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 ''90WM9 ti
City Council Meeting
Bttoiutlou rs Oartltii Blasting
Quito s large audience followed tbt
deliberation! of the city council tt
thoir regular lilllotl in the rily hull
last jiigbt. The msyor presided over
j) full complement of newly-elected snd
fS-tlteted aldermen and it csu be truth
fully elated (hat no otic waa given run
, I son to tuppoie that council work wst
I new element in the livei of any of
Hi™' gontlemeit. The losaiun wub unusually ihort, council moving lulo com-
milieu of the whole a little bofore
nine o'clock. Unit of the ileitis of
eorroipoudonco     ombodiod   proli)ems
>ard of Worka for -solution.
A letter emainjted from tho municipal clerk (Mr. Partner) acknowledgiiig
the council'! letter iu reference to the
proposed committee on H. (l V,. Hallway (lo. mutters . I'iiiiii. Bridgmaii,
Jiflutot and Ward had licuu appointed
for this purposo and Iho mayor on behalf of tho eity, nominated tbe train-
jjortutlon commillee lo watch the city'r
Thu* Vancouver eity clerk wroto intimating that lhe question of tbe construction of a fiinl subway pndor the
0, I*. B. tracks connecting liulumbit
avcuue had been referred to tbe Van
couver Hoard of Worki, whoso nett
meeting lakoi placo today. It wis do-
cidod lhat the mayor and Aid. Bisi
ehould attend Ibis meeting and confer
ou (ho suhjci't with Ilie members uf the
Vuncouver board.
The city solicitor Wroto informing
Ihs- couucil lhat ho had duly applied
ta the provincial government in order
to obtain tbe approval of the lieuten-
Snt-govcrnur in council to bylaw 197,
which couccrns lhe proposed drill lull
sile on Milium tvenue.
Quito an unusual number of applica
linns for sidewalks, light! in dark cor
ncrs, etc. wore referred briefly to the
Board uf Worka
Palmer, Burmesler and von flrae
Vtnltl wrolo in refcrui'o to block Hit,
1). I,. Wi. lite clearing of which is now
Hearing completion, Thoir letter polnl
ed out lhal there is a small portion
Uiat ii uncleared between tbo cleared
property ami lbc plank mad aud asked
tbtt thu clearing of Ihis be taken in
kind in order to give toceis to the pro
perty. Handed over In lite Board of
Tho same Ann applied fur Ibe Clear
ing, along lhe north ami soulh aide of
''ill. slrect and 87tb street. Tbii,
together wilh an application from the
Norlh Vancouver. Trust company Ud.
for the clearing of 17th street eat!
to tboir property on loll 12, 13, 14 and
16, block 236, I). I.. 846, was also re
ferred to the Board of Works.
In all probability aome. acltleincnt uf
tbe Rico I nl..' lands dispute will lio
mude thii woek. Bepreieutativet of
the city and district couucili~met lasl
week iu the city ball when a proposition not yet made public wai submit
ted by the latter body. Tho city futh
era decided lo take a week lu outlaid
er tho mtttor. The dliputo originally
trose over the nwiionkip of lhe lands
adjoining Bico Uke. Tbe city claims
to have come poueucd of tbem by ail
of parliament, while the diatrict, be
Moving in iti undiiputed right, gave
tbe property iu i|ueition to Ibo B. Cl.
Electric Bailway for park purposes in
lieu of them building their lun into
l.ynn Valley. Tbe matter wai mb
milled to the provincial government
whoit-executive mggeiled lbc afnre
iiieiiliiini'd conference of Ibe two coun
Tbo same coursu was adopted iu the
ctao of Mr .John Aloiander'i loiter
asking for lhe development and ini
provement of lhat portion of 3rl tlrool
recently opened fnr trallic'through tbe
Indian reserve
The council panned recommtndltiona
of Iho waler eoinniillce to lhe effort
tbat Iho engineer b mpowrd In pur
chase 11,100 feel of 6 inch walor piping
and 11,1100 feot of i inch water piping
to aupply Harbor View and Ibal Mr.
Hancs also lie empowered to start pre
paralion on the establishment of a
camp at Blot Uke fur lhe purpuse of
commencing work Ibere.
\ The Hoard of Works recommended
tbsl lhe council should consider precise
ly whtl itrecli in tbo city should be
mui iisliuni/isl and wbtt siifcwalki
ibould be constructed.
Tbe board further recommended lhal
S I Inni sidewalk Inul a I inch one a*
Ibe council was at fiisl unlnlcnliouaily
told) be laid on 111 alreet eait Itop Iho
Exprcia Office to Bt. David'i avenue.
Thoio recorainenilelioiii wore duly nd
formally passed .
Tbo Aro and light cnmiitilteo tdve-
rated improvement! tnd tddltloni being made to Are lull* number ono and
lumber Iwu ,Mcli not lo coit more than
Aid. Dick, tupported by Aid, McBae,
moved tbat "ai il has bten brought
lu notice Ibst In clearing I9tb itreet
between Moody aud Bidgeway Mailing
bat beon carried on in loo cloie proximity ti tbe city waler maim, Ibe chief
of police be notifled tnd initrucled to
ylijl tbe location aud give iuch warn
ing at may bo required.
Chief Davies, from tbe auditorium
intimated tbat tbis mstttr bsd received bit utieiiiinn tbat afternoon.
The couucil tben moved Into committee of the whole and discuaacd a
lumber of important questions.
' It wu decided that all atrcets ibould
. a psmutnt grids oaAtt
f')»e#l impioveawan" and tbat or
jlttry maintenance work will bt car
rifd on under gtsarsl revsnot.
Tbt Board of Workt wss initruetid
ts bring is a icheme relative to tho
macadainiiing of certain thoroughfares
thu scheme to include recommendations
ti to the but meana of obtaining
crushed rock for tbit purpoie.
North Vincouver ranks sixth In the
entire province In i ht number of telo-
plumes In uio a« foUowt: Vaneunver
Hi,l|lili,  Victoria 6,11/1,  Now  Wnitmin-
iter mor,, Noisoi/iui, Nmsimo m,
North Viboqii'
Wltb rtiygfl to good nut calls fnr the
pasl mimfli this citjf innvcs up to
third uftco howeyer, tl followi I Van
ouuy/r 'Jl^llll^NjU^-TrcsfiiilkBler II,
ll?r/ NiiriMrtncouviir IfllU^f.burni! 4,
During the paat imyfli the eroction
of a cable for gougnl relief through
out the city has Jreou completed, whicii
greatly facilities the prompt hanillitig
of business
Wltb .biiiiiiii lit a new wage scale
was inaugurated by tbe enmpany which
provided for a substantial Increase in
tho wagea, of tho oporatori ai woll
as other employees.
Owsdlsa Highway Allocation Notl-
Aid Tbat Pnmltr Will Piy Alton
tion to Need of Better Highways In
New Weatmliisler, Jan. IS—Private
information received liy W. J. Kerr,
president of Ibe Canadian Highway
Association, from aome of Ibe members
of parliament cloie to Premier B. I,.
Bordeii foroahadow important legiala
Iiun witb rogard to roadi in the Do
minion of t'anaila While II il nol
advisable It Ibia lime to make kuown
Mr. Borden'i lulentions, it ii safe lo
predict tbtt Canada's Arst Oonsorvs
tlvs administration for aiilicu years
will recognire tbe rapidly growing in
ler i'ii in good mails and will make a
bid for public approval by doynling
lime, attenliou ami money to tbia
worthy object.
In bla apeecb from tbe Ihronc al the
opening of parliament In November,
Hia Boyal Illgboeii Ibe Duko of I'ou
naught touched upon the question of
good minis, intimating tbat it would
be oue of tbe subjects which would
receive bll special attention. Ilis
Boyll Highness, hiving travelled ex
leniively, bu long lince recognized
the important factor that roadi arc
iu iho material advance of tbi country
tud while bli position in t measure
debars bim from taking in active psrt
in Ibo arhemt aimed st tbo holler
ment of roadi, yet his tyuipt'by Is
kuown to bt win,Hi  with tbii object.
Tbe western members of parliament
will aupporl Mr. Bordin in bii sndst-
ver to gjve Canada better rotdi J.
I). Taylor, member for the Weslrain-
iter diitrict, in a speech aide it
Ungley Prairie t few dayi ago ,told
tbe farmers of that district tbtt be
would do all in bit power lo bring
forward an improvement In Ibo alan
dsrd of Canada'i blghwayi He alto
pointed oot (bat the Dominion government at tbs tine of confederation
nude t Canadian Highway onl of
tbt inducement, offered to thii. pm
vine*—S pmmiic wbicb lodiy itill
•lands unredeemed.
Witb.tbe immense atridea Canada bu
made of bits vent, and the marked
prosperity which tbt enjoys at llii
lime, roadi rti> ns longer be tresfcid
u a negligible quantity. Tba ciji/ni
demands Snd muit ba<o good rotdl.
p fact which |t ivldeotly ricognliedly.
by tbs new Ottawa idnilnWrttiou is.,
wbicb gives proa in of bearing iiuil
in favorable action os the ylif ol Ihr
W&Vwwwver Diitrict
Joint OoXmitUe Approm Flual Draft
Of BUI-Oommlttai to go to Victoria
At a mooting ofjlto joint comnillton
Of tbs district aniitteil mil tho Weit
Vuncuuver Improvement .Asiinciuliuii
which has in cbtrge the dotalli of ar
nngenioutl fnr the division of Ihu die
trlet of North. VstftgiUjir ,liuld laat
eveuing tbe dual draft uf thp bill to ho
submit tod to tbo legislature Jo provide
fur tbe creation of West VutJouver ills
Iriil wu approved. Jbf fulluwing
ilepiitiitiuii wat appointor to procouil
to Victoria wltb mptgfio the mailer
as soon u notiAod tift the governineiit
is ready tn dual Willi the bill: Hume
W. II. May, CuiAollluri K. II. Bridg
man and Charles Ngl^g^jtjjstrici Clerk
.1. U. Farmer, Districl'BolRhor W. B.
Buritu, II. W. Harris K.C, siA.'itur fur
tho West Vancouvor ImpraMiiiunl As
social ion and Mr. A. I-I. Mibllo, sere
tary of tho Aasoeiation, Tbe proceed
ings of tho joint cuinmitloe have been
markoil hy Ibo greatest harmony
throughout and all ilotniln have lieen
arranged tu Ibo saliafacliun of ull pur
ties. Tho Anal report nf Iho euiiitnillee
will bo submitted In Ibe diitrict coun
oil at Ihu, regular mooting nn Thiirs
day when il ia expected Hut lhe ar
rangiiiuent will ho fortnally ralilied.
A number of fatalities through ex
cou nf laughter are auticlpstcil tins
ovening when Ibo local Yacht Club
Minitrcli e«upy Iho boarda of the
Lonsdalo Tbcalro. A resolution bav
ing In i ii passed unanimously by oil
concerned thai uu joke suffering frum
senile decay shall be pcrmissalilu, il
can bo confidently assumed thai yawns
of borodom will bo as unlikely na nn
aerial service across tbe Inlet Tbe
minilrcliy is timed lu commence al
8.30, slums open ul 8 o'clock.
Tbe ilml mui. li iu lbc !■■ is. i ii. of
lhe Amateur lluckoy League will lc
played at the Vaiicuuver Arena this
ovcuilig bet wen lbc V. A. C and the
Bankers' teams. Kadi uf these teams
haa already one victory to ils credli
over lhe Bowing Club ami the Columbia
loam and il is therefore expected Ihul
Ibis evening's game will he keenly
contested as the winners will capture
lhe pi'.-.iiiuii uf league leaders.
Ou Friday evening Ilie Vaiicuuver.
ami the Victoria! will pul up the mil
argument in the prufcaaional league
series when the Vaucouvcri will make
streuuuus effurls lo item the tide uf
defeat agaiusl which Ibey have lieen
compelled to contend In date
Al a meeting uf the creditor, of A
Fletcher held ytstsrdsy al lhe ofBcol
of Iho aasignees, Messrs. Wiliun ami
Perry, Vancuuver, tbe assignee* were
initrucled lu advertise fur tenders fur
the stuck and Allures uf inilh stores,
oilhor iii bulk or iu part, particulars
esncornitg which may he foumi in uur
advertising minimis Pending lhe re
repliun of lenders both slums will l,e
open fur business daily and the stock
will be suld uver lbc counter at great
ly reduced prices.
At aboul 3.311 o'clock on Saturday
afternoon au outbreak nf Are occurred
tt lhe residence of Mrs. Ms ■Howell, on
lower Keith ruad, Ibal lady being at
Ibe limo uu a .hupping expedition. A
neighbor, however, nulired the blare
and immediately telephoned tu Ihe Are
llalion. Inhabitants of adjacent
bouses rendered prompt and efcclive
service, removing furniture which inu.l
olherwlie hive been destroyed by lbc
flame Ou lbc arrival of Ibe brignde
tbe Are wu quickly controlled, damage
to adjoining property being su I nl
ly averted.
The'cauie of tbe outbreak, which
totally deitroyed Iho inttrior of the
house and a great deal of furniture,
csn only be summed, but it li thought
that if tbe kltchon stove could ipctk
it would tell tn explanatory tale.    V
Tbe chimney, wbicb wis lit up on
wooden supports gave wty ioou aflei
the Ate started and thii lit lhe heavy
brickwork  fall, crubing through  the
sei'iind Hour into tbe tils hen.
The houie wu one of leven roomi,
l tweetorty buildiug imured for II,
000. The total low however, ia eitim
aled af not lew lhan |l,W0.
A regrettable feature of tbe calam
i.y la Ibat Ibe Aremeu, through nu
fault of tbeir own were laic In arriving on the icene. Tbey wero miidl
rsetsd over tbt telephone ud hurried
Immtdlsiely to snotbsr part of tbs city.
. A spueiiil congregations! meeting will
he hold in Bt. Andrew'i I'rsiliytsrlsn
churcli OII Winliiiisiliiy evening at '8
Mr.   V.   Wheeler,   Sll   old   re■dsleiil   Ilf
North Viineuuver, returtiod'tu Ihu city
On Friday ovening after uu extensive
Inur   through   Ciilil'iirniu,   iiccuuipiiiiieil
by bli auu, Mr. Boy Whaler.
Thu wedding took pluee lusl week at
tho reiidence  of   Mr.  and   Mrs.   F.
Mini Hi, Isonssliile Avenue, of their daugll
ter, Miu Hois Katblunn and Mr. kirn
ust Charlei Braigwell of London. Tho
Hev. .1. II. litiupur, rector of Bt. .lolin's
The maiiagomoiil uf the Palace Hotel
Ami it necessary tu mako conildursblo
adililinita ami ulleraliiina tu its pros-
unl. building. In a few weeks' time
wurk will be cuiiitnoiieud upun a now
dining room 1117 feet by 111 foet, with
a seiiinig cupncily uf Ami, ami a new
l.iii lien HI foot iijuuru.
J nli ri McKwan haa boon cntitraeteil
to erect t largo and attractive bluek
on tbe weal side of Lonsdale Avenue
between 18th and nub alreuti. The
gruutni floor uf the building, whicii is
lo hu threo storeys higli, will ho divided
mi., shops aud tbo upper floors dsvslsd
lo apartment!. Work is to be com
menecil immediately.
In - iiiii, ss us -. nr evldtnct led Justices
of the Peace ,1. ,1. Wouds ami W. L.
H. i i.i lu Biljuurn a case uf alleged aa
sault which cauie before tbem at the
city hull tbia morning until -Saturday
next. Tbo 'bisi,■!.mt ii Leslie Graves,
a i-uiiBliible in the lucul furee and lhe
charge ia bulged by M. 11. Barwick uf
Vancuuver. Mr. II. D. Buggies rcprc
■intt lbc a, s use.I ami Mr. Minibus.I the
Ilu Frltlsy evening Mra. Alberl Han
aim, wife nf Hie proprietor of lhe Cop
llsno Am,,nu,I'll, service, uarruwly ea
clped a terrible death. In Ihe dark
neas, il appoara, Mrs. Hansoii Went lu
a medicine chest, where a number ul
but Hi's wore stowd away .and mistiik
ing uue bultlo fur another, iwallnwed
lume carbolic acid. Hr. Vormr was
suiiimiineil with all poasible speed ami
administered such relief thai Mrs. Hue
sun, Ihuugh still in pain, il well on Iho
way In recovery.
The B. C..Electric Bailway Company
are calling fur lenders fur the eleariug
ut block til, dlilrlcl ini 273, propva
iui;  tu lluilding new ear bonis.
Juhn Junes was obargcsl al Lynn Val
ley yesterday wilh having a stulen
overcoat iu hii pusicssiun. He bad
formerly heeu a friend uf the propria
lur uf the said cost, and Ins contention
in court was lu the effect that he bud
seen lhe coal Ihruiigh his friend's upon
window and considering it likely lu be
stulen, had taken il tu Iiis hiiine fur
lately.   Beeve   May   cniiiidercd   Ihere
waa iuiufl nt evidence tu pis,,,  tbe
theft tud therewith dlimiwed the ease.
Muyor McNeish, Aid Bisi (chiirinan
of the Hoard uf Wurksi, Cily Engineer
Hancs and Mr. II. V. Tucker yislls.il
the i.iii.i i site for a quarry last Bat
urday wilh a viow lu locating >i mud
lo reach lbs properly,which Mr. Tinker
prupures lu upon up as a i|uarry iu lbc
near future The propuiiliuu ii lu pru
dues imi':i'lum for road making und
Aner material to bo oacd itulcad uf
gravel for concrete work. The granite
composition of tbe rock is coniidered
lo bo admirably filled for lhe purpose.
intonded and In cue of ill lucccii the
cily may lie saved Ibo Iroublo aud ex
piuse of locating and upening aquar
ry of ill own.
A residence ii in course of couilruc
tion omJioikini Botd for Mr. Lloyd.
KHl'i^ jju Jatynjy 191b, IO-AIt.
mil Mrs. 3mmt*omud Whyfl
Vulley, I daughter
Mr. A. Campbell ii Improving under
lbc core of I'r. Verner from a very
severe attack of congestion of Ihe
A trict of Itnd uu Kilmer tnd ('en
tre Bold ie being eltared tnd a uuin
ber of houiei trocted for the.owner,
Mr. 0. 8. Oier. Mr. Ortr V tlio re
modelling bii bouie on Kilmer road
Du Fridiy lait the mechanical staff
ef the Express were thl gueMs of Mr.
snd Mr. Wtghorue on Hon Hoad. On
tbe whole tbey proved s fairly orderly
crowd to tbe surprise of lbs neighbor.
Tho Lynn Valley public lull la well
nigh completed Snd It is oxpectcd'lhc
opening will be on February ill). Tbis
will bt one of tbt blggwt eveati of the
yotr in the Valley. The cereinouioo
will atari witb a concert snd conclude
wltb s ball. Light refreshments will
also bs provided. Inlerc.lcd ones
ibould rtninber tbi dats,
NlV. Coal nnd Supply
Company's Enterpriie
Tbs North Vsncouver Coal snd Supply Co. bsve completed arraugemonta
tvltb the Taciiina-Vancouver Btaauibip
(in. for tbe "Morning War" to cpsl
weekly st tbe former company 'i wharf
io toon u Iti conitructlon ia conium
innlesl.    Ileliiils In eiiiineetiuu witb this
enterpriie srs to bs laid before tbe
executive of tbe Boird of Trado to
morrow sfternoon It it, howtver, un
deratood tbst Ibe afurc riiuiitioiit.il
atoamsbip will call unci! a week initially, the call ts becputo bi-weekly u
ioou it noceiiarf. Tbii torvico wi"
cohtiuuo throughout tho coining lesson.
Au agreement to thii effect haa already
boon arrived st witb Mr. c. 0. Oroktr
tho genoral tnanoger ef tbe steamship
company, which is affiliated with tho
C. P .11. company so fir u freight rates
are concerned. The lame ratea will apply on tbii sisle of tbe Inlet ti at Van
euuver st tbe preiout time.
The wharr which tho Norlb Vsucou-
ver'Ileal and Supply Co. intend con
siriii ling iii the immediate future will
be an extension of tbeir proaent wbarf
and will coat about 13,000. The chus
uf I'u.uk. lu be bandied by tbe project-
od service will include cement, Abro,
sewer any water piping, etc., beildei
every description uf sheet imu snd
nieiiil guilds fur business parties of this
city. Tho "Morning Btar" will mako
her Aral regular call as soon as the
completion of the wharf is realized
(which will ho very shortly) aud it ia
expected that the city's business bun....
will recognise and make uso uf the ad
vantages afforded by this enmpsny's
Wright Lumber Cn., II Loutdale Avenue,
can give you pricoi on all material
wheu yuu are building. See tbcm. i.f.
The Lonsdalo has begun Ibis week
witb n truly magnificent  program.
The Milu Dun baa exceeded all ex
Dictations. In a anpcrbly beautiful
scene, tbore ji lume of tbo highest
class instrumental music ever luard in
North Vancouver. Violin ami piano are
followed by const and trombone .the
beautiful and lhe humurnua arc ex
iptisilely blended., It ia good, very
gtiud and all whu like good Ihingi
ibould nut mils Ibe Milu Duo who ap
pear nightly uunl Saturday.
Excellent too, ia tho muaical sketch
"A i.uui,ling hnuse courtship."     It
ia quits Ibe licit nf ill kind Nurth
Vancouver bu yet seen.
And the fun is kepi up by Billy
lieilu w. the great comedian - yes, be is
great—grrrreal. And Harry J
I in ell,' continues lu raiio the pells uf
laughter. Ami unu turns witb relief
lo Ibo i harming pn lures uf Hand Cop
perfleld io admirably portrayed nnd so
thoroughly appreciated by tho audience
Tho fint part uf David Coppcrfiebl
will be repealed nightly until Wcilnea
day next when it will ho replaced hy
the lecond pari.
It is, by far ,lbe boil evening   Ibe
Lonsdale" bas ever put befuro it*
pair,ii. . ami, ai if Ibat were nut enough
tonight and lumurrow Iho Nurlh Vnn
cuuver Vu, 1,1 Club will grace lhe buarda
and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday next (including the matinee) the
lung promised pictures uf King Qeorge
und ljueeii Mary al the Durbar in tbeir
li.diiin Empire will aliow Ibeir moil
gracioua majesties is near tu retl life
ai il possilde lo most dwellers ou tbe
Norlb Shore.
For lhe rest of Ibe current week via
ilm In this .Illuming theatre will du
well tu arrive well nu time.
lu the second editorial, column "not
withstanding lhe flet Ibat the demand
waa almust five per cent, in advance
of iho pre vi oui year" resd "fifty per
cent" nni.-nd of "Ave per cent." Thii
error wu corrected lo the latter por
lion of lhe issue
Hunks may now be procured by rsii-
dents of tbo Valley at tbe residence of
tbs librarian, Mr. Sldnsy Allman, Centre Bosd toutb.
Mise lisbel M. Psns, licentiate of
tbo Boyal Academy of Music, Iiondon,
England, teacher of pianoforte, vliiti
Nortb Vaneouver tvpry walk. AAAimt
mt Beach Avenue, Vancouver. Pbone
I701B Seymour. Ml
Ji. (I liveiy and Board itaMet—
J/igbl rigi anil lsdlss' itddlt bonsi
ft, kits. Stabling for born*. Oss-
srtl delivery ssd heavy teaming. H.
Dumu, 4th strut wist. Phone 147 <W.
WANTED   Hirl lot general houie-
work.  Apply 838 4th itreot weit.
WANTED Hy gentleman, comfortable room snd board (8 mssls only,
no moat),   A.lilrcai H., Expreu Offici.
Agreement! for Sale diicounttd.
Money waiting. Lunnlalo Betlty Oo.,
838 Lonidilo Avsnus. Pbons 31?.  t.f.
FOB SAlE-lot 0, block t, D". %
iti. Iiiiiii csib. ILiHIil 3rd,' A, W
months.     Box A20, Expreu Office.
FOR MALI, llnuii double bed, white
aipl brass, first class conditiou, cheap.
Burroughs, 00 Lunidalo Avenue.    83-1
FOB SALE- First growth dry wood
for 11.75 por cord, 4 ft. 0. McDade,
Pbuuo 91. General teaming,.        ti.
FOB SALE—Throe 60-foot loti on
ijiieen street, Avo minutei' wtlk from
Lonidale avenue, |;iOi| escb, ono third
caih, 8, 12 and 18 monthi. Apply
K., "Express" Office.
FOR ;■ m.h i.sel'i ,i, liven bone,
weight l,i)ilil Ibi. Quod all round
vanner.   Juhn   Aloxaudev Jl  Co.,  Ill
Lunidalo  Avenue,  N.
louver,   t.f.
Hi in ha i.i; .so ibarea iu Imperial
Car and llrydock Corporation for MOO
ciii.h Prop', id lino of 0. P. B. runa
right through the "Imperial Towmlte."
Apply Imperial, Expreu Offico.     t.f.
TO RENT--;)-roomed homo, 111. Apply, Box  A21, Express Offico.       1131
BOOMS FOR RENT -Housekeeping.
218 2nd Slroet casl.
FOH RENT-Moilcrn bungalow. Ap
ply Mrs. Wm. Wilkinson, Cctlro Road,
Lynn Valley. 8-1
FOR RENT -Six roomed houae. Pan
try nnd bath, Junes and Keith road.
P. 0. Box 2201, N. Vancouver.      28 I
FOR RENT- One anile, Colpnitl
Apiiiiineiiis. Telephone uud beat lu
eluded. t.f.
FOR RENT- Furnished cabin. |6.
Apply 172, rear 170, 2nd street well,
Nnrlh Vancouver. 311
TO BKNT--Choice modern suiloi uu
3rd itreot. Apply Alex. Smith k Co,
Nurth Vancuuver.     Reuti 117.00. t.f.
TO RENT- Cbuico modem luittt on
'Hsi alreet. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
Nortb Vancouver. t.f.
FOR RENT-Light booiekeeplng
luitei of ruiiini iu Mt. Crown Block,
1st street. Hoi and cold water, beat,
telephone, etc., etc. Alan good janitor
isrvice. 80 1
Get it nt Umdale Pbarmaoy Phone SI
tot plumbing, pipe lining and con
necling SCO F. B. Ilennuii, Frederick
Botd, Lynn Valley, or Pbont lot.   t.f.
Tbe Nortb Vancouver Dye Wurki
44 Lomdale Avenue, guarautoo to do
u guod work at cheaper prlcM than
you csn poiiildy get in Vancouver.
Hive ui i trial, tbs mult will tpttk
for itielf    Pbone 107. 11
Tbe Truth ttudenti eisu will mm
every Tueedsy eveuing st I o'clock at
tbe reiidence of Mn. Qllltgbtr, Keith
rosd, near Kidgewty. Students dssir
ing bigber spiritual unfoldmont sre
cordially invited to attssd. if.
Tbo Imperial Car, Shipbuilding tnd
Dry Dock Corporation will conilder of
fin for clearing towmite of 800 tcrei
st Bocbs Point, Apply to 7. F. O'C.
Wood, Mount Crown Block, 1st itrtet
t. if.
you dwiri to ssll your buiintst or proporty of any klud call or write us,
ws bave clicnli for clote-in scresgt
ttl subdivision. Wo otif gel rcsulli.'
Mcllwsine * Delbtr, 9 Jones Building,
407 Haitingi St. Wu Vsncouver, B. C
,i      n Jiii"'!1
FOUND   Oaaoliuo. bust.       W.    0
Thompson, Hollyburn . II
7-08T-'Ptt csi, grey, white fsce,
frost ptwi gad eeilu. Reward for
rtturn »if ((fformatfon. Apply Mr. Wick-
ens, m tUftet out o^ pt. Andwi I
For only $1 down and ll
weekly yon etn buy tbe
LBABLE .BANOB, reservoir or waterfrnnt complete fitted Up. Seo tbe
BANOB. They lust a
, Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all parta of the City
North Yancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Dealeri in Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Plaster,
Lath, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Foot of St. George's Ave,   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing,  Plumbing  Supplies,   Sewer
Connection!,  Hot  Water  and   Steam
Heating,   Shut   Metal   and Tinners'
Furnace Work.   Estimate! furnished.
Wtrtbouts add Offlce: Oor. Esplanade and St. Qeorge, Phont 366.
J. H. OODDABD, Manager
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Nortli Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rates lo families and lo regular boarders.
Snaps in Homes
4-roomed  Hungilow un  '.'let  street   ,new,   all   muderti,   facing   south,
HMD.   Term! easy.
{•roomed  House un  lillh slreei, 2 blocks east of Lonsdile. All modern
firepltee ,etr. (2.100. $800 rash, balance easy.
t roomed bouse uu llitb street east   of   Huulevtrd,   new.   (16(10,   (5UU
eatb, Isilaiii'i' (16 per iiiunlb.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
P. O. Drawer 2050
We have a large stock of doors on hand and can supply
tny style or size at short notice. We have some beautiful
designs in front doors and also several new and choice patient* >n the craftsman inside doors. All our draftsman
doors ye made with 3 ply panels which insures you against
cracking or warping, and also shows the flat grain to advantage.   We will be pleased to show you these doors.
 i I ifrlWl    III IP—mmmammmmmimm.
'Dickinson & Son, Ltd*
P, O. Boi 1719.
Phone 222
One rsdiori why m n^nv bnyg \eav_e
tin farm for the eity is beetine of the
failure of thu father to laltu the boy
intO bit  I'linliili'iirn  lin.I    I,ii  I'linii- to
bill! that |)o is not innruly n "liiiwnr
of wood snd carrier of water," but
that lm ii. in full partnership, with
hiiji and has a personal iptoroit In the
luccess of the work. Those of us who
were relied on the farm know of course
tbst it would bo pratiticajly impossible
for llm father to always demonstrate
tbii to bis son by a caih consideration) but if thu seeds of ilissntisfuctiuii
are not to bu planted, some greater cun
sideration 'for the son's lervices will
have to be made than that of merely
hoard ami clothing. If, sSy, the son
know that ho would receive even u
small share of the proceeds from the
sale of a pig, or a iamb ur a calf, uml
uri'iiMiiuullt of a 1'ow or a hi rso, lo
lo with a! ho nn;!Isi- like, Iii save nr
lo spend, we believe, speaking frnm
experience, Ibat thu urrangomont would
be nun im lis ;s.I in isi ageuus. The son
loos nut like tn feel iiiiilnr the uliliga-
imu nf gning tu hia I'm Iht evory limn
lie wants a few cents fur sniiic expenditure; ami, besides, hu should'ho in a
pnsitiun tu lay up sumething fnr t|te
"rainy day." Tho needs of n quartet
of a century ago do not accord with
the needs of the present >iey; nor did
the hoys of thai lime bsve Ibe same
facilities fnr investment as tho buys
now bave.   Today we have practically
at our dnor strung ti  ml Institution;
which accept small iimounls un deposit; and wn ulsu have llm ('unadiun
government's great annuities system,
in regard to which a word ol' expluiui
tion may nut bu uut uf plaeo, It wus
approved by members uf both hunscs
of parliament, has at the back uf il the
security nf Die whule nf tin.1 Dominion
of Canada, and Ihere could be nu licit sir
or safer plan pf investment, us it means
of making provisiuu fnr old age. The
pn im. ui,. may be spread uver as many
years ss may lie desired. The government aitcinls tu ull Die details free nf
charge. For example, u payment nf (l.'l
—lhe price of one ling—inuilc for a buy
uf HI fid continued until be is (lit,
will give him an annuity nf (315.211
for life. If the payments ure cuntiiiu
ed until 88, he will receive (886.73, ur
over (I2U a yeur more than he would
receive at lin. The sume annuity could
be purchased fur a buy nf au older age
St a little advance in the uosl. If,
therefore, a farmer's boy knew thul
ut llm lime when bo sliull lie nu lunger
able tu work be wouhl buve ample proviiion fur lliu remainder uf his dtys,
ami lliul if ho died before drawing
(be lira! paymenl uf annuity all thul
he had paid iu with II per cent, cum
puund inieresl would lie returned In his
heirs, what a difference this wuulil make
iu his uiillunk; huw much mure cun
i. ut,',I he would lie In remain un Hie
farm—fur there is nn occupation more
llillli,ml,Ir.    llll'l    llUW    lllll' Is    IlllirC    ill'lo
pendent he wuulil lie in his nld age.
This is worth the lerious consideration
uf overy fanner who bus buys, ami of
evory farmer's sun who is old enough
lo reason fur himself. The govern
inent'i system is, of coume, available
nut only lu farmers' suns uml daugh
lers, but lu the suns uml duuglilcrs uf
every uther man whu jnukes t'unu'lu liis
borne, un matter what his nationality
or creed may be. Literature explain
ing this provident system may lie nli
laincd at the pusl office ur nn application tu tlie lUperintendenl of annuities,
Olluwa, In whiim yuur letters gu free
of postage*
Stirred up by (!, L. Weeks cat farm
plan, a local pnultry expert prupuscs is
suing a pruspecliis fur a guuse farm
Only three sluckbulders, with (IHU cash
are required In capilali/.e the goose
company. The capital will buy .'HIU
geese and lhe geese will lay throe eggs
each week, a tolal of 'MUI a week, I'i,
81)11 a year, 140,400 in throe years. The
geese will each give three pounds uf
feathers wbicb will wil al (I a pound,
a tolal of HMfXX), 2ill),i)0i| |<airs of
goose linen will bring (40,01)0; twu
buttons frum each guuse bill, (20,01)1);
100,000 drcised geese, (150,1100. Total
receipts, (5:10,000, frum which deducl
HM invested capital ami (10,000 upcr
ating expense, leaving (!i:i!l,7ilO net
profit!, an annual dividend rale uf .17.
74-4 per cent.
There  were   1,885  criminal!  in  the
pi'niti-utinrii- of Canada iu cuitudy
nn March :u ■ t last, an increase ol only
oil ai compared  with, lhe correspond
ITMf MUCH! Mic«, u cauTi
l'laut for Hale, collages, bungalows,
houses, aparlmenti, bald, etc, Tel, 172
llth ttrtet nea/t Bt. Andrew'i Ave.
iug date in Ibe previom year., Tho
coat of tbeir detention to the country
averatfod sixty-siivuii cents per dsy or
$214 pur yuur, the mil nx|ieiiditurii fur
sll penitentiaries during Ibe yuSr being
(47H,008. Nn |eas than ten por cent, of
the I'm in- priion population waa com
ptiBoil nf youths under twenty yours
nf age, while at St- Vincent de I'uul
penitentiary the juveniles constitute
fifteen per cent, of the total.
By nationalities, 1,004 uf tbe eon
victs were native hunt Canadians, while
XI:' wero natives uf nt Iht licit ink emm
trios uml Sil!) were af foreign, birlh
Ily creeds Dill) woro Ktimaii Uothulic,
17 ware uf the Church of I5|iglain|| 2IB
Presbyterian, 1S2 Methodists, h'l Hap
tilt, 54 Lutheran, 111 Hebrew, J^ Dud
ilisl apd fnurloun who'bad no cru^tj.
Montreal It Crime Oentrs
Mnnlri'iil Is iippiireully the .rims'
i'Uulru of the Dominion, 'ilu,-,- lum
dred anil thirty ni nn uf its citizens became ininulcs uf ils pu||iliiiluurius dur
ing lhe past year ns compared wilh
l.ll) frum Voncouver, 114 from Winni
pug, uml mi frum Tumuli!, Ill frum Ham
iltnn, 41 frnm tjuchec, xi frum Halifax,
25 frum Hi. Jolin, uud 21 frnm Ottawa,
27 frum Culgury uml 2,'l frnm Kiliiiunluii.
During the year '.I'M enuvicls were
parnled and 15 purdnntvi. These lire
sume of tbe must Interesting itstittlci
contained in the uiinuul roporl lnuoil
liy Ihu Minister of .luslice us In lhe
peiiilunliurics of.Gonads fur Hie fiscal
yeur ei|<|ij)g Mui. li Hist lusl,
Tito repnrt eniplinsueil the need uf
reform iii the practice   uf  admitting
juveniles to tilt pen Hunt inr ins. Jt is
pointed out thht the lamentable fact
tbtt ueurly two hundred of the present
convtyt-    population,     are     under
twenty years of sge li partially due
tn tht restrictions placed on the judiciary liy the provisions uf tint penal
code nmi partially to the faet that
some members Of the judiciary do not
roalino the iiuwisi|nm of sending mere
youths to tbo penitentiaries where they
are lu necessary contact with more
mature criminals
In unnlizing tho nationalities of
tho convicts, it is interesting to note
the 108 of tho British burn are Knglisli
while 54 are Irish ami 45 -Scotch. Of
ilm fiireipii bom, the United States
ciiiiliiliiiles 2211, Italy 114, Austria Hun
gary III, ttusein 41, Franco 20, (lurmany
lH-triiil Chfna IX
'I'l,.- prnsluclive furust urea in 1008
in the drum! Duchy of Hesse iu Eurupo
aiituiinlcd to I82,2ll.'l acres, iu general
the standing (imbur is computed nf
sixty-nine per cent. Iiiirilwuuilatiii Ihir
ty-nito per cent, eiiniferoiis fiiresl. The
fir ranks first mining the eonlforoU"
species. The tolal yield of lumber iu
1008 was 4,575,000 cubic feel. Refuse
in su i.u n.. it is mil an n.i 1.11 fur light
cr lumber, .■.mli us Ifillis ur fur pnip, is
used fnr firewood. The expenditures for
salaries, forest cultivation ami mad
building amounted in tpproilmitoly
(754.000, and Ihe total'gross income
(frum lumber uud firewood)   was (1,-
181,881. Ths capitsl represented by the   •
foMits ((6P,866,8M) brought lntsrss{/ .
eoordingly st 8.81 per -opt.'. \yVtii.
uteuaivc fnreatr.v at,thii kind ia pt»c-,,.,
tlted, forest fires are unknown, Sntt-
clout money spent on iinniidiaii forest
reserves would greatly reduce lliu fire
danger, maintain sn adequate lumber
supply for the oountry and in I imu bo-'
i'iiiiiii a iiniiree of mvnniio to the government.
The report of the commissioner! pp-
un Ihu shoup industry in Canada li to
hand frum tho nflices uf lhe vutoriusry
director general and cnnstitoles a com-
pi eliem.i s e i rent ii.,- relative to the rail- . I
ing of'sheep and production of woo|.
Any who are interested in the tubject may obtain a cupy nf tlio report by
addressing lltu Live Htenk Cuuitniss|nnr
or, department uf agriculture, Ottawa.
Ho nut 'Mils yuur tnngiic with pru-
fuue and vulgar speech, rovealittg your
igunraiice ami allowing lhe cuurscnoes
in yiitil soul.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
M  i  HI   VI  IMS
I'crcy   8    lluwursl
II.    I    1'ci i In
I'll)'       S   ..III.-;
Auditors   m*   A, .isiiulauls
M Fender 111.  W.     P. 0   Uux  Illi
1'honi 1137 Phone III
Vancuuver        Nurlli Vuncuuver
n <iiiiiisii.ii
VUl tlh Street East Nnrlh Vuocuuvii
I'b'.ii.' 373
in ii Milium.
Pioneer lloricihucr - farriegt Wurks
Surrouor'tn Wallace * Syoll, Tbiid
,-sii.ri.   Oeoiral r.• pair wurk.
A. Wallace's service! nave been re
laincd. ^
IHMIliS   AM,   milUMIII.
Dookwllen ami  Sl,ili,,u.n
Cor. l.onwrlale and lit.        I'bone li:i
I'oit Ondusti Chicago Unlverilly
Eoout 6 snd 10, nsw Pott Oftcs block
i  s'Mllll   Hills
Tba New lllock on  l.onidule  Amur
ueur  Ibo Kerry  Approach
w8i built by *y
i,,in i.ii  's,nn,,, lun
1 -si,ii,i. is,I-. fur ir mi,,i,,-.I concrete
conil mil inn Hewerlng lu all its
limnetic*; hnuse cuiincctiuns a spe
cially     i  iiiii.it. ■   furnished.
nils..   20 Lutiidalu Ave.        I'bone 285
i'reeicil llrick Manllci a Specially.
I'lione  LIIS
A. t'liil.
W. Craib
lu ''nncrele, Brick ind Woud.
inn   mi.imiiii
A HI I.   li 8.
Irrigation, flralnagc, lovrfi, pinna
and upci'ilic-liuni. Septic tanki and
boun drtinagt a ipecialty. 1'. 0.
llux 344, l$tb Uriel wotl ,i ilawicke
North Vancouver Business
College and Copying Office
litnk uf llainillon ','htmberi, Lonidale
Arenue ,North Vancouver . Day and
ovening. classes. Open all Ibe year
'Ill I IM  HI
Up tu slain   Millinery
Modorlto Batii
Keith Block     93 Lomdali Art.
rii'iiui.iiii'iii ii
Studio  .ovor   Hank   B. N. A.
Lomdali and EsnluBad!
i'i.i inn.ii^
i i, ■■   iii'ii.,. ..i'i ConntclltiH rnjiiiiiily
,ii..I Curri'iily Done.   Prlcci ilfilit
.'-in. Vuncuuvor. i< ■    iimil.ynii Vulk>y
vhitnu m
Nortb Short Olitulng a Dyeing Workt
High liars Udics' and Hiuti' Tailoring
lii-piiTinig   ami   Altorttloni.  Cleaning
ami Dyeing in all its lirinchus, All
Wurk guariiileed.
Ill First HI net Wesl. i'lione 207
Imillis' work i, specially All ktnili
of repalrlni, nllerliiK. remodallli)
clianlng unit pru.lnii Charge! moill,
ale. work iiiiiiiiiiii,<,-,i ,■„, i.„i,.,i^.ja
uml inn, itrett, Nortli Vancouver! H 1*9*
I'hnlie ili.
II u III us ,m ti,,.
i.in.. I 11 ■
And general Couimlwioo Utrcbtnl, 13
Luiifltle Avt., North Vancouver.
Pbons tu
Specillly: Cblldreu's Lessons ai  own
home.    Termi    elc* apply Ocncrsl
i ai miiii, ,
My  , lull.,-'   are   al   tbo   CapiliJb,
Uundry   whore   yours   ought   to Be. !
Flat  work  for 85 centi dot.  Hough
dry, 4c lb,, wet waih, 3c lb.    Drop u
a card aod we will call for Ihem.
V. 0. Boi tilt SBH9
• <
At the Proposed Terminus oi the
Canadian Pacific Railway
In District Lot 555
CLEARED LOTS having frontage of 60 to 66 feet.
Year 1911 Prices, $400 per lot and up. Terms one-
fourth cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
A few choice lots on waterfront near wharf, and on the
New Marine Drive (now under construction).
Remember—We are agents for the largest area of
Cleared Lots (streets already opened) in D. L. 555
(Dundarave) at first cost.
Maps and Price Lists on application.   .
Prices of 1911 yet in effect—but soon to be advanced.
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale   -    -    North Vancouver, B. C.
NltfluK in hereby givon Ibul un ap-
tyiicatioil will  lm mudo under l'url   V.
ot tlio "Wolor Act., lllll," In nliltiin u
licence in the
Division ol' I'lstricl
(li) Tin; iimui.', address uml occupu-
Iion uf tin: ii|,|iliruiil i'iir|inratiiiii ill
lliu Hily of Nnrlh  Vanrouver.
Ilf for milling |iur|io»eis) Kr■ ■ i: Min
er'i iVrliflualc No	
Ill)   Tlio tiamu ol' tlio Iako, nl renin
or source |ir unnamed, tin- description
' In)- i'rook flowing out  of Hioo l-uko
into Heymour rivor.
(c) Tlio point uf ilivomion—8,000
foot down stream in n northerly ilirri'
lion from outlet nf lint Lake, uunl
polnl  lining iu I), 1.. tilil.
(il)NTIio i|)iantily of water applied
for (in cubic feot per second)—abroe
vuliir fool per second.
(e) 'I'lie character of Ilie proposed
works—Small  'Iiiiii.
(f) Tlio promises on1 which the waler in lo lio used (ileni'rilii: iuinc( I'ily
of Norlli  Vaneouver.
(g) The purposes fur which Hie waler in lo lio used—Municipal ami domestic purpunc.il
(h) If for irrigation doscriho Iho
laud intended to lie irrigated, giving
(I) . If Iho 'water it lo ho used for
power or mining purpiiKcti describe Hie
plaeo where the w)i|er iK In ho relumed
tu some i.Him.'I channel, and the difference iu altitude between point of di-
vontiou nmi point of return	
(jl Area of Drown lumi intended
lo lio occupied liy the propoaed work"
(k) Thin null, r won pout oil on Iho
L'lliiil duy uf Disi I'liilirr, lllll, und uppli
in11nn will he made lu the Commission-
er on the llfilh day of .lunuary, lllll
ll) (live lhe naincK and addresses
uf uny riparian .proprietors ur lieen
dees who ur whose lamia ure likely lu
lm affected hy the propoaed worka,
either almvo ur below tho outlet.
(P. O.  Address)
I lily  Hull, Norlh Vancouver.
District of North Vancouver.
I'uurl of ii.si-.is.u nl  laaraaiurul Hull
NUTIIK Is hereby given Hint Hie
tlouncll uf Hi.' Iilsirlci uf Nurlli Vancouver llllVI- ill'l'i'llllrd .1.lllll .I.i . .(Ill
3rd ilus uf l-'tlililul) 1912. ul tin- Iiiiiii
uf 2 o'clock imii ul ihe Municipal
Hull, corner uf I..win Vulley Hum! nm)
Knuninc lluiiil In milil dfstrlcl .is, tin
Him' uml place fur lii-iiilnu complaints
liuullisl Ilu- As.,., s.-.i,,, III fur lhe )c.ll
1012,   .it  liiu.lv   lo    l|ll>   ASScSSOl
All)    pflHUll   s Ulll|illll,llll»i   liaulllMl    III.
a.-. ... ...si,, i.i iniiHi give notice Iii wrlllns
lu Itii' Assihhui nf Uu- around nf til,
euniplulnt ul I'.'.-i len days before Ilu
dute uf Ilie llrsl alltlliK of Ilu I'uurl
uf lluVlilon.
Uuii'il nt Nortli Vancouver. II r
in.,  mill ilny uf On-ember   Ifi I
/oilN li   FAHm.ll, CJir
II. (!. I.ivcry and Hoard stable.. -
Ingiil rigK ami ladiea' noddle borKea
for hire. Hlabling for horaca. lien
oral delivery ami heavy teaming, |l.
Humus   1th atreel weal, i'lione 1117 t.f.
NOTICE ia hereby given that ul Ilu
Hex I meeting of Hie lluunl of I.i, < n -
ing lloniniiisioucri fur the rily ul North
Vancouver I ahull apply fur u hollle li
reuse uu  lat alreet  mat, lul   i, block
niii, ii. i,. iu.
Minstrel Show
Local Jokes
New Jokes
Topical Gags
and Songs
Lonsdale Theatre
By courteiy of Palmer, BurmtiUr k von GrmtUti, Ud.
Jan, 23 & 24
mmmmmm     '   11 mil II, nisii ||i i ii i     —.«J5
Reserved Seats' ■ ■ • «   50c. and 25c.
Boxes -   -   -   -   $5.00 and $3.00
Tickets may be obtained Irom J. J, Woods and at ibe Theatre
you eyer heard pt
■rmr '	
I told him that I w»a pretty well
acquainted wilh Its history; but did
not tell him that I waa cognizant of
Alfred Klin.!lu'ii asaociation with it.
Neither did I aay anything about my
knowledge ot the long-standing enmity
between the toio men. I had already
received more than one hint tbat tba
causes ot the tragedy were deep and
powerful, whatever their nature—1
would have to find tbis out for myself
—«nd I waa extremely curious to hear
bli itory.
"Then you know ot tbe contest several yean ago In London for Its possession," Mul I Iui pursued; ''how Mr. flu-
eitis coveted it for bis collection, and
bow my undo thwarted his efforts to
obtain It. Mr. Fluette Is very dolor
mined, and when bis purpose Is once
aet. It Is not an oasy matter to change
tor sway II. Ho was bitterly disappointed, though he nover cesBed hoping that mum' day he should acquire
tlm Jewel; hut knowing Mr. Pago as
bo did, I believe ho waa In a measure
reconciled io a conviction lhat he
would have lo wait mull the owner
"As I havo said, his failure to get
tho stone waa a great blow—perhaps
moro so than you can Imagine; and,
besides, my undo stopping lu In the
way he did uud outbidding bim seemed
so like a hit of potty spile-work—dog-
In tin: luniii.i I: you know-that be
i uiililii'i got uver It. The stone cost
tny uuelo a cool live hundred thousand: a pretty big price ta pay for tbo
Indulgence of a personal grudge, Isn't
"And now, Swift, knowing all this as
1 did—the bi rung aversion which each
folt for the other-If I should como to
you and loll you that I intended asking my undo lo give mo his precious
ruby for Ihu purposo of passing It ou
to Mr. Kliii'iii', wouldn't you think i
bad become a lit subject fur a luuailu
"Yet," relumed I, calmly, "you say
tbat you did this, and lhat your undo
Assured you ho would give you tbe
stone this msn Him    i'i I,.i il afler he
had heard your reasons. I must admit
tbat your prcseul doclurallons are very
extraordinary; porhaps Ihey will not
seem so alter you've recounted all tlio I
circumstances." And 1 added a bit
grimly: "I'm growing Impatient to
bear what moved you lo come heru
laat night at all."
Once mure the friendly bluo eyes
met mine, and I felt better for their
em ouragomi in Uut Malllot'a look be-
came momentarily apprehensive.
"You alreody know what my most
cherished hope and ambition is," ho'
went on, with a glance at Miss Kluotie.
Thoir frequent frank oichaugo of ar
dent looks would have mado that am-
blilon plain, had I nol already boon
apprised of II. "I'm fairly well iiff by
mason of a small Inheritance from
ni) father, aud I'm Jusl beginning lo
mako certain my luolhold lu my profession: prospects as good as most
young men can boast of, 1 don'l heal-
luii. lo say.
"Our engagement, though, has uovor
met lhe approval of Hello's laUier.
Uul lhal fails to express It: ho has
In i'ii in ilu I) opposed lo me from the
vory start. Wo had Iho support of
Mrs. Kliiotie. however, aud so re
milncd hopeful—until oue woek ago
Ho paused, staring gloomily al lhe
table; aud holh lliu young IiuIIib uow
sat wilh downcast eyes and sober el
prcsslons clouding iln.li pretty faces,
fairly enveloping Hie young fellow In
their silent sympathy. Lucky diapl
Malllol ibould have stood a good deal,
uncomplainingly, too. lor their deep
Interest In his welfare."
lie louts d up lu a inuiiii'iii and pro
ceeded.    .
"Ai that time mailers reached a
crisis. Lasl Wednesday evening I
called, as I had been In Iho habll of
doing whenever I lound an opportunity; and Jusl as I was departing Mr.
Kluetle scut word lo uie lo como to bis
sludy before I lefl. For a bit v.e
tl.might he hud relented, but on reflection 1 couldn't eiitertalu the Idos;
ssi. much dispirited. I wont al once to
ss a Mui.
"He was walking up and down beloro Ibe lire. and. further lliau to uud
his head toward a chair lu a curt In
vltailon for mu i» bo scaled, he said
nothing lor several minutes, bul eon
ilniiid to pa, e thoughllully back and
forth between mu and the hearth, as If
pondering Hie heal means of opening
bis mind to me.
"At lasl hu wheeled about midway
In his promenade, and bluntly lin d his
first question.
Why do you couilnue coming
bare?'" said be.
'Tho question itung mo—of course
did; but I iieiMiiiii.nl to keep my
temper at any cost, and before I lefl,
to find uul at least oue specific, dell
nli' reason why hs didn't want mc.
I did. all right.
Well, I laid my claims before him,
pointing oul lhal I was neither a pau
per nor a criminal; I lold bim that
Belle and I sincerely loved each other,
ud concluded by asking him whether
ba utterly dlsrcgsrdcd bis daughter's
preferences lu bar choice of friends.
Car from It," be replied. 'Uul I
certainly Interfere wbe nl think she li
•ionising bsd Judgment Is such a
All al once he leaned forward and
ripped sharply wilh his turn kit's upon
lhe table-desk, before which I wu lit-
'One imi,g you fall to lake Inio
consideration,' 'whether wilfully or
not, 1 don'i know, Ot course; bul to
me It Is tba most Important laelor
Of til'
"And now, for the first Iimt, I could
Me lhat be was not only possessed by
a deep nli i ing anger, but lhat be had
•Wu In a white lipped fury during lhe
whole of our conference. Ha went
You are Felix Page's nephew. I
would rather see my daughter In hor
cofilu yes, a ihoussjid times rather—
tbia allied wilb a man who bu a drop
ot Ibat bound's blood In bla veins.
Tbat, Mr. Malllol, U my final word.'
"Tkeee amailng words, spoken In a
Totoe wbicb iretobta* wilb push p.
|rft m ipeaobleu.   But pruenUy I
rose and bowed »t|ffly, utterly dum*
tbat  confounded founded br the Intenilty of bli hate
(-tof-wf iinislei but -mvprthalsai keenly
Incensed and mortified at the luJusUce
he wu doing mo.
"What bad I In common with Felix
Page tbat } should meekly bow my
bead before tbo wratb of bli anemias?
Nothing whatever but tbat bond ot
kinship, to wbicb neither of the persons most Interested attached tha
slightest Importance. Mr. Page had
Ignored my very existence—not that I
bad ever looked to bim tor anything,
because I hadn't; but during all my
struggles—through school, college, my
efforts at establishing a practice—he
never by so much ae a word or sign
acknowledged that hu wu aware that
there lived anywhere on I'm face ot
the iaiih I'lisih a person as Royal
Malllol. He bad quarrelled wltb my
mother ihonly after my father's death
—whon I wns only a kid—because ibe
would not take charge of bis house-
bold on conditions wbleh would have
been intolerable; aod tben be wuhed
his hands of his sister and ber child,
1 fancy.
"'Mr. Fluette,' said I at lut, 'since
-your objections are not worthy of a
man of your Intelligence and Ideali, I
choose lo Hilnk, therefore, that you
don't ilucerely entertain them; tbey
aro grossly unjust to Belle and me
alike.'  Uut he wouldn't |et me go pn.
'"Young man,' said be, in another
wrathful outburst, 'I certainly admire
your cheek—advising me—In ray own
house, loo—as to my treatment ot my
own family I'
"For a second or two I returned his
infuriated look; and tben, resolved
nol to stand there bandying words
uor lo be led Into a quarrel Willi him,
I said:
"'I'm sorry, Mr. Fluette moru than
I can i -i'i. i.. thqi you feo| towards
mo as you do. Nobody could bo more
Ii'.iunuiii than I am concerning the
nature uf your loud wltb Fel|x Page—
unless it Is that you are visiting upon
me the consequences of bin opposition
to you In tho Hoard of Trade.'
"He turned this supposition wilb
a i,i on.in I gesture.   So 1 contluued:
'"I am glsd lo know It Is not Uiat;
I could ni conceive of you dolug anything bo outrageously unjust. Could
uii)-thing be more unfair,' ! uked him.
'than to make me share all tho sol
iiioslllei! lhat Felix Page hss engendered? Why. be is scarcely belter
tbsu a slrangor to me; my prolouud
Ignorance of bis affaire Is tho best
testimony tbat I can offer In my behalf.' "
He paused a moment and tried tn
drive Iho distressed look from Miss
Belle's face wilb a cheering smile.
Ho (ailed to do so, however, and Immediately proceeded with his recital.
"Woll, I failed utterly to move bim;
but you will bo more tban merely Interested In what presently followed.
Uald be:
'"A'duilitlug all Uiat you asy, you
bave brought forward nothing that Is
to tbe pnlm; the one overshadowing
uuallerablo fact remains Uiat you aro
Felix Page's nephew. Prove the con
trary to ba inie -saUsfy me lhat you
are freo of lhat detestable' blood taint
—and you roraovo Uie lut of my ub
Ji s iiuiiii lo you u a sou-ln law.'
"He fell lo pacing the floor again,
and Ihcn preseully be stopped snd
eyed me with a curious expression; 1
knew that be wus lurnlug something
over lu his mind. When be spoke.
his words surprised and puzzled mo
not a little.
" 'If you are so bent upon having
Hello, he uid, 'there's Just oue way
you may go about getting bor.'
"Considering what he had already
aald, It Is no wonder that I did n't
know what lo ssy lo this. 1 waited,
and his next words betrayed tbe real
cause si least, I took ll lo bu tbe
nul cause of bis bitterness snd III
will. There wu a sneer lu every
" i.in.g me lhe Paternoster .ub),' be
said, 'and If, In the meantime, sho
l... .■- ni acquired some of the Intelligence with Which I have always
indited her. why, you may lake Uelle.'
"After I got over b, lug stupefied al
Hie amazing effrontery of Ihe thing—
II accepted seriously I began to do
some pretty fall' thinking, aud I
thought rapidly, loo.
"Is thai a bargain?' I said al
"I spoke quite calmly and seriously,
and lie lavored mu with a surprised
stare.   Uul ho snapped oul a curt re
" 'II Is," he said. 'And I don't give a
up how you get U, either. I wish you
"Wss I cut down snd disheartened?
Uwlfl , "id I "nl' '.'."nl,. can't de
fine my feelings. My dlfposlilou Is
sanguine, bul wben lhe blue dells
once do gel hold of mc well. I 'm al)
In. I believe I suffer more In lhe
dumps lhan any olher living mortal.
"Hot somehow or other, that mad
proposal stuck by ine; ll followed me
persistently lulu the depths uf my
misery and colored all uiy hopeless
cogitations If only I could get my
hands upon lhal bll of crimion glass!
Ureal Scott. Bwlft I 1 believe, had 1
known where It was and could havo
golleu at It, I would have stolen It.
Yes, sir, sardonically u II wu advanced, tho propossl lo obtain Ibe
I'uii iiu'Hii'i nib) wu not lo be banish-
ed from my mind, aud In a day or two
I found myself weighing ihe chances
ol lucceu.
"Well, Uio results In favor of accomplishing an undertaking so foolhardy were, even when contemplated
lu Uie moat favorable llshi, oiacily
oil. Ami then there tallied Into my
mind a number of quusUons which- -
mid I Irusl you'll believe mo when
I assert It--bsd never come to me before: Who wu my uncle'i heir? To
whom, wben be died, would Uie ruby
go? Wbo, or what, wu to benefit by
all Ibat vut weallb ho wu ao laboriously piling opt   ,
"Now 1 had -and aim bare, (or thai
matter—food reason* for beilvelug
tbat I wu tbe only living relative, ao)
of coun* knew tbat If be were to die
Intestate tbe wholt of bis property
would pau to m* limply by operation
of law.
"But suppose he bad made ft will -
wu It UkeV tbat I h»4 bun entirely
(Oontlousd on peg* Mf!)
Sowor Oouuoctlous
I'l IHLI I: MIT 11 IK Is noroliy giveu
that all owners of real property front-
lug or abutting upon a street or lauo
in which or under wbicb a main er
common Bowor is laid is hereby required to connect any building or premises upon such property with such
maiu or common sewer.
Permits may he ontained from the
Plumbing lnppocto: at his offlce at the
City Hail   between   the   luiuru of $ a.
in. ami 10 a.m. ami 1 p.m. and t p.m.
Tbe following regulations govern the
construction of house or building connections witb soners:
No houso sewer pipe snail have a
less fall than 1 to 19, unless special
permission is granted in writing by
the Council. Haul pipes between tho
iron pipo, to the conuoclion of tbe
public sower to lie of the best quality
standard salt-glazed vitrillod clay sewer pipe, and shall have a diametor of
not less than 4 inches. All pjpei shall
bo sound ami woll burned throughout
thoir thickness, impervious to moisture, with a clear ring, smuoth and
well glazed ou interior and exterior
surfaces, frgo from flaws, cracks, blis-
tors, lir.- chocks or other imporfoctious.
The pipes must bo so laid in tho
trench that after tho sowor is completed, the interior surface thereof, ahall
be to a truu and oven grade
Iu uml.in,: the Joints, a gaskot of
oakum or hemp, froshly dipped in cement grout, must first bo used and
packed into placo. The joints shall
afterwards lie n, litis packod full and
bevelled off with mortar, composed of
one part by volume of approved Portland i i'uii nl tu unu part by minims of
approved sand.
All joints ahall Do made water tight,
so that Ihey will stand a head of HI
feet of water, when tested by tho
Plumbing Inspector nl tho owner's,
plumber's or contractor's expense.
By urder of the Council:
City Clerk,    tf
ST.  THOMAH'   Hill 1,8'   SCHOOL
^ortb Lonsdale
Bov. T   E. Howe, Principal
liirls uniler 6 yeurs old, H per moolli
Uirls over b yr«. old, $11 per month
Special terms when two or moro srs'
icnl frum the same family,
Arrangements ure being mado In
erect a building by the spring to ae
commodate mi or HI boarders beside*
day scholars. t.l.
MI1ITII   UM 111, Villi.
HI. IS, Ul,,, 'a I" ,   .    -I" -   I •    S   ll'J. lllllll,.,
liilth llnuii Survives; Mui-illng 11.00:
.Veiling. 7 30. Adult llll'le Uluss, 12.30
iliind.iv Schuul, 2 30. T P.K.R.&, Tues-
sla>, nl t p in Prayer Medina, Wcd-
iicbiIii). ul 8 p. in I'linlr Practise,
s-'ii la ut » pin. Itev. ilouulil uacalosl.
ii, Hm.iIIni I niiisis 's in, i uf tlh ami
M Oeorge Sunday Services. 11 00 a.m.
mul 7 30 iuu Sunday Schuul and Ullilu
t:luss. 2 30 pm Senior League, Men
Uuv, t pin Prayer mid Praise Service.
WedneSiluj. » p iu Junior League,
il, in s ■!... .id. i-iiii,ui ut 3 30 Pastor.
Vi  c.  Bchlllclicr
M. Agues I Uuri'h — I'uiner Ulll
nnd r i a. Mm mux ... II am.
evening in 7 .in p m Holy eouiuiunluii.
in. s Sunday In luunili ut I a.m.; first
an.I llilnl Siinila.sS al 11 am: Minilsii
Selsssul ul 3.00 |s IU Hev. TIlODiaa 15
Hum. V'leur
-ssis.sii.su vun,. I 1.1....i.sl.- Avenue.
■Sunduy services, 1100 inn, 3 p.m. and
71* pm     Tuesday, 1 p.m; Thursday,
1 pin    riilldrcn's Service. Wednesday.
liiiiiiiiil I 'buret.—Twelfth and SI
ileurge Services ul 11 um and 7.30
P iu    Siimliiy Schuul and Bible Clais ut
2 30 p in Pru) el and praise service
Wednesday al 8 p us Pusior, Itev. A.
J   Pressor. I2tli otpl 81   ileurge.
PI. J.,1,1 Ibe laiuiiucll»l. Sill und lllll
ii ' i : i., ,i uu, I ■ iii Morning
Pr.iscr. II n.iii Kvenlng Pruyer, 7.3J
pm On tlie flrst Suinluy In the month
there will be a second celebration ol
the li.l. iiuiniiiuiilun ul 11 um Rector,
Lev  Iliiiili Hooper.
bl. I .iliiiMinrs I nlbullc ' liureb, Malum
Avenue Sundays Musu, S a in. Sunduy Schuul. 2 30 pm Itosury IJoDedlc-
tlon und Senium, 7.30 pin
iiniii.u i : !•■ i i.iii.i. ol SI. Paul's.
Mass. 7.30 am.. Sundays Puslur, Itev.
V.   Pcyiavln. OM.l
bl. i in,mi." a a in every Bunday
I'xci'pi llrsl Sunduy In iniuilh 110 am
I.. :.i Sunday In month II am. Matlm,
Lltiinv and serniuii. second and fourth
Sunday lluly i.'iiminunluii and atrmun,
llrsl nnd third Sundays Vicar, Itev
T   Iv Howe.
I'rralDlrrlan I'burcb—HullOayS, 11 a
iii und 7 30 pin Sunduy School and
Ul Ul t- ('luss 2 30 pm Tcncheis' Training Uliiss. Wednesday 7 30 Prayer
meeting. Wednesday • pin Boys'
Club Thursday 7.30 p.m. Choir practice. Pilduy. 8 pm. It Van -tlunstcr.
M A, pastor
i.i.vn VAI.I.Kr.
MrlbuSlal (.'buret. — Services evsry
•■ni,si.i, evening In the new-church, at
7 o'clock.
I'rrabilrrlH (buret.—Worship, .Sundays, 11 n in I'u nm sunilay School
2 30 pm. Prayer nicellng, Tueiday I
p.m. Touchers1 Training Class Friday
7 30 |i in    II Van Munstor, MA. palter
til. I li ii" ul>. I (nallinnl  -II.I.  colli-
ii,in,i,m 1st Sunday In month, 11 e.m .
evening pruyer. every Sunday, 7.00 1>
in.; choir practice, Wednesday. 100
pin    flov  Arthur K  Bruce, Vicar. \
1 4.
K0BJ8 VAWrm,, , ,,IJ^flB.00l.BMBU
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later than 10 a. in. Monday and t p. m. Wednoidsy to omurs iniertinti in tbe
'""""'"A '■sun,      i
North Vincouvtr, B. 0   , January 33, 1012
Tbo .Ins I'hii mu of tlte policy "bt tho
provincial government witb reference
to the public lands of the province,
which waa given in the house last week
by tbe Hon. W. It. ltuss, Minister uf
I.mel:., showed conclusively thai tbo
e.i'..■inin.-in    is   putting   forth  uvury
 i  to conserve the public  dotuuin
iu the manner best lilted lu promote
Ihu publio inis i, i upun ii permanent
The Minister uf Lands showed thai
the I'luluiiiiu I,i u it,mini, policy with
reference (o crown lands began upun
the part uf the government concurrent
Hy with the creation of a demand
fur those lands, couseijuent tiputi the
strong demund which had developed
fur the timber lands uf Ihe province.
As a first slop in the formation of a
laud policy the classification known
is third class land was dropped, thus
increasing tbe price of eruwn lunds
by about 200 per cent, and a few
, muiitbs Inter the remaining limber
lauds of lhe province were withdrawn
frum alienation.
As u furllier necessary feature, an
i'U,i,-is,' system of land surveys was
decided upuu and was started in lODS.
This wnrk has been carried uu wilhuul
cessutiiin until there aro at present
000,01111 acres uf agricultural laud sur
i eyed ur sullicienl to accommodate
6,000 familiua. It is the intention tu
I'uiitiuue these surveys uutil lhe wliule
province has been covered.
Tho undertaking uf Ihis system uf
surveys was followed by u lurther development whereby une third of all
surveyed lauds was reserved for the
pre-etnptor, une third fur university
endowment, and one third fur either
purchusu ur pre-emption.
In 1000 ami 1011) still further areas
were withdrawn frum sule ur lease,
md Hill saw a distinct advance in
lliis movement when vacant lamls in
Cariboo, Kuinluups, Lilluuet and Vale
diviiiuui aggregating about oue third
• nl' tbe area nf lhe entire province were
withdrawn from sale or lease. Coin-
client with this move tud as a still
further protection uf the public do
main, Ibe price of lands in the areas
•i.n remaining fur purchase was iu
created by one hundred pur cent. This
lino of action was later extonded lu
. i i I;, lu Pence River Lauds, the pri
being doubled and ecu ipia<lriiplcd in
tliis new district.
As  this  pruliten:   stnin's  st   i ■'■ '
11.- ili   l-wo-tbirds ot  the  entire
ana of lhe province is under reserve,
all lhe remaining timber lauds are under reaerve, while all lhe lamls which
ure open tu aiiciiatiun ilf' available
tu either lbc pre emptor ur lhe pur
rlisser, Ibe purchase price being advanced lu a ligure whn h uffurds just)
fimtiun fur Ihu capitalization of these
landi tnd Ibeir conversion into source!
of revenue Ibruugb taxation.
Closely n-su, mt. .1 with the lands policy of Ibe I',,-,, unu. nt are the cffurls
which ire being made lu. encuurage
actual settlement un the agricultural
lamia of Ibe province. For Ibii pur
posu the very oxtemive operation!
with respect to lurveyi tre being vig
uruutly prosecuted, while following tho
i ouipletion of the survey! mipi are
being promptly made of the landi and
Ibeu mapi ire being distributed by
Ibe tbuusiii'l to intending pre-empton.
Thl uperilinns being carried forward
liy the department of public works
ar* likewise detigntd to further tbe
policy of the government with refer-
tact to agricultural limit. Itailways
and roadi are being built iu all diree-
lioui throughout thi province in.order
tu render the land readily accessible
aad ia ordtr to provide tbu iwadod
trsniportalion facilitiet to tbe control
*f popultlion,      Thl   generous   polity
followed witb reftrento to tbt eitab
au important factor in tbe promotion
of actual settlement.
There are very encouraging evidences
that these effort! upon the part of tbe
government are meeting with gratifying auccess.   A  compariaon    of    the
amount uf farm produce gruwn within tho province for tbo year 1UII0 ami
the year 1010 reveala much lhat is encouraging in  tbis respect.   The tnlal
value of farm products for  1000 wus
$8,500,000, while for 1010 it wae ap
proximately  $14,500,000.      It   is   true
that   during   1010  farm  produce   was
imported to the amuiint of over $11,
000,000,   but  iu  this  connection,    the
great increase in population should be
borne in mind.   The influx of popula-
tion  during  1010 was  not  less  than
75,000 persons.    Tbe amount of farm
produce consumed increased from $20,-
000,000 in 1900 to $28,500,000 in 1010.
That is to say that iu 1000 the province
raised 42^4 per cent, of the farm pro
duce  utilized,  while in  1010.over 50
per cent, was raised locally, notwithstanding .the fact lhal the demand was
almost fifty per cent, in advance of the
previous     year.      Premier     Mcllride
pointed uut un the floor uf the house
last week that although the rapid In-
roaie n, populstiun which was being,
experienced made it improbable that lhe
farm products grown wltbln the province   would   incrcaee   wilh   uuftiuient
rapidity to overtake tbo demand, yet
il was very encouraging to know Ibat
Ibe progress was such lhat the situation
in this regard was becoming more-favorable from year lu year.
churches ete, bsve been established,
factories, printing housca and other
modern institutions bsve beep put is
operation. Whatever may havo been
the precipitating cauie, theae were
doubtless, the actuating forcea which
bave led up to tbe routing of tbii
great nation from the slumber of centuries witb tbo result tbst the organization of this new state, the creation
of tbis now political snd commercial
factur represent! a new world force
Which the mil hum muit take very seriously in tbeir future reckoning!.
Ml'l'lll;  TO   MII'IIIITHHS
Notice ll hereby given Hint purauunt
to tha "Creilllui-s' Trust piMl Acl,
nmi." and all uinciiilliis nets therein,
Arthur Bernard Fletcher, currying on
business aa grocer ut l.unsduiu avenue,
North Vancouver, nnd Lynn Vulley,
North Vancuuver District, of Iho City
af North Vancouver, B, p., haa this
duy mude an assignment tu uie uf bla
estate, real und personal, credits uml
effects which may be sulzeil und sold
under execution for the benefit of his
A meeting of tlie creditors will he
held ut the oflice uf Wilson St Perry,
assignee!. Suite 9, DeBeck BulldliiH.
336 Hustings street west, Vancouver,
B. ft, un Thursday, the tlrat day of February, 1912, ul the hour of 3 o'clock
p.m., to receive the stutt-nietit of tlio
uftuire und for the geuerul ordering
of the estute. und you uro hereby no-
tilled to attend either in neraon or
by representative.
All claims must lie.tiled with the un,
denlgned, verified by sluliilury declur-
iiii.iu .uml tn entitle uny creditor tn
vote Ilia clsshis must he tiled ull or be*
fnre  thu dale uf the- meeting.
All persons Indebted to Ilie suld Arthur Bernard Fletcher ure required lu
pay the-umuunt due by them tu the
said assignee forthwith.
And further take notice thai un und
after tbe lirst duy nf February. 1912,
the said aaalgnce will proceed tn distribute the assets nf Ihe Insulvent
amungst partiee entitled therein, having regard only to eluiius uf which he
hus then received millee. und thu! he
will nol be lluble for the sold ussela
nr Hny purl Ihereuf. lu iiny person or
peruuns uf whose claim notice shull uul
have been received by lilm at the above
iust-nietitloned dute.
Dated al the Pits' uf Viineouver. province of British Columbia thin 16th
day of January. 191!
30-1 Assignee
llll,   I "li    IIMIISII-
The Dual solutiun of the political
difficulties at present manifesting them
selves iu China, through the revolution
under Ibe leadership uf l)r Sun Yet
ben, has uut yet been reached, but whe
ther tbe outcome proves lu he u limit
ed monarchy with popular representation or a republican form of govern
ment, is really a matter of secondary
importance, aa iu either case the major
In. t r, mums namely, the awakening of
Chins has come. The lethargy of centuries has been shaken off und    Ihis
bun" in   tbat country
tithing of public icliooli is likewiie bsve   been   built,   schools, boipittli,
piiinl mining nations Is tbout to eutcr
the arena of inudern national icllv-
Itlei and tu lay claim lo ils rightful
place mining the several stales of Ibe
world. This is the outstanding fad
with which the world at large is
chiefly concerned. Close students uf
modern problems uf world wide Import have bad much lo say with reference to the certainty of Ibe com
ing of this awakening as well ae ils
far reaching results when it did como,
but it ii Ufa tu say tbat the closest
ohterver of Ibe signs of the limes did
not surmise tint this awakening would
In- precipitated so toon and with sfch
haste ai has been the case, ueitber will
any of tbem he found possessed ol
.-nth' imi temerity lo amy the taik of
stilting wilh any degree of deflniteneu
what will he iti probable results to
tin world, politically, commercially
and lociaily
.'•s ui limit i. s um of opinion tbat tbii
great revolutionary movement ie tbe
direct result of the working of tbe
leaven of the advanced civilization of
Ihe modem oationi, which bai found
iti way into tbe antiquated institution! of tht Chinese nation by means
of tbe member! ot.-tin Young Chinese
Beform Associations Mattered throughout tbe world tnd alto through the in
fliience of the several colonies of Ctu-
rasisus which have found lodgment
from time to time, for different purposes throughout Chins It ii atiert-
ed that there art today upwardi of
inn young Chinamen ia Englind attending ichool* of oconomici, tht universities, medical achoolt, tnd iludy-
ing the great engineering worki of
tbat country, while lirailar companies
may be found in Ibe.United Btatei ai
well at other leading countriet On
tho other hand modern enterpriie bai
invaded Chios itielf is ao iligbt.de
grea during rtctnt yean, notwltbttand-
log tho reluctance of the poweri tbat
bt or ptrhspi mors proptrly thst "havt
a    Ibt    Miller    ot    tri bur     li.l mini
ll. i.l.* i,      lu»,sli.ni,      Nurlk
Vancouver, U. C,
■SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
Tendon, re Arthur Bernurd Fletcher
K.n.si,-," Will be received by Ihe undersigned up llll nuon iiii Eriduy. the 2nd
day of February, on the following par-
cell, lul number one. being Hock of
grnccrlei and fixture! ut the curlier uf
Lonsdale Avenue und 16tli ttreet. North
Vancouver. 11 ft, twu dtllvery rigs
und four horses Lot number two, stuck
uf groceries und llxtitrei, I delivery
rig at Lynn Valley, Nortli Vuiuuuver
diitrict, at a rale un Ilie dollar nn
laid duwn price of euch nock respectively
All lenders must be nrioinpiiiiled by
a certified cheijue for ul leusl 6 per
cent, of the umniint nf lender, which
will be uppilcd un the purehnse price
In the event of thu tender being ac-
eepled. All chlOUII for unsuccessful
lenders will bt returned The highest or uny tender nut necessarily, accepted.
Poiscsilon cun lie given Immediately
upun a sutlsfuelurv price being I en-
dered and unproved of by the Inipec-
lori acting fnr the creditor! in Ilu
ibuve mailer
i'.i nl. nli. i" cun tic .ns.,ii,.,i from
Mr Fred I. Terry In charge of the
Lonsdale store, or by implying al Ibe
office of the Assignee.
Daled at Vancouver B ft. this 12nd
day of January, llll   y  ^^
Suite 9.  DeBeck  Building, IIS Haitingi   Street   Wesl    I'lione    Seymour
1711 •»■'
Extract from Provincial aud Oity
Health Bylawi.
"Whenever tny buusebolder knows
that any person witbiu bis family or
household has smallpox, dipbtberit,
sctrlot fever, ' liiilriii, typhoid, whuup
iug cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
or any otbtr coiilagioui or infictloui
diseaie, he shall (lubjtct in caae of re-
I--nl or neglect |o the peuiltiei pro
sisle,Ij, within eighteen boun, give
notice is writing to the Medical Health
Officer hod uo member uf any huusebold
iball attend school until a certificate
bu been obtained from the Mcdictl
Health Officer tint no Infection iny
longer exists in Ihe houie, clothing
and other effectc have been ditinfected
to bit satisfaction, and until iuch certificate shall have been obtained it iball
hi tht duty of every member of the
hot/lebold, aod of tbt Teacher, to ute
ill reasonable efforli lo preveut tht
aiiocinlion of    member! of tbe -aid
huusehobl   llllli   iillu I   , III I, I ie ii
2. Tbe matron of a public or private
Hospital, tbe keeper of every Hoarding or Lodging House, evtry Inn keep
er or Hotel-Keeper, shall, within tlx
houn, report in writing to tbt lltdi
cil Health Officer, or tny person being
at ont of tbt tforataid faouiei
or hotel* and attacked with or tuiptct
ill of having any contagious or lofec
tlout dliesis mentlonoit ip the Hy
law;" uadtr tbe penal tin provided
for by tucb bylaw.
Uf,       Secretary Board of Health.
Choice acre North of City,   Offering for $18G0,    One-third Cash
Phone 37, North Vai«W, B. C.
For Sale
The Elections
are over and
those elected
will now have to keep
their promises and saw
wood. We would advise them to use our
Easy Cut Buck Saws
See Our Window Display
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
pn tots on snd,near Boulevard, besutl-
fill situation tor homeiltet. Prices
$850 and un on easy termi.
33-foot 1-iots jn I-iyiiu Valley near tram
lino—aome   on   lloskiiuj road   snd
some near Fromme mad. Pries HW
up on easy terms.
Alexander Philip
Fiuanclal Broker
Agent for first-class fi ro, Marino snd
liiininiiii'i'   and   Accident    Insurance
Office I'luiii.' Ill House Phono HI
10,000 cords of dry lir wood for quick
tale.   Price per odd cords, $4.50, ■
Special quotations for larger quak*
lilies. Cut Wood, 16 inc)iei, i3.Z5v
12 inches. $3.50.   CO. D. }
Good cleared, graded, 50 It. lols Two Blocki (rom Lonidale Avenue Carline, Splendid Views and Excellent
Soil. The best buying in the City to-day at $800.00 each
on inni.. ol one-fifth cash and the balance ovei two years.
For Further Particulars ol above and Business and Residential Properties see
iii ,1 nn i   i ii ■    I, I, ■■ ■
Phone70. P.O. Box 1816
Office and Yard— 14th and Lonidale
Phone 190.     P.O. box 2432.
TAKK NOTICK Ihut ut tho next
Billing uf the lluurd of Licensing Com-
miuionere of the City uf Nurth Vancouvor, 1, Henry Lumun, Intend to apply for a retail liquor ur hott Iv license
fnr the premises kiiuwn und described
as Number One Hundred and four (llll)
Ksplanadc West iu the Cily uf North
Vaiicuuver, H. O.
Iinii ■i ut Nurlh Vancuuver Ihis ,'.'.ii.l
day uf Junuury, llllli.
Contractors, Builders, Store-,
keepers, and Employers
or office nr.i.r. etc., bto.
need only to phone 321 lo hove ill vacanclei filled. NO OHABOE
to EMPLOYEE or EMPLOYBE Iherefon there la aluolutely no lie
ccssily lo utlliie employment Agencies in Vtncolner, a. a complete
lilt   of ill clifses  of  worker* ii scpl al Ibe
Phone 321.     14 lonidale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, BocriUry.
Feed Grain
and Ground
As we have now in operation in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
with the best quality of these goods al prices
as low as cm at obtained anywhere in Vancouver. '        «■**
Prompt deliveries our specially.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,Ltd.
Phone 4
Telephqne 276
Paper the World
fi..n. uur .i„.L ..I nm Wall l'»|wi»
to it >■ ■-in-. Evtry dUy „„,„ new
deign   arrive, lo bll   lhe vacancy
ol ill's-,' ,I I mil, X"
Handsome Wall Paper
tr. ber. in ondlew vnrlcly. / .Imt
loll   Ollt   mils lis..si,   I,,,   uli„t    ,„,„n
you want th. p.per and lie will
thow yuu juat lhe p.tlern you sre
looking for.
To  choow Irom our itock ii a plea-
lun, to pay our price i, wiy.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO,
117 Lomdalo Avnu. I'lssi..^,
100/lxlOOft, corner of Ki« street (now graded) and St. Andrew's Ave.   Thii
property is all cleared and is i/> a most desirable residential location, and lhe price is
$1,150 '"3 "^ 6 »nd '2 months
TV '
.   Lot 56, Block '166, with stable
leased at $10 per month
Price $8500
Terms to suit,
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
tLonidale Ave. frum Wulcrfront in Upper Kellli 1,6116.06
l."i....i.,i, Ave. frum Upper Keith lu 13tli aired 6,119.10
la.n.aiai. A V i >    n mu   llllli  .Mis'. I   In   I8tta  Street 8.61 163
l.„i...,i.ii.   Ave. frum imi, street io clly llmim 13,(66 II
81.   tli
S3,     ' ,, "i ,,.   ,,
i Bl. llulrlck'u
li. St.  And.
i Bl. Andrew'.
i::.,,Lm,,,i, fi nni Forbes Ave. lo Bl. flnvld'i
Flrat Strout fruiu Forbes Ave. lu SI. liuvid'a
Beeoml ,  frum I- >-i 1. ■ Ave. lo Bl. Davld'a
Third mu s i from Bl. Davld'a tu Hendry Ave.
Forbes Ave. frum i It) i s,   s,   Third Btreet
Mahon Ave from Kspluniulc lo Third Street
SciiiIhcIi Ave. from Kn|slunn.le tu Third Btreet
ii"i.s us Ave from Ksplnnude' lo First Street
f'hculcrllulil frum Wulurfrunl tu Third Street
tit. George's frum Wulurfrunl to Third Slreei
Bt Andrew', from Wulcrfrunl lo Third Sired
Si Patrick', from .Wulcrfront lo Third Street
St Duvld'a from Wuterfroiil lu Third Street
Que.n.Uury from Third Street to City Llmlia
Kspluhude from Forbes Ave. tu Bt 'leorge'.
Flrat Slreei frum Fuibc. Ave. lu Bl
Second Bl. frum Forlieu 300 fl.
Third Street from Forties Ave. lo i
llnln Seuer Irom Kellli llunil to 23rd .tract
Main Sewer frnm VVularfronl lu Kellli ftuad
Kellli. i.n. 8II>. from Furhea iu Lonadale Ave.
\ I..-H. ,i.,l, Ave from mli alreet lo 13th atreel
Lunsdule Ave frum I3lh street lu Itth .(reel
I...is...i.sl. Ave. frum IStli alreet to ISth .tree!
Luimdule Ave frum 23rd atreel lu clly llmlia
i s|i..i .... ii..in Bl. Cieurge's lu St liuvid'a
Becund SI, 300 ft. Iv Bl And lo SI David'.
Third Slreei from 81 Andrew's lo SI. Iluvlda'
l.unsilule Alley Vi from lai at lu 6lh street
I'i. .1.1 Alley Is from 1st .1 lo (th street
Deduction, mi cunirucis 	
Lon.dnl. Ave  from Waterfront lu l?lli street
Muhon  Ave   frnm   Waterfront   I"    id Btreet
I'lleslerllcld   from   Wulcrfront   I"   3rd street
Bt.  George's  from   Wulerfr u  3rd slreei
St   Andrew's from Wulerfront  lo 3rd alreet
SI   l'alrick'a  frum   Wulerfrunl   I"  3rd street
1.913 Ik
1.161 91
2 952 67
1.187 47
20.116 26
36.126 30
(.382 76
10.311 16
39.207 19
7.376 70
9.316 68
7.019 36
8.120 01
c *
16,000 00
8.600 00
1.500 00
6,000 00
1.300 'Hi
;:.iiim nn
1.800 00
m  ' '■
z -.
6.000 00
8.000 00
41.000 00
43.000 00
2.000 00
3.600 00
1.000 00
3.(80 00
2 010 00
21.000 001
32.200 00) Il3.7:nili)
29.200.00) 82.970 00
27.100 00)
11.600 00
6.700 00
15.000 00
12.900 00
12.000 00
16.000 00
10.100 00
28.100 00
11.800 00
7.000 00
20.000 00
3(960 00
16 000 00
K.286 00
11.000 00
19.300 00
1.000 00
10.000 00
9.000 00
9.000 00
37.(30 00
1.100 00
11.536 00
Add   f.s
Luss   u
Inlerest   slsuul          8.000 00
sule   of   debentures   	
(32.800 00
8,000 00
(76.960 00
1661.(66 37 1(10.800 00 1(42.160 00
vv Ul II   M'llHKg   IMI MHIl HI   ■
Mains,  wuge.        141.201 03
Mains,   material         (1.(63(3
wugt'B   ..
lis.sis I l.ll
11.313 90
i.too oo
18 30
3.017 10
2.116 52
6.031 87
f,(2 03
1.326 00
3.143 li
Itlcc Luke eipense. 	
Advertising.  prlnliUK.  elc
New Iniiike.  wuae.      i
New" Iniiike,   material
Repairs to inulns.  wages
ii. I'.'ii ■ to in.sins,   malarial
lis ;..ni .■ lu services, wuae.
I,', lam ii to services, material
illTlee   ElllcniCI	
New   Intake,   wanes   	
New Intake, material  	
Inlukc   Maintenance   	
.\.ii. i in Im.   printing, etc
Block   account   	
I'luiil. tools, etc  	
Building  .1,, "imi   	
Total     1160.903.11
Approllmute amount provided for waterworki     166,3(000
Street   clearing          [W.'Al
ilonslrucllun of roads       1 J.JJl
f'onalrucllon of sidewalk.          l.ejl
Hock crushing    Ill
Mulnlciiance   of   road.           4.7(1
Mulnlenancc   nf  .Idew.lk.     71}
Team .ipen.e.   \*\
Roud making machinery         >••••
Insui iiii.e      i        ['fi!
Salarle.        '•III.
Kiiglneer.  eiiulpinenl     Jit-
onTee   einenie.           '■»"
I'lunl  ml  looll    '{'■
Lane   clearing   wage.           ••»'»
Ijine clearing material   'Jj
Repair, lu building. 	
Slrerl  Mmitaaatt »f-l.»»—
Operating   road   roller,   Wtg.l   	
Operating road roller, other eipeut.1
Itock crU.hlng w»*c»  	
Rock  cru.hlng  material   	
Plunking   wain   	
plonking   material   	
Hocking  .hauling   	
Rocking,   .preadlng   	
Sidewalk conitructlon     	
Street molnt.naJlce 	
I .ess   road   making   machinery
Approilm.l. .Miouiil proved for B. of Work.
Local   Improvement   tip.naltur.i   	
Waterwurk. eipcndltur.l 	
Hoard   or .Work,  expenditure   	
Hearing F.rkl ,	
Hoad making machinery   	
Widening Lon.d.le Av.nu. 	
Total    , MMM.II
work of conttructlrjf titan Imiiijn li
,    Th. above m.nlloncd  work  of cosiirucliu suMM^-Uot,'*.
Jf .cwcrs.and branch »ew.r«, (72 in.nhule., Ilfl.nii.hol.. or yflilll.torl   161
catch lio.fca aniLreprc.ent. Ihe handling of about 1*7.000 cubic y.rd. of ei
catch ln.fmanitj-eprc.enl
eavstcd earth.
The grading
Includes about  96 mile, of perman.nl .Irtei.
The waterwurk. expenditure. IncluS. Ibe laying of 17,700 lineal feel
of wood main .from 4 Inch., to 11 Inch.. In diameter. JI1O0 llne.l feel of
cut Iron main from I Inch., lo 10 Inch.. In dl.rn.ter, logeth.r with 114
galevalve.. 12 hydr.nl.. 7.1(0 feel of temporary \ Inch galv.nlied Imu
malm add 700 house .ervlcel. ,   , .
Tb. Boards! Work, expenditure. Include the con.trucUon of road.,
•Id.w.lk. sad bridge., uid Ib. cl.wlng and grading of iire.u mt lu...
tog.lhir wltti iinirsl ttr.it nsUUnSic. mf opirfung the tool erithir.
Statement of Local Improvements for 1911
From Records io City Engineer's Office
(Opntluued from page Uiroo)
Ignored? Ttis drawing of s will is t
solomn mtttor to tbe party most concerned, snd tt iuch a time tbs tie of
blood It apt to urge Its claims In a
atill imsll yolco^-a mere whisper,
maybe, but 'astonishingly pertinacious.
Therefore, wss Mr. Pago so Indifferent
to bit only living kln—hud nil ilie
cuiiiinoii (eelingt ol humanity so (ar
evaporated from bis heart-that be
would roroalu deal to tbat feeble plea?
' "Tbs end oil tbis line ot thought
wat a resolution to call upon my uncle,
bare my heart to bim, and then appeal
to him op the strength ot our relationship snd his loneliness, to aid me.
Without presuming tbat I entertained
any expectations (rom btm, aUII, It
hs meant to remember me at all, I
Intended to urge my preient neceist-
Uoi ss outweighing every desire and
hope ol tbe future.
"Hopelen? Crazy? Of course it
wss I But I nevor would bsve been
satisfied until I msde the effort. . .
.Belle, I want to smoke."
He psused, and producing a cigar-
etto, lighted It. But as it wat plain
tbat.be had not llnlalied, bit hearers
were (ar too abaorbed In bit turprls-
Ing recital to break In upon the t|-
lenpe. Mlu Fluette had followed bis
every word with a light of lovo and
sympathy ihlnlng In bar batol eyei,
wbleh was undoubtedly exerting au
encouraging Influence over tlio narrator; but Mils Cooper, I observed—
covertly watching me, as It tbo would
fathom my thoughts and read the
effect which Ihe ttory waa producing
ind right here let me tay that at tbe
moment ] would have been hard put
to It If mnlilriily called upon to deflue
that effect.
Pint of all, Maillot bad ihown that
bs waa keenly sensible of the terloui-
neit ol hit position, and In looking forward to the Incredible ttory be would
bave lio tell, had realized that Its entire trend would mean lelMncrimlna-
tlon. As lie hlmtelf might bavo
phrased It, he.waa tupplylng ino not
only wltb a ino%o tor the crime, but,
from the time of bit couvertaUon with
Mr. Fluette forward, with evidence
which cumulatively Inoulpatod hlmtelf.
Bo far, I had fell like one lliteqlqg
to a I'liiilci'iilini; at If all tbat I hud
already barkened to wat but a preamble to the Ingedy which wss yet
to follow. I may go still further: tbo
thougbt occurred to me tbat be might
be paving Ihe way for juitlflcatlon of
a deed ol blood. Convinced^ tbat tbe
responsibility for Pago't death lay between hlmtelf and Burko, It would appear tbat he waa adopting the only
meant ol gelling out of a bad bole.
Still I knew In my heart tbat tbt
denouement of bit -recital had at best
been only hinted at. Had he been
under arrest, It would bave bees my
duty to warn him that whatever he
might lay could be used against bim
at evidence. Vot I was bouml to lit-
ton, to encoursgs bim to talk, II hs
would; but I could not help contldtrlof
tho effect Ihli itory would produce
upon tho mlndi ol a Jury. I caught a
witUul look In (he blue eyet; and tbon
I told Malllol aometblng of what wu
In my own mind.
"I know II, Swift." he at ones returned. "But I believe my only hope
Ilea lu placing myself unreservedly In
your hands. I'm going to truit myself
to youi^-'
k queer little tound (rom Mlu Flu
ette between a gaap and a tob—
checked him. Sho got abruptly lu her
Is ei, and ibul inch a look of avvrtlon
upon me, that I hopu I may never
again be thu object ol lie like. Il la
decidedly unpleasant nol to bo in the
good graces ul to handsome a girl.
The color ebbed quickly (rom bor
cheekt, her eyes widened and her llpt
"Hoyul," she said brokenly, but with ■
an effort at self-control, "docs this
llilt man nietn lhat you are tutpected
ni   ol your uncle's murder?"  ind all
bor feelings woro compresied Into tho
emphasis ol lhat lut word.
"Belle!" came in gentle chiding from
Mlu Cooper, "Don't I Can't you roe
lha Hoyul ll trusting to Mr. Swlfi?"
Then tho too row; the pasted round
lo her cousin's ilde ul tbe table, drew
a chair cluio up to her and tat dowu.
She took Mlu Fluetlo'l band Into her
own, and sought to draw her btek Into
her teat, Jutt u Maillot tpoko up wltli
a confidence and uturance lor which
I could nol help but admire him.
"Suspeti  mel" ha cried amuodly
ttnue. ! want to ask one queitloa,
though, bofore you proceed."
I gioncedmeanlugly st Mlas Fluette.
"Considering all tbe circumstances,
pun you couildo In me with propriety-
just now?"
"Tu ba sure," be replied, promptly
and earnestly; "ss well now u sny
time. Vou mar readily Imagine that
to alt here and untold affairs so lutl-
matcly poreonal Is % matter of up*
diency and not o( choice.'
He bad mined my point altogether:
I wanted to epare tbe girl. But It
watn't (or me to warn bim of the complications which wore likely to arlee
ii mn his dlsplosures.
"I pan well boliove that," said I.
"Go on."
How the Errand Ended
"Don't you know, Swift," Maillot resumed, after a meditative pause, "tbst
It'i a mighly euy matter to mlijudge
a man? Certain reports concerning a
pcrion become current, for example,
and before wo know It—perhapa without giving the matter a thougbt—we
gradually grow to accept tbem u accurately' descriptive ol hit personality.
"1 havo wondered more than once
during the poat week whether we
haven't an entirely erroneous conception of every promluent man wbom we
don't know Intimately. 'By your ac-
tlous bo ye Judged'—1( we were, most
of ui would bo condemned out ol
"No, iiln; It's not by a man'i actlont
that lie may be accurately appraised,
but the motives lhat lio behind those
uctloni; and thoBe motives are exceedingly difficult lo ili'llne. Tbe Incentive
that linpi'lr, us lo a giveu act may be
ii.. right, in.' Intention to perfoni It the
In ni In Iho world, and I lien the act
ii ' li may be all wrong. Who's to
blame thou? Wbo more than any
other can let hlinioK up to centuro
our conduct, nr lay down a code ol
etblct and morals (or his neighbor tu
, follow? I am assuming that you havt
heard a good deal about my uuelo, and
I know the report! concerning him are
| anything hut flattering."
Tbii speech (ell In so harmoniously
wilh my owu train ol reuniting, that
I gave the young man's worda tbe
closest ntit-.iiImi. Atiumlng lhat hi
wu lu (act guilty, aa 1 had already
toiiiiitiieii in,oil/ill then would not
bis preient utlorancei appear very llkt
« pica In vindication o( bla deed?—or,
at least, u un apology? II be were
guilty, he wns supplying me tbe tup
port of a sound argument.
Hii analysis o( motives, at any rats,
made mu exceedingly regardful ol
ovory shining light Snd tbado ot bit
really roniBrkablo narratlvo. I remained keenly alert not to mlu t
iibaso of It, but carefully to ponder and
weigh every one.
However, ibat narrative muat not be
"Before 1 came bere latt night," bt
took It up onco more, "I thought I bad
Imagined every possible combination
of emotions with which my uncle
would receive my bruin obor; but bli
amuemonl wheu he heard me wu u
nothing lo mine at tbe way In wbicb
lis took It
"Flril of all, In a gruff, glum sort of
way, Ihe old gentleman iccmed really
glad lo see me; but be wu In a hurry
to warn me Ibal I had better get my
errand over quickly, u he wu cou
toinplallug catching a ulue-lhlrly train
(or liuluth for what purpose he dldu'l
tay. At Ilie evening woro on. however,
and mi. i I bad once or twice hinted
lhat I could wait llll a more oppurluni
lime to maku known my business, bt
Impatiently ' oininuiideil me to pro
coed; whereupon 1 naturally concluded
that bo had. tlnco my coming, given
over Iho projected trip.
"That fellow llurke wu In Ibo ball
wben I entered; and while Ihere wai
i.'iil.lng In his manner lhat I could
bavo picked oul at hostile, tilll I (ell
vaguely Ihtt he relented my Intruiion ,
Uul why ihould be? Blamed II I
know. As my uncle and I entered lhe
Ilium), llurke liud the norvo to bull
lu with a reference, lo tome paper,
and a reminder Dial lhe Dululh truln
lefl al nlne-lblrty. Maybe you Hunk
Uie old gentleman didn't lum bim
down '"i'i didn't boilm; llurke lu lh«
liu.t. though, ur Interrupt Uio to I
unwavering Inspection lhal he conlln
lied lo bestow upon inc. The tcllo*
wu inni) burning up wilb curiosity
dubl7g"rheTe"mn«t o'l bis clgars"tU' lo nijl «nt what my bu.lne.t vv
Into tbe (Ire. 'Ob, Bgtl Ul courtt be
dootu'i, Belle; but look bere: tbero
are plenty wbo will. I want to mak*
It plain thai, In a way wholly unintentional on my part, I bave got myaeK
mixed up In a pretty bad men, and
tban I wtnt to make turn of Mr.
Hwlfl'i oodptratlon In my efforts to
extricate uiyi.lf
"My dear Be)le,"-a gonilo note
crept Into bis voice, "pleuo consider
tbe cl num. tan eet undor wbicb I came I
here lut nlfbt; think o( tbe iragtdy ,
which followed so swiftly. consider tbs
itory I have to tell, snd thou uk your
Sit, Wbo li doing to believe ll? Ood
lp ns boti, dear girl, but this thing
bu got to he brought out and aired
In public.I"
The One brown eyu Marched my
"Do you believe Uiat Royal Maillot,
Is guilty o( this monitrout crime?" ihe
uked mi point-blank.
Before I bad Ume to frame a reply,
•be once more tprang Impetuously
(rom btr chair, ber (aot flushed and
her syss tparkllng wltb anger.
"Aniwer mc, sir, do you believe
I repllad, then, calmly; If non-com-
"is Mr. sMIIIot bu itld, 1 am of i
dltpoiljlon to help bim oul Of t Ugbt
place, aud 1 tru.t tbat bit friend. Will
wt put unucci ssary obilaclea In Uie
ww of working to thst end."
Ibe tald no more, poor Belle Flu
•ttsl Bhs wu to have my tympalhy
more Iban once duriug lhe dayi thai
were to foUow. Mlu Cooper looked at
me » little apprehensively, but I .read
oonldtao. In Ur eyu
"Ut Ur. Maillot proceed/' i  now
U. "It It not lair lo bin to fall at
this stsgt to bear sll that be bu to
' mt, pivritog hi ttiihj tntiiw to oon-
Well, after Mr. I'uge uud I got in
here, lie pul It lo me bluntly. Hid I
want money? II to. how much ami
what for? Now wasn't Uiat au en
couraglng beginning In view of wbal
I wu filer? Neverlhileii I wu re
■olved lo do or die; lo be belrd to llll
end, or els.' kicked oul ol lhe bout'
(orlbwllh. 'lliul liul It wbal I had
coming to me. all right—III wbat I
wat looking lor.
"I began by laying thai I limply
wanted hlm'lu ll nu lo mc 'or a few
milium io hur uie till I gol through
- and Un.n he would know well enough
what I wu tfler. I could tee that my
manner. II not my word., btd arouied
bli curloilly; Ihui emboldened, I
plunged right lu. I told him ol my
love (or llelle."
Th. uo oi ihem then aud Iberi
vcillied Ihli allobiorblng fact by an
olber Interchange of ardent glances
Heaven knowt, neither of tbem wu It
Die Icul wlf-conrloui or al *dl thy
over Ibe mailer. Mlu Belle leemed to
glory in It; to accept bla unspoken pro
(etilont of devoUon wilb a joyous tori
of triumph which crowned her haughty
beauty with iba ihlnlng mein of a con
I though* oi Mr. Fluette, financier,
speculator, man ol affairs ibat bt wu
and concluded thai I did not at ail
envy bim bit self Imposed Utk ol
keeping uuader these Iwo Invert. I
wondered, too, In Ibt event be oould
be brought to appreciate Ibe deplb aod
finer rily of 'thtir attach men t, wbethei
bit opposition would lllll remain ob
duraie. U to., tbe future mutt be dart
and Uonay-K nol tragic lor bim
Here wu t woman, II \ read aright,
sapablc ot treat atcrUcei; she wu
ready to rugb bsadlong Into ihem, too
K ne-sd bt.,
Ab, w-elll-Jfjiysdld « parent sad l
M ^» WftWty ws do is proof of put
ability. Wi ipiclallxiln tbs llttlt
thlngi which srs so Important, and
which add ticell.nco to your work.
Our plant and staff, comblnsd wltb tbs
study Ws glvs to ths trtdt, enables
»■ 1$ li?l wtlifaction. Wa Will give
titimatai, maki up dummlss or idviu
you on sny work you wtnt Aatm.
• ■
Publlsbsrs     of      "Tbt    Bxprtu."
Printer, of Flnt lob Work.
North Vancouver, B 0.        Phont 80.
Sty ^MBS?*        , *iff#,*^ -mnn.f n
R1"" '"> ■ ■"■*!■■■■■ .n«Mne>eil.ii4HIHif|.twi.i ■ «.. tin it  m
ttve You Figured the Lots
From "Busy" Signal*?
Suppose a customer ii about to order something or
other over your telephone, The operator finds your
line oi lines engaged. The customer must wait—or
order somewhere else, Maybe he chooses to wait-
calls again—again finds your line or lines busy.
That means a possible loss of a customer,
The business man needs adequate telephone service for lliv accommodation of his
business and his customers. When you lose
customers through "busy" signals, it has
been proved that your telephone facilities
are inadequate.
People who get business make it easy for their customers to get ihem and have the number of telephone
lines their business requires. The number should be
determined by tlie amount of use at the BUSIEST
time of the day.
B. C. Telephone Co., Limited
GO  Ttt. THE
4th Street West. H.  DUMAS. Phone 347
iba. Business  Gentlemen's   Popular Lunch  Place
J**" Breakfast 8:30 lo io     Lunch ia till 2.     Iiiiii
(w»lc. Tea 5 Iill 7:30.      Afternoon Teas.
Norll.  Vancouvar  Club    Block,   E.plantd*  Wa.l
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have iheir mill operating in lhe mountain and can give
of sill kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.    Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label),
<..|iit«l I'eiij Up  f i,jryjfiM
lie.ervti I. I'udlviiisil I'rolitu :i,?60,000
Total  Attelt   40,000,000
■ _
In un ni,, of s.sii,iv>ii<nii,i. Um
thrifty forge mjr.ly timid—while
tbt r I.u iiroviil.nl  belntben aciu-
IIHlllll. 'I'l.ls,
M.ny t thrifty mini or woin.n ran
iss.ii,1  to the flmt    1, .1  ,1, ,   |M  nr,
tt having Ik.ch ii,i,,.„ n,, day n hank
account  wa. opened.
A Ki.vIiikh Account In the Bank of
Hamilton will prove i .ur.' Incentive
lowtrd  thrift. .a1,
Open .very sutiiAav evening h»-
tweMi  1 and  » oVIoelT
■ '
<'. II. IIUA VHK, A.r.l,
■tori.  Vintner
Sp long ss men bsve lived, they
tmrr*prtw$--h*>*-H!r-»»iH»"Hly -vignfr-
Onr sdvsiioe, not only In olvilltwtioiii
but In mors) insight, may bs gagei! liy>
oniiui»rii|){ tlie iiluiil. of tbo Bsvotfo wbo
Buirfllt liimltb snd vigor iu order to
serve himself tnd to iivuri'iiiini otbor
people, witb the beat ideal, of totlsy,
whieh-regard'hotlih as 11 ninuna to the
lervlao of otbora and ths iiviinsniiiiiig
of self.
ljailiant, vigorotiB boslth la not to bo
attained by everybody, but moat of ua
uaii be iiiui'li bettor than wo are. Ideal
health  Involve,  the  following I'undi-
1, There ahniild bo opniplste abaotiae
of paiu, Hut that ia not etiiiiigli; Ihem
muat be a aonaatlnii uf phyeiral well-
boing, a ilellgbt In the reuliaalinii nf
bow well .yuu ure, a joy in Ihu vigor
and lifo of the Ijudy.
2. Kai'h night'a sleep aliuuld bu iui
mediate ,iiri>anileua, profound ami re
II. Tlm vegetativu (uiietleill nf sir
eolation, respiration ami illgsstloil
ahniild lie uni'iiiiaeiiiiialy purfortiinil.
4.     TilO   llppellle   1.lieu lii   llll   gllllll   t'lir
aimplu fund.
li. There bIioiiIiI be Ihu eiijnyuieiit
fur wurk; pluaauru ia thu mpondlture
nf energy.
tl. Emotion, or Miu illipfuy of emotion
ah,11,1,1 lid easily controlled, flood
lieullli invplvus well-poised nerves and
these, again, rei|uire control nf llm Inhibitor]' centers, so Hint auger, worry,
or impatience can he Immediately ban
ii.hr.I, ami even untimely laughter can
lie restrained  .
7. hs il, nliilily for siistuiiieil el
fort—moro frequently dependent upon
health than upon character—should lie
present. Thia i. the chief condition ul
any success worth having, uml ia nearly
always a matter of health
A prescription for the attainment of
health is not an easy lhiii|i In give,
since man is an highly organised, and
so highly illilividuaiiied. Knelt of ua
uiual atiiily himaelf, ami thia with u line
carelessness. There are a fow rules
thnt uru applicable lo ull cases:
I. Fund nl the right lime in Ilie
right ipiniitity .misl iho kind uf fond
Hint Agrees with you.
1 Water abundantly, used both in
lernally and oiternslly.
■1. I'ure air ul all hour, uf llm mghl
ami day.
1. The practice uf self cunt rul, I he
exercising uf those inhibitory centrea
which influence the Innly quit, ua
much us they do lhe mind
6. The practice of tlie "ipiiel
hour," lliu Indelible rulu thul every
•lay shall have ils period of withdraw
al from the whirl uf tilings, when
soul ami body can be fur a time alone
and al real.
t. The Imisii of optimism, tlm Imliil
not only of a contented, Imi of 11 juy
una mind-a-Hulucl.il.
lm aimid Slid Hatonod. Whon the 11111a
lo coaaod lie slopped forward sa if tn
aay a few word); but hia video failed
him. He riiinnil hia baiula sa If to
bliiaa, "Wbat a joy thoy huvn given
rool Wlist ■» wonderful, hosntlfql
ci111.11 to my birthday." And frnm llm
itreet ennui about, of "H011I1 i.ia.-ti
lloull dur llrnsau Kiiiilalnrl " eniiipelling
bim tu gn out many times.
How Li.il spent his lust liirlli.luy
ia related li> Erich I'arthe 111 the Berlin
Tagehlatt. He waa nearly aevSnly fuur
year, old and the eicileiiiunta uf the
previous few years inul left him ex
huiisleil, senile, decrepit . Determined
to avoid all further encileineiil un lhe
lin,) nl October, lie left Mum, I, live
'lays before lliul slate In spend u few
days wilh his friend lluscmiorfcr ,ul
the Tyrolean villa of hia former pupil,
Sophie Mentor. Ou lha L'l.-l he left
for liiuahiirck, whore ins. pupil, I,in.
S'liriialhauacii hud engaged ruuina fur
him al the Hulel dc I'Kiirope. Know
iug his haliil uf early rising, she knock
ed ut hia door ut live o'clock 111 the,
morning uf his birthday and handed
him a hunch uf rosea. Taking Ihem,
he said: "They are likely lo he lhe
lasl nf the year ami the lusl I rhull
get 011 a Idrthduy."
Together Ihey went tu tlie ueurhy
Eruiiciscuii cbureb, where he knell in
prayer, she lisiide him. Hy the vin
I'ur trembling of hia body -lie saw
how deeply moved he wus., liis eym
were veiled wilh leara again uml uginn
and lie suhlied. After uliuiil an hour
of devotion hu got up; l.ina hud lo
support him. -Again he knell, making
Ihu sign of Hie cross "ll w.s ua if
Iho inii.-ler hud taken farewell of life."
On lhe way hack to the hulel lie said,
over and over again, "ll is my la.I
I,nil,sins my little Lins, I feel it it's
lhe lut."
In Ihu aflernoon they look a long
drive together. In lhe evening, Ktuve
bagen, An.orge and Thomini culled,
Wiiile Ihey were all silling in llm din
iug room, suddenly Ihu large square
before the hotel waa brightly illumin
i.'d. Alarmed, Liszt exclaimed: "{.
"la lhat a Orel" Without answering
Line got up and opened I lie balcony
window. Tbst wan ttie -Ignnl nj-wi!
upon for the beginning of lhe seron
ade. Two hundred gingers, each wilh
a blaring torch in hi. h.nd, and sur
rounded by a denw uiasa of ape, tutors
Ailed tb. aqprs. A. the dopr opened
Ibe mighty .w.lling.tralns of Lis/1'»
part song /'ijottes i.t i)«; Orient"
(from (tactile'. "Fau.t" tfmhttf hi*
ear.. Agreeably surprised, he got up
and went out ou tbe balcony. 1-11 en ily
be ttlded bl. hand.; big tear, rolled
down bia cheek., With uncovered bead,
nolwithsi.iidiug the told autumn air,
A Story of Puosl Oonslderstlou
"He's a big man and a good apnrt,"
riiiuarkuil a well known Ottawa lu
criMsu player aa be wnlcliud the llnyul
purly paaa III prnimssiiiu ut Montreal.
Hu tuld a little alory tu illualriilu his
A ptirt nf llideiiu Hull park uu
•which thu youngsters woro allowed tu
ploy  in,".nn,    lu  ihu   lliiliu uf (bin
naught 'a ml was funcud off nu hia
arrival. Thu nllmr day Ilis Ulgbnou
■ ti 1110 in 1,, . siiiiiu sii,,11. is 1 playing
nil the narrow strip of lumi uu Ihu edge
uf the park. Ilu uskinl one nf Ibo
boyi why Ihey did tint play inside,
where I hum was muni mum.
"Thu 1'.il.e won'I una fnr il.''
suid tlm liny,
"Why   1I1111'I   yuu  ask   him,"  siig
gualeil   Ilia   ilighlieaa.
"Aw. wu dun'I  kiiuw  him," aaid tlie
"Hut Ihey say he's mil 11 lind old
guy," he added.
"Wull, luku 11 good hnil. ul Iiiiii,"
nu ill he lliiku, aa he walked away.
Nuxt day lhe 1'cnco waa romovod.
Shim Gum
District of North Vancouvur.
EugUi.erliig Department
Applications are invited fur Ihu fill
lowing poiitlou.i
I. Expert locator uud Iraiisitniaii
(temporary) salary H per day.
II. Timekeepers aiiil'l'uat I'lerh, alii
11 ry tin per monthi mini with contract
iug experience preferred.
Apply by I. lis 1 to llm undersigned
slating ekperieiicu, references ami gis
iug   copies   of   teatiliiulillila
joiin 11. eoHiimivi:,
Dl.lricl  Engineer
Nurlli Vuncouvor, 11. fl.,
10th January, lolli .
i'i.i.i.i   nl  rniist   1...11, .   one
Tul.e Null,,' Hint neofiie Vsnliei nl
Viim-iiiivei', II I', uceilliulluii, timber
cruiser, 11.is 1,si 1,1 iiiuili lm |iurni|..lun
,11   purcbue.   thu   IuIIuwIiik   iln.erllieil
Ulnln. rnllllllelli-lllg 111 .1 I'USI pi,Ull''I
llliulll   III . I.,,In., .-...lllh uf Hie II,lllll,s.ISI
corner ul' I.ol lb; llieiicu eust lu chain..
Hulls e   antllll    II)   eh.ilus.   theme    ensl
111   .lining;   Mu in s    111.11I1   111   drain.:
Ihence eosl 111 sllillns. Itlelne linllll 111
limine llleli. i' Wcsl IJl) illllllll, Ihence
■ ulllll   10 eh,lliu  In linllll  uf s'niniiiill..
ment   coiituinlug   610   ucics   nioi-u   m
i,lis.lii,i: VI'ltlilKIl
I III I,s.   Ileeelliher   37 111.   lllll 16-3
Hl.lrk-l   nf I'uu.l   n.iisK"  iiii.
Tuke  Nnllee  lliul  i'uiii  King, nt  Vun
lUIIVor, 11 I', ncellllillllltl Slslnslel III
hllds III lipids fnr (isiissis.al.il In pur-
.linse lhe I..11. . in, ibssilliesl I,iii,I.h
r,,tlllocllcltl|l nl il I'usI , i..nl,,I ubiiiil
.11   etlillns   ensl   uf   lhe   imliil   nl   , .nn
nn in ein, nl ill l.m T I. Soult uml
uloiip.idu ii surveyor's iiu.i lieinluii
number Hill, Ihelne I,. .11, till elllilns.
I hell, e CU.I 10 Ull.III. I heme snlllll IS
.hiillia. Ilmnee Wesl III chains In |,ulnl
ill s'liiiiiiieneemeiil. .nuiuliiliiK 310 lu-iea
mole  ui   less
ri ill A   K1NH.
hulls.  Ileienitiel' 17th.  Hill. IS 1
hlniii, I  nl  <',nisi  IUiimc 'ine
Tuke Null., llllli I III. Ii Alexiiml.l
II.issaiII nf VulK'UUVvr. II ''. u, .il|.n
linll. bl.il.1 I iiii, mil- In apt'l) Ini I'll
i,.i     I   I    In   plllellUSe   Ibe   I   i|s'.s|i,,    lie
BCI'lliL'd  lunda:      Cnlllllletielllg III  11  pusi
iduuied  id shiiiiiB i,ihi uf the north
ensl   eucllel-   ll.  given   III   ll   ib-sisi'llillull
iif ln| Mn I. eil by Qeorge Verdl.r und
numbered One; iheme norlli 10 chuins,
ihence weal HO chuins; iiieme nnrlh 10
cliiilns, ihence wesl all ehiilns. Ibence
sniiili lu cbuins; Hull" ensl til chain.;
I hence .-ss.iiili 10 ih.ilm.. thence ,-nal SO
i hilllis  I" I'lsilll  nl enllll"   -        lelil. Clin-
inlnliig CIO ucrea iii'm; si  leaa
1,,.i...  In,,ml,,-i   ITIIl.  lllll 16-1
Terms iiiii'lciiilc
MBS. fl. E. I'HA'I r
I'lioiio :m
Tc fc> lii il Hu I'ii' i-i ■ ur '.I in f.... liud ..
HtlKliiL-crillldulllciH -'lii icn|i;ctlicmlviwl)il-
ily of liuvlug llici'r I'nitiit lm tiiru Itunuctcd
\y lUpcftl, ficliii'Muty uilvi.L Inc. Cliarijti
nimlcnll. Oorlovenlot'i AdvUrn-uiluiioii i<-
I     ■ mi.   »l4lt»ll&Mllll-II.).'. (I'll  ,  :■     -\\;l'..  J.IIG
Ul.l-!   m.      ^..1 ■■    .i ',■.!■ i.   Hi",   link
Phone 335 Owners—Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing January 22nd
SHEPHERD & RAYNES in their renowned MUSICAL
BILLY RETLAW, The Great Comedian
The MILO DUO in their celebrated MUSICAL COMEDY
HARRY J, LACELLE, The noted Darkey
On TUESDAY the 23rd and WEDNESDAY the 24th January.
North Vancouver Yacht Club Minstrels
Two .Hours i*u||h
Great Fu
I Hiti *-PteiiMit*n«kr
One Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Boi Office open 10 to 12 tm. and 6 to 7 p.m}
PRICES~15c. and 25c.
S s
im. u,/vri\c.Qj i-KsWiMn v/vm-uuvci\
Every working day, and all day long
throughout the year, a large and busy staff
of expert artisans labor in our factory: designing and manufacturing those articles of beauty
worth and usefulness for which our store is
noted. Each of these men is a master of his
art, and knows that his most skilled efforts
must be employed on each piece of work submitted to his charge. In the manufacture of
specially designed jewellery, medals, trophies,
lodge pins and buttons we can give a superior
are men of long experience—men who take
pride in completing each setting With that superb finish which marks the expert. Have the
settings of your diamonds examined by us occasionally, it may prevent the loss of a prized
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC      Phone 157
Sole Agent; Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   -    Assets $111,000,000
the     ' I" Hi'      riilTr.
llll' lli.F llll Wllil'll tin
■lorlrk  current   will
ill, your cuuking.
Ilie ininier.ion licutcr
f n r !miliii|j w al ur
Kleclrii! Iron, lliu imii.
pi'liMll'li' i-iini i iiiiii. c for
mining ilny.
Drop in at our ofTire al 50 l^NSDALE AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by the u^ of lliese invention!.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   Light   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAH .WAY CO., LTD.       Phone 66
1,1 Ml TKI)
l.i ■;svc   Vancouver
North  Vancouver
•6.in A.M.
IMI   P.M.
'11.110  A.M.
2.20   P.M.
2 ID
:i hi
:i 20 •
i. in
1 I'i
fi 20
I in
i.H) '
'i 20
10.10    '
1" I'i
' 11.411
ii mi
8 IW
12.20   P.M.
12.20   P.M.
tt.lt  AM.   ■
•         2.20
12.40  A.M.
« d.uoto. "Not on Sunday."    ,'l
iiuc lull
e mihjrrl 1
o rliuiigc willioul
f.   in.ii.T  i.'oiiijiuny
n,l ImlilP lor '
ulsys, u<
I'iilentul or
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating Co.
Keith Road West
Will HU|i|ily you .willi Ilie rlieS|iutlmtilBStu for any km.I of .I'luinli
Iiijj nnrt 9lltnf Vlnrki Himitiiry Hii(jln«iTiii(jf, Hewer in.l Ni'|.lic Tank
coniieclionii, liinieee iiwtiilliiliiiiiiyetc. .1.si,Isms/ work .ml mm II hid*
Ir.cl. receive ytPfppt •tlciilloii.
(livo is Ilie job lo fix up your new liome uml we will «u«r»nlei' lo
Ai all your jiijie. in u wuy Nmi will mve your winter worries.
No joli loo .mull. Itoue loo large,
(lur .erviitw »re at your dinpoNuJ iiiiiii or duy.
BlMPI.y PHONE NO. 481.
Ws'vo leviteA out councrlion wilb
"Tlie Liglil IlrigaJd"
lot   >■
Tho "Wild CMtge" (liey undo
Posts! Addreu:
Bo« N».  '
North Vancouver
Post Otfce.
Poultry Fantleru Grow Woaltlty
. Winnipeg, lluii.—|t is lliu |n|r|io!« nf
lliu ssiiiuiilisi'ra nf Muiiiliiliu 'ii meeiitly,
Iniiiirlii'.l |siililiii|t,y i:iiiii|mign tu mako
u iiioiiial fonluru aj tho futuro |iim»ilii|.
itiea of thu jnuvlni'u in tint wuy Of
poultry |iiinliii'ln ami niurkut gunluli'
illg. Jlluciiis.iiij: tlicic s.iilsji-, i . a Willi-
kiniivii locul ruul imIiiIii npiirulnr Huy.i
"Tho bust liny today fur lliu iivorfgu
in.i -im iii |sii>|ii'ii• Htiilalilu fur markiil
i'i'.'I.'nmi' nr iiii.iIii;. raining. Bin-h a
|iiiri'lm«i! iu u mul iiivimlinciil liecaii.e
it nun h» mnilo In |iruiliiri: iniiiiinliuliily
u iliviiluuil of tlm amounts invuatuil.
Tlm fuliirii 'i'l." of ilimirulilu miirkiit
.".'isi.'i |.iii|ii'n < 1. ilelenuiiiuil nnly liy
llm growth of Witiiii|iiig- uu uluuilulitly
Hll Tl'    llllh; .   llOI'UIIHl!   jliSI    UN   SIITIlly   ID
Wlntii|iug grnwN uml ilu |iini|ili) lini'iiiiii'
ninri) weultliy, jii.l ao sorely will thu
I ■ ■ inlvuiii'is, of i.ggx, potatoes uml
gnrili.n Iruck of (vory vuriely. Tu Ihr
"niii ginnl lumi I'liimi In the liig I'itlw
miitnliln Inr iiinrliiit giinli'iiiiig ur |ioiil
1 ry rulllllg can Ki'tinely lin purcliMod
al. li ii y |irii.'c. Tlie i-llini' tiling will lie
trim uf Winnipeg jn u few your.,"
Arming tlie niiii.1 hiici'dioiI'iiI uf Iho tt
tulilitdii'il poultry i.ni" now oporatlng
ill thin vjeinily in iiiiii nl Ht. Vital. Al
though I In.- Inmi wiiii liul recently
Hturleil, tiic iiwnera uiuln Ilinl they Iuue
now 1,000 elilekuiia, 1,000 turkey, uml
n large nuinlior ul' dnoka uml gsese,
Hi I'm' lining linimeil in Ihroo niuderii
liuililiugH of thu iiniat spprovod lypc.
Advancing Bealty Valuea
* Minimi ifaw, Hunk,•■•The iiinniigi'inciit
uf Ilie new strut)! rullway line mum
In upon lor trullir iu Moiihii Jaw atatoa
thai I'liiihtriii'tiiiii work ou thoir cur
Inirn nmi puwer lioiin' will start ul n
vory oarly dale. An oxtou.ivc
iimoiinl nf liuaiuoa. fur tlie ruining .oa
HOU la now lining hooked liy hnal ar
hilei'l uml i'uul nn turn. The Toroutu
syndicate which recently purrhuuil
Ilie I'llirii.ss lill'n .uhilivl.'loil ul HiO urrc
to llm north uf the city I. preparing
to pluee the lumi un Iho market early
in Ilie spring. The purchase price
paid liy the syndicate is staled In hair
In  ♦l.'lilpOOO which is un advance ul
4l'io,iiiui over n disl made on the proper
ly aliuul a yeur ago.
ii. ■il.n.. i a. au nni.. im, in li, l,i
llcgiiiii, Husk. Tiic rei'i'iilly issued
liuinl lumi. of the hoard of trade is lie
tug givon un enormous circulation, ami
lins already created a vory fuvoralilc
iinprcion uliroiiil. As iliiislriiliug the
siilisluulial growlli ul tins cily, it is
shown Hint eleven I'uiiudtail hanks now
lum' lirumlies m Kiginv allhough
Ihere wus nn eleariug house here until
il,i.sl,"i. iiiiiii. mill another chartered
i .."is will commence shortly the ere.'
lion of a luiii'lsiimc now InnMing, the
site of which li.is- nlreuil) lieen purclias
ed. Knglisli rupilalisls who recoiilly
loured Hie prairie province, hoie , ,
pressed lltemselves in iiii-IiiiIcI lerius
us tn llicir impressiutis "f llegiuu
Ainotig these .lames M.-Kay of l.iier
lumi. I'iuglaml, staled in u reienl inter
sum   :" WIli'li'UT iiuc slsi|is.  Wll,lll|'i'g
I'ulgary, Kegina, Vmn'ouwr or Thine
ilii| ill. the signs are Ihe same pre
g/i*ss uu.I o|iliuiisin    The satiesl values
ill   the   West   lil'l.l    I   roll"I.ler   lire   I"
lie fouml iu llegin.. If Kuglund would
wake up lo the upper!unities which
''lunula alls., i liolli fur Ilie inieslllii'lll
of inolic) iind the placing of men, lier
returns would he grealer than Irom
any of her oilier iinesluii'lils in ml
ulna I ilcwlopuiciilt " M M. Kni V
recent trip i\ns urrunged In cover ever)
important districl in llm wc»l willi n
view to the investment of private nip
JAN. 23rd
and 24th
A year ago I Trussed lhe Ocean wilh
Hir William White, lliu enpert employ
cl li> the Hi.ii I, government in liuild
lug lhe fast vessels of Iheir navy. We
were on the l.iisiliiiiiu an.I lm lol.I mc
Iho story ol that ilumihlp He wa.
called iu as romisellor liy llm liuild
crs. When llm I.nut was luiiil il wa.
hgured out thai slie shuul.l make 2,1
or 21 knots an hour. As a miller of
fa.t, limy eonl,I mil gel her .Love 22
knots, ami uo mailer how hard limy
drove lhe engines or how much coal
limy liurnrd. He instituted a series of
esperimenls, and il finally occurred ...
him that il was useless to dry lo drivo
the engine, harder, The propellers,
driven l.eyon.l a certain speed, heal up
the waler w rapidly thai lhe air unil
e.l wilh the water, wilh tlm iflnl Hint
Hie propeller, fouml no cofrcpoii.liug
r.■ i imi"- The s'.iiin was loo lighl.
It was as when a man pushes hi. feel
ugiiinsl ii pillow. It occurred lo blni
lo culsiw, the hla.le. of Hie propeller.
When he Sddoil 20 per tilt, lo the .rea
of the kinky raising 11.from 80 to I'M
leet, at .nine the hoal shol up lo Die
e.llina4eil(.pe«il. The Hev. li. A. Slim
twin in Hif Missionary iler.lil. -
.«al8; GetYoui
And you iierlainly do whon you huy furniture bare. Quality .mi vsri-
ely aru tho strung features of thia .tore. Nowhere el.s trill you find
an cvIciimve a showing of really good furniture and crput. st iuch nuni
inul price, a. wo charge. Kadi article is ropre.ontatlv. pf the beet of it.
kind and uur wonderful assnrlinent iniure. out suiting every ta.te atld
ovory puree.
This Month
i 'i i . . 'i in i..
You can save money in
making your purchases now
Extension Tables, $6.50,
$9.50, $12, $15 up.'
Pining Sets of 5 small and
I arm from $14.00 per
set up.
Bedstead, Spring and Mattress, complete far $8.50 op
Dressers at cut prices, $8.50, $9.50, $12.00, $15.00
and up to $75.00.
In our Croch.ry D.pl. wa ara jutt opening up a Urge .hlpmant of Flower Pol.
.nd Crock..      ==      All SUe.
The home furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
■ ■
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocki 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 caih, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. LoU in Blocki 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 caih, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
'Contrary In the usual practice die Assessment Notices for
I''I.' have been sent to the registered owners of properly
.1111.11liny lo lhe I .and Registry records.
I ip to lhe present, purchasers have lieen in the habit of
notifying lhe cily authorities thai the properly had changed hands
so lhal notices of assessment and taxation ahould nol go astray.
Ihu (win of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for cily purposes, but owing lo a recent decision the
cily council is advised by its solicitors lo recognise these owners
only who appear on lhe records of the Una Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for properly
which H has sold and which has since changed hands Iwo or three
Ihe Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it lhat ihey should lake steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them so that they may be
come aware of the value at which ihey are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
limited Liability
Phone 6266 '      ^
'  i 8,
t I'M!
Provincial Legislature
9mm Ot Potnga of Me Week by our
Own Vim OjAltty dnwiapoiidwt,
The first week's sitting of the present legislature baa beau one ot ape-ash
rather than aetion, nearly the whole ot
tbe time having been occupied by tha
speech from tb? throne, Jbp debate
sailed forth one or two notable speeches. That of tbe Premier on Monday
last was the longest and most comprehensive, niiu'ii it dealt With nearly all
matters of publio interest in Hie province at thla time, purlug the hour
and forty minutes tbat he was speak'
ing tbe Premier held the attention of
the bouse, any dlffuseness being atoned fer by his bracefu) delivery ami
well rounded periods. Mr, Brewster,
who pieced tho Premier, while rather
pun.h inns III s'l'.le ,iiiluiiiie.il'. inadii
the best et his ease, and his criticism
was couched in fair and gonlletnanly
Mr, Parker Williams, the sole uipon-
est of Socialism in Ihe house at Ihis
time, let off somo verbal Ore rockets
mingled with some whining Utile i'ulln ine   wheels of witticism,   His ra
ther personal references lo the Premier
wero not talieu very seriously and be
wss forgiven for the amuseinont   be
caused.   Mr. Tisdall's was the address
ef a busim's man, eminently praeti
cal and concise,   lie wasted no words
on frills, but said plainly what he wished fur his owu diatrict.   Among his
hopes were that tho government in its
proposed railway policy, would assist
the project for a railway from North
Vancouver by lluwo Hound and i'eui
iMrton Meadows, and I honee along the
Frascr to Port Qeorge and oat to the
Peace River country.   Mr. Watson in
in'ming   lhe   addresa,   i|uile   lilliiigly
dealt with Ilu- effee!  of the govern-
ment '■- policy in ils broader aspects,
although hu did mil neglect to call at
i,mil,,i also lo the development of the
Viucouver districl and ils needs. Mr.
■lai'iii.'    speech on tlie address was uo
table fur his declaration of "adherence
to lhe i "is" i sni ive party, aud hia sym
palliy fnr Hie lonely position of his
former colleague, Mr. Hrewster. Other
speakers on lhe address dealt principal
ly wilh the needs of their own parlicu
lar districts. *
The  debate closed  wilh  s  stirring
speech by the Hon. Mr. Iloss, Minister
of Lands, in defence of the policy of
his ilepariineiil  ,which hud been vigor
inisly attacked by  Mr. Ilrewsler snd
Mr.   Williams,  who staled  practically
Hist uo land  wltbln   reach of trans
porlation  was available for the pre
emptor and thai all the best land iu
Iho province had been parted wilh to
"I' • uiul,'i ■      Mr.    Id.-...   replied   with
eipiiil vigor, allowing that at the pres
cnl lime two-thirds of the total urea
of the province was reserved for pre
emptors, and lhal in the past the only
land near enough lo a railway for set
lleinsiit   was   iu  Ihe Canadian Pacilic
belt,  wile li   uuder   lhe  Biliiiinistraliun
uf Mr. Hrewster's friends was the must
stagnant part of the province.
Ho fir only three bills have been laid
before  the  House,  and  onu  of these
created a record by being passed and
receiving Iho Lieutenant (lovcrnor's as
sent within  live days of lhe iipeiilng
nf Hie  House.   This  was the bill  lo
.iiiniaie lhe elections in wards 7 and
x nl lhe city of  Vancouver   11  was
necessary  lo  havo  this  passed  as  it
effected nol only Iho voles for aldermen
in those wards, bul also lhe ulher can
delates elected  by  general  vole, and
tin bylaws.   1'ntil il wss pus.-cl civic
business iu Vancouver could not pro
md.   A second bill was lhal lo vali
dale lhe revision uf provincial statutes
whnh pavsed second reeding un Friday
afternoon.   It came In for some crili
riant from Messrs   Ilrewsler sud Wil
lisini on Hie ground thai they were be
lug asked to lake loo much on faith
and lhal lhe members idioubl be given
an uppvrlumly to look through Ihem
before pasting them.   Hon. Mr. Iluwser,
raid  Ihs  revising   .'oinniisiionsts   had
Iiiiii given full power to do sll they
hsd dens and though Ihey had gouc
lay uud ll in altering words la some un
important Instances, il hid always been
dons   by   his   coiiMinL   He  eiplslned
Ihil the work was divided into three
volumes of which 3/WH copies each had
heeu printed making U,000 iu all.  A
fourth volume would be issued during
!«'cm.   This   would   contain   ivuglish
laws brought Iuto force by the proclamation of Sir James Douglas In IMS,
L I.    ■■'. B
and also an indjw to, private bills, The
bill passed second reading without division, The only otbjir bill »t present
on the order psjier l» an Unimportant,
technical amendment to the Hospitals
for the linen* Act.
A bill of greater Importance than
any of .thein, but which has not yet got
oii tba order paper, was that'embodying tbe amendments to tha l*nd Act
with refereno to timber, which was
introduced by Son. Mr. Ross at me
close ef the week's sitting, Tho bill
provides for the creation of a provincial forestry board with a chief forester and other olMal" who will have almost unlimited jurisdiction over Umber matters, It further enacts that
licences for any timber limits that may
be opened in the future must be applied
fer by tender, and tbe tenderer offering
the largest bonus per thousand feet on
limber eut will obtain the license, or
the Minister of Lamia may at his discretion decide that a lump sum shall
he tendered for, tba wbolelimit, This
Is in addition to tbs usual royalty. The
bill also provides tbat band-loggers licences may be issued in future only at
the discretion of the Miuister in districts where they are likely to do no
Injury to anyone else. After the passing of the act tbere will be a material
Increase In royalties which will bo
paid according to the grades of lumber
eut from the timber, these beiug di
vlded intu three elassiAcatiuns. The act
contains rigid restrictions fur the pre
ventlou ot forest fires, and severe pen
allies are provided for any infringe
ment.       '
During the week Mr. darter-Cotton
introduced the petition from J. Y. Mc
Naught ami others to create a uew mu
nieipallty known as West Vancouver,
which will really lie tu tbe west of
North Vuncouver. Tbis and the peti
Imu fur the amendments to the North
Vancouver incorporation Act will be
considered by tbe private bills commit
tee ou Tuesday for the purpose of as
curtaining whatever it haa complied
with standing orders. If it has, it will
be reported to the house i nthe form
of a bill and passeif through lhe regu
lar stages.
A graceful actiou of tho house during the past week was the passing uf
a resolution of congratulation  tu Ih
Our Seotoh lads and lassies and their
friends are to assemble in the exhibition hall on Thursday evening at jm
Iti their fourth annual celebration of
the birthday of Scotland's great bard,
Robbie Burni. The Haggis supper will
be a Most attractive feature of the
entertainment, that all may bave u
tbptt of the "great chief tan o 'the pud
dip' mt-"' Mayor McNeish, the pro
sjdeut Of the society, will worthily in:
cupy tho chair and say "a spiel to
tV*. Haggis." Among those eipected
to take >part In the spiiiich-makiug are
President Bruce of the Vancouver Bt.
Andrew's Society, Vice-Presidents Stephen and Tullis, Prpf. Macnaghteu,
Aid. Irwin and Hs-ltecvu McNaught.
There will also be songs, recitations
and splendid dance program suflleiently
long to keep all busy till long past
the "wee ima' oor ay on I the I wai."
A social reunion of the members and
adherents of the Methodist church will
be held on Friday evening, January
116th. The arrangements for the pro
gramme are in the hands of the I Allies'
Aid whicii is of itself full assurance
that all who gtteinl will enjoy an even
ing's royal entertaiument.
The program of improvements of the
parks committee in respect to Mahon
Park thia year is ssid to include Ihe
estension of llslbrook avenue frum
Keith road alOug the westeru boundary
of the park, skirting the pulley which
marks the western limits for its entire
length north and south. Also another
road up the other large galley which
is located a little east of the former
ravine to a point where il connects
with the west side gulluy. Besides
this the parka committee will clear mil
a two is' ie spsce fur the Dominion ar
mory and recrcatiun grounds.
We learn from a oorwipondipt thnt
a burglar broke Into a fiielid avenue
mansion early thi othor morning nnd
found   himself   in   the  IWUSlo   room-
Hearing ■feotstepi approving, be took
refuge behind * mwffli   <
From 8 to 9 the eldest daughter hid
« ninging le.'i'i.in.
Frum  II  to   I   thu second  daughter
took k piano lessen,
from 10 to 11 the eldest son got
bis instruction on the violin.
From Jl to 18 tbe younger boy got
a lesson on tba flute and piccolo,   .
Then at 18.15 the family gut together am) practiced chamber music
on all their instruments. They were
lining up for a concert.
At 18.45 the porch climber staggered from behind tbe screen. "For
heaven's sake send for the pnlice!"
he shrieked. "Torture me no lunger!"
And in tbe ovening papers there was
the head line:
"Nervy Ohildren rapture Desperate
Burglar."—Chicago  Plain   Dealer.
'" "   '
We are Exclusive Agents
in this Territory for
Duke of i iiiinaiiplii on his appointment
as Governor (leneral. The resolution
moved by the Premier snd serumled
by Mr. Brewster was passesl unaui
muusly by a standing vote of tbe
House. Mn Parker Williams was al,
s-s et frum the house.
The house Ihis year misiealhc pres
ence of Mr. J. II. Hawthornlhwaite,
une uf ils oldest members. Mr. Williaun
announced the oilier day that lie was
expected hack within a few days. He
will be heartily welcomed, as whatever
his differences with other members, Ihey
recognise that his fluency ami ready
wit gives a spice to tlio debates, which
is absent without him. Otherwise all
members are u»w in Iheir places.
i _,	
Last evening the local league liusl
fur their topic lhe effect of "Art, lit
liul ure nn.I music, their influence on
citizenship." Messrs. (Iruy ami Weir
were the- speakers.
Neil Monday evening every member
must be on hand al 7.Ill)'sharp, On
Toesday, Jan. IUI, there will be a spe
■ nil meeting of the K.pworth League
to elect officers fur Hie ensuing sin
months. Every member requested In ut
The Ily, the Ilea and the mosquito ure
the veritable scourges of lhe human
race iu the disease they carry. The
fly carries disease which decimate the
native papulation of the African high
lands. The inusquilo spreuds malaria,
lhe most ubiquitous of tropical diseases
and is suspected of propagating yol
low fever as well, and lhe Ilea spreads
plagus. In the last rase there i bus
nulls only una kind of flea. I'ulft
choupis, which spreads the Infection
ami the olher fleas which spread it
-the (leratophyllus faseiuta and the
Typhotopsylla museull—are nol    very
partial to human  blood,  tl cb    lhe
second will lake to il more readily
than Hie lirst. Happily for I lie while
man and the dwellers iu temperate
limes, the range of mosl of these death
and disease carrying insects is limited
lu the tropics.
SMART'S    (0)    HAMMEBS    AND
Bach ef these lines are conceded to
hi tbi standard of the couutry. Ou;
stock li ill bought from reprsssntatlve
flrnu. Soma of these llnei we are
compelled to ask a little more for ha
cause It costs mousy to manufacture a
high grade article.
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
The turbine steamer IJueeii Al, .an
dra, which has been so popular in the
summertime ou the Firth of (Hyde in
connection with her daily excursions
to snd from I'snipliclltown, and.former
ly owned by Turbine Steamers, Ltd..
has been taken from Messrs. Denny s
yard in Dumbarton lo (Ireenock lo
dink, prior lo her lung voyage, via
Tape Horn, to Vancoover. She was
purchased recently by lhe Canadian
Pacilic Ilailway rnmpany and during
the past two inuiitlis has been under
guing extensive alteraliuns lu make
her suitable for the Vancouver trade.
The ijiiceii Alexandra is now called
Princess Patricia, an honor lo the pre
sent Ooveroor of Canada, and she is
expected lu leave the Clyde early in
A Ood of Hatchets
Evsry Chinese implement has its
deily. There is a god of knives, sn
other of spades, anotber of hatchets,
another of iwordi. Kvery klud pi aui
mai bas Its deity.
Paths American Comedy
flreat excitement prevails in the
club room uver the questiun uf woman
suffrage, uud the boys all agree that
never in all their mortal lives Mill
they have anything In du with a wo
man. One particularly vehement de
iiouucer uf Ihu fair sex hies lum home
abuut l.lli) a.m. to his apartment house
where only bachelor s live, and by a
strange accideut crawls into (be wrung
apartment. II seems that in the mean
time a beautiful woman has mined
llllo Ihe hi ;.nn., i.i. ami hearing Hie
intruder enter and believing il to lie
a burglar, she hides under the bed.
Here she is discovered by the bach
elur whu thinks il is a suffragette but
glar, and rushes uff lu lhe club and
later to the police station with the
whole club al his heels. They gn Willi
two officers lo unci the intruder only
to discover that Mr. Bachelor has been
in soinebudy else's quarters. The whule
il.nip results in a revolution in the
lun In l"i" club luu funny fur words,
This feature Dim will be shuwn al the
Hem theatre Wednesday and Tliurs
day nights. Always t good show.
District of North Vancouver.
SEALED TENDEBB on the prescrib
cd forms sud accompanied by certified
cheque or cash for 6 per cent, of lbc
amount uf lender (-which sum shull be
held until the salisfactury completion
uf Ihu works accordiug tu plans and
specifications) will be received by Mr.
John 11. Farmer, Municipal Clerk, until
5.(10 p.m. on Thursday, fith February.
11112, fur the following work;
I. Clearing, grubbing and grading
ruad from Keith Hoad southwards In
Mr. John Taylor's property, !>."),. HO.
i, Clearing and grubbing 'purl ion uf
Marina Drive West fruqi Capilano river
lu H. L. 837, through Indian Unserve
II. Clearing, grubbing und grading
Itoail in D. L. 551.
4. Clearing right of way for side
walks, D. I, H51.
5. Clearing ami grubbing road allow
sine frum King street, Nurlh Lunsdalc
te Promote Hoad, Lynn Valley.
All in accordance with plans and
specifications to be seen al Ibis oflici
after D.OU a.m. ou Monday, 11(11 h inst
upou payment uf il.liu which will be
relumed upon Ihe receipt of a buna
fide tender.
Tbe lowest ur any lender nut necel
sarily accepted,
District Engineer.
Diitrict Municipal Hall,
Cor. Lynn Valley ami Fromme lloads,
North Vancodver, II. (.'.,
82nd January, lal'J 6 2 12
The Morbid Dutchman
A peculiarity among Dnlrh fanners
whu live al a distance frum u tuwu is
tu bave a collin in rcadinuss fur their
burial. It is by uo nicuiis uncommon lu
see a still sturdy uid patriarch guing
lu au nuthouse and gravely content'
plating that which is lo hold his body
when he shuffle suff this niurlal mil.
Tenders will be received up to 12
o'clock noon on Thursday, January 25,
for i ic. ium of church iu Lynn Valley.
Plans   can   be  seeu   ul   Dawson   and
Pelite. u.-l's    office.    Iloolll    I'i 1.1.    HubI.II
block, Vancouver, Martinson ,'  <'o., of-
, Lonsdale Avenue, North  Vancouver, or al pust office, I,yun Creek.
The lnwest or any lender nol necel
sarily accepted.
How Japs Bat
The Japanese preserve their pots
toes In sugar, pickle their plums snd
salt cherry blossoms to infuse as tea.
They eat randy and other sweets at
the same time with their soups, dsb
and vegetables. Tbe mere noise they
make iu the chewing of food the great
er is the compliment to the host.
.' day.   Prices should   double is Valet bere
within ths next few montbi.  See what we have left without May.
We hare alao speclil values In Second, Third and Fourth Streets.
none 263
V. 0. Mt KM
Agenti lor London Asturafice Co,
■ i m, ii  i ii
selection ol Howes for -Safe or Rett
Felt Slippers
Left over from Xmas
Phont 393,      Mount Crown Block. (Oppwil* City Hill)1
We make a feature Ijf preparing printing that ii profitable to
our patroni.
We study type fares and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge posfer
or an illustrated catalogue we will |
give you a figure or our advice.
IM Till-: i iii mi i nt nr in- in.
la ihe Matter ol /he Affairs ol SAH-
I III.  lllll lull, iuue lint rarrllna
ua business as a Orocer el aflu Pint
ti.uuf Baal, la tke 110 ef Nerlk
. Vucuuvrr, Britlab  imuuilil..
NOTICE la hereby given that by order ul thla Honourable Conn. miule tlm
lllh .lis ol January. I"i: John M
l.acey. Accountant, 306 Winch Bulliltna,
Vancouver, B C, waa appointed no-
culver     Ol      till'      .'aa   I,        ,,l,.|      |s|..|   ,   ,|,       q!
Ihi' said Samuel Itltehle ami alter do-
'lu.iliin all iifkessery chai'itcH.'illi'uclpil
tu .Ii.ii i llm I,■   Hi,   balance  .nimn,;   lha
i..ni..,., uf the aald is,si,,si,I Itltehle
i.si, ail ... ,,ii i. tu nlt|, jimi , i^iiia
and preferences
A  un. mis.   iif Hie . i. .i    will  be
beld ul 301 W m.-li Hull,Um. Wm, „ii
ver, B I. on Thursday, the thlb da/
uf January, ml: ul I o'clock In toe
afternoon .
Creditors aro requested In send III
their . I.iiim. duly verified In Ihi- aald
Jolin ll Ussy ut 305 Win, li Building,
Vancouver, B C. on or before the (Htll
day of February, mil.
■aid Julin M   hmtey will on thul data .
proceed to distribute the easels of the
aald debtor, pursuant to the aald order.  ■
havliiK 1.1 ..ni only lo clulnia of wlilcll
nolice shall have been»u-celvcU.
I in Uil ul the City ol Vancouver, ll
ll.   thla   lllh   day   of  January.   A li.
11-1 JOHN U   I.ACKY,


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