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' ( -
tyipw n
NoBfB V*NgoyvBB, B.O., Tuesday, Mabou 14, 19U
Knrob|s)( /
Hiving oompleted their lebors »l
tlm Dominion capital, tho•moiiibors ol
tlto delegation re a bridge subsidy
hive dispersed as lollot/s;
Bceve HcNiiiight has gone to Scot-
Ex-Aldermuii Irwin arrived homo.
Mr. E. Wi HI ucl .nun is in Toronto.
Mr. James P. Fell is on route to
Mayor McNoish and Aid. Dick liad
not been located at time ol going to
—:—i i .. .■
Mr. Venner ol tho Gem thoutrc has
ms.de arrangements' at considerable
expenao to exhibit the (iimoua Buffalo
dopes picture ol tho capture ol wild
iiiiiin-il i in Jirilisb Allien next Friday
and Saturday. Puller particulars ol
thtse phenomenal acts will bo given
In Friday's paper.
The performance will commence ut
7 o'clock and run continuously till
10.31) eiich ovoning witli the Saturday
in height end poiitoil) throe offices ou
the ground floor end about 11 first'
diss suites of ni h upstairs.    Tb*
liiici'iiienl W)|| untlcilie the v.hole pi lite
building end ho suitable for B garage.
Msssrs. Bel ton end Evoldgb drew
up tbo plans lor the structuru uud thu
contract has been 1st to Messrs. Day-
nas and B>rol ol Vancouver.
That the new provincial liquor-law
is meant to-be oboyod to tho lettoris
further illuslrutcd in a report just
mado to tbo Attorney-General's department with respect to two recent
cases, developing at Mission anil at
Cluyoipiot. In the former instance,
l Scandinavian   railway   worker up-
Mr. Irwin Gives Full
Assurance of Bridge Subsidy
"There is no <|uoatiou of tbo bridge
not bdng built by the Burrard Ituct
Tunnel and Bridge Company and there
ii every reason to believe thutau appropriation will be made iu tho .-ui
milieu for a subsidy towards its cos!,''
Thii wus Iho statement of Mr. W- -I.
Irwin, tho North Vancouver Bourd ol
Trade's dele'gato to Ottawa on tho
bridge subsidy application, who returned today at noon.
Owing tq the fuel Ihut unite ol the
other delogutcs bud urrivod back  Mr-
Irwin wns non-cnmmiriul but begavo
|ih „ ,, ,    .. b0(. assurunco that the prospect, for both
tloil whisky.    He was told   that ho I".'0 I,r"1«° 8uUI>' '""'.",0 »c1"iri"K
A two days' hone show will bo cc
lobrutod under the auipicci ol the N. und collcctivoly lined $HXI and colts,
could not purchaio more than ono bor*"|
tlo at a time. So be took ,u drink,
bought tho ono bottle and went mil
lido. Thou ho came in again, bni'g
another hottlo, and again- withdrew
By tho time the operation hud been
lour linns repeat od ho had his live bottles. Five Imitie:; make a bulging
parcel when carried carelully, aud this
particular puckego excited the curiott
utlcntion ol tho provincial countable
who gathered in tho buyer. Later on
tbo buttles duly uppcurud in court ll
exhibits, and the proprietor olth r
ing hotel und his but men were jointly
with the V. W. k V. und. ihe Burrnrd.
Inlet' Tunnel end Bridge Co. wus a
matter thul wus nski.il by the Minister
lust year mid il wus taken Irom Mr.
Irwin's assertions Hint something of
thii mil are wus intimated by Ihe government n:'.iiu this year. He apoku
til tho incorporation of the N. V.
Board ol Trtuio having been success-
full;, consummated, also uii'nngcmciits
lowuiils the city acquiring tho right
pi wuy through the Indian reserve
having been cITcctcd. The matter of
Hie extension of thu Esplanade was
pondjng and tho outlook was good iu
this regard, Jlu gave the assurance
that the government appreciated to
the fullest North Vancouver's need ol
these public' necessities und evidence ol
ol a sito and tho erection ol a poit
offico in North Vuneouver were well
under wny und .practically assured und
it only remained lor minor ilelails   lo1 sincere   luith   and   tangible assistance
be arranged to tiring these two public
undertakings lo a successful climnx.
|   The   adjustment  of an arrangement
question ol rough grading boulevard
be deferred until improvements ol
toudivay |a tjoult with. That with regit id to the alley the greater portion
of which ia field hy private individuals
Mr. Yates be informed that steps arc
being taken to acquire the alley and
that tbo committee would bo glad of
hjs .i-.--i.-inun: in tlie. matter. Tim com
mit len recommend that the engineer be
empowered to select some suitable sito
lor a departmental depot lor storage
and equipment and report at an early
(Continued next issue)
The first meeting of the lately incorporated North Vuneouver Board of
Trade will bo held in the City Ball
next Tuosduy evening, March   31st.
was shown by Iho ministers.
The   Mayor  and Aid.   Dick are
peeled buck in lour or live days.
V. Horticultural   Society  and  I'ttii.-1 which were duly piiid.
City Council Receiyes Large
Local Improvement Reports
or'. Initiltilt) in Ilic rucreution grounds  the   offence wu. of u similar   nature
Norlh Vuneouver, tliia year. The dales {I luce but I lea ol beer Iwing Bold   I
Tbo city council uguin lust   en-rug
made   record lime   in ilcspiiicuing Iho
In <'lu}.»|U..lbuj|ijlclH| M jk, 0l(imlill
hive been fixed for Priduy and Saturday, Juno 9th and lutli. Thii wus
decided upon alter a lengthy debute
ut a recent meeting ol the lodoly, file
debute hinging on tho advisability ol
holding u one or two days' exhibition.
Whon the decision to have u twi
tlaya' show was arrived at committee
were uppoinled lo frame up u prize
list and look after sundry dcluili. Another committee wai appointed to solicit support is it ia intended to
crcule u high eUudard lor Hill.
Mr. W. S. Creamer haa disposed id
hia interest in North Vancouver Cartage Company Limited, to Mr. darnel
I,. BemP'"11 who will' BUeceed Mi.
Creamer u. muliuger of tho Company.
The olhor officcri arc Fretidenl, ?Jr. C
Alberlson ; vicnprenveiil, F. Q. Clue
win; lecrolurylrooiiircr, James I
llodds. Mr. J. It
ihurdiolder in t|ij
Ihe intuition of
Japanese wayfarer. Thu lino upon the
liouso unit the barinaa amounted It
A slump sale ill some note Was effected at the Leonard Sale Summery
.tore lust week when Mr. Sale disposed of a Mump lor t/il) lo uu American visitor. This particular slump
wui dated INIII and wai one of
tho first slumps in eircululion iu linearly Victorian period in England
The important Icaturci of llie meeting wore tlie report, from the engineering ih'piirlincul on sower.i,;c installation und other works of local improvement which covered the lower
section of Iho cily involving o very
Ilargo outlay. Acting-Mayor MoHae
' proiidod.
Correspondence wua read ■
l-'nijii M, Philip, uakiiig tliul severul
lull trees ou lot 1I-7-54U near hi I pro-
perl \   be cut down.   Itef.  In Hie   in-
| Prom E. Stuvonaon, udviaing that
| he intended to build in lot 33, olock
330A, I). I, 611. and Ibe value ol hii
,house wee ft,001). He urged the council to open the atrvcl lo his propcrtv.
Nidiolson   Uiley,   formerly  ol M (i) |||(, ||imn| ijf -^
Norlh Vencouver, lint now a member
ol tlie linn ol Liiiley and Munro, i.i
chilecli, ol Prince Kuperl, was a fall'
cr al the Expreaa ..Ilic on Mnnlay
Prince itupcrl, he myl, liua tl p ipula-
hupiuuu ii also e'llion ol about 7,000 now ind ii or I he
company.      li  is incrcuie.     His linn 1ms  wen doing
'i.e.one   It
North Vancouver  steady business since In
Curluge   Compa/y lo develop    then laideiil of Hie northern port Ibinotilhi
business   at u .(nice which will    keep ngo, and in contequenct a number  ol
fully   ubreuil/il the liirgoit demandsjguod   li/cd blocks have  .pruig    into
that   the iue/oased Iruffic will   initioIpromiuoncc.
upon them./They have just complct-] Wliilo the lownsile is ulviutngios)-
ed u large/barn inoiisuring 50 by W ly ntuatcd il is, novurlholxi, rtthor
foot situate on Fourth itreot. Now v.*- an expensive undertaking lo in very
go/iB upd new teums ure being plr:> inulii cxcavuling ua invariably lock is
diuaed and extonrive additions and iho inalcnul thut hue lo lie taken n I.
improvemenli ore being mode In Illy Tht main cuiup of the li .T.I', routine-
gonorul equipmsnt ol the company   so | tore bus been moved Inland idioill 100
Ihot tho local public may havo ol
their commend the services "of i dor-
ougldy well organized and managed
cartage company.
Excavation Work hai commenced on
the block ol Messrs. Lett and Son to
be erected on Firit itreot juil eail ol
Iho new Bank ol llamiMtiu. The property  bai  a frontage   of 50 feet
miles where active operations tire cur
iie.1 on. The Mel Inn been hit bom
Prince llupert to this camp nil il is
expected thul trains will be imining
between the lormcr and fln/clton before many months have palled.
| Mr. I.ttiley'left for the north ou Hie
[SS. Prince Kuperl yesterday.
Ou  Thursday evening ol this   week
First snd the block which will be con-1 tho members.ol iho St. Andrew's and
■trusted ol proaied brick will be   litljCulodoninn Buddy und their   Iricndi
fed in length and 60 leet in width,     will porlicjpalc in their umol nisetnoly
The now block will be three it oriei dance in Ihe llorlicullurol Hull.
prom .1. S. Shepherd, a.king lor a
Sidewalk. Irom Lonsdulc Ave. to the
entrance ol hii properly being the first
house on Hill) sheel weal ol Lous
dale Ave.   KM  iii the Board ol Work.,
From 0. II. Allan uml Wm. Bailey.
" asking Hint llie wuler Irom I Ml
itroel be diverted from flowing on
I heir properly', block 16. I). I., 371. ll
wus I'll niil Io the board of works
und engineer.
Prom W. T. 'iridium staling Hint
owing to the removal ui life crossing
on Lonidale Avenue corner 18th tlm.1
lie win unable to have access lo his
propelly. He usked thul u CTOsiiuu
Is- put dawn im Dili slld'l to enable
him to get into Hie rear of his pro
party, lief, to Hie board ol works nnil
The  following   report, from Thursday   evening'i    committee    meetings
were und and adopted :
Thc commitU* recommends that no
committee pass actouiiIs of uny de
sorption unless bearing mi order num-
ber in addiliou to (he signuluri-of lite
official certifying Ihe ireount to Ih'
correct, and that ihe lime lor collecting i,.v.-- lor lUII begin on .lunc Iftlli
mid ibe lime lor rdialc rinse on August ..it,, mn
oriiiitliiui ol , ..ii.liiifii ol appoiitlmenl
of fire thief and liriimen.
Tho   engineer reported  llial   lie bail
met  the district eiijit r and   agricd
on Hie locution lor the lights at the
city boundary on I on-du|c Ave. a lew
led in Hie di-tiii-t mil at the N.'w.
cornels ol Sutherland Avinuc ut the
Intersection ol 8lh und Hlth streets
within the cily. area.
THE WATBB COMMITTEE reported tbat the application ol W. II. Lisa
lor two supply pipes lor npurlunni
houses on the SW com r ol fill nnil
Chesteiheld Ave. hud been refected to
the engineer.
|v request of II. C. I nlislow for mat
l.q be op. i, J up to lot 6, block 3, I).
L. Bill. Ileporl ivciud itint this hud
been nl tended  lo.
He request of W. Wiles to have smnll
portion ol silt street between St. Andrew's und Hidgewuy Ave, opened up.
lit" oliiinellil.il that this |». gtleuded
He request of A. S, Willinmii-n and
F. I. Mcl.eun Ihul IlidgfWny lie o|l'll
ed up Irom Keith Houd to Lyon strict
and Hint Lyon sin'I In' eluded tint
sidewalk laid lo lol li. block 105, D.
L. 660. Commit tie rei'oiiuni nd that
Uillgvwuy Ave. be eleureil to Mli
s.liii-l mid ihut Mil -Init Is.- clear.>l
from Bidgunuy Ave, to Mood; Ave ,
the main nieuii" of ii.r-cs« to I lib pro-
|iert,v. Tbe coinmiitee do not look,
upon Lyon street us u miiiii thoroughfare lint more ol tl private  ilrecl.
10' ret|iiest of Mis. A. Eetitliring-1
hum unit Holer McMtlidc to have wuler flowing ncros- lot II ami 16. block
105, D. I. MO divert id Irom its'pressed .oiirse lo the side ol (ho street,
ll was reported llml the water wus
flowing in a d.iI -ti nl water course.
This wns roferr.d to th1-' city engineer
to verify and if so lln- dork is to inform the poll Honors ihul the commit' ,
At Itist evening's mooting ol tbc
cily council the following applications
were received lor tho position ol city
auditor lor the current year: Thus.
Itowniiin, T. W. Swunwell, B. lbbct-
son, P. S. Howard, D. W. Cochi'itto,
J. A. Jackson, -las. Boss und It. Darker. They were referred to the fur-inco
committee for a report.
The fuel that the city will not boat
a loss to provide a sanitary uud building inspector was exemplified ut lust
evening's council when no less thuu
07 implications wore received in response lo the ca|l from the city. TTit!.;
were referred to the engincor and
hoard of health lo dcul with at ,i special meeting.
Mr. Arnold E. Koub/'is expected to
sail today froh\Mntilreul lor Iho old
Country. He j*WU be absent about
three months/and Rie, mission is of a
business nature.
Mr. d. C. Williams, who Inn ii;en a
patient at the Durraid Sanitarium lor
the past two weeka with ear troubls
is convalescent, llu expects ui tome
houie litis week.
Wqm to Scotland"-McNaugbt.
lu tlie above truly luoonicul fashion
Hoove AicNiiughi sums up the results
ol the labors ol tbo Ottawa delegation jn reporting to tho headquarters
nl Burrard Tunnel aud Bridge Company. The precise significance of the
message is mat|er ol conjecture to all
who do not possess the key. Although
low is words the message is both
stimulative tnd suggestive. Tho nature ol the conclusions that are to
be drawn thcrclrom will depend mainly upon whether tho person who
makos thoso conclusions is un optimist or a pessimist, with reference to
the present situation.
-:    .
Smith Bros., contractors of this city
have received (lie contract fioin .1. W.
Iloine lor Hie erection of nine one-
storey offices on his property comprising loll feet frontage on Lonsdale
Avenue and IHO lecl tiaek on the Esplanade. Owing to Ilic nalui'ul |iy ol
ihe ground excavations for u oai'tmeiit
will be so inexpensive that Mr. Home
has arranged for a liascmoiit under
the whole structure; ' ibis will be
equipped for a restaurant.
Messrs. . miiii Bros, have commenced operations, 'Ihe office ol M-sii..
J. P. Crawford k Co. whioh is situated ou the properly ut the corner ol
the lane i« being moved away.
lee  have no  power  lo  djvorl   Water
Irom it public wuler. our-e.
Mr. John P. Yut. again wrole legating ridcwulks und guide lo hii
lol 6 and {j, block 116, ll. |„ 374 snd
tbo  opening of llie alley,    ihe  com-
Till. PIHE AM) LIGHT COMMITTEE isjltce recommend tbat tht sithwulk be
instructed (he clerk lo prepare a mem-1 laid   tu   the  propetty   but   that   the
NOTICE is hereby c/iven Ihul ut tbc
next silting ol the Ho.ml of LicciiBiug
Comuiiiiinlicis lor Hie City ol   Nortn
Vancouver, wo, the undersigned, intend
to apply lor n hotel license for prom-
ises Bituulc on lota 37 und 314, block
I6ti, district lol 374, First street, iu
thu anid Citv ol North Vancouver.
CEO. 1). 1.AM0NT.
But ed at Vancouver, Mnrcli 11th, 10)1
St. Andrew's Presbyterian church.
6tb street: Services at )) s.m. ana
7.3(1 p.m. Sunday school 3.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting on Wcducaday at 6 o'clock.
Lynn Valley Preibyterian Church-
Worship, Sundays, 11 a.m., Union
Sunday School,   3.30 p.m.    H.   Van '
Munsler, M.A., pastor.
Lynn Valley Methodist Church—Service every Sunday evening in Institute Ball at 7 o'clock. Chai. Fako-
ley, pu.'.ior in charge.
Baptist t 'hui eh I 'or. 6th and St.
George. Services, 11.00 um. und 7.30
p.m. Bible school at 13 noon. Bev.
C. B. Blunden.
North Lonsdale Prcabyloiiau Church
-Worship, Suuduys, 7,30 p.m., Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. B. Van Mum,
ster, M.A., pastor.
St. John tho Kvnngcli.'t, Mlt and
13th streets: Boly communion, 8 a.m.
morning prayer, ll a.m.; ovening prayer, 7.30 p.m. Ou the lint Sundav in
the mouth then- will bo a iccona celebration of tbe boly communion at
11 a.m.  Bcctor, Bev. Hugh Hooper.
Methodist Church, corner ol Sixth
street and St. Georgo'i Avouue-
Siuiduy preaching tervicti at 11.00 a.
m. .and 7.30 p.m., Sunday School on •'
Biblo Class ut 3.30 p.m., Senior League on Monday evening it 8.00 p.m.,
prayer and praise service on Wednesday evening at 8.00, Junior League
service on Thursday afternoon at 3.30.
A cordial welcome ia extended to all
to attend these services. Poster, W.
C. Schlichler, rcaideuic, coiner Keith
Boad and St. Audrow'a.
Indian Catholic Church ol St.
Paul's. Mass, 7.30 a.m. SundavB. Pat-
tor, Hcv. E, Poylovin, O.M.I.
St. I.dii.iiiuil'i. Catholic ' Intuit, Million Avenue i Sundayi-Mass 10.30 s.
in., Sunday School 3.30p.m., lloiary
liencdiclion uud Sermon 7.30 p.m.
Si. Agnca Church, Boulevard—Vicar,
Bev. T. E. Howe. 7.30 p.m. ovmaong
every Sunday - 11 a.m. Holy Communion, '.'ud Sunday ol every month.
St. Clomont't, Lynn Valloy—Vicer,
Bev. T. E. Bows. Assistant Priest,
. H. B. Hi. 1;,,ii. B.A. 7.30 p.m.,
evensong, ovory Sunday; 11 a.m.
holy communion, lit Sunday ol every
St. Tbomai, North Lonsdale—Vicar,
Bev. T. B. II"'.'.'' 6 a.m., every Sunday except lat Sunday in month ; 8.80
a.m., Ut Sunday in month; 11 e.m.
Matin Litany and aeruion, 2nd and 4th
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holv Communion
and sermon, hit end 3rd Sundays.
cheap. On view any time. Soe Fierce
*.• Ball.
FOUND-Small sum ol money on
Ferry. Owner con have same by proving.   WI Simpson, 13th street.       17-8
BY-LAW NO. 168
BY-LAW to enable the Corporation
ol the City ol North Vancouver to
raise by way ol loan the sum ol
$8,000.00 lor tho purpose olcarrying out oltoratioua on und uildi-
to tho City Hall and fbi
jig and do a mil i ue  tho  build-
be i   cawy
Civ ol M.
ol i'-ivld Tho.1
bsromol ,
amount of
treated by tW
•',,1 the »ai(  D*
to tlie suid purjion
bv the owners ol «
ti pi) of the vo
in order thereto il will
i usue dehenlures of the
Viiiconvei for the .dm
»8,l«Sl) llollnis ui
(which   il    Iho
intended  to  bo
")t % procoedi
l to bt siiphcd
id no, o*»r.
ottum   Hgned
; thtn oite-lenlb
property in
iii hai beeiv.presented to
Ul   j y  ' ii,-1 aw to iiviihorlw them
ourpose ul carrying o»> »
and uddilious to tbc Cilv Hull and lor j couver  duly obloiiicd) eiincla si
heuling and luriijiliing the buihliugi.    | lowi
lol- [  ii-ti. d liy the Mayor only, lor   escb
by way  ol
iit.'iii ol Ihe laid debonl ure. when due,' loan Irom any perion or persons, fiidv
it will bo ncccisnry lo roiao by epedol , or hodioi corpurile, wiio may be will-
rate in addition lo ill other rtteeljiij, |„ advance ihe anme upon the ere-
each year during the currency ol tucb ' dil ol the ddienlurea bcreinnllor men-
dolicnluros, tho sum ol 1463.41 whcreol jijonsd ol the forporalion, a auni ol
1400.00 is to be raiaod annually lor.money not exceeding in the whole tht
payment of intereal during the currca-j.um of $8,000.00 ind to couac lbs
cy ol said dtbsnturcs, and 153.41 is to, „,„„,. |„ be placed in the Hunk ol Hii-
lieh North America at North Vancouver, to the credit ol the Cily lor Ihe
purpose above recited, und audi inOn"
lie railed annually lor tho purpoit of
creating a sinking fund 'lor puvmonl ol
the debt lecurcdby Hit said  dobtn-  ,„
lure., Ilic lonie being mode payable in' CVi  diull   be   used   lor   thai puipine
tilly yours  from ihe dale lu-n "1:
AND WJIEiy.AS in order to raise
the mid vearly lum ol 1463.41 lor in
truest antl linking fund, an et|Uol sue-
ciul rate ou the dollar wdl be required to be levied .on all the rateable
real property in (he said muniripality,
AND WHKBEAB the whole rateable
real proporly in the aoid Municipality
according lo the la«t revised  aiieii
menl roll il lu.838^63.M.
AND ViillHI AS the aggrcnole of
the existing tlebcnlure ddil i.l the Corporation it 1776,670 (oiooiit lor works
ol local improvement snd lor idiool
purposss) ol which none ol the (Hindus) and intereit il in srresr :
•fWMt<M Uu efunidual Coun
til of llut'Ci.ijtorelion of lite City of
North Vancouver (wilb the uiwnl ol
the doctort ol tht Cjty of North Van-
I'll Debenture! of the I'ily tu* ex-
cecding in amount the ium of rXOf;0 -
IX) may be iiiuod by the ".ihl Msyor
and City Clerk in (eriui ol Ihe Mnii
ripal Clause. Arl. in sums ui inuy be
desired but mil leu than lino TT.i u-
ssnd 1*1.!ssi) Dollais each Each ol
the said debenlurei shall be dgnoJ by
Iho .aid Mayor and City (Tors end
ihe I'ily 'ierk ihaM nfjrix llterjlo Ihe
loipoiali'   Seal    ol  tht   laid '-ilf   ol
North Vancouvor.
It)  The  debentures diall bear dale
tin 37th day ..I March, mil I -ball
bear interest st Ihs rite of five per
cent, per milium payable hull yearly
on the 27th day ol September and the
371 h day ol Virol) in tach . nd every
year during ths currency of ihe laid
debenture* or any of them There tltall
be itladusd to the dtbsoturat a.uponi
jirilicipul    'uu iliull be im"!
by the City nl. a dale not bit
(Sly yean from the dule upo
and   every   payment   ol ijil. rcl   thut
AM) WHEBEAS lor llie poyinenl ol     (I)   ll ihall be lawful for the Mayor!may bcoomc due.  and sudi simialure
interest on the ddioillurca proposed lo   of the Cily ol North Vancouver and  may bo either wiilleji, stamped, print,
bo issued under this By-Law,  and lot, the Cily Clerk, (or Hie purpose afore-  d or lilhogrnplied
creating a nuking fund for   the  pay    .aid   lo borrow or raiie   by way   ol     {ii   Tll0 ,oi,j HcilKolure. at to priu-
i ipal and iiili'ii'-i mil) he made payable at the Bunk ol British Nortb
Am.lieu, iii North Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, Canada, or ul the
said Hank in Hie City of London. England, al pur ol exchange, null the said
irincipul sum iliull be modi; payable
'iter than
ion wfdcli
this By-Law takes effect
(6) During Hie whole teim ol tht
currency of the said debenture, u .penal rate ou the dollar iliull In- lovjed
und raised eueh year in addition to
all other rotes on all Hie rateable real
piO|)i.'ily in Ihe Munii ipnlity sufficient
lo pay'lbs intereal upon the »uid de-
bonlurCa uud to create a Bulking fund
lor the payment of the principal llieroof when due, subject to
any not or emu Intent rcspeclinil Ihe
s.'iiue Such ipri-inl rale shall be iit-
iciii-d in tbc ii.lleiim's roll or rolls
one) ihall be payable to ami collected
by Ihe Corporation in tl"' same way
n« other mid in Iho suid roll or
rolls, save as hereinafter provided.
(fi) In ijrder lo pr/vidc lor the rales
Mt out in paragraph (6) aru) subject
OS aloreiaid, there slttill Im niised iin-
iiually by ipeclal rote during the cuf-
roney ij Hie Mid debenture, the ium
ol MwOjOO to provide lol Uio payment
Itf interest llioreon uud tbe .um of
ifi3.ll to provide for the repayment Of
the principal thereof.
(7) The proceed! ol tbc said doben;
lures "liall be applied a. follow, and
not  oi In t v. be:
la) In payment ol ihe colt ol tbe
liaising pf. this By-Law and the issue
uml sale ol the debentures therein re
(erred to and all oxpenaea connected
with the said Loan;
lb) In recouping Ihe Said Corporation for such sums as have beon exit leil hereunder until Iho proceeds of
iIn sale of the auid debentures become
(o) To curry out the purpoao ol
this lly-l.uw as ubovc set out.
(8) All moneys arising out of the
annual special rate Iieioinbnforc provided lor sinking fund dial) be invest-
od by the Council ol suid f'orporollou
from' lime to time as the i»y Directs.
i'i)   No rebate ahull bosdjowed   o
ei  lo '
Ibis By Luw.
the special rates  to be bivied under
(10)' Tliis By-Law shall lake effect
on the 37th day of March Ant).. I»ll.
(II) This By-Law moy be died lor
ull purpoeca ai "Tho pity ttsB Additions Byiiw, |»11."
paiicd hy tbo Couucil On lb» Uuh
duy ol March A.I)., 1911.
Bcceivcd tbe-assent of tbe Elect on
of tlie City ol North Vancouver at as
election lor the purposo on '
Heconiidnred by th* Coua3| arsj £a
ally adopted, ngnod by 'he Mayor and
City Clerk, and aeoltd witb tht   Corporate Seal on the dty of
A. p. 11)11.
TAKE NOTICE tbit Ibe ibovt ia t
true copy ol the proposed l'-v I t.w upon whioh the vote ol Ihe Electors ol
ths Muriicipnlily ol tbe City of 'imlh
Vancouver will be taken within tht
City Bill, North Vancouver. II. 0„ on
the Twenty-fifth day of
,, 1911, bolwoeu the noun
a.m. and 7 o'clock p m
; aud Bvtuiiting Officer.
March, A.li
of 0 o'docl
City 'it
FIJBLItC NOTICE is hereby |iv»»
Ihat tho vol. pi tlie Fleet ors of tbc
City of North Vancouver willjiejalion
on ths iM day of March. 'fTlr
twoen the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and
7 c/dook pjsi. on "Tbe Cily Hell Additions By-Uw. j»ll," ond thot-wllh-
in the C|ly Hoi), North Vancouver. B.
C, and thai Tbomrts Sh '
been aupointed Belurniiig
lake tbt vols ol iucIi Fit
the usual powora in that bob)
By Q$4 ^ 4>« r°unc'1'   :
ftm. W. McBAE,''
Acting Mayor.
Tily Clerk. TWO
Ttm nmm, north vancoito, a. c,
1   At the recept ya,obt club meeting the
appointment ol officer! |pr the en-
suing year resulted, ns lollows ■ Commodore, J, J, Woods; Viae Commodore, J. B. Paine i year commodore,
E, H. Peape; captain, II. 0. V. Hall;
vice captain, C. S. Watson; osecutivo,
| J, A- McMillan, Jlsnry Woods, E. McMillan, J. W; Donaldson and A. 0.
Hen veil ; In in. members, E Malum, .1.
C. Keith, Capt. Cates, dipt. Archibald, J. I.eeltie.
a charge laid by W. D. Jones ol wood
stealing from Ihe letter's wood pile,
While acknowledging that on  ths
! way horns Ironj work he bad picked
I up a few sticks to start hit fire wilh
■ hs did not do to with any illegal in-
'tent. Cbiei Davis could not think o'
any other name for such an art than
i"stealing" A firm of 86 and costs
was imposed;
8. Cargill, a now resident ol lis' "fa81™"1' *•'* IMoslness men,
city iippeni'i'il bolore .1. P's. Woods manulaoturon and others in Montreal
tnd Foreman on Saturday morning on sre very ansious to obtain the views
o| tbs lajfge hanking (muss* on ths reciprocity question, Sir Edmund Walker, president of the Bank of Commerce, has slreedy poms out strongly
against the proposed arrangement, it
Is true, but that was in' Toronto
and sir Edmund did not gi»c sny spo-
pjfjc reasons for the stand ho has taken. Sir Edward Clouston, president of
the Bank ol Montreal has now been
asked, n»t i»' the interests olany on
particular branch ol tradB fir com-
niercu, but ip ths interest, ol tho Do.
minion of Canada as a whole, to ei
ther make a statement lor publication, or to address a gathering called
lor the purpose. He has as not yet
consented to do either, but he will
likely bo persuaded to speak at i ipe-
Blocks 226, 227 and 230. Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
.   For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286. Corner Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
jj A  GOOD  PROPOSITION  for either the j
ii Homeseeker or Investor —on   7th  Street, ii
jj just west of Queensbury,carline, only $1200 ||
I: Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil. ::
1' i>
Martinson & Co.
Phottt 173. P.O. flox 71
WW!HMM»\M"H'\'HM H \MM«\\MHM\«H 11 \MMMMMM»\»Y\M<II-M Wr» I
You'll Make Money Here!!
Anyone who will give tbia invest
ment opportunity acrioua conaidtra-
tion for a few minutoa will readily
aee ijuick and large profit, accruing to
the purchaser ol
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
Lot 1   ., «67o.00
LoU 2, 8 ud I each 676.00
Lot 6    700.00
Loti,6 ind 7 both   1,950.00
Lot 8     876.00
'Lot. 9, 10 and II  .■„„;.,.  Hold
LoU 12 and; 13   i Both Sold
Lot H   960.00
LoU 16, 16 and 17  ttcb   876.00
Lot 18 ,.,.. Sold
NoU the length of theso loU, some
ol them being I ■If, feet to a lano.
'The advantages ol tlteae loU (or buiineat or reaidsucs purpose, sre sppircnt on the plan iltiehed hereto.
It li Iho closeat cir lino property to ths north ol tbs Grind Boulevard (which is exclusively for high clans rcsi-
doncts). It also fans St. John'. Collage and grounds md lor these reasons alone it will be a centro of nunc
importance. Boulevard extension lot* are within th. city limiU sod hsve ill the advantage and convouisnco. ol
other city property. To clone out every lot in record timt w. have undorpricod tbem, so tint you will bave to
hurry lo get any. l.'omider alto the Urine which ire much easier than usual i 1-6 cash, balance in 6, 13, 18,
and 94 month, at 6 por cent, per annum.
689 Granville Strut     VANCOUVER, B. C,
list! EatsU.    Iniursnce.
Telephone 215.
Authorised Capital .,
Money to Um. •
»4 Lonidale Avenue, Jforth Vancouver. Ucti MMag01
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 650, $1150. Ca»h $450, balance 6 and 12 month*
L>U 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange.  Ne*r Lonadale
tho sbove lots aro among tht belt buys in North Vsncouvsr, and intending investors will swvs their own
interests by inveitigeting. We hav. ths saclusivi stil sad alto * large list of othsr loU in the City. It is
is your own interest to call sad inspect our list belon deciding.
Raul Eatale Ag«nU.      Financial Broken ,
Heki Office; 408 Hading* St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Brunch Offices in Europe:
B»rlin, flernwy
Iiondon, England
Uiilish QdUmUn Branch Offices:
4 lytontwlnle Ave., Ifojrth Vancouver
LU flownwwnt-$%; Viot^/ia
h tjmm
ciul meeting to. be hsl4 shortly,
Strange is jt may ssont reciprocity
talk bus pot" disturbed tbs financial
world opt way or the other | that is
although there is a great deal ol comment and chatter money ia .till moving along tht regular channels, and
.took are sparing or falling as the
oase may. be ip much the same way
is they would on a 't"'ot summer's
day. J.ait week, it ia true, was rather dark In some'quartet, but that
Was 'owing rather to affuin in tht
United States thin to reciprocity agitation. Bociprocity is a freak, fruit
lands in British Columbia, which people of tbat province say will be ruined
|f the pact goes through, are selling
beautifully. Sawor-Uasssy stock, the
new company Uhich is turning out
farming implements and which has
just been placed on the Toronto sx-
ehsngs, has jumped about ten points
and at one stsgs ol the game was ss
high u 33. And there wai much
doubt in the minds of iho farm implement men as to reciprocity.
Early this spring two cxplorttion
parties will be fitted out (rem hers,
one to go to ths Pacific coast near
Prince Bupcrt, aud the other to push
iU way into tho Pence Bivsr country.
They are being sent by Corporation
Agencies Limited, for lorsign clienti
and it is not unlikely that their reports when they retuin tbi. autumn,
will mean tho investment ol more foreign capital in Canada. Both parlies
will be composed ol competent mgin
eers. Tho Pacific coast party will report UPop a now industrial undcrtok
ing which it ia proposed to establish
near Prince Bupcrt. Tho other exploring party which will be uuder tbe con
nol ol E. II, Drury, tbo civil ongincer
who recently made the preliminary
survey ol tbe Hudson's Bay rail
way route for the Dominion government, will make a report in tho inter
csta ol a French ayndieate ol certain
proposed undertakings in tho Peace
river district.     '   -
Tho ratbor audden resignation of Sir
II. E. Vautclot, Iho engincor, from thr
Quebec Bridge Commission Inn given
rise to all sorti of rutin ns in regard
to the future plan ol construction of
Ibat famous and ill omened structure.
It will be recalled that Hugh bun*
dou, cbiel ongincer lor tho govern
ment ol the transcontinental, rcs'gned
under somewhat similar circumstuues
After tbe reiignalioni hod been mad.
public the Same excuac wna offered to
the people Irom the floor of tho Houa.
of Common* concerning both men. i'hi
miniiter of railwaya aaya that ,'.111111
den has rcaigncd on account nf ill
health and overwork. The miniiter
of public worka announced the sum.
thing-in regard to Ut. Vnuiclot. Both
are walking aroun.l as thippter aa
may be. Mr, Vault-let will ».jy no
thing, but it ii safe to predict thut the
tail hui not been timril of it, and
there are going to lie firowmka ol
-owe dcacription before tlie pjnm ol
the bridge have actually been de tie.I
The announcement (hat a mirueulo'ii
spring hu hern discovered liuliblii.
forth from tho altar of tbt'Church
ol St. Clotilde has brought thousiiuia
from far and near on a visit to the
church. An altar on which a new statue of the Blessed Virgin had recently
boon plated, suddenly required the attention of a plumber. Invcatigation
abowed the apriug of pure water bubbling from tho earth. A aimilar occurrence wua reported aomo time ago
from a church of -the same name in
Uu, France. It i. said tbst lines the
di.covcry of the epring two people
who wor. Buffering from different ailment., were cured initially by the uae
of ths wslor.
TENDERS will be received by lb. un-
dereigned up to the 22nd day ol
April, 1911, it 6 p.m. for the purcfaiM
of Block 27, Subdivinon ol Lot No.
Ml, Group 1. New Wo.tmin.ter DU-
trie!, aituatod in tha City of Vancouver, sad being tb. .it. trf th. old Pro
vincjal Court Houu. Each tsndsi
must be inclosed in 1 registered letter end muit bt tddreised to la. an-
deraigned and plainly msrksd "Tender
for old Vancouver Court House site,"
snd mutt bt accompanied by sn ae-
oeplsd ehequt (or ten par cent, of thi
Brat piyment of the purchiss money.
Payment for the property will be so-
espial in imUlmeuU of one-quarter of
the purchase money. The first of >uob
instslminie to bt psid within thirty
days after ths acceptance of the ten
der, snd the olhor three annually
tharasiter, with iatartsl st ths rtti Of
6 psr cant, psr innum. In the event
of tju person whose tender la accept-
ed (tiling to complete tb first instalment within thirty tJsys 0/ the notice
0/ suoh acceptance tht tile to him
will fas cancelled and bis ten per cent
deposit forfeited. Ths cheques ol un-
successful tenderers will bs returned.
Tbs highest or sny tender will sot
neotssirily be accepted. No commie
stent ol any kind will be sllowed.
Minister 0/ Land,
psesrtment of Lends,'
We are clearing out all our -Ladies' and Children's Footwear, and in order to do so in the
shortest possible tinie have made prices lower
than the cost of manufacture, as follows:
Ladies' Pati-nt Blucher, gun metal tpps, regular
$4-60 lines, now $2.85
Ladies' Patent Oxfords, gun metal tops, regular
$4.25, now $2.65
All lines of tan, ox-blood and chocolate, regular
up to $4.00, now         $1.85
Dull finish Kid Oxfords, blucher cut, regular
$3.76, now        .....$2.45
113-115 Lonadale Ave.
North Vancouver
Why pay 1160.00 for rough uncleared LoU when ws sap sell you
tbs vary best cleared LoU without a itono on tbem, level as t table
and into gran. Been cultivatod for ten years, situated on Csntrs
Boid, being the best Rosd on the North Shore and one block Irom
ths t'.r ),i(io. School, Churoh and Store; hove city waUr, tltotril
light md telephone.
Price I860 to MOO each. Terms 1100 cub, balance 6, 11 ind 11
months. These lots will bring it lent in our animation 100 per
cent, profit on the smount invested within sis months. Buy quick,
thty srs going feat.
P. 0. Him 172 Norlh Vancouver
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
tsavs ViacetviT tatvi Harm Via.
•ii.*) i.m. '6.to i.m.
7.80 " 7.60
8.30 "
9.16 "
10.16 "
11.16 "
13.16 p.m.
1.16 "
9.16 "
8.18 "
4.18 "
6.00 "
6.40 "
6.90 "
7.96 "
S'H " )
9.16 "
10.16 "
11.80 "
Lists Natl Vst.
•6.90 i.m.
Ultra Vwcsuia
•6.46 s.m.
•8.00  "
8.60 "
•8.90 "
'8.66 "
0.46 "
o.ao ''
9.46 "
10.46 "      ■'
11.46 "
u.ir ■•
10.46 "
11.46 "
19.46 p.m.
19.16 p.m.
19.46 p.m
1.46  '"
1. 6 "
1.46 "
9.46 "
9.16 "
9.46 "
6.46 "
4.40 "
8.16 "
4.16 "
8.46 I'
4.40 "
6.90 "
6J» "
8.90 "
6.00 "
8.40 "
6.00 "
6.46 "
6.98 "
(.41 "
7.46 "
7* "
7.48 "
8.46 "
9.46 "
11 '"
8.16 "
9.18 "
10.46 "
10.16 "
Im "
11.46 "
11.16 "
HO •-•
19.46 ».m.
' DeaoUe not on Sundsy.
This Timt Talili lubytct to change without notice.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Csptsin Fiodlay
Licensed tor 35 puiengen
Helljbura Wbirl
rv.ry "iu tictti tundty
7.301.111.    •
11.00 a.m.
13.15 pto.
1 j.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
19.00 P-w •alurdsye #oly 	
9 30 s.m lastsy ftpneaute •...
1700pm .- " '
i8.JO|).m  „
WagU Part Ue. Two ftoksts
8,00 a.m.
ir.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.i
1400 p.i
10.00 p.;
18.00 p..
.31.00 p^
goickett mtt Iron North Vancouyw to fta sfistrjci beyond
Capilano River. Launch "W«et Vejicoiivfcr" mikei c«onec-
tioot, without fail, with the parry »*•♦«»«# Itm Nertti y»B-
couver, at per above adiedule.
ssaslsBfsassj ssssAssjssjsssssssjssssssaatsjssssssjassssj
VaNCOUVS*, 8- i
li   I
TAKE NOTICE that tho Counoil ol the Corporation of the City of
North Vencouver Intendr- to constniot tbe following works o| Lopil ln»-
provoment under sub-section (33) Section 356 ol tbe Municipal Clauses Act,
end intends to assess the final cost thereof upon the real,property fronting
or abutting thereon, and to bo benefitted thereby, end that a statement
•bowing the lands liable |0 piy the .aid assessment and the nemos of the
owners thereol, so far at can bt rvscertsined from the last revised Assessment Boll Is now on filo iu the oilhu of tbe Clerk oi tho Municipality eud
is open lor inspection during office hours.
I.i      -" i 11. M- b.UbWMfeU  ' Wp»w %>
•SfEBET pB&  , . Oost    Sharp'
Esplanade   and Crosccnt street Irom      ||
St. Gsorgs's tp Bt. David'. Ave....sanjtary sewer 133,450 11,1)0
Fint itrest Irom St. Patrick's to St.    i,    ,    ,        ,
DavH's Avenue  sanitary stwer  10,897 	
Second itreot from 800 lest ssst ol St. 11 ,
Andrew's to St. Pavid't Avenue...sunBery mwer  M.eXW     »M
.Third street from St, Andrew's to St.
David's Avenue ....„' .'. solitary sewer lp,784   1,300
North Vancouver, B. 0., THOMAS SHEPHERD,   '
Merob 7th, 1811. City C|erk.       17-8
TAKE NOTICE tbat tbe Coundl of the Corporation ol the City of North
Vancouver intends to construct the following works of Local Improvement
under lub-seotion (33) Section 366 ol tbo Municipal Clauses Act, and intends
to aaaeas the final cost tborcot upon tbo real property Irontjng or abutting
thereon, and to be benefitted thereby, and that a statomont showing tho
lands liable to pay tho said aaaesamont and tho names ol tho owneri thereof, so far as can bo ascertained from the last revised Assossmont Boll is
now on filo in the office oi tho Clerk of tho Municipality and is open (or inspection during office hours. \
Estimated    City's
STREET WOBK Cost      Sbaro
Mahon Avenue Irom Burrard Inlet to
3rd street  storm drainago sowor 16,430    $3,160
Cheatorfield Ave. from   Burrard Inlet
to 3rd street storm drainago sewer   8,300     3,790
St. George's Ave. from Burrard Inlet
to 3rd street storm drainage sowor   6,480     3,000
St. Andrew's Ave. from Burrard Inlet
to 8rd street  storm drainago sower   8,410      3,670
St. Patrick's Ave. from Burrurd Inlet   '
to 3rd street  storm drainago sowor   8,630      3,880
North Vancouver, B.C., THOMAS SHElilEBD,
March 3rd, 1811. City Clerk 14-8
1 '.
The Plac$ Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
m Good Pictures  Good Singing
Good Music
sit     tit
tet     ttt
ttt     tn
set     ttt
Programme changed Monday,  Wednetday and  Friday.
Adult* IOC  ^^orm^iStsrau,   JJ^ JJg
Rolled Oils Whole Wheat Flour     Rico Flour
Oatmeal Um kwln-.il Flour        Pearl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Peas
Rolled Wheat Rye Flour Canadian Wheat Flakes
Aalt your Grocer lor g, £ g, Brand. '■• Standard of duality
■   .       Wholesale from
The Bra< kman-Kn Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Lending.
Out Dollar delimited in the Bsnk of
Hamilton might moon ths Aral step
toward ths accumulation ol a loftunt.
Tht mas who scorns tho lagecioui
mvistment ol his savings bu yet to
learn this true principle ol frugality
and thrift.
Deposit one dollar today-begin to
provide againit old ago and hnuciti
C. a HEAVEN, Ag*
North y»ocoi)ver.
Held Olct:
Bepeirs to th*. Junction block end
the enlirging of the Bank ol B- jf. A.
ijuarters are beipg speedily olfcotod.
The bank entrance is now situat/ed on
Lonsdelp be|o»/ the Esplanade. 9'f)°
bunk offices which comprise fbpsp formerly in use and tho office recently occupied hy the Elder Murrey c"'- "™
now very commodious in comparison
to the crumped quarters in corner office.   Munugcr Salsbury's   ollice oceu-
pies e prominent place iu the nirth-
eattt corner end it amply lighted with
largo plate g|osa s/ipdows at ll*
north snd oaat tide. These windows
also convoy the light to the clerks'
dosks. The wickota now face estt and
more apace ia afforded tbe public iu
the Iront. Wben tbe Esplanade ia
brought to grade the stops leading up
to the entrance will hi done away
Tho current issue of tbo British Columbia Gazette contains tho following
official notices:'
John D. Ferguson of Bobson, to be
a Justice of the Peace.
To be Notirioa Publio "Walter Bob-'
iuson, of Endcrby snd Norloy Frederick Tunbridge, ol tho City ol Vancouver, solicitor.
Anders Frederick Iljnlmur Hagstrom
ol Campbell Bivcr, V. J.
Joseph W. Woldon, of tho city ol
Montreal, advocate, to be a commissioner lor taking affidavits within tbo
province ol Quebec lor use in the
courti of Brjtish Columbia.
William H. Cullin, ol tho city ol Victoria, to be chief clerk in tho printing
department Irom tbo 1st day ol
March,' 1911, in tbo place oi B. W.
Clarke, resigned.
Leonard A. Bodd ol Yule, to be mining recorder lor tho Yale mining di-
viiion from tho lit day of April, 1010.
Nineteen appointments arc made in
the Delta doctoral district ai commissioners- for taking affidavit!, three in
i iiilliwat It dull |i i, 16 in Bcwdney district, eight in Coin"! district and 4
in Skcona district.
E. McAlpino, A. E. Shelly and T.
E. Broarloy bave been appointed in
Tho lormalioa ol a Farmera' Institute for Wcatbaak, B. C, baa been au
thorized by tho departrnoni. ol education,.
Tenders sre being called, hy 'he department of work* fpr a court housp
at Grand Forks, B. P- end for a supply af school dosks.
Tho registration pi extra-provincial
companies is given as follows: Bote
Spray Pump Co., Canadian Melius
Flow Company, North Western Investment Cp.
Licenses tba,t have been grnntod to
extra-provincial compsniea appear in
increased numbers .I.i isauo and aro:
Bropby Umbrella Co-., Canadian flyp-
iiniii Co., ('iiiiiidiuii Ei|iiit.iiienl and
Supply Pi', Consolidated. Stationary
Co., Dominion ol Canada Investment
and l>.-)>. in in.- Co., Dominion. Pecifio
Lumbor Co., Empire I.|lo IpiuranfO
Mackeii/ie, Mann 4 Co., Providence
Wuehington Jnaurance Co., Taylor
Milling   and  Elevator  Co.,   T.   V.
i1-!'.'.1.1, I,     ,'IM'I     '    ', ,  !
Co., Bohbs Manidapturrng fa., flngf)
C. McLean Co., L. T. Newburn k Co.,
Firth is Sons, Watson HenuliKm-iuu;
Pp. ol Paris.
t'eiiilii.'utea of incorporation have
boon granted tp fbe following Hiitirh
Columbia Cpnwenjes. C. F. do Snlis,
capital of 810,000; Christian Hand of
Workers, Health. Protection Society ol
panada, capital 850,000; .Icfemiuh H
Bugler, capital, 350,000; f'latiuiimn-
Gold Fields, $800,000; Queen 'Jini'lotlo
Cold Storage und Black Cod Fishing
Co., capita) ol 8300,000; Ritchie extracting end Supply Po-, $100,000;
Scotch Clothing House, capital, 850,-
Under tho heading of assignmcnla
tbo following notices appoar t J. E.
i.;nI in, shoo morcbant ol Prittce ll"
pert i' Archibald Matheso'n, merchant ol
llyiiiier, 11. C. and Titos. West, merchant ol Vancouver, 1). 0.
The Commonwealth
■ '
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 4 49
r •
Yet, it'a true. We are offering the balance of the properly jn "Capiluno"
Park at laot year's price, to dean up tbe catoto.
Tho price lor lull Biro lota, 1 In feel deep, ii 1150 . fin cadi wilh tho bal
unco monthly.
Some dandy half-acre blocks lor $500 lo 1575; 10 per cent, cash1 aud
tho balance over two ysara.
Tho accuic railway company have Hied thdr plana ol iho Cu|iiluno Car-
lino Etlcniion, which paste, throughTiur properly, and construction work
must bo itarlcd not later than June, 1011  und finidiod iu Juuo, 1012.
The soil ii productive loam which lias yielded profits ol 11,000 por acre,
plautod in strawberries.
There is the Itmoui $15,000 Canyou View Hold, lilualod 100 yards irom
"Ctpilino Park."
Ths Capilano I'»nyone are in the tamo district lot, ouly a low minutes
•elk Irom "Capilano Park''.
. .  .
Ths properly is level--no creeks or mountains and very light dcarinff.
Tho price it tho time ai a year ago and ii lower than any properly in
tbt lame radius Irom Ihe Vancouver Poit office  that hai  boon  offered  lor
tils in tht lut two yoen.
Ths idjoining acreage ii idling in fivo aero blocks Ipr $1250  per   acre,
, which ii more thin wo arc Baking lor an  acre of our property aubdividod
into town loll.
Phone 1956      134 Hastinp St., W
yqu want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Next door Io Everybody's Shoe Store)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pi
Bruce & Co.
(Celebrated   Scottish   Vocalist)
Pupil ol Signor Edoardo Galli ol
Milan. Diplomas, Royal Academy aud
Hoyal College ol Iluiic, London, England. Will take puiiila in North Vancouver two daya per week.
I 'ciliillllll.ii-.il.-
1016 Granville Street,
Vancouver, B. C.
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. CAl.
358 lat Street Eaat
Phone H112
General Contracting
ING, Etc.  Estimates Given.
Mael eniian &  Anilru**
Koith Road, ca.t ol St. ficorjjo'a Avenue, or P. O. Box 12?
;* Wlctt tat bulora of Mnmificrofm,
.til. llntlonaM.mB,Xci'd.,l.''«Y nil i.n,
KldS. Men limit ml WuMikIim. DC. 0 S.
&rSm* ) POUt
" 1
North Vancouver
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Shore Press, Lihitid
One year, fj.00 Sit months, Mo. Three months, 36c
United States and Foreign, (1.(4 per year
Advertising Rstes will be quoted on application.
light it booomos evident, thoreloro (hat
local property owners and residents
ars promoting their own interests by
purchasing always from local mar-
chants at fair profits, irrespective of
''catch'' prices set by out-of-town
Ths Express is devoted to the interests ql the north Shore ol Burrard Inlet
eicltisively.     It constitutes sn advertising medium ol exceptional value for
reaching lu a thorough and effective minner the population si North Vancouver
Oily and District.  Every effort is made to give advertise
All changes in contract advertisements should he in ths printers' hands not
later than 10 a.m. Monday ind o p.m. Wednesday to ensure Insertion Ia the
following issue.
North Vancouver,   B. G,
March 14,  tgu
.   SIDY
The very meugre information which
has recently found its way through
from tho oust relative to the progress
ol events at Ottawa in the matter ol
a Dominion subsidy for iluiriird inlet
Tunnel mid Bridge Coinpany while not
indicative of complete and immediate
success, is, nevertheless, ol u very encouraging nature. It appsars thut
thu Minister of Railway, has not agreed
to recommend to the House, that a
vote be passed ul .un .■ in favor ol the
Company, but rulber ihut after hearing what ull eliiimanls lor 11 autisiil)
had' to say lie bus deferred his decision for u time, either lo secure opportunity for giving the whole matter
more mature consideration, or lo nl-
f"t.l tho competing applicants uu opportunity to urrive at an amicable
adjustment of their differences so thut
when the subsidy is ultimately voted,
it will satisfy the requirements of all
parlies. Tbo conclusion seen.i lure
tbat ibe Minister of Kuilwuys ii in favor of the renewal ol u subsidy und
of un increased subsitly iu aid
ol Second Narrows bridge und thut
it is iu lull hurmony ' .villi his judgment thut u vote for that subsidy
•ball be passed during tbe present ica-
lion of parliament, but lor somo 1 ennui, ho doei not seo his way clear to
make the necessary rccouimendutioii
to the House just ,at tbe present June
ture. The fad that tho V. W. k V.
By. Co. has not stieccodcd iu securing
a recouiineniliilion lor a renewal of
the lubiidy vote of which it wui in
actual possession one year ago, goes
lo show thut the ease .islablislnd by
Durrani Inlet Tunnel uml Bridge Company ia couclutive anil thut whorl any
•ubsidy is voted, il is lo be iu favor
of thut company. The full fucts concerning the mailer will not lie known
until the delegate make Ibeir report
to the several bodies which they reprp-
n-nt. Inn meantime there is good
giiiuiel to conclude thai substuntinl
progress bus been mads toward securing ibis subsidy (or Burrurd Inlet
Tunnel nutl Bridge Company and that
ultimute success is pruclicnlly unurcd.
Can the local luerebnnt renaiinably
be expected to compote in ull instance, with out ol-town houses, in Iho
matter ol price. ?
Tlie ebove is u <|ueatiou which give.
rU< to views differing widely from one
another or diumetrically oppoiod to
sach other. Thcro aro those who will
assert positively that it ii incumbent
upon Ihe locul merchunt lo icll invariably at prices oi low as those of the
outside competitor if he wish., to
hold the locul trudc and on the other
hand then- are muny who ere ol opin
ion that u reasonable margin .bould
be allowed the local merchant in thii
perlieiiltii  because ol local conditions.
It is quite evident that the I..n.l
merchant labors under unavoidable
diiadvantttgat/' 111 compared with
njioy out-ol-town concern.. Upon
comparatively low capital, the local
merchant it probably beginning upon
' s email wale with the hope tbst by
mesne of fair dealing and dose attention to fousinoei he will fat able to
build up a .ucceuful business. Is do-
it^MrHjH finds it necessary U ley
dowisrlhe principle at viUI to sound
business method, upon his part that
lar be is placed at a disadvantage by
the big incorporated company which
employs a small army ol clerks, which
carries a stock comprising many different lines of merchandise and which
out ol its immense range of goods is
able to select a few articles and sell
them at coat in order to excite the interest ol the buyer, charging the profits thus sacrificed to "advertising" or
some other account. Tho chances
amount to a 'praotical certainty tlal
the big Btore will aecure a much bigger return Irom the average buyer
than the small amount ol profit time
aacrificed, because ol Ihe great
amouut ol goods in other lines, sold
lo those who are by this menus attracted to the stores. Not alone in
this, but also in many olhor particular., tbe local merchant ii at a manifest disadvantage, ai compared with
tbe larger out-of-town itorec, in the
face of which it is unfair to expect
him to always compete in the matter
ol price..
Then agaiu it ihould lie home in
mind that tbo local merchant carrioi
the whole burden ol the credit trade
ol hii own town. The trading that is
done out of town ia all spot caah—
the most valuable kind ol trade.
There are doubtless many out-ol-town
buyers who trade to a considerable extent away Irom home, paying cash
down lor all purchases, but who do a
certain amount ol their trading ut
home which they expect the locul
merchant to carry on bis books until
it ia convenient lor tbem to make
payment. This credit trade—wbeiher
it ia from month to month, or for
longer periods—all ol which the local
merchunt carries lor the convenience
of hia fellow townsmen, ia a heavy
handicap to him aa compared with
out-of-town .-. ni'. 1 it.-: v. hit 11 do tot entry a single dollar ol it. Tiie lo'nl
merchunt muy bo rcurly and willing tu
accommodate hia cuatomera in litis
particular to tbo very utmo.l ol bu
ability, but oven io, tbo fact remains
that having thousands of dollars ol
hia capital lockod up in hook debts,
he ia thereby handicapped in the race.
He cuauot buy to the lame advantage-
he cannot meet hii paymenti io readily and h.' in e his discounts, it become,
more cxpeniivo in every way for him
to do business than it would bo wero
he favored with the immense amount
of .pot cash buainees which regularly
goes paal his place ol busincii to enrich out-of-town met,hunts. Wore
thii large and valuable caili business
to decide to itay al home as lar as
possible and to adhere consistently and perieveringly to that determination, the great bulk ol tbe diaabili-.
ties attached to home shopping would
•poodily disappear, the entire situation would rapidly become metamorphosed and local buyers wonni be
highly gratified because of the pleas
ures and the advintagc that homo
trading would offer them, while the
increased amount ol local money
placed in ■ local circulation would
brighten every phase ol the commor-
einl. industrial and financial interest,
of the home town, creating and jw.iii-
taining an aspeot of universal prosperity.      1
Meantime Use local merchant it tut-
taining a courageous stand in the
face ol difficulties which will be recognized aa real and serious by all
who give the matter careful oontidora-
ation. Amid those difficulties, he
is conferring valuable benefits upon
his city, at we eaAeevored to point
out in thii column last week.     When
notary publio'
199 6th Street Eiet North Vuncourer
Phoni 978
Phone 10
P. 0. Pot 944
Finanoial and Insurance Agent
beg. to intimate that he ha. leated
tlie west store in the Club Block, Esplanade, and he expects to open office
thore about 15th inst. This commodious Btore will give ample space lor
a tirst class Bale room and he hope,
to bo able soon to bave regular
monthly or fortnightly auction buIcb
there to facilitate the disposal ol realty in large or small parcels as owners
muy direct. Being a central location
for business he invites listings ol
houses and lota for private Bale. He
has meantime u number of choice residence lots to offer.
Notary Public
Loans,   Investments    and    Insurance.
Room 207, 632 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.  Phone 6209.  Land Registry work a specialty,
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coafand Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,    •
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Gitarauted.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near Cily Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharf
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital 86.200,000.
Reaervea, 87,900,008.
Total Aasets 89fi,000,000\
A gonorul banking buiincu
tramuctcd. Savinm accounts a
apecialty.    Accounta   ol   firma
and   individuals   ...ili.il.d.
North Vancouver Brunch.
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
be receive s lair profit upon all   tbt
rasjs that he aaUs.    In this ptrt|ey> tbs matter it viiwed in its propor
Specials for
Friday and Saturday,
Rollod Prime Ribi, boneless 20o lb.
Sirloin Steak ...: 20c lb.
Porterhouse Roast  ...92c lb.
i'ork Loins, whole or hall 20c lit.
Pork Shoulders, whole Ilic lb.
Pork Shoulders, sliced    16c lb.
Loin I'ork Chops  22c lb.
Leg Mutton 18c lb.
Shoulder. Mutton  Mo lb.
Small Winchester llama  90c Ih
Empire Bacon by ths piece 94c lb.
Finnan Haddie, tbe host  ..10c  lb.
Guaranteed fresh Eggs  30c dot,
Tho quality of thou meats will give
you every satisfaction and save you
moiiey every time.
Phone 16
Ires delivery to all part, of tht city.
24 Splendid Lot.
Throe Block, from Lonsdale Ave.
Price to ensure quick sals only
8300 curb  easy terms
Speaking of Snaps; how ia this one?
Double Corner of Fourteenth St.
and St. Andrews for $2600
•Mill very
eaiy termt
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
Phone 110
FIRE!    FIRE!!   FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreement, and Contr.cti dr.wn        ,j. . ,« General
of every description rhone   ID/       Conveyindjuj
Something good for the small buyer
Price $275 each
$75 cath.   Balance very easy.   Call and tee ut about these
C. E. LAW80N & CO.
Phone 70—P. O. Box 97
North Shore Locators
We are plucing on the murket a block ul 17 lull, on Ihe
Grand Boulevard el tension, Those lull ore high and dry, with
un unsurpassed view, two block, from tho present cor lino, size
40tl86) partly cleared. Price, from 8660 to 8800. Tarmt-1-6
eush, balance, 8, 6, 9, 12, 16, li), 21 and 24 months.
Comi in und let ua show you over tbit property.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
50 ll. Lot facing New Municipal Hall.   Price, $500;
Cash, $200.
50 It. Lot, J 7th Street, near Boulevard. Price, $600;
Cash, $200,
Double Corner, Queenibury Heights.   Price, $ 1500;
'   Cash, $500.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Ul. inkit.r k Wsrd)
219 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone 44
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceriei
Freah and Smoked Meati
Potatoes, per sack, •   $1.95
Ayrshire Robo Butter
141b. box  -  -  -  $4.25
3 lbs, Lonsdale Blend
of Tea
3 lbs, Best Empress
Coffee    •  -  -   -  $1,00
Russet Apples, per bin $1,85
Sherwood's Chutney,
qts.      SOc
Captain White's Pickles SOc
Pure Castile Soap, per
bar      25c
Chiver's Fruit in Syrup
from      35c
You can depend upon the
quality and price of our Meat
Rolled Oats, 7lbs. for    25c.
Chivers Marmalade in 1
lb. glass jars, each  -   15c.
Ayrshire Rose Creamery
Butter,  -   -  3 lbs. $100
Lemons, por doz.   -   -   20c
Oatmeal Soap. 10 bars 25c
Maggis Soups', 5c. per tablet
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEt^Proprietor
61.111. to 8 pm.
First-class Metis 35c.
Commutation Tickets, 31 meals
Rooms lor Rent at moderate rain
I. O. ()   P.
Nortb Vancouver Lodge, No. 88,
tntoli every Thursday evening, corner
Lonadale Avenue and Firal atrsst, at
8 o'clock. Visiting hr.thren cordially
invited to attend. A. T. Kennedy,
N.G.; Tbos. S. Nye, rec.-aec.; J. H.
Pilling, P.O., fin.-aec.; Chas. Nys, P.
<!.,  triu.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Snap on a 6 roomed Bungalow,
dote in. All modern, fireplace,
furnace, etc. $600 cash, bal.
to arrange.
P. O. BOX 114
Fully Equipped
to plod over the dceeri ot aufer banger and taint it Mr. Camel. We'n
not built that way. What we want It
the real thing. .
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will atand the blaring tun ol tin
Sahara or Iho bleat, ol Cook'i North
117 Lonsdale Phone 149 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
. ■
1   '
Spring Opening
and Special Exhibit of the New Spring Styles
for Men, Friday & Saturday, March 17 and 18
y    You are invited—everybody ia invited to come and look over at their leisure thi* Fashion Pageantry
of fine Apparel for Men and Boys, an exhibit, that for largeness, variety, correctness and beauty,
surpasses anything that has ever been shown in North Vancouver.    It is your duty to see the new
styles.     It is our pleasure to show them to you.
1 il ' !     '     ',, ' , i     . t1     f   I.
Highest in Style-r—Rarest in Beauty Greatest in Value
$10     $15      $20      $25      $30      $35
Boys' Stylish and Durable Suits and
Uncommon Shoes for Particular Men and Boys
Overcoats        $3,  $4,  $5,  $6,  $7
Boy's Shoes $2 to $4.    Men's Shoes $3 lo $6
You'll like the way they look and
Sec them, they look good—try them on, they feel good
you'll like the way they wear.
—wear ihem, they wear good
William Cumming
THE STVU STORE,     nMJg   Longdale Ave_     r STORE THAT
interest and linking fund, nn equal
apeciul rule, on Ihe dollar wdl be required lo bo levied on all Ihe rateable
real property in llie suid City ;
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
real properly iu tho mid City according to tlie lull reviled usseisment roll
ia ♦9,81)8,662.60 ; '   '
AM)   WHEREAS   tho uggrcgalo   ol
tbo   existing   debenture   debt   of the
I corporation  is s776,67n (except    lor
A BY-LAW lo enable the Corporation. works ol local improvement und   lor
of the City ol Norlh Vancouver to ichool purposes) of which nunc oi Iho
ruiie by wuy ol loan the mm   ol .principal uud intereit ii in urrciir:
8.46,001) lor schiuil purposes. |   THKIU.l'T)HI'. the Municipal Council
WHEREAS the Board ol Trustees ol of the Corporation  ol the City.iil
Norlh Vancouver Cily School District j Niirtli  Vancouver, with ihe usienl Ol
havo prepared a dctiiiled estimate oljtho electors ol the cily ol Norlh Van-
the sinus required lo meet apeciul or  couver   duly obtained,, enacts us lol-
extraordinary espouses legally incur
ruble by the Board,, which estimate is
ui follows:
EttimSjti ol ipcciul or extraordinary
expenditure for 11)11 •
diutling   and aurfucing    of
grounds,    construction    ol
aiilew.ilks   antl   erection   ol
boundary   foncca   ul   Lons
iliilt' acbool on tola 2, 3, 8
Iowa :
I I. It ahull he lawful for the Mayor
Iof iho City of North Vancouver lud
'the City Clerk for the piirpoae afore-
I suid to borrow or raise by wuy ol
loan from any period of persons, body
or bodies corporate, who muy tic willing to advance the nunc upon the credit of tlie debentures hereinafter mentioned ol the corporation, a sum   nl
and 9, block 206, I). I/. 616   8760.00 money not exceeding in the whole   Ihe
turn of 81'i.OOil und lo cause the nunc
to be plucctl in tlie Bunk of British
North America nt North Vuneouver,
260 00 t„ the credit of the City lor tho pur-
-polo above recited, and audi moneys
ahull be used lor Ihut purpose only.
2.   Oebcnliirei  ol   the   City not exceeding in iimoiiiil the sum of Forty-
816000 00 six Thoueund (816,000) Dollars   muy
AMI WHEREAS  Ihe slid eelimutojbo inucd by the iuid Muyor uud (if
waa laid bolore tho City Council and Clerk in terms ol llie Municipal Clans
duly   considered by   tbo suid Council
Removal ol Janitor'a homo.
preparation ol uow ailc lor
same, with addition of base
in.nl    door  .It.-111111. '     etc....
Krcclion of eigiil-ronmed fire-
..roof school house on block
100, I). L. 660  46000.00
ami Ihe said aunt above mentioned
wsa finally rejected nnd disapproved
by the said Council on Ihe 6th da)
ol February, lilll.
AND WHEREAS Ihe Acting Muyor
ol the City Iibb since the rejection end
diiepproval of the suid estimate, to
wit, on tho •28th day ol February.
1811, .received Jroni ibe Secretary ol
tbo said Board of School Triiilecs, a
writton roqucst that ihe auid acting
Mayor submit lor the naeail ol ibo
F.loctora, in tho manner prescribed by
Section 68 ol Iho "Mumoipul Clauses
Act" a By-Law authorizing ibo pro-
posed expenditure ond il ncceaaury the
railing ol tbo monoyi required to de
fray tbo aame upon the credit ol the
AND   WHEREAS   it   ii   necessary
tbat Ihe said monoy bo raised   upon
the credit of the Municipality,
tho Council
cs Act in sums IS tiruv be desired, but
not loss than fine Thousand (tl.ooo)
Dollars ouch. Much ol the suid debentures shall be signed hy the auid Muyor nnd Cily Clerk, und the City
Clerk ahull affix the Corporate .-...I
ol the suid Cily ol North Vancouver.
.1. ihe debentures iliull benr dale
the 27th dav ol March, IVII. and
shall hour interest ul (lie rule of five
per cent, per milium payable hall
yearly on the 27th day ol September
and tbo 27th day ol March in each
and ovory .vein during the currency
of the laid debentures or an/ol them,
'lit  ihall bo at I allied to Ibo debentures coupons aigncd by tbo Muyor
only lor each ancTovcry payment of in
tercst that muy become due, and audi
i..i.Miu. may bo either written,
■tamped, printed or lithographed.
I.  Tho iuid dobouluroi ai to principal and intoreit may be made puy-
ias .iiile  at tho  Bank  of  Drili.h  North
ly-/Amoricn at North Vancouver, Toron-
authorized the tinunisiion of thii I. ,
law to the olectori: jto or Montreal,  Canada,  or  ate the
AND WHEREAS for the payment of j arid   Bonk  in .the  City of  Loud
interest on the dobonturos proposed
to be ltiuod under thii By-Law, and
lor creating a sinking fund for tho
payment of the ssid doboiiturca when
due, it will be noooeiery to roiao by
ipccial rate in addition Ui all oilier
rata., each year during iho currency
ol audi tlt'lt't'iilures, the sum of 82,
601.38. whereof 82,800 is to bo railed
annually for the payment ol intoreit
during tbo ourrency olaoid dubonturoi
ind K01.36 to bo raiacd annually lor
he purpoic of cresting a nuking fund
or payment of Iho debt icourod by Iho
lid dobonturo. tho some being made
lyable in fifty years Irom the   dote
„ WHEREAS in order to raise
laid yearly ium of 82,601.36   for
England, at par o' exchange and Ihe
laid principal .iniii slnill lie mado
payable hy the City at a date not
later than fifty veins from Iho dale
upon which line By-Law takes elect.
ft. During the whole term of tho
ourroncy of the said debentures a special rate on tho dollar shall be ToMcd
nnd rajsed each your 8) addition to
all other ratea on all tho rateable
rcul property in tho city and aufflcient
to pas; tho interest upon Ibo said
debentures and lo create a linking
fund for tho payment of the principal
thorOof whon due, lubjoel lo any act
or enactment respecting the tamo.
Such special rule ihall be inserted in
tho Collector's Roll or Rolls and shall
be payable to and collected by   Ihs
said Corporal ion in the aumo way aa
ulhur lulea in the anid roll or rolls,
aave us hereinafter provided.
6. In order to provide for thoratoa
aet out in paragraph (6j und aubject
aa afurcauid, there ahull bo raiacd annually by apeciul rule during thu currency ol the auid ilcbcnl urea the aum
of 82.31)0 to provide for the puymonl
ol intereal thereon and the ium ol
8301.36 in provide lor the repayment
of Ibe principal  ihcrcol.
7. The proceeds ol the aaid deben
lures shall lie applied aa follows and
nol otherwise:
i.i) In payment of Ihe coal ol the
passing ol this IU I.m and the issue
ami sale of the debentures therein re
fcrrcd to und ull expenses Connected
with the said hum.
tit) lu recouping the mid clirporu-
t i-.ii tor such sums ns have l.i-.-n ox-
ponded hereunder until the prncccdi ol
the .ale of Iho suid debentures becomes  mailable
|e| To curry out the purpoiu ol
tin. Bylaw ns above ict oul.
8. All in..in;, nriiing oul ol the
annual i|iccial rule hereinbefore |io-
vidod lor sinking fund shall boUivtvl-
ud by the Council ol iuid Corporation
from lime to lime ns the law lli'cfle
9. No rebute ibnll be mlowcd on
the apeciul rules lo be levied under
I hii By-law,
10. Thii By-Law ihull lake e'Icct on
Iho 27lh day ol March. A.I).. IVII.
11. Thii By-Law may lie cited lor
all purpolci ul "The City of North
Vuneouver Schools Eslruoplinury
Kxpendilurc Loan Byl.nw,  Mill."
I'.iied by Ibo Council on the I3lh
dav ol March, A.D. I'Mt
Received the ueaon!  ol Ihe r'retora
ol tho City ol North Vancouver ut an
election lor the purpoic ou iii.
day of A. I). IUII,
Reconsidered by Ihe Council nnd fin
ally adopted, lignod by the Mayor end
City Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal on the day
of                             A. D. IVII.
TAKE NOTK'K that the above ii I
true copy of Ibo propoicd By-Law upon which llie vole ol tho Eloclorl of
the Municipality of Ihe City ol North
Vancouver will be taken within the
Cily Hall, North Vancouver, B, I'.. "ii
Snlurdoy, the Twenty-fifth day ol
March, A I). 1911, brlwcon tho hour,
of 9 o'clock a.m. antl 7 o'clock Jim
Cily Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE ii hereby' given
that Ihe voto of tho Elector! of Ibe
City of Norlh Vancouver will bo token
on Ibe 26th day ol March, 1911, be-
tween the hours ol 9 o'dock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m. on "The City of Norlh
Vancouver Schools Extrnordiiuut K.
pouditure Loan lly-l^w, 1911, and
that within llie City Hall, North Van
cotiver, B. '',, and'lhal Thomas Shr|i
herd bit been appointed Reluming Of
ficer to Inkc tlie vole of audi Electors
with Ibo ustiiil tumors in ihnt bohoH
By Order of tno Council,
City Clerk.
A BY-LAW lo enable the Corporation
of Ihe I'ily ol North Vuneouver lo
ruiie b\ way of I nun llie sum of
820.000 In pin dime real piopeity
lor Corporation p.n pose.,
WHERKAS the Council of the t'jiy
of North Vuneouver is applying for .
license to use Rice Luke a. a iiiiluml
»l oi ngc retort oil.
AM) WH Kit LAS the Ct.tini-il desires
tii.it   the water   ihed shall be protect
etl uml  lor  that   purpose il   is tales
u> in connection with tlui undertaking mid works propoicd to acquire liv
purchase ihe lunili in tlie immediate
vicinity ol the bike situated ii lbs
tricl Lol 816 :
AND WHKHKAS a iHiiiion signed
hy the owners of more limit olic-tciilh
of the vsluo id Hui property In the
Cily (aa shown by llie tail revised ns-
•t'lattienl roll) hue been pnwiiiisl I.
the Council requesting them io itilro-
tluce a By-Law lo autliurire thetu I.,
borrow the ium ol Twenty Thousand
l82i|,0il)| Dollar, lot the pur|Kiae ol ac
quiring by puichuse blocks three |8),
flllir  (i),  five  16),   Sit   (Ol,  elcM'11   III),
twenty two l22|, Iweni) line.' 118).
twenlvaix (26). Iwoiily-tovtti t27| uial
iwinly eight (28) in Dislritl lot
Kight hundred and lilt > live (Ns'i|
comprising an area "I 6y.se acres awn
or less :
AND WHKHKAS loi the payment ol
intereit on the debentures pioposcd lo
Is' iisuod under ibil H>-l.nw, anil ft r
cresting-t sinking fund lot the pay
mcnl of tlie suid debcnlurti when due.
it will be neoetsafy lo raise by ips
dal rale in addition to nil olbctrelit
ench venr during ihe currency ol such
ileboniuics. Ihe ium of 81.131.02.
whereof 3)00i).00 is to be raised nn
nnall.v for pjymcnl of inlen'-t tltidiig
llie currency of mid debentures, and
8131.02 ii to be raited annually lol Me
purpoao of rroaling a sinking (und for
payment of the debt secured by the
•eld debciilurea, the saute being made
payable in filly years Irom the date
liereol :
AND WHKHKAS in order lo raise
the said yearly sum of 81131.09 for interest and sinking Intnl. nn equal special rale on the dollar will be requires) to bo levied on all lite let cable
real properly in ihe said Municipality l
AND WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
real properly in tbc said Mum io Iii .
according to the last reviled usees.
mini nil ia 89,fi98,6fi2.60 :
AND WHKHKAS the aggregate of
the misting debenture debt ol the Cor
iteration is 8716,670 fevrept fill works
of local improvement and lor obtol
purpoio.) ol which pons "I llie pi inn
pal ond inlcrcst i. in srrr-nr .
THKKKKOKK the Municipal Council
of the Corporation ol tp. ' ily ol
Norlli Vnncouvor (with tlie uiacal ol
Ihe elocton ol tht Cily of North Von-
couver duly obtained) enucli   as  follows :
li) 'It ahull bo lawful for the Mayor
(if the Cjly of Norlh Vuneouver and
the Cily Clerk, lor the purpoae uftirc-
said lo borrow or rnisc by way ol
loan from uny person or persons, body
or botlies corporate, who may bo willing to advance the anme upon the
credit ol iho ddienlures licreiu'lftcr
mentioned nl the Corporation, aum ol
money not exceeding in tbe whole the
sum ol Twenty Thousand Dollora
l>20.i«lll| and h, cnuie the same lo be
placed in the Bunk of British Norlh
America, nl Norlli Vancouver, lo the
credit of the City for the purpose
allot e recited, uml such moneys ihall
be lists) for that purpose only.
(2) Debenture, ol (he City not exceeding iu amount the sum of Twenty
Thousand Dollars (820,0001 mitt be is-
sued by the snid Mayor and City Clerk
in terms of tlie Municipal Cluusci Act,
in sums as muy be desired, but nol
less 11.in line Thousand Dollars (81,-
OOU.OOi each. Koch ol Ihe said debentures ahull be signed by the said Ma
yor ami I'ily Clerk, and the I'ily Clerk
shall nfiis—tiicrolo the Corporale Seal
ol llie suid Cili of North Vuneouver.
|3) Ths debentures shull bear dale
the twenlyiovcnlb dny of 11 arch, 1911
mill I ..II hem inlcrcst nl the rule of
live per cent, per annum, puyabloball
j early on llie twenty seventh day ol
September nnd the Iwciily-ievenlh day
of Maich iu each and every year during the currency ol the suid debenlurea
or any ol them. There shull bo attache) to the debenture., coupons
dgued by lite Muyor only lor ouch
und every payment of intereal thai
may Is. oine due, and audi aignnturo
may he dibit written, itamped
printed or lilhogrnjihcd.
14) The said delicti lure aa lo principal ami Intersil may bo made pay-
abb ill the Bunk of British North
Americo at Norlh Vuneouver, Toronto or Montreal, I'liiiadu, or at tho
said Hank in the Cily of Loudon,
Englund, nt pur of extiiunge, nod tbe
suid pin.111.■ 11 ium sboll be made puy
able by tho ''ily ul a dato not later
I linn filly teats from the late upon
which this By-Law tnlu'i effect,
(6) During Ibo whole term of Iho
currency ol the said debenture! a toe-
cial rale on Ibe dollar shall be levied
mil raised rucb year in addition 10 all
il.ei iiites on ell the rateable real
properly in tbo Municipality sufficient
to pity ihe interest upon tho aaid de-
benlurti and In cicalo a linking fund
for the payment of the principal
thereof wfioQ due, lubieel lo any act
..r enact nn at reipfcling Ibe lame.
Such ipccial rale ihall be inserted in
the collciioi'ii roll or rolls and iliull
bo payable to and collocted by the
snid ' orporntion in tho lame way ai
olhor ralci in tin- suid roll or rolls
nave oi hcrcinaltff; provided.
(6) In order to provide for the rites
set out in tiarigripb '6) nnd subject
as nloroioitl, there aboil bo raised annually by apodal rate during tho currency ol tlie said dcbenturci the sum
of 11,000 lo provids lor the piymeot
.| intereit ihsresn, mud the sum ol
1131.1)2 to provido lor Iho repayment
of Uu principal ibereol.
(7) The proceeds of tht laid dtbon
turoa shall bo applied ua follows, and
not olhcrwiio :
(a) In paymcnl of the cost of tho
palling of litis By-Lew and the issue
and tali' of the dcbenturci theroin re-
ferred lo und all ol pen set connected
will) the suid  |....ii ;
(b) In recouping the suid Corporation for ...itch sums us have been expended bcrouuder until the proceed, o!
tbe .--.'iii- ol the saitl debentures becomo
available .
(c) To carry out ths purpoae ol this
By-Luw ui obove set out.
(8) All moneys arising out ol Ibe
animal special rule hereinhofore    pro-
ill.-1 for eiuking fund shull bo invilied by the Council of snid Corporation
from nn..   to lime ..■   the luw directs.
(9) No rebate slnill be allowed on
the special rules to be levied under
this Bv-I.aw.
(10) This By-Luw shall Inko iffict
on the twenty-seventh dav "I March,
A.I)., 1911.
(11) Tlim By-Law mav he cited lor
ull purpoici ui "Ihe Rice I uko By-
Low, IUII."
l'usecd liv tbc Council on ihe Thirteenth duy'ol March A I). IUII.
Received the assent of tho l.leclors
of the City ol Norlh Vancouver nt an
el. i Hon for (be purpose un .US
duy ol AD., IUII.
li. ...tu nli i.-1 by. tbe Council und finally adopted, aigncd by tho Mayor,
und City Clerk and aealed with tho
I'm pom le Seal on Ihe day
of A.D. IUII.
TAKE NOiK'E that the above I. a
true copy of lb. proposed By-Law up
on which the vole ol llie Electors ol
Ihe Municipulily ol Ibo City ol North
Vancouver will be taken within the
City Hull, North Vancouver, B. C., on
Saturday, (ho Twenty-filth day ol
March, A I)., 1911, bolwccn the hours
il 9 o'clock a.m. aud 7 'o'clock p.m.
Cily Clerk and Holurning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE it hereby jMa
that the vole ol tho Electors of tbo
Cily of Norlh Vancouver will bo token
ou the 2Mb day of Match, lull, between the hour, of 9 o'clock a.m. ami
7 o'clock p.m. mi "The Rico Luke By-
Law, CHI," and Ibat within IheCil-
Hall, North Vancouver, B, C., and
Ibat 'Thomas Shepherd hai been appointed Returning Officer lo lake tbi-
vote ol such Klectuu with the uiuul
powers in that bchiill,
By Ordor ol tho Council,
GEO. W, McRAlv,w     ■
City Clerk.
W. will buy or .xrtisngi your stoves,
rentes and household goods for apot
(task. Turner'i, TO l.onidels A-venuc.
Pkcne 184.    IX Box 213. SIX
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Although we emphasize the merits ol Dirks'
special movement which it really the height of
perfection, we can accommodate the public
with best efforts of all the leading watch
makers of note.
In telling watches, pur policy is to satisfy our
customers, and thit policy hai brought ut
reward and proof of the value of meeting the
public with'nonest values. *
See our thin model watches, in them you will
find perfection and satisfaction.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Geo. E, Troray,
Managing Director
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finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
BtcoNii Sinter.   -   •   -   - • NORTH   VANCOUVER, Id. C
We operate the only p&p-
ded furniture and piano
moving van in the city, . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
f I emd.l. Avt,
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get exacdy what you aik (or at the right price.
*j|   Sjx't ial attention paid to prescriptions and family
"   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
Sundries. '
Telephone L 29
A. J. TVSON, Prep.
Cor. Lonsdale k 8tb
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rote 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lln. of good Tea • • ... | ,50
5 lbs. ol better Tea 17$
5 lbs. of the best Tea    •      .      ,      .      ,        2.00
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120 Second Strut* Em,. Telephone 200
Cmvtatwt io North Vancouver Merchants
im- is Vss* Own Tsws. Veto 0  ws tsltsitsd
A lijerary Column
Somewhat About Souks;
and Writers
A correspondent io a Vancouver contemporary contributed bis recollection
ol being taken as a boy to a meotin.
wblcb was addressed by, Lord Brougham, and retains a vivid jmprsaslon ol
tbs Lord Obincellor's appeirinos, particularly ol bis wonderful loudly plai
troustrt- Ytar attr ysar he w»s t
bt ssan clad in nether garments made
up ol this same cloth and some peopl
thought be wore it ol choice, but th
osrelul old soul was only wearing i1
up. The story goes that being once
on t visit to a woollen mill, be stw
this pattern in the loom. Being tiken
up with it end intending to hive two
trouser lengths, hs ordered two pieces.
Tbs manufacturer promptly sent the
cloth md received payment lor it tram
ths steward. Brougham wit bom; a
fsw days later and expressed surprieo
at ths siss ol the.account snd to his
horror found thit the two piccea were
enough to mike scores ol pairs ol
trousers, Alter ineffectual attempts
to induce the miker to tske back a
portion ol the cloth, Lord Brougham
reluctantly braced himself up to tbe
wearing of plaid trousers for the rest
of his nsturil life.
Benjamin Disraeli, Lord lleicniieficlil
in hii younger daye was likewiie
noted for hii ultra-ordinary appearance, strolling along the classy huunti
ol top Iniii uml ilrcBi suits, attired in
clothing the colour and cut of which
rivalled the glories of Bugdad. But
he tiiui frivolled of choice, not ol ns-
ceaaity. There is some new light
thrown upon Disraeli's earlier yeara
in the biography recently ieeued, and
it would appear that iiillicicnt itrei.
had not been laid before upon the
influence which hi. fattier and sister
BXercised upon him.
The Dieruelis were descended Irom i
family ol Spanish Jews that rettled
in et in Veuico, then in England, IIii
lather, Issac, was an author I con-
imleiiibl. repute, and perionally directed hi. earlier studies, doubtlcM
from hia father he acquired 'iii ikill
in repartee, the coining ol nicknames,
snd itiveitive, which ciiunta for much
in politics.
ltlAtili WOltKS
Mciare. HcKinnon and Ilium ol
Bellingham have oomplcled arrange-
menu lor the citsbliehmeiit ol a general bluckamithing and carriage work,
buiineai in this city, l'roperty ou the
Eiplanade just west ol the North
Vancouver I mini, r ululilca has bee.i
letmeil and a building 'J.'.xii'i will bs
erected aliortly, The new linn propose opening out 01 u lurgc SCtlt.
Oi) tho atotemont of ,1. W. Dell. I'nr-
ria, repreaenting John HclCwet in Iho
private proiecution agiimt Jot. Nidi
olich for alleged obtaining nf money
under falie protaucce, that tatiiliiclory
real ti ni inn had been made ami the request that the charge be withdraws,
Jiutice. of the l'eace Hood, and Fori-
ninii granted a withdruwal of the ruse
Wednosday morning. 3fr. II. 1'. Win-
teimiiii! ippearod for tbt defendant.
In a further tlatement lo Ilic e mrt
Mr. Ferris said it seemed evitlenl lint
the icoiued was irresponsible in ibis
connection. He apparently did not un
derstind ths ntturt ol tin set. h« wis
alleged to have committed and did
it unwittingly. Mr. Nich./uib, nho
I. in business in Bellingham, nUnud
horn. th. ..me dsy.
(July 1st, 1810)
Province ol British Columbia.
No. SWA (1810)
This is to certify tbit "THE
authorized snd licensed to carry on
business within tbt Province of British Columbit, ind to csrry out or sf-
feel ill or iny ol tht object, of tbt
Company to wbich th. legiilttiv. su-
thority of th. l^gisliture ol British
Columbit eitendi. *
The heed office of the Company i.
situ.te in the City oi Montreal, pre
vjnee of Quebec.
The head office of the Company in
thi. Province ia situate it th. City ol
Vancouver, and William Ernest Burns,
whole sddrees is Vancouver sioressid,
is th. attorney lor ths Compmy.
Tbt amount of Ihe eepitt) of tbt
Comti.ny ia Fifty Tliouund Dollars,
divided Into One thoutsnd thiret.
GIVEN under Hy hsnd and
,8«al of Office 'st Victor!.,
(L. 8.)' Province of Brititb Colen-
bit, tbit ninth dsy oi Febru-
iry, .one tliout.nd sin. h*n-
dred end eleven.
Begittrsr of Joint Stock Companies.
Tbs objects for wbich tbit Company
b»S been established tnd licensed art) >
(1) To export to ths Dominion ol
Canada the manufactured product, ol
fireclay snd other like mineral sub'
nliineeii, end in particular furnace lining;, gas retorts, coks oven blocks,
bricks, tilts, pipes, baths,' sanitary appliances, Ventilating appliances, and
other lilts artiolss,        '•■  %
li) To carry on business within ths
said Dominion as general builders aud
rimtriicliitij, decorators, and manufacturer! of or dealers, in ell and building requisites and in ell such products
and articles is are mentioned in part-
graph 1.
(8) To carry on uny other businesses whether manufacturing or otherwise, which limy seem to ins Company
capable of beinf conveniently carried
on in connection with any ol tbs
above specified objects, or calculated directly or indirectly, to enhance
the value ol or render profitable, any
ol the Company's properly or rights..
(■I) To apply lor, purchase, or otherwise acquire any patents, brsvttl
d'invehtion, licenses, concessions and
ths like conlerriug, an exciusivs oi
non-esclusive or limited right to uti
or my secret or other information as
to sny invention whicli may soem cap.
able of being used for any of tlm put-
poses ol the Company or the/acquisition of which may seem cslculited directly or indirectly to benefit this
Company, and to ueo, ssercise, develop or grant licensee in respect of, or
otherwise turn to account the props),
ty right and information so acquired.
(6) To purchase or otherwiss so-
quire snd undertske all or uny part
of the business property and liabilities
of any 'parson or Compsny carrying
on any business which this Compsny
is authorized to carry on or posssss-
ed of property auitable for tbe pur-
poses of the Companv
(8) To enter into any arrangement
with any. governments or authorities,
supreme, municipal, locul or otherwiss
und to obtain Irom any such govern-
ment or authority all rights, noncer
sions und privileges that may seem
conducive to the Company's objects
or any of them.
(7). To enter into partnership, oi
into any arrangement lor sharing pro-
lit., union ol interests, co-oporitton,
joint adventure, reciprocal concession,
or othorwisu with uny person or Company carrying on or engaged in or
about to carry qn or siigags in sny
business or trunsnclion which thii
Company ii authorized to carry on or
engage in, or any business or tram-
action capable of being conducted .0
a. directly or indirectly te benefit thii
Company, nnd to take, or otherwise
acquire, shines or etock in, or lecuri
ties ol, and to subsidize or otherwise
assist any such Company, and to sell,
bold, re-inue with or without guarantee or ollierwiie deal witb such iharei
•tock or securities.
(8) Generally to purchase, ttks or
lease in exchange, hire, or otherwise
acquire any real or personal property,
and any rights or privileges which tbs
Company may think necotsnry or mu
lenient with rolereitce to any of th.
object, or capable of being profitably
dealt with in connection with my of
ths Compmy's properly or rights for
the tims being, ana in particular ssy
land, buildings, esiemeuts, license.,
patents, plants, machinery, ships,
barges, rolling-stock, end stock-Minds.
(!)) To sell the undertaking ol ths
Company or any part thereof for such
consideration is the Compmy miy
think fit, md in particular for .hares
or debenture., debenture .tock or other .ecuritiee ol any other Company
having objecta altogether or In part
eiinilar to thoae ol tine Company.
(10) To promote eny Company or
companioi lor the purpme ol acquiring all or any ol the property rights
and biibtbti. s nl tho ( ompany or lot
sny other purpose which may seem
directly .or indirectly celcul.ted to
benefit this Company.
(11) To invest and doal witb tht
moneye ol Iho Company not iniinedi-
ately required in such manner ei may
Irom time to time lie determined.
(12) To l.-ii.i money to iucIi periom
und oo each terms ej may .com expedient, und in pertioulsr fttustointri
of and periom having deeTifigi "WHS'
the Company, und to give any guarantee or iiideinniiy in may teem expedient.
(13) To reiae or borrow, or secure
the payment ol money in such manner snd on such terms ss muy seem
expedient, end in particular by their
itiu of debenture! or debentur. stock
whethor perpotu.i or otherwiss snd
chsrgsd or not ciiarued upon tb.
whole or any part of the property aud
right! ol Ins Company both present
and future, including iti uncalled cspitil, md to redeem, purchase, or piy
off any iucIi lecuritiet.
(14) To draw, accept, indorse, discount, exeoute tnd issue bills of tx-
change, promissory nolri,dobi.nlutei,
Mill  of lading,   minimis   and    other
negotiable   Or   lll.lil.fell.bli.   |H.I I lllllenll
or securities.
(18) To rsmunsrtte my pirties for
services rendered or to In rindirod In
|ilaring or milling to plies any
shares in tht Company's capital or
any dtbtnturet, debenture stock, or
other leouritiei ol lbs Compsny or in
or sbout th. Iniiniiiii.il or promotion
of ths Compsny or ths conduct of ils
bun nee..
fid) To do sll or sny ol th. sbov.
things in sny p.rt of ths world md
either ss principal., igsnts, tiustees,
contractor! or otherwise, tnd rilher
alone or in conjunction with inhere,
and either by or through agent*, nib-
contracton, Iruateea or otherwise.
(17) To sell, improve, manage, develop, exiting., snfrmobist, Int.,
mortgage, diipoee of, turn lonocounl,
or otherwise deal witb sll nr iny t irt
ol tht property or rights ol lbs Company.
(18) To do ill tucb other things u
sn incidental or conducive to Ih. it-
tsinmsnt of the sbov* objects snd so
thit tb. word "Compmy" In thlt
Clause shsll be denned to include sny
pirtnersblp or other body of peisont
whether incorporated or not incorporated, snd whether dosucilsd is tht
United Kingdom or sltswbtrt, snd so
tbst lb. object, spedlisi in ..ich of
tht first two paragraph, of thi.
Clause shall except when otherwiss St-
pressed in luoh paragraph be In no
wis. limited or rwlrlotsd by rsferehce
to or infw.no. from tht tsrmi of my
other psrtgriph  or tht natst of tht
* H>1sIt»
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For Flaw, Price List and Parliculari, apply to
■ ■*
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PU* 6286
«W I H'H'frEfrfrWfWtf'Hhr'W^'f^H M>HfW'h^»fr H^Hl t">H»"H
Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright, 1808, by ths Bobbt-M.rrlll Co.
liouso witb quits as much warrant us
tbt other unless Klrkwood bud drawn
a rush inference from tbo' Incident ol
tht ragged sentry. Tbo two or Minn
wets mutuul If antagonistic trespass
ers. Neither would dire bring ulsmi
tbs arrest of tbo other. And then -mid
Ibis wis uot the least consideration to
Influence Klrkwood-perbaps tbe fel:
low would die If he got no attention
Light upou the subject, acluul ua
i well ss flgurstlvo, seemed to be the
flrst essenllul. Ills niind composed,
Klrkwood set himself In search of-It.
The Hour lie wus on, however, afforded
biin no usslslsucc.   ,
After some momentary hesitation Its
went upstairs, his ascent marked hy u
Single ii ml grateful Incident. Halfway
to Ibe top he trod on an object thul
clinked underfoot and, stopping, re
trlevcd the lost purse.
The rooms ou the second Moor were
bedchambers, liroud, deep, stately, lu
bulilted liy seven devils of loneliness.
In one, on a dresser, Klrkwood found
s slump of candle In a chlnu candle-
Stick. Tbe two cbirrcd cinls ul
mulches al its bum.. Were ouly uu Irritating discovery, bowever-evlilencc
Ihat real matches bud been llie itinile
In No. 8 st some remote (lute
in ; ii i..i und oppressed hy cuiiiulii
live ltii|tih>lllvcness, bo took the can-
die end luck lo the ball, lie wottlil
bsve given much for the time and
means to make s mors delullcd Invcs
ligation Into the secret of the house.
Since bis lulesl entrance his vlilou
had ii.ljir.i.ii Itielf to copo with the
ohucurity to some client, and the slreel
lights, meugcrly reflected through Iho
windows from tbe bosom of s sullen
pall of cloud low swung sbove ihe
cily, bad helped liltn to piece together
many s dclull of decoration und fur-
nlsblug, ullke somber and richly dig.
ntii.-ii Klrkwood told hlmsojf thut
the owuer, whoever he might bo, wm
s miu of weallb snd taste Inherited
from im..ih. i age. He bad fouod little
of meretricious todsy In ths dwelling,
much that was Bolld and sedate and
homely ond -Victorian. He could have
wished for more. A box of early Vie-
torlsn vestts hod been highly acceptable.
Making bis way downstairs lo tbc
stricken msn, who wss quite us he
had liven, Klrkwood bent over and
thrust rilling lingers Into his pockets
regardless of Ibe wretcbed seine of
guilt and snoiiklsbncss Imparted li;
tbe action, slulilnirnly becdlcas of the
possibility of Ihe nun's awakening lo
And hlniM-lf liclug seiircliwl and robbed.
lu Ibe last place be sought, which
should, bo realized, have been the lirsl
-to wit, tbe fob pocket of Ibe while
waistcoat- bt found a small gold
iiislclili.il packed light with wsi vestal and, berating himself for crass
stnpldlly-bo hud saved a deal of time
snd trouble liy thinking of Ibis befors
-lighted tbc candle.
As Ils golden Homo shot up with
scsrrc t 11 .in. r. preyed upon liy a perfectly excusable concern, he bent to
ctuinlue Ibe inaii'i couiilriiuncc The
arm which hud portly hidden II bed
fall. i. luck Into i nstursl position. It
was s young face thut gleamed pallid
In Ibe candlelight, a fact tiiillned, o
IllllOjVopId und ItnlgnlhYiinl. with features regulur uml neat, betraying few
i liniai i, il in other ihaii Ihe purely
negative illrlhiilvs of a cliiirtnler as
ytl unformed, possibly uiiforiniilile,
much Iho soli of fucc Uml he might
bsve csportcd to .ee. remembering
Ibose lliiti and patting lips Ihat before
bsd Impressed blm. Ila owner wss
probably 111 lie iisiro Ihun twenty In
but otllre there was s suspicion of s
(op's prcclseness. aside from Its icel-
dentsl disarray.
"I csn'I make him oul st sill" de
cltrcd Klrkwood It wu moit ojii.-
periling, Ibo Incongruity of Ibe boy't
sppearsuce assorted wilb bis doubts
role of persecutor of distressed damsels sud nocturnal bouaebreaker.
Klrkwood lietil dotal uboro tbe iss
llonlett heud, with puttied eyes striving to pin down some elusive rescin-
blsiice thai he thought to trace In
Ibose vacuous features, a resemblance
to some one be bud seen or known at
some psst time somewhere, somehow.  I
"I give II up.  Hues. I'm nilsiukeu. ,
Anyhow, Ave young KugJlsbnicu out of
every ten of bis data ire Just ss
blond snd foolish.   Now let's see how ;
bsd lie's hurt."
With  lunula strong ond  geuUe  bt
turned Ihe round, light bead.   Then
"Ah!" be commented in the iccent of
comprehension, for thcro was on angry j
looking bump il the base of the skull, j
Klrkwood Ict tht head down and
took thought. Itccilllng i bathroom
on Ihe floor above, thither he went,
unselfishly forgetful of bit predicament If discovered, and, mining on
Ihe water, sopping bis handkerchief
until ll dripped. Then, returning: bt
took the boy's head on bis knees, wssn-
<d Ibe wound, purloined mother bind-
kerchief of tlik, wlui a giddy border,
ffom Ibe olher't pocket and of tall
uiouufuclured t rude but scrrlctaWt
Towird tbe conclusion of bis itlen-
llons Ihe sufferer begin lo thow algal
Of reluming animation He stirred
restlessly, whimpered a llttit and sighed. Aud Klrkwood to consternation
sot us.
"Kur be coiiiiimnted ruefully. "I
guess I am on oss, all right, taking all
thul trouble for you, ray friend. It
I've got s grain of senso loft, this li
my cue to leave yon tlons to your
Ho was lingering only to rettore to
tbo boy's pockets sucb articles at ha
bud removed in tbt search for mutches
-tbc luatebboi, a few silver coins, a
bulky sovereign purta, a ntndsoms
plain gold watch, and so forth. But srs
lie coucluded bs wot swart tbit tbt
boy wis conscious; tbat bis eyes, open
and blinking In tlie candlelight, wen
upou blm.
They were blue eyes-blue ind shot
low us a doll's and edged with long,
line lushes. Intelligence of a certain
degree was rapidly Informing tbem.
Klrkwood returned tbelr questioning
glance, iruiisilicd to Indecision. Hit
primal Impulse to cut and ruu for It
wus gouc. Ho bad nothing to feu
from this child, who could not proven!
his going whenever bt chose to go,
while by remaining he might pat>
chuueo worm from Um something
uliout Dorotby.
"You're feeling better?" Hi wu almost surprised to hear bit own voles
put the query.
"l-I think so. Ow, my beadl I uy,
you chop, whoever you are, wbat't
happened! I want to get up." Tbt
buy added peevishly, "Help t fellow,
cunt you?"
"You've had i nasty fall," Klrkwood
observed evenly, punning an arm be-
Death ibo buy's shoulder and belplug
blm to a silling position "Do you re-
The oilier snnllled childishly snd
scrubbed ocross tbe floor to rest bis
buck against the will.
"Why-y, I remember falllu', and
iheii 1 woke up, and it wis sU dsrk,
und my hood ocbln' Ut to split. I presume 1 wont to sleep again. 1 say,
whul'ro you dolu' here?"
instead of replying Klrkwood-lifted
u warning linger.
"Hush!" he sold tensely, alarmed by
unlits In Ihe street. "Yon don't suppose"-
He hid been conscious of a carriage
rolllug up from tbe corner as well u
tbut II bad drawn np (presanuubly) before u nearby dwelling. Now the rattle of ii Ley In llie lull door WU tuir-
tliugly audible. Before be could move
(lie door Itself opened with a slain.
lMrl.woi.il moved toward tho'stair-
head and drew back, with a cry of disgust "Too late," be told himself Wt-
teiiy. His escsps wu cut off. He
could ruu upstairs and bide, of courts,
but the boy would Inform against nim
II.. bultoucd up bit coat, settled his
but on his bead and moved near lbs
candle, where It rested on the floor.
Due glimpse would sullh.e to show bun
the force of Ihe Intruder, tnd one
move of hi. foot put oat the light;
then perhaps ho might be able to
rush tbem.
Below a brief pause bad followed
the noise of the door, u if those entering wero standing. Irresolute, undecided which wiy to tarn, but abruptly
enough tbe glimmer of candlelight
must bave been noticed. Klrkwood
h. .i i .1 a hushed exclamation, a quick
clatter of heels oa toe parquetry,
pan. iing foot on Use stairs, all bat
drowned by swish tnd ripple of sukea
skirls, uud s woman stood it tbe bead
of the High! lo tlie American an ap-
ptrltlon profoundly liaising u las
paused, the light from tb* floor cut-
lug odd, theatric shadows beneath her
eyes and over ber brows, edging ber
eye. Ibemsclvcs witb brilliant light be-
uctlh their dork lisbci, snowing ber
lips straight ond drown sud ildmmtr-
ing upon the spangles of in evening
gown, visible bcneeih tbe dark cloak
wblcb bid fallen back from her white,
beautiful shoulder..
"\ A "8 l,A,'7'AMI" e*M KU*-
I V I    wood beneath bit breath.
The woman Ignored bit
* a existence. Moving swiftly
forward, sbe dropped on both kneel by
tbo tide of the boy ind caught up oat
of bit hands, clasping 11 pi ss Ion story
lu her own.
"Fred I" sbe cried, a curious break In
her lone. "Uy little freddlol Ob,
whit bu happened, dearie?"
"Ob, hello, mammal" grusled tbat
young man. submitting listlessly to
ber caresses snd liesrsc/tag so swsr-
wbeluitojt turprtot it bar sopssssnes
there indeed, be teemed more con
corned u« in what Klrkwood, in older
mini, would be thinking to Ut him 10
tndcured und fondled loin moved by
my other emotion. Klrkwood could
tee bli shamefaced, sidelong glances
■nd despised blm properly for tbem.
Bui without attending to but response Hn. Hallam rattled an to the
uneven accents of eultomeat. "I
walled until I couldn't wott any long-
tr. Freddie, dear. I bad to know, bad
to come: Eccltt came borne about 8
and told that yon bad told blm to will
outtlde, tbat tome one had followed
ou to bin and that a bobby bad toil
Im to move on. I didn't know wbat"-
"Wliifi o'clock now?" her top Inter
"It's about 8,1 fbtojt. Hlvi you hurt
Excessive Prices
Can Supply you with
and all
Household Requisites
at a Lower Price than elsewhere.
"Small Profits ind Quick Returns"
Phone 184
ind Corner Granville and Smyth.
Specials for
This Week at
Tea, Braid's Ceylon  Mc lb.
Coffee,   routed   or   ground   lo
older    Scc |D.
CllCelC, I'lillinlll I'lenni   IVJe lb.
Corn, Bouni aud Cream per cin lOo
Tomatoes and I'cui, largo, size
Cow     I'll/
Gloa. or Corn Starch, 1 lb. pck. ...6c
lleini/ I'ork and Beans, por can ...134c
1'inoapplo in largo tin    16e
Importod   and   local   Jim.,
■ lelliia, per jiu  Iniii. At C. Boiled Oats, a sick  20o
Boyil   Standard   Flour,   ID-lb.
Sack    11.70
Kggs (every «gg guaranteed)
per do.-en  Milliliter,   Star   Creamery,   H-ll>.
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Maple Syrup in Mb, Tin*. SOc
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Sugar, B. C. bsst, per asck 11.00
Apples, cooking, per bot  11.20
Bananas per dot 24c
Oranges, sweet Navels  10 lor 10a
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Vegetables as lettuce, caullfowor,
cibbiga, carrot, turnip at l.oweit
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Ring up Tel. P aad wi will quels
priest on Swiffi Rami ant) Bison .ttt.
Coupont given Iree oa every »2 60
order to get a ofcouce on residential
pr.lnV.fArrff ^fujWff,
1 most
to mnm nqrtb Vancouver, a, c,
Siagle Insert. 10c psr lint
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IlllEHHMAKlMI.   Apply Lonadale A
lftiii etreet. 91-11
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sny lor sale list it witb us, we have
buyers. Scuniliii Iuveilment Co., luito
I 310 Pender W. U -»
..      i     i ... ~ r-a
FOB lll-.N'l'   Furnished housekeeping
rooms, 318 2nd .treet east. M-3
TO LET-Purmlsl«tj room without
board in private horns. Hood locution
and close tq car line, X, Y. /„ repress Oflico. t|
FOB aALE^Monuro,' Apply J&j/.
V. Transfer and Livery Op,, l.onadnl.
Avenue. 87.:
FOB HA I,IS Cow niiinure lor tilt
garden. One dollar pot load. Colin
F. Jackson, Fifteenth alrset, telephone
106. U
KOIl SALE—Double corner near
Lynn Vulloy oar line, splendid looi-
lioii-IHlst) for quick sals. Terms. Ap-
ply, J. W. Stebbings, Espross Office.
FOB SALE—Agreement til salo on
Lynn Vulloy praporty, equity ¥1,400,
in 6, 12 nnil 18 nuinllii. Wbiit offers.
Hon 130, North Vancouvor. 17-3
J, Lsuttt and North Lonsdalt
Eldir Murray On, fin imuriBco,
Booms ID ind 11, Pender Oltambsrs,
622 psndir Street W.       Phone 8461
Besidsnce, cor. Lonsdale Av.  and
22nd strut, North Vuneouver.
are now ready to UU all orders
for coal  They will
carry a full line of building supplies. Oet ths host They bave it.
A trial order will convince yon of
tbat. Oil your coal btfore tbe
rainy season sets in. Headquarters on comer of Esplanade
and St. Otorgt, North Vancouver.
Phone 958 Terms Cash
TAKE NOTICE that the Council ol the Corporation ol the City ol North
Vancouver intends to carry out the following works ol local improvement
under subsection 129) section 966 ol the Municipal Clauses Act and intends
to uaaeas llie linid cost thereof upon ihe real properly fionling or abutting
thereon, and to be benefitted thereby, and that 11 iliilcment allowing the
1.1 in In liable lo puy Ihe suid usaesemeut and the tiumia of the owners thereof, 10 fur im enn bo ascertained from llie lull revised Aaaoiinionl Roll is
now 011 file in the office of the Clerk of llie Municipality ami is open lor inspection during office Imuri.
Esplanade  and   Crescent   Street fro
siduiuid..  and   ( recent   Street from ,        Wood   block   paving and   concrete
iorbes in Bt. Duvid's Avenue   sidewulks .'
Wood lllock   pu villi;   uml   concrete
First   ttratt   from   Forbes   Avenue lo
St.    II.    i.i        AvCIHM	
I .... .I..I. Avenue from waterfront to
I npsr Keiih Roud 	
Lonsdale Avenue from iDlb street In
Cily Limits 	
i'.11. strict Irom 1 .".-laic Avenue to
Sl. Andrew1! Avenue 	
IJil. 1-li.vi from luiisdiile Avenue (o
St. .... 1  ,-'. Avomio 	
•St. Andrew 1 Avenue from .'Ir.l .-'lied
lo 8lh Street ..: „ 	
I -|.l..1. ud. uml I're.-ceiil Street ftom
ForlK's Avenue 1,, .St. Duvjii'iexcepting port ion between lingers und
First 'Slr.-ci Irom Forties Avenue to
St. Duvid's Avenue 	
Hec.iml .Street Irmii l.oiisdulo Ave. to
St. David's Avenue 	
.Forties Avenue from I'lplunudo 10 3rd
Malion \ ,i..a from (..plumule lo 3rd
Seiniih Avenue from Esplanade to 3rd
t'hcilerficld Avenue from wuierlront 10
3nl Slrstt 	
If.. 11. Avenue from Eipluuude to alley north nf 1st street  ,
I ..n-.lah Ave. from waterfront in lip-
pa Keith l(.....I 	
St. lion-lie's Avenue from waterfront
to 3rd .tree!  '.	
St. Andrew's, Avenue from waterfront
tn 3rd StrsM 	
,   St. Pilrick't Avenue from   waterfront
lo 3nl Slrei't  : .'.	
i   St.   David'.   Avenue   from   Crescent
Sirnci 1., .'Iril street 	
(forth Viiiicunr. B. (.'.
March llth, 1*111.
Stone block paving and concrete
Wood   block   paving   und concrete
sidewnika   A	
Sanitary sewer uud sowor connection!	
Sanitary lower anil sewer connection. 	
Storm .ewer
Hrutliug to permanent grade
lir.-idiiii; In peiiiiiiiicnt urnilo
Grading to permanent urude
Hruiliug to peimnneni  I'ludu
(iruiling to p, rrouncnl urude
'■railing to permanent grade'
Hruiliug In permuiionl t/ruiio
1.1,1.In.1   to permiiiieul grade
Hruiliug 10 p. un.me,1 1 1..lie
Grading to jiermuucnt grade
Hruiliug In p. iiinoieiii ..i.i.lc
Hriuling lo periniilient grade
Hruiliug to permanent urude
Sin I,-III 1 un
City Clerk.
' t 11,100.00
I'-'O.I 11
9t-3     '
North Vancouver Cily Band
Under the direction of Mr. R. Chance
MARCH 17th, 1911
Horticultural Hall
N. V. Cily lluiid
9. OVEIi'lliBE-Triumphal
. N. V. City Band
,        3. VOCAL SOLO-TIie Grew Hills of Ireland
tjiidume Bonus llurk.   ♦
I.  PIANO WJET-gui Vjv. Gilop
Mr.. Ilurmesler und Miss Kirk land
5. VOCAL SOLO-Eily Movournecn
Mr. 11. .1. Cave
'      6.   ANDANTE   Dreamland Serenade
N. V. City Band
1.  BABITONE SOl/O-Silver Tbrcudi Among the
Mr. .1. Verncs
; 9.   VOCAL SOWS-
fa)  Songi my Mother Taught Me
(li)^On Lho Way Home
(c)  tfevourneon
Madame itosina K. Burke
3.  CONCEItT WALTZ-A Southern Dream
N. V. City Bond
f. VOCAL 80IA-I Hear Yoq Cilluig Me
Mr. H. J. Csvt
6. VOCAL Dl'ET- -Komei) aad .fulitt
Madams Bosb. Burke and Mr. IL .1. Cays
«. MEDLEY-Our Empirs
V. V. City Bond '
Del Biegn
LPST-Brown Spaniel, answers; to
tht nsme ol ''Tim," Reward. Apply
E. ,1. JL. Osrdinall, P. 0, Dot MO,
North Vuneouver.
The, firm of Philip, Cameron k Cq..
Finniieiiil Agunlu, has been dissolved
by mutual consent.
Mr. I'hilip will carry on the business
in his own- mime and receive payment
of all um ui 111 a due to the Arm and
puy all debts due by tho firm.
Conmionojng pupils lor lho primary
.liv iaioiia ol the pitblio icluioli will b
received nnd enrolled on Monday, 3rd
April. To facilitate arrangements lor
additional class, lho .School Trustees
request Hint names and addresses .
al| now pupils desirous of enrolment
ho submittal to loachers of the sev
oral schools without dolay.
Secretary.     'Jill
SEALED TENDERS on ths prt-
acribed forma will ho received uy the
undersigned until 6 p.m. on Thursday,
16th March, lull, for the oleuringand
grubbing of 0 rouij jn 1). L. 201 liom
the Lynn rivor to the east boundary
of said District Lot in nocor.l.itioo
with the specification and plan to be
seen at this office.
.Tho lowest or any teuder not uccos-
surily uccepled.
J. 1L COS0110VE,
District Engineer.
District Municipal Olrice,
North Vancouver,
4lh March, 1911.
BY-LAW No. 160.
City of North Vancouver
A HY-I.AW tp enable the Corpori.tion
of the City of North \ uiico.ivrr to
subscribe    for    oiglity    thouiaud
.-n.ue. of tine Dollar each in the
capital  stock   of   the North   Vuneouver City Ferries Limited,
lie   it   enucleil   by the Mayor   and
Council of the Corporation of Iho City
of Norlh Vancouver in Council Mumbled (with ths ■•sent of tlm doctor, of
the  city duly  hud and obtained ) si
follows ;
1. Authority is hereby given to ths
Mayor and I lerk of tho Corporation
lo sign, execute and deliver on I ehull
of the Corporation'tad to seal with
the corporute scul un Indent tiro oi
Agreement btlwun lho North Vancouver Cily Ferries Limited ol Iho one
part nnil the City ol North Voiicoii-
ver of lho other part in llie terms ol
lilt ichnlule appended In Ihii lly-Luw,
and authority is hereby given to the
laid Cily to inter into uud agree to
the provisions of llie KunJe. Should
the works mentioned ami act out in
the snid agreement to lie performed by
the Norlli Vunoouver I ily Ferriee,
Limited be not completed before the
let duy ol I.inii,,i>. 1012, then this
By-Luw shull bocomo null uud void.
9. This By-Luw inuy lie citod for all
purpose, ai Hie "Norlli Vancouver
City Ferric Limited. Sliuret Purchaio
By-Law, IUII."
Puwod by tho Council on the I3lh
day of Murch, nil I
Received the iiiient ol the electors at
an oJeclion held lor llie purpose an
the day of
Reconsidered and Anally passed bv
Ihe Council ol lho suid City oINorltJ
Vuneouver on Ihe diy ol
day of Nineteen
hun,in,I and eleven.
porolo buying il. Head Office at
tho Cily of Vancouver, II. C.
llleleillllflel     Cllllotj     tlie     '< '.,,,,
VER, a body corporolod,
(llcieinaliii csllud the "Cjty"|
WHEREAS it i» iiuccsmry lor ths
comfort and convenience of the .iii
/ens of Ihe ('ily ol Norlh Vuucoiivor
lo provide u now ileomer for the us|
of Ihe Company, and to provide ,,
wharf, pontoons uud bridges uud electric .ign in connection therewith end
other equipment for the Company :
AND WHEREAS it it n.«ct.ary lo
provide tho sum ol Eighty Thousand
(180,000.00) Dollars lo lie upended
therefor by purcliuie of eighty thousand (80,000) slnucs in the rapilul
•lock of the Company at the pur value of One (11.00) Dollar each,
1. That the City shall purcliuso
from tin Company cighly thou ind
(80,000) .fully poid up and iioiimsics*-
alilo share, in tint capital .lock of the
Company at Ihe par value ihoreof, to
wit : Hie sum ol Eighty Thousand
(180,000) Dollori,
9. 'Ins Company agree, wilh tho
i'ily thai it will on or before Ihe 1st
day of .JunuAry, 191'', provide a new
.learner for the (err, service from tbc
City of North Vsrsouvtr to the City
of Vancouver, anil provide whirl it
North Vancouver with pontoons,
bridgoi. buildings and. electric ligoi
complete in connocliol wilh ths service of tile North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited, together with til sppur-
ttnancei Uiorelr/ ai w.y be founrl necessary or coiiVciiicni
3. The CoiJipiiny further sgrtes
that ths aaid/services 11 *>< out in
the precedingiio.rugroph shall be completed to the sslinaclion of the City
on or before Ihe III day of .fantisry,
1919, and that ollnvrwiic Ibis Agreement shsll ift null sod void 100 ol
bo sftot.
We m in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps, We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices hy the pound,
box or car; f.o.b, this city.
paine & McMillan
Ths Hardware Sp.dsR.ts. Pbona 12
McMillan'* Tea
b Good
S lbs. for $1.00
J. X. b M. M.MII I \N
I'M-, delivery tn sll parts ol
Lynn Valley at city prices
No onlor loo small to till
^Frederick Road
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. W«t
When you deal it t)te A. Fatro
Grocery you get euctly wlvil
you aik lor at right price. : :
Special Attention!
We ctrry 1 complete be ol
History A Evsa. Irssd II 1st I1.O0
L     '■
E have MONEY to invest for
English clients in close in properties in  North Vancouver.
(j We shall certainly do business with
anyone whose offers are reasonable.
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
FMI> Uf I AH I Al 1100.000.00 R  THOttftON TWN, H—Sm Pt/Mttr
 1 MANCrl OFFICEi U OU Inalll, I
lici lieiei.i have hcrcuulo set tfaair
limidi .nd seels.
in tin |iressnce ol
IAKI'. M/IICK Dial Uw abort i> 1
true co|)v of Ih. Dropotsd Ily Uw upon which tlm vole ol llie I'.lcotori of
the Municipality ol the f'ity of North
Vancouver will be taken within tlir
Cily Hall, .North Vancouver, 0. C,oa
.'-.iiuiihiv. the I whih I1I1I1 day of
March, All, IVII, Iwtwesa tbt houra
of V o'clock a.m. snd 7 o'doolt p.m.
City Clerk and. UMutniiif Omoar.
I'CDI.IC NOTIOK i. hereby tjfm
ili.t llie vols of tb. Elector, of Ih.
City of North Vancouver will be tskta
.11 Hie Uth day-of March, 1911, be
Ivaooji the houri of 9 o'olo.-k n in and
1 o'clock p.m. on "Tbe Norlli Vancouver City Eerrjc., Limited, Shires
I'urcbaw Ijy-U". 19)1," and Itinl
within the Cily Hall, Norlli Vana,u-
ver, H, C., and tbat Tbomai Shepherd
hai been appointed Hnlurninij Officer
I to laki tbt Vole of luoii Elerlon witb
tht utusl poftrs in tbat fotbajf,
Ily Ordsr ol lbs Council,
am. w. M.iiAi-',
Acliiiu Mayor.
City Cltrk.
'I lot     Ily Uw    ...pplcmenl.     (bl   Ily
Uw MMsd in Heccmlier I..I by which
tbs I ouncil wis sulhorizad to borrow
llie ium of ItV/JISI.ill iu substsibe for
sbtret in tbe ctpitil it,«ti of the Kerry Company.
The pupate of ibis Ily Uw it lo sv-
tborizs the Council to lubscribe for
tbit .mounl of shares tnd to set
down s time limit within which ibe
work lo bt tided bv such it to bt
completed. Most of lb. lervjcsi bsv.
alrvtdy been Completed, inch a. th.
new firry ttesmsr, Ih. whsrf, pon-
loom, bridge, ^c. Ihe work dill re-
m.ininK to be done snd to be sided in
I""' by Ih. ttDfUl cniiil. „f im
provomenli l„ th. wharf on lb. V'M-
couver side snd lit .Isnusry, 19)2 hsi
bwn mi down si a reasonable lime
bmil within which i„ eomtilele Uuse
The Ilebsnlursi hsv« already lw„
told and lb. panbissr. solicitors at*
lor the psttift of thi. Byf *w by the
Weclori to Msbfe Ihnr. lo report fa
vorsbly 00 lbs validity of thiitsat.


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