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 m wr   *M -A ^
?PHWB 18
NOBTH VANOQ0VBB, B. 9, TOWWA?i 9^099999 l*i !»»■
nrfftWW -fr*.
Afternoon Gathering
,.,*9» 9 0- Imi PsffPffHw'" b»»iy
An ubbreviatod session of tbe city
eiiiim-il lmii. plui-c yesterday nfteruoon,
I] Aid. McBau presiding in tho absonce of
Ik ftp ffi»ypr. No business of importance
''IM tr»oe**ted.
'       Mr. Kdward Boss registered an epis-
,. tolatory kick against tho condition of
Ilie plecp of road botween 17th stroet
and Fell a venue.     Tho missive   was
Imiiileil ovor to tho board of works.,
t   j A letter also emauutod from Mr, ti.
9. Iluuie}', referring to his proporty,
I   kit 66, block 166, subdivision 274, which
be is renting to Mr. McMillan for stabling Ul"' wtjielf lias been  Hood ml  by
several inches of water,
r      Aid. Dick said ho bad not iced   it
jmself.   It was certainly flooded,    It
euld probably be easier to raise the
riding tban   to   build   a   culvert
'Aid. Smith agreed.   The mul 1st, be
sid, certainly rcipiired attention
Tbe council, thcroforc, refcrrod it to
Mr. Hanes, the city engiueer.
Mr. slnnies P. Fell wroto in acknow
li.'dgmcnt of the council's letter re the
establishment of a militia corps in
North Vancouver. Mr. Fell intimated that be was writing (0 the staff
officer in Victoria asking him to como
over at bis earliest couvenienco to
iuspect tbo proposed site as it would
bave to meet witb his approval before
tbe Dominion government would adopt
ii fnr this purpose
Aid. Diss reminded the council tbat
tbey wero going to lake ihe bylaws up
011 Thursday night. He asked tho clprk
to look into the legal points of the
abovo matter and buve Ihepi in nfasli
ness for tbem. n-
The city engineer then reported
upon tbe recent washouts on Lonsdale
Avenuo. It had beon caused, he said,
V by tbe water coming into tbe city
from the district. Tbis, ho described,
as a "usual and periodical occurrence.". Tbe culverts were not constructed to Iako cure of tho large
amount of surplus wator. A consider
able portiou of the water which came
down on November 17th fouud its way
through tbo culverts which had been
constructed by the city, aud tho bal-
ance crossed tbe property of Mr. Wat
son, architect, and tbo proporty of Mr.
Armytago. It would coBt about $7(1(1
to repair tbo damage done to l.ons
dalo Avenue, and Mr. Hanej recommended that the district council bo
asked to bear tbe cost of same.
In answer to Aid. Dick, Mr. Hancs
said tbis estimate was for repairs to
Lonsdale Avenue ouly.
The subject was left over for discus-
I sion on Thursday night whon the ma
yor will probably be present.
1 Ut, Shophord thou read a letter from
tho H. Pi Trust Corporation, rolalive
to ferry nutters. Commencing witb
a reference to au interview with the
council yesterday morning, tlie letter
stated that tbe corporation bad considered the requests of the coinmltteo
to bave tbe following clauses:
"Tbe company shall be at liberty
to create any further mortgage or
chargo ranking pari passu wilh the
moneys hereby secured provided such
mortgage or charge Is guaranteed by
tbe Corporation of the Clt yof Nortb
Vancouvor, provided, however, tbat the
company shall uot be at liberty te
create auy further mortgage or charge
unless guarauleod by Ibe city without
the consent In writing of tbo trustees,"
Tbe letter coulluued lo tbo effect
that tbo corporation regretted, but
mey wero unable lo meet Ibe wishes or
tbs committee as tby cannot change
,the provisions of Ibe trust deed in nnj
manner without the consent in writing
tt all the holders of the original de
benturcs, "As we presume tbe de-
tares aro not all iu Ibe bands of
MO Wty, you will readily soe tbat
it would be neit, to impossible to obtain tbe consent of overy ono of Ihe
holders. Tbe best and ouly course to
pursue at< tbis timo is to follow tbo
lines laid down at tbe interview and
let tbe future look after Itself."
Aid, Dick moved tbat tho council
adjourn Into committee of tbe whole for
deliberation on this important matter.
Aid. Dick incidentally called attention to the satisfactory reduction of
tbe tie insurance basis rate from It
cents to 80 cents, conceded in view of
the improved fird service in North
diiniiiei:! of mill' nnd their eminence
of success as tbat pf John h. 1'aton.
largely owing to tlio heroic laburs in
tlie New Hebrides Islands of the south
sons Christianity rules and churches
aland and the peopls and scenes whom
tho seeds'of faith and hive were sown
not ouly in tears, but in tears qf
Wood-" to deaths oft."
The lecture is under the auspices
qf the St.' Andrew's 9tyt' C\»V which
ip addition  to athletics, games, etc,
takes np the study this winter of the
lives qf missionary pioneers.
An invitation is extended tn all
and a collection will be tnkon for the
funds qf. the Club.
Ill eiiiiseipience of Ills' extension of
ih.' water mains, increase iu Um mini
ber of hydrants in the residential dis
tricts, erection end equipment qf new
lire hall sin I.iiii street, end other gen
oral improvements made by the cjty qf
North Vancouver, Hie basis fire iusur
luce rate of dwellings within the Off.
poralo limits qf tbo city are now re
sliiceii from 76 cents to 60 cents. This
com i' .-ion, embodied in a commuuica
tion from Iho Mainland Firo Under
writers' Association came into effect on
December 1st.
Second Narrows Bridge
Plans Finally Approved-Dominion Subsidy
Increased—Early Construction A
At a nesting qf tbe Hoard qf Directors   pf   Hurrarsl    Inlet    Tunnel   ami
Bridge Company held yesterday afternoon, report* were submitted qf au exceedingly favorable nature with reference to an early commencement of
construction on Second Narrows bridge.
It has lieen llnully decided thul a
liridgo witb every provisiou to answer
all requirements can bs constructed
for tbe sum of $8,100,000- The Board
ileiiniiely approved draft plans as submitted by iicsiiii'iii Engineer Mr. v..
Crutwell and instructions to tbat effect
havo beou cabled tbe tirm of Sir John
Wolfe-Barry and Partners iu Lqodon,
by whom all necessury stops will be
taken to innvii affairs forward witb the
utmost expedition.
Tbe company has met witb a most
encouraging reception at tbe bands of
tlie government at Ottawa. Tbo cabinet has confirmed tbo subsidy of $200,-
000 ulerusly voted and hs* agreed that
au additional amount of (360,000 sba|l
Iiii v.iiud to bo availablo uext season,
making In all a Dominion subsidy of
1660,000. The Board qf Directors have
arranged a conference with Premier
M■• Itri.l.', to bo held next week at
which thP wbolo matter will be laid
befqre him, with tho request that the
provincial subsidy of (2611,000 nlreudy
,VOted,     bq     increased   In   enable      Ills'
Compuny to meet the larger cost qf
tbo structure ss apprqvod.
Takcu altogether tbe prospects with
roferauce to the bridge could not well
be brighter than they ore ut the pros
ent time, and there is overy, assurance
-of tbe matter moving right aloug wilh
out interruption to tho construction
and completion of the bridge.
Ferry Directors
Recognize Brave Act
Jack Newton Presented Witb Substantial Oboquo—Mayor to Bocommend
Newton for Much Coveted Medal,
Tbo Board of Ferry Directors at
tho regular mooting yesterday sum-
uioncd beforo thorn Mr. Jack Newton
one of tbe number throe crew, who,
it will bo remembered, jumped into tbe
Inlet ou a dark Sunday nigbt aud rescued from tbo daugerous backwash
close to tbo wharf a Vancouyer man
wbo attempted to leap aboard the
forry. ' The directors at a previous
meeting had received a report of tbis
incident from Manager Heard and bad
subsequently decided to recognize
Newton's courageous action witb a
cheque for $60.
This Mayor McNeish presented to
Newton. His Worship expressed the
pleasure it gave bim to burnt to Mr.
Nowtou ou behalf of tbo ferry director
ate, a cheque for the amount mention
ed "in recognition," the Mayor added, "of your manly service in saving
tho lifo of a fellow citizen." Continuing bis worship paid a tributo lo
men ol Newton's stamp, inasmuch as
it was such men who had mudo Ihe
empiro what it is todoy. The mayor
iiiiii.t intimated that an effort would
be made to bring his bum- aet before
tho Boyal liumauo Society, bis worship promising to do his best personally.
Newton mado a neat little speech of
thanks. Tho directors could not, bo
said, bavo given bim a more acceptable*
reward, particularly at this time whon
bis wife, after a severe illness which
bad necessitated the attendance of four
doctors, was just ou tbo road to recovery. Tbia, be incidentally informed
the directors; was tbe seventh occasion
ou which bo hsd saved life. The last
time bo did so it was two boys whom
be took out from uuderneatb 84 logs,
Uo thanked tbe directors very much for
this recognition.
Tbo mayor asked Newton to meet
Mr. Kemp, tbo secretary, and givo bim
delaila qf all tbe other cases aud be
(the mayor) would do wbat bo could
te get bin tbo decorations of. tbe Boyal   Humane Society.
During tho session tho directorate
accepted tbo invitation extended to
tbem by tbo management of the Lonsdale Theatre to boMtjscut at tbe open
Ing on Monday nigbl.
As a sequel to tbe public meeting
held on Tuesday nigbt, a motion was
carried discharging tbe committee ap
pointed te interview ths C. p, H. and
the il. T. P. tp connection wilb tb*
overhead bridge.
Mrs. Geo. H. Morden, Socond street,
cast, will not receive on Thursday.
Tho board of school trustees convene
in tbo board room at tbe central school
tomorrow evening.
Mrs. Artbur Davies will not receive
tomorrow but will rocoive tbe seeded
Wednesday in January.
Mr. Wm. Murilen, well known in tbe
roal cstato circles of tbis city, is re
visiting North Vancouver this week.
Por somo mouths ho has been in California.
Mrs. C. II. Heaven will receive on
Wednesday, liltb, aud op the second
Wednesday of each mouth at the Colonial Apartments, 10th stroet cast,
from '1 to i p. m.
At the revision court wbicb sat yes
tenluy at tbe city ball, certain names
which had been registered qn December 7th were disallowed on the grounds
thst Iho voters' lists closed on Nov
ember 30th.
Mr. H. Taylor Hrcwiti left tbe city
on Tuesday evening laat for a trip lo
the old couutry whore be is expectsd{
to arrve in time for the Christmas
holidays. Mr. Brewitt ia travelling
via tho States, and will visit many of
tho larger cities en route,
A quartetto of reckless imbibers
wore Ihis morning Sued for tho lnca|i
ability wbicb resulted. W. J. Cdstollo,
A. Mcintosh and O. Moiklo bad to band
oul $2,60 and costs. Joseph l,u 1'lanl
was'liiid twice that Itatftypt lor Jiurl
The story of Jehu I.. Pston, illus
tratcd by lantern, slides, will be the
subject qf a lectul'c by tbe Bov. Bon
eld Maclood in 8). Andrew's Presby
lerlae church on, Thursday evening
Jnext at 6 o'clock. Few lives are so
(marked by their intensity pf seal, tbeir
soblonoss of self ^acrjflce, their absn
Tho local Bauk of British North
America, which has hitherto been
classifies! with the Vancouver branch,
has uqw been given separate entity
One more proof of the faith whicii
great llrms sum to havo in tbe futu
of Nortb Vancouver.
On Thursday afternoon any even
ing tbe annual bazaar and dinner of
tbe Udics' Aid Society ot/st. Au
draw's Prcsbytorien churon will lie
beld. There is promised a /ood display
of articles for salo and a jfuppcr which
will be replete witb good things.
On Tburs."sy of tbii week a joint
meeting of the session and managers
of Knox cbureb will Ip hold to discuss
the situation produce! by Hie appliea
tion of North Louslalu Presbyterian
cbureb to tbe.missi u board for the
exclusive services of Mr. B. vsu
Muuster from J ii una y 1st uoxt. Meet
ing In church at 8 ('clock
hf> Wiled fo the building toois
The epptehi *I>BII rl«>dif»W, \m tui)
sito, will rppresnpt » value of *Mft
$12,000, whicl) uniuniit hn» boen provided for hy tbe members of the OOf
gregetion, except the revouuo derived
I'l'uio' Un' snip of the old church site,
ets.,   the   pipe   organ,   d'pnntjrl   by
Ihs' First nuptial church Of Vuncuu
.vor, apd a mortgage of $3/100. During the nine months of tbe present pastor's leadership tho church lum reduced tbo grant from the Home Mission
Board from $700 to $200 aud increased
tho pastor's salary $200, contributed
$76 to missions and begun and completed the now ' iin.'.'is building. The
membership of the church has increased
about 100 per cent, At tbo beginning
of the new year tbo mission board
hopes to provide an assistant to perpiil
Mr. Prosaer giviug moro attpntiou to
wnrk at Lynn Vulley where it is probable the Baptists will build a church.
The young men of the congregation
aro equipping the grouml floor of Ibe
new church with a ruadiug room, gym
ua: mm end lecture room, etc. ai a
cost of about $600, a large amount ot
wTiifh'-i*,,jumv iu hand. Mr. Norman
V. Cross ofTlyTH*J[al|oy was tbe ar
chitcct and conlracter^ylhas proved
himself  eniiuenj
plote Ihe wydT he undertook D^jbe
fullest solrnfnction
9m vm
BtJOMS FOB BKNT-flnnsekesplag.
218 2nd Street- put;
TQ B|BNT-Nice (J-roowed, l*i. Apply Lonsdale Pupp|y Stores, )U1 Ions-
dale Ayeuuji. •       If,
FOB BENT-flne suite, OpIwM
Apartments. Telephone and heat Included, t.f,
Furqished' House, t rooms, e'ose Ip,,
$38. John Alexander I Co., 121 Um-.
dale Ave.. 16-11
TO BBNT—Booms-Suit ene or two
gentlemen, near Lonsdale. Board ar:
ranged, 102 Keith road east.      11-11
TO IifT-FurnisM Pelifpmi* bungalow, six rooms qn Ninth street east
between St. Andrew's and Bidgeway.
FOB KENT Lousdslo Avcuue, mod
oru 0 room house. Immediate possession. Apply Irwin, Billings * Po.,
Limited. t.f
TO BENT-Choice modern suites on
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Op.,
North Vancouver. M;
pening of Lonsdale
Theatre Last Evening
Last night the splendidly appointed
theatre on Lousilalc Avenue was officially opened before an uqdicuce which
exceeded its seating capacity of 800.
The muyor, supported bebiud the footlights by Mr. W. J. Irwin, tbo owner,
ami Mr. Palmer, of Palmer, Burmestcr
& Von Qrucvcuitz, the lessees, made
a brief speech of congratulation and
■ Is, I.n,,I Ihe building formally opcu to
the public. Mr. Irwin and Mr. Palmer
also made brief speeches. Tbe audi
once then settled dowu to the enjoyment
of a capital programme, particulars of
which, together with a full descrip
linn of the event, will be published lu
Priiiay 'a issue
The new  theatre
1st street west by M
a cost of $36.111111. is
structure, but will
bo erected on
McDonnbl at
' a two story
sufficiently strong to curry*!..' storeys
The tbestro will occupy the larger half
of tbe building, alongside ox which
there will bo stores. The riggi
of tbo theatre will bo carried
second story, thus making provision
for staging ■' conditions warrant.
ing mn Imi..- rhetoric at tbe
A meeting of (be Joint Civic Advertising Committee was held on' Tuesday evening |n the civic information
and labor bureau, 14 Ijonsdajo Avenue.
Tbe manager's report waa rotd which
showed that sines /one 12th to Nov.
30tb, 781 males and 29 females found
employment, proving conclusively, the
utility «*HA* tics. The correspondence is fast increasing u letters bsve
come from all part* of tbp old country,
Canada and the United States, all' d»-
slring information and particulars generally of this growing city. The office
Is alao much taken advantage of by
strangers and general callers desiring
Information of all kinds and covering
a|| questions refstiag to the city and
district. An enquiry was asked on bs-
half of * prospective manufacturing
concern whether ths city was proper
ed tq grant any concession* te encout
I Age mV M tMrntfl'
Mr, and Mrs. A. I«feaux returned
this week from tbeir honeymoon trip
to Seattle and Southern California.
Mrs. J. Lawson and family, Hollyburn, bavo returned from an extended trip through England ""' Seal-
tTbo Conservative Association mot
at Mr. Geo. Oourlay's qn Wednesday
ovening last al"l .spent a very prod
ab|c evening.
Mr. J. Alexauder ha* let a contract
to Mr. Kobersto.ii for tbe remodelling
of his store at Hpllyburn. Mr. Alexander lulls It necessary to greatly increase his storo space te cope wilh tbe
fast increasing trade.
On December Uth, to Ut. and Mrs.
Thos. ilrenfcii, corner of Sth and lonsdslo, a boy,
On December Oth, te Mr. aod Mrs.
Joseph Summerlcld, of lllh and Bldg*
way, a hey.
On December loth, to Mr. and Mrs,
1. Mclicod, of 4tb and Moody, a hoy.
On December Oth, to Mr- and Mrs.
Deck of Mb street west, a girl.
On Dec. Ifth, tp Mr. and Mrs. 1.
Morgan, liynn Valley, a bey-
First Baptist Church
To Be Opened Sunday
Tbe First Baptist cbureb here will
Ise di-dleiili'd with sppropriste services
on Sunday, December l.'ih Bev. II.
F. Perry of Ibe First Baptist church,
Vancouver, will preach tbe dedicatory
sermon at 11 a.m. Hev. II. F. Waring
M.A., qf Fifth Avenue church will
preach at 3.00 p.m. aud Bev, A. F,
Baker, B.A., of New Westminster, in
the evening at 7.30 o'clock. Ou Monday
evening at 8 o'clock a fellowship
meeting will bo held to which sll tbo
ministers of North Vaueouver will be
Invited aud a representative of each
denomination Invited to speak. On
Tueaday evening at 8 o'clock a emigre
gational meeting will bo held with all
Ibe Baptist minister* of Vancouver
ami vicinity prosout. Bev. 1). jt
Harkness, ef Winnipeg, the snperln
tcudeut of missions for weslorn Canada
will be at this meeting and take n
prominent part. Bev. David Long,
flev. Mr. Vansicklo and Bev, P. c.
Parker will also speak. Special music
will be provided for all tbeso services
consisting of anthems, solos, quartettes
etc. Mr- Bone Miller, musical director of the First Baptist church, Vancouver, »id his choir will provide tbe
fnuajc for tho Sunday afternoon ser
Vice snd Madame Ynl|sse with tbp
Fifth Avenue church choir, will bave
charge of the puslj pn Monday evening. The pipo organ will bo Installed
ready for use at these services. Tbe
public are cordially invited to attend
all these meetings. A special offering
will he received on Sunday wbicb will
FOB    BENT--Furnished,   superior
ninilom residence, choice location, close
iu; six rooms, and two sleeping porcb-
cs; rents moderate to right partiee.
ply in Irst instance by letter  to
A17, Kxprcss Office Sill
ToVsNT-Houae, 10th street East,
block fkm Jionadalo, 6 rooms, bath,
etc., cemeVt basement piped for furnace, lot 3&160, fenced and cultivated.
Bout, $22.6QY>r for sale, Apply tb*
Wood-Paige aboo Cq. if.
The balls of ke N. V. Pytbian Cutit
Hall Co. will bl ready for occupancy
ami engagement* on January 1st, 1012,
also store room is basement 20*80. For
tonus apply lol J. It. Badger, See.-
Treus, N. V. Pytlian Castlo Hall Cq.
The local Hoard of Trade hus now
au nils.i;sl soul. Its embosscil outlines
typify in a space the size qf a 60-cent
piece the various ambitious of North
Vancouver, sbippiug, railroad aud in-
sliis-trial aslvancemcnt lieiug plainly
symbolical. May lbc soul adorn
to. iiiiii oils furthering lbc welfare
tbo city.
Eipress Classified Ada.
WANTED-Boardcra.    Apply    Box
Id, Kxprcss office, for terms.      1212
WANTEIM'o   cxeavatqrsl   Earth
Apply  Wallace Shipyards  Ltd.     t.f
WANTED- flood  gasoline tins, VI,
cents each, lllh-hth street east. 2212
Wc have money for the purchase of
Agreements of Sale.   Canadian (Financiers Ltd., Hank of Hamilton Building.
WANTED   All    the  discriminating
people of North  Vancouver to leave
tbeir orders for Xmas Cakes now at
"Ths Scotch Bakery"    Quality tolls.
FOB SALE OB BENT   3 room house
In l.ynn Valley-, near car.   Apply Noil
Bros, 866 Homer Stroet, Vancouver,
FOB 8ALK-Flr Wood, HM pn
cold. Apply John Campbell, 827—Oth
street west or phone 361. 12-12
(FOB SALE -First growth dry wood
fo* $1.76 per cord, * ft. fl. JJepa.d*,
Plione »l. ftytfeJ, teaming,        t.f.
FOB dALE—Xmaa flake* In greet
variety at "Tbe Scotch Bakery," 136
Lonsdale Avenue. Leave your orders
now: 1012
Fur Nl) A wiiu kitten. Owner ca*
have same upon proof of ownership,
Cypress Qffico.
LOST Wat/b, Chsin and Binge. Be
turu to Hox/AW, Express Office. Reward, $10./ 18-11
outet and Nortb
t it at Lonsdale Pharmacy Phone M
Agreomsnts for Sale discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdalo Bealty On.,
636 Lonsdale Avenue, l'hono 317.    t.f.
B. C, Livery and Board stable*—
Light rigs and ladies' saddle bone*
for biro, Stabling for horses. Gen-
oral delivery tnd heavy teaming. H.
Dumaa, tth street west. Pbone 347 ti.
For plumbing, pipe fitting and eon-
necting see F. B. liermon, Frederick
Boad, Lynn Valley, or Pbons 184.   Uf.
Th,. North Vancouvor Dye Worka
44 Lonsdale Avenue, guarantee to Ae
as good work at cheaper prices than
you cau possibly get in Vaueouver.
Hive ua a trial, tbe result will speak
for itself. Phono 147.       t.f.
Tou can't beat "The Scotch Bakery" for quality . Nothing but highest grade materials used Xmas Cake*
tbp specialty. Shortbread, the ret)
Scotch Shortbread, only to be bad at
"Tbe Scotch Bakery." 19-11
The Truth students class will mf
ovory Tuesday evening at I e'e|o*k *f
tbo residence qf Mrs. Gallagher, Keith
road, near Bidgeway. Students desiring higher spiritual unfoldmsnt are
cordially invited to attend. if
Imported tailoring. GjSat'l sulta to
measure from $18, freight tnd dutr
paid, kundreds of samples. A pet*
card will bring tbem to your doer.
Bobert Smith, iill Clark Drive, Vaacouver.  Pbone hiitmapt 1M2B. 1011
Tused*y, Pec. lttb.-M«rt| Vtw«»w FoUlei at Horticultural HtU,
I o'clock.
fiintmiii   Den, U   Maotlns of Ichool Trustee* Centra! ichool, I
Wlnnnni   m*"   rrr.      i, n. iijp ffw  !ji'"'! I1    rrllri'"'!  \mr,'rm  'is Hl.'ill,  w
Wftnaairr  Dec. lS.-Jt. Andrew's tad OHHti't Society's Dtac*.
mm^mtmmamnmn/f    m~      ™'     -*■.•    .... ,. mm  n    - ■.■,    — - ,,-„,...  . -    ls*i'.I"n,f   w   TTJJI up
Horticoltursl HtU.
fT**rrmwrmmnwwmm    - .    ..
**^mm*\mff %mmt   I9*'~~^9fm*mmm%  V9   W99*m   fr^M^l^t   my   If •**/**•
TtimAtw   Die,  id —iMkimU ttft**Mr ttttb Duui. BoitlcnUuxil Hail.
Pr*mWmwe    mwrnmi     i^t,     ■"■)!" '.' '        \UI *mmf    rjmfmam   ewr .,,   .,    ae<\\    |       |    || ■ |    »f ■■■
FOB 8AI.K-Tbr«e 60-foot lots on
Quoeo street, Ave minutes' walk from
lamsdale avenue, IWO etch, one-third
c*th, (, 18 and 18 months. Apply
K., "Express" Office.
FOB 8ALE -Light delivery horse,
weight 1,000 -lbs. Oood all round
vanner- Ma Alexander k Co., 121
lonsdalo Avenue.; N. Vancouver,   tf.
Through having 'limited accommodation we w|ll sell Ibirty or more pullets
Jand oney*tr o|d heps, Black Wlpof-
cu crossed *HJr l»dl»e Game, shgly
or by the dosen. Apply f. V. Altec.
\fUtd Caravan, Esplanade W. in tbe foro-
nqen, oy Nye strset west pf tcbool if
W "W9&9P,. fp-lg
Sower connections in experienced
wqrkffen. flood fttdp iron plat. Wtffi
fully up to requirement fl city Inspection bylaw. Estimate* given. /.
Vincent, General Delivery, Nortb Vat.
mm: ,1-1
The City Pye.Worke, on ,
Slantde Eait and Utiiilt are I
'S'l1,1- —.   r    ■„    mjoT   '  .||I3'|i"UIj IT" .1
y virtu* pf IMU trnfu Offsnl
city to not only els**; tke etef
tin ItotoBi Bockjsti, its. of
tbey dry clean at th* snm *****
prices they k»v» tlwtyt etar*! If.
FflB 8AI,EHK*!tb ro*4 close
Boulevard, » room bouse, It,
m, WW bi»n fftfftm,
tot nwners own as*, '
rent subject t« sal*.
torn ifftf AMM..
T*T   fWffrf   iWrW   Iff
it' '■
with the best in the many fine linen we hnve prepared for
the ChriatmM denwnd,
Our showing of LADIES' HANDBAGS offer, the public
«■ i tho opportunity of lecuring the be»t values and newest
styles to be found on the Continent. Bags are being
bought daily from this stock to be presented as gifts, and
most appropriate and useful gifts they will be, because
every woman admires a pretty bag, and if she does not
possess one she longs to.
Our stock of SUIT CASES,-CLUB~BAGS a»d TRAVELLING CASES, in seal, walrus, alligator, pigskin
and other fine leathers, well fitted and well made, offers
the gift seeker a superior choice. You may depend on
every bag and case jn our store to give perfect satisfaction.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
We are handling a large amount of veneer panels and
can fill any order, large or small, in 14 days' notice. These
panels can be had from 6 to 36 inches in width and any
length up to 84 inches. We have finished two rooms in
a house being erected by Mr. Chas. Downer at the corner
of 14th street and St. George's. Call and see the panels
in place and then ask for prices,
Box 1719. . Phone 222.
Capital  I'aid  ll|i   $2,7(0,000
KesorVe * Undivided I'rolts   .1,81)0,000
Tolal   Assets    40,000,000
The average man nr woman seldom
develops tho habit ol saving until a
Savings Account kua been opened.
The possession ol such an account
acta aa an incentive—your natural
desire to see ihe lumi grow mcour-
agea that tendency to thrift so necessary to success. Nn matter how little
yuu can aftunl tn lay aside from the
weekly wago, open a Savings Account
in Ihe Bank of Hamilton.
C. O. IIITA WTN,   A"cut,
Nerlk  Vancouver'
Head Office:
We have the linest collection of
Shrubs, Bulbs, Boses, Wallflower, Hollyhocks, Holly, Privet, Carnations,
Bhododendrons, etc in the province.
' ■'"■       ......
Simpson & Wight
'•''""' Nurserymen end Florists
(i .„, .i
lM.1   V">'
. 1 . .1   '
Addressee  Meetini In Xanoo'l
emmMwwmnn-nn I *v- "HW      l^T.r^^T^TTTVTT r"
■ - -i'
Qn Fridisy night Mayor T»yl»F wo*-
ed the Inlet and addressed a meeting
of North Vancouver citiseus in parson's Pavilion, Tke attendance was
good and the mayor had no occasion
to grumble at his reception.
"It is something unique," be said,
in his opening remarks, "Ipr I .'audi
date for any official position tp some
to Nortk Vancouver to look for aup
port, However it shows that wben a
political fight la on or a fight for any
civic ollice in. tbe future that thoae
who are earneet in their efforts tp be
elected will bave to turn their attention
to some extant to North Vancouver,
and this place will in future will be one
of tbo important places for candidates
for tbe city. Perhaps some time in tbe
future it will be more ao, beceuse we
ie ibat after the Second Narrows
hridge ia completed tbe people of this
city will be tired of municipal affairs
smi tbey will be glad to join us in a
greater Vancouver. Tbat might be, as
the newspaper boya say, a pipe dream
en niy part. However, I know tbat we
have a large number of voters ovor
here and 1 say that it is only right
tbet the candidate fpr tbe chief office
of the city should come here, especially
one who bu beld tbe office for any
length of time, to give a history of
hia administrations! affairs to those
wbo have an equal right io hear bim
personally as bave those on tbe other
Tho mayor called attention te tke
fact that the Hecond Narrows bridge
constituted one of the first planks iu
bis platform when he first ran for tbe
mayoralty, and be thougbt tbere was
uutliing that waa going to be so heue
ll.'iul to the city of Vancouver and
tbe city of North Vancouver es tbat
bridge. Tbe mayor proceeded to deal
with tbe ijueatiou of municipally own
ed wharves and docks, and aaid that
iho combination of tke two would
bring shipping here. Tbe three
measures, therefore that bo was chief
|y advocating are the municipal docks
and wharves, tba building of tbe Dec
ond Narrows bridge and the construe
tion of tbe railway to tbe Peace Biver
District. On these mailers he bad uo
hesitancy in offering himself for tbe
position of meyor for the comiug
The mayor, after deprecating tbe in
iriislu.'ti.in of party polities into tbe
campaign, referred to Ibe meeting of
the Hood Government League, and tbe
packing of tbe meeting, ami said tbat
was the reason why tbe league wai
uot taking any aide ia ihis campaign
Continuing, he said tbat Ibe same influences were working in Ward 4.
Uut Monday Captain McSpadden aaid
tbat as far as the ward wu concerned, they bad got to make ibis fight
a political one, but be wu happy to say
that the majority of Ihe members pre
seut differed with the Captain and disapproved of bia sentiments. "We
have," uid tba mayor, Alderman
King's own word for it lut night that
be wu told the fight wu to be on tbat
line, and bad replied tbat ha would
never consent to it. All these things
point to tbe fact Ibat an effort ia going
to be ri.Jii.lt- to do Ibis, and I poiut
oul because 1 want to be distinctly un
derslood tbat Wben any of thl papers
make a statement lhat the mayor of
Vancouver is tha man wbo is respon
aible for Ibis tbere is not a word ot
truth in it , ,t would be one of tbe
greatest disasters that tka city would
bave if parly polities got into il«
midst, end if everyone clung to party
lines. If we bad wanted lo run on
party linee lul yeer II could have been
done. But there wu no party poliliea
and never bu been end never will be
u long u I bave anything lo do wilk
tka city bail."
Sir. Aleiander Pbilip aaid it wuuld
ill become tkem if Ibey allowed lae
meeting lo close without passing a
hearty vote of thanks to Ihe mayor,
who had rendered aplendid service, aet
only to Ike older cily, but also to North
Tha gathering over which Aid. Dick
presided, then disperud.
Junes Ltd., Van Aiitt Wtfw Co- UA„
VanConvies Island farm UnA Oo. UA.,
Weitein-iPemlnlon l*nd and Iflveft-
meni: tip. MA.
TkaflKjKet irrigation and <fntm
jjgpy'sSUpplies for a' waN-rpsord
jinrfflWncW? Creek and tne 'YpHowlwd
Pass Light and Powor (lo. Ltd, for records on Moose River »nd Fraser river.
Don't be a Washboard Slave
Ui the Blectric Current do Uu Drudgery Work of Wub Day let Tea
At a. Oost al Um Thm Thru Cents Per Hear
will dp Ibe WMking and
ringing pt your weekly
wash nnd aave yen a
world ef hard work.
Over 28,000 of theu
marhiuoa are ia me,
giving pirfict satisfaction.    .
All you have le do il
te attack a cord to an
ordinary lighting aoeket.
Tbe current doee tbe
teat. (Ml al eur office,
60 Lonsdale A venae,
and bave the machine
N,B.—While at out inleeroom look over tbe bandy electrical applianree
' wbicb  weald make useful  Christmas presents.
Lynn Valley Notes
Mr.'P. 8. Purrows of Vancouver will
shortly occupy his brother's residence,
on Fromme road.
Melville and Sons bays boon awarded tbe contract for tbe construction of
seven new bouses for tbe J. P. Crawford
Mr. A. I*. Burrows left yesterday In
single harness for the old couutry,
where he will spend tho winter. Mr.
Burrows is espected to return early
neit apring in double harness,
Mr. L. lloaeli mush appreciates the
kindness of his neighbors who volun
leered and gave their service in the
ru erection of bis bouse on Hoskips
Boad which met with a mishap some
days ago owing to a strong wind and
tbe early atage of its construction.
Tbe Batepayers' Association meets
tomorrow evening In tbe Institute ball
Church road, for general business and
tba nomination of councillors for the
ensuing year. This.meeting is of great
interest to ell residents and proporty
owners and should produce a record
On Wednesday, Dec. 6th, the trustees
of ths Lynn Valloy Institute had
moat entbuaiutic meeting, everyone
feeling very optimistic over the now
ball which is now under construction.
Tbey eipect to be ablo in a short time
to announce the opeuiug of the hall in
a manner befitting Lynn Valley. Tin
ball is being built for tbe use of public
gatherings of all kinds. It will bo
furnace boated throughout eud will
bavo a seating capacity of over JiOO lie
sides having a commodious stage.
We bave money for tbe purcbue of
Agreements of Bale. C'anadiau Financiers Ltd., Bank of Hamilton lluilding,
TAKE NOTICE that tbo committee
appoiuted by the council to correct
and revise tbe list of voters for tho.
asst current year will sit in the city
hall, on Mouday tbe llth dey of December, 1011, at tho hour of 10 o'clock in
the forenoon.
AND TAKE NOTICE tbat the liat
u prepared, containing the names of
tbs registered owners only, will he post
ed on tbe notice board iu Ihe vestibule
of the main entrain- to Hie City Hall
on 6th December not, aud may bo
seen by everyone iuterestd.
City Clark
Hie Honor the Ijealeaaat Governor
la Council has been pleased te make tke
following appointments:
Perry Douglu Bowe of Port Moody
in Ike county of Westminster, lo be
a justire of tke peace fee Ike province.
Ernest T. W. Peue ef Kaaloepo, lo
be a stipendiary magistrate for the
county of Cariboo.        \
Katie provincial licensee have kwea
Issued te tke following 'oapenlas:
British Columbia Farm* Anuria
tion lid., Deaasrly, Wateea A Brown,
Ud, aad Iba Walter Mil aad Co.
Tbi following ban been, granted
certificate! of incorporation:
A. B. lokutoae tie. Ud., Bowman
Investment Co. lid., Coquillam Town
site Co. UA., t- J. Kiagiley Ud. Dig
gin, Fisher A Ce. Ui., Homer fa
duitriai Association Ltd, lohn M.
Cbeppell, Ui., Kydd Bree. Ltd, I.yt-
Un Hotel Co. Ui., Oeddwtal "
9*^m*l    waT99^r*j*l*9     tW*^t*WM%)    t*a\sf    9*999*
NOTICE is hereby given tbet tbe
first silting of tbe Annual I'ourl of
Keviaion of the Municipelity of ths
City of Nortb Vancouver will be facl.l
in tbs City Hall, North Vancouver,
II. (,'., on Thursday, ths 4tb
day of January, ISIS, at 8 o'clock
in Ihe aflernoon for tbe purposo of
hearing ocmpleinti against tbs As
eenmeats u nude by tbe Aiseuor and
fef revising end correcting Ihi As
Msemiot Boll.
Aay person making complaint
against tbi anewmsnl must give no
tie* ia writing lo Iks Asssssor of tbe
ground of bis or ber complaint at
it ten daya befora Ibe data of tba
Irst annual sitting of tbe Court of
Dated at Nortk Vaacouver, B. C,
November Mrs-, If 11.
Oity Clerk.
NOTICE is hereby given that In pur
sasnee at Section 7, Chapter 116, He
vised Statutes, Gsjaada, Thomas 1.
Klckham, meaUf Mariner, and Harry
A. /earn, broker, have deposited a
(dan of a proposed wbarf end were
house and a description of Ike pronos
•d sjte wilb tbe Honoursbli tbe Min
titer of Public Works st Ottawa and
s duplicate thereof ia the Lend Ke
glstry Office al tbi Clly of Vaneouvir,
The ptafteeil site Is sltuati ia Nortb
Viicourer and is >3 I in fwt out of
Mahon Avenue prodaced led is 100
fut ia widlb. ^
Halite is also given that at Ibi expiration of one month from date apjdi
cation will be made to ths Governor
in Council  for approval thereof.
Dated at Vanrouvir tbe 6th diy of
December, AD. Ifll.
Uwm   fn their toWm, T. 0, Townley.
, JtwJ, tW-
tbBank of Briti^North America
CapitolP»idUp,$4,866,666, iWwM$2,652,333
'J..     HI I I . .11
l Offices jn North \gwowi^-l
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
k Saving Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,
Interest allowed at current rates.
Banker'* Money Orders issued.
J.STEPHEN   -, -   -   -   -   -   -   Manager
Kerrisdale Brancli-rJ. N. Cran, Manager.
We solicit (he trade of all builders who appreciate
Hjgh Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
North Lonsdale
50 fi. lot on QUEEN STREET, facing south . ,$350.00
$67.50 cash    $15 monthly.
100x132 on NYE STREET $925.00
$300 Cash, 6. 12 and 18 months.
66x182 CORNER opposite IVJr. Nye's new homesite.   A
splendid location overlooking 5 acres of improved
grounds near the Park on Lonsdale $850.00
One-third cash, 6, 12 and 18 months.
COR. NYE STREET.    Tel. 87. Te| 4l
■ —■—■ — ■■  —»■-■' ■—        i       i  '        i     i- ■   ■■      i.. ■- ■■
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.        Assets $ 111,000,000
4th Street West.        H. DUMAS.        Phone 347
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo.
Boornro bbavbe board     metal uth
HtaUls Muds to ngmlncitljm.  All BstlrasUs Fumlslied Frss.
Ws Om tnd will Bave You from 10 to U0 per cant, on All Patau, Oils,
VWBisfcM, ItC.
P.O. Boi IW. JsUpkow 3«,
Cbrislnss 1-ards  it to 6He
Hoyt1 Books  lie to nn,
pettimet  ite to HM
UbotolstM  ..foe to HM Imi.
Weir Htuibn Wc to HM
Ullituy Ututbet ....♦) to « palt
Toilet tie!,, Plumy  It to IW
Ha/sir Htrops  Mc to HM
(igtii  SUV lo n.tn Nr
Tol»c<o Couches ..]....t»c to HM
Hot water Iwl lies, guaranteed
two ymn lot  HM
K. J. TYSON, Prop.
■ Fdcral Mhtoterg Reply
Borne Interesting Questions and Ait
SWan t» tilt Ptt*™a House
flip' following list of qupstioiis and
answers niiuin upon tbp floor of llm
Dominion llousp pf Commons last woos
is taken from lliinwiril anil will lm
found liy our readers to bo of interest:
Mr- Blckoriliko:
].  iii it tlio intention of tba ;;"•■ ■'■■'■"
input during  the  present  sossion  of
|iiii-liniii..iii to i-iini.iiiiit.i tho harbor of
Montroal a national and frop portf
ii   Mr. BordoilV
The itiiv.iriiini'iii intends nt tho our-
|        Host opportunity to make n i borough
study pf tba needs of all the Canadian
national ports
tl ■
Control of National Besources of West-
I am Provinces
'   Mr. Martin (Kogina):
I. Is thu government nwiire Ibat the
present Prime Minister during the Inst
election promised to favor a policy
of liundiiig over tn tho western provinces their mil mai resources!
II. If so, wliul steps linen Ilie government intend lo tuke toward iraple
meeting mn.li proinisot
■■■   U'I Hll, !■: IJ i H ■lj,"IUM       ggB
Ur. HntAtp:
). Yos.
3, T|ip slops w(|( im annonucpij in
parliament to Aot mm:
Fisheries Cruiser 'Kostrel'
Mr. Sfovonsi
I, Is tho liKhery cruiser 'Kostrel'
cniiili'iiiiii'il i   If sn, why!
8, Wlinn and where was she built,
ami by wlinmt
II. Has this vessel been satisfactory!
4. Whut was tho full cost!
Mr. Hasan:
I. No; owing to faster vessels now
being employed in the fishing fleet, it
lias boon docldod to obtain a more
suitable vessel.
3. Vancouver, llllli. Mr. A. Wallace, shipbuilder, Vancouver, B, C.
,'l, The vessel has dune good work,
but owing to altered conditions she is
not considered to como up tn the requirements of tho sorvico.
1.   $78,5110.
Japancso and Chinese In British Columbia
Mr. Stevens:
1, What is tho .lapnnoso population
uf lisiii li i 'iiliiinlii.-i, according lu lutest
2. What is tlio Cliincso population
of llritlsh Columbia!
t. \yint. number of /ivoom nave
hm naturalised during tjirpast tvt
ynars in British flnlorabM
i Pit) thp lata administration ap;
point twp commissioners tq naturalize
Orientals in Hriiinh Columbia. If sp,
who wero they, and at what salary!
Mr. Bnc'lio:.
1. Thp nnmbor nl Japanese in British Colombia accprillpg tn tlio latest
comma is being compiled at tbo present time, Imt the results arp not yp(
8. Thp numbor of Chinese in British Columbia according to thp latest
census is being compiled at the present
i inn-, but the results. aro not yet
il. Tho number pf ,fa|>anoso on record as naturalised British subjects In
tho provlnco of British Columbia during tho past Ave years, 1000 10, inclusive, |s 1,360.
I. lu tho province of British Columbia Iho following persons have boon
appointed commissioners to take and
administer oaths under tho act respecting naturalization anil aliens E.
A. lluggeii, llevelstoku, John Hiding-
Ion and John McKinnar, both of Vancouver. An appointment ns a commissioner miller tlio said Aet duVs not
carry a salary. Hy order in council,
iiinlisr i Inn:.,. (It) of section 38 of tbe
said act, cpnuniaajonors (nay Mb'# foe
o| 40 pouts of p tlocliiriition of alienage, pr an oath of ftl|ogli>oco,
Bldsau Hall  Improvemeutti
Mr. PHga)py<
■ 1. What appropriation was mado
by pari|amoii' 'er imprpvpiiionts at Bill-
liul Hull to prepare the same for their
Hoyul Highnesses the Hulie and Duch-
pss of (ipnnaught!
3. Wbat expenditures worn inndo out
of sueh appropriation tp the l«t No-
yombor, 1011, nnd wlmt arc the vnri-
pus items of such etppifditurel
3,   What portion, if any, of llm snid
appropriation remained unexpended on
suid 1st Novemliort
Mr. m mi in
1.    ♦011,11110.
8.   Amounts paid:
State couches   ♦ 3000.00
Painting coaches   1118.00
Lumbor   WIM
Cutlery from Lord Hrcy .... 780,80
Band, cement, lime, elc  1384.00
Paints, oils, paper, etc  833.011
Hardware, plumbing und healing
goods   1837.77
Electrical supplies   700,88
Dry  goods,  linons, glassware,
flags   3400.77
Furniture   .-  1401.110
Plastering,  etc  1SS1.SS
15,1912, Half-Hour Car Service
Will be Established Between Hastings
Grove, D. L 208, and Present Car Terminus on Hastings Street East   :   :   :
We Urge You to See Hastings Grove
Ons of tho beat foatures about lu
vesting in Usstiugs Grove Is that it
hi right at home. You can go out
with us aud pick out your lot, and
KNOW exactly wbat you srs buying.
Vou know what the City of Vancouver
Is—what it has doue iu ths past 8vs
y.-.nii .'mi It docs uot require much
faith to sco tbo future of this progressive city. You owe It to yourself
and your family to buy one or more
of these lots, If ouly as au lnvostineut.
Tbsre ars many thiugs we should like
to tell you about tbis tract. Drop lu
today or thu ovening.
Tbo clearing aud griding on Has
tings strset and 1st, Stud, 3rd aud 4th
avenues Is nsw complete, and work ou
other struts Is progressing rapidly.
Ths sidewalk Is about completed ou
Hastings slrect.
Contracts for six 7 roomed bouses
bavs besu let sud the flrst one Is lu
the course of construction. Come aud
seo this rapidly developing district.
Every lot lu Hastings Orove Is a good
oue.   Lit us show you.
Fare between 8 aad 9 a.m., aud 6 and
7 p.m., two cents, tbs remainder st i
$90 Cash, Balance One and Two Years, or
$40 Cash, Balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, or
$10 Cash and $5 a month, Balance in 2 Years
Interest 7 per cant, paysbls annually. ,
Conic at 1.16 In ths afternoon, rsln or shine, and go out with us.
333 Pender St W.
Phone Seymour 5654
Office open evenings till 9.15
Tiling     87^0
Dnfy on gpptls • ■     888.50
(tpmqving prgan, .-Impel 	
llnsiiline  tanks  fpr garage
I'liiiiii. .'ii for nil Inures .......     80Q.00
Sundries    2448.1)8
Total  180,647.47
Qaragn 116004.40
Cottages   .....i.u....i.i..   31)80.00
Uncut assembly ami uniting
ronm    ?B8I).00
3. 'HWM
Trade Eolations With Japan
Mr. I.einiuux:
1. Hus Uio Minister of Trudo and
Commerce tuken notice of the following remarks uimlu by the Japuueso
consul at Viuicouver ami published in
Mm Montreal Witness ou the 123rd November nil.:
Canada for Japan
•ln|mii.'tie consul mukes strong plea
for  grealer Irude rclulions.
Toronto, Nnvomlier 23rd.s-Cannds
liar, uut realized by half the opportunity she hus of building up a great
uud prpfifable trmlc with .lupan, is
the opinion of Mr. Chonosiiku Vmlu,
.Inponoso consul nl Vancouver, given iu
an interview hero yesterday.
lu spile nf the fact Ihul Hie rccip
uunl I mile between the two countries
has increnseil nearly sixty per cent,
williin the last ten years, Ihe dous'il
said, I'nniiilii Is still allowing Ihu Willie.I clinic* lo scud over tl) .lupun liy
fur tho grimiest part of the wheat
.lupun bus to import every yeur. Jap
an's population pf tfty ffll|U(ffl» (•
rapidly becoming s wheat-eating    iu-
steai) pf o fiin.tpi.tol Ptnplt.    9*t
wheat fields aro strictly limited, Japan
lining a iniiuiitaiuouB country, and wo
are already importing wheat from tho
United States, India and other countries to tlm annual amount of three
to four million dollars. Wo get most
pf our wheat from thoUnitoil Statea
anil I nm surprised that Oanada is not
taking a bigger share pf this business.
As the oliler dauglitor of Great Britain, we look to Canada, said Mr. Vsda,
as a country not only to which we may
semi goods, but from which we may become largo purchasers of manufactured
and natural products.
Not ouly must Japan import a largo
part of thp wheat she roifuiren, but
she also needs great quantities of pspor
of which she Is now gulling from Norway, normany and other countries
one million dollars worth annually.
Thero are ever two thousand periodicals published in Japan, which con-
siime thousands of touB of paper ovory
day, the paper mills of Japan • cannot
supply half the quantity required.
Thoro is a largo trado to be douo,
too, liy Canadian manufacturers of machinery, hardware, cycles and cyelo
payts and other manufactured products,
2. Will the miuister take any Bteps
towards improving our trado rotations
with .lapant
3. Who is the Canadian trade commissioner in .lapanf
Mr. Poster (Toronto) :
1. Yes,
2. The minister will loud his host
,-ii ei i. in is in, i improving our trade
rulations with ull suiluldu countries, including Japan.
3. Mr. Harris,
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
i V
Will take deed of good building lot
aa cash paymeut on a 10 room house;
uow; all modern. Easy   terms   ou
balance.    .
(Large and Small)       Also for
The Merchants Trust and Trading Co., Ltd.
Have You Figured the Loss
From "Busy" Signals?
Suppose a customer is about to order something or
other over your telephone. The operator finds your
line or lines engaged. The customer mutt wait—or
order somewhere else. Maybe he chooses to wait—
calls again—again finds your line or lines busy,
if'hal means a possible loss of a customer.
The business man needs adequate telc-
pli'inr service for the accommodation of his
business and his customers. When you lose
customers through "busy" signals, it has
been proved lhat your telephone facilities
are inadequate.
People who get businctt make it easy for their customers lo get then) and have the number of telephone
lines their business requires. The number should be
determined by the amount of use at the BUSIEST
time of the day.
B.C. Telephone Co., Limited THE IXHUMft NORTH VANCOUVER. B, C,
the express
wows :99$iymM:,,,,,,,,,,-,n:,n,,,,n\,,,,,itwm mwm
P»WUti«4 fiiasdaya tnd Fridays by H»rtb Blwa Press, Mwltsd.
Bstes pf Bufworlptfoj*!—Oue year, HM.  Sip: mouths, 50a.   Three months, 25c
United Status snd Vaitign, HM pet ym,
Advsrtlslng BaU* Wilt it Quoted on Application.
' Jbe Bipress Is dsvpted to tin totomto at tfcj North Stws of Burrard Jnlet
weluslvely. Jt constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching In » thorough and effective manner the population of North Vsncouver
City and Dlstrlst. muy effort is made to givo advertisers tbo most satisfactory
Alt changes in contract advertisements should bo in tbo printers' hands not
later than 10 a. m. Monday and 6 p. ni- Wednesday to ensure Insertion ill tbe
following issue.
North VnicplW, 9, 0,.
.Dscamhsr 18, 1811
Tbe work accomplished during tbe
first portion of tlm present session of
tbs Dominion House, which adjourned
ou Thursday last for tbe holidays,
fully justifies all expectations which
were entertained, to the effect that an
administration led by Hon. B. h. Harden would be marked by efficiency,
energy ami straightforwardness. Tbe
new government was confronted hy the
difficulties innvarishly attendant upon
a momentous change of tbis nature, but
the cabinet manifested gratifying ability in arriving witb roadiuuss st a
working knowledge of the business of
the respective departments, a most
commendable promptitude In convening
tho legislature and a decided capacity
for 'transacting the business of the
country iu an expeditious manner as
seen in the amount of legislation which
the government had roady for the consideration of the house.
At this early date tho government
has given uiimistakealile evidenco of its
intention to carry out the program
ouliiucd by Mr. Borden in his maui
festo to the people, previous to tho
elections which returnod him to po
wer. The vexed question of tbe ex
tension of the boundaries of Manitoba
has been disposed of and all possible
friction botween that province and On
iiirio has been avoided witb respect to
the matter. Outstanding matters be
tween the Dominion and tbe province
of British I'.ilumliia have been consid
ered and an early and amicable ad
justnieut is in sight. Tbo appointment
of a permanent tariff commission bas
been foreshadowed. The determination
of Ihe government has been plainly declared, to deal with tbe navy question
in n thoroughgoing manner and to accord the Canadian people an opportunity to give direct expression to their
will in tbis most important departure
from a natioual standpoint.
One of the most important particu
lars, however, in which tbe government
has intimated ils policy, is witb re
sp.vt to the nationalisation of tbe ports
of  tbe  Dominion.   In   reply  to  Mr.
, Bickerdike, momher for Montreal, with
reference to the nationalization of that
port, Premier Borden replied "Tbe
government intends al tbe earliest possible opportunity, to make a thorough
study of the needs of all tbe Canadian
national ports," The probable viewpoint from which the government will
approach this great issue may be gathered from tbe words uttered by Hon.
t. D. Monk, minister of Public Works,
is committee of supply, to the effect
"That the country should Im prepared
to face the expenditure of at least
H00M0M9 for tbe development aod
the improvement of national fre« ports
on tbe Pacific and Atlantic coasts and
tbe great lakes." The momentous advantages to British Columbia which
would be involved in tbe prosecution of
a policy of the naiuro outlined, require
no elaboration.
Vancouver riding has every reason
, te be gratified at tbe excellent beginning made by the newly elected member, H. H. Stevens. Mr. Stevens lost
no time ia rising to the duties of the
'< responsible position which he occupies
aa representative of on* of the largest
aad most important constituencies io
. the Dominion, by calling the attention
of tha house, in a maiden speech of
exceptional merit, te tlw Hv» Issues
I mining wjth reference to his constif,
mm*J*d IM coast in general. This
delivaraace wu fallowed promptly by
the introduction of an important bill
by tin pnmber tor Vancouver with re
iBjSCt to lAtmen'i'llwpmi and the
outiinisjjr of p aekemp te bring a *ol-
any at lobitdoi fishcrmsa to tbis pro
viae* to tin aafmtf if rmtoie our
»IT   rjmfimrTrm   Mf   9999  flWrfflr   nf   WnT*j9  f*wt*r*}*9f
tings of tbe houso endured clearly maul
fsstod thu f»ct tbat in Mr. Stevens,
North Vancouver bas f staunch friend
and able representative wbo is ever
ready to accord prompt aw) effective
services in promoting ths interests of
tbis portion of bis largo constituency
Mr. Stevens has manifested a desire to
consult witb local public bodies and
to thoroughly inform himself as to local issues before adopting any attitude witb reference thereto, which is
highly appreciated on the North Shore
and in all^matters which have been
submitted to him (notably the post office site and mission foreshore leases)
lie has already accorded services of
signal benofit to North Vancouver.
Bawar Connections
PUBLIC NOTIOfi is bettoy given
that all owners of real proporty fronting or abutting upon » street or l»»e
In wtil4 or Pilar srblsn p mala or
common newer is laid is hereby ro
quired to connect any building or premises upon such property with such
main or common sower.
Permits may be onlaine.l from the
Plumbing Inspector at tils office at tbs
Oity Hall between ibt hours of 9 p,
.. m. and 10 u.ui. and 1 p.m. and 8 p.m.
The following regulations govern the
construction of houso or building connections with sswersi
No houss sower pipe snail havt a
lass fall tban 1 to 40, unless special
permission. is granted in writing by
tba Council. Said pipes botween the
iron pips, to tbe connection of ihe
public aewer to be of ths best quality
standard salt-glnxod vitrified clay sewer pipe, and shall bave a diameter of
not less than 4 inches. All pipes shall
bo sound and well burned throughout
tbsir thickness, impervious to moisture, with a clear ring, smooth and
well glased on interior and exterior
fffW fjfwS  "f*rW#   TTfFPB   WlPlW  ffr»  *P**
The opening of tbe newly completed
Lonsdalo Theatre, which took place
last evening, marks a distinct forward
step in tho important matter of local
houses of .'iilerliiinineiii. The structure
is of a class that is not excelled even
iu tbe largest cities in theatres of its
sire. Tbe internal arrangement is
thoroughly modern, and tho seating
plan is such that there is an unobntruct
ed view of the stage, whether from
the main floor, tho galleries or the box
es. It is quite accurate to say that
"there is not a poor scat in tho house"
It is the declared intention of tbe
management to put ou programmes of
a high order and to place tho theatre
in the foremost rank among iustitu
tiona of a similar order. Tbo presouce
of such a houso of entertainment will
fill a want that has been strongly felt
in tbis city, more especially of late,
and will denote another particular in
which tbe local public bave been put
mowing institutions across tbe Inlet,
the necessity for which practice now no
longer exists. The fact that "stand
ing room only" was the order at tbe
oponing performance lasl evening goes
to show tbat tbe local public appreciate
tbe privileges which the acquisition of
tbis now theatre extends to them and
foreshadows great popularity for tbe
venture The owners of the proporty
and the losses of the theatre are to be
highly commended for tbe enterprise
evidenced iu their undertaking and to
be complimented on the auspicious be
ginning which has been attained.
NOTICE Is hereby (riven thai an ap
plication will he made lo the Uylala-
llve Assembly of Ibe Province of
Britlab Columbia al lis next aeaslon
lor an Act lo authorise Ihe Lieutenant-Governor In Council (without requiring observance of tbe provisions of
Ibe Municipalities' Incorporation Acl)
by letters patent under the public
seal to divide the corporation of Ihe
District of North Vancouver by Incorporating Into a District Municipality under the name of tbe "Corporation
of the District of Weal Vancouver"
all that portion of Ihe Corporation of
(he District of North Vancouver, do-
scribed aa follows:
Commencing al the point where the
cast boundary of D. I. 876 Intersects
the nortb boundary of tbe aald Cor
lioraUon ithence wesl along aald norlh
boundary to a point In Howe Sound
on Ihe Ilne or Ihe said norlb boundary
produced; distant 1,000 feel wesl from
the eaaterly shore of said Hows Bound
Ihence southerly, parallel to, and fol
lowing the meanderfngs of tbe said
shore to a point of intersection wltb
the line 1,000 feet distant soulh from
Ihe north shore of Burrard InloT:
Ihence eaaterly parallel lo, and following the meanderlngs of tbe aald North
Shore of Burrard Inelt lo a point of
Intersection 1,0(0 feet distent south
from the south-west corner of fl. L.
tit, and In line with tbe west boundary ol said District Lot M< produced;
thence iiurtli-easlcrly and northerly
along Ibe wesl boundary of said I)
L. lit to the north-west corner thereof; tbonco continuing northerly along
the weat boundary of I). L IIS to the
corner being on
of    D.    h     Ul
thereof,     aald
thence    westerly
ths aouth  boundary
along the aald boundary D. I, 714 t'o
(he south-west cornsr tl. h. lii: Ihence
north along the weat boundary or aald
D. f,. IH to the north-wont corner
thereof; thence easterly along the
north boundary D. L. 714 to the aoulh-
Xt corner T>. L. JU; Ihence north
ug the east boundaries ot T). L.
741, 7/jf, S02 nnd SOS fo Ihs north-east
corner of I). 7.. SOS; Ibenco wesl alone-
Ihe north boundary of aald D. L SOB
to the south-east corner of D. L S76;
thenco north along Ihe east boundary
of aald D. J, 17} to point of com/
menccmenl, Including all rights and
area* of aald Howe Sound and Knglisli Bay, riparian or otherwise, now a
part at mid corporation of the District of North Vancouver .and by reducing the limits of Uie said Corporation Of tfte District of WOrtn Vancouver accordingly; each of said Corpore-
,i*i*.M.£t*m.*9M**' •* til Imi*
Mn but aa between the Corporations
Ihe assets, debts and liabilities of the
•{meal Corporation of tbi
) this Ifth day of December,
surfaces, free from flaws, cracks, blisters, fire checks or other imperfoctions.
The pipes must be so lelij in too
trench that aftor tbo sowar is completed, ths interior surface thereof, shall
ba to a true and even grade.
In making the Joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in cement grout, must first be used and
packed into place. Tbe joints shall
afterwards be tightly packed full aud
bevelled off with mortar, composed of
one part by volume of approved Portland cement to one part by volume of
approved sand.
All joints shall no made water tight,
so that tbey will stand a head of 10
feet of wator, when tested by tbe
Plumbing Inspector at tbe ownor's,
plumber's or contractor's expense.
By. order of tbe Council:
City dlerk.    tf
Visit the .
Acme   Fish   and
Poultry Market
for all binds of fresh, smoked
and salt lists, scalsliips and
shell oysters; always fresh,
also poultry,rabbits and vegetables, l'ln 11 ■ ijy.i
209 Lonidale Avenue
Extract   from   Provincial   and   Oity
Health Bylaws.
"Whenever any householder knows
tbat any person within His family or
household has smallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
ing cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
or any oilier contagious or infectious
disease, he shall (subject iu case of re
fusal or neglect to tbe penalties provided), within eighteen hours, give
notice in writing lo tho Medical Health
Officer and no member of any household
-liiill attend school until a certificate
has boon obtained from the Medical
Health Officor tbat no infection any
longer exists in the bouse, clothing
and other effeetc havo been disinfected
to bis satisfaction, aud until such certificate shall have been obtained it shall
be tho duty of ovory member of tbe
household, and of tbo Teacher, to use
all reasonable efforts to prevent the
association of members of tho said
household with other children,
2. Tbo matron of a public or private
Hospital, tbe keeper of every Hoard
ing or Lodging-House, every Inn keep
or or Hotel-Keeper, shall, within six
hours, report ia writing to tho Medical Health Officor, or any pehon being
at ono of tbo aforesaid houses
or hotels and attacked with or suspected of having any contagious or infectious disease mentioned in the By-
law;" under the penalties provided
for by such bylaw.
t.f.       Secretary Board of Health.
■   . . ' I
TTS solicit lie business of Utbutuimtt,
Hnjjluccrl sud others who resllie IU advhtUl-
lly of having their patent buuiiicu Iraiuadcd
by Experts. Preliminary advice free. Cbsnci
New York Uie
Choice Farm Land on
Gabriola Island
Only $120 per Acre
WOW 87.
Safety Razors
We have a full line of,   , ,„
Thermos Bottles
Carpenter Tools      Sporting Goods
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Good 50 ft. lot, line location close to Lonsdale Avenue and
car terminus. Price $1000, 1-3 cash, balance 6 and 12
Fine double comer 100 It. x 132 (t. Block Irom Lonsdale
Ave.   Price $ 1400, I -3 cash, bal. 6, 12 and 16 months.
Phone 70. P. 0. Box 1816
BUREAU is now open for tbe convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the ollice when requiring help.
Phone 321.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
$10 fa ck and $5.00 monthly
buys a cleared level lot at Red Deer, Alta.
Price $ 100 each   Double Corners $225
——nm-n———— ——m—m—^——^—
WISH BAIL&0AD8 ars now under construction /rom Bed Doer. Ths
town has water, sewers, electric light, telephones, Are department,
churches, schools, mills, factories magnificent land, unlimited supply of
coal and timber. Your money will grow rapidly. Oct full particulars
*"™J aaaa     w amain j
I have boon instructor) to place ou
tho insrkot an lots in Block 1, P, is.
2088, within a fow yarn's of the tramway, at very moilorato prices. Terms
10 per cent, cash, balance 6 per cent,
per month,
Apply oarly uml havo flrst etioics.      J
Alexander Philip
Ileal Ustuto ami Insurance Broker      '
Club Block, North Vancouver. Phono 10
Telephone 276
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for quick
sale. Price per odd cords. $4.50.
Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.25.
12 inches, $3.50.  CO. D.
Office and Yard— 14lh and Lonsdale
Phone 190.     P. 0. Box 2432.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co., Ltd.
Wharf: Cor. St. (l.-.u■.-':■ and
Esplanade.     Offlce, 00 Iiousilalo
Wbarf Pbone 111.
Ollice Phono 1118.
We can deliver at once iu largo
or small quantities.
Oot your winter supply.
Prompt delivery a specially.
Paper the World
from our stock of uew Wall Papers
so it seems, Epery day soms new
design arrives to fill tbs vaoaooy
ol those rinsed out,
Handsome Wall Papers
ars here in endless variety. Jusl
tell our salesman lor what room
you want Ibe paper and be will
show you juat the putlern you at*
looking for.
To obooH Irom our stock is a j
sure, to pay our prloe is easy.
117 1-onadals Avenue l'bim \
50 x 132 ft. lacing south on Qty Boundary, east of Lonsdale Ave,, within easy walking' distance of car line.
Only $600, terms m 14 cash, 6, 12 J 8 and 24 months,
fland-roading anil bend-reading bave-
been overdone, says tho Toronto Star
Wnelfly, Jt'scn-reudipg presonts p
groat uml neglected Hold of study. If
half tho time which lias lieuti spent in
inventing meanings for a cross under
tim mount n' Satnrn of a anal) heiiind
Um loft ear hail been dpvpted to
u general analysis of the forces which
lind an outlet in facial expression, man
might kuojv soma things about himself
which ara- at prpsont a mystery. The
palmist apd phrenologist way not cpn-
fpBs It, hot bfltll AmoA upon tap face
ratlioF than, opm too hand ami thp
uo»d (pt tWr infurmatinn, and hnto
bocmno pxpprt faca roodprs a|tl|pug|i
tlipy travel au'lar Ot»»r names. Np-
fendy wppld gu to a focosrottdor for a
sitting fpr each would realize that be
pr sho could road faces him pr her-
self; a statcinout which dempiistratcs
tlio need of a now sex pronoun in tho
English language.
Yet face-reading Ib the most complex
On North Vancouver Real Estate
We shall have $100,000 to loan next
month in sums of $1000  upwards.
Applications now received will receive
first consideration.
$4400.     Cash $800
A Modern 5-roomed Houie,  hall a block
(rom Lonsdale Avenue, $2200   -    $400 cash.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Head Office—411 Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Branch—167 Lonsdale Avouue.   Pboue 71.
Branch—8630 Lonsdale Avenue.  Pbone 363.
On the Marine Drive (Keith Road), 60
(eet wide, close to the sea. Lots 67x130
feet; magnificent view.
PRICE $900
Terms, one-fifth cash, balance over two
years. These lots will be selling for $2000
each when the Marine Drive is opened
for traffic next summer.
We Study Printing
Wo ask. a featur. of preparing
printing tail Is profitable to our patrons.
We study type face, and .fleets ta
Insure attractive arrangouieot, soil we
boliove you will appreciate out baudl
Ing of your vork.
From a card to a bug. poster or an
illustrated catalogue is. will give «wu
a figure or our advice.
as well ns tlip most c'pwffiiin, pf bumjts
attributes. It js abnpst ffprtby to be
classed jn a sense by it*t]t, lacking in
spins pepplp, but prow* to varying
A»nm in mmi And poMy snows.
bow it. is ilpnp. Pr. Ppylp ajfeinpted
to traco its intricacies and ppf hiu
analysis jntfl t||p ninutb of Shcrlpck
Homes, wno is able to AtAow 0 cli«nf's
history from a Kroauu spot pn 1'is right
elbow. Hut Sherlock Upline* linn a
Ipt of carefully cumpileil information
fbisb is not availaWp fo tilt ordinary
liuiniin being. With Unit liurne In niiiiil
Ilis ileiliicliuim aro no moro wSjinlerful
liluu tlm automatic recognition nf I
railway man or a lawyer py an untutored anil unpracticed mind. What
is it that stamps pne's calling on
one's facol Wbat is tbe stampt Row
is it recognisedt By wbat subtle process is tbe thing revvaledf
Valuable Financial Volumo
Perhaps the most useful volume tbat
Iks:; yet been compiled ou tbe subject, u volumo of great valuo to liuun
dom, and others wbo aro interested in
Overseas investment of capital, is tbe
book entitled "Capital Investments iu
Cauada," fro m tbe able pcu of Mr,
Fred. W. Field, issued by tbe Monetary Times of Toronto. Tbo articles
which tho volume contuius deal in a
clear and comprehensive way with British, United States aud otbor forcigo
investments in tbe Dominion,
lu a s.lsssii preface, Sir Edmuud
Walker, the prcsidcut of tbo Canadian
I in is I, of Commerce, remark n "Mo
bettor service cap bo porformed for
Cauada tban to mako truthful statements frum time to timo regarding
her industrial possibilities arisiug out
of her natural resources. It is not uf
tcu lhat au abundaut supply of Informal inn on sucb a wide range of sub-
jacta connected with tbe development
of i'iiiiiiiIh has been brought together
iu such a small compass."
Tlie cxtout to which Ibo investors of
Oreat Britain are interested in the Dominion is shown by Ihe statement tbat
in a little moro tbau six years from
January, inn.", lo April, 1911, a sum of
♦010,211,210 has been furnished by tbe
United Kingdom to aid iu the development of Cunuila, while tbo total investment of British (in Iho limited scusc
of Iho word) capital in tbo Dominion
is placed at a)l,S62,70C,000. The bulk of
this enormous amount has been speut
on prolltablc development work—rail-
nay building, industrial and agricultural expansion, and so ou. To municipal Lorrowings of eighteen cities In
the m* yen period mcutionud above
amounted to |IW,131,8I0, The nilway
systems of the Douiiuion have been almost entirely financed by tho investors of Qreat Britain.
The cITcet on Ihe wealth of tbo country of the sums brought in by immigrants is slrikiugly shown by tbe
estimates giveu by'Mr. Field Ibat during Ihe past Ave years, cash aud settlers.' effects t Ihe value of 1603,701,
200 were brought iuto Canada by tbr
1,761,170 immigrants who entered tbe
Domiuiou in that period.
That of Ihe total municipal borrowings of eighteen cities during the past
his years Vaueouver rankeil third aa
a borrower with 19,811,000, and Vif-
loria elevoulh with 11,386,000 is glean
ed from the information found iu the
book. Winnipeg heads the list of borrowers wilh Ihe large total of tl4,18.1,
210, with Montreal second at tllfilt,
000. According lo provinces Britlab
Columbia ranks third as follows:
Quebec     .',... ♦28.060,600
Manitoba     11,136,210
British Columbia   II.:'.;I.mm
Vancouver's municipal borrowing in
Ihe market of Ixunlou is distributed u
Vancouvor, 1901  ll.'lH.hni)
1008     8,825,000
l"'i'l        ),IM,i)i)i)
lilt     2,266,000
1011      2,800,000
Total         0,311,000
'In addition lo British corporations
and individuals witb large sums of
money lo placo," says Mr. Field, "tk.
man desiring tp invest tb. proverbial
nest-egg not properly nested, should be
interested in Canadian offerings. No
doubt is Ihere in Canada at aa la-
vestment (eld is one of tbs mosUat-
tractive of Iht present tims. It is a
new country witk all before it, Tka
personality of most of those who are
guiding its destinies is marked witk
energy aud confidence In tbeir country's future. Progress baa bssa
enough in Canada to allow capital to
feel comparatively safe tbera Tbs
building wbicb remains to be done will
insure tbe attention of capital of sde
quale return."
The publication of "Capital Investment, in Canada" come, at an opportune moment in Canada's history when
she bu decided tkat ber destiny lie.
aloud tbe old Ka»t lo West Rmpir.
linos. The book can be recommended
to all who bave money to Invest, or
wbo are interested in Canadian progress.
"'" ""'   "   " ''    '    ' Bm
Charles Edminds Walk.
The story of a magnificent jewel, stolen from a Burmese
temple, persistently sought hy the yellow men of the Orient,
who ultimately murder the man into whose possession the jewel
had fallen. The final unravelling of the tangle of circumstances by a young- detective who won fame and a bride by
his clever Work in connection with the case, is told with thi!
highest skill and wilh thrilling interest throughout.
The exclusive use in Canada of this, one of the most
popular novels of the day, has been obtained at great cost, and
the Express is fortunate in having secured it for publication.
The first chapters will appear at an early date.
Now is the lime to subscribe and to ensure the enjoyment
of this captivating talc from the beginning.
Subscribers who have difficulty in securing satisfactory
delivery of the Express will confer a favor hy reporting the
same promptly at ihis office.
"The Express"
Ono Dollar a Yoar anywhere In Oanada.
Two Dollars Per Year Elsewhere.  .
119-121 First Street East Telephone 80
., ', ' f is
IT is to' pm own
interest |a purfiNsae
goods ii) * pur qwnjtiy
Q W« Hersall Vancouver merchants htm
5 >o IP per cent.
These are Facts
No F»l» Prices
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$15,00—no more, no less.   Money back if not satisfactory.
128 Lonsdale Ave.
Nortb Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
ff  |     '   ass   ' i    .:.:::   t CS "    ""   I i        ■■■■'!.'■ i.
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blbcks of from One to Four or more acres.
* .   PRICES;  from  $2000 - to $3250  per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 month*
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
as.— .— ■*■—-Han
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company, ££
Population Increaie
32 p,c. in Ten Yean
]p p fecmit article staling #1*1) tlm
census uml national policy pf Canada,
tho fpronfft News giypn an interesting
forecast of. tbp development in tlio
"-Undor the ttgit pf tiAf f>p|ioy" it.
says, "wo havo added, 38 ppr .•mil. to
our pnpulutiou if) ton years. Though
Ihis increase ia scurcoly what lire ox-
peeled, ji. is highly satisfactory. If
wo I'oniiiiii.' to progress, only at tne
samo rato, wo shall have nearly IP,-
1100,000 popple in 1020, 13,000,000 in
1930 anil 13,000,000 iu 1040, if wo
maiutaln tho present stable fiscal
policy, our gains in population will
probably bo far nioro rapbl so that
by tho miiblle of the centtry we may
boast of 30,00(1,000 or 40,000,000 people.
That ambition wuobi have to bo
abandoned if 7,000,000 or 8,000,000
(,'uniiilittnn scattered oyor half a con-
tinoiil cast in thoir lot fiscally ami
commercially with the neighboring
community of 00,000,000. Situated as
wu aro moderate protection, is vital to
our i siiiiiiiiii'il existence as a British-
Canadian peoplo, ami to our steady
progross towards that dominant part
norship in tho Kmpiro which wc so
much covet. In our work of nation
building it acts as a powerful auxiliary
to that loyalty to the Imperial Crown
and to British traditions which animates tbe nativo born. For a genera
tion to come at least, it shoubl bu re
ganled as almost a part of tho con
Utw tint bt ii relieved fawn the
.leadership pf tho Unionist party, Ht,
Hon, A,/, 9f)tm, \t it reppttpd liere,
contemplates an extendoil visit to Can-
udu in search pf hoalth. At tba same
time be willlporsonully inspect the largo
property holdings wbicb lie lias ac-
A London correspondent states that
in a very beautiful now essay Mr.
Maeterlinck writes of death, and in
the course of it ho enters an eloquent
plea against efforts to cxtoml life beyond its natural term.
"As science progresses," he says,
"it prolongs tho agony which is the
most dreadful moment, and tbo sharpest peak of human pain and horror,
for the witnesses, at least. All the
doctors consider it their first duty tp
protract as long as possible even tbo
most excruciating convuisious. Who
has uot, at a bedside, L'll times wished
lo throw himself at their feot and im
ploro-them to show mercy I"
One day, M. Maeterlinck believes,
this projudice will strike us as barbarian, as a relic of the times when
humanity was convinced thai any
kuuwn torture wu preferable to those
awaiting us in the unknown. Doctors defeud by pleading that there is
scarcely a case Ihut is utterly hopeless.
But tho majority of cases delayed, ran
"give but a few days, or, at the ut
most, a few months of a life that will
not be the real life, but much rather au
extended death."
On ono poiut doctors are beginning
fo yiebl. "Tbey arc slowly consenting
to deaden at least, the lull of the last
agouics." But still, many of them
hesitate, "and, like misers, measure
out drop by drop tbe .leniency and
peace whicii they ought to lavish." All
our knowleilge, therefore, only helps
us to die in greater pain than the animals that know nothing."
But a day will come, M. Maeterlinck
predicts, when science will no longer
heaitato to shorten our misfortunes
"when life, grown wiser, will depart
silently iu its hour, knowing that it
has readied its term," oven as it withdraws every evening, while wo sleep,
knowing that ils day's task is dono.
Vice Regal Obalr Bacured by a Paddlar
"How much am I offerod for Iho
tbronel Only four dollars for tha
chair on which Governor Generals
have sat.   Hold for four dollaril"
Thero was an auction at Kideau Hall
Ottawa. Takiug advantage of the ab
some of Thoir Koyal Highnesses, tho
authorities who administer government
homo held a public sale aud disposed
of fillings which have beon replaced
by more modern articles ia Ibe rcfur-
nisliing of the place for tbe Duke and
Duchess of Connaught.
Tbo uio had been advertised in tba
public press but failed to attract 1
crowd of distinction. Homo old ladies
win. have the auction habit thoroughly established wero tbere, many of
thorn witb shawls ovar their beads. But
by far the largest number of prospective buyers were foreign peddlers wbo
drive.rag and hot11« carta about tba
cily and deal ia general junk.
In tb* presence of a profoundly mixed crowd the government auctioneer
begau knocking down treasures. Tb*
throne was on* of tbe flrst thing* put
up. Why it waa sold is not known, for
it waa rather a handsome thing and did
not appear to be an article Which would
bo squired anywhere except at p viceregal establishment. That seemed to bt
the general impression, a* four dollar|
W*a all thai persistent auctioneering
could get for it, and it wu knocked
down to a peddler.
A hand-ewvid black walnut sideboard U least twenty live feel long,
which wpuld aak* a load /.or a tout-
hem team, raallxed juat a»von dollar*,
Jt coat seven hundred if It em ta
quiwi jp the Peniiniflff'
After disposing pf hip Scottish estates Mr. ty»|fppF insisted njpre pf |b»
Proceed* in real estate ip Canada. Not
lopg ago Boiuo pf bll proporty was destroyed by lire in Winnipeg.  ,
Ut. Balfour, who ia a scholar, is said
to havo au annual income pf a ipiur-
tor of a million dollars.
TAKK NOTICE that Ibe Council pf (be Gorporation of ihe Pity pf
Nortb Vaueouver intends to construct, as worka of local iuiprovoirfpnti
.^*                iv'tiiiniii'.l City's
1                    Cost Mmm
The grading to pormanont grade pf Fell Avo.
from Keiih Boad to 20th streot  (85,000     $ifitH.oi)
Tbo grading tp bormuiiout grade of Hamilton
Avenue from Keith Houd lo 30th street (16,000      (7027.1)6
umlur subsection (23) of section 2li6 of tho Municipal Clauses Act and iutoiids
to assess tho Anal cost thereof upon the real property fronting or abutting
thereon, aud to bo beuelilled thereby, aud tbut a statement, showing the lamia
liable to pay tho said assessment aud tho names of the owners thereof, so far
us can bo ascortuiucd from tbo last revised Assessment Roll is now on file in
tho Qfllco of tbo City Clerk aud i:i uow open for inspection during oflico hours.
North Vancouver, B. C, City Olork.
December uth, 1911. 16:12
Three and (our roomed suites, (30 and $40.
Partly furnished; Tieated; hot and cold water,
etc. Also stores in Mt. Crown Block—First
Street, North Vancouver. Apply to
C. A. Lett (U Son
316-318 Richards Street
■»■■ — "' '■ ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■—■! — -■■■ —
Express Clubbing Rates
By special arrangement we are able to extend to subscribers, either new or renewal, the following excellent
offer for 1912:
The Express and
The Weekly Mail and Empire $1.50
The Express and
The Youth's Companion $2.50
The Express, Weekly Mail and Empire and
Youth's Companion   $3.00
Every subscriber to the Mail and Empire will receive
an art photogravure of Hon. It. L. Borden, size of plate
18x24 inches,
Every subscriber to the Youth's Companion will receive
the Companion's Art Calendar for 1912 lithographed in I
ten colors and gold.
For ouly H Anna and I1
wciikly- yqu cap buy tbe
LEABLE .RANGE, reservoir or waterfront complete fitted up. See tbo
RANCID. Thoy last a
Prompt Delivery,
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88.
Free! Free! Free!
Commencing now and continuing till the 23rd
of December I will give to all purchasers a
ticket which will entitle them to a draw on the
following articles, which are to be given away
free on that night
FOR'GENTLEMEN-1 Hollywood Handle Silk Covered
FOR LADIES-1 Gold and Pearl Handle Umbrella.
FOR BOYS-1 500-shot Repeating Air Gun.
FOR GIRLS-1 Large Doll,
all ol which aie displayed in window.
Buy Christmas goods early while assortments
are good and GET TICKETS for the draw.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2,00 per day up.   Special
rates to families and lo regular boarders.
Feed Grain
and Ground
As we have now in operation in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up ii) il.iii' feed,grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
wilh the best quality of these goods al prices
as low as can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our specialty.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co., Ltd.
Phone 4
Leave Vancouver 6.30 a.m. and
Iherealter every 30 minutee until
7.00 p.m. Commencing Hit) p.m.
every 30 minutes until 11.30 p.m.
therealter J2.I6 and IM a.m.
.l.eavo Nortb Vancouvar 6.00 a.m.
and therea'tor every 20 minutes until 7.00 p.m. < oinuioncing 7.30 p.
in. every 'M minutee until 11.00 p.
m. Ihereaiter 11.46 and 13.46 a.m.
Leave Vancouver 7.40,  8.30 and
fjOO thereafter samo as weekdays.
Leave North Vancouvar 7.30, 8,00
and 8.40, thereafter some as week-
Single fare 6c, 6 (or 36c, 10 (or $1, 70 (or 13.
A- Lumber   wagonj,   truoki   and
drays, 7(0 return.
B-8 horse  ojtpress carriage! and
bactta, tOo roturn.
'   C-J horse ftipraaa  buggioe  aad
autos, 26o roturo.
Jmotmbii luhym to change without notice.
Company not liable lor dalayi, accidental or otharwiaa
All the above rates include driver, fiates A and 1) subject to 20
par cent, discount if Iota ol 60.
Par 100 lbs. raU,6e.
Minimum rata, Wc.
^^t-Wm^mmm^^mmwmmmmwmm ,-■■-■;■•■■■,.■.■.■■.       y-:        ■■    ,■/,
Bylaw Paiged Reading
Tb« North ImAoi* §tmt* limits,
Byluw wbicb passed its fb|r4 reeding
ut ti)p djitr|c,t epuiicjl gating last
Tburiday evening allowa fpr tba fpl-
lowing changes:
j. Tbo nuiiio pf tbe itreot running
oast and west of I.onsdale .Avenue
and at present luiown as LJueon streot,
Is lipreby changed to CfOPtp'l tOOA:
2. Tbo namo pt tbe street runuiug
east nnd west tf IjoiisiIhIu Avenue
aud at present known as'Kiug'a street
is hereby changed tt) King's road.
3. Tbe name of tha atroet running
east and west at Lonidale Avouuo
and at present known ai Nye itreet
is beroliy changed te Windsor road.
4. Tbe name of tbe itreet running
east and west of Lonsdale Avenue,
and at presont known ai St, Jauies'
atroet is hereby changed te St. Junius'
0. Tbe namo of tbe itreet running
east aud west of Lonadale Avouuo Hinl
at present known as Essex atreot is
hereby changed to Osborne road. .
tl. Tbo iiiiiuo of tbe road running
eastwards from Lonidale Ave- to the
north of blpck )?, I), L. 3086, and at
present known as Sussex street, together witb any extension of same te bo
hereafter mude weatwards from Lens-
dalo Avouuo is hereby changed to Car-
iabrooko Bead.
7. The road miming eastwards from
Lonsdalo Ayenue te tbo nortb pf
block 18, 1), h.' let 3036, tpgotber
with nnv extensiou of samo te bo hereafter made westwards from Lonsdale
Avenue, ia hereby named Kensington
11 Tbo road runuiug eastwards from
Lonsdalo Avenue to tlie north of block
17, district lot 3036, togotber with auy
extension of same to lie hereafter made
westwurds from Lonsdale Avo. la hereby named Bracinar read.
9. Tbo namo of the road ruuning
westwards from I<nusdalo Avcuue te
the uorth of block 16, in tbo subdivi-
tiou of tbo northerly 36.78 acrei of D.
Ij. 2l)2t, aud at present known as
lliglilaud road, is hereby changed to
Balmoral road.
10. The name of tbe road runuiug
eait and west at tbo northorn boundary
of O. L. 3021), and at present kuewn
as Brigbtou stroet, is hereby changed
to Kockland road.
11. Tbo name of Ibo road ruuning
south between blocks 1 and 8, I). I.
786, and at present known aa Barrett
street, is hereby changed to Prospect
12. The road running iu a north
easterly dircctiou from tbo uortli of
said Prospect Avenuo it tbe northerly
houudary iu II. L. 786 to tbe water intake on Mosquito creek iu I). L. 1346
tegetbor witb auy extensiou of same
nuw or hereafter to he mado is hereby
named  Mountain  Drive,
13. Tbo road running nortb and
south between district lot 8086 and 786
togotber witb any extension ef samo
lo be hereafter made, ia hereby named
St. Mary'H Aveuuc.
14. Tbe road running north and
south on the eaat aide of block 1, I), L.
786, together with any extension of
same te be bereaftor made, ia hereby
named St. Aiban'a Ave.
16.   The  road  running    north  and
south  sn  the Contrc of block  "0
I) L 786, together with any extensiou
of same to bo hereafter made, is horoby named til. Paul's Ave.
16. Tbe road ou tbo wcatern boundary of P. L. M,it, together witb any
exteusion of same to bo hereafter
made, is hereby named Norwood Ave
Arc you going to bear the Norlb
Vaueouver Fellies at tbe Horticultural
Hall touightt Someone muat bave lis
tcucd at the kcybole .luring rehearsals,
fpr tbe ticket! are i.tdUng iike rip»
peanuts. Besides tbe Follies them
selves, tbero are * number of talented
artiatei who are giving their aervieea
iu the interest ef St. John's cbureb.
So let tbem each itand pp before " bit
ini.lieii.e Tonight, then, at 8 o'clock.
Bcacrvcd seats, 60 cents and 86 centa;
children, 16 tenia. .'   13-13
Tbe year book ef Britiab Columbia
for 1911 by B. E. Ooinfll, ii le band
and marks a distiutr .advance upon
any ef ita predecessor!, both iu general
makeup and in individual feature. It
ii packed from cover to cover throughput its 360 pages witb valuable bis-
torical, statistical and general Information with reference to Britiab Columbia. Tbe gallery of portraits of
provincial celebrities, from tbe earliest
times to the preient ii an exceptionally
interesting and valuable feature.
Copies of the Year Book may he obtained from the King's printer, Victoria, er from (Ion. I. K Turner,
Agent General, Salabury House, London Wall, Loudon, E. C, England. The
price ii $1.16.
0. 9. WWOHB
And general Commiaaion Merchant, 13
Lonidale Ave., North Vanceuver.
r few
Phone 54, Sth Street
Phone 8, 71 Lomdale Ave
Pioneer Bakery
8th St. and 71 Lonsdale Ave.
Best Quality Bread delivered to all parts of the oity daily
Cakes and Pastries of all kinds made to order
Wedding or Birthday Cakes a specialty
Xmas orders for Cakes and Pastry taken now
Phone orders given prompt attention
Pioneer Bakery
8th STREET and
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
i'ercy  8.   Howard
Jl.   3.   1'eirln
City. Auditor.
Auditor,  and  Accountant.
i-.'sT  I'ender St.  W.     1'. O.  Box illi
Phone till I'lione 182
Vancouver       Nortli Vancouver
I II.M 111.   Mills.
The Now Block on Lonsdale Ayenue
near tho Ferry Approach
wua built by
I Trie l.ii   l',,|lll:li-tllia
133 6th Street Eut Nortb Vancouver
Phone 373
Pioneer Horioiboer - Carriage Work*
«01)K»  Attn ITATIOJIKin.
BooBJeileri and Stationer!
Cor. Lonadale and lit.        l'bono 143
I li ■  1
Post Graduate CbJeage University
Eoomi 8 and 10, new Poat Offlce block
la tbe IHeite ol fklrotrneUc.     A
chiropractic Is a mechanic and dolus!*
the living human Machine. He line
the preJ«ure off ihe nerves. This liberated the Innate Infelllgeni enemy ''he
motor power Of eelli, tissues and or-
toiii. Thii - fiormdlly treed energy
[(self destroys Alcktlou.   Investigation
I'm,imi tm- for re iuforecd concrele
I'onalructiou. Sewering in all its
l.ruucbes; bouse connections a ipe
einlty.    Estimates  furnished.
mil,. . 2U l „i. ■ii.i.- Ave.       Phono 2Mi
■Expert on Fireplaces and All Clauet
ol Brickwork. All Work
1  •■!. s. ..Ill, i.l.
Corner Fillecnlli St. and Mahon Ave.
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specially.
Phono 1,118
A. Craib
W. Craib
In Controlc, Brick and Wood.
piyii. miiftfikni.
A.M.I.E. k 0.1
Irrigation, (Jrainage, foveli, plan!
and specification!. Septic tanki and
bouse drainage a .specially. P. 0,
llm 341, Uth itreet welt ol llowicko
NprtJi  NkXfMWmt BuiineM
College and Copying Office
Special reduction of 1.0 per cent, on
I metflhrt courio In Shorthand apt)
Typewriting it name li given before
lleecmner )tlb. ml. Miss O. K. H
Saunders, Bank of Hamilton Building.
WeftO VapeplillT.  North Vanoouver.
Up-to-date Millinery
Medertae Bates
Keith Block    33 Lonidale An.
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
Lonidale and Esplanade
Pipe Fining and Conne'ctlng Promptly
und Correctly Done.   Price! rlgnt.
Nurlli Vancouver, in1 and Lynn Valley
Pbone 134
Hav Filer and Orindor. All kinde of
band, croaa cut and buck nn set
ami filed at shortest notice. 141 3rd
alreet ctat', North Vancouver.
High-clan Ladiea' and Qtut'e Tailoring
Phono *)7
Udy would Uke to receive pupili
lpt bill room Amftofi eilhet private
er in class.    Address
Box A It, Bxpreta Offlce.
. w*.t«» tMSAftinu.
tUymimffeh pepping er going Iwi-
gularlyf    See
A, i mm
TktVptlh Vrntapjit JKxpert
and pioneer faweler
Wt fyTfm*9m9f9 W99mpfW
i AU Ou printing wa 4p la proof af 4«ir
abUlty, Wa specialise.* tlia little
DtlMi which am w iwjwrtMt)  m4
wmfwm mmm/mm. wamnmmmAwmmmemmj wmt fawaaay wva*.
mmm   m/tmmmm  wmmo  mmemm^  atmnm^uanperag   wiaw   mt*m
WWr^sF^    WW   iMtP   |w    •*•*■*    w^VtWTtf   9*Tm9n*ww
us U gljp millsttion. Wa Will gl«
aatlmstea, make up dummlaa or adrlaa
you on any math IM Wt wW
\    '
Pubtlakara      tf      "A*    B*pr***."
PrtnUr. of Fine Job Work.
Nortk Vancouver, 1. 0.      Mmm ao.
9-99*m*m9dT*99m   l*T99 *\mmy\    TV **>▼%
SintjU Roosw, $7.00 per month, including aJectric light, or $6.00
Mf mooth. inHmtav bedstead, stove and liaht.
Well Furniihed Houm on 9th Street
with Piano. V«*t First at December. R«t >35jOO.
1*JP   ^Wlwpf#»WP   %*mWtww 9*9999  fnwf*jfj%f*}
Ww*w\m %mt ■*• w* wmw wtwt
wjf m 99*9 mwwwm} w 9^T^mtww\f m f w99*\\mwt   m w mm* pw mwrnwrn
mm }9mm mw9*J J^rW vWW9m t?w9 \twm9 WT 9999999 \i
Young McnWocial Club
^n *Mm ft "lot Dirfy and Vtl?
velege pf Young Men," was giyou on
Tlmrsday «v»ninij in St. AoAnm't
cbMrel) by t|)0 Bsv, pr, Pidawm at
Wostmliistor Hall.
Owing toM),* tnalninawy nt tba wa#-
treb tbo nttfim)»uco waa nnt so large to
it might bav« boon, but nevertheless,
those attending wore fully repaid fpr
auy littlo inconvenience |hoy might
have beep put to in venturing out iu
sucb (ipilteroua weather by tke excellent address given Ijy Dr. pldgeon.
After tba address a masting WW
bald fnr tho purpose pf forming a
Social club fnr tba young Ban of the
church. It baa been thought desirable
tn farm swob » club in our city anil
Ray. Mr. Maclpod has been working
very diligontly fpr some time on tba
scheme aud has tba assurance pf many
young mon that should such a club
b* farmed it will have tbeir support.
Tba basement of tbe church baa been
vary comfortably fitted np ami will be
used aa tha headquarters of tbe club,
A varied collection of books, niaga-
itiues and games will bo installed ami
it il tbe expreas wish pf tbe committee
tbat the youpg men pf tbe eity should
associate themselves with thia Club.
Uf- Aleunder Tulles bas beeu elected
Preiident along witb Mr. Peter Cun
uiiiglwii, secretary.
Further particulars will bo gladly
giten on application to tbe secretary,
P. O. 2078.
Tba New Metal According to IU Discoverer
Audrew Cordon French, formerly a
resident of Victoria, who stayed at
the Dominion hotel recently, says thu
Colonist, gave au account pf tbe discovery of cuna.liuin, tbe seventh metal
of the platinum group wbicb waa dia-
covered by bim laat April at tbe Granite Poormau mine at Nelson, ami has
since been tested in England,    New
Yprl and Pwver wHh tin bs*t Vnm
fpr results by (be disepysrsr,
. The new metal is white, it is tbe
Whitest pf at) "bite niotiils and pos
posses a ' fouling brilliance groatpr
than that pf tin, »ick|# or ailvar. I, ia
quite unaffected by tba damp nf uul
phurous vapors, and is suited for Has
at tba back pf reflectors fpr plfttiny
tablewaro and for many othur purposes
fpr which platinum is now mad,
Canadium is dearer (ban gold, said
Mr. French. A glass searchlight re
Hector, Iff inches in diametet, costs
♦40. These rofiactpra are popper piai
ed Witb palladium buruiibed, which
il net »s white as eauadium, and silver cannot be used because jt will tar-
nish, therefore, Mr. French says, tbore
ia a market fnr all tbe canadium tbat
can be fouml.
Canadium WM round in igneous
dykes extending over a aone or belt
at Nelson It miles wide. The reef was
traced two mllea, and in most case* is
from fi to SO feet wide. It is a metal
of tbe platinum group, and wu discovered while applying a new patent
process for catching *oat gold and
slimes at tbe Qrauite Ponrmau mine.
Uf. French discovered, while aauying
tbe slimes caught, that tbere were disturbances other tban regular gold in
tbp assay, and eventually traced these
to tbe Interference of platinum and
other minerals of tbat group. On separation- these be still found abuormal
behaviour. Tbe disturbance waa due
to an eutirely new metal, wbicb be
discovered to be tbe whitest of any
metal known aud named it Canadium,
It comes out, uid lir. French, iu
scales and crystals, three and four
ouuees to tbe ton. At first he thought
be bad found palladium, but the melt
iug point wu lar below tbat metal
and a little below silver and gold, lie
found the melting point In aauyiug
and obtaining a quantity, examined.its
properties separately witb tbe result
that tbe new metal wu discovered.
Mr. French is a woll kuowu mining
engineer and geologist, both iu Kuglund
and 1° Canada, He lived three years
in Victoria, and wu at tbat time connected witb tbe British Columbia Paint
A Good
Send your friends who ara interested
la th* North Shore a copy of
"The Expreu"
It .will ksep than posted on all
Nortb Shors Naw* and will only cost
$1 per year
Cor. 16th and Lonidale Ave.
Phone 335 North Vancouver, B. C.
Lessees—Palmer, Himuester & von Graevenilz
Week Commencing llth December
Two Performances Nightly At 7:30 and 9.-15
Ernest Fisher Player*
9 ,
Miss Grace Maynard
Graham   Mioaturt   Circus
Animated Pictures ..
Uox Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-15c, 25c. and 50c.   in.cm.iu,.
Now is the Time
1 1   M  1      in
■ to lay in your itock of
Owing to removing lo much larger premises
are selling at neatly reduced prices, the finest
BOOTS and SHOES manufactured by the
leading firms of Canada and Great Britain.
If you have not already examined their stock,
do so at once, vou will be astonished to find
what a splendid range they keep, and that you
are neglecif ul of your own interests if you do
not make your phases now.
Witmwm   Wtfi  •  WMm*9  jf/miM   **n   yttuMWt  ^rwutuvu
flkotM *Mlli VOU. *MT barftW rijll. tltftnH A blU¥
- ■  -  - -  '*)**'   jffTTf wr  WfHW WTTTTw 997*999*9  rr r» "■"#
*mWW  Wmt  W« lUCtni ■VMM W-mt W*mmm*ft   f"W    |Wl
wwmanddry?    1 ' 1       ■
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Yeu can keep warm
and enjoy life if we
supply   the  heater,,
We carry a full line of McClary's famous
and Airtight Heaters of various sizes,
Give us a call, we will be pleased
to show you their good qualities,
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Works. After bi* discovery was made
at Nelson tbere was a rimli to atabe
claimi, uml alpng the zone believed
to ninliiiii the metal, every inch of
S|iace was itakeil off. Tbe metal ba*
lieen examiueil iu England ami at Now
York and Denver witb the moat sue-
eaafui resulta.
A «|n.'.'ial meeting of tbe Lynn Val
ley Conservative Association will lie
beld in the Institute Hall tonight at
8 o'clock.
iirikudlai Ck*rek—Corner of Sth uiul
til (li-uiiii- HunJaytJervfces.tl.OOa.m.
ami 7.S0 u 111 Siiniluy School uiul Bible
('Ium, J to 11.111. Sunlur league, Monday. S p.m. Prayer and PraJae Service.
Wednesday, S p.m. Junior League,
Tliui-aduy afternoon at 310 Pastor,
w (.'. Scbllteher.
SI. Aa*ren>* Prtakyttrlu Ckurek,
Kellli Hoad—Service*: Morning; 11.00:
evening, 7.10. Adult Dlblo Claia. 1210
Sunday School. 1.10. Y.P.S.O.B., Tuesday, at I u. ni. Prayer Meoling, Wednesday, al S p. in Choir Practise,
Friday, at S p.m. Rev. Ronald Macelod,
SI, Agati—Boulevard and 18th -
Kvfiisung. 7.80 I' hi Holy Communion,
MOO am, second Sunday ot *v*ry
Silratlea Arasy.—I.omdale Avenue.
Sunday services. 11.00 a.m., 8 p.m. and
7 46 p.m.    Tuesday, S P.m.: Thursday.
8 p.m.   Children's Service, Wednesday,
t p.m.
HaglUI Ckattk. — Fifth and St
Oeorge Services at 11 u in and 7.80
p.m. Sunday School anil Bible Class at
18.IS p.m Prayer and Praise service,
Wednesday at S p.m. Pastor, Rev. A.
1. I'rosser, I2iii tnd St. Oeorge.
SI. lulu ,kt Kvaasgrllsl, Sth and 18th.
Holy Communion, Sa.ni. Homing-
Prayer, 11 am. Evening Prayer, 7.10
p.m. On Ihe Aril Sunday In the month
there will be a accond celebration of
tbe Holy Communion at 11 am. Rector,
Rev. Hugh Hooper.
tl. K«aiua*'e ( attollr I'karet, Mahon
Avenue. 8undays—Mass, I u in Sunday School, 880 p.m. Rosary Benediction and Sermon, 7.80 p.m.
lallaa (alkolle Ckurek ef SI. Paul's.
Mass. 7.80 a.m.. Sundays. Pastor, Rev.
K. Peytavln, om
SI. Tkuaau.- s urn every Sunday
except (Irsl Bunday In month. 8 80 a.m.
first Sunday In month, li am., Matins.
Litany and sermon, second and fourth
Sunday. Holy Communion and sermon,
lirst and third Sundays. Vicar, Rev.
T. !■: Rowe.
PrttkrlerlM ' korrk. 'Worship, Sun
daya, 7.80 pm Sunday School unl
Bible Class 8 80 p.m. Teachers' Training Claaa, Wednesday 7 80. Prayer
meeting, Wednesday I P.m. BoyV
Club Thursday 7,80 pin. Choir practice. Friday. I p.m R. Van Munstor,
UA. pastor.
I.m» VAI.8.BT,
SI. < leaseafa, AtgMeu—Morning at
11 am Kvenlng ft 7.00 p.m. A. E
Bruce, Incumbeni.
MelkeSlal l'k»r»», — Service* every
Sunday evening In Ihe nsw church, at
7 o'clock. .
Presbylcrlsa 4'karck. Woiihip, Hon
dty*, II am. Union Honday School
180 pm Prayer meeting, Tuesday S
b.m. Ttachera' Training Class Friday
lit p.n.   R. Van Munatsr. MA. pastor
Tbe annual general meeting will be
held in tbe Club Rooms above Weicomo
Parlor on Friday, 16th, Member* are
requested to ba, in attendance at 8
sharp. Reynolds' orchestra it BOW
iu attendance at tbe society'a fuuc
tiona. Neat dance, 13tb Dae., 9 to
Nortb TjQiritlf
Mt. t. 9: mit Vttnriptl .
Oirla under * jnss»s ,o)d, H per moatb
Oirla over t yt*. eH, H pet month
Special itfflts wben two or mare are
tent from the **me family.
Arrangement* a/a being made to
erm p baildin*} by tie spring ta accommodate V) or W boarders Utide*
day tejMats. tf.
Imperial Oar, SbibpuUdiug ll Dry Dock
Oo, Share*
A fow wiio urn's of North Vancouver
have quietly secured about »lfii),iW0
•tock in abovo company in fully paid
up Slifi) absres, iion-aeseiuable. These
shares in May licit will be worth par
value aa dry duck will be put together
here, towuaito will bo ready, mine* being developed, amelter and car shops
started. Owuer secured very largo
block for cash, but mutt sell pari.
Wil) take all) per share. Offer itand*
for abort time ouly. 1'. O. Pox 1816,
City. L£
District of Nortb Vancouver.
Mil H l: Til niNTIUlTHH.1
SbiALKD TKNDURS on prescribed
forms and accompanied by certified
cheque or caih foisjlvo per cent, of
iiinoiini of tender fwhich turn Ihtl) be
retained until Iho tttlsfaclory completion of the works uccordlng to plant
and specineatlotit) will be received
until t p.m. on Thursday, lllh December. Ull. V Mi J. q Vanner, Huni-
clpal Clerk, for the following worki
1. Clearing, grubbing and grading
road In I). L S7S iNortTi Arm of Burrard  Inlet).
I. Clearing, grubbing and grading
portion of llempsey road, D. I, 2018.
Lynn Valley
All In accordance with plant and
ipecltlcullona lo be had al this ollice
upon payment of 11.00. which will be
returned on receipt of a bona H.J.- tender.
The lowest or any lender not necett-
arlly uccepled.
District Engineer.
District  Muni, In.'i  Hall.
Cur. Lynn Vulley and Fromme Rotdt,
Nortli   Vancouver.   B.   C.
Sth December, 1911. 11-11
District of Nortb Vancouvar.
Asslsiuni Knglnevr wanted, witk
i'isia)i,,ii s-..pollen, e In location vork,
sutfeylng. levelling, dratllns, Dfllce
matagcmenl. water supply, design of
briiliieS und culverts, etc.
Eipericnce of dealing with contracting work, measurements, reporl*, setting out, etc   .euentl*).
Apply by letter sitting age. ouallfl-
callons, experience, and salary requlr-
f testimonials. In Ihe
II land Including)
Wednesday. 80lh December, till.
ed. wltn copies of tcstlnion,
ondertlgncd    null
the appointment will be subject tl
probation for one month.
Ditlrict Engineer.
Diitrict Municipal Hall,
Norlh Voncouver, B. C,
lib December, lSIt. < 11-11
8KALKI) 9990999 markad "T»a-
der lor grading Hi Avenue or Hamilton Au'une" will be received by the
City Clerk of tba City of North Van-
coil ver up to 12 .o'clock soon ou Monday, the 18th day of December, 181),
lot grading Fell Avenuo and Hamilton
Avenue, each from Keith Road to 2Dti)
fbe gradiag to be done according tf
plant, praties, cross section! and ipt-
eidcations prepared by the City Engineer.
The estimated amount of excavating
for Hamilton Avenue is tbe sum or
ISM) cubic yardi.
The estimated amount of excavating for Fell Avenue i* tbe sum of ItJbM
cubic yard*.
All tenders for the above mentioned work mutt be made on forma applied by tbe city engineer.-
A marked cheque tot t per cant, of
the amount of the louder, payable to
tbe ''.'ity Treasurer, mun accompany
each and every tender.
A bond of it pet capt, pf the
Smount of Ibe contract wil) be ti-
luircd for tty faithful pertermipce tf'
he iwork,    i
Separate tendera mutt ba ffad" Iff
each work aijo-ve meutionaf
The lewc*t or'w tendtf not mm-
City Kngip
(My Vfglmt'i 09ft,
Nortb  VM.C4)
o Vancouver.
fT*Jl*W4SMWf   M,  rWrr'


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