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VOLlIMfl if
mm Ymmm, w>.. tubbdav, Awm 9, m--
maunjfioent telescope to be
observatory     will     bank
among best in the
For u number of yeurs lhe |iroji!cl of
establishing uu obaervatory on Urouse
Mouiiltiiu hus engaged Ihc nil ive nt
luulioit of 11 iiiiinliur of |iroiuiiicnl cil
linns who arc astronomers' in an amn-
tour  way  ami 'during  thnt  period   a
feel, wilb tt liuigbt nf llll' feef. The
dome i» i-l fout iu diameter, 'file all
inipurtuiit t'culun: nf un observatory,
however, is (lie telescope utitl ns has
lieen truly uniil the must inipurtaiil
|iur| nf n lclcaco|ie is tlio man ut the
small end of it. lu litis counci'tinit it
is grnlilying In l.niiw Ihut the prujec't
is uitiler Ihc guidance nf a true do-
votee of the sciunci) of tislriinomy and
OUU uf acknowledged nliilily in lhe
person of the Director uf the Vancuuver Meteorological Oliservutory.
Dr, Otto Mid-, llic nasistun! ehicf
UiitruiiiiiiH'r uf the llotuiuion Oliservutory ut Olluwn, heartily U|i|iruvcs the
: *MmtmtmT^j*^^^m^^:
• ^A^^*W999m9^B9^^^^ammtT<msmT-w.
-   .'
= '-i
number of articles witb reference to
the matter huve beeu published. The
j., .ul,.. uliuul uiiii li has grown Die
project of a well ci|iii|i|ieil observatory
has hern the Doininioii Meteorological
Stuliuu tit Vulicouvcr, the director of
wIii.ii, Mr. 'I'. S. II. Shcurmuu,. lias
all along been un urdcti advocate uf
his scheme und to whose efforts the furt
is mainly due lhal, il is uow practical
ly assured Ihul Ihc observatory will be
liuill. Wilh Mr. Shearman are asso
dated several prominent ritilCDl of
Vaueouver wbu arc intoreatcil iu as-
lruiiuiiii.nl researrh. The feasibility of
lbe srheuie bas been greatly prouiulcd
by the maturing of lbe plans of the
Urouse Mountain Scenic Incline Kail
uuy, whieh as is generally known, in
lends i-oliMiu,Tni" its lines to llu tup
of Grouse Muunlain. Tne projiosi
lion to loeute an observatory uu Grouse
Mountain has been submitted to tbe
directors of tlie ruilwuy company ntul
Ibey huie taken hold uf tlm mutter
witn enthusiasm. A conference has
been ,ui.u;-,,i between Mr Shearman
uud the directors for lhe further dis
iii-miiii of plans and il is expected
thai an early slurl uill he mude on
an institution Ihut will be one of the
greatest attractions, not only lo Ihc lo
iuI public bul In tourists from ull
i omtl ries.
This sclicnic -should nol be confused
witb the piojiosiliou lo whicii refer
cure has recently been made in the
public pn-ss, to establish u smull ob
sirvitory In connection witb the time
■wviic of Vancouver city. This latter scheme avould Involve lhe equip
ping uf Ihc station with I transit in
atrumcul und appliances for observing
lbe passage of lbc sun aud lhe stars
ovor the meridian, for the delermiuu
lion mt \nie aud its object would nol be
ih.i.im,. lo study tbe nature of the
heavenly bodies.
The plau which Mr. Sbcurmsn and
his associates have iu huml for I he
llrouse mountain instil ulipn contemplates tbe eslablisbiug of an observatory of lhe lirsl class ut thc mountain
top. Mr. Shearman has prepared tlie
plant for a ton fuol Newtonian cijua
luiiul telescope sucb as would be unequalled in si/e any whore in the world
fir -iiiiini'-' the i ui ture of the heaven
1/ bodies, for general observation and
for educational purposes.
Several designs have lieen submitted
fir Ihe observatory, but the one which
has brrn provisionally selected is similar to thai ul lhe great observatory
it Nh*-. franco, au illustration of
whicii accompanies Ihis article. The
dome of the Nice observatory wat
built by M, PMeVl The lower portion
of thl building is'
t square,' each
project which Mr. .Sh'Safeuii has iu
band as dues also the ixccovvp of lhe
Hrilish Columbia Academy onScienco,
ol' the members uf whilh is Mr.
•I. I'urler BE., formerly assistant lu
Sir Nomura l.uckyeur uf Ihc Solar I'hy
sics Observatory, London ami luler,
director of Ihc Crawford Observulury
at i'urk, Ireland,
During llie recent visit of Mr. II.
P, Stupart, lhe director of Ihc Domiu
tou Meteorological service, the 11, C.
Academy of Science approached hint
with reference to the establishment of
Employees uf the B, C, Telephone
Company tu thu number uf tbree hundred ur more participated iu a thur
oitgltly enjoyable outing lust evuning,
iu the form of an excursion to Na-
niiiiuu mul return by tbo (!. 1', It. SS.
Princess I'utriciu. The excursion was
pliintieil and carried nut under instruc
linns fruni the directors uud clearly
manifested the excellent relationships
retaining betwetju the eumpauy uud
iheir large stuff uf employees. The
nltcniluiice lusl evening wus cnlii['uscil
ul' the operators frum Ihc several'Van-
cnuvfr ulliccs, the Norlli Vuucouiei
uiid the New Westminster offices, tni
P'lhcr wilh lhe members uf the cloii
cul staff uf eueli ulliee. Thai is, all
of the empluyces whu could possibly
be spared without inculiveuieiieiiig flic
public, were present.
Mr. Willium Furred, president and
Mr. Ucorge II. liaise, seerelury,tri'a
surer of the cunipuny were unavoidably detained frum lbe excursiuti
tiiruugh being culled tu Victoria. Mr.
P. .1. Mucfiuugati, commercial super
intenili'iil ul Viineouver, represented llic
company and present with him were Mr,
J. II. Johnston and Mr. A. A. Matthiu
son, commercial managers at Nurth
Vulicouvcr and New Westminster re
The arrangements fur the excuraiuu
were iu the liuuds uf thoroughly cum
pel enl committees by whom every detail had been attended lu, su that Ihc
whole affair proceeded wilh perfect
■iii,,i.i lm.- from lhe slurl to the returu. The steamer lefl Vuncuuver at
her regulur time 6.119 p.m. and made a
quick run lo iNunaimu where a stup uf
half un   Iuuu   was made.   The  reluru
journey constituted a most delightful
moonlight trip under ideal conditions
and developed tliu acmu of eitjuymcnt
for ull the participants,
The entertainment arrungemenls
weru a feature uf thu excursiun. On
lliu promenade deck Mariuu's urchus
tra cuiisisting of ten pieces dispensed
pup iiiiii uii:. ut freipiettt intervals with
splendid execution, lu the upper cabin a high class IT, ii,,|;, played u well
selected variety of pieces uml proved
a strong attraction, iu the cabin un
the Million deck a must delightful pru
,".i:,ui of literary uud musical uumber.
nus rendered, the urtistcs being Miss
Eugenie Fox, elucutionist, Miss W. I).
Harden, pianist and Mrs. Ilenel ,M
Wriglil, snprunu suluist. During the
eveuing Miss Fux recited "Admirals
All," "Lochinvur," "Woman" ami
''The Evening Song." Miss I'ur,leu
rendered the lollowing selections: Sehii-
berl's Mureli Mililaire, Turkish March,
Beethoven Gondolier's Sung, Nevin
Mrs. Wright' sung "Because I I.e.e
Yuu Dear, llawley, "Mighty- Like a
Rose," Nevin, uml au urigiuul ivloc
tiou "Hume Sweet Hume." Tbe seloc
iinm. were uf lnc.li merit in every instance ami elicited many recall! which
met with cordial response.
Ti,, ■leaner reached her duck un lhe
return trip iu uuiple time fur ull mem
burs uf tbe purty tu get lhe lute cars
ur ferry tu their humes.
Tlte several committees whieh had
arrangements iu hand were composed
,i ■ folluws: Tickets ami truuspurhetion
Messrs. t!. P. McCullough, A. II. (lud
froy, K W. Thomas, P. Milligan, A.
Miller, E. I! licichard, Misses M Dlek
suu, W. TwiUell, M. O'Neill, tt. Duy,
and N. Ker. Sucial committee Messrs
J. Peard, II. bVhanau, Ueu, M.i'uri
uey, J i.ncll, T. F. Patterson, D. M.
Ober, C. V. Barker ami Misses A.
Dickson, I., Oettins, U. llcudrick, (I.
Itayncr, I. Harrison uml A. Murray.
Music committee - Messrs. John Wuhit,
,1. Hamilton, John Uranger, W. Duncan
and Misses Hi'iiucsscy and liellins.
The meetings uf the cummitteo in
liurge uf mutters pertaining to the
I'orthcumiiig visit of the Governor-
in uniil tu this shore uru remurkuble
for a general eitlhusiasm whieh augurs
well for Ihu twentieth uf September.
On Friday evening lhe committee convened in the city hull under the chuir-
manship uf Muyur McNeish and guve
its intention tu u number uf prelim
uuries, iu udditiuii tu Itcuring und
ousidering the formal illuiniuuted ud
dress which will he presented to Ilis
Hoyul  Highness.
This wus read by the muyor and was
announced tu be appropriate iu every
respect. It was puiuted uut, however,
Ihut iu view u. (tie impruliuliilily uf
the Duchess being present, certain see
Hon, uf the address would huve to be
subjected tu slight ulteraliun. A tele
gram nus previously reud from thc
Duke's military secretary intimating
thai this address,
uni,Imi   liy   Hie  minor,  had   been  up
The premier feature of the eveuiug
luun u poiut of view of interest, was
the reading of an address fruni Indiuns
representing ulmust tl,,- whole of Hril
Tbu civic address lias now been deli
vercd into the liuuds of Mr. Thos. Allan uf Vuncuuver, wbo will emboss it
in Ihe iuuu of u scroll wilh a leather
cover adorned wilh purple ribbon. The
corporate seals of Nurth Vancouver
city uud district uud that uf West
Vuncouver will bu ullixed. Mr. Allan,
who has bad lung experience in Ibis
special class uf work, hud puinled uut
a UUfflbpr of disadvantages inseparable
from an album .which it was first con
sidcred would be an appropriate form
for thu io, , ni.tuu address to tako.
The committee bowed lu Mr, Allan's
superior knowledge uf such mailers
uml agreed lu have llic addrtss imnle
in scroll form.
Arrungemenls are ul'not whereby un
Ihe arrival uf lhe Hoyul parly on this
shore of Ihu Inlet nu escort will lie in
waiting composed uf lhe Ulli Company
Canadian Engineers. This guard uf
honor will accompany the Huyul visit
urs to Victoria Park where the cere
uioiiials arc tu tuke place. The Huy
Scuut movement will necessarily receive
wbicb ha,lTiTfu,rB|B'U,'luul'! »Pf««M»»«M| particularly
since the Duke is the 1,'auadiun Chiel
An uffcr frum Chief of Police Davies
to have certain of his force mounted
on this occasion was received Willi approval and instructions were issued Ihut
ish Columbia.   A copy uf tbis address 'he {]hiet should collaborate with thc
had  already   been   dispatched  fur  ap
|,n,i.ii iu lhe military secretary by Mr
Byrne, the Indian agent, Tbe meoling wus moved to loud uppluuse when
Mr, Kimlluy, uu behulf of the Indiuns,
finished lhe reading uf Iheir luyal
grading,     The wording   uf    the ud
dislricl  force in  this cuuncrlioii.
Mr. Sul,in, cliuirmiin of the decoration .1.iiuoiiiie, rcpurl ed Invorubly
un tils wurk Ibat hud su fur k'-'ii dune,
lu fuel it muy be said Hint a wide
luyal response bus been received lo
lhe ulli, ml pieu for active eu operation.
West Vancouver Council Submits Route
Map to Pacific Great Eastern Railway
BT p- - ---        m
dress is luyul and affectionate and has During the meeling Messrs. Sitnpsun
a ring nl genuineness uml certainly re and Wight and Liddlc were luted lu
duels credit upuu the men whu have, lhe decoration cumuiiltce and Mr. II,
sought ■pi preseut il. III. Morden lu the reception committee.
Crown's Reversionary Interest
A large uumber of interested proper
ly uwncrs attended the ineeling al
Lynn Valley lui evening culled fur Ihc
FOB by Ihc district  nus carefully exam in
cd and thc representatives of the rail
way  iiiuipiiiiv asked  fur one week  in
MINI8TEB   OF   BAILWAYS   WILL Jn ,.,,,   fc ^
THEN BB ASKEn TO FINALLY     ,„„,,., mlm „„„„,,„„,,„„    .,-,,„ ur
DISPOSE OF THB MATTEB        \tmmml „„ „„„, uj,ull  „,„, „,,    .
i    Mowing the completion of the plan,'"''^'"'''li'ilt  -h*t  lhe Pacilic  Urea.  I""l"»" «' '•'■lug definite action will,
...        ,1 .    .,        i   .i     ii     Kusiern should he suiuilieil witli a Idue'c'c'ctiie to securing u .leliverance Irum
I of lhe railway route thruugh  the dis    nusnrn suuuiu in suppueu nnu a tuue
I    • .ii, .i     liriol of lhe iiIiiii ami thut  mnl  u....k   "'l' provincial government  relative to
Uriel   by   the municipal  engineer,  Ihc  1""" ul ,lu 1""" *"" """ *'" ""» i
ilislriet    council   of   West  Vancouver!'  '"ther baring of  Ihe application
'and lhe representatives uf the Pacific'»' M>« »llway company fur Ihc up
Ureal  Kastl^ Wuilw".v ''umpauy held l'ruvul "' ""'ir rouK' ""l|
a coufereuce in'Vancouver Ibis moru   ranged wilh
' 'ug.   The proposed route^e submitted , »' v>''luria.
will lie ur
lhe Minister of Railways
j   .A  special  gcn^Tmeeling  uf  the     ^ .V*V^!_  RtflM
I l.ynn Vulley Athletic club will be held BFFOBT WILL BB MADE BY NOBTH
Dominion   Astronomer   and   Director
Vancouvar Meteorological Station
this observatory in connection Villi
thc provincial university aud thc meteorological service. Ju their memorau
dum llie Academy refer to Ihe Crowe
Mountain Obscsvatory as follows:
"There is auotber point which cannot
be .u ri em | dm «i /ed lhe llic ili li.'H
which Vancouver presents for tlie establishment of a high level station,
auxiliary to fhe uuin lof Ifvol observatory. The mon senilis tt the nurlh
of llurranl Inlet are easily accessible.
Tbe construction of the Scenic Railway on Unu  mountain will make it
possilde fo estabijsh au observatory in
a clear and steady atmosphere al an
allitude Ihc same as that of the Lick
observatory, and to reach it easily at
any time Few placet in trfc wurldaL
proecut- such facilities for carrying on
those delicate obaeyvftiona whieh alone
seem to promise aay additioaal insight
into the constitution of the tun. We
need not emphasize the value of such
a. station far meteorological purposes;
nor need we dd" taore than mention the
... the inslilule hull lumorrow (Wed
iicsduy) eveuiug al i u'clock. As this!
will be Ibe first of tbe "free nights"
granted by thc trustees, it is hoped all
members will turn out, A football
luegue is to be formed ou tbe nurlh
shore ami games arc iu baud for Ibe
opening season.
Continued en Page t, col. I
To Building Contractors
Scaled Tenders endorsed "Tender
for Building," and addressed
"North Shore Press Limited,"
North Vaueouver, will be received
by tbe uudersigued up to six o'clock
on tbo evening of Wednesday, Bep
leuil.er Ctb, lll'l, for the erection
of a building on lot Id, block Km,
J), ti. 271, being Ihe north west
corner of First street and Rogers
tvenue, tbis city.
Plans and specifications may be
procured at the offices of Blarkad
'der and MacKay, architects, Aberdeen Block, liousdale avenue, oo
and after Monday, August Willi,
The loweit or any tonder not ncr
essarily accepted.
P"^*W    atwwwtiw    ■ t**9w    mm^mmmms
dee. H. Morden, Manager.
Appealed to by a delegaliop from
Ihe furry directorate, whu emphasized
the need for tbe immediate roustrue
tion of the new ferry steamer, thc
city couucil last eveuiug appointed Ilis
Worship Mayor McNeish and Aid. Ir
wiu, chairman of Ibe finance commit
tee, tO, if possible, make arrangements
witb a bank to advance thc money nee
estary for Ihe construction of the vet
sel and report back to the council on
Thursday evening. According to s letter received from thc board's solicitor
the only way iu which No, I can be
built is by obtaining an advance from
a bank, and paying bark the mouey
when the vessel is completed, and the
debentures cashed in pursuance of the
wording of the by laws. Tbe members
of Ihe council assured the ferry board
that tbey would do all they could to co
operate with the directors, and do
.everything with as much haste as pos
'fiev. and Mrs MacAuUy will ba it
home tomorrow (Wednesday) after
noon and evening at the now Presbyterian manse to ail friends of any de
lhe one i|uarter reversionary interest
of the crown in ull property subdivid
ed into less Iban acre blueks. Reeve
May was appointed lo Ihc chuir ami
Mr. .1 I' Crawford was appointed sec
/clary. Thc discussion which develop
e.l was participated in by Reeve Nel
sun, Councilors llridguiuu and Wcsl
uver, Mr. James A. M. Nun and ulli
its. II was finally decided to endeavor '" r'1 tugclher a delegatiun uf nul
lets than IUU interested pruperty own
ers lo pruceed lo Victoria uu Tburs
day next fur Ihc purpose of submit
ting their case to Premier Sir Rich
unl Mcllride. Thr dclegatiou will
leave Vaucuuver un tbe aflernuuii boat
on Thur.-,lay Ibe Tub insl., aud il is
hqped Ihul prupcrly owners will ar
range 'Itfffm. along in large numbers.
Special truitsportstiuu rales bave becu
arranged aud tickets may be had from
I. P. Crawford of this city or from
either Mr. Crawford or Mr. B. U
Thump um on the wharf previous lo tbe
departure of tbo boat.
Race For Cates' Cup
Exceeded Time Limit
I.T minutes ufterwurds. The bund'enps
were wurked out so thai the finish
should have beeu u most ipcciuculur
one wilh (he racers pretty well uuiiili
i un the lut lap uinon.I lhe Egeria
across tin' Inlii home. However, it
was fuuml that when ruuudiug the Ego*
ria the time limit was impussible und
some uf the bouts were an hour ahead
of lime. Thc executive of the club
will meet this week lo urrauge a ilate
fur lhe pustponed race.
An open haudicup tennis luuruanicnt
will be held un Ihc locul club's courts
commencing un Suturduy next, tbu J 1st
inst. und concluding on Munduy lhe Und
September The prugram will consist
of the following events: Men's Uuubles
entrance fee |l eaib; mixed duubles,
entrance fee (1 per pair, Entries accompanied by remittance lo be in by
Friday nuuii to B. S. Ilaylis, P. 0. Ilox
•llkl, Nurlh   Vaueouver.
Thc first iiiioiuil picnic of thc cmfTuy
eei of tbe Wallaco shipyards lu lloweu
Island on Saturday last proved n great
success, being attended by some 'MO
gucsls. Spurts were held in the even,
ing ami tbe many valuable'priics pre
seiiled by Ibe mcrebanta uf North Vnn
couver were keenly competed for. Tbu
Norlb Vancouver baud discoursed mu
sic duriug the day.
Saturday's rare for tbe Cates' 'up
under Ibr auspices of the North Vancouver Yacht f.Tub, was declared of ow-	
ing to the fart  Uiat each competing cua^-tt-trnt^from the local mines
It will doubtless surprise a greul
many to learn tbat the Pacific Great
Eastern have nut only commenced, lut
havo iiiiiipleti'd, coustructiou on the
north slo.re Ilmi is, at any rate, In the
window of the reul estate offices nf
Messrs. Green nnd Walsb. There is a
businesslike P. .0. E, locomotive on
lines which are nicely polished if not
straight. There is a handsome brick
depot and a signal box, wherein a sta
lue of Bud Fisher's Mutt is bard at
wurk. Jeff is in the foreground admir
Ing thc profusion of Green and Walsb
signs which are planted around in the
hinterland. To the west tbrre is the
Second Narrows bridge, while casl
there is a deep sea vessel loading a
mg io ine "ni  nun. -  ....,.,..,,,.M .,
vegsel exceeded Ihc time limit of Ave ■st least, one may aiuune jo.  This de
pa; rent, allowed udder tbo rules /ri piction of  North ,Va»u;ouver's futur*
ttie  local  handicapping system, tilt  —*—'—-J" «- «■■ M>niin»il« nne.
boats stsrtod on the long W mile grind
Saturday morning 'rom Ihe yacht club
haute.  The firit boat left at  Wl)
and tin scntcb launch i hourt ind
rolrcls credit on the construction gang,
Mr. Green and Mr. Walsh, apd Is an
original method of advertising a firm
which is not only new and reliable,
but steadily progressive. _T.'
Bank of Montreal
Establlih.d 1117
Capital (paid up)
Reierve    .   .   .
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch i   •       P. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., ht Street Manager
Wc Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade.
Phone 227
"The Dundarave Door"
A new design of Oafitman Front Doors. We are the
only firm in Canada malting llieie doors, Come and ue
iinni     1'iicei are reasonable.
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
During the Months of JULY and
AUGUST, this store will close
at I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
In Stock, 350 ions of Choke
HoiMolioldent  abound  lay In tlia winter supply before tha
msli sssaan.
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L S. EATON, Manager.
Kickliam's Wharf     Esplanade West* Phone 488
'0.20  AM.
mm    ■
12.20  tM
2.40 VM.
11.11 AM.
Cempmy tai "
Leave Nortk Vancouver
•8.00 AM,       I;
•iM fU
•6.40 3.00
*1M iM
7.2D 8.40
•7.40 ,      4.00
800 4.20
'6.(0 4.40
8.40 6.00
»,00 6.20
. •       0.20 6.40
0.40 IM
10M 6.20
10.10 6.40
10.40 7.00
11 tw 7.20
11.20 7.40
11.40 (.00
Vim, im
IIM VM.      0M
IM 10M
IM •       10.80
1.40 11.00
i.oo uio
lift AM.
'    Tias. Ubl. aobjeat te eittte witbout
tot diltyi, aceid.atal w otaemef,
..—.....  innw»'rT"iwvu i ¥nwyf111 nwwwm airt lyisii
V  ■""'
"Honor pricks me on. Vaa, but bow
If honor prick tne off wben I coma out
Ilow theu! Dm honor sat ta a left
No. Or an irwf No. Or Llm away
tba grief nf a woumlt No. V. hat is
hnnurt A won). What Is tbat wunl,
liniiiirl Air. Tliurufiirii I'll uona nf
il."    Nlmkespcuro. ',
Furly nu tba 18th .lay of July, in tbe
year 1858, in company with some twelve
liiiiiiliv.I other ailveuturoua spirits who
hail left California |n try tbeir luck iu
the Crater lliver goldfleldt, which were
theu attracting tbe attentiou of the
imrlil, | lamleil from a rowboat on lbe
waterfrout of Ksquimalt town. We bad
followed in the wake of eome 110,000
gold seekers. The olil iteamer Sierra
Nevaila, iu which we voyageil, waa ovor
Imi.l.ul with freight ami pesseugere,
ami it aeemeii a miracle lhat abe mir
vlved tbe heavy wluila ami waves that
beset her path. We were niue days ou
the way—the voyage is new made with
ease liy moderately fast vessels iu two
aud a half days. Tbe^ditcomfort was
great. Hundreds of the paaseugert—
iuuu, n,iuuu ami children—unable to
secure berths or sleeping aecumntuda
iuuu, of auy kind, lay about on the
ducks and in tbe saloous iu the aban
don of despair and hopelessness. Ouly
a few escaped an attack of seasickness.
I was among the fortunate ones; having
voyaged imi.Ti iu youth I was seasoned
lo all conditions of weather.
I bad a stateroom iu whieh weie
three berths. Oue of tbese was occupied
by il 11. Wright, who afterwards rose
lo siniueuce ou the inaiulaml as a
pioneer merchant and road builder, lie
was a bright, energetic man at that
time, youug ami ehochfull of enterprise
ami ability, The remaining room male
was a youug Hiiglishman wbo said his
huni.' was (leo. Hloane. ile was very
intelligent, and having lately left cob
lege iu Knglaml, was fond of quoting
Uiin and (Ireek phrases aud reciting
poetry, whieh he did very well, in
the neit room was au Ainericeu named
Julius, whom 1 had known at Han Fruu
I'isio; another American named i'ri,-k
mer, also a Han Francisco acquaintance,
ami a third youug mau wbo called him
self Jobn Liverpool. Thia last persou
was Knglisli, bu said. Ile was of a
jovial disposition, smoked a good deal
and drank brandy from an earthen jug.
lie could tell a good story, ami Wriglil
ami I—tbe others being prostratud with
I., I. I.m . ii u .I to lean over the rail
ami ii Tin lo his fund of auei'dole aud
adventure. Homeliinos he would make
us laugh immoderately aud at others
our bearla would be stirred wilb pity
as be related some patbetie story of his
early life.
About the Hfth day out a passenger
ii womau— died, ami ou lbe eveuiug
of the same day she wu buried at sea,
i':i|,ium III,iiht. reading Ihe funeral
service as tbe corpse, sewed iu canvas
and weighted wilh iron, was shot over
tbe side. I have ofleo wondered how
any of us escaped with our lives. Thc
condition of the ship was abominable;
Ibe water was bad, tbere was no attempt' at sanitation. The food was
wretched, and so the brandy iu Mr,
Liverpool's j g was at the ebbtide
mark loug before we sighted Cape Plat
On the .-Mill night tbe head wind stiffened to a lier.T gale, aud iu spite of
all we "iiilT do to reassure tbe wretched
people on board, many resigned themselves to tbeir fate and few eipected
lo aee laud agaiu. Tbat uigbt two
men, wbo bad eome aboard healthy and
strong, succumbed aod were buried at
sea Ihe oeit morning. Tbe afternoon
of the seventh day was bright - aod
warm. The wiud died away, tbe wa
tainted dowu and tbs steamer liegan to
make fairly good lime. The sirk people
gradually crawled from tbeir biding
places, looking wae ami wretched
enough, but loud in Ihe eipressiou of
Iheir (banks Ibat they bad come
through the tempest with their lives
Heated ou a steamer chair I presently
observed a youug woman of eighteen
or twenty years, wbo had struggled
from below. Hhe was pale aud this,
ami bore on ber late a look of wretch
edueae aud misery. I got Ihe impression
tbat when ia health sbe muat be very
pretty, aad I recall that sbe bad a
wealth of dark brown hair, a pair of
glorious bezel eyes aud regular features,
Hhe tat watching the guilt aa they rode
ou tbe create of Iba billows, and I
thought I bad never seen a prattler
pictart. I waa tempted to apeak to ber,
but as I was on tbe point of advancing
i buriy ligure puthed by me aod, ad
dressing the girl, engaged bar in eon
vrrtatiou. Tktir tone waa low, but
tbey teemed to he acquainted. Wr.
Liverpool, for it was be wbo bad put
my amatory "«o*e oot of joint," bung
about bar till bed time. When Liverpool patted ne on tbe way to bla state-
roots, I rallied bin aa ho bia pretty ac
quaintance, •"'
"tat," f»i<J>* "the is pretty. Her
nana Is Baadford-Miee Bradford. Hhe
it vary unfortunate. Her mother was
tks lady wbn died ami was hurled tks
other dty, and she is alone i« tba world.
I knew them tn Han Francisco. Tks
mother kept a boarding-house. They
were on their mpy tn open a boarding
house in Victoria, but nf course tbat is
all over now and tbe wili have to go
The neit moruiug I was early ou deck
and there tat Ike pretty girl witk Ihe
natal eyet again watching tha guila aa
Ibey skimmed over the surface of tbe
waves. Tbe morning waa warm and
pleasant, the lead was in tight, and Iba
assurance of tbe captain tbat neit day
we ibould be at Hsquimait brought
the color to many pallid cheeks and
the luatre to mauy dull eyet. At tbit
momeut Hluane, advancing wilb difficulty along tbe crowded deck, reacked tba
girl. Ile beb| in one band a cup of tea
ami iu the other a plate ou which were
au orange ami some biscuits. Aa be
was about tu baud the articles to tbe
girl, Liverpool, who was standing uear,
grasped the cup ami plate aud himself
handed them tu Uiss Bradford. The
girl never looked at Liverpool, but the
flashed ber beautiful orba full in
Hloane's face, and thanked bim in a
low, sweet voice. Hloaue, who seemed
somewhat disconcerted at Liverpool's
mii ihi,in,', In.iiinii',I a moment aud
tben walked to where Wright aud 1
were watehiug eveuts.
"You seem," said i, "lo be makiug
progress in that direction."
"Well, you see," be replied, "I wat
up at dawn, and you know Ibe tayiug
about the early bird, etc. 1 have had
a long talk wilh her. Hineo her motber
is dead she haa uo friends left eicept
a brother al Hau Frauciaco aud she
inlliui', lo go back by Ibis very boat.
Hhe has uo money either. It wat all
in her mother's purse, and wheu she
died nu.uuv and purse disappeared—
stolen by some miscreant. Hhe is vury
intelligent, very sweet, aud, ohl of
such u grateful ami mull,ling nature.
Hhe lold me everything about herself
ami I know all about her ami her be
"Have a rare," said Wright. "Uy
experience of steamboat eci|uaiutaucei
is rather unfavorable.' '
"My dear fellow," rejoined Hloaue,
"Ibere are acquaintances ami acquaint
iiinT.1. This girl is as good as gold.
What do you sayi Lei's start a sub
scriptiou for her. I '11 give twenty dol
The idea was adopted, and iu about
leu minutes Hloaue was uu his way
back to tbe girl wilh a considerable
uuiu - I iiiiiii. about one huudred del
lars. I accompanied bim. Liverpool
stood behind tbu girl's ebair, convert
iug wilb her iu a low toue.
"Miss Bradford," began Hloaue,
speaking very low, blushing like a
schoolboy the while, "I havt brought
you a small sum as a loan from a few
of your fellow passeugers. You can re
pu) |t at your leisure."
He wae about lo place the coin ia
the girl's outstretched baud when
Liverpool wrenched tbe mousy from
hit gnsp ami toesed it overboard.
"Inul, bere!" he exclaimed, "Ibii
girl is mil a beggar, and if she slauds
in need of mouey I have enough for
Hloaue was speechless with indigua
tiou.   Ilis eyes bla/ed wilh auger. "You
d d cad," be began, and Ihen recol
leeting hiluself he paused aud bit hia
"Oo on," aaid Liverpool; "I'm lit
Miss Bradford," uid Hloane, igaor
Ing Liverpool, "do you coouteueuce—
do you approve of Ibis man's conduct t'
I looked at tbe youug woman. Her
fare had assumed au atben hue; ber
lips were colorlett and ber beautiful
eyet were (lied wilh tears. Hhe half
rose and then tank back and seemed
about lo faint.
Hloane still beid tbe reins of bis pas
tion and refuted to bit it get away
with him, but be wu livid witb repressed rage.
"Ito y.u," be at lut managed to say
to Mitt Bradford, "do you approve of
tbie tutu's beastly conduct I Hu ba
auy rlgbt to control your movements,
or to tay wbat you iball or iball not
dot Pleue answer ne, aod if be bu
a claim upon you 1 will go away aad
trouble you no more."
Tbe girl rose from lb. chair and wu
about to reply when Liverpool't right
arm ebot out and hit tit struck Hloaue
/till ia the face betweea the eyet. Hloane
staggered, but ba did not fall. Ia an
instant he recovered hit balaac, and,
quicker than it takea to tall it, ba salted
Liverpool by the throat witb one band
while with tha other he delivered about
a down emaibing blowa is rapid sne-
caatioa upon bia antagonist's face aad
body. It wu all over ia half a minute,
and Liverpool, bia face esreanlag wltb
blood and bal/ dead from tka choking
and pounding, dropped into tba chair
whieh tic girl had vacated as she Hsd
turn ths wans, I tpntt Sloans a*ajr
and got a i»le«a of raw meat from tho
steward to hind oyer his eyes, wbleh
war* both blaoksnsd.
Tka nsat morning tbs passeugers
lauded at Kequlmalt from the steamer
la small bentytbeie vara no wharves),
and having ssen nothing nf Liverpool
and Mlu Bradford since the affray I
began to hope that we bad beard the
last of them—not beeanss I wat not
deeply interested in the fair creature
(for I may as well confess that I waslt
but 1 feared if tbe two men came together again there would be a tragic
outcome. We walked lo Victoria lu
tba afternoon and found the town
eruwded wltb gold-seekers. Hnusos
wara faw and tbe whole townsite was
covered with ml tiers' tents. There must
bave been 10,1100 people tbere at ibe
time of wbicb I write. Every country
on the face of tba earth was represent
ed. Tha streeta and fields wero alive
with people. Fort and Yates streets,
from dook nearly to Quadra, and from
tke present line of Port to Johutou
ttraat, wat a big swamp where pond
lilies and cat-Lilt flourished, At Cook
ttreet ou the eait, and Jamea Bay on
tbe toutb, wbere tbe government build
ingt now iLud, tbere were dense for
eats, of oak, cedar and 9.1, Tbs Hillside
estate was thickly covered with stand.-,
ing timber, and grouse and daer ana]
an occasional bear could ba bagged
within a few minutes' walk of the
Piiilaysoit homestead.
(Jrlckinor, Johns and 1 had brought a
tent and a good supply of food. Wa
pitched, as nearly as) can remember,
in an npen space near where the Dominion Hotel stands, Hloaue we invited
tn camp with us. Although bo was a
casual acquaintance wn liked him from
thu start, and his plucky display of
science when he beat John Liverpool
endeared hlm to us. The first night
wc i.l i-i >i uu u bed of lir houghs. In the
morning we built a Are, aud (Jrlckinor,
who was a good cook aud had been ac-
iTiiiiiinnul to camping out, began to
prepare thu moruiug meal. 1'rusently
lm came inside and lowering the flap
of the tent saidt "Boyt, who do you
think am our uoit door neighbors!
Wu ull Have it up, and be etclaiined,
"Liverpool aud Mitt Bradford occupy
the neit tent."
Hloane sprang  to his  feet  v.ltli  a
furious mull, uielaimiug, "If he bas
wronged lhat girl I'll kill him."
(Concluded on Friday)
Our tpecial bland, .'15 cents per lb., II lbs. fur (100,     Ktlra
value at 40 cents, 46 cents and fill cenls per Ib.
OOFFBBS  ,      ,
Freshly roasted and gruuud as required, ,'lfic, life, 46c aud 60s
per pound.
B, O, Hugar iu 18 pound sacks, (LIB etch.
Kastoru   Township,   iliTc   per  pound.   Hell    Hum,I   Finest   New
Zealand 40c per pound, (looking Butter .llle per pound.
Fresh selected ,'lfie per iloneu, :t To.en for (1.0(1. Local eggs 46c
per ilo.cn.
Wilson't Hpecial aud Hwifl's Premium, sliced, Me per Ib. (Inr
slicing  machine  is   >ue  of  the  best  ami  cuts  lu any  desired
Oue pound packets, 80c, 3 lb. pails, fift cents, li Ib. pails Oil cents,
10 ib. pails (1.80 each. *
5 Hoses, lloyal HLudard, Boyal Household and llobln Hood SI Hi
per 40 Ib. eaek.
Milipint 41.76 and l'acillc (lent 8)1.60 per 111 lb. I'u,in  in HI lb.
sii.-ks 86 ami 40 eeult each.   Orabant  Flour  -HI cents,  Whole
Wheat Flour (whole meal) 40c per III lb. Olympic I'aneake Flour
36 centi per packet.
Of every kind at prices as low as possible consistent with good
All orders promptly and carefully attended to,
Order Your
Fall Suit Now
110 Second St.,  East.
The North Vancouvtr home of "Campbell Clothing"
Painting and
V. O. last ttfl, *>« in
B, C, TUESDAY, AUQU8T 27, |9|1
Birks' Diamonds
There ara two prima reasons wby ss Diamond Morchante
wa bava heeu successful. They are; First- Evory stone ws
submit to tliu consideration of tbs purchaser ia parfact in
evory respect. Second -Boing the largest importers of diamonds in (iiiiiiiiiii and iTiah buyers, we are able to sell at
lowest possiblo prices.
It is known throughout the whole Dominion—and ws are
In touch with every portion of tbs country through the medium of our five great stores -that we resort to' no subterfuge in order to make diamond silos. Bvery atone ia aold at
ita honest valuo, and carries with It our guarantee of perfection, a guarantee which our unsullied commercial reputation makes too valuable for doubt.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Troray," Managing Director
I fastings and Granville Streels   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
City and Diitrict
Observatory on Grouse
(Continued Prom Page One.)
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
Eight Per Cent.
No good security turned down
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
Job Printing at the "Express"
A meutlng lu'i kttti the city ami dis-
iri.it of North Vancouver school inn.
toes was recently held iu the city hall
whon au arrangement was effected
whereby tils children from the ilistricl
in D.L. lilill cuu attend the city schools
for a year at least.
There are about 15 Bchool children
from thu district attending ono oi thu
classes in tho hidgeway school, ami ts
the city is rucoiviug uo ravottue from
iIhtii and would soou bu necessitated lo
in, inn,,' tho teaching staff on account
of lite inuiuu .in,", number from the
district, tho city board recently noli
Ilml thu district lhat an udjustmuul of
Ihu mul lur would huvu lo be madu in
order lo ullow tin-..- children to continue i niuiii|: to tho Hidgeway school
II wus decided that Ihu dislricl shoulil
puy il pur pupil per month, thu ar
riiiigemeiit to he Hindu for li.' inuiilli.
Mr. McNaught wns inclined to thln'i
lliin slightly too high, bul on itccount
of the convenience until  the districl
cun build t school of its own iu Ihul
section Councillor Loutet agreed with
Ihis proposal us lining :i safe one for
bis district. The full board of city
trustees, wilh the exception of Mr.
Fruser, wure present. I'liuirniiin M. S.
T' li,.. ,Ti presided.
The North Vuncouver city tehools
opanotl with un attendance of over 71)11
which is u considerable increase over
the attendance ul the closing of the
uiid siiiiuner term. The district has
tin attendance of over 2un.
The new cluss rooms have been lit
ted und were opened for classes in Ihc
I,ons.lule ichool yeiterday, An inter
uiodiate grade will bu opened al the
Hidgeway school uml in addition t mun
uul training school will be inaugurated
ul lhe opening of ichool. This is uu
innovation ou Ihis side of lhe Inlel.
Suturduy nett is thu lasl day oo
which entries will be received for the
croiptel uud I un ii n tournament lo be
held in connection with ihe llortienl
lorel Society's annual show. Also us
the computing gardens of Ihe eity and
district have lu be judged prior lo the
show, Saturday is Ihe closing entry day
iu Ihis class also.
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4750
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability   ,,.►
North Vancouver Agenti for ,   •
*." limited
Phone Seymour 6266
fact thut thu astronomical anil meteorological WOrh ''niild he curried on by
tbe sume observer."
With ii'iT'iiTiri: to the above niemor
uuiiiuil Mr. Porter said, "While us
tenting to the representations which
have been mado by my colleagues on
tho executive of the British Columbia
\ ith I.'nn of Science, there ufe two
further uspeets of tlte miittor on which
I should like tn speak as au individual. I shuuld like to add my owu
Independent opinion thut tlm iulorests
of astronomical seiuneu would bo roally
served by affording fcilitiea for solar
work lo thu olliciul in charge uf tho
Vancouver Mutcoroligicul station.
Yeurs of study uud obaorwtiniis, exhaustive' knowledge, tho kcuuost uu
thusiusm, uud large sacrifices af limo,
trouble und money all go to constitute
a valid claim for Mr. T. M, II. Shear
man. llu has readied Important results
with ordinary ineans in the past am
hu may well bu trusted tu put auy in
Hum,'inul facilities alToriled him in
thu futuru to the best use. The lim
op whieh he is uow working is sueh
as would commend it m'l 1 lo any com
petont judge of such matters. Ilis pro
j.-.-i - have Ihe grent practical ndvun
logo that the equipment which would
enable him to carry his solur studies
to completion would bu Indispensable
to such students in the University as
were lud lo engage iu astronomical re
search. The facilities presented Jor
tbu union of low nmi Mah level work
in u ,iiuiiuiir, .nul niui tm,")'.: musl be
taken udvuntage of iu il» miu future,
Ouce a beginning is made by Ihe wea
ilu i service, lhe results will be sure
tu stimulate olber bodies to co-operate
iu ils maintenance utui'extension. 1 do
not think a better man can bu found
Ihun Mr. Shearman In creute un hilar
est iu such work, liuving regard to bis
originality, perseverance uiul geuerul
,|i. 'lm- 11mi,   '
Those who have been more intimately
connected with the movement huve
been greatly encouraged because uf the
luim.ilil opinions received from Ihe
foregoing and from other equally emi
iiunt sources. Tho pluns have been
steadily maturing so thul lhe friends
of the movement ure most hopeful Ibul
they will be able to curry the project
lo completion with lillle delay olher
than Ihul Inseparably connected with
lhe actual carrying nut of the several
features, which is a proposition of this
kind will necessarily consume cousid
arable time That Grouse Mountain
will in due course become tbe home uf
un observatory second to none in lbc
world is the confident expectation uf
those who are beat filled to express
au opinion relative In the project winch
Mr. Shearman and his coadjutors huve
iu hand.
The Canadian Bant
of Commerce
Capital $15,01X1,0011   Rest $12,500,000
.   '    t
North Vancouvtr Branch Now Located at the
A General Bunking Bu,ine» Transacted.   Inieiesi on
.Wings Bunk Dcposili un One Dollar and Upwards.
We art showing au excellent lino of Sterling Silver mid Platod Ware,
nothing but tbe highest grade of Goods.
Our low expenses enable us to mark our prices much below those who
pay high route.   A comparison will prove this to you.   Boo our windows.
The Storo of Quality
md Low ITI";,
Lynn Valley Notes!    Visitor to City
Mr. II, I,, Thompson is uboul to open
u reul estate business in lhe r'ruuinic
block  in the new ullicu nf the I.ynu
Vulley Lumber tio. I.td.
Mr. Oliver .1. Wilcox, M.I'.. fur
Norlh Kssej, Ontario, wus a visitor in
thu cily for u lew duys Ihis week, a
guest of ex ('ily Kngineer 'leo. bt:
Hancs, to whom lie is related. Mr. Wil
cos has represented North Kssex since
111118 when he redeemed Ibe couslll
ininy   for  lhe  I'unscrvulivu  parly al
■  bye  elect inn  rendered  neceitary  by
Vulley   Nuy,   fSeplember   lllli,   would    . ... .
I lhe Hi", ul nm ul  lln- I liun member lu
lhe bench  i.iinii.i   -i liberal majority
Mr. F, i'iiiii,  uf the well known lirm
of i'lurk Hi,,-., carriage builders, Vau ;
couver,   was   visiting   friends   in   llic
Valley on Halurday wilb bis prospect
ive bride.
The decoration committee for lyuu.
Enthusiastic Meeting
re Quarter Reversion
lleeve May presided over a lurgcly
attended meeting iu the Municipal Hull
lusl eveuiug which had beeu culled fut
the purpose of further dis.-ussitig lhe
quarter reversionary rigbls lo lhe pin
vinciul government.
A coinuiuniculioii wus lead from I'ro
tuier Mcllride asking for a deputation
lu iiii'iT him ou Friday al  UTUI am
The meeling was very enthusiastic,
the following gentlemen briefly address
n|) the audience.' lieeve Nelson, Jas.
A. McN'tir, Grahiui Campbell, (.'oun.
Ilridgman, Coun. Weslovcr, J P. ('ran
ford, J. I'uul, Ha Him ami J M
Fromme. The meeling was uuauiinoui
lhal lhe delegation atk tbe government
lo withdraw their quarter Interest on
:i,, .'inii of thc awkwird position iu
which il placed the municipality tnd
pruperty owners, A delegation inn
listing of over Imi will interview lbc
premier, headed by rcprueulalivei of
Ibe diitrict uf Nurlh Vaucuuver, city
of Norlh Vaueouver, diitrict of Wcsl
Viucouver, Huard of Trade of Noilh
Vancuuver aud olher bodlei. Thc do
legation will leave Ibe C P. B. dock
ou Thunday aflcruoou at i.99 pm
Messrs. 1. P. ('ruwford and K I,
Thompion will be at lbc If. P. H.
wharf al I p.m. ou lhal day to arrange
for tickete. Anybody interested iu the
matter ibould utke a ipecial effort
to be represented as this will probably
be lbc final delegation. Tbe follow
ing gentlemen bave been elected ipokt
men for the delegation: Hon. r I,. Car
ter Cottou, Mayor MeNciab, Keeve
May, Beeve Nelton, Coto. Ilridgman
Loutet, Tboniptou and Tiuu.
Band Concert*
The band concetti by tha N. V. Cjty
Band, which have been a feature at
tba l'alacc Hotel each Saturday even
iug daring tba lusomer, will be coolin
ued for tbe remainder of tha season ,n
tflity instead ot on Saturday ifauingt
esteem it u fuvur if lhe residents uf
tbe Valley wuubl du Huir pun in muk
iug llie day us successful us is pos
tilde by decorating Iheir homes with
Hugs uud luu,im,:
The mul ill between the l.yuu Vulley
Athletic iliib uud the Ilistricl Ilull
lull resulted in n virion' lur flic lur
mer by uu innings uud Id inns. The
Iiuiiii' team has certainly beuefllled fruni
its Victoria visit uud with u guud
practice ground wuuld improve rapidly.
There will be u special general
meeting of the Athletic club toiuuirow
i Wednesday! in the Inslilule Hull ul
s pm. All members are earnestly re
quested lu be present US lliere ure Ileitis
nf llupurtlllii e lu be discussed All win,
intend juiniug the football team ure
i|jccially   iiniliul
On Tuesday next, September Tni,
the l.yuu Vulley Ilay euinunllee will
hold a special ineeling in the Inslilule
Hall to hear the reports uf Hie differ
enl committees. 11 is very iinpurtuiit
that every member shoold be present
us the progrum for l.ynn Vulley Day
will be arranged lliul evening.
The following members an- cboseu
u play uguinsl Mission ''ily ut Mis
sion ou I uiul Dty: A V Burrows, I
fl. Farmer, (1. Till, W. Boguc, II. Doug
las, 1 Muilugguu, J Thomas, 0. Fai
mer, M, W Hrownlee, .1 Harlbtl uul
P. P. UylOU deserves L. Aspcll and
II. II Sharp The Irtiu aud meeliug
place will bo given lu next issue of
the Kxpresi ou Friday
AUGUST •Mb, lilt.
No. U Enlisted -
Tho following mau, having beeu duly
altested, is hereby taken uu Ihc
strength uf Ihe compauy.
No. IW, Sapper 1). Mcl'oll.
NO. li Duty
To be orderly icrgcaut for wcoi ending Uiii Auguit, llllll: No, I, Sergeant
W, J, Klder.
Next for duty-No. I Sergeant W.
H   Fleming.'
No. 21, Appointment* aad Promotion*-
.   Thc  "fiiei   roiumandiug  hat  been
pleased lu approve of Ibe following:
To be orderly room clerk, No, in,
Sapper A. It. Graham.
No. ~P. Paradet ;
'The company will parade al Ibe
Drill Hall, Noilh Vancouver, on eveiy
Monday and Friday evening at 6 o'
clock until furtber ordered, Dresi, Drill
order wltb rifle* and lido errni.
Acting Adjutant.
of odd inlu u i-iiuscrvalivc inujorily of
lii. Mr Wilcox slulcs thul bit eon
ttilueney wus hard lighting gruuud iu
Ihe recent rumpuigii when reciprocity
wus tbe iiuiiii issue Nurth Kssex is just
across lhe Del rull (ivcr frum Detroit
eity, liuvuig a pupulutiun ui 01111,111111
und a iiiurliet uf those pruportiuui with
iu one und one half miles appeared
very iillritiTive tu Ins constituents, flic
mosl of whiiin are formers. Notwith
thu,ling Ilus fuel however, the Conservatives with Mr Wilcox ns their
standard bearer, suu ce,led in increai
iug their former inujorily lo IHO, thus
winning u signal victory fur lbe party.
This is Hie first visit nl Mr Wihux lu
the wesl, und he is greatly impressed
wilh Hie inagiiiliceiil heritage which
t'anadiaui possess,
Giving H>m i Hint,
"I'm ture II Itu I your fault tbut yo«
(invent /iiuuied ' uid lha gallant
"No," confessed Iba charming oit
wbo wos icrglug toward old maid
"I kuow IL"
"No, uiujor. It li youn."
Of Ceuria.
"Mnrrlnge la for belltr or foi wuraa
u itr
"Well, siiineiiiiiei for bulb"
"How cuu Ibal ba'
"tviiiiciiiiii'-i It Ii better for on* and
wort* for Ibe olber."
Iomt Oood Itlll.      "*•
tn it in Illi we'ri alowir
To pick a into spirt.
ror uni mty slip lo grammar
Ant havt a kindly IihVl
A Jules a Juke when tb* Joke man's
ulf* Just bea tu laugb at IL
If you do a iuuu a favor, try lo for
g*l It aa quickly aa be'do**-
Alwayi cbcei lb* under dog. It ll
safer tbau kicking tba upper.
Bar* ft lib and you shsll conquer,
provided always tbat you ar* stronger
sod mor* sudden than Iba otbei tth
•om* men lon'i can wbicb aide tbsii
bread la buttered ou ao loug ai ibag
caa aneak atrawberry Jim for out.
The troubli I* that too many of vol
wall luleuHooed cltlten* can't dhtfla-
lulab between notoriety aod fam*
Oua »f tb* i/oublM of boas rato I* UM
Ibtlcully som* bar* lo d»tan»lul*|
wbo I* bot*
Tb* difficulty about taklag a cbaac*
I* ibat yon generally lol UMI tow
rbaoc* wu oo cbaac* at ill, tm t
land ceriaJotr Uat you lm.
i    ,
i- •
• **'l"Wt*    ■IUjL|W^8M*+t^
Publitbed Tuesdayi and Fridays by Nortb Shorn Press, Limited.
Batea of Hubscription:-Oue year, IIM.   Sii monthi, 60c.   Threu months, 36c
United Btatei and Foreign, t'2.96 per year.
Advertising Bate* WUI Be Quoted on Application.
fba Exprett It devoted tn th* interests nf the North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional valuo for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vancouver
Oity ana District. Every effort is made to givo advertisers tba most satisfactory
All chaugot in contract advertisement! ibould ba In tba printers' bauds not
later than Ida. in. Monday and fi p. in. Wedneiday to suture iusertion in the
following issna.
Nortb Vanoouvsr, B. 0	
..August 87, 1912.
Tbo proposition thai an observutory
for purposes uf astrunomical resuurelt
be established ul the top of Grouse
inunuiiiiii euutiot be said tu bu new,
inasmuch as it was submittuil lo tlte
- locul Board of Trade as early us the
year 11106. The project has been befure
the public intermittently since ..lattime
und those who havo interested i hem, el
ies more iniini.in li in its promotion
huvo had the satisfaction of noting
steady progress iiinm,li- the goal of
thoir endeavors until at the prescnl
time there are most encouraging null
cations that an observatory at that
point will become un accomplished fact
in due course.
The scheme has been strongly eudors
ed by the 1). C. Acudemy of Science,
it has received decisive commeiiiluliun
at the bands of Mr. K, V. Btupsrl, Director et the Dominion Meteorological
Service, Dr. Otto KloU, ussistant chief
attrouomer Domiuion observatory at
llltuwu, and utliers ul' mure ur less experience uiul prominence iu the held
uf u 11"i.uu i research.
Am,mi: the lucul advocates ol the
movement, there is none mure able or
more enthusiastic Ihun Mr. T. ■'- ll
Hliearinun, resident Duminioii uslruii
inner uud director of the Vuneniiver
.Meteurulogicttl station who hus been
indefatigable in his efforts to bring the
matter to successful conclusion. Mr. j
Mheurniun hus undertaken to provide j
the Newtooian Ki|iiati>rial telescope
measuring in diameter one hundred und
twenty inches. Tlie magnitude uf the
lusl: which Mr. Hhcurmnu bus set for
himself will be understood when it is
slated Ihut the lurgest instrument
present in use anywhere iu the world
is Ilinl of the telescope al Hie ob
serial ory of Lord llosse in Ireland
whicii measures seventy two iuches iu
diameter, due lens of one hundred
in. lies is ill exislenee but it is uot per
lut uud ii is extremely duubtiul if
lhe defects can in remedied. Mr.
Slicurmnii huwever is quite sanguine of
Ins ability lu produce an instrument
with the ijiaineter named, thus giviug
the Grouse M,u,1.1,m, observatory tbe
distinction of possessing the mi: I
powerful telescope iu Ihe world.
Those who have inspected the pro
posed sile declare that from a seien
nlie poiut of view it answers admir
uldy ull of Hie requirements uf tu ob
servalory site. As fur elevation the
I.iii, observatory is MOO feel above seu
level while the Grouse Mountain intti
I.iiiiiii will be slightly higher. The uf
im,spin in uml other couditiom are pro
tiouuecd entirely suitable for the pur
pose. From Hie jmldu' puitlt of view
uu observatory al the lop of Grouse
Mountain wuubl be an institution ul
the most attractive nature. The eon
stiiietiou of Hie (liouse Mountain Seen
i, I mime Itailwuy would render Hie
uliM-f vutory readily , accessible to thu
geueral public ul ull limes. According
lu lhe pluns ul present in mind u uuiu
ber of smaller telescopes v.n.,1.1 be In
stalled through which visitors mighl
view the heavenly bodies at any lime,
while the greal telescope would be mude
available lu visitors at ceilain hours on
staled evenings The scheme is, Ihere
fore, oue of the very highest value
lelulive to the local public and Ihe
louritl imiii.
II is a pari ol Ihc scheme lo ulli
bale tbe observatory wilh Ibe provincial university, in which case nol only
wuuld Ibe great telescope provide op
porluuily for suy students who might
wiib lo pursue astronomical research,
I ut a department would likewise be
added which would be of lhe greatest
service in connection with the engineer
iug elasses iu the innverslly.
The friends of Hie project consider
that Ihe protpeeta are very bright fur
enlisting Ihe co-opcraliou of both Ihi
In,nuni'.n atld Ihe provincial govern
mint" in it'i prion,,lum They are like
wise iu consultation with Hie Hoard
of Director! of Grouie Mountain Heen
Incline Bailway Company from whom
Ihe leucine bai met wilh a very favor
able recaption.
It ii unnecessary to dilate upon the
value to tha Nortb Shore of tucb an institution located pn Grouie Mountain.
Tba ail* of any obaervatory of even
moderate proportions becomei it onre
:i tpol of world wide interest aad tbe
establishing of sueb an institution at
|t outlined la tba |»o*illon deelgnatcd
Would pbu* tka drew* MwuUaJa Ob
servatory at ii siugle Iiniinii iu the.very
forefront of Iho famous observatories
of the world, it it doubtful if any
other siugle institution which might
bu named cnuld confer similar world
wide 'liiTiui'iiiin upon the North Shure.
The  many   thuusunds  of   boys  aud
girls   whu   assembled   in   the   public
■ lm.,l., of Iho proviuee yesterday for
the opening sessions uf tho autumu
term aro lu be eungratulatod ou the
advantageous conditions under which
they are privileged to work, iu the at
luiumeiit of a knowledge of the fundamental subjects iu idu,allun lt is
only a just tribute to lhe intelligence
uf thoso boys and girls to believe lhal
Ihey duly appreciate the fortunate position iu whieb they aro placed iu this
important particular. It is au errur to
conclude that (he average buy or girl
wends bis ur her way to school for lbe
lirst sessiou after the summer holidays
wilh u heavy heart carrying uuly vain
regrets for the vacation thai is gone.
This may indeed be Irue uf a very
smull fraction who uru beluw Ihe uver
uge iu physical robustness or iu mentul
staiuiua, but the iniiinal boy or ;.nl
while doubtless bidding "good old sum
niertime" goodbye with loud memories
—finds reul pleasure in reusseuiblinu
wilh his schoolmates on the schooi
grounds, he greets his teacher uguin
witn ulITilinn (or lakes his pluee in
u higher cluss with sutisfaetionj and
addresses himself cheerfully to the stu
dies which confront him, To depict
Hie average Hrilish Columbian boy ot
girl us contemplating with aversion
lhe returu to his or her studies is u re
Hcchon upuu the intelligence and the
industry of the children which is al
together unjustifiable, ll is much uear
el llie murk to believe lliut while the
iiuruiul child loves lo play, that child
likewise appreciates the efforts of his
r her parents ami of Ihe state to pro
vide "i,,, iiiiuu.il facilities such as will
lit lhe buy or girl to fill u creditable
positiou wheu the estate of manhood
or of v.,,iminiiuii,I has beeu attained
and lhal he or she is prepared lo sec
ond Ihu , it,nt-. made ou his or her be
bulf by earnest effort lo profit by Ihe
iidvuiiluges provided.
'Work while you wurk,
And pluy while yuu play,
Thul is the way
Tu be lm|,| '. and gay"
so runs Hie fumiliur couplet and it is
permissible In believe Ihut the rank
uud lile of scbool children today are
ryatallixing that excellent precept in
lu practice.
The   boys  and   girls   of   the   North
Sboro have nttuiucd u degree of sue
ess ul llle several ciumiuutiuns which
is positive evidence of the excellence
of the loilioo which is given them ami
of their readiness to respond lo lhal
luilmn by Holiest uud industrious efforl
iheir pari. A combination such as
this is bound lo win and all well wish
ers uf the chiblreu will hupe fur even
belter iinni' from tbem iu thc future
The greatest asset uf any community,
after all, is found in the wealth of
healthy, normal boys and girlt, play
tug with u will aud working hard, build
ng up strong bodies tod well equip
ped iniiuii for filling thc poiitiont in
the community aud for discharging Ihe
ii-p"inii,ibtn ■ iu life which must in
due course ftll to Ibeir lul.
So "Here's lu yuu" boys and girls,
go in and win.
Balv.llwi Aran- Lonsdule Avenue
Sunday tervleet, 11:00 a.m.. 3 p.m and
V.ii p.m. Tuesday, 8 It. III.: TTlilimlui,
8 p.m.   Children's Service, Wednesday,
I p.m. r
llunil.1 Ckurek—Twelfth and 81.
in.n1.1 Servicea at 11 a.m. and v.in,
p. m. Bunday School and Bible Gluts
al 8:30 D. m. Prayer and Pralio Service.
Wednesday at 8 p. III. I'nslol. Rev. A.
3. l'rotter, Twelfth and St. George.
II. John Ike Hvugcllal, Highlit ini'l
Thirteenth. Holy Communion, 8 a. in.
fi,iiiilm. Prayer, II a.m. it,nin,
Praytr, 7:80 p.m. On the Arsl Sundav
In tbe month Ibere will be a lecuti.l
celebration of the Holy Communion
at 11 a. m.   Rector, Rev. Hugh Hooper
SI. UdmuuS's I alkollc I'kurcb, Sixth
and Mahon Avenue. Sunday—High
Mast and Sermon, 10 a.m. Sunday
ii.iliii.il. 8:30 p. in Hunin y and Benediction, 7:80 p. m. Friday—Low Mutt,
8 a. in. Pattor, Rev. J A. Hedani.
O. U. I.
Indian Catholic Ckurek or 81. Paul's.
Mast. 7:30 u. in., Sundaya. Pallor, Rev
F,   Peytavln, 0. M. I.
larlallaii Science — "Kimberley."
iTiiiiIi nliTil Avenue (belween Fourteenth and Fifteenth ttreelt). Sunday
Servlcei at 11 a.m. Teatlniony Meeting, Wedncsduy, 8.00 p.m.
NORTH i.ii,\Ni)\u:
81. Tkeaua—8 a. m, every Sunduv
eicept firat Sunday In month. 8:80
a. m flrat Sunday In month. vll am.
Miiiin:'. Litany and Sermon, second und
fourth Sunday. Holy Communion and
Sermon, Oral and third Sundays. Vlear,
Rev. T. E. Rowe.
Prctbylerlau Ckurek—Sundays, 11
u m. and 7:30 p. in Sunday Scnool am)
Bible Class, 8:80 p. in Teachers' Train
Ing Class, Wedneiday, 7:30. Prayer
Meeting, Wudneuduy, 8 p m. Roys'
Club, Thursday, 7:30 p ni Choir Practice, Friday. 8 p. ill. II. Van Munaler,
tf. A., pastor.
I'rMbi lerlm i'kurek    Woruldi,. tim,
duya,   11   u. in.  und   7   p. m.    Sunday
Scbool, 8:18 p. in.   Paalor, Hev. A. Uae-
MrlboSlst Ckurck-Worshlp Sundayi, 11 a.m. and 7:00 p.m Sundav
School, 8:18 p.m Paator, Itev f).
SI. rieim-iii'.,  i,j„u  Valley—Matins,
II a.m. Sunduy Seliool 3 30 p in liven-
long 7.00 1) in Holy Communion siicnuil
Sunday In month at 11.00 n in Kuruiui
J. Tbo npion In chart,'.
Lodge Western Boas, No. m
Meeliugt of tbii lodge are held iu
lhe Kuightt of i'ythiaa Hall, corner of
Chesterfield avenue and Fourth itreet,
on the litsi and third Frldayt in aacb
moulh, at 6 o'clock p. m.
Communiralioni and applicatioaa for
membership lo be addressed to Harold
Lees, secretary, P. O. box 2211.  16713
Architect and BuUdar
Craflwnau    House*   and    Bungalows.
Hornet  of  individuality.   1   Fairfield
Building, Vancouver and Nortb I-out
dale P. O. Seymour 848).
Fine Job Printing of AU Xlads
m* 9f^rW *^*»\twt m*t m^mi T*MWTaw
81.   Andrew',   l'reabj l.rlan   Ckurek,
Keith Road—Services: Morning, 81 .ull;
evening, 7:80. Adult Bible Cluss, 3:80.
Sunday School, 8:80. Y. P. 8.-C. 13.. Tuesday, ut S p.m. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, at S p.m. Choir PruelLe.
Friday, at' I p. in. Bev. Ronald Macleod,
Hclkodl.t eaurrt-Oorner of Sixth
and St. George. Sunduy Servlcei, 11:00
a. in. and 7:311 p. in. Sunday School uud
Bible Clan, 3:80 p.m. Senior l.ouguu,
Monday, 8 p. m. Prayer and Praise
Bervlce; Wedneiday, 8 p. nl. Junior
League, r'huriday afternoon at 8:30
Pastor, W. O. fiohlltchcr
8| **uta' (Jkurek-Corner Twelfth
and Boulevard. Sunday Services:
Morning Prayer, 11 a. m.{ Bunday
School 3:30 p.m.; Uyinlng Pruyer, 7:10
p.m. Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays In montb, at tl a. m.i second
Sunday In month  8 '
Fea, M. A, Vicar.
in    Rev. Bumi|ul
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPR0TT-SHAW Butineti College
336 Haatinga Sl. W.
Canada'a Qr**U*t W*at*rn School
U. J. Spruit, ll.A., - -Uunagai
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Streel
R. Kerr Houlgale - - • Manager
All North Vancouvar people eat at
Either Flack lllock or Hailing* St.,
opposite tba naw poit offic*. I*mard
telle bi* Ut by th* pound.
Iu  tb*  Matter of  Tba  LeouardSale
Oompanjr, Aaelgned
Thc crcditori having given imperative
uniiu, liuu.'. to collect all outstanding
account!, partiee indebted to the above
The Leonard Sale L'onipany," are re-
■in. 1. d to call aud tettle their indebted-
neu forthwith. Thit can be done by
either calling at tbe ttore, kn Lomdale
Avenue, Norlh Vancouver, lo the' man
in charge, or at tbe office of Wiltuo k
Petty, Attigueei, lit Haitingi Streel
Weit, Vancouver.
I.f. Assignee.
Wty Not 7
Do ft Now •
Tin11 1 ru i,"t
runic iu and see
too pleased to sh
us.   fie
ow you
be ouly
Ul l':|il.-inude West. Pboue 119
(next to Puttersou, Qoldie k Clerk)
10,000 corda of dry dr wood for quick
tale. Price per odd corda, 18.76. Special quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 Inches, $3.26. 12 iuches
M.60. C. 0. D.
Oflice and Yard — 14lli and tansdale
1Jhon* 100.     P.O. boa 2432.
uvnm aii'iiin
i'ur a l.lecatc lu Take and lite Waler
NOTICB It hereby -given thai New-
I'l'it Hii. I- uud Tile i',,iii|,.,iii I.inuii il,
Vuneuuver, will uppli fur a llcenae lo
tuke und use 100 cubic feel per lecond
uf wuter uut ul ttfiuiinun I'reek, wbleh
tluws In a 1,u, ii,'.'.,. 1.11 ,ii,.. il,..
ilniiiitili l.ul 808, un,uii I. New Westminster District, und eiii|,llci Into
Howe Bound near (be bead Ibereof
Tbe wuler will be dlverlsd al tbe heud
uf thu falls and will be uted for uowur
iuh I,,,;;,;, on tbe lund deterlbed us Loi
108,  llrouii   1,  New   u , uii „i, 1   Ids
Tbli Nuilce wus iuuii,,1 un the
lirouud on the 8tlb day of July, 1818.
Tbe 11 up He iin, n will be filed In Ihr
ulliee ol lhe Wuler Recorder at New
Westiiil lister.
illijci Hon.'nin) be filed with the suld
Wuler llecurder ur with llic I'umjilrul-
ler uf Wuti-r llluhts. 1'urllulucnl Build
IllK,  Vlclurla.   ti   C.
J. II   Hevey. Auent
H vTI.il Mllll K
I'ur a Llcenae lo Take aa* itr Water
NOTICK Is hereby given Ibul Newport Wuter 1 T.n,j,,,!::, iduilti T ot Vancouver, will uiiply for u license to tuke
und use Iwo hundred cubic feet per second uf water 001  of Sluamui Creek,
Teh tluws In a southweitcrjy direction iIii.uikIi .Siii.iuiii.i Vulley, und em-
■111.■: intn lluwe Bound near the head
The water will be diverted al the
"Int of intersection with Ibe northerly
.Imll of T I. Hill und will be uted for
Munich,ul purpuses uii the land described as Lut 186, (Iruup 1, New Westminster lilstrlct
This nuilce wua potted on lhe ground
on lhe I61I1 day of July. 1812
The application will be llled In llu
ulliee of the Waler Recorder at New
i 'lu, . ii..),. muy tie filed with Ihc luld
Water   Hecnrder   ur   nin    llie   Cump-
ll"II. I     Of    Wuler    HI,.I,In      IT,ill  n:
liullilliiiiu  Vlclorlu, B. ti.
T   F   M,iiiiii   Agenl
tt ltl 11 .win 1.
I'or a I.lemur lo Take aad 1 »r Waler
NOTICB Is hereby given Ihul New
port Water Co. United of Vancouver,
will apply for a Ilcenie lo lake and
uae 80S cubic feel per lecond of waler
Oul of M.,im111,1 in Creek, which It,,v.i, in
a Southwesterly dlrecllon Ibrouuh tin
M.i uu in, mi Valley and empties lulu eutl
branch Hijumnlih Hlver neur Howe
Bound    j
The wuler will be diverted ul lln
bead uf tbe Orel rallt beluw liual ('nel.
and will tu- uted for powtr uurputes
on lift lund duicrlbed ae I.ol Its. group
I,    NeW    '.'..    Uuii.: I. 1     l'l   In. 1
Thll nolice wai putted un Ibegiuutni
on Hie 1'r, 1 i 1 day of July. 1118
The uppllcntlun will be tiled In tin
iiiiii c of tbe Water Recorder ul New
Wl:   llllll.I   I.   I
ul,)., il.,nu m.il be Sled wilb Ibe said
.Wuler If., uuii 1 or wilb Ihe cumplrol
ler of Waler Rights. Parliament Build
Ingl, Victoria, B. ti.
1. ti. Devey. Agenl.
1836     THE BANK OF      1912
British North America
78 Year* In Business. Capital and Reserve Over $7,600,000,
For our customers' convenience wo issue Letters of drudlt payable iu
Pounds Sterling for uso iu droat Britain and all parts of Ihu wnrld, and
payable in Dollars for use iu I'linnd.i, Unitod Slates, Mexico, llermudu, llu
hamas, Cuba and tho West Indies,
We buy and tell Drafts uu Franco, llormiiny, South Africa, Australia,
Kew Zealand, India, china, Jupnu and the West I ml mm.
Two Office! in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonadale Ave
■nd Eiplanade. Upper Lonadale Avenue, .near 14th Street
Cooking this
Weather is
Mighty Hot Work
But some Ranges radiate U'.SS heal thai) others.
The NEW CHANCELLOR, fitted with ihe
Guerney Economizer, insures a delightfully cool kitchen, a perfectly even healed oven, and the smallest
possible fuel bill.
Call and lei us demonstrate ihis to you.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:   $2.00 per duo up.    Special
talcs lo families and to legulai boulders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
Ol  l.iuidi.i,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly uid itroiuntly nu account ol tlio H.m lum in u earth quake aud ltl.
How muny i,'.iii,|i.,iin.. could do Hii..'/
Ita assets amount to $116,0II0,UIM
A   |>OSUl    Will    llllll,.    OUI    Hpiriu'lll.illVO
Bcaldcnl Ayeut
18 Lonadale Aveuue and Oapil-uio Oar Teruiliiui
Phonae: Lousdale 167.   - Oapllajio ttl.
Wc 8olicil Ihe trade of all iuraeri who appreciate
I Iii.Ii Grade Goods al a jAgdcrale price, and lhe
prompt am) careful filling orUrdcri, which our large
slock and long experience in' business makes potiible.
Burrard Sa*h & Door Factory, Ltd.
A Double Ender
50 x 175 ft on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap a^|2,000, 0"c-ihirdca41,^^)2 month*
Ob* Phone 178.
RwldeiH* Phone 3W
V. O. Box 1831,
d o
ale of Pianos
AUQUST 28th TILL SEI^T. 7th,
i'iii     I.    ■
We have a carload of Pjanos coming, and have to
room for them in the (tore.   In consequence of
we intend to sell our Pianos, which have been
[turned from rent, at great reductions.   All these instruments are in perfect condition and equal |o new.
Warburnitz Piano, Walnut ...... .$375.
Singer Piano, mahogany  275
Martin Ormc, 88-nole Piano player 550
German Warbutnilz Piano, walnut.. 250
Karn Organ, new     90
To be sold on terms if desired.
The Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
1 We Study Printing
11) Days'
For 1'
g»ncrul li
oacopl thut
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card lo a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
Wl L0N8I).
In Stock, 350 Tons of Choice
HotuKlioldenr aliouU lay in tlio winter supply before tke
rush season.
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. FATON, Manager.
Kickliam's Wharf     Fsplanade West     Phone 488
r .1
• i.romi
Second Narrows Bridge By-Uw For
In pursuance of bis formal motion
a wook ago Aid. Fruser last night muv-
ml that u bylaw ahould be proparod for
■■iii.nii.,.inn to tho ratepayers of tbe
city of Nortb Vuncouver fur tlio purpoie of raining liy loau the aunt uf
;.uuiiili fur tbo purcbBHliig of further
lock in tho llurranl Inlet Tunnel
uiul Bridge Oo.
"lit making this uiutiuu," auid Aid.
I'Tnu'i. "I do au wiih u full appro
ciatiou of ita importance. I appro
date the fact that tim mm ia quite
a aum of mouey uml unless Ihorc wun
urgent necessity, I for ono woultl not
urge the submission of u by luw ut the
present time. However, after careful
I'onaiilerution, I um of the opinion Hint
wo should lose no time in submitting
this byluw lo the electors uml I
try to the best uf my ability tu givo
■ nl- iiniinii reusons I'or that belief. In
the lirst place let it be dietiuotly under
stood that the intention of the million
nor the result of the bylaw if ear
rie.d, eunnot in any way be construed
us condemnatory of the work of the
provisional directors. Ou tbo' otber
huml lhe intentions of ilic.jnotiou twni
the result of the by law if carried will
be of very material advantage to the
provisional directors . Vou are all
aware that by the terms of the special
ihlirtcr umler whieh the Burrunl Inlet
Tunnel ami Bridge Company ure wurk
ing that the capital stuck of the coin
puny is #1,000,000. Vou are also well
aware lhat the special charter under
whieli Ihey ure working is uot all ex
haustivt. Iu fuet it only couluins two
typewritten pages und Ihoso two pages
subsist of II paragraphs, many of
which oro very short. The Kith uml
last paragrupb is this "The Bailway
Ait of i unu,in sliull upply lo Ihe Coin
pany .ami its 'undertakings." Therefore, ve have to go lo the Duitjiuioii
Iluilwuy Act for any information we re
quire as tu the luws that govern'the
11. I. T. k U. Co. ami in tbis cuuucc-
liou 1 refer to clauses 81, tl, Ili, 99,
III uml 111 uf the railway act. Nuw
according lo Ihoso cluuses uml accord
ng lo legal advice which 1 have ob
laincd the Company with tbeir provisional directors us al present constitut
I hove nut the power to go uuy fur
llicr. Tbey have not the power to coin
ply wilh the order of lhe railway com
miwloners—tbtt is, thut work be cum
uiciiccil williiii ilU duys alter the liuul
approval of the plans, which approval
they may now bate, ur if nut now',
ony day. Uy tbe' speciul charter thc
capilal of lhe compauy is li,nun,mil).
Accunliug lu , linm, tl of the Bailway
Ad i'l per cent, of Ihut muat be sub
scribed ami Ul per ceul, uf tbe 20 per
ceul paid in hefore the provisional di
rectors cun be released uml the pernio-
ni'iil directors appointed, uml thus the
company placed Ou u footing whereon
Ihey cun do business. Nuw yuu are
ull aware (hat when the ratepayers of
the district of North Vancouver puss
od a byluw juat recently for $1611,0011
for .the | ,,1,1,11 u of further stuck in
the company that they did so for lhe
express purpose of supplying the bul
ance necessary lo complete the -ii per
cent, of the capilal of lbe company
Hut it has unfortunately since come to
their knuwlodge and to ours thai al
though a bylaw pussed Ihe rutcpaycrs
of Hurnuliy fur lhe sum of I60/I00 fur
u like purpose, that bylaw has never
received the assent of tbe Attorney
llencral. Consequently u by law to pur
chase stuck has never been passed by
that council ami will uul pass until u
petitiun fur lhe by lim is obtained
from GO per cent, of the rutcpaycrs.
Those ratepayers now tu gu to the
municipal hall in portion uf write re
questing ,or the bylaw. They arc not
doing so uny fasler than the residents
of Fourth slrect are coming intu the
cily hall wilh thoir quit claim deeds.
Willi Hie imu,out uf interest thai the
mi. i'i';.i i of llumuby are showing in
the Second Narrows bridge, the pros-
peels of getting Ibal ♦CO.OOO at an
curly dale is uot of the most rosy char
ueter. The qucstiou, Iberciore, to my
mind, uuii,Tu,luil Aid. Fraser, "ia this.
Shall we in North Vancuuver say that
wc wili take good care thai commencement on the bridge shall not ke do
layed a day1 for lack of that $50,000
and pass a bylaw or shall we with.old
tbat ffomtpi fipetei to do missionary work lu Burnaby! U the latter,
who is going to do tbe missionary
worki Surely not the provisional directors. If so, they wou|d huve done
to eome time ago- With these urgu
meets I have convinced myself thai we
should lose no time In passing a by'
law and sincerely hope thnt Ibis motion will paw tbis counfil unanimous
Aid. Irwln, In-seconding Ibis rootlou,
thought tbtt Aid. Fraser should be
t-hank^d foe fhe^frepbl* ha-htf goot
to tbe couucil tbat night. The tlder-
man, together with the remainder nf
tje CBUJCJI, agreed witb fbe yt-tjit ef
pressed, by Aid. Fraser. The nnmmi,
(July tujepudud,  was  vuted  upuu  uud
passed unuuiinuusly,
Tunnelling at Rice Lake
'to ii oriei to tuber lain Lo rnsunt r ■isMm &
nr nr mrmr mj nitwi> wwtw wr Jf^f^fM
The usual weekly conference of Ihe
cily fulhers took pluee lusl evening in
tlte city hall, Muyur McNeish presiding
over n   full   itlli.'iiiluitce  uf  ulileriucn.
Anion;: tlte correspondence for rending ami coneidlrttion wus u letter re
luting lu lhe recent appointment by
the lanes committee of Mr. Thomus
Shepherd lu search the titles uf the
city's Inncs.
The inspectur uf legul unices wruto
to lhe following effect: "I du nut uu
ilerstaud whut you wish, but presume
you wish to put some person other thuu
u solicitor lo make searches in the
I uiui Begistry ulliee. If this is so, I
um sorry to suy thut 1 eunnot grunt
the privilege us you will reu.lily uu
ilerstaud lliut if samo wus grunted tu
yuur appointee Wr tbe purpose of
searching titles, thul ull other corporations us well us other individuals would
be entitled lo lhe sume treatment (If
course, if yuur cily solicitor desires to
muke searches he Is perfectly free to
To so upon paymonl of the usuul fee.''
lu Ibis connection the mayor pointed
oul thut- the seurches were uut to be
tnuile I'ur assessment, but for cxprupri
utioti purposes. Tbe matter was referred lo the Inncs commillee who will
submit u rccommeiidutiou.
Mr. Vi. ti. Blseuman culled atlentinii
'to the necessity uf a Iuue om the eust
side of I.ol 10, block 03, I). L. 000,
IGlh slreei eust. Uis letter wus refer
red lo the lanes committee,
Howes, 1'roctor Co. Ud. applied to
the cuuucil fur uu extensiou of their
contract time, attributing, certain delay occasioned lo thu nun-delivery uf
o rock crusher. This crusher is uuw
uu Ihe ruud and should arrive bere
within u few duys. Considerable lune
hud ulso been lost on account uf ium;,
weather. The eumpauy ussured the
council that they were doing Iheir ut
musl to posh the work uud lo work in
harmony with the engineering depart
ment. The request wus referred tu the
llounl of Works.
lu relation to the "huge dolega
lion" which is to precipitate itself
upou tbe premier in Victoria iu connection with the governmeut's claim tu
om- quurter ol certain hinds iu the district, the council's cummitlee in this
regard, Aid. Foreman uml Mdlue, were
authorised to accdinpany the delegu
lion to Victoria if possible lo give the
body their moral support.
The cuuucil accepted with Huml.-.
un invitation to altcnd the opening of
l.ynn Vulley purl, uml suspension bridge
uu l.ynn Vulley duy, Sept. lllh.
A letter from the Norlh Vuncouver
A U, 'nin ,n I, ui liuill club seeking the
council's support wus referred to   the
jii - committee. The letter pointed
out thul fhe club liud entered a team
representing lhe cily in the seniur tuna
lour fuotbull league, this team being
purely uu amateur organization dependent ou private subscriptions.
lu relation lu Ihe recent blasting
mishap which involved the lulling of u
coll belonging lu Mr. A. I'i. Criekmay,
Messrs, Schullr. ami Arnold, solicitors,
wrote, disclaiming ou behalf of Messis.
Thompson und Sluarl uml Mi Wenl
worth, any responsibility in this mul
ter, Thc loiter wus referred lo tin
city solicitor. (
iu lhe same connection the cily so
licilor wrote advising thai if pussiblc,
au effort should be made lu have Ibo
claim   iuuu nl,Ij   seilled.
A )"■ lii mn from property owners iu
block Gl, li. I,. Gill, for lbe opening of
a lane iu that section was referred to
Ihe lanes committee.
Mr. W. 1 Irwin wrule sUliug tbat
be was desirous of having a cement
sidewalk, curb and gutter coustrucled
uu the Lunsdule uvenue und IGth street
frontages uf his pruperty, together wilb
suitable pruvisiuus fur the instaiiutlun
of rout drainage tiles and also pruvisiun /ur subsequent ornamental lighting
by installation of conduits or leaving
adequate space therefor by temporarily plai'ing wood ixl alongside curb
or aa may be necessary. Mr, Irwln was
prepared to pay cash in full for tbe
cost pf tbis work on award of contract
or mioiier if desired. The engineer wtt
instructed to prepare plaus latVspoej-
flcuiiuns accordingly.
Mi Alexander Smith addressed tbe
council in relation to llie proyjjrioii.ajl
I district nurse for North Vancouver whose services woultl be available
at rates ranging /rota ID cents to GO
ctntt pet visit, Jf(^council decided
tbtt tbe matter £
vWo will hi UA .Wlif: Jfr\
called attention to tbe faet tp
nurse liquid be provided for tb
those people unib!. to PU *
fee. The city of Vtucni|v»r pi
800 a month for seveu nurses
Vancouver H Burnaby Utt
All).  Foreumn   roso  tu  requc
City engineer to. prepare a full fl
relating to tbo tunnelling work 8'
l.ulio including cost to dato of
labor, material tnd supervision,
the iililerniun sought Information In tp
the progress of ihe work,
Tbe mayor said tbtt io consequent
of tbu amount of public talk tbat hud
cent red around tbis project be btd beeri
lulling particular note of tbo progress made and had lhat morning asked tbo engiueer to prepare a report
of thc kiml sought by Aid. Fortuity
*m* w toe 8Bl
Puryof ths Mighty Rollers Thtt I
timet Attaok t Coast
Among tbt many dangtri which
"those who go dawn to tbt Mt la
tblpt" bavo to encounter mutt bo reck.
onto tbtt strange phenomenon known
it "tbt rollta" t succession of loi-
manse waree wbicb In corttln locaU-
In upon t cout without tht
Indication, rendering tbs
Impossible or it tbt besl
[front. Tbt placet where
occur art In tbt tint wtttn-
d reglona ot tbt toutb At
'Uth I'ueilie, being marked
iiised Islands tucb it As-
8l Helena In tbt former
ftrlout |
This report read as follows:
O'ln the latter it tbt Chin-
jbobot tnd other Itlnndl off tbt
|f Peru
i tea wsj be ot perfect auiootb-
'tbt breezu for daya previously
i faintest tepbyr, wben suddenly t
No. of feel driven to date fit; r\V$L$fo*nfM W*M
m.1 ml, $,.0. per foot; -^^^l^J^SSS
iui, UlA, U per fuot; total 14.980 or,orB, „„,,„ „ „ n9lla to ,ngM
117.01 per foot; cost of tunuol from
August iiiih lu August inuii, labor,
♦ I, I llii, (1X70 per foot; material 1800,
$8.43 per foot, total, $1780 or $10.13
per foot
. From August 181b to Ibe L'Olh the moo
have worked III days, averaging1 tii,
feet per day.
Aid. Foremau suggested that a report
uf in i.i description should be fortbcom
iug ut the latter end uf every mouth
tu which Aid. Dick retorted tbat h
thought that the alderman shuuld be
In,nmi, 'I in this regard ami his inter
est   ill   Hie   tunnelling   eiieniiruged.
Opium Joint Raided by
Local Police
obstruction, tbt hitherto luy uu-
BUieciiines u sharp ridge, dings
youniih In tbt ilr, dushes toy
n tbtdouliied eucrgj and bnrati
ibt wart wltb tremendous fury.
"Ton,quickly followed by oth.
Ibe gcirollers ttl lu. ever iug
tbt retDleiiec, until tbty attain
heautlfidetir not to bt exceeded
Lord 1 slurtii. 1 Unit of tbt
Ibt bot t fruni In or tlx hours
brldt 'days, and t ttrangt tea
coutliblt.y come from leeward.
tbtt tbt Terent direction from
itbtr wt»t Ibt locality.-World
Having received intimatioii of au
opium joint doitig active busiucss, Chief
lm cn-. ou Sunduy eveuiug detailed lie
tective Prime to 100 Secoud street witl
the result thut Charley i.imin aud two
olher (,'biuumcu and sume parupber
nulla were lodged iu the polico' courl
im n.i,, 1,   ini,,nm.i u.n  was revived
that there were ulher Cbiuamou who
frequenled the place, but when the po
lice appeared Ibe "birds, if there were
any, had Duwu."
Abuut a limn11> ago tbis place was
nu,led and considerable equipment was
gathered iu together wilh some "humans. ''
Sunday's successful raid indicates
that it must be a paying business for
the alleged victims then forfeiled a sub
sUiutiul umuiint lo tbe rily iu bail
Jigging Salmon Illegal
In the case uf Cbassij, a Jap, ami
Iwu yuung lads, Oilpln aud Trail, Ig
uurauee uf lbe law did nut excuse
when Kecve May ou Saturday imposed
a Hue uf $G in each instance for a prov
cn charge uf jigging stimuli uut,of
the Seymour canyuu.
The practice uf jigging salmon has
beeu a popular pastime with mauy this
seasun, and Ihe Cupilunu and Seymuur
rivers ul Ibis seasou abound plentiful
ly with tbe Osh guing up stream to
spawn. To the majority of tbe fisher
men it was nol known that tbis method
of catching Miltniiii was illegal aud as
a result no secrecy was observed.
The case on Saturday, huwever,
rentes au example tbat will prubably
stamp the practice out.
iJemlers marked "Tender for
rtnnill be received hy the city
dncttie.iy of Norlh Vancouver
""'.; on Tbursdav the L'Olh
friends       ,,,,„   , '
t mean    """  f"r    """'"'I*
tepee ItrjJ1" "''""' au'""1' '"
crawl Into.""''
tnd put stoiu'" cubic yards.
wtrt bot tb|,e done according
lepee wltb U...,  Melm, nlM|
wattr un theia  ,. . ,,    ,,,.
Oiled tbt ttpet wltb r™
tlnued to do Urls uo
wu warm tnd perepl
tbty took bin to tbt crti'P1''''
bim Into tbt cold watt
tbty cbaaed bim wltb tml. of
lowo tbt bank of tbe id   |iav
perspired   freely  again. .
wrapped bim In t bnfftlt
lowed hlui to sleep. Tbli
np tbe wont cold" lbe
llie troubli wltb nt lamed
Uou to permit tbt pnet,,., ,„,
pnl Ul on tbt dlfeualTo
rushed bla it tbt tip of
83 8
The suu very sleepily uuds good night,
A|d climbs lulu bed in the west;
The trees tbut bive played witb the
wind ail day
Are quite tired out, aud uow rest
The ilne.i-i- are pulling Ihsir night caps
Ami ini.mg uue laat drink of dew,
Su conic, little child, e'er tl|ii shadows
' ion
To In,ninliin.I let mother roflt you.
Like the luwers and trees aud bright
sun, tuu,
Vuu bave rollicked aud romped all
Su mother's weo baby lo Dreamland's
Must sleepily sail awayl
—Agues II, Cboate in Farm Journal
A good wide, open mouthed yawn is
a thing uot lo he despised, says ont wbo
kuows. Oo course, if it is Indulged in
iu tbe privacy of your own 'room sd
much tbe belter, but wherever taken,
it' is a splendid tbing for tbe whole
bjodjr. A iprnp it NtAjfijs'i Aumpf '«
rest. Some people think tbey yawn
ouljuiccause (before sleepy, hut tbat
is not so. Tbey may be sleepy alto,
but thai is uot tbe real cause of tbo
yawning. They are tbjepy because
they Ve tired. Bo' takt tbit tdvice:
whenever mu /et| like yawning, yawn,
Don't try fg suppriM It aad l/'jrfn are
wbere yot can stretch at the suae lime
so much the better.
W IsJjlUu main a
The lest Shi Cofimir.
Tbty bid quarraied too
lag tbt preaeuis.
Tbe lovt tokens oiade
play on tbt polished cor
Tbt mm added a r
little bup In front ■~^—
tbty wtrt atient 'foi
"Mr. Brown."
"1 feel tbat I eut
tlgt ot you." ').,,,-
"lo wbtt wtyr     jj.oo
"Tou bin given mat
boxtt oi candy and oOfcUQ, ox,
oera  1 can't return tbott to
bin tlttn tbem. Tbey ut no
if mytehf. Aad so, ss I want te
Mt wltb you, tleorge, tbt QUI; v
can itttii tbit part ot tbt tnn«s
llto-toglTtyou uiyielt"
kni  tin  quarrel   ended   tben  I,
lbert.-Oluvelaiid putu Deiler.
Tht Star if BrUll.
Tht must Important cut stoos i
Braall It tbit called tbt "Btar of tl,.
Booth," wbicb wiy found by t negro
woman lo 1888.   18 wit ipproprlati-u
by Ibt mint owner wbo gan'her In
rttorn i ptnilun fot Ufy   f bt stone
wu told fur II6.00O, tW'tfli owner
Itpotlting It In the llsrj
■tiro ind ractlrlng on'i
lou   many   Ulan  greitesr  tbtl
vtlut pi Id for tbt gin. Tbt dii mon
wu it Itngtb told for ten timet ti
imouut paid.   If TU dmlly acquire*
by a lyndlcitt snd cut In onl forn
ti ■ coat of t'lim by i Orm la Am-
stirdsui. An Indian rtjab offered mors
tbtn $000,000 for It. but wu refuted.
A llttlt uur tt wu bought fo,
gatkwsr uf fiaroda.
At th. Crltlotl tttgt.
1 undenutuu tbat be wn ttfifftfly
"He wn it two u bt btcimi pto-
.' m^m™
'At soon u bt became
"tta Bt ire will bt9.pt'
Ipm is sooi|  „„  Thursdav_,
Mottubtcti     jMiyr-*
pitutng «bjv. iofatton Pott-''
Fsmlnlne Verdlot
"Wbtt wu tbt nralct of lb,
lift staftndtni wis we
ot t Alt tnd tint be
«.*-P»tUburgb poet Ratea of S»JH
after Reversion to
TIlO    |Ul,|,linllll
(or purposes f)
bn established
inniiutaiu it
local it
yen ■
the p
vea u
in du
t.l li;
it lm.
at llio Kt
rector of It.
Service, Hr. L
astronomer I'olJ
iiunwii, and ullil
|ii'riiTiri' and pri
nf astronomical a
.Aiiiiiii;:   Hie I
iiiiivi'iiieul, Hi-
more enthii<
mner uml
Mli earl
i     ■
,   ■
A DELEGATION will leave Vancouver, on Thursday
next on the 2:00 p.m. boat for Victoria. A meeting has been
arranged with Premier Sir Richard McBride.
All desiring to form part of this delegation Phone No. 181,
or write the Secretary, J. P. CRAWFORD, who will reserve
Transportation for Delegates at reduced rates.
Lady delegates most cordially invited.
Councillor J. LOUTET
•   i    "     P. WESTON
Sec. Com.
tywrvt OVuf W|MO.00Q.
nt Credit pmhii  in
' :|» of tht world, »»'|
txieo, Bermuds, fl»-
brittle Ave
14th Street
I with the
,1 ""I   kll
it to P.O.
..-      Proprietors
) $4,250,000 THiExwisggjv^jjgyjjg
ains in Lots
Wi havo the following offerings worth making Inquiry about, vli.:
Lot 15, Block ao, P. L. 873, reduced to 11,900. ,
Two loti 111 Block SO, 0. L. 873, $1,001) each.
Small house and lot on 10th stroet, only »a,ioo.    ,
Four lots on 16th stroet, $3,500 for the wholo.
Six fractional lota, Blook ii, D, l. aot, only 13,000.
flnt clam new roeldeuce, 7 -rooms Mid ill modem conveniences, Let
60x157 foot-a bargain at $4,200.
Rlx room tmngidov on Tempo Height*. Large bueroent, tot 80x110 flit
A bargain at »1,0110. <y .
Beautiful Hollyburn home and largo lot for lltl.tioil- one fourth cash.
'    Balauce to arrange
The Burrard Development Company United.
(Successors to Eldur Murray Company Limited)
9mm 17 Lonadale       ,. rbouo 37
Items ofjnterfit
Ur. Oeorge Srbnell il moving into
his new house, 8080 Western Avenuj.
Wr. H. A. McDonald lias font to re-
lidl at IIa Keith llouil E.
Mr. Frank Short is taking up residence a| 1440 Fell avenue.
Mr- Win. Johnston il moving to hiu
new home, 8785 Western aveuue
J. Bchowiug, who was hurt some
weeks ago iu the Wallace Shipyards,
lias loft ou a trip to tbu old couutry.
pr. Mi'il.li'.iiihii, Toronto, managing
director of the Sovereigu Life Insur
■lice t.'o., was in tho eity ou Friday.
ft'fe TOBAY, AWmtl 1912
or W»f!uN#y BlgM *Wi, pr»v»d»
great success and was thoroughly mi
joyed by the young Inihi. «• pt. .Wiu-
i.inn ii one ni' the popular;. ap|»|nii of
the West  Vencpuver   Transposition
Boys and Girls Take Notice
C(i|l.V|;il ,\?.'H OIM1 I'ltHKS AHE I1IQ1IT.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book and Statlouery Company).
38 Lonsdale Avenuo PHONB 101
The Nurth Vaueouver Senior assqeia-
ion football club practice match will
be played al liecreatiott Park ut 0.110
on  Thursday  evening.
Lt. Thomson, MD., medical oOlcor to
the Oth i'uuu,lum Engineers, has puss
ed all his necessary mams, for the
rank of Lieutenant Captaiu ami'.
Drs. Thomson ami McMatte have
bought oot the lease of tbo. Canadian
Financiers in the Bauk of Hamilton
lluilding und intend oxlouding their
o Sices,
Mr. I'arkor, late manager Canadian
Fiuupciers, is going into busiueess for
Imu-1 li in real estate ami brokerage in
North Vancouver.
To Mr. and Mrs. A. M. fiWu, at
Harbor View Sanaturiiiin, a daughter
Aug. 22nd.
Tn Mr. ami Mrs. Jaines Madden at
Htrbor vie* San turinm, »inn, August aand.
To Mr. and Mrs. .W. I). Protses, fith
stroet, a sou, August 84th.
To Mr. iud Mrs, Kobt. Law, twin
daughters, August  :'iih.
. To Mr. and Mrs. Bussell Clark, l
laughter, August 84th.
The school tr."-lees on Saturday lasl
received w>t't pleasure ant urultlica-
tun the iii'"'! fnal oue of tho Lieu
i, i um liiii, ■ ..„:'. medals hud been won
uy Miss Ui'iirii'c 11. M. Ilniiin for
gniicral puli en. v in Ihc cntrunec eg-
■.initiations to lln  lii.'.Ti -'Iii.ii.   ■
Electric I
10 Days' Froe Trial
Solves thu Summer Ironing Problem
For ml: we ure offering a "llolpoiul" of lhe nil, size, suitable fur
geuerul household use, lur liim This-irun is similar lo ill " Holpoints"
except that lhe upper surfuee in unpolished,
Mr. H. M. Burns paid a visit to Mr,
W. II. Bralm iu Westminster on Thins
day lasl and found him very much Improved. Tin- doctor lold Mr. Burns
that he considered Mr. Braitn's case
oue of severe uorvous prostration, and
tbat he hoped the patient would be
i|inii well and able lo leave the Institution in a month's time. Mr. ilraim
would be glad to sec any of his friends.
Skull ,1,'Iiiiuiii who was enticed
■troll lhe Ann-Hi an border by chief uf
district police Liflou, was brought
up before' Kecve May in districl cuurt
on Saturday and charged with ohtuiu
iug ill from one Samuel Problli of
I.ynu Valley wilh intent tu defratxl.
The case was remanded un aceoent
of the absence uf tbe must mitontl
witness,-Mr, I'rulierl, A warrant was
issued fur him and he will uppear on
the prosecution side ur forfeit IT Til
bail. The ease arose oul of au i isur
Ullll'      ILU.      11,   llllll ,
Uuder, the guiduuee of Mr. Emmons
superintendent, a purty of represents
live citizens left at eight o'clock this
moruiug for the purpose of inspecting
tbe zinc mines at -the bead of Lyuu
creek, They boarded the Lyuu Valley
car from the terminus of which tbe
mines Iiu at a distance of eight miles.
The trail is said to be iu good, condition
all lln' way and inasmuch as tbe com
nimnaiiai is mniii thc control of the
mining cuinpany tbe cortege of utna
tcur mining experts is making the journey under lbc most favorable auspices,
ami will doubtless return possessed of
a large fund of information relative
to tbe value of the mineral deposits nl
lhe head of the Lynn.
i '      OOUNTANT8
Mr. John I .a hm,u Ins a I niter a.ldi
liuu to his sloi it  iu the form of Iwo
dainty Iuuu.
Send yoi i 11 tends wbo are Interested
lu tbo North Shore a copy of
"The Expreas"
It   will   keep tbem posted ou   all
Nortli Shore News and will only coat
$1 per year
ml Mrs. Morris, who huve un
.several oecusiotis contributed lo the
uiniiseuient of Ihe llullylioru people,
were made thc recipient! nf a benefit
concert iu tbe church hall uu Thursday
nigbl.   The attendance was guod.
Mr, Juhn   l.iwson  is seriously
liuipluling lbe adding uf some Kerry
Heiter cows lu his stock. These pretty
lillle iows were lhe soun'" ot' much ad
tniruliui ut the recent Vouch Ivor exhibition,     ibey arc splendid milkeri.
Among the recent arrivuls in thia
city from England is Mr. .1. 0. Os
borne, F.S.A.A., London, whu fur many
years was the bead uf one of lbe fore
mosl llrms of chartered aceouutauts in
the capilal of tbe empire. Mr. Os
borne will resume his practice as a
bartered accountant and has entered
mi" partnership with Mi. Oeo.
MacKcnzie witb lhat object in view,
uuder the llrm iiume of ,1. (1. Osborne
aud lie. The new llrm will operate
alnng the lines uf accountants, an,Iiiiii
and arbitrators, llnauciers ami iusuranri
Tbe Snap of the Seaiou
Keep l.al,ui Ilay open fur lbe Fuurlh
Annual Picnic uf SI. Andrew's and
I'aleiluuiaii society, l.eaviug North Vancouver by 10 a.m. ferry, thence by
steamer "Doucella" from Wesl Van
euuver wharf at ID,ill) a.m. fur Holly
burn. Tickets can be obtained from
members of committee at 8)1 each.
Everything nas been done lor Ihe com
fori of Ihe parly.
I'apl. and  Mrs. Jobustun entertain
cl youug people numbering some twen    ,.... —   ._  ...
I vine lo a bonfire, dance and supper  the  absence  of  statistic!.
The   glory   of   indent   cities   Klic
Babylon and Hume is entirely due to
'Humor and
QNB reuon why the Impulilre don'l
look before tbey leap li lhat they
Mn in imUnct tbit tells then thit li
they look they may sot wint to leap.
Thinking nu girl wuti to marry
Um bu t wonderful effect In making
• win waut mother girl.
People Wbo court binnony aren't going round wltb cblpi on tbeir iboul-
dein. Neither in (bey Inilitlug on baring tboir own wiy moit of tbe tlma
When tbi calamity bowler bu no
ihlpwrocki to wurry over be freti
about tbo cropi.
Brer heir ot I luowitortu or frost
killing off thi crop of spring polltl-
It niy not be wildly •setting to itay
off tba itormy diep and plant potatoes
bul sometime! It Is a lot infer.
Tben iro lomo Hi In skinned perioni
wbo, when tbey don't know what elie
to do to entertain themselves, catcb
It li uiy to tell wben trouble li after It iiaerti Itaelf. but be'i ■ geulni
who sees It lo Iti Iiir.
Getting icquoltiled with your own
aliHIUe., |i aa eibllaratlng aa finding
your limitation! U cbiiteulug.
Tben in perioni wbo Ukl I chance
tnd don'l know whit to do wltb II
when tbey bavo It
So Easy.
Whenever I picture to write
Aod al my tatili lit
Ideal iwarm Irom everywhere
And coma a.lrooplng-nltl
Ah, woold they only to my desk
In numbers wing their fllibt,
Then 1 woold bsve a lovely Ume
When I ut dom ta wrltel
No, II Is worse Iban pulling leeth
Or than collecting caah
To pick Ideas Irom Ibe air
Thai do not lurn  out train.
Old iiiun. old sublidi for i rime,
Are liters lo Urge lupply.
Ths friends 1 liave so oflen used.
Bul naw onaa art ao tliy.
It lan'l hard lo nnt a dim
For any cnininun word.
It Isn't bird to write a |oke
If ooe tbe loke hai beard.
Bul having BUblactl all aid fresh
Hefore my vlaloo Unit
Where I may capture Ihem allva-
Tbat'e where II |tti my goat.
If one oould only gat a ouneb
At an Idu atore
All new aod wonderful and bright.
Oood aooib, hew he would icorel
Bul aa tbay do pot eome ta drovai
Or freely run ibout
In stsreb ol aulhora to aunoi
1 have to dig tbem out.
■Do yon wint i mw bit. my lour
"A new bit) Why, you duckl 01
tonne I du."
"Then bttt'i twenty. Un downtown
and get It.'
"Allrl-   Soy, Jlmr
"Tm, deirr
"Jim. wbit bin yon been dologT
Fury of the Mighty Roller! Thit I
tlmea Attiok a Coatf.
Among the many dmgm whlcb
"tbou wbo go down to tbi ie« la
iblpe" have to incounter muat be reckoned tbit itrangi phenomenon known
u "tbe rollera" a lucceeilon of lm-
mittM wtrot wbicb In cortiln locill-
tlii let In upon ■ cont without tbi
lean previous Indication, nnderlngtbe
nit of bouti Impossible or it tbt but
blgbly dangeroui. Tbi placet when
tbty cbleily occur in In tbt Ont weather trade wind ngloni of tbt toutb Atlantic ind south I'aellle, being marked,
ly felt it tzpoud Islands euch u Ai-
ceniion tnd Bl Relent In tbt format
octin tnd In tbt latter it tbt Ohln-
ebai, Loboi ind ntbtr lilandt off tbi
cout of Peru.
Tbi HI uiiy bi ot perfect iroooth-
UM, thl breeiu for daya previouily
tbt faintest tephyr, when mdilenly t
buge wave ippenn rolling lindwird,
it tlnl apparently quite leisurely, until
It reicbej iny solid maw ot rut, rock
or shoie. wben. u If roused to inger
It the obitructlon. thi hitherto luy un-
tliilsiliin becomei ■ ibarp ridge, dlogi
Itt crest bigb In tbt ilr, dtiabee for
word wltb redoubled energy and bursti
upon tbi ibure wltb tnmiudoui fury,
'liili ware It quickly followed by others, and tbi rollers ait lu, ever augmenting In violence, itulli thiy attain
iu awful grandeur oot to be eiceeded
In the wlldMt storm. A vlilt of tbt
rallen may lut from In or ill boon
to two or tbree dayi, ind • itrugt fea
tun U tbat tbey come from leewird,
In i widely different direction from
thl uiual wind ot Ibi locality.-World
Wide Magulse.
Sealed Tenders marked "Tender fur
grading" will be received by tlio cily
clerk of the city of Norlh Vuncouver
up In ii o'clock uii Thursday the lifllh
day ul August, ITI-', fur grading
Fourth street from Million avenuo lu
SI. Andrew's avenue.
Estimated nil Hi,Tim cubic yards.
Said grading In lm dune in untiling
lu plans, profile*, cross sections and
specifications prepared by Ihe City
All tenders for the above uienlioticil
work must be made on forms supplied
by Ihe Cily Engineer.
A certified cboijuc lor 6 per eenl. uf
Ihe aiuutnit of lhe lender made pay
able In the i'ily Treasurer musl uc
cuinpany each ami eiery lender.
A bond of :.u per ceut. of the
amount of lhe contract will be required.
Tlie lowest ur any lender not ueees
sarily accepted.
Cily Engineer.
City   Engineer's  Oflice,
Norlh  Voucuiiier,
llllh  August,   IUU.
The Scotch Tea Rooms
Business Ocutlcnicn's Popular Luucb Place.
Breakfast 8.00 to 10.00. Lunch 12.00 to 18.00
High Tea 6.00 till 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Orders specially attended to.
TO   BKNT-   Booms.
Lonidilo. I'houe ul.
ami single,   a
Mod st
stiect cist.
FOjfltKNT 2 loom shack, (lo per
niui)Ih Apply Mrs. Kuigbt, 7aIt md
i'T i. mui,, avcuue.
l^OB HENT -6 roomed iiut near
ferry, t&i !"'' '"""I11 Apply Worburu
ilz llanii liouse. If.
FOB   SALE   Apples,    eating    and
cooking. Keene,  I.Tib street east. 87'8
WANTED   Nice   uufurulsbcd   room.
Hut A117, Kipress Office. HOD
FOII    SALE     Apples,    Aslraclnu,
Duchess, Oraventtein. Kceue,  I .lib Bt.
Foil SALK Tent K'xU and (I yuung
laying hens. Apply 622 Keilb linad
TO I.'IT.-1 ii iiinm iiiiuiuii bouse,
4th itreet woit, bluck frum Jaiusdalc
Applv ill lili slreei W.
FOlt BALK—Nearly uew parlor
stove, with pipes and stand, App'y
tin Bt, Qeorge Ave. 87-8
FOlt SALE- Or exchange for North
80-8' Vancouver reil  estate, au equity of
_„„ „„  „ . —111,600 )n 10 acres of first clui farm
H)I( HKNT-Colonial Apurliucul*, «■■,    , ,    „ .. ,    '„ .   .,,„   .,
..!     laud tu Surrey, Apply Boi All::, Ex
WANTED Listings from owners of
property In D. L. 237, West .Vancouver.
Box Bi, Express Office.
WANTKD—Nice uufurulibcd room
wilh place for stove. Stale rent Bai
IIO, Kipress Office.
\ ANTED-- A: once, a respectable
woman for bouse work. Apply Mra I'.
J. S. Cole, Uth street, second bouse west
ol 11,iiiiev ai, :t»
Ouud room and board at 220 Second
street east. Terms Id per week. 308
1   Short time loam on vacant or im
proved property.   Star I>oan Company,
OH Hastings, Vancouver,
Oood young stock bull kept, corner
Bubluiou and Capilauo mads W. II.
Wilklsi. (iti
I.iily withes lo rent good one, Iwo
or tbree roomed cottage In to |I0.
Particular* Box A1I3.
For fine witch aud Jewelry work go
to Oeo. Soinerlun, the new jewelry atore
on 2nd ttreet.
roomed luito, unfurnished. Imiuiro Dior
n, bih itreot and Bt. Audrew'i. Knouo
II. I.f.
press Ollice.
FOB  SALE   King's   road  eaat,   if,
FOlt   H-KNT  J«go   roomy.   wtJi;M** '""" '"","i"le< ''(i"« mlh' 2
thiol ..ore will, stable HlUi iW &P^LSS $*> fe*
ligblcd slure wun statiie ami " ri	
Imi over itore, comer Lynn Valley an-d
Centre Bonds. Apply Merchants Trint
k Trading tin. Lid, ill Vendor St. W,
Vancouver,-B. ti. If,
ance 7 years, for i weeks only.   Boi
1819, North  Vancouver. t.f.
FOR SALK—Now Ave roomed bun
galowj   modem,   fireplace,   pipod   fur
mm «....„,   ..    .... . .     ,furuicc, paneled dining room: dry lot:
TO BKNT   Furnished, 7 roomei bun   ... ,, '/ .       .      ,*,...'       „„J
...     ,    ' J'/i blocks from Ijoni<ule car, on 20th
!7   .Jmt0.WL !'..!    [.,*'!!!«««   m-   W««.   ♦3,100.   Term,.
on carline. liul waler beating, ami oil
modern convenience*, cloclrlc light,
open fireplace etc., etc. Furniture prac
litally new. Kent ♦■'i'i per moulh. Ap
ply ;. Oould, Crawford Boad, L/«n
Owner, Boi AUG, Kxpreu Office.
WAtfTPP'-tTfainiu   for   kitehen
ti.lwork. Ajyly Scotch Tm Boomi, 87-8
wanted  indies to call at Hair
Dressing Parlors for an up to date hair
dressing,    shampooing,    massage    iud
manicuring, Keith Block, department 7
tlemen to ibare two good bedrooum,
breakfast and dinner, Apply 2ml atroet,
first bouse south side; out of St. Pat
rlck'i avenue. 30 8
UOT   Hold iQiket, heart shape. Be
ward, rfpi Alls, Kxpreu Office. Uf
UOT Airedale puppy, female; re-
wird. Mr. M. ticConnill, Hib and Ma
boo ivenuei.
Dreismiking and I-adiea' Tailor.
Mra P. Kinr, Boom i, Tbumson Id >ck,
N. Vincouver. 8-»
ileiiileiiisn wishes comforUblo room
iu Nortb Lomdale. Full partitolati to
AI HI, Express Ullii,'. 30
(lenllcuiau withes comforllble room
ia Norlh Lonsdile. Full particulirs lo
Expreu Office.' - 268
Und Clearing aud Orading Luls,
('oto Andruss, Geueral Contractor. Sewer connection! I ipeciilty, buement
■nd olber exciviling work undertaken.
Kslimaloa free. 627 St. (leorge's Avt.,
Nortb Vincouver, poat office box 8383.
1/ you bave any property to 'iill ud
wtnt quick results, list It with Bbort,
Bobcrtaon ind Seymour. if
If you bave any property to iei! and
want quick rciulti, Hit It wltb Sborl,
Bobertion ind Seymour. i.f
I.idy will take charge of children
any time, 26c per hour. Address N. E
ti., North  Lonsdile, poit  office.  30 8
International Bestiunnt now opened. Good in call cheap. Meal ticketi
of 81 mull; Wil, Give ui a trial and
become "ir^ff**;" *8
.... tbia ud ligbt lew
ing 4RPei "hole or spire time, good
pty; Vork lent my diitlnce; Charges
paid. Send stamp for pellicular*. Na-
tiou) Manufacturing Company, Montreal, 30-8
MONEY TO LQAN- Money luSed
on diamond!, jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., Cl I Haitingi, Vancouver. if
Orders for cabinet and picture frame
nuking promptly executed. Furniture
tnd uiin e fillings to iny 'design. Jub
I'lng work imi repairs of ill kinds
ipecially allcndcd to. Estimates free.
J. K. Heyues, 1236 Lonsdale Aveuue,
Norlb Vancouver, Phone LH7,
Luusdale Realty Co., tit Lousdale
Agreement! discounted at currcut ratet
Money waiting. Listings solicited. I.f
.When needing coil or building tup
plia, call up pboue lit, Nortb Shore
Coal k Supply Co., Kickhams wbarf.
L. 8. Elton, inanoger. Note name ind
pbone number, If
Authorized igcnt for Hinger S«w
ing Micbine Compiny in Nortb Vin
couver. 1. J. McAlcccc, Dry Good* ind
Gents' Fornitbing.t, corner Fint und
Uuidalo Avenue. If
B. 0. Uvtry md Board lUblei-
I/igbt rlgi and lidlei' uddle bonei
for hire. Stabling for bonea. Gen
•ral delivery ud heavy tanning. 0,
Durau, «tb itrett weet. Phou »47 t.f.
Tike Notice that there will, be no
ineeling of tbe Council uu Tburipli.v
neit, tbe  "in. lusl.
irll KlMh'i-JW. ''M
In all Counlrlei Aak for our Invi-n-
tor'l' Adviser, Marlon ft Marlon. 881
Dnlverilly Street, comet St. Cilharwe
Street, Montfeil. Cmi^a, mt WiM>
ington, D. 0„ U7». A. n k—-
Rooming Houie dr Offices
On tbt Upper Floor of tbi
KNIGHT BLOCK, Esplanade Woit
mnmm^mmnnmnnmnmmmmmnl—^nnnmnmnmm   .
Wldo Entrance and Will lighted Hailwny
For particulars apply to
London & Britiih North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland h Proctor, Ltd.)
613 Pander Btreet West
(Phona Heymour 0280, Bontal Department)
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately norlh o{ D.L 204, at prices
(rom $650 to $775.   Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread over two and a half years, with no interest.
I] Now is the time to buy, belore railway development.
Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent
North Shore Locators
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georgei't Avenue.      Phone 178
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
i] I .i-l us i|in'iii you rales on Fire, Uie and Accident
McMillan & reid
l'hono llll.
Wedding Bells
A I'ushiniiiihlo welding nun solemn-
Und on Tliiirniluy eveniug at tlte North
luinmliili'    ITvHliiTi'iinn    church    ivlnni
Mr. Hee|or Mclntyro and Miaa Palsy
lunhol Bobortaon, both of tliia pity,
were united by Hoy. J. fl, ililliun.
Tliu elturoli wua' prettily decoraM
fur tlte occasion under tlie direction
of Mr. ami Mra It. vuu Mutator, ami
wua llllml tu ii'uiiii"' in," witli cm i:,
uml ii|,i'i'iiiiorii. Mr. Hm id 'Uiiiliii' uf
Ik'ialtnl ut tlio urgun. 'i'lie bride wae
liouulifiilly attired i|t eroutn Duchess
satin, triinimiil wltb vuluablo lauo ami
wuuriug a hrusaulB net vnil uml a
w nm Hi nf nruugo liluaaoua. Hor aliuwor
lmni|ni'l wua ooinpusoil uf wbilo rnsus,
itirtitil tona uud utuiilou hair feme, Hhu
wua led tu lliu ultur by her lirnlhtir,
Mr. .luuk lloliurtauu. The bride'a mu
Ilmi, Mra Robertson, wua attired in a
Inu'ly |,. ..il grey nu, trimmed with
jewelled embroidery, tho jcliuiuiaelto
being u magnificent rure old luee'-an
Itoirlooin iu llm family.
Tltn briileamaiil, Miaa Untie Hiniiii,
woro whilo silk uml rurriod u bouquet
t'oiuiioaeil of pink rosea und earituliuue
which ulong wilh b gold hungiu wua
Ibo (iifl of Iho bridegroom. Mr. Iloborl
Ullilllt   :,ll|,|„,ll,-,l   thu  ; ,in   Wllilo   lllllll
Miaa Eyelyn Wulkor minlo u duiuly
Bower girt.
An, i tlio ceremony a reco|ition ami
iluiicu wua held iu the Japuucsc Tea
llunleiw. Over acventy guests purtook
of till' wedding au|i|icr at which the
usuul louala wore loyally honored under
Ilin' guidance uf Uuv. Mr, (lillutii aa
i.n iu,., i,, Tho catering wua sue
i'oa&fullytundertaken by t'uraon Hrus,
uf thia cily. Iiiiiiiiiii.' wua then aus
tuiucil until Ihc mi,nil houra of till
morning lo atruina of muaic supplied
liy llic Tlionisou l'iano t'u'a. orchestra
of Vuncouvur. i
The calcctii iu which Mr. and Mrs.
Melniyre ure held in thia community
una amply testified by llie many beautiful uud valuable preaenta received
uml the unanimity of expression of good
wialtee thut followed them when inline
dialely after lhe dame they left for
tieattlo on Iheir honcynioiiii. After
sliurl sluy in tho Humid citiea thoy
will return uml ntukn their home in
North Vancouver. Amuiig the guests
were: Rev, .1. II. tlillutn, Mr. ami Mis
II. vnn Minister, Mr. and Mra. Ora
hum, Vuneuuvcr, Mr. ami Mra. Mil
lm, Mr. ami Mrs. Oorliko, Mr. uml Mrs
Wtilkcr, Mr. Mra. ami Mias Fowler, Mr
uml Mrs. Ilouglua, Mr ami Mia ,luek
uml .In t, i Oeorge Jack, Mr. ami Mrs.
Iluu,lum, Mr. uml Mra. Baldwin, Mra.
Iliulierly, Mr. ami Mrs. Ilarlcy, Mr.
uml Mra. Iluiiu, Mr. ami Mra Mmilii,
Miss Kvuns, Mr. Stewart, Mr tlow,
Mr. MiT'ul.Tii'un, Mr. ami Mrs. Burlier,
Mr uml Mrs. lutwric, Mr. uml Mrs
Hi,uuin, i' Miaa liawaou, Mr. .1. I'lark,
Mr. Wnoilaril, Mr. Whyle, Mrs. Haul,
uml Mr. .lames i'uul, Mra. Brown, Miss
'T.un,illui. Miss Olson, Mr. Huutheru,
Mr   Klussen uml Mr. Cameron.
Epworth League
Tlif Kpwprlli l.i'u^uv li- M ii- i.|,Mii;u
monthly t'iti/.i'iiMlii|i evening in lln- Mi
llio.Iim! iliurrli i,. i evening, Tlivri.1 wiih
an I'ltvlioii uf uffii't'm fut a invclt cily
I'uuui'il . Tin* oltiiom elecUil weru:
Mayor, Ur. K. Utckiuiou, aldermen,
H.iii.i.i  K i'l lar, I.   Oiboru, T   Marhn
-iill,    It.   O/l,lllli        N. \l    liii'i'liliu   ul    ||)i'
I .i.it:i.i   Tut-mlaY,  ••"i'i    3rrit>   M> mlu i
, ami frleudi art' cupiially invited.
0 M SLOAN, Manager.
1'   I.AHHON,  l'li,)jilil.,i
Unequalled Rewrt lor Holiday, long or ihort.
.   Family Rooms en wile with special rales.
Modern appointment* throughout, tparioip groundi, high claw lervice at moderate rates.
Easy trail to top ol Grouie Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
Among to Eikimoi
Descendants pt a Pre-Hlatorlc Baca
Pr. 8. |£. Wuttott hua given ua a sympathetic ucenunl pf 11 puiiplo living ill
cluse touch Willi Nature in hie interesting, book, "Among the Eskimos uf
l.uliruilor."   I'rofeaaur Hullus  lulls  ua
that ihiiso Eskimos are tbe modern,
though tiegenerale rupresuutativus uf
tho prehistoric Mugduluniuu folk, whq
lived, wnmlorcil, uml wurkud ill Eiirnpu
during tlte last glacial epoch, anil
whose iiiipii'iiicuin, drawings ami carv
iiigu rocovered tuday in caves, bear
wiliiosB (u their artistic ideas aud pow
urs uf eipressiuu. With the retreat
nl' llie ice nm I Iinni,Iii I here followed
necessarily the retreat uf thesu Mag
ilaloniiius who live again iu tbe Es-
Altered Habits of tlie People
Dr. Iluiinn I'tupliusisea the import-
ancu of recoguixlug that the Eskimo
temperament uml ualivu geuius do
pen,I fur thoir vury oiietonce uu a rigid
n, lln ui in u to tho special iTiiiiunini'Ul
und uneieiit traditiuus uf the nice;
The life uf a hunter is thu ideal life
for an Eskimo. It is thu life he ia
especially gifted fur; tho raw (aeai's)
incut he ells keeps liim ht ami well,
lu tho.nurlh tbu peoplo aro broad
uml plump, with liat facea and supkou
nuaos; but fttrlhor aouth, lean sharp
faced, bony limbs, pointed noaes,
tlioiigh pure Id,1.1.1.-.I i::.I,nn,,.,. The
cuusc of the change lies iu thc altered
fund uud habits uf the poople. Thuy
Iako to garments of cloth instead uf
seal -skin, they eat less of raw meat
uml blubber, uml muro uf bread, tea
ami cooked meals uf tbe settlers—aud
Nature rebels. Tho Suiilhern Eskimo
aro less hardy, Ihey cannot bear tbe
cold ao well, but need more lire, mure
clothing, arc puny. If Ibey give up
Iheir native fooda Ihey will dwindle
uml dio oul.
We entirely agroo wilh him, and are
therefore tho more surprised to liud
thai he approves of the ititroductiou
mining them of European fooda, such
us tea, bread, bacon| uf wooden, liuul
cum covered Hours; of bedatcaila, sofas
and ever gruiuuphoucs, uml yet strange
er to relate, gluaa windows on hinges.
Tba Hospital
The  following  ia  alao  illuminating:
The -'iiiiiiii.i uf llllll auw the husptial
in full going urder, for amung tho
iiiuiii thinga lhat the llaintuuy brought
were the liedalcuds ami bedding for
the wurda. Our servant—a bright and
active l ,1,111111 girl of eighteen, touch
cd my .um ami aaid "What are t'neyl"
"Why, theae arc tho bedsteads."
" Bodstcadhf''—Ibll with a puulad
air. "Ainulil, beda fui the sick
peuple." "Hoglc (but why)!—.there
ure uo siek peoplo; old Iiu,ihu is tbe
only person in bed and she is nut sick
only uid."
I tried (says Hr. Button) lo ex-
l-l.nn to her thai these bedsteads wore
lo be in reudiucsa for any possible
sick persons during the future.
"Ai, ai," alio said, "there are go
iug to lie siek people I Who will it
be I"
Wo arc atill wondering what bed
(leads ami hoaplial warda have lo do
with Eskimo I,uni. i". and alau whs
I Inr Ilr llultou haa furgulteti the
subtle influence of suggestion.
A Village Tailor
The women' are eilraordiuary skil
ful, us the fullowlng instance may'
"Bv wise in lime, and wear Eskituu
clothes," wua Ihe advice of a litis
sionary, whn said he would arrange
iiniM, i Inr mc; accordingly, tho ullage
tailor, * sipiurc faced brisk little Ks-
l-iiiui woman, came iu otic day like a
miniiiiiii,' hurricane, There was iio
awe, no uloofuesl about her, she stood
me up, aud looked at mc, aud mcai
ured in. wilh her arms, aud walked
oul aaltallcd. "A bit taller lhan my
husband, und nol so fat"—was ber
Comment, uml the outcome of il all
waa that after a few days she turned
up again with a big bundle and I fouud
myself the possessor uf a "dickey"
iblanket smock; ami a complete suil
of seal sklus, aud all fur the outlay
of a modest sum, for tbe good women's
excellent   needlework.
How Drink Wai Out Out
The author has a guod deal In re
late concerning the moral excellence
of tbe Eskimos. Thus he tells us;
The Drink Evil began In HOT. Seven! men got drunk. The ciders called
a meeling of tbe men. "This now ha
bit ia bad," Incy said, "il will ruin
the people; let us cast il out,"
And cast it out tbey did.
"Kajusimavil'j" tbey said, "tbo
iniu.l of Ihe people is made up Hie
brewing and driukiug must cease." The
evil was abolished; and so by Ibeir owu
wish Ihc Eskimos became wbat they
bad always deen, a teetotal nation."
As is well kuown, Ibis peopls have
no prisons and no police, serious crime
being virtually not) eilsteot, while jn
their daily life Ibey show themselves
kiuilly, courageous aud capable, when
uted arises of supreme self sscriAee.
Huniau Faculties
Tbe eyesight of the Eskimo la at pro-
scot very keen, asd he is aa steeliest
shot. Tbe faet lbat he suds our guns
require "miing," 1.0. straightening,
More hi uses them afords food tat
C^pitai. Paid Up , |s,870,0i
Reserve and Undivided Profits  3,600,0011
Total Assets  44,000,000
TQ provide against a possible ''Rainy
Duy" Is not the unly reason for
regular saving,   A bank account
gives > mi tbe feeling ol independence
and aeeiiiIij thut keeps yuur mind fre,
Irum worry—Ihut mukes you, bettor
utile to meet Ibo world on an even
fouling and to take udvunlago of o|e
nm imini,■:   ihul como your wuy,
Open your uccottnt ul llio Bunk of
I llllllll t .,11.        WltOI'O       OIII le,Ml..       ,lll,  I,   II
blinking service la provided for thodu-
posll nr smull, us woll ua lurge, uc-
counts. >
L.-l us explain our Uafety Deposit Box
:li nl. in    It, lliul  in,-.!, I u I,
I.'. II, iiiuniN, Aa.ui,
Norlh Vesouum
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
AnExtension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Deskjet
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
* limited
i,ii,,ii,,, liun,,;, uguin in "Human
Faculties," Hiniiii,. how uu Eskimo
trapper drew a map of uboul a Ihou
sand miles of Ihe coast of tlreeulaml
entirely from memory smi us accurate
ly aa that drawn by Ihe Admiral!)
tiurvey. The iiilrmliiiTiou of au Eng
lish syslom of education seems slrangc
ly oot of pluee uinnng u people whose
memories are ao well developed. Mem
ory ami eyesight will be weakened by
loo great a dependence ou books
Perils of Thoughtlessness
lu a reeent "Pearsons Magsxino"
lime appears an article entitled
"Tbo 1'crils of Thoughtlessness,"
whieh ought tu Tuul, |be tuna! cure
leu iuto realising his misdeeds,
"Evory sis people meet I leir death
owing to accidents caused by some
body's carelessness, lu other words,
ths idiot who 'never thinks' Is ac
countable for thousands of deaths
auuuaiyl. How much suffering ami in
convenience, frum minor accidents,.cau
be traeed lo lbc same cause it is im
possible lo estimate
"A fool with a loaded gun is a dan
gcrous person. A fool wilb a gun
which be supposes lo be unloaded is
only a few degrees less dangerous
Cases are continually occurring where
Mune i,Imi points au 'unloaded'
weapon at lonicbudy, pulls Ike trigger,
and liml" tuo late, he bas Inflicted a
ghastly, often a fatal wound.
"The would be humorist who dresses
up as a ghost, aud tries lo frighleu
uervous people, is another dangerous
individual, ilis effoits arc often so
successful lhat mauy victims bave been
rendered iuaauc, ami some even scared
to death, by tbis particular form of
thoughtless jest. His actions are Ibe
more lo be condemned, as bis victims
are usually women aud children.
"The persou wbo indulges in* the
dangerous habit of alighting from a
moving car is a fruitful cainf of
accidents. Quite a number of deaths
are the result of tails from cars.
Nothing short uf a public nuisance Is
the thoughtless perion who scatters
orango pee) or banana ikln on the
pavement, and he should be treated
vary drastically. Countless accidents
cas be traced to this practice. Over
litem hundred peraous were killed Ih
one year by falls of various kinds.
"The clumsy individual whoJiluudcrs
against p lighted lamp and brings the
whole thisg crashing on the loor gives
ua yet limit Inr Instance of criminal
euroleaain'ss. Theru were fori) Iwo
i.uu. lusl year caused directly frotii
tu.in. resulting from lump aeeideuls
Trnl) Hie ways ol lbe earnest nlu
.lent of usie ure slrewu wilu Dili
cullies. If he desire, ua he iieeda
must uuwadays, to keep iu toueh wilh
all recent developments of lhe arl, he
will huie In be prepared to reject aa
fallacious or futile lbe srguuieula of
conservative ihiisiituus bused upon lhe
older conceptions of musical ust holies.
If unwilling In go this length, be
points to lbe ii,,il,,,i ami principles
of this nr llisi , In — i. uI muster in sup
port of ii lingering fuilh in lue a..
Ihelie considerations underlying their
works, he i, inel by lhe rejoinder lliul
the old composers were aa modern us
the niii.i moderns iu all save Ihe means
al Iheir iln.poi.iil for expressing their
ideas. In ., sense, of course, Ihis is
Irue enough Irue, certainly,' uf Iwu,
In uunl mu only Inu, of music's Humor
lain, Hadi ami lieelhoven. Hut tu
accept this incontestable view is not
necessarily to fall inlo line with those
who, according In Ihc prevalent fas
lumi of some extremists, read iulu Ihc
music of lbe greal classical masters
in. .mine aod symbolisms of which
Iluu works hitherto have been thought
inuueent    "Telegraph."
Oflen the art of lbe present is con
damned as inferior in ihe srl of tbo
past merely because it il different,
liul if il is lu express Ihe present il
musl be different; must be full \,i aur
prises ami experiments that may al
llrsl sight seem disagreeable lo Jbosc
whose lusle is altogether formed upon
Ihe arl of the paat, We muit rid our
IiiiiiiIh of the notion Ihul Ihere is an
ui,, ,,l it, excellence lo be found lu Ihe
arl of uny period, au excellence lhat Is
tu be expected iu lhe arl of another
period. We muit understand that all
guod art has a peculiar character Ibal
belongs lo lis own lime and rice, and
cannot bo revived. Oor chief concern
wilh arl is lu curourago the artlitic
exprotoiou uf our owu lime aud race,
S.nd only by doing lhal j-an we attain
lo a real iimlerstaniting of art snd de
ligbt io il.   "Times."
Many a modem play calls .or all
one's faith Is Ibe Ural arl, sll one's
hope in the second," aud all one's
charity is the third.
»■ ^^r^^^tt^M^^uuy^
North Vancouver Business
and Professional /ards
—,'   ,
, (luarnutiii! Bond'
Aiiililnr ant)  Ai'i'iinuliinl
101 Lonsdalo Avouue. )'. 0. I)nx 2307.
North Vancouver. I'houo 167.    ,
0. A. Oil.., B.O.S.A.
^jar* ' 'Architect
1786 Oheaterfleld Avenue,
North Vsncouver
Pbont B168 -l-*
Bakera, Oonfectlouers and
188 Lonidale Avenue
Underwood's Barber Shop
Successor to Wulluce &  Noll. Third
...».i._Ueiiorul n.pair work.
A. Wallace's services nave been ru
Ilillllvu   AMI   M I HUM.III.
Huokiellcrs and  SUIiunns
Cor. Lunailale and lit. f'bor« llil
I'lans lin  uli,I     : :   Kstimates Given
Oeutro ind Mill Bold
Lynn Vallty, B. 0.
MJE. jk |9.
lrrigatii »,   ilrulnago, lovell,    plans
outiiins.   Septic tanki
nam  u  ipeciiiljy.
and upni'il
home dra
Um 344,
P. 6.
itreet w'eirT ol llowicku
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonadale and Esiiloaade
rv 11.un».
High Class I n.In.,' .Tnd Uunts'Tailoring
Kepairing   ami   Alterations.  Clcauiug
and Dyeing in all ita branches. All
Work 1'iii'i.'nil .ul
ill First Street West. 1'boue 207
(J. Luux)
Ladiea' and Qenta' Cleaning,
Pressing aud Bepalrlug
a Specialty
120 Second Btreet But
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Workt
First Strait But of Lonidale
Lowest prices and best work guaranteed ou tinning iud ibeet metal Work.
I'lans ninl  I'.huml... furnished tree.
in pairing,  remodeling, els., pminplly
lllli'llili'il tu
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
A Iluu Bond near Westover. V. 0. Bos
HO, Lynn Creek, 1). 0.
"~~   W. NIELD        i
Cabinet Maker and  Carpenter
Will nn,l.n nl,,' all kinds uf wood work, I
repairs, etc.
Fourth Street ind Sutherland Avouue
P. 0. Box 2000
All kiuils of saws filed and set on the
shortest notice. I,nun mowers, knives,
hedge sheurs and scissors sharpened. All
work |u,.iinnti ml, mudurutc prices.
Iiiii Lonadalo Avouuo Phono 8b
(In lhe car line. Boarding, meals,
grind uccomiuodatiiiii fur working men,
Contractors' men bonded ily. Kust
cult, Proprietor.
Is yonr Wateh slopping or keep ig
irregular timet   if so, see
ITniieer Jeweller, 0<l Loiisdulo Aveuue.
It will pay you to put a card jn this column
Man Who Ha* Wa
Across the Narrows
Be, outly Mr. Frot) IMiNii In diver'i i'uul nun', explored tbe depths of
tbe Hiicuinl Nurruws in llm interi'HlH of
|l|e I lur i aid Inlel Tunnel und Hridpe
Company |0 locate exactly   where tbe
rock formation lhat extends from tbe
Vancouver side strikes tbe gravel
nl real, from tbo north side. Mr. Madison
is tbe only man in British Columbia
wlto baa walked acroia tbe Inlet frum
tbe nmlli to tbe south side. Tho grout
est depth at tlie Beeoml Narrows where
tho lunl,",' is to be located is llii feot.
ami Mr. Maddison is one of lbe few,
if uut unly, divers iu Vuncouver wbo
Is able to successfully wurk at tbis
depth, Wben it iu realtal that lbe
world record fur deep diving is 12li
feet, Mr. Madilisuit's feat will bu duly
appreciated. .
The Best Exhibition in
the West
clal Fair U
Bigger and Bettor
New Westminster, Aug. 20 - A ureal
er prize HhI than ever before, the besl
free uiiiu, Inin. to be obtained,ami Ihc
rtputttion for being "The Best iu
thc Wcsl" which tbe New Westminster
Prpvlnciil Exhibition has earned iu
the lasl 02 years, ure some of the
tilings which it is expected will go
lo muke Ihu big fair I'or 1918 a great
or success Iban uny uf the previous
events. Anuu,", iu, in arc guing lur
wurd in guud shape under Ihe direction
of Mr. I). E. MucKonzic, manager and
secretary, and he promises lhal when
Ihe doors ure thrown open un fuel
duy afternoon, Oct. I, everything fill
be iu rceiliucss I'or live full days of
merry mukiug und the Instruction one
is bound lo get al an cxhiliiliuu ol'
this  kind.
Every Ullll brings in new entries
of slock or produce, uml ippiication
for spuce in the Munufuclitrcrs and lu
duslriul limblinii-. ore comiug in large
imu.bers. Boino new and intcrusdrg
exhibits have been arranged fur iu
this latter department which uluno
will be wurth a trip lu the fair. The
poultry show this yeur will have many
varieties which have nol been exhibited in Ihc pust, uud Ihc second an
mini horse show which will lake place
in the uew horse show liiiililing uow
being erected, will surpass any pre
vious event uf the kind. Hume en
Iries bave already been received fur
the show, but the major part of ihein
are yel lo conic. The entries cluse ul
iiinm un Hepl. 21 for ull classes of
Holh as a mun and a soldier Ihc
Kussiuu peasant is unsurpassable, Feed
him, clothe him, bouse bim with but
a meugre degree of comfort, uud day
in and day out he will work us hard
as in lime of wur be will lighl our
agcoiisly. Ile is indeed well worlny
lo represent the liberty loving man
houd of Europe in Ihe comiug keen
struggle against Ibe economic forces
of Asia. - Academy.
When blankets become thin, torn or
faded, ond rugged or frayed ul the
ends, cover tbem over with u pretty,
bright lilkeline uud tuft Ihem with
ribbon. They'make a very pretty and
.tiii.uiin covering fur ihc bed.
kn the right kind of thlngi wben they tell thi goodi. It li tbi facta about
tbi quality of our goodi In the way of FUBNIITUBB, OABPBTS and
OBOOKBBT, uid tbi facta ibout tbt low pricei tad tbe ipeclal pricei on
tbeie goodi tbat win favor among our cuitomin.
Hen an wmi facta for you to profit by:—
CHILDBBN'S PUSH CASTS, ipeclal price 13.00
A large iblpment juit roceived.  AU tbe rage
MEAT SAFES ...' , $8.00
BOYAL OAE DBBS8BBS, with bevelled plate mirror, i UM
Complete for $7.00
MATTINO MATS, 8x6...ttc
SBA   OBA88    0HAIB8,
a Halted number only, UM
In our Crockery Department
TUMBLBE8, ptr doi 60c
doi 60e
128 Lonidale Ave. "»«>« North Vancouyer
thtt nl tin
bt lind. bnt I
from t tar
Ww. wbicb
Cook L\rn.d tht *•!* «» TMr UUI-
Pro|P an Initot
Binioni tyok wu llttlt kuown out-
of Saratoga, where
gained t iraall fortuni
tr'i bit, Invented by
bim In common um
for yeira Thll devlco bu two llpt,
protruding illghky tbove tbt edge tnd
oppoiltt NCb oil
Simplicity Itiell bnt tbt world ntvtr
bid tucb I bit Ul 111 Oook made It, tnd
in Inttct taught lm bow to do It Bitting dawn on t r cently felled pint tret
ont diy outtldt i irttogt, bt heird tbt
crunch, cruncb o loinetblug Inside tbt
log. Curium, be Investigated md UW
lbat u Inttct of tbt btttlt family wu
boring Into tbt wood it ont tod of tbt
prmtrttt tree. / And tbt bolt wn
ver, It wu perfect-
btd no bin In bit kit
o aucb t bolt without
torlor to tbit It would
tiring in ti, bt chop-
of tbt log where tbt
m working, tpllt tbt aee-
pturlng tbt beetle, took It
itmlnrd It under t micro;
tht secret of tbt Insect's
l tinootb borliontil holes
kind of wood wn revelled.
wtt provided wltb power-
ly tmootb.
tbtt would imi
silvering tbt I
bt rough.   I'/i
ped off tbt j
Insect Ud I
Hon ind,i
boun to
alillliy I
In any I
The li/ile
and J
pen on either ildt Of Ht Jaws,
in# they operated In precltely tbt
mt manner us do tbi until bltdei ol
tbt blla which he immediately Invented, patented and put oo Ibe market.
"Beetle bltt" wen thi foundation ot
hit fortuuo.-New Vork I'reaa.
Viu Cm Figure it Out From thi Cllokt
•I tht Rill Joints.
If my reader wlabet, wheu on I long
railway Journey, to test llio ipced it
wbicb the train It traveling bi might
perbapa do wont Uion follow tbt
method luggtited by "Nothing to Do."
"Wt wen coming down from London to Holybeod," hi nyi, "md tbi
wbeeli dying ovtr tbt ralli best out to
my brain tbt rbytbmlc tune 'Nothing
to do, nothing to do,' u tbty wtnt ovtr
tbi Jolntt lu tbt rulli. 1 took out my
witch md wllh the aid of tbt lecond
bind counted tbt uumber of 'ttothlug
to do't' wbicb wen btittn out duriug
uue quarter of t tuluute. 1 found lbat
twenty-two wai tbt number. Twenty-
two by four girt mt eighty-tight tbr
ont uiluute. Tbe rallt of tbt U md
N. W. railway trt ilxty fett long;
thinfon 90 by 88 girt mt fi.280,
which wat, of count, tbe number ot
fett wt win travellug to the minute.
Thui I wai able to Ull my traveling
conipinlon, wltb tumi degrei of tccu-
ncy, tbit it tbtt time wt win trivel
lug it t milt t minute,
"Any raider can do tbit. All tbtt It
neceaaary It to bod out befonhind the
length of tht mils and after tbet to
witcb your witeh."-Londun Aniwtn
Ihi ftippid llimirok,
Blimirck wu oo favorite wltb worn
on, lent of ill wilb clever women wbo
dared to think for tbcuiselvei ind Im
iglue tbat they could fathom qutiUoua
of intt. He wia uivir Und of tuiib.
blog strong minded Indies, putting
tbem down ind stamping oo them.
One day he peld a vlalt lo the Kuaalan
embassy m Berlin, where be behoved
ii musl flouting oven Ihe mlilrem of
the house, tbe Cotiulei! Schouviloff
iiciuclt He imiii till leave it length,
to Ihe relief ol everybody, snd prea
cully the family tnaslin wns Ueunl
barking al the greul man as be passed
through the courtyard Immediately
Ibe iTiiinlest ran iu the open window,
and llliuurrk beard her voice, saying
lo bim fit i tone of geutle entreaty,
"Ob, plcuie. U. It Cuineeljer. duu I lillj
my dog."
Couree of the lun.
II li nol known wbeiher the sun is
muvlng around another ll ■ center
All |.i, ImI'Iiiiih ire igiltial (be Idea
Since Ibe InvenUoo of the lelekoiw
iud mn ii ni mi ei no turning to the
right or left till lieen delected It. in
lat ii kuown, iceini to be moving
ilong ou i ilrilghl Una Bin mtiogf
Is ugulnsl tbli iIhi Millions ol oibur
suns uttrari oun. and tbe pain iieyuttd
s iiniiiii bowls ibis wi; ind tbu. tiki
Ibll   uf   n   Ino   in   s   swarm.   DUI   IUI
curciiun cannot bt noticed. Draw i
ilivle leu milu In dlitoeicr. cm nul
mii' Inch, iud you would uy lbc ntcb
la i straight Ilne Tbe ami i path trav
••rsiil during tbt Hit HUO yean it
twelve nillea per seeond la almul in Hit
I'liipill'llou Of Ibll Clll OUI Ilull     Vnlpilt
I .mien iwirklii in New York Amrrlran
llleot rrttt With Cire.
Trees for itreet und lawn should bt
studied aud itlei'iiil with the grenleil
ran They tn foi lift, often for tor
eral generations, yet • dollar oflen d»
ildet ibt kind ol tree. Much mora
thought md time in given to Ibt it
iccilun of eu ttty cbilr, Mmy ptnuini
will willingly tptnd $80 or $40 for t
cbalr wbo woold not tbluk of putting
Ibll imount Into t tiit.-Biiisu In
A lid Outlook.
"No I cio'i get np enough coungi
lo uk old PelUnou /or bit dengbler."
"And wby notr
'Because I'm a builder of ebaolutely
fireproof building! ind hi It p On In
tunuce igrof-Olmlmd Putin Dttl-
Sha Kniw.
Mtot Outbtr-Ob. plMtt Ull mil De
you tblok poeta ntv* to bt bora? Tbi
I'oefi  Witt-yea, bornt wltb-Htf
ptft Butt.
aomeUmaa tre lianaintrina mat trail
t   "T      t'llUUtl tBmmf t,m.f
tWwt l*w rSWl^-mWrel mttWIPt.
Humor wni
a, wMCAjt n- jwiw
A WOMAN Will til" frcdy "bout bit
■   own faulla, but a mau bitei tret
10 odtult tbat bt bu fiulta
There aro iomt thlngi bird to citcb
■nd harder lllll to Itt go.
Siconillinnd sermoua trt likely to bt
much beller than tbt unused tort.
Borne mon in io bomoty (bit tbey
ueed to put on a uiaik every time tbty
look at a clock.. «.
If tvery doy were t holiday wt'd
suni) wair out our Sunday clotbta
If ivory montb were lovely lity t
handsome let of fun would bt no
Beauty uuudorned It likely to keep
a sharp lookout for sumo generally
iiii'iiueii penoo lu tbt untuning bfil-
Two people In in argument mty bt
wrotlg, but It ll iiiTilnlii Indeed tbtl
eueb la right
Sometimes one can tuccenfully ibo!
off tbo gu by I cutting remark.
Thl Big Snap.
Twin you and me,
I'd llkt to be
Tho uulnstructed dtleiata
I tuess
Tbat lob would ault mi Ont rata
Beat lawlng wood)
I ihould
There Is a lob worth while.
Nulliing to gat but tba |lad bant
Kind words from tuyi
Who look wits,
Wink the other eye
And are dead inxloui to bur
Tin Initrucled dtlegata
Can n.il
No ons carta
Juat bow he (ana
Tba awlm
Ii not for him.
He li labeled and laid awa/
liniii Ihi big day.
And mad rldei In motorcar!
Around the dlasr track
Or friendly alapi on lhe biok
Can't change bla mind.
Tba Hei lhat bind
Ara tltd.
And lo put him eutaldl
Of a aouare ratal
Cannot alter Ihi deal.
But lbe unlnatructed oat-
He bu thi fun,
Bcti thl bright llithti
And ill thl light!,
Hear! tht band't twetl ilrtlni,
ltldct on the iinini.
Bate wltb men of conatonanci
At no expenae
And doesn't bave tu go broke
For a smoki.
Ob, papa, tome fat
yob It thall
*t    «
Couldn't Takt It
"How  du  you
like ibe ticket
thll yeur!"
"I  feel llkl t
ben In i girden
wbcu I tee It"
"How li (bit J"
"Tbt iirslch-
lag Is so good."
1    1
Lieking Fer i lirgiln.
"Do you think you ciu curt mt. doc
"1 know 1 cm."
"Wbat will It coat mt?"
"About $000."
"Whew: Wbit will It cost to kill
Hll Method,
"llnei Ilnuki ever keep bli promises'/"
"He trice bard enough."
"liiii'u   In')''
"Yes; be trlci lo preserve tbem lo il
cubul us loun ii bt miktt Ihem"
Couldn't Criticise,
"Whit did your wlft uy about tbi
(.'nine lut tilglil i"
"Noiblug? How did tbtt bippeor
"Well, you aet tbt wu playing
bridgt beraelf lut ulgbt."
A Modern Anion.
"Here Is t picture of Clnclunitui
teivlng the plow."
"(fraud, Isn't Itr
"Wby did be leovt tbt plowr
"Wlybt bt got i Job tl! life Imnr
met UML''
     .      •   ■
"li tbtrt anything Ihtt falls tittle,
tbm an old Jokef
"I wonder wbtt It tol"
"Any Joke on on Bngllibmin"
Tbtn She Thawed Oul.
"Gtbtl wu cold lut nigbl,"
"Whit did you do ibout II?"
"Showed bor n diamond ring"
Tbt Mm tf li
Tbt world for him wtt all a wnek
BecauH bli llttlt liarle
Wag ileepcd In culture to her nek
AM culture madt lim wterr
How to GeU Huiband
Mn. tytlctitni Urndt Out t Fur Help
•Having decided uu tbe need (w»»t)
pf I liiisliunil and mado a wiso solec-
tim, it becomes necessary to secure
(euti-li) oue. Imugiuo (porsitailo your-
self) tbit you ire beautiful, for wbtt
we tliiuk we tre wo soem to others.
Kobe yourself iu tint gown tint
hangs closo without wrluklca, iud wltb
much luce tud ribbon showing through
with many small button! listening
wltb loops,
Tbeso things nuke t man ..'inder
(guess) and while bo gueaaea without
knowing, bis hourt la easily touched
ami he will seek to become aa a iltvt
who will prove ■ himself on orport
if he takes (secures) yuur baud, seek
to withdraw it gently (feebly) li
ilnliiliii cuiifused. To blush easily it
tbis time is uf good effect. Talk foolishly aud ask bim tu oxplain bawbill
scores ami toll uf tbo games that be
plays best. Ilet|uest him tu lull truly if
there is uut much risk (danger) iu such
spurts. Tremble much and remark bia
In riding iu cars take advantugo of
all sudden curves uud skiildiligs. Olutcb
his arm. aud lean heavily ou bis
• lnnil,i.t. apulogixiug iiuiiii. Tell bim
yuu are but a weak wuinun.
I'ur so oflen does a man proposo
without nn iiuiiii; to do so. Love is uot
directed by the brain. It is a lever
that kindles without reasuii. Where
there is reason tgood settse) love is uot.
Hut when he endeavors to hide bis
interest in you and talks of olnur girls
or says that he does not care for girls
al ull, then you must be ou tlte alert,
Sil then ii| i.n the arm uf his chair
and light his cigar, letting the match
burn your lingers, for tbis (before
murriage) will make him grieve. After
ward he will think you only clumsy,
Wheu he grieves uver your hurts uc is
eusicst (most amenable),
And when yuu convince bim Ihut you
arc foolish lo Ihc verge of imbecility,
you will huve him landed and iu the
basket. Kur lie will be sorry for your
lack of sense and will wish to give yuu
of his own wisdom. "—Life.
Oysters, Olimi md Shellfish In Beuou
let Supplied at Bhorteit Notice wd
Bight Price
Prompt Dellverlei, 10:30 aud 2:30
Telephone 370
209 Lonadale Ave., North  Vancouver
11 uv  ALT
NuTICK  Is  hereby  given,   punuant
tn llle |,|... i lluini ol i Tinili I   lit   illliil
Hi vised Htuluies of I'unidu ibat the
North Vancouver Lund apd Improvo*
ment Company, Limited Liability, an
im ui ini,•i.t Compuny having (ta head
ti,, , ul the city ur Vancouver, lu Ibe
Province of lirilisli Columbia, hai
IT. T wltli llic Minister uf Public Work!
for lhe liomlnlon of Canada a plan ot
certain bulkheads and wharves proposed to be constructed by tbe Company
end a ,!■ snIplluii uf Ihc llle fur thl
proposed Improvements which lltu ll
i.u,i in I ti, the iT'i lun ...i.-. Norlh Vancouver city. British Columbia, between
m.limn und Chesterfield Avenuci tr.d
l.n.illi I tu the ICsplanade. North Viineouver. liritish Columbia, between Hog-
cm ami I.onsdale Avenue!, both site!
being un Ibo Nurlh Hhore uf Durrard
Inlet, and lhat lbc said Cumpiny bit
also filed a copy of the said plan and
iinm liiiiimi wiih Iht Iteglstrar of
Deeds ul Vulicouvcr, Brlllih Columbia,
and that the sold Company will apply
to the tlnvernor-Ocni'Ml In Council for
approval of lbe said plan and tbe construction nf the said bulkhead! ind
DATKII this -:i"l day of Jul}. AD,
18)2, at Ottawa. Ont
8-1    Hollcllors fur lbe suld Company
SI Mil-Ill or (IUI, MINIM.
Coil mining rlabli uf Ihe Dominion
In Manitoba, Boilietchewan and Albtr
a, llle Yukon Territory, the North win
Tnnliorics aud In a porllon of the province of liiliisb Columbia, may be iuued for a term of twenty-one ytare at
an annual ronial of 11 an ten. Not
more thm 1,1(0 acrti will be leuid io
one applicant
Application for a leaae muit bi madt
by tpe applicant In perion to tbt Agtnl
or Hub-Agent of Iba diitrict In which
tba right! applied for aro Situated.
In lurveycd territory the land muit
be described by lecilom. or legal lub-
dlvlsloni of lecilom, and In uniurvey-
id territory the tract applied for ihall
be Hiked out hy tbt applicant lilm-
Each application mult be accompan-
..( by a fee of |( which will bt refunded If the rlgbli applied for are not
available, but nol olherwlie. A royalty Ihili be paid on the merchantable
output ot the mine at tlie rate of ivi
cent! per too,
The perion operating Iho mine iball
furnlab lite Agent with iworn rtturnl
accounting for the full guanUty ot
merchantable cool mined ind pay thl
royalty thereon If the coil mining
rlghl! are not being operated, inch ri-
turni ihould be furniihed at leut onct
■he leue will Include the coal-mining
rlfnli only, hut tbe fence mty be ber-
milled t, purcbaie whatever avtHu.
lurfaco tights may bl conilderkd Uo.
eiiary for tbt working ot the mini at
lbe rate of »I0 an icre
For   full   Information   application
'  old be made lo the itcretiry of the
ahould be made lo the Morittry of tne
Wpartment or ibi Intirlor, ptiami, or
to iny igent or dnb-Agint of Dominion
^ W. W. COST,
►« Diitrict Police
^ Headquarters
The work of the polico de|mrlininil
nf tlte district uf North Vuneuuier
haa uot, from curtain atunilpniitts, been
a flgurstlvu bed nf ruses. Iiilliculiy haa
been   nulurully experienced  ill  kuupillg
iiiiicinl inn e with tho rapid growth uf
a large district.
Ono of thu smaller iiiconvonhnires
which haa hud tu bit aiirmtiiitilnil hy
the Chief ami Ilia slttflf fur aomo eon
nubTiilile limo hua been Iho luck nf
ml. ipmie nu. ii iiuiiii iiiii fur piilien pur
pin,,-,,     I'url ial    lemeiU     WUS    II Ilul,liul
v.Iiiti Ihu nuw niiinii ipul hull wua Itttllt,
un unu e uf iptito a 11 -pe, inble nine
being aet apurl fur lltu usu uf lite
fnrco; nu pruvisiun wus made at the
limn huwever, fnr the accuiutuoilnliiin
of p,i "lu'i ■ 'Tm . i|.i. nil' nil,ni,ler,
i,,".i,,i iulu iii in.l' by Chief l.iflon
uml his men huvo had In bo systematically convoyed to the eity nf' North
Vuncouver and Inmpnrurily deposited in
llui eily colls, lu the nvunt of a case
lining reminded mice ur twice, this
prucuiling hua occupied ipiitu a con
sidnrublo aniotiul of vtiluulibi limo as
well us being un iinsutisfui'tury urrnngc
ineiil from more Ihun une practical
point nf viow.
Thu dawning iif a now era in Ihc
annuls of this progressive force is now
sumin. imiii neur. Many doubtless
will huvo noticed when pussing lhe mu
uicipul hull Ih,. skeletoiiinii outlines
of an  auxiliary  liiiililing imtnediutely
to fim northwest of the hall. This is
In bo thu future limiibpiurtiira   of  the
police department. A littlo time ago,
chief i,ifton obtained the permission
of Uui council to nrni't thia buililingi
Uin) immediately upon being authorised
gut |l|u wurk uui|or wuy. Tho Chief is
supervising operations and the plan uf
tlm oftlcinl's embody bis own ideas of
U po',1 '0 station. A ropruseututivu Ilf
this paper wua piloted, through the
framework in the twilight of a- recent
eveuing uml wus able to discern the
proposed muin featurus of tbo building
The front entrance will lead Into a spu
cinua hull, adjacent to which on the lofi
hand will be the chief's aauetum, On
tliu right a suitulily  large spurn hua
llllllll   lillulleil   tU   tho   llei'iillliniiillillilll   of
iinm' who waniiur from the pallt ul
rlghtutiuaiiuss. iTdls aru to bo con
strutted on approved' Hues ami with
ulher details tho statiun will 'doubtless
mini ull tlte presunt r«i|uiremeitls uf
thu district force. Fur siivoral roa
suns it is mli until, emu. tu have the
ptllieu hciubpiurlcr:. separato front the
luniijcipul hull itself, a fact that hus
ou moro Ihun tiuu nccasinu liuon nulr
ed in Ihu eity. At Ihu sainn tiinu il is
a distinct runvetiience tu huvo tho sta
tion iu 1.1,.,,nuiiii rlnsu proximity to
tho hull wherein Iho houring of caeca
iiil.e.. place,
Tim provision nf diatrict cell., seems
huwever, lo huve been the Inngest fell
wunl uml these will be uvailublu for
"public use" within u short time.
"Huvo you spnkun of our luve lu
yuur mother'yett"
"Not yel," murmured the dour girl,
"Mother bus noticed Ihut I've been
queer uf lute, but she Ihinks it's biliousness. "
will rise very shortly ln D. L. 265, and NOW ia the time to buy to
advantage. We bave the following for sale, which are much below
present value:
Oue lot In Block,6, facing south, 13,360 on easy terms.
One lot In Block I'J, facing south, 13,160, ou easy terms.
ESPLANADE- One  Lot  In  Uio  second  block  eaat  for
18,5(10.0(1 oii very easy terms.
Tbo North Vancouver Offlco of "The Street Oar Indicator Oompany
Limited."  Oet In on this while dollar shares are selling
for 50 cents.   Oall aud get prospectus.
Phone 863
P. 0. Box 3307
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows lhe Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, il will pay you lo investigate lhe Monarch, ll coiIj less, lasts longer and
hums less coal or wood than any other mallealile range
sold in Norlh Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
105-7 Esplanade Weit
If you want to succeed in business on the
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
Cardinall & MacGregor
At* returning to their old premiaee, 103 Esplanade Baat, where they
will carry on Beal BlUto and Financial business u heretofore,
m v. o, iw an
T T T   TTTrT*T* f     WTf    T T 1t"T
Reason For Haste.
Than/a in aid itory about tn Irish-
mnn wbo itu painting a (ence and
Wbo worked in iptl tbat ba might gat
tba Job Dnlabefl batora tba paint gara
nnt. Our grandfalhera laugbad at that
Joka baton our grandfather* bought
(Tba naw version wm In ytatarday.
Th* letting Is up to data, bul tb* old
point still itlcki out Our corraapond-
eut aayas
"I bara a touring ear, and I Jtar* i
chauffeur. Tba latter la a brlgbt Italian bor and an Tbralmbla aarrant
Tb* oUier night, ten mlloa (rom home,
bot tnilda tba city limita, I observed
tbit ha wai putting pp t bunt at
"•Wow down | bit, Olnaeppe,' I
warned hlm. 'We'll ba arraatad If w*
kaap on at this speed.'
" 'Scusa mo, milter boss,' b* aiurwar-
ad. 'We're tan mlia from boma an' only
got enough gas for free inlla. Eet w*
no burn wa nevar mak' MtP "-Olav*-
land Plain Dollar.
' [Aaaaa* a ** a *•
No Royal Raid,
t    "Of co'ia you kin luarn by u- j
| parlanoi," said Dnela Dben, "but ]
t remember, ion, you kin learn i
j foolishness dat way de aame aa j
i out o' books."- Washington Htnr i
Banking tha AnlmaU.
Spader Jolnmoii, une of tbe principal
clowns wltb the Mingling circus, was
spinning yarns lu tbe pnd room nttd
lold thla:
A visitor lo tin city had spent all of
the moruiug rending circus bills and
wus just going to bli hotel when he
suw a red puluted Unitod States mull
wagon going ulung ths street. He els-
ed It up for a circus wagon and followed It four mlloa to tbe poutofflce and
wllh wide ii|icu moulh watched the uu
loading of tha mall.
Iiitn In the aflernoon be mel another
nuiiii nnd remarked:
"AIiiiit, I followed one of tbem circuit wagons all the way downtown, au'
when they unloaded tbey took the var
mints out In aucka."-Cblcago Post.
"Ilerr Uoeltke li looking for bit bat,
iud I'va Juat discovered that I'm sitting oo itr
"Don't lit hlm know ll hull be prat
ty ugly abuut III"
"Uul I've got lo gol Vou ill on It
Ull 1 como lunl I"   ITIIegeudu Blatter.
A Card to the Club.
Old Colouel pick Bright of Washington was shaved fur yeara by a colored
barber wbo. not being bleaaed wllh the
Splendid lougevlty of the colouel, dually died. Bright went to tbo funeral
and it tbe dlnuer table tbat evening
eald be bad put Ills visiting card lu the
old liurber'e ciiflln.
"That's lbe cruuit thing I evar
beard of," remarked a friend. "Wbat
oo earth did you do It fiir'r"
Wall," etplained tba colonel, "If ba
goes to heaven be wou't need It, but
If be goes to tbe otber place It will
Introduce hlm lo a lot of good fel
Iowa."-Popular Mugailnt.
The Very Place.
"I think," said young TrolUr, "I'll
draw that money Uncle Jobn left to
me   I'm tbluklng of a trip abroad."
"But," proteated bis molbtr. "you
wtr* to lave thai for t rainy dty."
"Wall. I'm going lo Undon. I'll bt
aurt lo Und l rainy day lbero.n-Ctth
ullc Htundurd and Times.
Ml Yet His 8'«n«gr»uh.i  Hll Onl»
Followed Instructions,
"Say." inqiiirpti u pi.iiinin.ii! iiwt'w
of several iTiiiipiiiiitins me m iuu uuy
"do y»t| know iiiiii the irmiiuiK ol mt
nograpliors It pile ot thu prott-imlnuiii
man's most tedlmtK tasks'i Why. mi
no mora things! inoniaequoinieo with
tb* way lu bandit your ciieuta iban
tbty make trouiuo for you by giving
yonr wife tbt wrung intwtr.
"Upon entering my ollice a tew days
IgO I beurd my ntw elotio-lhe ulher
ont lift to get married -suy; 'No, bt
bti not been to tbu ulliee ytt tbli morn
Ipg.' I learned tbt bid lieen talking to
a person I had an appointment wllh at
8 a. in. and I had neglected |o rttcb
tba ulliee until 0:1b o'clock.
'"Alwayi (til Ibein I have Jutt
Hepped out, I told bar. "Never tgnln
ltl tlioin know | fulled to reieh tbt of
Ilea on tlma
"Tba other night I fouml my wlft
peeved whan I rescbeti homt. 'Vou
htvt deceived mt. tbt tald 'Vou lold
mt you wtrt golug to bt out ol Ihe i it)
Uat night tnd thit yonr train hniut
would nul reach Hinttt Olty uniil in
o'clock Ibll morning, k few minutes
afler train Iimt I called tbt ntjjcv, aud
wben I uked your ittnogrnpner it yuu
were Ihero iht mid, "Ob, fail he was
here tl Iht nsuai tlma Ihlt morning
but Jusl tlepptd nut."'
"And. helli'vo ut." odtled tht liwyer
In cniii'limluii. "I htd out greut time
iTiiivlni'liig my wife tbat I really luul
been out of Ibe dty."-Kaunas Clly
Afraid at thl Nolit.
A navn utiieer onct found uul ibt>
hi could not much tbt yuung cndeti In
lhe Nn vm itiTiiii'iiiy not to squirm smi
start uiul plug their tin wllh Midi
lingers wben lliu Heavy nnmim. wen
bred It wis of nu ust to argue with
them i'ltadlugs were In vum. ami re
pruols were alwuya met by Ibe eipla
niillnii ilmi Ihey cuuldu'l help It l'l
unil:.' the nilieiT hit uiiuii a plun He
Old a en mere I ruined upon Ihe filial
without thell knowlug.lt, uud lln-n hv
ordered a Urutdn|dl to be Ilml The
noise wus lliiinileiiins, and the aetlunr
ol the cutlets were, it usuul, mosl uu
illuTilllnl unil unwiirlike
A few days later sums ticellrnl phti
tugrupli* ol llie "yuung men afraid ol s
iinise" were esbllilled. ami Ihey din
llle wurk lhe neit time llle eunitnn
roitreii  the cadets stood like slimier
, ill uul  IrOIII  sl wn,-   pell llleil ll)   ft'lll  Ul
lbe truthful cuuieru -UL Uml' Olube
I numeral.
A New Vork nruker wat praising
Churles W kluraes ability il i umiie)
"Hie) tall a story about Horse,' ne
I'bliiklMl, "Hurse wtnt to a uillilnii
■Ire uue day unil slid:
" 'I ■curt me tbree mlllluni. I musl
have throe millions for tbtl new ilea
of mine
" Sorry. Hurae. said the millionaire
but I've got unly two minimis In ready
iiiniii'i today!
"'Is that ill?' said Morse Well
iinini II uvei tbtu. Voo cun uwe me
Ibe uiliel uillilnii   '-Biclituge.
A Diplomsllo Huibind
Mrt Mis Caul sfford tu let me gi
to tin seashore Why not) My hotro
ibere wouldn't eosi much more ihsn II
iloee hart Hi Mat-I admit that, ui)
inve. bill iliiiili ol ill ibe money I'd
have to ipeuO enlirtiluliig luystll lo
your tbsence - Buslou Transcript
"Sadie." suhl ii iiinihei in.liei until
danghler. "why is II lltsl nut nnd
your little lirnthei art Hways quirrei
"I dun t knuw replied Sadie, 'unless
l take afiei  vou end he lakes ifui
pupil "" I Tllrn(in NlWa
Much In Ihe world msy lie done by
..nTlli more in inve und must ol ill
In  'li'ieniinenl suil ImparUll
School Shoes
Wt uk you to call and Inspect our stock of Bchool Bhoes bsfort goiug
Our Itock of OhUdreu's Shoes U tha largest In Brltlah Columbia and the
very baat of itock It need In tha making of our Shoei for tha children
—wt bavo tht following Uuw to sell at exceptionally low prices;
Obit' Levant Orain Balmorals, lu black or tan, wltb steel tips for
tort ****•  • mo
Oirla' Dongola Eld, Oxford Tltt  ,,,. uw
Oirla' Dongola Kid,, strap Shoos    g,M,
Boyt' Strong WaUrprooftd BooU          US6
Boyt' Dongola Kid Blucher Ball..... ......"'." |JJo
Boyt' Orain Blucber Bait   gjjj
Baya' Cauvai Blucher Ball ,,  gi,g{
Alto • largt lelectlon of high leg Boots for boys and girls.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
PUe 393 Mount Crtwi Block, Opp, City Hall
 " it. i > i    nn  i    i    i  an
S. & W. THAfo
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Job Printing at the "Express"
Don't Take Chances!
Business mon und business housss
aro usually judgod by the printed mat
ter they ssnd out.
Can you afford to take chances with
your printing when good work lu this
line costs littlo, If any, more.
We Do Good Work
First Btreet East,  North  Vancouvar
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Enot Salt  '.■ 75c
Zamlwk 35c
Allenbury'i Food  k.:t.. ,85c
' Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink.Pilli : 35c
Peroxide, ptr lb  ,65c
Culicura Soap 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25r
Anti-Colic Nipple* 5c each
Abtodienl Collon 35c lb.
We have conitanlly in slock a romplelc stock of
Bed Pant, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bollle*, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batteries,
Electric Belts, Trusses, and, in fad, everything in the
sick room line not usually slocked by smaller dn
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed io an
part of the cily.   _'
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade W«i


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