ud Ulna Germain wu uied lo getting
out of tbe city ei early aa possible In
tbe spring and remaining ai long u
possible at tbe eud of tbe leafy seuiuu.
Bhe dtillked city.ind loved couutry
life. Horn In what It tilled toclety,
■be disliked Hi bollowueu end left It
before Ibe iiiniiut bigln commenced
'ihere wai (bul lu Mlu (Jermalu'a
mlud ou thll summer morning which,
though It bid been there often before,
wi* now itrouger thin ever. Bb*
longed to occupy ber natural place ea
wife aud mother Twenty-eight yean
old, abi wu still iiliuiiniit-d. Tbi mm
of her acquaintance wen society men,
and, while It Is uut it ill unusual for
aucb persons to In Oui fellows, tbey
■re liable to partake of tbat artificiality which la t uecessiry evil In tbi tods I world.
At toy rite, llisi Qeruialu bad not
fancied any of tbem well euougb tu
marry bim, aud moit of tin men from
whom ibi might bave selected a husband were so engrossed wilb tlieir life
work Ibal aba uldom met lliem. Sbi
wu thinking of (hi protpsci before
ber of e life eutltely different from
whut ihi would wiih md wondering
If fill would uot rucu* bir befori It
wu loo lile.
lu lbe distance ibi uw coining I
mm wilklng idly, u tbi wis doing,
•winging ■ cane ind stopping every
now tud a. inn to look after a llllli
boy, who wu pitying ibout bim,
climbing femes, runuiug Into puddtel
iud otherwise needing itteullou Kvl-
dentiy the two wen father and sou.
Mist (let muin 't heart warmed ul the
eight. How she wlihed tin bad a boy
or a  girl  to  walk   with  berl    She
"oa annul" mosniii ma unit itu
wouldn't mind lbe wet, muddy ehoet
or Ibe torn garments If tbt could only
bivi lb* compiiiiloiuihlp of I loved
en*. While ebe wu thinking Ib* com
tn wtr* drawing nur. Prueutiy tb*
boy. ruuning tbud of bl* fallier. flopped illicitly |o front of her. looked
•icadiiy at bar, tben, throwing out bli
trim, nu forward, uclilmlug:.
Wbitevtr tbli munt tbi could nol
tell. Sb* did not with to repulu (be
child and received bla In btr own
true Tb* aeoUeman cam* on. t won-
uering eipremoiuu nil face, rresetii-
ly be itoppad tnd exclaimed:
It wai plain |o Hiss Germain tbit
■he hid been mlitnken for another,
tnd that other wai ths wife of tbe men
ind tbe mother of tb* boy. Sbs beal-
taled wbat tu do or ity. Su* ihrauk
(raid disappointing tb* child, who be
lleved tbit h* bad (ound hi* motber.
Bhe could not very wall at tb* moment
Inform tht man of bla mistake without
dlsuliuilng tb* boy.
"You ue," uid tb* gintlimm with
t deep roprouchfulnesa In bl* voice
iiml glinclng toward Ills ion, "what
you bav* done."
"Ob, mamma," moentd tbi lltUi fellow. "wl|cm hive you been til tbe
long lime I"
These wu silence for tome moment*
Mn-ii lbe mun nald:
"Com* bick, md for Boy'i uk* (11
Iball be forgiven."
Oil, do, mamma-do come backl I
miss you drudfully."
Tims fir there bad been uo necessity
(or tliu Qermilu to uy anything, but
now both tb* father tnd tb* boy were
looking It bir, the former curious In
luun ber decision, tbs latter ugerly.
It occurred to ber tbat |f ibe could
gain a little tlm* ah* might cauu tbt
father to iee hi* mlttiki without bruk-
lUg Ibi mitter, it least Immediately,
to tb* boy.
"You uy," ib* uid to tb* mm, "tint
If I com* back ali will be forgiven for
Roy'i uk*. WUI It bt for hi* uk*
Yon know tb* bruch between ni
ind tbit oo wlf* wbo bu don* wbtt
you btv* don* cm be tbi um* to btr
husband it before."
"Do comi bick, mimmil" Tbt cblld
clung (o ber u If furing to lou bir
"I'U Ull you wbat 1 will do, dur,"
lln isld. "1'ipi uny come to ice mt
this tuning, md we will Illk It ovtr.
I muit go oo now."
"Ob, nol  I won't let you got"
JKJome, Boy," uid the father. "Mam-
mi U right. Wi will go on wilb our
wilk, tod Ihli evening pipi will iee
her, ind perhaps you will bivt ber
wllh you again."
Tbt boy clung to bit luppoied mother, ind lilt fitber wu obliged to dJaen-
gigi bim from ber, ibe gently assisting md giving tin cblld Lisa after kiu
While bli filher drew lilm uwuy. Tben,
ifter giving the father ber eddreu,
UU* fiernialu parted from tbem, luiu-
\ lug often to throw tbe cblld kisses,
wbo, cboked with tears, kept calling
after h*r.
|   Tb* twUlgbt waa fading wben th*
I gentleman waa uibered Inlo a room
where Ulu (lermaln waa awilUng
I bla
j "Pirdon me," ihe uid, "for bivlog
permitted you to remain In error. 1
! could not bear to dlabuie your dur
j IUU* boyi mind of tbi fact tint he
' bad found bla mother. I im not hi*
Tbi mm looked it bir uircblngly.
"I believe you're right," hi uid lu t
dluppolnted tone. "I began to doubt
tbat you were m toon u I burd your
voice Yet Uie rtumblmce li wonder
ful. Boy wu entirely deceived. I wonder tbtt be remembered bl* mother
well enough to inlitske you for ber
•Iuc* be bu not uen her In thru
"Poor llttl* (tllowf
Mlu Otrmilu took tbut Iwo onfor-
luutU* Into ber hurt. Then wu *
deep iffllctlon In (be lituitloo for both
ftthir *nd ton. Sh* longed to do lornt-
thing low*rd beuJiug th* wound. Bot
wbit could the dot Tb* only thing
wu to permit lb* boy to conUnue, it
lent for awhile, In tn* belief tbtt tbt
wu bb) mother ind permit hlm te
come to ue her occulonilly, tbo* giving hir tu opportunity to comfort hlm.
Thii plm ihe propoud to Uu father,
who modified it, tuggullng thtt tbt
boy would derive u macb pluiuro
from btr comptnlontblp In knowing
tb(t the wu not bl* mother u Jf be
continued In tlie oppo*lt* belief md b*
would be tpared tb* piln Uur of dU
covering lb* litter. MU* Qirmtln *p-
■proved, end It wvtrrmged tbtt Boy
•bould com* to tpend tb* nut (fur-
noon wltb ber.
He ciiue, but in btd not bun In-
formed of bl* mliUke. BU fitber,
wbo brought bin, uid Uut b* btd not
bad tb* hurt to Ull bin md **k*d tf
VWt Onmain. wonU Mt nllevt bla
nt toil necessity by auiug it uei Kit.
Sbe promised to try, and after tbe father bad gone tbi took the cblld In bar
lap aud uid to hlm:
"(toy, don't you tbluk that yoq
would love me juit at well If yon
knew I wai nnt your mamma aa you
do believing lhal I nn'i" .
"Veil, but yon ar* my mamma."
"Suppou I wen to. Ull you tbat 1
im uot your mammi. Would you ba-
lleve mu V
"Of couru 1 wouldn't"
Ulu Qermiln felt after tbli tbit
nim bad dons her duty. At any rats,
the bad no heart lo proceed furtber.
Tbe boy would learu tbe truth lo time,
aud tben It would not make ao much
difference to him.
Boy Insisted on spending * part of
each duy wilb Mlu (iermaln. It wu
embatraulng tbut bo called ber minimi, but ibe told tbe itory of tbe
meeting, and both she and the child
found sympathy with all wbo beard It
Koy was usually unt to visit ber Ip
care of a maid, but occasionally bla
father would brlug bim, and It waa
uot long before be seemed tu derive ai
much comfort from her companluueblp
it bli hoy.
Thl summer palled pleasantly.
There were occasional outings, lbe father, Mlu Qeruialu md Iluy mukiug
up e party either for a drive or boating or some olber imutetuent In Ibe
open. Tbe flrst wu irnnged for tbe
boy's lieneflt, but It wu not loug beforo tbi other two found their owu
enjoyment In lliem
Autumn wu upon tbem before tbey
r.n ll.-. .1 it. Then for tbe Bnt time tbe
two older onet begin to dread u eep-
minion for Roy's uke, Ibey said
though hit futber wu to return to tbe
ume blight ua before. But the mm
mer bad created somethlug unusual
Mist Oirmuln bad beeu tupplylng tbe
place of a motber for montbi. and It
auddenly dawned upon her tbat at tb*
breaking up ibi would uot only mlu
Koy, but miss Itoy's fullier.
However, |lnci ibey did not live In
Ibe ume city, there wu nothing for It
but upantlou. Heturnlug to their
homes, tbi mm iud boy settled down
to wbit tbty bad gained and loat, bear-
lug tbe latur at well u they could.
Boy begged hit father to lake bim to
aee bla mamma, una one day bla fitber told bim tbat be would go and ut
if tbey could not all make an arrangement to live together. HU trip wu
successful, and wbeu bs relumed be
delighted the child wilb tbe news Uut
wltbln a abort time bs waa to have, bla
mamma with him always
Though the transition was Important
to tbe man and tbe woman tbs only
change for (he child wus ibst bb
mamma could put hlm to bed nlgbu.
he could aay bis prnyera to ber and lie
•Iwaya witb bim.
Aud ao Fate lodk charge of Mlu Germain* tffiilrs. Just at he does for all
of ua, not permitting ber tu choose between single and married ll'e. but in
bit own good lime throwing n husband
In hei way ami giving ■ mot tier (o bll
A Tix on Eviry Rici Horn,
In tbe past tlio opening nl a racing
soaimi inUruUd (lie lirilisli Treu-
ury, tor Uie horse piid bis looting ill
Uu Aeld. In Utl. tot ImUuice, Pitt,
ever in search ol tilings to Ux, tug-
getUd a line ol S6 on each boru
".tutting lor i race." Tlu spotting
Karl ol Surrey, however, tliougbt *
Ux ol |76 on all winners ol any plats
or other pitiet amounting to |M"
would belter lit Uie cue. Pitt coniidered (lie suggestion md went on*
brtUr. He (mended bii ruolution to
embrace both Uxet. Some modification wu found neceisary, and in th*
end i lee ol Wo guineas (110) WU
Imputed on ''every horse entered (or
» race," to be paid to th* clerk ol thl
couru.—London Chronicle.
4     A P.rllmnt 6ign.
01 somewhat gruesome character ll
* *igubowd to Jk- found at tlu-top o(
MacolesAeld Itoad, Alderlsy Edge,
about fourteen mil'* (rom Manchuter,
England. The wording upon tlu
upper board Ii juet tin usual notine,
but «o many cyclist* disregarded IU
warning ami came to gnat in conu-
uence that a  local  medical pun
t it wall to add « ikull mm
• •tretcji
■I Oieir r
it it well to add a sliull and
tonu md remark u to wbere
r danger. your labor fn itorago (or emsrgeucjn or old pft.
What toenis go inexhaustible supply of strength may nut lut at loug as
you wpept. Begin storing ton* of It uow, tbl» week, l» tb* SuvlBIIl Pep*,.,'
mat nl
British North America
78 Yun hi Business. pwim tnd'snrplu* Qver 17,600,000,
im Officei in North Wncowvw, Comw of UiwUle Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Strwt
Electric  Household  Appliances
Christmas Gifts
All our appliances operate by connection wilh an ordinary
houaehpld socket,      ,
15 Esplanade West, North Vancouver.   Phone 66
Second Slreet Eatt, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on lhe Pacific Coast.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 |o 10.
Hot and cold water in every roorn.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
Send your friindi who trt Intirutid
in tb* Nortb Bbor* * copy tf
"The Expresa"
It will Ami 'hem patted ou ill
Nortb Bbort Newt tnd will only coit
$1 per year
EvcrybodyCwi Help
Editor P»pr, m- ,
Pi»r Btr,—At * meeting M'l !| tbo
Instilutii   Hill   list   oviuiug,   it   Wl*
"MUWiBiffmly iliciiliii fp appail tn tb*
guttural public pf l.ynn Valluy through
imt PolHuini witb your p*rwM»fc The
facta cciiCBiBlag Uie jiumliig nf tba
ft B. mijAi, "uni rfoni,'witV7u?
i|d ol hi* (Jojp, phi bit miAtm.
Th league football  mutuli  oil  tlie
Boulevard i'ark Saturday afternoon be
Itoiiie of Mr. Mnion in well known
un.l iiiiiI iki ruil,■ration by M, but W»
Would like tu liave known lliu following f*c|t
A rimi'uri It to be Iillil in tbe i iim i
tuti Hill uu Tbundiy of tbli w»o|t, tbe
programme In PORlllf of entirely loual
nilnii, tbe prl. a of iiiiuiiHsioii |n bo
Sou, minimum. P»y »t tbe .nor.
Thia idii ii to give iveryouo t
rliiini-i' of lielping even tbougb it be
by only Sii rants, whenit it givoi tny
one deiiring to do to tbo-opportunity
to glvi my larger amount at admit
aion. Tbe program will be a full one
and will compritl "Nigger stunts",
islectloiis' by tbu cboral society, and
tbe usual run of songs by the favorilei
of tbe Valley, at well as readings, etc.
Hiiliseri|'iiiiii litis are alio open it
different puiuls to wjticb myoiio cm
mill t'neir names, ani) sliuuld Ibere bu
any desirous nf luliscribiug iud uot
know where to send we feci suro you
will be good enough lo receive tub
scriptions on liehilf of tho comtiiitlou.
Thit is t caso o' oxceptionil merit
and tbe mooting last evening decided
that everyone should have llm uliauce
of giving a helping baud.
I .mnlu-i- is lo bo iu.I.-,,-,i right sway
and labor will lis donated by residents
of Ihe Valley, audit is detirtble thai
the shell al least of a new home be pro
vided Ihis week.   We fee! sure that
by Ihu aid uf yuur eolumus a burly
response wili be nude lo uur ippuil.
A. i-: a m.i-: WAiiiittiiM-:,
Iiiun Nov SSud, lo Mr. tnd Mn.
ti. 0. Hmllli, i diugbler.
Mr. aud Mra. Balph Sbuebinger of
Deiiipsi'y Road hive moved to llrand
Mr. ind Mrt. K. T. Oreer of Cruder
i.-l. road list week moved lu Ibeir rinuh
■t Minim Leiinan, H D.
Mr. iud Mn. if Bruwu lull thia
muriiing fur New Wetlniiniler lo visit
Iheir diughter. /.
Mr. !■: Muudiy, liendenuti Avenue,
bu beeu conSucd lu his home for some
dayi with i tevere euld.
Dou't forget lbe .lobmoii Family
I'uneiii Concert iu Ibo Htll, iluu .t.n
evsniug ll t o'clock.
:f md tn. utiitipoitD ami Uyjtp V*Hw
tiiins wu a fut uiid well played game.
Tli* tttpn »f li-} wis iii fayor of t>
Owing to tin ncttr huy win ll
it feared miiuli duuiage bll been dune
tn liynn Creek bridge regardless of tbi
retaining piling which wil put ip last
*pil*g ai * ptiltdluil lgli|)it lllgll T>*
-Tinders »ra Invited pi lot" or tnett
of lind suitable for tbe, trtttioo nt I
Ulty Will for tbe 0|ty of Nortb Vancouvur.
All linden mml h nvdn pn»firm
(l) be ubl ui uud frum t|ii nnderitgiietl,
inn! mutt be inudu by Ihu owner pr bis
Attorney authorized bv duly executed
tor, util Howli wbleh often n.. ur tfter
continued licivy rains
Tbe loctl Ore department iwouneid
last week thst tbe key of tbp Art nail
wuuld in future lie lift in I lm* It tbe
bill to tbil.reiid.nt* m»y obiaiu tbe
bote reel promptly in cue nf umer
gom-y. A key tin tlso be uhlaiiied
from Mr. II. Duuglis, deputy ebief,
Captain A. Barber and Capt. B U
On Wednesday evening in tbi Imti
tute lllll it 8:30 I bu.Hl.ei bill match
between the hume team aud the engin
eon will bo played. Tbe homo team
Wilt lie represented by Mui srs. Boyue,
Eulliiii, Himgliis, lliirllull, Earl. Spnte.
I'arliel. A tocoiid mut,li will bo pit)
ed tbo tame evening hetyoeu Lynn
Valley Athletic club and a North Van
couver team, secured by Ooun. Word.
The athletic team will be B. L. Thomp
son, W. Shaw, i-'. B. Herman, J. Pur
die, J. Mitchell, .1. Q. Farmer, ll. Beid,
A. Burrows, W. Marr. J. Barker.
A sale of work wss held on Tiiurs
day afternoon in tbe Institute llall
under the auspices of (Do Indies' Aid
of Knot church aud an entertainment
was given in lhe eveuing. Both pruv
ed lu be a great success. Thl program
cousisted uf local, Nurtb Vancuuver aud
Vancouver talent, end from ■ musicil
ilandpolnt wis ill tbit euuld be de
sired. Heart) two hundred people cum
posed the ludience, mil etch lunnbur
ou the prugram was heirlily received.
The ippearaiice uf lhe Boy Scouts un
.ler I'imiiiiissliiiier J. 11. English iu I
sham Dght purfurmonuc, wis I gruat
tucceii, Mrs. B. Admit iclod u nurse
and Mr. A. K. Kealoy is physician.
After the eveuing entertainment au
aucljun wai made of ihe guuds left
frum the sale iu Ihe tflernoou.
power pf ittorpiy.     	
Tbe mcceetful tenderer will be call
ed. upuu to give *n pption to.Ibi till
in t form utltfictory to the Oity Bo
liuilnr until tbo necessury By-liwi are
passed. Tb* priei will lie payable, 10
pir cent, within thirty dtyt ufler thl
passing of the Bylaw authorizing tbe
purcbue iud tbe blliucu within nine
ty deyi thereafter.
Belied Tenders murlied "Tender for
tlily Hull Site" must lm ludgud with the
City Uerk, Oity Hill, Norlh Viucou
vor, before li pin. on Munday, Decern
ber Oth, 1818:
The luwost or my teuder nut neces-
uunl-. iccepted.
tl 13 City Clerk.
siiecttlcitipn and Ipmet eg)
i be mn apd fount of lanil
ut the office qt Mt. Wffl- »•
derion. Reildent Architect, Vlctorl
B, D„ at the Pott OrT|co, areenwop!
B, p., snd ut this Department.
Persons tendering are notified lhat
tendera will nut he considered unlet!
made on the printed fm iiih supplied,
and llgned with Iheir actual signs
lures, stating their occupation! ani
plucos of reiidence. In the cue Ol
Hi um, tpe actual tlgnalure, tho hitun
of the occupation and plice tt tell
llnacii nf uucli iiiainlior nf His llrm mut
be  n'vcli.
b'ucb tondor mutt bi accompanied by
uu accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to Ino order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Work*
uiiuul to ten per cent (10 p.o.) of thi
amount of the lender, which will bl
forfeited If the perion tendering dt-
eiine tu enter lu'n u contract when
Hip tl|o v,Qfi eoni/acUd'Tor" |f tni
called ii "mi ib do "ao, or fall to bom-
•■■•■•I'l'-'i ini pntat'"
mt don not bind
   ..uveal  Ot llllV lim
ll.v urder.
tender be not iccepted the cheque
'- returned.
lie iiepmiiii.iit doei not Ijlnd I
be returned.
The liupiiriiiieiii doei not bind Hulf
to accept the lowest of any lindtr.
'li. C. iiiusmiiiili-.itH.
11.-1r.,11 nl of Public Worki,
Ottawa, Nuvember It, 11)12.
Newtpaperi will not be paid for this
inlvei ilseiiicni If tbey tntert It without
authority from the Department.—S88I5
I intend it lhe neit regular meeting of
tbe Liceuic t'ummisiiouen for Ihe
Oily uf Nurlh Viueuuver lo ipply fur
sn Hulel i.i.ri.... In be kuowu by tho
iiuiu.' uf the Arlington Hotel situate
uu lull twenty leveu io block l.'iti. I).
I. '.'71, iu Ihe city of Norlh Vincouver.
Dated Nov. llth, 11'I'J 15 IS
Tenden for Land Clearing
Nurlh Vincouver Oity Schoul Buard
invite tenders fur clearing uf block
817, 0. L. Cltl. Bpuciflcitioni obtainable
nn applicaliuu lu thu undursigned with
WbOlll   lender:,   ull   |lle:,ellbe,l   forillS   US
pruvided are to  bu  lodged  not   later
il.ui. Wednesday, S7th November, 10IS.
Lowest ur any offer not necessarily
(Signed)    UEOBOE OAMi'BKLL,
Secretary Buard uf School Truslees,
P. l). tiux SHI, Norlh  Vancouver.
Publlibin of tbi "Eipress'
Job Friiiten
Pint Strait But Phon* 80
The Panama Theatre
For tho Whole Fimily
Starting Monday, Nov  811b.
S Shows Nightly- 7:30 and 8:16
15c, SOc, 35c.
Maliuee Daily at li—16c aud B6c
Are You Moving
Wo du moving of all kiudi. (live ui
i trial. Wc also have boavy teams by
the din—express and luggage, or wheu
yuu want wuod, call or pbone 07. Wo
huve a lurge stock uf mill wood 18x16
inch lengths. Furnace wood a specialty
l'runipt deliveries.
18 Lonidale Avenut
Phone 87. Wood COD.
The Futeit Same In tbi World
Westminster at Vancouver
Pricei: Entire Hillary, 60 cant*. Betirved Beats: (1.00.
Ice Skating 3 Sessions Dsily.
The gentleman on the tortoise
reprcKnti tht mm who dou not
irucriitt—the one who trict lo do
buwiKu u it wu done in lhe dayi
of the tallow candle or tht oil lamp.
Art you in the glare of tht dec.
" Id—in the automobile ot |
tM     Our Want Adi, ire high voltage
11 battcriei, whether you want light ,
J Ler power- --butuieu publicity or/
riimpctcnl help *
I      Aie sou in t
\ uk lijnt—in
/| Modern Methc
FOH HENT—fi roomed modern hnuiu
completely furniihed, furuice, etc. A|i
ply 317 Htb street wul. iA 11
FOB KENT 1 i.uiineil ltil, moderu
improvement!, lutli tod Boulevird. Ap
ply F, Iluulil, plumber. t.f.
HOUSE FOH  BENT-Bevm rooms
and Imb, close to cir iud ferry, I'm.
Furniture for sile. 311 Itltn ilreel F.
FOH HENT ii roomed houie in frout
uf i'llice Hulel. Ueo B. B. Hanna, 301
Hidden Buildiug, 16 Hilling! Street
eait. ' 1.1.
FOB HBNT-Nirely furniihed (6)
iiv.- nu,me.I house, (Sll per mouth. Ap
ply 171 li ami rheiterlield, between 7
■nd 6 u'clock iu Ibe eveuiug.     318
FOK BENT-Two ur Ihree roomi,
furniihed or uufuruiihed, furuice
helled. Phone 3,16, ifler 8 p.m. Otll
SOS St. (Jeorge't, S6tb itreet E.    8 JS
FOB BENT-Nkc, aewly deconted
111, 188.60 pir miniih. 4 roomt tud
Iiiih room, quill dole lo ctr. Knight
k Bteoliford, 467 Lootdtjt Aveuue,
Nurlh Vincouvir. 88 11
t '/"-in
BOOMS FOB BBNT-Housakceping
and tingle, Sll Snd itreet dul.     t.f.
TO  HENT   3  Urge  well  furuiibed
rnouiu.   Apply  Vli  Lonsdile   Avenue.
VOB KENT Four room Hal, SAD III
ttreet eut. Apply 166S 1'irke.t Street,
(Jrandview. . 1618
FOK KENT 6 roomed flit near
fury, lit per mouth. Apply Warburn
lit Piano Houn. t.l.
FOK KENT   I roomed modem hou
' tot, IS minutei item Imty. Kent 116
per month.    I'een k Boult. Phont 188.
1 fft)g BgH-ffrHMMIrt hvuii, Mrt
to Afpf itore pp Ub »nd JiOBidile,
♦SO. Apply H. H. Millard, 768 Um-
Atle »v*pue. it
FOK  HENT   kive ruumed  tint  bin,
gtlow, plrtiy furniihed ou 801b street
eut of (jusentbury  oo  Lyuu   Valley
•r Hit. BS 10
TO KENT -Frout room. Bull twu
frieodi, 11.76 t*rb. Met attic ruom fi,
Vli Sink Slreet Will, North Vin.-cu
ver, flrat block from Loatdile.    88-11
FOK  KENT   Iryoui  moAtrp  bun
gtlow, completely furultbed, bath, but
and roid .wattr, eltctric light, nur iur.
Kent IU munlbly.   Boi I8S, Fip.ill.
POB BPT-Fini »*" neAnn f-
roomed bouie, iVroer of S6lh aid Mi
boa Aveuue. Will give lease to toll-
gbll lenint. Apply Holierl J. Fowler,
81! Kipttnad* Eut. t.f.
FOB BENT-Moderu furnltiitd
aptrlmeul of 4 roontj beat; dltippear
.iug bedi; piiuo; laltpbone, etc.; llio
pt^f*,»llbid ayatlwii*) tpltadld view
TTr-r-—r   -r— - ,     .
0«lwi*l Aptrlmeoli , Eighth itreet
eait, North Vincoovir, Enijuirt Apart
m*nt 8. Vhtm tUh
FOB HALE Khubsib reul., best nu
ported Eoglltb ieid. J). Jleldtworlb,
Oirden ivenui, I'apiltuu. t.f.
FOB HALE Firil grufilli wood,
•I.i'i * rord. 0. M,-1i»de, IHi Mb ilreil
•ul. I'bou 8J. ft.
"FfJB BklB-B. tl. While Ug.or*
eovkeri'li. Apply Mil, md SI. (jeergi
Bt. 88-11
FOB HALE Applet: Kuweit., King!
tod Split. 40 Ibt. $1.86. Keene, 1600 Bl.
Ucorge A i emu'. t IS
FOB HALE rook Hove, m-trly
new, IJ4.00, ptrlor banger Imp wllh
ihide, gs.60. 867 Ub ttreet.
FOB BALB-A lem vtiy choice
White iK'gborn iVkereli.. Apply 191
(Ib *lreat weet, North Vancouvtr. t.f.
FOK SALE-File 6 roomed home,
jutt below "Tempi Heights." bltuli
fully furniihed. I'hice Uff), inclod
ing furniture. Thii ii i viry heillby
J«c*lity aud * iplmdld viiw. Oleic
tu cir. Kolght A BteatUofA, 467
Uuidile Aveoue, North V**!****;.
FOK HALE H|,lcii,|i,| utility Huck
S. 0. While Leghorn cockercli. Our.
Milium menu,- tud SI. Jaines St.  t IS
WANTED-A geueril nrviit  Must
lie guod cook. Apply 848 Htb mil Tel
' |'l,,Uie 666.
WANTED Hinirl uietieuger boy
Apply Simpwo k Wight, 171b ilreit,
cor. Bt. Andrew'i Avinui. Lf.
WANTED Twu eooki (mill) for
boipilili on line of P.O. E. Itailwuy.
Apply niiiing eiperieoce and salary
I'tpcrled lu Dn. Newcombe tud Mir
Iiu, Norlh Viucouver. 8811
WANTED Oiiiilrii'luri for bind
rleiring, liptie link., eouueeliug lew
ert, leimiug, cordwood hiuling by con
lr*cl or bj cord. Apply 1. Vlnctul,
Norlh   Vincuuver. 8818
WANTKh-Oordwood lo cut oo your
premiiei, ll IIVS6 I single cord, 1*0
cult, tpeclil piiee foi lirgtr quiull-
tiei. Alto I qDMlily of 16 inch wood
for uli it 18.(4 pir lud Apply I. II.
Vmtti, 181 Mb *tr**t eut. Phone ttl.
Mil—Stick pi* Mt with peirli tnd
lurquoiw. Hewird. Phone 118,   SO II
Um-litsy lijue Ullored cott be
I ween lit tad 61b ilrettt. Kindly re
turn to tbii oi». 8411
WBT~N*vy b|M Ullnpj roet bt
twM* J.I ud (tb itreeti. Kindly it-
turu  In tbi I «ei.   Biwird,        S411
WST lllirk ipiolel bilcb, iniwen
to **m* "Tritin" Finder returning
te 1. Bytn, Ht Uih itr** eut will
tmaivp nmmi. UU
LOST-A purie cuutiiuiug 3 keys.
lieketi, ami loine smill change, on
l-'i;.iu. aflernuou between Poit Oflice
aud l.-.j.-liiiui'le Iv iiully leave al Eipreu
Oflice.   "   2811
LOST-On 18th street east or Lons
dale Avenue, liclwceu'l^h and 3rd
itreet., t pearl aud tuniuuise'pciiiltni,
witb guid, (Iiuiu Kewird, Miss Tfioin
ton, 3rd iud Lomfllilc. 86 11
MONEY TO I/JAN--Money loaned
uu diamonds, jewelry, furt. Star Loan
Co., HIS Hauling!, Vancouver.       t.f.
dining aud bed room, l'iano, w-ijI.i
new.     A106,   Etpreii  Office.     Ill
Short time loam ou vacant or improved property. Htor Loan Oorapany,
111 Hastings, Vaneunver t.f.
TOOLS FOB BAIiK-Engiueert', cir
peiilcis' ind plumbers' croil cut Hid
rip mwi, cheap. Box AI(6,~Ripreis Of
(ce. 3JS
Empire Theiln, uow under new man
ngeiin-nl. llu,nl  inline, jlluilrttcd lOllgl
Hid Aral clui pbolupliyi. Everytliiug
(ral-elait. 88-11
llresnnaking jurlori, Ladies' Tailoring, evening gownt remodelled, reoo
villoni, etc. JJ8 Second Street east,
Uth door from LouidaJe. 16 IS
Furuace boated double frout room,
tingle room ilm bed fining room, ball
I block from Jxinsdole. 186 Siilb
Street Wetl, North Vincouver.     6-18
Mn Fnuk Alice, mituwlty nunc,
North Uwdile P. ll, or c»ll it grocery
ror. Loonkli md Klng't Bead. 6 18
Billable girl wioli ligbt buuiework or
mind children morulogt. Apply B*x
Aid, Eapntti OJr*.
For lim: watch nnd jewelry work go
to Oeo. Somcrton, tho now jewelry tton
at  113 Lonsdalo Avonue.
Nurno Onldcr, miteiottf,'oflf. /«?..
engagement* From Scotland. .  Phone
160, liili street and Moody, ne*r Boulevard. :i )i
Dressmaking Parlors, Ladies' Tailoring, Opera Oluaks, Evening Onwoi ru
inodelled, renovalioiii, .eiv^'ricei mod-
crtle, 118 Second Street Eut, Sib
duur fruni Luniilalo. 1618
B. C. Livery ind Board itiblit-
Light rigt iud ladiea' aaddl* bortti
for hire. Sttbling for bone*. Gin-
•ral delivery and heavy teaming. 0,
Duuiai, itb ttreet woit. Pbom 847 t.f.
Authorized agent for Singer Sew
ing Midline Oompauy in North Vincouver. .). .1. MeAleeee, Dry Ooodt lud
Oouli' Furnishing*, corner Firit and
Lomdali Avcuue. t.f.
Sale of work and entertainment at
Nortli Lonsdale Jjrotbyteriin church,
Tbursdiy, DeceiifRr (tb. Sale al 8.80
p.m. Program in evening at 8 o'clock.
Admission, idullt 86c, cbijdreu 10c.
a- 318
Ium.] Cluriug and Grading Utl,
I'elo Audruii, Ocnoril Oonlnclor. Si-
wer coiincclioni * ipccitlly, buemeut
ind olher eicavating work undertaken
Eitimatei free. ISO ISth atreet weit,
North V»»couver, put office box 888).
611ima-Ur. Otw Uoitey, voice
producer aud singing export, now sl
lendi il Warburnitz Piano Po'l roomi,
Tuesdiys *ud Fridiyt, 88 yoin' *x-
perituce. Hlsadnd-Mtlhodi of Boyil
Ai'ideroy, Termi on  Inquiry.     1813
Bxp.orfenced -Ltjy would givt'fspff
day pf erery clay helping in b )UMW«rk
Would take charge of bouie and «hi|
dren Jn evening* Box J 111, : Nortb
YpptPOym- <>•
a m
Offloe: Ni uiudiii Aram.,
—Worth Tmntvnt) Ik ft
Bunken, Whirf ind Winbonw,
cgt, Otoitt nil Biyl"ini4i
Plioni IM,
Phone 171.
An a nisi
f 9 I I *■<( »•*"■(   f'arJHf  ^wW^W m
• Practical Method
fti »t«i»i iiiiii i iinm in t .tO
A glrl-I till Iih i flrl, though iht
Keep Your Eye on
_p__- Ow RENT CARD
We hlT* liuu«« tu rant *t ill prlltfj, mnl In every pari ul the city;
elm guud buiineu llindi it luw lentil*
W" ire tiieclilltti In miniRlng rentil nroiieillei lor both reildent
end out of town uwner* Our itutemenli uml remittance! ire lent
|ironi|iily every month ind. md no detail ut thii etieuliil cluii of
Hi'i-vlco eioipel our itlentlon.
U l.uliilalr Ivtmae
Phone m
Nurlli  taui'uovrr
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
ii.'iuiiiiiii;, Remodelling, i:ic, Promptly iilli'ii,lei to.
iu-tinuii. n Purnlthed i'i. -
Office I lilcttlneun A Son'l Ifictury, Rt-
liliuide.   I'hune  III.
Htiildencai Allan  Itoad, Lynn Villey.
1'. 0. Bui It, Lynn Cnik. Phone
Building Contrtctor
All cliiiei of houiei md itore build-
iuga, ollice lulurcn, etc.
4.18 12th Btreet K.
Nurth Vincouver, B. ti.   J1
tit Pender Ht. W.       Phone Seyiitti
A.K.I.K. * S.
Irrigatltin, drilnige, leveli, plui
autl tpetifloitlon*. Beplio Unki Mid
bout, drain*** * tpeeitlty. P, 0.
Hoi HI, 16th ttrMi w**t oi Bewick.
,i i iii in—
tot Firit-clisn Work see
121 Second Street, near Lomdale
P. 0, Box 8141
Htudio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonedali ind Eipltaidi.
High Clitt Udlei' md dents' Tailoring
Repiiriug   md   Alteration!.  (.'Inning
iud Dyeing in ill ill lirmcbM. All
Work guaranteed.
Ul Fint Strut Witt. Phone 261
(#, Uui)
Ladiet' tnd OtnU' Olnulng,
Fretting ind Repairing.
I Specialty
ISO Second Street But
Oiblnet Mikir ud Otrpiutir
Will undertiki ill kindi of wood work,
repiln, ltl.
Fourth Street md BuUuriind Avenue
P. 0. Box mt
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Work.
Firit Btrtet Eut; of Lonidtli
Loweit pricei ind licit work gutnn
tnd on tinning md ihtet metal work.
1801 Lonadilt Avtnut, North
CililiiM milter, picture fnmer md
.iei.1.1ic," work mi'l repairs of illkindi.
Uciigtii ami ealitnilei tulimittid. Fur
nlturt houglil, .ui'l im) repaired. Phone
Aid giniril Coniiniiiiun Men-hint, 11
'onidile Av*., Nortb Viucouver.
WtOM 314
Wa ire ipecliliiti In then Hue..
Vllk  Lomdali  ATM**
All kindt of uwi (led ind tet on tbe
thorteet notice.   Lawn mowere, knivot,
badge alicari ind iciwurt tbirpened. All
work guiritititd, moderite pricei.
1231 Lonxdelt Avinut piioni tb
Ii yopi Wui di itopping or keeping
irregular timet   Jf ao, iei
I'iomer Jeweller, 80 Lonsdale Avenue
Lynn Valley Temperance Hotel
Norlh Vancouver
On tbe cir line, lioom md lioanl.
Oood ici'oiniiioilitloii for working men
I'onlrn'lor'i men liken. Hliigle meili
1512 II. KAHTUOTT, I'ropriitur
If Not, Why Not?
Buy your Orocirlit ud Provliloni it tkl Nortb Shore
Grocery, whin jrou (it tlw Ttry but goodi it tt* lowest
price*   Oln ui i tritl ind prov* tkl* fer yourwlf.     We
don't cinrjr uy goodi wi *u't gutrinu*.
A few of our tpiclaJi:
'   0»MI Oo«*» it ,., , fit Ib,
Brook. Bond Th it ,, 80c lb.
Onuntry Butur, 36c or 3 Ib. for ...,, ..11.00
BolUd Ott«,  | , ,,56c 7 lb. ncki
ApplH, «lri flMf,,,,,„..,,. UM ud IIM boi
Oinulni Attcroft gpudi  gi.36 tick
All guirmt*td U be fttt tbr** Inch* 1* Iiugtb and tb*
grow*r'» nuw furnldud with itch rack,
' oood OhllliVAck Bam. ..,..,,.,,;,,.,, f\M t tm%
Olden promptly delivered.
1Mb ud LoMdal*
•#   991   ABHi 9
in mhI In III* PUU gallery lu Ror-
mc*, Italy, copying om of Tltlou't pur-
trtlti. Though alts WU tuatefullj
tlruMd, bir elotb** hi been mid*
ovtr (rom tim* to tim*, and paiehe*
mart evident. Hir fact Indicated tbit
Ideality whieb mint be a pari of th*
trill artlit Notwllltiiandlng btr shall-
by ginleil appsaranciibi wil comely.
wltb dark oyei, fair ikln and bilr ho
twten * cbeitnut and red, wbicb, under lb* aunllgbt coining In thruugh a
window, givo It tb* met tint of lb*
look* belonging lo tb* woman wbo**
portrait ihe wai copying. But ih*
wai not tblnklug of barwlt or ber ap
peiraoce, Bb* wm aimply trying to
earn * llttl* money by making a copy
of a famous picture, a copy tbit bu
llttl* value eicept In tb* name to
Wbicb It ll appended. ,
On tb* other iltlo of tbi gillery Itood
* gentleman whole ippearutice wat
tb* oppoalt* of that nt tbi womio.
He bad nothing of tbat ideality tbi
poueiMd, but be bad ao appearance
of prosperity contraatlng witb ber
•babblneea. He itood looking it btr
ftca, from which tbe aunllgbt wu
ilowly puslng, ind iQiuethlng told
bim tbit there Mt' tb* woman hi
wuted to be th* complement of bl*
own Iif*. After baring giied upon
her for wmi (lunJii crowd tb* room
ani itood behind'ber, looking at btr
bait flnitbed work, 0* bad never men
bir before; lie bid not heard bir
•peak, yet be kmw tbat ab* wu an
American. Possibly part Of bll ability
to divine tbia waa tbat bt wu an
American blmaelf.
"I beg your pardon," be tald to thi
gtrl. "Would ypu be offended it a bit
of criticism oo your work?"
"Oo tb* coutrary, I would be Ttry
"Well, then, loiUerl of doing wbat
ron ar* cipibli of doing you ar* doing tbat wbicb yoo ar* not fitted
to do."
"PIMM *iplaln."
"Judging from yonr eut of count*
nance I fancy you btr* in irtistlc tern,
perameut. On tbat I build my tbeory
tbit you originate for yourself. I do
not believe there wu irer ■ good orlgl
mtor wbo wu a good copyist."
"(Ju on.  1 im lulereeled."
"I ipMk from eiperlence. I «m my>
till locipabl* of origination, ind I mil
Incapubl* of copying. Bul I poaaeM i
faculty thtt Ile* between tb* two. I
cm Imltile. Tou tee th* difference be
Iwaen Imitating and copying!"
"1 tblnk I do."
"Will, to rtturo lo you. Tou ire not
copying Ihlt picture. Vou ire con<
•Unity lad a wiy from lt by your own
conception*   Tbo result I* failure."
Tbe girl threw down ber brush.
"Hit* you any of your own work la
Florence I" uked lb* critic.
"Lot* of It"
"ilay I Ml Itr
"I would be only too glad *f youi
fi iti. tuin upon IL"
She gtvi hlm Ib* nurnPti Oi a bout
overlooking the '.,<; Arno wilb ber
name, Utrr.ial llithoru, ind be band
rd b» hii card liearlng tbit of Jobn
' it noun, miking in *ppolnltneut to call
ueit afternoon.
lie climbed Uve flight* of *t*ln te
liud MIm llallioro ind WU Ulh*rtd
Iuto her itudlo, parlor, bedroom ind
kitchen In on*. The woinuu pf whom
ihe rented tbe room ut uwing by •
window. MB» Hathorn placed an uwi
In * convenient light aud put OM pic-
lure after another upon IL
"You er* wbit 1 luppowd," Mid Oa-
boon, "an arilst, and yoo, ar* wbit I
•uipected-younelf, not another, Yout
natural Slid I* (II your own."
'Then wby cinnot I Mil my pictures'f
11* nulled "It look in. a number of
jean to gain an eip*rt*nce lo enable
the to anawtr tbat quMllon to my owu
aillifirtloo I cinnot *mwir It more
inttlllglbly tbtn by giving you a brief
tynoptli of my own irttatic c»r**r. A
poor boy, I loved urt iud wltbid to I*
•0 artier. |fy frleudt all told in* my
work wu idmlnbii, bul to llm* i
found oul iim It wu wortblaaa, To
keep from itirrlng I tri*d copying ud
failed eveu al that
"A picture dialer wben I knew Ae-
dtred tbit b* could toll If my picture
of a gnat muter were genuine without looking *t tb* tint 00 IL I painted ouiuwltb a work of (Jlotio befor*
mi. Tb* lubjeel wu my own. All
tb* r**t wu oiotto'i. lo «tb*r word*,
my work wu an Imitation. I rabbet
dirt and BOOt over It, tben pirtltlly
cleined It and lliowid It to lb* detler
•l u original QleU» I bad dJ*cor*r*d
lo lb* pouewlon of on* wbo did oot
know Ito vilue. II* offered u Iiu-
menu ium for It I liugbad at bim,
confewlng tbat 1 b*d palnlid tb* pi*
lur*.        >
"0* W** Mt go oTencrupulon* p*r-
•oa tnd tgraed to giv* nn a paylog
prlu tor tb* pictur* aad tor other
equally wccewful ImlUtion. of lb*
greet muter*. I d*«Uo*d bl* off*r, bot
mid* levertl iuch Inttattoo* which
were *ipo*ed U original*. Bl ulllng
ill**. f«w picture* I lovld have mill
miwittteh.  Tb* p*Wk I up**t*d I*
"I gar* up palnttng nnd gradually
worked Into * .imlueii of ulllng plo-
turu prlnolpilly to Am*rluini wbo
car* mor* tor lb* nam* (ban tb* plo-
lur*. By bunting up poor or Indifferent work* attributed to celebrated
ind ulllng tb*m -tor wbat
tbtl mill mme I tilntA a fortune It
did not matter that I lold tboi* who
bought tbem that I comidired than
WurtblM*.   All Ihey wlthed wu to bl
•bl* to lay tbat tbay win genuin*
My aonaelipc* waa oiur,"
Mr, Gaboon iwiiwd, and Mlaa Ba.
thorn Mid alu tinderitood. Tba former
^1 think, I un mra, tbit I im to mi
and yonr work a born artlit. I adrbw
you to paint your own picture*, and I
hav* a plan by which you may •up-
port youruelf In the meantime I will
buy from you several of tbeu pie-
(UrM tbat I couiider ibovi (be ever
»ge, paying yuu wbit I* today mor*
than Ibey ate worth, but Wbat after
you ban mad* a reputation will n*
Itu tban they wilt ba worth. It I* a
fair deal."
"Yoo tab* all tb* rlik."
"And pocket all tba profit."
"But wben I bare uied up all yo*
pay ow for tbeu I ahall b* again
"Yet, without atilitinci wbicb I
propoM to furnlab In lotue tucb legitimate way aa I furnlab tb* beginning,
W* ere purine™, yoo producing lb*
Ideal part of tb* good* w* eell, I the
practical part Moraorar, I ibtll. at
tb* capitalist of tb* Srm, Uk* tb*
Hon'* almra of tb* profit"
Ulu Balborn waipuuled. Sh*could
not understand Ibll Internet In * ci-
rcer for ber to t itranger. Bin aloud
mut* thinking about wbat ba bad Mid,
whu* be, iileclliig certain pleturei,
ut tbem add*, uylng, "I will give yo*
io muy franct for thl* and iu many
for that," tnd whin ba bad flnbbtd
he figured up tb* emount, uylng (hit
hi would tend for hi* proptrty ami remit tb* money to pay for It al lb*
aim* tlm*.
Tb* girl tbinked hlm mioninlcilly,
half doubting whether lie would keep
hi! proinlu, but whin a mueenger ar-
riled for tb* plcturet wltb in envelop*
eonlilnlng nulei enough to keep btr
In thl Imipenslvi city of liTorenci for
tnor* thin • yeir ahe feared tbat tb*
IrtnMCtlon wu Intended lo dnw tier
'Into * trap. Ilowirer, the wu 10
artist wltb pleturei to Mil ind winced
birMlf wilb tbi (bought tbit In any
event the wu captbli of liking cir*
of bertelf.
A change cum ovir UUt liilbom
whin, ■ week later, ibe recilved (
not* from Ur. Ctboon lUUog Iht! b*
hid (Old two Of bir plcturut to perioni wbo vilued Ibim for their In-
trlntlc worth for ■ turn egutl to whit
be bid paid bir for ill. To verify bl*
■Utuunt he uot coplM of iitltrt or
dtrini tb* olciure* ind itiiln. m*
(ary Htll* ralu* opon bar piciurei,
but aba will kmw that, while pour pio-
turet wltb a nam* will bring a large
prlci, poor picture* without a mmm
ara a drug on tb* mirket. it begun to
dawn upon bar tbat, attar all, ber ph*
ttirei muat bev* mirlt
Mr, Co boon kept In touch wltb Mlaa
ilatburu from tbat tlm*. He wu ut
nojiMiatabM to bar In bar world but
waa quit* valuable in tba aale of bir
pictur** Indeed, abl bad learned
moat of wbat an* eoold he mught
and bad reached tbat Polo* Wbere perion*-of'originality twgln to throw ulf
the prop*n»lty to follow leedare ond
itrii* out on their own paiba- At Brat
bar work waa not underalouo, nut art-
er * few pleturei bad been hung in
position! where tbe public could In-
•|xct tbem a toite for Mlaa Hatborn'a
worb begin to grow, *nd In a couple
of year* abe found binelf able to eell
bar piciurei without Mr, Cihoon'i a*-
However, be had meinwhlle paued
from tbe condition of a atranger to
tbat of icqiiiliilance and flnally a
friend. He waa often In bar mlud, for
there wa* Ilml  which  wat lingular
•bout bim. She knew bim for a man
wbo could ban nude money dishonestly, but bid mcceeded In making II
booMtly. And, moreover, she rwlUtd
Ihlt b* had taken her from failure
One evening trim* waning win mm
In the lieniiiifiH lioboii gnrden* hank
of |b* gallery where they bad flnt mrt
llie wee e<|ir*Mlug ber gratitude tor
what be bod dupe for bar end asked
bim point blank tor tne reuon of big
duiug to, r-—
"The tlm* bll come," be aald, "for
me to eiplaln. Whan I looked acroa*
tb* room where you were copying and
iaw you anting |t your work, tbe mn.
light tinting yonr face and hair, I na?
ogniied you for tbe one woman in tbi
wurld whom i wanted, It would bar*
been ont of the qimetion tor me to woo
a itranger in (be umal way, l did nol
Jhlnk inu could tie won to- aneb a
wooing, Fortunately I thought I MW
tp you Indications of tbe artlit, and
wben I aaw yonr work my opinion wag
eiiiiiiiincii. Ton may bare thought I
waa kind to yoo or tbat 1 waa dlapoaeft
to muke money out of your picture*.
My objaet waa neither ot tbeu, g
••ryed you for u consideration of another kind. I wlBhed you, And now
I mil upon ypu to-pay-dearly you may
think It-tor what I bare dope for
you. I aak In return yourself, end yog
know tbat wedding bells for a woman
mund tb* knell of en artistic career."
MIm Hathorn paid tba bill and will*
Ingly; hnt being a true a nut, ah*
iiniiiii much eomfort during oer nia*>
upd Iif* wltb her brush.
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
Wltb Wbicb I* Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
Nui tli Vincouver Branch: 67 Lonadale Avenuo, opposite Poit Ollice.
Bepriuntiug Lynn Greek Zinc Mines Limited.
' We. inve money for Agreementi for Bill.    Nothing too large or too
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division,
•j Let us quote you rates on Fife, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
l'bono 484.
Victor Victrola
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selections) of your own choice for  $4. l«uv
Tke Balance
Per Month
The Balance
Per Month
Over 3000 records to choose from. Buy this outfit and
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this wonderful home entertainer '
Walter F. Evans & Co.
JUtftfl VktroU Pariori and WholmU Wartrooma
526 Haitingi Street Weit
Vancouver. B. C.
^^^™ Capital Paid UU ..-,,. •.,0.0,000
Bmrre »nd Undivided Prout* »3,600,O00
Total Amm'   ,;• ,,  ■■ oyer I4u,ooo,ooo
IT '".not yuur RgnliM nowir that
will memo, e your liaptifneii In the
* tiler yeara, Vour Mrlw PP*'"'
alone can anuro you ugulusl the time
when your earning power will he reduced,
A tavlngt account at (he Bank uf
Hamilton wuuld he a help toward *u-
Mulilng the kibll ui ulna. Tin taint
cuiirleoui, efficient, nltmiflop It given
' all ilii|iiinu>r« v'
large or email.
t« all i1ii|iuhUoi'i whether Ini account
he lat—
Beef OIII..
Have you Ittn Olir Hufely Uunoilt Hon-
i.t Vou fin rent una lor a reasonable feu
<:. ll. HIM VNN, 4(10),
Nurlli   Vaumuver
i wmaam-m
MUI Plione 80
P. O. Boi 1000
Factory Phon* 1. A
Factory Pbom 687
The North Vincouvir Lumber Oo, having purcbated ill tbi miiU
and plaut are making i clearing out aale of all th* eld itock it greatly
reduced price for caab to make room for now stock.
— i..1.11., ,1^1       WU    II      |. I    | ,|    —I —■■■■— ■!   —.   II    ■■     ■ I —      "
Factory: Comer Esplanade ind St. Oeorge.
Three Hug* Be*)*, fiich Weighing
Twwtg Tona and Parrying On*
Mile of Pablei TriutporUd Anrow
..9ffi)tyMiil ..ir -fliFJfc. Jb Ml.. OnUr,
"Telephone Tald," the oW. lai organ
uf II. I!. Telephone ru. I.M, tliui ly,
ai'riiicH the laying of tin new r*lila
(trot* Burrird Inlet connetitiiig i|tit
eity with Vawin .van
The luhroarlae e*bl* under Barrard
Inlel between llie eltlot of Vaiieout'ir
and Nortli Vlimauvei wm mmeeifally
Houses to Sell or Rent
We have tome splendid buys at
Reasonable   Prices
Houses of  all  sizes lo  rent
Excellent four-room suites,   Close in, $17.50 and $22.50
Phone 24 P. 0. Boi 1820
Iild on the niiiruiiiH of Novirolwr ID.
Tlio ruble it an uz puir one and It
mm ihljipn) from Kuglind on three gl
Kiuiiii' roelt, eaeh caryrlng appruiim-
uirl'.' one "iii'' nf eih|o. Hich ru.1
weighed twenty tons, liml it Intn
.it id milled to bring Iba cable- to Vm
couver from Eiigliiul liy witer, through
the Hue/ i-mini. It would have houn
possible lo lun e wound it In one red, in
wiii.b cue c-iiiisi.leiiiiile work it Ilils
etui In llio preparation of lite cable
for laying, would inve been ivolded.
Iliil'.etfi,   OWillg   tO   till   ili-ic.lle   of   lllll
cunipuny In bava the cibie on llie
gruuud al the oarliest possible moment
it wes liuleruiiiieil Ilml witer Irani
imiiiiimu tbo entire liialaiu e wuulil be
tuo alow atnl llie cable was according
ly   shipped   unu:.   Hn-   Allmtlc   mid
lllllli.l'eriecl     111    llie    I'lllillcll.'lll     I'lli'ltl.
Ilailway fnr a Iranscuiitiiieiilal haul.
Owing lo lite fact Ilul II would lie
inipuseiblo tu negotiate tlte railway
tunnels in the lluckiue ami Helkirks
mill ilie cable wuuinl ou one reel it iud
to hn cut into three auctions ind wuuini
un us many reels. It required two flat
ears to handle (lie three reels.
The preliminary wurk of splicing tin
onila of tliu cable and placing ilahuanl
tlte laying vcnm'1 was perfurmud under
llio iiipi'rviiiun uf Mr. Ueurge Met'art
Biy, The Vaueouver end of lliu three
niile cable was In mli d at Nu. il ilied, tl
I', il. nluu I, while the Nurtb Vancuu
ver end was limleil il the foot uf
luii..-dnlu ut,nm.. The route of the
cubic across llurranl Inlel will be mil
eii iu all churls uf Vuncuuver hurhor
ami vceielt will not be permitted In
eiichur iu cluse pruttiniity to llie rible,
to thai there ia little daugor uf il
being Iuiiled by Hie authors of ahipi.
laid U|i in lhe alream.
Willi lite laying uf Hie cable Nurt'o
Vaucuuver city, Nurth Vancuuver muni
cipality and Weal Vancuuver municipality I.e. mm timely linked with Van
couver.   Tliu min.dm lion of lbe Iwu
Vgnconrer dtlis, will 'now ba wada
Wllliunl till wails incidental lu thu
handling of cills through long distance
iiperalurs.   Hunneetlnu  between    Van-
couver and North Vancouvsr wavjn
tlm past tnalntiiiiril by ptuns of cables
Whieb   erussutl   the   Vl,,f   Nurruws  pt
Burrard Inlet in ths watermelus uf thu
Vauionv. r «Hy walarworht department.
Thin mains will ihortly hn liken up
to afford room for the uptiritlont of
till Huininiuii nm eriiiui'iil dredge which
it engiged in widening and doepoiilit^
ihc em,ume to the harbor. Th* illy
of Vancouver hai Iild new main* te
tike Ih* place of those which will ,»
ta, en up-
Canada's Undeveloped
Biplorert Journiy for Tbouiaudi of
Mil*. Through Northiro Oanadiu
Ttrrltory Bonn Day lo b* Optttid Up
Otlawi, Nnv. »a.-Tbi ttory of a
remarkable canoe trip ill uii'-unkuuwn
tectioit of lbe lludiou'i Bay hinterland
by I Harvard gnduita ami a single lu
dim wm hrutiglit to Olliwi luday liy
letters frum Mr. Kbert Olierliullicr,
Willi Is at Ilis Indue III H " eiijcml. Iliwi.
Mr     Olieliliill.el,   Wbu   hlS   i-|ielll    U
couple uf seituiti eiplnring tlte waler
roulea in Ibe Hiiuy Hlver valluy uf
th*    fur    I nnll'IH    Ulliee     Veiendereye'i
time, left Lai l'u, on the I'liinlian
Northern railway, wilb Billy HcClcc, in
Huiiuii frmu Port Fnuces, it tbu oud
uf June ind followed the roule via
Keiudeer lake that wis lakeu by Mr.
J. II. Tyrrill in mm, on bii second
trip iiiuiii. li the lurron limit for llie
lleologiiil Uurvey to Dulirocbel, the
last iiiimiinii ilitloii, No Indians were
pm. limbic mid Oberliullier rejected the
mn i.e lo turn luck.
finding Tyrrell'• imps without i
tl ie-, he went north to Handy I -n ■-.
wbere be left Tyrrell 'i route to folluw
tbu Tlilemii.ii river lu Ibe bl)'. For
IOU milei lbe ruule wia where no whilu
mini had ever been, including tbe tra
verse uf Nulhliuiua, or Sleeping island
like, where Samuel llefig erased on
Ibe way lo the ('upper mine river un
December 311, Iiiil. I'art uf this like
ia in the treeless regions aud on the
way duwu the river, which ia full ur
ipida,   lllierlmll/er   uw   innumerable
Mri bee,
lliidsuu'i lity wis reached, abuut V16
miles north uf Churchill, on Heplcinber
Are You Contemplating a Trip to
the Old Country?
Arrange to join our Feraonally Conducted Party, Leaving Vancouvtr
on Dicimber 8th.
Spend Your Chriitmai at Home
By joining tbli special you cm nuke the trip it until npiuii. Bviry-
thing included in thi fin we will  quote you.   The party will bl in
charge of Ibe undersigned, who will look after all dotiili of thl trip,
relieving you of ill worry incident to i journey of tbit kind
If i n I crest cd, clli uu, telephone or »ddren,
T. C. HOLT, Ltd.
Ill l.uieuliile Aveuue, Nurth Vaueouver, B. c
.A. W. NAflK, Ooiumerclil Agent, Oblcigu, Hllwiukii * Pugat Sound
443 Haitingi Strait Watt, Vancouver, B. 0.
11. Au 1'lakimo happened lo be at the
in.>citIi uf the iliief,ia.:i wilh a wliilu
Iimt, in whieb tbo trip lo (Jhurebill
was cuncludeil. Thence lo Yurk the
trip was cuntiiiuuti in the cauoo. Yurk
waa lefl un Olcobur 1, vury late In Iho
season. Tbey arrived at Norway House
a week after the laal boat fur Molkirk
bud left and the juurucy up Luke
Winnipeg to (Jinili nccupied litxoen
days, 'tiii.ii ttm. tern ii.-d Ou November
6, after a journey uf Iwu thunsaud
inil.i lasting Iiln days.
Nu such I rip has been known lu have
been ii" nm|dedied by Iwo men and a
aingle canoe, and many escapes frnm
drowning were experienced, Mr. (Ibcr
Imll/er is making a sketch map uf
Tblawitl* ami ''.uiiiin,umi lakes and un
reporting the newa tu Hon. W. 1.
Bock!, Ihu miuialer uf the interior, the
department was instructed lu plice
Mr. Cbalifuur, the lloininiuii geugru
pin i. iu communication with Mr. Obit
The Scenic Highway
Acrim lb. Itiullurul
Through ticket! to all parti uf Hit
wurld if |oweit ralei
The popular rout, lo tha
01* Iciuulrl,
cklai, »uJ
The iiiuiu up i.i iiuiu iiul" lirvlci
between Vancuuver and Hie Eait
Kur  rilea,  rcicr
fm Hi. i   ti,r.,i im,11.-ii   -
HOB,   Clly   Puaieiiicr   Agenl, JII
lluailnai St., or ir   w. finonlH,
O.P.A., Vancuuver.
tun.n.i,   tnd  ill
in   apply   to   J
"What's the mailer wilh Briggtt"
"lie was getting shaved by a lady
birber when a niuiiic nn icrots the
With Prices again let down, this week will break all
record for fast and furious selling of
Never before in the history of modern nierchandiiing in Norlli Vancouver were the people offered sut li bargain* in bright, new, leaaonable'
Goods.   Our own slock ai well at the Caldwell stock is all placed on sale at prices lower than you have ever seen.   Down with lhe Prices and oul
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Men'a Clothing
Men'i Bulti lu Twetdi, aud Ftncy Wortteds
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Bigulir $l8.wi.  gill Prlc $a.oo
Bigulir $80.00.  8*1* Prlc* 110.00
Begulir $26.00.   Ill*  Prlci $13.60
Man'* Pani*
Btgultr $1.76.  Halt Prlci $I.!I6
Bigular $8.60.   Silt Prlc* $1.76
Bigulir $3.iw.  Silt Prlci lilt
Bigulir UM. Bill Vila 18.78
Bigulir ItM   Ml Prlci $3.76
If geu UHd  PtoU, Ul* tbovt  vilue will
ippttl to y«u.
Men'* Boot* and Shoe*
Men's Working Boot*, r*gvl*r $860
Mil $8.86. lilt Prlc* $144
Min't Boa Otlf, rigulir $3.00. Id*
Prlc* ....' $8.86
Boa Otlf, Oood Viir Wilt, ngutir
$1.00. Btii Prlc* $3 no
Mm'i Pin* Drtu Bool*, In PtUut
U.tiir, Vu-I Kid or Bai Oiir
Btgultr $6.00. Your cbolci $3.76
Men'* Underwear
WlnUr Wtujbt, rtgultr 86c. Itli Prlc*.. 36c
H.ivy Blbbttf. Bigulir $1.00. Silt Prlc. 76c
Pint  Wool,  Btgultr  $1.86.  gill  Prlci .V6c
^.Bltrt Htivy Blbbid.  Bigulir $1.60.
V      ' Ml* Prlc*  	
Me,,'. Working Shirt*
Btgultr 86 ctnti   1*1* Prlc. 88 cut*
Miu 1 Oifordi, rtgnlw IIM. Sill Prlci 66c
Miu> Tfl***. B*gul«r $1-86. Id* Pi let 86c
Uny ind Blui I'liunili. Bigulir $1.60.
1*1* Prlc*   $1.16
Tooke'a and W.G.&R. Fine Shirte
Unit VirUtg lo Oboot* Prom.
Kigulir $1.00 1*1* Prtcl  88*
Bigulir UM. Bll* PrtM  Wie
Bigulir $1.60. llll Prlc.   $1.18
Btgultr $8.00. 1*1* Prlc*   II bo
Mm'i Sob
Bigulir 88c. Bala Price 8 tiiiri for 88c
Big ulu 36c ind SOc. Id* Prlc* 1 ptlr fur 86c
Btgultr 60c. Id* Prto*        1 titlr for 36c
Cravenette Coata
I'awu dolor. Bigulir $80.00 IH-V6
Uny Dolor Bigulir $16.00 110.96
Dirk Uny culor. Bigulir $18.60 $8.86
Tweed Overcoata
Btgultr $18.00 Bitch Ohivlot*.   Oon-
virtlbli Oollir., Vow IH-76
Black Ohivlot*. Bigulir $17.00. Now $13.76
Heavy Tweed*, Convertible
Bigulir $14 te HO. Bill Vtlcm OM
• B $13.76
Fiuty Twild WunUid, from UM to
$1000. Id* Vtimi ■ ■ MfA le $6.76
We wish especially lo call your, attention to a large stock of Ladies' and Children's Stocking*, Hon Combs, and Notion* of all kinds which muat be cleared al half pri" »nd lew.
mwmmmm Kdltor l*pr*»»i-
UeaV Bir,—In regard to tb* renam
ing of North Vanoouver, J would Uk*
.to samefl tha name of jjeymoar. W*
llBVu the Seymuur range of mmmt»in*
pnd \h Seymour river, so the name is
ua much associated with the North
Hliure at Oapiiano la.
It would also place (Admiral) Bey
muur, H. ()., In a cpmmaudlug position
over (Captain) Vanoouver, B. 0,
The soutli ahore ami the Inlet are
both named after naval unburn, uml
5h     tfafof
al Heymour would be paying a tribute
to iiiioiber gallant officer In the Brit
ish navy, Cuudi'i beat frieitd,
11. 11. HARROW.
Ihlitur Uxprettt—
Do** Hir,—In your issue of the I18nd
inst. Mr. P; 0, Tiruuiaii auggesta clung
ing tbe iiiinie of our city to '"Oapil-
The majority of the residents ot
Norlh Vancouver ippear to be Hcntch.
The printing) industry is shipbuilding,
I -.-..uiiil, iln-i.'i'iiiv, auggpat that the
name uf llm cily bu cliangctl tu "N'uw
For One Week
Within Oity Limit*
for $3,100 on Urma of $300 cash and
$36 por month. Thla house la new,
fully modem aiul eitri good buying.
I'liune I6i! P. 0. Box 2307
213 Lonsdale Avenue
alwayi iuggr»ted and wears! water to
me. Vourt truly,
North Vaneouver and th* British
Itlei i'ublie School* Teaiua are leading
in the British Columbia and Mainland
(Irass Hockey- leagues, respectively. In
iti. pi.ivi,,,.!,! \^gm fii« Aml'IHoiii)
Oity's e Iiii iii iiiun eleven has a lead ni'
uuu M|nt uver. Vincouver, wllh Hie
Public Hcliuuls team third,' while In the
mainland league series the Hciiools team
has a lead nf two poiplt over Vaueouver, Nnrth Vuncouver ami llurranla,
iln,.-i' tliruo teams being tlotl fur tec
ond place.
Two mut .-lu'i. are scheduled for noxt
Hatunlay, one in each league. In lliu
B. i' .-ei if., the Norlli Viucouver leum
will clash with the Highlanders ut
Hastings 1'ark, wliilu lliu Vancuuver!
and tho Hritisb Islet I'ublie Heliool
team aru scheduled tu meet at Brockton
I'iiuii   ill U   \l II llllllll,I  I.eilj.'U,' li.llll,-.
Tbo official um.tm- of Hie leums in
liulii leagues fulluws:
B. 0. Latgui
P. W
tl.  Vancuuver   ...I    II
Vaneunver   I     2
Public  Hciiools   ...4    i
Burnaby    .."?..6    1
Hurrard    4    1
il'inl   Highlander!  ,1    0
Mainland League
Hciiools   ...8     2
!,.  I).
Vancuuver  1
N.  Vancuuver  ....1
llm nn.i     3
72nd Highlanders    "
The H. 0, Kleclric Assueiatiun funt
■uli eri. uu Hut unlay afternoon defeat
'd lbc Norlh Vancuuver team by three
guals lo uil. The match was played ou
be Recreation 1'ark ground. In jus
ice to the miu.{iiii.Ii.nl team, it shoulil
lie staled that fur the lirst .fifteen iiiiii
utet uf thc game they were playing
with fuur men short and il wan during
this period lhal lhe visitors ,secured
twu uf their guuls. When both sides
bail a full t'limplcniciit uf players the
match wus u keen ami very cijUBlly coil'
tested one.
The Ht. ,1,din's Church Athletic club
lasl week defeated the Lynn Valley
Athletic club at the Inslilule llall by
' a scum uf l'l puiuls tu 4. This was
the lirsl miii.il uf tbe seusuii fur the
Hi. .luiui's team.
$1.00 down, $1.00
per week
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
Iu the leal year we have suld uver one hundred of theae ilovea iu
North Vancouver. This year wu expect eveu a belter record. If you
ii I a reliable rauge, it will puy yuu tu sec this uue befure dccidiug.
We guarantee absuiulu ■ ui :■•■  ou every range.
Patterson & Goldie
Plione 88
105-7 Eiplanade West
We have some of the cheapest buys.   Good location
adjoining the original Townsite.   For full particulars see
LocaJ Agent* for Britl**. Bmplri Horn Imuraac* Co., London leavuripc*
W* will b* pt**e*4 to bar* Hating*; alao hm** tat tie » not.
ftmm vq-vmum
This evmlng at eight *'. |a«k in the
sitting room of the North Vaneouver
Athletic Hub, the North Bhft Literary
ami Debating Society will hold itt re
goiar woehiy meeting, to* auiijwrtwj
controversy OH tills occasion is embodied in a isolation "that automobiles
should not he allowed upoji publio highways without further restrictions tbau
are at' present in force." The public
and new members are cimlially invited
to llllelld.
Mission at St. Edmund's
Ordir of Servlcti Purlng Wa*k
Mats every morning at 8 o'clock.
i-:-.i„' limn of I'liiliuiii- doctrines
uacli morning at 11 o'clock.
Notary and benediction every evening at ii'iil- Kev. fullier Donnelly will
i -..-.'■ i-i.i'  ia welcome.
To Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Heed, Nov.
115, a sou.
Tu Mr. and Mrs. 0. 0. Hinith, Lynn
Valley, Nuv. '12, u daughter.
Subdivisions and Town-
lite Projects in
Winnipeg, Man., Nov. St.—Figurei
just pulilisliud us a result of receut in
vestigatione serve lu throw valuable
light upuu the matter uf lubdivisiuus
and townsite projects in Western Can-
ada. It appears, for instance, thai
Winnipeg nuw bus a pupulatiuu uf
uiiiuil twelve persons per ay-ie inside
the corporate limits, lbe present
in.-it being l.i.iuiii acres. There are
yet 70,000 acres lo be taken Intu tbe
corporation; and with the enlarged area
there should be ruum fur a milium in
habitants, llui figure that appears like
ly tu be reached within lbc cuiiiitig
1,1 years. This wuulil mean au aggre
gate area fur the city at the end, of
ii.ui I-. ii.-.i iif 1)5,11011 acres, In comparison with ili.--.' llgurea it il ihown
that New Vory city, for instance, has
at the present time some 85,0011 acres
of vacant laml in udditiun tu the areas
liuill upuu and uccupied fur buainess
and residential purpuses. Himilar con
ditlom, it appears, prevail in olber
Lu.line American cities where no i|uei
lion has lieen raised as to the staudiug
uf the subdivisions. II is also shuwu
acenriling to figures given out by tbe
Men hauls' Association of New York
tbat the municipal debt of that cily
is nuw uver 1,111)7 in iiiiun dullars, ur
several millions '"""' "'in the entire
Americiii Nitiunal det. Tbe figurei
staled are regarded as a toiling reply
lu the frequently repeated charges hint
iug at recklessness ami bigb finance in
Ibe case uf certain Canadian municipal'
wmntinf* nt»«i™
City Halt
(Oontlnu*d from (tag* It
Btind tin*. | g|** p i|d*y*iMar the nt*.
uf scholars attending th* Jionidale
seboul. fhti wat referred lo the Board
of Worb*
The chief of tbe Ore department re
commended that the roof of the ito.
a Are hall be Hamlned wltb a vi»w ta
remedying the damage done  recently
by the heavy rain- The Urn and light
seniniillan inggiilail  lhat thia .wink.
Hwo   euuutry   yuuthi   frum   British
Columbia were on a visit to London.
They  went   iulu  the  British  Museum
ami saw a. mummy, mar which hung
a card on which was printed "II. C,
Tlicy were mystified, and one tiitl:
"What do you think of that, Saml"
"Well," said Hani. "I should aay il
was the number of the motor car that
killed him. '—Harper's lln.nnr
should be done under the building inspector's :u I'm ' I. inn
Aid. Hick moved tbit tbe eity en
gineer should prepare plans aud ipaei-
tWitiuna for the permanent grading
uiul iniii'uiieinisiug of Keith road from
the city'a wist boundary easterly to
eouuict with tbi iileusioii of 8nl ttreel
through   the   Indian   Minion.    Tbii
ItlOtiOU   Wit   lidnplc.l.
A plan for tba laying out of Ibe
cemetery submitted by the cily ungiii
eer wit referred to the cemetery and
parks coinmilloe ami board uf works.
Tbe same treatment was accorded a
coutmuiiicatioii from Mr. W. H. Our-
ror who ipplied for in extension of Hie
siduwilk ou Iiih strset west.
The following reports of commit luos
were  formally adopted by  Ihe cuuucil:
Finance Oouiuitttei  -
I;.-, muiii.-n.b-.i ili.'ii amount of local
improvement tai collected for 11)11
ini'l ou account uf lunes fur bits II to
21-115 374 be refunded lo Jaa. M. Mc
Nair. Tiiiit iu future thia assessment
be paid by Ihe city.
lie. iiiiun,-inle,I that charge for 1.161
lie furwarded lu P. T. HaUbury, ei
peuses fur entertaining Arctic Hro
Pirki Oommltt**—
Hecoiiimeiiiieil tlnl Tiyior, llulmie k
Im.i.. be notified Ihlt  their loiter re
damage to resilience of A. M. Keid his
been referreil lo city sulicitur.
Board of Works -
ll.-. uiiuii. ii.l.-.l Ibll I' V Hmillwuiiil
be replied to lint the committee can
uot see their way clear lo open i'lun-
i.-rlicbl ivenuo frum 22ud tu :'.<i.i slrect
at preseut uwing tu lack of fuuds.
Hecuiiimendeil tint Harold Wall be
wrilteu to ami notified Ibat the fore
man will investigate hit complaint and
wili remove treat iu order to give him
iiccc-ss should he And tint tbe entrinee
wia obilruclcd hy city wurkmeu.
Ile.-uiiiincii.lecl tint II. M. I'i.iiiii be
mitilic'l Ihlt his request re reliining
wall will be icccded lu.
Hcciiiiciiii'iitlfti tbit the Nurth Vin
couvcr Ittnd * Improvement tio. be re
pjicd lo thll Ihe funds it preseut un
forluuilely do not permit of the re
quested work being doue at present.
lleconimeiidc.il tbit (leo. M. Kirk
be informed lint tbe Boird of Works
will put iu a dossing ti requeiled lo
lul 7 65 660.
Jlecuinmendcd lint aidewalk on '' iii
ilreel from  Lonsdale aveuue cast :I00
feel on the soulb side be iiid.
Wattr Oonunltt**—
As the Huard of Worki hate derided
lo inii-aclaini/e -ml atreel the full
«i,lib frum I'lif-tertielil lo Bl. Uoor-
ge'i ivcnue, the waterworks committee
re. iiiiiuii'iiile.l tbat tbe lul conuecliuiis
be pul in ttft tbis distance, ami if a
Cord Wood
FOK HALL -Unlimited imouut of
cord wood or stuve wood. Tbompsuu
tnd stuurl.   I'houes 4.11 tud X521I   tf
Men's Leather Lined Walking Shoe*...    $2.95
Men's 9-inch Oulside Counter Work Boots, reg. $5.00
Saturday, only $3.95
Ladies' Fell Bedroom Slipper* • 45c
Ladies' Box Calf Walking Shoei  $2.25
Children's BooU in Black or Tan i.. 90c
Don't Forget the Cold Watch ani tSiactlel We Aft Giving
A Wai
.       .      ' '    . 1 c
I Ml      I    II, hll' ll '" lllll    I   I nil ■',
Everybody's Shoe Store
WOOD * Mtr
■  i ti ii        ,,
Mchen supplies
WHEN in want
of Kitchen
Supplies don't
nvwlnnk thft fnr.t
that We have a
complete line and
carry nothing but
the best, and every
piece is guaranteed
Our stock of STOVES and HEATERS
are the best we can buy and prices are right
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
A» \
suili. i.ui amuuiit uf iiiuiii'}- in nol avail
•Idu in thu ippropriitiuu for Iho year
tliu committee Iiu ulluwi'd lo ilrutv frum
Ihu ii. I'--, of waterworks collections
uver Ihu  estimate hut   uut   exceeding
!l|,pliiMlillllrlt     15511.111).
III! lettor from H. liaulce asking fur
the uiluniiuii of the wuler rutins tn
lull ud 111 55 1 till. li.-. iiiiiiiic-n.lc-il llm!
a .1 imii surface pipe he iaitl iluwn.
Re letter from II. lane making ap
plication for water torvlet on lot II
:i lllll. Hecuinnieiiiled Ilml the upplicu
tiou be not granted.        (
From H. UiiiUburgcr mukiug appliea
tion fur water service for camp pur
point lo lol li 1711271. liccommeniicil
thii Mr. Uinlaburgcr lie rtpiied lo, en
clutiug i pruper application form tu lie
signed li)' Iiiiii ami returned to Ihi
city treuurer.
Uuu Committee
iii.. inn.'i..i. i that the iauc in liluck
195 lie permanently grided ami rucked
ulu, Umi tlie lane in l-l.,. I. 106 he rucked ai far o* Dickcusun 't sash iud dour
Board of Work*—
Ke letter n  T. liulcliisuii asking
that lhe space lietween hii new store
ind ipirtmeiil liuiltling al corner uf
Keith road ami Muliuu avenue lie tilled
in with siuiiililt' plank ilecomitiiiuiti'il
tint hit uppluuiiuii lie grilled.
He letter frum T. It Whitehenl usk
iug fur the placing of i crossing in
froul of bis houae uu 21st itreet eist.
Ilecuiuineiideil lliul the ippiication lie
not gritited in the meantime
lie letter frum licuiiinl .J. liregnry
•skiug for griding uf -Ulli slrect be
I ween Ht. Ueurge'a uud Mi Andrew'a
iviuun iud also for a sidewulk Ile
coiiimeniled tint the iniller lie It'll
uver fur Ihe next council.
St. Agnes' Church
The Sun.lm- iu, Advent will in Ht.
Agnes' church lie spcciilly devuted lo
mi i nm- i'uii- of lbe church'I work and
ou llie Hutiday eveniuga there will be
ipeclal preucliera who wili deal willi
the inuii' nim topic for the diy. Th
Firit Huudiy in AdvtaJ (Dec. lit, will
be obierved is Misaiuntry tud Wu
mm'a Auxiliiry Humlay, Ihe preacher
In lhe evening being tlie Kev. I'rincipai
Vlnre, M.A. The second Huudiy wili
be Huui|iy  achool Humlay,  when  the
-1 ;■!  preacher will  be the Itev. F.
A. I'. Ckulwlck, M.A. reelur uf Ht.
I'lml'.. , inu, I,. Vanrouver, aud president
of the lii'inii-rj Huudiy Hehoul Also
iiniuii! The third will be Young
IViiple's Sundiy, wheu lhe Kev. II
Truiiipuur, M.A., will preleo in Ibe
evening; un.l Ibe fourth will be I'iiiii
muuiciuti Suinluy, when Die Veil.
Archdeacon I'etitreath, H.D., wili
Halurday, Nov. Wllh, being St.Tn-
cli.-n '.« Ilay, Ihere will be a celebration
of tbe Holy t'ommuuion iu HI. Agnes'
cbureb at 10:110 n in.
 , —-maf I	
London Journal on
Canadian Finance
Nurth Vaucouvor Oitid u Om of Fiw
Succiwful Cities
,  i
The 14th
"Hay, come round on the eveuiug
of Saturday, Dec. Mth, aud we'll bave
route cards tud music."
"I'oiilively can't, old mnn. Tbtt'i
tin light the "Minort Set" in on it
the Uosdale."
"Oood gracious, yet. Wbtt a fool
I aiul Wonder if we ciu git ie»ti
ueir to yout"
Thu Financier, in important London
iinnn. ml journal, recently commented iu
u frnnt puge article uu the cuiiditiuu
uf the lioiidun money murket with reference to Canadiau municipal bonds and
coveritig generally the question of the
financial undertakings of the cities
ami munieipaiillea ul lbe pn-i-m time
as Ihey impressed the London inves
lur.   The article is as followt.
"Siuce the excitement caused by tbo
war hua loniewbal subsided, Lombard
ilreel  is flndiug lime to discus* the
<'linn puzile iud lhe "jimb" in the
waters uf Canadian municipal liniiice
A puinl bis uuw been reiebed Wbeu
Canadiau city securities are unsaleable
partly beeause tbey were issued at
ilisunlcillj' high prices iluring the
Iiiiiiiu, tud are still Inu high, in spile
uf the fall; partly because Iho number
uf cities wbu are wuuld be borrowers
lias completely confused London's li
nanciul thinking puwers; aud partly
because the iitTerlug of these seeuri-
tiei enormously exceeds tbe demaud
fur tbem, since the Knglisli investor,
belter iuformed ua to Canadian pos
sibililies thin be wis a year or two
ago, no longer sees llie puinl uf making
investments wbicb develop other
people's property witbuiil giving bim
toy abare u. Ihe profile.
Duriug Ilus summer the paveuieuliof
the cily have been dark witb llic shadows of innumerable Canadian ina'yora,
reeves and coimniasiuiiers, wbo have
been .iiuiu..- uut of one bank ami iulo
auotber in search uf buyers for inen
securities. Tbey have met with scaut
encouragement.. Duly Winnipeg, Has-
katuon, Calgary, Kdmunlun, Vancouver, North Vuneuuver uml New Westminster were successful. Vancouver
uud Winnipeg have issued four per'
cent, bonds, the others four and a half
per cent., all ul between il1/, and 09,
auij iu almost every case the underwriters have bad lu take up a very large
proportion of lbe issue, ind buve been
vainly trying lu unload ever sine, i
<'a na.I iu n lirsl ami secoud class citict
will iu future have lo issue ou a 6%
por reul. lo 6 per cent, basis. At least
I score of cily representatives hive
uow returned lo t'etiada empty bander),
but iu many cases temporary met buds
have been rrturleii tu, ami lhe itreet
is full uf Canadian cily acceptances,
payable iu frum three lo twelve
"Amongst these cities thus postponing the evil day wbeu they mutt lnnd
Iheir drills or rnise tbe money by direct
taxation arc Toronto, which hat dis
counted oue year bills at Vf, per cent,
anil Muiilreal, Hurl Artbur, Saskatoon,
Moose Jaw, Calgary, Kdinuiilon, Houlh
Vancouver and Victoria, which have dis
counted three to nine mouths' Mill *'•
from 6 per cent, to tl'/j per eonl. Some m
of these bills fill due uext inontb.
Where il tile money to meet thero coming from! Ji il not lime that the
Dominion or Provincial governments
prohibited municipal bodies from tpoud- "
eg money hefore they have got it U)
spend and prohibited the banks from
granting overdnfli to niunicipil bad*


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