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>     I
-   Tank Tenders Considered by Directors
The question of oil fuel displacing
coal was reintroduced at yesterday's
aesslon of the ferry commissioners, two
letters being on the tablu from well-
known limiH The Btaiidanl Oil Com-
I pany wrote offering to deliver oil into
'I)1 boat or scow at Impoco at 85c per barrel of 115 gallons Arrangements might,
however, be made for the delivery of
fuel oil from Ihe Orand Trunk r.	
Imi!. at thu imii of tlore Avenue di-
I reel I v with tho company' ■ pipe line con's*'* nectioh to the pumps at this plant
The B Cl Helming Co Ltd. proposed
I to deliver 136 barrels every twu days
\   at Ota- per barrel,
It was agreed that the ilirecturs
mil.I mill hie these letters until they
were iu a pusition lu definitely attend
the matter.
lu the meantime they gave audience
to tbe representatives uf (fan firms re
sponsible for Ilie Koerling and the
Hobl burner systems and listened tu
technical etpusitiiius from holh gentle
These representatives liuing Ihuulicd
for their atttiudanco and a promise having been given lu consider lhe points
of both propositions, tenders wore
opened for the supplying of il oil tanks
for ferries number 2 and .'I.
The following figures were tendered.
Htamlarii Iron Works, (IIAH.71, Van
couver Engineering Works, tl lllll; Mc
Dongnll .leiikins Engineers Ltd., 412)3,
60; Wslluce -Shipyards I'u.-Ltd., (I,-
llllo; ltuss ami Howard Iron Wurks,
The Hoard decided lu accept the ten
der uf Mcllougall Jenkins Ltd.,
Tbis theatre is presenting s vsricd
progrsm next week by Ifae same cum
pany which has mude such a decided
hit during lhe present week with tin
"Mikado." Their repertoire includes
such items as;
A charming musical by the Blew
ert Sisters.
Operatic Duos by Shade sud Cording
Pot I'ourri by Her! Shepherd end
Bertie Palmer, which will include Ihi
latest "catch" from 'Frisco, "The Tex
u Tommy" dance and Hie musical
sk, nl, "Twu hearts are Won" by Nni
Hhepberd, and that i banning and lai
ciiie.l actress, Nelly Haines.
Owing tu the eutliusiuslic and patrio
tic recepliuu according lo "The Pag
cant of Empire" lhe management an
iii,iiii.-i- that this wonderful hiu will
be run ou the Arsl three days of next
week as well as lliu remainder of Ihis,
including lhe matinee on .Saturday ul
that offico. Mr. Jamas Cbapinau waa
iileclnil Becroturytreasuror. Messrs.
Philip end Smith v^era appointed es
eu executive while Messrs. Perry, Glad
win and Coun. Ward were shown es a
committee to formulate a plan of cam
liaig iill was resolved tbet tbe manager be
asked to drew up a full financial re
port for presentation et the next meet
ing of the committee.
At Hollyburn on Wednesday after
noon tbe wedding took place at the
residence of Mra. Hart, of Miss Audio .smith and Mr. Albert (Irene,
both of whom are well known in the
educational circles of Ihis district.
The bride, who is a sister sf Coun.
Lawson, bas been conuected as a
teacher on the other side of the Inlet
while Mr. Crane lias for sorne time
in id in a similar capacity at Holly
burn. The ceremony was performed
by the Hev. ,1. II. ilillum.
Blsctlon of Officers
A masting of the Joint Civic Advertising Committee took piece on Wellies
dsy afternoon in the Information end
Labor Um,nu. Mr. A. II. Parry presiding n' ci an attendance comprising
Messrs. A.. Philip, W. C, Oledwln. (1.
II. Morden, II. 0. Wriglil and Alex
nnib i Hmith.
It appeared from Ilie manager's re
port that from June I3lh to lice Hut,
1010, 86! males snd III) females had
been provided wilb employment The
work in many cases was of a perms
uei.i type. A number of lellors bad
been received frum all pari* uf ''ansdii
' end tbe Blaise embudying inquiries
concerning the city.
Tha discussion of sn advertising pro
position evoke i from Ihe chairman the
remark thai muuy people were now pul,
ilihing papers and were anxious to
gat Nortb Vancouver cash and one had
'   ''in be careful,
Bsgarding wide spread advertising
Mr. Morden Mid that the committee
bad always considered that, the Van*
(ouver papers were doing thai. The
thing waa lo properly reach the people
after they bad reached Vancouver.
Kx Aid. Smith suggested tbey ibould
consider Ibe question of approaching
the government with a view of gelling
them to Inatel offices from tfae Pacific
10 tbe Atlantic where immigrants ami
ethers could ascertain eaclly where
there wea work to be had. That was,
I* the speaker's opinion, the only pro
apt ttty of  finding    employment for
Ut. H, C. Wright considered the
whan a one worth considering.
The election ef officers fur the en
Sting year was then proceeded wilh.
Aid. U- W. McHee wei chosen chair-
(in, Ml- Veny daairlog to retire from
Verdict of "Found Drowned"
Inquest on Body of Hen Found   In
Capilano Greek
Coroner lliplock and jury made inquiry on Tuesday afternoon into the
circumslenccs attending the death of u
man oanieil McKenzie, whose body was
found by an Indian in Capilano creek.
Or. Tb,on',oi. whu lm.i i'i-'. nm li
conducted a pust mortem examinalon,
said Ihut there were no external sug
gestions of violence or accident, and
from evidences such as fluidity of the
blood, distended longs and due froth
in the air passages tbe deceased musl
lum' entered Ilie waler alive . 'fin-
cause of dentil was therefore, in his
opinion, drowning. There was a marl,
un thu head, but this was evidently
nni si in thu water after death.
.lohn Baker, an Indian, testified lo
having found the body at the mouth
of the creek. He immediately communicated wilh Hie police.
Nels Nelson, with whom McKenxle
hud shared a ruuin un Unl street for
about Iiiiii a year, gave evidence of
identification. The deceased, he said,
hud been employed in the city waler
works. Thu witness lust saw lum u
week ago last Saturday, when he said
he was going le lake a trip lo Capiluno.
On Monday Nelson made enquiries al
the police slalom lie, easel, lie added,
had been drinking hard during the lasl
two months.
The ...iniifi celled the jury's alien
linn to this statement, and alsu lu the
lacl that, according to a pass boo1,
i.uu. i un the body. McKenzie hud been
drawing heavily uu hia bank account.
A letter had alsu been fuuud on the
body addressed lo "Win; J. McKenxle"
The   jury   returned    a    verdict   of
"found .Irue.ucl, cause unknown,'' an
added a rider recommending the polic
lo make further inquiries.    •
Members of the St. Andrew's and
Caledonian (Society met specially un
Tuesday night and, under the presidency of Mayur McNeisli Introduced
lhe question of acquiring better quar
tors lhan the present club n»iu im o
progressive social prugram such as lhe
suciely contemplates. Tbe next dance
under ils auspices lakes place in tbe
Horticultural Hall, Friday, Feb. '.ub
wben Hoynolds' orchestra will be in
attendance till lit.
Addieeeea In this Oity on Bunday
Arrangements have been made tu
have Dr Ernest Hall of Victoria deli
ver three addresses on Alcohol and
the Social KvHiu this city on Sunday.
Al 3.10 o'clock Dr, Hall will speak io
the Presbyterian church, at 7.80 in the
llaptisl church and at 8.30 In tbe Meth
udiit church. The afternoon address
will be given for ladiae only, tbe ad
drcsa et 7.80 to e mixed audience, end
the 8.80 address to men only. Tbe
lecture et 6.30 Will be illustrated by a
scri.s of original stereopticon slides
eud will deal with scientific phases of
the question. Dr. Hal) is one of the
foremost members of tbe medlcel profession in the province end bes been
prominent In the public eye for up
wards of twenty yean. Hs haa made
a special study ef the subject with
which bo will dael in .his lectures on
Bunday and much that hs will have lo
■iji^ will be tke result or prlginat loves-*
ligation end experiment upon his part.
Ilr. Hell ie not only strikingly original
In bie theories but he is likewise rsdi
eel et times in his viewe. These features, together witb lha fact that be is
fluent of speech end forceful In his
manner of exjression, combine to make
him a public speaker who commends
very large sudicnecs whenever end
wherever be Is auuoi^iced to lecture.
Regular Meeting of
Diitrict Council
The municipal reeve end council aid
in energetic conclave last nigbt at Ilu
district ball, a good deal of business be
ing transected.
Mr. Sidney Allmen wrote, cancelling
hia application for the position of special honorary coustable in Lynn Valley,
which application he considered was
becoming a "semiannual joke" through
its being each time referred In thu po
lice committee,
Coun. Loutet, moving the acceptance of this cancellation, explained
that the matter was referred to the
police committee for recommendation,
a course thay were bound lo adopt,
since laat year's committee did nut
make any  recommendation.
Mr. A. E. Carter inquired by letter
what were the necessary steps for him
to pursue in order to have a mini'opened to his property on the north west
quarter of D. L. 1086.
There waa somo discussion as lo who
ther the council was justified in author
izing the opening of a road lo pro
perty whose owner would only sign
bunds for improvements.
Coun. Loutet pointed out that tlie
practice of the council in the pust had
been to consider bonds Dial entailed u
I'loinii.e  to build.
Couu. iniiiguum favored adherence!
to Ihis old rule. The matter was finally
loft over, pending investigation by the
A petition signed by seventeen rute
payers for a sidcwulk on Unas Koud
frum Lynn Valley road tn tlie western
boundary uf II. L. 81.1, was referred lu
tha Hoard of Works.
Mr. A. ll. M. CbiiiicI wrote stating
that it had come to Ills knowledge
that part of lots 4, 6 and 0, block 31,
11. L. 3036, belonging lu bim, liud been
expropriated. He therefore required a
settlement for the said lund uml would
accept (300. The matter wus referred
lu the clerk fur Investigation.
A request from "Hie quarry men"
for an increase iu wages to forly cents
per hour un account of their work be
ing "hard and dangerous and requiring
certain amount of skill" was band
I lo the Hoard uf Wurks for consul
Similar treatment wns accorded a
letter from .1. P. Crawford Co. asking
fur the op, iimp uf a mail lo property
on lols HI and 30, block II, subdivision
uf block 3 to 58, I). L. 853 uml 853
The same firm also offered certain pro
perty facing directly on McTavish purli
Lynn Vulley, ou condition that llic dis
Iriet clears all ils uwn laud udjuiiiiiig
thereby beautifying the entire park
Keferred tu the Parks committee.
A petition signed by about fifty-seven ratepayers seeking a aidawalk from
the wharf tu tlie Keith road was refer
red lo the Hoard uf Wurks. Other po
litiuns of a like nature wen- handed
uver to tlie same committee.
This ended  the correspondence.
Coun. Loutet moved that the II. (.'.
Electric committee wait upon that
company in regard lu the extension of
the Lonsdale avenue car line ami fail
ing any agreement,- that the council
ascertain its standing from the districl
solicitor considering Hie terms of the
company's  franchise.   Carried.
()n the motion of ('oun. Bridgman,
Cuun. Nelsun was added tu lhe cuurt
of revision lu lie licld uu February 3rd.
in lbc sifii.l of lleeve May during his
Mr. Hall C. Chlene was appointed
auditor for tlie district for 1013 si a
remuneration of IK) a month while
Mr. W. E, Burns was appointed soli
filer el a remuneration of (50 a munili
Coun. Hridgnian moved in connection
with Hie prupused liearing'of llic I' P.
K. application on Feb. Oth:
(I) That a period of six months
be fixed for the conimcuccinenl and
two years for the completion of the
proposed railwey and bridge ami Dial
a regular freight and passenger si-fan
dule be maintained.
(8) That the O, P. H. Co's' sys
tern shall be connected with holh ends
of tlie Second Narrows bridge when
(3) That all railways using or tu
use tba Second Narrows bridge be giv
en running rights ever the C. P. 11.
lints on tbe Nortb Shore ,upon fair ami
equitable terms to be fixed by lhe Hon.
the Minister of Keilwsys:
"Hesolvcd, thet Hoove May bo deputed to attend et Ottawa on tin- bear
ing- of the *ppH«Hon on Petti-DHi-aiKl
press for the embodiment of the above
conditions on any certi'cete or order
of epprovel.
be no meeting of tha council nest meek
should Thursday be set for tbs bearing
of tba application by tba governmeut.
This resolution was unanimously caY
Mayor McNeish and Oity Clerk Shepherd leave Ibis evening for Toronto
for tba purpose of making financial
arrangements for the carrying out of
the ensuing year's work. Advice re
cched from the city's agents is to tho
effect that tbo recent loans authorized
by tho ratepayers can ho floated to
belter advantage in the fall than uow.
Meanwhile the council must continence
upon improvement work ahd it is with
a view to arranging the financng of
Ihis Hint the mayor and clerk go east.
They will later join lleeve May at
niiac.ii to be present at the hearing of
the O. P. H. application re North Arm
bridge und constructing railway by the
minister of railways.
The C. P. R, Application
North Vancouvar Board of Trades
Coun. Bridgman was then appointed
acting-reeve during Mr. May's absence.       '
It was rt«lvs<| that as the major
Ity of the council have To attend at
Vickie in connection witb lbc West
Veicouver Imerptmtim 'Mt,   there
Vancouvar Board
Tfai! .executive of the Hoard uf Trade
met briefly ou Wedneeday touching up
on the 0 P. It's, application fur ap
pi'oviil uf their route map fur a line of
railway on this side of Ihu Inlet, the
postponed hearing of which lakes
place at Ottawa on Feb. Olfa. The ful
lowing wus the draft uf lbc Board's
"That the secretary be requested lo
write tu Mr. II. II. Stevens, M.P. I n't lie
effect that the hoard wlsbos lo oncour
age Ilie incoming of Ifae O. P. H. as
well us all other railways seeking run
ning rights to and un the Norlh Shore
on the following condiliuns:
III The bridge over the North \rin
nf Hurrard Inlet and the railway along
the Norlh Hhore as per application tu
be completed and in continuous ser
vice wjtbin two years from date of the
grunting of powers.
13) The c, P. II. lo connect witb
both ends of lhe Hecund Narrows bridge
immediately un completion of the same
Id) The C. p. K. to grant running
rights mer their lands unl rights ul
way on the Norlh Hliure to any ami
'ill railways.
This resolution is In be forwarded
to i ii i.m ;i in the cere of Mayur McNeish und lleeve May. Copies are being immediately sent lu bolfa unissnries
also to Premier Mcllride ami tlie Minister nf iluiiways. .
Norlli Vancouver meet Vancouver
in the Boulevard Purk tomorrow at 3
p.m. in a mainland cup match and a
guud game ah.,nl,I result. Tlie faumc
team have to win this match tu remain
in (he running fur the cup, having lusl
une match in this series lu llic Public
Schools. The following will repraaanl
Nurlh Vancouver: dual, M. Wouds;
bucks. Geoff Armitage and II. ('anier
nn; half lun ks, H. Humphreys. Ted.
Ha>lis (Capt.) and N. Humphreys; for
wards, 11. C. Mcpherson, H. Macuagh
ten, l(. O. Ward, E. J. II. Cardinall
and P. N. Baylis
Opening of_New Hall
Auspicious Event in Lynn Valley
Tbe npeuiiq: of the splendid new Institute in Lynn Valley is to take place
on February 7th and no eflforte have
beau spared to mako tbe occasion an
historic one in the annals of Lynn Valley,' The trustees have done all iu
their power to command success and
it is safe to say that the same will be
forthcoming. The first part of Ifae
ci .-iiiiii' is to be dovotcd to a concert,
the arrangements for wliich are in the
hands of Mr. Kirtland. Uter un
dancing will be Ifae ordur, a full inches
tra having been procurod. Hefresln
un'ni.. will be provided free to purchus-
ers of tickets and special lute cars
will convey cily people to tboir homes.
The proceeds from Iho salu of tickets
is to help defray the cost of building
These may be obtained from Ifae I.cou
ard Halo Co., Messrs. Palmer, Dunnes
ler and vou Oraevuuitz, Ltd., or auy
uf lliu trustees.
Tlie new liull has a few distinctive
features worthy of mention for 'it be
lungs to-Ifae people, every citizen, is un
automatic shareholder. Nu Individual
class, sect, creed or donouiinutio'n fans
uny strings upun the uses ur privileges
of tins bull ll is intended tu become
Ills future centre of the social life of
lliu Vulley und'has been constructed
with a view ul combining ils useful
ncss in this respect. The Hour is built
of the very best material obtainable,
to endeavor to lure the lovers of the
light fantastic, provision having ulso
been made to provide llic necessary
ilonli and retiring rooms, therefore for!
dances, Ifae null lias, if an equal, nu
superior uu lhe Nurlli Shore, For
public meetings and lectures IfiU cili
zcus can . iiiuioinii li find seals, while
lhe construction of the roof assists llic
orator to muke liiuisclf lieurd in auy
pari of Ifae building wilhuut any ap
prcciafale .tl.oi For oiilcrtaiiinicuts
and concerts il is mosl especially ad
upled having a fully equipped stage,
provided wilh all lhe necessary fen
lures in lbc wuy uf lighting, etc., stage
iin.ii.|.'i im ni so necessary to the sue
ress   of   such   entertainments The
ligliling of the body of tbo hall (over
HIU lights, heating ami ventilation bin,
received tlie iiliuusl cousidsratioii und
i are. Tlie interior decoration is butti
tasteful uud artistic Ilie outside neat
I elegant in every way a credit lo
FOB SAIiE-Flue uid Violin. Apply
Scotch Tea Booms, Esplanade E.    0 3
FOH BALE—3 loads cow manure,
cheap. W. II. Wilhins, IDst street
West. 9-8
FOH 8ALU-Lady's handsome %
white coat. Cost (fill. Hell (II!. Box
A30, Express. 6-3
FOH HALE-Lot 0, block 8, 11. L.
553. (000 cash. (1.000 3rd, 0, 18
mouths.     Hox A25, Expruss Oflice,
FOH HALE-Lot 3d, bluck Hii, ILL.
371, or owners will build to suit purchaser. Terms arranged. Ilox 32llli,
North Vancuuvor, 83
FOH HALE -Light delivery borso,
weight 1,000 lbs. flood ail round
winner. John Alexundcr i Co., 181
Lunsdule  Avenue,  N.   Vuncouver.   t,f.
FOH HALE--Chca||. Threo thoroughbred   While   I.   Cockerels,  eiglit
monthi old.   Apply W. J. H., p. O. Box
171)0, Norlli -Vancouver.- 02
Wriglil Lumber Op., II Lonsdalo Avenue,
cun give yuu prices ou nil niutcriul
when you uru building. Hoc them. t.f.
FOH HALE oil shares iu Imperial
Car and Dry-duck Corporation fnr (100
shi-Ii. Project cil line uf C. P. K. runs
right tliruugli the "Imperial Townsite."
Apply  Imperial,  Express Ollice.     t.f.
FOR HALE At a sacrifice if suld
al mice, one or twu lilts in block II, I).
I, .7114. (.'IHU' each, all cash. Phone
Siinoiir 'itlil, or Alf. QUI, general de
livery  P. O, 2 3
FOH KENT Furnished 7-roomed
house ou double corner wilb good gar
lien.   Apply 1100 Chesterfield Ave. 8-8
818 2ml Slrect cast.
TO KENT--Choice modern suites on
.'Ini it reel. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
Norlli  Vancouver.      Ileuls (17.60. I.f.
FOK HENT Four ruomed house, eu
Fifth ami Sutherland Lot clcerc
Large enclosed poultry run. (12 p,
inolitli. Lung lease it wanted. Appl
llux Alf, Kxpress.
The Methodist church ou both shores
uf Hie Inlet luics une of its staunch
est workers, by the death, wbicb occurred on Sunday last of Mra. Oeo. P..
Kyle, of Hlli street west. Mrs. Kyle
whu was the second daughter of Mr.
Thomas Cassidy, a well known lay
preacher in New Brunswick, bad been
married fourteen years and leaves a
husband aod four children, ono a year
old baby. She had besu ailing for
wine lime, bul was iii apparent guod
spirits on Saturday night. Heath is
attributed lo heart failure.
Tbe funeral took place from Darren '»
Parlors in Vancouver ,lhs ollhisling
ministers being Ihe Hevs. Scblicfaler,
Newton Powell, Urceii and Tuttlc. The
bearers were Messrs. Parkins ami
Sleacy (of North Vancouver) aud
Messrs. OeOrge McDonnell aod Hubert
Clark (of Vancouver). Tbe remaiui
were conveyed to Mountain Viow rente
lory where an impressive service was
held. Floral tributes were sent by
the following: Mr. and Mra. 1. W. Hall,
Maud Kyle, Bro. Herbert end Marie,
Tbe Staff, V O. .H. CenWMetbodisl
Church, W. V. Evens, Mr. and Mrs.
chas. Caniworlh, Mr. and Mrs W. H.
Parkin, Dr. ami Mrs. J. f. Jamison,
•Mrr.Tiiotson, Mr. and Mn. 1. Homer,
Let son k Burpee, Ltd., Mr. and Mrs.
E. V. Cassidy, Mr. snd Mrs. Arch Mc
lutyre, Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Mrlilll,
Mr. and Mrs. Steacey, Mr. end Mri
ll. ('. Centelon. »
Utt. Kyle will he greatly missed in
social and religious circles end deep
sympathy is being attended tn Mr.
Oaorga Kyle, wbo bu thus lost s wife
whose disposition sadsersd her to ell,
omlu, lol ,1. II. Hurgess of the II. C
E. Hy. staff, received Ilie sad intelli
genes by Iclegrupli Ihis morning of the
Iciiili of liis father, I). Hurgess, al Veg
revills, Alia.
I. 0. 0. F. (M. Ci firsl annual us
semlily iu K P. Hull on Friday, Otli
of February ul ft p.m. Tickets (1.50,
can bu ol,tallied frum tin- U-unard Hale
Cu., 1st and Lonsdale. I) 2
Ferry No 3 was disabled for nearly
au hour lusl nigfat through the breaking
of, oue of the snaring gear chains
Happily tlie accident happened while
llic boat was lying al llic North Hhore
wharf. Ferry Nu. 3 did double duly
during Nu. i'u. Indisposition.
'lb. ret urns frum the building in
specter's department for lasl month
show au increase ot practically Oou per.
cent, in Ilie value of building permits
issued, compared witb llic correspond
iug period during 1011. Tlie figurei are
1012, (48.680 lllll, (8,,'IOH. Thirty
live permits were issued lasl month.
At the First llaptisl church Sunday
morning lbc pailor, Hev. A. 1. I'm*
car, will preach. Subject: "Cheer for
the heavy leadened." Communion at
Ihe close of the service._jJr. Ernest
Hall of Victoria will speak al 7,80 nn
sums plisici of moral and social pur
ily. Everybody welcome Mcu's
lien-en Class meets al II p.m. in the V.
M. A. lecture mom.
Hot it at I iiiifijali, Phnrmaoy I'bone p
NOTICE-l-ols  18,  HI, 30 blink fi,
B:R I/, 817 are off tho mart. i
WANTED Collage, not less lhan
tbree rooms. Modern convenience,
near Boulevard. Apply Ai'ii, Kxprcis
Office. li
WANTBIl—liy workihg mau, one
housekeeping room, uo children, must
be rent lbc year round.
Box A27T*	
sa. jUii ....',l"Vll        '    i
FOCNIl   Hssgline    boat.       W.    0.
Thompion, Hollyburn , 8-8
LOHT Hilver change purae wilh ini
tinns "0. E. If." Between Esplanade
(nd 3rd street oa Uniriel". Ilcturu
Wm. Booth, tebscconisC, Hewsrd.    61
Agreements lor Hale iliicounton
Money wailing Lonsdale lleulfy Co.
mio l.ons.Inle Avenue. I'bone 317.   t.f
Nurse II. II. Ilaggarly (cerlillcalel
Edinburgh, c.u. \|, lul,,-I,, curlier ul
3rd and HI. lluv id's. Phone U8ii
Terms moderate. 30 '
bull.   Corner   I Sth
W. It   Wilkin*.
A guod young llocl,
uml   Mahon   West
27 2
Postumes 'msy be obtained from V.
I.' .in. 1st street wesl, for Ilie K. uf
P. masquerade bull on Ht. Valentine's
day, Wed. February 14th. 13 2
II.   li.   Livery  and   Hoard   slnblcs
Light   rigs  and  ladies'  saddle  horses
for lure.   Stabling for buries.     (Jci.
eral delivery and, heavy Icuining      II.
I'-ii., ■   Ufa itreet wcsl. Pboue .'147 t.f
Tlie Nortli Vaiicuuver llyo Wurks
It .'.unsdsle Avenue, guarantee lo do
as good work al cheaper prices (ban
yoo can possibly get In Vancouvar
(live us a trial, Hie result will speak
fur lliclf   'i'lione 107. ' t.f.
Tho Truth students i-Tess-wlll meet
every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock al
lhe residence of Mrs. Oallaghcr, Keith
road, near Kidgewey. Students desir
ing higher spiritual uufuldment are
rordially invited to attend. t.f.
The Imperial Car, Shipbuilding ami
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fleaiavt FWjMf Holy Writ
SOHQOIi LBBBQN-Third Quarter.
Lesson V, Msttbew 8:1-18. February
- 4,18W.
Thu universe) expectation of deliverance incarnated in the person of the
Dellfterer mentioned by classie historians was not hard to account for. Jews
everywhere dispersed sowed the seed of
sueh a hope. This was uot because
tbey were aggressively missionary, but
IniiiaiiBii Qentiles were so deeply miserable and despaired of tbeir horeditary
faiths. Slightest whisper of hope tiiv.l
thoae who ware not wholly dead to
hope. Aspiring souls, quit of uonvon-
tional forms, putting racial projudiiM
aside, were ready to share with He
brews thair brilliant Messianic vision.
To this order the Magi belonged. Thoy
proved their moral earuestncHs by In
stautly following tboir load. Oifle In
hand were material evidence of spiritual f si tli, Iheir certainty of- finding
and .the character nf the object of Ibeir
quest. .lurusalem,. capital of dowry,
was their natural goal—but Jerusalem
in turn was to be the crucible iu whieh
llioir faith was to lie furthur tested.
I est,nni uf finding a city iu rupture
uver the advent, thoy found a popularise sodden as nnt lo know there was te
lm any advent, and a hidcuus old tyrant
ready tu bathe his hands iu blood uf
his im 'ni rival.   When pointed lu n
straggling Judeau hernial us Ilu.' possible i'l-'. of Iho nativity, nothing
ii-umi ul, ili,-;, set out for it. Men whu
never dreamed of royalty,separate frum
a palace, found lbc object nf Iheir
quest in a hut. Instead nf gulden crib
and silken ranopy was swaddling clothes. Instead of court, twuAdiililcaii
peasants unly. In spile uf Irase tun-
ditions until triumphs. They pay the
Uuin the homage of a king. . •Tlp'ir
gifts lie ruyal. Admiration becomei
superlative when one reads how Ihey
eluded the Iduiiiiian, smin and murder
oue. They saved tha life of the young
king, of whose advent tbey hud unwil
imply become the heralds.
The Teacher's Lantern
The conduct nf the Magi shews thair
traits They were seekers fur the universal guild, earnest, persistent. Theirs
was no irrational enthusiasm following
an ignis faluus. There is a larger sig
nificence iu their deed. II is an acted
parable lo show lliu reality and desire
id, in.-, uf thai which .lesus was and
represented. It proved the possibility
uf finding in spite uf difficulties, uud
showed the titling attitude uf fhe soul.
The incident is thu must pictorial uf
events connected with Ihu advent.
Arts revel iu it music, painting, poetry. The visit uf llic wise men hus dis
I in. s -i uther events in counectiou with
Epiphany, which is uow mail,- signili
rant nf the "Manifcslatiun uf llhrist
tu the Qentiles." Jesus unadorned
was adorned the most. Dawdrops uu
His cradle were liis fitting jewels. Lit
He im .i..l He the meretricious symbols
uf royally. His Kingdum wu* in the
mural nature. Its subitum-,' wus right
eousness; ils accidents peace and joy.
Tlie Magi gave the products uf their
own country—nol something Rctitioui
but real, makrs fitting gifts fur Jesus
Ourselves" comprehends it .all: Tbi,
incident is a Star uf Hclhlchcm in Ihi
mn.■ i. ■. i of the non-Christian world
i,-| i. lu missionary endeavor—
'hrisl and Ihu ideals He incarnated is
lhe need of all rarcs. The ilea real
light nun ''lirislians have is unly star
light. Variuus ways of using Scrip
turc arc here illustrated. Herod cun
lulled the prophet ss hu wuuld bave u
boathen oracle. Jewish scribes lusl ull
lbc spirit uf it in the letter. Hut llic
Magi followed their star until ' il
liruuglil Ilium lo llic Bible, then follow
cd Ihu Bible until it liruuglil Ihem lu
('hrisl. Hi need wai in dcipcralc thai
it is probable thai the world would
bave accepted Jesus if He had cum,.' in
the conventional way. He knew this.
It wa ills, substance of His great tump
lation acciiiiiiiodating Himself tu the
world'i ideal fur lbc world's benefit.
Mosaic from Oounueiitarles
Tradition sayi there were three Magi,
Ibat they were king*, represented the
Ibree races—(Shea, Ham, Japhulj one
was a negro; tbeir names jjisc/jbcl
on their tomb in Cologne Cathedral.
Traditions grew oul uf dramatic rcpre
lentsliuiii to whicii lhe scene lends il
self well. Aboul sll wc know of tbe
Magi certainly Is thai they were Ocn
tiles. not say, "Our King,"
but "King of the Jews " Kepler's
theory that the Star was the natural
conjoin imu of Jupiter and Saturn is
now discarded. The character ol Her
od perfectly agrees wilh Ibe circumstance-one who could kiiriiis own wins
would uot scruple tn do away with the
infants of a provincial town when
fren/ied by suspicion, lie asked if he
sarcd tbe hope. Many a good question
is put with an ill design. Outward in
lificaine of Bethlehem in marked
contrast to its spiritual greatness. Her
od himself e believer in astrology, and
so ashed about tbe star. Magi's gifts
signify  gold:   kingly  power,  incense,
divinity; myrrh—death. Stars thai
have been misused cun be used aright.
Whether wise men before or not, they
certainly became such when they sought
Christ. They went frum door -to door
in Jsnisslcin uking their question in
At the Proposed Terminus of the
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Maps and Price Lists on application.
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Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
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North Vancouver, B. C.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
II , III ,YUM.-..
1'ci-ey   8
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Auditors   "ml    I.,,sum,,,.In
i!6  I'eniler  Si    VV.      I'   u   Uux. 2236
l'hono till I'lione li't
Vuneuuvcr        Nurlh Vuncouver
lhe New  lllock  un  i.onsdale  Aveaue
near tbe Kerry  A|i|irnscb
wus I,mil by
'..III!., I     I    ,,J, I J,I. lull
Vl'l 6th .Sli cot East Norlh Vuncuum
Phone 1173
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construction.    Sewering   in  ill   its
branches;  I    connections
ciully.    Estimates  furnished
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i.onsdols and Esplusads
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I'lione 1,112
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A. Wallace's servires nave been re
IIIIDKH  ANI)  MAilillllll
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Cor. I.onsdale and 1st.        I'bone 111
Post Gradual* Chicago Uni'orslty
On tho ear line.   Hoarding metis.
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THE SAW OF     »12
British North Amei
70 Years in Business.  Capital and Bosovve Over |7,60i).i)0ii,
Three Quarters of a Century
of sound hanking ami steady progress lins demonstrated ,|Iil'
:.ii.-ni',ili .unl si.'diriiy uf llm Dank of Hriiisli North rtuiurica.
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Tall* Queenshury Car (Yellow Labd).
THE PATEftNQfrTEft ttliBF Continued
thought might subsequently te of sbs
to me.-~l wamlnefl ttar safe carofnlly
with nn Idea of discovering a secret
i:iuii|iiiniiii-iii; but thero I'.nu iiiiiii:,
-The position of lhe--safe ltuolf, evidently, bad been considered sufficient
ly private hy the builders.
I iiiiimuii (pr a moment beside an
old-fashioned walnut table which
stood close by tlie bed's head. Ha
top had been covered at some remote
period with artificial leather, wliloll
was bald around the edges by a strip
pr braid of slmljar material, the wholq
made secure by ornamonlal brass-
beaded tacks placed at of two
or three Inches.
In tbe dust on the Imitation leather
oover waa an oblong Imprint which,
tlio Instant I porcelved It, I waa soiled
with a caprice to measure. Its dimensions proved to be just four by three
and one-half Inches.
, Now, this mark In the dust was sa
manifestly fresh, and its also and
shape so suggestive, tbat bofore 1 wus
well aware of the mentaj operatloni
my mind had already accounted fol
Its presence there.
After Mr. I'ugo bsil obtained ths
ruby from the Bale lasl night, he had,
for some reason, paused by Ibis table
before returning to Maillot In Ihe library, uml Inul laid the box thereon.
Why? Ilu had [dallied the camlli:,
which lie wus ut tho tlmu currying,
for there wub no indication in the dust
that he hail temporarily relieved himself of Ihul object. Had he turned
aside In gel uoiucthliig from the hodl
—or maybe from the table?
Tho llrsl mentioned, though uuiuada
nl ii ii It hud IubI been Blcpl iu, was lol
disarranged In the wuy oue would hu
obliged lo illulurb It In getting ul tlm
usual pieces of concealment, uud II
was hardly likely that Mr. l'uge woulij
have luken.llic pulnB lu oblllcrulu uu;
SUCh   ill'ils s,lun,:
Aa for Ihe lulile, It hud no drawer.
- JW-vapsr'-feJnai'liea—tin—ftateri
"Come to think of It, thoy must'vo been
Japs; they didn't bave no pigtails."
Well, there was nothing else for mp
tp do Imi to turn round and go back
the way I had come. Tbe grocer could
tell me no more, and I was completely
Btumped. Why four Chinese—or Japs
—should be interested In my movements In tho Page bouse I could not In
tho least Imagine.
Qui one thing was certain. I had
skirled the border of some secret, desperate enterprise. It challenged directly all my powers apd capabilities.
I was Irritated, nettled, riot at my Inability to fathom the mystery at once,
but at a specleB of mental numbneas
which nreovntcd me from even conjecturing a plaiislblo theory to account
for the strange episode.
I Btrodu aloug ln> a deep, moody
revery, unconsciously scannlug eacb
lu turn of the absurdly final! footprints. I vaulted the low wall Into
Ihu Page prumlscs, and before 1 had
fairly recovered my balance, I pounced
upon a folded Bhoct of paper which lay
lu Ihe snow on one side of the trail.
I unfolded It.   Tho sheet horu a
roughly i.l. .1 floor plan of boiiio
huuBc's Interior. There was a wide
hall ,u Bipiu'rc stairwell, and three or
(our rooms. One of the* rooms- -the, ..i liud been designated by a
All al once I mi, mi a mil,- cry.
Tills was u .' s iiis,.i   plan of tbe
very house I had heeu exploring. Although I bud nut. been upstairs yet, I
hud seen enough'ol the relative positions of Hie different rooms to recognize ilie om Indicated hy ibe cross.
It wus Ilie butli room.
The Second Story
The reader will bava observed, very
likely, lliul up lo Hie present I bave
made no inciiUon of a close cuainlu-
Pondering lhe matter, perhaps moro a„0„ „, lho WCQBa „ioryi ,mr, more-
iliiin It  v.uiiiiiiii il,  I  lurned  lo the
ul having ascended lhe stairs
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91-95 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 93
dresser.   The ouly detail here worth Bbuve  ,|le  balcony-like landing  wilh
a passing notice was a small paste ,tB K1-,,wa„,llu burden,
board box containing a number of .311 WU8 uidiied Ihe case; and while
calibre cartridges.    Originally   lliorj Jlly IMm. j„ ,|,|a refUa might argue
bad beon llfly In Hie hox.   I counted neglect, or ui leant a strange lack of
them. Six were missing; Jusl Ihe num ,y,lora, i ,.un only point out that the
ber required to charge lho cylinder ol -Ml,n BCqUcnce of events, from ihe
most revolvers of lhe sume calibre. mmvul 0f m arrival lu Iho bouse,
Howevor, Micro wub no revolver; nol uulj ^08n mo,| unuaual.   '
did my entire examination ul tbo apart    j, |„ rarc nm B0 BMj, divagations
mont avail io bring unu in light, bocomo Inevitable.   1 waa obliged io
At lusl, Just as 1 wub turning tu lcquB|U| mmll with tho clrcumston-
leavo Iho room I received u shock a,s u ||)0, forced themselves upon
which, for Uie time being, fairly para ,JK, ma „ol „„ u \ nad been free io
lysed me. (cjri-oi Ihem oul In accordance wills
Aa I have already recorded, lhe room UUy CUBiomary course of proceduio.
In which I now wus occupied that por k\\ a|0J,g j |iu,j boen Impallunl to gut
tlou of the ground floor Immediate!) U|i ulalru; bul lirst ont thing and then
behind tlio conservatory, and iu Um mother hud arisen, demanding lut-
wing containing tho library- that Is, ulieiillon. Wo shall soon
the eastern wing, as Iho house Ironl- |eun, bowovor, how my search In Uie
ed south. Two large windows. Biuull Mc0„d mory was rowardod. While
paned and opening ou hinges, ulforded ,\K a.fluliB muy appear not very slg-
llglil und ventilation. It wus Uirough nlDcanl, ihey were nevertheless ol
oue of these Ihut my surprise came.      vast Importance In pointing a way tu
On entering tlie room I liud drawn u,„ riddle's anawor.
aside one ol Ihu blinds, und hud dons for, mind, although I was reason-
so without mine lliun the most casual ,bly buic thul the ruby represented
glance outward, because I bud already u,„ motive lor the murder, I had boeu
thoroughly Inspected the premlBes cou (|VUD B number of reasons for be-
Ugous lo tin. house. lluvlug  Uiul  this motive Involved  o
Uut now. us I lllied my bund to v\at ul Inllnliely farther-reaching ihun
draw the bllml uver lliu window uguin ||„, delcrmlnallon of some common
1 happened lo look at Ibo suow beneath tlilof or housebreaker lo secure Ibo
the window, hi a flash I froso, my out- im. l\ l wanted lo Ilx roBposlbllliy
atretcbed liuml remained uimpcndcd („, jjf, Fagc's cruel deulb, I would
In mid ulr. |„. obliged lo lay bure lhe controlling
When llurke. Muillot, uud 1 hud been cause In ull lis rumlllc aliens
lu this room uu hour or so curlier, Ihu Whelhci Maillot or llurke was the
snow was llien like au unsullied liiblul K1{||iy mun. It was at this stage of
upou which no i luun,'i, i hud been vltul consequence Ihul the btateu
written; bul bIiico that time duriug Attorney he ghen light upon every
the very minutes I hud been busy In factor in the tragedy; untl us Ibis
this room, perhaps It bud received wub my business, It Is uot surprising
a roconi. Somebody with unusually ij.,,■ | wu» uiilinuted with un um
small leet smuli enough lo be u wo- billon lo make a thorough Job of Ihe
man's   liuil wulked uround from  the uiutler.
front of the house lu the window. ,\inl furthermore, 1 wus Hutlilled
Alls i looking lu possibly ul tne In- |],ui tlie I'uternuster ruby had not yet
tent upon my Investigation the inys- been removed 'rom ibe house, where-
lerloiis prowler hud depurled again, ever the murderer might he a belief
but not us he hud come. The rclroat-'which I wua very shortly lo havo
(ng footstepB exteiidod awuy ul u right „ rengtheiied hy seemingly unlnipori
angle from the house, and ul u short unl Incidents. The Hull lu the snow
distance disappeared umoug boiiio »us one of these confirmatory Imi
shrubbery. delila, uliliough I hud no occasion yet
A moment's reflection made mc fool iu ,,, regard It.
sure ihut oul) my prcsentc In the room While It wus my Hist duty, there
bad foreslulleil u rather iierllous un („,,.. m discover the murderer, f saw
dertuklug. Wby should anybody wuut ,,i, reason why I aliuuld not aline
to look lu, simply, uud why udopl such ,ILM1I. \\mc iind ihe well-nigh price
a compromising means of entering, if | S1. KUii. iiiiuinui-h un I hoped Uiul the
the leinplatlon hud uut been extra- latter wuulil point dellnllely to the
ordinarily powerlul 7 former.
My bcidlnlloii was but nioinenlury. ||K, lu|,, j„„i dlsappeareil b. Iw, en
I Hung open Hie window, leuped out, elu\eli o'clock lunt night und the 'line
and commenced running along the o,m Slodgii'a arrival ' sliortl) lulor.
trail of the during, unknown visitor. ibru> iu Ihe morning. One of the two
Tbe visit hud heeu so recent that 1 „„ „ wlin hsd pussed Hie nlghl lu th
was spurred hy a lulnl hope of over- bouse uilglit huve seiii <Kil it Their
iuklng the follow. pruciioc  offered  U«»-iiiusl   plausible.
I bad nol proceeded far before I i.v| .lunation, f
heard a shout from Ihu house. I U'oa Malllol the one? Ills t.'i.tu t,
Klaneed buck wltbuut slacking, aud ,,i0i) was certainly u strain upon
saw Stodger staring al me in umuze- one's'crcdullly, I must confess; yo1.
meat from au upstair window. Mo- I hud sat lure to fare with him, uud
Honing to Mm tu remain where bu | am not wllliout skill nor was I al
WAS, 1 coutluued to lollow Ihu foot- ili,■ time In penetrating a man's out-
pilots. ward aspect und discerning lhe i-ln
As soon as lhe bushes screened mu eerily of his purpuie. in Justice 11
from tbe house, I arrived at a point him I can nol emphuslie too strougly
where the trail presenicd a now aa- how convincing had been every ul
peot: the distance butweuu the lin- terunce uf his. Hie wbleh I huve be u
praaaus meuaurubly widened, signify- at some pulnu to record. And Hi n
log that my unknown caller bad bro- i could not utiilhuie the freshly oiled
kvu inlu u run tho Instant the shrub- hinges nor the rilled sufc lo Malllol.
bary oonceaJad him fro nithc house. I Consequently the next step was lu
quickened my pace. turn to llurke: when I did I was met
The chase led me to a low «loue wall unly by a menial Image of bis In-
marking the boundary of Ibe premises, acrutahle eyei; 'be baffling. Impulsive
across some vacant lots, lo tho lulor- - visage which showed uo mark of age.
section Of two streets, where the pre-' Well, Malllol did not have ibo ruby,
sonoc of a trolley Ilne discouraged fur- Ami now, If u search of liurlte's per
thor pursuit. I son and belongings resulted as the
On on* of the  corners,   however,! former search jiad, why, I musl look
stood a grocery of the suburban varl-! to some hiding-place mar at band.
•ty; aud when I arrived batless and     And this was a tuck after my owj>
wltiioui an overcoat, the grocer came heart.   I cast, ahead In phased an
i oui. and eyed mo curiously. tlelpallon  to  some delightful hours
"Uid ypu aee anybody Juat ahead after nightfall In Ibis dreary old man
of mo come thla way?" I panted.       < sion, when 1 would be -alone and at
"Yep," returned Ibe grocer. "Follow liberty lo pursue my quest with the
camo running across Uicsc lots not live; least likelihood uf being disturbed,
minutes ago.    Tbree'   other, followa!   |f the  row  were really bere,  I
waiting for bim on the corner here."   i un s ul lo remain pretty close io It un-
"Tbree others!" 1 exclaimed. I tn ll came to light, or else have a
hadn't the least idi(u wbal il all meant. > dependable substitute lake my place
"Yep," aald tbe grocer. "Wben be , when It should become necessary for
came tbere wero four. Tbe wbo)o[me lo go abroad. It was this deter
buneb caught a down'car.  Thep was miiiatlou which led to tbe scar tint
East Capilnno
Norlh Lonsdale
Cily Properly
for Sale ^=
I oould not no more than vent tny
bewilderment Is ejaculations.
"Chlnamenl" I cried.
will dlsllgure my face as long u 1
The erstwhile secretary submitted
Wc solicit lhe trade of .ill builders wlm appreciate
I litdi Grade Goods nl a iniidci.ile |>iiil'. m.d the
prompt mid careful liiim.■ of orders, which our large
:i.,ik nnd long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
■OUI   01' SI    lil.'.UKOI''. M
Mill'I II  VAM 01 \ EU
uu  iu  im-:
4il. Slreei Wcsl.        11   DUMAS.        Phone i47
To !/'•
Kirkness Bros.
Thursday, Friday   AVENUE MEAT MARKET
and Saturday for" ' — I4tli Street and I.onsdale
Specials in	
lliihiui-s* (ii.nili'iiii ns   Hiipulai  I unili I'l.iic
llii-akliisl b.30 lo lo       I.mull 11 llll 1       lli,:h
3r,',l,. 1 IJ  J llll  7   jl) Afll lllllOII    11.1s
aiioHToai*mursinnv tmsuitnto
Norlh Vencouver Club   Sleek, Eeplenede <l»il
* wlUwul demur to an ftlnlltltoj) of
.. ., «*—   mytm    " *        ' mowm fi
Tlie   ii^lvrHigiii'il   bmiku   will,  nun
Uiri.s iiiji Hiil uf-lu v, Mmum ,'lr,l, lliu
roiiliiiuc lbc practice ul u|,uiing un
fulunlii}' evenings:
Tin' 1 inn 1 ul Hnt' ii North America,
iur. l,,iiis.ii,l,s Ave. inul Kuilaaads.
Tin' I'-:, 1,1. ni   I'-iiti I, Norlli Ainrnm
1 I'l'u l.isn sii.i,  branch.
(Hiyiu'il; J. UTKI'HKN,
The Hank ul lluiuilloii, iui lit itreet
and I.iuih'Ii'Ii Avi'iiu,   .
(SigMinl)        C. 11. IIKAVKN,
The Boyal iiimi. ot' mm/in, i.s.iKsini,
Avenue .
(Bigued;      W. DH.'KINtWl.S.
quickly note couaxs. cease come,
WAU »hs THaosr mo uihpi. at emit
It you waut tbe best
Dent travel   -Beet,
You need not resrs
Juit buy st burnt
m Lensdals Ave
All <Unda el Ironh. smelted end
salt Alb.   Delivered daily,
Fbens avo.
J 0.000 cordi of dry hi wood ler quirk
sale. Price pel odd cards, $4.50.
Spiciel quolslioni for lai<ger quan
lilies. Cut Wooii. 16 inches, $3.25.
I2iach«,$3.50. r.O.D.
0«,cc and Yard 144 and I «isdal*
Phone 190.    P, 0. Um 24)2.
k^tk^m^k 1,
inc. cArrvcaa iivmn y/yi^yi-'vctv a,v„ riMM^^i rapr^vrmt **i m#t
 i ntrrn
ft    '
*      .
Published Tnasdays and Fridays by Nortb fiiore Press, Limited,
Bates of Bubaerlption:—One year, (1.00.   Bit muutlis, 60c,   Three iiiuiitlui, tie,
United .States and foreign, HM per yesr.
Advertising Bates Will Be Quoted on Application,
Tba Express Is devoted to the interests of tbe North Hliurii of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium ef exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population ef Nortb Vancouver
Oity and District. Every effort ia inada to give advertisers tbe moat satisfactory
pervlee. •
All changes in contract advertiaemeuta Bhould be in the printers' hands not
later than 10 a. ni. Monday and 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure luiertion in the
following issue.
North Vancouver, B. 0 February 2, 1813.
In tbe several public disi'ussiinis uf
tliu I'eaee Biver Itailway project which
havo liuen held, the relative merits of
building the road as a government un
ilertaking or in tbe'form ol private enterprise subsidized liy the government,
were net formally debated as a pari
uf the scheme as favored hy thoae
meetings. Although these two phases nt
the .|iii ..nmi were rerlainly dealt Willi
le some extent liy several of thoae who
Innk active part in these ilisriissinns
they were net [iraeeed to the point of
the expression of any preference nf
unu ur of the other upon Ilie purl nr'
Ilie public,
No une whu has closely followed lhe
progress uf the public movement in fa.
vor of the ut' this rail
way will seriuusly dissent from the
statement that Ihere is a very strung
sentiment alima.l in favor uf a railway
frnm llurrar.l Inlet to the I'eere Ili
ver country, built, owned an,I eperat
ud by the government. This sentiment
is probably even •trunger un lhe Nnrlh
Hliure than elsewhere ami the cause
which lias predispoaed the local public
lu favur a government railroad may
frankly he staled as the conviction
that bas found lodgement in the minds
of those intereated in the welfare uf the
Nnrlh Shore, that wen- the government
tn liuild the mail the following uf th,'
iluwe Bound, Hipiaiuisli Valley an,I 1'ein
I,nmi Meadows mute wuulil thereby
l,e assured while, shuulil tbe mad lie
limit hy a sulieidiseil ruinpany, the
pm Norlh Vaiuouverite ib haun|,',| liy
t|n> fear thai the mad may he i|i.ori",|
in iouio other mule with inral|'ulable
luss to  Nurlh Hliure  interests.
While this in itself might he termed
a selfish motive hy thuse wliu wore
iliapuaed lu adversely . nl I, I /.-. vcl Hie
lurther fart remains In he slated thai
tlie North Hliure advui-ati' linds Ins
faith fortified in tin- jualieu uf Ins
i-suee, because ut Ins llrm eouvi.-liuu
that Ihe ease in favur uf lin lluwe
Humid ruute is auppnrteil hy feci.
wlii, li render it unmistakably and hy
a wry wide margin uf advantage the
host mule lu lie followed, in Ilu' inter
eats uf the province in general and nf
Ilie lower inainlaii'l iu |>urli,'UlSr. in the
must ruction uf Ilus line uf railwa)
Irrespective uf ull In. si iiinsideralmils
there la modi that merits careful ran
indention In l,i- „■].,.i.■■ i iii favur uf
the construction uf lln> railway, I   a
provincial undertaking.   Tl ngni'cr
ing features uf Ihe mule are mi. li that
the ,,,!,.i .an he i .i.n ut u minimum
i-ORl aa rnnipari'd with the average tout
nt ruilway building in Hrilish I'olnin
hia    The I,en,Ills whiili llui. loa'l may
I i per ted In , uiifer upon tin proline
al lurgc are pmhalily greater lhan Ibote
uf any ulher railway that "iuhl lie
limit within its boundaries. The cuun
trv iKrnugh which lhe railwti will
run is fabulously rirh alung its entire
ruute in all IIiom natural resources
wlnrli are ebararterialir uf Hm-i, I'ol
inni,ia. The grades un the rued will he
extremely low throughout, assuring
lliu feel that the costs uf operation
will he romparatlvely light The re
source, uf the rouotry which will he
tributary te the railway give every as
turaii.e uf very large earning |Hiweri
for rhe aystem. These and other ron
Inderalior* |><nnl to the CwnJuauia
lhal tins railway praeenla a will mgli
ideal prupusition for a practical ••
penment in atate ownership nf puhh,
utilities In Hntieli Columbia,       •
In addition, the floeiiiiel roiulilion
of lhe prouure ia fortunately sin h
tbet the Sneering of fhe undertaking
would mil niii''' the provincial iredil
nr Irasen tlie buoyancy of the money
inerket in relation tu the province. In
poini of feet, from the financial point
of view, the extent to which lhe err
dit of tbe prov in,,' would he rei|Uls
iimned to build Ibe line a* a provnpial
' undBrtaking,~woinH'|»Tt!Spi, not|fTre»-
ly exceed lhe lev lee which may he re
jei't for a practical application of the
principle of statu ownership of public
utiliiir, have doubtless received duo
consideration at the hands of Ihu governmeut and the course whicii cum- itself as bust in thu light uf
the fullest information ami must ma
turn   . i.n on i,'ii,in   will   be   followed.
Implicit  sls'in,  in tbe sound judg
ment of Premier Mcllride and his ai|
ministration predisposes to the cnnclii
sion lliul thu plan adopted will be Ihu
wiser plan, ami lhal self same token
leads thu well informed citizen to conclude lhat the lluwe Bound, Hijuainish
Valley uud I'cmhertun Meadows route,
must in any case he the Inevitable
mule of lhe new railway.
Prom present indications, the record
of the preeent session of thu provincial
house frum tbe ■ standpoint uf legisla
lion, will entitle it lu lhe distinction
of being Ihu must momentous session
winch bus been held al any time during its history. The great importance
uf Ihe niuusures which will bu consider
as welltas Hie number uf Iho same,
ihinu tu render thu session uf llll'J
an epoch making event iu lhe bislury uf
provincial prugress ami development
Amid the many weighty matters cun
fuming which Icgialaliun will he en
acted, there is mine uf grealur inherent
Importance or which will carry with
mure far reaching results than the pru
posed lull with respect lu the adininis
Iration uf the forests uf the province.
The vital liiunii'iil of the forest pol
icy with reference tu Ilie general pros-
perilv uf the province waa strikingly
'portrayed by Mr. A. I'. Plumerfell in
ln« address u few days ago before Ilie
Canadian Club at Vaueouver. Mr.
Plumerfell was a member uf the Poreal
Commieeion which mil,milled a report
io the provincial government which
was declared lu he uf a general excel
leiice never exceeded aud sel,lum
equalled in Hie annals uf auch cum
miaaiona, an,I line likewise made a spe
cial atudy uf furest condition* over an
extended period. II .- utterances there
fore take rank as Ihoae uf a apecialist
un this great problem.
Mr. Plumerfell stated the poaition
in forceful manner in Hie following
"Hrilish Columbia's whole future
hinges upun Hie witoliim of her forest
policy I am forcei lu Ihe firm, de
liberate conn,Hon thnt lhe surcrss or
failure, Hie progress or stagnation, in
deed Hie very destiny ut II C. ia sn
interlaced with, ami, therefore nisepar
able frum our forest policy, that il rests
an,! ilependa upon it."
Ilia further development uf Ins theme
thus staled, shall with the furests as a
fumlamenlel neceaaily to provincial
welfare, uul only frum the standpoint
uf the timber supply, bill alsu becauae
uf their eascntial r/utiunsliip tu the
preservation and the perpetuation uf
Hie water supply. "Tbe Purest," he
declared, "is nature's reeervoir, tbe
only eourre, except tlio glacier uf regu
lar water supply, end it i* the regular
ily of supply thai i> the foundation of
musl human prosperity in e country
such as ours." This regular ami plenli
ful water supply was rleerly shown to
stand In vital relationship i„ require
inenta fur duineatic end civic porposes,
to industrial prosperity In providing
cheep power etc., tu agrn ullulnl devel
upment proNiding means of irrigation
fur farm produce, fruit raising end
stock, to our liberies by providing the
atreema 10 he frequented by salmon
fur lhe preservation uf the species end
tu olher liilerceta which contribute to
the general prosperity ead well being
of Ibe people. Viewed in lie eaacntial
features aa thus deliaeeted Ihere is
ample jiiNhlnaiion for the assertion
made above that the very destiny uf
J!riTiih Columbia rests and depends
upon our forret policy.
The grave lni|iortence, therefore, of
the forest leglalation Introduced in the
house l,y Hun, W. K. lioaa, Minister of
Lands, liecumre reedily epparent. Hear
ing ae It doea, upon one of tbe main
springs of provincial welfare end proa
perily ,Hi- provisions of the Forestry
hill embody legisletion of Ihe utmost
moment to the people and the Interests
of Hrilish i oluiiilna Under rirrum
sleiicea auch es Ibeae it rannol but be
e Matter el tbe Uioet gratifying char
a. ler tt all public liiiu.l.'d citi/cim that
with the road. I their ietereete in thie reejiect are ia the
Tlw adveeteges efered hy tile pre- kmit at t asUJaUi who gives such
iiiinspicuouii evidence nf the possession
ef the ability and the qualities which
are eB»e«H»l-»« publio Bafety at t|ie
preaont juncture. All whu have euro
fully read the address which wus delivered by the Milliliter of Lands in the
House upon the oucaaion of tho introduction of the forestry legislation can-
nut but be impressed with the r'aot
that Hon, W. B. Boss haa approached
this important problem fully impressed
with a souse of ita vital importance
to the peoplo whoso interests ara committed to him in this particular, that he
has spared no time or effort to possess
himsolf of tlie very lust item of information that might lin useful in arriving at the very best provisions for the
proper administration of thu frrust ass-
sets of the province ,that hu han thor
oughly mastered this gruel "abject in
all its breadth and lo its moat minute
detail and that in tbe lull that bu hue
laid before Iho house; his department
lias produced' tlio must uiivBiiCtnl, thu
must complete ami the best piece nf for
estry legislation whieh lias been evolved iu any country in the world, lo
The practical wurkitig oul uf the provisions nf this hill will I' ull in inus-
tiuiulilu lienelil tu British Columbia in
the future udiiiiuistriiliun of the fines'
wealth of the province.
ipiired in order te subsidise a privete
company or to guereaten Iheir bonds,
or both, while le offset auch addilioeal
obligations which might be Involved,
the people would own the roed, its
retee, ete. would be entirely under gov
ernmentel control, while Ihe profile of
Ihe syslenyl which In this case will be
viry gretlfying before Iki road has
been many years in operation) would
ae, i„e te the gov.siinii,oil, thoa recoup
leg the provincial credit With rupee!
to  obligations aaauincd  in  connect lee
Extract   from   Provincial   aud   Oity
Health  Bylaws.
"Whenever any householder knows
lhal uny pursuit within Ins family nr
household hus smallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet lover, cholera, typhuid, whoop
iug rough, measles, mumps, glanders,
nr any uihur contagious nr infectious
disease, he shall (subject iu case uf re
fiisnl nr tiegli-.-l tu lliu penalties pro
videilj, within eighteen huurs, give
notice in writing lu the Medical lU-nllli
Ollicer und nu member of any household
shull attend schuul until u certificate
haa been obtained from the Medical
lb..hi. Ollicer ii..,i uo infection any
longer exists in the house, cluthing
uml other effcete have been disinfected
tu liis aatiafaetion, ami until such cur
lilicaic shall heve been obtained it shall
he the duly uf every member of the
houwhold, ami uf the Teacher, to into
all reasonable efforta lo prevent thu
asiiiciiitiou nf members uf the said
household with other children.
2. Tlie matron of u public or private
Hospital, llic keeper of every Hoard
ing or Lodging Houae, every Inn keep
er or Hulel Keeper, shall, within six
huurs, report iu writing tu the Medi
cul II,niii. Ollicer, ur any person being
al nue uf the aforesaid Ionises
or hotels ami attacked with or suspect
ed of having any contagious or infec
nous disease mentioned in Hie Hv
law;" under lhe penalties provided
fur by such bylaw.
I.f. Hecretary Board of Health
Telephone 276
•it solicit Die buslaesa of Mmiuticlurcis,
Fits/iiormiifl others who iralur the advtaatdt
ily ' I I III inn thtir la I. ,1  llU'sliru lunus Ir.l
hyKigcila, Pirllmlpaiy advice free, Cliai,:c«
moleralc. Our Inventor's Advl., n' n' ii|h,ii re.
i, ml Uatleii A Haifxii. f. ii'il.. New Voik l.ifc
Hiu   UuiliralianS Wi.l,l„ulo»   I, IS .UOI
Tram Mams
Cop vrioh re *o.
our omuI'sii fraa wbiiuar u
jlboaadUr<*. lu th«
lie Jfoierkait
| mimwtmtm,
Choice acr? North pf City.   Offering for $1800.    One-third Cash
Phone 37, North Vancouver, B. C,
30 Day Trial Offer
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90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Good 33 ft. lots, block and half from Lonsdale
Avenue facing south, very light clearing.
Pv!/»a  tfiCA   °" ,enns °' Vl cas'1' ')alanct'
rnce $oju 6,12 and ia months.
» For further particulars of above and olher de
sirable properties see
C. E. Lawson & Co.
P.O. Box 1816
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
nmi unly lo |>l"""' HI lu lieu ul! vueuueies filled. NO CIIARQE
to EMPLOYEE or EMPLOYEE therefore Iliac is absolutely no nc
cessity to ulili/e oniJ*!fl)-|>iclit Agencies in Vancouver, uu u'l,.'
lis!  ui  ull  classes of  wurkera in kepi ui Hie
Phone 321.      14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Feed Grain
a, Crushed
' and Ground
As we have now in operation in our new
warehouse In Norlh Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
wilh the best quality of these goods al prices
as low as can he obtained anywhere in Van
Prompt deliveries our specially.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,Ltd.
511 i,i,ii, on ami new Boulevard, beautiful   nil unl ion   for   Iiiiiii,mi Ins.   PrlllUS
$850 uml uii on easy terras.
it-tout Lot* In Lynn Valley near tram
lino—soma   on   Hoskiue roail   ami
mint near Frnininu mail. Price fMl)
up on easy terms.
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
Agent for first-class Fire, Marine uiul
i iuu nun ni'   ami    Accident    Insurance
Office I'lione III House I'lionu 2117
TAKK NOTICE that at tlio next
silting of Die lionrd of Licensing Com-
misBioners of tiro City of Nortli Vancouver, I, Henry Larson, intend to apply' for u retail liquor or lioltie license
for Iho promises known and described
us Number One Hundred und four (104)
Esplanade Wcsl in tlio City of Worth
Vancouver, H. C
Datod ut North Vuncouver this 33rd
duy of January, 1018.
83-8    • HENHY LAHHON.
Notice is hereby given that Hie un
ilorsignoil intends to apply ut the next
statutory sitting of the Hoard of Li
censing Commissioners of lhe City of
North Vencquver for the issue lo him
of a retail bottle license for and in ro
sped to premises to be erected ami
situate on lot 7, block 166, District
Lot 27-1, in said Cily of North Van
Haled  I liis  li.'lrd   duy  nr January,
NOTICE ii. hereby given lhal ul Ilia
next meeting of the Hoard of I.icons '
ing Commi«bif>uers for the city of Nortli
Vancouver I hhull apply for a buttle li
cense nn  Iht street eust, lot  7, hliiek
166, 11. I,. '111.
I'uttil ut North Vancouver tbe ltitli
day of Junuury, 1012
Nortli sLonadale
Bev. T. E. Bowe, Principal
liirls uniler 8 yeurs old, i6 per month
(Jlrls ovor 8 yr>. obi, $6 per mouth
Special i' nn- when two ur more arc
sent frum llic same family. '
Arrungcuients arc being made to
erect u building by Ilie spring to av
coiuniodulc .Hi or V) (murders besides
duy scholars. t.f
Paper the World
Irom our stuck of new Wall I'epci,
sa it teems.   Every doy some now   .
iletign   errivet Iw Iill   th, vacancy
uf those slss..,,l out.
Handiome Wall Paperi
er, hero in ondlce, variety,    .lust
tell our sjilcmiiiiii   for what  room
you want tin   pepcr anil lie   will   '
show you just Ibe put in n you art
looking lor.
To  cliome In.m our dock it a pice
turyt, to pay our price la eety,
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 Lomdalo Av
I'bssD, M0
lOOflxlOOft, corner of King street (now graded) and St. Andrew'i Ave.   Thii
property ii all cleared and ii in a most desirable residential location, and th* price ii
.   ,   $1)150   ,3 casl>. 6and l2monthi
Mru 11 „hIiiwii Hluclici mild
leilliei lliii,utjlii>iil 11, filial
SAI.!   I'I'll I
I i.c  icleln,ilcil  make  A
K    MjiIsiw   limit   Iui  men  lit
...... »'■ 'id.
Mm |i„i i j|| Hlurlier Hill Willi
1 nil liiimtii, tcv.|i inlet Iui wrt
hetlUi  viral   Ht|jiil,ii  H ,''
Mtn'i   I'siirnl  I ull   llluilifi   Hell
ni i lit. ..I Htg 14 5(1
SAI I   HUM J2.95
Hm ' nil lliu.lin Hell will, lirsiy
il-iiii Ir   -ulti.  .ii...i    i   ,'f'    I'i
fl.lls    J     111
Wl I   I'HIi I
Mtn',   "K"   llu.,1,     Key,I*,    I'ii, f
SAI I   l.'KI<
Men i I.' null I !i|ili i r Wilci
|,Muled Iiii wr.u 1,1.s I m      lit-   1 > in
SAM   I'Hii
I Iwiiii  AiiIm|iIi.
I(C|1    Hi '|U
1AM   I'M' I
sliur    Ihi   inni
.dirt'  I'llrni ' ,)ll   ISI.i, lifi
I'rii  H VI
-a,, ,.„,',    $2.65
.ilin    \  , i   llliis l.r,   I.i-    Idlrl
rlvlf        I'rti    > 1   i'l
'I'll I
Uno Shoe Paste, Si* Jars for 25 tent*
On such dependable footwear we
are showing.
This stock must
be converted into
Cash —must be
reduced to make
room for the new spring
goods coming on. It isn't
a matter of choice but
stern necessity which
places this golden opportunity before you. Take
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Jilic, I ell sli|i|iri... Juliet inir
|s.,iii|.ssii,cl) i,n trimmed I'c
MUL M nil
si,lir-   HuUIC Sll|,|,tll.  Hill      ;.,
IllCli   HI  I..-I.  llttl.-   II..I        lur
I,nl..'   .Iilmul  Minn  ,n  i-i  ..h:
.lluny ruin   Ht|i   il 1 )
All   I'HH
il.-    I.,n  Hliiil'.n     I'ri.   ♦'
.-Al I   IK I'
liui      I liul    I "i    limit!    sn..Ir    .
. l.sI      IJllin     llils,llllli,111       I'r.
I)'i'l   .
Al I    l'HI< I
i' •.   5 ,
.' I. ri    "i.
; .51)
-Al I   I "I   I
•   I
III,     1.1    Ml     I   ,„I,C,
85c.   i5t.
IA I,Ot*   III    'I"   I'
Uno Shoe Paste, ! i* J»>* '"' '•' • '   • ts
i inni hi hum—um
,' LEWIS BROS. & CO. 5 Sales Managers ■
Look for tbe Store with the Red Signs
i      ' i
•tmmm  J»iy—■
- -5 r
- mm, I,..:-.,■*■ —mr-r,-.
•ewer Connections
PUBLIC NOTIOB Is noreliy given
tbet ill owners of real property fronl
iug or abutting upon a street er laue
in which or under wbicb t main or
common sewer is laid ii hereby required to connect eny building or promises upou aucb property wltb sueh
iniiiii or common aewer.
ivrmits may be ODtalned from the
i'lu nl,:,:, Inspector at bis office at the
City Hall between the hours of 11 a,
in. and 10 a.m. aud 1 p.m. aud 2 p.m.
The following regulations govern the
construction of house or I,ml,I in; con-
unctions with sowers!
No houso sewer pipe snail have n
lass fall tbip 1 to 4(1, unless special
permission is granted in writing by
[he Council, Bald pipes betweeu the
Iron pipe, to the connection of the
public sewer to lie of the best quality
standard salt-glauod vitrifiod clay sewer i'ii-,', aud shall have a diameter of
not less lhan 4 inches. All pipes shall
bo sound aud well burned throughout
their thickness, impervious lo moisture, with a clear ring, .smooth and
wull glazed on Interior end extorior
surfaces, free from flaws, cracks, blisters, lire cheeks or other imperfections
The pipes must bo so laid iu the
trench that after the sewer is coniplel-
'r,"».|   .n.r,
lie'to a true and even grade.
In making tbe Joints, u gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped III commit grout, must first be Uied and
packed Iuto place, Tbe joints shall
Bftwmtnts-tirtightiy packed full ami
bevelled off wltb mortar, composed of
nmi .part by volume of approved Port
lanil cement tp one part by volume of
approved sand.
All joints shall na inudu water tight,
so that they will stand p bead of id
feot of water, when lusl ml by tbo
Plumbing Inspector at tbe owper's,
pi nm bar's or contractors eipense.
IH order pf the Council!
city Olerk,    it
Distrlot of Worth Vanoouver.
HEALED TENDERS on the prescribed fornis and accompanied by eerlillei)
cheque or cash for 6 pencent. of the
amount of tender (whicii sum shall be
held until tbe satisfactory completion
of the wnjltf according to plSnT'and
specifications) will be received by Mr.
.lohn (1. Parmer, Municipal Clerk, until
icon p.m. on Thursday, 8th February,
191!!, for the following work!
1. Clearing, grubbing and grading
road from Keilh Hoad southwards to
Mr. John Taylor's property, D. L. 2:10.
2. Clearing and grubbing portion of
Marine Drive Wost from Capilano river
to D. L. Wi through Indian Reserve,
•   „,    -.»,.,.,.e,   B,.,,,u,„B   ami   gwuillg
Boad in D. L. 654.
4. Clearing right nt' way for side
waiki, D, Ii. 854.
.JLfitaflMI ini griiliMiw u»d allaw-
anoe from King street, North Lonsdale,
to Fromme Boad, Lynn Valley.
All in uceoriiuiico with plans and
specifications to be seeu ut this office
after (1,00 i.m. on Mood*/, iliitb lust
upon payment of 11.00 which will lm
returned upon the receipt of a bona
Wo tender.
The lowest or any lender not na. c-
sarjly accepted.
J. R OOSflliOVB,
District Engineer,
nieiiid Muplelpal Hall,
Cor. Lynn Valley and Jfromme Roads,
North Vancouver, B. O.,
82nd January, 1012. 6-2-12
TENDERS wijj bo received until t
o'clock p.m. ou Saturday, Feb. Unl, fnr
digging a drain in the North Vancou
vor Horticultural lull grounds. Spe
ciicatieiis eau be seen at W. L.
Keeno's, 15th street, the lowest ten,ler
nol   necessarily accepted.
2-2 ',     , President.
Phone 335
Ownen—Palmer, Burmeiter A. von Graevenitz, Ltd,
Commencing February 5th
The Mikado
Company in
a varied
One Performance Nightly. Door* open 8 o'clock, Commence SAO
Matinee Saturday, 2:30,       Boi Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-15c. and 25c.
Police Commissioners
The mayor, Aid, Vattmn end Mr.
ili lb I'uiue met ua pulicu eoniiiiissiou-
ers at tbe eity ball yeiterday afternoon and listened to sundry reports
and recommendations. The pound
keeper's statement waa lo the effect
that during, last month )f horses, t
bead of cattle and U dogs bad been
impounded ,tlie total fees amounting
to $76.06.
The chief of police reported a* follows: Complaints received from citi-
/enii and attended to, 41; reports of
constables, 08; sick and destitute persons attended to, 6; places of business
found open after hours, 1.'I; reports of
.street lights not burning, II) enquiries
for parsons wanted, 12; inquests, 1,
summons nerved, 6; reports of articles
lost, H; found, II; larceny reports, 7.
Tho following eases have been heard
in court: Causing an affray, 2; assault,
2; drunk and disorderly, 4; drunk and
iuea|ialile, 7; breach of Indian Act, .'I;
iluuiugu to waterworks, 1; breach of
blasting by-luw, 4; attempted murder,
.'I (2 withdrawn); mischief, il; drunk
ards' protection acl, I; vagrancy, 4;
total, 34.
The commissioners resolved on
Chief Davies' recommendation, tbut n
limn In, on>gagell ut 116 u month tu combine clerical with constabulary work
iu connection with the police deport
ment. It wus also agreed lliul un udili
tloual patrol man should be secured.
The chief complained of Ilie cramped
character of the present police ipnirlcrs
uml culled the commissioners' attention
lo the fact that noisy persons who liud
been lucked up liud several limes dis
turbid Hie officials in Hie city hull.
This hud also occurred when a meeting
was being held.
The hoard agreed Ibat there wus improvement needed in the city's police
accommodation, and lhe mayor up
pointed Hie other two members, with
himself i'i ulliiio. as a committee to
look il,sn,,„,s ,|,   iui,, t|le mailer.
It was decidid lhat (HOU should be
sel aside for the installation of u police
patrol signal system .
Chief Davies' approximate estimate
of expenses (not us >vcl itemised) for
tbe coming year wus 118,000, lasl year's
being 19.040.. 'IV board decided lhal
llic chief's remuneration should lie increased to 1151) a month. Niinilar tid.
ings of great joy were applied to other
members of the force.
Al this juncture Ihu board hail be
fore Ihem Constables Craves ami Hliun
mm, bulb ul' whuui admitted having
taken liquor while on duly. The
board pointed out  bow entirely oppos
ed to Ittneal and discipline such proceedings were, and strongly reprimanded both constables. Tbey were reinstated on tbe understanding tbut tlm
pffmum ihPtfW'iwnniiiiif mfi».' ~
The following resolution,, moved by
Aid. Foreman, wai carried: "That In
the opinion of this bnpiA the following
regulations be strictly carried put: Ihul
on account af tbere boing in the past
places Known as "blind pigs," it is
very essential that the polico uso every
effort to suppress same. At the pres
eut time tbo board il of the opinion
that there are not any baudy houses
in the city, but the police must strain
every effort to keep such places from
getting a foothold in tbe city, It shall
be the duty of the chief constable to
engage the men and bave the management of the force supject to tbe approval of the board. He shall be held responsible for the good conduct, dis
ciplino aud general efficiency of the
force. He shall obey and strictly eu
force all rules and regulations made
liy the board. He ia empowered to
mako such regulations and issuo such
urders as he may think necessury fnr
Iho government of the force. He shall
I.c held responiible for lhe enforcenii'-'t
of ull luws uml bylaws within his jur
Isiliction, ami he shall have power lo
suspend any member of the force tor
misconduct nr negligence of duty until
the next session of the hoard."
Y. P. B. 0. E.
A large number of young people at
tended Hie weekly meeting un Tuesday evening, After the usuul opening
the topic "The Missionary Whose Life
bus Inspired us the Most," wus ably
conducted by Miss Fruser. The mis
sionary selected was one known to
ail, David I,,', in,".i,me. and Miss Fru
ser, assuming the role of teacher, de
scribed the Ijfe of Hull greut mission
nry explorer.
The president of the Epworth League
asked that a delegutc be appointed
for lhe purpose of forming a society
of social and moral reform.
Mr. linuaI.,ii was appointed lo Um
The society will hold p social ill lhe
church basement on Tuesday, at H p.m.
WAiNTKD-Hy gentleman, comfortable room and board (2 meals only,
no meat).   Address E., Kxpress OAice.
5T0P8 COUGHS i-kick. is cuius
babiiY  bhowiwo  op  wmo
Miss Collie hue just received from the
f-ptmirtpmilif nTttt MW fffflli
in spring.millinery and Is now miking
an early show of liune.
Uter on, returning frum the roilliu-'
ery opening!, Miss Collio will, as uau|l
mako a full display of all the latest
styles for spring and summer.     2-2
Vancouver Business Directory
iinsiivi'iH loi.i.niuis.
SPROTT-SHAW Bu.ine<> College
336 Hwtinga St. W,
Canadl'a Graatist WoUorn School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., • -liwiagir
63] Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school opeu all ibe year
round. Night school couiiiiunr-
i's September Sth.
Mil'lill   '
Loans, Investments and insurauce.
ilsiniii 207, KI3 (iriihville Ht,, Vnucou
ver, 11. C, I'bone .-*i'.i. Land lltgla
try wurk a specially.
111:11. t:s'l'A'l'i:.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymuur Slreei
R. Kerr Houljjate - - - Manager
III.SI 11 11 IMS
All North Vancuuver [leuple sat at
Either [''lack llluck or Hastings St.,
iippusifo lliu new pull nllim I .. ,,„>,I
sella hia leu liy tho pound-
Scotch Clothing House
Choose any
Suit in the
House for
Choose any
Overcoat in
the House (or
^Tj To close the s^son with our $10 day, wc give you
W one more opportunity to take your choice of any suit
11 or overcoat in the store for $ 10 on Friday or Saturday. Walk around and help yourselves, salesmen will
attend to fitting mf etc., and if alterations are necessary
a small charge will be mai
Scotch Clothing House
Abbott and Haitingi Sti, Vancouver, B.C.
i N
fcWLLLhKl   NfcWS
We «how 8 selection of fashionable jewellery which
Paris, London and New York cannot ejtcel in quality.
GEM SET PENDANTS in exquisite designs and
in superb qualities at prices to suit all. '
DIAMOND LAVALIERS, which are a real
triumph of the jewellers'art.
platinum or gold settings,
the plain bands of gold to splendid diamond clusters and
gem combinations.
SCARF PINS and CUFF LINKS in many designs in
plain gold, or set with precious and 6emi-precious gems.
We carry a full line of gold filled jewellery at all limes.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George I..  I luii'v, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
by - Tiii'; - way-
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Av.    NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Asiurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.    -    Assets $111,000,000
tlm    electric    '
tiic iliac nn wliicli llic
electric current mil
ilu your cuultiiifi
i:i, mil i.u
the    immersion    licutcr
lur    boiling     wit or
Electric   In,I,   ll,,'  111,11H
|,t'iibulilu tooveniente fur
Ironing ilay.
Dro|) in at our office al 50 IvONSDAUE AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may he lightened by lhe use of these inventions.
All Aie Opeialed hy Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   Eight   Socket.
—^.— , ,       mmmm-■*————^^-.^
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
•tin  AM
tM'l  tu.
:i mi
a     IW
.   4 "1
'8 un
1 '.'II
.* '.'u
11 .IW
6 in
:, In
!i I'i
In mi
in in
,, m
, mi
,    II.IHI
I       li.kll   1' M
ti to
|l| III
I in
ii ""
11 JO
11.16  A.M.
* ienolm "Hot
on Bunday.''
null,,'   i „l„|.»nj
not  Imiile for
Leave Nortl
8.80  P-M.
•7 nn
1 in
ii. 80
ii. in
in un
II 80
1 80
18.45   AM
Time tulilc aulijcct lo tbtnyo without
ilcleyi, acfi'lenlai or otherwise.
The Kelvin Plumbing and
Heating Co.
Keith Hoad West
Will «u|.|,li you wilh ilie cl,.'«|„'.i ealimelee for any kind of I'lumb
ny ind Heeling Work, Htnlltry Knginccring, Hewer end Septic Tank
runnel inn., furnace liisltllttiuiis, etc, Jobbing work and email run
Irerl. receive |i>i,ni|,l allcnlioii
ilne ua the job lejtx up your now home (nil. we will giiarenlec lo
hi ell your |il|>w la i wty Dial will .aw your winter worriee.
No fab too until  None Uio large.
,    Our aervirea ere el your dia|«i»»l nigbt or djy.
We've te vend our connection wilb
"Tbe Light Urigede"
Tke "Wild Cbtrge" Ihey I
Boi Ho.
Hoili Vtncouver
Editor iipruti—:—	
BiT,—Truly we sre t long Buffering
cniiiiiiiiiiiiv. Tbe wol| known latin
jinn ui I, ''Quern 'leim iliiiicnii," i.e.,
"whom Uml iviebu to destroy he firet
drivea mad." This will be the fate of
the local poat office officials and It it
only right that tbey should have warning given them. Joking apart, the
statu of affaire at the Nortb Vancouver pott office is liscomjug well nigh
unbearable. Many and ropeated complaints are being mails that letters correctly ami legibly aililresBed are never
received by the persons lo whom they
aro sent.
The staff is evidently totally inadequate to handle lhe daily increasing
amount   of mail   matter.   Vorli sap.
Enuff said. Yours, ete.,
Chesterfield Ave. and 10th Street.
Editor Pixntemfr
l.ynn Valley,
87th January, lull
Dear Sir,—1 enclose copy of my loiter
uf iliitu to the Diatrict Municipal coun
cil of North Vancouvur ami sliull lee
„l,li,".'.l if you will |.iiIsiali saint.', giving
it iu. nearly us possible eipiul prom in
unit: tn the report of the district municipal council therein referred lu.
Yours faithfully,
The letter to which reference is made
abuve is as follows:
The District Municipal Council uf
North Vancouver, Lynn Valloy:
Gentlemen—*I notice in the uewspa
pur report uf the prucceilings uf the
Inst meeting uf yuur council the following:
"Whether or not Mr. Sidney Ail
mun should lie vested with the puwer
tu act as a special cuustulile in thu
district tu prevent promiscuoui shout
ing1 was a question left lu Hie discrc
lion uf the police committee."
If this report be correct, yuu ure
uguin leaving this mutter to the discretion uf the police cuniuiiltee, us yuu
already did half u yeur ugn, with the
full knowledge, I presume, Ihut the said
committee entirely lucks the power tu
I made application tn lie authorited
us special huuurary coustulde in Lynn
Valley lo give whul help 1 could in
lessening the extreme danger lo human life from the admittedly ruliiil
nimrmls whu infest this Vulley during
the shunting season .
I hardly think such an application
bus merited the bandying it bus received al your bauds.
Permit me to put u period lu what
appeurs iu danger ul becoming u semi
uniiuul joke.
There will be uu lurther discussion.
Yuu will cancel my application.
There the matter cuds.
Yuurs  faithfully,
On Monday, evening the Haplial
Yuung People's 1'iiiui, entertained the
membera of the Epworlh League.
A must enjoyable evening wus spent.
There were several guessing contests.
fur which prizes were awarded. Also
a aplendid prugram waa rendered
uml refreshments served, lifter which
the social evening was closed,
Wc liBve all kinds of elopements,
bul this is something new in evading
the irate parent uml mulling tt quick
transit tu the parson's. The lovers
gel away iu the machine with u (lying
start. The eluded falher gues "up in
the air" fullows in exciting pursuit
n a railruud train, und when he
tteboa up with the elopers they ure
lied su light thul nu man can pari
ili,in asunder. This is a rich uud rare
vilagrtpb portrayed in keeping with
the lutest invention. Yuu can get an
eicclle-nt view uf the "Aeroplane
Klopmeut" uu the screen al lhe (Jem
theatre Friday and Saturday nights, il
wili be a sight worth seeing, full uf
exciting incidents of dush ami daring,
While iu the drug huiineas aome
years ago, ''. M. Stewart uf Seattle
discovered a method of liquifying aul
l-l.iir. He found that it bad a wonder
ful power as a blood purifier by experimenting with it in his family. Little by hill'- the information was spread
People witb various afflict ioua sought
bim for the preparation, lie distributed it wilh a lavish hand, lu Ihe
meantime Mr. Stewart went to Alaska
and made a big stake. On hit return
he began to give the preparation away
on a larger scale than ever before. Remarkable euros were effected. So
great became the demand, tbat aa a
matter of tclf-protectioii Mr. Stewart
Wtt forced into the business of maun
f»,luring bii product.' Now, everyone
in Seattle ia talking tbout Bulphurro,
ta be ,alls it. The crtae ia apreaiilng
like wild fire.
yS Get lour
This Month
i" ■
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making your purchase! now
And you certainly do when you buy furniture here.  Quality and varl ^{Sf^ *|7   tie
ety are tho atrong features of tbia store.  Nowhere else will  you  find        Pfl*V| *>*■< |l* UP-
as extensive a showing of really good furniture and carpets at auch noui Dining Sett of 5 small and
uml prices aa we charge.   Each trticle i> representative of the best of its i ,        * 1,1 nil
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kiud and our wonderful assortment insurea our soiling every  lastu ami
every purse,
Bedstead, Spring and Mattress, complete for $8,50 up
Dniiers at cut prices, $8.50, $9.50, $12.00, $15.00
and up to $75.00.
Id our Crockery we tre jutt opening up t large shipment of Flower Pots
and Crocks.       =====       All Sites
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6, 12, 18 months.,
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Contrary, to ilie usual practice llic Assessment Notices for
1912 have been sent lo lhe registered owners of properly
according lo llic Land Registry records.
Up lo the present, purchasers have been in lhe habil of
notifying lhe cily authorities lhal lhe property had changed hands
so lhal notices of assessment and taxation should nol go astray.
I his form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for cily purposes, bul owing lo a recent decision lhe
city council is advised by lis solicitors lo recognise these owners
only who appear on lhe records of lhe Land Rcgislry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The Norlli Vancouver Land and Improvemenl Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for properly
which it has told and which has since changed hands Iwo or three
The Company, therefore, desires lo notify persons who have
purchased from it that they should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent lo ihem to that they may Income aware of lhe value at which ihey are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The  North   Vancouver Land .and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6268
l ■
i •
_«    . <*
* ■mm .
I *
Bom-frtrtttjr lit, to Mr. and Mrt,
Hiifli Hull, Allan road, a son,
A Vpn*)** '»Mm Ww"< tat Mr,
Wwdooek, Harold road,
Mr, 0, 0<er, jr. htl iniivwl to ruslilo
witk hii lather, Mr. 0, s. Qttt, Kilmer
Mr. A, Vlsbur mul Mr. Thompion
J'rommo road, are building two iivo
roomed houiei.
' Tkt llgulotnls liidlotHiiiiWoTiimes
of roads wbleh ere linng ermtml io n
noteworthy leptute to rnsiilnnls tnd vis
Diiil.liiiK Ip the Valley la still brisk,
I,ust month there went over twenty
liullilliiya roniniiini'iiil, prlni'lpally oot'
tigta .nd bungalows,
Now roadt ami aldowtlk. tre lining
roiiiiiriii'iiiil In various part, ami thorn
la every appeirtnne nf big improve
in,-ni:, .ml t rapid settlement this year
.11 through the valley,
Twu lottigea pn the eorner of Wei
ilnglon Drive .ml Centre owned
h) Mr. J. Koberts .re ne.ring COBlpIl
tion.   It Is understood they  will  im
no sii.'i. is be put on the market,
The minimi meeting of the I.i nn Val
ley ll.lep.yera' Assoi'iatlon will In
bebl on Wednesday, Fell. I lib for gen
,'nil business and elei'tien of officers
Tlm meeting promises to he un interesl
lug one ami arrangements .re being
made lo hobl it iu the new hall.
Killtor I'lipreas:
Hir,—I just revolved a eopy of
the lusl report of llm Montreal liurlnmr
lloant, being for the year III JO. As
sums of ils iij'.n, .■ sre of ipaeial inter
est to us In n- i'. In i   we are feeing the   tnerlta   of   public     Iii|
versus private ownership of our propoa-
eil harbour worka, I will tie glint if
you will give spare for them.'
Montreal hurl,our is governed by
Ihree eomniissiouers tppoiut.d by the
lloniiiiiisii ami they, ill the
end of lulu, Inni a eupilal fund iu the
form of debenture debl to the gniern
inent of *14,2QU,(HK), whieh eosl I bom
.' per rent per annum of interest.
The total shipping tonnage iu the
harbor ,luring mill w.s .s follows:
Tranaatlantlc  I,86MH l"1"
Marilnne   province.. ..   :'i. I.mi">  lou.i.
I nit mi   1,1111,111.1 tons.
(Itand  lohil    ^.:,m ••:•■<   tout
The equipment of the h.rlior includes
ii grain elevator of l,rXlil,nilii liusbel.<
norinal capacity. Iluring the yetrthere
passed through the elevator 14,111111,51111
bushels of grain of different kiinl«
Th.') have 7 I ll miles ol uliurf a,
coiiimoilalioi, .lul 2H% miles of ruil
way truck to connect thee whanc,
an.I Iheir w.rehouses, »nh the ililler
ci,I railway systems They have eieol
lent systems of hoists ami cranes for
Ion.ling ..,1 Unloading vessels, und for
moving gowls or vessels in llic most e>
I" 'lilioiia  lll.uuer
From this splendidly equipped Inn
bor doing the aimiuiit of business men
tinned, the following is the tnlul
sn ,,llol the commissioners found it lie,
I'Miiry to levy lo provide for ull Iheir
Wliurfage dues on imports I16H,IIII6.1U
'■'.   :,,ini"   does „„ exports I Ill/ill M
Tolal wharfage dues     . S.'l.',.l,n7:i..',l
8w teliing  cars            IVlt.Hnl.n
WUrliogcr I.i,ul Irullie ♦MIJ7'.il HI
Kiev.ting gram, lloalcrs ,. U,1H1'.i'i
Kent.I h.rlior traeks and
properties Hi,ll61.2l)
lleiit.l harbor sheds ln.ifiMU.Vl
Drain elevators No. I cleval
ing  i barges       ... 112,4211.63
Kloiiling crane    .1,11117.'li
Total revenue 8311,1111.17
Tlie total disliiirsciiienls on revenue
account, including interest, .mounted
tn, heme the tbove levy
was amply sufficient for .11 require
incuts. Hut the tolal revenue from .11
these aourcea and for providing ait
these conveniences ia less than |.'l cents
per Ion of shipping passing throogb Ih"
II has ben st.lcd Ihtt every Ion ol
sbippiug that comes into the harbor of
Vancouver h.s lo contribute IM ■• m
to th. I'aiimliiin t'u, ih, r.ilw.y or Ibeir
tenants, of due. for tb.
''conveniences"   there,   .mi
mas to. gnm sow os tovMf* moro
amounted to 8,011,019 ton.. We om
readily understand why tke railway
company and ttl frlendi are opposed to
a aomplett anVlT ," '" ll"1"'' """'
illllous hen, and wby tbey would like
to bloo|t any movement for as Independent ayitein of iluuku either on tk*
North Shore or lu'the eity of Vanoouver, A eapltal eapendlturo of two
thirds the amount eapnded on tk*
harbor of Montreal, if wall expended
on tka North-flliar^ would givu, a.
greater mileage of wharves tlian Mon
tretl has and construct tha necessary
rtilwty connections, warehouses, .le'
v.ton and equipments, including th"
building of the Hecond Narrow! bridge.
I unhesitatingly hold tbe opinion that
our interests ara vitally perilled by the
proposals of the C 1'. B. to die plain
for a r.ilw.y along our North for.-
shore, .nd ao enable them lo Impede
harbor work here .ml 1 truat that every
effort will be made lo .aaure that tho
utmost right Ihey do obtain be running
rights over the llurranl Inlet Tunnel a
iii i.ii',' Co :. railway,
I tin,
liuorge Mitchell, charged with drunk
.■mo aa a' the city li.ll yesterday moru
ing told Mayor McNeish lhat be had
no ide. how lie cine to be I oc.led on
this side of the Inlet, (.'oiiaiilerlng the
unsatisfactory character of (leorgB's
personal effects, the mayor asked aeon
stable to escort him (the Oeorge)
lo the licit furry .nil thenc. across the
waler, never lo return again, if bt
takes his worship's tip.
A lliilieiniun named Froiik Bimtil,
was fined ♦li.litl ami costs ur live days
.,l.i," from lhe giddy world for iu
bilging lliul same tendency whicii dis
Integrated (Juurge.
On Feb. lit, Henry Percy Nicholson
•on of Mr, and Mn, Oeorge Nicholson,
lllth street weat, aged A mouths,
Beeve May will leave this evening
for Ottawa to represent tho interests
pf tke district «t tke approaching bear
Ing of the (UMi. for tkt approval of
thuir rouili map aloug tke North Shore
by the Minister uf, ll.llw.ys.
 , ~+W
Baptism at morning service, 11 mi
Subject, "When the Manna (leased."
Message to the children Evening
subject, 7.IIII, "Thu Basis' of Union
with Methodist end Congregational
Prof.   B.   B.   M.cnaghUn's   Babble
Burnt' Ballad
Al Ilie SI. Andrew'a tud Caledonian
Hunch's Hems' sopper last week, Ihe
following I.allu,I. written for the occt
sion by Iho society's, I'rofcssor
It. Iv Mm naglilen, .ml set to music
by Mr. Joliii Alei.mler, w.s rendered
by Mr. Keu .'lon.lilaiiu:
ll  w.s just t sprig of hettber
lu . boniiie maiden's hair,
Hut my heart il best the ftater,
When 1 saw il mslliiig there,
l-i a time bad vanished,
And lhe years hsd rolled .way,
Ami  I stood of Kr.oeh's be.ther Isle
Un ii  lur off Miit u in ii  day.
For a sprig of bother,
To memory's il.mll
Together, logelher
i'.n bind us all.
II was jusl a catch of iiiiiii, ,
Hut  it wafted one away,
I'o a loch beneath llic mountain.,
Aitd . croft beside the Iny;
Ami memory enfolded
All the haunts of bygone years,
And my heart was Ulled with gladness
Though iiiiiii1  eyes were blled   with
Knr dim eyes still  glisleu
And  dull  limit,, still  glow,
As wc listen, listen,
To the songs of long ago.
The in,ioniums of our chosen
lliu grandly to Ibe sky
And while her l.kes .ml rivers stretch,
And 1.1..u,i her pr.iries lie,
We  love her  wilh  .  filial   love,
Hut  still  wc love the more,
The lend from which our fathers came
The ancient Sottish short!.
For dim eyes still giist.n, ete.,
Oh,  the  boniiis  Sottish   heather!
Wheresoever we mty roam,
How il binds ua ill together
To lhe imiciil Highland home!
And the uiuair of our fathers
How it nils our hearts again,
Ai we listen to tb. chocs,
Of .  long forgotten  strain
Ho t sprig of healher
To in, mo,v's thrall,
Togetlyiu together,
I an Mini ua all!
And dim eyea atill gli.ten, etc
I.'irtaw *f the of Ibe C, I'. K., lot. I. Wi trt becoming
mor. itfkntt le buy er.ry duy. I'rirn ihould double in value here
within Mm neit few monthi ,*Hw whut we have l.ft without delay.
Wo hare alao e^lal value, in Second, Third tnd tenth SUettt.
nam Ms p. o. Boi site
Agents (or London Assurance Co.
ii      M im     a ii ii h  i
Wt have i good selection of Houses (or Sal* or Rent
"        *
Ills Honor the Lieutenant (Inwrnor
Iml.'ouiicll has buen pletsed lo make
ilm follow iug appointments:
Tlmiinm W. Idverseilge, of l!r.wforil
Hay, lu the county of Kooten.y, lu lm
. Justice of the Petite.
Arihur Douglas M'tcf.rl.iie, of the
cily of Victoria, barrister at law, In
be t niiiiii'  public.
William 0. MuMynn, H.M., of Oreeu
wood, gov ei nm,'nt .gent, to be regis
Irar of voters for llremiwuod Kite
lural district from the Isl day of .I.iiii
.ry, mm.
Oeorge A. W.lker of liilgmv, solicit
or, lo be . Ciimmissiuner for ml,ing uf
tiilavils withiu Ihu province nf Alber
ta  for  use  iu   the  courts  of   Hrilish
John llobert Mountain to lie a clerk
iu lhe department of lands from lhe
Isl day of March, mi".
Francis lithere, James lo be
. clerk in the department of lands
from Ihu 71b d.y of December, 1010,
The fullowiiig been appointed
ou the of Polil'0 l.'oiiiinissiuiicrs:
(lily of Fr.iicis K. Dock'
itiII,  Archibald   Donaldson.
Oity of Orecnwooil-Alii. Frunk K.
Huckless,  James   Hussell.
(!ity of llovelsloke- Aid. 0 W.
Abr.hainsou, I'Mwenl Trimble
Cily uf Kaslo Aid. Williuiii ll.
Hold,. A. It.
Cily of lis,, -liin.1 Aid. John lien,ler
sou, .1. D. McDonald.
City of Oraubrook—Aid. Daniel
Johnson, John Wesley Hutludge, V.H
Clly of Norlli Vancouvar- Alderman
Christopher F. Foreman, John II. I'aine.
City of Vaneouvir—Aid, Oeorge Iv
Williamson, Waller Deck.
I'ily uf Vernon Aid. W. II. Smith,
H.  A. Mini I"1.1   .
City of ( Aid Henry Herb
ert  Ucrv.n, Joseph I'hililcrhusc.
City of Ferule Ablerm.ii W. W
llrown, ll  0.
Tiic following have been appointed
on the lluard of Licensing Commie-
sinners for Ibeir respective cities:
Cily of Trail Aid. Francis I'l. Dock
.rill, Archibald Donaldson
City of Oreenwood Aid. llobert
Wood, John I,. Coles.
Clly of K.'slo Aid Willium II llobli,
A. II. Heyl.iid.
City of llosslsml Aid Jolin Hen,ler
so., J. D. McDonald.
I'ily of Crinhrook Aid l.eisler
Clapp, Janice i ii-Jiii.,-
City of North Vaneouver Aid II
C.  Hiss,  llodenck  Mackenzie.
City of Vencouver Junes
llacketl, John  McDowell.
Cily of Vernon    Aid. Jamea Vallance,
F.   II.   .III. ,pics.
City of ( Aid. James 0., Wm. Knight.
Clly nl Fernie Aid. Mainuel lira
htla, ii Is', MinSk.   'ta*t\r.m!..
The liiterii.tlunal WaturwayB Com-
minion, whioh will shortly bold publio
mooting!! iu - Wubiugtuu and Toroutu,
hai somo aerloui problem! on IU bands
for settlement. The Commission has
already held private meetings in Ottawa and Washington to draw up a
programme and It will not be long
before a eoiniuenciiniiiiit will 1)0 made In
earnest to uuravel .onto of the most
tangled International questions statesmen of this country and iht Uftltfi
Will us Inn n over had to deal with,
llhiof amongst then, are tho propoiition
to make a deep wator highway of tlio
iiiciioiieii river from Bond, ami tboiioe
through Uke chunipluiu and Uke
Oeorge to Albany, and Ihe Long Sault
dam, Tho former has boon placed before the board with plain and Intuit-
tlons,Jjut the Long Sault peoplo bav.
not as yet notified tbe board of their
desire to appear before tbem.
Diatriot of North Vanoouvsr,
Applicants for water, counectioiie In
the above district prior to Hint December, IUU, who havii nut yel received
a supply ,urn ruquustml to ciiiiiiiiuiiic.lii
with Ihe undersigned iu urder thai tboir
applications may be Iniikiol iulu by Ibe
W.lerwiirka Committee of tlm council.
lilted  1st  Fubruiry,  llllli.
Dislrirt  Municipal Hall,
t'or. I.yuu Valley uml Fromme Heads,
Norlh Vancouvar, H.,c. U'8
Tenders will be received by lhe cily
clerk up till noon ou Thursday, Fubru
ury Hill, for the supply of sidewalk nm
tonal fnr the City of Nurth Vaneouver.
Specifications muy be received from
Ihe i'ily Engineer's Ollice.
II l! Cily Kngiueer.
In pound since lllll li nil. one I ml ilu
pony, marc, all white, long niunc uml
tail. If uoi claimed within six diys
■linil be sold by put,lie unction to i|<>
fray expenses.
W   T. OltAIIAMi:.
District of North Vancouver.
(our!   or  II, il«l,,„   of   Assess, ,,, nl   Hull
NUTII'K Is hereby given that lhe
Council ol lhe District of North Vun-
couver liuve ii|,gi,loled Saturday ,ihe
3rd duy ul February, lllll. al Hie hour
of i o'clock pin ul Ihe 'I ii,i.i, i
Hall, corner or Lynn Valley Houd uml
Fromme Itood lu snbl dlsiibi us llic
lime and place for licurlnit coinnliiliiis
iigulnsl ibe Asuessiiieiii for lhe year
i'ii:'   us  made   by   lhe   Assessor
All)    I'lTSOll   COllllilllllllllg   .,,   .11 si    Hie
Assessment mosl give noil,-,. In wrliln,,
to Ihe Assessor of llm ground ut tils
coliildalnl ul bust ten dels before 111,
dule of Hie imi sluing or lhe ijuui'l
of  Hevlslolt
llaled ul N,,i lb Viioeouver, 11 C
Hits   imi,  du.   of December,   mi
JOHN I)   PA IIM Kit. CM i'
Further Announcement of tbeir
as On Page 5
Mount Crowe Block    I.l Si. Eul    Opp. Cily Hill
We are Exclusive Agents
iiiiiii im ii li nil,!    '       i===a=Y     .    •
in this Territory for
i    ii,    i i *
BMABT'S     (0)     HAMMEBS    AND
 '   ' ""   ' -— of these lints tre conceded to
bt tl)t standard of tb. country. Qui'
stools Ii ill bought from riprtetntttlvi
liniiB. Some of tbut lines we ire
compelled to ilk t little more for be-
ciua. It cost, money to manufacture a
bigb gride article.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
FOB BENT -One suite, furnished,
alio one unfurnished. Latest Improve
neuti, Wltb heat ud telephone,     t.f.
I i. 'in. i   uf  ■ ■ ■■  i   lung ti   One
'Julie Nutlet-  Ihut  Oeurgu  Vurdler of
Vaili'DIIVlT,    U.    U.,     l.'L'L'Uptltlmi." i
urulttr, IiiicimIm to u|iirl> fur purmltnili'ii
■ a   nurchaia   ihv   tuiluwinu:   ■'■ "■!
Iiintfi; "'mIiiiii.-il llij; Ul U |'08t [il,iill' 'I
UlMiUl    10   .lull..-   . -.ill,   Ilf   thll   I"   I II,   . .;    .
urner uf Lul U, theuce vnui iQ chains;
flienve H'ltilli 40 clialni: thence mini
m uhalna: ihence north 40 cliiiliiii,
Iheuue i.-uHt 40 chulne, ihom-ti nurtli 40
h.iiuH ;thence wdhi \'M chains; thence
tiitilh 40 ilialiiH lu ijulut uf cnminence-
ment   (runlulnlug   640   acres   muru   or
Imi.     h...ii.i..i   .'til,    I'-ii 18-3
IMutrlct uf ('oust IUiihc oiii'.
lake Notice Ihut I'oru liluu. i't Van
luuvur, B C., occupation. soIiisUm. In*
ittiils to .ti'i'l- for i . i i:,i. ■ l"i; to pur-
■ ii.ii.r tlm rolluwJnK dtiorlbad IhiiWh
(•nnimanclni ut u posl piuuii'it hIiuoi
II i IiiiIiih miHi uf thu i'olnt of com
.1.. in.■ui,ui   ut   hut   T    I.    awj'ji,   um)
ulonushlu   e   surveyor's   iiusl    I *.
i,mill..i   ;'i!..  thence  nortn  80  • t. u
thence .... i 40 chuins, (hence suuih fo
'Inline; llivucu w«sl 40 chslns lo (nihil
of commencement, cuiitulnlny 920 acres
mure m lens
hate, December S7lh, 1011. IS-t
Ulslrlcl   of Cuusl   Kunuv  one
I'.il-r NijIIlu thai Klllull Alt.'Mtntl. i
IfuHWi'll uf Vuncutivur, H ('. uccupu-
dun. Inukcr. im. ,..I., tu iii>|iI> fur permission lu nurclieie the i a- ■ v,., de
scribed lumls; rommencliiK ut a pust
■ ■I,mi..I 40 chuins i .-..-.i uf tin: noi'lli
>>ust corner es n in u -i. :■■ n u- i
uf l«t  liy c;...i, .   \, ..ii, ,   unl
numhered (mc; d   north 40 i'IiuIiih
ihence wvu\ 80 i-hulns; tnencs north 40
i'IiuIiih: .thence west 80 rliulns: lliciu-i
■■ -.n. 40 rhiiltis. thence oust 80 cIisIph
Ihence huuOi 40 rlmlns, thence cusl 80
rhalns lo point of com*"" ■ -it'iii. con
'.,i/iii,r 640 ucres more or Ivus
Iiulc, Decemher 27lh, IMI 16 3
North Vancouver
Conservative Club
Larson's Pavilion
TUESDAY, Feb. 6,1912
AT 8 P.M.
Have Your
Filled by the
Nortb Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Pi™. 11.
Drujgiit, 116 Eiplanade W«.l        ,


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