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 ftp Hxptm
Annual Musical FesfyaL
Arraugoinonts aro completed for tho
Musical Festival iu I.ynu Valley to
murruw .• 11 ui iiiiun and evening and
\ ri 11 lii up null, nl ,-H success oven be-
youd tho most sanguiuo prognostications of ils promoters, ftutrius are
ovpr III) iu number and uro in from
Victoria, Ii. IT., aud all around Vau
couvcr from aa far as Mission Tbo
competition is at two o'clock sharp
uml lhe public is admitted tn this at a
charge nf unly lift cenii, The classes
uru ui iui,,,, ,i suluista hrst, followed by
mule quartette and choirs ,tho latter
probably singing from 4.11(1 till about
.six o'clock. A rehearsal of massed
choirs will luke place at 7 o'clock to
which the public is uot admitted. Con-
curl commences at t o'clock tnd this
uiiiiilii fail tu prove the best ever
hoard ou tlie north shore aa tbe pro
gram is competed of ail tho prizewinners al llie afternoon session who
will sniii llio number whcrowilb they
secured lirst place ip Iheir respective
classes, the mussed choirs in their purl
snugs, Miss Maude Scruby, an eminent
utl isle OH tho unbilled In, whu i:, lii eh
ly I,,uiiuii..mii,i by (i. II. ii. P*>ry,
Director pf the Hoyul i'ull. Music, aud
has endless pross ejeerpts which aro
Hul ier inn to a degree, and Ur. Noel
lliiliim.uii, ou elocutionist who has nl
ready won a way with local audiences
and who recites by apodal request
"How Ilul,,nni cm I'hue,I tho I'iiiii
nor." The admission is Till cents for
reserved souts whieh will bu held until
7.nil p.ii|. only and general admission
26 cents. Dr. Harper, Iho adjudicator
at the afternoon session, will deliver
tho prizes to tho successful contestants
aud will bo arruyed in his degree
robes for the occasion.
Hpecial arrangements have beeu
made for au adequate car service, sup
per or uftornoou toa ia provided by
tho ladies of the Valloy in St. Hitmen!'s church at a nominal price, and
everything has been donu for tho cop
venieuce aud tho pleasure of tho public
lookiug furward lo future years' at
lm.Iiiii,' ■ as relying to a largo et
tent un tbo impression made this year.
Although Ihis is thu initial attempt
nothing has been in.i..1 or,left oul
lhat could have added in auy way to
its success from evory standpoint.
'As Speedily as Possil
Aid. Irwin, at the request of the
mayor, last nigbt riported upon the
last ineciiug al llie Second Narrows
Bridge dirueluralo. This meeting was
on August 7th, aud was atteuded by
Mr. Edward Maiion (preaiding), Mr. J
0. Keith, Mr. E. W. Maclean, Mr J.
V. McNaught, Mayor McNeish, lieeve
May, Aid. Baiter for Mayor Find
lii, Aid. Irwiu md Aid. Fraser.
Correspondence was read frnm
Messrs. ilurus k Walkom, solicitors including copies of telegrams ro the or
der ot tho Board of Ilailway Com-
missiuncra concerning tbo width of
tho  span.   It  was  moved  by  Mayor
McNeish, seconded by Reeve May, aud
carried, tbit Sir dobu W.ilfe Harry
and piirincis be instructed tni dav*
plaus and specification* for tho Second
Narrows bridge with an opeu span of
mn foot iu accordance with tbo ord«r
uf tho Board of Hallway Commissioners prepared as speudily aa possible.
It was moved by Boeve May, aud
seconded by Mayor McNeish ami carried Ihut tho pross representatives be
permitted to be proseut at all future
muotings of Iho Board.
Thc secretary waa instructed to
writo to Messrs. Guthrie aud Fringlo
of Ottawa iu order to ascertain the
powers of Iho provisionui directors nmi
tho positiou in which ihey would .liud
iu the event of rosiguatiou.
To Search the Titlei to
City Lanes
The Royal Visit
The several committee* to which
were entrusted detailed arrangements
ig the programme fur thc reception
uf His llnuii Highness Ihc liuke uf
I'oiinuiighi un September Wth' are
in.ll.uil excellent prugress with Ibe re
sped ive matters which Ihey have in
The reception cummitlee held a
meeting Inis morning at which a draft
uf Hie address lu be presented was
considered uud adopted. The diaft will
nl uuce bu submitted to thc Governor
Uoueral's military secretary and upon
approval will be placed in tbe bauds
uf Mr. Thomaa Allan of Vuneuuver,
by whom it will Uo engrossed on
parchment wilh au appropriate design
illuminated in colon,
N. V. Yacht Club
Week-End Cruise
The scheduler! weekend cruise of
the Norlh Vancouver Vn. hi (.'lul/ was
a conspicuous success. Snug, (love was
Ihe destination, and'here Ave local
pmi ic. spout Saturday uighl. On Sun
day cruising up Howe Souud was thc
order of the day, calls being made
, at several of tbe popular resorts iu
lhat vicinity. Th„„e who, witb their
guests, participated in tbe club'scrulso
were ns follows: Commodore Palno
(Winifred), ('apt. P.. McMillan (Kit
winmar), Capl. J. Barclay (Jess), Capl.
It. McKenzie (Flf), aod ('ipt. H.
von Oraevcnltz (Flying Dutchman).
Proposed By-Uw to *
Purchase Eitra Stock
Aid. Fraser lasl evening gave notice
to the city council that he will at the
neit meeting of that body move
that the council submit to tin ratepayers a bylaw for the ion of IMMI te
be applied for a further pure**** of
stuck in th* Burrard inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company. ' ,    .
Additional Terminal
Will be Required Soon
Tlio cily fathers were last eveuiug
iu receipt of a letter from Mr. li. I
Kemp, secretary of the Nurlh Vancouver ('ity Ferries Ltd., requesting lhat
the c.iip,,luiiun make, funnel application lo the Dominion government for
HIU feel of eii,'iin'iii frum high wa
ter mark leading out into Iho lulet on
the casl side of Bewicke avenue lu
lie used f/ir ferry purpuses. "The time
is fast approaching," lhe teller staled,
"when uu iiil.litmniii ferry luminal
wili uf necessity have to be construct
ed at Ihc fuot of Bewicke avenue, aud
*s iu the case uf the present wharf at
the fool of I.m, 'bib- avcuue, it is
clearly proven lhal even 100 feet ia
not uiin nni space in whieh lu land
forry steamers uf Ihe size operated
liy this company. The width of the
present street cud at the loot of Be
wiekc aveuue would suflice for Ihc cun
strui'liini of a permanent wharf bul
Iho floating portion would occupy more
tban lou feot frontage.
"Thc board feel Ihtt tho clly would
meet with uo opposition iu applying
lo lhe proper authorities lor water
rlglils lo the extent, of KKI feot iu
front of the liuliau reserve and truat
(Inii the couucil will lake Ihc matter
in hand."
Tbo questiou was referred undiscussed lo tbe Board of Work*.
Lynn Valley Day
The Lyuu Valley Day commillee
mel. last eveuiug and commissioned
Mr. 1. P. CraWford lo ascertain whether or not Mr. i'urdic would bo well
enough to' attend to the duties *f
chairman of Ihc sporls committee. It
is unlikely lbat Mr.Purdlc'i health
will permit him lo undertake these
duties to Ibat they devolve upon Mr.
Crawford, intimation ^amo to band
from Mr. 1- H, Knglisli Intt a roily uf
Boy Scout* numbering 160 may be
relied upon for the dty, Tbo commit'
te* hu the matter "Wlbcif transportation in band and it ia staled that It*
ferry directorate will on Thursday be
approached in this connection.
Among tho minutes of the vtriout
committees, is submitted for tbe ap
proval of the city council last even
ing, wis the following resolution of
the Ijuos committee, hold ou Thurs
dty last, Aid. Du?k (chairuiau) aud
Mayor McNeish beiog present:
"Keaolved tint in exorcise of Ihe
power giveu lo Ihe I .unes Committee
and Iho Mayor by meoling of eouueil
ou August 12th lo appoint a qualified
persou In search the titles as to Ihe
various lanes in the city, Mr. Thomas
Shepherd be appointed and tbat lhe
Mayor bo authorized to eugage bim for
Ihia purpose if available."
Upon Iho reading of this minute
Alii. Foreman challenged the lecur
acy of Ihe previous'minute giving lln
I ui" . committee aud thc Muyor the
powers referred lo. He denied Ibal a
I. iJiliiiiini to that ell.ut had been
passed, ami was supported iu Ihis cun
tenliou by Abb Mellue
Aid. Irwiu, however, announeei
himself lo have boen Ihe mover of
such a resolution, but lhe name of
ihe seconder wu not renumbered ur
Un record. The mayor decided lu have
lhe question voted upou ami formally
submitted Ihe passage of Ihis iniiiul
Aid. Hick, Aid. Fraser, Aid. Hiss aud
Abl. Irwiu voted for, ami Abl For*
mau aud Aid. McBae igaiust. Ilis
wurship declared Ihe action of Ihe
Ijiiics committee endorsed.
In answer tu au inquiry frnm Aid,
Foreman, Ihe mayor stated lhat Mr.
Shepherd's services woold be retained
for the purpose of the above wurk -ul
tbo samo salary as he bad previously
received from lbc cily—namely tbu
t nn.nib
iu wnull Ihc dito of meeting is givon
us iuiiuii i,,u. uight, This should reul
"TONIHHT" iusleid of "tomorrow."
Tho Norlh Vancouver IT by Hand
wili give a concert tomorrow eveuing
in the grounds of Iho North l.uns
ilale l'u "In I. inni church under the aus
piees of the ladies' Aid of I tut I
church. The iilmiasiou will be tlii
eeuls, children free. Ice cream mil
cike will be provided.
Items of Interest
Mr. J. M. Hogg is muling inlo his
new house ou lower Keith ruad.
The Union SS. do's, boll "l.'ommo
tiou" ia on Ihc ways of Ihe Wallace
Shipyards to undergo a generaV over
John Caruricbael was Dried IIU auil
costs liy lleeve May ou Saturday for
pointing a revolver it mother man in
I .vnn   Vlllcy.
Lieuteuanl W. I, Uow tud wife of
Winnipeg, Mau., are visiting Mi.
Qow's sister, Mrs, M A. Husscll,
Norlb l.ousilsle.
A practice will bo held at Kecrcalion
1'ark on Wednesday, gist leaf, by the
N. V. 8 V. club st ii.m o'clock. All
interested pleue be on btud.
A large number of men ire now employed making the necesiiry prepare
lions for the laying of the new ce
ment sidewtlka between the ferry and
First street.
A meeting of tbe Lynn Villey Day
executive is fixed for Friday evening
neat at 8.3(1 o'clock iu tbe lutltuta
Htll at whieh il il moit imperative
tbat all members present themselves.
Three men charged wltb drunken
ncss were yesterday liberated do bail
ot IIU each. Tbis morning whtn I'o
lire Magistrate Bugging was prepared
to listen to tbtn they appeared nol.
Witb Incredible swiftness 160 Uew
neatly lata tin civic treasury.
On page two under beading "Tu dis
cms government reversionary rights"
aa moounc*ment is marl* concerning
*  meeting  to  dlscuj?  above  subject
The Wallace Shipyards are commune
iug the coustructiou of a scow for T.
M, lu i.i,'. a ttrm of buildiug supplies uf
Vancouver. The tug "dreadful" it
uu Iho ways for repairs while lhe II
tl. P. ia being nvorhaulod. When repaired she will be put ou llic Van
cuuver, Tuba and  Hutc  Inlet  run
The forms fur Ibe uew concrete wa
lerworlis intake a mile uud a half
above the prescnl eity mini,, on Lynn
ind, iii. uuw under coiislrudjun
butti the intiil.e and tbe settling basin
are to be built of concrete ami the
plans recently made are on a larger
scale than was at first iutendeb
The Western duniiiiiuu Land ami
Investment l'u. I.td, of Vancouver,
has opened a Nurth Shore liraucii at
tli Luusdale aveuue, almost immodiat.ly
uppusite the pustuflice. This company,
which has also offices in l.oudou, i'ug,
and Victoria, holds the local repre*in
tai inn of tbe Lyuu I'reek Zinc Mines
Citizens aie watching with inieresl
the steady prugress being made upon
Ihe maeadauii/ing of Lonsdalo avenue
The wesl side uf Ihe streot is now
practically completed ami quite a cuu
slderahle iiiniiiiiit uf wurk is being
doue upou Ihc easl side A start has
alsu been made ou Ihe laying uf lbc
cement sidewalk. The wooden walk ou
lhe oast aide of the street has for
sume ui iuu been lorn up fur the
purpuse nf grading and levelling the
Tbe SS. City of Nanaimo rnuilly
purchased by tbe Tcrmiual Navigation
Compauy, is ou Ibe ways of the Wul-
lace Shipyards undergoing very exten
nve repairs, tunning into some <i'\'ii'i
and will be, wheu finished, almosl a
uew bual. Tbe Nau*imo bas beet pur
chased for Ihe Howe Souud it'i aud
will likely be commissioned (luring
railway  conilruction  lo  ply  between
Vumouver    and    the    different    |iiiiiili
where coustructiou is in progress carrying Ihe ncciisaary material for tiro
Mrs. B. Fawcell, Hud slreet, North
Vtncouver, left ou Ihe Imperial Lim
ited uu Friday tight fui'e two nioullts'
visit with relilivcs In Ibe east Mis.
Ftwrett liptcti to be joined tl iter el
stoke by her niece, Min 0. Ftwcctl,
of Nelson, wbo will accompany her on
uor journey. Mrs. Faweett will visit
relatives md friends it Winnipeg
Beach md will travel by tbe Orett
Ukei to Toronto, Montreal, Niagara
Falls, Hamilton md Chicago, return-
ing )iy wty of thi Kootenayt md slop
ping for t short lime it Nelion
Mr, J. A. Wood, of the Norlb Van
couvcr Heal Estate Co,, yesterday re-
ceiveii by telegram the ltd intimtlion
of the death of hii father, Ml. Oeo.
Wood, late of Ontario. Tbe meiaige
came frupi one of Mr. Wood's brothers,
Mr. Chester Wood, uow in Edmonton,
Alta., tnd merely allied thtt, accord
log to i telegram from inotbsr brother their ftther had died on Saturday thl  17th. at Coulter,  Manitoba.
Mr. Wand's many friends will lyupa-
Interment will Uk* pltct in
(ends wii
tbit* deeply wltfc bim In ttit v*rjr
luddeu beriivtowt.
For the last threo or four weeks tho
city's muil bag haa boon noticeably
woll die,i Applications for tho opou
ing of rotds ami the laying of sidewalks havu beon pouring dowu steadily
on tho cily lathers, tbe majority of
sueh letters being handed ovor summarily to the toudor care of tbo Board
of Worki.
Last night wben tho couucil mot iu
the city hall (Mayor McNeish presiding ovor a full attendance of aldermen) thc cily clerk, Mr. Austin Brown,
wes kept eveu a Imb more thin us-
uullv busy during that ptrt of the
ugeiidi dewihul to correspondence.
A letter emanated from Mr. B. I
Beid, tho eity solicitor, apprising tho
council thai uuder section Tib ol thc
Municipal Clauses Act no taxes cau
lie imposed or levied upon churches ur
church silos iu use fur public worship
A letter from W. ti. Kisenniuu cull
iug attention tu the condition of llth
Btreet belween Mahon avenue and
.Innes aveuue was referreil to tbe city
Mrs. Charles Douglas wrute ruber
pmh. iimlli rcgardiug her cherry trees.
Tbe council .1,sided lo burden the
bum.I  uf wurks with Ihe problem  in
Villved        ,
Messrs. Harvey k Uud/, iu councc
liun with the caso of Bekoff v.'Varr
k Tolosov, wrote iotimatiug lhat thoy
had entered judgment in thc county
court fnr the plaintiff agaiust tho do
fondant in this matter and uow asked
Ihe cily to pay iuto court Ihe amount
for whicii it waa garuialrecd. The mat
ler waa referred to the cily solicitor.
The Kev. ,1. II. Hooper addressed a
letter lo the eouueil asking that since
tho grading uf Ihe junction belween
Mb slreet and 8th street is practical
ly completed thai the surface drain
be continued on Kth slreet to sumo uut
let other lhau Ihe private property
uu.'.! iluui to St. .lulni'... rectory. Tbe
Idler enumerated several rcasous why
this course was advisable. The mailer
was left in the hands of Ihc city CU
gineer with puwer to act.
Messrs. McNeill, Bird, Macilunald k
Bayfield wrote intimating lhat they
were beiug retained by Mr A. E.
Criekmay iu lhe mailer of Hie death
of his colt, which, il appears, was
struck down by blurting a week or
Iwo igo. The "In iim ' li nu cou
tended thtt is Ihe wurk iu quesliun
wu being done fur the city ami was uf
a dangerous character, the eity ia re-
sponsible fur whatever damage ensued
through waut of due care. Messrs.
Thompson 4 Stuart ami Mr. Oscar
W, uie,,nb had been written lu and a
A ilull Sunday naturally brings witb
ll a noticeable fulling oil iu thc tour
ist ii.iiin lu pud frpm the North
Sboro. Neither thc ferries nor the
street cars did capacity busiucss dur
ing last weekend, thc weather being
fir from seductive. The brave spir
Ita wbo trusted to a providential posl
pun.inuiii of rain end crossed lbc lu
let witb a view lo visiting tho beauty
haunts of Ibis shore were, however,
sufficiently uuuicrous to be regarded
as quite an appreciable avenge influx
for t eity of this aizo. So far thc
Sunday traffic to Ihis city bu this sum
mer assumed phenomenal proportions.
On Sunday, Augual 18b. lo Mr. aud
Mn. Jobn I'. Young, llth street Ibis
city, i diughter,
On Tuesiiiy, August mih, to Mr.
md Mrs. Angus Ctmeron, 17th itreet
tnd Bewicke Avenue, t son.
Horace Greeley once wrote • note to
t brother editor in Ntw York whose
writing wu u illegible u bit own.
The recipient of the note, not beiug
tbie to retd it, sent it back by tbe
same messenger to Mr. Oreeley for elucidation. Supposing it to be ibt answer t* his own note, Mr, Oreeley
looked* over it, bat likewise wu unable
to read la md uid to tbe boy, "Oo,
Uke it btcb. Wbtt does tbe fool
meant" "Yes, sir," uid Ihe boy,
"lhat it just what he says."
Husband Yoo're always making
bargain*. Wu there ever a time when
you  didn't I
mit-lm, tit, aa my widdiag tay.
iinini bad beon presented for 4800.
This hid, of course, boeu douo without
prejudicing Mr. Orickmty'i claim
whieh  is undoubtedly primary liable.
Mr. W: 0. Wjnterburn, t consulting
engiueer of Victoria, forwarder) a
criticism of tho council's alleged methods in tho awarding ot contracts.
Tho writer had loudcrod t little time
ago to supply a itoam roller in re
spouse tn un advertisement which bad
appeared in tho public press. He
hud since been untitled that tho order
hail boon placed with a competitor,
ilis letter last ovening maintained that
tbe roller ho submitted by tender was
tho best manufactured one, and tho
prico was lower than that bid by the
ui, i ml tenderer. On inquiring ho
coulil unly discover tbut immediate do
livery was required although no time
limit wu stuteil iu Ihc advertisomeut.
"I respectfully ask yuur honorable
body," tho letter concluded "to kindly
statu what aro the principles which
guvern you iu the awarding of contracts. As t taxpayer of Nortli Vaucuuver I wuulil suggest tbat when orders are arranged to be placed the
farce of advertising for tenders be
discontinued utui public money thus bo
sin ed The lotter and all  therein
conttlneil was ordered to be filed.
The muyor, Abl. Hick and Aid. Core
man were appointed a committee to
confer ut tho instance uf South Vaucuuver with ulher municipalities interested in regard lu loud sales for
taxi's should this matter lie shuwu to
alTeet llie north shore.
Thc following rcporls of committees
were duly approved:
Board of Works-
He petition frnm .1. A, Forbes md
uth,Ti, fur a lidewilk on Ihu north side
of thc iiiiiiul Boulevard between Chesterfield ami Million avenues. Laid over
fnr repurt. ,
He petition frum Matthew Carr aud
others for u sidcvvull, un (ilh street
between Quccusbury ami Hendry)
avenues. Laid uver fnr report.
Ke ipplicttlou fruni C M. Hurmester
fur a sidewalk ur some means of ap
infill, h tu luts It III :: ■ inclusive, block
Uil 1611, Laid over fur a roporl,
Bo letter from Messrs. Callipbruuas
A Dunn asking that Ihe lidewilk oud-
iug it Ibe corner uf bb iud .lum •
gvonuee lie connected lo lol :tus.,|,
Itcconinu lulcd lhat application be
He Idler frum Thus, i'ipcr making
application fur a ruadivay ou Snd
street frum Bidgeway avenue iuu feet
east. Kccuinincndeil thai thc applicant
be written to lu call ami sign a build
iug bond
id loiter from John (1. Farmer, 0.
Mi', submitting copy of a letter in
reference lu llie need of rcpiiri to
the lidowaU on Sutherland avenuo
uorth of Ihe Lynn Valley road. Ke
ferred tu thc engineer and superb
Undent wilh power to act.
Continued on Pag* 0, col. 3.
Thc ways of the auctioneers iu differ
out purls uf the world vary greatly
lu England and Am.ma Iho scMer
bclrs the expense uf tho sile, but iu
France Ihe purchaser bean |lie cost,
flvo per cent, being added to bi* pur
i liti'.e lu Holland thc buyer ia required to pay teu per cent, additional for
the expenses uf the sale.
lu Hawaii, one of lbc Sandwich Is
buds, there is a spot called lbc Bock of
Heiuge It a criminal retches this
rock um-aplurcd ,hc is safe M loug u
he remains (here. Usuilly bii family
supply him wilh food until bo ii tbi*
lo mako his esctpe, but he It never tl
lowed to return lu bis owu tribe.
Getting Bern.
Wbtt an awful roliup
China's tolni Ibroutli,
Trying bird to fix up
Thlngi without Its ouel
CaUie teul • bll Ull
Of * ntlloo i ti.
llnet It's lost Ils |>I|I»U
It hu lost H* but.
Hobbirajip In Piking
Pltunllr leas or mor*;
Do (Mr bal lo snwk lo
Brarr open do*/.
Go and fit a halohet
ll tb* door ll barred;
Then Ib* lunulas catch II.
And Iheir luck Is l»r*
•olllera corns oomplslnie*
That tbeir pay U thy;
Think Iht person relanln*
fUTouM llielr needs suppl/.
I* tb* Ureili Ihsy bollsr
Thsy art b«ln| Ituck;
Thi/ must hit* Ihelt teller
Or they'll run tmuck.
fir ther fur the malice
Of Ib* mob ouliM*
Msrohsnls charging loukls
Beach for .vsir yen.
Chin*'* btrfnf troubl*
Wn* born again.
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)   -   $15,413,000
Reierve~~T~T ^Jl 5,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouvar Branch i F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L. 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted. '<>,
110 Esplanade, Phone 227
"The Dundarave Door"
A new design of Ciafilman Front Doori. We are the
only lum in Canada making these doori. Come and see
them.    Pricei are reasonable.
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719. Phone 222
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
We have on hand a full supply of all Building
Material.   Get quotation* hefore placing order.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham'* Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone 466
During the Months of JULY and
AUGUST, this store will close
at I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Ii**v.   Vancouvar
•tM kM.      8.40 PM
•6.40 3.00
'7.00 i'lu
•IM S.40
IM 4.00
•8.00 4.80
8.20 4.40
'1.40 S.00
n'i'i 5.80
U.'I') 6.40
0.40 6.00
10.00 6.80     '
10.80 6.40
10.40 7/W
11.00 7.80
11.10 7.40
11.40 8.00
18.00 8.30
18.80 PM.       0.00
18.40 ».M
IM iooo
1.80 10.30
1.40 11*0
iff kll AM.
* A***mW "99 99 ftaMMar."
aatiteJTUmmmtnyial MM to.
leava Nortk Vincourir
•6.00 A.M.      8.80 P.M..
'6.80 8.40
•6.40 6.00
'7.00 i.80
7.80 1.40
•7.40 4.00
6.00. 4.80
'6.80 4.40
8.40- 6*0
otio 6.80
9.80 6.40
8.40 6*0
10.00 6.80
10.20 6.40*
10.40 7.00
11.00 7.80
11.80 7.40
11.40 8.00 -
vnn l.jl;
18.80 VM.      tM
UM) 0M
IM 10*0
1.80 10.10
1.40 11*0
8*0 11.40
J2.4fi   AM.
Tim* UU* w&J*ct to thing, without
dtUyi, iccldtnttl or otb.rwlif.
"So farewell hope, and witli Iniiin
I'nmwull I'i'iir.
Farewell remorse; ill good to in* is
- WitbP
TI)o nfyrning wis bright ami wirm.
1 lllll risen eirly, mnl iil'lio- 1 i|i|i ill
in 1'ilil.v iu trout of Yilo Hit win slowly
picking my wiy ilong thu luu townni i
tnil tint luil to tho bunch whuro tliu
|iriuui|ial business housns wuru located
whuu I saw approaching ii lull youth
o( |».ilii.|ii, eighteen yuirs. llu lui|iuil
from lnnil.lur to boublur as hu advanced,
suumiug to morn thu narrow |iilh which
luil iiiiiiiini thu rocks, llu wis active
enough for a circus acrobat, i thought,
as I |iuusuil to watch his agile move
incuts. As wu nuuruil ouch othor thu
young nniii begun tu whistlu, pouring
forth from his li|>s most muloilious
suumls. Thu airs suluctuil wuru from
songs thut were popular ut thu time,
ami the execution wis so oxijiiisitu ami
harmonious that I |iauseil to listen sn
thut I might .tiniv in every note. When
hu fouml thai he was obterved thu
youth caseil lu wurblo, uml ilro|i|iing
from a boulilur on which he wan parcbed
lo Ihu groutnl, bashfully ewailod my
"tlooil iiiiiiiiiii,",' I said. "You must
hive struck it rich—you seem so
"No," ho replied, "1 haven't struck
it rich. (In the contrary, I have fuuml
"Then why do you whistle!" 1
"'Hi' because il tnukes the time pass
pleisanlly. Besides, I never let trouble
bother me—I shed it like u duck sheds
wuter from its buck. 1 cuu'I Imagine
how any man can be uulnppy so loug
as lie wulks straight and acts right. I
don't mean to do anything wrong in all
my life, aud if I dou't have good luck
Itu never going to frot."
"That's the proper spirit," I said;
"slick to imu and you'll come oul ill
right.   Whit's your name!"
"Tom," he .nni, with u funny look
iu his eyes."
"Tom—Tom wlmll" I persisted.
"No, nol Tom   Walt   just   Tom—
thai's all.' '
"Hut surely you huve uunl her
name f''
Ile sliuok his head with a light luugli
us he suid, "My iiuine'n only Tom in
this country, full mc thut uml I'll
ulways answer."
"Nu," I suid; "III cull you Happy
Tom, Your philosophy is sound uml
good and your fuce shows lliut yoo
huve a light uml I...J | . Iicur!."
Ile luuglied uguin Hid puted down
the bir. As he went ulung I suw thul
his clothes were rugged uml Ins boots
iu holes. A week elupscd In-fore I met
the boy uguin. He then wslked ulong
the iiiuiu iitrect wirbling a popular
Iuue with an energy uud .ikill lliut
were inn im liun Ile tilled llie uir with
melody umi people rati to their doors
to listen lo the sweet sounds. Toui
was certainly u charming performer,
lud it wus not long before he became
i populir favorite. No party or dance
wis complete without Tom uml his re
mirkibie whittle. He was an ciein
plary youug man. He would neither
drink lii|Uor nor iniokc. He wus witty
without being coarac, rude or offensive.
"Hwear words" were stringers to his
lips, and honesty of purpoie aud kindly
thought shone from Ihc depth* of hii
, I. :u eyes mil lighted up hiu ingenuous
couuli'innce. I hid iniini mii,,i ,,
lions with him nmi found lum very iu
telligeut. His uniform good niture wn
mignelic, uml he giew upou me su Ihtt
I soon got to like him very much, When
I left the river in I860, one or the lut
liumls thll I enclosed iu i good bye
inu-p wis Happy Tom's, for the nanie
had stuck to him. Ilis eyes glistened
a* he ipprotched the side of the ciiioe
Hid wished me good luck.
"Tom, old Ini),"I excltiiueil, "nl
here lo your principles ind you'll be
une of the foremost men ot thu colony.
You've gol It in you. (live it i chince
to get out, llon'l drown II with U.l
wbiakey or kill it wilh worse com
The hippy fellow begin to whittle
in opemtic lir. Then he twitched off
apon "Home, Sweet Home." A* my
fnil lurk plunged iuto the funning
current ind begin to glide swiftly down
streum he tent after me Charlie Mac
bay'l "Cheer, Hoys, Cheer," uml wheu
I looked back jusl is lhe ciiioe begin
lo turn thc Aral beml in thc river lm
w*t penhed on t hoge boulder, ilill
pouring forth hit hippy soul in tweet
end   fur retching   melody.   '
If Iny oue ihould hive then predicted
Ihlt when Hippy Tom ind I neit met
it would be under circumstance! of I
moit awful md wul terrifying chine
Ur I would have rilled him I fall*
prophet or I fool.  Yet il io turned out,
il tb* icquel will slow.
«- I   i   t   i   ,   i   .   •
In the summer 1878 iiir* ifov»d at
Victoria frnm Unglund i youug lady
nniiicil Kllen Ir'nrmuit. Hhe wus the
daughter of Alderman Formm, a rum-
dent nf .lumes Bay. pile bor* a high
H Jin!!.?!! DSMil »!:!!SS!.
teacher, aud wai us pretty aud dainty
aa a pink. Tbe young lady was not
long i|t securing a school at i fair salary,
where she gave cniu|. tatitfection,
About this time ber father married
*gai|i, selecting for bit second wife
a iiinsl est iiniilil.i anil worthy woman of
middle-ago, and ilm couple with the
young school teacher went to realdo at
Hr. Formatt'i houso on Kingston itreet.
Thu houso wai a one story affair eon-
turning six rooma and a kitchen. About
this linn1 exciting news came of thu
discovery of a supposed rich vein of
silver ore near tbe town of Port Hope.
Silver waa then worth (l.lll an ounce
aud the shareholders iu tho uew dis
cm cry were each rated in public estim
atiou as worth at least a million dollurs.
Among thu owners iu thu mine were
Qeorge Dunbar, Newell Moody, Wm.
No11 nn md Thumai Chooloy. Theie men
were regarded aa far and away the
richest men iu British Columbia. A
test shipment of ore to Han Frauciico
yielded I'lllt lo the ton, and it wus re
ported that there were many thouiand
lons of as rich rock iu sight. The own
ers I have named camo to Victoria one
ilay to sell shaiei, which they hail uo
.iiilnuiiv iu .lump Alderman Foruian
uud Ihe viaitora were thrown much to
gother, ami iu au evil moment Poriuau
in1. Hi T i liiinlev to bis houae and iutro
ilmcd him to Ilia daughter. Tbe father
waa .in.. li T by Ibe reputed wealth ol
the mine owner, ami the young girl, per
hups, was auxioua lo lay aaide her
books ami exchange the little, uupre
i,i,inni:. dwelling ou the Junes' Bay
side for a palace witb servants and
line clothes iud diamoudi galore. It
wis i else of lovu it first aighl. Cbooley
nus ll leist twenty yeirs older thun
Kllen t'ormun. Ile was stroug aud atout
uml masterful, while ahe was pretty and
petite ami shrinking iu ber maimer.
Bul us love ii aaid lo delight iu con-
Irarieliea, the difference in tgc, habita
uud dispositiuu proved uo ohstaclesrfo
au early uuiou. lu a few wceka the
two were married amid the blare uf
11 ii i n j.. I,, the glnri of t'binese liulems
ami the popping of cbiiupignc corks.
All predicted I'luilliiut iud nippy career for the pair. They were treated
ami toasteil ami feasted, mil if old
shoes uii'l showers of rice- could eusure
huppiiiets Mr. ami Mrt. Thomas I'hooley
ought lo have been the hippies! plir
of in.,11uls. on eirlb. Among tbe pretend wis ■ solid silver tei let made of
ini'l ui from the Fori Hope mine. They
wcul from here lu tiuu Fnueiaeo, wbere
they pul up it I leading hotel. While
Ihere i serioua quirrcl occurred, due
to the bridegroom'.. uujualifiible jell
ousy lie asserted thit bit wife did
not love him, imi lo hit dying day no
argument ur proof could induce bim lo
i hunge Iiis mind. The idea waa ibsuid
and unjust. They returned to Victoria,
ami iu due courau 1 child wu born It
Foriuun 'n house, where the plir re
sided. The coming uf tbe child pro
dine,I no change in i'hooley. Ho treated
lus pretty wife nilh distrust mil cruel
ly. When Furman remontlraleil with
lum i'hooley drew • revolver,tnd threit
cued lo shoot him. He wu rcslriiued
•ini left the houie wilh hit wife mil
elulil. In a few days • peace wia ir
lunged ami Ihe tlhooleya wcnl luck to
tlie I nun.in houie.
Almul this tune it begin to be rumor
cl that Ihc mine wu not it rich li hid
been iu|i|H>sed. Tbe vciu hid been
probed, wis Inni.,I wauling iu bigb
gndc rock md showed aigut of "pel
cruig out." It wia tlio obterved tbit
i'hooley 't wealth, wbicb wu belived lo
be meilmo.hide when be wu married,
hid likuu unto Ittelf wings md Down
iwiy lo llie realm of unprofitable iu
lestineiiis Aa hia meant vmitbed
fhoulcy became more brutal lo hii wife
ind niui i.e lo ber pai, ni- In .in. I of
the UU exerting I softening iulucuce
il mule him birder. Tbe torrowful
little wife wu pulieul md strove brivc
ly to mellow Ihe llercc mil wicked dii
p.. iinni of the mm whom ibe bid
ma,ind lie repelled ill overtures. It
wu oven uid thit be but her on more
Hun one occulon, ind thit be md
Formm hid com* to blowi in muse
i|lleine       The   parlies   iulillliil.il    |*   In
Iminl the lillle house on Kingston
•Irect, wbere i'hooley, wbo bid uow
begun lo drink buvily, terrified ill by
bit wild tbreatt and beutly language
and actions.
t   i   .   .   ,   •   t   ,   t
To Diictw Government
Reversionary Rights
mbbtjno qf mmm iajifai
Tomorrow ovening a| tbo oiDcub of
tb* Joint Civic Advertising Committee a public meeting of district uue
payer* is to ))o held iu order to discuss the reversionary rights of tiie
proviuee to subdivide land It) Lynn
Valley. THU limiting Is at"tW-iir
stigatiou of tho l.ynn Vulley and
Nortli lionsiliile Batepayors' Associations und ils purpose' is to give pub-
llcity to tho gjiuvancus of thu rutu
payors iu this cniinectinit, su thut if
pu mill, i solution lo thu problem muy
bo arrived at.
Tho dulays alleged lo Im unnecessary,
of tho provincial' uiilhorilies in docld
ing whether or not the province shall
iTsini ownership of one ipmrter of all
crown granted I.m,I subdivided since
181)8 bas been subjected lo considerable
adverse criticism. Since Commissioner
'T:.,,iuu.Jt sal ul the municipal hull
some mouths ugu, Coun. Westover Iiiih
liiiie and uguin called Ihe attention
uf lhe district fathers lo the fuel thui
un answer1 bae been forthcoming to fffp
district's demand* for definite infur-
mution except intimation that Mr.
Macdonald was in the interior Of tile
province nnd bad not yet submitted
iiis. report.  __. ___-.
This condition of affairs fender* tlte
pouiiion "of Iryim Valley settlers n-
treniely unsatisfactory. Until fnoy
discover how thoy st*nd in tbe matter, it cannot bo oxpocted pf tbem to
bujld on a larger scale seeing tbat tbey
may pr may pot own all Ibe lnnd upon
which they are living. fJM eouueil
and the ratepayers' association of the
Valluy havo already passed resolutions
asking the govornmout to cancel any
reversionary rights limy may havo.
In view of tbe fact thut thero is
hardly a property holder in tbo Val-.
ley who is not to somo eitent intereil-'
od in the decision of the government
iu Ibis relation, Wednesday night's
meeting ahould be well attended.
Tim highest joys seldom come to Ihe
placid mind. It is tlte stirred soil lhat
produces the hundredfold, and the soul
Ihut is most profoundly moved reucli*^
Ihe lu ph.-.i level of duty and ucl ion,
uml experiences tbe joy that comes
from the conquest of self.
I lighest Standard obtainable
Manufactured by Farquhar & Gill, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Sole Agent
Fhoue 261.
The evening of tbe iind of January,
llll (juit tbirty yem ago), wu dark
and liiinul. Several iuchei of tnpw bid
ftllcn during tb* ity ind walking wu
moil uupleuint. About tbi hour of
f.U o'clock on tb* evening ia queitlon
word rewind my oflre tbit Alderman
Formm bid beta ibat by Chool»y.
(OOmduiM N titdlif)
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Minis, Collars detached, with or without the French
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110 Second St., East.
Tht North Vancouver home of "Campbell Clothing"
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1. O. Vet till.
Phont til THEEXPi
Birks' Diamonds
There art two prime reasons why u Diamond Morcuauti
we bave hew successful.  Thoy are: First—Every stone wt
nit to Uie consideration of tlte purchaser It perfect In
every retpect. Second-Being the largest important ot dla
inoiidH In Canada and cash buyers, wt ice able to tell at
Inwett possible prices.
It li known throughout the wholo Dominion ami we tro
lu touch with every portion of tbo country through the mo
dluiu of our five great«tores—that wo resort to no subterfuge In order to make diamond sales. Evory static Is sold at
its honest value, and carries with it our guaranUo of perfection, t guarantee which our unsullied commercial reputation makes too valuable for doubt.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
Eight Per Cent.
No good security turned down
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
Job Printing at the "Express"
Show Promises to
he Great Ev«t
Matt peoplo wbo take any kiml ot
intereit In affairs ot tbe North Sboro
am liy uow awam Uiat on Priiiay ami
Hatunlay, Seirt. tl ami 7, tbe Nortli
Vancouver Horticultural Society ami
Farmers' Institute bolils its ninth au
uunl exhibition. It would lio fatuous
in.i. ■ ,i to "Tni; u at this time in a loug
I'l'iitiii of the society's history, flvery-
iimly appreciates its raison d'etre, ro
allien tn tbe. full that thu uaturul n>
sources uf British Ilolumbia require ox
hiliitions of this kiml ami organized
boilios to control litem. Alt cstcutinl
ingredient, however, It tho iiinii is lo
lie served up successfully, is the active
cooperation of the public, especially
Ibe garden growing, vegetable-produe
iug, poultry rearing public.
In order to ascertain what it ox
n.Tli promised for this year's show, a
representative of the Express yesterday plied Mr. Harold Huow, Ihe society's secretary, with a few pertinent
questions. To these he received per
lineiit answers. One particularly embodied an appeal to owners of tin'
.■■unl, ii , uu the north shore to iliecunl
their timidity or modesty aa the cast
may be, ami contribute their in ili' to
the success uf the show by exhibiting
their product.
"Ptop|t seem to be somewhat mar
ed," said Mr. Huow, "because tboy
think Ihey baveu't growu anything
gooil enuugh to ullow. I contend lhal
they .iiiinot possibly know until after
the show's over ami the prises are
awarded. I have beard people say
that tbey can't possibly exhibit their
produce because they planted late, or
because Iheir gardeu hasn't been it
existence long enough lo grow any
thing ii. lul I would reniiml sucb
peuple iimt tbe wliule district Is uew
su far as that gues. Must of the
gardeners wbo exhibit their produce
are iu the same box iu this retpect.
"Besides, this year a claaa has been
provided for produce yielded by g.n
dens uot exceeding in size Iwo HO foot
lots. Tbis affords au opportunity for
people wbo caunot afford llic lime or
tbe mouey lo do gardeuiug on a lavish
scale by employing labour, etc. This
class haa beeu arranged on purpose
lo accommodate those people wbo do
uoi employ help."
"The otber day," added Mr. Snow
North Vancouver City
*.   i
PRICE $4750   '
i.l' ts   '
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
I .iiiiiIitI Liability
Norlh Vancouver Agenti for
Limited .,
Phone Seymour 6266
ftC, TUESDAY. AUGUST 20, |9I2.
"I was down in Lynn Valloy. fh.rfl
is somo excellent stuff down thorp
both in tho llowpr and tho vegetable
lipo. I also saw poultry which would'
lie well worth exhibiting! You might
remind the public tbat entries close-on
Thursday, Sept 5th. Already } am
receiving many application! for entry
forms' • up to the preaeut more than in
previous years, to that there it every
reasonable promise of 1 really good
show. The poultry class, I believe, will
be particularly wvll stonteatod tbis
year,"       , ,  .
Questioned concerning other livestock classes, Mr. Snow stated that
these included cattle, dairy cows and
horses. Tho regulations of tbe Far
hut:,' Institute doiuuiiilod tbat there
shoulil be classes provided for cuttle
ami horses, Ibougb Ihey were com
puralivcly few iu this part ot tha
proviuee. "Noxt year, however," Mr.
tiiinw uddiiil, "we hope to coinliiite thc
regular horse show with the hurli
cultural show."
In  ' "iu lie,   the Society's  secro
nn i touched upuu tlie prugress being
mude upon Hie tennis and croquet
courts ami gruumls generally, eonuuet
eii wilb the Hum, uh mu I Hull. "These
ui, 1,11,1 ." lie said, "will be upeued
uext yeur on aunuul membership basis
Whut tlte fee will be ,bas not been
decided vol. There will lie uo club at
all. , Anybody wbo pays tbe ini'inher
ship fee ami conforms to lhe rules of
tiie courts will be eligible. The greul
idea is lo keep tbe grounds as much
opon to lbe public un feasibly pos
As Vu luliii-,I attraction lo the ex
lnl,iin,it, however, lhe eourlH will In
opett on the Ulli uud 7th of September
wheu croquet, tennis uml bowling
i,,.hi,.nu,'i.i ■ will be contested. Uutries
for these events must reach the secre
tury befure Huturday, August lllst.
Big Black Bear Inspects
Automobile Party
When, u little lime ago a couple of
"uniil bears emerged from the bush ou
i.,i iim,, road aud complacently in
speelcil au automobile aud its occu
pants, the incident was leganled as
somewhat unprecedented. Ilislury re
peatoil itself, however, in a modilieil
form one day last week when Mr. W
Booth, with a parly of six, was pilot
ing bis eur along the same road. Whuu
aliool ball' wuy op the bill immediate
ly aboie the 1,'utiyon View Hotel, a
large black bear appeared in lllc mnl
die of the highway directly iu front
of the automobile. As bruin wus evi
iliTitly determined lu remain there so
lung as Ibe whim lusted, Mr. It.mih
brought his machine to a hall, ami a
culm , iu imi' inspection ensued on both
sides. I'resently the uiiimal turned tail
uml uml,led up lhe sleep bunk Into tbe
ilense woods which lie between the
road ami the foot of Hrousc Mouu
tain. Muny indicationt of deer aud
hear huie been seen in Hits vicinity
iluring the last few weeks.
Petticoated ,
Ily Thudilcus H. Dayton, in lbe
Mail uml Kmpire.
History bus iinmortaJi'cil tin' exploits of Ihe bigliwuyuieu who were
the terror of lbe rouds uf Kiiglitud two
or three centuries ago II is well nigh
silent concerning Ihc deeds of Ihc ladies
of Ibe road who were Ibeir cOnlenipor
tries in crime. Tbere were ouly a few
of I beta women of the highway, but
tbey were amuug tho most picturotque
figures of lhat adventurous uge.
.'-"im' were of domling beauty; all
were bold to the point of audurily.
Masked ami booted ami spurred, arm
ed wilh tword ami pistol, tbey rob
bed travelers along lbe Ureal North
road ain't Ibe other highways leadiug
lo I.uu,Imi Town. Their feals of dariug
equalled auy of Ibe achievements of
Jack Sbeppanl, Diek Turplu, l.'laude
Duval or Kaptaiu Dudley. Their ways
were as masculine as their dress, aud
Hi,. • of ili, in who were Dually banged
at Tymuru died as carelessly as tbey
bad lived.
Moll Cutpurtc   Higbwaywoniau.
Among these ladies of Ibe road,
Moll Cutpurse wuh especially remark
able. She to excelled in evtry branch
of dishonesty tbat ber name is t thiev
ith synonym lo this day. Long purses
were worn at tbe girdle at tbat time,
at Ihe beginning Of the seventeenth
century. While a mere girl Moll became
tucb an expert at cutting purses and
filching their contents that the sobriquet tbo then earned clung to hor alwayi.   Her real namo ie unknown.
One- of her exploits at thia stage of
her career was tbe talk of London.
One evening a nobleman in tho fringe
of a crowd missed hll watch. Thinking
be bad lott it accidentally, he asked
Min Molly, who wai lUnding uear, ta
Hie Canadian Bank
of Commerce
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Representative of
British Capital
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anyone having undeveloped natural
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help Iiiiii liml it. Hhe led him on for
nearly bull' uu hour. She lu 11., 1 nu
lorucslly uiul seemed no iulerostcd uiul
helpful thul Hie nobleman never bus
peeled her. Moll hud liis timepiece ull
the while. Kinully hiu lorilnhip, being
lule for bis rendexvous, lunl to liu/ry
uwuy. As be wus departing lie prom
meil ber twenty giuneus ii ..lie fouml
his watch, Thereupon .-.lie handed it
ovet with one lum.I uiul collected llie
gold with tbe oilier!
.M.11. Moll did uoi slay long in
hut branch uf the .profession, how-
over, Before she wns twenty sbe was
u night rider, stopping traveler! on
Iiuiu 1 i' u i 11, uii, uml lhe Loudon
rouds uud by mere mastery stripping
lliem of their valuables. .Single bunded
lie beld up inuny a stage coach,
tihe could sil a horse as gulluntly
uul ride aa tirelessly et un,,' man
bal ever wore a muni, uml called
oul, ".'■iiiii.1 and deliver!" Hhe made
mure muney than uny of lhe looliug
invaders of ber time, Not one of them
A'us her eipiul iu daring. They doffed
Iheir plumed halt to her as a lolioii of
professional respect. All her brief
biographies say that sbe bad "a long
aud successful career ou tbe highway,"
Mistress Moll, lady of tbo road,
rniigely enough, is all bur forgotten
now. Perhaps it is because ber eud
ras uot iiininiii 1, tihe lived to tbe
good old age uf seventy four and died
iu her" owu bed. Vet her dying bad
some curious iiuideuts about it, almost
enough to make a story in themselves,
Despite the imp, sum) of money tbjd
she bad gained by her exploits on the
highway, Old Moll died poor. .Bhe was
not actually impoverished and was by
no moaus jn want, but sho was poor
for a woman who on one occasion had
bought hyer release lion) jail at tbo price
of about ten thousand dollari. Dash
ing Moll *ai usually very successful
>a getting away with tbt fruits at hei
robberies, but ihe aaw the iruido of
prison ii good many limes. Yet sbe
never was convicted. Always when
she was tried before lhe ussizes the
witnesses uguinsl her hud nlrunge lupses
of memory, Expenses like these, which
were necessary uml frequent items of
her romantic uml guy profession,
brought her close lo tbo end of her re
sources when she wus well pani seventy,
Her source of income wus cut off, for
she wuh no afflicted willi u ilrupsy that
she coohl no longer mount u horse,
lilii'uuiulistn lunl crippled hor nimble
lingers no lliut there was no more col
ting of purses for her. Her day was
over. HI10 had live hundred dollars lefl
whon she look lo her bed for Ihc lasl
Mull wus nulliing if nul original, Hue
woold leave uo legueies; she wished no
marble lomb ts u memorial, There were
inuny frienils, however, whom the wish
ed lo n iminl,1 r Tjic form Ihul her
gifts took wun ul,n.» tihe speut full
half her lorlune uuiong ull her friemls
und acquaintances, Hhe pretested fifty
uTi ii each lo her three muids, "re
ijuesling tbcm lo make good use of it
thut it might procure tbcm hutbands."
Tbcu, sayiug she bad been "rather
singular during her life," she directed
tbat  sbe  be  buried  face  downward,
t       Mr. and Mri. Bracey.
itu a mau and wife lo become highwaymen in I'uiiiiu. lui is un uuusual
chapter of romance even for tbe veriest
of swashbuckling days. Yet this ii the
story of Joaj Brjcey, who lived her
brief life iu the saddle ami becume a
'gay aud capable robber woman upon
the London roud simply because sbe had
become enamored of a dashing and very
successful highwayman.
Voau was thc pretty daughter 0/ a
wealthy Kuglish farmer. Under other
circumstances .probably the would have
wedded n rich man of that or a neighboring county aud bred up a race of
stalwart Hritisb statcinien. But ibe
.Op-atfoua* oa Faia «, cal 9 .
V inftfi
lyvf-sl*,, »• Vn   lUPSytM, ty\i\IVf!H AM
n    '
..'i'i ■
I' '
,   -
fWtWftW?     WW 9Ws9W*lm)*m
Publiibid Tundajfjl md ftldayt by North Hbon Vim, Limited.
Bate* «t Subteriptlont-On* year, flM.  6„ moutba, Wc.   Three mouthi, 86c
United Stltet and Foreign, $8.00 per year.
W™WWMH  ffWff   9999*  mam  VptklfWU  9m Wrfw9lf*9Wm9i,
TM Eiprui ii devoted to tb* intereiti of tba Nortb Hbon of Burrird lulet
ucluilvely. It conititutet an advertising medium of eieeptionil vilue for
reiohing la a tborongb and eleotivi minner tb* population at North Van«onv*r
Oity and Diitrict. Every effort it made to glv* idveitiiert tb* moit tttitftctory
AU cbangei In contract advertlietuenti ibould b* la tb* prlnten' litndi not
latar tban 10 a. n. Monday and li p. m. Wedneiday to eniure iusertlou in thi
following inn*.
North Vancouver, B. 0. .,,, ...Auguit SO, mi.
The pheuomeuil rite of development
at which the Canadian weit it pro-
greeting, appean to be creating itt
owu prohlemi iu tho matter of procuring sufficient mouey to carry ou the
cxteuiive improvement! which are demanded municipally throughout thc
liinglh ami breidth of the liud. London ia the Mc,in of ill municipal re
preieutativei who have debenture
l.on.Is uf which they with to diipose
and while Ibo individual dotation! may
represent only a very modest nun,
bulked at from tbe viewpoiul of the
world'i ru uu .ui uuin..1 centre, never
ilu I, .. Hie i.n 1 ji becoming ippareul
tbat in the aggregate thii continual
Miccemiuu of municipal bondi ii creit-
lllg 1 inuii.'1 supply thm the market
inn readily ibiorb, thui ieiving the
underwriters with bondi in couiider
able uinounti for which a ready market
cannot be found.
The Mun.Tin 1 Tunes, in a recent ii
*ue, siyi: The cougeition of the I.uu
dun money market last fall lins grad
uiilly becume more acute, uutil it in
iiuw iinpowible to Hunt ovenea* a Can
iniiuii munieipal or for that matter,
auy low rate lioud, at auy price." lu
lurther explanation of Ihe liluition,
llie article givei detailed information
relative to 1 Thui,liun inunii ijuil iiuiu
I iiiun 11 followi:  Iluring the liat nnv-
I'll   ■, , ins,  I'unu.llllll   iiiiiiiu ipulitiis lun e
raised (llri,87ll.HII5 in Loudon Of tbis
iimoiiiil (.1,1130,040 hai beeu added thii
yeur. Tin., latter huiii wu diitribuled
Huong nine ritiet, u followi:
Vicloiil    £308,628
Calgiry  500,000
jliegini     117,100
Vancouver     081,000
Saskatoon     888,788
Winnipeg      0011,000
New Weilmiuater    101,300
lulmonliiii     095,000
Norlh Vincouver    rn.inu
ll will il ouce be noted Ihlt theae
nn ull .... i,iu municipililiei, thll
lour nut uf the nine ire locited iu
lo,ii.i, Coluiubii wjioae Holitioni are
iiluiiil furly per cent, of the total.
lir addition to bond inoea, there ia
always a large aom rtiieii in temper
ary municipal Intua iu London, ituount
iug at preient to approximately I'll,
11110,000, of which the following are the
principal ileum
Alberta £1,500,1X10 for tli months al
I'/j per cent.
Toronto, Il.lisi.iiisl fur one year at
1'ij   per   tent
Muiilreal,  £750,000   for  lix   montbi
ul Ity, per cent.
I'niii-e   Hupert,   £800,000   for   three
yeara at 5 per cent.
Quebec, £1110,0110 fur an  months at
I 7 b per cent.
Victoria, £380,000 at  from  :t   15 15
lu IV, per ceut.
Moose .law, £884,478, delaila not yet
I'liacceplablc ia the flet may be, il
is neverthileu Irue tint the market
bus nol abaorbed Cintdiin flotations
very readily of llle. Loina totalling
£81,654,201 have beeu made, but of
theae a iiiinewhal large proportion (iu
.'■ume uses 11 high At ninety
per ceul.) remiini in the handi of the
underwriters who advanced the mouey
for the bondi iu the hope of Oudiug
ready market for tbem at ionic ad
vance ou Ihe price which Ihey paid.
The beat ihowiug ma.In by any of ihe
larger new issues wu made by Caul
diuu Northern bouda, of which tbout
04 per cent, of ilu.se iuued thii year
remained in the underwriter! Iiauili it
lhe beginning 01 Auguil.
Wben the mmy forms of investment
which the mouey market affords at
Ibe world centre are considered, it
will readily be teeu thit only 1 mod
irate proportion of iuvcalori will buy
municipal bonds, inuny of them prefer
ring tome otber form nt JnveabneuL
Hut even tboie who prefer municipal
debenture! do not appear to be buy
ing wltb avidity juit at preient. Jt is
extremely difficult if not iinpowible
lo do anything at preient with low
priced ucuritie* ud, it is therefore,
a choice with th* municipililiei whe
they pr*f*r to tuttiin th* iuconveni
ance involved aad wilt for a change
ia the market, or to mah* th* inter
eit oa tbeir bond* M attractive tbat
tbey will itluulat* a slow m*rk«t.
Ae an effort to supply cheap money
for tbe farmer through state assistance, tbe Agricultural Bank of Bavaria ii worthy close study, by thoae
wbo interest liiemaidvea III the progreu of agricultural lottlemeut in tho
Canadian weit.
lu 1806 the government of Bavaria
adopted thc policy of promoting a eo-
operative Auociation, to organize a
mortgage bank. The governmeut undertook lo grant a subsidy for tbe
bank for tho Ont yean and to supply
the initial capital repayable at a later
date. The bank waa mude aubject
to Ihe in.■pel Hun of a Itoyal Commie
... i.m.. 1. iu order to confer ou the bonds
11 in.l by it, the iccurity aud guarantee! required for trustee investment!.
The llavariau Couucil of Agriculture
was entruited with tbo formation of
tho corporation and accordingly es
tabliihed the Agricultural,' Bauk of
Havana which began buiineu on Nov-
ember ITtb, 1806.
Thii institution ii, tbcu, a credit
bank, orgauiied on tbe cooperative
plan and enjoying tbe moral and the
iiiiiiiu ml luppurt of the State.
Under iti bylaws, the bauk can
grant loaus ouly lo iti members. Tboie
who are eligible for memberihip are
as followi: All ownen of foreit or
agricultural landi in Bavaria, ill tbe
enjoyment of political right* in tbe
country! ownen of homeileidi, rural
communal; eharitible founditioni,
corporuie bodiei ami regiitered coop
eral ive aiioeiationi of Bavaria, re
presenting agriculluril intereiti; pri
vale individual! wbo may* wiih to
mpport  the auociation.
The Agricultural Hank grauli three
kinds of hums: I Loans repayable by
annual instalments, guaranteed by a
mortgage on agricultural or forcat
lands; 8— Loans aa above, bul not guar
uuii .ui by mortgage (reserved for rural commune*); il—Loam of 111 etcep
tional kind which may be repaid in
olher than aeveral annual instalments
aud which are guaranteed by inert
The fundi of Ihe bauk are procured
from Ihree aourcei, namely, the uie
of members' ilnrei, the iuue of moil
guge bunds and subsidies and loans
(limited by the idle. At the dite of
iuue, each member must pay for one
share of i'lii and no member can poi
seas more than -Wl iharei. Liability ia
limited lo ;"-" i'i ulimi In. ii iiiuiii
ber muit ol , 1 Tu for • llii ahire, for
each 81860-that he borrowa.
No mortgage loan must exceed 60
per ceut. of the value of the pioperty
mortgaged. Estates are vilued for
loaning purpoiei on the basis of tbe
net income which lbe estate Could
yield, if well miuiged, for Ihe porpolea
for wlneli il ii adipted.
Thoae who are acquainted with tbe
working of thii agricultural bank de
dare  that although  itt inlerett rite
il  rither  high,  it,  nevertheless,   fulfils
1 very iinportiut function iu tuppiy
ing agricultural landowners with loans
md it is di 1 lim .1 Ihlt otber countries
might piuhTiildy couiider tbe adapts
tioniof thii lind credit bauk ou I ro
operilive baiia, lo tbeir requirements.
II. Juki (ke Uvautllst, BIkIHIi
ITilrleonth.   Holy Communion, 8
Ia Uw MttUr of Th* LeouirdBile
Oomntny, Aulgntd
Tbe creditors hiving given imperitive
instructions to collect ill outstanding
accounts, parties indebted to tbe abuve
'Th* Leouard Hale Company," are requested to call and settle tbeir indebted
uess forthwith. Tbis can be doue by
either calling at tb* store, 80 Lounlile
Avenue, Norlb Vancouvtr, to tbe nan
in charge, or it the office of Wilton A
Perry, Assignees, 336 Hutiagt Hired
Weil, Vaiicuuver.
W. I. WII.80N,
t.f. Auignee.
■vtnlng, 7:80.   Adult Bibl
Bundle School, 8:80. f.y
day, at 8 p.m. Prayer Meoling, Wed
eldav. at l p.m. Choir Practice,
'rlday, at 8 p. m. Kev. Ronald Maolood.
Bfctkoiiiii Okatrt-Oonwof Sixth
and St. Qeorge. Sunday Services, 11:00
a. 111, ind 7:86 p. 111 Sunday School and
Biblt Clan, 8:30 p.m. Senior League,
Monday, 8 p. 111. Prayer and Praise
Isrvlct,   Wednesday,   I   p. m.    Junior
*aiue,   I'hurtday  aflernoon  at  8:30
altar, W. O. Benlltcher.
It Aims' Ckurek ♦Corner Twelfth
ind Bouluvui-d. Sunday Services:
Morning Prayer, II u.in: Bunday
School 8:80 n. in : Bvenlng Prayer, 7:30
p. m. Holy Communion, nrtt and third
Sundaya In month, al 11 u.in.; lecond
Bundiy In month, 8 a, m. Rev. Samuel
Fit, MA, Vlcur.
•alvatloa Amy -l.onsdule Avenue
Sunday service* 11:00 1. m„ 8 p. 111 ind
7:40 p.m, Tuesday, 8 p.m.; Thursday,
I p. m.   Children's Service, wsdncsduy,
I p.m.
Ilapllal I'kurek Tweirtli and St
Qeorge. Servlcei at 11 a.m. and 7:3r>
p. m. Sunday School und Bible < 'luss
at 8:80 p.m. Prayer and Prolan Service.
Wednesday at 8 p. in. Pastor, Rev. A.
3. i'roaaei, Twelfth ind St. Qeorge.
....li und
Thirteenth. Holy Communion, 8 a in
Morning Prayer, 11 a.m. Cumin ,
Prayer, 7:88 p. ni. On the Orel Sunduy
In the month there will he a lecond
celebration of the Holy Cuiiinoiiil.iii
At 11 a in.   Rector, Rev. Hugh Hooper.
II. HiIiuuuiI'. Catholic lUurek, Sixth
and Mahon Avenue Sunday—High
Mua and Sermon, 10 a.m. Sunday
Bchool, 8:80 p.m. Rosary and Benediction. 7:30 p.m. Friday—Low Mass,
8   a. m.    Paator,   Rev,  .1.  A.   lledard,
0. H I.
latTaii I'alkiillc I'kurek ul II. Haul's.
Meat, 7:30 a. in., Sundays. Pastor, Rev
E. Peytavln, O. M. I.
rkrl.ilau Icliacc — "Klmberley.''
Chetlerlield Avenue (between t'onr-
tetnth and Flf leenlli streels) Sunday
Services at 11 a m Teitlmuny Meet
Ing, Wedneiday, 8:00 p.m,
NOHTII l,ii,\MMi,i;
It. 'I'kiiwaa s a. lu, every Sundav
txctpt tint Sunday In monlli 8:30
ii in nun Sunday In monlli II am,
Matlnt, Litany and Sermon, second und
fourth Sunday. Holy Communion and
Strmon, Arst and third Sundays. Vlrtir,
Hey. T. ti. Rowe.
Pnikylcrlaa    Cklick—Sundays,   >l I
1. in ind 7:30 p. in Bunday :,, o.uT and
Bible Clau, 8:30 p. in. Tcaehsra' Train
log Clui, Wedneiday, 7:30. Prayer
Meeting, Wedneiday, 8 |. in Boyt'
Club, Thursday. 7:80 p in Choir Prac-
tlct, Friday, I p. in R. Van Moniler,
l(. A, pallor.
l'rr>li)lrrlau (kurek -Willship. Hon
dayi, ll a. in. and 7 p. in Sonduy
School, 1:18 p. in. Pallor, itev A. Mac-
Melkolltl OfcWtk—Worthlp Bun-
dava. ll ii in and 7:00 p.m Sundav
Bchool, 8:16 p. m. Paator, Rev ti.
■I.  finical'.,   I,,uu   Villir—Matins,
II a.m Buuday School 3 30 , ... <-'ven-
long 7.00 p.m. Holy Communion uannd
Sunday In month al 11.00 n in Normal
3. Tim ntniin  lu eliaii:'
Why Not 9
Do It Now
('pine iu unl see ui.   Wo will be ouly
loo pleaied lo ihow you our lutnplei.
Ill l,s|,l;inuile West. I'bone 140
(next to Patterson, (Joldio k Cltrk)
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hu at ini; 3 St. W.
Canada'!   Gr.ll..I   W.ll.ro   School
U   J. Sprott, II.A, -   Maiiagll
Ladies' and Gent's Hati
Crinolines,   iliir   Braids,   Straws,
Beavers aud  Kelts
Panamas Cleaned, Blocked and Trim
med e.piiil to new.   Positively
uo acids used
Nut Labor Ttmple, Vancouver, B. O,
Yorkshire Guarantee k Securities
Corporation, Ijmiled
440 Seymour Street
R. K*ii- lli,tili;iiic ■ - ■ Manager
All Nortb Vaneouvir ptoplt *at at
Kilher Flick Block or Hitlingi St.,
oppoait* tin new poit offic*. I/tuotrd
**ll* bi* tea by tb* pound.
la  tk*  MatUr  of  Th*  LeonirdBit*
During tbe  Assignee's title «r lhe
Leonard Bale Company stock, tbe itore
will be open each morning it 10 o'clock
ind tiou at 6 o'clock lu order to give
tb* sties people m opportunity te get
tk* tlock ready tor the following day.
All goodi positively told, no native.
10,000 cord* of dry dr wood for quick
sale. Prlci ptr odd cordi, 81.76. B|tt
clal (juotitloui for larger o,utntltlet
Out Wood, 16 im lies, 86.86. 18 Incliei
W 60. C. O. D.
Office and Yard— 14th and lonidale
Phone 190.    P.O. Box 2432.
for a lli'im la Take aa* lllc Hater
■'."I ht: li lierehy given Ihul New
port Brick und Tile Ciimtiunv I.tinlled.
Vtncouver. will uyyly lur a llcenae lu
take and uie 100 culile feel tier aeeiind
of waler out ol Shannon ('reck, which
Hiiwi In a nm iii.v,:,i, ii. direction
Iiirougli Cot 808. xronp 1. New Weit
milliter Dlilrlcl, ami imntlel Into
Howe Bound near the heud llieieol
The water will lie diverted al llie head
ol the falla and will he used fur nowei
liui'imscs un tiie I.inu described aa I.ui
608.    (Iiuiiii     I.    NeW     tt'eSlllllllSlel     Ida
Thll Notice wai nulled on Hie
i.iu.ii.,1 uh llle .Ml, ilil) of July. III?
Thc .in ll. ..ilmi wlU he llled III III.
,mi,e ol Ihe Water Recorder at New
Iltilecltnnt ma)' he tiled Willi Hie auhl
Water Recorder or with the Couiiilrol
ler of Wuter lllahii. t'uiHuiik-iiI liuild
Ing.  Vlclorlu.  ll   C
J   II   Hive).  Agent
I'.,1  1 I i.iii.i' lo Take aa* let Waler
NoTH.'K ii hereby alven that New
Mil Waler Cuinnul))' I.tinlled of Vun
Couver, will uii'l;. for a lleellle tu lake
and uie two nullified culile feel pel lee-
und  uf  waler oot  of Bl 11, Creek.
iv iii.ii flows In a suuttiweatfMy dlrer-
ilui) iiniuii ii .--iu ,11,11s Valley, und implies lulu lluwe Buiilul neat Hie luan
Ihereuf , '
The waler will he dlviHcd ul tin
|, ulnl uf Inii isi iiinii Willi lhe u.n lln il;,
lllllll uf T I. 86881 and will lie uied ful
Muni, iii.il 1 uiin,.„■.•• uii the laml deierlli
ed a! l.ul 186, lii mil' I. New V,, uliulii
■ lei   I'ii,:, 1
Till! liull.u wui imiii it un the 1.■ ..uml
uii the i'Hh day ul July. 1818
Thu ni't'li,. 1II..1. will he tiled In Hie
ollice ul the Water Recorder al New
oleic. Huns may lie llled with the mid
Water llecurder ur with the Cump'
Iii,ll.-i uf Waler lllgllla, PulHuiihiii
null,inn-„ Victor!*, U C
T   F   Mn1111.    Aaelll
70 Vean In Bualnew.   0»iiltal and Biserve Ovir 17,600.000.
ludustry alone will not make you independent.  Tbe Ipdustry tbkt S»V<8 !«
the Industry lhat Winn.
Opunlug a .Tu viui:« Account in the Bank uf British Nortb America is often tba
flrat step towunli success.
Two Offices in North'Vancouver, Corner of Lonsdale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, near 14th Street
Fur a l.lceaar lo Take aa* tic Haiti
NOTICK li herehy given Ural New
port Watei i'u I.iniieil of Vancouver.
will appl) for a llcchie' lo take and
uie 180 cubic feel per lecond of water
oul of alaiiiijnuiii Creek, wlilih fluwi In
a luulhweilcrly dlracHuh liilunali tin
M..limn.,m Valley au9 elliptic! llllo eual
hiaiich Si|uainlih lliver neal Howe
The water will lie diverted ul Hie
head of Ihc Drsl falls below Ileal deck
and will he used tor powtr uorpuii'i
on Ihe land deicrthed •■ I.ui lit gmiip
1. New Westmlnsler lllslrlel
This notice wui nulled oh the gioiiiul
on Ihe lllh day of July. 1818
The iip|.II. .iiiun will lie ninl In lhe
offlce of llie Wtler Recorder al New
Olilecllnht nr.i v he ill. T with lhe lalil
Water Recorder or with Ihe I'omptiul
ler of Water Itlahli. I'nrllulnciil Build
Ingl. Vlclorla. B  C
J   II   llrviy, Agenl
Cooking this
Weather is
Mighty Hot Work
But some Kiingps radiate I.F.SS heat than others.
The NKW CHANCELLOR, fitted with the
Guerney F.conomijter, insures a deiitjhtfuily cool kitchen, a perfectly even healed oven, and the smallest
possible fuel lull.
Call .imi Id ns demolish ate this lo you.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:- $2.00 per duo up.    Special
talcs In families und lu regular boarders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
ol London,
PAID $4,250,000
quickly and inoinplly ou account ol tin San t'ruiclico tartliquake and lire.
How nuny (T,iii|,.n,i,h could do thu,'/
IU anna la amount to 8111,0011,000
A  |ioiUI  will  bring  our reproiontaliva
Keiililelll   Agent
in l/Mkdilt Avenut uid (Jajilltuo Oar Ttnnluiu
Plioiitt: Lonadale IW. (lanlliuo 161.
Wc solu it lhe trade of all builders who appreciate
I ligh (irade Goods at a moderate price, and ihc
pionipt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in buiineu makes possible.
Burrard Sa«h & Door Factory, Ltd.
A Double Ender
50 x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. JJJ ^nri
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level'.   A Snap at $2,000, One-third caili,bal. 6 and i; months
08k* Phont 173.
BttUtnce Phone 38(1
V. O. Bra 1881.
— .lap..     !■   *l   VIHPB I.      I      I. | -y
Naw Bavin Boom Houie on Seventeenth Street, near Boulevard,
sll modem conveniences, Lot 60x167 feet, only 14,600, on taiy
New five-room Bungalows wltb large basements on Wirtem
Avenue, lota 36x160 feet. Prices moderate and terms easy.
New five-room bungalow on Tempi Heights with modirn con-
venlencee. large lot, splendid location, prlca rlgbt; also
A number of good houses of different sixes and In different
t   parts of the city and in Lynn Valley at moderate rontt.
Beal Estate Llstlngi-Be ready for the good Unu wbicb li
The Burrard Development' Company United.
(Successors to Elder Murray Cunipuny Limited)
Broken 17 Lonsdalo Phono 37
Office Supplies
00 TO
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. 8. Book and Stationery Cuinpany),
it Lonadalo Avenue PHONE 191
Electric Irons
'ID Days' Free Trial
Solvit tho Hummer Ironing Problem
l-'ur Vlll we are offering a "llolpoiul" of tbe lilh sue. suitable fur
general household use, for 11511. This iron is similar tu all "llotpoiotl"
except lbat llle upper nurture is unpolished
*      mm** •
A Good
Bend your friends who aro iutoretted
lu tbe Nortb Shore a copy of
"The Expreaa"
It will keep ihem potted on ali
Noith Bhore Newt aud will only cott
$1 per year
Business of City Council
Continued front page 1
Be letter from P, W. PattM WWd*
application for a tidewalk to bit bouie
on-16tb street between Bidgewiy mil
X|unily gvenne. l4jd over for repair.
He .application frpm Mr. II. p.
Green* Armytige for payment of
*.'iiil.76 fpr repairs tp ditch. Beferred
to tbe chairman, the city engineer
aill| the superintendent to give an estimate of Hm sum  which should be
Frmu the city solicitor ra settlement of ibiinagi's on 3rd itreet rp-
questing the date wbcutfte work wat
done, iiecooipienilotl tbst the solicitor
be given the information required.
He letter from Buggies A Layton
re injuriet to Mri. l'itt from falling
uu Lonsdale tvenue. Bccuuiniemlcil Ibst
the lotter be replied to tbat tbe matter It |n the bauds of Ibe Board of
Workt aud will be taken up in thc
uear future.
Ke petitiou from A. II. Martin and
utbers in reference lu opening up Ma
bun avenue uue bluck wost of "Mb
street and also, re to two letters re
eeived in reference to the above peti
tiou from Mr. Murliu and Mr. V.
ilruitiley. llecuinineiuled that stumps be
blasted ami waguu ruad constructed
frnm "Mli street one half bluck west.
Ou the report of tbe city engineer
recommended thai uid wooden water
pipe be placed as a surface drain un
lbe nurlli siile uf tbu Ksplauudu between i.iui-uliile ami Ht. Ueurge's Ave.
at au estimated eust  of UIII.
Ilecoiinneuiled lhat a win,low iii
huuse uu lute III ami VI 616111 which
was In,T.i ii during blasting uperaliuns
iu connection witb clearing lane at
llie rear be replaced.
Abl. Foreman suggested Ibat sidewalk
be placed un luwer Keith ruad fiuin
esst side uf Chesterfield avenue tu the
park. I in,I uver fur eiainiuatiun ami
Hccommeudcd on Aldertnun Pure
man's suggestiuu Ibul Ibe engineer ami
llie Huard uf Wurks bring iu a rupurl
uf streels where sewer shuuhl be placed
iu order tbat a by law may be passed
fur duiug tbe wurk next year.
Mr. Vute,, lliu owner uf luls 6 and tl
1)6.174 waa beard wilb regard lo Ibe
grading of Ibe Keith road uppusite
bis houae.
He, uiuiiuTi.lcil that Keith ruad frum
I .on."ilnle aveuue to tii. Ueurge's avenue
be uuly graded i'u feet wide as this
will affect a difference uf almul uue
fuul uu tlie grade ut Mt. Yates' pru
KciuiniiiiTiilcil ibal direction sign
boards poiulitig tbe way to Capilanu
mnl ulber plgcca uf interest be pre
pured and erected al llie diioretioa uf
lbe cily engineer
Fluinct Committee
He letter frum Mister Mary Amy,
principal uf the ludiau husrding
Hcliutil claiming exemption frum tales
iu reipecl lu Ibe Minimi schuul ami
gruumls. I.ai'l uver till nett meeting.
He twu letteri frum Messrs. Stini
suu k t'o. regtrdiiig five year lmal
improvement bonds Filed.
He letter frum Bauk of It N. A.
slating Ibal the overdraft uf Ibe ti.
V. Il„,|.ii.,l as al July iuih was I.',
Mr Roberta, manager uf the Haul,
ol H N. A, attended ami slated ilml
llie overdraft at Ibis date was ii
Til bll. Hecummeuili'd Ibal a cheque
fui uue bull uf Ibis sum, namely
Sl^S^jgijiude out, und handed to
lbe Hank in liquidaliuu uf the debt.
Hecoiniueuileil that a »uin of I860 be
THntadJtirttw*Bj»kll|if BipllflW aatlur
city't contribution to a joint scconnt
of tho Norlb Shore municipalities for
the purpuses of the receptiou pf tbe
Qovemorflenerel apd tbst Alderman
Irwln be the representative af tbe eity
to tigii all cheques un that iccuunt.
Clerk wat instructed to insert a notice in each of the Vaucuuver papen
for one Iniertlon and in tbe Expreu
for twp insertions, a notice intimating
thst all owners of property in North
Vuncuuver in order to bave their
names inserted op the voteri' Hit
muit register their title in the Land
Begistry afilce.
Waterworki Ooiuinlttse—
Re letter from Wm. 0. hi one re
gardlng burst or leaking water main
at the snuibeiisi corner of Huh ml
Clerk wss initrucled to intimsto thit
this mutter will be attended to as
soon us tlm Hi imii uniiu It completed
Albion vs. Lynn Valley st Victoria
The Lynn Valley cricket boys travelled tu Vicloriu on Friday night's
boat witb the object of playing (and
Incidentally defeating) the Albion 0,
C. uf lbat city, the premier cricket club
uf Ibis part of the wurlil, wbuse players inul,.' centuries as easily aa the
Lynn Valley backwuoilsmen can fall
oil a lug,
Uiii aume une say tbe Lynn Valley
luds hove plenty uf gulil Well that's
nu news. Ted Haylis tuld us tbat
long ugu.
Tbe Vulley brigade left Vaucuuver
uu llie Sir. "Princess Alice" at mid
night un Friday aiul in aceonlauce
with the strict rulei of (ruining sl
wuys unserved by tbeni, were all  in
bed by 3.30 t.m. to ilream of, boot
-,-hoot—hoot  (Ihe doibet ropreieul
spuces uf 30 seconds)  buut buut—■
- hoot who cau dream uf anything
un a ship groping Iiirougli a thick fog
ami bunting like a great uwl all night)
Tbut fug defeated es, tbe Albion ('■■
C. witting wilb a 11,phi ami brtety
iniiing." uf "71 fur i wickets, but uf
Ibal auun.
Du arriving at Virtorit Ibe boys
iulTunl their eyes until they were miii
ciently awake tu liud bulels piiei
wbicb, manfully resisting all Inclination
lo go itraight to bed .tiny gathered al
a prearranged rendezvous. Frum here
Ihe Albion fellows look op tbe ruu
uing ami alinusl killed us witb kiml
uess. A iiimli sl tbo "Nabob." re
freibuieuti ad lib. all iluy, and afler
nuuu lea un lbc lawu. Really, il wuuld
bave been rank ingratitude tu bave
turned ruuml and beaten Ibem afler all
their solicitude for our well being.
We simply cuulduT boat them ami
Ibal't all Ibere is tu say.
All,ions baited lirsl ami compiled
tbe respectable score above mentioued
declaring tbeir inning.* doled wheu
there wus une mure wiekel tu fall.
After taking tea Lynn Valley wcnl
in lu bal ami were twice iliimiased for
D6 runs, tbe principal cuntributori be
iug Kuril.tl It, iluuglas IV, 1 0,
Farmer 22. Tbe buwliug averages are
nut wurtb meutiuuiug.
In sburt we bad a real guod lime-
Ail.iiin uid Lynn Valloy werc"tportt"
to lake Ibeir leather bunting su well,
while Lynn Valley laid the same o'
All,mn lur giving them the game and
from lirsl lo last everybody was sain
My word, if we ouly bid tie Bu
nm Hill ground io I.ynu Villey. Whit I
20, 1912.
CwkMiiA Guttori
Duriug the course of last night't
meeting of the city council, toi.ilcrt
wero opened and coniidered for tbe
coustructiou of about 4,788 feet rf run-
crate curb and gutter on Lomdalo
aveuue from Firat ttreet to Eleventh
stroot ind about ti.iui:: feet of curb
iud gutter ou First itreot from Million
uvenue lo St. Andrew',, ivenue. The
successful tenderer wis William T.
Iiniinii, who offered to um'iertike tiie
work on Lonsdile aveuue at a rate of
fill cents per foot and un 1st ttreet
ul fi7 i emu per font. Other tenders sub-
milted were aa follows! M. I', Cuttoti
A tio.,, Lomdale avenue fill eeuta per
foot, lit street BU cent! per foot; Mc
Ken/ie, HriiudlTuil k Jolitisuu, Lomdule
nii'i  fill cents por fool, 1st ttreet
ii'i'- i en p. per fout; B. Morganti, Lous
dale aveuue fill cenls per foot, 1st streel
fill cents per fool; T. li. Nicksott, Lum,
dule avenue IIH cents per fout, 1st
street Wi cents per fuul; ll. ti. Urauite
and i'uii im, in,; Co., Lousdale avenue
83 centi per foot, 1st street 81 cents
||er foot.
In order to expedite commencement
on tbe work these tenders were not,
as is usually tbe casu, referred tu tbe
engineer fur taliulatiun. Instead, the
cuuucil adjourned fur a few minutes
su Ibal llie Huard nf Wurks and engin
eer in ijj lit examine and cutupure the
several bids and repurt lasl evening tu
tbe cuuucil. Tbe chairmaii, Aid. Hiss,
furmally recommended lhe ucceptuuee
uf Mr. Bolton's lender and Ibis re
commendation was carried iiuuni
What a bad habit somo men havo of
leaving everything just whore it wit
last uied I Thit means that valpahle
time must ho spent in bunting tpf tlio
article when it is next wanted.. Have
a place for everything and keep it thero.
For the raising pf the'Thompson
Block, .iiiuiii v,eni corner Second aud
Lousdale to grade. Specifications to be
had at the ollice of Win. J. Dick, No.
83, Lonsdile avenue. Bids to be opened Monday morning, 10 o'clock, Sfilh
inst. ■ fill 8
Tbe /Ire policy un a lady 'a houie— a
big oue -wus liruuglil tu ber by lbc
cuinpany's agent. "Tbere it is,
madam," be said; "lbe premium is
twenty puunds." "Ob, liuw uufurlnii
alei1' cried Ibe pruperty uwner "My
huni, balance ia rather luw just uow.
Tell tbe eumpuuy lu let it slaud, uud
deduct il from what thuy will owe me
wben the huuse is burned duwu."
Seilled Tenders marked "Tender fur
grading" will be received by tbe eity
clerk uf lbe cily uf Nurlli Vuncuuver
up tu fi u'cluck un Thursday tbe UHtli
day uf August, 1919, fur grading
Fuurtli street frum Muliiiu uvenue lu
Sl. Andrew's avenue.
Estimated cut hi,umi cubic yards.
Said grading lu lie dune according
tu plant, proliles, cross sections and
Hpccillculiona prepared by tbe t'lly
All tenders fur lbe above mentioned
work must bo undo un ITirms supplied
by the Cily Kngineer.
A certified cheque for 0 per ceul. uf
the iiiiiuiiiii uf Ibe tender made pay
able to tbe I'ily Treasurer must ac
cumpany each uml every lender.
A bund of ",i per cent, of Iho
amount uf lbe centred will be required,
The buccal ur any lender uut necel
snrily li'eeptcd.
i'ily Kngiuecr
Cily   Kngineer's Office,
Norlli  Vuncuuver,
llllli  Augual,  llii:'.
88 8
To Shipyard, Lumberyard aod
Street - Railway Employees
Do you know that an Bmployort Inability Policy does NOT compeu
sate you for ALL the accidents  tbat  may occur  ANY  DAY  iud
An accident tomorrow may result fatally or lu permanent disablement.
Wby uot protect yourtelf or family at little cott?
Dome lu and toe oilr uniititai propoaltlou.
7 to 8 p. m.
Insurance Specialists
Agent. for:—
The Scotch Tea Rooms
Business Qcutloiuen't Popular Luucb Plice.
Breakfast 8.00 to 10.01). Luucb 18.00 lo 2.00
High Tea 6.00 till 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Orders specially attended to.
■ A
TO   HKNT - Roomt.   Kigiilb   eud
Luusdale. .I'lione III If
BOOMS FOlt BKNT-Houtokoepiug
uml single.   2H :'ml slreet ettt.
FOlt HKNT   I roomed College. Henl
tlii per month, Hi imb slrect west
FOlt HKNT Culonisl Aperlifljfla, I
roomed soile, unfurnished Inquire Dior
sseu, 81b slreet tud St, Andrew's. Fnune
Bill. If.
TO LOT—Ten roomed forulsbnl
bouie uu Keith road, car Hoe linm a
«. Apply owner, Knglisli Kitrbcu.
UH. K3«
FOB BKNT- Urge ruumy, well
lighted store wilb stable and 6Roomed
but over store, corner Lyflb Valley and
Outre Boadt. Apply Mefchenli Trust
k Tndiny (,'o. Ltd., ill Pender Bt, W.,
Vancouver, B, 0. TT
FOII HALK   Teiil llooi nnd ivilh, 111
Ux'iU, Apply Hm Aili, Kxpreu Oflice,
20 8
FOH SAI* Voung ducks lit fur
market. Apply Mrs. Clark, 23rd slreet
west uf Malum 23 t
WANTKD--Boom and botrd for
working buy. Slile besl terms. I'. 0.
ilm  l.v;.,. Norlb Vancouver,       kail
FOH SALK A fow choice While
Wyundulle t'uckerelt al ♦I.UO each, fith
itreet, First liouse easl. 20 8
FOH SAI.K i ruonieil niii'lcrii bouse,
Hist easl, near Japanese Hardens. Ap
ply I.'. 0. Hoi 2261, Norlb Veucou
ver. Ai t
FOH SALK Knglisli baby cirriige,
18.00;-small euuk stove, nearly uew,
|6.CU; stationary gasoline engine in good
order. Apply P. A, Maude, lloran-Koail,
Lynn Vulley.
FOII BBNT- Furnished bungsluw, I
ruums, modern, 1 block from Lonsdale
ear terminus, fit monthly to careful
tenant. Apply Box J«m, P. 0. Norlb
Viucouver. IN
FOB HALK Tout llxll and t young
laying hem. Apply tti Keith Kind
FOH SALK   Lul  uu  26lb  street
snap   Iwo blocks from'Lonidale.  All
cleared, d roomed shuck facing suuth
StcrHcc Tm IMU if i'i'" liiliiit'itlatrty
Apply P. 0, Bui jam, Nurlh Vancou
WANTKD Linliugs from ownen of
property In D. L. 817, Weit Vsncouver.
Box Bi, Kiprets Office.
WANTKD Two gir'lt for liundry
work, Oxpilano Blown l*undry,_Lar-
son Boad and Fir ttreet.-* ti.
WANTKD-Neil   II roomed   .ullage
tgarden illowiorc preferred) Ifi ur 86
rent.   Apply ilul A lun, Kipress Office.
110 8
WANTKD-'By yuung Inly, respuu
slide pusitiuu,, rubier tud buukkeep
lug Apply Bos AID, Kiprets Of
Act. * 23 8
WANTKD A good.'Knglisli womtu,
two or three mornings ■ week for geuer-
il work. Write Mrt. U. L. Kdwirdi,
iuh itreet. 201
WANTKD A boy ibout 17 or 18,
used to horses Apply Acme Fish Mir
kel, 2911 Lontdile Avenue, North Vin
WANTKD   lajdies   to  Clll  It   Hair
Droning 1'triors for ao up to dale hair
mTtntTTjr;—Ttreropcoin(r,  mmge   ar.rr
manicuring, Keith Block, department 7.
Oood young tiock bull kept, corner
Bobinion and Capilano rosdt. W. II,
Wilkin.. tt
Pot tm waleb and jewelry work go
to (leo. Bomerton, the new jewelry Mere
on" Hid itieti'
mm »*» nnwr j
Ice,  Ice 1,'rewn, Buttermilk,    Milk,
ream and Butter, Purity Creamery, 1(0
Second itreet weit.
If you hive sny property to teii iud
wint quick resulli, liil it witb Bbort,
Boberteou ssd Seymour. If.
Short time iomt ou vacant or im
proved property. Star iioao Compauy,
OH Haitingi, Vincouvtr. If
Voung Inly deairet potltiou is oflice
help. Fair knowledge of stenography.
Pbune 330. _20 8
If you hive sny property to sell and
went quick reouiti, list it with Short,
Bobortsos snd Heymour. If
MONKY TO 1.0AN Money losned
ou diamonds, jewelry, furs. Star Luan
Co., tit Haitingi, Vincuuver, If.
Simpson llrus., building inuveri ind
cootnclort. Knqulrt first bouie est!
„l I ■,,.,.,1.1.  nil, .i«.i   Pi,™, uni
Young English girl wtnls dally po
•iiiiiii to like chirgt ef one or two
, iiiiddeii. Borne kindergarten, training,
one year's ejtperienre. llollidty, (SO
Keith road wesl. HI 8
Three furnished bedroomi with private silting room, with or without
board, tollable for three bachelor*.
Alio furniihed hostekeiplng sptrtment.
kpply^W (jbjsittiAeld. *~IW
Wheu needing cull ur buildiug tup
I'h,., rill up phi,ne 488, Nortb Shure
Coil IT Supply tio, Kirkbauie wbarf
L. S, Iiiiun, manager. Nute name ami
phuue number. If
Autkorircd agent fur Singer Hew
ing Machine Company in Norlb Vau
couver. I. J. McAlcece, Dry Omuls and
Oeuls' Furnishings, corner Flril uml
Lontdile Avenue. t.f.
B. 0. Livery ind Board tlablot -
Light rigs snd ladies' isddli horses
for hirs. Stabling for hones. Qen
eral delivery and heavy teaming. II
Dumai, tth itreet weit. Phone 111 tf.
Und Clearing and Orsdlng Lots,
Pete Andrust, Ooneiil Contractor. Bower co'nueclloni • ipecially, bssejnent
snd otber eicsvsting work Uuiierteken
Kitimatee free. 027 St. Oeorgo't Ave.,
Nortb Vancouver, post office box 8383,
Five teres tnd first elm 7 room cot
lage, |,i,il cleared ami under ciiltnaliou
Msple Bidge, best location anyjrhero
notr Viucouver. Kxebinge houto iud
lot, Norlb Vincouver. H. B., Box 37,
iiuiiiiii.ind, ii a. i.f.
('aside educated Kngliak woman de
tine work, tome houn daily. Oood
needle woman, make or mend children 'i
girmoniii Would attend mother with
yoong Infaat or mike benelf uieful In
lick room. Hillitty, UO Keith Boad
mtW- mf*
For cabinet mukiug, carpeuloriug,
picture framing, French polithing,
painting, glazing, general jobbing work
ami furniture repairs, see or pbuue J
liayiiet, lUdli Louailije avenue, North
Vancouver Personal stleutioo. I'bone
LM7. tf
Orders fur cabiuel iud picture frame
miking promptly executed. Furniture
tud office fittings lu uuy detlgn. Job
biug work and. repairs uf all kinds
specially alien,led (o. Kstimates free.
J K. ll:!..ii, . \2'16 Luiiidalu Avenue,
Nurlh Vancouver, Phone LUI.
All owners of properly in Iho city
df Norlb Vsncouver whether holding
under deed or under agreement for
tale, must, in ordor that tbeir names
appear «» ""' VoUn\Llit for noil,
register in tbe lnml Kegislry Offico
the documents of title under which
they ciinin a vote.
83 8 City Olerk,
'. .1 BB
Rooming Houie or Offices
On the Upper Floor of tba
KNIGHT BLOCK, Esplanade Weit
Wide Entrance and well lighted Hallway
Por pirtlonlsrs apply to       ——,—i ,—, Ll
London & Britiih Nortb America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland fe Procter, Ltd,)
613 Fender Btreet West
(Phone Beyuiour 6386, Eental Department)     ,
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L 613, immediately north of D.L 204, at prices
(rom $650 to $775,   Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread over two and a half years, with no interest.
IJ Now is the time to buy, before railway development.
Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent
North Shore Locators
-PetticMtd Hifhwaywia
(Continued from psge tbree)
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonadale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf; Foot of St. Georgei't Avenue.      Phone 178
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
9\ IjiI us (juote you rates on Fire, Lie and Accident
McMillan & reid
l'bono HI
met by I'buuei! the Imiulsume Kdward
Bracey. Up posed us a gentleman from
Lou,luu, but iu reality be bsd come "up
country" to recuperate after a strenuous series of robberies ami hairbreuth
Bracey was so splendidly mounted,
ao grandly clothed, hie jewels—a fe'.v
days before the property of tbe uo-
bility—so fine, nnd Ms por tain tn well
linei) that the farmer's daughter completely lost her head. The highwayman
wanted her because she huil a pretty
face, a ilelighlful figure ami a ilushiug
spirit. He wus a shrewd criminal, smi
must have seen at flrst glance tbe hobl
tbat a life of adventure would have
ovor the girl,
Hhe never disappointed bim. Hhe,
took to the ruud like a duck to water,
just as the briskest yuung fellow would,
First of ull, she assisted hur highway
mau to rob her owu fullier of a con
i,l, iui,l, sum of money ami then ran
ulf with l|cr bold lover, The pair proved
very        Auahcially.    Joau did
nul utlcinpl tu make herself like a man.
Hhe wcnl quite lu the ulher estrone,
It, was an experience never lo be for
gotten for a stage-roach full of pass
eugurs lo be held up by a pair like
this: The husband's uislols would nit'fi
ace the trembling travelers, while his
wife's soft in,uuiu would gu thruugh
Iheir pockets nimbly and Iter bright
eyes wuuld dame by Ihe lantern's light
Hume men iiiighl huve had courage
uud resource enuugh to resist Bracey's
lushing orders, but they were msde
helpless by his charming companion,
whu cul such u captivating ligure ou her
steed and whu knew so well huw lu en-
tract the lusl shilling and the lasl
jewel frum Iheir hiding places.
Joan's career, however,  was  short.
What she and her husband had taken
uu (lie i i uinuiinled lu a cutisidcrable
sum uf muney. The hue and cry was
after Ihem mure than ouce, bul they
continued iu lhe active practice uf their
trade. One day, however, .lean mel her
fate, tihe rubbed a person uf quality
a jusl ice uf die King's court- wliu was
relentless iu having her sought uut.
Hhe had bad furl une ami was blent i
it,I Knglisli law was sharp, sliurl,
quick and merciless then. The hempen
rope wus always ready fur Ihc guilty,
.loan Bracey was tried, convicted and
! went lo lhe gallows before she was
twenty one. Her eieeutiou was une of
the great events uf the day, for in her
career was the strangest mingling of
youth, love, crime and swift puuiab
ineiil. Her husband was bunged less
1 than a yeur later.
Woman  Cursed  Her  Executioner.
There is another highway  bride in
the uniiuls uf i,,iu,,it,i   felunies.    Hhe
I wus not a darrllng beauty.   Her name
was Anne ll„linn,I, and she ulwuys rude
at her husband's side un tlieir midnight
forsya,   Her history is a rather plod
ding, drab colored  une couriered  with
Iuuu Uru,, . -   |,u, it shows uii cijually
iLli'WTcsliug *j,liuse uf life in die latter
part of the seventeenth century.
The story of Anne's curly life is nut
recorded. Hhe was born in a slum uf
London and was lirst heard of as a bar
maid in a very ordinary public huuse
she was uut very youug then. She must
have been a determined character, fur
she married an elderly comb uluker whu
had taken her fumy. It was su uu
successful u union lliul her husband al
last, in self defense, had tu turn her
uut uf doors. At dial particular mu
luent-jusl as il wuuld happen iu a
play- her  highwayman  appeared.
He was a goud journeyman robber
inline,I James Wilson,   He never became
mW      '
C. M SLOAN, Manager.
f. LAB80N, Proprietor.
...   at    ti.
m\m m\
IO..    '    b
ilm i.i   ..  3mW2f
Unequalled Reaort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Roomt en suite with special rates.
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high class service at moderate ratea.
Easy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 leet.       ,
SEASON 1912p
uiiii uf the great fuutpads, nur
rise |o even moderate dieiiiiniiin m nia
profession, The gentlemen and ladies
of London Town never told each other
excited stories abuut bim pr discussed
liim-at tboir route. But they had much
to say of sturdy Anne llullun■!.
Aunc grew to bo a familiar Hguru at
Newgate prison. Her wedded life lusl
,*! about two years. Tben Wilson was
hanged for his many Crimea. But
Anne Holland still eontinueod robbing
on the hiiili roads. Bhe carried off much
property of value end was regarded
generally as a female demon, fur sho
Iliuiiglit nothing of shooting down those
who refused hor in Ihe dead of night.
Hhe wore meu's clothes easily and soon
bad furgottuu tho feel of petticoats. I|ci
experience and audacity helped her out
uf muny a tight place, aud more thuu
oue of her during exploits liave been
refilled to her mure famous eumpeli
"Wu havu no furlher sccount uf
her," says her biugrapher, "until 17(1,1,
when sho was executed at Tyburn.
Instead of imploring mercy fur Ihc pur
dun uf hur olfeuce, she execrated the
luu,I heart of her judge, the rigor of
lis luws, ami abused Ihu excculinner,
fnrgelling lu repent uf the guilt which
brought her to this disgraceful end,
ami wuuld, unrepeutcd of, deliver ber
suul into the far less merciful hands uf
ii mil her hereafter."
Tba Wife Wbo Trained Her Husband.
There, tuu, is Muil Junes, whu is one
uf the must curious figures in those
dusty pages uf days gone by. Moll
Junes docs not ligure so much iu the
annuls uf Ihc great as iu thuse of the
picturesque. .She was married when
she adopted the road as a profession
No une ever taught her huw tu becume
u highwayman. Hhe studied it all uul
uml taught herself. After sbe had
perfected herself iu the ert uf rubbing
travelers, she disclosed ber doings li
her husband. Hhe trained him ulsu
ile was a butcher, and it is recorded
thul lie mi,I "a very tender heart
The botcher proved au apt schular,
though. He became a good, cupulde
ruud iiiun. and Mull and be collected
muny a gold piece and many a jewel.
Ilis wife, however, wearied of the eu
forced periods uf inaction which were
necessary nuw and theu, uwing lo Ihe
activity of thc constables and to uther
reasons. If sbe bad stuck stedfusll)
lu Ihe ruad her career migbt have been
lunger uml less dramatic iu its conclusion. A London bred girl, she saw too
many opportunities uf petty pilfering
near at baud when there was nu chance
uf wild -rules un muuuless nights.
One such rubbery that she attempted
is tuld of in a collection ot anecdotes
nl,nni her. Mi.- went out one nigbt,
I,.i.n,," her butcher husband peaceful!)
drinking in u |,ut house near at huml
They had decided that it would lie un
safe tu saddle their hurses and steal uut
uf I,iiii'lun fur a raid. Hhe chafed al
the inaction and decided Ibal lliere
must be thievish pussibililies quite neal
In,me Hhe found uue quickly. The
dour uf a bsndaouie house stuud opeu-
it looked like uu admirable opportunity.
"Hhe went upstairs, entered a bed
chamber, and did herself under the
bed," says the aucicut chronicler of
her crimes. "In abuut au huur a
couple of 'footmen brought in candles,
while the maid with great alacrity laid
lhe clulh Tbe table waa furnished
with two or tbree dishes, aud live or
six people sat down to supper, besides
children, i'oor Moll trembled for fear
ami knew not huw lu rumluet herself.
There was a dug in the ruum which
snarled ami quarreled wilh lhe cat
ubuut every bone.
"To silence Iheir demur, and lu pre
vent Iheir quarreling, oue ol the ser
vuuts threw u tire shovel al the auimals,
which wounded Moll iu the face, The
at rushed uut below the bed, but thc
dog continued < lu snarl, and uuthiug
would pacify bun. Accordingly one of
the servants threw a fork at aim, which
gave Moll another scar. Huppcr al lasl
being ended, ami all withdrawing, Mull
escaped without detection, taking llie
sheets of the bed with ber, as a small
recompense fur Ibe j-um she had uu
li i,',,,,, ''
The fate of her busbaud is uoi known.
Mull was banged at Tyburn. She was
only 69 wheu sbe died.
A Titled Lady of tbe Boad.
One of the must dashing of these
ladies of Ihc road was a lady of title.
Her rank and real name are uot dis
closed, lu fact, all tbat is known of
her is whet she related tu another high
nm mm, wl,, un she al tempted lo rub and
wbo vanquished her.
A highwayman out on tbe road oue
nigbt mel, as be supposed, a geullemau
of wealth and fashion. Much to Ibe
highwayman's surprise, however, Ibe
gentleman spurred toward bim, levelled
a pistol st bis head aud told bim to
"Hi a ml and deliver"   Tbe Drsl bigb
Capital Pair Up 13,s70,ooo
Reserve and Undivided ProflU  8,600,000
Total Assets ,.,... 41,000,000
TO provide against a poaelble "ltulny
Day" Is not tbe only reason for
it'kuIiii- biivIiik. A bank account
gives you tne feeling of Independence
and security that keeps yum- mind free
from worry—that malms yuu belter
able tu meet the World on an even
lootlnii unil lu tuku advantage nl np.- -
puriunltlea tbat oonie your way,
oppn yuur account at tbe Bank of
li.uuin,,n. where courteous, . 1,1,1,1,1
bunking aervlee Is provided fur tho du-
I'uiTi uf miinii as well as large, sc-
cu 11 uls.
I,el iiu explain our Hufcly Depuslt Bux
Byalum. Rental moderate.
«(. II.  HIT* VUN,  *«„„!,
tuftk   Vaucuuver
Head OIII,.
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Thereupon   lie  had  u  veioud  surprise.'mauded hk purse, else be wus a
ll was neither u g, nl luiiun uf fashion' man,   A palsy hud su seized every
way man waa wucl faikeu abaca and
begged Ibe stranger to bave patience
and he would surrender all bis property,
('etching his assailant off liis guard, the
first robber, witb practised skill, whip
ped out hie pistol and dred.
If van tra tor sport," tbe'other
cried,'' yog shall nave it I" snd infant
ly shot bia in the thigh.
Jn the melee tbst followed both
brought tbeir sword, into play, and
tb« Irst highwayman Anally disarmed
tin ether tnd threw bim to tbe ground
uor u (,,,,i|,ii,i with whom be hud been
liulii,i;' ll uu" ii woman, voung, beautiful uud uf ii distinguished uir! After
some persuasion she induced the reul
bighwuymuii lo uicom|>aiiy her tu u
house sum,' miles distant. II proved to
lie an elegant man.lun, und there, over
a bottle o) wn,,', she told him lur slury
Hhe liud r, inn, T leu, mg uud sword
play early, uml hud practised it with
her husband, vv bum she hud married ul
the age ul 1.1 lli-r hiisl.un.l was pen
urious, Ihuugh passing rich Being shut
ed in her cash uml leu.ling u comfort
and Uuex.itiug life generally, she
took the resolution ul "borrowing u
purse" occasionally, as u means ul
mitigating ull her trouble,
"I    judged    lins    resolution    safe
Hough," she said, "if I were uul de
tccted in Ihc tety n< I, fur who could
suspect   iu
broad mu
suitable li, inv sent Itesldes, uo uue
cuul,I pru, ure better information or hu<l
more freifuciil opportunities thun myself. My husband's guests mude nu see
ret of the sums they curried. Then,
loo, one uf our old servants keeps the
inn in the village. This woman is a
great gossip, uud frequently liuasls uf
ihe rich booty uf those Ihul lodge there
"Having thus resolved, J suuu pru
vide,! myself with the necessary hobil
of him Ihul his eyes were incapable uf
directing bis hands to his pockets. I
soon recalled his spirits by two ur three
sharp "blows wilh the Hal of my swurd,
whi.h speedily wakened hun, und, with
greul trembling ami submission he re
signed   Ins  money.    Afler  I   hud dis
mounted hun, I cut his horse's reins and
saddle girths, beal him soundly uml dis
missed Iiiiii. "- Adventure
An enthusiastic French student uf
Shakespeare thus comments uu the
tragedy uf Macbeth:
"Ah! your Mossieu' Slink es pier! lie
is p t uu ml myslerieuse sou Idiine!
Vous'sve reads mi Macabeasf- no scene
uf /,' Mossieu' Muculiess vis ze Vitch ■
lo be n rubber, wearing ''''' *ul"'rb aooblimileel When he
s apparel, liul ul home, Ihul **> '" - Vatrla, ' Ar r r uyut te, Vileb!'
she, go away, bul whul she say when
she gu uwnv I She say she will do
s'omesiug dal uvesgul no iiaame! 'Ah,
ha*' she say, 'I go, like re rraal
visout re luil bul, I'll du! I'll du'
I'll 1)0!'. W'al she dol Ah, ba!-
V,nin le gruuud, myslerieuse Mossieu'
Busk es pier! Hhe nol say whet she
This was "grand," to be sure; bul
the prowess of Macbeth, iu his "bout"
wilh Mu, .lull, awakens all Ihc mer
> unu I Frenchman's martial ardor
'' Mossieu' Min lilies-, he see him
come, elos'.by; he say (proud empress
incut), 'IT,mc o o n, Mossieu' Mu. dull-, .
ami <l ,| be he whu hrst say IT,nil ''
z, ii ny h i ghi uuu he, All, bal—
voile! Mussieu' Macebess, vis bis
br r right rrappier 'piuk' him, vat
jou call, in Ins body. He 'ave gots mai
d'estomac; he ssy, vis grand simplicite,
'Knoffs!' Wbal for be any 'Knoffs'f
'Cause he got euoffa—plsauty; and he
ex pirc, r rligbt, sway, 'mediately,
I'leiiy i|un k' All, mes amis, Mussieu'
Mink es pier is rising mau in l,n Belle
mutts fur inv scheme, curried il inlo
iinme,huie event ion, uml continued
wilb great success, never having failed
Iill uow.
" Instead ,,f ruling to market, ur truv
cling live or six miles ubout some piece
of business llic usuul pretence witb
which I blinded my husband wuuld,
when oul of sight, take Ihe ruad tu thc
house where we now are, where I
changed my clothes, end proceeded lo
the ruad in search of prey. Not lung
in,, my lm I.'i,,l had 111)9 due him.
He appuinled a certain day for receiving it nl a place abuut 2(J miles away.
(Had I was lo hear of Ibis, and instant
ly resolved tu I,*-revenged uujnui lor
all Ihe injuries aud churlish outrages
that be had committed against lue. I
lay in wail, uud about three hours laler
my lord aud master made his appear-
ance, win .ilmy wilh joy al his heavy
'I permitted biinjo paw, but soon
overtook bim, and, keeping cloie by Imu
for e mile or two, when at length I
found the roast clear, I rude up nnd
si'i/cd bis bridle, presented a pistol to
bie breast, aod, in a hoarse voire, de
iii, 11 nu ■
"Now, bodily," Mud tbe teacher,
'if there were eleven sheep in s Held,
snd sis jumped the fence, how many
would tbere be left!"
"None," replied Roddy. .   ,
I "Wby, there would," said he.
"No, sir, there wouldn't persisted
Ii'iddy. "You may know arithmetic,
but you don't know sheep."
^ [HE EXPKEB3 wgtqn'vankuuvw. a.t.., mitpuAi, aumjpi m, w\i-
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Insuruiiiio Guarantee Boudt
Auditor smi Accountant
101 l.iiiisilulii Avoniiu. p. 0. Box 8307.
North Vaucouvor. Phone 437.
0. A. Uul.., B.O.8.A.
1736 Chesterfield Avenue,
North Vancouver
Phone Binti
Bakers, Confectioners and
143 LoiiBdale Avenuo
Underwood'a Barber Shop
.'-.uu.'; ui   tn  Wallaco it Bi'utt, Tblrd
Slreet.   Qeueral rtipsir work.
A. Wliiiln..',, tervicet nave been re
lllllll, .s   AMI   MTTTOMTII
Uookeellera and StatluSert
Cor.* Lonsdale and lat.        PfanM 143
Civil, umiimtihiis.
A.M.I.K. k a.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plant
snd specifications. Septic tunln snd
liouio drainage s specialty. P. 0.
Box 344, HUli itreet west ol Bewicke
mini nus
Anil general (,'utiiniiusiun Merchant, 13
I um.,iulu Ave., Nurlli Vaucouvor,
Phone Hi
We ure specialists in lliesu lines.
121A Lousdale Aveuue
riinTiii.ii idii,ii
Hindi.)   ovor   Hunk   B, N. A.
I.omdale and Esplonadt
■I Ati .imu.
Jlii'li i In.■ ■ Ladlei' uml denls' Tailoring
Bepsiring   ami   Altcraliuns.  I'leaning
aiul Dyeing iu ull. ils brunches. All
Work ;'u.iiui,i,. i
111 First Slreet West. l'bono l!0i
, (J. Ijiiu)
Ladles' and Oeuts' Olcauiiig,
Pressing and Bcpalrlng
a Specialty
VU) Second Street East
I'luilS  Iv."'lit,'.I
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Flrtt Street Bast of Lonsdale
J.,,,',,. i  prices ami best wurk guarau
teed uu tinning uiul sheet metal work.
Kstimates Given .    All kimls uf saws filed uml set un Hie
iJj'.ii, i notice.   I u,',ii uiowert, knives,
1231 Lonsdalo Avcuue Pboue 80
Oeutre and Mill Boad
Lvnn Vallev  B  0 hedge shears uml tciiton tbarpeued. All
 — wurk guaranteed!, moderate prices.
ITiio. uml I.-i niinl, it furniihed free.]
ttcpairiug,  remodeling, ete., pruuipily
mt,-u.l. -1 to
(lu lln nu lim' Knunlng, meals
guud ui'cumniuilulinn i'or working men.
I'onlrai'tura' men boarded. Hy. Kust
intt, Proprietor.
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allan HdiiiI near Westuvcr. P. 0. Hux
20, Lyuu Creek, B. ti.
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter —
Will undertake all kinds of wuod wurk, |.  ,,,llr  Watch stopping  ur keep ig
repairs, etc. irregular limel   If so, see
Fourth Btreot and Sutherland Avcuue
v. o. Box 2006 A. J. HOOD
NORTH  VANCOUVEB Pioneer Jeweller, 6>) Lonsdule Avenue.
It will pay you to put a card in this column
Charge Against
Uf. Alfred Hall, a Vtncouver bar
ristcr, wus leat week arraigned before
Hie Honor Juilgc Melimea ou a criminal ebargo iu equuectiou with tbe sale
of two lota in North Vancouver which
it is alleged the defondout sold wil lioul nui Imi iiv from thu owuer, the latter liuving neglected to register Iiis
deed. A epocial trial wus usked for
uud it bas beeu set fur August -I.
Mr. Hull wus formerly a luw purtuer ul'
Judge iinini ami lbe lut|er huiiiii duys
ugu refused tu try s civil eatu in
wbicb Mr. Hall was involved, as Ibe
partnership Ilml been dissulvcd owing
lu a dispute. The civil suit ss well
us the criminal ucliuu wilt be lieunl
befure Judge Midlines.
B. C. Gazette
The Lieutenant-Governor in Coun
iii bus been plcuscd lu muke tbe ful
lowing appointments!
Wm. II. Itnituiu uf Vernon, tn lie
Plant Pathologist fruni lbc 1st iluy ul'
\.l;'.i   I,     1012.
truest Davis, uf Ibe cily uf Vie
turiu, lu be a member of tbo board ol
iiivoatigatlou, created under Purt III.
of Ihe Wuter Act.
Wm. Irvine, police magistrate in ami
for tbe eily uf Nelson, tu bave juris
ilictiop under the "Smull Debts I'uurl
Act" within the suiil city.
Truman .1, WTT,lun of Latquioti Is
laml, tu be a justice uf the Peace.
Sidney J. Jurvis uf Nelson, to be u
clork iu tbe ollice uf lbe goveruiueiil
agent at  llatolton,
Wilfrid It. Williamson, ul' Hie city
of Vaucuuver ami Willium I'ritbers
Mi I , Huiui of (Tunbruuk, lu be clerks
in tbe ulliee uf Ihe governinenl ageul
al Nelson from the luTh iluy of Au
gust, 1012.
Tlie following certilicates of incur
|,uialioii buve been issue,I:
A. P. I'ulbuun, Ltd., Ituslun Sliuc
Slure, Limited, Hritisb Financial ''or
poruliuti uf Canada Uii., llurke k w ,„„i
l.til., Canadian Mutual Lamls Limited,
I'uuuiliuu Borneo Cunipuny l.t<l., Hardy
Buy Trudiiig Co. Ltd., I.ulu Shingle
Compuny Lid., Lynn Creek Zinc Mines
Ltd., Nearby Baud k Orsvel t'u. Ltd.,
Nelsou, Shakespeare, Watkius, Limit
ed, Nurlh Burnaby Lumber Cunipuny
Limited, I'jeueer Bakery Limited, Purl
Muudy luv'cslmeuts Limited, Prince
licorgc Athletic Company Ltd., Vun
couver Carriage uml Implement Cum
pany Ltd., Vuncuuver Inland Mulur
C'u. Ltd,, Victoria Finance uml Luun
Company Limited, Vicluria 'fug i u.
Limited, Weiler Hrus. Ltd.
Tbo following coinpeuiot save In-eu
lieenteil us extru pruviueial:
A. Sumner A l'u, Ltd., McKecbiiie
k Tanner Ltd., New Kuglaml Catuallj
I'utnpauy, tjuoon In. ■ .'. ''■'■ ■• isl C'o.
Wurk Is a human service. It is a mu
luul giving, receiving an.i iuUccmiuii.
It is belter fur u mun lu cum lhan lu
iilienl. Wurk is a producer, a maker,
a    builder.   II    creates    wealth    uml
bould shure il. II supplies yuur needt
atleuilt tu yuur comforts, adds luyuur
bappiueaa.     Wurk   is  uu  ever moving
force,  propelling  tbe  greul   wl Is uf
prugress upuu tin' highway lu pros
Kvcrylunly likes to be praised now
ml tbcu   even lbe hired man.
Q. Hops Jones on the High Oost
of Living.
(tit Perk and Johnnycakt Have Qlven
Plact to Brtakfatt Fotdi ind Lib-
tltri-Wliirt Are the Old Ftshlonod
Farmers' Wiveet
[Copyright, lilt, by Attocltted Literary
MT Friends of Cucumber Cor-
ners-lt Is seventeen miles
back from tbli growing and
Intelligent metropolis to Pickles Bill, but I in ui i.ii from tbera at
8 o'clock tbli morning and made tbe
Journey without fntlgue, A notice on
thi piiuiniiico door bad told you tbit
I would ipenk bere this evening, aud
I did not wish to disappoint you.
By looking around you you will nb
torve lbat tbere ire only 'leven people
In the ball, and bow many of tbem are
deadhead! I cannot sny until I bave
counted up tbo cub, but do not be
iniloui. Whut tbe ludlence lacks In
numbers It innket up In fat, and I
sliull not cut my lecture ibort by in
Tbie li do clrcui performance, snd I
im not on the graft
My friends, wbat li iho great quel
Hon before the cuuntry today? la It
shall we bavo Ituotevelt or Tuft? li
It shall wo bsve Dlx or Harmon? li
It shall we go sailing through tbe sir
Complete for UM
Are the right kind of thlngi whon they sell tho goods.  It Is the fscts about MATTINO MATS, imt. Me
the quality of our goods lu the way of FUBNHTUBE, CABPBTS aud MATTINO MATS. 3*6...*0c
OBOOKBBY, and the facts shout the low pricei sud the speclel prices on gJJA   mm   0HAJM
these goods that win favor among our customers. , umiud uumber only, V»u
Here are soms facts for you to profit by: Iu 0ur Crockery Department
OHILDBBN'S PUSH CASTS, special price.,.(.. *AM    TUMBLEB8, per lei 60c
A large shipment Juat received.  AU the rage (J[]n ^ gAV0BM BM
MEAT SAFES  r »a'00 "■                        "WC
MEAT SAFBS, large else., ''';".".""."'.
ROYAL OAK DBBBSBBS, with bevelled plat* mirror ...MM
128 Lonidale Ave. plwnelM North Vancouver
like so many gecto wben wo went to
get lomowhcro or tike the Empire
express lu ■ placid way ind get tbere
without a wrinkle In our trouiers?
Do we anticlpstc wirt
Do wi fear ou epidemic?
Aro tbe bul worke of liberty totter
lug to a fall?
li Wall itreet afraid Ihi lucken are
ell dylug off?
The Supreme Iuue.
No, my frleudt. It It eomelblng
greater thou tbia it li Iho problem
of Ihe bigb coat of living. It baa beeo
coming for fifty yeuri, ind It Is here
uow. We can't run ewey from n
We've got to face IL If thlngi gu on
at tbey bsve for Ibe lut Ore yeira the
man (bat can turn cornitslkt Into
breabfaat food will be greater tbnu
tbo prcaldcnt of tbe United Slates.
I csn count up over thirty theories
advanced for tlie high cost ll's lold
tu tbis snd to that, but iccordlng lo
my way of thinking there Isu't but
une cause,        i
My frleudi, go bsck wltb me llfty
yeurs. Tbe oldest of you were youug
lulks then, but yuu can remember alt
about IL Wheu breukfutt wua renily
what did we Uud un tbe tnble? A big
platter of fried tult pork, a dlsli ot
Inten wltb tbe tklni on, a plute uf
Jubnnycake and a pot of coffee—nutb
Ing clto. Why ahould there be any
tblug cite? I'Titii, i end molher could
work ull day ou that food and kick up
Iheir heels st night, snd tbu children
never felt buugry uutil luucblltni'.
Tht Boilid Dlnntr.
Kur dinner it tbi good old Inihluo
ed hour of noon we bid corned uvel
and cibbege, md there wotn't any
tllnglness ibout It. Vou coujd peu
your plate twice oud not get i box oo
lbe car. Tbit boiled dlooer weut
down to the ipot ind nuyed there
oud made brawu and muscle. It made
tne beet men tbe country bin ever
Pur tupper. Jobnoyceke. tea sud op
pie mi Nobody vsry hungry, yon
kuow.  Everybody lu beV by V o'clock.
Tbere were pork snd beans, dried
tpplee to stew, preserves iud uow end
then I mince pie No Indigestion, Toe
niiiiieut wu rarely heard of. No
niomnchi tUcklug out Ska a feather
bed tied lo Ihe middle, Never ■ cue
of tppendlcltlt. No doctor ii avary
corner. Koike died, of course. Thay
had to die wbeo i tree fell oo tbem.
The farmer wu up wltb thi coming
of diyllgbt, Bi bad Bis bretkfait and
went to work, tud It wu dusk baton
be gave up. When Ma wife bad time
fmm tha nthar bnuaaarark alia., gall
•od aewed aod mida aofl aoap aod
kept the imudgi going Is thi smokehouse. Tba buibtud wssn't too proud
to weer patches, ind ibe knew Juat
how to aaw them ou. Boyi and girla
iout to cut wood tnd milk Um cowi an
wor before murine.
•ul Teuyl
Now coma down to today.
Any Johnnyceki on Ihi tsbli?   Wby
Any Mad pork at Ibt UbUI   Wby
nW9F -m-
Any Uteri wltb Iba aklna on? Why
Auy euUng gravy pp yonr bread ta
lira butter?
Any making aoup of csbbage stalka?
Any toying wltb an old bam bone?
Any patches to ba keen pp tbp sest of
father's trousers? (find any of the
women of today out In tba back yard
linking tuft iqip? Find sny sppli
muw tiTiiind sweetened wltb 'buses?
Find my wlvei wltb skirts mada over
by llielr own bands?
Not a And of tbst sort, my friends
What you And la an extravagance
that would bave opened tba eyes ot
Kuine when tbe mm getting bar peacocks' tongues by tbe thouiand from
Africa. IiiuIithI of pudding ind milk
for breakfast we must bsve seven
klndi of pnti'iii foods ind then top off
with dishes fit for dukes.
Timet Htvi Chingid.
The iiiiiih 11111.11 be something tbat
wouldn't hurt tho ttomacb of a canary,
ninl II must tuke you i whole hour to
eat It.
Corned beef and cabbage for dinner
tbese dtiysl Why, men and women,
you'd bo locked up for lumtlcil Ball
a dozen duclors would be waiting ill
nigbt fur ■ cull from you, snd tbe
medical Journali would come out ind
relulc wbat ■ narrow escape you bsd.
There's your problem-extravagance.
Extrivngance from tbe highest to
lite Invest Tbe moo wltb a million
Is thinking sbout bli itomich wben
lie Isn't thinking about grift, unil If
lliere nro nny lobsters lo market tbe
worklugtuon wants tbem.
The fanner irltee it 8 o'clock In tbo
morning, tliuuk you, but not to dig In!
Ile bas to gu to lown In bll iuto and
talk politics.
The wife Isn't tending tbe imoke-
house any more Sbe'e it thi dress
iiiiiI.it Ti or milliner's.
Tbe boyi ond glrli ire not cutting
wuuii and milking tbo cowi iny more,
Tbey are sauulcring the streets or tik
lug music lessons.
Silks, sutlns, plug halt, wblte vests
ills in,hi,11. ii ut us. lobster, cbanipagne,
frosted cuke, sulln solus, oriental ruga.
und every mun keeping a tailor buay.
Tht Choict Offend.
That's all, my frleudi. That's tbe
Increased cosl of living, end wbat are
yuu going lo du abuut It? doing bock
lu fried pork ami Jobunycike-to tbe
days of sensc und ecouomy-or ire
you guing tu keep It up? It'i for you
to suy. It's either silk undershirts sod
bankruptcy or boioespun snd s bank
We buve o presidential campaign on
iinini Mr. Tuft will promise you tbli
uud aiul, end Mr. Koosevelt will prom
isi: something else. Tbe candidates on
bulb th i.ei.'i will be full of iiruiiiii.es
abuut hiHer tinea aod I poor luuus
tariff sud buiier tt 80 ceoti, but will
tuy of tbcm promlie you i returu to
tbo good old dayi of glogerbread ind
corn mail I
Will lltcy brlog bick tbe fried porki
Will bun eud b,inilny take lit place
on tbe White House table u lo the
dayi of Jaekion?
Will any of (bo candidates pledge
himself to woolen socks and potcbes?
Will be i '■ willing to tit down In ,i
bard butlumcd choir ond drink hit coffee frum a chipped saaacrr
Will Uc returu to Ibe boat and mule
ui go on foul lo ebow ue the way?
My frleudt, I leave It ill wllh you.
At fur i) Hope, wbicb li me, bit neit
lecture will be delivered at Pumpkin-
vllle. and. ellbougb tbo tubject will be
"Shall Women Propoie?" there will Iw
no ii,, hm u lu the price of ednihulou.
I huve tbe honor to bid you ill good
Switttit tnd Siddtit.
The I hue sweetest wolds,
'lm i,, , il liud check." Tho two
smllh si.   "No  fuunV-Bpoktoe
Spiil.esiiiiiu Itcvlew.
When Nigel Had te Ride.
(buries Nigel, secretary of (he detainment of commerco aud labor, It s
lull huiii, resembling lu bis build in
Isolated pine tree on tbe top of i bill.
Ki'liirnlng to Washington ouo night
from New York, bo got put thi till-
eubt und wua surrounded by 1 group
of buckmeo. lo whom be paid ibmlute
ly no uilunili.ii. st bo Intended to wtlk
tbe rotirtecn blocki to bis oflice.
The bickmeo greeted bim wltb I
aim in of sucb cries sat
"Take yuu right uptown! Tike you
io ibi New Wlllirdl Tiki you to (bi
The aliteimto wilkcd tlrolgbt ahead
wllbuut even looking it tbi bctlegcri,
"If yuu want i cheep hotel Jump
right lo bere," Insisted snutber driver.
Silll Nagel wslked oo unheeding,
I'lun Ily ■ Jebu iddrceted bim (but:
"Deaf tud dumb ttyluiul Take you
up there lo a minutei"
At (bli air. Nagel laughed ind got
Into the back.-Poputar Magssini.
'■ 'T<^9nm*m9*99mwmmtmMmmmmmmmmmmm9mi
Oysters, Olanu ind Bbollflsh in Season
Ice Supplied st Shortest Notice and
Blgbt Price
Prompt Deliveries, U:30 and 2:30
Telephone 370
209 Lonsdslo Ave,, Nortb Vancouvar
Architect aud Builder ,
Craftsman Houses and liuugalowt.
Humes uf Individuality, 1 Fairfield
Building, Vuncuuver ami North I,mis
dale P. 0. Seymour 8481.
Lodge Western Bote, No. 886
Meetings nf tbit ludgc sre beld iu
the Kniglils of Pylliias Hall, corner of
riie8terlielil'uvci".iii ami Fourth stroet,
on llie first ami tliiri' Fridays in each
month, at 6 u'clock y. m.
Communications and applicaliuut for
membership to bo u.i.ii, . ,,i i„ Harold
Lees, iccrelary, P, 0. box 8211. 16 713
Sealed Tenders on lbe prescribed
forms uml accompanied by certified
cheque or cash lor 6 per ceul. of tbe
.hi■" ,i,i uf temler (which sum sliull bu
lii-l'I uutil tin: satisfactory compleliuu
of tbe works according lu the pluns aud
specifications) will be rceeiveil by Mr.
John (J. Farmer, Municipal i.'lcrk, until
ii p.m. pu Thursday, Hie 22nd August,
I. Clearing, grubbing aud grading
roads iu I). L. 7S7, F.if,, 166 aud 2003.
- eleariug, grubbing aiul grading
ruuds to lot A, II. I, 2004,
3. (Tearing, grubbing ami grading
road lu lot JJ, bluck 27, II. L. 553, Ad-
ilcrley Street.
All iu accordance willi pluus aud spe
ciliiulioiis lo be liud ul this oflice after
IU ii in. ou Friday, Hilli August, 1912,
upuu payment uf 81-00 each, which sum
will be returned upon receipt of I .usi
tide lenders.
Tlie lowest or uny tender not neces
surily accepted.
District Kngiuecr.
District  Municipal Hull,    '
i'or. Lynn Vulley uml Fromme boad,
Norlb Vuncouver. 29-t
He Got It.
"Uy nephew," aaya tba bespectacled
iuuu, "entertained ma most geueroutly
while I wu lo New Tork. Hi took me
almost ivery eveulug to one restaurant
or another, and I beard sevenl most
lively tongs"
"Whit win ibey?" sake tbi otber.
"I do hot rentmijw ttrpm 'drnstteiy.
bul one of I bim tnd i refruln whlcb
begin by Kiting 'Everybody li Engaged lo ■ Similar Occupailon it tba
Preient Tlma.' "Chicago Post.
Her Conitanoy.
Mtud-Wben yon broke tba togtg*
ment of cuune you returned the 41a-
moud ring be pre yog.
Ethel-Cerii Inly not! I don't can
lor lick my aura, but my featlnga
burs not changed towiro tba ring.'
Huston framcrw
THM MVII.AIIlii: vv III.lis I'lllI'lKI -
Till*  AIT
NoTICK Is heruby given, pursuant
lu ihe provisions of Chapter 118 of the
It. vlsc.l Statutes ut i".,i. ..l.i ilml tho
N',,iin Vancouver l.und und Improvement Company. Limited i i.uiin. an
nu i ;, :,i..: i'i i,liu.ii, having I's head
olllee ul llie **lt.v ot Vuucoovcr, in the
IT,,wn,,   of     Hiiil.li      IT,lllllll,1.1       hut
llled willi the Minuter of I'ublie Worki
fut- the IioiiiIiiIi.ii ut i.'utiudu a plun of
,i-i lulu hulkhi snls uml wliuives pi,,pus
id In lie cnnsiruiTed by the Company
und u description ol lbe site for the
prupused liiiprl'Vcmi'iils which site Is
parallel 10 llie Kspluliude, Norlh Vancouver city, IIiTllsli Columbia, belween
Malum und i ■liiMlii Ili-IJ '-..im .i ,,i,]
p.inillel   lo   llle   Kspliillllde,  North   Vi.n-
couvei'. IT ulnl, Columbia, between Itog-
eis and Lum '.,i. Avenues, both tltei
being on the Nurlh Shore of Uurrurd
Inlet, uud thai Hie uuld Company haa
ulso tiled u copy of Hie suld plun and
description with the ItcgUtrur of
Dci'ila ul Viineouver. Hrilish Columbia,
and ihul ihe suld Company will apply
lo Hn- (lovcrnor-Ocneral In Council fur
approval of llie Siihl plan iind the con-
ttruclion ul the suld bulliheads und
liATKI) Ilils 22ml day of July, A I).
1912, ut Ottawa. Ont.
2-8    i-TTi, iiuiu for Ihe said Company
III T.l I, A'IT 11.NS
Coul mining rlahta of Ihe in.minimi
In .Miinii., i,u. i'ii "linii tii'Wiiii and Aiii.i
a. Ihe vni Territory, the Nurlh-wiil
it ii lim I. n una ln a portlun of the province of Brlllih Columbia, may bo leae-
cd for a term of twenty-one yean at
an annual rental of 81 an acrt. Not
more tban 2.D80 acrei will be lyueed to
une applicant.
Application for a louse mutt bo made
by Hn- applicant In peraon io tho Agent
or Hub-Agent of tho ditlrict In which
tho rights applied for are altuulcd.
In mn vevi d territory tho land muit
be described by sections, or legal lub-
illvltlont of lections, and In uniurvey-
od tcrrltury tlio truct applied for ibtll
be tlahed out by Iho applicant hlmtelf.
Knell application muit be accompanied by a fee of |6 whioh will bo refunded If lhe rights applied for aro not
available, but not olherwlie. A royalty ."li.'ii be p.'id on the merchantable
output of the mine at the rate of Ave
cents per ton.
The perion operating tho mine than
furnish the Agont with tworn return!
accounting for (he foil qua-nHty ol
nicrehanliihlf tot) •mmei ml nap t~*
roysity thereon. If tho coal mining
rlghte ore noi being operated, tuch re-
tiinis ehould be furnished al loaat once
The ioue will Includo the coal mining
rights only, but thc letiee may bo per-
inlltoU It puichaio Whatever available
turfoco light* may bo conildereo" nee-
ettary ror the working of the mine st
thc rato of lie an acre.
For full information application
ihould bo made to the lecrelsry of the
department Of tbo Intortor, Ottawa, or
to any agent Or Sob-Agent or Dominion
**"de. w w CX3RJ,
Deputy Mlnlttcr ef trie interior.
.„ tie—Unauthorised publication oj
hit »4verllsemont will not be fndt imp
We make a feature of preparing printing that in profitable to
our palroni.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work, ,
From a card to a huge potter
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice,
will rite very shortly In D. L. '166, and NOW is tbe time to buy to
advantage. We have the following for sale, wbicb are much below
present value:
One lot tn Block 6, facing smith, |il,:i!io on eaay terms.
One lot in Block 13, facing south, U,169, on eaty terma.
ESPLANADE   One   Lot   lit   Uie   secoud   block   eaat   for
18,600,00 ou very easy terms.
Tbe North Vancouver Offlce of "The Street Oar Indicator Company
Limited."  Oet in on tbia while dollar shares are telling
for 50 centa.   Call aud get prosptctut.
Phone ib'l
V. O. Box 2387
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
Let us show you why
Two styles, $4.50 and $4.75
l'.conomical and has the manufacturers' five year guarantee,
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 86
105-7 Esplanade Weit
If you want to succeed in business on the
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
Cardinal! & MacGregor
Ara returning te thair old premises, 102 Esplanade Eaat, where they
will carry on Baal Estate and Financial butlnew aa heretofore.
. »
-      102 ESPLANADE
tfftmm p. o. iii tsn
American Helress-Bqt, dear. If I ao
capt you every ana will aay ysti nnt-
rjad ma for my rnunay. French Couqi
-Don't lat that worry yon, you cau
pay my debts first and there won't bs
enough money left to suite comment
flood, o|ea)i men, free from oaths or
oilier bail kbits, are t ,e pride pf tbit
country. He sucb a man. Help some-
IiimI.v else |o be so, also.
"I've got an hour or two to kill. I
wish l knew what to do." "Just io
arar and a>k Brawn bow tba nsw baby
la felting aloug."-I)etrolt Free I'reua.
Who wouldn't a doft lift tlidlv lua
And In tin htnntl tlldt-o
Whin «««lng tht maldtn twtit Indeed
So fondly klulim Fidel
-Pblltdtlpbla Tilisnph.
"Ur. and Mra. (luaggi don't aeem to
gat along vory well." "They huvu only
themselves to blame." "Wall, I gueai
Ibey Uu." Jinipn.
Tbey ara advertlalng salvation In
Naw York. That seems to ba tbe only
wsy to let a lot of thote New Yorkers
know Ibere It sucb a tblug.-Oleveluud
I'liiiu Healer.
"Whtrt trt you going, my pntty nuldt'
"Into society, ilr," tht ttld.
"Mty I so wllh you, my pretty meldt'
"If you ran follow mt, ilr," iht ttld.
-Suokani Bpokeinitn-Bivliw
klgg-Dop't yoo wltb you could livi
your life over ugu lut
t'ogg-Wtll, I ebould sny not I lit
got ii twenty-year endowment pulley
maturing tbit moulb.-llcCaH's Mugu
Curute-Dldu't 1 assure you Ibat a
cow It uuly iliiiiuiTuud wben It hua loti
ItS I'lllf?
Kin- That's why I wmi IT'itiiitr I   I
couldn't see a culf anywhere. -Sketib
Tlitrt onct wit in imoroui Ilr.,
Who on nutting a girl alwaya I.r.
But ont nl|lii it tht gill
lit Iiniiiii when tou lali
Htd turn klulng lln chauffiur't black ir
It. Toper (seeing bit own feel tin
other tide of the lampposti-Nuw, theu.
my friend, yuu must clear uut   I wu>
Ili'lT' (list     I'lie Mele.
"What are you mulling about!" uskei'
"I wst Jutt thinking," replied .lupbi'.t.
"how lucky It wus we could go nbeuU
aud build this ark without wulllug fut
su appropriation from cuiigreuss."-
Wstblngtuti Slur.
Opportunity may hemmtr
Quilt tou tarty at oni't floor,    V
Nothing duiug.   KttlenlmunieiT
Out loo Ittt Hit night belum
—Chlctgo TTIIjiine
Of sll tlm things that make life worth
living friendship tuition near tbe top.
Hut friends ars rare, became we' am
too bu»y.-Bev. T. W. M. Idinu\
The French angler nana with much
sui'i'iisa a tiny mirror attached to the
line neur tbe baited book. The Idea in
that the tish, teeing ittelf reflected,
husteim to snuti'h the bait from itt tup
posed rival.
Tears aid greatly in destroying beau
ty, aa they suott bring wrinkles to tho
face. Women who weep frequently
Into their good looks vury early. A
smiling face and a cheerful, happy,turn
pur, aru tbe best pruturvativus uf
beauty known.
The chrysanthemum it served at al
musl every elaborate llbiiiosu diutiur
table. The Uuwer has a peculiar llavur
ami requires u teste educated by mauy
trials before it cau be fully appruciat
ed but i'lime:.,! epicures frequently pay
fancy prices for special kinds.
Too Late to Classify
FOlt   BAI.ti—Apples,     .'.inni:     uml
uukii|g. Keene, 15th street oust. 21b
Lut un Weslurti avenue, 39*1114, for
$iiilil cash, nr tHlnT un terms.   Fur pur
ticuiars apply llui A llltl Kxprcss Ollice.
FOH WALK -Apples, eating uml
cookiug. Keene, 1.1th street easl, 21-t
FOH BENT—8-room aback, |IU por
monthi Apply Mrs. Knight, ith and
Hidgeway avenue.
TD HKNT Furnished, 7 roomed bun
.,iil,in in uliuul,in;: Lynn Vu'lev I'urk
un carline. Hut waler beating, uu I ull
modern1 cuuvVirjences, electric ii; i.i.
upeii lireplace etc., etc. Furniture pun
IMilly new. Kent |3i> per munth, Ap
ply .1. (Iniilil, Urawford Huad. Lynn
Valley. t.f.
'And wbere did you epeud your twe
weeks V"
"Hlltlug lu a lintel barber cbalr Tin
barber wus ppisiiiinlve, and I let hlm
give me his entire le i " I'lltsbniKli
"Did you bear tbs new operu In New
York'/" "Yes." "It wss sung lu English, wssn'l IIT   "I wet lold so,"-
iT.i,Tuml i'liiiu Dealer.
Annuel!" n uyi tint ht He dog
'ills fuct lie'* bound wi'll knuw,
Ilul lie can't maki ut look agog.
Why, eld Due Cook ila crowl
-Cincinnati Enquirer.
TT:i, In r - Anblbald,    wbtt
iluiitisli lu eicettlvt heat?
Arehlbulil   lee planla.-JuUge.
Knleker What were tbe wild wavee
Hn. Ur They didn't get a chance to
say anything. My wife wet lu bulb
Ing.-New York Times.
"■There'll always room up tl tht top,"
Ilul hubblei, when 1 ipot 'int.
Jutt provi iu ml cuncluslvely
Tberu'i nol much tt tin button).
"Dues be know Ills uwn fulling)'
He might lu Hi* wife keeps tbe llui "
-llitnilniibiiui A;■.• 11,-i.ini
ticuled Tenders uililrcssmi in Ihe un-
i, j i.ii, .1 and cnduitcil '"render fur
Hm t'unalrucllun uf a Breakwater In
Vlclurla Harbour, 11 tl." will be re-
celve.l ut Ihlt uill,, until I un pui uli
'i'hiirtiluy. Heplcmbcr 8, 1818, fur the
cuiisiiuctliin uf a llnakwulcr ut Vlclurla ll.i t... ii i    Vlclurla. II   C
IT.ins apcclflcutlum and form ul
contract cuu be seen ami furmt ut ten,
ilei' obtained ul this Dcpurtmcul uiul
at Hi" ulli.. s of W. II, ii,I,is,,n, Iti'tlilent
Architect, Vlclorla, B ('; ti. C, Won-
fold. Ksi|, District Kngineer, New
Wutlnilntter. H ti; 3. 0. Sing, Kiu.
Ilitlrlci Kngineer. Turunlo, Ont.; J I.
Mi, li.iinl Mn,, Diitrict Rnulneer. Mun-
n, nl. 'in. : A. deary, Kni. District
Knulncer. Quebec, Que . und uu uplill-
, ull,HI  tu lllc I',,:,«111.' -I ■ I   ut   Vuucuuver.
B  C.
Persona tendering ure nutlOed lliul
tetidert will nul be considered unless
,,,.,,i, un Ihe printed forms luppllci!
and tlgned with llielr ucluul signatures
sitting their occupation! uml placet ul
residence. In Ihe cute ut flinn llie n,
tuul tlgnalure. the nature of the u
cuputlun, und pisct uf residence ul
each member uf Hie firm must In
Kucii lender muit lie accompanied by
un accepted cheque un u chartered hunk
puyublu lu the order of the llunuuruhle
thu Minister of Public Wurki. cqiiul lu
ten per cent. (10 pc) uf Ibe uinuunt
of Hie tender, which will lie furfelieil
If Ihe pcriun tendering decline tu enter Intu a contract when culled upun
lu do sn. ur fail lu complete the wulk
contracted fur. ii the lender be nut
accepted the cheque will be returned.
The i" i u, ii,,, ni duel nul bind Ittelf
lu uceept the lowctl ur any tender
By irrder,
K. ('. DK8KOCHKR8.
Department uf Public Wurks.
Ollawu. Auguit 8, 1818
Newupupers will nut he puld fur this
.i.n. i iiu, nu in   if Ihey  Insert  It  will)
uut uuii,.,ill.  frum the Depurtuieiil.
I 88888
S. tt W. THAN
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
New Municipality
West Vancouver
Huy n large lot nt it -mull price;
terms.    Miuslii'il un.l burnt.    I.ols
In ull I'luiniiTcs.   Atk for our luvun-
lur'i  Advlter.   Marlon  A  Marlon,  884
easy  University Street, curner 81. Catherine
IVI  ni,,, i    Muiilreal,  Cunuda,  and   Wash-
ii.,.iuu  I). C, II. B. A.
feel hy ml feel, i'ur ♦tiuu    Ileal view in  ^_^___^__________^^_
lliu   whole  ilislriet.    'i.T   busy   befure
ihey ull gu.
- Apply   Owner,   1).   li.   1040,   Tuylur
113 8
Found By l.uw 1012
Tbis jrtek ws tre showing the largest variety of Children'i Bhoes in
Britiall Columbia,
Wt know Uut shoeing the childrsn is a Ux on ths fullsat pocket
Wt wtnt to gavs you mousy aod em ie so, It you will call snd exam
UW our ttock ef Obildrsn't Shoes.
Bchool opens nut wsek and tbs children's fset must be looked after.
Ws csn'supply the shoe wants for tba whole family.
Wa have enough shoes In our ttors to supply tbs shot wants of evsry
man, woaaan sud child on tbs Nartbjf fhara.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
PU.393 Mouat Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
Trad* Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Aorooa trading I ikrtrh and ilcicrljiilnn nit;
qnlckir aicertalif our u|iiiii.n free wririlior au
IllTtlllliiA ll (Ti.llllt Ij [-iii'i Inl'li'     I"   :, liitllilCB
UutiiiUlcilici.tiDjmiiu. HANDBOOK "til'aiauu
■out froa. UUeit luotii'jr ri.ricnini'Kltuloiill.
I'ataiiii takeu iFinuuli Uuua A i.u. racatfl
»j,7i:iJi Rutin, wli li.iut cUrtio, lu tb«
Scientific Hitienca
A bandumalr IllustralH mttUj. Uiut* rir-
culailon uf any I'l.i.iii'i juurnal. 'Jvtini for
CaJiailA, JITS a 1*91, ^vmUku (ii»)'uiil. Mil bj
ail MWhltialoft-
MUHN&Co.""" NewYorfc
Bruob Offlc. lU V bl. Wuii'Muu, 1). 11
Try uu  Ad. ui lln   I.>|.n..n      Tbij
bring result*,
Tuke notice lbat there it iu the
District i'uuuil, Isyuii Valley Huad,
Nurtli Vsncouver, one stallion, color
l.uy, lung tail and inaiic.
ITiliss.lliu tame i previously claim-
e.l uml ull pruper costs,1 rbargct ami
eipi'iiaea paid lbe said stalliun will be
•ubl by public auction on rJaturilnv,
tin llth Augual, 1018, at 1 p.m. nt
llie l.yuu Valley Hulel, eumer uf Hun
Itiua Huad and l.iuu Valley Ituuil,
Nurlli Vuiuuuver.
Sni ulmi wu aay lellt, uur doei
uliul »,- do always Kpeak truly; bul
ulmi we are ia at inevitable uh life it
m'lf we ,au neither deny or evade
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Mhos Sail   75c
Zamliuk    35c
Allfiiliury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3". 55c
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
Culiiura >Soa|) , 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anli-Colir Nipples ' 5c each
Absorbent Collon 35c |b.
We have constantly in slock a complete itock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hot Water Botllei, Irrigators, I'Jiislic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batterie»,
F.leclrk Bells, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
sick room line nol usually slocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed to any
pari of Ihe cily.
North Shore Drug Co.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade W«t


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