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 qiboumtiiw pp im ''vmm"
Disavows Responsibility
in Construction
"Wu .milci iiin.i thai u disposition
is beginning lo muke ils appearance
un lhe Norlh Shore to prolcsl against
the seeming delay iu the commence-
menl of construction uu our Hues, at
lhe point designated iu uur agreement
wilh  Ihi' government."
With lhe above words, Mr. D'Arcy
Tate, vice president uud c(iief counsel
nl lhe I'ueilie (Jrcut Kaslem Huilway
Company prel'ueed uu interview with s
representative of (he Kxpresu, when be
bus lusl iii Vancouver. Mr. Tale pro-
seeded lo observe lliul uuy who migbl
lie disposed tn join llle protest should
be careful lo place the responsibility
I'ur Hie delay where it rightly belongs.
Mr. Tale look occasion to espress his
uppreciulion uf llle frieudly ultitude
adopted from lhc inception of ncgotia
lions by Ihe city of North Vuncouver
uud the dislricl uf Nortli Vancouver.
The representatives of these municipalities hud done all wilhin Iheir power
In expedite mailers in every respect.
When lhe localiou plan of Ihe railway
nus up fur consideration, a request
hud been mude I'or certain ullerutious
mid guod reasons had beeu advanced
why Ihose alterations should he made.
Tlie ruilwuy company had complied iu
ihc mosl cordial way, the changes
wore made aud the entire location plan
through those municipalities wai up
proved   milium   delay,   liud  mutters
proi led iu die same spirit aloug the
whole North Shore, the resulls us lo
ruilwuy - ui. :i... iuu would have beeu
very different from whut they have
The atlilude of Ihe couucil of the
districl uf West Vancouver had differed .null) however, from tbat of the
municipalities juit numed. As indies-
Ine of the spiril iu which the dislricl
uf Wcsl Vaucuver had met Ihe Hail
way I'oiuptfuy, il his necessary only
lo refer to Ihe remarks made by
Hoove Nelson iu lhe ofllie of Ihc min
isier of Itailways and al the council
Hoard, lu the effect Ibat the council
did not can- a rap whetner Ihe rail
Hn> .nine ii..,.., li lhal dislriel ur
II nas manifestly impossible fur the
isilway cumpauy 10 proceed with con
uiincijuu along |)||i -"Hi' Shore until
tbe locstinii nf Ibo right pf-way
through Wosl Vancouver was i)oeid
od. If it transpired I bnt tbo route sc
Ii.i .-.I by the ili ut ri i't council wus authorized, then the question of Ihe cosl
of the right-of-way became au important one. The public were interest
ed in Ihul mailer lo lliu extent of the
guarantee given by the goveriinicnl,
bul this amounted tu only .-.in.min per
mile, uu umuiiiil which would scarcely
lie a drop iu lhe bucket us i-mnpareil
with Ihe exorbilunl prices which wore
iiiilicuicd as tu lhe cosl uf thai nulil
of way. In view therefore, of lhe very
lurge iiiumini whieh lhc Iluilwuy Com
pany musl Duplies, as iheir portion, iu
such cuse, lhc Company wus fairly en
titled lo some coiisiderulioii and fur
ther, if postponement uf actual construction llirough thut dislricl were
to result, he did mil think Ihul severe
crilicisms were justified thereby.
As lo the geuerul progress ol' con
structiou, Iwu camps had been Cstuh
lii-lied along lhe Cheukmus river dur
ing the past nionlh uud several addi
iniiiul camps were established neur
lull"", i during lhc pusl few weeks, iu
the vicinity of ull of which work was
proceeding apaec.
The company was urging forward lhe
compluliuii of surveys along Howe
.■-"ninl, between Newport uml I'oiul Ai
kiiison, us rapidly us possible. It was
cspected liml filial resulls wuuld come
lo hand Irom lhe parly in lhe Held,
possibly within one moulh.
There hud been two possible sources
from which opposition luighl lie inel
in seeking approval of these localiou
plans, from the Department of Kail
ways, namely tiie lluwe Sound uud
Northern Huilway Company and the V.
W. k y. Huilway Company, inasmuch
huwever ,as the agreement ^arrived al
wilh the Howe Suund k Northern hud
eliminated thui Compauy us an uppos
ing faelur, the poilibiiitiet ul ppposi
tiou were reduced lo such ucl inn us the
V. W. .'. Y. Huilway Company might
feel disposed lo lake iu lhe premises
What ui-luul developuieuls mighl lake
place iu this purliculur could I <- de
leriiiiiied, only wheu lhe application Inr
approval of lhe locution pluns came up
for hearing before the Miuister uf
Meantime Mr. P. Welch wus under a
duly osecuted contract, lo huie lbc eu
lire line completed from North Vgu
couver lo Fort Oeorge wilhin three
Mr. Tale stated further lhal Ihe
Minister of Kuilwuys hud declared his
Ullenlioii nf personally inspecting lbe
proposed ruule from Norlh v uncouver
lo Newport, previous lo according his
official uppruvul uf lhe same.
Immoral Proceedings on
the Waterfront
- During lasl evening'! session of lhe
cily council Mayur McNeish mention
id ibal Ins allenliou bad beeu called
In certain ucl, ii.ilde things which
Iiii'l been ne lining ou Ihe wsterfroul
nieuily Ile woudered whether it
would nni be lining lo Iske some action and endeavor lo gel rid of Ihe
immoral pructi.es which were evident
ly in elislciice in that Metis* nf lhe
Jf,     Hit Worship! reference upeuad Ibe
ii ia.ii.. of coulroveny,   and   tome
puinl cd remarks were made by uioat
uf lhe aldermeu. Aid. Ujrk look
strong esreplioii lo Ihe morality of
llie wulcrfront as an inhabited itction
being 'pn -liniii-.l ll wst eiplsiued,
huwever, lhal Ihc asierllom were sol
iiili-iidcJ lu reflect advrriely upou Ihe
many perfectly iunoccut people who
were doubtless living on tha foreshore
uf Ihe city, ami who could not help Ihe
existence uf immoral nouses ur tenU
iu ineir midil. The fad lhat iuch
places  existed  huwever,  rendered   Jt
i -sun   lhal   thc matter ihould  lie
properly   inlrodurcd  tnd   dlicutMd,io
-lhat   Ihlt  detrimental  feature  ihould
iu some way or another be remedied.
Aid. Foreman gave ■ lynopiii of
Ihe rise which he listened to ou the
lu-iich iu comptuy wilh Ihe setlng po
lice iiingi.lisl. OB Sat unity whi'ii S
11 a ilnne'en prank funned the bstii of
s ' liarge levelled agalml ievirsl boyi
and girli. One of Ihe girla who gave
evidsnec, however, msde Ihe itelemenl
ihsl s lent wst being run bf I number
of boyi, who received si thtir guetU
a like somber of girl*, ml thtt wine
w*i served. The lillle "club" nus
run lur immoral purposes and the
whule ilung nas a vory disgraceful ex
posure. Aid Foreman Ihoiighl Ihul
very strung action ihuuld be taken lu
urder tu prevenl us far as possible lbe
continuance af.such proceedings. The
alderman mcnliouedlbal it nus beyuud
dispruuf lhal lhe walerfrunl nus lhe
scene uf a lurge shure uf lhc miibe
baviuur with which lhe police depart
menl had lo deal Since his return
frum uis recenl vacation he hud hud lu
listen lu three puliee courl cases and
Iwo ul Ihese had emanated from lhc
Aid. Fraier suggested thul u by lun
might be framed lu prevent as fur us
possible Ihc recurrence uf suelj pruceed
ingi ti hod jusl been described, and
sfler au argument belween Aid. Dick
ssd Aid. Irwin os lo lhe relativeilan
dsrdi of morality maintained on lhc
waleifronl tnd iu Ihe upper regions of
the cily, Ihc mailer was lefl for nl
i rem i- to the cily solicitor, who will
i"li i.-e Si to Ihe best stcji lo be .luken
in sucli s connection
New Phone Cable
Spans Burrard Inlet
Opening Session of
Arctic Brotherhood
The granting of u cubic roule acroii
llurrurd Inlet liy lhe Domiuion government, lo Die b. C. Telephone Compuny,
has been fiilluweil promptly by the
sinking of uu eighly wire, rubber in
suliili'il, sleel urinuurcil culile, connect
ing lhc Iwu sides uf (he lulet.
Thc cable came overluud in three
immense reels, each weighing HI long
loun, tlie whole requiring two fiat curs
for hauling. Arived nl Vnncouver, il
nus necessary iu the lirst pluee lu splice
lhe culile iu Iwo places, Ihis done, it
uuu coiled Ilul uu :i large scow, pre
i .um "i lo being swung into place. The
slurl wus mude frum C I'. H. freight
shed number three, pt (he lent nl Sey
mniir street, Vsncouver. Two tugs
wore employed, one on escb ilde tf the
icow, the culile being plsyed out
through a block rigged iu Ihe ceutre
of the scum The time consumed iu
actually siukiug tbe cable wss oue
hour uud thirty live minutes, and the
totul time from the commencement at
one end lo thu anchoring of the cable
uu lhe ulher was three hours and If teen
miuutes A force of eighteuu men was
employed iu the operstioni. The cablo
was anchored uu Ihe eastward aide of
tho ferry lun.ling at the fool of Lousdale avenuo, ami a force uf men- is
uow ut work connecting it - with Ihe
locul system, by means of an overhead
cable, ll is expected that tbe cable
will be in use early uexl week. Jt is
the iiiteiilion uf Ihc company lo retain
the ubl cubic which runs Ihruugli the
Vuncuuver eily walermain ut First
Narrows, us uu emergency route.
Origin and History of
Arctic Brotherhood
The history of the Arctic Brother-
hund, whose '""ini Encampment is
now being held iu Ihis city, has been
.cry litlingly luld by lhc Histuriun,
Hrolhcr I. N Wilcoxcn of Skagway,
Alaska. The vulume, available by
courtesy pf Mr. F. T. Salsbury, is a
sloul one, and ,'oiilaliis an abundance
of fuels which would he of uo purlieu
inieresl In Ihose oulside Ihc pule
of lhe Brotherhood. The urigiu of this
■uceessful urder shuuld, huwever, be
interesl ing lu ull und sundry.
The hi.-iluriuii commences his book
nilh a quotation from Mullhew Ar
Wus born nn u ship,
llu Ihe hanks of Ihe River of Tunc,"
mul juslilies lhe quululiun by slating
tuul lhe Krolhcrhuud nus ulsu born
hi u ship between Hie banks uf I.ynu
literary Society Meeting
The mealing of lhc Nortb Vancuu
ver C'lerary Society, which should be
held st Ihe N. V. Athletic Club this
eveuing, hss been postponed until one
week from Ibis evening, when Mr. Hud
crick MucKcnric wili address Ihe io
riety oo the (imply subject'"The l'u
rifle Oreal   Kaslem  Hailwny "
Come awa' snd besr Mr. ). ti. «'»cr-
rene, Scotland's baritone; Mr. W.
Thornton, Vancouver, elocutionist; 1.
Holt, comediso, st the Scotch concert.
"On lhe :ml dsy of February, Hit
i huurd lhe ship (lily of Scallle, uu
tier I rip lu Skagway, Ihere were found
uioven hardy edventuroui men, piu
rs uml Ai,'"cuul uf civilisation, rv
turning lu extend nails Ihey hud before
blu/cil, iii lhc I.,,iiii,II,.., m.ir.nl regions
uf lhe "North Land." They were all
lusons, seeking golden fleeces. Cer
luiiiii lhc hardships aud dangers uf
ihc fabled .In "ii- were trivial to theirs.
They were broad minded men unlruin
uicled by creeds; free iu Ihuughl, act
und deed. They were Nature's noble
iiiiii. Tbey had cast aside mauy uf Ibe
urlilicial refinements observed iu Iheir
;.mllllul days. They lunl truvclcd and
suffered much; had overcome appall
mg dangers hi peuclrsting vail, silent
solitude*. They loved Iheir friendi
and feurcd uo foe.
Such were Ihe eleven men gathered
abuut a social board in Ihe diuiug room
of Ibe Cily of Sen (I If, on Ihe dsy
iiK'ntioned. Experience outbid ul is
lhe mind's eye, lo ice Ibem Ihere. Slur
iei are lold. Being liberal of purie,
uud always enjoying Ihc besl obtain
able, Ihey ale, smoked and drank liberally, of lhe besl Ihe Steward had.
They found (hey were "Arctic Bro-
Ni'-is," and propoied lo celebrate Ihe
discovery by a uighl of revelry, mirth
aud luughler. A hnitily organized ai
soeiulion Was formed. Thomai W.
i'liiii-unrili wai Arctic Chief. The flnt
bulges of the order were chtmptgne
rorks for officers aud -beer corks for
ciiinaioii brothers. Tbcio were cer
laiuly emblematic of the occsiion tnd
of Ihc principles and practices of tbe
urder for a few weeka following. The
initiation fee on Ibis occasion wsi one
dollar, being the price of s bottle of
beer. Thc names of. these dlltinguii'o
ed eleven were: Thomai W. Fsrnt-
worth, Lord W. Fell, Oto. di (lold
Schmidt, .lohn C Hunter, .1. Keller, Au
guslus 11. Miller, Earliest F. Miller, C.
.1. Keilly, .1. Slowell, C. S. Slriekltnd
ami il. T. Williams Nu written record
was preserved of the proceedings or
form of initiation ou this memorable
On arrival at Skagway all these ox
ccpl Hrulhcrs Farusworlh, ti, F. Miller,
Stowcl and Kglier, seem lo have
"mushed on." Those left, impressed
wilb tbe possibilities a permanent organization afforded for good fellowship,
induced a few of Iheir friends tu join
lliem Aniniig-i these were Mahlun F
Hall, who was requested to, and did,
prepare a ritual ami form uf initiation. Thii "Firit Meetiug of Ihe
Asctic Brotherhood," wis held at Keel
er ':• Hall, Skagway, Alaska, March llth,
ISDN. Seventeen were present aud all
the "cold feet" were duly iuilialed.
Au clecliou uf officers was theu had re
suiting as follows:
Arctic I'hief and Fresuleul, Brother
S. W. Farusworlh.
Secretary, Brother  H.' H.  Thatcher.
Treasurer, Ilrulher M. F. Hall.
Guide, Brother K. P. Miller
Tyler (out), brother P. K. Kern.
Tyler (iu), Hrolhcr A. K   Mayuanl.
Thc foregoiug has been cupied from
Ihe minutei of Ihis meeting. II il in-
lereitlug to uule tbe titles jif oflicilli
provided jiy Ihe rilutl then iu force.
The minutei uf Ihis and up to the Iif
leenlli ineeling, inciuiivl, ire typewritten, aud are uot uu Ihc original
minutei At thii meetiug tirotbori
Farusworlh, Hall iud Miller were ap-
poinled s committee lu revise ami per
feef Ihe ritual. Brolher Kern was ,rc
quested to design au emblem fur the
order aud submit al the ueil meeting
lie designed Ihe present A. B. buliuu,
which was adupled. A cuuiinillee un
entertainment was appoiuted and Ihr
ramp adjoorued lu nice I lhe fulluwiug
evening. Thc Initiation fee was live
dullars. Afler the adjuurnmcul uf Ihis
lirst and Iwo or Ihree lubsequeul meet
ings, Ibe brothers repaired lo Clsocty't
i,-i.i ii in ni, aud c» penile.I lbe receipts
uf tbe meetiug in having a roysl good
time. Al Ihe fifth meeting, held M'irch
klsl, Did!), Ihe ritual as reported by Ihe
committee, was furmally adupleii, and
dues died al 11.00 per month Tbr
initiation fee beiug IIU.IW. The ritual
was suuu after furtber revised. Al
Ihis meeting a commillee was sp
puiuted to devise tbe msuner of '
iild ish mg new lodges."
At t special ineeling held Mid I
i'ilrd, "full power wis grtnled lo n
labliih lubordiatle bulges" tl Ben
ncll and Log Cabin.
The Arctic Brotherhood, which li
huhling 1(1 (Iniini Kiiciiinpincut in thii
eily today, tomorrow^ ami Thursday,
opened its convention this moruiug in
the Knights of I'ytbias' liali. All the
delegates had nul arrived, a number
Iiiuiii;:   ium.c,I   the  boat   In-in   Scuttle
to Vancouver.   A guodly duster, however, louk their places in lhe hull mi
1th street -west st almul 10.30 tbit
morning, and settled down to the
transaction of preliminary business, tbe
recepliuii of ivrclenlialii of tbe ngeiidu.
The conferences sre, like those of my
other fraternal order of the kind,,
strictly private.
Free truuspurlatiun ou tbe ferry
bouts has been accorded tho dolcgatet
by lhe ferry directorate. Tonight tbe
Brotherhood is to be enterlsiucd to s
light luncheon aud imoker uuder tbe
auspices of the Norlh Vancouver Olub.
Important Appointment
For Local Doctor
Oontlnutd on ptgt its
Find Dead Body of Ibi
Behind City Quarries
A lillle before noon today Ibe dead
body of * man wai found io S ihack
siiiiuied al Ihe back of the city nn I.
quarries. Tbe police Were immediately
untitled ind Conilslilt BsuJd ws* dii
pitched to inquire iuto tbe circuit
ilsocei. So fsr Ihe body bsi uot been
idenlifled tnd il now lying In Hsr
run  Bros.' uoderUking psrlon.
"■ —
Alderman Piatet bos returned from
Newport where he hot erected t new
block. Tbe difereut tlore* save sl
rculy been lessed wherein the business
es of hardware, chemist sud drestmak
ing will be esisbliibed. Ur. Franr
rspdrtt evidences of buty timet ip
Newport with_tht sdveul of conalrss-
ties os ths V. 0. B- Bsllwsy.
Dr. W. K. Newcombe of Newcombe
ami Merlin, of this cily, has been up
pointed medical superintendent during
Uie cuiislruction uf the lines uf the
I'aeilie (Ireat Kuslern from Norlh Vim
couver to Fort (icorge. iu view of the
increased dulics which Ibis oflice will
sdd to au already extensive practice
the services uf Dr. McCarlcy have been
pm, iin ,1 us assistant in Ihe lucul pruc'
tice uf Ihe (inn. Dr. McCarlcy grud
ualcd al '/in en'. University as guid
medalist in his class uud enjoyed an
eitenslve practice for several years in
iiniiiii., previous lu relinquishing il
lu remove to Ihe west.
Dr. Newcombe went up lu l.illoocl
the taller part of last week for the
purpose of establishing a hospital ut
that place and will also visit Bruel.cn
dale, seven miles above Newport at
an early dute for a like purpose. The
position involves euriug for lhe lieullli
aud safely uf several Ihousuinls of men
aud the responsibilities entailed uie,
Ibercfure, of uu light order. The fuel
that the supervision uf the work is
lu such capable liumls as thuse uf Dr.
Newcombe is sufficient earnest uf Ihe
fact Ihul the facilities for medical
treatment ulung lhe line of ruuttruc
liuu will be uf a must efficient uml
Ihurough nature.
A resident pbyiicits will be placed
iu charge uf each medical deput luf
which Ihere will be several uloug I Inline) ami nil hough lhe supervision ui
these will iiciTssilulo Ilr New com he's
absence frum the city tu a consider
uble extent, he will, nevertheless, be
able lu keep in cluse (um li with lhe
extensive practice which Ihe firm uf
Newcombe ami Martin su deservedly
onjuy iu Ibis city and surrounding dii
tricl.       *»
Items of Interest
Mr. II. II ('ourn of Heels, Soulh
Dakota, is a visitor in Ibis eily.
A regular nic-ling of Hie Huurd uf
School Trustees will be held in Ihc
Hoard ruum, Hidgeway Schuul, Ihis
eveuiug tt H u'cluck.
lion, of the local high school, by Ibe
chairmen of lbe Hourd of-School Trut-
tees, Mr. M. S. McDowell.
A mini named (leurge Parker of
Honolulu was charged iu the local po
lice "imi with being drunk and disor
lerly outside" Ihe SI. Alice hulel and
nus allowed, out ou lmii of ."n'n to come
up for judgment when called upon. As
I'uii.,',I did not appeal ycslcrilay when
called upon, he forfeits the I'U).
Slit. T. I,. Kennedy will be al Iiuiiii 11
ou Wi'duciday Ihe Lllh at IMif First
ilrccl when ber mother, Mi J T. Hur
Irsm, aud hei tiller. Miss Gwendolyn
Birtrtui, uf (lllswa, will receive mil,
~TbS Fslricls Older hr King! Dill
gbleri will give su "At Hume" lu lee
Japanese Tea (Jardem ou Fruity after
noon, November lllh, from Ihree lu
li* u'cluck All tidies interested lie
curdillly invited lo tlleud.
A correspondent wbo signs himself
"Disgusted," writes complaining of
lhe had language which he slatei, was
uted by plsytri in the foolbsll gsnic
on Ibe Boolrvsrd grouud issl Saturday
"Tbe presence of Ihc gentler tea," he
nidi, "leemed lo mike no difference."
Tbe newly installed pneumatic pipe
orgau lo SI. John's cburrh wtt uied
for Ibe flrat lime ou Sunday and was
proved to be tn insiiumenl of ex
cepliuntlly (ne lone. Tbo mutlcll por
linn* of Ihc scniccs were uuder Ibe
direction of the organist, Mr. I). F.i
pencil Sttndou. Then- were large con
gregsliona sl escb of lbe servicer.
The QovefsorUenersi'• additional
medsl for prolrieary, forwsrded sa a
mometnto of Hit Boys! HighsStt'i
recent villi to the North Shore, wsi
The North Vuncuuver Carriage Works
huve gone iu I'or uuiu repairing aud
lhe building'of unto truck bodies. They
huve on huml live liudies fur the Mo
lor Transfer Co. and oue for J. D.
ltuss, Huil,i,ii street, Vuncouver. Mr,
,1. Iv Hilton, Ihe manager of the N.
V. Carriage Wurks, hopes lo be largely in lhe uuiu repuir business by tbo
New Yeur, uml intends mukiug extensive alterations in his fuclory ou Et-
pluim,le eusl ill Ihe near future 10 IS to
facilitate Ins Increasing buiiueis.
Messrs. Turn .v Brewer, cuntractors,
ami builders, have iui.cn olli.es al 2111
Lunsdule uvenue, Ihey report much activity in lhe I,ml,ling trade, having uu
huml muiiy pluns and cuntracli for
lhc crecliun of handsome residcucoi in
Norlh Vuucuuver whicii include (he
erection uf a seven ruonicd liouse iu
luck 84-663 for Mrs T. .1. Stephens; a
nine roomed huuse ul Ullanu Hardens
fur Mrs. M. K. cluueis; a buugalow in
Nurlh l.unsilule lur Dr. Thompson aud
a residence fur Mr. Isaac Waldou un
lilh slreei.
Sequel to Hallowe'en
in the puiicc court uu Saturday af
leniuun a number uf buys and girls
were charged ut Ihe instance of a local
merchant nilh dumping his wagon inlo
Mosquito creek by way of a huge joke
on Hallowe'en nigbl. The case wai
heard before Ailing i'olice Mugistrste
Iiu ium uud Aid. I'..i. man Threo boys
and three girls were fuuml guilty and
were charged cojlecllvoly wilb the
damage lu lhe nugon which a mumile,I
lo Silo, and were individually deprived
uf the culls uf the courl, I-' --'i iu t'lrh
llngiiiully there were implicated iu
ill thirteen youths imi maidens. Two
nere. lion ever, uuiic-ruted uu Salqr
duy, three disappeared uu being served
with summonses, and Iwu had vanished
frum human ken befure being served.
Bench warrants fur the arrest uf Ibe
three who have beeu served have beeu
Found Unconscious in
At  noon on   Sundty s   Chiusnisu
iituicd Kae living un I Bt I* streel wai
fuuml iii an um mn, mn- ilale in bii
shack suffering frum Ihe effects ot I
deep gash in I epk    After Ibe in
jure,I man was reinuved lo lbc boi
pitsl s •ear, li of (he promise* revested
a sharp halrhel covered witb bloodv,
No motive for the crime, whether iui
cidtl or olherwlie, his been found so
ftr and lillle iu Ibe wsy uf explsns
lion is expected until the Chinaman
himself is able lo (ulk. Al Ihc prei
cut bii condition it very critical. He
ii being attended to ky 1)1. Dyer iu the
Norlli  Voncuuver general hoipittl.
Buiblen   or   ptrlles   intending lo
build homes, money Issued tl fj psr
ceut. also private fundi lo loan hn
■borl dale. Box A1W, Kxpreu Oice.
WANTKD -One sere, c|esred or psrt
ly cleared, wilh creek, for reiidcSc*.
Sttl.e  best  cash price a»d alio belt
l||t wash pretested to Lsurls M Uib terms.   Uox IUD, Vspim (Mice l»-M -
Bank of Montreal
Eslabliihad 19|7
l'u. I I''
Capital (paid up)   ,   $16,000,000
Reserve     ■   •   -   •   $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
Nortb Vancouvar Branch i F. A. MACRAE,
Mt, Crown Bldg., 1st Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to gel
a house.
We have, some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
Pantry Cabinets
Very Few Left
Timothy Hty (uew)
Olover Hsy, (uew)
Alfalfa Hsy
Crushed Osts,
OsU,  .
Linseed Meal
n  k K. Chicken Chop,
B k K Scratch Food
li .". h Cracked Com
Lee's Egg Maker
Lee's Insect Powder
Swift's Beet Scraps
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
- "        ~■ ■ ■--■ - ■"—
Sole Agenti for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham't Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone 486
'6.20  AM
Vancou er
IMI   P.M.
'    tM
12.16  AM.
U'avc North  Vancouver
10.40 .
11.20  VM.
» iMStss "Hot •■ In-lay."    Tian Ubl*
titln*. Ompmy ml titbii tm tntyi, tteUmttl
7.00 »
iubj«t ts cbaatt without
or otherwiss.
TftSJ    *»av    Ugliu    ffVSS
Not Ughted Nov. lit
At 1st! night's regular ineeling nf
Ibo city puuuell Msyor MuNolib preild
ing, Aid. Irwin dwelt at tome length
upon inulturn pertaining lo tha sue
I'l'ssful ciitirluiiiiut'iit uf the Arclir
Umllii'rlnui.I during the order'! (Iniini
Kiiriiiiipiiii-ni in North Vaueouver. The
aidiirniau nullliieil the progrsrii in fsr
arraugod, comprising s winking eon-
cert uuder lliu auspices of the Nurlli
Vsuconver club nn Tuesdsy evening,
a perfurmaiiee of "The Missouri
Uirl" st Ihc Lonsdale tliestre on Wed
iicuini eveiiiug, ami a banquot at the
Norlli Vancouver Hotel oo Thursday
uvauiiig. Aid. Irwin obierved tbst the
eo -operation uf Ihe citizens wss very
desirable il tiieso arrangements are tu
lie carried through successfully. He
expressed Iho hope with which lbe
mil ire cnuncll was in aeeord, that the
people nf Ihia city would help iu Ibis
respect by attending lliu play at the
I,mis.lule ill,-iilic uiiii fbe liiiuipii'i at
(lie > Hotel Nurlli Vaucuuver. The fl
naiiciul ss'pset was deull wilh iu a let
'ter from Mr. P. T, Sslsbiiry, written
nu i"huli of Hie Arctic Brulberbood
entertainment ciiiiimitloe, ami mention
ing llie aiiiuuiils which would bo es
pei-leil from tbe cily, each of which
can be reduced by cooperalion on the
purl of Hie citizens by the purebsse of
tickets, etc. The letter also mention-
cl iluu (be ilistricl council had agreed
lu pay one quarter of Hie eipeuses incurred. The matter was formally re
ferred tu (be fiuauce committee.
Mix Up in Boyal Decoration Accounts
An echo of Ibe Huyal visit arose iu
lhc shape of letters perlaiuiug lu an
account fur StW.oVi for flag! purchased
by Mr. .1. ('. .'-.lliin, . Imiiim,ii of the
decoration committee, ami Mr. Saliiu
ninl billed lbe ferry direetorsle for
lln- amount, but (be board bad passed
u resolution lo tbe effect Ibat Mr
Subiii must "louk tu Hie eity euuueil
fur Hie paymenl of same, as no autb
orisstiou was given by llie board of
direclurs of tbis cumpauy."
The decoration committee, Messrs
Subiu, liriilgman, Heaven, Mordeu and
I'erry, forwarded Ibis resolution to the
council, i. uiin,lni|i thai body that the
ferry board bad also lurned dowu a sim
■lar account I'ur 8160. "Hur recollec
lion," (be Iriicr stated, "wsa that
ul a meeling al which Messrs. II. (,'.
Wriglil and W. L. Uoull" were present,
Ihey were acting for the ferry board
uu the joint committee, aud we uuder
stand slated thai Hie furry company
wuuld pay for Hie eusl of decorations
un the wbarf."
Aid. Hick expressed tbe view (bal
Hie cily council had nothing tu du with
Hie ferry company. Hither the com
millee must change their claim ur tbey
must euforce Iheir claim against tbi
ferry cumpauy.
Aid. Foreman slated tbat was a li
uaiieial mailer and moved Ibal il
shuuld be referred to llie finance cum
millee, wlneb motion was formally car
City Not Liable for Mishap to Lady
A letter was received from (be Km
l'l,,,.,..' Liability Assurance Corpora
tion slating lhal Miss llulmwood was
enl illcd tu damages for Hie accident
sustained at Ibe corner of 14lh streel
uud Lunsdale. The liability, however,
resls wilh Ibe Wurswick MurgonH Cu.,
Hie firm which was carrying oul tbe
contract lot the eity.
Passenger Subway to Vencouver
The secretary uf the ferry board for
um.id a resolution uf dial board vole
iug "dissslisfaclion with (be prugress
made in connection with Hie couiltruc
liun uf (he proposed passenger subway
entrance lo Hie Vuncouver wbarf, and
usking (be council (o appoiat a com
millee ur a representative of the eity
lu attend upon tbe commission wbicb
is lo sit Ibie week for Ihc purpose of
hastening action in lhal regard.
Aid. Irwin moved (bat tbe mayur
tic appointed the council's delegate,
but on Hie suggestion of Aid. Kick,
Aid. 11.-.ni - owu name was coupled
wilb lbe mayor's. Iiii Worship slated
that tbe cause Qf delay was probably
llirough 1'udeavours to arrive at su
arrangement for.tin' big vehicular subway in regard to wbicb many obstacles
were beiug encountered.
The Are sbief reported 'or the mouth
ol October two alarms involving a
building risk uf I'M, risk en contents
ii'i, nu insurance in either caae. Tots)
risk and loss $60.
Why Arc Light* Wsrs Unlit Nov. Ut.
Mr. A. (I. I'etty, locsl manager of
Ibe B. ('. Klectric Bsilway Co., wrote
adviiing thc council that the company
bad been unable to carry out tbe instruction! received with reference to
the installation of street lights to be
iu operation on November lit. Seme
time prior the company had place! an
order with the manufacturer! for lover
al hundred lumps for our requirement!
on .the lower mainland and hsvsJMsn
disappointed over the delivery of then.
the cer will strive ip Vspooitver pp
November Mb, snd |mipsdists)y upon
the receipt of lbe lamps the entire
loesl line staff will be placed Oil the
iuittllilioii sf tbo lamps, si in most in
stances ths necessary wire and (Kings
bsve been erected. Tbe letter regret-
ted |hs daisy sud trusted thul tliu ox
plauullun would bu regarded as satis
Appolutmint sf S.P.O.A. Intpector
Tbe tecretsry of tbt Iocs) Board of
Trade, wrote regsrdiug Hie sppoiutiiient
of sn (ptpsetur pf the S.p.C.A. for tho
North -flhow snit-stlrfttf-tne council
lu suppurl ihs Ides-sud recommend il
ta their successors.   This matter   was
dealt with nl the last meeting of
Olty't Lights Turusd on st Late Hour
Aid. Irwip inquired wlioilior thu po
lice were noticing the times at whicii
the arc lights of the eity wore being
turned on. Chief of Police Davies re
plied thai be bad already callml Mr.
A. 0. Perry's attention tu the late
huur al whieb Hie lights had been turn
ed on recently. Aid. Irwin thought
the I'hief should muke a periodical re
port tu Ibo council iu this regard.
Crossings on Wsst Bide of Lonsdale
Aid. Foreman inquired of Hie chuir
man of lliu board of works whether il
was tbu Intention of tlie hourd lo place
plunk crossings across i.onsdale uvenue
on both sides o( Hie street intersections
lie liml noticed that a crossing hud
been placed across the avenue nt 6th
streot on Hie west side only.
Aid. Diek replied Ihut tbe plunk
crossings were being planed on the wcsl
side only, as (his side was very- in mi
dy. "Isn't it the same macudum si
uu the easl side!" queried Aid. Dick
"Perhaps it'a oil," observed the
mayor facetiously.
Tbe following reports uf committees
were received uml sdoptsdi
Board of Works—
Keeommeiiiled lhal a ten foot streel
be graded in front of Hie Presbyterian
Keeoiiimeiided that a sidewulk be
placed un lhe north side of llllli street
from Sl. Ueurge's lo HI. Andrew'i
The chairmuii reported Ihul be and
(lie engineer hud cuusulled wilh the
city sulicitur regarding Mr. Oreen
Anuylage's claim. Tbe sulicitur ,bud
recuiiimcndeil lhal Ihe sum uf t'16 be
placed iu his hands which he might
.'Hei iu full uf settlement. Committee
recommended that this be done.
Recommended  Ibat  a  man  be  em
ployed   lo  drive  the  horse  ami   curt
lu  be  paid  al   tbe  rate  uf  (j65  per
Porks Committee
Ke suggestion frum Hie cemetery
superintendent that the wesl In feel
uf bluck A of tbe cemetery be eel
apart fur the interment uf still bom
children, and that the inclusive charge
fur I.m ..ine sucb children lie 61.00. Kc
commended Hint Hie suggestion lie ud
Id ui,inni, inle.I    that    Ibe    athletic
ground iu Mahon Park be drained ul
an estimated cost of 61110.
Firs asd Light
Keeoinmended lhal as soon as cum
binaliou auto track arrives and is sel
up for service in the fire hall Hie de
purl menl dispense willi tbe use uf lhc
garbage team as it will be uo longer
Presentation to Mr. A.
t. Waghorne
The staff of tbe Nortb Shore Praia
Ltd. yesterday afteruuon presenled Mr.
A. Karle Waghorne, for fuur years uu
employee of thc mechanical dcpsrl
ment, lai I erly as foreman, with a ser
viceahlc, solid looking business desk.
Mr. 1. A. Mordeu voiced tbe regrets
of the staff upon losing Mr. Wae,
home as a colleague, rcferroiJ lo Hie
pleasant relations which hud ulwuys
existed ami handed over lo bim Hie
very besl wishes for Ibe future along
with thc ni,,i.ui.iihuiieii commodity
Mr. Wagborne expressed bis great sur
prise ami bis equally greal gralilude
aud while be aitured his quumlaui cul
leagues Ibat be required uo desk as a
reminder uf bis associations witb tbe
statT, he appreciated and would value
the gift very highly. Mr. Waghorne.
under whose furuinnship Hie mechanical
department uf the Kxpress office lias
tdvauced iu every way, severed liis con
""'ini'l wilh Ihe firui lasl week und hut
lince become proprietor in. bjs owu
office iu Lyun Valley, His position
upon this staff is now occupied by Mr.
A. Jacksou.
Bt. 19 Banned
Is   deference   to   the | wishes   of   a
number of whist players at Tedding
ton, thc number 111 bas beeu omitted
iu  numbering   the   tables   st    locul
Ancient Font Found
Jn t Huthwsite (MsutlJeld) school
houae garden s font 260 years old hsi
heen found. Jt wss oriuiually installed is Tigihelf Psrith Church.
The Slslh  l!nmpni>y\ pf Obpsriisn
Field I'iiigilieers und tbu lucul company uf Buy Ml'""1'1 tlirnoil UUt Oil
church pin-inli" oi| Sunday wl|op Sll impressive sorvico wae bold in Bt. John's
A Imui scvenly men and boyi took
psrt III tllU |'il 10 de, Ine  Klip ill eel., belli,"
under the command of ('opinio J. 0.
Ward, l.ieul. N. H. Ilolierlion, J., II.
Oosgrove snd P, Wsrd, with ifleut Dr,
J, .1. TbuniBop, D-AM-Vi thm ill attend-
mo e. OoinmiHHiuuur .1. II. Kngliih wss
in charge ut' Hie Hoy Scouts, witb Sec-
rotary Huulur of Vancouver-also lu attendance. The service was conducted
by the rector, llev. J. H. Hooper, who
delivered uu address tu the large cou-
gregiitiuu from (he text uf Cur. i, chap.
0, verse it: "lie who itrivelh for tbp
mastery is temperate in all .things,"
MSSStf iff   II ttatt
The Lsdfei' AiA Society of the fim
Baptist Church «f!H Md s ts|o of
work on Frl^y, Npvembsr Ruth, in
tht Itctnrs room of ths church, comer
ef Hi. Ueurge* mA Uih struct.   fee-
I'losliinonlH provided and u good linn.,
promised. Tbi* will be I guud oppor
[uplty of buying pretly and useful
Chrislmus gifts,    ' i B0-11
•\ J, % HAYNES
113(1 Lonsdsls Avenue, North
Csblpet unfit, pictnrs frsiuer and
jobbing wafil und repairs of ull kinds.
Designs and estiinulcs suliniilled. fur
nit ure bought, told snd repaired. Pliouu
Job Printers
Publlahtn of tho "Express'      t
First Street Bsst Phone so
■-. i
The Canadian Enterprise
Steel Range
Made in Canada for those who want the best.
Built lo satisfy lhe demands of a most critical examination.
We  shall   be  pleased   lo  show   you   its  many   features
of excellence.
Used daily in thousands of satisfied homes throughout the
Eireplare    Fixtures.     Andirons Basket.     Grates.     Spark
Guards, Etc.
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
57 Lonsdale Ave.
The North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing "
It Is Not Necessary
For us ts advertise sur large line of
Stovei, Ranges sod Hsststs. They
ipeak for tuamadvea, but ws wish to
call your attontlou to ths fact tbst we
srs carrying tbs Itrgsst lins el Out
snd Malleable Bongos, Stovei snd
Hasten in ths olty sad our auoortiuent
contains everything thst you might
deilre snd sur prlcea srs RfOHT snd
svery stovs wt ssU Is guarantied.
Ask sbout our special credit plan, sn
hsnsst preposition tn honest buyer.
All kinds of Builders' Hardware,
Point*, Oils, Etc.
15th and Lonsdai* NOBTH VANOOUVBB J?hont 362
-' "tea- Birto' Watches
Tbs sucesss wn bsvs schlsvtd In ths WATOH trade Is ths remit
of our great csrs In putting on tb* market watches which ws know
will glvs tbs purcbsser tbs most sstlsfsctory service.
Ws csn supply mil grsds of watch tbst may bs reuulred, bnt
will not present s watch tbst Is ugt rtlltble, Ws oiler s splendid
cholco in FULL DBBBB WATOHE8, wbicb WS uubetiutlugly re-
comraond. Thsss srs of Swiss workuisnslilp snd to wsll finished
sud adjustsd tbst Insccurscy Is slmost Unpoiilble..
haa bssn mailed to our out of town cmtomen snd ibould bt In tbsir
bauds now. Tbit cotslogut it oue big bosk sf Ohrlttnita gift suggestions snd sbould bs In tbs htudi of tvtry buyer lu tbs Dominion.
If you bsvs uot received s espy, tdviie us snd ou will be mailed
to your sddrsss st ones Out section of this cstslsgus Is dsvotsd
to watchtt iiluiio.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George I'.. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. VST       PAID H250,
Quickly sud promptly sn sccount of tbs Stu Francisco ssrtbqusks snd Are.
How many Oomponlea could do tbis?
Its ssssts miount to $116,000,(W0
A postsl will bring our rtpreitntatlvi
Bssldsnt Agent
IB Lonsdsls Avsnus snd OspUsno Oar Terminus
Pbuuci: Lonsdsls 157. OspUsno Ut.
Jury Decides Foreigner
Shot Himself
('urouer Diploek on Saturday aflor
noou beld uu inquiry intu llie ciri'iim
:.inn.,■:. nil' iniini.' tlie ili-nili of a fur
eigner nained Daniel Brsycich, wbgtc
budy wns fuuml un Tliursduy tail in u
shack ou Westover roud, Lynn Villcy.
The verdict of llie jury wus In llio
effect tbat the deceased slmi himself
with a gun.
Evidence sbowcii that Brsycich nail
lived at tlie Lynn Valley Hotel from
December to February lasl, ami lliut.
be was of a retiring disposition. Modi
cti testimony was given liy lir
Tbomsou, ami the olorj" of lbe discov-
cry of lbc body  wus told in detsil.
Corners in District bt 265—
BLOCKS ...' LOT 16
BLOCK 13  LOTS 29 and 30
BLOCK 17 LOTS 43 and 44
District Lot 274-
BLOCK 140.. . .LOT 17 and Two Storey Building
BLOCK 168 LOT 5 and Two Houses
BLOCK 169...; LOT 4
l |.mi tin- door being smashed iu by
tbe police lbc decossed wits fuuml lying un bis liucl, un lhc lluur witli u
ll'l lu Wiui-licslor rifle between bis legs.
Tlie bullet, which wns exhibited at
llie inquest,' lunl passed tlirounli llie
man's temple. Tiie jury was also
shown the twig with which Brsycich
had evidently pushed the trigger of
the rille. On llie table was fuuml a
letter written purtly iu Austrian ami
partly in Knglisli. So fur this teller
has uut been Iruiislotcil, beiug uluiusl
indecipherable. An elTurl ii being
mude, however, to have light thrown
un its iuutcnt.1, which, il i.i expected,
will only subalaplisle lhc verdict uf
the jury. The decested, il wu-, ilis
covered, has u brother in lhc southern
Stales and is u member uf an Aui
Irian lodge in l.u<lyi.uiilh, ll ti. Uotb
lhc brother uml  Iho ledge huve been
written to. • \
Police Court Cases
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15,0011,1)1111   test $12,500,000
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Inieiesi is allowed on all-depj>sils of $1 and upwards.
A. A' FQI18TBR  Vtintgu.
Consisting of Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, liis, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Paper White Narcissus, Double Yellow Daffodils,
Double While Narcissus, elc.   Plant right now.
Wc have also growing al our nurseries the finest stock of
Roses, Shrubs, elc, in B. C. Call or wrile for our catalogue.
Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, Wedding Bouquets, etc., on
short notice.
Phone 235
Cor. I7lh and Sl. Andrew's Avenue
Brandon Seeks New
Uunlclpal Concessions Bring Tangible
For Prices, Terms and Further Particulars, apply to
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
linited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6266
*     *
rliuif.'1'l befure llic magistrates
uii Friday morning in the lueal puiicc
court, .1. Ifccmiug appeared as the
defendant accused wilh hlailiag wilb
mil a permit. Deomiug slnlcd thut he
lunl previously liil.i-u out a permit but
Ihul il hu.l expired ami he had cuutin
neil tu l-iu i wilbuut renewing il, Tbe
magistrate* imposed u line ul' l'l fP and
Twu nun, sparrow mil Kelly, up
peared befuic lln- Iniiili haling been
arrested uu su*piciuu*of being concern
ed hi tin- rubbery committed in lbc
Kuiubow i'uii- uu Sun.luy uiuruing
wheu a mun uuiued Mel.euil was relicv
."I ul lln- miiii uf ilu. lluili men
pleaded "uul guilty" ami were de
fended by Mr. Jones. Mci.cod was tne
lirst witness culled, lie pave an oul
line uf huw he wuh awakened by ionic
person leaving his ruum ami on get
linp uul uf bed discovered that In- had
been robbed nt 116 which sum wus
missing frnm hii pants' pucket, In
the i-russ examination by Ihe lawyers
Mcl.i'O'l became vcry 'confuted. The
proprietor of the roomi was next wil
ni--.-. nmi he said ihul huMujr beeu informed uf the lliefl from Mel,cod he
wcnl down li) the I'life ami having
been lold liy one of the waitresses of
ihc sppesranee of Iwo men whom they
hail Heen about the building, be went
mil ell the slrect where be suw Iwo
men inn|iiiip for lhe ferry. Ile
il""i|.-lil Ihey were lbe accused, but
euuld nol swear, having unly wen
tbeir bucks. Two waitresses from the
cafe described how two men bad been
uliuul the ruums that morning, one of
Iinni stating' Ihul llic men resembled
Ibe sccused as far us she euuld remcm
ber, but the could nol swear Ihis, ai
she had ouly seen une of ths men in
elii.e quarters uml lhat lbc ligbt was
not very good. The constable who
weut lo Vaneouver to bring back the
accused men testified that the men
resembled parlies he had seen about
Ibe ferry gales on Monday morning
ami tbut they bad arouied hll iui
picion and having beard of lue rob
I'ei.'.' later thought lhe twu men Ibe
culprits, lu cruss examination bo ml
milled Ibal be was unable lu pick out
luiiil men in Ihe Vancouver police its
liou, but said lie did pick out Kelly
who had a csit'iu bii eye. rAlcfooli
snd bain played a leading part io the
case, The magistrates were rompeljed
lo diamisa the cue owing lo want of
niinl iiii ni nm.
IJruuiliin, November 8lh. - Brandon's
csmpsign for new ilnlostries is uow
ihowing suhsluntiol results. II is the
intention of the V V, Jluiiuldsuii I'um
puny lu slurl cuiislrueliun work uu
lln-ir throe itory buut and »huc fuelory
early iu thc coming year. Al a comer
vativc eitimule, il is slated, lbc eon-
coaaiou grautcl to this cunipuny ih
wurlli easily tli,,Dili), but il is beliovcd
tbut the value uf the resulting benefits
tu the city will fur exceed tbis sum.
Tbe new cunipuny is to be a Munilubn
corporation capitalized nt SToViufl, lbc
agreement wilh the city requiring Ihul
Ihis ainuuul uf stuck lie fully puid up
by Juue Isl uexl, and thai ull employ
ees of the company lie llrumloii rcsi
dents, luinii'i- are currcnl today uf
the securing uf several uther impurt
unl industrial thruugh the cITurti of
Ihc liuiii'i uf Trade, aniiuuucemcut of
wbicb ii looked fur al ou curly dule
If yuu are ilill Iryiug lu think of a
gift thai yuu can muke for some uue
perhaps yuu can gel a vnlu-
able suggesliuu frum the recent rogue
for pretty tilings in tapestry ur sill.
Uoxes uml picture frames simply
fashioned uf brocaded silk or poplin,
iu old blue, old ruse, gold or soft green,
are finished wilh narruw gold braid or
These are dainly and distinctive sud
hark back tu lbc French empire period.
'i'u further ornaiuciil Ihem sn old
mcilalliou priut muj. be cut aud patted
lu the material, being framed wilh
lhe brunl
A picture frame of this sort wuuld
be  especially  easy   tu  moke and  for
ther a man or a wuman would be
un acceptable gift
Two eggi 0/ Ihe Oreat Auk, an es
iiiii British Bird, were purcbaicd by
Mr. Kowlund Wsrd of I'lccidilly, st
sn suction in Jiondon for ♦1616,
Arc yuu bearing in mind very par
lieulurly the night uf December llth I
That is the night upun whieh lhc
"Smart Bel" a must capable cum
pany of local performers, will provide
a sparkling prugram nl Ihc Luumlalc
Thcutrc, thc pruceeds tu be devoted
tu Ibe Norlh Vancouver branch uf lue
Victorian Order of  Nurses.
Stove wood, Illln. ti.ib per load,
Uui. U.M. Prompt dollviry.
Phona tbt, oflice and yard. Oornar
ith and Mahon Ave. tf.
Keep Your Eye os
Wr have buuiei tu rent al all inlcei, and In every imii uf lbs clly,
allu Huml butlneii iliindl il luw ii-nliili
Wt- uie hju 1 IiiIIhih in 11,.in,.mi,u rental oruoi 111.-i fur bulb nslili-nc
smi uul uf (uwn iiwnets Our liiilimcnii and rninltloucea are eenl
i.i"ini'il> ivei)- inuiilli cuil. snd nu detail of thit ipcclal claal of
set vice ..". u|.ih uur attention
M I.UDStalr kvemte
III   \ 1 II     -II ' 1 M l-l-
I'liune IH
Nvrlk Vttcuarrr
"    Jeweler and Optician
143 Lonsdale Ave.
'■'Ullll   ll"     ill TUB  EXPRESS
ri »• •■ ■	
PubJIthtd Tustdsyt tnd Fridsyt by North Bbort Prest, Limited.
Miss sl Bubssriptlont-Oss wsr, UM. Bis montbi, Ht. Three monthi, Itt,
r Unltsd Btstss snd foreign, $8.00 par yssr.
AdTsrttslng Bstas Will Bs ftuotsd on AwUcsUsr.
Tks Biprsss is dtvnted ta tbi Inttreiti of tht North Bhors of Bnrrsrd Inltt
ssolutlvtlr.   It couititutei j» sdvsrtiting msdium of oiceptionsl valus for
fWWlTW/1     ft   e*am.....n   am   m.„.,...,mm   „,-«.-«   —   „-„.,.,..,..    .-•-.-   ...
tetehlng Ip s thorough snd sflsotivs mtnnor the populstion of North Vsncouvsr
OltrsBtt District.  Every effort it msde to give advertisers (lis most satisfactory
Ali cbsngst In centred sdvsrtlttmsnts ihould bt in ths printers' bsndl not
l(.n     OF,       _      ...... J     K    ..      ...       Ul.,.l...„..l..„     ,..     ........    I.....I I.     tk.
Ister tbsn IO* s. m- Uondsy spd 8 p. m- Wedneiday tu emuro inserlion in tbs
following Iiiui
Uorth Vsncouvtr, B. 0„,,
 Hsvsmhsr IB, ma
The iniiiullniinii of the uew tele-
phune enlile scross Hurrard lulet marks
Sn immense stride in advance with re-
ipect tu tbe local telephone service. Ttie
equipment previuusly in use hud lung
been recuguiied as inadoijuate but the
dlrliculty which was exptrieucud iu pru
curing the consent uf the department st
Ottawa to a cable route acruss the In
let) caused prolonged delay in the uxe
.uiiuii uf tbe plsns uf Iba Tulephuuu
('uinpiiiiy. Once the necessary cuusent
was nl,imiie'l, however, ii ia i|uite evident tbat the (lompaiiy tost uo time
in placing an urder fur tbu cable ami
ilmi frum that time tu the present
every effort has been mado upou their
part lo expedite the instullatiun of the
improved equipment.
Ouce (be cable is in actual use, the
vexatious delays tool uther luconveni
encet which have Imiulo been ejpe/i
"cin-ed iu connection 'MlShSjm l n
1 lietween the Nurth Bhore and Vuncuu
ver, will be a tblug of Ibe past. The
(iiiiupaiiy bas made (be announcement
(hat direct connection will be given
11 iuu i. the two systems, so lhal (be
necessity of usaiug fur central will lie
uli..,. fi.' i . imu.-,:.i. .1 The greatly in
creased number uf wires available will
likewise pruinute the promptness uf thc
service, ll is further gratifying tu
note the uniiuuncuuiunt thai witb the
installation of the new order, tiie loll
rale across the Inlet will be cot ip
half. The additional equipment there
imu, iuvulvus a considerable saving
ill liiiie ami muuey uiul will withuut
doubt wurk tu the mutual sul isf act inn
"i (he company ami Ibe public.
Tbu eatt-nl tu wbicb the raising uf
live sluck has been either discarded ur
neglected, by farmers tbruughuut Can
ada has brought the country face to
face with an economics! prublem uf a
seriuus nature.
Nul unly has tbe Canadian expurl
trade in cattle fallen away to prac
lunil) nothing, but the plain fact is
that Cauada is not raisiug a mi11ui.ui
number uf catile today tu supply the
needs of her own populatiuu. II may
safely bs staled that iu practically all
uf our large cities, beaf ami mutton,
imported frum ulher countries is regu
Isrlv used lu supply Ihe lucul market.
Ah illustrating Ihe luw ebb lu which
Ihis important industry has fallen, uie
authority declares that al the Winui
peg stuck yardi the ('. I'. K. handles
less than une hundred cal luads uf cat
tic per week, whereas, under iuniu.il
iumlilium, a Iraiispurlaliuu .company
uf sueb prupurtiuus uught tu handle
several thousand itr loadi per week, lu
the failed Btatei, thc Chicago slock
yardi alone, handle from furly lo llfty
tlioosaiul beef catile every forty eight
Imui,. The aggregate value ul llic
live sluck io Canada luday dues mil
exceed in value the sum uf IliklMDftk)
whereas iu a cuunlry uf Ibe size of lbe
Duiniipuii, il is computed by ecuuoni
ills lhat ils value should nol be less
lhan »".\i|i|ii,iiiiii,iii»i
Tbese condition! musl imply that
there are immense areas of the very
lent grating grouod throughout Can
ada which are lying uuuaed had whose
practical value to tht country ii lillle
or nulliing. Tbcu grazing grounds arc
mien rllcl anywhere in Ibe world and
an capable of providing, wilh Utile or
no effort upuu Ibe part uf Ibe cattle
rancher, luileuauce for great herds of
beaf rattle, such «- wuuld place Cau
sds is s moil enviable position In ids
lion lo Ibii grcsl economic problem.
('"iiiui than tbii, tben conditions
imply tbtt the farm laudt of Ibt
cuunlry arc beiug cultivated un a Li
til which iieeeiiarily tud inevitably
mesiu Ibi impoverishment of tba soil,
wllh lha daugcr that before msn/ yesrs
its pruduclivewM will be very icriuus
ly imptind. Tbow wbo bsve msde
s clot* study of Ibii queitiou insure i prupcrly belungs. Juit wby il wst
ua Ibst large areas of land iu thi j ever kepi by the uid goveroouiul uuder
I'niii'd Btatei bive beeu almusl ruiued
are agreed tbut there is practically nn
end to tbo producing powor of good
land provided it ia pruperiy cared fur.
Ily fulluwiug scientific molbods of mi*-
ed farming (in whieb sluck raisiug il
included as one of the component parts)
Ihu productiveness of the soil can be
perpetuated inileUiiituly and upon t
profitable finaiicial basis.
The effect uf the decline uf uur live
stock industry upun fhe cost uf living
and upuu tbu stumlard uf living
lliruughuut lbe cuuutry presents a fur
in i. lu li lc problem. No argument whatever il Required lu convince every provider for u household (hul the price of
meat is uilvunciug. This hus been ru
murkeil iiml eunipiuined about, upun
all sides for a considerable lungtb uf
lime. Al the present time, the price uf
llie belter grudes of muui is so high us
to be praclically prohibitive lo a large
proportion uf the pupulalion. There
ure multitudes of families iu our towns
ami cities tuduy whu are compelled lo
"Uiiuii themselves with lhe pourer
grades uf meal becuuse uf the ineiur
uble fuel thul the income is nut sulil
eieut In enable Ihem to pay the price
demanded fur ilu  better cuts of incut.
In a cuuutry so richly endowed as
is Canuda iu all lhc requirements which
gu tu muke an ideal agricultural coun
Iry, conditions such us those ootliued
above ought uot to eaisl. The prob
lum is one which ought tu be faced uml
fur wbicb it might uul tu be dnb.uli
tu find a sulutiuu. II is eneuurugiiig,
therefure, lu knuw thul energetic of-
furls are nuw being made by the Dominion governmeut tu build up the stuck
ruising industry uf Cuuadu upun a per
maueul basis uml lu commanding pro
portions. To (his cud the coopers
liuu uf Ihe provincial guverumeuts, lhe
great railway systems, the experimental
uuin.-. ugu, iiliiirul sasueislions, ('air
asauclstioui uml breeders' sssuciationa
is being hiiught. Iluu Maun. Hurrill,
Miuister uf Agriculture, has takeu llic
mailer in hand in a business like uml
sttlsiminliku manner uml ulrcudy the
movement gives indicatious ut excellent
resulls. The Canadian I'aeilie iluilwuy,
fur essmple, hus organized u lie-par!
incut uf Annual Husbandry uud lias secured as superintendent the services ut
lit 1. il. luniierfnrd, formerly live
stuck eummissiuner fur the lluiniiiiun
guvernmenl 11 i> reported tbut the
railways (fulluwiug tu some exiuul
Ibe plan at the National llurcau uf
Bidding will distribute free, imported
bio-ding cuttle, sheep and bugs. The
campaign will be marked by the dis
Irihutiuii broadcast of large quantities
uf literature, printed in both l.'uglish
ami French, fur Ihc purpuHc uf diiscm
mating lufunultlou Willi reference lu
the advantages of mixed tunning in
general ami uf sluck i.n iug in purti
Within u year il is huped lhat Ian
gible resulls from this widespread
movement »>.. be uppurcut, although
the benefits which il ir hoped will uc
irue tu the cuunlry at large eaniiut ba
expected i.. exert auy practical iuliu
erne upun the market until a few-
years have elapsed
lu sdditiun lu the liciieHcial results
indicated above, il should alio be
mentioned Ibal the building up uf a
great cattle raisiug Industry Ihroughool
' mm.in resulting as il must in lhc
creation uf immense ceulres with ex
liuiivl slockysrds, sbbaloirs, etc., will
likewise be allcndod by Ihe
ritaliiishmciit of large fuc
furic« whose facilities will give
(StnrAsrrisJ value lo lbe last particle
of tbe lui-f carcass, thos adding to
Hie-profits accroiug from Ibe Industry
and aduriliiig employment lo large ad
ditional numbers of wage t's/ncrs.
While holding tbe portfolio 11 Bee
rotsry of Bfsle, Ilr. Hocbc luok a keen
interest In Ihe srcbivei following the
tramfer of thii branch to Ibe depart
incut of Bccretery of Btste,- where it
mission bid pr»otiaslly nevs. fcssn
called together Bflii BO m bs4 b«»ft
mude of its services. Of- Roche reorganised tbs commisiiun sud sdded
to it p pumlw of well-known biituricsl
Tbs lirst. meeting wia celled two
wookt ugo spd s systematic campaign
to gstbsr ssrly 0»»sill»» 4oe»me»t» of
interest to students wss inaugurated.
Tbe cuminiaaioii also authorised ths
publication of S valuable vnli.tiiu uf
a thousand pngus coiituiniug tbe records
of all early legislation in Western
CtwttX-Tliia iimnilitiiiiJja.llj.uuri!
valuable puhliculion uf an historical
bind in Oanada for yeart. Prof. Oliver of Husknli-lmwuii University hus
been at worb for two yetr9 collecting
tbu records sud be bsi ditepypred insuy
documents which wars long thought to
fisvo linen lost. Tbe eommiiiiuii nlso
authorised tbe publicstiuu pt t ctts-
iugue uf all wettorn dneumentt and su
other catalogue of the |ti,t)ilo mspt in
tbe archives.
The work of thii committion iu col
lectiiig and arranging Canadian histories) records promisui to ih of great
benefit in marking oul tbe earlier
i-iugeu of development iu various parts
of the I iumi,,inn
Diitrict of North Vancouver
Notice of Oouncll Meeting
NOTICF is hereby given thst the
usuul meeting of the couucil on'l'liurs
day, 1Kb inst., will be held at 5.80 p.
m. instead of 7.3(1 p.m.
(Signed)  JOHN  (1.  FA ItM Kll,
0. M. ti.
Dated ut Nurth Vuiicoiiver, this llth
day of November, lnl:'
For First class Work us
131 Second Btreet, mar Lonsdale
P. 0. Bos 'illl
Udies' Tailoring, evening gowns re
modelled, i'lun minus, etc. (lood lit ami
nb     fije.-.   moderate.   IIS   Secoud
Blreel   east,  Mb  dour from  Lnotdsil.
by alleged agriculluriata who persist
rd Is lining tbtreon from yetr to
yasr, wurit ssd wheat only, st tbe
•sua time filling lo return toytnlag
lo the aoll, tbut allowing thi laud to
wtsr out, Ths further statrtios It
asd* thst grist numbers of thit elm
sf isltlvktori pf ths soil srs sow com
isf Into tht OsuWiss wsst, srs pro
asssUas to lo ths vsry ssai thing
ia this country.  Cspsrl sfrlsvltsrisu
tbt .'.tim .i.i of. Agriculture win al
wsyt s myittry, tud ila .■ ium. liun
wilb finning was never explained. Dr
Huehc penouslly inlerfsle.l himself in
lbe work of Iba archive! aud lbc col-
Icfliug of valuable liisto/iiaj docu
lumla and manuacripl. He fopad tbtl
several years Sfo s msiiUscrlpt com
million WSS funned, conalttisg uf
memberi from various ptrti of Canada
Ifi sssift snd advise Iba nioiilir ssd
Dn Doughty, tht srcbiviit. Tbis cum
Why uot live ou ths Waterfront?
Seven-acre Blocks
With sylendid betch frontage of 380
feet each. Island Highway and 0.
P. B. to (Jomox at prassnt uudir
construction bounds tht property on
ths aouth aide. Bait of bunting and
Usliing, good toil, unexcsllsd teen
try tud ipliudld cllniau.
Price only (950 per block
Ossh, $630, snd biluuca llll psr annum for Bvs years tt 7 psr cant.
Thsss blocks ara uudir pries of
surrounding proptrty and art llm
lud In uumbsr. For further ptrtl
culan writs owner.
Parluville, Vancouver
Island B.C.    .
Lynn Valley TmpwaBce Hottl
Nafta Viwwvtr
On tilt t'tt lips. Boom un.l board.
Oood accommodation fpr winking wen.
Contractor'i men tsVsu.   Single meals.
15-ia      tf. fiABTOQTT, Proprisior.
Lodgi Wssttru Boss, No. 888
Uesllugi sf this lodgs IH Iild 111
lbs Kuigbts of Pytbius Hsll, comer nf
Cbeslerlii'lil uvi.-niiii aud Fourth stroet,
un tbs Aril sud tblrd Fridays in each
montb, st A n'clock p. in.
Communications sud upplieutiuns for
membership to bs addressed to Harold
Urn, secretary, P. 0. lias 8811. J.B-7-|8
10,000 cords sf dry Sr wood for quick
islt. Pries psr odd surds, 11.76. Hue
cts) quotstloiu for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 iuchet, 13.86. 18 Inches
♦880" C.O. D.
Office snd Ysrd— Mih snd Lonidale
Phone 190.    p. 0. Boi 2432.
Tandtrt ire iuvited uf luls or trtctt
uf Isud luitsble fur Ibe erection of a
Cily llall for tha City of North Van
All teudcri muit be msde on s form
to be obtained from tbe uuderiigned,
and mn. i lie made by tbe owner or bit
Attorney aolboriwd by duly eaeeuted
power of attorney.
The successful leudcrer will be call
ed upon to give su opium to Ihe city
iu s form satiifaclory lo tbe City Bo
In ilur uutil tbe neceiaary Hy laws art
psssed. The price will be psyahle, 10
per rant, within thirty dayi tfttr Ibt
psaaing of the Bylaw aulhoriring the
purebaie aud lha balaura within nine
ty dayi thereafter.
Bealed Tenders marked "Tender for
cii.v Hull -lite" muil be lodged with Ihe
City Cleri, Clly Hsll, North Vaucou
ver, hefore i p.m. ou Monday, Decern
ber 81b, 1818.
The lowest or sny tender not nicst
►orily accepted.
City Clerk.
Coal mining ilglns of Ilia liomjuluii
In Manitoba, Baakutcbewau and Albcr-
a. tbt Yukon Territory, (be Nor(h-weit
'I'm 11 i.u leu and In a pot-dun of (lie uiu-
vlnce of Britiih Coluinbltriuay be leui-
ed for a ttrm of twenty-one years at
an annoat rmtal of (l an acre. Not
mon than 1,(11 acres will be leased tu
one applicant.
Application for a Uaat must be maiie
by On applicant In persun tu (be Agent
ur Sul, Ac.,.ni ul tlie diitrict In wbleh
Ibe righli applied fur aro altuuieil
In luiveyed (errftury (hu land must
be described by seclluni, ur legul lUh-
dlvlolum of seclluni, and in unsuivey-
sd territory thu tract applied for shall
bl slaked uul by (he applicant bim
Each application musl be accumpuii-
lid by a fee uf |6 which will be refunded If thi righli applied (or are nul
available, bul nut olherwlie. A royalty Ihall be paid on the merchantable
output ol (hi mini at (he rate of live
centa per ton.
Thi person operating (be mine shull
furnlih (hi Agenl with iwoin rciurns
accounting for Ibe full quatKKy ul
merchantable coal mined aud pay the
royalty thereun. If the cual mining
ilghti are not being operaled, iuch re
lurna ibould bi furnlihud a( leust ones
a ytar.
The lu im will Include ctie cual mining
rlghtt only, but the lessee may be permitted tl purchase whatever avutlublQ
surface ilghli may be coniidered nec-
toiiry for the working uf the mine at
lha rati if 110 an acrt
For full Information application
ahould bs madi to (hi aecrelary uf lhe
licpji-iinciit of llll Interior, Ottawa, ur
tu any agenl or Sub-Agent uf (lumtnluii
w w. coity.
Deputy Mlulsiei at the Interim
N.   B—Unauthorised   publication   o(
(bit   advei'llaciiiuiil   Will   not   be   puld
for SI I
100 Per Cent
Pure Paint
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineu College
336 J Ust ini;s St. W.
Canada'! Graalost Wsatsrn School
ll   J. Sprott, 11.A., - -Mauagsr
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporalion, Ijmited
440 Seymuur Street
R. Ktir Houlgale - - - Managei
All Noi th Vaneouvir people ISt tl
Kittier Flask Blook or Ussliufii St.,
opposite tha nsw poit office. I*juird
Stilt bii bsa by tbt pound.
WB QUABANTBB ths Maitln-Souoiir mu Psr Cent, Furs Fslnt
(except a few dark shades tbat cannot hs prepared from lead and
slue), to be made from purs csrhnnsts of lead, pure oxide of tine,
witli coloring matter in proportionate quantities necessary to make
tlieir respective abides sud tints, witb purs linseed oil snd turpentine dryer, snd to be entirely free frnm water, benilue, whiting
md adulterations, and toll subject to chemical snslytit.
Tbs Martln-Btnoiir Oo. Ltd.
This it the only Pslut to guaranteed because It Is tbs only
riiuti PAINT on the market.
80LDBV  ,
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
First Class Dwelling House (or Sale
We invito tenders foi the purchase of new eight room sud base
uunl dwcllinu bouse on Seventeenth Stroet, near Boulevard 011 Lot il.
Block 16a, District Lot 000, im ft. by 1117 ft. The building U a very
substantial 0110 and hss all modem coiivouioucei.
TENDERS stating price and termi of paymout, accompanied by a
marked chsque Ibr '1 por cent, of ottered prico must be delivered to us
bore not latoi than Saturday, tlio r.nb inst.
Tlio highest ui any tender uot necessarily accopted.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
17 Lonsdile Avcuue Nortb Vancouver
Phone '11
'Between Two Thieves"  (Author of Dopt Doctor)
■Mirabel's Island"    Louis Tracy
'The Lady Next Door''  Harold Begble
'Tbo Long Portage"    Harold Beudlois
'The Wind Before tbe Dawu"   Hunger
A Man in tbe Open"     Soger Pocock
We have now room for all coiners at our uew atore.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. B. Book sad Stationery Company).
■mm Lonadalo Avenue.        PHONB 191
Building Contractor
Plans (or all descriptions of buildings Iree,   All up-to-
date, best priivs available.     Workmanship guaranteed.
All classes of Houses and Store Buildings and Office
Fixtures, Etc,
436 12th Slreul, Kast, North Vancouver
Offices 1 525 Pender Slreei West, Vancouver.
Phone: Seymour 2652.
A Double Ender
' 1  •
50x 175 ft, on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level   A Snap at $2,000, Ont-<hir<icaih,UI. 6 and 12 months
■     ■    ■  ■■ ' --:-- ' ■■ ■■ '■
OOcs Viuu* lit. ' Residents Phons tot
t, 9: mm      jiogjH VAWOWyW
r        lpdpt,ry llpps mill pot msks yon indeptndspf.  T||t Indmtry tbst 8sv« is
(bs Industry tbst WtW'
Opsuing s Bsyingi Accouut in tbo Bank pf British North Anier|c» is often tbe
first step towtrdi success.
British North America
Tf Vtsrs In Bnslnstt. Capital sud Surplus Qvsr $7,600,000.
Twp Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonsdale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves tbe Summer Ironing Problem
Eor ll'l:: we are offering s "Hotpoiut" of tbu (IIb size, suitable fur
general household use, for jl mi. This iron is similiir to all "Hulpoiiits"
except Hint the upper surface is unpulisbed,
Second Steel Easl, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on lhe Pacific Coast.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
Mot and cold waler in every room.
Rales:— .     .
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rate. $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
Tonight tbe t-yiiii Vslley Pboral Society nieets iu tbs Hpll for practice.
Thu lutest bulletin of t|te Bey. 0.
E, Pakol. y from Dr. Verner gives |)Ut
illgbt Viirovpnisn..   •
Tomorrow night tho Lyun Valley
ffefpraympmr- Aiienistim htldi itt tS
North Vuucuuver, \ hupes. Alsu ull kinds of female Iron
llth October   vm   I blci umi   irregularities,   catarrh, etc
Give me u Irial iu uuy uf the above
I cure with my nuked bauds, I cure, cases and I will pruve lu you lhc gen
paralysis,   iudigeslion,   neuralgia,   bed   uiueness uf my ussertiuns. I  um will
fever, beurt   trouble, especially  palpi : ing   tu   undertake  uny   cuse   however
(alien, lung und kidney troubles, also chronic where other medical men bave
uny liludder defect.   Mnnicle cuse* and i failed.   Address, Hev. Ken Bonner, avo.
eye  defect ions  of uuy  kind, sluiuicb   Mr. Jackson, curlier  Keith  uml 811 Hi
Iroublea ami ull  kinds uf stricture  I   crluiid  lids.,  North   Vuncuuver.  II.  1'.
specialise in.    I can alsu heal broken IJ IJ
gular monthly ineeling in the Institute
-Thc regular meeling of the district
cuuucil will be held at 0.30 p.m. on
Thursday instead of 7.1111 p.m. in the
municipul hull.
Mr, A. Buckley, M.A., a late resi
dent nf tlie Valley, has moved frum
Aliliolsford lo reside tt 1135 SBth Ave.,
Hiiulli Vimeoiivor.
A leugue fuol bull game will be
plnyed ut Ihu Kecrcoliun I'urk Satur
diiy'iil'lertiuiiii, l.ynn- Valley vs. tlugiu
eers, at II o'clock.
Under Hm auspices of Ihe Ladies'
Aid of Kuux church u sule of work
and un entertainment will be held in
the church on November Hist.
The lirsl basket bull match of the
teuton iu l.ynn Vulley wus pluyed lust
evening in Ihe Hall—Fire department
vs. I,yun Vulley Athletic Olub. The
former won by .'M to \ Ihe game being
very exciting. A good number uf
people ntI ended.
Hu Bunday night burglars broke into
tbe ulliee of the Lynn Vulley Lumber
do. Ltd., uud up lu the preseut no clue
of lbe parly cun lie tfsccd. Huwever,
ihey appear lu huve gained but little
fur the risk. The munugcr uf the cum
puny stules thai the burglars'.inten
liuu wns lu curry uwuy a smull sufe,
bul fuuml il tuu liurdensuiiie.
Mr. A. hi. Wughurm.' is nuw pruprie
lor uf lhe Lynn Vulley Jub Printing
estabtishAient ou ltuss uud Lyuu Vulley
liumls. Tin- employees uf lhe Nurth
Shure I'ress Limited presented Mr.
Wsgborne'witb un ollice desk yesterday
afternoon us u token of respect and
I relationship during the pusl fuur uud
'u hull' yeurs wilh the ubove enmpsny.
j    Everybody looking for uu hour's cu-
'joymenl  011 Tliursduy eveuiug cannot
Ida better thuu visit the Inslilule Hull.
' A dramatic entertainment has been arranged 'or the evening including   refreshments; etc.    A  guud  time  is sa-
I sured lo ull who luke Ihe uppurlunity
of visiting the Ilull, the progrum hav-
ing   been   urrunged   by   the   Women's
Auxiliary of HI. moment's church.
The fulluwiug will |'l;i\ in the league
match al Kccreatioii i'urk un Suturduy
.afternoon: Messrs. Douglus, Ilurllett,
Itiirrus, Hardy, t'urbul, Hugue, V. Pur
die, II. Iv Sharp, Win. Murr, Atkins,
Mitchell, llcserves, II. Keid, J. II. For
Sec  K.  I.. Thompson fur iusurnucc
and    investments    in l.yuu    Vulley.
Fromme   block,   corner (leutre   Bosd.
l'hono Oil.
ifter u tbort pause for breath lhe
High Scbpol Literary snd Debuting
Society ou Friday evening tng*HnA Ip
Hie fourth dclinii- of Hie season. Tbs
pivot Pf the controversy was s resu
liiiinn tp tbo effect tbst tho franchise
should bo extended to women, lhc
uiiinmitive being voiced by Altpp I'-n-ne.
Bpll, sm| Msrjurie Hulijnsun, suit the
WT fur IHU HDgilll'il j|l|VUIlcUil—hy
I'hnrleii liruhnm, Juines Bennett and
llcgiiiald liiiiniuiuii. The Kev. Hon-
ubl Macleod wus judge and Duuglat.
Bae critic.
The contention wus urged Hint In the
mailer of cupabilily girls bsd proved
themselves cijuul if nut superior to
boys. The high school medallists for
Ihe past three years had, for instance,
beeu girls. Works by writers such as
Ueurge Flint were ei|uul tu the wous
of any mule writer. Wordsworth's
poetry would never huve existed had
il uul been fur his sister Dorothy. Thc
much cliuuled exhortation " Knglauil
expects every man this duy to do his
duty," so often ascribed lo Nelson's
credit, were the words of Lady Hum
iim One |uiii.ei detailed n catalogue of hardships which wuman had
tu eudure thruugh the enforcement
of lawn iu the mukiug uf which she
hud uu voice. Manual Iruinmg, do
mettle technical education, uml muny
ulher present doy successes were intru
duccd by wumcii. The only thing hey
were allowed to do was lo puy their
luxes uml still remuiii unrepresented.
The negative brusquely claimed lml
there wus enuugh (rouble in politics
without women. If aiothen were al
lowed lo .lul Mu in politics, the rising
gciu-rutioii would be neglected. A wo
man's place is al hume and uut ut the
hullol box. The handsome luun would
be the successful uue at election liinei,
and if a candidate offended one woman
none of her friends would vute for
Sume sapient luws pussed in Fin
land, where men uml vvuincn huve e.pinl
rights, were instanced by tin- umrin
Stive; uu Hie other huml a negative
spcuki 1 did nol Ihink wuinun hud llie
bruin puwer of man. The extending
uf the franchise woold bring wilh it
the eud uf ull chivalry lietween mnn
uud womau.
"Women wunl ei|uUl suffrage, hove
a right lu it, ami there is nu substan
Hal reasuii why Ihey should not huve
it," declared one enthusiast, un.l evidently Ihe points uf Ihe debute supported her claim, for the judge de
dared the controversy wun by lbe uf
Next Friday the student! uf lhe lu
cul high s'huul arc lo del ale .wili
Ihose of lhe lln in 11 n 1:1 high school,
Vancouver, upun the relative values
uf moderu ami ancient civilian! :oii.   '
St. Agnes' Church
The Kcv. 1.'. A. Scsgcr, MA., principal uf St. Murk's Divinity Ilull,
Vuncuuver, preached u powerful sermon
.. -*tn^ *rT"»rmritirr     rn —• --ar--
ebpreb on Sunday evening. Taking for
his text St. Matthew 7:7, he showed
dearly the potitivuneis of the dogma
tism of Dbriit, .Hit grounds for tbit
dugmutiim aud our grounds' for the
reception and assertion of it. Tho
preacher wss matt eloquent snd joii-
vinciiig sni) wst listened lo with rapt
ullenlioii. The tervico wst rood by
tbe v ii-nr, Bov. Pr- Fun., and thu Jos-
sous -by Mr. Boliou.
Editor Express:
Sir—It it to bo greatly regrottei)
that in tills progressive town there
should be such an clement so strongly
oppused tu the militia and in particular
our local company of Sixth Engineers.
This eliineiii (some call tbemsclvcs So
delists, others dou't seem tu kuow
what they are) tuke a great delight in
jeeriug and making ull iprti of insult
ing leiiuul. toward the soldier! such
"Vou would go out uml shoot your
felluwmsn, etc." These peuple
Ihuugh they should nut be taken seri
uusly, do a certain umouiii of harm,
und perhups prevetil mure yuung mcii
frnm joining the regiment, fur lis is
well known, there ure men whu cau
easier stand the lire uf au enemy thun
lhe lire nf Die bitter tungucs of those
with vvlioiii they are in duily coptset.
It is a pity that these kickers ure
nol in Auslruliu where the purty they
prufess to belong lu is iu puwer. There
ihey v,inilu undergo lhe beneficial ef
I'ects of cumpulsury military (ruining
aud iu a few years wuulil develop inlu
guud cititeut.
We muy yel have the universal mill
lury training, iu force iu ' unu.In wunl
would lie the best thing that ever
happened fur lbe country.
Then wun 'I We smile wlun we put on
our red cuati and go to drill.
W. 11. (IIIAV.
Nurlh Lunsdule,
lllh Nuvember.
i'lie dislricl police are busy un a
ie uf housebreaking at t'ovoelill', one
uf the ie ..ii uf the Nurth Arm. II
appears lhat during Die sbscuec of Mr.
■I. .1, Wuuds uml family of this cily.
Iheir (Jovecllff residence wus broken
into by mn inu; the luck un the
(runt dour, uud goods comprising guns,
furniture, Idunkets, elc, valued .1!
♦Uiiil, were confiscated. The Vuncuuver
police pulrul bout hus ulsu I.ecu cum
mitlloued lu investigate.
The Panama Theatre
Fur Ihe Whule Family
Prcae iiliug
2  Shuw   Nightly      7:1111   and   11:15
llie, 2,ric, '.lie.
Miiiini 1   linii   at  11 - Iuc  uml  'lou
ROOMS FOK KENT   Housekeeping
' nnd single. Kll Hud slreet easl.     I.f.
> FOK   KKNT   Two   nice   large   fur
lushed'bedrooms.    Apple  tut) (juccuu
hurv Avenue. II 11
FOK KKNT- I roomed Ilul, modern
improvement!, loth und Boulevard. Ap
ply F. Booth, plumber. I f
FOK KKNT New Ihree roomed house
near forry, cheap. Apply Hox A168,
Kxpress Ollice. 82 11
FOK HKNT Furniihed room, uiit-
uldi fur nne ur twu. Irelaud, 207 Ilrd
slreei west Hi IH
,   a ^—————
FOR KKNT -Four ruum flat, HOO III
itreet cost. Apply 1662 1'arkei Street,
(Iruiidvicw. » JO 13
FOK HKNT 6 loomed Um near
ferry, |26 per mouth. Apply Warburn
ii/ J'ianu Houie. t-f-
 -irnm- ' m————
TO KKNT- :l,'oinforlablo room, mod
eru  convenience^  "Mf*  Klder, ."98
Keith rosd eait. •• aa^l'l "
SB ■*■
FOK KENT A home on Kith street
aud Boulevard; alio iback, luittble for
couple. Apply F. Booth, plumber,   t.f.
FOK BENT Iroomed modern hou
set, ti iniiiiiie. frum ferry. Best IIC
per month.    Peers k Boult. Phono 188.
'   f . 1      ■-
FOB BENT   8 roomed  houie,  uexl
lo drug store on  81b sud  lonidale,
129.   Apply JJ. IJ. Millard, 768 Luiii-
dale avenue. tt
POll BENT-Two uufuruiibcd roomi
in private family. Furnace, opyo fireplace. Two blocks from car. Utl
Hidgwsy, - ISH
FOB BJ{NT~FiPe uew modern , •
loomed houae, corner of -00) »nd Ms-
boo Avenue. Will give leaic to suit
able tenant. Apply Bobert 1 Fowler,
.tli EiphwadeEsat. t.f.
FOK KKNT- Mudern I'urnis.ied
uparlmenl uf I ruums; heal; disappear
ing 1'i-ds: piauu; telephone, etc: ulsu
nni ui ni-lii.I upurtiui'iil; splendid view.
I'olouial Apartments , Eighth slrect
esit, Norlb Voucuuvcr. Enquire Apart
menl    ,i.    I'l,mie   211)1.
FOH SALE-Honey. Pure, delicious,
•heap,   (iurden Apiury, HI lllh west.
FOK SALE Rhubarb roots, best im
ported English teed. D. Holdsworlb.
Uarden avcuue, Oapiiano. If
FOR SALE First growth wood,
It.id a cord. O. McDsde, 116 6th alreel
esat. Pboue ID- 14:
FOB BALE-A" few very choice
While I-cghoru (Joekerels,. Apply 26'A
{Ih i(rcor\est, Nortb Vancouver, t.f.
FOB SAJiE -Splendid utility stock
8. (!. White Leghorn cockerels. Oor.
Malign aveuue aud St. Jumes St.  .112
FOB BALE--^'bild'i lied with mat
treti, bsty csrrisgc, go-csrt, motor
washing machine, Nasi) heater, .dec
trie iwo tfiia kitcJitn stove. All '
good order. Mri. Elder, Alt Keith
rosd esat. U-\l
WANTKD Bookkeeping, collecting
accounts etc., iu spare lime. Apply
loti Kxpress Ollice. I.f.
WANTKD A young girl to assist
wilh housework in family of three.
Apply  Uil ltd street east. VI I)
WANTKD  -Daily   work   by   youug
woman.    Hull'   days   nut   objected   tu.
Apply (loodbody, lit! 21sl streel west.
WANTED -IS pullets, While Wyan
.lulte or ulher guod breed. Miss Reeve
lit l'lth slreet west, North Vaucou
ver. I.f
WANTKD -Immediately, furnished
bedroom uud silting ruom, with  tire
place, for twu gentlemen. Breukfasl
and dinner if possible. 1211
WANTED • Immediately, furniihed
bedroom uud silting room, wilb Are
place, for two pWlcnion. Breakfast
uud dinner if potable. Apply Box 176,
Express Ollice. 1611
LOST - A necklace of ember beads,
Tuesday  evening,    \pply  W.  Spear,
Nurth Lousdale.
IiOBT—On JjousdsW avenuo, near
ferry, brown embroidered shopping bag.
Finder kindly leave al' Express ollice,
1st street east. \
 —< mm.	
l<OST-(Jold pin containing one
13.60 gold piece aud twu Mexicsn
nickels. I'linin to Melville'-i Barber
Shop, Lonsdale avenue. J2-J1
J/)ST- Block, wfiltc *ud (fan rough
haired fox terrier puppy bllcb, sbout
ive montbi' old. Reward, 'Alakoviki,
ltflh snd St. Andrew'i i'bone,1-161. t.f,
LOST On Lunsdule uvenue between
First street uud whurf,'pair of gold
rimmed spectacle!. "Armstrong ilros.,
Opticians, Vuncuuver," uu cuse. Finder
please return Express Oflice. t.f
Private lessons iu French, (jeriuan
uud Euglish. Apply l'u Kellh Huud
West. IHI
MONEY TO LOAN Muney loaned
un diamonds, jewelry, furs. Slur Luan
t'o,. Ill-  Hustings,  Vuucuuver.        I.f.
(ienlleinan  wishes nice room 111 pri
vule   house.   I'luse   in.   Apply,  slating
particulars lu llux lol, Kxprcss Ulliee.
I-"let-XIV   nine snld li, one of Oil
 leu* wluiiii lie knew tu lie very
•iiiilill. n:s. "po yni| appak 8|li|Hli|||t"
•(.Sii. sire."
"Thni In bud."
The iiiilileiiian tliougbt tbut by quickly learning that language be might Ho
sent (0 Spain na nil auiDaasinltir. Us
set diligently to work and really ac-
iptlred It In n little time- PresetitluK
himself beforo tlio king, be aald to bim,
'Sire, I huve learned Spanish"
"Ho you know it fluently enuugh U)
|s|k It with Spaniards?''
"Yes, sire."
"Well, that Is good.   I congratulate
you'iipouyoiiritlctes'S. I0P Will umr-
be able lo read 'Don Quixote' lu tbe
80 Ignorsntl
Tbs very dullest children Is Jtpop iptik
le Spain ther ebettir Spanish 11 tbty
Plajr. ,
In Holland It It much
Tbe custom to ipeak Dutch,
While Qerinuu yuunmtert talk tht airman wsy,
In Pull llttlt oblldrtn do their leiiooi ill
tn I'lelicll;
In Atbeni iven babr talk la Greek,
It makes me ftol quite blut
And rtlher stupid too.
For Euglish li tbe only tongut I ipeak.
-Womtn't Homt Comptuloo.
A Can For Vucoinution.
Tboy wore having tableaux scross
ths rosd st Willis Brown's, aud Willis's mamma cants ovsr to ssk Jsck
Snow If bo would not lilts to como slso.
Jock's iiiuiuiiin was not st borne, snd
Jsck wltb a very sober tscs declined
tbe Idvi1nt luu.
"Why, Jsck," ssid (lis Isdy, "wby
don't you want lo come pvsr?"
"I ex 1 iee t toam ma wouldn't 1st ms,"
snswsred Ibo llttls fellow politely,
"'causo I's never bad tsblesm, snd
1 migbt catcb 'euil"-Wowsn's Horns
A man may try to tit and net
Tbe dlckcbonurlet tbroo,
And think (hat Ihut la oil bi'll nnd
To culture'! paths penoo—
But then It Ihli xrato trootb to tell:
That aa be cllmei tbe bile,
Tbo moor be lernt ot bow to inal
Tbt leaa be ipelt thlngi rite
-Chicago Tribune
Tht Stortt
"I don't see bow It Is," Jenkins be
gsn, eying tbe trump snd bis performing dog wltb frank envy. "Hero Is tbli
mongrel of youn doing sll tbess tricks,
snd there It my dog, witb s pedigree
s ysrd long, lbat can't be luugbt s single thlngi I've lm in mured at It Hll \'m
tired, and bo can't even been trusted
to roll over wben bo's told to."
"Well, sir, 'lalti't so much the dog,"
tbe iiniuii replied eonfldentlally. "Vau
bare lo know moro'n bo does or yon
can't learn lilm anything" Voulb'i
Miter Vinui Paler.
Wben Willie   -luko motbcr'i 1
Ma itld, "W  y. whatever can ilur'
Dul pa ...iid: "My lad,     v-
Tbit wui oil to (he bidl
Come out to tbe tbed and TP whslttT
At) Original Emy.
Not often sre schoolroom compositions ss starUlngly original ss tbs boy's
easay on Sir Walter Bslelgb. "Sir
Walter Bslelgb," wrote tbe boy, "wu
s greet msn. Uo discovered Amerlcs,
tben bs discovered Virginia, tben bs
discovered potatoes and tben bo dlscor-
cud tobscco. So bo went bsck to England and showed ihem bow to smoke,
exclaiming. 'My friends, be of good
cheer, for we bsve Ibis day Is Knglsad
lit sucb s Asms ss I trust by Ood's
grace sbsll never be eiUugulsbcd.' "-
Short time luuus uu vacant ur iui
proved properly. Star Luan Company,
hi: ll:. line . Vancouver. t.f.
Mrs. Frauk Altec, maluruily nunc
Nurlh Lonsdule P. 0., ur call ul grocery
ror. Lousdule uud King's Hoad.     6 12
For line watch aud jewelry work go
to (Joo. Somerton, the new jewelry tlore
on 2nd itreot.
Room and board iu modero houso al
modern rates. English rooking. lit
lib sin-el and Bidgeway Ave.     16 11
Certified uiulcrvily Iraiued nurse, or
Other discs (Disengaged). Apply 220
2nd street east. 12 II
und Moody avcuue, lltW). Few days
only, Apply J-. F. Hull/, 117 Lonidale
aveuue, North  Vancouver. 12 11
Furnace healed double frout room,
tingle room alio bed sitting ruum, half
a block from Lunsdale. -426 Sixth
Slr^pt Weat, Nortb Vancouver.*  6 12
>ight th
livery snd Bosrd itsblet -
l-igbt rigs snd ladies' ssddle bonei
for sirs. Stsbling for horses. Ota-
ersl delivery snd hesvy looming. H.
tatss, Ufa strsst wist. Phont ill t.l.
The SI. John's brunch of lhc W. A
will huld Iheir unnuul 'Xmas sule uf
wurk in Die I'urish Hull un Thursday,
December 61b. lull
Authorized agent for Siugcr Sew
ing Machine l.'umpauy iu North Van
couver. J. J- McAlcccc, Dry (loodiand
dents' Furnishing*, curner Firit uml
Lunsdale  Avenue. t.f
BJNUINU-Wr. Oscar Murfey, voice
producer ami liuging expert, now ut
tends at Warburnitz Piano i.'o's. ruums,
Toesdayi ami Fridays, 28 yean' experience. Man,lunl Methods of Hoyul
Academy, Terms  ou  Inquiry.     12 ll'
Land Clearing and (iradiug Lids.
Pole Andruii, General Contractor. Be
wer connections t ipcciilly, bticmonl
and otber excavating work undertaken
I- i,inni, free. 1211 181b slreet wesl,
Nortb Vsncouver, pott ollice box 23(3.
Ju pursuance of an assignment dated
August 28th, JVJ2, to tbe undersigned,
parties indebted to tbe W. Jl, Sloney
'■ Company are hereby no,ti£cd to pay
tho amounts due tt tbe office of Ihe si-
tignec, Wilson A Petty, suite «, DeBeck
Building, I'll Hsstingt itreet weit,
Vancouver, B, <-'., at the earliest pot
Mlde moment, who will iitoe reeclplt
for same.
Pbout Seymour ilil.
WHKIIKAH  lu   Ily In vv  Number 20*
duly iiiissed publish, ,1 and filed according in law. ihc iloriiuriiiliin „f ^e City
or Nurlli Vnm ,-uvi'i wai duly ju|hor-
lied in widen fourth slicol fruni Forties Avenue in St (invld's Avenue lo a
unil..un-width i.f one hundred OOO)
feel and w-ui merely autlmrltel tu
cntii upon, expropriate, break or tube
and use such 1,1,1 ufopem ,a wm n->c-
cssury thei'-fiir wflliuiil the culilent of
Ihe owiieri thereof:
AND WIIKJIKAf) Hie I.'nuliell of tile
i.'orporotloii ,-r ihe city nt Nm'ili Vnn-
couver iniuiui in curry nut tlm tald
Hy-Lnw unit in widen Fuuilll street
from Forbei Avenue 10 fit. Iiavld'i
Avenue tu 11 utiifiiim wloih of one h'in-
dred 1100) feel ntul lu enter upon, taae
liml use liuill Inli'lu ns muv Ik- nocel-
Sory for such i.uiixiho and have bad
Plans am) Kpi-clflciitloiiH uf the same
iTi-i'iii.-.l liy Annus Hmllli. Ksgulre,
Clly Knalni'i-i. and tiled wilb the clerk,
of the laid Muiilcli<nllly pui-Sttwl -fo"
gecllilii   m nt tli.   "Muiilclpil  Act"
now riilent:koiiic taio: nivcick
ihut the i'lerk of the CHy 0f North
Vuncouvel' hereby glvei noil?" of the
Council's Intention tu proceed wltb the
laid work nnd Hint the nald plant ond
spei-Ktcuiluns have been n>d with hlm
and Ibal the same ihuy lie liittiecled al
hll office In tin- citv llall. Noilh Vancouver, B. (,', from-and after (be day
of the dale of ltd! Notice.
oil it.iuii:' fur .1.iiniuii:' by reason of the
laid proposed work or nmlcrtnkliia
must he fllci) wllh the said clerk of
lbe Municipality wllhln sixty l«0)
dayi Of Ibe service of'tuch nolice (Or
In   cute  ,01   !»-i muin   lesldenl   wllliout
'   Pro  '
■vice) and Ipot all' owiicrs.
or other perioni must hie v
('Jerk within (be tni,) yet
tidentt" without   lln-  i'riivlnee,   within
Province wliiiln nlni-tv duyi lioin
•h lervlcel and that all owiieri, Oe-
ilerl or olber perioni niusl hie with
1 upti'i a or olher perioni niuil file with
tbr laid i'l--oi within (be laid period
Of sixty  1(10) duys  101   In ('flip of 1
lllllely   llll),  ilu vii llleil   1 Inlln.-i for lllllll-
oges  for  nny  i-eul  properly  dniered
upon, taken or used hy tne ('ui-puritlori
In the exerclie nf ((« poweri l/i rs-
ibeci to ihe snld work -,i- Injuriously
Jfecled thereby «« provided In leclfob
vi of (bu "Munieipal Aeic end tha(
11 iii-fiiult thereof any claim for such
omaget will be barred '
l.inlcd .11 llu ('Ily nf North Vencou-
vef. Brlllih  I'nluinWu.   Ihlt  lllh day
or November llll
*>. AUSTIN |^,r
'% (•
Houses to Sell or Rent
 . •	
We havu wme splendid buy* it
Reasonable Prices
Houses of sll sizes to rent
Excellent four-room suites, Close in, $17.50 and $22.50
.Phone 24. P.O. Boi 1820
North Vancouver Business*/
and Professional Cards
li.-iuhihi:. t;.jimhi,-niiij'. Bto., Prompt*
ly ..n. ii.i. 'i  tu.
i:.' mu.ii- .■!  l''uini; iii ii  Free
OIKcei im Mi':-"" St Son't Psslajy, fit-
/■l.ill.i.ie     1'llllllU    nn.
HeBidencc: Allan lluud, l.ynn Valley
P. 0. Box 30, l.ynn Oretk, ('hone
A.M.1.1'!. I. B.
Irrigation, drtluige, lavoli, plant
and apecificatioui. Septic tauki and
Iiiiiiiu drainage e ep^cially. P. 0.
Uoi 'HI, I6tb atreet weet ol llewicke
Ami goueral Comniiiiioii Merchant, 13
Luusdale Ave., Norlh Vancouvor.
Vbam 324
We ure ipucialiita in Ibeio liuci.
VllA Lonadale  Avouue
Studio   over   Dank   R. N. A.
I.nnidoli and Eaiilulade
iiigb Cltsi I ■ ii.   ' t tleula' Tailoring
Kepairing   ami    Alterations   t'lcaiiing
and Dyeing iu all ill branches. All
Work guaranteed,
ill Fint Btrsst Went. I'lione 207
(J. ldux)
Ladles' and Dents' Cleaning,
Fresslug and Kepairing
a Specialty
120 Secoud Street East
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
First Street Bast of Lonsdsls
Loweit pricei ami licit work guarau
tccil uu tinning ami she.-t iiieiul wurk.
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds of wuud wurk,
icpairi, elc.
Fourth Strut aud Sutherland Avenue
1'. 0. Bex 2006
All kinds uf taws hied and sef on lhc
shurlcst notice. Lawn mowers, knives,
hedge aliens un.l leinori sharpened All
wurk guaranteed, moderate prices.
1231 Lonadale Avenue Pboue go
Is yuur  Wul uli stopping ur keep ig
irregular litnef   Jf su, led
I'iulltTr  JvtvrlliT,  ti'.   I..-,   .i.ii,    A..I,.,,-
If Not, Why Not?
Buy your Orocerbu aud Provislona at thc North Bhore
Grocery, wbere you get Iho very beat goodi at tbe lowest
pricei.   (Jin- ui i trial and prove ilu..  for yourself.     Wo
don't carry auy goods we can't guarantee.
A few of our specials:
Oood Collss st  26c  lb.
Brooke Boud Tea at 36c I b.
Creamory Butter, 36c or 3 lb. for 11.00
Boiled Oats 36c 7 lb. lacki
Applet, eiiu fancy 4-1 .Ml and 11.06 box.
Genuine  Askcroft Bpuds    (1.36 sack
All guarautetd to be over tbree inches In length and the
growor'l   name   furnished with each sack.
Oood'Chllliwack Buudi      Sl.iw a sack
Orderi promptly delivered.
16th and Lonadale
Phone 217
Mocha Cakes, Florence Cakes
Layer Cakes, Yule Cakes, Etc.
.   Meat Pies
The Strange Story of George Moore, Druggist
By D. W.
(Continued from loat Friday)
"Yes," replied Moore.   "A* flod ie
my judge, I gs« you nothing ths't
WOOld Iiuiiii you, Now come with ine
to my Iiuiiii' like s guod girl ssd my
w'itu will look sftur you."
—Iiu half lui|, half carried thu furluru
creature, who was too weak to resist,
lu his door. A Matting firo filled tho
hearth; a cub) gruuse ilunl.e,! with a
Iiuitle nf I'yramid beer aud another of
brandy stood ou the dining room table,
set lliere for Mr. Moore's supper. Ju
less time than |l has takeu to Write it
Mooro hul thu wuman to kn usiy chair
liuforu the, tiro aud poured out a gonur
ous i'u un, of brundy, which hu almost
forced down her throat. Then ho ran
uut uf the ruum and aroused' his wife.
Mho soon came liusliing in, clad in
a wrapper. Mrs. Stein Monro was a
Herman uml spoke broken Knglisli. ttiic
was eccentric, vain and silly ou moit
subjects, but wheu it came lo helping
a WOIUSII iu distress she wai the best-
hearled creature iu lhe world, tihe
almost drugged the stranger oil' to her
room, where she gave her a hul bath,
hung up her wet ruiuicut to dry, aud
(heu put her tn bed between blankets
nilh a lioltle rilled wilh ho( wuler al
her feet, lu the morning early the
stranger awoke, arrayed herself in
her gurinenls, uml would have left the
bouse by stealth after penning a short
note uf ihu. l. ■ lu her husl and hustess.
Hut they were on lhc ulerl and barred
her egress. They made her partake
of lircukfust, which she did while
grulcful tears chased each other down
her face. Mr. und Mrs. Moore made
uu eii ui i tu guiu her confidence snd the
unman left after telling Mr. Muure
thai her name wus Wiliuer, that she
was married and resided with her liusliuml un ur near the preient line uf
luwer I'an.hua Stefet. . Some 'lays
later the Muures inquired snd fuuml
ihut thc Wiliuers had left 1'andora
Avenue ami gone whither uu une knew.
They beard nu more of the wuinun fur
a lung lime- nearly u year.
One bright sftomoou, isle iu the
autumn of l«<i-, Mrs. Muure was called
into her 'ii.iumg ruom by a message
brought liy Ihe servaut that i Isdy
wished to see her. Upuu entering the
ruum the visitor ruse. She wis ltd
ami graceful ami was well dressed in
ilul lies of I'uihionuble make ami line
texture. Mrs. Muure paused in the
aet ol' cxleqdiug her band, fur the
lady seemed au entire stranger.
"Vuu do not recognise inel" sskod
the  visitor.
"Nu, I i-siinoi remember io have
seen yuu before."   ,
"'And )>'!,'' returned the lady with
u smile, "yuu have met me befure and
liuw eulerlaiucil tile."
Mrs. Muure studied the face care
fully ami then thook her head, she
,li.| not recognize a line uf the features.
"Vuu do uut reeull my face!" the
lady usked.
"No, I cannot recall it to mind."
"Well, then, I am Mn. Wilmer,
whom yuur husband fouml lying oo
Ihe itreet aud bruught here, ami to
uli.iiii yuu were su guud. I have come
lo tell yuu thut furluue has smiled
upon me. My liusbam! hus made much
gold ut i'uriliuu. lie is interestel in
uue uf the riebcal claimi uu William
('reek, ami I have brought yoo Ihis
nugget ui a gift lu show how much
we appreciate your great goodneai lo
ine when. I needed your help." Bhe
handed Mrs. Muore a large lump of
pure gold. Mrs Moore al lin( declined
Ihe gift; bul the lady iiiiisted, and she
liuully yielded.
"Now," said Mrs. Wilmer, "you
are entitled to an explauatiou uf my
slrungc conduct a year ago. My bus
baud and I ure Knglisli boru. Ile ii
oue of Ihe best men alive when he re
ii.iiii- from the uie of liquor, but under thai blailiug influence he ii s do
mou. On the uight Ibai I bought the
laudanum he came home in a .-tale of
intoxication aud itruek me. J ran
into Ihe streel and made my way to
Mr. Moore's place. I fully iutended
to kill inysnlf. Whcai my husband
found thai I wai goue be aaarched at
once, for be really iovci ihc. He
icurcbcd for mc sll through thst bitter
uight sud wheu besot back ts Ihe
house ut uoou he "Touud me tbere. He
look mc in bis arm* aud knelt st my
feet. He asked my forgiveness t
thousand timet. He made a solemn
vow on bii mother'i Bible to drink uo
more. He bsi kept bit oath. I wsnt
with him to (Isriboo. I cooked snd
linked and washed aod kept boarders
while be worked io the mine, of wblrb
he is psrt owner. Providence blened
our etTorti. We came down s week
ago with nearly *6,0"0, snd there ii
plenty of gold awaiting our return in
the ipriug. We bave sent t'l/W) to
Kugland, and bave given 1100 to Hie
Koyul Hospital. Wo have enough lefl
to keep us through the winter. I am
a vety nappy womsn, sirs. Moore, sud
whenever J oak Ood to forgive my
great tin, from the conseijueneei of
which tbe wisdom tnd foraiigbt of your
buiband taved me, i alwayi stk Hia
to bjsss you sud your husband.
Mrs, Moors wst delighted thul hor
visitor wst the woman whom sin: had
helped in sn hour at deep distress, sud
the women embraced with ux||ressiuu8
pf happiness und pleasure. Mrs. Wil
mer then    bluthingly    suid  to Mrs.
Muure,      ■»  ■ '      '   ■"
"We have been blessed in another
wsy," smi iho wbispcrud something
in her hostess' est.
"Nol" oxc|sioied('Mrs. Moore, whu
was plessed, sa ladies always aro, tu
be made the repository of Ihu musl
interesting Secret that uue woman can
impart lu another.   "Wkoul"
"lu about a fortnight," returned
Mrs. Wilmer. "Are you a mutheri"
she aaked.
"No," said Mrs. Moore, "I am not
so fortunate."
As Mra. Wilmer ruse tn gu Mrs
Muure premised tu call upun her sunn.
Then the iudies parted uever ta
meet uguin un this eartli.
' A fortnight Hew by', during which
Mrs. Moore eiiturcd upon a ruund ul'
frivolity and pleusure, ami hud almost
nn,".ui. n (he v|s)tor ami her strange
slury, when one morning u paragraph
iu the i'ul.ini i brought the incident
back tu her in in.l wilh startling vivid
The paragraph went on to relate thul
a Mrs. Wilmer, residing ou Nortli 1'ark
street, had died under most piiinfiil
aud extraordinary circumstances. II was
stated that she awoke iu the middle
of the ilight ami found herself in
immediate need of a ductor and nurse.
She aruuied her husband uml he,
dressing quickly, departed iu search
uf both, whose services had been be-
spukiu some weeks before. I cannot
recall the doctor's name, bot Mrs.
''Imiii-.- Muss, a noted midwife, wus
the nurse. The doctor was nut al
home, and the unfortunate luan visit
ed u uliuul. hoping to find him lliere.
In the .-iiluiiil he encountered u uuiu
tier nf lucky I'anliuo miners who were
celebrating their good fortune Wilmer,
after much persuasion, was induced lo
lake "jusl one drink." He took, an
olher and another and was soou in a
state of intoxication. He forgot his
siek wife and the errand upon whieh
he had gone forth. Twu days passed
and ou Ihe evening uf the third day
lie staggered homeward. No suiokc
uscemleil frum Ihe chimney uud nu
suund was hourd frum wilhin. lie
knocked. There wus no response, lie
upeued Ihe dour und entered, lu the
uncertain liglil be stumbled over u
|.. n.i form. Ile stooped, and with
a cry of anguish ami guilty despair
he saw lhe body of his wife, clad in
her night garment!—cold us iee and
stilled iu death. The wretched man
rushed frum the house and aruused the
neighbor! with loud cries uf hurruruml
remorse. Lights wore brought uud
then wus revesled a sight thut would
melt a heart of stone. The puur wo
man had fallen frum her bed lu the
Huur und she and her babe hud died
for waul of Ihuse uttcntioiis her hus
hand hud been seul tu procure. The
deud wouau'i hands were buttered and
bruised aa if she had pounded iu vain
un the fiuor to ullrui-1 the attention of
As 1 bring this mournful chspter tu
a close the day is spent aud the sun
has suuk lo rest behind n glorioui halu
uf guldeu mist. Twilight has deepened
intu darkness and night has druped ils
sable curtain over earth and sky. I
lay down my pen ami seem to see the
ii-iiii | have sketched glide by in
ghostly procession. Ths miserable cun
tcisscs stricken husband who totters
aud shakes like oue suddeuly stricken
wilh jialsy; the kind neighbors whu
wring their hands ami sub, "If we
had bul knuwn!" the strong men who
bear the remains uf mother and child
to the cemetery, and the young curate
who breaks duwu aiul weeps in the
midst of the funeral service. Then 1
hear Ihc clods fall ou the coibu thul
holds the remains of lhe dead woman
witb her tiny babe close pressed lo her
heart ami happy oblivious forcvermorc
to worldly Wretchedness, poverty, neglect sud iuhumtnity. 1 hear the sol
emu wurdi: "Kartb tp earth, ashes to
ashes, duit to duat " echoing through
the churchyard. J'heu (be gliosis Hit
away iuto the diSi Past and are seen
ue more. 1 awake from my long re
verie, snd find Siyself seated ip the
gloom wilh ouly memory sud Ihis poor
Utile story for ujy companions.
Are You Moving
We do miving of all kindi, Oive ut
a trial. .Wt alio have heavy teams by
the day fxprcss and baggage, or wben
you waut wood, call or pbone 91. We
have a Urge stock of mill wood 12x16
inch lengths, furnace wood s ipecially
Prompt jleliveries.
nojttk vanoouvbb tbansfbb
-      12 LossdSls Avsnus
tmu ni: w«9* m*.
Ungin Ml History ot
Arctic Brotherhood
Ooptlousd from psgs I
Th.0 quos||o~p oi' ueiy" quarters upfii
ll|g  U|l   for   ili:i.-n:i:,iun,   111,ilhei   i'apl.
Kryviu W. Johnston., toinlorci| the do
naiinn o'f the iiuriii iudi ui a lot for s
liew i-lub house, Time early iu uur cer-
cer, ihe iiruihers were seeking a li OIII f
III'   llll'ir   0W||,   Ulpl   cuillllienei'd    llll.llll llll
Iiig thoir Bisoni for this porppiu.
servntivo brutliii,» clearly esw thst,'if
gjam uf the first Poor, snd photographs
iif fho front, snd su interior yisf of
the building. Op thu mountain ni t|iu
right pf tlie plcturo. Nature has . h>
eiiui into iho rock the loiters A, D.
ffllP" tlfpm hpi (tiled thesu deep cuttings the uiiiliiieii pf Iheue liters ore
very iljslinet, and remain so until later
ill   thp   H.'iisuii.    Unit her   Mux    Knllin,
then qf this camp, madu tbo discovery-
Ifo brought Iiiu uuu'.uih,ii.. find to  ii
attention of lhe Oamp, sud was iiutru
mental Iq bringing lhe matter befuru
he learned fjpngrephicul Bociuly st
nurse piuy ami ihe rutlicr tree linllll-
guucu of the sensuous appetites Was all
there was in uur order, it. wuul.l -u»n
culliipse, inul thut deservedly. Pru
ther Moure was the lirst In speak Jn llle
writer of higher ideals for tho Bro
ilii-iliiiii'l Th, ,- suggestions mel
with favoring respotiso by many -Iiruihers, resulting in iinullier revision of
lhe ri tuul, nud (be uiiiipiiuu of s regular constitution and bylaws, Muy
lhe :i|)lhi The lillle booklet wss en
titled "Cuiislilulinn uml Hy Laws ul
(lump Mkngwuy, No. 7, Arctic Brother
iinnd, Blingwuy, Alaska." The runlet
uf uii'iulierahip contained three bundled
and eleven names ul Ihul time. H is
.surprising lo mile huw few ehsuput
huve. since been Hindi: in the. ritual.
The iiuiiii-.- of the lust committee (I'or
Ihere had been inure than une), whieb
did Ihis wurk, well deserve i-uuiiueiiio
iiiiinii ll consisted ul' Iiruihers
Moure, Hail, K. F. Miller, I,. 8. Keller
uud I'eabody. This committee to ro-
vise ami re urrungu the constitution wus
composed of Iiruihers Keller, lluyuc
und Hull.
At lhe'sixth regular inccliug there
were .'III initiations. Here we find lhe
llrsl mention uf :i "(iruml lleputy,"
lu urgunue u ludge SI Dawson. Kro
Iher Waller I'liurch wus elected damp
Pool, ami W. Cuyuey, liisluriun, both
"with full powers tu blossom forth."
-Tu (his power wc owe Ihe blossoms
of uur "t'lusing Ode und Camp An
liiein." It would seem thul Skagway
soil is nul well adupled In prnluce
very beautiful upd ' impressive puefic
bluiiomt. The fertility uf suil in uther
('imps ihould lie tried.
The pluns fur the hall requiring more
ruum, lhe north half of the adjoin
ing lot uu lbe west wus donated liy
Hrolhcr Frank M. Woodruff. Hrolhi'r.
I'upt. .John trying donated twenty
iinm ii u.l feet of lumber ami trauspor
tut iuu from Vancuuver, II. C Things
were rutbsd iu those days. The Arctic
llecurder's miuutes shuw thai the
"Tweuly sixth regulur meoling ot the
A. H. held at their hall, August lllllh,
ISS'J," wilh uu ulher reference to Ihil
important ovent. Thc building is Iwo
stories high, front! un Broadway und is
3(1 feet frout by tl) feel. The lot ou
which it -land, being fiiixlllll feet.
Kxucl figures ure unobtainable, but the
cost and value is uliuut us lollops.-
lud, $1,600.00; lumber, $800.00,
freight, tsiiilH). lubur and ulher mu
I'l.ul estimuted, tl.il'iM. Tolal
vulue ut lhe lime il wus turned uver
tu the suciety wns almul |fi,l)t|t) Thu
Brotherhood wns considerably iu debt.
Bumc money wus raised by entertuiu
incuts. We were atill (1,000 in debt
Brother Julm I-', ((iiiim deserves llie
gratitude of Ihe order fur suggesting
the way out of uur financial dilliculty.
Coupons uf In euch were issued puyal.lc
al u staled lime, ur receivable fur dues,
after certain dales. The brulhers pur
chased Ihesc and raised the ilfilk) re
.,..11.' Many iinpruvemcuti bsvelinci
been'made. The rustic decurution uf
the liuml and interior contains !iO,i)i)u
pieces (estimuted); the altar, and the
stuliuu "I lhe principal ufllcers arc sim
ibjrly decorated. This work wus dune
by Brother Charles 0, Walker. The
furnishings buve been ijuite expensive,
which include a piuuo, u silk bunucr
ami inuny gifts by brothers. Aguin, in
settlement uf whut is knuwn ai lhc
Moure Claim lu tlie Townsite, lhe Bro
therhood hus paid Wilri.00, As the
pruperty  uuw stands we estimate ils
Washington, I). (I. Thin niririely hytlni
ri-i|ue:,i of the camp, deiiguulod and
named it "Mount Arctic Hrolhcr.''
Filling it in, and wuuld once have |>uuo
called uiii.-ii'iiliiii: |bat our society
should have hsd ile birth in sight of lhc
ellllllelliu    llin-ed   I,)'   Ood   ill    Hii   UVOr
lusting muuuluinii.
Brother Kollm slso designed our
charter, and an artiitic certificate of
membership. Tlie services of Ihu' brother to ('amp iiuv. .mi, of which he is
uuw o inenlber, have mil been surpassed, if equalled, by auy.
. Boou ufler moving iulu nur new quur
iui::,,:i cummiltcu of brother A. IJ. ul
lurueys perfected articles uf Incorporation "f The Arctic Brotherhood, Cunip
Skngwuy No. I, hud ut this lime pais
ed several dangerous poriodi in ils
histury. One was, in the revolutionary
change made by engrailing higher
niinl. iu uur ritual, thuu lliul uf the
undue gratification of hilarious uppc
tiles. Straight-luccd people culled us
"Arctic Hummers." As with Itidivi-
diinl-i, lhe ie|,mail.in we hud made iu
uur curly meetings stayed with us tn
uur detriment, I'ur some time after
reformation. Ou nnuther /Occssion,
soon after moving iuto uur new hall,
Ihe Camp thought uu esteemed bro! her
wus being shuuiefully Irealed by his
church. Kxcitemeiit run high; u vole
of censure was ubuut lu lie luken
which wuubl have uulaguui/ed us with
the churches. Al this critical time
llrother Wilcuxeu, theu Arctic Chup
lain, moved thut the mulled lie post
poned—lhat a eoiiiiuitlee be appoint
ed In draft suitable resolutions lu be
protested at the next meeting. II wus
so voted. The restitutions reported
were uiiiiiiiniuu.nl> adopted. The rosull
wts greut guud lo uur disl reeled bro
ther, oud the • i.m| hud avoided u very
daugeriius blunder.
The rusler uf Camp Skagway slum's
lhu( '166 names hud been enrolled Feb
runry L'lllb, 1900. There wus never
better feeling, among u body uf men
than hud eiisled up tu this lime This
i.uni     is nut  intended  lu  reflect  ou
Continued on page 7
In all i.Vuiiiilcii Aik (or uur 1 nv.n
tort Advlter. Murluu A Morion, 3C(
Unlyerilty Slreet, curlier Ut. Catherine
Street Montreal. Cunuda. aud Waih
Ington. D. C. I). H. A
The Nortb Vaueouver Coal aud Supply
Company  Limited,   m   Voluntary
The creditors of the above named
Cumpauy are hereby notified lu tile
their claims aguiusl the suid Company
duly verified al the ..it,..- uf Hurry J.
i'errin, one uf the .lumi Liquidators,
Norlh West Trust Building, Richards
Htreet, Vaucuuver, ii. (!., ou ur befure
the 10th day uf November next, I'll'!,
aud Utui the Liquidators will afler Ihul
lule proceed lu distribute the assets
of thc suid Compsny, having regard
only to Ihe creditors who have filed
tbeir iinini- iu compliance with Ihis
Vancoover, October .'loth, 1912.
HAKin J. I'KitHIN,
.lumi  LlqoidalorSu
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
Witb Whlcb Is Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
North Vancouvsr Branch: 67 Lonsdsls Avenue, opposlts Post Office.
Representing Lynn Orssk Zinc Mlnet Limited.
We bavo money for Agreement! for Solo.    Nothing too large or too
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
IJ Let ui quote you rata oo Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
Phone I'll.
m '"•'"'.: it. v
Are You Contemplating ft Trip to
the Old Country?
Arrange ts Join our Psrsonslly Oonductsd Party, Lsavlng Vaucouvtr
sn Dtcemnar 8th.
Spend Your Chriitmu at Home
liy juiniju) this ipecisl you csn inskt lbe trip st small expense. Every
lliiug included iu the fire we will ijuote you.  The part)' will be in
ch. rgc of the undersigned, wbo will look sfter.sll details of tbe trip,
relieving you of sll worry incident to s journey of thit kind.
If interested, cell ou, telephone ur tddrsst,
T. C. HOLT, Ltd.
IU l.uusdsle Avenue, Nurth Vancouver, B. 0.
A. W, NABE, Commercial Agent, Oblcago, tlllwaukie it Pugot Bound
143 Hastings Btrsst Weit, Vsnxsuvsr, B. 0.   ,
ungin ana nutory or
Arctic Brotherhood
Oontlnps* fpW *MS SI*
subsequent   eoiidiliotm,  hut  Sl  lielng
vpry renisrksble uuder sii the nircum
At (lie tints fnr pur flnt unuiver.
S|ry uppruachcd, great interest was
taken by fbe damn, trdevite sume suit
ship nimuicr of cpmmemorstiug tbe
S^ppt" I banquet was determined
Psjii. Carroll pf tbe steamship Seal-
Th Jlcenic Highway
Acrou (he ('eetleiet
11 i..ii, I. ii, Liiu lu all ptrtt ut lhc
i\uiiil ul l.-ii1.1 rates.
'llic popular ruute tu tbi
Old i .niui,,,
A luke,
i lilus, eat
Tlie uiual up lu Uuic train tervico
bet» ecu Vuncuuver und tbe Baat.
Kur  rules,  rcicrvulioni   and   all
i mi., i iur..iiii.iiii.ii apply to j.
M"i. i'ily r.i.-ia. lit. i Agent. Ill
Itiisllniii Ul. ur 11 W. BROHIB,
(I P A , Vuncoover.
Si: At .111) TKNIIKHH uddreiitd to Ibe
ul -'. :   l,-iu 'I    ulld . Ii.luliu il   '*l',li.J.I   for
Kleclric , 1. luiiun (or the Customs ICi
uniiiiiii:    Wm,.buiiii-,    Vancouver,    ll
ti," will bt received tl (bit offlce until
(:eo p.m. on Monduy, November li,
llll, tor the work mentioned.
Tender! will not be coniidered unless
madt upon formi supplied by Department and In accordance with conditions contained therein.
Plana and ipeclOcatloni to be seen on
application to Ur. K. K McGregor,
clerk of Worki. Vaneouver Kxumln-
Ing Wuieliouii.. Ur. II E. Matthews,
supervising architect, Winnipeg, Mun.,
and at the Department ot 1'ubllc
Workt. Ottawa.
Each tender mutt be accompanied by
ch,   '
. order
he Miniiler ot Public Workt
an acciplid cheque on
bank, Payable lo the ordej
ourabli il
a  chartered
of the lion
(IS p.c.) ot Ihe
equal lo i.-ii Per cm(.
amount of tbe tendtr.
By order,
II   0. IH.'.SKDi'tlKKu',
Ileum iiuiiii of i'ublie Worki.
Mtawa. October It,  llll.     -I007I
Musical Instruction
Kill E. A. Ctrd, A.B.C.M., pisnitl
tud (etcher, pupil of Franklin Taylor,
viiiii  Nortb   Vaueouver  Wednesday!
iuu TliUrluw Btreet. Seymour 66tIL.
to figure out how much Ume your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or deck will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" .et
Call up tbe Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Stationery That
Excites Comment
it done by North Shore Prew, Limited
the firm that studies "Better Printag"
Phone 0A
tie was approached, and be very geu
erowly donated llie banquet and tin-
pip Qf bll sbi|i tp tbe Uml lu-i luiiul
for tbe anniversary. Tbe order felt
itself very greatly indebted to bim, and
to show its appreciating a beautiful
tnuvenir wst presented to bim. It was
s solid silver plato, ten inches In dis-
meter, representing the button worn
by memberi. A picture of the Oity nf
Bcattlo wui eugraved thereon aud alto
a pri.ii'iiiiiiiun address. He desired
tbst Isdiet sbould be preient; s request
which was vory joyfully uccoeded to.
I .udics had attended' several daucei,
giveu by Ihe order, but tbis wsi the
lirst time tbey bsd beou permit lnl to
Inni"! us at a banquet. Many uf tbcm
looked suspiciously ou us from a moral
point of view, ami refused to consent
to Iheir husbands joining. Dancing
was on the program aftor the banqoct;
all speech-making having been espress
ly tabuoed by resololious of (be (lamp
iu advance. Dro(bor 'Moore was A. 0.
After beiug seated ut tabic, conditions seemed to require a departure
from tbe letter of the resolution
against auy speeches. The A. 0. informed tbe Arctic Cbupluiu (Wileoxcu)
he would b'e called upon for "an after
diaper speech." Home good angel suggested tu Ihc chapluiu to be allowed
lo deliver our closing prayer, instead uf
a speech. I'ermission wus given, ll
wus said lo have been wei) rendered,
and lo have made a prufuuml impres
siou on sll who had uever Heard it.
Iiudics chauged their opiuious of lbc
A. II. Many desirable members were
afterwards obtained, who had previous
ly   -i,"ui    ui |u ml-,   aloof.    Among
these were Ilr. (I. F. Besrl, who be
came au active and enthusiastic bro
ther. He went to Nome with the lirst
rush. We are assured he was tbere
an active member of that (.'amp. Ile
wai lust ou a prospecting tour, aud
('amp Nome brothers organized a
searching party and saved bis life.
Sinn- our lirst anniversary and a bur
ial, inuiiv brothers of our Camp have
regarded the ollice of Arctic Chaplain
us Ihe uiu.it digiiilicil uf Ihc Order. The
itev. I . uui.lu   J. |], v. in. joined lac
order ut an early day, and wus our
lirst lliuplaiii. Tu Iiiui uud Brother
Dr. A. H. Bryant the Brutberhuod
in.I.l.h.l for the closing prayer. It is
a literary gem in its way, ouly Iwu
words huve beeu changed since i( left
their hands, and those ehauges de
traded from its literary merit. Uro
(ber Wooden is a ruyal good follow
who uever forgets his calling, bul is free
from the nurrow -tniudednest uud bigot
ry too ...iiiini'ii with many uf his pro
feisiou. He has houored the Brother
hood more Ihun it has hlm.. To Dr
A. ll. Itrviuii. uuw ot Buston, Muss.
a most luvable uud charming uiun uud
companion, is alsu due the interesting
part of thc initiation service of tbe
Camp cook
At a social fuucliuu giveu by thc
order iu bkagway, Ihc English aud
American Dugs were bulb used in de
eorating tbe bull. Back of the Arctic
Chief's chair Ihe two dags were cross
ed, and thus lbc idea of uur banner
origiualed. Dr. Moore suggested tbal
the words, "No boundary line here,'
be placed iu a semi-circle over Ihe
dags. This is oue of the moil appro
priate scntimcuts of thc order, as the
A. B's. are strong iu Canadian (err
tory ai well as in our owu laud. We
arc really one blood and one people
A distinguished member of Camp
Hkugwuy is known Ihe world over as
'The Greul American Bcout," from
tin ium service,Ircndcred (be Kuglisb
in lhe Boer war. He Waa called by
Lord Boberls from Bkagway to come
at ouce aud was placed upou his stuff.
His service iu a war wltb the natives
of that section of Afrfvu was a matter
of record with th" English, aud wheu
a mau of valor and courage wai necdod
be wis called, .lie is now Major Burn
bam of the Britiih army. I'usadcna,
California, calls bim hor boy, for in
thst city it bii old American home
Wben in Alsika he wai one of the
moit active workeri for Ihe Arctic
Brotherhood, aud many of hii ideal
were incorporated into tbe ritual.
The lirst saddle ever used in Alaska
wai brought by an ollicer of the North
weit Mounted Poliyc, and today it it
one of- the troaiurei of the A. It. ball
iu Bkagway.
Bicbard ManaDeld White, now of
Beadle, was an untiring worker in tbe
orde/ while a resident of Bkagway-
Hi- presented the camp wilh valuable
souvenirs which arc oo exhibition iu
Csmp Bksgwsy. He still remsiui ac
Uve in the councils of tbe Order. On
the 2Mb dsy of March, IKKI, tbe Camp
wss in mourning over tbe death of
Brother Henry C. Ferker, who was
tlie flrst of pur fraternity to psis ts
ritual, and. it wst', lie desire pf the
widow thtt the funeral services »bou|d
bo conducted' by tho Arctic Brotherhood. Brother pr, j, N. tyoore was A.
0. He applied hipilolf tp getting up
the burial torvioe. Tbit jyiryi.e re-
in|ipe Yorbsliw sa wattes til Bf-
Ifntft: B.fltbpr WlTcbYeii, lbc Arcfic
Clmplaiti, composed the pruyor. The Services weru hp|i| sl the A. B. hsll-
Tlip deceased brother WSS also, iiii Ulli
Slid mi i i.iii I'Yihiw. 'I'lu'iie twp prderi
joined in lioiiui i"i: the dead witb tbeir
ceremonies. Brother 11. A. psy i)elt-
yoiod a upleiidid eulogy on ljin*mni
sion.   The  service  was   vury   impressive, spd greatly ruised thu Arctjc Hro
tborhuuil iu public   estimation.    The
Csmp wus shortly afterwards called
upon to perforpi ils last ssd rites over
the remains of Brother! Frederick 11.
Clsyson and William II. Muteslf.   Tbe
same burial ritual was usod, eicept
Ibst tbe Arctic Cbupluip adapted tjjp
prayer to tbe persou snd Iho occasion.
Tho Camp wai exceedingly prosper
ous during the year IHOU.   Muny men
of  diatiuction  sn|l  greet  intellectual
and business force became members. Ou
the  occasion  uf a  "Business  Men's
excursion   frum Beattle,    fifteen    of
tbeir number depurteil witb tiic A. H
buttons ou Iheir coals,   They bave not
beeu  uble  to uttend  Camp  meetings,
but they are kuown to retain  warm
feelings luwards the order, and wear
tbeir bullous wilb credit to themselves
and lmii"!   lu the Brotherhood.
At the lime of our second unuiver
sary a cloud of despondency teemed tu
ouvelop the Camp.   A smoker had been
arranged  by  a  committee  in  mucin
(.inn. e of the day.   No program had
beon   prepared.   Arctic   Chief   liuvcy
was sh uui    The brothers uttended iu
goodly numbers, bul  all  were listless
and  seemed diasppuinted.   Hut   I    A.
Chiefs lluyue ami Muure were    lliere,
und they were a hos( in themtelvei.
Almust  instinctively   Urulber    Muorc
was miiile toast muster, uml lillcd llie
pluee as ouly tie can.   Druthers were
culled up lur impromptu speeches. Tbey
lold Iheir experiences ami love for the
lii.iih. il......l     ll   wus  u  genuine  love
feast. When they separated, at a lute
or mure truthfully, ut un curly hour,
witb Ihe Magic Circle und Old Lung
Bine, ull felt there liud never been u
more profitable heart to heart gulhcr
iug of the lamp.
There have been oilier periods of do
I'i.--.mi aud ilissul'isfucliuu in our
Camp. The causes uf Ihese would be
disputed; the fuels eunnot be. Suffice
it to say, wc have none of us reached
thut ideal of good brotherhuud defined
iu our ritual, by washing from our lives
ull Ihe droll of selfishness; in habitual
ly Iuukiug for the guod there is in
each other, ami iu expecting and uur
Iuukiug (lie cul At I..;" ull mean
.'II, ami du lhc besl Ihey cuu. Au
gels cuu do no more.
The individual names uf the great
body of those modest brulbers who
seek nothing, uml ure iu regular at
tenduuee ut i'um|> meetings, und witb
uut whose presence the I'ump euuld nut
be sustained, ure uul mentioned in this
history. They ure, nevertheless, honor
ni l,y ull thoughtful minds. Tbey
should remember that those who ttlk
most, ure usually uuiu(eres(iug and lire-
tome lo those compelled lo listen. They
shuuld remember ihul ufteu those
serve best "who unly sland aud
In the winter uf Itnn aud IW, a
hardy Cuuudiau pussiug through tu
Dawson, mukiug light uf the 'lungers
of our Arctic climute, started over
White 1'ass trail with his dog; clud
uuly in his customary rulineiil. lie
froze stiff on the Irail. Three dayi
ufterwurds ulhers mushing uver thc
roud found his body. Si un.l ng guard
over it wus his faithful dog. I'utii
assured of (heir friendly intentions, nu
interference with his muster's body was
permitted. The dead man ami bis Jiving lm ini were brought to bkagway.
A suitable burial wus given to thc
pour unfortunate man by uur order.
His noble dog was cured for by Brother Charles K. ltuuiier of the Fifth
Avenue Hold, ami Camp Nkugwuy ad
opted Ibe dog as its mascot, us the
uoblesl emblem in the auinial crculiou
of fidelity to friends. He was brought
lo our meetings uutil he, too, pasted
This terrible road over the summit
of White I'ii-- was lined with the ear
easel 0/ over three thousand aniuitli,
whieb had died or slipped or fallen
from the icy trail, prior to the com
ing of the railroad. Many men- Ihere
lost their lives, succumbing lo webri
uess, tickness and euld. Looking
down and over thii awful trail frum
tbe train, mauy slruug men, wliu can,
in imagination, put themselves In lhe
place of thcir'lirolhers, aud so feel
(beir sufferings, actually become faint
aud lick at heart; a feeling of uauiea
comes eves sympathetic natures. Jt
was s knowledge and experience of
actual sufferings, the lot of every mau
with a pack on his back, which caused
the distinctive order of Arctic.Brothers. Bucb hardships, ouly leu in
lense, lun c been tbe lot of all pioneers
of civilisation, who have carried Hie
arts of peace through foreit and flood
thi over mountain ranges. They have
all terveil their country snd their
fellow men, hotter then themtelvei.
Capital PsW Ifn      18,000,000
Besom* and Undivided Profits    $3,600,000
Total Assets    ..   ....   oVer If 5,000,000 |
Francis is Europe's banker- For t
country to acquire tbat position,
her people muit be remarkable
thrifty, The people ot France are exceptionally to—they begin to tave In
Ibeir youth. No matter now imal) tbeir
Income, a portion la regularly aet apart
fpr future need, in old ago (boy enjoy
the frultt of tboir thrift. They are a
happy nation.
-The opening of a lavlngs account It
—rwinsfwirrnro-cq'utie titaiiisiil't ot
laving without which no ability to
ourn can Insure you uguinst possible
(lent a tafety Deposit Box for (be tafe-
keeplng of your documents and other
C. li. HUA VUN, A(«. t,
Nurlb   Vancouver
Their heroism deserves more recognition
for patriotism by thu government,
than mauy wliu have fullcu prosecut
iug tbe art uf war.
Tbe most importaut public eulerluin-
ment given by ('amp Bkagway No. I,
is the celebration of Christmas, by a
Christmas tree fur tbe benefit of every
chilil iu Skiigwuy. On these occasions
tbe body of lhe hull is crowded to ils
uiiiin.1 capacity with the little ones.
Thc merchants of Bkagway uud brother
Arctics, contribute liouuteoosly iu pre
uni uml money. Ou these occasions
the immense tree, beautifully decorated
uml electrically lighted, is loaded with
small presents, while others of consul
.1.ii.i. value ure piled up abuut its
base, l'u .mul gifts ure addressed to
the donees, and delivered as tlieir
iiiiii"'-. ore culled. Other gifts uru uuin
lun .I iu duplicate; the dupllcute uuiu
hers are distributed umoiig the chil
dreu; u present is taken frum the tree
or pile, the uumber culled, uud is deli
vered lo the child lml.ling the corres
ponding number, last year fully six
Imu.In-.I presents were distributed tu
the happy children. Juy pervadei
every heart uu these occasions ami
stimulates in us the belief that, soiue
lime the brotherhood of man will at
all limes prevail. The work is iu line
with ihe noblest tenet of our urder, ami
has dune more thun any one thing else,
to make thc people of Mkugwuy re
■-pei 1 uud houur Ibe Arctic Brother
hood. Hundreds are utiublc ta find
sliimliiig room iu the ball ou these oc
easions. 'This celebration was sug
gested by Brothvr Ernest Mjnctyty,
who was twice elected Arctic Chap
The commemoration uf (he third an
nivcrssfy uf the urder was early Iskes
up by  Ibe Camp.
The buluuce of tins interesting his
i"i;. ill deluil deals wilh Ibe Sell
vities uf other camps which have since
been organised. In appropriate con
elusion the author dwells upon the
nuiiii- purpuse of Ihc order, and ul lbc
sume  time  explains  fully   the   rulher
wu,- !ni|.":u.il.|e to conceive of
n -/in of any uther introduetio
llilly    liUIili     by    U ll II ll   tllC   111 i il il i I I, i II11 i
hus becume su widely kuowu.
"We call ourselves Arctic Druthers
fur -li.il i ik I iuu sake.   Experience very
early luughl us lhat in nu place under
the  sun  is  friendship so esseutial   tu
life ami happiness os here, where men
were found struggling wilh "the per
sisteuee of Ibe I'olar bear," witb the
forces  of  Arctic  iiiih'ii.  iu  urder to
"prevail at  lasl "    Entire straugers
meeting under lUeli circumilsucei, be
cause of "dangers putt and trials tu
ensue," instantly  liccame friondi.  It
Ihe ne
on. Men
su meetiug, shure u> blanket ur u hulf
blanket tugetber.   Together Ihey share
tbe  last   eoji  of Hour,  or smash   lhe
skull." uf blanched animals lo feed on
their brains; aud then, perhaps, part,
each  to work  uut his owu salvation
or perish  by starvation or in  Arctic
blizzards.     .Soli men   necessarily be
come self reliant, brave aud generous
to a fault.   The social insllucl at out
asserts itself when men meet under III
un.Iiiiun. found iii the "Northland.
Tliey uiake friends with almost everything tbing.   In elder communities su
his km.Ire.I  lo our uwn, sre com
poied of men brought together by kin
drcd  pursuits,  thoughts tud  feelings,
and arc much mure apt lo look with
averted eyei ou the necda of others;
playing  lhe  I'harisce  aud  hypoerlle,
"they pass on Ihe other'side of the
way."   Not io wilb men whom com
mun dangeri and common wants make
frieodi In the deiolate, uninhabited re
gioni mentioned.   They are good Sum
arilani tn nil ih need.   But we mould
not deceive ourielves or be untruthful.
Wc are compelled to admit thai with
uli Ibe (led like quslltiei nsmed, men
gather here from all parts of the globe
lu better Iheir condition*.   They feel
freed from Ihc Innumerable little rr
-1ru11111 Imi,ling tbem lugelher io old
er communities, snd arc al tho iimc
lime, paradoxical as it may leem, moicj
Inclined to sacrifice friendship newly
formed for selfish purposes.   They come
bere lo get oo in Ibe world, and will
make any sacrifice to accompllih tour
purpoiei.   Everywhere,  Jmost   friendships ire listed  oo tlie good  things
thst csn be obtained therefrom, snd
"the lively expectation ef fsvort lo
coins."    Whin   teste   probibllitiet
cease, friendships uaually end. Berne
will sscrifice a friend for money, some
for glory or a petty distinction in s
town affair. Borne for tbe gratification uf unlawful pleasures of tho body.
Bueh friendships aro more numerous
here than elsewhere; they are more
often I'uiiiiili'd ou mercenary consideration, and innniii eudure. Ouly tbe
guod and the virtuous (tbese in tbeir
uut i senses) can be true and lifelong ineinl . It bas been truly laid
that "after all, Ihu uuly real friendship is the spiritual relationship."
"Yuur brothers ni'i.-r the flesh may not
be your brothers at all." "Tbey may
live in different worlds, aud call to
euch other in strauge toungues, aerosi
wide seas of misuuderstundingi."
"Husbands and wives may sit side by
side for yeurs, aud yet worlds may lie
between Ihem." They do uot aud can
not know'esch uther. Hence, misunderstandings, -li -un iuuu, separations, divorces.
Tlie uiosl powerful, equally as much
us lhe mosl lowly, need friends. The
elder Vauderbilt uuce lold (be minis
ler wliu preached his funeral sermou
he wuuld give hulf his fortune tu be
sure he hud u Irue friend, whom he
believed uninfluenced by selfish motives
and the bupes uf reward Herodotus
iill:- us that a soldier iu Ihe army of
Darius, (lie aucicnt Periiso king, owned
u horse which hud wou u prizo at (he
races. Then being aikcd by the king,
what will you tuke for bim; will you
take a kiugdum for huni Answered,
"No, your majesty, but I would give
bim wilh my wliule heart for a true
friend." .'.mli a friend as lhc tuldicr
sought ure ulmust as rare as king
duiiis, and if found should be as high
ly priied. The ancients taught that uo
greuler boun thuu friendship lias beeu
bealowed on mnn by thc immortal
gods, ll adds lustre to prosperity and
lightens adversity, to have a goud
friend tu enjoy or suffer with os.
Dreary uud uuhappy that man must be,
Ihuugh he owned u world ami wus Ihe
pusscssur of infinite knowledge, of ho
hud uu friend tu eujuy his wealth, ur
capublc uf apprcciuling Ihe kuowledgo
imparled. Lord Bacon tells us "adver
sity bcHl discovers frieodi.'1 Exptri
ence teaches ull of us lhal adversity
discovers very few.
"Too late we Imu - a man muit hold
bis friend
I'njudgcd,  acrepled,   faultless   to   tho
The Arctic Brulherbood cannot claim
Ihul; all who puss our trail aud enter
our Camps, or are capable of becom
ing lhc ideal frieuds before mention
ed. Whul we do claim is thai, by prac
Hong the lessons taught by our ltil
ual, wc are better able tu see Ihere n
suiiietlniig goud in every msn. Thst
by assuciuliuu aud charily we are better able lu, and du discover, Ibe good
things in our felluw men. Thst we do
succeed "in tnakiug some little nook
uf creation more productive, s little
better, ami lu making human hearts
more manful, hopeful and happy, and
are thus doing the work nf Arctic Hro
Weit Vancouvtr Municipality v
Truders aro invited for rock axes-
vat ion and clearing ou Marine Drive,
D. I,. :,:,s Maui and tpocificationi
cm be oblaiutd at Ihc Municipal Kn
gineer'> "Hue, Municipal Hsll, Holly
bum, B. ft, between tho hourt of 10
a. in and C p. m., on payment of a
fee of s) 1.00. All tenders to be tccom-
pauied by a certified cheque or csah
for ♦600.00. Tendon to bt is not Islir
than 111 uoon, lbc lUtb mit., and mark
ed "Tender for Marine Drive, D L.
Miu.'' The 'Joweit or sny tsnder nel
ucecistrily  tcccptod.
0. H  ri-AKi: d M. C.
Hollyburn V. 0.,
Weit  Vaucuuver, B. C.
Nov. li, Ull
North Vanrouver, B. C,
Thirty dsyt sfter date I will apply
for s Irnmfcr uf licence for tbe Seymour Hotel, II. Ii. TP), Muuiripslily of
Norlli Vsncouver, from Jobn Mcfsnli
to Kenneth I). Bllniou.
(Bujned)        JOHN  MoJNNlB. t
Auto Uwmicsl Heie
Wsgon Hsi Arrived
Ths new auto cliemiesl eopiblnstlnn
Iioee w»gO», /pr the Nortb Vsucuovor
firo brigade iupj roaehcd Vsucuuvor.
where it is lining hold by tbe customs
SWalting completion of tlie necessary
pspnrs wbeu it will Iiu banded over ta
tb.it eity,   Tbo uuiu ii a flue "sin eylin
(Itr, ill) horse |ionel Hill.) with a i'll|in
oliy of tmveliiug 111) miles an  huur
With s crew of eis men.
Tho Webb Ooinpsny'« expert baa nr
HVM lilill fflll diimtlflutritlii llui wsptiir
pri'i imn. (o its accuptaui'u liy thu city
..The following progrsm of music will
bs rendered by the North Vutu-uiivrr
Oity Hand uext Sunday evening in lhc
Kniglils af I'ylhias hull:
March, "Cadi*" (Valverdc); uur
luro, "Lustpiel" (Kelt Uidolj' selec-
linn, "II Trovolore" (Verdi)i buri
lone autu, "Serenade" (Sehit'iurt), Mr,
■I. - Vurui't; cupriee, "Kclioes lea Ilus
tluni" (Kliug); selei'liiiii, '"i'lie Mik
sdo" (Siillivun). The |.in ium uill In
punctuated with lirsl class
A.liummu  free.
Double Corner
101X11)2 Feet
Hats Utt to the "Missouri Uirl
, Sellable iiiformat|oi) it to band tp
tho elfoct thut "Tlw Missouri Qirl"
which is to bu I'liivi-il )|| ||ie Lonsdule
Tbeotre lomorruw night, is greul.   No
liii.l.v  shuuld ni iiu. it'    Jt it S series Ut'
comical surprise!, alartling situiiliuin.,
and llirilliiig. climaxua. The Ari'lii-
Brollinrhood, %nd the many ordinary
enmmniiplsee peoplo who, it is expc'li'd.
you, but overy one so, artist iu hit
Tlie chainel er oi 'Mt PoblOII it one
of Iiiii most iinii|ue cnucepliuus. Aiming
the many impersonation! oi the rural
t>I'd offered to tlm ebOW-goipg public
Ihere pm but a few limit ed eases when.
(ho author hue uven sttump.ud to por
huy rliis intereslin,'! ehuraeier pt llu
rcully ii seen iii real life, The atsgn
iiiiuuiiuu- of tho farmer ii io thur
uughly   impressed  oil our minds that
lime ulo'l'ig 01* ilill'uccusiOu,'Will! It'18 11)1111191 )IIHIIIIIII|t)lll for 1)5 ffi-lnm
For $1900
Tonus. 1II caih, li, 12 and IB.
Phone 152
213 l^oni
P. O. Box 21W7
lale Avenue
acots wnanae
Tbe Bl, Andrew'! suit Cubnluniuii
Soeiely'a aunuul Beoteii concert, which
ie |o luke place in the llnitii-ullurni
Hull on Thursday uight prumites to at-
eeed  III taleul und general SSCeJIenco
any previous function, of llm kiml up
iter the auspices, of illO suciety. The
chair will im occupied by tbe ioVi-
dent, Wr- A. V. Tuliis, thu chair al
Ihe pisns will-be takes by Mr. Hi In
,\i» Wesliniiisler Opert llouw de
.-lilies is I'ur and nuuy the best lluv
lmie had al lhat huuse this season
"The   Missouri   tiul"   inntiiim.   ull
ihe  eleiiieiits Ihut  pu  in make  up in.
elljiiyuble evening'* eulerllillillielil A
guud, -ln,iiu plot llllll Hill IIM-Iy ilil. ,
I.iiiiinii.,    l.i,,el    -|.
.11...-. llll
u    .lua
$1.00 down, $1.00
mu.,-- ii pluy  ui.i.Ii ihe mauuger ul   pine u  rural  play   wilbuut   the  usual
iiiipussilde ehuraeier!, thut ure ill many
ruai'i u serious drawback lu an ulher
wise liuml pluy. /eke ii a Irue pur
iinini uf uu hiinesl, bright, iulelligenl
cuunlry boy, he suys uml duel only
iiluil is mil uiul; his dialed and ai
liun.- are'liulli peculiar ami droll. Wbeu
-| - in the city he makes ludicrous mis
I.-i lukes and iho remarks he makes aluii'l
".dy folks" and his ideas .uliuul ihem
ure extremely eouiii-al, but ul the same
nine inn- lu life. The Appollo orehea
Ha. u splendid musical aggregation of
ilurly five pieces, will render selec
lions | i.ui to the opening of the pity,
Th>> feature alone is worth Ihe pur
iiui'i' of the best ticket procurable.
I'loiin or pay a visit lu Messrs. John
■ i.iii in..I Sulphur) "a hardware stun-uud
. ■ un   -lilll.lelil   lu gn  round  the  whule
Lunsdale Theatre,  Wednesday  -.ei.
mg, u yMock. And don't furget il.
lauding artists iu songs, duets, ijuar
Irumulic .
- cm.- and ii,i. Ii.i
he musl Iiuiu i.m
ii um- |.|||. Hi.
I   Ih,   (ilull .-i..ii
(londy ua accompanist^ and white un
Ihu subject of chairs, it might lie well
to observe |hat every singlo uuu iu
the body uf thu ball wili, witliuitt s
shaduw of u dniilil, bavo an occupant—
that is, if tbu geuuitiu slufl' bus uny
power to attract, uml pusl events huvu-
shown that it has.
The program will consist of snugs in
every pleasutil deseriptiuu, iptsrlellei.
dunces, iiistriimi'htul sulos ami recila
jiiitis by people well ipialified In sing,
dunce, play und recite. The program,
which is ipiile able In uiiike ils uwn
appeal, is tu lie Ul fulluws:
Suigi, "McGrcpur'a Qstberlllg," Mr.
.1. Jl. Cochrane; sung, tplsctod, Mrs. .1.
Watt; reudiiig, "I'lie Collar's Saturday
Night," Mr. W. Thomson j violin solo,
selected, Mr. K, N..-Richmond; song,
.'elected, Miss .1. I'olutiis; i|UUrlutU'{
"Basso Prof Undo," Hie Misses Shuw,
Messrs. 11. and ll. Hutchison; song,
"The Buttle of Stirling," Mr. .1. W,
Veitcb; dance, "llighlund Pllug," Mis
.1. llruliaiu; sung, selected, Mr. W
Thomson, jr.; pianoforte select inu,
"Battle Murch uf Delhi," Mrs, Honald
Mscleodj sung, "Mury," Mr. J. (lur
vie; sung, selected, Miss llcttie Ander
son; comic soug, ''The Boston," Mr,
.1. Moir; reading, selec ltd, Mr. W,
Thumsnii; sung, selected, Mi! W. M.
''in.l.,. i., piano and violin duel, Miss
A. UeP. Jack ami Mr. II D W. I'erry;
song, selected, Mr. W. Thornton, jr..
duet, "Crookit Bawbee," Min .1. I'o
louts ami Mr. .1. 11. Cochrane; song, se
Iccled, Mrs. .1. Wall; quartette, sc
It'i tfl, The Misses Shuw, Messrs, 1).
ami li .Hutchison; sung, "Tbors," Mr.
.1. W. Veitcb; song, selected, Mis.- Hot
tie Anderson; sung, selected, Mr. .1
(Jurvie; song, selected, Miss .1. I'oloi i<;
comic sung, "The Little llurdeii,'1 Mi.
.1. Moir; dunce, "Swurd Dunce," Mis-
Daisy Dowie; songs, "Tu My Kirsi
Love," "You Heller Ask Me," Mr. J.
It. Cochrane,
il is expected tout when the time
iiimes for the eutire gathering lu join
ill "Auld I.iui,.' .Syne" ,1 will be al the
close ut oue of the must tueeeis'il
concerts ever held uu this side of the
.11.. i.
the  pick
1,1   Imu
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
fn the lu.-t yeur ttv (itu' m>I<I t/vur uni- ImiMtr^l "I tlu'ju1 nl«»vi'» iu
Nurlli Vucoihtf.   'I'iiiu yvtt vtf i-xpvtI   ;i ln-ilui muni,    ll >«u
in cl ii  ri'liulilr i mui*-, it  will j»uy yuu ly "•   Hi         Ijt'fun' ■!<■'i-Iiujj
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88.
I0V7 Lspldiude Wf»l
A I.Hv.ue I.uuii.ioii ni under the uus
pices of the Nurlli Vancouver Athletic
cluli will take place iu tlieir club rooms
curner ot i'lsplaiiude uud Lousdale, ou
Monday, llllll November, when the lul
lowing pugilistic urtisls will buttle for
Charlie I'altou, V A.c. champion, spe
ciul weight uf Cunuda, vs. jimiuie Pith
cr, uf N.V.A.C
I'laeenee Mmm, VAC, Vf Harry
Anderson, N.V.A.C.
Prank Barricsu,, N.VA.iJ, welter
teilt-s, daiieei aud uiusicil lelectiuui al I Weight cbsmpioii, n. an oppouent vet
iin- I*- nleii i-obtOTl- lo be seleeled
(Iill Martin, middleweight cjanipiou
'   nI Cunuda, vs   Fred Osborne, N.V.A.C
Cord Wood " '" l,k"'v ","' "■"""' H,"HUU
"vv will uccepl lhe poiilioii of trainer lu
,.  , the N.V A.c.
I'll!   Ml,I.    I iilinni..I    ..iin,,ii,i    i,|
.nil   Huud  or  slove  wuud   Thompion|     WANTKD   Buys fur Kxpress routes
uud  Muiiil     I'liune. l.ll and  Ullil    If    Apply   tins Office.
We liave tome of the cheapest buys,   (iood loraliofl
adjoining lite original Townsite.    I or (ull particulars see
Local Agsuts for British Empirt Horse taurines Co., I/indou Ateurtnce
a Company
Wi will bi gtssssd to hs-vs llsUags; slso bomss for iilt or rent
them m t. O, Vat tiie
On View in our Window the
Splendid $25 Gold Watch
and Bracelet
Get a Ticket with Every Pair of Shoei Brought
Wbst is more useful for s ObrlsUnoi or Nsw Year's (lilt (ban a Pair of
We bave s large sslsctlon from 60 ctuu s pslr.
Lsdlss' Oosjr Comfort Ulppars la oil colon.
Men'i Fait, Velvet or Lsstasr Blipptn.
Children'! Bllpysn of all kludt.
160 rsrlsUss to sslsct from.
No Noed to Os Across t« Vsncouver for Footwear.
Everybody's Shoe Store
V. O. Bet Ult
HEN in want
of Kitchen
Supplici don't
overlook tbe fact
that we have a
complete line and
carry nothing but*
the best, and every
piece is guaranteed
Our stock of STOVES and HEATERS
are the best we can buy and prices are right
paine & McMillan
9\   I
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
Don't Take Chances!
Butiuest niinl sud butiueti bouuea
ara uaually Judged by tbt printed mat
ter tbey ttud out.
, Cau you aHord to takt cbancea wltb
your illinium wbeu good work In tbia
Hue io*ts little, If auy, more.
We Do Good Work
Flnt  Strtet  Bsst,  Nortb  Vaueouver
CO. have moved
to 59 Lonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanade.


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