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bxobbdb imm-ms wwdwd
SPBpiAJ, AlWfPP? 01VBN Jf*
"tt.1     '!■ ...
Kmistt sa
Directorsof B.LT.&B,Co.
Discuss Bridge Matters
map sirPw mmm ■
The liimril of directors of Burrsrd
Inlet Tunnel k Bridge Compsny held
u meeling on Wednesday afternoon,
the chief feature of which was the
report of Mr. K. A. lllovelsn. L ('■■ K'i
with reference, to his sojourn at Ot-
tuwu in the endeavor to expedite tho
approval of the bridge plans hy the
Department>pt Public Works. Ac-
riirilitig In Mr. i'lu.i Inn.I '■• roport, tbe
chief cause of (leluy nt prcsont is the
furl that thc rcpurl forwarded hy thc
rsaiiloiil governmeut onginoer at New
\\. 11111ii:j.1 uus not sufficiently com
probspsive In answer thu purposes of
tlio department. The report recom-
iiieinlcil Ihul u spun of --.'> fed he
approved, hut it failed to give thc
reasons which huil led the engineer to
lhe conclusion lhat a span of t'nnt
Width wouhl he suitable, neither did
it give any information with reference
lo lliui"- organizations having been cuu
suited which had besu maltiug them
telvct heard wilh reference to the
several features of tho bridge. For
these reasons tbu department considered it necessary to refer tlie report
back to llic resident engiueer for amplification. In addition in this Mr.
Cleveland cited the fact that lbc
change in lhe personnel of lhe cabinet
which has token place was In content-
I I 'inin during his slay iu Ihe capital
and tbe di'put v ininiiili'i- WSI of ii|>lii
ion tbst the mailer wuk one which
mniii he referred to tbe head of the
department. Tbe time wat therefore
not opportune to pren tbe mstter, ju
simuch st tbs retiring minister could
ictrcsly f,e expected lu tin otherwise
iiiun refer it to bit lucceitor-
Tbe lupplementtry report of tbe
resident engineer bsd boon requested
however, sud ibould be in the hands
of the department within a short tiqie
It bad been agreed, however, by tbe
department tbst befure Dual approval
of tbe plans wtt given tbe Canadian
Pacific Bailway Qoiupsny wtould be
untitled and givon an opportunity to
be beard by the i|epartuient. Juit what
delay might he iuvolved in a procedure
of Uiiii imiure Mr. (iieveland was uot
prepared to slate, but be reconimeuded
lhat meantime tbt directors curry all
matteri forward to the utmosl pos
sililc limit, iu order to be in the besl
possilde state uf preparation when
approval  is ultimately  given.
Mr. Clcvcluud was quite salisded
iu his own miud lhat a spau of i'l-'
feet would be thought sultcjcnt. lie
had consulted tho cngiuceri of the t|e
partmeiiti and thc engiueer of lbc
Board of Bailway Commissioners ami
was sure that they considered such an
opening ample for all  requirements,
On motion of Beeve May a resolution of cordial appreciation uf Ihc
efforts of Mr. Cleveland at Oiiuwu
was unanimously passed, the directors
all being of opinion that much had
lieen accomplished which would prove
helpful iu future proceedings.
After disposing of routine busiucss
the hoard adjourued.
Items of Interest
Mr. I'. A. Allen is going suuth for
lhc winter uiuiitlis.
Mrs. T. W. Ward left on Bunday last
fur Leigh, l.uuiii-liire, Kugland, where
she will enjoy a six mouth's holiday.
Wunl was received to day from lhe
Nnrlh Vuncuuver lluspitsi Ihul there
Ih a slight improvement iu the Kcv.
c  K. Fakeley.
Mr. .Inhn Aspell, iuu mac tiur, 21)11
Hamilton Building, has been awarded
tbe ■ "nn.1.1 for the interior fittings
uf thc new post "hu u in Cbilliwuck.
('nine ana' and hear Mr. 3. B. t'ocr-
rnne, Hcutlund's Untune; Mr. W.
Thornton, Vuneuuvcr, elucutiouist; 3.
Muir, comedian, at the Scotch concert,
A dance is tu Uke place under Ihc
auspices uf the Ht. Audrow's aud ('ale
■Ionian I .u.l.,' Society in thc liurti
i .liuut hull un lite night of November ili.
Afler a six inuii'lhs' honeymoon in
tlir Muritiiuc Provinces and lhc Kast-
nu MM,-., Mr. mui Mrs. 'fed Jackson
have returned to this city, where they
will muke llielr ful ure home.
The annual meeting of tbe North
Vancouver Liberal Association will be
beld io tbe Knights of I'ytbias Hall,
Fourth street, Tuesday evening, Nov.
liilb. Kverybody welcome. 12-11
The Bsv, V. P.. Perrons announces
lhal on llie night of Wedneiday, l-'nii
November, a special service will he
conducted by Ihe bishop of fhe diocese
asiiited by the archdeacons of the several churches.
Dugald  Campbell,  operator  at  tbe
North  Hhore  Press,  ii  thii  week   -all
Victoria attending' the Bunday UchtWl
• 'nn vent ion meeting! there.   Mr. Campbell ii superintendent of Mt. Pleasant
Presbyterian Bunday  school.
Thc Liberal association of the North
Hhore will lipid ila annual meeting iu
(lie K. P. ball ou Tuesday evening,
November 12, at A o'clock, when office
LcartrJ will he .cl.e.ct.c-.d *Vd .butlnosi
iiirniiui'iiienis  iniide  for  the  eniuing
Next Sunday is recognised at Worldi
Temperance Bunday. Tlte Methodist
Church Bunday ichool, al the, corner
of Hixln streel snd eft. deorgei avenue,
Will bold sn opes session, commencing
at 2:M) p. m. The programme is ons
that ought to inieresl everybody ssd
t luge attendance is snticipattd.
A i-u'.i niiiiii'iu examination by Dr
Thompson, city medical health officer,
baviug been substituted I'or a doelor's
certificate of deatb, a coroner's jury
found yeiterday moruiug Ihut Dorris,
Ihe Iwo year old daughter of an In
dian named Julian, came lo her death
through natural causes.
Mri. I.ilia Cameron, nee Peers, was
the recipieut of t kitchen tbuwer at
her home iu Fourth itreet, wbeu I wen
ly youug women after assembling at
Mrs. P. H. Thomas' home, alto in
Fourth slreet, gave her a surprise party
and presented her wilh many useful
kitchen  uleiisilt.
Tbe tncmbcri of the North Lunsdale
Preibyterisn Church ou Tuesday even
iug accorded Ibe Kev. Kciu vau Mun
sler a cordial reception. Mn vuu
Muuster was in charge uf this church
for sume time prior lo being ordained.
Thc function on Tuesday night took
Ihe form of a social gathering, whieb
wtMttended by a large number of Ihe
On Sumluy moruiug, al HI. John's
Church, Kev. K A. Heagcr, principal of
Hi. Mark'i Theological College, Van
couver, will preach, Iu tbe aflernoon
a church parade of Ihc Hixth Company
Cuuadian Field Kngiueers, aud boy
Scouts, at II o'clock. Kvening service
ai uiual. It ii expected the new organ
will be in uie ou Sunday for toe first
Thc Nortb Lontdile Ratepayers' At
socialion, st s recenl meeting, dis
rutted informally Ihe prospects for Ihe
coming municipal elections, and made
srrsngomenli for the holding of s
specisl ineeling on Ihe evening of
Monday, November ft. It Is anticipated that quite an amount of im
portent buiiness will figure on ibe
ageuda ou tbit occsiion.
Tbe Nortli Vaacouver Athletic Club
bsi made srrsagevteuti for the holding
of t scries of weekly dam-en in the
club rooms OS tli corner of Ksplauade
Wesl snd Iionuaie svenue. Dancing
wilt coinmenctj st ii'AO every Tbore
ltdlei   flee,   gentlemen
ilty   evenjbg,
fifty conti.   Tie informal character of
Ltd tbe auspices under
to be held, ihould make
these dances
which they arl
IV wrj|ei*.jn{cc*ss tig* tht very out
Bt. Andrew^ sad fflsdonian Society 'i football flub plays the I.onsdale
football club. The kick-off will be at
S:il f. in. ahsn. Thji promitoi to be
*s lnt.crci(lng*geme, ai neither of
the learnt havt sufered defest yet.
Tbe Bt. AudreW'i asd Caledonitni
lineup will be) Goal, M. Hamilton;
bscki, I. Fioiaj. and i. Wilton; bait-
Railway SystemChanges
Hands To-morrow
H. 8. * 9; BAVS ALL PBpVI-
"You msy suy that the agreement
has been carried uut iu its entirety, to
the satisfaction uf both parlies, and
that the formal transfer will luke place
ou Saturday, the llth inst.,'' declared
Mr. James C. Keith, president of the
Howe Sound and Northern Railway
Company, yesterday, in response to u
request for information upun the part
of u representative uf the Kxprcss relative to the purchase uf Ihc assets
of tiic above named company by Ihe
Pacilic Ureal Esttorp Ilailway Com
A basis uf agreement fur the (runs
fer us ulinve wus arrived at lietween
the two companies un October llth, as
u result uf lhe persunul efTorls of Sir
itiehard Mcllride, This basis was
later embodied in articles uf agree
ment duly signed by huth parlies, slip
uliiiiii|i among uther things thai eon
<tiiiniini upon compliance wilh cerium
provisions upon their purt, lhc Pacilic
Ureal Eastern Ilailway Company
should take possession bi ine lines of
ihe Howe Hound uud Northern Railway
Company   on   November  Dili.
The above statement on lhe pari uf
Mr. Keith shuws Ihul ull those pro»i
sions have lieen Diet by the purchasers,
so that by Ihe exchange of documents
tomorrow by the solicitors of the twu
companies,the lluwe Hound and North
em Ilailway will become part pf |be
system of the I'ueilie Ureal Kaslem
Ilailway Company. Mr. Keith furtber
expressed Iiis entire sutittV'tiou st
the manner in which tbu purchsiing
company hud deull with the mutter
since the agreement was made and
was gratified to Hlale that the two
companies ure working together iu
the niiin, i harmony for the promotion
of ull lhe interests involved.
The :i I .ini j. lum of the Howe Suund
nnd Northern Itailwuy by the provincial system marks tbe passing uf u»
enterprise which wus unique, in 4ti
wuy, in the province, in that it was
Ihe llrsl railway in British Columbia
built as a private undertaking, ah
ninl, I;. without any governmental
assistance, Th/systcm covers sixteen
miles, including branches, ami hai
heeu currying ou u puyiug business,
the Iniiin of which was found iu the
cxtcnsivcjinilicr tracts, for which it
provided means of egress. The purchase uf tbe railway b,y the Pacific
Ureal Kuslern places tbut company' in
I ."uii   of  a   completed   rijiilway
'■peiui in;: upun a paying basis uud entering a portiou of the route which
Iheir lines must cover, ll alsu places
ilmi in un excellent position relative
to the conveying uf ull lhe requisites
uf ruilwuy const ruction tu the vuriuus
sections uf tbeir lines which may be
under construction at any lime.
hacks, ll. llutclu'sun, II. MucMillan
and II. Poliiis: forwards, 0. Smith,
W. Kuirlie, 11. liutchesou, 0. Davidson
and C  Iiu: ni-ni'
A bunting parly, consisting of Dr.
Newcombe, Messrs. M. McMillan, .1.
ti. Hubin, A. Clements, uml a Vancou
ver friend, returned un Tuesday front
a successful expedition up Ihe coasl,
having managed lu deprive lue region
uf Kuighl 's lulet uf thirteen deer and
innumerable ducks uml geese. Owiifg
to missing Ihe hou! un (lie return trip,
Ihe firsl eight deer had tu he banded
over lo tbe cannery where lhc purty
liuardeil while waiting fur the next
liual. ufler which, however, live uddi
tional specimens were secured.
Debating Club and
Capital Punishment
I'in ni fur lhe n I-"! i inn. or cuutisu
ance of the prescnl syslem of cupitul
punishment were capably and interest
in, ly advanced liy members uf the
Nurlh Shure Literary and Debating
Society, whicii met un Tucsduy even
ing in the premises ot Ihe lucul uth
letic club on the curner uf Kspluitudc
west and i.unsdule uvenue. The aliull
tion uf the existing system was earnest
ly advocated by Mr. A. E. Anders,
Mr. Ucorge II. Murden, Mr. Angus J.
Cameron and Mr. J. N. Boull, while
opposite contentions were voiced by
Mr. J. K. Scouteu, Mr. B. C. ililliain,
Mr. A. Barclay, Mr. A. M. While, Mr.
Roderick Mackenzie and Mr. T. Few
celt Kowe.
Tbe abolitionists argued lhal llie
practice of hanging men is barbaric
and is nol compatible with the pro
greu of civilization. Emphasis was
laid upon the forces of heredity and
environment, neither of which sre
forcei roolrolled by individual men,
Crime was a forni of disease aud thc
punitive measures adopted should be
remedial iu character, Morally, iclcu
lillrully, experimentally, socially, the
system bad been proven unsound. Ir
reparable wrong had heeu dune to in
uncoil! men snd crime hsd not been
decreased' by Ihc uie of this intended
The upholders of lhe system refuted
to tee Ibe reason fur sbotishing s
system until some feasible substitute
wsi Kuggouitil The affirmative had
(well upon the growth of civilization
and the increased feeling of repug
nance about the taking of human life,
and yot tbey would apparently lessen
tbe penalty for tbii crime. It was
quite possible lhat Ibe syslem of capl
tai punishment would appear extreme
in certain raaet, but government!
OSld nol legislate for individual", but
for communities, which muil I.e protected >0 the fullest extent putwlblc.
No allemalc and adequate tuggestion
bad been olered.   The abolition of
the syslem in France ami Ihe suhsc
sequent outcry for its reinforcement
was Instanced.
After very careful deliberation Ihc
Iwu judges returned their verdict, and
Ihe president, Mr. U. W. McBae, an
nn.im..l that Ihe light had heen wou
un points by lhe aholiliouisls.
I'riur tu lhe debate the meeling
passed a resoluliun uf symputhy to
wards Mr. Alexander Philip, oue of Us
active members, iu lhc bereavement
occasioned hy lhe sudden death of his
Missionary Society in
On Thursday uf Ihis week thc Firs!
M.ilii.n-1 Church uf Norlh Vancouver
wus the scene uf unusual activity whe'i
the Women's Missionary Society of
the Methodist Church for lhc whul'
district of thc Vamouvers and vicinity
met in their animal ni-ii.i Over uue
imi,-In.I members from Ibe different
auxiliaries, circlet and bauds were
gathered lugelher al Ihe convention
wilh many Interested visitor* wbo
drupped in to the seiiions. Tbe re
purls fur the year were most encuur
aging and Ihc addreieei giveu were
full of inspirtiliuii 11 was lound
lhal lhe pust year wa> the most iuc
ii,.i'ul iii the hiitory of the lociety
in tbii district, aud tbii fart uu doubt
added much lu Ibe success of Ihe convention.
ll wuuld be impossible iu Ihc space
available tu do justice to Ihe addrriiei
given, bul il might be sufficient to
say that through them all lbe dentin
ant notes were gratitude, greater con
serration lo lbc grcsl work lo baud,
and a cheerful and earnest determine
tiou lo undertake tbe ever increasing
service, tnd io more sud more fully
an- e.i i lo (he grcsl rommittion of Ibe
divine Head of Ihe cbureb lo "go
iulo sii the world snd prcsch Ibe gei
pel lo every creslurc."
The ltdies of the local auxiliary.
wilh Ihe splendid aaiiatsscc of the
ladies of the congregation, entertained
the convention st the cbureb sll dsy.
Tables were let in tbe bsicmcnt Of
Un- church, snd tbe icene wai s pretty
ono. Abundance of home cooked food
was provided, by the ladies of Uie
church.. The visiting friendi were moil
enlliutistlic in their expression! of
appreciation for tbe reception end en
I'tltiiiiini'iil given ihem
Tbe offerings of the day amounted
to some aW.UO, mosl of which will be
devoted lo the work of tbe toriety.
The loctl auxiliary !• to be congratulated upon the success of tbe cooven
lion. A great honor wai conferred
in having thr rouvention io thit city,
*nd It it certain thtt Ibe effect of tie
convention will be for good snd Ibal
s far greater lntereit in miuionary
work generally, snd in tbe work of
the local auxiliary, will bs developed.
Reversionary Rights of
Provincial Government
A reply hsi been received by. the
diitrict council irnm tbe provincial
secretary in relation to tbe govern
mun t 'u ini ei-i'.-i on crown granted lauds
lu tile ininin i|i,uliiv Tbo reply, which
wss iu answer to Mr. J. (I. Fanner's
last letter on this question, was ruad
at the regular meeting of the council
last evening, il staled thut tbo goverument had given very serious alien
tion lo tbis matter, and afler discus
siou it was recognized tbat some date
must be fixed, ami thc dute of March
7 was decided upun, as that was the
date uf the issuance of tbe commission
to Mr. W. A. Mucdoualil, and alsu because thut was the date published in
Ihc liul ice iu the Gazette. Al the same
lime, the letter puinted oul that the
fuct that .a commission was to he ap
pointed -wus kuown weeks before ami
publicity was given lo Ibis fact in
the uewspupers. As a result of thii
publicity everyone wus enabled to
kuow of 'be cuursc decided upun by
the government, and uot only wus
Ibii known but the writer! had in
stances of subdivisions having been
made afler lhe notice of Mr. Manlon
aid's appointment, advantage being
takeu of Ihc fuel Ihut thc date where
ou the I.iniHi under ibis action could
be derived had beeu fixed. The government is therefore uf the opinion
Ihut they should not give three inuulhs'
notice ami thereby enable those who
had taken advantage of Ihe publicity
to deprive the government of its rigbtt
in tbe mstter.
Tbe council Iset evening disagreed
unanimously with tbe purport of tbit
lotter. Attention wat called to Ibo
fact tbst tbe government claimed that
having given nolice tbat Mr. Manlon
aid was to hold a courl of inquiry qn
March 7 tbis gave sufficient warning
to everyone lo register plana before
tbis date, lustead of Ibis uotico btv
ing Ibia effect It only hold bsck people
from registering until tho probleqi wss
seilled. The couucil knew of instsucoi
where plsns were passed by the council
previous to this date but could not
he registered on account of the commission which wus about to sit, but
the registrar has no evidence of thoso
parties so doing.
Upon tbo instance of Councillor
Westover, seconded by Councillor
Briiiginuu, il wus unanimously resolved
Ihut the government be made acquainted with these fuels ami lhat they be
requested lu authorize tbe registrar to
register ull plans passed by tiie couucil previous tu March 7, aud scondly,
tbat ou ai. niinl uf tbo numbers wbo,
owing to these circumataiicei, did not
survey their subdivisions, waiting for
tins report, thut they be giveu Hire*
months in which to get their subdivisions surveyed uml regislered. These
people bought Iheir laud un the same
.understanding as lhe uthers, hut ire
being discriminated against under the
present  arrangement,
This resolution will he cuibiulicd iu
a further emphatic letter tu be for-
warded al once hy the municipal clerk
lo the provincial government.
Don't Miss "The
Missouri Girl
he would suuu return to tbcm iu full
health and strength.   Cheers were then
•I given  fur  Mr.  Ilrown, Mr. and   Mrt.
1 Iiln. I, well and Ilr. Kea.
Ai one of Ibe ipecitl arrangements'
inailu iu connection witb thc visit next
week of Ihe Arctic Brotherhood, "The
Missouri Uirl" will be presented on
Wednesduy nigbl iu the Lousdale
Theatre Apropos of this notable fixture, Mr. J. T. Salsbury received Ibis
morning a glowing telegram from Iuc
mauagir of the New Weituiiuiter
Opera House, wbere tbis comedy has
beeu playing to crowded houiet. Tbe
telegram reads: "Missouri Uirl" play
cd here last nigbt and was liy far thr
best cumpauy wc have had this sea
suu. You will do well tu recommend
il highly to yuur pari iters."
"Thc Missouri Uirl" is a comedy-
drama lhal produces more genuine,
hearty laughter than anything yel
wniiin In connection wilh a strong
aod .nii'i.:.ting plot il contain! lbc
musl ludieroui situations cvclj cou
reived. Tbe company preient ing lbc
play thii icaioo il competed of lome
uf the licit kiuywn people in tbe the
alriral profession who arc fully cap
able of extracting tbis fun and dealing
il uul lo tbr public in a most satis
factory manner. Nine of Ibe old
favorites remain in Ibe cast; some of
Ihem have played their respective rolci
for eight icaioni continuously Thii
guarantee! a first diss performance
Thc new people added for tbii season
we/e s.-l.-i ti ,l fur tbeir peculiar fitncti
for Ibt rules tbey arc lo assume, aud
il ii tsfe to predict thsl s "better
Iban evsr" line csn safely be added
lo Ibe sdvtrtisiag msllcr.
The vaudeville portiou of the ibow
hat been enlarged and ilrengthened.
Tbe production will be teen in itt entirety al tbr Lonidtlc. Theatre next
Wedneiday night.
St. Agnes' Church
Tbe Bt. Agnei' Boyt' Club were t'oe
gueita of Mr. snd Mri. Bitrkwell, HI
Tenth atreet, un Tuesdsy eveuiug. The
member! thoroughly enjoyed tbcm
lelves pitying games, etc., snd partaking of tat good thing! provided by
tbeir kind boil snd bosteei. During
tbo evening Bev. Dr. Fes, on behalf
of tbe club, presented Mr. K. A.
Brown, tks preiident, wbo it leaving
the ('out to spend the winter lo s
drier cllnats, with s beautiful tet of
gold cuff links suitably engraved, aad
a pretty ulile colored tkttck, tke work
of Miss Doiolbf Raymenl. h i paat
little ipeeck Dr. Vm voiced ike re
grits of tke nsaiberi at Mr. Brown 'i
departurt snd tkeir es/n«it hope fkaf,
At the business meeting of HI. Agues'
Wmi,an'■ Auxiliary, held iu the Vicar
Sge on Wednesday afternoon, further
aiiaiigi nuiii ■ were made for tbe big
talc uf wurk which takes place on Wed
nesday, December lib. Comuiitleei
were appointed ant the memberi of
each arc rulhusiaslically entering iuto
tbeir work, aud delermined to niske
the coming sule a big success.
Mr K. A Hruwn, who for some lime
has I ei n president of Hi. Agues' Boys'
club, ss well as being secretary of
Ht. Agues' church ..committees and en
velupe secretary, lefl uu Wednesday
evening fur Winnipeg, where be will
spend Ihe winter mouths, returuing
to North Vancuuver in thc spring.
St. Andrew's Church
Ladies' Aid
The Udies' Aid of Sl. Andrew's
Preibyterisn church will hold their
suuutl sale uf wurk (a mammoth in
ti'iii.'i al bu..nu; on Tburiday, Nuvember >iii. ISIS. Afternoou tea ssd
fiib puud will be some of Ihe severs!
features arcompanyfng Ibis uie of
work and in tbe ovening a very unique
form of  • iiiiiia ni   it  beiug ar
ranged.   Kvcry effort is bring put forth .
to make Ibis entire function a ipccial
tucceii.   Iji'lies tnd gentlemen kindly
reserve Ihli sflernooo snd evening.
First Baptist Church
Bundsy Hervicei—Morning subject:
"Un,- and Take." In. tko evening
Mra. A. A. Mrlieod of Vancouver will
deliver an addreii on missions. Al
I'M p. m. s debslc between tke Adult
Bible i lame- wllj be beld in thr lecture
ruom; Subjeel, "Resolved, lhal lee
church hai within ilir-lf Ihe power
to banish tho bsr.'' Tbe memberi
of the congregstion sre invited. Subject for Monday evidnng's B. V. I'. I' ,
"Tke Uuspel in Bong." Js-nler, Miu
Kffle l.undin iligwn. Befresbments it
cloie of meeting.
mb. ;.v. v. MuranoN MAY
.One bf ihe potiible candidatei for
a teat iu tke district council next year
it Mr. M B. Msrtimon. Tkit Ins been
rumqred for ttversl dsyt, sod when
questioned this morning bya representative of the Kxpreu Mr. Mtrtiniou
did sot deny tke poitibility Ne bsi
bees approached and saked to stand,
but wat nol yd prepared to commit
himself to pay dslsile Iselslon.
• Bank of Montreal
EitobltiM 1117
Capital (paid up)   .   $16,000,000
*   Reserve    .  . . »   »18,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lat Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274, 550.
See us if you have a house lo rent, or if you want to gel
a house,
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
UO Eaplanade. Phone 227
Pantry Cabinets
Phone 222
Very Few Left
Timothy llu>  (new)
B. k K. ('In.k.u Ohop,
Clover Hay, (uew)
B. h K Hrrau.li Food
Alfalfa Hsy
li ui k Oracktd Com
Cruahed Oats,
Lee's Egg Maker
Lee't Insect Powder
Linseed Meal
bwill's Beef Script
dblivebie8 pbompt
tub —	
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
Sole Agents for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickliam'. Wtyrf     Esplanade Wesl     Phoae 488
Leave Nortb Vancouver
•4.00  AM       iM VM..
•tM iM
•tM IM
•IM 8.20
7.20 KM
•7.40 4.00
8.00 4.20
'8.20 4.40    .
8.40 6.0(3
9.00 6-20
tM tM
UM 7.00
11.00 IHO
11,20 7.40
11.40 8.00
12.00 1.80
11.20 Vff.      »M
12.40 .   0M
IM 10.80
IM '   UM
Tin. table tubjeet to ehasft without
dtiayi, atsidastsl or otaerwiee.
•tM AM.
2.44   PM.
8.80'   /
18.20   PM.
18.16  AM.
aotite. timpmy
a* Bu#4ay,"
aot BaUs for
The Ilatopuyera Association meats
on VYsdnesiity ovening oust, in lbs
ball, fpr geuersl business.
The Bev. A. MacAuiuy conducted tbe
llrsl midweek service of tbo season
beld iu Kim* Clinrcli last evening.
Tbe Lynn Vslley Boy Sooutt aro
cordially invited to attend ibe church
parade at St. John Cbureb on Sunday
Tonight, st SiliO o'clock, tbe Lynn
Valley Dancing Olub will bold ill
second danco of tbo season, flood music
and card tables will be a feature of
tlie evening's onlortaiiinient.
The St. i'li'ini'iiis Wiiiiiiiu 's Auiilisry
is giving an oiitertsiiimeut with re-
freslinienls neit Thursday ovening.
The price is only twenty-live cents, and
witli the reputation for successful
uiiun. iif this sort tbat Hie society lias,
u iniini attendance is certain.
The promoters of the Lynn Valley
Dancing Ch.li have made arrangements
with Mr. F. Qruhume lo provide refreshments uml card tables at their
dances in the Institute Hail every Friday eveuiug. liefreshments will be
served, at nominal charges, iu the bai
'-im..iu next, November llth, a basketball match will be played in the
institute Hull by the local clubs, commencing at Min p. m. Athletic Club
vs. Fire Deportment. This will bo the
Hrst malch of its kiud to be played in
I.mil Valley and there is every reason
lo believe Ihut the hall will be
Bee   it.  I.. Thompson for insurauce
and    iu.i -iiu.-ni:,    iu l.yuu    Valley.
Fromme   block,   corner Centre   Koad.
i'liune 514.
Final Meeting of the
Celebration Committee
On Tuesday evening, November l'lth,
lhe l.yuu Vulley Day Celebration com
inittee met in ihe Institute Hall for
a liual wiudup of their business for
September. The following stulcmcnl
was lubmitted by the finance chairman, Mr. .1. Qould,*which shows tbe
greut succeas of i.ynu Valley Day celc
i uiiun, iuuu the luun.iiul slaii'lpoiul
Lyuu Valley Day Celebrations
Dance, Lynn Valley Inslilule llall
2 9V1, 16 tickets at 76c euch $11.26
Kefreihiueiit   slaml,   Lyuu   Valley
1'ark   14 N2     IIKUW
Lyuu Valley Albielic Club    5.00
Committee's (juaraniee   Subscription  66.00
SuljHiriptiiius collected by  Messrs.
J   M   1. Barker ami J. H. Bug-
lii.li      88.6(1
Kcreipli from   Dance Committee 43.26
Receipts  from    Decoration    Com
millee      37.81)
Beceipti    from    Sale    of     Programme!        l.ld
Becelpts   from   Sale    of    Donkey
Tails     8.60
Receipts from Sale of Tags...  11.60
Kei-cijils   from   Suspension   ilriilge
(J.  V.  Crawford)  22.21
Cil j   of   Norlb   Vaueouver- Half
Expenses of Decorations   15.110
Beceipti     from     Advertising    ill
Programme      10.00
Certified Correct:
.1. c. OILLFiBPJE,
(bartered Accountant,
Nov. 5tb,  1912. Auditor,
J.  A.  Maude, cartage I 2.60
11. Cbauce, orebsttrs, Sept. 2...  IUM
K. (losses, orchestra, Sept.  14     13.40
F.  II.  ('uilney, steiicili     1.80
Johnston k Salsbury, hardware.      .711
Shoemaker  *   M .■*,.-« n,  28 coin-
mi Ucc   budges        1.26
W. U. Clarke, hardware 36
Lynn Valley Lumber Co., lumber   4.70
The Leonard Sale Co., prir.es for
SporU  Committee  26.20
I', Bosch, Isbor       3.00
Pioneer  Bakery  Co.,  dsnee  re-.
freshmeuti        3.76
Lynn  Valley  Institute, hsll for
two dances, Sept. 2 snd 14.... 20.00
B. (.'.  Klectric  Kaiiway, tpecisi
cars for Boy Scouts, ete  16.00
3.  P.  Crawford,  car  fares  for
Norlb Vancouver Band    2.00
I. P.  Crawford, ribb'oni for Tsgi   3.40
J. C. Ssbin, derorstioni  30.00
Lynn   Valley  Store,  primes  extra    8.26
aj. B. Clarke, hardware       .60
Lyuu  Valley Store, eggi, ete...    IM
Norlh  Shore  I'rets,  Ltd.,   um
programmes, 26 posters  66.(0
F   V,  Stuart, decorations  for
dance    ;..-...    IM
B. L. Thompson, derorstioni,...   IM
Shoemaker   k   McU'au,   cards,
♦4.60;    Tags,    82.00;   JTagi,
IIM    '•■•..•.•    AM
V. B. (Judoey, wtteo signs.....   0M
QpiiaaLee  Fund:   Beturned  to
Tl-     T-mr,..',    T»|     T"     -T»7TT1T^"|
j, Qould, |>, m. i mrmr,
p. S. Es.lt, A. H, English, J.
M. Oovsl, E. V, ».»$«, W-    „
4. WW, A- 9,¥l0Oim*, V.
Westover, 16.6*3 tSpb.  66.00
The Leonsrd Bs|e Ci)„"flil„s (W-
per for Mra Adams      1.85
Cheque to Lynn Valloy Imtitutu,
iSspt. 80 , '.JQ0.0P
l''hu'|nu (o Lynn Valloy Institute,
Nov. 6  .,..,....,. gyp
.   •     HUM
Certified correct, subject fo issuance
Of guarantee rnfuini cheques.
J. O. QU-f-BSPiE,
Cbsrtsrod Accountant,
Nov. tl, UU. t Auditor.
Foreigner Found Dead
in Lynn Valley Shack
A foreigner by the mime of Daniel
or Max Braycick was found dead yes
terday iu a shack ou Westover road,
Lynn Valloy, by -Mr. Pearson, a real
estate man of that place, indications
point to deliberate suicide. The man
apparently had been dead two or three
days, but not longer. Tho police were
notified sl ouce ami the body removed
lo Messrs. Harron Bros., undertaking
parlors, this city, where an inquest will
be held on Saturday.
The deceased had not beeu seen for
some days and was being .looked up by
Mr. Pearson on real estate business.
On visiting the shack uo response wus
giveu to his knock, although the door
key was on the outside. The door,
however, was locked on tbe inside, ami
Seeking lo see wbat was the mailer
Mr. Pearsou peered in llirough the window. Tbu upturned face of the deceased wus one of Ihe first objects lo
meet his gaze. Upon the door being
smashed iu by the police the dead man
was fouml lying on his back ou the
floor, witb a 32 40 Winchester rifle
between his legs, Ihe mustle pointing
towards his head. Thc bullet had done
its work ili nuiiii, lil> Ami a fearful
wound showed where the soft uoscd
bullet had passed through (be temple.
A letter was found on the table, ll
was wrilteu in very poor English, in
a foreign hand, and referred to some
real eslate Iraiisuctioni. Nothing was
removed from the shack and a Ihor
ough inarch will be made today by thc
chief of police, Mr. Liflon, in com
pany with Coroner Diploek,
Braycick was a bachelor, aboul .V,
years of age, ami a laborer. As far as
is known he hss uo relations in Lynn
The Late G. R. Chiidi,
Mate, Ferry No. 3
A slaleiueut has been issued from
the offices of lhe Norlh Vancouver
City Ferries, Ltd., giviug a summary
of the amounts collected ou behalf
of the widow and children of tbe late
Male (J. I; ciiilde This iltteuieut,
wbicb is as appended, is signed by Ihe
manager, Mr T. M. Heard, snd Ihe
secretary treasurer, Mr. H. K. Kemp,
wbo are joiut trustees in this matter.
Male S. W. Dench I 347.00
Mate  K. Uroleau         162.10
Mr,    John    Barrou,    lleatley
Avenue  Wharf, per Mr.  K.
Stevens          88.00
Hind Bros.' Wharf, per Mr.
Crosby         43.50
(lore   Avenue    Wharf,   per
Mr.  (J.  Kcarly          28.00
Male H. Marshall       116.00
Oflice Slalf         93.65
Mr. H. Norlli       88.60
Mr. Wm.  Um           23.76
Male 1.  Ingoldsby     18,00
Mr.  Choi. Mee '....      11.60
Plus   lliiiili   Intereil            1.25
Minui Funeral Expense       160.00
I 861) .06
Tbe above total does uot include an
amount of 8200.00 donated by tbe
Bosrd of Director!, aud which ii being
paid lo Mri. Chllde in weelly install
inenlH of 110.00.
There still remain, louie amount to
be donated by partiei who have sul,
scribed their names but up to date
bave not favored tbe truiteea with
tbeir cheques.
A "deque for Ihe sum of $806.06 hat
bees forwarded to Mrt. ('bible, tud
further subscriptions will bo (bank
fully received and forwarded by the
Beards were at variout timet taxed
in England. Henry VIII. graduated
bit levy according to the ttatui of the
wearer, the sheriff of Canterbury, for
instance, having to pay 3i. 4d. foi hit,,
beayd, aud Kiioabotb fixed the iame
ium for evsry beard nl asm a fort-
night't growth.
NM MM wncert
Billed for Nov, 14
Much inter. It it lining euuorod up
01) t))S Bt. Andrew's and Caledonian
Society's arrangements for its aunual
Hculch   concert   |n   tliu   Horticultural
ha|| op ths pvpiilng of tfoyswhw Hi
The progrum Is studded with usinon
riiprcsiiiiling all kinds of talent ■
inusicui, humorous, terpsichoretu, iq-
itruuieutnl, etc., etc.   and while many
themseivti to anything more than the
usual !'8elso|e«y' th«s  tOft  have
Stated wbst they purpose doing ou this
occasion hays, is^lnl-fsPnnsan whsl ■
the publio >||1 Kjis.       \
Thu preliminary ootM* » *imp)y to
order to givo tlio wile public a chancu
of jottlug down "November H" on
their engagement tablets. Detailed
particulars will be p»pl|thtd in Tuesdsy't iuue of the Express.
in tbe iiieuiitiiue tickets are obtain
able from Mr. Ale»$»dir Pflllp, fl
l.onsdule aniline; Cuniniings Store;
The Lontdsje Supply Store; Klrkueti
Urns., apd Mr D. ft Heptt, Keith rotd
wstt. ,
Bulk. Our baat Tss Is 60c psr lb. Than ws bavs Ttas st 46c, 40o,
snd our special blend st 36c psr lb., A lbs. for 11.00.
Tbese srs not "tbs llnsst Ism In tbs world." hnt ws gutrautie
tbem equal to tny tud superior to moit Tits now btiug offered
at ths mouey
In packets, for those who prefsr psckst Teat wt carry moit sll
kinds that ore on tht nitrkit st tbs usual prictt.
Frssh roasted tnd ground st wanted, sstrs special 60c psr lb., other
prices 46c, 10c snd 36c psr lb.
Van Houton'a, Bucbard's, Fry'l, Otdbury's, Cowan's, ttc.
B. O. 18 1b. tick  11.16
Fbioat quality New Zetland, ptr lb 40c
Finest quality Eastern Towusbipi, 36c per lb 3 lbs. for 81.00
Nsw laid, psr dotsn  66c
Selected  Outsrlos,  psr  dozen    16c
Oood Cooking, per dotsn   36c tnd 40c
Oboico quality, dry at inssl, ptr 100 Ib. tack.. $1.00
Now U tbe time to lay in s supply
Oood quality, i ibt. for  26c
Better quality, 3 int. for  26c
8'/,lb. Uut, 2 tins for  28c
Oood for cooking or sating, psr boi  81.26
Better qualities  11.10, $1.60, $1.76 sud $2.00 per box
In 1 lb. sections, ptr section    26c
Iu glasses, each  26c and 36c
Oood Bread Flour, pir 48 ib. tack $1.50 aud $1.76
Flva Botei, Boyal Standard, Boyal Houtthold, per tack    $186
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
57 Lonsdale Ave.
Tht North Vancouvtr home of "Campbell Clothing"
It Is Not Neceuary
For us to advertise our large Hue of
•sorts, Ksagss and Hastsss. Duy
ipeak for thomaolvci, but ws wish to
call your attention to ths fact that ws
srs carrying Uio largsst line of Osst
sad Melleablo Ksagtt, Stovoe and
Heaten In the city tad our assortment
contains evorytilng that you migbt
isslrs ml our prices srs BIOHT sod
evtry itovi wt sail Is guirintoed.
Ask about our special credit plan, ta
honest proposition to honest buyers.
AU  kinds  of  Builders'  Hardware,
Paints, Ollt, Etc,
ISMi   a*A  tmgbtla
nm-mf   mmm-   - ..       ..      w
Phone 862
1 '" "■l"
/ t
Birks' Watches
Tht success Ws have schlived lo ths WATOH trsds la ths remit
Of our great cars In putting ou tba nisrket watebsi whlcb ws know
will givs tbs purcbssar the most sstltf tctory tarries.
Ws csn supply sny grads Of witch tbtt may bs rsqulrsd, but
will not prasent s watch that la not rtllsblt. Ws offer p splendid
eholco In FULL DBB88 WATCHES, which ws uuheelUtlugly re
commend. These srs of Swiss workmsothlp and ao wall flnitbed
snd adjusted tbat lnsccurtcy It tliuott lmpottlblt..
has bseu msilsd. to our out-of-town enstonsrs snd sbould ba In tbsir
baudi now. This cataioguo Is ons big book of Christmas gift tug-
gsstlons snd sbould bs In ths hindt of every buyer lo ths Dominion.
If you bavs not recelvsd s copy, tdvlst us uid ont will bs mailed
to your addrsss st ones Ons itctiou of this catalogue la dsvotsd
to wstcbss slons.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George I:'.. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Photography for Amateur*
By Reflex
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. 1ST       PAID $4,250,000
Quickly snd promptly ou sccount of tbs Isa Frsnolsco oartlnjuaka snd hrs.
How many Oompanlss could do thm
Its ssssts smount ts 1116,000,000
A postsl will bring our rsprsssntsttvs
Bssldsnt Agsst
lg Lonsdalo Avsnus snd OspUsno Osr Tsrmluus
Phonss: Lonsdsls 167. OspUsno Ul.
!'.'"JI     t,   I" .' ' '
Now tbtt winter it nppu ns it is
highly   iiriibuble   thst   iuuu)-   iiiniiteiir
pbotogrsphora will have luid aside
tbeir euuiiirai until the summer, ur ut
tuyrate tbo spring, comes round unco
Many wbo uso the ctmers successfully during Ibo summer seasuu labor
under the impression thst photography
ll purely a summer pastime and leave
undreamed of the pleasures of winter
One very interesting snd fsiclusting
pbste it tbe photography of (lowers,
and though flowers sre not loo alum
iluni in winter, thero sre usually any
number of ehryianthoiiiumi, s lluwer
which lends itielf sdmirtbly to the
purpose ou account of tbe variety of
colors and the ease witb which it may
bo grouped. Fortunately for the poo
tographer one species of flower is never
found in all three of the eulors, red,
yellow aud blue. Wo ice rod and yel
low rotes, never blue; and Ihis will be
found true of all species. Owing In
Ibis fact, il is much easier to render
tbe true tone values in photography
than it otherwise would lie wilh lhe
three colors in evidence.
Tlie photographing of flowers shouM
never be attempted without lhe use
uf orlhui'hroinutie plates and a color
screen. Without these aids it is im
p.- il'l.- to give true tone values, u
most impurlanl thiug wilh sueb a
Yellows, for insttnee, will conic oul
black, aud so on; therefore before al
tempting to photograph flowers be sure
to procure both these ueccssary ad
juncts to success or be condemned to
failure along the line.
For a background any self colored
iiiiii,; will, do, but ouu of a grey or
gleeu is probably best. A very useful
and suitable one is a large mount,
which may be procured al any picture
'li'l'ni it needs iio preparation ami is
always ready for use. Fis it up be
hind the flowers, and uot too near,
to i-i."' ui.l shadows.
The Aowers ihould _be at liumlc us
possible ill arrangcmeul. in Ihc case
of ehiyi'iinlhemiims tbree will be found
■ Iii11«■ i-iiiiu'ii ni, certainly not more
than four, aud tbey should be grouped
as ualurully as possible, wilhout stiff
Corners in District .lot 265—
BLOCK 13  LOTS 29 and 30
BLOCK 17 LOTS 43 and 44
District Lot 274-
BLOCK 140... .LOT 17 and Two Storey Building
BLOCK 166 LOT 5 and Two Houses
For Prices, Termi and Further Particulars, apply to
Tlie North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
f jaritgd
Phone Seymour 6286
uess sud in a kind of triangular sr-
The work should be done indoors In
SB good S light St pniniihlil, or if gUt-
of-dours iu s sheltered plsce front
i'-imi to insure tbst thero Is uo move,
If in.iinini get as near to the source
of light is possible, but not in such s
posltiun as will make tbe lighting flat.
Focus very sharply and stop down to
about Pit aud givo a liberal exposure
—fifteen to twenty seconds, or more,
ui .'i.i.iiii,' to light.
llO not l|| Ibo eii.'ie Of (lowers  wilb
loug items make thc mistake of liking
the vsso or whatever contains the
flowers. Thu result will bo far from
satisfactory. Aim for tbo flowen wltb
just enough of the stems to show thc
support, and a few leaves. Develop
wilb n weak developer, and not loo
much No. I if "pyro" be used. This
will give i,iiiu, . to the print, a thiug
mosl In lie desired iu flower photography.
Print on paper suitable lo lhe color
of the lloners and do uot use a linen
framing paper. Use a plain surfuee
and lry,lo gel sufl effects ull tbo lime.
A very pretty effect cuu be obtained
in lhe photography of roses by'tslring
lbc picture on a polished lulilc lop.
i'I.-i. e a f.'w roses in a simple bawl und
carelessly drop one or Iwo on Ihc
(able. The rernill if properly done is
u pleasing effecl from ihe reflections
on the polished table. Do nol, bow-
ever, use a glass bowl, which ii apt
lo reflect lou much light ami give very
objectionable while patches iu lhe
print Aim fur simplicity every lime
rulher Ihun a slriviug after effect. Try
lo get away from all appearance ol
mii,i . and i ..i.1 ul arrangement, uoi
an easy Ibiug, but lhe more one ur
ranges lhe more apparent it mil be
seen in the flnitbed print
Daffodils, narcissus, apple blossom
or ony of lhe simpler flowers moke llu-
mosl suitable tubjcetl ami lend Ihem
selves . iuu.uii. lo decorative Inul
Our fancy may ruu wild iu Ihe wide
ini'l of flower photography, and il has
one great advantage -it ran bo done
at hume. No need lo go trumping
the cuunlry carrying a heavy camera
uml plales, ami it is surprising how
heavy a camera winch means business
may become in a day's tramp.
Very decorative effects van be ob
tallied by arrungmg lhe flowers In a
half circle and trimming lhe print to
the shape of u fan. Or again, pretty
frieze like effects are easily done by
repealing a grouping several limes.
In fact Ihere is uu end to Ihc means
of pleasure the photography of flowers
may be made to yield.- The common
grass growing al our feet in Ihe bands
of a skilful operator become a "Ibing
of beauty."
A single rose if perfectly pholo
graphc! ur su scorn with its attend
mil ink leaves forms u perfect picture
A group of wheat or oul stulks can be
maiie lu speak of the piles of waving
grain and lesd one's imagination into
I ii . ui i paths.
It hus been suul many tunes before
these articles are written nol io much
us u full explanation how lo do tilings
as a guide for the enthusiastic numli ui
who is on Ihe look oot for new ideas
lo wiir<k out and follow by his or her
own methods.
To ihose uf the gentler sex flower
photography ts a rule will more strong
I; appeal. They how- a natural apli
I uiii- nut possessed by the averuge
mere mule for arranging flowers lo Ibe
besl udvanlage, and muny u mau whose
, i'"i ■;....j'i of flowers nave been ad
mired on (lie walls of an exhibition
uwes his success very.' largely to lbc
'lefl lingers of his wife in lhe arrange
mciil ami grouping of his subjeel.
Therefore lo Ibe laoVcs who are
the fortunate possessors of a laincra
let us optical iu tbis short article lo
Ihem lo enter this wide field and make
il Ibeir own. They will find ample
repayment for the time ijieul in
achieving perfection. Tbey will see
new beauties iu the flowers of the
Acid uot dreamed of before and will
find pleasure iu tbe work.
Al tbe time of writing Ibere are no
entries to hand for tbe competition
whieb closed on Sunday, November Ith.
Vory well, if none come iu by
Monday it means either lack of time
Or lack  of inlereal      Wc will  Wait  ami
ice, and if none do come in up to tbe
time of closing another competition
on more general lines will be announced
aod Iho prize beld ovor until tbe eud
of thia neit one.
children who do not like castor oil
ibould have lt prepared in tho Paris
fashion; the quantity of the oil pre
scribed ii placed in a pan over a Are,
and an egg ii broken into and stirred
up. When cooked, a little salt or
sugar, or currant jelly should be added.
The youngttert cannot possibly delect the medicine, end will moit likely
cry tut lutma more or wi imi**ui».    i
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,0114' Rest $12,500,000
North Vtncouver Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Buiineu Transacted.
Interest it allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
1. A. FOB8TBB .'...  Manager.
Consisting of Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, Iris, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Paper White Narcissus, Double Yellow Daffodils,
Double While Narcissus, elc.    Plant right now.
We have also growing al our nurseries lhe finest stock of
Roses, Shrubs, elc, in B. C. Call or wrile for our catalogue.
Cul Flowers, Floral Designs, Wedding Bouquets, etc., on
short nolice.
Phone 235
Cor.  I7lh and Sl. Andrew's Avenue
General Manager, Bank
of B. N. A.
Tlie directors ut llie Hank of Hril
isb Nurtli America announce llie re
tireineiil ul' Mr ll tttikeuiuji at I,en
tttl kfauagcr, ami llu- appuiutii.enl ol
Mr. 11. II Mui Keji/ie u.i Iiih lurcessur,
llie ebaugc lu lake plate uu IK'eeiulier
ltl. Mr. Stikeuiau, wbo ii retiring
uu account uf ill lieullli, bus been en
gaged (ur I.l yeurt in llie banking
business, It ul wlneli were spent us
general inunaii.r ul' llie Hunk nf Jlril
i.li Nurlli America. During leal time
llie Dunk bus made rcniurUblc piu
gress, ami Mr. eUikt'Oian retire! frum
llie geuerul mauugersbip wilb lbe run
sciuusijcis lliiil (lie Hum. ir .n it iii'.sl
salisfsc(ory condition
Mr. II H. MocKcuzic, win suirecds
lum a- geueral manager, u uue ut
tlie best knuwn uf tlie younger group
ul bankers, lie wu.i born m llie year
ul' I'uufcijcraliun in iiigi-rfull, Ontario.
Joined tin- Hank u/ i.'uinmeri-e at Ibe
age ot li, but tbree yearn Inter Iriius
ferred lu the Hunk ol Hriliui Norlli
America, wilb wlm-li lie lis.-, deen eon
nccleil ever since. Ile bus lud a wide
inul varied experience in ull pliaies of
ITalib/kg, rising from lbc lowesl posi
hue in a 11.11. li luiui. lu I: geuerul
nui i.,:it Mr MuiKeiuie has Ind a
careful iraiuing, ami uinler lii> man
sgemenl llie affairs uf llie buuk will be
carefully and conservatively managed.
lie is succeeded us superintendent of
I'i,ie. li.-.   by Mr. .lames Anderson, sn
ulber  luuruuglily   experienced   banker.
Iiinii   liml out where Iheir laleuli lie;
A bear will not nil. n.pi lo Ily,
A foundered horse will oft dvlioto
Before lie tries a Die Ur red gale.
A dog by   ii-Ihii I I urns aitnlc
Who sees tbe ditch luu deep uml wide.
Hut man we liml Hie ouly creature
Wliu.   leil   by   fully,    uu.Ini.   nature;
Wlm, wben she loudly cries "furbearl "
Willi obstinacy fixes there;
And, where his genius Jeust inclines,
Absurdly bends his whole designs.
Dean Bwift.
Since I Mi' lln- employment of dogs
for drawing carts has been abolished
jn l.oniluii
Stove, wood, lliin. 13.26 per load,
12-in. |3.u(l. 1'ioinpi ilelivciy
Phouo bdti, ollieo and yard. Corner
lib and Mabou Ave. t.f.
Keep Your Eye on
We huve house* lo nni ui nil prices, and In every pari uf the eily;
ulau K"i'iJ LuhIihku hIjuhIh itt low rental*
Wc ure apceliijlsl* In nintmnl"« icntiij piiipurlle* tor holh resident
.uni mui ht ii'wn ('win i.'i Our m,1I1M.11.m .ini iriiiiitiiiiii-H aro tent
promptly evtry munth pnd, und nu del till of Ihia apeelul claaa of
service eflcupoa uur attention
12 I,niisdair Inn,
Pbone lis
Morlk Vurourrr
Jeweler and Optician
-« THE
HOBTH VA»0QUVH».........
Publlsksd Tnssdsys ssd Fridays by Nerth Sboro Frwi, MffllW-
Rates ol flulmo»|pttoai-0»s ysar, IIM. 81s monthi, Ms, Tbrss months, ««»•
United Btatei snd Foreign, 18,00 psr yssr.
Advertising Bstss WW 9* Qiwtad an AwH»HW-
Tba Snrsss is devotoil ts- tks intsrssts of tbs North Hhore of Burrird lulet
eiclutlvely. It constitutes ss Advertising medium nf exceptions! vslut for
reaching tn s thorough snd effective manner the population of Nortb Vanoouvsr
0)ty and Diitrict, Every effort i" mads to givs advertisers tbe moit satisfactory
All changes in contract sdvertliemonti ibould bs in ths prists?!' hsndl not
Ister tban if s. m. Monday snd 6 p. m. Wedneiday to euiure iuiertlou in ths
following lime.
Morth VsncouTsr, B. 0,..,;  ....Novsmbsr 8, 1818
He., ni despatches from Loudon have
been giving considerable prominence In
Die ui'.luiiun wbicb has developed in
(ireat Britain against lbe exportation
nf very lurge sums, constituting prob-
ably (lie bulk of the nation's uninvested capital, for investment in Canada und the iniiuii' A -It■ pm- li
Whicii appearoil a short time ago in
an eastern newspaper expatiated at
length on this topic, Mpecillc instances
were cited and names given, iu whicii
wealthy men of great prominence ami
influence in the Ubl (,'oun(ry were investing many millions iu development
enterprises in Canada uml Ihe other
overseas dominions. Beference was
iiiit.le to u book lately published, en
titled "The Awakening of Kngluml,"
upon lbe authority of which il wus
claimed that the commonly accepted
explunution that overseas investments
are mush more profllaide lhan home
investments wts an exploded theory,
in view of the very large relurus which
are possible' from the operation of
what is l.nii'.-.i, as the "small buldiug
system" in the management of large
tracts of Knglisli farm lauds.
In considering this subject it will be
. of interest to know, as nearly as possible, what have been the public bor-
rowings in Ureal Britain upon Ihe pari
of '..i.u.in A leading Loudon daily
has given Ihe following summary of
Sinn borrowings since ihe year IliU'i:
IIW5    £ Ufillllilkl
V.I96    /....'   t,V21j99
imi7 ....'. ' i);.'o:i,7ii
I WW        ||»,3M,T»1
lllllll        .17,411,72:1
imu      :is,is:i,siw
mn    'in,t66,6n
lllll   to  date    .   .    g3,M8,64l
iliilstes for the highest office in the
_ The Lihorul party, acting upon tbe
advice of iBir Wilfrid Lsuijwr, has
evidently decided not to oppose the
election pf Mr. Code.re, tbs llSWly sp:
pointed neerutiiry of Hlale in fbt Hor
I'll  enllinel.     ll   is Very tlillietlll   to mt
in whul way the situation in llm-lielngii
Is any mora delicate, from s public
viewpoiul, than WSa the situation In
Miielionnlil. The position of the lib
eral party certainly appears inconsistent, unlets it be frankly acknowledged
thst considerations of a party nature
render it expedient for them to refrain
from opposing Die Conservative min
liter in the spprotcblug oleetion.
The above figures refer, of course
io only lin- puldic borrowings, and have
no reference lu British capital ex
purled lo i in.a.in fur inu'slnient in
enterprises of a more private nature.
The figures, however, are sufficiently
large to muke clear lhe fad (hat (be
aggregate British capital invested hi
I'niiS'iu reaches an enormous amount
In so far as the exportation of this
money necessarily and* inevitably involves actual detriment lo borne in
lertsls, iti.l the working out of home
problems, it undeniably presents a situ
uiiuii whieh should give rise lo deep
concern among British ceouomnti
But shoul.l il he llic .ase Dial, nol
withstanding, the" large amounts ul
viiled in the overseas dominions,
lliere yel remain! sufficient, if properly
uiilire.l to promote home enterprises,
linn ilu- problem resolves itself nol
inlo one of checking the iniltiow of
money for overseas invcstmcnl but
imt- of awukciiiiiu lhc public mind lu
Die advisability of placing capital
which -remains al home in sueh invest
menls as will result iu grrelfsl mulual
lii'iiililv for the public welfare ami lor
lhe individual  investor.
Ilul, in any, ease, is Ihere not good
ground to fearAti'al an Unfriendly at
hiude luwarf) Ibis cxpnrteiiou ol
capilal upon Ihe part or i-ionoiuists
in Ihr (lid Country is short sighted!
Is it nol rather excellent gruuud for
rejuit mg tbat in the day when the
t, Unas dominium preseut one of the
rircst opportunities' fur the creation
of well nigh incalculable riches that
tlie world has ever etperivui-ed, Ibe
lirilisli investor iiml- himself iu s
position iiiiai.uallv which enable! him
to lake advautsge of tbis opportunity
tnd to procure (be lion's share of the
wt-i wealth which will be created by
Die ilevclopiniul of Ihc inexhaustible
natural resources of tbe Hrilish pos
tfMiouif Tbe wjie iiivi-iiiiii'iii of
Hritisb capital under Ihese condltioul
implies not only that tbe greatness
uud prosperity of lhe i'.mpire w.ll be
wonderfully improved bul alio Ihsl
Ibere will ultimately set iu a Muro
ilde of newly crested wealth, newly
earned rirbei, toward tbe Old Country i
whlrh will retain for (Jrest Britain
Ibe iiinhallengi") distinction of beiag
tbe wealthiest of Ihc nations tad tbe
world's banker
It, it aecsstsry only to refer in pau
iSg lo tbe tsle which history bss lo tell
wilb reference to Ihe psrt played by
commercial md similar operations is
other l»uf', ia the intrssse of Hritisb
wwlth ssd io placing (Ireat Britain
is % proud petition dnssrlslly which
t|u> ottupiet todsy staosg the nations.
If tits Biutlien were tie opposite of
Wbst it is sud Die Loudon liiiiucis)
nunl.ei wero so weak that it was found
impossible to tike advantage of Ihs
splendid wealth-creating opportunities
presented liy the oversets dominions,
would it not justly give rise  tu nation
al   In nt ii I inn:, f
Were it found that the British mar
ket was uuuble to provide the iniiuey
necessary for the ilevelopmeut of tbe
British possessions it is certain that
iiuiu possessions would not for one
moment be content to remain in t
nonprogressive and undeveloped con
ilkion, bul thai they would at once
turn their ultentioii to other sources
ami woiil<l pul imiii every endeavor lo
procure from other couulries the required money, witb tbo result that
other people than the liritish would
reap the harvesl from the colonial
policy which klngland has pursued
through the long centuries, a contingency whose results could not be computed as anything short of a national
and imperial calamity,
Kven as il is, uot withstanding the utmost watchfulness and Die steady inflow of Die largest available sums of
liritish capital, alien people, olher nations, are destined to take for lliem
selves a very large share of the new
wealth created by the exploitation of
the aa yet undeveloped nsturul resources of Die Hrilish possessions.
Viewed therefore from the stand
point of ils ultimate effects would il
uot be wiser policy for tbe British
economists to urge upon Die Britiall
capitalist not only the advisability
but the extreme urgeuey of bis exer
citing every diligence nol to allow
himself to be outstripped iu this race,
but because of individual, national and
imperial considerations to put forth
his utmost endeavors iu order lhal lo
the last possible limit Hrilish wealth
abroad lie kept for the British nation
al i,"im, and conversely, in order thai
Hnii.-ii home capital provide Die means
for the development of British assets
abroad I
Lynn Valley Tampere Hotel
Nortli VMMVtr'
On tho car lint. Roam snd bosrd.
Good accommodation for working msn,
Contractor'i mep taken. Single metis.
16.13        H. JA^TPOTT, Proprietor.
Lodge Western Bott, No. WU
Meetings of tbli lodge are beld iu
tbe Knights of Pythias Hsll, edrusr of
(Vslurlield uveniiu and Fourth street,
uu the flrat and "iin) Friday) in each
month, St 8 o'clock p. m.
Communications and applications for
membership to be sddretsed to Harold
Lees, secretary, P. 6. box 8811.  16 713
St. iaSre.v'a 1'reiUrterlau Ckuieh,
Keith Ituuil Services; Morning, 11:00;
evening, 7:80. Adult Bible Clall, - 8:80.
Sunday School, 1:10. y. I>. S. (!. F,. Tueiday, at I ii.m. Prayer Melting, Wed-
Seaday, at I p. in. Choir Practice,
rlday, at I p. in. Rev. Ronald Macleod,
Mtlkudlat I'knrek—Corner of sixth
and St. Qeorge. Sunday Services, 11:00
a. >o and 7:30 p. m. Sunday School and
Bible Class, 1:10 p.m. Senior League,
Honday, I p. m. Prayer and Prslle
Service, Wednesday, I p.m. Junior
League, I'hurtday afternoon at 1:30
I'.'ui.'i, W. C. Bcbllteher,
St Agues' Ckurek—Comer Twelfth
and Boulevard. Sunday Servicea:
ni'n nun Prayer, 11 am.; Sunday
School Jill p.m.i livening Pram, 7:30
m. Holy Communion, tint and third
iimiain In loonili, at 11 ii m ; lecond
Sunday In month, 8 a, m. Rev. Samuel
Fea, MA    Vicar.
Salvation Amy -Lonidale Avenue
Sunday services. 11:00 a.m., 3 u.m and
7:16 p.m. Tueiday, 8 p. m.i Thursday,
8 p. in Children's Service, Wedneiday,
1 p.m.
Hipilst i'kurek Tweirth and Bl
Qeorge. Bervlcea at 11 am and 7:30
p. in Sunday School and Bible Clats
al 1:31 p. in Prayer and Pralte Service.
Wednesday at 8 p.m. Pallor, Rev. A
J. i'rosser. Twelfth and St. Qeorge.
SI. Jutu tke Hraagsllsl, Eighth and
Thirteenth. Holy Communion, 1 a. tn.
Morning Prayer, 11 a. m. Evening
Prayer, 7:10 I m. On the first Sunday
In the month there will he a icconJ
celebration of the Holy Communion
at 11 a.m. /Rector, Rev. Hugh Hooper
SI. BSaaad't Citkslle i'kurek, Sixth
and Mahon Avenue Sunday—High
Mass and S trio.in, 10 am. Sunday
School. 3:30 p.m. Huiary and Benediction, 7:80 p.m. Friday—Low Malt.
: a. m. Paator. Rev. J. A. Beduril.
0. M I.
I.Sl.n i .in.ik- Ckurek el tt. Paul's.
Maii, 7:10 a. in., Sundays. Pattur, Rev
Feytavln, O. M. 1.
10,000 cords of dry Ar wood for quick
sale. Pries psr odd cords, $4.75. Special quotations for isrgsr quantities.
Out Wood, 10 Incbss, 13.86. Ill Inches
♦3.60. C. 0. D.
Office snd Yard—Mth snd Lonidsle
Phone 190.     P. 0. Boi 2432.
The   summoning   of   parliament   for
November - l-i im.ii.- that be'or" many
weeks Ihe country will know all thai
there  is  lo  know  ou  the subjeel   ol
the Borden government's imal policy
The announcement   of  tbe dale sulli
rieully auiWen Liberal prediction!tbsl
lhe govern i.enl   would seek  and  hud
.-nine  pretest   for  deltying  the  open
iug   uniil   the  new  year.   Predict iulu
of  thll   sort   hive  been   freely  circu
Isle.I  in    opposition  newspapers    for
some weeks, the wish being probably fa
I lu-i lo Ihe thought.   Thr) have been
rirculalrd despite the definite deelara
imu of 111. Hon. U  L. Burden in Mon
Ireal on September Kill, that  parliu
incut would meet in tbe autumn.   The
lltti'iuenl of lhe prime ministerVnould
bate settled, and with a majority of
the people uudoubtdely did tettle, lhe
question  ai  to  the  resdinoM  o'  the
goveruuieul to meet  the house,    '.    a
man.-i» of fad there is every indica
lion  that   the  opening  of the  second
session of the twelfth psr'siucut will
find the government 'i sessional agenda
iu an advanced stage of preparation so
tint   no lime  will  he lml  iu gelling
imp..iiani legiilaliou before parliament.
Tbii means tiial tbere ii to be a work
ing   icssiou   from   Ibe   start,   making
possible  a  iiiinpaiuiivrly  early  pn-m
gstlSii consistent  with tbe importance
of the in. a-iin- to be coniidered  Tbe
naval  policy  will, of course,  lie  Ibe
priucipul mailer for Ihc consideration
of the House Hereut developments sub
altntiate tbe b*Hn   'bat lhal  poiiry
will be one worthy of Ihe people of
I'aindt, in olviug a* ore of id main
fsslurst immediate aud effective aid lo
Ibe mother country, such  aid  to   be
giveu in S manner calculated to amply
safeguard the status of Canada as a
self governing dominion within the eu
Why not live on ths Wittrfrout?
Seven-acre Block*
With splendid beach frouUge of 360
fsst each. Island Highway snd O.
P. B. to Oomox st prsssnt under
construction bounds tbs proporty on
tbs toutb tide. Bsst of bunting tud
fishing, good toll, unexcelled scenery tnd tpleudld climate.
Price only $950 per block
Caab, 1630, and bslsuct III psr au
uuiu for Avs years at 7 psr ceut.
Thete blocks are under price sf
surrounding property and art Um
itld In uumber. For further parti
culara writs owuer.
Coal mining rlghtl of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alber-
u. the Yukon Territory, the North-will
Territories and In a portion of tbt in u
vlnce of Brlllih Columbia, may be leased for a term ot twenty-one yean at
an annual rental of |1 an acre. Nol
more than 8.680 acrea will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a leaee muat be made
by the applicant In peraon to the Agent
ur Sub-Agent of the district lu which
the rlghtt applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land muil
be described by sections, or legal subdlvltlon! of lecilom, and In uniurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for iball
be tlaked out hy the applicant hlm
Each application muat be accompanied by a ret of It which will bt refunded If Ihe right! applied fur an sot
available, bul not otberwtie, A roy*
ally ahall be paid on Ihe merchantable
output ot the mine al the rate of live
cenls per ton.
Tht perion operating the mlno ihall
furnish the Agent wllh iworn return*
accounting for Ihe full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay Ibi
royalty thereon If thi coal mining
right! are not being operated, aucb return! ihould bi furniihed al leasl once
a year.
The leiae will Include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be Pet-
milled 11 purchaae whatever available
surface lights may bi considered neceaaary for tho working of Ihe mine al
Ibe rate if lit an acre.
For full Information ahpllcatlon
•houid be made to (he tecrelary of (he
Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or
to any agent or Sub-Agenl of Dominion
Deputy Minisler at the Interior
N. B— tliiaulhorlied publication of
tbli advertloenient will not be nald
for IM
Vancouver Business Directory
Parkiville, Vancouver
Island B.C.
SPR0TI - SHAW BusiKsi College
3)6 Hustings St. W.
Canada I Greatest  Western  School
K   J. Sprott, HA, - -Managsi
Yorkshire Guarantee & Sec initio
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R, Kerr Houlgate - - - Mausgei
Tbe nuiiii.' of thc vote, of tbe rili
/.'•ns of the Coiled .Stoic, iu Ibe pie
siilciitial elections ou Tuesday would
tvygetl, among olber items, tbtt S
considerable proportion of tbe elec
torsle of Ibt gitel republic bave avail
ed (bemadvie 0/ tbs opportunity to
record Iheir disapproval of tbe circumstances wbicb attended (he uoui
inst ton of (be two untucceiifol em-
Tenders are invited of loU or (rscts
of laud suitable for the erection of s
City Hall for the I'ily of North Van
Ali tenders muat be made ou a form
to be obtained from Ibe undersigned,
and musl be made by Ibe owuer or bis
At im ci iiiiiboi 1,-.-.I by iiiiii ucc uied
power of sttorney.
Tbe successful tenderer will be called upon lo give an option to the city
iu a form sstiifsi-tory to tbe City He
liiitor until lbc necessary Ily Itws arc
pen. nl. The price will be payable, 10
per ceut. within thirty dsys afler the
passing of the Hy law authorizing tbe
purchase asd the balance witbiu ninety days thereafter.
Sealed Tendera marked "Tender for
City Hsll Hits "siutt be lodged wltb Ihe
Cily Clork, 'ity Hsll, North Vancou
ver, before t p.m. os Monday, Decern
her Klh, lllll
The loweit or any leader not neces
ssrily accepted..
Alt City t'Mrk.
All Norlb Vancouver people eat it
KiKasr Flack Blook or Hastings St.,
oppoaiU Uie new poat ofioe. Lsonard
•all* bit Ua by the pound.
9,   9mm wl*     Sp   v%»s*a»i»
WB OUABANTBB tbs Martin-Benaiir 100 Fsr Cent. Furs Fslnt
(oxeept a fsw dsrk tbadss tliat cannot bs prepared from lead snd
sine), to lie made from purs carbonate of lssd, pnn osldt of sine,
with coloring niatttr in proportlontte qusntltlss nectstiry to maks
tbsir retptctivt tbadtt and tints, with purs liutttd Sil tnd turpentine dryer, and to bt entirely free Iran water, bsntint, whiting
VUl adultsrationi, and sold lubjitt to chtmlcal analysis.
Ths Martin-Bsunur 00. Ltd.
Tbis Is tbs only Fslnt so guaranteed because it is tbs only
FUBB FAINT on tbs market.
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
First Class Dwelling House (or Sale
Ws Invlts uuden fsr tbs purchui sf now slgbt room tnd bsss
ment dwelling house on Seventeenth Btrsst, near Boulevird ou Lot Sll,
Block 16a, Diatrict Lot 660, 60 ft by 167 th Tbs building is s vtry
substantial ont and bat all modern cosvenlsncss.
TBNDBBS ttttlng puce sud termi of payment, tccompsnltd by a
marked cbtqut for 5 psr ceut. of slersd pries must bt delivered to ut
bars not later than Saturday, tbs lull) Inst.
Tbe highest or any ttndsr net nscssssrily sccsptsd.
The Burrard Development Company limited.
17 Lousdale Avsnut Nortb Vincouvir Fhoni 37
■  .1
HI i'l'
"Bitweeu Two Tklive*"      (Author uf Dops Doctor)
"Mirabel's Usad"  .'.  Louis Trscy
"Tbs Lady Nsat Door"  Harold Btgbli
"Tb* Long Portage''    Harold Beudlott
"Tbs Wind Bcfon tbs Dtwn"   Mungtr
"A Man in tb* Open" Bogsr Pocock
Wt havt now room (sr all couien St our new store
J. E. Scouten't Book Store
(N. I. Book snd Butioutiy Compsny).
SMI Lonadali Aviuui PHONB 101
Home Painting, Kalsomining
and hpL»
Harding & Walker
P O. Boi Ulf
Oeo. W. HsrsMng Audnw
A Double Ender
1 ' i.   n'lXsg:
50 x 175 ft. on two graded roadi, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A map at $2,000, QM^dc^,M.6Hi2»<)Btli»
OfAc* FbAAS 173,
BesUtnc* Phont MSI
v. q. mm mf       ftQfXJH VA&OUVE*
Industry stons will nnt mii m mfttim- Tb. IpAnitn thst Ssvss j*
♦111 jBffollff fl!« 9m9 . -""*•	
Opening » Savings Aeconnl lu the Hank pt British N«r,k Awartna (s oftsaflih
flnt .step tswtrds suceeit.
76 Yean Ui Bmlnsit.   Capital and Surplus Ovsr $7,600,000.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner Af Lomdale Ave
and Eaplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Dayi' Free Trial
Solvit tbs Sumtnir Ironing Problem
For lull! wo sre offering a "Hotpoint" of tne (lb tin, suitable for
geueral household uie, for $4.60, Thii iron is similar lo ull " lint points"
except that the upper lurface ii unpolitbed.
Second Street Eut, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesiet the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coast.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 to 10.
Hot and cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a dsy up.
Weekly Hates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
North Vancouver,
Uth October, 1012.
I cure .-.iiii iu) uaked hsudi, 1 curt
paralysis, indigestion, neuralgia, bed
fever, heart trouble, especially palpi
tstinu, luog aud kidney troubles, also
auy bladder detect. Msulcls caioi sud
eye defections uf suy I.in.l, itomsrb
Iroublcs ami all hindi of itrictun I
specialize in.   I cau also heal broken
bonei. Alio til kindi of female Irou
bit* snd irregulsritiei, catarrh, etc.
Olve me a trial in any of tbe above
csiei tud 1 will prove to you tbe gen
uiueueii of ay stiertioui. I am will
isg to undertake any cuie however
ehronii wbere other medical men have
failed. Address, Bev, Ben Homier, c.o.
Hr. Jackson, corner Keith and Bulb
erlaod Bdi., North Vancouver, ti. ti.
fbi Wssf Vawwsr.««». I! wa* is
lbe  municipal  ball  ou  Tueiday  lust,
wtmT'lr,* rsajflfl 0l rrlS »li»u'.»
nt l.s lae. meeting tbu correspondence
wss i|es|t ioltb. ,
A Isllsr ws» read, from "Mr. fjfl,
Bailey, op liuhulf of property owners
in ll. Ij. 66., entering protest against
lbs pasting ol bylaw re streets through
new niiiiiiiuiiiniiii.
Tbs following resolution was pro-
poiod by Councillor Hsy, nml teconded
by (Jouucillor Merrick: Tbst the clerk
reply, thanking Mr. Bsiley for his
litter and suggestions, intimating Mist
tbe council bsve tho different points
under comiderstion.
F. Shields wrote claiming payment
of a bill lor $86.00 in connection with
survey of block t, I). Ij. 776.
It was proposed thut Mr, V. Shields
be  uilviscd   that  after  investigation
the council do pot consider thc muni
cipalily liable for the account.'
Keith Boad Bridgt
it was decided that the District of
West Vancouver meet tbe District of
North Vancouver regarding tiic liuilil
iug of bridge over tiapiluiio river.
A resolution proposed by Councillor
Mathers wassecouded and passed: That
tho West Vancouver council in a body
meet North Vancouver district council
to discuss tho buildiug of the bridge
over Capilano river, and also the mat
ter of the $60,1)110 beld by tbem for
ibe building of same.
Moved by Councillor Mathers, seconded by Councillor Merrick, that tin
couucil comply witb thc request uf
the West Vaueouver Ferry Compuny
sud sell to tbcm $100,000 bonds uf
lbe iin'iii' i|."lm st par, aud lhat it
purchase 1000 iharei of the capital
stock of tbe .--iiiil compim. at the par
value of $100 each.
Councillor Ilay proposed lhat the
ul,.ir.p.nu bylaw be read a third time;
seconded by Councillor Merrick. Hav
ing luun read, the bylaw passed ils
third reudiug.
A letter wub read from the engineer
propoiiug that subdivision plans of
ll. L. Ulli lie passed .
Moved by Councillor Hay, seconded
by Councillor Merrick, (hut tho sub
division plans of D. I.. 1137 lie passed.
Moved by Cuuncillur (linlzburger:
Thai Ihe debentures lo be issued in
pursuaucc of lhe Weil Vaueouver
ferry money bylaw Nu. S VI and Inleretl (hereon shull be payable al lhe
ollice.-, of the Bank of British North
America iu  lhe cities of  Vaucuuver,
Toronto, Muiilreal and London, Kng.
Moved by Councillor Merrick,, tec
muled by Councillor (liuUburger, Ibal
tbe couucil refer tbe Id ter of the Wesl
Vaucouvor l<sud Company re rebate
ou taxes to clerk uud asseuor for re
l'rupoied by Councillor Mathers,
seconded by Councillor Hay, that thc
couucil join the North Vancouver
Board    ofTrade aud lhat the fee for
pns ipff't inscription, $6.00, be for
niAsA tin. «. retsry.
it WU decided to ink tbe govsrn-
ment to give a» s crown grgut the
wstcrfront ond of \ltif itrnt, tor
municipal WOSr/ PH'iWM-
The council agreed In co-operate with
North Vsucouvcr iu seeing tbst the
bylsw governing tbe csrrying snd
UIS pf firearms is pul inlo operation
in ihe il|ttrict tnd lived up foi
Transportation of
Explosives Forbidden
The ferry directorate met as usual
ycslcrilay aflernoon, Mr. W. (,'. Clad
win occupying Ibe chair in lbc absence of Mayor McNeish.
Lasl week lhe board authorized
the manager, 'Mr. Heard, lo erect no
licet forbidding Ihe trtutportation by
means uf lhe ferry steamers of gasoline and other explosives. In 'the
event of these notices being iguored
il wus decided that the said gasoline
or other explosives ibould be thrown
overboard. Upon the reading of Ihe
minutei in Ihis connection Mr. 11. 0.
Wright wondered whether iuch a
course would be periiiissable uuder the
law, lo which Ibe secretary treasurer
replied Ibat the ferry solicitor, Mr.
K. I.. Beid, had been consulted as to
thc legality ef the course. The chair
men pointed oul lhat if such acliou
was uot laken the cunipuny wuuld be
held liable for manslaughter shuuld
an accident lake place in consequence
of lhc gasuline being on board. The
instructions tu the niauager were allowed   to  remain   unaltered.
Thc notice to be erected is as ful
"In order lo avoid injury or danger
lo pu-.eiie.-i'. lhc North Vancouver
Cily Ferries, Ltd., decline lu carry
dangerous substances or explosives ou
board their boats, ami all persons are
hereby forbidden lo bring ou board
of auy  of lhe steamers  of tho Mid
PuTTpffFC     S—f     arz—'JC!.     \r—ry-     .„    --
for st tits *m mi bo sctus||y ii)
uie for the propul»ion, of j*\Ai\ft),
explosive*. Any psrtpn or persons
bringing the itmc upon sny of tbe
ttetmsri of tbs sold eqnjpany, or having i))$ ssms In tboir poison) .ft „ft*.
Oft, f||| bo leslt with sceunlinft to
ISV, sud on such goodi. found 01)
board will be i|oi"troy*d."
The manager reported that be had
arranged F|tli Wr Into* Smith, the
.ity engineer, to impoct tho conditions
uuder the Nurlh Vsncouver whsrf st
twelve midnight un Saturday "'uight,
wben (here will bo s long r,ln out of
tbe tide. .
Mr. Heard recommended that tbe
Ferry Number 1 ibould be btuled out
und puinled, 81 it is »ix mnnlhs since
this hss been done. Tbit report tnd
recommendation  wss adopted.
Sixth Field Company
Canadian Engineer*
Order*  by  Captain  I.  BadSI Ward,
Osnunsnding, Novsmbsr fitta una
No. 71.    Dutiet
To be Orderly Officer week ending
November 16lh, 10U: Lieutenant P.
Next for Duty: Lieutenant .1. li.
To lie Orderly Sergeant week ending
November HHh, IHIS: No. 2., Sergeant
Henry Holland.
Next for Duty: No. 1, Sergeant W.
J. Klder.
No. 76.   Oburcb Parade—
The company, with baud, will par
adc, at the company bcudquartcrs, un
Bunday, the llltb of Novombcr, 1012,
at 11:16 p. ui., to attend dlvlpe service
st St. Johu's Church. Dross: Bevicw
order with aidesrms and great costs
Ns, 76.   Leave of Absesce-
licsve of absence is granted lo No
0, Sergeant B. O. Ougbtou, from Nov
ember Gib to Novomhor,lf,li, 1911
Mo. 77.   Parade* —      r
The cuinpiniv will iiiiinii' at the
ilrill ball, Norlb Vancouver, ou Tuesday, November l-Hi, lull tt t to
10 p. m. Dress: Drill order wilh rilles
tud lidcarms. All members of Ihc
company must atleud this parade, as
ride inspection will be held, and all
rifles returned to itorcs.
Acting Adjutant
Military Church Parade
Sunday Neit
On Bunday uext there will be an
united church parade of thc Bixth
Compsny i-'snsdiiyi Field Kngiujeeri
ami the North Vaueouver Buy Bcouts,
wben a special service will be held iu
Bt. Jidin'." Church st il u'clock iu Ihc
nil.ii,.uiii The Field Kngiueers and
Boy Bcouts will fall iu al lhe drill
hall, Ksplauade west, al at: 10 p. ui.,
and headed by the military hand will
march to Bl. Johu's Church.
A cordial invitation is extended tu
Vaucuuver and l.yuu Valley Iluy
Bcouli tu take part in Ihe parade aud
church service.
Councillor Wsrd listed st Ust
night's meeting of the diitrict couucil
tb#' »l»lftg if tbo (JilMot's b0»d« bo-
ing unsold It wsi obsolutely uccestsry
Ihut only the must urgent of board of
works metiers ibould bo considered
with s view to action. Tbo board,
Councillor Ward added, was prepared
to do sll in its powor to assitt rato- '
payors by going a* fully si possible
into spplicstiom for work, su tbst sll
immediately necessary work may receive attention. All msttcrt wbicb,
woro It uot for the shortage of fundi
would bo ordinarily authorized will
be carefully tubulated, so that uolbiug
may lie overlooked, ami when tho position it relieved these will receive their
alteutiou iu their proper order.
Mauy applications for roads, side-
Walks aud ulher conveniences wero
received lasl eveuiug.
I.'.'I.M:    FOH   KKNT     II.on cheeping
and tingle, llll Hud ttreet east.     t.f.
FOB   HKNT   Two   nice   large   fur
oiihtd  bidrooini.   Apply  800 (Juccua
bury Avcuue. IMI
FOK KKNT -I roomed Kat nur
ferry, lit per month. Apply Warburn-
Ilx l'iano Houie. t.f.
TO KKNT- Comfortable room, mod
eru conveniences M;s> Klder, "'.it
Keith road coil. Kll
FOB BKNT - Moderu I urins.ied
apartment of t roomi; heal; disappear
iug btdi; piano; telephone, etc.; slso
unfurnished apartment; splendid view.
Colonill Apartments , Kighth street
coal, Norlb Vaacouver. Koquire Apart
nif.it   I,   I'hune   Ulol,
FOB SALR-Houey. Pure, delicious,
cheap-   Harden Apisry, 1411 lilh wesl
WANTKD -Waitress (isiud wages.
Apply Kill",in Cafe, IIU Ksplauade,
Norlh Vancouver. 111
WANTKD A young girl lo assist
wilh housework in family of Ihree.
Apply 168 unl street est). 18 11
WANTED-Daily   work   by   young
womau.    Half days nol  ebjectsd  tu.
Apply Ooodbody, 122 21sl slreet west.
FOK KKNT -A bouie on lOtb itreet
*f"! Buulcvtrd; slio ihack, iui (able for
couple. Apply F. Booth, plumber.   I.f
i'i lit KKNT ( n>nincd modern bou
let, 6 uni".I. from ferry. Bent lit
per in.mill     Peert A Boult. Pbone Itt
FOB KKNT Kuglub lud> ba* tpsre
bedroom, would toil two gentlemen.
Apply N. V. P. 0. Box 26116.     t.f.
FOB BKNT- t tooauti bouie, next
lo drug atore ou 81b snd laiuidale,
fl'i Apply H. H. Millard, 768 laim
dale avenue tf
FOR KKNT   Two uufuruiibed roomi
bii privtle family.   Furnace, opes Ire
eice.    Two blocki from  car-    18**
dgwsy. 1211
TO KKNT 1! roomed bouse, clow io
|6 per month'. Cook sieve mi fwsi
ture for isle, $W. 141b street, wsst
Sf Forbes ayasue. 8-1)
"fOV mj/t-fUn mm n»«*>rn 1-
roomed bdttst, eorner of Mth and Uf
bon Avenut. Will give lesse to toil-
Stile tenant. Apply Bobert I. Fowls',
SUB Ktplsusde Ksst. ,U.
FOB BALK - Bsuhtrb roots, belt ini
ported Kngliih tied. D. Iloldiworlh
(Itrdeu aveoue, Capilano. If
FOB NAI.K 1'uliuiiled siiioiiiil uf
cord wood sr tloit wood. Thompion snd
Htuirt. I'honc ttl. If
FOB BALK First growth wood,
*4.76 I cord. O. Mr Dule, 144 81 h ttreet
east, i'honc 81. t.f.
FOB BALK Furnace wood, S> slabi
I. I. Dorsn, phone 86. Lesve orderi N.
V. Lumber Co. oice. 8)1
FOB 8ALB-A fsw vsry choice
White Ugbeta Cockerels.. Apply 868
Itb itreet weit, Nortb Vancouver, t.f.
VCfU BALK Hplendid utility slock
B. 0. Wbttt Leghorn cockerels. Ror.
Afsho* avenue ssd EH. Jsmei Bt. 8 18
FOB BALK- Child't bed with mat
treat, b*bv c«rri»gc, fO-flSrt, inetor
ws*biuf nxsiuhins, tmsll better, electric iron Snd kitchen itove. AB in
good order. Mri Klder, 388 Keith
road sast. mi
WANTED -Iminedislely, furniihed
bedroom ami sitting room, with tie
place, fur Iwo gentlemen Breakfast
and dinuer if possible.        ,        12 11
WANTKD unl for offlce work.
Able to uie typewriter and amwer
pbone. Kxpcricnce iu office work nol
necessary. Apply at ones. Hreen «
Walsh,   retl   estate,   104   8nd   streel
Baat. 811
LOST—A nccklsee of ember betdi,
Tuesday evening. Apply W. Bpesr,
Nortb Lonsdale.
LOST Hold pin containing one
811.60 gold piece 'and two Meiicsn
nickels. Keluni to Melville's Barber
Shop,  Lonidale avenue. 1811
UltiT lllock, white snd Uu rough
haired fox terrier puppy bitch, sbout
Ive nonlbi' old. Kewtrd, Mlkoviki,
Uth and Bt. Andrew'i Phoue Lid), t.f.
Privste lettont in French, (Jcrmtn
ssd Kngliih. Apply 868 Keith Bosd
Weit. 11)1
Short time loss* on ,vsc*nt or im
proved property. Star liom Company,
118 Hailiugi, Vaacouver. t.f,
Lady wishci daily pusitiuu as lady'»
help, i,i.u-el.i-cpi i or care of child. Box
A166, Kxpreu Oflice. Kll
Lmii living in small house ufferi
home lo tnolher. Very uioderale Icruii
Bets, Box 88(7, Phoue Hi 611
Dancing laught. In chill or private
ly Miss Knlwcll, 8184 Cornwall Bl.
Vancouver, i'hooe Bay.  Ili.'ill      811
Mrs. Frank Alice, malurnily nurse,
Norlb Lunsdale I'. 0., or cull al grocery
cor. Lonsdale ami King's Koad.    618
For Sue watch and jewelry work go
lo Ueo. Bomcrton, the new jewelry store
on 2nd itreet.
Boom and board in modern beuio tl
moderu ralei Kngliih cooking. 416
iih slreet tod Bidgowsy Ave.     16 II
' eiliticd mall-mil) trained nurse, or
olher cases. (DisengagedJ. Apply 880
2nd alreel east. 1811
sud Moody avenue, $3100. Few dsyi
only. Apply L. F. Holts, 117 Lousdale
avenue, Nortb  Vancouver. 18 11
Furnace hested double front /ooo,
tingle ropm tlio bed lilting room, bill
I block from Ijonsdalc. 126 Sixth
Btreet Weil, Nortb Vancouver,    (18
B. G. Livery and Bosrd liable* -
Light rig* snd ladle*' saddle horie*
for Urs. Stabling lor horns. Oeu
sni delivery sud hosvy teaming, fl.
Donas, iih ttrttt west. Phont'687 tf.
Und (Hearing snd Orsding Lots,
Pets Andruss, Oentril Contactor. 8*
met connections s specialty, basement
and othsr excavating work undsriaksn.
Kstimates free 120 18tb ttreet wstt,
North Vsnceursr, past pttm box MM.
MUNKV TO I.M.N'Money loaned
oo diamonds, jewelry, furs. Btar Loan
Co, 818 Haitingi, Vancouver        If
(iciiilcmsii wliaei nice room io prl
vale  home,  (.'lair   in.   Apply, tilling
particular! lo Box 164, Kxpresi Office..
Authorised agent tot Singer 8ew
iug Machine Compsny in North Van
couvcr. 1.1. McAlcccc, Dry Uoodiand
Oenti' Furniibings, corner Finl and
Louidtlt Avtnut. if
The ilistricl council last eveni-'t
adopled a definite ituiul iu the uiatior
uf the Bijuuiiiish Indian Kcserve number three, where Ihe linlisns expect
Ihe municipality, which hss already
constructed ils ruud in tuis locality,
to pay 8126 per. foot fur riparian
rights, Objections were voiced by
Councillor Wunl ami Councillor llridg-
man al thc lasl meeting of (be couucil,
and lusl evening the ultimatum wai
voiced thai (he cuuucil did not inteud
1'iiy hi. tuch a price. In othcr.uegotia
lions of the kind owners of foreshore
rights have conceded these rights to
tbe municipality upon the purchase of
waterfront and the construction of a
road, The Indian department has,
however, acted otherwise, aud tho
couucil is not prepared lo puy llio
price suggested. I ., i week a letter
was received from the department lo
the effect thai further inquiries would
be mude by Ihe inspector, who would
ii■ ■ eii;iiii whelher Ihis price could be
reduced, but (he cuuucil maiulaiu tbat
uo reduction of price will effect tiioir
altitude in the matter. Tbey demand
the foreshore rights, and unless Ihey
ublaiu their demands will seek the refunding of their mouey and the elos
ure of Ihe road.
in in,, inni" wore given to the clerk
lu set Imiii once again fully the sentiments of the council iu this lelaliou.
We Ibe undersigned give but ice Ibll
wc hsvt by mutual conicul dissolved
partnership this day io thc plumbing
buiineu Islely csrried on iu lhe name
of Boeburk and Neslc, st 118 Beeoml
Street west, Norlb Vancouver. All
debt* payable lo said (rm will be col
Idled ),y W. Nealr, Norlb Lonidale
snd sll debt* incurred by irm to dsle
will be ssid by W. Ncile,
Signed Ihlt lit dty of November,
Norlh  Vancouver, B. C. Ill
Jn punutnet ol au asiigumcul dated
Auguit 281b, 1818, to Ihe undersigned,
partial indebted to the W. H. Btogcy
• Compsny sre hereby sotiled to psy
the smountt due st the oScc of the st-
figure. Wilson A Ppny, suite I. DeBssk
Building, 881 Haitingi ttreet west,
Vtncouver, B. C, it tks earliest pot
tibie momeut, who will ioiut receipts
for isms.
tl. I. WILSON,
Councillor Wcstuver reported to tbe
diitrict council last eveuiug lhal ho
had taken up with Ihc local manage
meut of the ti. ti. Klectric Bailway
Compauy (he ijucstioo of having graut-
cd to Ibe people of the valley Ibe
privilege of I ravelling from Fromme
road lo the eud of Ihc car line un oue
fare and vice versa. Tbe councillor
was enabled lo report favorably, slat
iug tbat an arrangement to this effect
bad been come to. Previously persons
hoarding Ihc car one block west of
Fromme road were liable lo bl charged
iwo fares to Ihe cur line terminal Thit
irrangement had uouqcd greal dis
satisfaction in Hie past and had generally been an inconvenient one. Kveu
i inily a complaint was registered by
a mau who claimed to have been
charged Iwo farp uu lite outward
journoy and one fare on the return
journey. Coiidurturi have lime and
agaiu showed a diffidence, wbicb Ibo
public could well understand, in charging a paiscnger live cenls fur one block
only and auolhei l.v centi for tbe
bslancc of the journey. It ii expected
thtt Ibii re trraiigcmeut, ai brought
aboul by Cuuncillur Weslovcr and su
obliging msnagemeiil, will prove sn
effective remedy.
The district council replied last eveu
iug to Ihe ...eiini. . msde by thc Bu
cist* for tbe Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals in relation lo the appointment
of sn officer exclusively for tbe norlh
tbore. Tke dislricl '• monthly con
tributiou to (he salary of (hii iuspec
lor bsd been propoied to be |16 *
Jt was decided to inform the locicly
thst lbc preient llnaucci of (be muni
ciptlily did oot permit Ike council com
milting it/elf lo tucb so srrsngement r
st this particular I iiuc, bnt thst the
suggest imi would be favorably referred
to the incoming council.
Altimugb, so doubl, every railway
company would glsdlfc convey His Ma
jssty and the Queen ttie at chsrge,
our rulers psy exactly the aame price
8* anybody else for a iprcJsl train, in
addition to tbt till elm* Uie pt eveiy
psssenger by whom Ihey mi he ac
compsnied in their respective tuittt.
4,     'il m
Houses to Sell or Rent
We have some splendid! buys at
Reasonable Prices
Howes of sll sizes to rent
Excellent four-room suites, Close in, $17,50 and'$22,50
Phone 24, P.O. Boi 1S20
Tlw Strange Story of George Moore, Druggist
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
li. imii Ii.i;   Remodelling, Bis., Promptly  ull. ll.liul   to.
Kallmulcs Furniihed Free
III III11M.    ril.VIIUl lull
ulliee: Dickinson & Bon'i Factory, El-
plumule   Phone  tit.
Residence:  Allan  Hoad,  Lynn  Valley.
P. 0. Boa SO, Lynn Creek. Phone
A.M.I.E. * 8.
Irrigation,  drsinsgt, leveli,    plans
and specifications.   Septic tank*   snd
huuse drainsg*  a   ipecially.      P.  0.
Bus 'Hi, 16th ltr**t west ol Bewick.
And general Commitiion Mercbiut, 19
Lousi Inle Ave., Nortb Vancouvar.
Pluns sut
We are specialists ju these lines.
IHIA  Lonadala  Avenue
Studio   over   Buk   B.' N. i.
I.unidali and Eaplaudt
High Class Udics' un.l Qenta' Tailoring
Repairing   and    Alterations.   Cleaning
and Dytiug iu ill itt branches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ul Fint Strut Weit. Pbone 807
(J. Uui)
Lsdlss' snd Osnts' Clean tog,
Pruning tnd Kepairing
S Bf ecialty
120 Sscond Btrsst Bsst
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Work.
First Btreet But of Lonsdsls
Loweil pricei tnd belt work gusrsn
teed on tinning aud sheet metal work.
All kindt of itwi hied snd let ou the
•bortett notice.   Ijiv.ii mowers, knives,
hedge ibesri snd icniors ibsrpeued. Ail
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
uat Lonsdsls Avsnus Pbons bo
Cabinet Maker and Osrpsntsr
Will uudertske sii kindt of wood work,
repain, stc.
Fourth Btrsst snd Sutherland Avsnus
P. 0. Boi 2006
li your Watch itoppiug or keep ig
irregular timet   If io, ies
Pioneer dawdler, 60 Lousdale Avenue.
If Not, Why Not?
Buy your Oroctrls* snd Provisions at tbs Nortb Sbors
Qrociry, when you gtt tb* vsry best gooda at the lowest
prices.   Olvs us s tiisl snd provs tnis for yourself.     We
don't carry soy goods ws can't guarantee.
A fsw of our sneciaJi:
Good Oollsa st  26c  lb.
Brooks Bond Tts st 36c lb.
Creoniiry Butter, 36c or 3 lb. for  $1.00
Bollsd Ottt,  S6c 7 Ib. tacks
Applet, titrs fsney 11.60 snd 11.66 boi
Genuine Ashcroft Spud*  1136 ssck
All guaranteed to bt ovtr three Inches In length snd the
grower's name furnishsd with sscb ssck.
Oood chilliwui-k Spwls     $1.00 s ssck
Ordtn promptly delivered.
16th tnd Lonsdale
Phone 217
"0 esrtii, to full of dreary }Sl»e!
P men with wailing in your voleel
0 delved gold the wuilers hasp!
0 strife, 0 curie, tbtt o'er it fslll
dud ttrikei s silence through you
And 'giviith Hit belayed sleep."'
—Elizabeth Browning.
Tbe early tervtutt of the Hudson's
Bay Compsny resided bebjud the palisades aud within lbs fort, ur clustered
in one iiii .rv cabin* of hewn logt, white
washed Inside Slid put, snd built without Hie slightest regtrd to architectural
effect ar sanitation. Tbe meu wbo
csme here in pursuit of gold in 1663
erecled their places of business along
the line of Vales ami Wharf streets,
and disposed of their goods ou a strictly easb basis. The thoroughfares,
which were wagou tracks in summer,
in winter hucanie quagmire* in which
horses and drays often stuck and
men sank to their kueet. The navigation of what are now our chief business
streets forty five yesrs ago required u
mun who wp able to "take the sun,"
as tbey say at sea, to cross them dry
shod and mud free. Above Broad
Street, as late as tho winter of l.siii ii::,
the roads were absolutely impassable.
There were no street lights, sewers,
water or cabs -none of the conveni
um u- that now contribute to muke life
without thu business centre enjoyable.
Many of the heavies! merchant's occupied rooms above or behind their
warehouses ami raised fumilies uf chil
uuu blooming with health and vigor
Ou oue occasion I wenl into a Wharl
Street slore to huy a Husk uf quick
silver, which was sold wholesale al SL'
a pound. The merchant and I had a
long conversation as to prices. He
made several attempts to cut Ihe argu
ment sliurl by manifesting a desire to
retire to Ihe room ip the rear, which
served in Ihe treble capacity of ollice.
bedroom and kitchen. Kaeh lime 1
detained him by raising some new
point and preieutly my noitrils wore
assailed with the odor of something
burning. The merchaut took Ihe sceul
al the same momenl and, rutting a
sentence short, made a wild rush to
Ihe kilchen. lu a moment he emerged
holding a frying pau iu his hands..
"There!" he exclaimed, as he gave
me a malignant look, "while I've
wasted my time talking witb you my
sausages have been burned to a crisp!"
lie throw four blackened sausages iuto
the street, following them to their
muddy resting place wilh a word that
begins with a big "ll," as they tay iu
fell in great shoots snd tke wiml roar
e.l oyer ass tnd lund. It wst Uoooiuher
of 1861, Tbs hour WSS 10:110; the slots
wst deserted by customers, ami Moore
wtt on tbe point of closing for tin
night when the door swung bsck witb
a hniig snd s feuisle figure was blown
iu. Sbe wai plosely muffled to protect
her frum the fury of the gale, aud tbo
lower part of tl|e face wai bidden behind s red ihswl. In spite of tbe
shswl Monro could see that the woman
was nice-looking, ami that sbe bad
coal-black eyes tbat sparkled witb
what seemed to lie au unnatural firo.
Approaching the counter tho woman
hesitated for a momeut and then, allowing her eyes to fail, said .iu a faltering
"I want two bits' worth of laudau-
Good Butter Buns.   Plain Sultana, Nut
and Cherry Cakes in great variety
Yule and Coffee Cakes
Home-made Candy
One of the most picturesque cburuc
ters iu Ihc dowutuwn district at that
time was (Jeorgu Moore, a druggist,
who dispensed drugs aud chemicals at
A. J. Langley k Co's, at the corner
of ilooinergng Alley au.l V'ates street.
Mr. Moore wus an Knglishmau of rath
er retiring manners, ile was amiulilc
ami good uatured lo a fault, and wus
never kuowu lo turu Ins back upon s
glass of goud brandy or rum in which
genial Iiuiiii he was mil alone. To his
intimates lie was known as "I'em"
ore; lu mere acquaintances us Muorc;
to the geueral public as Dr. Moore. As
Iruggisl he hud few equal*, and as
prescriptions were charged at the rale
of from $11 to It, it will lie understood
(hul llie | n.iii.- were large and thai
Moure earned the liberal salary that
was paid him. Muure did not live st
or near his place of business. Kuriy in
loi'ill he had married a Mrs. Stein, tbi
widow ot a Hi num. grocer, whose bus
baud had left her a lidy little fortune
out of winch she limit a brick dwelling
on iionliiii street After the marriage
Mrs. Moore hyphenated her name aud
bad her cards printed "Mn. Btciu-
Moore." Several of Moore't frieudi
ventured to add/ess Iiiiii at "Stein
Moore," bul the manner iu which he
received, Ihe innovation csuicd Ihem
to refrain from repeated the liberty,
and io Ibey returned to the more lum
iliar if leu .musical appellation of
"Pern" Moore.
"I want to be lonictbiug more in the
world thia Mrs. Stein't husband,"
Moore wai accustomed to aay. "I waut
lo be known and appreciated for ay
tell aloue. I don 'I propose to have my
personality buried iu tbe Stein gravo
aud Stein dug up and pul in the frout
rank. Stoin ii dead; l.-l bim rctt.
Moore's alive; let bim live. Jf thc
widow of the defunct wants to carry
the dead man's name on her card, well
aud good. It plesiei ber aud docs mc
uo barm. Sut, by tbe godi of war, 1
refuse to be addreaaed iu ber dead bus
baud'i name, ao don't call me by thai
auy more." And they, not courting a
flght, didn't. . r
Moore, at I havt tsid, wu a kind
hearted msn snd performed many get*
of goodnesi which, no doubt, tttod recorded to bit credit in the Better Land.
He wst s most careful druggist, snd
no mistake wst ever traced to bim.
With all his amiability he could be
very Am wheu occasion required, St
tbe (ale I *a about to relate will show.
Moore regarded her face for a moment wilh a suspicious air and asked:
"What d.o you want it fort"
"I want it for the toothache."
"ll wouldn't require so large a quan
tity as tbat. A few drops on cotton
wool will do. Hero, 1 'II put a few drops
in the tooth."
"No, no, no," said the woman,
shrinking away. "1 must have two
bits' worth. Ail my teeth are aching.
Hive it me and let mc go."
Moore considered a moment He full
curtain lhat Iho woman before him
meant to commit suicide, if hu refused
to sell hor the puison someone else
"Well," bo said, "you may have
thu poison if you will promise to be
careful in ill use."
Moore filled a small phial wilh a
dark fluid, labelled it "I .nudum.in,
Poison," and banded it to the customer.
She almost snatched it from his hand.
She threw down lhe coin, ami with e
smothered "Thank you" left the store
as rapidly as she had entered il.
Monro gazed after her with a queer
look iu his eye, whilu a smile played
about Ihe corners of his mouth. Then
he lighted a little candle and placing
il within a tin lantern (coal oil was
uot then used in lanterns), bauked the
lire, closed aud locked the safe ulmi
was before combinations were invent
cd), fastened thc doors and sallied
forth iuto the night. Tho feeble rays
shed by the caudlo guided his footsteps
aloug Ihe muddy footpaih (uo boarded
sidewalks then stilted). He walked
along Yates through the slop until he
reached Uovernmenl Street. Thc wind
was holding high revel. Sigiiboards
creaked ami buildings groaned and
tremble.! befure tbe heavy blasts that
tore Aercely through the little town as
if anxious to sweep tho place cleau off
thc map. Moore's hat blow off, but he
did uot slop to recover it. Hit course
led past thc corner of Hastiou and
Hmi-rnineiii streets. Tbe guns frowned
down upon him as if they were prepar
iug to gu off on their owu accord and
contest with ilu- clemeuls a right to a
monopoly of lhc noiss. The lonely way
farer Continued to pick his path slowly.|
and was passing the palisades of the
fori when the feeble rays coat by his
lm.i.tn discJossd somelhlng thai gave
him a slarl and caused his kind hear!
lo beal with alarm. In an instant he
had recovered himself and, I.u,ding
down, saw that the ligure of a woman
lay eileuded ou the walk. A glance
showed that thc prostrate womau was
the one who had asked for Ihe laud
aniim a short time before. He placed
his hauii on her shoulder and shook her
gently. The woman moaned and, draw
iug tbe red shawl over her fare, turned
her bark lu the light.
"Come," said Moore.  "(Jet up. This
is uo place for a humau being on sucb
a nigbl; and a womau, too," he added
"Oh! go away and lei me die," (be
womau replied iu pitiful accents.
"Lei you die! No, indeed," said
the druggist. Why should you die)
What have you doue to make you wish
to diet"
"Oh! I've taken poiion—laudu
num," sjie uid. "In a few minutes
I shall be dead."
"But you have uot takeu poison,"
pertuted Moore.
"1  have, indeed,    i  bought  it tt
l,sugley's   two bit*' worth.    J  swul
| lowed it sii snd bsve laid down bere
to sleep.   Oh! go away and let me die
in peace," ibe moaned.
"Womsn," said Moore. "I am lbe
druggist wbo filled your order, f did
not give you laudanum. I gave you s
sintll phis' of weak paregoric, witb a
daih of ipecac to act ai aa emetic. If
you wait till that kills you wili live
The womsn sol up snd in imploring
tones begged Moore to assure her tbst
he had spoken the truth. No reply was
necessary, for St that moment thc ipecac msde Jtt premeaee manifest in no
uncertain wsy. When the woman hail
sufficiently recovered Monro assisted her
to her feet. Her clothe* were wringing
wet and the trembled with cold and
"Have you told me the Iruihl" the
sgsin ssked Use druggitt.
On* dark and dismal night tin rsin'
■Nprlli Vancouvsr, Nnv, I, }t.
Uditor Bipresi:
in s recent edition pf your psper I
bsppeued to resd.s letter penned by
sue nf our sesplngly tern public-
spirited men holding office in the interest Of Hie public ii/ our midst, ami
very heartily indorse bis itstouieuS.   I'l
really' b. I|«ve iimt If ws bsd s (sw
more like bim ill pur inidit tht government would bs eiiuipclluil ts liys pp
to its pru election promises suit state
monts in tbsl attentive railway pro
gram thst they put before tiie public
st the last election. Jt wst Indeed
su elaborate program and meant s
great deal to furthering the intereiti
uf Iho North Shore-if it could be real
iuid; bul, j in Ig mg by tho procrastinating tactics practised by those worthy
servants of the public |u railway build
Iiig, it teems lhat our fond hopes will
not be realised for tometime to come.
It is only another liisttnee of wbtt
fools we mortals be, especially ou election day, whon the public bucomo as
clay in the potter's bssdi under the
influence of political spellbinder*.
Hut wu .uliuul better matteri now
by any indictment of tbese people who
got our voles last election, but sbould
coiisider matters nearer home in tbs
realm of polities, liailroads ami other
development projects of that nature
arc gigantic undertakings and, like
Home, caiinol bo built iu a day, but
afler careful deliberation and eiliaus
live studies of Ihc various obstacles
in their way, they usually grow iuto
tangible realities if thc financei are
provided for, and iu Ihis case we are
quite satislied the sinews of wtr arc
providod in sufficient quantities to ensure success.
Hut while we arc waiting for the
railroads lo materialize we can iiml
nough tn do at home to iee if we caiinol improve matters in our midst and
lay lhc foundation of a thriving city
Ihul shall be at some future date. The
recent tempest in a teapot that we had
in our midst when some of tho rate
payers, ihowed a want of confldouce
iu the civic administration shows, that
t» there is no smoke without a trt,
thai Ihere musl be somo groundi for
Ihis action, "be tbou clinic aa ico
or cold ai mow, thou canst uot escape
calumny," is a passage from Hamlet
that politicians, as well at otberi io
public life, might well remember and
ihape their course accordingly. The
great (rouble with Noyth Vancouver ii
the mania for real estate speculatiou
thai seems to possess tho property
owners inside lhe boundaries ami tbe
blighting eile, i of speculation ou its
industrial life. Heal estate brokerage
is a legitimate business if thc tinhorn
sharks and other specimens of humanity of ionium intellects and swinish
ideals were kepi out of it aud buiineu
transacted upeu aud above board, doiug
away wilh inflated values sud otber
evils incidents! to get-rich-quick
schemes, Surely there sre enough fsir
minded electors in our midst thst have
Ihe intelligence necessary to see that
it is time lhal a halt wu called in es
piloting the welfare of our cily by s
few unscrupulous individuals in whose
lives avarice is the prevailing passion
and who huw the knee in servile obedience to thc almighty dollar. Tbia ittls
of affain instead of attracting legit
imale business ami capital bat tbe
opposite effect. The city counrll can
not be blamed for it, either, for tbty
tre working iu the public interest and
tbey cannot be held responsible for
the perpleiing problemi tbtt confront
ui at limes, 'ihey teem to be doing
tbe licit tbey know how, but not pollening lupcrntturtl poweri cannot
please everybody. Now, if thc public
have not enoogh faith iu tho preaenl
administration, let Ihem take Ibe ue
cessury steps to nominate men for the
unit term that have the public cou
lidence and arc known to be men of
Integrity snd sound builuosi judgment
-pat dr«sming Idealists snd tboorltts,
mht, Ilka ¥l. awtw, wai, ft. sows-
thing tp turn up. If ws gtt tks olty
flnsnoet wisely ipsnt snd gtt full yal»s
fm pur WPssy, ws srs quits snrs tp
sltract lbs popnlstion, whose ueedi
mutt bt prpvldtd lnr,'t»A Instead of
ut running after induttrlet and railroads tbsy will miiilii to us.
Lot efficiency be tbe mottu pf noil
yesr'i council, tnd let tbem eliuilu'sts
all stuul pigeons from tbe payrolls,
and Insist on employees in ull depart-
mentu be|ug qualified to DII tbeir VPtl-
tiuus witb credit tp themselves tnd
tho city. Wbilo waiting for tbp big
things lot us toe to it that tbera it
nothing lacking to insure tbo smooth
forking sf tbe wbeelt at\ progress,
tnd If olil-fisliiuned systems urn tin)
inadequate and sntlqustod tp dual
with our eipsuding growth, lot us rs-
organise tbe system snd perfect) it,
thereby ensuring belter rosultt for tbt
Thsiiking you for tptce, J remain,
Yours truly,
D.   J.   MelKlllllAI.L.       i
Tbo large-it room iii existence under
a single arched roof, and entirely unsupported by pillars or buttresses
away from the wallt, it tsid to lie s
huge building in St. Petersburg,,mes-
luring 1K0 feot loug sud 160 feet wide,
uied in-null for military purposo.
This giant apartmont is of surh a sire
that a whole battalion—1,000 men— -
can drill In it with Iho greatest ease.
Jt require! no fewer than 110,000 wax
tapori to ligbt it satisfactorily by
Subbubs had takeu Ohumploigh
home to dine. Everything wont well
uutil they were seated at the dinner
table, when Willie Subbubs remarked:
"Why, I'a, this is roast beef."
'Well," Slid hit father, "what of
'Why 1 heard yoo tell ma at break
fait thai you woro going to bring a
ioiiitinilici.il home with you fur diuner
tbii   eveuiug."—iluilou   Trtuicripl.
Do women liko lo ico thcuiielvci in
print! No; they prefer lilki tnd vsl
veil. i,.
In ill i,'ouniries Ask (or our Inventor'! Adrllir. Marlon A Marlon. Ill
llulvirtliy Btntt, cornir St. Catherlnt
Street. Montreal, Canada, and Woah-
Ins ton. D. C, ll. g. A.
Tht North Vancouvtr Ooal and Supply
Company Limited,  In Voluntary
Thc creditor! of the above named
Compauy aro hereby untitled to llle .
their claimi against the said Compauy
duly verified at Ihc ollice of Harry J.
I'eiiiii, one of Ibe Joiut Liquidalori,
Norlb Weit Truit Building, fiichtrdi
Street, Viucouver, Jl. (.'., ou or beforo
the Jotb day of November uexl, llllli,
and lhat the Liquidator! will afler lhal
date proceed to distribute the tuoli
of tbe uid Company, having regard
only to Ibe creditor! who have filed
their claimi iu compliance wilh thii
Vincouver, October 30tfa, mil!
HAIIKV J. I'Clii.'lN,
Joint Liquidators
Why ii chloroform liko Kirhard
Wignert Hei mie il il oue of lhe
grestctt of moderu couipoien.
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
Will) Watch Is Incorporated
Bevan, Gore A Eliot, Limited
North Vincouvtr Branch: n Lsnsdal/ Avsnus, opposite Post OSes.
Bsprsssntlng Lynn Crssk tine Mini* Llmlud.
Ws havt monty (or Afrssmsnts for Bsls.    Nothing too Isrgt or too
We have some good, iraideiuys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
4 Let ui quote you ratea oo Fife, tic and Accident
McMillan & reid
*  »
————s I
) Personally Conducted Holiday Party
Leaving Vancouver December 8th
Wilt give you sn unusual opportunity tu mul,..- tbo journey economically U sny point in Humps.
Tickets will Include sll railway snd itetiuihlp truiwportstlou, meals
and berthi,   There trt na extra,
A chuico of hicniiiulii], linei it offered fu thoie wbo dtiire |o mike s
The imiii will be in chsrge of the undersigned, who will look after
all details of lhe trip, relieving you of all worry incident lo s trip
of this kind. ,t
Only s limited uumber csu bo sccommodsloil. It is s.lvissblo lo
mike your reservations us soon 11 pouibls.
For complete informstiun call ou, telephone or address,
T. C. HOLT, Ltd.
Id Lomdalo Aveuue, North Vancouver, B. P.
A. W. NABE, Oonunerclsl Agent Chicago, Milwaukee k Fugst Bound
143 Hustings Btrsst Wsst, Vaueouver, B. 0.
The Scenic Highway
Acrosl Ihr I nulluml
lln - -un I. ticket* to all parli of (hi
world ut lowest rad'i
The popular route to Ihu
(IIS   I'.IUllli,,
I liluu.   «C.J
The most up-to-date irulli service
between Vancouver and the Easl.
Fur rutes. reservations und all
fm tlm Inrorinallon apply to J
MOR t.'lly Passenger Agent, 01
Ilustlnas m . or 11 W BRODIK,
(jPA, Vuncouver.
MiALKI) TKSIlKKH mlillesseil (0 (be
uui..uii.il. ,i ,,ijii .i.-i,,.ned "Tender for
Kleclric elevalun (or lhe I'uaiuini E>-
.....li.li.i.    i\,,., I..,..-,..    Vancouvtr.   B
I'," will he received al Ihli offlce until
(.on p.m. on Monday, Novemlier 11.
Ililil, for the work mentioned.
Tendera will not hs coniidered unless
made   upon   foflul   supplied   hv   Tie
puiiim-iii and In accordance with con
diiii.no contained therein.
Flam and apecltlcatloni lo tie teen on
application to Mr E. R McGregor.
Cltrk Of Workt, Vancouver Kxumlii-
Ing Wareboute, Mr. H. B. Matthews.
supei villus architect, Winnipeg. Man
and at tlie Department of Public
Worki, Ottswt.
Each tender mutt he accompanied by
an uccepled cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to tne order of the Honourable ihe Miniiler of Puhlle Works.
e.inni to ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of lbe
tmouni of iin- under.
Br ordtr,
I 'i..... im. in of Public Wurki.
Ottawa. October tl.   lilt.      — 80071
Musical Instruction
Uin E. A. Card, A.K.C.M., pianist
and teacher, pupil of Franklin Taylor,
vinls   North   Viucouver  Wednesdays.
650 Thurlow Street. 8eymour 6o»IL.
to figure out how much time your
Clerks wute each day in walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Stationery That
Excites Comment
is done by North Shore Press, Limited
llie firm that studies "better Printing"
ys»9r<j <^.fsy>>i<|»a>^
imw ani
Philosophy i
9, VVHCAJI ff. ffilf'9
mvi ji»i))i aistf
To tb* tprlna csmpslsn.
Thai (rifling nerve it rain
Tbat li trylns to bard
To bt Ibt advance guard
Of tbt lila ihow that ba* tbt ottt
For tbe airly fall I
Now wt proceed to name
Mayors ind tucb small asm*,
Searching In tbt tppltutt
I'or straws
On which to ban
Predlclloni touching lbs «&**
At ler tbt his prln.
80 now wt lis*
Up tbt tot*.
Make- note
Of every minor cbanst
ind hy ihtm arrangt
Till nmll. evasive dope-
On' whlcb wi hang a bop*
Asd figure 1 chanc* ts (It Inert
For tbt ildi hy which wt swear.
But it'i vain our filth ta pin
On s tridins clly win,
For wt ctnuot till s tblni
By (hi ruuning In Ibt spring.
Voltrt are io much Inclined
To a audden cbongt of mind,
And tbt fellow wbo gtt* tbir*
In ib* city might not fort
As a winning candidate
Bbould wt try hlm la tbt itatt.
ill tba gueitu you mty chuck
tn your tyt *nd trust to luck,
Vor, u Wt bavs madt It clear,
Victories tbli tlmt of yiar
Htv* tbout 1* much to do
At a mult In Timbuktu
Wltb wbtt't Isttr going to ha
Tou can only wait and te*.
So It'i bast
To let forecttt* take * reit.
Wbtt't tbt un?
Something later will break loots.
Ths Doctor Nssdid tbs Ossrstlon.
"Wss sn opers-
tiou really necessary In While's
"Willie's? Oh,
"I did nnt tbiak
Uiat   bs   was   W
"To tall lbs
(rutb, bs wosu't,
but bis physician
bsd just given bis
daughter a swell
wedding, snd lbs
udulr rulbci depleted Uie doctor's purse."
"I thiuk It Is S shame tbs way Johnnie Brawn lenses tbst dog uf theirs,
lust hear bim bowl."
"Tbst isu't Brown's dog."
"Isn't ltl"
"No. It Is (ireen'i, tbe dog Ihul
teases your est so."
"Really! Is It Johnnie Brown leasing lilm '<"
"Yes. Be Is tormenting bim dreadfully."
"Ob, well. I supposs be keeps ths
child amused."
Bbe-Isn't s lighted city a grsnd uud
Inspiring sight'/
He-You bell
Sbs-To wbst does It movs you?
He -To wishing I could get Ibe lighting contract for s term of twenty
Ths Ctrttin Tut.
"Ars tbey very rleb?"
"Well, tbey bsvs diamonds."
"Lots of peopls bsvs diamonds."
"But they Uss real buttsr ou tbebf
"Sbs haa lol* of lempersmenl. don't
you know."
"ludeedl I nsvsr heard tbat sbs wu
at disagreeable al tbst"
Gentle Child.
"Tou si* Jutt like my motber."
"im 1, dssreat'r"
"Yes.  Hhe bss ttors teeth too."
Timely Wirning.
UUli Cubt, unoko In peso*
Tour olftr or cigarette
You'll gel mlied Wltb Uil poUce
If tbt ltut Wi *»y you git
Tbs fuel* of Uf« sre so Utter Ibst It
Isn't to bs wondered at tbat soms of ua
get to Uking tbs honeyed tslssboodt.
l'sylng tb* piper Is a time honored
custom tbat nobody la permitted to
Ws ana due to bsrbor a lat of doubts
while wsltlug to ses lbs ship come lu
tbft la to bring us fortune.
, ali
Tb* woe, Ifl
leldow sillj,
ley tut
1 smokes a clgsrett*
Drsl ui
janitor lt one of (bt
made hn tba art ol
and Iiiuiii
hi mlu.1.
badges ot t
corks for
common  brol-
luiuly cmliloni
of tho priucipl
order for s
iuHialion fee on
dollar, being tb
beer.  Thc usme:
ed  eleven  were
(.'worth, Uid  W.
itens In UresUiless
Us exploit*.
be dlssppolnl-
uss tbey tim-
is dstsflorsUoB
1    1
Daddy's Bedtime
Little Btown Major
Lett One
Cat Alone
Pun Jumptd sn tht
TUB bedtime story wu dus  Jtck sud Evelyn sscb whispered to dsddy
s blot ss to tbs kind of story tbey would like.
Usddy smiled.   Theu u bs began bl* Ul* Jsck sud Bvslyn sscb
looked st on* unother triumphantly
Could It be tbst sscb of them bsd wanted s story sbout s dog?
"Major," daddy begin. "Is s sbsggy brown dog. Bs belongs to s isdy wbo
lives lo Nsw Jersey, snd it tbt lady la mucb nloue Major is bsr compaulou.
"Msjor pstrols tbs garden during tbs summer, keeping out cbetky cal* sud
tiresome peddlers
"Aud, 1st ms tell you, Msjor knowa bla business. Utvlug made s mlslsks
onct, bs osver mskes It again
"Not long sgo s vsry nies family moved next door to Major's bouie. Tbey
wert sucb excellent neighbors (but Msjor's mistress would uot for s good desl
bsvs given offense to them.
"One dsy m Msjor stepped out Into tbs gtrden de noticed o atrong* est
on tbs otber slds of tbs fence. It wsa a big yellow fellow, fat and aleek, tud
It ttsppsd slong ss If It wu uted to doing Jutt it It pleusty)
"Vnm wbers be sat on bb) veraudu Major eyed the cat wltb disapproval.
It wu a est tbst gavs itself air*, and wben bs bad s chance Major wae always
especially icrere wltb such cuts ,
"I'usay (trolled toward tbe fence, peeked through end sfter mining it the
nice Dowers tbst stuck their llule bosd* through tbt psllngs jumped to lbs
top of tbs railing, tbcu down oo Mnjor's tide uf tbt fence Into tbs midst of s
bed of fragrant verbenas
"Tbat made Major cross. Hs blinielf wu forblddsn to stsp out of tbt
gtrden walk, and abould bit beloved mlatreu' cherished dowers bs trampled
by s strange est) Not while Major wsa on duty. Wltb a furious barking that
brought bis mlstreaa to tb* door tbe dog sprang towsrd tbs est Pussy mads
fsr tbe fsnes. snd sbs rescbed It nous too soon.
" 'Ob, ob, Msjor; you muat not chase tbst puaayl' bis mlstrast cried Tben
sbs took lbs dog Into tbs bouss snd gave Um a lecture. Msjor looked ssd.
Hs bsd not before understood tbat tbere wsrs cal* snd est*, sud some wsrs ts
bs cbeicd ssd some were to bs 1st slons.
"But to show you tbat Major koowa apd remembers, nsvsr slnct tbtl dty
bu bt barked at tbs yellow puaay, wbo sow assms to enjoy tnululiiliig tbe dog
by jumping 00 tbe fence snd strolling tlong tbs railing Jutt out of icucb Oo
bsr psrt tbs yellow pussy now knowt her manners and oevsr darea to come
ovsr on lbs dog's slds of tbs fence."
thp mn m
I Outitlon of Muoh Intimt te Many
Young Mothen.
JOf ml 19001 WfiluSF w(|o dots ppf
nuns ber lufuut tba most vital question Is. Wbst lood will bs beat (or
T|» selscUon of food depends latjjt-
I; upon tbs Infant's physical condition. Whut will agree perfectly wltb
a normal child wil) act as polso* to
tbs baby witb wesk digestive orgsns.
Always consult your physician regarding tbe proper food for buby and
do uot allow yourself to bs guided by
tbe sdvlce of neighbors snd tymps-
(belle friends.
Huliy'n life Is too precious to chance
s cbsnge of diet unless ordered by oss
wbo It thoroughly familiar with tbs
physical condition. Pasteurized milk
uiuiiiiii'd wltb lltncwster or bsrley wster ts considered tbe ssfest food fer
sn Infuiil.
Use ouly tbe very best quality ef
milk that con be bought, tbst which
but slrcady been pasteurised If possible.
If you sre unublo to obtain Ibis prepare enough milk for s day's feeding
lu clean hollies. Mix it Hrst wltb
"in- llilnl barley water, Bll tbe bottles
and stand them In s lurge vessel wltb
enough bot wuter to cover tbe bottles
balfwsy. Let tbe water come gradually to tbe bulling point snd boll for
leu minutes. Cool rapidly and keep
ou Ice until needed. Barley water is
prepared by boiling slowly two ten-
spoonfuls of peurl bsrley In ons quart
ot wnlcr for one hour. Strain snd mix
wltb milk. Liuicwster can bs bougbt
st tbe druggist's. If you maks It
yourself dissolve s lump of untltked
lime 11 big ut a walnut lu two quarts
of water. Let It settle and ute only
Ihc wtler poured carefully from tbs
Idee wster Is sometimes recommended. Por (bit took two aud a half tea-
spoonfuls of rice for tbree hours In s
quart of wster. tben toll lt slowly for
sn hour, sddlug u little sugar and s
I'lu- li of salt
The quantity aud number of feedings per day depend upon tbs ago and
general condition of tbe boby.
Pecdlng after oue year of sge, unless
otherwise ordered by s pbytlclsn,
ibould consist principally of pure, fresh
A Utile solid food, Including soft
boiled eggs, mutlon, cUckcn or beef
broth, Mui'- i-i.-..'i or buttered tout,
well cooked cornstarch, oatmeal or farina, can supplement snd vsry tbo
milk diet. Do nol give bsby any raw
food, fruit, <u fin tea, beer or liquor
of uny kind whatever.
Train the child to est st regular Intervals, (hen ace lhat Ita meals srs
properly prepared and on time.
Don't he afraid to give praise
ll is a ureal inistukc lo williholl
Ihose easily said words uf approval
and satisfaction. Kvcn the bumble
nu 11, ci. p, 1 likes lo hear hit
wurk coma, "Aided.
Piuili-ry is deadly insult, hut true
praise spells encouragement and
males the world icem brighter
Wake upl Look oul for lhe chance
uf prsiuing iuinooin\ honestly aud sin
cerely. Ami dou't forgot Ihc hoiii"
folki! Tour prtile means more lu
Ihem than to anyoue.
Widow's (Jibs
The widow'1 mourning cap dales
hark to the dayi of sncienl Kgypt.
Egyptian moo shaved Ibe heard and
(he head ai a token of mourning. The
womon, Instead of cutting um* the hair,
concealed it with a close cap. Thc Ho
mans, wbo were u a race clean shaven, thsved their hesdi in mourning
tnd wore wigi.
Density snd Rarity of Air
Jf t well could be dug to s depth
of furly sis mile* (be dcitiny of thc
sir st the bottom would be 11 greal
ai that of quicksilver. Ily the tame
law s cubic inch of sir token (,iwu
milei above the earth'1 surface would
expand sumVicnily to UH a ipbere
tflWflOOflOO miles in dinuiclcr.
 1 ^
Mud wupt manifest great ingenuity
not only In building Iheir nests, hul In
pitting them In localities where,they
will not tie injured by rsin or prsda
ceous animals.
Tuke a certain wunl of four letters,
multiply its fourlh component by 8, and
il »ill give lhc lirsl lotter; divide liie
first hy l'u aud it Hill give lhe llunl,
divide the Ihird by tn, it mil give the
lecond, ami lastly, multiply the third
by ID and il will give the fuuilh Idler
The answer is, like lesrber'i temper,
Leid Poisoning Victim
Kidney disease, brought about by
lead poisoning, was slated al an in
quest lu have led to Ihe death of John
I'ender, s gists cutler, of Manchester.
He had heeu employed sl lbc glnn
works of Messrs Hurtles ami Talc,
Oldham road, and had to use lead
powder for Ibe purpose of polishing
licavca are shrinking on Ihe trees,
Where the nests are hidden;
Tin-re's a bush among the bees,
Ai though to roam forbidden;
There'1 lhe sill of corn lhat shows
tided tangles blowing-
80 that everybody knows,
Pleasaut summer's going
A small tailor in the Twin Citlei hu
a head fur advertising, lo front of his
itore sin mis ao oil barrel with lhc head
knocked in. The barrel ii bright green,
snd on it in rid lattera it ptinlcd;
"Bland iu my barrel while J presi your
suit for M centt.'Hrhe Box Mtkcr.
Oornisn silver it sa alloy of nickel,
copper snd tier.
A duh of lightning hu been known
to ours sn sitae*: rot nsuritli.
Te Cook Rice.
Rice boiled lender In milk, seasoned
wllh augur and lemon Juice and when
cold cul Inlo pieces, rolled In egg snd
cracker crumbs uud fried makes s
(aily dcatert for luncheon.
Por Spanish rice brown half a cupful of rice In bot fat, add an oUon,
chopped flue, a tomato and s mushed
clove of garlic. Cover wltb hot water, teotou with suit nnd pepper ssd
cook tbe rice till tender, adding wster
as II It needed, but not sllrrliig.
For rice lorUllai mix a cupful of
dour, a cupful of ground rice, half s
cupful of milk, a tublcapoonful of butler aud a little aalL Knead tbe mix-
lure thoroughly, break oil pieces snd
pul Inlo cukes uutil each cake la large
aud very tbln Bake 00 a griddle until
A rice omelet mnkes the ordinary
omelet more aubatintlal. Add to tbe
well ben I eu yolka of three eggi u (bird
of a 1 upful of milk and half a cupful
of bulled rice with two tsblcspounfult
of butler, toll and pepper. Pold lu tbs
•mil) beaten wbllct of tbe eggi it ths
laat.   Cook tbe omelet slowly.
hell' iuu* stuffed eggs bsve tbe bard
boiled aud matbed yolks mixed with
uu equal part of bot boiled rice snd
ihe whole scuoucd with minced bam
or tongue, pepper, sail, made mustard
uud a little lemon Juice Fill tbs pssts
Into the hollow whites.        •
Mimed bam and boiled rice mlxsd
lugelher sud (llled Into Individual baking dishes with in egg on lbs top
muke an eicellent luncheon dlsb. FUI
the Utile dishes about half Jtoll of tbs
ihe and lbe bam mixture snd put
them Inlo Ihe oven unUJ tbsy sre
beuted through. Then remove, drop
ap egg on to escb, with bile of butter,
sail uud pepper over Uve top, snd bake
oiiiil tbe wUte la tot.
Tuty t inttn Pish.
Bub four eggs un very hard, then
i'lu. e tbcm In cold wster snd remove
lbs shells   Out sscb egg In halves snd
■.*&-■ ~
iUrV 'Jen
spread tbt cut aldt wilb anchovy past*.
Butter a fireproof dlsb snd arrange ths
UP po tbt dlsb cul slds down 00
thick sUres of toosto. Pour ovtr
Mou*b nicely testoned tomato saucs
to cover liis sgg* completely snd sprinkle ever with One breadcrumbs Cook
|a S hot ovss for eight toinutos and
mat boh
il ...
K -
Funeral of the Lite
Mrs. Alex, Philip
The fuusial of the Into Mrs. Alexon
der Philip took place on Wednesday
afternoon. The liuriul service WW delivered at tho Iniiuii uf the family,
'.I- aecond struct eusl, ami was attended by s very large circle of friends
OtA th. mourning relatives. A most
impressive service wai conilui-liid by
the Kev. Ilonnlil Miu-leoil, assisted by
Uuv, van Munstor sud Rev. Mr. Oil-
lum. The wreaths sont were numerous
mul lii'iiiiiitui. The last rites wure per
formed S» (he North Vancouvor uemc
Meeting of Board
of Trade Executive
" The executive of the Ilnurd of Trade
met last night in the city hall fur their
lirsl meetiug since the recent election
of officers, when President i: II llridg
iiiiiii occupied the chair. The business
of the merlin;! wus i'lun ipuli) confined to appointing ehairmuii for the
various eommiltecs.   Tho < ml queitlon
Double Corner
101x133 Feet
For $1900
Terms: 11! cub, ii, I'i and 18.
Rhone 163 P. 0. Box 3397
213 Lonsdale Avenue
was reported on by the cnmm'iltsw
handling that tubject and tilt dats
eeeured submitted to the bosr., wbleh
will ho fully die. u»»od at tbit noxt general meeting pf tha board along w>ll>
tho question nf the delay lu construction of tho PepiuO Ores* Jsstern. Railway.
Ferry Board and C.P.R.
The ferry directora yesterday after
noon agreed to give tbo (.'. P. H. p
strip of seVenty:8ve teat from the
Vpthorn oud uf- iti leased property at
tho Vancouver terminus iii return for
llm riglit to attend itt leads to the
harbor line u distance of about IftO
foot from the pod of the preeeut lesds.
The agreement ''nuns inin effect upon
tho completion of tlie big lupwty uuder the rsilwsy trucks.
The hoard alluded iu emphatic terms
to thu allegad delay iu the insuguru
tion of construction work on thu pro
posoil subway. A rtiolulion will lio
sent to Ihe city council asking them
to send a delegation lo the session of
the Hoard of Railway Commissioners
in Vuneuuver -iluring this month to
complain about tho delay of the Van
couvor eity council.
Upon (he motion of Mr. II. U.
Wriglil the Iiniiiii authorized the secretary to procure ail assislance necessary
lu gel uni a full reporl of lhc work
of lhe board during Ihe year
Ferry Traffic Receipts
for October
The folluwiug is a statement of tin
I'ily Ferries:—
Traffic Receipts for ths Month of
October, 1913.
tiingle or return tickets rl.siiMtn
Comminution tickets, 6 for Kc 8,987.50
Commutation   tickets,   ■"'   for
♦ I.OI)      480.00
Commutation   tickets,  80  for
88.00     11,000.00
Monthly posses       92.99
Vehicle  tickets      1,818.80
freight  receipts        836.05
Cash fares, I'oiiiinissions        18.80
Rents, advertising,  Klc     196.35
Totals   (U,6B8.iO
Oelolier,   IUIII I (1,974.95
October, 1911      11,2:10.85
Incresss over some perioil'lsst yeur,
I per eenl.
Keep ouious, celery Slid strong
lusting vegetables apart from other
vegetable! ur fond. Herrings ihould
ulsu be kept where they cannot tuini
Ihu imu:..dii.lii provisions, and fruil of
all sorts should he laid separately nu
a shelf, if possible, us one piece com
iug in I'm' li with another will quickly
become spoiled.
$1.00 down, $1.00
(ier week
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
In lhe lasl year we haw sold over ono hundred of these itows iu
North Vincouvtr. This yetr wc expect even t bitter record. If you
neeil ■ reliable runj/c, it will puy you lo see Ihis one before deciding.
We guarantee absolute talisfaitioii ou every rauge.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 86
105-7 Esplanade West
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody,
$250 cash and $30 a month.
Apply 104 Esplanade, West
Local AgeuU for British Empire Hots* Inturtnc* Co., London Assurance
Ws will bs pUaaad te bars listings; oloo horn** for tsls er rent.
Phone 8*3 V. O. VH -til
...in .ii i  ■       i > 	
Hdilor of the Express.
Pear Bin—There is st the preieut
lime cQiisiderelfle street tslk regarding
S city hall alts 'or North Vancouver,
|n view o'-whlch I 'sel constrained to
say a few words regarding !'n|i (host
Important queitlon. .1 understand the
city council ars culling for tenders
for ground for a situ. Hueh being the
esse, when Ihese lenders ure considered there will likely he s variety of locations offered, eueli one having some
especial- feature Ihul will render it
ideal for the purpose. Tbo city eouueil wl|l certainly have a task before
then) when they undertake to ijecido
upon ii tlte thst will have sll tlie necessary ipialilii-iilions. The |ilun suggested
by Mr. Tircmini siinielime ago, namely,
the esntre of I^opsiisle avenue between
Lower and Upper Keith road, it a
good one, and it might lie good busi
nun to tecure thit tite if possible nuw,
although wo sre uot now in a position
to build the structure which that Iocs-
lion would require. Therefore, in view
of the fact ilmi lln- school board have
decided to got a school situ further up
the hill,'and the present building being useless for olher ihun public pur
poses, the suggestion of Alderman Dick
lhat the ' in ie,in-Ill school, between
Third and Fourth slreels, lie used as
a city hull, fur the present time at
least, seems to me like sun ml advice.
There we have a large piece of ground
wilh a good building'on it, emiiiently
suitable for city hull purposes, and al
tlie present time would be more convenient for (he people who use il thun
if it were further up the hill. At a
very minimal cost the grounds could
be plowed up, plauled in grass, etc.;
a large balcony constructed with au
entrance fsciug the water, ami a good
inul of .paint would make a creditable
cily hull. The mouey thus saved in a
building mighl complete the opening
of our city streets, extend our sewer
age system, or install a gas plant,
either of which wuuhl he belter busi
uess than to discard a good building
and erect a new one al this ^lage nf
(he city's development. •*,'< '
Yours faithfuiUyi
211, Keith Rood W.
Wrile, we know, is wrilteu right
When we see it written w rile.
Hut when we see it written rig h I
We know il is not writleu right.
Hut write, lo hive ii wrilteu right,
Musl nol In- written r i g h I or r it e,
Nur yel >uiist ii be written wr-i-g-'n t,
Hut w-r-i l e, for so 'lis written right.
Put a pinch uf borax iu Ihe waler
In which lettuces arc washed, let them
soak for half an hour, then shake
lliem free from water, and yuu wili be
delighted with the crispness. Hailed
waler softens them, but burns cleans
and freshens them.
Leading artitts ip tongi, Ami*, qasr-
tettes, dances sud musical selections at
tire Scotch concert.
Vancouver Muni'
Tenders lire invited for rock excu
vutiun Sbd clearing on Merino Drive,
1), L. 558. Plane and specifications
can be obtained st tba Municipal Engineer's ollice, Municipal Hsll, Iiully-
bum, Ii. ti., botween tho hours of iii
u. 331. apd 5 p. m., nu payment of S
fee of $1.00. All lenders to be sccom-
piiuieil hy a certified cheque or cash
for $500.00. Tenders to he in not lutor
than IH noou, tho tilth intt., and marked "Tender for Marine Drive, 11. I,.
558." The loweit or any" tender not
uecossarily   accepted.
0. H. PEAKK. f). M. C.
Hollyburn P. O.,
West  Vancouver, B. O.
Sale of Work
The Udiea' Aid Society of Ihe Firat
Baptist Church will hold a sale of
work ou Friday, November :10th, in
the lecture room of the church, corner
of 81. Georges and liith street. Refreshments provided and a good time
promised. This will be a good oppor
(unity of buying pretty and useful
iIlliniums articles. 26 11
Card of Thanks
Mr., Alexander Philip and family
desire to tender hoartfelt thauks for
tbe many very kiud expressions of
sympathy that ha've come to them,
and for the many beautiful lioral sym.
bo|s of the respect and esteem hud
for Mrs. I'hilip hy ber fellow cltistut
WHEN in want
of Kitchen
Supplies don't
overlook the fact
that we have a
complete line and
carry nothing but
the best, and every
piece is guaranteed
Our stock of STOVES and HEATERS
are the best we can buy and prices are right
paine & McMillan
Too Late to Classify
After i.nn;.- dirty work do not ul
once wash the hands in wuter. First
rub a little grease well iuto (he skin,
moro especially (he dirty parts. Mul
ton fal is excellent Then v.n I, in the
usual wuy. The urease loosens lhe
dirt, and hands Irealed in this way
will never become ingrained with dirl
Mr. Flits Tuylor, parish clerk of
Fcltted, hts retired ou reaching his
llllth year, ufter 51 years of service
During Jils term of ollice he daily at
ceiiileil lhe phurcli tower to wiad the
ilock. He discharged lhat duly UJtM
Inncs, uml rlimbed IW mile, of stairs.
mi; RENT—4-roomtd ilm. modern
improvementi, IDth and lioulcviint. Ap
ply F. Ilooth, plumber. I.f
WANTED- Bookkeeping, collecting
uccouuts etc., iu spare time. Apply
Did Kxpress Oflice. t.f.
l.'K-T Hi. Mli or iiiiii street a
lady's slipper. Please return to 1161
llllh slreei east. 8 11
1236 Lonadale Avenue, North
Cabinet  maker, picture  framer and
jobbing work and repairs of all kinds.
Designs ami estimates sul,milled   Fur
uilure bought, sold and repaired. Phoue
i.n;. >
Nov. 5, mii'.
North Vtncouver, B. (.'.,
Thirty days after date I will apply
for a transfer of licence for Ihe Hey
moor Hotel, D. I,. Til, Municipality of
North Vaueouver, from John Mclnuis
lo Kenneth D. Sliuiou
I Signed;
■:, Vi
Cord Wood
FOR SAI.K Unlimited amouut of
cord wood or stove wood. Thompson
ami Stuurl.    Phoaes I.li ami Mli!!   tf
Shoe Sale
10 per cent. Reduction
on all Shoes
This is a Bait of all Btaaonabla Footwear.
Men'i High Lag Boot* sad Work BooU.
Boys' Bchool Bhoei.
Womeu's Waterproofed BooU. .,
Oirls' School Bhose.
Rubbers ind Ourn BooU.
Any Pair In ths Store.     All 10 per ctot. off.    Ost your wlnUr sil
thi* week.
Everybody's Shoe Store
V. O. Vat lfU
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
Don't Take Chances!
Buiineu miu sud buslnsss hornet
srs uiuolly Judgsd by ths prtaud mat
Ur tbty ttud out.
Oau you afford to tsks chsucos with
your printing wheu good work in this
lint cosU little, if my, mors.
We Do Good Work
Flnt Btreet But, North  Vincouvtr
CO. have moved
to 59 Lomdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanade.


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