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®lfp ixprfHs
NOBTH VA»JPOl7VB1», B.P, FBtDAY, Aff(»H»J 80, }B18.
Pacific Great Eastern
and West Vancouver
**    PBnWOK OH IBPf 6
a..ui,imi: to a special wire from
Victoria tbu Minister of Hallways ha*
'     M'l Thursday, Sept. fith, as,the date
for tkl bearing of tbe applicatiuu uf
lbs 1'aollii: Ureal ..astern i.auway Hum
papy for approval of It* rente m»p
through tho municipality of West Van
couver. Tbe counter petition fl. tb*
council of tbat district will be ward
on tbe same dale.
The Joint Olvic Advertising Commit
In: Inlil a ineeling Tueaday afternoon
tin llic purpose uf lieu ring aud dealing wilb the repurt uf the cummitlee
uppuinlud lu . ..ui. i with the district
cuuucil with reforence tu the difficulties existing lieti'.ei'ii ihu two bodies,
President Alexander I'hilip occupied
li.,Ti|ia"ir iiiiiI there were present Aid
.riii.ii Iruin uml Korutnnii, rupresouling
the city cuuucil, Councillor Bridgman
representing the district council, Direclurs Lln,Imu ami Wright, represent
tug the Huard uf Forry Directors,
Messrs. A. ii I'erry snd Qeo. 11, Morden, wbu witb the chairman, repreient
tlie Huurd uf Trade, Ur. James Chapman, secretary uf tbe committee and
Publicity Commissioner Liwlor.
Tbu special committee appointed for
ne purpose reported thai they bad
interviewed tire district couucil tnd
liml exhaustively disowned all the matters at Issue with the result tbtt
Couucillor Bridgman bad bsun appointed by lbc cuuucil to succeed Councillor
I,unlet, resigned, and tu present the
news uf tbe council to Ibe Advertising  iTiiiniiillee.
On iiiiiiiini llic name uf Councillor
Ilridgman wus subsiitutcd for tbst of
'.intn Wor I .uut ui iu lliu membership of
ihe committee.
Tbe osleniled discussion wbicb ful
lowed turned mainly upuu tbe proper
tiuu uf llic gruss income of tbe Adver
liaing Committee, wbicb had been or
pended for Used charges such at sal
urns ami roots. When Ihc publicity
cuinpaig ii fur the present yetr wts
originally formulilod by tbe commit
lee, il was adopted with Ihc under
standing that a systematic canvass uf
Hi,, liusiness linns uf the Nurth Hliure
wuuld be msde in order to supplement
the amount* contributed by thc respec
Ine public liudies rupri'seulcd ou the
Advertising I'uiniiiillee tud It wit es
limited Ibll Hie Inlil furthcoming
from this source would be tuflicical tu
reimburse tbe treatury in Ihc mailer
uf llie sums ripciideii in overhead ex
pentM as above. This canvas* bow
ever, hss not yet been made and cou
lequeutly the wurk had been proceed
ing mi Ihc basis uf Ibe Income provid
ed by the puldic hudiea.   II developed
Ilul the members of Ibe committee
were, unanimous iu tbe opinion .that the
amount expended for salaries, rents, etc.
wss too large in proportion to present
assets ami that oue of two courses
might lu be adopted, namely, eltber
the grots income of tbe committee
ought to lie increased hy at least eight'
eeu hundred dollars for the year, or
the policy at tbe committee ought to
be revised.
Councillor Bridgman submitted a resolution declaring tbe present system
to be wroug inasmuch as Ihc amuunt
eipeuded iu salaries and iu reuts Was
ont of all proportion tu tbe gruss income.
Alderman Irwiu submitted au amend
ment to tbe effect that the chairman
appoiut a coiumlttoe to canvass tbe
business firms in tbe eudeavor tu pru
cure thirty subscribers or Ave ileum
per montb each to tbe funds of Ihc
committee. Tbe latter motion was
utter ruled not to be »n amendment iu
tbe strict sense, and it was come
quenlly withdrtwn. A resolutiou wts
tbeu submitted ts sn intendment, inov
ed by Oeo. It. Murden iud lecondcd liy
Aid. Irwin it followt: "Tbtt Inasmuch as the amount of subscriptions
from public sources bit not mettured
up to espeelatiuns; and inasmuch it
tbe overhead expenditures under pres
ent procedure are very large, in pro
portion to tbs present basis of Income;
therefore resolved tbat an effort be
made tu procure 11,800 fruia public
sources aad failiug this tbat lbc com
millee seriously cousider Ibe modifies
liuu of tbe present policy of lhe com
Tbis motion tought to combine the
sense of Ihe two resolutions previous
ly tubmitted tud upou being pul wis
carried wilh only out vote recorded
agaiust It.
Tbe , hairuiaii tbeu ippoiuled Alder
miu Irwiu ind Mr. Junes Cbtpiuin a
commillee with power lo add tu Iheir
number lo wait upuu the business firms
wltb t view to procuring liuiuciil it
sistuuee iii iccurdtucc wilb lbc terms
of Ihe motion wilb lbc further under
standing thai the subscriptions will
uot Income ptyible unlet! tbe whule
iniuunl  required  is guaranteed
Mr. William Uwler, Publicity Com
mi -i.mui handed in his rcsigualiuu of
Ibe i'iiuii um, which, after citendcd dii
cuttion, wtt, on motion, tccepled witb
regrtt, to tike effect Beptember Klh.
A copy of tbe retolutioo detling
with Ibe policy of tbe cumpiittei wn
ordered lo lie sent lo eifj iif Ihe public bodlei represented un tbe cum
Reclamation Fill Half
, ■  Completed
Vie recltuiition fill aloug the fore
►hofc <>' 0. I'. MJ.lt now iu » title ot
semi iiiinpleiinn, tnd if the preient
inle uf progress is intinliiuid the
dredge will bive finished ill work Wtll
wilbiii ths "iiilinT lime.
The fill whlib is for Mr. J. P. Ml,
i. being pumped in from the edge of
Ibe built nl""!! Uk) feet from Ibt front
uf lbc liulkhcidi. Hire tbe bank drop*
iwiy suddenly from ibnul IU) leet to
u.'iii -''i'i In liking Ihe mud from
the edge then it oo dtuger of bum re
suiting to tbe bulkbotd* In consequence
nl the wtsb from Ibe front,
.several jetties W leet In length
will be required from Ibll reclaimed
landing iu order tbit deep set vci
teli uny load tod unload tbeir t»r
Rev. James Barr Will
Lecture Hert
On W*dncid»y tveullig * tllrriag lee
lure on "Scottish <!ovta»al«w" will
ht delivered In the Bt, Andrew's Vn*
byterim church by the B*v. J*at*
Birr, DO) of OUsgew, who it tt fttt-
'ent o* ** extended trip through Can-
ids Mr. Btrr it the miniiler uf HI.
Miry's Hulled Fret cbpreb of Olti
g*w, which li Incited In t working
nun's diitrict, wbere be bat proved
himself t» be * tower of strength tu
•II who tre seeking tbe wtlfirc of
the romniuilly. He it rocognlied ti
oot of the mod ibll ind popidai
clergymen io Obuguw, tud especially
evreli it * lecturer dn Bcottltb tub
Jectt. Mr, Birs lakes * prominent put
In public life mil (or Iht put nine
yeare lm- bun * member of the Bchool
Board of Olttgow, three timet beiug
returned tt Iht head of Ibt poll, having
t majority o* one occulon of 88,988
•vtr lb* second mm. Tbe officers of
tbe V. M. C A. bive irrtuged Ibe fol
lowing prognin for Mr. liirr'i visit
In Vtncouver, tud it it confidently ex
pooled Ihtt Urge tudiciirei will greet
bim o* ftfb ocriiiun: On Sunday if
lernoon, Sept. 1, Bev. Mr. Btrr will ud
dree* » Sf*i|sl muting for young men
io tht y.M.UA. building at « o'clock.
On Tuttdty evening be will deliver l
Itclure nt Ibe Scottish Coventottrt,
Which wili bt illuitrtted witb Itntero
*H4*«, tt * rally of Ibe Young People's
BoeletiM of tkt eity is tbt First Btp
list church This tlirriog lecture will
bt rtptitid I* North Vinco»tier on
Wedoetdty evening. Ot Thuridty
svenlug tbit Scottish orttor will (ftla
be kttrd I* St, Andrtw's cbureb, wben
hi will breiare oa "Bobert Bar**"
Stotlaai'i aatiaul bud
 wmj .   ut ' ll'l  S!   SBTT
City Council Before
Municipal CemntWon
OF D. L. 878
Ou Tuesday murniug Mayur McNeish
aud Alderman Irwin and Mcllue attended tbe sitting of the Municipal Commie
sion in Vancouver, in urder tu present
certain matters of mumcut tu the city
for tbe consideration of tlte roiuiuis
sinners. ■
The first matter wliieii Mayur Mc
Noisb submitted wts Inul uf thc dis
posal of surplus muneys which remain
after the specific wurk authorized uu
der muney bylaws has been rumple!
ed. The mayor explained that where
tucb a surplus existed thc Munieipal
Clauses Aet did uot give the muui
cipalily auy puwer whatever to dis-
puse of sueb funds, in explaining tbe
actual situatiuu iu which the city lin,Is
itself at present, in this regard, Mayor
McNeish slated tbtt
"lu .Timing uul the works of lueal
improvement under the provisions of
Iht Muui. ipul Act the city ot North
Vancouver during the past twu years
has iu most instances found it advisable to issue ami sell the debenture
bonds authorized by the various lueal
Improvement by laws prior lo culling
for tenders ur awarding contracts,
tbo debentures thua iisued being for
tbo total mm of mouey as set forth in
each bylaw accunliug tu thc esli-
mate of tbe city eugineer. in this
manner an unused surplus amounting
tu sume 8;iri,iiuii haa accumulated, and
the couucil tfter mikiug diligent on
i|uiry, has been unable tu discover any
iu,Tin,,l aulhurized by thc Municipal
Act whereby lbe afuresaid surplus
cau be refunded lu tbe prupcrly
owners or made use of fur uther re
ijuisite improvements iu the pirtiru
bir assessment districl iu etch by law.
Our cily cuuucil finds it very desir
able ami iu many instances absolutely
mpertlive tbit tbe debeulure issues
...nh,,ii., T l,y tbe iiiiinii- loctl lin
plovctnent by Itws lie suld unl the
m,no i thus reilized be available fur
expenditure ou the wurks therein set
forth before cutitrtels ire awarded ur
the wurks carried out lu completion
tbe leasuTIs ire obvious. We think il
will .ilu be ;i,huni,-,I lint no engineer
euuld csliiuitc correctly ibe sum of
tbe lowest tender likely to be rectiv
ed, perhips sume uioolhs after Ilis
estimates were made.
"Therefore, we beg to petiliuu you
lu ii, nuiiii,ml an amcudtucnt or ad
ditiunal clause tu be iusertcd iu Iho
local improvement icctiou uf the
,Muuu ipul Ait empowering councils lu
ispose iu in eijuitihle and practical
manner of iuch surplus sums of money
ai mty remtin if ter thc completion uf
tuy lumi improvement work.
"We would respectfully suggest t
cliusc in effect lutborising cuuu
cilt lo |Hss a supplementary local
improvement bylaw providing for Ibe
expenditure of sueh surplus ou woiki
of loctl improvement deemed neces
suy or beoilri*! io Ihe ptrlieulir
istrssiucnt ditlrict which wu in
eluded in the origlnil loctl Improve
ment byliw iu eonneelieu wilb wbicb
lbe surplus wu left over. We sub
mit tbtt Ibis melbud wuuld prove
mure satisfactory tbau aty olher."
Dtsuosii nf milking -fund,
Mayor McNeish informed the com
Htissioners tbtt Nortb Vaueouver bad
a population of fi.iiuil, a tutai assess
ment of 113,1)00.0110, a tax rule of DP
nji|ls net and a buudurl dubt uf about
*«,l)OII,000, including locaf improve
"Wu experience uo di81culty| In
collecting ttxes," bu iufonned Cbilr
min  Kcary.
Questioned as tu the dispusul of tlte
sinking fund, the mayur suid Ibat Ihis
year it bad licuu decided to purchase
tbe city's owu five year debentures
for iti miles of macadam road.
"Wbat is yuur view uf the cum-
mission iuuu of governmentt" asked
Commissioner Miclein.
"We hive unly discussed thc uut
ter iu i vague way," replied the mayor,
"Uut speaking fur myself, I think the
aldermanic system is best, at least fur
small cities."
"Are yuu iu favur uf the wunl sys-
"Nu, I am not."
"Du yuu experieuce much il ----- ul
ty in gutting t guud type uf miu tu
ruu for oiiiui?"
"No, we get very sutisftetory citi-
zeus ami I am ecrlaiu uur present
euuueil iiiiiiiiiii:, llie ablest meu in the
community."  .
"Whit are yuur news uu Ibe cuu
Tiiiiiniii uf the puliee bulrd tud licence liuirdl"
"I think the arrangements arc sulia
factory. We arc nuwulays tuu prune
to gu tu extremes ami il is well thai
appuintineuls such as puliee commit'
■ioucri should remain absululely in the
hands uf tbe government."
The mayor laid stress ou thc ueed
for a revision uf the Municipal Acl,
which, he declared, wia vague, badly
arranged uul coufuslug.
"There is uot tu ilderiutu on Ihe
how lbc legal rei|uirementi of t
loctl improvement shuuld be earned
out," ho laid, "Tbe ucl should be
indexed and I hupe yuur huuorablo
body will remember tbis point."
Auncijtiuii of D. L. 878
Mayor McNeish Ibeu directed tbe
:• 11•-utumi uf lhe it.iiiiiiivioii to ei-
isling legislation relative lo Ibe iuiicx-
•tiuu uf hew torritory by cily muuici
pililiea ooiliiiii.' special reference tu I).
corning whieh bulb pirtics
have arrived al uu ugreemeut, bul tbe
city finds ilself without the puwer to
give effect fti ils part uf tbe under
■lun,Imi:    The  la, I- is  explained   by
the mayor art aa followt:
I). 1.. li'l, Nurth Vincuuver, has a
fruulage ou the lulet but was under
lbe direct cuiittol of Ihe provincial
government. '
"li is owned by Mr J. I'. Fell, who
bus liuill streets ami lanes. Ije winls
lo come inlu lbe city uml the rily
wtuti 178, Mr. Fell bis expended IIU,
issi to |lii,U0fl uu Iiis slreei wurk tud
he wunl' Ihe eily tu recompense Imu
but uuder the existing pruvisiun lie
must Uke his chime. We might piss
iu luuexitiuii by law and then I
subsequent byliw lo reimburse him
might be turned duwu. We think we
should be able tu put both measures
befure lbe people tt llie nine time."
Mtyor McNeish tlsq uked fur power
lo lax eburebes ind soeietirs for lunl
"Wc dou't object lo giving them ex
eiupiiun from genertl tuition but wt
think tbey should pty for local im
provemontt," he uid.
A question from Commissioner Hull
u lu continuity of office brought from
lbc mayor tbe opinion Ibat aldtrmtn
Continued on ptgt I, col. I
Another Teacher Required by City School Board
Our* again Ibit city's steady giuwlti
wis mtuifeited it t ichool botrd meet
lug, wbef ytelerdty tbe trustees, with
Mr. S. ■oliiiwell in Ibe chair, devoted
Ibe greater part of au afternoon ies
sion to the toiution of the bittersweet
'overcrowding" problem.
Hitherto Ibe board hu beeu «blc to
conduct the fintucltl end of lit tpecltl
deptrtment lo tuch t mtuner it to
keep tbt yetr'i tipeaeei nicety within
tht llra|t of tbt ettimilt ipproved by
thl tity f*iben ti tbt beginning of
tb* ytar. Nineteen hundrtd tnd
twelve, bowtver, It tpptrently to be
tbe wctpllon proving tb* rule thertof.
YiiiinUy, privtiling condition* wtrt
found   10   render   II   essential   lo  appoint
'till mother tctcber for tht North
V'.oeouver centre tnd Ibe opiniun wtt
upreuid by tbe ebtirmiu tud tteitly
eudortcd by lbc botrd, Ihtt u the yetr
showed signs of being plienomcnil Ibe
city would surely show no unwilling-
neit tn dig for once t lillle deeper inlo
it* treuury.
Kvidenct wu produced by Mr. J.
B. Bennett tod otbert to conclusively
ihow thtt if lbe children ire to be
properly Uugbl tbe stiff must be reinforced by one more teacher tt my rat*.
The cl***** it one scboo,, for iuslsnce,
wtr* shown lu b* »versgiug at sbout
31 tcbolus ptr clttt, the limit uf
scholars per clui btlng 10 -» nther
tM gtnerout limit, ircording lo ichol
utlc dictum.   Thit wt* rtcogolud by
Sixty-Strong Delegation
. Met hmitt To-day
The delegation which left thia city
and Vaucouvor yeiterday tu wait upou
tlte premier iu relation tu the govern
incut's reversionary rights to certain
lauds in the district uf Nurth Vaitcuu
ver, was received at li.llll tbis furotiuou
by Premier Mcllride. Other ineiubUrs
uf the government prusuut were tlte
Hun. W. J. Huwser, Hou. H. IT Youug
Yuung, Hon. A. E. Mcl'hillips, iluu.
I'rice Ijlliaon. The delegation uumber-
cd uver sixty, the speakers being Keevu
Muy,  Aid.    Foreiiiiin,   Keeve    Nelson,
Cuuu. Hrldglhan, Coun, l.uulct, Messrs.
J. Wylio liuniilds'iii, II. T. Tiuu, Juhn
Y. McNaught aiul .1. (I, Farmer. After
listening to these geullumen tlm premier staled that the government was
• io .imu uf iiuiu," everything that wu
po„•ii,l- tn relieve the present trying
situation  but  due  I'oiisiiloiatioo  must
bu given tu the Interests uf ihu province at large. Pruvisiun must bo
in:i,l,' in exceptional eases, i ue rcpurl
uf Ihe special commissioner iu this
regard, W. A. Miiedniiiibl, hud unly
been received three weeks ago. Tito
Premier ussured the delegation tbut the
guvernment wuuld expedite cunsiiiuru-
tiuu ot the matter in view of the circunt
.'.tun, i'-. uml would announce its decision
regurding Nurlh Vancouver on or before He pi, -Ilib. 1   Hit It.
"I regard Ihis mine us very likely
lu become uue uf the richest mines in
British Columbia."
This wis the opiniun expressed hy
Mi Charles Victor Utriug in l,vm on
the mines uuw owned by the I.ynu Val
ley /.im Miues l.ld, • subsidiiry cum
liuu of tbe Western Dominiou I.uml■,
•ml Investment Cu., of Vtncouver.
Tbis mine, wbicb wis originally
kuuwu as tbe Kemptville Mine Ex
leiiiuoii, ii situated uear tbe bead uf
l.yuu Creek, uu tbe uorth tide goiug
up the .c, un.l i null,- at isud slide about
I Ton yards from tho creek; tbe miaa
runuiug east mil west, ur very nearly
su, uml abuut ilill feet tbove the creek
ur about Hiuu feel abuve tide water.
Ou Tuesday last i party principally
representative uf Ibe lueal Hoard of
Trade, wis piluted by Mr. Newton W.
Emm. ii.. HE, the company's ougin
eer, to the scene of operations. Tbe
purpose of Ibe journey was lo have
more fully demonstrated the pramia
ing eh arm id of tbe mine so Ibat sume
further nilloeiice might lie -brought to
bear upon the district authorities ami
the provincitl government in respect
lu Ibe construction uf s run! from abuut
lbe city's waterworks tu lbe miues Ap
pi..mould) six miles uf rutd is ueed
ed, fuur miles in the district unl Iwu
miles without tbe boundiry, adequate
iiaiispnrlation uf iniebiuery iud sup
plies being under growing conditions
un impoulbilily. Tbe expeditiou ou
Tuesday euniprited Mr. Aleunder
.Smith, preiident of the Homl iof
Trade, Mr. J. O'C Wood, wbo it per
sutitlly interested lu the pruject, Mr.
I.   J.  MeLeud ind  Mr.  Feilhcritune
biuglt, luu mining experts, Mr, P. kl.
Huy, representing the company, and
Messrs. ,1. Wyllie Uuiinldsun, Oeurgu
Bbepbonl, (I. Vance, W, c. preen uml
It, C. milium.
• The l.yuu Vulley Uine Miues Limit
led bive Iwu crown grunted claim*,
locttod lin yeurs ugu by Bering Bros.,
and seveu ulher claims surrounding the
crown granted ones. The whole urea
comprises abuut lllll acres uml lies on
lbc west furk uf l.ynn creek, uboul u
inile and a half from the main creek,
| Considerable work has been dune uml
the uuii ruppiiigs indicate lurge bodies
of ure niniiini: ill seams frum HI lu
ill) feet iu width. A tlianiuod drill uud
gasoline engine have been llil.cn up re
rcully ami pul iu operation fur the pur
pose of determining the ottout of the
scams aud Ibeu relation to euch other,
if any, on' the mountain, Two holes,
one 2U5 feet uml the olher IHU, huve
beeu driven Three tunnels have beeu
driven, each ibuul HI feet in length,
wilh u drift uf ubuut I- feet frum llie
principal une. Humpies luken frum the
luuuels iu uny pari shuw lbe exleti
■iven*** uf the deposits, and il is the
opinion uf Kngineer Emmons und bis
u .,• i.iii Ibul if transportation was
afforded une nf the musl ,T .,,1,1, de
pusits uf tiuc in the cuunlry wuuld
be unearthed
ll is evident, Ibercfure, thul export
opiuiou, as voiced us long ugu as l&IW,
»lill stands guud. Mr. Daring's report
uf lhat year his been in the iiiuiu prac
tidily substantiated. A copy uf Ibal
repurl is available Ihruugli the courtesy
uf Mr  Wood, and contain the follow''
iiig paiagl.iph
"ll is o Irue fissure vein ami when
upeued, ' about do feel belween wall
rocki, ill the mailer lul ween which is
mineral   in   charmlcr
Ibe trustees m»ilhoul tuy ipiildding, tud
I mtuililo went forth lu the effect
tint inuther Icirher be nlvtrllted fur
t primtry teacher, wbu will be in
stilled it thc i mi ia I schuul, tbe cou
gesi inn tbere per rliu being couiider
tbie. It bis llio been found nccejury
to igtin utilise Ibe subsidiiry building
on Ibe Central school grounds, recently
ilisctrilcil uo lbe upeuiug uf Ihe Holg
Wiy  school
A few minutei werp devoted lo dii
cussiun of t piupostl to retuorl lu
•orne slight extent the pupils tltending
tbt city scjiooli, the ditcovery hiving
been mule tbtl certtln children were
ittendiug irhoolt not limited iu Ihe
neighborhood of Ibeir buracs. The
Iruitecs were uuiulmouily wishful tbtt
u fir is possible fbildren living netr
the Central scbool ibould not tllcml
lbc Blilgwty school, md vice vert*,
tnd pondered whit iction il wu id
usable lu Ink. to convert Ibeir mi
tniuioui wish into Itw. The buard
incidentally listened lu a few words
from Mr, A. B. Bletcy, wbo, tpetklng
U I parent, pointed out tbe idverie
effect it might hive upon the cduci
Hon of bii ton if bt were suddenly
removed Irnm ths rue of Mr. Bonnet,
uuder whose guidinet be wu. duiug
well md wboie methods, Mr. Bteacy
idded   ljumoruuilyi,   ipputolly   "ni|Cl
witb ihc boy's ipprobitlon, if aaa
might put it that way." Tht iruitcei
recognised thit point is lo important
on* tnd did oot consider it wise, In
view of other argument* that Vlt* put
forward, betb by members of tbe board
tad Mr. Benoet, to slier prcwol er
rmgtmsnts. Tbty iuued instructions,
bowtvtr, that in the cut of atw sebol
Oouttuusd ou psgt 7, col. i
■ is Ihe principals should ilfukc it tlieir
duty lu sec Ilul Iluy were attending
si hools siluiled in the same district aa
then home
One or Iwo applications hud been re
reived by Ihe chairman ami Mr lieu
ion from pui. ul* uf diitrict children,
asking Ihil the slid kiddies should be
• lluwed lu annul rily lebuoli. The
bund, however, remembering lbc re
rent rci|Uott of llie ^lilriel board,
whn b naturally desiies, after erecting
si liinils, tlnl Ibey ibtll be ttleudcil by
Ibe  children  of  Ibe  ilistricl,  derided
Oouttnutd on ptgt i, col. 0
Don'l forget Tag Day   Bepl. 7lb
To Building Contractors
Healed Tenders endorsed "Tender
for Building," ami iddrcned
"Nortb Bhore Prcts Limited,''
Nortb Viucouver, will be received
by tht undersigned up to sl* o'clock
ou tbe evening of Wednesday, Sep
tember tlb, 1818, for Ibe erection
of * building on lol Ifi, block ltl,
I). L. IH, being tbe norlb well
corner of First street md lingers
tvenue, thi* city.
Pltns md ipecificiliiiiis mty bo
procured It tbe ollccs of lliu lad
der md MicKty, architects, A bir
dun Block, Loonlilr tvenue, on
(td a/tor Mondiy, Auguil 20th.
Tbt loweit or my tender not nee
eturily tccepled.
Nortb Star* Pr.ss limAti
0»o. II, Morden, Mtntgir-
wnmaman-n       i i ,1)1 - -' -
ttyrt, i r\mivr\jpj \ i\r  \sia
Bank of Montreal
UU"   '    I   II ll
E.t.bll.h.d 1117
Capital (paid up)    .    $15,413,000
Reierve     ....    $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch i F. A, MACRAE,
Mt, Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a a house,
■   We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
HO Esplanade. Phone 227
We have an opening for a smart boy
from 16 to 18 years of age to learn the
cabinetmaking trade. Apply personally
at our factory.
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
Timothy Hsy (utw)
Clover Hty, (new)
Alfalfa Hay
Crushed Ottt,
i.ni'.i'i'il Mini
B. k K. Clili'kcu Chop,
B. & K Hi i at'Ti rood
Bll Cracked Corn
Lee's Egg Maker
Lee'a Insect Powdir
Swift'a Beef Script
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Id Stock, 350 Tons of Choice
Hotiwlioldem thouU  lay  In the winter supply lufore tht
ruth seaton.
\  ,,      i
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham'* Wharf     Esplanade We»l     Phone 468
•tM AM.
* ietetw "tM at Mkf,"    Tin. Ubl.
a*tU«. Cawyaay art lltbtt tw Idtyi,
L**v* Nortli Vtncouv.r
'«.00  AM.
10.40 '
12.20 tM.
tubjwt U ehaai* without
' " or otatrtrtt*.
(Oontlniied from tut Tueaday)
"No'iseiisB," i.uiil I; "when you've
been nn the Oo*8l * little lunger .vuu
will "ni make such * fim shout people
you chance to meet when travelling.
What is ahe to you, anywayf"
t'ricknier tuul Johns took tlte aame
View, tml wu eitriietcl I'iiuii Hlwuii! n
miluiiin proinitte tlm! Itu wuuhl i|ut u|icalt
to Miaa Ilni'lini'l if he met her ntul Hint
he wouhl not notice Liverpool uinliir
aiiy circumstances,    ,'
Ae we coticluileil our cniivuraition thu
Hap of the tent waa raised ami a broad,
.gtiinl natiireil face appearoil ul the upou
iu(f'w"'"•*« ••	
"Boya," the faco auiil, "I've lietiti
here a iitonth, I knuw all uhotil every
l""l'. 1 live nnt lent on the nnrlh,
ami anything 1 can tio lo help you, aak
tne. I waut to wuru you. I aaw a Im.i
Hun I'iiiu.'i:,. ii man puna heru u inoincnl
ago. He i, :,|,|„ mu,i in one of the
Inula.   Keep a close walch touighl."
Little iiiil wc think at tlte time
lhat the Inul man une Hloaue'■ steam
linut antagonist.
We ate ouf meal iu silence, uml then
Walked tu (lovcruuieiil street to enjoy
thc nights ami sounds that ure Insepar
ahie from u mining boom. Aliuiit iiuiiii
lluur n., ale our luncheon ul lhe Bayley
Hold, where the I'rilchard House uuw
atauila. The lonclicun cost each man
a T,illai, ami for a glaas of water with
which In wush down the fuml euch paid
nn,, ii centa, Wuter was scarce uml
just as dear as Hudson's ilay runt; uml
us for hatha—wall, there wus the hur,
l,"i A I'iiiii of fresh water at thai
time wouhl have been us costiy us the
champagne hath ut Winnipeg in IHiit!,
which a mun tuuk tu commemorate n
Iiig real estate ileal, ul In u bottle!
We returned tu the tent uliuut live
u'cluck in the i'i cuing ami set uliuul
pieparing uur dinner uf bacon uml
heiiis uml ii.,| ,--■ i. Presently Liver
piiul ami Mi-, • lim,Uui.i appeared. The
girl seeiucil ushuiuol uiul hurrying into
their tenl did nut appear again.
.lulni', uml I lui'l arranged tu meet
Wright at seven u'clock ami alletni a
minstrel show al lhe .Star ami Hurler
Hotel, which sluod ou (ioveriimcnt
alreel upon the site now occupied bf-
the uhl Maaouic Temple. Ho we saun
tcrcil duwu the ruu'l tu keep the ap
puintmeut. What huppene,| ufter wc
lefl the tout was luhl ua liy t'riekiuer
um iii leurs uikI Milis, fur his wus a very
nervous ami cmilliunul temperament.
He suiil thul us lie un.l Hloiine sul about
the camp lire smoking tlieir pipes utter
we hud gone Liverpool cuinc uut uf his
li'iit. Ilis face luiii the murks of Btv
ere punishment, Hliiunc's eyes were
ulso lilack, Liverpool, who was un-oiii
pauied hy three ur four evil luukiug
men, his voice quivering wilh pussiun,
said In Hloaue:
I demand sulisfucliuu fur the injury
yuu have doue me.''
, ton,, rose sluwly tu iiis feel uud,
keeping his eyes full on the other's
face, replied, "I have done yuu uu in
Vuu have," said Liverpool, pussiun
ttely, " Vuu insulted my wife by offer
iug her mouey, ami yuu I,cul me like a
lug wheu I refused lu Id her tuke il."
"I ilid uut knuw she wus yuur wife,"
.ui.l Hloaue.
".She wasn't then, l,ut she is uuw. I
married her this luurnipg,'' relumed
" What du you want me lo dul" ask
cl ,'•!,,nn.-
'' 1 waul yuu tu tight me   now   here
this minute,   del yuur pistol."
"J have done yuu nu wrung, ami J
wun 'I   light   yuu;   U'sidcs   J   huve   nu
loll," suul Hloaue.
"Theu I'll I,imi'l yuu us a liti ami a
, ,,-.'.ni,l, tud will kill yuu, luu,"
"Take rare, Liverpool, said Hloaue.
" Don't go too far,"
"lio loo ftrl Why man, if anything
I mu do ur say will jnukc yuu light
I'll sty and du it. Take lhal," ami
Ihc ruffian spat full in lhe other's
"(live we a revolver!" exclaimed
Hlnuiie, enraged beyond control, "I'll
liglil you; but il muat lie Wilh tbt .on
■ I. i-tun,hug Ihlt iiiln we hate fought
I shall he trouliled no more."
",,--," aaid Liverpool, hia every
word '-' uuii;' lo carry a hiss, "after
you have fought me you will be truuhl
ed uo more."
The awful lignitlcafice of Ihia re
mark waa realized later on.
I'riikiiur laid he clung to Hloaue and
implored bim uot lo light. Hut the
ringlishini'ii's I,Imui waa up, and he
struggled like a wounded tiger. Twu
of Liverpool's companion* iliaggcl
' 'ri< kmcr, who wat little tud fruil,
aside and threatened tu shoot bim if
he interfered furtber.
A crowd of miners had luun nl
traded to tbe tpot by the loud talking,
and one of Ihem unbuckled bia waist
sirup and handed Hloane a six shooter,
ll'l * food oue tnd never misses,"
th. miner Mid. ".llu you want a
"ye«; will "ty act;" atked Sloan*.
chose ouu of tits uvilluoklng men aa
Ilia sut'uihl, gini (im priiiiiipuls and
seconds, fulluweil by u gang of several
hundred tempera, repaired i|uickly |o
ail ()|luii aptico where Hue Streu| now
runs, anil beneath tho vofy .shallow of
tlte Knglisli lliiloiiiul Church ten pucaa
were atepped tilt' uml tlio men took their
phirus.    Liverpool, winning thu choice
of position, i-l I with liis buck to tlte
auil, a inunifuat advantage, Au for
Hlotinu, tlte glory of tlio departing sun
shiinu lull ou hia faee. Tlte muaic of
birds wus in his eurs. Hwout wild
lluwors Idiinnii'd about him. llu took
all this in with n sweeping glance, und
fur a mui it turned uud gur.ed ut lite
nlT I'hutcit. £ll|jmj!« u visijm o| Jhjs.
ilul.Ilinnd djiya, when u lnnd'mother
ilirceled his footsteps lu thu Huuse uf
Prayer, swept across hia mimi. The
next itiatuitt hu fuccd hia inlveraury,
iltiniltless und coul.
Submarine Telephone
Cable Across the Inlet
"lloiilloiuon, are yuu ready I" usked
uno of lhe secutuls.
"Heady," hot h  responded.
There wure two reports, hut uuly une
bullet found its billet,     With u loud
iv of agony Hluutio fell furward.   He
hud heen shut Ihruugli Ihu heart.
The suu sank behind the Metchosin
Mountain*, and Ihu chill eveuiug
breeae swepl acroaa Church Ilill uml
sighed u ri-qui.iii thruugh the liruuchcs
uf lhe lull pines. The midsummer
iiiiiiiu ruse in all ils spieudiir over llu
tops of the trees, uud its soft rays
tell upon anmcthiiig lying there slill
and cold—Something Ihut u shurl while
before wus uu animated .human hcing,
full of hope uml promise nnd chivalry;
now, alas! deud lu ull things earthly.
The scene wus deserted by every Iiv
iug thing, and the dew uf heaven,
like angels' tears, hud fallen uu the
stricken youlh's form uml bathed his
face uml huir ere Iho puliee appeared
uml bore Ihe hody to town.
As Johns, Wright und I euinc out
of thu shuw place, two nuurs luler, we
saw a slreuin uf excited men uml wunien
pussing ulung. "A mau hus beeu shol
dead/' said uue uf lhe pussers liy.
We 'followed Ihu crowd lo the corner,
Vii'l with some difficulty elbowed oor
hiu into a descried liiiililing. Our
feelings may well lui imagined when
wc saw our lute slimmer iieipiuinlume
uml Icnl inuii', whom we hud lefl u
short lime hefore lying deud nn the
lluur. An inipiest nus jhohl and u
lenliil of wilful murder wus return
cl. llm the surviving principal, the
seconds uud Miss Brad ford were gone,
ami uo mun could he fuuml whu wuuld
acknowledge Hint he suw lite duel. All
whu hud nol run off were struck sud
di'iiiy liliiul, >lcuf uml diiinli.
When we came lu prepare the poor
youlh Inr the gruve, the man whu hud
given us ttie warning us lo the pres
uin i ul ;, |,ud ihiiruiler helped. We
lind asked u Presbyterian miuister tu
reud the service, hut wc fuuml a guid
medallion ul the Huly Virgin and lhe
iiulil suspended by ., ehuin uliuul the
neck of the corpse, snjlrc Hishup of
the Catholic mission reud the funeral
sen iee ut Ins church over thu re
muins. Nulliing hiu, fuuml ,,. the
deud muu's travelling hug to imii
cule who be nus. Wc only knew thul
he T,,i u linm- yuung Kiiglishmun
who had lurii 'lum ti, deulh hy a
blood I hi rat y rulliuu Ihruiigh u mlitak
en idea uf whut constitutes Honor,
Ami Juhn Liverpool und Miss ilrud
ford, did you ever hear of Ihem
ugunil vuu usk. Yes; Julin Liverpool
wus iu reality "Liverpool .luck," a
noted California outlaw, who inline
ilieloly ou Ins return lu bun l-Tun
ns.'u murdered the male uf a Hril
ish ship uml wus cue uted with neat
uess ami despatch by the authorities
there, t'rickincr, whose lerrible ex,
perieuce while,here prompted him to
lake the in'XI I i  i,,i huini', wrote mc
Mime yuurs luler that lie often saw
llie girl Willi the wealth of huir uml
glorious eves Hitting along the pave
incuts ul night like uu evil spirit.
And so ends, the atory of Hrilish
Columbia'i lirsl uud onhjOocl.
Tlie I'Uiiiniiiiue cable to be laid wider Burrard ln|et, between the cities
of Vaneouver ami North Vancouver,
Ib expeclnd to reach Vancouver ill
about thirty duys. This cable has heeu
mtiiiufiictiirud iu Hiigland by the Brit
ialt insulated and Ilolaby Cable Com-
imu' ami ia being shipped aerosa the
Atiuutic to Montreal, whence it will
be carried overland by rail. Thia ur
rangemeitt for ahlpmeut waa mude in
preference to\ forwarding by tbe Te
htiutttupec route, because uf the sav
iug of time nin, h could be effected.
Ily way of the Isthmus of Tehauulo;
pec, the furwardlug wuuhl havu taken
uliuut three woeka longer than via
Montreal, and i wi}a ijeajred that the
ftthlt huiilii be luu,I,-,I in Vim,-,uu.,
ut tlte , ii'i11. t puasible dato in order
that the link between the two cities
might be completed without further delay.
.Arrungcinuuts are now hciug made for
tlte laying uf tlte cu|ile. On the Vau
couver aide  il   will  lie  landed  aome
where In the vicinity of Bhed No. a nn
Hie Canadian Pacifo Bailway wharf.
At North Vancuuver the lauding- will
be at the foot of Louadulu avenue. The
cable will carry 87 circuit!. A* eoon
aa it roachea Vancouver It Will be laid.
While advance preparation* fpr. ibe
work will take abont three weeks the
•dual laying of it will be carried out
within tba i'|iii''i' uf about ouo hour.
M qulok daah will be made from ahore
To abort at alack tide. .
Although Vaueouver barbdr rocoivna
more shipping tonnage tbat the port
of Muiilreal no danger of fouliug of thu
ship's *nch0U ia apprehended. fhe
route of the cable will be published
ou tho ehui'ii. of the harbor iu order
that all marineriLj!ii)eriug the port
maybe aware of ita location and tboy
naturally will not auchur in ita vicinity, llurranl Inlet ia completely
Inn,hi" l.ud and tlte datiger of vessels
dragging anchor iu a gale and fouling
the cable ia infinitesimal.
llll    Mill, llll l:  u in lis I'llli'lKi .
NOTIOIS Is liereliy given, pursunnl
lo Hie provision, uf I'liuplcr 116 of Ihe
llevlmd Slulolea ul (,'urii/lu ihut llm
Nurlh Vulieuuvei' i..,i,,i und Iiiiuiuvj-
ii" nt Company, Limited it.-miu, „„
Incuriioiuicd UOmpaJlV huvlnir In heud
ulliee- ut ttie t'lty ot Vancouver, lu Iho
I'lovlncii uf Uiin h Columbia, hat
llled witli tlie .in, i 1.1 ur Public Worki
tor the liumliiluii ut I'unuda a plun of
certulll hiillihimin ulld whurvcu liiupus-
id lu he constructed 0v tiie i ■ ,,,,,,-,
uiid a ,i,  , in-1um  ..I   ii„   (||e tot Ihc
ui"i    imui,,-., i i...   which  altc  la
liui-nllu] tu the l.niTuiind.,. Norlli Vuncuuvei clly, llrlHah ''"liunhin, between
Muhun und t'lu-stcrflcld AvotUea did
parallel lu the Kspliiiiudc, Norlh Vuncouver, th mi..n it,inuii",i, belween ItuV-
ei-.i uud Lunadulc Avcliuea, holli altea
'"lm; on the North Hhore ot Burrard
inlel. uiid (hul the auid Company hut
ulau llled a copy of the Huld plan and
ilea, rl|ill„i> wiih Ihc Kcglllrur of
Meeds ni Vuncuuvor. British Columhli,
and thul the auld '-uiniiuny will aj,,,ly
to Ihc (loverniir-dencrul In Council for
approval of Hie luld plun and the ran
slrueiliiii of the suld bulkhead! and
whtrvel i   ,
LATKM Hill 88nd day of July, A.D.,
1818. al Olttwa, Ont.
Hwllellor* tor th. Hi* Ooniptny,
Mr. J. II. Kngliah wiahea ull the Boy
Hi-mils of the North Hhore ami Lytu
Vulley to bo iu attendance at his
itore on Monday uext at t p.m. and
also any boy wisfiiug to join the
.'Tunis   I'arenta please lake nolice.
Our iipeeiiil bleed, ,'lfi cents per lb., 1 lbs. fur $1.1)0.     Extra
value at III cents, In cents ami iiu cents per lb.
Freshly masted ami gruuud us required, 35c, lllc, 16c and 50c
per pound.
B, tl, Sugar ill  IH puund sacks, $1.16 each.
Kustcrn   Township,   36c   per   pound,   licll.   Hrand   Fittest   New
Zealand 40c per pooml, l.'uokiug Butler JOc per pound.
Fresh selected i!5c per dozen, l iloiieu fur ♦l.ttu. Lucul eggs 15c
per duien.
s ii "1     Special ami Hwifl's Premium, sliced, II5c pel  Hi. Our
In in,"  machine  is une uf tbe  best  uml  nits  lu uny  desired
thick nasi,
One puund puekels, tlh', 'i Hi. pails, 55 cents, 5 Hi. pails till unl,,
10 Ib. pails (l.tt) each.
Hood  bread  Flour, *l,76 and $1.60 per it Hi. sad..
,i Hoses,.liuyal Stun.lunl, lloyal Household uml Kuhiu lluud ll.tt
per III lb. sack.
Milipim $1.76 uml I'aeilic Hem $1.60 per III lb. i'aslry in Hi lb.
sucks  .'15 and 10  cculs each.   Urabani  Floor  40  ceuts,  Whole
Wheat Flour (whole meal) Ut per 10 Ih. Olympic Pancake Flour
116 i ini. per packet,
Of every kind at prices aa low as possible consistent with good
All orders promptly and carefully attended to.
Flume 297.
Order Your
Fall Suit Now
HBBB. ..
110 Second St., East.
The Nortk Vtncouver home of "Campbell Clothing"
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
*. 9   Vlt Utl. nama itjf nt Kxrwma nqkth Vancouver, b. c. Friday, august 3q, 1912
Birks' Diamonds
There »re two prima Masons why as Diamond Morchatitu
we bava been sitcceasriil. Tliey tre: Flnt—Bvery stone we
submit to the consideration of the purchaser 1* perfect to
evory rasped. Second—Boing tho largest Importer* of dia-
moiidi in Oanada and cash buyers, we art able to sill at
lowest    iuIBI.llile   |iiu i  .
It 1* known thi'oiiglioiit the whole Dominion—and we ar*
to iiiiiio with every port)ou uf tbp country through tbu iuu
ilium of nur Hvo groat stores—tbat we resort to no subterfuge In order to mako diamond sules. Bvery stouo la sold at
itu Itonont valuo, and carries with It our gitnruutee of perfection, a gllaianlee wllll.ll plir unsullied eiiluninii.il reputation makes too valuable for doubi
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George |''„ Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings ami Granville Slreets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
Eight Per Cent.
No good aecurity turned down-
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
Photography for AroAteurs
By Reflex
Job Printing at the Express
,     UtfPSOAPB
Notbiiii! is moro p|e**jng or own
restful to tbe eye tliaii a good photo
graph of a landscape of some f*n»!'w
mono, perhaps dear io memory nn account of its recollections. To tbe eu-
iliiiidiiiit wltb a earners a new world It
o|iunoi| put ami Ito is able to record
fiiiuillnr scenes by IiiMiih nt bin bobby
which iii tbo years to como will afford
euilless pleasure.
Mnnv ,'iiii»Ii'iiiti take out their cam-
urns on oacli and every occasion with
uu til her idea but that of snap-shutting
anything that may eome their way.
Hi. i iio tint iinni, for * moment of
making u picture but arc satisfied if
tbey gut all nu their negative Ihey
It um i be borne itt miiul, huwever,
lhal ufteu whut loob very |ilcaniug lu
tbu eyu may bu anything but u picliiro
when photographed. There Imui,I Iiu
a dolliiite aim in photography un in
most iluu," and if une sets uut with
a determination to sneeood success will
us li matter of onurso follow.
Ibi not bu 11:111 jit i'.i inlu taking the
view thul everybody lakes uiiii which
muy be purchased in any store as u
picture post curd.
There is un pleasure in slaush imi
luiiun Strike out a Hue of £piir own
und follow it. I,el your work be
original uml every one bus different
ideus on most tilings.
tlct tlte stump of Individuality uu
vour photographic work ami you will
be surprised in time how eusily your
friends will be able lu tell your wurk
uguinst any uther,
Nearly ull the well known uuiuteur
photographers in tiuglund cau be
".spoiled" iu un exhibition simply by
Iheir style uf wurk. Nu need to luuk
iu the lutulogite for names. They ure
"writ lurge" ou tlieir pictures, .'ust
as one is able lu say ul uuce,of bond-
writing. It is ao and so's, the sume
.thing ean lie dune iu photography. Nu,
two iiteii work alike. Follow Ihc line
I of thought out uml possibilities will
be seen.
I Everybody takes landscapes, few
I make pictures. Simplicity should be
j the key nute. Do oot try tu crowd
iluu in uiii ou yuur negative. It is uot
in uiii use wilh an ordinary camera
imu," to gel a good photograph uf
I North Vancuuver with its background
of mountains. It is tuo immense. Kur
better is il lu Iry a simple subject with
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4750      '
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
fjl)njf*j/i liability
Norll) Vanrouver Agent* for
Phone Seymour 6286 '
not, much |n it, Coiiipoiiit ion is ui oi'
tiling in picture making aud many give
no study to this very importuiit part tf
the work. The picture should be nicely iiiihini'cii with nn obj»istipn»W* fnt>-
turcs obtruding. There should uot be
top iiiniiy points of intereat ivIiht. only
conflict ono witb the other ami disintegrate tlte whole. Let there be ope
central point on wljlelt everything
shoulil play and to wliieii everything
should bu subordinate. A study of well
known landscapes by famous artists is
a wonderful hulp iu this direction.
Pictures by II. W. Leader, Alfrud East,
I Is cid Murray, Vicat Colo or any of
thu ubl, inu i.-i • ure eusily studied by
means of the reproductions seen in the
urt dealers wimluws, A thorough
knowledge of I Ii.m will ullilUHt Ulicou-
sciuusly Influence the tukitig of a pho-
liigruph uml help in its cuiiipositlou ill
u wuy in,lliin;- else will.
Cure shuuld be exereisud iii thu in
Irudui'ljuii of llgures, which should hur
nionn.,- with the surroundings, A
smartly dressed ligure in the latest
fashion is entirely uut uf place iu a
fiiriu yard scene; uml unly serves to
gratify lhe person who is taken. If
ligttres lire lo be Introduced they should
be vory carefully chosen with an eye
lu their suitability und harmony.
Ceuerully speukiug, they are better
left out of u subject wbicb is purely
landscape, Suitable lighting should
be looked I'or uud if liuuds aru introduced cure shuuhl he lakcu lhal the
lighting is iu the sume direction as
tliu rest of thc landscape, This, uf
course, only upplies tu cluuds which arc
printed in, and which do nnt form part
ol lhe original,landscape.
It is usuully ,1 iHi, illt to gel lhe clouds
on the sume negative owing to tbe
fact lliut more expusure is necessary
for the landscape whieh results iu the
clouds being over exposed and,priuting
while. The introduction uf liuuds is
very necessury to must landscapes, as
it iliies away with Ihul bald headed
appearance su commonly sccu,
Space forbids dclails uf Ihis upcr*-
tion which must be lefl tu a later article.
Exposure will vary accunliug Id sub
ject and lime uf day. Under trees for
instance will require mure expusure
than an opeu lumlscupe ami must be
judged accordingly.
Seascapes uud pictures luken ul the
sea side require u shorter exposure
thuu inland pictures ou account of the
greater actinic light.
iu tukiug u picture ul' a ruad ur an
avenue of trees do not get Ihc subject
riglit in the middle of the plate. The
cotnposJture is much better if tdkeu
ii lillle on one side. Uul rid of upright
slrnight lines us fur us pussiblc and do
uul expose until quite suro thc best
),ui,i of view hus been secured Muuy
u good picture is spoiled by a wruug
view point. A little lu the rigbl or
left will i,ri.-i, muke ull the difference
belween guod and bud euinposit'uii.
A great dcul iuu ulso be accomplish
cd by (riming duwu the print, It Is
not absolutely neci'ssury Alttll those
is ou a negative should be printed I'su
the trimming knife judiciously uud
inuny u pleusilig composition cuu lie
obtained out of what on the wholt may
be considered  very disappointing.
A   fuiuous  painter   was  once  usked
ivhal  he ii i liis colurs wilh, by it
very inquisitive person, itruius, sir,
I wus the reply. Su it is with the puolu
graphcr. A lillle thought in tukitig n
photograph will repay lhe time spent.
"I'lie difference belween the painter and
llie pliulogrupher being lhat lhe former
can leuve out uu objectionable i	
■ibi I a pliulogrupher musl luke whu!
is befure him; except thut he mny by
mm iug it little us explained ubove secure his .picture, which siian be u i lung
of beauty uud u joy forever,
I'm niui' ami perseverance will ac
cuniplish much.
I.U II nul be suppuscd thul pbolo
; iu| In is only a pastime fur lite sum
liter mouths. Many excellent pictures
are done iu winter when Ihc snow lies
thick ami lhe boor frosl is on the trees
and grass. ,
ii Auguit, mt
Dear 8lr,-
Wlnii are the apecki wbicb are
sometimes to be Beeu on negatives!
Please answer in your columns and
oblige.    , Yours truly,
L. K. Y,
I, lu i 'lliin' may be severtl rea-
suiih fur specks oo your negatives. Dust
ii ufteu tbe cause and m*y arise
through beiug present iu Ihe earner* it
tilt, or from your dark room. A good
plan lo adopt is, if plates are being
used, lo knock Ibrui on the edge before
placing them io Ihe developer, if Dims,
run tbe roll through * dish of water
rapidly previous to developing, llu nol
use a brush, as often it will leave more
dust oo than it brushes off.
Anotber cauie may be (ir bubbles.
They tre cauicd by not rocking ths
dish for plates, or by net using enough
ctr. to tin m oi'm- m. mt
The Canadian Bank
ol Commerce
Capital $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,0(10
—' . ,~J~. ..: -J 'jr. !	
North Vtncouver Branch Now Located at the
A General /dinting Business Transacted.   Interest on
' Savings Bans) Deposits on'Onc Dollur and Upwards.
J. A. FOE8TEB   Manager.
We are showing an excellent line of Sterling Silver and Flatod Ware,
nothing but tbe highest grade of Oood*.
Our low expenses enable us to mark our prices much bolow those who
pay high rents.   A comparison will provo thin to you.   Seo uur wliidows.
Tbe Store of Quality
and l.uw Prices.
the developer lluws evenly uver in ei
titer case, ami examine yuur cumcru
also for dust, which, if fuuml, use a
small damp rag tu get rid of. Next
Lynn Valley Notes
Mr. ami Mrs. V. J. Kuach, lluskins
Hoad, speut Monday and Tuesday at
Mr. end Mrs. liud and family have,
moved to their new; residence un ilen
dersou aveuue.
Muuy  residente uf  the   Vulley   left
yesterday for Victoria with the depute .
tiun lo interview Premier McBride re,
Ihc i|ii.Trier reversionary rights.
The leam chosen lu play against Mis
slun I'ily al Mission on Labor liny
leave by the t u.m. train from Vuncou
ver and leave Missiuu at t.in p.m
Tickets ♦lmh return can be purchased
at  thc depot  Ihut morning
The Mission City team are request
ed lu be uu hand at I'm p.m. ou Sat
unlay, Sept. Isl, in Ihc Norlh Vancuu
ver nu luiiiiui! uno,n,i lor practice
ugainst a North Vaueouver team He
serves are ulsu requested to be present
I'lam, have been completed fur t
modern residence uu lieudersuu avenue
for Mr. II. licwill of North Vancuu
ver. The property is being graded uml
cuiislruction wurk will commence iu o
few days.
A dunce will be the order of Monday
evening neil in the Institute Hall
from t lo 12 u'clock. Chance's unties
Ira will be iu attendance. ' "In tree,
gentlemeu, a uuuiiiial charge uf 16
cents in unl uf lhe Inslilule Hull
The l.yuu Valley Athletic Club will
hold u free and easy smoker in Ihc
Inslilule llall uu Wednesday, Septcin
ber oth at tl p.m. The principal items uf
interest will be the discussiuii .uf lhe
football oulluuk un the Nurlh Bhore,
All Interested arc heartily invited. Nu
charge fur admission, aud sinuking me
Icriuls will be supplied All aie wel
come. I'olne aud have a good time.
, The beautiful bumc of Mrs. Malcolm
McMillan uf ISth itreet eait was a
scene uf gaiely and gladness un Wed
nesday eveuiug, the uccaiiou being Ihe
marriage of her couiiu, Miss Jjiuri M.
Forbes, lo Mr licorgc U, Keuuedy uf
tbis city. The ceremony was perform
ed by Kcv. 3. I). Villain under t cau-
upy uf flowers in the presence of •
large number uf relatives and friends.
The bride, who wai given twty by
ber briiiiicr. wu bindioinely gowned iu
a dress of white crepe de cbene with
shadow lace tnd petrl triuimii f. The
duties of bridesmaid were performed by
Miss Herd Berk, »rr»yed in * costume uf old rose silk, while the bride
groom wu supported by bia brother,
Mr. Norman Kennedy. After tbe ly
ing of thc knot, a dtinty tupper wis
served, presided over by Ibe boiteii,
who cul the Ices tnd by Mrs 3. A.
McMilliu tnd Miss Inuei who poured
tin tea and coffee. The. h*odtome prei-
ents were worthy of the iduintion
they received, while the flowers wtrt
t fetturc long lo be remembered. The
happy couple deputed for the Hound
cities tmldtt * (horns of toad withes
......   mm. ....   m   ......   v.   JVV-   rrimn
Another Teacher Required
by City School Board
Continued from page 1
thst tlte application! be refused un.l
the youngsters cuiicerueil excluded
from the schuuls uf lhe city.
Mr. A. (1. IVrry then voiced the
opinion that the Central school grounds
were being used loo rcfltlcslyl, lhe
source of the trouble being the pro
vision of too muny eiitrunees. Instinct
tracks were noticeable from each uf
thc several gales uml Mr. I'etry did
nut consider Ihut this in any way eu
honied lhe beauty uf lhe grounds, lie
though! that it was amply sufficient if
the ilu,hu- were afforded entrance
by Iwu gules unly, the main entrance
ou Fourth slreet und oue on Third
slreet. lie proposed Ilml the olher
two entrances should be cluscd up uud
Mr, Mi.I.;, for the information of
the bourd retailed an nnosiuu in lhe
past when action lo Ihis elicit lunl
been luken. llu Ihul occasion toe 'Till
droll bud surmounted the incouwiiiencc
by leaping the fence. "Then," suid
Mr. I'erry, "we must luke recourse to
barbed wire." A resolution wus then
passed iu tccord with Mr. Perry's lirsl
luggestiun, Ihe question of barbed wire
being deferred for a lime, ul any riite.
Mentiuti of the lloyal visit reminded
the bourd of the purl to be played by
lhe children in this notable event. Mr.
I'erry apprised lhe board of the valiant
effort he hud made lo convince the
civic authorities thut the pluee fur.the
ceremonies of reception wus lhe llnlg
way school. The committee, however,
had thought otherwise, und lind chosen
Victoria i'urk for lhe royal rondo/.! ous
Mr. i'erry had then obtained assurance
frum Ihe committee lhal a portiuu of
the park on Ihul duy wuuld be fenced
oil for the use of the rising general inn
to that Ihey might be certain of u guud
view ot Ihe proceedings,
Thc board then decided thul the
children shuuld render three suug> in
honor of the event- the songs to be
necessarily "Uml 8*ve lhe King,''
"The Maple Uat," and "Canada."
A rccumiiicmluliiiii was made that Ihc
teachers should be Initrucled to coach
Iheir respective classes in these tbree
pieces, and considerable ilress was laid
upuu the necessity of having the sung
•ters rehearse en masse befure the greul
day. Mr. Perry reported Ihul he bad
been in coiifthulaliuu with the muyor,
whu was willing lo suppurl the hoard
in an cndcuvoi to have Ihe tlovcrnor
Ueneral present the medal won by
Bcttricc 11. N. Harris fur geuerul pro
lioioiicy in Ihc entrance examination
Mist Harris, it was also decided, in
view of ber success, should be Ine
young ltdy chosen io prescnl a bouquet
to the Duchess, ur -in the event of
Her lloyal Highness nol being prescnl
-lo I'rincest 1'alriciii
Tbr board in conclusion Instructed
Mr. Ctinpliell, lhe secretary, lo notify
tbe ichool boerdi of Wesl Vancouver
aud Ibe dislriot uf Nurlh Vancouver of
these  arrangements
Saturday, Sept. 7lb is l*g dty"
(Id of the employment of • a    -..
Of li* Victoria Order of Nurr' '
J |-Hfc ^rwwa wiiviti VA™ffl^y„M*iAfaJMSlffLftffi^3*3U
•' f •• • ■ Kl
Publiaheil Tw*d*y* and Frldly* by North Shore press, Umlte 4,
Bait* of Subscription i-One year, 8)1,00. Bi* months, Wt. Three mouth*, 86e.
United State* and Foreign, IIM per year.
AdfertUliig Beta* WIB B» Quoted on Apportion.
Th* Eipreaa it devoted to the interttt) of tba North Shore pf Burrard lulet
eiuluaively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population of Nortb Vaueouver
Oity and District. Bvery effort i* madt to give advertisers the moat satisfactory
channel in contract advertisements ahould be in the printers' hands not
Monday and A p. m. Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
langea lu
later than 10 a. m
fulluwlug Issue.—
North V»ncou»*r, B. 0..
August an,  una
- Under the old methods which exist
ed a generation ugo lite term "pub
linii" waa lillle used, (ito - common
lumi liuing "advertising." Under modem conditions, however, ao many now
nu iinni.- have been intruilucoil sn many
Itovu) departures havu been uduplcd
Ihul Ihe uiiuii uf a liriiuder term Ihun
"advertising" has been fell and lite
term "publicity" bus come inlo uiiivur
nul uso. The ohl term is now commuti
ly used as applying lu printed announcements in newspapers and kiu
dreil expedients while Ihc new term is
applied lo ull those countless plans
whicii have been evolved in which a
personal agency is used, willi ur with
out the assistance of printed mailer.
In one form or unother publicity is
ono of the greutesl forces iu lhe mod-
cm siieiul order, ll speaks u thuusund
tongues uml hus a million voice*. It
is Ihe anibussailiir nf civilisation, the
handmaiden nf science, Ihe fester father
of invention, the promoter of every In
teres! thul wishes to survive it. It
bus peopled Uie continents. It has
built great factories ami peopled them
with innumerable iliuusauds of indus-
triul workers. It has developed enisling markets ami created new unes.
II hus built modern commerce and
I rude uml inunul'ui luring ini.-i, -i ■
Whul populated the greul Western
Htales of America nmi made Iho growth
of thut country otic of the wonders
of the world's history with reaped to
the rapid movement of greut musses of
pnpululiouf Publicity, People heard
nl the opportunities of the uew
lumi und came tu share therein. Wiiut
is populating Ihc farms nf Western
iTiuniln today with a rapidity hither
tn unparalleled iu Ihe history of this
iu,ii,,i' Publicity. Whul is bringing
u greut influx nf imputation intu Hril
ish Columbia to assist iu thc deud
npinetil of the Intent nalurul resources
of this muguifieeut proviltcef Publicity. Whul is bringing hundreds of
millions uf dullurs of Hrilish uud uther
Hillside capital into I'unu.lii In provide
Hie sinews uf war fur milnuml prugress
ulung industrial and l,u„liid lineal
I'ul,In Hi Whut ia causing uur cities
in gruw in population and in prosper
il, nl ii pu" that nukes ull creation
gaze in wonder! Publicity, Whut
bus made il possible to boibl up im
incuse manufacturing industries, splcu
did wholesale or retail business cuter
prises within u few years, when il fur
inerlv required lung general 'ins In
accomplish u fraction uf such results!
I'ul,licit). Whut is it thul enables our
iiniuii ipuliiii> iu attract the attention
uf lie- great -inuncy markets of the
wnrld ami to procure Ihruugli debenlure
luuus, i ulussal sums of money with
wlneh to curry furwurd their public
ui.rksl   Publicity.
The man  must   lie bold  mil I  whu
wuuld .undertake tu limit the puwer or
lu l-.llHlIC the s. up,' ur tu belittle the
usefulness uf thai tremendous furcc
w Iiiih has lume inlu being by u pru
'i.s uf -I,,,', gruMlh bul which cuiers
li du) the entire Held uf those methods
l-i which Ine mental processes of men
in the individual uml in Ihc muss arc
s.'tip"il, Iheir conclusions controlled
uml their art inns guided, namely, Pub
li.ily. ,
If an) man, ur uny lirm or any city,
nr any country, has umilling of anV
nature that ts worth while, the useful
inss of lhat possession is p/ui'lically
oil until thc services uf publicity tre
called in tn let others know uf ils liter
ils uml ouce publicity is retorted lo
Ihi results Iteming will be iu slrlcl
ptoportion to the exlcnl lo whiili pub
lieity is used and lhe wisdom of the
methods employed.
As for wtnt ia commonly knuwn us
"Civic Publicity," it constitutes a
force if) the growth of cities and com
iiiiinilies which is today very widely
uaed It represents au Iiitclligcut effort
lo consolidate and to systematize Ilium'
influences whieh make fur Ihc promo
tion of civic growth and prosperity and
to guide and routrol the operatiun
of louse influences instead of leaving
the whole matter lo proceed al hap
hazard at wtt formerly tbe else, The
city or the community Which sltmls
idly aside today and wait* for v»lu
able benefits to seek it out tnd to con
let themselves upon it, it limply ptu
cd by in favor ot those more vigorous
iimiitics whlcb enter the listt witb
ca tnd in a tturdy aud per
* ittrH'""'' t'v' I'"1'1'' '•> '" •"'"''
tttltl. Of,** they posses*. Factories,
lid ii
iniiuii, are secured by those places
which am cunstanlly dinning thoir merits in thu ours nf the world iu general
ami uf Ihuso circles in which such, cou
corns am cunlrulluil in particular
There are few commuuitiea indeed
Which havo better resources ur greater
udvunlugea to declare than haa the
Norlli Hhore, hut in order that *de-
Out* benefits may accrue therefrom, it
is iiInuiliiieh necessary lhal lhal po
tent force, Publicity, be uinplnyeil. All
ubuut its iu Hrilish I'ultimbia am communities which arc eagerly ami euer
gelieully uml persistently giviug the
bmuiiesl possible publicity lo Iheir ad
ventages ami with excellent results
This civic publicity is invariably guid
ed ami cuulrollcd by a special orguui
/.ulion which devotes all ils ability
ami energy to this single purpose, This
method is iutuple,I because experience
has proven conclusively lhat it ia the
best ami the most effective feielhoil.
if Ihe North Hhore ia to hold ita
own mining the surrutiuilitig cummuui
tics and is lo procure its just share of
Ihc uuiu-inul. commercial and other
Institutions which go to build up a
prosperous community, as well as ita
jus! shure nf the Incoming population
seeking somewhere to lonte, theu it
will he ubsolulely tieecsatry that Civic
Publicity be adopted as a tuml prln
eiplo uml Ihul llie Nurlli Hliure sub
lum in season und oul of season, i
-,, ..nil., cumpuigii iif publicity, audi
us will disseminate by every available
means the fullest Information with reference lu every feature of the ro
sources uml the advantages in every re
lutiiiiiship with which the Nurtli Hhum
is endowed. The results accruing will
be luu ml closely I'omineiisurale with
the energy, Ihc enterprise and the per
severance which rharacteritcs sucli a
pllblicil) campaign. All undertaking
sueh lis thul outlined catiiiut survive
hilwcver unless there csists a strong and
steady sentiment in favor thereof upun
llic purl of the public bodies, the busi
uess linns uml the general public. I|
is impossible for a few enthusiastic
individuals uniided lu finance uml lu
support a campaign uf this nature, n.i
liter is il advisable thai Ihey should
undertake In du su Such a scheme
calls fur united sentiment and united
effurt upuu Ihc purl uf Ihc whule coin
iniiiiily in urder tu unain success.
I'm fuur years |iu»t lhe Nortli ,slinr.'
has had such a Publicity Bureau in
Ihe Joint Civic Advertising Commit
lee. The members of thtt committee
have devoted their lime and energy
freely and willingly for the prosecu
liun of the wnrk. A great deal ul
valuable publicity wulk has been dune
uml tangible bctielils have aeemed lo
lite Noilh Hhore therefrom. A much
wider Held nf Usefulness lies before
ihul committee in the future than it
has enjoyed in the past, in urder to
occupy which, however, a policy uf ej
tension and of cipeiisiou is needed.
The business Arms of the community
mil be given opportunity Hillilu Ihc
lusl week lo extend assistance of a
tangible nature In the work, ami il is
hoped thai the aggregate results will
be uf u,l, a nature at lo place tbe
"iininillee in position lo go ahead witn
confidence iu lhe wurk of giving puh
Inuy lo Ihc North Shore ami Ils ad
The years from forty lu seventy
would appear lo rank as the best years
iu a man's lifetime, iu polul of effect
iveimtt, scciuding lo statistics compil
ed by Dr, Karl flames, lutmtirly I'm
lessor of Kiluciliiin al Stanford Unl
vursity. Dr. Haines wit led to Inv.t
tigale litis mailer because of Ibe view
expressed some yetrt ago by Sir Wil
Htm Osier lo lhe effect lint most of
the important w„rk of the world wtt
done by men who bid not y.t reached
their fortieth yen tud tbtt a man's
usefulness practically ended wjien h*
ntluiiied his sixtieth year.
Dr. Htriics drew up t list of Uk) ul
lhe greatest Imu of history, including
warriors, statesmen, philosophers, poets,
artists, Limine., pji.-j■, authors and
scientists, ind opposite the name of
each waa placed ihc aame of ln» greul
est achievement and tbe age al which
it wat accomplished. The list wu sub
milled lo • number of critics, tnd wu
revised ia several particular*. Finally
il was agreed by lb. lulborltlM cou
suited Ihtl it was perhaps Iht besl list
tbit could b. secured, and tb. stttis
lie* «.r. published,  Th./ taow that
85 per cent, pf the world'" greatest
acbiovumeiits are to the credit of men
betwuun ihe ages of tin and 71); a
per cent, to men between the agea uf
711 and 80, and 6 per cent, to men past
8(1,   Men between  in uud till huvu  HI
per itpf. of the world'«greatest wnrk»
to their credit and moq between ,10 ami
tin have iin per cent. Duly 1 per cent,
Of the great triumphs of history were
iici'iiuipli.'.heil by men uot 10 vunu, t.i
fu other words, the world owes more
tp men past 80 than iu men of half
this ago, while it owes 04 por pent, of
ifs great achievements lo men wliu
bail pasted the "Osier age."
Dr. Itarnes' conclusions v.onld ap
pear-fo go fur to establish tho theory
that a man is "just us old aa he feels."
Thc number of year* Hint have pass
ed over a mini's hctnl do not appear
to be of great significance if he hits
managed tn kcup yuung and alert men
inlh. There are, doulilleHa, iiiun whu,
although physieully ubl, am itieiilully
obi and conversely there, um men whu,
although physieully old ure muntully
young, lu point of fact it wuuld np
pear that mun is su constitulml niltur
illy thut the lirst furly yeurs ot life
are designed lu give hint .that iiiutur
ity, that fund nf ktinwlcilge uud of ox
perience which will lii bim lo make Ihc
second forty yeurs u period uf his
greatest effectiveness uml his highest
Why Not ?
Do It Now
Tenders will be received by the undersigned until :"i p.m, Thursday, Sepl
ember Villi, 1018, fur clearing bluck
888, l'iatrict Lot iiili, Nortli Vuncou
ver city in tcoordauce wilh spccilica-
iion to be ascertained on application
,'-     IMl'HOVKMI'iiNT     COMPANY,
iii:i I'ender Slroet,
5-9 'Vaueouver, B. ti.
Lodge Weatern Rose, No. 206
Meetings o.' this lodge are held it:
the Knights nf Pythias llabyciiruer ol
Cltcalerliclil avcuue und 1'nnrtli street,
ou Ihu Hrst ami third Fridays in each
mouth, al t u'cluck p. in
Cuinmunicutioiis uml application* foi
membership tu be addressed lu Il.n,,IT
I .cis, secretary, I'. 0. bus 8811.   10 7 19
Architect tnd BuUdor
I'ruftsinun lliiuscs and lliingulows
Homes uf Individuality. I Fairfield
liiiililing, Vnnenuver and Nurtli J,uus
dale I'. O. Hcymunr MM
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPR0TT-SHAW Buiineu College
336 Hastings St. W.
('.•nidi's Gr.at.at Wt.l.rn School
It   -l   Sprolt, HA, - -Mmiagtt
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymuur Street
U. Kerr Iinulgule - - - Muuugci
All Norlb  Vain.iuni  |*uplc (tl ll
l''iihei flick Block or Hustings Bt.,
iippil.il.  III.  ill'W   pint   ulliee.     Lenlllllll
•till bi* Ut by tht pound
In tht Matter of Th* Leonard Sale
Company, Attlgued
The credilors hiving giveu imperative
in-tin. linn- to rolled all outstanding
am uniil", parties indebted tu the tbove
"Tbe Lciiiiaiil Sale Couipiii)," ire re
ipii'slcl lo clll toil act Ile their indelilcil
uess forthwith. Tbis ctu be dene by
either . ailing it lb. .tore, 00 Lonadlle
Aveuue, North Vaueouver, lo tho man
in i barge, or at the office of Wil.on k
Petry, Assignees, 'lilt litstings Streel
West, Vincouvtr.
f        '
In .11 Countries
lor'.  Ailil
Atk for pur limn-
ur    Marlon  A M.rion, 881
11/ Sired, come/ 81. Otlh.rln.
'laiiada. tnd  Wash
Come in ami sec us.   We will he uuly
luu pluused lu shuw yuu uur samples.
Ill Ksplauade West. I'lione ill)
(uext lo Patterson, Qoldie k Clark)
111,000 cords of dry lir wood for quick
sale. Price per odd corda, (4.76. Special limitations for larger tiiiantltles.
Cut Wood, 16 Inches, 13.25. 13 Inches
UM, C. 0. D.
line and Yard
I'lione 190.
Milt and I onidali
P. 0. Ho* 2432.
W Vl'l'tll MI'lilT.
Fur a l.lccuse lu Take Hid  I sc Water
NOTICE Is hereby iiiven thut Nuw
unit Ui'lcli unil I'lie iT.iniiiiiiy Limited.
Vancouver, will uiiply fur a license in
luke nmi use 100 cubic feel tier uccoml
uf wuler uul uf --i...nn, i Creek, which
tluws lu u noiThweslci'l) direction
ilu.,nun l,.,l 808. gruup I. New Wist
niiualer    lllslrlel.    uml    empties   ln|u
lluwe    „i   near   the   hem!   ilu i.,,|
The wuter will be diVclTml ul tlie heud
•if the fulls nmi will be uaed fur puwer
purposes uu the lumi deuerlbcil ua l.ut
U08. liliiljp 1, Ncvv \\ , uin.iUul, I IT.,
This Nutlce was inisteil nil Ihe
, iu iiiiii  ,,i, the 881b iluy uf July.  1812
The uniilli'iilluii will lie flleil In the
..nice nf lhe Water Recorder ul New
ilbjcclluna muy be tiled wllh lhe anld
Wuler llcciirili r nr with Ihe Coin plr idler uf Wulet' Itlgliis. Parliament Ilulbl-
Inn,  Vlclnilii,  B. <".
.1. II. Iievey. Agent
vv  \ I III   Mil II I.
I.'ur . I.lcrusj- to Take an* tm- Waler
NOTICE Is horoby given Ihul New-
uuii Wui,.,, Company Uniitd uf Vun-
..uiivcr, will u|i|,l> fut' u llcenae tu tuke
.nul un,- twu I,mulT,,I culile feel per tecum! uf wuter uul uf Slaamoa Creek.
■■i'i. i. tluws in a southwesterly' directum ii,i,,ui.ii hi.i,iiiuiu Vulley, uud empties tutu lluwe Suund near the heau
In icnf
The wuler will be diverted ul lhe
in,lot uf Inleraectlon wil li lhe norlhcrl)
lllllll "IT   1.   Witli mill will be used ful
;,i mn .i ..I purpoaea un Ihe lund described us l.ul 186, Gruup I, New Wealmln-
sler lilsiilcl.
This police wua posled on Ihc ground
nu the ..Hi duy uf Jul). 1918.
The      i I In u I i.-ii   will   be   llled   III   I tie
ulllce „f tlie Wuler Jlccurder ul New
"i. .. nun muy tic tiled with the auld
Wuler   llecurder   or   wllh   Ihu   I'uinn-
llnll.l     nf    Water    llll lit.-.     I'm Ii.iiii. nl
llulldlngs. Vlclorlu, II C.
T. F  Morrln, Agent
I'ur a I.locate lu Take auil I sr Water
NOTICK Is liereliy given Ibul Newport Wuler Co United of Vuncoover.
will upply for u license tu luke ami
use M cubic feel per aecond of waler
mil of Muiniiuiini i'reek, which Nows In
ii southwesterly direction Ihiuiiuh tin
'.I.,nmi,. in Vulley uiiii empties Inlu eusl
brunch ;i,in.,iiii.-i, Inni neur lluwe
The wuler will be diverted ul III.
lumi of llie llrsl fulls below Unul Creek
nmi will be used for power nurpuacs
uu Ibe lund described us I.nl IH. aroup
I, New Westminster District
Thla notice waa pulled un the around
nn Ibe 2filh day of July, 1882
The ulipllcullun will be filed III I Ilf-
ollice of lhe Waler Recorder ul New
Objections inuy be llled wllh lhe suld
Wuler Hecordcr or wllh lbc Cumiilrol
ler of Walei Rlglils, Parliament Boil.!
log.. Vlclorlu, B  ti.
3. ti llevey, Agent.
THIiANKOF     1P13
_7« Y..r* In SoaitiuM. aim mf *«Mry* Ow WWO.flOO.
A porceut»ge qf your w»gei n>posltei) in * Bavipgi Account i» in much nf
yeur luliur |n storage (nr emergencies nr old »ge.
Whul seems ail Inexhaustible supply nf strength may nut lust aa lung aa
yen expect, flegln storing some of it now, this week, In the Savings Dep»rt-
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lomdale Aye
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
We have a lajrge range of SHOT GUNS and
ACCESSORIES, also a complete stock of
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Second Street Easl, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses lhe finest roof garden on lhe Pacific Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from 6 lo 10.
I lot and cold waler in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. 1ST        PAID $4,250,000
Cjuickly aud promptly on account of the Ban Frauciaco earthquake and Die.
How mauy Oompuiuu could do this?
Ita assets amount to 1116,000,000
A postal will bring um  representative
Basldent Ageut
18 Lontdtl* Avsuue and Oapllano 0*r Terminus
Phon**: Lousdalt 167. 0*pU*Jio 161
We solicit the trade of all builder* who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and lhe
prompt and careful filling of order*, which our large
slock and long experience in buiineu make* pouible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.   A snap at $2,000, Qne-thirdctih,b>l.6>ndl2monihi
Office Plioue 173.
BMldanc* Plume »M
t. O. Box 1*31.
— l^l&UiJ^JimiliftZ^^
m \m
ams in
tti      ' ''VmiTn
fft htm tho following oflhirlngs worth making inquiry about, yi*.l
Lot 16, Block 86, D. Ii. 273, reduced to »1,900.
Two lot* ln Block 30, D. I,. 8711,11,000 each.
Small liouse and lot on loth itreet, only 12,100.
Four. 1st* on 16th street, 13,600 ttf tin whole.
Six fraction*} lot*, Block 87, J). Ja 804, onjy 93,000.     ,.
First class new rosldeuco, 7 room* «ud til modern convenience*. Lot
.    60x167 foot-ra bargain at $1,800.
Six room bungalow on Tempo Height*. Large basement, lot 60x110 feet
A bargain at $1,000.
Beautiful Hollyburn home and large lpt for $lo,oofl-ouofourtb cash.
-  Balance to arrange.
t*ii ANP SBB
The Burrard Development Company United.
(Successors to Eldor Murrey Compauy Limited)
Urolmrs 17 Lonsdale I'h.iii" 8?
Boys and Girls Take Notice
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book and Stationary Company).
38 Lonadalo Aveuue PHONB 101
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves th* Summer Ironing Problem
Pur 1818 we arc offering a "llolpoint" uf the 0 Hi sine, suitable for
geueral household use, foi $1.60. This iron is similar to all "Hol|iuiots"
except thut the upper surface is unpolished.
A Good
Send your friend* who are InUrssted
In ths North Bhore * copy of
"The Express"
It will keap tbcm posted on dl
Nortb Shore Nsws apd will only coat
$1 per year
A largely attended meeting was held
in th* Hollyburn scbnol house on Tuesday nigbt und the mutter pf tb* cn
I rune e pt the 1 Tie ilic (I rent Eastern 0 nil
their chosen route along the wuierfrnni
discussed at lengtbi many of Hie pro
perty owners voicing their opinions on
the   desirability   or  otherwise   of   the
route running through P. L. 237.. After much discussion the location of
the right-of-way of the P. 0. E. b*i'k
from the foreshore as per tho survey ot
tbe district eugineer, was approved,
By Laws for $180,000 for Ferry Wharves tnd Boats Meets with Strong
Tbo inali,'I of tbe by-law to be plac
ed before tho people for tho raising
uf $180,000 for wharves ami buals came
up for discussion-
Aid. Irwiu of North Vancouver rose
ami mined than an explanation of tlie
way iu which the mouey obtained if
aucb by law passed is tu be spent, be
givon the people of the district before
proceeding any further. He did not
iee why such information should l>0
withheld and tho council as ferry dire'e-
tors use the money aa they though!
St without first consulting tho rule
payers. Mr. John Teare seconded tiic
motion, whicii was received with up
plause and passed.
Reeve Nelson proceeded to cxpl'iin
tho use to which the money derived
from the by law would be put point:
ing out that lhe council were ubuut lu
buy stock in the Ferry Cumpnuy nnd
called on Cuuncillur Mathers as chuir
mail uf Ihe finance committee to rend
Ibe tiniiii'iul statement of the dislricl.
Mr. Mathers addressed the mooting,
sayiug linn he had expected the Kovvc
tu call uu him and he was glad tn lie
able tu explain his position lo the
people, as he had heard il said that
ie, when seekiug election, had advo
ated wharves for Duiiduravo, and has
now iiuiu1 back ou his promise. He
wished lo say he had not tbe slight,-I
recollection of such platform declaru-
tiou aud would like it understood thni
he was opposed tu the buildiug ul ti
new wbarf at Dundaravc iu Ihc present
state of the finances of the district.
The councillor staled tbat he had uo
axe to griuil and was working sulely
iu the interests ul lhe whole ilistricl
uml uut fur uny particular section. He
considered lhat iu the present stole ul'
Ihe finances there was uut muney tn
spare for wharves at llundurave.
Mr. Mathers weut uu tu say Ihul
frum a persutial point uf view he wuuld
he glad tu see Dunduravc get wharves
as he was tlge owuer uf suinc 700 feet of
waterfrontage, hul he was mil there
fur personal motives, hut tu represent
thc whole district's interests and he iu
tended to* do su ami therefore must
during the present state uf the finances
oppose a wharf al that puiut. Mr. Mu
thers poiuted uut lhat when he as
chairman of Ihc finance committee took
over thc affairs uf thc district he
fuuml that they were saddled wilh un
old debt of $8,000 contracted liy thc j
ilislriet of Nortli Vuncuuver and that
I' iui,- he knew he was iu the box bul:
he was now endeavoring tu gel Ihem!
oul of the box,
I consider, stated Mr. Mathers, Ihul
Ihc people of West  Vancouver should .
b»v* very ipneh larger hpsts as they
b»ye to contend with such dangerous
waters us those of the nurruws and
consider that $60,000 would havo to he
provided fqr lauding. Ho thought iluu
fwo bo»ts posting 'rom $76,000 to
$100,000 each would be required and
th«t they be built to carry :lml passengers each.
The reovo asked if auytJno would like
to ask any quest inc.; w|jicl| Uqupcillhl
Mathers would gladly answer.    '
Aid. Irwiu asked why $76,0011 had
been used for roads which wore not
necessary ami some of this mutiny npt'
expended on ferries.
Coun. Mathers: "Wo considered Ibo
iiiiiiiiini niinltcd to ferries sufficient."
Mr. Aleunder asked permission to
speak and stated he was advocating
tho uxpouilituro of $10,000 on Dundar
ave wharf. I beg to say that I was
uever in favor of the float now there
ami ou which $11,000 was unpen,led l>y
the N, V. council."
Mr. Irwin asked why the membein
of the cuuucil when seeking election at
the begiuniug of thc year did nut nute
they were opposed to wharves al Duu
. Coun. Mathers: "I repcut I never promised whurves at Duudurauv'
Councillors Uintzburgcr, Hay anil
Merrick were called tu the platform tu
express their views un whirl nnd pjr
chase of new steamers and were que*
tioacd at length chiefly liy Aid. Irwiu.
Mr. Irwin moved a resolution to the
effect that tho cuuncll postpone their
action in submitting the bylaw and ou
a show of hands the motion was ln«l
20 to 24.
Mr. Llddle spoke briefly on the quo-
tion of a tuuuel across lhe narrows
:.iiuiiii: that hu had been informed Ihul
it would be u comparatively easy mill
Mi .lulni l.nwsou was also in favur
of a tunnel.
The question of the ferry compuii.'
having control of street ends was mis
cd am) Aid. Irwiu expressed thc opinion thut the Perry I'u. should lease the
sonic fruni the municipality.
The meeting adjuurucd ut 11,16, the
ferry lmal Dunccllu having been held
over to convey returning ratepayers tu
Sealed Tenders uu the prescribed
forms and accompanied by certified
cheque ur cash fur 6 per cent, ol Ihe
ami,unl uf tender (whieh stun ihull be
held until the satisfactory completiou
of the works, according lo plans aud
specifications) will he received by Mr.
John (I. Puriner, Municipal Clerk, until
i'i p.m. uu Thursday, the uth Scpteffi
ber, Iill.
1. Huads iu 1). I, Dili 607.
2. Culvert and Bux Drain, I). L.
.1. Eire Hall, D. L. 111(10.
All in accordance with plans nnd
specifications lu he hud ul this office
after 10 a.m. un Eriduy, itOth August,
IP IS, upon payment of $1.00 for each
which sum will be returned upun re
icipt of bona fide lenders.
The lowest or any tender not neces
sarily aceeptod,
Districl Kngiuecr.
Dislricl  Municipal  Hall,
for. I.ynu Valley uud Fromme Roads,
Norlli  Vaneouver, H
City Council Committee Reports
The following rPWta of the various committees were rend Slid adopted
at the council meeting on Monday even-
Lane* Committee—
lie'coinnieuded that 10 foot lane running um iii anil south ill block 2fl •■ 18
from Ifltli and IJtli streets between
Chesterfield and Million be cleared and
A« tlip Board of Works have notified tlieir willingness to contribute lu
..tho upiTiiui: up and grading uf lanes iu
tlie central purtion of the dly which
ore used for heavy traffic the limes
committee recommend thut uny mldi-
Iiniuii amount required tu cumplcle th'
suid wurk be puid frum Ihe ninnies
available by the lanes committee.
Park* Committee    .
Recommended that the. engineer pre
pare a plun fur u grand sluud lllll feci
iu length with dressing ruums, etc.,
uuilcriicalli lu be pluecd jn llic recroit
liun ground  iu  Muhun  Purk.
Recommended Ihut lhe engineer give
uu estimate fur the placing uf u fence
around the recreation ground.
Recommended Ihut the parks super
intention! muke an easier grade fruni
the entrance of the purl:  from   Del
brooke aveuue.
Board of Worka—
Re letter from 11. E, Kemp, secretory of N. V. City Ferries Ltd., sttg
gosling thut the cily maiie applied?
tion for 100 feel uf foreshore, from
high Kilter mirk lo he used for ferry
purpuses. Recommended lhat lettor be
sent to Minister uf Murine uud Fish
erics applyitig fur same.
He letter fnim McDougall k Co., re
gardiug claim fur 8> 100 fur damages
caused iu llll 1 while constructing a
storm sewer ou Million avenue. Iiu
commended  that   Idler be filed.
He letter frum J. Wardroper und I'
Powell inul.in;: application fur u ruud
ulung liBtli street fiutu Lurson ruad
lu Vnf streel and also uf the remov
al of several slumps. Reconiineuiled
Ilml application be granted.
He Idler frum 11. D. Hreen Aruiylag,"
with vouchers for work dope nu creek
running thruugh his pruperty. Rci-uni
mended thai Mr. Armytage be written
lo spiling Ihul damage has been cutis
ed by u fence which was erected across
the water course whereby debris wuh
collected uud llu: course of Ihc streum
diverted uver his property; thut the
cily dues uut hold il.elf liable lur Ihc
damage; and that tin same Iriinlde i-
likely lo occur uguin In the sumcpln-c
unless  the  feme  is  removed.
Re petitiou from ,1 A, Forbes and oth
its fur a sidewalk uu the nurlh side of
the Grand Boulevard belween Chester
field and Mahoayavcnues. Recommended
thul a  I fool sidewalk be built
Ile suggestion thut sidewalk be pirn
cd   on   lower   Keilh   Houd   Iruin   eust
side uf Chesterfield avenue lu the purk,
Recommended thut Iiiii- be nut ilunc in
the meoulinie.
Recommended thul a crossing be plui
cl tu Mr  Millougall's properly unlhc
„ .'..'..    I".J.'  ...IffBH
northern comer of villi and Ht, Andrew 's avenue and also ou tho lane
from St. Andrew's to the Iuue at the.
roar of the propurty.
Fir*  aud  Light   Committee
Recommended that as tbo regulur
firemen'are nuw insured it is nul necessary to insure the volunteer firemen.
Helm ended that right of city to
charge luiiil improvement to lands
otherwise exempt he taken up with
the Attorney General'b department
Hepni'i thut under the Municipal Act
section 2116 and amctidmpnts, Hurt inul
tural grounds oro exempt from luxation tuul also olher lauds mentioned
• ■ liccominciiilcil that nil records in
c- on neit i on with courts of revision lie
attached to lucul improvement bylaws
they were hold iu cunnectitiii therewith.
Kecominciiilcil Ihut order In: nlitiliu-
ed from lhe lute city clerk tu the
reg itriir to hold to thu order of the
muyor tiny und ull documents lying to
his urder iu lhe Registry office belonging lu the city nf Nortn Vancouver,
There will he a meeting of Hie In
dies of the parish of St, Agues church
held ou Thursday, Hcptombor fit li, nl
i pui. iu the parish hull, cpruer uf Uth
und Boulevard, fur lhe purpose of
forming un auxiliary in the parish.
The meeting will he attended by Mrs.
Dc I'ciiiiiT, wife of lhe llisltop of New
Westminster, Mrs, C. C. Owen, pre
sident of lite Diocesan W. A., and Mrs,
Vnn. Nostruml, organizing secretary of
the diocese., Afternoon tcu will lie served und ull Indies ill I ores! cd nn:- ini ilcl
to intend.
llunl mining lights of the iJumlnluii
in Manitoba, baskutchewun und Albel
ii. the Vuli,in Territory. Iho Norlli-wcoi
Territories unit In u i>uitluii uf the iuu
vlnco nf linii I Columbia', muy be 1, us
cd fur u term uf tWenty-one yeurs ot
uu untiuul ii-ninl i 81 un itci'c. Nut
more thun 2,fiCu acres wilt tu leased io
one I'luTI'uiii
Application for a lease most he mode
by the iippllcaiit In person lu Ihc AKcnt
or Sub-Agent of llu- dlslrlcl In which
thc tights nl'l'll"! fur aro situated
In surveyed territory Ihe lund musl
he described by sections, or lenal subdivisions uf sections, mu) lu unaarvoy-
ed territory the tract applied fur sliull
he slaked uul hy the. ul'i'llciint lillu-
Kach ai'plliTillun musl be accumpan-
led by u fee nf li. which will he refunded If the rlnhtu applied for aro nol
available, hut m-l ulhcrwfso. * roy
ally stiul) be i .,M nn flic merchantable
,,iu,,nl ut llie inllie at Ibe lute of llv,
cunts per lun.
The I'cisun opcriiilng llu mine sliull
furnish the Audit wiih sworn returns
nccuuiiilng fur llu full uiiuntlty uf
iiieiehiiiiiahle eual mined ntul pay Iho
royally Ihereon If thc eual milling
ii,:Ms ate nut being ui'criiteil. sucli returns shuuld bo furnished ut least unco
a j ear.
The Iciso will Include the eual milling
linlilM only, but the lessee muy be per-
milled ti purchase whatever available
surface lights may l,o eiinsldered necessary fur thc wurldiiK of the mlno at
lbe inle  if IIO un ik re
I'ur (i.li Infiii iuuHun .,, ilu :iil,,ii
should be maiie lu Ihc secretary of the
I', i,.,i un. it of the Interior, Otlawu. or
In any agent or Hub Agent uf Dominion
iv w. cony.
Deputy Muii.i of thc li i, i lui
N    H—unauthorised   publication   of
this   ."li i i il ,:; ■; i   will   nut   bo   1 'l'l
for 18-8
The Scotch Tea Rooms
Business ilcntli'iuen'i; l'cpi.l. t Lunch Place.
Broakfaat B.00 to 10.00. Lunch 12.00 lo 2.00
High Tea GOO till 7.30.   Aitcruiou Teas.
Short Orders specially attended to.
TO    PfUtT- Rooms.
I   -   i.l.   Plione 01.
Eighth   aod
ROOMS   VUU   lil.iVf    Housekeeping
and single.   Ill tad street eaat.
Pull HIM' -room shack, |I0 par
month Apply Mrs. Knight, 7lb and
Hidgeway uieuiio.
FOH HIM' -flroomed Hal uear
ferry, l'2>> I"'' munlh. Apply Warburu
lis Piuiiii lluusc. t.f.
MIR    SALK - Apples,    Astracban,
Du. lu-i,',, Oraveustein. Kecue,  Ifith St.
POB HALE-Or exchange for Norlb
Vanrouver real estate, an equity of
ii.u-ui ju 10 acres of first class farm
laud in Surrey, Apply Box AI IS, Ex
press 'UD. ■•     . I'm
FOR HKNT Colonial Apartmeuts, I
roomed suite, unfurnished, luquire Dler-
sscii, (th street and SI. Andrew's. Phone
H4II. tf.
POH HALK King's rotd eaat, ty,
block from liousdale, facing south, i
luls, 100 feci, 8)8,700. *600 club, bal
ance 7 years, for 8 weeks only. Bo*
1810,  North   Vancouver. t.f,
POH    KENT   Urge   roomy,   well
lighted-slure wilh table and Groomed
hul over store, comer Lynn Valley and
I'cnlrc Bonds. Apply Merchants Trust
k Trailing Co. Lid., 944 Pender HI. W.,
Vaucouvor, ti. ti. If,
 ' ~ **""
TO HKNT Furnished, 7 roomed bun
galow overlooking Lyon Vu'lcy Park
uu carline. lint waler healing, nni all
modorn conveniences, electric light,
open fiiupluce olc, etc. Furniture practically new. Kent U6 per month. Ap
ply 3. Oould, (,'r»wford Road, Lynn
Vslley. tf
i FOR HALE—New tve roomed bun
jgtlow; modem, Droplaco, piped for
'furnace, paneled dining room) dry lot;
J'/i blocks from Lousdale car, on 20th
Street Fast. Price ♦3,100. Terms.
Owner, Box AI Ifi, Express Oflice.
A SNAP—To be sold cheap owing to
sickness, Ihc owuer is willing to uc-
riflcc away below market value two
valuable Iota adjoining Mtbon Park tt
the bottom of Uth street west. For
furtber particulars apply Armby liouse,
on th* »P»»' r^",      99
WANTED—Nice   unfurnished   room,
Box A117, Kipress 0*c*. Mf
WANTED — Experienced waitress.
Oood wages. Kilburo Cafe, Ksplauade
WANTED—Listings from owners of
property io D. L. 837, West Vancouver.
Box B8, Express Office.
Ouud mum und huurd at llllo Second
slreei  cast. Terms *U per week. 30*
Sliurl lime loSus un vacant ur im Ileal Estate Ilml a lul" nolice lliul
proved pruperty. Star Loan Company, Lol lc, Lluih lu'i, D I, Kiu, is oil the
till Hustings, Vancouver. t.f.  market 10
WANTED- Young lady (English)
wauls a'uothcr to share small house
P. 0. Box 2361, North Vancouver. 3 0
WANTED--A; ouce, a respectable
woman for bouse work. Apply Mrs. P.
1. S. Cole, 0th street, second house wesl
of  Mould -ir,. ii
WANTED-Siluation. Young lady
wants position ligbt housework and
would be willing to do children's sewing. Addiess D., Box 1023. 89
WANTKD   Udies  to c*li  tt   Hair
Dressing Parlors for tu up to date hair
dressing,   shampooing,   massage   and
manicuring, Keith Block, department 1.
tlemen lo *btre two good bedrooms,
breakfast and dinner. Apply "nd street,
flrst house south aide, easl of St. Patrick's avenue. 30 8
liOST   Gold locket, heart shape. Be
w»rd. Be* AI18, Express OSes, 30 8
Oood young stock bull kept, comer
I.' il'iasuii and Capilano roads. W. II
Wilkius. <>■»
For lino walcb aud jewelry work go
to Geo. Somerlou, the new jewelry store
ou 2nd street.
Dressmaking and ladies' Tailor
Mrs. P. Kiser, Room 1, Tliumsun id ck,
N. Vancouver. 8-9
Ocnllcmau wishes eomforlable ••■•■•••
ia North liousdale. Full particulars tu
A116, Kxpress Oflice. 30 8
If you have any property to sell anil
want quick results, list it with Sborl,
Hiibcrlsnn and Seymour.    ■ t.f.
l-uiii will lake charge of children
any lime, 28c per hour. Address N. E.
('... North  l.uiiniiale,  post  oflice.  308
International Restaurant now open
ed, Oood meals cheap. Meal tickets
of 21 meals, |3.if>.. (live us a trial and
become our customers. * 6 9
Udies to do plain and light *ew
ing at home, whole or spare time, good
pay; work aent uy distance; charges
ptid. Send stamp for particulars. Na
tional Manufacturing Compauy, Mon
trail. W-g
if you btvo any properly lo sell air'      Orders fur cabinet and picture frame
want quick results, list it wilh Short, making promptly  executed.  Furniture
Robertson and Seymour. t.f uml ulliee hllingt lu any design. Job
. lung wuik nnd repairs of oil kinds
MONEY to LOAN— Money loaned specially Ittended to. Kstimates free.
ou diamonds, jewelry, furs.   Star Loau, J. V,   lluyncs, 12.16 Lonsdale Avcuue,
Co., AH Hastings, Vanrouver. t.f. North Vancouver, Phone Llii.
Lonsdale Heally Co., G.'lii Lonsdale -
Agreymenls discounted at current rales.
Money wailitig. Listings solicited. IX
When needing cosl or building sup
plies, call up phono 488, Nortli Shore
Coal k Supply Co., Kickliains wharf.
L. H. Kalon, manager.   Nolc name and
pllUlie    llllllll,er ,    t.f.
PIANO-Miss Hilda Sees, laic of
Leipsic Conservatory, Germany, between
Ctb and fllb slrect, 1st block west of
•• VIA"
Authorized agent for Singer few
ing Mu, Iuuu Company in Norlh Vtncouver. J. JyMcAleccc, Dry Goods and
Ousts' Furnishing*, corner First uml
Lonsdale ^venuo. t.f.
B. O. livery tnd Bo*rd eltblcs -
Light rigs tnd Mies' saddle horses
/or b|re. Stabling- lpt horse*. Oon
oral delivery afid heavy learning II
Dumas, Uh street Wost. Phone 947 t.f.
Tbsds Mark*
Copwiomt* Ae.
8 s jketeh and drjcrteilnn mi
QntcSIr tiMulAln nur „|,ii,i„n tire w
fmaA Clearing and Grading Lots.
I'cto .Andruss, Ocnersl Contractor. Sc
mat connMos* .» *pecl»lty, Usement
tod other excavating work undertaken
Ettl-atit* froo. (87 St. Ocorgo's Ave..
North V»nMur*r, pott oflc* bo* UOI
., Jftroafcl- „.
so<W, wlthniit aiutt. In lie
nl Bflsst,
inu liiim IAr"U|H
ittific Hmericai,
Mir iiiimijim .",', It'i** 4'
ft,,, jrt.sllSr |',«nt»l. Twnij lor
li i ftu, fOmtt* sttrtiA Mt hy
Express 0luilttt*tm9- Bring (Juick
Tr| Uum.
■HHNnud t   TTTTT-W T f  j.wrm-m^mmmmT ay-    wftej^    f y ) mt
Dominion Match Company, Limited
To tbe Public :-
As President of the Board of Trade
of Now Westminister, I became Inter-
estod in tho plans of the Dniniuinii
Mulch Co., Ltd. After thoroughly investigating und famjlitriiiiig myself
with the sound, economic basis of tho
Parker process of mukiug mulches, I
becume a considerable stockholder, lie-
In" in; the new industry to be a solid
business investment capable of cum
ing utt'radivu dividends.
Tlie l'u,Ton is being eredtid ut New
Westminster, tin u site served directly
by the C. P. 11. ami Great Northern
ruilways uud the II. C. Electric Cu.,
therefore unequalled iu Irunspnrluliun
Mayur .lulni A. Lee uf New Westminster is alsu a iIItciTu! of this rum
puny, uml all stuck'liuhlcrs muy feel
slim uf lhe honest uml capable liuu
tiling of lite cunipuny's interests, us
ull direclurs have heen sclceled for
their integrity uml business capacity.
I feel quite jusl ifie.I in recommend
ing the .Dominion Match 'Co. stuck us
u guild investment mul nne whieh I be
Hove will in the future huie u vulue
muny times ils prescnl price.
President   New   Wuslutinsler
Huurd nl' Trade.
Mi. ti. H. Milky,
Dcitr tilfl-f      j
At the sitggi'siiiiu of the men inter
ested iu tbe Domiuion Mutch Com
pany, Ltd., I desire lo oxpress pursuit
*lly the eiiniiib'iiee I have iu the
suund, ''.'1111111111'' basis of Ihu industry
ami tbe good faith and ability of the
men whu aru now pioututiiig the com
pany, and who will have charge of ils
As Mavor of the City of New West
minster, 1 Mil glad tu uid iu Ihc uslali
li Inn;  uf this remarkable industry.
I believe they will make big dividends, otherwise I would mil hu a
stockholder, as I am. I am ulsu u
director of the cuuipany, and feel sure
that its affairs will be conducted cap
ably and ecuuomically.
The direclurs, as such, will uot receive salaries, as is usually the custom
nf must large cumpanics.
Trusting this infurinal uin may lie nf
iiiltic In you, I i, muin.
Very,truly yours, ,
.1011N A. LEE,
Mayur,   New   Wcsliniustcr.
Tb* above photograph of llic Dominion Match Company'! hul planl speaks (or ilself. The factory it served direct hy the C. P. R., Greal Northern and B. C. Electric, therefore is unequalled for Iraniporlalioo facilities.
Tlie Brunclt Rivet, which can he seen, serves as a logging pond. Who can doubt bul what ihii company will be a greal success and make money year afler year for those who have the courage lo back their convictions
wilh a lillle money? Ul lliese fads convince you lhal lhe Dominion Mali It Company, Limited, often an investment lhat is really worlh while: Canada consumes over S catload* of matches per day. Today Canuda
is importing malches from Japan and Sweden, nolwillislanding a duly of 25 per cent., which is equal lo $1.00 pei acre. The oeaiesl match factory in Canada is Hull, in the Province of Quebec. Eddy ol Ilull has
made a fortune for himself and associates from llic in uml,u iuu ul matches, and yet lhe system used by him calls foi while cork pine at.$90 per ihousund feel, and a great deal of hand labor. The system uied by llic
Dominion Malch Company calls (or aider, liasswood, collonwood, oi any wood lhal will veneer or ahsoib paralfmc. The cosl is about $5 per thousand. This system of machinery alto saves 50 pet eenl. of lhe hand
labor. In brief, ihc Dominion Mulch Company has about $600 a carload lhe advantage o( any other manufacture in Canada. Ihc Company can make over $1,400 net profit per carload. The factory has a capacity
of one car per day, therefore, counting 300 work days, il cao earn about $420,000 per annum, which is equal lo 42 pei eenl. on $1,000,1)00, which is lhe capitalization of lhe company. Does this nol sound good?
Would you nol like lo have some of your money invested in an industry ilmi is nol effected hy crop failure or panics? This is, youi oppoilunily. What are you going to do with it) Stand back aod doubt and say, as
90 per ceul. ol lhe people do, I don'l believe il will ever amouol In anything and then wake up lo lhe fad lhal you have lost oul? The company is officered by men you know and can It ml, men lhal stand high in
their own community. There will lie no enormous salaries paid lo lhe officer*, nor no freezing oul of small stockholders. Remember, you arc buying inlo lhe parent company, and investori will share in 50 per cent, ol
the three olher plants which will be established io ihc eastern provinces. Come to our hraoch office, where we have one of our wonderful mulch culling machines working. Come and lei our salesmen show you ihc
icpoils of lhe enormous dividends being paid by olher malch concerns. No mailer what your neighbor (who is undoubtedly a knocker, anyway) may say, come and investigate for yourself. The factory will jic
running and turning oul matches in aboul 90 days. Russell Sage ijuoled: lo make unities you must do so on your owo judgment. The man who hesitates either has lo pay * premium lo lhe man who does ad or he loses
lhe opportunity (or ever.   Don'l lei ihis'be yuur rase.   If our salesmen call on you give (hem a lew momenls o( your lime.   They might make you some money.    You don'l h*ve lo invesl.    Use pom oun judgment.
66 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver      Dominion Match Company Underwriters
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
<J Let us quote you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
i'liune i'H.
Owing In the uncertain slute uf the
weather the liiurnainent orranged f,r
thm week anil at lhe Nurth Vaucuuver
, uiirls lis ■ heeu al,niiiluiii.I ,
Saturday licit is the la.I 'lay ou
allien entries will he rceeiveil fur the
rroquel ami tennis tournament lu he
hehl iu cuiiiicctiuii with the liorlicil
I ami Society's aiiiiiinl ulluw. Ainu ar
the competing gardens of the city ami
ilistricl have tu he i hlgi ,t prior tu the
thow, Halurday in Ihc closing entry ilay
in  iin- claim alsu
ItiTiienilicr   Ihe   Victorian   tinier   uf
Nurses Tag Hay for lhe North Shore
ou   .■-., Mui, i   ilh.
0.M.Bu)AW,Man*,.r.   CAPILANO, NORTH VANCOUVER   '; uam- v"'VIitw'
l l Hu l O  / || |'| | | . ^^
Unequalled Rewrt for Holiday, long or Jiort.
Family Roomi en tuite wilh •pedal ratet.
Modern appointment* throughout* ipaciout groundi, high clau tervic* al moderate ratet.
Eaiy trail to top ol Grouie Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
SEASON 191 f
City Council Before The
Municipal Commission
Continued  from page  J.
should he elected   for    twu yearn, une
Iniril of the cuuucil retiring each yeur.
"Du you think the mayur shuuhl
hold ollice fur two years!"
"No, he should lie elected every
Advertising Muney Bylaws
Ahlcriuiin Irwiu, an chairman uf the
Finance t'uinmitlee, submitted fur the
consideration uf die I'oiumission tin'
matter uf Ihc advertising of eily money
liylawa, directing specific attention tu
the lniril.ilii|i wrought ujiun city municipalities Ihrnugh hcing compelled lu
advertise certain liylawa in daily
|s'| ui- Al.ii iiiiiii, Irwiu explained lhal
llio newspaper at Nurlli Vancuuver is
published twice u week and iu order lu
comply with Ihc advorliaitig rcgu|a
lions il wus necessary for tin: paper to
publish a daily issue for the required
lime, and Ihc daily advertising rate
made thc tost of sueh advertising ex
cesaive. lie suggested that the law
might he changed to permit uf air
. • in, in:: less frequently than daily or
that the1 same privilege might lie extended tu all city municipalities ui
lliuse which are giveu Vancuuver,
namely, of sending notice of minor iin
pruvcmciits through Ihc mails.
Municipal Tax Salts
MT, in, in Irwiu raised an important
piiinl when he spoke of lux sales. Ile
expressed Ihc view lhal Ihc period of
delinquency, aa al present constituted,
waa lou luul and he declared lhal al
l'" i fuur ot five yeurs shuulrl elapse
[t before the final and ubsulule sale uf
a lot fur taxes.
This view rather surprised Commia
sinner Maclean.
"What i" your ideal" he asked.
"Well, a man might be injured ur
die, mul his estate might not lie ud
minister.''! before Ilis luls would be
liable (or taxes."
"Uul lhal is nol likely lu happen,"
said Mr. Maclean. "It is generally
rccngiii/cl Ibat II is bail practice to
legislate for extreme cases."
"Well, llie present arrangement
simply means that tax sales are gamble*," sniii Alderman irwiu, "You can
•ee that by watching the prices ptid at
Iti ttie* lot vtluttile lots.   Tbe mere
fuel that tbese sales arc recognized as
gambles keep prices duwu tu a ridicul
uus |.uint I iluul, lhat wheu tbt filial
sale lakes i'l-, • the purchaser should
know lhat he is going to get tbe lot
The period of redemption shuuld have
elapsed before the sale takes place."
Earlier Date for Elections
Thul the fiscal year should eud Iwo
iiii.iitlin earlier and lhat thc eleclious
should tuke place one mouth earlier,
were other puitils urged by Alderman
Irwiu. He ulsu called attenliuu lu sec
lions Slill and 870 uf the Muuicipal
Acl, mukiug it necessary lo stale uu
the assessment roll the reasons fur uuu
paymenl. This entailed a lol uf wurk
und, us the reason fur non puymcul was
refusal In pay, he said, he Ihuughl the
reasuii shuuld bu struck uut.
Alderman Irwiu alsu advanced the
view that Ihc I'ruviucial Guvcriimcnt
shuuld create a municipal department,
with a miuister at tbe head cuuversaul
with municipal law, lu whom the muni
cipalities could turn fur guiilauco anil
"What do you llunl. of a unifurm
system uf munlclptl book beeping!"
asked the chairman.
"I Uniil, Ihc idea is a guud uue,
'and a muuicipal department such as
11 have urged wuuld be almott a lie
ecssily In bring about uniform luu,I.
(In the iptesliun uf "iiiimisnion guv
urnnicnt, Alderman Irwin Ihuughl lbe
cities should have the upturn uf tilupl-
iug il if they wanted tu. ile was iu
' favur uf lhe ward system in large cities
hut Ihuughl the smaller communities
i uiil'l gel on witbuut.
j Aldermen Mcltae expressed * decided preference fur the roinniissiou
form uf guvernment, to which, he said,
he had devoted considerable attention.
Too Late to Classify
TO HKNT- ii "."in modern bouse,
Uh street west, block /rum Lonsdale.
Apply 18) 4th street west. .18
FOlt SAI,K Nurlli Lonsdale ty,
acre in 1). L. 787 .or #600, or would sell
hill. Snap. Hux AIIS, Kipress.     I.f.
LOST—On Suwl»y*iw* s»cks uf
laundry frum the corner of Keith retd
did Bewicke avenues. Beward. Canyon
View Hulel or Hutel Nortb   Vancou
fit,  AgAtpm.'t tnd  toledonlw Society's picnic to Hollyburn on Monday,
Fourth Street Grading
Contract Awarded
— %
The city fathers, in briei session lust
evening, awarded the eunlra<t fur 'be
grading ui 4th streel Irum Malum avo
It HI. Andrew'i avenue. The success
(ul tenderers were Messrs. Hull uml
Bowyer, whu ure tu undertake the
work fur *S,0U!1.00.
St. Agnes' Church
Special Labor Bcruiou
bunday ucxl being lhe day before
I.Tu.i Ilay, Ihc service iu the even
iug al bt. Agues' I'litireli will he ul u
special nature. There will he special
hymns and the address will he given
un the subject "Christ ami Labor".
Tbe subject of the morning address
will be "Hack lo tlalileo.' The vicar,
Bev. Dr. Pea, will be Ihc preacher ul
bulh services.
A iii.iiin,.' lo organise au adult
llil'lu 'hrs will be held in bi, Agues'
I'.'in T, hull on bunday afternoon ut
. in pm. Adults uver Ihe tge uf
sixteen arc cordially invited lu at
Under tbt Auspices of St. Andrew'i
Y. P. S. O. B.
Hev. .lam,". Barr, IM)., uf Glasgow,
,'i,"il,''iui. will give bis imu"" lecture
"Tbe :'n,ilni, Covenanters," In 8t,
Andrew's Presbyterian church, Keith
road, on Wednesday evening, bcplcin
iter 4th at 8 o'clock. Admission 120 uiid
CO reuls. 80 8
The district police bave been on llic
lookout for some individual for-tbe last
few days who has been steaJiug lum
ber from road allowances in I) L. 781,
betweeu North Luusdale tnd Lynn Val
ley. On Wednesday night District
i'Inel' I.ifinii arretted t fureigner who
will tppetr before Beevo liny.
"How't your wife!"
"Sbe's having constant trouble with
ber beid,"
"Can't tbe doctor help ber!"
"No-nobody but tbe milliner."
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
i iimii n in'"
lluniiinli'i'   Ihiinlii
Autlitnr ami  Accniiiilunt
llll l.oiimliil" Avenue. I'. U. Hox Xlil't
North iVancpuvor. i'hniio I'll.
'a   0. A. Gill..) B.O.S.A.
1720 Oliestorllold Avuiint,
North   v.uii oiivi'i
Phono HlliU
Bakers, Ooilfoctioucrii sud
ll'l I.nii.'.iliilc Avenue
Underwood's Barber Shop
11.1.1: .   '.Vli Mil'
lll.ll 1. -.111 1 llv
Bin , c. m.t' In  Wallace  A Scott, Third
alreel,   Uooenil n puir work.
A, Wnlloi-c's servici's novo been re
uniil,'.   IMI M't'l'lllMIIIV.
llniiliHcllcrt ami  Stuliiiucri
I'ur. lonwiule unil 1st. i'bnr* Nil
f~      NDItill  VANCOUVEB
I UM 11 11   I nits.
1 nil. i:m;im:i,iik
A.ll.l.E. k 3.
Irrigation, tJraloiat, levels, pluns
and specifiontiutis. Sepiic tank* and
homo dnintut a ipecially. I'. 0.
Pol, all, 16th ttrttt wait ul lltwicbu
Anil geuoral Coiuuiissiutt llercbsiit, Kl
liuiisilalu Ave., Norlh Vancuuver.
Pbon* Silt
We are specialists in il.ee lines.
laiA Lonsdale Avenuo
.Studio   ovor   Dank   B. N. k.
I.omdalt aud Esnluaadt
lli.T, Class Indies' and Ueuta' Tniluriii"
llcpairiiig   ami    Alleratiotis.   Cleaning
nnd Dyeing iu all ils branches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Btreet West. I'lione 107
(X   l.niu 1
Ladiea' and tl cuts' Cleaning,
Prosaiug and Repairing
a Spoclalty
iao Second Btrttt East
 -  ,,
Plana Executed     : :    Estimates Given
it nli" aud Mill Boad
l.ynn Valley. B. 0.
Plans und K-i mini us furnished froo.
jJttpaitiiip,  remodeling,  els.,  promptly'
lilli'lldcd lo
Lynn Valley, B. C.
Alls" Iiolnl near Weslovcr. I'. II, Uoi
:'", Lynn Creek, It. (.'.
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
Flnt Btreet Eut of Lousdale
Lowest prices and best work guarau
Iced on tinning and sheet metal work.
All kinds of saws tiled and sel uu the
shortest notice. I urn tin>■.■■• 1 . knives,
hedge shears and scissors sharpened All
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
VUU Lonsdale Aveuue
Pboue ho
On llic car line. Hourdiig, meals
good ai'i'ominiiduliiiti for working men.
Contractors' men hoarded. Ily. Eusl
mil, Proprietor.
:.. Jtlilnct Maker and  Carpenter
Will uiiilcrtiikc nil kinds of wood work,
repairs, etc.
Finn III Bli cd and Bnthcrlaiid Avenuo
P. 0. Box aotlli
Is your Watch slopping ur keep   1:
irregolar timet   Jf so, see
Pioneer Jeweller, 69 Lousdale Avenue
It will pay you to put a card in this column
Road Required to Zinc Mines
Continued from page 1
"Qllinc west side J tbli the1!lode"
solid as alsu uu the eust I liud t|lO metal much purer.
"1 am confident tlio annoxoil live
assays nwde by we fully represent the
crevice ilmttoi pf the hide ut its present ,l""T"|'iii"in uiul iiTi,uiu that the
mini) Is a valuable ouo.
"itulh sides at the ininu are exposed and mineral pockets of Ihis sume
oro aru lo lie fouml several hundred
fuel in Ihree directions from tlio tnujn
mine, ami mineral uh,'nl,,. ciiii he found
nil feel or more in width; the mineral
"somu iif it the'richest found in lhe
wurlil"; Is found here iu wide alreiihs
and in lurge "chunks" which no
doubt will lie concentrated into ore
l.tiily wben considerable depth in
"I made three ussays from this
strayed mutter, nol the best specimens,
I could get, but thut properly repre
BOnt* the crevice mutter of Ihc present
developments trail found Ihem nil lu
ruiiOrtn i'iiiu iu pitying iniaiitities, traces (of copper, liti| nut enuugh to inake
l|ie)ore rebellious for smelting pur
"I regurd this 111 lue us very likely In
become une of lhe richesl mines in liritish Columbia,
"It is hard lo place a specific vulue
on a properly wiih so little develop
incut, uml yel if it were my, pruperty I
should hardly be willing lu sell with
nut further development, yel I inn
safely say the properly is worth Fitly
l'l,,.:■ -11,. 1  Pounds us it stands.
"There is 11 line sile Inr 11 smeller,
us also for a mining ciiinp, woud uud
water  iu  uliuiiiltiticc.
"A good ruti'l i-nulil be made within
nine miles from Moodyville I'ur say
* 15,11110.
"I would advise Ihc rum I liuill al
once, since without a mad il is very
ilifiieult to roach the mine owing in
the masses of fallen limber nnd luxur
inni undergrowth.
"I shuuhl further advise Biiilting a
shaft neur the wesl etfil of the exIell
sion and say almul nil feel iu depth,
Ilieii tunnel ensl with side tunnels.
"I wuuhl smell lhe ore, using borax,
, lbs. Iii lhe Ion of ore for fluxing,
which will keep the /.ine below the Iron
and abovo the nickel ami lend, thereby
enabling you to lup the aluiust pure
"I will finally'Uny Ihul I hnve never
written a reporl Ihul hus given tin' su
much genuine salts/action on accuunl
of lhe enormity ul' the property re
ported on."
Mr. Kniniens un Tuesday plainly
showed lo his visitors lhe many wuys
in whieh he and llie six men employ
ed at the camp are handicapped by
lack of n.'ii'|"'iratiii 11 facilities. Mr.
Kinntens has personally been stuliuu
ed at the mines I'ur eleven mouths, uud
al certain periods during lhe winter
the matter of gelling up loud supplies
was a proposition iu itself. It wus ulsu
a long liud difficult businujoi gelling Ihe
diamond drill on In III" seen" of the
workings. Mindful of lhe pitiful ig
nnratice of certain of his guests Mr.
Kiiimeiis explained briefly lbe procesj
of .uiiierlinn Ihc ore inlo uiurkelulde
tine The crude ore is lirst crushed
and llic zinc blend separated frum the
waste by water, The sulphur is then
driven olf by healing the blend, lio
remaining product being pul into 11
retort with charcoal uml uguin healed
The metallic line Ibeu conies uwuy in
the form uf vapour when 11 process ol
condensation is gone through nnd llm
line becomes material and of commit
iiul value.
Tuesday's cxpcdiliuiiMils each lefl Ihc
v>/\sjrl THIfl
Are,tbo right kind of things whon tbey stll tbo goods. It Is tbt facta tbout
tbo • i:ty of our good* in tbo way of FUBNIITUBE, CARPETB and
CROCKERY, and tho facta about tbt low prices and tbe special prices ou
those goods Mini win favor among our customers.
Hero aro somo fact* for you to profit hy:
CHILDREN 'B PUSH CARTS, ipeclal prlct UM
A luge shipment Juat received.   All the rtgt
MEAT SAFES  !*. ...ftM
MEAT SAFES, large tlxe   ..'.. UM
ROYAL OAK DBE8SBBS, witb bevelled plate mirror,'. HM
Complete fok$7.60
MATTINO MATS, 8*8...80c
MATTINO MATS, 3x«...10c
a limited uumber only, I8.B0
In our Crockery Department
TUMBLERS, per dos No
128 Lonsdale Ave.  Phone ,M  North Vancouver
mines wjth specimens pf ore chipped
off liy ilr. Emiueu'e export hammer.
Like most milling i||U|i, whose iipinions
are worth any *ccoont, neither Mr.
McLecfd nor Mr- FejiHieretopchaugh
could 00 coaxed into pronouncements uf
opinion. Mr. McLcod however, committed lum: 'II tQ tlte "-T "III uf I'lTIKIlT.
ing that the slue wus most assuredly
there, un.l there were indications pf
Very considerable depth,
iiuuliil" tlm local Board of .Trade
will feel perfectly justified in sup
porting tlie reipiest thut tuts alromly
been forwarded to the proper aotltori
ties for a foad lo Ihcso mines, considering firstly Ihut expert opinion is
lo lhe effect that thero ure few if uny
engineering i,...,ciiltics to be ovcrcumo,
and secondly lhal the mme. indisputably show signs uf justifying to the
full lhe eiilliuslislie report of ('buries
\ iclnr Iluring twenty two years agu
,im| becoming an asset Iif inestimable
iiiluc lo Ihc nuiiii shore.
Tenders May be Called
Next Week For
Fourth Ferry
Al a regular meeliug of the ferry
directorate yesterday, presided over by
Mayor McNeish, Mr. VV. L. lloull, in
purs, puce uf arrangements made last
week, Mr. Heaven, locul iiiunuger of
the Hunk of Hamilton, wus interviewed regard to Ihe temporary .financing
ol the delayed construction Of Kerry
No. 4. Mr. lloull believed Ihut suits
factory arrangements would be made
whereby the hunk will furnish the
money lo meet the immediate expenses
in connection wilh the work, and until
mutters relating In the city's bonds
have been satisfactorily adjusted, Mr,
lleuum was now lo put thc mailer be
lore Mr. Ilmlinn, munugcr of Mm Vuu
cuuver branch, uud, if he uppruves,
the bunk solicitors uml the ferry solic
ilor will immediately draw up the ue
ecssnry papers lu be.forwarded tn head
ipjiirtcrs. Mr. Heiiicu believed thnt,
this beiug doue, 11 favorable reply by
wire might be received us curly us
Wednesday next; in the event uf which
lenders for the construction of the
Imui may lm called for at lhe ferry
hoard's meeting next Tliursduy.
In response tu 11 rcijUest from the
commit lee iu charge uf the events un
Lynn Vulley Ihiy, the liunrd agreed lu
lune lhe boats decorated in Itoitur uf
that  occasion.
The munugcr, Mr, T M. Heard, re
lmii ml thai on Bunday lusl Ihc Kerry
No. -T struck sonic drift wood oud broke
oh* purl uf tlie Idu,le of lllc furward
propeller. The manager ulsu stulcd
Ihul Ihe itistulloliuii ui llm new purl
l.mler for Kerry No. 2 was ncuriug
completion, and ulso the extensiou uf
Ihc wharf'for the accuininodatiou ul
lhe Weal Vancouver ferry was nuw
completed nnd the erectiou ul' the ud
dllluli lu lhe lmii.ling would now In'
proceeded with.
Western Dominion Land &
In vest ment Co., Limited
Wilh whillS ll iminjiniut. tl
Bevao, Gore & Eliot, Limited
Hiuii'li: 07 Lunsdule Avenue, opposite
I'osl   Ollice,   North   Vumouver.
Agreements fur Hale discounted.    ■
Fire Insurance
Representing l.ynu I'reek  Zinc Mines
1 bared lot ou Keith road ttxlil be
I ween Moody tveppe and Houie
inii   i'l.'lliil   I ,T  lush,  buluiue  II,
111 un.r i«.
About mi acres with 1,199 feel waler
front in West Vancouver, ripe for
subdividing. I'rice liltm^DU, terms
to arrange.
Ijirge selection in I), L. 055, the best
purl  of Weil   Vaneouver.
Tent Tea Rooms
SEPT (I (1 tm.)
of ontire content* of above, comprising
Tent (14x21) wltb hoard loor, 3 ft.
wall* and verandah, large stock of fine
Japanese China tea eats, Ic* Cream
and cako dishes, two doien Japanese
Bamboo Tablos, nearly new, aoveral
dosen Chain, Ice Cream freeter, servers, show cases, counters, 3 burner gate1
Una tlove tpd boiler, cigars, syrups,
ttc. Also household furniture of I
roomed aback comprising btd* mi
bedding, good linoleum, cooking uun-
slls, ttove, scale*, otc.
Rice Uh Tunnel May
Be Finiihed in Five
19 Fe*t » D«y Present BaU of »>
At the I'leueni rate of progress the
nice Lake touuul will be *n accom-
'lislied fact iu about live week':, time,
according to the city waterworks sup
eriiiteudeiit, Mr. Ueurge (Irunt. T||eru
HOW only remains 431 feet to lie driven,
when a puiut will be reached near Mice
Lake wbere lite drain pipe will he sunk.
The gang, under Mr, Miller, hus been
working at tho rute of 12 feel a day
fur the last seven days, ami indications point to a coiitiiiuutiott of this
rale. Under adverse cundiliuits pru,
grcss is ulso beiug mude on the trench
iinni lhe site uf the city iuliil," In llio:
Lake.   Already u considerable length'
GEO. McCUAIG, Awtim*
Of the IB-Inch water pipe has bpen
laid. It is uxpcck'il Ihul the settling
tank udjiii'iint to llie uew intake will
be completed I min v. tin Mr. Miiinl's
figuring, Iticu Lake, all being well,
will lie drained uut by November Wl):
St. Thomas' Boarding
and Day School
Uutil nuw buildings are completed
—after tlie lilirislmus hulidaya—the
cluss Ilooms will be in lhe first huuse
uii bjueen's Huad Wesl, Nortli Lone-
dule, llesiilence 1st liouse, HI. .lames'
lioud wesl, North Lonsilule. Term bo-
gins Tuesday, September Ilrd. Appli
ciiliuus fur admission sunt to Tim
Principal, Hox lllllll, North Vun,miner.
Rooming House or Offices
On tbe Upper Floor of tbo
KNIGHT BLOCK, Esplanade West
Wide Entrance and woll lighted Hallway
For particulars apply to
London & British North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland k Procter, Ltd.)
1113 Peudor Streot West
(Phono Seymour 6ii6, Reutal Department)
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately north of D.L. 204, at prices
Irom $650 lo $775.   Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread over Iwo and a hall yeart, wilh no interest.
i] Now is the lime to buy, belore railway development.
Safety Deposit Boxes lo Kent
' 1
North Shore Locators
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georgei'i Avenue.      Phone 178
Piano Sale
To reduce (lock to make room lor new goodi.
We are selling a number oi relumed from rent pianos
at great reductions in pficc.
All these instruments arc in perfect condition, and equal
to new.
by buying during the tale, which terminates on September 7th.   Terms of $20 cash, and $10 a month if
The Warburnitz Piano Howe, Ltd.
443 LONSPALE AVE.—y.'**.'** PHONE M
" *
. I ffft. f^rtximmK* ^W|> I n V
Items ol lntereit
Mr. W. B. Wbealer is moving to
949 tilth street east.
Mr. V. S. Howard is taking up rest
dence at 518 13tb street east.
Mr W. Q. Dudgeon bas taken » suite
ot rooms iu tbo Dun rave block,
Mrs. j, y. Fugle* of 1st street east,
ycslcrilay entertainer.' Mr. Jenkins ami
Mrs. W. Turner of Oo»l Harbor.
Oet tagged, Saturday, Sept. 7th uud
help secure a nm,"' of tbe Victorian
Order for tbe Nortb Shore,
Mrs. Ronald Macleotl will receive
Iter friends un Wednesday afternoon
licit, Hept tth. '^
Mr. ami Mrs. A. Iv Waghorne of
Lynn Valloy, accompanied by Miss
In. ksnii aud Mr. Hall (Mrs. Wagliorne's
fullier), are holidaying in Victoria this
week.. '
Dr. Hteacy, elder brother of Mr. A.
H. bteacy, ia lying seriously ill at the
home of hia niece, Mrs. Dr. Martin, to
whom he came recently on a visit from
the Kast.
The case agaiust Charlie Llmm, charg
ed with uperating an opium joint in
Ihis cily was agaiu adjourned on Wed
ncsilay moruiug until Tuesday neat.
Magistrate Huggles ruled to this effect
niui lamli in view of the fact that
the accused at the eleventh hour wish
ud to muke other urraugemouts for his
;' On Weduesdty morning tt tk* cl«jr
bill tbe c»se of 9n. Agnes fitama
and Mis* Ali«« 0"»»i mttpi fW» operating t dlsordtrly bom*, W*» ttAltA
for bearing before Mtgistml. BuggUt
Tbe sccused failed lo tppe*r (ltd bail
approximating »15t'» wtt forfeittJ. Mrt,
Browu was in tht Turkish bttk busiuett
ou tbe Btpl*n»d*.
A football practice of tk* Nortk
Vancuuver senior amateur football club
will be belli in recreation park oa Sal
urdaj' at 1 o'clock. All interested
please be on kaad at then it ally tw*
more weeks before tb* ttaieij start*
ami there art still * few players iceJeI
to make tbe full learn. Inltailitg play
ers who cannot attend pleasn addraae
The HecorUry, P. 0. Bo* SOW.
At the city kail on Wednesday morn
ing A. Winching, t cimptr w Kaplan
inle, was lined UM and costs for tp
prupritting water fron a Up oi Et
pluuade. The accused ttaUil tkat ke
bad received permission from thiowi
ers of the ttp, but Magistrate Buggies
pointed out Ihtl the wtler btloaged
to the city auil therefore the cily wtt
entitled to receive ptyjneol from every
oue wishing to use wtler.
Mr. mil Mrs. Mturice A. Phelps art
taking up residence ou ilh street east.
rs. Phelps intends giving vocal let
sons at her residence. Aa Midline Alice
Linde situ had the pleasure of tiagiag
by command twice before Ibe Duk: ii
I'uiiuuught in Dublin, wben ke wit
commander uf Ibe furcet in Ireland
Mrs. Phelps tlso loured tke .aim.
stales with Madame Cottello't choir.
You can buy a fin-foot lot on Osborne Botd, l'/t blocki tttt of
Lonsdalo Avenot, for 1800.00, on ttrmi of ont quarUr cub, aad
tha balance ever 18 months.
Enquire tbout tbis while Oue Dollar Biuret trt tilling for Fifty
Ceut*.   OALL or WSITB for Prospectui.
Phont 462
P 0. Boi iMn
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows (lie Monarch. II you intend
purchasing a Rgnge this fall, it will pay you to investigate the Monarch, ll cosls less, lasts longer and
burns less coal or wood lhan any olher malleable range
sold in Norlh Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 66
105-7 Esplanade West
If you want to succeed in business ob the
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
Cardinall & MacGregor
Art returning to ttulr old premUtt,  101 Etplmadt But, whirs Uuy
will ctrry on Bul Ettati tud Plaucltl butlnett u hetetetete.
an v o. in tn
of Branch Victorian
Order of Nurses
pmt Tlif WnX BB TA0 DAT
A meeting uf Nortb Viucouver It-
dies look plact tkit week for tbe purpoie of furthering natters cuuuectetl
■ilk lk« proposed eslililiibuient at I
north tkor* branch of tbe Victoriiu
Order of Nurses. It in* decided that
tone decisive istp ikovlo) be ttken to
Lriaar tk* propottl liefore tke public
Md to lut end il was arranged tbat
Stplemlier 7tk should lie a tag ilay to
rait* fuuds for devotion to tkt initial
oulltjr. II ii felt tbtt tb* people uf
Ikt Nortk Bbort arc tlretdy sufficient-
I, lequliltlil witk tke eieellenl work of
tbt order to rttpoud generously tu lu
tppnl of ihia kind.
 1 1 mt 1	
Picnic on Monday
line you sorared your tickets yett
if aot, do so il ouce. Ouly two dayB
more btfort tk* Bt. Andrew't tnd
Ctiedoaitii Society '■ Picnic ou Monday.
A iplttdid program hit been arranged
aid t most eujoytbte dty it assured
tt tbt picnic grounU it Hollyburn.
Delegates Left Yeiterday
Yrtltrdty t big delegttiou ol Nnrlh
Viucouver tad Vtncouver citizeot de
I in. -I for Victorit for Ibe pur|iu>c of
itttiviewitg Premier M, Itride iu tela
tiou to tbe government't attitude rt
spetliag ilt revtrsiantry rights lo rer
Hit liud. iu Ihe diitrict of North Vm
couvtr. It it eipected tint tbe inter
vitw wilb Ibe Premier would tike
pin i- tkii moruiag it tboul noon
Tkt deltgtles, most of Ibeiu will
prrsoully beueft by Ibe riucellitiou
of tbt goverumeut's rights, claim uu
auimously tbat Ibey bive suffered un
just Irtltmtnl tl Ibe goveruuieul',
buds through 1 uou settlement of tbe
u.att. i in t prompt tud fiir wty. Iliny
tens of Ittd trt being held up tud
buildiug operations eubaraised is 1
rnnlt of the govt rumen!'. tpttby. Tbe
oatttlioi it lo be made iu tbe most
detcraiud ftttiea tbtt t goveruuieul
bit uo feasible right to twtit Ibe do
u'lupiurui tud improvement of t dis
trict ltd ii.ui -i.|, iu tud .Iuuu re
■■•■ I.-,, nary iiul,i. to Ibe detrimeul uf
.ciilir. wbo kite ill *loug been iu
ignorance of tucb rights. Not only
those inliuitlrli iffcclc.l but |iracticil
ly all ou Iht North Shore trr twiiliug
ilh lulrrral tbt result uf tbe dele
Wedminiler Fair Specials
lin  lllll. Iiuiu  tre  one  of  lbe  big
fttt problem of tbe committee iu charge
of lha Previuciil Kihibitiou at New
W, -111,111.1. r oo Oct 16 wbicb tbey
hut lo tact. Tbeir selection is Ibe
luull of • grctt deal uf study tnd
Ihr subaissiot by promoters of hun
drtdt al iileiwt stylet af ids, tud til
it til it metis one of Ibt biggest tasks
of Ikr uiuigrmrnl of t successful
fiir. Tkit yetr, iu addition to plan
nig auay uew itlrai-lient in tbe liur
ef txbibilt, iitrs, sport., sociil tmuw
■nil ltd mutir, tbt mtntgtueul
kttt sfturcl wkirb is considered by-
ill who koow Ihtm, the beit avail
tblc Itlcnl.    Amoug thoae who ire lo
appear there tbit yetr »rt: Fiyt Etst
ludiiii elephant*, be Boy * P»ut-
Isbikiwt Japs, Box Comedy Cireut,
Iitaniat Troupe ami tbe Lavileo trnupe
who »re niaA the world pvir tb* pro-
utier attractions ib th* vaudeville aud
tbettrictl world. No expenses have
been spared to give the patrons tbt
best there is, ami there is no doubt
tbtt these sets wlfielh will be absolutely free to all who attend, Will create
a great deal uf favorable comment aud
redound to the credit of the committee in charge.
$1350 Damages to John
Dtmtges |« the extent of $1,391) for
iujuries received in uu autumoblle *c
cidtnt were awarded to Mr. John Has
■iily of Bewicke avenue by Dr. Jus
tice Murphy on Wednesday afternoon
as the result of an action brought by
Ur. Untidy against Mr. A. ti. Bit
lings, btr. t'assidy's cart ami burse
had beeu injured through being ruu
iuto by the autoutubile, the result of
which caused tbe breikitig of one of
tbe pliiutilf's legs, thus uecessiltting
large expeudilure tu the plaintiff in
doctor's bills ami loss of time.
lu the • origiual actlou tried iu th
t*rly p»rt of tbo year, Mr. Justice
Murphy dismissed Ihe action against
Mr. Hillings, lln,ling tbat tbe accident
waa due tu Mr. t'assidy's negligence
Tbe aetien was tbeu taken to tbi
court of appeal and the decision was re
versed and sent back for damages to
be assessed. Mr. 1,. U. MePbillips ap
peared for lltaaiily and Mr. Douglai
Armour for Mr. Billings tbe defendant
Injured in Runaway
A iinni uamcil ium met witb a paiu
ful accident while 'lining a gravel
ctrt uu Tuesiliy ifternuon. When com
iug down Lousiltle aveuue uear 21th
slreet he dropped oue ef his lines and
wben he was steppiug outo tbe pole of
the wagon tu secure it the team took
fright aud bulled, thinning Uray beneath the cart, the wheels of which
pasted over his abdomen. There were
only a few people about al the time,
in,hiding a cai driver aud conductor
who immediately leudered assistance,
placing (Jrey iu tbeir car and rushing
him tu tbe city where medical tid wis
obltiucil. The victim of tbe tccideol
wis liken lo lhe Norlh Viucouver
boipittl wbere it wu found thll he
wis suffering from uo serious internal
injuries but sonic bad bruises aboul
tbe body as well as a scalp wound.
Tbe boises came lo a slop a short dis
lance   further  ou.
S.P.C.A. For North Shore
The Society for tbe Prevent ion ol
Cruelty to Dumb Animal* is keeuly an
xious Ibal Ibe dumb creatures of ibis
city shuuld be ts well protected as
Ibuse tcross the Inlel. Up to the pre
s«ut the organisation iu Vancouver
bas kept a watchful eye ou the Nortn
Shure. This, however, is proving iu
■ utli. i, nt. i" rapidly has Ihis city ami
district grown of late. The society is
now wishful lo appoint au ollicer tn
look after ils work exclusively iu N
Vancouver. Por this purpose fumlsarc
Kquired aud since tbe society s admil
able work is well ami widely kuowu Ihc
needful will doubtless be quickly forth
comiug. Arrangements bave beeu
made whereby subscriptions from vol
uiiuii , "ntul,mui, will be glully re
ceived ll Ibe Express office iud will
be tiiuilcd ovtr by the caslner to the
society's secretary treisurer.
Our lull slack is otiitinf daily, and me ad/ pou fo pup ui
a kisif end leek tbem ottt. Wt con suit lhe moil follicular, in
dpi*, price md quality.
Wt Intt usual tables in eut slait filled nilh BEAL
BAHC.AINS in Lem Cuti, Summer Shoes and broken lols
ef hutiti sheet suilehlt fat Fall wtar. All this uason't good,)
A mill pip ptu le leak Ihtm tttt.
Wt hate 10 diluent maktt ef kttn's Walking Baal,,
Item $1.95 le $10.00, le stltct Irom, in 6-inch taps to 20
incites,' ail (uui unlet J solid Throughout.
i     ii  . i'i  :
»      '' Late Wooo-PAtce Shoe Co.
P.O. tll»        FIRST STREET EAST
Td. 393
S. & W. THAN
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Job Printing at the "Expreu" '
Don't Take Chances!
W r-
Busmen mui iud business bouses
ar* muaily Judged by tbt priutedfuat-
Ur Uuy uud out.
Ota you ilord to take chance* wltb
-om piloting wheu good work 111 this
Uut cottt llttlt, If my, more.
We Do Good Work
Flnt  Street  Eut,  North   Vancouvor
Ejm* Salt  75c
Zainbuk   35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, Nb. 3 ;&5/c
t PinkPaU 34c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
' ni ii in a Soap 25c
Baby'* Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipple* , 5c each
Abaoibent Cotton    35c lb.
We have constantly in stock a complete dock of
Bed Paw, Douche Paw. Hot Water Bottle*, Irrigator*, Elastic Hotiery, Abdominal Belli, Batteries,
Electric Belu, Tru»*e*, and, in fact, everything in the
(ick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order wilW* rushed to any
part of the city. '' .
orth Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. 0.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade W«t


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