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 U    VOWJUfl 18
WORTH VAHOOWVW, B. 0., T9WIT, O0?P*W i, till
/ Tbe annual meoling nf tbo Nortb
Vancouver Board of Trade wae bold
iu tbe city ball on Wednosday night
Mr. Aleunder Philip occupying tbe
ijjllr.   Tbore was a goodly assemblage
r pi^ntembers.
i Jbe minutes of tbe last meeting having been duly approved, the secrotary
Mr. Donaldson, road bis report in
which mention was made of tbo unsatisfactory attendance of members at ordinary meetiugs.   Mr. Ilonaldson urg-
' ed tbat at tbo Board of Trado dealt
very largely witb matters of tbo public welfare sucb apathy should uot bo
.'•Iniwii liy iiii'inlieiii. There bad been,
during the year a membership of 103
•' and the average attendanco at ordinary meetings had boon nine.
Tbe chairman also hoped that a
much deopor intercut would bo taken
in tbe work of the board.
t Tbe treasurer, Mr. Ii. A. Shaw, reported for tbo half year a balanco of
U9.H on band. Uo thought that the
outstanding accounts ninountod to
(385 wat ai deplorable as the apathy of
,    members.
Three uew members wero ourolled iu
tbe persons of Messrs. Chapmau, Huni
ey and White.
Mr. 0. il. Heaven, chairman of tho
Commerce and Industries couiinittco,
roported among other items lhat there
bail not been a single failure in any
industry in North Vancouver during
the past year. That, he submittesl, was
a protty good record for a youug city.
r Mr. T. S. Nye, chairman of tbe
Transportation Committee, stated tbat
tbe cheaper fares on tbe city forries
seemed to bavo bceu i step which had
brought a large increase of traffic tbeir
way. Tbat increaso would warrant an
enlargement  of  tbeir service   boforo
i next summer. Mention was also mado
in connection witb tbe city can of
the frequency witb wbicb the power
bad been breaking down rcceutly. The
Transportation Committee bad lent a
rccommendatiou to Ibo couucil tbat a
•team plant iboi'.ld be established here
and  kopt  in  reserve.
Aid. Henderson, at chairman of tbe
i'ublie liiiprow'iii.'iiis Committee, asjd
lhat several important quettioui btd
come undor tbeir notice during tho put
year, but tbey bad found Hint must of
' the idoali embodied bail been u yet
unattainable, lb was io far useless to
carry further, fo; instance, tbe scheme
for tbe boautillcution of tbe city by
trctpltnting Tbey liul devoted very
conildorablc tttontion to tbo tubject
of the harbor improvement! and tboir
letivitics in tbit respect had culminated in the formation of a joint commit-
too from tbe cily municipality and tbe
Board of Trade
' With refcronco to the work of tbe
Publicity and Information Committee,
Mr. A. (I. Perry made special mention
of tbe establishment of a free labor
bureau so oarly in the history of Nortb
Vancouvor. From tbrco to four bun-
drod persons bad obtained work ul
ready through tho agency of tbis institution.
Hr. F. T. Salsbury, chairman of the
Fiuanco Committee, advocated tbp te
posl office and tbe utilization of two
windows instead of une for general delivery purpoiei. He also recommended
tbat Nortb Vancouver should make
every possible endeavor to secure tbe
convention of tbo Arctic Brotherhood
for 181!
Coun. Bridgman, having tpoken at
chairman of the Legislation  Committee, and Mr. ). V, O'C. Wood having
reported on the work of the member
In and grievance committee, Mr. 0.
Jfonlcn as chairman of tbo Boccp
fnd Eulerlaininciil Committee, in
I that tbe visitors during the
ir bad been satisfactorily re
id eiileriiiined but bow much
slue to bis ciiiniiiitle be could
lirman of tbo Education, Ag
lure and  Mining Committee,  Mr.
W. Sargent, wat absent through' in
At tbit juncture Mayor McNeish
made an annouiuemenKiIfhhe elect
that tbo rolebratcd consulting engineer,
Sir John Wolfe Barry, bad tbat af
ternoon been chosen by tbe directors of
tbo Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Jjrblgc
Company to act at consulting engineer
in tbe construction of the Second Narrow! Bridge. Tbo announcement wai
reveived witb Joud applause.
Tbe preiident of tbe Board, Mr.
Philip, submitted hia annual report,
which was at follows:
J have pleasure in reporting ibat wo
have an elective membership of Wi
../and tbat I expect an ever increasing
interest in your work. You can certainly belt assure tbis by a vigorous
snd sggresiive   polle,y—working   to
ward tho general advancement of tbe
North Shore.
Interest never lags regarding tbe
Second Narrows project. After tbe arrangements were made with tbe Vancouver, New Westminster t Yukon
Railway Company wo looked for moro
rapid progress, but iu a largo undertaking like tbit where many bave to
bo parties and many interests are com
corned, it it no easy matter to move
witb rapidity. Progreu it being ipade
and we mutt not grumble if the work
is hastening slowly. Tbe Yukon Company bave been arrtnged witb on satisfactory termi; thejr bridge lite bat
boen tested and will tuit; tbe city of
Vancouver bat llgned up /or itt ttock;
tbe city of North Vtnouyer will toon
be able, witb tbe assent of tbe government, to subscribe for theirs; and
the diitrict of Nortb Vancouver bave
paid up a large turn in cash toward
thoir shares; Iho province approves of
the arrangements made and tbeir grant
is assured; and tbe Premier elect has
given assurance that tbo Dominion
government will do iti part loyally.
I understand tbat the services of a
vory eminent consulting engineer havt
beon retained and tbat instructions
have beon given for tbe early call of
lenders. Tbeie facts bave been tbo result of vory diligent work by tbe man
agement of tbo B. J. T. k B. Co., and
we owe tbem a debt of gratitudt.
Your executive took a deep lntereit
iu Ibe matter of tbe subway crowing
of tbo C. P. B. from tbe forry landing
into Vancouver, and helped in no
small measure to obtain tbe order given
by the board of railway commissioners. Tbat order will enable us to get
a passable subway ten fett wide from
Aleunder street through to tbe firry
tpproacb which can bt used at all
timet tnd tbe ferry board will only
pay 10 per cent, of tbe cost of tbe
work. Undoubtedly tbis subway will
prove a great boon to all our terry pas
scngort and save tbe possibility of fatal accidents at tbe crossing.
Tbo inadequacy of tbe post office
service wu a standing grievtnee tnd
your executive by petition and by per
•onal interview! at Ottawa, wero able
to help to bring about tbe opening
of our new pott office witb iti good
equipment. We sincerely hope thtt
ere long tbo staff of workeri will be
increased to enable tbem to distribute
tbe mail more expeditiously.
Wc bavo striven, but u yet without
succets, to got s Dominion Express
tgont appointed bert, but difficulty lias
triieo between tbe Express Company,
and tbe Ferry IJotr.J and tbe arrangement hu not yet been completed Tbis
matter should still be pressed to in
issue, u tbo need for tucb an tgoncy
is great.
By your kind appointment, I wu on
a Joint Civic Committee t> investigate
conditions at tbe hospital and to ad-
vise u to tbe futuro count. On tbe
reeoromondation of that corattittie, tbe
city tnd diitritt. councils havt resolved
lo tid tbe owneri of the preient hospital for t tine, and to take time to
consider Vgp btit term of permanent
secure (be necoisary papers and prepare »om-
. Ut. Arnold replied to tbe effect that
a petition /or divorce bad been died
but no divorce bad been granted.
Alma llaftery tcttiiic.1 to ber marriage witb tbe accused on Nov. 6tb,
1006, at Bollingbam, Wash. She identified tbe signatures on tbe marriage
certificate wbicb was at tbii point pro
ilueed Sbt further stated that tbt
bsd ntver been granted s divorce Sbo
bsd applied at San Francisco but tbo
divorce would not be granted until
February next. Since ber application
•be bad bad conversation witb tbe accused in April in the course of which
be bsd tsked btr whether the bad secured a divorco. She bad replied in
tbe negative and bad added "So tbat
neither of us csn marry within a
year," Witness declared tbst tbe defendant bad nevor obtaned a divorce
from ber. Sbo had bad one child—a
girl wbo wu fodr years old.
Proof of tho secoud marriage was
given iu tbo evidence of tbe Bev. W.
C, Scblicter of tbe Nortb Vancouver
Methodist church. Mr. Scblicter said
be performed the marriage ceremony
between tbe accused and liazel Fern
Lowe on September 23r.|, 1011 at his
residence, the parsonage on llth street.
The marriage, wbicb wu performed
under tbt laws required by tba church
wu witneued by Mrs. Scblicter and
Henry Acre. The marriage license and
certificate were here produced ami
identified,     '
Accused's solicitor agaiu asked for
au adjournment of two weeks hut Magistrate Kealy intimated that that
length of adjournment was more than
he bad power to grant. Tbo most bo
could do would be to adjourn the case
for a week. This course wu accordingly adopted.
uring the fnrthfrTSi^liiirn in tbt | aymtjlgnmnttl to be made.   A much
larger hospital ii becoming an urgent
ueeessiiy ami the councils next year
will bave to solve tbe problem.
Atttntion wu called to tbe importance of having a good bathing beach
on tbe North Shore somewhere, and a
committee wu appointed to investigate tbe matter. That committee will
report a proportion tbis evening /or
your coneideration. It is unfortunate
tbat action wu not taken st an earlier
stage to have tucb a beach sot apart
sud it does icem mott detirable tbat
effective steps be now taken
Tbe splendid addrett delivered to
ut by tbe preiident of tbe Vsncouver
Board of Trade regarding the Peace
Hiver Bailway scheme ft to fftth   Ip
(OonUausd oa fags Five.)
A rue of alleged bigamy eajae ap
for bearing at tbe cjty bail yesterday
morning before Magittrate Kealy Tkt
accused, Oliver H. Baftery, wu charged witb having unlawfully gone
through a form of marriage witb Has-
el fern Lowe, bis first wife, Alms
Baftery, net Jack, being still slivs
Mr. C. Arnold appeared for tbe pro-
tecutJon and Mr. 1. E. Bird represented the dofence. Accused pleaded not
guilty. I
At tbe outtst tke defendant'! soli-
cJtor stated tbst si a divorce hsd beta
granted to bit client's wife at San
Franclico it was detirable tbat tbt cue
bt adjourned /or two "soke in order
to give the defenct an opportunity to
Tbe regular meeting ot tbe diitrict
council wu held lut night, Becvo Mc
Naugbe presiding. At tbe outset Aid.
Dick, chairman of tbe city waterworks
committee, waited upou tbe council
ami gave notification tbat tbo city
council bad received information from
tbe city engineer tbat out of eighteen
water meters in Lynn Valley district,
twelve woro out of order. Aid. Dick
warned the council tbat if steps were
not immediately taken to repair them,
tbe water would be cut off. So far as
the settlement for tbo water that bad
gone through unrecorded was concern,
ed, Aid. Dick said that tbo cily council were willing to take tbe present wa
ter consumption as a basis ou which
to arrange that settlement. There
wu no question at all as to the right
of bis council to bave the water regis
Coun. Allan intimated tbat tbis mat
ter had been discussed two months ago
and it bad been left in tbo bauds of the
chairman of tbe waterworki commit
tee to see tbat tbe meters wero repaired.
Coun. Ijtwsou admitted tbat tbis had
not been done.
Coon. Bridgman moved tbat tbe me-
ten be repaired immediately and tbat
tbe lettlemeut of tbe water hill be loft
to tbe waterworks committee.
Aid. Dick urged thai tbore should be
no further delay in tbe matter at tho
present couucil wished to turn ovor
tbe meters to tbe incoming council in
proper working order.
Coun. Allan suggested tbat bo be
supplied witb all data in connection
wltb tbe matter and tbat bo meet Aid.
Dick on Sunday for tbe purpose of arriving at some lettlement wbicb be
would report to tbe council on tbo following Tbusdsy.
Ultimately, however, Coun. Bridgman 's motion u above was seconded
and approved by the council.
Tbe clerk tben proceeded to deal
witb tbe correspondence.
A letter wu read in reply to one
front tbe council from tbe lorsl manager o/ tbt B. C Electric Bailway Co.,
stating tbat the matter of extending
tke Lonsdale car line bad been taken
up by tb* management but tbat tbe
company mptt not prepared to proceed
Witb the conitruction of the extension
requested at tbe preient time. Tbo
company would be glad to consider
carefully tbe council's request u soon
U tbe difficulty regarding tbe Lynn
Valley lands bad bees satisfactorily
adjusted, Tbis letter wss reforrcd to
tke consideration of thp joint committee on B. C Electric matters.
Burni k Walkom, solicitor!, wrote io
regard to tbe position of council wilb
roference to Mr. Hy. It itemed to
then tbat if tbt building wu capable
of being occupied and the council wilb-
ed to occupy «ame tbat tbey might go
la ond>r protest, taking definite .evidence at tin met coalition tt  tin
Noted English Engineer to Design Second
Narrows Bridge; Enters Upon Duties at
Once—Work to Be Pushed to Completion.'
FOB SALE-Firit growth dry wood
Ipr HM per oord, 4 tt. 0. IteDade.
Pbone 83 t.f.
At a meeting of the Board of Diroc
tors of Burrard Inlet Tunnel k Bridge
Company bold on Wednesday of this
woek Sir John Wolfe-Barry, K.C.B.,
I'.R.ti., V.D., of London, England, wu
appointed consulting engiueer In con
nection with Second ..Narrows Bridge,
in which undertaking tbere will be
sni'inii'il with him tbe local firm pf
Cleveland and Cameron, Civil Bngiu
Sir John Wolfe-Barry will bring to
tbo commission to wbicb bt bu beun
appointed, tbe practical knowledge
ami ripened cxporience of practically
fifty years' practice in bis profession
during which time be has been asso
dated with many undertakings of tho
greatest magnitude from an engiueer
ing standpoint. He bat attained to
tbe highest emiueuce in engineering
circles both from the practical viewpoint aud as au author and ii considered one of the leading British authorities upon engineering matter).
Sir John Wolfe-Barry was boru in
London on December 7, 1836, and it
tbe youngest son of Sir Charles Barry,
R.A. Ho was educated at Triuity Col
logo, Olonalmond, and King's College,
Loudon, lie was created a Ii.i:.11. iu
I mil. He was a member of the Souato
of tho University of London and Gov-
ornor of the Imperial College of Science ami Technology. Uo represented
Qreat Britain ou tho International
Technical Commission for tbe Suet
Among tho companies for which he
is consulting engineer are tho follow-
ing: The London, Chatham k Dover
Railway Company; Lanarkshire k Ayrshire and Barry Bailway Companies;
the Bengal Napur Bailway Company;
the Kowloon Bailway for tht tlo\ eminent of Hong Kong, and tbe Sbang-
bal k Nankin and other Cbintst rail
wayi. Tbe firm I alto coniultiug en
gueon to tbe Bombay Fort Trust and
u well as being tbe engineers to tbe
Barry railway, South Wales, were tbe
designers of tbe Barry docks, tbe entrance lock boing the deepest sea lock
yet built
He wu a member of tbe Iriib I'ub
lie Works Couiraisslous, 1869-90; Boy-
al Commissioner ou sccidenti to railway servant!, 1899-1900;. on tbe Port
pf London, lBOil llllli!; ami on London
Traffic, 1903-05; ai well as sorviug in
tbe same capacity ou many other bod
ios, and was a member of tbo court
of Arbitration undor tbe Metropolitan
Water Act, 1903. He is also chairman
of the British Engineering Standards
Among tho works whicii he has pub-
liibed aro tho following; Bailway Appliances, 1874-92; Lectures un Railways ami Locomotivee, 188J; Tbo Tower liii.i]"- 1894.
Hi' wu engiueer in the construction
ul iin- famous Tower Bridge, London,
of tbe Blaekfriars railway arched
bridge, of Council Ferry liridgo across
the Narrows at ontrauco to Loch Ht-
live, Argyll, Scotland,'the bridge with
tho largest ipan next to the Forth
bridge in Qreat Britain, the Kew
bridgo across the Thames, near the
famous Kew Qardens, Lou.loii. Among
other structures oftbe kiml way be
mentioned t|ie uew Exo bridge across
tbe river Exo at Exeter, England,
three-hinged slcel arch with the least
rlso to span in the United Kingdom,
and of many othor structures
in different parts of tbe world wbicb
sre considered enginooriug feats.
Juasmucb u the director! of Burrird
Inlet Tunnel k Bridge Company cou
aider time u of tbe greatest import
suce with respect to tbe project st tbe
preient juncture and knowing the
very many clamo which uo laid upou
tbe services of a famous consulting en
glnscr mcb u Sir John Wolfe-Barry,
tbe appointment wu made contingent
upon bit being iu a position to leave
England immediately and to assume
bi| dutioi here, at tbe earliest possible
date of arrival aud a cable was dis
patched iu pursuance of tbat resole-
At tbo same meeting of the Board of
Directors an application for shares was
received from the city council of Vun
ouver, acumpanied by a cbcijue ns ini
tial payment tbcrnon. The application
wu accepted ami Vaueouver is now
fully identified witb the Couipouy
FOB SALE- Fresh milk from local
herd of oowi. Eight quarts for tl, delivered.. Eut Eud Dairy, Express Office. ' HO
FOB SALE-Slngor Sewing Machine in good condition. Apply Express Office, Box 98. 6-10
FOB SAf,E - A bargain. Oasb or
torros. Two col Ingot on 30tb streot.
Very desirable locution, five minutes
Irom Ijopidsle school, throe minutes
Irom car line. Beady (or occupanoy
about Octobor 1st. Apply ll. W
Eaton, North Vancouvor Coal It Supply Co.    l'bono 178. t.l.
Bright Rooms, double or single, with
board.   i'i.'i.'I Lonsdalo Avenue.        109
BOOMS FOB RENT-Houtekeeping.
318 3ud street cast. 27-10
FOB RENT Three furnished housekeeping roomt ou first fioor, 331 woit
3rd streot. 8-10
building. Tbe present defects, u poiut
cd out to tbe council, could be reuio
died. It wu resolved to occupy tbo
buildiug ss soon u possible.
A number of property owners iu I).
Ij. 787 petitioned tho council to causo
Sutherland avenue to be continued
from its present termination to St.
James street and a road from tbence
one block west aod a road from the
latter point uortb of Essex street. Tbe
petition was referred to tbe Board of
Works for consideration.
Coun. Allan tben moved tbat Mr.
Smith, superintendent of works be notified tbat owing lo tbe change being
made iu tbo staff bit service! would
bo no longer required.. Tbii motion
was seconded and carried.
Tbe council also resolved tbat afler
the iT'ib of October it would bold its
statutory meetings ovcry two weeks
thereafter on Thursdays it 7.30 o'clock
of that at which tbey are appraised
at the present time. The city bought
tbem at the very moderate prices
wbicb prevailed at tbe time of tbeir
purchase and eujoy the benefit of
there increased value. Doubtless Ircre
wore individuals among Ihe ratepayers
wbo wore of opinion when tbo bylaws
were submitted lhat the price wbicb
the city was asked to pay was loo high
and who voted accordingly. In view
of subsequent developments, it It quite
ovidout tbtt tho investment was a
wise  ono, from  the  financial  stand
point, even if the objectors  were right
iu tbeir opinion. But wbat ii even
mure important than tbe incrcuod val
uo of these properties it that tho eity
of Vancouver now finds itself iu possession of those spleudidly situated
open spaces which t(o invaluable and
whose worth in tbis respect will continue in increase u the city grows
Woro tho city of Vancouver to undertake to procure opeu spaces such as
the I'niiibie street park, tbe English
Bay park or the 1'owcll street park to
FOB BENT-Furnisbed suite, modern, private. Apply 837—Ith itreet
eut. 109
TO BENT-Futniibed rooms, board
optional, or light housekeeping, suito
4, Boscohel, 8th and Chestorficld.    9-9
FOB KENT—Seven roomed house,
furnace, fully modem, garden. Eighth
street, good view. Apply Colonial
Apartment House, 8th street eut. It
l'rivato room ami hoard /or yiung
mon $6.30 per week. Apply Mn.
Knight, 7th street near St. Daviu't.
FOB BENT - Fivo room bou» on
N. VV. corner of lit and Chnt/xield.
Bent *2U per month.    Canadian Financier!, Ltd., Bank ol Hamilton Bldg.
TO HKNT-ln Orosvenor Uilgc
suites of live rooms, consisting of two
bedrooms, oue Itrgo living room, kit-
eheii, btth room tnd pantry (jutt completed)   tllO   twii ruollieil   ruling..,   fur-
1.1-In-1   Apply A. L. Bontld, 3l4-6tb
street  West. If
WANTED- Sewing of all kiudi.
Children's underwear and dressct a
specialty. Mrs. Bowes, Boicobel, 8lb
and Chesterfield. 6-10
lu view of tbe propoied purcbue of|,l»l'> " woulli u0 '"""A impossible lo
Mr. Diploek't property o/ t% acres, ■'« *»'•  T»» oxperienco o/ Vsncouver
goes to show tbat Nortb Vancouver
would be wise to get pouesiion, si /sr
si possible of these remaining acreage
tracts lying close in during these early
days when vslues aro within reach
Snd when conditions have not arisen
Wbleb forever shut out the possibility
of procuring these properties.
a bylaw for wbicb goes to tbe people
tomorrow, tbe following item taken
from the editorial columns of a Vancouver paper a few weeks ago will be
of interest to local ratepayers Tbe
article bore the caption "Some City
Investments" and road u follows;
"It pays pretty well for tbo city
to acquire and set uide ground for
parks and squares. Following wutbe
official valuation of tbese properties
reported lut year:
Powell Street Park    IIMM0
Harris Street Park  KJtOO
Camble Street Park   200,000
Fairview Park    itfiOf
South  Pith    HMO
Knglitb Bay Park     246,000
Kitiilano Park    74,000
Mt. Pleasant Park    20,000
(Jrundview Park  26,600
It is alto a good plan to look out
oarly for ichool lites, u last year's
valuation of bind set aside within tbe
city limits tor school purpoiei wss
over a million dollars, wbicb u ""»*'
thing more than tkt value of tbo building! occupying those sites."
At tke tine tt wbicb tbo several
properties enumerated above were at-
<ju1m<|, tbeir v»|ue wm only » fraction
A meoling of tbe local Conservative
Association together witb sll support
er} Vi" he bold in Ijirson's pavilion on
tin evening of tbo J2th inst. for. ihe
purpose of meeting Mr. H. H. Stevens,
MP. elect for Vancouver, wbo will address the mooting.
Eiprm Qawifaj Adi.
FQB SALE—One block /rom Lons
dsle ear line, »360 cub, bslsnce over
18 months Palmer k Mcllwsine, 36
>.onidale Ave.  Pbone lit). fj
m 8kl*-4i foot ty clewed;,
g«d«d, splendid view, second Work
htm I^mdsie car line, #150 cub, balanco over W motto- P»lflwr * Moll-
mifm, .8,6 Uulll* Iff.   Phope IWit
A young English lady wishes engage
ment ss light household hoip or dsily
governess to child; excellent re/erouces
Miss Couington, Qenoral Delivery,
North  Vaueouver. 6-10
WANTED We havo money to in-
veit in close in North Vancouver property. If you wish to sell call and
give us your listings. Palmer k Mc-
llwaiuo, 86 l<ousdalo Ave. Pbone 110.
WANTED-Drotsmsking. Thoroughly experienced iu good clsss work.
Lsdies' suits s apeclslty. Mines Bae,
Suite 8, Keith block, eorner First
street. 1010
WANTF.fi - Wo handle business
cbsncei, real estate, iuurance, loans,
purchase agreement! of sale. If you
wsnt to sell your bouse or your business ctll tud give ut particular!. We
can get resulls. Buiineit It good.
Palmer k Mcllwsine, 36 Lounlalo Ave.
Pbone UD. 29 10
• -nr
J. Loutet and North Lonadalt
Get it at tonidalt Pbarmaoy Phone V
Wt dots Sundays. Pboss 334. .).
H. English, 0. K. Grocery, 11 Lons-
dais Avenut.
MONEY TO WAN On approved pro
party. Agroomentt of tale purchnied.
C. 9. Hickman, 639 Untitle.     M-10
Tbe City Dyo Worki ku established a branch cor. Eipianade E. pal
Lonidale. First class work at moderate rates, cleaning, dyeing, pressing
snd repairing.
WALLACE* SCOTT - Horss-btors
aad General Blsckimilhi, iti I uot
and Lonidale. BoraethosJag a ape-
dally. ill
% O. livery Mf fsofWK tfotdep -
toy hire.    Stabling (or horses.    0«n-
matdmlfvety mm**? toimdng.  Ig.
Omni, mim*m*'   mm 9*1
TheBank of British North America
Capital Paid Up, $4,866,666. Reserve Fund, $2,652,333
■■■ll.. in    ■   ■  mi .11   '        '" ' '
2 Offices in Norlh Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received.
Interest allowed at current rates.
Banker's Money Orders iwued.
e      r
Pioneer Confectionery
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
Dtlivery to all parts of  tbs city.
spe, in! attention given all orders from pstront.
Pioneer Confectionery LI
Ihe electric poffes per-
the dike on wlii.'li Hie
eieelrie current will do
your rooking!        .
the   immersion   heater
for hulling wilier ipiiek-
Kleetric Iron, the iudii-
| i n.-lilili- i ullM'lllelire  fur
ironing day I
Bl   Stovo,   tht   Handy
Electric Heating Diic.
Drop in at our office al 50 LONSDALE AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by tlie use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   Light   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
CABINET WORK OF ALL KINDS    :■•    :■■    ■•:
Why? Because we employ men who are experts in the
line and consequently by their wide experience in different
parts of this continent are better prepared to give our customers the best that ran be made in any kind of woodwork.
If you phone 222 or drop a card to P. 0. Box 1719 our
agent will call on you and cheerfully estimate your requirements. We also do bandsawing and any kind of machine
l.'-ine Vanrouver Hln a.m. and
I hereafter every 20 miniilct uutil
7.WI p.m. ('iimnimring 1.19) p.m.
every IV) minutes until 11.30 p.m.
-Ilielealler Vl.lt ami  1.00 a.m.
l,eavi Norib Vancouvtr 6.00 t.m.
and thereafter every 'JU minutei until 7.00 p.m. ('onimnciag 7.30 p.
m. every 30 minutei until 11.00 p.
m. Iherealter ll.lt and 1.1.46 a.m.
Leuve   Vancouver  7.10,   8.30 ninl
'IM Iherealter itmi at weekdays.
Ijtavt North Vancouvtr 7.30, 8.00
tad ,1.411, iherealter iame at wtek-
Mingle lira lie, « lor 2tc, 30 lor fl, 10 lur 13.
A-linmlier  Wngom,   Irncti   and
druy», 7fic ralurn.
H-'l bntie  expreet oarriaget and
hneki, Mo return.
I!-I bone   etprtti   buKgiot   and
milim,   _i.-   l.tlilfl.
vkiiih.k batkh
All tbt abovi relet include d.iv
er. Hates A and II tulijtrl lo 30
I»i cent, dismount ia lots ol (0.
Kid'HillT  IAIIIl'F
I'tr 100 Ibi. rttt, ts.
Minimum   lute,  lOo.
Time-laMi tubject to ebanoe without notict.
Company not liable lor dalayi, accidental or olbtrwitt.
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehous* accomodation, wo are now in a position to
carry a larger and moro compict*
ttock of then goods ud to Mpyif
our customers at Vancouvor pricos.
Ail Ordert Delivarad Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
IK EipUwU Eait    •     ■    Pko«« 4
Prom Liverpool
W%M       ^wlW>IIMv
^»WS>il*S»*lsuijHa       +tMaJwWnmtntin       ffj       w
long Journey.
(By "IAN HIU.")
"Und ahoyl"
Very fow of ns, »t doubt, know the
exact meaning of "ahoy" but it seemed to be the appropriate expression at
tbe moment of sighting Hauada. All
the sblp't passengers had now assembled on iliiek nmi were staring eagerly
ahead. A tiuy indollnilo streak of
gray bate was nil thst was visible of
Oanada, but it was Csnada nevertheless
and as such was of tremendous interest
to everyone. 'Five dsye ago, tbe faint
lilbouutte of Liverpool the spectral
outline of tbe tower nf Blackpool bad
vanltbed behind a bank, of rain mint.
Since then there had been nothing, nothing, nothing hut the open tea; nevor
two hours alike, it is true, sometimes
playful, sometimes sulky, gometiinee
threatening, somutjmea childlike iu
placidity—but alwaya far-reaching on
every aide, immense, all powerful, in
letcrlbalile. And now the omnipotence
of the sen seemed te ho suddenly im
pugiiod by the presence of that alired
of land in the lu distance. Thuuka
to the perfection of communicative facilities, we were now iu touch with civ-
ili/ulion. A aignal of distress and the
iiiiknwni people on that scarcely visible wisp of Canada would know of
our straits and would hasten to help
us. It waa almost delicious tu tliiuk
thst in all probability teleecop.es were
at work on those vague aborts, that we
weru now being excitedly focuaaed,
our maaaive proper!iona appearing aa a
speek ou the horuon to thoae unaeeu
I have seen in old country weeklies
exaggerated drawiuga of the "First
Ulimpse of Canada," usually published in the iutereata of
ly puhliabed in the interests uf inland liuioui insideua aro depietesl
alaiiding in strained dramatic attitudea
peering ahead aa if it were a ghost
Ihey saw rather than the Canadian
seaboard. One or two have covered
their faces with rough hamla, uot dur
iug to look upon the land uf hope.
Vainly did I glance towards thu stern
of the ship for a ipectaclo uf tbia dee-
riptiun. There waa certainly excite
ment in the hoarts uf thuae emigrants,
they assuredly stood open-mouthed hut
Ihere wu nothing to juatify my -unknown friend, the artial, whose drawing might have moru fcaaihly lepra-
seuteil the acene at the pit-bead afler
a great eiploaiou.
In Ihe meaiiliino that diataut thread
nf earth had awollen au coiiaideralily
tbat it now lay along tbe horizon like
a lilmy length of rope A suuaslron of
seagulle suddenly appeared from nowhere and folluwcd in Ihe wake uf Ihu
sin a like an escort, dipping tnd icreeeh
iug ifcesaantly Then t further diver-
aiou oecurresl. Someone on the port
•isle of the boat sighted a whale—ur
lu speak more accurately, the peculiar
expectoration of a while innuincrthle
pair., of eyea followed the direction of
Ihtl oue forefinger, tnd after the lapse
uf t few moments I thin .-I r. urn uf wu
lor rote perpendicularly from the spot
iiidirllcil, eiecutesl t heaullful curve
and dieappcarcil. Aa we My out here
"tbere waa nothing more lu It." .We
hid ill seen heller displays uf tho
kind in the alreeli tl home when work
mm were mending the maiiia. But here
don't you lee, there was Ihe exciting
certainly Ibal when wc located the
wtlertpoul, we alao limited the ex-
act fraction of Ihe tea around ua,
whereuuder twain tint terrible men
aler, the whale, out (lick of whose Itii
ll siillicieiil to ctpairc in ordinary
rowing boat. But, like the icebergs,
tbt apoulinga grew monotonous ami we
returned to our former post and ascer
taiiisd tu what extent Canada bad
Tbt tlrtteh of rout wu now a
thing of deAnitcneii. I'liilultlions were
vliible, puii he uf fume, even one or
two mull houssi. Ai we ploughed
■ loser two pigmy tgurei were dhrern
able, k IHtlS further awty t light
hoiise. Then ijultt •uddenly tnd (it
elmoit •eemed) ihlrtrulouily, Iht tun
hunt forth fur t few minutes before
retreating again behind t bank of
cloud. I'nder the temporary glare the
coast btrame patched with green, tbt
shadows deepened heaidt the hedge-
rowt, tbt glass In Iht lit*la- lighthouse
twinkled ut a merry welcome. Ont of
Ihe tiny figures wu doing •omclhing.
Wu it waving a bat, a nandkircbieff
A man staniliug beside an win owned
such aplendid binoculars that bt never
Imt   tlieiil   to   Bsiy.il.i-,   de. land   it   wis.
wtvitg a stick with 1 handkerchief
tied to it We ill returntd tbt salutation, but the pigmy figure would be
none the wiser, fur we Wert in tbt
•btduwi of tbe skip whllt ht (or tbt)
wu in Ibt lutlight Many thanks, lit
tls pigmy whoevir you trt, for your
welcome, tbe first uf many, to nt in
nor huadrtdil
Everyone on board wu now in tbt
b«tt of spirits. It wss ont uf (bust
livsiy opportunities which ilory tellera
iiitt. On pauoagtr, with a smile u
widt u bit wtitteotl, told a (alt that
It worth reptaling (At 01 hit Jlittn-
tn had tltker itwvtrtd from ita-tjek
sets or had bats swept from It, hit
I'ory wsa in quite good taste),
A eortain ship, he said, upon clearing
(he harbor nn into a particularly
rough sea The pitching and lolling pt
it became wtrnordlnarily noticeable
just ut tlte time when the (wsnty-flvo
passengers sat down to diunor at the
captain's  table.
"I hope," said the dipt»iii, bs the
soup appeared "tbat sll twjmty-flve
of you will havo a pleasant trip and
thtt this little niitii'iiihliinc uf . .twenty-
four will rum: li port much benefitted by
the voyage. I look upon thoBo ....
twenty-two smiling faces much as u
father linen upon hia family/ for, 1 am
responsible fur the safety uf this group
of ,.,,seventeen. 1 hope (hat all...1.
thirteen uf you will join int. Inter in
drinking tu a morry trip. I 'believe
that  we—   seven  fejlow-pasaongers
sre uii'.'ii  I'.'nii'i ami I applaud the
judgment which obnsu from tbe passenger liat theae ....three persona at
my  table You  and   I   my  dcur
tir, art Bore, atoward, bring along
tho fish and clear away thosO diahesl
To be continued
11 I   i .Ji'    ''ll
, .. i-l. .71
300 Feet of Waterfrontage with crown
grant,  known   m.
Wallace Shipyards.
Termi to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
Builders and Contractors
All new houses should be
piped (or gas in order lo
save the heavy expenditure
for ihis convenience et *.,
later date.
New W.'.nniiiiiiH Lund District—Diatriot ol Norlh Vanoouver. IAKE
Mil li IT that we, IJ. Uladwin nod A
0, Gladwin of Norlb Vanoouver, occu
pntion, retired, intend to apply lot
permission lo lonss Ibe following de
aoritwd slrenm, known as l.vnn Creek,
commencing at a post planted ut tbo
N. W. e,n„ei- ol ibt old wooden bridge
crossing said atraap, Ihence ip'i'ih,
lollowing bed ol etream to a putt
planted 1,01)0 leet north ol Keith
llsiiisl, attel bridge, lor tho purpoie oi
obtaining rock, gravel and ennd for
building tnd othor purpotes.
111.iid Aug. 7ih, I'JJI. 8 10
Ilia Honour the I.icutenantQovarnor
in Council bit been pleased to appoint
the lliJi.iiuiiilile Albert Kdwarn Mc-
I'billipi, K. 0., l'reiident of the Hi-
ecutivt Council; tbo HonuunMe Price
Klliion, Minister of Finance; Charles
Henry l.ugrin, of the City of Victoria,
Ksipiire; tud William Harold Mnlkin,
of the City of Vancouver, Kiauiri, to
be Cummiwiunera under Ibe "I'ublie
Inquiries Act I' for the purpose pf en
quiring into snd reporting upon tbe
operation of tbe "Asseinnent Act.
1903." with rctpect to its practical
bearings on tbe financial requirements
of tbt i'rovinct.
Tht said Commiitionera will bold
their meotingi on tbt dales aud at tbt
placet mentioned hereunder, namely:—
Victoria, at tbe Esecutlve (Jouncii
Chamber, Parliament Buildings, Monday and Tuesday, 25th and 20th
September, at 10 a. m. At tbe Court
House or Iho Government Ofice tt tbe
following placet:—
Nanaimo, Wednttdty and Tburiday,
iltb and 281b .September.
Vancouver, Friday aad Saturday,
aitb tnd .Wth September.
New Wettminittr, Monday, ind Or
Hevelsloke, Wedneeday. lib October.
(lolden, Tburiday, (th October.
4,'raiibrouk, Saturday, 7th October.
Ptroit, Monday, tth Ottober.
Nelaon, Wednesday, J 1th October.
Botiltnd, Tburiday, 18th Octobor.
Grand Forkt, Friday, i:uh October.
Princeton. SaturdaS, 14tb October.
Merritt, Monday, 16lh October.
Kamloopt, Tunday, J 7th October.
Summerland, Thursday. J9tb October.
J'cnliclon, Friday, H'lld October.
Ktlowns; Saturday, Slit October.
Vtrnoaj Monday, iord October.
It it rtautttid that all perioni who
art interested la the matttr aforesaid,
and who desire to be beard, will not
fail to be prttent at tbt mettingt pi
the Commlwlontrt.
Trtemry Ptnartmtot,
llth .StpUmbtr, foil. SI-ID
Our Fall Stock of
Showa all ths latest styles Jn vogtit.
SUrllng mesh bsgs bave reached a
prominent and sure position among the
fsshjont Of tbs dty, Became of this,
WS have glvtn our clots attention to
tht matter of providing for our customers tbe neatest and best which can
be obtained In this lint, and havt bten
eminently successful,
ill   -;,;
i'i   . This stock hu bun carefully chosen
and contains so many different designs
that the shopper will surely find some-
,-i..- thing to plttst tht fancy.
Bee this stpek, It is Interesting.
•■ it
ions, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths     ~»~-
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Works
111 Fint Street Weit
■Proprietors—E. Laukin, Tailor; F. Nokhin ion, late with the
B. C. Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Vancouver, B, C.
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and de-
liver quickly
Give ui a trial and patronize tbe
North Shore
111 First Street West
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent
AgrttmtnU and Conlracli drawn
ol titty deicriplion
Phone 157
G antral
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested lo lake
advantage of the office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.     14 Lonidale Avenue, North Vancouver.
- ■ - ■ - '        T--
II7e have a few splendid building loti, each 49x139 feet,
within 5 minutes from the Car terminus and School.
Two splendid roadi to tht property, and near the Capilano
River. Price $500 each, Cornen $600. One-third caih,
6 ajid 12 monthi. These are excellent residential lots, and a
good investment.
Job Alexander & Co.
mmmmt >
Direct from mines, 300 tons
New Wellington Lump now
oil hand. We ifrongly ad-
viie consumers to get in a
supply before the rain cprflei.
Prompt delivery guaranteed.
Phone 178 for price*.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co., Ltd.
56 Lonidale Avenue.
Hew Harness Shop
A branch of the Vancbuver
I l.iincss Co. has been opened in
the prcmiiei of the C. M. IV N.
Coal and Supply Co., corner
Esplanade and St. George's Ave.
A full slock of first class harness
and horse fillings will be carried.
A specially will bt made of repair work. Prices will be the
same as those in Vancouver.
Phone 259
Telephone 276
Bargain Home Sites
In Nortb Lonidale.
Two teparitn cgrncr lott in
ninth oaat quarter 017, bear achool aud
good road.   Cheap an>l caey loruia.
In Lynn v»iioy.
A number of good level lota   near
Municipal Hall, for $300 etch.   Payment! iprcad over five yeara. \
In District Lot 660.
A selection of double cornort lot
large houaea near Iho Unolovard.
Alexander Philip
Inturanct Broker.
Club Block, Etplanadc. Phont 10.
as Qtigm matt mr vt
Prlct Holland
I'l 11'. III..'   1)1   I'.III nil   I'llllliil 1.1
Ml IJOE it liaral,y (Km lhat all pub-
lie Highway! in unorganised districts)
and all Main Trunk ltoadt io orgtoi'-
ed   Hi-ins 1 a trt tiity-iix (aet   wid 1,
and hnvo t width »l Ihlrly-tbrat l.tl
mi etch tide ol Ihe mean tlrtlgbt renin) lint ul Iho un.II,il rotd.
Hinitiii- ol I'ublie Workt.
Dopirtment nl Public Workt,
Victoria, B. C, July 7th, HHI.Ii-lu
(Continued from lut luui)
"Stop thitl" whiipertd a volet
cloao to piy ear, and turning my bead,
I bohold a man. Ha wort a abock of
black bair and wat Ull and finely
built. But my gait wat chiefly con
eeruod with hit (ace which wu a moat
uiimiatakoable duplicate of thtt of
Elizabeth Falcon. Hit eyes, though
hold wide open like tboao nf a maniac
wore atill a facsimile of llotb't; kit
limn; ami chin war* here, and a wiap
nl' hair that atrayed onto bit brow in
a manner inatantly reminded me olher
portrait bunging in tbe gallery. Despite my bondi and fetters, I ihuddered
Irom head to foot.
Tben—and it wu agony to watcb
him belplettly—Arthur atrolled into
Iho room. Ht wu humming a tune
with groat unconcern and wat totally
unprepared for tbe tudden tavaga rush
exocuted by the creature, I have jutt
doacribod. A awi(t motion o( tbe band
and a key wat turned in tbe door; a
loud oath from Arthur and a glisten-
ing revolver wu held to bit brow.
My friend'a courage wu superb.
He diaplayed no nervoutneu wbttao
ever, but atood boldly before bit iiaail-
nut and in cold critp termi demanded
hia buaineaa.
"My name," aaid tbe ttber, bold
ing tho revolver with an awful itead
ineaa, "ia Sadler."
"Well," queried Arthur, with an ad
inirublo asauinption of indifference.
"*nller," repeated the man u if
the fact required emphatiting "Sid-
"I heard yon," taid Arthur com
placontly. "Wbat it much more im-
purl mil, however, it an explanation of
your pretence. Why ia my friend bore
riiaaod like 0 (owl, if you pleaiet"
The creature gave a Itud laugh
but without ditturbing tbe poite of tbt
revolver ono'whit.
"Truaaed like a fowl I" be repeattd,
allowing a row of white gleaning teeth
"why, poaaibly in tho taut* of my
foul truat. Mil You follow Ihe point,
Ur.  Full-mil Hy (pul truatl"
Ami tho man give a ttcond peal
of laughter with tuch guato tbat I imagined—vainly, alack—tbat ht would
waken aome of tbe servants.
"You bave a pretty wil, Mr. um -
Sadler," uid Arthur placidly, "but
though it ia a plcuure to litttn to
i.u.li spoutaneoua humor, your appearance ia >.till to ba explained."
Though apetkiug lazily with eyet
half cloaed and u if revolver! hid not
yet been invented, my boat managed at
the name time to flub a glance in my
direction wbicb aeemed to corroborate
an idea I bad already fonntd—thai
1 hia remarkable intruder wu nothing
leaa daugeroua tban a lunatic.
"My appearance," uid Ihe creature promptly, "thould apeak for il
eelf,  Mr. Talbot."
"In which cue," replied Arthur,
"tbe chief information it imparl* ia
that you easily require a wub."
There waa the aound likt tbe marl
of an angry  terrier.
"Stop your damned aar.-aam," WU
Ibo retort, "and remember that your
life ia in my bands."
"Shoot mc," uid Arthur pleaaaui
ly, ta if inxiout to pander to Ike man 'a
vlightcsl whim. "Yet ttay; my af
is-, inin for you eompcla mc to remind
you lhat my friend here will wil new.
the . uli.uiiiy and tptrt from Ibe spec
in. Is- being painful to him hit tvidence
might cause you to twing for it."
"Would ltl" growled Sa'dltr,   witb
tilt    1 mint.nam i'    of   t   lllgt    Villain,
"I'm not aucb a fool at all tbat. I
ahould iniii-li him loo, my fritnd."
"Oh," commented Arthur, u if
tuck t remedy would never have occurred lo him, "then St. Peter would
'loulilleu admit ut trm inarm."
Tht lunatic emitted 1 third ironical
~~» .       m	
"If you tpoke tp St. Peter u iin
pudently u you're speaking to me
new," ht deelared, tben diicpntlnued
bit ttntence witb great abruptnets.
"See here," b* returned in haraher
tenet, i'l didn't come here tonight to
bandy wordt with anyone, j came to
do, net te talk. Kevenge, fir. falcon
it a natter of deeilt, not words—deeds
toraetiraet of a mighty foul ordor but
never fouler tban tonight. Elisabeth
Falcon, who wu treated mercilessly
by all your forbctri-garbage that
tbay were—that une Betb who cursed you all witb tbe breath the cnuld
mutter bu called upon me—mc, John
Sadler, a detcendant nf ber only child,
ton of • groom, perhaps, but atill bom
of a Ftb-ou, to avenge ber dually and
forever. Von, your, father, tbe jot' of
you, I am prepared ) eiterjninato all
tucb acum. Tbe spirit of Beth hu
wbitptrtd encouragement in my. ear,
ber wrath bu visited ne by night,
"I beg of you," interposed Arthur,
wbo, despite tbe calm nature of hii
utterance wan now perceptibly paler,
"to make your oration u brief aa possible. Why uot proceed, witb tho murder!" At he ipoke the perspiration
gliitciicd on hit forehead, u if to belie hii untoward collectedneaa. Ilia
hetsl twayed tiigltly and tbo revolver
moved immediately iu tbe aame direction.
"My only dread," uid Sadler with
a gruesome tmirk, "ia bloodstains."
"I'm afraid they cannot be avoided," uid Arthur aympathctically.
"They can I" cried the other
promptly in an ecitacy of dciigbt tt
hii own tuperior cunuing. "You ahall
nurder yourself—that's what you
thall do—or rather tbo curao of Beth
shall kil| you. You know how it's
done, don't you, Mr. Talbot! (juitc
blooillcea, quite bloodleta —ouly Ihe
brand—tbt Ftloon brand—the bramll"
Arthur, with au ejaculation of horror, took a tingle ttep backward, but
the revolver noved forward relentless.
ly. I wu almost fainting with fright
but could do nothing but gurgle inane-
"dome," eiclaimed tho lunatic,
with unconcealesl pleaaurc, "you've
not become chicken-hearted, have
youl It't in inttantaueoui death, ao
Ihe legend alatca. You merely recite
tbe verae and flop down comfortably
on Ihe floor there. If you don't care
for that method, then you'll simply
have to witch the slow movement of
my linger ou thia trigger here. Ami
don't if you're wiae move that auililcu
tpring you were jutt contemplating.
I'm fir lew fluttered llian you ami u
great deal mure powerful, I assure
you." •
Arthur turned a freueied counloii-
ance in my direction and our eyes mat,
and were held briefly, in a mm mil
gate of helpletaneai. My friend limn
turned hit head abruptly away ami
faetd the barrel of the revolver. Ho
told me tfterwtrda of Ihe intention lie
had formed during that moment, till-
ently, and u practically at he could,
he had compared tbe possibility of Ihe
Falcon curse being more legepdary mm
icnic with the impoaibility of 1 bullet
miating hia head. He arrived at u
ipeedy deciaion.
Hardly bad hia eyet left mine when
bit mice, trembling ever ao little,
aounded the flrat few wnrda of Iho
Ptlcon curie:
"A Falcon born, a Falcon bred,
And yet a Falcon better dead.
A Falcon daughter pure aud dilute,
My lady once, but now disgraced.
No mercyl   Wbat ia done—it—''
There wu a lickrning 1 rush ami the
man Sadler lay sprawling and shriek
ing en the carpet. Hit fingers pluck
td wildly at invitible objects ami his
eyet u eavagely u before but with a
gluincti which told itt own ttory. He
spluttered tnd writhed for the apace
of a few aeeonsli, tearing convulsively
at the garments about bit neck; tben
witb a low cry of intense egony ho
turned on bit luck and heaved a laat
lobbing   breath.
Arthur rushed immediately to my
iiBiiiiilunce uml with sundry' swift
moveinc'iita released nm from my painful liomlugo. Despite my stiffness and
feeling of groat fatigue 1 followed bim
instantly tp the side of the dead man-
W- fc
"My Uml I" cried Arthur In husky
tones of amazement, "the brand of
He inni laid bitre tho poor creature's
chest, and there, most obviously hurnt
into the flesh was the outlined form nf
a falcon I
Should you be already Incredulous,
then road no further, for whatever
surprise you may have manifested at
the bapponiugs I have tet forth so far
it is novcrtholoss a fact that I have
still to describe the most amazing portion of my narrutivo. if you are resolved to continue to iin- hitter end, armed lilc the majority af akoptice witb
a graiu of salt, then J tin prepared for
tbo patronizing smile with whicii you
will favor mo, and can only asoveratc
that tho incident I am about to relate
is the whole truth aud nothing but tho
On the day following tho tragic
death of thu muniuc Suillcr, Arthur re
visited that uiicanuy chambor which
lay adjacent to the picture gallery and
wherein  1  had listened  for the first
time. to the history of tbe Fulcon
curse. Mechanically, and with up fixedness of purposo whatever, he opened
thp Elizabethan nlbuui which, it will
bo remembered, contained on tbe first
page, tbe linos written by Both Falcon
and beneath it tho explanatory vorse
added (presumably) by ber ghost. His
loud cry will long be remembered by
tho whole household.
"Talbot," be exclaimed when, panting, I reached his side, "Tulbut, there
has'boon another ghostly visitation.
Iiookl—it is an explanation—an explanation of—last—night I"
I seized the album nnd examined it.
That verso whicii bad commoncud
"Let ovory Falcon by tbe curso of
Beth" had lieen obliterated carefully
apd completely and four now lines
with a vastly different context had
been subalitutud in Iho aunic alrange
bind writing. Tlie revised verse, as
it appeared to us that morning uml us
it appears to all the Falcons to this
dty, waa a distiuct explanation ef
Sadler's terrible death. Jt read ns follows:
"Whosoe'er by threatening ahull coerce
A full pronouncement of the   Falcon
He ahall not himself prove the magic
of tbo curse
But shall HIMSELF meet death  in
torture worse."
Whether it bo an habitual caprice
with Inng-dopurtcil spirits tp reyoko
the tarns of an anathema after the
pussugo of several centuries, I cannot
say; auiiico it to remark that tbe Inel-
dont 1 havo just doscribed had the immediate oftNict in my own case pf
changing the scepticism of yoars intp
a ilroud belief in spiritualistic phenomena.
Three mornings later, while awaiting
my train at Falcon Hill, tho grey-
bearded station nm.-.lor, dunn;: tho
emu:..' of a pleasant conversation made
several respectful coninioiits en tbo
house of Falcon as a whole. Ho also
inquired whether I bud heard of the
Falcon curse.   I said 1 had.
His Honor tho l.icutcuciit-Qovornor
bus been pleased to appoint as commissioner for taking allidnvits lu the supremo court in tbo Vancouver city
electoral district, Frank Frcdericka of
--- Harris street,   Vuncouvor.
Tbo British Columbia Southern Kail
wuy Pp, has given notice of application
lo lake fi cubic feot of water from Will-
derincre I'reek in the Gulden wator district.
Percy B. Hownrd H. J. Perrin
Cily Auditor.
Auditors und Accimntanll
AST) Ponder St. W.      P. 0. .Box 2235
Phono 8H37 l'bono .183.
Vancouver      Norlb  Viineuuver
nil.J.1 wins AND I'D"! .
Fincit tablet ond cuos in tbe City
Pioneer Horsesboer — Carriage Worka
I ll.Vllt U TilllY
Tbo Now Block an I.onadulu Avinuc
neur the Ferry Approach
waa built by
General Contractors
Contractors   for   reinforced   concrcl
construction,    Sewering   in   all   its
brunches;  house connections a s|)C'
cially.     IT tiimiti .   mini .ho1.
min c. Iill Lonsdale Ave.        Phone USO
Pressed Brick Mantlet a Specialty.
Phone l.ll:'
Booksellers and Slulioncn
Cur. Lontdnlc and lit'. Pbone 113
KM'ltlTSS ANI) IM llll A LIT.
Prompt     Service—Modernte  Charges
Phont 93.
The Palm Confectionery-
Stationery, I'onleclionory, let Cream,
Solt Drinka, Fountain Dunks, Tobacco
Light Lunchoi, Fruit
Lonidtlo and 6th Phono 313
It.'!.!  Ill: w.i.hs.
Wliisli'Bnlere and Retaileri ol Pure loo
Im lor lamily uie
Phone 336      IjONSUALK AVENUE
Building 1 'oiiii.i. i.u 1
llrick ami concrete work. Housci
Buugulowt, etc. a specialty. Plans
submitted, estimates. UI7 Lonsdalo
Box No. 2121.
1 Ml).   I'M.im.1 lis.
A.M.I.E. li S.
Irrigation, drainage, Jeveli, plant
and ipecificalioni. Septic tankt and
houte drainage a ipecinlly. )'. 0.
Box 311, I fit h itreet wetl ol Bewicke
P. M. Wuh-|., HI uil S l. Slud Inn
Mun. Mnn, Kic. Aivhi. and civil Engineer. Duns, eleviilloiia, eecllons,
reports, specifications, ..allmulce, etc,
for ull classes of work. Trucints. lllue
Prints, Map Mounting. 127 J<ower
I,, un liosiij. 1..1 1   Nortli Vancouver.
Frcab and Smoked Fish
l.ivo and Drctied Poultry
Vcgclablei Delivery iwict daily
Phono 341) J3J Fint Stmt
1 iiiiiii. II Will .11-
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
Lonidale and Eaplnnodt
l:P in date Millinery
Mo,I.'line Kates
Keith Block    S3 Lonsdale Ave.
- V»    )  II  I   lis.
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds ol
hand, cross   cut and buck   tuwi   id
apd lliul ut 'In 1 notice. JI  I onl-
dalo Avi-iuie. Nortb Vancouver.
High .'Ins-i Ladies' und Gtut'i Tailoring
Phono 207
lilb Sired I    (adjoining west ol  Hon
levanl)  North Vancouver
J-'. 1 -1 i'i.im. work unly I.miles own mu-
telliils  innsle   UJi
N.ll—Drrssniokluft In all lis hrnnrb'-e
II   is III 11-   1111.114).
Specially:   I'hlblnn's   I.NSonS   lit own
home.   I... ii.w. etc., apply Gcnoral
eva a. McDonald
Toachtr of PIANO PLAY1NO.
For 1.■nu'.. etc., apply Mouday
and Thursday.
UU Trait HI. K.
I'l......  SIS.
« mi 11 iiioj'aiiiim;.
It your watch ttopjiing or goilg Irrt-
gularly 7  Stt
The Norlb Vaacouver Espcrt
and pioneer .Jeweller
60 Lonidale Avenue
|U Recognizing the superior quality of the
^J| Cakei and Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce k Co., 135 Lonidale, wt beg to
adviie cuatomeri that our driven will be glad
to accept order* for tame and give prompt
== Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread =
5c per loaf.
r_:r north Vancouver
1 i.
'Mllslisd JmAiy* snd Fridays by Nortb 9Mm Prist, Wwlted,
Rates pf Subscription i-!4ni> ye»r, »1.W. Pin mnntlip. Me, Thru .months, m.
United Vtiftot *<>A Foreign, f»,00 per ym
Adytrtuing Btut ww w nmm n-AfpAnim,
Tne Express Is devoted to the interests nf the Nortli Snore of Burrar.i Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium ot exceptional value (or
reselling in s thorough and effective manner tbe population of North Vtncouver
Pity ana Districl.  Every effort is made to give sdvertisors tbt most satisfactory
i AH changes in contract advertisements should be in the printers' hands not
later tban Ufa. m. Monday and 8 p. ni. Wednesday to ensure insertion In the
following issue.
Uorth Vancouvsr, B, 0            October 6, 1911
The action of the Board of Directors
of Burrard Inlet Tunnel k Bridge Oo.
at a meeting held yusterday iu selecting Sir John Wolfe-Barry, li.d.H.,
J.L.I)., P.B.S., V.D., aa consulting engineer iu designing aud buildiug Hoc-
ond Narrows Bridge indicates, at any
uie, two things lirst that the Board
is slot mil i lies I that no effort shall lie
spared to oiisiiro the construction of a
liridgo across Burrard Inlet at that
point such as will represent the highest attaiualde oxeelleiice aud fitness
fpr the purpose and tuch aa will rank
Ift une uf the moit notable ttructurei
of ill kiud on tho continent ami sec-
tnd that thu Directors bave definitely
concludes! thst every obstacle is now
roniuvesl ami havt resolved to proceed
as rapidly at possible, without further interruption to the construction
and the completion of tbe bridge.
Mir John Wolfe Hurry It ono of Eng
lapd's must famous coutulting engin-
■ its, tu uiniueut author upon engineering subjects, and one of the bigheit
living authorititt In bit profettiou A
long list of engineering feats of tbe
foremost rank, has been carried out
under hit tupcrvisiou ill Engltnd and
in different parti nf the world, snd ho
has served with tonspicuout acceptability ou many emuiiiisiiuni and boards
of national import.
Tlio association nf Blr John Wolfe-
Barry in au adviiory way witb the local llrm of engineers to whott charge
Ihe building of tbe bridge bat been
committed, it, tbtreforo, an indication
tbat tbe Board nf Directors hai ilu
torniiiied that Ihe very best ii none too
good and thst when Hueoad Narrows
hriiigo ii completed, it ihall be known
tt uuc of tbt fortmoit structures of
its type in exitttnet, tbut it once fulfilling in the highlit degree til tho
purpmei of ill cooitru.'lion and re
ib'.-iiiig credit upou the magnificent
hurhor of which it will conttilute one
of Ilie most notable featurci.
Wilh regtrd to the Intention of the
lii'.-ii'' of Directors lo prorecsl witb all
possible expedition, it ii worthy of
note Ihut Ihe tppoiiilment of Uir John
Willis. Hurry wat made contingent up
on his being able to leave England at
ou.e uml to arrive on the ground at tho
curliest possible dato, a cable having
been sent to thtt effect.
All condition! are uow ripe for Ihe
most rapid development! wbltb ire
possible in an undertaking or this
tliuruilur. The lilt of tbt bridge bu
I'.Tii definitely sclectesi, all of tbe iuu
ni, i|.i.lin.-B arc now in line; Vancouver
city Ins subscribed for stork and bai
paid a depoilt thereon; tbe city of
North Vuncouver hat Ibt money iu
muling tud will pay tba Mine at loon
ti the promised assent of thl provin
citl government to remedy any teebiii
c«l defects which mty csitt in tbt by
lew1 received; tht diitrict of North
Vtni'uuver bus already paid a tubitan
tial ium on itt block of shares; tbe
provincial government hat been ktpt
fully advised of ttie.progrrit of events
and ii in accord with all thai hat bten
doue io lhat tht lubtidy from tbtt
quarter ll fully aiiured; tbe situation
wilh referenre to the Dominion lubtidy
ii in tvery respect tatiifaclory, Ihe
nocawtryi formalities alone awaiting
to be diipoud ef
The member! of the Board of Direr-
lort give every miuifottalion of per
feet unanimity among tSWnielvtt in
favor at IM sctual lonttrucllen of tht
bridge without any f*ttMi deny and
thtir action of yetttrd*/ it at tar
nttt of thtir dttomimtof tt make
ill powible lints, myHiplt with tin
taftty ef lbs isisrn* which ttty
wish U terve.     ,,    .'
Tl|i project, ot tkl wett vit#l i»-
portfsu to tki North php/i, Vm H
length reached that stage of development at wbicb tbe public may rett absolutely insured thit tbt lapis of the
neceitary time and the carrying out
of tbe neceitary optrationt for eon-
ttructlon are tbe only elements which
intervene to defer tbe ih)y when Stroud Narrows bridge will be iu actual
1'roperty owners iu tbe city should
make a special effort to poll the largest
possible vote on the iii bylawi whoie
fate will be decidod at tbe polls to
morrow- (Saturday) It does not miii
tate lu favor of tbe best interests of
tbe city tbat the privilege of deciding important matters sucb as tbese
involved in these bylawi ihould be
given ovtr to a small corps of voters
whose number it only a fraction of tbe
whole body of ratepayers and ytt tuch
ii tbe effect if tbe great matt of property owners deliberately absent them-
selves from the polls, at it frequently
the caie witb reference to voting on
money bylaws. It should further be
remembeteed that the real will of tbe
people can be protected and made tu
prevail only by means of a poll of tbe
largest possiblo proportions in such
rases. Tbt flet tint I three fifths mi
jority vote is neceuary iu order to
carry a money bylaw placet tht vole
which it iu favor of any bylaw under
very heavy haudicap at tbo atari
ami rendori it imperative that every
ratepayer who it in favor of the by
law ihould register hll vote. Ii id-
lition to tbit ttatutory hiudicip, It ii
uniformly tbt cite tbit those who ire
opposed to any particular bylaw tike
i deeper lntereit in the poll thin
thoie who ire in favor of it. Tbt nt
gitive volt il usually polled lo tbe list
billot, while the affirmative vote li
proverbially iinlilferenl ami only part-
ly polled. Tbe rutult ii thit it it ut-
utlly uot i difficult mailer for t fuw
active oppontntt of my nonty byliw
by tbt employment of I little eucrgy,
wilted by tba t).r..- fifths handicap,
bove reforred to, lo accomplish the
defeat of the particular money bylaw
lo which they are oppoied, even al
though the ratepayer! at largt are
really in favor of tht bylaw. A until
vote under these condiliont alwayi fi
von Ibe tfforti'Wf the opposition to
tbe byliw. Tho only effective metni
of ensuring tho flet thai tbe real will
of Ibe people ihall prevail, it found
iu Hit polling of a largo vote
Thtrtfort, tviry proowty ownir
lunula cnnitdir It it onct bit duty ud
his priviiigt u appiar at tlw polli tomorrow ud to cut III billot tccordlng
to his best Judgmtnt, for at Ifllait
thm bylawi
thsr thifli is undid IniwWge of thi
blbitt of'ill trees, especially of thl
inwchintibli species, so thst it wsy be
known how rapidly they grow, how
tbey produce their sped, when mi) under what conditions the seed germinates, md in whit way the seedlings
uml ymiiig tries ire iiffiieimi by their
surroundiugH. Hindi knowledge is
giined only hy experience md long
study. In order thst the new Bocky
Mountain Forest Reserves may he administered according tq Ihe latest
scientific knowludge and the best experience, the Forestry Branch is now
nuking detailed studios pf thu habits
of the iiierelinnlnlili! species qf trees
en the eastern slope uf thu Huekios tu
Alberta ami has sent one of thu mun
in charge of tho work to study the
systems of furest management practised sliiring the past fow years by the
highly developed United Slates Forest
Service iu Ihe National Furests ot
Montana. The United Stales foresters
have spent large turns of money and
avallod themselvos of the uxpurieneu uf
many men in devulaping plans of lum
boring which do uut inconvenience the
lumbermen but which ensure the pru
taction and reproductiuu of Ihu forest
ami Ibe (lauaillaii Furustry Brunch ill
tends to benefit largely liy their ex
Home Connections
Notice to Property Owners
of North Vincouver
At tht main dralnugt tyiicm li tp-
pi Has lung completion we beg lo notify
property owuert thtt we ure making
atrangeruciils to undertake tht tewir
oounectioni ou the variout privilt
proptrtitt it ■ reiionable coil to all
tboN who detiri to avail lliemitlve.
ol curly diuiiiuge liu-ihili-s. Having
carried out the main drainage tyttem
lor tht city council and having I lit
neceuary plant and ikillcd lilior
availablt wt art in an exceptionally
lavorablt potition to carry out tht
piivnic bouto drainage at a mnderalu
.-.isl to property owncrt and we shall
bl pleated to furnish ottimatei mul
pltnt il necoaiiry to carrying oul Ibis
molt ottentitl work in accordance with
tbt city regulation! and on mint up
in dills' principles ol modern sunllii
Macdonell Gzowski & Co.
Second St and Mahon Ave
PHONE 970.
Tbe progress of the cooitrvation policy of (Janada, it appliid to foreit re-
mureei dependt uorl apon the For
ettry Branch of Ibe Department of tbt
Interior thm upon iny other orginiM-
ium. Upon the tcchnlci) knowltdgo
ind exesutivs ibillly of tht oflren of
tht forestry Branch dtpindt the future
of thl forest on I6/J00/XJ0 tcrei of
Dominion Veteet Huervea, u will li
upon tht Itrge am of non-agricultur
•I forttt lind in Wtilern Canada,
wbicb for Ibt good of tbt country
may yet bt wt itidt it pinnimut
forttt rtstrvci la addition to looking
tfler Dominloi llndt Htht Forcttry
Branch it now being itktd by Rutin litd eWntn to furu|ib advlci is
to Hit but mai ni of tuirlng at thi
atriiwl d|tt | proltaWt crop at timber en wutt lind tf wood Mi T)w
proptr administration of forttt lands
reojirn i tpaiiii kpawlnigi at tim
Item Met adaytoi to wth ttgtot, tl
Ml nut mi at tin muMtt.  Fur
North Vjtncwver, 13. C.
(j BO ft, cleared lot on KBITH BOAD
near  Moody  Avenue,   only   1)975.00,
Good terms. ,
Martin Senour
100 per cent. Pure Paint
for the Outside
International Varnish Co.'s
——~~~~———< i. ii I.     .
Varnishes. Stains and Enamels
——■—— i   '     inn        .1.
Will give you results that will please you for yean longer
than any other makes on the market and the fint colt
is lowest Come in and let ui prove thii.
Johnston & Salsbury
The Hardware Men
90 Lonsdale Ave,, North Vancouver
Sole Agents for
EDGE TOOLS AND FILES.  - ::     ji     n
in high ground, tntiroly frte from ravines and only a block ud ball
from csrllnt.
Price $350 each
Ou terms of 190.00 cssb and the balance In 6, 18 and 19 mouths,
TIisim! lots ouly want seeing to mil at tht price.
For l in ther particulars see
15 Lonsdale Ave.-     Phone 70. P. 0. Box 1816
3 — 12 — 786
tjoocash. 6, ia, 18 months.
213LonidsleAve. Tkfpll
Cor. Nyt St. Tel. 87
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, Noilh Vancouver, B. C.
Rates;—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rales to families and lo regular boarders.
Millinery Parlor
Manonic Tempi* Building.
Norlh Vancouver. Mrs. F. Ber-
ryniaii, Proprietress. Just opened
with new stock comprising full
range of Fall Millinery, Inspection cordially invited.
We the iiiiiliiriiiniii'il lieroliy give
notice that Mr. Aloxaudor Bell, of tbe
Oity of Nortli Vnm-oiivcr, I). O., lias
withdrawn frohi partnership with till
firm of Q. C. Waldor & Oo., real estate
agents, of tile said City of North Vancouver, und will, lu future, have no»
connection with the business of tha
said firm.
(Binned)     (J. O. WALKKII.
133 6th Street Bast Nortb Vauowr
Pbone 378
Boomt 10 and 11, Pmder Chamlmri.
533 Ponder Street W.    Phono 34151
und I.ontdulo Ave., Nnrlh Viineouver
Belidouce, eor. J.onndult   Ave.   and
■J'-'iul ttroet, Norlb Vancouvor.    ...
Loam, Invcitiuenlt. and Iiuurance.
Boom 307, 633 Gruuvillt HI., Vancouver, B. C. Pbone t-'lnii. Und Ke>
try work a ipeciolly.
10,000 cords of dry lir wood (or quick
sale. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger quan-
lilies. Cul Wood, 16 inches. $3.00.
12 inches, $3.25.   C. 0. D.
Office md Yard—Mill and Lonsdale
Phone 190.     P.O. Box 2432.
Expert on Fireplaces snd All Classes
of Brickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth Si. and Mahon Ave.
Paper the World
from our alock ol ntw Wall Papert
to it iccmi. Every dty tomi new
dciign irrivu to fill tbt vaotney
ol Iboie cloted out,
Handiome Wall Paper*
art here in ondlets variety. Jutt
tell our iiilciman lor what room
you want the |>a|ier and ht will
tbow y.ju juit tht putttrn you trt
looking (or.
To  chooit Irom our ttook ii 1 plea-
•un, to pay our price It eaiy.
W. H. ST0NEY t CO.
117 Ijontdalt Avenue
PboM W
50x157 ft. on 15th Street, «.     # 0   r
went of Boulevard and lying MartinSOIl & CO.
high and dry, a bargain, at 62 I/midale Ave. P„M JJ*
BiitriPt pf ffprtfr Vuimytr,
k mm* to nnthoritt tin mntoi mt
of tkt wis of Mwl i"»»rove-
mtut pf Kellh ll»»* (Wtttl l*J
ralalug py nay nl lntp\ Inmrovt-
mcnt llelicuturea tke <»» "'
tllMlilHMI Jt provide part Of IM
COS! Of CMD'lMir liul Ipe telil
ivork, anil to atlttt en* lev)
/ tkt Meal Improvement rSl* or
Tm rtanlrcd to provide »»» IM
uajiurul lit tkt Inftscit tnU to
accumulate a Klnklnpr P«nd »»
pt) tm tkt WW »«*P#llirM!
WHBB8A8 the Wott Caiillano Diitrict Local Improvement .PyLaw, 1110,
wus united by Ibe Council of tlio lilt-
trlct ol Nortli Vancouver to, pr.ovlde
lor. atcertalnlng Hie land to bo bene
tltteil and the proportion of,benollt
received by tucb Jandt from the pro-
noted Improvement of Keith Hottl
(Weil) trim the tail bank of tlie Dap.
llano Ilivcr woitwur.ll to wbilo • "tin
i'ii) by tile iii.'vlutinii. extension, and
opening up of tbe tame und clearing lo
tbt full wdth of l( feet and by gruil-
fjlg, ditching and maeuiluinUIng the
lame to a widlb between tlio ditches
of thirty feet and brldglnit ilaiilltino
Ulvei' with a tteel bridge on concrele
foundation apd erecting tultuble brlo-
Jts sivi.'i' tht crooki along Die roule.
II of which work It berelnufler referred to al "Tbe Improvement of the
laid Trunk Houd": und lo provide for
the proportion of owners ol such land
necessury to petition for the currying
out of tuch work us a Isocul Improvement, and thut Ihe coil of Ihe lame
may be aliened and levied by a tpe-
clui rale upon tho landt benehtled
thereby ai tneroln provided und here-
Mnafler let forth.
Afi'li WHITHKA:; It wot narrated In
tald ByLaw Ihul tbe estimated cott ol
suid Improvement work wai 1200.11110.
that tlte Council bud agroud 10
tubmlt a Itylniw to tbo Electors of
the nt .sn. 1 for authority to expend
, from tho general fundi of Ihe municipality mi tald work Ihe turn of 1(0.-
000, und tho Provincial Government
bad agreed to make u grunt of 160.-
000 towurdi Ihe Same, und lliul 11 balance of 1100,000 must bo rulted by
loun on the security of u loan aiiesi
ment over the area herelnufler ipecl
lied to provide for currying out the
laid Improvement of the laid Tumi,
ANI) v\ iiitiiita:; by said Locul Improvement ByLuw II It provided Ilinl
the landt to be lienellllcil by Iho currying out ef Ihe suld Improvement of
the laid Trunk Itoud ure Ihe following
Diitrict Loti, all lying West of Ihe
I'iipll.niii Ilivcr and wllhln Ihe Muni
duality of Norlh Vuncouver. via: Ilitlrlci l..it« 237. 1)0. CU. SS6, (OS. 667
(01. CM. Sll, (S3. 771. 772, 772. 701.
7(2. 7(1, 77(, 713. 793, 805. (II. (!(.
SIS, 817, 879. (.!. SIS. 886, (87. 888,
(19, 890. 9I(. 949. 103S.li) 11(1 Inclusive
Ibul excepting District Loll 1110 uml
1141), 1240. I'U 12(3, 1313, 1314. 13l(.
MM. 1191, I49( mid I nn Inclusive, nnd
purl of I). L 784, hereinafter ull referred lu ai "The West I'nplluno Local
Improvement Dlslrlcl." ond Ihul Ihe
iiiiiii of such I" in in for euch Dlslrlcl
Lot thall be in. 1,1 illii,. In Ihe 1 .ilie ol
Ibe tolul .i-m in im ui of euch Dlslrlcl
Lot respectively. Irrctpecllvo of Improvement!, ns shewn by Ihe revised
Aitettmcnl Hull uf Ilie Dlslrlcl for the
yctr 1010. und Ihe lieneDI of Ihe lev-
, crul parti of euch Dlslrlcl Lot. ihall
be ucconllng lo the rullo of vulue of
each part on the Assessment Boll for
each nm ci 1 iHni: year.
AND WIIRliRAB 11 pollllon hut been
received by the Council doled us to
euch lien.inn,- und signed by Ihe re-
Sltlered       and       aliened       owners
oldlng     more      tban      thrcc-llfibi
of     tne      value     of     tho     lands
In the suld Weil IT-uplluno Locul   lin-
ovemonl  Dltlrlcl  at tbown  by I he
Sit reviled uiiesiment roll of Ihe
unlclpullty. (the proporllon ineclDcd
by ttld l.siciil Improvement ByLuw)
nnd beng a majority In number of Hie
perioni ihown by Die lull reviled At-
■ctimenl Boll of Ibe Munldnallly l«
be Ihe owner! of Ibe lundt alfccted by
lllll ByLaw. aiklng Ibul Ibe laid lm
provement of Ibe laid Trunk It.nni he
cnrrled oul ul a Local Improvement,
and that the mm of (100.000 be rulied
by Debenture Bon.lt lo be Istued on
' Ihe tecurlly of Local linnrovemenl
Hulel lo be levied over tald Well Can-
llano Local Improvemeiil Dlilrlcl lo
pay In purl for the suld Improvemenl
work   at   hereinbefore   narrated.
AND WIIKItl'.AH Ihe amount of
debt which Ihli ByLuw It Intended lo
create It (100.000. und Ihe tnme It being created to provide u fund for Ihe
Improvemenl of Ihe luld Trunk Hold
under Loci) Improvemenl plan.
AND WIIKiiKAH Ihe amount lo be
rulted unnuolly by ipcclal rale for pay-
Inr tho debt and Inleretl under this
ByLaw li In nr.'. being !<(( for link-
Ing fund und  16.000  for Inieresl
AND WIIKIIKAH Ihe value of Ihe
whole land und Improvement nr reel
properly ruleuhle under Ihli ByLaw
according lo Ihe lusl nylied Assess
monl Boi) of Ihe Dlslrlcl Is 11.979 ill
AND WHKKKAH the debt Is crculr'l
on Iho tecurlly of tiuelul rules lol-
lied Did levied by Ibis Bvl.nw. unl It
is guaranteed bv the credli of Ihe
whole municipality
the Reeve nnd Hie ('oum.ll of ihe 1 tor
poratlon of Ihe Dlilrlcl "f North \nli-
couver In Council uiti-mblcd Iwllh Ilie
ussent of the Kleclori of fbe luld Dlilrlcl) at followt:
, I. Authority li hereby i-lvcn ibe
Council 10 ctrry out Ihe work of Local Impr»vrmcnl of ml I Tronli Itood
nt before deicrlbed nil 1 s Local Improvement under and by vlriiiT- of Ibe
•aid west Cal'llnno DIslHrl Improvemenl ByLaw. 1910.
' I. II thall be Itwfol for Ihe Cuuncll
lo rulio by way of loan from uny hereon or perioni. body or bodlei coriior-
nle under Dehenluret tu be leaned ui
herelnufler provided, a lum of money
nol 1 ,..,.mu: In Ihe whislo Ihe Hum
of 1)00 000. end lo cauie ine mine lo
le paid Into Die Bank of Ilrlili-ii N-.rll.
America lo Ihe credit of Ihe laid for
portion for the purpoie above recited
I. Debenlure Bondi of Ibe r»r(ii.r»-
. lion lo be dctlgnnled "The West Cap-
ilumi 'IjOcal ImpriiveinoPl DellCnllll'!
iisiniii" to tn .inis-11111 nol cm..iiiiiu
Ihe laid ium of 1100.000. In whole muv
be Issued bv Ihe (leeve and Ihe '.1er!(
of Ihe Corporullon In Icrrnl of Hie
Mutilclual Clnuiet Act and A0I1 amend-
ng Ihe lume and of Hill ByL.iw In
tuml at moy be renulied but no tingle debenture bond shall be for a
greater mm than II 000 Kiel; of the
•■Id Debenturei shull be signed by Ibe
laid Bceve nnd Clerk nnd leoled wilb
>+ Ihe Boil of Hie Corporation
li'-iii  Iui. nsl at
Ave per cent
llnnili ihall
. rale nol exceeding
rr nnnum tuivnlile hnlf
The laid  1 mm
yearly "at tbe llril iia.v'of February and
Ibe nm dty of AugUil In each
tnd everv vear during Ihe currency of Ihe'tnld dehenluret or onv purl
nf ihem. There ilml! be iilleched lo
Ihe Debenlure Bond! CoupoPI signed
by the Itceve for each nhd every payment of Interest Ihul nuiv become due
and luch ilgnnlure mny be either written or Humped
r. The nld Iiebenlure Bondi at lo
principal and Inieresl thnll be pay-
sible al Ihe Dlslrlcl Monldpol Ofllceln
Norlh Vuncouver B C. or al Ihe principal office of Ihe Bonk of British
Norlh America In Ihe CHv of Toronto
In Ihe Province of Onlnrln. or al the
principal ofnee nf Use suld Bunk In Ihe
• Clly of Monlreol, In Ihe Province of
1u1ci.ee and Ihe suld prlnclnal mm
thall ne made pnynble be Ihe Corp.iru-
iinii al a dale nol later Ihun (lllv
velrt from Ibe first day ol August
I For the iiiiri'ose of forming a
sinking fond for Ihe miyinrnl of mid
Debenturei ut maturity and for pay
menl of Ibe Interest thereon tl It be
comet due. amounting mid linking
fund and Inleteil lo 16,181. ihere II
hereby Aliened and levied over and
above ill olher rules ond tuxes of and
from etch Dlilrlcl Lot In the laid Welt
Capilano Locil Improvement Dlilrlcl
It defined bv mid BvLow. ibe annual
lum itsedflrd end tel oppoille etch
such Dl-lrlcl Lol lo be Known it
"The Weil ntplltno Irtiprovemcni
Ilsile," wlilcli ium thnll be ptytl.lt ool
Of and frnm Hie said several Dlilrlcl
toll tt followt. tn.)
I). L. CUT—Annual Bale
'   1-
(—Annual Rati ....
111 am).
Part Weil 01 Cap-
.nnuat Bali i!.'.""
jiff'!'.' wfV.°f
Annual Rati  '.'.'.'.'.'.
1011-   •
}l,lz   '
1078-     ..
1108-Government Lands
(Not  assessable)
1109—Annual Rtll  	
1)10—Oqvernment Land
(Not unliable)
llll    lluvernincnl Land
INot tneiithle)
1118—(lovernment Land
INol  alienable)
1113—Annuel Rail   ....
llll— Government Land
INol tneilible)
20 88
11 10
turdny. the Mth day Of October, JIJl,
Iween the houn of 9 o'clock u.m.
tpd 7 o'plock bi». wltbln the follow-
ng polling placet, vl).: The Lynn yal-
nilltute Iltill, Ihe Church Hull ul
ng polling placet, yls.: The Lyn
ey fniiltuto Hull, ihe Church 1,
be corner of Lomdale Avenue   and
uoen Btroct and at Hollyburn, Welt
apllunp, all |n the Diitrict of North
'ancouver, und that John O.  Farmer
hat been appointed Beturnlng onleer
to take the vote! of such Electort with
the usuul powors In that be half.
By order of the Council,
JNO,  v.. McNAUOJiT,
JOHN a. F,
llll—Annual Balo        3.81
1181-      llll
llll—Govt. Land
11 Si-
IUS—Annual Kale ...
iiii- ■ ...
1138-Oovl. Land   ,
(Nol   assessable)
11:1:1    A nn mil   His I -          110
1 lli-
ll 17—Govt. Land
(Not alienable)
1118- _      "
1138—Annual Rale  ..
lllj- . ...
1313- , ...
4 10
4 10
4 10
4 10
District of Jforth Vancouvur.
A IIVI.AW Jo enable the Curporalluu
of Ikt lllalrlcl of Nurlh Vancouver to salie hr wty pf |pa» Ihe
tM* of 1100,000 far «r«e| »nr-
WllulltliAB It It deemed expedient
by the Council of the Corporullon of
Ibt Ditlrict of Norlb Vancouver lo
riltt by way ot loan the sum of 1100,-
000 to be expended In Iho maintenance
and conitrucllon of streets In tbe tald
AND WHKHKAS tbe umount of tbe
debt wbicb thit ByLaw Is Intended to
create it Ibe laid sum ot (100,000, und
Iht obieot r.u v.-iii.-h the tald debt ll
created Ii the maintenance and con-
llructlun of ilruelt ut aforeialdl
AND WHKHKAS It will be nccet
lary 10 rulse annually by ipeclal rule
Ihe tuiol ium of (ISIS for fifty years
for tbe repayment of Ihe suld loan and
Inlerett at S per cent, at hereinafter
Attn WHKHKAS tbe value of the
whole rateable properly In tbe tald
Dlilrlcl. according io the laii revised
Assessment Boll amounts to (1,119.337:
AND WHKHKAS ilieuggiogale of tbe
Debenlure Debt of tbe IfunldPaUly
(except for worki of local improve
mint) Including the leap hereby au
thorlsed,   amountl  lo   |«3,000.
T1IKBKFOHE the Beevo and Council
of Ibe Corporullon of the Ditlrict of
Noi-Ui Vuncouver lu Council usaembled
(wilb the uaient of llie'Kleclors of Ihe
Diitrict duly obtained) do hereby enuct
ua  followi: • ..
1. it thai) be lawful for the council
for the purpoiei aforesaid to borrow or
rulse by way of loan from uny peraon
or perioni, body or bodies corporuie
who may be willing lo advance the
iame upon the credli of Hie Debenlures
of thii I'mpni.iii"ii hereinafter provided for a turn or mint of money not
exceeding In the whole Ibe turn of
1100.000. and lo cuole the lame to be
placed In Ihe Bunk uf British North
America to the credit of thu Corpora
Hon for the purpoie aforeiald. .
I. Debenture Bondi of tbe Corporu
Hen to the nni,.Mm of (lOO.OOO In Ihe
whole may be Inued by the Reeve
and Clerk of the Corporation In term
of tho Hunlclpiil cluuses Act In sums
at may be deilred, but no tingle Debenture ihull be for a greater aum
than One Thousand Dollurs. Kach of
laid Debenlure Bond! shall be Signed
by Ihe Reeve and Clerk und ihall be
seule.I with ihe Beul uf the Corporullon.
I. The tald Debenlure Bondi ihall
bear Inlereil al a rate not exceedlnn
iive per cent, ner nnnum. payable half-
yearly on the III duy pf February und
the drsl day of Augual In each und
every yeur during Ibe currency of tald
Debenturei or any of tbem. There
ahull be attached 10 tbe Debenlure
Bondi Couponi llgned by Ihe Reeve
only for etch and every payment of
lntereit thai ihall beconio due und
mch ilgnature muy bo cither wrllk-n
or tumped.
I. The laid Debenture Boudt ihall
at lo principal and Inieresl be payable
al the Dlilrlcl Monldpal Dfllce, Norlh
Vancouver, B. p., or al the prlncli.nl
1.lib,- gf Ihe Bunk of Brlllili North
America In.the Clly of Toronto, In Ihe
province of Onlarlo. or al Ihe principal office of Hie mid Bunk In Hie Clly
of Montreal In Ihe province of Quebec
The laid principal ium Ihull be mude
payable by the Corporation at u date
nol in 111 than fifty yean from the 1st
of Augusi, llll.
.. There shtll be rulied and lcvlc.1
annually by a tpeclul rule on ull rule-
able land or real property In Hie District Ihe turn of 81(8. for Ibe purpose
of forming a linking fund for Ibe payment of laid Debi-nlureii when they become due, and Ihe turn of (8.000 for ihe
ptymenl of Ihe Inleretl ul the r.ite
uforeiuld to become due on inch debenturei during the currency Ihereuf.
and that In addition lo all olher ralei
lo bt levied and collected In Ihe tuld
Ditlrict during Ihe whole currency of
Ibe tald Dehenluret or uny of them.
I. Thit ByLaw may be died for nil
purposes tl "Tbe Streets Loan ByLaw
1. Thl! Hi La v.- ihall come Into effect
on the day of Ihe dale of Ihe rpglalru-
lion thereof In the office of Ihe county
court for the Dlilrlcl of Norlh Vancouver.
Palled by Ihe Council on Ihe 2(lh
day of Seuleniber, 1911.
Received Ihe aisent of Ihe Eleclori
81 tn election held on the   
ay of  IJ11       •
I:.. i.u' l.i.i ,,i and lliully udopled by
the Council and signed by Ibe Reeve
and Clerk and lenled Willi Ibe Corporate Beal »n Ihe duy of
NOHTII   I \,M ill UTIl
TAKK NOTICK that the ubove ll a
Irue copy of the propoied ByLaw up-
I Die .Municipality
construction of bouse pr building connections with sewers:
Mo bouse stwer pipe thai) havo 1
loss fall than 1 to 10, unless special
permission is granted iu writing by
the Council. Said pipes between tbe
Iron pipe, Jn tbe connection of tbt
public scyvur to be ef the best quality
standard salt-glased vitrified clay sower pipe, snd shall bave a diameter of
iiot less than i inches. All plpei ihall
bp sound and well burned throughout
their thicliiicss, impervioui to mois-
turo, witb a clear ring, smooth snd
well glazed on Interior and exterior
surfaces, free from flaws, cracks, blis
tors, lire chocks or other imperfections.
Tlio pipes must be so laid in tbe
trench that after tbt sewer is completed, tbo interior surface thereof, shall
to u true and even grade.
lu making tbe joints, a'gasket of
milium or bomp, freshly dipped in cement grout, mutt first be Used and
packed into place. Tbt joiuti ihall
afterwards bo tightly packed full and
bevelled off with mortar, composed of
one part by volume of approved Portland cement to one part by volume of
approved sand.
All joints ihall bo made water tight.
10 that thoy will stand a bead of 10
feet of water, when tested by tbe
Plumbing Inspector at tbe owner's,
plumber's or contractor's expense.
By order of the Council:
City Clerk,    tf
The laid Well Ciplltno Improvement
rile or Its ihall he and li hereby levied
and charged for Ihe period of Afty
yean 11 a Hen or charge payable along
wilh and In addition to and is forming
part Of the annual Heal Kilale Tales
payable for tnd oul of the laid Dlslrlcl Lott rcipectlrely to the laid Corporation.   But  It  ll  hereby  provided
iimt in event of tny of ttld
.. Dlilrlcl
LoU being now or beretfler mbdlvld-
ed then the loltl levy for such Dlilrlcl
Lol will be divided tnd levied ind
form a lien or charge upon the different
ptrll ibercof according lo lh| rupee
live   values  of tuch   pirn  OU   (he  It-
•eitmenl roll for tbt yetr In which
mch levy ll made, tnd I cerllled copy
of "nisi ptiiilon tnd pf inn iiyi.nw
may be registered In Ihe Land Regis
try office In tbe clly of Vtncouver 01
u i-hurge or Hen igllnil Ibe ttld Dlilrlcl   Lott.
7 The debt hereby cretted ll crrii-
ed on the tecurlly of Ibt ttld Wen
i'nplluno improvemenl Rile leltled ind
levied it hereinbefore provided and II
It guaranteed by tht Municipality tl
large. .
f This ByLaw nth bt died for
purpoiei .1 The Welt Ctpllmo
Irlcl Improvenjtnt loan 8yT.iW, 1
and tbtJI take effect on iht dty or Ihe
dale of the reglilrillon thereof In Ibe
office of Ibe County Court tor Ibt Dlilrlcl of Norlb Vancouver.
puiied In Ihil Council on (ht 31th
dty of September, Iill.
Receive! the ment of thi Kleclori
nl an election held on tht
dty of llll. . .
Hecontldered ind flntlly tdopled by
Ibt Council and signed by tht Reeve
thd Clerk and tciled Wilb tht Corporate Ben   on the dty of
op which ihe vote ,.
will be laken within the polling placet
I the Lynn Valley in- mm, Hull. Ihe
iim eb Hall al tbe corner of Lonsdale
Avenue and (Jueen Btrect and ul Hollyburn, Well Cnplliinn. ull In the Dlilrlcl of North Vancouver, on Sulunluy.
Ihe inn day of October. IBII. between
the huni» of 8 o'clock u in and 7 o'clock
Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICK It hereby given
ilml Ihe vote of the Kleclori of Hie Dlilrlcl of North Vancouver will be luken
on "The Btreeli Loun ByLaw, 1811,"
on Saturday, the llth day of October,
llll, belwern the hours of 9 o'clock
t.m tnd 7 o'clock p.m. wllhln the following polling placet, vli: The Lynn
Valley Initllute Hall. Ihe Church Hall
al Ihe corner of Lomdale Avenue and
Queen illeet tnd il Jlollyburn. Welt
capilano. til Jn tbe Dlilrlcl of Norlh
Vancouver, and that John O. Fanner
hai been appointed Returning Officer
to lake the volet of the Kleclori with
the uiual power! In lhal behalf.
lie order of the Council.
BR, M$W,:T
TAKK NOTICK lhat thi above li •
Irue copy of tbe proposed ByLaw upon which (he vote of the Municipal ly
will be Ifken wllhln ihe pollln/ Placet al the Lynn Valley fnitliulf Htll,
ibe Church Htll it Iht cornSr of Lent-
■isle Avenue snd Uueen sired and it
Hollyburn. Well Capilano, all li Ihe
District Of Norlb Vancouver, otT Saturday, tht llth dty of October. III),
between the hours of I o'eloek A.m.
and 1 e'ele^jjp „ ~aBM«H.
Returning OfBcir
(•wtr Oonntc'tiont
PUBLIC NOTJCK is hereby given
tbat all owners of real property front.
Ing or abutting upon a itrtet or lane
In which or under which a main or
common sewer is laid are hereby re
quired to connect any building pr promises upon such properly wlto Such
main w common newer.
Permits may be onlaiued from the
Plumbing Inspector at his office at Ibe
City Hall between tbe houn of. » a.
m. and 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. »nd i got.
JM following rsguUtlons govern tbe
(Ooutluusd Fran Psgt Om.)
your minds thtt review it unnecessary.
But tho matter calls for more tban
pasting notice from us. 1 venture te
suggest lliul a committee should be ap
pointed hero thii evening to take iteps
to orgauize a branch of tho Auocia
linn Mr. McCandleii refcrrod to and
to raiso a local fuml for promotion
purposes. This it a movement tbat wc
should by all meant take a leading part
iu ai the outcome of it meant very
much for our city aud diitrict.
I nm greatly pleased that oue matter
whicii wo have long bad iu view ii now
at length assuming sonic definite lhape.
I rofcr lo the movement for tbe or
gnui/uliiin ami development of harbor
work. The importance of tbit move
incut i iiiiiusi be ovcrcitimatcd, and ill
onsuuiuiulion will entirely change the
face of the Nortb Shore. Having in
view the difficulties wbicb -came in our
way iu HUM aud 1910 over this mailer,
we suggested early thii year that tbe
Dominion government be atked to up
point a commission of osperls aud
make recommendations on tbe whole
matter. Wc bad conference with dele
gates from Vancouvor Board of Trade
to ascertain if we could make common
nuse with tbem in the matter of thit
enijuiry but without any satisfactory
results. Wc have now got together t
Joint Civic Committee ef the North
shore aud tbat committee ii diligently
prosecuting ill work. Tbe course now
before them ii preparing a bill lo in
orportle a barbor board for tbe North
shun-: to prepare a plan of tbe moit
urgent harbor worka contemplated,
and an eitimate of tbo coit of them;
aud to prepare a memorial letting
forth Ilie whole circumstance! In
thii way wc hope to preient our whole
caio to the government in a definite
form ami if controveny arise we can
then ask for a commission of enquiry.
Wo aro'now being uked to make
ouiiuon cause witb a now Joint Committee ou the toutb tbore. Certainly
Ibis board hai uo reason lo hinder any
south shore inovomcut, but rather tu
encourage it in every way peniblc, but
1 think I express tbe sentiment uf
many when I say that wo should give
undividcil attention lo obtaining a
Nurth Hhore harbor worthy pf the in-
Id and the location which is one of
the Hues! harbors in the world. Let
mc earnestly beg tbat thero be uo dl-
vided counsels among ui over thii
mutter. The formation ef a harbor
cannot posiibly prejudice the intcreiti
of any private owners er private en
Icrprisei. Whatieevcr laud li requir
cd will be fully paid for, tod Ibe es
liililisliiiicnl of the worki will enor-
mouily onbance tbe value of tbo lands
not expropriated near at band, and do
moro than anything die to localixe a
large commercial and carrying trade
lo and from tbis city—to say nothing
if tbe incoming of industries.
In coiirluiioo Mr. Philip referred to
Iho help that he bad received from hit
colleagues, mentioning particularly
Aid. Siniili and "our active apd pains
Inking secretary Mr, i. W. Donald-
An interesting presentation wat tben
made to the treasurer of tbe board, Mr.
II. A. Shaw. This took tbe form at a
very handsome silver tea-set and wat
presented to Mr. 8haw not as a com
pollution for hii Itbon, but is tbt
wordt Of tbe president—a* a token of
tbeir respect and eitccm.
Mr. Shaw received tbt gift aaid loud
and prolonged applause and acknowledged it briefly, alluding to himself ai
tbe m ott turpritcd man in North Van-
The following oflcen wire then
elected for the coining year:
Hon. President -Mayor McNeitb.
President-Aid. Smith.
lit vice pretident-Mr. K. H. Bridgman.
ind vice-prttidtni-Mr. A. B. Kealy
Secretary-Mr. 1. W. Donaldson.
Treasurer—Mr. Hearjr A. Shaw.
Kxocutive-Messrs. Fred T. Sals
bar/, C. O. Heaven, A. I. Henderson,
A. 0. Perry, /. f. O'C. Wood, 0«o. H
Morden, 0. flbtpbtrd, W. Diekiason,
I. Stephen Md T. W. Downtjr.
Half Price Sale
In p|tjer tp make a complete clean-up of ail summer
lines and thus make room for (he pew fall order* »lre»dy
invoiced, we will sell fojr half price the underment»|iecl
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$5.00 Udiei' Wash Suits, white and colon, lale   $2.50   '
V.50Jjtdiei'WaihSiiiU. wMle and co|or«, wle $3.75
Sizes 34,36 and 38 only.
Boy's and Ctrl'* Summer Had, regular price 25c to
$100; M|* HALF PUCE
LatW Uwn Wairti, ilightly »oiWi • Iwf. wilty _
P»i-roi; ,, HALF PRICE
Ladies' and Gill's Parasols, ranging (rom 25c in Girl'i and
JIQOinLadie.'   m 7. ...JiAWPWCE .
Boy'i WaihSuiMale THIED OFF
Gent'i Straw Hau HALF PRICE
Geni'i Summer VeiU    HALF PRICE
if 11 "      ,'
Western Decorating & Plumbing Co.
.   Mantels Made to SntcUcation.  AJ1 Estimates Furnlsbed Frtt.
Wt Can and Will Bavt You Irom 10 to SO ptr ctnt. on All Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, etc.
P. O. Box 1987.   Offlct—S. W. Corner Esplanads and St. Oeorgt't Avt.
Wu have a lew lots for sale close to Lonsdale Avenue
Carline in ilie City. Prices $460 to $500 on very
easy terms. We believe these to be the cheapest lots
left in the vicinity of Lonsdale Ave. Cull in and we
will show you over Ihem.
1 )     •      —   i • - '
The North Vancouver Truit Co., Ltd.
Btal  EiUlt and  KinimciaJ Agtntt'.
Agreomonti ol Hale diicuunlod.
219 Lonidale Avenue Telephone 44
BliRHARD SASH & DOOR FACTORY, foot of St. feorga
Wt solicit a trial bid on vour Orderiuntil ur lint
Vancouver Business Directory
All l>r,1T»SITS.
j 19 Pender itreet, Vaneouver
Nortb Vancouver
Groceries and Provision!
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hasting* St. (dowmtaira)
Delivery Tueadayi and Fridays
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The only up-to-date and reliable baib house in British Columbia.
We cure wbere others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain hatha, electric baths,
shower baths, massage for body, scalp and face; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of Berlin, Germany
Of, Hailing, S*. W,
C.ntta . Qr.ita.t Wamrn School
R. i. ^prm, BA., - :itanag.r
pitman's wmm (COMICE
Hit Seymour #t., Vw-OfW
Q*V 1^ *m*#:m ym
\ iMymf'
su wwi- tuml. mm
Sign and Fries llsrksrs
lo Fairfield Bid.      Pons R)|rt
Yorkshire Gusrsnles k Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Klff Houlgat* - -. Maosgir
19 Uorth Vancoorir antrndp Md ef
Kther Flank Blook or R|#1ms 84.,
*W1ttW mm rwW frOf" t^mr*   ujffl-yyw I,
m, BV.|,AH |a tMkl* Ik* Oaigarailon
It tlw Illy at Nortb Vancouver
lu ralae Us was at loan Ikt aum
nl IUhNsiw ler tehenl gargetce.
WHEHEAS tbt Board oi Truilce!
Vol Norlb Vancouver clly Ucliooi uit-
-tflpt havt prepared a dttalled csllmalo
OMbe tumi required tu meet apodal
or extraordinary txpeniei legally In-
currablt by tht Board, which etllmatt
It im followa:
Ultimate of Special or Extraordinary Expenditure—
I'lirchiiiu of School Silo, Block
ii,.i). I,, cei 91S.6O0
Expcnsei ultondanl upon peanut of Ihli By-law and
»alu of debenturei.       lei
ANII WHEREAS tile laid eltlniale
waa laid before tho Clly Council and
duly .'..111.1.1. i..i by tha tald Council,
und Ibe laid sum ubove mentioned wua
ilnully rejected and dltappruved by Ibe
said Council on Iht ttventh dty of
August,  1)11.
ANII WHEREAS tbe Mayor of the
city hat tinea tht rejection tnd dlt-
upprovul of tbe laid ultimate, to-wll;
on Ibe thirtieth day of August,  llll,
received   from   the  Secretary  of   ihu
suld Hoard of School Truiteet, a writ
ten request lhat tha laid Mtyur tul
mil for in.- assent of the electort,
tho munner prescribed by Beetle
of tho Municipal Clautel Act a/Hy
luw authorising tho pruputld ajflieiidl
lura und if neceuary  Unionising  uf
the   moneyt   required   lu/ilefruy   the
i-i in.' upon Ihb credit of Chi munlclpul-
((*■ .    >
AJJp WHEREAS It It neceitary lhat
Ihu said  money  bt  ralaed  upun   Iho
.-i. .in of ibo municipality.
AND WHEREAS the Council baa
authorlied the submission Of this Byluw to the electort.
ANII WHEREAS for the payment of
Inlerest on Ihe debenturei propoied to
be lnuoil under thit By-law, und for
creating u alnking fund for the payment or the tuld debenturei when due,
It will be neceitary to rulse by tpe-
< In. rulo In addition lo all other ralei,
each year during tbe currency of auch
debenturei tbe turn of I68J.06, whereof 1(96.25 It lo bo raited tnnutlly for
the payment of Inlorett during the
currency of suld debenturei, und |S6 DO
10 be i.n - -i unnuully for Ihe purpoie
of in,.llm. a linking fund for pay-
luunt of the debt aecured by the tuld
debentures the some being mado pay-
.ii.ii In fifty yeurt from tho flnt duy
of September. 1911.
WllEltEAS in urder to ralae tba aaid
yearly turn of $683.06 for Inlerett und
sinking fund, un equal tpuclul rale on
the dollar will bo required to be levied
on ull tbo ruleablo real property In
Ihu said city.
ANH WHEREAS Ibo wbolo rateable
real properly In the laid clly, according In the lusl reviled ulleument roll,
la 110.990.371.
AND WHEREAS the aggregate of
the existing debenture debt of the corporation li ima.iiTu (excoptlng for
worka of local Improvement and for
ichool purpoiei), of which none of
Ibe principal or Intereat It in arrear.
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council of the Corporation of lha Clly of
North Vuncouver, with the aticnl of
the cleclurs of the City of Norlb Vuncouver duly obtained, enacti aa follows:
I. It thall be lawful for Iho Muyor
of Ibe Clly of North Vancuuvir and
Ibo Cily Clerk for Ihe purpoie afore-
i-.iiii lo borrow or ralie by way of loan
from any periun or penunt, body or
bodlet corporate, who may be willing
lo advanco 'the aame upon the credit
of tho dcbcnliirce hereinafter mentioned of the corporation, a tuni of money
nol' exceeding In Ihe whole the turn
of |1S.260.00 and lo caute the same to
be placed In tho Bank of British Nortb
America at North Voncouver, to the
credit of the city for the purpoie above
recited, und tucb moneyt ahull he used
for tbut purpoie only.
2 llebs'iiliiret. ol Die clly uul .»*-
ceedlng In um..mn Iho ium of IIS,160
muy be Issued by the auld Mayor and
Clly Clerk In i. mis uf the Municipal
Clnuica Act In siiiiih at may be desired, liul not exceeding 11,000.00 each,
or Hie equivalent expreised In pounds
' iterllng  uf  tbo   Unllcd   Kingdom   of
seul i ■ ti .in and Iri'liind nl Ihe value
of 14.86 2-2 In the puund ilerllng.
Each uf the aaid debenture! ahull be
algned   by  Ihe  tabl  Muyur  und  Clly
iHi. and ihe City clork shull ullix
ib. i. tn Ihe Corporate Seal of the laid
Clly uf Norlh Vancouver.
3. The debenturei shull bear dale
the Ural day uf September. 1911. and
sliull hear Inieresl at Ibe, rale of four
and nm isJi (|U) per cent, per annum puyablu half yearly on (he lint
day nf March and the flrst day of Sop-
Is i-.i" i in each and every year during
the currency of Ihe tuld dehenluret,
or ony uf tbem. There shull bo attached lo the debenlures coupons
llgned by Ibo Mayor onl_ for each
and every payment or lArcsl ihul
may become due, and mn Irslgnulurc
muy lie either written, tttmpe.1, prlnt-
e.l or llthogruplied thereon.
4 The said debenturei at lo principal uml Inieresl may be made payable either In currency ur ill equivalent In niuiudi ilerllng at the value
uf I4K6 2-S to Ihe puund ilerllng at
"ml) place ur place! In Oreal Britain.
i mi..i Slatet of America or the Dominion of Canada aa may be agreed
upon belween Ihe curpnratlun and the
holder ii,, not. and the laid principal
sum sliull bl made payable by the clly
ul a dulc not later than Mty yean
from the flnt day of September, llll.
6. During tba whole term of tbe
currency of the wld dobtnlurci t tpe-
ilu] rule on (bo dollar thill be levied
und raited each year In addition lo all
other ralei un all the rateable real
property In tbe clly ond lufficlent to
uny Ihe Inlereil upon Ilia laid debenture!, and to create a Kinking fund for
Ihe payment of the principal thereof
when due. aubject lo tny acl or en-
ictinent respecting (he lame. Sucb
special rale thall  be Inicrled In  Ibo
iiIIi'.i.ji'h lull ui rolll., and xliull be
payable lu and collected by Ibe laid
corporation In tbo aame way aa olber
ralea in the laid roll or rolll, live al
herelnufler provided.
t. fn urder to provide for Ihe ratet
set nut In paragraph (6) and lublect
m aforeiald, there thall bo railed annually by ipeclol rale during Ihe currency nf the laid debenturei Hie ium
uf 1696.26 lo provide for Ibe payment
of Inlerett thereon, and the turn nf
186.80 for Ibi repaymoni of the prln-
clpal thereof.
7. The nroceedt of the tald dehenlurea iball be applied u followa, and
not ulfaerwlte:
is) In payment of Ibe coil of Ihe
panning of Ihli By-law ud the luue
und wile of Dm debentures therein referred to. and ill ixpenici connected
wilh the laid leu.
tb) Jn recouping Ihe laid corpora-
Hun for tuch lumi at have Juan expended hereunder until tbe proceedi
of the tale qf Ihe laid debenturei become! available
le) To carry out the purposes of
ibii By-luw a* above **t out.
I.   Nu rebate iball be allowed on ihe
ratet io bt ltvled under Mill
It By-l*w Hull !*** effect on
- •» pUti tor
I) on tht llth
*i th* tltotor*
Anally adopted, eigne,
and Ulty Clerk, end
Corporate Seal on tpe
of i AR.
of tho Pity ol nurth Vanoouver at an
election for tbe purposo on tilt
day of
lloeiintliluriid   by   the   Council   nnd
Anally adopted, algned or the Mayor
eeuied with j!lu
fi" '   A.P- »»!!•
TAJJE NOTICJS tbit tlie above It »
Irue copy of tho prnpoted Bylaw upon
which Ihe vole of the electors of the
Municipality of tho City ol North Vancouver will he taken within Ibe city
Hall, North Vuncouver, B. (., on Sul-
urduy. Iho Ilh day of October, A. I).
1911. I'.ii'. ..ii the limn.', of 0 o'clock
a. m. and 7 o'clock p. m.     .
C|ty Clerk und Htturning niDoor.
1'IIBJ.IC NOTICE |t hereby given thul
tlie vnle of Hie eleclori of Ihu City of
Nurlli Vancouver will bo l.il.eii «u the
iii. duy of October, 1911, between the
houn of :i o'clock u. in anil 7 o'clock
n. m.,on "Thti Schooje Extraordinary
Expenditure I .mm Bylaw, No. 2. 1911."
ami Hint within Ibe Clly Hall, Nnrlh
Vancuuvar. B. O.. and lhal Thurnui
Shepherd haa been appnlnled Relurnlng
i mi. i r to take tha vote pf tuch
eleclori wilh thu usuul powers In Ibul
By Ordor nf tbe Council.
Clly Clerk.
Ill LAW  NO. ltl*.
A BYLAW tp enable Ike Corporation
»l Ikt cti) nf Nurlk Vtaeuuvcr
in ralie br was ot lata Ike earn
. it mm lu purcbai.- real
properly for corporate pur-
WHEREAS a petition llgned by the
.'.'.I,, i.i of muru thun une-lenlh (1-10)
uf ihe value uf real prupcrly In Jh«
city, aa shown by tbe lust reviled us-
•aliment roll, hut been presented to
tlie Council requeuing ihem to introduce a Bylaw to airtburlie tbem to
borrow the ium of tlxty-thrcu Ihou-
lund (168,000) dollar! fur the purpoie
of ucqulrlng by purcbaae Lola i and 2,
Block II, and Loll 4, 6 and 6, Block Si.
In Hie lubdlvlilun of Dlilrlcl Lot 649,
containing Ava and one-quarter lift)
ueroa, more or leal, together wilh Ibe
building! erected Ihereon, Ihe iame
being neceuary fur corporale purpoiei.
AND WHEHEAS II ll deemed neceitary to acquire by purchuie tuch land
und the bulldlnga thereun for corporate
AND WHEREAS fur the payment ol
Ini.ti si un tho debenlurea prupuaed to
be laiued under Dili Bylaw, und for
creating a linking fund for the payment of the aaid debenlure! when due.
II will be necenury lu raise by speclul
rate, In addition to all olher ratea,
euch year during Ihe currency of tucb
debenturei. the sum of 11,147.70,
whereof 12.866.00 li to be railed annually for Hie payment uf Interest
during Ihe currci)py.nf aald debenturei
•nd 1412.70 lu bv ralaed unnuully fur
tbo purpuse uf crcuilng .. linking fund
fur payment of the debt aecured by
Ihe laid dehenlurea, the iame being
made puyable In Afty yean frOm the
flnt day of September, 1911. .
AND WHEREAS In order to ralie
Ihe laid yearly aum of 11,217.70 for
Imerest und alnking fund, un equul
speclul rate on Ihe dollar will be rc-
qunreil lo be levied ull ull Ihe ruleuhle
real property Jn Ihe laid clly.
AND WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
reul properly In tbo laid clly, according tn the latl reviled aieeeimcnt rull
la 110,990.171.
AND WHEREAS Ihe aggregate of
m. .-i in,i debenlure debt of Ihe
Curpiirallun li 1849,670 (excepting fur
wurki uf local Improvement and fur
achool purpoiei), uf which nunc uf
Ihe principal ur Intereat li In arrear
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Cuuncll
of the Corporation of the Clly of
Nurlh Vuncuuver, with Iho anenl uf
the ell' I..is of Ihe city of North Vancouver duly i.l.i.iiiicsl. enacti tt followt: .
1. II shull be lawful fur the Muyur
of lha clly uf Nurlh Vancouver and
Ihe ('Ily Clerk, fur the purpose afore-
auld, lo borrow or ralae by way of
loan from uny person ur perioni, body
nr budlci corporate, who may be willing tn advance Ihe aame upun the
credit of the dehenluret herelnufler
mentioned of the Corporation, a turn of
money not exceeding In the whole Ibe
turn uf 162,000, and lu cuuae tba tame
tu be piuced In Ihe Bank* of Britlab
Nurlli America ut Nortli Vancouver, to
the credit of the city for Ibe purpoae
above recited, ond aucb moneyt ihull
be used for that purpuie only.
1 Dehenluret uf Ibe city not exceeding In .nu.,iini Ihe lum of 161,000
may be Iuued by Ibe auld Mayor and
Clly Clerk In i. nu.. uf the Municipal
Cluuaea Acl In mnn ui may bo desired, but not exceeding one thouiand
.1..ii.ii . (11.000) each, or Ihe equivalent
expreaaed In pounds ilerllng of ihe
Untied Mn,'.P.in uf Great Britain and
licliin.l ul the value uf 14.11 8-1 lo
the pound sterling ' Each uf Ihe laid
debentures ahall ba llgned by (be
staid Mayur and City Clerk, and Ibe
Clly Clerk shull ..Hlx Iherclo the corporate teal of Iht did City of Norlh
I. The .li I,,i,iuiei slmll bear date
Ihe Aral duy of September, llll, and
ahall bear Inlerett at the rite of four
and urn i..ii iliM) tier cent per
annum paynble half yearly on Ihe Ant
duy of March and the Ant dty of
September In each and every ytar
during Ihe currency of the tald de-
bintuftl ur uny nt ihem. There ahall
be .iiiu. In il tu the debenturei coupon!
-ice .1 bv ilu' Muvssr i,iii. for .... b and
every payment of lntereit that may
becume due, and tucb ilgntlure mty
be either written, Humped, printed or
llthuprui in 'I   Ihereon.
1. The aald debenturei at to principal and Inlerett mty bt made payable either In currency or Itt equlvt-
lenl In puundt iterllng et the value of
Il.ll l-l to Iht pound ilerllng it tucb
place or placet In Ureal Britain,
rulied Slttti of America or Hit Dominion of Canada at mty bt tgrttd
upon between the Corporation und
tho holder thereof, and (ht laid principal turn thall be made payable by
the clly at a dttt not liter Iban flfly
yein from Ihe Ant day of September,
6. During thi whole term of ttl
ctireiiey nl tht laid debenlure* a
speclul rate on the dollar thall bt
levied grid relied each year fft addition
to all other ratet on ill tht rateable
i .-ul property In Ibt clly tnd luitlclent
lo pay ihe Intereat upun the laid dl-
benturei. tnd to create t linking fund
Yor the puymenl of tbt principal
thereof when due, tubject lo any act
or enactment rttpcctjng the lame
Such inc-lal rate ihall bo Interted In
Ihe eullecior't roll or rull* and ihall
be puyable to and collected by Ihe
•aid corporation in Ihe tame way at
other ralei In the tall roll or rolll.
tave at hereinafter provided
I. In prdtr lo provide for tht ralet
wt out It paragraph It) and tubject
aa aforeaald. there tbilj be raised annually by ipcclal rati during tbe currency of tbt aald debenturei Ibe turn
of ll.lll.lt) f,d provide for Ibe payment of Inlerett tberton, end Ihe turn
Of 1112.70 for the repayment of tho
principal thereof.
I. 7M/ar.oeteli ol tht laid debtn-
lorn ahall bt Applied a* fojlowi, Ih*
%ot ethirwlati
iu) in payment of the cost pf tht
pusslng sit t)i|a Bylaw and the Issue
And "fit of tilt debenture! therein rt-
ftrred to, gnd nil expentet connected
With the to|d Joan.
ib) Jn recouping the told Corporation for auch .luma at Dave been expended hereunder until the proceeds
of the tale of ihe said dehenluret become  nviilliib|e.
(0) To epfry ont the purposes of
this Bylaw aa ubove aet out.
8. Nn i-elmii! thall he allowed on
lha apodal ratal to bt levied under
ihli Bylaw.
I. This llyluw thall tuke effect on
tht day of the patting.
10. Tills Byluw may be cited for all
puriiQiat aa "Tbo 16)1) Sfroet Property
I'lirclniiic  l.sinli  llyluw,   lllll."
Pulsed by tbo Cuuncll on the 20th
due nt Sciiiembor. 1811.
Received the uaient of Iho electort
of tho Clly of North Vancouver at an
election for Ihe purpoae on the
day of
Rei'iiiiiiliii i.il  by the    Council    and
llnuii.  sislisi leil.  signed  bv  tho  Mayor
and City Clerk, and aeulcd wilh tlio
. in iiMi.it,   aeal un tho day of
A. D. llll.
TAKE NOTICE that tbo above It a
true copy of tho prnpoted Bylaw upon
which Ibe volo of the aloctort of the
Miii'b-lpnllty of Ibo City of Norlh Vancouver will bo taken wltbln the City
Hull, Norlb Vuncuuver, B. 0., on Saturday. Iho Ith duy of October.
A. D. l|tl., between tha hour! of 9
o clock' a. in. and 7 o'clock p. m.
Clly Clerk and Returning1 Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE ll hereby given
that the vole uf Ihe elector! or the
Jity uf North Vuncuuver will be
niton mi the 7th day nf Octnbor,
19|l, between the houn ef 9 o'clock
a. m. and 7 u'clock p.' m. on "The 16th
Street Property Purchuie Loan Bylaw,
llll," and Ibat wltbln Ibe City Hall,
North Vancouver. B. C, und thul
Tbomua 8hepherd haa been appointed
Relurnlng OlAcer lo lake the vote of
auch ele.ii.is with the utual puwers
In lhat behalf.
By Order of Iho Council.
City Clerk.
A ill lit. lo enable tke I '..rpurailuu
of Ike Illy uf Nurlk Vancuuver
lu ralae by wty ut luan Ike aum
uf »:i.iiiki for Ike purpoae uf
maintaining Ihe l-'l.c Depart-
WHEREAS It la .deemed expedient
in (be Interest ul Iho city to burrow
•' 'iuu for Hie i i,i i .,...,- uf in,hi.i,unIni.
Ihu Fire Brigade, aume being an expenditure neceuary fur aailstuiice uf
she Eire lieiiui'tmelll ul the city.
ANI) WHEREAS In urder (hereto It
will be Hi's clam.! lu issue debenlures
uf the Clly uf North Vuncouver for
the sum of 13.(iuu ua hereinafter provided (which la Ihe amount of ibo
slebl Intended lo be created by thii
Bylaw) Hie pruceedi uf lha laid debenlure! lo be applied to (he auld purpoae! and lu no other:
AND WHEREAS u petition llgned
by Hie owners uf mure lhan une-lenlh
11 Ini ihu value ut real prupcrly In
im city luia been presented lo the
City Cuuncll requeuing Ihem to Introduce u Byluw to authorise Ihem lu
l.orruw the aum uf three tbuuiand
'I.i.nous ib.ii.ii... for Ibe purpuie oforc-
ANIi WHEREAS fur Ihe payment
ut Interest In the debenturei propoaed
to be lasued under thla By-law, und
fur ,ii.iin,,. u alnking fund fur the
puyment of the aald debenturei when
Tin. it will be neceuary tu ralao by
.,i-i . i.sl rale in .in.inn.is to ull "Uu i
rutei, euch yeur during the currency
of such deheiilurei Iho lum of 1164.66,
wbereuf 1136 00 Ii lu be railed unnual-
'., lur Ihe payment ul inieresl during
.ie currency uf suld il.bcutures. und
119.66 lu be raises! unnuully fur Ihe
purpuse uf creating a sinking
fund fur Hie payment uf Hie debt
aecured by Hie laid debenture! Hie
aume being made payable In flfly yeara
from the (list day uf September, llll
AND WHEREAS In order to ralao
tbe .".nil yearly aum uf .1 4>6 for Intereat und linking fund, an equal tpe-
clu] rale un ihe dollur will be required
tu be levied un oil the rateable real
pruperty in the auld city.
AND WHEREAS (be whulo rateable
real pruperty In Ihe aald city according to Ihe laat revlaed aascssiflcnl
rull Is 110.990.171.
AND WHEREAS Ihe aggregato of
the exiallng debenture dent of the
curpurullun ia 1649,670 (excepting fur
work! uf lien) Improvement and fur
ichool purpoiei) ul which nunc of (be
principal ul liii.Test Is in arrear.
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council uf the Curporallun uf Ihe Clly of
Nurlh Vancuuver, with the aaicnt of
the 11. ■ imi:: uf Ibe Clly of Nurlh Vancuuver duly obtained enacti at followa:
1. It ibtll bo lawful for the Mayur
of Hie City of Nurth Vancuuver and
tht Clly Clerk for Ibe purpoie aforeiald to borrow or ralie by way of loan
from any porton ur. j.-.suns, body or
bodlei corportlt, wlio mty he willing
to advance tbt aame upon tbe credit
of Ihe debenture! hereinafter mentioned nf the corpuratlon. a aum ut money
not exceeding In Iho wboie Iht turn
of 12,000 00 tnd to cauie the lame lo
be placod In Ibe Bank of Brlllih Norlh
America tt Norlh Vancouver, lo tht
credit of the clly for the purpoie tbove
recited, and such muneyi ahall be uied
for thai purpott only
I Dobtnturtt of Iho city not exceeding In amount the turn of 12,000.00
may be Iuued by Ihe laid Mayor and
Cily Clerk In termi of Iho Municipal
cluuses Acl In iuiiii aa may be deilred,
but not exceeding ll,00000 etch, or
(he equivalent expressed In pound!
iterllng of the United Kingdom of
Oreat Britain and Ireland at Ihe value
of |4 II2-1 lo Ihe pound ilerllng.
Each uf Ibe tald debenturei thall be
llgned by the ttld Mtyor tnd City
Clerk and Ihe Clly Clerk slmll afAx
Iherclo Ihe Corporale Sea) of the
tald Clly uf North Vtncouver.
I. The debenlurea iball bear dale
tbe Ant day pf September, llll, and
■hill bear Intersil at Ihe rait of
four and opt-btll ll'/,) per cent, per
annum htlf ytarly on the Ant day of
March and ibt ftrit day uf September
In etch gnd every year during thl
currency of Iht tald debenture!, or
any of Ihem. There ihall be attached
To tht debenture! eoupuni llgned by
tht Mayor only, for etch and every
puymenl of Intereat lhat may becume
due, ud tuch tlgnature may be either
written, Hamped, printed or lithographed Ihereon.
t. Tbt laid debenturei at to principal and inlerett may be made payable either Jn currency or ill equivalent In noundi iterllng at Ihe value
of IIII l-l lo tbe pound sterling at
tuch place or placet In Oreal Britain,
Hulled Slain of America or the Dominion uf Canada ai may bt agreed
upon between Ibe curporodon tnd the
bolder (hereof .and lot laid principal
turn tbtlj be made payable by Ibe
clly al  a dale  uot   later  Iban  Afty
yeart from tht Ant day of September,
I,   During tht  wholt term of th*
currency  of  tbt  tall  dtbintufit  a
tntojal rate pp tht dollar ahull bo
levied and rajttd each year in addition to a|) other rates on all the rateable feul property In iho c(|y pni tuffl-
ci'Tii to pay the Intereat upon the tald
slobs'iitiirus, and lo create a linking
fund for the payment of the principal ilii'ie.ii when due, tubject ip any
UPt of I'liiicinioiil ri'iipeciliin tho aume.
Such npecliii rate ahall be Inaerted In
tho I'liiiei'tiii:: Roll or Holla, and thai)
be payable to and collected by the
aald corporation In tlio tame way at
other rati! In thu laid roll or rolls,
lave uu hereinafter provided.
6, In order to provide for the rutes
■tt out In paragraph (6) apd aubject
ut mm, .'mill, there ..hull be ralaed un-
nptlly by speclul rule during H|e currency of the tald debentures Ihe sum
of 1136.00 to provldo for tbe payment
of Interest thereon, and the sum of
118.66 for Ibo repayment of tho principal thereof.
7. The iii-ssc,.il:: of tho laid dubon-
turea ahall be uppllod aa follows, und
nol otherwise:
(a) In payment of Iho cott,of the
- i.".iii: ol nils B.'luw una lha Issue
und sub. of the debentures therein referred lu, and all expentes connected
with the tald loan.
(b) In recouping the aald corporation for tuch nninn ua have been expended hereunder until Ibe pruceedt
uf the tale uf Iho auld tiebonturea become! uvullablu.
(c) To carry out tbo purpoacs of
this By-law us ubovo set oul.
I. Nn rebate ihull bo allowed on
the ipcclal rales to be levied under
iin- By-law.
9. This By-law shall tuke effect on
thu duy uf the pusslng.
10. This By-luw may bo cltc.l for
all purposes us "The Firo Brigade
Aaalalance Luan By-law, 1911"
i'aesi'il bv Hie UndnnJI on Iho 20lh
da/ of September, 1911.
Received the assent nf the electors
uf the Clly nf Ninth Vancouver ut an
1.1 linn for thut purpose un tbo
duy of
Roconaldercd by Iho Cuuncll and
Anally adopled, algned by Ihe Mayor
und City Clerk und aeulcd with the
Cm iiiir.ili   Seal un Die day
of , AD. 1911.
TAKE NHTICE Ibat Ihe above la si
true copy of the prutiosuil Bylaw upui:
which ihe vole of the i b ■■•-ra nf Ilu
Munlelpiillly uf Hie City uf Nnrlh Vancuuver will be tuUen wllhln Ihe Clly
Hall, Nurth Vuncuuvor. B. tl, nil, Saturday, the 7th duy nf Ocluber, A. D.
1911, between Hie buura uf 9 u'cluck
.i   m. und 7 u'clock p. in.
Clly Clerk and It, nun In,; Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE la lici'eby given thai
ihe vote of Hie elector! of tile ('Ily oi
Sni-Hi Vancuuver will be taken nn th.
illi day of Ocluber. mil, belween the
m:u:i ol 9 u'dtick u. in. und 7 u'clucl.
p iu. on "The Fire Brigade Assistance
.nun Byluw. 1911." mul thul vvllhin Ilu-
'Ily Hall, Nurth Viineuiiver. Jl. C, nnd
Hint 'rhomiis Shepherd bus been up-
.nilm.il Returning Officer lu tuke lb.
vssle uf auch eleclnra will) tlie usuul
puwers 111 Hint behalf.
By Order uf the Cuuncll.
May ur.
Clly Clerk.
A in -Mil to cubic Ihe Corporation
nf Ibe t'lly nl Norlb Vancuuver
lu ralae by nay of lum tke turn
of ll.'s.nun fur tke purpi.se uf
making, prcacrvlng and repairing rotda and alreela In Ibe clly
Including Ike construction uf
new »iu.-.sulks.
WHEREAS the General Revenue ia
insulin i.tii to im. i the expenditure
neceitary fur the purpuae uf muklng,
preaervlng and repairing ruuds und
slrcets tn ihe city, Incluaing tbo cun-
:,ii is. linn of new tidowulks.
AND WHEREAS ll Is desirable ami
deemed expedient that Ibe sum ut III-
leen tbuuiand 1116.000) dulluis be expended by ib' clly for Ibo purposes
AND WHEREAS In order Iherclo ll
will be neeeasury to issue debenlures
uf the City uf Nurlh Vancouver fur the
sum uf fifteen tbuuiand (|I6.000) dollars aa hereinafter pruvlded (which Is
Iho uniuunt uf Ihe debt Intended lu
be erealcd by thia By-law), Ihe pruceeds of the aald dubenlurea tu be applied to Ihe auld purpulea and lu in.
AND   WHEREAS  a  pellllun  algned
y Die uwn
I  I'U   the
ie Iuued under thii By-law, and for
reeling a alnking fund for Iho pay-
unl of Die laid debenturei whon due,
11-10) the value uf reul pruporly In
Ihe city hai been presented tu the Clly
Cuuncll requeuing them lu Introduce
a By-luw lu uutburlic tbem tu borrow
the turn uf flfteen thuutanii . is..,|0i)j
dullan fur the purpose aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS for the payment uf
Interesl un Ibe debenture! propoied to
be Iuued under tbii By-law, and for
It will be neceuary lo raiio for tpe
clal rate In addltlun lu all other- ratet,
each year during the currency of auch
debenlurea the lum of 177126. whereof 1676.00 ll to be railed annually for
Ihe payment of Interest during the
currency nl laid debenturei. and 191.26
to be rolled annually fur Ihe nurpuae
uf creating a linking fund for Ihe
payment uf the debt lecurcfl by the
laid debenture!, Ihe unit being made
payable in fifty yeart from the Aril
dty of September, llll.
AND WHEREAS In order lu rulse
Iht Mid yearly ium nf 1772.26 for Inleretl and linking fund, an equal ipcclal rale un Iho (foliar will be required
tu be levied on ull Ihe rateable real
property In the laid city,
AND WHEREAS tho whole rateable
real property In tho laid city, according lo Ihe lusl reviled nuciinienl
rull  li 110.991,171.
AND WHEHEAS the iggreguto of
Ihe enisling debenture debt of the corporation It 1141.670 (excepting for
workt of local improvement and for
tchuo! purpoiei), of which none of
Ibe principal or Inlerett ll In arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
Of the Corporation of tbe City ul
Norlh Vancouver, with the ossein of
the .bi i"is nf the City of Nurlh
Vancuuver duly obtained, enacti, as
f. It thall he lawful for. Iht Mayur
of the City uf North Vancouver and
iht Clly cferk for tbe purpoto uforo
laid to borrow or ralie by way of
Joan from any person or persons, body
ur bodlei corporate, who may be willing to advance Iba tamo upon (he
credit of the debenturei hereinafter
uienlliined of the corporation, u turn
of money not exceeding In the whule
Ihe turn of-116.000 00 and lo euuio Ihe
tame lo be placed In the Bunk Of Britlab North America at Norlji Viineouver.
to Ibe credli uf Ihe cjly fur Ihe purpoae above recited, and lusb moneyt
slmll be used fur lha] purpoie only.
I. Debenture! of tbe city not »•
renting 111 mm,unl (be turn of IJfs.OOO
may be lisued by (he tald Mayor and
Clly Clerk In ttrmt of the Municipal
clauses Ac/ In tuml at may be deilred,
but nul exceeding 11.00000 each, or
Iht equivalent cxprelicd In noundi
iterllng of the milled Kingdom of
Oreal Britain and Ireland at Ihe value
of |416 2-1 lo Ihe pound iterllng.
Each of thl ttjd debenlure! lhal) be
llgned by Ibe tald Mayor and Clly
qafk, and Iht City |(.Ttrk ibtll alAx
thtrtto Uii Corporate gitl of tbt tald
of North Vancouvtr,
I... Tho debenture! thall bear date
thp Art! day ut Sepiembor, 1811, and
shall bear Internal at the rulo of four
and mio-hiill Ht,) 'per cent, per milium, buyable )ii»jf yearly on the Artt
(lay pf March and ihe Artt day of September In i.'ucb and every year during the currency uf the ta)d debentures, ur any pf tbem. Thero thnll be
attached tq tba debentures coupons
algnud by the Mayor only, for each
and every payment of interttt that
muy iiiTiiini' dps, and luch tlgnature
may be either written, Humped; Jirlnt-
cd or lithographed thereon.
t. The tuld debenture! at to principal and liiieriiiii may be made pay-
ublo cither In currency or lm equivalent In pound iterllng at tho value of
11.861-3 Jo the pound iterllng at such
pines' or places In Great Britain, United Stales uf America or the Dominion
of Canada us may bo agreed upon between tbe corporullon and tho holder
ihereuf, and the tald iirlncpnl sum
shall be mudo payable by tha ulty at a
date imi later than Afty yeart from
tho lirst day of September, llll.'
6. .During thu whole term of the
currency nl Iho suld debentures a speclul rate on the dollar shall bt Icvl.-.l
apd raised ouch year In addition to ali
olber ratet on all Iho rateable real
pruperty In tho city and sufficient lo
pay Iho Interest upbn thu tuld debentures, and lu create a linking fund fur
thu payment of the principal thereof
when duo, ..uiiiiei in any act or enactment respecting the same. Such
special rate thall bo inserted. In the
Collector'! Hull or Rolls, and thall be
payable In and collected by the aald
"uiii"i,ni"ii In the aumo wny at other
ralei In the tald roll or rolit, aave ut
hereinafter provided.
6. In order to pruvldc fur tho ratea
tet out In paragraph (6) und subject
us aforesaid, there ahall tie railed annually by special rale during the currency of the auld dehenluret Ihe turn
of 1676.00 lo provide for the payment
uf Intereat. thereun, and Die sum of
198.26 for Ihu repayment uf tbe principal thereof.
7. Tha proceeda o( the Bald debenture! ahull be applied ai follow!, and
not othorwlau:
ml In payment of the cost of tho
paaalng uf thla By-law,' and the lasuo
und sale of Iho debentures Ibereln referred lo und ull expenses connected
with the suld loun.
.In In recouping the suld corpora-
lion fur such ".ni.:: ui have been expended hereunder until Ihe proceeds
of tho sule of tho suld debenturei becomes available.
(c) To curry oul tbe purposes of
Hill By-law at above aet oul.
8. All moncya arising out of tbo
.uunl.il :i'i, i.ii ruto li.-i, ini., iui,. provided for alnking fund shall bo Inveil-
cil by Ihe Council uf the ssijsl corpora-
llun ffom lime lu lime aa tho law
9. Nn reliute thall be allowed un
the ■ i" i cl rates tu be levied under
Ibis By-luw.
, 10.   This   By-law   shall   take   effect
on the duy uf tho pueilng.
11. This By-law may be cited for
nil purpuBci ui I'Thc Slreota Maintenance Loan By-law, 1911."
Passed by (he Cuuncll nn the 20th
.lav of Sepiembor.  1911.
i:. i. ii. .1  Ihe aaicnl of tho eleclori
of Ihe Clly of Nurlh Vancouver at an
election for the purpoae on tbe
duy of
ii.-. mu,ni. I. il by Iho Council and
finally' adopted, algned py (be Mayor
and City Clerk, and lolled wilb Ihe
Corporate Seal on tho day
of A.D. llll.
TAKE NOTICE (hat the above ia a
Hue copy uf (be prupused Bylaw upun
svhlcb ihe vute of Ine elocturs uf tho
Munlelpiillly uf Ihe Cily uf Nurlh Vuncouver will be luken wllhln Ibe Clly
l.sll Nurth Vancuuver, B O.. on Saturday, the .Hi day of Ocluber, A. D.
1911. belween the hiiuru uf 9 u'cluck
ii. m. und 7 u'cluck p. in.
Clly Clerk und Relurnlng Officer.
PI'BI.IC NOTICE li hereby given thul
the vule uf Ihe electuri uf tile Clly uf
Nurlh v.in. "ir., i will be luken on the
iiii day uf Ocluber. 1911, belween Ibe
buura uf 0 u'cluck u. m. and 7 u'cluck
ii. in. nn "The Slreei Malnlcnunee Luun
Byluw. 1911." und Ihut wllhln the City
II.ill Norlh Vuncouver. B. C. und Ihut
CD.■ in.. Mb. i'ii. ni bus been uppuliilcil
Relurnlng Officer 10 tuke Ihe vule of
sucb ei.i'i'i:, will) Hie usuul puwers In
lhal b. I...II
By Order nf Ihe Cuuncll
Clly Clerk,
111!.".»  NO. ISO.
A BI'LAW lo enable Ike ( urpurallun
ot Ike Clly of Nerlk Vancouver
lo ralae by way ol Iota Ike ium
ef *:io,oou for Walemorkt pur-
poara. '
WHEREAS 11 ll deemed neceuary
and expedient that the ium uf 120.000
he pruvlded for Wutcrwurbi purposes
AND whereas a petition llgned
by the ownert of more than ono-tcnlh
(1-10) tht value of read properly In tho
city, hut been presented io the Clly
Council requeuing tbem lo Introduce
a Bylaw to authorise Ihem lo borrow
(be ium of 110,000 for Wulerworlit
AND WHEREAS Ihe Council but authorised tbe tubmliilun of (bit Bylaw
lo the electort.
AND WHEHEAS fur the puymenl uf
interttt on the debenturei propoied lu
be Iuued under thii Bylaw, and for
creating a linking fumj for the payment of the laid debenture! when due,
It will be neceuary lo rails by ipeclal
rate In addition to all utber ratet,
each ytar during Iho currency of tuch
debenture!, the ium ot 11,611.60,
whereof 11,360.00 ll to be railed annually for the paymenl uf lntereit
during the currency of laid debenture!,
and llm) r.u iu be railed annually for
Iho purpuie of creating a linking fund
fur paymenl uf Ihe debt lecured by tho
laid licheniuro.. the iame being made
puyuble In flfly yeart from tne Ant
day of September, 1811.
AND WHEREAS. In order to ralie
the luld yearly turn of 11.616.60 for
Inlerest and linking fund, an equal
:i"' i.ii rule on (he dollar will be
required lo be levied on .all
Hie rateable real properly In tht told
AND WHEREAS tht whole rateable
nni properly In Hie laid city, according to the loti reviled uleilmoflt roll
Is 110.990.171. •   rt
AND WHEREAS Ihe aggregate of
Ihe existing debenture debt of Hie
Corporallon la |8!9,8?0 (excepting ler
worki' of local Improvement and fur
school purpoiei), of which none Of Ibo
principal or Inlerett It In arrear.
therefore, the Municipal Council
"t tht Corporation of the Clly of
Norlb Vancouver, wilh the niaent of
the eleclori of the Clly of Norlh Vancouver duly obtained, enacti at fol-
1, II Ibtll bt lawful fpr the Mayor
Of ib.. city Of Norlh Vancouver and
Ihe city cferk, for the purpoie tfore-
from any perion or perioni. body or
budlci corporate, who mty bo willing
lu advance Ibe tamo upon the credli ut
tha debenlurea herelnufler mentioned
of tht i'oiI'orutiun, a turn of money
not exceeding In the whule the turn of
and to caute tht tami to bt
placed in the Bonn of BrttUb Nprth
America at North Vuncquvor, tp the
credit of the city for the purpoie above
recited, and tuch moncya ahull be uied
for that purposo only,
f th.
... the supi of III.,.,
muy be Issued by tho Bald Mayor and
2.   .
svi'iiiui; iii amount tho sup
Debentures of the city not ex
urn of Mf
City Clerk In terms pf the Municipal
Clauses Act In sums us may be deilred,
but not exceeding 11,000 each, or the
equlvulenl expressed III pounds Sterling
of tho United Kingdom of qreat
Britain und Ireland at the value uf
lilt 2-8 to the pound iterllng. Each
ot the tuld debenlures thall be llgned
by tho tald Mayor and City Clerk and
the citv Clerk ahull affix thereto the
corporate teal of ihe tald city of
North Vancouver.
1. The debenturei thall boar dote
the Ant day ot September, 1911. mui
shull hear Interest at tbe rule of four
and mie-liuif H'i) per cent, per annum puyable half yearly on tpe Unit
duy of March und tho Arat day of
licpicuihcr In each and every your
during the currency of Ihe ttld ilo-
ti.-inni":.. or uny of thorn. There thall
he attached to Ihe debenturei coupont
signed by tbe Muyor only, tor each and
every payment nf Inlerett that may becume due, and tuch iignutuo muy
be eltber written, Hapipod, mini -si or
lithographed (hereon.
I. The aald dobenlurct mi to prlii->
clpul and Interns' muy be made pay-
.ihu i i-i-1 In "in i.-iic. ,,,- Hi equivalent In pound! ilerllng at tho valut ot
14.16 8-1 lo the pound iterllng at tuch
place or placet In Oreat Britain,
llnllesi Slatet of America or the Dominion uf Canuda aa may be agreed
upun between the Corpuratlon and tht
holder thereof, und thu aald principal
sum shall he miiil.i .puvablo by the clly
at a it.iii not lator than Afty yeart
Hum the lirst day of September, 1911.
6. During Iho whole term of the
currency of the suid debenlurea a
special i.ii,. nn Ihe ilullur shull bo
levied and raised ouch year In addition
lo all olher rules on ull Ihe ruleablo
real property In the clly and tufflclent
lu pay the Interest upun tbe said dehenluret, und tn err ui o a sinking fund
for Iho puymenl uf the principal
thereof when due, subject to any act
or "ii," muni n ..I-, i -iini'. the lame.
Such special rate BhitlJ bo Inserted In
Ihu collector's roll or rolls, and ■hell
be payable tu and collected by the
suld cmiiui.iiii.il In the snme way as
other rates In Iho said roll or rolll,
save us herelnufler provided.
6. In order (o provide for the ratcB
sol oul In , I.-. :.i|,i IG) and aubjecl
ns aforesaid, there shall he railed annuully by i :■: i.ii into during the currency or tho suld dobenlurct the turn
of 11,360.00 lu provide for Ihe payment
uf Inlerest (hereon, und Ihe aum of -
1196.60 for Hie repayment of tho principal iin i. ni
7. The proceeds nf the said debenlurea shall bo ..pi In .I us follow!, tnd
nol otherwise:
(a) In paymenl nf the cnat nf tho
pasaiiiK uf this Uyluw, and Hie Issue
and sale of the delieiiturea tbcroln referred lu. and all expenses connected
with tlie said loan.
(b) In recouping Hie suld Corporation fur auch siima ua have been expended hereunder until Ihu proceedi
uf the sale of Ihu said debenlurea be-
cumca available
le) Tu carry oul tlie nurpuscs uf
Hilt Byluw as abovo sol out.
8. All muneys arising uul uf Iho
iinnuul speclul rule hcrclnheforo provided for tinklnu fnnd sliull he Invested by Hie Council nf the laid Cor-
I'ni.'iiuii frum lime In time as Iho law
9. No rebiito ahull be allowed on
the special rules to be levied under this
10. Tills Byluw shall take effect on
the day of the passing.
II. This lis I.i v. muy be died fnr all
purposes aa "The Waterworks Loan
Bylaw, No. 2, 1911"
Pulled by the Cuuncll un Iho 2011)
duy of September. 1911.
Received Ihe ubsciiI of the elector!
of the City ut Nurlh Vuncouver at an
election fur Ihe purpuse on  tho
day of
I:, ium hi. n .1 by    the    Cuuncll   and
Anally adopted, signed by Ihe Mayor
and Clly Clork, and aealed  Willi  the
curpnriile sen] un Die duy uf
A. D. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE Ihut Iho above ll a
true copy uf the propoied Byluw upon
which the vote uf Hie eleclori of tho
Municipality of the City of North Vancouver will be taken wltbln the Clly
Hall. North Vancouver, B. C, on Uul
iinluy. Hie Tth ul Dcluhcr. A. D. 1911,
between the huura of 9 o'clock a. m,
and 7 u'cluck p. ni.
Clly Clork und Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NnTli'i: ll hereby given
Ibul the vule uf Ihu eleclori of tho
Clly of North Vancuuver will be luken
un Ihe 7th day nf Ocluber. I'll
belween Ibo houra of 9 u'cluck n. m.
and 7 u'cluck p. m. on "The Water-
ii ui I,a Loan Bylaw, Nu. 2, 1911," und
thul wllhln Ibe City Hall. Nurlh Vuneuuver, B. *■'., and lhat Thuniaa Shepherd hat been uppoinled H'.-iurnlng
Officer to  I.sl."    the    vote    nf    such
i lis lum   with   the   usual   puw.-l.-:  Ill   that
By Order of Iho Council.
Clly Clerk.
BV-I.AW 90. IM.
A Hl'-l.llV lo enable Ike I oraorallon
nf Ike (Ily of North Veecouvrr
to ralie by way ol leee Jbc aum
of 111,000 for Ibr I'rutrrgllon of
Public llralik In Ike clly.
WHEREAS It It deemed expedient
and nocesiary'lo borrow Iho ium of
•Ix thouiand (16.000) dollar! for
heal lb purpose!
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by Ibo owneri of moro lhan uno-lcnth
nl tho value of real properly In Ibo
clly at shown by the lait rovlied
Assessment Roll hut .been presented
to Ibe Council requesting Ihem (o Introduce a By-law lu uulhorlio Ihem
to burruw Ibo sum of six thouiund
116.000) dollurt fur Ihe preservation uf
public b.islib In Ihe clly.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
lntereit on (ho debenturei propoied
to bo Itiucd under Ihli By-luw, and
for cro#lng u linking fund for Ibo
paymenl of the laid debenturei when
dqe, It will be neceuary lo ratio by
apodal rule In addition tu ull oilier
rales, each year during tbe currency
of sdfh debenturei tho lum of 1109 20,
whereof »270 00 Ii lo be raited annually for Hie payment of lntereit
during Hie currency of laid debentures', and 139.20 to be rolled annually for the purposo of creating o linking fund for payment of Ihe debt tt-
cured by Ibe laid-'debenturei, Ibe lami
being made payable In flfly yean from
(he firsl iluy of September, Jill.
AND WHEREAS In order to ralie
tne ,-,,u, ytarly isim of 1109.20 for lntereit and linking fund, on equal tpe-
clnl rale on tlio dollar will be rt-
quired lo be levied on nil Ihe ruleablo
real properly In Iho told city,
AND V/HHHEAS the wholt rtttaUt
(Continued on pag* meg) Sunday School Lesson
f Sunday, October «\
4tb Quarter. Lesson ?I, Ezokio| 47il-18,
THfl ITPH-tilVTbia STB^.
The Bible is a lnmk of visions. It
abounds in pictorial representations uf
truth, Tbess ire effective vobielos for
the human mind in its early stages pi
development. Thoy also give that
pleating variety or style which makes
ibe Bible tlio most fascinating book in
Ibe world. Tbess visions appear in a
-series pf dissolving views. Abraham
sees tbo Divine Presence under the an-
iiuarunco nf p smoking furnace. Jnenli
looks np from his stony pillow and sees
S stuirease to heaven. Zocliarial) sees
a golden lamp, into wbicb olive trees
pour theif oil. Daniel sees the Ancient
nf Days, and ttaian tho Lord enthroned. Peter bis his vision on tbe
housetop, md John's'revolution is one
book of visions. . . But ull dreamers
yield tbs lialui to Kzokiol, who has
If en aptly called tbo Dante of tbe
Bible. With unerring vision lie sees
ihi spiritual side of material things,
tlnd makes them the vehicles of coles-
/liul truth. Amoug tho .richest of bis
supernatural sight the "Hiver of Hob
vatliin" stands flnt for tawpnrert
simplicity. . . It is not siring! tbit
Ejokiol, the priest, used as ho was to
the ritual ind the sacred courts, magnifies tbe temple aud looks upon it is
the reservoir of grace, whence is to
issue tbp means of the world's cleans-
ing. But the temple wis only God's
hpuse, sp what came from the temple
came from Ood. This truth was never
obscured in tbe Hebrew mind. ...
In a certain sense tbe Kingdom of
Heaven was with the Jews under the
old dispensation. Tho tyipstle says the
Oracles of Ood were committed to
tbem. As tbeir religion found its
chief expression in tbeir temple, priesthood, .ami ritual, the Kingdom of
Heaven may be slid to hive been in
their temple as in a sealed fountain.
Here was no partiality, however. Tbis
was tbe divine method. The Hebrew
nation wss appointed to be tbe almoner
of graco to all. And so tbe prophet
sees in tbe fullness of time i little rill
of tbe pent-up salvatiou issuing out
from miller the threshold of the house
of Ood, Tho length Mil breadth of the
stream can be measured witb historic
accuracy. By successive stages tbe iill
becomes tbo river. Not only ire tbe
waters abundant, tbey are curative as
well. Tho desert shall blossom, and
tbe salt sea shall be healed.   Every-
The "Monarch Malleable" Range
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developments are nnuoiyLci',1 In i (is* * > .'In vou will In loo lite.
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lliiug lives where tbe water comes.
Trees shall grow upon tbe banks whose
fruit shall be fur pieat and whoso leaf
shall be roj medicine
The Teachers' Lantern.
One must bo on guard against- a ton
I'liiini!■ application, This is a jiictpriaj
representation of the prigili,, progrusn,
aud effect uf the, Kingdom of Qod, ,
. . Tbe growth nf the (Jhurcb bus
been like tne growth of the river. The
Church first bad twolvo npostlon, then
miu hundred and twenty believers, then
three thousand convorts; now it on-
iri'li.'si the globe, . . The river of
salvation transforms society. It brings
life in place of death. On its banks
llouriih  philanthropic  institutions  of
of wbicb heathen civilization never
dreams. . . The Kingdom of Heaven
is no cloudburst. It is a |iroportipuute
growth from au uufailing source, , .
The figure of tbe river has peculiar
charm to tbe Oriental mind. It signifies abundance, comfort and felicity. .
. . There it current illuttrnt'iou of the
trantforming power of water on the
face of nature. Irrigation is converting our treolosi alkali |iluiim into gar
dens of fruit and foliage. . . The
"counting of Iiraol" hut its dangers.
iM its' numerical pint count for
nothing. Holigion in ils beat huiiso is
not a formula of confession. It is nn
evolution of gooduees in character. No
census can bo taken of it.
(Continued From Page. Six.)
retl properly In trie laid city, uecorU-
lm. to the latl revlacil uituiaiucut
roll, Is |K).aaiu;i.
AND HllEUEjlS the aggreuulu of
the existing debenluro dent of the
corporation It Hla,67i) (executing; lor
workt of local Improvement und fur
icliooi purposeij, of which none uf
tbe principal or lntereit Is In arrear.
THEHEFOKK tlie Munlcljiul Council of the Corporation of the Clly of
.nisins Vancuuver, with tlie nssuit ul
Ibo tltclort of Ibe City of Nurlh Vancouver duly obtained enaclt as followa:
1. It iball bo lawful for Ihe Muyur
of Ibe Clly of Nurlh Vancuuver and
tbt City Clerk fur the purpuse ufure-
tald to borrow ur rulse by wuy uf
loan from any perton ur pcrtuni, Uudy
or bodlei corporate, wbo muy be willing lo advance (he lume upun Ibe
credit of tbo debentures hereinafter
mtntlontd of the corpuruilun, u sum
of money not exceeding In ihe whule
Ibt turn of 16,000.00, and lo cuuio tbu
.1111111. to be placed in the Bank of
Britlab Norlb America at Norlh Vuncouvtr, to tht credit of ibe city for
Ibt purpoie above recited, and such
money! thall be uied fur Ihut purpose
t. Debenture! uf tbe clly not exceeding In iiiiii,um the turn of |S,000.00
may be litued by the laid llayor und
Cily Clark In terms uf the Municipal
Clautci Act In tunii at may be de-
slred, but not exceeding 11,000.00 euch,
or tbt equivalent exprceicd In poundt
iterllng of tbe United Kingdom of
Oreal Britain and Ireland ut the value
of liltS-I lo Ihe pound sterling. Each
of tbe laid debenturei ihall be llgned
by tbt uid llayor and City Clerk, und
Ibt City Clerk thall affix therelu the
Corporate Seul of tbe laid Clly of
North Vtncouver.
I. Tbt debenturei iball beur dale
the Hi»t day of Beptember, Iill, und
•ball bear lntereit al the rate of four
and sun' half (414) per cent, per annum
payable half yearly on Ihe Brit duy of
Utrcb and Ihe nm day of September
In etcb and every year during the
currency of Ibe laid dobenlurei, or
any of Ibem. There thall bo al Inched
to ibe debenturei coupons llgned by
Ibe llayor only, for each and every
payment of Inlerett lhal may become
due, and tucb tlgnalure may be either
written, Humped, printed ur llthu-
grapbed Ibercon.
I. Tbe tald debenturei ai lo principal and Iiiiii, a i may be made payable eltbtr In currency or Jit equivalent In peundi iterllng at tbe vulue of
If It l-l lo Ibe pound iterllng al tuch
place or pluses in Oreal Britain, United Siuii'i of America or Ihe Dominion
of Canada at may be agreed upun between Ibe Corporation and Ibe holder
thereof, and tbe laid principal sum
Iball be made payable by Ihe clly al
t dtle nol later thun nfly yeart from
Ibe Aril day ot September, ltll.
I. During Ibe wbolc term uf Ihe
currency of Ibe tald debenture! a
•pedal rale on tbe dollur ihull be
levied and railed each yeur lu uddltlon lo all olber rates un ull the rule-
tble real properly In Ihu clly und i.mll
dent lo pay Ibo Inlerett upun Ibe
laid .1,b1 inni,>i, and lo create u sinking fund for Ihe payment of the principal thereof when due, tubject lo uny
ill or enactment reipecllng the sume
Such iipri lul rato ihall be Inicrled in
Ibe Collcclor'l Roll or Holla/ and shull
bt payable lo and collected by tbe
tald corporation In Ihe lamt way at
olber rtltl In tbe laid roll or rolls
lave at hereinafter provided.
I. In order lo provide for the rutei
ttl out In paragraph It) and tubject
ti iifi.n mm. there sliull be railed annually by ipeclal rule during tbe currency of Ihe laid debenturei Ibo ium
of 1210 00 to provide for Ibe puvmeni
of inleretl Ihereon, and Ibe turn of
'IH.lt for the rcptymenl of the principal Hi.-11 ..r
7. The nroceedt of tbe laid debenlure! ihill be applied aa followt, and
nol olberwlte:
' in) In ptyroonl of (be cott uf Ihe
patting of Ihli By-law and Ihe liiue
tnd tile of tbi dehenluret therein referred lo, and all espenici connected
wilb the ttld loan.
(bj In recouping the laid corporation for luch lumi it btve been exploded hereunder until Ihe proceedi
of Ibe uie of Ihe tald dtbcnluret be-
conirl available
(c)   To  carry  oul   Ihe purpoiei of
Ihli By-law tt above lei out,
I.   No rebtle ibtll  be allowed  on
the ipcclal rtttt lo be levied under
this By-law.
I. Tbii By-law ibtll lake effect on
Ibe day of Ibo nailing.
II. Thii By-Jaw mty be died for
til purpoiei tl "Tbe Health Loan Bylaw, llll."
Tailed by Ihe Council on Ihe 101b
day ef Scnicmber. llll.
Hicilvtd Ihe alien! of tbe eleclori
of Ibe Clly of Norlb Vancouver at an
ebellon for tht purpoie on tht
Hicontldi i. il by the Council tnd
Intllr adopted, llgned by Ihe Mayor
aid Clly Clerk, and sealed with Ihe
Corporafo Seal on Iho day
Of AD. llll.
TAKK NOTICK thai ihe above ll a
true copy of Ihe nropoied Bylaw upon
leb thi Sole uf Ine elrrlvri of Hi.
it ol tbt city ol Norlh Vun-
♦olo ol
wil/ bt liken wllhln Ibo Clly
Hall, Norlh Vancouver. B   '
urdty, (he 7li"   "
llll. between
♦er. B
_  of octoi
ibe lioun of
urdty, (he 7l» day of October,
If,  between  Ibt f
in. and 7 o'clock p. m.
on But-
. A. I).
I o'clock
**} We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squares and Rugs imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
fl We especially invite the, public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft, Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12, 18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286 -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
....uillo    limine-
tfjfe, iniurancc, loam,
North Vancouy,
Problem*  to
, ..'HI sll Is    Of   tlio.   If    VOU
.0 tell your home or your buti-
it call and give ut particular!. Wt
lean  net rciulli.    Buiineu    ii (ood.
Palmer k Mcllwainc, 36 Umdale Ave.
Phono 110. -10
ir the |ini|'ii' s'
Clly Clerk and Returning Oncer
I too
rilUWi: NOTICE Ii hereby given thai TM,
ibe roil of Iht eleclori of Ihe r.'liy of '"
North Vancouver Jf
7lh diy of October
ver will be luken on thiatood
..lobar. J»IJ. between ihTT*
boun of • o'clock a. m. asd 7 o'clock! FJW
n.rn. on'The Health U*n Byliw.u_j
fill," and that wllhln Ihe flly lln.ll/**™
Norlb Vaneouvir, B. 6„ abd Ib.i; > lot
Tbomu Sbebberd bu been IppolMtJ .
Returning (Tacit lo take Iho vote o; l"W
tucb eleclori wilb the utual powen li. ik,
Ibal behilf t ""
By Order of Iht Council van-
vriujAU Monkish,
A 517
fflMw   W
unuiarked Ullott .. H
jo. I»»—To ralio by way
i tiun of «l.'i,-'W for ichool
litlloii iuued IM
Ibe Hylom ...W»
nt tht ByUw    ti
and unmarked Ullott ■• If
yUw No. )«3—To raite by way of
tbe turn of 163,000 to purcbaic
I property for corporate purpoetn
Nq. Of ballot* itiuel   •»!
Pot the ByUw    M*
Agalott tbe ByUw   HI
Spoiled and unmarked ballota ..   t
ByUw rejected. t,
ByUw No. J8I-T» faite by way of
Joan the ium of tltfOO tor the purpoie
of making, prcttf»i»« and repairing
roadt and itreett It _e eity, includiuK
the cowtruction of the new ijdewsjjki:
No. of balloU iuued , 6W
For tbe ByUw   tin-Ami
Agalmt the ByUw    '3
Spoiled and unmarked Ullott .,   i
ByUw pautd.
ByUw No. IW—TjO ralte by way of
Joan Ibe turn of HMO lot tin pfmer
vation of pnbllf heaUh:
No. of balloU l*u»4 •".I
tot tot ByUw    ■■■am
Agalmt  tbe  ByUw     1»
Spoiled and unmariied Uttota .. ID
ByUw pweed.
js' N. V, Contorva-
jsl alio all local tup-
. party are invited to at-
<tiug to be held iu Uraon'i
F /\ff Thurmity oveniug to meet
I I 'ly eleclesl repreieutative for
JM'ouvpf riding, Mr. 11. H. Stcveni.
.he gatbljring will have tbe opportunity lo hear the addrcu froib Mr. Ste-
vein and to diicuu iuuci of local im-
portaiice from a fcdcrtl point of view.
Mr. Stevcoi leavet in a few daya to
iia.-unic hit dutii'H at Ottawa and Ibe
upproucbing meeting will afford a
moit ili"irul'li' opportunity to place
him in full poueiiiou of the facta relative to tbe ueo.lt of tbit portion of
hit large comtituency.
Bright Iloonn, double or lingl.o, with
hoard.   053 Uuidalc Avenue.       10-9
I'liinf.iiiiil.l.'  front  room  for rent,
furniihcd.   110 Upper Keilh Bead.
BOOMS Kill! BBNT-Uoutekoeping.
218 2nd itreet eait. -' '"
FOB BKNT-Furuiibed mite, modern, private. Apply S37—(Ib tUm
tm. V*
Express Classified Ads.
TO KKNT-Kurniibed roomt, board
optional, or light bouiekceping, tuito
4, Boicobel, st I. and (.'heiterftld.    »v
FOB KKNT Seven roonieil home,
furntco, fully modern, garden. Eighth
ttroet, good view. Apply Colonial
Aptrtment Ilouie, Kib ttreet eut. tf
/. Ualel and Nortb Una—I*
(iolit at lomAtle Pbatmniy Pbone 29
MONEY TO LOAN on approve.! property. Agreenionti ol itle purcbtitd.
C. It. Bi-man, (38 J.on*dalt.    IB-ID
FOB BENT - Fivo room bout* on
N. W. corner ol lit and dmltjfaiit.
Bent pi) por month, (nnadian financier!, Ltd., Bank ol Hamilton Bldg-
Dr. A. C. Morriion, dcntiil. Poll
Graduate, f'bicago I'nivoriity. Boom*
I and 10, New Pott offioe blook.    ti.
Tbe Oity Dye Worki bu eitablith-
ed l branch cor. Kijdanadt K. And
Umdale. Fint clan work at moder
ate ratet, (loaning, dyeing, preiting
and repairing.
TO BENT—In Oroivenor Udgc
■uiloi of five roomt, comiitlng of two
lii'droouii, one large living room, kit-
then, bath room and pantry (junt completed) alto Iwo roomed collage, fur
niihcd Apply A. I,. Bonlld, 314 611.
itreet Weit. if
9 C. lAyory and board ilabl** -
I,lghi rift and Indies' laddl* borw
(or bin. Stabling (or borate. Oen-
eral delivery and heavy learning. <U.
Puawi, iti, ttreet wort. Pbone HI
' it-
LAPY-Ccrtiltd wiihei pupiU let
pituoforte and theory. Ttrmi moder
ate.  Bo« A22, Erpreti 0)ict.     »H
Tbe Truth itudtnt* clatt will meet
ivery Tuenlay evening *t 8 io'e|iO«|t rt
tb* retidence of Mri. Gallagher, Keith
road, pf*r Kidgew»y. Student* Attif:
ing bifber iplfitua) unffrlimppt It*
cordially l»v|te.4 bo atfend- «
ABT qnAMtH-Durlpt On winter
month* Mitt Atp*ll ((itlronlieO by
BniJiils and Foreign BoytltyJ will
boll eltuet In «i IMmund'* Scjiool,
Mahon Avtnue. Oil and Water MM
palnOng, ptn PalnUag, J^fllaatlon,
Ktpbtof tor Book Flat**, tto. Vrlratt
jtHoai by trranftn»t^l. ttft totfei,
,te, plett* apply Port QUA* Mt »»».
Ntrib y»is_»wr. «■>•
-■ """^
9fnm WB BENT-Afiply W«rt
ern Collage, Wciler* Avenno, am
Umdale and !«th iircet, Mdrtjl Van-
couver. WW
litm to lam H ipet Hai et Itm
»ortg»ge Income pttptftl «f Uf w9m
two Wejeki of Uudrt* kvt.
JBWIN k fAm*<m 90; M* ,-,'
90919   wtimm   POOWW
k meeting of He North Vancouver bookoy club wat recently Mlli
Mljjittrgte Regly occupying the chair.
Tbe following office™ were elected for
the entiling year:
Pgtrow—lieitrt B. B, ItcNaugbton,
H, P, Green-Armytage, W. J. Irwln,
/, 0. Keith, J. P, Pe||, Maypr We-
Hnitb, Aid. W. J. Pick, J.'Balfour-
Key and K. Muhon.
President—A. E. Kegljr,
Vice-president (luun. Bridgman.
Uaplain-E. 8. Baylist.
Vice-c»pt*in—H. I. McPbenon.
Sec.-troM*rer—P. N. Bayllti.
Executive cuinniillne Messrs. fl. 0.
Hartley, E. J. II. Cardinal) and F. T.
.'ii'ls'i'iiiin committee—11. 0. Hartley,
8. Humphries and i|p'  VjRicialt.
Delegatei tu the B. 0. Hockey I,™
pue E. J. H. Cardinall and E. 8.
What the Panama Canal means te
to tbe commerce of tbii country can
be seen in the announcement nf tips formation of b (15,000,01)1) corporation in
Baltimore recently to operate a line of
fifteen fast freight and passenger ships
from New York to Seattle, with itopi
al intermediate points. B. N. Baker,
former bead of a big stoamship company ami one of the staunchest advocates of an American merchant marine
is at tbo head of the movement. VVurk
is to begin on the construction of the
licet immediately, to be ready for operation when the canal opens in 1011.
A Gaelic communion iervict will be
held ip lb* Pint Presbyftrian Church,
Hastings ttreet I'M, Vtncouver, next
Sunday aftornoou at four o'clock. l|ov.
Bonald Maoleod, Nortb Vencouytr will
preach tbe sermon and ditponte tb*
sacra ment.
<'Tbig it dp Bbeglba," Tb* m
vice will be conducted after tbe man
nor etlbe Otitic ekweb,
i  X tB9TWT    nxflWXrTrrTJ
At * bflgf meeling at the few direction yesterday accounts were ptisud
to tbe amount of $8,000. Instructions
woru given tp instal a vortical cuunter-
weight and to get a Anal report from
Impector Twlit with retpect to No. f
Dr. J. 0. Morrison, Amlwl fm
Graduate, Chicago Univertity. Booms
6 and 1(1, New Pott off** block.
j *.
Information comet from Seattle to
the effect that a Si-mile tunnel through
the hue of the decade Ifountaini
to providt a tea-level approach to I'u
get Sound for trantcontinental rail
roads il now being investigated. Several years ago tucb a bore wat tug
gested but dismissed as an tngineering
dream. Now, tbat the Panama Canal
ii nearing completion tbt railroadi
realise tbat thty mutt reach tidtwater
more directly than down the Columbia
river or across tbe mountain!. Tht
tunnel it ihe only meant. Five rail
roads have joined in tl»' preliminary
surveyi just completed. It would ex.
tend from Leavenworth to Skykomiib.
The estimated cott is »7o,000,000. If
built, it will include a highway for au
tomobilei and ntber wagon traffic,
making the largest underground pan-
age iu tbe world.
A cablegram from tbe international Agricultural Institute, Borne, Italy,
gives the official figures published Ihere ou that date concerning the production of wheat durjng the present season in Great Britain and Ireland,
France, Hussion Empire, Algeria ami Egypt. These figures are new and appear in Hie table hereunder. Kovisod figures also given for Belgium Hungary, Holy mul Tunis. The estimated production for the latter countries nu
Scpl. 1st as eompari'il with tbat of August 1st it given iu bushels as follows:
with the August estimate in brackets: Belgium, 11,617,000, (14,0114,000); Hungary, I9U,»01,000, (187,700,000)) Italy, IB8,17l),(lllll, (20:),198,0OO); Tunli, 6,-
036,00(1, (7,716,01)0).
The following table comprises these estimates (except acreage) together
wilh lliuse published by the Institute io date. For the purpoie of romper
isun the figures for 1010 ore also given.
Ill Brit, and Ireland
Itussiau Empire ..
■Igiuni     , 378,000
Nur(h,rk     104,000
'«! •'*»,   ..   .:   .. 9,607,000
cuuver Us., '     ~
low*:  8,916,000
of'.bo'lty'V     "'"."IV™
Iho cily Clerk lii      87,000
said lo Imi sun in mli ,
frum any pbrsun ur pWi"u"
budlci curporale, who mn/ n»
lu advance thl aaino upun  Ibe'
uf the debenlurea hereinafter mcn(.-'''i,"00
ed ut tho riirpurutlon, a turn ut niuntr pen
not exceeding In  the whole  the aum
nf 118,260.00 und lo cauie the aame lo
bo placed In the H.uil. of Mulish Norlh
America nl  North  Vancuuver,  lo  ihe
credit of the clly for the purpuBe above
recited, mid auch moneys ihull bo uied
fur Ihul purpoto only.
2 Iiebs'iitures of Uu city nut exceeding In amounl the turn of 113,260
muy he issued liy the said Mayor and
Clly Clerk In i. .m. uf the Munlclpul
i'I.iiisi.'i Acl In sums at may bo desired, but not exceeding 11,000.00 each,
ur the I'lulv.il. m exprcised In pounds
ilerllng uf Hie   United   Kingdom   uf
seist iiii.sin und hi i.uul ni Hie villus.
uf |4 86 2-3 lo the pound slerllng.
Koch nt the suld debentures shall bo
signed  liy  Ibo said  Muyur and  Clly
< lit. and Ihe City Clerk slmll ulflx
- Iherclo tho Corporale Seal nf Ihe said
Clly uf Nurlh Vancouver.
.1. The debentures shull bear dale
the lirst duy uf September, lull, and
shull bear Interest ot the rule uf four
und uno-hulf dty)  per cent per an
num puyable half yearly un (he Ural
day of March and Ino flrat duy of September In euch und every year during
the currency of Ihe luld debenlures,
or uny uf Ihem. There ahull be ut-
inched lu the debenturei cuupuns
signed by Ihe Mtyor tnly, fur each
and every payment ur Inlerett Ibul
may becume due, and such signature
muy be el I bar wrlllen, ilmupcd, primed or lithographed thereun.
1. The auld debenlurea aa lu principal and Intereat may be mude payable either In currency ur Ita equivalent In nupndi sterling al Ihe value
uf 14 86 2-3 10 the puund ilerllng at
such place or placet In Qreat Britain,
United Slulet of America or the Dominion of Canuda ai may bo agreed
upon belween the corporation and Ihe
bolder Hu n ut, and the laid principal
sum shull be mado payable by Iho clly
ul a dole not later than flfly yeart
frnm (hi first day of September, llll.
6. Iiurlng the wholt term of Ihe
currency uf iho uid dobenlurei o ipcclal rule un the dollar sliull be levied
und raited each year In addition to all
other ratet on all the rateable real
prupcrly In Ibi clly und aufflelent tu
nay Ibe Intereat upon lha told debenlure!. and lo create a linking fund for
Hie payment nf the principal thereof
when due. Bubjecl »u ony oet or enactment respecting Iho tame. Sucb
special rale ihall be Inierlcd In Ihe
•nllei-ior's roll or rolls, ami sliull be
payable lu and collected by the aald
corporation In the aame way ai olber
ratea In the laid roll or rolll, tave aa
herolnoflor provided.
I. fb order to provide for Ihe ralei
set out In paragraph 16) and aubject
nt aforesuld, (here thall be raited annually by ipcclal rote during Ihe cur-
rV":L!'L{h* *M debenturei Iho ium
of 1686.26 to provide for the payment
'.'(. '.n.,e/c,t '""eon, and the ium of
186.80 for thi repayment of the principal (hereof.
7. The proceed! of tbe aald deben-
turea thall bo applied at followrjuid'
not otherwise:'
■ fO) In payment of the coil of the
passing of Ihis By-luw ond Ihe Issue
und idle of the debenlures therein referred to, and til expenses connected
with Ibe sold loin.
Oi) fn recouping the laid corporation for inch tumi at have been expended hereunder until the proceedi
nf ibe tilt of Iho laid debenture! become* available.
(c) fo carry out'tbi purpoiei of
thit By-law at above att out.
1. No rebate thai) be allowed on the
special ratet to be levied undey tbii
By-Jaw. i
I,   fhli,By-Jj»w ,h4|| trtc ,mtcl m
"pi tbi pitting,
hi* JuVto may be cited for
01 "IW Scbocll Kxtrour-
a^/9*ammnlnan By^Ja* ttT*,
836,240,000 •
358,137,000 '
worka ni •«.
ichool  nurJJ**™
Die prlndpul '
TJlERKFOHM  1911  wheat crop u
of iho Corpurut.
Nurth Vuncuuvor,
the eleclori uf the n iu the   regular
couver duly  ublainc
luwi: .
1.    II shull be lawful .
of  Ibi  City  of  Nurth   Vu.
the Clly Clerk, fur Ihe imii_________
auld, In burruw ur ralae b.
loan frum any peraun ur penis.
or budlci curporale, wbo may I
Ing   lu   mli.,ii",    the   aame   upon
credli   uf  Ihe   debenlurea  horclnnl
menlluncd uf the Curpurallnn, a sum o.
money nut exceeding In Ihe whole Ihe
sum of 111,000, and tu cuuac Ihe same
lo be placed In  the  Hunlcnf Brltlah
Nun I  America at North Vancouver, lo
Ihe credit of the clly for Iho purpose
above recited, ond audi muneys thai)
be used fur Ibat purpuse only.
8. I'ebcnturca of tbo city not exceeding In umuunt the turn uf 163,000
muy be Issued by the suld Mayor uml
Clly Clerk In terms of Ihe Municipal
cluuses Act In sums us muy be desired, but nol exceeding une thousand
dollars (11.000) each, ur Ihe .univalent
expressed In pounds slerllng of the
I'iiII.-iI Kingdom of ilrcui Britain and
Ireland ul Ihe value uf 1481 2-1 lu
tne puund sterling.' Koch uf tho sold
slrliiTiiiins ihull bi algned by tbe
■aid llayor and City Clerk, nnd the
Clly Clerk shall nilii thorcto the cor-
pniui.- siiii of the laid City of Norlh
I. The dehenluret, thnll beur date
Ihe Drat day of September, till, and
•hall bear Inlerett at the rate of four
and uns-linlf tl'/.) per cent, per
annum payable half yearly on (he lint
day of March and Ine flnt day of
September In each end every yaat
during Ihe currency of the told debenturei. ur any ot them. There ahall
be ..ii.u b. .1 lo the debenturei coupom
signed by Ihe Movor only for tarti and
every payment of lntereit that may
become due. and tuch tlgnalure may
be eltber wrlllen, stamped, printed or
llthugrophed  Ihereon.
4. The suld debenturei at lo principal and Inttreit mty bt mode payable • I'i" i In currency or Id eaulvt-
lent In poundt ilerllng ot Ihe vulue nf
14II 1-8 lo the pound ilerllng it tucb
place or placet In Qreat Britain.
United Slatet of America or tht Dominion of Canada at may be agreed
upon between tht Corporation and
the holder thereof, end the told principal turn "hull be mode payable by
the city at a dote not later than llfty
yeart from the Ant day of September,
I. During tht whole term of th*
currency of the told debenlure! t
spciiiil rate nn tbe dollar ihall be
levied and railed each yeor In addition
lo all other rotci on oil Ihe rateajrit
real pruperty In the city and luflldenl
lo pay the Inieresl upon the mid it-
bciiturcH. and to Creole a linking fund
Tor the payment of Ihi principal
thereof wben due, tubject to any act
or enactment reipccflng    the   tome
Such special rate thalj bo Inierted In
Ihe collector'! roll or rolif and ihall
be payable to end collected by Ihe
siild Corporation in the tome way at
olber ralei In tbe laid roll or rolll,
iije at bertllsjtfter provldtj).
t. In order,te provide for tht rotel
Itt out Jn uartgraph (J) and tubject
at aforeiald. there thall be roiled annually by ipcclal rati during tbe currency of Ihe uid dobeolurot Ihe ium
of 11,111.01 li provide for the paymenl of liileretl thereon, and Ihe turn
of 1112.70 for tbo repayment of the
principal  Ihereuf.
1. The proceedi of tbe lojd debenturei thall hi applied a* fojiowi, and
gat otberwlte:
TfM"*"»T*    "TV'**    * fllWr*-t*9imi
Mrt. Jamet WaikeT'of Olinon, B. O.,
il viiitiug her tister, Mrs. J. II. Bain,
Mahou Ave.
Mrs. Qtlbroitb and Matter Qordon
of Atbcroft, H. (!., are vititing tbeir
aunt, Mrt. /. O. Bain.
Tbe Baden-Powell Boy Smuts, Itt
liunsilalo troup, will bold no further
meetings for one month.
Mrt. (Dr.) K. A. Hattin, 638 Lonidale Avenue, will receive from 3.30 to
6 p.m. and thereafter on tbe second
Weduetday of each month.
Mrt, Williums of Ottawa, Ont,, arrived in the city last week and has
taken up her residence with her sister,
Mrs. J. I.. Qallagher, with whom the
will make her heme.
In connection witb St. John't church
North Vancouvor, tbe buys' football
club has amalgamated witb that of
liis'siiTiiiiil school in order to form a
team for tbo junior league called i 'lies
I.Tli.-hi  school  team.
Mrs. J. I.. Qallagher, Keith Boad
east, will resume her <riay at home on
Tuesday, October 10th, on which date
Mrs. Williams, her sister, will also receive.
On Tuesiioy a moil named Chris Mor
risou working for the Nortb Vancouver
Coal Co7 fell iiiii-iii feet from a ladder
ami dislocated his ankle. In tbe hands
of Dr. Verncr the fracture ii mending
up satisfactorily.
In connection with the Bebekah as
seiubly, Mrs. E. Evans, tbe grand pros
ident, paid Truth Ijodgo No. 88 an ofti-
i ml visit ou 8ept. t'iiiIi. A very pleas
ant eveuiug was spent, refreshments
being served at tbo close.
Next Suwlay the pastor of tbe First
Baptist church here will answer the
i|in -inni. "Is tbe open bar a credit
ur curse to North Vancouver," Jn
the morning tbe subject will he '' 1 ..h
van" (Jotpel song servico from 7.30
to 7.46 p.m.
This morning at the ..t v ball a Celestial was charged wilh blasting without a permit. It wat itated ou hit
behalf tbat be was uuaware of the regulation! regarding blasting uml that
he desisted as soon aa be wai told lu.
Tbe prosecution, therefore, did not
press tbe charge against the accused
uml he wos dismissed wilh a caution.
A youth named Fred Olsen wai a few
dayi ago the victim of a lerioui acci
dtut. He was working in the employ
of Mr. II. V. Tucker, when bit left
html lomehow became jammed in a
portion of the steam ihovel. lie wat
taken to the doctor in great agony
and it has since been found necessary
to iiiiipiiiuli' the third ond fourth lin
gers. The first ond second of the left
hand have alio lustained severe injury.
Upon behalf of the Children 'i Aid
N'lM.iy of Vanrouver, Mr. A. B. En-
'"'ne, preiident, has written Mrs. J. I..
pro,,' ' '
Atgghcr of this city expressing tho
real PUgtJQ, „f tbo toeiety of tho ox-
ing   lo *
roll Is Insults following tbe efforts of
ANI,  Wilt  who assisted  in  making
works of im .mini  received from   all
lM,tt$*WM 'm om North
THERKJfimK Ibyed .„ .mount fulfil nt (ho ( orporotl, .    ,
Nurlli Vancuuver, wi)nti in proportion
the eleclori of the Cll.
couver  duly  obtained
1.   It iball be lawful irge.l with hoof Ihe Clly of North Vi.„ w..,l„ny,i..tr
Iho Clly Clerk for Ihe pu" "*(lneiday
aald lo inn-row or ralie by'  Magietratc
from any porton ur perioi. i........
bodlei corporate, wbo may ","lu pn*»-
lo advanco Ibe lame upun ' of police
uf Ihe debenturei herelnufler
i il of the corporation, a turn d nit poind exceeding In the whole i. »„ old
uf 11,000 00 ond to couio the I
be placed In Ibe Bonk of Brlllihto  lign
America at North Vancouver,   ,„     EL
credit of the city for the purpoie ,
recited, and such moneyt thai) be droit
for Diet purpoie only ,
I.   Debenturei of the cily not     '
cecdlng In amount Ihe turn of |3,oobere
may be Issued by Ihe tald Mayor a
City Clerk In ttrmt of (be Munlclp
Clouiet Acl In sums It may be desire.
but not exceeding 11,000.00 each,  o
Ihe   equivalent   expressed. In   pound,
ilerllng  of  Ihe   united   Kingdom   or
Great Britain ond Ireland al the valut
uf  |4 81 l-l   lo  the   pound   ilerllng.
Each of ihe told debenture! thall be
llgned,by   Iho  laid  Mayor  and  City
Clerk  end  Ibe Clly Clerk thall affix
thereto -the   Corporale   Seal   of   tht
tald City of North Vancouver.
I. Tho debenturei ibtll bctr date
tbe Aril day pf September, llll, and
.'imii bear inien-si at tbe rate of
four end opt-pill ll'/,) per cent, per
annum half ytarly on the flrat day of
Kerch ood tbi flnt day of September
In each and every year during tht
currency of the ttld debenturei, or
any of them. Tbere ibtll be attached
to Iht debenturei coupom llgned by
tht Mayor only, for each and every
payment of Inleretl lhat may become
due, end tuch tlgnalure may be either
wrlllen. Heaped, printed or lithographed  Ihereon.
i. The told debenturei ni to prlndpul ond lntereit may be made payable cither In currency or Hi equivalent In poundt ilerllng ot the value
uf f 4.86 3-8 to Ibe pound ilerllng al
mch place or placet In Great Britain,
untied Slatet of America or the Dominion of Canada at may be agreed
upon belween (he corporation and tbe
holder thereof .end tne told principal
•um ahull bt mode Payable by the
cily ul a date pel Jeter then Mty
years from Ibe fjrtt day of September,
onr'ranoy at tin aaid ttbeatunt l
Vancouver; b, c,
flip first pf pp extended, 'lerlpi pt
(lancet tp be held under tho
auspices pf St. Andrew!* and <)a|ei|eii-
ion Hocioty wa* held en We.luesiliiy
pigbt in tb* Horticultural Hull. The
event preyed g conspicuous success ami
reflects the grootest credit on tho Of
gaiiuers. A committee of six together
With tbe secretory, Mr. ti. Maclagan,
had spared no pains in rendering 'be
general arrangements at near to perfection at possible gin) llioy wero do-
itrvedly rewarded on tbe ipppiuted
night witb * l»rge attendance. An
excellent orchestra provided lively
music and tho danco (during which ro<
frosliineuts wore served) wat enjoyable from beginning to end if Wed-
neiday night's event it a criterion by
wbicb to gauge the dances tbat are
•till to come, these gatherings will
cretp further tban evor Into tho favor
of all "light fantastic" enthusiasts.
The next dance ii flxeil for Friday,
Opt SOtb.
Flnt streot tut  Phont Mia.
B. 0. Sugar, 18 lb. sack for ....$1.1')
With IJ lb, of our Famod "Maypole" Golden Tip" Tea
at  die per Hi.
Bt. Chariot Cream,   10c |>er tin
(large tins)
Peas, Com ami Tomatoes, 2 tius for 26c
(new season pack)
tiggs, itrictly fresh, il doxen fur (l.Otl
Maypole Butter  .3 lb. for $1.00
Bice, Finest Japan  fi Ib for -'Sc
Oranges, sweet ami juicy, 20c per don.
Freeh ground Coffee, lie per 1 lb. tin
"Tbt road* art now in good order.
Come in your thousands aud avoid the
l.ADV I'.Tiiiicil wishes pupils for
pianoforte aud theory. Terms mud.cr
ate.   Box A22, JJxprcss Office.      3-11
ART CLASSES— During the winter
mnntht Mill Alpell (patronised by
Kngllih ond Foreign Royalty) will
hold clotiei In St. Edmund'! School,
Mahon Avenue. Oil ond Water Color
Painting, Pen Painting, Illumination,
Etching for Book l'lolei, ttc, Prlvote
lettoni by arrangement. For termi,
ttc, plettt apply Pott Office Box llll,
Norlb Vancuuver 17-11
NOTICE ii hereby given that tbe
partnership heretofore existing be
twetn George Greyhtin Palmer and
Jamet Mcllwoinc carrying on business
at Broken under the itylc or firm of
Palmer k Mcllwalne has been dissolves! by mutual consent The busiucss
bus been taken over by .lames Mcllwalne and will he continued liy him for
fail own account
36   Lun .lulu   Avenue,
North Vaueouver, B. C.
muli October, 1911. 130
One brown horse, four wbilo fed
and white face. If not claimed before
•ix days and fees paid, same shall be
sold by public auction on tbe l:ih ins!.
at 10 a.m.
A.  J.  SHANNON,      ,
MDIiii-T li hereby given lhal appllca-
' Hon will be mude tu the I'arlla-
mcni nf Canuda ut the next lemon
(hereof for an eel to .Incorporate a
company under the name of tne North
Arm Bridge A Hallway Company, wilh
puwer to luy uut, conitrud, operate,
maintain and uie a bridge across lh<
North Arm of Burrard Inlet from i
point un tho aeathore commonly knuwn
at Ihe Turtle's Head to a point on Ihe
well shors- uf J.ot (7(, directly norlh uf
(he island known aa while Rock. Such
bridge lo be both for fool paiscngers.
carrlagei, ilrecl railway and railway
purposes wilh the ' neceuary ap-
uroaches, and with puwer to connect
ihe sold bridge with exlsllng und
future lines of itreet railway und mil
wuy inul tur ihe purpoiei of connecting
wills Ihe laid itreet railways and mil
wayi lo lay out. conetrucl, und operate one or more lines of rollwuys
nut exceeding lep mile! In lenglh.
. And with power lo contlruel. niulp,
'.maintain and operate a lino, or lines
jnf railway frum tome point on Lot 266
f.i the end of the Canadian r.u in.
'Hallway Compuoy'i branch line from
Oyurl Moody, and fnllowln.- the ndiih
'liole of Burrard Inlet (o a polnl In
cfce Clly of Norlh Voncouver nr lu
mtnneel wlih any railway tbut It or
iy be constructed    un    (he    nurlh
iiu-iic of Burrard Inlel
l„ (irlc ojrjtlier Power or energy., und
null.I'd    for    Hu    pillpisiieu   of   Its    under
Iui, Ing to iiciiulic and develop water.
uosl-rfc' Unci for the Iranimlillon   of
J...... same and (o Irumnill and deliver
" same lo ony place In (he cllles or
'-elclpilitiel through which (he
ceedkl of tbt company ore authorised
iiiuyho bullt,ond to receive, transform.
<"llj.ieri.il. dlitrlbule and supply iucji
Clover or energy In any form apd lo
but wae of Iho lyrplui (hereof, not tu
the .eet rates and charges therefor,
ater, '* Intended that the worki of Ibe
(tret company ihall be declared lo be
.tbe general advantage of Canada
cfir, Solicitor lor
thtrpUed at Victoria "
Mountain Goat,
Deer, Bear,
and other big game
other Rides ba* bten carefully selected
and we hav* tbt calibre best lulttd
to your particular reuulremeut. Bvirjr-
thing needed by tht practical hunter.
paine & McMillan,   «--12
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take dttd of good building lot
u cub paymtnt on a 10-room house;
now; aB modern. Buy terms on
TELEPHONE 8q. I1. O. BOX 114
Capital Paid Up  ;....$ 2760,00(1
Unserve & Undivided l'mfiti    3350,000
Total Aisott K),000,0(KI
In an age ol extravagance, the
i-linliy lorge tiircly ohoad—while
thoir   lest provident   neiglibori' accu-.
llllllllll.   .Willi.
Many a thrifty man or woman can
point to the first decided step In lilo
as haying been taken the day a bank
account was opened.
A Savings Account in Iho Bank of
Hamilton will prove a sure incentive
Inward thrill.
C. ft HEAVEN, Agent,
Nortb Vancouvar.
Head Office:
Drug Store Snaps
Tanglefoot Fly j'ajier, 2 doublu sheets
for 5c, oT 50c per box
4711 Soap  (oOcbox
Modified Milk, large size 75c tin
Allenbury's Fdod, half dozen ... $4.80
„ . „     1 dozen  $0,50
,, No. 3 Food „     55c each
„ ,,    1,        $6.25 dozen
Preston's Kidney Cure 75c bottle
Peptonized Wine of Beef & Iron $1.00
Marguerite, 25 in box '..    ... $1.50
Tuckett's Club Special   ... Y... $1,75
King Cutter and Carbo Muj;m1
Razors   V250
Gillette and   Autostrop  .SafclM
Gem Junior aijd Ever Ready.
Safety Razors  |i'
Strops'from 50c'io$2.006ajo
AH   Razors  Absolutely GuaranteeJ
Money Rtfupided If Not Sati«factory|
North Slf Drug (V
UfllllAWlESr.  Phone:
.1 A
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