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The Express 1912-10-15

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\mmits em** www w°bb
/ij* tixtirfbs ,
SPfipiAl, ATTENTION ft»?Uf fp
jTPB   PEfNTlNO   AT   T»B   flg|.
Vim" Of*!?*'     V<AW,-%\V9Ai.
'            ■
m\S9V, 11.
ifogTH fiwoowyap. 9*-, mm**, qptobbb io, iota.
fl"WfM*** **P'
Dominion Wharf For .
North Shore of Harbor
t __.__
full i ji l ui uiiii i >>ii wul be rosily by tbe
etui uf Ibis week for lite guidance of
Ibo member for litis constituency in
tlie selection of lbe s|to for tbu I) oniin
ion government wbarf winch is lo lie
built on Iho nuiih sboro. Tbo worl.
of ['lulling tl)0 barbur in accordance
wilh lhe data gathered by tbo apryey
ors bai beeu proceeding rapidly aud
will bo completed within a few days.
The .j■ i.■..-1■.>11 ul |bo exact loeatiuu uf
tbu wbarf will tben lie lakeu under
consideration by II. II. Stcveus, U.l*.
aud a report forwarded lo Ottawa em
budying bit ri'cnniiiicniliiiiiin lo tbe
goverument iu the matter. Ur. Hlevens
expects tbat bit report will be furward
ed witbiu a period pf ten daya after
tlie plaui arc placed in • Iiis bands.
General Business
Of City Fathers
lu addition lu uuincruus applications
for i.i. v.alI... roads, lattos, etc., Ibe
cily couucil uliui dealt last evening with
muny communications ou loiieollnneon.
A letter cinuiintcil from llarvurd
lluiveriily, I'uinbriilge, Musi., asking
for iuforinalion as Ip the routine nf
eouueil work in Ibis cily for lbe pur
pose uf ciuliuilyiiig same iu a buuk
shnrtly lu he published liy apparently
ouo uf the |.i,,i,-...uin of the uuiversity.
II was decided lhat the infurtnatiuti be
The cily fathers were alsu asked for
I'll in cotupcnsaliuii for injuries reeelv
ed by William McNeill, private dctec
tive, duriug Ibo srresl uf a ccrluiu
The letter of the solicilurs wss refer
red lo tbo police euuimissiuiiers, Aid
Dick ubservlng lhal when a man enters the puiicc |'i"i, iuu he ihould be
prepared for that surt uf thing.
The city solicitor wrote iu regard lo
the grading of Kellh road slating thul
if in Ihc narrowest pari of the street
Ibe gradiug was to be less than nt: the
other portion it would be a >nse for
Iuukiug assessment si'conlinu lithe proportionate um.inni uf heu,-ni received
This loiter wua referred lo lite nour,.'
of works wlto will confer with lite t.i
Mr. Hoid also advised the councils
pf Ibe dislricl tnd cily to pay lbe
claim uf Mr. Armytage for dnmagci
received lu hii property Iiirougli tin
fi'.'shci curly iu the year. Aid. Irwin
mentioned1 ''-::i tbis wai in object les
ion puiuliiig "ui the disadvantages uf
transacting busiucss of this kind iu
ppon council.
The city eiijftnecr rccoinnicndcd lhal
1 curb lie placed ou both sides uf -ml
■Ireet front Ihc casl side uf (Vsler
Held avenue lo the wesl side pf 81.
Oeorge'e aveuue, the work lo cost ap
proximately 1'1,'kk); alio the laying of
a concrete curb on bulb sides of Und
'itreet, Ibe work lo eosl M,8O0,
Solicitor Sayi Firit
Bridge Bylaw Illegal
OF NBW 1160,000 BY LAW
Tbe city clerk, Mr. W. Ausliu Drown,
reported lo tbe cily council list even
ing lbat be hud been tdviscd by lbc
eity mli.ilur regsrding tbe proposed
by In'- luliioritiug Ihe council to bor
yaw Indium for tbe purchate of ad
ililiuiiul ibarei iu the Durnrd lulet
Tuuuel k Hridge Company, lhat the uri
I jinal by law providing for the borrow-
Tag of llmi.mw wu void becauie of
tbe ouiwion of the dilei ti to when
lbe bridge musl be started ind com
ploted. Tb* solicitor adviied that il
would lie necessary lo prepare a new
bylaw for II50/J00.
Tbe mailer wai referred lo ooromit-
lee of the whole, Aid. M, Iluu previoui
)y iilling altcution lo thc fact Ibat to
bll knowledge tbe acl did not mention
Ibt-particular points referred toby tbe
I    solicitor.   The cily wai merely Uking
Bs'io much slock in a company aud Ihc
■ aldennau did,uot think lhe limes for
f  commencement sud completion of tbe
work came Inlo tbe queitiou. ..'
Aid. Dick .iiiiiiirrsd in Ibll view of
|he tjtuttion.   -
Mayor McNeish Will
Not Seek He-election
tumotian ton any man
Mayor MeNsWks* intimsted last il
ft sol bis intssUos to sllow bl*«*u*
lo go before Ibe ratepsyen si candi-
dale for tbe oflice of mayor of Ibis
city for IIH'I. His Worship ia ads
iniini on thii poiut, and wheu inter
viewed liy a representative of thc Express yesterday, based bi: dcterutiua
|ion principally upon two reasons:
Firstly, lhat oecupaucy of the .uu;,, ul
■■hair fur two successive years il suf
In uuii for- any one mau, no mutter bow
capable he might be; sud lecondly,
thut iu his opinion there are members
uf the present cuuucil whu are thur
oughly "imp, I, nt to uudwtak. the
nun.nul duties and carry them through
with honor tu themselves and greatly
In Ihe l.etictii of the cily,
i'hul I tug generally upun bis twu
yeurs' nf oflice, Mayor McNeish cuu
fessed lhal Ihey itad been hard years
from lhc point uf view of couucil work.
The city hud naturally uuderguiic a
periud nf development greater than at
any oilier lime,in ils history ami much
eulircly uew wurk had beeu iuaugur
uie,l II l""il.I uul, lbe mayor thought,
ho overlooked that il ii jusl wbcu iuch
work ii iu it* iuilial ilago that the
iuu, tf control arc the most dillicult
lu handle. Ouce a new system or a
new scheme of development is satiific
lorily under'way Ibe lut of those iu
mull,,uii becomei iinuiedia*t'ly liinpli
lie,I The couucil for lhc comiug year
would Dud their duties in several ile
pertinents of civic wprk comparatively
easy iu view of the foundation work ac
cuiupliihcd during the lusl twelve or
eighteen uiuiitlis.
Harvest Festival at
St. John's Church
The harvest festival services were
held in 81. Juhu's church, Sunday, iu
Which large congregations assembled.
The church was beautifully decora!
ed wilh flowers, aulumii foliage, fruits
and vegetables. At thc morning ser
Vied   lite    S .-li. lui,I,     Al, lule.I, nil    I'ell
trealb preached au eloquent harvest
sermon aud llev. J. II. Hooper diicour
sol on a like lubjeel at Ihe evening
The itev. W. T. Keeling assisted al
liulb services which were fully choral,
being splendidly reudered by Ibe
strong choir under Ihe leadership of
Mr, J. II. siaii.leii ' iu Ihc morning
Tallin service with 6. W. Maci'bcriou 's
"Te Ileum", Mendelssohn's "Kyric,"
F. (1. I'lumtucr's "Sanctui," and Ulo
ria in Exceliis" were suug iu addi
lion lo lbe harvest lliecial hymns lo
the .veiling liruce 8tcane's "MaguiS
cal''and "Nunc Dimitii" ind Tall.-.
Feriai service were sung. The autbein
"Praise tbe liotd, 0 my _oul," wat
rendered al both services.
Offers To Be Med
For New City Hall Site
ald. dick opposes action on
obohndb that pbbbbnt mtb
18 not tvt paid pob by
" Normintontripppaull"
Certainly one ean siring three well
kuown names together witb very mid
effect I Disintegrate Ihem, however,
and you have, firstly, Noruiinl.ju, sec
ondly, Tripp, and thirdly, Paull. Collectively you bave talent of a high
order, vocal and iuslrumeuttl • ful
wbicb tomorrow eveuing'i audience is
the lu.ii-'liile Theatre will realize wilb
oul a shadow of a' doubt.
The program iu wbicb Madame Nor
minion (contralto;, Mr. J. 1). A. Tripp
(pitniit), snd Mr. Holroyd i'aull (vio
liniil) will cd In liiiruie ii full of tbingi
worth bearing. Biographical Irealisci
ou etcb individual artiste would only
be occupying space needlessly. Mt'
'lume Norminlon, Mr. Tripp Snd Mr.
Psull hav;' etch an enviable reputation,
tad can be collectively depended upon
Ip provid* a concert on fint clan ljuci,
aad one which will.be appreciated to
lbc full by a" who wesd tbsir way to
Ihe Lonsdale tomorrow nlgfcl.
Tbe accompaniments pf lbe evening
will be played by His* Delia Motion,
OS* of Mr. Tripp's tccompliibed pupil*.
Tbe tiuiiiie,' committee of Ihe city
council decided o» Tbundiy list to re
coinmeud lo the couucil Ibat I'whereas
tbo present eity bill lite baa been
disposed of tu the Dominion government
offer* of loti or tracts of Und tuittble
for city bill purposes be iuvilcd, ttat
iug tbe deieriplion tud price of tbe
ume; tnd tbat witb regard to tbe
above expert opiuion lie obtained aa lo
tbe suitability of the various titei offeror!,"
Thii reeeinnicii,latum canto formally
befure lbc city fathers hist eveuiug
Aid. irwiu, cbainnau of Ibe finance
commillee, explained that in Ibe opiu
ion pf the committee it waa time Ibat
sume Mich initial step ibould be taken,
sin,,' Ibere migbt be certain would be
tenderer! now absent from Ibe city,
fui wbuse beuefil |,ul,Inuii,,n uf ibis
invitation to tender would have lo be
atteuded to at au early dale. In
addition lo fkc ordinary luhmiisiou uf
pieces of pruperty at a ijiecilicd price,
tenderers, Aid. Irwin believed, ibujld
be allowed to execute an option to the
cily. After the tenders had been re
ceivcil, tbe alderman thought it would
be a desirable course lo employ expert
opinion iu order to get the views of
some oue thoroughly well posted iu
Ihe milter of cily bill sites.      *
Aid. Irwiu alsu mcutioued the id
visibility of tbe city taking ionic steps
lo co operate witb lbc provincial aud
Dominion governments, uoi only lo
provide Nortb Vancouver wilh a build
iug for city ball purpose*, but possibly
t cuurt house and provincial and Do
miuiou buildings. If Ibe intereiti
uf tbe cily were to lie conserved Ibis
wai a problem wbicb musl be grappl
e,l witb in tbe belt possible wty.
Aid. Dick couiidcred tbe step wis
somewhat premature. He would bave
rather bad a conference take place wilb
the board of icbool truilcei in regtrd
to the present scbool on Chesterfield
Avenue. Thit could be converted iuto
t cily bill wbicb would fulfil thai pur
pose for eight or leu yetts. Tbere were
grounds there tbat wuuld lie suitable
to the purpoie for ill time. Aid. Dick
pointed oul tbtl io tny cue tbe unices were liking for another aod i
larger ichool site. Ueferriog to Aid.
Irwiu 'i illuiiost lo Ihe provinclil ind
Domiuiuu government!, Aid. Dick de
elired tbit if tbey bid to wiit ai long
for Ihe government'■ cooperation ai
Ibey bid lo wiit for Ibeir money Ibey
would be t long time wailing for their
advice. Tbe alderman further argued
that Ibe preient cily hall site wu nol
sold until thc money was received for
it, and to far not a eenl had, been received. "I'i ui do tbese things ou
our uwn iuitittive," urged Aid. Dick,;
Hiding Ihlt be did uul think it would!
be ne., ■ my to iill iu expert opinion.:
"If Ibe include!., pf Ibis cuuucil irei
nol expert! ou North Viucouver, iluy
bive no right to be silting here."
Aid. Bins thought the recommeudt
lion t good one.
top Ibst action on the lines suggested
would be in any way ubligatury.
Eventually, tbo first portion uf tbo
limine,- , uniiiiii Ice's rcciiiniiicuiliiliun
was formally submitted and wgs carried
Aid. Dick recording a dissentient vote.
During thc last few weeks the civic
correspondence has included almoit ai
every1 icssiuu „i thu cuuucil au offer
or offers of proporty luitablu in tboii
owuer'i opinion, for city hsll purposes.
At Ibe instance of Aid. Dick the pricus
at which Ihese fols have been offered
bave beeu withheld from pulilicutiuu
iu view of the fact lhat llio ptibiica
tiou of lhc priees would lie utiluir tu
lbe tenderers ami might huve an effect
upou the lenderiiig wheu plllcislly call
td for by Ihe council. This cuursc was
adopted liy Ihe council last eveuing
wben one more offer of a STte was re
ccived from a local properly owner.
Of Interest
Mr. and Mrs. Coryell uf 18th slreet
weat   have   returned   frum   «   week
visit to Hclllle.
The line day un Sunday induced a
large crowd lo visil Ihc beauty spots
pf the Nurlh .hurc.
Mn. .1. S. Ilogcrs, 821 Hidgewny Ave
Will receive uu Thursday afternoon um
on Ihe third Thursday of everv mouth.
The death of Mrs. T. .1. Klliott, u
former resident of litis city, occurred
s few days ago iu lhc huspilal ul Vie
The Wutnens' Missiunury Suciety pf
Ul. Andrew's Presbyterian church will
bold tbeir annual Ibaiikufferiug on
Wedneiday evening wheu Mr. Miliur ol
Vanrouver will address lhe meeting.
The ■ aleI,unu ns luce! Ihe Huyal tin
giucers in a fuulball mulch tu be played iu tbe lie. rent um I'urk uu Saturday
uext. Tlte encuunter prumiscs lu be u
lively lud. iulcrcsting une. Tliuto who
vviiiii lo watch a good gume please note
lhal lbc kick-off is limed for II o'clock
A dn I, fire occurred al seven o'clock
Ibis inoraiug in Ihe region of ;Mrd
street ami Miiudy avenue. The alarm
was given to lhe ll.e deporlnicttl in
response to wlnli Ihe brigade lurned
out in e\. ell, nl time ami gol the lire
uuder cuulrol before any considerable
damage ha.l been done.
The    no.v    steamship    "lluwenu,"
which   the .Terminal  Slcuunhip  Cum
pany ire pluc.ng un Ibeir lluwe Suund
run, wis bran/lied during Ihc week u!
the Wai1....   '.ibipyanls where she wus
i constructed.    Miss  Cates, daughter  uf
I ('apt.  i ui.     performed  lhe ceremony
l in the presence of a large gathering.
The pi,-ip,me.I regular inccliug of
the Board of School Trustees will be
held tbis evening instead of on Wed
nes'lay evening, in Ibe Huard re in
Itidgcwly ichool, al 8 o'cloel' put. The
change iu dale ii uecessitaleil by oilier
duties ou the part of trustees prevent
Tbe city clerk' r*port*d Ibat csrjier jio* * 9**9mT of s guorum ou the
in Ihe dsy be bsd received s mciugc j "Kuiir night.
asking for an order to Ibe land Be
gislnr for tbe purpoie uf rigiitering
Ibe document! pertaining to Ihe ilic of
Ibe cilf ball lite to ibe goverument
Aid. Irwin expreued fail willingness
lo eliminate for lbe lime being last
portion of Ihe reeommcudtlion dealing
witb tbe sdviubility of oblaiiing ex
pert opiuion.   Tbst could, be liken up
liter.   II*  luggcited   tbtl   Ibe    city-
clerk au.l tlie eity solicitor should draw
up a form of tender lo be used by ter.
deren in tbi* connection.   An trrtng?
menl migbt In mtde whereby lt per
cent, of the purekat* price ibould be
ptid thirty daya afttr tk* piisigc of
Ifae ntcemry by-law sad Ibe balance
io ninety dayi.   Tbe aldermin suggest
ed Ibat tender* ibould be ia not liter
lliin, 6 o'clock on Mondiy, December
Aid. Dick conlended tbit jt mli not
pliuiibb? to Is a dale until the coun
cil bail* received it* money frpm tb*
government.   Tbey did aot *i*b tp bav*
tp plact »ny finiucitl bylawi. "Wait
•alii Ikt government psyi, and Ihen
make our arrangement!." The under
sttudiug bad  bees lhat Ifae telling
of tke preient dly ball ail* w*uld be
Ik* fsascisg et ltl sew *-*.
AM. Irwio apd Ali. Fraier could aot
$150,000,000 For Rail~
way Building in B. C,
VTNpE ,n bailway myoma
.. Speaking ai tbo liuiiipiei given tu his
hiinur at Victoria lust week which was
:il t ■■ll.li'.l   by   eight   Illln, lie, i   ClllllllBillS
lie supporters ami admirers of tbe
Premier, from ull purls of the province,
Sit itichnnl Mcllride unfolded to his
hearers lbe extensive prugrtitnine uf
ruilwuy building whieb is uuw being
curried furward llirougliiiiij the pru
viiue uml guvc a suiumury of Ihc tremendous expenditures which wuuld he
iiivulveil. The portiou (uf the I'ro
niior's. address duuling ifircctly wiih
Ihis phase of his sul,ject wus us fol
"Hut there is another topic thai
uut/lil to ho ilea'! wilb un this uecu
sum, and that is the une uf ruilwuy
eoiistriii'llon. Here I wuulil beg yuur
patience while I give yuu a few slu
listirs sp thul yuu can furtti some iileu
of vvhal is goigg 00 at Ihc prescnl
lime uml whut |i.ium e; lo continue
fur sume seven ur ten yeurs lo come.
Yuu will lie perhaps, interested lo
learn lhal Ihere are uuw under eon
iiiun nun ami for which tin.' provincial
governmeut is directly responsible,!
uesrly 1,7(10 miles -of- standard gauge
railway. (Cheers;. This moansul lent'
within lhe next fuur yeurs an cxpcmli-'
lure of t7ii,lult),lli|ll in the province In
n.i.iiiiun lo Hn. there are now under
ciinslrueliiin l,!!lll) miles uf sluinlard
gauge railway lu the province, a great
deal of whicii may uuiloubtedly be accounted for by tbo active pulicy of
litis governmeut, which has promote!
|lic construction of lhc mileage to which
I ruferred ii momeut ago. With re
gurd tu this lust item a fair estimate
of wbat it will eust brings us lo nn
ulher sum uf approximately liii.iniii,
mill. Uu that under the heading pf
ruilwuys aluue, piosl of which are to
lie built und under operation in tho
ucxl four yoars, and all to be built
wilhiti Iho next seven years, lbe onur-
moiiA figure of tlfti),i)i)il,lll)ll js.tp bo
expended'wilhin lhe tour corners of
British Culumbiu.
"I muke uu uccount of the prov in
eiul works going on ill Victoria, Vancouver, New Westminster, Kniuluops
und elsewhere, of lhe magnificent hur
bor works that ure promised fur Vicloriu frum lhe trcuaury at Ottawa; I
say nulliing uf lhe munieipal and ulher
direct expenditure within ilie next
lew years. I merely give you a bare
sluicmenl of whul will be expended ou
ruilwuy eunslrucliun.
"Surely, ladies and genllcineu, witb
such a programme us litis before us,
tuny wc nut enjuy every assurance tonight lhat at lust 11. I', is coming in
her own; thai ut lusl she is llmliug
lhe recognition she has sought from
Iho curliest littles of colonization here;
and Ihul ut lusl she hus fuuml au importunity lo make good ull uf lhc promises ilie pioneers of Ihis land hold
oul fur her in the curly pathfimliug
day* of her hislnryf"
Board of Trade
Annual Meeting
The iiiiiiiiul geuerul meeting will he
held tiniiuii,ivv evening, iu the cily hull,
al 8 u'cluck, tu receive repurls, lu elect
oiii., i fur tbe ensuing year, ami lu ol
tend tu olher geuerul business. A guud
attendance uf members and prospective
members is earnestly desired.
 ■£ ~—
A general meetiug of shareholders
of Ibe North Vancouver City Perries
Idd. will take place ou Thursday after
noon, tbr buiiness being lo pass upon
a «pe, ml i,.olotion io place Ihc qual
in. ni um of a director of the company
in addition to thc possession uf one
share oo Ihe same fooling as tho quali
(cation of an aldcruiau of thc eity pf
Nortb Vancouver. Tbe cily couucil
wai appriied of this meeting lasl even
lln. William Hpear, of North Van-
couvtr, ww hostess at a delightful lea
al ber home ou lionulale avenue ou
Thunday evening. The reception
roomi wero beautifully decorated wilb
golden chrysanthemums, snd S con
liouil itream of gueits kept up during
Ihe boun pf receiving. Two sisters'
of the bosless, ■ Mn, Irwln ud and
Mr*. Brunton, presided at the lea tabic,
wbicb wsa attractively arranged witb
yellow chryiantkemumi. Mn. Ilcnily
•pportloned tbe Ice*. In attendance on
tbe many geettt were tke Miw'i Archi
bal*', Mis* Dorothy ilimssy and tbe
daughter and ipn of tbo hostess, Mis*
Dorothy and Alias Hpear. i A number
pf Ik* gueits crested from Vancouver.
Bridge Echoes From
New Westminster
Al last week's muss ineeling iu I,ir
son's Pavilion wfaesr the Mecoitd Nur
rows hridgg ..ituuil,,u wus exhuU'Cvely
,h . u mi frum ull standpoints, ''apt.
Wursnop, president uf lhe Voncouver
Shipowners' Association sought lo pre
dici casualties and general obslri.cli.iu
io nuvigaliou shuuhl the style of thr
bridge be upon tlte lines so far pro
jeclcd. As an instance he cited tne
New Wcslminslcr bridge over lite Plater river, staling lhat be had hod ves
sels lied up for three drpy. waiting
lo go Ihrougfa.
At Friday's meetiug opposition wss
voiced lo these views by Cap!. Mc
M Iiiui uud others, whose protests were
echoed on tbe folluwiug day ip New
Westminster. Mr. Hluart Wade, secretary of Ibe N''w Wesliniiisler Doerd
of Tiu.ii, declared Ibat wilhin his re
ciillci Iiiiii. which dales buck four years,
only oue boat bad been tied up, ami
thai was ou ai count of tbe high power
wirci of the H. I K. K. Co. being loo
|ow for the vessel, wlteie tup ma-t
bad to be lowered. Tbst difficulty bod
nuw been remuved by raising Ihc slaml
ardiand Mr. Wade had heard no complaint! since from river pilots of any
difficulty being experienced in navi
gating Ihe bridge on account of Ibe
tides or Ike ppillion of thc bridge.
Ouly a few wecln ago lbc captain, of
lbc Strathspey hud been su agreeably
turpriied at Ibe case witb whicii the
fiver and Ihe bridge could be uuvi
gated lhal be had expreued bli scnl!
menl'. Iiuih in interview* and ai public
meeling.        . ;   .
Wedding Bells
The wedding look placo" os Hslor
day, Del. 1Mb, of Mr, Archie Tlioinp
yon 0*>Vjpncpuver, Snd Miss KHrfbelli
jBtfgroinn Ostc., *l*p  ■' An,
Tka Bsv. A. J,'
New Debating Club
Meets This Evening
The North Shore I.ilerury and Debuting Society, newly and successfully
iunugurulcil two weeks ugu, uieels uguin
luuiglil in lhe Publicity routiis uu Es
plumule wcsl. Impromptu speeches on
miscellaneous subjects will he the urder
of lhe evening. The fad that al the
last meeting of Ihe society "Homo
itulo for Ireland" wus debuted vory
interestingly uml intelligently hus served lo convince many sceptics of tbe
promising possibilities of lhc Society,
Tonight's proceeding! ure expected lo
prove ei|Unlly edifying nnd entertain'
ing. New members ure cordially wel-
comod, Kight u'clock sharp the pre-
sidool, Aid. Mcllue, liil.es the ihuir.
Canine Champion
of the North Shore
Among lhe uolablc dogs exhibited
ul lhe Terminal Cily Kennel Ilubl
show iu Vuneuuvcr lusl week was Ibe
Airedale.terrier "Killarucy tJucSp"
the international chsiiipion, liclunging
lo Mr. N. iMcl'uiinell uf Nurth Vun
euuver. Tbe cup .presented by Dr
HuullluT uf lhc ■ i uu.unu Kennel Club
uf Toronto fur whippet racing vvaa alio
secured by a North Snore exhibit, lite
i niiine trophy stiulcher jn tbis ease
being au uiiimuf liclunging In Mr. Wil
liom Corilou of Ibis clly.
Some lime ago a bottle was washed
up al Swansea, Wales, aud ou be
ing broken il was found tbat is contained a letter, in verso, Io the Iimler
wliom lhe writer invited tu rorrcs
pond. It wai signed "Mac." A local
genlleinau compiled, sud has now
pass the recipient of o letter signed,
to bli surprise, "Mac." Il is from Mac
li Mich, a yuung girl of Brooklyn,
N. V., and she suys sbe is lorry tbe
writing was so blurred as to appear
"sue.'' She adds.- "I am a bashful
youug mlu, iastcad of ' Mr. Mac'"
Oue day iu lhe month of August, lull,
she explains, upuu learning of a friend
making her annual trip abroad, it occurred to her nmi another girl tu have
un odveulutc across Ibe ica. lliere
upon Ihey immediately iccyred bottles
In which to enclose their plans, wbi'b
Iheir friend ou Apt. (6, as Ihe Csut-,
I'i.■<in it.'uied lhc I'linlis of Newfound-
lind, threw inlo the Ma.
Over Iwo hundred aud fif|y itearp-
eri engaged in bringing fiq/en melt tO
Ibo Hrilish Dies are fitted with rt-.
frigersllng plant.
■ ii
> I
Bank of Montreal
EstsMlskl- IHT
Capital (paid up)   .   $19,000,000
Reserve    *   *  *  .   $16,000,000
**** T ■ ■■&•*     l/HIIII     mew VBffVW MVPB%*VI*
North Vancouvtr Branch I F.A.MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1 at Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D, L. 273, 274,550.
See ui if you have a houie to rent, or if you want to get
a houie.
We have tome lovely homei for sale.
Lilting! wanted.
UO Eiplanade.        Phone 227
If you ua* Stock Bit** In Doors sud
Windows You WUI Bsts Mousy
Ask for pur nsw Foldsr whlcb shows
slsss carrlid til stock
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719. Phone222
Timothy Hay (aaw)
Olovsr Hiy, (naw)
Alfalfa Hay
Omsbsd Oats,
Unseed Mill
B. fe K. Oblcktu Obop,
B. k X Scrstch Food
B * K Orscksd Com
Lss's Bff Makir
Ui'i Intact Powdir
Bwtft'i Beef Scrap*
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
9 i  5S
Sola Agenta for North Vancouvar i
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manner.
Kickham'i Wharf    Eiplanade Wul     Phone 488
TOO. TABlfl TAEOIO tUfKt MAWm 1st, MM.
•ii mi AM.
•M0        /
9M       j
B.M      /
UM      •
Lsst* Nortk Vibcoutm
•1.00 AH.       i.kO  P.M..
* imetm »99 i
tiiim. Ompmf
1   AM
Ssadsi "
"0, J  bsyp passed a miserable
Bp full nt fesrful rliosmi, of ugly
sigh is,
Thsl as I am a nbriitiau faithful
I wuuld pot ifi'ini uuiiili''. uu.ii p
Tliuuglt 't*aie tn buy a world of
hs (ijiy ilsyS'"
In an earlier enaptur of tliuae ohruu-
iiies allusion wss made in tbu presmiee
uf a large number uf HuutheVnors wiip
gatbured at Victoria at the oulbreali ot
lhe war between the Nurth und Hpntl,
and fprmed a uunieruua eulnuy for
the iliisutnliiatiuii uf Buulhnrii ideuu
and (lie adoption of plans for the du
strucliun uf Aiiirririin enmmercu in
the I'aeilie. Among the must eiiurgetli'
of then enluniiti were a Mr. tuul Mm.
1'usey, whu were descrlbon* In tho
"Swset Marie" thaptor as occupying
roomi at Ibo Ht. Nicholas liulel, now
the Havoy, where they entertained
lm ndily. Ail whom Ihey welcomed
were I'rii'inllv tu the cause of lhe Hnulli
Mrs. 1'usey was certainly a charming
hueteji—ihe wss aboul forty—large,
tall und lmii' Imiiih', and elegantly
gowned. If the getnii ihu wure un hei
lingers were real they were worth a
guudly mhii, while her lulitaire ear
rings were large and apparently nl
the linr.-l waler. Her husband wan n
cipher, a lean, muuk lilllu man, wilh
iron-gray hair and a slinking to Die
wall manner. Ile wae often snubbed
by hii ovurpowuriitg wife and wan
lmi ml tp -take u buck neat whuitevei
a diicusiion aroie. I have teen lire.
I'usey, to enforce au argument, bring
duwu her jewelled hand wilh u re
auunding imack lhal caused Ibe gliisse,
lu dance and lhe iiil.li- In tremble be
i,i-iitli iho weight of the liluw, if nul
lhe weight uf her intellect, while iii'i
opponent! invariably yielded lite point
under diicuiilou.
On one oeraiion IWo iweel young
Southern girla paid Mm. I'usey a vim.
Their uamci were I'llsio llcynulds ami
Miry Kcelei. They, wero extremely
pleaiant in Iheir tnuiitien, euuld sing
ami play well and were guud cntivena
11...ui11 t      Their preiasca al  lhe Hi
Nil llllllll      .lllll-.-.I      .|lllli-      a      :ul|..ill'il.
among the yuung men whu then reiided
iu Vi. inrin, ami many were lhe plum
adupled lu icniN iiilrudtictiniii. ll
wsi given out tint no Northerner need
apply, and lhal any cards frum gentle
men frum Iiiu Nurlh would be prompt
ly relumed. There was no objection,
however, lu thu subject! of Queen Vic
loris, even if Ihey were imbued wilh
Nurlberu Ideas, fur It was Imped by
Mri. 1'usey tbat Ibo influence of lbc
yuung ladies would be successfully el
ailed iu bringing about a change ul
heart in Iho Britishers.
Mow mining lbe muny vthp culled
upuu thc girli was a ilr. Iiii huni
Lovell, who was really a spy of Iuc
United Hlalei guveriimeul, detailed lu
walrh Houlhern colonists al Vieioria
Lovell was received with eolhusiustn
by llii' unsuspecting girli ami Ijteir
friends, and presently he wis lo.be
teen escorting litem ulong (liiverninenl
slreei, across the old .lames ilay bridge,
and Ihence ov.r Ihc uuiiivroui Irails
Ibat led to thu park, dilating as he
went upun the beauties of ileacon Ilill
and Ihe grandeur of Ibe scenery Ibal
captivates the senses of visitors lo that
charming ipul. Hume dayi passed lie
fore I found time |o wail upun Ibr
young ladies, aud when I Dually called
I found the small reception room of
lit* Ht. Niebolss more than comfort
ably tilled witb young men. Miss Hoy
nobis, ii,. ninpiiiiii-'l by her friufld, was
In lite expiring uolei uf "Kathleen
Mavournecn." Tu say that ibe lung
well would be to award her scant
pralie. Hhe isng the piece divinely, itt
a rich, clear, delightful soprano. The
windows wen open, for tne nigbl wis
warm, tud Iter voice at it roie ami
fell uu the evening air attracted uud
charmed many pamrsby, whu bid con
gri'gali'd iu front of Ihe New Kugiatnl
on Ihe oppw.ile side of lbc itreet, and
who clapped enlhuilaillcally when Ihe
long wai ended.
Wben I waa preiented I wai made
at my ease Instantly by tlte warmth
witb which I was told, "I have heard
of you often," "Hp glad you bave
called at lut," "f**red that you
would never eome," etc, elc, mini,
my vanity having been plentifully
idminisU'M'd to, 1 wai invited to take
a teat wltb tbt elect near tbo pimp.
Otber longi followed. Miu Heynoldi
gave anotber aolo, wbicb having been
applauded, ibe and Min Kccles, ac
comptsltd by Mrt. I'uiey, sing iwool-
ly a dual which wu then very popular:
"Come Where My Uve l.ici Dimming." Tbe company insisting upon
*a encore, th* girl* gave "Holy Moth
er, Quid* Hi) Pontile)*," from Wai
lata'* oper* pf "Maritana. It wai a
rb»nning rendering pf a beautiful vpeal
pliei, tnd tka skilful tsicutlon  woo
llio liiiui-lii pf all pii'Hi'ui.   1 hays ||i
iliy     |"l.    -U, niull     thP     i.luUI LU   I      |,|U,  l\      pf
music frum whieh Mmy »ang on that
lovoly evening, furtyoilP yearst ago.
After lhe music Miss Uncles gave ti
riicilaliiiii.   It wus suiniilhiiig uliuut S
soldier's grave, but although it wss
vory well done, taftor tliu singing | luul
nu i'iiih for ui sympathy with auylhiug
i-li.e. I j md vviiuti'd tn listen tp morn
songs, bud nt rpursn, I said nothing
uml iiiioopted oviirylliipg with Uppuriml
: :i t i.i n.i inn. Alter the recitation u
waiter brought In * tray uu which
wore i-oi'iiii ami cake fur tlie yuung
Indies, ami something strungur, wilh
crackers, for lhe gentleiiisil ami H"'
mature ladles, uf whom thero wure
several present. I du mil rcmcniliet
how il uii canto about, bul. befuru I
luft llio ronm I hud engaged (ho yuung
liidiei, fur u walk to lii-ii'iin
lltu folluwiug ilay and a theatrical
I"-ii'.niiniii.i- iu ihu evening.
Thu neit murttittg about eight o'cluck
u knock ul Ihn iluur of my rnnni aroused
me from u suund sleep.
"Whu'i thref" i askud
"Mrs. 1'usey," I thought a luw voice
I sprang oul ol my liud, throw s
blanket aliuiit mc and opened the door
just u lilllu bit.
"Whul ilu yuu ''.uni;" I asked in
us soft and gentle a Inin: na I could
"I wunl to come In," said lltu voice
in u low tone.
"Hut yuu can'l. I'm unl dressed.
tiuud gracious! whul would peuple sny!
I can't Id yuu iu jusl now I I'lease
gu iiv.uv  lur u lillli! while."
"Hul," insisted Ihu voire in a html
whisper, "I must come in."
"Dear huly," I begun--"dear ma
dam, yon musl uul cimie iu it would
be awful."
"Why," suid tho littlo voice, "What
dn you think I mu.'"
"Are yuu mil Mrs, I'uiey f"
At this iiininenl Ihu lillle opening in
the door wns lilied wilh Dtn'imull,
shrinking llguru uf a man, and I nuw
ilisi-ovurcd tli.it I had mude u funny
errur. lusleud nf thc uverpnweriug
Mrs. i'usey Die smull voice belonged
lu Iter liny spouse, I was greully re
lievcd, and throwing Die iluur open
invited bim to citler.
"I hear, or-er--cr—" ho began in
a hi'siliiling, stammering monncr, "lhat
yuu have made an cngagemcnl willi
oun or built uf thc young l.i n. wmi
are under nur caret
Having th"- delivered himself he
ga/i'd ul Ihu ceiling und seemed lo wish
hn wus u mile ur Iwo away.
A vision nf a suit for breach of
promise llnuii ,1 before my eye*. Had
I gol drunk overnight and proposed lu
loili girls uud heun uccepled I Willi
ii feeling of greal anxiety 1 asked,
" What du you mean I"
"I er—er mean Ibat I—Ibal is, we
— can'l permit any iuch lliiug < bo
carried out.   I—we object.•'
"Object lo whall" I Interrupted.
"Well we e.r- er object us strong
ly us we can lu yuur proposal lo—"
"My good sir," I cried, "I have nol
proposed lo auyoncl    Are yuu mad  or
am 11   I wish yuu wpuld stop slan
inuring aud Icll mc wbal you mean or
leave lite ruum."
"Well, if yuu will iei mu Icll you, I
will. We—Dial is Mrs. I'usey, pbjacl*
lu your preputial lo luke Die youug
itdies lu the tinuin- without a cr -er
— er, you know.   What do you call ilf
— or rhaperone.
"Oh," I said, ininli relieved. "Thank
goodness it's no worie. Wbal du you
waul me lo dol"
"I Huni. yuu had belter coll ou Mrs.
i'uiuy afler breakfail," be uaid. "Hhe
arranges  all   such   wallers."
Tbii I agreed Ip do. Ten o'clock
found mc lapping on Die I'utjy duor.
il wns opened by I lillle colored girl,
wbu, afler admitting air, dliereelly
withdrew. Afler a few mitiulim' dciul
tory conversation Iho lady said:
"I have sunt for you tn suggest Dial
si wc ire in sn Knglisli country, where
it il usual lo hive I chiperonc tecum
pauy yuung ladles lo piares of amuie
ment, I om i decline to lit my young
ladies go to the theatre lonigbl uulcis
thero Is a mature persou lu look after
"Very well," I replied, "luppoie I
aik Mr. I'uiey tu go with ust"
"No," ihc said, "be wouldn't dn
al ail—ly would be worie lhan np put'.
Ile't hall blind, anyhow."
"Well, how would  Mrs. Clinton,"
(another gucsl at Die hold) answcrl"
"Whs—stl A woman who hsi bsd
Ibroo busbindi und Iwo nf litem living! A ulce example for my dear
girls.   Np indeed!"
"How would Mrs. 'Jem' I'urlji, uy
bed friend'i wife, dol"
"Not al ill. iiir buihind'i.igilml
apt 'suit.
..UO."    /"•*   .»-   ■*■•
A pleasant took stall lata Iks wow W C&nQsQ&te
un's  fses ami1 <)|spl»ea4 till I.W»t
^'''m'"^"^^! *JX\** ff'fl ■*"»"? w»»
regarded inc.   idi     unl: "u  '  ' "'
a great secrifliie an my pari- htt on
see. Huve | aujL other engagements)
Yds, (tovural; but I' must set them all
aside fur duty's sakn. I will go, OI)ly
du liat keep inn tun late."
Till, girli SIU)   I   >l»4  "  'IcIigliD'ul
strpll to His park anil bsck tn town.
They vHre vsry engaging in their mini-
uurs uud very swuut am) intelligent,
ami "inlil tail, nf lilllu pise than the
wur thut was thin raging butwonp tha
Nnrlh and Boiilli; ami no v. uuder, fpr
Miss lieynnlds had threo brothers iu
lliu Hoiithoru army, and Miss Kccles's
father's plantation had lieen destroyed
mul all tbe slaves freed by th* t'rilou
Tbo compuny at the theatre was vury
inferior and Ihere win nut a redeeming
fnaturu in Dm pluy. Whuu Dm curtain
full st ide.eu o'clock wo walked tu
ward thc hnlol. Our way iud pait Iwu
i,: i..iiiiini.. Mrs. I'usey leised my
arm with a Arm clutch as If she inisg
ine,i I was abuut to bolt; Imt she
needn't have feared. I had lip such
■ nl fui inu, and like a brave lillle sul-
dier I marched my contingent nf ladies
right intu tbo first restaurant, and be
fulu thoy wore well aware of my iu>un
liun liud ordered the best supper thul
.■nulil bu hud. I was afraid that Mrs.
I'usey would object, but s|in didn 't, ami
I am glad in say that she und ull uf
uu madu a very hourly me'il. I have
reason lu remember that uuu of the
dishes wus iluvilmi sausages.
(Ooutliiued on Frldsy.)
Tenders Wanted
Wauled Tcudum for pulling itt si une
luu ik I ill io ii. Apply d. Vi. Hakcr, build-
er and cuulraclur. I" HI
Msnths' Tow
liniincillur and Mrs. u>V koutet and
family, pf Osrislirpok road past, leava
today for Cuba, wksrs tiny purpose
spending the first month nf a throe
monlhs' vacation timr. A- visit will
than |m paid to Mrs. \ftptU1 relstlves
III .Ininniiii, afler which fbt return
journey will bl tnudn via i'liuninu, New
llrluiiiin,   ami' o! Ilur   ini enisling   purls
pf epii.
It Is iinlil.elv   tllSt I'ouni'illnr l.nutet
Will ba hmiiu in limo In psrljcipate in
tlm forthonming inuiiicipui election -
snuggle:.. ||p ins iniiiuiiliiii, bpwovor,
IliSt lie wil) again submit kit mime In
tlio i|istrict I'lecturiilc ns catiilidiile fpr
Wsnl 11, North Lonsdale, ajn| w|||y
iloiiiitle.,, fiirwtird an eleeiinn address
in lieu nf his uiuu| speech, thu brevity
of which has hitherto beeu tliu suul uf
Its uffoctiveiioss.
Mr. Mulct's many friends on Die
Nurlh Hliure will hupp that this throe
iiiiiii!lis1 lour Will servo tu rejuvenate
bim after a year which has beon sirenu
uus, both privately and publicly,
Why no! make Christmas cards fur
your friend's Christmas gift,
Taku ti sheet uf any pretty Writing
paper uml draw a siptnre the size nf a
imall visiting card at thu huad, paint
ing a dsiiily view iitiide, or, if do
sirod, pssto ono In. Then below prim
carefully Christmas greetings ami yu«r
lm ii l'u iiii me iiiiii iiddre:', delicately
culuring Die capilal leltnri.
It   ia   Ilil'U   tO   Willie   tllO   envelope   to
There sre any numiier nf different
design-    for    these,    mm illl lul,ill    uiul
otherwise, ami the waler culnr work
may be ipiilc simple.
Then you want Uu
Tbs Bangs witb a reputation aarnsd. Ws iuvlt* tbt molt critical ti
auiluatloii, tbt mon exacting tba batttr, aa lt will bring put mora
forcibly tb* many fea turn pf tictlleuco.
Thousands of sstlslisd homas throughout tbs Dominion us using it
Phone 297
57 Lonsdale Ave;
• ■.
Tbi Nortb Vancouvor homo of "Ctwpb.U Clothing"
J Birks' Store News
Entree and Pudding Diihe»
srs sn sviry dsy nssd. Not ouljr dp tlisy add tp tha spvaarsuca pf a
well-arrangad Ublo, but tliey fso|litsta ths serving ef vagstsbles snd
puddings, which, swing te this msthod pf ssrving, ars much mora
palatable. Our stock pf this claaa of table goods is well assorted and
offers s grist range ol choice.
The Chafing Dish
continues tp bs s favorlti In tha homos pf Oanada Its vary couveni
sues hss made It this. Tp own s Ohsflng Dish Is to appreciate It snd
uss It coustautly. Alwayi srs supply ths vsry finest values In this
lins, M ws show ths nswsst typos and tbs bsst qualities pu ths market,
and whether ypu desire tp uss tbs Spirit Lamp or Electric Heater ws
csn accoiuiiiudate ypu.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Msnaging Director
Hastings and Granville Streels   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Job Printing at the
I    I
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
Of Loudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly snd promptly on sccount of ths Ssn Frauciaco oaitbi|uaks and Hrs.
Huw mauy Oompaulss could do this?
IU sisats amount to |ll!i,iiiiii,iiuu
A postal will  bring our representative
Biildeut Agent
IS Lonsdsls Avsnus sud Oapiiano Oar Terminus
Phones: Lonsdale 167. . Oapllauu 4114.
vugsaiim.cc iicpui 19
The fulluwiug ruports pf cuiiimitlucs
ol the council wm .ormilly adopted
|>y llm p|ty cuuucil last uvoiiiug:
Wstsrfsrlw CfowDlrtas;
Bp lellur frum H. licnslcc laid uver
fur invoitigstipu ninl reporl by tbu
wiilerwurks superintendent,
Ileeiiinnmiiileil  Ihut  W.  I'urler, who
WSS  eiilployeil   Oil   C'lllliniii'iioll   tP colleel
water rates from the campers Pn Ks
planadu, lie puid s straight sslsry of
(611, being at tbu rule of (IIU per week
fur the three weoks during which be
wss employed instead uf uu eummis
siuu us nrigiitully arra!!gei| by llie wp
I orWorks iiiiiiiui11.■.■-
Lsnss Oomnilttee-
Kcciiinineiided tbat the enginour uud
ruud superintendent bo instructed tc
examine the Iuue iu bluck l.,:i:',) and
bring lit a rupurt as tu the cstimatuil
cpst of constructing a mad to the
bank uf llie creek.
Iiei'iiiniiieiiib-.l ilml the engineer and
supcrinlcndiiit! bring iu s repurt us lu
thu  estimated   cosl   of   uiucuduiumng
Iuuu in IduAt lllll.
Board pf Works
Kucuiuinuudeil thut tbe uugineer uml
ruud u|'i iim. n,t,on Inin: in a rcpurl
us lu lhc estimated eust uf pulling iu
a leluiiiiiii: wull in front uf Mr. Kves
prupcrly un Ihe snulh side uf Uml street.
Mr. Iluuit attended befure lhe buunl
uud cumpluiiicd uf lhc umuuul rcipiircil
from Iiiui by Ihe engineers' dcpurtuionl
fur connecting his properly ut lhe cur
iter uf I'liii slreei uud Maiiuti avenue
willi the cily sewer. The ussisluul en
gineer explained lhat i-'.n) wus lhe sum
usked frpm Mr. lloull and was Ine es
limalod eusl uf iiiiun uiul material I'ur
Ihe work bul lhal ufter Ihc wurk wus
done au [tamiied account wouul b
given lu Mr. liuilil and any bglsuci
shuwu by such ueeuuut would be re
paid lu him. Mr. lloull explained hll
satisfaction with lhe explanation
The clerk prmluecd cuintnuniculiou
from thc ussisluul cily engineer lu the
itli,t thai Hm-,.".. I'm, tm li (Jpmpauy'i
deliveries  uf  crushed   rock   was  very
I,I,...nil   III' loll
The clerk wua inslrucled lo wrile
Ilnne'., I roclor k l'u., Ihsl if Ihey did
nol muke uu improvement in the i|USll
lily uf ruck delivered per day the
cummitlee wuuld racommend lu llu
council that lhe penulty clsusc in the
coolrati he enforced.
in Ibo British Kmpire there sre
11.indium u|n;,ie utiles; in llusiia,
.,lilil,iniil; in Ihe Gorman Kmpire, WB,-
North Vancouver City
Price IJsl is now ready lm Sulidivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D. L. 550
on Queeiislmry Avenue rar line
Size of lols ,0 fl. liy 121 fl. all cleared
i   '
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Norlli Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6266
■ »
1   I     " miuMI    ,1. 	
A large number of people visited
l 'im i'urk pu i-iiinim
Aim. iloiiiiiiiiiu pf Stewart, li. (1., Ib
Visiting her parents, Mr. uml Mra. A.
Ounipboll, I'rudcrlck ruad.
Thu grmling pf Allan mail frmu
Wesiuver tu Huss is nearly cumplulud.
A siduwulk is ulsu lining luld.
Mr. uud Mrs. A. Iludsuu n. Hover
court lluud will leuve curly unit monlli
lor lilniiie v.iieie thoy anticipate muk-
Ing ihuir hump in futuru,
Messrs, Thumpsuii und Btuu.l havu
recently purchuscd uboul 511,01111 feet of
limber which they wilPVut fur curd
wuud in urder lu keep sume nf llm men
iu uuii. during the slack sousnn.
Mr. J. W. linker has been uwurded
lhe contract fur creeling u mu.lein
residenco on Ihe corner nf Ifilh street
uud Mnlion uveuue, Nnrlh Vuncuuver.
for Ihc Misses lloull, the building lu
eusl approximately 1(1,111111
A ipiict weildinii wus sulemui/eil ul
eight u'cluck .ulurduy evening ul Hie
Melliuilisl piirsuuuge, Lynn Vulley,
iiiuiii Mr. Nichum* ilichtirdsou uf Van
couver und Miss Kjuru Peterson > Nu
utiituu were united in marriage hy ihe
bov, K. 13, Ktllleley.
Hpce'iul l.ii ne... i festival services
were held lus! Sunday iu SI. Hen,,uil V
church when Kcv. Itr. Feu 'uf Ml.
Agnes' church, North Vuncouver, wss
ihe officiating prlusl in Hie murniug,
uml Archdeacon I'oulrenlli iu Hie even
ing. The hull was packed lo Hie duor*
ul llie evening service and the chuir
wus aogmutitpd by tuetubcrs uf Ibe
Choral Hu.iely ami Ills iinlliein "Then
lloiiiiil About lue starry. Throne" was
sung. The church wns prettily decor
A Lyuu Vulley Bolton terrier winner
ul Ihe Terminul I'ily dog show lusl
week, I'rineess i'atricia, a* befits u
royal ludy, bus u must umulc huuse
with two stupe steps nnd red cur
tains. Hhe doesn't notice uuy one
but sleeps calmly Willi her lillle black
nose peeping throuu-li Ihe citrtuius.
Princess i'atriciu is owned hy Mrs. K.
S. Karl, Kilmur Koud, nnd is the wiu
ncr of llie following pri/e* iii their
respective ejusses: Novice hitches, 1st;
iiinii bitches, Isl; open hilcbea, 1st.
St. Andrew', and
Caledonian Society
Tlie iiiiiiiiiii mseting of lhe Kl. An
drew'* rule,Ionian Society wus held
iu Ihc llorticoliuml Ilull oo Friday
eveuiug, Mr. A. V. Tuliis, first vice
president (in Hie unsvoidsblc ulihcncc
uf the president J ueeupyillg the chair.
There was a larue luroool of members.
The repurls submitted by the secretary treasurer, winch were unanimously
adoplcd, showed lual the suciety was
progressing in u very satisfactory mun
uer, Ibe financial rcpurl showing u
balauce un Ihe nphl side.
Visiles uf Ihutiks were rendered lo
lhe i.iiiiu- officers for Iheir puiu*
taking .Uuii ou the society's behalf;
also lu the amuscmoul coinmillces,
whose work .luun, llic pusl season
merited Ihe cominendaliou of ull mem
The elc. lion of ollicer* for lbe en
suing y-ur wus then proceeded with
ami resulted u* follows: President, A.
V. Tuliis; lirsl vice prcsidenl, J, V.
MacNaoglil; second vice president,
Ales i'lnllip, seerelary, .1. M. ('■ Kiml
lay; Ireanurcr, W T. Urabame; chap
lain, Kev. II. Macleod; bard, I'rof II.
K. Miu iiuuj/iih i.. musical director, W.
Austin Hruwn: slaudurd hearer, 1
Swanson; warden, W Howie: Iruatees,
W I'ummings, II. Shepherd, A. Klein
mg, I', (luuoingbain; uiulilor*. 1. Wylie
|l,.|,ill.|-,,l,    J.   L.   II. U I
The various couimitlce* were Ibeu
appoiuted, afler whnu lhc proceedings
were liruuglil lu a cluse. •
The iii-Iii lln I um of Ihe ulli.. i will
lake place al lbe Halloween Dunce.
Dial October.
Thc McNeish challenge cup wss fill
ed, and afler being handed ruund was
presented lo lhe president liy lhe cup
lain uf lbc fuulball leant.
Tbe Norlh Vaueouver Athletic Club
held ila buiiug tournament ou Friday
nigbl before s isrge crojd.
i'tank Hurriciiu, smalcur wellor
weight of Canada, icheduled lo meet
Sammy (lood, lbc Norlli Shore welter
weight baser, wbo wa« to bave made
bia farewell appearance as ap amslsur,
failed lo pul in his appearance, and iu
tbp absence of llar/ieeu (lood put ou
Ihs gluves against Johnny J,eouerd,
The Canadian Rank
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,0011   Best $12,500,000
North Vancouver Brunch Now Located nt tht
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interesl is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards,
J, A. POBBTBB  ',.,..  Maasisr.
physical direclor of tho N. V. A. O.,
and afterwurds with Jimmy Fisher, the
lightweight how, giving s few ex
hiliilioii uniiu
-Iinuny Fisher wus tu have met Art
Ptt, uf the V. A. ('.., hut Fux, like
ilurrieuu, failed lu keep his appplul
The feulurc event of lliu evening
waa u mulch between Huh Nurwurlh,
V. A, 11., und Kiild Lue, uf lhe N. V.
A. I'., whicii resulted in a win fur
Lee ufler three rounds, Nurwurlh was
sluw tu utlack, uud l.ce hud the best
uf ii throughout, though NurwurUi
Wakened up lo business iu Ihu fiiiul
round, gelling sutue good ones home,
bul i! wus luu late.
N. V. A. 0, bad another win iu Ihi'
next hunt. Alex McKay stood up tu
I'crcy Alpheiun. Hot li men displayed
sume clover wurk, hul MrKuy had lhc
liual pf il Inwards Ihu cud aud was
declared lhc winner.
Joe Hill, Iho Victoria hsnloui, whu
is uuw residing here, mot Al Williams,
pf the N. V. A. II. Hill did esaclly
as ho liked iu lhe firat ruund, ami
Williums thought so Inu, fur he refusal
lu huie uny mure ufler thc llrsl ruund,
nltlinugu Hill prumised nut lu hit hurd.
A. McCunnicky versus K. Willinnisuu
wus u keenly fnuglit conies! in which
Miiuirniicky hud the lies! uf Ihe ligbt
uil llic wuy thruugh. Willis msuu,
Ihuugh niilclusNCil, pul up n brave light,
hul cnuld mil prevent McOorinicky
from being declared winner.
.1. T, Hewitt, V. A. fi., acted us
referee uud K. Scrugg, seerelary
V, A. I'., wus timekeeper.
Petroleum hns been Introduced into
lueiliciue wilh lienelieinl resolls, uiul if
u I'aris cuiiletupiirury be not tuiilu
formed lhe properties of potrul ure lim
nle . || ,.. claimed, suys the London
lllulie, lliul from lhe residiiuls uf crude
petrol u chemist hus suceecded in ex
lm. in ; buiier, ll is said lhal butter
cuu he iiiiiiIc frum u bsso uf nitrogen
uml carbon, liul thai lite residuals of
petroleum produce these elements iu
greater proportions even lhan milk, ll
is further claimed that Ihis artificial
butler is butter lhan lhe nuliirul The
color is suul lo be u lillle 'darker lhan
thut uf dairy butler.
The General Meeting of the
North Vancouver Conservative Association will be
held in the Club Room, Aberdeen Block, on Friday, October 18th, 1912, at 8 p.m.
The business being important
a large turn-out of members is
Ws srs showing sa excellent llu. uf Starling Kllv.r snd Piste. Wsrs,
nothing but th. higbsst grsds el Ooodt.
Our low sif sasas anabls us to muk dur pricei much below those whs
pay high rests.   A comparison will pross thla to you.  les our windows.
Tks Btors of Ousllty
a_4 Iiow Prices.
M 11 f11»[|IfI I • M ft | i •    • ■ • • •
— , n ~-nn 1~. ■ . ——
• iW^llHIH    *j*Ja}l-l-mfm>Am
Batei of SHbiorlpilPBt-Oni mi, UM, SI* mnntbi, 680. Thro* monthi, »5c,
United Stages and 1'oreigu, 18.1)0 psr year.
Advertising Bataa WUI Ht quoted an ApplUatlon.
Tkl Esproes is devoted IP tha lutereite of th* Nprtk Shpra pf Burrard lulet
exclusively. It constitutes an advsrtislng medium pf exceptions! valua far
reaching lu a thorough ami elfaetivs manner tha populaliun of North Vancouvar
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ItfUi advartistrs th* most istiifictory
All chsuges in tontrsst sdvertlsemmti shuuld b* in thi printer*' hands nnt
later than ll) a, in. Mnnday and t p. m. Wedneiday to ouiure iuiertiuu in tbs
following Issus.
North Vaucouvir, B. 0 ,	
 ,..0«tab*rl6, 1818.
The poople of Naw Westminster evidently taku strung exception to the
leiniiil.s dorugatury to Die Fraser river
hridge, which were made by Ihe representative of the Vaneouver B'nip-
owners' Association at the meeting
held iu this city last week to discuss
mullein pcrlaiiiing tu Second Nurruws
bridge. Ituporled utterances upun the
purt uf I'Hiiiiiiieiii citizens of that city
ilml' contradict thu slatuiuunt Dial
was mudo ta the oil Vet that the t'rascr
river bridge is one uf Ihe must convincing iili.jeel lessons Dint euuld be pro<
viile.l that u swing bridge is a great
Obstruction to navigatiun. lt is asserted by Ibuse whu have beeu familiar
witn thu record uf Ihe bridge fur s
number uf years Jhot there bave been
no inslunccs in which vessels have been
luid up liecuuse uf Iht bridge and ship
musters iih Well as piiuts aru quoted
lo the effect Dial thc bridge operates lo
Die satisfaction of river navigation.
Much being Ihc case, the cffurl lu
slrike a swing bridge al Second Nui
rovvsV blow over the head uf the I'm
ser river bridge has signally failed.
The cffurl likewise to show thut Frascr
river bridge und Second Narrows bridge
do not present cases sufficiently par
nllel, lo judge the invrils of the lai
lur hy ..luul experience relative lu
the former falls to the ground.
It hits no! been shown that there aro
nny difficulties-SS lo navigating Beeoml
.Nurruws thut du nut exist iu navigating
thc .riser ut the locution of the bridge
across Ihut river and Die pusition re
mains unussuiishlc Dial if a swing
bridge with a span of une hundred and
twenty feet, is considered sulisfaclnry
Scroll lhc Fraser ul a point below Iuc
lurgesl sawmills in Ihc world, many
uther fu. inin-. und Die lowusilc uf
I'or! Mu 1111 then il is a practical cer
luiiiii Ilml 11 swing bridge wilh a spun
uf two hundred feel in length will In
adequate nl ull limes for the accent-
modutiun of ull nuviguliuii which w,||
develop between Die muin harhoi it
llurrurd lulel and Ibul purtiun lying
inside Second Nurruws.
Tlte report, whicii is published else
where tn Die effect thul the I'uuuuih
iiiuiii will he open for traffic iu lbc
autumn of next year, emphasizes yet
more strongly than hitherto hus been
dune, 1 ho fuel Ihut llurrurd Inlet will
assuredly he found ultogclher unpro
piired lo enter Die Held us un curly
competitor fur u shure uf Die benefit!
whicii will accrue tu thusc porls which
ure prepared In uecommodute u portion
of thc increased traffic that will fellow
the opening. Willi reference lu the
single item uf the westwurd uiuvcmen!
ol prairie wheat, it is evident Dial if
the 1.111.11 is opened al Ihe lime staled
iu Die report, then if llurrurd Inlel
were equipped with the necessary elev*
tors uud provided wilh railway con
i.iuihiii such us would permit of suit
able udvuulugcs frum Die viewpoint
nl lhe snipper ,there is no reusuu why
11 considcrulilc purtiun of Die gruin
yield of next yeur should nul be ship
pod viu lhc I'unlie. Herein is provided yd ui.uiii. 1 cogent reason why the
const rue! ion uf lhc l'u, ili. Ureal Kust
eru rnilwuy should lie pushed along with
tlie 11 ni.i-r expedition. The diitaucc.
uml the grudci over the line lhal wuuld
Dins be pruvlded from the graiu licll
lo suit wuter, have frequently been di
liiie.i upon and arc doubtless of a ua
lure to place Hurrard Inlel in u pusl
Do* of very greal advantage for tin
shipment uf prairie wheal.
'lhe greatest pussililc kaitc in tin
construilioii of thii line of railwiy,
ii most urgent in the intereiti of the
entire province. II ii Ihertfore, ex
pcdieul lhat ull lmal issues wbicb mty
arise along Ihe line of must rurl ion be
disposed of promptly and authoritatively aud lhal the way lie cleared for
active operations from one extremity
of the line to the other.        "
The exact lu/ation of the railway
route through Weit Vancouver is the
sole remaining dilln ulli ulong the route
between North Vancouver and
Lilluoct. II ii understood tbat
the required data for tbe ut-
Dement of tbii dilputs ii now ja
the lunds of the Minister of Kuilways.
The iiii.-re-.is of tbe proviuca at large
are not particularly concerned a* tp ibe
dclaili pf tbit particular juue, but they
are grcafly concerned la 4fe r*saov*l
of this ami every obstacle to the actual liuilding of the ruad. An early
decision of the points at issue, upuu
tbe part of (ho Department uf Bailways
will therefore be welcomed ami will
meet wilb universal approval.
The announcement recently madu by
the Allotuev <ii-n.-iul lo Ihu effect Dial
a tentative agreement has been arriv
ed at between the Dominlun and tho
Provincial tloveriinienls, Iuukiug In
lite ..oliiiiiio uf the problem of tht
title of the Indians lo the lands u.-eii
pied by them thruughuul the province,
is one uf groat moment to the deud
upittcn!  uf Hrilish Culuinhia.
This is a quesliun which has ui
ready becume u very vexed issue in several specific iiinimii,■■. ami uue which
gives every indication of becoming
uyiro and mure furtniilable as Die   1
velopmelil     of    lln'    prOVilll'C    prUCCClll,
unless some satisfactory means is pru
videil of disposing of the difficulties
tu which il may give rise frum lime to
Nu intlmstlon has been given as tu
ihe lines along which Die prupused
ugi. eineiii will run, but il is tu he
hoped Dial any settlement which li
ultimately arrived it will include pru
visiuus which will facilitate the icipiir
ing of lauds held by the Indiuns. fol
public purpuses when such is necessary
Tiic reserves were selected and set
apart for the use of Die Itulians us the
nurds nf the Cunudiun people through
their eousiituiioiiiil representative* dur
ing Die very c*rly days in tb* histury
uf Die pruviuce, when very few indeed
hsd any approximate idea of tlte fu
ture which lay before Hrilish Columbia
uud when none could possibly pie.in 1
Die particular cuursc whieh Ihc duvet
'pin. ui uf the province would follow,
llecausc uf the locations which wen
selected it transpires that many uf Din
reserves are destined to tic directly in
thc cuursc ulung which will iluu lue
most potent iim,-. in .provincial pro
gross. I i,.ier il,,, e circumstances il is
imperative lhal provisions he made
such as will simplify the situation re
lativc to the processes necessary tn the
11.1.1,ii., of these lands ur portions uf
them, iu thc public interests thus pre
venting thc presence uf u reserve from
becoming iu any instance, an obstacle
lo Die development of the province or
of any purliculur locality within Ihc
pruviuce Tlte situation as it i* coin
nmlll'. understood at llu1 present time,
is such thut if u iiuiiiii'.i Indians uu
uny reserve ure willing lo purl with
their right lo the lands and there yel
remains one Indian whu is obdurate,
Die way is absolutely blocked, there
em be nothing doing. That il is pui
sihlc for 1 contingency to irise iu whicii
Ihc well beiug uf great public enter
prises should lind llicmscives menaced
by a situation such as thai just cited, is
su decidedly prejudicial tu thc interest!
of provincial development, as lu be in-
tolerable and il is therefore, impcra
live, ihul some uniform uml workublc
method be pruvided, whereby any of
Ihese reserves which may at auy time
he required in Die public interests muy
lie alienated without undue obstruction
or delay.
Nnwjligt Ihc Iwo government! huvu
urri*i-d al a basis of igreim.nl il ii
to be hoped Dili future negotiations
will proceed smoothly and uniiilerrupl
dii lo a conclusion which ai Die Al
lorttcy Ocncral is reported tu have said
"will prove satisfactory lo Die province and to the Indians."
Norlh Shore I'reu Limited ii
prepared to enlertaia prnporitioni
for a loan to hi utilised 71 lbe con
itruction of a building fpr novi
psper sad printing purpose, 11 be
erected on lut 16, block 167, U. L.
211, beiug tbe norlli ive,1 corner of
Firit street snd Bugers avenue, Ihis
cily. Full particulars may be obtained by applying tu Die under
OEO. il. moi;|)I-;.\,   ,
In all Counlrln. itk for our Invin-
for'i Adrliir. Msrlen * Marlon, III
llnlvitilty Strut, corn*; It. Calhtrln*
•       -—■"   ™-        m« Wash-
Friday,' at » n. ni. Hev. Ronald fcanla'qd;
Netkodiit obarib-oarnir of sixth
and St. Oeoraa. Sunday Services, 11:00
a. in. and 7iS0 p. in.  Sunduy School and
Side Class, 1:80 p.m. Senior Lougim,
onduv, I p. in. Prayer snd Praise
Service, Wediiuiday, I p. in. Junior
Lissui, I'huriiUy sftsrnoqn at IM
.aiFor, W. O. Soh|llo(iir.
Sl AfatS* liasrrt—Corner Twelfth
and Boulevard. Sunday Services:
alumina Prayer, 11 a. m.i Sunday
Sohuul 1:10 p. 111.; Kvenlnn Prayer, inn
p.m. Huly Communion, flnt and third
Sundayi In month, at 11 u.m.; aecond
Sunday In montb, I a. in. Rev. Sumuel
Foe, M. A   Vloar.
laiiaiiim Arair—Lomdale Avenue
Sunday icrvleei, 11:00 a.m., 3 p. in and
!:|l p.m.   Tuiiday, I li. in.: Tliuraday,
p.m,   Children'* Sorvico, Widneida).
H.eil.t rkaiak—Twelfth and SI.
Ucorge Birvlcel at 11 a.m. upd 7:sr>
p. m. Bunday School and Ulhle Clais
at 1:10 p.m. I'ruyi'i- and Prilie Betvlct-.
Wedneiday at I p. tn. I'aator, Itev, A
J. Prouer, Twelfth and SI. Ueurge.
tl. Juki Iki Mniiurll.t, l.ltthth unl
Thirteenth. Huly Communion, I u. in
Horning   Pruyer,    11    u, in.     -venltu
f'rtyir, 7:11 p. m. On the flnt Sundav
n thl month Ihere will be a iccuipl
cilebrutlon of thi Holy Communion
at 11 ii m.   Reotor, Kev. Hugh Hooper
ai. llSuiuud'. Kikolk- Clutch, Six Hi
and   Mahon    Arenue.    Sunday—High
Mill    and   Sermon,   10   a. III.     Soliilii
Schoul, 1:10   |i in     iioaary and   Bene
diction, i'ulil p. nt.    Friday—Low Mass.
I am.    I'astur,   Hev.  J.   A.  Hedurd.
0. M. I.
ladlia I alkollc Ckurek ul SI. Paul'..
Man, 7:_o u in. Sundayi. I'uilur, Rev
E. Piytuvln, 0. M. I.
SI.   t m   Mm   nm!    11:00   u.in..
1:00 uml 7:30 ji.ii). F. F,. Perrln, MA.,
I'llcit lu churge.
i'r.«ii) in tun Ckurek—Sunduy i, 11
i. m. und 7:30 p. in Sunduy Scnool anil
Bible I'bu.:,. - oi p. m. Poachers Train
Iiik Clan, Wedneiday. 7:30. Prayci
Meeting. Wedneiday, 8 |i in Uoyi
Club, Tliunday, 7:30 p. m: ilholr Prac-
tlce, Friday. I p.m. It. Van Minister.
M. A„ pallor.
Prelbrlerlt* Ckkrck—Worship. Sun
days, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m Sumlui
Si liool. 1:15 p. in. I',.ui..i Itev. A Mui
llrikiidlsi (kurek—Worship Sundaya, 11 a to and 7:00 p.m. Sunduv
Bchool, 8:IC pin. i'ustor, llev. 1
SI. i i.-inrui-s, Lisa Valley—Matins,
II a.m. Sunday Schoul 3.31) pm. Kiel,
tona 7 00 p.m. Duly Communion leconi
Sunday In munlh ut 11.00 a in.   Normal
1. Tho nl'si'ii   In   .hun:.
Tenders Wanted
Tenders wanted fur construction of
assembly hall, lliinduravc, Wcsl Vun
couver. I'lu us und specifications muy
he seen ul ulliee of Irwin A Hillings
Co., Ltd., Norlh Vaucuuver; ur uu ap
plication lo .1. White Maclean, arclti
led,  II,illibiiin,  Wcsl   Vuneuuvcr.
The loweil or uny lender not neces
sarily uccepled. IH lu
Lynn Valley Temperance Hottl
North Vincouvtr
(In the cur line. Iloom uml board
liood accommodation for working men
Contractor'! men taken. Single meaii.
15-11 II. KASTCOTT, I'rupnelor.
In   tba  Matter   of  Tba   Leonard Sale
Company, Atiigned
Thc creditors having given imperative
iirii.iiii.il. lu.culled all uulslunding
uccuunts, parlies indebted lo,Die above
'The Leonard Sale Cuinpany," arc re
quested to call ami settle tlieir indebted
ness forthwith. This can be dune by
cither calling a! Die slure, UU Lonsdule
Avcuue, North Vuucuuver, lu the mun
in charge, or ul the office uf Wilson S
Perry, Assignees, Mil Hastings Street
Weil, Vincuuver.
t.f. Assignee
In pursuance uf au assignment dated
August Haifa, lllli, lo the undersigned,
partici Indebted In Die W. II. Slouey
* e'oiopnny are hereby notified lo puy
Ihe amount! due at Die office uf Ihc as
•iguec, Wilson k I'erry, suile II, DeHeck
Building, H-'I'i Hastings street well,
Vincuuver, 11. I'., nl thc curliest pus
tilde moment, who wili issue receipts
for same.
Pbone Seymour 1734.
The Panama Theatre
For the Whole Family
Starting Matinee Monday, Sept. 16th
2  Shows   Nightly    7::ii)   and    9:16
15c, 25c, 36c.
Matinee Dally at 3—Jfic and Mc
10,000 cords of dry Ar wood for quick.
sale.  Pflci'por baa cords, U',76. Spit
clal quotations for larger ijuaiititlei.
Out Wood, IB Jockos, UM. 13 Inches
13.50. '   >C-0. D.
Office ami YsrrJ—|4lh and UrniM,
Phona 190.    P. 0. Wo« 2432.
Lodge Weatern Boss, Np. 390
Monlluga of Dili lodge uru hold in
Ihu Knights uf I'yDtiiii Doll, curner of
i hesieriield uieiiuo uud Fourth stroot,
on tho llrsl and third Fridays iu each
omulh, ut 8 u'cluck p. in.
I'umtuunii'Uliniii uud upplieutiuns fur
muinliorship lo ho addressed lu iluruld
Leoi, seerelary, I>, O. bus 21111.  llii Id
Diitrict of North Vancouver
Applications will be rceeiveil by the
undersigned  up In  llie   Ililli  iust.  I'm
the position nf police cuuslublo lu Iho
dislricl nf Nurlh Vuncuuver. Applicants
lo write with particulars uf experience
tin! qualifications.   Single mail prefer
red. Salary ulfered iiii per munth with
iillovvnnce I'ur uniform.
'" (Signed)      JOHN Q. ...HMI.il,
O, M. I'.
I'. O. Ilus 1'IIK,
Nurth  Vuncuuvor, III 111
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
Cinadl'l Groitcit Wlttern School
tt. J. Rprott, II.A., - -Uiuiauei
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securiliei
Corporation, Limited
dJi) .Seymour Streel
U. Kerr llniile.iii . . . M.iiiupri
All Norlh Vincouvti ptnpla tat al
Fil her Flack lllock or Hustings St.,
opposile Ihe new pust oflice. I.eonurd
mils hii teu by I lie pound
The Scenic Highway
W'i-unn Ibr  litullurul
Through licked lo nil imrin ut (ho
Wl(||.bill   Iowi.-hI   IIII i'H
Till'   I'i'I'liliil    lulilr   lO   Uh
UN  1 "uniii.
II ■ UH||,
A lank!,
' liluu,  nmi
Tin- ii."  1   il|i In (lull: lllllll HP I'V104
ini uiiii Vuncouver uud lliv Kum
For    I'Ull'K,    ll'Hl'l VllllllllH     inul    ull
im iin 1    inf■ -i iis.iinm    ui'i'ly    hi    Jf
MOK.     C||>       fuHHrllf-il        \l.,U\.      i'.U
HiihIIiikh   HI .   ut ' II    Vi.   BHOI.IK,
(J I'A.. VuncouviT,
100 Per Cent.
Pure Paint
WB UUABANTEB ths MsrtUi-Sonoiir 100 Fer Osilt. Purs Paint
(oscept a few dark shades that caunut bo prepurod frum lead and
aluc), to bs msde from purs carbonate of lead, pure oxide of sine,
wltb coloring matter in proportionate ipiautities nscssssry to nuke
tbsir respective shsdes sud tints, wltb pure linseed oil and turpen
tins dryer, and to be entirely frst from water, bonslne, whiting
and adulterations, and sold subject to cbsmlcal anslysls. ,,-
The Martin Seuuur Oo. Ltd.
Tills Is tbs only l'nlnt so guarantosd because It is tbs only
1'UBE FAINT ou Dis insr_St
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
First Class Dwelling House for S^le
We Invite tenders fur tbo purchase of -now eight ruum and bane
menl dwelling huuse ou SoveuUantb Street, uear Boultvard uu Lut 21,
Block 16a, District Lot bfiO, 611 ft by 167 ft. Tbe building Is a very
..1,hM,mii,:1 one snd has all modern conveniences.
TENDEBS stating price and termi uf puyment, accompanied by a
marked cheipto for 6 per cont. of offered price mint be dollvored to us
here uut later tbau Saturday, tbs 19th inst.
Tlie highest or any tender uot necessarily accepted.
The Burrard Development Company limited.
17 Lomdale Aveuue
Nortb Vancouver
Phone 37
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
lo insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or .pur advice.
A Double Ender
50 x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St, and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to pell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.   A Snap at $2,000, One-third cash, b»l. 6 and 12 months
Offlce Phone 179.
Bealdeuce Pbons St
V. O. Vn Utl.
NORTH VANCOUVER w%i inu uiewiW&ft-BlUNfi
he flrst de
posit witfi which ypu liuijiu a Savings Accuuut, Is us important an x,
,daring aSitliu iginsi'liUII! IJJ ^'I1||«"fJUU/HH^.Ir16l> aro laying ft"
cornor-itquo pf your ppsitlpn' In fhe wprW, pf yuur circle of puslppss scuu*iut
sncu, pf eventual success.
OSS yuu sfford tu postpone that flrst depusitl
British North America
76 Yssrs In Buslnsss.  Ospitsl und Surplus Over $7,600,000.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
Und Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric I
10 Dayi' Frss Trial
Solves tlio Summer Ironing Problem
For lll'l we ure ulTeriug a "llolpoiut" of lhc fi Hi llie, suitable fur
geueral huuscliuld use, fur (LOU. This irutt is similar lu uli "llutpuints"
except that Ihc upper siirfuoe is unpulislted.
Second Street East, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the fineft roof garden on the Pacific Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from tt lo 10.
Hot and cold waler in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
Buiineu Qeutlemeu's Popular Luucb Place.
Breakfast 8.00 to 10.00. Luucb 12.00 to 3.00
High Tss 0.00 till 7.30.   Afternoon Toss.
Short Orders ipecially attended to.
»»K" mtimWin v»,
••m HAV* mttm si tn
put of which eighteen convictions had
bean ubtaiuod.
A pruppsltliin fur settlement submit
' \\f»< liy ■BTHflBr?.' M_l'BJlI)pj"JS H'd'pils)
un behulf pf aft. TlllhiW, ft* Ut apt-
Sl). Ib thS propusul Mr. Trythull ugrced
to give pvpr lu the district hii entire
wuter rei-iiril uu Must|uilu Crash, und
ulsu psy half llll! urbilruliun  '-uut  of
valuing tho land sl lilt un sere, pn
cunditiuii ihul the .li.lii.-l ln-.-u- bslf
uf his uxpepsps in tho transaction.
Tlie liual rending was given llie
$60,000 streets bylaw, pud ♦HOOD parks
bylaw, which a woek ago received the
assent pf tbe o|e'ctprs.
VUPfUMI Revenue
Increases Rapidly
,      iii —«ta—-_n _, immim
, The respeelivc advantages pf a mod
orp high school cdiieniiuu uiiii ii technical training worn interestingly debated on priiiay by ths sfudsnts of
thp Imui branch pf tile former system.
Tin- esse for thu high sclioul wus pro
seated by Mstigc Oiii, dphn Wuuds am|
Douglas Bae, while (lie technical train
|ng mli muicn were Wallaco Shore,
Laurie Qilibun and Constance Winner.
Nu.lie llni.lv occupiod the chair, tbe
Kev. A. J. Prosier wai judge, and Alma
Shore critic.
While it was cuueoded that a tuchul
• ul Iiiiiiiiiii; might be tbe mure cl
I" iiiiiiiu.. and might lead lu moneymak
ing st un eurliur stage, it was submit
led tbut u mure thuruugb and exbaus
live i .in.iiiiun was pruvided under tbe
high school system. A student entering
high schuul is nut in a position to
judge what sphere of life is guing to
be mosl suitable tu him or her, uud this
syslem serves tu open up mauy new
ideas und pruvides wide geuerul grnund
frum whieh tu niuke a slurl. Early
euneenlrutiuu upun une particular trade
is nul Silvissbls. Then runic thc slush
ing ui.-mn'ei ''■'. I,., are my oppon
cuts at a high school instead of ul
u technical training school!"
The opposition, huwever, urgued thut
u high school cduealiun was ruinuus
mentally ninl piiysicslly. There was tuu
lillle exercise pruvided and luu much
imiii-: uver dead languages.
Kmphsuis was laid upun the cap
ability uf parliament ami the integrity
ut the buard "i cduealiun whieh dum
Inalea Ibe high scbool. lu lhe Iiu ...
Japanese war, lhe .lups were vicluriuus
because of their supcriur cdueuliun uu
genera! lines and this is whut thc high
ichopl pruvides.
The reason fur the existence uf the
high uliuul. llie opposition dcclurcd,
was the preparation of sludeuls for a
university cuursc, yet very few cuu-
linucd iuto the university. One
speaker argued Ihut the high schoul
over educates. "We have icurucd su
iniiili Ihul wc duu'I knuw huw lu
iinni..' 'she complained.
After, lung controversy,' a verdict
was t.-l in ue,i in favur ul a modern high
School education.
Canine Population
Subject to Police
.        Recommendation
Chief i.ui,ui on Fridsy evening tec
uuiuieuilcil lu thc district cuuucil thut produced thc lusts und puttcms. (If
u dug lax shuuhl be inuugurulcl
Ihruughoul the munlclpallly. The chief
based Ibis rceomiucmlalion on Unsteady increase which is noticculile in
llic canine birth rate and lhe numbers
uf dogs being regularly imported. The
remainder of thc police rcpurl fur tbe
past   in,mill   revealed   the   fart   Ibal
Ind« to OpHUtry's prpspsrity
Many Nsw Outports Opsued by Hon.
Dr. Beld, Whoso Administration Is
Proving Able and Effective
An cxceiiuui index tu Iho prosperity
uf the cuunlry is tlip uiuuunt pf custom^ revenue. Increase denotes health
anil decrease iudicatcs decay. Tbu cub
iiiuiu department of Canada bad been
administered for'years in a slipshod
"Versailles" Provide
Merry Programme
The "' u. unle." under the auspices
of tlte Order of the Knights of Py
tbias, occupied the boards at tbe K.
1'. Hall last night, all the inembers of
the company being well known tu the
audience, huving played tu 18,1101) Vancuuver people weekly at Knglisli Buy
during Ibe summer uiuiitlis.
Thu llrsl hull' uf lhc prugrummc cun
slated uf musical numbers by the var
ious members uf thc Cunipuny all uf
whom ucijuittcd themselves udutir
.-il'l.i. Miss -lira (lliuloii was well re
ceivcil und rendered her ileitis iu her
un n chic ami dainty wuy, wnilo Mis>
iiniiiii licrryinun sang twu pretty
snugs in her supruuo voice and wus
accorded hearty applause. Harry iluy
linnI proved u clever cumediun and
crested much merriment with his sungs
and puller. Frank Henley sang "When
lhe .'-mul uf thc De.eii gruw euld"
iu guud style, he is uu Austruliuu huri
tunc wilit a picusiug vuiec. Others
contributing lu Ihc programme were:
Miss I.ui.-'l I liun liili, lyric suprauu.
Will I'uiilcy, Irish tenor, licorgc Brett,
humorist, Wulter Obsries, pianist. Tbe
secund purl uf tne prugrummc was a
musical cuincdy sketch with a Fruser
river .iim;: "In the Camp Fire's
Oluw,'' which was very prettily staged.
This lillle scene portrayed the arrival
uf the tenderfuot utnungst thc cow
buys uf Western life. Harry iloyland
acted Ihe part of thc tenderfoot ur
Knglisli "Jobuulc" very well, while
thc ulher members uf lbc cumpauy were
successful iu tbeir respective purls ami
with sonic guud suugs wuund u|
prugram which wus us brimful ul fun
as auy buard on lbc Nurlh Shun
Come uguin, Versailles!
On thc Isle nf Man -still a primi
live place—you lind lhe village cub
bier, lie bus -., laat fiir every man
every buy in llie place, und centuries
befure Ihc card index syslem came iu
tu iuuu. the village cobbler of Man
needed only to be lulu1 by Shamus
that he wanted a puir uf buuts uml he
went   to   the   buck   uf   uis   shup   uml
chief pprts three, new manifesting uml
cullcctiug stations four, and new pre
fppfhn station, nn,\
afHh Jpgs, espepislly If too uurruw
tp bt Whod and wiped'dry insidp,
shuuld huve hut wuter ami sume suit
ppt jntu ihk\ sypry dsy a»d sllowod
tp iiiiinii fpr |ivp minutes. Tbey
liliunlii men bo ihiiriiuiilily riiised in
euld water and turned upside dowp tp
drain as dry as possiblo,
cuursc wilh children teel wuuld
change, uml su uuw uud tben he re
ii,,:. uu 'i The villugV tl'." i,., j i,i
u Muui tuwu , apt tu be Ibe rallying
place uf lhe gossips. It's plcasuut
to sit aud gossip ivtiili- u man makes
a shue und watch Ihc piece ot toot
wear shaping
manner. Business efficiency was sadly
lacking, oiiicerii became careless upd
tbe country suffered. But tho change
of gpvernmput pn September 21st,
IB)), swept out the old regime aud tbo
appolutinuiit uf the Huu. Dr. Beid as
tbo new minister introduced a uew
II wus nut lung befure leaks were
plugged Slid iiiiieei-. of the service feel
iug that circumstances hud clit|nged
becume more curliest pud active. Dis
minsuls were made, uipl while lhc op
puncuts uf thc new minister eudeuvur
ed tu introduce thc pica of wruugful
dismissal il wus fuuml lhat in ali cases
Ihc , uuiiili iliti.-rc.iti- were pluced
befure parly.
Unprecedented Increase
Uul lhe effect uf reul business nielli
uds was -.lilin apparent, uud the Hi|
Van Winkles were awakened. The reul
test is fuuml iu the unprecedented in
crcuse fur thc lirst six munths uf tin
present llsi'ul yeur. Mouth by inunlh
the llgures piled up, uud if Ihc pru
perilunate increase is maintained ihc
increase will spar past Ihc thirty mil
liuu murk befure Ihc cud uf the. yeur
is reached. More Ihun Ihul. Figures
just issued shuw that thc iuereusc for
the lirst bulf uf thc llseal jrear is
greuler thun was Ihe increase in thc
wholo uf the fiscal year in UMI. F:«
Ihc six mouths uf the llseal year 10111
111, just closed, the revenues were
♦80,180,130.60, au increase uf (15,17:1,-
801.08 uver thuse uf the half year
IMI! 1:'. The surplus uf litis year in
customs duties will be mure thuu entire
customs revenue iu 1811(1.
Able AdmlnJatratlon
While ilic general expansion ui thc
cuunlry duriug the pusl twelve months,
due iu nu small measure tu the feeling
uf security in   commercial   Interests
ufter Ihe defeat uf reciprocity, wus re
sponsible for lbc leup iu customs re
ceipts, the able udtuiuistrulion uf Ihc
deparlmenl is a contributory cause.
The Hon. Ilr. Beid, wilh vision uml
foresight, suited liis ways to un ex
pundtug cuunlry, and since Ins
entry intu office new ports ol customs
huie lieen created. The new ullin-rs
appointed arc faithful ami diligeut in
their duties. The department employs
a small army of men Ihroughuul lhe
Dominion, uud lhe necessity for dii-
ciplinc is apparent.   The new minister
bus secured  Ihc coiilldcu if all Ihe
officers of his department. A splendid
spiril of devotion lu lbe country's ser
vice is being developed uml the outlook
is indeed premising.   The new customs
Lonsdsls vs. Sixth Canadian Engineers
Plsy s Draw Oamo on Saturday
Kugiuocrs iu a N. V. League mutch at
Boulevard I'urk ou Saturday ami after
a keenly cuntestcd gume in which the
forwards un huth sides showed somu
guud wurk u drawn gume resulted with
lhc score II. I.uu .'lull had the best
uf it in the lirst half uud scured the
lirst guul. In the secund half the engineers' furwards pul in sume guud
rushes und scored evening up on exciting uud cluse game.
The fulluwiug pluycrs lined up:
Lunsdule- (luul, Burden; bucks, Wul
suii ami Ureufnll; forwards, Dixon,
Hugg, I'. Hedley, Kcllur, Phillips, (irant
Hedley anil  Murtiusou.
Field Kngiueers—dual, Williams:
backs, Ward pud llurryj furwurds,
Kinscy, Ward, Iluolh, I'uluier, boss,
T. II. Uculiebl, M.Him uu uml Hen
Chickens Destroyed
by Fire on Sunday
A, lire wus observed by Cuustahlc
Sliunnun al the buck uf Mr. Wisncr's
li ••in •- ou llllh slreet ul 1 u'cluck Suit
duy illuming, and he scut in ihc alarm
iu. lhc No. 2 lire hull which was an
sweicl. immediately, hu! ihe Ure lud
dies fuin.'l lliut the lire liud gut luu
great a llulil of the chicken huuse uud
lhal il wos uscnys trying du nave ei
ther the house ur lhc Iwcnly live chick
ons iu il. It is prubai.l' the lire was
started by usbes being thrown out be
fore being prupcrly cooled.
North Vuncouver,
Mih October, IOIII.
I cure wilh my naked humls, I cure
paralysis,   indigestion,   tieurulgiu,   bed
fever, heart  Iruublc, especially  palpi
talliin, lung and kidney truubles, ulsu
any bladder defect.   Mum, le '-uses and
eye defectioua uf any  kind, stomich
troubles aud all kiodi uf stricture I
specialize  in.    I  cuu ulso heal broken
[ bones. Alsu ull simls of female (roo
bles ami    irregulurilies,   catarrh, etc.
(live nu  a trial in auy uf the above
cases and I will pruve lo you the gen
ulneucu uf my auertioui. I am will
iug   lu   Undertake   uny   cuse   however
chronic where other medical men huie
failed.   Address, Bev. Ben Bonner, c.o.
1 Mr. Jackson, curner Keitii und Huth
I erlaml  lids..  Norlh   Vuncouver,  II.  (.',
BOOMS KOH  HKNT   Housekeeping
aud single. I'll I'lul street  casta     I.f.
FOK   HKNT-Twu  il ruum   cuttages
witb water is and (ll. A. Smith k Cu
TO HKNT   SHI per mouth, furnish
ed Ti roomed modern bungalow,   open
lire place, elc Situated ou ills! streel
weal. Apply Hox AMI,, Kxprcss Office.
lo in
FOH HKNT Tuo nice lurge fur
nisbcil bedrooms. Apply (km Queens
bury Aveuue. II .'I
FOK    KKNT   0 roomed    Hul
ferry, $110 per month. Apply Wurburu
itr Piauu Huuse. If
FOlt HKNT Desk ruum Wilh use of
phone, suitable fur public stenographer.
Apply 67 Lonsdale Avenue. lo IH
FOK HKNT-A huuse on Hllb slreei
aud Boulevard; alio ibark, luitiblc for
couple. Apply f, jloolh, plumber,   t.f.
FOK HKNT ''iiiiiiiini Aparliuenti,
mudern fuur ruumed suites, heal, 'limp
pouring beds, elc Allowaucc mude to
suitable leiiuul lu look ufler furnace.'
Apply J. Ilierssen, iiir SI. Andrew's
ur  I'hune Kill. I.f
TO KKNT -Warm, newly furnished
roomi, reaiouuble rale, 126 Sixlh slreei
weit, Aril block from Lumulule.  Hi 10
FOII KKNT   7 ruumed huuse, modern.
1.7 4th slreei east. Will rent cheap lo
suitable   tenant,   ll'l   Ksplauade  wesl.
.      If.
FOK KKNT 1 roomed modern liuu
ies, 0 iuu.un from ferry. Kent (10
per monlb.    Peers k Houll. I'liune IU.
FOR   KKNT — 7 ruumed   house, all
modern and pp lo date, witb hot  wa
ter bcatiug, Apply 21(6 (ilh streel east.
TO BKNT-Furniihed bungaluw, A
noon, on car line, 10 mi«rU!os' walk
from ferry, facing Inlet end Stanley
Park. Kcaionablc rent lo careful leo
ant. Apply P. O. Box HUB, Norlb
Vaueouver. Lf.
FOB BENT—five egjl kit roomed
houses, all conveniences, S6tb slreet
and Jones, I'm and lit por munth. Ap
fly Karland, Stb strset ssd Hendry
Avs,, W. Vaeeouvar. ill
Fill! SALK Some furniture, cheap.
Smull busier, elc. not used, fi. I'll
3rd slreet  wcsl. I II
FOH SALK iiiiiiiiiii'.! uui.mnl of
cord wood or siove wood. Thompion ami
Sluurl. I'hune till. if
FOII SALK Apples, (Iruu'iieleiu,
ulso apfilvs for winter stock. Keene,
I7(h street ami SI   (leorgc, III
FOK SALK Three puuics, weigh!
about .SUU lb. each, well broken to sad
die and harness. J. A. McMillan. I ll
FOH SALK Firsl class cordwood,
(l.lji) per cord. Special prices on large
i|uunlilics. Phone '111. BJ 10
FOB SALK First growlb lir wood,
(4.70 cord. coul. Kxcsvaling and heavy
hauling apply John I'umplicll, 'I'll olli
street wesl. Phone .'101. .'II 10
FOK SALK-Tlioruugbbrod S. C W.
Leghorn I'ocliercli, I'l each, Apply T.
C  Kae,  <<uoeu's  slrect   wesl,  Third
Building from nurlh curner I.onsdale.
FOK SALK A snap, solid oak Kick
nluu,l piano, nearly' new, must sell, alsu
solid oak ball rack, a 1000 Washing
machine cheap aud four dozen farm.
Apply Ut (tb street east. t.f.
KOH SAI.K   Furnace wuud, lir .-lui
•I. .1. Iluruii, phone So. Leave orders N.
V. Lumber Co. oflice. 8 II
FOH SALK Bargain Frena Cam
era, 6x1, carries OH films. Alsu Hi lar
rii-rs fur i, plates, guod lenao—acbro
malic, wilh portrait ntluchiucuta. Can
shuw photos, (HI only. P. O. Box I,
Lvnn   Creek.
WAN'TKI) A capable lady's help.
One lu ;■ -i-i wilh child, ins Kighlh
ilrccl clll.
WANTKD Position, housework or
plain cook by reliable good Japanese
Apply  Japanese Harden. IS 10
WANTKO Meal culler for Satur
day evenings. Apply Avenue Meal
Market, Ull Louidule Avcuue.     .0 10
LOST Hln. 1.. tun uml while wire
haired Fux Terrier puppy. Keward lu
Under. W. K. Milue, ror. Hub and
Moody, North Vancouver, lo 10
Private lessuns iu French, llermun
uud Knglisli. Apply 2!>U Keith Huad
Wcsl. II II
Beliable housekeeper wsnli position
Deferences furnished. Apply 000
gucensbury. Pboue 430. 18 10
Sborl lime loans uu lueunl us.iui,
proved properly. Star Luun Company,
811 Hu in.g   Vuncuuver. I.f.
Chimney Sweep urdcrs taken al
North Vaucuuver Transfer Co's. office
VI  l ...   lull    Phone 07. Ill
WANTED--Ily business lady, two
uufurniibed rooms (iu modern lum-.',
Muit be central. Apply Box AI48,
Kx|fien  Oflice. Ti lo
WANTKII-IO or 10 cordi of wood
cul lu 10 inch lengths fur Norlb Stsr
school. K. F. Purdie, tecrelsry, Norlb
Vancouver Diitrict Scbool Hosrd. Bux
40, Lynn Creek. II10
For line wsleh apd jewelry wurk go
lo Ueo. Somerlun, lhe new jewelry si ore
on iind itreet. •
MONK. TO MIAN Money loaned
uu diamonds, jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., 81! Hastings,  Vancouver.        If.
WANTKD- -Furnished room for geu
tlcinan, breakfast preferred. Privity)
family. Kindly slate termi. P. fl.TIox
1»7I* North Vancouver. 1010
WANTKD- Listing of lots and' acre
age in Lynn Valloy. I'carcc Bros., cor
tier Dempsey snd Lynn Valley Beads.
P. O. Box 02, Lynn Valley.       16 10
VJ/OSTr-8»t of plans by. the Cbei-
icrlleld ichool. I'leiie return tp Kx
preii Office. UIO
I.u,i.i wishes position,' fCw hours
'bnly, light house wurk, rooking, etc.
Particulars Bux A147, Kxpreu Office.
Hirl about 14 wanted to mind baby
and do ligbt housework. Maid kept
Apply Mrs. Chapman, ill IMh street
eaat. 1810
SNAP On Western avonue, 36x164
feet, half block from Lonsdule ear, for
(HOO ou terms. Fbr partirglari spply
160 16th street west. 16-10
Bookkeeper   wauls   wurk   in   spare
lime,   WPUld   keep   sel   of   bunks,   look
sflfr sreounti, gonsrsl office work, ate.
Apily K., P. O, Box IUI, North Vsn-
Aulhorucd agent for Singer Sew
ing Machine l.'ouipuuy iu Nurlh Van
couver.   J. J. McAlcccc, Dry tluods aud
inul■ '  ,'uinulling-,  comer  Firsl  uml
Lousdale Avcuue. tuf.
When needing coal or building sup
plies, call up phune 188, Nurlh Sburc
Cuul li Supply l.'o, Kiikhuins wharf.
I, S. Iiniuii. manager Nulc name and
phuue number. t.f.
B. C. Livery and Hoard itablci—
Light rigi and ladiei' laddie bonei
for hire. Stabling for horses. Ocn
srai delivery and heavy teaming. Jl.
Dumai, Ilh itreet wait. Phone 347 tf.
Udd Clearing and drilling Lots,
Pete Andruss, Oeneral ('outrider. Se
wer connections a ipeciilty, baienienl
and otber excavstlng work undertaken
l"iimaie'i free. IHO I8tb ilrccl wcsl,
Nortb Vancouver, poit offlce box Uil
Ordcri for cabluol and picture frame
making prumptly executed. Furniture
and office linings to luy design. Job
biug work and repairs of all kindi
ipecially attended lo. Estimate! free.
J. K, llayncs, 1236 Lonidale Avenue,
Norlb Vancouver, l'hono L147.
Canal Ready Next Year
Oomtructlon st Plasm* Bicss4s Expectations—Opsnl-g Frobsbls
in Fill Pf 1913
According to s despslcb wbicb ti
published in the Over Sen edition of
tbe London Daily Mail of September
'list, tp which our attention bu been
directed by Mr. A. B. Diploek, il la
probable lhat tbe Panama Canal will
be opened for traffic more tban one year
earlier Ihsn wsi oVlgiuilly derided.
Tbs deipsicb rcsds ss fulluws: "Ths
I'stiutna i-mil will be opened for Iraf
te iu llie fall of Iillil. Thc ilalement'
was officially made by the American
Naiy Deparlmenl, uud in based upun
Ihe lulesl report of lbc army of engineers engage.I on llie canal. Tbe
gi.-l..il.li date of the opening wus urig
inully Died fnr January Is!, 1016, hul
lhc unexampled rupMily in excavation
has Ci..ur lii lhe dale nearer. 1'oluncl
Uoclhall, the head of Hie tonal Hoard,
recently predicted lhat the upeniug
would lake place before January 1st,
Novel Building to he Erected by Okla
homani at Letbbrldgs
One uf lbc features uf lhe Oklulmmu
exhibit a! lue Inlcrnaliunal Dry Farm
ing Products Kxposiliou nl l.clhhridgc,
Alberts, Ihis monlb will be a log huuse
built entirely uf farm prudu.'ls. The
sides of thc building will he nude of
huge stalks of corn, laid purallcl !o
represent lugs The rouf will be shin
gled witb complete heeds uf l.alln and
milu in allcruulc rows. The fireplace
snd chimney will be liuill uf various
colored cafs of corn.
. On one lido'of Ihc bouse will be
a eolliui Held wilh negroes SI work
in it. Iiilronl of Iho hnuse doer au
olln-r old lime southern "darky" will
be jusl opening au immense Oklahoma
watermelon. The cotton Aeld is !u In'
cumpused of uclual growing stalks of
cotton. These stalks have been grown
in lhc greenhouse of Ihc agricultural
scbool, having been placed in tubs,
sld Ihey will begin opening bolls sbout
tbe middle of this mouth.
In view of the fuel lha! colton sni)
ksllir afc nol grown in ('anu.li, snd
thst very lillle corn is grown, Ibe ex
hibil is certain lo stlrsrt much alleu
lips sud be une uf the novel futures
of thc cippilllon.
minmi  <   irtiifti'n ...'
IT |a not your Uar aim .puwer that
will measure yuur happiness in the
later yeara. Your aavls* power
alone can assure you aaalnst the tims
When your eurnlng power will bs reduced.
A mivluno account at the Bank of
Hamilton would be a help toward ac-
milling Ihe habit ol savin*.   The sumo
eullileulin,   efficient,   ullenlioii    III   given
to all depositors whether the account
he lurge or small.
Iliive you ueeli our Uufely Depnalt Bux.-
us! Yuu can rent on. fur a reasonable luu
V. 0. II.1AV_1», Sa«ul,
Nurlk   Vasmuwr
Houses to Sell or Rent
We have some splendid buys at
Reasonable Prices
Houses of all sizes lo rent
Excellent four-room suites. Close in, $17.50 and $22.50
Pbone 24. P.O. Boi 1820
On the price of groceries tna- attend the "Saturday Salsa" st the North
Bhoro Grocery.
Brooks Bond T&,' fxH. 50c, Saturday 36c
Muuk k Ulii^ Jt||y i>0Wd81s, ^g. ■■ fol 26c, Saturday 6c pkt.
Large Tl'm. Tomatoes, Beg 16c, Saturday 2 for U6c
Hutu li ]„djn Chutney, "Flute," Beg. hoc, Baturday 36c
"".iso's" Lime Juice aud Ourdial, Beg, 60c, Saturday 36c
'i'uiie,i ii.it,.. 711) Backs, Bsg. 10c, Saturday   36c
i Hrlukle Corn Flakes, Beg. 10c, Baturday 9 for '26c
"Small's" Maple Syrup Compound, Bsg. 36c, Saturday 26c
Ku/i.-iis Mango Chutney, "Art Jam," Bsg. 60c, Saturday 36c
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I'ui..iocs. "Guaranteed" the Beet, Beg. 11.00, Saturday  36c
Try our Tea or Coffee tt . pounds for (1.00.   Null Sstd!"
) luu.. orders promptly delivered, or have one of our solicitors call
on you.
Kith and Lonsdale
Fboua 217
DEBENTURE ISSUE_/(Not Municipal)
•y (Not Mi
WANTED FROM $50,000 to $250,000
121 Lonsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Mair Road, Wesl Vamouver
Begs lo announce that he has purchased
the Bakery and Confectionery Business
lately run by Carson's at 143 Lonsdale
Avenue, and will continue to cater to
the public with High-class Fancy Cakes
d Candi
A Good
Band your friends who srs InUrasUd
in ths Nortb Shors s copy of
"The Expreu"
It .mil   heap Uuu posted oa   all
North Shors News snd will only coat
$1 per year
mtmmmtT-mwmmwtay wW-marwmwmanjmmpmwtmmmm'*www
™m     ' mmm
The prospect duua nut uppuur to lie
vory encouraging fnr an oarly rnmuvsi
of fbe dilllcultius with rufuruniiu tn
the supply uf inul ou Ihe Norlh Shorn.
Hon. f, h. Curtur Cnttnu elate. Ihul in
respousp to bia telegram tn I'reiniei
Mcllride witli. reference therein hu received a reply na fnllnws, signed liy
the Premier: "Vour telegram tenth.
Took- matter up with company, lml
owing to printout situation at minus
thoy find it iiupussihhi tu' carry uut
request thiiugh eiprusuing themselves
un ...ui.. In supply as Sunn ua in pusitiuu
to dn so.' I'hief Inspector advises mc
uthur cumpiiuies fully uccupied In fill
ing i ■ i in, ."■ uuiiili. i )|r. ('ul I nn
staled thai if there wns niiyllllllg fiir
I Iht lhat he euuld du be wuuld lu
|.l. n ni to be adi'jscd, bul lhe nbu-.c
lelcgrum uppcared Mn intimate ihul
ihu Premier found It linpusslble lu uc
cuinplisli anything ul Ihe present lime
and under existing I'-Sliilltlo
liei'uuui: I'i'iiili'isiiii discharged you.
Mlud you, l'u) iiul siding with him because In my opinion he's s dead pattern for ii swell, nnd you know I ain't
V'rlli  Vuncuuver, Oct,  ISth,  IHIS.
1- fl Murdon, F.siy,
l-Milur " Kspresa."
Dear Hir:—
Uc discussion Of Fell purk al public
ineeling in Lursnii 's pavilion:
I nolice in yuur "Kipress'" uf II. to
her lllh, 1(113, i'agc :. Ihul yuu report
Aid. Hick us slating thut "us a mutter
uf fm I lhe change uf arrangements
was mude nu the recuiuinendatiuu ul
Mri lluur.-.."
Thia slalumenl  is abaolutely untrue.
If my mini is doubted, then I euuld
quite, eusily publish llic Irue slort
Iuuu slurl lu linish.
Trusting  thul  yuu  will pui,! di  lln-
Idler iu fairness lo myself.
Vuurs truly,
liKDKlil-: Si  IIANi:.-
Remains of Unknown
Man Subject of Enquiry
Au inquiry nas uiu.lt un l-'ridai ul
tcrnouu by I'oruner litplu, k un.l jury
iulu llu circumstance* utti-uditig lhc
i'iiiii nl u iuuu, still mil,Icnl itie.l,
whose Inuii was found lasl week in n
guli-h uu llruusc Muiinliiin Tin- juri
return.-il un npen icrdicl. No i lue ui
I'leiilili, uliun marl", were lu In fuiiiul
ou Ihe man's budy un.l ulnl, .nine y, i
sous inquiring lur missing friends .nil
ci al lhc undertaking parlors lu view
I he. rental us, mini' rei'vgni/ed the l„„l-.
Hr. Thotiiaun, win, pcrfurnlcl the p.,.i
luurleiu, fuuml in, traces whalcier ol
injury eilinially, lml fouml ,-m.|,-h, ,>
nl  a   weak   heart,  lungs ami  kidney,
II nas his upiuion lhal lhc man miglil
liuu- heroine exhausted uml ihruugi,
expusure iiii'l link uf nourishment .1..
cumlied 11.- u result uf Ihc wi-ukrnci
urgans Ai.urding lu Hm doctor'-
slnlriiicut Ihu mun 1 uuld i.m have
been dead inure Ihun Ihree weeks, ami
while In might ha., fallen ,,.,1 a . mi
nin Ih.- u'll'h, Hun wus nu external
ii'lcm-e of it     Ile. imposition had ,lis
i-ulurcl lhe body lu ipiile an extent
ami lins inight hide foWi,,* 1 |,,,./
Liflon ft/id lhe body nu, |„u,i.| |llll|r
nu nur a large boulder in Ihc creek
witji a small lup wedged up agamsl it
Almul ?fi yirds ulmie there na.- II
smull nalerluli, ami it was the chief's
upiiiiun lhal lln.. body was washed mer
it, as a .ap was fuuml a shurl distance
aliuic lhe falls. The uoiilcnls 1,1 it,,,
nan's pocket were a purse*i-unlaining
6 cents, match |„,x apd tobsco.
The di'ifased was apparently about
An yetrt ol age. The luy |,„. „f ||„
righl fool is missing, listing obviously
been ampulaU'd some lime ugu I'hief
Liflon believes lhal this fad mai
•nil lead lo Ihe man's ideiihigcation,
gut muh use fur tbut kind.1'
"What do you iiimiii, then!" growled
llurrlsuii, bringing bis borne to s slnnd-
"Why, I mean 1 think you've got s
grouch sll riglit. but for my own part
I always consider whether a man's
worth risking pit own life and liberty
for. If you wns both dead what goad
would It do you?"
"I ain't ilebutiu' tbst psrt of It," rs-
toried Harrison obstinately, "ill \
got to si|y Is tbut I've got s guud
grouch against Tiki Fonderson, and If
I bsve my wuy there'll be n now buss
up at tbe Q. Ii. ru uch before the week
Is out."
"And you'll be sis feet deep wltb
your bools ou," udded Redding wilb
"See here," yelled llurrlsuii wrathful-
ly, "did I usk you to come out here nnd
talk over liuw I'll get Pick Poudrrson
ht when be rides buck from Cher
ry Tree ur iiiih yuu luviled tu nunc und
ili..-uuiu, i- me mil of my Inleiillutis,
eb'l If so be. ll's lite lusl argyineiiL
Why, you und ine'li spill blood here
und now!" He wuved n giin llneiil-
"You're drunk uguin. Borrlsna,"
....'in - 'i Bedding, glancing liupuiieuily
ui .llnul llie lonely canyon In which
Ihey Ipul ilrnun min to discuss the
killing of Dig 1 M.k Femlersoii lied
ding hnted Ids buss us beni'HIy us did
1'    ♦"♦'    ♦'♦' ■♦'!♦♦" ♦"♦',♦-. ♦-.♦I'S
* .
"I'll get bin lhls Ume!" uiultsred
Hsrriaou evilly,
Itsdding roll-* suolber cigarette and
looked furtively st bis companion
"you'll swing (or It," bs suggested
Tn willing to," rsurasd tlia otisr
€> Bmc.h___
'u.nroais   wiu r a i.t too somu iih.i'
that more inullgnunt spirit, Hurry Hut
il.-.in, but Hn iu waa guod sense nun
gled wltb his resentment.    Ile nihil-
isled that If bu didn't like Keudersou
It wouldn't do either of them uny guud
lo kill each olher.   Ilu simply Intended
lo secure unother Job 011 uu adjoining
iiimli where dlscipliuo wus more ins
I Iiu it It waa ou Hie big I) K
"Tonight at 10:30, when lie a riding
hume frum seeing Ibul girl up ul Sugar
('reek, I'll get hlm lu Ibis bere raft}mi
and Ihut there girl   will  lie  wearing
black by tomorrow nigbt," ttneuteueil
H..11 Ivm ua ho urged hl-Spuu.i loi uur
uud   lleddlug  followed   with  a  grim
'inlle OII Ills U.in ll|.s
When tbey bad .Lupin -an \ uiul llu
click of llielr horses' hoofs bail censed
re-echoing from  wail 10 wull of lhe
narrow cauyou, a girl's form i.n., .1,1
-inii up from 1., hiiid 11 lurge rock und
then sunk down In a dejucled lillle
heap on Hie ground.
It was lliu girl from .Sugar Creek
ranch. Murjurlc Bolton wus ber name
and up to lusl  night she bad  been
iR-iirl free.   Then llick f undersoil hud
voiced llle love fur ber, und becauae
she hud only known liim three mouths
M.1IJ..11,.  could  not believe that the
feeling she entertained 'or him could
be more Ihun friendship, nnd so she
told him gently uml mini) tbst she did
nol love hint ul ull  lu Ibe  way lie
wished und.  wllh  110 regutd for the
humor of lhe time worn remark, had
timidly suggested tbut she might be
os a slsler to hlm.   She wss sure she
felt Hia! wuy toward bim.
lu-1.  I', ,,.|......ii bad reared himself
proudly, und he told bur uli„„ 1 grullly
lbat be hud four sisters ol home lu
Massachusetts und didn't need sny als
tarsi or cousins or minis what he
wanted waa u wife. And be bad
stared down st her In Hie lierccneaa of
At tbe word Marjorle bad thrilled
deliriously and would f 11 in buv« reconsidered ber liasly decision, bul Hie Impulsive l-'endei.-'iii hod sllill) taken his
departure before sbe really understood
wbst bsd happened.
Sba bad taken a tong walk Ibe following day. and sbe bad been perched
among Ihe rrnks In Ibe canyon, which
una not often used, aa 11 wat merely
1 abort rut from Sugar 1 mi to tbe
Q S. ranch, wbeo sbe nnd been
frlgbtened into biding by tbe nound of
hoofs sud men's voices. Thus sbe bsd
overheard tbe plot agaiusl lbe life ol
Lick Fendersoo.
Although Marjorle Bolton bad been
born aod bred lo Ihe west, she wus a
iiiuiii. gentle lillle tblug and uot at all
iu keeping wltb lha big, broad, open
air life of Ibe plains. Wbat ahe needed waa tbe quiet of a shelteied boms
lo s country village, sod uow tbat bor
father bad married again Marjorle
aomclimea yearned for abady village
strssts and the close community of
village life.
She bid ber tint In hsr slender
brown bands sud shuddered st tbs
title tbtt would surely overtake Dick
Keoderson If he rods unwarned
through Ibe caoyoo that night. Then
s swift bluib flushed ber cheek sod
left her deadly pale agsln. She remembered ibst Ititn would not rids
-„-_-«..   ....   .m.......   ..n.i   i,,,.in   a„m
probably never again, bemuse ba
would cease coming to Sugar Creek
iiuu'ii There wss inomsntsry 'relief
in the thought nf his frwduni frnm
danger, hut than she realised thst m
must be warned, if EUrrlsoii did not
"get" his enemy tonight he would tomorrow night or st the lirst opportunity. Somebody iiitiHt warn Dlok not to go
near Blunting puss bananas of tbe mur-
derona Intention of Harry Harrison.
Who could wsm Dlek eicept herself!
Quietly Mnrjiirle's gray shadow da-
inciicil itself from tbe rocky background of Blunting puss, snd Bhe walls-
ed cutitluiisly luwnrd the eutrsnee,
puiising there to glance around His
open plain before she followed tne
trull along Sugitr creek to her hume.
Tbe Journey sbe hud to make at nlgut-
fnii wuuld require u boras. It wus ill-
(cun miles to the q. K. much, uud sbs
iiiii.-.i go ther;: If she wanted to cutcli
Dick I'Viiileiiuin uud warn hlm
Jt wns ens) tu slip sway from lbs
bouse ufler Hia surly supper, for Mar-
Julie's fullier wns In Bison City nnd
ber stepmother wus entertaining a visitor from Cheyenne, snd tbe girl's absence would not bu noticed fur several
hours, as she spent much time In her
uwn room
Shu suddled her own pony and led
hint silently tu u little grove ur cut-
Inn wuuds beyuud the curral. Tbera
she slipped ulf her riding skirt und be-
1111110 u slim boyish figure In corduroy
breeches tucked Inlo high bools A
handkerchief wus ktiutled nbuul iter
Unu.11 und 11 1.1...ni brimmed hat wns
pulled dywu uver her huir, quite con-
csallug IL In lhe semldurkiiuss ul ins
iu. iiiuiu grove she luuked like n boy,
but ber checks burned wllh modest
.Inline ut her musqiierode costume
Mnrjorlu nulled until durkness Uud
1,iii,ui completely, and thuu because
she wus it liuild little 11,11., uud her
heart kept pounding away ut every
nocture! sound thut auiote Ihe uir she
tried to bolster Iter courage by Hunk'
mg ol Hick l-'eiiiiersoii ulmi 11 big,
Splendid fellow be waa und how. If It
were not for her warning, he might Iiu
Stricken down und never upon his durk
eyes uguin. Ihoso durk eyes thul nud
looked hm- ul her unly lusl nlghl
Nuw, H wus uot ouly lhe duiLncss
thul iei lined Murjoriu's heart und
nosed It to flutter wildly -ouieltuw
Hie very thought of Dick lfenilersua
-enl her Inlo u delicious chaos or uu-
certainty Unly unu though! hammered through her braln-sliu wished she
hud uul sen! Hick uway.
The sure footed pouy bad fuitnd His
Imll lo .Hunting paaa and wus I liiiililing ulong ut un even gull Now tbey
bud entered the black gluutu uf Ihu cu-
Iruuce, und the Intelllgeut unltnal pick-
cd his wuy carefully snd uulselessly
down Inlo the cunyou's depths, although Mii 1 juiie knew lhat If llunl-
suu wus lying in wait for l'l. t- she
wus runuiug n great risk In ridiug
'Ihruiigh Ihere A bullet Intended ror
J-'eudersoii might ulol her owu llle. lull
the did not cure.   It would save Ink
her HI. k There, sbe admitted 11 to
beraell now. lie would ulwuys be iters
whelher uue ur bulb uf them died
Suddenly u souud shead smoie her
bear! 10 stop heuilug. It wus the i>u|s«
of a bursa's bouts picking Ita wu; i-uu-
llously 11 lining the rocks. 11 musl bs
"Who are you?" deuiuuded Murjurls
lo us deep tonus us sbo could ubsuuiu
There was uo unswer, bul sbe euld
bear Ibe rider upproachlng and presently she knew lhal Ibey must be > loss
in,-. 11.ei for her pony refused lo go
"Who ure you?' tbs repented lu her
natural voice lhls lima
"Marjorle. wlun are you dulng bereT
demanded Hick feiidcrson's blessed
voice. ' Ills liuuds groped oui und
found her trembling Utile unes Irylug
to slay tbe ruining (ears.
"Whut la il. Iliile girl?" bs asked tenderly.
Murjorle lold hint belweeu relieved
subs nnd he putted her shoulder lu a
way Ihut wss entirely tuo brotherly
to lie lu accord witb Marjories enlightened stale ot mind
"Vou did this for me to tare my
life?" be usked In amuuiiueut. "Why,
Murjorle. deer, you know you sre us
timid ub 11 miii'li you ere acured to
■lealb of tbe durk   why. whaf-
"1)0 come uwuy hefore thut Harrison
1.'wi-- iuu ' urged Murjorle hasllly
"Don'l worry uboul Harry Hurrlsuu,
deur," reltiriu'd Dick easily  "The slier-
It collared   lum  this afteruoon. aud
he's ou bla way 10 Arironn now   lies
wauled for a shooting down Ibers.   1
was riding over lu Sugar Creek to toll
you ii.ni I believe I'll go bsck esst
My father's health la breaking down.
nud be needs me lo run thai dairy lam
t his   I never ihuughl ibst J should
owe yuu my life  for Ibsl la wbst It
uincs lo   You art tba hravesi girl Is
(he world   What can I war do"-
"Stop (Hiking so inu. ti like Ilka 1
brother," sobbed Mnriwjy
Canadian Citizens
Bamsrdo's Hoins|-flpsPlsl Agsut of
Institution About to Tour Dominion.
The council of thesn homes um Solid-
ing u ilepiiliitiiiu tn I'unnilti with llio
object pf mukiug thu wurk more e«-
lunsivuly known thruughout thu Do-
minimi, anil iii tho.hupe of'securing
11 lurger moiisuro uf 1 .iiudisii symjis-
thy nnd suppurl. Tbu tusk of ropro
...-ni 1 uj: iiiuiu upuu litis impurtsiit mis-
sum bus licou unileriukiin by t|m Bev,
Wi,il, Mayers,JJu! _ial*l !l.i>»ti__|i	
seerelary uf the instilutiniis, uud que.of
Ihe Inlu Hr. iluruurdu's nhlost friends.
Duriug lhc tin-lily fuur yoars uf his
runuci'liuh with the wurk, Mr. Mayers
hus inLuealuil its claims iu various
purls uf (Ireul Hriltiin, uud has twice
visited    \I., uniiu   uud   Nuw   Zculnml,
where hu wus received wllh tho ut-
must kindness, his meetings liuiuu
crowded, uud nis uppeuls meeting with
11 inns! gruiiuus uud gratifying " i".ii .I'll is iu the impi: Hull 11 visit to Canada muy be iiili'inli'il with similar re
suits Hint Ihc Council of Iho Homes
huve deputed Mr. Mliycrs lu spend tho
ruining uiiluiuu und winter months iu
litis lumi, lu huld meetings uiid ser
vices, uml lu lull thu slury uf Hie wurk
wherever nn  opening tiers.
Hr. Iluruurdo's homes huve up lo
iu ihc present dule received, trained
uml equipped lur Iheir I'uluru iu life
uliuut 1.1,111111 children, who, ul lhc lime
uf tbeir admission, wore practically
ileslilule uud homeless.' They uru sup
fiiirlcl entirely hi thc freewill offerings of sym put biicrs fruni ull purls uf
Hie ivorld, of all .reeds and, denominations. The Homes themselves uru inter
ilciiomiuuliuiiul, uml  welcome llic   eo-
inpciuliuii uml suppurl  uf ull  wbu re
1 i-uguuc lhe claims nf child nee.I uml the
.nil ul ''hrisl  lu sen ice uud self sue
; nin,' In tin- training of the children
lulninilli 1  lu  tlieir 'lire, tl   is sought
I lu bring imiii up iu Ihc "nurture and
uiltuuuiliuii nl llic Lord," lo develop
sound minds nmi heultljy budies, and
lo li! Ilium l,l i.IiicuIiiiii und industrial
training tn hci-iimc useful, respectable
uml successful cilirens in tbu cum
inuuiln-s to wlin li they may ufterwurds
belong, jMiuiil ll,uun children ure now
being Ihu,-. cure,I  Int.
lu pulling forth tin- special appeal
for Canadian suppurl which Ihey arc
abiinl !u muke thruugh llie agency uf
Mr. Muyers, the I'uuiieii feel Inul thc
mirk ut Dr. ituruurdu's Humes hus a
very special cloim upon thc sviupa
Hues of Hie people tit tin-. Hoinimou.
I'nder their well tried scheme of cun
grutiuu over LM.'iuo buys uml girls
liuu- been sent in I'anudu iluring Ihe
pusl thirty yeurs. These liutc not been
llu u.niiiiiii 1,1 "Mirpliiu slock/' bul
lhc flower ul the Iiii, I.. Hie besl um!
must promising ui thnsc wbo hate been
trained in Hie I ust ilul ions, uml who
liuu- illinium! .1 high slundurd uf inen
lul uml physicul Illness Hul nf lhe
greut number nho huie been , 1.1 , 1
in tiic Hiuuiinuii. ninety tin- per ceul.
hun- pnn,,I Un,lunglil, -alisfaclory.
I'nder the prim iplcs liy which lhe eml
grutiuu wurk is , umlinle,I lm- children
are mil 'lumped down lu lie a .barge ur
a burden upon a nen country, bul are
luriliilly pluie.l 111 siluuliuns nt foster
hollies, uml nrc kepi under cunslant
iii,,|   nut, hlul  supervision   until    Ihcy
llUl,    ru.li lie-l   llle   llge  u!   imbpelubncc.
Mr A l! Owen hus lor muui tears
supi huii-mlnt tin- wurk in 1 euada.
Mun 1 ul lln former minutes uf the
Homes are unit occupying high and re
sponsible pusitiuus in Ihe Houniiiou,
hundreds ut.- established on farms uf
Iheir uwn. uml lucre ure few whu are
nol aiding by Iheir industry 111 Ihc de
iclopuii-ut uml up building of Ihe coun
Iry. ll is recogui/ed thai tin- picul
iifi'.i ot 1 uiuj'lu Iniln) is popuiallon lu
occupy its uliuut lunds, and lu devel
np its tiii-t ugru nliiirul, miueral and
nul.-inni n uul, .... 'In lbe supply uf
lliul wunl lhe Huiiiii. hate been con
Irihuling tin- best possible material
Mr. Maters leaves Knglaud ou Hep
lumber llllh b.t the r<S "Sicilian,"
ami nil! upeu hi- campaign in Canada
early 111 Ocluber.
Boa Kale
Tne sea l.ul' used us fuud in China
ionics largely Iruin Ihc coast of 8a
kuliu, where lhe leaves average une
loot in ti uiiii uml furly live feel iu
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
fl Let ut quote you rates on Fire, Ufe and Accident
McMillan & red
I'hune 484.
Ul      * North Vaacouver Business
and Professional Cards
^     Uetlnialea Furnished prep
III 1I.II1M.    Cil
Office: Dickinson A Bon'a Factory, As-
Iduuadu.  I'liune  tli.
Itesldencei Allan  Boad, Upn Valley.
P. 0. Box It. Lynn Creek. Phone
«it, x l-r ■■	
avm, a»foi»BBBS
AMIM, * B.
Irrigation, dralnaire, levels, plans
snd spssUsstlpiis. Ssptis tanks snd
W*^.  .   spH.lt,,    P.  0
High Class Lsdlss' sad Ouuta' Tailoring
Impairing   aud   Altsrstiuus. Cleaning
aud Uyaing in all Us brsuches. All
Work gusrsntesd.
Ul First atreet West. I'hune 107
street wast ol llewicke
__-  '
o. K. aaooBB
Asd geuersl Commission Merchant, 13
Lonsdsls Avs., Nortb Vancuuver.
Vham IU
We sre speeislists iu those lines.
1-1A  Lonsdale  Avenue
Oablust Maker sad Osrpsntsr
Will undertake sll kinds uf wood wurk,
repairs, etc.  '
Fourth Btrsst snd Buthsrland Avsnus
P. 0. Box 4008
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
Lonsdale and Bsplalada
(■I. Lsus)
Lsdlss' sad Hants' Cleaning,
Prssslng sod Bspsiring
S Spscialty
120 Bscoud Btrsst Bast
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
First gtrsst But of Lonsdsls
Lowest prices and best work guarau
teed nn tinning and sheet metal work.
Ail kinds of saws filed and set on tbs
shortest notice,   Law it mowers, knives,
budge shears and scissors sliarponed. All
wurk giiuruuleod, inuderatc prices.
iill Lonsdsls Avcnus, Pbons 80
Is yuur Wui. h stupping or kroping
irregular timet   If su, scs
I'mnm i Jeweller, Oil Luusdulu Avenue.
9\The undersigned desires to announce to the residents
of North Vancouver that he has purchased the Hardware business formerly conducted by Messrs. Sutton
Sr Prince, and will carry a largely increased slock of
Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils, Gluss, Stoves,
Ranges and Houselwld Articles.
tdjAll clauei of Furnace and TinWorlf given prompt
attention. All work fully guuranteed.
i\By clou pricei, strict attention to business and
cnurlenus treatment we trust tu merit and enjoy a share
of the public patronage. watoh oub ads.
Sincerely yours,
The Satisfactory Hardware
15th and Lonsdale. Phone 352
North Vancouver
How about a snap-shot album (or those views you
have gathered of your holiday excursions ■ Wc have
i large stock ol snap-shot albums, varying in price from
25c. to $2.50. Also cushion tops, pipe racks, lie
holders, bags, coin purses, etc., at right prices.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. S. Book sod Ststisusry Company).
31 Loasdsls Avsnus PHONB 1.1
If you want to succeed in buiineu on tbe
North Shore, ADVERTISE in tbe "Express"
Home Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
fob ran class wobk
gtjoormon to ihs
V. 9 Met _.«>. Www Ut
' ' *     '  '
final Race tor Batohelor
Cup Urt Saturday
ft, MacKansls's "Bll" WIWW-19
psins's "wimffmi" mm :
Tlia «wl mt tgt tha Abator. wp
wss ooatsstsd on. Sat. rdsy and proven
u fitting Iiniuii |» tliu must exciting
sorios uf" FSPSS tlm '-lull lias yet lii'l
Tlie urigiual race WSS handicapped
ou a trial spin, over tho .lull's abort
inuusured cuursc uml tliu |iuats timed
Ig uccnrdiini-i! willi lliuir puri'iirniunn'.
T||B pci'lurinnm-i' of tin- liuiilu ilifforeil
Wl sliHlilly In HisJpsh P.Q.-i»ilw mi
pincli.-ully  Sl|  tTDPlI  Up fpr  tlio  see-
nmi rape, being liawlfoapp, ■) ou iht
result of il>. ir iim.' In the flrst roce.
'fim result of tbu "••■-■unl nice iiiimli
cupped Uniii even eluser for the Hiird
nice anil by this tints owing to tjis
wirinuu little uccidi'iiis tbst will lie-
fall gasuliiio eogiues at limcB the liul
uf runners wss considersbly rsilueod.
Tbu " Winiiifred" I'niutuudure J. B.
I'uiue, audthe".:if"(!aplain II. Mac
Ken iu were left out of tbo origins!
Held uf fifteen stsrters to fight out llic
matter of speed snd got swsy from tbo
clubhouse st uiuu sud 3:28 respectively
on Ssturday aftornupn. Tbo tides
and weather wore all that could be
desired aud when tho "Klf" apt out
uu the jub of taking Avo miuutes and
as muny mure seconds as she could out
uf her rival for the cup the young
Hood was just settling - down to ruu
nicely and pile up a small tizcil buck
for tho boats after tbey turned the Hag
al I'Ort Woody.
Those waiting fur tbe cumpetilurs tn
return and welching from the club
house were s little suxious as tu who
ther tbe rsce would be Anisbed in
clear wcalber, as about 4:110 a very
unp|easant fog bauk started lu roll in
frum the westward and at l:lu tbo
puiut at Brockton was vory dilllcult
lo discern.
Howover, shortly sfler Ihe "Elf
wss seen slipping down ul s very respectable clip and she was barely clear
ruund Mcllnugall Jenkins wharf when
the "Winnifred" came round going
great guus.
Tbe Inuii. passed Ibo liuishing line
al a fine speed fur huats uf tbeir class
and Ihe youug club cau easily feel
proud uf having such speedy lillle
■ raft in its fleet, tbu more so wben uue
considers ils comparative youth.
The Iiinii figuring uf the times gave
the "Klf" as winner willi the "Winnifred" one miuule 10 seconds ss'urn
giving tbe winner a lead of 0 minutes
10 seconds in the HU mile run.
Tbe donor of Iho cup, ('apt. ilul
'iu-lui.hu- beeu round the course willi
one or otber of lbe boats each race
uud was highly pleased with the m uli
uf lhe handicapping aud sporting spirit displsyed by escb entry.
The club's program is shout lim.In I
for Ihis seasuu, Ihc remaining race hr
Hie (,'ales Hup taking place on lhe I9lb
iust. when auotber stiff contest ii assured.
Local Corps of Field
Orders by Osptaln 3. Bsdss Ward, Commanding, Octobor Sth, 1912
No. 60.   Bnlistsd-
'II"' following men, having been duly
nil, .i.ui,  arc  hereby  luken   on   tbe
■in ngili uf Ihe ''um|mm :
No. 1)2. (.upper tiuy  Nutari Have.
No. 9il. dapper Thomas   Bancroft
No. 91. Mapper Archibald  Homer.
No. 01.   Dutlss-
To be Orderly Officer week ending
October I9tb, 1912: -
Lieutenant P. Ward.
Nest for Duty:—
Lieutenant J. H. Cosgrove.
Tu be Orderly Uergcsut week ending
October i'uii, I'U-;
No. I.   8ergesnt Henry Hollsud.
Nest for Duty:—
No. 1.   Sergesot W. .. Elder.
No. eg.  Pandas—
The Compsny will psrsdc st lbc Drill
Hsll, North Vancouver, every Tuesday
evening at t p. m. until furtber order
cd. Dress: Drill order, wilb rifles and
V B. N0BKBT8ON, Lieut,,
Acting Adjutant.
Undon '1 art treasures ue most
jealously protected. Tbe National
Oullcry, in addition to having a secret system of alarms, is patrolled
dsy ssd nigbt by twenty-two con
•tables and twenty tve employes. Al
tbe Hritisb' Museum tlio million of
pounds' worth of treasures are pro
lecied by Over 200 assistants, including eight keepers of departments, fif
ly three assistants, nine second divi
sion clerks, Iwcnly two chief- alien
dauta, twenty throe boy attendants,
forty-three commissionaires awl fifty
ons laborers, while a number of do
tectivss in various disguises keep go
esgle eys oa thinks la gsasral.-j_.a-
dos Tslsaostub.
mm.    - .. .wmjfm.   .
rsp wi *i
Humor and
mm mo Jlhn prjdss himself on bs
IW WIO »i*l»»e4 >» |M«tflf l°°!
Ing for soite ono to sootbo bis wound.
sd epldorrais.
A tm mi lm row will m) itiM
get ngil at a phonograph..
A par fact dream of a dress gives s
HUD (ba iilghtinnra If ho has tu pay
for It-
No woman |a ao miserable aa tba oua
Wbo baa a titbit of gossip snd dsrss
A woman discovers tbst tbs neighborhood Is uudofllnililo ga aoou ss ber
husband's Income begins to awall.
Soma men arc too mean to llva;
tbsrsfors tbey just eilat.
There are persons wbo srs ruled by
tbsir consciences, snd there srs others
Wbo uru ruled by tbeir livers.
Boms people Ile for money and others
for tba purs joy of It.
Amateur theatricals servo tbe sums
purposo In n girl's development that
bunting Indians doss In a boy's
One nice thing snout shoveling tbe
snow from before your doorway Is Ibst
It makes you feel so self sstlsflcd sll
tba rest of Ibe dsy.
Offhand Advios.
Line up for what you think la rltlit
And never mind the clatter
Ot Hills minds that take dcllgbt
In things of lillle matter.
Thla bi lbe only test for you:
Lies Here the path of dutyl
Allbeuah Hun. wide before your view
Has pleasure spread lis booty.
Tbat Is a simple tblns to say,
But when It comes to Joins,
To sawing wood and pitching hay
And duly plain pursuing,
It takes sn ounce or two of grit,
Soms pounds of persevering.
Upun Ibe valve you bave to sit
And watch wllh cars tba steering.
Ths metaphors sre mlicd, I wot,
To fit Into tbe Jingle.
Wbat matters that If you do not
fapse from yuur purpose slnilot
For In tbe narrow path and straight
Tbat yuu bave marked fur acllun
Tou will be leaded duwn wllh freight
01 purest satisfaction.
Una up for wbat you think Is rlgbt
Let conscience be your mentor
And be prepared for It to light,
Holh sides aud duwn tbe center.
Let others after pleasure Hock,
Qrab trinkets. 1 titles, candy,
But wben it conns to taklog stock
You'll be tbe wlonsr bandy.
Ne Insult Intended.
Be waa mukiug a call uu s young
Snwian for thc first time and lu the
process of gelling acquainted began tu
ask friendly quesllons.
"Whul docs your father work at?"
"He Is In n zoological garden."
"As one of the iiltenduutsV"
"I bops you dou't think he Is one of
(be e.blblls."
Financial Dissstsr.
"Too bsd about Hose."
"Sbe la so sentimental."
"la sbe? 1 never noUccd It."
"Wby, sbs cries svery tims Jack
loses tbs kilty."
St   st
•sw What Was
"Ob,   bow   I
dread the cumins
"But wby?"
"I don't understand cither baseball or politic.."
Ths Difference.
"Wbst Is temperament'/"
Tbs trouble  wltb  s   rich  man's
"And when It Is s poor msn's wife?"
"Ob, lhan It Is Just contrariness."
Jusl Like a Olrl.
"Would you Ilka to go up Is s bsl-
"Wby not? It's loU of fun."
• 'I bars no aacaoston robs."
Cause Fer Rsmsmbrsnos.
"I'll nsver forget you,.Blll."
"Ob, pshaw, Tom I"
"l swear It, Bill."
"Ssy, 1 didn't knuw I owed yon Ibal
•» , .
Tou sssn to have It Iu for your lend-
'•f owa bim a grudge."
"Ob, I thought you only owed bim
laat"        *
"I sra In despair."
"11 bought you war* Is love."
"Well, If you know tba fill you'd ass
tj the same tbing."
—r ,
Oul of Order.
slJIy sssson should subefSe
tbu tai u On lummiFa strain,
S we see It running wide,
' at lha sivsmse eamnim
mat ^frW mmmts^mmmamr ^mmmfimn—aijmn
SmaD Fruit Culture
A very vuluublu paper on tbe rulliiri'
uf smail fruits was read by Vf. W. T.
Matonii, the Dominion HOftl^ltDflst
last winter, before the Senate commit
tee on agriculture uud forestry. This
paper,  whieh  constitutes a pamphlet
pf thirty live pnges, is un exhaustive
trestise, expressed in pluiuust terms on
culture of smir-li fruits- Tlw fruits
dealt with sre the strawberry, raspberry, guiiHcliurry, blackberry Slid several Cissies Of currnniu, sll of    which
csn resdlly be cultivated in a limine
garden of small diijieusiuns ami therefore should prove of iuterest ami benefit to many resideutii of a community
such as the Norlh Shore. Mr. Mu
cuuu takes the pusi/iou that the failure
of many whu occupy laud to grow au
iiinm.lutice of smsll fruits, at least fur
thoir own use, is, due to a mistaken
idea that it requires tou much time lu
look after tho g»r\u and be deals
clearly with this ar well with muny
other phases of thc subject.
This pamphlet contains uu interesting table ou the coat ot growing and
the returns frum an acre uf strawber
ries. At a selling value of five cents
per bos, a net profit uf eighty-four del
lars is shown. A section is duvutcd
lu tbu prcparatiutt and applicaliun uf
insecticides and 'fungicides that are
useful iu fruit gruwiug. Having the
im uiiiuil mn of this paper to guide him,
there is iiu guod reason why every farmer should uut have a productive fruit
garden. A large edition has been
printed tu be seul free lo all whn apply
tu lhe I'ui'ii.iiimn- Branch, Department
of Agriculture, Ottawa.
The pamphlet is su exceedingly apt
iu ils bearing upuu a cumtuuiiily sueh
as Ihe Nurth Sburu thai it shuuld lie
given very extensive circulutinn lucully
itt Ihe hope Ihut its iufurmutiun may
encourage numberi of uur residents lu
cultivate these small fruits.
Appearing at Lonsdalo Theatre  Tomorrow Night
Tu rise frnm the tabic able lu cul a
little mure is a proverbially guud rule
fur every uue. There is nulliing mure
idiotic llmu forcing down a few
in,,111 hi uli. because they happen tu re
main on one's plate after hunger in
satisfied, and because Ihey may be
"wasted'' if left. II is the must SO
riuus waste tu uv-erlax Ihe stomach with
even Hull an ounce mure thun it can
lake cure uf.
Due shilling per acre was a fair rent
fur lund iu the reign uf Heury VIII.
Coal mining rlglils of lbe lluinlnlon
lu Manitoba. Bnlkotcbcwun und Albel-
a. tbe Yukun Territory, ths Norlh-weul
Territories and In u portion uf lbe I'm-
\ lui u uf liritish Culumbiu, m.u bo leua-
ed fur u lorm of Iwenly-une yeurs al
un uuuuiil nuiiii uf |l un ucre. Not
more Ihun 2,-10 acres will be leased 10
one uppllcant.
AupHpellou for u lense must be made
be tbo n|.|.|l. .ml III person to Hie Agent
or Bub-Agent uf lhe dlslrlcl In which
lbe rlsbls applied for ure situated.
In surveyed lerrllury Hie land must
be described by suctions, 01 legal subdivisions of sections, und In unsurvcy-
ed territory lbc Iracl upplied for nliull
be Slaked oul by Ibo u|i|'lleunl lilm
Bach unpllcutloii musl bo accompanied by a foe ot (.. whlcb will bo refunded If Iho rlghlu applied for oro nol
available, bul nut otherwise A royalty shall be I'uld on the uicrchaniublo
output of Ibo mine ut the rule of Hvo
cents per Ion.
Tbo person operating Hie mine shull
furnish Ibe Agent wllh sworn returns
aceuunllng fur lbe full iiuaiillty of
tucrcliunlublc coul min. .1 aud pay Ihe
ruyally Iberenti If lbc cuul mining
rights ure mil belin: operated, sucb returns shuuld be fumlidicd nl least pace
a year.
Tbe leise will Ihclude Ifie cool mining
rights only, bul the lessee muy be per
inllleU t) purchase Whatever available
surface iigbls may be considered neceaaary for Ifie wurblng of llie mine ul
tlte rale  if |I0 nn un-e
. For full Infoini.iilon niiii. uiiuii
;.huiilil bu ininli' to ll" secrelun of Ifie
Deimrlmonl of Hie Inleilor, Olluuu. or
lo any agenl or Dub-Agent uf Dominion
1 Lunds
w w. cony,
Deputy Wnlaltr uf the Interior
N    li    i'n Inii."i   publleallun   ol
lhls  advertisement   will   nol   bs
I (or.
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
'for either a "Wall" or "De.k" wt
Call up the Commercial Manager
Britiih Columbia Telephone Co.,
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co,
Willi Wbicb Is Iocorporsts-
Bevan, Gore ft Eliot, Limited
Nortli Vsncouver Brsucb: 91 Lous4_Is Avsnus, opposite Post 0«cs.
KsprsssntiB. Lynn Orssk Kins Mlnss Walts*.
«e* »«y nsw tart Ueoiy toMirislw nn Uu Dswdnsy Trunk Uoid.
Uli lipm flit up. Mt   Vs   WMVUK
Tim Liuntuimiit Ouviirtior in Oounoil
hv hen '« i In i "' Hm following
ti|iliuiiitmsiitsi—■ •
•Alfred Jolin *Brin«, ot tbe ulty ol
New Westminster, tn Iiu deputy regis-
tmr nf hirl lis uiVrt marriages fur thi
enmity nt Westminster.
William Wentwortli Wood, nt JCsm-
'loojSj QegfTray Loiiwiiik, of Niuoltti nmi
Herbert li. ibiwluy, of Opnimt, to lie
■le|iiity ganiu wariluus from ths 1st
ilny nf Hii|i!mnbor, llllll. ,
.Wlillsm James Lesliu (0 PS S clerk
ill (lie Laml l|ogistry OSica at I'riiuii
|lu|iort frum tim ut ilay of Oelober,
—Krtt;1irlliB'plBeB rrH'.Stsnley Hpain,
Hurliur! tl, Hoi to lie S janitur in tits
iiiiiri iniiuii' at tiie oity of Vancouver
frnm tlte lai ilny nt (h-tuber, llllll.
Henry llgrold McVily, of the i-ity
of iiuv.'luiul.r, to lie a notary -public.
li'.iin provineisl lieoneeg have lieen
ii.-u.-il. to the following uoiiipenleBt-—
Ainlrew liuilinii Honi|inny, Ltil.; fan-
i ails Wire uml ' ui.l,- Homminy, Lt>l.i
fiuimlian t'lticip Oont|ittiiy, l.tt].; (lilies
of I'uniiila Lnnil lJoin|isny, lid.; Colonial Huulty Hoi, Llil,; Ford Mulur
i'iini|iiiny uf Cuniulu, Llil.j Foundation
Tlie  Cheapest  Buy  on  the
Avenue is lhe Sj^ of Lol 34,
Block 228, D. L 545. Price;
$3,000 on very easy terms,
See our list of North Lonsdale
213 Lonsdale Avenue
Life insurance uompsnyi'SHw muss
Laiiilaml Osltle (ininpuiiy, J -til.; Tnmn
tu  linaiury t!uiii|iany, LHl.j  William
Milu iliiiiiiiiiiiyi tsW-s.'
'die fulluwiug cnmnsiiios liave b'snu
awarileil cortilit'slua of incorporation 1
Alliumi Investments, Mil.; A. N. Oi)0(|
eve |k lldinpaiiy, Lit),; Assets Hoali/u-
tiuu   -   Invealmenl   i'oin|iiin.y,   Mil.;
Auioiiiuiii' (JbII Catniwi)}' of ths Dopi
Inion of OlMtfit, Md.; Jl. P. Little
('onstrnetinn uJumpsuy, Mil I'sundian
Nnrlh wust Steel Hompaiiy, Mil,; i'uuu
■liuu Aulsmstio Pswler Hnin|iaiiy, Ltd.;
lianiiiliuii Light A I'nwiir Ilu., LH!.;
Uarior Dewsr Orows Cpinpsny, Mil-i
Ulty ami Provincial Betstos, LU.; Col
niMnnnisyir^iW'i wntt 9m »
iliii'.'i < '.>iii)in 11 \, Ltd.; Ciiiiiis I'lilinin;;
Compsny, Btd,I UQHSIininrs Huplusivu.-
l'uni|iiiny, Ltil.; tjuantopolltaii ri.il>;
llumininii (las' Hompany, Lti|,| I',. H
lllcketts Ainiiui'iiii'ul Hompaiiy, Ltd.;
Frit/ Kleiner iVwIng _ Mulling Hum
pany, Ltil.; Uorduu Hlver I'ower linm
pany, Ltd.; Qreat Western 1'rinliiig k
i'ublisliiug lluiiipsny, Ltd.; ilale Hi Cum
pany, Ltd,; Hill, Wall k Cumpauy,
l.i.l.l II. Williiiniuiin Compauy, Ltd.;
II. C, M. Hyudicalu, Ltd.; Indian finer
Hiii'.i'l  Company,  Ltd.|   InturiiHlioiial
11,unu I'11 iuluml ni     1'miii,'. 1    t'o.,   Ltd.;
Iiivermere Contracting Company, Ltd.;
I.XL. Lsuiidry, Ltd.; Jamea Thump
asn k Sum, Ltd.; Juliliaou I'aitit k
Varnish Cumpauy, Ltd.; 1 umi,,,,,
llulil Cu., Ltd.; Kelowua Huruue k
Mm liim- Wurks; Ltd.; |-ing Fnutweur
Co., Ltd.; Miiiiiiiui- Motor Car I'nni
pany, Ltd.; Mullisun bisters, Ltd.; Ne
gulialnrs, Lid.; Nelaon Tent A Atnnnu
MmiiiMi.-ihiin;j I'uinpany, Ltd.; Nurth
West 1 '..11,111.1 1 un ini. 1 ui t'umpuuy
Ltd.; i'i lumi I'l-imiiui imu Company
Lid.; Keally l''inauciurs, Ltd.; Helium-
Inveetuieiit _ lluilding Cuinpany, Ltd.
Hitckie-Agnuw Power Company, Ltd.
Umi..- Uniiu k lm.'.luiiiii Company
Ltd.; iiiiiiiiiii. Brokers, Ltd.; . W.
Hi.lluv I'umpuny, Ltd.; Staples Meruri
ties Hompaiiy, Lid.; Tainerlou Waler
I'oinpuny, l.ld.; United Fariw i- Ltd.;
I'lopiu Club, Lid.; Vuu,iniMi l-iu iiii.niiili n. Ciiutpauy, Ltd.; Vancouver
Huulty Cuinpauy, Llii.; Van Hrliinidt,
Lid.; Victoria Vuiuuuver Hcvt'lupiiicui
k I'unstrui'liun I'uinpany, Ltd.; Wesl
Cnu.il Develupmeiil Cuinpany, Ltd.;
Wcsl   ■Imui'lum   Morlguge   t'ninpany,
Ltd.;   Vn in 'i   Orange  llall Cum
pany, Ltd.; Wriglil Investment Cum
pany, Ltd.
Athletic Club Dance
The North Vaneouver Athletic Club
will buld their usual dance nn Tliurs
day eveuing in the Club Kuom ul 8.311,
corner, uf Luusdale and   Ksplanade.
hirudin lu muitdi'ii blacking makei
boutt and shuev very black
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows the Monarch, If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, il will pay you to investigate, the Monarch. It costs leu, lasts longer and
burns less coal or wood dian any olher malleable range
sold in Norlh Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88 105-7 EspUnade W«l
1 ' *
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody.
$250 cash and $30 a month.
Apply 104 bplanade, West
Locsl Agents fsr British Empire Hans Iasursncs Co., London Assurance
Vs will bs pUsss* to han listings; aim ketut for aals et rant.
Vhettm ■•% 9. Ht 99
Humor tnd
Ir tivficAM m. smith
IWBNT to see a clrcui onoi,
When t Wss vsry young.
Ths lulfss win bailer, you can bat,
Than shy elnco then iprung.
I laugbad al every alnale wurd
Tb> down msn sad to aay.
liy poor old dad ba almost bad
To carry n» ewsy.   ■
Tbs elephant waa oulu as |ar|S
Or larger Iban lbs lent.
The tall ulinnv, I ilu believe.
"MWslnlfiVsKl.i' a denl."
When tht! hyena looked al you
Vou bad to hold yeur breath.
Tbs lion rusrsd iu vsry loud
It aoared yuu moat to death.
But In tbs crowded olrous ring .
Waa where you saw (ha alsliis-
Tbs nrstly mlaa who walked around
In brlshi. baapunsled llghta;
Tha lugglar, wlio could balsnce chairs
And tablts on his nuia;
Tbe hero on Ihe high trapiii,
Who dangltd Irom bla lues.
A clrcui lha| will equal that
Again I'll never tee.
Tlity KM me ihey are bigger now.
Tu lhal I can'l agree.
Though many Ucrea more ol tenia
Ara crowded un Ihe apot.
At lean ihey do uul iteiu ao large,
And iteming couuii a lol.
engagements to treui kindly.
It msj not bs s disgrace in bt fttm.
6mall Boy'a Dsy.
The sirens nomss to inwni
Ths clown
Is grinning wlda.-
Thl lent
Ths siiphmi
ll munching peanuts hy Ihi sscS.
Hut oii llu truck
Tbs horn'i prunci,
And iIiiim who dines
Ths bareliack let
Arrayed. In fail.
In clolbes ss few
Tiny wnnldn'l .H*
in bill or inn
¥» ravor* win
Hii Chaise.
"Kim wears beautiful tblugl, doesn'l
"Ves; you list."
"Willed of llii'in do you sdntlre lbe
"Well, I think bsr complsslou sud
,   Nst Tee Muoh,Tims,
"You ibutild hove but ons clock In
tbs hollas,"  observed the sage  wbu
(bought  nolhltig of settliig a whole
compauy ligbl on spine Hills polnl.
"And why!" Iliuldly usked oue ut
bia iiuiiii.-- "Isu'l there Iiuis euougb
to go arouud'f"
"It Is not through isck of time, for
you must kuow'ihat Ibe sums lime is
used by sll without perceptible crowding, but If you buss one rloek you
know Ibat It keeps the correct time.
if you bars a down no two of Ihem
agree, and you are slwaya In doubl."
"lu otber words, you sweur by ons."
"Yes. sud swssr st s down."
"Wbat Is s bypocrller
"He's lbs msn wbo tails you tbst
your rssdy made suit of clolbes looks
ss good ss lbs espenslTs toggery of
your neit duor neighbor."
"As good ss bis ownT
"Not on your life."
Thilr breveti iry
Tn kick hou> tp thi iky
Oh. my,
Tin loud bran bind
Fllli up thi ilr
And don in mire
Tninskoyou glad Ibal you an ibirs.
Wbal tu».
I'rlfiirlin-K nn tbi tall Ulptll
As in ihs uppir sir lha* away
IJkt fairy blrdi upon Ihi wins
And Sack ind forth ucb other fling,
Than drop
And ai a rocket go
Into lha nn lbatra down ntlowl
Thi clown
Kulli down   .
A time or two.
Thia tries to ihsw wbu bi can do,
And, bleu my syis,
It's a «oi prln
To ssi
That bs
Is a pirformir In dllgUlM.
Thui rum thi ihow,
Without a ilnili momint llow.
Whin It la deaa we hate Is go.
"See thoso bargains! In tbs window!
Tbs proprietor hud bailor move Usui
"For wbst rasson? Tbsy don't seem
to bs Id dsngsr."
"Not now, but tbsy .will bs. Mf
wife msy come slong tbis wsy. snd
sbs Is Just SS likely U oot to breuk
through tbs (Isss to get st Ibein."
N   tl
Nssdful Toe.
"Hhe's going to
marry Clarence."
"Of sll Iblngsl"
"Burst Sbe soya
tbst bis manners
are perfect"
"Uut bow's bis
tl   «
A tuggsstlsn.
"I need some money."
"Tbst Isn't unique."
"No, bul I sm trying ts think ot
soms scheme I csn work In order to
get It."
"Hu tt occurrsd to you lo work
At I Later Vlsw.
" 'Tis belter to bsvs lovad snd lost"—
"Ob, I don't know."
"But bave you ever bad Iba siperl-
"let, only I won wheu I lost"
"Does your wlfs believe lu sulfrsgef
"Sbs sure dues"
"Oo youf
"I'srdutt ine If I etsmlns the rooa
lor s db'ingispb before niiiwerlng.''
AH Mepped Out,
"Wbsi do you propose |o du'f"
"Ask the nose to double my sslsry.'
"It be dues wbst will be lbs Hrst
thing yuu will So Ibsuf"
"I M up 'I' l'l '
Gnat Ides. ,
"Wbst Is your Idss of ernnomr ll
tbs household, llsuisr
"(letting my busbsn. i.o sbsvs blmsell snd SUl out hsll guinea '
A Solution.
"My dssr, we must soonomlv.'
"Wby drsg ms uf  If ynu must, 11
so, sod tbsn I wm, I ss ve to.
Keep II Back,
when Um relorl you plan lo Mg
li loidid wllh i Ulna
lust fold Iboii cruel words swsy
And tl Ik tbout tbe spring.
Be prepared for
the cold and miserable weather by
purchasing one of
-otif heaters-	
We have thirty
different styles for
both wood and
coal and every one
is guaranteed
—'       ■ 'mmmnmmM.
Give us a trial
paine & McMillan
Don't Take Chances!
Business men and business honsss
sis usually: judged by the printsd mat
tar tbsy send out.
Osu yuu afford to take clianiss wllh
your printing when goad work is this
Uns costs little, tf suy, mors,
We Do Good Work
First Street But,  Nortb Vaueouver
Just Arrived
Evening Shoes for the Ladies
We bsvs Just received s large etnslgnniciit of Evening Shoos aud Dancing Fumgs from Euglsud. They romprlss soms of tbe best Slioss nuuiufac
turad. All strictly baud made witb cut steel and oxidised eilver buckles,
iu Suede, Pslsnt sud Oiace Eld. Tbe dsucing season Is at baud aud It
will pay you ts come and look tbem over before going elsewhors. PBIOBS
ABB BIOHT sud for tbs ladles wbo like to be well abed, there is nothing
■"   '  - m-    •' '   ' " '-1- -   '   "       '■'-'■  '
Everybody's Shoe Store
Td. 393
To Succeed in Buiineu YOU MUST Advertise
CO, have moved
to 59 Lonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanades


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