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The ubove map purports to be uu exact copy of tho route map submitted
by the Hun idiun I".■. ■ j■ - Hallway to ihe
Minister of. Hallways for his approval
as Ihe general route of that railway
for their new brunch line along the
Norlh Shore. The engineer's depart-
monl of Ihe 0. P. H. nl Vuiicoiiver
declines lo verify Ihe map saying that
il did not emanate from that source.
Ho fur us the local department is cun
eorncd Ihey know that preliminary
.surveys  have  been  etimpleled  at  fur
wisi, us Seymour Indian reserve and a
rough sketch of thai survey has been
mude, but n<^.Jt||yjj[ljjil(ft"7r"auy further operations is in their possession,
The route map whieh waa submitted
to Ihe Minister of Hallway! evidently
emanated from lhe Montreal oflires of
lhe t!. P. II Several copies of this
map were sent west to ollieiul bodies,
Midi us'the city council nnd the din
Iriet council, anil these copies Were
duly signed hy the ollieialg of the railway company.    Al the same lime, My.
orajtorivato citizens auccoodoil in pro-
curiii(R(«iiics of the map of which the
above iitwiofjujavliun. The map tallies closely wilh the official copies
received by the public bodies referred
lo and may therefore be accepted as
uu accurate representation of the map
laid before lhe minister. Its main
lines likowise conform to the' lines be
ing laid down by tbe U, P. II. survey
parlies according to the opinion of lo
nl citizens who have gone over lbc
ground and have carefully followed the
surveyor's stakeB.
In gauging the ruute from the ubove
map, it should lie home in mind thut
the scule Is a Wry small one, namely
one mile to the inch and that u hnsly
glance may lend lo wrong impressions.
While the routo appears lo follow the
waterfront very closely, in reality the
line iH shewn at a uniform distance of
three or four hundred feel buck from
the waterfront. In two instances,
namely in the vicinity of the uioulh
of I.inn und Seymour creeks aud in
I lhe vicinity of tbo mouth of Ihe Capilano river, il moves buck fully ono
milu from  Ihe waterfront. At     three
'points after crossing North Arm the
lino actually touches the wuterfroiil,
iii'iio'lv ut Moodyville, al u,point iu I).
1.. 208, immediately west of Ihe oity
I boundary und ut u point  on   Knglisli
'Hay iu II. I,. 855, evidently ut ur aboul
■ llumluravc.
i It is impossible frum u general map
of lhe mu.in uf the above, to locale
the route with reference to details. In
usinuch us the uet gives n right of deviation for dllll fool on eilher side of
the centre line, it is very dilllcull to
tell just where Ihe line will be located
wilh reference lo any subdivisions or
blocks nnd it is likewise impossible to
tell whether, in certain instance! the
line will utilize roads or streets' or
whether il will follow u sepurule right
uf way. These particulars wil| be oh-
luiniilile only ufler the locution map
has lieen drawn from liual surveys
and liled showing details of the route.
Subsidy for Peace River Road via North
Vancouver, Howe Sound and Pemberton—
Agreement Already Made with Foley, Welch
h Stewart—-Second Narrows Bridge Part
v   of Scheme	
Victoria, Feb. 20, 1912.
"Principal item of Government's Railway policy ilus after-
"nooii will be guarantee of bonds for $35,000 a mile lo Foley,
"Welch and Stewart for line from Norlh Vancouver via Howe
"Sound and Pemberton, lo Fori George, looking lo ultimate ex-
"tension to Peace Biver connection of Vancouver by Second
"Narrows Bridge.   The terms of the contract lo be die same
"as in the case of the Canadian Northern Railway.    Also Canadian Northern bonds to be guaranteed for a line of railway
"from Kamloops to Vernon and for lhe extension of the Bark-
"Icy Sound line to Slralhcona Parl£ • Arrangements arc like-
"wise contemplated by lhe bill for lhe extension of the Canadian   Pacific" Railway on  Vancouver   island   norlh as far
"as Comox.   Provision is made for lhe repurchase from lhe
"Columbia and Western railvyay of one million dollars worth
"of land al forty cenls per acre.    Finally, the Kaslo and Slocan
"railway for many yea,rs in disuse, is to be repaired and operated."
The above forecast of the new railway bill which Premier
McBride will introduce this aflernoon in the house at Victoria is
provided the Express from lhe mosl authentic sources and may
be accepted as accurate and correct.    Tlie significance of the terms
of the bill as to tlie benefits accruing therefrom (o Nord) Vanrouver
cannot well be exaggerated.   In fad lhe bill throws wide the gateway that leads to the realization of the most sanguine anticipations
which have been entertained or expressed by those who have al
all limes taken the most optimistic new of the future of the North
Shore,    Immediate and ultimate benefits of the most gratifying
nature may confidently be expected to follow die enactment of
this government measure.
City Debentures Sold
Telegram  From  Mayor  McNeish Be
coived YceUrday
l>    A  telegram  was received yesterday
at the city hall from Mayor McNeish
slating "Have closed the deal for the
sale of all cily debentures." Thit
signifies that Iho i'iilim which tbe
city decided to raise last month bas
been realized, It will he remembered
that the council passed eleven by laws
the abovo total amount being made up
SJ follows: School liy law, HUW);
Waterworks by low, *125,0(M; Kite
I .nl"' rosorvoir by law, tl 0,01)0; Streets
Maintenance bylaw, HnfiOO; lerry subway bylaw, *J5/|iW; «ro Jirigado bylaw, *2li/)0()j cemetery improvement
bylaw »5,000; lanes by-law ItflW);
i^heftterflold avenue wharf, ♦PI.OOO;
parka by-law, #JC,0W; Horticultural
society by-law, ♦11,000.
Now that the 1374,000 lor which
tlio necessity was thus occasioned, has
been satisfactorily raised, the cily can
g« ahead with the consciousaass   at
again having cash in hand. Sctllo
incuts for work done anil for work
contemplated havo had to be delayed
until tbe cily debentures were sold.
Mayor McNeish, who, wilh (lily Clerk
Shepherd, hat.coupled his financial tip
sade with attendance al Ibe bearini.
of Ibe C. V. II application, does hot
state in his telegram to whom lhe it
bent urcs arc sold or at wbat rate.
North Vancouvor Vanquished ou Bat
urday       ♦>
After enduring two successive de
feuls at the bands of North Vancouver
team, Vancouver on Saturday made
uu effective eleventh hour spurt and
chastised their visitors to the tune o(
I goals lo nil. The North Vancou.
ver players were collectively off color
and while the llrsl bulf of the game was
like the curate's egg. the second was
manifestly   one   sided.   Tbn t   lhe
four goals were scored during the bit
ter portion uf|lhe game.
- Vanronvrr jravtt now to meet thr
I'ublie Schools and Victoria. Should
dhey emerge triumphantly from l>oih
these .is....1.1,i they will lie wilh
North Vancouver for possession of the
handsome presentation cup
action of Ihe week was the decision
of the private bills committee in wip
ing out wilh one stroke the labors of
Ibe Vancouver council for some monl lis
past to establish a satisfactory form of
modified civic government. From the
way in which the committee couched
its decision it would appear more
like-a year's postponement than un
utter rejection. Their stand was that
the matter had nol been thoroughly
digested, that they would consider it
further, thai if il w'as good for oun
munlrlpalily it should be for olhers,
ami if they decided thai the principle
was sound iu another year it nt ghi
be adupled iii the Municipal Clauses
Ad. Thi1 only troublf nbout tlrir
policy is that no one knows what
lu.d of legislature or private bill.-.
committee auolher year may bring
Of course it it still possible thai
some of the work of the committee
may be revised by Ibe legislature
wheu the hills appear before it, but
Ihis is hardly likely to be done to un;
'iilcnl ll appears to be an unwritten
law Ibal the work of the standing
committees shall bu. iuti'ifuri'l wilh
as little as possible. They are ap
pointed by the house lo give special
consideration lo certain subjects, and
Iheir <'inclusions a/c usually accepted
wilh confidence In the dying week.
of the session, when everyone is an
lious to get through and go borne
again, there is little disposition lo re
fer matters back. While legislators
are not  buuud  by  uulou , hours,  Ihey
WANTED-Unfurnished room. Musl
be near ferry and moderate. Apply
Box AVI, Kxprcss Ollice. 2.12
KOlt BALK-Apples, lo clear, cheap.
(!. K. Keene, lulli street. 23-2
FOH SALE Heavy copper tank d.'l.v
21 im hex Make good reslauruiil sink.
$11.   Apply Box All. Ki|lrew Ollice. 1 ;i
WANTED—Nurao Oirl for after . p'oij jsAi.K Shares in McDougall
noons. Mrs. Arnold, 12th and Queens- Jenkins Engineers I.td. tin per inn
87-8 j Apply  Uox  UU,  Express Dili.
WANTKD- To hire or buy, ttvu lurge
tents. Box A 86, Express Ollice, Norlh
Vuncouver. 20-2
WANTED- I'rice for exctvatiug
mi cn ii i Nortb I.onsdale. Box A 38,
Kxpress Office. 20,2
Girl, IG, desires situation to assist
in household duties, l.ynn Valley or
Norlh Vuncouver. Sleep ut home. Ap
ply Box A37. 80-8
FOH SALE Good double comer on
Pcler Komi, l.ynn Vulley. A good
buy ul 1101). Kusy terms. kppl)
owner, Box 1773, Kxpress Ollice.
Agreements   for    Sale    discounted.
Money wailing.   I.onsdale Iteully Co.,
535 I .si  .i.si    Avcuue. I'bone 317.   t.f
The meeting announced to be held
Ihis evoning for the organization of a
Conservative A..... ,uii..i, at North
Lun iluli- has been postponed until Monday evening nest tbe 20th inst. Mean
time all those who intend uniting with
Ihe association may communicate with
Councillor Jack Isiutot, Mr. T. B. Nye
or Mr. Percy King.
A special yling of fhe congregation of St. liM'n church hai been tailed for Monday, 26tb February, in tie
parish hall at 8 o'clock. Natters of
vital importance to the church will br
discussed aud It is desired lhat every
member of the church ahould make ao
effort to bs present.
The close race lhat is being run fol
the Peterson trophy makes each hockey
match at the Vaueouver arena a' eru
rial one iu the series. This eveuing.
Ihe Westminster and the ,Vancouver
teams will provide the excitement for
what promises to be a record crowd ol
spectators. The Vancouver* musl win
this mail h or relinquish all hope uf Ihe
jaunt after the Stanley Cup. They
have been practising bard in prepare
liun for a supreme effort and may l»
lepciidcil on lo make strenuous efforts
lo ciiinc oul on the long end uf ilu naturally object lo working Ihr
score. The Westminsters however, .bills s dsy, snd when the house be
have proven themselves particularly al g|u t„ tit in the ovening II Is a rub
home iu fast company and capable o(I to, moruiug work to cease,
responding whelK top notch hockey III Tb(, |irlm,||)t| di,ul,,Mo„ , „ lnt ,,,,
required and will cut another tally lu'JlWu,, ,,„,,„ ,„„ Wl.(.k wi| ou ,b,
IkNr store of viclorie. if Ibcir utmost |pri,lul(.,i, ,„ ntaMt„, ,be ono on
effort, csn turn the trick.   All things U||w ((,m( ^ ,,„, u|1)Cf M AfW|c
oii.idcrnd, the fVcsUninelcr. appear lo A^. „„„ ||g(h ,u||j(,d, „||k,,
be .he most likely bunch for first place p|i| ,„ |fc# , ,„,, ^^ ,
st .he end of lbc whole argument of Ifae M p, |hr ,u.u,e ^   ,,„
l   .-'I   L..II I    W
tpito and charm of frcthncti. Tht
une on Oriental immigration as iuvolv
ing a gnat human problem had tin
more ml blood aud interest in It
though even In Ibst, there wst lillle
new, further Iban lhal tome alteration
is dealing wilh II it likely lo k*
brought alo.nl by Ibe recent change of
government at Ottawa ll Is s sign
(09 ,«f Canada's growing importance in
lhe world's affairs Ibat In lhe next
treaty between Oreal Britain and Jap
an the Dominion it lo br evitsullcl,
nnd in that consultation Prouiiw Bor
dtli hat prouiitcd |hal Ibe interests of
British Columbia shall not be over
looked. Tbit resolution has sow been
cleared of the boards, but the more
doyasdutt bul nol lets Important mo
tion oo better terms it still before the
When the mill grindt without much
jsrriug, generally s grjat deal of grist
tmfnVtn on pags two
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Villi SALE Horse hornets and liglil
delivery wagon suitable »fur grocer*
butcher, laundry or milk*rouie. Can
be .seen al i reamer Transfer Co. Ap
ply W. .). Wilson, Assignee. t.f.
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horse inboiii I,odd pounds j. one 3 inch
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Vancouver. 20 il
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when yoo are building. See them. If.
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-Car ond Drydock Corporation for HOU
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Edinburgh) e.o. Mcintosh, comer of
3rd and St. David's, l'hono M85.
Tonui moderate. SO 2
Mrt. Palmer, a cjty cortetier of N.
V. now giving free demonstrations of
.-i ii li,i corsets, corner ] tit li und I.inn'
dale. 2d 2
bull.   Corner   19th
W. 1/. Wilkins.
and   Mahon
righl through the "Imperial Townsite.'
Apply  Imperial,  Kxpress Offico.
Provincial Legislature
WccWy Lettsr from Express Spctlsl
Press Osllery Correspondent
< The past week In the legislature
has witnessed a clearing of dctlt it
preparation for evening tensions sud
snd prorogation within the next two
weeks. The committees have again
been very busy, though all arc pretty
well Ihrnugh wilh the exception of tlie
pri.atc bills inniiiiillt'e. which hu
still some leftover business to dispose of Ihil week. Among Ihlt is the
Wctt Vsncouver incorporation and lbe
completion of (bv Vancouver charier
amendments. In both these rase* ll
it a matter of decision rstior than auy
thing else, >snd Ihey should not take
long to ditpooo of.  Tki Mutational
H   C. Livery and  Board  stablcs-
l.ight rigt and  ladies' saddle horses
for lure    Stabling for horses.     Gen
eral delivery and boavy learning.     H. j
Dumas, lib atreet wott. Phone 317 UM
The North rancouven Dyo Works
II Lonsdale Avenue, guarantee to do
at good work al rhcapcr prices tban
you can  pottibly got  iu   Vancouver.
Givs ut a
fur 'i.i ii
trial, Ihe result
Phono 107.
The Truth students class will meet
every Tuesday evening at fi o'clock at
tho reiidence of Mrt. (lallagher, Koilh
rosd, near Bidgeway. Students desir
ing higher ipiritual unfoltlnsnt are
cordially invited to attend. t.f,
FOB  SALE   Seltingi   of  Mauimolli
i'ekin Ducks. Prize strain. Pboue UK'.
FOB SALE- Eggs for hatching from
thoroughbred S. C. While Leghorns.
Mrs. Bae, Queen, near Lonsdale. Box
A30, Kipress. , 20 2
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horn Kggs. tJ.50 per selling, alio four
cockerels. This slock is guaranteed
Apply F. James, cor. Centre road and
Mill streot, Lynn Valley, J I
flower connections iiy experienced
woriuaon. flood -grade p«tri«»d f^^SW-M. KttH l"" [<" 9!
Work fully up to the requirements of
city inspection bylaw. Estimates
given. ). Vincent, General Delivery,
Norlh Vancouvar. 91-2
Jopi Clearing and Grading Lots,
Pete Andruas, General Contractor. Bo
wor connections a specialty, basement
and other excavating work undertaken.
Estimates tret, ttl 81. George's Ave.,
Nortk Vancouvor, post offlce box MM.
S. C. While Leghorn aud While
Wyandotte Eggs from my best layers.
7.50. Day
old thicks (J7.00 per Iiundred. Plan
Molroito Poultry Bunch, Yenuadon,
llanoy, 0. 0, ti.
FOB 8ALE-A fow pons of prlv '
stock, Columbian Wyandottes, ddiiia
bian Bocks, Partridge Wyandottes, Buff
Orpingtons, S, C. While Leghorn!. Now
booking ordert for eggt and day old
chirks. Mrs. /. K. Loo, Lynn Vsllsy
I'nyitty Ys.-ds, Pcmpsoy Itoad, Box
81fl;'Horlk Wfutmu. If
tlL'li      .., :......, UfibM int* t«An\K*v t^w«>»M tq'i^v t *-**-!
-'(|      »   vhj^M' »  •   I    f    t-tf-ff»
"   »*•      mmvt     a   r i w
Canada's Water Power
Tlw Drat Inventory over taken of
.■       tha wator pnwais of Cain da hiu linmi
eoinpletod by tko eommissioii of Con
' nervation and the results embodied In
» large and, profusely illustrated report
just issued. Tbu investigation made
liy tho coiiiiniiision, whicii bos eilend
h ed oyer a period of two yeara, shows
tbat thero are 1,016,521 horsepower
developed from water power in Canada-
Tbo relation of water tu agrloulturo,
mining, navigation, domestic supply
and ao forth, ia dealt with, uml lhe
principles lo in- used iu tlie interpretation of water powere data are stated
und discussed critically. The broad
apd optimistic statements very often
made on the platform and in the press
regarding our vast water powor rr
sources are greatly deprecated. Tu
qtJOte from thu report "General state
moms implying that tho uggregate
umount of water-power must bu great
because the total water area, or water
shed area is ao great, or because Ihere
are eo many 1ske» and rivers, are generalities to be ponaidored of very little
definite value, One of tho chief dangers of ailpb generalities is to create
111 tub ptipulsr mum ii fueling »< »"
warraniod assurance tint*- even although desirable water fights are being
granted by a government, yet there |s
su much left, that no apprehension
may be entertained regarding tlie
amount of power rights doing parted
A chapter is devoted to the water
powers of each province iu which the
general features of the province av
rogurds wutur power development ure
discussed and an outline given of the
law whereby powers are grunted or
lenaod to private individuals or corpora
linns. Tho larger developments are
also described. Tbe statistical data
given ln'^ tabular form iucludes-ttie
height of the fall, the horse powor
that may ho developed, the present de
velopinent and' Ihe main uses to which
the power is applied such us lighting,
pulp und paper inuking, etc.     Befer
unci! in also mado to the possibility of
increasing the amount of .poiyer de-
.voloped by-storage reservoirs and dams
where 'Sueb are feasible.
■Tho vnlumo enibadiee ell the uetnl
information regarding the water pow-
ore of Cana'la, that has heretofore been
collected and this has been supplemented and, In many cosea, verified, by
fleltt. juirveys, conducted by the engineers of the Cuinnilssion. lu fact, all
the information regarding the Mori
time Provinces powers waa olilained
in tliiB way last year by the exports
of the Commission. The data regarding ,tho western provinces was found
to bo eo incomplete that it wee do-
eidod to make BpeciBj investigations of
the powers iu Ihoso provinces, the re
suits of which will be published next
year in the form of » report oh the
Water Powers of Western Canuila.''
Tho engineers of the Ciiiii|iiissioii uri
now eugugcd upon this work.
In all original minds the power of
observation is great.
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North Vancouver
Provincial Legislature
(Continued From Page One,)
U<jta Ui|utt|j|i, anilalUiuiigli llm1 went
haa not been ii spectacular one, a great
many bills have been atlvsncpd, through
various stages. The big forestry bill
is not yet through committee, hut ns
only a few leettom remain, the end is
well in iiight. There are at preeent
CD bills on the order paper, 11 of whicii
are government measures, 10 are private bills and there are two public
bills In thu hands uf privute members. Of these Iho great majority are
at cominitluo, report anil third read
Ing stage, sn that with night sittings
this ('.'vi., Ihey should be rupidly wiped
off lhe i-lnle, aud the wuy mude clear
fnr the estimates, budget uud railway
policy. Al) these will occupy approx
imately about two weeks more, and I hen
the members can say "Home again."
The largest deputation to interview
the government during lhe pusl tvnel,
was the one from the 11. ('. Local Up
lion League. They did not ask ful
lo. nl option in a prohibitive so mueli
aa in a restrictive sense. They consid
erod that in some places Ihere were
loo many licences and Ihey shoulil be
reduced, Thoy also asked for u re
strietiou of open hours for burs lo
from 6 a.m. tu II a.m. Their viowi
were well presented by Mr. II. II
Cairns, tho president of the league
The Premier's reply, though ciiitche.l
in grueei'iil uud conciliatory language
left Ihem no room lo hope Ihul uny
ii.ii.: of ii local option mil ure even on
the moderate seule they asked for
would be enacted this year. Hut he
did show that their representation!-
had borne good fruit in the more
stringent enforcement of existing lints
und further evidence of this wus giv
en when ou the following duy Allot
ney (ieneral Bowser brought down
amendments to his liquor acl, strength
cuing its already item provisions, uml
hedging the intenlicted persou with
greater security from temptation than
has enjoyed in lbe pust.
A lurge number of bills of eu amend
iug nnt ure have been brought donn
luring the week. A few of these may
be of interest, and are here briefly
Hon, Mr. Hots' amendment to the
land ml provides for lhe appointment
if preemption inspectors with gener
ul powers; for power to resorte\
lauds where there is a dispute lie
tween two applicants for it; and lo
classify as first class lands any Ibal
may be considered til for agriculture.
Ilis amendment tu the water acl to
give the government power in appro
priate mineral springs; lo lower bodies
of water, and to order mi|icriloii nil
repairs of any dams in the province
Ilis uiucuiliiicnt to the cuul ami pel
roleum acl deals chiefly wilh surveys,
bdt it alsu gives the right to the gov
eminent to renew a licence where il
hag been elloweil lo lapse through in
advertence. The governmeut may ulso
survey coal lumls uml charge the tost
ugainst the owner. The attorney gen
eral lias redeemed his promise lu mu
nicipalitiaa uuder the uiuuuipal .hi*
sei ail, to validate any sewerage ami
waterworks Ihey have undertaken dur
ing lhe pust yeur. Tin!- was in ail e
necessary owing lo a mistake in the
revision of-the aet a year ago, whMi
an amendment lo give municipalise,
power to do this work without a ol
per cent, petition was by mistalte
,'i.siis i oil lhe wrong section in Ihe
The attorney general hus also inirn
-lmnl a lull to amend the provincial
elections act. II provides Ibal lbe
registrar of voters for llicbmoud shall
take the names of voters in Hastings
townsite ami District I.ol ,'IUI/ off Ins
list, uiul lliul they shull be placed
on tbe Vaueouver list. He has ulso
brought in u I,ill In aitu'ii'l lhe licence
of canneries ucl, which extends ils pro
visions lo herring packing establish
n 'i.i These will in future come on
iter provincial jurisdiction and will
have lo take out a provincial liceuee
as well as one from Otluwu.
The proceeding! for lhe week huve
been on the whole of a rather pcrfunc
tory nature, and thi' monotony of rou
tine has been disturbed only by i|ti Of
easioiisl display of pyrotechnics by Mr.
Hiiwihoriilhwiiiie, ,»h„se menial but
teries seem to general e a great deal
of electricity, ilis tilt wilh Ihe spt(ak
er over tin' presence of strangers on
the fioor was characteristic, but il
proved harmless as summer lightning
and Ibe Inn •ujeatf of the member for
Nanaimo was squelched effectually by
a vote of thU House. In addition lo
his pyroie, liny he also proved himself ■
rather skilful political gymnast when
dealing with the Asiatic question. He
Intimated lhat Hoeialists would have
no objection to the admission of
Orientals, and wheu cornered aboul il
by Mr. Hrewster, ho said he was speak
ng ouly of Ihe ideal state of interna
liooul i'o operation that would exist If
the JUocieliit had world wide power.
Por Ihe present, in tins bad, real
world of capitalism he would keep the
Orientals oul. II ii not every politi
an who is privileged thus to play
shuttlecock between an ideal »oiM
and a real one, and in thai resjieel al
least Mr. Ilswtborntbwaile'i position
is enviable.
i        i
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Vuncuuver       Norlli Vancouver
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I.AI   .mill  '■
11 \ Jl il i > I 1.11
JU2 6th Street Fast North Vuncotiv.r
l'hono 712
i'lie New  lllock „n   I ,.n..l,il.s   .v..ii...
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i.i'iiii.il Is.nli,;s-in;.
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1'. O. Sox 2111
From |he streot boy   who   trampH
abenl in waadewalipei,1 lu llm emit
young gentleman walkiiig homo frnm
the Latin ai'lionl, everybody in Jlen-
iiimI. ia imliil', write* Maurice Fnim i:.
I'lgan, United States milliliter to Den
mark, iu tho youth's Companion. Thu
littlo girl of flvo drops a courtesy a.t
a matter of course whon any older
pnumriptiiks to hor, ami anys ''(im]
'Ini:," very prettily, After oaeli meal
every child approaches- his parents uiul
coreinoiiioiisly thanks thorn with tlm
formula. "Tak for mud!" Iq which
the parents respond,." Vol bokominel"
In tho country tlie young peoplo—oven
when they aro grown up—kiss their
parents after meals.
Tho relation between parents ami
children in lleniiiark. is rather ceremonious, from the Amorican point of
view; but iu no other country are
children butter treated, and in no
other country do Ihey belter respond
111   I.III.I   In .illnrlil
In uur country, for instance, you
oi'caiiiijnally sou a scowl or a frown
ou the brow of a sinnll liny or girl
when some request is denied in public, Such uu expression would in Don-
mark be looked on with ainuzcinent.
The children receive great consideration on all occasions. For instance on gala-days, like that when the
King ami Quoen ul' England entered
(s'opcnluigcn iu stale, nr like lliul day,
moro recent, when former President
Booievolt passed through the streets,
smnll children ure invariably arranged
iu front uf lhe waiting crowds of older
persons, so thut they may mlaimntliiiig
of the sights.
It is i.n.:.i.nisi.'. too bow well the
young Dunes speuk foreign languages,
their simplicity and lack of self con
iciouanoaa help them to acquire this
accomplishment, The moment they
have a slighl knowledge of Knglisli.
■German or French, they begin lo use
il. If yuu vpoak Knglisli ti! !i buy
coming from the bug public schools,
like thai in Htockholinsgardo, fur in
stance, he will instantly reply in Kiig
liah. I know a ten year old boy whu
not only writes u good letter ill Herman
and in Knglisli, bul ulso conducts, n
little weekly puper entirely written
in Latin! His l.ul in is nut Ciceronian,
and the cases ure some lime rather
jumbled, bul he uses frankly uml
honestly ull lhe knowledge he has
iici|>iir/''l In the best of his ability, uml
nobody thinks of laughing nl Inin ll
is luken us u matter of course thai he
should dn whut he can wilb what lie
1836      THE BANK OF     1912
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construction.    Sewering   ii
'III I im in
ull   Its
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Tin' utility of clergymen who possess
some hubby of line craftsmanship unjust been shown practically ut Brock
near London, where un altar ami n
pulpil have been carved for ibe Roman
Catholic church by four priests of Ihe
Assumption!*! order.
The client lo which su. b u possession
of li.Imi,al skill by iiuliviilunl .Iiii' -
Jilts served uiul is still serving lo dcro
rule churches throughout England i-
inlicaleil by an "ecclesiastical arli-l
nf exceptional experience," who tell.
the Standard huw clergymen often use
their artistic  knowledge in  this wuy.
"Due of ilie lust examples of
ile vol cil craftsmanship thai I know,"
he says, "is the work of Si. Stephen's
Ilu III There within In years, you hate
Inul un ecclesiastic of great culture,
possessed of a very individual lusle in
tci'liuiijuc, spending every kind of> iirl
islie ford bought in wull decoration
The rare process of lbc mosaic whieh
was inact by him in lbc walls of the
chancel would never huve been adoplcd
by u professional decorator. It needed
.' patience, a choice, and an aiilii|Uuriui>
knowledge, which would naturally
lielnng ruthcr lo an artistic ecclesiastic
than to an ecclesiastic artist.
"At Chipstead, Surrey, one cm se.1
a stained glass window which owes ils
whole existence to the then incumbent.
The technical work and construction in
thut church wub entirely done by Bev,
I't'lcr Auborlin about Ihe year I(t51.
"Indeed, clerical craftsmanship goes
on very tjuit'tly iu many of the English
churches and adds beauty to their
fabrics. Tbe pity of it is that clergy
mt'ii of a decorative hobby of this
valuable kind have not often lhe
capital whieh will aid Ihem lo indulge
if? A mosaic is not al all a cheap
thing to cxisl. The Roman Catholic
..clergy in Englaud, loo, exhibit liieir
practical faculties in Ibis pleasant way.
Al Forest Gale, in Ihe Ensl End,
a Roman Catholic priest has filled his
church wilh mosaic ol bis own construction. In the various orders of
brotherhoods iiuliviilunl mh i appear,
ami their talent is never suppressed,
but tbe orders are not longer what
might be termed 'schools' of lechiiical
craftsmanship, as I suppose Ilny wen
in tbe days 'of manuscript illumine
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P. O. Drawer SOW
Pl|Mlih«d Tpydwa and mm Vj North Show Vm, UttAHj.
Bntaa pi BnbMllptlqnt-Oiie year, f 1.00,  Bii monthi, tie.  Three monthi, BBo
United States aid Foreign, $3.00 per year,
_^r Advertising Bates Will Ba Quoted on Application,
 nn-tnTMM' li (lavotatrtlrtlrB'llltBiraatB nf thu .Nuith ®han at Bnsrrard-inlrt
exclusively, It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value {or
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vaneouver
Oity and Diatrict. Every effort ii made to give advertisers the moat satisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements ahould be in the printers' bands not
later than ll) a. m. Monday and o p. m. Wednesday to ensure insertion In the
following Issue.
North Vanoouver, B. 0 February M, IBIS.
The recent decision nf the provincial governmeut not to consider any
further applications for estension of
time under railway charters will meet
with general approval.
The number of prlyate companies
holding railway  charters which  have
failed to comply with the terms of
their charter aB to commencement of
construction operations has been vory
large hitherto iu proportion to the
number of charters issued. The practice of couipaniustw defaulting with
respect to the time clause has been to
make application for extension of
time under their charter by means of
a private bill, thus keeping their
charter in undisputed force and effect.
Two such instances came before the
house last week. In both Instances
the private bills were rejected, but
provision was made for reasonable
treatment of these particular companies
by means of an amendment to the
provincial railway acl.
The government however, took occasion to announce thai in future no
'■Hsll applications will he considered.
II, n.i innl. such proceedings must be
carried on under the Jtailway Act.
That is, if a company holding a rail
- 'way charter fails to comply with tbe
lerins of its charter with respect to
the time clauses, ils charier lapses and
in order tp retain possession of its
privileges it will lie necessary for such
1 a company to reorganize and to apply
for a now charter under the Ilailway
Act, iu which event any other com
i .ha has of course, au eipial right to
apply for a charter covering Ihe same
Uuder lhe obi method, a railway
nimpaiiy might succeed in holding pus
session of valuable railway privileges
fur an Indefinite period without any intention of actually const nut ing or op
erating any line of railway, but for the
sole purpose of monopolizing certain
rights and privileges until sui-TT liiiie
as the owners were able to make u
profitable sale of Iheir charier. The
provincial railway act is credited by
Ihoso most familiar wiih its workings
.'. ill. having done a great deal lo
slop this speculation in railway char
t.rs and there is certainly good ground
I., conclude that the procedure now
laid down by lhe government will prac
11, ally abolish that unjustifiable prac
ine, as for provincial charters.
The move is one which will ter
taiuly accomplish a great deal for the
protection of public interests in the
matter of railway privileges. Any
company which procures a charter wit It
l,ui.a fide intentions In build and up
cruto u ruilway and which carries
I hose intentions into effect at the car
l„st possible date, becomes an import
ant factor in the development of the
province and is worthy of every en
,uiiragemcnl. On Ihe other hand lhe
proi urii»!< of « railway charter by a
Miinpaiiy whose real purpose is to hold
ll,e same fur purposes of sale only is
un attempt to exploit the public for
personal gain. II is wrong in principle
un.I harmful iu practice and its abso
Inle abolishment not only iu provincial
• irilee, bul throughout the entire Do
nmiion will mark a distinct forward
step ili legislation iu the interests of
Ihe people.
There is nn organization in Hrilish
Columbia known as "Friends of the
Ji,slump" which has been making itself
particularly active with reference to
agitating for the protection of the
Indian population in the rights which
this society alleges belong to the In
dian with reference to the reserves
which have been set aside for their
occupancy throughout the province,
and )n otber respects.
Tbe representatives of this organize
lion, recently had an interview with
l'remier Mcllride during wbicb tbey
slated their position with reference
i., ibe Indian and his rights. Tbe reply of the premier made it perfectly
clear lhat it was the intention of tbe
government lo exercise every precaution
lo sec that the Indians of tbe province
are given every fair consideration but
(hat it wu not tlie intention in pro
i.'culing that policy to sacrifice any of
Ih* rights of the white race which
owu tb* province.
It is set for a moment to be doubt
ed tbat tb* .people of Hrilish Columbia
tmite tint tin aboriginal population
iball he treated witb absolute fairness
and with broad liberality in all re
spouts, but there is no evidence Hint
they are in favor of accepting for
guidance any far fetched theories or
any purely sentimental collaborations
in this matter. Any reasonable and sane
interpretation of the rights of the In
diau wuulil meet with hearty accept
unco at the hands of the citizenship
hut any strained construction of the
situation to make in their favor would
meet witb prompt rejection.
The Indians held undisputed posses
sion of this land fur many centuries
previous to the arrival of the white
man. During all Ihuse centuries tbey
utterly failed to develop to any poreep
tihlu degree its magnificent latent re
sources. Notwithstanding his uni|ues
tinned sway, the best the Indian could"
do was to perpetuate tbe existence of
the country as a howling wilderness
As some one has said, the utmost
efforts of the Indian succeeded only
in extWtiug iu the presence af fat
ulous resources from tbe forests i
canoe, from she earth a flint and from
his i.mi.nu,.lm." ■ ;i picturesque form of
speech. Under i i... - conditions it was
as necessary as il wbs Inevitable that
the possession of ilu.. n, I, heritage
should in due time pass fitim the pus
session of those who had |ihiven ut
terly incapable in themselves »/ ils
development and that it should Nji
come the possession of a race wb
would develop its latent possibilities
in the interests of mankind.
The only respcei, therefore, in which
the coming of the white man clashed
with the rights of the Indian was wilh
reference to that which the Indian had
proven himself capable of procuring
out of Iiis surroundings, such as the
right to procure food and raiment, Ilu
right to roam through the jund, the
right lo ajplura to pitch his lent, and
to a place to bury bis dead. In any
particular in which lhe coming of tin
white man interfered with such privil
•■;•."■ bs tlw Indian actually exercised
it was incumbent upon the Caucasian
lo give a fair equivalent to tbe Aluir
iginal. It would be utterly fantastic
however to hold that the white man
should account lo the Indian for thai
which the while man alonu by his in
genuiiy and industry was able tu cause
the country to yield. It is likewise
very difficult lo perceive in what man
ner the Indian is justly entitled tu any
claim upon llic benefits which hate re
suited exclusively frum the efforts of
the white man since his arrival in the
country. Notwithstanding the won
derful strides of progress which have
been made, the country were yet a
howling wilderness had il been left
to the will and the devices of the In
Broadly speaking, il is Incumbent up
ou the Caucasian to provide the Indian
with the nearest possible equivalent
to what the country would have been
worth to lhe Indian, had be remained
iu undisputed possession.
An effort lo accomplish Ihis purpose
must however be prosecuted iu bar
inony with certain fundamental facts
such as: 1—The changed conditions
must necessarily affect the character
of the equivalent which is available
lo the Indians; 2—Tho equivalent
must be uf such a nature as to adapt
itself to modem progress and to pre
vent the Indian from impeding the
development o' tbe rountry according
to the methods of modern civiliia
tion; .1—The equivalent should be de
signed as far as possible to protect tbe
Indian from bis proven tendency to
acquire the vires of the Caucasian
while rejecting his virtues.
Auy argument thai would lead In
Ihe conclusion lhat tho Indians have
"a |,iiiiiin.,iiiil title to evety square foot
of land in British Columbia, which
tbey bave not formally ceeded to tho
crown" is, aa the Victoria Colonist re
marks, preposterous. The' expediency
of having recourse to tbe court* for a
decision upon questions which may be
mooted bet wbicb must find aome means
of adapting thcuiselvos to tbe practical requirements of tho onward march
of development is more than doubtful.
The practical importance of tbe quo*
tion as to whether the reversionary
rights in the reserve* shall belong to
the Dominion or th* provincial
government, is at lust but a negligible
quantity with relation to tb* rights
of'the Indian.
While tjher* doubtless exists every
disposition to place a most liberal con-
itructioe on tb* question of the rights
Of the Indian, those rights must nevertheless find mesne of adapting themselves in inch a way t'o the demands
that may arise, tbat tbey shull not
cnnatituta.au.ubatructinn-to tha pru
grew and thu development of tbe pro-'
Vince or nt any rnniiiiunily therein ill
any particular.
NUU THI thuoat mw MWM. al centi
A social meeting will be hold on
the ovening of thl) 22nd iiiBt in the
K. of P. Hal|, 4th. street west, beginning at ft p.m, A musical program
will bo rendered interspersed with a
number of dances. Membera ami Iheir
friends are cordially invited. There
will be no charge for admission.
His Honor the Lieutenant Governor
in Council has been pleased 16 muke
the following appuiiilnionts:
Stephen W. Barclay of Fernio, to be
a justice of the peace iu ami for the
proviuco of Hrilish Columbia.
Lester Ht. .lermain Hteadniaii of
Vancouver, lu be a t'limmissioner fur
taking niii.In.ii..  within the province.
Tu be notaries public:
John Donald Macleiiuan uf Field, in
lhe county of Koolenay, and .lames
Alexander Hennie of tho city nf New
Richmond Oedley of Victoria uml
Gerald a' Beckett Terrell of Van
couver, to be deputy game wardens
from January 1st.
Douglas Neil Mclntyre of Victoria,
to be ■!' I'm ) commissioner of Fisheries
for the province from Fuliruury Isl.
Licenses   havo   been   issued   lo   the
following     extra provincial     cuinpan
Canadian 1', J, Mitchell Co. Ud.,
Gresham Life Assurance Society Ltd.,
11. Corby Distillery Co. Ltd., Ilolden
Co. Ltd.
The following have been granted
certificates of incorporation:
. Ashcrofl Estates Ltd., Aehrrof! lie
tekCo. Ltd., Hen Holt Mining in.
Ltd\l)ig Interior Gold Mines Lid.,
Coast Shale Brick Co. Lid., Co-opera
live HomoNjuildcrs Ltd., Creatou Kruil
Growers Iluibu Ltd., , Dominion Bed
Manufacturing No., Fairview Transfer
and Cartage Co. \ld., Falkenberg A
l.oiiclts Ltd., Finnish Society, Greater
Vancouver I'ublishcrs Ltd., Hunter
Henderson l'aint Co. Ltd., Lun Wo
Transfer Cu. Ltd., Mountain Thorough
bred Association Ltd., Nanoosc II i
Und Co., Ltd, Brine* Rupert Oram
Exchange Lid., Traucombe Volley Or
chard ami I'oollry Co. Ltd. ami Vic
toria iInr.lin.- Lid.
tt til ii   HOOTCH
rlui'V'.E Is hereby given thai an an-
ell. ..in.ii will bv ii..nl' ni..I. i full V
ul llic "Water Acl, IH09." to oblulli u II
conce In Die •lilvMsm
nt District.
in) Tlie name, uddress und occups
linn ol Ilie .s|s|s|l. ,,i,i i'.., | ..i .ni.-ii „t
the t'ilv  of Nortli  Vancouver
iiIiiIhk pi
tr's Certificate  no
til) 'i )■■ mtnie ut Ilie lultc. slrculn ot
source III unnamed. Ihe  si i. Isl
On Ud ol Dick Uke    '
Ic) The imliil of dlvcislon nulla
of id. I. Lake
Id) The niisii.lll, i.l will. I >,,i|,llcd
for lin cubic feet put second!•-Four
le) Tbe ' n.'is's I-1 nl tbu iiropoauti
works—Small dam ut outlet of Luke
(f) The premises un whlcb Hie wu
lur Is tu be used tdcscrlbe suinc) -Cite
of North Vancouvei
It) The purposes for whlcb lbe water Is lo I., iiniil I'.iusi in uud Muni
clpal I'uii",ses
Ihi II fur Irrlitulloii describe lbc
lend Intended to bo irrigated, , nn.,
acreage    >	
Hi If lbe waler Is lo be used tut
power or mining purpoae* describe the
place where the water Is to be icloin
ed lo some natural channel, and Ihr
illir. i'ii" In altitude between point of
diversion and polnl of relurn ..
(J) Area of rown land Intended lo
be occupied by Ibe proposed works
Ik) This notice wua posied on Ilu
10th day of January, llll. uml ui,|,ll.i,
Hon will be made to Ibe Commission
er on Ihe lllh day or M.n.ii, 1912
(I) Olve Ihe names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands arc likely lo be
affected by the proposed work*, ellhci
above or below the outlet- Jas. J
Mtilhull. 112 Homer atreel. Vulicouvcr
Weat KI... i ■ and Northern Lund i'o.
Ltd., Vancouver. August Nelson. Ksgle
llulbol.   B   (.'
(Signature)   THOMAS   SHKI'IIKIII).
Clly  Clerk
IP.   0.    Addre**)
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as Number One iliindruil and four (UM)
Iv-I'liuniiii' West in the Oity of :\uiH,
Vaueouver, li. 0.
Dated at Nurlh Vanoouver Ihis Unl
day of January, llllli.
83-2 lil'INIty LAHBON.   /
Notice ia hereby given lhat tho undersigned inleiids tu apply ut tho next
;l,iliiiili;. siltillg III tl>U llsslil.l of Licensing Cuiiiinissiniicrs of the City of
North Vuiicuuver for .the issue In him
of a retail buttle license fur and in ro
sjiei't !'■ pi-'ini ■■ . I., be 111 ■ i'.1 uml
situate un lot 7, block Iiili, District
Lot 911, in sftjd City uf Nnrlh Vancouvor.
Um,-.I  this mini duy of January,
NOTICE is hereby given Ihul ul the
not meoling nf lhe lluiinl nf Licensing Commissioners fur Ihu city uf Nuilh
Vuiicuuver I shall apply fnr a buttle li
cense un Isl alreet cast, lul 7, lllock
lllli, D. I„ 1171.
llnliil at Nortli Vaueouver Ihe 18th
day of January, lllll
NOTICK in hereby given Unit tlm
iiinliri-igimil intend* In apply fm u re
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uf the lluanl uf Licensing Commisnioii
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ftuttonboled me, grabbing at his glass- iteiUmony mj returneJ to hit pwMn
ed, "to 'ttti 'v"!mm\
Ins It to your'
Maillot frowned and considered I
e», "wb&fa in  this case,  snyiow? 'he upper Mli 1     	
Have you got the man?   'Tlsn't a , library t»n<l took a mt Unite Qr, ^ ' tawW^ofTta «r«SK'^
Uroan   al   tin*   „.A   «.   It...   S.IA.   IIK—m.     ..
woman, le It?" Up eonlsecl his head
on one side, and favored me with u
sipilntlng regard.
. ''Ho, I haven't/1 I emphatically returned. "And what's moro, I don't
think you're going to hit upon lilm to-
{ Jty. it lan't a waaaB,.elUiBL"
"Don't uny I   But Wbal liii'u you?"
I displayed the. cipher, at which he
acnwieil feroclomly for a second.
"ii'n a combination," he announced,
decisively; "bet the cigars It's a combination—or direction ot aome sort."
"Hum thing. Perhaps, too, you'll
tell me where I can try It out."
Holding his glosses with one hand,
lm iiiiirini through them at the bit of
"What are those fluted affair* at
each snd wltb figure '10'a' In 'em?"
i shook my head. "You can search
me, I thought you might tell mo something; I can ask moro questions about
it myself right now than I can an-
But I added my conviction lhat tbey
were fao-ilmlles of somo detail ot
ornamentation I bod seen In the house,
r alao told him where Ihe cipher bad
^ .boun discovered—but not who had discovered It—and, In short, gave htm a
aummary ol tho entire caso. Before
I was through he was grinning at me
tn a very superior und knowing way.
"Nice, bright sleuth, you," commented he, mockingly; "can't you see
through a grindstone whon there's a
hole In 117 Nlow, looky here, Bwlft;
' old Page kept tho replica In tbe box
as a blind; Ibis cryptogram tell*
whore Iho real ruby Is.''
I shrugged my shoulders; tbo Idua
"I did not make the assertion from
Breen m one end of the big library the performance pf the not Itself," said
table. As I did so I observed that Mr. j Maillot at length, with a great show
Fluette was taking stock of me wllh a
I'd ui nidi ".'.'ini' look. I rocognlied In*
h|s regard, surreptitious aa It v/pt,
lhat quality which la accustomed tn
estimating and Judging tho characters of other men,—usually with unerring exactness, I fancied,—but I affected to appear unconscious of the
fact lhat he was noticing mo at all.
Alexander Burke was lhe socond witness, ills testimony did not vary from
his"already familiar story, and after
the deputy-coronor had put all the Interrogations ho could Ihlnk of, I begun
lo prompt llic energetic and shrewd examiner. Thenceforward tlio whilom
secretary's examination proceeded a*
"Did Mr. Page havo a revolvor?"
"Yes. Bul II Is now In my possession. More than a week ago I wqB engaged wllh'Mr. Page bore until a lalo
hour, It was necessary for me io go
lo his tillleu io procure some papers;
It mm iinm eleven, and ho hendetl mo
his pistol.  1 forgot to return It."
So much for the pistol. The weapon was Immaterial,
"In pursuance of your duties ua Mr,
Pago's confidential clerk, Mr. Burke,
you had occasion quite frequently to
come hero lo the lipuse, did you not?"
"Not frequently—somollmos."
"Were you familiar with his habits
aboul Ihe house?"
"I suppose so^yce."
"Which rooms did Mr. Page uso iho
This one- and his bedroom. Ho
scarcely ever entered any of lhe olher
" '"' ■»"»■"•■• i \"°'"°" 'rooms—seldom ascended the stairs
was by no means novel.   But It did |   nu„,„ „,„„i,i „„..  ,  .„.
not make mutters uny clearer.
How would you account  for   Iho
door-hinges on all Ihree doors heiwocn
of deliberation. A man can't be utterly hardened who can quia another
at such a lime. "I advanced It aa tbe
most likely theory by whlcb to account
for all of his action* during tbe time
I waited here In the library, explaining tbe antecedent accurenge with
knowledge subsequently acquired. Do
1 make myself perfectly clour?"
The Inquisitive Juror stared a moment, then subsided. Dr. De Bre*n
turned lo mo, with a broo.d grin.
"That all?" be whispered.
I nodded. "Ut tbe axe fall; I'm
curious lo sen what effect It will
Everybody's attention was abruptly
diverted by Oenovlove Cooper, Wllb-if]
out a word lo any oue, ahe rose precipitately, glided noiselessly acroii tbe
mum lo the alcovo, and disappeared
behind the curtains. Blank bewilderment brought mo tn my feot. Wbat
could have Impelled her to this extraordinary niuvo at sueh a critical stago?
I ninii.il to follow ber, but at that
very Inslani the foreman started to
announce the verdict,'
Silence kill Instantly. Maillot i*t
plucking aimlessly at tbe margin of a
newspaper, Iho tiny fragments floating uuiieetlcd lo the Hum; while Miss
Fluette, strikingly handsome with her
transparent complexion, her rod-
hum n inni'. and clear Jiuzcl eyos, sat
Imperiously beside him, alone In her
assurance as lo tho outoome.
The young man seemed to havo for
until ii her presence ao deep was bis
abstraction. In a little while he push-
cd the paper on ono side, aud began
feeling idly in a pocket of his veil.
His im.ml was ili; imii. uud In a mom-
"ii in,  t bave boen the ruby which >££'Jic"o"7 and"'il.eledmoi7l.avliig I <"" j10 l"'"'^'1 »oi.i<ilhliig that gilt-
, oi.nuio.i m,.iii„!" i 1...1.1..J    "mi..i   *        ■ : lored; Bonietlilng that made mo start
aud rivet my aituullou upon bim.
The i.i mn ih In ii was a broad gold
ring, lio toyed with It for a moment,
apparently whully absorbed. Then be
slipped. it upon tho middle linger of
his rlghl haudl
Tho ring seemed tn fit perfootly. He
turned Dili hand over and back a num
he Bhowed Malllol," I Insisted.   "That  jjuen freshly oiled?"
young man may not ho much of a gem ;   Ho didn't attempt to.account for it;
expert, but  1 don't think any mere ' he merely evinced a mild surprise that
paste Imitation of a ruby would |iavo BUC|, should havo been tho case.   So.
Inspired him lo such a flight of vivid  Inipallenlly, I requested Dr. Du Breen
description us bo Indulged In when ho  to dismiss lilin.
talked with mo ycatorduy   morning,
I was anxious lo havo over with the
real ordeal of |V day, for I knew that  |(j
I   bus correctly charade, zed lo my. fo, 0, umil in,mUpg ,„, urnam-su,
soil Maillot's session In   he  wlUUH- ,„,„ imn^ wft,i of vision.   After
chair, and, If I was not much mi-l^  mau.u MMui wllh Z,
nken, whatever was lo follow after cri.lcul siuvey.hu removed ll from tbe
ho was  hroiigh with his reniiirkab'o „ m|    ^ ,        ,       k
tory.  Correct us I was In a pari ol     ,     „, d »
my assumption, everybody present tvns ....   ..      ..   .'"-   " Vfrni
Quess again."
Ho Jammed his glasies down conk
, ballvely astride IiIb hawk-llko   nose,
and squared his shoulders.
"I won't guess at all. Looky hen.':
old Page switched 'em. Thai's what
he did   switched 'em In bIiow Maillot
Iho real thing.   Every time 1 convene „„„.„ „,„,«„.,» pre.o.i. was  ,,..   „ „,,(,.-. ---- r-.j-
iii iiroiiared for llm Blurt-     *'      C °     "" '*° rl"8" °" twu ilt'
Viquallly oi mind and matter receives  irug'deii'oueiiien ferenl right l.uutla: what was I to con-
Malllol began his account of Tucb .    But evenis wero moving *wlftly al
duy nlghl's happenings In a straight- • most lo lhe verge ol confusion
forward way, and luld It at length ua     "We, the jury," read the foreman,
convincingly as sucb an   Improbable   wltb the Ireinuloiis. Irroeolule air of a
slory could be luld at all.   His Injun d   inan iinucciisiuined to forensic   oxer-
fcsslon,  uml   I   always  called
a Jolt:  you  i.in,' more brawn_ than
brains, old spMif
Squinting nl each newcomer, ho bus
tied away before I hud Hniu lo get
back at lilin.    I  wus rather touchy
linnet knew 1,    1 had only ono, nouns ^cft^ llTZlZe, tL &*&'£ SLKSLStt
wl8 falnln '.hedlanlH I"   no dto"" w""-w'lora lay '"" """'""""'•' tobldlot"™ blU,U ""'"""^
for maintaining the dignity of hi. pro ,Bl,^bi(;m,(, lllttt t|)ey IloU,c.d mi,   „0 gQ| m ^.^  M
commented upon II among IheiiiBolves. .  picrcliiK   fomlnliie   shriek ro.o In
While De llreen   was   getting  his *"iZ rl'it[T ki'lhZmmmm »™ "™0 M ot tin how.   Com-
lurors   In   Hue    I  dlsiioaed tho two K   ,     , ,   !,          As tho young man Ing as II did ai sueh a Juncture, when
,„lr™,„     w'lm „u    JZ   n.d Z ZtC, „ ff£b we  Vv™.' "" T"' T "'"Is""' '" """"'""
one in the ball to d.ree  Cose who t^ZZ,    mleuZ Tht K.   '. ZTprHl d'much toe'
id    business    hem    Mils  niuniug 11IlriB ,lm,|..,.i.,„ jh„niiiv ...j ...„,,.(,. ,umllL"" "P*. " pioiiucod much lbe
straight I., the library, and to allow ^Kto?tato«S2rW n'"" "fi   "V"'*,'" "8V° ","0WU<I
nobody  under whatever  inetexl   to m   ,,    ,         .      ,          y , ""' MP|o»'°n of a bomb lu iho com-
xrnder'toanyoKftoffloMe' F Ml"' ' ,T lho  IT" "fV "u,l)'" ""'1»1'   Ml» i'l""ll« mPtA,
iwuiiiitriiiBiiyiiinoi   an on inoiiouse, K|uno[., w|,|, om, anoihor; uj ||1U|, , ,      f                        .          •   *    ■
the second  wus slalloned Jusl  Inside „„ n,„ i,„mii„ n,„i ill.foollno i„.iu,.,.„ »    ,            ,„             "* ** mtU.
the library dour    Blodaer wua lo re- f,        enmity and Ill-feeling between Malllol und Flueiiu ware both li.aiant
ine iioruiy mui.   oiiugir wa* io re (he ,wo ,Jlen hecamu more and mora |y UWI1 ||.,,ir i,,,,  H,nr,iu,\ a„A ,„„-
main up-slalrs unlit culled for, when I ..,.,,■,r..nt ilm aU fimoa srrarlmillv I'l.m.s .,,               u ' "*'[m tee nmi.
would  relievo  him  diirlna  tbo brief .mn""' ""■ "x '•CM B'Mually came ,    j|K.  kt:n.mu   WM „ t|ir|| |„gt oro.
woiin  relieve  uio  uunng mo  uitti ,„ tt„unl(J sjpmiloBi of upon lucre- ju)JKe(j ,,,.iu ,,, horror    v„r ,„,» .,!.,.
period required for his testimony. siulliv «"Kiu nine oi norroi.   ror ono olec-
Burko and  Maillot arrived while  I 'lm youmi lawver remarked llm '"     ,   l">'„!!lo",l "*»»"* "' *•«
ii ino young lawyer romaraea ino in my veins.   Tho cry (welled lu a
was thus engaged, and before I hud
,     ...         ..•      scarcely help doing, Hie circumstance   uorsldciico  of   luiror   ll,.,,,  .hrumi.
opened to admit a party of Ihree—Miaa   ri,j,„,ii„<i.„„i,im .i...i   ™    . ... "-"ur, mon aliruptl)
,,    „,        „   , effect of his testimony, which he could   ouavorln* frei i,l„ ilnu.„,„i yjln, ii..
lime tn enter the library the front door Mm]y 1|e)|) do|ng \M elnmilulcP '"la\t""K fri»>'>'""'. lingered wltb the
seemed not In dlemay bim In the loam. , UUB,,,|, m,, ,jie mUlj„ utt ut g ,hr|cl;
Cooper and Miss Pluelle,  who  were  Hut lbe Wlir„ wa,    , (o mm.   ,„,„.  ,--;■" t
accompanied by a handsome, dknllled  ,   wht,       doul),   „     ,       „ J     ,  ">«.alien. JU.
man  with  whHo lialr und a chiBely-
liliiiiin.il beard which ho wore pulled
,.      ,  i     , ,,    , ,,       t'ui one awful moment   everybody
,ni,„„eo oeu.,, wuieu no wore i-unuu    ^ ""j* "'i'lIZ   llh,*w"   T '"' """* "' " VU'Mkl   " ' hmv
In Ihe middle and   hrusbed   sirulgl.l  SjRtaf, hJ,V!fHl!52?,,fcli"Li,!     ' '""l l'",l,"l,Ml J'  rol«hl  •>*»» immi
definitely dispelled when lbc wilness   unnoilci
frankly admitted lhal according In Um
d.   Then, wllh a wild, unuerv
Inallncllvely I knew Hits man tu bo ££"'. J^j;;,^ ffM VMi ,,    ,„
'ft'.nl    Llii.,Hu Ati/I    no    uimti    wuulil    I ...
Alfred Fluette. And a* soon .would I
havo expected Iho allondanee of the
Caliph of Bugdud. I fell In walehliig
him narrowly.
His Imi ni un wore nol fumlllur io
me, bul certain deialls of hie appearance were> so striking Ihut I could
acarcely do ollmrwlao thun conclude
that his bearing und countenance had
quite recently undergone u marked
change. He wus a man, 1 Imuglned,
who could lilile Ills feelings wllh mill
mill sui'ccss, yel, his upsiundlng ligure, without being precisely betyl, ex
pressed an bleu of drooping. Tho
lines of hia face gave II a liaggunl
expression, while his eyes wore a fur
live, hunted look al certain perloda
when he forgot  lo keep    himself   In
solo heir.
But In me Mulllm',: testimony .was
scarcely more lhan a running uccom
puiiinmnl to Alfred Fltielic's Btrango
behavior. II was Impossible to Inter
mi; I Iho hi 'ell,lug eonllli I ol ii.'siii ii
unl emotion which his haggard vlsugr
iild only Indifferently; he stand ut
ihu young man. fasclnuicd; but dominating every Influence, gripping bis
very hurl and Idling like acid, I could
discern lhe evidence of a horror whli li
musl Inevitably drive him. sooner ur
uier, lo some violent oulburst. li ua
iiiiiliri.il;. more Hiuu liuiuun i.uiuic
oulil endure.
Why? I osked my'Belf--why? Why
should lie he so profoundly sllrrtd by
he experience of one ugnlusi whom lie
lug ii uillei Hun of Uelievlevu, I ruabod
to ihi, door.
"Don't lei ii soul (tlr from tbli
room!" 1 hoarsely shouted to Dr. De
In the next Instant I had plunged
Into ihe hall, brushed aside the (tupe-
n..I policeman Ibere, and wa* inking
the slaJrs four ul a lime.
Thi Fac* In Ihi Alcovi
'llm Ilis! ihlng I noticed a* I sped up
the Blalrs .us the abecuco of Stodger
from Ms post lu lhe upper hall, where
I had lusl seen hlio. Ouly a few mlu
ules previously I hud peeped Iuto the
lower hall lo sailsly myself Ibat every
,   .   ne experience or one ugninsi wiiom lie "                     ■.... .... v.. .... .- -.-,
, band. All iheee deiolls taken together u,l]ll.|.||lln,,,| „„,.,, „ Blnjll(, 8J1ilpiiUi)': "'Ing wus rlglj, at Uiat time be wa*
gave me food for sohor rellec on.       A|j(J |(|           (|    ||||>( „ |()|)k m . itmtlw „„ 1)lu |jBJut*lrttxfe. engaged In
With the wu* Impression on tho Iron  ^.^ u mpm ^ ^^ M § ^^ mw||||go ^ ^
iwer to roy unapoken quc.llon Morri.oii. siatloned below.   But In a
Willi a Hidden movement, as If
li longer Inactive had become on tin .""'"n"11 ' utideralood.
s.'iiduralile loiiiieul. he slood upriglii, The belli room  door    itood    wide
iluiig oh* hiu heavy ovorcoal mul Ihen 0pen, and on lbs floor lay Ml** Cooper
* hipped off Ills glove*.
'   On Uie middle  (lliger ol bli rlghl
l uml gleamed a In uud lund of go'd!
i-aiidlei Hi-It In mind, I liein my glance
to bis bauds lo Ihe right hand -but
he wore gloves, und moreover, tbe
long sleeves of his heavy overcoat
eame welt down over his knuckles. A
•Hiring of lhe library llm mlghl per
(nude lilm In remove his wraps Inter
Hui Boineililng happened Dial banished everything uleu lemporuilly from
iny mind.   The Indent    he   sU/pped
i otic
I glanced ul  lhe sweet,
(ueo ol lieiievleve I'ooper.   prom II
—HlelcBB,    was    my    flrst    horrified
[(houghI.   Sludger, wllh Iho bed of In
nnd  (tuitions and Ibe leant podlblc oapa-
illy for tarrying Iiiiiii out, knelt nolp
keVoN lb, fron,    doorUII   hi.   eyes  ^JViiln oild H.Xrt'J.r.' '1"»1' U'M" *•'• »™" "" «•"»*«
^%ivAm}mi u» r" "r 'r^ifnT1 wd lra,\ '•-*"uwim•**■»»■
Kited   away   again  quickly;   bul   I    'J) n-iid of   be lildden cuireiUs o   ,ho flwr „„,,    pl)|0Wl,d    ,h))   wm
„uld noi help a*.„cia.f,,g i!,K brief *£*•«. •"•»•»•» "f* *•   brewn ira.M. In'lh. hollow of my arm.
jT" of a smile. lovely and Iendt/!   II waa wonderful
1   My atletillon was directed to Mall-|. , wW|1B0 revelallou   tbua to feel
lol when one of the Jurors began In- j
lerrogellng lilm.
"While Mr. Burko wa* absent," In
ju'lred lbc juror, "did   you  see   ihe
A Woman's Scrum
I turned from Alfred ilu  to en-
Ihe i" mui lonloel of her warm, yielding body.
Bul, Heaven know*, I didn't (top to
«...i... ...|-,..r «.....ti..ni..« innk rnm ruby7    '"" rt''t'rt''"'0 WM ,0 '"wl onolyxe my feelings at Ihe time.  For*
counter a sober, questioning look fron al)|MW) whc„ ,,„ W()lU to mU,   ()l0        ' ,  .'        *   DWllc.itfl..k(1.. utr
Oouevlove.   Her a wool face wo* polo police of lbc crime. i,   " ' *" ,hm°' mu'"'     ,
and sllll troubled, and while nothing I   "I did nol," wa* tbe reply.   "I ,aw u,r" mMl> u> d" m" ,hM ,Urt
would have pleuacd me better than to:« » »«r* .fi« Mr, Page returned It numbly down a> lbe aweet pale fane,
i   .    ,   i , -ni,  i ... v,i.ii»d   ,„r to lb* ewelcaae; I never even thought framed In IU nlwbua of wavy brown
Imni..,. to her side, 1 wa* obliged   for   f )t ^     ^ t)       , mi.. '
Ibe preeent only, I made menial 'imii-,lputk." hair.   I got a grip on myiell, tJiougb
flciUWl'to  tjpiiient  inyaelf   with  a    "Were you near Ihe concealed eafe?" ,*»* 8U,dg»r "" **atal,B* to WW
wlfrvMd  a  nnssuring nod.    Her I   ''V*. 1" fJ«hou«h at tbe llm. I Mli. Fluette,
,   u „ .  ,, „„„„. „.. ,,„„„,,,„•  dldn I know lhal llic open trap door In She cam* quickly enough, wondering
fWilD Belle ( demeanor wa. ha gbly,  |h   (,fj|cl M u g ^    , ■<
Kvrn supercilious, and .be quite frank- ,h, ,mu c*Vlty wu empty, and Ibat fT., ^ '    , ' , wl,lldl7
ly Ignored everybody excepting her, wa. all I did ob*erve about Jt," • i^'1"8* •»» c<",,ln' "oM b™ •n*t<*-
fattier, her cousin, ahd Maillot. "When did you flrat lum about too j*A btt fron mt--wlto   what   biting
Nothing occurred to retard the In- «£•'''    „  .    .      ..,,„.'.„ worl. J can o^y Imagine.
nwMiiM* " "When Burke showed It to Mr. Bw f J   But fnr  nnoa In bar life at least
quest, which I shall refer to only mL|W    morning" m
U neceuary to keep bound together I "Why, toea, to your teaUmony, did | "*• fmi' wU'ul "ufl' ***' bOW*4
to* toMf el toy narrative . you aay th* deotaaed went to (Mattel fWiwt » nunnur to the ton* of au
After Stodger had glvw bla brief Mtot IM tity tot IM pvpetn otgknm.
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Poat Office,
But a Scotsman tackles it hard ami
fast." .
Thus slnga Wilfred Cainphell iu tho
introduction to "The Scotsman in tlnu<
ada," the first volume of which is from
his pen, ami the second from that of
I'rof. Oeorge, Bryce of Multiloba t-ol
lege (Musson Book Co.). It might have
been a wiser course .hail Mr. Campbell
confined his introduction tu tlio somewhat irregular verse 'from which w»
have quoted, rather than given us the
twenty pages of scolding about tin
decadence of the race, and in hnliliiiji
up systems of religion and governments
of former days as higher uml hotter
than are to be found today. Is it cor
red to .lc. int.'. for instance, as Mr.
i'iiin|.|ii II docs, that former writers un
Hcotsmcn uml Sootlnni) have dcull nni
the subjects in a shallow, childish.and
claptrap manner! Then oue might aak
If Mr. Campbell is llic only writer who
thoroughly understands Hums uml
Heott. It ia vain to argue wilh one
who says: "Of the Scotsman of In
day the least said the belter, and
then proceeds to say many things
which, in Ihe opinion of Impartial
judges are not quite correct.
Ileligion in Hcotlainl und Cuumlu ir
not ail mere formulism, as Mr. I'ump
hell would have us believe., The feinlul
system of Knglund wus nnt ou ull fours
with the clan system of Scotluud, Mr
Campbell notwithstanding, and surely
even such u cell us Mr. I'uinpliell will
admit the heads of the duns. weie
themselves very lurgely lo I,lume fur
helping the pe*pIeHn break il up. Then
he, tills al the Scottish uud Cauadian
universities, ami winds up wilh thi?
sentence: "In the face of lbc fad thai
in Ilie Church uml in Ihu university
the only man wanted nr encouraged
is he whu can touch men's pockets,
uml not their hearts, minds or iniiigiuu
linns—thut the universities no inore
contain the rational prophets uiul
thinkers; Ihul in the Legislative halls
tho conditions are "Imilar, uml reul
freedom shackled ami crushed ran
you ask if il is well with Ihe Scots
men here and in the old laml I"
After reading such a sonlcnre one
instinctively turns lo the lung lisl of
aide and distinguished Scottish divines.
scientists, artists, professors, teachers,
lawyers, ami even statesmen, of today,
wonders why their names and Iheir
fame are unknown to Mr. Campbell
Yet this very race which lhe author
thinks hus now fallen su lew is, in his
opinion, "one of the thjoe of four greul
kindred races reaching Innk Id Nouh
and Ibe Deluge," uml that from "the
ancient Kingdom of Argyll there Ibiweil
out u civilization that influenced the
culture and ethics of all Kuropc,"
When Mr. Campbell comes tu deal with
"The Scotsman in fuiiadu," und has
10 narrate the cold fads of history as
found in Government und oilier records
the reader misses  lhe Celtic  i yi
and the glamor lhe ,,.   threw intn
his earlier works. The records so care
fully,, on the whole, aud so laboriously
liruuglil together in Ihis volume and
put within the reach ,i ull Canadians
will become invaluable os llic years
go by. In tho chapters dealing more
extlucively with Hcolsmeii in Canada,
Mr. Campbell is in his happiest vein.
11 is noticeable that the biographical
sketches of Hcolsmeii, many uf whom
are still living iu Canada or Britain,
and many others whose ijeuths are uf
comparatively recent dale, all seem I.
contradict Die whole tenor of the intro
ductory chapters. The volumo wil
live, and will be welcomed because of
its very many valuable features, and
for Hie careful compilation nmi re
search thul. its publication represents,
"It is the great man who points out
the way, but facile and palii ul follow
ers alsu no doubt work fur humanity."
The anlhor of this paragraph, I'rof
Bryce, has already given to tho world
sovo/al, excellent volumes on Canadian
affairs, so Dial the reader lakes up the
second volume of "The Scotsman iu
Canada," expecting very interesting
reading and is not disappointed. It is
perhaps-an error of arrangement Dial
I'rof. Bryce as well as Mr. Csmnhsll
had lo write rather long introductions
dealing wilh prehistoric as well as wilh
historic Hcollaiid. The aulhors, how
ver, deal with the subject from such
differing standpoints that there are but
fow repetitions, lu this volume I'rof.
Bryce deals largely wilh the Hcola-
man in Manitoba, Alberta, HusliatchV
wan, British Columbia ami the Torri
loin's, while Mr. Campbell's vnluine is
practically confined to Nova Hcotia,
i'rinco Edward Island, New Brunswick,
Quebec and Ontario.
Beginning with tbe advent of tbe
Orkney man in Prince Itupert's Land,
Professor Bryce traces the Scotsman's
trials and romantic story iu Canada's
great west lands and tel|s how bis influence sbkped and moulded the des
tinies of the Dominion. ,The biographies, a* far a* known of these venturesome Scotsmen, who came to the
West largely In tbe early yeara as
Hudson's Bay Company servants, is
told Hiimiiliiiics by the mil hor ill a few
lipes, but Into wull wtmt~t|ip tliouglit-
fol reader ean put a life story of during ,ul' adventure and always of sterling honesty and faithful dealing with
the natives, uutil, ut ono writer has
aaid, "to wear a Scotch bonnet in this
lone laml is to be made welcome by
every Indian c»mp-firo,"   Today, the
author points out, the Scotsmen or
descendants of Scots aro loaders' iu
the great religious bodies of the West,
prominont in tcacbilig agriculture, literature, engineering, railway muniigo.
munt, finance, and even politics, The
Wholo volumo is, like thu purely historical and biographical parts of Mr.
Campbell's volumes, full of records
aud fads whicii will become ecb year
more favorable.—Toronto fllobo.
North Lonsdale
Btv. T. B. Bowe, Principal
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i,ul.  uver 8 yra. uid, ti per innuth
special terms when twu or more are
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Conlrary lo the usual pfaclire lhe Assessment Notices for
1912 have been sent lo the registered owners of -property
according lo llic Land Registry records.
Up to the present, purchasers have been in lhe habit of
notifying lhe rily authorities lhal llic properly had changed hands
so lliul notices of assessment and taxation should nol go astray.
7 his form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision- the
cily council is advised by ils solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of lhe Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver I .and and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it has sold and which has since changed hands two or three
Hie.Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it that they should lake steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them so that ilny may become aw"Blfe of the value al which they are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 62flL
.' fff 'fimywwTftm wi-w|  ♦ ^HMKrt *, | hhi wnn i   aj, \v)t,.
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This Is a Jlmplo transaction. Yet It
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k't   ns   lii'lp   you-lb   iletiigii   uny   work   wliiili
you jin.' riiulrDij'liitiiijz on.   Wc ifuaruiitco tu give-you nutirfurtiuu on
nn'i'i.., artintk', lino u|jj/ctiriuj{ buiMiug ut u low nmrpiii,   I'lutm jinnl
hjii'ritirutiiuis furuiifliuil fruo it' our tender is* Huilaltle lo vou.   Ji   um
liave your j Lii. ■ li i uu give you our price before building.
Original ('ulit'. Huiij/iiIow Denigjirrs, Huilders and General t'uiitnu-lor.«.
Colonial Apartments, 8th and St. George.   Phone 210
ntTeat,- Foliriinry lllli.
sprliipg toiiie in Moufrual financial
circles during tho past week lias hoop
tlm bounty question, Annnuiictimeiits
concerning tiiia matter' liave been
l'ii'i|iii'iil for several duya pinl. 'I'lnil
lliu bounty was to lie roiiQveil mi pig
iron, was at lirst a rumor. Now it lias
ni-..iinii'.l ;.iiiui'iliiii|! the niiiiiir ot a
ilufliiilu statement if not altogether an
announcement. Aililoil ili.'i.' fo Is tbe
statement thut uot only will the
bounties in pig iron lie renewed but
those on wire roils. At first, thu sum
uf lllli'. per ton was slated as tho extent of the bounty. ■Now it iH stated to
be lilin. per ton on pig muile from fur
eijiii ore and $1.50 ou domestic ore. In
view of tlie geuerul inieresl, the fol
lutv,iug table, showing the estimated
ii|i|iru.\iiiiiilr uiilpiit of pig iron liy the
diffcrwit .'nni]limit's in tlm Dominion
during Ilie nulling yonr, will "timely:
Dominion steel  Corporation.   ,'iiki,iiiiii
Nota Scotia Steel k Coal     HI|,0Q0
■Steel Company of Hiiniidn.,..   IIII.IHlii
Algomii Sleel     titflM
I'liiiinlii   Imu  t'orpiirutiim—     III.iiiiii
'llcscrniilo I'o      10,000
Aliltokuii Iron I'M ,      80,1)011
Total    1,126,00(1
Tin' limiiiiut which would be drawn
by Ilie ililfcronl companies will ilepend
entirely upon ihi) rale per Ion of Hie
bounty uml the proportion of domestic
ninl foreign oro used in lhe processus.
In case llm bounty on wire reds it
renewed, il may lie of value for
purposes ul' comparison to state thai
in Ihr In;.! year fur which the records
are available, namely Hint ending
March III, 11)10, tho rate of bounty
being then (li per ton, tho ainouul
drawn by the Dominion Iron and Bteol
was in the vicinity of $528,1)00. The
rod output  lias (into iucrcasud.
In a  lum' uf distressing druiigbl  u
harassed amateur Agriculturist stepped
i intu a simp lu buy u barometer. Tin'
shopman wus giving a few stereotyped
I instructions ubuut judications and
I pressures, when Hit- purchaser iinpu
I liciitly iuterrupteii him.
"Vis,   yes,"   soul   lie,   "thai 'a .all
right, bul ttllai I want to know is, lion
.du yuu set tlm thing when yuu want it
in ruml"   Yorkshire I'ost.
Tin evils Ihul spring from enlighten
meiil uf liuild will lind llieir remedy in
greater enlightenment.
I will sell the entire stock of A.
B. Fletcher, consisting of Groceries,
Horses, Wagons, Fixtures, Etc.,
regardless of cost. Sale commences TUESDAY, 10 a.m.
A rare opportunity (or keen buyers
All Goods Delivered to Any Part of City'
15th and Lonsdale
J99 duke ay oonnauoht on
A imputation of thp (im«ili«n Dm
foneo lioaggo last week presented "to
V. P- II. tho Duko of Connaught au
address asking his sympathy uml in
torcsls In tlm olijocts of tliot body.
"It is scarcely necessary to remind
your lioyal Highness," stated the address, "that the. principle of universal military service Is still contaiimil
in thu militia act of Canada, ready ti)
ho palled into operation by your order
iu Council, but, us uo provision is
ui/iile for training or preparation, il
would be an inliiiiniin act lo arm a
largo aggregation of niofi w|m' ure
without training or iliscipline, and send
Hirin forth undor mpdern conditions
to active service, Tho Canadian lie-
fencu i.i .''i'ii,- is anxious that training
should be provided, so thut if uny
emergency should arise thoro will Iw
no tpiestioii us to our ability us a
uation lo ii|cet it. This will, we
lioliove, secure for this part of the
world a lusting peace."
The address 'was presented by Goo.
U. Elliott, Secretary o/ the Dengue.
Col, Hamilton Merrill of 81. Cuthurincs
is President,
Replying tu the uddress, his Royal
lliglincss, i|ii< link,, of Ipbnnaught,
said: "I um ulad to.havo the upper
ttinity of meeting the ropmontttjvei
of the Canadian Dofonce League and
lo hear something nf lhe objects of
your association.    These   objects, tt.
concisely sunn I up in tlm lusl para
graph of yuur address, have my full
sympathy. Tlm llrsl essential nf mil
itary training is ilm production of a
healthy, disciplined pianhood, nnd uu
tliniighlful person could possibly dis
pule llm desirability of this object.
Health uml d||cij)ltno are necessary fur
our doily life and for llm successful
conduct of business, and an olTorl lo
secure them fur the rising generation
cannot be laid ujmn lu lhe charge uf
militarism, which lias sometimes been
brought by lhe ignorant against us
soriiilions such tis yours. .1 wish yuu
very success iu this work which yun
Inni hi patriotically undertaken ami
to which you arc unselfishly giviug
your Inni' I iru.Ki Hun Hie t'oiiad
Defence League may long continue lu
licimli! the young limn of llm'Dominion
uf I'unada."
Wliat makes a boy popular!' iWoly
it is. manliness. During tho war. how
many irchnnls a'nd colleges" folluvvtul
tbe popular boyst These young luu,I
ers wero tlm manly lioys whose Imurls
coubl bo trusted, I'd" '"ly wl|n is
careful of his sistor is a knight. Tlm
lioy who will np+er violate his word
and who will pledge his hpnpjt. lo hiu
own heart ami change not will liutc
tho conlldouco ut liis friends. The
boy who will never hurt tho feelings
of unyoile will o|to day find himself
possessing all sympathy.
If you want to be a popular boy,
lio too manly and generous and un
st'llish lu seek It) |ie populur, be tlm
soul of honor; love others better linn
yourself, uud people will give you tlmir
Imurls, und try'In make you linppy.
This is v, Inn makes li buy popular.
—Western Catholic.
ift"*ii?8.,lili.l'li!!,1?j' 1lrcn tim w
liiiuuinitliun is llm mul bur uud mis
tress uf i."ik hupe and |uvc. It if
the source of greul thoughts, uf high
lispiruliuns, and uf heavenly dAoilH.
FOB BENT—Oue tultu, furnished,
also one unfurnished. Latest improve
ineiitii, With beat aud telephone.     t.f.
Tenders ure invited fur the erectiuu
uml completion uf certain schuul build
ings, Nurlh Lonsdale. Contractors de
sirous of figuring will leave their names
either with Mr. Uluiltuddcr, Keith block
Norlh Vuiuuuver, ur H. .Inniiesuu, room
US, Metropolitan lluilding, Viineouver
Pllcutlon will bo mado undor I'urt V.
ut the "Wutor Act, 11)09," to obtain
a licence jn Um
lilvlstonof        District"
., (ll)- POP name, address and ocoupn-
on ot the applicant-Corporation of
tbo City of Nqrth  Vancouver.
(b) The inline of Ihi! Iako, ii'treum
!"', H<yjfc,° 10 unnamed, me description
la)—Pick Luke, olevatlon ot HOD feet
ubove  Ilotve  Sound,
lerot i''i'lt''"',"t' Ut l)lra'alo,>'_At ou*'
(d)   Tho   quantity   qf   water   an-
plled for lin cubic toot per sepond) ....
(ci   The eburiiotcr of tho proposed
worka—riant lo bo constructed uciobs
outlet uf lulte.
(f) The prcnilscB on which tho waler la lo be used (describe samo)—
City of Norlli Vancouvor. -
(g) The purposes for which tlio
water Is lo be used—Domestic und
Munlclpul Purposes.
In) ir for irrigation deacrlbe the
lund Inlendcd to no Irrlgulod, giving
acreage v/c • • ■ •
II)   If Hie water lu to be ,uaM for
power or mining i describe Ibo
placo whore Ibe wutor Is to bo roturned
lo sume nulural channel, and tho difference In allliudo between point qfjl-
vefslon und 'point of return	
IJ) Alei! of down Lund intended to
lie occupied by tlie proposed worka—
161) acres.
(It) This notice wus posted on Ibo
.mill day ul Junuary, lllh. and o|ipll-
laillun will In, intide lo iho Commissioner mt the I i'ii  duy of Murcli. 1112.
ll) fllve llm names aud utldresae*
of uny riparian proprietor* or licensees whu or wlioae lands ure likely to
be ulTecled by lbe propused■ wurks.
either abuve nr below Ihe uullcl—Jus.
,1. Mulliall. 1112 Holier Street; Vancouver; West Snore * Northern Land Co.
Ltd., Vuncouvor; August Nelson, Kuglo
Harbor, II. C,
(Signature)    THOMAS SlIKI'llHHD,
city Clork
Clly  Hall.   Norlh   Vuncuuver.
The it..iiii,iaile.s aud Area of Ibe llu-
iiii'iiniiit.i i
Commencing ut a point in Burrard
Inlet, dlslant 2.3110 feet due suuth from
the Buulh-west curner pust ul Lul
205: Ihence due nurlh 2300 feel tu aald
south-west corner post of said Lot 205;
theuco 2010 feet, more pr less, lo the
Imi Ili-west   Corner   ot   said   Lot   205,
[hence northerly through Lot 002, 2'Ho
feet mole or less, to the' suulli-tvesl
curlier post of Lol 0111). thence easterly
along the nurlh boundury ur Lol 052.
2010 feel, more or less, lu the nnrlh-
 nor post uf Cot 052; tbence nor-
iH8, Mi-lrui'idiluii Iluibling, Vancouver, east cornor post or i.ol tun; imnec'iur-
1 til's]ly ulniij;  (lit- west  1...uml.m   of lol
I'luns and spceilkalions may be bad on  Oil Iill feet more or less to tlic'iioitli
 , . .,    , ,,.",    ,       ,  'ultvtni  curlier pusi  uf Lul Oil; t'nence
and after Monday next.     The lutvest t%.iurtt.ri,. along the nurlh boundary of
any lender not necesslirih a.-eepled. ''ul tit. 2010 feel more or less, lo the
' -       ' iiiiiiieasi  em He!-, post  of i.ol  r-tr.
8T0P3 LUUliHa pkicb. 1, cbhts
How   Biii.iiii'i;   Canal   Systom   Was
The Hrilish system of arlilie*il inland
navigaliou, Mhi.h* includes u'wrul
iIiuuhiihI iiiil,--. uf canal, mat be said
a hate iN origin \n u iiuilriiiiuinu!
isiippuinliimnt. The Duke uf Hridge
water, llm originator of the system,
was engaged lu be married just niter
lie liud attained majority. A dispute
arising between tbe couple, Hie inaleh
was broken off. The duke's iliugrin
ehaiigel the euurse of liy.- life. He gate
Ins first and lusl ball lu Hie Loudon
world of fashion and then buried him
-elf among his coal fields at Wnrsby
Kscbowiug the society of women, lie
refused even to employ Ihem u-
scrvaut* iu his manor house.
Disappointed in marrying ihe musl
beautiful   nnnum   in   Knglaiul,  he  de
leriniiii-l to unite by mcani of a eanal
his   "llll   fields   with   Muilelmsler,   I In n
beginning its carreer as a maiiufuilur
ing lown.    in Ihose days good ruads
| were  the eiceptions,  bud  roads    the
' rule.    Tlm eulluiis of  Mam In li i und
I the  wooleiiH of Leeds were rouvoyed
Irom  plate  in  place  on  pai k  horse-
whieh jugged along io single file.   The
freight charge from Leeds to Luiidnn
was }ii.l a Ion.   When lhe duke's eanal
'wus  lluishcil   lhe   prices  of   uml  ui.d
other commodities  in  Manchester fell
one half.
The success of lins canul started lbc
duke t^> build one which wuuld eon
licet Manchester with Liverpool. Tu
!procure the funds he reduced his per
sonal expenses'of ll'i'i a year, clo
islraighleucil was he at times lhal the
London bankers hesitated to discount
his note for )•'"'! ."-miicium when
"hard up'' he would lend his steward
upon collcelnig tour among tbe leu
i*nl ry of llm ducal eslalcs. The slew
srd wuuld rule from leniint tu ten
■nl, collecting ii, bete and tin Ihere
Wben he bad collected money enough
Im would return and pay the canal
laborers their weekly wages. In a
fow years, however, Ibe duke's canals
paid  Inin  ail II I. n ua I   rCM'UUC Of JS'i.ii'i"
tl VIA"
coast itANtir: iinm i.anh iiisfluci
TAKK NOTICK Ihul Llllul Alexander
llaswell uf Vulicouvcr. 11 c, oveUps
llun. broker. Intends to uppl.v for per
mission Id puiebuse tin roliuwing de
scribed binds: Commencing ul n posl
plained about 20 chains suulli of Hi.
inn lb-east curner of, Lot 28. uud nl
Iho curlier soulh nf llm ufui-t'subl cor
lie!', tbence nortb 50 chains. Inure lit
l.ss lo Corner of T I. 38:01. Ibence
ensl 80 .fi.de.'   Ibence      nil   50 . I ..In
Ihence west 80 eii.iin.-, lu poini of commencement ."iii.ill,Iiiii  too acres more
or less
IlKDIltIK   VKIllilKll.
nli January.  I'l:
TAKK NllTII'K I li.l I All.. IVurti lias
well, uf Viineouver, II l' iii.il ilnl wu
iiiiiii. Intends io uppl.t lot petmliisluii
lO purchase lbe Mil.i» Ing desellbetl
laliifs. Coinnii In ing ill ii posl planted
at lbe Suulli ens! ...in. i uf T I. No
■llisi". I tbence Wesl ,0 chuins. Ibelic.
soulh so chuins. i)ii-ine- casl 10 ebaliis
I Inni c In.! Ill 10 iliulus. ihence east 10
chains to Mulct's ttlg.-. Itiellce nurlli
10 chains along slum  in polnl uf coin
tuellceltlelll.   i illltajnlllg   ISO   iiell-S   IIIUI'l
or less
(IKOflOK VKKI'lflll
lOlh   .liiliunl)     1012
TANK NnTH'K Ihut llol.eil Imu
Klnmond, uf Vancouver. II '' tuiupn
lion, broker. Intends lu uyyly  tm yn
mission     lo    purchase     Ilie'    fulluWlli,.
described lands: Cuiiiineninig ul a i ".'t
planted al the south west i urller <<l
Lol numbered 57. Ihence nm tli 00
chains. Ihence wesl 00 enains llnnci
suulli 00 i'IiuIiih Iu waters i Oge.'llien, i
east fulluwlng wuin'ii edge lu pulm ul
i utllllii lm llielll.    COIltllllllng     .I'll    inle."
mure oi  less
llnllKIIT   1)1 KK   KIN.MONI)
IlKllllHi:  VKIllilKll
At. in
unit January, 1012
«     BAVWAItll   LAND   Ill.tTllli T
TAKK NuTIl.'K lis.n IVIi'l' Itu) I'laii
of Vuncuuver. ll c. occupation, loin
lo i iiiiiii   liili mis  lu  .ipply   fur  pclinls
>is<ls   lo puicluise   Ilie  rollnwlllg   l.ss ill
id lalnls   I'oiiinielKliig nl a posl plant
id   nl   Hie   W'aler'S  edge    ul   tile   mil III
west cornel of pre cinpilon 2111. Ihenci
iiurili 80 chains. Ihence west IK chuins
thence snulh fo chains, mure ui lm,
lu Water's edge. Ibence east following
shore line in polnl nf commencement
i mil. mill, n lit aitis more or less
rirrpn 110V CHAIN.
IlKOItl)K  VKIllilKll
lllll   I..I.   .si.    ISI2
TAKK Ni/i'H'K Ihul Ihe |. m ■: i,
heretofore existing helwecii I.K«'I.-'
McNKILL ami JAMKst K IIIXON uml. i
Ihe nni! nunie nf NOItTII VANCul'
VKlt CAItltlAUK WOIIKM, has 11,1
doy   been  lllxsdU'i il
llllli Ull acOilllilH due In Ilu l.ilil lllll
must be puld lu Janu h K lll.tnll. ali'l
nil uecnunis owing by the laid llllli M.I 11
be in.l.l by the said l..n.. ■ 1° lllsnn,
Doled   at   Norlb    Vin,. nm, i     I),   r
il|ls tlh duy of February.  A D,,]»i;
TAKK NllTII'K lhal I'nl.l King, ol
Vancouver, I) C. occupation, splnstet,
ml. Mia lo uiiply fm permission In puicluise the following dest'rllu-d Innds:
f'oliilnt'ltelng nl n poll plalili <l nboul 33
chuins caul of lhe pulni ut i ninmcnce-
un ni  nf T  1.   30l'20. uml tilungslilr a
SUIVetnr's IIUSl liiiiiiiiil Illlllllicl 210:
Ibeliti' noith 80 sl'slis' thenee ensl
10 elialns. lin lu e anolll 80 ehulllS
Ibence west 10 chuins. lo Pulnl nf ciun-
liieliiiiiii'lil. uml.lining 320 acres more
or less
IHb Jmjusry. 1012
TAKK NOTICK Uiul Deuige Verdict
nl.Vancouver. U (.'., iiccupntlon. Umber
11 uls, i. Inn mis In uiiply for ni nol.'.
Sinn lo i'ii!, linse Die following dcscrlb
id lund*: Commencing at o bofl blanled
10 chains snulh nf Inn imrth call cor
in i of T L 31251: Ibciin i nni (0 chnliis.
tbence norlb 10 chains, ilicnee wesl to
chains, Hu mc soulh 10 chains ilieme
rn*l 10 ibains. Ihence south 10 rhalnfi.
In Polnl of oommencriiient. containing
180 acres more or less.
tth January, Kit
ilisnce custerly ulong the norlb boundury nf Lol r.lii. 2010 feel more or loss.
In llm nmili-coal curner potti of Lol
510 llietice easterly along the norlli
l.ouudury nf ilm noiihmoal portion nt
I,ui illi;. alio teei moro or loss to Ibi
lu.nli -east corner iif said pnl'llo!! of Lu
010. :mi) feel more or less iu Hie nortb
casl curlier of suld purllon, tbonci
snulherl.t ulung tbe ensl biiundury ul
said nm ih-iunsL portion nt Lut SIC
30r.!i fid iiiun' or less, lo Ibo soolii
west em in i uf Lot 2025. Ihence cusleii..
ulung iin- ns.in buundnry uf the suulli
most portion of l.ul tiic. 2070 feel mor.'
nr less, lu ibe norlh-euat curner of sub!
i, ,u I li inns! |.ul Hull ot l.ul Clll, Ibence
southerly aluiie  the ens! boundury ol
I.ol  till. 2310 feel in ur less lu tin
snulli-eiisl eorner post or Lut 110.
Ibence westerly alnllg lbc south boll!!
ilul) itf Lul Hit. 3300 feel more or lea:'.
In lbe BIIUlll W'elsl collier pust uf Lot
lit. thence suuilmrly along th"
west liliiimlsry nf Lul1553. 2011) feel
more ur less tu lbe snolh-wcsi corner
uf Lol 553, tbence easterly along the
suuth btuindury uf l.ul 853. iiiai fn i
mure <>i less   tb lliewjinrlb-easl cunii
post  nfl.nl   27.'.,  Ibence snlll lie! ly alul'i:
lbe oust boundary uf Lul 273. u dis
lame uf 193110 reel. In Ilie nnrlh holli'
dary of thai purl nf sal.l l.ul 273 11
properly nf John Hendry, limine wes'
' ily alnng lbe linllll liiunlilal) nf II •
prupcrly nf lbe suld Hendry In lhe eii ■■
boundary uf I.ol 271. Ibence soulbcrl
alnng  Dm suld  casl   boundary uf I.' I
271     In   lhe   high   Wilier   llllli !l    111   lllll
mis! Intel: Ihence In Ihe Sulnc line
aoulherly «0U feet, and Ibence wesleri.
In a slralglil llm   tn llm pulm uf com
UlellceliU'lll. tlie said Inni uf land cm
prising llm fnlluwlng lolsHninely. to-,
271. 271. 27.1. except lhe portion iliec
.f I'llmigliig In John Hendry, llm ens'
mli portion of Lol 552. and Luis 517
518 519 550. 511. 515. 510 and CIO. ami
llm Mlsslnn Imllaii lleierve .ill slluui-
t'd lu Oroup one. New Westminster
Dlslrlcl. logolber wllh lbe fuieslin'
In finui. iiii llm nnrlh shore nf Uur
ninl Inlet as comprised wllhln th"
suld boundaries of llm Clly nf Nori'i
Vancouver: the said Iracl of laml bell"'
shown nn a niup w plan uf lhe sa! I
flic nf Norlli Voncuuver, dcnuslled I"
Hie' Land Ileglslr.t OHlec al (be Clly nl
fr) Appinxilllulely the number of In
I..illi.nils   Six   thousand    lO.OOOl
ih) The place of Ilie "roposed resi i
voir fnr slnilnu    Md: Luke
(II The inenns by which II Is propus
ed in store Hie water Nalora) slurui i
by use nf lulte ami On in
lu)    The  urea   of   lbe   reservoir  Bile
r  slles nl   C'llcb   f""l   In  depth  above
I    fun!    ubove    l.ll'l.'l II 2
. .111
.11 8
... 12!
. ... 12 C
...:13 I
...15 1
 If J
.10 I
...17 9
....111 I
...10 |
.50 3
. .208
,...} I
....28 1
Tufa) 803 i acre feel
Storage capacity 210.000.000 gals
Iv)   lluw II Is pruposcd lu ...,,ui,
tlm laml imccesury fur the purpose- -Ily
(w)   'Apptuxliniilely   Die  number  of
acre feel Intended lo be Impounded
8031 lite feet.
tx)    Whether It Is proposed lo low
r  the  wuler In any natural lake ur
i.i,i mi Inr,   body   or   waler  and   If  su
(I) The anticipated extent of the
lowering— Ve*.
It) The nii'inii' proposed lo be adopted lo lower mid refill By constructing a siiuill tunnel.
13)   Tin', nnlure   111   character  In
detail of the works proposed to b<r
constructed to provide for the dis
charge und penning bark of lbc wu
ler   ijiiisliuclliip of u dam.
»      •    c I
e solicit the business of Msnufscnm,
(ijnnd olhefs whorctlltc the sdtdsswl;
Ity of liiivlng Iliclr r.iitot business Iruiiiacftd
|,yK>pcils. miluilonrvadvltcfrn, Cu*rg(t
moderate, Ourlavcoler's AdvlscrKUl tiMO re-
iincsl. tlSilouiWsrloO, Vru'l, New V«k Ijfs
hi; MlKil.esl-SodWisMnclM VH.VtO.
..fjommmtt. .,.   -....   ^....m--. CITY COUNCIL
.nnnwwwwwwwwmmmm. &
31 and 18 md W In block 818, D. „
-946.   Eight ratupayers sought the opal).
Laat BlgH'il mtltP of the oity
couuoil, eve* whioh Anting Mayor Jfo-
Huo presided, WW tffiflharactB?t««d by
wy liusinoss nt outsthnding importance.
Hoyeral members of the caste which
will shortly present a problem play entitled 'iQm Frlllichiso" were seated in
the auditorium, but the coundl decided
thtt the production should await the
major's roturn from Ottawa.
The correspondence was less voluminous than usual.
The North Vancouver Olub obtained
permission,to contiuuo the moving of
their eluii house and approach oh* tho
shore of the city property ut tlio foot
of Ht. i.'en!pi':, avenue.
A lottor from forry secretary II. E.
Kemp .■■.■riiiv.l from the couucil a resolution to the offset that tbay would
co-operate with the forry hoard in Ihe
forwarding of a petition to Iho Min
ister of Marino ami Fisheries at Ottawa
with the object of pbtaining for the
hurhor maatur of this port a suitable
vessel and the necessary appliances
fur thu purposo of keeping Ibo harbor clean of Heating debris iu lhe wuy
of old piles, logs and beuvy drift wood
mid, if necessary, additional ullicers
lu 0.:.,ni. in tho work.
Tho secretary of the forry directorate
also requested Information as to what
progress had been made tuwards Iho
is.i.nuns r of a lease of the Lonsdale
avenue street end iu the nuiue of this
company. The tjuustion wus laid over
until the mayors return from tho casl.
Mr. .lumes Firth called uttuulion lu
the condition of the dump ul thu suuth
end of St. Duvid's rood, lhe said dump
being mude up of rubbish nf all kinds
likely to be injurious to health. The
inultl-r was referred to lhe health
Mr. i il. ','. .ilu i | nun reminded llm
council Ihul Ihere was no public eu
trance lu Mahon I'm I. on its north
west side, nurlli of 17th street, and
offered lol i in liloek V for 1600. He
i In.in in also that lie could secure for the
council lol ii adjoining for 16ml. The
Board of Works was invited to go into the proposition.
McDougall Jenkins, Engineers, Ud.,
eouiplained of being most seriously in
convciiieiicel by the closing of Ores-
' eut street by the contractors who are
excavating for the sewers. The firm
has in band at the moment contract
^amounting to $10,000 which have to be
completed under penalty in one month.
This involves lbc receipt daily of several load* of raw material and lhe firm
i.- now placed in a very serious pusi
lion Ihruiigh persons refusing lu al
tempi to drive a team iulu their works.
Tlie ipmsliun was left in the bauds of
llm Hoard of Works uml the engineer.
Mr. Usui's explaining lhat be under
siood the i ontrut'lors hud com* tu sonic
arrangements in the matter wilh McDougall Jenkins Ltd.
The secretary of the Nnrlh Vancouver idly blind wrole upun the topic,
nl the amount required in grant from
lh> clly. Their balance iu hand on
ilie 1st uf this month wus only Jilt,
shutting ilml Hie amount they had
b. cu drawing was slightly insufficient
lu defray expenses unit supply the nee
. -nrv equipment I o form smi main
i.i a ii guod band. ' The writer thought
H it tlun p.r month would bo an adc
i| .il. Mm. lor Hill!. The finance cum
n iite  will  consider tlm  mailer.
dr. T, .1, I'turson of lhe Wesl End
iii'iery 11,ij,plumed against the coudi
Inni of View slrect, describing il as
be ug practically iuipannubli The Hoard
ol Works will see wbal can be done.
\skew, Kennedy k I'o. asked for the
op. ning up of 2,'lrd slrect frnm Lons
dull' uvenue to Bidgeway avenue in
tn » of Ibeir intention Jn build on luls
ing up at Ilit itre»t liep Malum *wn
blocks weat to give access to tbeir
home*. Both requests wore referred tp
the.Board of Vfntkt.
AAA. Dick was surprised tbet there
wus no communication from the O. p.
P. with reference to the aubway on
the Vancouver side. He had noticed in
the papers that Mr. rulers, the usst.
vice-president of the O. P. K., had been
in Vancouver for the last two or three
days, and .(hat the subway question
was one of the reasons of hia visit. It
was strange that the council had heard
nothing from bim if that wub the
case, Vancouver' bad played quite a
secondary part in the matter. It was
Nortb Vancouver that had brought it
before tbe railway commissioners and
pushed It in overy way. Why wae
North Vancouvor being left outt Some
thing ought to he done about thia.
Aid. Irwin asked if the committeo
appointed in this connection could uot
get tho necessary information!
Aid. Dick contended that the mat
ter should have boen placed before
the council and not in the newspapers
Aid, Irwin suggested writing to Mr.
Peters expressing desire for an inter
view- «,
It was eventually settled that Hit
committee should take the matter up
and see what could be done
Tenders wero then considered for the
sinking of the sewer on 1st street be
twecn St. Patrick's and Bt. David'a
Four companies tendered, theso being
Leiliiighiim &- Cooper, $8,058; Kennedy
llros., $7590; Thompson k Stuart
$5489.60. and J. Shumm, $8,434. The
lender of Thompson and Stewart was
The parks committee reronimended
that lend, ra be called for the opening
up of Jones avenue to the military line
and that the equipment and poles of
the wireless station be removed on the
expiration of the contract. Aid. Fore
man stated lhat he understood the
contract had already lapsed
The water committee recommended
that the district municipality be bill
ed for $9 per house iu settlement for
water supplied to 176 houses in Lynn
Valley ami 40 houses in Tl. h. 66.1.
II was suggested that should tin
municipality fail to mail this bill the
water be shut off. Aid. Foreman quea
tinned whether the lowest rate should
be imposed under Ibe circumstances.
Aid. Irwin did nut consider the
charge loo low. II was certainly th
in in nn inn rale charged in the city. He
thought thut the city and district should
deal wit h one auotiier in a considerate
The rcpurt uf the finance committee
lu the .llii I that deeds should be obtained for all property expropriated by
tbe city or at present in the possession
of the rity, was adopted.
The fire and light committee recommended that tenders be called for the
supplying of a motor .chemical combination hose wagon lo Ihe local depart
ment. Thai tenders must be in the
builds of the city clerk by March ISth
II wus decided to mention in lhe noli
Hcation tu lenders the rough roads and
grades of the city
Aid. Irwin said the committee had
entertained tlm idea of ordering two
engines, but had decided to wail a little while before getting a second. Omul any rate should be procured before
the advent of the dry season,
Aid. Foreman, the chairman of the
Wasting Committee, merely had to re
port thai tbey had taken up the que*
lion of blasting with the chief of
police, who would see Ihul lhe blasting
bylaw was carried out
The question of a local bathing
beach was then introduced and briefly
touched upon.
Aid, Dick considered that it wai a
matter whioh shwld be tokm up »'
onoe U..they.int«aei.hMii»gJUl»tk
ing beaelf for the coming season.
Aid. Irwin thougbt it jiit going to
mean p considerable expense as dressing rooms end other conveniences would
havu tp bo supplied.
Aid. Foremen dirt not favor the proposition at all unless they could get
» ItMl.at the Ipeatjoe |n question.
The acting -major thought tho matter ahould ho taken up at any rate.
Bis Worship had also been deputed
by the forry board to inquire as to
the feasibility of getting tho cars
further down to the wharf. The
question was relegated to tho Hoard
of Work*.
The acting-mayor further inquired
as to fim advisability, pf Ruing a date
for the forthcoming juini meeting of
municipalities  ill  Nurth   Vancouver.
Aid. Irwin suggested that if there Is
time available after the disposal of tho
go* franchise at the special meeting
they might discuss tho mat tors to lie
brought before tho conference—matters
of joint inlerest to tho municipalities.
Mr. Clark of 18th and Williams, addressed the council in person on tho
necessity of access to hia house by
sidewalk. His-past troubles in this
ounection had culminated recently in
his family having fallen iuto a ditch
The council promised tho matter at
tention and referred the request to the
Board of Works.
Aid. Irwin sought information as to
the accuracy of the rumor that the
0. P. B. bad already done a mile of
grading on the north shore anil had
got part of their property fenced In
The acting mayor said ho had no
official information in this connection
Close to C. P. R. Route
We can offer for a few day* only, tome choice
lott at the price of $500 each, on termi of one
third caih and the balance in 6 and 12 monthi.
For further particular! ol the above and other buiinett and
residential properties tee
Phone 70
15 Lonsdale Ave.
P.O.Box 1816
Prices ire advancing rapidly in 265. We bive some exclusive
listings here, including two double corners. Prices md particulars on application.      "'
Don't Forget 204
Vhem 263 P. 0. Box 23M
Mtftrti lot London Assurance Co.
mmmmnmn .     s
We hive i good selection of Houses for Sale or Rent
Laat evening the local Epworth
Loaguo held a very successful sociul
evening. The entertainment took the
form of a Valentine party with games.
Refreshments were served at the close
of Ihe evening. There was a good al
Neil Monday evening, the 2lilh iust.
the League will gu uver tu tbe China**
Mission, taking the 7,80 ferry. Full
attendance ib requested.
Oue is always certain of a clean in
i in r.i mi! program of pictores at the
Hem. Last night the audience wit
ncssed a film of unusual pathos and
appeal. "The Mission Father" as an
incentive to self sacrifice is a complete
sernionctto in itself. A step frum Hie
sublime lo lhe ridiculuus then became
necessary and one was introduced lo
a screamingly funny bunch of people
who sought to pulverize the gambling
evil through the medium of two expert
sleuths. The sleuths ulouu ure worth
a visit to the (Jem! There are olher
jpibjects of equal merit, while for Wednesday and Thursday a rcmarkuhlo
reel entitled the It.nil.■ of Trufalgai
is promised. Certainly the Hem
is worth  while!
An Austrian kuown as "Mike" is
lying in the North Vancouver general
hospital suffering from severe injuries
to face and head frum the premature explosion of a fuse yesterday.
The mun was cnguged upon blasting
work opposite the Nortli Lonsdale
school. One eye wan particularly badly
injured. At the hands of Dr. Verner
and tbe nurses he is however making
satisfactory prugress.
Local and?erwnd
M>«i BWW OlMfc MitmilluHe
spending a few days with relatives in
Mr. A. h. Anders of 5t|i street returns today from N»na|niO after a short
iiiiuineiiii trjp.
Mr*. H. Fawcett, 448 Pnd street E.
will not receive op Thursday, I'M
Miss Gwendolyn Haworth of 6th
atreet waa the hostess of a pleasant
little Valentine party on Wednesday
evening when ah* entertainod a number
of her Vancouver friends.
The regular monthly meeting of the
locaj Board of Trado will take place
tomorrow night at the city ball. It
is anticipated tbat the primary topic
for discussion will be the 0, I>. II.'.-.
application and tho railway situation
ou the North Shore.
Thu St. Andrew's and Caledonian
Socioty will hold Its first business
meeting in tho K. of 1'. hall ou Thursday at 8 p.m. after which a social will
be held when the members and friends
are assured of an enjoyable evening.
The Lowlands and Highlands iu sung
and st ory will bo the subject of a lecture tu be given hy Kev. Ilonuld Mac-
leod iu St. Andrew's, Keith road, nexl
Thursday evening at eight o'clock.
Ilistinctive songs of the Lowlands ami
Highlands will be sung by local and
city talent. The proceeds of tbe lee
turc will go toward the purchasing of
a piano.
The St. Andrew's and Caledomttr)
Ladiea' Society intend holding a Leap
Year 'Inn,,' on Wednesday, Feb. 281b,
fur which Invitations have been sent
out notifying their many patrons that
they arc expectet] to appear iu cos
lume, fancy or evening dress. Hey
iinlds' 4 piece orchestra bas been eu
gHged for the occasion and with lbe
hiu .Inn. nl'. etc. under the munagc
ment uf the committee there is every
pruspect of an enjoyable time.
Cecil Morris, desiring tu obluiu the
best possible view of Hie surrounding
landscape, climbed the scaffolding
creeled aruuud a huuse situated bebiad
Ibe Japanese Tea Hardens. The view
was as fine as he had anticipated, bul
unhappily the stafFulding gave way
and Cecil only saved himself from u
nasty fall by clutching wilh both hands
at tbe nearest plunk. He hung in mid
uir fur a periud which seemed to him
like eternity but was really two min
utcs. A ladder uu- Ik,'" forthcoming
and the view seeker is none the worw
save for the Iwo aching arms ami an
otber Irue story to tell.
A very pleasant function was tele
bretcd al tho home of Mrs. Fro»l, Ks
sex street, North Lonsdale, on Friday
eteiiing in honor of the hostess' birth
day, by her many friends and wellwish
ers who ,dcspite the inclement weather,
turned out in goodly numbers liaue
ing, songs and games were lbc order uf
the evening's entertainment uud Were
indulged in right ruyally until well un
iu lhe morning.''Mr. A. Orahanic assisted by Piper .1. Firth, supplied Ibe
nlusieal part of the program. During
the evening Mrs. Frost was the rccip
ieut of many nice present* ufcouipuni
cd by lbc good wishes of the company
assembled, the boys of tbe Seymour
Lumber t'u. adding Ibeir quantum iu
token of her popularity amung Ihem,
and in appreciation uf her management
of the culinary department uf Hie
camp of which she is at present in
Unloading Sale
of Boots and Shoet at
The STORE with the RED SIGNS
'       ■»    "i   '       ■■■ aimmamnmnmammnnmmam
Mount Crowa Block    lit St, Eut    Opp. City Hall
We are Exclusive Age
in this Territory for
SMART'S     (0)     HAMMEBS    AND
Each of these lines are conceded to
be the standard of the ronntiy. Our
stock Is all bought from representative
muni. Some of these Hues we are
compelled to aak a little more for because tt costs money to manufacture a
high grade article.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
The Up-to-date Grocery
Mr. A. Arcand, llic Manager, will be pleased lo see all liis old
customers and alio to welcome many new ones, and assures llicm all lhal/
no i ilml will be spared upon bis pail lo please bis patrons.
The departure uf Miss slimline from
the teaching i.m uf the (Yulrul sellout
in generally regretted aiming colleagues
uml children alike. She is, however,
lu be married shortly. Expression* uf
regret ure seusitncd thcrcfurc with op
propriiWc guod wiilies in which ull who
know Miss slur-line will readily join.
FOB SALE- Lot 9, block 8, 1). L.
.15;!.   tm)   cash.   ♦ 1.000   3rd,   t,   li
months.     Hoi  Allu,  Kiprtss Offic*.
20 2
KOH BALK One lut of grocery
shelving ami counter iu Lynn Valley.
Nuw in store lately occupied by A. 11.
Fletcher, i nn be seen by apply iug lu
W. .1. Wilson, Assignee I.f.
FOB S^I.K Kite ruum bungalutv.
ull modem, '.> block frum Lonsdale
Avenue, Hfilin- HOU cash, balance tin
per month, including prinicpal and in
terest. Apply Harris Street Hrukcragc
IM Harris Street. 6 '1
Kill! BKNT ri..mn,i front bedroom
Mrs. Hoc, ljuceii slrect, near Lonsilale.
Hoi A3I), Ks press. IW 2
KOH BKNT - Kuruislic.1 1 roomed
biiu-..-. on double coruer, witb good
garden.   Apply HOU riicsterfelil Av*.
KOH BKNT Two Bungalows, one
furnished and on* unfurnished, H6M
per month, I HI, aud Huulctard. Apply
J. II. Kngllsh, O.K. (iroccry.
KOH Ill-INT- Cabin, rbcap. Mu*"t
bring furniture, Apply Ii2 Second
street, Nortb   Vaueouver. 2 2
KOH BENT- -f'oinforlablc rooms, Ire
land, foreman  block,   II  street  went.
BOOMS KOH BKNT-Housekeeping
218 ind Street t**l.
TO BKNT-< hone modern (ultes ou
3rd street. Apply Alei. Smith k Co.,
North Vancouver.     Bents IUM. If
!.• 1ST Two chcijucs, in favor of
I'. Burns and S, A. Squair. Belurn lo
Boi   A36. I.f.
LOST-At Flotcber's Grocery store.
Lynn Valley, eye gltues. Belurn lo
1. H. Kngllsh 'l atote. 20-2
LOST On Sunday afternoon at Cor
hit of Fell Avenue and 16th small male
Airedale terrier puppy, Fimter please
return to Oity Hall and receivo H te
I/)8T—Between end of <'*ptl»no
rar line and (,'tnyon View Hotel ou
Keith road between Mahon and Hen
dry Avenue*, Forty Doll*". Finder
will kindly leave at Johnson k Salsbury'* and get reward. 10-2
7 -
Tenders will be received by'lhe In
denigued up lu Kriday, March 1st.
1912, fur tbe supplying uf niuo suite
of uniforms and ultra pants for the
polite department of the I'ily of
Norlb Vancouver. Samples of cloth
must accompauy tender.
The lowest or uny tender not necci
sarily accepted.
»7S Chief of I'olice.
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the I'ily I'lerk of Ihe i ity of North
Vancouver op to 12 o'clock noon ou
Monday, lhe tth day of March, l!H2,
for supplying rruahod rock lo the Oity
of North Vancouver, according Io spo •'
■ iin in nn," prepared by the lily Ko .
gineer. '
Forms of lander and specifications
may be obtained from lbc rity Kngin-
eer's Olhn, and all Uuder* must bu
made on said forms.
The »uecc»*ful tenderer will bo re
ipiircd lu enler into • contract with
lhe I'ily of Norlh Vancuuter for the
faithful parrying oul uf said wurk.
. The contractor will be required lo
furnish a bond for 21 per cent, of lin'
value of the tender.
A . .lliin I cheque for fi per cent, of
Iho amount of the tender musl ari'join
|.uny laeb and every tender. '  i
The lowest or any tender uot nci#-,
sarily accepted.
i IK'Hit IK S. HAM'S.
'ily Kngipeer.
Oity Engineer*' Office,
Norlh Vancouver,
February 20, 1912, 28 8
you desire to sell your business or property of any kind call or write us,
we have clients for closein acreage
for subdivision. Wc ran get result*.
Jfcllwalno k llelbat, 9 Inne* Building,
<07 H»»tinga St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Frank Poebnl, General Contractor/
27lh street between St. Oeorge )nd
St. Andrew'* Ave., I*nd clearing, grad
iug, cxr»v»ting. Foundations, content
work a specialty All work guuran
terd. Estimate* furnished frco. Oivc
me a call. P. f). Box 2386, Norlb Vancouver, B. C. ,    JU 3


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